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The Daily News Dec 4, 1906

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 \U0M\  l, NUMBER 229
N : Y��   sraJ
N"   : Mi        TUESDAY MORNING,  DECEMBER 4. 1906.
feral Association   and   Citizens   Enter  Vigorous   Objections To Di_-crimination Against Resident
White Fishermen.
c i -���������
��� -  -   '
II   ��� ���
���  ::tt.
.    -
��� NV    De<   3    The slump in the Nippissing {
���- stocl!   s :  :  �� tsationof the day here, and '
v *������'- ���'���'������   : ��� ������ ������ kedness in the transactions in
* ���-    - ���     th. ease with which the govern- ,
: bas her- workec    It is said that one of the I
��� -   .      i . .     .  _
_ ��� ���
190S, ai
.   i ���
Sign ft". 1    Ke i
. ��� ��� ersigm
.       .- V
���nil ��� *'
i De Lhe call <
Uyor, it
irgel.   ��� -
(g the interim -.
: thi British i ..:-'������
en an .   citizen
I, .',, and  vicinity, a.
..;���. ; . .:...    : eetini
-., isiy i thi   mini     ���   ���
[iresen e: I *on_mls_ ��� :.��� -
|if, . herein stati
tti ntion to bis
:. 'Ction
nsti in ted
:x i ��� igalnsi  :;.<  adoj
jl :'.��� inter!      eport for tbi   lol
a ons,   ; mongsl
rhat thi        ii -       reduction  in
liiciei nets is an unjust
i. Inst       -   asi individual flsh
com    ed with operators ol
tbi ' n li d     ol which i.-  nol
t: by the |   iposed regulations.
p.' 'in  ;   ivlslon  thai u .mall
I be j Laced al i ach
Jn trap, to be lowered during the
close period,   will   nol   be au
fn: protection a. suggest! .!, unci'
��������� "*! ������������������ ' gate in tiit leads
':: ��� ��� inti] tbe raising of
in1, permits than. _o pau Into
pi tad thai unless mun' ��� ffi
iffaoa Hum tilg is provided,
"rill have   -inuaJlv   continu-
"���    ������ illege  o'i  tMliiiif;   in
������ i resei., i area above New
Ige should be allowed
:-" '��� li    residents   11    New
:  '   '���       ud ol  the territory
qualified   in hold
II ���:.-.
feare in ;  ���,, BUgg)   ���  ..
Lbe < onimi    li n
I* ''V!,'"a ���      earing    iij on   li
a .    ic - ,-e fish-
- I i a    i.. ......- ���
lr',.- ��� ......
���      ���     ��� . .
amongst . . ���������������.
-     I   Of    Bi.
\     .    ..   -
'������ eas      appear)
end I be di       enti
erests of the 1      ��� ,
sn I ... In ���
Therel ire be      n
assoi iatii n     equi .,     .,  m
governmi ut not to adi        i<   ��� .  .   ,
commi . lal    aot inti   ,  ,
the  pi, senl  closi   timi   now   existli
an I : n thei In suppi      of its
the  ass relation respeetfu
attention   of tbi   govi   an i
fact Lhal n ' suffii ii i.' reai  n        aeei
: Imuii  toi   makinj      e disi 	
proposi I.    thai i   . hangi    would
sei .e no usi fui . .    ���������<    . bib  ai the
same time �� 01 king i asi   njii       i the
resident   whiti    fishi   men     d   .',,-,
river;   thai   iti:     ���    irged tin
river it, being di ��� ��� thai .',"1- not
and caunoi justil lhi inusual .111! mi
Its face mam:, ��� . uijus , ourse ol
discriminating us between thosi fishing Inside 01 , il ��� h ol the rlvi r
mouth; thai everj pi Idi Ipli ol fall
dealing requires thai the close time be
the same in tin waters of Frasei rivi
and the adjoining gulf; thai th* great
majority  of ila ->   I .hlng 1 uti Idi   thi
IIHilllh   of   l-'l'a. < ;   :.,' '    uie   Ja; all'   ���
and   the effecl   ol    u h   recommenda
ilon is to discrlmlnati   In favor of iho
Japanese againsl  tbe  bona   til'   n
ii fin white fishermen living on Fra
river, a dlscriminatli 11 In favoi ol
migrating   Oriental   and   agaiusl   the
resident  European and voti 1
And   further,    Ihls    associatl in   n
Bpectfull.   de Ires   I'm   government   to
understand   th       In     /oten    ol   ll
vicinity   do    nol    |     pose    lo submit
tamely in such disi 1 ininnilon so ab 0
lutelj   and   11111:1 ���'   ' j   againsl   I lie  In
Lerests  ot  this   vi Inll     and  In   '���'���.
n! Jajis and traps.
the O'Brien dispute with the govern
men.    ..- taken on a ] easure ti p and given $29,-
and that a member of the Legislature is also
cerned 11������. N .pissing title is in the same
posil   *��� as .';   titl<   :    the O'Brien property, since
b th ������: si madi ..   l< i : lai ket claims, a id, it is sa ���
** falsi ..'.,;.,' ts
[on. J. .   Foy, Attorney-General, when seen to-
lay, said:  "As 1 stated to thi prosecutoi to-day, 1
am nol awar<    .' anj protesl having been presented
:    :''*.<  ...', ������ rssy-si ss. .-... \o the title of the Nipissing
Mil ng C mpany; nor do 1 know of any intended ap-
] licatii n ior a fiat.   1 have to-day soon the Premier \
and th<  Minister of Mines.    They inform me that '
! thev know of no protest, or of any intended applica- ��
1 tion for a ','���..'. ^B
Manipulations at present going on are credited
The Closing Year Sees Shorter Sittinj!rB---Aldermanic Candidate. Will Exercise Their Vocal Chordi. and
Make Promise-, on Saturday.
*.   the Standard Oil Company.
Anti Tuter. uie. is  S.r.i-ly   Propose,   to
R-'..   Monty  by   Giving   an
Aldeimamc    Election   Promises  '.o   be
Interesting���Mayer   Keary
Re elected.
"p: R
*-��� -
?ccrts   P'amly    Shew   that   struaure   Wl11   he   ���   Creditable   One,
a  'S   Keenly   Alive   '.o and   We"   E(iulP**e''   fc"
1    ' reus  Signs.
a   - ���
���    '   . ���
.     a      I.---
:  ' Ion i
id, the ap
I i  anese
��� fnited States
'  ���   la
.111 Si
'     I he   re   ill
thi   delega
���   that   thej
: the white
tick to i
than ���
I her
A,   ll.i 1 I in ta     ���     ���     I , .    na ��� i ..   I   lhl
' OOlj       ���   . . ������     .    .   i   ���
.  .... ��� ... ���   ���
McKenzle    ti nei     el vei n   ' in I
nmei ��� .        nd    Mi
la ��� , a
' '      '    .'     ���....        ���:'...
ipan cy of I
.  .    ��� Mill
..a.. ...     i
.Ith In M
.: .
md in Mr. Hard
\ . ���
...   a.
 : \ /
... i he
���   i.a.a,.  '
The plan     ill for a fra
��� ......
reat on  i     on    ' ���
er wli    e cove    I with ed a
, will be of
-aha., ied Iron     A    ������
rim along  i he  fr m    ind     le
.   ling a i stove
roof will be co
e roofing     . ���     i ���
.   i
Wr .Hardmai ir
er of contra
ms fo move Into hla ���
a-    \r\'\.
thi   Mew   V\' '--.iiiiii
sli of thi    \i.:i Tul ' ri uli .-;���
es   avagansa ln the near
' uiu , ,      ui pose  oi  providing
funds 1        '  soi ii'i. . iiiid al the quar
��� i    a. hei i yeatei daj afternoon
in   .xi'cutlvi   was last] ,n ted to make
iltable i   rangemente   foi    thai   pur
I'osi     In ' ase ii  is found  impossible
exl avagaosa to be held, aotne
uthi    ��� ��� ���<���r.alniiii'nt.   |Krtslbl;   a   Imll.
itltufaed,     Mi     and    Mrs
Kvnns, pocietj entertainers, of Call for
\,   �� Itten '" Miss Henderson,
tbi   local   ecretary, offering Iheli sei
and |iroml8ing to train chlldri n
'   parts it   iliis  is  thoiiEhi de
i   ���
Tin   funds dei Ived  from thai  entei
will   go    towards    Bewailing
N'i ��   \\ ���' tm aster'i    hai ��� o.  malnlen
ani ��� , ' Un    aiii-ai mui �� hii b i1- aboul
Hi  1 r   I nili.   iiiiii   v, hich   is   in   I"'  sup
... diffi renl  anti tuberculu
u   ,  a    throughoul  the provlnci
l'lie in ,  aiiiin'\  required Is to be
ial    i       nn an   of a publti  entertain-
moul ' ���' '      Rai    a'i.1  tbe offli ers  nl
n noi anticipate nn.   dil
���. i hi     rn s fun is
,. in a .,,!������    In   imbllc is made.
Iron   nei     reporl    ivblcli   was
'..���..!. tt    Ilia   Iiii   toclelj
���I    ,,    '  ,     .    |. ]     a        ,ia   Ul   i,l,     ' l|,a ,      1)1
. i  ,   hanli  ;"
,   i nt | mi      ,i hi   hlghesi
nt    tll a . . .   ii     ' lli'H 11     tll
,i.   iif tlv     ndi        uld tlie offl
natural!    proud of 1 hell  | ," I
in ',..., la eeiln I
Iin,led, and a deal of
||,|l.     |,|,     I, '       .    , ���     l Ml'S.    (|
m wm mini ii
���   te        N\\   ���'������ j h il '' &i -: ��� '.- ���   <
--��� ��� ie*  , ;it-,r ���    in ���   '
lent.   I
-   '���
, ...  : ,-.     esen
���   -
ROS'   i   ���
I    ....   ..-.,   . pro es   I
onomy the
..   ev! ������!������ .md
. i   animosities
tch aation.lt
a      badly saved.
���   Lord Rosehery
,ie  .viiMisi,  nation,
; lUCh li-i'illilienl
-ii ��� more strlcc-
..., derived from the
en   Cflgland aud
Fifteen aspiring _liiernien will flgh!
for Uu seven vacant <��-���������� in ibe
..ii.. chambei nexl Mon,lav. when
thi electors will be called upon to Be
u,; thi seven men best fitted to ���.
resenl them ln directing the affairs of
iiu citj Each ami every one of ;1"
fifteen promise* t,, do more work ihan
ail the others combined, and for lhl-
.-ens,,n ih,., -.ii,,ni,i be returned at the
i ol the poll. (l'"' vvel< from -lai '
then will 1 . eiebt verj disappointed
in, -1 ��alklng : he streets ol :!<is citj.
while seven mme will be wondering
how mi earth thej are _nin_. to fulfil
all thel antei lei tlon promises The
names ol the fifteen are appended
Ufred Hardman, maBtei  plumbpi.
Andrew Philip Halliday, clerk.
.lu epli Henlej. manufacturei
Bartlej   Wlllel.1 Bblles, cai pehti i
Gi urge Buchanan Cross, elei k.
v i. \andei  Qarrett, log Bcali i
John McNab, gentleman
Wflhui    siniiii\   Mmiili    wood mer-
. hanl
Isaac ' lu Ison, palnlei
John l!   Jardine, accountant.
John Grindlej Gainon, merchanl
.'nlm .lose,      nlin-imi. asslatanl as
\i thin  Welleslej Uraj. cii i '���
w , lllngton   Miller, i""11 i
George   -dams, men hanl
i he call foi   ui ininal Ions foi   ma ��� n
��� ".'a, e i  i'i'      name, thai  ol   \\
11    Keai i.   and   be   was    a  Iiin I
i,., i,, i. i ���   ���.., |Hin ition    i ".'    three,
raiiilldnli     iven    i iinlnated  hool
''.' '' ' " _ I   i   I I ��� ' ��� ���. | (1 J| 1|
Pi   ..   md i'   'i   Cnrlis and i    1 lm u
ii,.   .   Hm    nillna Ihfl ""i ���  ilni '
ll Inn                        ""       II
nlly lie rpsh Icl   II	
 i     In ,,���   - V|    i ��� ,, i.
111111 e i      . ll ��� I    . d
'"'  'Iie reason II  i
ii hn  i '   ������      '���! un lhi    ul
���' s'   ii '       : ii   In    pos ��� sssd   ' he
. ���   ii           pi ' Ions
wai       ...    the council
i evei  'r.     Tl ��� ��� ������
��� ������  commui ci tioni   ni   '������ w bi    	
������ ��� ���    i   -oi icei    am   ���" coi  di  ���
...   mai ������     ; ' -   fo   ���   ���
...     .    .. ...    , ;
���    ������    .     ..... -. .......
Warden   W. G    v ���" ���-        ���
evei  a.  li  waf mi  li
.   ������ . .     n was made In li
hi      Idermei    ������������'������    hi
.fti    the i   y clerk  had anni   ��� ��� -
ib a i   ihen   ���	
mayi     o    ���  ��� ��� ��� -
Mi ��� ������    Kea ;   ������ ma ked   thai   Ii  I
������,���������      ���   call a  public n ��� ���
��� .    -���     ha     h 1   ni'd\   >���.;"..
 Lj ni listening to thi   cai
��� .    ��� -a manic seats, and
���esi ni   aldermen   nrr
i h en  a , I, mc<  to explain whal
haw   done dm Ing  the  yeai     l!   1 ������
been suggested   thai three   meeting?
���   ;.i if called, bul  in view of th<
ihai   the only  election  would be
thai foi aldermen, he thoughl thai twi
��� ght. would be sufficient,
Aid.  Jardine   suggested  thai  meet
_-  bi   held on Friday and  Batnrd&j
evenings of ihi.   week, the preseni al
j dermen to siieak on T"!ida>. whlli
candidates would address the electi   -
on Saturday.
Aid. Howaj was in favoi  of holding
������h<^   meetings  on  Thursday   an.,   l M
day, and Aid. Garret! ilionulii thai all
ilie  ?)��=>r.kinti   could   be done   in   ��� ni
nlghl     .Id   Henlej   Inclining   to     ���
Eami   ��� pinion, providing a  timi
was  fixed  mi    ibe    speeches.      Md
Shiles held ine samp oiilnlon     Al
some further discussion, i! was fina
decided to call the hieetlhgs foi   I
,1a\ and Baturdaj evenings.
11 was reported tha' the agi-e^men's
... tween 'Up cftj and the tnisfees oi
the Oddfellows' ceraeterji bad beet) approved ' I he cltj solicitor, and lbe
mayoi and clerk were duly authorized
ti    sigh  the .amp.
Of the communications before the-
council, one was from Gteorge Mc^ai
lane, asking fm permission to lay
building material on Cdlumbla streel
at thi ��� oi nei pi Blxth streel Permission "as granted uhdei the usual con
H. Bose   I ��� '���������    -   of 1 he 11.<'
vi wn ��� ���. i ,. . a: ,i_ receipt ol
I ��� ������      elei k'l  I "''������ ��� 1ng to the
��� ��� unlcipal clause i ' hi suggestion!  embodied  In  thi   li   ������   will  be
���-���'" ������   th<   exei ntlvi >
..    .|j     Thli   . ai   ������������'" ved and Rii
t     s    i inncan     eti   nlni    offlci
��� -    e   ������ iioi'i "i  11 ation
he (civic positions held earlier In
��� la;     1 I ���   reporl wai   ���  ��� and
Cri ne   boal  bulldei   ol  Lulu
seni   In a complalm regarding
��� ���������      tn- road neai   bis prop
��� ���   and a ! ed to have 11 repaired ai
ioi   ��� ���   i ossible.    This  wa-   referred
"'   works  wilh   power to
ai i
T. Malins wrote asking foi permis
sion to flam shade trees on Firsl
- ��������� ' in fronl "' lot. "IV and 21, in
tdock F, Clinton Place reserve    Pe
���"   m was granted nnd"'  ih.   nsua
conditioi -
A lettei From the Dominion Press
rii|i|in^ bureau was received nnd
: led
\\      -\    DeWolf   Bmlth,    medical
��� ' Lh   ���-. r. presented bis month
ly report, Which was as follows;: Diphtheria, Irom lasi mon*   .. n<=w ease 1,
 red 4.  remaining 1;   tuberculo
sis. from lasi month 4, remaining 4,
hold, from last monih 6, new oases
'.'.. di> ���        .���'������']  1, remaining 8.
This vi-   r-'"ived and filed for refei
i nee.
A  second  reporl  from ibe same o!
pointed oul lhal since the instal-
latlon of  be milk tester, 88 samples ,.<
milk bad been analyzed, ibe majority
��� ��� which bad contatned the average
amount of buttei fat, and in some
cases had gon. considerablj above
Onlj out case of adulteration i formal-
dehyde) had been found, and ihe of
fen^ei having been warned, ihe prac
'ii'F stopped. This was also received
am! Hied
Jusl before the council adjourned,
Mayoi Ki fti \ -\ Oke a few words of
regrei a! the death o! the late Ward'en
Armstrong, several of the aldermen
joining in tributes to the deceased of
fti ��� I - ��� " thi m ition ot Aid. Shiles,
I " tb ������ ��� i thai a lettei of eon
��� li "��� i should I ������ written by the ch rl
and forw arded to the relatives.
ciiiiuwACK Hums
Indications that Lively Little Town is
Atout  to   Grow   Considerably
Are   Appatent.
tons of the roots 'his year, The object oi sending those specimens to
London is in lei the old countrj dl
rectors see what son of a country
ih"" piopose 1 liiv is "i develop. We
,,,,,,..,.,,,.! that Messrs Sperling ani
Glovei v ��� " more ihan satisfied n 11 i
the prospi ct? during their tour ol n
sped lon lasi n ei'
1RIII INTO Iiilliiill I
fa ' ial     is    Laid   Ay. inst     rhr8(
Membera of Winnipeg Grain
c xchange,
Vlnnlpeg    I lee.   S.- Flom   evident ���
  of the rojal i_riiin commi���
��� In ' stlgatlon, n bill ol Informa-
.a ..nd complalnl was to-day lodged
I, i' w. McQuaig, of Portage la Prairie, presldenl of tbe drain Growers'
association, againsl J. C, (luge, J. C.
McHugh .i'i I Johti Love, provincial
members of the grain exchange, alleging thai the three men did "conspire,
combine, agree ��� r arrange wiib each
othe. to resu Id or injure trade 'dr
commerce In relation to grain." Legal
counsel Is engage I and the flghl pi im
Ises to Le war       It opens Thursday,
,   ,   i ....... has strut,; l llllll wa. ;   ;"
. ,, ,,��� ..a i HSj ii ida ��� ,'1" arrh ii"-- pas
. i ��� ��� -   in,in,i .,ii the hotels full up
 i   a   uumbei   accommodated In  pri
��� ���" houses     I li   lai gi  In I ;l	
In ||     ol   ,;"   ne'    corporal   m
    i ,.   I, :      ��� I    ���., ���       . H". ���
,,         , '   p-acro I loci _   nl
11  ii ���"     Bome ol   I h
, ukIiI   In   June  i    ul
 I the pm  '"' ' ���
i  , ,. i'be Royal banl I  ���
nn!        ������     ��� u  I  .' "i l .   Iml    ���
ranch       Iln   ' ��� '    lotitreal     ; I
��� ��� '"I   ��� ii ���      eai     ll   I
���  rl ' hni ' ���      aj    ��� i!l I i     un
nlni   ���   - '���    ml If 'i er,    1908,    an I
  ��� .   vill have a chance to
"ir"   It can   lo In  the way of
��� to ping   lhal  tii 'in  of $6,000,000 pei
inn fh is n .;">' oul of the j
a in .      or fo i-i-"
r    i   Hart & Co I iken   ���
.wu lea         nl bull ling I i
,... ���.-, ..i ... ., , . heli ,
. na.-:. in a ������ itabllshe l there
en atl .e ica. i Ince al i ul the Rrsi
of the year, and have decided to make
their branch permanent. They are n-
stalling a vnnli and safe-deposit boxes
I i ! fitting up their office to suii the
Hue town Chilliwack is goin.; to be ii
a very Bhort time.
A fine shapely potato, weighing
Mime and three-quarter pounds, grown
in East Chilliwack, lias heen procured
by K. .i. Hart, and .orwarded by G in-
oral Manager Sperling to the head offlce of the n. C. I-:, it. Co, ln London,
accompanied by a specimen of mangel]
wurtzel weighing forty-two pounds'
.   le of the produce of an acre in
;   a.    Which    ! M)iiu:'i"l   Slxtj  five
'*' " ,; oi    sale   :v   Reichen
bach s
London, Dec. '. When
the House of Lords rose
pas'! midnigh. last night,
af ��� ' ha :" "included the
m, 'iii n the reporl stage
of the l di* ation bill, all
hopes of i '"promise appeared to be lost, and the
opinion prevailed among
the Opposition that the
Government would drop
the present bill and introduce another at the next
session of Parliament.
No important concessions have been made by
the Opposition peers, but,
on the contrary,an amendment to clause four, which
provides the local education authorities may "afford extended facilities for
special religious instruction," was carried 131 to
45, on a motion by Lord
i .-I
:___��� '
:       :
s'" ZZltZT*" dominion EXPRESS CO.
Stai - Ray, the young mar, who
was re ��� bi ��� am ted foi forging
cheques on a :. imber of citizens, came
��� - ��� fudge Henderson yesterday,
and his honor ordered that the prisoner be returned to the United States
mthoritles at Walla Walla, Washington. Ray was formerly an inmate of
the Btate ; ::- in at Walla Walla, -where
he was serving a term for the same
crime of forgery, and is a tlcket-of-
leave man.
Louie Ket, thwe Chinaman who is accused of stealing mon'-- I m mother
Chinaman,  came up  for election  and
:��� le I thai be would taki i a ee Ij
trial.   Th<- date of thi ng  -vill be
ann   meed at the nei sit-
��� ng
Inn-,   In    11 ii n Kn r v.
Way- d ���   nns In  Hung iry   gei ������
rejoli e ii     erj     laint titles    This
�����-��� ���   lied thi   Drop ier i and I
US'; il   Big     outsidi ?   pole
with        wooden   ring   a   I   i   gig   it
wine    ottle  suspei ded from It    'I be
systei.    ���   ii   |   ..- the -    - es Is pi.:.. ���
tive   but   pra tical     '���������..
tomera  ind thi   ni ke. per i b in
bit   ol   wood   ��� ��    wit
name of 1      pers      writti      ��� I
every liti r of i I   -      rked
by   each   i -       notch on his   re
--.--. - . ��� ,.,.] When the sc ire
Is paid ���    the rovas are
Conseq u otlj you r 1 eas its in
���-.- ng ��� b oth rr to ..- ni -��� ���
ra.   literally   dr:.-. knot
stick,"  '���'S.       sound,  most  com
"Wan ler ...-- S   H mgi rj "
A casbiei .:. thi  :... .   llstrlct or
New V ..-.-: ... I ��� ng ;��� sed by his
phy.:.'_._. to take a vacation not i-sg
. i ��� ite the -��� nt if i South American steampsbij ������ - ��� lows "As I
am ;.-.:.-._ ng ol taking     trip to S   ith
A::.-. ;      .    --��� ::.-  Irnmed    te
ly with ��� -��� ilara reli - re to r tea
commo. -. .ns and so i I . from
the various porta usually ��� sited 'ny
tourists at thla -���--.-> I the yi r "
The ':.- - ��������� ��� e by -;��������� .! di. ' ery,
:���- irke 1 prli te and conl lei I i ine
of our stean era ��������� 111 sail for Valp raiso
neit  Wedni shortest   ind   iniek-
est waj     it ot the 11 untry '
A   T>��t   For  Seaslcknea*.
Many ;������ ; le b e .. gen line curlos-
ty to ki ������ II they w iuld ������ se i sick
..-j case they Bb i . 1 tai ��� a ocean voyage An ea y way to pui tbe matter to
a tfsr is to stand before the ordinary
mirror thru tun,- In its frame and let
home one move it slowly and slightly
at first gradually growing faster, while
;���'v. ��� ��� ���.. ��� .��� ..''; , a- ,i��-ii refle rtion.
If j ou feel :..,..��� ��� wh itever from it
the        ices are t i can stand an
.rdin irj' -��� ' ���;��� -��������� without any
Hep   \\ i-.ilom.
���   "Girls!"  quietly i   '��� ��� ild  but emi
��� :.���/.    s         ' Broad tea 1
"Ma' mV" they - thi y  flut-
���-re-]                ' .-r
"AJu .-��� ���   ���              _......   ....
a m. ;. pi it  to I     ���       fatherly inti ----- d                            igbters i ee I
��� thi ������-'.' entry gu] th ii       11        i the
... :���--���    ������  -.-   -i  the
��������� oi. _ P
In   Experiment.
"Wl ������������     re ; ���:   .',.-���   M chael    so
.  -
������..;,,- ee  ry -     ������ Ife   trot   -
I.   ��� ��� ��� .     ���    re yet."
"No I   '              [iresci Iption In the
.treet -i I          In I ��� ���--. d, and  I'm
g     -��� made up and iry ;t."
FII  . le iSlai
Tide Table   Fraser River
, .      ending 1 let     . i'""
High I...'
W iter       Wate .
Dec.   :;         ..45 2.45
' !  .
!n"a   I         9.15 3.20
1-.::, 14.55
Dec.   5      10.05 1.00
19.10 15.50
Dec.   6       10.45 1.40
20.00 16.45
Dec.   7       11.25 5.00
21 15 17.45
Dec.   8       12.00 5.25
22.55 18.40
Dec           12.40 5.50
High. Low.
Time, lit. Time. lit.
Dec.   3     8.06    13 i 0.15 l.U
17.26    11.0 13.26 9.8
Dec.   I     8.46    13.2 0.50 2.1
17.56 10.6 14.23 9.8
Dec.   5     9.26    13.2 1.28 2.5
18.32 10.3 15.19 9.7
Dec,  6    10.05 13,1 2.OH 2.0
19.19 9.8 16.13 9.4
Dec.   7    10.44 12.9 2.53 3.5
20.34 9.3 17.06 S.S
Dec  8    11.22 12.8 3.40 4.3
22.15 8.9 17.58 8.1
Dec.   9    U-59 12.8 1.34 5.1
23.57 9.0 8.48 7.0
means of forwarding packages of merchandise, valuables and jewelery to all
parts of the world.
It is strongly recommended that shipments be sent so as to arrive at destination some days in advance, thu.s avoid-'
ins- the rush and ensuring most careful
handling. Arrang-ements can be made
for delivery the day before Christmas
when desired.
Special attention given to ..hipments
for Great Briuain and Europe.
For further information apply to
Company's office a: C. P. R. station.
Phcne 91.
j. w. Mcdonald, Agent.
Is Impossi
in a country growing like ours for property to remain long a>
cheaply as you can get it now. The biggest fortunes in Canada have
been made from Real Estate, and the smallest capital is sufficient.
We have many excellent properties both in town and country
but prices are rising rapidly. Don't let outside investors secure ali
the snaps; do a bit yourself; do a bit of thinking, and become a
landed proprietor of your own.
Many, very many, of the properties we have been advertising the
past few weeks, have been sold, and there are several new ones in
this advertisement, and all splendid purchases.
he S .:."-.
j itables
- - -  . $30 $1.'
llan     eas;
11* -store;. -      six   rooms
$1,500, easy ti   ms -..  iine   i i n-
- -   ��� se to     ir; a goo
Lion    Qvi        nutes posi    iffi
$'.300;  ��� isi   te ms
just arrived and including
Diamond Rings
Beautiful Gift
Jewel Cases
of all kinds
Prices Right.   No trouble to
show goods.
THE JEWELER      Columbia St.
irtunit.       H     - ��� ��� :.'.   ���
irpei       id in 3 dowi
-- iii -   --.'��� . :ange in     - ilso on
...   stove    .. ������   an i  cold watei
��� :..  in I flush ���
sewi ragi      Rett!   $22 per All
i   ive go in w th thi reni  u ���?--
H   ise an i  : ������ x  100,  I (/.-ston
��� ;  neai   Q ieen - a .-:..-    $1,150.
It's up to you to stop paying  rent.
160 a res, Westmin stei district, 10
iei ��� ���- .;. lei ��� ultlvatlon, 10 acres or
chard, ������-, tore strawbi ��� ��� lanted
this    ��� . ottom land;  rui ning
lng    :,   .   i 18 x 22;  fr ime     i a   ���
.   12;   :!-; ost   fri me  house   ind   co ���
���ta! t< -. three in all, sta  le . c >�� -    i -
_ span horses;   near Mlssl in St ition
-   - tes    near    at     ':. in i
-te imei Ian Is tw Ice a daj . abo M I
acrea timber, fii an i ce Iar, nevei ������������ ii
logged; $2,000 refused for standing
timber; carriage bouse 16 x 24; hen
bouse ma w of hewe ! tim ier 1 ild in
mortar, 12 x 30.    A chance of  i life
time, $8,000,  . I, i cash       lance at 6
per . ent.
Three acre3, North Ann road, oear
Meads, $425.
������    . .    . -a
aboui        ��� n river, nea    -
-. ;   $12 per ai re   .. real good
.���    iveen   Fifth   an i   Sixth   avenues
near Seventh    t eet ���'-  *  rooms   .1
en 1 full
lot,   two   storeys,   .' tsb
.   -   : ..       ie I
��� ������ ween    Firsl      od    Si
Fourth     ���-.,.��� Pri
$'.500. hall aci year
at 6 ��� a cent,
��� '  i   es,   d   mile I '
10 acres     ��� ,     1, good 220
tn es    iri e $1,400, I
a three equa   ... ments at reas
:.--������"���      -  ,  .   to D. Fra   i     v
:'     icres Improve I  Ian ;.     ..:.-..-
:.:  she Is complete, ir-...-: i". ivei lale
a::   un ler cultivation, $15,000.    [I
��� ���    han iie   this,  don't    lei iy;   It's   i
iargaln;  terms ran be arran----:
158 acres, 100 acres pr 5 a
high   land,   four-roomed   house   i
chicken bouse, all fenced, :."v to the
ii i-i. il in dairy  fairm, :'_  miles
Hammond, $40 per acre     Don'l   mi a
���    -
180 a res, town .hip 11 tlon 15,
������* , miles from Fori Langley; 5   icres
- ��� ie I, $1,000. one third cash
160 acre.-. Langlej. 25 un ler il . - ���
���ion; house, barn, sheds, etc a i In
good repair; a snap it $3,000. half
House on R  ra    ind Eighth   ��������� ���   t,
even       mis, full
i     $2,000.
���'���I isi      : ���    : -.:i.-.   '.'_ ne i
Seve    ..
$2,000.   "1- irranged
fames Inlet, tb        -   - ��� ������  mi  ���-.  .t"
$6.00. ball     ish,
I M .:    _     S      . ���..- _���
1 32, Town i, om   ia :   p
rie, rest       ish and > sma    trees
Se ti in   2, $45 ic e    Se
a . ���   $60 i        Sect! in 28, $55
Telephon      I    li im
telegraph    ta    in    Pitt   Rivei   Bri Ig ���
ince i -." jl i-i,
i   7 pe Exclusive igency.
67 aci       H Rani  i   S    liomi
11 ..' 500 * ��� It, 20 aa. ��� -
. eare I Prii ������ ml $2,000. bail eas ���
balan-.- e i -.
16    a   es   n Su    i     ne ir B    rn &
ilthard's ranch   $7  per acre    good
��� ��� ms     fr ill   lands      ee   us  I ir   p ir-
���    ilars.
S' ai res of lan i  near Sutherl in i'.n S ir:���������     good  b ruse, 6 acres
160 acn -.  al)
ready for cull
school, all m
vation, at (
per acre.
$'.000.  ���  ..-..   tei  : -
S-roomed House,all mod-
en. improvements, tine location, corner of Fourth St.
and Agnes. $5000, one-
half cash. A comfortable
home and good family residence.
S5.00 EACH.
20 lots on 6th Avenue,
only $1100 cash.
i !_---a..-;- :i iuse ' i! ner ���>' SI sl _
street an . '. ��� b ivenui 6 i loms,
brick chlmne; . a.i , ipe ������ I In -; li   m !
:. full     /      . . 66 x  132,  So ii
covei ���: v. Ith :,- ������������   il ���   n b    Pi Ice $950.
!���';���. ���- - ol iges ' -��� street, o ipo
- ���'��� Q . Pi ice $7,000.
One itiii a hal      ts, Sai pei ton, ju
reet and Brunette onl
$1,000,   '. - rranged.
1 ' acres ne ir   ibo .-���.  $7
see   is fo   : illi ���' . irs
In best residential portion of Xew Westminster,
east end. Close to car. Six
large rooms and large reception hall. Modern in every respect. Two full lots
132 x 132, all in lawn, laid
out with shrubs and flowers. Tennis court on one
side. Price $2500. Terms
$600 cash, balance on mortgage.
Two-storey   house,   stal le, chii   ei
��� ���  two full size I lot . al ��� idem
:.      hm menl -.   Thli I tween
Fourth   an I    Fifth    aven ie $Z,250.
*   ":"' ca li.    i snap.
20   ii re    docks     fruil   lan I -.   near
.'     lion    $20   . ������:   a   : '
ise and . ��� - se I lot, 6 . ooms,
on Prince street neai Sixth avi :.;������.
good  _ar len, fruit  trees, "ni;- $950.
:. . .' ��� ��i;u ��� i a iuse , all modern
, :.. - nces, on C im irvon strei I ind
S        - reet, two -   ire; s, $3,750.
ii iuse an 1 I il on Asnes street, I��
stores        - ������;i i i ims;  a real sn ip at
Corner   if  Sixth   .1 reel   an i  F iun b
iuse an     even loi    on har I
fr ill ���      -, el     $3,100. h
Large lol   ind  two cottages on i"
i ��� ���-. ton.   Both rente I
a   . i'' eai h
Foui   antl   a    ial!        es In  Lot   IS I,
.  i .     a   Port   Mood     and
H ���   ; min tei   ,i ��� i, f u e - on  P irl
M lody roa I     ' ml    $125 . ei  acre
Hou e oi utford   treet,   enl s $15
per month. Wil    ell I     $1,500. Te ���
��� :        .      .      .  i , ������ .��� .. ���
���    '���.
rice $50
to sul ise:
ir se
���. I   be i '
clima ���
160  ' res   '- '     . - ��� ���
teres   clean ���
Pr:  -���   $1,500.
it 7    - ���    en .
��� ���
e i   ne ir B .'
-    nd 10 acn
es fr im t 5'.'
160 a     - t 2.1. to
S'-^  n les f-  ���
ildei :' '"*
Ten acres ���   oai
of Westi
cleared    Sai
i "
2-storied house, 1 roi
bath, sewer connectl
all modern improve���
splendid locality, $28
Terms arranged.
Ho ise. con ��� >'
Six' ��� '' ' ''
���     ms, $2,500.
jtreet,   i ai
rents al .J'1 '��� r i    ��� ��� ���'
Seven-roomi ' '���
near  F1M '
size I lot, $1,600.
Hous    and I
$800. I' _  ston
House,  i
��� ������
Ho .
Notice is hereby n.ven that I intend
to apply at the ne/t Bitting of ths
'-i.ensing Bear., for the Mur cipa ty
of Lanyley for a renew-.l of license to
sell liquors by retail en ths premises
known as the Lanyiey Hotei. situate!
at Langley, In the said Municipality Df
Langley,  Nov.  21,   1906.
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokf
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
Notice  is hereby given   thai
days  after   (late  1 In en I  to apply to
the Hon  i Ihiof Commi sloner of Lan 1 -1
and  Works for a   license  to cul   md
carry away timber from the following]
described    lands,    situated     In     the
Skeena district, on Coppei river, ab i tl
2 i-i' miles up from the mouth:
No, 1. Commencing al a pobI planted on the -in;' heasl c irner on I be
north bank of the river, running as
follows: 80 chains north, 120 chains
wesl. 10 chains outh, m ire oi less :"
river, then along river to poinl of c im
No. _. Commencing al a po ������ plant-
'��� 1 2 1-2 mill's up from the mouth on
north bank of Copper river, running a_
follows: 10 chains north, su chains
east, in chains nonh, ;���' chain easl.
v0 chains south, more or less, to river,
then along river to : olnl il commencement, containing 'il" ai'v- more or
Locator, WM. MOODY
Per Agent, Frank Vandall
The Royal Bank of Canada       J|<^
jr.-,'       ibsolute  ���-������'.        'i   lepi    tor�����   START NOW to save your mone;
d : ;. , i will never regrei  ll     People do har ler things every day  ind have
nothing to show for It
ONE DOLLAR opens an account. Put It in your pocket, i. would pro':>-
ably he nothing, but ONE DOLLAR deposited every week with -is will in
ten years amount, to $604.50.   THINK   THIS OVER.
ft., cr 'ft?   m. r\
Synopsis   of    Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway licit. In British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any person who la the sole head of a family,
or any male river IS yours of .irc, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, mure or less.
Entry must he made personally at
the local land office for the district in
whi a tbe land is situate.
Six mi inti .
,.- given to thi |
minion  1  inds   >'
i apply toi l'.'i- .1
���   s]
Deputy  Minister
X,   I!.���fn mth        :
nn,   advertlsi n   m   fflli
Shingle and Saw
Mill   Machinery
r. B. LYLE, Tvicnager.       The homesteader is required t
.. Westminster, B. C.
o per-
form the conditions connected therewith under one of thc following plans.
Ml At least six months' re.i,lence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2i if the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of tile homesteader
resides upon n farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
liy sin!, person residing with the father  or  mother.
(.!) If the settler lias liis permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his home
stead, the requirements as tn resilience
ra-iy be satisfied by residence upon
i the said land.
336 !! i-'ni.-.
'V . V����
Hookkeepln    '
.. a  1 jlim   !.     'I  ''���
j Seven TiacK"
| Forty-Fh* ^
Students Alwaw i
R j. snuiiT. B.A
ADVERTISE IN 1* ������,v*a��*ri.��
' f     -.      r- r, t
r o i. r    t, iuu    ..  c
VI...,    . .  -r_.._.
ft-   t    Ni.rtla   r.
"  ', v . .     n    i-.'-r
','TK '
aw   MflUiW.Y;  mill:
i* fti it...   i    nirw-
"J/ill   Imt , i   .in. ,.r.   UK  fl.-..,,    .,j    .,	
���..      , .  | .
.,-,     eo  !   - J..       '..      II
P.     ..   .</..  .  o;.   t.    ��� "���������" ��� i'1"-1 *- '���'"' >'
. u  . >,.ii- a...    i-, ipcoi'   rata the   11 i
,.   .tm;    ,,
,,...*"������       *",T*
��� ������ i '���
' -'-; I	
I le I'- '���
:  ,     -
��� .     .-,.,.,
'���     ���      ,
i ci ,��
I    ..   Bfi ",
��� i:- p
' ��� s :���.  r
-"���-;&.     n
,   ,   _ (  / i-
c    c    ..
pi            . :rin.
i t - i
\      ���    ������
.     .   ,    ���      ;      '
.. 1,   ,
'.1   ,.
1 ,    -.    .
I    , - .'
1 a , |i;! n     i
'..    ..
���           .     -
��� a .. .   .-.   .0.1 >UVE
.11     1
"���.in   ���_    -.
'    111      ���'   Tl !���
:. in.'T   r   |
-    ���'
r fi '.r v an "l uu
MBS "'"���'���       *   ��� ...
I _i M I .
j       ./ V.    4.-VI*   '"
17 ���
I.   .'
i. bo,        ��� i.    "."('iu'-.   i
ci,., ,.;<���-���      :j        ie    la
i   ,-; -.,���;.'-    ���...-,   in:., i : :
ill       ,     '   ���   I'l'ieu      DCOtnl
ie    , .   ia    n
, ,   ��� ,'���  seori .ii
I     !-.,.av        .
���������..-. ui .   ".i-i - ������
���ai    i ���..   ��� i ���.    .
.    ���        ...   til.
ri   1   J.
K   ..
'. -' ,1,     '     :���; ,      ,   ..  . ���   ���
I'.. \ ��� . ���'   ,
.1. d  Bli
island RAH i <> \    COMPA V
e        IU   I   Ml..        /   a.,
101  .  . 'l. I. ai  '���   li.   .�� IL,
lii   arrv.c
.'...,'.;.. I'll" '   ' .
0.1 ',;..:
I   friit   lit:
-.1 k." r, l^.*a ts t
:   r   . .... . ...    .      .'    >    , ...
bearii.; '' ) ft   I
t  .   About $8 ':     i
..;.:       ......  .   .   jarg���     . _       ������
j p0tat( .cl ;'���'-   *'-' ge. 1:
w *��� " ; - "' c ������'������ -���
I -      II     .., . i    ..       Lat.       ...��� 'J',.-.
��� ��r
-,|, ���-.
ia    .im co
i.i    i u rii i        lit    IUUU o   ii
in . ��� iiiii    ��� .   ii ba I
a      a thO     a '.       .'���
.   ���      : ,      uunoil to
tO i.i-     .   ��� VI   111 '
.     ..1 ���   .   !     ll       - .   :���                        ,.J'.'.
n .   a  '��� VI,Ol           I      llll.
a        ....... v   .a.;.           I.r
����fur     emu    ""�������������
-fi, -- ",.'r.i imvr-vn: t i n.
> ti.
, a i
'I* ,'  K\\b
nnli    '.    Pj
o,  II   IVI...--
.;' ��� ������'---'--���
. '   ' :,.. i
���_' i li li .
'.' i ii .. . .
:. .
.   I || ;_.        : A8|ISt-l        C.��''
:ui' Chics.?
1 p
Cf-V i -
.:. _ best ideas
.   -i"M. r^
a     .   5.'        wai, I
 - '. >' li j..' -   i   a v ;    '
���. ������ ' ��� -, ���    ginsy |   nd*     -mrj
'    a     -1-. . ���   .   .-   11.     u ���     a 1-
'��� ,, .. :   'Hi   lug       ''il* n   1 ���   lii     n
���  ',.��,,.   t .-���' ".ii,�� pe���    d; ward
A>""t('     ��� ���-    w-briil   '-.,,. -,-  i   i-    r
Si "V.        alii
ll. nvri    cirni-jrii'oi -
���   r it.   .-  -i nr    >.     l_��i'lt t.     IM   i
. .... ._._.........--.      n\/ i    - '���'' ' '   '  ���'���'������* ' ���'���"���    ���'    ft  i i nl
*"    ���*������-  *   ',:'""    r     *���"' :   :"'   *     jce.  i :   -.    .mn lo cn
"'...     .���    .   ' .������      'lall'    .1      i I     .-.   li  'lie
, .1'.   ��� .��� ,    ,1 ������  ���[ v .    vie ;  r a.
i..,.        ���      .       ������ ,i      ,r     .' -   ui.      Ill      t__
.     Pill
-. t        I v ���   a a    ,,  ���-.      .rr.
: v ,'l      a
-..-..   .
.1% fV,  ��   i��   ^   -
���.*      - r   . .      .    .    ���
iO��itaC'fii!iv,lf|(i:ll:i'riy  (.
to. Moui��i��ii \W\ (.
'   : '
���   -���.        j
T_fl-��-_  V*��,        IV��.{l V|        l����
iTi-in-ic����   ii avtio,  jul*L
.. .
��� ��� '  ' cat
r. ..i,     Fold r
tarracih': RaiKvay Cu
1 fi      ni"      a      i i
-.-..,      ,
x.    ino/r,
Cotwmb     .ts:     l.in
. Ullllil       . :���-.       t. '
��� an.      ve in     Bli     in
. rinrv'.-tin    I    :������" ������ i
,    .1        1         Rr.|
1       '1         "    - ���
" p vir <���' s    \' ���:���   .
-   '-    - ��� ���    '������ ������'   "
IWI 1 alt..:
���   "     .r,-i/x.
'.rvtin -,              1
���ine, i !     :
jn'jini      r����t    ?!"
' '" '    a .  i r.
BO* 141           a;,,   ll.
-. ...co jrr
..   Ja          ���' .
-,'l          l.'.H 1
a- '"I 1 1         1            1 ' ���'
rtnc     "i    :.-     Ri "
.   ���. 1         > a , 1    ,'         ,' 1
. .lU.'":J,"*'.i    LOflldfMl
���'.''��� IT
-���.;���"       ��� n       Nl
'.'tia-iV        '������   ���   la >
.     , , , ���  i .              .
Hsmiltot)   lorontc
"""CCS    ', IttCI 1.
Leav              Da
Montreal Quebec
li/.V      V/E3TMINST5I
...       .. .���
Portland Boston
i.\ y,;������*.; a.
i -.    -'   ������ - ���' ���
/"...)���,    <-. ���   ��� ���     - -    ��� ���-   mat;
"".-".-* ���.' '    "i"
11 1  ,           'I,' 1       Mil    ,                          '     '���:
;-' ''"'I/.iIM:   ROUTE
:           '  il  ���                '
ii.    B��i'
..         ...''���'                                           ...
; n,
ni',- ���/'��.  ��� ������
. ������isfaam
.,,-.'.'I     a... ill 'I        1    l'l-      .
i  '     ,' ';.' Ilici
eo, couii:f
I    ���    ll,     ,11 ���,   . IK ���     ���     . 1     ii     ������   iiel.'l
IB      01 I   Wl     lil   ,|    ll     ..'     I'        || "1    ...
_"_"���"**-_ A    ' IP_'l IT-if* P *' '"   :'"' ''     '   ' ''
���    ���        .     vi    I     :    :il   'i    in"
moi 1 nn      iv aid ., ise     ho i
Jirvh'r    llnii    sm    PUW
lU1 | -   ,    U   .��� I1        a ��� ,    . , ;���     , '     ��� ,11 ,,]vj    4
I il i.i'. I'm i      i pui   .
A '"' ' '.    ' "ii    ��� ,ia, ���'    '.  '   i' '���    r    la  q
ra      ��� .���       .,,. -ii    , .    .
Wii.    H{|.i
t-   A.   .
I 1     ,
. .    I
s-    nn
tt. *x#��l_r#. Mi'miiv���
.......'���' 'I '    '���'    '     ���'    ' ���
"*    !        ..a    a
... ...
at -      | ,.'   folio    lng ., -. ���     .1        .', ,
: a ,,;. ii a     J.   Drinl wai
i ��� ������    i,   i", .���.���    i.   r
,w ,   M   .........  e   ,. i
lK0| ll ���   ���        a J,       X Od
���   -.--- ' ��� , . ,i   ���.-,     ,  ,,,    ale.   $   ; G
��� - --  l'i i--..-���.    In;    '    n    Sa '
..,    , vi      '     i.   ,,    mn, |
5  L   II  "1   "^       "* ���������:!,.        ..i:     rohland, j
',   ���   ���   ,       Irs. Franci
$20 AND UP=
m the Premises
IV l/nlL   InlLUll
i *^r
Miiii. I and guarai        by
i Al < -AIIY
P    (      I ) A W.'>( ^N, A^ent, 145 Hastings Street, West, Vancouver.
L-.jiiuiMiwi'1111 ' ���'���"�����*" m ��
Si J
n w
���  3e:
Published  by  the  Daily News  Pub-
llshing Company   Limited,   ar   their
offices, corner   of   Sixth    an-.l   Front
streets, New Westminster, B.C.
For the table���for cooking���
is without an equal. Always the
same peifeifl quality.
Managing Director..
.J. C. Brown
Transieu, display advertising, 10
cent, per ine nonpariel) 12 lines to
the itich Five cents per iine lor
pur-seneent Insertions.
Reading notices, hold face type, 20
-ont- per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
Ji"Oi time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., oue cent per
word. No advertisement taken for
t��8J than 25 cents.
Day Office   . .
Night  Office
<_*'"Jl" i*.'1?*':
We prinl elsewhere the memorials
senl i" Ottawa, re fishery regulations,
by the Citizens' Committee and the
Liberal Association. Thej arc both
vigorous and outspoken documents,
and shoulil be of much assistance to
Mr. Kennedy in the fight he Is making for the  interests of his constitu-
I nts.
Her  Husband's  Book.
"James, dear, will you bring me up
a scuttle of coal from the cellar?" sain.
��� busy wife.
'"That's just the way wilh you." said
James, with a frown, as be put down
his book anil rose from the armchair.
"Just the way with me?"
"VesI" he snapped. "As soon as you
gee nie enjoying myself you hnve something or other for me to ilo. Didn't
you see 1 was absorbed iu my reading?"
"Well, dear, I will <i. It myself."
"Yes, and tell everybody, your motli
er especially, that you have to carry
your own coal ii|i from the cellar.
No, I'll do It.    Let me murk my place."
So be marked the place in the boni:
ut which he bail ceased reading, an I
when he went d iwn to the cellar, grumbling all tll" way. she picked up the
volume ami found it was a love story
ami that the passage he had been ab
sor'n'il in was as follows:
"My thirling, when yon are my wlf.
i will shield ami protect you from ev
ery care, 'l'lie winds of heavens sha!':
not visit your face too roughly; those
pretty bands shall never be soiled by
menial tasks; your wish shall be my
law; your happiness"���
Just then be reappeared ami. dropping ihc scuttle upon the floor, sai 1:
"There's your coal! Hive me m;
Thf .Mind   HlHlorlnn.
William Hickling Prescott. who wn*
born  at   Salem.   Mass.,   on  the  4th  of
May.  1"!H>. was the son of a prosperous lawyer, entered Harvard college In
1811 and graduated in 1814.   Karly in
his college career be had bis left eye
blinded by a piece of bread playfully
thrown at hlm by a fellow student, and
the otlvr eye soon became sympathetically   affected.    He   traveled   in   Eng :
land.   Prance  and   Italy  and then  devoted  himself  to  severe  study,  but  It!
was not till the beginning of 1826 that
te  found  tlie work  of bis  life within j
tbe range of Spanish history.   Fortunately bis means were ample, so that |
he was abl*�� to procure the services of |
assistants and t'> live amid conditions
of comfort.  Py constatit hnblt he gained the power of cavylng a great deal
in his  iry. and after he had revolved the whole of a chapter in his mind
he quickly transferred ii I i paper by ,
menus of  his stylus and  an  Ingenious
writing ease especially constructed fori
tbe blind. He published liis "History of
Ferdinand and Isabella" in 1838, which
carried  bis  name  across  the  o in  1"
the old  world.   This  was  followed  by'
bis "History of Uie Conquest of Mexico"   in   1843,  and   ol'   "Peru"   in   1847.
These gave him a great reputation.
Ancient  Glaaa.
In tin; Slade collection at thc
museum   in   London   the
specimen of pure gins:
which can In
most  anclenl
the  dat"  of
approximately fixed is ::
Mi. Brown, fishery commissioner,
asks us io correct a mlsreport, doubtless inadvertent, in the Columbian of
yesterday, lb' is made to talk about
freshets "washing lame quantities of
sockeye fry from t he hatcheries,"
which is absolute nonsense. The
freshets, by breaking down ilie spawning pen fences, allowed the escape of
a large number of sockeye from which
would have been taken the eggs to be
placed in tlie hatcheries for the production of fry.
Address by Mrs. Spo:ord.
The members of the B.Y.P.TJ. of ihe'
Olivet Baptisl church lasi nlghl elected the following officers for the next
half yeai". Hon. president, Rev. M. L.
Rugg, D.D.; president, A. W. Dymock;
vice-president, K. Mills; secretary, E,
1>. Lennie; treasurer, Miss p,. Brown;
organist, Miss Bent. Conveners of
committees���Devotional, I). \V. Turn-'
luill; missionary, Mis. Rugg; membership, Miss Banton; social, Miss Anderson; floral, Miss Nellie Sangster; literary, W. 10. Banton,
The meeting which preceded ihe
business meeting was addressed bv
Mrs. Spofford, provincial organizer for
the W.C.T.U. She spoke for half an
hour iu an Interesting and Instructive
manner, on the question of temperance as ii applies to youth. Among
ihe points she emphasized were the
following; The liquor traffic was a
greal factor in counteracting ihe work
n! ihe church; ihe i^iurch was weakened because ii was no; fully aroused
to the Importance of ihc question. Tlie
speaker did no: believe in laying too
much of lhe blame for Pie evil upon
ihe saloonkeeper, hul believed it coul 1
l.e eradicated by educating ihc people.
The work of education musi begin in
infancy: fourteen years of age was
loo iate lo begin Leaching. The
speaker did nm approve of indiscriminate pledge taking.   She believed thai
even little children shoul.I be taught
in take a pledge from principle, noi
because oilier.- ii.l so. In conclusion,
. he dwelt upon tlie importance of the
young people of the churches being
i lear cul ami ' aggiessive along the
lines of total abstinence and the abolition of the liquor traffic.
Mnn  nml   111,.  "Gall n_e��."
Tbe "gnllns" marks the freeman ami
the man of genuine, unpretending culture and civilization. Vour snob ami
your savage abhor it. In Mesopotamia
the wild bashi bazouk wears a belt; iu
Yucatan Uie Indian wears n girdle of
--bark's teeth; in Senegnnihia the
shameless cannibal spurts a gunny sack;
in Atlantic i.'.ity some years back the
dudes used to wear sashes. Put lind a
man who when he throws off his c >at
to begin bis daily toil lays bare a pair
of heavy sky blue galluses and you'll
find a man who pays his way in the
world, loves liis wife, rears his children In the fear of the Lord and votes
the straight ticket. The "gallus" is
useful, it is graceful, and properly
adorned with band painted flowers and
brass buckles it is beautiful. To bo
ashamed of it. to conceal it or to abandon it for a somber leather belt is to
fail in nn essential of true manhood
and liy in the face of fate.���Baltimore
email linn's head, bearing ihe name o
an Egyptian kin-' of the eleventh dynasty. That is to say, at a period wblcl
may' be mo lerately placed at mor.
than 2,000 years P. C. glass was made
with a skill which shows that tlie art
was far from new.- London Telegraph.
An Excellent Opportunity to get a
Splendid Line of
at the lowest possible price is afforded all at
Lee's Furniture Emporium!
We Have a Great Vanety|
-   -   -   of All Lines   -
Applv   Horaci
Boy for jewedery store.
Dorer. Columbia st.
WANTED���Young lady  for jeweller,
store.    Apply  Horace I) irer.
LOST���A handbag on Front street,
near Harvey's store, containing a
small sum of money and pocketbook
only of value to lhe owner; name
and address inside. Finder kindly
return to Daily News office and receive reward.
WANTED���Boys,   Immedli
es.   Apply Ii. ('. Cigar Fact iry.
ntNT ���One half co
conveniences,   neai
���il   avenue.    Apply  '
News office.
TUe Unicorn.
The unicorn was one of the fabled
monsters of antiquity. It was, according to a summary of the opinions of
several of the old time writers, n beast
about the size of a cbmnion horse, bur
with very short legs. The people of the
middle ages believed in tlie existence
of three kinds of unicorns���the magnificent white unicorn, which had a purple
face and blue eyes nnd n single born a
yard In length; the egllsserion, which
resembled a gigantic deer and had a
very sharp born growing from the mi 1-
dle of the forehead, and the nionoVei',,.,
or common unicorn. The white unicorn's horn was of three different colors���white nt thc lower part, black i's
ebony in the middle and red al lhe
point. Common unlcoms were said tn
have had horns nbout eighteen inches
In length, but so strong that they could
easily kill an elephant.
LOST���About two week, ago, gentleman's gold hunting case watch;
owner's name engraved on case inside. Finder please return to R. P.
Baker, Bank of Montreal, New Westminster;  reward.
A Few Suggestions for Xmas
gtc_n*n__Trii*ii _
Our stock is at your disposal, and we may be able to save you considerable time and worry by suggesting that SHE MAY WANT A SECRETARY
We have them from $6.50 each up. Or a MUSIC CABINET. We have a
nice line of beauties from $9.00 each up. Or a ROCKER. No better
values ever offered: Solid Oak Cobbler Seat, from $3.00 each up. i Ir a
PRINCESS DRESSER. A most beautiful line are Quartered Oak, polished,
large oval and shaped British mirrors, from $26.00 each up.
Or, HE MAY NEED A CHIFFONIER, a man's delight. We have them frnm
$15.00 each up, in oak. Or a MORRIS CHAIR- solid comfort���in which he
may sit and dream of YOU. We have them from $6.50 up: solid oak
frames.   Or a large EASY CHAIR.   Or a BOOK CASE.
Come and look around.   We are putting goods away every day for
Xmas delivery.    Don't leave it too late.   Come earl
LEE S   Furniture
Dupont   Block
epnone  73
(-lock   Inscriptions.
In former times it was tbe custom Of
clockmakers to Inscribe on the dial
plates of their clocks quaint verses
one of the most common being the f >!���
I serve thei   here with all my mighl
Tn tell the hours by day. by night.
Therefore i sample take by me
To serve thy Hod as 1 serve thee,
Another favorite inscription \ as
"Tempus i-'ugii." ur "Time Flies," ano
thereby hangs a tale. A" well kn iwn
English clockmaker who flourished toward the close of the last century, on
being asked by n customer whot!
certain clock wns of home ninnufai I
replied:  "I lb,  ce:-: li.'l.v.     11 iii'l   you
the name, sir   Tuininns I'i: .i: V   I ofl ni
have his clock-; through tin bands."
Cnly a
���. 1
n earl h
e S
1 w
i se
was fe
li al
on  the
of thi
���    is
1    oi
���   d
'   was
were no i
and Uu
��� shock
���eil. i
���ven al
17. 1
Wanted  to  Know  Too  Much.
There was a series of burglaries committed in the fashionable section of
Baltimore. So anxious were the police
authorities lo apprehend tbe culprits
that instructions were issued to the
roundsmen to exercise extraordinary
vigilance during their tours of inspec
On one occasion just after mldnlghl
nn officer saw emerging noiselessly
from a house in Eutaw place a young
man, who hastily darted down the
street. The officer made after bim as
rapidly as possible, When he had j
stopped tho young man he said:
"Didn'l you come out of tho corner
bouse just now'.'"
Tbe young fellow, though of quite a
respectable air, seemed 111 at ease. "I
did," he answered, with some confusion.
"Do you live in lhal b mse." sternly
demanded ihe officer.
"That's nn Impertinent question," replied the young man in a lone of greal
indignation. "I don't see what business or yours it is so long as her father
doesn't object."- Sin ss Magazine.
Tin-  Circle  < onntj.
'1 lie oddest . Iia'  al e unity 111110:1
thousands   which go in make  up   t-e-j
separate divisions   if the .ari iu
is WniTeii r.-ouuty, Tenn.   Ii lie. alin  -'
exactly   in   the   ge.igr.iplilc.il   cell l'l'  ,,.
thc stale and is about ns Hear a pe -f
circle  as   any   division   of   land   1 1  ,<
possibly  be.   Tlie circle  would   be  pe;   .,
fect bat   lor the facl  thai  there is n
short stretch of ihe northern boundary ;
line whieh follows a small stream foi
a ehorl distatiee.  Ii is bounded by Can- 1
non, Dekalb, Coffee, Grundy, Van lie,
ren nnd White counties.
Reserve Umb.
Every one lias 11 diced ho-.v, '.vh"r. a
large branch of a tree Is cut off. small
branches will shoot out around lbe
stump. These branches are from ihe
reserve buds, ot* which all trees have ,
great number ;rt every port! in of theo
surface. I'nder ordinary circumstances
these never come to maturity, but whet,
the tree is wounded nr cut off or lose.,
some of it-i branches the reserve buds
nt once come Into piny nnd renew tlu
A.   ali,.,-   far   well-arcs
Costs ' lam .ii    I" Ins ir ���    a  p    ���
shoe,  Iml.  is  as  lew a.,  a    li
this character can  1 Id
beside a. cheaper shoe, 1 .- ,i.i,
Once    is   lllllilislal.aM,,.
Men who want appearance, satisfying wear, and solid comtort,
should wear  the "Invictus blio.."
It will be to your interest tn
watch this space for the next
thirty days, as we have purchased it to place before you
lists of Xmas bargains.
Our stock of Preserved Fruits
is now all in.
��� _-'*.- a., /_____.-_. t r.
��r_;i__-_rer��ii-nam. 11 ��� _b._��� ��� - __.irT.ranman-,-,v,:,  *���-
- New   Glasswan
Just Arrived-
We  will   1
YOU   CA!.!.
-i For }-
leased tn
.Christmas 1
Her Scheme.
Mrs. I ie Style lie never gave he:
ftny part o^his wages, but spent it ; .
In a nearby saloon. Mrs. Gunblista-
Flow mean: Mrs. He Style Bul In
gives her every cent now. Mrs. (lun
bustn She's reformed him, eh? Mr.,
De Style���No, but she runs the salooi,
- New Vork Times.
Made   by   GEO.  A.  SLATER
Men's Mulehide, Blucher-cut Boots, Duk-Bak
Waterproof Soles $5.50 pair
The Best Boo: made in Canada today is the Invictus Box Calf, Heavy Duk-Bak Soles, for
men; a strictly waterproof boot ���
$5.00 pair
Coiumbia St.
Hew Westminster, B. C.
New   Arrival
Ladies' Dre
* Ci
 . 1 ri J ,.   fo
vaaBmBrnwammamtmuuBm mbh bm ��> ^\, jt BIRTCH     275 ���okiffi^a cl' DEC
-ocal News Briefly Told
V*   -  V
.a!-   :,:. :     .
.  7.30, Instea I ol 7 p.m., as at  pr rsen
,.���;'  'i be  ���   ipo al to hold the service, half
hour  later  would,  it'  carried out,
���:.'  everyone a chance to reach the
1   have I churches In good tiim
a. wh
1 ' '"      lur bei  discussed al  a
The   committee   whicli   inn
the police commissioners reported
This will be
iter meeting,
viewe 1
Dreams of beauty in Chiffrn. Lace, Silk and Crepe
Uhene-specially bought for the Christmas trade.
'���   :   ��� intil       ���    : h
charge i Queen C i       rei
,   ' i    : vain ind  i
eame     rransfe
of tha
. ���:. : ec tiled -i Vi
Lhe   beln
��� ��� , i
the work 'hey had done, and a llvel.
isslon followed, 'l'lie unanimous
0 '..ui was ihai Ihe vice section of
the city must be moved from i's present cen'ral location, and it fuller re-
, irl on this special phas-- will be pre-
- a'.'e 1 :o a later meeting.
The   jail  services    for   t.he   ensuing
month  were arrange 1
a :h i
; n    sale   al    R
Is  citj
��� of hi
a'   .
,,. ��� :���
...  ,,..::' 1     i
hen     .:.      , a    ���
r hut
'ria lard is 'he extracl ol pur
I'  .- a.-; pure as it is while.
it.   Reichenbach A- Co.
dem   ���
���   lateni
wa - ,,' v..   del ii  -
':'.. ���   : ���    ���
ea 3   if age   md
i ra
��� i   . ir
.  :,'^^^^^^^^^
... Durin
���   .���   , v., - ii
IlullPr   Wiintrd   Ihr   Hrirl.
"While E. C. Carrlgan was. in Genera)
B. I*. Butler's law office a lady came
Lu ID ask some advice.    As lhe general
was not ia. Mr. Carrlgan questioned
ber and Iuld her lie would submit her
ease to the general, which be did.
Tbe general was lo leave ihe nexl
day for Washington and told Mr. Car
rlgan to prepare a brief ot the ladj -
case and show it to him tbe next day.
Mr. i arrigan sat up half of lhe ni:! I
Writing   llis   brief.    The   next   in,,!'::   ,
about   fifteen   minutes   before   But!
;:.i    Kns tu take liis carriage for the trai
he told Mr, Carrlgan he would look al
.'- ��������� ���
Hon Collars, nicely trimmed, at 35c, 75c, $1, $1.25, $2, $3
(Collars, at 35c, 75c, $1.25        Lace Collars, at 15c and 25c
Collar Tops, with Ties, at SOc and 75c
lo a. Lace Ties, pkin and fane/, at
(40c, 75c, $1. $1.25, $1.75, $2, S3
ilk Belts,   lack and colored, at 35c to $2
eather Belts, at 35c, 75c, $1, 1.25
lastic Belts, of pure silk elastic, with beautiful
buckles, at 1.50, 2.00 tn 3,00
lorne very attractive Collar Sets. Necklets, and long
ties of Crepe de Chene, from 6.50 each down.
These just came in, so haven't time for accurate des-
pription, but will be in the window this week.
nil.   ���
i': ���     ���   :
,     a':
..    'a   12 7
his brief and give his opinion.
Mr. Carrlgan began by saying; "He:.
eral, I have made a most careful stud,
of this ease.     1   have   the points all in
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      my head nnd can stale them to you
three minutes."
"     ' "-      "Let me have the brief," again snid
';     '*   -  '- : ��� ��� "     1 "���'   the general, somewhat sharply.
'     ii i ihi n ,v Co. -But, General Butler," snid Mr. Car
rlgan, "I had a brief prepared and In-
A  large   I I   swifter  Lioon     rl    logs   tended to show  it to you. but 1 havi
ch   wa=    ieing   broughl    ilong   the   left it nt home on my table.   Howe-,,.:'
rm on S inda . became jammed   as l sald. ' have ll11 ,h" l,"i'1,s of ""
,..;,;���  ���    :...-        navigate  through   ��� -,' case in my head."
,    . . , "doling man.' said the general, "tin
.      Darkness can a on . ., , ,   . , .
next tune vou have a hriel  to prepiin
I'uat   was1 ^^^^^^^^^^^
,.,,,..   .    , abandon the job for the
Men's Silk Lined Gloves       ��
$1.25 the pair
��� ��� I
Men's Silk Lined Gloves       |
$1.75 the pair
I Men's Unlined Gloves, Dent's make %.
$1.25 the pair
Men's Wool Lined Gloves
75c, $1 and $1,25
the pair
Working Men's Gloves
30c, 50c, 75c, up to $2
the pair
for me bring me the brief and  leave
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ your  bend   at   home  on   the   table."-
night,  aftei   making    he   boom  ��� ������    -������-   Boston Herald,
cui ������ as ;. isslble     Yesterdaj  forenoon !
the Brunette ami the Iris went to thej
School Examiner���What is the moi
resi "" :" ' 1;i '' ; '* '������''���- the   Please, sir. It's when the doct ,,- -..*
���- ' ���" boom    he I   -    ol   the wrong stuff to the people who :.
to its destinati in, a   I ie   -"ra-   Blck.���Christian Register.
ser River mills. _   ��� 	
A  cruel story   runs on   w
eels,  a_
3 the extract oE pure hog   erery hand oils the wheels as they n
as it ia whi'e.    Try ^	
ten & Co.
To the Electors oi the City ot
New Westminster:
267C��lumU St. We*Uin4*
____.>_ ___-��xi��li-
i        th a  most pr noun.ed
���    v all e I iui i Joe Qu ly's
an I    asked   I  r    a
. :  .     The     " ��������� agi    ,. i -
and the pure! hea r s-
. .si :.   ' ,   .   .'. '   use   - :
��� lie pur]. -��� o ' < an ; ing
,   , sick comrade wh ���
I . 6l ,..,, all ,,.,.,;   | ,, ii;. | ,   sideration, acceeded 10 their request
I     ���    ,      .   and   solicit your support on that   oc
��� i ���    .... _.    .    a ,     an 1 stated   hal   casion
found   ' he   Hin lus   '.. m ist,    ind
there were  some     , .horn he
.  afraid to ti
The Wardrobe Clothier
Ralph   Connor
s Latest
"The Doctor
PRICE   $1.25���AT
Booksellers Stationers Newsdealers
Ladles and Gentlemen���Having been
solicited by a large number of electors
; �� run for the position of alderman for
the citv, at the election 10 be held on
the 10th Inst., I have, after due consideration, acceeded to thei
cit your support on
Mj   platform is  a  short   one,
A Arm and impartial enforcement
of the law and by-laws ol the city.
The conservation and utilization of
the franchises of the city for the general benefit.   Equal justice to the resi-
 ���deals of all sev ions .>:' 'he city in the
������ ���','   general expenditure.    As liberal an ex-
.   .,...,   .,   ,eing  penditure for educational  purposes as
,   ,"-,    a nissW  ya   i.   thefinan  will allow.   When a large
'������    ;>���'      *.'. , .    ,   aow   al-  expenditure  for additional  school ac
' ' f1"        etelhas a per-    ommodation  is  necessary,   the  con-
' ;        .-..   '    '    ,hasa   venience   and   aecessities   of all  sec-
: '        ^    tions oft, i.   ''iieciiii-Mere    an
reC,    mg aud has a 24-foot   impartial   .ustice    to   all   I	
rver  ministered.
'   iea   i *    '   '��� - '���   ���"'' :
Growing Appreciation
= Sugar Cured =
.��� in
ba li's
:, ,'     : ir
ia; ���   at    li"' 'hen-
' ,,    ers    ���
pcsslbl ;   '
I ,,  ���    will
In �� S ���
.... ��� :    .  aki
. '   ild
,  ;.     a . .,    i,  ying
,     n I the man
.       :::      :.-'
To the Electors of the City of
New Westminster, B.C.;
������������������������������ '  " "*" 7
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealer* in All Kinds of
I Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,    Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     I urned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Urge Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lun^cr Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
'elenl.......   . r. m  W-.Btmin;
[oi   injur'a
,,.,' g  thrn
,    ilil
Ladies an.l Gentlemen,���Having consented lo allow  myself io be nominated a candidate for Alderman in tha
coming election, 1 respectfully beg to
solicit  your  votes and  support, promising thai i; " .a ted I shall to the best
of my abilit.   work   for  the best   Interests of the city.
1 shall do my utmost to see that all
commonlj   ciasses 0f citizens,  no   matter   what
The arteries   of  the vvrisl   the,_ 0CCUpaUon  ,���.  iu what   part  ,,,-
'"'    '��� v'-' ���    " :i'' ":   the City they mav reside, shall receive
'"'"��� t.���:���.,,o,u   as regards street   and
....sliwood-J ,
��� ���    Mar        lospkal   :,
, . ,     i  i' ,( ei. ������
received i   i    ull
gh hi-    .- ��� uh ���',-������   :   '',
yesti . daj af ei ao n :'��� . I he first i tic
slni he ' aitere i I lie in sti ul ion. tie
sustaine I a E ir more severe and dan-
ou i  aci. '"iii   than  \va>
suppose 1,
the  main
Breakfast Bacon and Hams
When  you  can  get  fitted  with
Absoluteiy Damp-proof Boots at
lipoid Country Boot-store 1
The Dick Boot for Men, from	
The Dick Boot for Boys, at	
The Dick Boot for Youths	
and medium wear
fair  treat ment
���,', '" :'���'    !'-   lf an sidewalk and other improvements
,   ....   ,,.���(,., Wali -        r tl ��� a ic  ir I >  tlu, matter of dealing with any of oui
��� the   ,,   i :���i aftei   the  ��l.anchise3 or water  frontage, 1 shall
" ::'' .,.   Jones   had     ���  sii   and ,Mta, lhat every citizen shall have an
;       ,..'  thumb  on   the  severed   ���"'' opportunity of expressing his or her
1"1:1 .''.������    ,,,;���,,  himSelf from bleed- i.^ wlth reference to them    With
"'  '        ",     utl ,,, hhe is no* on  respect t0 our bylaws, l shall use my
'," ',������ has   not  yel  been  re-ibest endeavors to have them enforce
."    : , ,   , the hospital, and the fin- in an impartial and just way.
ic  ��� lljm.oa hand are complete-     Tlu,  matter  of  educational accom-
The doctors hold  out modation shall also receive my^ atten-
thai   I
$4 up
These are very suitable for tint
almost indestructible. ^^^^^^_^^_^^_
For heavy wear we specially recommend the Glencalrn Brand; they
are peerless for long  wearing.     Waterproof  qualities   for  men   from
$3.50, $4.00 and up.   Youths' $2.00.    Bovs' $2.75.
    ONLY   AT   	
COLUMBIA ST. J. Stewart, Prop.
horte 12.
New Westminster
,iml .������, i shall assist In every rea
son,'le way any effort tor improve
ment,   consistent   with our   flnanc
i arr,  strictly opposed to malting
personal   canvass   tor   oupport,   and   |
therefore take thi    method of placing
with reference to these
^C'er'the Ministerial aSSO-1 ^ tt'ers_ tefove the electorate.
ruture Sunday evening'
NvlH  ... mtuallj regain
���,, ���,���0f thefln ���       I      �� ���'��� ':  be
.;;'���v in :.'     efore thej are of .ery
much     e   " :li'''
������,,,-.ian was  made   il   yeatwsi        position
-,;...    ,   ,,-i  ,'    IISSO- I .     ,  ..������:
Plumbing and Contractin;
:    ������'
.i e
P. O. Box 248
Telephone 302
nrMM.��K". HtfW'WVW "
B0 ������������������ I*"   THE DAILY NEWS
'   'i
a a,  -
A Pllm.*  Craft.
WbUe tt la rarely employed by Bnt*-
ptans as a method of travel, even in
emergencies, the catamaran of the
Madras fi.liwmcn of India Is by aii
odds tbe moat extraordinary of water
vehicles. It consists .Imply of three
logs lashed together and flu. h with the
surface of tbe water. On these a fisherman (sometime- two or more fisher-
mem .lands and with a single oar pao-
dles himself far out to sea. A Madras
fisherman will venture out when boatmen will not launch their craft, am)
even in weather when t>oats cannot lit
launched be will go through the surf
and out to ships with letters, for the
delivery of which he gets a few pence
In order to catch their ships a few belated travelers have been known to
trust themselves on catamarans. Tbey
are united in tbe statement that the
ride on Uie logs was the most nerve
trying experience they bad undergone
In a land that holds a new thrill for the
Stranger nt every turn. The sea and
un occasional ducking have no terrors
for these natives, not even the extremely young, mid lu reality the catamaran is not entirely to be scorned, for
It is. lifter all. nonslnkable.
Witter   I'I|m--   und   l-'reccl nt..
Housekeepers as a rule do not understand why il is th hot water pipe
ls tbe lirst to freeze in very cold weather. Tbey think that it ought io be tin
other way around that hot watei
ought to withstand ibe low tempera
ture longer than cold water will. That
does seen; reasonable, but a little investigation phOWS us ihat it is 11,,1. flol
water freezes more quickly ihan cei'
wnter for several reasons. In the firsi
place, the boiling ol' water expels ill.
air from it. nud water will not free/.e
until it has parted with its air. In lhi
seeond [dace, there is always a sli.!,:
agitation on the surface of hot water,
and this promotes congelation by :.s
slsting the crystals to change their po
Sitlon until tbey assume tbat most fa
vorable to solidification. Then tlie
particles in hot water divide into smaller globules by reason of the heat, and
less resistance is therefore offered to
the cold than in cold water.
Trains Daily-
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced   Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland. Ore. A. G.     A
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday, carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
For information apply to
1. H. ROGERS, Traffic Managei,
Vancouver. B. C.
Health-nlnea*  of  Hone..
"Honey, one of the most nutritious
aud delicate of foods, should be eaten
more than it Is." said a cooking expert.
"Bought ln the comb, It Is Ixiund to be
unadulterated, and this pure honey
will keep Its friends free from sore
throat and bronchial troubles. I bave
uot had a sore throat since six years
ago I took to eatiug honey. My doctor tells me he often recommends lum
ey, with excellent results, for diseases
of the throat. Honey Is excellent to
use instead of sugar for sweetening
cakes. It gives the cakes a most delightful flavor, lt ls also excellent lu
place of butter on hot biscuit, ou t ast
nud ou buckwheat cakes. 1 know il
number of women who use honey us n
cosmetic. They apply it to the skill,
rub it in well, then wash it 00! w.;!i
hot water. The result is a finer textured complexion, a glowing color, i
young, fresh look."
In* tlm-llvf   Plot,    of   the   IrUli   Gael.
As Dr. Douglas Hyde pointed out.
"the Irish Gael Is pious by nature
There Is not an Irishman in a hundred
ln whom Is the making of au unbeliever. *"od is for bim assured, true
Intelligible. When lie meets a neighbor
Instead of saying -Hon jour' or 'Goo
morning' be says 'God salute you.'
Indeed, all the ordinary invocation-
and salutations of the Irish lauguagt
are governed by this religions feeling.
"When be lakes snuff from y iu lit
will say. -Tbe blessing of Hod be with
the souls of your dead.' If a sudden
wonderment surprises him be will cry
'A thousand laudations to God,' and i.
be be shown a young child or anythiny
else for the first time he will sai
'Prosperity from God on it'"���Landoi
"The Milwaukee"
'The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South "West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, They
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent.
134 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
An   Inch   or  So   Ilelmv.
"it's funny." began the long winded
bore, "but nobody ever seems glad tc
see me."
"Well, and have you never found oul
the cause of your unpopularity?"
"No, I can't discover it."
"That's strange, because it's right
under your very nose." -Philadelphia
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal
and $-.'0 for anthracite. Not more
than ,.20 acres can be acquired by one
individual or company. Royalty at
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies "holding free miner.-' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A free miner's certincate is granted
for one or more years, net exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of S7.50
! per annum for an individual, and from
$50 to $100 per annum for a company,
I according to capital.
A free miner, navin_> di.covered
mineral in place, may locate a cla;m
J1500M500 feet by marking out tlie
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shal! be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten mi'.es
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $_.
At least iioo must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
fj-oo has been expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
*.'*-- * 1        -  '. '_i_t-_i  .    v _.-_",Vi. __,_
I   ���"'* ���-������ ��� --EwWE^E^s
_.W  _ _&_���_��->       -     '��--���#���   >���,<?--   'al
(Plain Tips)
Turkish Cigarettes
1 5c rier box.
requirements,   purchase   the   land   at |
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of 2l/2 per cent, of the sales
of the products of  the location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
the N. W. T.. excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally are 100 feet square, entry fe��
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base of the hill or bank, not
exceeding iooo feet. Where steam
power is used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of the   Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Vukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hiil
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek 01
gulch, the width being from iooo fo
2000 feet. All other placer claims
-���hall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each addi
tional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking y
claim must hold a free miner's certificate
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of iooo feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall bf
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
output after it exceeds $in.ooo.
Dredging in the YukAn Territory-
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for 1 term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in tlie river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
ist day of August in thr year of the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yuk in Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall rer. ive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claim- by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
ibandoned and another obtained on
the same , reek, gulch or river, by
giving notice ar.d paying a fee.
\\ ork must be d ine 1 n a claim
cavil year to the valui  ol   it least .-'00.
A   certificate   that   work   has   been
I   ndoned,  anad  "p'-n  to  occupation
and entry liy a free miner.
'I he boundaries of a claim may be
il, lined absolutely by having a survey
madi ami publishing notice; in the
Yukon   Official  Gazette.
Petroleum All unappropiated i)o
minion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such period as he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
times thc breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to tlie prospector at the rate of
Ji an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will lie sold at the rate of $.. an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the In
Dt_ I    !r.ter:or.
Win $300 in Gold
Reichenbach  Corny
Prize Contest
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
at 9 P. M
Two Prizes $25 in Gold
Five Prizes $10 in Gold
Forty Prizes $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing" the amount of their purchase. Our
weekly and monthly customers will also be given
coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of
When you get $1 worth of checks present tbem
at our office and get a coupon. One is given to the
customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.
The first number drawn wins the first prize; the
second drawn wins the second prize; and so on
through the list.   Coupons are numbered in duplicate,
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons
must present them on or before January 10th, 1907,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers   SSftKftJSSS Wl
v DEC  4   1<"16-
: .   ���.    s EW?
ilas.   land, aboul   31   acn    improvet
standard varieties of fruil    Peach, Appli   Pei    ������
|                   . ,,   dwelling houa< an.    ..  buildings   eentn
,ri   telephone, post offici   school   church   i
.         ransportation facil
.... ,  5,5,200.   quarter cash,  ball 	
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
MESSRS.  HARDMAN   &   BRYSON   having
jnott dissolved partnership,  thc business will be
{carried on as heretofore by BRYSOS <��   SONS
viware, Ranges, Stoves,  Tinware,
Iraniteware and Enamel  Goods -
iRYSON & SONS, Columbia st.
iowan's Perfection Cocoa
(Maple Leaf Label)
Milk Chocolate
Croquettes. Wafers, Medallion*, Etc.
Iowan's Cake Icings
W. R. Gilley,   Hnone l-SMJ.
De 1 era in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
'     , agents ti. U. fotter) Co   _ewer ,.."
'��������������� U agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
pice, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot  j
'Phone MS
toadian Bank of Commerce
PCapital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
_   .-y  Mmager ALEX. '������  -    Gen'l Manage
. : ixkini
- ���
Farmers  for    their   - 1' '
-.-.   ection.
. _   Notes
Depc   - -
-TER BRANCH- K. R DAI M   Vtanager
���_   riDAY   BVEXK   13. 8 TO 9 O'CLOCK
Timber No:.ces   ���BER NOTICES
...        '.,���.        a     ,i   ,
appl    (1    '������
,    ,,,a      ���.���.
...    .   .
fo   ���  '    '1      ���'���
���:.     01
,.     .
1 ���
:    ,  .
.a.      a
': ���
���    '  ���      .
���' >" '"a   a   '"
,   a... p|a|    -a,        (Jl        , li.
Berth bai Kildali    ' ���������    abou
���.  '.- ..,,     1,.    mouth    ���"'
,., ..ia, ,.    ,.,. ��� 1,   [go
as   we - ba ���      south      '''
'   ���������".' ���������
"  ������' a ' ���   .     ������ ,a.. ���(       ..
on '��� ���"-  ',. po 11   ma '1 ���-
��� ' ���       ��� ml d   the
""   h bai    0     11   K '������������ a    ve    aboul
,,   ,. .,,    !���    ,,, .   ;     , ,., ,,,
north     li ehi  1 ���
,,      .    'a-     , ���     .���
��� . ���        i) oh all      rest to
��� ,. , ���      .,.,,,,  ,,.
��� ..    .a,,.      iianre    01
��� .   ,. ...
es  up the rivi
a.     160
���   *-��.��-���..,   Mn*.-iii   f n_ tra ni**.!.
T_K      "      '        ���    I, ���-���        ��� ��� �����-    eoO-
"'-"���"-',   ���   ������   ���   tin record goes  	
I   '���   provost of
Burl I     ��� Ba ���"    Bwltzerl 1    In
' 1   long wli"    '"��� ���   '"���
M    ""   Ve Itai '���  i-ii--""a   i-..,--
-1 Iia 11  ��� ��� malty
'"���""     Ity 1     ��� ���������    01   th md
thi      ���"���'    ",  :    bu  ��� serpent
|l|rvA<;       -���.:,,     1 ... . 1 ... . ,
W    ""��� "" '      "'" ���������     ���"" ������
men   i ���������   1 _    -   ���   in 1 mg "i   on
���hm  account,     "      ���"  tei   In  an
,,��� .. |0 instead of in n harp factory rt
wai mosl simple In construction, eon
minting of fift(v>ii tvlre. u.mtiK tlgli'1)-
betwfven two p"1'*" Ttve��> wlr��*< w��re
.,1 differenl Blzes, thc largest tvioij oiw
" 1rl  of -ii. Inch In diameter nni the
malles   < ��������� th of an Itn-h    TTwy
wop- sTetehod nurfli ���mo' south snd In
(���lined In such n mur""" in to '<vm sn
nngU' of from twenty tr, thlrtj dntfrees
-���1 ,1,. horizon   This queer Instrument
wai nt "'   ���"   at   exaggerated
to;     ���'       .,.   constructed foi   the ex-
of foretelling changes lo
tYir weather  whlcl  were calculated by
Profei ��� ��� .... ...-.1 ,,.  t,  .1..  ,1 ���
'erei '   ���"'" ��� ���  ������ whci
ai   -   ,,.     1. .   Ug|
:   ���
. , ......    io
,      .  ��� '��� , '. tO
'. oint   of com
\ ; a t a post plant
��� :  ... e from ihe 1 ea,_ of
KIMala .\ ��� .        inning
as fn     ���> ���    !    ���    lins soutl    Ifl 1
��est. 41! ������ . ���
10 chains   wes     If)
\,i  11    1  ��� elng at a
, a
,,     iln  Ani       1  the 11
ia . hal
10  cha        -    ';'    120
10   chain       ���   ���'
, ��� , ���     .,      to pti 11 e  ' hen  1  in i
if 1 immencemenl
-. ,   1     .  minveni lng al  iposl   lan
i   .   ,        e mil      a from the m mi h
,,��� the Dala Hiv     ������    east li��ul    1 ;"
in  chain    ��� ���       10
1 ,      , ,      10 chains
:.,..'    1     huh    ��� .      '        "     "    Hi
,. to rive    Ihen aim
��� ��� , mim ��� '.
S'n  tost pi inlel
nonth of Dal 1 1   .'     ('   1st IM.
, ,  ���    on   n-i       luin! nn 1       1 ;   '":
lows     l'l       ill      '     '      ������'������������     nil     1
 ���   10 rhnlii     imlli    no
,,    ,        in rivi ilon    river If
nf  1   mill - 11      ������   "'
���   1   :      -  min , 1.1 -,1    i-1 p'an
, .   ,        ,    ��� .   ���     .' '
nit twelve I h of KI
in       1     ,'illnai
Sl'. N ���    erl  on ihe
.. .   . Kil<l aia a       ahoi
       he rivi
chains  south,
,,......    SO cha    - ���   ���' ���
��� "    .     1  ���  line
������ ���   ���        	
S.O acn
1 .     nencins    ���     ��� irked
\\    m  5 S.W. Corn' inted on thi
.....      ,.     ....
chains   east.i    ���       mi the  mouth,
lng a. . ���   I   chains east, 40
chain s no   '    I -    .0 chain
���..,,.   followln
ill imi in emi nl   con
1 lining 610 a ���    ������ 01 leas
\   g   .      :
per   V   -a     \  .ni ,"     ^:
Purchase Notice
la ;    gii en th il 60 da; 9
��� ��� . , date ' in en 1 appl; ;,i^ to the
Chief Commissi mer of Lands and
w,,  . ,,.      m    . 1 i" chase the
illowlng I '��� Ihed land '"" ited al
the mouth of the Kildala rivei Ci isi
dlstricl    C '",1..���.,,, lng   tl a posi mark-,
bi] \\    M.'s N   E    1   pi inted  on.
the   so ith   :'""''"   "!  the   '��� ''��� lala   rivei
a-  the moul ii   1 tinning   is follows:  40 1
, hain        ml        10   chains   wesl     10
, hains noi th : - the sh ire line, thence ,
follow lng   ihore ::'" I 1 place of com
,,,,.,,.,,,,,, ,,.   , mtalnlng "; ���!������'es moie
111       ]P2S
\.,.q     (   1906
I_ocator, W   MOODY,
Pei  ru vi.   \ \-;n \i    Agen
11. 1    !.    1906
\��.   \titi   ri��>n��ir.
��� ��� i'ii     ' hen ���������    ���
woi lerfull ���            1 ...... ..
laid  tl 11I1    er  corrccti;
any to 1  ���������     '',; ������ ���
���" ������        ��� ��� I	
cl  ���    ���"       ��� ���        ;e.   Tl
,,,��� .         ...
tn nd thai
Ol .������������������' ���.
     ������������ owi 1
���- ���������   ier 1 -   ��� ....
... ���. .
.       .      .-,..������ .. ���.     .,.,..
  "���' ". ������
liis hand nnd let  the bird  fl;      If tl
.,. ������ ..   ������ .. ���.      \   ������..
������  ��� ���
to den
Bu I   '       ������ .     ���
equal I  d, "It i<
= ��� ��� ���   1  	
1    ������  ��� or ii"i
grasp thi  fail li rd ,,f life    Whieh i.s it
to be'    v  'ji or n bane?   it is "rii
you pi	
\v.  have maie arrangements
with thi x ������" Westminster Gas
' ���    '. i>" to handle their
, ,,,,-, exclusively. At 1 resent
the demand is inve-"l. in excess
��� ' - pply, hut orders will be
filled ii' rotation as quickly aa
possible Don't wait until yo 1
nre out, I"'1 ordei ahead tc
av,,i.i disappointment.
Too   M-irh   .'-_. M-tM.
r"r>���   (el    I man; 11 en hav<;
tin-   COI       'tioi     ' H -      mint   Keep
nirri'""  '���  I  "���   time   Tbey
call -every   momenl   wasted   which   Is
nol   ��pe ���  Itj   of    1'
��� ���    ���-'���    ' ���������, or mental.    Such nn'ti
art- ' "   tin  ' nli  ���
t!i,"'i      You cannot live well
���������     keep happy under n constant and
tyrannical x"nsi- of effort.   There mu
b    pis ���   times to let  op tl
.et!_!ini   and   t"   do  "Uji)"   and   natunil
things which don't require "ons-'len^
 sad attention.   Horace Buahnell,
the great Connecticut minister, recog
nixed 'M's when he snld. "Let's co ^i*1
s-n-tiile.-- Sinning hni the advantage
of b'-liig i-isy, mul tlieri- nre times
when thi eas (hlng is the rlgli' thing
1 man who takes no time off for one
kind of plnj or another, but who keeps
rh" anxious, conscientious look on IiIh
face day ! lit   1 ut may be on the
rond  to  I '  ho will  find  thai
th��' sa    ���    ���      ������    ���'��� tlon    Dr
Luther H. Oolfc.  in flood Houaekeep
A   Kr-TT    f orr. rtl,in ��
\ tow ihi'ius picked up '  child's
...a ...a, ,.,1,    \,v,'i- gay     1   ' n'i  think
       "'' I d"
b nl    ��� nol rain."   "All ���    ���   tl
,, 'li    ,     ��� ���     ���,    -   the world "
��� Thi   ���������" 101    -hij    Is not onl.    I
I "��� -'      mnd ns well a     Tl e ren
.,,.   tin ���       li   thi   Kini   lames version
'.,   quoted liy sitne authorl
-   ns 1  f pun   E ngllsh, one
'   I   ring   which oci u -
���  ���        'II     Tl ������  the angel of
  enl  forth and smote in the
      \   ���    ' hnndred nnd
��� co nd lr. ���  thousand, and when
they  arose earl    In   " a   1 ng   be
hold thej  were an dead  p les "    In
other words, r. ������ cr      ;arly in
the   morning   a nd    foni 1 !
dead     1'"' ���     ���-.     v  man fell off the
v    all into a dark.
bill '���> say iiiiii In' fell off a docl
  ,:   ���  ���      ;\ he fell off :\ holiv
The   Cren.cd  Rm
I'he crested ra1 of Rasi v. fr -a Is remarkable, firs, becausi of the grrent
length o�� the black :md white hairs
down ihe ridge of the back, whi'-h nre
rendered the 1 e conspicuous becVuwe
the hairs along the sides of th" hody
are so bort and so dlfferentlj colored,
being brownish graj nnd looking for
all th" world ns If some one lind taken
n pair of scissors nnd maliciously shorn
off the decorative hnir. leaving only a
dull underfur. Secondly, it i.s remark
n1.1��' because the skull hns n rooting of
bones exactly resembling thnt of some
tnril"s. while, furthermore, 'his roof
11s -i granulated appearance recalling
that presented by ihe skulls of certain
tlslies     In lts habits it appears t > be
���> I wh li  from the 9        of its
tcetl    il   "   uld  appear 11  I ������  at  least
partly Insectivorous'.
H. A. Belyea
An   Old   Proverb.
Iii" proverb, "Necessity is the mother
of Invention," can hardly be traced to
oil" Independent somi" Tlie Idea was
expressed byPersluS, the Roman satirist
about (50 A, D, and is found in the pr^
else form now quoted ln Richard
Fratick's "Northern Memoirs" (printed
In London In 1694) nnd In various later
English writers.
Telephone   150
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Mother (entering parlor suddenly
Mr Snowball kissing yon? I nm sur
prised. Daughter So am I. mother
H" hns been cDttil-tg to see me Uve
yni's nml he net er got up enon rh courage to do it before
.   in
25 cents
^^A BOX-=
Second Hand Goods of
all hinds bought and
sold fnr cash. All Mail
Orders promptly offended fo.     Kindly write or
.lory  V.'��.   1 .tii. Hrnc..i_:.
"Flatman, I bear you were arrc   -l
tiv other day for Insulting nod browbeating 11 janitor.   How did yon ,
"1   was tried for It a; I n. ruitt. I'
��� nn  the ground that II   nts justm
"No; il"' Jury couldn't be made to
L illere such a thing wns pos sible" -
' hi "" 1 Ti;' ���
II at
Slqn  Man on Wheel.
Col imbla St New Wes��m!'ister.
Phone 275
I   111! till  llll".
Actor   1      In j     11 three    :   lhe
parts      1 hi ; I to me in Mils
���������', 1         ���" '     Ac
tor Be n<o ;a l'n- flrsl n ������ two nr
them engage In n flght, and the third
rushes in -ir,d separate i th
Fine feelings with ml ��� ;or or reason
nre in the situation of tii" extreme
feather of a peacock's tall, dragging in
the mnd    Foster.
'      ��� 1 thn
'ank  of Montreal
EST VH   , -    RD 1.1'.
��� orated ������>'   . ;'
5! 1,000,000
I      io 000
���:  - rathcona an l  Moun ��� w>
  Hon,-,-i-   President
'n >-   Drummond,   P*M     '
"     '���       , Vice President   and   General   Manager
ni i,
laineas transacted.
' '     i"  irlndpal eittea in Canada, in London       ���    ' 'K'
fohn'g NDd., and correspt-ndenta   1  *���     ' *''  '���''    '"'
I ����� Wl'ii   STORE
Tht Fraser River Tannery
,.      ,    '7 7       \J      I,   f AVs* THE HIGHEST
V,:-. -:':������: :e  \m ^0rKS pwc^tor   hides.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
f-S'*'?* S��f��?����,-?��.?��?��y��?,��*J*5*?,3*?"��J'fS8?'?'S'>S��5i?i;;>
J   "      ��������������������������������� ll *
The Label
That Protects
What do you look for
V '" 'v I N GS   BAN K    OE A U X M f Nl r
5TSR  3RANCH f_. D. BRYMNCRi \#*>t\t.
V :
....       ,1 . ��   ANI      a.M.iXK,
.,,. iii.iiii.t_ nnd
���    . ,  . [RON    WOKK.
���in   Wont,   ineiviiltng
,i   Flre I. scapes, etc.
n^ers snd: correspondence In    RaggHgi.  delivered    prornpuy to  u.y
part or the city.
8BGBIH! irfiuW'
���v. siniiiister.
Light and Heavy Hauling
f. O. 474.     irtloe  I'hone lsf)-       ^arl"   "one 137
Tnis   label guarantees   them   all.
And you find it in fi7
"Progress Brand" Clothing
j -
' i
New Dinner Ware,    New Toilet Sets.        Our New
Stock Pattern has arrived;  it's a
beauty.   Call and see it
Matter in: .nded  fo. this colum.. _boal- ���- _<J-
c       SocJ��!  Editor   Dailj   Sewi   I   "
B- x W_    Sen \V.--.::-.���._-:��� -
XMAS,  1906
Cards, Calendars, Toys,
Dolls, Fancy Goods,
Crockery & Glassware,
Fine Stationery, Etc.
A  well-filled  house enjoyed a v<
good  presentation  of -Mont*  Crlsto
ai the opera house last nlghl
Mr. R. Townley is down from '���������
Okanagan for a short visit, and was in
town yesterday.
F.  C.  Griffin,  formerly G.N.R.  station agent here, will leave to-day foi
.  Sklhomlsh, Wash., where he will enter
ssw   upon his duties as agent tor the tame
������   railway con;;,any at that point.    Mrs.
Griffin and tamily accompanied him.
Mr. and Mrs. David Ro: - :.. who
have been residing in California for
the past twelve months, returned to
the city on last night's Seattle train,
and will take up their residence on
Third avenue, where Mr. Robson has
purchased the Parke residence. Ml
ani Mrs Robson intend to resile here
permanently, and wi I be rem ��������� :.- i
acq laintani i -  rei j shortlj
A. \V.  Lane, i :  Mission, was a visit! r in the city yestei lay.
A. Ray mond, of Green* ��������� i -  i
.isil  . In ' he ell \ yestei laj.
Sa roe nt's Gem
Food Chopper is
an economical
addition to any
kitchen. It saves
time and lessens
labor, and thus
economizes the
housekeeper's time
and strength.
With it many
attractive and
dishes c.-.n be
rr..-dc from what might I e wasted
if .1 were not for the < 'em.
It chops food of all kinds���
meats, vegetables, fruits, bread.
crackers, etc. It does not mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, 1 ut chops
the food, as you want it���tine, coarse
or medium.' Easy to operate, self-
sharpening. No kitchen complete
without it
New Lace Rob{
For Evening Wearl
During the past week we have re ��� t
lines of goods for evening wear, but nol t''J
some than these new Lace Robes whir;. ..' !'.;A
first time this week. |
When made up over a suitable col | v*n  I
brings out the beauty of the sequins a ,jlj
these semi-ready robes will be found thi 'veltvJ
season.        They come in White Oriental I i>'f,J
and   Black   Sequin  Net sufficient for " a^V] J
Prices $8.75, $10.50 aad $]
Fancy Trimmings
Many new widths and designs in '.     ted f
R. C. Plirdy The Confectioner
Is now manufacturing on his premises,
Columbia Street, a full line of
Toffee and Caramels
I carry a full line of G. B. and Lowney's Chocolates.
Capitalists   Have   Matter   Under  Consideration,   and   Look   Around
for a   Site.
Special Xmas Offer !
$20.00  Suits  fo:'     . . $18X0
$22.00  S ..--   for   $20.CO
$25.00 Suit, for    $22.00
$8.00 Pants for  $5.00
All Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
}'. n. Box 644
139 Columbia St.        New Westminster
New Christmas Neckwear
-<> 4oc perl
We are showing the new Xmas Xeckwearl
Lace Collars and Fichus, Ties ("new Plaids and!
Colors), Lace Ties and Fancy Coll f evenl
cription. Make an early selection :'. m the cm
showing of Neckwear we have evi r     vm. "
The Choicest of Meats Cooked in
tne Most Delicious Manner Can
Be  Obtained   at    All    Hours    at
Kenny s    Restaurant   and   Cafe
Late Suppers After the Tkeatre a
Specialty.       Oysters    and    Game
in  Season. -
Two Vancouver men with i'i.-'
irsi - were in the city yesterdaj looking over the territory with a view to
finding out whether it would pay to
build and operate a roller skating rink
in this city. They looked over Beveral lots, and asked a lot of question
as to the city's population and the
character of ihe citizens, and went
back to Vancouver for a day in order
to deliberate carefully on the matter.
They are prepared, if they can be assured that the venture will be a wise
one, io erect a large ami up-to-date
hall, furnished in proper style for the
accommodation of their prospective
patrons. They stated that the skates
alone would cost in the neighborhood
of $500. The roller rink has caught
on in Vancouver, and is consider! I to
be one of the most healthy am isi
ments young people can engage in.
There ar��' doubtless a numbi r i :
young people, and old people, too, foi
that matter, who would enjoy putting
in a few hours each week whirling i i
the light fantastic skate.
Large   New   Drying   Kiln   and   Engine
Rccm  ,n Course cf Construction.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny, j
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures !
j The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
.... CALL ON....
f. A. Muir & Co.
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster.   - ��� - B. C
Tend* rs   for   building   will   be re-
��� eive I up to Dec. 8, al  l p.m.    Plans
n l specifications al my office, Trapp
Bloi k,    i.'.wsi or any tender noi  ne-
ci - airily accepted.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Fllard Block.   New Westminster, B.C. j
Canadians Lead.
Chicago,  Dec.   3.���Students   of   the
rio Agricultural college a- Guelph
ere  a warded   the  first   prize  in the
i, Iging conti si  for all animals com
lm I, ai ' he ii:'.'" nal li Dal  live   stock
in the rep irt n i stei da
Pi   ���'.   .1.   !���'.   Shi  , North   D
I ��� ' i Agrlcultui : , ,. ege, the ��� uper-
.. lenl ol hi idging. In the con-
t si ',,!��� hoi ��� . '-in. : ii the Mc-
'. ui hlan Bros ' pi l.e, ( Intari i ��a i
foui h, For individual ��� eilence, A.
Hammi r, of Ontario, ranke I ., t; J
���' i. Olsen, of Kansas Citj. secon I, an i
���'. C. Nixon, of Ontai lo, thir !.
Death of Warden Armstrong.
The Midden death of \V. (I. Armstrong, warden at the provincial jail,
came as a painful surprise to his i rmj
of frien Is yester lay mi rning. The di
ceased had been apparently in his
usual health, and wa.s out visiting
when he was seized with a pain in the
chest.    He  went  home and  Dr.  Wal-
! ker sent for, bul in spin- of all mi ileal aid could do, Mr. Armstrong
breathed his last a few hours after hi_
seizure. He was ., native of Mill-
brook, Orr.. and had been a resident
of New Westminster and vicinlt. for
the pasl  25 war.-, and was in the em-
i ploy of the provincial government f<
the gri ater part of that time. He ha I
been jail warden for the past nin ���
years, lie leaves a brothi i an i wi
slsti rs io mourn bis death. Two
uncles, i wo nephew s and a i oi sin also
survive him.
Extensive Improvements and addi-
ditions are 11 ing mi le In an ! around
the Royal c.'. mill yards. The pile
: indation for the addition to the ��� :.
gine room has ' een completed, and
the large rotary fan has been placed
in position. The three large boilers
which are to prov::- tbe necessary
steam are at the present time in the
han is of the machinists, and will be
ready s : installation a- soon a. tbe
building is in rea Iim -- to receive
them. In the yards W. A. Gilley's
��� driver is ai the present time hammering in the piles for a large new
lunitu : drj Ing kiln, at a poinl adja-
' cent to thi ��� trueture. The new
building will almost double tbe present drying capacity. All tbrough the
j ai I- thi ��� Id planks are being torn
ip i nd replaci 1 b) new ones, and In
a shoi ��� time the enl Ire j ai d wt.i be
newly and ��� vi nly planked. Adjoining ��� hi ��� ogli di 5 ing kiln, foundations have been laid for a new drying
kiln, and it is reported thai a new
, laning mill will also figure In the additions to the company', equipment
before the woi,. i- complete.
11  ii in,!!    X.   I!.   Ga vici i   Victoria ;
D.  E   ' arm in,  Vancouver;   M. V.  B .
��� h man, 'i '/.aro,  .1   .:.   . i, Kay, .:..! -
��� ���' ��� I, Vanco iver;   P. Arthur, Seati ���
H   ���!.  Ro ii    m ". F.  ii.  Wooton, Van
ouver;   A.   C.   McKenzie,   Vancouver,
an l five membei n of i be   Aionte I'.
' i" I iramai Ic Co.
Windsor ��� Jaco Si hm It, Vain ou-
vei ; S Graham, VV. Wall er, Bellingham ; A. Tisdale, Bai ni I; A, Miller,
Vancouvei :  Charles L. Davis, Sea tie,
', ��� five members of the ' Monte Crlsto" Dramatic Co.
Dog Poisoner Busy.
A cur with only two legs has started
. poisoning campaign against curs
'��� ith foui leg in an I around the Cen-
'.- .I Park district. During the pasl
:��� vi .eel - si .en oi ��� Ighl dogs of more
��� r less value havi  turm 1 up their I n -
the daisii s. i:. the manner In
which the p ilsone I logs I ehave, ll is
believed thai ti rcbi ini Is :��� Ing used
"'' the purposi    In   mall doses.   The
��� esidents ol tin   disti Ict all have   heir
' ���'���. and eai    ��; Ic      ��� n, and II thi )
cl   ihe vandal, 1     . y\ feel incline i
��� ��� ii  ' hal  the    ea  -  ha I i iten him
when   he  w       littli       I b    d<  - '  101
.,,,,���!    ij) ovei     hi
alter, and althoui     Ihe do;    ... stroy-
��� ���    ��� of I ..���:_���.    vai,laid".
were   children      iets,
an I  the ownei ���  dei ply    egrel
��� ������'
on improved farm lands at moderate rates of interest and special
terms of re-payment. Likewise,
we will assist you to build, by
advancing the necessary funds,
re-payable   on   very   easy   terms.
F. J. HART & CO., ^d.
Chamberlain'6 Health.
Lon lon, Dec. ::.- in view of the re
cent sensatl ma rumors regarding the
condition of the health of Joseph
Chamberlain, a bulletin was Issued
from his residence ibis morning Btat-
ili:' al Mr. Chamberlain maintain
: ��� Lead ��� Improvement, thai he'is able
10 lal " daily walks and drives, and
that hi- eyes hav so much improved
thai li" Is now allowed to read,
Selling Out $20,000 Mj
Every article or piece of furniture in our estal ent at
actual cost without reserve.    First come, first er    I ffi
need the ca. h and you want the goods.   This _ chance
of a lifetime.
C and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extensii n, Front i
Malins, Coulthard & C|
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St.,
New Westminster
I Electric Railway Servic
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every hail-
hour frum 5:50 a. m, to 11 p
rn. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. in. Half hourly nun wlll
run rrom Cent rai Park to
Van. ouver  only.
City   Limits  Line    Service  from
0    1 a     S   111.     tll     11      P   III.
J    20 Minute Service���No transfer.
a      Between 12 and - and i and 7.
| British Columbia E
30 Minute Service iwH\
malnder of day. i |
Leopold _*la
Sunday   Service   ball !
tween S a.i
Sapperton Line.
15   Minute   Ser; ce :
III.   loll':
12   and   2.  ai '      ]
Sunday  Service   halM   :
tween S io
lectric Ry. Co.
Promotion   By   Merit.
London,   1 lee.   3.    I be   best   . . stem
ol   promotion  In thi   army,  which  has
been a much debated question here, ns
in   the   Unite I   State     ap| ears  to   be
solve I in fa. u ol pro Hon by selec
tion. Tic rei on of the commissi! n
appointed I i nvestigate the . ubjeel
was issued to-day. H unreservedly recommends the abolition of automatic
promotion from lieutenant-colonelcies
and thi - ibstltutlon of promotion on
the recommendations of a selection
| Horse Clip'ng Madi
TT7E have a line of light and compactly bull
POWER CLIPPERS of special dura
bilitv, suitable for small and large stables
Our 20th century is cheap and
clippers work easier, clip faster and take
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear long
than any other on the market.    We have tn
great labor saver.     Call and   see them
T. J.  TRAPP & ��


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