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 ..-���   lid  ,.  ,^
M-.tt   WE&l MINS'J ER. B. ' .. MO.n b I "i   MOB
UH hMBhh
:    .- ��'u   v
w mm a m      is soi in nn       QA US�� WG DAMAC��
ie and Howay Make Effective Speeches in Reply to
remier's Usual Self-Laudation.���Attendance Good
.-.Chairman Impatient.
Disturb.   F     rai./   Ranchtn     n    !-.'
He    v   jn_   Later   Otc>rrp��
Meet '���
I. tr     i/d-.-'Co'
// tl
/arioui  foe .
D��_ta_ "������   Scoetj
���    '
"     ���
J      ''���!.')..,'.    O. ��� ���
fir* is _*e. / u'uiiu^t: ���'iuu*. bpre&cu   tc Outuur.  .btuic
Low V�� il  '.'ola    *uou*��tiit_: o;   lsoL<_._M-��w T   h
'J'lti'jt u btuffvc
��.a   ^ j;,-. |   sized   audience kel ol the Northwest whli I Hlng .      ���������:.
iport Moi :.���  town hall on Bat- ihe  pocket*    of    the    fanners     an.',    round Bu ". . - tt
high)   io hear i    Iia issl :. ol through  ihem  the  I i Ini      r..������;..    Bo Lbe morning li
Iffalrs    j  Premiei  McBrii fai   as   Premiei     McBridi i      editl  ng with whi< itini
IL...    Premier's    invitation,   the timber  pollc)   wa.   concern. I   ll   .as o   hunge
candidate   foi   Dewdney,   Bob- purel) and slmpl)  beneflcl     to specu Thel - rt       ed to
:,:  .;..   i.i  ���:,,;   nominee la:..."-.      I !,.- . \ ':,,  taxation  which Mr place at  Mi   Bpr<   ��� ���������
Ity, k    ..    Howay,  wer.   on McBride  had  levied upon  the  whole strange    knock. ...
..    , .,- . - . there, salers  and  large corporations  slmpl) a.n    and       . ���-..
k .....   .   man  d< islj  electi I recoiled on the peopli   as  the  whole- long of the fall ol
|lLi. i eeting  and  was e- -... i   and   largi    corporations   always aristocrat! - ���   ,. ��� ...
i : ti��-   ..-' ' thi   Premiei made the people pay for the additional    he son-)   rem nam     :..  i  .    .���.
��. Jardine.     Th.   1    i   ���    then tax  b)   charging extra  for  the goods emigrated fron, Englan
^^, ������..:. ..-   ..:. the) bi i to buy for theii families    Hi ".any years ago     From    '
ii a :.��� I - Wressed ihe wvtv referred to the government's pre-elec- ket, he product .     -..������-.-..-���
m-j.   .   ������     ".       ���   ..  ���.���   ���    : ��on pledge to push through the coast he claimed   wa-    .    thai   ���
Ind   ���>:        ��� ..:.     .  - -..-. ..- in Kootena) road, and tbey had done no- tbe   old   famll)     late ������     eing
��� :   .   ol  '.-   n mination :<���: thing  whatever  toward keeping iheir given   food,  the   man       .-. ���
.   and   to   ��� ��� a   it  as a promises.     They  had persistently re- 'be night
���_   Jnfl.    When he took charge fused  a   charter to   the  V.  V.  A:  i-S,      He re-appeared -wo day:
-  .���  Victoria in  1903, things which   wns  willing  to unde take  the
lr. . - - : - .: - and the pro work and push it through; thus McBride was protecting the interests of
monopolists, as against the interests
��� ������������..
. . .. ���   ,
in danger of wreck.    B)  a
Idminis.ration  of affairs, order
h    Knight out of chaos. Stable
.���:.'   and    improved    finances
Is  record      He 1-.. 1 taxeJ rail-
Irpo .-":��� :.-.  big   manufactories
).:���    ��� al.   -    ���     : sinds. and ha;
:  th.   ;..-;.-   '     . ';.   ���;.   ;;.. ' il,
lime at the resl len ��� of 1  Maw) i
north of Deer Lake, on the Ha* i -
road.     It   was  in   the earl;
the day  when he r ���  . -���
ol  the people. ";   l"ne house,   and   inquired   ���-.>-:���:
F. \v. Howay, followed Mr. Jardine,' he  could  find food   ar- -   * **'-<*  bc-
and took up the matters the Premier I commodatlon for
���. ���        .
..   ���
���to i     b
���  ���    . ���
���     ..... : ���     . .:
ring the 1
. .  ���   t ��� . ���
���  n ��� ���   ��������� ���  ���
���-..-���      ban wai      ���
_ - |
- _    .    . .       .... .        . tool
' ' ���      I    ��� ���   '          .   ���    ���
-  ��� . hem fail. eon
v  ' I        -.���:,. jeel   u'   tie
I   .
t     b ���
1 ...     ���-
. ���'
w a ...
n.. .-��� ..   . Ul'       111 -
... .,-..
.   1 ��� . ���     . ���
Wi r.n Wlli,.
had dealt with one after lhe other and
pointed o.;t the  weakness oi many of
gives   something
meeting    ta     tot m        ... kei    a     n-
"'-      t    >���_,.���:    .a. :.   man Qoitton'- - Qlafeei  Wataan,
'-���'--   '-'������   ���'���' '���     ���     *'       * :';' .:������-to ...     fcta    nea-   .     -i-
'     **    :      ��� :  "��� '* -    "' fn-   v..:    .;        A    ^,.     woiKBno,    01
furnish*        '" '    '   "''I-s":     t:1,;   :' T;ah "   *     ���������'   ��e3   tc  urea,   il   an     pis
ket, two saws, and Mr.  Mawhinney's
entire shaving outfit with bim. From
his s|ieech and actions, the max is
supposed   to   be  insan*.     H.   is <_e>-
with a blanket, and l    I that he i
the   contentiona  made.     The  assess-   ^ie**i' in ^ Bt^ie-     '- &*  ���'-'���        -
-    -��� bad reaped thi   ment act  which  had been  brougnt 'n; ht iiad  disappeared. UWng  the  blan-
���  ��� - itlons which had
-. - ba I ���:. lorsed the gov-
n - iming   gowmment
Alter   touching u:>on  the
��� -���:��� :.  ::.       -��� lf-congratula-
....-���   the  - ���    ������   turned  ht?
:.        . _ matters. He
( :.-   to   the   gOVI   :.:: ��� t.'   tbat
een s    - ���   ��� ssful in
country   exhibitions and  had
- ;. :.    ��� -.- . ,-. -      Far-
growing       n  in  this
i directly due
a .::.::. -':'.:.      !        ovil
the  firsl   session bad come  before a
commission and the next year was
altered and revised so as to change
the whole thing. As far as the taxation   of railways   was concerned,  the, cribt"J   as   hein��  a,JOUI   fiv*  *��*   '-^
inches  in   height,    .^r.:    c :.    ���>..���:.
with �� sandy  moustache.
ol.;     ;  ���     :    :.: -   f - -i. : :    yir   at   _���
������   -   :..    - arrive  i     aomi
Seas   t   v    |   regart    .    :���,-  .
...    .'.   ___ten ag  i   tia.i   ti   represent
the ;.i.t-;;.  at tin      rtl     ::..-���   tlon
A.'te;   tht   meettnr   i;a.    nee:,   cailei
Ut <������::-'       :..   ���.ir.:   .    E   Itaine;   us_i;e(
....   were
���. -  ��� - ice-ai the
-    tffal - ���   province,
:..-.-   largi   ���   e
I not thin        ���    '   ���
'  tai ���; ���:.*���::.  -���       isi) "The)
��� ���       :. :
it     The Kaien Island
-     . ���   ��� ���      -..:,:
th<:. refi thi   Elei
:..-  quest! :.      H-   -'..:' I that
- -���       . thi
....      -,     .. ������;..
B. C.
s th. nexi to 1
.- ���   -       He  st that Pn
- .'..���   .'    once
': -��� ���   .- -.-.���    .   : '    '.-       i
mination    - a  joki       He
��� .-     fii   ���    ������ .-.���.���    as
���������"re he
���;���    epudiated
the  pnevious
'   -  '        lr.-    -���  -
���  : r - The
: :  ���      ovine   ���'���.'.   '���!'��� to
. | ���   i ���   ,.,,���'
.    . ��� ���   ���
tbe .   ������   �� .    :  ���
McBride govemruent had laised the
basis of taxation from Itl.OOO to $10,-1
000 a mile and idle roads couid noti
be built for $10,000 a miie to ru) no-,
thing of .-oiling stock and equipment.i
The railway- Lad come off very easy,
while the farmer had i^e.n taxed for
each sucking pig and turkey he rais-l
ed in his barn yard lr. oonnection]
with the timber legislation, Mr. Howay pointe i oul thai one ol Mr. McBi Ide's Bi st .;'" - wi - to tr) and en-
...- ��� .i lav .. :'.��� - '��������� thi payment of
pei   tbousan 1   on  timbei   cul   on
whethei  there   wen     anj     vdmrteei usus   ��� .- |��ej ...ivancmf.  lam:   i
Sfieaiiers.   Itreaem   who  viatjec;   u    ae tut   ir    rrav.im.    alon:   tu.    inn-     wa.
...?.-   tbe meeting    tra.   iti-    t.i    am readerei   most     dfflttculi      Tn-     mc
������-..- -. ��� ...    il   with  tie  ��� ������  -wa- ni o-.iti/.   :o- tn-  nniok-
Actual   Road Across  B.  C.  nc:   . rt Df
cided���Surveys  Gc  en A,i
roggesi .:   " yrzrir Tirrnhni ��-a;    ...
. ^.L   'to   I     --v    -.-::,;.-, - -.* ���
:t v,   ope&iag  si :   ���:���          I "  rmbnl
>:..:.' .   ���],. '     ;.-     .������ . .     .    :   .;,.   .
.._ .        i      .    .��� -  .- ��� . ���    . ��� .
.         ���             . .     m . ...       . v ..-   on'.
thai   u_.    .>; .:.l   ..      v - ,    .:   	
I . ���       .    -    bs...    Wi)    ���;,
in.-  _u - ........ ..
.1- -'.���'. 'lii-       lelig ....lllll.       I BUiOh'
��� -.    ..���   ..        i  ,,    .-,..a.- ,,        ���.,,,.,    ,,        (.juai
led. and Uu ������ ot    suMm   �����      i     Wi*
..���     i:   tie     nei    . ���       ��� ��� tr   as   ��� bicl   w_     ������ .        .,,.
liOO!      ������ I.        ..to'. .to,.-...
lusuiaiic Bi��i'   a    Ire   t.  N.  R.
lss'jin;    :i..i. 'lii.    .. los.-iiLi     .      lw      uiu     Kuile
���'���     '"��� . ���       PnUBt    Wiiei-    oeLW.ee!     Llii     eil     an.     \ alico;
������ o       an.    a:    <-.      v���      cuu��e.     int    '.     .'     B    ieie��rap;
-   .  '.;.. ,...u:    nui)'-    u   uiiis    ini.   name    i     11-    ll
���   :. ".      -'to    a      ,.���   .-...-I.     ....     itiir.   bin"        ;.,.-     :   p.n     yester
-   ������ -..���..-   .<..     ts     in:    fortunate!;   tin   liumt    wier.
-..     q    -to      iioi'i-...     l.iuio'      imiiieuiate.      c     tie
ma     i'     in-    i'a"       .New.     oiiic
v. ii.    ea     '.     in-   in.    bai    an     caiie:
igaa.       Cine    Watwoi.    wtn
,������ ii-' ....    passiu;   aiom   Coiun
bi, eii��� a in- uiu- wa ads no;,
ne b . pause nth; Thi clu. hw
n��, i. tn. nces: too; ii thi _uu
tioi a ; jiianc. ac aii'' senain-
i ii. Binix i Ni hal biafee oim;i
thi ooc tn- ager. iiem.. awa at mi
'.������'���   in    Bin    tie   tireiiieii      tim        *ln-   i.-aruiu:   cable was promii.
cu an (itrmvi outsiu. tn< nuildmg
wno'.. : emme suark. until Ui" cut
ren: v.a. tnrnet. ot Ehe narm weri
iinici.' pm on i. mean (, in-, ev.
f.iii:i!isii< an: oo scriou- uaii.at a..
flam i. tii- oftici Thi leiecrat.n:
i.or.r.    wa.   comnlei.e!     wrockei.    an
. ���    '..-       -..::.:   msm    wit_   uotv.      Tn-
tni'.-i   lnstut  tna   r wa.
.'-     ���        ��� J'-aaUn    an    tte
t   ��� .������   creates    clifficu:;    u
makin_ an-  hescdwa:      Tne gui-k- ai-
��� ��������� ������   ne..-;   a    thic.   sea    tte
in...-   i
be wen '������      ---I;- *in��   ": ...   r(WB]    fn.  flame
��� -    '���       n     .���   ��� ���'-   this  neav    .  e-
��� ���
.    ������ PE     :,_in   ia_;.in;   nearl:
- ..       i   uiKic   oen    comniunicatio.   wit]   ottae    cine    wa
eXHn     0     'ir    (la.iii.iS_-    liiic'-uiiie     las     nisi.        Tn-   nionthi-
...       ,:':.���    . Bums   i   ���.'������  <        i    ��- ���   ������*
 ��� reka    on:    ere     illecihl.    i      heftBi    soake     witl
it     ..-���  -    w toto.sn.i;    am    stiretti    Trou    wute     an     tin-   wil    n��ia:    tha    mncl
���' | tndfl, thus i' .. i ��� Iiini the farmer
who had , Id fo hi. land to still pay
.. beavy tax I the govi nmenl be
: . ������ bi co ild ������ i. ive the timbei he
bad    ought     His i wn colleagnea had   territory  exte:
Victoria, B. C, Dec. SS.���C   ��
oil,  division   engineer   of   th.    (
Trunk Pacific,   n il b   bi.....       -  ..
Edmonton, wa> In Victorli   loda;    '.   -
I ... ilnst hi::   In thai mattei and
;.���   had   t.etu c ..   ���   ��� :  to  bring  the
.'.   down from   50c pei   thousand to
. er tbousan ;.     In d< ..ling with the
...- : , fl .   . thi  speal ei chai-
���   .������:   Mr.  McBi I '���   to produce  any
telegram stating thai Mr. Bodwell was
. ������ aocre lited ag< nl ol t'i" G, T. P.,
ai ' noi  the f dicit >i   toi  Mi -- rs. Lar-
and    An le son,      Tbe    premier
_   tod make peopli   bi lieve I hal there
nothing tn this Kaien island ques
:..    |   ��� bi ���     ..   nothing in It, why
:  I:  |    Ml.    lire   !,       '   :  .("I' ll"
In   speaking on  the   Columbia    &
.' ������ ���.���in    ita:.'v.a;,     transacllon,    Mi
Howay  calli d attention to  thi   i ki i I
���   chance   thi    . i vernmenl   ml
fContlnned   on   Pug.'   Four,)
...   Pacific
Vanaj sdoll  says   thai   ...  .. : .
surve) s    all'.'a Ij       i ���    (
Trunk has a chauci  to '     -      <   .���> >i
road across the continent   su   ..,���-   -
any in the United States ,    i . .
piessni      Ul vantage w ill .-<    ... <_
this  in selaci   the  best ronu
' ;..  <-.     Trr .a ��� :..    ',. ..'      .>  ",     . i , p
Bin ve) .��� i an,.- s  Brli >' C
uuui)   'nn 9 have  I eeu
entire route to be folli . ���        U .
.Ul M'.\ g   Wil     COUt.ll    .    . -.     - .'
"r.. n-
ftt-'-r-     ObStftlCtlffr    sn.
"inv   am   Won   e.r
���  '        . ��� '    '. i.g.to    v .-.
ag more ju ' ���        bsv<     an   o_
i. .     . --  -.   resai     :"'ii   .i   tn.
. -       ..      j; was
T  -      %   '     ��� '.'���   ,        to       .    ..S'
��� -   -  '       . - ^    .:.:     v ..-
:   .     :   '    .   to :   ���                                              to'-         ;
��_-*��� :      .  .
���          .    | ���                     ���:      .   . '.-
.-..���to.            '; ,..                                          .
... '  ���         :                 .             ���  1,      . -
. -   ,. j
tu        . .      .    ;.- ���
.......        ...       to   ,  . v
... - ���       to.       '       I
Si ��� ��� ���     i.      '-.
to.  to ���  j I
' \
.   tll
wor;   v.i'    nave to be don    ���
���    i
��� :,     , ,n,   pjeari     th.
tWU.      ���     I ha     :i:ltti      niiel.     corit.
i.s.i,, Th      '���.      ..:;     .nn-.
Mi    ; bad]   u. i
.���'.en,    .    .'-onsirtefah!     Uv
. i ��� -    Hn    ca    agati    '
Thr   HiO'    Cfimmissir��nei.
Ott.i-w,.     Oe.     ?" ���1     ir    lin^lPr-'..
ti   Ou.i.v.   is     ...v.. Btrathoona   I
'���oinii, is-sion.      ll    i.iindoi.    ha     eahlf
l.i     Tl I      lh-    Cani'to. .
.   io- ixit     Btral:"-"''    �����'
.., " ..     ...
.   .. ������ g   ...    . ,.
��� '.���������       \;
.    pesitten in 1891
Btnrthi Mia i   n<V   St    ���
h:.        ..... 11,        ....       .....    .
"     ' .     rnnadto .. ...,.,..'..     ;     ��� ��� ���
���'���.���:������:. ...        ...        ..,.
��� h 	
- tihrrs     1-.^-.
Ot'.-"'- Ds.     ���       v     .     .     ���.
������.    I       ...... ....
..     M B
"'to    --'.       . :.      ���       ,
111 ��� 	
Cica o' ci'Tui Admiral C
in_J   \V. r, .. .i,.<���   I  i !
rd   t p
��� ��� ^������ ���... . _
I- ,
Panama, Dec. 29. The Investigation! of the
ft . ressional committee developed the fad thai the
Intention that Chinese labor is weeded to build the
mama canal is absurd
The eommittee'a inveetigations also show clearly
al American labor car. build the canal, and ii' not,
iu: Spanish ind Italian laborers can be obtained in
The unanimous sentiment of the committee is
[at Congress will insist upon American men being
Iven opportunity to do tht; work. Messrs. Flinl.
IcKinlay and Knowland are convinced that il"'
fesence of Chinese labor here is mosi useless and
Even the division superintendents say Hint coolie
kbor should be the last resort.    Spaniards untl li;il
Ins are coming to the canal zone ni the rate of IOOO
|veek and can do all th<' work.
Serious conditions would arise if Chinese labor
b were brought here.   American skilled workmen
lio have been interviewed say thai they will nol
Derate yellow labor on a white man':; Job nnd thai
}e canal must be dug by AmericanSi
���   ���   ��� .
lOJ!    ''���
to. II   �� , ���.
to I  to
.il   i li.-   \ ��� :.���  ;, -.������.            i    , .
w li.':'     |)        i,     .. '   ��
in     '.    t." '      ���     |	
-Oil milo ��� ��>   ��� . : r ii',- r .   ���
:'.. i'i.
1 111    t nr   ,l,.i ������      n       ���     '
������ ��
: ri.-. in in., Iill . if \\  ., .. ��� . ...
I    :. I.on       .,     ���',.���   !,,.  -1,     .    -, . ...  ,
���          ������
���       '    ''	
.  til. h   n. Mil,    ill .   ��� .'!   .������,, .... - ,,.���>,|    |���     |     .    .
In ihc   ml.I,I i   ill,-  fl-, . "���    -���.'    to    ,.,,���.,I; -,    ,hls   i
���on  ...   ih,. ,1.., I.   I,,.,    .     . ......   ,,     ....     .        '���
.,. intone,   .hm, ,|    r,..,,i        '. ���-..    . . l     ,-,,.���   ,,-.   ���, .    .      i;,    ,.,���,���( s
,'    ,u,l   iho  ,,'.'!,   Mr.l   ',,..���.,   .x   .        . ���  '   ">i?l   ���>H''aib<--r'>   .'���     '-.v..-.     fjt<j��8,j  j
...,i   |Iml    I'.'.h...   v..���,,.   ,|..^0,�� -   r-i.r      .'��� ���>''  w> ������   to,K,,���  rh,   iiin,',.. of ilie
.', , *Mt* wi-ivi. r,,    .-.- tin the rtvm and
i����    IV,,.,���:������    y   ,V   hmvIi      .1^,1 "'^ ,^t,Vk.;^.   h':i   also In the JUUl-
.,.�� ..ow,.    bv   \to    fAHIt^   "    ���������'"'''"'      w<   haa been told thaf
���...I. h  ImiiM n^M VWWWHVW \.'    "'   ">,'i,v  l"��'bt'1*n'en were gmdually
\,i..i.',.   ,iii,|  MH  n^-.^c  w  ��W.��      '���    '���   !>,,L'ir "]woa becaU8e "'^ w",v
���.','    .laiialVHv,!    ir   ih*       KS,\W+*    ">'''M**    1"    ******
X\'*re not out. on a spree, they wore
fettWSr getting orex one or getting
iV-ftd)  for one.    Tho membare oi' the
boulder against all otitsldem,
more Kjiglish,i)M>n whn totttd
���ir, krtg   to   exceaa,   and   when  they
���.   \u,i���'��  w.iiii  \'t\i\^ ifwm Mvi%.
"lulu t.i Nn PNAttt-j-.
ll."   Mi.I'.mi   W.'l'ii   mlVDii 9t IflW-f
IM��  ",o���t���_   mid   M\\  te t��  ^m-tm-- '"::  "���'   "  !'"'   "!i'",:'!  ';i;"";
.11"   IIMlM   .tftKlftM.
'  .*      .-    6M1-
'  rj]       ������,.     ,.���   ...    ���   ,
I       li      .- ; -..     i,    S:p ������ t-
'1|1   -     wmw   h   ������    ret re nmnze
,    :<    mi  ��� ���������  o   Mv .-,,.    ...-.:     i     ,  i g     fhnt
'    Siinv.n. .,: irp_
!     ��� to     li    ....!-,,���   Mn?h     ;  .        '
,,",     vs.^n,^    frnrn   fh,    ��� s  ���     .;     .,.,.,,; ,
'   !';r. .'''ild'Y-n.
In aooortiance with a previous understanding*, a
Md i iHivi.      stetement of facts has been agreed upon for presen-
-'��-h i wa       tation to the Supreme Court of that State.
The question will be one of the most important
ever presented for adjudication. It is aimed to define the exact relations the State bears to the Federal Government under treaty obligations.
The government is moving carefully and is
weigjing each act with unusual deliberation, for it
is realized that upon the outcome may depend the
question of peace or war between the UfcSted States
and Japan.     Devlin will remain in the City several
."  T,''" timi.   I*���!��)'.
On.6    ..ei   'r.rvr   fh,
i on P.'".; {Sight.)
days to assist in the preparation
wit ������
*'''"''1' ���'.."����
WW   '���"-���" .
i orinbrn  Ame>  Anoteat. ^
Tew garden plants have been known
to and cultivated l>�� man longer than
the cucumber.   De rami.die has proved
that this plant haa been in cultivation j
between three ami four thousand years
There is no specific remedy for thi
striped cucumber beetle.   Direct appli j
cations of poisons, such as paris green
or  "ther  arsenical,   will   destroy   tho
beetles when they occur In cjoderate
numbers,    a   normal   crop   nny   be
placed at ahout _#mi half barrel baskets
per acre, the price  varying from 5C
cents   tO  as   much   as  ?-'   per   basket.
After the fruits have  been  harvested!
and the marketing season has closed!
the vines shoulil be destroyed by gath
erlng and  burning or plowing thenij
under, so ns not to harbor or breed dls
eases.    A point which is of prime Importance   in   the   management   of   tbe
cucumber  patch   is  that   none  of  tbe
fruits be allowed to come to maturity
The ripening process, which means the
development    ami    maturing   of   th.
seeds, produces  a heavy strain  upon
the    growing    plant.     United    States
Farmers' Bulletin.
n<-   Influenced   Patients   i>>   spsrues-
tlon, i.ni iiiii Real Power.
Mestner published In i~"'i his ac
coum nf the marvelous cures effected
by whit lie was pleased to term animal   magnetism.     When   in   177 s  he
came to Paris l am" with a well de
veloped sense of th" value of advertising. The campaign h" Inaugurated waa
of a character to disgust the conservative ami thoughtful, but t'i take a sensation loving p ipulace by storm,   Most
extravagant tales of cures he bad accomplished in Berlin, Vienna nn.l else
where were nni -".l abroad.    Througl j
a converl he challenged the physiclani
of  Paris to enter into a  contest  with j
him, they to treat twelve patients by
the   orthodox   methods,   he   to   treat
twelve by. his.  of course this challenge ���
was   rejected,   ami   equally  of  course
Its   rejection   was   interpreted   by   the
thoughtless as an acknowledgment of'
the superiority of Mesmer's treatment, i
His  rooms were thronged.    His  purse
waxed constantly heavier.
Tlie treatment he gave wns such as .
to appetil vividly to the Imagination of i
the patient���In a word, to increase his i
suggestibility.  Suggestion, Indeed, was
Its root element, although Mestner failed or pr, tended to fail to recognize this
nnd taught ihat its efficacy.depended
upon  the  effluence  of  a   mysterious
fluid.     In   a   V ioui   dimly   lighted   nni
hung with mirrors  the patients wort
seated  about  a   circular  vat  of considerable size covered  with a  lid and
containing various chemicals.    A long
cord connected the patients witli one
another, while in the lid of tlie tub
were  several  holes,   through  each  of
which passed an iron rod bent in such
a way that its point  could  be applied
to any part of a patient's body.    Thp j
patients were requested mt to speak '
the   only   sound    in    the   room    being I
strains of soft musi".    When expectan- |
cy was nt Its flood Mesmer would en |
ter clad In the robe of n magician and
carrying .in iron wand.    .*,t one patient
he would gaze intently, and another he
would   stroke  gently   with   liis   wand.
Soon some would burst Into laughter.
^Others   Into   tears,   while   still   others.
i.<H!ld   fall   Into   convulsions,   finally j
passing  Into a  lethargic state, out of
which,   it   Is   claimed,   they   emerged
cured or on  the highroad to it cure.;
Occasionally tlio treatment wns given
..outdoora,  a  tree  being "magnetized"
and tb''. patient collapsing in a swoon |
-���*�� 'soon as be approached It���Apple- \
'*!on's Magazine.
Life's most desirable pleasures cost ;
the least.
Sorrows of life enable us to appreel- .
ate the Joys thereof.
It's easy to talk philosophically if
you are not personally interested.
Instead of trying to beat his record
the average man should try to forget
New  Year's
TIMBER   NOTICES,    as follow
\    ��<
Notice is hereby given that 30 days 10 cha ....
after date   I   inl tnd to apply to  the poll
jl���n    chief   <  immlasloner   of   Lands 640 aci :,���������.
and Works for a special license to cul       ���  Con
awa)  Umber from the foi- W. m ���    ���
ami carry
lowiig   i rlbed
I mils,   Bituated   on
:.  .
Kildala Arm. Coast District, H-'J. aia
No. 7���Commencing al a post plant-  from
,'i  aboul   one  mile  from  the  head of   10  cbaii ' 'i.
Kildala Arm, on the souUi bank of the, chain   no
Ami, running  as   follows;   SO  chains "���     ��� unniei
south, 80 chains east, 80 chains north  :',: '    ; ��� ���
to shore, then along shore to point of      I- Commei
commencement. VV
The grandest lot of birds ever imported into
New   Westminster
Second Hand Store
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. G>.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster,
PhonR 275
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Ross-
lan !. Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pac'fic and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for B titinii.irj
Creek points.
Connects  at    Meyers    Fills    with
1 stage r'lily for Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane   and   Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November
I toor.
'.eave Day Train Arrive
<).20 a.m Spokane   ....7.15 p.m.
2.25 p.m Rossland  ....4.10 p.m
940 a.m   Nelson  6.43 p.m
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Home
stead Regulations
Any available Dominion Land3 within tbe Railway lielt In British Columbia, may be hotuesteaded by any person who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over IS years of age. to
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must he made personally at
tha local land offlce for the district in
which the land Is situate.
The homesteader is required to per-
10,  form the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
i'i) At least six monthV residence
Foot ..tilth Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, fi. C.
upon  and  cultivation  of the
each year for three years.
(_/  If thc father for mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader   1 ���,, ,
resides   upon   a   farm   in  the   vicinity
of the land entered for  the  requrre-
No. 8���Commencing at a
' ed about m\c mile up Pall
the easl bank of creek, running as
follows: 80 chains east, so chains
south, Sh chains west, more or le.^s, to
creek, ben along creek to point oi
No 9   Commencing al post planted
.about .me mile up Kail Creek, on easl
bank ol 1 reek, Joining No, 8 claim on
��..-��� iiii", running as follow I 160
chain ... 11 1. i" chains west, 160
. bains north, i" chains easl to poiai
of . ommen tement.
No, 10 - Comment ing at posi plant
1 ....'   I m       up Dala Rh     fi om I
mouth, on   the   north   bank of  river,
��� ben  :' innln 5 as   I dlon b:   !������   chain
west, sa   baln 1 _ 11 th, 120 chains east,
10 chains    mth   m or le 3, 1 1
��� .  .  .., to   oint of 1 onu e
No. ll���i mn . icing ai post plante I
aboul '. ���.: lea ip from the moul h, on
the a irth inl ol 1 lala Kiwi. running
as follows: i'i chains norlh, so chains
easl 10 1 bains a irth and 80 chains
east, 10 chain - - mth, more or less, 'o
:Iver, 1 hen along river to point of com
men. enten .
No, 12 Commencing al a post planted iboul fo ir miles up from the mouth
of the Dala River, on south bank,
running as follow-: 10 chains east, I"
chain- n )i th, 120 chain.- east, 40
chain- n irth, more or less, to riv.':'
then along river to point of com
No. 13 1 om neni lng al a posi plant
ed aboul one mile from tbe hea 1 of
Kildala Arm, on south bank, running
as follows: 10 chains south, 40 chains
west, 10 chains sou'!). 40 chain- west,
10     .1 ilns   north.   10 chains   we--,   |0
'chain- north, more or less, to shore,
tnen along   shore   to   point  of corn
��� men, ''men'
No l! Commencing at a post plant
ed a ' il one half mile from the head
of Kildala Arm, on the north ban.;.
running as follows: 10 chains north,
10 chain east, 10 chains south, i.''1
chains eaBl 10 chains south, 120
chains west to shore, then alon:; shore
to polni of commencement.
No. 15 '' immencing al a post plant
c.l aboul one mile up from the mo il b
of the Dala River, on east banl:. run
ning .', follows: 50 chain- ...ist, to
chain., north, I1' chains oast, to chains
noi th, (0 chains ea -���. 10 chains north,
mo ���...- '.---. to river, then along rive
to 1 oini .." commencement,
No. 16 Commencing al po il pi inte 1
al the mouth of Dala River, Coasl Dl -
tri.;. on wesl bank, running a_ foi
lows: 10 chains west, SO chains nortfi,
I." chain , east, 10 chains south, more
or less, ������> river, then alon:; river to
poinl of commencement,
No, ! 7   Commeni Ing at a posi plan
ed on the wesl  bank of the Kittlm it
Ann. ab ml I ivelve miles south of Kit
tlmal   Indian    Villa te,   opposite  Go_
.' ��� . : i, al  mouth of Kildala Ann. run-
post piantvjwrth ��o
creek. m\ 1�� and ��� '
;       ���   -
Ihe   mo
chain .  easl
1 chain-   rest, 10
Ol        1 j
IC!'"        ������
'    I        .    .
bi    ���
1 ���
.1 I ���
���li'- II
1...  ���,'. .
- ���������
- ��� -
n ��� ���:.
.   ���
n '
No. 2.   Con      "       .���
''' 2 1-2 mile m
north ban - |
10 to .._. I
/���.!-'.    I"    ' I
80 chain I
then ilong 1        0   iin: of 1 m��:\
am il
Locator, WM. MOOD!
Per Agent, Frank VandiEl
Land Registry Ad
Le   184, 1,
mveye I)
excepi 'j..;.', I
\. .1 v, ���'. .;,..���;��� I
A  Certifli ite ���'��� :
to the above propert.i wil   ' -'��� |
11 Rhod 1 .���' .- ' ���'���������''��� j
of December, >" --S. -���- lntbem��.j
time a valid 0 ' eM
���.. ::,.. In writing by a pi
s .as  claiming an esta e    '���''���"-
therein,   ir in iaj parti
.-     .'
ic-     ��� 1:-- ura
Land   Regi '������   Ofl      '���
minster.  B.C.,  -': '  x
The :���    iod i    ���  -   ��� ���' ::' *';
custody   or   po ''"''
Title De  la
erty are re ptested to
to 'li" undersigned:
12th  Di
vllle McK
K.iui.. '.. ���  I" :"
M \l-'l IN. WEART
Barris'*     Sollcli
min ^'
�� M t'v''':'
.    s 1 P
to silver,
"sterling" means
what   " cutting "
moans  to  gold   this   trade 1
mark means to
means to glass, what
It's the hall ma r k
Maple Leaf Rubbers,
their name signifies, are
promptly fur-
from pure
I'ara Rubber.
All kinds, all styles, all
sizes. There are no others
"just as good" for Western
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
Selling Agents. Vancouver) B. C,
Sole Aunnf for IVew H'd.stiiiinstiir
W. E. S!<
All kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and
a specialty.
RESIDENCE���24 Ei-jhth street. New
Westminster, B.C.
and in ning as follows:   10 chains north,   10
! chains west, 10 1 hains north, 10 1 bain 1
east,  i'i ch iins north,   10 chains eas',
1 poinl of commencemen .
N'o. IS   1  immencing at a posi pi ml
ments as to residence may be satisfied  *''  aboul   -'' chains  south of  posi  ol
by such person residing with tlie fa-  Claim No,  IT. running as follows;   10
TO SEND YOU OVER  ther or mother. chains west, <0 chains south   10 chains
'(j) If the settler has his permanent >''���'. s'' chalna south,  10 chali    easl
residence  upon  farming  land  owned  then along   she.,   to   poinl of   com
by him in the vicinity of hi.-. home-  mencemenl
Stead, the requirements as to residence1
nny  be   satisfied  by  residence  upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing =hnnld
,  ���
Eight Trains Every Day in the
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest   and best ideas
and   LUXURY,     It is  lighted  with
i .th  elei tricity  and   gas;  the   most
brilliantly    illuminated   train   in   the
��� "'   I        rhe   equipment   consists   of
irivate   compartment   car-,,   standard
"1  v. :: .ri  sleepers, luxurious dining
*<   reclining chair cars  (scat,  free),
modern   day  coaches   and   buffet
brarv and  -moking cars.
'���.-   Time Tables,  Folder
x"   i;'   '' ������:: neni In ��� n   .1 po    ; lanl
" 1 aboul .ui.) mil., up trom tho mo 1 ���
ol  Deer Creek, on  Devastation Chan
be given to the Commissioner of Do- \ ""'��� sit'iated about  elghl   miles Boutl
minion Lands at Ottawa of intention of Klld tla ^rni, running as follows: 10
to apply ior patent.
Deputy  Minister of the  Interior.
Nf. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
Purchase Notice
336 Hastings St. W., Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg aud Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and En
Seven  Teachers
Forty-Five   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
R. 1. SPROTT. B. A., Principal
Notii .��� Is hereby glvon thai 60 days
at'ier date   I  Intend  applying  to  the
''  Chief   Commissioner   of  Lands   and
Work , f.- permission to purchase the
��r any! following  described  land, situated at
" ier information call on or write  ,,... ;,���lillh ,������ |||(. ,<iM.ll;| ,.jv(,i. (,().ist
c. W. PARKER, :li trict: Commencing al a posi mark-
GENERAL AGENT,     ''; vv-  M''s N, E Corner planted on
.,  ond Avenue. Seattlt, Wash  :l"' south  hank or the Kildala river
at the mouth, riinnim,' as follows:  40
-_--_,��� chains    soulh,    40   chains   west,    40
F & t\ ffl E /? S   '    cllaiDS n01'tl1 '" !lu* shore line, thence
following shore line to place of com-
nencement, containing 16 acres more
.,' less.
/Vug. 27, 1006,
_=    .-^^. !'"  FRANK VANDAL. Agent.
i       IOR     HIDES.      Oct, 24,   1906.
' hains east, SO chains north, 10 chalna
' ���'���''. 10 di 1.as north, 80 chains �����..,:
120 chains   south,  to   point of com
Located Nov. .",, 1906.
Locator, WM. MOODY, D.D.S.,
Per Prank Vandall.
Nov. 24, 1906.
Notice Is
daj 1 after   I ite l i
the Honora ile
sloner   of I
special Uo use 10 1 ���'
ii, :'   '    HI       '���    I      ""
No. 1   1  '���
ed   on  ;li" Domini
���1 Shai e    '
irthoasl  ol  PI
chain    thei  ���    ���������
,e���c. South
.chains to point'
Xo. _  Comuic 1 .'., |�� 1
, 1 ,.n the 1 .talon BOU0JJ,
the  commencemenl ���    ',''^ , so::i
thence Easl  80 chain
se   chains,   thence tt'cs
thence South sn chain
commencemenl .��:���
N'o. ;!. Comniencm
ted 80 chains Nor
crlbed In Claims
'. ���'
., ss
to P'*
rth of P��s \
i and -
%* Fraser River Tannery
Notice 11 herebj given thai 30 daye
after date I Intend to appl) to the
Chief Commissioner of Lan Is and
Works for a license to cut and carry
away timber irom the following de
scribed lands:
l. Commencing at a posi marked
W. M.'s s.k. Cor.ner, planted on thi
north hank of the Kildala river, aboi'l
two miles up from the motii.li, run
ning as follows: 40 chains north, 161
chains wesl, in chains south, 160
chains east to point of commence
ment, containing iiii) acres, more 01
_. Commencing al a post, marked
\V. M's S.W. Corner, planted on thi
north hunk of the Kildala river, aboul
two miles up from the mouth, running
ii. ���
I North sn chains, ';;;;;;���.>
I chains thence South otr>|
West 80 chains to poln
���-  K��SSSH��U
Staked, Nov.
.,���   i:mi..
lohn P. Th0
Having bought out the       ,
i business of B     ��� i;,,,-^
pleased to see all - Hor5e,b*|
ers, as well as new  '
ing a specialty.
H. M.
Sire'1' JDAY, DEC. 31, 1906.
inadian Bank of Commerce
-up Capital, $10,000,000.     ReserveTund, $5,000,000
jfc.  "WALKER, General Manager        ALEX. LAIRD, Ass-   Gen'l Manage-
\iy  facility   afforded   Farmers for   their banking   business.    Sales   Notes
tashed   or taken   for collection.
j BANKING   BY   MA!I.���Deposits   may be made or withdrawn ohy mail.
|<;f town  accounts  receive every attention.
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, first served. We
need the cash and you want the goods.~ThisJi. a chance
of a lifetime.
71'' and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.
[Electric Railway Service
Inter-urban Line.
���Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every ha:f-
bonr from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p.
m. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly ears will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service from
6 if. a.m. to 11 p.m.
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and 5 and 7.
30 Minute Service during remainder of day. iransrer at
Leopold fiaoe.
Sunday Service half-hourly between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m,
Sapperton Line.
15 Minute Service from 6.25 a.
in to 11 p.m., except between
12 and 2, and -j and 7, during
which hours the service will be
Sunday Service   hair-nourly between is.30 a.m. and 11 p.m.
(British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd
he Royal Bank of Canada
���es absolute security to deposlto rs.   START NOW to save your money
nl you wil! never regret it.    People do harder things every day and have
^otliing to show for it.
ONE DOLLAR opens an account.    Put it in your pocket, it would prob-
:���  be nothing, but ONE DOLLAR   deposited every week with tis will in
pl .vears amount to $604.50.    THINK   THIS  OVER.
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
Shingle and Saw
Mill  Machinery
How happy were the porridge days when all the
world was young and we were young with it, when
every goose was a swan and every gander a dragon
to be overcome. What would we give to renew that
youth, to sit down each morning at breakfast with
the fire of youth and the appetite of unadulterated
joy? It is quite easy when you know how; live
simply, and eat
B.& K.
Rolled Oats
Street Corner Offenders to  Be Taken
to   Police Court  and
The Nova Scotia press is waging a
war against profanity on the streets,
and urging upon the police to make
arrests wherever public profanity is
ii.dulgeii in. There are a number of
cities in the I'nited States where the
1 n.at ter has also been taken up and
civic  officials are insisting on public
! profanity being promptly punished by
1 means of the arrest of the offender.
In dealing with profanity, Mayor Heu-
ney of Hartford, says:
"No reform will amount to anything
which simply aims to prevent this Indecency In public places withoul re-
ference to the bome and the school.
Ti... real way to reach the difficulty
i: to arouse the public conscience
against   Mrs  outrage.
"If there is one thing worse than
profanity, it is filthy speech. Neither   Bhould   be   permitted,   and   there
i are laws whicli might be invoked
against   verbal  garbage.
"A few arrests would soon give a
different tone to some men's lan-
guage in public though it might not
materially  change  it in private."
In Hartford a $1 fine is Imposed on
all  public  offenders.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
Dailv | NEW ||    Dailv
Leavej WESTMINSTER! Arrive
9:20ain:Blaine, Bellirig-[3.C0 pm
4:35 pm ham      Burling-]9:55pm
Iton,   Mt.   Ver-I
jnon,     Everett,!
Seattle and!
ii iii pm Spokane,       St.]3:00 pm
| Paul    and    all
points East.      |
9.20 amiAnacortes, 13:00 pm
IWoolley,     and I
IRockport. !
3: "0 pm Vancouver |9:20 am
ittaapmj |4:35pn_
Lv. New Westminster for
Guichon 3:50 p. m. Ar. Guichon
��� p. m., Monday, Wednesday,
8:45 a. in. ar. from Gulchom,
9: SO a. m. Lv. for Vancouver.
Route of the Famous
2�����ally Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth. Chicago, St.
Louis and all points East.
For complete Information
rate*, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F. C. MEYERS, Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building.
New  Westminster, B. C
S. G. YERiKBS, A. G. P. A...
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Line
To local points. Tickets will be issued
at single fare and one-third for the
round trip. Dates of sale, Dec. 21st^to
Sth, inclusive, and Dec. 28th to Jan.
I 1st; good to return Jan. 3rd.
For further particulars apply to
C. P. R. Agent,
New Westminster
E,  J.  COYLE.
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
B. C. Coast Line Service.
(Subject to change without notice).
SS Amur leaves Vancouver Jan. !
Jan. 22.
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1 p.m.
Leaves Victoria daily at 1 a.m.
Trouble Over a Watch.
There is trouble in the air in the
Port Ke'ls district. One of the residents there who is a prominent Sunday school worker, aad has conducted
a Sunday school in the district for a
considerable time past, had the misfortune recently, to leave a one dollar
watch which he carried, on the school
desk. Some of the Port Kells youngsters have inquiring minds and when
they arrived at school next morning,
attempted to find out what was the
part that caused the tick. The result was, when the owner got his
property later in the day, it was no
longer a time keeper. He was very
wrath, and made many inquiries as
j to how it came to pass. He decideil
i as to who was the culprit and wrote
to the father of the youth protesting
j very   strongly  against   his   son's lack
Leaves Victoria daily except Monday i of respect for other people's property.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
The father wrote a very brief note,
stating that he had not time to iscrap
over a one dollar watch and enclosed
a dollar bill for the purpose of buying
another watch. The Sunday school
man has now been receiving a series
of anonymous letters advising him
tc stay at home instead of trying to
teach children how to love their en-
: emies. The school is growing slim
ii point of attendance and it is' expected that re-organization will soon
Leaves Victoria at 11  p.m. on 1st,   bave to take place.
7th, and  14th eiwh month for Clayo- j .
quot;   leaves Victoria    on    20th    for] ' *
Quatsino and way points. Kerry  Gow.
A   very   pretty   and   pleasing  play
at 8:30.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. m.
on Sundays.
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1:30 p.m.
Steamer Queen City.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves  New   Westminster  on  Mon
day,   Tuesday,   Wednesday,   Thursday
��� and   Friday at
New Westminster. B. C.
Northern Pacific!
In th? Supreme Court of British Columbia.
hitectural   Competition  for  Departmental   and  Justice   Buildings.
i i inpeti-ire drawings axe Invited for
rtmentaJ and Justice Buildings to
������  twarded a premium of $8,000, the
il  . :  Ottawa.  Ont.
Thc author of the besl design will
��� awarded a premium og $S,000, the
'..nui l.est $4,000, the third besl
���",000 and the fourth  best  $1,000.
Drawings will be received nut later
���������ni  April  15th,  liiuT. and are to be
idresBed to the Secretary or tb" Detriment Of Public  Works,  Ottawa.
Thle competition i.s open to Cana-
lan Architects who have heen resi-
':': in Canada for one year or more.
Conditions of    competition    staling
increments  of  buildings  and   maps
."wing site, etc. may be had on ap-'
"cation to the undersigned.
By order,
Secretary.   I
'' Partment of Public Works,
Ottawa, December 12, 1908,
Newspapers Inserting this a Ivertlse.
ent without authority trom the De
'tment will nut be paid for 11
i.\ THE M vni.K of the
Settled Estatei V't and
am< nding Acts,
-  AND
LN till: MATTER of the
title   to   pari   of   l.it   l,
Block 3, suburban  lands,
New    Westminster   City,
whereof     John     Oswald
Coulthard   is   tenant   for
life    in    possesion    and
Earnest Barr Coulthard is]
tenant in tail,
Pursuant to Die Order of the Honorable Mr. ��� luslice Morrison, seales* tenders addressed to J. J. Cambridge, District   Registrar of the Supreme Court.
New Westminster, B. ('..  will be received by hlili ii)) to Sal unlay the 19th [
day of January, 1907, for the purchase
of part of Lol one ih. Block Three
(3),   Suburban   lands.   New   Westmln-1
iter City,    Ten.ins must be accompanied   by a   certified   cheque for  Five
(5), per cent, of the amounl tendered.
Solicitor for  Petitioner herein.
Ja, ,-,.
Trains Daily
Travel on tho Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   Cali.ornia.
For full informtion eall on or write
C. E. LANG, General Afrent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore
. was  "Kerry  G-ow" on  Saturday  even-
1 ing.     The costumes and scenery wore-
uniformly   good   and    the   play   itself
,   ,,        ,       though   not without     its occasional
p.m. and  Saturday i ��� . ,
at ., ,, m  ���.i,h ���jj;.i ���, . .         ��� _ I Vouches   oi 'the   pathetic, preserved
ai _ ji. m. with additional trip on Mon-1 ���
And all the principal business centers of I dav at 5 a. m throughout   some  very   real  Irish  hu-
ONTARIO, QUEBEC and  the MARI- i     Leaves Steveston Monday   Tuesday ' mm   and   ''"**      Mr   Doone   hlmselJ
TIME PROVINCES. | Wednesday. Thursday and Saturday at; P��ssess6s a ���ther P����l although not
Also to BUFFALO, NEW VORK and   U m,;  Friday at 6 a. m. additional   a  P��werful TOice allf]  his* acting was
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara Falls, j trip Saturday 5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves New Westminster, S a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chilliwack.
S.  S. Tees
Leave. Vancouver al 8 p.m. 2nd
and   16th
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l  Passenger and Ticket
Agent. 136 Adams St.. Chicago, 111.
TB.000  [EMPRESS OF  BRITAIN 114,500
if you are Bending foi fi len is , rom
tbe   Old   Country,  buy   tickets now
while the cheap  rate    . i e on. You
can  get   better    accommodation and
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C.P.R. ".gent.
The White Pass
Westminster Iron Works and Yukon Route
SHIP SMITHING, BKluiim and       ��� WHITE   HORSE,    DAWSON   and
STRUCTURAL IRON    WORK.       | FAIRBANKS.     Daily   trains   (except
Ornamental   Iron   Worat  including ; Sunday)   carrying   passengers   mail
Fences. Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.        ; express    and 'freight    connect    with
Mail orders nnd correspondence In- , ,Ugea at Carcross and White Horse,
vited. ___._= ������-k maintaining a through winter service
JOMIN   KEID, For  information  apply to
J.1.1-BIE 8TKtih'T. J.  H.  ROGERS.  Traffic   Manage;
New Westminster. r. O.  .74  I Vancouver. B. C.
very creditable. Miss Keeley as
"Norah" and the other members of
the cast were of about equal merit, A
very fair house, considering the weather, witnessed a show with no discords In the shape of particularly
had  work.
A man who was recently released
from jail, whi re he had served a sentence for supplying liquor to Indians,
"."- yesti - lay arrested for hogging in
of each month, colling at the city. The case wil] come up be-
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coola rore the police magistrate this morn-
on second trip. Time on arrival and ing.
departure  are  approximate.
For   reservations   and   information
call or address
Agent, New Westminster.
Asst. Gen. Pass   Agent, Vancouver
General Superintendent, Victoria.
��ompli ments
of the Season
"The Milwaukee"
"The Pioneer Limited" St.  Paul to
We take this opportunity of expressing our sincere thanks to our
many customers for their liberal pat-
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to i ronaffe durinf? Xmas week and previous-
Chicago, "South West Limited" |ly* 0ur business this year, 190C, has
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waukee  &  St.   Paul  Railway.     They ' * remain,
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give their patrons an excellence of
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H. S. ROWE. General Agent. !
u Third St.. cor Alder. Portland. Or. !      THE JEWELER Cfjllimtll'l St.
r '4
Published  by  the  Daily News  Pub
lishing  Company    Limited,   at    their
offices,  corner   of   Sixth    and   Front
streets. New Westminster, B.C.
Managing Director J. C. Brown
SALT. Does not "bite"���is not
bitter. It is pure salt and all
salt   Will not cake.
(Continu -1  from  Page One.)
Transien. display advertising, 10
cents per .ine nonpariel) 12 lines to
tbe inch. Five cents per line for
sutseqiient insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
f-iund, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word. No advertisement taken for
:psj than 25 cents.
Day Office    A22
Night  Office    B22
gans are never tired of declaring that
���he record of the McBride Government, including the conducl of Mr.
McBride at Ottawa, is all an 1 altogether admirable. Why. than, are
f ;��� carrying out i;.- pre-election policy
i.i which i' stated that it would not
bonus any railway without having
control of freight rates.
With reference to the lie:tei- Terms
question, Premier Laurier had admitted to Mr. McBride that he considered
 -������    ���..'������,.-     in..,     ur   I,,!,..,,!.'!.-.!
at   pains to  falsifj   the record?  that   British   Columbia   wa,   entitled
and why does th
Premier set the ex-
t i  better  terms.     Mr.   McBride  there
fore should  have  met   with  the other
 premiers, and  have arrived  at terms
The  Mr.  Black who  wa.s  injured  in   agreeable  to all  and   then   have gone
the  recent   railway  accident   in   Scot-   t"   Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier  and  bespoken
" ~ his aid in the matter.    It was the Con
servative premier of Ontario who had
suggested rlu- million dollar proposition, and mu  Sir Wilfrid himself.
Sav   what  he would to the contrary.
Premier .McBride's  cabinet   was disin-
MONDAY. DEC. 31.  1906.
The Columbian prints an article
which inn';,.His to be a criticism of a
summary statement of policy issued
b. J. A. MacDonald, M.P.P., the leader of the Liberal party In the Province. The aniele opens with one
of those combinations of flat falsehood and sneaking inuendo for which
the paper named is noted, and continues In much the same strain to
the end.
To attribute to its opponents unworthy notices; to insinuate or even
assert that behind every action there
is some sinister inlluence���that appears to be the high water mark of
the Columbian's intellectual attainment.
We must, however, admit that
there is one thing about its article
which is appropriate���that is, the
company it keeps. It is printed
alongside of a flaring advertisement
ol' "I'e-ru-na," a well known rpiack
nostrum, the principal ingredient uf
which is had whisky.
land. M.P. for Banffshire, and had not
long ago regained his health after a
severe accident, The statement that
the injured man is William Black the
novelist   is,  of   course,   incorrect.    If
oui- memory is not at fault the author    .,   .���,,,,.,,v_  cmmiei
Of "111 F;ir Lochaber" and numerous tegrated at the present time. He iiad
other Scottish stories, died some years tailed to appoint a successor to At-
ago. .u nev General Wilson, ami  it  looked
very suggestive that Mr. Green should
have  hell  on   !o  hi-   ;   I] tfoli > until   .he
end of the term aii I resigne 1 on tlie
eve of the election Three reasons
had been given for Mr. Green's actl in
One was published in die New _ A I
vertiser, one in die Colonist of Victoria and 'l.e other in The Columbian.
!!��� 1" ike I U .a di" . ise as thai ���.:'
a house divided .main-' Itself. The
Llbei ais t.' la;. �����������: e at. absolutely united party and -.vei'" going into th ��� con-
At Edmonton, the other day. the wa-  test ful] ���,- ,,���,���, and  fullj, expecting
�� to   be   returned   to   power.      He   pre-
di ''"1 foi' Mr. Jardine a handsome majority in Dewdney when the ballots
were caunted on Feb. '-'.
As Premier McBrlde arose to in.ike
liis   final   speech   in   rep!;,    to   his  opponents, the chairman,  who  had been
sleeping  soundly  for    the    previous
three hour., arose tn his feel and said.
Ali-. McBride. If you don't stop talking
we won't  go home till  morning." Mr.
McBride   then  briefly   addressed     the
gathering.    He stated that the Columbia-Western deal  was a  square thing
: for the province and denied any col-
Dredge  hision with the c. P. K.
Annie-       The   meeting  closed   with   votes  of
The Xelson Canadian h i - found a
political gold mine in a lettei criticising I.i1 oral shortcomings, from the
pen of Rev. R. is BcBeth, :.!'������ of Van-
< ouver, whom it Intro lueea :,. its
: ��� , lers as an "ind..; .���!: lenl an 1 fearless!} honest Liberal." Before he was
a clergyman, Mr. McBeth, like hi- brother and other relatives, was an ardent Tory.    When did he ch ins
iei  pressure, which is normally twen
ty-five  pounds,   but  can   he   raised   to
enghty   in   case  of  lii',..  began  to exhibit  an eccentricity    which    caused
much alarm.     Now  i-  would  drop to
a few pounds, so that  people could gei
na water in the upper rooms of their
houses,   and  then   it   would   jump  up
away past  normal���fifty, sixty, seventy-five  pounds, only to sink  again as
suddenly as it   rose.    The  waterworks
officials   wvre  hunting  for the cause,
but at  last accounts it  still  had  them
is almost here.   Did you forget a present?   Did voi
receive a present that makes you desire to reciprc
cate?   If you did, then visit Horace Dorer's Jeweln"
Store.   If by chance you have not paid a visit   asi
your friends the kind of stock he keeps;   thev will
My business has been built to its present lame
proportions by satisfied purchasers recommending me
to their friends. Can there be a stronger recommer -
dation?   I trow not.
Horace   Dor
Diamond Merchant
Alone in the coarsness of its style,
the Columbian bas, in other respects,
plenty of company. All the Tory papers are in the same tale. Bedaubing
the McBride Government with praise,
and abusing the Opposition, they, at
the same time, labor to create an impression that there exists some improper compact between the Liberals
of the Province and the Ottawa Gov-
ernment. Of course, they cannot
show any proof of their assertions:
hut ihey strive after their several
manner, to make up by vehement assertion for the absence of fact.
Tlie ne;   result of their efforts, so
fat- as intelligent readers are concern-
.1. is a demonstration of their inabili-
:     ���<)   defend   the  absurd   aggregation
-c(.,p-,nionly known as the McBrlde Government.    Of coin's., thej can bespat-
tei   ii   with   fulsome   praise;   equally
of course they can refuse to see any
force   in   Opposition   criticism.     Bul
in elligenl   people nalurally   ask  why
thej refuse I . til." up an 1 refute Op-
.,>:i argument; v\hy  the;,  negleci
t,,  demonstrate   by  citation  of  facts,
;      soun Iness .,;' tbe McBride policy.
Ti.e local organ  might  explain, for
tuple (either I efore or after taking
....  of   Pe-ru-na;   v.-..   venture   no
��� ion as to :hat 1, how it happens
tha   it.- idolized j.':���... the Hon. Rich-
..��� i McBride, toid ln'.s political friends
In :.'.   .'   a   meeting ll ���! I  r.  month ago,
that   he  had   refui "I   :..  aci epl   at  Ot
tM'.a.  a  proposal   which  as a  mattei
<:'' f'( e lie had  a.'-op'e 1  -that  lie had
������, I ''. ; . appro;..' >.: a  resolution 1' ir
.  il    . as a   n.i",���'   ol   fact,  he  ha 1
...: ',1
And when i' li is wipe i off thi
slighl spots from die face of die sun
; ,vo; ships, i' mlghl add a word or
��� 1 of Inform ition as to i's reason
1'. warding the official account nf the
on ma conference, which it profes-
si d to print in full, i.ut from which
it   omitted  this:
"Moved by Hon. Mr. Murray, sec-
orded by Hon. Mr. Weir, That in the
cpinion of the conference it is inadvisable that the claim in the way of
subsidies of any Province be referred
to arbitration.
"The conference dividing upon this
question, the names of the Provinces
were taken down as follows:
"Contents ��� Ontario, Quebec, Nova
Scotia,    New   Brunswick.    Princi  Edward  Island, Manitoba. Saskatchewan,
Alberta (8).
"Non-content���British   Columbia (1).
"So it passed in the affirmative."
Let  us call  its attention  to the cu-.
rloua coincidence that thc garbling of
the official account, a.- above, prepared the way for just such an attitude
a:; Mr. McBride assumed on the occa-
. am   referred  lo.
The announcement that the
i.s  to  complete   hei'   work   mi  a    ^,,   ���,LU   mi
ville  bar is gratifying.     Before  leav-   thanks to the speakers and chai
ing  Ottawa.   Mi'.   Kennedy,  M.P.,   put   The  attention   was excellent and  th
tiie   facts  of   the   case   very   strongly   applause was very evenly divided,
before   tbe   Minister,   and   on   Fridaj   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
last,   he   interviewed   Mr.   Keefer   on
the   subject.      Once   in   a   dog's age, 1
tliere   is   enough   running   ice  in   the
river to interfere with the woo'k of the
dredge,  and  should such  a condition
occur  this year,   the   boat   may go  to
Victoria.      We   understand    that   Mi-
Kennedy  has  urged   the employment
Tii:- is 'o give notii e tha' I. Cry' iln
.lohn Watts, master of the ship
Chelmsford, will no' be responsible
for any debts which may l.e contract
ed by the meml,ers of my crew during rh" time the ship is loading at
this port.        Signed,
JOHN WATTS. Ca] '   ���
City Electric Works
Opposite Tram Office
of a  double crew on   the   Ire 1.
allow of continuous work.
;e,   t.
The application of R. Dickie of Vancouver, for a record on Salmon creek
of inn Inches, came up before watei'
commissioner C. ('. Fisher on Saturday forenoon and was remanded until .lan. S. There wer... objections
made to the granting ..;' di., application from residents of 'lie district,
which have to he further ens; ier.-1.
FRIDAY, January 4th
The notable Kirke La Shelle produc- !
tion  of   Paul   Armstrong's   delightful  \
i American Comedy��� 1
The Heir To j
The   lioorah j
Direction of The Kirke La Shelle        ,
For electric signs, dynamos, moto .
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, bells, batteries, wire and cables of all kin Is
and size-.. House wiring. Motor Installing a specialty. All kinds of re
paira promptly attended to,
J_ DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
����������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������HfH
1 Gilley Bros. I
We wish to call the attention of the (Brick    ���
using) public to our new and J
varied stoek'of {
From the Vancouver Fire Cla;
Clay burn, B. C.
('"..at     .
��� ������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������HM4WKI
��; :o:����x����K��:<����>mm(|
wi I il
The    following appointments    in GUY     BATES      POST
the flre    brigade    departmenl    were andan especially well-baianced company
���, .r]r al  the last   meeting of the city 	
council   In     committee:     Captain   F.      Seats now cn  sal., al   Ryall's  Drug
Eastman,  transferred   from  Xo.  i   to Store.
N'o, 2 hall;   Roy   l..   Young,  promoted      -, ��� _._.,_...���.   .-    -���        , ���~
Prices���$\o0.$1.00. 7-C  .0c and 2_c.
,   i aptaincy  oi   No.   i   hall;   Geoi -���
;  Di nald and i iharles Dickins in, ap-
; ointed   to All   I a ,   \ acan        ,iti in
The appointment -  take eft'e i     unor-
: ,.'. morning,
"Swearing   off"   bad   hal : -  will  be
all   the   rage    to morrow,     Swi u ;.
hard  will be the pr ictl   ��� those
Clu Istmas bills come aro in I,
TEACHERS WANTED���V       for New
Westminster < lenl ral S ' iol, one for
primal')   work.    Appli. ition
.. i until no ui oi Jan m      Ith,  red.
it   1.1..\'.\'IK. Secret
,-,d 252
Columbia si reet, conl lining monej
Owner can have .- ime bj proving
propertj and paying for this advertisement. Mr. H iber! Wa' _ in,
126 Agnes Streei, between 6 and 7
p.m. ld-252
LOST���Satle fur collar between Four h
Avenue and Ash Street, or Fourth
Avenue and Tenth Street, Finder
kindly return to Daily N'ew-, Office.
WANTED���Married couple desire furnished rooms for light housekeeping
or board and rooms In private tarn
ily.     Apply H. this office.
Low ney's
Shaving Outfits
Etc., etc.
New Westminster's
JT is with sincere gratitude that J. H. TODD
thanks the many, many people of New Westminster and district who have so strongly supported him in the past,
In the early part of the year another piano
busmes was absorbed, and although the change
necessitated taking double the floor space, the
result has been more than justified
In accepting the agency of such well-known
rianos as
The New Scale Williams, the Morris,
the Dominion, and the Nordheimer,
By Optician
Mr. Todd has a selection that can not be surpassed by any house in British Columbia, and
many homes have had a brighter Xmas by
reason of their perfect tones
JOB   PRINTING  of  every   description
done in lowest rates, .t the Arrow
Press. Satisfaction guaranteed,
Office; Daily New.- lil ick, .MRS,
DOMINY,  Prop	
F. CRAKE l A HAPPYa^ prosperous new year
'   to One and Aii is the Heartfelt Wish of
Columbian   and  Its fellow or-
MR. HARRY DAVIS, Baritone, will receive pupil:.. Les .'in - in the art of
Blnglng and voice production. 321
Columbia Street,
English Watchmaker
Two   daors   from   Geo   Adams,   Grocer
l.iii'i. ���' Cr        Wali-he    from  J12.75 Up
Gentlemen's  Silver   Watches,    .(ien
face, ffi 00
Gentlemen's .'liver  Watches, double
case, ,''7 .*,'i UP
A;."!.! for the celebrated South Bend
Watc),, . i<: lied to the Wellman Arc
tic Expedition.   All warranted.
Chains, Rii gs, Jewelry, etc.
Watch repairing   charge  rea onal '<���.
\_ New Westminster's Music House  J .'/���
(DAY, DEC. 31.  1905.
5 1
��� r- rr."
a e
for 95c
fyVednesday, Jan. 2nd, 1907
Hundreds of garments have been received and
kit in stock during the past four days; bought under
(ery favorable circumstances, so favorable, indeed.
lat we can offer you high-grade garments at ex-
jedingly moderate prices.
Every white garment in stock, including Blouses,
p_irts, Drawers, Chemise, Corset Covers and Aprons
nil have a special price.
Corset Cover.-, of cotton, cambric  ar..!  ion^cloth;   well marie arid
Itractively trimmed: worth I--1 to 1-3 m ir j.   Jan _ary sale, 25c, 35 c <& 5 Ic
White Skirts, 'it* medium and heavy longcloth and cambric;  values
to 1-3 more.   January sale  95c, 1.10, 1.45, 1.75
Ladies' Drawers, of white cambric; values 1-5 to 1-4 more.   Janu-
.....       25c. 35c, 50c, fiOc
Ladies' Blouses, of lawn ar.d muslin, trimmed with row after row
insertion and tuck..; worth the price asked; 1-:1 to 1-2 more than Jan-
3- .   .    75c, LOO, 1.25, 1.95
i      ..-���":     '.'.    ���. pi.-.afore.-: .January sale price    25c, 35c, 50c, 75c
Ladies' White Lawn Aprons: January sale price
The Daily Details
This * ���   a :.      .-   i i
iii    the    Que aven ie    Mel i
churc ��� :..    and   n   11
. Clock   ' :������      ...        ....      ..'.. '
���'���: ,i".   H :. lid  to   which   all    ���    '
Special Ne_ 5fear' i Da ite will
be in force on the B.C.E.R inl i ian
line trom toda until Wednesday evening. 'I a.- companj anticipates an extra heav; ' .ri,, ,<������ ween the two
������   It    during 'he next few  dtj
The   Baptis    i mng  People.-   I a in
will  hold   .  song   ie ��� ice  an I   ��������� i ���
a the i lasa room o   I i
church   this evening,   commen In     i
��� .. cloc       A       ���' a ,���       if 1      Unio
frien       i irdla -.   . ,
. ' en I, a ��� ���        ma      ....
giammi    .. arrai
.   .��� ���    i white vei
vei   and i      ind  wh tather
. ,. Iroop       iquet i
...    pink carnations.
oung co;       ���.    ..... show-
ired with presents, many being senl
iioiii friends in Toronto, Ottawa. Montreal and Manitoba \nrmj them
war. a ha nd.som.. clock from the
bride's Sunday school class, und the
articles receive 1 represent all the ne
cessaries of a househol I from a broom
; ��� elegant silvern ire for tbe table.
Lee's Furniture Emporium
For Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Pictures and Framing,
Couches, Parlor Goods, Rattan Goods.
LEES     Furniture      Emporium
Dupont Block New Westminster Tel. 73
in Knox ohurch  Sapper on   on Saturday  evening, Dec  J'.'.  1906, at ';:::"
���    th ���  Rei   I) mal I  MacKenzie
T   Bennett Green  M.D . CM., resident
���.   del hi at  LHI > tel   I i  Mai    Soane
I   laug        ���    M      .!. is. Kenned
trln     ':.
_ ��� .
;. :
.    total    : .
. . i,.'   thi     lasi   twe
.. j
���-      i ���
.....     i
. '    Leem ng, a  sec
,        > E.R. con
..-'��� be han I ye - '
I afterno in  . hlle working ar
:     '     '. lUg'h    .en,.-ii   ������'��� .i
I be tracks 3 - ie -I in The Injui ��� I
membei   ,���., mded an I    -\1".
l.�� emlng etired from work for I ie
remainder  ol   'lit- day.     He   wil
to resume   his   dul ie    in   a d iy
01   so
Chief Wai - in :.   on the look- ml for
be Irlvei ol .. team ol mules attached
to a  rm-..:-.  wl .  wllfullj   drove over
the ::���������     ��� .:.,       ...-'��� during the pro-
, esterdaj   ifternoon.
T  ��� id      for severe    en iltj
for anyone who drives a vehicle over
the hose, and as the chief ha.- ., prettj
clear idea who The gulltj part; is, it.
I- likely thai the action will have i
; olice court   sequel.
The  land   is   being   rapidly  cleared
I  r  thi     ." p to.-:  i Dili ge gymnasium.
t lid stumps v. hich date back to bi I n
N'ew Westmlnstei   was, are being dug
out  and aa  so in  as  these diffii ultie
bave been remove I I be worli ol excavating  f c  the   plunge  will   be      >:i
menced.    The  managemenl   bas    decided i    compleb   the hath rlgh.1   iwa.
to sai    : be expen se ol dolnj   I
,   later undei   less    a��� o  ...
Lol    :  am
I, Bloi
i;.   Eas ei
.\ ������>.'. \\ .���- tninste
A   i ������:":;.. ��� Indefeasible
.   the   ibovi    .   .,.��� ���: :   be issue I
to   W illiani Campbell,  Matild    I ..
in I   E   ��� im ibe    oi   thi
i -���   da     .    Pebrua       1907,  unless in
��� ii   meantime  i  valid objection then
to li" made to me i�� w rii in ;        i pe
-.rn  oi   persons claiming an estate or
interes   thereli u      ai    there
District  Registrar of Titles.
Land  Reglstrj   Office,
New Westminster, B. ('.. December
24, 1906.
The person or persons having in
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to the said
frroperty are requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
October 17. 1889, Augustus Lund-
bom to Donald McGillivray, Conveyance in fee of part, of Lots ;; and 4.
March 2, ISSU. Peter Monetta to Augustus Lundbom, Conveyance of part
of Lot 3.
337   Hastings   Street,   W.,   Vancouver.
B. C.
Rapid, Easy Grinders
Three   sizes,���8,   10  and   12-inch
plates.   Also bagging attachments
for same.
A full line of Pulpers, Slicers, Hay and
Ensilage Cutters.
T. J.  TRAPP & CO,
Carruthers Manufacturing Com'y.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
T.   ii.   Raymer,  a  logger who
i een wor li       _ Denman Is] in I
he pasl sea ion was in i hi
s. ti   .:,.        He     states   thai   thi   ������
acti. the logging i i
; I.,   islan I and     numbe    d vn-.  ni
in   operating in .l: fe ��� ���,
Thi   I   i   .'   Is no   ���',. ���   |arg
but  It is ��� the     .1       her
very  littl.        nderbrush v hli h  n
tho  wor_ ���     '���        ,.  : ,
n the islai >J
af  NEW   YEAR'S
Clothing for Men
p J       Milk Chocolate,
I   AW/!!!   5   Croquettes, Wafers,
VV TT till  kJ   Cakes. Medallions,Etc.
Cowan's Cream Wars
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in  All ((inds nf
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,    Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     I urned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
wee .      ���    ,
in i ...   ���,
G -een���Lloyd.
Km ircl     Sb
. . , . ���,.,: .     .. .
Sat ii ' ivhen       B. i
( .    ���'
| Ml      >: 5. Ll
'���,   .
... ' ly bonds o. m il
In   n;   ' i'  '      :'
..'���.li'- n beau
���   ��� ���
������ ii
eomi '.
-lust  sucl*. as a careful man will appreciate selecting his new clothes  from.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
T'-leph&ne  12.
Now Westminster
��� ���    nn
the     ���
i-i ni..ir      T! .��� seal Ins a      mil
��� , ; hurch wai taxed I i tin   ti rn i
��� ri ge   inmb ���   of i       i    ipl
i resent,
When I    tla enter       '
Ice, thi    briili
thi   ai mi ..i hei step I    he ' K n
ne ly,   Ml', H.  M. " ol
,       ,    :        .' ,, i    .���    ...     ���
; ,'��� h,   nfti :���   which   tb
i ���. mn   i  '    ':"' we Irlii ������   h	
Viatel !   : ��� ��� ". "i Vani icted a    >J
.    nnld,   while Qeoi'i ���     ...  en, o��
Gl   ,   , ,,: favm, Manitoba  a isi te ; the
! .-,.        heal  man,     Me i enr;
m        ���.. and ileorge McKee ai ted
rhe   conclusion    n;'    the
,..'������  service  was  announced  by
.  forth    of    Mendelssohn's
. . i    .      march,  Mr.    Lloyd    I eing
the organ.
I i..   i ri le was   dressed  in   a   sofl
ivi.")   i engaltne,  over silk,
,. ;��� M       j  i,c of embroldere i   i hlffon,
��. i nr mother of pearl, and
eri       .,   duchesse point lace,    Sho
i |      droop I ounuet of exquisite
.,:.     The   I rl lesm&id  was
detail of style, fit and finis!.
terns to choose from.
Serges.   Absolutely faultless in every
Hundreds of the season's richest pat-
MAGNIFICENT OVERCOArs, a grand display.   Tweeds in all their richness and
elegance; Meltons, blue and black; and all other popular fabrics
DRESS SUITS.   Finest material, perfect fit, models of excellent workmanship.
Smoking Jackets, Dressing Gowns, Fancy Vests, Mufflers, Neckties, Umbrellas
Everything a man needs.
Get the habit, and go to
The Wardrobe Clothier
oatS mt
Tenders for a  License to Cut Timber
en   Dominion   Lands   in   the   Province   of   Brit;sh  Columbia.
SEALED  TENDERS addressed    to
the Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
Department of the Interior. ;ind marked en the envi lope "Tender for Timber Berth No. 505." will be received
.it ihi. Department until noon on Wednesday, tl". 23rd day of January, 1907,
for a license to cut  timber on Berth
No.  505,  situate  In  the  Province of
British Columbia, ;yid comprising five
Blocks described  as follows: ���
Block 1. Commencing ai a posi
planted en and aboul one-half mile
from the mouth of an unnamed Creek
which enters Suicide or Silver Creek
from a North Westerly direction at a
distance of about five and one-half
miles North from the Southern boundary <>f Township 21, East of the Coast
Meridian; thence up the said unnamed
Creek a distance of three miles, in
direct distance with a depth of three-
fourths ��i a mile on each side ihere.if.
measure I al right angles to the gen-
. ral Imv: ini. of said Creek within the
block, containing an area of 2880
acres, more or less, but nol to inter-
���i re with Timber BerthB ran and 504,
also excluding an;, lands which may
! t settli I on
Block 2. Commencing at a pus;
planted on and ahout half a mile from
tbe mouth of the Westerly branch of
Suicide Creek on the rear boundary
(i Timbei Berth No. ran (said Westerly branch joins the said Creek from
a North Westerly direction al a point
about ten miles North from the Southerly boundary of Township 21, East of
the Const Meridian); ihence up said
Westerly branch three miles in direct
distance, with a depth of one mile on
iln Northerly side thereof, measured
a' right angles to the general bearing
of Creek within the block, the lower
<>: Easterly boundary to be drawn
due Norlh from starting point. Also
a piece on t.bt Southerly side of said
Westerlj branch commencing al same
.stinting point and running up stream
two miles, with a depth of half a mile
on said Southerly side, measnred on
same hearing as portion North of
Creek, the lower or Easterly bound-
: .;���' to he the rear boundary of Timber
Berth 501, the whole containing an
area of 2560 acres, more or less.
Block 3. Commencing at the same
starting point as Block '1: ihence
North Easterly following the North
Westerly boundary of Timber Berths
501 and 502, a distance of two miles,
more or less to a point half a mile
East of first unnamed Creek; thence
Northerly and parallel to said unnamed Creek, a distance of one mile;
thence South-Westerly parallel to the
said North Westerly boundary of Timber Berths 501 and 502 a distance uf
two and one-half miles, more or less,
to the Easterly boundary of Block 2,
or saiiii. produced Northerly: thence
S.i utherly along the said Easterly
boundary of Block 2 or the same produced, to point of commencement, containing an area of 1440 acres, more or
Block 4. Commencing al a post
planted on and about one mile from
the mouth of an unnamed Creek en-
tering Suicide Creek from an Easterly
direction at a point situated about
nine miles North from the Southerly-
boundary oi Township 21, East of the
Coast Meridian, said post being on the
reai boundary of Berth 501; thence up
' i unnamed Creek one mile in direct distance, with a depth of one-half
die i -i each side thereof, measured
: u'gli; angles, to the general healing
of said Creek within the block, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Block .". Commencing at a . osl
i inted on and a'-,on; one mile from
Uie nr ith of an unname I Creek, entering Suicide (':. ������:-. from an Easterij
���' ecti m al n poini situated aboul six
and , ::��� ball I - N'i th from the
S ��� . boun li ��� of Township 21,
'to" ' ��� : Ihe ''���' ,'���' ; Pan; thi ni
to.:'! ini med Cn ; a dl lance of enc
an ! one half mill - In direct distance,
ii .ii:' mile on each
. ��� thereof, nn as ired al rlghl ai
to tin genera bi Ing ol ��� ild Cn ek
within the bloi . i xclu ling thi refrom
I ortion of '. Inibei Berths 501 an I
;" ��� "-to !: may fall within the same.
containing an . ree of 9G0 acres, more
or less.
This berth mist be surveyed within
one .,�� ai from the date of the notice
awarding the berth,
'ii" regulations nnd..,' which a license will be issued, also printed
forms of lend' r and envelope, may be
obtained at this Departmenl or at the
offlci of the Crown Timber Agent al
New Westminster.
Each tender must be accompanied
l>.\ an accepted checque on a chartered bank ln favour of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, for the
amounl of the bonus whicli the appll-
ci nl is prepared to pay for a license.
No f ml",' bj lelej raph will be en-
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, December 13th, 1906,
Humor and Philosophy
lit.  not an awkward . . heolboy.
He's nol a bashful lad.
No: he's a man of forty
And wvcral  llmrs a dad,
Iiut br Is dazed and tongue tied,
HIb words all out of reach
Aud for tbe tir. t lime trying
To maki   u public speech.
lt Beemed a simple matter
For him to do the part
When he was In bis study
And learning lt by heart.
Now, meeting friend, and neighbor.
In public face to face.
Ue wishes that an earthquake
Would swallow up the place.
He stammers,  and he stutters:
He fumbles at  his coat;
A lump much like a football
Arises In his throat:
His knees begin to wabble;
His voice begins to fall.
He'd rather take a licking
(lr forty days In Jail.
Though large and fat and husky
And feeling tit to fight,
He cannot face the music
An.l in il take il. light.
He know, If he sun Ives !t
T.   brave thosi   I...mil. ss men
Thai money  wouldn't  hire him
To try the thing again.
College H.zmg.
A man wh,. is fifty eight years old.
has rheumatism In his left leg and no
hair on the top of his head, eun hardly
see what pleasure there is to be extracted from such rough house play as
Willi a boy it is different, Having
a few surplus quarts of animal spirits
to work off. it seems to bim like the
rarest sport on earth to paint green
stripes on a fellow mortal and stand
him on his ear to dry.
The professors may sit lu Imposing
conclave around a table, with theii
spectacles nicely adjusted nnd solemn
ly abolish hazing, but tbe chances fur
it to stay abolished more than a day
aud a half are not good.
In plain l'nited States the boy is a
savage, and the harder you make it
for him the more pure joy he will find
In working at that trade.
is not needed to sell Westminster Real Estate. Prices speak for
themselves. Common sense only is necessary. Westminster prop.
erty will become as valuable as in any other city of the Dominion
Some of us will wake up, in 1910, and find that we are rich; and
simply because we bought some of the snaps offered by McQuarrie
& Co. in 1906.   Procrastination is the thief of time.
Exclusive Sale
5 acres on 6th St., just
off city  limits.    $1,100,
easy terms. Fine property for subdivision or
market gardening, chicken
ranch or small fruit farm.
One acre back of the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
House on Brantford St.,
rents $15 per month. Will
sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bai. easy.
Snap in Lots.
Three  lots, less   16  feet, corner of
Sixth stn et and Fifth avenue,    .ins:
fi.ooc. terms easj
Full si/.e.i let < n  Ri gina street, r.t'.x
12, la.t  10, Sul'. i Lot 8. Price $150.
Vi ani  lots for safe
the city, from $25.00 I
In all parte of
, $3,000
House and 11 feet on
Columbia -St. A snap at
Fitting Tune.
May   and   December
were   married   on.
Sintt heigh!
Yen;  Ihey were married, were   married
Sing dough!
100 aires. Westminster district, 4"
acres under cultivation, lo acres or-
chard, :U acre strawberries planted
this yeai': alder bottom land: running
spring; house Is x 22; frame barn 30
x sys: 14-post frame house and coa-
stables, three in all, stable 8 cows and
2 span horse.-: near Mission Station;
schools, churches near at band:
steamer lands twice a day; about 100
acres timber, fir and cedar, never beeu
logged: $2,000 refused for standing
iimber; carriage bouse 16 x 24; ben
house made of hewed timber laid in
mortar. U x 30. A chance of a lifetime, $8,000, $4,000 cash, balance at tl
per cent.
Double tenement house, 5 rooms In
each house, water, light, full size lot,
between First and Second street.
Fourth avenue, on north side. Price
$1,500. half cash, balance in one year
at 0 per cent.
80 acres, one mile from Abbotsford,
lu acr. - clean d, good soil, 220 fruit
trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
160 acres, I.angle.. 25 undi;;' cultivation; house, barn, sheds, etc. all in
good repair; a snap at $3,000. half
150 ; ������- i in j :i yed land, buildings
and shi ds ,, mpli te, near Cl vei lale;
all undi: iltivation, $15,000. If yo.i
can handle this, don't delay; it's a
bargain; terms can be arranged.
17 lots, lull sized on 6th street, In
Burnaby, East side 100 yards trom
Cliff  ('an   factory.    Price $1,020.
House on Royal and Eighth street,
two Btoreys, seven rooms, full I; .i
lot,  $2,000.
20 ... re docks, fruit landf. ni ar
Junction, $20 i er acre.
480 ai res, Maple Ridge, Si lii ns 28,
29 and 32, Township 9, oni ball prairie, resl brush and some small trees.
Prices; Section 32, $45 per ace; Section 29, $60 per acre; Sectil n 28, $55
per acn. Telephone at Hammond;
telegraph station, I'itt Rivei Bridge.
Tei ins. half cash, balance one and two
years al 7 per cent.  Exclusive agency.
For Quick $a|e
Lots 2,3,4 & 5 in BU
22, corn,    ,; Ro , J
and llth St., nexttoft
works; $1,050 each,
cash, bai. easy. L'
,(il(1 speculation, aboutS
best on offer to-day J
be bought separate ,
en bloc.
ed   i"   ���   i:
Q leei ,..,
| situate,]
If.   up to yea to stop paying rc
Oie hundn
U  Sec.
from   Fi
.. |
'   $10 per a:rs.;
L' on   ���.."....
third easl
Inten  i
Quite a Difference.
"I��on't you see that sign there?'
e<l the irate owner of the fence.
"It says 'Post Xo Hills.' doesn't It?"
"This isn't a bill, man. It s a libera;
education." explained the cheerful man
wbo was busy decorating the laud
s<ape with patent medicine testirao
"The   doctor   advised   him    to   quil
"Did be pay any attention?"
"Well, be had to go light ou  cigars
for a few weeks in order to get monej
to pay for the advice.'"
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end; close to car; 6
large rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 132
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and flowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,500. Terms $600
cash, bai. on mortgage.
Furnished house to rent;
10 rooms; close in; $25 per
Does It Pay?
100 acres, 10 ac. cleared,
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums, cherries. Small
nouse; barn and stable 30x
50; good well; half-mile
from school. Only $1 O
per ac. and terms easy at
]Cu acres good farm land in Delta,
about 3*/j miles from river, near Scott
road, $12 per aire; a real good buy.
160 acres. N.E. \' section IV. township 10, Langley: small house. HO
acres cleared, timber valued $750.
Price $1,500, one-third cash, balance
:it 7 per cent.
ii7 acres, Hornby Ranch, Nickomekl,
house cost $2,500 when built, 20 acres
cleared Price only $3,000, I a If cash,
balance easy.
80 acres of land  near Sutherland's
mill,  in  Surrey;   good   bouse, 6  acres
Cleared;   only $1,000, easy  ���cini-.
Oni   I . [
%     Sei   25,  Town  .,  |i .I
'" m      Abbots] , ...:   ^j
'������:������ igh, . t'.o_4|
to   l e  $600  ���-��� rth ��� ��� I
I''   '$10 per acre, i,a |
bi  anci  on tin.
Business Opportunity
Bakery and Confectionery business for sale, i
splendid opportunity for
good man. Shop, "house
and stable rents for $
Lease, $700 cash fe
Just a Friend.
"He is Borrowing over the loss of a
"Was it a blood relation?"
Food For the Furnace.
"He has fallen heir to a million."
"All I can say is that I am sorry foi
the million."
Be Sociable.
House and lot, 50 x 133, back of
brewery, facing Columbia St. Rents
for $24.00 per month. Price $1,200.
half cash, balance in six months.
Vou cannot possibly get a higher percentage for your money than .14 per
160 acres in Surrey. 5 acres cleared,
fenced on road side, $1,800, half cash,
balance on time al 6 per cent., subject to sale of timber.
Three   full-sized    lots,  cleared   and
fenced, close to ca;;  comer of Fourth
avenue and Third street; a good specu.
lation;  five minuti - from posi  offli ���
51.800; easj  terms.
ments, hue
streel   and
house, all mod.
location, corner
Agnes,    $5,000,
'1 hnve trouble
'1 .. get (heui i
of my own."
. 1 listen to mine."
but fashion calls tbi
Lot   N'o.   io.   full    size,   on   Acnes
sti t. all  ch ared and fenced, ready
for building;   a real  good speculation
for $600.    Half h i  .','. .  7. $250.
IGO acre- on the .-' . *' ri ad, 15 acres
clean I;   barn   50 x 30;  stables, etc.;
splendid soil; only $30 pi i acre, $ 1.	
cash, bai  n i   ���
Between Fifth and Sixth avi nuei.
near Seventh street, eighl rooms, .11
modern, stabli and chicken house, full
sizi d   lot,  two   storeys, Ji. i cash,
Part of lot 369, joins Lake Comraur,
about Tu acres, only $_. per acre.
Half cash.    Jump.
HO acres pood fruit land in Surrey;
can be boughl now for $25 per acre,
only one-quarter cash needed, balance
in one or two .'���������ars at  7 per cent
64   acn -���   In   Pitt    Meadows, only
1 $35 per acre.    Cine third cash, balance
..'  6  per i ent.
House an i i 'j lots, 5 room-, price
$1,375. half cash, balance to be arrang-
" i at 6 | er cent.; Alice, street.
House, 10 rooms, iu lots, near
Fourth avenue and Seventh street,
$2,000.   Terms can be arrange.I.
���lames Inlet, three square miles, at
$6.00 per acre, half "ash. balance ea iy,
-\ comfortabl
a Improve-
( 1  Fourth
one    half
���aud    good
Eighl roomed house . all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon street and
Sixth street, two storeys, $3,750.
House and lot on Agnes Btreet, two
storeys, seven rooms; a real snap at
Large   lot   and   two COttagi
lumbla street, Sapperton.
al $10 eacb,
COttagi s and two
opposite Queen's
Ten acre-  In L ' I.    mi i.
of Westminster Junction, Al Ml
lly cleare I.   $30 per acre.
Two storied I . ��� 7 rooms ...
st wer conni one all modem I
provemeni -1 len lid lo ���.'.'; li*
Terms ai i inj ��� d
1 14-store. ���    sli -���, "��� ;'���������
$C00, easj  tern -��� ';
trail) located
House.   ,.    .        . '   i . '      ' |
Six'!,  strei '.  one     I   tn   ���' ���
rooms, $2,500. 1...
Boai ling house, ' ro :..- onSHj
street, om hi. k from - '":*
rentf al . li a ith ' "' ���������
Seven.- bouse, Sei nthatrtj
near   Fifth  avi a ii   '���������  -' ;' ' '-
Both rented ! gi^ |otj $1.600.
Hous,..   ��� ::.-��� OH St 0b*
street,   con       Fourth,  $48*1 *
on  Co
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
One and a  half lots. Sappl rton, just
i off Columbia streel and Brunette, only
$1,000.   Terms to be arranged.
160 acres, all fenced, readj for cultivation, good wai'-r, half mile from
school, at   Chilliwack, $75  per acre.
135 acres, one mile from Huntingdon, H.c . 7n acres In grass. 15 acres
drained and fenced; house and barn
cosl $2,500; good mad along one side;
iui'" $50 per acre, half cash, balance
to lit purchaser at 6 per cent Rea-
| son for selling, the owner's wife is In
bad health, and has to go to a cold
lots on First
,,, 11       p| l(.(.   terms.
House    full   sized    I, o�� IW
Sa i] ��� rton;  rents foi I   ' |
Onlj $1,050.
lust Look!
80 acres in Matsqui Municipality,  4-room hoi&,
chicken house;  one a
cleared: good well, W
water. $l,OO0.
of a lifetime.
���s and in ai re blocks In Surrey, thr
miles  lioin the river, $10 per acre.
160 a, " -
tei ins;     fruit    1
in acn    m ai
��� 1
llll :' I
'    ���
A  strong heart doesn t  stand  much
chance   of   s;n -s    when    inatcbe
against the strong arm process.
Most of us have lots of friends whi
don't work nt their job very much,
Nothing looks so
lis tu "lit v three.
much like 30 cents
A present joy is worth a tbousam
past sorrows or future tips.
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokers
A8ents for Employer.' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
Bank of Montreal
Advice to be desirable needs to
paid for and well advertised,
Exclusive people may
acquaintances, but most
believe it.
Incorporated   hy   act   ol   parliament
CAPITAL  (ALL paid  up)  	
be desiral.lt
of  us don'l
When love making is a man's
ness lie's no business man.
Hon. Lord Strathcona an'
Hon.   Sir   G.   A
E. S. Clouston, .
..Vice Pres idem
Mount   Royal,    Q.   C.   M.
   Honorary President
:1   General  Manager.
BRYSON  hafi
ill ot
Putting your shoulder to tbe wheel
is recommended as a cure for wheels
ln the head.
A uiiiii who tau build a pair of
���hoes Is of more accotmt UMtn tbe mar
who simply can write u sonnfj to the
feet tbat wear them.
General banking business transacted.
Branches ln all the principal cities In  Canada, In London   Eng   New
Fork, Chicago, and St. John's NM., and correspondents in all parts of tbe
G. D. BRYMNER, Agent.
now dissolved partnership, the business     '
carried on as heretofore by BRYSON^0'
Hardware, Ranges, Stoves, *inU), \
- Graniteware and Enamel ^����
BRYSON & SONS, columbia bt
:'      t'>'v- MONDAY. DEC. 31. 1906.
F1SIDE  ��   EDM0ND8,   Harris
Brs and solicitors, Blackie Blk.
ia   street,   New   Westminster.
��� Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
The Dominion Trust Company
J. P. HAMPTON' BOLE, solicl-
r of the supreme court. Offices
[ian   Bank   of   Commerce   build
Columbia   street,   opposite   post
New  Westminster.    Money  tn
barristers, solid'ors, etc.        Of
���    New Westmin.-'er, Trapp Blk.,
Clarkson   and   Lorne   streets.
juver, rooms 21 to 24, 445 Gran-
Btreet.   Joseph Martin, K. C, ...
f"Weait,  W.   ti.   McQuarrie.   H.   A
ie.    Mr. Martin will   be  in th3
inster offices every Friday af
The following Valuable RESIDENTIAL
fAY,  REID  &   BOWES,   Barris
_ters,   solicitors,   etc.,   42    Lorne
Mggt,   "' posi--    ('���::'.    Il'i'is-',   New
K.:iiHter.    A. Whe^ller, P.O.  Box
The Finest Selection of VACANT LOTS
in the City of New Westminster
P.G_" E. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Colum
id McKenzie streets, New West
IT, B. C.
ERS GRAY. Barristi   . Solicitor
find Not Lry Pu ce since
1891 at New Westminster, B.C. Of-
remove I to Curtis Block, Clark-
Btri et, oj poslte Court ll ms i,
B ix 169.   Telei hone 64.
^D OF TRADE.���New   Westmln-
Board  of Trade  meets  in  the
.' Room, City Hall, as follows:
on' Wednesday of each montb,
r'.h.ly meetings on the second
Inesday     of      February,     May,
,tist  and  November, at 8   p.  ni.
iuai meetings    on    the    second
Inesday     of      Fei.ruary.      New
��� ers   may   be    proposed    and
���-1 at any monthly or quarterly
:��g.   A. E. Whi'e. Sec.
N LODGE NO. 9, A. F. A A. M.
hf> regn r a eeting of thi.
i- 1 on the First Wednesday ii,
ich month., at s lock p n... it
Masonic Temple. Sojourning
hren are cordiall. Invited to at
|.       Dr.   W.   A.   DeWolf  Smith
.  SOLOMON   LODGE, *"0. 17, A.
��_   k.  M.���Regular  conimunica-
n     ' this lodge are held on thp
oi I   Tuesday   In  eac'i   month  in
8   :..     ".-:..' le,   ���'   ��� m      V iii
-���-���������hren   -ire    :0KdialIy   invited
������a' end.    D. V,'. trir.. Sec.
Pp.   '.'���    K.   of   I
:  Fri lay of ea h  month, at i
.   in   brange        I,   corner   ol
Ro: il avenue and   lohn street.    So
.".to?  Sir  Knights   cordlallj    In
���i to attend.     W.  E. Dunlop,  W
E. E. Matthias, Reg.
leeta  in  Orange   hall   first  and
It;..-; Friday In each month ar S  p
Im.    Visiting I      hren
fir ted to attend. '.'.. E. Matthias
M., J. Humphries, Rec.-3ec.
(0. O. F.���AMITY LODGE. No. 27���
[The regular meetings of this lodsre
[are held In Oddfellows' hall, Colum-
[bia street, every Monday evening,
Vis ting brethren cor
:   A. P. If alia
- n.G ��� ��� ���      Rec  Sec
0. U. W.���FRAcjER  LODGE  No. I
I���Me. ting and third Tues
is. r     [n    eai b ���        Visiting
thren cord I ted to a tend
d dge  ��� > ' . hall, Odd
I iws'     loc. a   street,  0
".., Louis wm
it.       -   .
��1      "ONS   OF   ENGLAND,  B   S.���
Re Second and
Pou        i . each n rmth
In K     |p. h ibia St., al
s p. m., Wl Fourth
W ednesda      li onl... - ime
time and  ��� ng Bi ��� Ihren
cordial:. .,   p.   gtlnch
combr, Prc^.. h, Secretary
...     144 acn      ea     side    I  Sco
,ii  , . . .���  P. miles from S'ew V, ���   I
min-' sr.    Price $2,200.
208���24 icres in So: h V
, i.. ������    have    ��� ��� ���      -���-���������  aud
burned; fr ime ol b ��� .> rtl iboul
$200; ibou 2 miles from New Wesl
minstei.    Pi I se $600: ��� ������ cash, b ilance
in   ' ���:���::.-   tO   SUil        I     '.a - ' ,
209��� Surrej ; 690 acres; very fair
toil; llvi led Into 10 acres lots: two
of the lots trom. on Scott road; will
make excellent fruit or poultry farm:
near market; 3% miles from city.
Pri ���' $15 per acre; easy terms to
p irties improving.
212���160 acres in Surrey; this land
fron' 3 on the Scott road and is five
miles from S. Westminster; there are
some 40 acres of fairly good land on
east end of lot; while the pile timber
:- valuable on the balance, and is not
subject to royalty for stumpage, this
being one of the old C.G.'s. Reason-
aide terms.
215���40 acres; unimproved; U mile
luck from Scotl road; good soil; will
mak   a good cheap home I Ighl
m i:i      I'.'    010 per acre.
21 1���504 acres; Surrey; eighl mi
trom town; there Is a commodious
dwelling house and barn on this pro-
perl . - ime 15 or 20 acres have been
improved; orchard, etc.; splendidly
... ated; - iveral fine springs of water
1   ��� iss the land;   the Serpentine
i-i   immediately  adjoining;   the
ile   tract   constitutes  the  making
it on i of I he fines!   stock an 1  dairy
: -   :.  the  province;  nearly all level  bottom  land   and  readily  broughl
ral lon .   ea silj   cleare 1.   and
.i   ���:    reel time I   would   sell    readily
{100 | -..'   icre.    Price as 11  stands
$40   oer   acre:   Immediate  possession.
. 1���16 '  a< res;   no   Improvements;
i .��� i  about   five   miles   fi im   N'ew
Wesl ninster and  l'_ miles from Mud
ti , $13  per  acre.
100    160   icres.     $1.603, on  reason-
...   terms;   practical!.    ...     ..��� irove-
:.--v.    r illroad   i in -   i lose   to
'������ - .        irty.
I i2    110 ai res;  11/_ mlh s from New
ter,      Offer  wanted.
4ui    : ������.   acre -;   all   under   cult!\ a
:.   ,   house   and   barn;   everj
I hing in   fii Jl   cl i --  condition     Prici
$125  per  acre.
105    160 acre-;   .",  miles   from   New
���   ter ami 1 :_ miles from Mud
Bay. Offers  Wanted.
501    10  i  : ���   .   lhis land    - bII lated
ne i    Poln    Robi ris  In  Delta   munici
: iinlniprovi il      iod   oil    I Imlv -
laud ,       ��� I   i.   (Vis mile ��� " mi  i. id
nei      i, .��� Ilng;   will make nice   plai e
iver]       l'i leo  $10   per   acre
1 i   ���.���        .in....  can  he in i anged  to
Blllt,       il! "       I        I, ���     j ,    PHI
71!)    Ken ilngton Pi nli le;  160 ai res;
place fi onl i on  Ihe i 'Liver Ya!
rouil    good    nil, i i j   broughl in;
nc,,   .      ���,,   ie.   hul    land    [b
open .   :: I   p i ���' ui,.. this  i -   a
...   i menl  foi  n prai lea!  n ui
I'          $'HI   per   acre;    let I ���   I nil
in      mei
hall,  ���������   ���       ..      ,,';,���.
G.N i;   l mile, eti   P l<
���Meets he I ., viday In the
mor.th   al ,,   the   bmall
hilt,   Oddfe Visiting
'.-���nd.     r. II   f
Maxwell, R
'   I*-.  K. f>
rOURT ROYAL C " '   A   No. CSOts
a. o.  *r. .    meetings ,���
Ll .'.  ' ��� I   I !:"   Sei    ���.
md Fonrth I            ��� ich i
it 8 '.,. <   ���
'���'. -.".,'. . ( ordial,      i
vited '��� V.. ".. Fi rth, C, I:
1*'.  P   M ,..',
HE  ROYAL  TEMP    ' ������*;  OF   TEM
PE PA NO". Wed'.
8 . hlfellowa
��� it,     Visiting
,   Ited to al
ft. Rtot.,
I 'I      IL       I".,     I'I     ll        ' .     '        	
th i   n,., ���   excellenl   pi ��p i I li n
fii ,      i mil     ��� pi |t   vegi   il le   de
po ., ,-,ii   ������, ,., ,     in   aci. -   i ,. I
....    . iltlvntl  n     Imtani e   ���. erj    fn.li
,.      ...   well   rem i ;i    school  on  i oi
n"i   nf Inl.   buildings conslsl of dw el
Hn ,     i. ...    i      11....",.  ii  moms,  in
...        i i. .   new   b n ti   B6x 10, wen
ind Mled i nulti i houses ��� lh
Ins, sheds; inn Hale posse islon
I' ',    $66 ner nei"   I I li prefi rrert, bn!
, ii,  I,., m , ,,, .���,. i  i'e.   part.
160  ���      to"11  nn  south  lighl
pte i ',. sh ���', an i fi nil i alB
ii,.   .a:   ���. mi .,   \i ii| pro
In    alum lam e.    small
���,.  ,.    ,,, i   i,,,,,    .,, chard
rhurch   pn il   offlce  and
,,, ,,-      tlrenl    Northern
��� i   ��� i  .  i  a      |aie     if, miles   Price
IflO   -,. ���     50    acres
,'....    , ,, i   nm|     the
towiM iimai
< lopj rlj
in.   1UUK.   Ij)    E.   C.   i'ttf - .
mile   distan fair      com ���
"  ��� Id ings o   no     ia ...
Price  S4.00C.    .���   ,,.      ,,.     , ar
Bl     :,,-  -      ,.;,..      i     i   . eQr
-    '"������'���    '���     and     ho i -     six
tarn   Ic'.-    : ; shed    ��� hick-
:      '   '    ���' ed rui       in I  a!
cleaie,:.   par    orchard   and   part   gar-
���',;      Price   for   land   and   building,
$2,500.     Fairlj  good     ocl   ol   gen ���
merchandise can  be pui  based        li
si ied.
S02���110 acres; house and barn on
high lan 1.    Price $2,200.
806���320 acres;   neai   Clover  Va  ���
posi office
807���80 acr*..-; Nicomekl river runs
through this property; ik m[\^ fr0H]
surrey Centre pos! office; no improvements.     Offer wanted.
'* "** '"    ��� m ist  de-
s ������   .-, ������'������������:���.   I' in   Kells  station,
Great Northern Railway, [B on adjoining lot; steamboat landing, school,
church, store, post office, convenient;
:,:_ miles from city of New Westminster; several acres cleared; house.
sheds, etc.; as this property lie- so
conveniently to market, it is re
suitable for poultry farms; good soil
Price $2,000.
S12���1.0 acres; 1 mile trom Cloverdale; log house; some 10 acres cleared and under cultivation; some fencing; corner lot; good roads: some cedar and fir timber Price $1,250:
1 ash $1,000, i.:,lance terms to sui:.
S14���150 ai res;  this is a fine farm,
wi .. Improved, it: go leighl orhood;
140 acres im; roved; dwelling, barns,
she Is, hog pens, rool hous,,, land all
laid down to .crass; Cloverdale sta
lion, G. \. R., on property; 11 miles
from New Wes- miiis' e: . good roa I -
school, churches, mills, p,-.,.,. $k.oco;'
terms $5,000 cash, balance $1,000 pei
year,  interesl  6  per cen!
S19���Surrej  Centre;  sn acres;   thi
is a   piece ol   land,  excellentlj  s
le I,     large   -    ��� ,,: 0f which Is go h
so!    ,a,i easilj cleared, the othei  portion   is  lighter soil,  bul   bas a   large
portion    of    valuable    timber   worth
$1,500, which is now   being hauled to
lhe  -awn,iii.   there  is  a  fine   new   7
roomed  ii,,iis, ,    ,'-,, she I        ; ,.,.    wei
sn al! ,:,.,, Ing    P Ice $2,000; terms on
v' ������   80 acres; , splendl    '
..     i.   coi nei    firs   class soil   .   prac
,   40   acres   .....       :  ,   under
good    house,    buildings;
' I   water    i.n,   miles   fron    I
good   roads;   1   mile   from Cloverdale
.. hool,   municipal
��� .:. ilnin   .
' $4,500.  te   '
John Garvan did aot object to Tommy Tenley except as a son-in-law. I'er-
lonally be liked hun Immensely, ��ud
It was with real regret that he retuseO*
to give his consent to Tommy's en-
d;aK''meut to Lis daughter Alice
Tommy went out of the study feeling as blue as the euaiut.1 ou the atitu-
moblle thut pauted at the curb, but
Alice took a more cheerful view of the
"l>on t uiimi father," she comforted.
"I've managed him ever since mother
died and I'll Hud a way to make him
behave. He didn't tell you not to COID?
around, did be''"
������No." was tlie_y^rso response "He
lold mt lu tome around all I wanted
ami kelp him keep the "ther fellow ���-
off    I'll do that, you bet."
"What was lus reason?" she asked.
"S.'ilil I was to., loud of outdoors to
be a good merchaol
'���J,s thai air.-" she asked iu surprise
T laoujiru. .rom roui face 11 was some
'*      H �����    . m
thins   serious       She   patted   him   on
the sia.uliler. "Now run along," she
commanded "I want t,. have -,, chat
with father bei ire be cau think it over
ami ;_et tie idea rooted in his miud
that be il."���-,���' ' �� m: yon In the fain
Tenlej \\.-rr down the steps much
comforted   Evei since they had known
each oilier Alice had always taken lie
lead, and he was content to follow.    He
climbed into the auto and rumbled off
witli tl imfortable  feeling that all
would come h ���
Ile was not the" sort of a man wbo is
content to bold buck and let a woman
plan. II, wis willing to take the in
Itiative when necessary, but he knew
that Alice knew her father's whims
better than lie did. ami more than once
sbe had. with iier woman's wit, accom
plished more than his bulldog pert!
uacity would bave gained.
Alice nodded wisely when he mei
her that evening, but lie did not ques
tion her. Ele was confident that she
bad control of the situation, aud as
they sped along the road he waited
for lrer to speak.
Rut he was surprised when she su��1
denly asked bim to take her father out
in tbe automobile One of tbe objections Mr. Garvan had urced -was bis
fondness for his auto; that the old
gentleman should want to ride was
Alice's word was law. and the next
afternoon when the blue nicer drew
away from In front of the (iarvan
bouse Mr. Garvin was established Id
the tonneau, while Alice, beside Tom
my. saw that he kept down his speed.
Tbey ran decorously along for several
miles until they came to the shore road,
whicli stretched its level length for a
couple of mile- beside the lake.
waj a;
as right,   for  a
��� \t anr Go go fa I imanded .uic��
ie turned to ber parenl
"IS ������ dl       ill.!."!
"Sa! ..���    . th
j surance    "Put on the speed    rommy,
am!    sl,...     papa    what   automoblling I
real!;,   me I
Tenle. and
present! en   ��� i
miles an hoi        I ter
sec-tin--   roa . .d   nc
traffic, se that fenlej fell safe in let
tiii>. the machine out. At tbe end ol
the stretch be glowed down and turued
to see wba' effect the run had bad on
the lone passengei   a the tonneau.
To his surprise be found tbe old
man leaning forward "!..���* us try It
again." be urged     "It's great "
Buck tbey flew aloUK the broad road
Then they slowed down and beaded
for home. At the door Garvan turued
to Tomm.
"I wish you'd drop in this evening,"
be  said.     "I   want,  to  see  you   aboul
TOmm. nodded and drove off. Apart
of Alice'- plot began to unfold. He
guessed day ^g 'jsomalfa
abto. and tbe gues
week later a bigti power car found a
resting place In tbe Garvan stables, and
John Garvan devoted himself to its
study Within a month he was suf
flclenth experl to be able to handli1
the car himself
He looked with kindlier feeling to-
3cjkrdJommy, ~ 'Xui^ UJUd<" known to
QfX\ this hew delight In his yoa��0_J
days"  be   bad   been   a   horseman,   and
much of bis objection toward Tommy
bad been thai he bad taken lo tbe
iiiii, instead of to the trotter Now
thai tin-, objection was removed, Tom
my aske.t for a rehearing of the casi
but, to bis surprise, tliere was tbe Bame
"It's just, a whim." explained Alice.
"He will come around all right."
But   the   coming   process   was   slov*
and Tommy fretted as be followed the
b*K red ear along the roads iu obedience to Alice's commands.
Then there cum., the hot afternoon
when tbey mad" for the top of .Mount
Stephen. Alice with tier Held glass
swept the country beneath for hall'
an hour after it was time to start back
home Then, with a sigh of relief, she
slipped tbe glasses into tbeir case and
turned to Tommy.
"Take the wood road back." sbe com
manded. "and you do just a.s 1 say.
Will you promlf   ?"
"Don't I always " i < p-trried. "How
would I dare do oil} irwl
Sbe made a bo. "I thank you." sbe
said demurely. "Now, if evei', is tbe
time to realize tbat a soldier's first
duty Is obedience "
She smiled to herself ns they began
to coast slowly down tlie mountain
and she smiled still more when, as
they struck the level ground, there
cam" a hail.
Just ahead John Garvan was sitting
on the steps of bis machine, smiling
hopefully at them. "You're just in
time'" he c^e,] as they drew up beside him. "I have bad a breakdown
anil don't know just what the matter is."
"I'll hnve a look." offered Tommy ns
ne prep.rreo to rise ..n.e Taiu a d-v
talnlnsr band upon his arm.
"To::.in.'   and   I  1, .ve gone into b
ness,"   Bfa ed   as   she   leaned
buck In ber seat. "'Tenley & Garvan.
Auto Repairers,' is the way our sign
"I suppose I'm on it since
I'm In the family," %:.....     Garvan In
appreciation of  tl. ��� J..k ���       I  engage
"Tie '  i    Ulce
. posidv.-iy    "It's pay In ad'- ince where
oust .iiiers are known to us."
Garvan   threw   his   head   back   and
. roared,   but  be  gobered a   little   when
Tommy   made    no   move   ti   leave   bis
' seat.
"What is y.iur pr.. ������ 1 b ��� ���'��� imanded
i "If it's that i.'.-cklac.., you may bave it.
. only hurry up. There is a meeting or
i tbe board of governors at tbe club to
'. night."
''I know it." sbe said p.acidly.   "You
. never can get back in time unless wa
fix you up."
"I know it. too    be agreed.  "I dou't
i care what tl,,- price is, onlv hurry. The
_M ."- T  '����� ���* 1
; mosquitoes are eating me Up ' i
"Do you consenl to our engagement?"
she demand.-.1
The   smile   faded,   aad  the  old   maii'-
I face became choleric
"l won't be fore-'!,   be cried sullenly.
"We  .ii-r  noi   iryibg   to you".'
was the even response.
���"Jliri} g'J abend." be said stormily
. "I won't pay; that's all there is to 11 '
"We are always willing to wait on a
'prospect/ " she smiled.
For   lii'teen  pilnutes   thej   sat   the
the old  man  fumi_Jg over the  uiecban
Ism. which never haa seemed so com
plicated,  tbe younger people  chatting
and laughing ij del j   to   bemsel. e
At last i iarvan looked up. "See here,'
he said, "let's stop tins foolishness."
"f>.> you eugage us?"
"Not .111   those terms "
Alice drew a packag i of sandwiches
' from a basket and banded Tommy one
It served only t.. remind the old gen
tleman of lus fast approaching dinner
J hour.   He stood n ten minutes long'",
1 then  witb a snort be climbed iuto tlio
"Go ahead, and be banged to youi"
| be shouted.   "I consent."
There was a whispered conferem e
and Tommy climbed down. Five min
ut'- later the red and tbe blue ma
chines were slipping down tbe road.
Un the Steps Alice paused a momenl
over the goodby,
"The  chauffeur  will   be over tonighl
for a hundred dollars." she whispered
"I promised him be should have it Ii
be would fix the machine for tbe break
! down."
"And cheap at tbe price." declare,'
Tommy a.s be took ber iu bis arms in
the friendly shadow of the vestibule.
H-__��ii. t.i."   Ilerfiieat.
"Yes." said the fair young '.-.iiow
"I'll marry yon if you'll pr.>":: ���;���' t<
qni'   sim,king"
"That's asking a good deal." rejoinei
the tner" man.
"Well, that's my ultimatum," sad
the :'. y. w. "I don't propose to giv?
up my weeds for a man who isn't will
inr to give up his weeds for me."-
Woman's Home Companion.
MANUFACTURED    -   BY   -   1
Easterbrook Min
������ .     I'' acres.     !i_..        .     when
cleared v ke a goo   shoe    farm;
���    iol. offl i    m    Bto
convi nl P       Kells  i        Claytoi
each thve. . "   ee $'0 per
824���60 acn im cl
lined      -,, ... i P   ��� $10
per acre.
11       ere Is ve      fertlli
1 ..toi. v ell situated and , I
near.      | nod   i and, on the
Sai rey sidi the
eight mil  ���  ��� i ���
will mak.   one o     I
. the  dlslrli ot   in    and
$40 per acre.
902    160   ic '���     good  lai       8 acr
cleared and In goo i cull vatloi
orchard,   eii cterl mil
. learn     '   landing.   ���"���,   mile ('on
(lon ': VR    large quantH j ol vain ible
Iim ��� ���      'iw elling    house    21x21.    3
,  le,    woodshed;
in,ni'.;   hon " ise    Price 515
pn- ncre:  term    '.   cash,  ' Matu e to
ai i n ��� ������ 6 per cei      ntere
90. 90 ain-: Langley municipality; VJ mile Irom river; this is a piece
nl bind well worth looking after, and
should I e readily (alien up; wdll be
ii Id cheap and on easy terms. Price
$12.50 per acre.
A lady should never forget to say
when she want.* to obtain the very best Flour
Perfection is not easily obtainable, but you get it if
you order Imperial, made frnm the finest selected
when! grown in the great Northwest.
Unexcelled for Pastry.
Try lt
Bakers, we strongly recommend our Strong Bakers.
Ask for  Terminal, and see that you get it.
S0C '    -
_C i VI --   ���
to    '
3EN6PIT   -i -
IE 19   ES
��� Fii ���
.   month    ���
Columbia Sfreet, Next Bank of Commerce
The Easterbrook Milling Co.
McQUARRIE  &   CO.,   Local Agents.
122  Front St. '
.1  i
i, i
r fi
���Fresh shipment of-
Turkeys and Geese
Specially Selected for New Year Trade
Matter Intended for this column should bead- j
llrET'social Editor, Dally New P. O. ,
Hon 402, New Wtatminater. '
J. W. Galloway is leaving today for
Chilliwack, where he will spend the
next  week with liis family.
Miss Violet LadneT spent the week
end with Shi-riff and Mrs. Armstrong.
Mrs. J, P. Hamilton Bole entertained
at dinner on Saturday In honor of her
bridesmaids Miss Cotton
Claire Corbould.
Useful-Ornamental at Reduced Pric
and    Miss   Our presenl line cf
It is just as we expected   the
TOYS, all kinds, from 5c to $7.50 ea.
DOLLS, all styles and prices
FANCY GOODS, a beautiful selection ; useful, pretty, inexpensive
FINE CHINA, a splendid assortment
Come and See the Grand Display at
i|/f/r)pr,V>C Columbia St
lVlK*rM\JUj  1      Jk_J       New Westminster
Nickel Plated Copper Ware
the highest quality in-
George Esplen. who resigned from j
lhe captaincy ol No. l Fire Brigade
few  weeks ago, was' a visitor in thel
city yesterday.     He is at   present   lo-j J%.
cated In Vancouver, where he is con- .
ducting a dairy business.
.Jack Insley is spending a few days
visiting   friends   in   Blaine.      He   ex- Serving Dishes
pects to return home towards the lat-: Tea and Corfee pots
. ter end  Of the  week.
Cream and Sugar Dishes
The Bachelor's Ball, which is to bej
Five  O'Clocks.
��e greater p0rt'
our Ladies'and Children's Furs were sold d
last few weeks.
Here are some lines, though,
ready purchasers, and on these we make lowpr "
such as will clear them all out befo    *'
whi'h did not fa
e the end d^
Ladies' Collars and Belts
The Daintiest we have ever shown
A. J. BIRTCH, 275 Columbia St
given in tlie Asst ml l.v ball this evening, promises to be one of the most
successful social functions ol the season.
Bernard Hill, of Burnaby, was a visitor In tlie city yesterday, the guest
of his brother, Claude Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Hunt Morgan and
family, of Chilliwack, were In the city
H, Neville Smith returned to the
city yesterday aftei an absence of a
few weeks, dining which time he was
engaged on  surveying work.
Miss Alice McNamara is spending
a few holidays with friends in Victoria.
A geography social under the aus- j
pices of the Epworth league of the
Queen's avenue Methodist church, will
take place tin's evening, commencing
a: 9 o'clock. Two hours later, the
watch-night service commences.
Chafing   Dishes.
We invite you to call and examine
Black   Imitation Persian   Lamb  Ruffs
Black Imitation  Persion  Lamb i; iff.
Black Imitation Persian Lamb Ruffa
Sable Ruffs;  3 only
Sealette and  Sabli
l;' ' '   :      ce $2.2.   ',
I   25   X s
regular       .   <
regular price .     .to $10
Storm <*. Ilar; regu .. .*..-     .
Long fluff. Muskrat. a -. ��� D ���'. fur; regula
Gre. Persian Lamb, one onlj $15.00. Now
Gray Persian Lamb, oni  only $1.
... j-
letti- Scarf, trimmed with Mink;   n ;ulai
ANDERSON     &       LUSBY <)���������� �������!>* flifiH-hJUa ami S.al.-tt..
Eighteen Huffs in such fun
gulai' price $4.50
at 8ealette, Sa   ���   i
o $6.00. Not.  $3.75
:     '
against Fire
1 1-2   ACRES
$525.����  Cash
In the West End.     Handy to proposed new tram
line. Don't delay buying this for a quick turnover
Registration Returns.
The returns from the Provincial
Land registry offlce for the year 1906,
computed to 1). C. 28, show a marked
increase and growth, The number of
applications foi registration is almosl
double those of 1905, and a similar
condition exists with regard to the
amount of fees colected. During the
2S days of this month, the increase in
fee3 collected has more than doubled
Itself. There was collected the sum
o: $1,762.51. Last December the total was 796.60, showing an increase of
Tin- registrar states thai there is
a considerable amount of laxity in
the manner In which births are registered, and that there are a number
o' babies In the distrlcl whose names
j have not been duly recorded.
Following is the comparative report:
No. of births registered,  1906, 194;
1905, 191:  increase, ::.    Deaths. 1900,
192;   1905,   189;   Increase,  3.     Marriages, 1906, 105; 1905, 98; Increase, 7.
Applications foi registration of tit-
1< s. 1906, 2,774; 1905, 1,481; increase,
1 293. Fees collected, 1906, $18,248.00;
ll1".".. $8,879.49; Increase, $9,368.57.
in Real Estate investments
2011 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
All the Leading Lines,  put
up in suitable packages for
The   Holidays
for selling City Real Estate are well known,
If you own a house and lot, or other property
in the city, WE CAN SELL IT.
To anyone who purposes buying, we have
on our list properties that will suit, both in
point of  price and  location.
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
ilumbia St., - - New Westminster B. C.
- New   Glassware -
Fishery   Regulations.
It Is understood thai the recommen-
datlons  of  the    fishery   commission,!
limiting the depth and length of gill
tots, and   raising   the minimum   penalty for violation of law by trans to
$250, will be adopted and incorporated
ir tin   regulations of the Department
!   ��� nee; but that the other recommen- j
I datlons  will stand  over  pending   the:
final report of the commission.
,4150  -	
BRUSH and COMB CASES SUITS  I5^J??E^? Westminster
traveling sets        _$20 AND up_ Transfer Co,
TOILET SETS,   Etc., etc. Office-Tram Depot
A good supply at Cut and Made ��" the Premi��e8 Columbia St
j Baggage delivered   prompt!. ����!
T.AMuir&Co'sM UP-TO-DATE TAILOR'rt "e       ���,,
,<r Light and Heavy Ua*
drug store ���    ��� .,
247Front Street     -      i\eu   I'. estminsi..
Ellard Block, ���        New Westminster 'Iffice 'Phor" ' vi. <
Just Arrived-
< For ��-
-Christmas Trade
We will be pleased to have
Growing Appreciation
===== Sugar Cured =====
Beakf ast Bacon and Hams
Death of Mr. C.  Laurier.  M.P.
Ottawa. Dec. 2!i- Sir Wilfrid Laurier lefl tonight for St. Lin, Que., on
account of the death of his brother,
Mr, Cbarlemnnge  Laurler, M.  P.
MM uwiihti
(Continued fron Page One.)
i ter it would be for the prospi i Ity of
the province,
These    concluding    remarks    were
' greeted   with   loud   applause.
Mr, Turnbull, in reply to Aid. Garrett's remarks, pointed oul that his
chief objection was against the gov-'
ernmenl bringing oui a large number
of working men here to compete
against themselves, and consequently I
lower wages.
After another fruitless appeal for,
volunteer speakers, cries of Poster
broughl thai gentleman to his feet,
and he delivered a long peroration,
disagreeing with Mr, Turnbull as to
the inadvisability of bringing while
settlers ovei' from across Ihe Allan-
lie. Coming back to the object of
tbe meeting, Mr. foster slated that
lu was afraid thai the laboring men
hud entered the fleld rather late; had
they broughl a candidate oul earlier
they would have had more .support.
After a few more speeches, the
meeting was adjourned until tome
time this week, when the possibility
of having a third candidate in the
flel 1 will be finally Bettled,
New Year's Greeting
We beg to thank our numerous real estate and general clients for tl"1'
past patronage, and to express the hope that relations thai have been so
unusually pleasanl and satisfactory may be continued during the ensiilns
..ear. We have done a. large volume of business with the public during
the year now closing, involving some large real estate transfers, Man)
o* these deals were with clients who have been business friends for years,
and many now accounts have been opened with people sent to us by satis-
!��� clients. To those who read this card of thankB, and who are noi
clients of ours ,we can safely promise satisfactory business relations If on'
services as real estate, financial and insurance experts are employed. We
extend  to all our  host  wishes for a  Happy   and   Prosperous   New Year.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.


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