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The Daily News May 12, 1906

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^gtlA, B^/
uuwi 9-mwmtO CENTS PER \\ j,; K_
Mysterious Party in Peculiar Craft Pass Down the Fraser
River While Bandits Are Being Hunted for in the
Interior���Strange Navigators Avoid Contact With
Everything Afloat,
, IT.I, iollill   BtOI
��� ���a   ��� ree ,i:     th ���
v, ho  i ei. a' Ij   held   i.
i;    ��� 111111   ai    Ducks   sli,lion   are
ling   il,   I 11''   '��� a ill!  j   of   X. ��
!   ��� i       . porl     having
in  a i' '.- ���
i ��� lock, .oi 1 from 11
' ���    ." I   coming   in
,, '        ...
. ���    ie   local  flsh, . .
.    \. an I one i I    in m,  \\ .:
canoe,   hill    the
bi    i i' herln ���   d
iuld   come  near  eno
in | them.
Peculiar Canoe.
... ���   trav-
m   i '. I,   v.
��� i ���    n,  and  ol  a   kind  nol
Ol   Indian-   in   this
a '.'  ' nil  end ol
.   ire of a
, and Mr, Brasch,
i ���  |e i considerably in Brl-
Itlve thai  he uas
irehead on i
'��� the Indian- who r, side in thai
pari rn be conn'rj where the h Id ip
occurre I.
Theory  of  Escape.
Th.   theory  pul   forward   bj   [hi   li   h
��� i m, a Is th       ���        i dl     aftei
lng  up the train and  ransackln
.hi,'"' led towai ds ih"
foi   a   dl  lance,   morel,   as   a   blind   to
dice off the I rack, and thej
��� .aim thai  although dlflli lit, ll   ,
not be Impossible to trav, I  ov,
river by can
turallj   thi   ch inces would
In   the  robb, i ������'   favo ,
bi   ������
ever,  and  bloodhound    won
May Be Clcce io City.
If,  a-   thi    Ii-i. lleve,    the
.   ...
avoid atti ntlon lai' ni be ban
dits,  the   i are   thai   thi j
in hiding within a few- miles of New Wi
thej   would  nol  dare to trav
Believed to Be Old Timers.
Wl,.;,  spoken to on  the matter to
daj .  many  . he op
inioii  thai   Urn men  who held up the
train  at   Mission  two    ��� D, and
the men who are b, ing hunted al the
��� nl   time are Identical, fl  i
opinion   thai   th,
��� I   the  police  by taking
, In thi    . me way in which
the ii       nen ... the outlaw    of
ihis  week  are now  trying  to ���
��� '! llty  i'i iln ir  crime.
Leaves  With   Bloodhounds.
N'i l-.'ii. May  12.    Provincl d Con -
.:  this city, under pressing
instructions from  the  Provincial gov-
nt, lefl las' evening, accompanl-
his    three thoroughbred bloodhounds, for the si ��� of the supp .    |
���      ' lits who held
I'. P, II. express nea   Kai
I        '       '��� it.    "b   un
cal i -. and
. i  ;o tin i  the traln-
���    ��� order If thej are given a fair chanci.
Suspects  Remanded.
R, velstoke,   Maj    11,    i
ted  on   Wednesday  came  up  tor
examination   yesterday   morning   and
i    or two days until the
arrival of Engineer Callan. Two more
clou i   charact, rs   were   arrested
Impi rial Limited. Thi  local pore  hoi ling  them   for Inv,
I lon.
Disappointed  Bandsmen Put Obstacles in   the   Way
of Celebration Committee.
At a meeting last night of the committee of citizens in charge of preparations for the May Day celebration, the chairman of the sub committee on
music reported that the question of a band for the
parade and an orchestra for the ball had been settled
by the engagement of the Boys' Brigade band of
Nanaimo, and Leslie's Royal City orchestra. He
also reported that individual members of the citizens'
band were making attempts to create disorganization among the members of the orchestra engaged
with a view to depriving the committee of satisfactory music for the evening of May Day.
In spite of the efforts of some members of the
citizens' band the chairman reported that there would
be a first-class complete orchestra on hand to furnish
the dance music.
Other members of the committee reported other
tactics of individual members of the Citizens' band
that were evidently calculated to work against the
success of the celebration.
The cause of this attitude of certain member.- of
the Citizens'band was said to be disappointment in
not securing I a ; iment to  furnish  the music,
and in conn".- 'ith this it was stated that no
responsible pr ;> from the Citizens' band had
ever been submitted to the committee on music.
A motion denouncing the tactics of the boycot-
ters was unanimously passed by the meeting last
"And Very Common Clay At   That/'  He  AdAs-Wants
to   Hear   No More Throughout the
Country of An Iron
Washington, I). ('., May 12.- -Senator
Bailey In concluding an attack on
President Roosevell for bl alleged
surrender on the railroad ite and
tariff question, snid; "Lei . have no
more throughout the counti of this
talk of an Iron man. He is man of
clay ami very common claj       that."
Mr. Carter defended the president
againsl the attacks on him, saying
that, "No one familiar with the pres
Ident would charge him with coward-
. for his record foi com i
talnly unexcelled."
Replying,   Senator   Ballej    repeated
l,la  ,1'",'''~ "1 |_comi_, |  on  the
'""���'  '"' 'l|- P"��W��l   charging thai
l,"h'"1 fe-eatotaie, poi ilea on the
W      . ,���    cl.,,
':""   Thal !" IM failed '     ,. ,h,
,'in"                 '  bad   ��� led from
hla '|(              call aa , ,   .
'     "                     "   ui ,   ,    |
"' '"'      ' ���'" mi a t a; hi
I the presld
bul he la ������. i���,���,  ,,,
duranci ,���,
po ���
Says They Have Attempted to Hold-Up the Ocldfellov 3
Accusation Is Vigorously DeHM   Mayor
Reports New Reservoir
Cheer in Parliament
for Political Prisoners
St. 1'. . May 1-'. :: p. in.���The  political  prison.ts  in jail or in  exile
Hen.   W.   Norman   Eolc   Allows   A.   G.   Manufacturers   of  Washington   Try   to
,cok Liberty  on  His Own Force Wholesale Dealers ;o
Recognizance. Come to Time.
Engine  Room  of the  Besia  Fills  With
Water      Off       Cape
feature of the sc ond session of the
lower house of parllam, nt today was
a frantic demonstration in favor of
1,nines';.. Winn among a mass of
congratulatory messages from all
par - of me empire, leveral from the
ia Siberia wee read, ihc members,
except a lii.ile group on the extreme
right, rose cheering in a body, iho galleries joining in the applause, A motion wns presented to send replies to
ihe message hut ihis was declared to
he out  of order.
,;. Cook case came  before
W. Norman Hole this morn-
...   hearing   the  evidence
Identical with thai  given
���  oniiiary  hearing, his honor
. Cook to go free on his own
ignlzance,  and   reserved
until   Monday  next.
was   charged   will,   a Ig
u  while  in  lhe did,urge of
and  of  resisting arrest.    A
t number of citizens were in couri
���   1;ogress of ihe ease.
British  Labor  Bill.
May   11.���The   Coal   Mines
ijecl  of which is :.. gradu
ill., hours of work till they
eight-hour    Umil   in   1909,
I, Ing   wages,   was   passed
I unanimously on second reading in iho
"'"���"   ' commons today.   The hill af-
' .   000   persons.   Previous   par-
; -' ������ j. Ted  ihe same bill  four
,ugb  ii   passed on second
��� rn   equal ^number   of   limes.
th   majorities.
Lumbermen at Calgary,
try, Alia.,    .\i���y    11.���Lumber-
many   points   iu   the   Wesl
' "h ih.- prairie dlstricl is sup-
��� red   here for 11  nieo,ing tO-
1 ��� dpal hnsiness   before   the
'li.. ones,i,���,  of    prices,
no of trom liltv cents to
er thousand ted  was re-
a  many grades. The secre-
My' M     ' ells, stated after the meet-
1 ust   ami  eastern   lumber-
n had  raised  prices,  and  the    de-
p1"1 for lumber was out of all pro-
' the visible supply. The price
��f lull,,:
also  high.
Seattle,  May   11.���Seven',   per cul.
of   ihe  shingle   manufacl 1-  of the
are said hy 1!,.. shingle mills
bureau to hav.- signed 1,11 agreement
io close down for iwo weel,-, beginning Maj 1.", or May If. The closedown will probably be ordered 10
commence May 1.". and continue
through  the  remainder of  lhe  month.
A decline of ."1 ,...���:s in iho prlci i
of shingles and reports from thi . asl
thai a temporary depression In the
building trade mlghl I". expected provoked lhe closing order. Shingles
weni off from $1.80 for stars to $1.75
s.voral din- ano and shingle nianii-
facturers Insist thai several of the
hears among the wholesalers encouraged iho reduction in prices. Notice was given a week ago that a
close down would follow if the market  did mn  strengthen.
Hy   curtailing   ,1,.- output    wiih a
Close down ,'Moil,ling over Iwo weeks
tlie shingle manufacturers believe
they will put buck lhe price of shingles and carry the market over the
temporary lull.
An explanation given by sever:,1 of
Ihe easier,1 retailers i.s that the adjustment of San Frunoisoo lire losses
is affecting iho financial market in
the east, anil consequently depressing
ihe building trade momentarily, Tne
big insurance companies, hard hit by
the (ire, are reported 10 ho dumping
securities onto the markel to realize
in cash for the adjust ment of their
losssos. This Is absorbing so much
of the ready money thai It hns checked the building movement.
In   addition   to   this   cause   the   altitude of the  bears and  a  difference
between  wholesalers  and  the eastern |
yard  men over the quotations has af-
fected   market   prices.
II,,1,lax. X. S., May 12.���The British
steamei Besia, Captain Fergus:,,,, is
in distress off Cape Sable, 130 miles
west of Halifax wilh her engine room
full of waler and lu f.-ot of water in
her hold. Tho governmenl steamer
Laurier is standing hy and wlll try
to tow :!,.��� Besia lo shore. I, is not
known whether the steamer struck on
: he rocks or collided with au iceberg.
The Besia sailed from C'laisgu*v
April lis for St. Join,, X. B, She is a
vessel of 2,343 tons uet and is owned
ir. Glasgow
Managing Director Due  Here on  Mon-   Deceased      Logger   Was     a    Man   of
day to Look  Into Electric Means  and  Carried   Life
Railway Affairs. Insurance.
British     Foreign   Office   Insists     That
Demands Must Be  Met in
Constantinople, May 12.���The Turkish governmenl has accepted ihe demands of Greal Britain conditionally.
It is anticipated ihat this is only a
preliminary 10 the complete acceptance of the liiiiisb demands in regard
lo  tin-  Tabah  boundary   question.
London. May   12.���The  foreign office
has noi  yet received advices that    the,
Port.-  has definitely  acceded    ,0  ,1,
British ,Ionian,Is hut lbe latest official despatches from Constantinople
intimated that the Sultan was preparing to sul,mil. II is said al the foreign
office that there can be nothing "conditional" in the acceptance as the demands of Great Britain are irreducible.
University Professors
Roast American Doctors
W. .1. Buntzen, managing director
oi the B. C. E. Ry. company, who arrived in Vancouver on Thursday from
London, England, will pay an official
vibit of inspection to New Westminster on Monday. Mr. Buntzen will remain in the city several hours, during
which time he will inspect all the
branch lines and make himself familiar with local conditions. He will a,so
call upon the public officials and renew acquaintance with his friends,
Inn it is not likely that matters of
business will be discussed with the
public bodies, lhis being left over till
a later date, when the panics Interested will meet by arrangement to discuss   needed   improvements.
Mr, Buntzen is assured of a hearty
welcome by all his old friends here
who have not seen him for a considerable lime, and on thc occasion of
llis flrsl visit since his return, his
1 im.. will ho ai.,nn equally divided between  business and social calls.
��� o	
Former Ambassador Dead.
London, May 12. -London CurTle
l Philip Henry Wod.house) formerly
Hrliisli ambassador at Constantinople
and later ambassador of Great Britain at Home, died today at his residence in Blackwater, Hampshire, after a long Illness.
Friends of the late Joseph Green,
who died at  a logging camp south of
'. this city a few days ago as a result of
an overdose of morphine, arrived in
the city last night in response to a
letter addressed to Mrs. Jennie Healey,
Burlington, which Chief Constable
Spain found among the effects of the
deceased. The two gentlemen who arrived are named Henley and say Ilia!
they were well acquainted with the
deceased. Green, they state, was well
fixed financially and did not need 10
work, bu, the free and easy life In
the logging camps seemed  to appeal
1 to hlm. He carried a considerable
amount of insurance both old line and
Chief Cons,abb- Spain is making all
possible efforts to locate a missing
trunk which contains the various insurance policies belonging to the deceased.
Stay a While Longer.
Victoria, May 11.���Lieutenant-Colt
onel English, of ,1,0 Imperial Forces
at Work Point, received a telegram today, announcing lhal the troops will
not be required to leave lhe .station
until next Thursday. Preparations had
been completed and the garrison was
ready lo move out tomorrow at 11 a.
in., the steamer City of Nanaimo having been chartered to transport the
garrison lo Vancouver en route to
At the regular c imml tee meetlngi
of iln. city council last night, liis,
Worship Mayor Keary made iho Statemenl ihat Ilie ie . ��� ��� 1 i .: wns now
completi I an I ., , ��� that a resolution
be passed authorizing the el,airman
'..   lecure a  c al pump for the
purpose    of    pumping  oul   the    old
1.  t voir  in  order thai   ii   might   be
' t ij   cleaned.    A   resolution  was
passed   authorizing   ihe   securing   of
the   necssary   pump,
Complains About Boys.
Park Ranger RBbinson waited 1 .1
'ii" council and made a vigorous com-
plalnl againsl boys who are ittendlng
ihe Industrial school and Columbian
college, smashing windows and destroying park properties. The matter
was handed oyer 10 Aid. Howay to
take  up  with  ih..  police  department.
The mayor spoke of the need of cer-'
lain repairs being made in the Park
Ranger's cottage. The mayor and
Aid. Garret, were appointed to spend
a sum not exceeding $75 in the
prosecu,ion of the work.
Accused of Hold-up.
ExAld Ur. Holmes waited on the
council and .stated that the Oddfellows
had purchased ten acres of land ad-
Joining the cemetery, and as they
were too late for the court of revision
for the current years, he asked the
council to pass a resolution exempting them from taxation for this year.,
The council were of tho opinion
that ten acres was rather a large
tract of land ,0 exempt. The mayor
made the proposition to Dr. Holmes,
thai the Oddfellows grant the ciiy
one acre of land cleared, ,0 be used by
the ciiy and the Royal Columbian
; hospital conjointly as a cemetery for
'those dependent upon then, for burial.
Dr. Holmes was favorable to recommending to his colleagues that an
acre of land be granted but drew the
line at clearing the land for the city.
After considerable debate, in which
Dr. Holmes accused the city fathers
ot a,templing lo hold the Oddfellows
up, and a vigorous denial of the accusation on lhe pari of tho council.
it was agreed to hold a joint conference of the council und tii Oddfellows at 9 o'clock on Monde ��� night,
The   proposition   of   a   building   in
which  to hold  the May  Day  celbra-
tlon  dance    was discussed  and    lefl
over   for   still   further   consideration.
Sewer Connections.
The mayor suggested that proper
forms    should  be  printed   for    filling
U. S. Senate Committee
Reaches a Deadlock
1     :.   May   12.���President   El-
iviii'd University, and Pres-
��� of Columbia University,
' Idresses yesterday al  the
'���"'" the laboratories of the
.'is','111 >   ror  medical   re-
���~- ucli.
I  ,   '"    :" "  '"'  the  taot  that  medical
, ., ''"    :""'v's   the  surrcing  and
���used t ��   many '"' "'" loww animals
,    [��r Purposes ot study," said Pres-|
l���t.      ''!l""i In course or his address,1
'"'"' of medical research is In
reality the .mosi humans work now
done in the world for its secondary objects are to prevenl disease in men
and animals. The primary object In
medical research as Indeed In all research, is the ascertaining of truth."
"No people are more ln need than
our own in learning the all Important
lesson thai the modem Germans and
the modern Japanese have to teach,"
said Dr. Butler in his address.
"Respect for the man who knows
und loyally demonstrates truth are
the characteristics of Civilization that
is founded of rock. Our American
happy-go-lucky wasteful way of approaching a scious proi,lent, our unlive egotism and our exaltation of the
man who does those things no matter
how mus, sooner or later give way to
more patient study, to more respect
for the experience and wisdom of other countries than our own and to
more regard for fairness and sound
principle than for a superficial costly
efficiency if wo are to hold the place
In lhe world's esteem for whjch we
ure rightfully auibillous."
Washington, D. C, May 12.���The
Benate committee on Inter-Oceanic canals is in a deadlock on Iho queStl "1
of the type of canal to be recommended. The question was taken up today
and lhe vole showed five for a sea
level canal and Ave for a lock type
recommended by the mlnoriiy pf the
board ol' consulting engineers. ', .nre
were two absentees, Senators Gorman
and Carmack. The latter telegraphed
from Tennessee Instructing the chairman to count his vote for tho level
type, which would have made n majority against the lock canal, desired
by the administration. After wrangling
I for an hour over the question of ac-
cepting the vote of Senator Carmack,
the committee adjourned until Wednesday next.
Shearer Sentenced.
Nanaimo, May 11.���Robert Shearer,
1 who was arrested In Vancouver and
taken lo Ladysmlth lo stand charge of
unlawfully   starting   a   locomotive   on
j lhe collier wharf, came up before Justices of the Peace Matheson and Stewart, and was sent up for trial. In the
I speedy trials court here yesterday af-1
ternoon  he received  three months.
out bj 1. ,,: . unn, tlon flth
the sewi ler th      0   ,..   ;
record ol connections and,, be I ���   I
A motion in accor lane, with Un
was pa
An appro] : .: do ��,,.  na I,
for Mrs. Holi I palrlni   Hag,     1 i
on the various civt,
Address to Mr. Glover.
It   was agreed to 1.  a suitable
address prepared ami engrossed for
presentation ,��� F. C. Glover, ���' 11 ig,.
of the local branch ol the H. ,'. E.
It. company, the aid, in.en II ll tl it
ns Mr. (Hover vai clt; cleik hi re
during the greal nre and It.i to>
many years taken a vasl Inte.'esl in
the cfty's welfare the Ideal .ms a
timely on.-. Mayor Keary and Aid.
Howay were appointed to draft the
addres and hive tin: same properly
The mayor complained ol th, ���:. a
11.-i in which seats in th,' parks were
being mutilated and suggested thai
tne aldermen tak..' a persoual Int iresl
in   stopping the wanton ��� si hi,
Mr. Bremner complained nl a letter
ht had received from the sanitary inspector ordering him lo have bis
property properly connected with the
drains. No action was taken in lhe
Drain Difficulties.
On recommendation of the board ')f
works nn open drain was ordered to
be constructed on Cornwall street between Tenth and Eleventh ulreets,
and a bos drain on the corner of
Tenth  street  and Fifth avenue.  Mr.
Oxbui'gll had Liken �� 'ul,il,n ,0 llifi
11   drain   near  llis   premises  on   Fifth
streel near Seventh avenue on his
own responsibility, and let dug ��
too deep, so that the water stayed
there Instead of running away. He
_ad appned to the chairman of the
hoard of works to help him out of
his difficulty, which lhe council gave
ihe chairman of the board of works
authority to do.
New  Books for Library.
Aid. Howay naked for an appropriation of from ��T5 to $100 for new
hooks for Ihc li!'.,'...' and the request   was granted.
MagUtrat, 1 C ��� ou Id ��rote asking
that th, roadsidi In roni of his
property be boulevarded and thai a
new box drain be onl In to replace'
one that was broken. The latter re-
������osi was granted a id the boulevard
request was also grunted subject to
the  usual conditions.
Rebellious Filipinos
Kill, Burn and Loot
Manila, May 12.���The following des-iof Samar will sh rly call on the gov-
patch has been received from (lover-1 ernor general and endorse the policy
nor I'inco. of the Island of Samar: of extermination cf lhe rebellious na-
A  hand  of 21  Ptilijan. s  having Ave   lives which is supported by the peace-
rifles and other weapons entered Inn-  ful Inhabitants of Samar,
banga, killing one and wounding seven      Governor Cunio has rece,l"*^It
residents,  burning and  looting  thirty  Lie message fron. President ^00     ^
houses  and   Inking  over   20   residents  congratulating  hli..  on   1 ���
1.     t__ l#li      P'   IliJiTll*'''     ������'      lfa<��c^
prisoners, Troops, constabulary, police- tne  fight witn  r "J
men and volunteers are pursuing the r-"enily.  ^	
band. Yale w(rs.
George   Currie,    the    governor    ofj     rtmn.    May    12.���Yale
Samar who Is here on his way to Bn-
von  the athletic  games
wilh   Prince-
gulo,  Province of Denquet,  the summer  wo.. ^ - ^  y^   ,.,,_
capital, to consult with Governor Gon-  ton. The, nnai
enl  Ide,  says that  all  the residents) Princeton, 26%. .
j I j'    T
��� M,
Noble Work of Q. M. I., in   Their   Vast   Diocese   Which
Compris -s the Whole of the Mainland of British
Columbia    St. Peter's Cathedral
ar.d Its Bishops.
'To preach the Gospel to the ir
He  hath  sent   me."
This Is the motto . [ Hi., rc'lgl 111 .
fathers who labor in this provin'a
and who belong to the order of the
Missionary Obl.ites of Mary Immaculate, usually designated 0. M. I. in
earlier days, tbey would have been I
called "monks," for there is no ,���.
Bentlal difference lie: ween the Oblates
of Mary lr,maculate and the jnonks
who flourished in Ihe olden times, and
who have, by their la'.mrs. helped to
civilize our forefather* in Burope. The
ObluteH are an order. approved by
the church, with ;i wrllleti constitution  and   rules   also  approved   by   the
samo authority, The n,on,hers belonging lo lhis order make the three
vows of poverty, Chastity and obedience, and live in community under
the guidance of a superior. Their object is Hi.- ('inversion of sinners and
tho heathen and they labor more particularly amongst the poor and the
Pioneers in West.
The Oblatea first came to Canada in
1X41, al lhe reiterated request of
Bishop Bourget of Montreal. The
work that these first members of the
order accomplished was so gratifying thai six years later, Bishop A. M.
Blanche!, thon Bishop of Walla Walla,j
in Washington, also prevailed on Mgr.
ib- Mavtonod, lhe .saintly found.,' of
Ihc Obi,,les lo send bin, a little
colony of missionaries, and they
. successively established missions al
Yakima iu October, 1X47, and at
Olympla, then a wilderness, in IMS.
In March, 1852, a mission was established nmong the Cayouses, ami six
years later another mission was established among the Snohomish tribes,
at a place now called Tulaltp.
Tbe Oblate Fathers were the
pioneer Fathers among the ton,ning
tribes of Indians living around Pugel
Sound, where they did considerable
work In th< year 1X57 they were
called to labor in British Columbia,
and Huir headquarters were transferred from Olympla to Esquimau, on
Vancouver Island in thai year, Rev.
Father D'Herbome. being superior al
the time.
Maiid-ind and Island.
The Fathers then began their labors
in tlie diocenso of Bishop Modeste Homers, bishop of Vancouver Island,
(roose diocese included all the territory now known as British Columbia.
Prom Esquimau us a centre, Father
D'Herbomez directed lbe missions and
sent Fathers and Brothers to found
missions iu various parts of the mainland and of the island. In I860, Rev,
Father Fonquet was .soul oul as a
missionary and founded Iho lirsi mis-
sion ou Iho Fraser river, in the Hli!"
village of the first white set Hers wh i
had drifted hero during Hi" gold ru li
of I860. This little village hns sin.
grown to be Hie city of N.w Westminster. Father Fouquet nlso established another mission thirty miles
further up the Fraser river at a place
now known as SI. Mary's Mission.
These two missions were intended as
centres of civilization for lbe 6,000
Indians scattered along the banks of
the groat river.
First Mass.
Father U Foquel. who is slill living at St. Mary's Mission, lirsi said
mass in a small house on Columbia
street, opposite the present site of the
(luichon Hotel. Later on a church
Was built on lbe eastern pari of the
Church pi'oiwrty. on the comer of
Columbia    and     Blackwood      st, is.
Father  Fonquet   ls    remembered  by
tunny of th. old timers of lhis ciiy
tor bis zeal and charily, not. only
among thu members of his Hock, but
also among the Protestants and those
. .. i did nol profess lo have any leaning towards religious organization of
any kind. The simple fact thai Ihey
were .-ink or in trouble was sufficient
clai,,, upon the good father; he never
stopped to consider whether thby were
it mhei's of his church or not, bul
whenever any call came to him, he
was always ready and eager to tender anj assistance thai was in his
power.    \\r ever kepi  before bin, the
 tto of H," noble order to which he
belonged:     "To  preach  lhe Gospel  I '
th,    Poor  He bail,  sent   mo."
Education of Indians.
The Brsl Indian school wa.. founded
by the Fathers at St. Mary's Mission
in 1882, ami entrusted to ihc care of
lhe Rev. Father Florin,ond (lend,'..
This school has existed over since,
and bus been a greal factor in 'he
. ducatlon of 'he Indians, for wlu.se
i.eneiii ii. wiis established. A' presenl both lhe hoys' and lhe girls'
schools are in a flourishing condition.
Appeal of Missionaries.
ll was deemed advisable thai this
Immense diocese Bhould be divided,
ami accordingly on October 9, 1864,
Rev. Father D'Herbomez was consecrated bishop of the metropolis. He
look possession of his vicariate ou
iho 1,1,1, of October of the .same
Mar by fixing his residence in New
Westminster, llis lirst concern was
io obtain laborers for ihe Immense
ibid placed under his charge, and accordingly he made an appeal lo lie-
land and lo France for missionaries.
Quite a number were sent oul, among
them being fallier llorris, who arrived in 1865. After a shorl stay in
Vicioria. he came to New Westminster and was given charge of the incipient   parish.
In Is,;,; he was appointed director
ol the school which Mgr. D'Herbomez
had opened, which position he retained iiniil 1880. He was also chaplain
of St. Anus convent, the jail, and
ihe penitentiary. Al the same time
ho had lo fulfill lhe responsible duties of procurator of the vicariate.
As if lhis was.not enough work for
one one man to perform, lhe Father
llm ri- had often io answer calls from
, in scan red etllers win, often travelled ili 1 ity or forty jnilos to consn]; the
i rlest. He wa.- ofi.il know n ,o leave
after dinner to answer a sick cull
when lhe ronds were covered with
snow wiili no other companion than
his    walking    stick.      During    those
nelj tramps, the good father was
on.ui in grave danger, bul nothing
could deter him from carrying out
'iis appointed duties.
An  Experience.
.in  on,,    occasion  he Had   a    hair-
eaii.li escape from a  watery grave.
He had received orders to go to
Yale, and a.- ii was winter and the
boats did nol run as far. he hired a
canoe, Towards ihc end of his jour-
no. the canoe struck a rock and split
iis sides. Hardly had he time to
throw  out  his   valise  containing  the
icred vessels and vestments for the
celebration of 'he holy mass when
ihc canoe won, to lh.- bottom. He
managed, however, to reach ihe shore,
und after some difficulty he hired
another canoe, bul it was only after
experiencing     several     hard       shocks
ha' he finally reached Yale, where
ihe people received him very kindly,
und cared for him until his return.
Father Horrls was always in a most
j The Boctetj has been in active exist-
,.���co for the lasi twenty years. E.
M. Hack, ii. "I Sherbrook, line;""'. Is
gran l master of ihe   i m, an 1
.:. .1. f Kii 0    irio, Is
grand secretary.   The   nen
local branch, '" 'he number ol
.,,.-. e it and third Fridaj of
the month inn! the officers are as follows; W. Carroll, president; C.
nines, lirsi vice-president; A. Pomf-
rey, second vice-president; Theod ,re
Theroud, recording secretary; James
Keary, financial secretary; a. l.
Lavery, treasurer, Rev. Father Peta-
vin. chaplain; 1'. Devine, guard; Leo
Gregory, marshal.
The Choir.
The choir is under the efficient di-
reotion of Mr. Edward D'Arcy, and
Miss Freese is iho organist. The so
pranos are Mis. Diamond, Mrs. Lewis.
Miss M. Lewis, Miss .1. II..ilon, Miss
I.. \rn,strong. Miss A. I.ewis, .Miss
A. Mc\,,���,:,,-a. Miss S. Hilodonii: Miss
A.    Lavery   ls   ihe   only   contralto   al
present    connected  wiih  the    choir.
The   tenors     are   Messrs.   M.     Gowan,
Profi isor Stephens, Frank Wortel and
.1.   Iloule.     The     bassos   are     Messrs
George  Allen,   .loseph   Bllodeau  and
\.  I..  Lavery.
Altar  Society.
Another Important  society connected  wiih 'ho church  Is the Altar so-
cletj    which now  numbers over  150
members, each of which pays a small
nn.in lily  subscription.    'I'ho object  of
the   Altar   society   is   to   provide   ihe
altar will, linen and flowers, and also
to decorate  iho  church  ,m  festal  occasions     Al!   surplus   funds   a"..   Invested  in  vestments for the Fathers
and  In   candelabrum   for   the   altar.
The Altar society is of old Btanding
and has taken a new lease of life dm
and   is  now in
The  officers
characteristic  of  Father  Horrls.    To Payard ,1]l(1 QUertin had charge of ihe ���r this society are:    President, Mrs.
him  a  twenty-mile  walk  was  hut   a  ,,.,,.ish.   ,,.���,,,. ,,,.v. pather Fayard r.- r. e. Lewis; secretary^treasurer, Mis,
where   he  died   in   McElroy.    Father O'Neill  is ihe chaplain of lhe society, bin  during his ah-
Rev. Father Otiellette was ihe nexl   sence  in   Ireland  his   place  is  being
pastor, and was succeded by ihe Rev.  taken by Father  Lardeau.
Father  Morgan, win, returned  to his
old home in the Emerald isle in 1901.
Since   ihen   the   Rev.   Fathers   Bunoz
and   O'Neill   held   charge  successively.
The  hit I er  loft   a   I'.w  days  ago on  a
.succeeded  "''I' "' Ireland, where he will remain
Maple Leaf Tennis
and Lacrosse Shoes
Represents the acme of Perfection in
athletic footwear. They are made over
all styles of footform lasts and come in
either Tennis or Oxford cuts. For durability, grace and comfort "Maple Leaf"
outing shoes have no equals. Ask for
them at your dealers.
A if
cheerful mood, and he communicated
this cheerfulnes to nil around lii.ni,
und il gained him a hosi of friends
uinongsl all classes of sociciy. wil limn distinction of class or creed. Fond
ness  for  walking  was  also a  marked
thi re is no church thai can compare
wiih 11.
Changes of Priests.
After the departure of Father Mc-
Guckln   to   become   roc,or   of   Ottawa   ing lhe last   few years,
University,    in   1889,   Rev.    Fathers a  nourishing condition.
i Ladies Blouses,
3 From $1.00 up to $4.00;'
nn:'.'   trifle.     In   ihe   summer,   auer, ,
his office, towards evening, he would   |).njs j���  |;H||.
take a six-mile  run   to  Porl   Moody,
indulge   in   a   dip   in   ihe   briny,   and
would return homo in time for supper,
and think nothing of ihe feat.
The Wkite   H
275 Columbia Street !t
Becomes a  Diocese.
On  .In,,,,  ;i,   is:,,,.   Bishop  D'Herbomez died after a long and  painful Illness,  and   Bishop   Durieu
him  as vicar
apostolic.   On the
oi   Septembei
,,f  the same year
a   decree  of
bis   holiness.   Pope
time,  and    visit  the   several
of interesl   in  the    Emerald
XIII.. Hi,- vicariate of British Columbia was erected iim, a diocese, under
iho mini,' of lhe "Diocese of Now
Westminster," and by other letters
apostolic of iho same date, Bishop
Durieu's title wus changed from thai
oi Marcopolis to thai of N.w- Wesl
minster.    As is
enjoys   many   more   honors   than   a
vicariate, and  the  bishop of the dio-  gree  of  M.  A.    He  was  profi
cese  has  more  rights  and  privileges
than a vicar apostolic.
The holy father, hy giving the new
I .... the name of New Westmin-
:��� and by locating the see in this
. Ity, conferred a greal honor upon
ii. This event was duly honored by
the Catholics of the diocese, bul m ,re
pari Icularlj by those of the , lal hedral
parish,    who. on  this occasion    sub-
crlbed  sufficient   funds  to  clear  ihe
Bishop DontenwiH.
The present bishop of New Westminster, .Augiisiin Dontenwill, 0. M.
!., was lion, in 1857, in the Diocese
of Strasburg, Alsace. He made his
classical, philosophical and theological
studies in the college of Ottawa, and
now-n, a diocese received the degree of B. A. in 1880.
Two   Tins  later  he  received   the   'e-
languages, natujal and ht I
sciences ai 'ho University of Ottawa
until 1889, Winn he was transferred
lo N.w Westminster in iln. month of
N'ovembi r. On April ::. I v.7, lie was
named coadjutor bishop to ii
!;. \i lend    Bl ; up Durieu, under   the
title of Blsl if Germanicopolis. lie
was consecrated bishop under the
above title ou Angus, 22, ls:,7, iu the
Pro-Cathedral   of New    Westminster.
.   off the church, llis lordship was
��� ,���  gratified  ai   the generous  .;,���
On   .Inne   1.   !-������'.,,   ho     in ce, I d   the
ftigh    lb .��� ,1   i: .   I'.i hop  Durieu ><> iln'
Ladies Work.
The    Ladies'  Aid    foi'  S'.    Mary's
Hospital was established for the purpose of raising funds tor S\ Mary's,
Hospital.     The   ladi.-s   hold   meetings
once  a  month,  ai   ihe  homes of the,
members, win':., thej engage in sewing
;nd fancy work.    Every three or four.
months,   the   ladies   hold   a   Bale  of
work and a substantial sun, is reallz
od by these sales.
A sale ,,( cushions held at the
residence of Mrs. McNamara realized
lh, -.nu of .? 16.00 and an apron sal,'
held some lime later at the residence
of Mrs. English netted over $45.00.
'I'll.,  membership of ihis progr,
is aboul twenty-two, hu: the
r.u ��� "leal strength of iln- ladies is no
. . .Tion of tl,,. work a,-com; :. . ,
Mrs. .lame- I., am is pr, -idem. Mrs.
.'. K. Lewis fills tlie position nl ���
preside,]! .,,, i ���,, yij,;., Leamy's lm
'it on, ions dutli etary-
treasurer.    The  mi mbershlp    ti
������'������  ' 'ins  a  mouth.
Popular Priest.
On Ihe occasion of Fathei   O'Neill's
d,   i !.' ne    !',,;���    Ireland    a    few   weeks
ago, where in- went to visit his par
.���ms whom  he  has nol   Been   :
B. C. Mills, Timber andj
Trading Company
tlon  of the parlshoners, and he i"":.    '"   of New Westminster.    In addi seventeen   years,   he   was
special    dellghl   in  commending    th ���
liberality on ihis occasion, as
in   previous    circumstances,
pastoral leii. r soon after the ereelion
of the diocese.
Cathedral Built.
Falher llorris was succeded ln his
work by lhe Rev. Fallior McGuckin,
0. M. I., and the work was carried
on by him for several years, during
I i his dutle:
bishop of New West-
well as minster, he Is frequently called upon
[n     ],is   ".   visit   the   various   mission.-,   of   the
diocese, and as this comprises the
whole of ihe mainland of British Columbia, Bishop Dontenwill is often
travelling aboul from poinl lo point
in the execution of llis duties.
Benefit Association.
The Catholic Mutual Benefit As-
considerable progress was social ion is strongly it, evidence
I, was during lhe time Hint among lhe adherents of St. Peter's
'rn was pastor that the present Si. Cathedral. This society, as its name
l'oi.r's Pro-Cathedral was built in implies, is essentially a mutual help
1884.    The   church   was   built  at   the  association,    each   member    carrying
sented with un addre     and   i  p
of gold as a  token of estei m on the
part of ihe congregation at a mi "'ing
held  in  Si.  Pa'rick's  hall.
Father O'Neill is deservedly popular with iho congregation, having
been connected with the church for
many years, during which time be has
endeared  himself  to  all   wiih  whom
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxe3.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
to   Iheir   reward,   but.   a   few   slill   remain,     among     them   being     .Messrs.
Michael  Hay, ���.  Patrick  Feeney, .las.
ho has come in contaci.    The popular ''"i'zpalrick,  .lames   Wise,   1'.   O.   II,lo
priest, was educated at  St.  Louis Col- deaU,   Charles   McDonagh   and   Allan
lege, and ho is personally acquainted Cummlngs, iho two latter now living
will,   every  member  of  Iho  congrega- '"  Vancouver.    Mayor Keary has also
tion.    The nun.,,o,s of the Altar bo- been connected wiib the Cathedral for
clety  especially   are  eagerly   awaiting Many   years,   and   has   always   taken
rear of the old building on Blackwood   Iron,   $1   *2,000   insurance.  The  <h"  ���turn   ��'  their  chaplain,  who  is   'he   liveliest   interesl   In   Ihe   work   ot
duo to return here during the month   !llG church.
Btreet, and although noi an imposing society is a Catholic Canadian insiiiu-
edlflce,  i>  has served  the purpose for lion,   and   ex'.uds   in   iis   open,'ion,
which it was erected, and the faithful rrom   the  Maritime  provinces to the
have   worshiped   there   for   Hie   last Pacific  coast,    and  Hie    membership
twenty-two years, and  lo  their eyes exceeds  2.".. ,  at  th.-  presenl   time
of September.  o���������	
Pioneer  Members. Reports Denied.
Of   Hie     pioneer   members    of  tlio.     Tor,,,,,,,   Mi^y   11.���Thomas   South-
church, the majority have been called   worth, director of Immigration for the
Ontario government, denies Hie report
that 200 English emigrants <f��e I*
turning homo dlssatl Bed, He ��f
ihat a few scattered ones may �����"
returned, mostly through
ness. Some 2i, English tamtl!
cl through Ontario on Wednesday
route home,  bul   every     :   m
came from  United Stal     :-'     ll"
of Del roi l.
President Loudon Resigns.
Toronto, May 11.   P��8ldMt^
���t Toronto University, has
NO reason is given for hi*'
n a._M! Newcombe Piai
: Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines :
Columbia Graphophones from $15, to $110
10 in. Records 65c and 7 in. 35c
Pianos from $250 to $650
P. O. Box 551. Phone A278.
'rgans! Organs!
Bell Organ from $85.00 to $150.00
Sherlock Manning $100.00 to $125.00
Doherty $100.00 to $175.00
Easy Payments If Desired.
Repairing A Specialty . .
O       9
���rawraiW'. ~;tw_m8cthv. . WflWffl'.iWTM I5BB-BHW-MW MB1 i i.TL'f
AY, MAY  12, 1906.
Dog Ploys a    Touching  Part    in  tne
Wreck of San Francisco.
.sa,, Francisco, May 11.���On a Call-
eel   .sidewalk   before   a   low
0, ,nj���s on Nob Hill ibis morn-
.  ,���iii,.  dog.    Day  aud  night
.. ,, w, ei,.- I,,  bad remained there
,  ;|���, neighborhood.    The earth-
had  shaken down  walls around
��� ;,���.    wilh  his companion, the negro
,hil���  be had  run excitedly  from
,l���. magniflcenl bum, his domicile, Ifc
.  .emus,  a  mansion.    He had seen
[-,   Chinese  cook   usually  expression-
,   j ,,nd  Btolld,  nm  from  lhe reur or
.,.,,    beautiful    brown   stone    palace,
| shrhking unintelligible ejaculations in'
! ids native tongue.   He bad seen ins
master, one ,.r Ban Francisco famed'
Billionaires, run from th.- bouse half
j dad, followed b/the other members or
th" family und ibe servants.
Will, almosi human Intelligence
worthy of his race. Rex, prize winner
at iIt bench show, had realized thai
.'inno catastrophe was upon them, lie
had ilnrlei nbout in , he confusion an I
had seized with his teeth iho little girl
of lh.. family hy tl���. skirt, trying to
drag  lnr  to  the  ope   air.
While men and women bad bei n
going ,,, and fro carrying oui household goods, jewels and other valuables, H.x had hung aboul in dumb
astonishment. He had Been the group
finally leave before the advancing
flames. He had followed from a distance and then come back ,��� the
house lo see what he could find. An
explosion of dynamite had lifted high
COWan'S Perfection COCO&
(Maple Leaf Label)
MilK. Chocolate
Croquettes, Wafers, Medallions. E.tc.
Cowan's Cake Icings
greal   slums  and  pieces ol Umber as
Hie fire flght,: mc.iii ,o lay open
un Impassable stretch before tbe lire
He had dodged the flying debris, ami
slill ho had remained. The heal of
iln- llio had sing.ii his silky hair and
���liil ho had stood his ground.
Back  to  tne   Hums.
II" retreated p.- a time, but as soon
as possible be ind returned to the
lieai. ol' ruins, which by Instinct he
knew io be his old home.   Day after
day   ho   remained   there   will,oul   food,
hovering about il,.. smoldering embers.
'lhis morning a soldier saw the
starving Rex still standing guard. He
iri'd lo chase the animal away, bu,
in vain. Then, taking pity on the
beautiful collie's suffering, be senl a
bullel    into   tho   dog's   brain.
This is a��� actual Incident and H.x
is no greal exception among the dogs
"I San Francisco. Rex was an aristocrat, but he was no more loyal lo
his homo than were the dogs in thai
decidedly   plebeian   district.  "South   of
Market street." The traditional faithfulness of the dogs Io their friends
and   their   ho s   formed   one   of   the
siriking  featured  of  the  earthquake
and    the    lire   which    laid    waste   tin
greater par, of the Golden Hate City.
Many and Many a poor animal wa.s
killed   as   he   ran   abOUl   the   legs   of
a slow retreating li,,.- or people close
'o ib" advancing flames, or sough, to
remain close '.., his old home despite
:!,.. fire.
for dins il was u common sigh, to
s.e thos,. bewildered animals, hungry
 1     neglected,   remaining     close   to
some   pile  of   ruins  looking up  with
nm to
��� j were
ned    al
dink   unbuilds ended
enemies,  the
wagging tails lo bog whlnlngly for
comfort as some passerbj approached.
A f.w were driven b>
fo.-d oi, human cm pse
exceptions. Nearly all
iheir posts wlthoul foi,
lil privation or soldier-
Iheir lives.
The dogs' traditional
cats, shared their prlvu lon and sorrow, Iiu, Iiu- cuts wor less sentimental and far more pi i tlcal. I. irge
numbers of botn peri ie!, but the
cais. although perhaps several of their
lives   were   lOSl   and   lhe::   lur   sinned.
soon  deserted   their old. haunts  and
sought food and shell..r a, the relief
stations or in other places.
Rescued  Feathered   Pets.
Oannaries and parr,,,, fared much
better  than  their four-footed  friends.
While Hie cais and dogs wore left
lo shift for themselves, unn and won,
en, especially lbe latter, paid more
attention to rescuing ihe feathered
pels than they did to securing clothing and bedding for future protection.
Many worn.,, could be Seen dining
the flrsl few days carrying nothing except cages containing frightened can
alios. In Iron, ot a large proportion
or the Improvised billboard shacks
and blank., shelters on the vacant
lots, Bquare. and parks now hang
cages containing canaries, which nre
at last beginning to sing cheerily, or
green parrots, which cackle shrill
"hellos" to all who approach.
The sparrows, though unhampered
by cages, fared not so well. Before
Ihe fire came they populated thickly
the busy Btreets or San Francisco, as
in all other cities of the United S
When  il,..    conflagration  came    the;,
fluttered   about,   twittering   in   fright
As III.- flre advai.ee,| ;,  perl.
of  singed  and  gasping  sparrows  r.-!:
witli  ihe  cinders  and  ashes,  to  di"
iiinidsi   the  flames or in  the str,
One may go loda . lor miles in lie
midst of Uie ruins without healing a
familiar   chirrup,
The mice died in their holes, bin
lhe nils paid more hood lo Iheir sal.
i.v. When tho shocks subsequent t���
tbe llrsi big earthquake came, rata
could be seen scurrying aboul the
streets ���r remaining in bewilderment
looking  for son,.- avenue of escape.
There was gr.-al excitement among
lb.- animals of Golden Gate Park.
Deer   bounded     about,   socking     sonic
place where the earth would not shake
them. Buffaloes charged on the fences
which confined them, and the bears
sought to heal down the bars.
It was three days before it occurred
io anyone that the grizzles were go
fiercely restless because they had not
been fed. But relief was furnished
for the hungry animals as well as
for the human beings, and today the
fleer ar.- herding quietly, the grizzlies
lay In comfort and Ihe ugly brown
buffaloes crouch In their enclosure
chewing their cud In peace.
(From  lhe Toronto (Hobo.)
The Cornwall Freeholder points oul
that a surprising proportion of the
great railway contractors of tbe continent are Glengarry or Stormont. men.
���I.  I).  MeAr,h���r, who has recently se-
i moil tin- contract for building tl,.'
western section or the (frank Trunk
Pacific railway, aggregating over $12,-
000,000 is a Lancaster man. By June
1 In- wiil have 10,000 men on bis payroll. A. H. McDonald who. with his
th.:'. Mr. Hogiiii, Is lo build four
'.!��� live million dollars' worth of the
government .section, halls from Williams,own. D. 1). McBean, who has
jus, finished the Harlem tunnel al
New York, an enormous work, is a
Lancaster  boy.    James  a.   Mcintosh
and Donald Mcintosh of Milwaukee,
Wis., were recently awarded tin con
trad for building 1,500 miles of road
for the Chicago. Milwaukee and St.
Paul corporation. Ihe price of which
was nearly $50,000,000. This is said
to be the largest contrite, ever given
to ohe firm for railroad building on
the continent of America, or In the
world ror the matter of that. Their
native place Is St. Andrew's, Cornwall. Besides these there are the
(Irani brothers of California, W. A.
.Grant of Illinois, and the McDougallB
j of Milwaukee, all representatives of
that Celto-Canadlan element that has
i made so distinct a mark In the Glen-
garry-Siormont setl lenient;, of Ontario. There must be something in
the mental equipment as well as in
the big, vigorous frame of ihc people
or that section which fits ihem for this
sort  ot work.
���, o	
Sir Daniel Re-Appointed.
Winnipeg, May 11.���Lieutenant-
Governor McMillan was today appointed r���r a second term. He Is decidedly popular, ami the appointment
gives universal satisfaction.
w wins mm
A����'r. of th, um.��� Ue AMUranee
C��mPany Investigate, by
th�� Commission.
Toronto, m^.       _
the annual stateme.    ���   ...   ,���iim
Ufe Assurance companj i rjen ,lt-
lng Actuary _,._,. D_W8,        ,
Dominion    ,���,,���,, m^oB
shows deficits each year when    the
company iM, clatalg &
result of the examination bj Mr. Dawson of the ID8UranC(, company's   re-
ports   wa,   embodi,,,   ,_
which   Mr. Shepley ���,,, l0 lhe ^re.
tary  of th, Assurance company, Mr.
H. Bymonda, K, c, ye,t��day. The result  attained by  Mr. Daws))n ^  flfr
uring up asset, and !ial,iim,.s ���r ti���,
company was _, annual deficit of
from $26,000 lo $101,000, The Union
Life was paying, a dividend 0( lei, per
cut. per annum until tl,. appointment  of the   insurance   commission
Wi,s '"' ''"''' ��han it,., dividend was
reduced to Beven dot cent Where
Mr. Dawson found adefrcii i ?ioo,m,o
the statement uf the- Union Life disclosed ., credll balance ol ''l 863 <,v, r
I all liabilities,
Mr. Carrie, bookkeeper foi ihe Union Life, said iha- Mr. Dawson could
^ no, Intelligently analyse figures "with-
|out the key in groupings," bul Mr.
Sbepley told him that h, was no, in
the witness bon to criticise other people.
_EJt!i'__iir--.'3r_v;ii_.'..3.i;:. .   -sr-^
'&';";" ",T. r_gL-.< T^ii-iXflaegi-t-o
__K__B_-k_ea'��<i'ftrs -.*.���, ../���*_���.���,.'
n-i-r.'.-rj.TSsaLi.::: r::r,-^:i::/-.-Tr.-i^. "-,
Polish Your Furniture
with Johnson's Prepared Wax.   it- : r -
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I   .    food    i1 produci a 'i rii b, artUtlo
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adhere.   Jusl try i' -.ml you i    I so*
u.'   . better it Is thun any o.her ,'uii.sh.
Prepared Wax
is "A Complete Pinlsl\and Polish for Ail
i   . i* on your floors and woodwork, too   Johns m's Powdered Wax is
Ior ;t.i dancing floors?
Vou can grei Johnson's free book, "Tlio
! ��� ��� ��� ��� Preatmi t for Floors, Woodwork
und Furniture" and Lbeseprt-ijarationsof
iUit ������ ��������� 2{___'.iUjJ
We respectfully call your
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Cool Handle.   Hot   Iron.
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food Chopper is
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With it many
attractive and
dishes can be
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It chops food of all kinds���
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Published l,y   "lie Daily News~Pub-
llsbing   Company,   Limited,   at   their
offices   corner   < (   Sixth   and   Front
Streets,  Now  Weal minster, B. C.
Editor  and   Mjr.  Edward   D.   Sawyer   Btate,  and
, should   be
go much further in this direction. Indeed, it i.s difficult to ���-'". I'oiii. I
thi share of a rich man's estate
which should go at his death to the
public through the agency of the
by all moans such taxi -
graduated,    beginning  al
army as a lieutenant of artillery in
1st;.",, and ll i.s said that ho figured in
nfty Berce battles,
W. R. Gilley, 'Knone 1----.
J. R. Gflley, 'Pnone  1-41
Advcrtic ig Rates.
nothing  upon   moderate  sums  ,,,  dependents   and   increasing   rapidly   as
Transient   disp, y   advertising,   10  the  amounts  swell,  until  of the  mil-
Cunts per line in,   pariel) 12 lines to ��� ,,, ���,,.,..���.  ,.���.,,.,,    ...  nf  shvlock's
tbe  inch.      Five    ents  per  line  for
vi,.c     ..,��� ~ .', ,"" ; iioiiaii"'* s   iiiiiini,   as
M\e    ents  per   line  for ..       ' ,,
subsequent inserti ns. least the other half comes to the privy-
Reading notices, bold face type, 20   coffer of the state.
"This policy would work powerfully
cents per line, bre\ .-;r or noniiaiiel, 10
cents per hue.
For time con tracts, special position, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, nrirrlages or
deaths. 50c, Wants, for sales, loRt or
found, rooms to let, etc.. one een: per
word. No advertisement taken foi
less, than 25 cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine advertisements inserted at rate of 50
cents per inch per issue (display) or if accumulate
reading notices, 25 cents per line per
Issue. No deviation from this rate for
term contracts.
to induce ihe rich man to attend to the
administration of bis wealth during
hi life, which is the end that society should always have in view, as
being by far the most fruitful for the
people. Nor need it be feared that this
policy would sap the root of enterprise and  render men less anxious to
Confidential    Man     Admits   That     He
Took   Money   But   Denies
Theft of Gems.
Now   York,  May   11.���The  arresl   of
.lohn ll. Brosseau, one   of   the   conn-
for robbing  the  biw  diamond  and
dential men of Tiffany 4i Co., for robbing   the   big   diamond   and   jewelry
firm of upward of $50,000, is proving that it was unfit for use In the BUgar
to be on.- of the most Interesting reftoery, for ���which Mr. Delcher wanted
criminal     cases  to   develop   in     New
The  Belcher Arli-nlnn   Well.
The Belcher well lu St Louis la one
of tlie famous artesian wells of the
world. The boring of it was begun In
tbe spring of 1,H4'J by William 11. Belcher, who had a sugar refinery near tlie
river n few blocks north of where the
Kads bridge now Is. After the expenditure of $10,000 the well was In 1^54
driven to a depth of 2,199 feet, where a
flow of seventy-five gallons a minute
wns struck, but tbe water proved to be
so Impregnated with mineral matter
Dealers in
.   22
York for a long time.    Brosseau drew
a salary of $4,000 a year and robbed
the firm of an extra $5,000 every year
by  the  simple  process  of  doctoring
�� the  hooks.     When  a   workman  did   a
Only IMne Martens. I ^.^  |)f   w,���.k   (or   whicb   he   charged
���V series of grewsome Incidents had   TI|f.ulJ   &   C0|   ��6U|   Brosseau   charged
up lion and stuck the balance in his
It. It is used now only for medicinal
purposes and for sanitary baths.���St.
Louis ltepubllc .
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents H. 0. lottery C o. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone 1-b
In districts where
glanders   is
breaks have occurred "���',,', '""'
the following pre.
of horses and o h
do much  to
Pr6Venl ""  "Preim ol th
disease and the establishment of fr!
! centres ,,r Infection,
1.     Horses or mul,     h  ,
'"R a nasa'.
A  Homi-nx nnd nn EmerKenor.
Lady K. had sent Parnell an Invitation to dinner, but ,'bnrles, who was
very absentmlnded with respect to social functions nnd unconventional in
the extreme, had forgotten the right
date of the party. Be therefore turned up a couple of evenings afterward
terrified    an    English    neighborhood.
What made these incidents peculiarly
horrible was their tragic mystery.  No-  <�����**     lhl'  ,m"   ";"'   BVer*  '"""
body could  explain  them.   Sheep  and   deace In bun and lor ten years never   Bn  hour   before  the   Ul
lambs, which were In lull health over-   caused his hooks to be exported. Fur-   glad  to have hlm  on  any
night,  were found dead   In  tlie  morn
Ing,   theli'   bodies   uninjured,   but  ,1,'ilin
ed of every drop of blood.   Ghouls and
��� hen	
none   o
are,     "If
Lady   K,
terms, did
he   was   no,   under  bonds���   not undeceive him ns to bis error, but
riffany   &   Co.'s   employees  hastily sent off several notes explain-
(From the Montreal  Herald.,
The storm that has been raised has
depended lor lbs strength entirely
on the one fact that the contract was
jnadu wilh unknown persons. Here
was a mystery, and it required little
Ingenuity to draw from it all sons of
vampires and all Imaginable horrors
were blamed, and the whole country
side was up. The damage continued,
uml In a single night a farmer had
fourteen out of twenty-one lambs killed, and the same pen was chosen the
nexl ulght, and the remaining seven
lambs were destroyed. In the i
n ,ep of day the slayers were disc n er
ed, all hideous trom their sanguinary
work. They were neither men noi
mon iters, bul a couple of pine martens,
which, having routed a pair of magpies  thai
a   man   is   going   to   steal,
the fact that he Is under bonds will
not prevent him," is tho rule the firm
follows In refusing ,o require bonds
from its employees.
Brosseau said he had a chance to
teal   thousands of dollars'  worth  of
stones,   but   he  never   look   anything
bul  money.    The police of New   York
lng. the situation and asking Bome of
her' most Intimate friends to help her
In her emergency. She also ordered a
hastily improvised ,1 inner from a near
caterer's.���Life of Parnell.
The   Pottery   Tr-i'   of   l'uru.
Oil" i f the curiosities of llrazil is a
tree whose wo.nl an.l bark contain so
much sllicn that they nre used by potters.   Both wood and bark are burned,
are uying to make Brosseau confess and the ashes are pulverized and mixed
lhal   he  sio!;. $40, I  worth  of gems  In equal proportions with clay, produc-
from   the   store   of
inferences   of   a  character   damaging   [rom iheir nest, bud there made theli   the linn several years ago.   The - :.
to the department. Yet the reasons
advanced for keeping secret the names
of the interested persons appeal wilh
force 1<> anyone who appreciates the
Situation on the continent thai confronted the officers of the departmenl
of the interior when they sought to
develop a large emigration to Canada.
It was desirable lo enlist the services
of men especially qualifiod to diverl
towards our shores the stream of
population that was steadily leaving
the older countries for the newer one-,
and lhis could not be done unless
these men wore guaranteed freedom
from publicity. That is the essence of
the case, aud out o�� it hus grown the
fabric   of   misrepresentation   and   In-
home and  thence nightly Bcourcd thi consisted   of  three   pear-shaped   dia-
country round about. monds.    The linn offered a reward of
$10, i   for   their   recovery,   bul   the
i,���ii.,,.o���.:,.,iii,,'. Brosseau
"No." said a lecturer, "il ,1 icsn t dc
t��� gel swelled head and think you'ri says  he   never   took   them,   and   the
Indlspensablo  to  the  welfare of  this firm  Is inclined to believe htm.
Ing a very superior ware. Tbe tree
grows to u height of 100 feet, but does
nut exceed a foot in diameter. Tbe
fresh bark cuts like sandstone, and
when dried is brittle and bard.
The   ItlKh,   \iinie.
Officer,   what   is  this  man   charged
.,���,,.,    "Carryln' congealed weapons, yer an-
"I was In the lobby of a big hotel in j bery, insist  thai   he is  th,   culprit.      n*f"        .
Brosseau is now oul on bail, his ,g,��0D|, ���,. loalnjft
fashionably-dressed wife having driv- jiurphy it. the eye whi a chunk av
en   to   the   mlgistrate's   conn   In   an Ice."���Cleveland Leader.
automobile   atul   given   bonds   in   the	
sum   of  Sin.irW,  for  her  hus'.ami's  ap- An  Ob��ervln_:   YonnicMrr.
Papa (sternly)   ,'..:  0 here, sir,   low
Cincinnati when a bus bad of traveling
salesmen came [rom the station. Every man of them as be signed the reg
ister paused to shake hands with thi
hotel clerk, a fatherly old fellow- who
had been there many years.
" 'All,' said one of them to the cleric
'it's a good thing you're still on dee1;.
Fuel" Dave. I don't think the hous.
could run without you.'
" 'Couldn't it, jnntl' said Dncle Dave.
pearance  in  couri   when   w inti !.
He  Needed the  Money.
Brosseau   says   he   would   nol   have
- tolen from his emploj er - had  h
slnuatlon  that  is attracting so much   ,f ,,���.,,. was ., strange clerk you'd say.
attention.  It can be frankly aeknow-   '���'Where's Uncle Dave?"
ledged  that  a secret arrangement  of     "'And the clerk would say: "Why,
this - 11  is not to be commented, and   didn'l   you  hear'.'    He died a  month
Bhould only be tolerated when tho no-  aS_o
cossili.s   of  the   case   are   peculiarly
urgent. That they were so in this instance ls one Justification for the contract    \,either one is the satisfactory
resul     of the new propaganda.
You  fellows  would come in here, and    led   the  money  ; ���>   . ��� family
' 'in-.''
mother und 1 agree that you deserve a
sound whipping. Sin.id Boy ,bitterly)���
Oh, yes, that's about the only thing
that you and mamma ever do agree
diamond   mystery,  here
s   own   statemenl   to   a
'And then you'd say: "Well, I'll bc
darned: That's too bad. Say, when'll
dinner be ready';	
A.  K.  McLean,  M.  P.,  in  the  House
of Commons.)
"1 wani to say concerning my non.
.riend, the ex-minister of the interior,
that 1 think it is due to him to say
that although he was in public life
but a shorl tun,���(hat is in this parliament���few men who have been in
this parllamenl   contributed  so  much   of  ,'.������,,.
Shortatffhted  Animal.*.
So tar as naturalists have been able
to ascertain there Is no such thing as
shortslght among animals In a state
of nature, lu the case, however, of
ilomestie :,in,als in d wild ones in
confinement shorl sighl is by no mi
unknown. Mi I y ; ������ | le v> ho have k .;
dogs ami cats will n meml er Instances
of pels which were unable to distinguish friends from strangers nf a short
distance, Horses, too, frequently suffer from shortslght and other derangements of Un- vision, and this kind of
thing is sometimes met with iu the case
The   i    eases  of  the  eye
to the : ui jess and ihe welfare ol this   wlib 1, frequently affect wild animals In   which, by
country, A great deal of the develo]    captivity arc to bo chiefly attributed
ment that has taken place in the v.
is   traceable   to   the   aggressive    ;.
wise policy  which  he  Inaugurated i.i
the  T,' ii    nl   which   was  under his
control. In the west there are man,
ooncreti evidences of the wis,lon, of
leglel lo.i and administrative acts, the
credll for which, 1 claim, is due to
the hon. ex-minister of tha interior.
to the narrow space in which they are
:    ned.   The eyes are never exercised
in distant objects and therefore lose
. pow, rs   . bleb use of ihis kind calls
The Glowworm Cnvcrn,
The greatest wonder of the antipodes
! is   the  celebrated   glowworm   cavern,
discovered In 1891 In the heart of tho
Tasmanlan wilderness.   The cavern or
As to ih"
Is Brossi tu'
"My stealing consis e 1 of nothing
bu money. I could ha," takei
pocketsful of stones If I wanti I
but I never stole anything bul money.
Mj wife's illness, my son Gerald's
domestic troubli s and :::;
siege of consumption, and turn .
t  followed  i
lhe things thai prompti 1 me I i
salary was only $4,  a ; ���
il   l again  Insist  thai   I  know   .
boul   I he   dis a, pearance  of  the
throe stones."
Here   is  whal   Col.   II.   II.  Trot' the  Tiffany  firm,  to  whom   it: ,s-
���   confessed,  said   concerning
diamond theft:
"Bt o . ;. ��� the time of ihe theft,
way, wa.s the only tin f:
thai occurred in our establishment in
yeai s, was nol suspected. The |
and private di tectives suggi sted thai
he be shadowed, and we trust him
and would not consenl to such a pro-
ceding. I do nol care ,,, say wha
think, now thai BrosBeau is a self-
confessed thief, bul I will add thai w.
never had suspicions thai any other
employee in our house was guilty of
thai crime. Guilty or nol guilty of
the   knowledge  of  lb,-   theft   of  those
Tide Table    Fraser River
For Week Gilding .May 13.
Now. I think that the ex-minister of  cavems (there appears to be a series of
the  Interior  can  very well  afford  to   Bueh caverns in the vicinity, each sepa
his   record   of   performances  rate and distinct) are situated near the three handsome big stones, Brosseau's
againsl   the   negative,   col,orless   and'town   of   Southport,   Tasmania,   In   a   hear1  mus1  have 1 _ in ., qulver at
unproductive record of the lion, me,,,-   limestone bluff, nboul  four miles from ih:M   t,        ,|S ���   n(|W  turng u||,   th ,
Ida bay.   The appearance of the main
ber for North Toronto, when he was
m . itei of finance, and I think thai
the fair-minded and Independent citizens of this country will accord to
the iim.  ex-minister  <>f  the  interior
thai lair in,'as,ire of credit which Is
due to bim and thai the same dls
cernlng and discriminating public
will resent ihe in,lure and character
of tho ,Harks made upon him by thej
hon. i ember tor North 'Poronto.
cave;,, Is that of an underground river,
thc entire floor of tho subterranean passage being covered with water about a
foot and a half In depth. These wonderful Tasmanlan eaves are similar to
all caverns found iu limestone formation, with the exception thai their roofs
and sides literally shine with the lighl
emitted by the millions of glowworms
whieh inhabit them.   -��
Carnegie on Inheritance Taxes.
Andrew Carnegie, having been asked by tbe New York Times Tor his
v "ws concerning graduated Inhi rii
ance taxes upon greal estates, re-
bj submitting the following extract from an article written by hlm
and appearing in the North American
Ri t.-w of .lm, I, IKS'.,, lie adds thai
1" has since seen no reason to change
liis views, and lhal William K. Gladstone .shared them fully:
"The     growing  disposition     to   tax
more and more heavily large pptates
lefl at death is a cheering Indication
of the growth of a salutary  change
in public opinion.    The state of Pennsylvania now takes���subject to some
exceptions���pun  of  the  property  lefl
by its citizens.    The budget presented
in   Ihe  British   parliament.  1 lie  other
day,  proposes  to  increase  the  death
dutle.i, and, most Blgnflcanl of all, the
new   tax   Is   to   be   a   graduated   one.
Of all  forms of taxation  this seems
the wisest.    Mon who continue hoarding  great   sums   all   their   lives,   the
proper use of which   for public ends
would  work  good  to  the  community
from which il chiefly came, should be
made to feel  that  the community,  In
the form of the state, cannot thus be
deprived Of Its proper share.    Hy lax-
Nn*,�� j,,,,,,.,n ; I,, Norway.
The Norwegian papers tell of a
B] ly and efficacious method of becoming intoxicated prevailing ii, the
slums ���r Chrlstianla. The Orebladet describes how ii is done. Tho drunkard
tills the palm of bis hand with "aque-
vlt" (strong corn brandy) and sniffs ii
through his nose. A few applications
do the work, while the same quantity
of liquor taken into the stomach would
hardly be fell. "Nose drinking" has
become ��� real vice with some Individuals, The effect of It Is terrible, because the whole nervous system Is
paralyzed In a mon,enl, and the drunkard remains almost unconscious for
several minutes. Afterward a sleepy
fatigue Is felt, its after smoking opium
Washington  nml   Harvard.
Washington received from Harvard
college the honorary degree of doctor ol
laws.    The  distinction  was  voted   by
I," was stealing money from the firm.
Believe   Wife   Knew   Nothing.
"Information has come    to    me recently thai  BrosBeau's wife sailed for
Europe   lasi   summer,   and   that   she
spenl  a month or more on the other
side of the  waier.    i  am  inclined to
believe   thai   Mrs.   Brosseau   did   not
know   anything   aboul   her   husband's
Btoallngs  until   two   weeks  ago,  when
he confessed  to us.    Stones of the
./."   and    quality   thai   thi Be    three
were are hard  to dispose of, and as
we offered  a  r, waiM  of  $io,ouu  for
I belr recovery, ll does no, se. m possible thai a diamond cul ter would cul
them up for any amounl thai the thief
would  be able to give."
Col, Treadwell explained thai II
would require an experl diamond cutler to have done i lie work, ami tha,
the use of certain machinery would
also be necessary, Replying to the
question pul by the police as to
whether Brosseau was ,���,, experienced
i��� the diamond cutting art, Col.
Treadwell declared thai he was positive thai he was ���,,,. The police
hope ihai the renewed publicity given
to the diamond theft, sine the urns,  of Brosseau, will lead lo Infonna-
.Monday    . .
W ater
"         I.:'."
|    17.4.-,
1-  15
Wedn. 9daj
; 1.20
Thurs 1
 j      6.25
|    20.10
Friday   ...
 |      7.10
Sal urd ly   .
Sunday    ..
High Water
|Time H'ght
Low Water
Time light
Monday    ..
3.52 | 12.9 |
10.26    2.1
; 17.06 | 12.2 j
22.43    6.0
Tuesday  ..
..     1.26 | 13.0
11.06     1.3
18.03 | 12.8 |
23.33    6.6
.     6.04 | 12.9
nun j 13.:;
11.50    0.6
.     5.45 | 12.0 |
0.25    7.::
20.0 ' ! 13.6 ;
12.38 1 0.1
.|    6.28 j 12.1 ]
1.21 | 8.0
! 20.59 | 13.6 |
13.29 1 0.1
Salurday   .
...    7.11  | 11.5 |
2.27     S.I
21.57 | 13.7 |
14.22    0.6
Sunday   ..
,|   8.06 | 10.6 |
3.43 | 8.6
: 22.54 1 13.6 1
15.16     1.3
Chick Food
Poultry experts and fanners in all parts of the world
unite in placing Oatmeal a.s the basis of all reliable
chick food. The large poultry breeders for exhibition purposes, in England and the Eastern States,
who frequently mix their own special chick foods,
invariably order their Oatmeal from the leading
Rolled Oats and Oatmeal Mills; by so doing they
insure having the finest Oatmeal. It is because we
are Cereal manufacturers and much the largest buyers of the best oats in the whole of Western Canada
that we are in a position to  produce  the  celebrated
B.&K. Chick Food
which is now so popular amongst poultry farmers
that it is not only selling by the sack but by the
carload. It is packed in -���">, 50 and 100 lb. bags.
It is not only the best food for chicks, but also the
cheapest on account of our facilities for purchasing
the purest ingredients in very large quantities.
Miling Co., Ld.
The Front, New Westminster, B. C.
II. K. 1"11.
��__-(P'iS<rra*_B_Mn_^ff:_rc3��^ i
.... ..       -t
-. .. ���*���'.    *   f.   I ���
M nt
:^a,a.,    ,
Ice Cream ond C.  B.   Chocolates
a Spe
Complete line of Candies, Fruit i1
the president and fellows of the college tlon thai mlghl enable them to clear
Bi_! c,'tinK nt Wntertown April 3 ������   tl���.   ������fe,Tel,,l   crime.
Ind, "as tin expression nf the gratitude of this college for his eminent Livcd in Luxury-
services ln the cause of his country The BrosseaUS lived In luxury, and
and to their society." The signers were i: is common gossip In Harlem that
President Samuel I.angdon, Nathaniel their bridge whist parties and mull-
Applet,,,,. John Wlnthrop, Andrew El ���||(,s (.,)K, ,m,d |f ���,��� ,������,��� ,��� ,���
lot, hnmuel Cooper nnd John Wads-
Do  your own  Silver  I'lating- at
homo   a  wonderful   preparation
made l,y Meyer &. Allen  of   New-
York       :    '  :       :       :       :      :
50 Cents a Bottle
R. C. Purdy,
Sole Agent. Columbia Street
Transfer Co.
the  salary  of  the head  of  the household,    They  attended   the  Church  of
Didn't Knn-r. lhe   Puritans     nnd   gave     freely   lo
There nre some persons who cannot church  and  charitable purposes,  liar-
take a joke, but Snlgglns Is not one of lemiies    believed     thai     they     were
them.     A   "friend"   acquainted   with yveallhv                                                  ���
Snlgglns'   frequent  changes  of abode ,,              ,      , , ,    ,,      , ,
. asked him which he thought wns the , *�����" W! '" '"" ��M *w. His
lng estates heavily al  death the state   cheaper���to move or (o nny rent. father, John  Pr.'.soaii, was a  voti -a
marks Its condemnation of the selfish      "i can't tell you, my dear boy," re- "'  ":'   (iv"  ',v;l'' an;1    :i    private    In
millionaire', unworthy life.                    | piled Snlgglns.  "I have always moved." Talcolt's Battery during the Mexican
"II  i- des 'able that  nations should I ���London Telegraph.                                I war.    He   was  muttered   out  of  lhe
Office���Tram Depot
Columbia at.
Itigeaen   delivered
run of Ihe cltv.
promptly   to  nny
Light and Heavy Hauling
of Teeth ?
A Full set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
1 ^charge   or other   ���:
| toms should not be admitted to 11,;
I or feed stables c,
! .hope    church o,    ,,,���,,   .,���.,     '
��W   BtocK   yards.   nrlvatfl        ;
other   plans   wh,,,   they  m ���J
come Into direct or Indirect  colW
I with animals of the equine s������te
2. All    stables,    y:u,IS|   or     '
|Used for the accommodation of howM
' or mules should be regularly and Z
quently cleansed and disinfected |r
the manner prescribed below,
3. After cleansing the premise,
thoroughly, and burning all del _,
Interior should be well gom overall
hoi s'eam, ���r boiling water, adding to
the imior ii, least one (juan , .
carbolic acid to each '
which   the   entire   Bur|   ,
thickly   coated   with  a   hoi
fresh lime wash, to which crude car.
bolle acid has been added ,,, ���
men'loned proportion.
Outbuilding . fi :,i
will,    which
We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
Our   Prices
Pay  More?
Lost Teelh Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.     Our
Bridge Work is 22k.   Guaranteed for 10 years.
AH Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
nrrie.. 'Phono ivn
Ham 'Phone 131 I i���.
llll 1,1
i"r'"''' j I    have
be.n in contaci should al o when pos-
sllile, be thoroughl: treal _ a similar manner.
All  ordinary    bain.-        .- |
utensils, which have bei n ;
with infected animals or Infected premises, should be thoroughly
ii  hot solution  of crudi   '
of a Btrength of one pari to
Ma'..rials  which   mlghl    b,
by the above treal a
able  harness, robe .    cusl  ins,   etc,
which have b.-en  In ��� onl i - with It.
fection should   be pi u . -i   in   nn air
tight   room  and  fumigated with Formaldehyde after which tl
thoroughly   cleaned.
4. In stables whero outbr
occurred or wh, re diseased
have, Inadvertentl; or -
stabled, even temporarily, tl
lng  and   dislnfi ctl  a       i Id
dally thorough and in ..   ||
safes,  to remove and burn fi',',1 boies
and   mangers   when     of  wood;    iron
articles can I..- rend, i ed harmless bj
passing them through Bre nr by Immersing them for   oi          i In boiling  vale ���.   All   Utter
animals should be burned nr carefully  fenced  until   used.
5. Farmers    and    others     should,
Whenever      possible,     ilVoid       llillllittillg
strange hors, a or mule   to tl e premises  occupied   by  their own animals
especially of the same
good    plan   to   reserve   at   Isolated
building for outside horses or mnlM
but whore this is Impossible ,:
be accommodated in cow si
tie  not   being  Bubjecl   to gl :.       ll
fection. Such horses and mules should
be watered from special palls, ��!iifl>
together with all other tenalli
used  on  or about    then,,   should   In
carefully (dear, e 1 and dlslnl
fore  being used    tor  oth,     animals.
Stalls occupl, : by '"r"'s r,r
mules  should   be  ��ell   cleans id   ani
di Infected and. It al all
unoccuple 1 for some time.
il.    Where new noi i i ules are
purchased in or from districts where
glanders exists, they should, unless
carefully i sled with Malleln prior to
purchase, be stabled apart and closely
watched tor some time before belni
brought in contact with other animals
,,f the equine Bp, cie .
-,. ii musi bo borne In mind that
while nasal discharge, or ulceration,
enlarged glands, Iho presence ot farcy
buds, unaccountable swelling   ot the
limbs and ge '.,1 unthrlftlnes   often
characterize cases of glanders, the
disease exists In many ""im:lls ffl ,
out, tor the time being, any '"i'1'���'
manifestations   whatever,    tl m
means of detection in such cases be
lng the Malleln test, and that*these
occult or latent case are iii   senior
speets the most   dangerous   because
unsuspected.   Our experience   snow
that It Is possible for animals ��f[Wf
class  to  convey  Infection    "��� """^
wlthoul   themselves  developing w>
symptoms. It  Is  therefore plain JM
great, caution should  be exorcised
the pun-base or handling ot strange
horses or mules especially In   "'
districts     where     th ^'s("   ""
become established.
s.   Ti,.. carcases of animals di���
rrom onslaught,',',',!  as being axeo
with glanders should, when i��'ss" '
be   burned   or.  falling  ^ l""'N
least, six feet. Beneath the surface. ^
9. Own,-,", of premises where ��j^
breaks have been  dealt ��'iih ��
bear in mind thai  Inspectors can
recommend, release   from 'i,l:"'"'.|.1(,(1
unless  disinfection   has ,"','n '';''tl|,lt
out In a satisfactory manner and
compensation for animals Blaugn
cannot bo paid until a <**��**���
cleansing and    disinfection   "''',.
received  by tho Minister Ot M
ture. n0
10. Horse  owners  should baVB
hesitation in reporting to|lllfl        e
ment or to Its Inspectors the 8����
of actual or suspected case. 01'I
ers. Tho disease has  hoc"     .^
rapidly of late years and �� '��        ���
ter of public Interest thatf���{u0.
centre of Infection shonM oe       ^
ered  and  dealt  with  ns ptompW
possible. ,���t-r,nn
Veterinary  nlrrrtnr Oen
Department of AgHotfWf*
Ottawa, March,
a-i'J,.'.M's*w SATURDAY, MAV  12. 1906.
The Snap
. -  ,- - ��� 5
Hose Coupling ,
I while you look at it. Price 50c
Fly Screens,    Screen  Windows,    Screen Doors.
HAMMOCKS���We have a nice assortment to choose from.
LAWN    MOWERS--Nothing   but
the best, every one guaranteed.
Local News Briefly Told
nor .-aid thai ' he daj'. n .. i badly
needed aioiiiid bis ini,,.ieijia 1 i;y, ami
thai II would be gladl) welcomed by
Qilley Bros.' steam tug Flyer left
for Pitt  Lake today and  will  return
I Ins ml thing
We carry all the Leading Brands of
Toilet and Laundry
Phone 138 for Ice Cream. *
(1. Gairns was a passenger to Ever-
eit this morning via the (I. N. it.
C. i lam, ron lefl tor Cloverdale this
morning on the G. x. R. on a business
Albert Pete was one of the Ramona's
passengers   to   Chilliwack   this   morning.
Leave your orders for Ice Cream a
the Creamery. ���
J. Kelman of Vancouver lefl on the
Itamona  for  Langley this  morning tOrway   , .
sp.nd  a  few  days on  pleasure. | pja8enger_:   C.   Niflson,
'���'. Walker lefl on the steamer Trans-   from   Langley;   .Mrs,
nection   witli   the   fall   talr.   Mr.   Lad-   Court   Finds   His  Wife  Guilty  and  Or
ders Co-Respondent to Pay
far   I liis   afternoon   for   Ladner   after
spending a few hours in the city.
James Cunningham is confined to
his residence with a severe attack of
la grippe.
I'. Guichon lefl on the Transfer this
afternoon   tor    Port   Guichon    after
.-pending   the  morning  in  town.
New      York,     .May    II.    .lames     11.
I,like,  head of 111..- gloat  tobacco Iras,
with a scow load of rock for Langley   ���""1   the   man   who  has  caused  to  be
which   will   complete   a   contract   for   placed on the markel  more bad cigar- j
GUO   tons   for   the   government   works  ,.,,���s than anv other American manual that place.
lacttirer,  has  been  granted  a divorce
The steamer Beaver arrived in port
this   afternoon   from   Chilliwack   and
P.   Wilson, separated    them    declared the   wife
Hicks  and   Mrs.  guilty  of  almost   every  crime  in  the
social  calendar.   Frank i>. lluntoon,
We have studied every detail
of the Carpet Business
��� that is why we continue to grow  and expand     S,
not only on knowing what but how to buy.    Our ability t   '*
best at lowest (.rices enables   us   to  give   vou  m<,n��. .- ��� BCvf
Here are a few of them: y iav,nS chances.
For bedrooms, halls, etc., we have a fine line of Into r
25c per yard, 86 in, wide.    Union and wool carpets from ,-   '    s from
86 in. wide.   Jute squares, 8x3, for $8.50 up.    Unkm   Tan  ,pt'r f"'ard'
sels, Milton, Axminster, Squares at all prices.   \v(. Jan ^.y':  Brus"
you money on the goods.   Lace Curtains from $1.35 ppr  ��2   n'y save
from   his  gay  young  wife,  Lillian   X.
���a depends
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front  Street!, uuoo
Parker,  from  Ilarnston  Island.
A drain has heen dug al the No, 2
flre hall and the hall has been con-
,,'. ted with lhe sewer. The men have
been agitating for better sanitary con-
a young man  wilh  whom Duke's wife
is  said   to  be  in  low  and   who  was
made co-respondent In the case, was
venlences for some time and welcome 'ound guilty and In order to impress
upon him the extent of his guilt the
the innovation.
Aboul  lit':,;.',, young people dropped  couri   declared  thai   he must   pay all
K.  LeClaire  who has been spending   '�� ur,  Overton  IMrdy  at   his home on   the  costs   of  the   divorce  case   which
The City Grocery,
���   Telephone 97.
Hammocks, Croquet Sets
Tennis Balls and Racquets,
Lacrosse Sticks and Balls,
Base  Balls, Mits,   Gloves, Masks,
Bats. Cricket Bats, Etc.
Booksellers,   Stationers,    News    Dealers.
., ten days in town on business lefl Royal avenue lasi night and treated
on the Ramona this morning for his him to a surprise part) in honor of
home ai Mount Lehman. his birthday. The ei ning was plea-
Alex Low, formerly deckhand on the 's:'",ly s',c'"t in cards and liUlsi'���
S. S. Transfer has been promoted to -v,i's's Marget Espelan arrived In New
the position of fuel conductor on the Westminster last nigh; after a long
S. S. R. P. Rlthet. journey from Norway. Miss Espelan
Freshly male candy every day at rePorta having a pleaeanl passage, al-
the Star Candy Factor) nexl to I". ,!'""Ki' :: !''"'"T slow 0De- Th" trlP
Grey's barber .shop.                            * ��" ''"' A'::!llii" Ocean train Liverpool
-.v.        ..,           .       ,  , ''' Quebec took over n.  Ive days, con-
1 ho monthly meeting of the Hospital - ,  ,   , ,     .
������������.���,      ... ,    .   ,,       . ���.  ; slderabl      mger Trm     ich a journey
committee will lie hold next Wednes- ���.���.,,..
,i..���         ,      ���    .,             . usual!)   ti         a..der  similar  clrcum-
da\   evening  In  the  committee rooms gtances
ol  the city hall.
.,.,            .,,                    .   , The      '���   ni 1     Favourite    will    be
I he   monthly  meeting  of  ihe   Luea ,.,,,-,.,
,., ,���   |,    P ...            ...,,.    - ready for business on Monday next and
( ounc,1 ���r \\ omen wlll   ie held ln the
board  of  trade    rooms
���May I 1, al  3: 30 p. m.
will make an Initial trip up to Han-ion  Monday,  ���__    T ���,,,_,   ,
son    Lake   bringing    a  quantity    of
freight  from  Douglas.  After that the
Mrs. w. Anderson, wife of the local   lliunlmn peop]e win take ,,���,,, ,������ ,h���
C-P.R. car inspector,  lefl   todaj   on  a   hqal   until such time as the Ramona,
three  months'  visit  to her  old home  which is going into dry dock, is ready
1,1 E9Sland- for   business.    The   snn    stack   of
will  fool   up aboul  $10,000.
The tobacco king, with the aid of
his lawyers, succeeded iu convincing
the court thai Mrs. Duke was any.
thing bul .1 faithful wife. Detectives
had been on .Mrs. Duke's trail for a
long time and all sorts of incriminating evidence aginsi her was Introduced. For instance, i, was shown
that even when on her wedding journey with the tobacco king, she was
Ihi,iking aboul her lover back in New
York. On., day while riding in a
luxurious private car through the
South sh.- had her maid Bend this
til..gram  to   lliinloon:
'Dearest:    Always    In    misery
for  you.    I  am  sad  and  lonely,
but   well.     Always   yours,
Loves  and   Best  Wishes.
\nd again when she was returning
Keep Your E>e
Mere !
The Greenwood,   -  tug boal   belong- the Favourite was  placed in position  from her  wedding journey she wired
Ing to the Ii. C.  Packer's Greenwood   by Gilley Bros, today.
cannery came into porl lasi nighl and      Mrs.   w.  Archibald of Sixth  streel
One up to date house  in   Brick Row.  Sapperton
Dwelling on S.W. cor. llth St. and 3rd Avenue.
Cottage, corner 3rd St. and 3rd Avenue.
Kilby Place,  Sapperton.
Three rooms for light housekeeping, Ash St.
Small house on Princess, St,
Is tied up at  the Belyea wharf.
returned  to the city  lasi  evening on
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
**************************************< *************
I ���
"I   arrived   at   7:30.    Long   for
you.   Love and best wishes.
One  of  the  witnesses  against   Mrs.
Duke at the trial was Nellie Sands, a
prety   maid,  formerly  in  the  employ
,,l  Mr. Duke.    She is strong now tor
stenography  and  typewrit- Abbotsford school teaching staff, who Mr. fauke and gave valuable testimony
Columbia  St.
Tin-  Dauntless came Into porl  lasi the  ('.   P.  R.  train  from  Abbotsford
nlghl with a boom of logs from Howe where she  had  been  visiting her son
Sound  for the Fraser River Mills. A A. Archibald who resides in tha, vici-
booni of logs was also dropped off at "ity.   Sh.-   was  accompanied    by  her
9 -:���*���������������������������������������������
Ladner for the Ladner saw mill.
daughter Miss M. S. Archibald uf the
lng.    The  Province office, Armstrong
clock, 'Phone 62, *
Another consignment of machinery
came in from Victoria last night for
the Fraser River Tannery and was
.aiiiei across ihe bridge for installation today.
will spend :, collide of days at her
mother's home, returning to Abbots-
li id In time to resume her duties on
in his behalf. Counsel Mrs. Duke
tried to show that the great cigarette ^
man had a fondness tor the pretty
maid. In the courtroom he helped
her into her coat and did other cour-i
tesies of a like nature. When the
nurse was on the stand, one of Mrs.
New  York, May  11.���The Investlga-  Duke's counsel,    an eminent    lawyer,
Investigate   Spiers'  Affairs.
The grocery clerks of lhis ciiy will
hold a nn'. :ing nexl Wednesday nighl ;i"n which followed the mysterious but slightly deaf questioned her close-
in regard to the matter of Inning a death of Charles L. Spier, confiden- ly concerning presents which Mr.
half holiday on Wednesday afternoon tial agenl for II. 11. Rogers, who died JJ"ke lu"' 1,!ailu l0 her. The maid
of each  week throughout the summer  ,  ,..,,,  ,   ���, j      admitted   that   Duke  had   given  her
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Game In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.   P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, B. C.
S.   G.   Tidy   the  florist  of  this  city
was a passenger on the Transfer this
from n bullet wound Beveral days ago,
fairs were more Involved than at flrsl
thought.     Experl    accountants,    who
\ Our Knowlc
lis Not for Sc le
We don't charge extra for it. Our contracts I
show that we are masters, thorough in every *,
detail   of work,  workmanship and material. %
J See us before you let your work. I
tobacco   trust   stock.
"Ila,   ha,"   cried   the   lawyer?   "He
gave you socks did he? Well, Well, this
afternoon to Sunbury whore he will disclosi  the tad that his financial af- [s getting im cresting."
:   the   w. ok   end  in   visiting  liis  have heen  retained  by Mr. Rogers to      The nurse    blushed and    explained
brother, D. Cross of that district examine Spier's books, have discover-  that   it   was   siock,   not   socks,   that
Th.-   Beaver  brought  in  from  Chil-  ' '    "'   dla"epancies,  and  today  i;   she had reCeived  trom Duke.    In de-
liwack   today  500 sacks  of   potatoes ':'i':''"'1 ��*�����    Spier ^"' '"���'�������� spec- riding the case In favor of Mr. Duke
for   reshlpmenl   to  Vlotorfa.   Thlrty-
six hogs were also among the cargo
for  reshlpmenl   to the same   place.
R, Jackson Of Vancouvei' was among
the Transfer's afternoon passengers
today for Sleveslon and was accompanied by Miss W. Jackson, who will
end ii few da;, s in thai vicinity and
will also visit friends al Boundary
.1 lay.
The Samson returned last nigh:
trom a snag pulling expo,li,ion up-
river, chiefly In the vicinity of Langley. The  crew  is busy today drilling
ulating on the siock market for many the couri, among other things, said:
months  and   that   securities owned   by Plenty   of   Evidence  of Guilt.
Mr. Rogers have been deposited.   One "You might strike from the record
lot  valued at $180, , which had been half of the testimony and there would
deposited  with the brokerage firm of 3tni   he  enough  left  io  warrant the
Ki   . b, Lo.i-  fi Company, figured mosi grantlng of a decree to Mr. Duke. You
prominenUy    in    today's    disclosures, migni  dispense with half of the wit-
'.' ' curlties a member of the firm nesses nnd there still remain wit-
said, were n��� . 1 to Spier upon ills ���esses enough to prove the allega-
promise to replac, i a. The promise tions. We have had here an over-
was nol kept, Ii ii..- been developed abundance of proof of the guilt of ihis
b) the present Investigation that Spier man, Ilnnioon, and woman.
had  ie. :i  press -.    ,   Mr.  Rogers for "But at this Juncture 1 want to call
he     curlties and  that, when he got attention  to  a very strange and,  to
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
;���; Ornamental trees and shrubs In great variety, evergreen and gold
$   en from 2 to fi feet.   Roses, paeonies,   rhododendrons,   privet,   ever- >*<
!*<   green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free. gj
D. M. Robertson & Sons
:���'    Tynehead  Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B. C. g
v ������,,..... JE
Afof on Top, But Still injhe Ring.
ouse Cleaning Time
them from the brokerage house and my mind, very Important factor ln this
the huge blocks of stone which   are made ���.,,���.��� ,0 Ul,  RogerS) lh(, ,.,,,���,. eage    (-ilon',ne _j.8t day 0f trial of
used as anchors tor the can buoys In  entrUsted him with $840,000 worth of this issue both the defendant and co-
the guli channel, | (a ol- a new company.   The inves- respondent  were within the walls of
The   luilowiing   passengers   arrived   ligation  of  Mr.  Spier's  accounts  has this  room.    They have seen the evi-
��� A-ndyou may possibly need a carpet.    ... ....vo ��� 	
IA them and can guarantee to save you money and give you  better satis
I-*-  ' '.,,,......,...,���       ,.-.,.. ;��..,*.,��,.���   .. .- , ,....,.
We have  the   groat,\st   range  of
' eller   satis-
il good body
a '. ' ����u ����n guarantee to save you money ano give you oetter suns-
>tl j; on than you can gei in nny oil,or place. For instance, a good body
,; '' paper for underneath, sowed and laid tor one dollar a yard up,
l,j Old enrpets taken up, cleaned and relayed for ten cents a yard. We
k, have the largest stock and the finest show rooms and the finest prices.
In ' ' " ��� :""l see us, It will |ay VOU to see our stock before placing your
A order el lewhere.
In the city this morning on the steamer Transfer from down river: W. Walker trom Dense Island cannery, N.
X. Xelsou from Sunbury; F. Guichon
from   Porl   Guichon;   W.   Kemp,   N.
Sanded. ,'. Clarke, Miss Smith, and
Miss   Welsh,   from  Ladner.
nol  yet  been completed, and il is nol deuce   thai   has   been   alleged   againsl
vei   known  whether his shortage will them,  and.  while entering  a defense
exceed   ihe  $180,000  already   found. hero and a denial, they have not seen!
Mr. It 1). Kerch, of tbe linn of Loew fl)   |���  come here to  personally  refute!
& Company, made the following state- these charges when their  presence isi
men,    tonight: must   necessary.
"As statement* of OUT possible loss       "The l'iicl   is thai   witnesses in uun,-
Ij! 716and 71s Columbia St.     Four Floors.      Rear Extension, Front Street.
city yesterday tor the purpose ���f discussing mallei's in connection wiih
ill.-  stock   exhibit   to  he  held   In  con-
Largest  Stock  In  the  City.
Mounted     in   any   Style    you   Desire.
Come and  Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
'!       IlONIlSI   The Jeweler,      -     Columbia St.
Cold Lunches.
Yi    V '."- '
JV/AI-? ACRES on the River Road with BSO
feet wilier front 2 1-2 acres cleared,
First class fruit land. Good water on
property, nnd AI soil. Small house partly built.    $1600 with $1(1110 cash.
CENTRAL PARK Six acres, first class
land, good bouse und out buildings nml
close to tram. To a prompt buyer this
can be got  at  u  good   figure.    Kimuire
for price.
McLeod, Mark & Co.,
Real Estate,  Fire A Life Insurance
Tel. 273.      Near Tra    ffi (fine
iled Ham
Jelly Veal
Reeve  Ladner ot Delia   was In the  through   the  late  Charles  Spier have  hers  have  sworn  to such  facts that
I..ei, greatly exaggerated, we wish to Iheir evidence has been such thai no-
stale thai the maximum loss possible body tor a tool <���' b recluse knowing
to us Is $57,000." nothing   of   human   nature   could   be
 ' ���   misled as lo whal conclusion to reach.
^ttiOiiOiiCOittiOiifXCC*^^ "When   these   pari i.s   do   nol   come
iji    here   to   disprove   these  allegations   it
must   be   taken   us   a   tacll   confession
of   their   guilt   of   the   charge.
Praise for Mr.  Duke.
'Her,,  is a  multi-millionaire, a man
who could  have given  her everything
thai this world holds dear, and yet we
see what she did.    You have the testimony  here Ihat  he was a  most  kind
master and a liberal employer.    Much
has  been said  as to what n husband j
should   do  when   he  has  a   suspicion,!
imt   lacks    evidence  of his    wife's
"1 think Mr. Duke did the eminent-!
$ i ly proper thing.    He  did  not   aid  or
J*] '   abet   her.     He  had   no  right   lo  put
>$   temptation In her way, und he did not
H   do so.    lie did not condone her faults.
;���!   lie did what, was proper, sought the
evidence and left her in her .station
and   oondlllon   as   was   her   natural
wont to bo as his wife.    This, is the
wise way.    I tell you this, I am convinced  that these  two people mel   at
every opportunity."
We bog to notify.our friends and Ilie public generally thut we
have engaged Mr. D. McFaddeii, who has been our Iceman for the past
two years, to deliver Ice for us again lhis season. Unless the weather
ls very unfavorable you may expect a call from hlm about the first
of the month, when any orders you have been pleated to place with
hlm you may rest nssurred wlll be promptly carried out.
The B.C. Packers'Association
PKone 156     New Westminster, B.C.
Carruthers Manufacturing Com'y.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
C. A. Welsh,
Thc People's Grocer
P,S.   Strawberries, Ripe Tomatoes.     Large
Oranges, 35 cents per doz.
The funeral of Frank J. C. Hagan
took place thin afternoon frohi'the asylum, whore he had been hn'lnmclo for
some time. The deceased was about 45
years of age and wns burled In the
public cornel cry. W. K. Fales had
charge of ths  funeral  arrangements,
Mutual  Life Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount ot Policies now ln force exceeds ��������� ������ ��� *     w{ltm.nn
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now eiceods....�� ,
This is a company of polio y-holders, by poUcy-bolders, ror poi c
holders. ,    ,. ��� , ������,.|
O.IK motto.'    ine iarg��t amount of Ammrance for the   	
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, S. C. 'Phone 80.
. G
������������������������������������ <>����������������������������������
| Sporting News %
X       and Comment.       %
Vancouver Cricket.
The annual meeting of the Burrard
Cricket club was held last night at
the Badminton hotel. There wns a
large attendance of members and
judging from the enthusiasm displayed this club should come well to the
fore in cricket circles this season.
There are over 20 members on the
roll and six new members were elected last night. Nearly all of the members are enthusiastic cricketers and
with much good material  at the dis-
Or  waked to  ectasy Colonial  ire.
Operation  Is  Performed and  a  Button
Is   Removed  From the
Some potent  Tory
The claims of reason
thai   wiili  valianl
barristers, solicitors, etc.        Of-
,    . ,     flees:    Now Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
n 1  of  right   C()rnor   Clarkson   and   Lorne   streets.
1 to 24, 445 Gran-
Vancouver, rooms _
Some mute, inglorious BrodricK here   ville street   Jjseph Martin, K.C., ..
\V.  Wean.  W.  U.   McQuarrie,   H.  A.
may resl;
Some Joseph shrieking for a tax on
Bourne. Mr. Martin wilfl be in th3
Westminster offices every Friday afternoon
���The regular meeting of tins
Is held on the First Wednesday in
each month, al 8 o'clock p. m.. in
tho Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren nre cordially invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
���J c
New York, May 11���All of Tot's
anxious Philadelphia friends will be
rejoiced to learn that she has undergone a very difficult operation in this
City and her chances for recovery are \0r Liberals
good. smile
It   should   be  stated,  perhaps,  that '    Transparent
Tot is a thoroughbred Blenheim spaniel  and moves in the very  best clr-
l.ei   not     Free   Traders   mock     their
strenuous toil,
HOWAY,  REID  &   HOWES.  Barristers,   solicitors,   etc.,   42   Lorne
Their  trivial  reasonings,  and  their   street,   opposite   Court  House.   New
Westminster.   J. H. Howes, P. O. iiox
dire  fatigue,
iff League.
posal  of  the  selection   committee
first-class eleven can   be   put in the  cles of Philadelphia's bow wow  four
a disdainful
of the Tar-
to com-
F & \ M.���Regular communications Of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday In each month li
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. rn
ing brethren are cordially
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist, Sec
ters and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia streel, New Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
The following officers were elected:
President���C.   Sweeny.
Vice-presidents���Major Genera] Kin-
chant, J. W. Wallls, Askland-Hood.
Captain���Charles   Nelson.
Secretary treasurer���H.   Hepburn.
Auditors���G. W. Walton and Mr.
The committee will consist of the
captain, secretary and Messrs W, Walton, W. H. Carnsew and R. W. Timms.
hundred. She is the leader of her
set, the possessor of several blue
ribbons and  a general  favorite.
Bul Tot has been a great sufferer
and her case is likely to become a
celebrated one in canine surgery. It
is now nearly a year ago that she began to complain. At first she was
Healed  for   Indigestion   by  several  of
The votes of vast majorltl,
The threats of England's ruin to despise.
Will not be theirs for decades yet to
They read  the verdict  in a nation's
���London   Daily   Chronicle.
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicl-
'or of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Bank ol Commerce building, Columbia street, opposite post-
ofllce, New Westminster. Money to
R B. K. of I., meets second and
fourth Friday of each month, at 8
p. m., in Orange hall, coiner of
Royal avenue and John street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially Invited to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;   E. E. Matthias, Reg.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Daily I NEW '   Dally
Leave! WESTMINSTER] Arrive
!i'2,ian, iiinine, Belling-|_:uO pm
4:35 pmjham       liurllng-|9:3r,pm
ilon,    Mt.    Ver-|
|non,     Everett,
Seal tb' and
4:35 pm Spokane,       SI. 3:00 pm
jPaul    and    all
points   East.
9.20 amlAnacortes, 3:00 pm
IWoolley,     and
3.oil pm Vancouver
9:35 pm!
ian Pacific Railway (V
ish  Columbia Coast Lin.
Service. ne
(Subject to change w���,,���m
VICTORIA S,:v,,,,,   K,H���C*')
Prlncs, Beatrice Dallv
Leaves Port  Town
Leaves Victoria :, ,,.,,,
Arrive Seattle :, a,j__
Leave Seattl i o. io a nj
Arrive Port  To* end i  ���
Arrive Victoria ::.:;��� ,,,���'"
Vancouver-Victoria' koute
S. S. Prince    Victoria
P- m.
9:20 am
|4:35 pm
Ice Cream the purest at the West-  minster, B. C
Philadelphia's best  physicians.    Brisk  minster Creamery. *    ____-���������������
walks   and   plenty   of   exercise   were ,	
GEORGE E. martin, Barrister and
Solicitor,  Guichon   block,  Columbia and McKenzle streets, New West-
���Meets in Orange hall first and
third Friday In each month at 8 p.
m Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend. B. E. Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
that   treatment   did
I   prescribed,   but
her little good.
Off  to   Hot  Springs.
Then she was taken to Hot Springs,
j Ark.,  and   received  a  regular  course
of sulphur water baths, with a special
Brockton Point Celebration.
Ii is proposed to hold a monster celebration for the school children at
Brockton  Point on the afternoon    of
May 24, and on that occasion    it    ls
... ... .      , ���,i atlendiint to administer massage, bhe
planned  to have  children s sports of, __.,���.. _, _, ,__! , .._,
all.kinds.    The matter was suggested-
at the regular monthly meeting of tho,
board  of  management   of  the  Brockton Point association  held last nighl
at   the   Badminton  hotel   and  a com-
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Bank of
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No.
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held In Oddfellows' ball, Colum
bla street, every Monday evening,
at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend. S. J. May,
N. G.;   W. C. Coatham, Rec.-Sec.
Route of tho Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, st. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg.  Duluth,  Chicago, St.
Louis and all  points Easl.
For complete Information,
rales, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F. C. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, B. C
S. G. YERKF.S, A. 0. P. A.,
Corner Second Avenue aud Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
Leave Vancouver l p. m
Leave Victoria i a. ,,,
Leaves Victoria, l B, m   ',
and  Fridays.
Leaves New We
ni., 1
es .New Westminster i i -
Wednesdays and Saturdays m-
Calling at Mayneat a Bteveitmi
B.S. Joan leaves Nanaimo dailv o,
cept  Saturday  and  Sunday  af?'0'
Saturday d n. m.
mlttee was appointed to confer with
the school authorities and endeavor
to secure their co-operation in the
matter, if the present plans mature
a committee will immediately arrange
the necessary details for the celebration and draw up a programme of athletic events which will Include footracing, juvenile football and lacrosse
matches and othier interesting features.
Tommy  Is Willing
v  Burns,  who  achi,
by defeating Marvin Hart recently at
grew steadily worse and at last devel
oped convulsions. These attacks
would last from one to three minutes
and came at frequent intervals. Two
nurses were with her constantly, and
when her condition
alarming lt was decided to take her
to a New York specialist.
She arrived here three weeks ago
and was hurriedly taken to the office
of Dr. D. S. Johnson, and a consultation was held. With the greatest care
her case was studied for three weeks
and finally the X-ray was applied.
X-Ray's   Searching   Eye.
No doubt it was the searching eye
of the X-ray and the memory of one
of  the  nurses  that  saved  Tot's  life.
Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
CAPITAL (All paid up).. .S14,UUU,000
Acquired a through knowledge of the
business in England with 10 years experience. Later was 7 years manager strathcona and Mount
of the watch repairing department of Rt. g���^���^^ ���on president
Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal, - Ho���_ glr 'Q A Drummqnd, President
became more jjenry Kirk's business manager part of , jj_ s. Clouston
the time.
English,    Swiss.   American   and   all
complicated watches cleaned, repaired, '    !
made like new and adjusted.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LODGE No. 3
'���Meetings the first nnd third Tues-
dav in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend,
Lodge room, A. O. 1'. W. hall, Odd
fellows' block. Clarkson street. C.
S. Corrigan, recorder; Louis Wilt,
master workman.
General .Man. ger.
President  and
business   trans-
Tommy Burns, who  achieved fame| Yesterday morning when the patient's
condition   seemed   more  critical  than
ever, the physician called one of the
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B, C.
Los   Angeles,  has  notified   the  mam,
gers of the Tuxedo club that he has nUTses to thu bedaWe and Questioned
mailed a cheque for $1,000 forfeit for,1"'1' cl(,s'-'1>' as lo Tot.'s earI*
his   match  with   Bob   Fitzsimmons  at
the Tuxedo club, on Wednesday night,
May 30. He will start east immediately and begin training either at Essington or at a road-house onl side of New-
Attell Stands Herman Off.
Losangeles, Cal., -May 12.���Kid Herman of Chicago and Abo Attell of
San Francisco fought 20 rounds to a
draw last night before the Pacific Athletic cluh. The fight was fasl at lijnes,
Attell using all his cleverness and
speed to avoid the sturdy rushing of
Herman. The cleverness and speed of
Attell was marvellous and saved him
if.'. The
nurse remembered that once, when
Tot was small, she swallowed a largo,
round, black bone of button.
"Ah," said the physician. "There's
light." Ten minutes later Tot was
in the ,,perilling room and a nurse
was holding the chloroform mask to
her little nose. When 11 was all over
the "large, round, black button" was
lying on the marble table beside the
surgeon's knife, li was found in her
Intestines.    The X-ray discovered  it.
Toi   will  live.
There i.s another case soon to be recorded In the annals of dog surgery
in which science is almosl as deeply
concerned.    Thai  is the case of Muse,
from defeat.  Herman  forced the fight-
i   Ilosion   bull  terrier, owned  by  Mr.
J. De Mm  Thompson, of No. 2,; Wesl
ing from start to finish but nol  until  Twenty.elghth   s,���,���.     Mose   also  1
the  last  four  or  five  rounds   was  he
able to land on Attell effectively.
Writes From Egypt to Friend About
the Presidential Campaign.
Chicago, May 11.���A dispatch to the
Tribune  from  St.  Louis, Mo., Bays:
M. C. Wetmore, of this ciiy, a personal friend of W. J. Bryan, yesterday
received from Mr. Bryan, who Is in
Egypt, a letter ln which he says:
"I am satisfied that the things I
have been fighting for are growing,
bul who wlll be most available in
1908 Is a question that cannot be
answered now. I shall not do anything to secure another nominal ion.
and do not want it unless circumstances seem to demand it. Time
alone can  determine thai."
'ihis is ihe first authoritative statemenl of Mr. Bryan's attitude toward
the presidency in 190S. The letter is
personal, and his cdtmment on tho
national situation is the inure in
teresting to the public from the facl
thai It Is the frank nleoranc. of a
paily leader lo a confidential friend,
 o         t
prominent in canine circles, and is of
greal value and owns blue ribbons.
Mose has a weak heart and other
complications, and he, to, is undergoing xyray treatment prior to an
operation, Specialists In dog diseases
are deeply interested in the two cases.
 o ���
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly (furnished.
I24 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
in home decoration need not be expensive. Quiet, rich colorings,
making an admirable background
for furniture and pictures, can be
had at reasonable prices if you call
.... at ... .
Battle Occurs and College Boys Wind
Up  in  a   Hospital.
Columbia,   Mo., May 11.���A   state
University Student named Dole was
shin and perhaps finally wounded and
Several others were injured In a light
win, employees of a circus late lasi
night. Dole received a bullel. in the
back   of  the   head   and   Is   reporl,id   to
be   dying.     The     wounded     BtUdentB
wee taken to a hospital here, fifteen
reelved     medical    attention,     Many
otlnrs   were   turned   away,   as   their
Injuries   were   loo   slight    lo   require
im diaie    treatment.    On    of  the
Btudents la reported to be seriously
When ll became Known thai many
Students hnd been injured a gen, ral
rlol wiis threate I, The mayor addressed Un Btudents, pleading will,
ihem io avoid further trouble, The
mayor offered his services as a nurse,
assisting the dootors to care for the [m]
Injured.    The onus,,  of  the trouble Is   Awail   alike
The curfew tolls the knoll ,,r parting
The     Liberal   crowds     press    gaily
down   the  sire..,;
The Tory  homeward  plods his weary
With downcasl  face bis   cherished
spouse to greet.
Now fade.-; the glittering victories on
the Bight,
The   Tory   club   a   solemn   silliness
SaVi   where a  drowsy  member drones
in   mlghl
or former battles al the local polls.
Beneath    those crushing    polls,  with
hopes decayed.
While   Liberal    voles   stand   piled
upon the floor,
Bach in hla sad oblivion Bwlftly laid.
Th.-   Tory   sinks   lo   lis,-   again    no
 i e.
Wall   Paper   Store
llranches in all the principal cities
in Canada, in 1 ondon, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and St. jor.n, .Nnd..
and correspondents In all parts of th6
Savings Bank Dept.
G. D. Brymner,  Manager.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets S-t>,-f s,s/t>.
Branches and correspondents In
all the principal cities ot the world.
General  banking  business transacted.
'H opens an account.   Interest added
lalf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
}pen    Saturday   nigir.s   Trom  B  to  9
F.  B.  Lyle.  Mana.er.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New Westminster,  B. C.
Railway Company
Double Through Fast Train Service Daily with Dining Cars,
Sleepers and Tourist.
Atlantic Express leaves at
In  K.  of  P.   Hall.  Columbia  S  . al   7.95   connects Willi trilillS fot"
8 p. in.. White Rose Degree, Fourth   .,      ' , , ,,    j.___ f'nnn^lr,
Wednesday   in  each month, same Seattle and hasten. Canada,
time and place.   Visiting Brethren  a]S() xvjiJ.   steamers   at   I'm!
lnvlted'    |:- R s,i"""- ���i��      Imperial Limited
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Red  Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourih Wednesday of each month,
combe, Pres., H. Disney, Secretary.
COURT  BRUNETTE.  No. 4099,  I.O.F.
���Meets the Fourth Friday In the
month at s o'clock. In the small
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend.   J. B. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
.Maxwell, lt. S.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge an' bold on the B cond
and Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
al * p. 111. in lhe Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly invited to attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock p. in., In Oddfellows'
Hall. Columbia street. \ It Itlng
Brethren are cordially Invited to at-
i. nd. .1. S. Bryson, S. ('.; J. McD.
Campbell, Sec.
Saturday and Sunday, at 1.30 nt
Saturday 2.30 p, in. '
S. S. Queen City.
Leave  Victoria  11   n. ���,' ut  in,v
��nd lldlb of ,,������ ni,.,,!',, f',';r     0 ��
and WSJ polnis.
Leavo Victoria 10th ol each
j for Quatslno and way points
Leave Vienna 20th uf each month
ZV'"",h"": ���** wayp��i��uinS
���   lng Quatslno,
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves New Westminster evc-T
day. "'"��
Additional trip leaves Ww Vfen
n,Ins,or 5 a. m. Sunday,
Leaves Bt, veston Men.lav, Tues.
day. Wednesday, Thursday anil Saturday 7 a. m. Frldaj 6 -. m ���i.
ditional trip Sa urdaj
Steamer Beaver.
Leave N, w Westmb ��� j _ -
Mondays, Wednesdaj 1 Fridays.
Leave Chllllwuck 7 a m. 1        1
Thin.-.lays  and   Satrd        1 ,|| ng ';,.
landing   between   .-.   1
and Chllllwack.
S.   S.  Tees.
Leave Vancouver M ij 13,
Leave Vancouvi 1 M
Leaves Vancouver at ���.' p. m. 2nd
and   16th  of  each  month 1 ��� ���
Skldegaie <���, Brsl trip aad B
la on second trip,
Times ou arrivals and i dure
are approximate,
For  Tickets,  lt. 1 ig,
formation call ������ 01
.1. W, TROUP,
General Superint, nl nt, V
E. .i. COYLE,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Van
Gen. Agent, Freighl .
New w, tminster,
Agent, New w ��� - minster.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month In
K. of P. Hall, .lohn McNlven,
Chief; J. J. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
BOARD OF trade.���New  Westmln-
leaves at 17:20.
For rat. a and other particulars apply to
C. P. lt. Agon'.
Xew Westminster.
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
1  jhl Trains Every Day in the Vear
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Km!."dies the newest   and best ideas
and   LUXURY.      It   is   lighted   with
both   electricity   and   gas;   the   most   Lv. New W,  t.. 8.30; ar. Seattli
brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the   L,v. Seattle  10; ar. X.��  West. 18.10,
world.     The   equipment   consists   of C. P. R. WEi
Trains & Steamers
Leavo New Westminster 15.40 felly.
Arrivo New Westminster 11.35 daily.
equipment   consists
private   compartment   cars,   standard
luxurious dining
Lv. New West. 10.35 and 17.36.
Ar .Now  Wesl.  '.���:.
and 16.40,
section  sleepers,  luxurious  timing c  p  R  mjllSIDE SPECIAL
car. reclining chair cars (scats free),  Ly, New Westminster 6.30 a. m.
ster  Board  of  Trade  meets  Ij)  the   modern   day   coaches   and   bullet,   li-       GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY,
Board Room, City Hall, as follows
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quartt. ly meet ings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August nnd November, at 8 p. in.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. E. White, Sec.
Sixth Street.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, Benton and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always ln stock
Spring  slock  now  In.    Make your
Trains Daily
You Buy "B. C."
or "Old Sport" Cigars
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rales.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
TSteamshir Tickets oil sale to all European points.
brarv and  smoking  cars. Lv. N. W. 9,20 a.m.; ar. Seattle I p.m.
For Time Tables,  I'niders, or any  Lv. N. W. 4.36 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10pj��
further information  call on or write   Lv. Seattle 8.80 a.m.; ar. N. YV. 3 p.m.
Lv. Seattle 4.30 p.tn.; ar. N.W. 9.35
7JO Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   Lv. N. W. 8 p.m. and 8.35 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.36 a.m., and 1 p.m.
Lv.  N.  W.  9.20 a.in.;  ar. Liuichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon 2.40 p.m.; ar, N. �����
9.36 p.m.
Mondays onlv.
Lv. New Wesl. ,r..r,il ���.,���.. 6.60,1
and hourlv until 11 p.m., ��iiti halt-
hourly between 1 "." and 6.30 pa
Saturday half-hourly noon to 11 l1"1
Sunday   hourlv    S    a.m. to 11 I'*
wiih half-hourly bet, noon and i p*
Lv.  Vancouver same time ihrouga-
Fraser River andJGulf
Beaver��� .
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frld, ^ IJ
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., I ���*
From N. W. Tu., Th., Sat ! ��� "'���
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., ' 'lD1'
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Northern Pacific j Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And nil the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via [Niagara Falls.
For Time Tallies, etc., address
Assistant Qen'1 Passenger and Ticket lCayorlte-
Agent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
The   breezy   call   of   Tory   Whips   well
Xo more shall guide Ihem to '.iduni
phalli   voles;
Nor   .loo's     shrill     clarion,   nor     the
echoing horde,
shall    rouse ihem  more with    Its
exultanl notes.
mi   ihe  law  ,,r fair
Ofl   ,11,1   dismission   to   their  closure
Their  action
play broke;
Iiow   jocund   did    Hi'
rlghl appealed.
How     bowed     fair     jusl in
their deadly strode,
Synopsis   of   Canadian"' Home
stead Regulations
Any available llomlnlon Lands With-  Special    Reduced   Rates    Round   Trip
You   do the   wise   thing.   Us   templing, ,��� ,������  Raj,way   ^   ,_   ^^  ..^
bla, may be homesteaded by any p.r
son who Ig the sole head of a family,
or any  male over  Is years of age, to
the extern oi one-quarter section of
L60 acres, more ot leas.
Entry  must   be made personally at,
the local land office for the district in  Portland, Ore
which the land is situate, |	
The homesteader i.s required to per
form the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(1) At least six months' residence
Upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
"The Milwaukee"
vole,    Ihollgh
lavor will surely win your favor. Manufactured by
Factory and  Office,  Brine  Block,
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling Our BpecalltS.
Wood and Coal
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full Informtion call ,,n or write
c. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, Ii. C.
A. G. P. A.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
father is deceased) of the homesteader   -pi
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago,, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on an.
railroad in Ihe world that equal ill
equipment that "f the Chicago, Milwaukee h St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
and (lining cars on alll their trains and
give their pillions an
service  not  obtainable elsewhere.
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars
on any other line. They protect
their (rains by the  Block System.
Connection made wilh all transcontinental lines in  Union Depots
From N, W. dally, ex. Sun., 2.15 P*
From Mi. Lehman, 7 .1.1,1.
Transfer  -
From N. W. dally, ex, Sim., - I'.""
Add. trip, Monday. 5 a.m. ,
From Sleveslon, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 UW
Add. trip Sal urday. 5 l""'.nc,
City nf N inaiino���
F    1     N.  W.  Siltul.i.v  '  1""'
Kioui Vieloria Saturday V a.m.
Mail Service
close.   BecelrtJ
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00p.m. �������'""
Sa,,',, & Millside...l0.00p.m.   ;���    '
���   .."    ,d Vancouver.. ....10.00p.m.  MO*
Cloverdale,  Blaine. T-ntiiil.
Seal lie, Clc.   ..  S.-ir.ii.m.   ���..''���'
Park...l0.30 a.m. *
Van.  ti.  Ceni
East Burnaby,.
Sleveslon, etc..
East,  via  O.P.R.
Sap., AII11. Ooq'm
1 r, 11 ui.   '���'' '
nol   known.
The   authorities   are   In-
boast  of  Empire and the pomp
Of   power.
with its Darning scrolls.
the Inevitable hour:
resides   upon   a   farm   in   the   vicinity
of  tbe  land   entered   for   thc  require-hand   Nelson and intermediate points,
ments as to residence may lie satisfied connecting ai Spokane with the Greal
by such pers.,,, residing with the fa- Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
ther  nr  mother. & N   L-(,
(3) H the settler has liis permanent     Connects at Rossland with the Can-
residence upon farming land owned; ;uli.1M pac|fic  Railway  for  Boundary
GENERAL MACHINE AM) ...NIIINE  by lum in thc vicinity of Ins home- Creek points
Columbia Bt., below Tram Office.
Telephone  li.u.
Westminster Iron Works
ie only all rail route between all 1 j|. S. ROWE. General Agent. Van. ft Burnaby.
points cast, west and south to Ross-   ,,4 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or/	
8.00 p.m.
S.00 p.m.
8.30 p.m.
Cud in
valuable   Horses   Burned.
Tieherne,   Man.,     .May   11.- -A     0.1,
containing 13 Imported horses caughl
Iir.- while Iii tranull pear hero today
and wan destroyed, tog itber wiih tho
Tho path of Jingoes leads bul to the
Perhaps in this greal battle has been
Some heiir, once pregnant  with Imperial  lire.
Hands thai tbe rod of Joseph might
have ta'en
Ornamental   Iron    Wont,
Fences, dates,  Hire   !���;.,'npen, etc
Mall orders and correspondence in
BEyillE ai'KEEl'.
New Westminster. Jr
stead, the requirements as to residence
may be  satlsfiei
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
including  be given to (he Commissioner of Dominion  Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.   Ik���Unauthorized   publication  of '
this advertisement will not. bo pnld
Connects   at     Meyers     I
by   resilience   Upon|,tftge (%\\y f���r  Republic.
Buflct   service   on   trains
Spokane   and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November
I got,
9.20 a.m
2.25 p.m
9.40 a.m.
O. 174.
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
Day Train           Arrive ^VVi'n hundred miles of magnificent
Qnn.aM.         �����,,. ��� m river  trip.    Empress  of   Britain  Nails
... spoh,i���c ....7.15 p.m. fi.um iv],,,,,,.,,.,! f'or Liverpool May IBth,
... Rossland ... .4.10 p.m. K(���. other date- n,���| ratM appC ;���
...Nelson   6.45 P-m- EI). UOULET,
11. A. JACKSON. C. 1'. It. Agent.
General Passenger Agent New Westminster.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
WHITE   HORSE,  DAW=        ,
FAIRBANKS.   Daily train*       ft
passenge_��;    ���,���
Sunday)    carrying   ,
express    and    freight   1 ,       |Il)r6t,
at Carcrosi and ^'t���\f
|���B a through winter *
[formation apply'��,
Tor In
J.  H.   ROGERS,
Mackinnon Wt��  Q
Vancouver, tn
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may    be    pur-
|  at $10 per acre for soft coal
and  $20  f"r  anthracite.     Not   more
tli.n )20 acres can be acquired by one
individual  or  company.     Royalty  at
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock com-
panies holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location- ,
.\ frce miners certificate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
... upon payment in advance of $7.50
p,: annum for an individual, and from
$co to $100 per annum for a company,
a,  ording to capital.
A   free   miner,   having   discovered
m:���er;,I  in place, may locate  a claim
,500x1500  feet  by   marking   out   the
with   two   legal   posts,   bearing
.  notices,  one  at  each   end  of
e of lhe lode, or vein.
, 'aim shall be recorded within
days if ocated within ten miles
, .  ,11 lining recorder's ofiice, one ad-
,]   day   allowed   for   every   ad-
1   ten  miles  or  fraction.     The
:  recording a claim is $5.
,   st isioo must be expended on
, 'aim   each  year  or  paid   to   the
��� recorder in lieu thereof. When
been  expended  or  paid,  the
:   iv,   upon   having   a   survey
and upon complying with other
requirements,   purchase   the   land   at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission  may be granted by the
iter   of   thc    Interior   to   locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
r, in the Yukon Territory, of an
not exceeding 160 acres.
The   patent   for   a   mining  location,
-I. ,U   provide   for   the   payment   of   ;,
R   .  Ity of 2V1 per cent, of the  sales
0[ the products of  the location.
PLACER  MIXING���Manitoba and :
���;   VV.  T.,  excepting thc  Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally nre   100  fect  square,  entry  fee
-  ��� . arable yearly.     On the  North
: hewan River claims are either
or bench,  the  former being  100 ^
��� ' ng and extending between high .
and low water mark.    Thc latter in-'
bar diggings, but extends back I
to thi   base of the hill or bank, not
,    eeding   iooo  fect.     Where   steam
;, wer  is  used  claims  200  feet  wide
tr.ny be obtained.
Dr.dging in the Rivers of Manitoba :
���  ������ N, W. T., excepting the Yu-
���/    A  free miner may ob-
���    - two leases of five miles each i
for  a  term  of  twenty  years,  renew-
in the discretion of the Minister j
The lessee's right is confined to the
1  beds  or bars of  thc river
below any low water mark, and sub-;
: year attd $10 per mile for each
u< nt   year.      Royalty   same   as
;       r mining.
P       r   mining  in   the   Yukon   Ter-
k,   gulch,   river   and   hill
11  noi   exceed  2.,o   fect   in
lh, measured on the base line or;
general direction of the creek or
gulch^'lio width being from iooo to
-000 teet, All other placer claims
shall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end, bearing notice-. Entry must bc obtained within
ten days if thc claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a frce miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of iooo feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on tbe
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease [or each five miles
but where a per-.m or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction ,hereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased, Royally at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
om pn,  alter it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
1st day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have onc dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one milling claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the sntue creek, gulch or river, by
giving  notice and  paying a  fee.
Work must be done on a claim
each year to the value of at least $200.
A certificate that work has been
not, the claim shall be deemed to be
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon   Official   Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery  on  the  land  to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such   period   as   he  may  decide,  the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth.     Should the pros-
pector  discover  oil   in   paying   quantities, and satisfactorily establish such!
discovery, an area  not  exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of I
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
I tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
j will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
I subject to royalty at such rate as may
I be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the  Interior.
Dept. Interior.
Wanted 2
CANDY     1
Dring your old bicycle and get it
made as good as new. We arc experts
on all kinds of repairing. We have been
constantly at the repairing business
for 11 years so we know It from a to z.
Sign  Man  on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Wanted -2000 Cords ol Hemlock Bark
at the Eraser River Tannery, Ltd.
taken ln lots from 25 cords up. For
particulars apply to the manager at
Tannery or p, o. box is?, New
Wesl minster.
For Sale���Modern 7-roomed house on
line corner in West End; two lots
stable and fruit trees. Cheap. Appl.
X, this office.
For Sale���Half Interest ln a livery business near Seattle, Washington.
Chance of a life time. Apply Advertising Manager, Dally News.
Eggs for Setting���Pure Barred Hock
11.00 per setting. J. W. Austin, Sapperton.
on. mn una
Downpour Comes Just in Time to Pre-   Maywood  M
vent Great Destruction in
makes the purest of pure sweets
and invites the public to call
and see  the candy made
For  Sale���Young Ayrshire Bulls pure
bred, ready for service, W. R. Aus
tin,   Sapperton.
Fresh Fruit in Season.
Twelve years   experience   in   the J
candy   trade. ���
The proof of the pudding' i.s in ���
the eating. J
Don't decide about the present for that
until you have seen the
t  AT	
MOREY'S z��!��zSL
For Sale���Chester White, pure bred,
Hogs. Breeding stork for sale at rea- [
sonahle prices. W. R. Austin, Sapperton.
Wanted���Dining mom girl. Good wages
paid. Cosmopolitan hotel.
Wanted���Ladles or gentlemen to act
as agon, for high class publishing
house. Apply John Hutchinson, general agent. Colonial Hotel, city.
���   Next Door DeGrcy's Barber Shop.    t S P R 0 T T"S H A W
��� ���
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth  Street,
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street VV., Vancouver
Commercial, I'itman and Gregg Short-1
hand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the BEST of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R. J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
H. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, BC.
Wanted���Dry goods salesman. Apply
D. Grossman.
To Let���Six roomed house on Royal
avenue, near Fourth, $10. Apply lo
.1. M. McDonald,  llll Agnes street.
Wanted���Situation as chambermaid or
for housework. W. E. Chapman,
Brownville, City P. O.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to the llth Inst., for
the position of driver at Xo. 1 Fire
f Chief Fire Department.
City Hall, May S, 1906.
REfORM HtSTAURANT      Holiday.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
First Class Meals at all Hcurs,
English, Japanese and Chinese Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
We, the undersigned, agree to close
our stores from 2 to 7 p. m. every Saturday afternoon during the months of
May, June, July and August, commencing  May  12,  1006.
T. J. TRAPP & CO. LTD Per G. B.
Per J.  A.  Cunningham,  Mgr.
Free Pasture.
Free pasture for 100 head of cattle
and 50 horses.
Plenty of grass and water and well
Apply S. B. BUCHANAN, City.
Plants ami Annuals of  all kinds,   cut
flowers and floral designs,   Dahlias
50c per dozen.
Telephone AlSd or address 4th Avenue
and 10th Street.
Seattle, May 11.���Rain that fell
throughout the northwestern stat,
Time just in time io prevent the
.spread of disastrous forest tires that
were sweeping over lhe timber country in several sections of Western
Washington. Detailed reports received
hy both tho Northern Pacific and
Ureal Northern today show that the
fires have been checked. The weather
bureau announces the rainfall will
continue tonight and a part of tomorrow. If this prediction is verified,
loggers believe the fires can be put
on, by forces now working in the
Along the Northern Pacific's Monte
Crlsto branch, be, ween Silverton and
Tunnel -No. 1, ihe woods have been
ablaze for a distance of twenty miles.
On iln- Darrlngton branch of the
Same road the lires have been very
serious. Reports coming from train
crows   and   agents   declare   the   entire
country along ihe tracks has b.-en uu
fir.. A Idg lire ihai has been burning north of Sedi'.i Woolley was dying
out   yes!erday.
Into Green Timber.
The forest flre raging along the
Monte Crlsto branch had gotten into
���.:���,������ green timber before the rain came
that checked its growth. A year ago
this country was burned over and
Ihe scorched trees gave an impetus
to the flames when they got started.
But for the rainfall of last night and
this morning serious losses would
hav,- resulted to timber holders.
Great Northern reports show that
the fires were raging in the timber
belt west of the Cascade tunnel. The
most serious difficulty was in the
country around Berlin and Skykomish.
The destruction of the town of Berlin was followed by a sweep up Miller
Creek toward the mountains, but. the
rain aided the fire fighters In preventing serious damage.
Prohibition in P. E. I.
Charlottetown, P. E. 1., May ll.���In
King's county yesterday the plebiscite
of the election resulted in a vote of 9
to 1 against the Scott act and in favor
of prohibition, which comes Into force
in thirty days after the declaration of
the polls.
The whole Island will then be under
prohibition except Queen's county,
which is clear of Charlottetown. The
plebiscite in the latter county wlll be
taken  next  month.
The purest of ice cream at the Star
Candy Factory next to DeGrey's barber
shop. *
"on Admits That  He  Is
0ut With   the Big
���7��'   ^-Nearly   every
'a"rt��a.    !'"n,liDg S(,uth' aorth    and
I .   ��-J - represented
""l   I'"*   Interstate    com-
"";r'   ' ,:���> ���� the inves , .
, ;;���� the relations of the Stan-
''"' ��" wmpany with the railroads
v. a   :��� lamed,
Attornej   u repre3(;ntl
""Standard oil company, of   Ken.
""'k'     ���*" ^ proceedings by  a
cross^amtoation of Mayweed Maxon.
of I ..mis. wl,,, w;,, lh, lM| witnesJ
������' ���" hearing yesterday
''''"��� :l""r""> read a number of le,.
"��� wrl"en by Maxon In which i���.
threatened to make trouble for the
:   01 company   because 1,.
 ''    ���       ' ���'-���! .- year's leave ,
One of the letters read:
Thr<,at of  Employe.
"' :,;-"!!1 "> make all  trouble to
,h" eom^J l can.   Yum- attornej
Wr'  '"1! ��� "tacked my interests be-
ire at   Springfield
'"'" '""' ' ��'.- gel ., n before I am
M ''' '��� touted elng the writer
of the letters,
"Is il not true that you hav- about
1,500 letters and documents In your
:���"- -ion belonging to the Stan-
dara ",! company of Kentucky?"
ashed Mr. La Forge.
"I have a large number uf letters
and papers addressed to officers of
Hi" company ami letters written by
them to their agents," the witness
"How did you get them?"
Pursued Usual Methods.
"In the same way that tor years I
got Information for ihe Standard OU
Attorney La Forge then read a letter written by Maxon to C. M. Pratt,
an officer of tbe Standard Oil company In New York, in which Maxon
said thai he had obtained COO letters
from one of the company's agents
in Ohio and had allowed Commissioner Garfield to copy them for use in
prosecuting the company.
Iu answer to questions of the attorney regarding passes, Maxon said
that he had passes on nearly every
road in his territory and used them
in traveling on the company's business. He obtained the passes, he
said, from Treasurer Holmes and
other officials of the Standard Oil
Nelson, May 11���Moderate rain today parily subdued the local forest
fires and the situation Is much Improved.
5___'__dG_>:':...::.:-. .;.'N:.:j_*��H_s_MB0_K5��-��-fl!ffi^^
Jli-U'l-lWibll'IIHWIHil'lilh-fHIIH      'I I  -M-_B_B-_a--W-WBW-^MiMMiMMW-M''**ii*
just Arrived
A Large Shipment of
Pink of Perfection in Style and Finish.
World Famed
Utz & Dunn
Of Rochester, New York
That Last the Longest
These shoes are guaranteed to be as represented.   Our stock of men's shoes is the largest in the city-
manufactured by the leading and most reliable firms in the world.    Any gentleman who
cannot be fitted here will receive a pair of shoes "Free of Charge."
saw oimTOSS&'Kw*^^ _��Baa'tj_a_��sfl-as
APOLOGY IN COURT i May Day Proflramme.
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
T. S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. W. Gilchrist, Mgr.
Says  He  Is Sorry for His Conduct Towards Mrs.  Smith  of Tynehead.
������i   Some Good  Material for the Diamond
is     Found     in      the
Peter Anderson who was ace isi I
by MI'S. Smith of Tynehead ot attempted extortion came up before the
Hon. w. Norman Bol, this morning.
Th.- judge was Informed by ihe counsel for the defense that Mr. Anderson
had offered to apologise and that the
plaintiff had agreed to accept the apology, and that if that was satisfactory
to  his   honor  it   would  simply  be    a J
;���; $20;000,000.
V The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record: v
;���; Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,400.   1'rem. $22,954.60 ft
>����� "       1900 Assurance in force  $1,792,600.           Premiums $ 62,606.96 A
������' "      1901          "          "           2 664 904                   " '      92,029.80 >J
'ff. "      1902          "          "           8426,897                   "        128,696.21 !���!
$ "      1903          "          "           4,086,112.                  "        160,644.��8 A
i "       1904           "           "            4 ooo 754.                   "         166,384.20 >5
Sixth, up Sixth to Royal  avenue,
maiier of costs. The apology was read j th(.nCe ,Q Queen.B Parki
in full. Tb.- defendant stated that he ,-��_ programm��� al the park will
bitterly regretted thai be had made commence with the ceremony of
the charges against Mrs. Anderson's crowning the May Queen, followed bj
son und promised to do better in fu-ja march past In which all members
ture. of'the  different   Boys'   Brigades   will
Th,-  judge  bind   the  defendant   $201 participate. Then there will be a com
The programme tor the May Daj
ebratlon which is to be bold on Friday noxi was finally sen led iii ii general milling of the committee held
In the editorial offices of the Dally
News lasi night
The parade in  which there wlll be
Vancouver,  Nanaimo and  New  Westminster contingents of Boys' Brigades  promised for the team,
the  Nanaimo  Hois'  BHgade  bund, a     The lumber  mills around  the cltj
royal and other carriages will form in  have a number of good players among
front of the cresce,,,    at 1:30 p. n... their men, und many ���f them are com-
move along Columbia street to Eighth  log forward und offering to play,
up Eighth to Agues, along Agnea   ."     The prospects this year are bright-
,,,,! er i ban they have been ton, long time,
A meeting of local baseball enthusiasts was held bis! evening to organ
Ize tor the coming Beason. Quite a
number of ball players pul In uu appearance uml some good material was
j New Wash Shirt Waist Suits!*!
���  ��� '���;  \
X Fifty Ladies' Shirt Waists Just Opened Out        *
All made of fine serviceable materials which will i
stand being put in the wash tub and survive the try \
ing ordeal to which they are subjected. l" I
See the values we are showing at \
$3.00, $4.25, $5.75 ami $6.50 j
A large range of Lustre Suits at $6 to $12 t
TO LOAN.   *'-*��^V-"_I\_\ll-     UL     \,\J., and Contractors
186  Columbia   Street, NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B.  C.
Real Estate Brokers i    and ordered thai  the apology should petition  drill  tor the J.  R.  Seymour
lie published in full ln both the Daily cup and the gold medals presented by
News and the Columbian. His  Worship  Mayor   Keary  and   Lie
l���   conclusing   the  case  bis  honor  Hon. w. Norman Hole.
Sunday.  May   13
85 acres of good
Delta land, 20 acres in
crop, 20 in pasture.
Good house and outbuildings. Fine water.
Half mile from railroad, school, church,
postoffice  and   store.
Price Only $3,000
The best of terms.
This is a No. 1 buy,
and will only be on the
market for a short
bad ibe defendant brought before bin,
und gave bin, some advice. He told
Mr And"rson that be had had a very
narrow escape of Laving the court
room for the penitentiary Instead of
for his home. He approved the action
of his counsel In advising him to apologise as tbe evidence against him
was too Btrong to be overlooked. He
told him Hint he considered him an
unmitigated fool or he wouldn't have
icte l us he did.
"Drop letter writing in  the future,"
There will also be a programme of
children's sports and the distribution
of thousands of bans of fruits, nuti
und candles among the children present,
In the evening there will '
ball in the Industrial hall a%Queen's
park at which a large number of Van
and ii Is expected that a strong team
will be formed ui the moo,i���g 10 be
held  next  week.
The officers elected for the coming
season were: Honorary president, Dr.
Doherty; president, .1. D, Taylor; lirsi
vice   president,   .1.   II.   Howe.-;   second
vice president, J. W. Bodley, secretary
treasurer, Sid Maloolmson; manager,
Dean. The executive are Messr w.
E. Sinclair, Kelly. Lewis, und Su. b
Norwegians   Picnic.
Nexl  Thursday  the  Norwegians  ro
siding  in  this  city   propose  to  bold  a
'.���rand excursion and picnic to Matsqui
Prairie  In  honor  of  the granting of
the   > sli,���,io���   to   Norway,   ninetj
two years ago, on May it. This annl-
versarj is obsei ved bj  everj  in.
couver people are . xpected to be pre
'.      ol   Norway,   m   whati Ver   purl   Ol
sent. There will b trom
; ark  gate  for  the  visitors  from    th,
Tormina]  City,
During  tho   evening   Ees h i'i
Wesl I'i. sbj terlan church Ri v. T
Wadlaw Taylor, M, V. Ph. D., minis
ter���Sen Ices al   11 a. in. and 7 p. m
Tool mid li;   - at 2:30 -  Id the judge, "and act like a sensible
p.  ���,;,';. meed      al man.   Don't   concern   yourself   aboul   ���
v  ;,.  ,,.,   Mori ibject:   "The  Mis- your   neighbor's   business.   And   now,
M  tive."     Evening    subject: In  the  word    of tl id  book, "Go
"Winning (,��r Souls." In  p,        and sin no more."
si. And:'."...'.   Presbj erlan church���
Rev. J, S. Henderson, pastor���Services Captain  Transferred.
ll n. in. and 7 p. an. Sabbath school      Captain   Hunter    of   the    steamer
2:30 p. in. Y. P. S. C   . r has I i  transferred to the
E.  Monday  8  p.  in.   Prayer  meeting,   .  ,mmand   of    the   steamer    Rlthet,  park.
Wednesday 8 p. m.  Morning Bubject:    ,,'d   In     future     will     make     semi-       , ,.        ...,,.
= .,,.���    in     inane      wo,     ���.,,k,       si,,,, \n ,.,,,. frQm  |.        Chief \\
"A Dream iliat Changed a Life.   Even- n-eeklv   trlns   hetween   lids   citv   -md .
��� s u decorat.    the  royi    -    riage
will take
The ed to Invite J. H. S ��� ��� ol the silver on i. Hi.; V\ oi hip Maj or K
i.nd the Hon. W. '. n B
the gu -is of ' in - 1'iniiiii-
1 to ��� n the second
carriage  In   the , Qu,
Ing  subject:   "Running  to  Win." capital.  Captain   Stn
St,   Paul's    Reformed    Episcopal ,      tte  Transf i   tak,     Captain
Services al   II  a. in. nnd 7 p. m, will i|; ,r>a   piace,   Mr.   Streel   received
in. conducted by Rev. A. E, Vert, ,        -    . papers (as1 Ean  bu1 has ,���.,.���
L , .... !'���'' '  rio  Railway company, for an of-  ,,,,,.,,.,��� ,,,- ,���.,,.���. ,���,.���  in,, ,,.,,,,.
Olivet    Bantlsl     church���Preachine " ' i'1"1  mate   in the Trans   i
"o\.i    na,, i,. i     ,,,.,,,,,    ,...i .hit ..... to transport  the
by Rev. M. I.. Rugg, D. I)., al ll a. m. ���"" n"' Pasl  winter
i with thanks.
Thanks were also I nder, d,
I'. II. Glove ���. to th,   British Columbia
wm Id be may be, and when there hap-
to be :i little colonj  of them in
any one place, excur don - .
are organlzi I, and  ...  unite I igether
In eel. he anniversary ol  the
h ure of their  I
Invest  in   San   Francisco.
San Francisco, Cal.,  Maj   12.    Within iiu. pasl !��� w daj s ii Is said new ac
s  have   been  opi ned a
oi the commercial banks of San Fran
��� ...-.  men from the easl who have
; e.i sums ranging from .: I
upwards, S,  of them ar,   known by
reputation to I king mi n    i
���   ii d ni large wealth, Others ari
ed to esen
: :i   monej    clrch  .   The   e\ Idi ..
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenden
and Best Beef ever offered.
EspeciaiiSy stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westmi   ter.
80 acres, 10 acres
under first class cultivation, balance easily
cleared. Good stream
of water. Six roomed
house, fine stable,
chicken houses and
Easy Terms.
40 acres of good
land, twelve acres of
it cultivated; large
orchard. New house
and good barn, two
chicken houses. Half
mile to school and
three quarters of a
mile to river.
Price $1,500
Half   cash,    balance
easy terms.
and 7 p. m. Subject of s, rmons, morning:   "Christian   Culture."   Evening:
"Visions." Sunday school at 2:30 p.
in. Young People's meeting Monday
evening at 8 o'rlock. Midweek prayer
"..   ting "ii   Wednesday evening at 8
Gospel Hall���Corner Sixth avenue
and Ninth streel���Chrisi inns meel to
remember the Lord in the Breaking
of Urea.i a- li a. m. Sunday school
and  Bible re,ding al  il o'clock, i;
��� ting at 7 ].. in. A hearty invitation
extended tn all.
Boys' Brigades  f , V incou-
is to make Investmenl of theli
in Sun Francisco.
yi .' at special rat, -.
Knew Joseph Green. Another   meeting    ...      be   1      '.   on Chinamen Get Frisky.
Chief Mcintosh received a letter this  Wednesday  evenini   of]   v   week  In      A  C0Upie (,r  :,jsi,y  Chinamen  took
morning  from  A.   Walker  a  resident   the editorial offices a Dally News,  objection    to ena    ol    '
weighing   scales  ,,���   the   platform   ol
of   Ladner,   who   volunteered   the   in-  commencing
formation  that     he   was    acquainted
with  Joseph  Green,  the  employee  of
the   Vancouver   Timber  nnd   Trading
company    who    died as a  result    of
ii.king nn overdose of morphine lasi
S: n.
o  thi   C.  P.  It.        ���  a ���     .-   this morn
AT THE HOTELS. lng, and gentlj     .   flrmlj  tilted them
Guichon���M. Chrl   en    n   San Fran intil thej  dropped on the street.
Cisco;    Mrs. Christenson,    San Fran   The  Bcales  were  broken  bj   the fall,
'ill reside. For two yen:s he had
work.il for the firm of Dave Thorn-
dyke in fore coming to British Columbia.
Insurance Company Seeks to Have Its
Affairs Closed Up.
Boston, May 11.���Proceedings were
brought in the Bupreme couri yesterday by Attorney-General Dana Ma-
lone in the Instance of the Insurance
departmenl agents of the American
Birth Insurance company, seeking the
appointment of a receiver to close up
iffairs  of  the   concern.
cisco:  Mrs. ;i. Harrle, Vancouver; M.
.Monday.   vi,e  deceased  had  only  ar-  j.\  shaw,   Barnet;   li.   C;   S.  Baxter,
here a shorl time ago, and came  victoria;  D. W. Bensti     I. nchen;  E,
Vtlanta, Geo a his peo- chartrell, Blaine.
Colonial���William Townsend. Rossland; Mr. Man ������ n and I r ithi r, South
Westminster; Mr. and Mrs. LeFeucre,
San Francisco; 11. .1. Kirkland, Miss
Grayston, Toronto; Miss Del,,,an. Winnipeg;  Miss Ella Delmare, Winnipeg.
Windsor���ErneSl Hogg, Agassiz; K.
W'elliy.    Vancouvei;      Frank      Carson,
Vancouver;   David  Heltzel,  Westminster Junction.
Cosmopolitan���M. Megri.-r, Langley;
M. Robart, Millside; J. M. Tenuis,
Agents for the Guardian   Fire
Assurance Company.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Telephone   170.
278 Columbia   Street.
Th.- company was conducted on mutual lines and policyholders, who paid
a .small  sun,  monthly,  roc..ived. upon trate  In  the early days of Kamloops.
birth of a   living child  a  cash  hum-fit He also swore In  the li,'.-:  mayor and
from $5  f500, depending upon the council  of that   town.  Mr.  Townsend
class   of   policy   and   the   nun,her   of is here on business In connection with
Ex-Mayor Returns.
After ten years absence ,\". II. Town-
send, formerly mayor of New Westminister returned here las, Thursday
Mr. Townsend is now connected with
the Kootenay Power and Light company and Is filling the position of
right of way agent bol ween Bonning-
ton falls and the Boundary country Depot_j. Selllery, F. Leech. Mounl
with headquarters al Kamloops. Mr. ,,,,������,���. .,. w, H(���lv> Burlington,
Townsend was mayor of this city in Wash . . , ���, dy, Burlington, Wash.;
1vt7 and in  1889 and acted as magls-
.in i the Chinks, alarmed al the dam-
hey had done, look to their hi els
In the direction ol their hous.- of re
n Chin own. Bul Nemesis, ln
the form of Charlie, the C. P. R. bo
Chink, was swlftlj on iheir track,
and in a tew minutes Charlie re,urn-
ed with lhe Joyful information that
lie savvied ii.���, I...;, b." The Chinamen
are to I e given an opportunity of settling for the damage done. If the coin
is in.' forthcoming, the police will also "savvy do,ii  boys."
The Arrow Press
Does good work at a reasonable price ai I
guarantees the work satisfactory.
Work delivered when promised , r nothing
Harry Dorniny, Prop.
Offlcei   Front Street
��������� --''-4%__i_<i-'->j��6gi,;
P. .1. Baker, Blaine.
the <L N. lt. railway for which he is
acting as right of way agent, and
tctual birth rate has proved hopes thai ho till mett all his old
friends ami acquaintances In the Royal City during his stay here.
ew J->ays
Nice house, ready
for occupation. Good
situation on Third
Ave and Tram Line.
Corner lot, house,
furniture, garden
and fruit trees, all
to be sold for $1600,
on easy terms.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Heal Estate
Agents,        Tel. 106.        Columbia St.
2nd and 3rd Avenue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
payments before the time of birth.
The directors of the company Bay
thai  the
<u much greater than the estimated
rate that they have found i, Impossible to do business profitably. Al
,l11' presenl  time there is said to he
outstanding between $50,  nnd (60 -
000 of Insurance.
No Btatemnl is made of the com.
pany's assets, bul ll is stated thai the
concern  Is Bolvent.
Denver   Police     Arc   Puzzled     as     to
Whereabouts of  11   Youngsters.
D over, Maj ll. The News today
saj s:
Di nv, :��� poiiee ami officers of the
juvenile couri an making strenuous
ei,oris to locale ;i plausible stranger
whn practically kidnapped el, ven boys
from the Italian quarter In Xonh
Denver. The parentB of the missing
children are frantic over the disappearance of the little on.-s. Ti,,. ages
oi the boys range from HI to 16
According lo what has been discovered, the .'nan accosted the boys on
:h" stn el Tuesday afternoon and pictured in glowing terms the pleasures
and profits lo be realized by working
In the Mon,ana beei fields, The boys
are known to have left the City Tues-
daj   nlghl   with   the   sl ranger,   presum-
ablj   tor  Hillings.  Mont.
Inquiry of the chief of police i��� thai
town  has been   fruitless so far,
Victoria, Maj   12.���The pressure  Is
increasing on the American coast, and
;i moderate high area is ,lov.dopIng In  tne business.
Keewatlrn,   between   these   areas    a
trough of low pressure .extends southward   from   Cariboo   to   Utah.    Good
rains have fallen in the Bouthern pun
"i the province and generally throughout   the  Pacific  states and  the weather i ��� cool r, in the Northwest show
i ive fallen at Calgary  and  Porl
Ai thur and .;.,;     weath, r is general.
Forecasts for 36 hours ending 6 p.
m.  Sunday  on   I  e   Lower   Mainland:
Southerly   winds,  chiefly   cloudj   and
cool with shon      tonighl or Sundaj.
 o ���
Prepare for Tourists.
Ni w York. May U. The Tl in -Al
lantlc steamship lines are preparing
lor an active tourist business this
Beason and the prospects are considered particularly favorable for greatl;
. xceeding the mov, menl of a year ago,
A very decided increase in thi. direction was ;i month ago considered us-
sured bul the disaster of San Fran-
eiseo lias, it was staled :H B number
���t   offices,   quite   perceptibly   effected
Cotton Operatives Strike.
Kingston. Ont, May 11.���Because
Montreal weavers gol an advance ln
wages recently .">u weavers In the Do
minion Cotton Mill here wenl oul on
strike. They ;,sk a 20 per cni. Increase in wages, Thi re are twelve boys
ui I  28 wo,non and girls oul.
Beginning February 15, '06
-   -   -   Every Day in the Year   H   -   -
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
"The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental limited
For detailed Information, rates, etc, call onoraddresi
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
A. E. WIIITf, 260 Columbia Sf
Telephones 6.
Empress  Nears Port.
Montreal, .May 12.���The C. P. It.
.,... ;��� Empress of Britain passed
Cape Chatteau, 33 miles below Quebec ;ii 8:30 this morning st,e,nning 2n
Mini. per hour, Site will probably arrive In Que iec this ev, _in about 9
for one year of an Individual
from the
Westminster Trust &
Safe Deposit Co., Ld.
Is Only $2.oil.
Loniu Vault,
Long Boxes,
Long; hours.
T. J. Trapp, President; T. S. An-
nandale, Vice. President; P. J, Hart,
Mdnager;   Edward   Chapman,    Sec-
Troas.; L. A. Lewis,   W.   .1.   Mathers,
II. Kyall.
Vault al Office of
Fenton Chooccs Speedy Trial.
.la,ins !���'. i,ion who was brought
from Ladner a fl ,v days ago by Con
table .lord;,,, of thai place to .stand
his trial on the charge of stealing a
watch and a .sho, gun from .lames Qou-
die of Boundarj Hay ,,��� November 26,
1905, last, came up for election b, fore
the Honorable \V. Norma,, llol, thla
morning. On being arraigned the prisoner pleaded "nol guilty," ami asked
tor a speedy trial. The judge set the
28th day of May as the da e "i the
,i,i,, lha Kiiimy.
Mr. McSosh- Whut was il that made
you think I'd been drinking Inst night';
Mrs. McSosh uh, I don'l know. I suppose the fact   thai  you   were feu,-fully
drank had ns much to do with lt as
anything.���! lleveland Lender.
All , ll in-, nu.
"Ih your daughter going lo make her
debut this season, Mrs. riirvonueV"
"No, IndtHidl Mme. Tahiti attends
to all that. We don't hnve io do our
own   sewing   no   more." ��� Baltimore
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd,
New Westminster, B. C.
New Doctors.
Vieloria. Ma, ii. Tin- annual meel
ing of the Medical Council of British
Columbia, which has bee,, si,,ing all
the week, finished Its business tonight. Eleven candidates presented
ibe,���selves I'm- examination, of whom
I.n were successful. The following arc
the names of ibe lueky ones:
10.   D.  Carder. ('. ,\.   lloyd,  B,  Tray-
nor.   VV.   A.   1 lu, i.,,,.  ('.  Carlwrighl.   (.'.
('. McCullough, ii. ii. Ford. li. .1. Mac-
Donald and li. n, (inios.
The following officers wen  appoint-
c.l   for   the   ensuing   year:    President,
Dr. R. io. McKechnle, Vancouver;
vie president, Dr, It. E. Walker. New
Westminster; registrar, Dr, ('. J. Pagan, Victoria; treasurer, Dr. w. J. Mc-
Cllllgatl, Vancouver.
she Nmv i, Soovrl Then,
Minnie���1  never noticed  before that
this mirror hud n  wrinkle ln It.    Mil-
mie   I   11,ought ynu  were able  to so,"
wrinkles In any mirror you looked Into,
.... CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
Advertise   in   The   News
|50c Return to Van: j
I couver on Sunday I
Cars run Half Hourly From 8:00
a.m.  to   11:00  p.m.    Passengers :
with 50c Tickets will  be  entitled J
to a return transfer to park or bay
| British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., ^ I


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