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MIii i:
Wind Fans Bush Fire and Drives it Rapidly in Direction
of Settlers' Residences    Men, Women and
Children   Fight   Heroically   to
Check Flames.
Resolve    to    Protect   Themselves   Againsl    People   Who
Boost    for   Applicants   for    Positions    on
Teaching Staff or Increase
of Salaries.
en fought heroli I yi
���   noon to i bei h thi
���   ,    thai threatened    ���   ti tic-
ie fan
ii   Mn ml Isirl     east ol
...    labli
.....   -.1.     in
���'      '.   . ' ' T
' ,
number of
re thi       ���
'���'���' I ielp.      < ...i I    i . ;.
e S e Wilkie ol
...        ...
������"'��� ly, and      ng ai    ie seem
i  ��� i alreadj ha   .
���'  " T . ,   . ;   .        .....
. .   ���..'
Sh ..... ,, ,,
��� I i.      ..      had ais
then   ������ ���   honed
���  ...
��� -
"Now Watch Reval, Riga and Libau." Says   a Leader of
the Red Flag   Party,   and   then    News   of
Another Mutiny Reaches
St. Petersbvi'z.
���   : oard of school   a i upboai I be ol I for I he second
ees have i ne and all grown tired   'lh:
.  ng approached by  people Inter
i i in the success oi applii ani i for
i he  i ��� \; i - -   v, irgaret
Holmes   was tccepted,
* 'An
and  Miss  Leamy,  who has BUbstitut-
ositlons   on   the   teaching   staff   and   ed  in  the  room   ror  Beveral  months,
���   ided   to   hereafti      protei given   thi     ��� ������      n   pj rman< ntiy.
  i;"'   M< Mi '   Rev. Mr.
.' il il,    was   dlSCUi   ��� ���!
11 , ing . ' .   . ...
��Ith the resu he I
McMillan, and   i graduate of Toronto
iversity, was id ae
.     ii     ii       A  si hool.    Mr.  Mi
\1   . ,ii  w111   bi ing   his  ....      i id  a
'��� .   in New   Wi nth him
Uprising at Cronstadt Causes   His   Majesty   to  Suddenly
Feel the Need of Climatic Change    Government   Claims to Have Subdued
the   Rebels.
Accident on Construction.
on    \ ..   2.   Two men were
���  ,
���    ���     '        .'   !
on   was
ictice   i
and rei ai
ent  or  Increase ieri      ��� I ty   In
, -   'i         . \enl of s ��� eck of a big
��� i ii shail be held ing bu ���       nadian Pacific Jusl
ate against   the claim  of the est o lace,    Twenty-five cars
\ ilications musi   i    dii t wen j shoved i iui on the
��� etary only." .      ' , ...   .-.ay, flv<   ���
thi . the r.*u Ine    below.
eetii ; .             wi died   down   by  the
e prima            i rails ran   ��� of the  trestle on
ed in' adjoining   rooms, which   thej   wi ���       tanding   to   ti
'. ; to and a ' imi Iitee awav fr< .. thi est of the structure.
.   Completes   Loading   ,v.   M
nd  Passed Through the
������ .. ���       - Lh
'Anerie   passed
���   ��� e  taken
���    vessel  will    e ai
en    ..        el  i ���   pi
:. i,. Vlaska.  The
ovei    ; id   [eel   long,   an I
��� ! ��� ingi  ol  '..'''.I lon
"     a      moi e    mi     i
ihai   the  Empress  liners.    The
''.'' ��� ��� e .���..  tramp ls Capt.
Ganc;    ;f   T..t:nty-four   Is   Transferred
From   Stoney   Mountain  to
AU       '
lows hea\
���' ��� '.
in    Si   ny   M    .
he Strut      i and
..... . . to  lhe   . i       . i
... -        i        ��� wen       I   in
good  spirits and leared     pli     ed
.    .     ngi       I   ��� .    (vere taken
...    penitentiary  and      n
he cells.
���    .
.   .     ���   -     .   |in|
, | by thi
li -   . ��� hi ���,.'.'
len li
ise i        ��� in
. ni -
ial   mi  .ni o ini ipness
rangi                 ,                            nted to maki   the   ���. The victims,  who  are badly  Injured
the return i                 eri                     In  the rooms  and     i ntern lly, were taken to SIsley hos-
I:  \\iis   igi,.,. ���   -..   . -.jtal.
S t.        t er
.... . Cron
... .
Wl . '
i their  n
...   .:. rsist in thi
��� -,.
...... ,     ���   ,
.   -   ���        i ������      uas ��� :   ���
. ������  .    .
��� . i     spread to the a
��� ���.!���.      ���' ng word
icial   I   Press   correspondent   -      ��� s the wa;     Everywhere
. .  Ri i al, Riga ��� eavj    pal rols   on    the
I othei wise   tl ion
���   .-"io.
Corresoondent   Held   Lr-
iw    was      roi       ed
en  land-
S   on
������ land ��
and - ���     ondi nl
������ ;    Press    was    thus
:,    ' I
. ,    tound                 ���
. evei         '  ���   .     va
- cad
. .          b wi
Sa i Iors  L
-. . bridg
i    . itantine.   He
... .,,    ���;.    win-
������-���'������. ��� sieging
Bryan   tnaorsea.
ii.   Uig. 2.    W. .1. Bi ..hi
.-.    endorsed tod
i i> in ;    by   the    1 lemoi ral Ic
intion     He was called lhe
ii-nd of the         tin     i      ���     ad
���   ���    ���     ,'       pn ncte I.     i nite :
:      .     .        as   di
���    . .     Irnian,
 'i        ques-
Lithographers Wait.
Vug. 2.    The strike of the
t ���   , pliers i:i the Uuiti 1 Stall
ii,.i   as   yel   affected   the   local
.-.,/ ers,   ��� :n ugh   n   strike   is
ene I   here,  and   il   is   exp< ded   that
the  nu i::'ii   -  ul   thi     I  branch  of
lhe   Lithogr ��� hi        Intern tion  .   Pro
Km iivi   and   Bi nefli    \    ��� lal on  may
ed out al anj  I       enl     Owlns
ation    ���
:  ;i ..  Sl '���      ' '���" de-
; ..... 'ii
. ,        e  man
oil ie  union  iu  .N'i
Indians Go On Strike
And Consume Whisky
a   miniature   Btrike   on
:'"l  lhe   Beaver  last   evening  thai
' ' '���'. - delnye I Beveral hours be-
'   ''  was  able to leave the wharf.
:  lhe afternoon the Beaver wenl
1 Millside for the purpose of assist-
lhe  Wyneric  to    swerve    around
""' lowed the big ship  pari of the
down   the   river.    .Mur  this  Ilie
'"���'l' returned to the C. P, R. wharf,
1,1 "" account of the lateness of the
1!   Hie Indian deckhands refused to
'��� ""i tbe vessel,
^"'i' entreaties ami threats proved
;l '''''"��� the c. p. it. Chinamen were
1 il Into service and tTie cargo un-
l|' '���  lhe   iiiflians  looking on  and
Bs|ng complimentary  remarks,    By
means the declrhanos had ue-
I'ossesslon  of a    quantity    of
and the effects of their pota-
'''���" si,(.ii visible.   They insist-
,..i on having their wages paid n> them
Imme liately, and upon this being refused they made themselves objectionable, Finally several of them went.
ashore, where inure whisky was B6-
cured   ami  consumed.
In the meant! the police bad Been
notified and were on the lookoul for
'the Indians, Officer Bourke caughl
Sighl of three of them coming around
the enrner of Begbie , treel from Froni
street, and he ai once arrested the
ringleader, Andrew Jlmmle, After a
struggle the policeman managed to secure possession of a bottle of rye
whisky that the Indian was carrying,
and   the   Blwaflh   was   marched   lo   the
police station, where he remained all
nlghl meditating <m the folly of going
en strike, lie will he presented to
ihe police magistrate lhis morning
ami the whisky flask produced a evl
,'. ace againsl bim.
Mutiny   at   Rev.il.
oi  the mutiny on  ....   d
the armored cruiser Paniyal Azova off
thi   :.-' i email  coasl   Is  t'raugtn  with
.    , ossib lities     The ci ew oi
;.,<    ,i -se'   rose  au I   kllli d the ci
. .' ��� and foil
ra.:, .   State      Vn        adoi    Mi   ���
���   elved  .'  dispatch  from  the   v ���
can , ousul al   Reval  saying thai  I  ���
Pamj..'   \ '.'v.i  enten d thai   porl  tins
t'ti   ii    u     ,vlth     lhe  red   Hag  al   ll -
lead     Sh mid I his i I uiser, un ���
ititlueers, sail norl
i thi    iresenci
,   . Iron In the Gulf ol
an       e li      ty of thi       ws ol I n   ���
Suspicious Admirals.
mgh thi     Imlrallty i i.n'
a   Mjuudron        Svei    irg    did
��� i        ���   ..a, i . there is soi ���
... i   aboul the i epo I
actions w hli h wai rani  the bus-
lon th        '.   I    not   rlghl   aboi
[wi ii in;    Bred on the mutineers,
; he i Ihers remaining on the horizon
as If the admirals were nol sure thai
' their en ws could  be depended ii]    i
International   Trouble.
St, Petersburg, Ami;. 3.   The mutiny
Robber  Who  Worked  Cruel  Game  on
Women  of Toronto   Is  Sentenced.
\ ig   2     Edvs ard J    :
.    -A.i    to  call  ai   houses
;. larture   of  the  male  In-
a i  tell i he w omen thi        is
���. A   "        met   with   .'   serious
hi n rob the premises i  ti
-   ..       ���   ��� ,.      ished in the alii ged
���  ���    iccident, was todaj  sen
- of ten .vears each,
��� i .   Kingstoi   pen   entlary,   o    un
, Qtly.
Newton Stonehouse and Wife Accused
of  Taking   Life   of  Their
fi. res wen      most < ih|
Martial  Law.
Sl   Peters  urg, Aug   2, 9 55 p. in.���
M  iii      ��� ���'���   ha*   I' en   proclaimed  al
ad ln th    f> neb ���   I asln,
....-���      if i hi   min ng an I  sun  I
General  Assassinated.
Warsaw,  Ruslan  Poland, Aug.  2.��� |
Gi u.   Mt        ���'      . . hli -  oi  ���' e  -< ii
mi o   and killed today by
olution :  .      ; im
Official  Denial.
a.     I i      t ,     vug.    2      i US
���   '
Operation   Fatal.
Aug,  -    lieu.   Brugen .  the
,-.    rhi :   -.   Int.,   \ ig, 2    Newton
Stonehousi , ag   I   10,  is  in  jail, an I
his   wife   is   In   the   hospital,   undei
.  ���    .        ed   with   atti        ni    to
the   life   ei'   iheir   Infant,    The
,i: i in an ou hou se this
��� i  Is not expected to live.
rhi   v o ini   ,i is iii such a ������ ond i i n
thai  she had  to be senl  to the hospital,
Undertakers Enjoy Themselves.
Brandon, .Man.. Aug. 2.���The Becond
annual convi ntion ol the vvestei i
i inieia i uneral Directors and lum-
balmers' Association convened in tii.
former    commander   in   chief of  the   city on Wednesday.   The sessions will
French army, is In a dangerous condi-   continue until Fridaj evening,
tlon as the resull of an operation tor      Greetings  were  received  from
appendicitis, The general was re-
movi d lasi nlghl to a private sanitarium, and the latesl indications are
then    If    Ittle  ho f  his recovery.
eral members who were unable to
be presenl and irom the following asms: ilie Canadian tumoaim-
ers, Maritime Provincial Association
and the National Funeral Dlrei ti rs ol
the L'niti ! States. The directors of
fall   board tendered the delegates
The Sveaborg  Mutiny,
���    mg ns.   iug.  .'.    in  'ne svea- the freedom of the exhibition, and on
utin    -ven  companies ol  ar Invitation ol A. J, ll   Eckhart, of the
���  ei     wi   ���   coin erne,i.    of the fori National  i  iskei   Company,     loronto,
������   ��� ���   -.  the   \ istreli,    Pusuai, cl ition   w i - ( atertalned  th ;
\ ,;,                              Ingeniei and  Mars wen   In ti   noon i nd  li     toi  the ���- rounds to
i I be mutineers, while the    uji I ti la ion
I  Sveauo      n      med ershlp of abi ul Blxty, and
.   ���..   ��� ii             u     tendance here
-  dor   . ' at   S
��� ��� a
l'l" govi	
exists .  , ���, Ir. Al
1   ol o     . Pel
een    ii : ������       I    nd quli
���   v  prevails In   the i apitai.
Slaughter   of   Officers,
si.  I etersburg,  Aug.  2,   -According
I i  ihe afternoon  papers six orticei-
'"'" kUl6d durlng ''"' BupPr'   '   '!l "'      Three Rivers, Que., Aug. 2.-  Dolphls   take,,, reads as follows
lhe   mutiny   al   Cronstadt,   including lIzbb nf  RntiHcnn   iviiiinm  i i������, ,,t-       ,-                                 '
,, ,      . , ��� , '"���"   0I   fauscan,   William   ia/. n |. ;V( ,.,   ,,,,. Sl,M   n]vl  xviifuil v   leaves
lu.     Alexam erefl,    am      nine     were ,i,,,   anmo   nlnno    .,,.,i   i,',,,.i,.,,.,,.,,,   i ,,
... , '""    ���' ��� '""'   Bucnariste  La- any such gate open without some ner-
wounded,    l lu- casualties among the joie of Vamachlche, were before Mag- son  being al   or near it. u
Quebec Farmers Fined
For Leaving Gates Open
ml   ine ui
inders covering Just such conditions,
and thai it would nol hesitate to pul
an end io ihis renegade,
Wild Scene in Palace.
when the firing began nt Cronstadl
Wednesday nlKhi there ensued u wild
panic in the imperial palace al Peterhof, as the palace lies under the Kims
ol the fortress.   All the preparations
had   been  made  in  advance  lo  lice li
i    :,. .i Seio, imi the report afloat yes<
,itu rnoon that the emperor and
vii'lion  lo B   penally  of $20  for each
The majority of the artillerymen of     several railway accidents hav.
Fort   Constantino   refused   to  join   the   cenllv    occurred    In    the    nmviiico    ,,f       ��������� ,-,,,,
, ciniij   ok in n ti   in   tne   piounce   oi   oftence, and is also liable to the rail-
mutineers,   thus   preventing  the   latter   <>,,,,|���,,. thmnirh fii-ineiQ nllnwlns- tholr'
- yiu iii i inioiim laimeis allowing then , way company for anv damage to lhe
Irom gelling control of the tort, with   .....n,, .,, ���,,. nni��� ,},p trnnW   .m,i with ..   .,
c.uiie io get onio ine uaik, aim wnn   property ol   the company  by reason
a view to removing the danger to the | 0f .such gates being leti open."
traveling  public  the  head  officers of  u	
the   oompanies   have   notified   their
except mn   Of  one  gun.
Throw  Cd Their Hands.
When the bforming pany under the
command of Col. Bheloff arrived thepooal agents  to prosecute  vigorously Fail to Reach Tcp.
mutineers were oompelled to rely on i every farmer whom they find leaving Bellingham, Aug. 2.���The attempt of
their rules, wiih which they replied  their farm gates open. the Mazamas to scale Mount Shuksan
: i the volleys of the loyal troops un-       Section   201   of  the     railway    act, has  failed.    It   is  believed  they  will
.._.~.- . ��� ^, I under    which    section    the    actions not  be able to reach the top in the
[Continued on  Page Five.)            against   the  Lizees and  Lajoie were preliminary climb up Mount Baker.
.    f
4   '
; f ���
��� t
* 'ii
.; i V'.!!
'��� v:.
Ei   'f
m ���
* T; '
'��� r. *
' i ViA-!'-dt,>
' '.': V'tj-'i
ml ��� :
IP '
' MM,
jps FRIDAY, AUGUST       ,
C e = r  Wate^    .-.   E"j   Bli   Ea..   Permits
Them  tc   Proceea  t:
R ver.
P     ���   ���
���   -���    M -    '
:....    in ���   led     ..-..-:.   .1       :. :   'ne
i   . -,.     . innervmi :. as-
sei t tod      thai    be firsl    irge i in ol
��� ii   ��������� ison i. is ��� ommen ��� I
I)...    . ���   the  water in  English  B ij
and the G ill tt pens i xception-
ally clear, tne millions ol nsn are
carefullj ai oi ling the nets to laj. according to reports Brougni in. Hy
tonighl it is expected thai these fish
will   nave   struck   tne   moutn   ol   tne!
Fi isei   river, and the packers expect
thai  . .ii.-- ��� noi ii. 11- c itches will oc-1
c ii     . thi   .. ������ i  ' bis evening.   Fish-
.. in the Uu!:' repoiI  that  todaj
the  fish   ire i inning  very  deep an I
p issing  under   the   nel -.   which  the
can cle        ��ee
.'....-   no  en I  of  i
.-;.    ....    ..���       ��� ..-..:
... . ���
bad advanced I
2G  ��� ��� .
'.   ���.. tensi
intei ������-��������� :	
various canneries an   on
oul .    ' ...:.-
the man
It I    reported ton thai
a ch '      I     eing n ned to-
lay , in oi lei
  e taken, so that ] :u
T'i. .. ' ..
igainsi   " i.t.
. . -  :      ���        rganiz
'   :.:.- .    ���������   thei i   ie independ
(���;.-  | icki r.   It i       so stated that n
....      ... red to ]     rem the
of fish I    the man i
I i '������ "
't'i..ee       '���    ,   ,:._;..>       ;,   Eagle
Hal   ��� :.:....        .... .���     |j sei      :.      Tie
Uull    '.'. .  da .-.-   igo during       he ivj
blow, ani  a  Japanese  was    in    tne
water for six hours   iei ire hi   ��������� i
cued.    . .o drownings  have   yen  reported
Provincial Consi i . . M inr i, who is
patrolling tne rTasei river, wa.s in
thi eil :.i- morning for a few hours
J.,-' nighl lie picked up three lost
U Steveston, and today recovered one al the Great Northern cannery
and one from an Indian at the mouth
ol the Capilano rive: The nets were
Jos-   luring Btormy  weather.
The iverages catches on :he Fraser
river yesterday  were from eighty to
��� ���'��� ��� ���"- Ire : flsh to the boat.
Puaet  Sound  Run.
Se   tie   Aug   2.��� Tbe   socl ej ������  .- tl-
��� o:  non ���-;. ������;  in ���- irnest,
Ung to i ceived ick-
ers an ���       a   this   cii        The
' ���    ���'     - -     .    , .I  < ��� I     -���_ .:. j
in, wh een orn I
��� nated at
c ��'o.; sand
��� . -��� n<      ���   ������ |
. ���
'.' hi   '    .     e li       e St   -.'   v  ���' ��� in
���       .- i      ind are re-
rorking  in  toward  tl eli
...:.- ..-  annual   move-
paw ning jrounds ol the ,
.    river.
Estimat     on the total pack at this
re a ince,   - ime  ot    The
packi      :.    ling   ' .  ' .'��� opinion  that
II will  ��� , . rears  ago,
thers  I ' .1!   short.
i :.������:������  iis  no  waj   oi  estimating  tne
���  tlmi   the ent  run will
If pa - ������ ��� ,'i for fivi oi six
ti .      on   '1,"     ime     a t e ter-
u ij      ���     ,���   it fo     he   ���-.   .a v.
ne i..    equal   to   that   ol   IUU2,   wl en
was Blightly in excess of three hun-
i e : tho isand i i ������
l';i to yesterd i the 1 irgesl i, im ior
of sockeyes taken In one trap for a
Blngle day's fishing was eleven thousand This catch v, i ��� ma le by a I rap
on Strawberry baj Reports from the
canneries, which are submitted each
weei, i,., i),,. 0pei,.-,,,. i , each other
for comparison, Bhow thai up to the
present the smaller concerns have
kept well up with the former records
for lighl years,
 o ���
Lowery   in   Disgrace  Again.
Nelson, Aug. 2.���Once again has the
versatile K. i. Lowery come under
the sharp eyes of the Canadian postal
department. Lowery's Claim has been
barrei] from the use of the Canadian
mails. The proprietor of the Claim,'
instead of lamenting, is gleefully happy. He is paying his compliments to
the governmenl in the current issue
of his paper and asserts thai he will
have no difficulty In delivering his
paper, notwithstanding the edict of Hm
The Calgary weekly, the Eye-Opener, is also in the bad graces of th"
department, and It is stated thai the
Bame article, which appeared In both
papers, is the cans', of the trouble.
That Will Make You Think
Men's $4.50 and $5 Boots in black and
tan -        - $3.00 to $3.50
Men's  Working Boots, $125 to $3.00
Women's fine black low Shoes, good fitters, the $1.75 kind for     -      $1.00
Women's elastic front House Slippers, the
$1.50 kind for, per pair,    -     $1.00
Girl's Tan Low Shoes and Slippers, our $1.50 and
$1.75 lines, for $1.15
Girls' Tan and Black Slippers, sizes 8 to 10, 75c
Child's Tan and Black Slippers, sizes 5 to 7', 50c
Come in Today and Look Around
We have any style of First-class Shoe you can mention
Prices   Reduced  on  Every Shoe  in
the  store
Shoe   House
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
.Manufacturers and Dealers in Ali Kinds  of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,    Sash   Doors
Interior Finish,     lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone  12. New Westminster.
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale f<>v the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderesl
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, Xew Westminster.
Gold Crown and
Bridge Work
Of The Highest Order
Our system of Gold Crown and Bridge
work is the best known to dentistry. We
defy contradiction. The bridge work
made by our system has never been sur-
i assed. Our bridg ��� and crown expert is
the highest salaried lentist in the west:
We have hundred.' of testimonials to
prove these stateme its. Our prices are
about one half what you are accustomed
to pay.    They never change,   ....
Bridge Work, per tooth -  $5.00
Gold Crowns       -       - $5.00
A Full Set of Teeth      - $5.00
Gold Fillings       -       - $1.00
The Boston Dentists, i
Hou a 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407   Hastings   St. W.,   Vancouver CRID
. JGJET a   I1IH.
nr<i ���
And the onlv    .v.
kee] :   st<    isn ad the
Delivered at your dour in time for breakfast. Complete service ol the World's
news as furnished by the Ass< ciated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
Per Week
The morning is the time to tell the purchasing public what you have to offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district. Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you.
������HF*^   *TA ~ , ',%
,_ ^'_""-*-"r.���   - '               ^*^j '���"     ���"'   ''  "������    :""    ���' sappe
'    Regulatloni   Fo    Diuposa ���     ���.   Me,    .   .   -     ���,   .,
o    ������   ���          ..i   Dominiot   Landt   ii
Manitoba   th< Nor ���     ���   ' erritoriei '      '   ''  '
ani   thi Yukoi  ' ������ ���   to ��� 	
��� .      ��� .   .       i
him  at
'     ";      ���'.,.    .....      ���   -..,,
:    ��� .1.
'-    ���     . mil ��� '        mi '   ���       ���...!., ..
'     '    ' ���    *   n   '   ' ��� ���       -: ���      .        I, :. ���
.. hi
i   :
n    -e years, ���.������   ��� s    ' : '"''' '   "''" '
J ' $;     .". .....   I, T
��� ������    ������ ��� ��� al. and fr
i    .       ..   :
'  ���,    .       . t -, ;
���   '��� ��� i    ���
������     ���
ble yearli e N
s are i
.   i  i
but e>
v be ol      ned
he Rivers       W '
\   ' \    v   excei    ig thi
\      e mini    may ol
i.  ��� .-..'���
c ye; ���  ���. i
���. .. . .
T . .
. . .
-���      '      ���       -
I to thi
mil 6
and   ' in
. % .-    eet in
��� .   ��� . 1   IOOO  i
r  claims
I    qui ��� ���
ked  by  two   1 egal
pc its, oi ��� h   i       bearing  nc
:���,, ntry must bi    bl   m d �� ithin
ten  daj      I   thi   i laim  ��� ���  vi thin  '��� n
the i     ing recordei     ��� I
Oni   extra dai   illowed fi    eai h addi
���   i      (en mill    or frai tion
Die |        ������     ���   i    mi   ���: king  a
laim mi Id   i '   tier's cei
I    cati
! ' , nverei   ol   a  new   mine  is
��� led   to   i     laim   nl   iooo   feel   in
lei   ���' .      nd  i|  the  pai tj   consists "I
two, i ;oo ������   i altogether, on '���'" I
pul    -i   V- '������   h  ii"  i oi alt)     ��� '��� ill    bi
.   .'  thi   ��� ���   I  "i  the part)
irj  cl iim ti   '\
1 him     e $io     Royaltj   it tl
F Iwo   nd one-hall   pel    rnl   on tin
i   ��� .   .     tl     |     !    hipped from tin
irct to the i ill person    w ho
have,    ���     '  ��� ���   ty receive cntrii
l,,n   n.m        ���   bench claims, i     cpl
��� i   tin Ichewan   River,   v
ilie!.    . ���       n    Iretlgi   ' i  ' ���   h     i tei
��� ���       |-1 ��� |    ��� ' |        ' ��� .   T >    T ���..
I'hi ,      '   'i  havi   i  dredgi   in
opi iii ii .M u ithin om    ensoti from tin
kJl dale of thi   :'    i   tor each fivi   m '���
bin  win re a  pei ion oi  i omp in)  h  -
i ihi nn. .|   mi ii ���    lh in   "���"   leasi   i ���>���
��� liedge I1'' eai li fiftei n miles ot  fi "
lion ih''' ol is suffli lenl     Rental, $io
pei  ;iniiiitii for   each   mile   ol rivei
leased.     Royalty ;it  ih" rate of Iwo
.m.l ;i hall i'rr ceni   i olh i ti d on thi
..iiipni aftei  ii  excel ds $10 Odd
I ii i dglng in the Yukon Ten llot y
Six   lenses  of  live   milr=  r;irli   mav   I"
granted t" a firr minei f"i a term ol
���.I v .ii ;. aUo renewable
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bat or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
1st day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $ioo per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
frce  miners   may   work  their  claims
Manchuria  Is Op�� -
\ .....
reply       a
here were l
T    ��� ��� T
-=   ,-. =   M.-.v   t ������.-.��� = ..   Me-���������
\   :_ ', ���
thi    \
I -.      en In   hi   nav;
esent would l�� wed
......      .      ���    ��� \-i -   all ���"     md
\ ������;.     porued    ' ��� ��� I  In  pi ������ ���   oi
,   . , .     ti was though! m c
peclal   im isurt i
asins. ���'!  the   Um i h in du its
��� ���.   to oi ��� i   ' million
md ���   : ui.ih ������������ d In  ;"'
Edmonton Bans   Clearings
iton      Vila       th.      !    " "l!
. ;. . ;-i_     fui   the  nei l>   ��� n lliif   ' ������' i!
��� . unti | to $ "    li
in   i irtnei  hip   bj   filing   notici    '" ;
paying fee of 1 \. cl ilni   m 1}   bi
tb indi ��� ��� i   'i"1  anothi i   ��� btaini d
' hi     ii '    gulch   oi   river,  ' ���
g notici       1 pa> Ing   i fei
must In   dom     n   ���
h y e a r t o t h e va 1 u i o I  i   lea	
\     . ii    ....   thai   \> ���" i    has   bi ��� "
ibnndoi    '    mad     perl  In i      ij
i . . ��� ���    on theii   keepers    h   longei
'. .   md wider tl   n in simil n cars
i,    i. .    ��� .ihi,   |itl<        i hey   protei i
ii.. Ij  ii am, i.\ thi   Block Systi ���"
I li. boundai ��� s of a claim may be
di i"" .i absolutely by having a ="��� -. ��� ���.
madi :""l publishing notit ���; in thi
Yul<.>n  i 'ii. lal  Gazette
i'. troleum    Ml unapprbpiated   I )o
minion I.amis in Manitoba) the North
" ��� ' t   1 ��� " Itorles nnd  within thp ytlkon
1. 11.i.iM, nt.- ,.|.. ti to i".T|i.  ting <���������
I- ii"|. uiu.  and   ll"   minister  may  rr
serve  for nn Individual  or company
'having machinery on the laud to be
prospected, an area of  19.".' acres for
j such   period   as   he   may   decide,   the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth.     Should the prospector   discover  oil   in   paying   quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will  be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
:$i an acre, and the remainder of the
tract   reserved,   namely,   1.280   acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the  Interior.
Dept. Interior.
��� 1.....
N'ana   00
  ��� ���
-.\ .   . .   . .   ���      ���.   .    ���
.... ie Ami
.    . .,.. ...
��� .       ..
Princ         1 as
.    . ���    ��� -.
1  ���       ....... ...
   ���' ���
         1 Sti 1
-....-       ....
���::. ...
...                 ,. ck, which
.....           . .-
v.                        ir cables.   1
Inn  shallowest
watei   between  i!   and   ; 1. poinl  fs
....    ���    ......   deep inis   is
. nth '���'������������ " hich Capl
..... i    ...    ...    1 ..���
�� 'ii' li havi	
.    .    ���       issued
A Distinction.
"\\ In [i a 1     1 maki 5 a d ��play of
wenllli,"   wid I    I      is
I ' 11 say
In       ' 1 not?''
md si me
tinips he's 0 foui   ' \mrriran
'���-]������   ���
I     ||    Tl.,.
Fripnd���Do vou lind writing for
money easy ?
Struggling Author--Not since my
father shut down on mm.
"Oot anything laid  up for a  rainy
day ?"
"How mucb?"
"Two old umbrellas."
Deadly Generosity.
"What! is Miserly dead? What
tilled lilm?"
"Gave a dollar to a poor widow and
Jled of expansion of the heart."
��� 1
-  M
i   Ai-      ���
'..' : ��� ; .
��� �� t . ,1
' 'AA ��� ?
|1    '   i
V %
> '4.%
I ������":���
��� ������'. '��� J.'C
r  '! I I  �� 'S.
'.'  iifl ��� ,.' I''
"t'.j^A       !
if. Pi
��� ; ���'IIS?' M
Published by The Daily News Pub-
ifhing   Company,   Limited,   at   their
illiees   corner   of   Sixih    and   Front
(Streets, Xew Westminster, II. C.
J.   C.   Brown R.  J.   Burde
listed with us until you carefully read
������. ��� . . ir course of insl rui I in and
��� arn our methods. The-.- inst ic
tlons are In twelve lessons. Thev
teach .'."'.l how to sell properties and
_ \. ; "ii a tnorougn knowledge 01
the real estate business."
The letter goes on to sa;   thai  the
charge for this course of instrui
, is  $20  for  twelve  lessons,
Transient   display   advertising,   10
ciwts i sr line (nonpariel) 1- lines to
the  inch.      Five  cents   per  line  for   WO o    d nol be <
subsequent Insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
thi i impany would accept $1" down
and the remaining $m could be senl
oul Of the agent's first month'.- salary, a number of statements are
\ made wilh the object of throwing the
vicl ini off his guard, as, for Instance,
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
Foi    time   contracts,    special   posi-
t'ous, apply to advertising manager.
Notices   of   births,    marriages   or
deaths. 50c.   Wants, for sales, lost or - the following, winch appears as a  I .
found, rooms to leA etc., one cent per j s.:
word.      No advertisement taken fcr      ..W(, (inlv send our instructions to
I men who enter our employ and who
are willing to pay us the small price
lesj than 2," cents.
Business office      22
Editorial   office        17
Manager's   residence    277
There Is a "general Impression" (in   its Minneapolis office
the Conservative papers) thai "tne
l/ id's Day Alliance have been gold-
hncked b) the astute gentleman at
the head of Canadian affairs." Well.
well! sir unrrid Laurier nas noi
confided ln us, so we do not kiio*
what inside information  he may  p is-
we ask, which positively assures us
that you actually mean business, a.s
no man would pay out his monej for
this knowledge unless he Intende l I i
devote his time to our business. Vm
cannol buy this course of instrui tii ns
of us for any sum withoul entering
our employ."
The postal authorities grew - isplc-
ii is mi account of the volume ���:' mall
w hich the company was rei ei\ ing at
Inve itigati in
il  ..... i. an l  ll   was sh iwn that   the   t|,,
Doctors A^.-ee to Support Future Legislation   Affecting   Proprietary
Ai ihi ...������������ ng hei 1 yes rda afternoon during their convention, tl e
medical men ol his proi Ince passe I
a res lution w&ei a c mniittee \ as
appointe i to assi - and support an)
legislation that might be brought forward dealing with the sale of patent
medicines. The doctors felt that the
nostrums were doing a great deal of
harm among the people at the present time, and that It was their
..-; to mitigate the evils broughl
about bj Lhe use of these patent
medicines  as  much as  tlu-y counl.
The question of life insurance examination rates was also considered,
several American companies having
recentl) made an a'tempt to reduce
the fees for the examination of applicants foi llfe insurance, li was
decided thai members of the medical
assoi lation �� bul I nol accepl an) I A..,
less han the regular fee for services
.���: this cind. ll waa ; olnted oul dm ���
Ing thi Use isslon that the Cana llan
- have i: il ffere I to redu e
ale   ol   prices,   bul   onl)   those
The Store  That Saves You Money
Great Special Sale
Summer Suits
Coats ssd Pants
company did no land business, or any
i ; .:���':���   kind   ol    ousiuess  exi epi   =ei
traps  for  victims.    The  presldenl   ol
tbe  company  bad  five  stenograpnera   v;
engaged  in   sending oul   letters,  ana
I he ri plies ret elved ran far Into the   j;
.-ess.    ii  may be that  he had reason   thousands.    He i* now held for trial   ,,.���     ,,     ��� ,  ������.,,. s..,-|��.  ,,,���  ^ .
in  know  tnat   some  provincial attor-   before the grand jury, whicli will i in    Disease";  Dr. R  C   Boyle  Vani
ney generals would neglect to do their   vene in the fall. "Ulceration   ol    Stomach,"   and   Dr
duly.    It   may   be,   we   -ay.   for  our      The vigilance of the postal authori-   Charles   E.  Doherty,   New   Westmln
titles   originating   s mth   of   I he
Papers were read b)  Dr. H   Run lie
Victoria,  on   "The   Roentgen
. leneral Practice ; Dr. Robert
\   i   :
5 Only Suits Lined
coats, dark striped, grej
striped and light check;
homespun. Usual good
$15 values; to clear, the
price     -      -     $10.00
Conservative    friends    evidently    as-   ties   may   detect   and     punisn
ster, "The General Practitioner's Dui
// Only 5ttito���Unlin-
ed coats, dark checked
flannels; good serviceable goods. Usual good
$12 values; to clear, the
suit       -      -      $8.00
I he remaindi r of o ir
Sl') suits, also coats and
pants, to clear for $7.00.
Our $8 suits are yours
for $5. 15; and our $6.00
suits are going for $4.35.
same thai tbey will so neglect It, and    iwlndles, bul it cannol prevent them. .., .;le tIltiane,"
they have had opportunities o:' a clos-   The    newspapers    which publish the i):. praser was appointed  i   lelega e
er acquaintance  with  the  gentlemen   swindler's  advertisement   are   power- .,, .;u, convention of the Washington
than  we have ever enjoyed.    For all   less.    In the great  majority of cases -;.,-,,   Medical   Association,   which   Is
we know. Sir Wilfrid  may have thai   the   advertisement   appears   genuine. tu ;)e ilei^ ju Seattle in September,
information;   he  is  certainly    astute   They can only publish the periodical ���;���;.,. following officers were elected
exposures In Uie faint hope of warn- ,���,,,  ..... ensuing year;    li.  1-. Fraser,
ing the public.    Men who answer ad- victoria,   president;   .1.   M.   Pearson,
vertisements should use their brains Vancouver, vice-president; .1. IJ. Helm-
Indeed "gold-bricked" the Alliance, but j and "investigate" before they 'invest." Cken,    Victoria,    treasurer;   R.   Eden
apart from clear and definite evidence | The  case of  Dr,    Theodore    White, walker, secretary.
and sagacious and may understand
the gentlemen in question even better
than their friends.    If it is so, he has
that he actually possessed such information, the public will not blame the
premier that, in accepting an amendment intended to prevent frivolous
and vexatious prosecutions, lie went
upon the assumption that every attorney  general   would   observe   liis  oath
printed above, however, goes to show Tne Ilexl ;iI.lcl, o�� meeting will be
that too often wine is lacking is victoria, the decision of the date of
neither warning nor investigation, but the convention to be lefl to the exec-
just  common  sense,  and  where  that. ,p.;ve
Is   wanting,  to  quote an   old   divine.  ���-*i	
"neither God nor man can help."  Once
more,   is   there   any   use   attempting
of offlce.    Ii  remains to be seen who j to  protect  men  from  their  own  fool-
is   deceived.     If   the   Alliance   have   ishness?
placed  their  trust   in   Sir  Wilfrid, hei _^______^_
has  shown   liis  confidence  in   the at-1
tomeys general.    Is it misplaced?
Is there any use attempting to protect men from their own foolishness
le acts of parliament? Governments
may make laws without end to prevent men preying upon their neighbors,  but   so long as  those neighbors
ii*id   themselves  an   easy   prey,  the'
i o   i est  an   t-gg.
If you wish to know if an egg is
fresh, [ihue i: in :i basin of cold
water. If it remains at the bottom
it is all right; if it floats at all it is
of rather doubtful freshness; and
if it floats gaily on the surface you
may be certain it. i.s quite bad.
A    Few   Clean.ng   Hints.
To clean.-., v. ickcr furnittir i n- ��� a
���tiff   brush   di] 1   in   sail   water
Mattings may also be wiped with
warm salt and water. Should grease
bo spilled on the matting, wet the
spot with alcohol first, then rub it
over with castile soap. Allow this
to dry before using the salt and
Flaxseed   Lemonade.
Mix the juice of one lemon
"iccslored   lvory.
Ivory carvings thai  have
discolored may be restored b\
simple  process,     Paint   thei
with spirit- of turpentine i
swindlers will abound.
o���.,,.������,,.      , m    . .,      as much  sugar as  it vn     take up.
scarcely a dav passes without  the    . ���,, , ,.,���,��� , ',
,,,,,���,,.���   , ,      , ,      i Add two cups o   l��oi tn1' water and
papers exposing some new fraudulent'
scheme,  yttt   tjjere   is   nn   diminution
with ; Posn them to the
or three days,
a very
n   over
and  ox-
for two
SITUATION required as bookkeeper
or accountant; large and varied ex-
lierience; strictly conscientious and
trustworthy; state salary. Turner,
Chlckne, Sask.
W.  R. Gilley, 'Knone Vt-'i.
111 l��p number of people ready to pour
PLoney into the laps of frauds whose
purposes oughl to be plain even to
the   mosl   ordinary   intelligence.
Only a few weeks ago a certain Dr.
White was put on trial at Baltimore,
charged with using the mails with intent to defraud, White was a swindler
with the most barefaced me!hods. He
sold the degree ot Ph. I)., he concocted "love potion s," he sold "magic
breast plates." and gave "life read-'
ings." llis correspondence was so
large that he required the services'
of seventeen stenographers, and paid
oue thousand dollars a month In postage. From .Maine to California people sent him locks of hair for life
readings, In one month twenty four
hundred persons sent one dollar each
for this purpose. The whole thing
was so simple a cheat that it is a
wonder anybody was taken In, yet the
Investigation shows thai many thousands of persons forwarded their hard-
earned dollar;'..
More intricate but not less successful is a swindle which has jusl been
exposed at Minneapolis, li has claimed
thousands of victims In Canada and
the  railed States.
The swindle, as In ill" case of ever;.
successful swindle, was simple and
plausible. A concern describing itself
to be the North American Land Corn-
pan) got in touch with people all over
the country, either through newspaper advertisements or by dlrecl correspondence, ll represented itself as
dealing largely iii farm land, business
properties and money lending. it
wrote a very seductive letter to its
prospective victim, pointing out thai
a representative was required In his
district to show Intending purchasers
various properties and to close transactions, aii expenses were to oe
paid, there was to be a salary of $40
pi r month providing the agent, sold
160 acres per month, and a commission of ."ii cents per acre on the sale.
Then appears the following, which
constitutes the essence of the swindle:
pour this lemonade boiling hot over
two tablespoonfuls flaxseed. Let it
stand several hours.
Dir.icc Sentence.
Tho cashier In his iron cage,
Though  weary,  worn  and pale,
Is envied by .-orn.- other men
Who'd like that kind of jail.
He Did.
"What did bis Wife do when be laid
down the law to her."
"Just told him to pick it up again."
t Hard Lines.
"Where are you living now?"
"We aren't  living ".,  all  now.
Hug. 3 In history.
1492���Columbus sailed trom Palos, Spain,
on his firsl  voyage ot discovery.
1667���Jeremy Taylor, bishop of Down and
Connor. Ireland, and author of noted
works, died at l.isburn. born 1'jUJ.
1786 ���Oliver Hazard Perry, naval hero,
born in South Kingston, R. I.; died
1308���llamiit.ui Flsh, -talesman, born In
New York city; died 1893,
1850���Commodore Jacob Jones, commander
of the Wa.-p when she captured tyg
^"ro'.lCj ���'!'.".! ���<.'. Philadelphia! bom 1768.
1868���Charles O. Halplne, American writer
and vol inteer soldier, died In .Now
York . Ity; i >rn In County Meath, Ireland, 1820
1894 George Inness, noted American land-
bi ape   i  ilntur,   dli 1   In   S otland;  burn
1003 ��� Giuse] ;. S.irto     the    |  itrl irch   of
Vi nlci .  ��� i ��� l  ���������...���,,  throne to
gucci ed    ' i   XIII       II j   i  . -an-.1   the
title  r
CONSULT Madam Nvyea on all mat-
. .ters pertaining to business and marriages, past, present aud future foretold.    One week only.    Corner Sth
and Carnarvon street.
FOR RENT���Large, well lighted room.
suitable   for   an   office.     Apply   to
('has. (1. Major.
Dealers ln
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents 1!. C. Pottery Co.  sewer  pipe. etc.
Local agents Vancouver Cortland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depol
'Phone 1-b
Drug   Store
Westminster Iron Works
The remainder of Straw and Imitation Panama Hats,
to clear at      - HALF PRICE
Five dozen Men's Straw Hats (boater shape); prices
from 75c to ��1.25; to clear, the price 25c the hat g
J. R. GHley, 'Hnone 14*   I
STKIi Tl'ltAI,   IRON     WOKK.
SEALED   TENDERS   addressed  W
the under, ign" I. an i endi rse ! "Ten-
,''"u,ll���':"   g���   WorK-  including  der for Post Office. Fer , B. C," wil
fences, dales, Ure  hscapes, etc. |,
h" received al this ofiice until Satui
^Mail orders and correspondence In    (|;,,   Augu8|   ,_  ,,������.   j,,,,,,^,,   ,��� the
' instruction of a Post    Office,   &
Ji>i IN   REID, mildlng at Fernie, B. C.
BEUBlfel BTKiiJar Plans and specifications can ho  ��� '"
New Westminster.
f, U.  471
md forms of tender obtained al this
W. IN. Draper
Dolly:   "But how do you know sleeping in the open air is healthy7"
Jones:   "Have you ever seen an invalid policeman7"
(Maple Leaf Label)
Is the best value, because it is pure, nutritious and very economical.
Departmenl and on application to Rob-
���rl   A.   Kerr,   Esq.,   Clerk   ot   Works.
Pernio, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified thai
B. C. Land lenders will not be considered unless
Surveyor made on the  printed  form supplied
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C. Iani1   sig&ed   with   their  actual   signatures.
Each   lender   mus!   lie   81 C0mp8n'el'
Advertise in the ^sE.zE,E::E:<.
   the Honorable tlie Minister of Publil
' Works, equal to ten per cent. 11 ' v���<'���'
^ ^ .uiuiiiiii of the lender, which
will lie forfi Ited If the party tendering
decline to enter Into a contrai' when
call ���,! upon to do so, or It ho fa" t0
Ici mplete the work contracted '���
the lender be nol accepted the i'"'<���'
; will be returned,
The Department does nol bin l ;!"'
j lo accept  (he lowest or any tender,
lly  order,
Secret u ���
Departmenl of Public Works,
Ottawa, July 12, 13'
Nowspapers Inserting this n i-   '_
menl  wlthoul authority from the
partment wlll not be paid for H- FR
daY, AUGUST 3,  1906.
Mid - Su
Local News Briefly Told
Must people shop these days to moot only present
We feel flattered with the increasing patronage
the store has enjoyed during the past month.
Many .-ay its because they lint!'this store has
the finest selection they haveseei.
We aim at having the goods you want and the
i     i never more than you'd expect to pay   value
The Following Prices Should
Interest You.
$4.75 for Fancy Lu     e S ���    c $7.30.
$5.50  for  Trimmed  Lustre Suii ���   %i 50
$1.95 for Colored W ish  Su I       vere $3 50.
75c  for   Blou ses tha    are cheap al $1.25,
25c  fi ir   White Kid   Belts;   were 75c
20c fo    B eai A-1  Sl seting     ��� i -
15c for Zeph) r Gingham s; regula    -
121 2c  fo    Col c ������! i Irgan lie Muslli     ������        ' .
20c : ii  Jap oi" ie Sil ���    w ua
2c  : '.   Embr il lei       was  '���
121 2e for Em .   Idery    n is -
$3.00  foi ������.  I ���- -'    ue   !.��'!.-'       ��a - $8.75.
Try us with a Mail Order
T. H. Smith
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
C ime in and see our assort-
.' of the famous
C  W
which arrived a short time ago.
It Is swell.
Fhone  157.
Mrs. Elll  Ison are stay
ing toi .. tew clays '.vi'ii .wr-. Alex
Ferguson, Bui r block.
The Flyer lefl here yesterdaj moi n-
foi Ith,  irom  which  polni
two scows ol coal are to be taken to
P ini Roberts.
The Flyer arrived here Wednesday
iternoon   towing  a   scow  containing
��� ���'.">  barrels ol   umi   tor liiiley  nro-.
The consignment came from Victoria.
The Kobert Dunsmuir arrived yesterday evening from Howe Sound with
a boom of logs for the Fraser River
Mrs. M. Gowen and Miss Mcintosh
have returned to Hie city after spending some time visiting Mrs. McKay,
of Westminster Junction.
Miss Eleanor and (ouirude Brown
lefl yesterday for Everett, Wash..
where they will spend a few wee:..,
with their cousin. Miss R. P, Wood.
Do ��� 11 n I shoe.-?   I:' so, Investt-
gati a ;i,i- ':,.���;. nave to say m tne
.. ,. iveri isemeni to day of Jo in-
. ton's Bl . hoe Hou se, ll i - important.
The follow ing j ���   X v.
\\ est minster yesterda; in t Q iver:
M ., Mrs :. : Miss Pinnii Ic, Ham
num.I;     J.     v. till s,     '   .:. iw aci tl.
���    .  pbell, Langh ;
i in We Ines lay evening    Irs. G    ������-:.
hosl ������      .     ' ng
- ie ' -  ���������   i ������  Mi      Fei - i lr:
B imgi.-' '..  Mi -.   .- '.:        ; -   ���
. i. i ui hei -.
Aii. mg ii . oni -..ne nt of s ids re
. i i.t, rei ived ij; i tie ' inning i tn
Hardwai e i ..... i. '���'.. . tin in-
: es of chain, one of the i h tins nie is-
m ing over one an I a hall miles in
After spending a few days witn
friends In 'iii.-. city, Mrs. Harry Fisher
has returned to Seattle. Mrs, Fishei
lived here for many years, and while
In re she ha I the pleasure of calling
of her old frii n :.-.
Thi ei carloads of goods arrived : es-
terday from China for the local Chl-
nese merchants. A large bulk of the
g lods consisted ot teas ami spices.
I be good3 were brought across on
A   Empress of Japan.
a number of people journeyed to the
Crescent last evening under the Impression that a hand concert was to
be given there. After waiting .some
time they realize i that they were mistaken and returned home.
The two-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ireland, of Fourth street, started on an exploring tour yesterday afternoon and promptly lost himself.
The youngster was finally located by
Detective Bradshaw and returned to
his parents-.
The firemen from No. 1 hall were
called out to a small hush fire at the
rear of the car shops yesterday afternoon .The fire started between
Twelfth and Thirteenth street, but
was extinguished before any damage
was done.
During the last  three   days   three
cars of settlers' effects have Ucen received over the C. P. R. lines. Tills
fs an indication that settlers are coming into the country at the present
time with the intention of making a
pertnanenl home here.
.loseph Jordan, of Ladner, posted an
.application in the water commissioner's office yesterday morning. Two
inches of water from a small stream
running on what is known as the
Jordan place, in township 5, are warned. The waler is needed for domestic and agricultural purposes.
mvicted I   mu
. ni a   thai  the men  were In-
li ins.    it.  this  < ase the  n        epr<
elves as hall an I quarter-
:'"" v't    the  find-
police maglstr ite the pro-
pi letoi   ol   tne   HoiorooK   notei   pai i
C   rail's   fine,   while   Mr.   Kennedy
i i that Hughes be allowe I to pay
tine  'ind.-.   protest,  as  he  mignt
I cl le to appe il the case.
A party of ladies and gentlemen
were entertained by ('apt. Wilson on
hoard the Beacon Rock at Millside
lasi evening. The party went out to
the vessel on T. Goldle's launch and
spent an enjoyable time looking over
tin- big ship. Before leaving the Beacon Hock 'he parly were Invited to
partake of refreshments by Capt. Wilson, after whicli they returned home.
The following enjoyed the captain's
hospitality; Mrs, Burrill, the Misses
Laidlaw, Mrs. Munn, Miss Munn, the
Misses Henderson, Miss Stimson, Mr.
an i Mrs. .1. Reichenbach, Mr. Levy, W.
t   Stn . iir an 1 I' immo lore G ildie.
20 Per Cent   Discount
Makes a Big Saving When Buying Furniture
For Instan e:
���AAn good  . ���        Iron Bed for    .". $3.50
Elegant  Solid Oa . Rocker, cob der seat, bargain at $3.50, for. ..$2.80
i'. '������ i Furniture Is equally low In prife. We have a splendid line
of Upholstered Goods and are sure to please you. It will pay you
to see our line. These special prices will not laat long, do purchase now for cash and save something.
Duponl Block. Telephone 7 3.
i  ' atinued   from   Page One.)
Reduced Prices
Ladies' Blouses and
Shirtwaist Suits
The  White House
A. J. B1RTCH. 275 Columbia Sl
sides.    The  mutineers  had  heen told
. nd Bi m       eiii red ' hat the crews ol
ie   war-:;!   . Hango   had   turown
their offit ts ovei iard and were on
their wa; i join in the mutiny.
Railroad Torn Up.
Commander Koch, of the red guard.
had already ordered a general strike
and had torn up the railroad. Nevertheless Uen.   Von  baitza.  with some
Vallamstrand.     The  loyal  troops did
little    tiring    that day or yesterday.
After the blowing  up  of their magazine  the  mutineers used  mortars.
White and Red Flags.
ci    two field guns  and I uai nine
.-   ns      a placed in     isiti in and
' ene 1 fire  .'. hi n tu    Inei . s threw
��� 'AA  ., ...   -
The numbei   of n utineei ���  .- given
a;  2,900, of whom 2,U   ���   .��������� ilors
[i is state 1 ' le- garrison ol 1" ri - I! m-
stantine in I Alexan lei rei eive I previous to the mutiny the following
telegram in cipher from Sveaborg:
' Prepare  yourselves    I >  receive  a
free  fleet.    We    hope    to    find    you
ien i - and nol enemies."
A. reply was sent in the desired sense   ot Uie Klrst  1'lnni="  regiment
an 1 chiefs were chosen from amongst   aged t0 get    Uo    Uelslngfors
tin   sailoi -   after  the  latter  had  expelled theil; officers.
Finns  Afraid.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 2, 2:35 p. m.���
The collapse of the mutiny at Sveaborg, coupled with the breakdown of The mutiny practically ended when
the plans of the revolutionists to se- the warships Slava. and Bogatyr ap-
c.ire possession of the Baltic squad- peared in the offing at 6 o'clock last
ron and promote an immediate rising night, and after an exchange of sig-
at Cronstadt, greatly changes the sit- nals with lien. Laimang, tne com-
i.a 'on. ihe spirits of the govern- mander, ou Commander island, open-
ment officials bave risen, those of the ed fire on the mutineers. Two hours
ievolutionists are correspondingly de- later a white flag was run up at one
pressed an i the arrangements for or- end of the Emperor's battery, out
lcring a general strike on Saturday from the other end a red flag imnie-
aiay be countermanded, The strike diately appeared, followed by a fusi-'
'".i Finland is already a failure, owing lade of rifle, showing that the muti-
lo th- fact that the more intelligent neers were divided into two camps;
01   the   i-miis   aid   not  support   it,  as |
thej   realized   that   by   placing  tnem-   ���
selves at t,:e he��.d of a purely Russian
revolutionary movement they mignt
justify reprisal.- and jeopardize their
:.."Al.   '-Tared   liberties.
Determined to Die.
The ctest reports snows thai all
the rumors lo the effect that the Baltic squadron w s In the hands of the
ur'tfneers .vere untrue. When tlie
. mutineers, who were led by agitators
from the shore, and who believed that
the squadron was coming to their rescue found that hope in that direction
was crushed, dissensions broke out
among them and they turned tneir
mms upon each other, those who had
determined to die rather than surrender shooting into the ranks of their
more faint-hearted comrades who
hoisted the white flag.
and were lighting among themselves
Soon after a motor boat, believed to
contain the civilian leaders of tne
mutiny, tried to escape to the niain-
..:.!. mi i battery ot rapid-tiring
guns on Nicholai Island destroyed the
boat, and killed two of its occupants,
the others jumped overooanl and
.-warn ashore.
Of three rowboats which ionowea
'In- motor boat, one was captured, one
was sunk and one escaped. Occasional shots were heard from the Emperor's battery until the traveler who
furnished this information left Hels-
Croquet Sets
Sporting Goods
MOREY'S ColumbiaSt-
Suspects Sent  Ashore.
lhe   mutineers   in   tlie
intervals during the day
v  (.'.  Burns, a  man  whose mirst   ���elg from th(, nij^e-lnch
fortress   ;it .
fired Bhrap-
guns at tne
got beyond reason on Wednesday afternoon, who found himself in the police station wiih a Charge ot iiriiiik
and Incapable againsl bim. and wh i
was allowed ou!  on hall  after he had
T\ i ,
HnM �����-��������; ft Vt
Largest   Stock  in  the  City.
Mounted     in   any   Style    you   Desire.
Come  and  Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
Fhe Jeweler,      -      Columbia St.
failed to appear
���ailed  al   the  DO-
Royal City
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Prozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
Bomewhal sobered ui
when his name was
lice court yesterdaj
ball   was  forfeited.
The Beaver came in yesterday afternoon  With  the following passengers
on board:    S.  M. McDonald, McDonald's  Landing;   I..  Besset, McDonald's,
Landing:  A. Thompson, Megar's hauling;     Mrs.     Ashley.     .Mission;     Miss :
Hodge.   Mission;   Mrs.  Applelon.   Mission;   I.   Lehman,    Mount     Lenman;
Miss Llewllyn. Mount   Lehman;   !!. T.
Thrift.     Mounl     Lehman:   A.  F.   Car-  ���
mlchael,    Whonnock;    Mrs.    Barnes.
A tine of $100 and costs was imposed
upon Thomas Hughes and William
Carrall al an adjourned sitting "I the
police court yesterday afternoon. The
charge against the men was thai Ihey
had Mild liquor to two men of Indian
origin, Johnny Curry and Johnny Nel
sen. The selling of the liquor was
nol disputed, hut il was argued that
Ihe men were mil Indians hut half-
breeds, K. C. .McDonald, Indian agent,
slated in evidence that he knew both
the men and ihai they were Indians
wiibin the meaning of the act, .1. D,
Kennedy appeared for tin- defendants,
en,! pleaded thai before a bartender
loyal troops on Coinmandei island and
a; the battery on Harakka island,
nearer lhe snore. I lie troops manning the latter were regarded a.s being untrustworthy and were sent
ashore, tiie breach locks of the guns
were removed and Cossack pickets
His Were left in charge of Hie forts. This;
the in OS' serious moment for both
Plug  Chewing
10c per cut
��� ���mmmm**mm**mmmmmmmmm**mmmmmmmm*mmmmm*mmmmmm*mmmmmmmm ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Balloon Ascension and Parachute J.mp every clay,  and many other free
acts.   Dancing every day and night and a big continuous Vaudeville Performance.
One Whole Week of Fun.   Baseball and   Other Sports
Wednesday,   August   22nd,   British    Columbia    Day
. . *
' :���' i.
A      '    &
' ��� S ' *
,   A'''
��� -.1-
I     1
I   ' ,'
1.1   ������!��
?���' A'A ,\ "t
I a. e
11 '     A.
'vii ��� ;/i'.
i-'S'l-  ;-'.'
i il
I'.- C. I. LEV IS
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. lf>th   Street '
Hew Westminster, B. C.
tw%<��>vw%ww\<tw��*��<'ww��>^   trust?" was his W.iy ,,f starting off the
conversation, "it's going to be th*
biggest thing 'the United States evei
beard of, VA. but thai was :i greal
thought of ���mine, and I can't help bul
feel rather swelled up over iti N<
more bust-ups; :.,. moi ��� walking tin
railroad tracks for Julius Sinithers,
The - rlS  , . .   .   ,   .   .;.     ��� , ;. ������' rows   il
i-  '   ��"     .   j;    v ..-it ... | ,.,; | ���,] . vii \. 'i'hc.v bad in".'
It iii      . ;   t ������ hurry
���   .. ���   .
<i ��� ei uisbip ,
bi ���   .    up. ii��  '"': ; ������'��� tlm1 bls "'a-vs ��� '���"��� nished
...   ���   ��� passen     ral1 '''    : "'���    ;:;'1'    !" :    ''
v    , no 1    -  ' ������      ������   ierica .    '���    ��� ' : '     ���  ���'  "     ;''1:
 .wr    tens and frruinl ri'cei us and I   it II   Residence*
1  lughters    W(":J': ' "'"��� '' "'' -  '
urday and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Saturday at 2:30 p. in.
S. S. Queen City
Leaves Victoria at  11  p. m. on 1st,
7th, 19th and 20th ol each month foi
AU   kinds   of   Ship   repair   ^ouslt and way points; leave, Victoria on the 7, and 20, for Quatslno and
.    .        ������       points. Leaves Victoria on 20th
Ship   and   ScOW    Building. month for Cape Scott and way
Itwasi    '.   ���       i them.   They report U specialty. points including Quatslno.
ed   lo their JL " ,       ���
Mr.  Smith,        lidn'l   gel   Into  eolhr;. hstlinateS     promptly    IUI'-      LOWER FRASER RIVER ROUTE.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves  New   Westminster  on  Mon
day,   Tuesday,   Wednesday,   Thursday
and  Friday  at  ll  p,  m. and Saturday
n'omev, th disap-    rub bim down, but be bad . good ben,-.   f24 Eighth St., NeW WeStminSlfJI\ B.C. ' 2 ;'' !"' w,th addltional tri" 0D M<m-
pointed),                    bopnl to give one   us a foundation to build on.   If bis con  '������ ���   "   & a. m.
,,]��� ii���.:,i ;i i ������. ci   it.                              versatiou   wasn't   exact lj   uji   to   the Leaves Steveston Monday, Tuesday,
Grand Trunk Ry.
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
7 a. in.; Friday at 6 a. m. additional
trip Saturday a p. m.
II,.,.,. . .    ��� .   ��� I, it was known notch   the   \i udup   wa.s   ini uded   :���
nuiongtUi   ������-    users even before the draw applan."      He always finished by
Bran I i<   left   1 ������:���  docl:   thai   a  great saving:
mans.-.,.      urd.   It was Mr Julius       "I slinll now have to ask you to ex. . .
ISmjthm lie  Chicago   beel   trust, "|M  me. but I will see you again.   In     txcellent I rain Service Between UPPER FRASER RIVER ROUTE
and his fortune   ras variously estimat- I '��*���. I want to see yon again.    I tbinli S   S. Beaver
eil ill from ten to llftv million dollars. I '���'���' figure ''��� '"" before we arrive nl   I  hirago     LOIldOn
'j-l,, ,,      ,,,   Ule;,  ���,.,, ::I   m-si ,;,. uu,, | Sandy Hook to offer yon the best thing   *'""*   &   f   *��� v Leaves  New   Westminster,  S  a.  m
thai Smithers  u..s ::  member of the ";        season, bul i p thai to your Hamilton    Toronto    M",ul:i-V-. Wednesdays and Fridays.
trust.    Tbey   could  name  over  even V| II f t
packet  who bud ever been mentioned       "Man.urn.   what   did   be   mean   by   R/l^-f,.--!     fliml*^/*
in thi  papers, and tbe name of Smith thnt?" asked  Ihe respective daughters   ITlQIlllCdl,   VUcDCL,
ersd     I't li   lire in tlie list.  Thev wer.- of iln   r respective motliors. D      il       J     D      ���
ubi   I n. denounce hlm ns au Impostor       "Why. eliild. how silly you are!" was rOrtlaild,   DOSlOIl,   and Chilliwack
whei   a red hen ded l  suggested thai Die reply.    "What could be mean but   NORTHERN  r   r    iti tf
���,,,       ... An.l   -.11   111 ini.li.sl   l,iKin..^^int���Fi,,f HUtlintHN    O.    O.    K U U I   t
Smitliers li     eav cue   into  lhe    om    u m.
S.  S.  Tees
Leaves Chllllwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, calling at
landings   between   New   Westminster
And all the principal business centers of
we have known him such a lit-   ONTARIO, QUEBEC and  the MARL
wen   i   t   ������  m     .  -   all   the  time.    He wl  li " TIME PROVINCES.
Leaves Vancouver al  2 p. m.. 2nd
nnd baveut got to knoir a million    Also to BUFFALO, NEW YORK and   and   16th  of  each   month,   calling  al
t, :    -      ��� !..;..      | their    air;* over i   day or two.   They are dif-   PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.   Ski(       .,  , .   Brst trip   ,. , ,���    a Cooh
nn ho
i ���
v e ri
n d
K!   ll
.  '    '
.,p an I Bi   a < oola
fercm Pi ii    otbi - i Ihey bave tbe For Time Tallies   etc     address ,      	
��� .. '   i  -"''"   ,a  m       ond  trip,   rime on  arrival and
'������:    - GEO.  w. VA^X
of       Tb, v        re   :,   ���  ul,o     I   looking  to L    . .     .,   ��� , .,.. . '" ):'    " '      I        '   '    ���"���
bald    pel   ini I thing on tbe ground   AsAslsta"t,?-e,l', Passenger and Tick et       For   reservation       nd   ii      maUoi
.:..-':     Ilo ir kne     th ei f trust
was    w; s a good Tl '.v   threw  oul
���  ;  im     ; Int.-  lo Mr   Si    '' ers,  b  I  he  laughed
.   - bead an.l     plied:
!e       "Ni I've dough
' ������ he :     to  stari ofl    nml  I   ' nil   the
1       plunks  tl  Te   ire In   it.    See me
se son."
"\v;'l :,.   :       up?"
del We exp cl  fo knock
the jirlci i 1." i     '       poi nd."
: I you m
of it V"
* didn't i ...      ��� ������ ������
iiu--.'        '. ��� da
-.   i       vitb ]   ; left eye and
. ���;  'd    :. ���       ..' ri ���    im    that
wu~ a coon  uji the tree.   Tb ���  nn rgc
Agent,      ��� '. Ian s St., I hicago, 111.
call or   ddri
ED. GOL'l '  !'
1      ��   :, D   '���'' iU OVEF   Asst. Gen. P        '   ent, Vai
W,  11. GARDIN     .
Gen. Agi   t, Fi    ��������� '  1' �����:..
.   ght Trains   I vi ry Dav   i
BETW1 .  Ni
Minneapolis, St. Pan!
and Chicago
Sew   . ..'..���
Trains &: Steamers
1 Nl IRTH-W EST] RN,     LTD   Le   re  New  Wi 7.25 da
Emi    Iii    th     ��� best id    ��� j Leave New W< sti : 2   d
,..   f, r   COMFORT,   i   iNVENIENCE.  Arrive New   \'.    tn  usti      0      daily,
and envy and to;idyisni for tive or sis   and   LUXURY.     It   is   lighted   with
days. b  th   eli :tr 'ity   and   gas;   the   mosl
Then Sandy Hook was sighted one   brilliantly   illumii iti .   tr in   in   thi
morning,   uud   be   announced   to   tbe   world.     The   equipment   consists   ���
three schemiiift mammas that bc   vuut-   private   compartment   cars,   standai
ed  to held  converse witb  their three   16  section  sleepers,  luxurious  dininf
daughters,    it   was  to be private con    car, reclining  chair cars   (seats  free),
verse. There was agitation. There was   modern   dav   coaches   and   buffet,   li
pertui ..:;....,.    There   were   coiisulta-   brarv and  smoking
tions.   Mr. Smithers selected a corner       For Time Tab!;-.   I   Iders, or any
uf the music m, und to that sj a the   -urtrier information  call  on  or  writi
were led iu turn.  Th,  couver- .,   ,,,   n,nl,rn
r. W. PAKKLR, (
GENERAL AGENT     I -     'V' -AV' 9'-2-0 '' "' ; ar' Sei "]" ' ]'w
.   was aboul th ��� same in each in
.Arrive New   Westminster 10.10 dally.
I.v. \. \v. :..'.-,, Ar. Seattle 15.50.
Lv. Seattle, 12.H0;  Ar. N W. 20.20.
Lv.   ,\".   W.   TAT.,   9.35,   17.20,   10.25.
Ar,  N.  W.  9.15,  10.30,  19.10,  20.20.
Lv. New Westminster C.30 a. m.
Berth No. 404," will be received at
this Departmenl until noon on Wednesday, the Mb day of August, 1906,
for a license to cut timber on Berth
So. 194, compi Ising the Wesl hall 1 I
Section 26, Towns hip 5, Ri nge 7.
West of the 7th Mi 1: lian, containing
an area of   ;":      res  more       less.
The ih Is to be
made  w Ithin  on,
������ ��� li
tioi a.iier which a license 1 ��� ! 0 printed
���. : n I tender . od envelope, maj I 1
ol tained al this D< pai 'men; or at the
office of the Crow n Timber Agei I
New Westminster, I!. C.
Each tender musi i e .>'���'< mpanled
h.. an accepted cheque on a chartered
. In favor of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, for the
amount of the bonus which the applicant Is prepared to j,ay for tin      ense
Nn ten ler by telegraph will I e entertained.
Bi. retary.
Department of the Interior, Ottawa
June 23, 1906.
.. _ w.
Synopsis   of    Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any avail bli 1 ��� - Ini 1 l inds within the Rallwaj Bi 1' i'i British Columbia, may I e hi me '���   led by any per-
1 wl .  ���   ;..    I       . '.. ���
.   ���    t age, to
the  extent   of oni tei    ���       a of
ICO ���
Tin ' ed to pel
.-...; ...
th under 01 ng plai
i) At leasi 1     ths'  1
upon        I c u111 v a t i
h yeai I y< irs.
. .     ..���
fat hei        ��� I the
f the 1     I entei
menl -       to resid,     1  1
by -��� :: ���        ng with th
ther  ' ���   n    thi r.
I f th 1   se11!e 1 '      permanent
r< ��� idl '    '     U|     ':    :   -e.  '..'
by him  in  the   ���     nity of I      boi
stead, the r,    enl     3 to n     enci
may   be   satii hi d   by   ri   idei       up in
���' .   - id land
Sb mi Tt'     n ti " in writii .���   '
be given t, 1 the Commis     tiei    I D
minion ] inds al 1 >ttawa    :   ntenl   n
to applj fi r patent.
Railway Company
Two   fasl    trai
With   dil.i:
and   Brst-cli
v intic  K\; re      ���
Imp, rial   Llmlte I     eavi
Excursion   rate
Eastern  points on June 2
2, A Aug. 7, 8 and 9,
For full partlculai 1 ippij ������
C. P. It
New We ���
E. J.
Assistant   General
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
Leave   WES r.MINSTI II   '
0:20 aiii'P     1      llellli
; :
ton,   Mi     Vei
a 20 ai    Vl '���
2���Daily Overland Ti
Paul, Mini
Wlni  ���        D , 1 i
Louis and 1 East,
1   .;      , omple ������     .: '    ���
call on
1". C. GRIFFIN, Agi ��� '.
Bai k of Commi
Nev Westminstei
S. G. VERKES,  \. G. P. A
Con,. :   Sl   ond
lumbia St., Sfi il   e, '.'���
���    1
Deputy Minister
oi the
Ci ��RY.
fnteri  r.
"20 Second Avenue, Seattle, W 1st
"The Milwaukee"
"My dear girl," began  Mr. Sn, [hers.
������   ' .   lateruiil Illumines . "I told you i
had      go d  thin    ...  Iui nd and woul 1
try to ni'ra ,..    1 1 make j ou an offer,  i
urn  .  : tc   lo so,   Vou 1... ve ue\ er bad
e siage, but you "The   Pion*?r   Limited"   St.   Paul   tc
igbty good looker." Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   tc
"Sir!" demanded lhe maiden a.s she |    Chicago,  "South     West     Limited''
I' treated a step. Kansas City to Chicago.
"Ob, I shan't ask you to dress iiubc No   trains   in   the   ---vice   on   any
  -:>      !i ���  .' 1*1  11  plain,    traight railroi d   in   the   world   thai   ��� qua]   in
1          bed  The Ii, ���; Trust' nnd show equipment that  1 f the Chicago,  "
���;-'       ���   hut n       ratio .   , r: Isln   tb ��� Waul ee  ,lv  St.   Paul   R lilway.     '. 1 ej
1 ������        :   '"' I two l:.:, : ,,   lo . rs  1 nd own  and  operate their own    '��� ���: ing
rief undd ..A I li r bouse- ami dining e.r- ��� n 1 111 thi ir trains   1
>"T'MVANT    ;"���'      ���      \  ���    ads and 11 east ol give   their   patrons   an   exci  lence   oi
'' service not obtainable elsewhere,
igued to    1     cuttle,  11   slati bter   in,use   and   a
'     AGAIN
'.     " . J
a bis . :.': >. en worth mil-    bu
0|��    tu Third's^' for M!i;rGp^hndgOr
' his table manners ,:.     ���    Will move right along without      4 " '           ,r
:  '" criticism, a bit ;h.   Papers ���>'.��� i i, mnd to give it
uucb te overlook in Mr. free columns of advertising.   I can pul Canadian  Pacific
Jul  .-   -     tbers  or there would have you in tho cast nt ?30 per to begin on.
other circumstances. What do you say?" Royal IVIail Steamship
��� ie only one who didn't       None of the three said anvthing���not
to  Mr. Smitliers.   Ten  minutes after
If you are sending for your familj
01   :. len Is from the Old Coutnry vou
ki d In   was liuppy.
u ' - : - hours those mam- the   last  interview  a   murmur  swop!
���'    ' :   wires.   If they had over the great steamer.   That was foi-   u--'   ":'���"   monej    ��� :    buying   tickets
'��� to plei.   .... n   lord,  a  duke or lowed  by  h  growl.   After  the  growl   here.
'"    ���   1   ' ���        '   ��-nsn'l   such   a   bad came cr.es ol  "Kill bim!   Throw hlm       Next  sailing Empri   ���  Britain  from
';'    -   ' ck 011 one ol the "its   ol overboard'"   There was n rush of feci    ^ ...
:    Si ither uldnot along the decks, TutMr. SmlSe?�� wn     t'i* C,   ''      ' J     '""^'   ::"'
icefsteaks to pulled into the purser's room and saved   mo8' elegant steamer.    For rates and
the, 11 he had millions from   total   wreckage,  and   when  the   other pai   1 il to
;"  -' castles,  yacht*  uud  ilia- steamer reached ber dock the captain
'' ���'   ' had    male lent him a pair of false red whiskers to
f' who we       strueted to disguise himself and escape tbe mob,
obtain   ul",   mutii 11 Smithers.   He	
n ���
li   '
>- ....
From N. W. Mori. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
From Chwk.  Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m.
From N, W. Tu., Th.. Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., W< d., Fri., 7 a.m
From N. \V. daily, ex. Sat. and Sun.,
C.  P.   R.  AGENT.   ;; ''��� ,,1': Satur<lay 2 p. in.
Add. ti Ip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From stevi  ton, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)
word 'for il    f��      .P       "a'"^ ';' "7  ''''''��� ,     ,       Canadian Pacific Railway Co, !    Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
infant Is christen- J
British  Columbia Coast  Lio?
Lv. N. W, 4.::.". p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
Lv. Seattle, I 14 p, m., ar. N. W. 9.35.
Lv. N. W. 11 p.m. and I'.:,,", p.m.
Lv. Vancouvi r '���.;.". a.m., and i p.m,
Lv.   \.   W.  9.20  a.m.;   ar.  Gi    hoi
2.20 p.m.
Lv.  Guichon  2.40  p.m.;   ar.  X.  W,
9.35 p.m;
Mondays only.
Lv, New Westminster 5.50, 6.50, 1
and 8 a. m., and every half hour thereafter till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
B.���Unauthori: ed pul n of
a Ivertl n n   ut   ��111   m I   be   |>ald
s, de i ten lei In    1 :    ��� ���    tbe
undersigned, mai     I on the ��� ������ ������ ���
"Tender for Tie . 1906,' will    be   n
celved ut the 1    lei ,: ���    Con m
: ��� rs of the Tra 1 1 ntal  Ra
loi ,
I 106
ous    ul
��� '   . .
ed in Moro-       "\.:.   , the tirst child is
1 n   und lit    par. uls are accustomed
to \i Isb 1 ,;��� .1 girl us 11 happy omen
" '                                    '";              '     the mother ol thc young .natron sends T.*^'TA���
'                                     Jv     1                    ��� ,,, ,,.. . layette of tbe TIME TAB
tUllki'  ���            ..':'������.���!���    '..;���'. I -A               ���    ,                , .   ,                                            ,,.,,.
j,                               ,    infant,   ulom with   henna,  eggs  and   (Subject to change withe
iio'it    not'
pigeons,     'I be   In bj ^tallied   with
bent..1 rrom bead lo f,   1 and tbe little ALASKA   ROUTE,
bod; smeared with butter und wrapped       Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouvi
In llaiiiipls. The s, venth day is the
dap of baptism. Al Ihe first hour of
the momiiif! tlio friends are invited to
the repast,    Aboul I) o'clock a 'taleb,'
or, better still, n 'shei f." sacrifices 11
ibeep on behalf of the child and as be
ruts the animal's throat pronounce:
Iho sacramental words, 'In the name
of God it  Is the baptism of such an
He v      ��� .. about tbe 1    r
course,    llis   rep .. .������-.���  rep irle I  to
the wn i 1 n unn . -. und thej �� ������
Introduced. The said introductions
came nbolll In 11 careless way, as If by
mere accident.
The mainn as found him beany and
Jovial in his si ch.   II" didn't always
follow the rules of grammar, nud lie
rometimes cutight himself just in time
���Jo bite off a cuss word, but a man may
be forgiven much If be can draw his
check for sever..! millions,
It was decided in all three cases that one' so" "' sl"'1' ;l" '""'���' Tl"'" ,1"'
Mr. Smithers would do as a member of ,'hil'1 iK "'ashed for tbe lirst time,
the family. When be became a son-in- l"'1,,,il 's l'1" on its hands und feet,
law they could polish bim up a bit and IJl"' under iis eyes; it is dollied in lis
gradually reduce the size of his tw, finest robes ami pul Into its mother's
watch chains and his diamond pin. bed, ut the head of which lighted ta-
Tben the duughters were Introduced.   Il('rs are burning."
This was also carelessly accomplished	
���thai is, while Mr. Smithers was mak- Setting Mother iukm.
Ing Intervals between his poker games      "I'm   sure.   Ethel,"   said   the   girl's
In order to get n breath of ocean air he mother sternly, "that 1 saw bim kiss-
would   suddenly  And   some one   in   his Ing you last evening."
path and l.e compelled to pause and be       "Nonsense, mother!   lie's entirely too |    Leaves New W���s,,,,insler at 7 a. in
introduced.   He wasn t a man with a bashful
grain of suspicion In his composition,      "Don'l contradict me, child:    I saw
and be was the soul of good nature lhe performance with mj own"-
He gave up his poker to sit down und      "Pardon   me.   mother,    Vou   merely I
make himself agreeable to Miss Blank, I mw  me  kissing  bim."   Detroit  Frets S.S.Joan
August. 6th,
Princess May leaves Vancouvei
August 12th.
Princes.- Beatrice leaves Vancouver
May   1Mb.
Princess May leaves Vancouver
August 22nd.
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver
Angus:  29th,
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1  p. m.
S. S. Charmer.
on Wednesday and  Mondays.
"Vnii   may   L::vi   beard  of  the   beef    Pri ss
From  N.W.,  Wed. and  Mon.,  7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. aDd Sat, <l a.m.
Mail Service
Close. Received.
Seattle, via Sumas. 10 pm. 8.20 p.m.
Sap'n <fc .Millside. .10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m.
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.   9.00 a.m
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Sent tie, etc..   .. 8.45a.m.   3.30 p.m.
Van. & Cent. Park...10.3(1 a.m.    2 p.m.
Victoria 10.30 a.m. 10.00 a.m.
East Burnaby  1.15   1.20 p.m.
Steveston, etc   1.3(1 p.m. 10.30 a.m.
East, via C. P. R...4.45 pm. 7.10 p.m.
East, via C. P. P.. 10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m
Sap., Mill, Coq'm..4.45 p.m. 7.10 p.m.
Van. & Burnaby..3.30 p.m. 6.00 p.m.
Timberland, Tues.,
Friday  12.00 m.   12.00 m.
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province
of British Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
the Timber and Mines Branch, Do.
partment. of the Interior, and marked
1     leaves Vancouver daily except Sat-   on  the envelope "Tender  for  Timber
way at   ii"  wa,   inti]   h
11,111:1, of the  12th  'ia.,   1
for five hundred ai 1  thirl
sand  (535,01 0)   Ri llwa;   Tii
cordance   with   ''.'���   spec!
the Commi   . ners.
Seale , Teudei Id es ed
undersigned, ma ed n the en ,'eli e
"Tender tor Ties, 1907," will 0 11
receive I as n iove tntil twelve o'clock
noon, of the 4!h day of Si p! mber
191 6, for one million and ten thou
sand 11,010,000) Railwaj ', ��� In ai
cordance with the specifications of
the 1 lommlssioners.
Tenders must i e mad" in the
form ipplii i the Commi lone-0
v. hich, well a the pec!! .itl .1, .
maj be 0 t dm : 1 application to
Hugh 11. 1. in.-  ��� ���:,   chi, :'    Engim er
Ottawa, Ont., to A, E.    I it,   Dis
trii ��� Engineer, Quebec, P, Q. or ta
\. il. Hodglns, District Engineer
Kenora, Ont.
Full information in regard to deliv
erlea required is given on form of
Each tender must be signed and
sealed by all the parlies to Ihe tender
and witnessed.
The successful tenderers will be
required to sign a contract in form
satisfactory to the Commissioners,
and to furnish an accepted cheque on
a chartered bank of Canada, payable
to the Commissioners of the Transcontinental Railway for a sum equal
to ten per cent. (10 per cent ) of the
amount of the tender, as security for
the due and faithful performance of
the contract.
No tender for less than five thousand ties will be considered.
The right Is reserved to rej, ct any
or all tenders.
By Order,
P. B.  RYAN,
The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental Railway,
Dated at Ottawa, June 26th. pine.
j Northern Pacific;
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
El, ctr        hted train.    I o\\ li 1
Qui, Al me. Exci lenl
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to ..
(nan points,
Special    Reckiced    Rates    Rnund   Trip-
Rates   to   Southern   Calirornla.
For full informtion call on or ��r te
C. E, I.ANA. General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C
Portland. Ore \. G.   A
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The   only  all   rail   rente   between
points east, west and south 1 1 R
land, Nelson and intermediate 1
connecting al S|   ' ane v\ ith tl
Northern, Northi rn P
& N. ( 0,
Connects al Rossland with ihi
adian Pacific Railway f"r !��� "
( t .'��� k puints.
Connects at    Meyers    Falls   with
stage ('-illy for  Republic.
liufTct   service   on   trains   between
Spokane  and   Nelson.
Effective   Sunday,   November   ip.
Dav Train Arrive
..  Spokane  .. - -7-'5 P m'
..Rossland  ....<M�� I''"'
...Nelson  6.45 I'"'���
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.    Daily trains (excepi
Sunday)    carrying   passengers,   mail,
express    and    freight    connect    With
Stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
For information apply to
J. H. ROGERS, Traffic Manager,
Vancouver.  B. C.
a m.
a.m. FRID
,-V. AUGUST 3. 1906.
IE j ���
and  soli:    d       B
,    |u        ���    ���        iu
Bank   ol   Commi   ci    ,
iii    .    eel.   opposi ���
.    \\ i il mil . ei      M ni,"    it
.   WEART   &  MhQTJAR]
..-,    solicit ,".   ������ ��� Of
v mil    "���   'i rapp Blk.
On the Famous
,    u   and   Lome  s
rooms 21 to lit, 4 sr. Gran
.1 ��seph Martin, K. C, .
��� ������   oftic.es every Friday af
I :
\\.  i,    M   Juan ���    tl.  a
Mr. Martin wiji  ne in tb
REID   &   BOWES,   Rurrl*
tors,   solicitors,   etc.,   42   Lome
pOBite   Court    House     New
er.    J. H. Bowes. P   0   it .:
GE MARTIN, H. " er ai
ii Gulch in block, Colun
. ������: ,:e  .-. reeti     lew We
mlnsTfi       B    C.
��� ; : ET   SOCIETIES
N LODGE. NO   9. A. F. & A. M.
!' '
id :
Di    '.. .' Smitl
" MON  LODGE. N'O. 17
"   ���
at ���.
.    . Gilchrisi   Se
COURT  BRUNETTE,   No. 4099.   I.O.F.
'- the  Fourth   Friday  in  the
'   8   ,.'clock.   In   the   small
I.   Oddfellows'    block.      Visiting
en are nordl illy invited to at-
'���' :    J. B. Rushton, C. It.; F. P.
Maxwell, It. S.
_,   0. F.���The regular meetings of
'��� "lire are held on the Second
'      fourth Tues,lavs of each month
' ' -. in. iu iho Oddfellows' Hall.
ng   Hrethren   are  cordialv   in-
' to alien,1.    E. C. Firth, C. R.;
*��� 1". Maxwell, Sec.
���'' s O'clock p. 111., In Oddfellows'
Rail, Columbia street. Visiting
;"'i are cordially Invited to at-
1 B, Bryson, S. (.'.; J. McD.
1     ipbell, Sec.
!f.AMP', 191-���Meets on the First and
laird Tuesday of every month *n
"f   P. Hall,     .lohn   McNlven,
���I. J, Forrester, Rec. Sec.
Board of TRADE���New Westmln-
R'ard of Trade meets in the
ward Room, Ciiy Hall, as follows
Wednesday of each month
-/"''���ly meetings on the second
'       '"dav    of     February,    May,
��� :  and  November, at 8  p.  m
,,   '"al meetings   on   the   second
e��day    of     February.     New
Tubers    may    bo    proposed    and
'"{| at anv monthly or quarterly
"""""�����   A. E. White, Sec.
'Oriental Limited"
lickctsonye July2,3, Aug. 7,8,9, Sept. 8,10
Foi   particulars  call   on   o-   address
F  C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd..
New Westminster. B. C.
'.    1
t each i
et.    So
(tend     '���'��� ��unlop, W.
���    ...   M .������:..     Reg
:. Orange hall 1 I an I
..  In each c  n  b   tl v  p.
::     '.       ng : rei bx< a an   i n lially
"��� n i.    E. E   Mal
'���'.   .".    J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
M ot
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The  Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
:   f��� AMITY  LODGE. No. 27���
���  ��� eetingfl of this lodge
.:, Od Ifellow b' hall, (
t. even   Mon I      ev< ning
i ���     Vis ting    let hren cor
ted to attend.   S. J. '���'. i
N. O.;   W. C. Coatham, Rec.-Sec.
A. 0. U. W���FRASER  LOCGE  No. S
���Meetings the first and third T ies
In     each     month.        Visiting
" ���  ���; ��� ordlall} Invited to atten
A   ''   U. W. hall, Odd
Clarkson street,  C.
-   '    rei cler.   Louis Witt,
��� workman.
SONS   OF   ENGLAND.   B.   S.���
i   Di gre ��� tne.es Sei ond and
'���' " In   - i .     of each  month.
���'���   P.  Hall,  Colum  I i  St., al
. Wblte Rose D< gree, Fourth
'    I iv    in    each  month,  same
'  place.    Visiting Brethren
Invited       E.  B.  Stlnch-
��� Pres., H. Disney, Sei retary.
Bank of
rated by act or parliament
C VP1. '��� . (All patd up).. .jm.uuo.ooo
RESERVE  FUND ��1U,000,000
RL Men. Lord Strathcona and Mount
i;    .:   G CM ���;. . Hon President
:: d  Sir ii. A. Drummond, presldenl
E.   S   Clouston,   Vice  President  and
General Manager.
Genera] banking business transit te i.
Branches in all me principal cities
In Canada, In Londi n, Eng. New
\ Chicago,  and   bt.  jonn,  Mid.,
in I correspondents ln all pans of the
Savings Bank Dept. J# HEINLEY
G   D.  Brymner,   Manage
Manufacturer of
Junk and Second-hand   Mineral Waters, Etc.
Store Aerated Waters,
Highest prices paid tor second-hand
goods, junk, bottles, rubbers, brass,
copper, old shoes and all metals: also
ol 1 clothes, etc.   n rite or call,
Frotr Stret, New Westminster.
Opposite  Brackman Ker Wharf.
Phone 212.
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office, Eighth Street,
Tide Table
���          ...                 .,,
, ii
Humor ml Philosophy
2 ;
'    ���
_ i..."
12 0
J: 10
12 50
18 II
S      'da
��� 10
19 in
-   ��� la;
5 35
Low Ware
i   I-i i
. .    11: 4S
6.39     3.4
18.19     S4
: t      ���
11 "
!��� i
8.42     1.4
li     '. '
'    ���     0 7
0 t
���     8.S
S  i   ���
������     1
. . ,.
i  ���    "
monvi ' ...    ��� ���
Her ��� mrth    ��� ���     thi    .���
....... .     ;.    i    .   ,      .     .).
The  daj   we   :' ������   i ;   ���������
���     Men
To lei   the wo'ftd know  wi   an   glad we
ar-' here
V.'..     ouldi "   .'���     |i [fen      oi    thi
..    the feeling:   I hal surge In our
Foi       iton p      ���    ���'   the   iracker Ita
... ...... tenda I    thi   real
V.'.   i. ���  .' .      -i.i  our  fe.'lings
. ig all  t'I'Jh w*.
Wi                n hi             ��� '������ ed  to noise foi
n't km "   afi aid,   to
i   i 're  free  to
oi '
���   ������ ��� em   but  II  i'i a
I it was ���
������ to  ex
in   ���       di excepi   '������
man, '���
Crosses Atlantic Ocean ir. Two Hou'S
and    Ten   Minutes'   Less
Royal Bank
of Canada
Coital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets iib.i/i.i/b.
llranches    and    correspondents    In
all  the  principal   cities  ot tne world.
Cereral  banking  business transacted.
$1  opens   in acco ml     Interest .elded
',., :  j early.
Collections made at lowest rates.
Open    Saturday    nights   from   8   to   9
F. B.  Lyle,  ManaQer,
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
'<     lired a through   km ' of the
n ]  t witl ears   ex-
ence.    1 ,ater wa   7
oi' the watch  repairing   depi      ent o
Savage,   Lyman    &    Co.,
Hei       ��� business i ia  ���.. ���
the tu
English,    Swiss,   American   and   all
c imp] ca      watches
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams. iTrocei
'��� ��� " ���
-   ��� the way tc
     . ��� ��� I;
the place oi
Th*1 rr
Liked Urging.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
-vTV�� ''s
"Mabel didn'l enjoy the party because she didn't sing."
"But Ihey n��l,e,l her to several
"I know, but she wanted ihem to
Nml ber with ropes and drag her to
the piano in spite of all resistance and
force ber to warble."
Merchant Tailor
Columbia Street.
Full line of English. Scotcn ami Irish
tweeds and worsteds always In stock
Spring  stock   now  In.    Make  vour
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Milnnis.
Wouid Surely Keep Him Alive,
''Wilson stands a good chance of Hv-
tag a long time now that he has got
that young doctor."
"Is lie, then, so good?"
"I  don't know  about that,  but the
doctor needs the money."
Want to Make a Good Job.
"Why do men marry?"
"Well, when they do it is usually the
only way left them to make some particular woman miserable."
First Class Meals at all Hcurs,
English, Japanese and Chinese  Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan.
First Aid.
Vour con'   i    tlon need nol  lag:
With nothing elsi   In vii v
This quel j   j ou -  in   ilwaya Hag:
"Is ii hot enough for ������ ou?"
Happy Days.
"How's the new doctor getting on?"
"He  seems   to  be enjoying  the  111
health of the community to the highest
"But how can he live wlthoul an income'.'"
"He sells the recipe telling how to do
It to the suckers."
��� .TCar*'<0^2KE��CMUiaifl
* "0Y V*��*4��,
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
!fetheecuy.red    Pr0m";'y t0 any
Li��Ht and Heavy Hauling j
0 'Phone 1S5.      Hera raone 137
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by the laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but thc choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being the Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and rhe consuming population so small that the best parts
of the beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost.
BOVRIL Is a specialty, not merely a bye-produot
of a packing house like many meat extraots.
LONDON, England, and MONTREAL, Canada
Imitating Hoyjlty.
00-S * sPOHoe ���
It., spent hi1* money like n princi*���
Thai Is. a prince who's up to ,l:itp,
For when they handed hlm the iilll
11" snld, "Just mark It on the slatp."
In nl least Iwo particulars it dog Is
illfl'erenl Ci mn 11 huniiin belug. The
canine has four lens and never goes
back on his friends.
��� ���nee (hose who danced bud to pay
the fiddler, but now tbey get a pianola
nml tottch the button.
A cute woman will pretend that she
doesn't understand baseball even If
ihe does, so that ber escort may feel
Agreeable work ls the nearest thing
to the elixir of life Unit has been discovered.
All the world loves a lover, but especially dealers who sell furniture on the
Installment plan.
When Greek meets Greek nowadays
thr conversation turns on the condition
of the banana trade.
Any old Job looks good If you are
hungry' enough.
Paeil ��� ��� ��� ......
, i... . ursda
.,   -.��� ..   Rimousl      'i-    . 1 '���
'���   p.    ui., .-;     it   M .
.::,i  p,  tn.  '".i-i      ifte    ti   exce   ������
run.    Thi      mi he   pa
1   ���   dayi   and twenl c-three hoi   -
Ii is remarkabl     h     the Mer. ������
0 Britain   and  the  Bmp ���--    o    tre
1 ind   crossing  the ocean  ir: 'lift'.-  >i
Ions   should cover ��� be dlstai
bi     .,.-.     - '������.. ...  .    i   ��� -.,.. ol
1 ': ten minutes The Em-
Ireland which arrived at
Rimouski od - a ������ ' rip to I he
westward Id I ��� da i ��� ei h ������ ���
and Bf minutes, two 1 nd ten
minute a he
Lot. :   '.
��� .
hi    South   A
.....        ....
iblished in the Trai
age River c	
5 tan d a rd.   B;
..... .
. ���   ..-   i Ma
he -.    	
And 1 ��� gn.
: . .       .   . .       n the marl
i,     -,.. i . .      r.|i
Vi ��� osed the
\.. - h ������'- hicl   i .-..'.-
i "i our  dea I tl ...
An   sea ce
Think you ye  free
Wake, or you ��� tin;
Our ruler- juggllnglj   A '���  -
To sell them back again.
Back io 'he ancient bitterness
Ve ended once for all ���
Back to oppression none may guess,
W'lio have no' borne its thrall���
Back to the slough of their despond,
Helots anew held fast,
By England's "seal upon the bond,"
As helots to the last.
What is their sin. tha' they are made
i     Rehellions lawful prey?
' This is their sin, that oft betrayed.
I     They ,iid not oft betray,
I That   to  their  hurt   thev   kept   their
That for their faith they died;
Hold help you, children of our house,
Whom  England  hath denied.
But   we.   what   God   shall   turn   oui
What blessings dare we claim,
Who slay a nation in the wood.
To crown the trickster's game?
Who come before amazed mankind,
Foresworn in party feud.
And search the forms of law to bind
Our blood to servitude?
Now, even now, before men learn
Hon  near we broke our trust,
Now, even now, ere we return
Dominion to the dust;
Now, ere the gates of Mercy close
Forever   auinst  the line.
Thai  sells its sons to serve its foes,
Will England make no sign?
 o ,
Houte   fcxamined.
Bellingham, Wash.. Aug. 2.���An examination of the entire route of the
prop,is,..I electric line between Seattle
and Vancouver, 11 ('., tor which Col.
It M Dav. of Hellinghatii, is working,
was made last, week hy Col. Day and
Walter Kennedy, of Pittsburg, representing the eastern capitalists who
will furnish the bulk of tlie money for
the line, if it Is built, The trip occupied elghl days, and it is estimated
by Mr. Kennedy that the trunk line
and ii- branches will cost about. $10,-
li(>ll,uiiii. He will make a report 'o
the easterners at once, voluminous
documents containing valuable data
regarding the resources, etc., along
the route have heen sent to Mr. Kennedy, who is now In Seattle, by Col.
Until Mr. Kennedy has submitted
has report and UOl. Day lias Heard
from It, the disposition of the enterprise will noi be definitely known
 B -
Killed at Fort Wiliram.
Fort William. Aug. 2.���George Small,
who weni under the name of Doyle
bene, and whose home Is believed to
be In New Brunswick, was killed yesterday while working In the C. P. R.
yards. He slipped while stepping on
a yard engine. It is believed he
changed his name because he was
once dismissed by the company.
' i
. JPi i
""""��� *UCUir 3   ,���
Quaker Puffed Rice
Try it.    It is delicious.    We have it.
f. A.Mmr & Co.       IS PLAYER'S (jULSTION
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Evidence  of   Professionalism   in   B.  C.
Lacrosse    Is   Given   at   Investigation.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster.
Notice to
the Public
I am now open to buy
all kinds of Second Hand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
All business promptly
attended to.
That lacrpsse players in Vancouver
bave heen in the hal,it of making in-
qulries before signing mi with on,, nf
'.i> two senior lacrosse clubs, and
that the club which puts forth the
highest Inducement secures tin- besl
players, was the gisi ,: .: statement
made yesterday afternoon by Joseph
.Martin. lie made the statemenl while
liscussing th, suddi n :��� -i-i. n i if i'..,,
ecome associated   with   the   Van-
uver i.n rosse cl . i.
"We ..1! know  h i i        -." sai 1  Mr.
1.    .a.     "Tii!.   M  | .,    Leafs   will   ask
iyer the question     '   e ;     ;   ;oing
io i I....' with   is ' A- se son'
h ��� .   i.i'. ,i.,.:        Is,    iVh '   is  I hei e
in il  tor me?'    \Y.
n ill i ���   so mui li foi  tbe | .    i
... fall, and  he  then prom   -
.   i     ler   the   ni     ��� tnow
'. .:' I his is so, an i I .... ao etray-
ing an; secret in sa ing mis, i m
i lu ' that ��ill promlsi the j : ��� r the
... -��� i'i the fall will seen We ser-
ii es.    We all do this."
Anoi her   sensational    ren u ..
made   by  A.   W.   Gray  a  little  later,
while discussing thi  sti ��� ling oi Tuck,
li.- said:
"We are all profi ssionals, :���- :..: as
thai goes, because vi . II plaj ed
againsl Johnny Powi . s, an i he vv'as
. i out-and-out Brantford player. The
less noise we make aboul professionals, the letter it will be for us. I
., ry much doubt if any one of us
i ...ild go back easl nd lay ama i
lacrosse al  the presenl    Ime."
Th -.- remai 1 s wen i ia le i\ hile thi
protest   raise 1 thi     Mi ; li     Leais
after their match, Saturday, July 21,
ttitn   tne   vancouvei   lacrosse  team,
a - being -Use issi d at a special meeting calle ! for thai n pose ; esterdaj
nfterni mi.   The meeting  was  I eld in
.. uoai tl oi '... : oon . city nan,
there ��� ing ������. eseni i wo n p esenta-
tives ';"in '-.ic;. .-..; i in tne senior
ii   gue, i be  presldenl     i I     ���   f ecre-
Sign   Man on  Wheel.
Ci lumbia St, New Westminster.
Pu! Your Money io Work
.in 1 increase yo in ne. N'. �����
1- the time ' ��� . . Wi tminster is forging i hi a I. :' you
are looking for a homi . a
reasonable price i n i easy
terms, call in an 1 inspei I our
large and i xculsive lisi of
dwellings we have for sale In
differenl  pai ts of the city,
60 Columb
tary of the association,  M.  J,  Barr.
The representatives of (he Maple
Leafs were ('. \v Murray and ���' Martin; the Vancouver repre%entatlves R.
l' I' .- - - and G. Mathes, a. .>.bile
N",-w Westminster was represented by
!-". .1. Lynch and A. W. Gray. The
president, C. A. Welsh, was in the
��� '
.... vere
���   t by Mr. M
.-.   ii to     ie  - . bai   it
   .    ��� ei ��� i
 -       .   ���   ;       ':      t.  .i
game   ....-  ii������ .        ��� .    pen
.   ipon hin thi    eferei   had
In d; thai Cliff Cao had ui bei n
a membei oi the Vanco ivei I ib, in
. standing, toi twei ��� n< di -
previ to : ii natch, and thai T n i
was .; professional player, having
played with ttte tfranttord ciud ano
never having been reinstated ts an
There was considerable discussion
between Mr. Martin and Mr. Matheson, the question being whether ihe
protesl had heen received in due time
bj the Vancouver club. Mr. Douglas
claimed that he was away at the time
and thai he did not receive lhe leiter,
although il was addressed to him. In
the course of the evidence it was
pointed out that the letter had been
opened and published in tne press
ttdthin the specified time, thus proving
���   i;   musi   ...i,.    bei n   opi ne i
. .��� :.. ii .- ol
In   maKing   I n     li si    i .... ge,
i:..-   was   noi   : ���   un   ��� i   to   -
ng  minii       -   ���   w len   the ���
-   agreed    i lr,    \1
nied   out   i -        i        en
.    : ���    : ��� tbe  rest  i
he   players         lei    .
He appealed ���
.... :.
��� .��� Mr.   Mui:..
extra   ������ I be al-
..... . ... ���  :
Al ���:.-���
... he
i case  h as left to tin
. omniitti ��� .
.. i       US Wi -'    'i.i     i :..:.-��� .
ii :.i.'I... ' bat Cliff
��� .   oi   the   Vancouver      ...   in  g   ��i
. nuini .   ..'   the    inn    ��� :     ..���    -
Mr.  Matheson ied        stating
Cliff Cao had      en a
Vancouver   club I and
thai   he  A  .-   ....   ��� ��� thi     .���   ��� ..
\:i affidavit wa.
in   which   he  swore  in
.   id   --..;,. - ..    ��� mil     ������   tne
. :,,   ;.,,   In        .        ��� :
ither club du     i     he feu
:    een a  nn mber       I i
Vam    .������    -   ib.    '���:: . ffid ivi   I om (
i.   sl.:'. .   was prod       1    -    Mr.
Mur, ���        M      Slati       ,vori
ed out I
the M Li
iccepted an he M
lacrossi on  in
ate, an Cao had e>    essed his
Intention    i       playing    agains      '���-��� -
mlnstei   on  J il;    ,      He tu ���.--.
out  to practice om    nig        vith   ihi
playei s, but did no Ivi      ���   sl ������.
He sui sequi ntlj ri I ui ni i I he ordei
for the stick.
Mr, Murray volunteered the inior-
mation thai Can had said that he
would not be tound dea i ������ un mi
Vancouver team.
Mr.    Matheson:      "He    a] pi n ntl
changed his mind."
The 'bird chai ge was thai Tu
In selecting your hardware for your house, be
sure you u-et a good
lock. To stand the continuous wear aud use
given it both the material and workmanship
must be good. Our line
comprises the best Canadian and American
makes. Call and examine our lines	
& Lusby
��>��� ���������*����������������������.��.����.
; ��������� ***hh
IT!?e se Summer Goods j
Must Be Sold
i ���     he red ictioi     .     ,     .    ... ���:, .
e atl    dive.
% Ladies' and Misses' Bathing Suits Red
mlj     Ladles'  Lus
uced *
���   ���    .in I  i.i,. '.  ti Immed  wil h   white   braid;   n
?"��� 00 and $."
Special   | | ice,   each
sizes,   mad,-   of   Hue   lersej ��� oth,   white   trimmi I;
m ce J.'.11".    Sale        e,  each  	
:      Big Sale of Boys' and Girls' Dresses
���    VI] one price, the entire lot    Gli i   Duck and Picque Two-P
* fo.vv aim  j.......     opecitu t  eacn     _._,., {
��� One dozen Misses' and Girls' Navy Bathing Suits, one-] eo X
4       Dresses,     Duel;     ami     Picque    Coats,    Boys' Colored Bu   ian        X
J       Dresses,  all  slightly soiled;  regulai values $1.25 to $2.25, s le       ���
X       l:""' ";"'h    -.'......We ���
X    Special Lot of Muslins, Etc., at 9c Yard
*   One 1"'  Ginghams,  Muslin,  whlti
dors,   Prini   Na
f       Gingham, etc ; i    ellen    tnaterii     evi      piece fo
cal shin  waist    ull    foi    adii    i         Idrei
���. I   A       Sale   price,    ���        	
Big Lot at 12c Per Yard
t����WBBF!?Sil?*Ks'r-. t   A largi
rofession -  .      ed v
i. . . lr.il
Mapli     Li ha I
i      �� . IS. A
A    I  . ,
ruck �� -
I   been  ri
.    i ��� -
���   nn
���   ���    ��� ti
ered     -     ���   '. - tin
���   " ���-.
Mr   1'   :- la*   slati I   I
��� --ieii   ...   card      -..
V    M.   C.   A.     :    i nr.   I hii 1:    Is
ed   idth  the C.  A. A.   A.    This
I  prove  thai   he Is an amati i
i  '        ���      ..       - . ���     been ;    irofe
- onal   w (thin   the   nn ining    ol
. :
Revi   ting to th,   nn ttei    f Cao, Mr.
���A ...    iat i    ...
...   1    ���' :   '. '.;.     .      :..    -
-   ln-:   Nett    i ister if hi    hi  :
irned    1 o       ;. ,
This should pro) he ci     I
��� : ���    ',     i .
ib al  thi   ' Imi
A.   W.   Gray :        Wo ild      ou     lavi
... ���-  A. In      :.i
n I
M -.  Mun .ii :     "Ci
Mr. (J \\ Ithoui   hli     ��� -.:,.
; :. ��� mbei of twenty-one days'
in   ���' i. club al the timi
i:- fore lhe laughti      bat 1        tuerj
ibsi led, Mr. M i
a. cided   that   il ,   time   to
cl ��� nge the e i   iei t, and n  motion I ���
ad o irn   came a   mosi   i pportune
- time.
The  li cision of thi   con    Ittee, con
sisting of the president, C. A. W<
A. VV  ' li .:��� and I' J   i. ��� nch, will verj
iki   ���   : ���   made known todaj.
;.i     Id
��� I",-.'-.
t Big Reduction Sa'cof Ladies' White;
Blouses This Week <:
��� ������������������������� ������������*������������������������������������ ��*����-*4 ������+������������*<�����������.��.�����,
I*!*:*** i*i>i>:>:>i;��:>:>:>:>>:>;>;*:>i >;>:>:��:*>; *>:>:>!*>:>:>: *>:*>: i��;>i>.>:i��:>iit:>:>: >:>:>:*>:
�� Here Is Your Chance!    1
J Eighty acres of first-class land, situated on a good gravel roa 1,   Ci
>;   four miles from Westminster; 13 acres under cultivation; 7 acres of [���]
���.   -  od hay, now almosl read} for  harvest. ���$
;���; Dwelling, ii rooms, bam and stable ^nd tl ree
J   Is an extra good buy.
Burnaby Home:
You Cannol Afford So His
It's the Talk
fraser Vallev
1 have a number of small acreages adjoining
w westn i '*
;���;   on easy terms.   This property is extra well situated, >
Nine acres of good soil near town.
'^������**��**<^��t������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������
Electric Railway Service!
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vancouver arid way
stations will run every half-
hour from a:",') a. m. to II p,
ni. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. in. Half hourly cars -will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Hervice trom
6.30 a, in. to 11 p. rn.
20 Minute Service���.\o transfer.
Bel ween 12 and 2 and 5 and 7.
30   Minute   Service   during  re- *
malnder of day.   Transfer at
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service   half-hourly  between  H  a.  in.   and  10  p.  in.
City and sapperton. ���
Sapperton Line���lh Minute Ser- 1
vice, excepi between 12 and i
2, and 6 and 7, during wnich ���
hours    the    service   will   he *
hall hourly,
Sunday Service   half-hourly lie- m
* ,-ilh
free on Application
mm^mmmm' tjreal
useful nfon .������ il i< n f r people who
are thinking of investing in B. 1 .
farm land .
li contains ,;i pages, likewise a
very comprehensive map of New
Westminster district, and-32 views
showing fruit growing, haying,
dairying and mixed farming .scenes.
It gives market prices of all
produce, weather statistics, amount
of crop raised to the acre, etc.
It will interest and entertain you.
,W. C. L. A. Gives Decision on Western
Team   That   Played   the
Wlnni] ���.       . Vt a mi 1  Ing ol
.'.   , l, A   V, tonighl the statui    d
I: Ihc Sou is 1 onsid-
I it-red      nd   after  con iderable   tie    L,
.   ib was profet - li aallzed for huv-
-.1. I       h  the Shamrocks In a
Minto     ip   31   les,        ie   < onstltutl in
of the 1 ssocial lon    permitted  of  no
"t .1 ���   course,  I 111   lhl ���   will likely  i e
/amended al the nexl annual meeting,
��� Had  lacrosse heen the only spun  affected, probably no action would have
been     taken    al   all,   bul   as  hockey
teams  have   man.,   of  the .same   play-
I ers  as   lhe  lacrosse  ciulis  lbe associa-
(tion  felt  hound  to protect the latter
I sport.
Passes Third Reading.
London, Aug, 2.--The colonial marriages  bill  has passed Its third  read-
\ lng iu the bouse of commons,
Deering and Frost & Wood All Steel
and Steel, Self Dumping
3 i-2 to 6 feet.
MOWCRS���Our Giant frame Mower  beats  them  ali  foi    	
and easy cutting.
Auction Sale at Market Every Friday.
��i>:>">i>;>i>i>i>i>i>"����.>i>i>;>:>'��i>.';��i>;>;> ���'���"���';���"���'���"���'������������������"���������"������������;���;;���:>.��.��������� ��������� *���
1 ���
f. i. HART & Co.
tween S a, in. and 11 p. m.
British Columbia Clectric Ry. Co., Ltd J
�������� ��< ������*������������*��������������>��><
I    The Farm Land
New Goods and New Pric ��.*<-;
A f il] carload just arrived.     A.s fine goods as ever enteri d
ki ,-.,,.. j,..., ..., 1,. V,.     ...-.,.... ^,--.���.^ ���.-,,,,, .,,.  t
J Inspection invited.    By buying here you can save money  and  loi .
!��j 'live us a trial.    We have many things we are going  to  clear al cosl. .���'
;���. Money saved is money made.   ' *
See our S5.00 Mattresses
V 71(1 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street, ;j
,���; ,. f(
Special Summer Courses! C. Monumental Works
Telephone AIM or address 4th Ave.
nue and   loth Street.
For Teachers in the
Business Institute
JAMES  McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer 01
Marble and Granite Monuments,
336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver |     J^,^ TombstOfleS, Bt
R. J.  SROTT,   B..A.,   Principal.
H. A. SCRIVEN, B. A., Vice-Prin.
Wrlle for prices.
New  Westminster, B. C.


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