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The Daily News Mar 14, 1906

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 Mil.IMF. 1. M MT.KK 9.
M \\   WESTMINSTER, B. C, MARCH H. 1906.
io < i.\ rs M R W ! IN.
Russian   Autocrats    are    Playing    Desperate   Game
OF LOWER WORLD Premier Witte Discovers That Organization oi High Tilted
Reactionaries Is Secretly Endeavoring to Bring About
Detective Bradshaw of the City Police Force Catches Up
With It and a Suspicious Looking Character
Is Landed Behind the
aim     1 l      Majority   of   Delegates   to   Workers   Convention   FfcfMd
Slaughter  Of JeWS���EJverything  Points   tO  Wholesale Trouble Before April I-FoBow Example
Ol    Leaders    ami    Do    Bul
Bloodshed on Easter Day.
I.iule Talking,
in ci I
��� SCI'- [
and i
��nlcH ���;
il  be ,
y   I'C- '
I, |
Cltj  Detectlvi   Bradshaw this aftei
noon   arrested  J.   Duponl   Nogues,  a
Fi!-iilicman hailing from Tacoma, on
suspicion    of   having Imported  girls
from Pranci  tor Immoral purposi -
The arresl was made al thi
quest ol a woman of the town who
alleges thai she was brought to ibis
country by Nogues, and thai afterwards iii Ing of the man she disi
him, whereupon he threatened to kill
her, and th it be pursued her fi om
place io place, finding her In New
Westminster last night.
she reporti i to the police that Bhe
had seen the man through a window
last night, and bo greal was her fear
of him thai she left tor Vancouver on
the 11 o'clock tram, after giving her
address to chief Mcintosh, who agreed
to   semi   for   her   when   ihe   man   was.
Ipprehended. So clear a description
of lhe man was given thai Detective
Bradshaw had uo difficulty In recognizing Nogues In one of the hotels of
the city, where he was registered under the name of   ".I.  Duponl."
Immediately upon bis arrest, word
was sent to the woman in Vancouver,
and  she  will   be  here  this  evening to
Identify the man. So evident was the
woman's tear, and so clear her description of the man. thai  the police
think thej   have captured a  mi
of a bad gang ol traffickers In human
Should the woman tall io Identify
the man he will be allowed to go. al-
though ii is thought thai she will have
no difficult] in Identifying him as ber
Archbishop's Funeral.
Halifax,   N   s .  March   I i     I   ���
neral ol the late Arhcblshop O'Bi len
look  place this morning  and  was one
of the largest  and  most   Imposing of
i be Kind ever seen hi re,    The clergj
was represented from all pans of the
i< e, as well a; Montreal nnd Ol
tawa,   Including   Mgr,   Sburettl,    the
Apostolic   delegate.      Interment   took
place at  the Holy Cross cemeterj.
AnflUS McMillan Dead.
Halifax, N, B., March 11. Hon. An
gus McMillan, the "Grand Old Man"
of Prince Edward Island iirovinel.il
politics, died ai bis home at Wheatlej
river last night, aged 89 years, He
was provincial treasurer and commissioner of clown lands from IS'.H to
1V7. when he was retired from political life, lie represented Summerslde
from 1876 up to his retirement
81    Petersburg,   March   U.���At   lo
dai > B( salon of the cabinet, Premlei
: \ .        1!'.,,!, nskj.  procuratoi
il ot the holj   By nod, and Count
.lohn    1. of  educatti
ed upon the suppn salon  ot
���  the  League  m
.   p irough win-
Ion  of Un        ctii na 1      I
Hundr , 1        reporl
i 1 tha   t orced to ai rive al 1 his
'���1    bul    this  I-- nie  absolute!;
The poll)'     refeel    M   Mon.lei   I
lis,   was   summoned   to  the   meeting,
"i explain bow ii happened
that the publication ol the proclamation calling for the extermination of
the .lews was prluted in the official
printing office attached to bis depart'
1   elll.
The prefeel denied having any personal knowledge of the printing, How
ever, ii was establishes thai there is
constantl) accumulating evidence thai
tha plol io produce a counter revolution in ilie hope of sweeping swai
Hie reforms outlined In the manifesto
oi October 80, had Us origin In a court
Utterly   Reckless.
     .   ... >    mi ludea   Qenei al
rrepoff,   commandant   "i   the   palace,
General  Count   Ignat 1 fi    m    Sttchln
ormi    chlel ."i itant ol the tu
. ���
and    Gi
Putlatln   whi aid   to  bi
niiei].    ���.    .      .a i      ....  .. ���. .,.
ewa evolut lo
ovei  a- wide an 1 1 po   Ible in
Ion ;.iul there''!  prove to his m.i
���   th .1  ihe   pi rjpli      ���   nol   it
any  aorl  .it  self government
li   is a  desperate ������ atne, bul   b   is
bai '���" d io  mail!  of ib.   provincial au
thorltles and ihe Buppoi 1 "i the got
ernor generals has Been enlisted, the
former using ihe poll..  .111,1 ihe latter
ihe troops, among whom proclamations
againsl   ihe .lews and  revolutionists,
whieh  are  understood  in have been
printed  al   ihe army  headquarters in
Odessa,  have  been  distributed,    'l'lie
complicity  of ihe    Interior   minister
llurnovo     In     the     conspiracy   Is   mil
proved, although suspected.
Premier Witte ami iii" Liberal sec
lion of ihe cabinet, win be compelled
io iinhi  the oonsptrsc]    and    conse
quentlj   a   break   in   'lie  mlnlstrj   is
irded e    Impro
50.000   Armed
1;  le understood that  flftj  thi
menil ���      ol Black  Hundrt ���
St.   Peb
d in 11. i! ot ib,. waininga thej
havi     ecetved,  that   the  conspli a 1
will mu  attempt to provoke a massa
(al.      Tin-   atltllOl
hen hi wen     In       1 pathy ��lib
.... .   1   ,
Strikers   Reorganize.
in i he i". antlme, mi the othi 1
ihe   proletariat   organisations,   which
��1 ���        hli    I)   crushed bj   ii 1
11 i.iii. ii' '���- repressive    measurit   at e
trying i"   organlsi    anothei    general
strike      Negotiations  are prgrl ling
wiib  ihe telegraph  ami  railroad em-
plOJ ee ���.    whOSe   ""ll'i'l aliell   i'i   "
. .1 ai   i iiai in ild'' end
l'lie So, laltats of Finland have pro
mi ied ''i' ll BUppol 1 Some rioting has
alreadj occurred at Moscow and vlcln
The Si 1 una icoiinii 11 aaj .. that M
Burnovo has telegraphed tu the 1 to]
ernors of ten provinces in Poland uol
io proclaim ihe elections until furlhi i
Indianapolla in  whieh
 le   tO   .leal    w ill!
Ill.ll  ��� - I'"' 1'. 11 I'll. ���         I  "      "  1
'        ���   I     I  I   .��� ' '  "' '
revti w 1 - .....
 1     befovi
 would   1. 11      '��� .  eli!.,.
������    ��� In th ������' ""1" "'!   ih.  polli -   ���   1 ���     ��� ���   ���
,     . . .1  todaj   bj   Ihi    ���     ���       ���    ventli
I   I ,1     nl e
i v .      . 1 hi    mill
peclal coi
��� w
VII  of 'I  ""'
rived In the 1 Itj  thu    1    ��� on
H|| ���!.'!'
t  of   I .   i.   1.      .
Fe In
Ont., Man
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ here .
"""'     v  "    '     I   '    " '   "'���'"    .-I  oi have heen 	
wlll be a strike i"   -prll 1                      0 by a 11 Idi nt oi                        1
ii,.   delegates  from  the anthraclti    McMillan McMillan  tefuai    lo dl-
dlstrlcls are following the exampteol   ,"' ' ''"  '"     '" " '"'    '"' ''"'   "
but   !!n>i  thai   11  Ib In tin   luwnBhtn
leaders and are noi  lali.iua
ni  Belmont, in hi  Havr-loi a
President   Mitchell said todaj   thai n.
i'i" anthrai Ite mtneia would hold an
othet ��� invention    It will nol be held
until aftei   the  tndtanapolie    conven
Trouble Witli Officer!
si   Petersburi    March 11    fhe
  i mo!  ihat  ihe oili. .1  in
Hon and Joint  conference     The an   the Guards  had resigned lb a bodj
iini.iie miners |oln! scale Committee upon  Ivlng orders recentij in go
win probablj m  with the p Ideht|t0 the  t""vl" ' ;""' participate in
tonight n the work ol the Internatlou
ni .seen!i\.  board Is oul of tin
The International executive   board' of the Guard
the  pacification  nl the country, whh
confirmed todaj    Tin otH< ��� i   In long
WRy'|ed in the Hrsi  Reglmnnl nl   Vrtlllerj
Encounters Rough Winds and Is Twice   Government   Agent   Fisher   Objects   to
Delayed  on   Her   Homeward the   Way   Atkinson   Case
Journey. Is   Prepared.
The steamer Fearless pulled Into The case against James Atkinson,
Bulyea's wharf shortly after 9 o'clock charged with driving furiously across
ibis morning after a mosl eventful the Fraser river bridge Sunday night.
trip, sin- atarted from Tacoma Bev-lwas heard by stipendiary Magistrate
eral days ago with a scow loaded with  Plttendrlgb  ibis morning and  a   fine
262   Ions   of   coal    tor   the   local   gas  of $-U and costs was luiposei.     Am/us
works, McAllister,   who   wns   with   Atkinson,
The wind shortly after leaving Ta- did noi appear,
coma became so rough that Capt. My-     Governmenl Agent C. C. Fisher, who
ers  found  ii  necessary  to put   in ai  was present   lu  the Interests of the
Anacortes,    where     be    remained     48  crown,   created   quite   a   ripple   of   ex
hours. cltemenl   by  several caustic remarks
Yesterday morning, as the wind had directed agalnsi chief Constable Spain
somewhat    subsided,    he    Started    for whom he  charged     with     laxity     and
home,   bUl   the   wind   again   increased gross negligence   In    the   manner    III
so   much   In   volume   thai   il   was  con- whieh he  had   prepared   the  ciihc.     Il
Sldered   wise   to   seel,   a   harbor,   and seems thai Chief Spain had Instructed
Victoria. March 14. v vasl
are 1 of high pressure covers
the uicaii'i' pari of the region
from the Pacific to the iai.es. :l
moderately low area still hovei 1
off the Oregon coast and extends Inland to Utah and Aii
zona and snow Is falling in Ibis
area ami also further eastward
ai Denver, Dodge, Omaha and
Chicago. Elsewhere fnir, cold
weather Is general with torn
peratures In the Northwest well
below   zero  at   every   Station.
forecast   for   86  hours  ending
fi p. ni. Thursday:
Lower Mainland- Northerly
and easterly winds, continued
fair ami colder tonight.
The lowesi    temperature    lu
New   Westminster     was   II   degrees   above   zero   shortly   after
midnight   ai r, a. m. it was 18.
Hopeless Deadlock Now Exists   at   Moroccan
��� Victoria, Mm ch  it    It Is n ;���:
;���; :���:
;���, poiied here thai the lieutenant ,���,
;���, governor is being persuaded to ,���,
S .li'.iiiiss   the   McBride   govern ,���,
!���! ment on the ground nf securing ,���,
,���, lib-   i ii.I..i union   of   false   Btale ,���,
B  ments contained In �� ipted re ij
���J  pun  of the Kaien Island c  ij
Soldiers  Take  Charge  of  Streets  Din
big  Rush for  Canton   Han
kow   Shares,
('anion.  M irob   I I     The i usll of up
pi lean ta im shares "i the Canton Han
i.mi  rallwaj  issue.i   todaj    wi i
greai  ihat  the streets  were blocked
i*,  with Chinese, ami soldiers were called
out io maintain ordei
The concession ol tha Canton Han
HERMANS SAY IT IS IJRITILAL g**********^^ v,���i.. until China cancelled ii iii  Mm
1 ubI last, paying to the owners ol the
ft load   the    American China    Develop
$   nielli   i i.innmr.   18,750,000.
King   Edward   Uses   His   Personal   In
fluence   With   the   United
Algerlcas.   March    II     The     Moioe
).ili ('(inference has reached a peculiar
iluge,     it  is completely  helpless to
'solve ihe deadlock  wblcl
ui those who are nol al pre
eiit  on the voters 'IIhIh and ib
_���_���., ,  .,     ,.        _ , Anarchist   Confesses.
lo be placed on nl  lhe Muv   ij
ij       New   York,   March   I I      \   cnble  de
,���, apatoh iii the Herald 'nun Bome says
B thai  the Gasetle del   I'nbiinal  says
'*���    '-"������""   -i-  i"  I"   bi   the  In
com I    of   revision,   should   si
Dial  they make application b
fore   ihe   28th   of   March,   c
has arisen!S  which day the lists olosa
>J ihni n prlsonei  who is
therefore ran Into Birch bay. Civil Engineer Alfred T. Hill to pre-i--
As  soon  as  the   wind   subsided   last   pare   .,   ,���,.,,,   showing   the   jui IkiIIcI Ion   �����������������*���*�����*����������������������������� ""'''   ""'  l"llll,lnhl1'  ,l"l'lll��  "r  "'
nighi   he    made another   star!   and L, provlnolal police as to offences lice and bank quesUons     These,,
reahced   here,   In  spite of  lhe  heavy                                                                     ' ssno     nniinr    nrmrn Slons are temporarily suspi'iuled wllh
couiin.'ie.l on the bridge, Inasinuch a     UUV      IMIU/Il      I1L \! 11 V
swell, ai ti o'clock ibis morning.                                                                   IfllViJ.   UUnlL   IJLlilLiJ onl imowing when they win be sum
'I'!..,  u..,!    ,,f  ,,���!,,.,,llntr II...  i I   hni   lhe   CitV   police   clalllleil   Ibal   the   case ,     ,,,,      ,,         ,          , ,,                  ,   ,
i tie won, oi unloading tne coai n.is iiniiroTir   tihiiiiii r l""l",,l    ''"' '' ''' l""1 Gwnan dele
ed,   and   il   is   being   In   ipiesllou   belonged   lo   them,   while                         IIIIMLOI III     IRIIIIIILL '"',,,,. bound   by  theli   Instructions.
Ih''                                                        l'>   the                            .  iiiml.le to ,���;,!.,. nny fur            s^_s^s__s__s_s________
contrary.   Tills map was lo have  r,   gsys   She   Has   Not   Quarrelled   With ther concessions,  and  the conference,  propr|,.tor of OyBter Bay Has Lott of
John,  But   la  His  Till
already  commend
i a Ken  to the lias works,
i'"  f��':��::��>rco:>;'��>::c��>:>'.:o::*:>>:>::c��;c��;:��:��i
llrmiiry of a prison, lum c.mfoHsod Hint
he   whs   present   at   a   I'leeltng  of   An-
archlste in which a ploi was concoct
e.l to kill  Ihe king "f Iti lv on  II ���
chhIoii of ihe Inaugurallod or the mm
11 exhibition on Api n 18 \ search
Ing Investigation ot uls itorj hal
i.ecu ordered
produced al the trial today, bul I Ion
stable spai gloated to produce n
for  soiiie  reason   best   known  to  hlr��i
FLEE FROM JUSTICE  ir "' ��,i < >��' > ���" '�� ><-<^
noi having judicial or legislative pow
eis, cannoi settle the differences bj a
majority, it remains for ihe govern
iii"iits themselves to Intervene,
Excitement   In   One
Chief  of  Police  and  Detective  Round
Up Three Sporty Cliim
I  Li   I      el      Colli e    Mi lllttl   li     ."inui-
panh i i"- Cltj Detective Bradshaw,
raided a < Ihlness ' ambling |i Ini on
Mclnnes    streel    insi    night     and
��� iie.i iii drawing thn i  wily Ce
lei tlals within the iniis ol the law,
The names of ihe offenders are, Ah
Lay, ith Him nnd Kb ,-lni i  sib i
many promises bj all the powers ot
China, thej   were allowed lo go un
|80 bull  ih foi their appearance be
lore Magistrate Corbould al B 18 this
Probably, however, lhe old saying,
\ guilt] conscience needs no accu-
��� si fitted in veil nicety In this in-
stattce, us the 'Heathen Chinese" failed to show up this Morning, and con-
'('i|i|"llllt    foi felled   ball
when rlslled in mi nlghi i> v iim po
lice i lie Chinamen were actively snj
gaged in a very Interesting game of
fun tan, and doubtless considered the
Intrusion of Chief Mcintosh and Ida
iisslsiiiiit iis ii breach or good form.
The Chinese ne Inveterate gamblers,
ami If they Inslsl upon lhe unlawful
pursuit of the various games, must
expect io be caughl and punished.
i be i now Ihla quits well, srel sllll
tbcv are   'sporty" enough    to   takfl
I llllliee.
Two   Reporters   Charged   With   Theft
of     Documents     Disappear
From   Toronto.
ed   a   severe  reprimand. i    Chicago,  111.,  March   II.    Mrs.  .lohn
City Prosecutor McQuarrie was pre   Alexander Dowle, in an Interview yes-       _       	
��enl i present the cltj police, who terday, according to the chronicle, de- h,re"^"th9 ~^.Uml ������rp���| ���r ,,,��� A
Berlin, March 11    This Is regardei
clali i thai both end!; of tbe bridge.
being within the city limits, the case
nies ihat there has been any estrange
I.ii nl   between  herself ami   Mr.   Ilowle
Toronto, March    11.   A.    Mcintosh
fisher, a Toronto World reporter, ami ,.|lv, ���,���, ������, ,��� ,,���. nrorines
Wallace  Lam. o   Londoi wspaper-|    j, u   Bowes, representing the pro
man,  both  Of  Whom  are  charged  with
necessarily came under their lurlsdlo  sl"' W,,H ,l""'11 affected by the publish
Hon. and that lhe Hli" shoubl go to the  '���''   ���POrU,   declaring   thai   there   was
iM> Foundation whaMver for them, iter
gei lens conference
thefl  of a  document,  the properly
arnment, through diplomatic ohannels,
is expressing to the powers noi direct
Ij  concerned in ih" controversy, lis
  i'( lei'inliiallon  lo  vh'hl  no fiirlhi'i.
separation from her husband, she said, I     ,, ,    ,
(.ermiinv depends ��� some extent on   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
vlncial  police,  argued   thai   the  bridge   ��'"��   OUe   entirely     lo     his     Impaired   t|i|i   advl08   0(   lhi,   ,������lln,|   power,   tolohlmflSjy    spark    blown   On    lhe   roof,
���H'l""'t.-d,l"^,h'  '"   ""  domesllc   troubles.     |i(,|.H|i||(|).  ^^ ,���   i,.,.���|i|   ^ |n(,(||| ^w|l|,.h  |M (,,,| m���|  v���rv (1rVi	
 :    '   ''  wer'* ,r""  lh'"  Hh" ,,a'1   CI   minimum  contained  Iii  H."  Aus   m IB  'his case was  very slight, ..ml
Turn Down Carnegie.
London, March 11.   \mi.ew Cams
_U   spelling   reform   iiiovcmi'iil   llmls
ii would seem as if the fates w  llttlss favor with British authors. Many
against   Proprietor  Harry Hughes, of Iopinions on the subject are published
ib" oyster Bay restaurant, Inasmnoh this morning, mostly opposed to the
ihe German gov  MH |l(, WMH twice the viciim of lire yes   Innovation, and others admitting that
lerday,   Aboul I o'clock yesterday al  ihe Ideas art worthy of consideration
leriioon   Hi"   lb"   DOT-   wet"  nilb'd   I"   1'hniles   Ab'.croii   Hwltihuriie  describes   ^^   ||;u,   9_  ,,,���,,,,���,,    ;lll0|t,ei'   100
his restaurant to put out .. small blase the movement n�� .. "monstrous, bar   would loin the stream "f mlgratorsto
on the ""ii. which started   Irotn   ��� barous absurdity." ihe golden west
Streaming   Into  Prairies.
Toronto Ont March 11 six hundred settlers and slxtj cars ol effects
left hi' ���    sstsi day loi  the Canadian
I wesl      From   advices  received,   before
������������m ,     , M^^_______I IKMIII 11       11 Tl (1      11,     IK,     lllfllM-MI 111     IJOU,,,*'-.     ^_________________________H a     l..n.1i.    IVIIK',1     IH    1,1,1     ,1,1.1     1_________*
I being   a   provincial    alliilq
of the Ontario government, are fugi- by the province, the One must nec.es-
tlves from lusii.c. sarily go to the province.   Magistrate 'lwl"MI "��� ,:,lH' nnr "" w"n ""W"'H Itrlan proposals, aitnongn tin- p.
The autborlUes are of the ..pinion Plttendrlgb supported  the contention followers in  Zlon  city. She replied!  f1raoUoM ���f ,,,��� mteraaUonal Inspec  ������lni ont of his trouble so easily
decided   tO  cast   her   lot   with   DoWlSS' j ^   ������������������,,   _Hhong_   the   precise \ "'Try   was  cot.grHt.llall.iK  himself  on   _^��f��flQQCfg      Rlddfe
Ihat   they are both  hiding In  Ihe  I'nl
led   Stales
inscriptions ol the two men bars
i ecu s.'iii    io   th.
Suites cities,  and
I"!     SO'lll
principal   United
of Mr. Howes, and consequently lhe
I   have  cast   my   lot
''.,n   ']".h.l\'V'"'". lorahlp  will   be  Subject   to  regulations   fh��   h��   received   wonl   lluil   his  hot
were burned to the
$2U,  plus the costs of the case.
A   large   number   of   Interested   eill
Police Discover Plot
To Kill Dr. Parkhurst
province  Is  enriched   to  the extent   of  Bl '���   and   shall    remain    tatthfol   10   w,   |(|' (|(, ||l;r(���M|  |||jo)|      ft_$  Kdwiird   nOU-OS i.l  HurUHby
him to the end. ,t |, Maj��t��_ b��r��, IS exerting his p��T<  ground  .luring the  night.
sonai In linen cs w|"' ""��� Dfllted States    Tl,,> <"'1k|" of this nre is not known,
In an effort to Induce conciliation,      and the buildings with all iheir preol
 0--  OQS  flowr* nnd  bulbs  were destroyed
lai n considerable loss.   The houses be    llceause he was besieged In Ills home
FINE    FOR    NICHOLAS jlngln  Ibirm.by, were beyond the juris     ,||   night   and   because   of   damage   tO
diction of ihe city  nre department, ,,,��� ,���. ,,, hv ���,,,,���. ,s 1||lim ,,���
House With Bullets
trrests are looked zmis were preaenl to witness the pn
Perry   tlphnlls,      Pa���     March    II
Chinese   Bandits   Pay   Penalty   for   At
tack on  Missionary.
Canton,    Much    II.     The    leader   of
the  British  King.
lhe rebels of Rnaog si pro-vines ami
three olhei's.   who  were  Implicated   In	
the ait.tel. on the house of the flev. i London, March II. The Chronicle
Hi. Andrew Health', Ihe American says lhai Mr. nnd Mrs. Nicholas Long-
missionary at   ('".ill. In  February, wore1 worth,   when   they    visit   London     In
beheaded March 12. Jane, win make a stay at  Bucking-
New    Y01I..   March    14,    The   report   wllh   the   plot,   which   is  said   tO   havi                       o  bam  palace as the gliosis of King Kd-
0( .,,, ga ���, to kill Ber, Charles ortftaatad bauaasc of a raid mads on piumbera Guilty. |ward.
has   been   ���  disorilerlv   house   .]   agents  of  the      Hamilton,    Ont.,
Parkhurst   society   some years ago.
Will   Take   His   Sweet   Alleo   to   Ng And   wllh   the   ...eagre   nsslstnncn   nt  0(.(,,|s|(���, ,������ M,��� w���l(|i���,. ���, his s,���,, ,,.
Parkhurst,  who  foi    .eats
IHoiiili.eni   RS  I.   police  .'"former,   was
in,id'- public today.
March     H.    The      They  wlll  also  visit   (he  Duke and
Jury   yesterday   brought   In   a   verdict   Duchess  of  Marlborough,    the    Duke
According to the report, a man has of guilty against W. .1. Walah. charged and   Duchesa  of  Roxburgh,  and  Am-
been  hired  to dub  Dr.   Parkhurst  at  Jointly  with  members of the  Master  basaaador and Mrs. Reld.
It Ih understood thai tha district ai th(, ^_. <minvUmi,y presenting Itself. Plumbers' naaoclatlon, with conaplracy j They have accepted an Invitation
tomey'S offioa is prepars. to sum- r)r parkhurst today refused elthc to reslraln trade. Walsh was allowed from the Society of American Women
mon  Revernl witnesses  In  connection to ronllrm or deny the report. to go on ball pending nn appeal,
In London to a luncheon.
hand  i.l   H.irni.by, II  was practically a
matter of watching the buildings burn.
Mr. Hughes staled that his entire
stock of flowers and plants were Completely destroyed, leaving absolutely
nothing of value to him. Ilia loss he
slates Is In the neighborhood of $007),
with Insurance to Iho extent of $500.
Ball At Ladnars.
On  St.  Patrick's day a grand bull
wlll  l.e given under  the auspices of
ihe Ladner cornet band.   An excellent ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
dunce programme has been prepared.' his son nnd  daughter In luw appeared
.1.   Mossbury,  of  this  place  has   sworn
out  warrants for the arresl of forty
of the town's prominent young men.
Mr. Mossbury says that these sere-
nailers luade him a target for HtlcltH
and atones, riddled his house with
shot and caused oilier damage with
dynamite, fn addition to the criminal
prosecution Mr. Mnsabury announces
be wlll bring civil suits.
The serenade���, nfty In number, appeared at the Mossbury home last
Thursday   and   when   Mossbury   with
on ;lie porch the crowd threw a voile', ol stone one of ihe stnnas
wounding the elder man. Some members of the mob began .1 I'nsllade
which did not end till nearly four
boms later. Over nm shots were
Bred and when the crowd dinned tiring at 2 o'clock,Friday morning, ihe
shade trees In Ihe front yard were
destroyed and tho roof of the porch
and parts of tho houso we"' ibldlud.
Later the besieging force secured
live sticks of dynamite und exploded
all of them simultaneously Nearly
every window In tbe house was shattered and Its occupants biidty frightened. When the crowd tlfoitppeared
nearly two bushels of empty gun
shells were picked up In the front
Scheme or.  Affiliation With South Kensington Is Explained
And   Endorsed   and   Board   of
Arrangement Is Appointed.
Between  fiftj   and  .sixty ladies and, and   professions that   they  undertook,
gentlemen   assembled     in    the   civic j Provided only opportunity was offered.
.,    ,      .��� .__, ,,..,���:������     ,, ,k.  The proposed movement, he believed,
council chamber last evening.    At the
.    I would  meet the existing need  ami  he
outset His Worship Mayor Weary, who    	
" took great  pleasure In seconding  the
had before band consented to fill the . niotlon.
chair, siatcl  the object of the meet- i A Good Thing,
ing. He had been approached by a P. Peebles then followed. He
number of the citizens who were In- considered that we had Just com-
tereated In the formation of Bdencernnmced one of those things to which
and art classes In connection with the we should look back in the future
South Kensington schools. Th"ii oh- with pride, and looked to see In the
Jecl was to place within the reach of future, press notices which would re-
ih. cltlsei ni Now Westminster, over dound greatly to the city's credit We
twelve .'-.us of age, the advantages should see clever men, men well able
of hlghei education. He was not very to compete In the battle of life w^io
familiar srlth the modus operandi of would be able to say with pride, that
ih. sysl .'i and be Intended calling they received their education In the
upon Mr, Peck, who was the prime city of New Westminster. He bad
mover in the matter to explain at been talking to a ladj whose -on
length the whole matter. The meet- was learning engineering on the
im.; was nol a large one bul in New Clyde, where most of the big marine
Westminster many of the mosl engines were mad", and she said that
nourishing institutions had mei with was exactly what her .-on was doing
discouragement at the outset and had working by day, and attending the
grown to be recognized powers in the Science and Art classes al night, The
clt . His worship then called upon men in those works took pride in
Mr.  Peck to address    the    meeting. Hiem and encouraged the boys to at-
Bel  Mr. Peck came to the platform tend  nlghl  school, and    as a  result
Rev. .1. S. Henderson moved. T. .[.they made belter and cleverer men.
Trapp seconded, thai V.'. K. Brown acl He said that the school trustees
as ihe secretary of the evening, would not be responsible for any ex-
Carrled. pense, but would offer two or  three
Mr.   Peck   Explains. rooms   for  lecture   rooms,     but     that
Mr. Peck then addressed the meet- WHS as far as they could go. He also
ing. He said he was very pleased to thought that the present course of
see so many ladies and gentlemen' education was not broad enough for
present and to see the enthusiasm all, only 9 out of inn pupils passed In-
with whieh the suggestion ot affili- ,0 the hi&n school and thai the
atlng with the science and art. de- course of study should change with
partmenl of South Kensington was the times. In the summer the boys
received. He had been ashed by had plenty of outside healthy amuse-
several gentlemen not to Steal all menis, but in the winter there was
their iliii! lu but as he had some Kr'",,[ need "f rational amusement
Itnowledgi of ibis scheme he would and employment.
endeavor    to    explain    Its    proposed Board Appointed,
working.    He and  a  numb":' of oilier Aid.  Howay then came to the plat-
citizens  bad   seen  the  need  "l   belter form and  moved    as  follows:     "That
education   for  their  children,  as  they this  meeting appoint   a board  of nine
were broughl   into   competition with members to arrange   for ihe classes
children -vho hail  all the advantages in  connection  with    Hie Science and
of  elucatlon    obtainable    in    larger Art Department."
c'liea,  and  decided  that   this  was on" This   motion   wa    carried     and   the
ol   Hi"  be!     methods   ii   competing following members   were   appointed:
���wiib t; en:. Two yen.., aci, p.. wrote to ���'���  Peck,  I'.  Peebles, T. .1. Trapp. W.
E, Brown, T. Gilford, .1. W. Crelghton,
Hie - i.'nee and art dep irtment al
South Ki nslngton ami at flrsl could
ii"i Bi i an; help, but after manj ap-
pile i1 im ' bad co.ne io ii..-in from
other - ilonlea ami cities, in ihe
course t' about  six months Ik-   bad
ll. Bhcaake, Rev. .1. s. Henderson  I
ill"    IT      "'
Aid.  Howaj   further said that    tho
��� ni   course  of  education   was  not
it:  'o'.' !i  uiih  the  limes and   required
received  an  answer  in   which   h"  was broader  and   wider  scope,   that   Latin
Informed  thai   all  expenses  must   be and Greek were of no assistance to
borne bi  the colonj or city carrying :i mechanic, ami thai a boy's educa-
on    tl..-   classes.     The   examination 'i'"1  should   follow  his  natural  bent.
papers  would  cost   tor Bdence  from Although the standard   of   education
35c.  lo  Tf.c..   and   for art   from  5c.    to   Was  high,  il   must   Still  be  raised.
$l.nii each. The system ol these class- -1   W. Crelghton, the next speaker,
es  was that   all  subjects capable of had   attended    popular  science    iec-
being demonstrated would be demon- turos as a boy ami hud delightful re-
���Crated     .md   thai   was,    by   far     ill" collections  of  the    good   he   had     re-
easiest    way   of   learning,   far   easier celved    Whal   was  needed   was  BOme-
tlllin   reading,   and   much   more   Inter- thing   that    would   leave     more   than
esting. mere recolleotlons,    ll" approved   of
Mr.  Trapp  Moves. Hi" movement  under debate and  sug-
T. .1   Trapp was ihe second Bpeak- Bested as members of the board the
er.    He   regretted   tin'  smallnesa  of names appended to ihe resolutlo .
the  gathering,     and   in  ordei     to  "x Mayor's Boyhood  Days.
pedii" mnttors he would place before     .,.,���. chalrmftn K|1(lkl. ln a Bomewna,
the audience Hie following resolution
which   was   : "con(led     by   Rev.   ,1,   8.
"That wo, the citizens oi New
Westminster, In, public meeting as-
Bumbled, do heartilj approve of the
scheme proposed to establish sclent!-
lie night schools in connection with
'in    board   of   education   <>t   South
H wn a noticeable fact that when
boys  lefl   school   many   parents  were
at a  lo-      lo  Know    whal   lo    do  tof
iheiu. ..'. i  numbers drifted  Into ihe
mills, and lo driving delivery rigs,
B c . and lhe reason was plain Lholl
School   .line;,! Ion   had   nol   been   of    a
character besl  qualified    to fit  them
lo till their proper place In life, man,!
look courses In the various ion.
pondeii'i schools, and lhe, wore
good, a, thej kepi the boys oil lhe
streei and helped them ..long prececal lines,  ihe speaker bad recently
reatl of a school In operation on the
other sldl of the II,,,., |D which boys
who   were   apparently     useless     wee
given i very attention    nnd educated
along Industrial lines. Some had the
Idea that boys were no good because
they were slow al school the fault,
however, laid In the fact that the
education avHllable was nol Hulled lo
the temperament of the boys. The
school board fell that i, change nf
Home kind whh neccssur, and the
proposed movement seemed Inclined
to supply the need.
Ripe for a Change.
Th*-   Time    When    Women    Fll-t    An-
prnred on  thr  llnKllah  -mt-
In  the   methods  of  producing  play?
Pepys' period of plsygolng was -i
with many most Important Innovation!
Which seriously affected the prescuta
Uou of Shakespeare on the stage. Tin
chief was tbe substitution of women
fur boys iu female roles. During tin
first few months of I'epys' theatrical
experience hoys were still taking till
won: a's parts. That the practice snr
vived In tbe first days of Charles H.'f
reign we know- from the well worn an ���
eedote that when the king seut behind
the scenes to lciuirc why tbe play ol
"Hamlet," which lu- had emne to see
was so late In coiumencliir he was an
swered that tbe queen was not yet
shaved. Hut in tbe opening month ot
1001, within Ave months of his flrsl
visit to a theater, the reign of the boy*
ended. On Jan. 3 of that year Pepys
writes that he "tlrst saw women com*
upon the stage." Next night he ruakea
entry of a lioy's performance of a wo
man's part, ami that Is the final record
of boys n.a- ,'i'-rudlug as women lr,
tbe English theater. 1 believe tlie prac
tlce now survives nowhere eioept lr
Japan. This mode of representation
has always been li great puzzle to stu
dents of Elizabethan drama. It i!
difficult to Imagine what boys In
Shakespeare's day. if they were anything like boys of our own day. inadr
of   such   parts   us   Lady   Macbeth   01
Cleopatra. Before, however. Pepyi
saw Bhnkeepeare's work on the stage
the usurpation ot the boys was over.
It was after the Restoration, too, thatl
scenery,  rich costume and scenic  mn
chlnery became, to Pepys' delight, reg i
ular  features of  tb"  theater.    When,
the diarist saw "Hamlet" "done with
scenes" for the first time he wns mosl
favorably impressed.    Musical aceom j
paninieut   was   known   to   prerestors ;
Hon (lays, but the orchestra was now
for the first time placed on the floor ot
the house ln front of the stage Instead
of in a side gallery.    The musical ac
companlment of plays developed very
rapidly, and the methods of opera were
applied   to   many   of   Shakespeare's
pieces, notably to "The Tempest" and
"Macbeth."���From  "Pepys and Shake
speare," by Sidney Lee, In Fortnightly
li* Relation  to tltr rumen* Anphodel
of the   ilnrl.   Asm.
A- s tickler of the palate asparagus
ba^ come do ������ a th ��� . - with all ihi
weight of ui . sad ll man approval
Plato ate 11 by the plan fuL an ! Arts
topbanes, the hun :: it regar
great aid In dig���-Lug the crank pal
losophers of the day
It Is an odd tact that this cullnarj
plant Ls closely related to the fami I
asphodel, which wns supposed by the
ancients to be the leading flower In the
gardens of the elyslum, the Greek pu.
gatory or paradise. A part of the
pjHalntness of this lies m the fad tha:
the roots possess purgative finalities
Tbe roots ami fruit of both were for
iiu-rly much used In i le.lUine for thi-
According to the superstition of the
Romans, the manes of the dead fed on
the roots of the asphodel. They planted
It, therefore. In and around the ceme
terles; hence to this day It covers With
Its beautiful golden blossoms as pro
fusely as dandelions the Apullan bills
ami valleys, and the sheep feed on It
It belongs to tlie snin" natural order
Of perennials, and the only differenei
between the asparagus and the a-
phodel appears to be In the fruit am!
the color of the flowers.    So abund.ini
is the wild asparagus in the steppes of
Russia that cattle eat It like grass. Jn��i
as Italian sheep devour its botanical
The III��h  Price of t.ruln In  llnKLinil
Senlrd   Ita   lloon,.
l.'iring the last y< ar- ' ':" eighteenth century the ]"���.'���'��� "t - in in England v. as very high. So mi ch dour
was used as hair powdi 'that an attempt was made i" check Its us<. A
bo 'i.. "At tb" ; - i ol be Barber-
Pole," contains a copy of a document
issu.^l by the "mayor. Jus ���- and
principal Inhabitants" "f Great Yarmouth, recommending the disuse et
buir powder for a time.
"We flatter ourselves,''  they said  In
this proclamation, which was Issued in
January. 1706, "the military will not
hesitate to adopt It. being fully e���ti\ bleed that aspenranaes are ;,i all times to
be sacrificed to tbu public w,iil and
that lu doing this tbey really do good.
Jan. '-7. 17l��r,"
In the following April a party of gentlemen nt Wolnirn abbey entered Into
un engagement to forfeit a certain
sum of money if any of them wore
their hair tied or powdered within u
certain period.
Nevertheless tlie Tories regarded with
distrust jiersons who did not use hulr
powder. So late us 1*20 a certain
Major Cox of Derby, an excellent Tory,
declined to allow Ills son to become a
pupil of a well known clerical tutor,
for the renson that ihe clergyman did
not powder and Unit he wore bis hair
short, which suggested thai lie must be
a dangerous revolutionist.
How swin we learn that the averag.
man's bark is about al' there i.s to hir.i
When people say anything  good about
you, ever notice what u few are pies-,
We all of us claim to be natural, but
we all of us know that lhe only time
When we are not putting on is when
we are asleep.
Somehow th" hundred dollars some
other man has always looks larger and
as If it should go further than the hun
dred dollars you have.
There are not many sights more de
pressing than to meet n farmer's wag ',
on on a country road going out from
town with a coffin in It.
When   n   man   says  be   git   up  nine
times with the baby six nights in succession   it   means   Unit  one  night  be.
woke up and beard bis wife gut up.���
Aii bison Globe,
l*iiri:ar,-i   Wns   t]���ll,-  n   l-'n
the  World'"   ClTlUsatlon.
A small sea creature has done a l"t
to assist the development "f civilization. It ls known as tb" murox or
purpura. From It the Phoenicians
manufactured the Tyrlan purple, Ihe
origin of their/wealth and prosperity.
As each sbellflsh yielded bnt one drop
of the dyeing material and us 30b
pounds were needed to dye fifty pounds
of wool the lionie fisheries became in
time exhausted. Then, finding it necessary to seek a supply elsewhere, the
traders started on the first voyage of
discovery ever made. Owing to this
voyage the Mediterranean, with all th"
countries that surround It, was discovered.
Through tills small creature also the
first colonies were founded, The Phoenicians,   finding   it   Impracticable   to
bring home large shiploads of the flsh.
built at those spots where the ruw material abounded factories, which gradually developed Into permanent settlements.
And as many of these colonies were
founded on Grecian Islands the apt
natives quickly acquired the arts and
Industries Of their visitors, which were
soon diffused throughout Greece, and
the   first   seeds   of   civilization   were
A  Ceartoan  That   \\n��   Verj   Coaatmoe
UttOnS   I'"'    \i,el��-iil*.
The custom of anointing stones with
oil lllellesis  xxvlll,   18,   19) and leaving
them as memorial pillars or objects of
worship was one that was very com
mon among the ancients. Tbe stones
lirst worshiped were probably of meteoric origin, which, having been seen to
fall from heaven, were easily associated wiib - mil'deity, in Roman mythology Abadires was the name given to a
stone which Was Worshiped because it
was the general belief that it bad once
been swallowed by Saturn.
Tbe "standing Images" referred to as
being prohibited in Leviticus (xxvl, 7)
are thought to have boon these same
"anointed stones." In the light which
modem Investigation has thrown upon
tbe curious customs of the early east
the act of Jacob, which is recorded at
the lirst Scriptural reference mentioned In this "note," Ls of special interest
as showing the mood of his mind and
heart after a night's entertainment of
such a gracious and blessed vision. To
this day the "anointed stones" of the
orient are called bHcljila. which llo-
I'hart suggests may be derived from
Bethel, Where Jacob first anoluted a
pillar as a sacred memorial,
Iluwullnn   lluc-lrhrrry.
(ill   tie-  island  of   Hawaii   are  great
thickets of the obelo, or Hawaiian hue
kleberry (Vacolnlum retlcnlatum), whh b
lb" natives consider sacred to Pole, tbf
goddess who ls supposed to preside
over the famous crater of Kilaiica, and
which, together with white pigs and
chickens, are thrown by them Into the
boiling red lake during an eruption to
appease the wrath of the aggressive
dame and thus cause the rivers of lavn
to cease flowing on their destructive
Bourse. These berries grow In clusters
on low bushes right on the very brink
of the  brimstone beds and  are so nil
merous thai n bushel may be easily
gathered In half an hour. In appearance they somewhat resemble a cranberry, and the flavor Is pleasantly suggestive of grapes.
'I heir   Tour   Will   Iudlrntr    Whiil   thr
Uenll.ei-   Will   lie.
Church bells can serve another pur-
pose be.i.les ringing you to worship.
They make a good substitute for a
barometer, As the atmosphere Is the
sole conductor of sound from the bell
to the ear, It Is obvious Hint the iu-
tenalty and quality of the sound ns
perceived by the ear will depend on
tin- state of the medium through whieh
It comes. For Instance. If bells sound
very distinctly of an evening, this
points to the probability of a wet day
following, since air heavily charged
with moisture conducts sound better
than dry air. So, too, as dense air con-
duets better than light uir, bulls sound
more Clearly when the barometer ls
high than when it Is low, other things
being equal, and so, too, with hot and
cold uir. These principles are familiar
to all country folk living within the
sound of church bells. About five
miles from Lebekke, lu Belgium, there
are some suuill bells which are railed
"wuter bells." When tbey are heard
distinctly ln the (own rain Is sure to
follow.��� Loudon Spectator.
humorous manner "f the difficulties
h" had mei w ith aa a boy In the pur-
suit of knowledge. H" bad attended
the first school formed In New West-
minster In the sixth-., and which was
taughl by Rev. and Mrs. Jamleson
when there were only about r,oo residents in tit" city. The proposed In-
novation was a good one ami all that
wa necessary lo ensure success was
concerted effort on the part of ihe
A  Few Questions.
The meeting was then thrown open
and   questions    and   suggestions    In
vlted.   Rev,   Mr.   Henderson  enquired
as   to   Hie    probable   expense   of     ap
pllanccs for the course. Mr. Peck estimated that    Hi"   cost of   apparatus
would be In the neighborhood of
Mr,   Nelson   spoke  Ol   thO  early   his-
in... oi 11." nighi school movement
in England, with which he had been
connocted and asked as to the qualifications required by teachers and if
^government grants would be made to
successful Btudents,
Mr.   Peck   thought    that     teachers'
l qualilleailons   would   be   met   but   he
did   not      expect      grunts     could     ln-
securcd   for  students  al   present,   Mr.
['Weaker advocated the inking   up ..r
art In the shape of freehand drawing
as part of the curriculum of the proposed night school, p, S. Patterson
agreed as to the utility of free hand
drawing, also of electricity and applied mechanics,
The   Wo*d   "Umpire."
"Expire" in its literal sense Is breathing out. Inspiration and expiration together constitute respiration. Izaak
Walton observed that "If tlie Inspiring
or expiring organ of any anlninl be
Stopt It Suddenly dies." The Romans
spoke of "breathing out" the breath of
life Instead of "dying," by way of
euphemism, Just ns tbey said "Vlxlt"
die has lived) Instead of "he Is dead."
In all languages tho reluctance frankly
to say "(load" or "die" appears; hence
sinh words und phrases as "pass
away," "decease," "demise," "the departed," "defunct," "the Into," "no
more," "If nuythlug should happen to
The Better Half Indeed.
Au English Judge recently had an Inspiration. A defendant appeared too
dull to make a defense or auswer Intelligibly questions put to him by the
Judge. Suddenly the Judge said, "Where
do you live?" and tlie Intelligible reply,
"About live minutes off," was at once
forthcoming. "Then Just run home
and fetch your wife, and run a little
quicker than you talk." It was done,
and the wife's clear and businesslike
statement of the facts won the day for
her helpless husband.
l*erpetnntlnK the Species.
There Is a stringent law In Japan
that when one ciiinplior laurel Is cut
down another must be planted In Its
place, The Iree Is hardy nnd long lived,
attaining to an enormous size. It Is
covered with a small leaf of a vivid
green color. The seed, or berries. grow-
In clusters, resembling the black cur-
runt In size and appearance. And the
WOOd Is employed for every purpose,
trom enhtni'tmiikhiK to shipbuilding.
Rev.    .1      S.    Henderson    seconded I     Al   the   conclusion   of   the   meeting'
the    resolution,    and    expressed    his [Mr.   Peck   moved,     and   Mr.   Peebles
great     Interest    In     the     mailer    of ! seconded:   "Thai  a  vote of thanks be'
providing  ���   class ol   education,  now ; rendered    lhe chairman."    Mr. Trapp
out of the ,,,���,��� 0, ,������ -,.,,,, nmKH _\m   th8   motlon   whlob .^     ew
Honkers   after   knowledge.   He   consid-; anlmously.
ered that  time was ripe lor a radical  o	
Chang,-   In   educational     mailers.     It Bills at  Harrison
would  lend   lo help  nol   only  Individ-      There was a slight  blaze In the bib
at' large.  Thollhird room of Ihe Bl. Alice hotel. Ilar-
lll.l.n.-r.  In   Vene.neln.
In traveling In Venezuela It Is not
enough to ask how far distant u place
ls, but also bow far up or down���brother
words, what Ita altitude- Is, nnd. no-less
Important, what bills and valleys have
to Im erossnil. Thus It Is not only
necessary to know that Caracas is alx
nilles distant In a straight line from Ln
f'.iinyrn. Its seaport, but that It Ilea at
nn elevation of nearly half a mile above
sen level and that to ranch It one has
to erosa n mountain wall rising far
a bore the clouds. This, to the experienced trnveler, means that he must prepare for nn entirely different climate.���
Ceorge M. L. Brown In fit. Nicholas,
Not ii Safe   Ilni.-.
"I believe," said the enthusiastic
young uutbor, "that the lirst thing a
man should do when he proposes to
write B paper of any kind is to get
full of his subject,"
"I disagree with you," replied his
more mature friend. "In fact, I shudder to think of what might result. If I
followed your advice."
"Whnt are you working on?"
"An address on Intoxicating liquors
io be read before our temperance so-
uals,   but   the  country
speak,.,   knew of worker., who were rlson Hoi  Springs, ���n Sunday nlghl
interested In the movemenl and felt The fire was discovered i��� time and
mire   thai   11   was  destined   In  be  sue-   the only   damage dime   was  the   man-
'    "'     Canadian boys wowjgntgblv ,���<>! badly daumgod, which wlll have to
���uncos*      a ���11 branches
renew,' I
A ToichliiK Lament.
Addressing a political gathering tho
other day, n speaker gnve his bearer*
a touch of the pathetic. "| miss," he
said, brushing away a not unmanly
tear- "I miss many of the old fncos I
used to shake bauds with," ��� London
���   "Waa.wi>���..w^-e���Urfw-...fcjusmw....*..., ,��N
lu Acres of Rich,
Black Loam Land
within one mile of
New Westminster, all
under drained and under a good state of
This is an ideal place for
chicken or fruit and intending
investors will do well to look
into  this before buying   else-
PRICE $1500
Real    Estate   Brokers.
Rooms  1   and  2. Dupont  Blk.
Teleobone   170.
Bank of
Incorporated   by   a<-i   ol   parliament
CAPITAL (All paid up).. .*J i,"""."""
bai listers, solicitors, ett I ,.
Bees:   New Westminster, Trapp B
corner   Clarkson  and   Lome  .
Vancouver, rooms _1  to 24,  It.",   .
nil" street.   Joseph Mania. K. C   I
W. w.-aii. tv. li. McQuarrte,  li.' ,\
Bourne.    Mr. Martin wil  be In tb
Westminster offices every Friday al-
tors, solicitors, etc., t^ Lome
siree!, opposite Court House, New
Westminster. J. H. Bowes, P. o Box
lers and solicitors, Blackte B
Columbia   street.   New   Westmln
W. -I. Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
MH. J, P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the supreme court. Offices
'j Canadian   Bank  of   Commerce  build
ing,   Columbia   street,   opposite   post-
, office.  New   West minster.     Money  to
| loan.
GEORGE B. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor. Guichon block, Collin,
his and McKensle streets. New Westminster, H- C.
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal. G.C.M.O,. ..Hon  President
Hon. Sir ti. A. 1 u itinniomi. president
E.   S.   (Illusion,   Vice   President   and
General  Manager.
General    banking    imsincss    trans- j
Branches In all Ihe principal cities i
in   Canada,   in    London,  F.ng.,   New
York,  Chicago,  and  St.  Jonn,  Ntld.,
and correspondents In all parts of the
world. ,
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  U.  Brymer,  Manager.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,127,162
Total  Assets *JO,i/J,a/o.
Branche i   and   correspondent ���
all the  principal  cities ot the world.
General   banking  business transacted.
ii opens an account.   Interest ,
tail   yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen    Saturday   nignts   trom U to 9
F.  B.  Lyle,  Manager.
w. cfURRIE, Manager.
Carriage Repairini), Shoeing
and General Blacksmithing.
Logging Camp and Structural Iron
Work Specialty.
Begble Street.
II   la   the   Sluflt   of   l.lle   In   the   l.rnt
Northern   w ii.i.tih-,.
What the buffalo was to the plains,
the while tail deer to the southern
woods and tbe caribou to the barrens
the moose is to the great northern belt
of swamp and timber land of British
It Is the creature that enables the natives to live at all. Assisted In warm
Weather by various lisb. it. bears practically the burden of their support. Ita
delicious stealis are llieir staple food,
but its nose or muzzle Is a delicacy. Its
bide furnishes the best clothing aud
moccasin leather or provides snow-
shoes thnt enable the hunter to kill
inure moose, Its back sinew Is Ihe sewing thread of the country, lis horns and
bones make tools, Its hoofs can be con
verted Into rattles, and its coarse, bristly mane, Bli Inches long and white en-
cept the tips, furnishes raw material
for embroidery. When dyed wllh native dyes and skillfully worked Into
leather und birch bark, these bristles
are as effective us porcupine quills and
are, Indeed, often mistaken for them
by the unskilled.���Ernest Thompson Baton in Bcrtbner's,
an Arrange
��-rm*i  For You.
w sj i   One hundred and sixty   acros.beautltullj   situated  on   the
��� outhern slope ot tne serpentine Valley; first-class land, fronting on
J the Clover Valley Road; near the railroad and river; good road;
��, land is very productive; about   60  acre      In                     condition.
��� le.od and com intern Duildings,    All neci     irj Implements and Btock.
This is well worth Investigation.   Price, $ao per acre.
1027 An unusuall) good buy. nne hundred and Btxty acres; BO
to 76 acres under tirst-ctass cul tlvatlon; U acres under nops, all In
good Bhape; In-roomed dwelling In good condition, barn buxiuu; bop
kiln and baling room in good condition; the buildings on th" place
are worth ai least ja.uuu. Bert and Creek runs through the property.
This is a most desirable farm; from $2,500 to 18,-00 per year can ?
be taken oil n.    Price, ��/,a00 cash. ��
KnlKhtn   of  Old.
The knights of tbe days of chivalry
were so well protected by their armor
that   they   were  practically   Invincible
to all ordinary weapons. Even when
dismounted they could not be Injured,
save by the mlserlcorde, a thin dagger,
which penetrated the chains of the nr-
inor.-i. In more than one battle knights
fallen from their horses could not be
killed until their armor bad been broken up with axes and hammers.
lie iiiui ii<--ii Treated,
Old   Lady   (compassionately)    Poor
fellow! 1 suppose your blindness Is Incurable. Have you ever been treated?
Blind Man (sighing) Yes, num., but
not often.    "Tnln't many us likes to be
seen gala' Into a public bouse with n
blind beggar    London Tlt-Illts.
Love does not ask for perfections; It
asks only for lis own. You cannot propitiate It with gifts or satisfy It with
all virtues if you cannot pay 11 bnck
value for value In Its own coin, and If
this tribute be paid It wlll forgive every weakness.-Woman's Life.
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
For your next order of meat.
Columbia Street
Hllrd   Heellnao.
The little girl Vho, after a drink of
Bodn, declared that her nose felt as If
her foot waa aaleep has evidently
groitu Up and retained her happy
power of .esprcHsloii, for evidently the
young lady mentioned In 1'iineh ls the
same poison who drank bubble* when
sbi- wan small.
Tha young wontan was traveling In a
conch an an elderly and somewhat sour
looking man. In trying to open the window, plnuhed bis linger nail severely.
"Oh!" exclaimed tbe lady sympathetically. "How horrid! I always
think anything wrong with one's nails
acts one's teeth on edge all down one'a
back!" I
There U a wide difference of opinion
among tha learned men Of the world aa
to what would be the effect of wholly
removing the atmosphere, rioni" think
thut If It were possible to live afterward all the slurs, planets, etc.. would
be visible In broad daylight. Others de-
Claro thnt there would be no day and
ttiaU-thi- sun lUelf could #��{ hi; seen
under'such conditions.
A  lllrh   Perannellli-.
We should make a rich personality
our great aim Inatcuil of a fat pocket-
book. If tbe aim Is directed toward
the pockethook the head wlll Buffer,
the heart wlll starve, and the life will
deteriorate. Huccess Mngaslne.
VI, Carrlnaa.
"Ue enrved out his own fortune."
"Nonacnse!   He married It."
"Well, be had to cut out a lot of other fellows, didn't he?" -CleVeUnd Leader.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co
What reason oonlrt nol avoid has often been cured by delay.- St-nc p.
��� alrhrrr   In   War,
In one of Ou linesi-lln's victories so ;
many English were taken captive Hint
even tbe humblest soldier among the
���Trench hud one- or more prisoners, The
Victors, however, fell to quarreling.
nnd,  111  feeling  becoming  l'lf"  111   lhe
French nrn.y In consequence, of those
quarrels over the prisoners, in. i!uo<
din ordered all tltn iTp'ivr- i.> tie
butchered,  mid  the  bVUt-l  o'l'd ,'   v.'i.'
carried out.
Royal City fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iamc In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.    Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, B. C. WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   14,   1906
it Up to the Minute
For First-class Job Printing in
All its Branches	
Give   Us   a    Trial
Recommended by The Daily News
Front and   Sixth   Streets
....CALL ON.... I        JL       A * J
r.A.Muir&Co.Just Arnved
Large shlpiiieni 01
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Call and look ovei I hi
Ini   . ilsi ���'. e
EHard Block,  ^^ spECK
New Westminster,  - - -   B. C
Columbia  St. Sign,  Man  on  Wheel.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works,  Ltd.,
New Westminster,  B. C.
Do you need a Set
�� rP       .1   O We guarantee to fit you j
Ol   1 CCIII ���   or Refund Your Money !
Read    Our   Prices
Wky   Pay   M
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
"The Comfortable  Way" Route of the famous Oriental Limited
For detailed Information, rates, etc., call on or address
F. C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.     Our
Bridge Work is 22k.    Guaranteed for 10 years.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
Buys  20.000  Acres.
VV. IN. Draper
Winnipeg, March 13.���An English
Syndicate, through an agent today,
purchased 20,000 acres of land in Al-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 bert a  nml  Saskatchewan.     No details
Cllard Block.  New Westminster, B.C.  "r ""' transaction  were given to the
It. C. Land
$5,600,000 IN PROFITS
Some Facts. Figures and Gossip About
the  Blanc Heirs
Monte Carl     Marcl
of ii,,     g
Bathing    and    Forelgt
Blanc Hi
���   mblli will  show
i h   did   business   ti
 ���    I and
spent  :-���    00,  leavlni   a  clea
Blanc ii will be rememnered, bad
daughters, Marie Felix, who i��--
carae the wife of a grandson of the
greal Napoleon, and _oulse into!
nette, who married Prince Constatlne
The sum of $2,400,000 Beems nn
enormous annual budget for a country only three times tile size Of fell
mil  Park,  New  York, hut  It  must   be
borne in mind that the expense ac
count Includes the salary of h reigning prince, s bishop, papal delegati
and their clergy, ihe civil lis) of an
absentee American girl-princess Bhe
was Miss Mice Heine of Nt�� < lr
leans in addition to the paj
bodyguard of five generals,
troopers  and   fort; four  carablner
Original Cost $400,000.
Blanc, originally,    paid
$ 100,000 for iii" real estate and lit
held  bj   his gambling company.    His
flrsl   contracl   with   thi    princi
    Francs   pei   annum   to   his
highness and 5,000 shares at 500
francs each." Ai the renewal of the
i ontract, the prince exai i     another
gift   of  5,000   ���'      and    had    hi
salary run up to the snug sn	
fore mentioned,
\n prince's territory ln the wide
world is ii flnei garden spot, there is
no more affluent constituency! Mo
��� naco is a collection of palaces, great
.hotels, fine houses and churches, enchanting gardens and rocky building'
lots, selling at prices that rival those
paid for real estate on Broadway.
And nowhere, nol even in the I'niied
States, has the population Increased
so rapidly. Albert's father lorded it
over :{,4:::i subjects! the great ma>
Jority of whom walked barefoot.
when the husband of Alice Heine as-
rcended the throne. 6,884 men, women
ami children called him highness and
father.   Today he is ruler and autocrat of 16.000 people,    Some American   police   captains    have  a   larger,
The Blanc Heirs Pay All.
Albert is a mild ruler and the Blanc
heirs pay tor all. They Insisted that
the little district be raised to a bishopric with four or five monstgnores,
a vtcar-general, a prelate and a large
staff of priests, The Blancs bnlli a
cathedral, too, and declared tint
Catholicism was the "state religion."
Next they told his highness' subjects
thai all taxes were abolished; they
need neither pay a tax to the prince
nor a dog lax, ami besides would bl
policed  fro.   oi  charge,    a  free
department was al  itabllshed, free
llOOls,   free   Wat*
But,   if coi Sweethearts   Mm-ry   After
the  '     in,       . |)n(
unle       I ���
,   ���   ��� .       '.")
'       ���     "    ;    a
the  directoi
ally, and the croupie l ���
to $1,500
 i   Monte   Carlo is cro1
Separation   of   Half
i '    Mrs.
and its fifty-five i :
real  Waldorf Astorias, are dail;   turn
 P'e     I"   1870 les, than  th ion t    half a o ntury.
150,000   men  and   women   visited   the     ,. ,   .
hn      who    a   now   Ml
ii:   1889  the  500,1   marl,   was
reached;   last   year   1,073,884  went   to """' ' "!vim;    law    in
Moat!'  Carlo.    The    present    se   oi '    '"-i   when   he   mei
promises to smash all records. |Jackson igl      ol   Andrew Jack-
sun and relative ol  Vbraham Lincoln.
Tl ��� In love with each other, but
Kuhns had  no!   then  enough  income
Shiver  In   Seattle.
Seattle,  Wash.,   March   I".  -Another	
weathei   record   for  the  winter  was It0 marry. The Mexican war came and
Shattered this morning
Yesterday morning si ,; o'clock the
he enlist. .1   \i itg close he
with n captain's commission
thermometei showed 26 degrees above     Circumstances still prevented their
zero,  and  the  residents    of    Beattle marriage   and   there   was   a light
spoiled f a,imam' bardshipi  In the "' '���   time  the civil
way of weather bj   the   Boft  Italian war ,"'","' ' 'Ptaln Kuhns went
clime  of  the   I'ui'i'   Bound   country,
blew  on  their  bine  fingers and mop-
peii their dripping nosi     Thli   morn-
ometi i -i-'i 21 mi
-  ���'     ���'.,.,   -/,.,-,,. w hli h  i    now   the
��� coi d foi  the v. Inter
Burnaby   By-Election.
To the Editor of The Dallj   Ni wa
Sir:-  The by-election    in    Bu i
caused  thost   who  ii'.'   on  the  North
road and vicinity to ask Mr. Cameron,
t seen to the building of i hat
a ��� ������ and had done his very best with
means  a1   hand  and   we  know  now   as
io the difference from what   It  used
to he He was urged by both sides
of ill" said  road to Stand, and having
substantial interest there, he did so
ami   was  heartily   welcomed   by   the
people. Hni in that ward being on
the north side of the municipality
and very few people resident there,
thi ' were but few available voters;
only live voters could he got out. Of
those   Mr.  Cameron   had  two and  1
think would have hail all, certainly
a majority but for (one at least) be
Ing misinformed and misled. We
know nothing of unfair means by
Mi. Cameron's competitor, Mr. Cliffe,
who dealt fairly and gentlemanly, so
far as I know. Hut would you think It,
Cameron's notoriety on the open bar
brought opposition from thai source,
to oppose him, because of his principles, These facts to the public al
present, and more later of need be.
Yours   sincerely,
\Y.  It   AUSTIN.
��� o	
Government Appointments.
Ottawa, March 13.���Hector McKen-
zle has been appointed landing waiter
antl Daniel McKinnon has been appointed to the landing warehouse at
to  the   front,  fought   in   the  terrific
ol   Pi edei ii i  ' an
hi    taking  of Vli                 d   with
on the march to the ��������� i   He
was twli      Re
leased w Ithonl  "'' upa-
lion   oi ���        he 1 that   his
sweet hi Stricken  to
tie-   heart,   he   wandered   i.m   many
In Columbus.
il"   nt '.i .    ..'.ti" a |    . i,,.,i  jn
I.. ol hli   only love.
Not   loa.e   ago,  at i if army
veterans,    Mn     Sarah   C awford,   .i
widow     ' I ���       Ml  ���       It H  "li     Of     fifty
years ago- and Cnptain  Kuhns   were
formallj   Introduced   Aa her eyes fell
upon   his   face  sin i;   [erica!
en  and fell Into his a
������ o	
Lays   Down   Liberty  and   Life  In  Defense  of  His Church.
Marseilles, March 13.���An exciting
scene occurred today at the door's of
the cathedral whin the Incal authorities attempted to take m inventory under the church and state separation law. The bishop, wearing his
mitre and surrounded by the congregation, ordered the authorities not
to enter the cathedral and read a
declaration, denouncing the law as
renewing the evils which brought on
the revolution and the reign of terror,
The bishop added:
"Here before the altar, I announce
that I am prepared to Buffer Imprisonment, exile or death In defending  the   lights  of  the church."
The authorities withdrew to avoid
trouble, The cathedral will be closed
day and nlghl and guards, who will
keep regular watches, have been organized to resist the government inspectors.
The Paper for New Westminster, First, Last and All the Time.
All the News Both Local and Abroad.
Delivered to Your Home Every Week Day Evening for
10 Cents Per Week
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To the News Boy Selling the Most Papers-Daily News��a Similar Present will be Cf����#i.
WEDNESDAY1,    M\ RCH    14,   1906
Published by The Ilrily News Publishing Con limy. Limited, at their
offices corn r of Sixth and Front
St reels, Net   Westminster, B. C.
bring    a  smile to    the  face
Canadian who   has profited
of the; you will probably expect me to give
by  his' some expression of opinion.
-My  opinion on  such  an  Important
matter   would   not   be  much!  worth,
feeling   which
Editor   and   Mgr.
study  of history.  For instance.   "The
conditions Of  life  are harder in  Canada   than   in   Australia;"  and   again, only   for   the  friendly
Edward   D.   Sawyer  "The  slraiu  of  work  is higher."   Are  might  prompt  It
 not these the conditions precedent of \   Generally  speaking.    1  think    you
national Btrength? The writer him- nave made an excellent .start���not-
self ndiiiiis thai the Canadian lb withstanding the preliminary diffl-
"Sturdler,    hardier,      more    enduring Unity���seen   and   unseen���which   must
Ad\ ?rtising Rates.
Transient    display    advertising,    10
cents per lln   (nonparlel) 12 lines to
the Inch.       Ive cents  per line for
subsequent ii iertlons.
J.  R. Gflley,  'Hru""1'  1"4'9
lliau  the  Australian."
have been  great, the extern  of which
he blind to the conditions no one can fully know but yourself,
Heading no ices, bold race type 20 whi(.h ,)romi!ie prosperity. Canada, he'You have come out well, and seem
ins pei line, brevier or nonparlel, 10 ,..,.,, .,,.., ,
tells his readers, is a country of small to be growing in strength and coin-
towns and wide wheat fields. The' pleteness with each succeeding niiiu-
majorlty of the population belong tojber.
the producing class, and this Is a I -rWo things at hast one expects to
condition which insures a sure audjflnri j��� g tull-fledged newspaper���
rapid growth in wealth for the whole politics, moral sentiments, and gen-
oommunity. era!  news,    and these    are all well
These   words   of   wisdom,     by   the  represented  ln  your   paper,  and  duly
way,   may   be   Studied  with   profit   by! proportioned..
those   who  think   only   of  the  towns,:     As u, ,K,i|licSi whilst   interesting to
or cities, when In the classic languageLji  intelligent  citizens,  they  vary  ini
leading  statesman  they  exort'i-tei.estf  froni the professional    poll-
rents per line, brevier or nonpar
cents per line,
Kor time contracts, special positions, apply io advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths. 60c, Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word.      No advertisement taken tor
less than 25 cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine advertisements inserted at rate of 50
cents per Inch per issue (display! or if
reading notices, 25 cents per Un" per
issue. No deviation from this rale for
teun contracts.
R. Gilley,   h-none 1----. J-  "��� ^iitey,   rm j      ^^ __k M __\ __\
Gilley Bros, j WatCtl
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents It. C. Cottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
Business office	
Manager's  residence
ol     oil!
their    fellow
boost,  don't   knock."  The wide  wheat
iiisti ���
WEDNESDAY.   MARCH    14,   1906
The Dally News, we havi I o told
i, noi   wanted by the department  of could but transf
education  ln  Victoria,  and   therefore
with regret we are compelled to subtract  one from the amounl  of clrcu- Canada,   however,   he  declares
lai inn   we   were   figuring   upon.     The   Australia   is   leading   and   must
department   ol    education,    together " 's   leading
with   all   other   departments   of   provincial   government,1 was  among  the
citizens,     it   you   can't ttelan, to whom they are of first importance,  to  the  ordinary  readers,
fields,   or   their   equivalent,   are   essen-.     ]   i,.m,   kumvn   ,,v(,n   newspapers   to!
tbil   tO   the   prosperity   Of   New   West-   ,���, very close |m|tato!-.s 0t the famous1
minster, and  If  we torgel  that   fact -Sam sli{.k" m i,is fal,miis and very
we shall suffer for our forget fulness, accommodating declaration to the
Hut to return to our Australian, electors���"Gentlemen! them's my
His drought-haunted Imagination has principles, and If they don't Bull thej
evident!} been fascinated by Canada's can be changed"���As to the second
abundant water ways, with their principle, that of Morals���there my
wealth of water power. "A source Interesl chiefly centres. And it Is
of Immense wealth," he declares is with much pleasure 1 note that yon
Hiis natural water system; if thej come out very well, giving a full and
to Australia, it I believe a sympathetic account of
would make that country "the gar- religious meetings of an unusual kind,
den and wonder of the world." Not- bul of special Interesl and Import-
withstanding all that can be said tor ance to the community.
that      As   to   the    third     point���General
lead, New.-- -you are quite up to dan.', and
because   all    Canada, manage  to  find   some  things  of  In-
"with   Alaska   thrown   in,"     has   notjterest    which   nobody   else   seems   to
produced  a  tithe of the gold  turned have found.
up   by   Australian   picks;   because   it '    The  editorial    articles���which    are
first in be placed on our subscription (Australia) buys three times as much usually the quintessence of a journal,
list, and we had hoped that when The from  the  old   country  and   sends  it. and to which one naturally turns for!
Dallv  News once got inside the door  f'r,.v per cent,  more; and because Us inspiration,  as  well    as  sound  Judg-
resources are more varied, and there-; ment and instruction���are particular-!
fore less likely to become exhausted ly bright, refined, and scholarly; good ]
or   to  be   shut     out   by   commercial in tone and chaste In style.
rivals.     We   have   not   at   hand   the      Altogether  your     paper    does    you
means  of   cheeking  the   writer's  fig- greal   credit,  is  full  of promise,  and
ilso, 1  hope, full of profit.
Pardon   the   undue   length   of   this
the  pro��|letter which far exceeds the original
Yours   very   sincerely,
Coquitlam   By-Election.
the  Editor   of  The   Daily
want   and   eagerly   looked   for   every
day.    But, alas for our hopes, an official who writes such an undecipherable signature that we are obliged to ures of exports and  Imports;   but he
consult a reference hook to ascertain  is evidently astray In his ideas as to
. ... the   nature   and   variety   of
his   name  has   handed   us  this  type-
i ducts which Canada can send to the Intention
written  advice:     "I  have  returned  to  Brltuh  milr,.ols   Hc am)ears to ,hinli
you  two  copies
recently   received
The  Daily  News, that  wheat is  practically the    whole
at  this  office,  and  material  of trade at the disposal  of
We have listed with
us for quick sale, one
good paying hotel, showing a profit of from $6,-
000 to $8,000 per year;
likewise a blacksmith
business, restaurant and
general store business.
We can demonstrate
to you that there is
money being made in
each business.
Farms to Rent
We have two good farms
to rent. One on the
Delta, the-other in Surrey. Particulars at our
f. I. Hart & Co., ltd.
reed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. Btb ami Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250,
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITH1NO, r.iuiM.i'. and
Ornamental   iron   Worn,  including
Fences, Qates, Flre -scapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence Invited.
BEGBlfci a I ttl'.f. I.
New Westminster. f. U. 474.
Other Cities  Have
Grown, Why not We?
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered
part of the city.
promptly to any
While Canada, he exclaims.
did not contribute to British dinner
lubles one poor leg of mutton,  New      Sir:
I   wish  to  give  the  thinking
facts in the case of    the
en million dollars' worth of the Coquitlam   and   Burnaby   by-elections.!
finest  mutton in the world. That may      -loseph  Cameron,     who  owns    pro
be true, but  what about the Canadian  Perty  in  both  municipalities,    served j
apples,  and   cheese,    and   bacon?   In us In Coquitlam as councilman to the,
his   enthusiasm     for    Australia,    our  best of his ability,! and he is no mean
in   that   respect),     for   several
bog to slate thai this department does j
not   intend to become a subscriber to
the paper in question."    And then he
says he lias the honor to be sir, our four
obedient servant.
May we Be pardoned tor again ox-
presslng   our   regret   al   this   turn   of
affairs  for  since    trying  to decipher friend should  nol  overlook the great  man
that  signature we are more than ever Canadian hog!  And what of our lum- year
convinced that of all the departments
of governmenl In Victoria the department   of  education,  more    than   any
other,   is   regularly   in   need   of   The  tree?  Australian   trade    with   Britain outside, I being a .I. 1
Dally News of New West minster. may  be  more,  because Australia    ls|tne   commission   In
Thai  signature will   be
for use as an  exhibit   whenever
question   ol   handwriting   in   the   com
mon schools again agitates the public \,r the world; but how about its total We took a petition as far as we could
mind, in the meantime it is open to trade? And how about its growth in from the west end east, and making
the Inspection of specialists
ber;  what of our fish? Is not the fes-  opponents    to  De    one
the Sockeye of the Fraser as succu- councillors   we   have   had,     He
lent   as  the   fattest   sheep   thai   ever chosen  as one of  the    licence
 wed    under   the   shade  of  a   gum  mlssioners   with   myself  as  one
For Sale
Half Carload, No. 1 feed
or seed oats shipped from
Moosejaw.    Samples to be
and was admitted by even Ws|seen   at this office Of at H.
opponents    to  be     one    of  the     best ' _    rr.   , ,    TT       , n,
T. Kirks Hardware Store.
'.    Al a silting of
June,   1905,   we
preserved  "lore largely shut  in to patronage of both   gave  notice   that   at   the   next
..     British producers nnd manufacturers, sitting  six  months  hence we  would
bj   the facts of its situation and the bring to them  the expression of the
conditions of the ocean carrying trade people on the open  bar in the hotel.
Peter   Warren.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 1X5.      Barn fnone 137
J. H. Todd
Dealer in
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia   Gramaphones and  Kecords,
Zithers, etc.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia Btreet,
C, i-H   or   wri t fi   fi >r   n ri ('OS.
Patronize  the   merchants ot
the ROYAL CITY  .  .   .    .
Dress in Reason
torial wants.
The latest .Mitchells tasbion plates
have arrived.
So  have our  spring stock 01  high-
populatlon?     These   are   the     factors  three  columns   thus:   Those  in   favor   class suitings.
  which   will   determine  the   footing  of of the open bar as it is now, those in       Also   worsteds,   serges,   broadcloth
the Bum. 'favor of the open bar fully restricted,! a'"1 fallc-v trouserings.
CANADA    AND    AUSTRALIA. ||;(v.^   ^.^   ^   ^   ^  ���U)H0 ln favol. of nn 1)iir Hn��� no liqtIorl      In fact we can supply all your sat-
Last   year,   an   Australian     took     a  tralla  is  leading,  our   writer  goes  on   licence, all just  to express their mind
run  through Canada, and on his  re to assert that it innsi continue to lead ils ""' Question appealed to them,
turn  to his  native heath contributed  because  it   is  "producing    a    higher!    0ne sai<1' ,llf- ��Pen b&r and no re>
to   an   Australian   paper  a   very   well human   type."  The  Canadian,  il    ap-1 strictlons;   seven  said,  the open  bar
wrltter   summary  of his  Impressions pears, is "the product'of a lower type
and conclusions.    He begins- with the of  immigration,"    Industrious,  sober,
statement   tJiat   Canada is the  great honest, If you like;  but  not  "adven-
rival of Australia, To which of these turous." The early Australian settlers
two  great   provinces  of  the   Empire, on the other hand, had this desirable
he asks, dins the future belong? and  quality���hence    the    "higher    human
he   proceeds   to   show,   as   n   patriotic  type." One feels that  It would be un-
Australlan  was bound to show,  that |kind to remind the writer that a large waa "stene(l
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia btreet.
ON j
Good Land
! A.LWHITE, 260 Columbia St.
i. ...-.--
Keep Our
At Home
and fully restricted; thirty-eight  said,
no bar and no licence.
A public meeting was held at the
Junction on the night before the
commission sat, at which Dr, Fraser,
of Vancouver, gave his lecture entitled the "Undertow of Life," which
to   with  rapt   attention,
had   so
Australia ought to win.
Canadians, naturally, will take a!
different view of the matter; but one
feels that the discussion of the question maj well be left to the future,
since no amount of argument would'
he Ukelj In the meantime either to
convince people against their prejudices in to affect thai settlement
which I i ' quiet logic of even! - �� ill
inn up m record when the time comes,
At  pri matter of Interest  is
to look ai oi r lelves through the e; es
ni tbi ., , ui well Informed fellow
subject who dwells under the southern i.
Like the great tnajoi Itj of the outsiders who write   about  Canada    In
these da; S, hi   speaks as il the prairies
of the north-west provinces were the
whole i ountrj ��� Speaking ol I lanad t' ���
greai advantage In its nearness to
the overcrowded population and the
great markets ol the old world, be
tells his readers that one-third of the
money necessary to bring a family
from Britain to Australia will put
them down on a quarter section or
prairie land in Manitoba; and then
he proceeds to speak of the Climatic
conditions which they will there encounter precisely as If the same conditions obtained all ovei- the country
from Halifax to Alberni. There is not
a word of those wide si retches of
Canadian territory which are free
alike from the rigorous winters of the
plains and the scorching suns
deailli   droughts    of  Australia.
of  early
much  of
Australian  settlers ,u"' thought seriously of by especial-
this  "adventurous"
spirit   that  a  beneficent     government
went   to  the expense of sending them
out,  free of expense  to  themselves,
doubtless, that    their high
qualities might have larger scope foi
ly the young men. A vote was taken
land all who voted said: "No liquor
licence." Mr. Cameron and myself
presented those requisitions at the
expression of the meeting next day to
the    commission    which,     however,
development; and might develop at a  granted   the  licence  wllh   no  restrlc
distance from the settled, slow-going
people of the old country, who bad
supplied those earlier Canadian Bet-
th ri in whom the dull and drab virtues ol thrift and honesty had
opeil   ill   a   way     to  quite   spoil
relish for the "adventurous" spirit
as manifested by the early Australian Immigrants,
As a matter of fact, however, while
li  Is always of Interest  to "see our
selves ns others see us," there need
lie no quest ion of rivalry between
the Dominion and the Commonwealth. Separated by many thousand
miles of ocean, with widely different
conditions, each has abundant room
io grow not only without hurtful
rivalry, but in mutual helpfulness,
and to the common end of adding
new lustre to the Anglo-Saxon name.
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquarters for PACIFIC Coast
GROWN Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds. New crop now In slock ready
for distribution; ask your merchant, j
for theta in sealod iark*l��. ^| toe
does not handle them we will prepay
to your nearest postofflce, fifty 5c
packets, our selection of good varieties, tor $1.00 to Introduce them,
Large /stock of HOME GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now matured for the spring tradi'.
\o expense, loss or delay of fumigation er Inspection.
l.e' nn��� price your lisi before placing  lour order.    Greenhouse  Plants,
Floral      Work.     lice    Supplies,    Fruii
Packages, Fertilizers, etc    catalogue
M. .1. HENRY,
B010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver.   B.   C.
'lhe  Vicarage,  Steveston.
March  12,  1906.
Dear   Dr.   Sawyer;
I   beg   lo   thank   you   for   your     renewed courtesy ln making me a com-
and pllnienlary   beneficiary   iii   your   new
This  nnd   Important  journalistic enterprise.
lions io  run  Sunday and   Monday and
day ami night, Cameron and Austin
objecting. Cameron is said to oppose
iii"   hotel,   Which   is  nol   true,   bin   the
(level- "'"'" '':ir '"' "'"' '��� "" principles do
their "!'i"'s''- The by-election came on ami
ihey wlio opposed us. keep up tin'
ni not foi- :; hours: "Greal Is Diana
of ihe F.phosians. but for three days
crying Oreal  is the open Bar, Greal
is the Hotel." Many were misled by
'hi' saying "Cameron will shut tin'
hotel, for it cun't be run without the
bar," ami while he had the majority
vote where he Is besl  known, nnd his
opponent    the   minority   vote,     yet
Cameron  lost   his  seat   so  faithfully
IfMed, on ibis account, and  I am Informed by our government that it Is
so dependent on this business, that  I .....      ., ���
,., , ,    , , ' During   lhe    time   ol     iin".,u,'   Ihe
will lose my commission as justice of assessment the office will be closed
the peace. What think you of thi' each Tuesday, Thurs'.ii ami Friday,
action of the government of our pro-1 from Feb. 20 to Mftrc.ri 22. not.i m-
vince? still we know that public
sentiment, is growing and will soon,
by an intolerant, public, demand say
"No traffic in Intoxicating drink."
Now Mr. Editor there Is much more
to tell the public, but tor the present
If you give them this as facts, you
wlll     oblige.      Hopeful       for     better i
Burnaby Municipality
a. G. WAI.KF.lt.
Burnaby Municipality.
John   D.   Needs  Money.
omission, It is fair to say. appears to|Wllh the receipt of the "Weekly Col-;                                    w-   n   AUSTIN,
result from mere lack of Information, umblan"  (still sent  to mei and the  0	
since ti" writer is fair enough in "Daily News." both of which I owe
other respects. Indeed some of hlslto your considerate kindness, I shall
argumei gains!    Canada-that     is.'be  well   Supplied  with  both local  and      Cleveland,    Ohio,    March    11.--The
againsi  I - chance   of attaining   the foreign news. Standard Oil company today advanced
leading among    the  "daughter     With  regard to your bold and  re- the price of gasoline half a cent per
nation be   Empire,    may  well sponsible  venture for  such    it   is��� gallon.
I k I
Tenders are culled for 800 cubic
yards of broken rock for Hastings
road, near  Royal Oak road.
Also for widening Hastings road on!
the north side   of Johnson   road, lu
Iwo sections of  111 chains each.
. Specification!  of the    above  works j
can he seen at. Mr. Charles F. Sprotl.'s'
house,    Burnaby Lake   and    at    the
Municipal   hall.
Tenders to be in by March nth by
li. 0. WALKER. C. M. C.
Timothy Extra Cleaned
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Essex
Millet, Golden
Oats, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spring
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
All Selected & Tested
Last year tin; tiimst limps in II.
li. were produced from mir seed
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
II. K. 850
Don't Knock!
i WEDNESDAY,    MARCH    14,    1906
Hockey Sticks
Skate Straps
Kirk's Hardware.
Accident Insurance Policy Free to the first
one hundred people between the ages of 10
and (>0 who will call at our Store for same.
It is not necessary to make a purchase.
Wholesale and retail.
_3b   _oium-.'a   Street.
!   W. E. FALES  I
| p
I Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc. |
I Wall Paper,       Linoleum,       Oilcoths,       Carpets,
;J< Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid.
;���; Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to.
!���! Picture Framing.
I Columbia Street.     -    Telephone 176.
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
IT. J. Trapp & Co, _�� |
Headquarters tor
Farming Implemixl
and Machinery	
Complete line or Carriages  and rami Wagons.
Hardware, Stoves and Ranges.
Auction Sale every Friday   at the Market Square.
T. J. TRAPP & CO., Ltd.,
:���:   COLUMBIA   STREET, NEW   WESTMINSTER,  B. C.   ,���<
The Leading Jeweler
Everything In the Jewelery Line
Watches, Diamonds, Rings, Etc.
Cut Glass and Ebony Goods
Suitable tor all  occasions.
Columbia   Street.
< '
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount ot Policies now ln for ee exceeds f.4,1 ,UUO<00
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeds xH.uuu.illtO.UO
This is a company ol polio y-hohiers, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
ODH MOTTU:    me largest amount of Assurance for the Least
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, a. C
'Phone 86.
We Have Listed With Us Two Fine Ranches.
Could be rented with privilege of buying.
Near the best shipping port In the country.
No. 1 ���Hit) acres, 86 acres seeded; (i room  house,   barn 114x34 stable,
fine well and creek, 1 mile from school, lots of  fruit.    Could   lie
bought for $ai(io, $,ri00, balance arranged, or would rent $50 nnd
taxes for the lirst year.
No. 2 ���16 acres, 10 acres cultivated, best soil,   7 room  house,  large
barn 52x34, 1-2  mile   from   station,   Rood   orchard,   woodshed,
stable with 8 stalls.     $3,00(1,   $500  cash,   balance  arranged,   or
would rent for $200 with the use of 2 cowa, horse and biliary.
McLEOD.MARK & CO., Real Estate and Insurance, flj��tf&/''
To the Tan shoe
TANS m the Shoes for hot
weather. Every man will be wanting a pair of Tan Shoes this Summer and we believe YOU will.
We have the correct colors, the
new lasts, and the best styles in
Oxfords and Bals that the market
' Mayor  Dunne Says  It  Is  a  Sweeping
Victory   for   Municipal
.^-*~VSTsTtsSSSSWSSWl ��� ����� ���
We are the exclusive agents
For the following reliable makers of Tan Shoes in Canada and
the States: Geo. A. Slater "In-
victus Shoe/' Montreal; M. A.
Packard Co.r Brockton, Mass.;
Florshein & Co., Chicago, 111.;
John Cross & Co., Lynn, Mass.;
Frank Slater. "Strider Shoe,"
Montreal. The finest shoemakers in the land..
Women's Tan Shoes
There is nothing so comfortable
for a women's summer shoe as a
light, cool and dainty Tan Oxford.
The new TANS area combination of coolness, comfort and style.
Correct and artistic colors
In Oxford and Ribbon Ties. We
have some regular beauties. We
will be pleased to show you all
the new styles.
Wm. Johnston's
Chicago, .Mai"* J:;��� n.v u"-' decision of the I'nited State. supreme"'
court, banded down yesterday, the
City of Chicago obtains almost complete control of the local traction
Situation. The decision sustains tin'
acts of the state legislature extending
the life of tlie charters of the street
railway   companies     to   ninety-nine
i years,   but  does not  sustain  the con-
tentlon of the companies thai contract
rights,  which    are limited    to fewer
years than remain to the charter life
if the Companies, are also extended.
Contracts or ordinances of the city
limiting the use of the streets by the
companies are upheld, and the rights
of the companies ln the streets are
held lo expire according to the ex-.
pressed   terms  "f the ordinances.
in iti effect the decision leaves the
Union Traction without any rlghl
whatever, other than suffrage in the
ol the north division of the
II [i leaves the Union Traction
company '" ''"' w,'s' division without   rights i?*ceptlng thai   the ordln-
in italns -;l purchase clause.
li leaves the 0_''''-" Cltj railwaj
company, which opvratea tt" ""'
streel ear lines on the �����. "" ���-'''" "'
the city', no rights excepl wK��r* ""ir
ordinance- contain a purchase olatls- .
"it is a sweeping victory foi tho
city," sa.M Mayor Dunne. "There are
no ninety-nine year franchises In the
City of Chicago, according to this
decision, and no indefinite or perpetual grants In the outlying territory.1
We have the traction companies now
in a position where we can negotiate
for the purchase of their lines. If they
do not want to sell at a fair price!
we can declare our rights under the
Associated Press dispatches received here yesterday regarding the
decision of the United States supreme
court in the Chicago Street railway | '
cases were apparently inconsistent
with the despatches received here
last night. In the first despatches it
was stated that the stocks of the
Chicago Street railways advanced
sharply as a result of the decision.
This was taken as an indication that
the street railway companies had won
in the fight. This does not appear to
be the case, ln the light, of Mayor
Dunne's expression quoted iu the
foregoing, and in the light also of
what Judge John E. Humphreys had
to say this afternoon.
"The people of Chicago," said Judge
Humphries,  "are to  vote  In April on
tii" question of municipal ownership
jof their street railways. They are to
I vote   on   the  issuance   of   $75,000,000
worth of bonds, the proceeds of which
are  to  go  to    the  purchase    of    the
street   railways.   These   bonds   are  to
| be issued on the certificate plan and
iare to be paid, principle and interest,
from  the incomes derived by the city
i from the operation of the street rail-
I ways.
"It is clear that the rise In the
j stocks of the Chicago corporations is
due to the fact that under the deci-
I sion of the United States supreme
court, the people now are in a posi-
1 tion to buy the street car lines out-
I right or to condemn them. Either of
: these courses Is open, provided, of
course, that the people authorize the
I bond   issue  of  $75,000,000."
of Carpet, just re-
I. Blue    Funnel    liner.
y. Brussels, Wilton and
Axminster.   Come and get first
vW      choice
A splendid  line of good  as-
j     236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front  Streets,   Uupont   Block,
Your own Preserves are all used up.  We come to your assistance
by drawing your attention to out    assortment   of   Preserves	
Preserved Btrawberrles, Red Raspberries, and Pineapples.
A well known dellca|) In glass |ars, 35c, and hall gallon Javs  75c.
Crosse St Blackwell's Jams
Strawberry nnd  K.iVp't.-i r.   iim to  one-It)  jari     Strawberrj   Jam  in
T-& tins,
We a.'m to keep our stock Fresh never buying more than we require for immediate sale.
We have nice fresh
Evaporated  "runes Evaporated Apples
Evaporated Apfl��ot8 Evaporated Peaches
Try a pound of our Frpsh Ground Coffee at 40c Ib.
Try a pound of Marav ella Tea at 45c lb., or our Special Tea at
35c or 3 lbs. for $1.00
The City Grocery,
I   Telephone 97.
.... ��� .... ........
A Complete Line of the Celebrated
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
The Standard of Excellence,
"Made in Canada"
Our new patterns in Soft Front and Starched
Front Shirts are here. New Collars. New
Cuffs. New Shirts. Wing Collars are the
correct thing.
The Cash Clothier
Arrangements Completed for Good Entertainment on  Friday  Night.
Arrangements have been completed
for the annual concert of the St. Patrick society, to lie held in St. Patrick's
ball Friday evening, March 16, at 8
o'clock. An excellent programme has
been prepared, and it Is 1 bought that
a bumper house will reward the com-
millee which has worked so hard to
make the affair a success. The programme for the evening's entertain-
iiieiii is given below:
Remarks  by the chairman. .Dr. C. E.
Overture    ll'Arry's   orchestra
Solo���Minstrel Boy Miss Lewis
Solo      Mr.  Lister
Solo���Klllarney Mrs.    Watson
Violin solo���La Screncta. . Mr.  I'anii'll
Solo    Kathleen      M.ivoui'iieeii, . .. Mrs.
S, lo- Come   Hack   to   Erin    Ills  Worship  Mayor  Ki'iu -
Pelo���Dear  Little  Shamrock Miss
Overture���Irish      Selections. .D'Arcy's
Kerry Dance   Mrs, Watson
Solo     Mr. Lister
So'.o���Can  I   Forget... .Mrs.  Diamond
Duet.���Spanish Maniilo. .Misses Lavery
and Lewis.
Solo���Eileen  Alano   Miss  Munn
Violin solo���Song Without Words..
Mr. Parnell.
Solo���Pat Malloy His Worship
Mayor Keary.
Double Irish jig Henderson Bros.
God Save lhe King.
Canadian  Among  Slain.
St. Catherines, Ont., March 14.���-
Among the names of the seventeen
soldiers who were killed In the recent
attack  on  the  Moros  outlaws  In   the
Philippines appears that of Louis Herr,
Ontario,     He wns  a  St.   Catherines
boy,  21   years old,  but   served,ln  the
American army  for seven years.
TAKES    UP    INDIAN'S   CASE j    p_ ^^  Dea(J
Detroit, Mich., March 14.���J. P.
Cottrell, United States Inspector of
hulls at this port, anil formerly a well
known vessel inasVr on the Great
Lakes, died at his home here today,
after several months Illness, follow-
h.g a surgical operation.
Chinese Party Sails.
New York, March 14���Prince Tsai
Tse, High Commissioners Shan Chi
[leng and Li Cheng To, envoys of the
emperor of China, their secretaries
and attaches, sailed for Europe today
line of ��160,  or In default ofjou the White Star liner D'.'llc, to con-
\ J. P. H. Bole Applies for a Writ of
Habeas Corpus.
.1. P. H. Bole has applied for a writ
of habeas corpus In the case of Rex
vs. Joe, alias Gow, a Chinaman, who
was committed to the provincial jail
on January 22, to serve six months for
illegally selling liquor to Indians.
The   prisoner  was   found   guilty  of
I selling  flre  water  to   the   Indians   at
Alert  Hay. and upon his appearance
before  the cojirt   he  was  ordered   to
pay .. ....u v.. v*..". w�� ... Uw��.... ���,
which  he was sentenced  to serve six;
months in the provincial Jail,   Falling,
to  pay the flue, Joe was sent  to jail,
and  his attorney  now  seeks to obtain
Ills   release.
The case will  he heard on Monday
! 10th   of  March,   but   before  whom,  ls j
not decided as yet.
t i 11 in-  their  invesllgall >1il
France and  Belgium.
���ii England,
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th Street
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
Notice of Meeting
'lo w. 11. Keary, Esq., mayor:
We, the undersigned citizens of New
Westminster, hereby request that you
will call a public meeting for tbe purpose of considering tho advisability
of forming science classes In connection with the hoard of education,
South Kensington, England.
Walter R. Gilley.   T. S. Annandale.
P. Bowler.
John Peck.
F. W. Howay.
W. L. Johnson.
Henry Schaake.
John C. Dighy.
Peter Cray.
J. S. Henderson.
J. W. Crelghton.
P. Maxwell.
P. Peebles.
T. J. Trapp.
D. C. Patterson.
J  H. Watson.
I) .8. Curtis.
W. E. Brown.
In accordance with the above requisition, I hereby call a meeting of the
ratepayers for the purpose stated;
said mooting to be held In the council
chamber on Tuesday, the 13th Inst,
at S p. m.
W. H. KEARY, Mayor.
124 Eighth St., New f estmlnster, B.C.   City nan, March i, woe. THE DAILY NEWS
Sporting News
and Comment.
that Terry will float away In four or yond  question,  amateurism    in   trap-
five rounds battered tn a  frizzle. shooting, the Fort Garry Gun club, of
  Winnipeg, decided lo abolish all money
Battling   Nelson   and  Terry   McGovern
Cause   Great   Excitement.
Philadelphia,    Pa..    March    11���All
ortlng fraternity of   New   York
and   Philadelphia   will   gather   at   the
ringside   here   tonight   when   pattling
Nelson and Terry McGovern will meet
,.���   133  pounds.
Ihi.-   promises   io   be   one     of     the
greatest   lightweight   contests  of  the
decade, as both boys are fit.    Nelson
is   the  favorite,   but   "Terrible  Terry"
will have plenty of backing, when the'
gloves are donned.
The fight is limited to six rounds,
and   there  will   be  no  decision.
If it is a knockout no decision will
be necessary, and although both wil!
try for it, it will make no difference
In  the division of the purse.
Nelson will take $10,nnn of the
money, win or lose, and McGovern
Jack McGuigan, of Philadelphia,
will referee, and the battle will be under straight Marquis of Queensbiiry
rules, fighting in the clinches, but
must   break  on  command.
Yesterday the little fighters took
the windup exercise, a few miles
across country and a few easy rounds
wiib   the  gloves.
Today they will rest and enter the
ling at 10 o'clock in the evening.
Money Talks for Terry.
New York, March 13.���Probably
the largest wager (hat. will be made
on the Terry McGovern-Rnttling
Nelson fight, was recorded this
morning, when Joe Humphreys placed
$2J>00 against $5,000 that Terry would
knock  out   Nelson.
    has   iieeu   making  all   sorts  of
regarding how much  he  would
, on Terry, chances, and  ������
be was "carted."
prizes In tournaments held
auspices in the future.
,ler its Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
ajid the Yukon Territory.
made  and  publishing  notices
Yukon  Official   Gazette.
Petroleum -All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the North"
west Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, arc open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may n
serve tor an individual or coji |
having machinery on the land fo be
Everett   Lays   Down   Bats.
Everett,  March   1:'..���This  city   will      COAL��� Coal  lands may    be    pur-
bo   t   represented In the Coast base-  chased at $iq per acre  lor soft coal  prospected, an area ol 1020 acres
ami  ?jo  for   anthracite.      Not   more   ,nci,   ])eriod   as   lie   may   decide,   the
th in 320 acres can be acquired by ope  |ength of which shall not exceed three
lual  or  company.     Royalty  at   tjraes the breadth.
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000  pectot  discover  oil
pounds shall be collet ted on thi  gi   ss
ball league this season, so William
Hoferkorn. president of lasi year's local league, has informed President
Kenora  Wants the Cup.
Kenora,    March    13.���The    Thistle
QUARTZ- Pers  ns     "t     eigl "
A prominent eastern sporting man. Hockey club executive today wired the  yea
name   i.s   withheld   and   who
saw   Nelson   In   his   last   battle   with
Britt,   is   the   one   who   accepted   the
Joe  was  not   any  too  willing,  but,
being  as   they   were   before   a   large ��� ���
crowd of sporting men when Joe was  Police  Court  Judge  Jolts  a   Sensitive
trustees of the Stanley cup, asking for
Immediate dates for the challenge
��� o	
Should the pros
in   paying   qua!!
i   . and satisfactorily establish   uc i
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
,,-,, -,  including the oil well, will  bi
-'.Id to the prospector at the rate oi
panics holding free miners' certificatesI $1 an acre, and the remainder of the
57-Oan  B
4:'-'."' pn
obtain  entry for a mining
Fighters  Sized   Up.
Interest is running very high in
connection with the coming battle
between Terry McGovern and Battling Nelson, ln fact it may be said
that the coming encounter is causing a greater ripple among the followers of the fighting game, than any
other lightweight battle in recent
Nelson, it is claimed, is only in his
fighting infancy as yet, although lie
has disposed of all the best men in
lhe business up to date except Terry.
McGovern's backers on the other
hand claim that the little scrapper is
now stronger than ever, and that he
will go through the pugnacious Dane
like a Kansas cyclone through a farm
"called", his pride forced him into
the wager.
The crowd was gathered in a local
cafe on Broadway, with Joe talking
about Terry's chances and how much
he would wager if he could only find
some takers, when a Mr. Briggs spoke
up. "I will take that wager. Mr. Humphreys and have the money here
within fifteen mi&UteB," Being cornered and for a moment greatly surprised, Joe accompanied by prlggs,
left the cafe to find a stakeholder,
This  inornlng  the  wager  was  placed.
If Terry McGovern does not knockout  Battling Nelson when thej  cross
anus an army of prophets will be
put out of the business.
Jeffries   Recalled.
Discussing Jack O'Brien's challenge
10 Jeffries, Boh Edgren recalls ihis
good   story:
You remember what Jeff said when
he was pestered by "MIsto Johnslng"
in   San   Francisco,   it   was    in   Harry
New York, March 12.���"Mr. Gates,
I have heard of you before. You are
a  man of Wall  street, with millions.
A free miner's certificate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 tn $100 per annum for a company,
according to  capital.
A free miner, having discovered
mineral in place, may locate B claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same   with   two  legal   posts,   bearing
tract   reserved,   namely.   1280   acres
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
lie specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the  Minister of the   Inferior.
Dept. Interior.
and  you think that you can do what   location notices, one at each  end of
you   please.    When    you    men  have  tnc line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least $100 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land al
$1.00 an  acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister   of   the   Interior   to   locate
money you think you can do anything. Instead, men of your class
should be an example to the community."
These cutting remarks were addressed today by Magistrate Leroy
Crane, in Morrisania police court, to
Charles G. Gates, son of John W.
dales, the financier, who had been
arrested for speeding his automobile
in the Bronx.
Mr. Hates smiled, whereupon the
court   said:
"This is a great occasion for you to
laugh.     Laugh   if   you   want   to���now
Synopsis   of  Canadian  Northwesi
Any even numbered section of Dominion Lands in Manitoba or the
Northwest Provinces, excepting 8 and
26, not reserved, may be homesteaded
by any person who is the sole head of
a family, or any male over 18 years
of age, to the extent of one-quarter
section of 160 acres more or less.
Entry may be made personally at
the local land office fur the district
in which the land is situate, or if the
homesteader desires, he may, on application to the Minister of the Interior   Ottawa,   the    Commissioner   of
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Daily" NEW Dally"
Helling���'":"'> pm
Hlll'llIT    "    20 I'I"
ton,    Mt.    Vernon,     Everett,
S    ,���:'.���' I'li'l
.1:.:;.pii, S;"T.ii" .      St.j3:00pm
Paul    md   all!
ots East.
li.L'u am Anacoi te . :: "" 1 m
Woolley,    and
3:00pm Vancouver        9:20am
9:20 pml  i*i______
Route of the Famous
2 Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane. St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth. Chicago, St.
Uiuis and  all   points  Fast.
For complete information,
rail's, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F. C. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Hank ol Con )rce Building.
New Westminster, B. C
S. 0. YF.HKF.S, A. 0. P. A..
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St.. Seattle, Wash.
"7 Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Columbia Coast Line
you like. You can't do it here, Mr.
Gates. I have heard of your automobile exploits before, Mr. Gates.
Now you are here before me, and I
Corbett's place. Jeff was standing am glad of it. The more money you
there talking to Harry when in walk- have when you come here Ihe harder
ed Johnson and his manager. ' *,la11 punish you."
Jeff looked    Johnson    over    for    a      "Your honor,"  put   in  Mr.  Gates, "I
moment, then walked up close to him.  Ktar"'   :ls  hiBn   ln  this  community   as
"I  hear you say I'm afraid  to fight  any one-    Because  I am the son of a
you,"  he   remarked. successful   father,   I   should
Mr.   Johnson   drew   hack   a   pace.      ,hi"  reason be criticised."
"Oh,   no.    Mister   Jeffries.   It   ain't      "In   'he   minds   of   men   like   you,"
dat, I'd jess like to make a match wif went    on    the    magistrate,     "money
you, and  you don't seem anxious  to creates the idea that you can do what
Such men as you think you can do as  claims containing iron and mica, also  immigration.  Winnipeg   or  the   local
copper, in the Yukon Territory, ol an  agen) recejve authority for some one
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between^
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
(2) If the father (or mother, if ihc And all the principal business centers ol
entry  fee  father is deceased) of the homesteader  ONTARIO, QUEBEC and  the MARI-
arca not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of 25. per cent, of the sales
of the  products  of  the   location.
Tl \CER MINING -Manitoba and  upon  and  cultivation  of th
the   N.  W,   T.,  excepting  the   Yukon   each year for three years.
Territory:  Placer mining claims  gen
erally are  100  feet  square
$5, renewable yearly
to make entry for him.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
01 At least six months' residence
land   in
fight me nohow.
Jeff turned  to Harry Corbett.
Harry,  give nie  $5,000."
Harry  opened  the safe ln  t_3
here," said Magistrate Crane.
house.    If so he must have returned
to  his  old   form  several   times  over,, ner, searched it carefully and produi
as there has never been a man living e,i the money
who has been foolish enough to get, jeff took the big roll of bills, coutt- hold you In $300 ball for trial."
careless with the doughty little ,,,1 jt and handed it back to Corbe::' Arthur J. Singer, Mr. Gates' part-
Dane. Even Young Corbett in his best again. ner, appeared and gave security,
days failed to make a punching bag' "Now," he said to Johnson, ' j m While Mr. Gates was awaiting ar-
of Nelson, even in the early rounds say I don't want to fight you. Well, raignment he said to a reporter:
of their first fight, although some of'we'll go right downstairs here into "Don't put anything of this ln the
the wise ones predicted that he would the cellar. See? Right down into the papers. Why, do you know, when I
do so. cellar. All alone. If you come out flist was arraigned here last Christmas the
From the fact that Nelson has you go to Harry here and he'll gi\e story was printed all over the country,
nearly always gone the twenty round; you this $5,000. (To Corbett)���Ha.'iy,,! received hundreds of letters from
route it Is taken for granted that he you understand���he's to get the five anarchists and all kinds of cranks
is not fast enough to hold out against if  he  comes   up   first.     (Turning  to expressing   delight   over   my   arrest."
a  man like McGovern  in  a six round  Johnson   again)���If   I   come   out   fi.'Sti  0	
affair.     The  wise  boys     were  never I'll agree to donate the money to the Intelligence  of   Maimed   Birds,
more mistaken In their lives, and It hospital that takes care of you. No,v, '.'Maimed birds show remarkable
would not be at all surprising to see if you're so anxious to fight, com? intelligence in getting food for them-
the "Terrible One" go down before a  right  down  into  the cellar." selves," said  a  naturalist,
terrific onslaught from the Battling Mt, Johnson turned gray. As soon "I once found in my garden a blue-
as he opuld find his tongue he sum- bird thai a stone had wounded badly.
mered: The poor little creature could neither
"Deah Mister Jeffries: I ain't no walk nor fly. I put it in a cucumber
cellar fighter! No, Indeed 1 1 won't go frame and fed it regularly, but I sup-
into no cellar. I just wan' to fight you p0se I didn't giye it. enough, for it
in  a  ring,    with    plenty    of    peop c foraged   industriously     all   the     time.
On the North   resides   upon   a   farm   in  the   vicinity
not   for  Saskatchewan River claims are either  of the  land  entered  for  the  require-
bar  or bench,  the  former  being   too ments as tn residence may be satisfied
feet long and extending between high  by such person residing with the fa-
and low water mark.     The latter in-   ther  or  mother.
eludes bar diggings, but extends back (.,1 If the settler has his permanent
to the base of the hill or bank, not residence upon farming land owned
exceeding 1000 feet. Where steam by him in the vicinity of his home-
power is used claims .00 feet wide stead, the requirements as to residence
"and there is no good evidence of the  may be obtained. may  be   satisfied   by  residence  upon
charge  on   which  I  am   arraigned." Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba   the said land
"I am passing   on    the    evidence  and   he" N   W. T��� excepting the Yu-      Six months' notice �� wnbng should
I will kon Territory-A free miner may oh- be given to the Commissioner of Do
Z on" two leases of five miles each minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
for  a  term  of  twenty years, renew-  to apply for patent.
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
(Subject to change without   notice,)'
VK'TORIA-SK.Vl I l.h   Km   1 1
Princi ss Beatrice li
Leaves Port Townsi ad 1. ,
Leaves Victoria 9 p.m.
Arrive Seattle 5 a.m.
Leave Seattle D.3U a.m.
Arrive Pun Towsend  12. hi
Arrive Victoria :;.;ii p.m.
S. s. Prince    \
Leave   Vancouver   1   p.  m.
Leavi'  Victoria   I   a.  in.
VICTOR! \ NEW   w 1 B'l'MlN!
KOI   I '.
STIt.   I'llAK.MI.It.
Leaves  Vlctoi la,  1  a. 111 .   i m
and   Fridays.
Leaves New Westminster, 1 a. m.
Wednesdays and Saturdays,
Calling at Maynean d  Bteveston,
S.S. Joan leaves Nanaimti daily, e_
cept Saturday and Sunday, ai ' a.m
Saturday 8  a.  m.
leaves    Vancouver   dally,    except
Saturday and Sunday, at 1.30 p.m.
Saturday 8,30 p. m.
S. S. Queen City.
Leave  Victoria   11   p,   rn.   1st,  tin),
and 2uth of each month l"i   \' 0
and way points.
Leave Vieloria  10th ol each month
for Quatslno and way points
Leave Victoria 2"ill ol each month
for Cape Scot 1  and way points
Ing Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves   New    Wei I minster
Additional  1 rip leaves  .\. w
minster ."> a. m. Sunday.
Leaves Steveston Monday,
day, Wednesday, Thursday and Sat
unlay 7 a. m. Friday* 6 a. m, Ad-
ditional trip Sa urday :> p, m.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave New Westminster v a. m.
Mondays,  Wednesdaj b and  1 rid
Leavi' Chllllwack 7 a. in. Tue
Thursdays and  Satrdays,  caflllni
landing   between   New   Wi
and Chilliwack.
S.   S.  Tees.
Leaves Vancouver al 2 p. m. 2nd
and 16th of each month calling ft
Skidegate on first nip and Bella Coo-
la on  second  trip.
Times   on   arrivals   and   de(
are approximate.
For  Tickets,  reservations  and la-
��� ".. ry
1' ,. -
you please."
"I obey the law
Assistant  Gen'l  Passenger and Ticket   formation call on or address:
replied Mr. Gates,
able in the discretion of the Minister
of the  Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and subject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on  each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or frac
tion thereof is sufficient
Deputy  Minister  of the  Interior.
Department of Militia and Defence.
New Westminster,  B. C,  Rifle Range.
SEALED TENDERS, marked on the
envelope "Tender for Construction of
Rifle Range, New Westminster," addressed to the secretary of the Militia
Council, Headquarters, Ottawa, will be
Rental, $10 received   until   noon,  the  15th  April
Agent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, III.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest aand best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas) the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists of
private   compartment   cars,   Standard
.1. W. TROUP,
General Superinti tident, Victoria.
Asst. Gen. Pass  Agent. Vancouver.
Gen. Agent, Freight Dept.,
New Westminster,
Agent, New Westminster,
Railway Company!
Atlantic Express leaves Qauy a'
15.40; has first-class sleepers alt
Tourists cars for Toronto every
Monday and Friday; tor Montreal
every Wednesday and Saturday,
Seattle train leaves dall)  at  S.80.
For further particulars applj  "1
ED, (im t.Li.
c. i'. it. Agent
New Westminster
lar fijrht
around and a referee. No,
Mister Jeffries. I ain't no ce
And from that day to this Johns in
has cut out his challenge to Jeffries.
An eastern authority commenting
on the relative merits and chances of
the two scrappers has the following
to say:
Battling Nelson's friends will bet
on him to beat Terry McGovern out
Wednesday night for reasons that
they think good. As stated, It is hard
to get a line on whom the sports
pick to win, so I am giving both sides
of the quest ion. Terry's friends have
had  their say,  today it   is the Dane's Big Gun Tournament,
turn. Walla  Walla.  March   HI.���The plans
In the first place they say that. Nel- for the Northwest Sport
son is altogether too strong for a boy ment to be held in Walla
like Terry. He has met punchers like 20 to 24 are rapidly being made and
Corbett and Herrera who have in a short time Ihe preliminary ar-
knocked out the best boys in the rangements may be completed. From
world, but they did not feaze the ihe responses that have been receiv-
Dane at all. Corbett, who knocked ed to the invitations sent oul it is
Terry out twice, was twice beaten by predicted at least 160, ami probably
the Dane. In their first fight Corbett 2011 of the crack shots of the North-
hit Nelson upon the jaw so hard that west will attend. 'I'be territory
the latter's head hit the flloor. He eludes Utah, Nevada, California, Ore-
was right up. however, and battered gon, Washington, Idaho, Montana nnd
the Denver lad until tin- referee British Columbia, anil all the large
counted him out. Corbett hit Terry nines wlll have teams at the meet,
and   slopped  him.  Then   again   Terry      Word has been    received    that    at
annum  for    each    mile    of river  proximo,   for   the   construction   of   a | 16 section   sleepers,  luxurious  dining  or
Lying on the earth, it would cover itself with leaves���only its small eyes
would be visible. Then, when a fly
alighted  somewhere near���swoop, the
bluebird's head and neck would dart dary to be fixed by its position on the
from the covering of leaves, and the
leased1.     Royalty at the rate of two rifle range at New Westminster, B. Claud a half per cent, collected rm the
output after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases nf five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of
20 years', also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the h^dqu^ters'ottawa^
submerged  bar or bars  in  the  river
below    low    water    mark, that botin-
Plans and specifications may be seen
and full information obtained at the
oflices of the district officer commanding, Victoria; Lieut-Col. J. C. Whyte,
New Westminster, B. C and the director of engineer    services,    militia
:ar. reclining chair cars (seats free),
modem da\ coaches and buffet, library and  smoking cars.
For Time  Tables,  Folders,  or  any
further  information  call  on  or   write
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
Trains & Steamers
fly would be devoured.
"A  finch  with a broken wing lived
Bmen'burTa- h*h ���� ����� ��"��'���r '" "��' garden at [n ��P"at*n *
a Walla June '"" ��I|M9C rjf "ll! "P^���  "  I'111"*- ��r each five .
ed their webs. -It made a round of
some twenty webs a day, and fattened on the contents of those filmy
Tenders must  he made on a form
supplied  by  the  department  and  ac-
st'day of August in the year of the companied by an accepted cheque on
date of the lease. a Canadian chartered bank for 10 per
The  lessee  shall  have   one  dredge cent of the amount of the tender, pay-
within  two  years  from able to the order of the Honorable the
lease, and one dredge  Minister of Militia and  Defence,
miles  within  six years      Tlle department does not bind Itself
never fought at this weight in his
life. He is loo big now to be as fast
as he was.
Terry'B  best  weight   Is   122  pounds,
not Hl.'l. He might have been a whirlwind at the old weight, but no man
can  be as fast an he was with
pounds  added.
least twenty San Francisco experts
will be In Walla Walla and other California towns wlll send large delegations. Besides the men who will compete for the prizes, twenty or thirty
experts,   representing   the   different
ten   brands   of   powder,   and   the   various
makes of guns will  be here and  lake
Nelson is three years younger than part to advertise their goods. While
Terry. He has never drank nor they wlll not be. allowed to compete
smoked'. McGovern has tasted high for the prizes they wlll shoot with
life;   he  has  been  on  top;   his    beat the others.
days  have  passed.    He     Is  like    the      Clay   pigeons   will   be  used,  and  at
candle that gives the last flicker be- least   100.000   will   bo  thrown,
fore It goes out. He Is not the Terry      The tournament will be held at the
of old by a whole lot. fair grounds, and will last five days.
If a lighter hitter than Hanlon can , The first day will be given up to prac-
send him sprawling to the floor for tlce and for the participants to get
the count of nine what will NelBon1 limbered up. The next three days
1,0 * t wl"  bc unvoted  to the regular tour-
Terry has not the punch he    ones  nament nnd the last day, Sunday, will
had.   In  his  fight    with   Hanlon    he  be ubci!  for shooting off the tleB.
punched him all over the ring with-,    Medals aggregating In  value f 2.400 j
out  putting him out.  In  his go with < will  be offered  the  winners.     These i
Tommy Murphy, a much smaller boy medals  are  being  made  In  the  east
than   Nelson,  he  put  him  down  Ave and will be the best that money can
tlmos without putting him out. |buy.  The  local   association  wlll  also!
If he cannot knock out such fight-j offer  over  ��700  In  cash   purses.   He-
Beer  and  Fruit  Disagree.
After     I   had   finished     my   beer,
u.   still feeling thirsty, I called for some
fruit,"    said   Ihe    tourist.    "But     the
waiter shook  his head.
" 'You won't  gel  fruit  and beer together  In   Berlin,  heir,'  he  said.
Why  not,'  Bald   I.
"It   Is   against   Ihe   law,   herr,'   the
waiter replied. 'There is a law here In
Germany  that  no one is to be served
beer and  fruit together. If a  restaurateur   breaks   this   law,     lie   loses
"'It Is a good law,' the waiter added, it Is hosed on good, Bound sense.
Beer and fruit don't mix. They are
bud for the stomach. Sometimes they
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory��� Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek or
gulch, tlie width being from 1000 to
2000 feet. All other placer claims
shall lie 250 feet square.
Claims arc marked by two legal
posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office
One extra day allowed for each addi-
hls tional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the out-
cause  death.'
"Since that  time,"  the tourist  end-  j,'ut''0n  which no "royalty    sha
ed,  "I   have  never  mixed   beer    um'  charged the rest of the party ordin-
frult, It Is a strnngfe Idea, Isn't It, to  ary claims only,
have food  laws like that? Entry fee $10.    Royalty at the rate
 o���I  ' of two and one-half   per cent. 011 the
Appeal  Allowed. j value  of  the gold  shipped  from the
Ottawa,   March   IS.���The    case    of I Yukon  Territory  to  be  paid  to  the
JackRon  vs.  Drake,  JnckBon  &  coim' comptroller.
to accept the lowest or any tender.
L. F. PINAULT, Colonel.
Deputy Minister of Militia and  Defence.
Department of Militia and Defence,
Ottawa, February 14, 1906.
"The Milwaukee"
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. Tbey
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on all] their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of
service  not  obtainable elsewhere.
Berths on their sleepers arc longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars
on any other line. They protect
their trains by the Block System.
Connection made with all transcontinental lines in Union Depots.
U.S. ROW.F-, General Agent.
134 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
Leave  New  Westminster   15.40 dally,
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   Arrive  New Westminster  11.36 dally.
-   l.v. New West. . 8.30; ar. Seattle 16,60
Lv. Seattle  10;   ar.  New  West.  18.40.
Lv. New West. Hi.r, nnd 17.86.
Ar .New West. 8.36 and 16.40.
Lv. New Westminster C.:!0 a. m.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 11.111.; ar. Seattle I i'.n:.
Lv. N. W. 4.35 P.m.; ar. Seattle In I'.n
Lv. Seattle 8.30 a.in.; ar. N. W. S i��-
Lv. Seattle 4.20 p.m.;  ar. N.W.   Ml
v., W. & Y.���VANCOUVER.
Lv. N. W. 8 p.m. and 8.86 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.36 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 0.20 a.m.; ar. GulchOl
2.20 p.m.
Lv.  Guichon   2.40  11.111
9,86 p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv. New West. 6.60 a.n I '' v
ami hourly until 11 p.m.. '��� b ttall
hourly between tt.30 and C.80 I'-'11
Saturday half hourly noon to 11 P-"1
Sunday  hourly    S    a.111
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points cast, west and south to Rnss-
land, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage daily  for   Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane and  Nelson.
0.20 a.m. .
13.35 pni.
Q.40 a.m. .
Sunday,    November     10,
Day Train
..  Spokane
. .Rossland
...Nelson .
7 15 p.m.
4.10 p.m.
6.45 p.m.
General Passenger  Agent
i pany, a dispute in connection with a
ilaw firm at Victoria, was heard In the
! supreme court today.   Th* appeal was
allowed with costa.
Belyea & Co.
Northern Pacific
era as Murphy and Hanlon what
chance has he to knock out Nelson,
a fighter much stronger, heavier and
more rugged than either of these?
The Nelson men feel that the Dane
is like Jim Jeffries, never appreciated until ne beats every man In the
world. They think that he has Just
etarted   oa   bis  winning  career  and
sides these prizes it  Is probable that   General Hauling and Delivery
many of the sporting concerns of the
country  wlll  offer  special   prizes    of
sporting goods.
It Ih expected that Seattle wlll send
a strong delegation to the meet.
Heavy Hauling uur specallty.
Wood and Coal
-No free miner shall receive a grant
- of more than one mining claim on
j each separate river, creek or gulch,
ibut the same miner may hold any
I number of claims by purchase, and
| free  miners   may  work   their  claims
in   partnership   by   filing   notice   and
paying fee of $2.     A claim may be
abandoned  and  another  obtained  on I (_ CONRAD, CARCROSS, ATLIN,
I the  same   creek,  gulch  or  river,  by,WHITE   HORSEi   DAWSON    and
giving notice and paying a tec. FAIRBANKS.    Daily trains  (except
Work  must  be   done   on   a   claim! Sunday)    carrying   passengers,   mail,
each year to the value of at least $200.1 express    and    freight   connect    with
A  certificate  that  work  has  been | stages at Carcross and White Horst,
done mnst be obtained each year; if maintaining a through winter service.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
Manty  Pri.tt Abolished.
In a laudlble effort to pr*.��e.rv,��,!&ej-J;
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone 1DV.
not, the claim shall be deemed to be
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
I defined absolutely by having 1 survey
For information apply to
J.  II.  ROGERS, Traffic  Manager,
Mackinnon Bldg.,
���  .��� _        Vancouver, B. C.
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.   Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special   Reduced   Ratat   Round   Trip
Rates to  Southern  California.
For full informtion cull on or write
C. E. LANG, Geheral Agent,
430 Hastings St, Vancouver, B. C.
Portkad, Ova. A. G. P. A.
S    a.m.   tO   11   I1'"1"
with half-hourly bet. noon nnd 7 p.s>'
Lv. Vancouver same time thioueb-
Fraser River and Gulf
Up river.
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Krld. 8 e.m.
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., 1 a.m.
From N. W. Tn., Th��� Sat. S a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 am.
From N. W. dally, ex. Sun., S.16 P-f'
From Mt. Lehman, 7 a.m.
From N. W. dally, ex. Sun., 2 �����"�����
Add. trip, Monday, B a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. C a.m)
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
City of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 a.m.
From Victoria Saturday 7 a.m.
Mali Service
Close. Received-
Seattle, via Bumas 10.00 p.m. 0.45 8-J
Sap'H ft Mill8ide...l0.00p.m.   8.45pm-
Vancouver 10.Wp.rn.   9.00��m-
Cloverdale, Blaine, .   _
Seattle, etc.. .. 8.45a.m.   3.3��P��"'
Vin. ft Cent. Park...l0.30a.m.   2P��'
Victoria 10.30 a.m. 10.00 4 -�����
East Bnrnaby.. .. 1.15p.m.   45J*
Bt-vettbn, etc.... 1.30p.m. 10.30��-�����
JSasLvta CP.R... 3.Mp.m. U��J
Bap..irm,fcoq,m.. 3.00p.m. M.JJ*
VI*. ft Bttrnn-y.. s.J��p.m.
Wit* WEDNESDAY.    MARCH    14,    1906
Great Wallpaper
This Is no Bunco Game with Us
| But a Genuine Going-out-of-Business
;       Having made arrangements to enter another line of business we have decided to close out our immense stock of
[ Wallpaper, Burlaps, Room Mouldings, Varnish Stains, etc.
At Cost for Cash���
A visit to our store will convince everybody that we have the largest stock of wallpaper in British Columbia and it has all
got to go and go quickly.
We have just opened a fine line of German goods which will be sold at cost, from 15c to 40c a roll.
Our Varnished goods for kitchen and bath, 40c a roll everywhere, while they last 30c a roll and so on.
Very neat 5c toJ7 l-2c bedroom papers for roll 4c
2c borders to match, per yd       - -       1 l-2c
Many very handsome stripes and floral designs in
all colors, regular prices 7 l-2c, 10c, 12 l-2c, 15c
Sale prices, per roll -       5c, 6c,  7c, 8c, 9c
3c and 4c nine-inch Border to match for   2c a yard
Embossed Gilts
Regular prices           -            - 7 l-2c to 40c
Sale prices           -           - 12 l-2c to 20c
18-in. Freizes to match, per yd -     12 1-2 to 15c
Sale prices, per yard            - 6c and 10c
Pressed  Goods
A   beautiful   line  of  American   pressed  goods;
regular$1.50 a roll: Sale price      -     75c a roll
18-in.    Frieze to match;    regular 35c per yard
For 15c a yard
The old reliable Ingrains, regular 15c a roll
Sale price - - - 9c a Roll
18-inch Friezes to match, regular 15c a yard
Sale price - - - 10c a yard
Ingrain Ceilings, regular 30c to 40c a roll
Sale price - - 17 1-2caRoll
Room Mouldings, reg. price 5c per ft. now   3 l-2c
Remember this is a genuine sale, no removal sale or side show of any kind, but a real, genuine get-out-of-the-wallpaper-busi-
ness-quick sale. We have a good staff of paperhangers and will hang all paper we can for those who want work done, but of
course we will not be able to hang it all.    First come first served.
RISHOP opp-p��opicsThcatrc S01 Pender st., Vancouver
Ui^JFi     *^w-*r* Samp, orir.es aoolv to  mail  orders.    ^w ^*    u *
UNION LODGE, NO. 9. A, F. &. A. M.
���The regular meet ini; of this
Is held on the First Wednesday in
each month, at 8 o'clock p. m., In
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DcWolf Smith,
CAMP. 191.���Meets on Ilie First and
Third Tuesday of every month in
K. of P, Hall. John McNiven,
Chief;  J, J. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
!���'. & A. M.- Regular cpmmunlca-
i tlons of this lodge are held on the
I    second  Tuesday   In  each  month  in
Masonic Temple, at 8 p, ni. Visit-
���   lug  brethren   are  cordially   Invited
to attend.    D. \V. Gilchrist, Sec.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westmln-
Bter Hoard of Trade meets tn the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quarterly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at. S p, in.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly |
meeting.    A. K. White, Sec.
I It. It. K. of )., meets second and
B fourth Friday of each month, al 8
ff p. m., iu Orange hull, corner of
t Royal avenue and .lohn street. So-
~ Journlng Sir Knights cordially invited to attend. W. B. Dunlop, W.
P.;    E.  B.  Matthias, Reg.
BRITISH COLUMBIA OFFICE, 66 Hastings Street, W., VANCOUVER.  Write for Catalogue.
���Meets In Orange hall lirst and
third Friday In each month at S p.
in. Visiting brethren .ire cordially
Invited  to attend.    B.  B.  Matthias,
W. M.; j. Humphries, Rec-Sec.
O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every Monday evening,
at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend, S. J. May,
N. G.;   W, 0. Coat ham, Roc-Sec.
OFFER     Ll!
12 Packages Leading Vegetables and Flowers for 25c���Onion,
Cucumber, Beet, Lettuce, Carrot and Radish; Asters, Sweet
Mignonette,    Pansy,   Petunia,    Sweet   Peas,   and    Wild    Garden.
WM. RENNIE CO., Limited
Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.
Fortune Smiles Again
On "Swiftwater Bill"
Seattle, Wash.. March 13.���"Swift-1 for the third time, and the second
water Bill" Gates and the flcltle god- Mrs. Gates left him, even going so
dess of fortune have made up again, far as to carry her complaint Into
This will be glad tidings for Gates' court. The outlook back ln Fairbanks
many wives, some of whom live In was bad, and everybody who had
Seattle. For the fourth time this been drinking Bill's wine declared,
warm member of the sporting fra- "Swiftwater's down and out for good."
ternity has made a stake In frozen 1.1111 disappeared in Mexico, remained
Alaska. The foreman iu charge of there for several months, and then
his mining interests sends out word quietly stole northward in the ilirec-
from Fairbanks that Bill's clean-up t lion of his icy Golconda. Now while
tor the year will net $400,000. , he is on his way In word conies from
Bill, who has just spent several the mines that Bill Is a Croesus once
months in tropical Mexico, Is now on more, and soon the once enthusiastic
his way from the Alaskan coast to j drinkers of Bill's wine will thaw out
Fairbanks. Soon he will come down [and declare, "You can't keep a Rood
from the North with wealth to ignite j man down."
smolder  and  burn,  and  "Scolty"  will I  o	
have a rival capable of making hlni j
0   u   w.���FRASER  LODGE  No. 3
-Meetings the lirst and thli tl Tuesday    in     each     month.        Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Lodge room. A. (). V. W. hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson -tree. C.
S. Corrlpan, recorder; Louis Witt,
mastur workman.
"It" naturally follows!!! What???
Satisfaction, of course, to every man
who smo'es the
8. C. and Old Sport Cigars
Manufactured by Hie II. C. Cigar
Factory, New Westminster. II. C. All
first class dealers handle these brands.
Leaves a   Record of Much  Interest  In
This World  Behind
a school teacher, which profession hei
father had  followed before her.
Miss Anthony first spoke in public
in 1S-I7,     ^^^^^^^^^^
In   the  temperance  movement,  organizing societies and lecturing.    In 1851
she culled u temperance convention in
Allll,,���,.,    mo,   ..,,u..^    ...    ,   .
and from that time took part | alieth Cady Stanton
association  to Induce congress to so
| cure to her sex the right  of voting
i in 1867 she went to Kansas with Ellz
and Lucy Stone
115, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S.���
Red Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
in K. of P. Hull, Columbia St., at
8 p. m., While Rose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday in each month, same
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cordially Invited. R. B. Stinch-
combe, Pres., H. Disney, Secretary.
.-Meets the Fourth Friday In the
month at 8 o'clock, lit fhe fcriMl
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially Invited to at-
tend. .T. B. Rushton, C. R.; *��� *".
Maxwell, R. S.  __
A O. F.-The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
M 8 p. m. in Hie Oddfellows Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly in
vlted to attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.,
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
and obtained 9,000 votes in favor of
women suffrage. In 1868, with the cooperation of Mrs. Stanton and Parker
Albany   !ifter,r|,n7r'Vus��i,,adm\,sslon:''��'��''��'0'. and With the assistance of
Alimnj. .uter ntnig , Qeorge  Francis  Train,  Miss  Anthony
to u previous convention on account i ���"���
0. he, sex. In 186J the Woman's New began, in New York City he public*
York State Tempera,,.,- society was Hon of a weekly paper called The Reorganized. Through her exertions and ( volu.ionlst. devoted to the en.anclpa-
those Of Mrs. F.ll/.abcth duly Stanton,! Hon -if women. _
.    i     . i���,iii���,i to laHu.     In  1872  Miss  Anthony cast  bullots
women   came  to lie  admitted  to  emi-1
Still Doing Buiiness at the Old Stand
Merchant Tailor
Rochester, N. Y., March I:',.���The
long and eventful life of Susan B. Anthony    closed   at    12:40   o'clock    this
morning.     The  end   came   peacefully.  _Q__   __m ^ ^  ^^  _ 	
Miss  Anthony  had  been  unconscious _M_^  ^  other  convenllonB  wlthjnt  the  state  and  congressional  elec-
the right to speak, vote and serve on! Hon In Rochester In order to test the
committees. : application of the fourteenth and ftf-
toonth    amendments   of   the    I'nited
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, Mcot.cn and IriBh
tweeds and worsteds always In stock
Spring stock now  In.    Make your
PERANCE meet  every Wednesday
at 8 o'clock  p.  ..... In Oddfellow-
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially Invited to attend. J, S. Bryson, S. C; ��, K.
Brown, Rec. Sec.
H. M0REY&C0.
217-219 Columbia Street,
New Weatminater, B. C.
practically for U hours, and her death
had been momentarily expected since
Sal urday night. Only her wonderful
constitution kept  her alive.
Dr. M. S. Rlcker, her attending
physician, said Miss Anthony died
from heart failure, Induced by double
pneumonia. Her lungs were practically closed, and the pneumonia had
yielded to treatment, but the weak*-
ness of her heart prevented her recovery.
The funeral wlll be held on Thursday at 2 o'clock.   Rev. Dr. Gannet, of!
the First Unitarian church, Of which
Miss Anthony waa a member, wlll off!
Sketch  of  Her  Life
About 185? she became prominent
among Ihe agitators for the abolition
of slavery.   In 1858 she made a report
foi Illegal voting, and was fined by
In a teacher's convention ln Troy, in "lstlc0 Hunt' but' ln accordance with
favor of the coeducation of the sexes. !her ,leflant declaration, never paid the
But It was to secure equal civil rights"      n-"'����" 1fi��� "nrt ,Mn "ho
for women that the energies of her
life were chiefly directed. In 1854-55
she held conventions ln ea.fch Cotihly
t: New Y6rk In tho cause df female
uffrage, and from thai l.ui�� on Bae ac
dressed annual appeals and petitions
to the legislature.   She *'H active In
Securing the passage of thi net df the
New  York  legislature of ISv) i;IvIi��p.
i��� i,   -a j to married  women the possession ��,t
Susan  Brownell   Anthony,  probably thelr eixrning9|    the    gmrdlanship of
the  best   known  advocate  of  woman; thelr Chndreni etc.    D'l.' >? tho clvi!
suffrage ln America, was born at Ad-!war ghe rtevotea herself to the Wo- \     - .-,  ..    ,
ams. Mass., February 15, 1820.   WhenL^., lj0ya, Ioaglle> which petitioned'Rmounted thU >oar to *14<M02, eom
Miss Anthony was still  In her teenB j congrress  In   favor  of  the  thirteenth pared wlth ��127'000 la8t >'ear'
her   parents   removed   to   New   York' amendment. ' '     '    In v,ew of the '^Proved Income the
state, and In 1S4C Bettled at Roches- question of Increasing the remunene
ter, which city the eminent reformer! Campaign In Kaneas. . |tlon ot missionaries was brought up
continued   to   call   lier   home   during j
penalty. Between 1870 and 1880 she
lectured ln all the northern and Beveral of the southern states more than
100 times a year. She appeared before congress since 1869 and presented a petition for a constitutional amendment enfranchising women. During her long and busy Tlf > 'he traveled and lectured extensively both In
America and Europe.
Mere Money for'Missions.
Toronto,  March  14.���The total  receipts for Presbyterian Home missions
Campaign In Kaneas.
In I860 shd started 'i petition in. fa-'at a meeting of the committee yester-
(the remainder of her life.    Miss An- lor of leavlrjg out the *j'or    "male" 111Iday.
jthony received a liberal education and I be fourtenlh ametidm-n*  and worked;    After some discussion It was refer-
j spent the early part of her career as; With  the  National  Women's  SuffitiM-'i red to a special commit tee for report,
1 sit up and take notice. It Is possible,
even, that  the  rapid-transit celebrity
'will be reminded that he comes from
Death Valley.
Few men have seen more tips and
downs In life than "Swiftwater Bill."
Coming to manhood not only penniless but Illiterate, he found that civilization had no use for such a dull
fellow as he, and at the first opportunity struck out for the treasure
Balds of Alaska. There, after many
vicissitudes, he found what he sought,
came back to the states and scattered It around with both hands. His
first wife, one of the three Lamore
sisters, of mlnlng-camp dance-halt
fame, helped him spend his money.
Nothing was too good for Mr. and
Mrs. "Swiftwater Bill." They wore
diamonds and bands of gold big
enough to make a barber blush for
human vanity, and the wine they
consumed woubl have enabled an
hydraulic outfit to wash away Mount
St. Ellas.
In the course of human events Independent Mr. Gates went broke and
hied himself back to the mines. Soon
he returned with another fortune,
and spent it the same way. -About
this time BUI's wife helped herself to
a divorce. BUI repaired to Alaska,
lingered there long enough to acquire
still another stake, and was next
heard of In Seattle. He had married
a sister of his first wife, and she was
assisting him in his efforts to rid
himself of his wealth.
On the way down from Alaska to
Seattle the second Mrs. Gates confided her troubles to a fellow passenger. "BUI is so soft," she said, "one
could stick a finger clear through his
BUI  drifted  on  the  financial .rocks
Kentucky Grand Jury Says They Are
As Bad as Gambling Houses.
Cynthiana. Ky��� March 13,���The
pink tea where society plays progressive euchre and gives prizes to the
winners has the same degrading Influence as the gambling house where
roulette and poker lire the attractions, the difference being only one
of degree.
This ts the report made by the
grand jury to the Judge of the Harrison circuit court. It matterB very
little, say the Jurymen, whether tho
prize for winning be a silver dollar
or a Bllver thimble.
"Progressive euchre parties are
made alluring with prizes, refreshments and the knowledge that the
local papers will print the names of
the guests and the winners. All are
common gamblers and deserve to be
Hateful Jtamarks About H��U Had to
a General Mix-up.
St. Louis, Mo., March 13.���Mrs.
Kate Meyers, of 4219 Fair avenue:
Mrs. Gussle Baer, of 2604 Franklin
avenue, and Mrs. Nellie Fury, of
2200 Carr street, were lined $10 each
and coats ln Judge Pollard's court on
account of a fight on an Eastern avenue owl car. They stated they were
returning- from a dance In De Hodla-
The - fights started over remarks
made about, each others' hats, and
the conductor took the women to'
King's Highway, where he turned"
them over to the police.
WEDNESDAY,    MARCH   14,   19W
ik '   "'
I' ti
lenten items.... Local News Briefly Told
1.   Finnan Haddie, per   pound          10c J
Codfiish, per pounc*.       8 ami 10c
Kippers, 3 for       25c
Mackerel, No. 1, per kit         $2.00
Fresh Herring,, 4-lb. tins for         25c
Ocean Haddie. and Kippered Herring, in large oval tins, 2 for     25c
Two tins o�� the best Clams, for       25c
T. S.  ANNANDALE West   End
D. VV. Gilchrist, Mgr.
%    A   HARMDAN
��� ��������������*���������<�����������*��������
J.   5.   BKYSON
Hardman & Bryson
Practical .Sanitarians
Complete line of Granite. Aluminum
Estimates turnisnen on all  Ciasi
ind Tinwares.
js of Plumbing Work.
Columbia Street
���Sc*e Agents
823 Granville Street
Monarch Ranges.
.1. Savage came in from Wes^Jisun
island on the Transfer this forenoon.
Miss Shore, of Ladners, is. visiting
in the Royal City.
Fred. Groves returned, home to Al-'
dergrove on the Boave.r this morning.
H. Neville Smith, tie provincial land
surveyor, was a passenger to Benson's
Landing on the Beaver  this  morning.
Mrs. Leary and Mrs. Guichon, both
of Port Guichon, were passengers on
this morning's Transfer.
Mrs. tiuni.ie and Miss McDonald, of
Ladners, are visitors in the city today.
Rev. Mr. Be,Is, pastor of the Ladners Methodist church, came in on
the Transfer this forenoon.
A   carload   of   donkey   engines   was
! received at this point by the C. P. R.
The Flyer took a run down to the
Fraser   River   mills   this   morning
shift  a  boom  of logs.
Before placing your orders for NEW
STEAM PLANT, write for quotations.
We have the LARGEST and BEST equipped
BOILER PLANT in Canada       :       :       :
"Canada" Heaters  and  Separators
Cochrane   Patents.
"Canada" Return Tubular Boilers
For Salt���A first class lunch room,
doing a good business. Apply Mrs.
Hominy. 27* Columbia street, city.    ��
.Inst received a good line of fishing
tackle. Call and see our goods. Alex.
Captain Grietz. of the German hark
Steinbek, was admitted to the Royal
Columbian hospital last night.
The Fraser River Lumber company  Cameron
erection of the company's    proposed
new traps.
Mrs. David Gtiun returned home to
Boundary Bay on the Transfer today.
The steamer Sendai, owned by a
Japanese, was found running without
a licence and turned over to the customs officials,
Donald McLean Of Pitt Meadows,
who has been quarantined for the past
six weeks for scarlet fever, was in
town today.
The bank on the Great Northern
siiiing below Columbia street, to the
west of the bridge, is falling oft In
great flakes, owing to the late frost.
Mrs. Peterson of Pitt Meadows was
brought down on Ihe steamer Favorite this afternoon and taken to the
Royal  Columbian   hospital  in  a  hack.
The Columbian    college   and    high
l0 school Junior teams will meet at football at Moody park at  10:30 Saturday
morning,   in   a   game   to  decide   the
championship for the year.
IL M. Richardson, the Dominion Inspector of marine boilers, is Inspecting the following boats today: Phoenix,   Reliance,  Nora,   Magnet, Clouth.i,
Vulcan, Iris, Ramona,    Stranger and
West minster.
Sanitary Inspector Pierce report!
having   released   the   home  Of   Fran!
on    Seventh   streel    fron
j Spring Millinery Opening j
Polish Your Furniture
witli Johnson's Prepared A'ax. It preserves and brings out nn.tunil beauty ot
the wood. It produces a rich, artisan
UnWi *lo which din and dust will not
adhere. Just trj ii and you will see how
much better it is tiiun any oilier polish.
Prepared Wax
Is "A Complete. Finish and Polish lor Ail
Wood." Use it on your floors and woodwork, too. Johnson's Powdered Wax Is
tor all dancinit floors.
You can get Johnsons Iree book, The
Proper Tre��tnient tor Floors. Woodwork
aud Furniture" and ihe*u preparations ot
Anderson & Lusby
Columbia Street
New Westminster
��� -���
��� Grand opening- of Parisian ant
London pattern Hats, together with Millinery Novelties
personally selected hy our Miss Gamble in
the Eastern fashion centres
��� ���
j Thursday, March  15th!
|         and following days        j
i j
X 'v"   Large selection of ready to wear Hats, add        *
X 5*2 a pleasing assortment to the grand display.        \
��� w X
^�������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Hanam Patent
Canada" Water Tube  Boilers
Canada" Steam Pumps
Full Stock of Pumps carried at
Vancouver and Rossland    :    :
Addre*s:l527 and 529 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.
have   twelve  men   al   work  in
camp at the head of Pitt lake.
J, Longo, the man who was hurl al
the Fraser River Lumber company's
camp al Pltl lake, is progressing favorably.
P. Swanson. Mrs. Swanson and A.
Jenson came in on the Transfer ibis
morning trom the British American
cannery at Canoe Pass.
quarantine. One of Mr. Cameron's
children has Just recovered trom an
attack of scarlet fever, and yesterda)
the forbidding notice was removed
from the house.
The   steamer   Favorite,    still   with
her smoke stack  badly damaged,  arrived   in   port     this     afternoon   at
o'clock.    The  passenger list   was  M.
Macauley,  K.   M.   Adams, c.  Brouse,
G. Moulton and C. Allan! of Langley;
Miss Maud Mannering was taken to l.   Cottell,  of  Green's    Landing;    X.
the Royal Columbian hospital on Mon-  McKay, Glen Valley; II. Hicks. Barns-
day   last   to   lie   treated   for  a   severe ton  Island, and  -Miss McC'lllum of -'1;.
attack of Inflammatory rheumatism.      Lehman,   who  is  to     u,   one  ol   the
bridesmaids at the w. hi n-< of Harry
A'croft and Miss St. I'armichie..
lale of Ml.. Lehman.
Pev.  Mr. Crosby's lecture, "The Indians of 13. C, Past, and Present." was
Grand  millinery  ojiening at  W.  S. mll(,h enjoyed by a fair sized audience
Collister   ���   Co.'s  tomorrow  and   foi- in  Weg,   Kncl   Methodist   church  last
Mrs. It. P. Hill, teacher of the German    language    and    piano    (German
! Conservatory   method i,   1005   Queen's,'
\v. s.
Co.'s   tomorrow   and   following  days.    Grand   display  of  pat-
Item and ready-to-wear hats.
evening.     Prom   the   reverend   gentleman's  varied  experience    of    almost
John    Oliver,    M.    P.    P.,    passed half  a  century,  valuable information
through town today on his way home regarding  the   Indians  of  II.  C.  was
gleaned in an interesting manner. |'p-
wards of a hundred views, thrown on
canvas splendid!; illustrated the lecture of two hours' duration. Messrs.
Broughton,  Rolison, Osborne and  Hil-
Office Supply
Sole Dealers ��.
|   Remington  Typewriter  \
Typewriter Supplies
Typewriters Repaired
Adding Machines "Burrough's"
Office Desks and Furniture
Loose-Leaf Ledgers
Office Stationery
Elliott Addressing Machines
625 Hastings Street
����������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������
-   Vancouver, B. C. ���
I       C. A. WELSH
���X. %
Everything Fresh and
Give Us a Trial.
The People's Grocer
4 Columbia Street.
New Westminster. >!<
Houses and Lots
In Every Section of the City. ;���;
Bj One acre, five acre and ten    acre blocks    in    city and  suburban 6
;���; districts. I
a Kami   lands 01  an   Kinds a nd     descriptions    located   within   ,r,0 >J<
9 miles of the city. !���;
>J See us before going elsewhere,   We can sell as low if nol lower >*
!���! than any other Real Estate Ilea ler.
Send for list of houses, lot s and  farms.
1 McQUARRIE & CO., 1N��
186  Columbia   Street,
Advertise in The News
| to the Delta, from his legislative dut-
I ies at the capital.
G.   Bruskey,   of   Aldergrove,   was
i among  the  Beaver's  down   river   passenger    this    morning, and  took  his
I ticket for Grier's  Landing.
A. A. Fraser. of Vancouver, the re-
presentatlve of the Crown Tailoring
company, was a passenger to Chilliwack on the Beaver this morning.
The steam tug which is being built
ai    Sapperton   for   the   Westminster
Towing & Pish company, by W. Peck
and A .Brown, has her keel laid and;
stem piece in position.
Mrs. \v. J. Mufford returned home
to Langley yesterday, accompanied by
her  little daughter,  who  has been a
patient   at   the   Royal  Columbian  hos-j
Mrs. Robertson, wife of the Rev.
Mr. Robertson, of Chilliwack, returned home on the Beaver this morning.
She had been ill for some time, but
regained  her  usual  health.
11. Dunnell who has been superintending the Installation of the manual
training school in the old mineral hall
at Queen's park for the past six
weeks has left for Victoria.
Arthur Oliver, the eldest, son of .lohn
Oliver, M. P. P., was discharged yesterday from the Royal Columbian hospital, where he has been confined for
tlie past  six weeks with a broken leg.
This spring's millinery opening Is
worth coming miles to see Everything that is new from the London,
Paris and eastern fashion centres on
display tomorrow at W. S. Collister
& Co.'s. ���
The Brunette Saw Mill Co. will resume cutting tomorrow. The millwright, with a large gang of men, is
working hard to be In readiness, and
the engines wlll be turned over this
afternoon. Tho company are shipping Iwo cars of lumber und one of
shingles  lo the  Northwest, today.
I). S, Curtis, the chemist on Columbia street, has a fine display of new
seeds in his window, most artistically
arranged in a geometrical design, resembling a number of smull flower
beds with narrow paths between, as
may be seen in many of the old English ami Dutch  flower gardens.
Next Sunday the Salvation Army
corps of this city will celebrate its
eighteenth anniversary. Major Rawllng
and Mrs. Rawllng, of Vancouver, will
assist al all the services of the day,
and on Monday evening a social will !
be held, the proceeds of which will
lie devoted to the Army's local building fund.
The A. B. C, Canning company unloaded a car load of machinery at'the
C, P. II. today and transferred it on
board their Steamboat Phoenix. The
company has just, received from W.
Emerson, the maker, one of the
largest and strongest pile drivers
ever turned out on this coast, and
the machinery today received Is part
of Its equipment. The pile driver
will be taken as soon as possible to
Vancouver Island and utilized In the
debrand   sang  '
.vitll   fine  effect.
The   Wayside   Cross"
Little Girl Hurt Again.
Some time ago, little Miss Adelaide
McMurphy fell and broke her leg. The
fracture was set and the little girl,
after a few weeks, was able lo run
around again. Yesterday afternoon
about 3 o'clock, the mother heard a
cry and on investigation found that
Adelaide had fallen and hurt the same
leg so badly that she feared it was
broken. Medical aid was called, and
it was found that while the leg was
severely strained, it had not been
again fractured. Adelaide will be
about again in a few days.
Contract for Telephone Line.
Yestreday a contract for the construction of nearly ten miles of telephone lino in the municipality of North
Vancouver was awarded by the B. C.
Telephone company.
Inspecting Seeds.
\\". ('. McKillican, government seed
inspector, is making his tir;t annual
trip through the country inspecting
the stock of all seed merchants, both
wholesale and retail. He ha: already
inspected the seed supply at Victoria
Vancouver, New Westmln-de ��� and Nanaimo, and lefl today for Ladners to
continue     his     work.      All     sample:-
gathered are labeled and forwarded
to the department ot agriculture to
be properly analysed and reported
upon. After having Ladners Mr. McKillican will proceed lo the upper
country on his tour of inspection.
Is In Full Swing
If you expect to secure one
of our
Extraordinary   Bargains
you will have to hurry up.
50 to 25 per cent off
Columbia Street
Residence Buy
with 132 feet frontage on
Superb outlook and good soil for
garden.    Improvements
and all for
Only $1,600
If you want it, better speak quickly.
Malms, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents. Tel.  106. Columbia St.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12.
New Westminster.
ANNUAL   MEETING    Tablets, Tombstones, tic.
The Westminster lacrosse Club;
Will Be Held in the
Friday, March 23rd,' 06
At 8 P.M..
Everybody   Come.
51 Sixth street.
Write for prices.
New Westminster,  B. C.
WANTED��� Night wat|hman for shingle mill at Cloverdale. Wages $"iti
per month.    Apply I). Haddon.
WANTED���Strong steady boy to learn
bollermaklng. Vulcan Boiler Wks���
Front street.
For First Class  Repair   Worh
Give Me a Trial.
Any make or design I can repair it and
make it (rood as new.
Horace Dorer,
Late of Trorcy's.
Columbia Street,       Next Tram Office |
Advertise in the News
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������t
Electric Railway Service
Interurrjan   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations at b.oU nnd ��.nU a.tn,.
and every hour thereafter between X a.m. and 11 p.m.
Half-hour cars from l_m. to 7
Cars leave Vancouver tor Westminster at same nours.
Last ear Saturday at  11 p.m.
City Limits Line���Service trom
6.30 a.m. to 10.au p.m.
20 Minute Service���No transfer.
Between 12 and t and fi and 7.
30  Minute   Service   during   "
matador of day.   Transfer at
Leopold l'lace.
Sunday   Service   half-houih   l��"
Iween   8   a.   m.   and   10  p.  m-
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line���iii Minute Service, except between '- sue
1!, and 6 nnd 7, during wtiich
hours tho service win be
half-hourly.       ��
Sunday Service half-nouriy between 8 a.m. and iu p.m.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd.
, a *****


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