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The Daily News Nov 2, 1906

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01 IME I. NUMBER 204
Lower Mainland Liberal  Association Was Formed In
Vancouver Last Night at a Representative
n ..ntion   in
evening   was  a   very
���     a
��� il ihrough,
��� nti nces,
������.��� ol > li
e organl
M    ..'  n :  Ll ���
Its fleld i
i- and the ru
Dell i,   Chllllwacl
I    nd Ski ena     Ex
Van     ivi ,". is < hair-
��� ���   exe. ul i ��� ������   committee
i t e   mem er   11 om every
��� a b   re] : ��� sentative
iti   th :
Ni  :..-   -ii 1   ii..:   ��.-������'   a
.'   .,      ;���. ���     t a a,' ei S,   hu'
��� :  n'i a   ',','���    minstei. .1.
i, Plumridge, of Mis-
Rankin;   I ii 11
Clovei ; ���'":  Ri  hi 01
of Ebu    ��� .  S ���. na, 11.
nice was v.      .     I, ovi r
,   ��� ji nt.
Mi    Ma   lom I !.   U >.        .    .
     he  .    11
��� be   necessll
. .  telling ol  th
enay District ���
1:1    ne     Iml      ii      ���      .      ed I
M it:,I.in la.,.,
Hli.     t   'i   ,'. ;
.     ociatl  a
lanl oi  Inti rfere  ,vi      lien
Mr. Drury, M.P.P Victo
��� i' .' - ������ ,
li 'a  on Van     . n
I.. ��� a re   wi
fident        victor., i
��� !c< tii :..
Shi i       ...'.. .   , ���     ... ���
Messrs.   Kenne lv,    M.P       '  ;-
M P-,  Oliver,   M P.P.;   ;;       ���,    ,
ford    Rai '  ' .       a
ol   Coquitlam;    Thompso '.
men;   Stewart and .  <     Ebui m ;
of'   New ������''.���' ; ������ :
Moi   e, of Skeena
_ London, Xov. 1. War Secretary Haldane, re-
pl; ig in the House of Commons today to John
Henniker Heaton, progressive Conservative, said the
government did not intend to make public the report
of Lieut. Col. Hobbs, who went to the United States
to inspect meat supplied for the British army shortly
after the packing scandal, and he, the secretary,
could not make a statement on the subject until a
final decision regarding future contracts had been arrived at. The British ;tr:ny still held about three
quarters of a million pounds of American canned
m at, costing $400,000. There was no present intention of sending an officer to investigate the question of supplying the army from Australia i s   irces-
President   of   London   Reform   Association   Swears   That
State of Corruption Was Created  By Dishonesty
of Tories In Former Elections.
. n
.   Nov   l      \  sensa lon  has   Jcrrj   Collins   came to   his office  to
caused   '���:���   the   very  outspoken   "'���-"   hi'    the   party,   in
,        Ij miS  more   vl ban   polite told
���   .     t :     .en      ' ���     a  t alll \ '
llllll   to   go  III   hell.   Ile  dented   all   kiloW
'   ''  '"    ,:i ��� K'c dent|ledge of briber,  b)  Collins.
���  London    :��� lociatlon, iu ���	
idon   brl .'������..   . ase,     ll.    can
I Ihai a certain element
Proposed   Banking   Change.
Xew "fork, Nov   I.   The N'ew  York
gained . mn ''������'��������� "''' "'  commerce to day ad..pied
th     epi 11  of a   committee  which  re-
i' mmended   the establisl nl  In the
' ��� Ited states of a  central   hank, to
Is   ie   currency,   similar   to   the   Hank
1    a i London,    nd   ha
e to theii    lelei   dnatii a to
_ I b  flre th it  the . ondi lon
The Rev. Abbe Dugas
Writes of Old Times
_ bi. ii had Ln   n re. tale I b    cl   France.
..   tig ition   had     een   broughl   "' " to th
There  was  much opposi-
plan, and many speakers
Liberal   L"Djer Coming.
Mr. .1   A.  M lea iei
Li beral
uldress e Liberal
asso. lation   here r<   enl
visil  '.I 'ii" (...a ���.    Notice of date ol
mee ing  ��111 hi   given in    ue ��� ourse.
Winn;,..'-.   Nov    '     Rev. A    e Du lhe fli - ime to St.  Bi  ii
, foi       I    ���     St. Bun      e college, e.     ll    ��������� ighl   ' .    Mgr.   Pn -
��� - i secon 1   volume \ ncher to Th        fivers, Qui .. En
Historj    of  tii"   No: thwi st." L>i ;:t-   then   ign of   the   Kind   ol
1 ���        ��� ��� e period   from i'i ating   o    aratu      ��� ������ I    ��� ���.    thi
ved ti:- i anadians.   From Ihen ���
tlu   n irr itive to the
in si nl time,
���   n.   . des in the vol-
i.mi   ���..hich    serve     i  illustrate    the
���   . take   place   in   the
11 tits,   of the ceni ui \. is the story of
��� : to Englan I, tin ark < anoi - ri
fusing such un] rofl abb freight. Thi n
i came hack with tl;.. Hudson's Bay
supplies and was broughl here by dog
sledge, ii took the bishop two years
to :_ei his stove.
In    .���   recenl election. declared il was impracticble.
;      hai   foi   man      ��� ir    Lib- Stuyvesanl   Fish,   president   of  the
n        had  fought as 'lean U'inois Central railway, declared that
aba   leash   it-    i waged ne was opposed to a central hank un
en   In tin   Dominion;   bul  they!(ler government control, and said that
. !        .           ... ..,,   tl    won   by the national banks of France and Ger-
. I, an  metho Is, ; ���;,,l>   were   private  Institutions,    He
���:,.,, him ���������    the action of the *aB '������'" opposed to a private central
��� ���.  In   le lanci   ol   Ih     b   isi.m ol ''""I*-
.       .          ..    ,   |,, (he tax- gener 1 i,u��h ''��� Hanna, of Indianapolis, ap-
ele ���  m  the  seat, which   belonged n PTOV( '   of   ,l1"   P,an'     H    was   then
I       .,.  ,,;,, agallj  stolen  from  him, a'��Ptl ' ''>' *' ''"~" majority,
; nd il  was only after becoming con- *
vin i  !   thai    fair    treatment    and  an Loss One  and  a  Half Millions.
1   ���!���   ;   election  was  impossible, that Toronto,   Nov.   1.���The   loss to  the
i.i elements in the Libera]  part. Ontario hank through ihe stock specti-
letermined to flghl fire with flre. Gib- lation.- of General Manager McGill is
bons told the court that he bad. when' officially placed al .1,500,000,
���    Sentence    Pronounced    Upon
aners  of Workmen's   Council
n   St.   Petersburg.
Pen  -   irg, Nov. 1.���M. Krusta-
presidenl  ol I he execu
ol    th.     workmen's
'   irteen   leaders of the
have I een on ti ial bere
:. t,   .vere to da>   si n-
���   ��� ���   ���  In Sibei La an I the loss
Two others wi ���<
risonm n1   In a fort-
f the a    used wi ie
Lady Attorney.
tk,   Nov,    :.    Mrs.    Mary
��� n ..    . ���  this
inted  special ae
L'nited   5  iti     dis rii ;
��� i   St.a  -   Utorney
on.     Mrs.    Qu h .. n
. ���   her sex to be ap
: isition.    The cases
.'. iii s; e. I illy   con-
��� S. S. Schwartz,
���i en   loymenl   bu-
hai ge I with
i   Archduke   Dies.
s -  h luke Otto, the
Empei nr's eldest
lb ' this evening. 11"
\    II 21,  1S65, and has
'������:  some monthf
"The  Devn's  Auction."
The string ol Itii    .. hich were
ivoven into Chai: -  H. Yale's ' Devil's
\ui tion"  last nighi     er.   well   up  to
���fi.. standard i        e performanci
the pasl  undei      ���     am. The
staging . ele. trii effects an i
tnines wen- flrsl iss, and the ���-���"
cialties were man i : them new and
entertaining. G. i ge M. To pat,-:, 'as
Toby, a donke , ��� ��� vards cm:.- ���
Into a man, and Mi. ��� Flora Br .w ning,
as 1*5. ir a the t [.ere fhe
1 >rs   of   tbe   pi       :'.   ru   a   dram  I
standpoint    Thi lei   ol  Ca
;      hepherd,  an I C    nt Fori mo,  en
���   i bj   Mepl .' n si ml le :
tarn tai. wore : the fact that
women Insie ��� c the parts.
Chaos, an imp of m   s, as pcrti
ed 1" Stevi   Len   I    .    s cei tainl;, imn-
Ish em ugh to ph    ���   iln   mosl cai i ing
Ic, an I did soi      .ei      lever han I-
springs an ! son ��� ��� -   ill  '���-��� ork.    Ch t
tiline,  the  fai tecti ess,   ha I
admirable stag n -   an ! hi r cos-
lui " -  were goi geom     In the si
act.   the  magic   ���    lur.    galb ry,   wiih
:-    ��� rii    i abinel., 1        loors an I n   .
in" pictures,  was   i     r< al  mirth   , ro
il icon     The i     Signorina
Elena Salmoin gl : ������ a ! tie i [ the
strong, sl features >1 the spei ialties,
an I was cerl dnl superb The foni
Thercsitas, iti theii aei lal wire pi r-
fnrmnnce. an 1 tumbling, w. re al so
worthv of praise The wild and wool!)
west show In the hearl of the oriental
ilaei    was   somewl        it. tongi
nn i rt'! nol fit in verj   well.   Ta
���!.   plaj all ro md    ���   ��� .    funnj      I h
oul   being   vulgar.    The   chorus
fair!-   food,  an !  the    lancing   aulmir-
Vesterday Was to  Witness the Curb-   Fcrmer Continues to Change the Edu-
ing of the   Colorado, Cutting c.ticn  Bill,  and  Clash   is
Off the  Salton  Se.. Probable.
San   Francis    .   Nov.   1.���The  offl-
.   the S ��� ithi   a Pacific anncufti e
steps    inve    een  taki i,
al off ' .   Salton   ���.'. an : thai the
' ..������ -  will   soon   be  turned
I course.   The ' reak in -it.
��� he  ti.   ;���  bas  b< en  fllb d  in
aad ston i, an I ti,,   lasi gap
...    to-day.    F. 0.  McCor-
���  ni  ��� a'fl ��� ���:': ��� ��� ���..-  of   he
���'.   e is   t . ��� issl ility   of
i i i   thai   the  river   will   cer-
e turn   1 Into ;,~ ol I channel.
Hospital *or the   Insane.
id   ited tc '':���.��� ita li. al su-
.,���        ent for the following return,
���   .���.        nu     '        patients in 1 he
iring (��cl    ei:   In   hospital
. -    ��� _ inning    ; month, il-'1 males. 101
I during  lhe month,
10  males,  2 fei    li   :   returned   from
n, 2 nui hai ge '.  with-
.-    ro     lon,     males; discharged on
III    ��������� ; atae.I   at   ex-
probi lion, ������ i . les, 2 females;
I, 2 male . 1 female; in hospital at
..     ���     ,    a    a   . ��� '   a   ill S,   102  fe-
on pro      --I al the close of
��� ; nth, 11  male , 7 fern   t   :  total nn-
... itmen! ise i    month, 295
���   emah
in I  ti.    Nov.     1.���The    h mse   ol
Is continues     in ake far-n aching
ng. ���  In the i lu latii n  ' 111, and  in
L'.l era! circles the oj  ni p Is ex] ress-
ed thai  If thi   housi    ontin les in its
��� ���.��� senl    pirit, thi   bill will bardl
i mizable   when  it   rei irns   to thi
��� ommons.
Clause 2 was       i   '��� ted  lasi  nighl
: : lical  < han-' S.
i here  i-   a distincl   aim  sphere   ol
a ion in 'ii" uppi ��� house.   It has ap-
��� ntly   i ecu    determined    thai   thi
ni stry will nol tamely s ibmil to thi
ii ��� ds.   This  nu tan   rj bi . Is  ���-���   i in :i-
ate ! by the piesidenl oi 'tt,- boai 1 i I
a le, Mr. Lloyd-Ge i  ��� .  vhe spol ���   . i
Halding last nil ht,   le dai Ing thai tlie
work of re-editlng Ihe bill would terminate  in   a   way   probably far  from
:������������������ eai le t<  the housi  ol lords, a majority of whom were endeavoring  to
tablish the princi],le of compulsi ry
religion, to which the country  would
noi submit.
A   Hallowe'en   Party.
A  mosl enjoyable Hallowe'en t ai y
v.as givi a for ib" pupils i    Gt.  I oul
college, which took  place in the spa-
a,, a- and bea itifullj dei oi ated a se; i-
hly hall of the college.   At 8 p.m. the
, i ii-- all  wi re presenl  to partake I i
gramme   of   quaint ol I-
rime  games���ducking for  apples and
ney,   ";::nu   hanging   apples,   etc,
iiifni-'   the fun, a  queer old  visitor,
a a ��� ��� ��� m rn of "23 Skitldoo" (and
-.. -y iglj i made his appearance, to
thi greal merriment of the young
sters. '''��������� told the fortunes of all I he
i'ttl. ��� ': ws who were i.t ave enough
tu pass within the curtain of mystery.
'11 ��� ������ . ning was enlivened by dls-
coursi ��� ��� sweet music kindly rendered 1 .. Ml. Hear, for the pleasure of
lldren. Uter the programme
-, as .a 'i advani e I and all bad well
satisfied the Inner man with the good
1 a red for the o< casion, all
ii lulge I in a serie i of dancing��� much
i  om ' ���. choice���until  the hour
. '  cddnighl   was  well nigh.    Having
���: i the National Anthem, all quietly
;- ��� ��� rse ' foi home to dream of the
_ .it Ime enjoyo I by all al the Hal-
!i we'en party s.a generously given by
'! . :    llri   tor and professors.
There is Little Trouble in the Air for
the" Moment,   and  a   Tone of
Confidence   Prevails.
St.     Petl I Sburg,    Nov.   I.     A    inovt
menl oi extraordinary Btrength is tak-
: ace in governmenl se. urities on
the bourse, partly as a reflex of the
foreign markets, bul chiefly on accouni of the evid.Hues of the pacification of the country, the absence of
any greal recruiting disorders, and the
ex; eel ation thai the dale of the parliamentary elections will be advanced.
In.; trial fours, which yesterday rose
In an precedented fashion 2%
points, advanced steadily to-day. and
closed firm with a heavy demand, at
a if * gain of i7s points, al thehlghesl
quotation since April l. Governmenl
lottery Issues rose I to D points, and
the whole series of hank shares rose?
a to 10 points, and the strength of
tin m irket pervaded Industrials, < il
i mpanies' stocks and other securities generally.
Fsrmers'   Institute.
'apped The Bear
That Stole His Apples
men   ol   a   black
'  in ti   the   market
' avi r.   The animal,
-   neighborhood
'' appi .! ye. ii rday
��� i. of Langley.
, ��� the river
hi rs are Invar-
theii   presence,
���'���  i   this   one  has
"'ition    of   his
��� ��� - dations of the
The plan adopted
1 ������ lo.s is to climb
al of branches,
1    ��� ad and lake in
��� man, who is
h   ighl thai twice
' nee   too  many,;
' '  of his old traps,
.in .-������ appetite
hi d   his    ruin.
veni  out Into his
,  , :"'in I   t! ear
fool fn i in a
angry  mo. I.    be  soon  _ ���
one approai he I     ��� ivied, grabbed
and struggled, whili   hi   groaned
the  pain In hi-  : aw, which the nap
held   safe  and  Bound.     Mr.   Foreman
.-..on despatch* I the   mimal, and yi -
ier lay was asking Bi <��� a d liars  for
liis prize.   The hi le Is a beauty, and
in the  pink  ol   11 nditlon, and   would
make  an  exquisite rug,   if   propi
tanned.   This made tit" third bear foi
Mr.   Foreman  this seas n.    Thi   igh
out the Langley, Whonnock and Port
Kells distrlcl  ill" ranchers are iosing
heavily   by He     b   n latlonB   of the
bears.   A Whonm    . rancher bad the
misfortune to have 20 plga killed before he was able to catch the kilh r.
Mr. Halliday. one of the markel    ul
.hers, has  losi   a   1 irgi    n imbei    ol
-beep, and wages a    Itter w\    agains
the   ihieves of  the   midnight   houi
They are very clevi r, and ?li" '; :" '
needs   to   he   well   up   ' '���   his  ] ib   in
order lo get within billing distance of
San   Francisco  Japanese   Schools.
���   ..     Ci! .     \nv, Sl "���'   :r I
of   lhi    :       '       t  of con
. : -,    labor   wi nl   tn Si n   Fi in
i      n I      ened headquartei
||    |ln 11"    I'aa
 wilh  Presldenl
��� oard of ediu ation.
o will meel e retary and re;
rt on the action ol the bo ird In e
. 'j,,    Bl .,,;,,,,  schools   for ���'���'"
; ��� i ae.
Something New in Strikes.
London, Ont.,   Nov.    1.- The   third
and fourth year students of the Wi   I
"in    .Medical   college    have    goni     < II
I: Ike over their lectures from   De in
Moorehouse.    A   committee   ree,.;
waited  on  the  dean.  Inf< rming
that th" lectures wen    in     Isfacl
: nd asking thai the matter be tnl    i
up by the faculty.   The resu     ..       i
I'lllmatum  from  Ihe fa   dtj   thai
students must attend lectur.    o
out.    In tb" la",    case, how.   ei
examlnera would prei�� n   thi tn enl
Ing any other Canadian college, bo tho
.- ��� udenl ; decided to Bti Ike,
Chicago, Nov. L��� Charles Whitney
dai fall meeting of the Norton, said by the police and postal
Matsqui farmers'institute will be held authorities to be responsible for ex-
���" the town hall there. Monday after- tensive swindling operations, is under
noon and evening, Nov, 12, Uldresses arrest here and will be turned over
will be delivered hy Mr. Elliott, of I thi federal officers by the local
Gait, Ont., and Miss Ross, of Guelph.   police who took him Into custody,   11
I said thai Norton lias defrauded peo-
��� Ic in all parts of the United stales
< m of bonds and securities amounting
to $3,00 1,1 00,
The   Weather.
Fori      t    Lowei   Malnlan I    Easter-
win l  :   inset He 1 with Bhowers,
Reservoir Will Be
Cleaned This Week
Keeping  it   Dark.
Pi ris,  Nov.  1.���As a  resull  of the
Industri        ci mp dgn  of  Counl   Boni
,   i   stellane to prevent the publication i    the news that suii for divorce.
ght against him b. bis wife, cam"
.   hearing yester lay, not more
. a third of the newspapers men-
ti, :i the fact, and not a single detail
Inte i  '��������� re, the law making the
i   , -,   of   divorce   testimony  a
criminal i (fence,
Inquest Adjourned.
.     ...... Ity,  ���*..!.. NOV,  1.���Tbe in-1
in     the Thoroughfare disaster
r g , .: begun to-day by Cor-
,;     ui, , d i after the examination of several witnesses an adjourn-
...us tal.cn until Monday to sum-
| |It!   t     '   Witt.        '   -���
Chinaman Vanquished the Jap.
A long-standing lend between a Jap-
i nese and a Chinaman In the lower
part of the city came to a sudden end
.esterday afternoon, when the two
principals decided to Bottle all the r
differences by the Qans-NelBon method
and clinched i'i deadl i irnesi on th ���
main streel of Chinatown, while a
goodly crowd gathered round to chei
the combatants. Despite his know-
'< Ige of jiu-jitsu and a fund Of experience gained In the recent Russo-
Japanese war. the Jap was badlv van-
qulshed by the Celestial, who proved
t.i be physically stronger than bis adversary. According lo a custom which
prevails In Chinatown, the man who
hns been publicly bumbled must leave
ibis pari of the country immediately,
and after gathering himself together,!
���in Japanese commenced making pre-
pnratlons for his unanticipated departure.
Thc tltj '������ water resei voir is i.. be
emptied earl n . ��� ��� , tor I he pur
pose of . leaning o il the big pond, a
. .. ivhlc i has I' en a lly nei de I for
some time past, I ul which lias been
d dined all summi ��� ' ause the chief
of ih" fit" departmenl did not think
I ii I   ll   wm   ��� ife  to allow  the water I
ij I) lo run shorl during the h
ivi ather, . hen the <k ager ol a big fire
was much greater than ii is at the
; resenl time. The work ��� ill probably :
be corameni e I on T ies ! iy, under the
Bul lance of Superintendent Stott, who
will see thai no time is wasted in the
big clean up.
A large farce of men will he em-
ployed in the work, and the services
of .me of the fire engines will also he
ailed into requisition. The reservoir
Will be cleaned oul by allowing all the
water to run out. and then Bushing
lhe sides and bottom with a steady ;
stream of waier, until all slime and
dirt have completely disappeared. It
is   estimated   that,   working at   the
highest pressure, II will be at leas,
ihree days before the work can be
completed, an i ibis Is not allowing
for any delays which may occur'
lliningh accidents or other causes.
During the time the reservoir Is being
flushed out, the city will be supplied
with water from ibe lower reservoir,
Which was completed and brought into
few months ago,
Political Forecast.
New York, Nov. 1,���Congressman
Henry c. Loudenskeger, or New Jersey, secretary of the Republican congressional committee, by authority of
Chairman Sberban, who is ill, to-day
Issued the following statement regarding the complexion ot the next house
o representatives, the members oi
which are lo be elected Tuesday: Sure
Republican, 222; sure Democratic.
ISO; doubtful, but probably Republican, 21; doubtful, but possibly Demo-
��� '..'".  13,
I"  0
Canada '$
. ....   ... 'an-
veil t
:....       bats such i
Vesu it, is still cans een safely harves
:  re I a-  the   qualii       n     .good
L.j  Etcrm  Brings Avalanches cf Mud
From Mountain  S;.e and
Blocks  Railways.
N i
The e.u;
a   S.      A    i." IVJ'    StOl .n IV-sn*"''
THE    BRACKMAN  ���  KER    MILLING   "iSim.
'    ;' CO.'S     lyers   a:. 1   eleva    .-   all  i     i
lours   ha I Western  Cai ��� I   the
of  this   w .:. lei fui  Cl ip of  fit:- st
oats, and by the aid of the new and   Westminster, B.C
iwerful  machinery   in their  various   	
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
ShijD and Scow Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly fur-
n    es of mud     i   fall   from  thi
ri : the a       '      '      ring awa;
],!���; of th \��������� . ..am railway
auing I i ain s along I he a.-a cosa, an 1
Injuring largi ctl ins il ground In
ti . .a Inity of Vesuvius. Thi in
I ,. - of the villages were greatlj
��� - ..a-taily as the - orm was
inied by earthquake sh".-1
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street,
mills, have quickly trai id then
���      the ;-    E.   &   K.    ROLLED    |
OATS.   Ever;   groi ��� r has n ,-.'.   i stocl
Ol    E.   <S.   K.    ROLLED    OATS   m
from   this   seasoi 's   ������������ m li rf '  ci
This is prai' leal     Iin   t from the h   ���   t
rest Bel I to     ���. ikfast table,
i. ���
Canadian  Labor  Party.
Ai        convi ���.'. i. in Vani     ������     ea
te   .... the B. C. i   t Cana
���  iwin
ci a V.   G. Pel
ents. Wm. Join      i    *.
i!    Norman,  Victo ��� een
. i'   P. Gray, Vicl tn
Aid. ' .'ancouvi
: . i of et ...   rnittee,  .1.
.-'���.  Raine..  Ni w   We tminster,    :. ' : .   ; '
;    ( Vancou \ er.
It wi      "    I      to hold     ie an iuai   N '
etin     cf thi n Ocl each
���..   and   ha en n em i ' !   -"'���"'
i onstit ute a   ch irtei   union.    1:   addi
tion    o thi   fi ee  e luc ition  cla ise  iti   Noi
���I,,    constitution,   "f i i    text
will    e added. N n
In addition to the clau    > in th
:���'itution already  a lopte 1. the  follow-
irs clauses were added  is some of the
���������������    of the party:
To extend tlie operation of ti;   can   i.
������ 'ian Labor party of British Columbia
;hroughout ihe electorate i ��� -. ; ,
To enroll as many desirable members as possible. Oct. 31
To see thai every friend of labor is
ou tin   ��� ector il rolls. Sov.   1
To selecl and secure th" return of
; le Igi i  labor candidates. Xov. .
"S ��� keep ;t voters' toll for th ��� elec-
toiati   '���    iii.-i rict. an I  to  maintain a   No\.   3
ilose scrutiny of -lie meth > Is of the
public  authorities   in   preparing rolls   xov.   1
an' conducting elections.
To promote social  Intercourse    be-	
tween members toi 1 their political
friends by means of entertainments,
lit. rary evenings, etc.
Ti- :."is will :... sold to -in. members
of tl..- party, having on the backs tlie
pi Ige ' ;��� which the purchaser agrees
to fittther ihe cause of the Canadian
Labor party, ami to faithfully adhere
l i th" by-laws and constitution.
Tide Table   Fraser River
St. W . Van    ii:--:.
a -'.  en ..:.-  Nov.   I
i.    ..
Wat.   ..
tl   I
i    i' ���. 'it  .. an I Pi m u
J    s iphy and E
���   ������
Time. Ht.
...   3.35    10.5
15.32     126
...   1.32    11 0
16.00    12 3
... 5.21    11.5
16.27    12 1
...  0.1.7    11.a
16.53    :i -
.. .   6.51     12.1
17.18    11.5
17.11    11.2
. ..   S.l'i    12.1
IS.10    10.9
i.   ,'
\   l i
io.: o
o  ; 5
L. I '
: 15
U.i 0
Seven   Teachers
i  Forty-Five   Typewriters  i
l'dents Always in  Demand.
R. I. SPROTT, B. A.. Principal \
-������Em! RtdyLHj
Time Ht.
..11 5.3
22 I ; !.'.
: i.O i 6.1
22 ' :
10.11 7.o
23.15 3.0
11.27 7.6
23.43 2.7
12.03 S.l
fc.000  I EMPRESS  OF   B
Travel In the s ime way as you   I
rs.    il   is   ; . ���   quic :esl. safest   and
���;   tt. a-    e   inomical.    Nexl   s tiling  X. ��� -.-
"   16.    ;���"..   particulars a iply to
C.  P.  R.  AGENT.
0 12
We have the best $5.00 Shoes made.   The following are s i
the lines we carry at this price :
Geo. A. Slater's Box Calf Lace Boots, made with heavy "D   -
Dak" Waterproof Soles.
The "Keen" Shoe   a heavy kangaroo-grain  Blucher cut  V,
with viscolized Waterproof Soles   a great water resister.
The "Packard/' leather lined  Box Calf  Boots   Blucher cut, a
great wearer and a stylish looking boot.   We have n   i
other lines at this popular price.
Come in and see our $5.00 Shoes.
Construction  Wcrk  Begins.
The B. ('. Genera] Contract Co.'s
��� t const] iction gang wo - in I it" (ity
. esti : lay and left for Cloverdale during the afternoon, where ihey will
',. ..ri. on tii" (..-a.' North -::i Railway
' n.'s < xtension ���.'��� '.Sa 1; is being run i
"as; war.I from Cloverdale. The con-1
tract company's outfil embraced 85
horses and four ra'' loads of wagons,
.- tr 11 ." a. tool., oi v it ions .i tscripi ion >,
���ui i a wagon load of tents an I co ik-
iug appliances. There �� 're aboui a
hundre 1 ne n with the oul fii. and
11 ere at" more I o follow. The gang
as ' """ open tii . for i me monl its
pasl in the \ li Ini d Gi I len, B.C
': li ��� ti ims and _ i imber of :',:������ wag-
��� n v. i : ��� aken to the scene of acl lon
al Cii .' lale i y road, while the bai-
am ,- hip ���.���: n il on the railway.
Applic ition :' ir the positi in  of A -
sistant    to    the    Superin endent    of
Water Works will be received  b.   th
undersigned   until   Monday,   the   29th
City Hall, Oct. l'l, 1906,
Citv Clerk.
Having sold oul I he   ii i ele   in I re-
air   msines.,   we   will carry  on  1 he
il  I isines - exclusively  in  the* j
: .  .   t, and will i trry a  full   ���' ich of
everything  i.t  thai  line thai  is to be
:'. o: 1 In  a   fi  it-class shop.
House   .' Iring   a   :    ... prompl 1;.'  attended I i.  and  our  pri< es on every-
��� . ng will be foun I as low as those of.
an    other   business  c incern   of   this
kin I ou the coast.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
New Westminster
Great Northern Ry. |
Time Table
V. W. &Y.RY
Dailv | NEW Daily    (
Leave1 WESTMINSTER  Arrive   ���
Be7Iihg-|3:C0 pm    I   ���*
Talked   Big,   Eut Won't  Fight.
.   .���        -,. W    ���   N iv. i.    The   ' I
���  evi lentl.     pill   In
e teli     . ne 11 one li n .
n   :     r creek. ?0 mil sou'hea
'.'. rta"     Monl .  anil  the Ofl   ���"  : ���  ' :.'���
..at:    i crci lhe Powder valb
Two i ffi ers an i slx1  en tro ipe     a
111 ed  from  Blrnej   t . ila; .    The;
porl   thai   the   n aln   comn and
!'.irl   Keogh   i ���   al    .shland   an !   has
. en  no Cheyem ���
Majority La-gely Increased.
Halifax, N, S.. Nov, I - Hon. w. S.
Fielding elected in Queens-Shelburne
yesterday by a majority of 864, with
two polls to her from which will increase his majority to 900. In the
general election  his  majority  was 384.
Guichon���P. .1 Hall, jr., Victoria;
W. ll. Prince and wife. .1, P. Comp, C.
11   Brewer and wife, London, Ont.
Colonial ��� George M. Topeck and
wife, New fork; B. w. Ogilvie, Vancouver; li. A. Johnston, Elgin; T.
Hutchinson, Vancouver,
"Windsor���S. Walker, England; S. S.
Dougall, Victoria; O. A. Hansen, We-
ta.'kiwin; w. Randell, Tynehead; W.
s. Lambert, Elgin; w. E. ('lark. Vancouver; William Kirk. Porl Kells; ii.
Smith, Cloverdale; Thomas H. Jackson, Chilliwack; .lames Bourne, Lad-
nor;   It. Cameron, Langley,
Penman's   Natural   Shirts and   Drawers
$1.25 the garment, all sizes.
Stanfield's Light Weight, al! sizes, $1.25
the garment.
The heavier Stanfield's Good3,  $1.75 and
$2.00 the garment.
The   heavy ribbed Stanfield's $1.25 'and
$1.50 the garment.
Penman's   Blue Tail, all sizes,  $1.25 the
��-. _0 am Blain
4:35pm|han_      Burllng-|9:55pm   j
���'on,   Mt.   Ver-I i
'non,     Evei i it j
Seattle        aud i
[Portland. ���
.:.,.", pm Spokane,       St. 3:00 pa
Paul    and    all
points  East
9.20 am Anacortes, 13: 00 pm
Woolley,     anil[
3:00 pm Vancouver 1'.': 20 am
9:55 pm 4:35 pm
Tne Choicest of Meats Cooked in
the Most Delicious Manner Can
Be  Obtained    at    All    Hours   at
Kenny s    Restaurant    and   Cs
Late Suppers After the Theatre a
specialty. Oysters and Game
- m   beason.      -
J       l.v.    N'ew    Westminster    for j
i    Guichon 3:50 p. m. Ar. Guichon t
|     I",    p.    in.,    Monday,    Wednes,lay, (
j    Fri lay. J
1       8:15 a. m. ar. from Guichon, J
b:30 a. m. i.v. for Vancouv tr, J
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland  Trains���2
Spokane, st. Paul,  dlnnei
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St,
Loul    aud all  points East.
For complete Infoi m il lon
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F. C. MEYERS, Agent,
iiank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, li. C
S. fi. YERKES, A. (',. P. A..
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
Re South Pari of Lot 3, Block 3, New
Westminster Sul/urbs.
A certificate of Indefeasible title to
the above property will be Issued to
Lhe Brunette Sawmill Company, Limited Liability, on the IBth day of November, 1906, unless in tho meantime
a valid objection thereto be made to
me In writing by a person or persons
claiming an estate or interest, therein,
or In any part thereof,
District Registrar or Titles.
Land   Registry   Office,  New   Westminster, B.C., Oct. 10, 1906.
We hai
the  ver;
Sizes   from   1   \
thing   yoi:
���   lo   17   years
The WTiite House|
A.  J.   BIRTCH.  275  Columbia  Street.
Post Card AlM
Before the Ama_ Rusk.     A Large Assort ment a'
! J, J.  MACKAY   & &
rs   ana
tationers |CAY
NOV. 2. 1905,
^L_iJ4-J 1%
Manufactured and guaranteed by
rrrr^ninrijr*ni?     n <#���' j?
rMsms^Sl^^     M,     s&tudSSh    \k&,
, pvff |,
������*     C_       ".���P��  '���*~ "7~T- ""W~    f\
F.  G.  DAWSON. Adent, 145 Hasting Street, West, \
/ ancouver.
^':Z^^Eji^M^x'm^mmm^^mmv,E - ��g
[orthern Pacific;
Trains Daily
el on the famous
I ted train.    Low Rates.
Excellent Si ���������
York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
]  ���;.��� ts on sale to all Euro-
ial    Reduced    Rates    Round    Trip
t.-.es   to   Southern   CaliTenia.
| tion call on or write
L \.\i;. General Agi nt,
Ha ' ��� gs St., Vancouver, !���!. ('.
Band, I V G.    A
ins  Every Day in the Yetr
linneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
.'���KI i.-WKSTI'RN,     LTD.
���  newest    and best ide ts
URY,     It   is   lighted   with
���   ity   and   gas;   the   most
���  inated   train   in   the
he   equipment   consists   of
mpartment   car',   standard
���   pers,  luxurious  dining
ng chair cars   (seats  free),
a hi -   and  buffet,   li-
ling car-.
bles,  Folders, or any
ition  call   on   or  write
Trains & Steamers
���    ..
���    ���
land \
'*'   .
1  ���
nd Avenue, Seattle, Wash
ifacturer of
line ral Waters, Etc,
A   tted Waters,
���  i Specialty,
Office,  Eighth  Street,
S. S. Queen City
.      a.    ...
���    ��� : I - ��� nth foi
nd wa ....     Vic.
���   he 7, a   I 20, I     Qual   no and
'���  .    points. Leavi     Vicl      i on  .Otb
m mtl   foi      pe S    it and way
:ointi   including Qu   . 'no,
Steamer Transfer
'-��� ��� '���      N'i '���'    v, tstminstei   on   Mon
��� di y,   T . ���   It   .   Wedni    lay,   Th n - la.
an I   I'.: la;   at _   p.m. and Saturd
���''- - : ��� m. witli addii i Ip on M m
��� .   it 5 a. in.
I-    vi - Stevi   ��� m Man iay, Tuesday,
' Wedni - lay, Thui ��� i     and Satui lay ai
" �����  ta.;  Fri I        t C a. m. addi:;- i . .
trip S iturday 5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
!������ ives   New  W<   i minster,  S  a,  m. I
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
I.- ves Chilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,!
��� ���    laj   tin i   Saturdays,   calling   at
ngs   between   New   Westminster]
and Chilliwack.
S.  S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at  '.'  p. m., 2nd
' I   10th  of each   month,  oalling ai
-'    I. gate on first trip and Bella Co la
:.   second  trip.  Time on  arrival  anil
:���    c  are approximate.
F r   ���-��� servations   and   informal ion
r address
Agent,  New Westminster.
E, .1.  COYLE,
Asst. '.'en. Pass   Ace./. Vancouver.
General Suner'ntendent, Victoria.
Gen. Agent, Freight Dept..
N'ew Westminster
Graduate Optician.
Our work gu;
Mi's Drue Stor
ii (.-it  the Blacksmith-
���  It. li. Ben on, l will
��� -   ill  his old cus torn-
oni i.    Horseshoe-
citjhtb   Street.
he White Pass
lc* Yukon Route
E.   DAWSON    and
Daily  trains   (except
. /   : '   passengers,   mail,
't    connect    with
and White Horse,
"rough winter service.
������ apply to
RS, Traffic  Manager.
Vancouver. B. C.
''i'i    MISSION BRA
'     W. Si   ttle 15.50.
Li   ��������� .-'��� _ . .   ..:���;...
C P.R    WESI UIXS'l .   '   a     Ji   ,      y
Li i ���" N. W :.. '- ' '. it. :,,
An   ." N. S.S 9.35, IS., i.
Lv. N, W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 1 p.m
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar, .- .��������� ,   10 p.m
V��� W. /c V.--\ ANCOT VER
Lv, N. W. 3 p. in. and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver ..35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
(1. N. R.-   PORT Gl ICH! IN.
Lv.  \.  W,  9:35 a.m.;   ar.  Guichon
2.:'n p.m.
Lv. Uaii hon. 2:40 p. rn.;  ar. N, W.
l-' Ma   p   m.   tiUci   6   p.   Ul.
Mondays only.
Lv. New Westminster 5.50. 6.50, 1
and . a, in., and every half hour thereafter tiil 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster a;
same bours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W, Mon. Wed. Frid. S a.m
From  Chwk.  Tu., Th.,  Sat.,  7  a.iu
Ramona��� /
From N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m.
From X. W. daily, ex. Sat. anil Sun.
2  . ,n   :   Satur la ���. _  ; m,
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m, (Fri. C. a.m.)
Add. 'ii;. Sat.,i day, .", p.m.
From  N.W.,  Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mai! Service
Close. Receivi d.
Si ttle, via Suma ',.'���' a.m. C. 1 i p.m,
S      .   ton in . .1
le, No. 1  7.45 a m.  11.35 a.m.
���   :   I  iver,   Xi .   '. .  7.15 ;: tit.     i.OO a.n
i: N.R.  Clovi : la e,
Blaine ,Seati le.. 5.43 i.m. ' i .m.
....���..'pn,  i        I . .   2.   ��� p.m.:
rla    10     a.m.
Burna      ..      1.13 p m.    1.15    I
Ladn   , Stevesl in,
etc    I.:.fl      '   11.00 a.m.
C.P.R eai' S
���      :'���        | a
tll        '
ll I,   T   ���
���. ���  !'- ...12.00m      I2.0i m.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. CHOICEST CIGARS
Britl.h  Columbia Coast  Line TOBACCOS,
Columbia Street.
"The Milwaukee"
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1  p. m.  ,.Tne  p;on..r Limited"  St.  Paul  to
VICTORIA    NEW    WESTMINSTER     Chicago, ^Short Line"  O^aha to
Chicago,  "South     .Vest     Limited
Kansas City to Chicago.
S. S. Charmer. v,   [rajns   jn   the   service   on   any
Leaves New Westminster al 7 a. in. >ad  in the  world,  that:_equtU Jn |
on Wednesday and Mondays.
iV 00121
Sanitarium to Be
Established 1- "���.
Wornout Society
Women���1 hi
Will Pay a I iigl
Price For i'i,
lege of Leading
Simple Life ::
r.     .    . . ��� .at.
lected . : run d
i    -
A woman  deelnn ���  lhal   ii  sp
man for bis wife lu r.r. n inoui.
d.'i   : ���   ���  mun.    If be i i n
I        ' I  .
ainl feat t     ,e strain
u    Iei a  ������      [iiii.      _ml a kg
'I" lute j i I r tbey wi ro.  W ��� I Iln   ��� i
and   large scaled.    ������ I bl'comu : ;' UeavJ*'
William Mul a ii   tbe ex wrestl
_a:.l to bave d. cided that the time
come to start a sunitarium for w
with brokeu down nervous systen -
will be similar to tlie one aire., li
operation for men.   Thc principal .
tive agents employed v ..1 be f
the   simplest   kind,   plentiful   us ���
water, pure air and physical exer
as severe as the patient can bear. M
over, the judge of the proper am   .  i
exercise is not to be the patient bei
but tbe physi 'al director.   Thus i .
a luxuri 'tis lady will find uersell :
through a course of sprouts.    Pali
must rise at G In the morning, have
shower bath and take a brisk wai
fore  1.real; fast,  which will  be of  I
Biinpli st kin'J.    After a brief resl   ������
lowing   breakfast   they   will   play,
plaj   at,   baseball,   actual;"   1. -
tbese   overfed,   undermuscled   la .
This trainer considers baseball tbe i
all  round exercise for either men
women patients.   The ladies will w,
far a  i.i.Turin  while exercising  \v!
sjiirt waists and white serge bio .::
The rules are as rigid as Iron.    Tl
must be no slumping or shirking of tl
energetic exercises prescribed.    Nol
single luxury will be allowed In
way of food, drink or couches.   ATI,
time, shorter or longer, the ladles
be turned out new women,  ready
begin all over and run down again I
their system of artificial living,    ii
to be observed that the life laid d
for disabled society women is pre
Ij the one. varying the exercise, I
every woman may lead at bome if i
will nud be well,   it is criminal not
keep the body lit by active exercise
all  lbe muscles,    dur bodies  were  .
will respect  ber a.i lbe mor.' ._:��� ;
Ing use ol ber gii" i aa I .:. ���.   lupin.: I
ov!, Ii lividual   ...    The i.n    and i
wife   wh .  earn    i.. mey   will   bin
work all tbe h irder, if bo is a re il
.'  :���
Elberl    Hubl   rd   calls   povert;
Am. ricu a d sea - ���   f tbe will.   It
statement    v . ttli    thinking   seti ���
' about, espi   ially by women.
"���.  P.
Speaking of sli . nnd vices, the uu
pardonable sin  Is Ij ing,  the vlco ll
makes lhe mosl trouble Is bud leu.,   :
and ihe meanest vice Is stlngln. ���
����� P.
Somebo ly    remarks    that   sui !
anion:.'  women  Is a   mere  fad of
tit... aud \\ Ill so,ai pa s.    Ths Is i
certainly   on   our   si le   of   tbe   v
American women have not i.l..:.
erally to thc new fad.
*  P
i ine of the strongest an ' mosl .
.jueiit ef lhe woman suffragists In I"
laud    is    a     Laneasliire    factory    _
Annie Kenney.    Tbey call ber the .1
of Arc o,' the woman cause,   she ..
put to work in the mills at teu y; ,
old aud has worked all her life lb
as hi r motber did before ber.   On i   .
deathl ed,  I. iwever, that mothei  i. ���������.
ber  daughters  ;:^-ai   for  the  rights
i woman.    Fr m  tii" time she wn i .
enough  to th uk  AUUle Kenney ian.
the im.iu-u discrimination against   .'���
men  an i  girls  in  the  fa.'lories and  ..
favor  of  even   tlie   hoys   of   her  u'
family us againsl ber and her sister.*.
P. P.
Il   is nnnoitnced  thai   the beaut!'
and   wealthy   Mrs.   butter  Palmer  I
be.���em" an neii.���<��� advocate of won ' ���
sul rage,    it   rich   society   ladle.   I
.���:.. ...:i lub r ��� ;t iti their own sex to i i
nounee themselves in  favor of legal,
civil ami Industrial rights for womeu,
I"".. .'..ii-. iv,,..tii Kiieo.lilv be won
Leak oul for Ibe \. .ran v, lib tb:1 tip
tilted uo "1   (.he ��� an i! i auytl ing.   < ������������:
of tl.'se ladies,  Mrs.  Margaret   Hay.-.
. of  Now   Vork, nol   long ago fouii i  a
burglar i psl  irs   u her bouse.    He b: i
In bi- let id a gold watch belongin . . ���
one of Mrs. Hayes' boarders. Mrs.Ila, i I
grabbed bim by tbe throat and mire _ I
i 1  in downstairs, then up ugalu,  wl
: she   investigated   to   Qud   If  any       :
more wus missiug from her room-'.  Assistance came and tho burglar was i   \:
inarched to the police Stntiou,   "I gu ��� .
he's  .me  of   those   burglars   wh i  iu-��
afraid of women." said Mrs. May"
l-  *
A preai her in t he west Qndin..   -   ��� .���
ll1111^:iri- ���   hetr, y   .��� a   bis  han.Is  nil      ..   I
much : tteutb n paid to himself re- ."ti I
to the i red nud decaying device i f _ ������-.-
ting nol irlety by uu attack on wi i . a
In  the beet  suga ��� [ilantatlons  In  hi.
locality v  nneu w irkers are ac     I ���
ed  to  wear bloon ers  or  trousor .  r <
'Skirls Interfere with their move! er.f.
This  preai her,  wh i desired  fame.     .
voked   ih.-  law  of  th"   land   to ��i "p
women from wearing a suitable d   ��� ;
at   their  tusks     It   was  the  stn ill    t,
meanest work In which any man, t . :.
Ister or otherwise, would possibly b < ���
engaged.   Bul I wonder If any women
are still members of thai mar's church
ELIZA Al:ci(Al;l) C(��\\;:p
Mock  Duck.
Spread n slici   of steak cul  [roi i
the top of the round with a  tuf
made as  fi r n chicken or I irki ���
i IJoll the meal  up and  tie closi
: t ... sti am ' hour.  Put tho
in a small baking pan and rub ovi t
wilh butter. Brush with a beaten
egg, pour th" liquid from the dish
in the steamer into the pan and
bake mil il tender. Baste often with
liquid Serve with a brown gravy
mado from the contents of the pai .
;������ ibject to change wit.nout    notice.1
Incess    Beatrice,   Oct.   20,   fi
\       iuver.
Prin ���       May,   Xov.   ���;,   fn m   Vancouver.
Princess Victoria.
S. S. Joan
I., ive, Vancouver daily except Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Sat
ui  a.  ai 2:30 p. in.
. u I'li.viit that of the Chicago, Mil-
. .;: , . & St. Paul Railway. They
,,,,, ; ������ | operate theij own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent.
;,u Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
Sole Agents for New Westminster
.. SINCLAIR, The  Leading Shoe Store
:���     ��� :        The D illy News Tv
.- ��� ���       iny,   Limited.     I   tl
���:   ��� >i    .-* ���. th   . ��� .    I
.-   ��� ��� Ni a   v. ���   ���    ���   ter.  !:. C.
Managing Direct:.- J. C. Brown
Translei lisplay   advei tlsing,   10
cent, pni .. ���-���   nonpariel I  12 Iim s tn
the   Inch F.ve
.ui -������, . )US.
Reading notices. I ' I face I e, 20
fonts per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
Poi   time   coi tracts,   special   pi sl-
t.ons, apply to advertising manager.
Notice.-   of    births,    marriages    or
deaths, 50c.    Wants, for sale., lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., ono cent  ; ���
<vonl       No advertisement taken  for
;es_ than 25 cents.
Day Office    A22
N.grt   Office    B22
-t- .- s-S'-C
\W "������.?. 2
To Gentlemen
'i       I   the hi ��� ��� ':"'
lohn Oil vi      .1   ' ������
-   .     ne
J. D. 1
in   his   uns iei this
nsUtuency,  for  the House
mons, a couph
object an     u-igin
are plain enough,   The C    imbl
receive t a; ders fi om Iti   \1ctoi ia m ��� --
��� ,  .      ise  I   i  movement for i
f"c!i rid ;e,   an i   In   hui
.,:." !i. nee  to  the  powi i Iar]
ou' its  i ap, ii opposes it accoi
As  far as Mr   Oil' the
matter  goes,   thai   Is simple
He i - the representative of that  pari
of   he   11 strict which i onti lh ites mi si
largely   to   swell   the   a il     'the
tolls, and he feels thai  ll  Is a  sin  il
duty to do the executive work of the
movement   for   the  abolition  of  what
is fell 'a 1 e. iii presenl ciicumstances
pn Inequitable tax.   II" ha I I n . oi
in _ al the matter for some tim i, in i
when the Daily New- | iok 11 up publicly, he felt that the time had an Ive t
to "������: -oi expression of opinion fr ru
his constituents, and he took the mosl
business-like way of doing so; that Is  	
all .here is in that.
As regards the Columbian's charac-  '
l.risiic attempt to shift the responsibility
Some Good Tailoring News
We'll give you the finest Suit of Clothes in Canada for the money.   The ranges
of styles and patterns are most extensive, just as satisfying- as the price.
The stock offers a variety of clothing that have no equal in liritish Columbia.
$10.00, $12.00 and
$15.00 Suits for  . .
Richmond Brothers
SALT. Does not "bite"���is not
bitter. It is pure salt and all
salt   Will not cake.
would be infecte I.   Th ��� chic-
' en, he -ays. would  be  an I leal me-
the shoul.let-- of the Ottawa   ';',!:  ' ' '''���'> t!l" Berm9 l0 the Suests-
The slightest affection w il i Infe I
��� te- guests, At the sain" -im ���. :
lieves that there were apparently ptomaine germs ln the chicken, for sh irt-
ly after eating the food the guests
were seized with violent fits of v imit-
Government,  that, as  has  I n   sal 1,
is a revamping of one of the rotten
arguments used by Mr. Taylor at the
lasi Dominion fleet inn. The Columbian ought to know that thai gentleman   was challenged   over   and   over
Care  of   Bstn   !. ;. .rajes.
When the regulati m sail wati i
sponges need ele ming the besl pi :.
to cut the dirl is to -oak theni
vinegar for several hours and th
run dean warm water thro i .
them until the acid is all out. The)
should thou l.e hung in the sunshine where thev will air and dry.
After each bath a sponge should be
washed out with clean hot water
and soap and rinsed with cold water,
then put in a place where the air
and sunshine surround it, for unless
sponges are well aired they become
.our and wi.��.~r-r-A' '. ��� '������ "���-"
;ain,  al   meeting   after   mee Ina
in?.    In ahout two  weeks  the.   v.   re
produce one single case  which could laid low wi,h typhoid fever.   The p ii-
1 : cited as a precedent for the subs!- Sl ��in- ouI(1 aPPear '" have 1)een fo1*
dizing b<   the   Dominion of a  provin- lowed   ''���  the fever."
clal  public  work, and  thai   he failed Bacteriologist
to do so.   The common sense of every
man  ��ill tell him th it no ��� tatesman,
al all worthy of the n ime, c iuld
dream of establishing   m h a E ita! pre-
' "dent.
One may well ask, in \ lew of th ���
facts, If Mr. Oliver, who is simply
doing his plain duty as ihe representative of Delta  in the Leg! -'. iture,
grafting   for   votes." what   sha
said of the Columbian, which  resorts
to rotten arguments and flat misstatements  to  excuse the con lucl   o(  il
mastei s  who  refuse  to abolish
i    now .eon to be an In tquil ible toll,
v.lii).- spending more than Ib ��� total II
nets to the I reasury In mere junkel Ing
iboul  the country?
We    eg   to   ,, isuie   the C il in blan,
ll  can  fin 1  anj  comfoi I    i   the a;-
ini ������   that   th      igitation   I
of tl " .. tolls will go on,
even I h thai agitation ma; iro
luce In the mind an l ten pe the
I' i ml condition      mlla thai
which Is suppose i to li ���." exl <ied
when : ��� o ince I out and in ��� ��� I ''��� ���
iloor,  il Ottawa,
lisea -e germs use   i  mixture of chict
ken   broth and   gel ttine   as besl
me itnm.
The little li. II in  ���'
to threaten in the  Unite.  31 ites  the
- Iher  day. now   promi -<������   to end   in
iki���of the peace pipe,    it  is not
n i orded    whether,    when   the   Ctes
mnce i   ou!   of   their   re e   atloi    a
ii  s i   'n'i. tbey bange 1 I::   do ir
a' ler ' hem or not: but it seems I i
.: ilte evident  th       hi trying to
��� game of bluff.
S5.00 EACH.
WANTED . foi   sl me
quarry.    Apply Gilley   Bros.,  Front
street, New Wesl min-'' r IDO-tf
PRINTING���i.."  us  do your prin   :.
We  guarantee . ou  verj   .     soi
prices,   pn mpt   delivery   an I  com
plete s itisfaction, Th" Arrow  Press,
Fronl  street.    Mrs.  Dominy, owner.-!
19S ���',
Westminster Iron Works
GENERAL MAC If ink ami i.m.ini;
SHIP SMITHING, hkih',1-. and
Ornamental   Iron   worn,   including
Fences, Gates, Kire Escapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence ln
BEGBIE Bllthhr.
New Westminster. e. o. 474.
It utilizes all tiie heating pewer cf the hard coal, soft coal, wood,
.eke. Ordinary steel and cast iron ranges are fuel wasters. They W
./.crk   well   until   the   bolts   become   loese where steel  is belted to cast iro*
The Menard range is different. It is constructed with malleable ird
ftarr.es. to which the steel is rivetted. not bolted. It is only in this ft
that absolutely airtight joints can be made. There is no stove put;,. I
Monarch   air-tight   seams ���no  danger ot  leaks.
The other day we prlnte I a des-
; atrii ci-. lng an accouni of the ii h i ���
sale poisoning of a wedding annlver-
. iry party by one of the dishes ;" we l
in the feai t, In an exchange we Iin 1
the following sequel to the storj:
"The casualty list of the Haakon
Foster silver wedding In Oneida township is growing daily. This morning
Haakon Foster, the man who celebrated his wedding anniversary, died, and
this brings the death list up to three.
Oilier deaths may occur, as the ptomaine poisoning has since developed
Into typhoid fever.
"Yesler lay Dr. II. S. Griffin, on the
request of the physicians Interested In
the case, went to the township to investigate the affair. The foo I that
caused the trouble, declared the doctor, was ;<>tleil chicken dressed with
gelatine, This was made up by the
Fosters. Dr. Griffin says thai the
present illness is caused from typhoid
fever germs. He says thai If the
molds the chickens were in had been
washed with water containing only a
fi w typhoid  fever   germs, the whole'
Homemade      Cement      For      Mending
Broken Glassware.
The best kind of glue for clear
glass is made from a solution of
two ouni.". of isinglass and half a
pint of gin j... .. i into an open
moulhi il bottle ai I et in the -un
unit] it dissolves, [1 ould be
shaken well e\cry da; and '"fore
being use I sho ild be .trained
through a clean ! ui n cloth. When
ready for the gluing the broken
glass pieces hould be well washed
in not .-ta!-. espe ially on the edges,
dried, and then with a small camel's hair brush thc cement should be
put  on   the edges  of  both  pi y
ami when they are nicely fitted together rubber bands or clean strips
of cloth Bhould be bandaged tightly
around them to hold the edges well
together until the glue dries. If
the cement has been nroperiy made
the break should really not be visible when dry, for thc reason many
cracks look jagged when mended i-.
because the "lyes have nol been
well joined and, bubbles of air get
ting in, reflect the light, making the
ragged, broken lines glaringly ap-
parent.���Boston Traveler.
Couldn't G._nd 1 bat,
"I'd die before I'd let that fellow do
"Why so tierce?"
"Bee: use everything looks ridiculous
Unit he does."
Thought He Knew Her,
"Tbey   are   tolling   a   knell   for   the
"Poor Nell!    What did Bhe die of':"
Canadian Pacific
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia St.
laggage delivered    promptly to any
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
T   ���  onlj   railwa;    running   throu   .
,., . irs.   Besl equip      'fif',;' 'phone 1M-       >i"'n* "����one 137
. lent.
Tiain for Sea ���..a- al S. , < a.m.
...    ern Expn      it 13.10
F ir  rates,   i esei \ ation     and <
I   ���   applj to
P J        Milk Chocolate,
I   rt W/l tl   Q    Croquettes, Wafers,
VV TT 1*11  O   Cakes, Medallions,n��.
Cowan's Cream Bars
The  COWAN  CO., Ltd.,  TORONTO       .
-a___a__za__M____����^ ���_���-->��� ?- ��� -&3zd
Ayrshire Bulls and Cteter
Wiiile l!u<js
C. P. it. Agent,
N'ew Westminster
E.   J.   COYLE,
Assistant    General    P. .sertger    Agent,
Yo mg   ireedlng  Btoch  of prlzi
' ing anima -    C mie ai I see or write
or telephone.
Telephone .1 17,"i.
W. Ft. Gilley, 'Phone l-z;!.
Dealers ln
To suit all heads, all I _tes, and the latest and
most discriminating* fashions. We have hard haw*
and soft hats, and'tweed hats, and ever'.* descriptor
of light and heavy fall caps, We know we havewna
you want if you want what is good.     We handle tne
Stetson Christy Barrington
Borsalino      Woodron    Scott Voting
Rosefoury AND Insuranus
Mats in Stiffs and fedoras, in thc INeWCsl Shape*'
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents H. C. Pottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Consent Co.
Office, Fi'ont Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone IB
You Should Sec What We Have For
li. L. D
The Cash Clothier, -  New WestmlnstC* I    NOV. -���
THE daila news
I ,,,.��������������� ���.������.:���:���-�����.�����>. >������ .*.......,,
,'. ar
to go
S 1.25.
 :*���"*|Local News Briefly Told"" �� �� H���
2 ">.
ash   Store
Hats Coats
lusual chances to save here these davs We tested %
'buying power by buying heavily of these goods, i
Test your Saving Power by taking advantage of      $
our offerings. 3
-.. ���
���' v
���      .      . ��� years
a    '
Th    Flyer wen ��� making rapiil
... , nths  old a
0!       ...   ���::....
'        '
e the New Wes
.... , i ...
eing ina In
... ..-.,: ,.a| |  g|ock
in market.        '" ' toluinhia Sl
!       '      "   ��� El-| have   till
1 ve asts,
Coffee Palace
becomes a i      . . I
Ia .���:������, thii
r. ��� ���;, thing . ��� \\ ell ( ooked
K.\ er. thing :.- Promptly Serv .'.I
Ma ij . i .\
i      h   the;     ii ,'   us i      .. i  an
.vhere tl ���. , (hell
near I
_   rehouse
.' .        ester
ffi  da;, ren
Merchants, Lunch
Full Course, im ludin   I c (Tee �� iih
Cream, . ">.
12 to 2 p.m.; 6 to 8 p.m.
I Tea, Coffee, St. ak   . ur s:,   allies
Shorl i Irdi r   '.,'. .        g    .ed.
Pi  ;v .ai i.......
& c
This Morning's Special
" "    a   .       ' Rustlin     Chiffon   Pal
' .:-���-.
v. hite, .
iavenudi            ,vn,  grey,     ink, ceris
: ���       ind nl        i     iod honesi    a
:��� ��� ���     ni'l    $1.(1      s           Thi.
rd      59c
Our Skirt Sale liai   ilwa icti
: '.'ii' ion    and     favorable    coi  nt,
i'liis   time  we'      clearing   ���""   sl j lish
.arate   skirts   .   irth  $���) 73  I i $$6.00
a          $3.25
Ladies'  Warm  Winter Blc.ses      In
.'.l'.'i'.''..,' cann     ; too
e   for I he exhi dtion   I   i a      The?
,. e    Vi arm.    pr ���' :;>     .  . '  serviceable
V iur i lioice  for     75c
��� '     '      s
�����,       A
ft Fra-  A ictl ui, ...
ft '" ' ��� '       fen ii   Th. i-f.jai ,.  ..���.,
���J  a'.. i . ,;    ; ...
i*t     >    ' Pr of ratepn ,vho . a
[���]  ii:i\     ihp .,.      n      f loca      on ���    re the 11
[��! ms   at   1 The   pptltlon   :
.* n i Hiv. ". M.P P.
were mad      . pass
crs-by,  wl      evident!.'    iii   v., I
thai  ' lie:   we nded to trai
wenl    i. :    happj  men b u k to Mill-
fele i ine   US.   ir   .1 Iress  Mb Ave
nue an i 10th Streel
The  Dunsn  . .  porl  yes-
rday   with   n iwil
^s   which  thej ireviousl     I led
.���. iui  al   the  mouth  ol  the  river,    Th
:���: . ,. ,,. side      Hie ' he i
'���] ii oni w.is taken lo : lie !��� rasei- River
(���   mills,  af er   which   lhe     wit   lefl   for  ,
>3 , . .    , . Hi''      Ill" a
,���.   i ii    Int.-rn itionnl   I ...:���.".::..'.  Co. s  camp   ,
.���. , . , ,,        biimoi' al 'lie linn
.fore inldnlghl   e\ ei���.  one,  Inclu Hug
feeling  In   the    besl   of
i     a.
.���   a  noon     :    igs tor tn.
>J   Ur. klin mills.
ft of   he   Victoria Antl-Tu
ft ' : culosl - lociel; are arranging for :i
;���; fancj fair, which will be given to-
i*< wards the end of this month. I' Is
,���,   ;la   Intention ol  th.. socletj  to Intro-
The cltj police believe I hej arc I I
on the trail ol I lie pai les responsible
i. r the klllln In   leer In Queen's '
park earlj ihi. i .     .,. |Velj   It's Like Handing You Money
ci llectlug e. Ul     e U    ling to Incrlin-
iuai.'    certaii     woul I   .
irlsmen,   !i1  -''" Jou ono of on   fountain pens.
New Yor-. Pattern Hats teen ol the  ��� r,
ii     , .   ��� ,        ,���:������: mi '. .If price.
ml   styll di   and    vorth   $16,  $20  and
1   e H.n.ted  Wrsppers   ���  Comprising   many
sizes,   in   :   mj   materials.    The
if t'i.  .seasoi     $1.25, $1 30 an i $2.00 lines
^���;?.vy Winter  Jackets, $12.30,  $1S.00
tlj   i;i'.'--        les,   ' ul   v. arm,
��� |  materials;  go   il $2.75
ft  riuce a mini!.or of novel feature
A majorltj   of  Ihe  members are  busily
ft, ....               .i  private etu losure ,r   the citj .   ex-
ft engaged  m  manufacturing  daintv ar-
;��� ...        ,                                            pense.     lh.-   parties  under  suspicion
���' n les for sale.
V ari   iwo   Vancouver     portsmen,  who
whose desire ror big game led  ihem   Thej save lots   il tini . aud time, you
to shool   ;i  beautiful  animal   kepi   in   know, Is money,    The pens �� > handle
iln  kli ! thai
'I   .lo.ou   pairs  Ladies'   and   Misses'   Cashmere   >}
The  steamer  Favorite  met   with a   were seen around the park lasi  Mon-
snbllng  accidenl   al   :i   point    about   flay.    Thej   were   accompanied   bj   .i , "'���   lhe ''""'    Once Riled,
ghl   niil.'s   up  the   river   yesterday.   '' '  aboul fifteen years of age, and as   *'u   '   '"
Hose, m plain    :. . |,  a   h   eaml  -- 1 et; all  >J  Through some mistake nf one of the   thi      were   the  only   parties   noticed   '' ''' ";    '" ; "   '' :"''' Ml" :"u or ::lil
...25c >J<   cew, ;i  heavy  rope  fouled the whorl   mound  carrying   pins,  they   aro na'-'1'   ;lll-v  particular.    Prj     me  ol   the
}V  and caused the breaking of one of the   urallj   suspected  of being  Implicated   moderately-priced kind, and  see whal
zes up to ���  ���   ii
\ i  les tor.
ia ceni rles,
Harvey   arrived  In   lu the killing of the d      [f n cotl. you have been missing
Ladies' and Children's Kerchiefs, of white lawn   >J   town  late last evening In quest of a   vlcl Ion  run  he  secured,  iin*   will  be
a,-���.,.���:.ed ������ Ige; i igular >*<   tug to bring the disabled boal to the   severelj   punished,  as  a   warning    i
ether sportsmen  who  mlghl   feel  In
cllned to commit  such an acl of van-
W. Lyle, who recentlj   assumed on
:'-r an i  10c.   ���
Regular   sc Iim
VV. C. Chamberlain, ihLi!^!.
dallsn   In
by buying out his partner, Mr.
farm Winter
iUnderwea   r
*    i Ladies' Vests���
as  mill   seconds.
|i' are equal to 50c and
, Is, but owing* to
��ns are sold as
-now 35c
Warm Winter
15 dozen Women's Union J
Rib    Drawers,   different %
sizes, good medium weight J ;
���special 35c pair >; with
Children'.-* i .
ft tire  control   of  the   Fashion   livery
ft stal
.^i llaslninn. has no v in turn sold oul  the
A entire business to William Henderson,
ft fcrmerlj   of the  cltj   waterworks  d i
>*< pr.rtmenl.    Mr.    Hendersou   assumed     THE   Scottish   prima   donna.
;J control  yesterdaj.     For   the   presenl isslsted  by
ft Mr   I.vio will st,i\   wiih the businei
Jessie Maclachlan Purchase Notice
agricultural centei   n is covered
...   ni ttitle    of   \\ hite yester laj
n ornlng.    The   mountains wnr  also
y��.   hidden   Wednesday  In   a   | ill of dun
Flannelette  Drawers, big J ,, i..:-.-1 ciomis, and when the sun
the capacity of manager. iJ0HN  .,  ,   ���, :,.:n:   vMoloncellis!
riiere  has been  a  big  snovi   storm   MNDI.EY GRAHAM, Solo Planl I
Chllllwack, aud   Ihe  whole of the   ROBERT   BUCHANAN,   vccompaii
L'i Iu   11 ���   iu pice   .'   the S as
-aOl hill   I,
line, all sizes, at 25c
>t<   . .ii ui    yesterda;     moi ning   and
!���.  rl'nsed Ihem away, the       'overed   W 1 CtL of fl.Qfl nVlnrlf
J   ii....  down with   . . mo ���   nf the heat,   A���V' 1Jln dl O.JU O CIOCK
ind    seventj    yard     All    Wc.l
Cashme.-e,  12 Ini hes wide; ol I      ���". :  1
Our   '���     1 Oi    III :
fable Damask. 7" Inched wide..35c
annelette,   lu   go nl  w< Ight,   pink,
1 _.   iol 1 ���:.-.".','    .    ���  '.-'��������� ��� 1
13   pairs  S.-.X011 /  Wocl   Blankets
M  >;   .0.    Pi :  $3-50   i
i;i  a  s|   Fo-.e White Ail Wool Blankets,
i.id weighl   pinl    ��� ���        ������ 	
Four  ..nl     Lad.-?:'  Tailored   Sui'.-,.     I   Oxl
grej and nu\ 1 che. i 11; Ihe li     of a line that '
$10.30 to $13,i 0,  --   '1    	
J tlful.
ft Reserve!
ft      There were offen 1  I 1    .ale al  the   | ,r  :n ri,n,
;���; markel  j. slerda;   aftei noon 1 w 0 verj
. , .,   J Hn     1 eoi.  both   bucks.    1 m ������    loasted
ft      .readin.   ml ler . �� title I he ol her was
ft a   young one and   nol piled   with
1 . 1'
Noi:..- 1 hereb; tt ven thai - da 1
after date I Intend applying to the
illilef 1 lomml ssionor of i.nii.ls an I
Work ��� f ��� "ami .-ion 1 1 pun h ise :h 1
follow In '.  di iei Ibed  land, sli nate 1 al
��� mouth of ih" Kil.l.il.i river, Coasl
dl -iiia:: 1 'omnienclng .11 n posi in 11 li
. 1 W.   . I '������  N.  E  Corner  plante 1  on
the   south  bank  of 1 he Klldul 1
al  the moul h, 1 mnln ; ns I dlow ���    11
��� hains    south,    1 1   1 hain ���   w e it,    10
1 hain ; north to I he shoi u line, 1 :i":    1
follow lng   diore line to plai e of 1    n
mem emenl. containing 16 aci es 1
or le
Vug, 27, I90G
Locator, W  MOODT,
Per l'l! \NK  VANDAL, Agent.
ii. I   'J I.   I! 00,
y ihi wen] in of defence which accom
>���< a lu 1 illj mal M-. 1 1 rn ' if the
A  unlmnl   fell a nit 0 prowi
Umbrella News
Li II. ���   an 1  Mia-.' 1'  I'm
of a   fine   qualltj   Gl iria   silk,
fine   an 1    light,   with   1 arag m
frame 1,   mei .1   ro Is and   las! j
han lies   $1-25
Elghl dozen 1 'hi! Iren's S h 1 il
Umbrellas, sixto n dozen Umbrellas with metal rods, men's
and children's sizes.50c and 75c
Hundre 11 ot yards of Wrap-
r. sretta Gcodr,, In blues, greens,
fawns, reds, pinks, etc.; one big
lot, ;.. uo ut  8' -jc
t'apl   Rei I. '     the Beaver, an I ih
lhi     was sli il  bj  a     m 1 f S   McClu    j
hun. of Porl  Kells,
!��;      Woi I   "���] '   ��� 1 ���". rl le range on 1 In-
'J Surroj   side   ol   the  rl ver   i i   1 opldlj
ft tipproachlng   completion.    The   bo ird
|��; walk  from  the  bridge to  tho tnrget,
V and also iim firing platforms are Bn-
>J li hed, and Ihe target, which is of the
ft mosl   up-l >.loo design, la on  haml   in
>- readiness ror Installation.   Tho finish-
W lng  louche,  arc  now   being pul   upon.
* ihe  score  marker's shelter,    with  a-
!���! few days of Bne weather, the range
of workmanship finish is what makes furniture values. Our endeavor J
I. tr ivi these two qmilltles In every article boughl and sold. Our ��
$1 00 ilijn back dining chair possesses these In marked degree��� ,
they an excelleut value. Our 13.00 solid oak cobbler sent rocker Is }
a leader anJ Is a winner; roomy and comfortable; nnd those fancy
chairs, large genuine Spanish leather upholstering at $15.00 Is one
of the best.   Morris chairs all oak   frame  from $7.r.i)  eaeh up.
ill l.e In readiness for use.
11 Is nol often thai an opportunity
tciti's to purchase high-class clofhlng
��� a re I.n lion,   Still, for a shorl time
!���'  Messrs.  Richmond  Bros, are offering
Dupont Block. Telephone 73.
.eir high-class  slock   oi men's suits..
ilgln illy 1 rlced al $10.00, $12.00 and 1
>;   $15.00,   for only   $7..".it nml  $10.00.    a|
!��j  glance al  their adverf.isenaent, top of
$   Page 1, will well repay you; and bet-j
ffi   ter  still,  un  Immediate   trip  to the!
Columbia St
tor an early selection.
New Westminster, B. C. i \^
The  l.;:;#:!  of the  late  .lames Fol-
h. ..Hal yesterdaj morning trom
sustained   the   previous day
81b: Scha ike's imirhir.i   shops, will take.
R# C�� Plirdy, The Confectioner
Is now manufacturing on his premises,
Columbia Street, a full line of
Toffee and Caramels
p**|w��fW'^^ :::'-��� ��������� 1:1 S;::'���l- af -;���'���:t:- i!l lt>�� I     I carry a full line of G. B. and Lowney's Chocolates. THE   DAILY  NEWS
} !
f    ^ili
....ii... I.i,
��� IW   i
[Wi I.-
*fe- **^,.y'.    ^fi>l_*
��� - %r# v feiMP.
���n^V   V.**s
#���1/' - ^TOHfe
'.���'./,      i'i .        .   .'���    '     /   o  SUUkJrfi. *��,
IMT.:- i''* .v   EDMONDS, I
tei s and solii Itoi -. Blai ki<   Blk.,
Columbia   st eet,   New   Westn luster.
W. .1. \\ I it. side, 1!. L. Edmonds.
MH. J. P. HAMPTON B01 E, solicitor oi tl e supn me :ourt. I iffices
Canadian Bank ol Commerce building,  Columl la     treet,  opposite   post-
���i ..., Ni v.   ���,. ���:.    ."i  i ey to
; ai . ters, solicitors, etc, Of-
���,,.,: New Westn ter, Tn Blk .
corn ir Cl Lrkson and Lorne streets.
Vam ouver, rooms 21 to 24, . 15 Gran
treet, J iseph Martin, K. C, . .
W. Weait, W. i*. McQuarrle, 11. A
Roi mi. Mr. M irtin wiJI be in th3
everj Friday at
i,: noon
HOWAY,   REID  &   BOWES,   Bai
lers,   BOlii Itoi s.   i tc,    12    L ii n<
...      op] House,   New
We   mil    ���        \   ' ��� : ���    er, P.O. 1
A   'a..-'.".;*,.',    I   .',,'     \
��-i ��,fj bjifZ CV   i"     ��� -_x r'�� C -V
Solicitor, Guichon block, <
I ia and McKenzie streel., New West.
���a :   ter, B. C,
W. MYERS GRAY. Barrlst.       -���
: N :' '���   ���
: vi : ��� Ni  .��� Wi  '   In   ���  .B.C.   i
���  ���    -
son   street, i te   Court   Hous
P.O   i: \ 109.     i ��� ���   hone 64
Miss Content: "Why don't yon cultivate a placid and contended disposition?"
Mr. Ene-.jetic: "Because I am too industrious to be placid and not sufficiently trctisical to be contented."
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at Jto per acre ior soft coal
and $.'o for anthracite. Not more
than 320 acres can be acquired by one
individual or company, Royalty at
th" rate o\ ten cents per ton of .coo
pi unds shall be collected on the gi iss
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding free miner-' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A frce miner's certihcate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance ot* $7.50
per annum ior an individual, and from
$50 to $100 per annum for a company,
according td capital.
A   ir. e   miner,   naving   discover..;
mineral  in  place, may locate  ��  cl
1500x1500   feet   by   marking   out   the
ame   with   two  legal   posts,   bearing
icat    11 1   '   es, 1 ne  at  each  end oi
tin- lun- of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if icated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for ..very additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee f. >r reci irding a 1 laim is .5-
At least I.100 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survej
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may tie granted by the
Minister ot the Interior to locati
claims containing iron and mica.   .'.������
a  ir
copper, in the
Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding H>o acres,
The patent for a mining location
shall provide f. r the payment of a
Roj ilty of -���' j per cent, ol the sales
of  the  : ���    lucts of  the   !��� icatii in.
PI Ai ER MINING Manitoba and
the N. W. '1 . ��� ��� ' pting the *i
Territory; P! 1 :er mining claims gen-
y are IOO fei r . re, entry fee
J:. 1 .able yeai ly. < >n the N irth
Saskatchewan River claims are eithei
h or bei , the f irmer being too
fi .t '. ; .. md ��� ��� ten ling between high
1 low '.'. iter iiaolc. The latter includes lair diggings, but extends bad.
to the base ot the hill or ban';, not
exec ding   1000   feet.     Where   steam
p.a,.. ei    ;-    usi .1   claims    200   fect    V\ ide
may be "1.tained.
1 Iredging in the River- of Mam; bi
and tin N. \V. T., excepting tbe Yukon T.rr t .ry A free miner may ob;
tain only two leases of five miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of the   Interior.
���The le -' "'��� right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the rivei
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and ?io per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placr mining,
Placer miniui: in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line is
genera] direction of the creek 01
gulch, the width being (rom 1000 to
noon feet, All other placer claims
-hall be 1*50 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legai
posts, one at each end. bearing notices, Entry must he obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
mile, of the mining recorder's office.
( Ine extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The  pen on or  company   stal ing  .
claim   must
-. fie ite.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of iooo feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
tw 1, 1500 feet alt< gether, on the output 1 n which no royalty shall b.
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims or.lv.
Entry fee Sio. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of' the gold shipped from the
ieet to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, e> 1 pi
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lea-e for ea :h five miles
but  where a  person  or  company has
btained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
lea-cd. Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
output after it exceeds Stn.ooo.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a iree miner for a term of
20 y. ,;r-; also renewal.'..'.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in tiie river
below low water mark, that boun-:
clary to be fixed by its pi ii 1 I nn the
1st day of August in thi v r of the
date  of the  lea-e.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
irom such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
.   mptroiler.
No tree miner shall receive a grant
, f more than one mining claim on
each -ep.irate river, creek or gulch,
but the -ame miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
pay ng   fee   of   $2.      A   claim   may   l.e
oncd and another obtained on
the si mi . reek, gulch or river, by
giving notice and paying  a  fee,
V. 1.1 k must be th n m a claim
<a!i j" ; to the '���   ' ie - 1    1 ie ist $joo.
A cei tifii te that wi u k has been
al indi n '1. anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
Berths on their sleeper- ar" longer,
higher and i\ ider than in similar cai ���
1 n any other line They protect
their train, by the Bl ick System.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey-
made ami publishing notices in the
Yukon   Official  Gazette,
Pctro'eum Ml unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the North-
��� west Territories and within the Vukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the hind to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such period as he may decide, the
length 01* which shall not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
.discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acre-, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
Jl an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, l-'e'o acre-,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the In
Dept, Interior.
BOARD OF TRADE.���N.-w   Westminster 11 iard of Ti ide n ts  In tl ������
Hoard Room, City 11 ill, as follows;
Sei ond Wednesday of each month
Quarterly meetings on the si cond
Wednesday of Februi ry, May,
August ami Noveml er, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. K. Whi'e. Sec.
UNION LODGE, NO. 9. A. F. & A. M.
���Tb" regular meeting of this
Is held on the First Wedn.'.-day In
each month, at 8 o'clock p. m., ln
the Mum.nie Tempi". Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
F. & A. M.���Regular communications of this lodge arc held on the
second Tuesday In each m mth in
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are ordially invited
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
U. B. K. of I., meets Becond and
fourih Fri.lay of each month, at 8
p. in.. In Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and .lohn street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially invited to attend. W. E, Dunlop, W,
P.;    E.  E.  Mutt bias. Reg,
���Meets in Orange hall first and
third Friday In each mouth at 8 p.
m. Visiimg brethren are cordially
invited to attend. E. !.". Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
,. 0. 0. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held ln Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every  Monday  evening,
at 8 o'clock. Visil ing brethren cor-
Hall ��� invited to atti nd, A. P. Halla-
.1 .. , N.G.;  W. C. C    "   in, Rec. See.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LODGE No. 3
���Meetings the lirst and third Tues-
cla > In oaeii month. Visiting
brethren cordially in\Ited to at.end,
Lodge room, A. 0. U. W. h 11, Oddfellows'   1,lock.  Clarkson   sir   C,
S. Corrlgan, recorder;   Louis Witt,
master u orkn an.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND, E. S.���
Red l!  I legree meet ��� Second and
Fourth Wedn isdaj of each month,
In K. of P. Hall, Columbia St., at
8 p. m , White Ro .��� li> gi ee, Fourth
Wedne .day   ii f month, Bame
time ..nd place, Visiting Brethren
cor.lially Invited. I-i. B. Stinch-
comb.. Pres., II. Disney, Secretary.
��� Meets the Fourth Friday in the
mouth at x o'clock, in the small
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend. .1. It. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A. 0. F.���Tho regular mo.'lings of
lhis Lodge are hold on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
at 8 p. m. in the Oddfellows' Hall,
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly invited io attend.   E. C. Firth, C. It.;
F,  P.  Maxwell, Sec.
at S o'clock p. in., in Oddfellows'
Hall. Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren ai" cordially invited to atten.1, (;,..,. Burr, S. C; N. R. Brown,
CAMP, 191.���Meets on tbe First and
Third Tuesday of every month in
K. of j\ Hall. John McNlven,
Chief;  J, J. Forrester,  llec. Sec.
Reichenbach  Com'yl
Prize Contest!
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
at 9 P. M
Two Prizes $25 in Gold i
Five Prizes $10 in Gold
Forty Prizes $5 each in Gold:
_ , m m m , ��_._H-������'dl
A printed check will be given to each cash cus-l
tomer showing the amount of their purchase. Ourl
weekly and monthly customers will also be givei
coupons for the amount of their bills on payment ol|
When you get $1 worth of checks present them|
at our office and get a coupon.   One is given to
customer and the other is deposited in a sealed bo*
The first number drawn wins tlie first prize; tto|
second drawn wins the second prize; and so oi
through the list.  Coupons are numbered in duplicate
IMPORTANT���All   holders   of  prize coupo^l
must present them on or before January 10th, 1W'/|
otherwise same will be distributed among the cl
table institutions of the city.
Limited I
Wholesale and Retail Butchers   <���j>"Ist.'^I NOV.
' ....
THE    DAiL>     NEWS
1. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers  and Dealers  in  All Kinds of
Imber,   Lath,   Shingles,    Mouldings,    Sash    Door..
Interior Finish,     1 urned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Imber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
[oyal City Branch, Columbia St.
>phonel2. New  Westminster
��� ���   ****""     ���"-in- ������     i .__.__  __-��� ,,���_,���,        ..��� _  _.,
ladian Bank of Commerce
|p Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund. S4.500.000
General Manager        ALEX. LAI tD   !   -     ten   Manage;
Kum     ...       Ui ra ���      ������   ������      ���   -*���--.
Departmenl ;    -    . -
;...     p,      ���     _   i .    r ;     - ,
���:���:������   : :
. -
.    -
���      .
.  - ...
k -
s lark c
��� -
sIccto. isho]      -   a a
.   - nfl*.
p    ���������   :
��� ���
s  .
i-.ks    .
.:     _
- -       .
. .
facility  afforded   Farmers   for   their  banking   bus r.ess.     E. es
td  or taken   for collection.
ID      MAIL    Deposits r.-ii
: ���.        ���    Ive every attenl   in.
Royal Bank of Canada
���   ;:. ..   '. dep islto       S i'.\R i' now I    - ���    .   n -...
.  :   . ��� ��� regi ��� Pe iple     i hav ler thing   ...      la;    nd I
....  .
- -
pro. S
.    -
- ���      -  :
:    -       pos. to  . ���..
se of
s if tl
women .. ���
short i
1 I ��� -
g 5   ���-.....
a   p       - -       .:   . an   I i
Ivrous - elbows
S \   ��� ���    - ..   -
coats   ii   cai..  sal
si)u_r:-. ,   ire nov   exhibited    .   .   .
nro  oflfei   1   at  a   less
nj   male over IS yea s of age, to   prevail   later   In   the   season    P
_m4 !?^^
Svnopsis   of    Canadian    Homestead Regulations
An;  ...   ���    in Lands wIth
.:. the Railwa; B in British Columbia, may be homesu ided ... any person w!    is the s of a family,
:h��   extent   of  one-quarter   secUon  of   muffs  and   throvi   ties   are   to
fashionable ns  I hej   �� ere
last season
��� nm?   It     acres, mi re or less.
Entry musi   i.1 made  personally at
 d .    ��8 .  for the distri;: in
tfliiii tha Ian I is situate.
��� ip
shape* ar
t   ���
.    t
- . -..
flexible and
look     -."f.':    -
3   .. ���-    .     .-��������
Ti�� <���    let    I   I   r, ,. _ ���
sa i.l ihc
...        .
Is a
t    -
--       .  .
hidden away in 1
"Well, a, sli
1 ha. e '..
'.: un
i's i ....
man. sink       back ���  ������������ .
" :.-  .....'..-.. i   .    . .   >
If you had I ki .   t was a
you              know i
'oni. *. ou kin go a id and I'll listen,
'cause I n li ������ :.' for experl advice on
thc sul  e. ;
Bul  som.   au   or other the  lecture!
thought is st to i Iin ze the suhtei I
���   ���   '     ��� - ..marked
i thi
,.-   ,���-,...      The homesteader is required to per-
en i    lins -     ith,   :^rm the condition, connected then
���  - - -     10 chains east,
.:.-.-.-���     -
���       '      a
Nexl  to the
terials for ti:
a. ��� i
'���   .    i    ��� .':    .       I u n I
���  :,'  ' i $601.30.    THINK
Put it ll
���������I every wi      i_       is will in
IGS, 3 TO   9   O'CLOCK.
i ��� n '������
: -
6.0 aci
li   -
27   '  "
,    i:
���   V
; . Ll ��� M
��� IDY,
- F
ink Van
.g nl
Oct   1, 1906
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
iank of Montreal
Incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
(ALL paid up)    $11,000,000
S'D  $10,000,000
It  Hon. Lord Strathcona and   Mount   Royal,    G.   C.   M.
'1   Honorary President
Sir   G.   A.   Drummonil    President
ton Vice President   and   General  Manager.
'    ug business transacted.
1 .11 the principal cities iti Canada, in  London, Eng., New
go, and St. John's Nfld., and correspondents In all parts of tbe
��� hai    a. |>I   ... . :i   has
_ - ��� :  John Kfcnnedj
.:.  fee simj le, un ler ,.
with under one of the following plans
(i    At  least six  months'  residence
up n and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
i_. If the father (or mother, if the
fatl r is decease I of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father  or  mother.
(j) If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months! notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Do-
lax sa], | ;   .-,. Sidne.   A. Fletchei   minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
Kennedy,   .earing    late the  t0 aPP>y ior patc,u'
::;.-���   lay of Di .  A.D   1901, of W, W, CORY,
all and singular lhal ..rain parcel or      Deputy  Minister of the  Interior.
and    premises   situate,      N.  B.���Unauthorized  publication of
lying an        agin   he District oi New  this  advertisement  will  not   be  paid
Westminst      iu thi     'ro. Ince of Bi it-. fcr.
ish     i'    un     .     m ire     particularly
know a an .   . I as Lots 1, 2, 3
I an 1 a. Bl ick 13, pari of 1. il 26
Group I. Lots .s an 1 29, Bl . 5, sub
livision of Lo - *2, Group I. and
iiortherl is of Lot 2, Bl ick ���".
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Don't   Sr av
Don'l ��� It spoils faces.   Before ;      \ Mir forehead will
resenibh . --..iii railroad map,
There ��� a irrand trunk line fr im
your ,-.",. lick to the bridge of - mr
nose, -    ,i, d  !,\   parallel   ii    i
running east and west, w> un es
a:      "'..'..   ebl OV ..    ���
���  ii Meri-
ingle and Saw
fill  Machinery
��� l .n4r._!B__a_
New Westminster. B. C.
I. Range :
I liian.
Vou an I each    * you  are  re ��� lired
to ci nf -���   the i' th    tax ] ur-
���.'���;. n lays I   uu the
date of tb    ; i ���       ihlicatlon of  this
notice, an I n!t of a i ive n or
. ertificate  of lis ; en lens    eing     ��� ���!
.. Ithin   mei   .���:   .:.  ���������   In   '������' mil of
redemption ' efore re sisi ation, I shall
.... ..    i. ���    ������-   owner
thereof in fee     Vi     I dire | ub
; ileal Ion o        in    Ice fo   one mouth
in    a  dall.    i ew    i    ; i' I���"''��� 'd In
Sow   Westmln tei   sh ill   ' e  good  and
sufflcien   i    vh e
Dated at the Lan I Reglstrj   Office,
New Westminster, l*rovin :e of Hitiish
i Columbia, this  13th  day of October,
A.D. 1906
('. S. KEITH,
Distrlcl Registrar,
To  Mrs. Elizi   eth   Kathleen  Black,
' William Knighl and Jed G, Blake.
Vli | er3ons a u ve I with ibis notice,
and those claiming through or under
them,   and  all   persons claiming any
Interest  In tlie said land by virti f
any unregistered  Instrument
rsons claiming any Intere
A  ..!..'���. V OF Nl '"   11 ITS
the  olil  and   standard   fa' oi Ites   . ���..
Unds  .'!'..>. iol -   an i   el unities      . li-...i
aro Imported Gn lish goods, nud ihen
is   a   Hue   of   herrlugb me   In
lini>  wool  which  is li.mii.1  to  i'.'  i tj
., .    ,   . n   popular.   I here are as. h kick i i i
11   rail   route   between   all   '   ' , , , ,      ,       . ,.    '
luih ;i;i.l a.- ��� era I kinds oi  Im ick     i   '
I The  only
' points  east,  west  and  smith   to   ROSS
land, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland v itit the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points,
Connects at    Meyers    Falls
stage ''uly for Republic.
u hich is \ cry well HUed so ma. a i
Indeed, that it lias bee ime sl md ., .
like the broadclolb nud - ' . war;
eudora. I<_udora is line t n lie I, i ll:i
tliat it omen ��� ill II ' do i i Iln ���.' n
bi In; :.,..: ben i:i . ul I
nil   li bro.i    loth lacks    , he new hei
rin���:'. ,'���:'.      v. .:     . I nvli
with   mal.os n  i!..n'.lv  '. iiu iM '    'I li ir ' nrv
huudreds of '. a ' - .-.   �� ���  ���' ������' .      ���
HulTet    service   on   trains    between   Of theni pill   I IIU	
Spokane   and   Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November
o ."i a m.
{2.25   P-m-
g.40 a.m.
da-', ns ui ' ���  lie
shadow  1 . ec       1 here
...Is'       ' '���"'
la.     LSI
much older; '��� S. iu I
'��� il  .tea ��� upon us
unawares We fi iw tt when the li I t
is too  strom: ������     ���   is  ioo
11 oak, W g I .' oui �� . - to a kno.
when we arc th - . n. and knit
them  even   - -'\   when  we
wnnol : h nk There is no denyin :
there aro plcnh r'i things to .cowl
Ambitous   Newsboys.
The  ii.'-;. 11  \ iw -'���
tive union alii! ad i �� itii the Am .- -
can federal 011 of l.ai> ir, has vo;.' I
to send on    if its n irs to 1
vard university in-tl if.       '," c
io    son    i    ie 11   >   ';.;'.  1  1 - ,;i  ' .-������
ship fund, ho 1 .vy to raise %
Tho fun I now ui      nts to
ii lu. ii  yields  an   in   ime  of  ������!
Pr. sidenl  fli it, an I      1 ir*
ber of ; lie ufiirrh, d    lie
nol to wail      til tin   fund m
pli to, ��'". rin    to 1    ept the    1
of the pre enl _      . H  an!
larger,   Th* bi neliciary of tl e _ 11 '
will be selected by competitive '.-.i
rj lunation
Hint  About  Old   Gloves.
Old kid gloves or kid .lip] ei
be htil  . d for making kel tie 01
holders.   Lent her be n     1  bad ���
du tor    f heal
much   i""" i  effort
om ���     Squnn 9  if kid should lie 1   I
out,  joined  together  and  cove    1
with felt or flannel, the edgi    In
bound \\ 'i!i br lid or .trips of I
leather,     r e ho   pm      _     s
prised  hofl    m h  holders   save
bands from the heat.
Iilay Train Arrive
.. Spokane ... r 15 pan
.. Rossland  410 p.m
..  Nelson  6.45 p.m.
uruthers Manufacturing Corny, j
Manufacturers of
>w Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
,e Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
VANCOU ,        C.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
ting up any claim to or in respect 01 77
the said lan I s > sold for taxes^as pro- j ^ ^ ^ (it.jn(,jpa, business centers of
viaed by thi "Land Registry Act.   0NTA1{|O, QUEBEC and the MARI-
W B-^W __��____-*___��� TIMF, 1'ROVTNCES.
_   ^.   L-iraPCr Ms,, to Hin-'KALO, NEW VORK and
* "^ I'lIIliADELPHIA,  via Niagara Falls.
R    C Land For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO. W. VA'jX.
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and,Ticket
Ellard Block   New We��tmlnt.er. B.C.      Agent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, IH.
ind all
in the
said land by des ent, whose title in
aol registered under the provisions of
the "Land Registry Ai t," shall be forever ostoppol and debarred from sel
This is the season's most
popular model in Men's Sack
is a
creation.    Distinctive   and
Whenever  and   wherever
you buy
look for the label that protects.
H_   L.   de BECK
PR0CRISS b��a. D
.Ay ..
��� )
New Goods Arriving Every Day
Tea Pots      Tea Pot Stands       Biscuit Jars
Jugs Toilet Sets Hanging Jardineres
We invite you to inspect our stock
whether you   wish to buy  or not.
Price $4 Per Ton Delivered
Telephone    150.
Prescriptions a Specially.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster.   - ��� - B. C
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign   Man en  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
217-219 Columbia Street.
A Good Investment
We have the exclusive sale of an 8-1
including hot and cold water, electric
light, bath, etc.
Hair cash, balance on easy terms
a ii per cent. This dwelling is on
Carnarvon streel in good location and
rents at $] i per month. Tuxes .is
per year.
If you are looking for good interi si
<.,i your money, figure this tyi, deduct
laxfi. and Insurance, and see if you
are not getting 11 per cent, on your
��60 Columbia  St.
Phone E5.
He I�� (.u.iil Matured, Docile, Obedient
ami Long Suffering:,
"The  elephant   Is  the   best   natured
beast in all wild creation." said a circus man, "Most people hav.. an idea
that the big beast is apt to i-ro wrong
any time and make all kinds of trouble
for every body. Now, as a matter rt
fact, I bave never but once seen a
freak of tins kind. Then the result
was directly due to the intolerable
abuse of flat beaded grooms, lt seems
to me that if some one was putting a
steel point or book into a soft joint of
yours or mine many times a day and
Without any good reason for It we
would show temper and tear up thine:'.
too. Tin- only difference is the el*
pbant has more patience. He is docile,
obe<lieiit and long suffering. When
an elephant gets a little out of sons
there is always some lightweight attendant, it seems, to fly off and say he
ls 'daffy.' Ninety-nine times out of ��
hundred tbe poor elephant bas been
badly treated, and, as be cannot talk,
he does about tbe only thing In- can do
and trumpets his disgust or possibly
goes a step further and eases his feelings by taking a crack witb his trunk
at something within reach. Elephants
are as kind hearted and tender as women and respond to little attentions
the same way. and in the same way,
Just like a woman, when they get soured, it takes a long while to sweeten
thorn again if It can be doue at all."���
Chicago Chronicle.
fv._rk Twain's  Best.
.',:ti: Mark 1 ".;.:n had sp. I ���
for lir.lf li i ��� i more at one :
his li ' : ��� yi nr.- . . ��� ays the !'��� is-
ton !.. . :... he i :. idi J to take a
i rii : rest, and without a word of
explunati :. he -topped talking nnci
sat down. The audience har. ;.
knew what to do. After awl <
some onc more bi d than the n i
got up. -'ro.:" down the aisle i n i
wi :.' o it. Some i no (Ise followed,
and in u few minutes tlie hall was
empty. "Very go. d lecture, Mr,
Clemens," said a local dignitary,
who was trying to be polite. "Yoti
mean the first half of it," was i ie
reply. "The second half has n ���:
been delivered."' "Xot delivered '"
almost shrieked the local dignitary.
'*.\o." said Twain, his composure
not in the leas) disturbed, while thc
usual merry twinkle was seen in his
eye,  "but   we have the monev  for
the whole, and I don'l see why we
need to worry if they onlv take
Prooi of Its Worth.
"lie knows bis play will succeed if
he can gei it produced."
"Greal plot?" f,
"Jusl ordinary."
"File- dialogue'."
"i lommonplacc."
"Wl..\ s.i certain?"
"It lias been rejected by all of tho
Couldn't Qualify.
"Her friends were charitable enough
to call ber trouble kleptomania, but the
doctor knew at a glance that wasn't
what ailed her."
"How could he tell?"
"She was neither young nor beautiful."
Thc Way It Goes,
-Where the foaming breakers roar
Down beside the sandy shore,
There the sportive mui.I.n sweet
Dips her dainty hands und  feet,
Plunges in. a mermaid f.iir.
With the .un bleach on her hair,
Nature's hue  upon  her skin.
For the swim she's strictly In.
]n the autumn at the store
Where the busy traffic's roal
Frets the ear, with worried nilen
The... the maid Is dally seen
Buying drugs and lotions weird
That the freckles may l��   .haired
Prom h.r tanned and toughened skin,
For the ny-lal swim she's in.
.: -        ���'   'il
Editor, Daily New
Box ���Ml   Sew V Bstei
Mi   an 1 Mrs.  I  hn M u ray, of Van
iver. wi
Chii     and  Mrs.   Wat-
- :..    f C    '���    eon
N�� :���   Mi '..��� ��� I   was  a   visitor in
esterday,   an I   - eni    i be
old frien
es, of P        I    rey, ar-
������.    citj   yestei laj.   ha ��� i
een i me 1        the
... -    .        ng, as hi
.   ai     resei
. . | ���    f exposu re to
���    ement  weath M - Is a
Al 1. Adams.
Mr. .1       H. B :.: a- I, i f Kani-
e tg a few days in thi
vhile ���          m< . moi a   tri]
gh the ast cities.
Musi -      .. '    ���'���     1 to a
MOO ������:���..
: auspici Si
vill    e given in St. Pat-
a       Diamond is ii
iid voice,    : .  Mr. Mai  Knight  needs
ini tion to  N< w   Wi stniii
.   lien es,  though   It is ng   time
���: .     ha. i had ���     ire ol
. arina - ��� il. i re-
membei   ���  ���   coi ru i Isi  :::  thi     an ! at
- . . ��� . , ; | ... : . .
solo ' ��� ":n Mr. Ken Irick.
i'a ��� ginning to end i! is a first-
class ]    -   imme.
Mi--  Gi      ide i Si-, nor gavi
lelightl        a ���     Tuesday   a"- .      :..
\ reseni     ere Miss Molly
Hi   ���   Miss Noel A i msl rong, Miss !'
re    M.   Ie, Mis- Nora  Mi Kei zie, Miss
Malins, Miss Clara Ma ins, Miss
:        Keary, Miss Is.i M. D m    I, Miss
ent     Graen e,     Miss     Man
1,   :, i , ii i little Miss l-Va :��� ���
Fn 1   Eastman,   who   was    -��� le ti
me   -in,.'  .. ro  a -   ila-   -a. ��������� ���.   of
Capl iin Esplen   ,. the ti;.  departn i m
will   commence   hi -   ni -.    luties   this
morning,   He will b��? al .   hed to No
i   s'a'a.n.
Fire Captain  Esplen  lefl   yesterd
iftern on   for    Vancouvei.   ..: > r.
\ ill reside in future.
The ladies of Holy Trinity church
are making extensive arrangements
the card party which Is to be held
ii ��� r 'heir auspices in SI George's
h ill "ii T iesdaj', Nov. 6. From pi ���
ent In lications 'his pari \ v. i'i be one
of the m isi suci _sful sot Ial ga I ���
Ings held In this citv for some tin ���
I st, and all who attend maj depei I
ui on having a -..as- pleasnt < ��������� ning,
e\ en if thej do nol capture a prize.
Mrs. Gaynor i ntertained a few
friei Is al afternoon tea yesterday,
The Bridge cl ih mei at the residence of Mrs. (1. n. Brj mm r yesti r
fa '��� afti -noon. Thi r< ,vere pn sent:
Mrs. Malins. Mrs Holt, Mrs. Voting-
ling, Mrs. DeWoll Smith, Mrs. Bell.
Mi -��� Ci ulthar I, Mrs. H i nington and
Mi -. Cordon.
Mrs. J. Harold Ji ni - Lave a delightful progressive euchre party yesterday afternoon, at which she was assisted bj Miss Lewis, Miss Alma
Leamy, Miss Pittendrigh. Miss Curtis,
>.l ss Johnson, Mis i Burnett, Miss Ger-
Irude Gaynor and Miss Mary Keai;.
The first, lone hand and booby prizes
were won by Miss Haro, Miss Wright
and Miss Charleson, respectively
Among those present   ki   ��� :   Miss Cot-
-��.\ nr,ent's   Gem
loud Chopper  is
an   economical
addition  to  any
kitchen,    it .-a.' i
time and  lea ��� ns
J/~}1 I SI       lal'or, and thus
c      ' economizes    the
housekei per1 tint.
and   strength.
With it many
attrai ti\
dishes Ca.-i I ���
made from what might be wasted
it U �� ere not for the < lera.
It chops foorl i! all kinds -
meal . vegetal les, fruits, bn ad,
crackers, etc. It doi I I mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, but i hi ;
the food aa you want it- fini. arse
or medium.'  Easy to 0\ ei ite, sell
shar;'< ii
without it.
No kitchen comt
Ue  Bl
All  newi   good electl
Elyles  thai   a ���     '    dai     :- I  Bervlcea   ���    Flanm 1.
French   Flanne      Sli  . etc.,   ire  a   f< ������
. , which make the I ij Ing ol  nei   ���
Fancy  Striped  Flannelette  Waists.
Dark  and   Light Colors,  bl a.        eight,
Cream and  Blac*   Lustre Waists. I ach	
Fine  Quality   Silk  Waists,  In  i ������ ol
.1 :
usine. s
Real   Estate
1 F. J. Hart y Co.. Ltd..
701 Columbia St. !["
Rental  Agency
F. J. Hart y Co.. Ltd..
701 Columbia* St.
Fire Insurance
F. J. Hart y Co.. Ltd.,
701 Columbia St.
Mortgage Loans
F. J. Hart y Co., Ltd.
701 Columbia St,
Lire Insurance
��� in,    Miss    Mal'::.ha   M
\i    .:-..... M   -    I   p. n Boli
Mi  -     Hen ng,    Miss Misi
>, is,.   Miss   H.n lers< n,   Miss   Cash
Hi n lers  ::.  Miss   Pe   ���    Miss   Ha   ,'<
Miss  Bilo :��� .   ;.  Mi .. Lyu    .   .]        Fli I
cher,   Miss   Mi !��� mal I,   Miss    Wi ���
Miss McGowan, Miss Elsie McGowan,
Miss Grai    Coi      ild, Mis   Cla   ���   Coi
. il !. Miss Martin an I Mis
John  Ang is, wl t one 11me
nager of the loi I
���ana nt, passed 1 city
esterday on his i_         oi     .     ka to
Seatl le, wher.        Is goii             . aei -
Seattle  $,
I Storage Co    n-ith n hii b hi ������ al
:-i   enl    affiliate I,     Mi     Ai
een aw aj  In .A nd
'    ' . :
nti        Whi ���..
many old   frii
ng time.   Hi n thi
��� t rail
e his famil
H. Kip     of Chilli. l
itoi  in ' hi   citj    i sterdaj*.
lames   SmUh B      lon      ������ well
:,. -a n horsi   e ���.��������� rter,  '������ t< I
... num .er of   valuble      ���   ���     at  1 lie
..,-.-   Pi   ,-ini       exhibition   lefl   res-
a . ,;..;   nil I   by  h i -her.
foi bis home In tlie Wh< al citj. During his stay in the west he sold .,
number of his        lesd   ���   horses, an I
��� a lj   a   small   numl ���     of 1 hi m   were
��� ��� nl   b        in i hai -���    il   thei     ittend-
nl -   yesterdaj
C   Gi anger,   of   Los    Vngeh   .   I
: nl i, was In the cii '���    I      fori
:. a and left foi Vani uvi -i ''��� >���
rternoon vheri ��� poses opening
ip ' branch i isini - In conni 11 in
ith a southern nui si coi ipan Hi
said ' hat thi nasi season ha l been
i :,. of ��� he mosi succi - - fui on n ord
i . his pai ��� ol the countrj foi
rruil -.    Thi   pi ini i r.     ��ai   nol quit.
aad  as  might   hav.    I n   wis]    I
The i lhl     ��� id heen
... .   ������..   from S in ���!       scab
and ll was hoped thai in tijne ij
n . ans of carel il managemenl the
: a urge mighl ��� done a _ i _ Ith al-
togethi :
Al I   an 1   Mi.-    Henlej   ��� nti i tained
the chair and the yo ing people ol the
. i   ���   Presbyterian   church   a!   a   Hal-
��� ��� n  social at  'heir residi nee   ai I
��� ��� ��� ling. About forty too. a I. intage
of Mrs. Hi nlej'- invitallon, and spent
i illy time at the ma -a n li Hal-
li we'en games were In lulged In until
late   hour,   some   of   I he  cosl umes
a   being  i xcellent,     .ftei       most
rn        ih   evening,  a   .ote  ol   than
.' a -���  passe l  to the hosl aad   hi i u bs
'i   lhe  splendid   ente tail pro-
vib I for theii   ��� test
Attractions   at   the   Opera    House
in  November.
Devil'.-   An '    n
1    L'nde    Soul In . n Sk i   .
12-  'I lie Sign of thi  i li
��� ���   - "   Ma l i ihlan,  Sei I  li   i n-
17-   Al iron i,
:':: - Harrj   ;;��� re       I   (The   Woman
Hi  ��� r).
' ���    Jei i.. ���: om Ken j.
29   Two Johns.
ii       h ... a -    f thesi    ....    ���. mi in -
to an     lerso eason      S'orl
\ .   ���     ind Boys' Sweati ��� I nee.h
-' ���       al  we are
s �����
November  Buttenck   Patterns \. ,.      s.
Ask   (or   Fasbion   Sbeets.
>''Oi>i>i>:>i:<>:>:>:>i>:>i>i:o:>>::o.>i>:>;>>.>>:>:>>i>i>>'*> ...... ������.>-,���,
Selling Out $20,000 W
Every article or piece of furniture n ������
actual cost without reserve.    Firsl lorne,
need ,l i- cash and yi i wani the | I       :
of a lifetime.
716 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.    Rear Extei    n, From
Vancouver Investol
Still Favor Property on Columbia Street,
New   Westminster.
W,��� control the sale ol jeveral of  the besl I
Full    ./'��� l lots, 132 fei     leep, with 66   feel  fi ml  g< '        (
F     is. im,.roved or othei wis.a . ���
requirement ,    Bi tter buy nov    nd gi    I       enefli
Malins, Coulthard & (j
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster^
1 Electric Railway Servid
Inter-urDan Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p
m. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City   Limits  Line    Service from
6.1.". a.m. to 11  p m.
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and 5 and 7.
30   Minute    Service   durlll!|
mainder or day.   iTaasir-
Leopold Plai e.
Sunday   Service   half-hourly J
tween S a in  ami H Sa'
Sapperton Line.
15  Minute  Service fi
ia. lo  11      i 1
12  and   2,  ami " I
..In, a  hoill '   '   ���      '
Sunday  Service   tin ':
| British, Columbia Electric Rv.O
*+������ ������������>������������������>��>��������������������� ��<.���������������������������������* ******
Horse Clipping Mechii
Fatal Fight.
Spokane, Wash., Nov, I.���Four men
are dead as a result of a Unlit yesterdaj near Kennewick, Wash., between
officers and two men who had robbed
two ston e in Kennewick,
Schooner   Sunk.
St, .lobn's. Mid.. Nov. 1.���The coast
'mail steamer Falcon collided with and
sunk the schooner Lillian, bui Baved
her  crew.
'E have a line of light and compactly bu'11
POWER CLIPPERS of special durability, suitable for  small and large stabiles
Our 20th century is cheap and goi
F. J. Hart y Co., Ltd.,
701 Columbia St.
New   Westminster,   B. C.
Branches -
Natural Gas Again.
Hamilton, Out., Xov. I.���An explosion of natural yas in tbe car shops of
the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo railway ibis morning resulted In the
death of fjeo. Perkins, locomotive hns,-
Cbilliwack,   Her, and $10,o.o damage,
clippers work easier, clip faster and taKe
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear l*"1^'
than any other on the market.    We have
great labor saver.     Call and   sec
T. J. TRAPP & 0


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