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The Daily News Dec 3, 1906

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fatfjME 1, NUMBER 229^
2% fldlg WetP
L Meeting Is Unanimous in Opposition to New Regulations Proposed by the Fishery Commission
Protest To Be Forwarded.
, ,t.,r taken locally in the re-(an Injustice thai men living abovi th.
!".',..   fisheries   commissioners  Mission  bridge  should have to come
jljklngl) exemplified ,,n  Satur- below the Fraser river bridge to flsh.
''';;,,\   nhen about 200 residents He had heard  that   the apron  whicb
)tJ       ol whom were inter- the  trap  owners   were  compelled   t.
*.,.',',���:    oi   Indirectly,  in   the drop in front of their traps during tne
0l  the  Fraser  river, close time  wag  really  uo protection,
council chamber at as   the   Ssb   crowded   againsl it and
.      irpose of mak- rushed  Into ihe  traps   as  soon  a
oteg(        ,, : certain clauses was lifted.   He suggested thai a ���:���
... ..,,- of a majority tatlon Bhould be senl to Ottawa with
.   , immlssloners.    His a   Btrong   protesi   againsl   the   objec-
,.;,.,���.   occupied   the tionable points.   A deputation of two
[he speakers included  all men would onlj cost aboul $400.
A:' ' '   :
all  parts of tl
Lays Out the Work
For Next Congress
Washington,  Dec   2.���The   passage  commendations of the president in the
of the appn   rii tii n bills and as little  interest of a national inheritance tax
Daily   the question of the fishing rights be-  general legislation as possible.    Such   is awaitfid with interest, but, as in the
Aid. Howay said thai un the fact  ol
I   the close  timi   regulation was  un-
��� tie !,.-li'-iies commis-  just.    No one could suggest a reason
i: In  the   minority  re-  able  excuse  for   -bis   discrimination
i.  ...        ister of  marine  and   against the river fishermen.  The closi
Ottawa,  was the  first   to   time should  be  uniform.    Mr.  Howay
j, f0i  a  Bpeech, in  the also said  thai   he  would  have   been
0I A .,:.  -i   pointed  oul   Hie  pleased to have heard trom more fish-
:,    a! been unable tolermen during   the   meeting,   as  they
to, dealing   more   particularly  were the besi posted men, and ll was
|.., ...... ise time during off the mon opportune time for them to
Bethought  that the enforce   make a   protest.     He   would   like   .j
|        , time twenty-four hours   bave seen  the question of the depth
;;..    a 'a        .'IVI'       ' llllll     Hi       1 tlC       Of     ill*"      I|C t S      t II T.-.-" J ] f (1     Oil!     I il ll f( J II g ll !.. .
hold be a great injustice to the I so  thai  any  committee  which  might
:  \. ..   Westminster,   and   be appointed  would have ihe opinioi.
��� i,.       necessary in any case. | of the meeting to work on.    He  w.,<
lemark. covered largely the min-   glad  thai   Mr, Taylor had introduced
|reporl published In   the
I week ago   while  in  speaking   tween   the    .Mission    and    the  Fra.e
.ed   conditions   at    the river bridges, and he thought thai it
ties Ui   Brown said thai if it   would   be   well   to   make mention ol
been for the  local freshets,  that   clause  in  any  resolution  wh cii
ihad done considerable  damage   might be forwarded to the departmi i.t
spawning pens, they would have   at   Ottawa.     He   stated  that,  he
Mocked to full capacity.    He es-   looked   carefully   Into   the  matter,  as
output of the hatcheries   he had beta appointed on a commit
ki.-,:. al aboul 35 milliou fry,    ' tee to drafl a resolution to Mr. Kenne Mackie   was    next   called  nedy, M.P., at Ottawa, after a meeting
ior a few remarkB, but contented  held  at  the  Liberal  club during the
pfwith that,  wiiile it was   Pasl   week.    He did  not   think  lhe  re
���  .   aftei   the  close   solution of disapproval should be ma'li
K    >river, the mosl Important   too   short,   and   impressed   upon   thp
traps, must not  be   meeting   the Importance   of  coverli;.
ktr.    '    He  thoughl   that,  the'��������'��.'ry point.
|s_i.    .   |      down  t(, ,;ii Inches        Mr.  Brown  sai!  there was no tn ea
Hon io cut out fishermen living abov
Mission    bridge,    although    careless
wording of thi   recommendation might
lead -o that infi renci     Hi   thought It
would be a mistake to weaken the protest  agalnsi  the inj istii e of a longer
close time on I ���      .ei by putting i m-
phasis   on   minor    points.    The  proposed regulation as to the close time
was the thing which would, if carried
fishermen al  the  out,   be   fatal   to oui   Interests,    and
ll mmendation was  against  that  ti,.   strength of Ihe pro-
meant the clos-  est should be din . b
Following is from the New York Herald's London special of yesterday, Dec. 2nd :
Being told that the Tories want to preserve the
House of Lords as a bulwark against the popular
will, in nearly all parts of the provinces the radical
papers are frantically urging the Prime Minister to
deal with the upper chamber. It is pointed out that
the old policy of "filling up the cut" led the radical
party, in 1895, to the greatest disaster that ever befell it; and that now, as then, the country has no
use for a government which cannot carry its bills.
" If it is to be a fight between the two Houses,
it will lie a fight to the last," says Mr. Balfour.
The Lords are anxious that the Prime Minister
should appeal to the country on the question of their j
abolition, but that appeal is not yet. ' It will be af- j
t ter the Home Rule Bill of the next session has been !
| ruthlessly thrown out.    The power of the peers can j
} neither be amended nor ended without a definite
I mandate from the people.
Schaake Company Lays Plans to Increase""Ils manufa
ing Capacity���Add New Branches and Double,
Number of Emptajtg���'
The   Schaake    Machine   Works  Co. i dend  was declared of S per cent,  on
lias   now  acquired   Ihe   whole  of  the!11*0  issued capital   stock  of the com-
��� -fc����-��^
in brief is the forecast  for the short
session   of  the   fifty-ninth   session   of'
congress, which will begin to-morrow.'
Ii will not be possible to do much on
j._,   the appropriation bills before the holidays, and this will condense ihe con-
I      > fishermen"**, nets.
B��. field    the  next   speaker,
ling of the com-
pn fca     . a ... surprise to him.
I        '   a- nets was to be cul
I ' recommended, it
���   ti -li' tmen would
it ol     i iness.    The lish
eep,  and  deep  net -
['��� tesary.   Then' was
. ���'
rivei    whic
��� i- w 1:111:.
I'" tbey    should
time, they should
.1 ���: -al.   and   11"!
I 1   fish while debar-
*'  ' ��� '     The river tisher-
f  ���'���'������ mt to lish in the
md nets were   toi
,    Would   be      After a few more speeches, a reso-
ground     If  lution which had previ been pro
pose 1 and  seci nie I    ��� as   withdrawn,
and a committi i    ute I to drafl ..
stronger resolution was named. The
��� ni.a ll ei a nsi ��� . ���: the following
Thi mayor, Jas i n l< si a, .1 D. Taylor, !���". W. Iin.'. a leoi gi Mackie and
Andn w Hi Icrev '! he mei ting thi n
a Ijourned.
inaltt; of currency reform, the few-
weeks of the session will not suffice
for adequate consideration. Suggestions looking toward amending the
railroad rate bill are not expected to
bear fruit this season.
Among the questions slated lor a
sideration of the fourteen large sup- liberal share of discussion, a decision
ply mea-sure. into two months. Con- on tariff stands at the head of the list,
side-ring that the aggregate of the ap-1 but no one has the least idea thai
propriations will approximate $1,000,-, any serious effort will be made to se-
   some   senators   and  members   cure   the    modifications    which    even
express th( opinion that congress can-1 many republicans think desirable. The
: t di ettei than give all of its time president, who desired some changes,
ty these  measures. has receni ly promised his congression-
Tbe  friends   of  the   ship   subsidoJ al NcalJers that he  will not have the
a i isure have never been more insis-j subject   taken   up at  this  time.    The
��� ii  than now.    The  bill  has  passed   Japanese   question,   tlie  discharge  of
��� ��� senate and is in committee in the the negro soldiers, the desirability of
house. Thi advocates of the bill be an income tax law, the result of the
lieve thai  thei   will  be able to get it   lati   elections and ihe trusts are also
ted to the house. Shaker Can- .-...- . for discission. The senate will
non lias given no assurance as to his give early attention to the case oi
attitude,  a.it   the   bill  supporters  find   Senator Reid Smoot, bul  what it  will
��� nco i . genu nt In liis silence.   One in-   do abo it it. not even the senate wishes
ci lenl that is n rj materially helping  now to comntemplate.
the subsid.    is   thi   recent   speech of      Much interest attaches to Uie presi-
Secretar;. ol State Rool in supporl of dent's   forthcoming   recommendations
:t. concerning  the  Panama canal.    It  Is
The senate has on its calendar two not expected thai he will ask much
rtan bouse bills, the immigration legislation beyond the necessary ap-
biil and the Philippine tariff bill, but propriations, and there is a general
there an snags in the paths of both disposition to grant these. The incl   i,.,-;,. j crease cd the navy will  receive much
Ni ; .    i a   :���    nbers ol both houses  consideration, but there i.s still oppo-
wen   an_  et   tbe demands  sition   to   the   proposed  ship of   the
for     . ...   elasi rency.   Thi   re-   Dreadnaught class.
frontage  on   Front   street  from    the
I Harvej  building to the Brackman-Ker I
Co.'s mill, and has already commenced |
electing the first section of a com-I
plete series of new buildings.
The total frontage will be Hin feet,
and the buildings will go back the full
66   Ieet   to   the   tear of the   lots.     Tbe
bank al the rear of the building.-; will
be   held   back   by   means  of  a  cemenl
retaining wall which will run the full
length of the lots.   Numbering fromj
the wesi  end.  where the work of con-i
struction    bas    already    commenced,!
ihere will be first ihe general business,
offices   and   pattern   rooms.     Then   a
yard.    Adjoining lhe yard  will be the
foundry,   machine    shops    and   black-j
smithing department,    Into the latter j
j .section  the C.P.R.  has agreed to run!
1 a spur, so that all loading of machinery can  be done   without   carrying  it
outside   the  building.    The  height   oi
the  frontage  of  the building  will   be;
'IC  feel, and  light will be supplied  at
the  front   by  means of seventy  large I
windows,  and   by   upper   windows  In j
the   rear.     The    foundations   of   thc
structures will be of concrete and the
roofs of corrugated iron.
The interior of the buildings will be l
fitted up with all the modern improve-1
ments  along  the  line   of      -1 hinery
known to the trade.   Electrical ,   wer
will be used for its operation, and will
be supplied  hy  three high  power mo-,
tors.   If satisfactory arrangements can
be made with the B. C. Electric Co., it
is altogether likely that tlie power required   for operating  will  he  secured i
from  them,    if not, the company  is
prepared  to  put   In Hs own engines
and generate its own power.
The entire shops will be covered by
an electric crane which will travel on
;i running track from one end of the
building lo the other. It will have a
thirty-foot span and will he capable
of lifting six tons and depositing It
wherever required. The material lo
le lifted will be raised above the
working machinery and moved without interfering with the work of the
shop. Tiie crane will also run through
the yard.
A house telephone system will connect all departments with the business
office, an I other devices of a labor
saving character will figure in tlie
pany, the balance of profits being left
in the treasury for tlie purpose of increasing the company's plant. A motion was also passed to increase the
capital stock of the company to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, for
the purpose of enlargement.. The
manager said the increase of work
was so great that it was impossible to
complete ihe orders in hand without
increasing the plant.
The following directors were elected
for the present year: A. Ewen, James
White, B. .1. Fader, H. Schaake and H.
Kicks    Because    Empress  of    Ireland
Was Delayed at Halifax for
a Few Hours.
Montreal, Dec. 2.���The Empress of
Ireland was detained seven hours, Saturday, at Halifax, awaiting the Canadian mails, which were despatched
over the l.C.R. from here Friday noon.
Had the C.P.R. steamship express,
wh.ch left Montreal late Thursday-
night, been utilized for the Canadian
mails, und the Empress sailed direct
from St. John to Liverpool, a day-
would have been gained in the distribution of these mails in Great Britain.
Retires From Service.
The Daily News, last Saturday, contained a brief announcement that W.
J. Walker bad been appointed judge
of the court of revision and appeal in
lieu of C. G. Major, resigned. Air.
Major, who by the doctor's orders, has
been confined to his house for the
past three weeks, overcoming the
troublesome results of a cold contracted early in November, told a representative of the Daily News that he resigned with some regret, as his relations with tiie officials and others,
with whom the work brought him f-ito
contact, had always been pleasant;
but the work of the court has grown
heavier in late years, so that it. not
only occupied more time than he feels
able to give it, but it also runs on, be-
in   the   roundry.  which   department   >����  necessarily  adjourned   from   time
now has a capacity of three tons, another cupola will be added with a capacity of six  tons,  which  will  enable
to time, thus obliging the judge to be
on hand for a mouth or two, whereas
in  former  times,   a   couple  of  wei ���>
the company to turn oul nine tons of  sufficed, and ibis interferes too much
castings per dav. with other engagements.
On   the   water   front,  the  company1     Mr-  Major    was    appointed    about
Is   19S   feet.     There   they   propose
���be  St.   Mungo
��� .   uipositlon of
right 'ii begin
io Bliani-, on
��� i ongly to the
while  the   Japs
the mouth. On
I  noi   gel  into
���   greal num
i'i    If the di    h
��� " j meshi s,
���    i  could gel
It   is a down-
Mi    Vmler-
ll   Ull)   .-ense
a Ii a  i epoi'
report   I ���
.   i   up,   . ���  '
the i uirse of
1   ���' rated   thai
l'n    proposals   to
aui   im enc
ick in bis ar-
ing  bad to be
limes during
king as a busi-
1 sts of the fish-
exc  thai al
Nominations   ;        hi Ition   rf
na . i :   and   school   11 usti i -   will  take
'    i  al 11 o'i lock thi    .     ning ;:t the
citj  hall, while nominal! n - for alder-
mi ;i   will   ��� ommence   al   noon.    The
of the n miina   i n_  w 111 I ������ an
noun ��� I al noi u an I I o'i loi It, ri spect-
Ivel      i    :   indei stood   liai tbi n   will
e presi nl mayi r,
.ml iv   ii   Keary will in eliho -���
, , iei .      i)   aci    ui   a ii    Ol  tlie
aldei rr n who served I
ent vho have nor bei
 .1 wl ice i citi
. t,   Ud, !���*. W. Hov be i   I   on ���
who   lias   deflniti        lecided    uol
a ,ii  offi :  his sen li < s  for  1907.    In
Iditl a to ti,.' citizens'        ��� t, which
was   published  In  these   columns   on
Saturday   morning, John   McNab   has
White Men Beat Hinrms in Tucj-of-War
ai  Millside���Race War Enlivens Event.
A   . ._.   . ... ilndui
-. :       .      en i i at
Rivei : ii . m Si ' . da. i tte n i u
culmlnati i ee-foi all Ig it, in tin
coursi everal  of thi
oyes wen ei     lei
decided   to  offer  iii-  services  to    In       i ngti    ���
..,,.    he     ������' re   beaten,   hut
��� ,'e ���
pn   ������,   ��� .       .     lhi de-
i   ,     ^e     ��� ������ ee,   thi     Hindus
In       le  ol the
. , ., t],a 'ded to their
.... : ,   big lumber fac-
���  .....    ;    - .   ���      deal ol  pi    iu
.     .   ilisplt     Ol brute
were finallj cou
,. a ed
Anyway, the prayer of the devout
Kharidja was In vain. During the
time the men were tugging away al
the rope, the bigh priest, who looked
ip n himself as the mascot for the
Hin lu it ..tn. walked up and down the
ne ol .--Mining, perspiring men, ex-
itii, each and i .ei.. one of them
lu pull harder, because $40 was at
stake.    He was foil iwi d  In liis pi n
gl llll '    II -     .-   ..   numl ei   i '  it::":-'    ���   ':
A'hose   modes!    savings   bad
ed to   ack the mus   es of 1 bi   i ai i
:    leven,   nd these men      i    i Ivan-
Inge of every o]    u   . 'hi
'  :        ��� : a en     s       ...       in
, .  :..    rin   i.hite men  ������  n,
building a wharf for the convenience Jthat toe, we believe, none
o!   vessels, nnd also a building which  cisions have  been  reversed
seventeen years ago,  and   during   all
)f his de-
and con-
few   have   ever   been    ciis-
i ���
New   Wharf.
binding   whari
a I
���. ��� ss< Is
I ���
aid  thai
close time
|a ,
fU be,
t thai
����� I a
lhe flsh would
Into the  Eraser
I to the fishing
aii.Ige and
restricted to
������ bridges,    He
���rand    ' ln x"* West-
f i
Uses along
allowed to fish
that  it   w"
public  and  solicits   voles In' another
column.    H  has bei ;i stati d thai one
of the candidates on the i itlzens' ticket is disqualified from running, owing
in not being on the voters' list
will   likely be  several  candidates for up the .-JO I
tbe   position   of  school   trustees,  nnd   .<: strength
the prospects of an   Interesting
tlon are certainly promising.   Eggsare  :..  min it<
half an hour, when the vie '������������<
awardi I to the  white
���,. -,,,   ��� wai >��� mmenci
Benl .���,,   cou ,ialtolmpris-:fc      . ,     ��� - M
Bhfi rn aud decis! . e st rug
j^  and ]V.  completion. For the pasl three montb
liis   now complete   ani
a le use   >f it for the :,rsi��� time   on
,   la)   li -i. ���  The . ttair:,if   Is i only li rger and of a  more b lb-  they will bc put Into use
stantial    baracter  than   fhe   ild  one, on the blacksmith department will foi
and the ri sidents ol the fertile little
lan i a. ��� more than  rejoiced al  its
will be utilized for gasoline engine
marine work
The company proposes following out
the present policy of specializing the
manufacture of shingle and saw mill
mai blnery, and Cowie gasoline engines, All the building will be healed opting your resignation with
by steam and will be fitted out with
till convi ulences along the line of lava-
ti ries an 1 cloak rooms.
Ai   the      eseni   time  the  com] any
has iu   Its       .a  cmplo;   75  men. and
. alri atl.   sufficient   work   In
'.:���!   the  increase  ol   thi
1 fn Ilities for work-
:.���-. are ins    lied, to frum 150 to Jin'.
l'i, .:���' to be erected In
ii .; a n aire r thai the work of the
mechanical department will nol Inde.
1 i.'.ed for an hour. Work has already
commenced on the i fflce and pattern
shops, and as soon n.- they are ready
l'lie  work
I uira lively
In   accepting  his  resignation,   Hon.
Mr. Tatlow. Minister of Finance, nays:
"I very much regret thai you ha\ -
decided  to  take  this  step, and  in  ac-
tance, on behalf of the Government, I
desire to express our appreciation and
thanks for the valuable and efficienl
services, exti nding over a long period,
�� bleb . ou !:.. . endered to the province in the fait .:'ui discharge of the
'..ia a signed tn you as judge of the
court ol   re, Ision.'
,.i,. thej       Ided to i ry
.    theii   qui rters to   figure up
Id take ihem  to save
bey had lost ever thi   trial
elec- "tii,. fi-' f-war commenced at twen-
ami lasted for
. ������  noon,
tiling al 65c a dozen,
Sailors  Sentenced
red.   Iln
ei.hty-,,,;,',: sailo,: ','n.",���cd  in  ,>-   ^ttonj     *      '^^^ in '
mutiny bere of lasi slimmer have been i t.i ������ .   , )n��� ,
' . ...       .   .... 1, ,..,ii i   n a     -    ,   i - ���a     ".-���
Sapperton  Property  Booms.
The activitj   Of tl      real estate  market   continues unabated   and   now  extends over practically the whole city.
The last si ction to . ���   affected la Sapperton,   ami   there   Is now   a    good
chance  ihere  !o maJte a Utile money.
Ai  least  a good many  shrewd  buyers
low, and as the building grows it will  are under that Impression.   On Friday
be equipped and utilized.   It is expect-   ���'��� H.  Vidal seemed another bunch of
ed thai  by July the plant, fully equip-   fifty lots and some Vancouver specuia-
leen seriously hamper-  |,ed, will be in full running order.        ; tors cleared  out  nearly  all  the rest
At   Seattle    the    company   has   a   thai could be got at the city hall. Sev-
branch of the  works  where they are  era 1   large  tracts, too,   have  changed
saw    and    shingle   mill   ma-   hands and  will shortly  be subdivided.
chlnery,   There they meditate increas-  '" facl one large new subdivision is
Ing iheir capacity also and putting in j now on the market and in addition to
- out to land  passen- ��� S(.(.tj,m for the manufacture of the''be  260   lots   between   Columbia and
gers   and  supplies   from  the  visiting  Cowie engines. ! Brunette  streets can  be    had    from
f earners. The shareholders   of   the company Malins, Coulthardt & Co., as stated in
held  their annual   meeting on   Friday   iheir advertisement in another column.
night al  the office of E. J. Fader, Co-
iliat  lumbia street.    Mr, Schaake, the gen-
con which   was scheduled  era!  manager,  produced a  statement
n lm . -   bi
ed,and during thelongspell of stormj
wi ..ii.. :    which    lashed    the    waves
around the coasl to foam the islanders  building
nere practically cul off from civilization  on   account  of  their  inability io
New   Cardinal.
Rome,  Dec.  2.���It  is  probable
been  for Dec. 6, will  be postponed on ac- to his shareholders of the past year's
of  the illness of  Mgr. Joseph  work which proved  to be very Batis-
onmenl or service iti disciplinary bai ^ the time, or per- count
Oni   bou    ,p  n, h-,. [0jiower3  Samassa, archbishop, who was to re-  factory,    The  balance sheets showed
and.  ceJve 'a'" "'el bat on that date. larje profll for the year, and a divi-
talions, for various periods
sand   seven   hundn  I    BE 1
.   ii i wc'.v acquitted.
���'     -        >        "'      ; '.���.'"' i'   aaa,
Another  Earthquake.
London,  Dec. 2.���A    severe   earthquake is reported lo have occurred at
Mriazzo, on the nortli coast of Sicily.
to-day.    No casualties  have   been re-
. ;
MONda,  DEc
I     ,
1 V
Officials Make Tour of Inspection, and
They  Will  Recommend Large
Two prominent C. P. R. official.-,
Superintendent Beasley and Chief Engineer Cartwright, were in tbe city on
Sa; urday and looked carefully around
the C. P. R- freight sheds, after whicb
they agreed to recommend to the company that the freight shed be enlarged
and improved to the extent of J12,uo0.
Tbe capacity of the shed will be added
to by the erection of a considerable
addition to the we_t end. The shed
will also in all probability be widened.
The increase in business has made
the enlargement imperative. Frequently during the past few months
the capacity of the shed has been taxed to the utmost. As soon as the
plans for the enlargement have been
submitted to the company, i- is expected that the work will g i forward.
The conversion of the gentlemen's
wailing room in the station building
Into a private office tor the station
agent is to be undertaken at once. The
change bas been necessitate l by th >.
ad lltlonal work which is crowding upon the staff, as a resull of the growing business of the company at ihis
point. Station Agenl Goulet has been
withoul a private office foi -ome time
and the change has become imperative. Tbere Is a possibility that be-
fore another year has transpired a
considerable addition will b ��� made to
lhe station building.
just arrived and including
Diamond Rings
Beautiful Gift
Jewel Cases
of all kinds
in a country growing like ours for property to remain long as
cheaply as you can get it now. The biggest fortunes in Canada have
been made from Real Estate, and the smallest capital is sufficient.
We have many excellent properties both in town and country,
but prices are rising rapidly. Don't let outside investors secure all
the snaps; do a bit yourself; do a bit of thinking, and become a
landed proprietor of your own.
Many, very many, of the properties we have been advertising the
past few weeks, have been sold, and there are several new ones in
this advertisement, and all splendid purchases.
Prices Right.   No trouble to
show goods.
Hospital for ihe Insane.
We are indebted to the medical
superintendent for the following return of patients for the month of November: In hospital at, beginning of
month, 2-4 men. 1". women, total -iti;
admitted during the month, 4 men, 6
women; returned from probation 1
woman: discharged without probation,
'.I men, 1 woman; discharged on probation, 1 man, ti women; discharged
ai expiry of probation. 7 men. _ women; died, 1 man; in hospital at the
(base of the month. 283 men, 105 women, total 388; on probation at the
close of the month, v men, 7 women,
total 15; total under treat men:. 1_'.< 1
men, 112 women, total  103.
THE JEWELER      Columbia St.
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Guichon���John Simpson, I). N. Mac-
farlane, K. B. Dill and wife, Vancouver; Robert E. Nevin. Millside; !���". R,
(Mover, city.
Windsor���.1.    A.    McAdam,   Cloverdale;  Charles I,. Davis, Seattle;  Alex.
Ritchie, S.   Lockwell,  Whonnock;   W.
('.  Johnston,  Atlln;   S.  S. Rogers,  C. j
Brlnton, Lewiston, Idaho.
Colonial���S. P. Kenneth, Victoria;
Mr. and Mrs. X. Byrell, P. R, Shelby,
To the Electors of tiie City of
New Westminster:
Ladies and Gentlemen���Having been
solicited by a large number ol elei - ira
to run for the position of alderman for
the city, at the elei Hon to lie held on
the lOlh inst.. 1 ha i'e, af tr due consideration, accee le i I o their request,
and solicll vour support, on that, oc-
. i -inn. My platform I - a shorl one,
\ i/..;
A Arm and Impartial enforcement;
of i in- law and by ' iws of I be city.
The conservation and utilization of
the franchises of the i ;-y for the gen-
er il bi iietii. i;,| ml . - ! ��� ��� I ��� the resident if all ied Ions the city in the
general expenditure. A - II eral an expenditure for educai u poses a -
the finances will alio? . When a I u-ge
expenditure fo mal _ho d a :
a Ion Is t: '���"- iry, the con-
venieni ������ and :������ ��� if all sec
' the cl ��� eoiisid I, and
Impai tial justia ill i ie acl
mini -������ i   I
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. Now Westminster.
Phone 275
160 acres, Westminster
district, 40 ac under cultivation, 10 ac. orchard, 3-4
ac. strawberries planted
this year, alder bottom
land,running spring, house
18x22, frame barn 30x32,
14 post frame house and
cow stables, 3 in all, stable
8 cows and 2 span horses,
near Mission station,
schools, churches near at
hand, steamer lands twice
a day,about 100 ac. timber,
fir and cedar, never been
logged, $2000 refused> for
standing timber, carriage
house 16x24, hen house
made of hewed timber laid
in mortar, 12x30, a chance
of a lifetime, $8,000, $4000
cash, bai. at 6 per cent.
160 acre, good farm laud In Delta,
about 3V_ miles from river, near Scott
road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
Three acre-. North Arm road, near
Meads, $425.
Four an i a half aere_      ���- <��� 381,
half way between Por- Moody ani
Westminster Junction, faces on Port
Moody road,    Only $125 per acre
���:���> acre blocks, fruit lands, uear
Junction, $20 per acre.
30 acres, '.ne mile from Ab lotaford,
LO acres cleared, goo 1 - ill, 220 cr:;i-
trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
in three ��� iuai payments at reasonable
interest. Apply to I) Fraser, Abbotsford.
pi acres near above, $7 per acre;
see us for fuller particulars.
150 acres Improved land, buildings
and sheds complete, near Cl iverdale;
all under cultivation, $15,000. If .'Oil
can handle this, don't lei iy; It's i
bargain; terms can be arranged.
138 acres. 100 acres prairie, 38 acres
high land, four-roomed house, (urn.
chicken house, all fenced. nexl to the
Hampton dairy falrm, -'_ miles from
Hammond, $40 per acre Don'l miss
160   acres, township   11,   section   In
j two miles from  For-  Langlej .  5 a    ���
I slashed, $1,000. one-third cash.
160 acres, Langley, 25 under cultivation; house, barn, sheds, etc. all ln
good repair; a snip ll $3,000. half
House on Royal an 1 Eighth stn ���-.
two   storeys,  seven   rooms,   full   :-;.-   1
lot,  $2,000.
House,    10   rooms, 1V4   '���������'y   near
Fo irth   avenue   and   Seventh   sl i   '
$2,000.   Terms can be arranged.
James Inlet, three square miles, il
$5.00, half cash, balance easj.
180 ai res, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
29   ind 32, Township '.'. one-half pral
rle,  :���'��� '   brush  and  Bome BH SS.   tree-.
P ices: Section 32, $45 per acre   Se
tl m 29, $50 per acre; Section 28, $55
per  acre.    Telephone  at   Hammon l
telegr iph  station,   i'itt   River Bri I
Tei m -. b ilf e.i sh, balance "ti" an I tw i
ears al 7 per cent.  Exclusive agen
07 icres, Hornby Ranch, N'ickomi .
house cost $2,500 when but!'. 20 acres
��� le i.r 1     ['rice only $3,0C0, I tll  i i
a r ince easy,
160 a tres in Surray, near Brow ti &
1 mil bar I's ranch. $7 per acre. good
���������.tn i; fruit lands; see ua f ir p ir
ti lulars,
��� i a ��� .'i of ian I near Sutherlan I'a
u Suney;  good h iuse, ���' ai
��� i   ��� 1.  only $1,000, ea-;.   -"rtns.
20 lots on 6th Avenue,
onlv $1100 cash.
....CALL ON....
Prescription:, a Specialty.
Notice is hereb; gl. in I hal 'iii: y
il ' . after nate I Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for a li' ense ',i en; nnd
earn away timber from tiie following
describe I 1 -md.-, si nal ���'. in the
s;."<���:.:'. dlslrii t, on Copi ��� iver, ���.'��� ml
2 1-2 miles up from the mouth:
No, i. Commem ing al . pos! plant-
'��� I o'i the soulheasl t irner on the
north b ink of the river, running as
follows: so chains north, 120 chains
west, 10 chains south, more or less to
river, then along ri rer I i loinl of commencement.
No, 2. Comment lng al a posi planted 2 1-2 miles up froi i the mouth on
north bunk of Coppei river, running as
follow.-: 10 chains north, so chains
east, in chain i north, 1 hains ea3i.
80 chains south, . o less, to river,
then along river . ��� uin ��� a unience-
menl. containing 3     acres   more   or
Locator, WM. MOODY
Per Agent, Frank Vandall
Ellard Block,
New Westminster.   -    - B. C
MONDAY, Dec. 3rd
America's   Foremost   Romantic
James O'Neill
Supported  by a Powerful Company
of Players.
in  Alexander Duma-' Masterpiece,
Monte Cristo
Seats now on s de at  K; all's  Drug
Prices���$1.50, $1.00 and 50c; gallery.
=$20 AND UP	
Cut and Made on the Premises
247 Front Street     -    New Westminster
I'-.-storey   house,   corner   of   Sixth
i street  and   Eighth   avenue,   ti   rooms,
brick chimney, all papered insi le an 1
painted, full size lot, 66 x 132, floors
' covered with new oilcloth.    Price $950.
Five cottages on First street, oppo-
! site Queen's park.    Price $7,000.
One and a half lots, Sapperton, just.
. off Columbia street and Brunette, only
$1,000.   Terms to lie arranged.
Between Fifth and Six'h avenues,
near Seventh street, eight rooms, all
.. id irn, stable and chicken house, full
sized lo', two storeys, $1,000 cash,
Double tenemeal house, ii rooms In
each house, water, light, full size lot,
be ween Firs' and Second street,
Fourth avenue, on north side. Price
$1,500, half i a -a. balance In one . i
al 6 per cent.
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end. Close to car. Six
large rooms and large reception hall. Modern in every respect. Two full lots
132 x 132, all in lawn, laid
out with shrubs and flowers. Tennis court on one
side. Price $2500. Terms
$600 cash, balance on mortgage.
8-roomed House, all modern improvements, fine location, corner of Fourth St.
and Agnes, $5000, one-
half cash. A comfortable
home and good family residence.
Itii) acn
ready for cultivation
water,   hall - mile '
school, ;i!i rei     fore
vation,a1 C
per acre.
1'",  acres
.  re.
...   i , ���
don, B.C ,70 ,|
'"���-' -?J "���"" . -J
��� *:,�� . . J
to suii iser ._-|
son for sellii . ..J
i i  bealtl go ro J
160  iei      \      ', I
acres        i ������ |
Price  $1,500.  one
tit t I"1:- cent,
168 acn -   I   i   . .���
'��� I, i.e ir Bl .2.000.1
8 and 10
miles fi '���: .  Ii
ii;,i    ta;.. ,,-:.|
.'_ miles f I   \
ild " im, $1,200. h
Ten   aere I
of Wesl min iter i
llj    le ire I.   $30
Two-storey house, stable, chicken
house, two full sized lots, all modern
Improvements, Third street, between
Fourlh and Fifth avenues, $2,250,
.i."'"i cash; good snap.
House 'in Brantford sti  .ants $1".
per month. Will sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 ca ih. bai im e e is
House and full size 1 lot, 6 r lom-,
���in Princess street, near Sixth avenue,
good garden, fruit nee-, only $950.
Elghl roomed house , all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon streetand
Si\-':i   Street,  tWO  store;..-., $3,750.
II hi-"' and lot on Agnes street, two
si ii ��� -. seven rooms; a real snap at
$2 500.
Coi ner of Sixth streel  an I Foui
i renue, ho .. ������ and   e,en iol . ������ -chard
fr ill trees, etc . $3,100. h ilf cash.
: ��� lol mil two i ittages on Co
l imbia stre ���'. Sap] e 'I in, n ith rente i
a   .M each.
Hon se,   full    size!    lot,   on    '���'   ���
str set,  Sapperton;   n        for $10  per
month,    Only $1,050.
2-storied house, 7 roi
bath, sewer connect!
all modern improve.*..
splendid locality, $28
Terms arranged.
Ho ise, i ' "I
Six .. streel i
room-. $2,500. hall i ash
Bo ir ling house, i
street,  oni [
rents at J i '|
Si ven "   ' !|
:;e ,;��� Flfi ivenu |
sized lot, $1,600.
II" .
$800.  IVa    to
House   i
, ���,'. el
.   i:.'C'|
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brok
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. cf London.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Insures absolute securltj  to deposll   rs,   START NOW to save youi mone
ii i yeu will never regrol  ii     People do harder things every da;   md havi
t. thing to show for It
ONE DOLLAR opens an account Pul it in your pocket, i' woul 1 proa
ably he nothing, but ONE noi.I.Alt deposited every week with us will li
ten years amount, to $604.50.   THINK   THIS OVER.
fifes JS ��$%
����� -.-__j7" ''n-^:t.^^^���
Synopsis   of    Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Land, with-
Six months'i   I
ii   givi i:   '     '
minion I u
. applj :  i ;
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
w vv. eg
Deputy   Mc 1
M.   B.���Un       orlzed .u*!
In the Railway Bell In British Colum-  this  ndv_ tl '  ":i: ,:
Ma, may lie homesteaded by any per   /��� .
sou  who is the sole heel  of a family,	
or any male over 18 years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
hntry must be made personally at
the local bind office for the distrlcl In
Which the land  Is situate.
Shingle and Saw
Mill  Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under nne of the following plans,
tt) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in j
'������ich year for three years. !
; _ (2) If the father for mother, if the   j
father is deceased) of the homesteader   j
i resides  upon   a   farm   in   the   vicinity   j
: of the land entered  for  the  require-   j
ments as to residence may be satisfied
| by such person residing with the  father  or  mother.
(..) I. the settler haa his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
| by him in the vicinity of his home-
j stead, thc requirements as to residence
j may be satisfied by residence upon
I die stud land.
,     .,   .
;;;;i- SI- ���  ��� " '
B  ,Ol    a''   ll :""'.'���>
short;,.,���,!   r.
Seven Tead*1,
Forty-Five   TyP����{l
Students Ai " '''
;,' i Sp| 11
vs IS
���>�����     ..._,, ���      ���,V^;,
in' -  Stftami��r:i
..    l , :���.
1 vr i   Coas    routi
ih '-t. 1- , .... ',   ,   .
| "ii","in    an    Mosqi        i��� ������
I       KI-oik.,       .,,,..- ,i,,, ,       .    ,
,,<������.-''      (RA-NC1 ��*y port
-                     Seattl     16.61 LOWFHPPA^      :,;r,    -_ -,  ir,
'���������'-' ttumi    rransfi
.                       i JNCTION ' eave     s'e     Westminst.    o
I   ,.,   i ���-:. . Oaj    Tuesda     Wednesdaj    >
,         ;,        1|      .,       II      .. ���   ''           V''1'1''          '                     "  '���        -',          S|
���      ���   ���'���    i      adi  -���""- n   I toi
.  v..;.  ill   tl   RAILWAY. aa    I      .   n
',.                       ���"���:;    ' vr>. i.eiv,.    --ve-.,,    I.:,,.,,,,,.    ,-..pu,,,
i                      3Mtt1   '    *"' Weanetidaj   Thnrsda   ._    -.       {, '
li��**a    Narlhpn   l��-���
;   OOVE1
: 55 p. in.
-    '���     Fri bi    _
tii    Sal    la
'���    ��� ��� .
I i.n.
....   '
II  ������"'
I ���**>���> I? I      :;>....:;     ;.r/,:i    iwir,
-  II..,,
GUICHON ueave 'c"    ���<   '���' -    ".
a.    Cr,'....../..   M     '' ' Wednesday '.   .    .
Leave C     Iwac -     ���  .., ���,,
a.   r.  v      '���"'������ '-'������':
I     11     ��� '     ��� Nfi       "    e_tl
i  .        ���
��� -"...-  .TAB!
V   V.  /.  v  ;
- vi   V7E9 r*V ' ���" ��� '������-���
ti    '!     '-   Ina
',"':',l'-. i.-.in
-���I V.
' ��� "'a' ; " a -
'��� ' ���'"  l If
i     ... :,-,
.   ��� ... .    ,
- (
I ��� -
. ||       ��� ANCOUVER ''"* -HER!   E   I    ROUTE.
lev "        '���'    '  '���' *"   6    r'*
bai   hou   sn.'r-       ' '
1       Ifith i monl ..
���'    itmlnste   a ' '��� ' '���   ���     H
on i ' ;       ime on
lepiiri ii ar<    i
Fo     ���      ���.   ���   .       ,       Informal!
-    a dd ret?
' ��� .-     ji      ho 1      '.'   '
mcl       - ill
���_ ^ o m.'-s
n'r^f    r?tii-w-v
i -. -������      -       i
���tythmg i   V	
������  tl ing i   Pi   ���
hi;>*.*Uut.r> i.  nrt.4
i   ir ludin "..' .
rean 35
I ��� ... .ii.
'    id Tea, Coffee, Si    . .peciall
......    .
, ..     i ,.   .
\rtht' *!'"*'' am &u^
_   -t'
'. ��� a   1 "Id  : a.n
"'..   Sat.   '   i.n.
IT,    i'.-i,-. ."-
��� w'"'i,     "���'"'     '. '.    'ii.tn r���.
,      .    .-.- ���  . I
":.   Th.   Sa    :   a m
������.���ir        '.till,        PKRii        .',.;.a,        "..La,     -,..
-     . 1
' -..     a.n.
,    V    ���"('.''.���'
. i.
Genera   Rui-er'n.endeni   VictorlH
iiei.   ..I'm ,   Frelph   ���'���"���
'������''"   '���    i mlnste
n S V
:.  Sal  an. Sun,
.   :  n.
I .   it  ;.       i   !..n.
j n ��� . ' a.m    Fri * a.m
jt trip Si ���   -���''���
I    " :   ISLANDS
let -i ~    ' sd  ani Miil.  * tn.
. V,:���a-.. 7 oca tout. Bat < ��>.*.
Mail Service
.-.���������   .
Canadian Pacific
RA.-. W V.   vV'V.-' A\>
���ORIEf   *"���      ��� |M   -.-'
2    Dall    0 -     '-���-
S    ��� ' g| '���.   | -r.
r. Duluth, i
ml a!    ��� ;> ���    ���    ���
:"       ��� ������    ��� .���       i...   ..... ,   .
'    '    ���  m
on i      '���'��� ��� -
���    Ml   'ERS   "r-"
Banl  o   Coi ire.  Building
Net   *���" h -   '���   ���
8  '���  YER* I ���������   '   ���     ���   -,
Co -""   8econi   ��� ���     '
I bh   Bi    Beattle   Wash
I ,
On Tram Line
in    tu \x.*\i r\ v ������
ii i
wnt*  ��-,'-",ihvit.  e-A��n
t ������'-   THE TICKE'    ^GEN'
Ti    SE> C   ".*���'   OVEF
consist! "' 3 ���"'.,-': ;: o
chard bearini 30( fruil
-....a A.bou1 $80( **"" mad.
from the fruit this year, be-
sides which a large crop of
potatoes and othervegetaoles
��� "..: ,-.,1.-.., 0f the ground.
Tl    Hous   ii ��� sul   ti'. \   '      im
��� ���               ��� th -.     '    ".   '".
.....   ..^   ;       >1] cleared
...,-������ .. -���  ..
,      ;.....    5    x     ���-..'      r.r.   -.r ...   ���
���" ' ��� v	
rn��r.ciT.irfON fflSSES
|ivwip|:|j|n PRIEST
Religious Fanatics Riot at Connecticut
Police Surround the Church
and  Rectory.
,      -	
.      .. .    .
ire    uni
I , and to-nigl
is guai
mer i -  ���     ���
[ phen        . .... as Install
in riot 3
.    :
ior   i
.   ...     hich   both
Pit. },1    *
: i - . i    .    : -.
: . bs      a-
in��   E '",-   it  the Year
; t.-, e. .. -��� <
'fiile & $Nb
26(1 t'oliirabla St., ^ Westminster
Phone 85.
. Ol  .. :.
:     R     4 _. .
New We?!i   ��� ���������
3 ���
��� :  n:
I '.J.
i 00
p m
i   '
0 p.m
J ft
0 tn
E.   .'    CO> ��� I
11   , At$ ttant   Genera     Patgeng.      *.gen1
\ am ,-n-. i
Spokane falls & Noilhorn R> lo
Nelson & Ft Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mount-mi Ry. Co.
Thr  only  ail   <ail  rout,   bi tween   =;;
pointi eait, wesl   md south lo Ros?
land, Nelson snd intermedial!  point-
connecting al Spokane with lhi  Greal
Northern, Northi rn Pai fit  a'"1 ')   ,;
& N. Co
Connei t- al Ros ' md �� ith lh< ' sn
adian Pacifii Railway foi Boundary
i reek points
( onnei ts  sl     Mi ��������� rs    I ������,|=    with
,I_K"  ('itly  fur   Ri publii
BufFel   servk e   on   trains   '"'
Spokane  and   Nelson
i a.   |jvf    ���..,- ���] i,-.    Nov. mt�� '    io,
;   .        . D( v     ir.f. ' "    '
).]0 a.m ���     ��� '        7-15 P '"
n 2j p m Rossland . '" I
r. 4r, -i m Nelson '   5 p-n
��� -
-. :���      .���      -.     a ? '. " "
E  C. Coast   Lint-  Servici-.
vi ithoul nol Ice i
f,;"���- Bi       .    eavi - Vancouvei
'     ������   ������ ���     22, Jan. 9, 1907;
Pr "'-ess Victoria.
��� lally at 1 p   rn.
Minnr-ajwhfc. Si   Tavvl
a ni*l llhit-ap
"     ������   TRAlf   OI   T 'MT-
:        . .    the newest    and best idea;
Ji ��� :- ">       It is   '"f '""���'   ���	
 -   and   gas;  thi   ��� ���   i
illuminated   train   ir,   thi
' -   equipm :onsists   ol
private   ci mr. artmi nt    s    t "-1
i-  section   sleepers   lu* ���    d g
ii   rtclii ing chaii  cat s | ��������� a	
...,'..        .   .,     . .   ,. !,...-     -...1    I-.-.-. ..    Jj
-....  -,.-,i smoking  '������"������
Foi   1 ���   ' ables,  ^ old. ���    -- ���
furthei  infi ation  cal]    :--
I   W   rARKRR,
- " ' ' ������  SeattU  V --1-
(Iraiul Tnink   Ky,
I,.client   train  "ift vir ����� IU����_pn
('liirnj/o, l.onflon.
I In trillion,   forofito,
Monlrrnl, ()url��f-r#
Portlari'l, Rf����slf��T|,
���'���'   '������.,'������   :        - '���'���  "     ";
,,....;-..     ',-       . ���_������        .   l    -l.      " '  RJ
.^   .    .  .".    M ' r-t
;     .   ������ ; -,    -re   . ',fr.;
..... ....-,..
i  -   -- ���    ,-ilty.
Eighth   Street.
i.MriNi ^^
.������........   ..
Afiaip.1 Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty,
fei.  113. Office, Eighth Street,
Ayrshire Bulls m\ Chester
White Hogs
...... e.  ..       .1 ''���'..'
���   ,   , , i i ������
PI /..   KCMI r IIIU',
IV I*"!*  News Block
." ii i
MRS. OOiNV, Proprtfilreiss
James O'Neill and "Monte Cristo."
: In the pt
t  is h
.:.. ' i.he play or the a<
��� . given a
.   .
.   . ere   Dante   .
��� ..
fourth . '   tb'
In Van-
uk   J. Qlai  ���
. to a  paragraph which
:.       .     ...    iper on Thin..
dav,  '. .     , , itors
,   .       ,.,. .i in that
paragraj '.    without loun-
���i il lon,   " '   '.-       ccept   unreseryedlj
CJai ke's aolici-
. |;   lo add an expres-
������.  were  misled
ement whicli i.s uu-
, annoyance to the
Tide Table   Fraser River
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���r ar I
1 ami   Kpgicin   AH
Re Lo!  .
  u the 29tl
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'  '   *       .
District Regi
'     '���      '      ;      Office.    N'i
���     ���
' ���    ��� ��� .   ing in 'heir
....      |       .    ���
i ame
I December,
Robert M
I.n V,
2 r..
-1   ..
.     .
I i.:,r,
.    .5
-1 00
.    ..
10 45
1 |0
16   -la
5 -���,
22    va
in 40
Sr    j
U'.y  .
0.15     L.9
13.26     a
i : 2
0.50    2.1
\  16
14.23    9.8
1 !.2
I 28    2.5
.    12
15.19    9.7
G    10.05
i : i
2.09    2.9
16.13     i 1
3.40    4.3
8 !,
; 14    5.1
WKKf9sV.'>V>.9lfsfVf' 'MaSM |
- i sr
*v i . '���
Manufactured and guaranteed by
( A.i fjARY,   -   ALBERTA.
V    C    DAWSON, Agent-, 145 Hastings Street, West, Vancouver
ii) <��� ���!������
,*. ���.' ��� ���
i ���  .] r ,
, i
Pul lished ��� the Dally NTew_ Publishing ��� ������:- I-::: Ited, a- their
offtcei Sixth and F ul
streets, New Westminster, B.C.
Having trouble with the salt >
Gels damp and hardens ? Then
you are not using WINDSOR
TABLE SALT.  It never cakes.
Managing Director. . .
J. C. Brown
���          "���  Wark, sang a couple of nieces.    The
��"VERTISING RATES. Misses Simmonds,   Masgie,   Beautrice
t and   Maud,  had  a   very pretty  flower
Transtet,     display   adrertising,   10 llriu  and   song     Mi3s   Maggie   Sim-
ctii-, up.   ine    nonparlel)  i- Hnes to .                                        ���
thP  incl      Five   cents   per  iine  tor monda  also recited very  nicely.    Re-
,-urs*-',: ent 'i.sc-tions. ireshraents were served by the ladies.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20 and the entertainment closed by sing-
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10 ing the National Anthem,
cents per line. A nice baby boy arrived at the home
For   time   contracts,   special   posi- of Mrs. George Fife, of this commun-
t-i'ns, apply to advertising manager. ity, the other dav.   ,
Notices   of    births     marriages    or Mjss   ^       McAdam.    of    Lower
deaths, 60c.   Wants, for sales, lost or -
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per Langley, spent a few days visiting ...
word.       No advertisement  taken  for Vancouver last week.
!"8i than 25 cents. Several  gentlemen from the  North-
���'""- '""                      " vvest   are   looking    around     here   in
TELEPHONES. ...irch fjf |and
Day  Office   A22 Tt^  -*"-k  *'**' ' ���' fi>in- vUit '" the
.     ,     ������                                          ���-, home of Mrs. Robson, a: Fort Langley,
Night   Office    ��Z<* ,  ,   ..       ,   .      _,_,
s the other day, an I lefl a baby girl
��� ���  M    H.  McClughan   caught   a large
,. i'E��-'ux. ��� :'ear in a traP which he h ��� i set
:. the top ol -he McClarity creek.
���                                    ���              """ Mrs.   Whyte,        this   neighborhood,
MONDAY. DEC. S- '506. 5 vi. ting In Van   '   ��� -
Just arrived, that shipment of Watches I told you about yesterday.    All kinds
and all sizes for gentlemen, ladies, girls and boys, from $1.50 to $100.00
DIAMONDS.-Come and look at our loose stock of   gems, from  1-16 to
3 carat,  and prices from $6.00 to $600.00
Come, let us be better acquainted. Equally welcome to look or to buy.
The 1 onto Telegran i I' msei va-
tive papei . - inkind enough to ask
��� Wo .: in'i that King . -��� ni is who
Boated th    Bai get R. L. Boi Ien
^ Co   ������::  the rocks .
- .��� ���    . -
.   .:..- aging   i      bi
. ���.     ,
I'nr   Enough.
One day when William M _'-...--.
secretary of state under President
Hayes, was a college Btudent he t^as
called "ti to read Virgil in class.
He -' irted "'it bravely, "Three times
I strove t' easl my arms around her
neck, and ��� and" ��� adding lamely���
"tb it'-  is far as I got, professor."
"Well. Mr. Evarts," said the | r ifess
or, "I think that was quite far enough."
'   -     ���--::.:.- ��� - itening
tappen to i om -
���   --    ':���'���::.     The   Calgary   papers
ever   h ive   a    Igger  appetite for
- ��� ���       :.-   -han   "he   wolves  have  for
I   ���     Ists.
Or nm Ullns.
Grambl ng is i potent i ause of ill
health. It keeps the sensitive nerves
, instantly vibrating with discordant
������::.,,��� ms and not only hurts the errum-
bier, but every "tie who hears It. It
really prepares the system "f the grumbler for an attack "f any malady thai
���appens to be prevalent.
It will be to your interest to
watch this space for the next
thirty days, as we have purchased it to place before you
lists of Xmas bargains.
Our stock of Preserved Fruits
is now all in.
The T ironto News, while frankly
-- ���:��� iwli Iglng thai it has no Information    n the subject, surmises that lm-
irl int changes are likely ere lung to
take place at Ottawa. The weakness
ol the Ontario wing of the Cabinet,
now thai Mr. Hyman has resign"!, is
its texl
Sllf.li.   .-intake.
'���Waiter, what 'Iocs this mean'
Twenty-five francs for two hard boiliV
"Very sorry, sir. Slight mistake, sir
I've glvon you tbe bill Intended for thf
American at the next, table."���Fei.
"A Colonial" having written to the
-��� ndon Spectator in advocacy of a
project .      the  '.migration of
-���   ' ���-;. -    .... -.-.   . mui      to Can-
'alga        Herald    remarks,
e Gl    e,   that   it   i-   poor
' ���   '      "'���������'��� I e '   immigration,   and
be  man n-ooi;.-.   in  Britain
, c ,me -. i   Canada   an I
t get here with all the hi
:a ���      ettei    :--: ���    at
An   Air   rini-h.
Dottle was asked. "What is a fan."
After  a   moment's  thought   I)ot   re
plied, "A fan Is a thin? to brush ware
air away with."
Cicero'6 Tomb.
Naples, Dec. '.'.���What would appear
to be a most important archaeological
discovery has been made at Forimlae,
near which place Cicero was assassinate 1 nearly twenty ceni u I 5 ago This
disi 'very consists of remains which
are thought tn be 'he tomb of the
great orator. Thej stand on a hill
dominating both the Applan and the
Herculaneum Waj -
FOR r.cNT ��� One hall cottage;  modern    conveniences,   near     tar   line.
Third   avenue.    Applj   "D.,"    Dal
N tws office.
be '. ��� ..     '.'. thinks tha   the
strong  fi     -..  again -t   '-. ���    lean i an
ne I food          ited in  B itain   bj    the
C'hicag           .-.--.. . gives
Canada .  eai ill    to obtain
a domii            i ���     i British markets
l_e    gove nmen     In ection
thoi mghl    efficii nt, md I -  th il fat i
and th    i ni e |uem if Ct n id i'a
canned food     e wi Ivertised in the
read nol   thi idi        ...    .���is
'.. ���  - advii '���      tii '���: It  gi .������ -.
Intei viewed Wil
last week, the H n   '.'..   . ���           P
m i stai i a .. trai, ������ ������                ill      le ��� -.
m a      n to  lo I in hi   powe:     > pul
down   vice   no n      In   th     cii
��� ���   ��� .a:         be Domii
:.     . Idi      :..      of ail
;     --  ���     ������"    ; ���   ���          lm  i
Itera     i       nd ovi          lurnal
grate  li, he sa ���           of Can
ada v regardi      thi
enl                  " lon in the Domii
lon  of an     m .ine   .
��� .������   con , lei -          ��� : "  i il I
Th,   British Col       .    :. Rail-
Co., i ome  '. .a   ... i, e itabll    ��� I
li     i hi   ".  an 1   made  a  dis
tincl . ucci ���'. ol the undertaking.
When will the steam railways ivake
up to the wi 1 >m of following ho
example ' British Columbia timber is
the best to be ha I for railway cat.-,
and ii .-eeins pool policy to haul it,
across the continent an 1 then build it
Into cars which are to be used all
along ��� e route over Which it trav-
elled, and N'ew Westminster ls now
recognized as the best manufacturing
site in > he Province.
Langley News.
Langley, Dec, l The Ladles' Aid ot
Hi" Langlej Presbyterian church gave
an entertalumenl a few days ago In
the Langley town hall. The chair was
occupied by Kev. Thomas Oswald.
minister of thai place, wh i gave a
speech. Solos were given by .Mrs.
Haldie, .Miss Ida Fleming. Mr, Oswald
ami Hugh Davidson, Instrumental He-
lections were given by .Miss Drew Mc-
Into-li and .Mrs. R, Wark, and a leading by Mr, Oswald. The "Evergreen
Quartette," consisting of Mr. Smith,
Mr.    Allan.    .Mr.   Anderson    and   Mr.
A       <      ���' .'...���.
Costs pi
.!,,.. ,   t. . .       low       ,  1  .ho.   Hi-
la. i    : '   I
lie.    .... .      ���
i nc ���  is ui ml    ikul
Men who want _|.oear,.n .e, satisfying wear, and solid comfort.
should  v/ear the "Invictus Shoe."
Ten lers tor bull ling will be re
celved   ip   a De    i. at   l  p.m.    Plans
ind spe tiflcations at mj office, Trapp
ita,i .     Lowest or   inj   - ��� i ; tr nol  ne
teesarily accepted
LOST���About  two weeks ago, gentli
man's   gold   h intlng   case   watch.
owner's  nam,  ei ;  ived on case ln
side. Fin lei ile i s< etu a I II I'
Baker, Bank ol '���! u I eai, N'ew Westmlnstei ,   rewai
You owe yourself an Overcoat that's \E Overt!
that's right owes ynu proper proti ctio
But you will not lind that "right kind" of Over    I evl
You'll certainly not find it, if you shop at r;
If you patronize most any kind of a Clothii a Si re
If you jump at the first reduced price advertised.
If you rush into a store and rush out, bu;      the first!
shown you.
Tu procure that "right kind" of Overcoat you must
the right store���the kind of a store ti.:.'    nfinef
advertising to facts antl invites investigat ���:. ;.r.i
If you will consider these points, we believe that youj
leave your Overcoat money here.
Our Overcoat price range is from 812 to $22, and
money goes back, if your Coat goes ut ng t
We are just in receipt of a lot of Boys' and Youths'(|
anettes and Overcoats, at $4.50 to $8.00.
An Excellent Opportunity to get a|
 Splendid Line of=��
Made   by   GEO.  A        LATER
Men's  Mulehide,  Blucher-cuf   Boots,  Duk-Bak
Waterproof Holes 5-5.50  pair
The Best Boo: made in Canada t <l;iy is the Invictus Box Calf, Heavy Duk-Bak Soles, for
men; a strictly waterproo. boot....
 -$5.00  pair
�����   -fr*.*.   .'.v.      -/
Columbia St.
New Wt -i   In&ter. B. C.
at the lowest possible price is afforded all at
Lee's Furniture Emporium
We  Have  a Great Variety!
-   -   ~   of All  Lines   -   ~ '
A Few Suggestions for s. mas wa^*3��^
Our stock is at your disposal, and we may be able to save ynu considerable time and worry by suggesting that SHE MAY WANT A SECRETARY
We have them from $6.50 each up. Or a MUSIC CABINET. We have a
nice line of beauties from $9.00 each up. Or a ROCKER. No better
values ever offered; Solid Oak Cobbler Seat, from $3.00 each up. Or a
PRINCESS DRESSER. A most beautiful line are Quartered Oak. polished,
large oval and shaped British mirrors, from $26.00 each up.
Or, HE MAY NEED A CHIFFONIER, a man's delight. We have them from
$15.00 each up, in oak. Or a MORRIS CHAIR-solid comfort -in which he
may sit and dream of vou. We have them from $6.ED up; solid oaK
frames.    Or a large EASY CHAIR.   Or a BOOK CASE.
Come and  look around.    We are putting goods away every
Xmas delivery.    Don't leave'it too late.    Come early!
LEE'S   Furniture   Emporium
Dupont   Block Telephone  73
i _��u_TM-__ini_rB_paw__^'t_ttt^___g__
. RB-BBsai ms* aauH sum
WRee . \  NKWS
Local News Briefly Told N �� T'c E
Cash   Store
're Into the Christmas Month Now
ue's some interesting news : r those "���*:*.   aw uot wealth? ,**. _ ., *:*.   ..,:-.: ..- :... ac.
Btable gif t^, and yet be economical.    Interesting news, too. for ::: .-.- who are
Our Winter Blouses came in. rather
,..,:.��� i*.*-.'. instead of the stuck being
: ne, we have an excellent assort-
- el ������  Bio ises,
��� ���tc.  n :        >::->'
tre, In
. .   .$1.50
gSI  (f,";
'i\      -       ������ *���
Wkt '/3^"�� -
.  Ftlbb ms,
in ; fane ,  v.
illne  Ribbons,   "���'���_   ine        ���- ;
Silk   il:
. .  .      ���<-.-���- .1
.,,... .    . .....
pi-f.- .    il :
.-."a.     '.- ��� :     ��� ������.���      .-.
*.     V."    a.     :'���:-.-     rs   y.v ���;    - IJM       '"'*       '  ;'    '   '     '  "     '"���    ���     *' *      ���     *
a.. .    -   ol    ���.-:��� -     v.-.-   a me.      -������������'      '     Iw    ������������     rhiot    ������  ���-���
- .-,.   to    .:.-      -    -       .-       '��� ' '   ������- '���   : ��� '��� :' '   '������'��� ' '���*"'���'���
..-:    . .     ...   .   .    .:-:  ... ..*       '���>'   ;-!-    :"-   fi*fi '      -      hav.   -*  ���'���
s. 'l-f   '.-'.-     fM -..'.-- - ���     j. ���;
-a '    ' ���'-���    ��� ���'       ' ������    .     ,.->.- ...���.--
.      .a   -r     '.".���.    i   -
. :,       ���   ;. - ���   . ��� :       ������ ��� .   ��� Ol '~ '.       -...--..���..���..-      ,-.'.-:-.-,-,
:..-.--' ���-.. . ���-     a- '       ������-.      .       .    -. . - T    ���
" .-  -.._������.   mad.   ���-���������-ac-.-..���......
���,'iv th. s ��� ������ " ���
��� '���-"���.������'���-'.' ������- hi "��� -   he
.-..,,.���.., .-.v. ���..-.. .-.-.;��� i. .-. ���..���.'.-���������.
.'������.- .���',-..-���,!..���..' ... i'..-t,-;i\t '.' eo_e%M
.-.': BOffpl; "'������ , .-.'.'.. -i " ' '������'���-
I .1.-..-    ;.     v., _,..-,r    _'.   a ..-.���_ ;������   ���.'���
.s.-.yi.:-,'.-.    iv.ft-. ..-_-, ..-,
<������-.-  .-���. ���.   *��� v.-.    ���->.-�����..    ,.
'_>-.-.'.- .-:,.-,.,.io ���. - .-���-.
C|hrist mai!   Presents
. ���-._ 1 ���-.��� SI
v i ���: s;  _.....
���-.-���. v. oi       ������ -��� ���     _   ���-. ���. .. - .- ���
. '���;.���.'       '^ ..shi.-i. and i<ix."e!evv i-.s ail
H. A. Belyea
Bla   ,  .-.. ���
.      ] '
Sl        -        I r,   ,
i ���  ...   r
Lilies'  1'nder.i.u .
i'ai.a    I.ai
ten .1
Twlvo    I.
,  a,-   :,.. lions-, \ ii.'ii    'ti   -
,'���,.,:.,.       ; aril l<
:. ���   .; . .... ...   .   ..
���.���....���..-: ���..��� z: ..   _-.    i .- u. ..r:.   ���
a.  . ."".'  . . v ���.    a   r.... :; '. .     I '-���...   - ' a ..
.:���:.   ���.���'.'  : .. ��� '   _   ..  .- ^..a.   a.:   ���.:���.:..   .  ..:    .
������:.  . \r.. \g-emi nt. ��� aa : .���  .-  .
  -:.���������   .'..-'. 1. 11   \________\_\  ���������!���'   :���.-.'������ I
\. l:i".: ,���.;������������...-rr
:���:'.".   _      -.ii'la   r  :   c   i r .   . r ...
��� :-:"���'.; .       .       ' ������       ',,-.   i...u.   \l: .,.-.���:  atl      :       '. | ���"
an ���   ���'       ������ ���������    :     ' t'.a    ...��� .:.������     -���.:.���: ���-���.���,. .���      =.a..>    ;.���
I--...;  u        ..���..;..    a a     ..'.,��        . V.. ���    ��� :.'.-.. i   .-������.rsr-r    :    .���:������..���     ft.      !       f     K        ..ft.   a
i.    ��,a:    know ::   a ���   :.        ���     ���' a ��� .   |   ....    ! '���' '"' 91
  J * Mitiimui. *aenr     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
rom fit \.'.:..av;. . '*>.*���. >,"����;��,-*-#,-��;-*-*-��.-#, %'��'��'���'-��''�����'<. ,��'��%w��vitv��vvv��'4%'%��vt��'��%%��%%%��'!k^i>'
25 cents
nm t.  sit>ur
B?_*kA_H^=!        ��� .--
^ioocI Hosiery Insures Comfort
Flu' .-..-.-. a  ,    Until    w hich    ���   n be
:;:..-:     Ill       I '\i'      Mr.Ia'.ia.        chill . ll
a..   ... fl . ,    .,   aa. iKl .ll
ioll        Ml]       a     I  ������   a a \:;\--.   ���������.:..���. :   \r\
tlio  province   have  aln:*adi   bf>eu  ru
������'. :1;'. (' i    rtllil    '. I'lii'a; -.:\'a.   ;r.r   *,n'u    t'i-in^.
acilvol) enrrlod on Keep :i note "'
: hi iiaio ��n I ao sure and i^ome
111   r   .1   I':ik;ih. provincial medical
boill   a   ,.���...�� .:in'   :in   iua"i".laK   l��'a
lure al   t'u.',"ai\   Iii  connection   vv I tti
:'.\r  an: i : a .ri , a'.,, .i .   m,i\ram w .  a  Uw
evenluga ago I'ho laille." and fentle
nii'u   mo ioui   .i ryi o\ ed I be   Idea,  and
!<|)|lt.lnteil    a    Ull'illlU    lailiuuil lac    in   llu
.in irUo the  Mallei  't! oi omi_ailoii
Out' lard ih ' he exli ar I ol  ;mr.  hu .
Ill 11    la   :!'.    |ll|l I'   HI   It   I .    VI Itii? l'l I
ii     Uelrhonl ach .v  Co
\    quai i"ito   of   pii'uii slug   bo ���: ������
I'a'llli'l   .    alO     lO     li--.HH'     ]'l iMIlllli'U   ll      ill
1 In.    police    Colli       I 111*    in"' niiu',     .an h
.mil r\,-..\   oue  ol   ihem  having  beeu
jiial.i' I "a' ill \ ill loll I a ,i -��� . ,,; in! n.l
. IlilOtl llll Sal 111 ,1:1 ' :ll ' 'I Hi,.Ml Mll.l
l'\ I'llill --. Pile    l'l  II'"    111    IllltlOl      111     I ll  '
ill), li    U 111    llU    :l  ��� llalll'll    I"   nil-'    �� lm    ll'la
ItlOI'li  ruin It'll    n.   lo III.   ill. l'l "'Hi   : li III
ill" I'l'll'l .111, I'
I'll i, "I 1 ll" i|""i I'll I hi a .'. Iiiiii I.i a
VV I' l'l' 11.': a '1 Id 11" ill 11). I' I a I i , 111111 11
\ r .l"l iln '        I'll" v    wil "   1.1,1 ll ,,i i !i"   mill"
i.a. iii-inn    ani   i liej   won      ml     |*oi
I lilllil \ lain "inl ai'ailn I lie l I'l'l III i" I
'   .   ila     f|   , ,    a a  I    I )l ol I    lllll ll a      l| III |l      I"
Mllii'i   ivi III    il   i'i 11      ihni   ' " ��� 11 ��� i    lie
.    a.||  ,|      ft,|       .,      ,   |H,   |||1 |||,|     |1|    llHUCI .1
' I .1 I In- I.ii -. i "I I ll" I WU liiana I . .
ll a a ' ! I UU] u a . 1.1: in till I" H
,   .   |ii||   |i|    lho   a, 1,1
I'll               > .     ,        I      "II     in i    >ia ,a        i
���rl i|nj           \    ���   I".II     V ll   M    "I    llll    lllllol    an
i: ||       |.a , I     I.i     Hi"    i   ii   in       nf    all
u linli'u  lillinl     in I i   nn ii i   ���
:     nil ulil    i"      i li ' a  i
... i   i: im  nn;      iml   iln    i iiii -:i
II in    mi.    im 1111 pol I pit 111 h a v    ���
,     ,.    a     ni     'il      ;.,| i ,  Iia- a    ;      ill      III lp'|      III
i 11111     in,       i 11  I       I I .. n 11     1111| I
ii"    rin     i' mini iri	
___H_______ti lii<iiila"._^__H
1*    i
��,'   i
.*'   i
* *
* i
s ���
S i
.*!  ���
;*   .	
t s
l\I(Ml's    Silk     I -ilKMl    (,j(>\(vS
$1.25 the pair
Men's Silk Lined Gloves
$1. 75 the pair
Infs unlined Gloves, Dents make I
$1.25 the pair
Men':; Wool   hinod  GloVeS
75cy $1 and $lm25
the pair
Workintv Men's Gloves
30c, 50c, 75c, up to $2
hi   .    i rn     fn
e pan
i .i> ii
I   |||l   r   Ml  llllll.  11    I '���      'a ana
!|| llU ia|        V fl.   |,      I  .a   "i 1  I   -I |,Ullll ���       .   I'Uf *
''<���    u lii la     ill'    lllUg   an    lllll,    |l    ill        nm a s,'
It] I i I in   i  I ii : I,    II 'I    . ',"ill
���ll I II.   ill"  I    1 1 .       !'. llPIl    a I I PBle I.    ""'I
num ' i lo i uu  lhe ' Itii F   '.: ilnii   ���
HO. |        ���    '        'I, 1 bfi      'llllll  . I I,        I |j i.  "
��� ,. , ii ., i   ..., i   ai leaded   lo  ihe  In
iin-i nn     -    iml Hn, wi Isi > t._tt!'i'ie_    \t
������ 'i"a |, iiuiiii    ah " iei.  -.vaa;  v
iThe Wardrobe Clothier I
,ii   '"' ii" boiiB8 W6I" bioken.        >}
,ot��nr.itu_totellyouthe tor    but there**<P***
I. ��� of S ieciala thr   ;        thestore
' Col
���": ��� rr-iaaasraBr'TS ss^jl^sk*��sexs��mK 'iv7-
���i iu> i ini ni Hip late ii. i,��� ��� ������ .
��� ,.,,   p| ice  i i-si'ci'i ��� -  ttfteti H  I'lfin
l ales'  tittdertftklUgi pml u-fl,    A  large
,,,,,,, i.  "i the .-lends ot the dei ease i
,n.I  bis   I'nnillv   'viTf bresenl   ot   the,
_,,,.i,f. ivi'iiii Wds conducted by Rev.
' vi. L tlugg, oo. 'l'lie pallbearers
in- Hanking, L. n. Luftby, F. T.
iy Letrer, J. R. Coon, E. D. Lennie, D.
w. Turnbull. The chief mourners!
were the widow, ber two little nous.
Haniiii nn    Re ���������������'������ and A. Tunbridge,
i (,f Kafalc   ib, brother-in-law of the de-:
|    The extensive Impn .amenta which
Depo  hotel
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contracting
P. O. Box 248 I        I
;   ;
'   I
r_ -   I
H*w _Mm G��tk���� HMtT.
A ���*��� g&tberi- boney by ite aid Of
Ite "trunk." "lower Up" or "tongue,"
wfcifb ll ned as an instrument for extracting the nectar from flowers. The
''tongue" of a t*-e Is not. as was once
U-OUjrht to be the case, u tube throu��_l
which tbe Juice is . ueked. but is bu.it i
more after the fashion of a flue brooi_i.
Witb tbi. broom the bee brashes or
Laps tbe borjey or honey material f.._:
the flower.. leaves, etc. and passes it
down a groove in tbe upper surface ol
tbe tongue to tbe montb proper, From
tbat point tbe juice is convey. 1
throng!) a minute oriSee Into tbe "firsl
stomach,"  vulgarly called the "b iney
bag " The honey Lag is a real chemical laboratory, where by some mysterious process which has not yet been
ei|.Oiiie.i by science the Juices an
converted into pure honey.   When thc
chemical process of transforming the
nect.-ir Into riscld honey has been com
pleted the bee disgorges It into one- o.
the cells made for the purpose of a receptacle. For years the mlcroscoplsts
and tbe entomologists have been study
liiL- tbe bee's laboratory, but Its workings iin- at present anion-.' the unexplained mysteries.
Honn and (irn.m.
A famous veterinary surgeon de
dares that gr_ss heats all the druL'- In
creat.":. as a cure fur sick borses i nd
mule.- Horses should have a few
quarts of grass daily from spring until
fall, be say-. Tbe prevalent notion
that it is harmful is idiotic and cruel
Grass to borses Is the same as fresh
vegetables and fruit to us. llieir era1
ing fur it proves their need of It. Yet
Ignorant, unfeeling drivers yank the.,
away from it as if it was poison Instead of the life giving medicine it Is.
designed by their Maker fur tbem.
When tbey gnaw tin- hark of trees or
eat leaves it is because they crave
grass and can't get it. Millions of bush
els of gras* go to wa.-te yearly by :'. i
wayside which Bhould be utilized I ��� :
our noble, faithful, helpless, dumb c ���������
league, the horse, thus making hi::
health.', ami happy. Summer vis:: )_.
who hire borses should remember these
fects and give the animals a chance to
get at the ga-fiKs by the roadside once
In awhile.
The   F'lau-llilr   Lie.
XTe resent calumny, hypocrisy ��.i<!
treachery tiecause they harm us. n it
because they are untrue. Take the de
traction and the mischief from the un
truth, and we are little offended by it.
Turn It into prais*. and we may iif-
pleased with it. And yet it Is not cai-
un ny and Ireachery that do the Iar
ges, sun. of mischief In the world.
Tbey are continually crushed and are
felt only in being conquered. But it is
the glistening and softly spoken lie
the amiable fallacy, the patriotic lie of
tbe historian, the provident lie of the
politician, the zealous lie of the pan.
san, the merciful lie of the friend a .
the careless lie of each man to himsei:
that cast that black mystery over humanity through which we thank nny
man wh;> pierces it as we would thank
one who dug a well in a desert. Happy that the thirst for truth remains
with us even when we have willfully
left the fountains uf it.   John Huskin.
Faithful   <o   IIU   I rl. nil.
Toole and Irving were friends Iron:
the days when they were both struggling beginners. On one occasion Irving was to lie presented te Queen
Victoria and was delighted ni the bon
or. An officious court functionary to >_
it upon himself to tell the player "nol
to mention this matter outside" lest
(ither actors, such as Mr. Toole, might
think that they should he presented
too. "Let me tell you, sir,'1 saJd Irving,
"that Mr. Toole is not only a deservedly renowned comedian: he is also a
truly Christian gentleman. Toole ofte'i
saved ne irom adversity, perhaps starvation, when 1 was unknown. If .loh.'j
I,. Toole is imi worthy tu be presented
to her most gracious majesty, neither Is
Henry Irving. I wish you good day.
sir!"��� London Standard,
The   ll.-Hclnth.
The hyacinth has Us name fron-
Greek mythology. According to th"
story :.- told i j < h Id, Hyaclnthus, a
I.e. i-tiful was I he son of a  Spar
tan  k ng  and   the  I i orlte of  Apoll ���
Zej I.    ���       iein if the i
mei      ���: .,.:!! I    ���.   - ���
t. ."ii" '���,,������ ' blcl
Apol I while ul
It - ��� I lynch; t bus i'ii
I I -",.;..,
1             a ��� '            'a        :      ��� .   i ,"   i     '���    -
L ,.���'.'������..
I ���
I'ttrare   It   Dot,
A u.: ti bad si: Icl - rr,-  ... le i
_     ; 'l-a    ' a.',:-',,i    ll..-    or    ���
each,    i ������ ��� I '-  ivi ���  i ' in- d'.sp
Rt  three  for $1  i     I       ��� ��� :   tw
for .l'l.     lul: "  his ch  -I.
the ;    ���'   '. a . ��� .��� : li  ������ for a.:, real
tho  -in.i of $2-1.    If sold nei ��� 'd
Instruct ons one purchaser would I. ive
got thirty ducks for $15 and the otl ���
thirl .��� Un $10, making $'J," for th ��� lul
Whal b "��� .nm- oi the missing dollar'?
W. ft Qilley, 'Hnone WW.
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. C. tottery Co. sewer pipe, etc. ���
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co. j
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot j
'Phone 1-6
When   you  can   get  fitted   with
Absolutely Damp-proof Boots at
MOId Country Boot-store
The Dick Boot for Men. from $4 up
The Dick Boot for Boys, at S2.75
The Dick Boot for Youths $2.00
These are very suitable for fine and medium wear; the bo>��' are
almost indestructible.
For heavy wear we specially recommend the Glencairn Brand: they
are peerless for long wearing. Waterproof qualities fur men from
$3.5". $4.00 and up.    Youths' $2.00.    Boys' S2.75.
    ONLY    AT   	
The Old Country BOOT-STORE
COLUMBIA ST. J. Stewart. Prop.
Ralph Connor s  Latest
"The Doctor
PRICE   $1.25 AT        j
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    turned Work,    Etc
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
now dissolved partnership, the business will be
carried on as heretofore by BRYSON &  SONS
\u   Nons.'ii. c.
"The Elizabethan ruff la likely to rt:
turn," said Mn Twiddles, looking u]
frotji tlie fashion paper she was read
"If he does," responded Pa Twin,
dies, with energy, "you sot the dog oi
liiin.   Ho you hear?"
Hardware, Ranges, Stoves, Tinware,
- Graniteware and Enamel Goods -
BRYSON & SONS, Columbia st.
U II;..
"Oh," Bhe said, "youi' conduct if
enou_li in make un iingel \vcqp!"
"I don'l see you shedding n tear," hn
retorted, and bis ready wit saved lhe
Slime   Old   \\ ;" .
Roberi   When   I   got  Intu   n y   new
bouse I mean thnt everything shi 1; .
lUre  clockworl.    fllohi rd   '.   so��|   .'."
Mine as- beret il .re   tick, lie'.:!
Carruthers Manufacturing Com'y.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
x...... ..����----<���>�������
Synopei* of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dojrinion Lande in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal iar.es may be purchased at 5:c per acre ier soft coal
and $--0 fcr anthracite. Not more
than $20 acres can be acquired by one
individual cr company. Royalty at
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds sha'.; be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Fersons cf eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding tree miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A free miners certincate is granted
for one or m< re years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $7 50
per annum ier an individual, and from
<��o to S.'co per annum for a company,
��� according to  capital.
A free miner, Having discovered
mineral in place, may locate �� claim
1500.xi5.oo ieet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line cf the lode, cr vein.
The da m shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed fcr every ad-
ditii nal ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is Ss
At least .100 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
S500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1 00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shail provide for the payment of a
Royalty of 2"/_ per cent, of the sales
of the products of the  location.
PLACER MIXING���Manitoba and
the N. \V. T., excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally are 100 feet square, entry fee
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
ba: or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending between h'.gh
and low water mark. The latter include bar diggings, but extends back
to the ba'e of the hill or bank, not
exceeding 1000 feet. Where steam
power is used claims 200 fe-et wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W, T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of  the  Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line of
general direction of the creek 01
gulch, the width being from iooo to
2000 feet. All other placer claims
-hall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end. bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of IOOO feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall l>f
charged the rest of the patty ordinary claims only,
Entry fee Tin. Royalty at the rate
of two and oni half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped frnm the
|i t to the r ghl of all persi ins who
ha. '���. or who may re ������ ������ e enti es for
bar diggii r bench      lims, excepi
on   the   ~ ���      ' ' ��� ���. an   Rivi r,   v.'
the  lessee  can  dn dge  to  high .'. ater
niai _    11 ���     '1    Item thri   I   isei   i'i
'1 hi   I   shall have a dredge in
oper ition within one seas 1 in from the
date of the lea e for '-ach five miles
but where a pi ��� on or 0 mpany 1.
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased, Royalty at the rat. of two
and a half pi r ci nt. collected on the
output  after  it   ������ icei Is  $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for :i term of
jo year ; also ri newable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
ubmerged bar or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on thi
ist day of August in the year "i the
'hate of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operatii n w thin two years frnm
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
fn.m such date, Rental $100 per mile
Yiiknn Territory to be paid to the
No fr'-e miner shall receive a .'rant
I of more than  one mining claim  on
each  separate  river, creek or gulch,
but  the  same  miner  may  hold  any'
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the same .-eek, gulch or river, by
giving notice and paying a fee.
Work must be done tn a claim
each year to the value of at least $200.
A certificate that work has been
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon  Official  Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Eands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
Such period as he may de.^ce, tlie
length of which sh_'; no! exceed three
times the *_f.a?,th. Should tht pro��-
pe._tor discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, inckiding tlie oil well, will be
sold to the pmspector at the rate of
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will be sold at the rate of *.} an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the !n
Dept. Interior.
HmssiDE - -,r,Mo
ters and s      . . J-^ ,
Colombia   Btreel '   '*'-"
W. J. Wlute.   -  ..;'
*' *'   -  *-:-..
-or 0. "
Canadian  Bai      ���
Ing,  Colum!
office,  New   v..
��� ���-
Martin-, weart t v^
��*    barn--. ** fi
flees:    N-v.   ,- "J l[_
corner  Clarkson  and  :EE'
Vancouver, n m - ,\.
ville Btreet    I. - :.: **.
W.   Wean.  W
Bourne.    Mr.   ". ,
Westminster offlci ��� ..-- .ll
ternoon "���' '
Northern Pacific!
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to ail European iK.int.s.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
���13" Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. \. G.    A
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
I-or  information  apply to
J. H. ROGERS, Traffic Manager,
Vancouver.  B. C
���_.003 J EMPRESS OF  BRITAIN 114,503
Travel In :lie r.n.r vs ... as      ir let-
It  Is   the qulcki   t,  . a.'est  and
mo    '���- ononih al,   From Sl   -i- bn, Di c,
1      and   Dec,    1_ ii,    ri :   , .
applj  to
C.  P.   R.  AGENT.
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pion*_r   Limited"   St.   Paul   to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   thc   service   on   any
railroad  in  the   world that  equal  in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee  & St.  Paul  Railway.    They
own  and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains and
give  their   patrons   an   excellence  of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
II. S. ROWE. General  r\gent.
ti.4 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
���'oot of 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
HOWAY,   REIT)  I,        ,i;
ters,   .- ,
street,   1 , : ��� .'.
Etollclti r, -.
1 u and Mi Ki 11 . -J
minster, ii. C.
an I Notary 1
*v--i :-;|
flees rei ..-  - ;
son   Btreet,
P.O   Bi .  169     .��� ���  b n
ster Boai le meeal
Board Room, C tj Hall, a |
Second v. ��� ������ 1 of each!
Quartwly meetings on thel
Wednesday of Fe-ruarJ
August and Noveml er, al [
Annual meetings on thel
Wednesday r' FebruaryJ
members may be proposf
elected at any monthly or���
meeting.   A. E. Wh''., SecT
���Thf regular meeting
ls held on tbe First We.t|
each month, at v o'clock |
the Masonic Temple. Sol
brethren are cordially InrilT
tend. Dr. W. A. DeWo'l
F.  &  A.  M.���Regular ccaf
tions of this lodge are I
second Tuesday In eac1!
Masonic Temple, at B |i.
lng  brethren      ������   ordlallyi
to attend.   D. W. Gilchrii'J
R.  B.  K. of 1. meets m
fourth  Friday 1 ' each m'
p.   in..   In   Orange hall,
Royal avenue and John strj
Journlng  Sir Knights cordl
vited to attend.   W. E. Dnj
P.;   E. 1-;. M itthlas, Reg-
���Meets  In  '! ange t'S'i l
third Fri-lav ::. 1 all mon'Jl
m.   Visil : --   '   I'-:- ���'".'
Invited to 1 tti n I    ** i:
W. M.; J. Humphries, RM
I. O. 0. F.���AMITY LODGE. 1
The regular meetings of
are held in Oddfellows'hi
bla Btreet, every Mouw'
at S o'clock.   Visil ng brw
dlally Inviti I     it tend A
day, N G
A. 0. U. W.-FRASER
��� Meciiiu-s :!���" ' '-' :'"'11 1
flay in each >"""'"���,,J
brethren coi J
I/i'lue room, A  0. 1   �����
fellows'  block, ���    '
S, Corrli in, 1       :'       '
master workn an,
meet' .���_
Id'il Ri
Fourth w. L
In   K. of  P ���
S .'. m. While ,   ���
Wednesd. 1
Mm"   ind 1
cordl  N
c be, Pres., H  "!*"'   '
-Meets tl
month  al
hull,   Oddfi
brethren an
tend.   J. li- Rushton,1-
Maxwell, k. S.
F.~The repW     1
A.  0
and FoTinh Tuesdays^,
at 8 ,-. '��'iV,,l   :
Visiting  Brethren ��r ^
vited t" attend,  t-  ���
_., p, Maxwell. ���
All kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly fur-'
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street, New
Westminster, B.C. '
nt. s o'clock
Brethren are
ll,   Columbia
naiiy w
Geo. Uu'T.
S. Ci'
CAMP, 191'7M
Third Tuesday
K.    of    P
Chief; J. -i- l'"
l*-*"'1 10.'
D��C *
11   iUll.Y Nt W
Timber Notices
-..-.   -. I     .
ffc-     _.-��...��,�������    *t. -.
| >.;     i-���.. ���__���.-     a-,...     t S<-.r.    h*    l��     |
3v." I . .......     n;ri.I,l.W|-:    .>���--
; t wi ���*������-���   ���
..������>...��� ...a.;.      ���..������.���.;.   ...
>��������"��� *!     ���   -.     huH-l-'H
:.   :, >:'���'.._. . .
.    . '4antly protect int oo.
.. s. .......      . . . .       .       .   ..
-   ���'
���    ���
....    ,  ...   ,
[There is nothing so nice and acceptable as a pair of nice, warm, cozy
Slippers ior an Xmas gift.
iRemember THAT when making your
We have secured the latest
and choicest designs, both- foist vie and comfort, so come
early and get your pick of
md   varied   stock.
.  oa.     0 -      ���
���  ���    .       '
- .    be hes
-..-.'.;��� ���-..-. s .-:     -
��._������        -..   Hm  : ������ k >
���;.... . ���     mo. ���'..-������    endeavo    .     ���<���
._....:..     . ������:������   <��������� .    tl ���   -���������
,bc,-.'���.- .... ..       ht he&d .. ;-1�� .-���- ���
....    -:   ...      n ���
.    chains oas    S   chains   -
.    ���'���.     ';'      a
'.:��� .al' r . :   I rt
.-. ai ���
���    ,V,    . ' .      \ :.
jw~.-.��'.>.-.     . ..... ...  ��.,  ttr. earnest
.��� ....   oi   :  .  .. .Bj   ���'��� end.   ������ ���   . ������
...������.    .-..-.-.iTiiTlPneo n >r.'*,   .'.-.���:������(������   .-��������������
. >. ft    m ���"��� ���   'a.      :-���-     ���>���   ���  ���      ��� ���   *'->i-s'...   .
k��, .:���   ........:���..".... .-s > ..-   ���
.--- ... mt. .  a.   "   -" ���    )e*st   .... ..i     .....   .-..   ���."��.'    ������
���    .-   ft ���    s  .  .    '.-, ���      -      ��..<���..���', h. a-, <,   .-..   .-:>..      _���--11 rt   ��W   ft   ���'-"
rha  .. .,',.:-   ...  chain. ea*l       -        *eB eheaen words ������"-.- ������.- eoWec. or
a��_��       ..:_.::...... hin   ,- laoa. At Mt wife's relative*  <������;
-'   .- ���-. a .-. ���   easl
untl ������ i   ��_
��     r...
pointing   with
-��..._ ...   , ,-  ,t ni-,h aisJTm  no" --��� ���������������
pr,!.-,.   ...
a a
���'    N                :'"    ""                                              r sti ���mAfK ... .:   .... :,���...,���<> a; Mitmnta
s    ���'���������������'���'��� "������     ������'   ' -   ������'   . ... the T.      ���  ���     -      a-.-.     M   gftythte*    mor*   pWtabeH-al   than
... . ,  ���� ,ii i. -  .-,l'.ii...c a. th*  ��������� ������ afca i 'i ""
���,,    . .... ....  a,   ... ....           ,,.:..>. ii.   .nd ot the free MS men
l     ...... tweftdi an   walV ���.  t ���-   behind I
chains   m-e.i ..'.:....
��� - -.    ...-.,      .a.., . .     . j
1.   ���;������. . I'la-
\ ���-.'������      : s   .-.-������  f ar
:' ,     ,:������.-
ani. of ���    . Vi     ���      ���. n ���  s ���   ���
.; ��� ming   as   I
... . .
\ Con men - -.-. -. ..
ut i Rivi
.    ..  -. a
m       '   .1 .. chain, i
 ���    ��� .: a ...     , -   ,
!l_>l     ,      ...        . ,      tO ���      Of I 01111111'
*..i. . ayine iuai Bl I waa t ���������-..'.  .-.v. I
Oil..-,   'nv,t   sWd Ms " ���- ������   ���- *"',v
. hastened -   " ...     .       -   - ��� ..  I   i
��..i,-n   "   ���   QUI '   M ������.���>.
�� .�� .. il.- '���> r .:.  .        **������'���v
��� _���
.t.��_. -
���'.     '"-..-.   .-.i'.       .     a      .  ��� , '    I'.-.e-vt
he month        ' ��� " r  '-   -;'    '*   :'   'i""s*1   ''"'' * ""   *'     '
"���   ���   .-       ,'   tfam   ���  '  ��� "-  ���" ' "���;
��r,*>        itaiw     v  .'���. it ""  '-���'"   '���'''   ' '���'   -  ���    	
. .
:  .    .
.���::..��� s.a.'.,   .fid ra.v>i bjinf '
(.-v.    :. .a,,..... 	
our large
:    ��� ������ n.gte wwds that  ha< ������
���      ������  ������    Ntanj   esan oles of
.... ..      :..������.:. ...-..... .   ttet can ""�� Found in ������ ���
v\    v.   i S.W. Corn i l'" " - ' '    "���"  Vn-   ':'     '
., . cation   Kvevi  farmei ��� bo_  knowshon
N ...... ea - ...    a ,.-,.,.       a   a ..
 -     '       .        '  (.,.   .....0   (lu-   ��� ,a,i.    1...!,,.      -llOpp    f". .a
>m   he mon i. oi >*       '     ���   '                    ���'* ���  '    ......   ��� ,.. : . ���   ,    . .: a - Iw
an .<i    lala Rlrc    running . as fn  own   1(1 ���     .. ,. ...    .     .   .-,,, ���.. ... ....   ���, ., .,. .
s follow lins no   h   .    .    . .    ���':'    ���������'���*'   -1 ' ���'  '*       ��� ��� ���   teasel   tup-mi.   tuiv'feM ftttd rii t*
l    chain-     ���   : and  SO chains' '  ' '    :"!    'x"     ,hGncG
10 chains      ,   .   more or le?      ������     "' '    '' "   ''' "'���    '   '      m(   ' '
ii.-  : lion  .  ma i \c    i miir     I . ��� ��� ; ' '  '    '''   ������ ���' '   ���'       '
v  gu ���. .;   :��� ���
REMEMBER : The famous Dr.
Jaeger's Slippers can be purchased only at
The Reliable Shoe Store
(U.catoi l w n.l 1 vm MOODI
City Elections.
ine Choicest of Meats Cooked in
'tiie Most Delicious Manner Can
'Be Obtained   at    All    Hours    at
mny s    Restaurant   and   Cafe
Purchase Notice
menci uwn
N'i_   i' mm i pop
n.l about :���' ir miles i fi om the mon: ii
ol   the   '���'���! a  Rivi m   ��� m h   ' an .
n -iiiiii: a. follovi ��� i'1 chains easl   10
chains   :''   ''    l20   chatn!   eael     ,;>
chains : >:'���'   morc ''   ;""   ;-' rh :
., t.i     -i.iin'     ,,r   .-iii'i
then   ,������:.,    l��.s ��� ��� ���
lunncenieni *** ��-.- '
N'o. 1     i Iminienc n *? ������ :1 ixisi (ililtil ,
iM about on<j man from  the head ol   tftjtt I ���':.   ���   ...  ,.n'..'
Kildala  \::n. ,'u souUi Iia,***   runiitnu   i  ,    .-., ,> c,,, ciu  Hall
.;��� foil tit. a   in chainn south, f<. ft.Hatn s
ivest, n�� ch i n ��� south   Ifl chain ��� ��v
10  rii i.n ���   n ii   i.   io i balu ���   we ���(
chains uortli, more oi  less, In ahoi ���   al  II ti'clocti a.m    foi  the vi ���.'���'������''��� ������
'Ik'h along   shore   fo   polni   "f  coin i , -,,,   ... ���   ,,   \....,.,   an,|   three   BcIiimI
:i-*-ii. .' i. i.-1 _ t r...  ,,.,.., r,,.   ,,,��� ,���.,,   ,,,���;   ;lUil .,.   ,���
N'o  ii    i' imtiietu iv. il a posi plant    n .li i li nnnii of Hie same ila;   foi  thp
'���1 a hou I ��� n ��� li ill  uitln from the head   im piv  '   ,:  eleclliifi seven  persons   '
of Kildala   Arm, ou   Ihe  north   bnn:i    vii-; i.-n fm ihe Bald 10m ,,. iini.-
,vfl,';i of wh ch Bxei 'ii<-- ftg�� ot ':"
���'" ;; :-a' ���, '   \_.   fxauijpl-  s tmi ho   is
-i ...;a^ i fm ' ������:.'"= (:''' Bf*< ���''"������ '������
On   (he   otl ��� ���   hand    take   Ihc   ��
racfe      Kn used bj people ln mi* pari
... ung] ..i.i .n anothei It maj ���  ' ���   ���
pei Frank Vandall   kgen     u<-,-i. ot  miittion   the bi>nes ol ���> ������ id
h,M .���.���>. n t'U1"   a sharp "3*tu  a klb iu ���
Brejdftw i art ef _ battd loom s ""��� ������
��� in .i vin-'   e ford  a r��iii" a.   a ,-". *
'inOp o fl'i-.ia cloud lap""' off
l'lie. e are ihe UttlWU ll
n   'iliers ni')'-��
.:-.. r.   a
' 111' ������'
���;, Monday, ik ird day ofDec.,1906
running as follows    lit cUains mirth j     r;,,, ;,���,,��� ,,. nomination "'i-.i'i lie *>
10 chain* east,  m chains ��oiith,  120 follows   Eaeh caudldate ��hall be nom
-, .   ,, inhere*.}   jtvou thai i>0 dtiys  chains   east,   10   chains   khiUi,    120 inated lu o. Iting; the writ lug shall hs
, ;��� date   1  Intend   opptylng   to  tho  chains west to shore, then along ��hore 8ubs rllu I  lij   two  persoos as propo
cf   i  inimlssloner   of   Lauds   ami  to poinl ot comineucetneui B0,   .,��� i   iccotuler.  who   mall  be dull
for permission lo purchase tbe      N'o   in   Coinineuclug al aposl pLiui qualified electei i auil resldettts lu ;;'''   meetianlnnl contrlvaunes are ru pretlj
foil wins   losi   : i-i   land,  mttuated nl   ed aboul   me milo up from the ruouih ,iu    atid inch nomination paspei Biiail\mi Ihgotilous aud so alluriUS Dial they
of lho Kll lal i rti er, Coasl
gap oi:
li.Jll.M      I.'   .ll'_.
Hit_,iutn_��. an,! thei -
eommdti    Vouth'siMmpanlo A"
in.   DlMA*
riwi ii.'ii and !���" thi; '""'" ���"'"��� t!u3
.Hm.   ii'i.j lui.i �� iii.i-i naiMu, jilstorj
Ai  f:u   ��� .    iiu  niv  iii'iib    K   la  nlii,-,iT3
mu,uid    ,;i"   .".'il'l'   ..'in-"    Iim Ins   n..
uenrei eiptlvHlakil lhan the __ttgllsli - ������
ppllCe    ii lii, ll   !��� ill ai I li   > . .all t m 'I a      i r
iq mui of the i"iii>i"��i of coins   in��uts
about  as miiAII as a ailrci   pie e i in
,',Mil (Mil, in h   Li'     I'i'-iii-    ll   ;i   inj'..,   aa,}
noiulil   1 liiu  Ilia. ni. l.al    n lr. li ia   u.-it'i
,.,iiii lniii ns nm. ii it i-i vaat-3 nmre
,ami imii'iii i., keep Slid huani suii ti.-n
I In  hup  ii^ia.'ii   iilii   Ii   i_   lu, iiln_   oi
, ii ii.m .iin uiii ,ii,i' in gplte '" tb-i
fu, i iiin hlm, it lines are udti lUri-ed
.���in ,.i iim mini, iiini ������i,i in.f.'io in
Hip co untl i s lilstor. I'liefe |a a .aire
[oi    ,i nie banks    aud   tome of the ������
Late Suppers After tlie  Theatre  a
Specialty.        Oysters    and     Game
in  Season.      -
irowing Appreciation
= Sugar Cured  =
'eakf ast Bacon and Hams
>f Uie Duln River, on easl bank, run contain a itatemenl signed bj the yei i
Coninioiiclng .i" :i posi ni.-ivK    -iiu-. us   follows    sn  chains  oiiat,   10 ,,,,i   uomluated,   thai   h ussuts   to
. i \V   M.'s   N   K Cnrnor  plantcil <>n   chains north, 10 chains east, 10 chains mch unmluallon     I'he uomttiatlou pa !
il Hi  'ami,  of tlie  Kildala  river  north, 111 chnltiB easl, 10 chains north ;,,,. ;  ihall he delivered to the Itet.utn
a: the 11 ann:::'.   i    folIowB    10   more oi less. In liver, then along rivei n,,.  offlcei   al   an.   lime between tii".
Iiiilns      mth     io   chaJns   west,    10   lo point of conimeiioemeiil dale or this notice and iln the case  >l
hain   north to the shore line, thence      \,, n;   Coninioucing al post plauted i Mayoi  and  Bchool TrtiBbeeal   12 tmon
a     ' la-  lliiniill   ni'   | Inl.i   lliii'i .  Ciaia'    DIS- Of    Uie     It'll    'lm    Of    I i", "in',m      ,,,     iin
irlcl, l'n   \ ������ ���   bauli,  inn" 'u:  as  foi !l'" case ni   Uderuieui   i  u'clncli  p.m
low .   iu ch iiu ��� wei i. SO rhalns noil 'i nl  lh   :- uiu  dai.
���  cliiiliia nisi,  in i-b.ii'i ; umil ii. inula      I,, the evenl  of   i  poll being nece
.on'.' people to save itlUieB who hai
im   i,.,iiiiiii   ii,
v.iiu \|ni|
in     (il    .1.,    on      \ci-tr
be   iii ire Hn''. ihence
'line ' ' i'i ice of com
���;i, ;n I'll 111 ���  a II ;   111   UC1 CS   l:i"P'
iv less
\ .,100
:  .   i   i . \|    MOODY,
I.,    ri: VNK  V u.:^!'   v*""��
i h ���   :' i.   loot!
,i   loss   in  1'lvnr,   I linn   along  i Ivfi   i"
mini  ni' coniiiioiii ''menl
Nui,'    i i.iiia nm in ���. ni n po i plati
Klttlm il
ii       in ii pull  ii iii be opened on Ul?
null    ,i r    ,,r    i in em he i     100(1, al    B
il'i   lm   I. I   ui :| ||,|       U i 11      | nniaill       i,a.   ll
uiilll      a in   ni  iin, Bame il i; al  the
i be  i '"iiin ii i 'iuu,i
iin, i'i,,. i lull la ipi
I, i,i;_iii  niniion IVutli
     In i  linuli ul i li,
\ i in   iilmiil    weh ,��� inllc :  mul ii of K i i"M'i" i"'-.  . lai
linial   liiill ui    \ llln a.   oppo ilie  tlonl ' ber, I'll     11 ill
i i. uni. ni moul ii "i :. ii iii i   \ i in. i a. lun    uni   ii  i
ii i, |        fi 'i .I, i    in chains  uot'lli    bl I rei
��� ll llll ��� ii  ���   '     10 I ������> i 111    I" ��� li 'In .        i ,,    v, ;,;, !,,.,,,        ,,,,.,'      ,, ,,,.i  .   |
'   '   '     10        lllllB   I ni'Ul     i'i   ' li Hi      ���' lu   tiilu .     nal   i ,.' . mi   him ip||   .i
i'ii 'lain i   In  |n,inl   nl i i Hi i in ��� ���!,, i 'ina cm llll
\,,    I         i    M'llia ia il        i      i  ; ..   I i
1,-*..oo I \t ii.
 7-. Fraser River Tannery
���ank of Montreal
Incorporated   by    i      ot   pairiiament
,p)   ___    114,000,000
  110,000 0   '
'���'! Strathcona an 1   M
Ro al,   ''���    C.   M-
  Honoran Pretldent
A.   Drummon.l,    Prealdent
:. Vice President   ail   General   "���    --'
��� ainegs transacted.
ae principal ettlei in     inada, In  London   ��� ���<
fohn'a N'-l-l., an! conreepondents In ail |>arti ol
W. IN. Draper
li. c. Land
Eiiafi Block   *'<���" Is/ootmlriator. B.C
Transfer Co.
'," ".���������Tram   Depot
Columnia St.
���   f the city.
prom,!!.!,   to   ii...
'���'TEP   BRANCH G.  li.  BRYMMtRi  AKt-nt.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Pbcme mfti
cian  roon^ 14.
. .1   a,ii'    |u    Imliis    niiUi   of   pon
i   I liai     sn I'lllllllll       18   Toll  IVI  '       III
ii   ivi iin.   nuib, in I'lniln
',   ���      i chilli!     ....r ii.  in chultin i n ;
I  III    II       . llllll .a I     i p|)| || |        III I   UIU
nmin nn
11.    I I'      ' 'V  'I (Ml   l'i :    ll   a   |."   !   a    Llll
1   i   , ��� nM.    .ii    up rrom thi   mo'!"
r Hm     rn.      ,,,,   in    |. inn,in i i, in
in i    il    nleil nbnilt  i l| III   In li     ��� ���	
nr i.n i .'a vi in, ' iiiuiiii   i ��� fniiowH   io
rbnli ii ist,   n cbiiliin noi lh, Hi i balnn
mi ii. |o i linlti' nm lh,   0 i hal a.   ivesi,
I ''I    i liiill :      -.,.    Ul,    tll     pdllll       a    ' lllll
1,(1 i ��� lana,
I   |    i    ll', \VM     .lm ih , .   I i I i :'. ,
I',,,   Iiu ,    : ,
���;,,.      i    rini:
illn   ;    liereb.   'S<\^n thai 80 -I iys
date i  Intend to ftpply  to lhe
Chi      Co nmlsalonei' of   Land-s nn'i
i toi b ill ense in ""i mui carry
���i a i.   tlmi -'   ti "���!' the Following deal rl "i lan is
i. Commencing at it p< , mai ked
v.v i '. :,.i*. Corner, planted "n the
i,or b, ban ol the Kildala ri .er, about
I.... , ,i t rom  the   mouth, run
ning ��� i I ill ''      10 ch:il       ion]
,    ;     ch.        south,   ICO
l .1 , i   a        |l
II   ill " \\.    a,,,ii,a
ill     ii ember, i luifl
inui i
a.     I    il
Ud     .1   i.
Ui      ning (. fflci
���' i
Notios li hereby jjlven that l intend
in  apply ai   iiio  n<"i  iiuiiii  nf ��� , ���
'  a "injinq   H',aif|   for    H,p   Muni'ipalltv
,.r i gntjley tut t renewal ,,f lioense to
trll   li'pcr .  I..    r"lail   nn   Hi��   premise.
ln,,//ii   a.  Hm   I -��n_|l= /   lint"!.   ciii|i|i��-l
ai i si-iglay. In the said Munlol..allty if
I    "iC||n/.
r. s. nwovviN
I   i'i'.|l"y.  NOV,   ?l,   I^OB.
Westminster Iron Works
GENERAL MAtmtNh* amu _jnuine
Ornamental   Iron   won.,   including
Fences, Gates, Flre Escapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence In
BEUt-IE S'l'Ri:i'.i.
New Westminster. f. o. 174.
VI.��.   <:...��*��   Int..    �� III.*,
rt,i-1_,,. i levelaud   UulTnlu   i letroit
Hint    M iln iliil,i>n     nllll    |lnlilll|   ..ii,|      .(]
peli.,i tin,m n in .ii in. heat' nt ie
_icii,��.i iai.��� ami ni'iiM ihrlviug ports
mi i aha. Urie nilileil   ���"'��� a unlivue mv-
11,111     ,,(     III,,     III I,.in     lil a     ,.f      I ., ...   .   .
I'linii    |,iu>   ,,i    _i.,n Hi   |a   Hip   b-ghe ���'
niiiiiiiiiii...! In buj group "���' >"i'"<
Theli 'i' ni' min 1^ pliennineiialiy
t'heii   pi "i"" lion  "''   hoi ���" nei
��i 11 ani iii'i'n i    rimii in i -  in,! 	
in   _,i  in,.q  ii nn i<   dapoeli -  are   il
llll|,a,  .,11,.|,  ,|        |   ||,   i     .,,  g    I,.,    liloi.l,,,
.�� ii l-i "n|i. mil of enitei pi  I ii I '
ii i   lai. ii   eloquent  " ,: li the  ipli:'
||l ,,a|,a, fl)} llllll        |,l-,.al'.M   . I    l���,       '   ��� ������   I
I    .al.l.   I
<a��((ln(t  Licked   Fax*  Principle
.   I,  .   I III '���     Ul    a      '.������: ���   '   . ���     ������	
j, ni i, ,i     ;ii   ��� .   i bea       ' '       ,.i
���i ia.i.  a' _i>uie       it r I center, a
repoi'���' asi.ed lb  11 the
nml I. ,     . ���!<        I- -ll ., ;:
roi nr niv stater; .aid he d bei Bhe
. aw. ...,...;   imi i   mlled   '
\0 yonr sI��tei ' I
��l,n   f| pni i,-���
ii t got no    Istei       ��� aa  I	
pii      i' " as the prin :, '  tin
.. I,, ,   |   .. ,   i , i ...   ,  .      Philadi
."H tr'li  A mi ' li ""
!   lllTll.
I li '  office li '.,   VI as t mnd ���-���:'
iii ins chair, m iih the telepb m	
mltter lu bis lap.
'Whal in the woi Id nre
asked tin- b iss
"A  fellow  called  up  a   little  wh
api." replied  the future  bead  ol   I
llrm, ''and told me I i hold the phone
till   lm   called itt's
Trade'-  Seu_l-I. enei*.
I.ennun goods go where Elrltish
goods might, inn iln not, Here la u
ease. The Itussian joiner, not bei i
meat eater, has not much muscle .u I
cannot us,i a heavy hammer, So !n>
buys and uses the German llj.lit liaau-
msr made for bim, while be lias in
uan im' the heavier one of Kn,
make.- London Post.
"!_ I catch your dog eating nny of
nay chickens I'll Bhoot him." suii! th��
oM gentleman who keeps n heuliouM
utiiirlly to his neighbor.
"I Uou't cure," said his neighbor, "li
b* vats one of your chickens It woa't
!>'.. necessary for you to shoot hlm."
"l "?F'-
���MXHHilKii'illH. '"���I" '"VltH,Wfc��-J|>l,l|l||li_.|l|iUII,lll-_l
I     I III MiTl���
. j 1
f   i
' &
Public Supply Stores
New Dinner Ware,    New Toilet Sets.        Our New
Stock Pattern has arrived;  it's a
beauty.   CaN and see it
Matter    --*���-;-:.  :' rtkaeotanu  ���houM be a<i-
:r---r:      SociaJ  Editor   ->�����       N-*-   P   0
XMi45,  7906
Cards, Calendars, Toys,
Dolls, Fancy Goods,
Crockery & Glassware,
Fine Stationery, Etc.
:���:.-.. ft'rigi    ��� .   :.--���     -'. ������.-��� --4
ber mother   :���::-.   G   E       r ba
ll bn Pe - and T H 0^-* leaT��
.-    for  Nanalm     where "-��.   will
.-...: engineer,   examination.
:���:iss Cor     .-: i.-  .-/:.- fri< :��� .- In
: Taylor of Edm nn :. Alta :-
�������� - --: to arriTe ���:. the Itj to-day
on a -..-:. to ber : ther _._.: sister,
Mr. George Armstrong and Mrs   Beai
.'���li- - :.' ra fleece, of Chilliwack, an:
ilis Pavej ol '.-��� - Istoch Oni are
risiUng  Mrs    M    H.    .'.-..-.-   Fl irth
.-' - ee *.
��� .:.-- ia.-  altera xm and erei
Ing the lad        f St. Barn      -  ���
.  - -.-..   _:.:..;.    azaar In the
irish Rei    sl ...���:. -    will   be
ifterii    ���      :.     evening
b    -...-.     if a pleasing      .-���-...
-  rendered.
. ��� annual sale ot _.". . - - - .. :   -
--.. ��� -      ��� -��� -.--    ��� th��
���"Vest Pre.    terian
-���..-���       ice ��� ��� :.
ind ���   -..:..'    ���  the resides -       VI  -
J. C. Er
h..��. \
g.    r-A? gent's   Gan
1    O Food Chopper is
^���     _r.    . CO r. err. ical
addition  to any
kitchen   1: saves i
trr.e  arc   I :.. I
labor. a_.c tb _s
e    -- .:es .the
boasek^eper*s. -..
a^c   strength.
Whh h auy
a: rae ���..-.-. and
^^^^^^^^   appetizir.-
made fren what might be wasted
.: it -aere not for the '_ .rs.
It cbops food oi iSS, ki-ds���
meats, vegetables, :-.ia. bread.
:. ���. .-s. etc i:t .; Dot mash,
squeeztL tear or grind, ': _: cl : -
the fooa as you want rt���fine, c use
or medium, Easy to ota.r._-.. <��� ���_.:'���
sharpening.   Nu kitchen ccrr.-'.-..
New Lace Rol){
For Evening Wear]
During the past week we have re
lines of goods for evening wear, but
some than these new Lace Robes whj .
first time this week.
When made up over a suitable c
brings out the beauty of the sequins
these semi-ready robes will be found
season.        They come in White I hrie .' gg 1
and   Black   Sequin  Net sufficient  : '"
Prices        co ""* ������� ���
$8.75. $10-50
Special Xmas Offer!
S al
S ui ts
I    ��� - -  :'   :
$20 CO
���-  .'_. le
Fancy Trimmings
Many new width.- and designs i ��� ,-,
- New Christmas Neckwear
We are showing the nev.* Xn kwea.1
Lace Collars and Fichus, Ties '
Colorsi. Lace Ties and Fancy C * even
motion.    Make an early select. . the en
showing of Neckwear we have
������:   -.--
aaeer ot
��� . re un-
INcw   Arrivals
Ladies' Dress Skirts
lefl     n  Saturda
v.ix...  be spen; Sunda;   rith :..-:..���
F   il   Edd     wbo ha.    - ���:. engagi
...   running the  EM    .'���' .:.-      cannerj
-.. - lmmei   . is rei . .-.-        me foi the
..-inter :.. :..--
E. Falch   ind a part]    : frien U re-
��� .-:.* . :. .- u ..- laj fn ::. Stave ���-���-������ -
urbere ':.-.��� bave been Indulging In i
:.. :.':.- shooting tri] Th. :_:'.��� had
... mosi - ess fui time and trough!
-a', manj tro hies as marks ol their
r  ft-ess.
F R Glover a:.: General Manager
Sperling of tbe B.C.E.R. Co., ret irned
>-esterdaj fi :.. in inspection tonr over
lbe route ot lbe propose, new tl .::.
line to Chilliwack.
Merchant  Tailors.
P. 0. Box 64.
139 Columbia St.        Se* Westminster
��� i
A. J. BIRTCH    275 Columbia St.-
- New   Glassware -
Just Arrived-
Christmas Trade
We will  be pleased to have
:       and, i      it        acn     improved;  i   celli 11
��� ���   .- tamlard i-ariel ���    of fi    I    Peach, A ���        Pei r, PI in   ,
J'r  II ' .'.      '   ll :".   a    . .   ' ...'   ���   '      .   ,'  :  '   .    I   .' a '���'.'::,;,.        '  .
a-'-.    ,   ' '" , 'elepl one   rx   t ol ce,     h i     church,   all  1   ���
,eni��..'    ' 'rai   portation facilitii
!'    '   ��*-*��,iiOO,  i mrt  r ca h, balance 8 per cent.
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
R. C. Plirdy, The Confectioner
Is no\y. manufacturing on his premises,
Columbia Street, a full line of
.-'  v
Toffee, and Caramels
v     TRY   THEM
J carry a fulffiK of G. B. and L
Sauerkraut    for   saJe
'.ach .-..
A  Small  Fire.
A .-... ..    Bre bi    e oui    t the    ��� -
di     ���   of T. H. Hatherlej-, Tb - . avi
nue,    about    *      cl on   Sal irliiy
even -..       it  il    *-as     ... extin
guish!       efon   anj   lamage could   be
loni the n em ers    f tbe fin   bi
_.-   ll      ���*:.��� ���   W(   ���      -   .   :
Bceni     -  ���    o as   he flame    were :.���
���a ( '      ", be   'a   is.     :.   v.: ���: ���    out-
irred  is a  nen   ��� me   an .   i
fir>- ba :    een   Ighted I      - hi   pui
��� : drying  the  i . ister    O* ing -
great  heat   tbe  floor caughi   Bre, an-i
thli gi        .- ed   serii is   for   Mr.   Haih-
eriey's new home for a few minutes.
Mclnnes Banqfietted.
.'-. copy of the Daw_fin Daily New.-;
j .-- received a- this office gives a two-
page account of the farewell banquet
-,.. tbe Hon. W. W. B. Mclnnes. the administrator of the Yukon, who :~ de-
.- ribed a.-: "the only an<l inimitable
BUlie," an-i frequentlj referre : ti :.-.
the course of tbe different speeches i -
ieini- "Billle on the Spot all :..����� time."
The .'.-��� of those present &��� the ban-
'j let Includes the :. imee i ' all the
:.'.:nenr men in Daftson. an'i th*- occasion svas : Bignal demonstration ol
the superb a iministratii ��� of affairs bj
thi commissioner since lhi beginning
ol his official career. Mr Mclnnes
.- expected to arrive here on a short
... ���" some of bis re i ive. in the
near future.
Prosperous Spot.
I Iraham   Charles, ot   I >��� aman e
Iar.:. was a visitor in tb<  i itj on Sat-
ui ; He sti tea that  -he populatii :.
'on thai   tight  little Island  is growing
! an'l that a., -a:. .  ire there are niakinn
a fir.-- i la.-.- living .:, -;,ite of the fact
thai thej are dependent on one or two
steamei - a wee.  '��� t thi ��� a mica-
tii :.  ft th   the outbide  world      I * ri i. k e
Vanci ivei        nd ram be: ���   i be  ranchers ��� ��� ': ���       an I were a   ���   I
.-:.    ��� .:. lani e of hi     foi   their stock,
an .  a.-'   a  few tons for sale.
Ever.- article or piece of furnitore in our est
actual cost without reserve.    First come, : rst ---
need the cash and you want the troods.   This   - a
of a lifetime.
ment at
.-: We
-_-. -
716 and 718 Columbia St    Poor Floors.    Rear Extern  - Fro
Ou:   ard Is -'.-   extrai t ol     ire h
fa'.    It is    s       e    s it ls white    Try
it.   Reichenbach & Co.
Sauei ��� - - it
for   sale
Ri. bi -.
'1 ���������'   M igni ���   ' wned  bj    thi    B   C.
Genera] Contract    ci mpan ���     left    on
Si '   rdaj   foi   Pitl   Meadows   on   b isi
ness   In  i ��� ���.:.���   ti  :.   with thi     Ft    ���
Lumbei    ornpan   - camp at that placi
������ WATCH ���
Malins, Coulthard & C
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster!
on improved farm land.-:* at moderate rates of interest and special
terms of re-payment. Likewise,
we will assist you to build, liy
advancing the necessary funds,
re-payable   on   very   easy   terms.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
\ Electric Railway Servici
Interurban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and waj
stations will run every hall-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p
m. excepting at 7:30 ��� I - 30
a.  in.    Half  ho irl;   i m. 11
run   from   Central    P. k    to
Vain ouver  only.
30   Minute   Service
malnder ot day.   rransier |
Leoi"ii,i r
Sunday   Service   b
tween . i
Sapperton L ne.
15   Minute  Ser. ce
City   Limits  Line    Sen    ���    from
'   ' -  .: ::..   ���'.   1 !   ;. :..
20 Minute Service���.nm transfer.
Between 12 and 'i ami ;��� and 7.
12 and -'.
i   ' ��� ���
Sunday  S-
tween .
t British Columbia Electric Ry.Co.^
^^���������������������������������������������^�������������������� .��.��������������������������������������������*
owney's Chocolates.
Tax and Tacks
If it had not been for the heavy tax years ago, there
would not have been so many tacks in that big map at the ^_
city hall. But now,in view of lighter assessment and small
city tax, most of the tacks have been extracted, and still
people are enquiring for cheap lots.
We are ready, a.s always, to supply the demands of those wanting bargains
in Real Kstate Look at the plan in our ofiice window of the nicest subdivision
in the city. It fairly bristles with CHOICE HOME SITES for the WAGE
EARNERS at the various industries, present and pro-peat ive, at Sapperton.
These will be on sale at IO a.m. Tomorrow, TUESDAY, 4th
Large lots, convenient situation, and a street or lane at each end of every lot.
PRICES range from $65 to $150 per lot. EASY TERMS to those
requiring same, and liberal discount for cash purchaser
Oon't let outside capitalists capture all the .-nap. .
First   Come,    First   Served     .,f you 'i'"'1 come, telephone your
Nn  Pncpi-vp SI?6    ''   Bend a friend to buy for you.
xNO  l.esei Ve There won't be another such chance.
Malins,  Coulthard   &   Co. T
J. H. VIDAL, J. P., Manager Real E.iate Dept.
TT7E have a line of light and compactly built
POWER CLIPPERS of special durability, suitable for small and large
Our 20th century is cheap and good
clippers work easier, clip faster and
wear ion
take a
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear longe
than anv other on the market.    We have
great labor saver.     Call and   see  them
J.  TRAPP & ��


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