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The Daily News Dec 14, 1906

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X.MK gM^M^9^
mm clem; hold     'coqualietza home      \OFFERS CITY LANDS
iBritish and American Governments Are Willing To
Contribute Towards Needed Reforms in King
Leopold's Rubber Kingdom.
No  Disturbances   Occur   During   Cele-
trsticn   cf   Mall   But   Formal
Charges Are  Entered.
Indian    Boys    Fight    Fire   With   Ulti
mate    Success���Outbuildings
Are   Burned.
Mayor   Keary  Makes Proposition to Railway Official-
Suggests Giving Site for Car Shops on Lulu Island
,t  ,.. Ri plying    to    a
" .   ..,   House of  ('ominous.
',.   .....     ., ��� ..   Bald that   ilie
[,;,,;.���  al   '"    Mngton   bad     ''"'
,    .        mtribute towards
j,|Mi  .       .    rms in the Con-
g   ,      i  .   ��� imrnonlng  of
. rence, however,
. , |f| nentloned In the
|, hi   said   was
the    Iiriiish
l.:.. I"1'
j,. y n .... the British Ambas-
I , , -.-I with Secretary
|, a ibi I ii stion of the re-
I.::,, , ibe Congo country
I,-. ||    .   Invited  a   resolution
nil   the   BUbJeCt.       All.' .:--.n|,,|'   JjU.'au I
said ii  was iiiii  Impro iable Ihai  I
land had reached tb.   ; olnl a,  which
some action  would be taken
Candidates Nominated.
Nanaimo, B, C  Dec 1      Hai     S ���
herd, at   a  meeting  ���.:   'In   Cana I aa
labor party   last  night,   receive |   i
nomination as candidate for tie' provincial house   I'm   Nanaimo      A1
Independent   labor   part)   convenl
held  ai   had;, smith.  Hugh  Fulton  n
celved tbe nomination.    Both candidates will   make special efforts  to di ���
I'e.i!   the   Boclalisl   mi ml ers   In   bol
ridings.     There i.-  n > talk of con i
vative nominations as yi t,
! i''...,      .;..:���
'     "'        ' '    ll        :.      ning      ' i
appeal   to their pi
'   atti a i  'l.e  firs!  ::..   ������ -  eel
'���  ' : " ���      e ol thi  pale ol the law,
Tin  Coqualeetzs Indian Boys' bome
ai   Sai ills  iia :  a  nai row escai <��� from
lire on vv, in,-day evening, when the
workshops,    woodshed    and    Beveral
���   ibi dated   "',"''  outbuildings were razed to Ihe
'  '       .-isited   a   tii ."a   i hurches,   In
In Exchange for New Bridge.
...   iii - Vlctolre    8
'��� ''���   '        ��� '��� ���   the signal
*���' ��� e   Of   _       Bl      a i . lie W
given out, i       St. Roi Evi i
'��������� ii  ���   thi   fn nl a. -i - w<  ���  clo8i
worshlj . ��� ���    ��� iti red II ru igh Ibe side
1   ��� Df     W( a   well filled.
Ihen   wa    music.
'' " ��'hi   '   ���'.     tliere ; n   attempt to
Inn rfere will   lhi    ervlcei   or create
ihi  .   ui re policemen
il     ���   ihe  : orches of the
-   to   pn rem   disordi r,   while
ground. The main building was sav-
'��� I onl. afti a -'rong flghl againsl
the flames had _een pul up by the
hoys, ;mi!i i  the a! le direction of Mr,
Following up the suggestion made by,
the Daily News a few days ago, a
sti oun eiTori is about to be pul forth
iii Induce the Q, v K. to build their
car shops ill this city, and with this
end   in   view.  Mayor   Keary   stated  \e.
fore any definite understanding could
bfi arrived al with the Q. N. It., but
the mayor has no doubt thai the verdict of the people would be entirely
in  favoi- of the Kranl being made.
The building of a substantial bridge
and its maintenance by the railway
company would nave at least $1,000 ii
year to the city of N'ew Westminster,
and the company Is In a position to
terday that he was prepared to lecnm-
Cairns, lhe manager of the home, who mend to the council thai a bylaw be
had trained his charge* lino an ellici-   submitted to the ratepayers in order
enl   amateur  flre  brlga le In  view  of   to have their views on the question of pm U]l a much better bridge than the
jusl   Buch an  emergency,     When  the   granting to the Q. N". U. company the city.     There would   he  a  clause  in-
flre   was   eventually    master' I,    the' tract of land al present owned by the Berted in the contract that the bridge
it  the south end of the l.uin Is- must be open for traffic at any time,
on  condition   thai   ihey and therefore the public would not be
workshops    there.    Th- inconvenienced  in the least.
was   evi ntu my    master* I
flames   were   already   licking  at   the city
back of lhe main building.    The Chll- land   brldgi
liwack  lire brigade was called on!  to build   their
and G.   '���    R.  Roads   Cause
S'.n  of  Opinion   in   Terminal   City.
���   loll  ul the terminal city
.a  old  times."     Yes-
la fenci   en cted  by  the con-
':���   !��� a.   Bank  of   Com-
I:...    ��� . ne:    of    Hastings
pnville Btreel     was torn down
workmen, although     an     in-
rectrainli -    the    city   from
een   -ranted  a   few
ire.   J: appears that the pa-
|'* !���      ... | ��� the fact of the
tof tin      incaion was simply
I U lie city hall, and the city
thai   way.     So
'-������:.���  '.a    ence,  and   now   the
go on in the courts,
Piano Recital.
A most enjoyable recital was held
yesterday afternoon at the homi i :
Miss Villa Hall, by her pupils. There
were present a large numbi r ol pai
ents and friends of the youthful artists who all acquitted themselves In
a manner creditable alike to lhi m
selves and their ti at ber The pupils
who took part were Roland and R ij
den Gilley, Florence Hart, Phyllis
Coulthard, Chloris Coultbai i. Evei; n
Major, Mildred Iii-li' .... Carlle Kenne
dy, Grace Dawe, Lawrenc. Hacking,
Evelyn Rogers, Naomi Rolph, Gertrude Rogers. Eleanor Postill, Jessie
Allen, May Maik. Iz.i MacDonald,
Kate Dauiihinee. Relta Gilley, Allen
Lewis, Kileen Ollley, Nora Dockrill,
Milly Smith, Ma: el Douglas, Myrtle
Mack, Gertrude Banton, Kathleen
the scene of the outbreak, bul only tract of land in question is aboul 60 The building of the car shops on
luilii. on 'iiii;. in arrived after the lads had gotten the acres in extent, and has water fron- the island would mean a substantial
:, |nfractions ol flaraes under control. Much credit tage of 2,000 feet, and adjoins the increase in the price of the property
is due to Mt. Cairns for the way !n bridge keeper's property, In return recently placed on the market hy
which be directed operations, and itj for this concession, the railroad com- Alex Ewen, and it would also mean
is due to his masterful handling of pany would agree to build a suhstan- a substantial Increase in the populates amateur firemen that the Coqua- tlal bridge across to the Island, re- tlon of Ihis city. Mayor Keary thinks
leetza home is slill standing Instead placing the present  structure and  to that this la an opportune time to make
the law, with ihe i bjeel of making
" -n tbe .: iBtlci - ol the peace.
Formal charges were entered wherev-
��� i mass was i < lebrated, excepi at
the i iiurche   ��� I Sl   lean I'Evangelique
a    St.  Blaise de  Charonne   at  Pere   "'   beln8  a   mere  mass "f  blackened   keep it in perpetual repair.    It is un-   the proposition to the representatives
la   i'ii, ls<     when   i arishionera made
application last evening to hold services under the law of 1881.
Paris,    Decembei    i;i.���Ten sppll-
derstood  that the  company would  be of .1. ,1. Hill, as Vancouver is bucking
willing to |iul  up a $75,000 bridge If the G.  N. R. strongly at  the present
West Coast Telegraph.                the land is granted to them. time, and  that city is not in a posi-
Ottawa, Ont,,   Dec.   13.���The public      Mayor Keary stated that he had re- 'ion  to offer any  such  advantageous
tlons  under the law of 1880, were! works department have given out In- cently had an interview with a prom-   location for car shops as the proposed
Rk i  before t p.m. and reports from structions io have the telegraph line 'nenl G. N R. official, and thai this'site on Lulu Island.
other cities  Indicate    similar    action connecting   the   coast   line   with   Se- gentleman had been favorably impres-      Another gentleman  who is in close
elsewhere,     Then   was   no   disorder chart,  bulll   at once.     II  is expected sed   wiih   the  site offered,  and   that   touch  with the G.  N'.  R.  affairs was
anywhere.     Notices  to evacuate edi- tba! the wire will be in opration In a ,n,'n' was  every possibility  that the   spoken to last evening about the pro-
flceB   owned   by   the  state   were   met few weeks.     The use of the steamer bead   officials could  accept   the  offer, j position, and while he declined to say
by   the   response   that  the   occupants Orion  has been  tendered  by  Captain >f >' should be made by the city coun-   that  he  knew   anything officially,  he
would yield only ti   lorce. Balcome for life saving on the coast j <,U'     ln ,h<? event of the grant being  quite agreed  with the mayor's state-
The nei   result  of the  uncomprom- Tbe steamer will be always available, made,  (he company   would    erect    -i   ment   with   respect  to  the  desirable
ising attitude assumed by the Vatican
in this conflict with the French government, seems to be that the clergy
large   repairing    station    there,   and location of the land across the bridge,
would employ at least 3p0 men all the Ile said  that   if .1. .1.  Hill located his
year round.     The importance of such ear shops in this city, it  would be a
an   undertaking is   one  that  will   he matter of much greater importance to
I ���' ���      lhi   railway light. The
���     the mayor and
tlon   tn  the V.
���   lay i; nomin-
f     '���'��� ���    a   ���  -ii s'lci d hlm-
take an informal
es   the  other
��� ills the Province
R     ���     ���    and says;
thi  C.P.R. to keep
^ V have been success
��� bi citj were to
thi    company   by
11 " m i.voralltj   a  nominee
; :: nothing to pre-
��-W  & V   withdrawing their
Vanco .ver, i.n.l
'-    ' ���      ��� rations to West-
do so, what will be
o i .er?    Ask   any
ihi   iit>.     There
��� a   as   this city
need    : i :,a,���     and
recovei   toi
results    b ���
:.       Vl UCOUVI
....   high���' ty
lied  to one
il I   be   a
atrlot! ��� Cana
I: ,    on
..111  uot
��� i tlon, and
Its  notulna-
: urn the
I   Mr.   Mar
��� C    1V   It.  and
���  apparently
Ing is a  ii-
Martin's al-
i   .easels have
uning Into Van-
is  nol  in   ac-
icis.     He cannol
tanoe Mr.!
med, or, wh it
'i eking to draw
'" trail, to bol
Missionary Meeting.
Mi.ss Evans, a missionary who has
spent the past ten years of her life
among the natives ol Maratha, India,
addressed a large ga ��� Ing In the Olive! Baptist church lasi evening un ler
ihe auspice-, of the Wi men's Mission
Circle. Miss Evans gave an Inten sting account of ������' ��� am :.- bi children famine suffi ������ ���.- ' w hich l< pi I
menl sh" was appointi 1 when she flrsl
went out tu In Iia Shi ilsi told many pathetic stories i : the sufferings
w hich were en lun ! ' tie childi i d
as a result of hungi . an i disease resulting therefrom. During the evening a solo was rendi ��� i by Miss Slo-
I'lini, and the speaker ol the evening
also sang a song In the Maratha lan-
guagi. The chaii was oi cupied bj
Mrs, K. Prldi , pri lent ol the Mission Circle, .md a i oil< i tion was taken
up In aid of Mis- Evans' travelling ex-
��� uses  back  "ii  India.
Won't Stand the Nu Speln.
Washington. Dec. 13.���The mem
will lose its pensions, that all asplr- lers of the house in joint congression
ants to the priesthood will he compel, al committee on printing today, rea,lil-v ""''"stood by the citizens, and ; New Westminster than the people re
li | tc perform military services, and agreed upon a resolution directing the his worship docs not believe that any . alized, because once the railway mag
thai the taking of the episcopal public printer to follow the approved serin"s opposition would he made to j nate became interested in any town
buildings by tbe Mate department and authorities of the English language In "" ni'":
the communes will occui immediately  the spelling used in all public docu-
A  bylaw would have  to   it practically meant that the future of
submitted   to   the   ratepayers   be-   that place was assured.
Insti a I of in I lecember, limV.
That Vacant Post
Makes Talk
London, Dec 13.���The revival of the
nse o! JamesBryi i 'a name in connection with tic appointment of ambas-
sa lor al Washington to s iren- i Sii
Mortimer  Durand,    meets  with much
more general credence than when it
was lirst mooted. There are not lacking indications, even in official utterances, thai the author of "The American Commonwealth" may be the ultimate  selection  for the embassy.
]'-:.   .
John Griffith's Tour.
This  mosl   excellei ;edlan ai
tudeni   a>. e has a   .ance t
iu a few mosl       min
cat place
\- . .   .        ns ol   Mac-
elh he has I
est   tragi
...        his
. ���   ,,       .. ;   ���     lectual nal ire will
lii-   : . ���
she 1  a gi  a!  ��������� al  In  lhe way   i
unusually i _< elh nl i ��� mpany   co I in ���
and all other m    II Ic     ���  cor
ned   ��� i liprni nt.      Mi    Griffith's   dat ���
bere  Is  Wednes lay   night,  Dec,   19.
Prepare Fcr Ball.
Vftei   pay in^i an Inspection visit  to
thi   In Itistrial   i nildlng and the  Ai n
du .- ���   yesterda ���   aflern     i,  the     un
it! ,   appointi i  i ���  mn .1-  the neces-
i rangenients it
il ling of a grand ball in honor of
forthcoming   vlsll   oi   lhe  Lieut.
Govei nor   and   Mi    Dunsmuir,   ; rai U
tally decided upon sell cling the   .rm
as I elng  bettei   fitted   roi   tin
ig ol   be function lhan iln
i,���;.    The '-   iovi lhe booths
land    from lhe li : '
;a_  would inemi - nnsi lerable exp
he  ell'.  .in !  i lie  flooi  i
. i  for   : mi in -. �� hlh   al  '       \
Business Grows.
A large addition, 50 x 66 feet, is being made to the Vulcan Boiler Works
building.     The addition  will make the
building   lul   feet   deep,  and  ihe  full
Ion with   width of the lot.    D. C  Patterson, the
Laid Oft for Six  Months After Twenty   Years  of   Service   on   '.he
Alter having been for twenty years
in the employ of the Canadian Pacific Navigation company, Captain
Reid has been suspended for six
months, commencing with January 1
The suspension is the aftermath m
the Beaver accident last Bummer when
that vessel collided with the swing
ol the Eraser River bridge, and a
huge number of the citizens, especial
l.v those who make their living along
Eburne Tram in Sight.
The survey work In connection with
the proposed Eburne tram line will
be started today, an understanding
having been arrived at between the
c. p. k and the ll. C. E. R. companies,
whereby the former is to build the
road iiom this city io Eburne, and
then permit the 1). ('. E. R. to electrify
and operate it in connection with
llieir other lines. This fact was made
public yesterday afternoon after an interview between General Superintendent Marpole, District Engineer
Cartwright, and Superintendent Bens
ley, of the ('. P. R., an 1 Mayor Keary.
'. The B. C. E. R. company is also to be
asked to lake Up the matter of e' .-
trifying the C. P. lt. line from .his
city to the Junction, this line being
also  included  In    the agreement   l.e-
manager, has jusl  received two addi-   the  water   front,   and   know   Captain
tlonal dynamos one live and one six-
���i i n horse power, \\ hich will be ad I-
ed to ids presi nl plant,    A considei
able quantity  ol   new machinery   hi
ve I, nnd  i-  In   running order.    A
w Inglng   crane  has  been   place i   in
li   .  md wlll supplement the trav-
ing  .   ine   whli !>   will   be    slim I Ij
��� ii  In   '��� . Ition       .  double bench
1 . "  ..   ia operation ai i
��� ady a large n iml ei  of half i in
lilelcd   I "ihi b    an     oci upy Ing    the
groun I   ''ee      space.     Mr,  Patti i   in
a I  ' 'H  work on hand all I lots of
'��������������� i j i    lulries coming in.
L,   : of liis cWents."
��� 'minster looks
1 ��s  wood.
A,,f   ;   '       N. R.
.   la- Attorney
Minnesota,  today
1 ler  the  stale
rm      i
ease    of $''.",-
[     '    III"     - .
|��rtl��� , :1 *u"'    oJ   the,
\        . recently an-
^ovk,   i-   invalid
f ���>���" iss:- is actu-
11 take action
Sons  of England.
The Sims of England banquet whl< h
was held Id the Badminton Hotel Van
couver was   i tten ed   by   about   foi I ���
members of the In al lo Ige who went I
over   and   returned   by   special   car.
The toast lisi  was a lengthy one an I
some brilliant  speeches    were   made
throughoul the evi i ng    Mi   Lockyi i
one ���r the  speaki i*  of the evening,
made  the statement   Hun  lhe  weal h\
of liritish Columbia  was  nol  In  her
mines and timber bo much as In ber
lbe u , ; illi ry I      rl     i
nunn    ��� ���      hie   nn   e "'���. >'���  ���   '"
i a i checi
lhe guests.    A meeting ol al
committees    will    be    held    In    the
uayor's ofllce on  Saturday   nfternoon
.,(   i o'clock for Ihe purposi i I "
Dual   irrnngements.
Swiss   President  Elected.
Berne, Switzerland, Dec 18.- '
Edouard Mnller. of Heine, vlceprei
di nl of the federal council, was I
day eh cled presi len! of the Swi
i 'oufederatlon,
Sl-.ah   Is   Near Death.
the Shah became worse today. Ile
lost consciousness a! an early hour
and at 7:30 p.m. was still unconscious.
Pay Themselves Well.
Washington, Dec. 13 The house
agreed today on vote on the resolutions increasing the salaries of senators and represi nl itlves to $7,50 ���
vice presldenl an I speaker lo $15,00 i,
cabinet   officers   $12,    I 0 !        ' :''
other Increases,
Dtvitli of Mrs. Sammous.
. telegram has been received by
James Wilson, of Central Park, con-
,v, . |Ug j be sad Information thai bis
eidest il iiigbter Lily, wife of t'i. Elmo
I. Saininous, id Dawson, Yuloei. died
.,, ,!,.,, pi;,,,, on December 6. No de-
. (j|s ns to 'he cause of the death have
i���.en  i Ived by  the  bereaved  par-
, ���,.._ iin,| || is only a shorl time since
they rec 'ivei Information that their
],,lighter was in good health. The
deceased, who was well and favorably known both in this city and in
Vancouver, was married over four
years ago and leaves one child, an
eighteen   niontbs'old    hoy.      Much  Queen's  ave.   Methodlsl   church    on
mpftthy   is   fell   for  'be   parents  InjDec.  80. a!   8 p.  m.     Special soluis:.
Reld well, are uot backward In expressing the opinion that he has deserved
i en, ; ii- itment. The accidenl ln
ip estlon, ii   will  be  remenil ere i. ,.
��� irn I "���������������   Saturday afternoon, whi n
��� a BeaVer was taking a party of ex
' in ami-ts up to I'iu Lake, The
vessel was approaching the Prai r
l.ivi :��� i ; i Ige and in response to the
., losi |i the brid e swung open. '��� i i
as iii" boat wi a neai ing the openinj .
a floating I lammed th ru I lers, an I
befori    be captain i oul I hav i tii" i a
_ ,-ersel, the boal swung nuin I,
and the end  of ;i. ���  swinging bridge
tore  off  the  deci,  house and   almosl
capsized the steamer,    A number of
the   passengers  losi   iheir heads  and
a small panic ensue.1. in which two or
ihree people were hurl.     The Vancou-   goes   on.
ver  papers gol   up  a  hue and cry and
harped OH  the subject   for weeks, pub-        Berlin.   Dec
llshing photo alter photo of the affair,   dissolved   thi
Chess   Tournament.
A    well   atten.b.I    meeting     of   the
Chess  club was  held  last  evening in
the Carue.ii Library building, and the
preliminary arrangements were made
f< r  a   tournament   which   will   com
���'iii',' as soon as a Bultable   late can
���"  arranged.     There  will    be    four
tables   and   ihe   following draw     has
been made: Eii al table, G, Brown, vs,
ill    -   on i table, V. Howay  \ ���'.
!'. .1. Burnt .;;   bird table, w. Hender-
���  n  ���. -   r. .'an son; fourth table, it.
rs. i'. s. Corrigan.   Tbe winner
���   best l wo  oul of three games
v.      I ������ proclalme ' the victor.
li Is expected thai a series of these
tournaments wil be held throughout
the winter ani thai the number or
players   will   Increase  as  the  season
13.��� Emperor Willinn
Reichstag today mil
magnifying it to treble the proportions ordered new elections in consequence
ihe occasion deserve.1.     The boat  was   of  the  government's defeat by 188  to
teheran, Dec 13.���Tho condition of  ""ili'l".v  Inspected,  and   properly   re-  168 votes on the bill authorizing what
paired, and since that time tliere has   the ministry contends is an adequate
not been a suspicion of an accidenl,      number of troops to end the insurrec-
Captaln Reid has accepted his bus-, tlon In German Bouth-West Afrloa and
pension in a very philisophic manner  hold  the colony against a recurrence
King   Oscar   III.
Stockholm,   Dec   18.���The   King  of
Sweden is seriously ill and the Crown
Prince has been hastily summoned to
the   palace.
Musical   Production.
"Ruth"  will   be sung al   the
',..;.- sa i bereave! ent.
\ In:;'.:, mi 25 cents
and instead of waiting to' the end of
the year, will give up his cabin on
Saturday and will retire to his farm
at Port Hammond where he looks forward to six months of agricultural
pursuits. He leaves the boat with the
most friendly feelings existing between himself and his officers and
crew, of whom he speaks In highest
Capi Gardner Wlll assume charge of
239-6   lhe Beaver on Mon lav next.
of tho rebellion. The clericals, Socialists, Poles and one wing of the
Radicals voted against the government, while the conservatives, national Liberals and Moderates and remaining Radicals supported the government.
Weather Forecast.
Lower   mainland   for   Friday,   light
or moderate winds, partly cloudy, not
much change in temperature.
I ���
V. a.-
YOU  CAN'T, if vou try, make more sensible or more acceptable
Christmas Gifts than a comfortable pair of SHOES AND SLIPPERS.
The Following Are Some of   the Lines We Are Offering For Our Xmas Buyers:
Men's Finest Vici Kid Slippers, flexible soles, our best make ... $2.50 a pair
Men's Finest chocolate color. Vici Kid. Opera-cut Slippers   1.75     "
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Men's Chocolate Kid, elastic-side Nullifer. or Half-Congress Shoe 2.50     "
Men's Black Vici Kid Nullifer Shoe, very flexible soles 2.25     "
Men's Finest Felt Slippers,  with Paibberine,  waterproof   soles,
French make 1.00     "
Men's English, Fine Carpet Slippers, fleece lined and turn soles... 1.00
Men's ordinary, comfortable Carpet Slippers 50     *'
Ladies' best Patent Leather Slippers, for evening wear, all Amer-
can makes; some made with low, commonsense heels, others with high French heels $2.50 to $5.00 a pail-
Ladies' medium quality Evening Slippers, made with one, two and
three straps; the best we can buy for the money, $1.25 to 52.00 a pair
Ladies' fur trimmed, high cut Romeo Slippers, all colors     1.50   ��
Ladies' fur trimmed, high cut Romeo Slippers, English make. 1.00 '���
Ladies' Finest Felt French Slippers, Rubberine waterproof suii- 1.00 "
Ladies' Fine Corded Slippers, English make 90   "
Misses' Felt Romeos, high cut Slippers, sizes 11 to 2 $1.25 a pair
Child's   "        '��� " "       sizes 8 to 10     1.00   "
Child's red, fur trimmed Slippers, sizes 3 to 7 50   "
Child's soft sole Boots, all colors, lace and button. 35c .   75c
The Christmas Money Expended Here Will Not Be Wasted
t ---...��.
Columbia Street,
New Westminster
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, first served. We
need the cash and you want the goods. This i.s a chance
of a lifetime.
Resusitate   Fallen  Rancher With   Wa-
tre From a Saucepan, and receive  Reward.
Tl*. and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.   >*l
A horse belonging to a rancher named Tucker, van away on 'he Port
Moody road yesterday afternoon nml
managed to u;>s>-t the rig. The driver
was thrown a considerable distance,
and landed u;i in a heap (Tn the road-
side.    lie was partly stunned and was
Trains & Steamers
Leave N". W. 15.40; air N*. W. 11.35.
Leave N. W. S.30; a:-. Seattle 15.50.
Leave Seattle 12.30; ar. X. \V. 18.40.
Leave N. \V  8.30, 10.35, 15.40, 17.::."..
Arrive N. \V. 9.35, 11.35, l'l.I", IS.lit.
Lv. N. W. ..20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m
Lv. N. VS. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
C l' Ii ''.,-���. s ipper-
ton. Millside an 1
Van. and  Burnaby i.m p.m.   6.00 p.m
G.N.R. Flyer ...
Tlmberland,  Tui
and Friday
"'" ;i m. 11.35 a.in
M p.m. 6.00 p.m
! "i'i p.m 11.On p.m.
12.00 m. 12.00 m.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Line
iiii_; where he fell when a party of  Lv. N. W. 3 p. ru. and 9:55 p. m.
now dissolved partnership, the business will be
carried on as heretofore by BRYSON & SONS
Hindus came along and lifted him up
into a sitting posture. Om- of the
colored men had a saucepan whh
him which hr�� proceeded to fill with
water and pour over Mr. Tucker's
hea l ani fan- till hi.- regaine 1 bis
senses. He sustained a .slight rut
on 'ha cheek which will heal up in
ti few -1 ij -. ani mi/' of his arms
seemed to ii"  slightly  sprained,    He
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 9:35 a.m.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.
8:45 p m, and 6 p. m.
Mondays only.
Lv.  New  Westminster  5.60, 6.50,  1
handed out the friendly blndus. a two and 8 a, m., and every half hour there-
dollai id:i in recognition of their Ber- after till 11 p. m.
vices.    He then hastened on to look Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
for the runaway which he found con- ��ame hours.
:   tentedly standing near a gate  aboul
Hardware, Ranges, Stoves, Tinware,
- Graniteware and Enamel Goods -
BRYSON & SONS, Columbia st.
a .ill' pasl the railroad track. The
line��� were broken as a result of getting beneath the horses feet, and the
| buggy, which had righted Itself in
I some mysterions manner, was only
slightly damaged.
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E.  WALKER, General Manager.       ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager.
Every  facility  afforded   Farmers for  ti.eir banking  business.    Sales   Notes
cashed   or taken   for collection.
BANKING   BY   MAIL���Deposits   may be made or withdrawn oby mail.
Out-of-town accounts receive every a tentlon.
At The Hotels.
Guichon���E N. Brown, Vancouver;
G. A. Keefer, city; .lames Erdle, Vancouver; .1. Cadell, Langley; w. p.
Bassett, Victoria; R. McMurchie, Everett; F. Treadgold, Vancouver; A.
K. Clarke, Kelowna; II. M. West-
roole, St. I'a a!
Windsor���J. F, Cordon, M. P. Godfrey. Chillwack; .1. Graham, nellins-
iiam: (.'. Dunbar, (I. Lawrence, Clayton; ll. Jamleson, Cortez tlsand; R.
H. McRae, I-.. \\y Lefroy, East Delta;
C McCawley, Surry; .1. Haldl. H, Tii
mus,  Langley;   .1.   Patterson,  Mission.
Colonial ���Mr. and Mrs Watson, Van
couver;   v,    Wannock, Victoria.
Tin- funeral of the late T. II. Arthur, who died at the Royal Columbian
hospital on uesday evening, t 11|<
place yesterday afternoon from Mur-
chle's undertaking parlors, the Rev,
A.   E.   Vert   conducting  the  e a-.���'���.���
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frld. 8 a.m
From Chwk,  Tu., Tb., Sat., 7 a.m
From N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m.
From N. W. daily, ex. Sat. and Sun.,
_ p.m.; Saturday, 2 p.m.
Add. trip, Monday, ,r> a.m.
From Stov-eston, 7 a.m. (Fri. �� a.m.)
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
From N.W., Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
Close.    Received.
Seattle, via Sumas 7.1**, a.m.   6.40p.m.
Sapperton and Mill-
side, No. l  7.45 a m. 11.:::. a.m.
Vancouver,  No. l. 7.45a.m.   9.00a.m.
Q N.R. Cloverdale,
Blaine .Seattle.. 8.45 a.m.   ::.:; i p.m.
Van.  & Cen.  Park.10 30 a.m.    2.00 p m.
Victoria   10.30a.m.   9.00a.m.
Mast Burnaby .... 1.13p.m.   1,15p.m.
Ladner, Steveston,
etc  1.30 p.m. 11.un a.m.
B. C. Coast L.ne Service.
(Subject to i bange '���>��� Ithoul n itlce I,
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver
Nuv. 22, 1). a. !'.  Doc. 22, .lan. :'.  1907;
.Ian. 22,
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver daily at  1   p.  n,
Steamer Queen  City,
Leaves New Westminster at T a. tr
semi weekly,
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver dally except S,
urday and Sunday ai. 1:30 p. m. Sa
urday at 2:30 p. m.
S.   S.  Tees,
1st,  7th,   l ith  of each  month,  for
Claoquot and Mosquito Harbor;   20th,
to Ahouset, Quatsino, (.'ape Scott  and
j nay ports.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves New Westminster on Mon
day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday at 2 p.m. and Saturday
at. i! p. ni. with additional trip on Mon
il.iy at 0 a. m
Leaves Steveston Monday. Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
7 a. m.; Friday at (1 a. ni. additional
trip Saturday fi  p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves  New  Westminster, x a. tn.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack  7 a.  m. Tuesday.
Thursday   and   Saturdays,   calling   at
j Innrtings   between   N'ew   Westminster
; an I Chilliwack.
S. S. Tees
Lea. is Vai t
an lie':''' '-|
Skid'-- ite ������������'��� "'::|
on  fiecon 1  ' ������ -"���
departm e   ��� " xlmata
For   re   i '���  '-���
cal] o- addre
Agent, New ffejmf
f, conj
/.-st. Gen   P   ���   '   ���'��� V:
.1. W. TROUi
General S    cr'nl    ' " \ f
Gen   Agent, Freight WA
New 'CVai'l
Spokane Falls &
Nelson & Pt. She;
Red Mountain Hii'
The  onl)   �� ' j
point,   east, ��   '
land. Nei '        .',
N  "ti'
& N   l
|   ���,;.       P.-|
Creek poinl
i nnue ts
,tage fiilj I ���                 J
Buffet '   '"'"'
Spokane '          , , J
Effective -" :''   N "
9.20 a.m.
' 12.25 p.m.
9.40 a.m.
D.iy Train J
Spokane ��� ���������'*]
P  ..land ""J"
N'els  '
"   ELA..A*1
16 Hasin
I    Bookkeei '    ��� '"'        y.'.
Shorthand. 'i,;'
Seven T***\
j  forty-Fiv<i   '.: ''
���yy    A
., Ai.v ~^
.   14. 1?0���.
(Jhristmaa   Presents
What you want in Real Estate. Fauns, Houses or Lot sand we can
supply you. New Properties are being placed in our hands every
day. It costs you nothing to investigate this. Buy, buy now while
prices remain low. Who would have thought a few vears ago that
property in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg ami Vancouver would be
selling at such commanding prices. New Westminster's turn
next. The coming manufacturing centre on the Pacific
coast. Mark our words the time WILL come.
Greatest Snap, bar
|one, in the city.
rooms;   store
.4 acres.  $1,350
e whole lot.
d -'���
acre   and
I sized!      $20,000.
fo lot 8S 1-2 x 66.
On the corner of ln.li
Ave. and llth St. Lots No.
7!* and 80 can now be purchased for $120. This price
will remain for one week
only and i.s exclusively for
sale by us. Also the same
applies to the corner lol at
5th Ave. and 12th St.;
$550; lot 66x132.
House on Brantford St.,
rents $15 per month. Will
selj for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bai. easy.
, ii
I-oui-lt.  tenemeni house, 6 rooi
'each house, water, light, full sizi
between    First   and   Second    .-���������
'Fourth avenue, on north side.    Prici
"ii Royal and Eighth  i
'wo store        even  rooms,  full
lot,  $2,000.
lion '���,    10   rooms,  l'-   lol -.   near
Fourth   avenue   and   Seventh   Btreel
$2,000.   Terms eun be arrangi ��� ', i
���lames   Inlet, three square una- , ..���
$6.00. half cash, balance easy.
icres, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
29 and 32, Township 9, one half pral
Read !   Mark!   Learn!
160 acres, on which is a
house 20x30, frame stable
20x24, chicken house 1l\
11; good well; 8 ac.cleared
on front and 12aeon back.
All these acres cultivated.
Can be bought on easy
terms. Enquire immediately from us, the exclusive agents.
;. ��� d S'J
$25   jut   acre.
acres cleared,
I"'', acres, Burnahy Lake. $100 pe
11 re,
135 acres, one mile from  Hunting |
it ^ ,jer & , .  ' ���-. *���'-' i"i  .ie.''.   w     Ion,  B.C.,  Tll aires  In  grBBS,  16  acres 1
tion 29, $60 per acre, Section 28, $50   drained and  fenced;   house and  barn
SO acres, one mile from Abbi tsfoi I,   pei   acre.    Tele;,hi,ne  at   Hammond;   <p"s! $2,500; good road along one side;
10 acres cleared, good soil, 220 fruit   telegraph   station,  Pitt  Hher  Bridge. I l'r'ce *50 i"'1' acre, half cash, balance
Commur.;.-__"""''" '*'" rle, resl brush and some Bmall Ireei
$1,500, half cash, balance in one .eai   ,. ,
���, .. . 'ricei    Section 32, $-15 per acrej Sec
$1,800. half cash. ���     ,
cent   sub-'       S'        e '     '' ba,anc'    ;'':i     half easb, bnlanci one and two  '" sm' purchaser al 6 per ceni Rea    ,tll, mela] ,,,��� ,,,���, ot (n0ge p-nj   _,ox,
in three equal payments at reasonabh   year, al 7 per ceni   Exclusive agency.\*on for selling, the owner's wife Is In
Interest bad health, and has to go to b cold
.....,,. I.    ����������--   ,���   Whirl,   <h,
l-r.-l.r.l    ���...,���.      . I.i.or*.
li "us rn-, eccentric reception that
Blr Henry 1;,������.,,. ��b�� given ��hen b��
vl-itisi i.>r,i Tennyson. The former
bad been unwilling t,> intrude tm tn*
poet, bai contented ta accompany a
friend. William Bummers, wbo bud a
nets of Introduction from sir Lewie
Murrm     The-    found   Te&nyeoo   ni
lunch    Mr  Henry   Write*  of  lt        Yen .....��.���.<..
ny.on at once m-kni me t,> ell n> lum. "      .-..-,-.-_-
while Mr   Bummer* ��_s held In eon SAFW51 antl
reraatlon at the other tide "f the room QVICKFST
by  ladi   Tenn. mui    The old man  be ��>XMM of forwarding packages of mer
gan  with  the  words     Your iinme hai chandise,  valuables and ir�� elery to all
been  before me  al  every  meel,'  et Parte of the wortft,
which 1 expreeeed greal astonishment, |< ls gtrong-j recommended (bat ship
nol thinking thai be had ever heard ments betent so as to arrive al dostm
of mi' ation some days in advance, thus avoid
"And thereupon he produced n small '*">>* 'I'1" lus'* and ensuring most careful
vial containing saccharin  on the oui handling.   Arrangements can be made
side of which was an advertisement f',r ��J��v��y the daj before Christmas
containing 0 few line* of some appre "hcn 'E
clatory  remarks  respecting  ssecharin Sp��ial attention given to shipments
I which 1 had made in a lecture al tbe f<" ('r,'M' ���'���   '           Europe-
Royal   Institute    This   notice   1   had .lor   further information   appl.   to
never seen,  and  on  l,,v  return  home  1    fe^ '   "'" "    '"''   C    *"   R   ******'
wrote  io   iiu'   proprietors   requesting
Ihem 1,1 slop issuing such notices, as 1
could nol have my name used for ad
rertlslug purposes, and thla they iii��i
"In a few minutes, withoul furthei
conversation, Tennyson rose and said
'Well, l musi bid vou goodby, for i
uuisi no" lie down 1 am going to
���moke a cigar and go to sleep.' I'pou
wblch he walked oul ol the fuvm, gl.
Illg   a   ilislanl   nod   (o   niv   dlSl  'lis,    ile
frii'iid, wiii Bummers, wbo had came
on purpose to Interview the poet, i>ut
with whom be had not exchi nice 1 a
tingle word "
Tin-   Sri-m ..-he r   Hni      ..<��*.mm..1   <��������.   m
j l.t|_h.    Oil    I'rl.iin    Iln,..
Mr Smoker, see to ll tlmt .vour 111
Cle  Samuel  doesu'l   catch  j on  striking
u match ou cue of liis ma 1 boxe ���
He'll surely make trouble for you if
he can prove ihai a certain Bcratch 0 1
.1. M. MrMlMII). dornf
*-..oo rACH.
150 acres Improved  land,  bui . 11
is,   cleared   and
'    d BP��-ula- j and sheds complete, near Cloverdale;
1  post office;   a]] untler cuitivatlon| $15,000.   if >-0,i
'can   handle   this,  don't   dela;.;   It's   a
izi     on  Agnes
.  fenced,  ready
od speculation
100,  l1*,-storey.
1 Queei ��� avenue, $1,150.
I jcu to step paying rent.
������..- street, $225.
bargain; terms can be arranged
1C0 acres, Langley, i'a under cultiv;
tlon; house, barn, sheds, etc . . I
good repair: a snap al $3,000, ha
���ots on 6th Avenue,
Ny $1,100 cash.
iney can be bought
1 for $1,350. This
(most perfect illustra-
Jf how it pays to info real estate.
ad   15 acre.
stables, etc.;
In best residential portion of Xew Westminster,
east end. Close to car. Six
large rooms and large reception hall. Modern in even* respect. Two full lots
132 x 132, all in lawn, laid
out with shrubs and flowers. Tennis court on one
side. Price $2500. Terms
$600 cash, balance on mortgage.
Does It Pay?
160 acres, 10 ac. cleared,
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, pears,
)lums, cherries. Small
louse; barn and stable30x
56; good well; half-mile
from school. 0nly$1O
per ac. and terms easy at
Foot ofJ4th Ave.   ("or. Kith   Street
New Wns.ii-in.ster, R. (,.
on the corners was made bj  jour draw
lug Iiii' Up of n  Inciter in ross  It
That's nboul whnl the mall carrier
int,]  the fellow   who |h banding you
this advice    it   was  given  .lust   after
the   adviser   bad   Btopped,   feeling     All kinds of Ship  repair
1G0  acres.  N |_    'j   sei timi   19,   town
ship   in,   Langlej ;    small   house.   ;;u
acres   cleared,    Umber   valued   $750, i ,7gmokyi, nf;ter coming out of an offlce
Price $1,500, one-third cash, balance  where they wouldn't lei bim purr the
���it 7 per cent.                                        stogie be had Iu hla pocket, to scratch Ship   and   ScOVP    BuilditlC
168 acres, Coquitlam. 10 acres cleai    "  11"'('1'  ""  ""'  '"""  1"'x    "''   WM a anopinltv
ed, near Black's ranch, $2,000.              rather mprlsed when the mall carrier, ��  ' \ " "   X<
'coining  U|>  lo  uiUocl.  Il.e  l���>\.  salil: Ks.lllVilrS      lift mil ll lv     flir-
g and 10 acre blocks in Surrey, three     "Don't do thati" _ nts-i num.;.     |iium*Hiy   iur
miles from the river. $10 per acre           "Why not?" l��' queried    "I've been msMOU.
ICO acres, section 25, township  id,  doing ii for years,   It doesu'l hun tin ^.   _   pM|rpc/%|y
box.   oilier  fellows  and  myself  have "��� *��� tlfltnaun
scratched mai. hes on the top of tLI< residence���?) Eighth street, New
mall  box  for years,  and  (here Is oi  . WpstminBtcr, B.C.
2V_  miles from   Abbolsford;   50 acres
alder bottom, $1,200. half cash.
Ten acres In Lol 'ic.:'.. one mile east  a  n((1(,  wornpntcii on the metal I
07 acres, Hornby Ranch, WckomelU, "! Westminster Junction, Ai sui'. .'as | . how for It."
bouse cost $2,500 when built. 20 acres I "-v cleared,   $30 per aere "Well,   go  ahead   If  you   waul   >
cleared    Price only $3,000, half cash,      Two Btorled  house, 7  rooms.,  hath    Kl*-*l��"1 ""   " ,;1 ���;"""
balance easy. Bewer   connections,   all    modern   im
Hul   reini'iii
ber thai. If the inspector sees you. up
Westminster Iron Works
��� il le,   ' i. cken
���    '   -���    house, two full sized lo   , all modern
.   ��� ivemenl -.  Third   "treel     etween
SO aire., of land near Sutherland*,
mill, In Surrey;  good  bouse, G acre,
eared;  only  $1,000, easy terms.
- roome I hon c, all mo<lcrn Improve
��� ��� it . line locution, corner <u' -"ourth
streel     nd   "ignei.   $'>,000,   one   half
a \ comfortable homo and   good
I "a      .i   Idi ni'
Elgl     o nne I    house . all    modern
��� :,. ��� nlenoes,  ' iruarvon streel and
i inveiueiit.. splendid  locality,  $2,800.
i"ims arranged.
you go on a charge of defacing govern
menl property.   And you know iImt if
SHIP SMirmvo, m.im.t- and
iln' Inspector ever ireiM you It's you for
P;,   loiey   iiouse.  six   rooms,  price I scratching matches ou the prison bar��
I $1,500, onsy terms; near car line; con-   for   o   day   or   so      By-by."   DoU'oll
'   Hllj   Incite | J  N<'""
House,  en,ner  of  Fifth  avenue  and'      lion theorem iT..����ln llatehe.. <"nainental    Iron    WorK,   InOlUdltlg
Sixth    ireet, one  lot, two storeys, 8     II  ma.,   Interesl   you  to kuo��   thai ^nees, Gates. Fire hiseapee, etc.
! the greal penguin of the Boutheru < ir jvt..11 orders and
cle  stnudiug with Its head as high ��'. vited.
.    is, $_,500, hal
Boarding house
.il rooms, on  Si.Hi
oi reBpondence in
ireet, two .-are) i. $3.7_o.
Fourth   and    Fifth    ivenue
t. . n.'i       Hou " and lot mi Acnes Btreet, two!
Sivth    avoi   ioc      coul   [I     aau     rn  n      i.-ne-.     t_.^J'J.
' "'   n   ',''1-' ... -a:, in..   .,   ren    snap  at
'   : ��ms,   .:*; *'"'"���' caSb:   ���:,"i:l    '"' $2,500.
*���������'���-'   ��� ���'��� '     160 a res  -        fan      ai       :������
���  ��1.000  cash,   aoo ���   ::_  .    .... near Si ��� "
:  ad, $12 i ������: ai re; a real good
dl ��tri -. 4''      160  ...     towns! ection
10 acres i      I...    .... es from Foi . acn
��� -   planted   slashed, $1,000,    oe-thlrd cash,
land;  running
..'       a.      ,.    30 '"    ���������      ���   ' '     "   '    '        "'     :        *���"*'������
e and  co*   ' ��� :-    ' K   '"'
cows ..-. [  only oi eeded '���
-    n S   itii ������ ' ������
at    hand.      64   acre,     i   P i
.bout 100 J J35 p,
di   ���
I       standin
'���   x 24;   ben
������������   ���     laid I
. , ... lol ami tun cottages on Co
lum rei  . Sappoi ton,   Both rente I
al $10 eai I
Fl. e coi   :-'���   and I wo lots <m Fin t
��� ���. .        .     n.slli    Qnnon'i    pill I
������ ���.      neai    rlly, $7   pel   in :'\
��� ���    .    fo   ial'..    II   ilni 8
(/rr- :������:. | a ha    lots, Sapperton, Jm I
imbia sti eel antl Bi unol to, only
$1,000,   1 ei mi  tn be ai ranged
���   ���      n .-' ii rey, noar Brew n &
ilthard       ;.'. h   $7 per ncre;  good
���    and ;   Bee   in   foi   pm
��� | ��� . :   read     lov < nl
ler,  hall   mile   fi om
i ii ' .ntion,     ''
ireet,  one   bloclt   from    post    office,
nulls at $::n per month, or for sale al
Seven loomed liimse. Seventh street.
near Fifth avenue, [wo storeys, full
Blzed lot, $i,coo.
llm.se, eighl rooms, on 81 George
Btreel, corner Fourth, $2,508; easy
Home, run sized lot, on Keary
itreet, Sapperton; rents foi $10 per
month,   Only $1,050.
Three hi res,  Moi Ih    .i in road, ten
Mi iui i, $<ae,
Just Look!
80 acres in Matsqui
ily.    l-room   In
n  house;    i>n<'
; 11'.
1; good well, puresl
���* 1,000. Cl
of :i h
n man's waist, hatches its eggs In a pe
cullar mnuuer These am nol laid
upon the around nml brooded on after
tin' manner of most birds' cut-".   The
female  lay -  Iwo  large  eggs,    The  tiM     New   WeslintnP'cr.
Nbe bauds over to Ibe mule bird, the
other she keeps, The egg Is held on
the upper surface of the large Dal feet,
and Is pushed Up under the waistcoat
of thick feathers, ll Is there held I lose
tu  the  hoily.   whose   waiinlli  gradual),!
vitalizes the young idid Sn teuacioii-
are the parent blrda of this urip Unit if
you Iiiiiii I, one of Ilitiii over II wlll fall
iiii   Its   Inui;   Willi   its   real   slink   slilih
oul. still i lull hlng lhe i _i_ to iis bodj
Saturday   Ue. lew
BEGBIE Ha I'i'ic. i.
t'. U, 474.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
uarric Sc Co��9 Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. ol London.
fesik   of   Montreal   Grand Trunk Ry. "The Milwaukee'7
WHIM-     HORSE,    DAWSON    and
'iiiiniiM  ' "URBANKS.     Daily   trains   (excepi
The   British   soldlei   is  luordluatelj   Shnday)   carrying   passengers,   mail,
fond of les n ul pels nml has also.   rM'",=    and    frcifflil    connect    with
th.  i, pui Haa, 0f hoveling lliose of bis   :^��rs nl  ' i>"i��ic= and White Horse,
neighbors, pnrllculnrlj dogs ami mou   maintaining a through winter service,
gooses    I'm i''is be Biiuplj iitlores, ond
il Ib i ali "i iie.i Uml Hieii  strength In
the si a i ii i   ia iii iin. proportion ol  at
Ion. I si. bit is a Tommy    lis is sup
p .���"���.|   |o   ||       I,   lhom   In   Iim   pi | .  aia |    in
Iln ii 11n; 11 i. bul I's ii matti r of f ii i
'I uni' y Ib fm ' iine mini countable >
��� an   |         : ll lllllll      I'll       I
io-   Ilflfll    a ���    I   ,1    In) vi     '  '   Bllblllil    I  i
sound intisli   I i     enl    i   byini    heli
a      i : ��� ���      a     , lhe   eo
soi    i of ll    ��� [mil l'loueei
i ..I  Information apply to
I    ll    ROGERS, traffic   Mahagei,
Vsncnitver.   H.  I
.  r .BUSHED 1811
���porated   I      ��ct   ol   ;
,'... ���   i in. i.
Two tlio       ������ a Mc cbnfl   ���
fllsll I ...   .,,,,]   |[f,
mans.    |i  cans so |   ,.      r (bnt II
used   for   n   hibl    i       neiil,   |Usl   as
floral pii ��� i  -��� ��� ������     Pllnj   m
Intes flint (he tragic ncti      ' lopiis, had
"The   PiOltiM   Limited"   St.   I'aul   to   " ,u"'u v'"i"'' : ���''""     "'" :i    ���'<> <l'"i''<
Chicago,   ".'*ho,t    Line"   Omaha   to   n".'" ���)"'"'" .sen    lime   ll loi
Ei���'*:-''��� 1 ���*'-''' Service Between      Chicago, "South   West   Limited
enjoyed his hot  i lil   menl  illled
r pi
I Bt Hi ���.
Hon. gjr
E, s. cic
feral   .-
r ��� ������
.$14,(1   1
. $10 ���300,00
Straa_cona and   Mounl   R ''    '     -vf-
  Honorai.  Prea ient
'���������   Drummond    ':'"       '���'���
 Vice President   and   Genera    '������     :
���linen transacted.
Chicago, London,
Montreal, Quebec,
KancaQ ("ily  lo (Tib agr
:j .  (rains  in  Ihe  servici  on  any
railroad  III  Uu   world  thai   equal   In
Hm, f .       .,p..|.ii.. nt  lhal "I (be Chicago,  Mil
amilton,   iOrontO,   , ..,i..   ,% 51   Paul Railway.    They
own   "ei operate their own sleeping
an I dining cats Oh alll their trains and
givt    thcif   patroHs   nn   excellence   of
.       in service hot obtainable elsewhere.
Portland, Boston, n. s Rtiwfi. denerai Agent.
i.U Third St.. ror Alder. I'nrtland. Or.
���"���- .rir.cipa! cn.Ifis In Canada, in  Londoi       ���-'   ���''���''   :,... -, _   lusinesseentenof ������������	
r.'s N'fid   and correspondents In       part* of   '���' ���   and the MAKI-   HORSES!     HORSES!
. A-.,  tC  .���    ���   - *    '     NEW YORK and
7'V.S   BANK    DEARTMEM "^ ^J^SBm      ,.
W._t,,,, r -r ��� he lu New Wesi minster every  Friday
~EPi EPA'''M (- fi- ft HV MINER, Agent. ^^  ^ yKj%, jami Saturday, and will examine your
VFPikc    iiu   tuc    \f'\v^1. .��� ;t^SoTir
Mr.  II. b, Brown, V.S., a graduate
PfllLAl '     "'  .^'iag-ara   Falls.   ���f (|H> onlarii. X'eleriuary Scliunl, will
i.   I Uh   I 11 Kit   \t,l'NT
I''     1 Mi  Vi )tj  1 IVER
I ighl   I rains  I vi ry  hay in the Ye_r
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
1 in*   north Western,  ltd.
1 rnbodies the newesl    and best ideas
"Of  course.-  sold   lhe  new   rector, for   COMFORT,   CONVENIENCE.
-you   hope   evenlnnlly   lo   reside   In   B ,���,,    LUXURY.      It   is   lighted   with
heavenly mansion where ��� ,,,.���-.         ,             ,
"Oh, ves.- interrupted Miss Uppiscb, both  el��"tr,clty a^  *'^< the ���*
"and I do hope It won't be too close to brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the
the heavenly huts of the poor."���Ca tho- world.      The   equipment  consists  of
lie Standard and Times. private   compartment   cars,   standard
_""_.     TT T '6  section   sleepers,  luxurious  dining
A t.oud Example. "
Generous Uncle���1  will make you n car�� reclining chair cars  (seats freel,
monthly   allowance;   but,   understand modern   day  coaches   and   buffet,   lime, 1 will pay no debts!   Nephew���All brarv and  smoking cars.
right, uncle.   Neither will I.-Meggen- For Tjm,_. Tabl      F ���       or
dorfer matter. ,__.._ ��� ���
  further  information call on or write
....    '   ,    | fl{>pl
lng dish
i of lhe ' huf
-. ,��    I,, " f, 11 " �� ' u ���
hpj'.es free of charge.
DR.  H.   D.  BROWN,  V.S.
Believe that every longing of your
soul contains Its own prophecy of fai-
Ailment.- Bradbury,
720 Second Avenue. Seattle, Wash THE DAILY XEWS
: '   !   ���:,   ���'
l -:
i\\ : at
'I,' .'    jl
! ���**_. ' I'.
' . 'i- ��� , ��� :
Published by the Daily News Pule'
llshing Company Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Fror.t
streets, New Westminster, B.C.
Managing Director. .
.. J. C. Brown
Transien _.i_pl_E] advertising, IS
cent, per ine nonpariel) 12 lines to
the Inch. Five .ents per .ine tor
subsequent insertions;
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
ronts per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special posi-
tons, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 60c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word. No advertisement taken fcr
;��So than 25 cents.
Day Office    A22
Night Office    B22
Goldsmith Diamond Merchant Silversmith
In announcing the completeness of my Xmas stock, I do so feeling that it is the largest and
most comprehensive and contains the finest pieces of high-class jewelry ever seen in New
Westminster. Commencing to-day I will exhibit in my windows and show-cases some verv
valuable pieces of Diamond Jewelry which were designed and made by artisans who have
been engaged for months preparing new and exclusive designs for the Xmas trade
Watches and Clocks JE WELR Y China and Cut Glass
��09 u
FRIDAY, DEC. 14,  1906.
The memoria        va   ��� .    i Ottawa
thi   ���...   ���   fishermen on the Ft
a co hich we printi I yesterda
i- a   loc iment      it sho    I i >::.:.. in I,
will  i a..-, u. I,  the  at-
��� .'  m ol the Ministei  i . n bom il Is
a ldr< - ���        Brief,   forcible, and    yel
, it i imp ires most favorably
with the gi ..��� ral i un of memo) ials
While  lealing with other important
lints, il  puts ��� mphasis on the mosl
a ingero.-   one,  namely,  the   attempt
to practical!)  close the river by mak-
ng the close time there twenty-four
hours Imi'-''-." than that outside.    This
lious  recommendation  it  opposes
n   'he   ground..���all   of which  are
fully  sustained  by the fact.,  and   by
the evidence  which was given before
���   commission���that,    if    a    longer
-������ season i.s necessary to preserve
��� -���  flsh, it shoul i exten 1 over all the
itei -   they  freq tent;   tha'   the   dis-
criraination would be a piece of rank
.:.   .--ice on it_       -���. and th. I It woul 1
favor ihi; Japanese fishermen at the
spense ol the white men.
There are "tie or two facts in conation  with  'he  matter  which II   i_
to n ite here.    During the sock-
��� ���   season of this year, none of the
��� I   rest! icti ins were   in   force
mm   -   -��� :.   theii   boats a!,ove
'  ���     ridge in closi  time;  nets of 300
i homs  In length, and some as deep
as Hi   ::.��� - bes, wei e in use; the cl ise
Ime   ',  , :;.; hour, over all the watt i -
I ��� :.-������:   ��� .   the    Fraser    s ,'���;��� ��� ���
Yet  there  were  more  sockeye  on   .he
.pawning   grounds   than   in   any   pre-
vious   "small   run" year  this  century.
I ii :. il    een  I n   tht   unexampled
i    ������'     (against   which   no  regulations can g . trd), -he Birkenhea I
-   . _ uin_���   stati rr alone    ( o ild    have
furni    ed   en iugh   sot keye    eggs    to
I  all the hatchei les on the Fraser
��� the.i     ca] acit; .      Gi anite   ( reel.
v. hich, in all previous "small
.- in'    eai - sine i il �� as built, h is ha I
to depend on the Harrison watershe !
tor i:.-   sockeye eggs, this   year too .
.'���_   million   from   its   own   spawning
-���   . in s.     li i i   the pro] <t^r.\   to  stop
;     Ing   luring  the  socke; ���- si as in
���   :   carried out, there
. nol  be to lay in the hatch - les,
ickeye egg than there Is.
In   ��� it   face  of  those   facts,   which
;       n itters   of   offlt lal   record,   and
titirelj   I e;. ond   lispute, the prop is il
enact a regulation which would put
ii ::eds  ol   our I esi   resident   white
.   men  oul   ol   bu .iness, Is  simply
age ' is.     If il  Is  a: gued that the
��� ���    i   il) ol   ocke ������ on the spawning grounds this j ear is a mere mat-
��� ���;��� of ' hance. the answer is thai the
' omparatively unfavorable condi tions
' if foi mer j ears, which ai e the basis
ol the whole agitation, were Hie resull
of chant e also, and thai no regulations
can mend the matter If it is much
i.lore reasonably argued that the sup-
ply of lish this year is due to the facl
Ihat the work of the hatcheries i- beginning to tell, then it Is evidenl thai
we have turned the corner, and Ihat
only such regulations us are designed
io correct acknowledged abuses, are
Bv the already many sales
within the last few months, I
must certainly he making a
great name.   Loose stock, as
well as mounted, from	
 $8.25 to $600.00
Owing to many years of practical experience. I am immediately able to determine a good
article. If I say a watch is satisfactory, it will be so, or money refunded.
Boys' Watches from.. $1.50
Ladies' and Gents' from....
 $6.50 to $150
In this department I will say
very little. Vou must know my
stock is all new.
I have solid gold Brooches,
English. Canadian and American designs, from. . $2.75 up.
Solid gold.
In China I have almost even
thing. Staple and Fancy Aul
tnan goods only just opened
shipped direct to Horace Dorer
locolate Sets
such as Tea and Cl
Hair  Receivers,   Creams   m
Sugars, etc., etc.   Cut Glass
lou must have seen our win'-
dow; if you haven't, call a*d
EQUALLY   WELCOME   TO   LOOK   OR   TO   BUY. Come and See Before Purchasing Elsewhere,
For I Have Many. Many Things I Have Not Mentioned Here.
COLUMBIA   STREET, - Next Tram Office, - New Westminster
If you believe In fortune telling anybody '-''Ul tool yon.
After Bome people hive done theli
duty they act as if they eX| t people
to cheer.
If   you    are    disagree r le,    pe ipl
will bate you.   There are no exceptions
to this rule.
When a man is compelled to make
an effort to be good natured, be shoul I
see a doctor at once.
Every man is occasionally against
this proposition: He can't afford to.
and he can't affo>l not to.
If tbe attention of those you are tall;
ing to wanders frequently, that i.s a
sii,'n that ynu are not talking well and
nre tail-in.: too much.
Some people think they ape all right
if they don't steal. But there are many
other things you must do, if you want
to stand well with your neighbors.���
Atchison Globe,
WANTED ��� Boy for jewellery sl ire
Apply Horace Dorer, Columbia st,
! WANTED���Boys,   immediately;    good
wages.   Appl.  B. (.'. Cigar Factory.
WANTED���One or two furnished
rooms, close in or on car line. Write
G., care of Daily News.
Wanted���Strong boy to drive rig and
make himself generally useful. Apply \\*. E. Fales' Furniture store.
MR. harry Davis. Baritone, will receive pupils. Lessons In the art of
singing ani voice production. 321
Columbia Street.
Having ...J
7^-Fraser River Tsnnprv '       I
Cut and Made on the Premises *TdM*T IVIVer 1 aniiery ,,. I
''""' HorsJ
$20 AND  UP
24 7 Front Street
New Westminster
���ng a specialty,
H.  \1.  K'.uTiGS
E.ghtn S.J
I'he   I ml l.piii.;i lil.-   "Well."
Across the club luncheon table a m in
looked up from his grilled sole and
proclaimed that no man in England
can carry on a conversation without
sayln? "well." Tbe usual bet was
made. For a week tbe two friends
glared at each other, knowing that
"well" is the beginning of most casu
al sentences. You may not have uo
tlced that. Dumbly they parted day
by day. with a handshake and thi
word "well" frozen on their lips. Aft
er a week one of the two had ti cou
fess that the language bad git the bet
ter of him. "Weil," he said. "I'd rath
er drop a sovereign over that dinnet
than choke that 'well.' I can't tail-
without It."���London Chronicle.
\    Iln nl   shut.
A prominent lawyer In Ohio, wli.
was very eccentric, always rubbed hi;
hands and wenl through several oth ���:
movements before speaking. One day
while In court a younger lawyer, nftei
seeing him do this several times, sol
up and did It, too, In n very sin
deliberate manner-', and. after sayiuc
what lie was going to, sat down,
whereupon the older man got up nud
said, "That young man acts like a g I ���
lawyer, but he talks like a fool."
NEW ADDRESS���The Arrow Press is
now ins-ail".1 in the Daily News
Block, Everj kin 1 an l description
of Job Printing done. Lowest rates,
- '-'I workmanship. Satisfaction j
guaranteed; prompt attention. Mrs
Dominy, proprietress. 233tf
an I a superior company in a majes1:'
revival    of    Sh ikespe ire's    immorl al
King Richard the Third
In addition to above we havo fine lines of Tuxedo and Dress Suits, Fancy Sus-
lenders, Steamboat Wraps, Suit Cases, Club and Gladstone Bags, Initial I: .:.-:���
kerchiefs, in Silk and Linen, Silk Handkerchiefs with fancy border.  Tho latesl
and finest creations in Xmas Ties we have ever offered to the public.   Dontj
I.on,lon Weather.
We may as well own up to lhe truth
that the conventional abuse of nur climate and our weather has been greatly
overdone. When we are Inclined to
envy countries whose meteorological
conditions 1 ave less of the element of
"glorious uncertainty" than our own,
we are much too ready to overlook th��
Immense advantage we possess iu our
almost absolute freedom trom violent
extremes.- London World.
New  flre   ���
of   scenic    eqlupm ml
novel electrl   i
��� ii'. :l -,   rich   an !  CO]
reet   costuming
.   startling  battle   tab-
leaux,  an 1
ry  advantage.
Prices, $1.50,
$1.00, 75c, 50c and 25c.
Sale   of   sea
ie  ���:.-   Mon : ...,   17
Dec. al   i: all
D  ig Store
fail to see our Xmas goods
H. L. De
Opposite Posi Office, .\en
�������������� ��� ������������������������������������44**f
- Queen's Avcnu
��� �����������������������-.���������������*��������������������������������
Ina and linli.
Bronzed by foreign suns, he entered
the office of his colleague, but the cash
ier's chair was vacant.
"Is Mr. Smith out?" be asked an:.
iously.   "I nm an old friend of bis."
"No, sir," returned the clerk. "Mr
Smith is not out. He won't be out foi
sixteen years."
Here the clerk smiled grlm|y.
"The linn i.s out, though," he went
���n, "one hundred thousand, just."���
l.ew York Press.
Her   [.ove,
"Do you i-ill your husband Honey?"
"No, I eall him  Pickle."
"Good  gracious,  d iesn'1   that   make
him mad'.'"
"NO.     He I,'lows  I  detest h'Uiey. an 1 j
every woman loves pickles."   Houston
Post. I
red and se
r 3,
cash,   will
f   t
ever offered   in
f. . n
:minst tc.
ve hundred and
e-third   cash,   ���	
_t  lots  ever  offe td i" '"'
���w Westminster.
!!i>w   tn   !!<���   Ile-nilfft.1.
"What do you do to keep so beautiful?" they asked the butterfly.
"I?   I do nothing," she replied.
A deep, genuine sincerity Is the first
characteristic of all men in any wnj
"Your son won a prize for oratory
While be was in college, I believe. |
What is he doing now?" "He got a
Job In the union depot announcing the
departure of the trains."���Chicago
Record-Hern t<i.
A   Cnnse  of   I.lKlitt-nti.    Wrath.
Perhaps the most striking instanceI
of what  unnecessary  rlnglug at  the
doorbell   can   produce  in   the   way   ofl
exasperation is to be seen In the wor 1
lng of n  notice on n  brass plate In   a
street   leading  out   or  a   well   known !
west end square.    It is on the door of
the corner house,  and  this Is how  It I
runs:     "This   house   is   Xo.  i;i,\
street, nnd nil No. 13��� square.  Thai
house is round tlie corner.   Do nol ring
here."     tine   can   dimly   Imagine   the
state of nervous madness to which thai
householder was reduced before bo  ���������
down to compose that notice.���Lou-Jon
A few lots on Queen's Ave., just on
the brow of the hill, well out of the
morning mists, with uninterrupted
view of the Fraser River and valley, Mount Baker and the Olympic
Range, are now offered for sale. These lots are situated just on
Queen's Ave., off Third St., opposite the well-known residences oJ F.
J. Hart, W. E. Vanstone, etc., bounded by Tipperary on the east and
Peele St. on the west. Sewer pipes already laid; every lot to lane.
Four inside lots, 42.9 x 116, only $575; one-third cash, bai. arrange
while the corner lot, Peele St. and Queen's Ave., is offered at $650^
aid severity
one-third   cn'h
���..: '   fc
t _r.
Don't let this magnificent oppportunity to purchase a (ine residential site now and for always
slip,  but secure it   at once from the exclusive
Flvs hundred and 8ev��nty"r; A
one-third cash, will bu/ ' C|(4
bett   lots ever  ctterc.
rj-w Westminster.
IE   &
al Estate Brokers, Etc. Ly, DEC
tt. 1906.
tylish Millinery
New York and Toronto Ready-
to-Wcars       -        MALP-PRICE
Bed a clearance as hasn't happened this year.   All smart up-to-itate
pods from the most approved makers.  About 75 Hats at half.
j Hits $1.50,   $5 Hats $2.50,    $4 Hats $2,   $6.50 Hats $3.25
ocal News Briefly Told
5 I
kin I    an |     .    ���: . v
a me AIM
miml 'i nni       i
������ ��� office on ' . :
'.an    a  droi      ' ras
im across    ", by a
111 nn in a n   on \\ e Ine -1 ij
l'lie readei i o      u   Da      v .. . B ,,
��� . icated to rea I carefully tlu
������    , .,  | i    m< ntloni I In    .    .
.,   | .  . ,        . in8ton'�� ��'�� lay.238-1
'    '      ''' " ' rhe     lhe.Ui.     a     \,M_.'.    .a
'""'"      l!l" i����        i   (   ���  expected   to   arrive    ,.   , ,
"' :i1111 "' ��� ' nexl   week and  will take on hoard a
'""�����' 'er than the ol I i million  fei . .    rom the Pra -
Iiii, hit,, came ove       ��,   '"'"''   ",i"'       ' !''   v"**"'   ui':   ",,>"
' i       lerdaj     mornlni,  fo     i|lc   ;'"" '  '"   V:'" '   ' '  lo u,w on  :*��
,  Ing   ., qulel   resi   ,    ,    '   '; '""'': "'' '""f >,l,ea     rhe v' '
���    i     .    ithe,     the   n,   ,.������.,   '     '":'::""!''1   '"    Captain    Krug��r
,     .   uexl   rarl.l       rin    'h" Cheamgtord ,:* �����* overdue, and
maj  I ������ hear.i from anj  day, nnd Iti
ver rn..i  Rogei i I - in hourlj  antb I
ition nl in . iei i b a. being In deman I
.a   ol   idvi o pilot thi   i ��� ��� ���", in ���: om I hi   mo i
Big Shoe I        ''  the river
i lood   ii iioiesoi   ���    ., innot i
11    i:   He.i di and C     '''���' l:'"'" "1J''1 ���"   ' '   ;
iere In tl ' ,:i   ;ood ii ea I Iron                         per
i   Vaiirouvi ���        :       be lard      it I      mdicap iln .
used .   Vou    ��� froi ��� .       i;.-      ,   R0|, benbai h
I'           ���              ed a ���       r_   Co. Lid             ,     - .: .��� ., .   n   ,,   ,,, j   . .
nte,|  tu iron    told                                         ;:;
uu lan    foiled      ���        i
'.���     Intends leavi
��� I,.
j Christmas
_. ._.
Object Lesson.
'   '     Va    ' , ��� |o
I     a :
badn'l enough bear   dotl    coats       This    ve ,:���    _,
��� tvj. and are now ove lence    this      ial gain
r :lite bearcloth to fit girls o   i to i
[ with pearl buttons.     Regula   $3.00 to $3.75, now $2.50
XMAS  HANDKERCHIEFS���This is Your Chance.
: high grade handkerchiefs,     -immed  with  fine   ace
i Our  regular 65 and  75c n  choice 5Cc
lain  Irish linen handkerchiefs   md fancj
{ai Regular  25c   line   yo three foi   ... 50c
f land ��� irchlefs, three for    25c
I erch efs, ten dozen   it     icl 5c
le ther bell s, colored at                       elts, i inn;
th elastic ban I, p ���:���' .c-t fitting                           h
nd   mounting, 10c. 25c 35c, 50c, $1.00 to $3.50	
; $2 00, tor	
$2.2.-    for	
��� :     . .._ y
in and  Mexl ���
eSS il        So I., a
Imi ring then. the   luallt
evei   sie.-.. n.    A rersoi
���   t to you as wei     -    ��� s     .��� .  . ��� lib     ind
' ��� . Damask tea - an I
iwn i ible .: ��� .        .
b   ��� s, etc. i..     i.      % ��� ���   ���    ���
im and '���. me-liu
Damasks, ble iched j
  75c I     &4-50  doz.
... 15c        $1.50   ..   rd,
' ���
i    Si    P.itrii        Hal       l'i'
ul a r | '     md  ..I rents y;~ I
"Why does ih" i iiij n nllt so rnplilly
with ber ' ' a beld -1 li -:Si and . .
"She   |.   g ,iti-;   (0    ! I ill    111   tlie   SWltll
mini; hi Ic for ber lit! le son "
"IS lie   lOHl ' "
' No, bul he i .a,Hi  Iui igines thai hla
mother Is "
"Does she yearn so inui h losoe hlin?"
' . os, i ery much, Indeed "
"Whal   "ill  ilre  do   when  she  flnd.
. ; ...   ,. . .,    , ,   ,.       "There   " III   bo  n   fine  slipper  plaj
rtp.il   ��� afternoon      II"    iold    w'"*" "'''" ''"Pl'ens."
, , , "And  "ill Iier Utile sui l.e sorry nnd
and bough   ano her   ..���   , .  :..
promise never lo run away ngnlti
Kith  ���'        '        record,  Pi mark, a      ",|��� u,n ,������  ,���, ���,���,,   nm] ,,��� ,Vil-
mce    belonged    to    J,   promise himself thai the nexl time he
Brown, oi  Cornwallis, Oregon, a  few    runs awny he "ill become a pirate ani}
��� ��� .  i .��� .     [> | , ma ;> wa. In the 2 11    "V|1  '"  "trUco  terror  to nil  mothers
"Ah, I see; this is tbe firsl ncl In thi
drama 'How Pirates Are Made,' I sup
pose "
"Ves.   iii   the  Imaginations of  Ht.le
���"    ifl    .      ".   $0 ""   ' i   $1 I 50,    |,0,.M-
Smith's ���' ish  Store
Four-in-Hands, Flowing Ends,
Ascots, in light, dark and medium colors;
Prices 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00
the Ties.
UMBRELLAS,   in   all   grades,
75c   lo   $1.50
UMBRELLAS,   in   Silk.
al   $2.50,   $3.50  to  $5.00
Price   $.2.00   to   *5.00
Ime   li   was    w ne i
Mr. i:  .   ���
Gold and Pearl Mounte I I'm
I Just what you want |
latterns tha
in I qui   '. m
'��� H. SMITH,
2.1^7 Columbia St.
New Westminster
Rnliesjv-^rre    )f    the    li'-PUCft   reveU
A   '���'        ittended   n ling  wa.i held   Ul)ll   fh#  ,u:ln   ���.,,,,  ���.,,  jestteed   tc
���    3haw's residence on the North   deluge   Prance   with   blood,   ��*���  nol
Mine Mountain    oad   i  few   da: :   '''   lor��   before   bis   frightful   carest   of
,. :.���'��� miinlol   il affairs    power began one of the mosl  stwuu
\n adjoiirnmeni was made lu this e\    on" oppoucnta of capitnl punishmcnl
wiiile in-  wns mill  an obscure mi**!
en n ���   ���   ���".   in I liei   nn rd u ���   wl     be , . . ,     ,, ���
i-iiie at lus nni he .Vrrns lie tbrew un
:   ���'   ''     rihamhi r's house on the   ,���, ^p,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, because of bis oppoal
to   I.     The meeting   '.v.''   com    yon   |,,  n,i.,   r,���iu   ol   penalty      \in'
" a     7   III,  ami   nl]   will) a       Intel      Just   when  111.  "lur  w ll I  In  lh" liscetul
, ii Ipal ::     i  . invli   i   nnd ba boldly harangued the natloufl'
sssombly to prore "thai  fLa nunM
ineni  of death  Is essentially  iinjusi,
., ������    , ,'���.-   rs    ,,,;'1   "   l,n"   ""   tendency  to repre*
The Wardrobe Clothier
���   i ,    ���        ���   I a rd a n j   tu o re t h a n
rimes nnd tlmi it  multiplies offense.
Rubbers   l W(-xr
Styles to cover every need     _
from fine city wear lo lum-
I    bcrme;:i'.. or   miner's   foot-    j
��au��'!'. nil*.-* ItJIU II diu>i|Vl\!-*�� theni "
in id fi uu Infei loi llottl   pel
ihe hin| thai Is handicapping ..      .. -
'" ' Tide Table    Fraser River
i'i!.' i    i. hlli   i     n  ���'   in I iis
foi the weelt en.Iiin; Dec  HI, 1900
.!���,,,.    ,i   Mulball  yesienlaj applied NEW \\ ESTMINTSliR
.. n,i     romti i   i uie        illli i'.                                        High Now
i ,              of vi ilei   frnm   \'-1 ��� '"'���                                         u ,l'" u ���''"'
ililcli i mptli      ' ��� ll   Inl '   Kn    Dei     l(l                   " :-' ,; ,:'
Uj,   ioui',   Mown    Souti 1          I n                                            13 I ��� '" :'"
..       in I        '���"   I'e      fro it   I"'      M           "I" ��� :'"
lho   ereeli      nn I     the                                         I '��� ���"' '''""
ii I    ill lov     "'ie i    I'be   I lee    12           '��� "' ;' ;:-
Is,  in  he  used foi                   ,                     14.30 ��� :"
ml   :n : i -1. ,'     ���   itises    in   Dec,   13      1.2G :' 15
Wesl nlti let tl  10
li..,     ii n i"
15,50 i" ' .
I II all
ll.       . I I    III
- New   Glassware
Just Arrived-
< For >-
Christmas Trade
'     ''"      |l.a        I
'I. llili l'l. .li a
ill    | V, i
!      runt Weill
We will be pleased to havo
^<li*   CALL   AND   INSPECT   IT.
Best to Sell
��est io Buy
Best to
They are all just as hone; t aa
the emblem ��.gn_r*ie��.
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
VANCOUVER. -   -  B. C.
���a i ��� '   H 11
i.    i nd ie."
.Ml    III      ''"
itor ii !'���
,     ,    lv,     n
|'il '    :   ��� ���'   !
���    erday '
11,-..     I :
,'  '',"',''.'     '""      "
i iei    i -.
, ,.'���,'-    Me.       Ill
.      : H
7 I"
i ,' ID
Time. HI
I'a,        I   '    .
I   ; 'ii,
13.12 I : "
i , lu :
I i 50 i . '
3.48 I I 6
I l  ; i l'i
1.43 I ' '���
la 12 13.8
l ��� io
rime III
a 3 I r, ii
19.34 5.7
i; l : 8,8
rn 17 it
V la ; .
���a .'i _ 'i
9,48 'x I
���i iu i 0
'i i : ���-. .
' ��� ��� ��� ti:,
.  5.38 tl lu t'i 9.0
t. r,n 1:1 ���: 06 ti I
0.31 in 11.38 6.2
Hi t i in 23 B0 'i I
few Westonster b) IK. I
Uir Met_lbef8 ��f the Queen's Ave.
Mi-riiomsT choir
, i ssslstetl hj   the* leading local talent,
wil.!. BING
Gaui'i "RUTH."
I acres of Rrsl class  lahd, sbnul  B0 aere.   improved;  exci
bearing orchard, standard varieties of frull   IVaeh. Apple, rear, plums,
Prunes, Walnut., good dwelling house and outbuildings; centrally    I
ated. good load. . store, telephone, post office, school, church,  all convenient; excellent transportation facilities.
Price  ���**���������-.'���mm.. quarter cash, balance 6 per ceni.
Columbia Street, next Bank off Commerce
'ttruthers      nufacturing Com y.
rn . ���: -   i rer J of
m Ce. , Sti     RttiMS and Bar Fixtures
i t'K
THURSDAY, Dec. 20th, at 8 p.m.
, ..<    > the.
:    ,i   he   a.   il   '
���    ������;   iv.i i   iri.'-'n   int'i
The Fol'.owlhg Poloiats
Will be heard :
Vlanufacturing Co.
eUiW stfte k*��1)lflg o* Mjcp  r-ii.LA  WALKER,   Soprano,
a,r  when the ']"���" as "Ruth."
,:, aMwftlag   Hid  thej MAnAM DEBORAH  PARKER,
.a,,., ov two have  been Contralto, as "Naomi."
'     '"LrJ-Ttffl and   MR.   HARRY  DAVIS,   Basso,
,   v   r   ���.  awaiting thelt ag ��<Boa-."
., (!,.|v--i  : )   Vancouver.    It 	
,  neory that the piss Price of Tickets,    -    -    25 cents
Temporary Premises: Trapp 8
m K
Plumbing and Contra*:
P. O. Box 248
Telephone 30^.
. 8
r Riday.
EEEEE^ When You Buy Coo
Presbyterian   Clergyman   Is  Tendered
Reception   by   the  Congregation���Social  Time  Spent.
An informal] reception was tender-
el tin R_ v. Mr. and Mrs. Oswald by
the congregation of Langley Presbyterian church on Tuesday evening
last. In spite of the inclemency of
the weather a large number turned
out to assist In wellcoming the newly
inducted pastor. After a short time
sj cut in exchanging greetings, Mr.
Deane was appointed chairman, -whereupon he called upon Mr. A. Wark to
read the address of welcome. .M.
Oswald responded In his usual happy
way and in conclusion stated that he
was pleased to see his brother clergy- ,
man of the Anglican Church present.
Mr. Lefere was then called upon and
gave a very telling address. This wns
followed by a short musical program,
In which both Miss Wooster and Mrs.
It. Wark made their usual "hits" with
the audience. Mr. Stuart, of Ottawa. I
Ont., then favored the gathering with
n few well chosen remarks and the
Rev. Mr. Wilkinson of the Methodist
Church, followed with a lol of advice to the people. After the ladies,
had dispensed tea and cake, the national anthem was sung, upon which
everyoae departed feeling well repaid
for having ventured out.
Untie,    nnd   Care   Frf.    In   Hie   (-realm.   Ik  Uir  True   Parisian.
The Frenchman, with ;iil his polite
ness and lit lie niceties, ia uot a gooO
dresser. lie Is nowhere near the class
of the London mnu, nor cau lie equal
lbe Baltimore man \v'. > gives thought
to bis wardrobe. This, of course, applies to generalities. There ure exceptions where the Frenchman is a
model of tbe tailor's and haberdasher's
As a rule, however, there are oilier
things that mean much more to him
than mere clothes. For instance, he
likes to dine. Every Frenchman, lu
tbe proper sense of tbe word, dines
in tl e evening. He prefers .highly seasoned food if be can get it and service
of a corresponding degree of excellence. But dine be must and dine he
will���if not a good dinner, then a poor
one. He must have his soup, his lish,
a roast, an entree, some salad, dessert
and a bit of cheese. With this be bas
wine, the vintage regulated by tbe
6ize of bis batik roll. Ills coffee, ln
tbe summer time, be will take outside
with a cigarette or cigar, and bis enjoyment is not complete unless he
hears tbe strains of an orchestra.
lie ls not. perhaps, so passionately
fond of music as the (.. ermau, but still
be likes it and will bave it if lie can
afford it. He is gay and happy lu the
evenings, is the Frenchman, and bis
cares, whatever they are, he dismisses
tomporarily. He rises late, and he
dlues late. Nine o'clock Is about tbe
proper hour for the coffee, after he has
paid bis respects to the various
courses. Then he is ready for the gay
life. When London is going to bed
Paris Is .1usl beginning to warm up.���
Letter In Baltimore .News.
Santa Claus
Is Visiting Our Emporium Daily      t
and Making Selections    .    .    .
Don't be too late. Now is the time     :
Oak Rockers, cobbler seat, golden finish, a beautiful line from $3.00 up.
Dining Room Chairs in large variety���a splendid set of 6 chairs (5 Diners
and 1 Arm) for $16.50.    Pad seat.
Rattan Rockers and Chairs from $5.00 each up.
Magnificent Davenport Beds, Red and Green Candaco. Most durable and
beautiful furniture.
PICTURES-We have just received a very large line of beautiful goods.
FRAMES���We make a specialty of framing pictures and have an expert
framer at work all the time.   Good work, moderate prices.
PARLOR TABLES-Always acceptable for presents-Oak and Mahogany,
for $2.00 each up.
Ladies' Princess Dressers. Dressing Tables, etc.   Elegant variety.
Rugs, Mats, Carpets, &.c.   Large line just received.
LINOLEUMS-We have just received $2,000 worth of Inlaid Linoleums,
best values going at 90c, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 per sq. yard.
Lace Curtains and Portiere, Tapestry and Chenille Table Covers, Curtain
Poles, Brass Extension Rods, Cottage Rods, &c.
Hall Chairs, Racks, Seats and Mirrors.   A swell line.
KITCHEN COMFORTS���Bins for flour, sugar, etc, and kneading boards.
Drawers for cutlery, a great convenience. Parlor Furniture, &c.  Come to-day.
Biscuits Why Not Get
Call and see our special offi r*.
We have twenty-one varieties put up bv thp e.i i
Jacob & Sons, Dublin, which we are oLftl
15c per package or two for 25c.
Don't gamble with your custom.   Tak.- no chanp0_ ���_ J
pay you to deal with       dnces����ti|
V. ri. TT JLJLitJl 1   GROCERY
Horse Clipping Machine
to bear against Cn_rtai_i Let.   At 1...-
| moment the Declaration nf Ihe i'ou:;':
, of July reached Madrid. The <'omp_aJin
against   Captain   Lee   ivas  dismissed,
supplies for hi. ship nud aid in re^air-
1 lng it were furnished, aud public dec
laratiou was made that luSpanish p ���:;.
the new flag of America was i.s frc.
and as welcome ns was the Hag of Ens-
Spain,  like  France,  also helped  tbi
United   States   with   1,000,000   francs I
and with cargoes of military stones.���
Boston  Globe.
A lleln ��>f Grot Uncle Thai TliU lom-
��r.v   Otvcs  tn  Spain.
During the summer of 1.7.76 Captain
John Lee of Marblehead, cruising under a commission from congress, having taken nud sew home live valuable
prizes, entered the port of Bilbao In
Spain. The cai'iaius of two uf bis
prizes and a part of their crews were
on board. Thee officers immediately
protested agaiust their captuse and bad
Captain Leu arrested mi a charge of
piracy, The local authorities sent the
documents in the case to Madrid, together with the commission ^granted
by ihis new ond unknown power.
In the ile...', ,.i 0f the .'punish ministry depended nol alone the fate of
Captain Lee, lm; whetlw some of tbe
mosl Important ports in Europe should
be op mod cr closed i> American cwti-
Bers and privntee) ��� The English n .
istor in ;; min brousiil ail is, Infltieuc.
The  "Longest  Ilrsidrut."
The poverty ��f the English languag.
Is exemplified by u circular which is
making the rounds of a suburb and ���:>
rites subscriptions to a testimonial to
the station master. It comes from one :
who styles himself "the longest resident," the sad physical fact being thai
he is probably the shortest, although
lu bulk and rotundity he makes up fur
tbe inches he lacks in height. Here is
a case in which the very clumsiness of
the German language would be an inestimable help, for then this gentleman
could quite correctly describe himself |
"the for-the-lougest-time-herein residing" or even perhaps "ihe i_or-the-
longest-tlme-herein-residingest" iml ivi, i-
ual. Those compound adjectives of the
Teutons may be awkward, but thej
express what the user means aud insure accuracy.���London Standard.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
VT7E have a line of light and compactly
POWER CLIPPERS of special dura-
bility, suitable for small and large stables
Our 20th century is cheap and good. Our
clippers work easier, clip faster and lake a
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear longer
than any other on the market. We have the
great labor saver.     Call and   see  them at
T. J. TRAPP & Cl
Gilley Bros.
We wish to call the attention of the (Brick
using) public to our new and
varied stock of
From the Vancouver Fire Clay Co., at
Clayburn, B. C.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster.   - -  B. C-
m�� win,
"Di you think the widow will bria.
hi�� wai?*'
"Won't  be  necessary.     She  did   t'i.
long before she  became a  widow."-
, Phlladelflhia Ledger.
Have  you  noticed
oi and
has done to give men finer
looking ��� finer fitting ���
finer wearing Suits and
See the new styles and look
for t/.c label that protects.
just arrived and including
3 mm LOTS! ii
CLEARED, with streets on three sides. < Mose to 4t|
Ave. If sold this week, these can be had for $800,1
half cash, bai. in 11 months. A fine building .-.ite and!
a good speculation. [
Fine residential lot, cor. 12th St. and 5th Ave., $550.
'PHONE  NO.   -    fi
Two Cottages to Rent.     Furnished Rooms to Rent.
Malins, Coulthard & Coj
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B.|
oi  call at the
Wholesale Department
T. FREEMAN,  -  Proprietor
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram Depot
Columbia bt.
I Baggage delivered    promptly to  any
part of the city,
Beautiful Gift
Jewel Cases
of all kinds
Fancy,  Dainty  and   Useful
TOYS and GAMES in abundance
A Splendid Selection of BOOKS; good ones!
New .dealers
progress brano
Light and Heavy Hauling
iffice 'Phone 185.       Haro '-"Hone 137
" - . ~T~.   TZ~ Prlces Right.   No trouble to
W. IN. Draper        show goods.
H.   L.   de BECK
B. C. Land
iw. t chahbeiun;
Ellird Block,   New We.tmin.ter. B.C. I     THF JEWELER Collimbfo St,     i
The Choicest of Meats Cooici U��
tlie Most Delicious Manner Can
Be  Obtained   at    All    Hours   at
Kenny's    Restaurant   ana ^
Late Suppers After tbe Tbeatre a
Specialty.       Oysters    and    ^alT1
in  Season. ���**��*
DEC. 1
Nothing So Choice
as ci fine box of CHOCOLATES to Qive
as a Xmas present to your lady, is there?
We have just received the finest  selection of
Ganong's G. B. High-class Bonbons
ever imported into the city of New Westminster.
Tastefully packed in exquisite and dainty boxes,
they  are  a   Gift   to   delight   the   recipient.
Timber Notices
I      Santa   Claus
requires a large amount of Sweets for the stockings and for the Xmas tree. We have only the
Purest   Confections,   made   on  the  premises.
Toffee, Caramels, Mixed Sweets, Comforts, Turkish
Delight, Fruit Drops, Peppermints, Acid Drops,
Gum    Drops,      Mixed    Chocolates,     etc,    etc.
When purchising your Confections, remember we carry a full line of the
= Celebrated BBB  BRIAR  PIPES =
the   Best   and  Most   Carefully  Selected   Pipe   a   man   can   smoke.
Buy one for your husband or your sweetheart; you cannot
give a more acceptable or cherished present.
ee the address: The Store with the White Front
Columbia St., Next Tram Office THE CONFECTIONER
30 chains south, 40 chains west,
1" chains north, 80 chains west to
; ilni of commencement, containing
' l" a<: es, more or less.
3. Commencing at a post marked
W. M '.. .;;���;. Corner, planted on the
norl '.   i| the KHdala river, about
live and a half miles up the river
trom the mouth, running as follows:
i" ��� li tins south, 160 chains west, 4.
chains north, 160 chains east to point
ot* commencement, containing ��ilu
aci es, more or less,
i. Commencing at a post marked
W. M.'s N.W. Corner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
five aud a half miles up the river from
the mouth, running as follows: 160
j chains east, in chains south, 160
chains west, li) chains north to point
of commencement, containing 640
acres, more or less.
per Fran!. Vandall, Agent.
al Xmas (lift, by getting something that
easonable, Acceptable and Reasonable
 CALL    AT	
in Price
Country Boo
'��� :::.:'���  i
a men's SLIPPERS,
rtable.    From	
ITERS for evening wear.
" -turns (lift.    From	
warm.!ined: 90c IS $1.75
These form a verv neat and ap-
$1.75 to $2.75
are \ery nice anc
,:      ' '     Dress  SLIPPERS.
":i;'���     ���  een the Dick Waterproof Boot yet?    A pair ut* them
��� thai  boy's feet dry for the wet, wintry weather yet
They will  easily outwear two  pairs of any other.
* Old County BOOT STORE
COLUMBIA ST. J. Stewart, Prop
Purchase Notice
N itii ������ Is hi reb.\  given thai 60 'lays
afier date   I  inten 1   applying  to  the
Commissioner   of   Lands   and
���  a      foi   i irmisi lon to purchase the
h v ing   lescril ���I  Ian 1,  situate 1 al
a . th of the KII lala river. Coasl
:;-���: a i   r imiuencing at a post marked W.  M's  N. E  Corner  planted  on
the   south  bank  of the  Kildala  river
ii  ihc mouth, running as follows:  10
chains    soulh.    40   chains   wes-.    10
< hains north to the shore line, thence
: iw ing shore line to place of commem en ".'. a ii taining 16 acres more
or  less
.\ns. 27, 1906
Locator, W   MOODY,
Ocl   24,  1006.
S nice is hereby given that 30 da
'���''���:   date   1   Inten I I i appl    to  the
Hon.   chief   Commissioner   of   Lands
in I Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber fi un the following described   lands,   situated   on
Kildala Arm, Coa-'  District, B.C.
No. 7���Commencing it a post planted  about one mile  irom the head of
Kildala Ann, on the south bank of the
Arm, running  as  follows:   SO  chains
south, So chains east, so chains north'
j to shore, then along shore to point of
No. S���Commencing at a post plant-,
ed about one mile up Fall creek, ou ���
: the  east  bank  of  creek,  running  as
j follows:   80   chains   east,   SO  chains:
I south, 80 chains west, more or less, to
creek,  then   along   creek   to   point of1
No  9���Commencing at post planted
about one mile up Fall Creek, on easl
bank of creek, joining No. S claim on
I west  line,  running   as   follows:   160
chains   south,    10    chain,    west,   160
chains north, 10 chains easl to ;>oi:it
of commencement.
No. 10���Commencing at post plante l
about I miles up Dala River from Its
! mouth,  mi   the   north   bank of  river.
then  running as   follow.-:   pi   chains
west, 80 chains north, 120 chains east,
1" chains south, more or less, to river,
then along river to point of commence-,
N'o. 11���Commencing at post planted
about  6 miles up from the mouth, on
the north bank of Dala River, running
as follows:  10 chains north, So chains
east,  40 chains north  and  80 chains
east, 10 chains south, more or less, to |
river, then along river to point of coru-j
' mencement.
No. 12���Commencing at a post planted about four miles up from the mouth!
! of   the   Dala  River,   on   south   bank,!
running as follows: 40 chains east, 10
i chain.- north, 120 chains east, 40
I chains  north, more or less, to river,
then  along  river   to   point   of commencement.
No, 13���Commencing at a post planted about one mile from the head of
I Kildala Arm, on south bank, running
as follows: 4b chains south, 10 chains
west, 40 chains south, 40 chain- west,
140 chains north. 40 chains west, 10
j chains  north,  more or less, to shore.
! then along   shore   to   point  of com-
< mencement
No. 11���Commencing al a post planted ahout one-half mile from the head
of  Kildala   Ann,  on   the   north   ban':;.
| running as follows: 10 chains north.
10 chains east, 10 chains south, 120
chains   east,   40   chains   south,    120
j chains west to shore, then along shore
to point of commencement.
No. 15���Commencing at a post pi inted about one mile up from the mouth
of the Dala River, on easl bank, run-j
, ning as follows: so chains eas'. III
chains north, 40 chains east. 40 chains
north, 40 chains east, lit chains north.
more or less, to river, then along rive:'  ���
to point of commencement. The person or persons having in their
No. 16���Commencing at post planted I custody  or  possession the   following
.- the mouth of Dala Rive:'. Coast. Dis-1 Title Deeds relating to the said prop-
trict,  on  west   bank,  running as foi- erty are requested to deliver the same
I lows: 40 chains west, SO chains north., to the undersigned:
120 chains east, 10 chains south, more      i2th  December, is:).-,���Robert  Gran-
less,  to river,  then  along river to   vine McKamey to Thomas Robert Me-
Noti e is hereby given thai thirty
lays after date I intend to apply to
the lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works tor a license t.i cut and
carry away timber from the following
descri ied I inds, situated in the
Skeena district, on Copper river, about
2 1-2 miles up from the mouth:
No. 1. Commencing al a post planted >n the southeast corner on the
north bank of the river, running as
follows: 80 chains north, 120 chains
west, 10 chains south, more or less to
river, then along river to point of commencement.
No, 2. Commencing at a post planted 2 1-2 miles up from the mouth on
north bank of Copper river, running us
follows: 40 chains north. 80 chains
east, 40 chains north, 40 chains east,
SO chains south, more or less, to river,
then along river to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or
Locator, WM. MOODY
Per Agent, Frank Vandall
Ma*.    In  ll.nii ii-i rule  ll   hy
It is quite possible to prove that ti. i
earth revolves on its axis by a simp !
experiment and without having recourse to mathematics. Take a bo-j.1
sized bowl, nil it nearly full of v. ,���
te>- ."mi place tt upon the floor o? n
room which Is not esp wed to suiikhi ;
or Jarring from tlie street.
Sprinkle ever the surface of the v. i
ter a coating of Iycopodlum powder. >
white substance which Is sometime i
used for the toilet and can be bought ai
almost any drug store. Then upon th ���
surface of this coating of powder mak ���
with powdered charcoal a straight
Wack line, say, nn inch or two Inch ��� ���
ln length and lying north and south.
Having made this little black mc.i-
wlth the charcoal powder on tlie sur
face of the contents of thc bowl, lay
down upon the floor a stick or some-
other straight object, so that It shall I) ���
exactly parallel with ihe mark. If t'.: ���
line happens to be parallel with i
crack ln the floor or with any sta
tlonary object in the room this v.
serve as well.
Leave the  bowl   undisturbed   for   ���
few hours and then notice the positi   i
of the black mark  with reference
the object that it was parallel with.  '���
will   be found   lo  have shifted  It-;
reetion and to have  moved  from ��� ; ���
to west-that Is to say. In a dlrectl
opposite to that  of the  movement
tbe earth on Its axis.
The earth In simply revolving li
carried the water and everything c ���
In the bowl around with it, but t ���
powder on the surface hns been !��� :':
behind a little. The line will alwayi
be found to have moved from east 'i
west, which is good proof that every
thing else has moved the other way.
Land Registry Act
Re Lot 4S4, Group 1 (except two parts
conveyed), New Westminster District.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title
to the above property will be issued
to Rlio.la McKamey on the L'tnli day
of December, 1906, unless in the meantime a valid objection thereto be made
to me in writing by a person or persons claiming an estate or interest
therein, or In any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., 21st November, 1906,
Shingle and Saw
Mill  Machinery
New Westminster. B. C.
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
>r less, to river, then  alon
point of commem ement,
No. 17���Commencing al a post plan
e.l on the wesl bank of the Kittlmal
Vrm, about twelve miles soulh of Kittlmal Indian Village, opposite Goal |
Island, ut mouth of Kildala Arm. running as follows: l!l chains north, 10
chains wesi, pi chains north, 10chains
a it, 10 i bain- norl ii. 10 chains ea it,
120 chains to poinl of commencement,
N'o. IS Commencing al a post plan1.
ed aboul 20 chains south of posi of
Claim N'e. 17. running as follow.-: 10
h dn - �� est, xo chains south, 10 chains
we.;. SO chains south, 10 chains east.
then along shore to poinl of commencement,
No. 19   Comnn ai Ing al b posi plant
: abo,it rjflie mile up from the momn
of Deer Croek, ou Devastation Channel, situate l al oul i i [hi miles Bouth
!' Kildala Arm, running as follows: 40
chain.- east. 80 chains north, 40 chains
east, in chains north, sl1 chains west,
120 chains south, to point of commencement
Located Nov. 5, 1906.
Locator, WM. MOODY, D.D.S.,
Per  Frank Vandall.
Nov. 24, 19 16
Kamey, convey.mce in  fee.
Barristers, Solicitor:
minster, B.C.
New West
Wimhliino.ii   Scientist!   Made   a   .lo.il
Slngulnr  Discovery.
Southern lumbermen lake great delight in a story of certain scientific gentlemen who were sent by the govern
ment nt Washington to study the
growth and uses of the bald cypress
at a time wbeu cypress lumber was
comparatively new to the market. They
went direct to a large camp, presented
credentials to the superintendent and
watched with minute care the processes
of cutting the timber and floating it
down stream.
Cypress ls a light, spongy wood that
grows ,n swamps and absorbs watei
readily. The scientific gentlemen requested the superintendent to throw
some logs Into the river separate from
the main rafts and followed their pr ���
ress down stream lu a boat. After
floating smith for some distance tbe
logs with one accord sank. Much sur
prised, the scientific gentlemen return
ed aud followed another consignment
The phenomenon was repeated; at a
certain distance from the camp all tilt,
logs sank.
The gentlemen from Washington, being very scientific, did not think t i
question the unlettered superintendent
about the power of cypress to becon_H
waterlogged, I.tit after numerous observations and much comparing of
notes reported to their department th.
startling discovery that cypress flo:' i I
north of a certain parallel of latitude
and south of it invariably sank. Ol
the cause they were not yet certain. bul
hazarded the suggestion that It ml at
Ile In the rotary motion of the earth,
increasing lu speed as the logs ap
preached the equator until it was now
erf ni enough t.i draw them under.���
Philadelphia North American.
Wanted  ���<��  Know Too  Much.
There was a series of burglaries committed In the fashionable section ol
Baltimore. So anxious were the police
authorities to apprehend the culprits
that instructions were issued to the
roundsmen to exercise extraordinary
vigilance during their tours of inspection.
On one occasion just after midnight
an otlicer saw emerging noiselessly
from a house In Butaw place a young
mnn. who hastily darred down the
street. The officer made after him ns
rapldly as possible. When he end
Stopped the young mnn he sii id:
"Didn't you come oul of the corner
bouse just now?'1
The young fellow, though of quite a
bla, may be homesteaded by any per-1 respectable air, seemed ill al ease,   "I
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt In British Colum-
F*e Royal Bank of Canada
'olunil'ia St.
Man  on
Phone 275
!'"" win n.
'"B   tO   .haa,
��1��! DOLL.
' '��' Ila".
years a]
tcurity to depositor'..
regret it.    People do harder things
START NOW to save your money
every day and have
City Electric Works
Opposite Tram Office
or it.
opens an account
Put it in your pocket, it would profv
with us will
'���:'- ONE DOLLAR   deposited every wee
1 $604.50.    THINK   THIS  OVER.
dynamos, motors,
nres, shades, bells, bat-
l .ibles  of  all   kinds
se  wiring.    Motor  In-
,   All kinds of rent-ended to.
tans. ': I   -
i ���. I    lz<
stallin    a
pairs pi
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
PHONE 304.
Nm ue is hereby given thai 30 days
alter date I Intend to apply to the
chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a license to cut and cany
away timber from the following de
scribed lands:
1. Commencing al a post marked
\V. .M.'s S.E. Corner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
two miles up from the mouth, run-
ii ii?, as follows: 40 chains north, 1C0
chains west, 10 chains south, 160
chains east lo point of commencement, containing 040 acres, more or
2. Commencing at a post marked
W. M's S.W. Corner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
two miles up from the mouth, running
as follows: 40 chains north, 120 chains
son who Is the sole head of a family,
or any mule over IS years of age, to
ihe extent, of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
I lie local land office for the district In
which the land is situate.
The homesteader i.s required to per-
{ form  the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans
(i) At least six months' residence
j upon and cultivation of the land in
j each year for three years.
(_) If the father (or mother, if the
j father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides  upon  a  farm in  the   vicinity
Of  the  land  entered  for  the  requirements as to residence may be satisfied
I by such person residing with the fa-
1 ther  or mother.
(}) If the settler has his permanent
> residence upon fanning land owned
I by him in  the vicinity of his home-
Stead, the requirements as to residence |
I may  be  satisfied   by  residence  upon |
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion lands at Ottawa of intention
fo applv tor patent.
\V. W. CORY.
Deputy  Minister of the Interior.
M. B.���Unauthorised publication of
this idvertlsoment will not be paid
did," he answered,  with some c infusion.
"i>o you live In that house?" sternly
demanded the officer,
"That's nn Impertinent question," replied the young man in a tone of great
Indignation,   "I don't  sec what  business of yours It Is so long as her faille
doesn't object."���Success Magazine.
The  llnsli-Kl  Street   In  the World.
West street in New York present *
a network of piers and docks for It3
whole length. Most of the great
steamship and railway transportation
companies have their pier terminals
there, nnd other steamship companies
have built their terminals on the New-
Jersey shore oppc -ite. so that ull transatlantic and a large .share of the con
tlnentnl travelers must cross West
street in coming to or leaving the city.
When one considers the great number
of short trip travelers, Including commuters, who daily make their way ia
and out of Uie metropolis acriiss this
busy thoroughfare a faint idea of its
Importance may be gained. Manhattan Island has thirty-two miles of water front-John I*. Frltts in Leslie's
SALT.   Does not "bite"����� not
bitter.    It is pure salt and  ��1I
salt  Will not cake.
. fl::-1!
'.lisi til
l-dj I:
ID ���: ill
New Dinner Ware,    New Toilet Set*.       Our New
Stock Pattern has arrived; ifs a
beauty.   Call and see it
"������������������������������   '"^r^^S/N^^.a
B-.x 402, New Westminster
Your Xmas Dinner
Call and See Our Lovely Display
MChRFV^ Columbia St.
1V1\Jm\M-J  M.       kD       New Westminster
The tiridge club met yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mrs.
Greame. Those present were Mrs.
Cotton. Mrs. Brymner, Mrs. Youngling.
Mrs. Malins. Mrs. DeWolf Smith, Mrs.
J. Stllwell Clute, Mrs. Gordon. Miss
Cotton. Miss Brymner and Miss
The closing exercises at Mr.,
Broad's school were held yesterday afternoon when a very pleasing programme of songs and recitations was
Mr  Fader entertained at dinner on
Wednesday    evening.    Among    those'
[present were Mr, Malins. Mr. Graeme.
Mr.  Coulthard,   Mr     Annandale.    Mr.
Lafferty and Captain Garland.
I). Grossman left yesterday f<>r
Port  Hanej  on business.
Mrs.  ,i.  Loftus  Mclnnes,  who had
been seriously indisposed for the pasl
thre.e months, was able to come down
town yesterday afternoon for the lirst
time since her recovery.
FAR SUPERIOR to any other
roaster made. Not an ounce of
substance lost; other roasters waste
10 to 20 per cent. Needs no water,
grease or attention of any kind. It
simply asks to be let alone. Retains
all juices and flavors: renews the
youth of the toughest fowl.
No corners or seams to become filled
with burned grease.
Ask anv who have seen our stock of
and they will convince you a more dainty
display was never shown before in the city.
I  A.J.B1RTCH, 275 Columbia St. |
'���Newcomer" on Civic  Affairs.
To the Editor Of the Daily News:
As a newcomer contemplating the
wisdom or unwisdom of taking up his
residence in your prosperous and
growing city, 1 attended the gathering
in your City Hall last Friday evening
and was greatly surprised at some
things I heard there, and would like
to ask, through the columns of 'he
press, it  little information.
In the first place I was surprised
that so much business and speech
making was crowded into one evening's hearing, so near the last nipht
before the election, that it left no
chance whatever for any further hearing either of the outgoing Aldermen or
the candidates for election for the in-
coming year. Why were things so
cornered up and all this in the fare
of a former request from a number of
the ratepayers that more time be
given and that at the least two or
three evenings should be devoted to
the discussion of these important
Why  was  it   done,  and  who is  responsible for such a disrespect and ignoring  of  the   rights  of  citizenship,
both to hear and be heard in matters
pertaining  to the  interests  and  wfcfl
fare of all?  Secondly.  Is it true that
private citizens using electricity have
their houses wired .'ind meters put  in
free of cost,  the  ciiy  paying the expenses,   as   was   the  impression   left
i by tlie  Mayor,   while the  government
'does  their own  wiring and also  furn- I
Ishes   their   own  meters?   Is   it   done'
as one oi  the city's inducements toi
gel   the residents to use electricity?
It  sn. why are the residents charged
twelve       and       fifteen      cents       per
kilowatt       for       light       while       the
government  gets  theirs  for ."j cents'1
Why this seeming Injustice to citizens
an l   discrimination   in   favor   of   the
governmenl   which   is   more  able   to
pay?     Please   explain.      Again,   from
what one speaker said, we are under
the  impression thai  the city officials
take pleasure In deriving a revenue
from   the  forfeited   ball   of   arrested
drunks   and   others, instead   of   compelling  ihem  to  stand  iheir trial  and
be punished by fine or Imprisonment,
as is usually done In other courts of
i justice.    Is this really so or how are
they gem rally dealt with?
Once  more,  Is the  business trans-
C^ t*_t^C__|     %/__T11 S __ _ri-_____   ;"'""' ,:i: '!l" ''>' ""' council and
_____-^__l_l    Cl W     CHUI^^-P    lilnse doile
and above boai���]. oi  Is II true, as one
_ _ , . - ,    . speaker stati I  thai -ome of ll is 'lone
Now await  those who visit our store - > - '"<' <��>��� > - �����. -���>.
the public shin out,
in search of holiday footwear. n,i"ki^   ���Mi Kli"" an" ������"
v lng thai  these matters are not of bo
--r�� i l l      __ ""''' importance as to be permitted
You may have seen as good but never a to pass .������ ,,,,1,011,,,, ,,��� ,���.,., who
- , _ are   well   able   to  answer,   i  remain,
better selection 01 u. p-emm y0urB,
Men's, Women's, Misses and Children's Nu We8tmln8ter-
Xmas Umbrellas, Men's 76c to $6.50,
Ladies' BOo to $11.50, Children's 50c
to $1.25,    Smith.- Cash store.
Special Xmas Offer !
$20.00 Suits for   $18.00
$22.00 Suits for  $20X0
$25.00 Suits for    $22.00
$8.00 Pants for  $5.00
All Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
P. 0. Box 1144
139 Columbia St.       New Westminster
S. P. Q. R.
Good Buys in City Lots
Double  corner  on   ear   line,   12th St.,
132 x132 ft     $650
Large lot, cleared and fenced, one block
from car $ 2 1 O
Lot  on  Tth  Ave., one block from car
Dwelling and 8 lots (.'" cleared), on car
line $2,200
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
We are now ready for the rush���
Evtra Help
Extra Stock
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street, j
Canadian Pacific
Felt, Carpet or Kid Slippers.
Endless Colors
Endless Varieties
Endless Shapes
Come and select your pair while the
assortment is large.
The Reliable Shoe Store
To local points. Tickets will be issued
at single fare and one-third for the
round trip. Dates of sale, Dee. 21st to
25th, inclusive, and Dee. listh to Jan.
1st; good to return Jan. 3rd.
For further particulars apply to
C. P. it   Agent,
New Wesl min iter
E.  J.  COYLE,
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
on improved farm lands at moderate rates of interest and special
terms of re-payment. Likewise,
we will assist you to build, by
advancing the necessary funds,
re-payable   on   very  easy  terms.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
So many articles that are suitable'
for Christmas gifts meet the view'
of the Xmas shopper at our storj
that making a proper selection wil
be found easy here. Our showing
was never as large before.
We mention bere a few lines whicli have been made ��|
plefe by new arrivals this week.
New Silk Blouses
Just arrived per express and parcel m|
in time for Xmas,
Some    are    nieel.    trimmed *:.|
Lace  Insertion  an i  Embroidered '.I
Blgnt. other, with li iws ol Tucks uji
Plaits.     A largi :;'���.���* *i!l|
all sizes to   eii
EACH    $2.75 to .IO-
In such man :lal :. m's VeHlMji
Cashmere, Lubn i i ,. new lo: ��\
ieived this wei :._ ..:- ^;s|
tlon   full again   P    i     	
EACH . .. ,$1.25, $1.50. $2.00 to IM]
Ma le of Fine Knitted Wool in pliiil
< olors and fani ��� :��� Iim.-': AH -it. I
for Misses or Ladles' at low prices..
EACH  $1.75 to |U|
New Plaid Ribbons
N'ew lot of Peautiful Plaid Ribbons in wide widths, per yard
45c, 50c and 65c
All the New Baby Ribbons
in all the desirable widths  from  the
narrowest to the widest.    Prices.
2 yds for 5c, 3 yds fcr 10c, tl yds for
25c, Bc and 6c. Special prices by the
New Embroidered Hose
N'ew designs arrived this weel!
in Embroidered i 'a.-hmere Host-f
Per pair
60c, 65c, 75c a. _!l|
Fancy Hose Support..!
Done up in individual boxesa_-|
most appropriate with apairol
embroidered hose.    Per pair 1
50i. 75c. .1 andiLi-l
Good Kid Gloves for
Particular Women
And what woman does nol
know a good pair of Kid Gloves
when she sees them. She will
appreciate such gloves as Reynier's,   the   Best   Kid   (Hove
made.    All desirable styles here.     Every pair guaranteed, and any person may change after Christmas for any other size of the same kind.
Probably  the most appreciated Glove you could gi
12-button Suede, in black and white, per pair
12 and 16-button Glace, black, white and colors, per pair
R2.25 and 2.7S1
Short length Glace and Suede, all shades, per pair
Reynier's Hand-sewn Suede, black and colors
Silk lined Mocha, tan only, per pair 	
Plain Mocha, tans and black, per pair
N'ew styles in all shades of Woo] Cloves shown also.
75 and 3.501
it* I
W. S.
Collister & Ca
RC Mills, Timber anj
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in AU KmAs of
Lumber,   Lath.   Shingle*,   Mouldings,   Sash,    o0 |
Interior Finish,    turned Work,   Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
j DrainM
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and w
Royal City Branch, Columbia StJ
Telephone 12.
New We-iW"


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