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The Daily News Aug 21, 1906

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 Vol ' ME 1. NUMBER 142
\| .       Fveary   Tells    What    happened at   Conference  in
ancouver,   and  Makes   Recommendation
Investigation of City Milk Supply.
Street Signs and Telephones
ation    '.     : hi
a.     .Ma .11     Ke.
��� ,   . onferem ���   I
....-���   Baturda      aftei
.   resi atativi     ol   thi
.    l;   C.   K    R   i'o.   ,.n .
a.1.1   been   ������,
���     .'���'    v.a
fl   .1..   .
J      ll.    ��� ��� ���        .a     a
.:���'���:...    ��� :
received :
Ml.   .Ma     ..a        .. a. ...
... I    ������'  ... .
I enough 1
| all' '
.T      ...
,     , .   ....
��:     !: ia'." a
Spe    ni      ���   ni
e reasi
���  Ini    ���   ,M.
im Ebtirni
...        a...
���a       I ..���
-     0,00!       . ; bl
inctlon   wi
��� . -     i :    COOTS! . Cl a '
���  ���   wen   ..
.... real
at  wi
ster prefi   red  .
 :...     :,
���!,..  taking  ovi
-  ���    ��� -    in, and
Isle ridge,
di .n pei ;���!; ar
end it to
,,��   to   'la-    people,
.    '   ���    inter, si   on   Jlnii.ee I,
1    wii.   :..��� necessa ;
; the i ridge, and in
���  ���    :. building   i :   this
��� . one)  would 0011  In
ol   $20,000,   and   if
: an.',     would    take
. ���    aud  build  thi     ai
i ��� ping   ihe   bridge  in
��� :  p...  I  believe it
t   ..;.     esi   Interests
les  bringing  trade
.��� - it would also i' li. v.
'..at   anno\ ance   ol   ri
. i  Mr   r.uni/<'ri  lo
,';.:���        ai fore      Sir
| line   t   ,,a |   Mr.   Ni. In 1.
��� i.:   ine   C.   I'    It.   a:
waj   i"    iiu
ntzi a promised to do
1'   1!. build the line ��� ���
Westminster ii means
I   would    ie  electrified
'..   Westminster   .lum
' lu    i atly   consl ruction   id
i        opinion, also depi nds
��� citizens of New West-
��� Inducement   ihey  will
���   C.  P,  k. uompany to take
'    ll    ��� I
''   1        11   .
lh,.!.   Ihi'   idea   el'   i he   .
thi   n.ad-  ai  all.    emenated
Marpole,  general   Buperln
il '   ������ lirsi place, who recom
"       11 to Mi. Whyte, the second
. . nt,  and   Mi.   Marpole  is
. tavor of building ihe line
  and  coming  hy  the
lo   near  later,  through   Ml.
ol  ..:,,! s.iocits Mr. Buntzen
���.rii  ih..  managemenl   in
in I   when  I   receive this in-
l   will  al  once  advise you.
.   | ectfully submlt-
W.   ll    KEARY,   May..i.
0n|y   One   Bad   Milkman.
I   tester has been working
the   pasl   lew   weeks, and
' : ih" testa was embodied
'' '"'i'   from  the  medical  officer
���V.   A    De  Wolf  Smith.  M.
Fron      Uie
.,    call
la        bl       ... .        .a.,   ;.   a]|.
bl     " ;...���'    -a .
I  havi   :a. rt tha
aratu    was
have i ied I      impli
om   sevi
��� a       MOSI   o:'   Ha . ...
..     igi
��� tei     o ... ne east
< ���   miln.
Thi ,.
-..  -
.   .      ' u
decidi ���       .   - on
��������� :.   '���
at it slum
scti  to S
le  a  leni
ious wi . ���     were
a ���   v. a
nee i      hi -���   api x
..... |
t h t h i       ���    '   ���        a f f a i rs
-������   .       ..........
���  ���<
���   ��� .. ������    a
'   I'P.O-
Telephone Service  Rotten.
���  .
he did 'i
���      tele-
...        ���      .       ....     tm-
Bomeom the matti
signs  be  refi i      olici
Ittei      \    ��� b effeel
Garrett   Without   Fae-e.
ob    '\ ie
on of thi       ���   .    .    a ���    ���
ent pai ���' con-
Biderabli     una ,    the. n atti        i lac
I roughl up h)  Aid   Howay, ��I i   wish-
.   see  a   new   Bid' C011S1     ���   ' A
. ���   >,\<:. . .eiiae Pi      eenth to
Sixteenth s treets     i -  Ud  Hi n ��� ��� was
.. .-. d1   . a of  il re st    the
niattei   was   not   dei Idi i       In     the
,, arse  of  the    I on, Aid   Gar-
. :���  complained  thai  othei   aldi rmen
had sidewalki   '��������� irlng theli name, as
foi     Instance,    Ud    Adami     wl ��� ���
,   would  live  toi   ��������� n< ratii n     n
,, mi  of the sidewalk    known   as
i Idewalk.     rhi re    wa      no
Carroll   -i.I..wall-   In   exlsten i      a I
not. even a  pi ml   �� i
....    . ���   Sti   perton
Ale.'.  Adams  Oets  Warm.
V1.    Vdai i      pi    iPi   vi i    :i
lbe   face,  and   i led   to  exi aln
��� |f you wani a sl lev. dl    r'ou can do
the   same   as   I   had   10   do,   pul    yoUl
ban 1   in   your   pockel   and   pay   for
,���       111.i-   i      ; ���      ay  1    ������'��� ���     i"
hove  a   Bldewalk   m u   mj   property.
I   paid   for   It'   '
A   little later in  the evening    '   I
Adams   was   called    10   ordi i    l.v    the
, hair tor using whui the mayoi de-
ribed as "hardly propei language,"
. iwards Md. Qarn tl Aid Adams ex
plained thai he bad forgotten for the
momenl thai he was In the oum 11
chamber, and the apology wai ai cepi
, ,|. Aid. (larreii remarki d thai b<
had not understood what Aid Adame
had said, bul before iiu- lattei could
ti peal his remark, tb< << ordei of
business  was proceeded  with.
The   'J ���   . the ���- ha ������;      ."   ������  ��� ��� ���   ' m of the
iv Westminster hotel men as a class, i       rid some
plain things about the way they conduct their
business at the council meeting last evening.   The
facl that there is not a hotel  man in the city who
������  ds out a runner t<   meet theC. P. ���:. trains on
here, and that no one is on hand to
r ���������   ���    risitori:   \ riving from Vancouvi the
s, was iommented upon h mfavorable manner, an< trong expressions oi disapproval wen
made by several of the aldermen.
The - bject was introduced 'by the Mayor, who
Si rha: nn account of the great crowd thai he expected would visit the exhibition this year, was
afraii I I hi ���< v i ill ol I .ugh accon
tion to house all who came, ami that thi private
houses would have to 1 isiti
Aid. Shiles   ��� i     runw!  I the hotel
people, and said i same impres  o
��� abroad, and the r     I the    ��� el
lied.    .'.     '   sidered that an impression
-   :h as the Maj ���.'-   remarks  "r  -e a it to co
should not go abri 1 he louncil.
���. .      '    Aid.  Shili ;, contends
���   it was entirely th -; -
business     = ���     se th y  jusl sat
stil i uld not ���-���   I r     ers u]    ne line to r :   -
for trade.   The Vi ��� els had men
theline,  and these men did all in theirpowi
luce the travellers to  patronize the Vanco iver
tels.   If the New Westi       ���      otel men act in
e way this y< ar,  v   y lil el;  the same tl '
will happen again.   A- a      tier oi  fact,   hi h< tel
men seemed to h   ': only for the liquor tn    i,
i      did n ��� selves al   jt  any ��� ther ac-
idation.   T e;  had no reason to lain if the
-   ��� ss thej di I        year.   Tl ey ���      . .rs well
���VL .    '   ' . ted ���   ;   hat o   acc< unt of the
outrageous prices chargei i he hotel keepers, it
was cheaper last year for a man to reside in Vancouver and travel here every day. paying tr .:������ fa 'e
both ways. otel mei     we away 1   ide by the
��� they c ���     \    tors. ided that
'lecoi ���   blarr -    eeping away under
such condii   ns,
The i is ��� issi in wound | a general denunciation of th< methods pursued by the hotel keepers
last year, and a hope that they had learned a lesson
that they would profit by, and charge less extortionate prices this year for accommodation.
Relief   Committees  and  Soldiers   Become   Active   on   the
Scenes of Awful Devastation in Chile    Estimate of Lives Lost Runs Into
Thanks  for   Mr.   Bowes.
Aid.  noway  reported  for
brary committee thai   18  volumes of
Balzac's   works   had   i d   given   to
H,Q library by J.  H.  Bowes, and on
motion,   a   resolution     was    passed
thanking Mr,  Bowes t< r the gift,
Eleanor  Wants Apology.
Anion.;   the  "ommimh al li as   ri   < i,
00   was   one   from    Kleanor   M     fohn
son, stating thai she is nol re pons!
���,.    i ���       thai       ;.i ared   in
,    Si      ���   'i Imt -   somi   we<   -   ago,
with reic.t ni ���   to a pai t;   of a itomo-
���     i  anything
about the    . - ���    ead   'lu
a .      eetinj     i iln
��� i ���.. \.   .. "      She   con
tinues       is  thi ��� ��� ��� ��� ���'
madi iblii  apol-
.nd ll  Ban ������ i- nol  forthcoming
.....      .   '..      ction wlll    ���   '    en
\'. oupli   more
es of denu i    ���  A.   -���
i-. - . ��� ..i
Ung l    h   ... ,.,....   on
 Seattli        ��� bei
 ���     I
i an it '      I"'
ll,,, |n ������.   [torItion In i       i be has
een placed In thi   eyes of i     auto
moblllBti   ��� ai  ni-'   lhal   the i Ity ol
New  Westmlnsti i   will   ri  ovei   from
be ��� : im]   I ial   n isi  ��� ��������� n   from the
; Hcatl a      ���    - i :'     '    d imaging
-i |e."
Couldn't Think cf  It.
. ���, motion ol \ld. Howay,
who explained thai no alienations
had heen made thai she had written
lbe article, the di i! -��� -' Instructed
m reply to .Miss Johnson thai the
council could not see Iti raj cleai
to make tbe public apology   she de
Matters   Milder.
From   n.   'J remblay   assistant   pri-
������ li   y   io  the   Hon.   Mr.   Itro-
deur  acknowledging  the   recelpl    of
the   c cil's   letter  of   the   7th   In-
it, and enclosing copy  passed at
the  regul      -.-sion of the    council.
The  niattei   will  he laid  before the
i    T-  -  as he returns.   Received  and   filed.
W. Stark secretary treasurer
oi the Chief Constables' association,
calling atti ntlon of the meeting of
Dip Ciller' Constables' association
which is to be held in Toronto on
ge] t. 4. I", find asking that the chief
of police be permitted to attend and
thai his e-,i eases le paid hy the city.
Ri '��� ' n I   to   the   |       ���       o mlttee
��� ���.    -v '.���  Chalk   ' ffering  U    pui
��� basi        acre 1 on Lain island.
1     -      r   thi    eouneil   to  consider
on.     He  also asked  whal
and        Id   be  purchased   for  in
tin   ���   Ilni       run    I   sales     Refi rred
i . finan i    i mmittee to reporl
Prom Anthony Turner, of Nelson.
H C, on bi hall ol V wife and Mrs.
\'\ B Townsend, thanking the council roi 'i i   resolution oi sympathy   ri
��� ed on  the i ci asli n  i I  the death
ol  the late Judge  VV.  B. Townsi ������'
��� eived and filed.
Water Committee Report.
1    ted   oi  the water
Ittee on thi   ti;:    ently taken
to the C     lit] e    ���.   tl iun-
nil   an I  a   nun I ei   ol   i ltl?.ens     Thc
wati    had been I   md to be in a cli ar
mil     i ��� .  ,         .. in   m,      - ��� aln     reiki   I ��� essai        mg   ihe
road   tc   the      ie,   II   being    In   had
. i.    ..     The  busi ild     : o   '
: > i ���'    ul    Ii ���!..     ; i ad, and thirty
.... ... pipe line wi uld need to bi   re-
i i i ed.    He asi ed thai .lohn   Vnkei
be  nulla i Ized   lo  empoy  men  to  as-
��� him In making the repairs,
'I he   reporl    was   adopted   and    the
recommendation   ordered   to   he   cat-
tied out,
Power Company Agreement.
Md. ^ lams : so read a copy of an
agreemenl ������������ hit b Is to be submitted
lo the Vancouvei Power company.
which has applied I'or a grant from tbe
Dominion governmenl for certain
lands around t'oipiHIam lake. The
proposal Is that a proviso be made by
which a reservation shall be made
out of the said lands for a strip of
land of al least one chain in width,
wliiih would Include the city's main
pipe nnd Intake, for lbe benefit of
the city, and another strip, one chain
in width, from the present end of the
main pipe lo the northerly bounds,
so as to afford a means of extending
the snld pipe line if in the future it
should he considered advisable.
:.  i     .  ba ������
ed, the n    iltan   fin een es
tins   Ished   and   people     f   the    two
.   liso   and   Santiago,   are
ani '������.     ��������� elievi
���  ���  wounded i nd I urj .
': hi     . ��� lod has
Despatch'      eceived 1
ti   show tnat the firsl esti-
��� laltie   ana matei tn
age had ly exaggen ted and
������ iple  Ol   Val;a: a .   .
Ig ...
temen    If sued
erval and   today   it
������ fir.---  time
and bi gin a sys-
ns for the
Santiagi ��� ominj ���     i -��������, ���
ol   ...     suffei ing  sister.     Public  sub-
havi    been      ipei
���   t i ing and  pro ,'lsions    and
ca ing for all refugees
Iso who make theli way
��� nn ��� : '    A    : ".'  ing   down
. ver it breaks i
It is still impossibli   I      each anj
��� - imate of the di    I  i n    in-
.: ired
-a   chile   are  n i   I
ing.    A  large  section ol
ml   .     :    ". ��� re:',   was   visited  A   '    I
���   . :' fast ThurSdaj  and ca-
e orts   of   casualties   refer   in
-   ��� aces  to  particular    locall-
notabl} Valparaiso and in others
evidentl)  to the entire district which
���  ���     from the shock.
' ���     number of dead in Valparaiso
ess  will  run into the hundreds
the   country   pn Into
Thi       " ertj   damage is estimated
two  hun in.i   'a  three  bun-
million dollars.
.a    i- ' eing organlzi .1  with sys-
the  government   is   taking
ti  i ontn ' ol thi  situation. The
...      .    tions   are   active   in   re-
:��� -   ;.   ���    es, as are privati   i    sons.
Sea Level  Raised.
Santiag i, Chile, Aug. 20.���Refugees
rom Valparaiso declare that the sea
coast had heen noticeably lifted In
several places above its previous
level. A relief conimtitee has been
. rganized here It will receive bud-
tii as in all the banks and at
othei   public   places   and   agents   will
e sent through Hie city to solicit
money, rood and cUthing to be Fent
to Valparaiso and othe,- places Where
assistance is needed. The people of
Lemache have requested the government to send troops to put a stop
to pillage Preparations are being
-.. ide to destroy buildings left in a
dangi i " ndltlon by the earth-
,. ike and ��� fforts are being madi I
perfei I ! nlzatlon to ��� ������ ���
Relief From 'Frisco.
San i' nclsco, Vug, 20, ��� M i ers
i      the    committee    ol     fort;     ap-
��� ���    meant elief of San
������ dsi o,  during   the   fire    of  lasi
April, mei  today to arrange tor San
���  ���   |   o's    contrll utlon    to
trl '   n  ��� ���   ph   ol  '" lie,    Within 16
iti     Individual  members    of the
committee  had  sul b i :' ed  $2,505,   lt
nn   inced   thai    the    Canadian
Hank of commerce had already tele-
hed to the President ol Chile the
:��� ���  0f $10,000, advi need  at  the re-
qu( -t  of members of the committee.
'lhis sum is now to be raised   y | ub-
lie  subscription.
Historic Island Destroyed.
New York. Aug L'O.���Report reached this city today that the South Am-
oilcan earthquake destroyed the island of Juan Fernandez, off the Chilean coast. It belonged to Chile and
on it were a penal settlement and a
fort.. This is the island made famous
by Daniel Defoe, as the scene of the
thrilling adventures of Robinson
Nitrate  Region  Safe.
Berlin, Aug. 20.���The Chilean con-
sul has a cable dispatch from Iqulque
announcing  that   the  nitrate    region
has no-   been affi    i ���!..��� earth-
��� i ia ���
Meeting   of   Condolence.
Rio de Jam        Aug   20,   The Am
erican Internatii n ���.,,   today
��� : hi q lestion i thi location of the next meeting of the conference. Tomorrow'.- meeting of the
conference will be one of the condolence over the earthquake disaster in
Thousands   Without   Shelter.
.'    Is,  Aug.  20. -A dispatch to the
Havas news agenc)   from Valparaiso,
undated, was received here today by
of Galveston.   The correspondent
thai   20,000  of the inhabitants
of Valparaiso are without shelter, th I
lead   cannot   he  ac-
���   . though it is very
'   '  <���   Villa   del   Plaza  has
een lestroyed   and   that
is   estimated     at
$250,1   "... '.  The  dispatch  adds  that
lews   agency   was
���T to fli ���   the    It;   and that it is
���  1  vei several o: It       en bers were
Dominion is Damaged.
Quebec, Aug. 20.���While the British battleship Dominion was coming
up the Bare des Chaleurs at daylight
i :i Friday morning last she struck a
Shi eived some damage and
1     '   ' lng    "   " '���'   'Information   as
���      ���:.       ���  ��� n1 "he   injury   is   re
fused. Ol VA 'in. day rhe battleship
:- to be presented with a service of
plate subscribed for by Canadians after which it is expected that tbe
ship will go into the Luise Basin for
temporary  repairs.
 o��� ������-
Sixteen   Men   Executed.
Cronsl Aug.   20.���Sixteen  men,
i ndemned for participation in the
mutiny here on Aug. 1, were executed at daybreak this morning. Among
the number were two students named
Ivanoff and Makrians and Dr. Gusar-
of , an i   my s irgeon.
Nelson  Defeats Portland.
Victoria, B. C, Aug. 20.���Nelson defeated Portland by a score of 51 runs
in a two innings match today in
opening the cricket tournament.
Washington was defeated by Vancouver by  an  innings and  Hit runs.
 ��       s-
Mrs.   Mair  Dead.    ,,  "
Victoria, B. C, Aug. 20.���Mrs, Ch is
Mair, formerly of Prince Aibi
Sask., wife of Charles Mair the well
known Canadian author, passed awa>
on Saturday the ISth instant, at the
aire oi 57, from cerebral hemorrhage.
Canada's  Foreign Trade.
; ii    wa, Aug.  20.-   Canada's foreign
July  shows an increase, in
��� ts of $172,357 ev. -
lasi The customs  revenue
Winnipeg  Wins.
Is, ",i m.,   ^ug, 20    The Winnipeg ! ���: -     te      won the champion-
C   1-   a. today, de-
I , 2.
Fall  Court Dates.
The fi '    sittings  ' ���' the    supreme
court  of British  Columbia have been
��� ���   - follows,
C11    -     .'. ���   ' an r, Oct. :'
City of Nelson, Oct   S
Town  of Clinton, Or":. 2.
Cil      '  '1    elstol ,'. Oct. 2.
Cit. '      '���       . Oct. 5.
Clt;     '   \'i lo I . Oct. 9.
Clt; Vi   non.  Oct.  1(1.
City . i cr. enwood, Oct, 16.
City of Nanaimo, Oct. 1S.
city ol New Westminster, Oct. 23.
Civil   Ca.-. .-
City of Victoria. Oct. 2.
City  of  Ki.ssh~.nd,  Oct.  II.
City  of  Vancouver,  Oct.   16.
Full   Court-
City   of  Vancouver,   Nov.   G.
City  of  Victoria, Jan.  S.  07.
Hawthorne Appeals.
The Robert Hawthorne case is to
be appealed says W. G. McQuarrie
The contention of Mr. Hawthorne's
legal advisor Is that, the case was conducted in an irregular way. The notice of appeal will be given today.
Ti '
.    ���
j >j,   : i >
1 hA   : '' '
~$l\.t} r \
Pure salt is just as important as
pure water or pure milk.
is absolutely pure and never cakes.
Somo     Clever     Sayings     Oct    of    the
Mouths of B-r'jes.
Grandpa ��� Don't   i rv.   Tomtny. i
a  nick
Now,  what will
you do with it ���
T miniy���M-mati h you to B-see if
it's two . ir a-nol bin'.
Special Summer Courses
For Teachers in the
Business Institute
Buntzen  Declares  Himself Before  Departure���Interurban  Line to  Be
Doubled   Tracked.
Before leaving for rhe Old Country
last      Saturday,      Managing-Director
Buntzen of the British Columbia Electric  Railway company, made the  following   statements     to   a   Vancouver'
Province representative:
"The greatesl project I shall carry
11 my London directors will he tbe
Chilliwack tram scheme. Already,
however, sufficient is known there of
Iho plan.- io serve as a iia-is ������: my re-
pi it. i shall recomn en I the line an 1
look for it io become an actual I icl
within a few years, The municipalities affi i".l will voie mi the proposition before September 30, which will
allow of work being commenced early
next year. Al Chilliwack my company
has made arrangements with the old
company planning a road there I ���
compensate it for all w irk done. This
amount was given bj Mr. .1 Burtt
Morgan as $9,000 some time ago. If
more is demande 1 now I don't know
what action will be taken, but such a
demand would nol impede the construction of the road. The old scheme
would somi ran oul under any circum-
sl in |
"Concerning  l i stensions,    At"
lompaa.. has an A   al.. n this year all I
il  con. :  possibly do.    Xexl
double-tracking of the New  Westminster line will pi a ia'.l;        in lertaken,
the traffic having grown so as to ren- '
der this Imperative.    There will also
probably be an extension constructed
In Fairview West next year, the exact
route of which has nut been decided.
Other extensions will asidered as
the growth of the city luring the next
twelve months renders ivise and expedient.
"Regai' lint, the f telii gs of my boar :
toward extensions, 1 may say thai the
n e a ii ,    stand i ead;   to pul 'la money I
in any scheme ol extension which accommodates the  public an.] shows a I
pi rssibility of returning a fair dividend
within a reasonable time,   More than '
this I do not think the public can ask.
When the company is iu a position to j
pay dividends which may he counted j
as excessive, then will come a time '
when I shall recommend a division of
the surplus with those who have sup-
rted ns in the past, in the reduction
of rates ami tlio ini reuse of wages.
'. he company woul I like iii :'.; work
��� i be done upon I h - ime basis as that.
now being done ;;. N'orth Vancouver,
where the company did more 'ban was
originally agreed upon in order to
meet the requests of the residents.
'Concerning the Port, Moorly exten-
sion, I have hear! nothing since the
first meeting on the project. The
.''.������a,- Is no' dead, however, by any
means, antl there are possibilities in
the plan.
T am sorry thai the pension scneme .
fell through, but as far as the company Is concerned n '''ring further can
be done. It. is now up ro 'he men to
change their deci iratlon A thoy so de-
sire. I think one Important point has
been neglected b; them in connectiou
tvlth 'he plan. If any of im
portance in ti;..      ivii      undertakes
ach a  ,- ystem,      lera     ll 'oil iw in
the ra 'ia-   Ine,   ; '"ii ��������� I   elteve there
would have sprung   ip   i -��� neral system which woul] have aa -are | ., man.
even If be lid change -       ivtnent, ot
e   ii!..-:.-.   ol  tl ���   ;eneral   ichei ie
Mr, Buntzen ��iii iem tin In Lon lon
' a.     ime  'im"  In   ��� ������   il ation   with i
llri     irs, afti     ���    ch he will
���   time on the < ontlnent.
_ Q_i _
Distress in Coquitlam.
Chief Constable Spain wen: out toi
Coquitlam yesterday to Investigate a
reported case of disi ress. He fo md
a huge family of children in very
needy circumstances and one of the
children in need of medical attendance. The heads of the family seemed to be of a shiftless character an'l
through the reeve of the municipality,
the chief arranged for medical help
t.-) be furnished. E. X. South may
be invited to take charge of one or
more of the children in the home in
H.  A.  8CRIVEN,  B. A., Vice-Prin.
A Gift For Our Customers.
Hamma���You have a bad c : '.,
Johnny.   I'll wrap your throat w th 335 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
flannel  and  give 5  u  some  cough
gjrUp. R.  J.   SROTT.  B..A���   Principal.
Johnny���Wouldn'l flannel cake--
ami maple sirup be better, mamm 1 ?
Little Margie���What's a cannon .
cracker. Tommy?
Little Tommy���A cannon cracker, sis, is ine thai d m't go off till a
fellow crawl lur it to see what's ti >
matter with it.
Mami 11 ��� Would you like si ���������
sugar mi ;��� iur sli c! I manas, di ir?
Small Joe���No, m imma, Tl \
are - ��� ?weel I guess 11 )d musi lia' '
sugared 'em w i, "i he n . le 'en
Littl ��� Elsie (in hert'*.of sl
car)    Mamma, I want to go to bed
Ms mi 1 VA:-. ��� : are in ; i.
'  .".
Littl ��� Elsii ��� No, I'm 11 it, m    1
ma: I'm  on  a  l>iur shelf,���t 'i ; 1
Overlooks No Opportunity.
"i Ine   thing   I   lik ���   ab mt   Miss
Win lierl >i A:   is   thai   she   has  the
1   :' humor.    A man never has
to tell 11 joke  twii g to get her to
laugh ai it."
"\  ; she can 1 xhibii one
rettii  I dii  pies in the world n' en
Ac smiles."���Chicago Record-Herald.
Comfort In That.
Jimmy ��� Ain't  yer vaccinati
healed up yei ?
Jimmy���Goe! Don't it make yer
fi el bad ���
Tommy - Naw' The doctor I i !
mom Lmusti '1 tak j n bath till it's
all healed up.���PhiladelphiaLedgi.".
His  Will.
In Efery Pickage of Colgali-'s Denial Powder
We Give a Presenl of a cake of
Cashmere Bouquet Soap
FREE,        (Guest Room Size)        FREE
A Wonderful Bargain.
v i?\0mk
;A>'v���'?er .AlHivXr^A
\ / /'    ' nfe smtSs *irra
Open ror Business
July 4, 1906.
Public Notice!
The annual general meeting of the shareholders of
the New Westminster South-
Win id Glumpit'i ern  Railway Company will
There was a man  nth astrong.1 beheld at the offices of the
Smith���1111 ji .    His  heirs  didn 1
have much ditTiculty in breaking it. V. W. & Y. in VanCOUVrer at
��� Philadelphia Pressi 1A    > 1    1    a    rv.r -nr   i
  10 0 clock A. M. on Wednes-
The Difficulty. ^ay, the 5th c|ay 0f Septem-
"1 suppo ������ ::   was hard wor:-: to|      '    in
follow my argument," said the law- ber, lJOb.
"No," ;:::-���>., re 1 the judge; "it
was easy to follow it, Imt it was difficult to k"et, awake until the destination u.is reached."���Baltimon
For Sale
He   Made  Good.
"Give me plenty of rope," ?ai
the poor but honest youth, "aud i'i
get tln'i' ."
Ami he did,
Ten years later he had acquire.1 -,.
fortune from the manufacture oi
campaign  cij ars.-   American  Sin.
Well-seasoned Pine Cord-
And   He  Lest Out j y d,j
lt  had   been   all   over   betweci
them for uearlj thirty-seven sei   Particulars   Box   39,    Port
onds. tj ,
"Well," he queried, "why don   'Hammond,
you give back the ring?"	
"Oh," she answc I, "I shall r
tain il just to keep my hand in."
Parental  Consideration.
"Bliggins s;n - he values his 1 p .
ions because th are the childri
of his brain."
"Well, in thai case he should rea
ize the impropriety of trying to get I TEA SETS,
everybody he meets to adopt them '
���Washington .star.
MOREY'S      j
China Department
la (illiner up,    Come and see the lovely 1
Blaine,   Wash.,   August   20th   to   25th,   MOREY'S    Columbia St.
Foretsers at Nanaimo.
Nanaimo, Aug. in���The thirty-third
meeting of the district of British Columbia Anclenl Order of Foresters
opened in this city this morning.
Delegates were presenl from every
court in the province. Several important amendments relative to the
British Columbia order, will be considered at the meeting.
On August l'.i'h to 2."iih Inclusive,
1906, the Oreal N irthern Railway com
pany will sell round trip tickets
New VVestmlnste to Blaine and re-
: irn at one and one-third fare for the
round trip, $1.55 Children five years
of age nnd under twelve, half of
the above rate.
Return Iim! ���, until AugneJ 26th,
Telephone A184 or address 4th Avenue and 10th Street.
Things Happen I
The Night
And the only way to keep posted is read the
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
10 Cents
Per Week
The morning is the time to tell the purchasing public what you have to offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district, Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you.
& Jl JE50AV
AUGUST 21,  190C.
WHATth*   ������<���', [c th(  matter with this bread ?    I was at mothers   last night and she had the most
.   .       lovely  .read.   Well, no wonder, your mother bakes with RISING SUN, and i grocer  ������ id
more of that stuff he sent last I'll certainly send it back    You get me RISING SUN FLOUR and I'll
ke just as go ��   br< ad as your mothei ever made.
F.   G.  DAWSON. Agent, 145 Hasting* Si     ��t, West. V
wmmmmmmmmmmmmEs - 3
egui           1 ....     lly and
-    ��� ���    ... of the b< stsel teel      ;u evi    si
ting twice as i echanical expi rts
e men ' ���   -
���    rkisl 11    es1 the D
I rices worth coi ling i iles to p - 'it by
Gold  Filling .  .
. $1.00
Platina  Filling  .
. $1.00
Silver Filling . .
.     SOc
Gold Crowns .... $5.00
Bridge Work i,,r;M $5.00
Set of Teeth   .   . . $5.00
Consultation and Examination Free of.Charge.
Ai! Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee.
Ihe Boston Dentists, H
Hou i 9 a. m. lo 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
���*07   Hastings  St. VV.,  Vancouver
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
v---       -
V   m iv*"
-*.' S^SST^5** ...^ ^i-E:'-\\-��$��
Westminster iron Works
��� ���
��� ���
of the i
River    4
���   ���
.    ���
"'.... : ��� -
.      . o   '��� .'������'   -
. .,   p. ....
B. t. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Propi     -
'--.". |    nufacturer ot
Marble and Granite monuments
Tablets, Tombstones Re.
Write for prices,
New   Westminster,   B,  C.
7    . ' ���    '   ���
liver  t i  ihi
������     ' ��� .  a        ���
.   .       , ���   .
..,,,-    r,..,!.      wbicl
...       will bi ��� -
.....        .:.-..,.
1 lepai tment i
offlci    o       e   Grown    I       ��� ���    \gen1
���   \ew   \\ ���   tminstei   B   C
... .. .   ,, .
an     . ���    ��� '     ��� ������ iui    or iar1
T .....
the  Minlsti      I   Ib<   li	
;  .    onus whi eh tl      ���
...     to pay fi      i Heen si
Xo '��� idi     ir  telegi aph wlll    e en
.      ������ i ������
i'i ;;-  ;--.-   tt    |   ������ j |
Sei ������
; . .     tment  ol   thi    Inti    oi
a   lull     rth, 1900
secure judgment
against the cm.
Boards   of   Trade   of   Vancouver   and
New  Westminster Get Decision
From  Commission.
Steamboat Inspection Service.
The ��� i imlnal lon ol  the i andid ites
ho have applied fur the position
......   ���.���   iinii  and   I aii  '.a nl   i I
wlll   lal a  place    al    the
.. ,i  [nspectoi 's i Ifflce, Victi   I
"   ���   , on   ', igusl  21 i 1.  I90C
1 ii .. il.   Minister    of    Mai;""    fl a I
i ii i|.   |i
��� .   :    hereb ���  given thai 30 days
'a'.-  I  Intend  lo make application in the Honorable the Chief Commissioner   Of   I.nn IS   and   Works,   for
,   lal i.i- "in e i" cul and carry away
Imber  rrom  the  fallowing described
in Is,  Bltuated   East   of  the  head Of
Pitt Lake, N. v.'. Disfrict: Commencing nt n stnke  planted on  the North
East  corner  of  tho  E.  O.   Patterson
old claim   No,   10��8, thence  Northerly
bains, thence Weal    SO    chains,
thence South sn shains, thence Hasl
io chains to point of commencement
gtaked August  13th, 1906.
New Westminster, B. C.
rds i le ol   Vani i !���������'
Wu Westmins er, B C, with
whom ar�� asso iated the Canadian
V] ...������-     ssociati< n, ;   ve
��� ���    idgmi nl    ��� "a the railway com-
ailssion in theii In1 against rhe
��� P R. They alleged ihat ihe com-
: anj discrimin iti l . g ;"-- ci ast
i olnts In com) etition fi i trade with
���  .   inland  regions
The ' "ii 1 ordi i - th I the addltii nal
toll ol ���"��� cents  i bund ������ ij hi ��� a all
��� ffie ti bich oi Iginati - In th istei n
les ol  :i'"   S    in  a.,i,,,   ���;
.   ......     n. .   md charged i ������ freight
��� -,   ; a-'��� rn         ������ ���   ���   tlm I   I i
ime B. i    pointi
11   ���:. ; ��� i t       i
-    i; ��� I i" 'be i an idiai   freig
���''   '.a   also thai thi - :'. warn ���
        foi    lu   used    In
.,    ,...;.,.    ,, |ghi as In uthei  pari
.       I      ,n        1   ,
The i oai I has i ��� fuse l to approve
local tariffs I. 2 and 3 ol the C P. R .
m plj lng to bi anch lines In Manitoba.
 tit asked li at bai ge as
high as I '..ii"-' a mile The board
, onslders thai ll ��� boul' nol appi ove
a higher i ate than ' A cents, which Is
" ���.   I     N    I!,   ml"
The board proposes holding meetings ::' Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg
on its return Irom the West to hear
representatives as to safeguarding
express and with reference to telephone rates.
__ o__���,	
Big  Business  In Court.
A  big day's business wns done at
' the police court yesterday   morning,
; nine  cases   in   nil   being  dealt  with,
the  majorltj   being  Indians    charged
with  having  been  drunk, and    men
Charged   with   supplying   them    with
; liquor,    .tohn  Smith, of Ladner, was
fined   $5(1  nnd   costs  for having  supplied a klootchman named Laura with
j whiskey.    Not having the money, he
i .......
u. Car I
ne J ��� ���        ��� ���    ���
ho 1
....       ....      home at Han
��� i .]
a.   n
.      T ���      ���
or ten di bavii
or   creatini -ince
.   ���   Lulu island, w
ed by Mr '      tl
leath of oni
��� .��� -a    ��� with a hoe.    V'"     i    i
nf    .   : - '   ' "-��� cutris   'he value
hi    ot      ...   gi  was withdr
'���   ���   two m<'n who were allowed
...   .. (jistui ban :e  In the lower q
. ���   the   etl     on   Sunflaty   did   n> -
:     ear when their uami    wen   called,
and the magistrate ordered their
.   estreated.
Trouble  at  Hazelmere.
provincial   police  are   h
Frenchman named Vallieure who
cused bis  neighbor,    John
,:.-. , of shooting oni i Oster's heif-
��� ��� The men ire both ranch rs nnd
live in the vicinity of Hazelmere near
the border and hnve been nt loggi i
heads for somo time The climax
came n t'i \\ d ' a ago when Oster's
. , wandi ''A ,. nto Vallieure's
ranch. Vallieure went inro his house
and returned with a shot gun with
which hi roci ded to fill the heifer
with lead. The shooter then disap-
eared. Constable Wilkie left yesterday to locate the offender nnd if
i ossible serve him with n summons to
, i before Magistrate Pittendrigh
to answer for his sins.
Fire   Breaks  Out  and   Destroys   Property   After   Money   and   Letters
Are   Stolen.
-.   Vug.   20.���Word
-' ��� ���:.   M Idway  that
pi .'���    was roii-
and money, and
the   robbery   fire
the building,
hich, ii intents ol   pren.
I   . ed al  aboui
ed by insurance
II reported rning
���   -.        .' has  been
nber fires around rh"
el  expe-
���ienci Mi.Iwn;.   and  Cas-
I  on  Friday night.
Montreal. Que.. Sept. 12 to Oct. 4, 1906.
Foi   the  above occasion  the  Oreal
N ii them Rallwaj  will sell  '��� li ���
....   ,.   ��� hi   low. st flrsl fan
plus $1" 00 for the round trip      Tic-
���..   ge] ���    5th to 6th
s 20      Mi        !������������������ i ������
who has been visiting nr  Mrs  James
MeAd ��� e, went to Van-
cuvi        n   Monday   where    she   will
���  for a few days.    After that she
otinue her journey to Medicine
Mies Eva Rhodes of Port Kells has
���     ���������   Easl Delta on a visit.
Mi Wright i     Vani ��� i1        is
visitini       -   | "ents nt this place.
Mr'. T. Waterhbuse of Langley pass-
��� Saturday after a
and  painful   illness,    The   funeral took pace on Monday.    The fun-
era service was conducted hy Rev. Mr.
Mrs.   Nixon   of   Vancouver    i.s   the
"���a -��� ol Mrs  Nixon of Port Kells.
Miss  Smith  of Langley expects  to
i leave   flor  Cloverdale   in   the    neaT
! future where she will act as matron of
| a private hospital   which    is    I ���"ins
���  ected  nt that  place. "*
R.  A. Braden, jr.. was n  visitor in
New Westminster on Thursday.
Misses Ruby nnd Vera Coylterhave
.,���... .i f,.0T11 \;ew Westminster
whi re they hnve heen visiting frien Is.
Mi George Dair of Langley is binding .Tames lenkins' grain with his
.-. ������   | inder.
ited    I  tit        Inti lllgenl     In.Is
it ��� Ighti ��� n    ��� ai ������ ol age, at Fruit
' ���
'���'       ���-.���
: '  .,.' t ��:��� E- >    ������ ���
��� 'E-..--V '
.:,:    -^sfiAv -,.   .
t    i
Plug  Chewing
10c per cut
I 4
THE  DAILY  NEWS 8'cy ami waterfall; and in the seventh
_ , nnd  last, to cap the lot. she has her
Published by The Daily News Pub- ���,-..��� ������
(siting   Company,   Limited,   at   their '"' "    uwen-
iffices   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front  <J	
otreets. New Westminster,  B. C. Por ouce   in  a  wav   we are j^ppy
.          . ti) ,)e ;i.)le ((j Congraiulate the Coluiu-
MANAGING DIRECTORS. ;,lan      Iu   ^y^   of   ,a8t    Ilight   on
J.  C.  Brown P..  J.  Burde the Transvaal Constitution was quite
��� _____ ��� a:,  able effort.    At least, the ability
ADVERTISING RATES. was there;   there might  be two opin-
_       ,                 ,           .      ,. ,   .     ,, ions as to the effort.    The fact  that
Transient   display   advertising,   10
cents per line (nonpariel)  12 lines to tne same article appeared in the To-
the  inch.       Five  cents   per   line   for ronto Globe ot Wednesday last inigtr.
subsequent insertions. (ead those ,,eople who have a nasty
Reading notices, bold  face type   20 haolt 0f  sneering  at  their  neighbors
cents tier line, brevier or nonpariel, 10 i
cents tier line.                                          : ���people who have never learned the
Foi   time   contracts,   special   posi- beatific   influence  of  "soft   talk"���to
t.ois, apply to advertising manager. insinuate   that  the  article   had   been
Notices    of    births     marriages   or cribbed   but it wouId be a monstrous
deaths, SOc.    Wants, for sales, lost or -
f-mnd, rooms to let, etc.. one cent, per thing���would it not?    To accuse the
���vord.      No advertisement  taken fc r Columbian of such a sin.    How much
lesj than 25 cents.                                  j more in tbe spirit of the cult of "soft
 ~.���,���~.,~-,.-~~-*���    ~.w-w.~. ^ik" to accept the coincidence as an-
TELEPHONES. othe,.   ]l,.oof  of  the   fact   tlm  ..great
Business office   22 minds think alike."    Had the article
Editorial   office      17 been copied, credit would surely have
Manager's   residence    277 been   given.     No,   strange  as  it  may
 ���  appear that the same thoughts, cloth-
. ��� -. ed In the same words, should find ex-
���--^ y._ ...���*- presslon  In  the  Columbian just   five
" ilitv.s after they had appeared in the
TUESDAY,   AUGUST   21,   1906 GIob8i   surely   it   is   better   to  accept
_ the "greal  mind" explanation than to
A  TANGLE  OF  ENDOWMENTS. imagine that the lofty soul 0f the edl-
Tlie Nelson Daily News   has   had tor of the Columbian would stoop to
occasion to think over the things for cribbing the article of another, and
which   the   people   of   British   Colum- ,luu   "!l"'1'   a   wicked   Grit.     Yet   the
bla should  be thankful, and appears scoffers would not be without warrant,
to have found that the total could lie ��or such coincidences hnve    occurred
expressed by the mystic number sev- bef��re-    0n  the  10th of August, the
en, but in its enumeration leaves out Dall>' News had ;l stor>' trom Alaska"
number  six.     We are  puzzled  as   to lhitei1  Jul>'  L',;'  and  on  the   l5th  the
the  way  in   whieh  ihe  blank  should' same  story  geared   in   the   Colum-
be filled.   Probably the best plan will bian- dated from Al��s'<a on the 13th.
be to offer u chromo for the best so- Here  was   no  rase  of  cribbing,    no
lution  senl   in   before   the  provincial foundation for such a charge, but the
general election  Here Is the enumera- vt,'-v f!i!'i"a* coincidence that a story
tion; i printed  In  this  paper on    the    10th
liritish  Columbia has  a  great deal j should-   three  .lavs   later,   be    wired
to be thankful for. In the first place,!from Alaska ro 1he Columbian.
she hus as her lending citizen a native  o- .-
.son. endowed with good looks and
curly locks; in the second place, she
has rich mines, limitless forests and
teeming seas; in the third place"she
hns a sphynx, a wonder nr' erudition,
a master of wisdom as president of
the council and brains of the government: In the fourth place, she hns an
amazing legacy of sl itute amendments left by the late lamented attorney general: In the fifth place, she
is blessed with a magnificent climate
und a glorious tangle of entrancing
scenery���mingled mountain and lake,
forest  und  stream, rock    and    plain,
81   21,
Th�� boom for Bryan .is nexl presl
dent of the United States hns thrown
the great republic >nto the work of
preparing for the election a good two
. .. irs before the date of the �� u mal
beginning of the election itself.
Roosevelt's announcement that he
would in no case be a cand late foi
re-election is the thing which gives
force to the agitation. Had I 'republicans the certain recourse of I i
nominating him, they would be inline I to take matters : i h
easily; bul they appear to I ��� ���' I il
the president is the only man   in rheir
Bide   w-ho  can   beal   Bryan,  and   they
! are none too sure  that  even he can
' dc   it.     Hence   every   effort     is   put
forth to induce Roosevelt to withdraw
bis decision not to run again     Wli.it
the  presldenl   himself  thinks    about
It   the   public   Is   not   likely   to   know
for   some   time.     It   is   quite   possible
however that  he reels now it  would
have been wiser to vvui'  till be e.ime
to that renominatlon bridge before he
: crossed it.
The Liberal press of the Provin -,
while it has nol ha.l a great deal to
say on the subject, Beems Inclined to
take the right position on the new
aspect of the Chinese question.
Everybody knew that Chinese exclusion meant a whole lot of serious in-
convenience and some loss; and that
the conditions to be broughl ab mt
b; exclusion would necessarily last
for some time. But the breaking
down of the old system uuder which
certain classes of work were monopolized by the Chinese, was the object
1 sought to be attained, and when it
has been demonstrated that no such
; result can be attained, then and n it
till then, will the time come to ta
| about reversing the policy At the
same time, while ii is true thai no
one -hould allow his position on ,i
question of this kind to be influenced
bj the conduct of individuals, it is
also true that some of those who assume to speak as the representatives
ol ' I ibor" are doing Iheir best to
alienate the - mpa hies of a great
man; who have. In the Interests of
labor, supported Chinese exclusion.
From, certain somewhat cryptic utterances in the Delta Times we infer
ii:.;' the administraiton of law In the
: -aerous town of i.iidi.er i.s not quite
what is expected in u British coru-
munity. It Is said that the aim of
ihe court is rathe: to make Itself a
good fellow" with the people who ie-
ve In the wide open style of running things municipal, than to uphold
the law. The Times asks: "Who Is
��� i run this district, i ie ' iw-breaker or
those who honor the law? Al pres-
���: i the law-breakers, white nnd yel-
I iw, appear to hold sway. Surely it
is time for a ch inge " Mosl decldedlj
! Is time for a i lange, if our cotem'.s
statements ire correct, as we assume
' ey are. We ' eg to pass the matter" on to the attornej general, who
is fin illy responsible If the state of
tings cofnplained of Is allowed I i
continue.     The   Province   has   had   a
rr.oo.1 name heretofore as a law-abld-,
ing country, aud that good  name ,st
an asset with which we cannot afford
to part
Who says thai Southern chivalrj Is
.lend? Awaj down in Georgia, a brace
of politicians have got at loggerheads aiKiut some matter of a state-
ment one made about the other and
one of them has concluded thai the
matter calls for something more than
talk. Ile refused to re'-:i"i a story be
had told, the other mat denounced the j
story u- a falsehood, rd then the
party of the first part writes him:
"Some of the language of your let-
ti-i Is very offensive to me. I hereby
beg you will retract every word of
ii. Failing thai, you will indicate'
what time and place on the frontier
of the neighboring state we may|
continue this correspondence." Does
mil that recals Sir Nigel l.oring. of
'lie White Compnny, and liis quiet
courteous readiness to "go further inti the matter" with any one disposed
to  quarrel?
a British Columbi i syndicate has
een formed tor the purpose of sup-
pi; lng -ion., from I he quari A- of I he
Province', for the rebuilding of Sun
Francisco. The syndicate has conti i
of marble and other quarries al Noot-
Soun I an.l Satui na Island, and of
valuable clay deposits at Esquimau.
It nlso has options ou other similar
I roperties. In tiie list of dlrectoi -
wo find ".l. C. Armstrong, New Westminster's most wealthy citizen."
Nicholas Longworth, husband of
rhe "Princess Alice," Is ���. manufacturer of Catawba ivlne, which has
been practically unknown in the old
country. Now. however, II is on th"
,- lisi of all ibo big hotels, and
���le' king is sal I to have oidered i loi
of it. Yet Longworth was never
known to talk S-> ml ll: nnd h iw
ihe trick wns done Is the puzzle
Twent) ; ears a na .���{..,��� astronomi s
had catalogued 342,000 stars At that
time a congress ol astronomers was
held und tho work or' mapping the
heavens   -.va-   livided    tp  among   the
��� ron ime - i sevente 'n different
countries. They have nearly completed their 1 ibors and have a iw 1,500,000
stars on their maps,
Wanted���Active, Intelligent lads
ibout eighteen .'.ous of age, al Fruit
Cannery. Front street.
W. R. Gilley,
'Knone !���_-_.
J. R.Oniey, .Pnone1   E]W
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, jRrick, Sand, Cement
Fire Brack, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents R C. rotary Co. sewer pipe, etc
Local agents Vancouver P.o rtland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. D
���Phone i-tt
Hug- 21  In history.
1762 Lady Miry Wortley Montagu, :i.i<i>.i
for eccentricity .mil Ip-Hpth trum Turkey, died; born 1690.
nts Wllliani iv .11' England born; died
1,137. IP' waa tha third son of George
HI an,1 became heir presumptive1 on
th.- death of Un- Duke of York In _.27.
On the death of hla brother, George
IV . June r... 1830, la- a ceded ta ibe
throne. Ib' waa succeeded by hla
nlei ,'. Vlctoi in
1788���Julea Mlchelet, .in eminent French
historian   and   writer,  !><>ni   in   Paris;
died  1-71
1820- Professor John Tyndall, English ..��
n..sii    a - 1  :. ,' ::��� .1  phi] i opher,   boi ri.
.lia.i r ..���   '
1881     !������ ..:������ ' oombs, p   .     ���   ind BOldler,
died .0 Lexington,  K y . born ir I:
1886     i'i' ���     a    s ,i,    [Train Isi 0   destroj 1 I
12,000,   0   ������  a th of prop. ny.
1902���Oenernl Franz Slgel, famous German
civil   ivnr   veteran,   died  In   New   York
city; born    ���  1
190!    Vai   '   1      1 Do Ige,   1 ithoi. poet ar I
editor  of   31    NI  h ilaa,  .li.'.l   at   Tan-
nersvllle, N. V.; born b3i.
To Test Coi   v
Adulteration iu     v ^ ,
tented i.v adding to ,, ���   ,
col* water some of the    ,
tee.    Genuine coffe ���
not give a ilistfrii >   .   .
ter for several mint I
cereal i and  otl or n '
settle at t!;a Ait' .���
trails nf color
Fried Cjcumr
IA ;���.., . ��� ��� ���.' , ���
so.ik in co] I v il r
Wipe dry, eirs mil
with all : : .
deep : it.    Dra i
dry  with   	
lemon.    Thosi .  . ���   ,.
rwniment  to  mutton
14   COMIC   CUTS���1905
in Gold
cichetibach  Company,  Limited
ES.    .Av
Competition Closes Saturday, September 22, 1 906
First Prize $50 in Gold.       Second Prize $25 in Gold
Fifteen Prizes of $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purchs ;e.   Our weekly |
and monthly customers will also be given coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of same.
When you get $1 worth of checks present them at our office and get a coupon.   The coupons are all numbered in duplicate.   One is given to the customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.   The first number 1
drawn wins the first prize; the second drawn wins the second prize; and so on through the list.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons must present them on or before October 10th, 1906,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
#*% iii JT^ w*% $H& ir"^ W^i
Columbia Street
IffiiifiSri^^ ,'.
ml    *a s^m
m    m m :4 ���
m'.'        #;$   :-m.    .>.?
M   ana mt&J ^mr-sss.. ���
New SVestminste
mSfSESifflS^i^^ -mg
Smith s
Basket Picnic
7;..- is a sale of all kind - - handise
"i   '��� r"'      earai   e.   Prices i
tl ��� bar  . :.- bti arrani e ,    ���:.��� i . . . .,���
��� ���  price     Each tabli
atari        iod
ich extra woi    a dollar v
Basket No. 1
��� :
extra heai     n th
Basket No. 2
pin ba
������ ���-. -        his sali
Basket No. 3
t ��� ... ...
1 c
Basket No. 4
Hand so    -   ?���      .    .
60c, and
Basket No. 5
aad M I, with
i3B buck'
Basket No. 6
. ��� -.
sizes   '        a
Basket No. 7
Astounding \
���:..'.  ���   ���    ma       iorth2.1i
12 l-2c
Basket No. 8.
B   iwn    Gree .   in I   Re I  Lu si
"i -������  an I   some   fane;   dresi   ... h
fornierl    :"..   and 40c;  this sale  ....
ind  -.    :
T. H. Smith
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
i'onic in ;iuil see aur assort-
ment of the famous
. Jk
11 is swell
Phone  157.
Local News Briefly Told!
A large shipment ol new ha;  wa- re
ceivca    il     bis   port   yi.-,-.. ,la'    from
the Delta dlstricl
The freightei  Lapwing came li    n
Bunda:   v.: b a  large consigumen-. or
ock .-.ii    ,     ,  .   merchants
The '.'   P. k   yesterdaj   Bhl ip ��� I
��� .   ol Todd Inlel cemenl I i the
Kootena:   Powei    impan;  al Bonnlng-
��� ir. Palls
An Intermediate lacrosse match is
a leriuled rn take place on Thursday
. enlng between the Wesl End and
the East End teams.
load  oi  Unseed ol!  was  re
al  this poinl   yesterday  from
Montreal   and   will   be    shipped     on
i     .  rhe R.  P. Rirhet. to Victoria.
,,'   young  men  enjoyed
uncb  party to Ladner on Sunday.
Tin"   participated  in a drive around
the Ladner district  before returning-
S   Ross of Minnesota,,
:   anno m<  I i lee     li   I he
-    : iinavian     mg ii citizens    of
natlonalitj     i    va-    22   In   the
Bro vas yesterlay
h a new swinging b lom
���   o while lifting :na-
Tla       I.   P.
.    ��� - ��� r
n   on
��� . .:.      ol    the    ra-
the gulf.
.a-  which  was
In   the   Brat km ,;p    Ker
3 mil   at i!...- poin! ai     ���      . has
ele ,wer. was
.-  wi i ..- installed In one of rhe cjoi-
pany's mills at  that point.
A       and    Mrs   C.  A   We 3b    are
tida      Bay during the
.   a.  :   on   Sun   >>     Mr
employees w .'-re all Invite i    i
e ever and have supper   -
Tho   majority   of rhe  em
.' .-   made  the    i      ...     -;>,-���- i   a
bli   da
ral ol  the late Sa
e wh i   lied    3 thi    esul   ol  .ailing |
stei ...    ridge al  Revelstoke
n   Sunda eld   until j
\\ e lm s ia;.    1 he  funeral  was    pre-
inn i ince 1  foi    C les la     bul
Lhi  ���-',.'. em ol the rem ilns 1   -   een
iv. account of the inquest noil
eld until yes     lay,
.    . ,:  re-erecting the build
ings In i imber
          on   Burra  I     Inlel
des :���' ed by fire
een   i in menced,    The
ees have cleare 1  out a
-.-    ������ ,;. the I md sl le
, dte   ' ... '':   bas   been
. , tied lu.   The outfit will be In I t
"':''#^.  !
*&*i'4 M   j
Stationery   ! v:^^^ j
vhlch arrived a short time ago,     Am \    ...    r  s.uk./EJ^     j
I  is swell. "[.-������ I  ly      jfE
. J. MACKAY UO., * I i- Eyt
- i
We have n ;  mly thelargest %
an.l best stock of WATCHES |
��� in the city, bul ab  have the jjj
9S555T�� ��.35 sole  agency \^s the HAMIL- ;���
TON WATCr?- S which Es accurate time keeping :���
' annot be beaten ��
W.C.CH     11AIN, The lewder, I
lotd St.
iis   ir.i'ants  ben'-   I soft
ip   thi
Ou   hoi ���   Schelke     -.   Shaw,
.:        .   '.'   Bai   well, Nor-
-... . . ���   Man     F   R.  J. B    '���' ''���'���    V;,u'
p, Mcfco    owto*     ���'��������� VV
Lot ta, Miss Evans, Vai so MlSfl
v  illington    R   W     Pe ���
A   Malcolmson,    Vancouver;  Miss L.  E. Perkins. St. I .oui.-     V
P   Handcock,  Winni leg    A   J   Pilton,
New    Vork;   K\   Fraser,    Vancouver;
George W.  Knox.   Victoria
Colonial���A Tennyson Kamloops;
:' Jerdtson Vane n eei 3 Charhon-
ii.-Hi. Halls Prairie; F. B. halstead,
Vane mver.
Wli     . McLe in, Seattle;  B  ;���.'
. .. geusen Vai couve \ \i Web-1
sl������ Hanej . \\ Flood nd wlfi . Van-1
i'i-       ���     ��� '- .<.,,.     Sumas
J    R.   Thesp an ihead      D,   A.
���.   , ,agac<.
��� ips   Seat-
, Goti    r     ..���    ���    Mai      J. F,
i iIcEachern,   Mis-
Just Received an excellent line of Pictures of
all grades.
OLEOGRAPHS 20 x 40 for $1.50
OILS, good size        - ���   $2.00
See them.   They will delight your eyes, tempt
yo;.;,'r purse and make you happy.
i     Moulding in large varieties.    Framing a specialty.
Duponl Block. Telephone 7 3. J
,.. <
Reduced Prices
Ladies* Blouses and     |
Shirtwaist Suits I
,    hi
Easl En I brat ch ol loya   bank in
Vancouver was on S       la    joined in
agi    ' '';   '-i . | M   B liott, of
Newcastle, N. IA. -.��� ho a      ed In Van-
couve ning oi   the  C. P
R express. The >'< ':,..'. was performed at rhe residi n - i Mi W. S.
Archibald, Burnaby street, the Rev.
Tt'. A. Wyllie. of Kamloops, officiating. The ha;,- rsequently
erno in train on a honeymoon trip to the  sound cities
The   White  House
I   A. J. BIRTCH. ^^^^^^^^
275 Columbia St.   ;�����
.:. the i t. >e ol a few
Summer  Resort  Scheie.
James  S.  Chasier  was   - anted  25
inches  of  water   fr '    aes   creek
irdaj  morning       S a ���    i lommis-
���   C   (A Fisher,    Paynes creek is
iod   sized   stream  whieh  empties
to Hffwe so from
.n's landing.    The water secured
Mr.  Chaster is  to  be   :iilize,i  in
of ,i  summei    scheme
h he has on hand and is hoping
to launch before another summer.
New  Saw Mill.
A man name,! McLaughlin has commence,!   lhe erection   ol   a   saw  mill
in   the   vicinity   ol   Bon    ^ c )rd      A
fang of men are a'  presenl  clearing
li   - sti 'inure ami as there
-   .   considerable   quantity   of   good
timber in that district, easily acces-
A water, the promoter hopes to
conduct a very profitable business.
No More Work for Indians.
The Indians who have been In the
of the St. Mungo cannery
came In to the city yesterday The
cannery will be run during rhe re-
mainder of the season without their
Special Clearance
Sale of Shirts
m    Our regular good I
values ��� $1.25,   $1.50 j
and $2.00���to clear the I
Sizes 14S to 17i
.1.    Mahonej    of   the   governmenl
gent s  depa       n    rei arned   > estei
.. n Victoria where he '-v a - enfold i      tnissloner's
rice in co]   In . o il     e  msiness which
ha - irlng upon the New Wesl
Ins ���      lis rlcl     The work was necessitated bj  the ri'ii':i   appointment,
o. Governmenl Agent C. C. Fisher to
gold   commissioner   for   this   cjis-
:   i   :
The  officials  who   Yr. a       irge  of
the  C,   P.  V  whai:   yeste  la
noon noticed an emptj  Bklff floating
! wn stream ani secured another
��� i' uith which tAer wenl ou! an I
broughl Mi" derelict In. it was four,.!
i" be .i skiff belonging to the Fraser
River tannery. How ii cam.' to be
floating down stream has not yet
been explained    Up to last nlghl tin<
ioal was tied near the C. P  N   wharf
Ladner   By-Laws  Carried.
Tl.e Electric Lighting and the Land
Sale law, both of which were voted on by tire ratepayers of the towa
ol Ladner on Saturday, were carried.
The former wen: through by a vote
, 16 for to 10 against, and rhe latter
b;   yi to . against.
Tiio Electric Lighting by-law pro-
> - authorltj for the town council
:���' enter Into an agreement with the
H.-i-a Columbia Electric Railway
companj tor the lighting of the
streets of Ladner for a perlo.l of
! ears
The Land Sale by-law provides for
the sale of certain water lots to the
Victoria Terminal & Ferrj company,
which In time mav reopen Its ferry
-."vi... between the Fraser river an.l
How nicelv and easily a Cake can be iced with
Cake Icing
Chocolate, Pink, White, Lemon, Orange,
Almond,   Maple   and  Coconut  Cream.
half full ot water
The   ���." inlns of  thi   late Ca
|j    \i  Elhlnuej   who...   boal   was   re-
ceutlj    picked   up   In   the   gulf   u -
, ���,.. .!,.�� n, have nol  ) el   bei a I iun I
Search   parties  have   ' oon    oui
...:��������� time hunting along the  sli i
bul so far ��Ithoul stici ess    Failure   u
. the bodj still le ives a talnl hope
u  pari  oi  his  rei il Ives thai  he
. ,, ;hl   possibly   be   still   alive,     The
. ,   ;,i,. Is a verj    i   a   one an I they
, are nol  bull ling verj  high hopes up-
j on It.
G. Pei I . It Brown, D. Gllcfcu' -   ami (
Ur  Hacking returned on Sun : ������ fi
. mosl enjoyable outing   ip the Clo-
holme river,   The.   took the stoai
; io Secheli and trom thence emb u
holt  canoes which thej '.'   li
i lem and  , a Idled -,|! oul  20 tulle    ,; i
'      i i\ i .,.,   found   I he  i mul  )
, '. ,i   . ne   tr on    a      poi' ������.   ���
mdpolnl an,i flshe 1 ind ihol to their
��� s contenl  wil h good res ill a ac-
���  Ilng  to their own stories.    They
.   i  po,-  bring back any of the fruits
heir prowess as tiie weather was
too imi to permit of Its keeping They
���a. thai the air and the climate wns
ii te ' Ion and all the tittle they were
away,  they ill.I  not   lake the  trouble*
t.)  erect   their   tent     and    sle;,t    as
Lost   Pal    ii tie is gla ises on  Front
Ci lum! la  Bti eet.    Finder return
to Westi Instor Frull  Packing Co.
Advertise   in   The   News
��� ^^^^^^���^^^^-r '.^^^^^^^^���^BBBaa^BBBBBBBBBaaBBBBBBBBBBBBiaBBBBBBBBBBBllBBBBBBBlllllllBBlli���
^ Balloon Asoenaion and Parachute Jump every day,  and many other free
\   acts.   Dancing every day and night and a big continuous Vaud \ ilie Performance
i   One Whole Week of Fun.   Baseball and   Other Sports
^ H	
> Wednesday,   August   22nd,   British   Columbia   Day  |
im -
t*i -
���'    A,
< ���
" Fa
'  \M'"
������ Imfc bt
On a Pontoon
opyrig  '.   ��� ��� '���.   I..   I" a!r ��
tinie." Spreading his coat en the damp
floor of tho pontoon, "(la l.e seated nml
he eun.lor'..".i le."
"I'oii't you si.:���;.-. si ime one saw us
and will come i i the rescue?" asked
the girl.
Whiteomb shook his head dubiously.
"I'm  afraid  nm
Tbe  i lule boy  was
For tl :' t time In lira years Willi
totiji. admitted to himself r!i..t he was
tired, thai 1 i bad at la~t weai a .;
thi om lun ; >ssil ile tr, ' les across in:-
possibli canyons, of climbing tho un-
. battle and accomplishing thai ���.,:.' t
neitl , ���' re nor man over had mean:
I.   . ���    coon pUshed.
II.- leaned ng.ilu<?t tha rop ��� n bh '
served tor ;; railing on Ibe old ponto
liriiirrc uml lo..I.o.i ui. rla- canyon,
Tvlii-r.. :!. massive Iron structure tha'
tv;t tl e ivoi:. ..:' his '.ruin was silboui :���
toil against the sky. It was nu Apr.!
afternoon in tl is, a Sui il iy
afternoon, so that tin- riuc of steel
p. ::'      ol        lues, ih.' :.!;������::'> of   "
men   " . .''��� Rlilled,    Thp- gulch wns as
I .      fill ns 11   ���-. ..'il.'.  be  six   month*
hem   . tbe    :ir::.y   of    ���   ' ������:���������: s
would i        t, leaving on!
- Hi ut bridge to mark their occupancy,
oiu ���  v. i.s  frank ��:;h 1.   .-, I
II.-  di i   a .'   deny   in   these   ; i   I ngs
v.; i! i   hii     ,":'���..'.' tl
restl ���-       �� had appeared In ��� ��� '
the i f the i   i   i '     '
tbe   Bide-i   IVee   hunl
Bui        peak.    Sot that he 1
lr- :, , '  till' [I   I'ty i'-   i v, ri!
had   wand'.']       d     u   to ���
i    . man     "fo il" quest I
v.   :  : ���: .(11 . -V   ��� Mai],
tancc h ��� :.        ���   .
riding In     ���:.;.:���.
bud :    en 1      n lior thrill    Su I
,: Ii    wanted to get  I
land ol ...        ...
i y froc
W'hil I red do':   nl
his coi and I boots dls
conl :"  ��� |",. '   ms rock nl, and
a ho ' ifs sounded suddenly at
the i il of the liri i .... i 'omlng toward
him n as ii girl leading a sturdy littl I
mou poi      a   girl   with   a
head, wl       tin  sun elanc ��� 1 nnd dim
%>$. fir. AA^w ,.:..��� *'v>>-:Wt>     VSZ
| uot in sighl whi u tbe thli g happened,
and 1,< 'll probably spend the remainder
of the day hunting for his mules."
Tbe girl did not aj pear us anxious as
mighl I avi .������ u expi cted, and Whir-
cur: b sat i  .' n be ide her.
"It wil] take some timi to float down
ther.'." he si id, "anil In tbe meantlnn
I'li tie these ropes together."
Sho   v.      In.,   i Is   clevi r   Angers   In
sileni e,   and   Whiteomb   was   moved
with a stn   g<   desire to talk ..:   I.
I   . you know, j ou aro tbe Brsl easl
crn girl I've spoken t > in Ave years?"
Surprise on tbe rose : luted face I e
side h .
"I bn\, n'i been back easl since I flu-
i-la i colli ge. At first I wrote ofti n,
especial);   lo   p..  well,  I   wrote often,
��� But," si led the girl, "y, n botli began to lose el thlislasm?"
White b I. oked nl her gratefully.
"Ves - .. thing like thai al li tst. I'm
afrnii il d,   She was a pale li;-!.
girl, nol elgl n, when I saw her Inst
She 1 -ai. etl  a. like j   urs, but
with ml lh -, rich, di rk shades. I v, -
h   fond of the I ttle girl, bul  I'i
i :���
I .
���    "
���   real
; :   :
!     ..'
SL    . l^#At\ V
.r. :.
mi red   oi es   of   coppi r   colored
hair   ii   girl   with   flawless   shin   and
eyes I ke sand hill ��� loi its, a girl whi
every slehdi r line breathed health and
The girl In her turn saw a In lad
shouldei ed im n, dark with tan, abo
which his blond b.iir shone curiously.
Tho cordur . i tig sn ; was strangely bee lining to .. m The girl stoppe I
before hh .
"Can you tell ne," she asked, "il'
there Is n qu way  f ir me to gc
back to the Bid '.'. ee i idge than by
the long Smith road ';"
"Yes," he unswere !. "there Is, and I!
you would not mind n aitiug f ir me t i
get my p my I'll sel you on il I never
could din ���: y   i |, oiu li ire, '
'1,. his surprise i ai ilelighl the girl
acqule ed readily, but n he I irued to
fetel broncho,   irblch  he had left
grazing i n the sl  ire. ho ga\ e n gns]i.
Great I ive ;!" Ami, thr i .-ing his
arm aboul the :i :v I girl, lie le ned
as far i n with her as the rope rail
would penult. Etiteriny Ihe brld io ul
a man pace, tbe white boll map. loud
im.'. '. the herd of u ulo* used In
bulldin ��� lhe tresll >, There wa - a bom
hard' a ..: of ho ,.a thai dr ned thc
girl's frightened cry. Thi' p mtoon sank
a   fool   into tl e   v\ ater.   There was a
roar of Iran pliug  i nnd n  re i ;    .���
era-h of the floor ns the herd passe :
ro . lose I Iui I both their fnees wor"
slum., by the lashing tails; Una silence
agnlu In the valley, excepi I'or the
sounds of retreating hoofs up tbe
mountain road.
"Careful, careful!" cried Whiteomb
us lbe girl drew herself from his arm.
"We are afloal'."
Tho strain on the old bridge hn I
been toa great. The worn flooring had
parte I, ami. still clinging to a bit of
the i i] e rail, the man and girl were
floating rapidly downstream on one ol
the pom s.  'this little raft rode well
out of the water, and the river, swollen by the spring freshets In the moun
tains, towed them along nt a smart
pace. The two looked at each other
and suddenly smiled.
"There is really nol much danger."
paid Whiteomb. "It's live miles down
to the rapids, and two miles below here
the river narrows so that I shall have
Iio trouble in lassoing a 'land mark'
with these bits of rope.    In the meat-
1 !'��� ������ gr
'.   - ."
i' vi
i; ur
an I I'm v     g b
to f.Uii In
: |   rb.T ;
lon r ii'-'o.   i
A dull red       ��� .   I ;     er Wl itcomb's
tan.   "Pi      ps sl - In      I   I   I've b .
1. iping     ': . .���   this   .:.. .   thai   sh
The  eyi ���   were sc irnfu!  n iw     "Pi
you thi  I: y m've any right t . say tl
to me?"
"No." ; . At "I n1 -but you are everything I've gr.". :i to a In re In a
w iniaii, - . fine and strong, i .. I"���
".Look I   Look!" -      Intei rupted.
... . on " as ... ��� ring a uud len
1 e id In tl river, and hi y were hei :
s\t cpl : ��� r I tl sh re. But a few
feet : hi a 1 ol them a gr : tre I aned
lar oul . '��� er the wati r, its 1 ranches almosl touebii he . . There wa.s
no time for d iberal i i i, no time to
stop tbe p.. :������ ihe force of the
eurrenl hi i           ti   r He.
Bi fore thi girl c Id prlng to her
feel Wbitci iul I . fted her with one
arm. while with t! other he clu ig desperately to a i ' nch. 'I he pon
too i was sv,-"pi av ay, nnd for one
awful :.,,,:, . ��� il so i i thai they
mu i be dm ���������. n Into th   swirling d tpth3
��� ' .atb But s a how, ��Ith the aid
Df tin ������: trengtl of th girl and
tbe powerful should rs . f rla- man.
they found (he .. ��< i up ou th trunk
of lhe tree. A moment later they wi -���
safe :h bore.
The l irl looked a1 bim and spoke
with ��� lips an I voice that trembled.
"That's twice that you have saved
Whiteomb ���.' ts haa::;.-' both hands in
his. I nt neith ;��� of them sei me 1 i on
scioiis of the fact. There was a do or
die expression In his grny vyt^. "I'm
going_ to say something. You needn't
mind, as tl,,- will be the last time that
you will ever see me."
The girl seemed about to Interrupt,
bul Whiteomb gave her no opportunity.
"11 il I wer ��� fr e I'd do my best to
make you lore me. Vou are my ideal
of what a girl should be, That knowledge can do you no harm, can it? And
as I can't help feeling it, I am no more
��� i.-loyal to that other girl In telling
than in feeling it. Come, we must set
out for your camp."
But the girl stood still, Tbe lowering
sun glinted oa her beauty until Whiteomb turned away with lirm pressed
"Perhaps���if only .A." pas forgotten?"
Whiteomb turned to ber curiously.
"Would Ihere he-no. I've no right to
ask now."
The sweet montb dimpled. "If thai
little girl had lived mil of doors for
five year's would you recognize her,
John Whiteomb?"
While,uni. p .i o il a trembling baud
and turned I r f: ce full Into the sui .
A grei ; co .        ,       hl.'l his laee.
"Ma ..,:.'������ .... ��� ' nrgnret, do
ynu lot.   me sl
"Yes "said  Mar.:
no sound  o    Iln
rippling of ::
iret, And there w i -
I auk   imt   the
Chineac Woildlnir SupemtlHona.
No other oou . n any super
stitious ,. bout 1 .    i - ('hum.    The
' ... c ,, nc ei ma ry ��Ithin a hundred
days after a death has taken plan' In
Un- family of either the bride or groom,
for if they do tin y believe domestic
iron! les are sure to follow. Tbe ���.���
seems io I..- uo n on for this belief,
nml the ' 'hinese do nol atterapl to explain it, but are willing to lei it go
as nn undisputed fact. A <'hinese bride
may be brouj ht to the bouse of the
groom while there is a coffin In the
house, bul not within a hundred days
after it has been taken out. If a bride
breaks the heel of her shoe while she
is going from her father's to her bus
band's home it is ominous of unhappl-
ness to her new relations, A side of
bacon and  a  pice of sugar are bun:.'
mi tin   1 k of a bride's sedan chair a*
a peace offering to evil spirits, and
when she is dressing for the wedding
ceremony sh,. Hands all the while In
a round wicker basket. When a bride
Is eating ber last meal at the table of
her father before going to live wit'i ber
husband she Is allowed to consume
only half a bowl of rice, lest shit be
followed by continual scarcity in her
new abode.
Foot-af-1th Ave.  Cor. A:th Street
New Westminster, B. r.
All kinds of Ship  repair
; 8 [Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pione��r   Limited"   St.   Paul   to
Chicago.   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any '
railn ad   in   the   world  that   equal   in
equipment that of the  Chicago,  Milwaukee   &   St.   P'anl   Railway.     They
own  and  operate  the;r  own   sleeping
and dining cars on alll thi ir trains and
the r   ; atrons   nn   excellence  of
service  nol  obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. Gen   -a] A	
1.34 Third St., cor Alder. Portland, Or,
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
If you are sending : r j i ur family
���  ' li nds fron: thi       I i   utnry . i i
will       re   .:   ia i; Ar:   ticki '-
Xext sailing  Em]   ��� ss   B It: in  :
'..' lebec  Aug.   23;   the   speed est    ind
mosl elegant steami r.   Foi     ti      i :
oth'. r     rtlc liars . : : Ij to
C.   P.   R.   AGENT.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business cent, rs of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.  W.  VA-jX.
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, III.
Eight Train? Every Day in the Ve.u
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Tili-   TRAIN   OF  FAME
i   .        NORTH-WESTERN,     LTD.
dies ri, ��� vi -:      nd 1   -1 i :���
and LUXURY. It is ligl ti I with
I   :a   eh :tr   ity   and   gas;   the
. ntly   illuminated   train    in   the
Id.      The   (quipmi nt   consists   of
��� vate   compartment   car?,   standard
io  section  sleepers,  luxurii us   dining
car. reclining eat
"...iilerri day ci a. :hes a I bi :,��� ', library  ���;;u   -"a A ng
I    r  'r  mi    rabies,  Folders,  oi
further in;  n   ition   : ill  on   or   ���.
���?20 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Berth No. I'M." will be received at
this Department until noon on Wednesday, the 8th day of August, 1906.
fi r a license to cut timber on Berth
So.  194,    . ng 'i." West ball ol
Si   tion    26,    'I iwnship  5,  Kan.-..   ;
\\���.-' of tl e 7th  Mi      th. containing
an nr. a of 303       i ���   or less.
The .: ... of this berth is to he
made v, ithin oni i ' ol receipt of
The ... datl ms under which a license ��i.i I e i i< .1. also printed
forms ' I tender and envelope, maj b<
obtaim : al this Department or at tin-
offlce of the Crown Timber Agent al
Xew Westminster, B. C.
Each tender must be accompanied
I,, an a tepted chi que on a chartere I
bank In favor of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, tor the
amount i f the bonus which the appli-
canl :     ������     red to paj for the license.
Xo tender tell gri ph will be entertained.
-'���     . 'ary.
I ip | tn enl i I the Intel or, I ittawa,
June 2'. 1906.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. TraiP.S   &   Steamers
British   Columbii   Coas".   Line
(Subject to change witjiout   notice.)
Princess Beat! Ice h   ���      Van
August 6th,
Princess    May    li ives    V. m    i ������:
August 12th:
Princess B< atri <��� lei ves '.'. n
.May 18th.
���Princess    May    h.'. .��� 5    Vi d
A igust ZSm].
Princi      Beal     eh   ?es '.'. n
.'. ig :-'   29th.
Princess Victoria,
I.    ��� - -   .A:, ouvei   daily  at 1   p. ru.
S. S. Charmer.
Leaves Xew Westminster at 7 a. m.
on Wednesday and .Mondays.
S. S. Joan
l/eaves Vancouver daily except Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Sat-
ur lay al 2:30 p. in.
S. S. Queen City
Leaves Victoria <.: 11 p. m. en 1st,
7th, 19th and 20th ol i ach mi nth foi
Ashousil and way points; leaves Victoria on the 7. and 20, for Quatsino and
way points, Leaves Victoria on 20th
of each month for Cape Scott and way
points including Quatsino.
Steamer Transfer
Li���,.'.'. s   Ni '.'.    V\ ���   'ii..: ��������� ;���   mi   Mon
day,  Tue day,   Wedn. -..   .   ':i    sday
i : I    lay at 3 p, in. and I     . daj
at 2 p, n.. v. li b  id  ,' lom . trip on Mi ;.-
day at 6 ... m.
I." ivi Ste - -. a Mond ij', Tuesday,
Wi du"-,:.,;. 'i a tri day and Si tui i iy al
7 a, n. : Friday at 6 a, m. addll onal
trip .-'. I .  :.,.  5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves  New   Westminster,  H a.  in.
.Monday.-,  Wi Inesdays and  Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, calling at
landings Int ween Xew Westminster
and Chilliwack.
S. S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. m., 2nd
and  16th  of  each   month,  calling  at
ISkidegate on first, trip and Delia Coola
on  seconij  trip. Time on arrival  and
departure  are  approximate.
For reservations and information
call or address
l Agent, New Westminster,
10. J. COYLE,
/iBRt. Gen. Pass. A Rent, Vancouver.
,T. \V. TROUP,
General Superintendent, Victoria,
Gen. Agent, Freight Dent.,
N'frw.  Wjstminster.
C. P. !:. M VIN LINE
' '   re Ni w  Wi     nl isti r 7.25   I:
Leave New V,'. - mil -'��� r 17.20   . lily.
Arrive  New   Westminster  10,30  daily.
Arrive  New   Westminster 19.10 daily.
Lv. X. W. 7.25, Ar. Seattle 15.50.
Lv.  Seattle,  12.30;   Ar. X W.  20.20.
Lv.   X.   VS.   7.1'..,   9.35,   17.20.   19.25.
Ar.   X.   W.  9.15,   10.30,  19.10,   20.20.
C. P. It. MILLSIDE Sli'.'; A..
Lv. Ni w Westn In ler fi.30 a. rn.
Lv. X. W. B.20 a.m.; ar. Sei ttli   I p.m
Lv. X. W. -).:.". p.m.; , r, Si attle 10 p.m
Lv. Seattle, 4.34 p, m., ar. X. w. 9.35.
V., W, i:  Y.���VANCOUVER
Lv. x. W. 3 p.m.  ind 9.35 ;.:a,
Lv. Vi ncouvi i       '. . ��� ,., and t p.m.
G. N. R.���PORT GU1CHI ���:..
.ru.;   , .'.   Gui hot
a r.   X.   V.
Mail Service
Close. Received.
Seattle, via Sumas. 10 pm. 8.20 p.m.
Sap'n & Millside.. 10.00 p.m, 10.30 a.in.
Vancouver 1 a.no p.m.   9.00 a.m
Cloverdale, Blaline,
Seattle, etc..  .. 8.45a.m.   3.;30 p.m.
Van. & Cent. Park...l0.30a.m.    2 p.m.
Victoria 10.30 a.m. 10.00 a.m.
East Burnaby  1,15   1.20 p.m.
Steveston, etc.... 1.30p.m. 10.30a.m.
East, via C. P. R...4.4a pm. 7.10 p.m.
East, via C. P. P.. 10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m
Sap., Mill, Coq'm..4.4.r) p.m. 7.10 p.m.
Van. &. Burnaby. .3..'!0 p.m. 6.00 p.m.
Timberland, Tues.,
Friday   12.00 m.   12.00 m.
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province
of British Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
the Timber and Mines Branch, Do-
partment of the Interior, and marked
on the envelope "Tender for Timber
Railway Cornp,,
Two   fast    transcontine
with dining ears and thn .
and  first-class sleepi
Atlantic Express  leavi
Imperial   Limited,  le i
* ���o -   -���   .
Cheap Excursion to Toi
and  Return. ,. . .
Sept. 8,9, & 10    A   -.15
Good till Nov. 30th.
C. P. Ii. .'.
Xew Westi
Assistant   General   Passen::-,-   /...���.
Lv.   X.   W.   9.20
| 2.20 p.m.
Lv.  Guichon  2.40  p.m.
DA.", p.m.
.Mondays only.
I.v.  Xew  Westminster 5.50,  6.50, 1
and H a. m., and evt.Ty half hour there-
alter till ll p. m.
Lv.  Vancouver  for Westminster at
f; me hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From X. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
From  Chwk.  Tu., Th., Sat.,  7 a.m.
From X. W, Tu., Th., Sat. S a.m,
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m
From X. W. daily, ex. Sat. and
,1 p. in.; Saturday 2 p. m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 B
Add.  trip  Sai urday, .",  p.m.
From  X.W.,  Wed. and  Mon.,  7
Irom Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4
Synopsis   of    Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Anj . .    lable Dominion Lands ��Ithin thi   :'     ������      i , 11 In Urttish Colun
be homesteaded hy any j
���   head of a fam
or ai ' -    e      of agi. to
the   extent   ol   one-quartei     ���   Lion   of
160 aci ���   . n,��� re or li
Enti ��� must be n    le pen onallj   at
i (flee for the dl itrl
v. hii h the land late.
'1 he '.  mi  ti      r is requ ri d to i ei
dil   ns i   innected thei i
.���ith      ler   ne i f the ;���    ��� ,vii g plai
(ii At   least six  months'  n    li
ui   :.      d cull vatii in   of the land  . i
h year for three year.-.
(2)  If the father I or mother, if the
fu'.A r i   di   '. of the homesti
res '��� - up ,-i a f.,rm :n the vie I ity
. ��� the land enten d f. >r the require-
mei ' - to residence n:ay he satisfied
by su h person residing with thc lather  or  mother.
(ji) If the settler has his permanern
residi i   e   uj on   ft rn  -ikr  land  ow ni
by him  in  the  vi   I  ty  oi his  home-
���'   I, the requirements as to residen
may  be   satisfied   by   residence   upi n
the said land.
Six rdontl 'not e in writing should
be given to the ( i mtniss ��� ni r of I >o-
minion Lands r.i I <'.:..*;: oi intent on
to ap] ly i   r i ..tent.
Deputy  Minister of  the   Interior.
X.   B.���Unauthorized   publication  of
this  advertisement   will   not  be  pan!
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
i. ��� , r
'���' 20 am Blaine,  Bel   i
1:35       ���   ��� B url li
ton,    Mt,    V.
non,     i .
4:,;;, i a -���
Paul        :
nts ]
9.20 am \ nacoi te ,
Wo...:.   ,
3 on pm Vani ���
''���"." pm
i.v.     Xew      Wesl
hon     50 p, m   '.
C   p,   .....   Mon
'   !..   a    :..    ...������   ��� ���   ���
i a, iii   Lv. for Vai
Route of the Pan
2���Da.ly Overland Trains���2
B] okane, St. P ml,  .ii:.- ���
Winnij eg,  Dul ith, Cl
Louis and  all points Easl
Por    complete    Inf
rate:.   bi rth   reserval   i    i
call on or addi e
F. C. GRIFFIN, Agi ".
Bar.,, of < 'on,a., ree B        I
Xew   Wi .!'.'
B, G. YERKES,  V G. :'
Coi r.. :  Si . ond A ��� ��� ��� .,���   nd Co
lumbia S  . Seal    i,  ���'
Sealed tend": addn ed to the
undersigned, mark* d on the envi pi
"lender for Tl i . 1906," will be received at the office 11 the Commis
sioners of the Tran-' i i ' uental Ra
way al Ottawa, until ��� ve o'cloi I
noon, of tbe I-"" .. ��� . ' y, 1906
for five hundred ..nd thirtj--! ,-e thou
sand (535,000) Ri . ". iy Tie . , accordant e with the specifications
the < ' mmissioners.
Sealed Tenders addressed lo tbe
undersigned, marked on the envel pe
"Tender for Ties, 1907," will also he
receh '-d as above until twelve o'e a
noon, of Hie 4th day of Septi ml i
191'',. for one million and ten tho i-
sand 11,010,000) Railway Ties. |n accordance with the specifications ol
ih" Coiumisi lonei
Tenders must i '��� ma le on the
form i;, :,. i i j the Ci n mlBsione-0
whh h, well a - the ��� i clflcatii u ���.
maj i ol tained un application to
Hugh 11. Lumsden,   Chief    Englneei
Ullav. ,.  i ui' .  to  A.  IA     I", i 6t,    I'i
rlcl Engineer, Q ebi c, P. ti. r I i
\. E. Kodgins, District Engineer
Kenora, Ont,
full informal ion in regard to doiiv
eries required Is given on form or
Each tender must be    signed   an .
iled by all the parties to the tender
and witnessed.
The successful tenden rs will be
required to sign a contract in form
satisfactory to (he Commissioners,
aad to furnish an accepted cheque on
a chartered hank of Canada, payable
to the Commissioners of the Transcontinental Railway for a sum equal
to ten per cent. (10 per cent ) of the
amount of lhe tender, as security for
the due and faithful performance of
the contract.
Xo tender for less than five thousand  ties wlll bo considered.
The right is reserved to reject any
or all tenders.
By Order.
P.   E.  RYAX,
The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental Railway,
Dated at Ottawa, .lune 20th, 1900
j Northern Pacific
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Eli. trie-lighted train.   Low 1
Q a ,: i .��� ... Excelli i.t Sen ce.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full infonntion call on oi write
C. K. LANG, Gem ral Agent,
���1H0 Hastings St., Vancouver, B
Portland, Ore v G.    *
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
for CONRAD, CARCRi  - -   \'n !N'-
FAIRBANKS.    Daily  tn
Sunday)   carrying   pas
express    and    freight    i
stages at ( arcross and '.'.
mi :���".lining a through v.   ti
For information apply ' '
1.   H.  ROGERS, Traffic   Manai   ',
Vancouver.   B   l
Spokane falls & Northern Ky. Co.
NelsonX ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The  onlv all   rail  route  between ����
points cast, west, anil  -
anTVelson'and'Fntermediatc points
 .: ���. c������L.o,-p^ with the ''ri'"
ind 0. R.
. onnecting at Spokane with
Northern, Northern Pacil '
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland With tl
adian   Pacific   Railway  for
Creek points.
Connects  at     Meyers     Fa
stage cMly for Republic.
litifTrt   service   on   trains
Spokane   and   Nelson.
November   '"
0.20 a.m.
12.2$ p.m.
0.40 a.m.
Day Train
..  Spokane
... Nelson  (1"45 F
MS I""'
, to p."'
i.tn. UESDAY
AUGUST  21.   1906.
,.;  &   EDMONDS.   Harris
olicltors, Blackle Bib
New   Westmluater
Coi""",:: ,  u. l. Edmonds
ft. J'
���  HAMPTON BOLE,     i
���   ^ supreme court Offices
i |   of  Commerce  build-
��� ���' , ,   street,  opposite  pi   I
Westminster.   Money to
���-" -<%sls~
On the Famous
���, .-.  solicitors, etc.        Of-
. ���,. ' v. .1 Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
��'m',r i son and Lome streets.
Sut rooms 21 to 24, 445 Gi in
!��to street. Joseph Martin. K. C, ..
A" w���..- vv, G. McQuarrle, H. A.
,.'���,.. Mr, Martin wijl he In tba
Westmln ��� officea every Friday af
H0v.AY. REID <fc  BOWE8, Barrte-
. llcitors,   etc,   4:   Lorne
., ,,. te   Court   Hon  i,   New
I. H. Howes, P. 0. Box
MARTIX, Barri itei and
' goi!,     '. Guichon  block, Colum-
:.. . /;e   . ' . BCtS,   New   V\ ���     I
;   C.
LOYAL   ORANGE   LODGE,   NO.   1150
���Meets In Orange hall first and
rii:: i Pri lay In each month al 8 p.
m. VI il ng brethren a re cordially
i "������tai. B. E. Matthias,
W. M.   J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
1.0. 0. F.���AMITY  LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of thi - ' id  ������
I in Od Ifellows' h dl, Colu  .
et, every   Moi evi a.a-.
a' S  ���     ������������..    Visltinj hrei
: id to atti nd.   ts. A '���;   ���
���V i.     W, C, Coatham, Rec.-S ic.
A. 0. U. W.���FRASER  LOCGE No. 3
'- - ihe lirst and third Tues
��� eai 'i     t; onth.        Vis
ordlajlv invite,l to attend
!-" a ro ei.   \. i). r. w. hail, Odd
block,  Clarl son  street,  r.
in   i ������ order;   Louis Witt,
.' irkn . :i.
Degree meets Second and
��� dnesdav of each  month.
' P.  Hall, Columbia St., al
. v. bit ��� Rose D< gre i  Fo irth
���''    ��� In   each month, Bame
nd  place,    Visiting Brethren
1 i Invited       E.   B,  Stlnch-
'''"'    ��� i'ii's.. H. Disnev, Secretary.
COURT BRUNETTE.  No. 4099.  I.O.F.
'���' ' ��� the Fourth Frldav in the
month at 8 o'clock, In the small
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
"ii are cordially invited to at-
'and. .1. B. Rushton, C. It.: F. P.
Maxwell, R. s
A- o. f.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
mul lo irth Tuesdays of each month
at 5 m, in ij,e Oddfellows' Hall.
VI ��� lng Brelhren are cordlaly in-
v"' I to attend. E. C. Firth, C. H.;
F P   Maxwell, See.
CAMP, 191 Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month !n
K- of p, Hall. .lohn McNlven,
chlef; J, j. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
���tD OF TRADE.���New   Westmin-
!'��� iard of Trade meets In the
ard Room, City Hall, as follows'
i''1   Wednesday  of each month
ni.,iy meetings on the second
'''""sday of February, May,
"���'isi and November, ut S p. rn.
""il meetings on the second
!dnesday of February. New
unbars may he proposed and
'''"il at anv monthly or quarterly
vli|ie.   A. E. White', Sec.
^srcinsfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depct
Columbia St.
"'I;] ���;;;:���'. delivered    promptly  to any
Light and Heavy Hauling
'-'too 'Phone J8B.      More 'pnone 1X7
Oriental Limited"
Tickets on Sale July 2,3, Aug. 7,8,9, Sept 8,10
For  particulars  call   on   or  address
F  C. GRIFFIN. New Westminster, B. C.
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
. Acq ured a through knowledge of the
business in England with 10 years experience. Later was 7 years manager
of the watch repairing department of
Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
Henry Birk's business manager part of
the time.
English, Swiss, American and all
complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams, Grocei
St.,: Doing Business at tne Did Stand.
Shingle and Saw Mill 1Merchant Taihr 1
,NI0N LODGE. NO. 9. A. F. A A. M.
a .    '   '..'      of      this
the i ..  '  W   Ini   !
���  a   al   ������ o'i o :.  p. in., In
nil    Temple.    Solo n nil ;
e cordially   nvite I to al
Dr.   W.  A.   DeWoll   Smith,
The Schaata Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Columbia Street
,  : line of English, beot.cn and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always in stock
Spring stock  now iu.    Halce  vour
(ifl ���-' Hon.
,-   ..     ���      :     Ftegu    ���   comi
lodge are held on the
' in each   month  ir.
'.; . erople, at 8 p. m.
hren   ire  co ���''��� illy  Invited
:,   itend.   D. W. Gilchrist, Si i
r. B.  IA  of   I.,   meel 9     nd   in I
: Friday of each month, al   -
p.  m..   in   Orange   h ill,   coi ni i   of
Royal   ��� ���  : ie and John i treet.    So-
���  Sir  Knlghi i   cordlall
rite: ' .   .""ii !.    W.  E,  Dunlop, W.
P.;   i:. E. Ma'Ihia . Reg.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
First Class Meal   ar all ii, irs,
English, Japanese and Chinese  Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
Bank of
Incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
���' VPITAL (All paid up).. .{it, 1,00 I
Rt Ilon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
I,',,', tl,  G.C.M.G,...Hon  President
Hon. Sir O. A. Drummond, President
r;.  S.   Clouston,  Vice  President  aud
General Manager.
General banking business trans-
a. ted,
Branches In all tne principal cities
n Canada, In London, Eng., New
v irk, Chicago, and Bt. Jonu, Mid..
i i: ....:������ ���   indents In all par's of the
Royal Bank
of Canada
Ua:jltal $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets tib,i/i,3fti.
Branches and correspondents ln
all the principal cities ot tne world.
Ger.e.-a!  banking business transacted.
?! opens au account.   Interest added
half yearly.
Collections made at lowest rites.
Open   Saturday   night3   from   8   to   9
F. B.  Lyle, Manager.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Savings Bank Dept. J# HENLEY
O.   O.   Brymner,   Mandgei
Manufacturer of
Junk and Second-hand   Mineral Waters, Etc.
Store Aerated Waters,
Highesl pri .as paid tor second-hand
goods,   junk,   bottles,   rubbers,   brass,
copper, old shoes and all metals; also
old clothes, etc.   write or call.
Front   Stret,  New Westminster.
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf.
Phone 212.
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal   lands  nay    be    purchased at $io  per  acre  for soft coai
and   $20   for   anthracite.      Not   more
.than 320 acre; can be acquired by one
I individual  or   company.      Royalty  at
��� the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
1 output.
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock cora-
��� panics holding free miners' certificates
; may obtain entry for a mining loca-
' tion.
A free miner s certmc.ite is granted
I for one or more year.-, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $750
per annum for an individual, and from
1 550 to $100 per annum tor a company,
1 according to capital.
A free miner, Having discovered
mineral in place, may locate a claim
1=00x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one ad-
I ditional   day   allowed   for   every   additional  ten  miles  or  fraction.     The
: fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least $100 must be expended on
;"    1   O'clock    p,    111.,    ill    (Id.Ifellows'
Hall,   Columbia    Bti 1.     Visiting
;;'   I en are cordlallv invited to at-
te"d. .1. s. Bryson, S. ��'.; J. McD.
'' in ell, Sec.
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by the laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but the choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being the Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and the consuming population so small that the best parts
of the beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost.
BOVRIL is a specialty, not merely a bye-produet
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
LONDON, England,  and MONTREAL, Canada
h^imoLm^Mizi s^ssr:vs.x ;.',:!.;.s.^^
the claim each year or p'oi to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or pa: i, the
Io ' r may, upon having a survey-
made and upon complying with orher
requirements, purchase the land at
S1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to I ite
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of 2^2 per cent, of the sales
of the  products  of  the  location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally are 100 feet square, entry fee
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings but extend-; back
to the base of the hill or bank, no'
exceeding iooo feet. Where steai
power i-: us"d claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the River E Manitoba
and the N. W. T.. i- ��� ting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may 1 :.
tain only two leases of I - miles each
for a term of twenty 5 tars, renew-
able in the discretion of tlie Minister
of the   Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
subi :rged bed- or bars of the river
below any low water mar':, and sub-
f r first year ar.d $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 2=0 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek or
gulch, the width being from iooo to
2000 feet. All other placer claims
shall be 230 feet square.
Claim= are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end. bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
mill - of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten mile? or friction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of iooo feet in
length, aand if the party c insists :'
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the ; ir ; irdin-
ary claims onlv.
Entry fee Sio. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings cr bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
bnt where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, Sio
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rate of two
:���!' 1 a half per cent, collected on the
output after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
i?t day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the same ..reek, gulch or river, by
giving notice and  paying  a  fee.
Work must be done on a claim
each year to the value of at least $200.
A certificate that work has been
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars
on any other line. They protect
their trains by the Block System.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon   OlT.cial   Gazette.
Petrpileum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such perioil as he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 12S0 acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
sub'ect to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Dept. Interior.
Humor ono Philosophy
Dying Is the only useful thing some
men ever .lo.
Women are fond of flattery, whieh
prove* that they are closely connected
to men.
A pessimist is a man who smells a
rat. but won't try to catch it.
Mostly happiness 1 insists In getting
a corner on the things that the other
fellow wants.
When tho wife's away the husband
will play.
A bachel ir is a man who lacks either
money or courage,
A kick ���.��� may win the applause of
the multitude, but In private life every
one would be glad to see him be the
re ipienl of the results of his own exertions.
There might be worse vacations than
th ��� on ��� thai th ��� husband r-r"ts when
hi 1  - ife is away.
.'. real, ".:��������� enemy Is worth half a
d . ten -:���., :. :': iends.
A ��� hii I '.: - a we'd 1! Mined idea of the
duties of ���' parent.
No woman will believe a scandal
ib iut a unn If he is homely.
A swell resort his a bill as a specialty that is actively affected iu tho
same manner.
Thc Eager Philanthropist.
The man vi ho wants to mike you rich,
Who over some hlsh colored scheme
Get.-; work.-.] op to the hi��h��st pitch
Lest yon should fall to skim the cream,
May not be spreading such a net
As spldi ra small but skillful weave,
Bar still It's pretty safe to bet
That he has something up hla sleeve.
The ground floor spacious seems to him
The plaee that you should occupy;
From there up to a higher limb
You'll   shortly   spread  your  wings  and
He offers you a strangle hold.
But If you'll look again, alas.
You'll see the In irk of shining gold
Is only made of common brass!
Perhaps he knows about a mine
That very shortly must produce-
In fact, a prospect pretty tine
Admitted by the most obtuse.
The stock Is but a cent or two;
He gives you as a friendly hunch
That it will soar clear out of view,
And he can let you have a bunch.
The man who wants to make you rich
Is thinking nothing of himself.
But notici' if his palms don't itch
To get a little of your pelf.
He wants to see you get along
An.l pull a million from the air,
But later he will come In strong
For several times the lion's sl-.are.
Strictly Honorary.
King Haakon of Norway has been
made au admiral in the German navy,
a position and title that Bounds big,
but In reality does not carry as much
real authority as that of dog catcher
in au American village.
All that there is to it is that he can
wear the uniform and have the commission framed to hang up In the din-
hv2 room, so that when some of the
neighbor's children are bragging that
their pa is a notary public his sou can
point to that and say proudly: "Oh,
shucks for that! My pa is a German
Of course, if he should get into a war
with Germany, which lie isn't going to
do If he can help it, the play job of
admiral wouldn't last overnight, but
while all i.s smooth sailing he can work
at it very nicely without Interfering
with nny of Ids other .jobs.
Worked Up.
"He is suffering from a terrible cold
In the head."
"How did he get it?"
"Well, be was sitting In a game the
night before and got a most distressing ease of cold feet."
His Revenge.
"I understand his daughter is taking
vocal lessons.    Has she great talent?"
"No, but he is mad at his neighbor."
���, * ���  -
' >
a'V,        f
\ , ��
'. :�����
��� \
y. !'$
!>��� .'���<
,-���    of
*  V
��� ���- ������ , i
MP '
���,'   1
' -V ,
���   ��
���v  ���
m <
...,ri.    J THE DAILY   NEWS
REASONS    WHY We W��t Your Trade
1. We can give you entire, satisfaction.
2. We have the most complete stock of Fancy and Staple
Groceries on the coast.
3. We believe in Quality before Quantity.
A.  We sell our goods at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES.
If these Four Reasons don't interest you, watch our Ad.
for the next four.
WE NEED your trade and we intend to HA VE it.
Evidence at Regina Inquest Disagrees
With   Story   of   Accidental
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster. -   - B. C.
Notice to
the Public
I am now open to buy
all kinds of Second Hand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
All business promptly
attended to.
A   Clever   Trick   With   a   Handkerchief
and a Coin.
Al! that is necessary to have in
order to perform  tlie trick ;ir'' a
handkerchief, a ten cent piece aad
ti pm o <>: soap.    With a knife cut
off n piece of soap about a quarter
of nn  inch iii diameter ami Bti.;-k
this piece of soap on tho hem of tiie
handkerchief in ono corner.    Plai ���
the dime in the center of the har.d
ken hief, which must lie flat on the
table.   Take the corner which has
the soap i n it and fold it over, pin -
:i.a it gi ntl)' on the dime; now fold
thi  ' ther corners ovi r. placing ��� a I
corr.i :  on  thc dime,    The corner
that has the soap on it is the i i ������ t
yo ir right.    When the corners an
foldi ii the handkerchief will  A   ii
the fori   ' : ���  diam  nd, with one < i
the    ,  ��� '-   toward  the  performer,
Plai e tin    hi mb and fi refinger i .'
, ���   h I ..      ; : the poinl i E the dia-
���   . .   ,.,.:���-: to you.    Pick it up,
h ttii .  thc :  ur corner? fall apart,
; -  rhi   -t ,��� time sliding the righ
;...   I to the   orncr b here the dime
is.     Sha ce   the   handkerchief   i
-;.      thut the dime has disappeared.
��� Ami ���      i Bov.
Regina, A ig. 20.���After being oul
for over an hour, the jury Investigating the death of Barrett Henderson,
alleged to have been killed by Josiah
Gilbert, a man seventy years old,
brought in a verdict equivalent to
murder In the first degree. Dr. Seymour, ihe coroner, referred to the importance of the expert evidence adduced, showing that the wound was
horizontal, and thai it must hnve been
made by the gun having l.een point, j
ai the man irom shoulder height,
while he was sitting in the rig. The
explanation of Gilbert that the gun
bad been accidentally discharged by
hitting the door of the barn was clearly unreliable" iu face of the evidence.
Tin- charge of slugs, too, showed
that the act was deliberate and with
malice aforethought, as such a charge
was not used in shooting gophers or
chickens, as Gilbert variously claimed. Tiie coroner went on to refer
to the evidence of Mr. Boyli . the
real estate man who had conducted
the negotiations for the sale <: the
Gilbert farm to Henderson, saying
that the anxiety oi ihe former to cot
back the farm, as shown by his offei
of $3,000 for the bargain, mighl be
regarde 1 as a - iff! denl motivi foi
the crime.
Finally there  was thi    I;  a-   ..   ,.
.-'  temer^!   that   Gilben   called
a  '   and had Ihen
In selecting your hardware for your house, be
sure you get a good
lock. To stand the continuous wear and use
given it both the material and workmanship
must be good. Our line
comprises the best Canadian and American
makes. Call and examine our lines	
& Lusby
W5MZ5 JrKHWBStaL A   ���
a  Si ptember, an I  ampli   m ti      will
���   given, in i u .. Ivertislng
hi   dates v. hi n - atalogui ���
ha I.  .  . :   tendei     received.
About Steel   Needles.
It is sai ���. ..: -���, I needles wen
invent* 11 the Spanish Mqors. Be-
:   ',   ���;     ������  intri  : n   'A.rr:- an'l
fish   ! ua-.  thi   ..''���.    .*itli  ;.  hoi
pii reed   foi   an   eye.   wi re  in   use.
The  firsl   nei dli -    .-��� d  in   Loi i
were made i ;. a M        in the reign
of   lift:i".    Vii 1..   and   in   Q iei i
Mary's da)   stei I : cedli - were -.. tl
in Cheapsidi. says Home < hat.  After  this  time the  manufacture  increased rapidly, many Germans going   to   England   and   esta: lishing
needle works in various places,
Sign  Man  on  Wheel.
Columl la St. New Y.'i-stmicster.
Now   Is the   Watchword.
'Now"   is   the   syllable   ti kii
from the clock of time.    "Now" i=
the watchword of the wise   "Now"
Handsome 6-roomed Cottaee j-on the banner if the prudont:
Whenever anything presents itsell
to us in the shape of work, n hi I i "
mental or bodilv, we should do ii
with all our might, remembering
that "now" is the only A.'" i r is.
Ji is a sorry \i ay to gel through the
w< rid by putting off 'iii tomorn w.
aying, "Tin n [will d i it." "Ni w"
is ours. "Then" m e may net i i
with Modern convenience ;
2 Lots all in lawn and garden ;
one   block   from   Tram,   central
Price $2500 Terms Easy.
A 6-roomed Cottage
on 5th Avenue.    Corner lot
-J  x  132.   Only  $93O.   $300
Cash, t [ance ��� " small paymi n
suit purchaser.
Col imbia St.   Phone 85
irnr.rc.vmg   baranac.
Banana . bo ighl by the bunch ft i
family use, mi gre; tly impro' ��� tl
in flavoi il i ::..- with the larg
end of thc -:., k r.j ward, so thai tii.
little sap lefl .... fli v down ani
nourish the fruit, Sco��p oul tin
pulp in tho lai ��� : end ti tin d pt!
of two or thrci h Keep th:
filled '���' ith water, ii you wo
ter youi  plant fed the 1 a-
nan;.- w 11 be i proi��� ���',.
Tc. R cl .-.  Rug of M    ���
I .:   I '    ��� :���.,'..,'
fron      , : i
roimiii .'   ,/������ j
ii������    ��� ench  it ti
gasoi I .. _���    de i
to retain tin   strength of thi
line, . nd close 1      i ion    :��� r I
days.    Opi n in In oad daylight,   ..
roll antl air yi   r r ; and red urn ,
to i' - usual plai c.   There will be in
moths lefl alive in it.
Tan ar.cl  Freckles.
A loi ion of oni pari good Ja
en rum to i wo parts li mon juice and
a lm le glycerin is one recipe for ;p,
moving freckles. Another one.
which is prepared easily, requires
one ounce of alum, one ounce of
lemon juice and one pint of rose-
water. Rosewater and lemon jui c
are excelleni for removing tan, one
spoonful of lemon juice in a hall
pint of rosewater.
Kerosene  For Cleaning.
Whe*n washing woodwork if kerosene is [ml  in the water instead of
soap fly specks und grease will conn
off quicker and easier. A go
quality oi keroi ono , loans window
and mirrors best, Imf a poor quality
or oil with dregs in it leaves the
glass streaked. Soap must not b<
used with kerosene for glass.
Firefly Lrr.tern:.
',:.'.'' of   S ..'.:;!
I an    ��� :-  beautiful a id brillitfnt.   So
brir   :. indi cd, are they th I hi i  i r
three will ill   .  t".   .   :.. : as  well
as  candles, and  the   natives    '
read by the lighl I bey give.
When thi Indii n hunter pn ;��� in -
for n journey thn gh the fori I . I
nighl   his li   tei i nc i :'  tin =c
beetles fa stcned to b toe. Xot
only dor- il light his way, b : also
fright( ns  ,.v. i ��� .������   and   i ther
dangi rous ri; till -.
Coffee Jelly.
To one qui        .  ��� ��� ff�� c (as prepaid il for thc tabli I one-half box of
gelatin.    Soak the gelatin  in two-
thirds  of a i ip . ���' cold  water  I   r
one-hail   houi   oi   I nccr,  tin n
the i up :,. h it -.' ater   i  'I the <   I
tin   is thorongl oivi d.
i.i hall ��� oi - tear to the qui 11
hot ci ITi ��� and si r in the melted
gi latin and i ttle ' anilla befor.
the "��� hi a ' hii ki ns, Set in a ci o
plai i to mold and .������ r\ e with cream
and sugar,
To Restore Oilcloth,
Whi u oilclot h Logins to lose it -
shiny surface il can be improve!
appi arance and n ade to last mu ;
longer   by   bc ng    varnished   n it h
gl ie.    Wi -u the oilcloth thi ro ij ,.
ly and lei it dry,    At night, v. hen
ih<' traffic of the day is done,  go
over ii with a piece of flanni 1 di]
ped in glue water.    < house a nil ���
tivy day for this, and then the gl  c
will be quite hard by morning, and
the oilcloth will look like now.
Hulled Corn.
One quart of y< How corn maki ���
four quarts after cooking. To each
quart use two In iping tablespoon-
tuls of saleratus. Boil in cold water to cover until hulls are loose���j
two or three hours rinse in several
waters and rub between the band
or with a brush to remove hulls,
Put on Ihe stove in cold water, boil
and rinse until i li ar. Then boil
again until the corn is soft.   This
will take sever; I hou��8.
Burnaby   Corporation   Lands.
At   the   tas eld   in   Ocuioei
ll t.  ;     onsi lei     .-     lumbi
VI     ���     bO Ighl   in   ,..      -  T .:    T'   ���   ...      ���   ;;,
cii.     Altogether   t>2
ing In size fron ...     to a q iar-
'���'. - -��� ' ion, ; :. ; epresi nting an assessed valui if i -.,...,. DOO, l bi .
1   ssi i   into  ' he    ands  ol   I  e  :.. ini
j.    A lai ge pi on of Un
are situated    lose ti      ���     I       imitE
of Xew Westminsti i   in  Disti
2S,   29,    : ���   and   ���"   .     ���   , e     am    ii
an   In   .ii-' :      Lot   91,  i   ;>
on; and othei - ] ,-       I   thi   Hasl
roa i  on    he   slope    .   thi   hill  < ver-
h oking ���':.���   la ;<    listriet    '���   rei    oti
. onvi niently    situate I    ni   r   Jul lh i
station in District  la.'  . -. and a  I listriet   ... ���   (102)   - ���   'i   .   res   on   the
Xi : th i oad ni,     \A eville,    nd  within a     ion   .:-'  nei   i '  Bun ard  inlel
are  also   ir: dudi I   In   the   li-1.
After the e: lion of th. redemj
tion ... rio I, the c ��� ineil took Bteps
under the Quieting Tith I to ar-
luii a a lefi -; ... til li to tne
ertie; - that thej
will n offered foi   sale  with a
title good againsl the whole world.
At a mi' ' Ar  he) i on Satui daj   ;���-1
the  11 im ...    a call for  ten
ders, ,t shortly, foi i he se. ra
... ei iei upon tern - an : i ondil in
suited to the ci nvi nience oi Intending
settlers, Catalogues will be prepari :
by the clerk showing the description
of each property, Its area, the upset
i . 'j ������, ...: the ii nditions of s ile.
These   will  be  ready  for issue  early
Manchuria Aground.
H ". : il i,    Aug.  20.���The    Pacific
i  ,    Ste in   hip   company's   steami r
Manchui      - ind ��� n the reel  at
Ri bbil   Island,
The Symbols of Japan.
The   imperia     In f   ,'..
own- \.        -���   a . A which are cai
ried before I :.��� i mperor on all sl  '
o aash ;.-.    1   ...  -. mb i- are  thi
���   ��� ���. ���.  ��� I al and t he s\
and  i i h   :...-    I   o\i n  -t nifii .:. e
Tl c mirror signifies "know th; si  :'A
"i.o I   re and      ne"' is the mi
of thc crysti e the sword is ..
ren  ���   er to "1 s shar .."
What   a   Little  Girl   Said.
i lm   evening   win     four-year-ol .
I en      wi    ��� . ' hinj. the full n
rise sin   ��� ���  laii cd:
"Oh, ecu ������:   See the - in all fa
The  Macic Pill Box.
Take n small ro ind pill 1   s  a:
a coin 1   at e:    th fits into it.   I    i
er one side of the coin with papi i - I
��� ���'.. cl
the b
: ior of t !..��� insidi
'���>   i show the coin i -
pi)  Cii���'. ���
inlel di '-.   -.;>���
M,  ."!,':   son,
in the c r.ity.   A i oor " hi nd-
to-moutl  - : ��� ...    Mal ���
your mind . a h        N< W.
Do lt;r\low.
was m   '       ly  ,.  carele    . nd ex-
travagi nt youi      - an  aud did  nol
. '. rl  Rl ���::'!.
X Black sixteen Underskirts
��� Regular value 1.25 for 95c ���
* White Cambric Underskirts t
Regular value up to 1.50
r 95c I
er 95c I
or 95c X
f First Shipment of Ladies' Cravenette Coats Dut in stock to-dav X
��� ���
| White Muslin Blouses with hem-stitching
X        and embroidery,        Regular value 1.50,
X Children's White Dresses, with wide pleated
���        Skirts Regular value up to 2.00, f<
The Paragon
��� Famify Washer =���
The Latest   and   Greatest   Washer  on   the Miirkci
The Paragon
Will Wash:
1.   Anything witli. ,
vious boiling; thi re
of   using anj  chi n . ..
Boap and water,
2.���Anything from thi   11
-���st laee curtains to the I
est   blanket -   and   ca rpi I
without the (lightest inj u
even t'i.. ��� .������-' delicate I
3.-- LTptotwenty-fi\ epieci
within 6 to   - n inuti
ter and  cleaner  than  I
harsh, slow and tire omi
board metl   :.
The Paragon ran-' absolutely noi ��� ��� and so ea ";��� thai acl
turn it. The Paragon will save its ci sl am times I . t reventinj
and tear.    Call ai i sei   I and bee nvinced like oUiers now using  I
Large Shipment of Them lust Arrived Direct from factor)
fNcw Good** and Mew Prices
S         A full carload just arrived.    As fii    good   as ever entered the i ���
.J Inspection invited.    By buying here you :an save money   ..ral  loti of it. J
;���] Give us a trial.    We have many things we are going  to   clear al   ci   ' .���
.���, .Monov saved is nionev made. '���!
.���. ,���,
$,                              See our $5.00 Mattresses '*���
!���! 716 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.
ear Extension, Fron: Street.  :���:
Do It Now.
is t' .' best of all gifts to vour far.i-
7 Roomed Mouse and
Li I m Sevent h Street, near Baptii t
Church.    Lot60xl82. . $1750
Very Easy Terms.
And Want To Build
We Will Assist You.
f. I. HART & Co.
Ial.I.  I OX.
nji'   ai  iiil   to   sl
: hem oi   .'tin   lace that is not ci
erci       v :'.,,   ,i   into  the   I
v ill: the . nvered :.. e up.    1',.:  I i
lid ��� n I bc bo.\ and talk mvster oi; -
ly; tl   n open"tin   box and show I .
ii a.   ii .���  i hat   I he i uin  has di.-;
I'm   the   iid   mi   the   I   '.
maki   ii li..  ).;.-.-' s, open I ic
I. .,,,,..       fa||     ,,;;���
ill    il-   UIK'OVI toil    fn    ' ,
A   , ,   .        a ,   t to the ;,.. . ���
i. ���     lified,
At the F . -.
Wi   bi  .   -      e cake und li  nonai
: llttlu tenl
Am                   ���, , ,   -    wi   ',.,a
j\inl sixty cc-nl      	
We npi   i  !���    ,.���.      fort;  ccntn
An.l   1 �� ��� i.l;    i , 1,0    for p ,ik".
And aft:.-se '. n cunts, wi   got
Now, how much .ii'1 we make?
-- IT truth's Companion,
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, B. C.
��� B',A~*"ic Railway Service:
The   Dominion    Music   Company    Has
Opened a Studio in the Holmes
We have competent u ach era for
advanced Btudles with violin, piano,
voire, flute, cello, Btrlng, Lass, mandolin, guitar and banjo.
Our solid,ii system Is heartily endorsed by j. isicans, t< ichers and
dealers of Instruments, We Invite
your enquiry and investigation,
Parents are made welcome al time
of children's b! idles. Pupils range In
age from 8 to l". .years. We teach
from ihe most  reliable works,
A fine display of Instruments given'
with  tuition  Is  to be seen  In Cum-
Interurban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from IA'pO a. in. to 11 p,
in. excepting at 7:30 and s::;<��
a. in. Half hourly cars will
nm from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service rrom
6.80 a. ni. to 11 p. m.
20 Minute Service���NO transfer.
Hei ween l li and 2 and ii and 7.
30 Minure Service during re- ��
mainder ot day. J ransfer al ���
Leopold Place. ���
Sunday   Service   half hourly     4
tween 8 a. m,  and  10 i��- ��'���
City ,nnd Sapperton.
Sapperton Line��� lb Minute s"' ���
vice, except hot ween Iii and ���
ll, nnd 5 nnd 7, during which ^
hours ihe service win he
Sunday Service   halt Hourly .|(''
tween .s a. in. and H r- "'���
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd |
Boarding   House   for   Bale���IB 'rooms
completely  furnished and  at   present  all occupied.    Anply   Itox  r,oi
por rent���Large, well lighted room"
suitable for an office. Apply to
Thus. (J. Major.
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.  Nevw We��tmlnster, B-C


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