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The Daily News Mar 24, 1906

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epativ_ ,���
- 27 190'
C^ORIA,e .
International  Protection  Proposed for  Niagara  Falls
President of Canadian   Pacifio   Tells   American   Railway
Companies   That They Are Putting Up Too
Much Opposition to a Good
New York. Msr.-ii 24.���SU  Thomas
Shaughne t juvHldenl of the ('ana
Ulan Pacific Hallway, sailed \ester
day on tlie CoJ.Mc. Shortly before he
left the Waldorf for the pier of the
White Star Line he consented to ex-
press his con vlcl ions concerning the
ban for railroad rate regulation
' uuele r discussion in lhe senate al
Waakingioii. says the Tribune.
. He said: "It Is my opinion that tin.
railroads are making altogether loo
much opposition I.e. tlie proposed log-
illations It seems lo me Ihat Ihe people ere entitled lo regulate railway
rate*. It Is therefore only a question
as   to 'the   best    method   of   securing
; end.
Satisfactory  in  Canada,
""tote .regulation  in  Canada,  under
\_e. eooutrul of 11 Federal railway commission, created   by  an  aci  of  palilalias now been lu operation for
vlous anxiety  to 'be Just   alike lo  ihe
railroads and the shippers, ami as a
result the decisions In the main Ore
Experience and Equity
The commission   has  full  authority
to initiate every rati- in the sahedule
but    In   practice   it    ratlties     existing
rates, within certain limits thai experience has indicated to be equitable.
"The  complaints  are   made  to   the^
Commission   und   lis   decisions   stand
unless   reversed   by   ihe   goveriior-in-
"However It may be accomplished,
I am clear that the railroads will be
better off under government regulation of rates."
Surveyors  at  Chilliwack.
A survey parly of the Victoria. Vancouver and Eastern railroad In charge
International Waterways Commission Say* United   States
And Canada Must Act Together in Limiting
Supply of Water for Power
amounl .6 700 ��� ibli |., t la t,, i���.
iei.cn on tie Vmi ricas tide and tbe
remahsdei 34 200 i iibti feel on the
Canadian -ble. That Ib :-.7 per cent et
lb.' average ,ti , barge and .t:i per
cent of the tow wai.. il . barge 0f the
Niagara river will cease to pass over
the falls, when thc��c works aro completed and    in    full operation.    The
The  Emerson   floating dry  clock  Is  perching Upon bis banner.   Last year's  and   props  Is  accomplished,    and  as
located   on   lhe     .North     Arm  of  the  business was a record breaker iu spite   soon  as  all  is  secure  the  valves are
!,,.,���, ���,   .   ���_,   ,..,  |,        ���,  ���, ,,,���  cif limited facilities, and iwi-ntv steam-' closed  and  a centrifugal  steam  pump j """"*
Fraser,  and   Immediately  west  of the " _   ���      -    i charters to use.    It  includes not only
boats   and   Iwo   scows   were   put   into   Is  put  In  operation,  which  throws
Fraser  River   Lumber  company's  pre
Washington,    D,    C,   March  24.���If
Niagara  falls are to be  preserved  SB
lone of the wonders of the world, immediate acl ion by the I'nited Stat oh
and Canada is required, according to
the findings of the American members
! of the international waterways coin
mission, which  has for the past  year
; been  studying the   condition at the (quantity to be diverted is mere than
falls and In the tributary great  lakes. ; double the quantity whuh no* passes
Drainage Estimated. I over ,he M<eriean falls, which at the
average stage Ib aboul 17,800 cubic
feet That this will in general have
an Injurious effect upon ihe (alls in
self evident.
The volume of watei tu bo diverted
is about the equivalent of the entire
discharge of Lake Superior o*��'r the
Stiult 8t6 Marie. The amount thus
for actually diverted is bat 17800 ruble
feet per second and has hail an ap-
1 preclable effect upon the falls,
Afier a brief   description   of   the
physical  condition the report  gives a j
detailed   account   of  all   the  corpora-1
from      the       Niagara.     river,       but
ment   of  power,   with   the  quantities1
of  water  which     they    are    actually
using,  the amounts    which they are
preparing  to  use,  and     the  amounts i \
which they are authorized under their!
shape for service and duly dlschargeel.   six-Inch    stream    and    gradually    In-. v,    vi t'      **" r,in',e" wi,h accuracy ihe effects
f Walter Wllkie,  P. L B., Is now at   mlses,   better   known   as   Tail's   Mill.   Th|s ,.,,.���   ,,���,  |)Uslnf,SK  wtji  cerlalnly   creases the air space in the air chain-  ,,ir,'��"-v   fronl  ""'  Nll,Knra   '"lver.  h,,t; i_  (lptai| ,,,- tho mil diversion author-
two years, and is satisfactory lo both   chilliwack,  where  operations  will   be  The   Structure   was   originally   owned   be   more  than    eloiibb'.     Work     coin,   hers  at   the  sides.     As  the   water  Is' *        7��* *   ���       ,     P""Tr i Ised   would   require a  more Complete
.the   railroads   and   the   shippers.   Our   commenced     Monday   morning.
Lommlsslon consists of lhree members  party will  work from Cloverdale
.appoini. el by the government, each for   Hope, and  for lhe  present   will  make
The ;in,i operated by doss Broi., of ibis menced on Uie first of February, and  pumped out the dock raises and the
to city, who buili the Contrivance in the  the dry dock has been full ever since,  vessel on deck raises wiib lt.    When
Welland     canal,    also     the    Chicago
knowledge of th-- bed ol ihe iiv.-r than
a period of lu years ami removable'
4H_by by parllaiueni. The only appeal
Jhtom Die decisions of lhe commission
Is .to the governorin council.
".No member of the presenl coinniis
Hl_in   lias   ewer   been   iil.'lllili.'.l   Willi   the
railroad  business,  but   there is an Ob-
hcailipiarlers at  Chilliwack.
Alberta Crop  Flourishes.
Calgary, Alia.. March 2'.'.. Reports
in.in various portions of Alberta state
thai winter wheat crop is in lirst class
year  1891.    The Cross    Bros,    came  Nine steamboats, one pile driver and  Mr.   Emerson  took    hold
from   the   land   of   fhe-blue   noses   1".   two scows have been attended to, and   dock   it   took   him     three
is   now   obtainable.    The  water taken
I   "   , ' M ���  r [ ,       ... .' , , .
of  ihe  drv on tbe Canadian side below the crest
lisi   of all  franchises grantee!  and  not , .,        ,,,���-,,      ,,
and   n   half �����'���   tin*  infills   will   affect   the   Morse-
years ago  and   buill   the dry  dock in a   number   of   steamboats   are   await- hours to raise a vessel.    Last week he ' shoe   falls   alone      If   all   the   water
order  to  BUpply   what   their  maritime inn their turn, broke a   record  by  raising    ii    vessi'l Injurious  Effect. j taken on tb>' American Bide should al
experience deemed to be a necessity.      The contrivance Is an Ingenious one with  a   seven  and  a   half  fool   draft      The report says:     'The total quan-��� feet ihe American tall alone, It won! i
They   operaied   the     dry     dock   with and   very  simple  in   iis  mode of oper- In  two  and  a   half hours.     Evenliially tiiy   of   water   to   be   taken   from   the   practically   leave  it   dry   Dill   it  Bee
varying  success     until     March,  1906, atlon,    The whole si run ure measures Mr.   Kmerson  proposes  putting In  an river by works now authorised is 60,- ~~��� a ,���-....-.
when Walter Emerson bought the bus- 120x50 feet, the sidewalks, which are electrical   plant   thai   will  reduce the unn  cubic  feel   per  second.    01  this (Continued On Page Eight)
-   iii.'si,  and   broughl   Ills  experience  to  really   air   chambers,
IHatehii in   Seeks   to   Collect   Bill   and Follow   It   Onto   Standard   Oil   Launch
Finds  Himself  a   Hopeless and  Overpower the
Loser. Crew.
10   feel    in   Mine of raising lhe dock  al   least
structlons    to  navigation,    al    8:30
In the e>es of the law. ihat even ibeir Thursday ewenlnjr, and when In elghl
i.ear upon It,   Mr. Kmeison apparent- helghl  from the bottom or the hull, third.    The dry  dock  has  a  lifting
Ij   comes of a  race of bout  builders and  16 feel above the deck.   The air capacity   of   iii   the   neighborhood   of
His    greal    grandfather     was    ship chambers are live  r. I     wide a!   the ���"  ions, and is capable of handling
builder In Ireland and his grandfather base, and taper to three feci at  the any craft operating on the river.
 I  father  before him    followed  the top.    At  the top nnd  bottom of each The out above shows the St. Munga
same Industry al St. John, X. II.   All side are valves which car. be opened Canning  company's    steam    tug, the
his m> Mr. Emerson has more or less and closed.    When the operators de- Clutha, and behind her the A. B. c.
el.'.sele    followed   in   the   foot st eps   of   sire   I.,   lake   a   v, 1      ...i   deck,   the Packer's   boat, the  Nora,  being  raised
his   forefathers,   and   as   soon     as   In' valves   are   opened   and   the   water   is Bimultaneuosly.     In     the     foreground
tool,   possession   of  the    floating  drj   allowed to I! 1 the hull.    As the hull may  be seen tbe pump throwing out
eb-n'k,   lie   Btarted   in   to   Improve   and Ids thi   dry dock  sinks so as to allow iis   six inch   stream   of   water,   drawn
Iraft,  and from   the   hull   of     the   dry   dock,  and
over  the ilius   raising   the   vessels   on   deck   so
launch ..wned  by  the Standard    Oil  the river business, and 11 looks very submerged dock     Then the work of thai their hulls can be properly over-
company were obtained today.              much as though     success    proposed securing  the  vessel   with   guy   topes hauied and repaired.
The launch   or  tug Cornel   was  pro-   _______________	
ceeding io Kongmum between Wain-
poa ami Canton, lowing a lighter lad
en wiib kerosene oil. While passing
wlial   is   known   ,".s   the   "second   bar
rli'r" or Becond  line of former
Engagement   Occurs     On    Island
Samar and Governor Curry
Is Missing.
of i First   Consignment   for   Local   I
of Calgary    Milling    Co,
Eeing   Unloaded.
That il   is  nee!   good   business to ex Hon:;   Kong.  March   24.    Details    of
.tend .credit to  members of crews of  the capture and  looting,  by  Chinese  add to the contrivance tn such a man-  nny  vessel  up to ten  tool
sailing vessels Mini maj come to port   pirates  March  22.  near Canton, ed' a   net   as to contal  the greater pan  of  up  to 100 feci  long to sail
was  discovered   bj   a   hold   man   yes
.terday when be sought to have een.   of
.the crew  of   lbe'   Slelnbi'k   held   for  a
-debt.be  had  I'onlriieled.
The he.iel man sought legal advice
ni_ .Wiis informed lhal sailors are
.privilege'!   characters   in   this   respect
Manila, March 24. -A telegram re-
celved by the government today from
the island of Samar says that an en-
.WSges  cannot   be   garnish. ..I.
.It .is .customary wiib masters of
.sailing ships I.i advertise as soon us
.they reach porl that the ship will not
he held responsible for any debts
*Ontnici�� d he any member iif lbe
<CMW, bn' in the opinion of lhe legal
[gentleman win. gave the advice In the
Jkttel man vesierdav Mils is hardly
JMCessan as Miere seems in l.e no-
thing in lln- I.iw giving authority for
aUtloil againsl a sailing ship on ac-
OStUDt of ilie indebtedness of any mem
;**T   Of   iis   crew.
of VVamjum fort, on the island of
Wjnijio.i., u number of junks manned
by jilrales closed around the Comet
and her low. A "stlnk-po!" was thrown
Into her engine' room. The pirates
boarded ihe launch and overpowered
the crew.
The pirates ihen beached the Comet
A iiei'.d rtir ol ill iii . "'I feed name
in tn.ii, ib.  Calgarj M Ulng company,
yesterday and  is being unloaded to
gagemenl   has occurred  between  the [day. A store In  the Holbrook Hotel
constabulary and a force ol fanatical   bloc* has been rented and will soon
I'liliijanes.   Governor   Curry   Is   report-! be Open to transact  hin-iin "s wilh Ite
ed  missing.  Details of the affair are [public,
Governor Curry whose former home
was In New Mexlro was a member of
Ihe Rough Riders reaching the rank
of captain, lie also was an officer of
the volunteer corps sent to the Philippines and {became Manila's first
Chief of police under American rule.
New Customs Sub-Port.
.new   pilotage   dlstricl    Is   lo   be
aneiiigh,,-, iim. r,n,,.v,,i a., .he vai ��avage Yaquis Waylay and Riddle With   Bullets  Five
naliles   Irom   I lit'   two   vessels   iucluil- " x *      . *
Members of Pedro Meza's Family and Two Others-
Victims Resist Desperately to the  Death���Mexlcarx|oVthe'r.YWlBfI!mbrcie
Soldiers Start in Pursuit of Murderers.
ing a number of Winchester rifles and
a thousand pound8   of   ammunition
The-cargo of .kerosene was not  touched.
The iiirat.es, il  appears, missed capturing much  more   valuable  booty.
it  ��m.8 tlie intention of the Stan-
A  new   pile.i.ige  district   is   io   l.e  dard oiJ company officials   to   ship
<C_Mteel   anil   iirrniige-ments   made     lo 1200,000   ill   specie   on   Ihc1  Comet   on
tM-tUi   Clayoqiiot     on   Mu-   Vane  i.e her lasi  Irjji  hill   the coin  was ti'iins-
'llltand cast, a  sub pori  ..I .iiir.e, eon n r.-ed  to a  freight  sleanier.
' eoqusiii'    on    ihe      e.-.i.ilillshiiii-it    of The  1meiri��;iiiii Consular officials are Angeles sa
large number mills. Investigating the affair.
Another Record Broken.
SI. Louis. Mo.. March 24.��� The New
York Athletic club uquatic team made
a clean sweep lust nlghl In the dual
meet wllh the Missouri Athletic' club,
held ill the hitler's tank.  In defeating
Marquard Bchwars, of the M. A. C,
In  the.100 yard  swim, C.  _,  Daniels,
the world
record  by iwo seconds. Tbe Mine was
66 seconds.
San   Francisco,   Cal..   March   24.���A   one of lhe mosl  prominent men-tn the   they   were joined  there  by   Mrs.   Meff
���iespalcli   to  the Chronicle  from   Los district. "nil  her sea    Here  It Is said
News hns reached this
_Hty of ihe massacre c>J five members
Blaze at Brandon
Brandon, Munch, 28.���Fir
and  furniture stock of  Vin-1 became
Mr.  Trainer     from   the    Ci iiipanv i
Vancouver branoh le here tallytei In
the s'hipuie'iil Thi N'W \V.""tudnster
ejiranch of the Calgary Milling companj bail eome li) slay and BWOll the
number    oi    Miis    city's    ne i  aultle,
It  i-i  traders! I  thai  tbo presenl!
venture, is but the sl.irliug point of
a very extensive' enterprise ind that
the .time ts not far distant when tho
new firm will be securing wharf ac-
copiiiiiiilatlcin and making a strong,
bid for the roast trade
Car Strikes Old Man.
Los Angeles, Cal., March 84,���Edward Nicholas, 74 w.hs it" ago, a
tourist from Trenton, N. ,1. wan struck,
unci almost instantly killed by a Pacific   electric   car  yesterday   at   V/atta
lamaged I Station. According to reports Nicholas
nfdsed  In  trying  to  avoid
Klciru   Mezi
Rabbins Declares
Strike Inevitable
Sen n ra
Si'noriias Carman
ot  the family of Pedro Mesa, presi- ch<.,la Mt.j,fl   ,s  10 anq
tn nl   of   Litdiiru,   In   SanOra,   Mexico,  age,  ihvlr  daughters.
wife   of   lhe   learned  of lhe  presence  of a   band  of
Yacfiils iu Los OtStel mountains, near
Floisa,  ami   Pal-  (Mates puss, through whieh they would
ll years    of  have  to travel  to reach  Lndiirn and
Iho  mining  camp  where  F.  A.   Hart-
they , the store
cent  *.   Macpherson  to'the  extent  ol'tli"  ixn   and   was  struck   und   burled
fifty  feet.
New Yinl. March 21 The Tritium-
MUTS today: 'Al a conference of Uie
Aill'ld   Inii-rnis   held   here   yesler.liiy.
^jpessag.     .i.e.   read   I.     Prank    I.
Robbll.       chairman    cf      h"    Pin-.I.Dig
and brother-in-law of Frederick Hart
utun   president of ihe William Hoege
Uiiinpnny, of Los Angeles, and iwo
ci hers, by Yaipils Iuil.ia.ns within
a   few  miles  of llieir  home and   Mien
lefl  In  the roadway  between    Ortls
Mrs.  Weiicaslas  HelT. an old  frli'iiel   man   owns   large   interests   In   silver
of Mesa. and copper properties.
Theodore Hell, 24 years of age, her _. .    ���   , 1
Desperate  Resistance.
Phillips Holds On
Till Deluge Comes
Mr. Robblns is t��iw at Hue meeting ll(1(l Madura until a sufficient numjber
of lhe joint committee iu Indianapolis.   "'  Mexican   troops  could  he *onl     to
only  sou.
Three members or the Mess family T'"' Wl,,sl "r the gorge was passed,
survive.  Thee   are   line   baby   son   of and they hud entered the wider valley!
Pedro Mass 1111.1 i wo young daughters,   when from every ledge and mountain']     Toronto,   March  21. In     Ihe    caseI authorised  until  a  long  time alter  it
Mercedes and  Blvlra. Of  debris,   came  the   crack   of  rifles. J against   Phillips,   of   the   York   Loan, I was  made     They   wen-  entered     by
The children bad bemi left at home The iwo men charged desperately up yesterday -morning, Bee.  Robblns, of,| pihUIpm.
The Could    lnter��sis    gol     reports  overawe the raiding outlaws iimI bring  |���   i.aonra when  I he   rest  of the  film- ll'1' slopes culling Upon  their heads nthe York  Uian and Savings company,]     Crown    Attorney    Cuuy    icmaikecl
iimi  all   the  system  officials  inilniat-   '"  ll"'il' eViotlms.                                          Hv  ,jri(l.(, ta  carriages  to nunymas. rain of lend.                                                 Bold   lhal   the  loan  of $11,000 of  York   that  Phillips, It appeared, ically own-
���Knuiiliiiiir.   Iii   which   he  declared   ing  thai   there  wax a  supply  of  fuel       ^            -Names of Victims. Tlie last desperale stand of the sur-   County money to lhe Llzst Piano com-   ed the company  and only  had  It   put
aconi sink., vns iiniii, i,ie. iiiai n  coal in storage thai would keep the     'n'' names of these killed we:                      *rne   ��     anoer. vlvors wm made fnthe shelter of the pany was wlthoul ids knowledge and
|i��-nied Impossible to reach an Could system for sum,? months.             Benor Pedro    Mesa,  president    of     Returning from Oimymas the party overturned carriages and they fought   that a further loah of 160,000 was not| lugttW_e,
Ladura, a rich  mining conlrai.'lor ;md   Stopped  at  Onixa  and  ll   Is supposed back  living "but  fighting  lo the  last."
in   by  its  proper  name  when  the d��1
Seattle Syndicate
Buys Texada Mines
'anaimee.   II.   C.,   March   24.    F,   W. Texada  Island   Mr.   McCready  reports
��eiy, the weii known Vancouver all properties are in good shape for a
ig engineer,   was  here yesterday very  profitable season. Marble Hay Is
.Texada  Island.  He reports a big now turning out  100 tons of very fine
BkRc   of   som���.���   gol I   propositions ore dally, while Ihe Loyal group, con-
Number   of   B.   C.   Railway   Bills   Ad- Two Murderers of  Miss Florence Alii-   Five of Them Are Sentenced to Death
vanced  at  Ottawa. son Are Executed.                                              in  Russia.
Ottawa, Ont., March 21.    The Kiiin- Mourn  Iffilly, N. .(., Mnrcb 24.���Rn-!    St. Petersburg, March 24���Six of the
loops and yellowbciid:  i:   ,       :  Van- fll8 ,,������-��������� ,,������  ���,������.,,��� Smt]]   ^L w|u> rfl|(le(] (he g(|V|nKa Bank |n
colored,  were hanged  here  toclny  for  Snbnlkiinskl Prospect on February 13,
the murder of Miss  Florence Allison   were Sentenced today.
Five of them   were  condemned    to
couver  and     Lulu  Island!     Koolenay
and  Arrowhead!   White  Hone    and I
Alsek;   Nakusp  H   Rliwian;   Columbia I
and Kootenay and It. C Southern rail-  who  WHH as��aujt��a  nnd  killed  In
Ship Storm Bound
With Cargo On Fire
Hay by n syndicate of Seat-  trolled by Seattle men, has a splendid  way bills were ill) read a second time' lmrn ncn'   Mwrestown, N. J��� on Jan-  death nnd one to 20 years' Imprlson-
'Hfl'ig men, Spoiiklng of mines on ""bowing of gold on Ms property,
| Ins! night.
uury   ISth.
St. John's, Nfld., March 24.���The
British freight steamer Titian, bound
from New York for Manchester, England, is off Cape Race with her cargo
on flre. !
mil station at Cape Race this aftei-
noon and added that she was attempting to reach this port.
A furious snow storm is raging
here and It is feared that tho boat will
not.be able to make her way Into tho
She reported her condition to a sig-j harbor. THE DAILY NEWS
We give Special Attention to Our Lines of Workingmen's Shoes and Pride Ourselves on Having the Best Money Can buy.
On Saturday Night
We will put on sale the Greatest Assortment of Working Boots Ever Shown it the City.    Our prices on some
 of the Lines Read as Follows	
Men's 10 inch top, Scotch grain boots, per pair
Men's Kangaroo grain, heavy blucher cut boots,
������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������
�� _
/   Jmb
.' <������:��.
_^_tiC$v-������'-' ^__
_E_^>"' ���',"������''. -J__
_9i_        \\:frSr
Men's heavy box calf, double sole boots, great wearer,
Heavy Boston calf boots, double soles, c,.*LT,;r,
We are Headquarters for the Celebrated "King of the River'' Logging Boots���Prices from $3.50 to $7.00.
We Look for the Workingmcn's Trade--We Certainly Have the Goods for Them.
WM. JOHNSTON the big shoe store
Delegation Asks to   Have   Bridge   Re-opened���-Objection
Raised to Garbage From Dredge���Bill Poster Has
Grievance���J   D. Taylor's Offer Accepted With Smiles.
,11 I   lefl   OVI
"-I III!  ll.   -
���| he city  i luncll   mei   m the   ;ii
hail lasi mulr is a i.niinitec 1 the
whole Mayor Keary occupied the
chair and all  tb ���   ildermen with  the
reception of ftldei m in   Shi!.-,    i n ���
The pis! item of business I ii m   u|
v....  a   . ���    mimical im   aifjned   bj   	
rector  hit  wardens ol   Holy Trtnttyjthe  difficulty    might   bi
cathedral   asking    thai    the council  ���,0| ny purchasing   one
be taken up with the
School   Situation.
In speaking of the school situation
Mayor Keary Btated that the school
board did not favor the tilting up ol
one c,f the exhibition buildings for
school purposes and he thought ihat.
of the B. C.
Dredge   Work.
would again open the bridg" across Mill- lecttonal houses, which, when
he i nil., adjacent to th-- cathedral nol needed would always lie saleable.
i. .b.ne   ft .s presenl as the repi     in
tatlveol thi ���!".. !��� wardens md ivas T^'��r's Philanthropy.
Invited   to  address   the-    hoard     Mr       J.  '���   Taylor,    of    the-    Columbian,
Jones Btated thai  th.- closure of eh.-   wrote  offering to  run  all  the city's
iridge for traffic    about  a ye&    igo   idvertislng  free  for    the    year  and
-verely militated against the work ol   Promised   more-   prompt   and
':.- .Iiiirch and the closing ou* of tool   service than In the past.
.,    mgers still further Injured them.      Amid    considerable    laughter    and
If  the  aldermen  could   not   Bee  theli   man>   funny  remarks the tender was
vay clear to erect a new brldg�� 1. ��� re    iccepted
quested that the old one might  be [n
-"ine-   way  fue-d   for   temporal     con
veniem e
Md. Henley, chairman of U boa i ' "i'1"1"* in lhe viHn"-v "f ""; B- c-
..I works, was asked for an .pinion MllUi ob^ctlng to garbage from the
and he strongly opposes the Idea ol '""""" "r the Kn,'"r belaS thrown
.iiovvii". even fool pahsehgei , to < ross  ,)J "'" '"''"ll4" l,n grounds adjacent to
the-  bridge.    He  had    examined      "'""  hoU889'
structure most carefully and botl   Uie      '" " ' ''"' rii,nr,,|,v Mayor Keary
foundation and   uppet    parts  of   the " ''""   ,:i'  the ,'i'-v controlled  three
bridge were absolutel) rotten HCrea a(U��lntag the Small & Bucklln
In response to ,.  querj  from   v.i   '"'"'��� "'"' "'"" tt<Uacent  to the elec-
Howhj ,.   to whal  ei.".'. bridge     ,uld  '-'''   ''"   ",,'"l's whi'"h couid he used.
.���..st. Mayor Rear:   replied lo-JJfe   -i   "  w"""' 1:mv""':  " all tbe securing
feci   iim'.   ;.  si iei   bridge  with      n ���
footings would cosl jr.,nd;..   ,\   ,  .
In Idge   v ' ibi   cosl   aboul   the.   lame
The old  brldg ' waa  butt!     ..���,
..������.us ap    ei1 I  h i-i   i ivei  be
factory    II b id been In bad i in II   m
.-nice 1S;.-
On   Al.      llelili"    ;   BU '.,'���'.. ... ,
' loo  was  passe I    laying the   nattei
ovei until nexl Mondaj nigh   in   irde
that the council   niiglii   go ov -:   in  a
body aim inspect the bridge
li was also moved, second-! and
carried thai notices be plac$j on the
bridge warning people of tie d mger
of crossing.
��� : e" requesting permission lo draw
��� itei  from the City's water mains for
his   own   use.    The   mains   ran   aboul
151 yards past his home and he offer-
id to provide half-inch pipe and bear
all expense of Installation. The matter was referred lo the waler commit-
le '
.'. Victoria paper wrote asking co-
ipei ition iu a special Illustrated
vritd-up of the province they were
producing. The communication was
referred to Aldermen Davles and Ho-
��� .     to   take   up   With   the   board   of
il  their nexl meeting.
Various Communications.
D. Jones wrote complaining ihai  a
lai      letween Sixth nnd  Eighth ave-
;.'   -  on   Princess    street    had   been
'��� .-���!, to the great Inconvenience flf
residents In  thai    district.    The
��� : ill  of the  board  of  works   was
i-1    I  to investigate and  report   next;
The provincial  boiler Inspector re-
irted   on   having   made  his   annual
��� f Inspection of the city's boilers:
and  found all  in good condition ex-
���   the   road     roller     which   needed!
some repairs which the council ordered to be made.
The government   fisheries   depart-
In Social Circles
nm.  of  the  brightest   social   tunc- son. Miss Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. o.
tlons of the season  was given on  the l.e-var.   Mr    nnd   -Mrs.   Keith.   Mr.  and
afternoon of St. Patrick's day by Mrs. Mrs    Kales.   Mi.   anil   Mrs.   .1.   lusley.
E. V. Qoulet at ber home on fourth Mr. and  Mis. h. Stewardson, Mr. T.
street.   The rooms were decorated in Ovens,  Mrs. Spring,  Mr.   \V.  Spring,
green   and    white,   potted      shamrock Mrs.   Roxburgh,   Miss   Spring,   Mr.
predominating.    Mrs.   Ooulel    looked Galbraith, Mr. I.. Cooper,
Mr. R,  McDonald.   Mr    and   Mrs.   Bradshaw,   Mr.
and Mrs a  H  Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs.
D. Bray. Mr and Mrs. Draper, Mr.
anil Mrs Cooksb.-y, Mr. ami Mrs. \V.
A,   Duncan   and", others.
Mrs    W,   V    Davles  was the  hostess
ai a charming afternoon tea yesterday. Between twenty and thirty ladles
were present and their amusement
was ably provided for by the hostess
assisted by hen sister. Miss Grace
Brown, and Misses F, Banton and
Windsor. Among those present were
Johnston, Mrs Qaynor, Mrs. Camp- Mesdames A .1 Hill. J. B. Kennedy,
bell (Vancouver), Mrs. ('. Watson, .1. (.'. Smith) C. .!. Robson. T. it. Pear-
Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. H. Gordon, Mrs., son, Docki-ill, F rwt.er. Postill, II. L.
Dockrlll, Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Griffin; Mrs. DeBeck, I.usby, Webber. Griffin, pride
C. A.  Welsh,  Mrs.  A. .1. Cunningham,   and Mrs. Dixon. I Eburne), .Misses Mc-
Uoyd, Whelen,
particularly well in a green silk gown,
ami was assisted In pouring ten by
Mrs.. Slevewrlgnt and Mrs. Campbell
ami Mrs, Wood of Vancouver while
.Misses Katie and Tessle Goulet assisted in serving. Progressive euchre'
was played, the prizes being carried
oft  by  Miss   Martin,  first;   Mrs.   Dock
rill, lone band, and Mrs. Morrow, con^
eolation.    The Invited   guests   were:
Mrs. McKay, Mrs. Morrow, Mrs.
UothweJl, Mrs. F. Lynch. Mrs. S. A.
Fletcher, Mrs. Sievewrlghl, Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Postill, Mrs. D. Btarret, Mrs.
ment wrote that the council's petition   Mps   c   D   PlH.U!   M|s   ,..   ,{   (;|���v(.r   nnuKall. Mi-Pherson
efficient   for th-  placing of an  additional  light   MrK    A���.in      Ml.s    ,   ,,    JoI|1,Sj     M,.a    y.iyI���
station on Vancouver .island would bo   pbjnips,   m,-3.  q,  s.  Richmond,   Mrs.. ��� o-
Boilers and Pumps.
Before placing your orders for NEW
STEAM PLANT," write for quotations.
We have the LARGEST and BEST equipped
BOILER PLANT in Canada       ;       :      :
"Canada"" Heaters and  Separators
Cochrane   Patents.
"Canada" Return Tubular I_loilers
Haniuii   ."'lUciU
"Canada" Water Tube Boiler*
"Canada" Steam Pumps
Full Stock of Pumps carried at
Vancouver and Rossland    :    :
Address: 527 and 529 Granville St.,. Vancouver,. ELC
refully considered t>y the proper
W.   J.   Matheson   seni   In   a   request
to be allowed to store' material for ihe
erection     of   a     new     residence     on
\ communication, was received from  Queen's    avenue.   The   request    was,
granted  Bulvjecl  to   the usual condl-
ti .i-
Bill  Poster Complains.
Mr. Cook, the city bill poster, waited on tlie committee and requested a
... . ing.    li.' Btated thai  he bad re-
. lived   several   inquiries   from   circus'
companies as  to  accommodation  tor
Circuses.    They   considered   Ilie  usual
liurde, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Lawrence,
Mrs. Wood I Vancouver I; Miss Martin.
Miss Barker. Miss Fraser, Miss Peele,
Miss Rowan. Miss Walker, Miss Jones,
Miss Phillips. Miss Sexsmltb. Miss
Wheelan, Miss Filmore and Miss M.
Doherty   I Toronto.)
Water for Penitentiary,
An agreement was presented be-
I wen the warden of the penltenl lal,
md Ihc corporation of the city ol
Now Westminster. The agreement
demanded thai the warden, for him
self and l-.is .successors, for home use
ol more pipe for the dredge. Then,
ill there was property hear Gal-
braltli Bros, mill which might be use.'.,
if had -""ii Oalbralth Bros, and thi;
h "i       u-essetl  them elves :-s  willing
'I'-" 'li" unci should be tilled if ne,.,..,.
���ne culverts were pul down across
Tenth sireet tn eau .,ff the water.
'I'ln- same opinion waB expresssd bj
Manager Rlckman and his foreman,
Ml Johnson, ol ib" li. c. Mills, and
'he inner were also willing to provide
th" lumber nocessarj for ihe work
The mayor Btated thai the completion
ot He' work meant much, not only in
|'|" managers ol the mill bul to the
city as two large' ships with others lo
'"How were waiting for sufflcb-iu
water in order tn load up al ihe mill,
social gathering last evening. A variety of parlor games were participated in and an iinproinpiu programme of
music was tendered. Among the Invited guests were, Mr. and Mrs. P.
���  idjacenl to the armouries too un-   _Q   .    ���
level   ami   too   Boft     They   also   con
Idered that b more neutral Bite would
i" b ''ier as there they found H neces-
ssrj to provide free tickets for nearlj   "'
hall Hi" town,
Mayoi   Keary  stated    thai    tickets
had  not   yel  come his way.
Nievs  York  Judgje  States.   Officers   .of
Insurance  Companies.
NV"W   Yor.l;,. Miiiirrh. !!!!.���Tbe officers
of life Insurance companies who con-'
  .tribute.! a pocii.iei of tin- companies'
The home of Mr. und Mrs. P. Peeb-1 fjunds to political campaigns commit-1
s was the scene of a very enjoyable1 ,,,,,  ,.���,,������;���   j,,  the opinion of Justice;
O'Siilivnn of rh.,. court of general ses-j
Water Alarm.
The  water question    was
ineeii  tor discussion.
Mayor   Keary  staled    thai
Mr. Cook considered lliai pint ot
Mood}    Park      near     lhe     ii III'   range
���: ight be utilised end he was satisfied
i ii ,t ihe Circus companies would be
willing ie, pa) for their accommodation.
Before leavtng Mr. Cook also registered a kick against Indiscriminate
bill posUng. lie paid the city }60 a
year for the privilege and since tha
lirsi of the year four distinct ellstrl-
i.inions of advertising    matter    bad
: n made.   The chairman of water-
Roach, Mr. aud Mrs. W. Sutherland,
Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Johnstone. Mr,
ami Mrs. a. Matheson, Mr, and Mrs.
I! Ramsay, Mr, ami Mrs. .1. T Wilms, Vancouver; Mr. and Mis. w.
I.. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Era-
brea, Miss Grant, Vancouver; Miss
Fadden, T n. Oram. W. i unnlngham,
1.. a. Johnson,
sions. Justice- O'Snllivan expressed
his opinion  in court today In replying
to ihe presentment submitted to him
by ihe grand Lury which is Investigating some phases of the Insurance business which were developed by tho
legislative committee,
lie lie-Id thai, lateen;   was committed
by ihe officer's who authorized such
contributions, ami charged the Jtirj to
Investigate as to responsibility for
such crimes
This opinion is directly opposite la
ihe- one on. the same   subjeel  whlah
was   submitted   to   Justice   O'Silllivan.
by   District   Attorney   Jerome  several I
days ago.
Replying to Justice O'Sullivan, _������
Finest Line of Candies
In the City       I
Entire Stock Must he Sold
As We Are Retiring From Business.
I Italian and Maple Creams, French Nougats, |
Fresh Today,.
25 Cents Per Pound
Attorney Jerome reiterated; tfis
IIi'XI    !ld-
Pleasanl  View, the beautiful  home
ol Mr. nnel Mrs. SV. A. Gilley on Sth
si reel., was the scene a fi'w evenings
ago of a delightful birthday surprise
party. In honor of Mr. Gilley. Oreal
credit is due to the organizers on ac-
Count Ot the fuct that the affair was
a   real   und   genuine   surprise   to   Mr.
Gille) himself, Some fifty guests were- opinion that the acts of the liisurunce
presenl and Hie evening was lllied to ofUctatts d-d not constitute larceny, and
md parka was asked U. look In- overflowing with good things of both t"b.l. tho court  thai  if he malntrofaiod
o the matter and report an Intellectual and material character, his contrary opinion, then li wns, up
'in iii" waterworks situation Mayor  whist  and  other games  were there  to the grand jury to Beek the muse
Kearj   reported   thai   a  gang  of  men   for   the  older   members  of  the   parly   foi-   luiUcuiienis   for  larceny     against
and foi lawns and grounds win to re- huon verj anxious aboul the situation would be sent up on Monday morning j while Pitt and    more  Lively  amuse-  George B. Cortelyou,   chalnoan, and
celvo water required al a ra) ��� not in   ''  the reservoir recently,   Tin- cold ": (''''ar i,Wil> all foreign matter from ments we're there for the delectation   Cornelius N. Bliss,   treasurer of the
excess  of   schedule   A   ra'"-     aim snap had inirsi  su many water pipes around tho dam and make everything  of tho younger guests of the e-venluiif. Republican national committee, as re-
that ciiy should supply water for fir'.and the waler had  been left  running ;i    clean as possible. [ During the evening vocal and LBStru- Icelvars Of the stolen goods.
protection free.   Further, that in any 80 continuously that the water in the At the Zoo. mental numbers   were rendered    by      Olsvtttci Attorney Jerome said, ad-
case- the warden should noi  pi.   b-ss reservoir had been lower than ever he-     The   chief   of    tho   flre   brigade,I Mrs. Stewardson, Miss V. QUbsy, MjssI dressing the court, "If your honor will
Ihnii ?240 per annum. fore and with the fierce wind Ihat had through  Alderman  Garrett, called  at-  CI. Spring, Messrs. El. Cooper, A. Gil-   sit rs a magistrate In Ibis cimc, I wlll
Tbe mayor nnd clerk Were author   ' " blowing tim situation had I n tentton to the tad thai when tho ant- ley, and Stewardson, Mrs. fitvwardaon   submit affidavits as to the acts com-
I zed to sign the contract, as presented', dangerous,    He had despatched  hut mala comprising tho zoo wen' taken acted as the accompanist of the even-  mttted by George \v. Perkins and will
a communication was received from all through the city locating and nx- up to tho grounds li would be neoes-  Ing,  Among the Invited guests were  ask  the warrant   (or his arrest    A
the  school   board,  stating     thai   tlu-.e   !|lg  'Oaks,   and   the  danger  was  post,   s.ny  to hire a  boy  in care  for Ilium,
had   made  a   reduction   In   their   esty-  ihe reservoir  again  being full.    Bleo-   After some discussion the mailer was
m a .it ol $2,340 b.\  deferring the In- "i'" motor had been kept busy pump- referred to the board of works.
troductlon of    a    commercial eourse 'ng foi three nights in succession dm-      The consideration ol the estimates
and reducing current Sinenses 'na "''' time of danger. for the ensuing year was ihen taken
Tile  e ���;.." LDoloai ion     WvtS       ���   ���  ."!       Lindsay     LoiilIu    1,    of    *'o pii: lam,   up,
Toronto Candy Co.
Mrs. Ketasy Prop.
Nkto Westminster-
Columbia Street.
Apples, Pearst Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
' >; Ornamental trees and shrubs in great variety, evergreen ani1
'���' ,i     ci'cr' l
>��!   en from 2 to fi feet.   Roses, paoonios,  rhododendrons,    privi'-
Mr,  and   Mrs. W.  R.  Gilley,  Miss    V. writ of habeas corpus will follow, nnd
Gilley,   Mr,   H,   OIHe.v,     Miss   Ollley, the c.aae will be taken to the highest
Mrs.   (Capt.)   K.   Ollley,   Miss   Rogers conn,   where   I   will   retain   Alton   B.
Mrs.  .1.   II. Gilley, Mrs.  Kelly,  Mrs. S. Parker as  special  counsel."
Gilley,   Mr.   II.  Ollley,  Mrs.   Wooster, Justice O'Siilllvtm rofusml  to grant
Mr. and .Mrs. R. Benson, Mr. W. Finer, the warrant
fi   green, and broad leaved for bodges.    Catalogue* free.
D. M. Robertson & Sons
9    Tynehead  Nurssries. NEW   WESTMINSTER.   B"    j
_ .. M_am
wWffie&G&l&IStWS!^^ 	 p  SATURDAY. MARCH 24,  1906.
I t#_\
ever Jl
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
via TH]
Great Northern Railway
"TA* Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, rates, etc., call on nr address
F  C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works. Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
CCrnO 12 PACKETS 25c.
���^^ ^P    \W^     __     IJ^-k       GUARANTEED   FULL SIZE  PACKAGES.
^__m _____ ^^_ mmLM ^^M by postpaid.
12 SUPERB VEGETABLES FOR 25 CENTS.    Il - Carrot! ''��� lens I..-H u. ������
Cucumbers   Radishes   rn ��� nbhust-, Cc-lerj ..      '.:<:.  Uelofts
Water Melons.   Rosrulae Price 75c, for 1".
12 ATTRACTIVE  FLOWERS  FOR  2 IS CENTS,    \i.r-   PhloJ           ���     I
noni'ii.- I'..'   t li'.i.i.l.'I'   I  .Sweet Alyweuni,Poppy !'������'       i
Peu   Balaam, Mid M RoKulnr 70e , rop  2t
Cricntnbo!   Beet, lettuce ���..   Ra.    !.    a ���������-  f?weel >i.i ettc   Pai
Petunia, :-'".'������' I'.m    an. sen.   HukoIii' 05c, roe
Should thr vwtther >��- oolA, dotioi >���>   nipat erU  ' thi Bulb and Plants are nut forwarded
luiin'tliiiti-hi; n1! >iy. mi" nil rii'. ci nd ei"; rantn everything to rttti h you in iinmi eond
Vell.ie. C&lla Mly, 1 Prise Tuberoui Begonia, LOLanl Oloxina. 1 Beautiful - ;-"tte'.l
C.'ill.'i, el Iliretil Siiii.in.i   11. ��� ... ...       !,.,   Monl l,r,-[i;iH.
and 7 ProttJ'Oxftlfi.   Reirm.-.e $1.40 ror 60
'   iXT* 6 BEAUTIFUL DAHLIAO Fc'.R 50 CF.NTS.   Blj Grand Dahlias(dald-grown
rooUl, no re. alike.   ReKnlne Price $1 08 roe 60
<"\ 4 . ���'<lr��* 8 RARE PLANTS FOR BO CENTS,   i New Kver Blooming '!'". It"-', i Profo*
J .'_!���*[ 'JtSuBr**' Ml i.ii't l''.i.'b-i.i. 1 W'.-.-r -i,   T.ntn.i.-i  1  \   ..-.-., -.-���urcri I'.'.'". I New  Ar-'
1    ; / 1*ylXl.7-k.T .^g-k                              alniii. 1  HiTiiiiful IJeraniiiin. i Ciiant < lire^aiith.rinim. nn.l 1 Hw.'i't C'lii-nati.ii).
*-��W   '���ffli/~ Regular $1 16, for 60
nrr*    ^-T-HTtv     rie.rr     It   vnur  <��rel.-r   a.e.'.if.I-   le   tl."1' er over,  NOVELTY
Ever-Blooming Tea Rose.    WE  SEND  FREE   1$���^*���'^wR^^o^^���""0
WM.  KI-.NN1F. CO., Ltd., Dept. N��� 66 Hastings St. W��� Vancouver,*B. C.
��_��I7 Illlie Nlie.r, Jn-I..-,��. I'nnr Coa_
and lliil.-r<,�� Mich in Fashion'. I'a-
vor- I'rller,.., Model, in Imoofb
rinl.l,..,l  Cloth   Verj   Smart.
Of."   ie eve
tlty ���
pa ��� Ibli  in Lt  be t.
novelty's ��� '��� bad a
hard time to evolve new ii.
the old.    The  ' -I'l-
tear evidence ... asi luonslj they
have j[anii ��� partle
honor.   One "\ t1 eh (nels |
queer though ���   tty little abort   ;
thnt an- tn b.- found among tb.  novel-
In this category, f-.r Instance  it thi
new pon\ ct, tl it look!   toi  an ibc-
'-Veil   Allow
e'le    His
i    n|_.   ,
.     !                                   1
'   '         1
'   pre
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,'' Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for^Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12.
New Westminster.
*''\M-'.iti*M M& -^m
Do you need a Set
of Teeth?
^A Full Set of Teeth
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All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
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[The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hour* 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.   Remember the Place
IX>7 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
The Burrard Sanitarium, ltd
And Second Report of the Institution
For Sale
Half Carload, No. 1 feed
or seed oats .hipped from
Mtiosejaw. Samples to be
seen at this office or at H.
T. Kirk's Hardware Store.
Peter  Warren.
HPWARDS ni one hundred Burglcal operations were performed, till
with complete success, and only one death out ..t ovei two hundred pa-
tlents treated, Seven patlentB were tn the Sanitarium al 'lie- opening ..f
th.' Mur. 206 were admitted during ttli.. year, making a total <>f 212 treat
ed. oc these 99 were males and 113 females. 112 were. Burglcal, 91 niedi-
cal and 19 obstetrical.   12 patients remained in al the close <>f tlio year.
Tin1 total days treatment were 8,190, an average of 19.46 days per patient.
(im eif th,- 212 patients treated only one death    occurred,  being  less
Hi;.n l l' per cent.   This iiiie> death was clue tc, suppurative  pyelitis,  com
plicated  wiili heart  .11
I'lltlelllv    W|
liiiiit...]  from the foi
lowing localities;
Van Aula  11.IJ
Van timid	
! Washington  Btate
North Vancouver
. Central  Park...
Wulyauiiih      2
, l.utnl  	
. Atlln.	
RaOk  Huy   ....
I Sudbury	
Suinrderlnnil  ...
NVw  Westminster..
We.'stliain   Island. .
Rock Day	
Salmon  Ann	
Port  Hammond....
Ml. Lehman   	
Dtttslniry, Alta. .   .
Miami.  Man	
White  Horse	
l'ort  llaiuy . .   .
Aidergfttve..  .
Maiiclow.   Man
Harrloii Bay ,.
Seattle,   Wash.
l^celuc, Alta. . .
Heevelstolce.. .
Keefer Station .
Souils. Man
Naus River. . .
Kliiirne.     . .   ..
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquortwi   for   PACIFIC   (J. '
GROWN   Gar.leii.   Field   and   Plowei
S.'c'du.   New crop now in stock ready
for distribution;   ask  your merchant
for I lie in  In  ttalfHl  inck^ls.    If he |
does not handle them we will prepay pmnomr aow*.
to   your   nearest   postofflce,   fifty   5c (world like a femlntnlzed cadet's Jaeket.
packeis, our selection  of good  \niie-   The military  nir Is jfreSerVed  in tbe
lies, for ji.eiii lo Introduce them.
���.ni rlflclaTe
for Sl.iin
Larue    stock    of    IIOMIO    GROWN
Fruit  and  Ornamental  Trees now ma-1
lured for the spring trade
Tim Di'ihs and MMWUte llupiirlmenl hnvr- heen emliii'Bit.ly successful
under the management ol Mtsa Milllngton _)_rrlng the ��*ar., nr,4 treat-
ini'ius w.i. given, and tw'the patronage has gradually Increttsed, n has i.e
con,' neoMsary i����� engage an assistant. BteaiHj in the year a' BdUvenlr
prospeclM;   was   piihlishell   and   copies luiijleil   to   the   many   friends   of   lhe
Institute n.
The ollice's, reception rooms, and p.m.si ol the private wards have been
newly painted and cHi'iirati'd.   adding grealli to their appearance.
pinelieel In. slmrt wnisted effect In the
bik-k, In thehjgb collar abodt the tliroiit
and In the braid tiiinii'ilugs. Then there
; are stimulus boleros curved gracefully
' above tiie  ivnist  line,  with  carle pro-
No  expense,  loss or delay  uf  fiiml-1 jectious  over  the shoulders.     Ihtlei*!,
gatlon or inspection.
Let me price your list before placing your order. Greenhouse Plants.
Floral Work, Dee Supplies, Fruit
Packages, Fertilizers, etc. Catalogue
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.   C.
Synopsis   of   Canadian   Northwest
the slepves are often formed of a wide
flowing cape cut off at the elbow. Biit
perhaps the most original of tlie new
coats are the models that are short
walsted lu frout and terminate In a
sparrow tailed effect in tbe back. It
will be understood that the coats described are made up ki coat and skirt
As a separate wrap for afternoon
| wear there Is a abort, jaunty sack af-
i fair, a Huffy mass of lace, ribbon and
j fancy buttons with a foundation ot light
j silk. In skirts all the old ideas have
j been worked over and Improved. The
I two piece circular skirt, with Its belt
) I ���
Ge    ���
;"       ' ' 	
' '      '"' ""' " I doubtle     wrai ���
''  "���  "      nfant     It the ,,
Ol W     '     '        '     "1   With   :,
11 ��� '��� - ��� i    ;     him out of N
-    ,     .
'" "'���   ti   nerve   Mm  while   hi   I    It  ,,-
and he can . ,,  .,
""' l,;i1"     '  i wttn him
11  ..   ...  i .
' don i think i >, Ir\ n���  ,,..,
niony  oi   loin,   D   I., , .... i. ,   |   haJVe
'!    Radii j ".i'i. i   ,i i ,.,, ,|��� r,
formation i ���.., m   , ��� ,..tl���. ,Ailn	
1 ' vi '  ��� i  "'Hi'     Phe " mis hav--.
i ordered them ti . n wei n s questlona,
and  I   havi   in I   thi   Biightest  don.'
! they will de   .
"In m>  ''ff. '.'  -.  ure the tesjl-
m. BJ   Ol    lohr   D    aockefl   led   I   Itt
m    tried to i reati a sensation.   I am
l"'"' to trj  i i i ii tho Miiiitm n
ownership of    foci  In    thi   teers
Plerfce Oil companj i a the ffdpublic
Oil compan)     I am   trying to ntu
ihai the-.,   componli    . re part of the
Standard 0J1 i ompanj   and i |
will he able io etc. it
"1 want It uh'derstl. ,i I ...,, ������i _,
vestigatinc Hi.- Standard Oil 'ompany.
1 am seeking to establish thnt thei.>
Ib hu oil monopoly in Missouri and tc
'break up that monopoly. If i accopv
iillsli that my task is d< ne '
Henry M TIH'ord and .1 I.' Arnold.
of tile Standard Oil cemii any, were de--
clnred In default today when Miey fail
ed to appear hefoit liummlssloner
1 lie bearing ol the Standard ' 11
case was formaflj aajourned'uitli 10
o'clock tomorrow.
Wc guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
The White House
If you want a bargain in
Ladies' and Children's Wear
nave a look over our
275 Columbia St.
fullness laid In tucks or plaits, Is perhaps lirst favorite. Princess and corselet princess effects,  topped by a tiny
Jaeket of tbe gown material, wlll have
Any even numbered section of Do- t vnB������    Tll(, nl������rl,tl���n Bhowa a
TtiiTiio,, Lands ,n Manitoba or tlu fnuirt elnn,ple of this stvle carried out
Northwest Provinces, excepting 8 anil \ ,��� dnrk ,,,lleflflt|n ,.,���,,,. The trimming
26, not reserved, may be nomesteaded at thp f()0t o( tl���. pri_eegI g_jrt Ib of
by any person who is the sole head of: tafotn, which nlso makes the embrold-
a family, or any male over 18 year- I rn(i ,mloro nI1(1 rt.Ters, The white silk
erf age. to the extent of one quartei j wg|.,tcoat Is embroidered In colors and
section of lOo acres more or less.        ! adorned with fancy buttons.   Cuffs of
littry may be made personally al , wu|te silk edged with cream tulle lace,
the local land office for the district ; a plnstron of batiste and cravat of lace
in which the land is situate, or If tin complete the picture,
homesteader desires, he may, on ap ' The new dress materials are all
plication to the Minister of the Inter-' smooth finished, and for the nonce home*
ior, Ottawa, th�� Commissioner ofl gpuns and rough cheviots are out 01
Immigration, Winnipeg nr the local! the. running. Gray and fawn mixtures
agent receive authority for some one j and Invisible checks ln two tones are
to make entry for him. j mm-h In evidence.
The homesteader is reeiuirtel to per- j Gray green cloth will be a leading
form the conditions connected there- ���pring shade, and the girl's costume
with under one of the following plans.
fi) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) Tf the father for mother, if the
Chatham Incubators
Now is the time ts Purchase Them
60 Egg Incubators Costs $14,       120 Egg Incubators $21,
240 Egg Incubators $29.
These terms are Cash with the Order. Terms
can he arranged payable in November, 1906,
on a slight advance over cash prices.
BROODERS   $11.00  TO   $13.00
Box 165, New Westminster, B. C-
Write for Circular and Mention the Daily News..
"The Milwaukee" Canadian
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residenre may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father or mother.
f,1> If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his home
stead, the requirements as to residence
may he satisfied by residence upon
the said land
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy  Minister  of  the   Interior.
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicagc.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of th* Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains .snd
give their patrons an excellence of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars
on any other line. They protect!
their trains by the Block System.
Connection made with all transcontinental lines in Union Depots.
Railway Company!
AMaefitSe Kxpress leaves oauy at
15.40; tan flrst-clasa sleopers and
Tourists cars   for    Toronto   every"
Monday and   Friday;    for   Montreal
every Wednesday ami Saturday.
Seattle train leaves daily at S.ift).
For further particulars apply to
ed. doubhrr,
(J. f. K. Agent.
New Westminster.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage daily for Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane and Nelson.
Effective Sunday, November io,
Crooked in Scokane.
Spokane,   Wash.   Match   .      The
Btai 'linv fact is aniiiimi. i .1 Hi- . thi re
are more than  a  score 0( pi tea In
Ibis city  where gai|il (Ing I"    otm; on
in full blast with a ' raki qfl     ri ..
game in ..pen elet'cn.. nl the law, It
i'i Stated that the jjaines arc lotng
much moii' bin in 'hail in Ilie old   lays
viie'ti i ambling was qondueted with
wide open doorB, because In inost.ot
ihe gambling dens n< * existing hero
the  player    has   no    chance  !���)  win,
whereas in the wide epeit games he
was given a fair "hcv
The most of the gambling LnsUt-
tion . I the city are run under the
iim in i- of clubs, which have recently
been organized under the provisions
of the laW-i ol He stale n-latlng to
social organisations >* inRhUw ol
wideawake newspaper correspondents
have just finished an investigation as
to the extent of gambling, and they
report that within the past three
weeks a dozen new cldbfl have staffed
business, all Operating what are commonly known as "cinch' gatncti,
Vanity  Saves Her.
Wabash,  Ind.,  March  ;3.- Mrs.  Darius Sewell of Paw Pnw nwoii her lifo
to her vanity. Sho clct.'rtiiine:d to roin-
niii suicide and   nol wishiiiff to shoot
herself in the forehead because the
wound would disfigure hor in .tenth,
she' placed her revolver against the
l.tick of her head and (ired The- bullet Inflicted : -.ri.ius wound, but tho
woman  will  recover.
G. T. P. Contract in Alberta.
Winnipeg March 23 I'aih Brother-., railway contractors, of t,.uumbo,
Vita., have secured o Bub-contract on
he 0 T r and will (urn the' first
-.eel ln Alberta on this ii.vv tra.nscon-
line-ntai They commence week about
110 miles east of Lacornbo .pear the
Big  Fi.ncl of  Battle  river,   vv|t,h  a big
oini.'s ouat oimrtM fbock.
pictured is evolved in that color. The
skirt Unit Just clears the ground Is
laid ln groups of plaits. Buttons of
passementerie adorn the bands of braid,
and embroidery snrronnds tho decollete, which is tilled In with a tucked
batiste plastron incrusted with motifs
���flace. AMY VAUNDM.
Day Train
I  0.20 a.m.
112.25 P-m-
9.40 a.m.
H. S. ROW.E. General Agent, j AM,rt,nt _je^r-,|   p���w18er  A��ent,
11.14 Third St,, cor Alder, Portland, Or. |    Vancouver. s_
  Spokane  7-15 P-m.
....Rossland ....4.10 p.m,
 Nelson 6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
Corlonn  Flahlnff.
Very curious ls tbe method of Ashing
followed by the Chinese in the strait
of Malacca. The fisherman lets down
from the side of the boat a screen of
white canvas st ret .lied on wood. Th��
shoal of flsh mistake. this for some
floating obstruction snd try to leap
over rt, with the result that tlie fish
Jump Into the boat and are thus cap-
tared. This method Is employed by
Malays In tifoir waters. ,
Prof. Voder's Solution.
TaComa, Wash., March 23 ��� "I have
been asked: What shall we ct�� about
the Sunday funny paper?' I idon't do
anything about it except to get up before the rest of the family unci look
it over,'' said Prof. A. H. Voder yesterday in addressing tho Plorce-
County Teachers' Institute.
It was at the afternon gcfeffal session and Prof. Yoder waa ^wmioring
sundry questions that he, hftd been
asked concerning educatipij^ matters.
. 0	
Elopers Marry,In Cab.
Guthrie, Okla., March i'i ��� Miss ,
Anna Newell of Wnnetfa an* James
Smith, an Oklahoma city merchant,
eloped to Shawnee and were married
by Rev. E. S. Stock well, l'lie ceremony was performed on /t)u> street
curb,, in front ot the pTe(e.cJjjpr'u residence, the bridal couple remaining In
a cab while the knot was tied. THE DAILY NEWS
Published be The Daily News Publishing Conip.e ly, Limited, at their
offices corner of Sixth and Front
Streets, New Westminster. B. C.
Editor   and   Mtjr    Edward   D.   Sawyer
Advertising Rates.
Transient di.play advertising, 10
cents per line (nonparlel) 12 lines to
the inch. Fiv ��� cents per line for
subsequent inse; lions
Heading noticol, bold face type, 20
cents per line, bievier or uonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for Bales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word. No advertisement taken for
less than 20 cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine advertisements inserted at rate of 50
cents per inch per issue (display) or if
reading notices, 25 cents per lino pes'Hie flowers, trees and nature generally
conscience is perfectly satftfied no
doubt no sin Is commited, but could
that man not have the same pleasure
ami enjoyment from that trip on tbe
fourth en fifih el iv of the week and
thus noi transgress the fourth command ment? We are of the opinion
he could-
Another man claims Sunday ls the
Sunday.  March  24
Holy Trinity cathedral, Rev. A. Shil-
drick,  rector���Holy  communion  8  a.
only day in lhe week he finds for m.; matins and holy cumniunion, 11
pleasure and a br,at excursion is his a. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.;
ideal manner of gaining that pleasure. ev,'nin" *'ma andjennon, 7 p. in.
There seems to be no harm in that g, ,la..n.(his Kl,tsco���al chUrch, Rev.
simple boat excursion, but could that c w. Houghton, rector���Holy coalman noi find consolation in the spend- unmion 8 a. ni. Horning prayer, 11 a.
inn  of  that   ilay   reading some  good '"������ bible class,", p. m.; Sunday school
,     , ,, . ,     , ,,, 3 p. m.:  evening prayer, 7 p. iu.
book,   walkuiK  i bout   seeing  the  ere-      ' ���* '    J '
ation   of  his  Creator's  handiwork  in
W. R. Gilley, vnone
J. R. Gflley, 'Knone 1-4-9
Gilley Bros.
ii...uers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
\lso agents B. C. r'ottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver I'd rt land Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone l-b
West   Presbyterian church. He v. T.
Wardlaw  Taylor,  M. A., Ph. D., mim,
__t,tHS_-^a��A ,r0m thiS.ratd'for;thus giving the employes of that same  ister���Services at 11  a. m.  and  7  p.
teaniboat company a day'of rest also, i m-l Sunday school and bible class at
30 p. m. Rev. J. Knox Wright, B. D..
term contracts.
business office   22
Manager's .residence   251
If men on pleasure bent of this kind
would  think of the few clays of rest
SATURDAY, MARCH  24,  1906.
will  preach   morning and  evening  at
the   special   services   celebrating   the
the workmen e>n boats, trains etc. get,. fifteenth anniversary of the founding
and   would   find     enjoyment   in  other  of the concregation.
lin"-.   how   easily   this  question   could
be solved,    The final and last resort
to our mind Ihen is this, and a happy
Terminal  Steamship Co.  Proposes to  Attorney-General     Issues    Strict
Build     Immed jtlly     On structions  to  the   Sheriff
at Butte.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian church���
Rev.  I. S. Henderson, pastor. Services
ll  a   in   und 7 p. m.:  Sabbath school
~~-1 solution sems to present Itself.    If the] and   Bible class  2;;in  p.  in.;   Y.  P.  S.
government would compel every niov- C. K  Monday, v p, in.;; Prayer meet-
to] ible and Immovable industry to close  '"-��� Wednesday 8 p. in. Morning subject  "Christian  Work."  Evening subject "Llttle-Oll  Religion."
Water Commi,   .ner  C.  C.   i-'isher     Helena, Mont., March .8.���QambUng
announces the  .     nting of  16 inches In Montana has received whal Is gen-
of waier to th ��� Terminal Bteamshlp erallj   acepted    as   I     it,'
companj for Bae ai  i new summei ho
'Remember   the   Sabb.ilh    da;
keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labor tightly  on the    Sabbath    day a year
and  do all  tby work."    So readeth a   .could   hurdle    have   passed   by   until
portion of the fourth    commandment,  every   worklngxnan,   oi     If    properly
In  the ancient days when  Moses re-  known, ever] man and woman of wha-
���reived the ten commandments on Mt. soever occupation would be accustom-
Sinai   it  is   not  to  be  supiKised  the;,. | in ()i]i,.|  Sabbaths and would wel-
sanii' state of affairs exioled as exists j come  the close  Sunday  as much  aa
lewiay. Nor are we in position to state] thej  do the open one now.
whether  Mosaic law caused the chil ;��� i
dren  of  Israel  lo obey   and  conform - -,i_'_
unncerlirrf  Kl��e >ei�� Time.
rigidly to the tenets of the command ;    Justice Pickering of Springfield does
inents.    Nor do we know that conn.-   not believe In cheap labor.   The other
dav ho married a couple and lndlgnant-
of justice existed to enforce obedi-ncej ,y-gpurned a tend^ ���f *1.25 for his
to the   ten    commandments.   Of one   services.   "I never paid any more than
. , . .... ,���I that  for getting  married,"  remarked
thing however we are sure and that is   "*, '.,   *vl    b ���_     , ' .   -    ,
the bridegroom. But I am not deal-
thai six days in the week is sufficient I [nj, ,,, 0���t rate marriage services," retime for anv man to labor, unless the   pH��J th-justice.   Then the bridegroom
I offered to make lt $1.00.   The justice
labor is one of absolute necessitj aud, remaiIlwj adamant.   He said his rate
was $2 and the bridegroom must produce?. "Ain't I worth ?2?" asked the
bride.    "I suppose you are," said the
tel which t!i_ companj propose erect-
Olive: iiaiiiisi church���Preaching
by Rev. M. I.. Rugg. I). D- al 11 a. m.
and 7 p. in.; Sunday school al 2:30
p. in. Subject of sermons: Morning.
"Church Prosperity." Evening, "Nur-
rawness Essential to Success."
From the day of the discovery of gold
in   this   slate    forty-three   years   ago.
in:-  .,      .,  .-,,1 Tbe application'H'"1'1'1'"*  ~* *"��en conducted  In  the
wa.   for 20 Inches, '"it  the allowance   principal mining camps and elite's of
w ... cut to i-">. by the commissioner.
i ne companj  states thai  it is the
intention  to  erect   a  first   class  sum-       Attorney-General    Albert    .1
West End Methodlsl church���Rev.
A. .1. Brace, pastor, Services ll a. m.
and 7 p. ni.; Sundaj school anil llible
class. 2:30; Burnaby Sunday school,
2:30. Service 3:16. Prayer meeting
Wednesday 8 p. m. Morning subject.
"Breaking Chains." Evening subject,
"Doers, Not  Hearers Only."
the   state,   although     ���pasmodlcallj
closed In different communities,
iner hotel on Bowen Island, the same  has addressed    a    letter    to    BherifJ
to be completed in time for the sum   Qulnn al Butte directing hlm to close
hut traffic, Thi.-- hotel has long been all houses and see thai tbey are kepi
spoken of, and at last the proposition close"! or suffer the penally of removal
has taken definite shape, much to the from office, in ihe letter to the Butte
gratification of tbe community, official the attorney-general says ihat
The size ami probable eosi of the ils "'n"s are applicable to all corn-
structure Is not known as yet, bin it munltles where this law is being viols said that,the resort will be one of 'ated.
the mosl  creditable on  the coast. .                                   ��
that   necessity     nude    plain  ! bj   the]
rulers and law makers of the country
Queen's Avenue Methodist church
���Rev. w. H. Barraclough, It. A., pastor. Regular services al 11 a. in. and
7 p. m. In the morning the pastor will
preach  the usual  monthly   object les-
affected, Many men are of the opinion   bridegroom, and with a heavy sigh he   sf>n sermon to the children.  Evening
that because they  labor
the week day that when the Sabbath
.lay arrives they are al  liberty t , enjoy themselves in any  manner whatsoever.    "We cannot   agree with  this
view  of  the  question  as  it   certainly
encroaches on the rights of those (vho
'I.-sire to spend (he seventh d,.y of the
week in the worship of their Divine
.Master or the passing   >f th" da;  In
quiet.    'Tin true a certain l;be,i    is
given ail men bj legal righi. bti   has
ihe-   workman  wh >  has    labored   sis
day.- during the  week     the rig''  oi
liberty  ol  becoming hilarious and di- '
iinb    ib.     peace of bis Iobs boi-��� ���
..ns neighbor?   We saj not.   CI
'.. a- Hi;.1 when the seventh iaj arrives   the        'I   working   mam should ���
welcome it   md ende iv u   to g i   suf-
hard during P^ui full faro' but warned the justice
that he would never come to him again
to  get  married���Jefferson  City   (Mo.)
The  Marks of the Spiritual
l nwelcome Hot Water.
Tlie residents of Dravosburg, a villa?? in western Pennsylvania, were
supplied the other day with hot water
through the street mains. The water
which came from the faucets in the
bouses was too hot to drink. The solution of the matter was this; A water
main from the village pumping station
passes beneath an old sin;; pile. Some
time ago the slag pile' Ignited and has
since l.e'eii smoldering. The heat ex-
tended t<��� the water main; therefore tlie
Uot ��"'teH'.
New Oospel Hall, corner, of Sixth
avenue and Ninth street ���11 a. m..
breaking of bread; :���! p. in. Sunday
gfihool and Bible reading; 7 p. ni..
gospel meeting and ordinance
Baptism, \ hearty Invitation i>
tended  to all.
Quiet at Lethbridge.
Lethbridge,   Alta..     .March   24.
feci   quiet   prevails  around   the
mines where the strike is in progress, cessary
The aiiplicuiii.il tor 2,00 miners' inches of water, posted by the Coast
Quarries Ltd., on March 21, will be
heard on April 24, bj Water Commissioner Fisher.
��� ���e application for 2,000 miners' in
mechanical, ordinary, and domestic
purposes, and the stream from which
the supply is desired Is situated on
that portion of the east half of section I!, in the sixth township, and seventh range west of the seventh meridian lying east of the North arm of
Bui-rant Inlet. The point of diversion
is; on the face of the bluff rising from
the said North Arm. where the said
stream precipitates Itself from the
height above. The difference in altitude between the point of diversion.
and the point of return is ^4 1 fe-et
The means of diversion is ley way of
dam and pipe line.
The   company   Is  ai   present   using
waier In the section above  referred
Pe-r-  to, bul not wllh the permission eif the
coal  government, from whom it will be in--
to  obtain   acceptance  of  the
T>r Wall* nf Hiinlber.
The rye'opean walls of Baalbee were
defensive works built of stones io
great in size that even the most elaborate engineering appliances of the
present day wonltl be- taxed to transport them. Some of these stones are
sixty feet long by ten to twelve feet
thick ami of unknown width.
l-'lr.-  Kntclnm.
Fire eujjiues were invented by Cte-
sibiui! 250 B. C. rilny alludes to machines used to throw water on burning
Tleje ITcrnet,
The hornet is mentioned In Scripture
(Exodus xxiii. 28). lt is alluded to as -
familiar pest, God promising to send
hornets before the Israelites and thereby drive out tbe nations of Canaan.
Al.oui Bftv  men are al   work.
The Tuberose,
The botanical name of the tuberose
signifies many flowered, an allusion to
the numerousness of the blossoms on a
single stock. The common English
name has reference to the tnbular fortn
of tbe blpssom aud tbe fragrance,
which is considered to resemble that ot
the rose.
him i..    ... '
fii'ieii.   ie-      . enable
bis usual avocation on 'he sue   (eding
.la;.-.     We        ���   no'    -...      Iioa SI |1     b ���
should   attend   any   religlou,.-
. better for him no doubi if he Bid I bu
we do emphasize the fact thil  he Is
granted the right to worship hi- God
acor'iline   to the diet ite's of hi.    ..'-:
c-oiisi ie.nce   an.l  1.0 follow  the ill  "
oi  his own conscience as to bow  be
sould  spend the seventh   I.     i   the
week, provided however he .!..���- no
interfere wi'h the rights of othe     ... I
conforms to the laws   of lhe district.
Should the aaloon be open Sun i i
for ib" accommodatI in ol
    i-i in  wh '  finds   Junda;   hi-
onlj  day to regale hlmsell In the cup
lhal is supposed to cheei. he i
b is beei       usl uned to thi
'..I  i hir p    Ictilai   la i are    irr
foi ibis, ce      md  inswei this que I   u
plainly cle u I        'The e.
-boiild m    i. ��� op ���, ��� I        3und
any  reaso       \ ma ca     it do
without ii .. i ii me 11 ftoi n i
be allow. ., us i 11 al .ni. t ti [I
ihe repul ible pi - ci in pres i Ibes
Hepioi as ne Heine foi the lull - Ing
om-. tbe drug store should can sui
flclent qui itttj to relieve the distress
same ac curies anj either drug.
and the dr ;g store should be op"n r
certain i. .. is on ih< Sabbath ���
supply on ���  such drug or nieelie.in     ...
a patient absolutely requires i.m
under  no  ilrcumstance   should    the
saloon I" . I (wed to be ope". A- i ,
the grocery store, meat mark." dry
goods, clothing stores, etc'., no excuse
whalevei   exists  fee   I lie: t   opehtng  hi,
Sunday. The thoughtful house wife!
usually Bupplles the wants of the
family tb;: day previous
The railways, tramways, telepl s,
telegraph lines etc    me   necessities
hard to dispose of, and the", too
should be used on Sabbath daj I n
���only  aliKo:ule necessity.
Many a man .appreciates un tacur-
Mchi foi pleasure on the Sabbata and [
Is perfect!   satisfied he does ad barm
aoi commits no sin,    ii Hi������  ���
[Great Wallpaper Sale!
Having made arrangements to enter another line of business we have
decided to close out our immense stock of
Wallpaper, Burlaps, Room Mouldings,
Varnise Stains, etc.
At Cost for Cash
Very neat 5c to 7 l-2c bedroom papers for roll 4c
9 in. borders to match, per yd - - 1 l-2c
Many very handsome stripes and floral designs in
all colors, regular prices 7 l-2c, 10c, 12 l-2c, L5c
.Sale prices, per roll - 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c
Nine-inch Border to match for   -   -   -   2c a yard
Embossed Gilts
Regular prices - - 25c to 40c
Sale prices - - 12 1-2cto20c
18-in. Freizes to match, per yd     -     12 1-2 to 20c
Sale prices, per yard - 6c and 10c
Pressed  Goods
A   beautiful  line   of  American   pressed  goods;
regular$1.,50 a roll: Sale price      -     75c a roll
18-in.    Frieze to match:    regular 35c per yard
For - - 20c a yard
A visit to our store will convince everybody that we
have the largest stock of Wallpaper in British Columbia and it has all got to go and go quickly. We
have just opened a fine tine of German goods which
v ill be sold at cost.    Our
Varnished Goods for
Kitchen and Bath
40c a role everywhere, while they last 30c and so on.
Remember this is a genuine sale, no removal
sale or side show of any kind, but a real, genuine
get-out-of-the- wallpaper-business-quick sale. We
have a good staff of paperhangers and will hang all
paper we can for those who want work done, but of
course we will not be able to hang it all.
First Come, First Served.
Samples Sent to Out of Town Customers.
808 Pender St, Vancouver
Opp. People's Theatre.
Same Prices Apply to'Mail Ord
tiers  I
Publication Begins
April 3rd, 1906
A Clean, Newsy,
Reliable Paper
Just the Paper for the Farmer
and Rancher
Market Report, the
Market Prices, Mining
News, Lumber News,
Poultry and Stock Reports
and a Query Column, edited by a Reliable Veterinarian.
The City News will also be briefly and correctly
We will have correspondents in all nearby
towns and will cater to
yourjwants in every manner possible.
The Weeky News Costs
Per Year
The Daily News
Publishing Co., Ltd.
SixthJand|Fr6nt Streets,
New Westminster, B. C. SATURDAY,  MARCH  24,  1906.
Will You Use Paint ?M News Briefly Told
APPEAR IN COIIHT   How About that Sideboard ?
ft so, you fflll wani the best Paint there Is and that, ls
Sherwin-Williams Prepared Paints, and for that reason, ii
il will  be the best  Paint   tot   you  io  use,
s. w. p. is made ot tb,. purest material and w'ttu the
greatest cure in manufacturing, li gives the longest wear
mid satisfaction always. Behind il 4U years of honest palnt-
maklng. We have a strong proposition for you. You will
find it worth jour while to paint your house wllh S. W. P.,
Do you want  to know why'.'    Then  call  al
Kirk's Hardware.
Three  Bad  Boys Are Given a  Lesson
by the Police Magistrate.
the  city  today. Three   very  young  boys,  the oldest
Rev. Princlp:- Sipprell of Coiunvj of whom Is but nine years of age ap-
blan College left today for Vfctoria peared before Magistrate Corbould,
where he will preach in ihe Metropoli- lu j)ollce -court this morning charged
tan church tomorrow. ^  Ur,  ^ Qf  .  num|)er ^ ^
Mrs. C. C CUB was a passenger to  oil   cans   from   the   i,oat    house    of
1-idner this afternoon and will spend   ���      _ ,����� n_.   ����    Vi_ n u    ���
)��� rank. De Grey. Mr.  De Grey who Is
at  tha'. place be-
Underwood���Visible Writing
Empire���Visiole Writing
Booksellers. Stationers. Etc. 235 Columbia Street.
Our Kne is complete.    We have _ splendid d�� 1 r
line   Al   Large   Elm  Board   from,  earl, ��pl��) UD
We have two or three splendid large Extension
Tables, regular $17.50 and $18.00 lines we are clearing out at $12.50.
You may need one.   Don't miss this opportunity.
We sell Liquid Veneer-makes old furniture look
new���10c. and 50c per bottle.
the owner of the gasoline launch Zazaf   j    238 to 242 Columbia and 229 to  241   Front  Street,,  Dupont   Block
which be keeps iu his  boat house be-
in at b the Canadian Pacific Navigation
during the past four or Ave years compasses   and   other   valuables,   instruments and tools had tu*en stolen, the
value'  of  which   would  aggregate  ln
the  neighborhood   of   between     $400
and $.'00.  He suspected  Chinamen of
| the theft,, hut upon his return to the
I city on  Tuesday,   March  20,  In    his
���  launch, he was attracted by a commotion beneath tbe wharf,, which up-
I   W. E. FALES  !
I Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc. 1
A _'
I Wall Paper,       Linoleum.       Oilcoths,       Carpets, I
% Perambulators, Etc., Carpet* Sewn and Laid. J
$ Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to. ;���;
{���: Picture Framing. i
A. Bro.lle returned this afternoon H. Rhine, Chicam. M. S. Ro.'ston,
t.i his bome- at Ladner. Vancouver.
Two cars of factory material were Isaac Kipp, th- well kiwii and"
shipped to Calgary and Alberta by the prominent rancher of Chl!lt��a<.k la in
lineal City  Mills today.
.1 It Seux reliirne.l home this morning to Hatzic Prairies, after attending   yesterday's  market.
Mrs. MeCresor returned this
morning on the Ramona to her home
at Abbotsford.
Mrs.   Whiteside   returned   home   to; a week with friend
Sunberry on the Transfer thla after- fore returning.
noon- Garrett  Warren  formerly    of    this
System   stenography   and   typewrit-  city leaves for Heit  Springs.  Ark., to-
InR.    The  Province office,  Armstrong   nlRht over the Great Northern   having  company's, wharf, stated ln court that
block. 'Phone 62. purchaa**! a tided .11  the local office
Mrs. Kirkland was a passenger on, this morning,
the   Transfer   this   afternoon   to   her'     0fflcer   Patterson     reports     tawing
home at   Hszelgmvu, Udner. Impounded  a  red  cow.    an.l   yearling
A. WrlKhi returned home to Lad-MrIcalf (his morning, Further information
Ibis afternoon after a business trip will be given upon application to the
io  Victoria. I city police statton.
Tbe  High  school    Glee club    will     Th(.  ,,hoen,x     Canning
spend a social   evening   on Monday  ,,,���,������,,    thpl,     Vancouwu
next al the bom., of Mrs. Armstrong,. Meggrg   BelMrvlng company   shipped
Sixth  street .      , ..,������.,    ,n|,|���,i  on |llvi,,snmll,irl ,���.,���.,,,, ,��� have I n
,   ' , ,  ," P:u\'n  sa!m��" '" M"""":"  tod��y. caused bj these .���,��, of whose Iden-
.lohn mm. ol Surrey, has present^  over n,e Great Northern railroad.        tltJ  ���.. W!(H ab8olu�� ,  J
ibe Zoo wiib  a  line buck de��ir  which       ���__,.., . ������-��
bas been alreadj conveyed to his new    ,.""" *,f ,h,> larc"s' n,l,t,|""rr h:llN '"�� ,lhi"  h,) ,la" a "ood *��*��**
ho  ,'��� -i xhtt.it  grounds. ��   ^.Tl" IV 5_* n'8ht     ',. , *        '""^ " ""'' ma'l<!
i "niral   Park.  The  participants  were' their escape.
The steamer Forager came in dur- in the neighborhood of two hundred     Thl' hoys had taken a quantity,  of
Ing the nii-'iii  with  150 tons of bay and th- capacity of the hall was tax- tans, whloh they admitted disposing
aboard    which    is    being    unloaded  ed to accolltittodate the masqueraders. "f bad about town   at live cents   a       .	
al   Brackman   H   Ker's, ,,,,       , ,, piece. Two of the (jovs   brothers   laid
Ihe    following    were    among    the I '       .,'' ei' '''w   White  Wyandottes���nustonsl'iiii:   that
P. J. Hart was ��� passenger to Porl   Transfers down river passengers this  , '" 1,li,"il" u',on ,he thlnl l),,-v' who isS    are white and   good   layersi   Eggs
Hanej   this  morning.    He  took  with   forenoon;   R.  Page,  Mrs.  Douglas, J,  lin"wn    '   ,lle "oll<''' '" hftve a v*'r>      p Oo  per    silting     Utility    desk.
him bis horse and buggy with which Fraser,  M.  Rawlins,  E.  Brodie,  Lad-  '"''""1  f'"' " Juvenilt''  Tllls  boy  was      LawI.(,m.(.   v JMmgon   lOJTTCBwen'a
ner;   Miss Gray. WesthAm Island;   H,  1K"   Pre*Bt  at   the   ��,,onln8    o��  ,h"      avenue
court,   and   Detective   Bradshaw   was
sent after hlm. When the boy arrived ���	
officer  he    at- SERVANT    GIRL
tempted to evade the Issue in a man-     :,i sixth street.
A   bond  of |600 has  been accepted   ner remarkable in one so young, and
by Water Commissioner rj. C.  Fisher ��� it was only after a rigid  examination "
Pork Sausages, eT^nler Sausages, Bologna Sausages White Pud'.
dings, Head Cheese (fold Hum, Pigs Feet. Smoked Salmon. Bmokedl
il ii'.i.'it
U   *U1  please   i
HEfNZ'S   BULK    -WCKLES  Sweet   Mixed, Soul   Mixed   Dili  Pick-
Sei.irte.i Queen 0 Hws>
record   for  a  juvenile.   This  boy   was
not   present  at the  opening    of  the
Hoy, C. Denton, F   Demerch, Steve's
ii  tbe   xi'iiiiiiirics for the niirnonfl nf  t0"' ani1   ^rs'   Alexander  and   famllv  ,
in  in.   Armouries roi   mr  purpose oi a���.Uo_��� In the custody of the
assisting   the   members  of  the   local   no,n bun"erl>- ,
io do  Bome overland  travelling.
A new   sub  target has been  placed
corps in  their Bhootlng practise.
Among   the   Beaver's    down     river
I Columtia Street.     -     TelepKone 176. i
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
passengers   today   were;   Miss   Lane,.! from   the  Crescent  Oyster  company, on  the  part  of chief  Mcintosh,    to ROOMS TO LET^-Apply to 315' (Jaar-
Langley;   Mr.  and  Mrs. McLeod, Mt. i'"r  ,he Primage of erecting  a  dam. whom the lad Is well known, that he narvon street, near Sixth stroet.
Lehman.   .1.   Barton,    Sumas;     Mrs.011 lhe Property at  Mud  Bay, owned j finally broke Into sobs and confessed
by Messrs. Gram  and Kerr, Mr. Fish-   to the theft. WANTED���Second hand  Chatham. rn-
ed stated that he did not anticipate ,,fter ��� reprimand Ih,. two boyg cubator and brooaftr. Box 557:1111?-
any damage to the properly of Grant Were allowed to go,  Instructions be-
and   Kerr,  from  the  construction  of. ing glven to the,r  moth(,r  who wga To u'et-Furnlshed rooms with board
ibis ,1am, and tell justified in accept- j ,���.esent t(* keep . moi.e watch��u, e if ,ieslred. Apply Mrs. D, D. Taylor,
Ing ihe nominal bond of $500 profer-|over ner 1)oys whic|] ghfl r���.omised' corner Carnavon and 8th street, eity
red by the Crescent Oyster company.  t0 ^0
W.  A.  Gilley  and  his  crew  of  pile      The  third  boy  was allowed  his lib-'     F��r   Sale���Old   papers   suitable   for'
Watson, Wa.ie's Landing
Salmon are getting more plentiful
as the weather becomes milder. One
of ihe Si. Mungo boats recently came
In with fifteen fish, six steelheads
and nine springs,
The City of Nanaimo is expected in
today   with   a   large  consignment  of
fertilizer  from  the  Victoria  Chemical
Works,   which   is
The third  boy  was allowed  his lib-
drivers are having their own difficul-: erty on suspended sentence which His wrapping up parcels, etc.   Apply News!
ties  in  filling  their  contract   for  the   Worship   stated   would     be   promptly office.
billed   to   up-river  ,lrhinK nf the f0un,]aunn 0I the new' enforced should the police hnve occa-j  	
(eiusln's cannery at Steveston. ( sion to bring the boy in again. Com- LOST���Monday, a small, long-halredj
The local lodge of Rebeckah's wlll The troubles are both occasioned by | plaints have reached Chief Mcfntosh poodle; answers to the name of'
hold a sale of work in the K. of P. ihe rough weather outside. In the first concerning this boy to the effect thai Dodo; anyone returning It to MhsJ
hull a week from today. A large num- place such a heavy swell is caused' he frequently held up gentlemen on G. Mtinday at Sapperton. will be]
ber of the same sisterhood are ex- that the difficulty of driving piles is the street of whom he bas begged suitably rewarded,
pected over from Vancouver to assist trebled. Then again the heavy winds various amounts of money. The fav-
in making the event a success. are so strongly Impregnating the wa-'orlte method employed by this enter-
ter wiili salt that the engine has to prising youngster Is to approach a
be brought east of Brodle's cannery man with the statemenl that his
in order to secure the necessary sup- mother sent him to the store to pur-
ply of fresh water. chase  ten or  fifteen  cents  worth    of
��� o ��� merchandise,  and   thai   he   had   lost
| the .money.  Naturally  the gentleman
Funeral of R. J. Hall. approached,  If at  all  tender  Hearted,
The funeral of the late R. J,  Hall  lra'sens up, whereupon the boy  goes
Gilley Bios.' little ste>am launch.
Bobs was launched last night and to-
elay was taken out for a trial spin.
Mr. Gilley expects that the little boat
will be of great value tn them In carrying on their work this summer,
For Sale���Two fine Jersey cows, and |
one Shorthorn, fresh milking. Onei
two year old heifer, and one six;
months. Apply W. H. Madlll. Douglas  Road, or Dully News office.
Is a'fine, tough quick
drying-, durable varnish
for new and old, hard and
and soft wood floors and
wood work. Comes in
natural and twelve colors
Our line of Paints, Varnishes, Oils, etc., is unusually complete and include? the best known
brands. Nothing cheap but the price.
Try us nc Xt time you need anything
in our line. Try a can of Jap a Lac
T.J. Trappv& CoM
Max Grossman. son of A.
week enel with his uncle, Dave
week   end   with   his   uncle,   Mr.   Dave
took place this afternoon at 2.:30 from  "n llis way rejoicing.
N.w  Westminster
quite  regularly.
ami  comes    over
Oddfellows' hall to the.  Methodist       After  all   kinds  of   promises   to   be
'-"   ',':       '''   '  is a sraal heV ,ver in  church, and from there to the L O.  good In the future the youngster was
O.  P. cemetery for Interment. allowed to go, but the police stale thai
The  following gentlemen  acted  as  he will have tb behave himself In the
The Sampson, the government snag pall-bearers:    Frank Canfleld,   repre-1 future,
boat, Is working full time tbi'se days  seining the school: W. C. Cbatham, re-      There were no other cases in conn
and is removing n very laic ��� number  presenting the I. O. O. F.; F. C. Keith,  this morning.
of  obstructions  from  thi  river   bid.  representing    the    Queen's     Avenue  o	
She came In from up-rlvei last even- Methodist Sunday school: .1.. W
Ing ami returned again this morning ("relghlon, representing the Board of
in the same scene of ooirntions.
Lost���On Third avenue between loth |
and 6th street a pair of gold rtm-|
Hied glasses, with double lens. Flml- i
er please return to Mrs. D. Welsh, i
113  Mowette street..
Largest   Stock   in  the  City.
Mounted     in   any   Style     you   Desire.
Come and   Inspect Them.
The local Oddfellows and the Rebeckah's will go to Vancouver on Tuesday evening next to attend the opening   of   the   new   Oddfellows   hall   In
Mount   Pleasanl.   A   special   car   has  lllK   frlem,s  aml   acquaintances,
already been chartered for the occa- members of ,hp lof,ge' acte(I as watch
sic,  an.l  a  large number  will  parti-1 'hroii-liotit the night
filiate in  the trip.
The   Royal   City   Mil'.:  today  ship-, (.ra|    1S K(.\\
ped a  magnificently m'vle altar, com-' brethern.
plete and  ready for erection   to Rev.      Funerai se,.vir,.s were condueted by
Father  Mitchell, Kamloops. The altar  lh(, Rpv   Mr_ Barraclougb of Queen's
France's   N��-   President.
ST Falllcres, the newly elected:
School trustees, and A. P. HaUiday,, Prcnch president, was born In Btesln.
representing the Wesl  End. j There  Is  a  church  dating from   th*.
Last night the body was taken to [ ninth century In the little city. Against
tne Oddfellows' hall, where it was I Its walls once nestled tbe smithy and
viewed by a large number of sorrow! home of a blacksmith.   It was In that
Two   house-for   his   grandfather
The members of both lodges of the
I. O. O.  F. were present at the fun-
was a
smith���that the president was born.
The property was sold to the church ln i
IS72, but tha smithy was carted away
and set up again, stone for stone, ln
(he outskirts of Mezin, whers It still
a  number of vfsitinir   atnnds.
,- --T ���      W. C. Cliamberlin
O^l STMONliS j    The Jeweler,      -      Columbia St.
-The City Grocery-
Good potatoes $1.00 per sack
Fresh stock of flower and garden
seeds just arrived.
Telephone 97.
im.  property on the i><*< Woody Ro'ad, ll  will double In price
as so..., as the ll. C. Bl. Uuibv.ie. is constructed.
17  acres   9 cultivate"!  and  ten I;   soil   black    loam,    fi  roomed
house' and 'antry, bap, stable, chlckenhouse, 126 fruit trees, r,
.���.,,,, ��� gooseberries, blhek ind red ourrants, strawberries'; blackberries. ��� tc, good will.
p     miles  from  K. C.  hospital, money can be made off tBU pro-
pertj   r ,1B0 half tt'h.
��� a   ��� ,     ���>       1       OP Real Estate,  Fire & Life Insuranee
McLeod. Mark & to.,   r��/, 273.  AWr Tram om-
was most artistic in form and had
been in course of construction for
some time, It will be placed In the
Kamloops   Catholic   church.
One of ji. Tambollne's famous West-
ham islaiiil shorthorn bulls Is still In
town awaiting instructions as to
where be is to be shipped, in order
lhal the animal mis-h1 be properly
cared for the 0. P. N officials have
placed hlm In Thompson's livery stable until they are Informed just what
io do wilh  hlm.
Avenue  Melhodisr  church
The Anl  Enter.
The bird lime trap, by which small
birds are caught, is an Imitation of ths j
tongue of the ant eater, whieh ls covef- j
od with a sticky slime, by which anfj
Play in Vancouver. and other small Insects nre cnpturerl.
Th" '"' ' '"iim "f Columbian Col- to*. Turtle Shell.. ~ i
lege  left   for  Vancouver  on  a  special      ^ hn_ turtl(kg tnat eI,gte<, dar!n?
car   ai    1:30   o'clock   this   afternoon.   tne youth of the world appear to have
where they will meet the intermediate  Inhabited the foothills of the nimalay*
Shamrocks   of   the   Terminal   City   at   mountains.   The shells  and   bones  of '
association  football.  A   fast  game  is! these  extinct  crentures.   which occa-j
anticipated,   and   the   local   boys   ex-   Blonally wash out of the ravines wher* ,
., .   .      ,.,,, the- have been buried for ages, provj
press confidence In their ability    to  T i lt ., ���.,  ,��,��������   ,,
that  they  were  more  than  twice a}
win out, against the Shamrocks. ,arge ag AJiJ spC(.lnien of the tortois* j
Take notice that the Great West
Packing Company Limited have deposited plans and application for the i
erection of a wharf on the Fraser:
River, British Columbia, on the foreshore of Section 12 and Fractional j
Section 18, Block S, North Range 7, j
Dated at  New Westminster, B. C. I
this 15th March, ldOB.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
Timothy Extra Get-trm!
Gover, Red
Qorer, Mammoth:
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial!
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Esswc
Millet, Golden
Oats, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spriagr;
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
All Selected & Tested
Last year the Finest Crops in B.
C. were produced from our seed.
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster..
B.'K. S50
Practical Piano Tun ear
Prices Moderate
ADDRESS    EAST   BURNABY    f>.   o.
family which now exists.
Weather  Forecast.
fiuesis al  ihe Guichon  Hotel  today
are:    H.   B.   Nayall,   Vancouver;     W. """'"   r,r���"1' Shingle*.
Wilkio and  wife.  Lnngley;   Miss  Bell.!     Victoria,    March 24.���The    weather      A thousand shingles  laid  with  four I
Vancouver    Miss   Nlebergall    Vancou-1 forecasts for :i�� hours ending 5 p. m.   Inches of exposure to the weather af��
ver-   Charles 11.  Ross. Vancouver:  H.! Sunday,   gives  the   following   for   the! "Id to cover 100 square feet of roof
^chore, ,, , ... Mcu.iivra, Cm. Lower    Mainland:    Easterly   winds. ^ta&��SSt\5*T
ton;   Mr. and  W.  A.  Dwinell,  Mlnnea-1 partly cloudy and mild  with  showers:  ���	
polls:   H.   H.   YOUgalV,  Vancouver:   A.   tonight or .Sunday. -Mlbl'i iireot Work.
' ... ������, w ~���smsj  i mg___t_ i J ;    The first great   work on ethnology
 ��� " was Balbl's "Ethnographic Atlas," pub-
l>��>rCe����>>>;C<*>>>>>>>>^ llshed in  1820,  which  laid down the
general principles of the science.
SPECIAL-And a Good One for To-day Only
| Extra Large Navel Oranges 8
One Dozen   Weighing 7 Pounds
!���;  We also have in, Right Fresh, Asparagus. Celery, Cauliflour, Rhuharb,
>���< Cabbage, Spinach, Ripe-Tomatoes, Lettuce, Parsley.
H  Don't forget to try the Jelleys, Quick's Custard, Etc., which
I*! Miss Snellgrove is Demonstrating. >!
|C. A. WELSH,   The People's Grocer 1
Wild  Dili..
The seed of the wild oat seems to be
tnducd with a sort of life of Its own.
Wild oats, when held ln the hand, wlll
move about ln a mnnncr that strongly
suggests tlie motlous of the larvae of
certain Insects.
Tooke's Chamberlain (a double collar), in 1 1-2,
1 3-4 and 2 inches in height.
Sparta--a new turn-down collar with extra
long points.
Varsity-a new turn down collar with short
round points.
Any of the Above Collars 15c Single. 2 for 25c.
Wanted���First     class     bookkeeper,
Write   statlm,'   salary   expected     to |
llox A, Dally  News office,
Wanted���Lady chocol.il.? dipper, Competent and willing to teach.    State
experience and   salary  expected.   D.' J
L. Allen Scotl, !'. O, Bo* 1120, C.il-'
g.-ry, AlSerta. '
1 I
Men Enthuse
Their Prospects
west Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting tot
petroleum, and  the minister may re-
for  an  individual  or  company
effort in bis power
ii est of th.
Annual Meeting of Club Draws a  Large Turn-out  and
All Are Keen for the Field Once More-
Officers Elected and Speeches
who shouted "No you won't." Wells
is a popular boy, and u whirlwind
player, and any old time he squirms
oul of the game he wlli'certaln'.i ha/e c.. _ ."iT", .~'~ V     ,^-        , "vy  ���-     __^__^__-_-_-__
 .,,, , ...,,,,, (V, ���        However Mr   Syn0Ps,s of Regulations for Disposal  ���a-jng machinery on the land to be
".' -n    B  \a:" ,M" '      """""  M''      of Minerals on Dominion Lands in  prospected, an area ol 1020 acres for
Gray stated that he would use every       Manitoba, the Northwest Territories  M���|,   period   as   he   may   decide,  the
.o further the ln-      and the Yukon Temtory. iengtn ,,,; whjcn 5h ill not exceed three
if his expert-     COAL���Coal lan.lv  may    be    pur   times -he breadth.    Should the pros-
soft coal  pector  discover  oil  in  paying  quan-
"sfactorily establish such
���a not exceeding 640
  _   the  oil well,  will   I
the rate of ten cents per ton of jooo  sold to the prospectoi  at  the rate oj
p. mnds shall 1 e ce .llecti.
< 'lit put.
QUARTZ���Persons     of     <
years and over and joint  stock companies holding frc miner-' certi
may obtain entry for a mining loca-
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Columbia  Cc,-1   Line
'   . 1
ence as an old 1 on tbe execu-  chased  at $10 per acre  tor soil coal  pecror  u��u     ���
1^                 I 1              _T��                    ���                    C tothenewand $-0 for anthracit.      V,   rn -  ties ���� �� *���*��
r or the Coming beason ���*����� -  - **him a!f:;.:,]:^-i^:i isrShi..
A       \Jt         l*IV.        \~*\JI S ti.��C����        WVMWVI*    !|l���l���,���.  ,���,.,,.���,  ���     assistance   n-'l~\/un  on1l!. '.,.  .   ���   . ;             ...1,1  ���,  ii���-  ;
Wants  Victoria to  Play.
Fred Lynch, re-elec ��� d, stated that
he, tell porud of the I ine r, and hi ��� d
ihat he would meril the confidence
shown by bis associal In re electing
him to the executive li" also volunteered the Btatemeht that he thought
1 nn acre, ami the remainder of the
ti.ut   reserved,   namely,   1280  acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject t.' royalty at such rate a
be specified by 1>rder in Council.
.Deputy of the  Minister  of the
A free miner's certificate is granted  tenor.^ ^      _
for on
ot more years, not exceeding
the Victoria bovs might be induced to  five, upon payment in advance of $7 5"
per annum for an individual, an.l from
$50 to $fco per annum for a company,
A ver; large and enthusiastic number of lar.rosse players and supporters
gatherer! at tho city hull lust night
to attend the annual meeting of the
New Westminster Lacrosse club.
President Charles Welsh was in the
chair, and the following officers were
present: First Vice-president Nels
Nelson, Secretary II. Ryall and the fob L ^ referring
lowing members of the executive com- (.v1,,1,ues |n rt,e
mittee. Rev. .1. S. Henderson, A. W.
��� Gray, Fred Lynch and Alex. Turnbull.
After the minutes of the previous
meeting had been read and approved
the reports of the president and secretary were read. The report of Secretary Ryall related chiefly to the
finances of the     club,    which    wen'
workers ho had had the pleasure of one championship to their credit, and
associating with for many seasons, stated that he bad never known of
With thanks to the members as- professionalism to be introduced 111
soluble..1 for their attention during his any time, with he result that the boys
remarks Mr. Welsh then i....k the nearly always came oul ahead.
chair amidst tremendous applause. Speaking personally he fell confident
The next order of business was the  ihat   New   Westminster    would   never
leading of communications.   The first  see the   day    when   professionalism
was from Secretary Barr of ihe' 11. C.  would  be Introduced locally, as lonn <nl��K unfortold should happen to pre-
10    slight   proposed  as there was the line material al home  venl his appearance,
rules.    This  was  re   thai  ls evident  at   the present   time, termer  position    as
Mr.   Henderson's   remarks  undoubted-!8ta,e(1   thl"   ne   hoI*''i   hls   successor
ly fitted In with the ideas of the boys  would be provided with a stop watch, mining r
as he was greeted with continued applause on taking his seat.
play senior this season if they were
approached In ihe righi manner, and
suggested thai the matter would be
best left in the hands of the BJfecutlve
tor the present.
Official   Timekeeper.
.1. .1.  Johnson, who acted as official
timekeeper, stated that be would undoubtedly be found in the vicinity of
a   lacrosse   ground  every   minute  thai
a game was in progress, unless soiue-
Referrlng to hi*
timekeeper, b
felled   to   the    executive
with power to act.
Seattle's  Kick.
The second and last communication
was from Secretary H. E. Kennedy of
the Seattle Lacrosse club, with  reference   to   a   eleposit   of  forfeit   money
The Genial   Robert.
Next on the list  came    the si ch
from   the  genial   "Bob"   Cheney,   the
Inasmuch as he attributed
percentage e>f ihe field illsputes to
faulty timekeeping which cannot be
avoided without the use of a stop
watch. This statement met with the
support of all lhe players present who
shown to be In a good condition, and  placed  In ihe hands of the secretary  new  seC0nd  vice, who    was    greeted   thought   Mr.   Johnson's   suggestion
in the nature of a verbal suggestion
rather than report, Mr. Ryall spoke to
some length as to the poor condition
of the grounds at Queen's Park, and
recommended that an effori be made
to place the care of the grounds under
the supervision of the club. His report was adopted as read, and his suggestions regarding the grounds mei
with the approval of the meeting.
President's Report.
The report of President Welsh was
rather a lengthy one, and dealt with
the past record and future prospects
for the coming season. Mr. "Welsh
stated   that  according to  advices  re-
of the B. ('. L. A. at the commencement of the season.    As    previously
mentioned in the News, this money
according to Mr, Kennedy has nol
been returned  10 the Seattle club, al-
wlth deafening applause, in the nature
nl hand clapping, cheering, remarks
on ihe side from his numerous
friends, and whistles, and had the
worthy  "Bob"  not   proven  himself  11
though ihe matter was placed in the  veteran  under  fire  in  the past  it   is
hands of the president of the  it. c. doubtful if he would have survived the
wise  one.    This concluded  Mr.  Johnson's remarks.
Another  Retirement.
Harry. Latham, newly elected, Btated
that   he  heartily supported  the statements eif A. W. Gray, and    thai  he
L. A. who ordered the return of the|tremendous ovation  which he recelv
would  be willing to give the benefit the  N, W. T.,
according to capital.
A iree miner, liavin/ discovered
mineral in place, may locate a claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each e 1 of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocatr.l within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every ad-
.liiiniial ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $S-
At least *too must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
^^^^^^^ conler in lieu thereof. When
large $500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding i(k> acres.
Tlie  patent  for  a  mining  location
shall   provide   for   the   payment   of  a
Royalty of 2Y1 per cent, of the sales,
of the products of the location.
money. As yet no response to frequent letters to Secretary Burr has
been receive.!, and it. was this matter
ed.   One admirer was heard to shout
Good   old   Bob"   just   as   the    latter
arose, and this was the signal for a
that the Seattle club wisheel to bring a[.Cond outburst, in the face of which
tc   the   intention   of   the   New   West-  ihe  veteran  Robert  managed  to  hold
together, although the strain was evident   when   he    attempted   to   speak.
The election of Mr. Cheney was with-
' out doubt the most popular one last
night,   and   showed   the  high   esteem
minster club.
In defense of Mr. Barr, A. W. Gray
slated that the money had tieen for-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ felted to the Victoria team last sea-
ceived,  the Victoria  team  would  not   son> an,i ,hat  the Seattle aggregation
play  senior  this  year,    as has  been  had   nothing  to  kick  about.     Taking in -which he is held not  only  by  his
mentioned  in  previous  issues of  the thi8 Information    under consideration  former associates on the field, but by-
News and other publications, and ex-  \, Was decided to refer the matter to i the ctiizens as welL
pressed  his regret at  this action on  the  executive,  who  will   instruct   the      in speaking Mr. Cheney stated that
the part of the Victoria boys, as he, delegates to the B. C. L. A.
felt   that  the  team  would  receive  a
serious setback, should they miss this '
The election of officers was nexl in
of his long term us a
any question arise in which his experience might be of value. He also
made the statemenl of retirement.
and received much the same reception  as  Mr. Gray.
Turnbull's Good Wishes.
^  excepting  the  Yukon
player, should Territory: Placer mining claims generally are 100 feet square, entry fee
$:. renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base of the hill or bank, not'
exceeding 1000 feet. Where steam
claims  200  feet  wide
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Dally NEW Dally
9:20 am Blaine, Belling 13 DTJ pm
4:26 l.in ham,     Burling- 8: 20 pm
ton,   Mt.   Vernon,    Everett,
Se :tle        aud!
4:;::. pm Spokane,      St. 3:00 pm
I Paul    and    all
points  East.
9.211 am Anaeoiies, [3:00 pm
Woolley,    and
8:00pm Vancouver        9:20am
:1:211pm1 1:35 pm
Route of the rami.us
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, Si.
Louis and  all   points  East.
For complete information
raies, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
K. C. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building.
New   Westminster,  B. C
S. G. YERKES, A. O, P. A..
Corner Sih'oihI Avenue and Columbia St, Seattle, Wash.
Alex. Turnbull, speaking as an ex
member of the executive, hud very power is used
little to say except to wish success to may be obtained
the new officers anil executive, offering any assistance which he might be
able to render as a former member
of the committee.
season.    He also expressed the hope ^^^^
that  the Victoria team wouia re-con-  the order of business, and it was then
jthat the real fun of the evening started. The new officers are as follows:
Honorary president,    Thomas Gifford,
Remembers the Ladies.
Rev. J. S. Henderson, speaking as a
member of last year's board without
slder their determination to withdraw, f
and  stated that he thought  it advisable that they should    receive every
encouragement  from the other teums
to stay in the league.
Sr., M. L. A., re-elected unanimously;
president,   Nels  Nelson;     firs!     vice-
President Welsh also referred toithe Presldent. Rev- ���'��� s- Henderson; sec
professional  attitude as  proposed  by
Rev.   Mr.   Bolton   who   favors   playing
ihe boys as Intermediates under the
instruction     of    a     paid     coach   and
trainer.    He stated that Victoria had
experimented at various times in professionalism,  and  that     to  his  mind,
there  was absolutely    nothing  to  be |
gained in professionalism in any form
whatever,    In   speaking of the  Seattle club, which  has    been at   a great
expense in  the maintenance    of    its
team,    Mr.  Welsh  said  that  he  felt
very sorry indeed that they would be
unable to play  this  season, owing to
the fact that they did not have a sufficiently  strong team,  as a  result of
which  they  were  unable  to  make  a
financial success of the venture.  The
support   on  the  other    side  was  not
si long enough  to  warrant    placing a
team  in  the league this season, and
it was with a feeling of deepest regret
that he was    compelled  to announce
the withdrawal or ihe Seattle boys.
Referring  to   the   Vancouver   club,
Mr. w.lsh slated that the Terminal
City  boys were  undoubtedly  a  clever
aggregation, but the records have always shown that the donners of the
red ami  blue  were almost  Invariably
one too mane   for them,    Reference
was made to two teams from Vancou
ver  being placed in the league, bul
ibis   matter   was   not   touched   until
lati 1  in 11 venlng, when the mem
bei    of the club discussed the many
features of the proposition.
In  speaking of the    record  of the
\.w Westrnlni tei   team ror the past
season  the     iten 1 nl   was mi de that
16 games had  been    played, oul  ol
which  the locals  won  13, and  lost 3.
This Btatemeni was received with tre
mendous applause, which was renewed with great vigor when the statemenl   was offered to the efteel   that
the locals had scored 118 goals againsl
all-comers,   who  in   return     had   only
been able to conned  is times.   Two
of these games were exhibitions with
the Capitals of Ottawa, in which each
team won a game.
Reference  was    also    made  to  the
action of the deelegates to be elected
to the B. C. L. A. who, however,  will
receive all  Instruction*
the executive committee.
In    concluding    Ills    remarks,
oncl vice-president, Robert Cheney;
secretary-treasurer, H. Ryall, re-elect-
i'd; and ihe following executive committee���J. J. Johnson, C. A. Welsh
(ex-president), Harry Latham, A, W.
Gray (re-elected), and Fred Lynch,
also re-elected.
Next came the nominations for delegates and alternates for the B. C. L.
A. which resulted as follows: Delegates���Fred Lynch, A. W. Gray and
C. A. Welsh. Alternates���Rev. J, S.
Henderson, C. D. Peele and W. S.
("Barlow")  Galbraith.
Tlie meeting of the B. C. L. A. is to
he held in New Westminster on Saturday, April ii, and on Thursday,
April 12, the executive committee will
meet to instruct the delegates as to
their action at the meeting of the
After the various officers were elect-
    of   the     creek ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
he action of the meeting been invited to attend the meetings, gulch, the width being from 1000 to for COMFOR1
although their card not only entitles 2000 feet. All other placer claims anil LUXURY,
them to attendance but  to a vote as  shall be 250 feet square.
numerous    cries of|WOul(, ,je necesBarv l0 make jmporta-
ed, there    were
"Speech." Thomas Gifford, Sr., reelected honorary president was absent, whereupon Thomas, Jr., was called upon, but that worthy succeeded in
evading the issue In a remarkably
characteristic manner,
"r from lhe assembly ^^^^^^^^^^
Retiring Presldenl Welsh then made]
a  few remarks,    after    which   be  re
celve 1 tremendous applause.
he had been out of the game for the
past two seasons, and hud practically
considered himself out of It for all
lime to ocome, and the nomination
and election of the evening would be
treasured as the greatest honor that
had been bestowed on him in his history- as a lacrosse player. He was
unable to fittingly express his appreciation of the honor, but hoped that by
his work as 1111 officer and member of
the executive that he would  be able
to justify    	
in electing him to the office of second
vlce-presldenL Judging from the reception given Bob at the conclusion
of his spech the boys must have for-
gotten that tbey were so close to the
police station.
The Only Secretary.
Of course  there was no thought of
any successor to the popular "Riley,"
und when Mr. Ryall arose he was expressed thanks for the honor, inas-
obliged to wait until the audience much as they had previously spoken
were prepared to settle down and after being elected to the executive,
listen to him, so great wus their evl- c. A. Welsh, evidently thinking this
dent approval as expressed by con- a good means of escape, followed suit,
tinuetl applause. Mr. Ryall spoke of Rev. .1. S. Henderson, elected alter-
proressional  lacrosse, and stated that  nate, expressed thanks for the honor.
he was firmly convinced that it was a _ ... -.    . . ...
Faith in Intermediates,
fajiure,   and   felt   Ihat   New  Westminster would never see the day when it
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T, excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for  a  term  of  twenty  years,  renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of the Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
_______________________ submerged beds or bars of the river
holding any other office at that time, Deievw any low water mark, and sub-
stated that in the capacity of first for first year anil $10 per mile for each
vice-president and a member of the subsequent year. Royalty same as
executive,  he  would     do    all  in  his  placer mining
. ,, Placer   minim;   111   the   Yukon   ier-
power to further the interests of lhe    .     a��� ,,,',,    riv,.r   -mi   hill
ritory���Creek,   gulch,   river   and   mil
game.    Reference was    made to the  ^.^   sha���  not  excccd   ,5-  feet  in
large number of ladies who are mem- jengti1> measured on the base line or
hers of the club, but who have never  general   direction
Eight Trains Every Lay in the Year
(Subject to change wm
Princess Bi at
:     ,-es Port To- '
res Vlctoila a ; ������
Arrive Beattle 5 a n
L.-ave Seattle 9.30 .
VTive Porl  'I'"'.
Arrive Victoria
S. s. Prince     .
Dill i.-.
ave Vanei.iiv. r
��� ave Victoria 1 1
Id >l   IK.       1
,     STR.  CHAR
Leaves Victoria, 1 a. m
1 and Fridays.
Lc iives   .New   West      ' ,   ;,. rn
Wednesdays and Sal
Calling ai Mil,, ii' . ton,
VANCOUVER NAN '.:>���. |
s p. Joan leaves Nai    mi a, 1;. ei-
oept Saturday and Sundi
Saturday li a. m,
Leaves    Vancouvei
Sa urday and Sunday   ..���      0 ��� m,
Sal irday 2.30 p, m.
S. 3. Queen City.
Leave  Victoria  11  p. 0        ���   nn,
I and  2'itb eif each line   hi
! nnd way points,
Leave Victoria 10th m ... 1  month
for Quatslno and way pi Ini
Leave  Vieloria  .nth  u!  ��� .   b  month
for Cape Scott  ami  v ...
Ing  yualsino.
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves    New    We.-'i-  :    ���      everj
Additional trip leavei     ev   Wert.
minster 5 a. m. Sine'
Leavs    Sleveslon     .' Tues-
day,  Wednesday, Tbe .,: sat-
unlay  7  a.  in.     Friday   ���   .     11.   Additional 11 Ip Sa urday "  ;. no.
UPPER FRASER R1V1      I      TE.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave   New   Westmlnstei m,
M.ui.lays, Wednesday -
Leave Chllllwack 7 .. ���  lays,
Thursdays and  Sa';.. tiling ..���
landing   between   Ni w ���:
an.! Chllllwack.
S.' S.  Teet.
Leaves Vancouver at 2 ]    ���    Ind
and   liiih   of  each   month f
i SkhleKate on IlrHt till   .1 0*>
I In on second trip.
Times  on   arrivals   and
I are approximate.
For   Tickets,   reservat:. di   ,.i 1 information call on or add ���
J. W. Hi'
General Superintendent, Vr
Asst. Gen. Pass   Agent, Van 1    -
W. H. QAHDIN1 ft,
Gen. Agent, Freight I... 11
New We-"a  1 '���:.
Agent, New Wl   Imh   er
Minneapolis, St. Paul   Trains & Steamers
and Chicago
well. He suggested that the ladies
be especially inviied to attend, and
take an active Interest in the meetings. His suggestion was adopted,
and accordingly the ladies will receive
special Invitations to attend.
Fred Lynch and A. W. Gray, elected
delegates to the    B. C. L. A., merely
Claims   are   marked   by   two   legal
posts,  one  at  each   end, bearing nr
tices :^^^^^^^^^^^^
ten  days if the  claim  is
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10.    Royalty at the rate
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       i of two and one-half   per cent, on the
C. D. Peele expressed thanks for ihe value  of the  gold  shipped  from  the
1 honor conferred upon him, and stated' ject to the rights of all persons who
, that ln the future he intended to de- have, or who may receive entries
turns,  iis  lonx  as  the  present   supply i,ar dieeincs or bench  claims, except
of boys and  young men. all  of whom   VOte hiS best iuU'reSt3 l�� "Z,      * ""   nn   the   Saskatchewan   River,   where
make  good   mate-a,   for  future  use,: Intermediate team, which will eclipse ^ lessee can  dredge to high.Water
the  present   senior  aggregation  In  a  m,r\f on each
very short time.    His reference to the
Intermediates was received amidst ap
plause, iluriiiK which be took his seat
Embodies the newest    and best ideas
It   is   lighted   with
both   electricity   ami   gas;   the   most
brilliantly    illuminated   train    in   the
world.     The   equipment   consists   of
Entry must l.e obtained within  private   compartment   cars,   standard
ithin  ten   16  section  sleeper;,  luxurious  dining
car. reclining chair cars  (seats free),
modern   day   coaches   ami   buffet,   library and  smoking cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any
further  information  tall  on  or  write
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Northern Pacific!
held out. He criticised ihe grounds
at Queen's Park, and suggested that
imldst laugh-Uj,gy )l(, |iince,| under the supervision
of the club with a view to improvement.
In   speaking   Of   exhibition   matches.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ .Mr.   Ryall   elbl   nol   favor   more   than
The  New President. one match ilurinvc exhibition, as he did
1   Nelson,   newly   elected   presi   l1"1 Ulink " fair to ihe players to ask
after  two terms  as  firsi   vice, l|'""1 '" sacrifice practically all their
arcs,, and made a few complimentary
remarks on the record of the team,
and stated thai It hal always been bis
endeavor In the past tee support the
game, and he hoped that he would nol
be found winning in the future. With
a few words of appreciation tor the
honor bestowed upon him, Mr, Nelson
sal down amidst the vociferous approval' of the boys. Mr. Nelson was
nominated 1 j Harrj  Latham.
Rev. .1. s. Henderson, the new first
vice, spoke al considerable length as
to the record e.f th.  boys and the Influence which the game exercised over
him, He also spoke i.r the action e.r
Rev. Mr. Hoi ton of Vieloria in endeavoring to force professionalism up-
direct from on the ).layers and supporters of lacrosse in Vieloria, and
nnie   In   order   lo   provide   aliens.'liiein
lor the spectators, lie thpughl thai
they should I... allowed some time In
which to lake in the fair themselves,
Instead of being Bqheduled In the
same manner us a horse race or other
paid attraction, and thai under the
system employed in the past li" considered the boys little better than a
hired attraction, subject to schedules
Barlow's Modesty.
w. s. Galbraith, the remaining alter
uate who bad noi spoken, wus un
doubtedly a close second in popularity |>cr
to Hob Cheney, and when he arose he
survived the band clapping, only to be
knocked cold by Uie wild yells of
'some of his admirers, who loosened
up with n lew war whoops that literally knocked the bashful "Barlow" ..it
bis feet. He slowly recovered, how
ever, and the cold ci
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service,
     ternative leasehold
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a -person or company has
obtained   more   than   one   lease   one
dredge for each fifteen miles or frac- _  ^^^^^^^^^
tion thereof is sufficient.   'Rental, $10 New York, Chicago,
annum  for    each    mile    of river -r- ��       C��    D     1
leased.     Royalty at the rate  of two I OrontO,   3t.  Paul
and a half per cent, collected on  the AND ALL POINTS EAST
output after it exceeds $10000. Steamshlr Tickets on sale to all Euro-
Dredging in the  Yukon   Territory���   pean points.
Six leases of live miles each may be �����-,.,   d.j..     ,   d .       r.       .   ,.
,   , .        - , '     . Special    Reduced   Rates    Round   Tr 0
granted to a tree miner for a term ..f v
20 years; also renewable. Rates  to   Southern   California.
The lessee's right is confined to the For fu��� inf(ini,u���n CB��� on ���_ wril(,
ruel men who had   submerged  bar  or bars  in  the  river
attempted  to rattle the poor unforti,- ,'dow   "owr wat��r . mrirk'. ,.hal ll"u,"
.    . ,        , darv to be fixed by its position on the-
nate were    Induced to shut  up long 1��1 (]ay of At1gust in the year of thc
enough for the worthy .gentleman to (|.1)c 0f t|le |eaSe
make u few remarks.
and   rules  which   practically   shut   oul   shoulil   he  be en!le!fl
ill  possible chance for even a  partial
enjoyment or the fair.   He also stated
that  one match  with    a    good  team
would   pay  all   expenses     iu     bringing
them out, and thai therefore the extra
match wns unnecessary from a financial standpoint as well.
In   conclusion     he    slated   lhal   he
would have preferred passing the job
up to somephe else, but  since ii  was
He stated that
on to fulfil (he
duties of an alternate that he woubl
endeavor to do so 10 iho best of his
ability, und after thanking the boys
for the honor he modestly resumed his
seat iiinldsi the loud approval of .the
stated that iii|lh��� wlsh of the memberB that h(J ac,
his opinion    the    move    wus a  very [be
Welsh thanked the citizens for the foolish one on the part of Mr. Bolton,I
hearty support extended the team In should he succeed in obtaining a suf-|
the past, and hoped that the boys flclently strong following. He also
���would continue to merit the good will!supported the statements of Mr.
and hearty support of everyone In the' Welsh to the effect thai the Victoria
future. He also extended thanks to boys would undoubtedly be Injured
the executive committee, and 'brother  by staying out of the league this year,
would do so to the best of his
ability, and I rusted that his efforts
would meet with their approval. Continued applause.
Speeches were then in order from
the members of both the old and new
executive committee.
Vote of Thanks.
This concluded the official speeches
save for a vote of 1 hanks moved  by
W.   R.  Gilley  ln  a  few   well  chosen
Thc lessee shall have one dredge
; in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
I for each five miles within six years
I from such date. Rental $100 per mile
' Yukon Territory to be paid to tlie
No free miner shall receive a grant
j of  more  than   one  mining  claim  on
I each  separate  river,  creek  or  gulch,
C, E, LANG, General Agent,
4:10 Hastings St., Vancouver, B, C,
Portland, ore. A. Q, P,
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
officers, particularly Secretary Ryall, 1 and
tc whom he owed a great deal for the
very material assistance rendered in
the past, and whom he stated was certainly to be given credit for being one
of   the   most   capable   and   willing
oxpreoeed   tbe   hope   thai they
 ���       Retiring  Speech.
would reconsider tlio proposition be-     A. \v. Gray led off the grand prome-
fore taking final steps. ; nade with the statement lhal he was
He referred  to his own  experience! going to retire for good  this season,
but the same miner may hold any!
number of claims by purchase, and |
free  miners   may   work   their  claims!
  'in   partnership   by   filing   notice   and
words in which he complimented the .paying fee of $2.     A  claim  may be  II       . \     t\      I
abandoned  and  another  obtained  on | IUOnlT���ftl��   V_UeDeC,
the  same   creek,  gulch   or   river,  by
giving notice  and  paying a  fee.
Work   must   be   done   on   a   claim   ^	
each year to the value of at least $200. 1 And all the principal business centers of
I    A  certificate   that   work  has  been i nxm, Anlr.   rm-vn-hn       ,   .,    ..., .
ln   which   several     members    joined.! not, the claim shall be deemed to be  UNi AK1��' WUEIJW-' and  the MARI-
The  presldenl   ihen  culled  upon  sev-1 abandoned,  anacl open  to  occupation
eral well  known    supporters    of the I and entry by a free miner
Th ' "'--  -'       '-
Leave NVw Westminster
Arrive New Westminster
Lv. New Wesl. . 8.30   ���
Lv. Beattle 10; ar. New-  .' ,  I  - .W,
Lv. New West. 10.36 and V
Ar .New West, 9.35 am
Lv. New Westmlnsti 1 ���
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m..
Lv. N. W. 1.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle
Lv. Seattle 8.30 a.m.: 1 r
Lv.  Seal lb'   1.20  p.m.;   ���
V.,  W.  &  Y.���VAN'
Lv. N. \V. 3 p.m. ami 9.35,
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m.. 1 I
Lv.  N.  W. 9.20  a.m.;   ar. G'Jichon
2.2b p.m.
Lv. Guichon 2.40 p.m.;  ar   '���  w,
9.3". p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv.   New   West.   5.50   ��� "
ami hourly until  11 p.m , with hall
hourly  between   12.30 and  l   0 1 m
Baturday half-hourly noon to 11 11"1
Sunday hourly    8    a.m. to 11   I :'
wllh half-hourly bet. noon am     I
Lv. Vancouver same un c throughout.
Fraser River and.Gulf
lieu ver���
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Fl
From Chwk. Tu.. Th., .Sab, "."���'"���
From N. W. Tn.. Th., -���
From Chwk. Sun.. V ���
From N. W. daily, ax, B
From Ml. l<ehniun. T
Prom H. W. daily. ���     ^'"t
Add. trip, Monday, '���
From Steveston, 7 n.m. 11"
Aeid. trip Baturday, 5 p u
City of Niinaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 11 n>,
From Victoria Saturday
Mail Service
Close.     ' ��� ' '���'
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00 p.m.    GAroV��m
Sap'n & Millside...10.00 p.m.
Vancouver 10.00p.m.
Cloverdale',  Blaine,
Seattle, etc..  .. 8.45am.   !
Van.  & Cent.  Park...10.30 n"'-   -'I''"'
Victoria.. .... ..10.30 a.m. 10.00a.ffl,
Bast Burnaby,. .. 1.15 p.m.   ;�������*
StovoBton, etc....  1.30 p.m. lO^Kf'
East, via C.P.R... 3.00 p.m. V. >'' >'
Snp., Mill, Coq'm.. 3.00p.m. 1*J_������
Van. & Burnahy..  3.30p.m.
a in.
1 11 . m,
��.oo a.m.
retiring Officers for their efforts. Needless to say the motion passed unanimously.
A  short  discussion then ensued ns
to the outlook for the coming season
Portland, Boston,
game, all of whom united ln compll- j     1 be boundaries of a claim may be
))erfon���. defined absolutely by having a survey
made  and   publishing  notices  in  the
mentlng   the   boys  on   past
ances, and  predicting success In the]',","*;"'
.1 Yukon
Official   Gazette.
'Il the past as 11 baseball an.l football  but  somehow  his  words  didn't  Beem 1 future,  nfter -which   the  meeting  ad-      Petroleum���All   unappropiated   Do-
."h'.yer, on te,inis thc.t had more than | to meet wllh the approval of the boys, jotirned, '    ! minion Lands in Manitoba, the North-
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
6.00 Jl-ffle
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.    Daily  trams  (,��CW
Sunday)    carrying   passcngt'--   "" '
express    and    freight    connect   w
stages at Carcross and  White ��o��i
maintaining a through winter set
For information apply to
J.  H.  ROGERS,  Traffic  Manage
Mackinnon Bldg.,
Vancouver, B. <-��� SATURDAY, MARCH 24, 1906
barristers, solicitors, ete        Of-
New Westminster, Trapi
corni i  and   Loi
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 44! Granville Btree     J weph Martin   K. C, J.
W. Weait.  W. G. McQuarrle,  :
Bourne.    Mr.  Martin  will)   be in tha
Westminster offices every F
ters, solicitors, etc., 42 Lome
"Street, opposite Court House, New
Westminster. J. H. Bowes, P. O. Box
ters and solicitors, Blarkie Blk.,
Columbia street, New Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
MR. J. P. HAMPTON' BOLE, solici- I
tor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Bank of Commerce build- i
Ing, Columbia street, opposite post- j
office, New Westminster. Miney to !
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Colum
bla and McKenzle streets, New Westminster, B. C.
UNION  LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. ct A. M.
���The    regular     meeting    of    this
lS   be;.I   on   lb"   First    Weill!''- I    I    it"
each  month, at   s o'clock  p   m    tu
the   Masonic   Temple      Sojourning
brethren are cordially Invite I    i
tend.       Dr.  W.  A.   DeWoll   Smith,
F. & A. M.���Regular communications of this lodge are held or. the
second   Tuesday   in   each   month   in
Masoi .      t    Tie, al   s   ...   a:
ine  brethren  are  cordiallj   Invited
lo attend.   l>. W. Gllchrl I   See
R.   i:    K    ol   I .   meet i    econ
I   fourth   Friday  of  each   montl    at
p     ii,      ii     (Irani.:,    hall,   con
Royal avenue and John street.    So-
journlng  Sir  Knights   ror,Hail;,    invitee.]  to attend.    W,  E,  Dunlop, W.
p      E. E. Matthias, Reg,
���Meets in Orange hall flrsl and
third Friday In each month al 1 p.
ni. Visiting brethren are e.r Rally
Invited to attend. E. E. Matthias, ;
W. M.   J. Humphries, Rec-Sec.
J. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE. No. 27���i
The regular meetings of this lodge
���'" are held In Oddfellows' hall. Colum- ���
bin street, every Monday evening. '
al  8 o'clock.   Vlsilinc brethren cor-���
j dlalh invited to attend. 8, J. May,
N. G.;   W. C. Coatham, Rec-Sec.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER  LODGE No. 3 i
���Meetings the first and third Tues
day    in   'each     month.       Visiting
. brethren cordially invited to attend,
Lodge room, A. 0. U. W. ball, Obi-
fellows'   block,   Clarkson   Street    C.
���  S. Corrlgan, recbtdei :   Louis Witt,
���  master workmnn.
.115, SONS OF ENGLAND B. S.���
Reel Rose' Degree meets Second nnd
Fourth Wednesday of each month.
tn K of P, Hall, Columbia Si al
8 p. m.. Whit.' Rose Degree, Fourth
���Wednesday in each month, Bame?
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cordiiillv Invited. E. R. Stinch-
combe. Pres., II. Disney. Secretary.
���Meets ;be Fourth Friday in the
month at fc o'clock. In tlie small
hull,   Oddfellows'    block.     Visiting
' brethren are cordially Invited tee attend. .1. B. Rushton, C. R.: F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
fr  ��� ' ���
1 A. O. F.���The regular meetings ol
this Lodge are held on the Second
I  and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
1 at K p. rn. in the Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordialy invited to attend. E- C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock p, m.. In Oddfellows'
Hall. Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren i re cordlallj Invited to attend     J   S   Bryson, S. ('.:  .1   McD.
Campbell   Sec.
camp. 191.���Meets on the Flrsl and
Third T day ef every month 'n
K. of P Hall. -lohn McNlven,
Chief;  J. J. Forrester, Rec Sec
BOARD OF TRADE���New Westminister D inrd of Trad" meets in the
Board Room, t'ii.v Hall, as follows
Becond W. ilnesdny of each month.
Quarti.lv meetings on the second
Wednesday     eif      February.     May.
! August nnd November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings cm the second
Wednesday    of     February.     New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly e.r djiarterly
meetinc.    A. E. White. Sec.
Royal CitylFish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Oealers ir.
Fresh and Frozen Fish
dame In J.��eost��n
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily Nnws.
New Westminster, B. C.
S_".���One hundred and sixty acres.beautirully situated on the
southern slope ot tne serpentine Valley; first-class land, fronting on
the Clover Valley Road; near tho railroad and river; good road;
land is very productive; about 60 acres in first-class condition.
Good and convenient ouiidings. All necessary implements and stock.
This is well worth Investigation.   Price, ��90 per acre.
1027���An unusually good buy. One hundred and sixty acres; 60
to 75 acres under nrst-ciass cultivation; 9 acres under hops, all In
good shape; lo-roomed dwelling in good condition, barn tiuxioo; hop
\f kiln nnd baling room ln good condition; the buildings on 'ae place
are} worth at least ss.litiu, Bert and Creek runs through thr property,
This is a most desirable farm; from $2,540 to $:i,r>40 per year can
be taken oft it.    Hriee, s/,500 cash.
Carruthers Manufacturing (Vy.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
H. M0REY & CO.
217-219 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, B. C.
In   New Westminster
Latest News From
The Arizona Kicker
How    He   Assisted
A    Basuful   Lover
I carry the most complete
stock in the City, spring
designs arriving daily.
Also complete line of room
mouldings and plate rails.
House Painter   and   Decorator
Sixth St., Columbian  Block
Some More Whoppers About Circulation���Alwayi at Home, Particularly io the Bad Man
lC'opyright,l9UbyMcC'lure, PliUIijia & Co ]
ONE point of difference between
lbe Kicker ami most other
publications, particularly th*
eustei a dailies, is that they
lie about then circulation all the time,
while we lie only at Interval! t>od wher.
otiier news is scarce, lliey lie to deceive and to profit thereby, while w.��
lie for the fun of tlie thing aud don't
expect to make a cent. Incidents and
accidents being scarce Uiis week and It
being about time for a fresh whopper,
we proceed as follows:
Our circulation books are open to all.
This means that no outsider can tell by
��� ui books whether we have ten hundred or ten hund'ed thousand circulation.   It ls not meant that he should.
While there ls no doubt that we art
a devil of a fellow and Justly entitled
to get chesty over our circulation, we
��� ���au be approached any time of day by
auy one who so desires hu.1 that with-
AN lbs ��� b rgj man  ������
bow i an onsciousl;
r< spousll helping a l...
with a sub-
tic theological problem when a neighbor's daughter passed ln company with
& dlffldent youth. IP. -I, lights v r-
Interrupted us she called out to him:
"Oh, doctor, we are just going for a
ramble.   Won't you join us?"
"With pleasure. Do you want tlie
ceremony in a churchV"
The bashful lover was suddenly flnM
with an enthusiasm that four years of
gnawing at his heartstrings had failed
to arouse, and be fairly shouted:
"les, yes. and If Maud cousents the
sooner the better."���New York Times.
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Dress in Reason
The latest Mitchell a rasmon plates
have arrived.
So have our spring siock oi high-
class suitings.
Also   worsted/ . broadcloth
and  fancy Iron'-":  ���
In fact we can supply all your sartorial   wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia Street.
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
For your next order of meat.
Columbia Street
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia  St.
Baggage  delivered    promptly to any
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 1S5.       Barn  fnone 137
He Kn-rr.
An English parliamentary candidal*
for the representation ot a district in
the west country referred In tbe course
or bis sjieech to tbe dogging of children
"Some folk* nowadays," he sulci, "object to beating youngsters at all, but I
agree with the saying of the wise man,
'Sparc the rod and spoil the child.' I
suppose I was not worse than other
boys, but 1 know 1 hn.l mime Hogging
myself, ii nil I know it did me good. On
one occasion, I remember, I wm flogged for telling the truth."
"It cured you, sir." said u rolee from
the ba.'U of the ball    Baltimore News.
On tufa Bide.
There was bustle and commotion tn
Bildervtnt bome. Servants were dait-
iug hither and thither, getting the house
in order tor the ladles' afternoon euchre party, Little five-year-old Hen
rietlii assisted Ln tbe preparations, She
removed all the umbrellas from tho
stand and hid them iu tbe storeroom.
".Surely, Etta, you are not afraid that
the guests would carry off tbe umbrellas?"
"No, mother, but they might recognize them."���Philadelphia Ledger,
Manufacturer of
Mineral aWaters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
TH.  113. Office.  Eighth  Street,
out sending up a card or auy other red
tape business. We are always at home
to all callers, particularly to the man
who wants to have a pop at us for any
reason or other. Vou dou't even have
to wipe your feet on the mat before entering.
The other day we sent an order to
New York for twenty-live more fast
presses to be made and shipped to us
as soon as possible. These will make
103 presses ln our press room. It Ul
cheery sound to bear them all going at
once. If our circulation keep-i on increasing we shall soon have to order
twenty-five more.
Killed, Anyhow.
Gunbusta���Well, well! Why. man, I
beard you were killed in tbe Philip,
Old Soldier You were misinformed,
Gunbusta (interrupting)���And I'm
downright glad of it.
Old Soldier���As I wns about to say,
you were misinformed, for it was in
Cuba that I was killed.���Womau's
Home Companion.
At Ihe Symphony Concert.
".Now, tins opus," explained the musical sharp, "was written while the
great composer was under the Influence of Wagner."
"I'm glad to know that," responded
McRoblnson. "Otherwise I should have
entertained the idea that it was written
while he was under the Influence Of a
particularly bum brand of !';ore."���
Louisville Courier Journal.
The white paper used for every Issue
of the Kicker keeps five of the largest
paper mills In the country busy from
morniug till nlgbt. If the ends of the
sheets were pasted together tbe weekly
output would reach nineteen times
around the globe and have enough left
over to priut the editions of all the
dally aud weekly papers west of-tbe
Mississippi river.
Doubtful  Testimonial.
Drug Clerk���That middle aged man
who bought a bottle of our famous
hair restorer two weeks ago was In
again today.
Proprietor���Did he want another bottle?
Drug Clerk���No; he wanted a wig.���
Chicago News.
MOntreal IRON   WORKS 336 Has,in*s Street W - Vancouver
Business Institute
Incorporated   by   act   ol   parliament
CAPITAL (All  paid up I... S i4,uui' 0(10 j
RESERVE  FUND ��-(1,000,000
Rt. Hon. Lord Sirathcona and Mount j
Royal, G.C.M.G... .Hon President,
Hon. Sir O. A.  Drummonrt. President |
It   S.   Clouston.   Vice   President   and
General Manager.
General    banking    business   trans- ,
IiranchoR in all the principal cities ,
in   Canada,   In    London,   Ens.,    New 1
York,  Chicago,  and   St.  jonn,   .Mid.,
and correspondents In alt parts ot the
Savings Bank Dept.
G. D.  Brymer,  Manager.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets jab.a/J.sco.
Branches   and   correspondents   tn
ill  the  principal  cities or tne world.
General  banking business transacted.
11 opens nn account.    Interest added
talf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen   Saturday   nights   from a to 9
F. B.  Lyle, Manager.
Foot e.f Ith Ave.   Cnr. 1Gth  Street
New Westminster, ll. C.
W. CUKUIE, Manager.
Carriage Repairing.; Shoeing
anil General Blacksmlthing.
Logging Camp and Structural Iron
Work Specialty.
Befgbie Street.
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine an.l Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of curses, the' BEST of
benchers (eight) anil the BEST of,
R. J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
a. A. SCRIVEN, B.A.. Vice-Principal.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy  Hauling our Sperallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St.. bolow Tram Office.
Still Doing Business at the Uid Stand.
Feed, Sale and Livery
|       STABLES
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250.
| Merchant Tailor \
Columbia Street.
Full line or English, Hcotcn and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always in stock I
Spring stock  now In.    Make  your
��� \
>   When ���'    want a good smoke you
(ask for a���
'    Manufactured   by   the   13.   C.   Cigar
[Factory,   who   also   make   The    "Bril-
-lantes"   rn   'i '���'.' sizes..
���Victory and Office.  Urine Block,
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
. ��� ,. ." g<_,. Headstones,
All kinds of Ship repair '
work. Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Ship and Scow   Building write tor prices.
? specialty, New Westminster, B. c.
Estimates   promptly fur- ! - 	
nished. MRS. R. G. MILL,
W. E. EMERSON ',reacher ��J th��G���
Language   and   Piano.
Residence: German  Conservatory- Method.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.       ioos quken-s avenue.
By   First Class Man-14 Years Exper-1
ience ���London,,  England, Australia and Canada.
Late of Trorey's.
Columbia Street,        Next Tram Office
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental Iron SVorK, including
Fences, Gates, Eire hjscapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence Invited.
BEBBUU blKtirJi'.
New Westminster. r*. O. 474.
We employ eleven bookkeepers and
twenty-two assistants. We employ si-
cashiers and nine men at the advertising counter. We also employ a Spaniard, u Frenchman, a German, a Russian, a Jap, a Persian, an Egyptian, a
Turk aud au Arab to Interpret letters
received from those countries. We have
just sent to India for a Hindoo and to
Algiers for a corsair.
We receive and publish advertisements from every country on the face
ot the globe. We have more home advertising in one single Issue than all
the papers in the United States combined. Last year over 10,000,000 hired
girls found good paying jobs by advertising in the Kicker.
We employ a staff of seventeen editors and twenty-seven reporters, to all
ot  whom  we are  a father.   >ie>ne of
them work over three hours p"r day, '
and   the  lowest  salary  paid   Is   $30  a
week.   When engaging u i#w mnu on
the stuff the only thing we Insist on is
that he shall correctly answer us who ;
discovered   America.    We   furnish   ci- j
gars for the crowd, and the quantity
Consumed just loads a freight cat every j
Our corps of artists numbers a hundred even.   We did think of tikhu: on j
one more, but gave it up. All We ask of |
the hundred is to furnish us oin car
toon anil two funny ptctm.W pe>- w.iek. I
Tho rest of the time they cm. g.> hear
hunting or sit ou  .he small of  their i
backs and puff (���<irin��)\\ blf^s.   We are '
an easy mark for artists, Any runn who
cut use a piece nf chalk and, a jae'k- |
knife can bit u* for |50 per. gisware of
any paper that claims to have over a
hundred artists.
Our special correspondents are scattered all oyer ihe world. You will run
across a * Ickor man In every town
from Maine to California and from
London to Stanley falls and around to
the Himalaya mountains of India. They
arc told to spare jo expense. No politician can turn his, coat, no wife elope,
no husband stay out after midnight,
hut what tbe fuct Is telegraphed to us
in ono minute. There are days when
we receive, a thousand cablegrn'ns
alone and when the expense foots up
$25,000. M. QUAD.
The One Exception.
"Of course," said Henpeck, "I dou't
always do what my wife tells me"-
"What!" exclaimed Meeker In surprise.
"No; you see If she's In a sarcastic
mood when sho orders me to eiei anything I know she wants me to do just
the opposite."
I.l..r,-. I.ln.
"Why did you insist on only $99,000 a
a year as your salary?"
"Because," answered the high .financier, "as soon as people hear a hundred
thousand mentioned tbey get suspicious. It is better to keep tbe figure
marked down a little." ���Washington
I h.  Proper Plae*.
"People are just craiy to get to that
"I don't see anything very attracttv*
about it. What kind of a plac* la ((.
"It's an Insane asylum."���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Too  ESTectlTO.
"Do you believe in advertising?"
"No, sir; I advertised for a -rtf��
"And didn't you get her?"
"Yes, I got her." ��� Philadelphia
Pertinent  lnqnlrr
:Kenz.e  of  Toronto  Buys
���   ~-.nrad  Properties  in
Yukon Country.
-".'Ii    23.���The
I  mining    properties    on    the
tnn,   near   White   Horse,  Yu-
mid in Toronto last week
te>  Haraj   It. Cllgei   of this city,   to
William Mackenzie owner of the Cana-
adiau     :-...,iu-rn    railroad,    tor $5,-
"tit  beuig made iu
Seal   i     esterdaj    afternoon    at the
i'a nmli. i n Bauk ot Commerce.
Tbe foregoing information was con-
e.'.T'd i��� the Times In a despatch
from Toronto this afternoon,, anil It
��as later serlned by local .business
men who were bucking ConracJ m the
��� leal. Tlu laUiag of the properties la
question not onlj constitutes what up
to date ts probably the largest mining
'"���'    ' ���'     turned  in  the north,    but ,
  '��� ���'  Ml "I  high finance behind
11 all thai i' akes .. very interesting
chapter In the story that has already
!"''" laid of the marvelous richness
"i the north
i ii" Conrad properties In question
or, .i- thej are legally Known. ��i,
Conra '���   ' ���       aim .     con i
of two       . ���   of I        ,,: i    ,.,,-b. the
 '  Poll]   group     Howard
Conrad came to Seattl :.   more
than a reai ago In an effort to gel local business men to pul up enough
mom     ��� -    option ���   on these
While the claims were repot ti il ,.
1 '- I rich in Btlver, gold and lead,
Conra i had i bard time getting anyone Interested, Many a Seattle man
had been nipped in Alaska mining
schemes, md toi weeks his proposition went begging. He finally Becured
ll. R. CllBe to acl as his attorney.
Through tbe efforts of Mr, Cllse, Andrew Chllberg, J. F, Une, E. it. Hui-
terworth, W. G. Norrls and others
were induced to advance barely
enough money to tie the claims up In
opi ions, although ihc syndicate thus
formed obligated themselves to even-
tually  buy the property outright for
a paltrj $160,	
The tiisi move the syndicate made
i was to close with the St. Louis Tramway company, and late last summer
j the first tramway on the Windy Arm
was completed  at a cost of $76,000.
! Contracts have since been let for two
additional trams. Much ore was last
year  sent down  to Tacoma  smeltei
j and  $75 per ton was the poorest re-
I turn received.
It was al about this time that the ll
, tention  of Wm. MacKenzie was call-
! ed to the property, an.l he sent an
engineer to the Windy Arm for the
purpose of investigating the situation.
Upon the report of llis engineer Mr.
.MacKenzie at once opened negotiations with Mr. Clisc. and as a consequence that gentleman went to Toronto aboul two weeks ago, and yesterday the deal was closed.
It Is understood that the local syndicate Mr. Clise formed In behalf of
Mr. Conrad was compelled to put up
.less tluin $50,000 for options.
The mines are situated directly
across the Windy Arm from the presenl tracks of the White Pass Yukon
railroad, and that Institution has
the surveys for a branch line to the
Conrad property completed and wlll
this spring start work on the extern
i sion.
When Mr. Clise was seen this morn-
; Ing he admitted that he had been in
. Toronto  on   business  for  his  client.
! Howard Conrad, but aside from that
| he refused  to discuss the matter   at
i all. Other business rren who are ln-
tersied ln the sale of the minces were
not so backward and freely sluted
thai the deal had been closed, that
they had received their proportionate
j share of thc funds, and that needless
to add they were all more than satisfied.
Sappy���I���aw- have an Idea, doncher
know, and���
Gladys���Excuse me, but are you Quite
certain of your ability to dlstlnguisU
between Ideas and wheels?
The Deuntant*.
Her well Bhapeel aeiulllnlc nosa
Is motbe'r's.
Her ruby lips, like Cupid's bows,
Are mother's.
Her sparkllnK eyes, so blue ard bright.
Are mother's.
Her glossy hair, as black as r.lght,
Is mother's.
Her manner, suave; her language, ters-,
Are mother's.
The money sho has tn her purso
la father's.
-New York Pren.
Bla  Bi_p*rlenpr.
First Artist���Hut you love art for !t��i
own sake? rlccond Artist-Why. ve��.
I'm coming to the conclusion that
th.r'a all there Is.ln lt.
The lungunge denotes the man. A
coarse or refined character finds Its expression naturally In a coarse or refined phraieolourr ���Bovee
Iron EngmBeinent IUn_-.
Among tbe Egyptians engagement
rings were always ot iron, indicating
the mutual sacrifice of liberty. One���of
the earliest gems used in thc engagement ring was tho loa.lstone, which
symbolized the force ot attraction
which! drejw the maiden from ber own
I family Into another
Pastors of Large Churches in Spokane
Accused cf Stealing Sheep.
Spokane, March 2;;.--The ministers
j of the city an   in a controversy of a
novel   nature,   which  has  already  ete-
veloped Into considerable   bitterness,
and tin' end is not yet.   n is charged
against   the  pastors     of    the    large
churches that they are "coaxing away
i from  tha  smaller    congregations ' the
best of these flocks, and the pastors
' who are said to have been guilty of
1 this  arc   now    denominated    "Sheep-
steallng pastors."
This is said to be the first time In
the history of the country that the
I work of zealous clergymen in bulld-
| ing up their churches and adding to
| their Influence has been denotinued as
i unchristian and unfair.
. o	
Sues Whitecapper's.
Granby, Conn., March 23.���Thirteen
residents of this place were served
yesterday with writs sworn out by
Willis Griffin, also of Granfty. beginning an action for $10,000 damages
against them. This action Is the outgrowth of the so-called "whltecap" incident last, month, when masked men
seized Griffin, put a rope around his
neck, it is alleged, and led him to the
town of Southwlck, Mass.
It ls also alleged that they horsewhipped him on the way and told him
th^t lt he ever returned to Granby he
would be tarred and feathered. Grir-
fin alleges that one of his rlb8 was
broken and that he suffered oiher Injuries. THE DAILY NWES
I  I
If You Take
Any Stock....
in having the best goods at the lowest  possible price served to you
in the best possible way, you will do your business with our stores.
This is our boast, that we do a little better than our competitors in this way. Give us a call and we will show you.
T. S. AN NAN DALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. W. Gilchrist, Mgr.
ment of facts, and such differences as j
developed   with   respect   to   their  ac-:
conimodations    which    ought    to   be!
made  did  not   seem  Insuperable  but
our  colleagues  desired  lime  for  fur-'
ther consideration. We have no doubt
of    their    sympathy  in    carrying out
that  part of lhe instruction contained
in the resolutions which inquires us ',r, ���
execute in conjunction wlih the mem-1
probable thai  only  a  pari  of  this  di-   bt,,.s of ta,��� comml   ,on  repre8entl_g
version will be at the expense of the  |he   Dominion  of  Cana(U,    .f  p]..1(.ti(..
��� American   full.   The  exact   proportion aMe> a��� pog8,We ^ ._ ^ ^.^
1 vatic, ���i Niagara Falls .,,,.1 tie naf>
ral conditions.
eContinued From Page One)
Finish Your v,/alls
mu_���imm*y*\tx����****** n im mi* >rr ���>���-'^��~<*<*~-���~xrM
I Exceptional Values in Skirts....
be  stated   with
n   study   of   the
so  far  as  they
channels  and
are   known   a
Houses and Lots
In Every Section of the City.
acre blocks    in    city nnd suburban
One acre, five acre and ten
Farm hinds or an Kinds a nd
miles ol the city.
See us before going elsewhere,
than any other Real Estate Dea ler.
Send for list of nouses, lot s and farms
located  within  50   _
We can sell as low if not lower
186 Columbia Street.
�������������������� ��������������������������
Visitors to Stock Show
Don't Forget to Call and Inspect the
Monarch Range
Greatest Range of the Age.    Prices Low Too.
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
>/��4>4>4>4X>4> �����������������������������������������������������������������������������
I reasonable estimate is that the water
I will come from the two arms in about
the proportion of one-sixth from the
. American falls and live-sixths from
j the Horseshoe falls. Exactly what
| form the changes in the two cata-,
I racts will take, whether they will be
I narrower or will be broken up into
! a great number of streams or simply
! be reduceel in volume, retaining in
! general their present form, cannot be
j foretold for the reason that there ls
I no accurate knowledge o fthe forms
i of and depths of water on the crests.
If 69,000 cubic feet per second be
'diverted   the  loss  will   be  important,
but if the diversion be limited to this
amount or reduced as hereafter ine' .
' cated, it may not prove disastro A&
I    This cannot    be   definitely d ^>Mt\
i until  the works now  under c ,,nstl.uc.
-tl put lu-
Members   of   Council
Street   Structure   i
Find    Carnarvon
n    dad  St.*;.
Beautiful Shades
Sanitary finish
Complete Satisfaction
The Carnarvon st^ Migt whk.,,
has been conden ^ ffH. sasr,e tilm,
past, save for t M ^ |rf ^ paBMn.
gers, was vis
of the cou
! lion have been completed a-
to operation.
If it happens that the ^-^ have uot
j suffered seriously as a sct!nlc spec.
I tacle,  it does    not
ifoUow     that ad-
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount ot Policies now ln force exceeds ���.-.>*.4,uuu,t)00.0fl
Amount ot Assets, legitinii'le and solid, now exceeds- .,..$y,ui,u,um00
This is a company o! polic y-nt ilders, by poliey-hriiders, tor policyholders.
OUR Mtff'l'tu: in-e largest amount of .Vs.snrt.ncee for the Least
Possible UHUay.
S, W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 85.
Now Is the Time
To sret your Bicycles put in order.
We '��� ave received our Bike .Sundries
.and .are prepared to make your
Bike almost as good as new. We
also have a good line of Racycle
and Perfect Bicycles. We have
just received our stock of Fishing
Tackle. Come and have a look over
our new Stock. We will be able
to  give you just  what  you  want.
Columbia St.        Sign, Man on Wheel.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster,
- - B. C
Buys a house and lot
near Moody Square, on
Eighth St.
This won't go begging,
so if you want it let us ���
know at once.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents.        Tel. 106.        Columbia St. I
J. M. Todd
Dealer ln
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia  Gramaphones and Records,
Zithers, etc.
MH. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia Street.    f
Onll or writ, for nrlces.
"ii carline in East End;
modern; almost new;
handsomely finished
throughout; panelled hall
and oak staircase; 5 bedrooms, large lot, bath,
drawing room, dining
room, sitting room and
Balance Can Be
Arranged On Very
Easy Terms.
elitional water Wjg, |)e diverted with
impunity. Add'<(jOIMli diversion would
be an expert1 j^jit even more dangerous than nc JV/ u<.,|ng tried and in our
opinion s'J(H1jd n()l be permitted.
In ret MTa jor y^ impairment of the
falls t ^yg far authorized, the State of
New   York will receive practically no-
thi\K for the 242,000 horsepower auth-
[</ri7ed on that side and the Queen Victoria  Niagara Falls Park will receive
an .annual    rental  of  $270,000  or  an
average of 65  cents per  horsepower
for 415,000 horsepower authorized on
the  Canadian side.  These  figures do
not Include the 8,000 horsepower being  developed  by  the  electrical  railway nor the power developed by the
Hamilton company    with water from
the Wellund canal.
Charters have been granted to corporations which propose to divert additional amounts in Quantities not now
limited. The sums of money invested
or being invested In the works now
In operation or under const ruction
and in the industries dependent upon
them amounl to many millions of dollars.
It is not probably expedient to attempt, the withdrawal of the rights
thus utilized. Tbe commercial value
of the water power at Niagara Falls
is very greal. but if compared with
values set aside by wealthy communities elsewhere for park purposes, this
value is not, too great to be devoted
to similar purposes. The place is
visited annually by about sun.mill people.
If the falls are to be preserved, ii
must be by mutual agreement between the two countries. As a step in
that direction we recommend that
legislation be enacted which shall
contain the following provisions:
The secretary of war to be authorized to grant permits for the diversion
of 28,500 cubic feet per second and no
more, from the waters naturally tributary to Xiiigara Falls distributed as
follows: Niagara Falls Hydraulic
Power & Manufacturing companw, ]
9,500; Niagara Falls Power company,
S.600; Erie Canal or its tenants (in
addition to lock service), 400; Chicago
Drainage Canal, 10,000. All other diversions of water which is naturally
tributary to Niagara Falls to he prohibited, except such as may be re-
quired for domestic use or for the service of locks in navigation canals,
suitable penalties for violation of tbe
law to he prescribed.
The foregoing prohibition to remain
in force two years and then to become1
the permanent law of the land If in
the meantime the Canadian government shall have enacted legislation
prohibiting ihe diversion of water
which is naturally tributary to Nl-
agara falls in excess of 86,000 cubic
leet  per  second,     not     Including  the
amounts required tor domestic use or.
for the service of lochs in  navigation
i unals.
ii i.s assumed, however, that an
understanding cm this subject would
be reached. The object of such legislation would be to put a stop to the
further depletion of the falls and at
the same time inflict the least pos-'
Bible injury on ih
now opened    by
The  amounl   to  be    diverted  on  the
Canadian  side-.  36,000  feet,  has heen
Axed with ii view of allowing 11> the
companies on this side the- amounts
for which they now have works under; dykes or
construction. paired,
Such legislation would give to Canada the advantage of diverting 7,600
cubic feel per Becond more than is dl-
verted In the United Stales. The advantage is more apparent than real
since the power generated on the Canadian side will be- to a large extent
transmitted to and used In the United
States, in this negotiation of treaty
however, the points shoulil be con-
The' substance of this report was
submitted to our Canadian colleagues
before the passage of the Joint resolution, with a view tO uniting In a
joint report under general law providing for the commission.   There was
a substantial agreement in the state-
^t^ij h*   several  members
_*M -ait BJ.480 t.hrs morning,
,lh    �� result   absolutely  closed lo
** bridge, was found to be in an
Jwuiiag State of ill-safety, and an
I'-vaiHiiiaiicn revealed the fact thut it
���would be necessary to rebuild or re-
liair it at once, before' allowing it to
(lie opejie.l for traffic.
The. rr.Bult of tbe visit wits that an
amormt   for  the  repair or  reconstruc-'
tion of the bridge will be Incorporated
In the estimates, with u view to open-!
Ing up the thoroughfare at the earliest j
possible dUte.
The detailed report of the commit-
i tee will be made to the council at Its j
] next   meeting on  Monday  night.
The new arrivals m our Skirt Department dunng ������. ,,;,., r
week have broughl all thai le to be desired in the newest and most ft
graceful skirts. <f
Styles have something new and pleasing about them ti easor, 8j
Tou win find in ".ir skirts thai which is sure to please-that U
distinctiveness of Btyle and perfection of lit ana workmanship whieh J
will give good service and satisfaction to whoever m������ ��� " ' tunate
enough  to wear a skin  from our  assortment.
See Our New
Plaited Skirts
The height of fashion
for this season.
Large range of colors
-navy, brown, green,
grey, white, and black
Prices $8.50, |
$9.75, $13.501
New  Westminster Volunteers Get Orders for  Parade.
Attention !
6 Acres gooel land, new 4 roomeel
house, chick-en house and yard. Beautiful situation, 2 minutes from tram.
Burnaby, 'just outside city.
A. E. WHITE, 260 Columbia SL
A Special Line for Friday and Saturday
86 Skins bought ai a special bargain. These skins an made ol
good serviceable materials, male plainer than their mon ��� pen Ive
neighbor., imi tbey will make exceptional selling for Friday and
Saturday, al  .'ach    *'x7b
Several Lines of Ladies and Misses Coats at a Sacrifice jj��j|
ah  hz.'s e.f Spring Coats in all slze-s and colors. Three spi lal
lines for Friday and Baturday   $1.50, $3.75 and $C75
Place your order early for your new Spring Hats ai
be  BUre  to  have-  it   filled   when  .on   waul   il.
i .  5
New Westminster Companies A.
and R., of the Duke of Connaught's
Own Rifles have received instructions
tc prepare for a trip to Vancouver,
one week from tonight, where they
will join the balance .of the regiment
in tendering a reception to His Royal
Highness, Prince Arthur of Connaught
The reception will be held in the
Armouries at Vancouver, at which
time the entire regiment will appear
in full force. The regiment will be In
command of Colonel I. C. White. A
Company, of New Westminster will
be in charge of Captain Johnson, and
B Company in charge of Lieutenant j
The South African campaigners will
also take part in the affair, under
command of Vice president Otway i
W'ilkie, of New Westminster, Captain
McHarg, of Vancouver, who Is president of the Campaigners being unable
lo officiate, owing to the fact that he
will be obliged to assume command of
his company of the D. C. O. R.
The South African Veterans have
also been invited to attend, and have
accepted the invitation.
Ex-Surjjaon   of   French  Army   Startles
the Medical Profession in
Subject Will  Be Discussed at Meeting | K"<'hlUoiu
l el:
Next Wednesday.
The Sunday observance bill now before Ihe Dominion house will be a subject of discussion at a meeting of the
local branch of the Lord's Day Alliance to be held In the Reformed Epis-'
copal church next Wednesday evening.
Rev. M. 1>. Rugg, D. D��� acting pas-j
tor eif the Baptist church, will be thej
principal speaker of the evening, and I
addresses will also be delivered
Rev. J. S. Henderson and Rev. VV,
Japs Arrested  in   Russia.
Vladivostok, Russia, March 24���Two
Japanese merchants were arrested today in one of the forts here. In their
possession were found plans of the
fortifications and notes referring to
t hem.
Coquitlam  Meeting.
A meeting of the residents of the
west side of the Pitt river in the
Coquitlam district has been, called
tor next Saturday; March 81st, at 2
p. m. Those Interested are asked to
meet at the ferry slip. Matters up for
discussion may be briefly outlined as
follows: 1st���The need of another
important Interests ditch for irrigation purposes; 2nd���
this water power. The appointment of two representatives to meet with the consulting en-
glneer when he shall arrive to look
over the territory; lird���Should a new
pump he provided  for the irrigation
should   Ihe  old   one   be   re-
Chicago, March 2:'..���Miraculous discoveries in grafting and surgery have
��� been presented to the medical world
\ by Alexis Carrel, a former surgeon ln
. Ihe French army now doing research
I work in the Hull court laboratories of
I the university of Chicago.
By numerous experiments on apes.
dogs and other animals he has proven
J to his own satisfaction the organs of
| lower animal a  may  be substituted  for
1 diseaseel parts of human beings.
The experiments which have led to
these results have been in progress
for years, having been begun in 1901,
when Dr. Carrel was a member of the
faculty of the University of Lyons in
I France.
The marvelous surgical operations
i have included the moving of the organs from one animal to another and
also the placing of the organs of an
animal In unnatural positions in the
body of the subject.
Dr. Carrel has announced his discoveries in the current number of ihc
|Journal of ihe American Medical as-
Though modest in bis
Claims, he believes Bright'S disease
and other kidney I roubles may be
cured by the substitution of kidneys
of lower animals for those of the patient
Some of the most remarkable ex-
perlments which Dr. Carrel describes
in his article are the transplanting of
the heart of a clog to another pari of
the animal's body without interrupting its functions.
The kidney of a dog was placed ln
the animal's neck, where lt continued
its work wiihout any apparent
In another case the circulation of
the blood of a dog was reversed In
certain organs.
This  last  operation,  It   Is  believed,
i will prove most successful In the cure
of gangrene and other blood diseases,!
One of the hardest problems the sur-1
j geou bus had to combat has been the
| toxic  action  of the cells of one anl-
! mill   toward   those  of  another.     This-
action, however, is not found between
the cells of an ape and a human being.    Therefore medical authorities believe many diseases of man  may  be
cured by using lhe organs of a healthy!
(jur  Hoys' Clothing Departn enl  Is the birthplace ol
and beautiful styles. Tbe Suits we pul forth this season an
stylish, durable and the Im-ki in every way we have evi ���
in the making, only the bdBi e.f wear resisting Cheviots, >
Serges and Casslmeres have be in used.   The coats an   ���
to ibe ine k. with shapely shoiil lers, seams    sewed    with
thread, while the pants are male  with   elbows    and   kneei
seams ami  reinforce 1 se u..
$4.50 Suii  is :iu exceptional value foi the moneo
ureal   wear  resist, r.
$6.50 Suit is our most   popular  suit    on  account
si vie,   and   fabric.
$7.50 Suii   is ii Suii tii for ii Young Prince,
many oilier grades bul  our display musl   be seen
d. Ilrlnir In the Young Man and  see whal   we have' to Bl
In  Boys'
Strikers Benefit.
The young ladies of lhe local tele-
phono office who are on strike are
going In and out among the citizens
of New Westminster today and sell-
tiik tickets for un assembly which Is
to  be  held   In   Vancouver on  Monday
evening for the benefit of those who
nre affected by the strike. Wherever
the yoiing ladies have gone today
they say thut they have met with
kindness and a ready response to
their  efforts  to  secure  patronage.  It
Concert at Asylum.
The usual semi-monthly concert ai
the asylum took place last evening,
and nil unusually good programme was
presented. One of the most enjoyable
numbers on the programme was the
j recitation of little Miss Bell. The following was the programme: Orchestra;   song,  Alf. Johnston;   violin  solo,
Mr, Barnett; comic song, Mr. Kyall
(Vancouver); Irish Jig. Henderson
1 Bros,; cello solo, Mr. QreenhaJgh;
.song, Miss Edith Stout; flute solo,
Mr. Leslie; song, Miss Brymner; recitation, Miss Hell; comic song. .Miss
Kyall; dance, Sailor's Hornpipe, Mr,
Henderson; song, Mrs. Watson; comic
sketch, Mr. Kyall; (lod Save lbe
At the close of the concert dancing
was the order. F.. F. D'Arcey acted as
director in an able and efficient manner.
Advertise in the News
Electric Railway Service j
Alberni  Doctor Dies.
Nanaimo,  Ii.  C, March  21��� Dr.  A.
, Watson, the well known Alberni precis already evident that the event will ! titloncr, and  a pioneer of that  place
be a great   success.  Four local girls died  at  his home iu  Alberni   Thurs-
are among  the  strikers. | day morning.
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver anil way
Stations ai i..iiii and H.bO a.m,.
and every hour thereafter between s a.m. and n p.m.
Half-hour cars trom mm. to 7
Cars leave Vancouver tor Westminster at same nours.
Last, cur Saturday at n p.m.
City Limits Line���Service trom
O.liO a.m. to 1U.8U p.m.
20 Minute Service���.\o transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and f> and 7.
30   Minute   Service   during
niiiinder ot day.   Transfer
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service   half-hourly
tween s a. m. and  l(   P-
City anil Sapperton.
Sapperton Line���ID Minute Service, except,  between  -12 ana
2, and r> and 7, during WW
hours    lhe    service   Will
Sunday Service   milt-nouny  be
tween �� n.m. and IU P-IU-
! <'
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd


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