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The Daily News May 9, 1906

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 VOLl'MK 1, NTMBEK ..li.
Three Masked Men, Heavily Armed and Supplied With
Dynamite Compel Engineer to Stop Train East of
Kamloops���Small Amount of Registered Mail Stolen
and Valuable Parcel Overlooked���Robbers Disappear
in Darkness.
The C   P.  It.  wesi  bound passenger
I  , (press    train   wns    held   up  five
miles w.st of Ducks and thirteen miles
ol  Kamloops at   11.26 lasi night
In line, masked men, and a quantity
���Ti.-red mail all addressed lo
Victoria, was taken from lhe mail car,
I'll, robbers, il Ls supposed, boarded
lhe train al Shuswap, which was the
I Lop east of the scene of the accident. When the train wa.s live miles
���lib side of Ducks they climbed from
Hi. leader of Ihe engine inlo the cab,
ind covering both engineer and flre-
��� mu ordered them to slop the train.
The engineer took the matter as a joke
.u,.|  ran   the  train   two  mile?   tnrtherl
before h. became convlnc, d tin,, 1,"
was ,,p against the real thing and obeyed the orders of the bandits.
Th.- lien wen- all heavily armed
ami curried will, then, a large quantity of dynamite with which, i, is
presumed, they in,ended  to blow up
Ci" mail and express ears if necessary.
Wl,.,, the train came to a standstill
ihe robbers uncoupled the engine, and
one of them accompanied the engineer
nnd fireman aboul half a mil. further
wesl while the other two looted the
mail car.
The mail clerk was taken completely by surprise but showed considerable pluck and presence of mind. He
saw that it  was useless to attempt to
pm up n fighi so he resorted tosti ���
it and succeeded ln convincing the
bandits Hun the only mail of any value
in the car wns seven registered letters
addressed ,o Vieloria which they had
easily found.
All lh.- Vancouver registered mail
and a parcel containing in the neighborhood of $1,1,1,11,, was l.ft undisturbed.
The robbers disappeared In the dark'
ness, aud descriptions of them are
very unsatisfactory.
A suspect who rode into Revels,,ike
on a ullnd  baggage car was arrested
Ilie,,- today, but it ls not thought that i
he cm, in  any way be identified with
the rohhery.
Athens, May 9.��� The British fleet consisting of
21 warships is lying at Pireaus with steam up. They
will be further augmented today by the arrival of
the second cruiser squadron commanded by Rear
Admiral Prince Louis of Battenburg.
Constantinople, May 9. ���Frequent conferences
have been held during the last few days between the
members of the cabinet in connection with the
Anglo-Turkish dispute. An official of the foreign
office today had a long interview with Sir Nicholas
O'Connor, the British ambassador but up to the present there are no indications to show what course the
Porte will decide to pursue. The general opinion
here is that the Turkish troops will evacuate Tabah
before the British ultimatum expires.
J   Attorney of Staten Island Refuses   to Allow   Funeral   to
I Be Held Till Cause of Death Is Dis-
j covered By Examin
Ship Sinks in Storm
and Three Men Drown
..land, Ohio, May P.���The schoo-len off by the members of the life sav-|
nei   Vlgerta sank aboul two miles off   lnB ('rew'
'I li-  storm of last  nighl  and early
the harbor of Cleveland lhis morning.   Ul,lay wilh ,h��� h(..ivv ���,,, ��� klcked ���,,
ll i.s though!     three    men losi     their   "as a menace io shipping outside lhe
The big steamers thai  bad been tied
up there by the strike came inside Ihe
���  condition  outside the break- breakwater   bul the small schooners
water and the crew of tight was taft-  could not gel in.
i".���    ichooner  iron  Queen  is  in    u
Signals of distress came to the life
saving station and Captain Motley of
the life saving crew went out to th,
Iron Queen rescuing the eight members of the cr.w with difficulty. They
could no, reach the Algeria which
wem down about two miles out. Cap-
lain Mo,ley thinks there were at least
three men on the Algeria but he did
no, know their names.
The arbitrary detention of a German sailing ship
the Odysseus by the Turkish authorities recently
threatened friction between Turkey and another
European power but the energetic action of the German ambassador quickly solved the difficulty.
The Odysseus was discharging her cargo at
Chibuklu when she was boarded by the authorities
add removed to Kavak where she was anchored beneath the batteries of the Turks who falsly claimed
that the vessel had explosives on board.
The ambassador protested urgently but unavail-
ingly whereupon he took a few sailors from the German guardship here, the Lorely, boarded the Odysseus, hoisted the diplomatic flag and took the ship
from under the guns of Kavak to her dock at
Chibuklu where guard was kept over her while she
completed the discharge of her cargo. On returning
to the embassy the ambassador found a state councillor awaiting him with apologies and explanation.
The records available do not refer to a German
sailing vessel named Odysseus but there is a German
steamer of that name and she was in the Mediterranean recently.
New York, May 9.���Plans have been
mud,, lo bold the Funeral today of
Charles L. Bpler tbe Stati a island
business man and confidential agent
of H. H. Rogers of ihe Standard Oil
Trust, who was .sho. In so
mysterious a manner thut the authorities cannot determine whether ie was
shot by a burglar or committed suicide. The bullel which caused Mr.
Spier's death had not been located and
the authorities desisted from an attempt to find it because Mrs. Spier
objected to the mutilation of her husband's body.
Authorities Differ.
The authorities differ as to whether
the bullet came from Mr. Spier's own
revolver and il is understood that District Attorney Kenney, of Staten Island, will refuse to allow the funeral
to proceed until a complete autopsy
has been made. He said today: "I believe the bullet that killed Mr. Spier
shoulil be found in order to determine
whether or not. be was killed by his
own  revolver."
A report was current today that
there was a scene at a prominent
Staten Island club recently which resulted in a request that Mr. Spier
leave the club. The cause of the disturbance is unknown.
Mrs. Spier's Story.
Police officials who have been Investigating say that the evidence indicates that Spi.-r committed suicide.
Mrs. Spier informed the police
that Spier had bfi his bed chamber lo
go to the dining room in search of
burglars and that she heard shots.
Except that the things of the dining
'���"'"''��� 'a which, the bodj ffas found
w.re disarranged, the pollc, saj there
was nothing aboul the house to indi-
cate  ''"   i'1"-" ;  burglars    One
door was found unlocked, n without
signs of having been forced, and ;,���
active bulldog, which accon inled Mr.
sh'" '' :l"' ailing mm look no
part in the reported duel with a
burglar, If there was one.
Police Discoveries.
0,1 " "t"'' hand, ihe police have
ascertained that one montb  before
his  death Mr. Spier bad in-. i his
life for iTa.ooo and had  i obliged
to  iliseoiini  a note [0r j1;.,,7 t0 pay
tbe  premium on one of the policies
when  i;  became payable last Baturday.    Th.   policies were  payable regardless of il,,. runs,, of death, and ihe
beneficiary   hail been   changed from
Mrs. Spier i��� a trustee of Ins estate.
'I ue    police have discovered    also
that   n  judgment in bankruptcy   tor
(50,870 had keen outstanding against
j Mr.  Spier and others sine,.  February
j last.    These Judgments were ontered
after the Yettman Transmitting Typo-
writer  company, of which Mr, Spier
was president,
Forestry Reserves.
Ottawa, May l,.���Th.. Commons took
up the greater part of yesterday's sitting wiih ihe bill 'ii establish forestry
reserves in Manitoba, Saskatchewan,
and British Columbia, There ar, ten
1 r.s.rves in all. Hon, Mr. Oliver had
charge of the bill, This bill i�� an outcome of the Forestry convention recently held in Ottawa. Some progress
was mad.
Edmonton   Police *Hold   Miss  Fortier's   Bullet    Enters  Thief's     Ncek  as    He   Passes Sentence on Over Six Hundred
Companion to Answer to Runs    Along     Street     in Members of "White Cap"
Her Death. Chicago. Organization.
Crops   ,n    Iowa,   Northwest   Missouri   Anarcnists Plot to Assassinate Kaiser
nnd   Northwest   Kansas  Are and Are Caught With Goods
Damaged. on Them.
June roses are already bloom-
i number of the bi aul I
lens    of this    bea i   ful
I, Iowa. M ...  9.    Ti;.- ('���������ii
:ai Ion   Ib  i���  receipt   of
:        parts "f the siate In-
a. in ml   killing frosl   lasi
ii ill    and   garden   truck
'; . Mo., May '.'. - I'm-'; las,
un i i. rabl, d tit... to gar-
and .ally Vegetables it,
Missouri   and    Northwest
Resume Work  on  Docks.
"till". N. .. May I,.Work <���, the
'. lis  Which   has been .suspended
''ike began wns resumed
���   Lehigh und  Brie docks today.
in- st, anier Case Is i.e
led    ��� ���  ih.- Erie dock the men
in,i th.-re was nothing to
"���   ^1 .'..        [, tail of police were slant   this dock.
Loudon, May 8.���A despatch to the
Central News from Berlin says ihat
five anarchists charged with high treason have been arrested ai I'rvilio near
Th..  men   had  explosives    in  their
possession and a quantity of dynamite
was  in ii d '  ihe  Imperial  palace
iVilliam       -pected to
arrlv,   tomorrow.
Gen. Greely Reports.
Washington, D. ,'.. May 9.���A d,
patch trom G, n. Ore, ly says: "Conditions materially unchanged as regards
health, water supply, local transportation and business op, rations. All
. ontlnue good. Mouths ted today, hl':'..-
915, a decrease of in.mm bui hoi e r n
inure     material     reduction    al     early
Endorsed at Winnipeg.
Winnipeg, May s. - The Preshytery
today passed a resolution endorsing
ihe Lord's Hay Observance Hill, as at
presenl before parliament, it also extended an Invitation tO the general
assembl] to meel here in 1807, accord
lng lo the established custom of convening  in  Winnipeg , wry lentil year.
Derelict  Schooner,  With   Masts   Hanging Over Sides, Drifts Near
Cape Henry.
Norfolk. V;,.. May 9.���Captain Abra-
hamson of ihe Norwegian steamer
Olebulla which arrived in pmi yesterday lues reported thai he passed,
twenty miles south by east of Cape
Henry, a derelict schooner whose
I were hanging over ill'' sides of
lit'  vessel, h.-r sail.,  patched nnd
re    was  no  name    by   which    sl,"
mlghl  be i.i' mill. i.
'I'be .- ime wreck has be. n r, ported
ind  i.- one of lhe mosl
dangi ''"'is thai   hns been in
'lr   path ot' navigation for son,., time,
Tin. si hooner is believed by ma. i
io have been tbe victim of one of   be
fierce storms <<< last winter.   The tate
ol  ihe  crew  Is unknown.
Earthquake  Records.
Saa Jose, Cal., Mn;. B. According
io advices received fro,,, the Lick observatory ihere have been twonty-four
earthquake shocks recorded on the
seismograph ai that Institution .since
the morning of April is.
Mosi oi' these ireiiiors, however,
have been exceedingly lighl nnd have
made bu' a sli-,1,1 mark on i!'..- pla e,
During lhe lirsi hall' hour after Ine
big shake there were eighteen dtstincl
shocks recorded, on the nexl day
ihere was a .--lighi ire,nor somewhere
between  iu and  11  o'clock  a. ,���.
Edmonton, Alia.. May 9.���A charge;
of murder has been pr. terred against
(ieorgj W. McLean, companion of
Mary Foriicr, lbe young woman who'
was found dead near Hut Creek on;
.McLean who has been held in custody hy police, since his release from
lhe hospital, had a preliminary hearing before Magistrate Wade, yesterday afternoon.
The coroner's jury Implicated McLean as ;i partj to iho young woman's
ih nib.
Raise Rates in Chicago.
Chicago, Ills.. Mil;. '.'. Thi Tribune
says  today:   Fire  Insurance  rates in
Chii   mi  ail  less  desirable    risks
will lie advanced 23 per cent, or more
io reimburse c raipanl, a I hal have suf-
fi red loss in the San Francisco lire.
��� o	
Czar and His Family
Will Dodge the Bombs
Hands $60,000 to American Consul for
Destruction of Missions.
Hong Kong, May P.���The vicero;
Canton has paid to the Amei lean consul at ('anion lhe sun, of $,iu,���ilu as
Indemnity I'm ihe mission building
ami personal property of the missionaries and the claims of converts as a
resull of lhe destruction of properly
during lhe rioting ul Lien Chow m
Oct,tber  lasi.
The money will be transferred    to
ihe  Presbyterian mission    settlement
al   Lien  Chow.
Chicago,  Ills.,  May 8.���Thos.    Dar-
rach,  a   structural  iron  worker,  was
shot and killed late last night for the
nil. ged stealing of a watch from Clif-i
lord N. Silencer, an electrician.
-_e two men had spent the evening
ut a saloon patronized by iron workers
und bfi ihe place together.
Al Madison streel and Fifth avenue
Darrach took the watch and $ln in
money trom Spencer and ran away
wi Spencer in pursuit. Ai Adams
streel he stopped nnd felled Spencer
wllh a club.
James McGoldrlck and E. L. Cude-
l.uek. watchmen, saw Darrach throw
a watch inlo the street. They gave
chase and McGoldrlck Bred one shot,
the bullel entering Darrach's neck. He
died soon afterwards al the hospital.
Prepare for High Mogul.
Lahore. Punjab, British India. May
P.���Mohammedans of high rank residing lien- have been notified thai ill''
Amur ,,r Afghanistan, Hablbullah
Khan, will vlsll India nexl winter, In
view of lhe political imi'oi I ance of lhe
Amur's journey steps are already be
Ing taken in give hl.n, a titling welcome,
World's    Champion    Tennis     Player
Holds Title Against Man From
New  Jersey.
Jackson. Miss., Muy P.���Over 600
citizens of Franklin county charged
wilh being members of an alleged
"white cap' organization pleaded guilty to the charge of intimidating the
governmenl homesteaders and were
each assessed the minimum fin.- of $2n
and three months imprisonment. Thej
imprisonment was held up pending
good  behavior.
The litigation lias attracted much
attention owing to the prominence of
the parties involved. Among those Indict, 1 was ilie sheriff of Franklin
Sarah Draws Crowd.
Seattle, Wn., May 8.���Sarah Bernhardt played to 1,500 people in a con-
eon hall in n park located three miles
out of the lily lust night, the lirsi
ten rows of seals were chairs and the
: emalndi r camp stools.
London, May 9��� At the Queen's
club today after a splendid series of
victories against Ihe leading British
covered curl tennis experts; Jay
Gould of Lakewood, N. J., went ,!"wu
before the world's champion Eustace
Miles in it,.- championship round, the
latter winning the match by ihree Bets
to one.
Gould  started  splendldl)   and       o
,    bj    6-4, bul ..Her    Ihat
\i perfect condition si. med in tell
Th.. ei. implon set a treat, ndous pace
ami Gould was palpably tired.
Thi -".mil -" I'll easllj to Miles
by 6 i.
I- ,.- ��� (Jould "   ii'' a great
tigin uml though ihe ""i f'"i ultimately t0 miles i.y ,'.i some ef Hie best
a years was 1 ayed
in   il.
Tl���, fourth Be   abe wenl  to Miles
by lb::.
Petersburg,   May p.���The   final
'    "aii,ms   for   the  great   ceremony
"  Winter  palace on lhe occasion
opening of parllamenl tomorrow
"i ih
1 ''"   Imperial  yachts which    will
the emperor, the empress ami
'���' ""is or n���v imperial family,
.'"' n,u" im.I Hie suites lo St. I'eters-
1    ��� ���'"'" '.'lug wllh steam up In waiting.
1 '"' r��UU and  other    plans  for Ihe
lo'imej are gu;,,.,!,.,| w|ln thc greatest
''"''���v '"n it is understood that the
''"''  ��ni travel by train from Tsnr-
 'H!,'I" I" Peterhot and In the morn-
'ng ""T will hoard the yachts    nnd
''"'"" "" ""' ''Iver, landing at the lm-
I po-lal dock In front of Ihe Winter
palace, tfius avoiding the necessity of
passing through the streets of the capital. Immediately after the ceremony
their majesties win return t,, Peter-
hot',   where   they   will   spend  the  mini-
! lner.
Owing  t���  lhe lal,mess  of the hour
j nl   which   Ihe  service     al   lhe   Winter
j palace will he completed II has been
decided nol  lo open Ihe council of Ihe
; tmplre until Friday.
Tlie law providing for the re-organ-
Izslioii or the council of the empire
was published today. It conlalns a pro-
Vision for tho appointment of special
commissions having exclusive jurisdiction over certain subjects. All accusations of malfeasance againsl minis-
lers. viceroys, governor-generals, members of the council of lbe empire, the
lower house of parliament, and in general all persons belonging to the Ihree
highest ranks of Ihe Russian hierarchy are consigned to a commission
composed solely of appointed members. The accusal Ions, however, musi
lirst he submitted to Ihe emperor who,
if he approves of an Investigation, will
refer them lo lhe commission. In case
tho latter determines thai there is
ground for prosecullon a trial wlll follow before the ruling senate. Provision Is also made for special ciunmls-
slons to decide upon private railroad
concessions and matters relating to*,
ihe expropriation of stnte and crown |
lands, etc.
Empress Leaves Hong Kong.
ilon,real. May lb���The -impress   of
Japan lefl Hong Kong for Vancouver
a' 12:30 p. ,,,. today.
. o	
Boer General in New York.
N.w York. May 8.���General Samuel
Pearson, formerly of the Hoer army,
who has been In Venezuela In Ihe
Interests of a plan to colonize iu.unit
liners there, arrived here yesterday on
the Bteamer Philadelphia from Curacao.
Delivers Address In South.
Birmingham,  Ala..    May  8.���Before
au Immense audience of delegates to
ih..    Methodlsl    General    Conference
lure Lev. Iir. W. J. Sparling, preside,,',
ol the Wesleyan college al Winnipeg.
Man.,  and  Canada's  financial  delegate
;., ihe conference delivered his fraternal address last nighl. II wus full
of stirring words of greetings from
ihe Methodists of ihe north to   hose
of the south, and his w, rds we, i fre
q,vein l.v applauded.
Prisoners Pardoned.
Osining, \. Y. May II���Pardons were
today granted to Iwo life prisoners iu
Sing Sing, Wllliani Kelly, aged S.".. and
John W. lllldroth, 110 years old. boll,
ol  New  York  city.
And Two Men Who Slept in the Stable
Are Missing.
Philadelphia, Pa, May 9 The soft
coal ami wood yards "i v l. Thomas,
Head, sine; and Columbia avenue,
w,re destroyed bj lire today.
T�� ��� Who were sleeping tn the
stable of tin ooal ' missing.
Thiri. threi        ��� '   burned to
The origin ol the Bre Is unknown.
The monetary loss is aboul ��ir.,ooo.
Attorney General    of    United    States
Files Petition in the Circuit
Young     Man   From   Colorado     Meets   Entire   Membership   of   Massachusetts
Death While Seeking Home Legislature Must Appear Be-
in Alberta. 'ore Grand Jury.
Washington, n. C, May p.���The attorney general today made public ths
following statemenl i
"This departmenl bus today Med In
the circuit couri of I lie Hulled Stales
r���r Ihe dlstricl of Indiana ��� petition
for an Injunction against certain associations, corporations and Individuals, comprising what ls commonly
known an the Orsg T/,l��l of the United Stales,"
Edmonton, Altu., May lb���A. D. McLean, il young homestead  seeker from
Canyon City, Colorado, who was accidentally shot while driving near Veg-
revllle Friday, died yesterday ln the
hospital, where he had .been sent from
Vegrevllle on Friday.
A loaded shotgun in ihe wagon accidentally discharged and the contents
entered McLean's thigh Inflicting a
painful  wound  which caused death.
Boston, Mass., May B.���Dlstricl At
torney Moran today announced his In
lent ion    of  summonsing    bofor.
Closes Its Doors.
Pittsburg, I'm. May 9.���The Columbia Savings ami    Trust  company    of
this city Closed its doors today by or-
,,,,, ,,r ii���. commissioner ot banking.
_ o	
Men of U. S. Signal Corps Take Photographs of San Francisco
San Francisco,    Cab.    May 9.-Tho
���,. signal corps of the United States army
the   Is  photographing  the  San  From, soo
.ne   is   pm....*...,...�����-      - I,, of pic-
grand jury lbe entire membership of ruins from 1^>������s'   AB\e Mpt on
lhe Massachusetts legislature iu con-1 lures are being te*�� ���.
nectlon   with   charges  of  bribery    re- Uie by -he war department
cently  made over the defeat of the  lnK'��"' ,rei,  ,>u,turm  have al-
anli-bucket shop  bill  In  the houae of j    s,.vera ^    ^^  ^    ^    d)fferent
representatives, I,   ._,i__- ���n,i an order sent for three
Already summonses ^^ZPZs ��"hat a complete panoramic
ed foi  75 members   of   the   *en��ra' p)ctHre of th(, dty can be had.
MUR3ER OF "jflbiilJA"
Enemies of  Holy   Roller Prophet Will
Present M   ohell  With Gold
Seattle. May I- ���George Mitchell,
the slayer of Frail Edmund Creffleld.
the self-styled "Jo. hua," leader of the
band of fanatics calling themselves
the "Holj Hollers, is to be presented
with a band- inudy engraved gold
,,, dal as a reward for shooting to
dealh Creffleld on First avenue yes-
,erday morning. When the medal i
]ir.���seated Mitchell probably will bc
the os_y man in the country who has
has Iks* so honored for a murder.
The donors are to be a committee
of respectable citizens of Corvallis,
Oregon, where Creffleld and his band
created SO much excitement and indignation three years ago. ' The man
who brought the word to Seattle that
the gold medal is forthcoming is O
V. Hurt, a Corvallis resident, and the
father of Maude Hurt Creffleld, the
ibad "prophet's" widow.
Hurt arrived in Seattle this morn
ing, and lo officers whom be .saw nt
Ihe depot lie announced that he had
come- here for the purpose of taking
rare of his daughter, bul mainly to
jnake arrangements for the defense
of George Mitchell, who has been removed l��� the county jail lo await
trial on the charge of first degree mur-
Joy   Greets   Death   News.
(). V. Hurl  declares that, as soon as
the new- reached Corvallis thai Creffleld had been killed by Mitch .: a
committee of citizens al once started
a subscription for the purpose of raising money to presenl Mitchell with
a medal and to hire a good criminal
lawyer to defend him.
"Mitchell's   friends,  or   more  especially the good  citizens who were opposed to Creffield's immoral teachings,
will go iln- the limit of their resources
to defend the young man," said Hurl.
"We  do  not  propose,  if  il   is  in  our
power   ��� i   prevent,   to  have   Mitchell
punished   for  an  act  which  deserves
commendation.    It   would  havo  been'
belter hnd Ihat  fraud's life been end-:
ed lnig ago.    There would have been
fewer unhappy families in Corvallis." j
1 Im-i    ays that the minute the news
of Creffield's death  reached the Ore- j
g���n town that it spread like wildfire
and that there was universal joy. For
weeks   persons  In  Corvallis  who had I
been    disgraced through the influence
that Creffleld had on members of their
families,  bad  been   searching  for  the
Holy Roller leader. He had been
driven from one town to another and
fnr a month lynching was threatened.
It was generally believed that il was
only a question of time until some
citizen feeling the outrage thai bad
been    perpetrated upon    him, would
lake   lhe   law   Into   his  own   hands.
Others Sought Fanatic's Life.
"Mitchell's well-aimed shot spared
dthers the trouble of sending Creffleld t��� an eternity thai he deserved,"
said   Hun   In   substance.
Hurt's entire family al one time
was under the spell of ibis religious
fanatic. It was at Hurl's home in Cor
vallis that some of the disgraceful
scenes of the Holy Rollers were enacted. Hun himself was once under
ihe influence, bul it didn't take him
long to throw It off and since then he
has been one of Crettield's mosi pronounced enemies.
Burnt  Offerings.
At one time during the orgies of
the Holy Rollers, all the furniture in
the Hurt house wa.s piled in a heap
in the front yard and set on lire by
Creffleld, who announced thai it was
a burnt offering to God; that religious
people had no right to have furniture
for furniture was a luxury. At another
time live cats and dogs were offered
up in the fires while Creffleld went
through his incantations and worked
himself and his followers into a frenzy
of emotion.
A short lime prior to tho date Ihat
ihe Corvallis people captured Creffleld and tarred and feathered him, be
sucoeded in inducing Maude Hurt, O.
V. Hurt's daughter, to marry him.
Creffleld hid in the woods after he
was tarred and under cover of the
nighl returned to Ibe Hurt house
where he crawled beneath the floor
and remained a week, where be was
fed   by  Mrs.  Creffleld.
Sent  to  Prison.
Later Creffleld .sough, refuge in the
house of B, E. Starr al Portland. During his slay there Ihe husband of
Mrs. Starr filed a charge against him
that led to his sentence of two years
iu ihe penitentiary. Mrs. Creffleld
in the mean,in,.' had become insane
and was senl to an asylum aboul
the same iim.- that  Creffleld went  to
Salem prison. Mrs. Starr is a sister
of Qeoorge Mitchell, the slayer.
.Mitchell also claims thai Creffleld enticed his younger sister Esther into
the ranks of lbe Holly Rollers and
disgraced ber for life. For these iwo
nels   .Mitchell   swore   revenge.
After a lime Mrs. Creffleld was dis-
livery." Tbe letters had been removed from the envelopes. They
came trom Albany, Waldporl ami
other towns in Oregon, and it is be-
I,,,,., thai Creffleld used ihe name
��� ���]���:. Sandel" to throw followers off his
track.    It is supposed the letters were
from  the  few  followers of bis creed
charged from the insane asylum. Shel which he bad gathered together after
returned   to   ber   home   In   Corvallis.   llis relase Iron, prison,
and while away from the influence of Mysterious  Note.
Creffleld   appeared   to   improve.   Cref- wj|ho|i|     )laIf,   .,���,,
field  was Anally released  fro,,, prison ^ ^ ag
and after a short time again got mio, *"'
who  lollows:
"I  arrived  in Seattle this  morning.
I Father senl  me to be the connecting  The  ship  is now more than seventy
. ���nK between vou aud Jim. Wlthoul n ays ���,���  from  Mororan for Sun I'ran-
;'"",W::S  '""   vou  would cut yourself loose and Jim I CISCO, and the owners have given her
married  to Creffleld here April ...        1^  ^   ^     ^  ^^  ^ Meii
Too Look After Daughter. ,_ An.anv. Satan was there rebuked
0. V. Hurl has little to say about Mes1 me on the corner of Frederick
his daughter. Creffield's widow, other _. Nelson's. "DKBR1AH."
than that he would see that she is well' The coroner's offlce, which has the
tak.n care of. Mitchell is In the letter, has no, determined the mean-
county jail, and at the advice of his |ng ���f the cut. tils. Who Jim is and
counsel, will Morris, has refrained wh��� the person is who signed the
since yesterday from making any pub note are not known.
communication    with his wife,
had   in   the   meantime   secured   a   di-|
vorce.    She  came  lo Sea,He to  live
with  her brother F;
Well   Known   Pacific  Coast   Vessel   Is
Long  Overdue From  the
Seattle, May 8.- All hopes tor the
long overdue steamship C,Milennial
l,,,ve been given up, and it Is likely
thai the vessel has been lost in a
storm on the Pacific with all  hands.
up as lost.
No vessel on the Pacific coast was
better    known   than  the Centennial.
The vessel had been in the Alaska
and California trade for many years
and was considered one of the Staunch-
est vessels coming into this port.
After the Centennial bad been out
aboul a month it was the opinion
Of steamship men lhal .she had broken
I down at sea ami was coming in under
Noted   Scout  Dies  on   Train. ^     ���   |l;|S   |mw   |)ri.n   (W()   mmQlH
El Paso, Texas, May S.���Col. Frank   since th,   Centennial  was reported as
in   scon,    leaving   Mororan,   and   shippers   have
eve,>   reason  to b, lieve thai  ihe old
!ship has sunk.
terday on a train eaBtbound from Los      ....     ,, , , ,  ,      ,
Ihe  (enteniilal   was  owned   by   the
operated  as a  blockade nmr
was captured by the ,lapa,���. , .
thai tin,,, the war ended ,
vessel   was  released.
Al,hough  the Centennial   .
seven years old she had _ goo   ',
and   was  considered    -    . ,  ,1V
a time ll was thoughi that the c���"
tennlal would show  , _u
'""���' 1,m ""' '���'*' vestige of 1,  ,;'
disappeared   and   the   rate  of rein
ance is above 60 per c, nt.   The Ce
tennlal was built bj is;,;, and waa "
fee,   in    length  and    thirty ���;,,. ,"u
wide, will, a depth of hold ol
feet.   The Centennial had a |II1W ;j|/
a   sailing   vessel   and   could  easily k,
distinguished from other steamers . i
similar type coming Into thla port
The ship was in command nl Ct
lie statements. Mrs. Creffleld is at
the home of the p,.:.11 matron, nnd
she, too. refuses to talk today, saying
thai she has been a Ivlsed by "i"
prosecuting allorn.'. to say no more.
Jusl what will ' done with the
body of Creffleld It- not bee,, decided. When killed he had $21 in ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
money and a watch. 1' Is probable Angeles. Ills body was taken from | Charles Nelson company of San Fran
thai   this  money  will  be  given  to his   the   train   here   nnd   an   inquest   was
I).   Powell
known   as
the  famous  India
While   Ik-aver,   died   yes-
widow nnd  lhe body -laid  awny a;   'ie
expense of I u.- counl.
Among the effects found in 'he
clothing of Creffleld after be was shot
ware several envelopes addressed "IC.
Sandel,    Seattle,  Wash.,    General Ik-  several years.
held, a verdicl of death from bear!
disease being found. Col, Powell had
b, en in charge of Col. William !���'.
Cody's  Interes s  at  Cody,   Wyo.,   for
clsco and before going to the Orlenl
w.. engaged In the coasting trade
between Beattle nnd San Francisco,
Sl,.. was bringing a cargo of .sulphur
from Japan for the Bameson-Hlbbard
company, in,ring the war between
Japan  and    Russia  the  vessel    was
Fruit Prospects Good.
San Francisco, May i, Tn,
peotl nre good for large frull shipments lo the east during the loasoi
which has jus, opened pu\\y T(|IM
cars of green frull nml grapes wi;
I e sen, .-as, of lhe Rod Mi, mi ,., .
before ihe season elos,-. nexl tall. This
volume of business will mean bei *...
$10,000,000    and    $12,000,    .��� .,,.,
California orchardlsts.
The    cherry  crop    throughout dr
stale   i,   splendid   and   shl| .'
iiow  going forward rapl I
pear ami appl.- crop    pi ���
;, iei,is, particular^ ol app -    ind |,.;t-
Crapes  give   promise  ,,:    ,
Aprieo,s  nu.l   plum     lo no   proml ���
so  well.    Whal   la  losi ..
I... more than made a;.. said, nu
.  'lee. i and gi
1PTHB"TTTf ?" -'?fr^',"i'TrTr*rjTOl1t'"- ���"*' ���" ���-" ��� ���r''HTi'iHT ^rriifflmWBTiTTffi^^
Polish Your Furniture
wiili Johnson's Prepared Wax. Tt preserves and brings out natural boauty of
tho wood. It produees a rich, artistic
finish, lo which illrt and dust will not
udliere Jusl try it aud you will sue how
tuuoh belter it is limn any other polish.
Prepared Wax
is"A t'ouipleio Finish and Polish tor All
Wood." Use It on your Hoot's and woodwork. Loo. Johnson's Powdered Wax is
foi nil dancing Hool -.
You can tret JohnsouVfree book, "The
Pr 'i' r Treatment for Floors. Woodwork
ami Fl milurc" andthesepreiiarauousot"
I ZL^$.uffikWMm$
We respectfully call your
attention to these Irons.
Call in and examine them.
Cool Handle.   Hot   Iron.
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in Garden Tools, Rakes,
Hoes, Spades, Shears, Lawn
Edgers, etc., at all prices.
^argent's Gem
Food Chopper is
an   ci   i...
addition  to any
kitchen,   h saves,]
time  and  1'    i
labor, and thus
economizes   the
housekeeper's time
and   strength.
With it many
attractive anil
^^^^^^^^^        appeti;;
dishes can be
made from what might be wasted
il it were not for thc (,c���i.
It chops food of all kinds���
meaLs, vegetables, fruits, bread,
crackers, etc. It Hoes not mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, but iln""
the lood as you want It���fine, coarse
or medium. Easy to operate, self'
sharpening. No kitchen complete
without it.
$10 to
i, re, ognise'd as
the only satisfactory paint in
use today and
stands alone for
Dili-ability and Lasting
Builders' Hardware
Loggers Supplies
Mill Supplies
Camp Outfits
Blacksmiths'  Materials
r'"   - 5*^
' ���     "'���   V' "*^\
M !��� ."���,-'���'   ��        ^1
��� ���l'C*5V
;./ 'M.V! '.a
TUT    '     "-ee.
from $4.50
To $10.00
Carpenters' Tools
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Fishermen's Supplies
will make your
floors the verj
glossiest, No
carpel - required
where CHIJAP
i.s used.
Our Customers Know
lis Value. WEDNESDAY, MAY 9, 1906.
K_v_*_M_��*.i mma nmsrwwta ���juatsos^gir&sisaan
wiiiiii'iihiwwhwiiiiiiiiiiii'iiim n tin an
HRE Ai m
i .iSwez-xsmmQii.,:
��� ���
hat Abo
We are the real estate agents who can give you a selection of the choicest property the market affords.   When buying real
estate of any kind one naturally looks for the largest returns.     We have investments that show 12 per cent
interest.     How does that please you ?    A few minutes chat with us will convince you of
many investments worthy of your most careful consideration.
No. 1 Buy.
85 acres of good Delta land, 20 acres in crop, 20 in
pasture.     Good   house and outbuildings.
Fine water.     Half mile from railroad,
school, church, postoffice and store.
Price, $3000.
No. 2 Buy.
453 acres, 250 acres prairie, 203 acres upland,
50 acres of which is under cultivation. Barn,
room for 100 head of cattle and 14 head of horses.
Ten roomed house, large oarchard and a quantity of small fruits. Excellent water. Wharf
on property.
Price $16,000, $7,000 Cash, Balance 5 Per Cent.
No. 3 Buy.
80 acres on the proposed Port Moody tram line.
Lying on both sides of the road.    30 acres
slashed and burnt.    A splendid property to split into small holdings. A
chance to make money.
$30 an Acre
List Your Properity With Us J
No. 4 Buy
40 acres fronting on Fraser river, close to city of New
Westminster. Deep water. No. 1 location for industry
or wharf. Railroad runs through property. A golden
opportunity for the investor. Cannot help but increase in value.   Price Only $75.00 an Acre.
No. 5 Buy
24 acres. 1 1-2 strawberries. 100 fruit trees bearing. Large quantity of
black currants and raspberries. Lots of rhubarb. 5 roomed house. Excellent
water. Woodshed. Chicken Houses. Large Barn. 1 1-2 mile from school,
church, store and P.O.
PRICE $2,400.    TERMS.
Buyers Attention!   Read This!
Six Roomed House With One
Acre of Land, All in
Fruit.    Only
$ 1 ,000
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2 Five Acre Blocks close to City Limits.
Good Land, Al soil. We have only just
secured instructions to sell. Inquire into
this at once and double your money in six
months.   Price
$1 OO an Acre
Tor Rent!
Eight Roomed House.    Centrally located, for
$14 a Month
If you call at our office we will show you over.
ces 278 Columbia Street
:: ���v..',
-s >_t
* f.'a
Published by  The Daily News Publishing   Company,   Limited,   at   their
offices   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front
Streets, New Westminster, B. C.
Editor   and   "j  ..Edward   D.   Sawyer
character; and. ll Is said thai thousands ,,f homesteads will be re opened for settlement ns .1 result.
Advertising Rates.
Mr. James Colthursl Godwin, iron
merchant, of Bristol, who was lord
mayor of thai city in 1890, was found
Transient   dis lay   advertising,   10  sn��t  !l1   Clevedon.    He  retired  from
cents per line (i mpariel) 12 lines to   the town council 1, few weeks ago on
tbo  Inch.      Five   cents   per  Hue   for
subsequent inseri ions.
Reading notice- . bold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonparlel, 10
cents per line.
account of ill health. His condition
was jusl as usual on the morning of
the suicide, hut in the evening liis
daughter, on entering a room at the
For   time   contracts,   special   posi-   top   of   the   house,   found   her   father
Cons, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one rem per
word. No advertisement taken for
lesj than 25 cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine ad
vertisements   inserted   at   rate  of  50
cents per inch per issue (display) or if
.lead, wiih n six-chambered revolver
by liis side, three chambers being
Two   little   girls,   Alice   and   Jenny I be   used
Slavers, aged five and two, respective-1 office   'exchange'   for  slumps   in   all
ly, were the victims of a hidden dan- countries, so that when a British 2V4d
ger  al   New   Lambton,   Durham.  The stamp  is  presented  at  a post  office,
vocates   of   all   postal   reforms,   wrote
a letter Uie other day 10 a lady correspondent who had complained because she could not send a .slump for
reply, which would be valid in Europe
and all the colonies. Mr. Heaton In
answering her, said: "The problem
has not been solved of arranging for
an international stamp, I.''cause the
currency ls not he sun,.' In every j
country. For ins,ance, a few years
ago I could buy in Korea 240 stamps
of the value there of 2%d each Tor
Bl, whereas I can only buy ninety-
six stamps (at 2V_d each) in England
for L'l sterling. In almost every easel
I would use Korean or other foreign j
stamps for all my foreign letters if
'international' stamps were allowed to
Whal   we   want   is   a   post'
reading notices, 25 cents per line per   children   were   playing   near   tho   pit- say,  In   France,  it  will  be exchanged
head on a heap of refuse when ii gave tor a French 25-centime Stamp. And
way and Ihey fell into Us bVrnlng then periodically all these stamps
center. Their cries attracted alien would be exchanged by the countries
ii������, but before help reached them concerned. I hope that at the great
Jenny was so badly burned thai she Postal Onion conference now as-
died within two hours, while h.r sister semi,led in Rome an arrangement will
new  lies  in a  serious  condition. be   arrived   at   for   the   eslablisbmen,
A curious story ���f a "ghost" is be- "f a ���clearing-house' for stamps like
Ing told at Kearsley, near Parnworth, l,'"'k"!s h;lvl' ln ,hls c0"n,ry tor
Lancashire. Smoke was seen issuing money, and we would thus ge, over
fro,,, a drawer in n dresser of ��� house ,lh' difficulty.
in  Primrose Btreet, and there was a     Mr.   William   Henry  Tiimnion.   who
smelling of burning wood. The drawer   resides   near   Tredower   farm   house,
A sharp halt bus been called to ihe. was pulled, but no fire could bc dis- near Wadebrldge, with his bro,her and
practice of the homestead blanketing covered.   On the following nighl  two sister and an aged aunt, became sud-
device by the remanding for trial of  v"""";'  ""'" ��� denly lll'��'"m"'1 recently, ���""' declared
Issue.   No deviation from this rate for
term contracts.
Business office  22
Manager's residence   251
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ont H|
Healers ln
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents lt. (J. Pottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. D
'Phone 1-b
V i*i
I     . s
f Ladies' Blouses,
| From $1.00 up to $4.00 S
like Wkite   House!
a real estate
when they saw It move forward aboul thai the Almighty had ordered him
a vani without anv human aid, and tn kill them. They sought refuge out-
given Ihe preliminary hearing at Hal- g]asa ,���.���.,n���.llls standlng on i; were side the door, whieh they .held, but
tleford, says the Winnipeg Free Tress,   thrown  to ihe  floor, Tummon broke it down with nn axe, j
The  fuels  were  gone  Into  ut  length,      April   12   was   lhe   warmesl   day  of  witn   whlon   '"'   i,ltli,':(''1   serious   in
the  Dominion lands authorities  being.'!,., year in  England and  Wales, and  Jurles on his '"""���    "" w:ls over-pow-
I'eur deaths resulted,    tl  was warmer ered   >>.'  his  brother  and  sister,  and
I than a mid-summer day.   Two i ildiei    having  been certified aa Insane, was:
died  trom the effects of the heat  ln  removed to the asylum.
a march under ordinary military con-      A ghost  which has tor some weeks
ditlons, mul thirty oiler.-, dropped oul   pasl terrorized women and children In
and  were laken ,��� I.arracks in anil.u   Little Clacton,  Essex, tell Into a trap
lances.    Two laborers were killed by   which   was  laid   tor  him.    Two  men   j
lightning   during    a severe   thunder-  laid   the  trap,    one  was  dressi l   In   j
storm that swepl over Glamorganshire,  women's clothes, and he '.value.l with   t
represented at lhe hearing, and sl
prima facie case of blanketing was
established. The defendant wtil hav,
to stand trial on a charge of obtaining
S1G0 by false pretences from the man to
whom he sold the homestead, and lias
been admitted to $1,000 bail. All who
have the    besl  interests    of Western   ,   |m||si, wag partiaUy aemolished by becoming  nervousness  along  a  quiet
Canada at hearl   will be glad to see  lightning in the midlands, road, while the other���a tall, muscular
ibis    homestead    blanketing    hold-up     William   Thompson,  a  survivor  ���! man���concealed himself aeai
gam,- pul u stop to, The departmenl    he famous charge of Balaclava, has The  "ghost"  duly appeared,  and   the
,���. ,���.���.   jus,  been found ai  Sutton-ln-Ashfield,  lestrlan,    playing   his   pari     well,
Nottinghamshire,  and   the  war offlce screamed like a woman and ran. The
al""1'-;""'     has forwarded him   ��3 8s 6d��� the first   "Kiost"   fitted   after  him.    Then   the
aBby otheM installment of his pension.   It is forty! other   man    came  from his    hiding'
of the interior bas taken up ,
ler  energetically.    Fake    applications
by   land  agents    as well    .
questionable "homesteaders"  wi.l,  no   ,,,.u.s since ,,,, lef)  tll(1 .u.,uv   and ne  place,  seized  the  apparition,  tore ofl
Intention of becoming farmers, whose  is now so years old. The total amount   :!"   wlli!" slleet h<> was wearlnS. -!!i '
|of the    pension he should have   ,.- be-labored hlm  with a stout  suck.
ceived is said to be more than   E500.
Thompson  states  that   for a consider- Well   Known  Lawyer Dead.
able time after joining the army his      Chicago,   Ills.,  May  9.���Edwin   Bur
pay   under   the   Duke   of   Wellington   ,.j-i   smiih.    one of the
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
'4 A. J. BIRTCH.
'21J Columbia Street :��
plan has been to sell to real settlers, j
are a swindle upon the counl ry and
upon lhe bona fide homesteader. The
Dominion authorities are malting a
searching Inv, Jtlgatlon of the homestead enl ri ' of the pasl rwo years
with a view io cancelling those of this
best   known
was one penny a day and two meals,   ..,���,   , :     in  Chicago, died  early  today
Mr. .lohn Henniker  Heaton,  M.  P.,   following an Illness extending over   a
one of tho most energetic English ad    .
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12.
New Westminster.
-    -    -   Every Day in the Year -   -
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
"The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed Information, rates, . tc., call on, -
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
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The Paper for Local Industries
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For Rates Apply Office, Cor. 6th and Front Sts. WEDNESDAY. MAY 9, 1906.
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It's easily attached to old couplings I no 'iose,
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Swivels;       Will not leak,       Will not wear out,
Cannot loose the washer,       Will not let the hose twist or kink,
Can have won, washers quickly replaced.
Will not wet hirn when uncoupling with water Bowing,
Is made tight by the water pressure acting on thin lip of washer.
H. T. Kirk,
Hardware  and  Tinsmithing.
We carry all the Leading Brands of
Toilet and Laundry
The City Grocery,
Telephone 97.       ...
Phone 13S for Ice Cream. *
C. I.inils. ih was a paBsenger on tbe
Rithel this afternoon to Ladner.
M. McCarty of Vancouver lefl on the
Bteamer Transfer for Porl Haney this
morning on business.
lee Cream the purest at the Westminster Creamery. ���
���I. it. Waiie left this morning <���, the
Transfer tor Porl Haney ,,, visit Mr.
yyharton of the Ewon ranch.
Leave your orders for Ice Cream a
tl���, Creamery. *
���u Terra Nova came n lhis morii-
Pearle, C. Helmer, F, I ilchon, .Mrs.
Head, Miss Boyd, -M. Cousins, .). Jordan, -Miss Muriinvoli, li, I.. Kirkland,
and J. Whitesides ft", i Ladner,
The applications of W W. Sharps
and T. II. Higglnson toi permission to
make records on certain streams In
seei ion M7li-6 of the New Westminster
district, which wen- listed I be heard
today, were again postponed Until
June 30.
I). Murebie A; co., have jusl received a new adjustable post-mortem opera, ing table. The contrivance bus a
glass top and a simple raising, lower-
Finds   Several   Stolen   Articles   in   the
Possession of James
ing lowing a large scow house for the  ing and lilting device. The table came
very  day  at
next  to De
ll.  C.  Packers.
Freshly made candy
the Star Candy Factor
Crey's barber .shop. ��
A ear of furniture came in his, night
from the east for Lee's furniture emporium,
Constable .Ionian of Ladner came iu
on ,l,o Rlthet this morning will, a
young man named .lames Stenton in
charge. The young man will stand
I rial on be charge of stealing a
watch, a i.uii and sundry other articles
from It. (loudte of Ladner.
I, is understood that articles have
been missing at the house where
Stenton has made his bonie for some
time. Suspicion fell upon Slentou and
a search warrant was taken out. The
rtlcles   w.-re  found    iu  his
m Philadelphia and is one of   the  missi"K  aruc,M   wvr"
possession   and   ihe   local   magistral
lai. sr. patents of its kind.
Hammocks, Croquet Sets
Tennis Balls and Racquets,
Lacrosse Sticks and Balls,
Base  Balls,  Mits,  Gloves,  Masks,
Bats. Cricket Bats, Etc.
J. J. MACKAY, f;
Wn     _r
of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
'i ie ...ay Day celebration committee
will meel  iu the editorial rooms of Ihe
Dally News office at  8 o'clock tonight.
hi Fearless came in rrom Nanaimo
,.i    morning    with    a  scow    heavily
en with coal for .1. W. Crelghton.
I. A. Patterson lefl  on the  Rithel
for Sieves,on ibis afternoon after via
Itlng lhe city for a few days.
K. Burchlll lefi. on ihe Rithel for
Ladnei   this afternoon after spending
a   !'<:'.,   days  in  lhe city.
���I. ii. Elliot lef, ���,, ,!,.��� steam, r
RII I'���: ihis afternoon for Ladni r after
spending the morning In town on bus-
Revs. Dunham, Seymour and Wilson
lefl today tor Victoria, where ihey win
attend the meetings of the general
;.l thodlsl conference. They will return early nexl   we, k.
F.  ,luiel,on     and     ,'.   Helmer    were
passengers on the Rlthei to Port Guichon this afternoon having    penl  the  wins
in,lining in town on busln,
li. Dockesuckater left on the steamer Transfer this morning for bis home
ni Haney, after spending a shorl time
In the city.
T. Bailey of Vancouver li
Transfer    this  morning    tor  Langley
�� here he will spend a shorl tin i
Mr. and Mrs. I), c. McGillivray lefl
mi ibis morning's train tor Agassiz
where they will Bpend their honeymoon.
Mrs. Thomas Mayes, who underwent a serious operation at the Royal
(Speeches of Sh j Statesmen.) '
Whal  is there, one,  wonders in the
atmosphere of the Hon... of Commons
that    makes    even  seat oned    on   n
tremble al i be verj pro i|   i I ol ha
Ing to mak    a  speei 1, although out-
Side n    wail      an   .a
diellee    I, n     ' im. ,,     h
i remoi .   and  how  i -   i   thai  y, ai
tammaritj   seem  pow, 11, is to disarm
ii of its terror?
"Dlzzj   Is  ' be  sw. et,   t-t, mpei ��� d  ol
men," a m's    wile
once said, ' bui  he I i Itable
when ... . going . eak In the
house." John Brif i vith all his
zenith, confessed, "1 know I oughl to
be ashamed of my. i If, bul the fact
is   thai   never   rise    in    the    house
wlthoul a trembling al the k s and
a Becrel wish thai somebody else
would catch the speaker's eye and
enable  me  to  .--it   down  again."
.Macaulay   used    o       clan    thai   hi
would rather anj daj face an enemy's
than   make  a     o, ��� ch  at  Westminster, for "a ne ������        Ible audience
there  is  nol   In  the  world";   and  In
li    er to his slst, r lie wroti
.s.nt him down for trial.
The accused is now safely lodged
in the jail and if the necessary depositions are here In lime the case may
be heard in couri  tomorrow.
his notes, ami began confidently, ".Mr.
Speaker." Bul nothing followed.
An,iiu he referred to bis noles nnd
again   be   rolled   out,   "Mr.   Speaker,
sir."    Twice    ������   he  repeated   this
exordium a: ei consulting the slips of
paper In- held in hla hand. He grew
purple in 'ie [ace, looked once pathetically around, and wi'li a Well. I'm
blowed,"  sal   down  again.
liven in the placid atmosphere of
'he House ei I...ids Buch oratorical
fiascos .'ire by in. means unknown, An
amusing story is told of an Karl of
Rochester who designed t, make a
great Impression on his brother peers
hy a carefully prepared harangue, ".My
lords, be hem,,,, confidently, "my
1, nls, I rise this time���er���for ihc
Brsl line' fur the .< ry Brsl time; nnd
1 propose to divide my speech into
four branches." Here h.. paused, referred to his elaborate notes, stam-
mered, grew red and em,fused, and
then exclaimed, ".My lords, if over I
rl ���' again in ibis house you may cut
me off, root ani branch, a and all, for
We have studied every detail!
of the Carpet Business
���that is why we continue to grow and expand.     Suit,.--   i
not only on knowing what but how to buy,   Our ability ,,    * '' l"1"'"
best at lowest prices enables  us   to  give  you  niunev ' sav-imTT"  lh<'
Here are a few of them: '   ""^ Chances.
>��~. Fur bedrooms, halls, etc., we have a tine line of Jute Car     ���   f
25c per yard, 36 in, wide.    Union and wool carpets fr.,m  ..I"'1"5   lr"m
36 in. wide.    Jute squares. 3x8, for $8.60 up.    Union   T,,    ,l'"r  lhrd-
sels, Milton, Axminster, Squares at all prices.   We  ,'���,,, Tl",   y\     ru's'
you money on the goods.    Laee Curtains from $1 v. ..... ..5Lrlaln|y  "ave
per yard.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front  Streets,
Oupont  Block,
Keep Your Eye
Merc !
Do You Want To
Buy a Neat Home j
On Tram Line.     Comprising 8 City Lots, $
6 Roomed Dwelling, \\ oodshed and fruit |
trees. |
Apply 3* 1 oOO on easy terms.    ���
"I   was   surprised   to   bear     Stanley
say   thai    he     never     rose     ftithoul Tom's Wonderful Scheme,
greal    uneasiness.      .My throat    and      .Mayor "Tom" Johnson of Cleveland,
lips,'  he  Aud,  'when   I  am  going     i Hopes to give to the world a Bystem
speak, are as dry an those of a man of   rapid   transition   ilia,   will   revolu-
who   is  going  to   be   hanged."    Mr. tlonize all present means of travel and
Gladstone    ,o   the   last  day   of    bis make  possible  a  night by  rail  Irom
parllamentarj   life never got over his Cleveland  to. San Francisco in Seven
"stage-fright," and used to say that he hours.    .Mayor Johnson  has  Invent   I
often  fel; tempted to run away when a   mo,or and Is  still  working on his
the time for one of his great .speeches plans.    The car i.s bulll  to run on  an
drew near. overhead track.
And    yet   In   all  thi      cases    the      ai   the    highest rate of speed    of
Columbian hospital j-esterday still re- frlghl va���j.s|K,i n\{l. magtc before the which the motor is capable fhe wheels
mains in a critical condition at  thai s,,, .,���,.,. h.ui delivered himself of the would fly to pieces.    Here shoes take
i"s,i!u,i""- firsl i.\v sentences, and not a trace of their  place.    Powerful  magnets take
Th.. Japanese   bunk house   recently aervousness    ur    confusion was    per- up  the  welghl   of  the ear and  mint
I for ib. employees of ihe Royal cepiibie. mize the friction of the shoes on the
City mills is now completed and the Bul if these are fiie anticipatory sen- rails.
tenants  have  taken   possession.    The satlons of great and practised speak- From  Cleveland  to Chicago,  a  ,lis-
bullding is large and roomy and has ers, what musi be the feelings of thejtance of 342 miles the trip that now
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.    Telephone 40.   P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
*        _     _ _, ��� ���
���Our Knowledge
member who rises for the first time
in face "the mosl chilling and nerve-
Shattering audience in the world,"
and how greal must be the self-pos-
lily yesterday Iron, lhe While Horse, session of new members, who. as we
':. the Yukon district, where be bad have seen within the last lew weeks.
ii. .ii visiting for a lew months.
been painted red.
A. W. Hawkins lefl ibis morning
mi lhe Transfer for his home al .Ml.
Lehman,  .Mr.  Hawkins  arrived  in the
takes eight hours and more would be
made in fifty-three minutes. Stops a,
slations would have to be automat ie.
���.New York Herald.
address the house tor an hour or more
Us Not for Sa
Tomorrow afternoon a private con
as   coolly  and  composedly,  to  all  ap-
Brmation service wlll be conducted at Pearance,  as if they  were gossiping
We don't charge extra ior it. Our contracts ���
show that we are masters, thorough in every ���
detail   of work,  workmanship and material. *
See us before you
your work.
Not on Top, But Still in.the Ring.
House Cleaning Time
La in.',' by llis Lordship Bishop Dart,
to be followed by a public confirmation service In the evening, concluding with a shorl sermon by the bishop.
War! DeBeck, the Indian Agent al
Alert Bay. has resigned bis position,
and will again come south to take up
bis reside,,,... in Vancouver, says the
News-Advertiser. The reasons for Mr.
Delleek's resignation have no, yet
been giv.n to the public.
Magistrate Corbould has now almost completely recovered from liis;
recent indisposition and was presenl
al the police court this morning for
the lirst tune since Friday. There
were no cases to occupy his alien,ion.
over a cigar in lhe sjuoking-room.
One    can    sympathize    with   that
member the   Lord   Guilford   of  later
years���who '.bus described bis first
and last oratorical effort in the commons: "I br ught out two or thr, e
sentences," he said, "when a mist
seemed to rise before my eyes. I then
lost my recollection, and could see
nothing but the speaker's wig, which
swelled and swelled until it covered
the whole hous.. 1 then sunk back on
���,y seat, and never attempted another
More disastrous still was the expe
nence of Mr. Gibson Craig, who was
deputed lo second the address in reply to ibe speech from the throne in
Minister Assassinated.
Washington, D. C, May ll���The Nlc-
aiaguan minister here today received
a cablegram slating that Aldolfo Alta-
mlrano, the Nlcaragurin minister for
foreign affairs bad  been assassinated.
Alaska Fishery Bill Posses.
Washington. May S.���The house yesterday passed lb,- bill for the protection and regulation of the fisheries of
Alaska after amending il by laking
from the secretary of commerce and
labor the power to make rules and
regulations which niny he made the
basis of criminal prosecution.
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
Ornamental trees and shrubs in great variety, evergreen and golden from 2 to 6 feet. Roses, paeonies, rhododendrons, privet, evergreen, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.
D. M. Robertson & Sons
Tynehead  Nurseries.
>���' And you may possibly need a carpet.    We have   the  greatest  range  of
[���| them anil can guarantee to save you money and   (five  you   better  satis-
>J faction than you can get in any other place.     For instance, a good hotly
;���' i;   .   els. paper for underneath, sewed and laid for one dollar a yard up.
g Old carpets taken up, cleaned and relayed  for  ten cents a yard.    We
,$ ha',,, the largest stock and the Finest show rooms and the   finest   prices.
V Come an,I see us.    It will pay you to see our stock before   placing  your
,���! Order els..where.
716 and 71S Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.
"Have you seen Professor Oabbleton, I
the scientist, lately?"
"Yes; I listened to hlm for more than i
an hour at the club lust night."
"Indeed!      What    was    he    talking
��� bout?"
'He didn'l say."���Puck.
Largest  Stock  In  the  City.
Mounted     In   any   Style    you   Desire.
Come and  Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler,     -     Columbia St.
The new brick safe for lhe office of  Queen    Victoria's    lirsi       parliament.
ihe Royal City Mills   is   now   abou,   "Oibsotf Craig," Disraeli wrote to his
complete and  in addition to the safe sister,   "of    who,,,   the    Whigs   had!
an  extension,  the width of the safe, hopes, rose,  Btared  like a stuck pig.
has been made lo the rear end of the ___ said nothing. His friends cheered;1 a Si.<1  Feature.
i,Hi,.., which bas added materially to i���. stammered;  all cheered;  then he     Jack���Engagement is off, eh?   Has
the ofiice accommodation. sat    down���and   that  was his   per-1 she aont him back the ring?   Tom���
The steam �����g Stranger came in this formance."
morning with a boom of lumber from'.    Addison's one and only speech in tha
Hen   Roberts'   camp  across   the  liver '��� commons never got beyond four word-.i
lor lbe 10, ber,  Box factory.  Yesterday   in  spile  of ihree gallant  attempts lo
the Stranger  brough,   In  three booms  continue.     ".Mr.   Speaker."   he  bogan,
from  l'iu  lake for the Small ii. Buck-  "I conceive  "   Here he paused and
Uu  mnis. looked   helplessly   around   Mm.    ''Mt!
F.  I,. Hacking, .he well known pho-  Speaker,   I   conceive,"  he  repeated  !n
lograpber.    lefl    this   city    yesterday lo^er   tones,   as   if   to  give  himself
on    a    combined   pleasure   and   busi-  ^ ���?uired  confidence.    Once again
ness   trip   to   Montreal,   Toronto   and >  came  to  a   mil   . i-m
Chi,ago.   Mr.   Hacking  expects  to  re-,   P98*
turn during the firSI week In June, and   conceive"
during   his   absence   Mr.   lloxall   will   lh""''   lu'
be in el,ai::e of the studio.
II. SyiiHOck  arrived yesterday from'
I Vancouver and  registered at the Cos-|
mopolltan,   Mr. Syhcook Is Interested
Til   louder,
-and   then,
colli,,' 9d
,' to re-
Mr.   Speak,,.   I
unable to oon-
llmply    on   his
No; that's what's bothering lilm.    He
' owes money on that ring.���New  York
i ��,-.,*. _______.__���._���_���
j Nrmr.L.
Nemesis is lame, hut sho ls of eolos-
1 lhl stature, and sometimes, while her
sword is not yet unsheathed, she'
stretches out her huge left arm nnd
groups her victim. The mighty band Is
! Invisible, but: the victim totters under
the dire clutch���George EUot.
Thrust  I'pon  Hlm.
"How did stupid old Horesome ever
get n reputation for wit?"
"He wns once interviewed by a brilliant young reporter." ���Minneapolis
We beg to notify our friends and the public generally that we
have engaged Mr. D. McFadden, who has been our iceman for the past
two years, to deliver Ice for us again this season. Unless the weather
is very unfavorable you may expect, a call  from Mm about the first
of the month, when any orders you have 1 n pleased to place with
him you may rest ussurred will be promptly carried out.
The B.C. Packers Association
Plume 156     New Westminster,BC
This Is
NINE ACRES on the River Komi with 880
feet water front - l-_ acres cleared.
First class fruit Intnl. Good water on
property, and Al Soil Small bouse partly built.'    $1600 with $1000 cash.
CENTRAL PARK Six acres, lirst class
land, good house and outbuildings and
close to tram. To a prompt buyer this
can be got at   a  good  figure.    Enquire
for price.
McLeod, Mark & Co.,
Real I'state,  Fire S Life Insurance
Tel. 273.      Near Tram Offiee
In   the   boat   building    industry,    and
With      is part ner,    Mr.    Blaine,    will
shortly commence work on a new tug
Which Ihey are going lo build for Service on lbe Fraser river.
The   employees  of  lbe   water  works
department   hnve jus,   completed the
work of creel Ing a  new  water pipe in
front   of  the   Ilraekman Ker  wharf  for
Mr.  .lames    Joluison,    an    Old-time  _ __���
member  for SpndWloh, was less forlu- j
nate   Ihai,   the   great   essayist,   for   he t NEW    ADVERTISEMENTS
never     Uttered   a   single     Word,     He
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers ot
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
w.nl   lo tha house primed  with  what
was,  ,,���  doubt,  an  excellent speoh,
which be had committed t�� memory
nml rehearsed much lo his satisfaction, Bul when at last he gol on his
legs, memory and speech alike failed
hlm, Several tlines he made a brave
and pnlhelic effort to begin, hut not
a sound would come and in despair
lhe purpose of lining the city *troot;���e reBllm(Hl Mg Boat ..The house,"
sprinklers.    This will  enable the mn-  ho mM a(t(,rwar,lS, "has lost one of
the  finest    speeches  ever    heard  at
Wanted���Dry   goods  salesman,
D. Grossman.
chine to sprinkle farther east on Front
streel Ulan It hns been doing in the
Tbe Bteamer Rithel arrived this
morning rrom down river towns and
landings with n small cargo of freight
and the following passengers: Mrs.
Paul,    M.  Smith,   C. M. Aterill,    N*.
Equally futile and more amusing
wns tho first.effort of a worthy alder-
mnn who snt some years ago for a
north-country borough. This gentleman ai'use, f��t and pompous, carefully   adjusted  his  ]J|iee-ne_1'.'J��innred  at
To Let���Six roomed house on Royal
avenue, nenr Fourth, J10. Apply to
.). M. McDonald, 4:U Agnes street.
Wanted���Situation as chambermaid or
for housework. W. E. Cliannnn
Brownvllle, City P. O.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to tho 14th Inst., for
the position of driver at No. 1 Flre
J. h/watson,
Chief Flre  Department.
City Sail, May 8,1306.
Mutual  Life Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount ot follcies now in for ce exceeds..  ��� ���' t.        n ouo.tnm.06
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeai.....   .
This is a company or po.icy-ho.ders, by pCcy-noUers. ,or po.tcy
h0lderB- ���, nt Assurance for the beast
OUR MUT'l'Ui    Tne largest amount of Assuran
Possible Outlay. 	
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, 8. C. 'Phone 85.
Tf I'
��� 4 **********************  ,in,s ,��� favor the Dane, on account of
* _ ��� his  previous vrtn  over  the  Mexican,
* SPOrtlli'a  a|6WS *   ���'"'       """" 1"1 remembered thai ihe
* ���  margin was a narrow one in the Brsl
* and  Comment. *   encounter, and that Herrara was never
* ���  Buch  good condiUon    as al    present
 4    In fact, i, is said thai only In the past
Cricket Meeting. tcw nl,,���,),�� has h,  evei taken a train-
Considerahle Interest is being mani-  ing  schedule  serlou
tested   In   the   meeting  to   be   held  in	
St.     George's     hall     tomorrow    even- Attell   and   Herman.
lng, the objei'i of which is to organize
a club for tbe coining seas,,,,. Both the  _
Victoria  and  Vancouver elevens have
announced  their  intention  of  playing
the N.-w Westminster team If suitable
dates can  be arranged.
��� .   WM idtim   Tt-,-M!T  c.   M,nr MMMK     UNION  LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
MAKES BUDGET SPEECH ��ffg���� |;   ^^fSf/s
corner  Clarjcson and   Lorne streets,      each.   . at 8 odock;pm..In
Opposition   Criticism   Is   Brief and   Es
timates  Pass Practically As
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 445 (.ran-
vilio street.   .1 iseph Martin, K. C	
\v. Weait, v. (i. McQuai ;���', H. A.
Bourne. Mr. Martin wiK he iu the
West minster offices every Friday afternoon
the Ma-..nie Temple. Sojourning
brethr, u are cordially Invited to attend, in. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
Edmonton,   Maj   8.    Yesterday   was
en called I '  legislature. The
Abandon  Brockton Point.
The     Vancouver       Lucia,
which   lias   made   its  head,pun
the Brockton  Poinl  grounds  lur many   j.
blj   su^e, sted  by  ihe  very
Int, resting bout  thai  the boys pu up
occasion  ol  ihe  l-,i.-  Angeles
i.e.,. rn tor theli  'Frisco brethren. The
two  will  meel   at   128  pounds,  which
1 will have something
I've or six  pounds  the worst  of
i he can easily do  122.    In these
OWAY, REID .<;���   BOWES,  Barristers,   soli, Itors,   ,  '..    12    l-"rne
street,   opposite   Coi rt    House,   New
Brsl   provincial  esti-i Westminster.    1. !!��� Bi '-'���'��� '������ !'��� ��- Dox
I, 'I'll,   premier made   "' ���
livered  au
p   g   ',   m.   Regular  communlca
tions of ibis lodge are h ' I on tl
,,,!  Tuesday  i'i ' " ]l  '" l""1 ih
M , onlc Temple, al  8 p. m.    Vi
jlr. pe  cordlallj   Invited
|r,     tend.    D. \V. Gilchrist, See.
years past, lias practically decided to  daya  ���,   haggling   over
aba,,don the grounds situated In Stan    tween   the   little   fellows
the budg, " - ch and did not wa
any linie on Bowi rs of rhetoric, bul
hi Id himself simply to facts and figures, giving clearl he financial situation of the provinc,. and , xplalning
the purpose ot the appropriations as
WHITESIDE fi EDMONDS, Barristers ami solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia stn t, New Westminster.
W. .1. Whiteside, II. 1- Edmonds.
pound   be
ihis   looks  he  won(   along.  He  was  followed  by
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian  Bank ol Commerce build-
Columbia  -'ie.!. opposite  post-
H. b. K. of I., meets second and
fourih Friday of each month, at s
p.   pi.,   in   (Iran-','  ball,   corner  of
Roj al avenue ami .lohn street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially Invited to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;    E. B. Matthias, Reg.
ley  Park, and the lean, will play   at  lik��� ��� burs, ,,,��� generositj on the pari  Conservative members, who criticized   Jjj^-jj-- NNl...���   ,,,,,,-.   Money to
U. creation  Park  this .season.
The grounds question has occupied |,is repUted
the attention of the officials ���f   the
club  for  some  lime  pasl.  bin   according   to  those   who  are    on   the inside
track,    an  amicable    settlement    has
been  arrived  at   by  the  lacross..  men.
Karly   in   the     season     lbe   Brockton
Point   association    decided    thai   the
financial  arrangement    with  the  Lacrosse club  which  prevailed  lasi  year.
viz..  7,1  per  con,,  to  the  club  and  30
per cent, to the association was altogether too unreasonable, and ,1,.. concensus of opinion    was  that    the lacrosse    men    were    not    considerate
enough   in   their   demands.   The  question  was debated  at  a  recent   meeting
Ot  the   Brockton  Point  board,  and  ii
was decided  to inform the  Lacrosse
club that only a CO and  40  per cut.
basis  would   be  considered.   This was
done, but  the  Lacrosse club deferred
action in the matter. The officials of
Recreation   park   then   submitted     an
offer to the Lacrosse club which was
00  per cent, of the gross  receipts to
the club and 40 per cent, to lhe park.
Yesterday afternoon a conference took
place between  representatives of    the
Lacrosse  club   and   Recreation   pari.
f tlie little fellow thai   will lake all   the budgel  only briefly, and in lining   loan.
so held ihen.-, ',,,'- almosl entirely to
comment on tl e (acl that ihe govern-
n . at, in  :r ���  t.i   ni appropriation of
.mil  fi  tor roi       .rails ami bridges,
cleverness   In   OVerC ","'.
,,:   course  a  defeal   I'm'  him,  ai   Herman's  bands will  nol    an much of
,     ��� ' hack, as  he  will   Mill   retain   lhe
featherweighl      championship
probably will receive an even spill of did nol specifj  where ihe monej  was
the   purs...  anyway,    The  affair   will   to be obtained. The del,me was brief
probably turn out io be a very pretty  and ihe estimates were ado d prac-
exhibition   of  the   line   points  of the  tlcally  as  submitted.    The  total    ap-
ml  honors even, with little nr  propriatlons by ihe governmenl to dene  damage  .lone  at   ihe  end  of  Hie  fray Uie expens
twentieth  round.
GEORGE E. MARTIN. Barrister nnd
Solicitor, Guichon i,i,,ci<, Columbia and McKenzle streets, New Westminster, B. C.
LOYAL   ORANGE   LODGE,   NO.   1150
Meets In Orange ball first and
third Friday in each month at 8 p.
in. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend. E. E. Matthias,
W, M.; .1. Humphries, Roc-Sec.
ihe   year   en.ling   December   31,
were $1,968,081.67.
. n	
Best   Animal   Tamer     Tells
Lightning   Hits   Big  Toe.
St.   Louis,     May   S.���Steve    Pacey
wus struck  by lighl ning and his left
fool   was   so   badly   injured   that   the
"There is i osslblllty of training  bIg toe had  ,��� ,���.  amputated at  St.
How the  Trick   Is  Done.
Bank of
Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
CAPITAL  (All paid ui,,...J14,���i",, i
RESERVE   FUND *10,OUtl,000
animals to perform except by Ilie
greatesl devotion an.! kindness," declares "Lord" George Sanger, who is
regarded by showmen as the greatesl
of trainers, adding:
i   may  claim  io  possess  a  knowl-
Mary's infirmary. Pacey is a car repairer and live- a' 2013 Sarsfield
Place. He w;is silling ill a Shanty
besides Uie Merchants' bridge tracks.
between Bremen avenue and Angelica | acted.
Btreet, when a lightning boll struck' Branches in all the principal cities
Hi.   shanty  and  ran  down  the stove-'in   Canada,   in   London,  Eng.,   ,New
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal,  G.C.M.C!.. ..Hon   President
Hon. Sir G. A. Uruiuniond,  President
E.  S.   Clotiston.  Vice  President  and
General Manager.
General    ban king    business   trans-
O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of Ihis lodge
are held in Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every Mnn,lay ev, ning,
at S o'clock.   Visiting brethren cor-
diallv Invited ,n all,-tiil. S. .1. May,
N. G.;   \Y. C. Coatham, Rec.-Sec.
A. O.  U. W.���FRASER  LOCGE  No. 3
���Meetings the first and third Tuesday in each month, Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attei '
Lodge room, A. O. 1T. W. hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson street. ,'.
S. Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Red  Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
in K. of P. Hall, Columbia St., at
8 p. m., While Rose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday    In    each  month, same
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
llailv I NEW Dally
Leav1 WESTMINSTER   Arrive
a  Ti.;,,   Bl iiu".   lieMimi  ::'i" pm
I   | . pm ham       Hurling".!:"".pm
[ton,   M      v
[non,     Eve ett,
s ��� and
Pi    land,
l   :.. : i   Si oki ,       St. 3:00 pm
Paul     ,���'!    all
points  East,
9.20 iim \iiae,e : 13:00 pm
Woolley,     and
Rockpqt i.
aToO pm Vane,,,,'.'���>' |9:20 an,
9:36 pm 1:35 pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily  Overland  Trains���2
Spokane, si. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Ch cago, St.
1..        and all  points Ea t.
For    complete    Information,
,.a .   .   bei' h   r \ al Ion,   etc.,
call on ,,r uihli'
1'. C. GRIFFIN, Agent,
;��� _��� ol Commerce Building.
New  West miie ter, B. 0
S. G. YERKES. A. G. P. A..
Corner Second Av, uue and Columbia Si., Seattle, Wash.
idian Pacific Raii     f
rltish  Calm-hi. ~        aJM>,
British  Columbia Coasl
Service. '"'
(Subject   to cha.
I'm . ,v
Leaves Porl   i     ���
Leaves Vlcl
Arrive Seattle u
Leave Seati
Arrive Po
Arrive  Vli t,
S. S.  Pi
Leave   Vani
Leave   VlctOl
Leaves vfJol  '
and  Fridays. fl
Wednesdaj    and Sat ��� ' ���'��� n.
Calling  al    M
S'S'.',":|" leav,       "
cepl Baturdaj  and B :, "J",
Baturday 8 a, m,
Railway Company! J  J^Tt m'.'sund,
Leave,     Van
Saturday and s ,
Baturdaj 2.3(1 ; ' N"
S.  S. Queen City
L":i'"   Vlcl ai,   ii   ���, ���,'
and 20th of , 1
and waj poll
. ''"av" Victoria  10th ���f ,,������
f".   Quats  a:  i  ,
l."ave  VI, tori I h ~ ..
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves    .New    y.
��� '��   evert
Double Through Fast Train Service Daily with Dining Cars,
Sleepers and Tourist.
Atlantic Kxpress leaves at
7:25, connects with trains for
.�� ���f  pipe, tearing  Pacey i shoe and stock-   j^^J^^,^ "paS of the
ing  from  his  foot  and  burning three 1 worl(]_
thai  of any other living man.    I have
had     fifty-Six   years'     training   expe-
Seattle and Eastern Canada,
time nnd  place.    Visiting Brethren   als() vvitll    Steailiei'S   at    Foi't    ,
cordinllv     invited.       E.   11.   Stincli-   ���,.,,. ,  ���   i  T :__;j.^j    landing   between   N, A    \y
combe, Pres., II. Disney, Secretary.   William.       Imperial Limited   a,���i Chllllwack.
 leaves at 17:20.
Leaves   St, ..  ton   Mondaj   1
day,  Wednesday,   n ,ri ��
urday  7 a.  m     Fridaj
ditional   trip  Sa unlay 5 p, m.
Steamer Beaver.
Leave  New   Wesl j _ .
Mondays.   Wedm
Leave  CMlliWacll   7  a.  ;:.   ':
:i|.'i   Satrda      calllin _
and it is understood that a satlsfac- r'ence, both of domestic pels and
tory settlement was made, .lust what wild animals. 1 trained and made per-
basis was agreed upon could not be form before ,lu, pUblic, canaries, red-
ascertained last night, but il was
learned from a reliable source that
the representatives of the two bodies
wenl  carefully  in the matter and that
h ���,,,.   Savines Bank Deot.  COURT brunette, No. 4099, 1.0.f.   For rates and other particulars apply to
glanced   to   the  side   of   the   shant>.  adVingS DdllK L��Kpi.       _Meetg ^ ^^  p ^  ^ ED. GOULET,
tearing several  boards loose.
poles, goldfinches, ostriches, pelicans
and sixty cockatoos anil macaws, for
the  bird   ballet,   for  three  seasons  at
in the Westminster
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
10 the kings of the  Acquired a through  knowledge of  the
the terms offered by ihe park officials the amphltheatri
were in every way satisfactory to the Bridge road,
lacrosse men, and that the latter have ��mow ,..,,
practically decided to utilize the park
this year. A meeting of the Executive torest' a"'1 " is ,h" honest truth when  business in England with 10 years ex-
committee of  the Lacrosse club  will ''say  thai  there is no possibility of perience.   Later was 7 years manager
be held tonight, when the mailer will training animals to perform except by of the watch repairing department of
be definitely  settled, and  the officers ti���. greatest devotion and kindness.
instructed   to   draw   up   an   agreement ..V|1U   mus,             e���  aut,m]   ���,.,.,   ,0
with    the    park    officials.    Although ,     ,    ���                                               ,    tnt tlme'
,, ,       ,                ,                            ,   , the   feeding   and   watering,    secondly      ���    ,. ,       ���   .        .        .             j   ������
nothing   has   yet   been   announced   by English,    Swiss,   American   and   all
the  Mount   Pleasant   people,  il   Is  un- ,,:   the   elianiiis and   a,lending.    You   Com[,licated watches cleaned, repaired,
derstood that the Maple Leaf club will musi   associate  yourself  as  much  as made like new and adjusted.
also play all schedule matches at  Re- possible   with   the  animals   from   the
Savage,   Lyman    &    Co.,    Montreal,
Henry Birk's business manager part of
creation  park   lhis season.���News-Ad-
Colt  Sells for $45,000.
.New  York. May II���The Times says:
D,.iiiiiiid. the most talked aboul two
year old thai bas run this spring was
sold   yesterday   at   private   sale.   The
mn side of the cage at first, then gel
as ii.ar their bars as convenient, look
lie Ilon, tiger, or other animal full in
the face and talk to him a.s you would
to a man. The animals will then, in
a very shorl time, recognize the voice
Ol   iiieir  friend.
i hen.    afi.r   such    devotion,  you
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery
price paid  was not made  public, but  ,li,ls'   quietly   open   the   door   of   the
reports had  it  that     Mr.  Rainy    paid   ''''"   wnere     the  animals   are,    stand
$45,000  for  the  horse,  which,  though
he has won but a single race, and that
an   Unimportant   event,   has   been   lhe
cause of much speculation and several
efforts    to  purchase him    at a large
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. Kith  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
Fight Fake and Robbery.
Chicago, May 8.���Oscar Schroder.
., tobacco merchant, yesterday caused
lhe arresl Of Clarence E. Class, a
pugilist, whom he accuses of having
participated in a conspiracy in which
he was robbed of $10,000. Schroe-
der told the police he backed Class
in a prize tight, which In declares he
afterward learned was a take. The
un.nev. which was in a valise, dls-
;,; p, ar.d     from     the     ringside     while
s,'h'' Ur says he was endeavoring to _lepj ,n ~he .
revive   Class,   who   nud   allowed   himself to be knocked out.    ll   was taken
by  a  confederate of Class.  Schroeder
erts.    This    man    is  now    being
rcbed  for by the police.
'lass assert he will have no trouble
in proving his Innocence. According to
with your hack to the door for some
time, then quietly walk down the
length of the cage, keeping your back
close in the bars and your face t'o
the animals; return the same way
and  leave the den  backing out,
"This   should   be   repealed   as   fre-
quently    as   possible.    It    Is only  a
question    of  a   few  days,    and  these   nished.
man-eating  lions  will  recognize your Eruirrmertu
volci    and   begin   to   leap   and   bound W. E. EMERSON
with   pleasure   al   knowing  that   iheir   Residence:
kind  l'riend   is  near  them. ... ���. ,..���,���",���.,.      nr
"A lion and :, lamb wer, recently 124 Eighth St., N.W WeStmlnSter, B.C.
shipped to America to lake part in a I-
circus. George, the Hon, was bred at
mj gardens al the hall by the sea,
M irlgate, and broughl up with tbe
Inn ile. The keeper and his wife were
so attached to the young lion thai  it
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly fur-
G.  D.  Brymner,  Manager.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets $3b,;i.3,a/b.
Brnnches and correspondents ln
all the principal cities or the world.
General  banking business transacted.
H opens an account.    Interest added
talf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen    Saturday   nights   trom 8  to  9
F. B. Lyle,  Manager.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES  McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New Westminster,  B. C.
month at 8 o'clock, in the small
hall. Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially Invited to attend, -f. R. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Seen,,.]
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
at S p. m. in the Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly invited to attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
C. P. II. Agent,
N.-w Westminster,
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
at 8 o'clock p. m., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend. J. S. Bryson, S. (.'.; .1. McD.
Campbell, Sec.
S.  S. Tees.
Leave Vancouver Maj 15
Leave Vancouvei M i
Leaves Vancouver at i1 p, ra. !nj
and l,;,h of each month cal ng ti
Ski.leu.ile on lirst trip and Bella Cola or,  second trip,
Times on arrivals and departm
are approximate,
For Tickets, reservations ami _.
formation call ou or addi
General Superintendent, Victoria.
E. .1. COYLE,
Asst. Gen.  Pass   Agent, V in,   .
Gen. Agent, Freight  I	
N'.w Westminster.
Agent, N.w Westminster,
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the Firs! and    |���>tb
Third Tuesday ol every month In  hrillian
K.    of    P.  Hall.      John    McNlven
Chief; J. J. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest   and best ideas i,P.lv,, New Westminster 16.40 01b,
for   COMFORT,   CONVENIENCE. Arrive New Westminster 11.35 dalb,
and   LUXURY.     It   is   lighted   with C. P. R. MISSION BRANCR
electricity  and   gas;  the   mosl Lv. New West.. 8.30; ar. SeatUeU.Mi
illuminated   train   in   the Lv. Seattle 10; ar. New West LM
Trains & Steamers
world.      The   equipment   consists   of
private   compartment   cars,   standard
- i6  section   sleepers,   luxurious   dining
BOARD OF TRADE.���New   Westmln-   car. reclining  chair cars  (scats  free),
ster  Board  of Trade  meets  in  tlie   modem   day   coaches   and   buffet,   1,
s follows:   l,r_r��  and  smoking cars.
Board Room, City lla
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quarterly meetings on the Becond
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at S p. in.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may bo proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. E. While, Sec.
Lv. New Wes>. 10.35 an l I" 5,
Ar .N.w West 9.35 and 16.40,
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a. m.
l.v. N. w. B.20 a.m.; ar. SeatUelp*
Lv. N. W. i.:t.. p.m.; ar. Seattle 10pA
i;   was elghl  months old.    li  followed
and crie-i ror them like a child.
"I pledge my honor thai 1 have
never known animals to be trained by
the violence or brutal treatment of
the trainer. The accidents to performers have occurred through the
Schroeder,  the  prize lighl   took  place  ,���.,,-,���.������,..     1(Jea   n|.   w,|;i,     wfl   (.;||,
in   a   grove   jusl   outside   of  St.   Louis
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor
Columbia Street.
Make your
in home decoration need not be expensive. Quiet, rich colorings,
making an admirable background
for furniture and pictures, can be
bad at reasonable prices if you call
.... at ... .
Full line of English, Heoten and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always ln stock
Spring stock now  ln.
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
F. .r  Time  Tables,   Folders,  or  any
further information call on or write  Lv. Seattle 8.80 a.m.; ar. N. W. 3 p*
F.W.PARKER, Lv.SeatUe4.20p.__;ar.N.W. i��
720 Second Avenue. Seattle, Wash   Lv. N. W. I! p.m. and 9.36 p.m.
-   Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m.. and 1 p.m.
Lv.  N.   W.  U._0 a.m.;  ur. 0���hon
2.20 p.m.
l.v. Guichon 2.40 p.m ; ur- N. "'
9.35 p.m.
Mondays onlv.
Lv. .Now Wesl. 5.50 a.m.. 6.50, j
and hourlv until 11 p.m., "ith Ml-
hourly bei ween l?-,30 and 6.30 P-i
Saturday half-hourly noon lo 11 I1-11
Sunday hourly 8 a.m. In " I1-11'
with half-hourly bet, noon and " P^
Lv. Vancouver same time througn-
Fraser River and^Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frtd. >��
From  Chwk.   I'm.. Th . Sat., I a-*
From N. W. Tu., Tic Sat ! ;'"���
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri-Tim
Grand Trunk Ry.
,    Excellent Train Service Between
Northern Pacific j Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,   .
Portland, Boston,
Nelson-Herrara Battle.
Chicago. May,8.���II is definitely set-
1 , d, apparently, that, Fiesta or no
It, a, the Nelson-llirrerii battle will
come off at Los Angeles as per the
original  schedule,  May  25.    Manag, r
howing   off    thai   Is,  by   using the
whip.     Th..   public   n!.,y   resl   assured
thai all animals are like young chll-
Iren. They love those who love
Wall   Paper   Store
peun points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full Informtion call on or write
Sixth Street.
Women   Want  Police   Badges.
Thirteen women of Minneapolis may
.M,'Cany  of ihe Pacific Athletic club   present!}   be  in  a  position  to  aires:
l.as announced that, although he
stands to lose $25,000, ho will, nevertheless,  pull oft the fight.
li is to b,   earnestly hoped that Mr.
.M>, a rev's  zeal   for  the  good  of  the
iheir own husbands. They have applied to Mayor .limes for jobs as
policemen. Tiny have Btopped short
al ihe helmet and nighl-stick. All
-  ask i- the badge which shall ���n-
Synopsis   of   Canadian" Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Bell in British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any per-1
son who is the BOle head of a family,'
or any male over 18  .ears of age, to|
the extent of one-quarter  section  of, C. E. LANG, General Agent,
1G0 acres, more or less. i    430 Hastings St., Vancouver, Ii. C.
Entry must  he made personally at                  A.D.CHARLTON,
the local land office for the district in I Portland, Ore                       A. G. P. A
which the land is situate. I	
The homesteader is required to per-
and Seed I .ou.se,  form ^^g^�����eUd there- fy^M follS & NOftlMni Ry. CO
(0 At least six months' residence
Headquarters   for   PACIFIC   Coast  upon  and cultivation  of  the land  in
GROWN'   Garden,   Field   and   Flower  each year for three years.
Ami nil the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via}Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket   Favorite���
AND AI.I. POINTS FAST Agent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, I "
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all Euro-
"The Milwaukee"
From N. W. dally, 1 ��. Sui , 2.15 p.m.
From Ml. Lehman, 7 a.m.
Transfer��� ��� ..
From N. W. dally, ex. Sun., -1'-"*
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m. .
From Steveston, 1 a.m, ii-
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and See,
"The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.   Paul   to
Chicago,  "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "South     West    Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on anj
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee   &   St.   Paul   Railway,      They
own   and  Operate  their  own  sleeping   Seattle, via Sunias I".1
and dining ears on alll their trains and   Sap'n & Millside...K'
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
ciiv of Nanaimo���
r  .,.,, n. w. Sunday 7 a.m.
Fl'ou,  Victoria Salur
,,n.   6.15 p.J
0.45 p-n
spori  will nm allow him t��� be drawn    nice them  to the world as special  Seeds.    New crop now in stock ready      (2) If the father (or mother, if the
Into any such expenditure, and despl fleers,   with   the   right   to  "run  in"for distribution;   ask  your merchant father is deceased) of the homesteader
his   pessimistic   utterings,   il   is   nol offenders  againsl   the    sanitary! for them  In sealed  packets.    If lie  rcs'<les  UP��"  a  farm  in  the  vicinity
likely thai any such financial calamity   code,
will  overtake  him.    li   is  pretty safe      Should their petition be granted ihe'to   your   nearest   postoffice,
does not handle them we wlll prepay  of t,le land  entered  for  the  require-']-
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The  only all  rail  route  between  all
points cast, west and  south to  Ross-
ind, Nelson and intermediate points,
ng ears on alll the,r trams and ��*����� """��"��>      L   g.oOa.m.
give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of Vancouver.
service not obtainable elsewhere. Seattle  etc 8.46a.m.
Berths on their sleepers are longer, yan> a  Cent.  I'm I'1"  '"'
higher and wider than in similar cars victoria 10.30a.m.
fif.      - ,  ments as to residence may be satisfied    '
to say ihe Callfornlan, e ot a  husband  nonpar,    s ex- packets, our selection of good varie- flfer8"', ^"l��"/e8idln8 wlUl tlle ta"| Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R,
On any other line. They protect KilS| Hurnahy.. .
their trains by the Block System. Sleveslon, etc...
Connection made with all trans-' East, via C.P.R..
continental lines In Union Depots. I Sap., Mill, Coq'm.
IT. S. ROW.R. General Agent. Van. & Burnaby.
T.14 Third St., cor Alder. Portland, Or. i .
10.00 p.m.
Blaine, 3301'*
10 00 a*
1.16 p.m.
1,30 p.m.
8,00 p.m.
5.00 p.m.
8.30 p.m.
] 0(100
12.00 m
6.00 P*
may. not  make any greal   atoounl   nn   fiected   to   appear  on   the  reverse  of lies, for $1.00 to Introduce them
Large    slock    of
the fight, bas made some sorl ,,f a each shield. The project is,,,,, popu-
compromise with the fighters regard- lar In the domestic circle.
Ing $20,000 purse origionally offered. May,,,' Jones is responsible for the
and thai all concerned will be satisfied feminine invasion of the police de-
10 gel win,, ihey can out of the enter- partment, When the Improvemenl
prise and lei II go al that. 'Die little league started oul to dean up Mln-
slink.-up al San Francisco has con- neapolls he made the statemenl thai
siderably'affected the pugilistic mai In ordei to do this li would be neces- Floral Work, Bee Supplies, Fruit
k.i. for b while al least. -  rj  to have the council appoint ,he Packages, Fertilizers, etc.    Catalogue
So Ibrrera and Nelson are v. irl lng   women as special police. The league's Free.
or  mother.
(3)  If thc settler has his permanent
HOME    CROWN  residence   upon   farming   land   owned
& N. Co.
Connects st Rossland with the Can-
1 tt a,,,i "  : t   , ,  i-,by him in the vicinity" of his home-1 J?'*"  I'''Cilk  Railway for  Bl1��n,l;lry
stead, the requirements as to residence '
lured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of funil
gation  or  inspection.
Let me price your list before plac
lng your  order.     Greenhouse  Plants
hard these days and will be In shap, reply was the thirteen applicants for
to p���i up one of the best battles seen the post, and Mayor Jones is now in
for some time.   Sentiment  slill ,  ���    deep thought.���New Viri World,
M. .1. HENRY,
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,  B.  C.
may  be   satisfied   by  residence   upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
N. 13.���Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
ek points.
Connects  at    Meyers     Falls    with
stage  (''lily for  Republic.
Buffet   service   on   trains   between'
Spokane and Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    10,
Leave Day Train Arrive
9.120 a.m Spokane   7.15 p.m. 1
12.25 P-m Rossland   4.10 p.m.:
O.40 a.m Nelson  6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
Seven   hundred  miles   of   magnificent  stages at Carcross
The White Pa��
and Yukon Route
ii' DAlS.��(��cepl
Daily trams^
Sunday)   carryingJfs"fnKi ��tf
,   ,. ,       .ti   f_rf!*htd $it�� H��**
river trip.   Empress of Britain  sails
from Montreal for Liverpool May 19th.
For other dates and rates apply to
ED. GOUld.-',
O. f. H. Agent.
New Westminster. '
maintaining a
through W
ly to
For information sppiy MaIia?ef,
j. H. ROGERS, rn**
' Vf���t-lnnon  U|ao_   r
Vancouver, .NESDAY, T.tAY 9,  1906.
listflcts where the existence of
,  Is  suspected  and  especially
U neighborhoods   where actual   out-
have occurred the adoption of
ing  precautions   by   owners
|,1,..   follow! ^^^^^^^^^
horses and others Interested will
d��� much to prevent the spread of the
disease and the establishment of fresh
centres of Infection.
I Horses or mules having a nasal
flgcharge or other SUpldOUS symptoms should not be admitted to livery
'   , i smliles or yards,  blacksmith
jlinps, church or school sheds, railway slock yards, private stables or
other placs where they are likely
come Into direct or indirect contact
villi animals of the equine species.
All    stables,    yards,    or  sheds
ered  and dealt  with  as promptly as
Veterinary   Director  General.
Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, March, 1906.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon  Official   Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
 ...   such   period   as   he   may   decide,   the
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories length of which shall not exceed three
I times the breadth.     Should the prospector  discover  oil   in   paying   quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640,
acres, including the  oil well, will  be ���
sold to the prospector at the rate of
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
and the Yukon Territory
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal
and $20 for anthracite. Not more
than 320 acres can be acquired hy onc
individual or company. Royalty at
the     ���1^���
I tion.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
A free miner's certificate is granted
Led for the accommodation of horses! |��r one or more X .����. not exceeding
Mski ior un. flvC|        n payraent ,��� advance of $7.50
er mules should be regularly and fre-1     . anmim �� ^ ill(jivi(llKl,  ,,���,, ,mm
ILently cleansed    and disinfected    ln|$50 to $IOO per am)um f(|r . companV|
t'.��� manner prescribed below. j according to capital.
A   free   miner,   having   discovered
t|^^-i         -tJsm\mr
boroughly, and burning all debris, the
hould be well gone ov.-r wiih
,0t Bteam, or boiling water, adding lo
latter at bast one quart  of crude
rale of ten cents per ton of 2000 $1 an acre, and the remainder of the
pounds shall be collected on the gross j tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
output. j will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
QUARTZ���Persons     of     eighteen  subject to royalty at such rate as may
years and over and joint stock com-��� be specified by Order in Council,
panies holding frce miners' certificates! \y. W. CORY,
may obtain entry for a mining loca-,     Deputy of the Minister of the  In-
Wanted���2000 Cords ot Hemlock Bark
at the Fraser River Tannery, Ltd..
taken ln lots from 25 cords up. For
particulars apply to the manager at
Tannery or P. O. box 1ST, New
For Sale���.Modern  T-roo, 1 house on
fine corner in West End; two lots
stable and fruit trees, ('heap. Appl;
X, this offlce.
For Sale���Half Interest iu a livery business near Seattle, Washington.
Chance of a life time. Apply Adver
Using Manager, Dally News.
Eggs for Setting���I'ure Barred Rock
$1.00 per setting. J. W. Austin, Sapperton.
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Hulls pure
bred, ready for service, W. R. Aus
tin,  Sapperton.
Alberta   Pacific  Company   Proposes  to
Make  Heavy  Shipments to
the  Orient.
Edmonton, May 8.���"Alberta Red"
Is due to beco,,,.- famous on the other
side of the world. The Alberta Pacific
Elevator company, which has been before the legislature for two or three
weeks asking for a charter, which latter wa.s last night put through committee of Ihe whole, has some large plans
for the future.
The Alberta Pacific proposes nothing less than to divert the trend of
the grain trade of the Western prar-
les, making it How west where It is
now flowing east. II has .secured from
the Canadian Pacific Railway a
through rate from the Alberta griiin-
llelds   to   Hong   Kong,   precisely    the
��n    and     Mob
Scatters in Every
,\      """'������' iter gathered
":'"r   ���� endeavored to
l::;i'T:.: �����Z
,., ,,, ,��� ' ""' Plant, but
b> "'" "'"" 'I," ofacers arrived the
 " "'  " 1 tc nearly ��
 ,���.  'T'    i"""'"i""   '":",y w'"������-
paelty    each,    through,,,,:    f.',""'   waa   '<"    progress    between
"trlke"     .,,���,   8trlkebreaker8
sheriffs  men ��,,,.   attadkefl       ���
they  endeavored t0 8top ,. ��� ^
After   cleansing   the    premises,    ,n   irce ^^^^^^^^^^^^
! mineral in place, may locate a claim
I 1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one al each end of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the line of the hale, or vein.
irbollc acid lo each five gallons after; The claim shalj be recorded within
liidi tbe entire surface should be fifteen .lay- il ocated within ten miles
oaled with a hot solution ofj"f a mining recorder's office, one ad-
ditional   day   all iwed   for   every   .-,.1-
!   ten  miles  or  fraction.     The
fe,  :  r recording a claim is $5.
At least s-100 must be expended on
thc  claim  each  year or paid  to  the
....   which   infected   animals   haveI mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
ntacl should also, when pos- -:"" ' '    ' ' expended or paid, the
iboroughly treated in a slml :   '  ''"'���-���'���  u" '   :' "U!yy
made and upon complying with other
requirements,   purchase   the   land   at
Ml ordinary   harness   and    stables, $1.00 an acre.
which have been  In contactl    Permission may be granted by the
c-cted animals or infected pre- Minister  of   the   Interior   to   locate
ihi be thoroughly snaked j��� claims containingiron_and^mica
lutlon  of crude carbolic acldiCopper'
h of one pan to 1 wenty,
U which might   be injured
Ililckl       ^^^^^^^^^^^
.   wash, to  which  crude car-
I bas b,. ,1 added in the above
oned proportion,
llldlngS, fence., and lying posts
make., the purest of pure sweets
and invites the pul.he to call
and see  th'- candy made
n the Yukon Territory, of an
area not  exc, 1 ding  160 acres.
I : e   patent  for  a  mining  location
shall   provide   for  the   payment   of   a
tr, itmenl such as vain   ,,.,, ;-ly ,���- _,t, per cent.Trf'the sales
. robes,    cushions,    etc., of the products of ti," location.
been  in contact  wiih  in-
J Fresl   Fruit in Sea.-,,,,.
��� Twelve years experience in  the
J 1 uni'.   tra
��� The proof of the pudding is in
T the eating.
��� Next Door DeGrey's Barber Shop.
ttould    be placed    in    an
PLACER MINING    M.mil.,I,a and
air   lh,-   X.   VV.   T.,  excepting  the   Yukon
room   and   fumigated   wilh   Fur-
��� ��� 1 u !,ii li they should be
, leaned,
1,    where outbreaks have
:  or where
tentl ,.:' otherwise
Mel. .".. 11 temporarily, the 1
: ami  disinfection    h iuld  be
ugh and iu such cases it ls
emove and burn feed luxes Power
1 mangers  when    of wood;     iron
,n he rendered harmless by
������ :  through  flre or  by  im
them  for  smile time in  boll-
All   litter  from   suspected
Bhould   he  burned   or
tei  . I miiil used.
I.   Farmers    and    others      should,
Territory;  Placer mining claims go,
, iil'y  are  100  feet  square,  entry   fee
$5, renewable yearly.    On thc North
Saskatchewan kiver claims are either
bar  or  bench,  the  former  being   100
modated in cow Btables, cat-
not being subject  ,��� glanders  in-
ich horses and mules should
Iv. dared from special pails, which.
Sether with all other stable utensils
"ii ���r about them, should be
'ally cleansed and disinfected be-
1" ing used for other animals.
- occupied by strange horses or
Bhould   be   well   cleansed     and
II and. if at all possible, left
for seme time.
',   Where new horses or mules are
���  i��� or  from district, where
exists,   Ihey   should,     unless
"hilly tested with Malleln prior to
Don't decide about tin present for that
until vou have seen tl
MOREY'S c'l''"bi��Sl-
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine und Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the BUST of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R. .1. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
II. A. SCRIVEN, II.A., Vice-Principal.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M    First Class Meals at all Hcurs,
tices.    Entry must be obtained within   r:ngijsh, Japanese and Chinese  Styles,
ten   days   if  the  claim   is   within   ten
For Sale���Chester White, pure bred,
Hogs. Breeding stock for sale at reasonable prices. W. R. Austin, Sapperton.
Wanted ���Dining room gl,'.. Cood wages
paid. Cosmopolitan hpi
Wanted���Ladles oi gentlemen to act
as agent for high class publishing
house. Apply John Hutchinson, gen-
��� ral agent, Colonial Hotel, city.
We. the       '��� to close
our stores fi om 2 to 7 p. n ��� vei j Saturday afternoon during the months of
May, J in, , Julj and Augu , i immenc-
Ing .May  12,  1906,
T. '. TR '.!'!' & CO. ... D Per Q. It.
Per .:.  A.  Cunningham,  Mgr.
-nn.   as   wheat   growers  of  Washing
on,   Idaho,   and   Eastern   Oregon     ai
paying from tbe graln-flelda of the inland Empire to the Orient, which
-.hould bring the priee of Alberta Red
in the farmer's markel up to th,  price] Bu|let Kj|| ~"
which   would  make   the   price  in  Cal-' Man
gary and Edmonton the sum,; as it is
in Winnipeg and Brandon. Heretofore the exporl price has not be.-n a
greal factor In the Northern Alberta
wheat market. In I'm ure, however,
��� here Is due to be a large sur],lus over
for bom., demand, which circumstance
will react on the expo,", price of this
The company proposes commencing
al once the construction of a 500,000-
bushel cleaning and sorting elevator
in Calgary, and during the summer 15
or 20 farmers' elevators of 30,000
bush.ls'    ca
the province. Last year It built 15 ele
vators of this class.
calgary ls to be the main centre of
the main trade of Ihe company. All
grain for the Orient will go through
the   Calgary   elevator   to   he   cleaned,
At this juncture a shot wisnred.y
"����'��� ""������"' th, crowd, ������i ��� ���..������,.,.
Ifr*   ""���'>   Bred   a  voll.-v    ,���,���    ���,..
Tide Table   Fraser River
For Week Ending May  13,
before being shipped across the moun-j'     *''''   kllllnB   j;i  Italian,   Mike  Ma
''""���   "'"' �� .ding tw,
other  strike,-    The ���������, ^
|    17.46
|    18.46
...|     6.45
|    19.40
j     6.25
20 in
1      7.1U
1..". 5
...|     8.46
|    23.35
tains. At Vancouver the company will
commence at once the construction of
an elevator on Burrard Inlel or Coal
Harbor, wh,.,.,. grain will be loaded for
export. Mr, I.. 0. Strong, manager of
the Alberta Pacific, said yesterdaj
thai the company's Investments in Al-
berta and on the coast for elevators
would be urn less than $1,000,000.
��� o	
tered  in
n  seal-
every direction.   Tw0 d
"     "    - '���   -a  their en
deavor   t0   ; ' '    tflkers.  Thedemi
!     ' I thi   imeltei
rhecau irbance was the
lnaugul ' eighl-hour daj   ,
""'   P'anl . manded  th
irs as tot the
;i work day.
Dolphin   Is  Rapid.
Seattle,    May   8.���Completing    the
���  trip to Skagway after receiving a
diseased ) animals| {cet iong and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base of the hill or bank, not
, . ding iooo feet. Where steam
is used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in thc Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A frce miner may obtain only two leases of live miles each
fnr a term of twenty years, renew-
careful- able in the discretion of the Minister
of'the  Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
ever  possible,   avoid    admitting, fu!,mcrectl .beds ��^ bars ��J lhe, riv,er
,,,.������ , , below anv low water mark, and  sub-
l horses or mules to the prem- t     r j e -it _
1 for 1,rst year and $10 per mile for each
I   by   'h.ir  own   animals subsequent  vear.     Royalty  same   as
'i.nly of the sain., species. It Is a'placer mining.
plan    to   reserve   an    isolated      Tlacer  mining  in  the  Yukon  Ter-
���i for outside horses or mules; ritorj-���Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
1 e this ls Impossible they mayI claims shall no:  exceed 250
Tendei be  re,    ��� ��� 1    by the
undersigned up to '< p. m. Wednesday,
.May 9, for the prlvlleg,   if conducting
eshmenl  l��ooth at Queen's park
on Ma;   Da; . May is. 1 ;.
R.   J.   BURDE,
.Monday    . .
Tuesday ..
High Water Low Water
Tune  H'ghtTime light
3.52    1'-'.n    [��._�� ; 2.i
i  17.,,,; 12.2 22.43     6.0
1.26 13.0 11.06 I 1.3
18.03 12.8 23.33 | 6.6
.|    5.01 I 12.9 j 11.50 ,
! 19.01 13.3
.!    5.45 !  12.0 ;    0.25
j 2O.O11 13.5 12.38
Sundaiy   ....|
11.5 I
10.6 I
1.21 I 8.0
13.29 I 0.1
3.43     3.6
1.5.16 ! 1.3
Free Pasture.
Free pasture for 1"" head of cattle
and 50 horses.
Plenty of g    -    and waier and well
f. Ii''" I,
Apply S. B. BUCHANAN, City.
.i by a cross has heen raised in Ros-
i of! 1 ���������!!.��� ���: . : ��� ar Morlalx, to ih -
memory of those who perished in the
^^^^^^__^^^^^_      I   I Krieli-I,
general overhauling, Including the iii-   who was .a , obbers al Mar-
stalling  of   new   boilers,   the   Alaska   ';!li!.  on  the P ,       ,,,,.
Steamship Company's steamer Dolphin     lx   "'     ' he sue"
,    , .    Climbed,
arrived    in    port   Irom   lhe north  this
morning,    Before  going  out  of  com- A ��uadranS"lar pyramid surmount-
mission   the   vessel   averaged twelve
knots an  hour.    Notwithstanding one
..   was nol  working properly, the Hilda disaster.
vessel   made   thirteen   knots,   and   al A tomb    1                      cted ln the
times   mon   than   fourteen   knots  on u "'sl   1! '                 meter;  over the
this voyag,     The Dolphin is a twin-   f���Te ol    ' Day, the inscrlp-
tlon   on   wan h incln        1 verse of
screw- Men, .���   and with both engines   [)0e ]y    u
iu  working order  11   is  believed  that .     ,.   ,��� T
11 la " , 1 -, Dr. l.e Grand
she will make fifteen knots through- Norton Denslow, an American consult-
out the voyagi between Seattle and ant, of Harley street, London, has
Skagway. : discovered a cure tor locomotor ataxia
The vessel broughl thirty-one pass- hitherto Incurable���and thai he has
engers and flO.OOO in gold dust ship- effected a numbei ot wonderful r.-
ped to Skagway trom Dawson. F. B. j coveries.
Burns,    superintendent  of    the  coin-.
pany.   made   ihe   round   trip   on   the
Shingle and Saw Mill
Belyea & Co. The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
     exceed  230   feet   in
length, measured on the base line or
general dire ,n of the creek or
gulcli__'hi' width being from iooo tn
2000 tc : ' 11 other placer claims
shall 1 .��� 230 :   ��� ���   Squai
Claims   are   marked   by   two   legal
posts,  one  at  each  end, bearing no-
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling Our specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone lbU.
New Westminster, B. C.
tched fur some time
nl id with other animals
:..    I p, cleg,
'���  li musi be horn., in mind that
I1- I dlsch irge,    or ulceration,
Iwgcii glands, the presence of farcy
unaccountable swelling of the
fcbs 11,1,1 general unthrlftlness often
j "   eases   of   glanders,     the
���8ea '   1 slsts  In  many  animals  with-
:  the time being, any external
I;"''' tations   whatever,     the   only
was of detection  In such eases be-
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten milei nr fraction,
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a iree miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled  to  a   claim  of  iooo  feet   in
.         __   _    length, aand if the party consists of
'��� !  ' be stabled apart and' closely'twn- 'S00 feet altogether, on the out-
hefore  being! p,ut  ���� which   no  royalty    shall    be
,, , ,_I charged the rest of the party ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to thc rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
On the Saskatchewan River, where
Ihe lessee can dredge to high-water
mark nn each alternative leasehold.
The  lessee  shall  have  a  dredge  in
operation within one season from the:
date of the lease for each five miles
Malleln  test, and  thai   these but where a person or company has :
or latent cases are in   some re- obtained  more  than   one  lease   one
most    dangerous    because dredge for each fifteen miles or frac- [
nuspected.   Our experience   B_ow8 lion thereof is sufficient    Rental, $10
per annum for    each    mile    of river
leased.     Royalty  at  the  rate  of two j
and  a half per cent, collected on  the
output  after  it  exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���j
Six leases nf five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of'
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the '
submerged  bar  or  bars  in   the  river'
below   low   water   mark, that boun- j
dary to bc fixed by its position on the
1st clay of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have onc dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and onc dredge
for each live miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory lo be paid to the
��� No free miner shall receive a grant
Upe   ^t'sfactory manner and that of more than one mining claim on
Bitot h f��r anlmil,H slaughtered  v.'u'1'   separate   river,  creek  or   gulch,
'   |iail1 "nt'il a certificate   of BUt  the  same  miner  may  hold   any
' s,n*" and    dlslnfertlnn    has been m,"1,,('r  ����  claims  by  purchase,  and
From 1 5c. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Manufacturer  of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113.                Office,  Eighth  Street
Wanted _
I at It Is
POBslble for animals of this
convey  infection    to others
I       themselves developing acute
"""""^  It  Is   'I   'ore   plain  that
M caution  should  bo exercised  in
pnrchi, e or handling of strange
' ""lies especially in    those
t',:'     "here   the
c��mo established.
disease    has
carcases of animals  dying
iiughtered as being axected,
Zanders should,  when  possible,
'"iiio.l  or,  falling  this,  burled  at
Ist slx feel beneath the surface.
, "��'i'ts of premises where out-
'".s have  been  dealt with  should
r '" mind that Inspectors cannot
[^"""I'lni release   from quarantine
'j* disinfection  has been  carried
Gents' Prefered
F'lved by the
'titre nf
Bring your old bicycle nnd get It
mads as good us new. We nre experts
on ull kinds of repairing. We have been
constantly   at the repairing   business
for 11 years so we know It. from a to z.
Sign   Man  on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New West minster.
Plants and  Annuals  of  nil   kinds,   cut
(lowers and llornl designs,    Dahlias
   H 50c per dozen.
Horest that every fresh 1 abandoned,  anad  open  to  occupation   Telephone A1SI or address 4th Avenue |
itln- .i,������ia ,..  .��� 1      .      .     .... _ , ,.... amm    r ���ml 10lh Street.
Minister  of  Agrlcul-
free  miners   may  work  their  claims
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^partnership   by   tiling   notice   and
paying  fee  of $J.     A  claim  may  he
silall owners  should  have  nol abandoned   and   another  obtained   "n
pn('"">' in reporting to this Depart-'the   same   creek,   gulch   or   river,
��r to Us Inspectors tho evlntonco  giving notice and  paying a  fee.
act,, sPect���rs the existence  giving notice
s Th   '"' s"s""ot0(1 cases ot gland-
*WVl',;;rL?r  'Ttfrea<,lng|     A   certificate   that   work   has   been
"te years and lt Is a mat,l������,  ���1C cl,in, sha��� 1)0 deem.,j ���, be
Work   must   be   done   on   a   claim
each year to the value of at least $.'oo.
Public In
"faction should be dIscov-]_nd entry by a frce miner.
You Buy "B. C."
or "Old Sport" Cigars
You do the wise thing. Its tempting,'
flavor will surely win your favor. Manufactured by���
factory and Office, Urine Block,
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP BMITHINO, muijuu and
STRUCTURAL ikon    wuUK.
Ornamental Iron Worn, including I
Fences, Gates, Flre Escapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence In- '
,\'ow Westminster. p. u. 474.
W. fN. Drapei*
B. C. Land
(lllard Block.   New Westminster, B.C. '
.   ._ j
Transfer Co.
  ., i
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promptly to any
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 18R.      Uarn 'fnone 137
_m,f.t n      *'^T*$0f~
^�� 'A
.qEB       'M**4
%l \y>��a
5^:--j^gf^ iLJl
Do you need a Set
�� "I"1      .1   O We guarantee to fit you
Of    1 CCtll ; or Refund Your Money
A Full set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.    Our
Bridge Work is 22k.   Guaranteed for 10 years.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.   Remember the Place 1
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver, j
Robert Churchill Boville, of Holm-
wood, was killed while hunting with
j the Warnham stag hounds, of which
lu was sboei tary, Mr. Boirtll's horsi.
! when taking a fence, caughl Its fore-
j legs in some wire fencing', uml falling,
' kicked  its  rider on the head.
A j-ounK gymnast named Baxter,
who wished to qualify ns understudy
to "The Human Bullet," allowed hlm.
self to he fired from the air-gun at a
music hall in Manchester. He failed
j to catch a trapeze when sho, out of
! the gun, and tailing head downwards
into  the net. was killed.
George  Keller, who was employed
! on   the  Admiralty  Harbor works at
j   Dovier,   was  unhooking  one  of  the
j large   pulley    blocks   weighing    two
: tons  from the diving hell, when Ihe
I block   canted  and  knocked  hlm  Into
the   sea.    One  ���f  Killer's comrades
descended  in  the diving bell and recovered the body, but llfe was extinct.
Several  tons of earth fell into .je
excavation  made for new sewers in
i Stockman Road, Hackney, and buried
��� a  man named Stunning, who was at,
work   there.   It  took other workmen
;, long time to dig bim out.    He was
conveyed to    the   German    hospital,
: where it  was found that he had sua-
; tain.'d   dangerous internal  injuries.
Workmen while excavating in Sheffield   came upon an  iron chest,  beneath which ihey found a five pound
! note, while Inside the chest was a re-
j markable picture of a miser counting
j his gold, strangely enough, the workmen could not reopen the chest, which
' ihey  had closed when moving it.    A
! locksmith   was  sent  fur,  but  he, too,
j was unsuccessful.   The bank note is
j elated   1840.
John Rlgg, while working at a
quarry al Ambleside, fell 121) feet
! into the quarry and was killed. With
a companion named Capstick, he was
I standing on a plank suspended ���y
; Iron hooks from the rungs of a ladder.
i The men were drilling in the rock.
I The plank slipped from its fastenings.
! Rlgg fell, bul Capstick had a remark-
I able escape. He clutched a rope that
! was hanging near, and climbed to the
I top of the pit
The   extraordinary  spectacle  ot   a
, wife  prohlbltng her husband's banns
I was    witnessed    at    a     Wednesbury
] church,   when   Waller  Williams   was
'charged  wiih deserting his wife.    He
had been married ten years, and three
weeks   ago  he  put  up  the   banns  to
marry another woman.    HU wife accidentally  heard  what   he  had  done,
and she attended the church, produced
her own marriage certificate, and publicly forbade the banns.
On June 17th next Mr. Joseph Chamberlain    will  have  completed    thirty
years'   continuous  parliamentary   rep-
resent;,,ie11   of   Birmingham,   and   on
July  8  he    will  celebrate    his  70th
birthday, and his burg is preparing a
remarkable demonstration in his honor.    The suggestion which Amis most.
favor  Is on  the line of the  British
celebration of 18S3.   This would moan
a  procession   through  tho  si.vots  of,
say   100.000 people, a _W*t  meetin*
at  Bingley hall  and some other center-both    to  be  addressed     by   Mr.
Chamberlain���the presentation of eon-
gratulatory  addresses,  torchlight  processions, nnd flrowork displays. m
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
Coroner's Jury   Investigates  Death   in
Lumber Camp on the John-
son  Road.
-r  ,     u r. ���       c,,i��     Anainst   Furnishes   Information     on   Points
Telephone   Company s     Suit     Against
Law to the Public    in
liam  Preston  Interests the
Whole  Municipality.
T. S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. VV. Gilchrist, Mgr.
"Death  by   misadventure
an overdose of morphine,"
in   taking
was    the
B Fire Insurance. Life Insurance. &
We havebeen appoint. I ag, nts for the Union Assurance  Society
idon, England, which has Been carrying on lire  insurance business
and  which  has  a  capital and accumulated   funds  of
since 1714 A. 0
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record: >5
Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $80,400.   l'rem. $___.!<r��4.��U) ft
"       1900 Assurance in force $1,792,600. Premiums $ 62,606.96 ,���,
1901 " ������ 2,664,904. " 92,029.80 8
1902 " " 3,426,897. "        126,696.21 !���;
1903 " " 4,086,112. "        1.".".'Ml.bs ,���,
1904 " " 4,509,764. "        166,884.20 ��Jj
'���;        MONEY    M-.AITADDIC     0      Cf\       Real  Estate   Brokers \��\
'J      TO LOAN. ITlCyUARR1L    OC    LU.,        and Contractor. $
�� 186  Columbia   Street, NEW   WESTMINSTER,  B.  C. V
;���: .���.
the Johnson road.
I'i tendrlgh, S. M., presided.
it came oul in the evidence that tit
de. eased  had     '..een
days prior to bis di
tar as could be discovered, he was
���,.: a morphine user habitually, be
was in the habit of carrying a supply
for the purpose Ol relieving pain. The
man who oi cnpled th, same bunk with
Green  stated the  deceased   bad
be.n complaining ot severe pain
his   body    throughoul    the   previous
nighl and tossed and groaned consid-
Snaps In
85 acres of good '
Delta land, 20 acres in
crop, 20 in pasture.
Good house and outbuildings. Fine water.
Half mile from railroad, school, church,
postoffice  and   store:
Price Only $3,000
The best of terms.
This is a No. 1 buy,
and will only be on the
market for a short
Steals a   Locomotive   But  Gets  Rid of
It    Before    He    Is
80 acres, 10 acres
under first class cultivation, balance easily
cleared. Good stream
of water. Six roomed
house, fine stable,
chicken houses and
Price $1,800
Easy Terms.
so siel
die. He bad told him to cheer up und
he would feel all right ln the morning.
Tbe   bands  ol  the  .lead   man  were
clenched  tlghl   and  there  was an ex-
William Sherrlng, a deck band   on  |llvssUm of paln ������ uls faCe which in-
the  steamer  City  of  Nanaimo,    was abated thai death had not been easy,
arrested   in   Vancouver   by   Provincial   The arms of the deceased  were care-
Constable   Munroe   on   -Monday   on  a
charge of stealing a locomotive on the
Esquimau   &   Nanaimo  railway  track  ���''''*lons
ai  Ladysmlth. He was ,alien over to
Nanaimo yesterday, and from there to
Ladysmlth  where  he  is  held  pending
Winn arrested Sherrlng denied the
charge,  and  after a  thorough search
the police oilier failed to discover the
goods on the prisoner.
li is snid that Williams mounted th i
j cab of an engine    that  was    on the
track, pulled ib.- throttle and started
away  with it. but that  after he had
gone a shun distance he realized thai
j il  was hopeless lo attempt to escape
with the stolen property and that'he
abandoned it.    It was afterwards recovered by the railway company.
Abo,,, sixty farmers of the Burnaby Tbe special committee recentij  ap-
strict met in ibe Burnaby municipal pointed bj  the cltj  council In regard
v,���lk,   ot ,���e cor������.,"s jury   which bail las,  nigh,  to discuss the action to  health  regulations  Has  submitted
yesterday   Investigated  the  death    o�� the council should take with reference the following reporl:
Joseph Green al  the Vancouver Tim-  to  the  writ    recently  Issued by  the The commltte, having In charge th,
ber and Trading company's camp on British Columbia Teleph,  company preparation of a symopsls of the regu-
Coroner   Captain againsl   William  Preston ol Burnaby lationa    ol  the  Provincial    Board ol
for damage to wires and apllances to Health,   non   applicable  to  ibis  city,
the value of $3,  and for an lnjunc- tor the public Information beg to re-
ailing   for   some tion to  prohibit   blasting    near    the porl as follows:
���|,  and  while, so   wires.     The   following   resolution   was I nese regulations Were approved  ill
eventually passed: JuM. '"'���"���'��� ''> the liTutenani governor
"It  having oo   i" the ratepayers ;,,   council.    They   are   passed   under
of Burnaby, through the Municipal the authority of the public health act,
council that an injunction is being for tne purpose of further aiding in
sought through th, courts by British ,|,e protection of tbe public health.
Columbia Telephone Co., torestraln W. There are 61 clause., In these regula-
Preston, a ratepayer of the -said mu- tlons, bul your committee have gone
In nicipaliiy of Burnaby, from carrying carefully through the whole and re-
on ordinary blasting operations for gard the following as ol the u
the purpose of clearing Ills land, ami vji;l] importance;
that as the case Is one of Interest to Section 11. 'ibis section provides
ably. ratepayers of the whole municipality, ifcat whenever any householder corn-
He asked ilie.il whal was the mat- therefore be Unresolved Hint ihis pub- plains of ibe unsanitary state ol anj
i and Green bad said thai be felt He meeting unanimously recommend premises, ibe sanitary Inspector maj
that be feared be was going to
' New Wash Shirt' Waist Suits!l
* Fifty Ladies' Shirt Waists Just Opened Out.       J
All made of fine serviceable materials which will \
stand being put in the wash tub and survive ihe try. t
ing ordeal to which they are subjected. ���
See the values we are showing at I
$3.00, $4.25, $5.75 and $6.50 \
A large range of Lustre Suits at $6 to $12 ���
'Phone 101
Guichon���A.  Thorn  and   friend,
40 acres of good
land, twelve acres of
it cultivated; large
orchard. New house
I and good barn, two
chicken houses. Half
mile to school anil
three quarters of a
mile to river.
yesterday that Green's throat was cut
from ear to ear. There was not even
a scratch on the throat.
Tbe jury consisted of Messrs. Kiles.
Station, McLeod, N'evln, Schmitz and
The body was interred this after-
E. noon in the Masonic cemetery, Rev.
Burns, T. D'Arcy McKee, Vancouver; J. S. Henderson, officiating. A number
ii. 11. PInneo, Vancouver, John P. 01- of the fellow employee- of the deceas-
-..,,. Skagway, Alaska; 11. Wilson, ed came in to the city for the purpose
Winnipeg, Man.;  K. Ruebens, Vancou-  ol   attending the funeral.
ver; a. C. Shallenbeiger, Seattle; Mrs.  o	
A.  C.  Shallenbeiger,    Seattle;     .1.   II. Steamers  Change   Routes.
Beard, Seattle. Th��� q  p  K  steamer Heaver arrived
Colonial���Jamea Garvls, Vancouver; i,-, the city lasi evening from Vancou-
10. 1). Patterson, Pitt Lake. William ver where 11 underwent a tborough
Kennedy, Vancouver; Miss Minnie overhauling and extensive repairs, and
Martin, Seattle;  .1.  Efferson, Seattle;   now rejoices  in a new coat of painl
thai tne reeve and council employ ,���,,.,- therein and lnspecl the .same,
legal talent to watch ease ol British aI1,| if he tin.is such a state of tacts
Columbia Telephone t',,.. vs. Preston, ,,, exist, may order the occupant or
in the public in'er.'Sis and lake such proprietor In abate the nuisance wiib
other action as they may deem right j��� twenty-four hours.
and propef to establish the rights gec> 23 When a wholesome public
of the individual as well as those of supply of waier bus been provided,
corporate bodies. either by the local health or a water
The mover was D. C. Paterson and company, the board may cm,pel the
the seconder ('. It. Feedham, and the abandoning the use of anj well, spring.
resolution  carried  unanimously, ���,- other source of waier supply, uud
Al the reguesi ol the chairman, require the owner of anj buns., to
Reeve P, Hums, the secretary, B. ti. connect his house with water mains
Walker. C, M. ('.. gave a lucid account 0f Buch public supply whenever the
of the accident to the wires, which game extend to or pass by his prop-
gave rise to th,   Issue ,,f the lnjunc-  ,.,.(V,
[tlon by British Columbia Telephone co Sections '-���'��� and -l are aimed al
He siat.d that mi the 24th of March protection of the waier supply. The
Mr. Preston had be.n blasting on bis former provides thai any well dug in
land adjacent to lb.- muncipal ball. In ,],,, (.jty K|K,n be at least 100 feel from
compliance with established laws, the every source of contamination, ami
defendant, Mr. Preston, bad Informed at least twenty feet from any dwelling
the H. C. K. R. company that be was ttouse; and provision is made for ongoing to blast near their high poten- |ng ���,, BUCh Wells at ibe expense of
tial   wires   and   ihey   bad   sent   their  ,)u. owner.    The latter section enacts
one .shall balbe or wash any-
aiions and safeguard against any tj)ing| (���. ,,],���.,. any filthy matter in
trouble that  mlghl  arise.    Mr.  llowi".   ;uiy   reservoir   trom    which   water   is
a blasting expert, was presenl   al    a obtained for public ami domestic use.
point  130 yards away from tbe trolley       *;,,,..  .5.     No hogs shall  be kepi  ex
After  iheir  departure  a   big ,.,.,,, in pens ,,,., f,.,., from anj house.
well,   or   public   highway,   with   floors
fully  examine I  bin. they  gave no indie:,, ion  wbai.ver oi  hypodermic    in-
Up to dale ,l,e police have not found
mn whether ibe deceased bad any relatives, They found in bis possession
iwo envelopes addressed to Mrs. .lennie Healey, Burlington, Washington,
D. S. A., und steps have be.n taken lo
find out more about the deceased ami
his family. The body was last night
placed in an Isolated shack and 1).
Murchle brought it in from the camp
ibis morning.
Ther.   is absolute!!   no truth In the
,,.,,,    ,,     ,.,,������,,,������ ���f  men out during the day to watch oper-  ,h-it no
reporl  published in the Columbian ot
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the Family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
log bad  been  blasted  which  was held
down al the bun .nd only by a frail constructed Impervioi
section of the tree and when the blast
was discharged the limber was raised
with great force and a section*..I' the
log was blown across the telephone
wire causing it to spring downwards
UH..1 ii came in contact with the
trolley wire. The contaci caused a
sudden blow up in Vancouver whicb
din damage to appliances and endangered  the lives of operators.
On a query from one of the audience  ,,,- sh;,], cause ;lll  water-closets, sinks,
a.s to the powers given by legislature   wash-tubs,   bats,    etc.,   in   the    said
kept free from standing liquids, and
regularly cleansed and disinfect, I
The local board shall, in order to
prevent nuisance, have power to limit
the number of hogs kepi in any pen
or   enclosure.
Sec 29. Whenever any branch,
main or common sewer shall extend
to or pass by tbe premises on which
Is built  any bouse, the owner there
to the  British    Columbia    Telephone ,KmK(. 01. premises to be properly con-
white and brown, the (,,���,pa���y. the secretary read the act, ,,,.,.,,.,1 with such sewer in accordance
A number of gentlemen spoke upon wttn   the   by-laws   or   regulations   of
the subject and jthe concensus of opin- the   local   health   authorities   or   the
lane, Vancouver,
Windsor���W.  U.
Price $
Half   cash,
easy terms.
prohibited from blasting within 1."."
yards of telephone lines, he might as
well go out of business. The act
gave ibe company power to run their
lines pretty much where ihey liked
and il looked as though lbe fanner
might be boxed in by wires in such
manneT thai he would 1,,.. absolutely
Agents for the  Guardian   Fire
Assurance  Company.
Real   Estate   Brokers.
Telephone   170.
278  Columbia   Street.
ceiling of ibe upper decks being
Martin, Portland; lighl green, 'lbe Beaver will likely
I! Shearn, Portland; C. Walker, Cul- take over ibe up-river run tomorrow lon was ,,,.,, if the tarmer was ,,, ,���.
gary; .1. A. Woods, Langley; P, liar- morning, ibe Transfer resuming her
vey, Acme, Wash.; .1. .logons. McHen- "Id down river run. Tie R. I'. Rlthet
ry, N. li.; ,;. II. Tleman, Mission: ]\ which is making ibe down river run
M. Smith, Vancouver; D. Dockstader, now, will be pul on the Victoria route
Vancouver;  .1.  Willi.-.  Blaine; A. Fob- mai.ing'  regular  semi-weekly  trips.
ter, Blaine, Wash.  �� '
Depot���W.   Jordan,   Vancouver;   W. Otter Brings Large Cargo.
Orr,  Drymen, Scotland;    John    Reld,      The  S.  S.  Otto cam.,  in  from  Vlc-
gowle, Scotland;   0.  Martin, Bell-  [ng with a (airly heavy  unable lo clear his land.   It was also   Health."
cargo, ll broughl ln 30 tons of tin for agreed  that  It would  be wise to  gel      Sections   31   and   32   provides   thai
the Dease Island cannery, a , pie of  in   contaci   wilh  the   reeves    of   the  before  an      ......1111  shall  construct or
of horseshoes, and   1  large con-  various    surrounding     municipalities  reConstrucl any portion of the pi
Bigiwi   nl of chemical fertilizer for th.   and  secur..  tbolr co-opera,ion  in  ,1,.'  mg ,������ drainage Bystem ul any house,
Chllllwack   agriculturists.  There  was matter as they were as much interest-  i,,, snai]  1 -,],. for the approval uf the
also 108   ..ns nf salt on board tor the  ed as ibe municipality of Burnaby, nn   health    authorities    a   plan    thereol
Richmond cannery, Tlie him- �� otlon the chairman was called upon  which  shall   lie  subjeel   to altei
icl   to  Victoria a lam., to name a committee to draft a resolu-  approval or disapproval by them; ami
from Chllllwack It,   tlon embodying tbe sentiments of the    hall   obtain   a   permit   therefor,
e on hand the Ottei  meeting. The chairman named Me   -        Section   :::;  provides  tor  Inspection
Provincial   Hoard  of   Health.
Sec. 30. All bouse drainage or
plumbing of all bouses or buildings,
boil, public and private, ber, aft, r
constructed or a, present in the
course of construction, spall be 1*-
cuted in accordance with ibe specif)
cal Ions or plans fixed or approvi I I
the  local    or   Provincial     Boai I   ol
The well established business known as
The Old Country
Boot and Shoe Store
A rare opportunity for so ne who has the cash an.:
wants a good going concern as any  trades man on the
street cai, testify.     Remember this offer is only .
a short time.    Satisfactory reason for Belling.
igham;   Manas  Cox,  Pitl   Lake;   R.
Ml    01     A.  Patterson, Mounl
.. liinaii:   Lorne  Caldwell, John  Cole-
lan,  Vancouvi
Cosmopolitan    w.   D,   McRae,   Van-
H,  ;-'     .iik.  Vancouver;    .1.
'atten en,    A.   R.  Gammon,    Abbots-
or,l;    11. n.   Smith,   Cloverdale;    P.
ncknian, Aldergrove.
. _o	
For ;
Nice house, ready
for occupation. Good
situation on Third
Ave and Tram Line.
Corner lot, house,
furniture, garden
and fruit trees, all
to be sold for $1600,
on easy terms.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents.        Tel. 108,        Columbia St.
Water  Application.
\n application ��   - fill d by William
1 lllv, r  nf  Eburne    for   permission  to
and make    11: 1   of an    unnamed
.   ia running in a . outh easterly dir-
tion through the easterly portion of
loi ::i\ group l. of the New Westmln-
district,  The  source of  Hie said
si ream is aboul   100 [eel easl of win,,
Is  known  a.s  Centre  road    or slree,
Tb.. poinl of diversion    is aboul    600
feel eas;, rlj  trom thi   lource. Two indies  is  applied   for.  and   will   be  used
fi,,- domestic ami agricultural purposes.
returned wl b a very lieln cargo.
Rabbits for Islands.
A sel,e,���e is alloal to place a number of rabbits on the small islands
Which are numerous in Harrison lake
and range Iron, live to ten acres in extent. One or iwo local men are Interested i��� the Harrison dlstricl ami are
paving   lbe   way   for   future  sport,
2nd and 3rd Avenue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
A. E. WHITE, 260 Columbia Sl
Telephones 5.
Accident   in   Mill.
Henry link, r au employee of the
Royal Ciiy mills bad a narrow escape
ibis .morning from having bis rlghl
band badly ,1 ashed, linker was engaged behind one nf ibe stickers, or fancy
moulding machines in ibe factory,
an.l was brushing some sawdust off
tl,.. table over  which  the mouldings
pass when thej lirsi came ou, of tbe
machine. A piece of moulding came
along nml caught bis hand bruising
ii severely ami scraping all lbe flesh
of! bis Brsl linger mil laying tbe bone
bare almost lo tbe second joint, Medical aid was sought and the Injury was
nttended to, It will be a tew weeks before B.iliel' will be ,-' ;,ly for work
, sain.
for one year of an individual
from the
Westminster Trust &
Safe Deposit Co., Ld.
Is Only $2.50.
Long Vault,
Long Boxes,
Long Hours.
T. .1. Trapp, President; T. S. Annandale. Vice. President; F. J. Hart,
.Manager; Edward Chapman, Sec-
Treas.- L. A. Lewis, VV. .1. Mathers.
II. Ryall.
Vault at Offlce of
Maxwell,   Smith, Donald,    Ross, and ,,r the plumbing work in anj
Claude Hill, and then called tor five ana require,  the health authorities to
minutes' recess, after which time the i���. notified uefore any work is covered
above   resolution   was   presented   and ���,,, B0 as to have lull opportunity of
'">'���:���  adopted by then ting. Inspection  and  examination.
' o  sec.   ;;i.    if,   upon   Inspection,   the
WEATHER   PROSPECTS. drain;,; r   plumbing   of   any   house
..ia,   Maj   '.'.    Tin    pressure   lias creeled   prior   tO  the  making  of these
become  somewhal   irregular over the regulations   Ib   found   to  be  defective
North  Pacific slope   and a low ana and dangerous to the health of the oc-
the  Northern   portion  of  the cupants, the same shall be condemn-
province and is central in Alberta. No ed, ami plans shall be filed and new
precipitation is reported excepl show work ,������ alterations shall be executed
ers   al   Porl   Simpson   and   San   DIegO in   accordance   will,   these   reg,,lal ions.
ami temperatures are normal wesl of Then    follow  various    sections re-
the  Hocki.s.  In  the  Northwesl  a  vasl luting  to air space  in sleeping apart-
I area  of high pressure extends south- ments;     to   the   disposal     of   liquid
ward   to  the  valley  of the  Mississippi waste,   and     of   garbage   and     refuse,
where ii  is central and the weather which are too bug,by to be set out
1 iiiitiniies fair with  light  frosts. lure,   but   which   can   be  see,,   al   the
forecasts  for  llf,  hours ending ."1  p,  ciiy   hall   by  any  one  Interested.
I ,,,.  Thursday on lbe  Lower Mainland; See.   47.    No     person   shall     throw,
Your Individuality
Is Liable to Sutter
when you wear clothe int, nd, I
for the ..,lie.- fellow. Leave
your order ai home. Don't
laiien up ibe .��� asie.. 11 manufacturer but call  mi	
Merchant Tailor, Columbia St,
Lighl  winds, generally fair ami warm.
Junior  Lacrosse  Schedule.
A junior lacrosse meeting was held
al 7::in lasi nighl In Ibe Regina dressing room. Knur delegates of lhe compel lug teams were present and Waller
Snugs,..,- was elected to lbe chair.
Tbe following Officers were elected:
Hon.  President, J.  Payne;  vice-president,    ('. Drown
,lames Keary.
After considerable   discussion   tl
following schedule was arranged:
May 22���Regina   vs.   Tecumseb.
May 20���TeCUXOBeh vs. Regina.
June r.���Regina  vs. Tecumseh,
June la���Tecumseh vs. Regina.
June  111���Regina   vs.  Tecumseh.
June 21!���Tecumseh vr. Regina.
July 3���Regina vs. Tecumseh.
July 10���Tecumseh  vs. Reglnn.
July 17���Regina vs. Tecumseh.
draw off. or allow lo run in,,, or upon any public ground, streel or open
drain, lbe contents, or any pari thereol, of any vault, watceloscl, privy.
cesspool or sink, or any lilt by mailer of any  kind."
Seelion 49 provides a penally of
$1,, und cost for any Infraction of
ihese regulations,
The city clerk  bas  a  large number
secretary-treasurer, "'-   spare  copies  of these  regulations,
so that  tbe public who are Ini,'rested
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
for Sweets
/ce Cream and G. li. Choc��h��>
a Specialty.
Complete line of Candies,!
""J ' lnd
home   a
made by
Meyer j
50 Cents a Bottle
P. C. Purely,
Agent. Columbia
Advertise in the
need only call al the clly hall to obtain all Information necessary to
protect   themselves.
F.   W.    HOWAY.
The purest of lee cream nt the Star
Candy Factory next to DeGrey's barber
Shop. *
.������������������������������������������������������������������������������*****     ]
Electric Railway Service
Interurban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from r,:MI a. in. to 12 p.
m. excepting al 7:111) and 8:30
11. 111. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���.Service trom
6.30 a. 1,1. to 11 p. m.
20 Minute Service���no transfer,
Ret ween 12 and 2 and I, and 7.
raisfC >
30   Minute   Service
uuiinder ol day.
Leopold Mace.
Sunday  Service toM*"*
tween  8  a.  ">��� ��* "
City and 8��PP����on'   ^
Sapperton Line-"' ""'"j and
vice,  except   b��W8��^���,_, ;
2, and 5 and "    c"'v,n �����
hours    the   fierv'ce
Sunday Service MjM��>��
tween 8 11. "'��� '""'
Ltd. 5
British Columbia Electric Ry- c *V#I|


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