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The Daily News Apr 21, 1906

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Fire Fighters Are Now in Control
Conflagration  in  San Francisco is Effectively  Checked and Heroic
Workers Promise to Speedily Extinguish All Danger
Of Further Destruction by Flames
Work of Relief Continues Under Many Disadvantages
Bodies Are Thrown Into Trenches and Buried Without
Identification���All is Chaos on the Waterfront Where
People Are Jammed in Effort to Get Away to Surrounding Cities for Shelter and Comfort.
n  Pranclsco, April 21, 8:30 a. in.
.a thc waterfront, north of
now under control, it has
far south as the Lombard
dock, wli.r,. i, was checked
now smouldering. The f.-,-r> de-
.a if the docks in thai vii-i-
'������ : Iting are safe.
Th,   rule of martial law this morn-
rlj bo rigid and in many
���   districts 1ms been withdrawn
��� .lliric,,, guards lefl to pre-
losslbllity of iliefi   or  loot-
. A; rii  21.  -The Western
eived the following from its
he IV: ry  building at the fool
in   Sau   Francisco
��� .day:
-   Is siill burning around the
Tl,,. Buperlntendenl    of the
��� few minutes ago thai the
safe and would nol talce
sun difficult to estimate the
ol dead as bodies are scatter-
ill over the city.
ire burying them in trenches
' au fifteen bodies ln a ditch.
Chaos on  Waterfront.
despatch   read:     The     terry
running on  schedule time.
n immense crowd a round the
:   re  and   committees  from  all
ross the Bay are urging the
to leave, and go with them t���
homes. Bul  the authorities can-
them take any baggage with
like an   Immense   second
Topi,,   hav..   dragged
own here from pianos to baby
md their koi,ds are all piled
""i the depol for   a long dl*
!" bre is siiii biirnint; fiercely up
but the wind    has gone    down.
I li !"ss dangerous.
Ferry Building Safe.
1  Francisco, Cal., April 21.���Ao-
" the latesl  reports the ferry
llnl  Is sale from destruction which
1     im,' was threatened by    the
-  which   spread     along  the   sea
;"'''e  of  men   under den.  Carter
!l" lire engines and steamers
succeed in checking the lire near
I1"'  ' 'bard   si r,,et   freight   sheds.
1,1 ��lher directions th.   lire is now
."""d'l'-tciv under oontrni.
Saved  By Desperate Work.
Mayor Schmldl and Gen, l-'unston
have established headquarters at Fori
Mason, which was saved by some depilate work on the par, of the soldiers
aided by a body ot sailors from the
The records in the Hall of Records
have been unharmed which will pre-
vein   any   tangles ill titles.
Blazes   Over   Fifty   Acres.
San Francisco, Ca!., .prll -1.���At
seven o'clock lasi nlgttl the Bre was
raging over fifty acres of the water
front lying between Bay streel and the
en i of Meiggs and Flshermans wharf.
To the eastward the flames extended
down to the sea   wall   bul   had   uot
arberi the piers, which li.- a quarter
of a mile to the i a it The rami, i les
and buildings of the Central California Canneries company, together with
many thousands of cases of canned
trull was totally destroyed as was al-
bo the Simpson and other lumber
yards. The flames had reached the
tanks of the San Francisco Gas company which bus been pumped o���1 and
were burning the ends of the grain
.-beds which extend fur,her ou, toward the point.
Turn  of the Tide.
Flame and smoke hid from view the
vessels thai lay off shore vainly attempting to cheek the tire. No water
was available except from the water
side and it was not until almost dark
thai the departmenl was able ,,, turn
Its altention to this point.
At six o'clock i, was believed lhal
the fire had been cheeked at Van Ness
avenue and Filberi streets. The buildings on ii high slope between Yan-
Ness and Polk, I'ninn and FilbiTt
streets were 1,lazing fiercely, fanned
by a high wind, but the blocks were
so sparsely settled tha, ,he fire appeared to have but a slender chance
of crossing Van Xess a,  Ihis point.
Hunger Hard to Satisfy.
San Francisco, Cal., April 21.���Although every effort of Ihe various relief committees yesterday was bent to
app.ase the gnawing hunger of the
destitute thOUSandB, their efforts were
In a large manner entirely unsucces*
ful. There are in the city many
persons either without sufficient food
or entirely without it. The government officials took charge of every
grocery store lo that part of the city.
still standing and gave out  food sniffs
to all those who were hungry.
Bread lines wer, established at Fillmore and Turk streets at Golden Gate
Park and at the Presidio and everj
person who stood in line was given a
whole loaf of bread. The line at Fillmore and Turk streets was four blocks
long all afternoon and those at the
Parks were even longer.
Children Made Happy.
Al the fen. s,ation there were some
pathetic Bcenes among the hungry people. When lhe boat arrived from Stock-
ion with tons of supplies a number of
small children were the first to spy a
large box of sandwiches. With cries
of delighl ihey made a rush for the
food seized as much as they could
hold, and rushed to their mothers
with shouts of: "Oli mamma look at
the  sandwiches."
Cosmopolitan Banquet.
The bread lines at the Parks furnished striking instances of the absolute patience and fortitude that . has
marked the braver of the people
throughout their trying experience.
There wen' no disorders when the
hungry thousands were told to form a
line. All were content to wait their
turn. Silk ha,led men of affairs followed good natur,'.Hy behind Chinese
and took their loaf from the same
Soup Kitchens.
Soup kitchens were established in.
the Btreets and many hungry persons
were fed here. Bread and such other
food stuffs as may be at hand will be
distributed lit .the various stations
twice a day.
Dig in Ruins for Food.
At several places along -Market
streel scores of men were digging with
their hands among the still smoking
debris of some large grocery house
for canned goods. When they found
it, which they did without molestation
Iron, anybody, they broke the tins and
devoured the contents.
Sympathetic Soldiers.
At Filbert and Van Ness avenue, at
mix o'clock last night a wagon of supplies conveyed by soldiers was besieged by a crowd of hungry people. They
appealed lo the soldlws for food and
their appeals were quickly heeded.
Seizing an axe, a soldier smashed the
boxes and tossed the supplies to thel
crowd which took time K, cheer lust-!
San Francisco, Cal., April 21.���The following is
a tabulated statement of the amount of money raised
yesterday for the sufferers of the earthquake and fire
here. This has no reference to any moneys subscribed heretofore.
Government appropriation $2,000,000
St.  Louis      200,000
Sacramento      100,000
Seattle       90,000
Victoria, B. C       25,000
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce       15,000
Gold Fields,   Nevada        11,000
Reno,   Nevada        10,000
Spokane.....        10,000
Los Angeles Chinese         5,000
Los Angeles Theatrical People         3,000
Yreka..  200
Stockton Chamber of Commerce        1,000
Tacoma       10,000
Everett         1,000
Los Angeles, Bishop Conaltv         1,000
Total for the day $2,475,000
Winnipeg, Man., April 21.--At a meeting of
the city council at noon today $100,000 was appropriated for the San Francisco earthquake sufferers. Of
this amount $5,000 will be forwarded today to Vancouver to buy supplies for immediate shipment*
Washington, D. C, April 21.���The house today
passed a resolution appropriating $1,000,000 in addition to the amount heretofore appropriated for the
San Francisco sufferers.
London, April 21.~$21,000 has been cabled to
the Red Cross at Washington as the first instalment
of the American fund being raised here in aid of the
suffering people of San Francisco.
Eastern Engineering and Contracting Firms Commence to
Figure on New Structures of Steel
In the Shattered
N.-w York, April 21,���The Journal of
Commerce says: Tha, no time will be
lost in the work of rebuilding San
Francisco Is evident from the fact
that the engineering and contracting
linns are sending their most expert
men to investigate the ruins with a
view io discovering which form of
construction best withstood the shock.
The report of these experts it is believed, will have a greal deal to do
will, the construction business in the
I'm ure.
Renewal of Contracts.
Jusl  before  the earthquake consid-
j erable  building  was  in  progress  and
| from preliminary reports it  is expected thai   prompt   action  will  be taken
j for u  renewal  of contracts.
II  is only  within the las,  year that
j there has been much activity in steel
construction on  the Pacific Coast.
Demand  for  Steel.
Early this year    building   interests
were projected along the coast calling
| for  upwards  of iuu. ) tons of structural steel about half of which was In
San Francisco and  its neighborhood.
Within the last two weeks Sun
Francisco contracts have been placed
calling for about 150,000 tons of Bteel,
Most of the buildings were relatively small.
lt is noted that many Pacific Coast
people of large  means who are now
living in New  York, nre abundantly
! able to hear the money burden which
' their Interest  calls for.    Among    the
New York residents owning large pro-
Oakland, Cal., April 21 A 4e
spatcb Irom San Rafael says:
The town of T/omales Is n pile
of ruins. All of th, largi lor,
are llal. Many rami, houses and
barns are down. Two children,
Anita and Potter Cotissn were
killed in fulling house.
pertiea at San Francisco maj be noted
the Hills. Huntingdon, Crocker, Hig-
gins and Lewis families, It is under-
Btood thai there are at least Bftj others here owning real estate al the
Golden Gate.
Steel  Stands Test.
San  Francisco    will require   aboul
250,000 tons of structural steel to repair  lnr losses  and  erect   new  b'lild-
ings, according to the head of tbe U.
| S. Steel corporation and oilier aiilluai-
I ties  interviewed  y.steiday.
The fire in Baltimore and the earthquake and  lire in San Francis, ��� have
demonstrated to   the satisfaction   of
everybody that steel structures are the
safest   and   must   permanent   of   all
j buildings. As a consequence there is
' no rloubl  the use Of steel In buildings
1 will he v.i-y    largely    Increased.    It
would not be at all surprising If within  the next  two or three years there
were  used  in  new  buildings  in    San
Francisco 260,000 tons    of steel.    No
doubt all the larger new buildings will
be of steel.
The opening of a subscription list by the Daily News
for the benefit of the San Francisco sufferers has been
generally appreciated in the city and a large number of
contributions to the relief fund have already been made.
Arrangements have been made with F. B. Lyle local
manager of the Royal Bank of Canada to receive the cash
as it is paid into the Daily News and quickly transfer it to
San Francisco.
Contributions to date are acknowledged as follows :
Cannot Pay Insurance
On Earthquake Losses
>ari"; Francisco Banks
Are Buried In Ruins
'"'���'""eon.   ll.   ('.,   .\prll     21.���The   banking  centre    north  of    Tehachapi.   I  have nol  seen or beard Of Jacobs 01
wlnK despatch was received today State  Hanking   commissioners    have his deputy, Will  make a search  tor
!        :!l" treasury  office In San Fran- located  an  Office In  Oakland  to  meet   them tomorrow. The lire is still burn-
"Every  bank  In  San Francisco  Ibis   condition,   The   suburban   banks   Ing  but   It   Is  thought   to  be  conllned
|',;l"1 '" ths ruins. All the banks In  ought to have free ami   prompt   tele-
and,  Berkeley  ami  Alameda  are graphic transfer ,,r funds, in view of
'  '" resume business Including the i the ruined condition  of the sub-trens-
Nattonal Oakland, Union Nation-! ury I advise making the transfers ,lir-
"Wand; Firs, National, Berkeley; I ed through the mint. The BUb-treaf-
"'flu-ley  National. ury  wenl   down  In  the  Bra early  and
""''s as If Oakland must he the Is now surrounded by blocks of ruins.
Daily -News  Pub. Co.,  Ltd (25.
Dr. and  Mrs.  K.  D, Sawyer    10.
Rev.  VY.  II.  Madill     6.
F.  II.  Lyle     -r'
11. Ryall    -
D.   Grossman      -
Judge  \V.  Norman   Hob-     6.
.1. C Brown    1.
II.   A.   Fast man      6.
C.   A.   Welsh  6.
ll. L. DeBeck   5.
A. McDonald     I.
II.   II.   .McKenzle     1.
J. .1. MneKay fi- Co  1
F.   L.  Webber     I
F. .1. Harl & Co  5.
A.  .1.  Welch     2.
T.   II.  Smith  ?,.
lt. C.  Cigar Factory     10.
\Y.   C.   Chamberlain     .1.
W.   F.  Sinclair   	
Thos. Gilford,  M.  P.  P	
W.   S.   Colllsier   	
O. 0. BoutlUer  	
Reichenbach   Co.,   Ltd	
wm. Johnston   	
A   Friend    	
Vanstidie   Ifcafjlng & Plumbing Co.
Mrs.   Kelas    	
Frank   S.   DeGray   	
.1. G. Gamon 	
Capt.  Ackerman   	
.1.   M.   Kenny   	
llelyea  &   Co.   	
.1.   Young   	
Gilley   Bros	
U.   11.   Hens,,,,       2
Joe   Quo!   	
.los. C. Armstrong  	
Fred  L.  Hacking   	
Thos.   Freeman   	
.New York, April 21.���Officers of the
large lire Insurance companies having their headquarters in ihis city announce thai losses by earthquake
we,.- nol included iii the tire insurance policies written for California,
and thai such losses could not be allowed, ev.n if the companies were
so Inclined, for the reason that the
laws  of   New   York   state   prohibit   it.
The rulings on Ihe losses by lire,
however, will, it is said, he broad, the
insurance companies apparently agreeing that fo draw the lines with any
severity whatsoever would be extremely unwise ill the face of such an
appalling disaster, where the suffering will  no doubt   be widespread.
Willis    C.  Robbs,    secretary  of the
New York board of underwriters, said
,1m, all the bulldlngp which have
b.en dynamited will have to bc settled
for by ,1,. insurance companies, since
,ii, statutes of tlie state of California,
regardless of whether the statement, is
Included in the pollcj or ,������. provide
that the insurance companies are
liable for the damage done bj dynamite.
The total amounl of liability involved now is placed at more than $150,-
000,000 ill San Francisco alone. This
amount, which the fire Insurance companies will be called upon to meet, ls
coiisid. red conservative. Added to the
losses in San Francisco will he at
least $1)0,000,000 loss to be met in
other cities, making Ihe total more
than $200,000,000.
C.P.R. Contributes Cash
And Offers a Steamer
to ii few blocks of residence
what Isolated,
"There Is no foundation foi
llshsd statemenl of nn nt
���,l���, I ���-*����vt��i jj-��       I'vicmi   laiiiunif;.-.   in.iv, uu...��b^...   ...v..v.��."0 .       , ���,,  ram,,Dan   ' ".'leu;.    "  ,
(ft**, 'City hall at Poggsbonsio 16 miles SOUth Of   Florence.     The pin, with   Its   characteristic ener^.jbu^ by Vancouver merchants   and
leech, si.,,., v. s. Mint. | inhabitants of Eggsbonsi were panic stricken. Iwlre" "�� frC!,s,,ry of the """ Cross ' ���*"
Rome, April 21.���1.45  p. m.---Thirteen earth shocks ;,  ������,    ...............       -
>       r  "     *t      , . l      .       .    ., . j. ct- Francisco    ami adjoining   towns    a��u  fr(,��� (heir steamer Am
for the p���i,! were fe]t in succession this morning in the province of Siena: vlllages | tatlon of snpPiies of i
ll"'K "" f * Tuscany,   Several buildings were damaged, including thej   Th0 c.imidlnn p80l���c Railway com-ien route to the suffer
Imftr holl of P^n.^oVwrtv.c,,',-. Ifi rniloo cnntli nf   FWoriPP       The I ..inv  win,    it��   characteristic energy, j buted by Vancouver r
Montreal,  April  21,-From all  over | society authorising the latter to draw
nn the company for $10,000 as a con-
panada have come expressions of H��^"^ J��* fund,
pat hy for    the stricken city    of San j    In nddIt|on ttle cdmpany has offered
nr for transpor-
food stuffs now
sufferers and contri-
'I'"? SATURDAY. APRIL 21, ig-g
Boys' Shirt Waists Price 75 Cents Each
With Patent Detachable Elastic Band.     Detached Before Washing.
No Draw Strings Required.
Suitable for Boys From 8 to 14 Years
Wash Day at the
Boys Blouses
Medium and dark colors.
All good washing patterns.
Plain Linen and Trimmed blue.
Grey and white striped.
Shirt Waists j
Clothing House
And Still Again
Striped trimmed self, and dark
striped trimmed fancy.
Mostly with sailor collars.
Prices 50c, 60c, 85c and $1.00.
Boys9 Blouses ::
Aldermen Vote $250 of Public Funds and Agree to Personally Help Along the Good Work���Important
Questions  Cons; c ered   In
The city council  in committee las       The en, hmenl of the proprietor
nlgb    decided  to  a    once open  up a ol the brickyards on the penltentiarj
riptiop   lisi   in   u"i   ol    ri    San . ipei     was discussed at some length
Francisco sufferers and passed a reso- and ll  was decided to defer any defl-
juiiou to the effect  that  the council nlte action until such time as the sur-
hear!   the   list    with   a   gram   Of   $250.   veyor      broughl    in      a    report.      The
The allien,i,ui all agreed to Bwell tii.-  chairman .,:' the board of works was
lisi themselves.    The matter was di-   instructed to look into iln- matter ami
cussed ai some length ami II  wa.- rl.    i:   possible  have a  reporl   to present
ebb .1   in   co-operate   wiih   Iho   plans  in the  city  council on Monday night.
outlined by the Vancouver citizens and     Five applications wen- received for
send    supplies  rather  than  cash.    A  '���:���  position of poundkeeper and  the
communication was received iron, tie1  ballots   were  distributed   thre,   times
citisens committee  in  Vancouver  in- factor,  the decison was made.
viting the council lo semi ov.t repre-      H.   Murray,    of  Seattle,    was    the
.. a Hives in confei  with them on thc event ia! choir..  ,,. i,,,. board, ami the
��� r, and as a r.-siiii  liis Worship clerk was Instructed tr, communicate
ar. i   ddermen were appointed to rep- ^^^^^m
>��� t the city and for lhal purpose
v . ni to tbe terminal ciiy ,���, the 10
o'clock ti.un this morning.
The plan for dyking all.I innn .\ Ing
l.ulu Island i< now well under waj
and Mr. Ewen requested ihe city council io go an I lo i. over il,.- territory
with iiiiu a - .^,. in as possible, The
council promptly agreed to go over
the ground on Tuesday morning, starting  from  the  city   al   8  a.   ,,,.
Tho question ;,~ to how far the city
would carry the sower pipes for connection with the mains along Fourth
treel wa3 del,ated ami it was decided '��� tarry them as far as the edg
Of the  bits  at   Ihe  eily's  expense, tht
tie final passing of the estimates  Nol   (run.-in   with   these   laurels,   he
jvas   lefl   ov.-r  until   Monday   night.    | wenl     to   Gottlngen   to   pit     himself
Uderman    llaway    broughl   up the  againsl   the  acutesl   Intellects  of  the
matter of the damming of the Lilooet   Continent. He Uterallj  saturated hlm-
river us i Iked of al a recent meeting   Bell   with    Kant  and    Schopenhauer
of the council of the board of trade,  Flchte  and   Hegel���all,  of  course,   in
and stated thai  he bad  been in con-  their native German; and the outcome
versation whh gentlemen who had de- ol Ii  all    was a series of   works on
elded, prior t��� the damming scheme,  philosophy commanding the    admira-
o build a mill in the vicinity of the  tion of the world."
proposed dan,, for the purpose of cut-      Ehis was a curious preparation  fi
ting lumber,    if the proposed scheme   the   llfe   of  a   lawyer   which   he   bad
was carried oul they would be unable  chosen for himself, although no doubt.
to go on with the work as the neces-  ll  was admirable mental training, for
saryamoun! of waier for the purpose of  which he lias good reason to be thank
Heating  off  their  product   would  nol   ful.    He entered  his name as a stu-
be    forthcoming.    Mayor    Keary  and   dent   al   Lincoln's   Inn   when   he   was
Alder,nan   llaway   were  appointed   to only eighteen;  but, thanks ,,, his pur
look  Into the nu,He,- and  tbey  agreed   suii  of  philosophy,  i,   was nearly   five
al  once to go up to the scene of ac-  years before he qualified for a wig and
tlon on  Monday next. gown    and   sel   to   work    on   eqult]
The offer of the Salvation army for drafting and conveyancing. Even In
a lot on the corner of Eighth and these earlj days he was a marked
Vieloria streets was left ov.-r for man, and more than in," barrister re-
further discussion and the board ad- calls today bis prediction of tho earlj
journed. eightiesl   thai   "Haldane   would   son,.;
, 0 . day   sii     on     the     Woolsack."     The
THE RULER OF THE KING'S ARMY   Prophecy  has  no,   come  I rue  yet,  but
  he bas done equally well and is prob
A   Chat   About   Mr,   Haldane,
Don't Read This!
Unless you are looking for perfect Clothing.
Our Men's Suits are superior in style and finish
and are selling
From $4.50 to $22.50
ablj  flrsl In the running tor the Lord
No  man   in
,   ,       ���,,,.,.  Chancellorshli
Parliament   has   quite
    Mr.     Murray   stating    thai   the
salary would I..- $60 per month and
that if possible thi council would like
him  to  reporl   for duty  right  away.
Mr.   .Murray   is  an   old   timer   In   this
city   and   spent   thirty   years   ol   bis
lire   her,..
i . iper  iii
v i in- Chancery Bar hi soon forged
,In- same aspic,  ot   wisdom, aii'l  11  is
doubtful whether anj man of them all  hu wa>  "' "'" fr'""' 1""1 "",k Bllh ln
������   ........   Ion    v..ars    B   leal    wllil'll   llllS
lie   was   the   lirst
city  ever  employed
A communication was rei
can  rival   Mr.  Haldane  In   the   rangal
ami depth    ni  liis    erudition,    Broad
 lered, Bloul  and sturdj  of limb,
w"'' " hlg head and a powerful, clean
,ound- ��haven face, the war socretarj  is the
���ry  type    of  the  Bolld,    confidence-
has de
rived trom Inspiring Briton whom natui
;���cd for high and responsible work
nttornej    general's     depar menl 	
notifying   thc   board   of   the   app ,lnt-  in ''"' world.
ment of Chief Macintosh and Detective VVhen he wa8 �� '"'��� ;" Edinburgh
Bradshaw as Provincial police without Academy a generation ago he was
salary. head and shoulders above the others
.1. P. Hampton Bole wrote the conn- "'   never   knew  such   a   fellow,"  sub
ell   in   behalf  of   Mrs.   Owen   Brown  '"'''' ot llis    ��W  schoolmates    to  the
elded to carry tnem-�� i", -  -    wh08p cow nad '"'"" Impounded    nnd   ''!i,'!'-    "T��e ">��'sl  'I"'1'""1'  llisks tor
lots at the city's expense, the eventually    sold    to defray    expenses        were    child's   play   to    him,    He
,. .      ,,   ,,,,. ,,,, to be responsible for againsl It,   He threatened pro. ding"  could take in a whole page ol Cicero
.......  ,ii ������,.,, ���..,,,��� ,.,������! i,,,. i,,.,    or a   proposition  in  Euclid  while  we
_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_M^_^_1HK ,
 a  i the council made good the loss.; oi   ��   proposition 	
,       ,���  ,    .   wore   wrestling   will     he   Ins'   l"1't
\ communication from the chief of  ������'��� ""���""*  "
.. .in.i   lie     bad   such   a  grave,     oracuiai
police  gave  the  Information  thai   all '""'  "'     naoBucna ,,,.,���,������,
.    i   ii,.���  iTHiiirii wa      with  hlm  thai   we    christened
<������-���.,,,  requirements  had  been   i.,it,ib a
.. ia,,,  -Solon '     SVc  nil   knew  that   Hal
horse in order to enable him to keep  -    thai   the    alance  above the  ,, ^ (    ^ ^
,'��� ������. ,,���, -hnl  the city should under-   "Ite to Mr. Hole, stating the facts of ^     ._    ^   ^      ^      ^   ft|
1 wT Gilley wi-  the council of-  Edinburgh University, where! spent ,,
fering *_:. foi- the old  pontoon,  for- oouple of -ars with hlm.   He carried
,            i   ,      ,,      eilv   -,s  lbe   fen-   all   before   hlm;    Iml    philosophy   was
ion was received from  tnerly  used  by   he c ty^as the  (err   .
asking  thai   the city landing al this side ���  the rive, After -     ���                                   ^
make ,  R1,���,  towards assisting him �����-*<   **�����  LT^ltZ ����    ahead ���f the nexl besl num. He Nicholas and Wife.
niepink in repair a lane which he accepting Mr. Gilley    * ,_         ;:���,     WaihlBB   Vprll     O.-Representa.
,      , vear. ke, i al  his own Th-   resignaIon   ol   W   Haines                                  ^         carr, tlve and    Mrs. .Nicholas    I gwortb
.        ,            Pninmhln No.  2  li''" ball  was accepted  nnd  on ...      .,  ,.      Engiand on  June 2,  re-
exnense,     running   from     Coinmoia w-.tr.n   Ini    ���"'   b,   ���  in  scholai  hip  In , ,.                        ,
��� ���  ��� -'��� 2' cTZZ^Z^TLTZ *�� ���    . - ������������- j*'-vr1*8; ��� "r Franoe ol1 Al'BUSt
... .  t,   Tbe council passed a  resolu- *��� *��� Beal0J ,.,mn  the  rour Scottish   Universities. |28.
ilon granting ��26 for the purpose.        cessor'
,',       ii  ainder.     ���
The mayor mad. the Btatemenl that
Supt, '.''iiiies. of the board of works
had   b.en   compelled   to   purchase
take to provide feed tor the horse, A
motion was promptly passed to thai
A communication was received from
Henry   Howay
!, . ,e .it r ten years, a teal which has
only been rivalled by a few verj ex
cepiion.,1 ii.i n, such as Lord Chlel
Justice.    Ai   this  time  he  had   heenj
live yeai- in I'a rliiiui.uii, and had already   made  his  mark  as a  leglsl nor.
ins Aim:, Mater conferred the di i	
of Doctor of Laws on him; and I hree
years ago he was promoted to the
dignity ot a Privy Councillor.
To all who know Mr, Haldane, the'M
marvel is bow he bus been able to get
...    ....   through   his amazing  aim.uni   of  work I
and yel  have time for anything else
I,i,ring recenl   years il   i.s said  thai   hi
bas made an Income little shon ol
E20.000 a year al the bar; and yet
in spiie of the Immense labor thai ibis
represents, he has i n an assiduous
attender a! the House of Commons,
has written bulky volumes ,,��� such
abstruse subjects as "The Pathway to
Reality," has been chairman of ,
mlttees, governor of Important bodies,
and so on, and still bus found the days
long enough for social enjoyment und
Jaunts  mi   Ills   bicycle.
For  the    rest   Mr.    Haldane  is an
amiable man, a capital conversationalist  and  raconteur, nnd generally, is as
popular as he Is respected,
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Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount ��r Policies now ln force exceeds (M.UUU.OOO.OO
Amount of ABsots, legitimate and solid, now exceeds ��tf,OUO,UU0.00
This ls a company of policy-holders, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
OUR MOTTOi 'rue mrgost amount of Assurance for the Least
Possible, Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 85.
Flre Destroys Pulp Factory.
Chlcoutimt, Que., April 20 -Fire ihis
morning destroyed the large machine-
Bhop of the Ohtcoutlmi Pulp company,
The loss |s $50,000.
Wins Silk Hat.
Port Arthur, Ont., April 20.���The
eivle corporation today presented a
slll<  hat  to Captuin Footo of the Hur-
onin. whieh is the first passenger boat
of the season to dock here.
Cunningham? was the question ashed
lasi night at. ihe joint meeting of the
city fathers ami the school board. Instead ol' Mr. Cunningham was an
estimate ol' the money necessary for
a temporary arrangement in connection wiih the school question and his
colleagues of the school hoard promptly repudiated the documenl us not
being Iron, the school board. T. J-
Trapp considered that something of
the nature of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr.
Hyde character had l,e.-ii si,own by
their once esteemed chairman. John
Peck also expressed himself very
Btrongly along the same line. In fact
Messrs. I'. Peebles and M. Crelghton
wl,., were also there as representatives
���i Hi.' school board uttered fervent
aniens to the remarks of their col-
I. agu, s.
Ai lirsi il looked as though the ,11s
cssiin, was destined to be a pretty
stormy one. bul oil was poured on the
troubled waters in lhe shape of a suggestion from Mayor Keary, lo the effect, ihat If the malt..,- could be ar
ranged so as to defer any outlay of ���,
ininis tor ihe nexl few months ihe ,��� San Pranclsco was thai ,,f a woman
council might be able to limine- th" who sal al the fOOl of Van Ness ave-
mailer ami thus avoid il,.- expense an.l mu> on the nol Bands upon ihe bill-
possible Friction of placing lhe mat- side overlooking Ihc bay easl of Tort
ler  before'th.- electors, Mason   will,   four   little   child,.',,,   the
.\ir.   Peck  Btated   thai   the  sohool youngest a girl of 8, the oldest a boy
board did nol  anticipate in any event   0I  lb.    They  were destitute of WateR
that   the   proposed   new   wing   would food and money,
be ready for use before January next.!   The woman had fled "rtthhor children
Alderman    Jardine,    chairman    of from a home in flames in the Mission
finance,    ami   Ahlen,,an     Howay  both   district   and   ,run,pel   to   the   bay   1 .
,hough, that if payments wee arranged  so thai  they were put off as
ibe work meditated bo as to be i��
readiness tor the Urns when ., tor-
ward movement could be made.
Th,. members of the council expressed th.ir willingness and th, Bchool
board at once formed themselves Into
a committee an.l through their acting
chairman, Mr, Crelghton, passed a
resolution thai the request tor the
submission of a by-law be withdrawn.
I, was moved by Aldermen Howay
ami Garret! ihat we lake up Hu- matter of providing a portion of the proposed funds ami lay the matter ot
ihe balance over umil next year. Carried. The school board through its
chairman expressed his grid iiu.le and
satisfaction a, the turn matters had
taken uml tor aboul ten minutes tbe
two bodies funnel themselves int.. n
mutual admiration society.
One thing bull, belies were t'nm on,
ami lha, was thai ihe sanitary ar-
rangemci, of the schools musi be improved in any cost.
Woman Waits for Husband.
Oakland,    April   20.- Among
many  pathetic Incidents ol the
lhe  I,npe  of  sighting  the   Bhlp, Which
she said was aboul due. of which
he,-  husband   was  the  captain,
"Ile would    know  ,���e   anywhere,"
she said and si,,, would nol move,
though a y ,g fellow galanlh offered his tent, back on a vacant lot i"
which to shelter ber chll,Ire,,.
lung as possible, the matter might he
arranged. The other aldermen also
Bpoke in an approving tone of the
suggestion. Ills worship Btated thai
he had come to the meel Iuu prepared
to rush a by-law through for presentation  to the people at  as earlv a  datel  o	
as  possible, If demanded.    Hut  would | Affects Sulphur Sprint,!-
be truly glad If It could bo otherwise!     Cheyenne.    WyO��� April    !��-*���
(rial   tO   the   Tribune   from   Saratoga,
"Peek   asked   ..ether.   ^jJjg ; ~  ff JUSSW
achool   board     was   wil Ing  to    w*     <��� ^,__ ������,.
draw  the request lo Submit  n  b-1 ��I      "' * ^   ������������,,      .,-,,���
2 ""' "P"""" thlTt_;1��� m fc >��� *���*** lnOTeM,ng *""������'
nrilllnff ,.. iro on with tne eouise sun
wining CO go on ��� ,,,-uptlon of Vesuvius.
gestel and authorise the school noiiru
[Johnston's Bi
/   ' A;
JK��y^J *v_  ^ /
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���   -���  - Ci
rrawB-rrrT  ,   i i mini i i i .M..UI- ��� i  ,'    i M.tfci.ffrMffflw-iHiiT^^ **;*
M     ���
Published by The Daily News Publishing Company, Limited, at their
offices corner of Sixth .and Front
Streets. New Westminster, B. C.
Editor   and   Mgr..Edward   D.   Sawyer
permissable and does nol detract one thai a purr, soul will not mix with an
lota from an individual's Christian or evil one without the pur., one becom-
moral    Btanding.    Thc social    dance Ing contaminated,
mspices   of .- nia!
W. R, Gilley,   pnone 1-_-_.
J.  R. Gilley,
Advertising Rates.
Transient display advertising, 10
cents per line (nonparlel) 12 lines to
tbe inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent insertions.
givr n under the
clubs of undoubted Btanding, an.l fre-
I iented by the very best elemenl of
the city there can be no objection, to al
all. To the family social dance when
the guests are neighbors and friends,
ii certainly  is a happy passtime and
Prof.   A'rxander   Lectured   Before     a
Crowded House Last Evening.
He took for his subject ������Human Nature," and gave one of the mosl lnter-
reflects no dlscredil on the family or estlng,  common-sense  talks  thai   has
Ih,   attendant, Inn   rather  has a  ten-  been  delivered  in  the  cltj   tor  some
Reading notices, bold face type. 20   dency  to  make  social    and    friendly  time. His lecture was Interesting from
rents per lino, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply t�� advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms tn let, etc.. one cent per
word. No advertisement taken for
less than 2J cents.
Pateut or proprietary medicine advertisements inserted at rate of 50
���ents per inch per issue (display) or if
reading notices, 25 cents per line per
issue. No deviation from this rate for
teiui contracts.
lies bind and cemenl more firmly. A the tad thai it appealed to everyone,
learned divine in expressing bis The professor is a pleasing man to
opinion on the family dance considered hear. He is a rapid speak, r, has plenty
ii entirely proper and suggested that to say. and never allows his audience
as 1 nig as the grace of the Lord was to become tired for wan- of something
firmly Impressed on the mind no harm sparkling In the way of wit. He labels
could resull from the merry whirl "bumpology" as a most deluding farce,
of thc dance, an.l in this opinion we and .-ays thai his predictions of char-
are Inclined to concur. Many of the acter are simply told from the shape
ChrisUan ministers today seem to look or a man's head and the amounl of
at the dance a.s a pleasure thai mus' brain II contains,
be, and whilst not caring to express
oi   take  a   decided   stand   againsl   lt,
Dealers  In
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. L'. Pottery Co. sewer pipe, etc. J
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co. t
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot |
'Hnone 1-41 1
Rennie's Seeds
at Half Price and Less
'Phone l-b
perfect Inteflectual head Is reached. He     Tonighl another free lecture will Ue
made  an  Interesting    and    at    times given   in   which   the   professor   will
amusing comparison    between    lung- speak on "Success ln Life."
Tl,.- professor had several things to  headed   morally  inclined   people    and
say on character. The different stages  those  with  wide heads of determSna-
Manage, a.residence 	
. 1906.
On Sunday al a p. m. an.l 8rI5 p.
,���. he will lecture to men only, and
on Monday evening he gives another
llous    enjoyment.    So much    for meana ,,f skulls, from that  of reptile      Al the close of the lecture a public  fre- lecture to all on Reading Charac-
ature of the dance,    li  Is now .,, tj,a( ()f ,,,,, human, showing the dif- examination was made of the leads of rer by  Temperament,
up to us to express ourselves on ibe ,.,.,.,,���   .,������.,,,s .���  wnif.n  th��� brain  is Mess,-.. Peck, Speck, Bryson and Rev.  o	
rather    encourage  it  as a    light  and ,������    intelligence    were    outlined    by  tlon and strong will.
has been called on
. vi!    which  arise     We are certainly
.  . 03e i to the public dance given by
locial   clubs  of  no    moral
\ It .lions  scattered   Indiscriminately, and  patronized  by everj
livable  type  of char;,cier.  where
. luc Ions follow aa readily as the
tld,     ebb and  Iiow.  where  young men
and  women   nne'   and  exchange the
various slangs of the day.    Thai  we
posel in relation to the spine until a  Mr. Brace.
Phone 138 for Ice Cream.
Out b, loved cltj
to exti    I  aid  ���""'  assistance to
. ,������K  in Ban Kranclaco condemn such practices as these I
unit. ��� Ins ano neeuj  i��i
; w    |,1S ,i���.  responded  lo tbe  i    no doubt, and  right   here  we  si
nlfeetly    evident   that    lancli ���   In   such   places  is   po
Royal   Git)   oeed   no   n olutely wrong, and worse yel
,,;,. duty, and duty i;  dangerous,    if the young woman t,
and  affliction   la;   la  to  learn  dancing and  canno
of  character or  clubs o
m aantributc  undoubted  respectability to dance li
citizens   dt   the
prodding to <io th
becomes  when  trounl
-Ity,    li  becomes  find   limn
'!'" ,1"i."l,in! our8-tandt_g?4hall br. ; e neve,  learned to dance .
"'"'���'    01 '   " christian    people  all,   and   hotter   still,   thai   the   Btern
:""'   "ltCal Christianity. N.w  hand ol the tather torbid attendance
!'" """- P      .always been  noted and lee that hli mandates are obeyed
!        f^rosityandinthUlnst,    ���    - *>�� *   rod to act a. a
,,       i��� r,,,i,,    The  r,       Iner.  Thai   there  are  us...-  and
*"' "'^w  opened  up  a   sub   al ��� of all popular amusem, ,     i
Dall) s benefli  ol the ""'si concede and thai a happy mod
'       u,,erers" ai i   s    - 1  mu ��� be drawn somewhere, denot-
Ing  jusl   where   we  can   stop  is  the
1,,..   .pi.  Hon of the hour and the remedj
��e    ick I   to so Impr,   - on the youth
pud mo,ii, 3
promptl)   handed
,,,- the Royal Bank of
will se- Lhal the
hands and
nr loyal citizens for
San   Franc!'-'"'-
San    Francisco
The First Person Who Brings This Advertisement, This Evening to
;,n ioyai citizens lo respond generous
lv  with .ash or Bupplles.    V\e
provtded , store room for ,.U supplies
mi nager
Can . i i who In turn
..nn.     ��� placed  in  proi	
dr,,. i r .ii'   given  our
theii   timely  aid   in
lul  mind    that   ihere is good in
and   th, lr  iiiiiiii ���  musi   h,
ii.lined as io i.e able lo deteel the
ai all times and shun thc evil as the
would a serpent.
We come back again to a (, w of
the effecis of dancing. When the 11 tie
child begins to 'lane, around the home
I, lancing a dangerous and evil
pastime? This query is one of a num-
b, r   lhal   has be-,,   propounded  to the
edltoi of the Tbe Daily News, and as
The News is alive and abreast ot thn
times, ��" see no reason whj our
opinions    on  these  public    Questions
should ,,.,,  I xpress id, ami ll  musi
be distinctly understood by the pub-
li,. that in the handling ot those
soctetj questions along the line ot
card playing, theater going, etc., the
editor Bxpressea his opinio,, without
malice to anj Individual arid to easl
no reflection or slur upon any sect,
cult or creed. The optnoUB are expressed as Im linrls them, and his per
uonal knowledge of the events as they
ha\e transpired or como under his
own observation.
Under in inj .;' i ui i Lances w, are
In    .  I   to  think   i   . Ins  ls  quite
in Its childish glee, the tond parents
looking towards lis future, sees thai
by selling I, ,,, a dancing school If
becomes graceful, is thrown lu contact with oili.-r little folks, the Interchange of childish Ideas unite in coi
mon   reasoning   and   an   aspiration   Is
begun In thai young mind, which
when guided by the master brain ot
the parent presents to the world th
healthful, graceful happy young man
or woman. We could go Into greater
depths on  thla subjecl  and  refer to
Incident upon Incident In favor nl th,
dance and probably dwell nn the subject  al  endless length, bul  we deem
ll wise and prud.nl In bring tho argil-
in. ni In a close, with thes, tew 'In,
Ing remarks. If the y.���,,,g p.npli
Wani to lance, lei Ihem dance, bn,
lei  us constantly remind them to be
careful and caullnus as to their partners and associates, even remlndlnt
them lhal to the pure all thlnga ar,
��� ;r , to tho .'..ii all thing i evil   sn,
Will receive a Dish of Ice Cream Free of Charge.
Of All Kinds
VEGETABLE    SEEDS. Tomato, extra earlj
...            .,   .          f         r., ",,, early, or imall
Five-cenl Packages nf any ,,f the
, ,,                                           ���, nunc.- :;.,,., tor   Zjc
following   S Is Tor    2' 2c
, , Turnips, wh,,.- tal le.
Asparagus, large   white,   ounce ...    ,���
table swede, ounce I
e,|-   fr,]-  10c
,,           ,,    ,        ,,            , Turnip,  large    fleld  Sw,
Beans,  Bush, yellow pud, green ,         ,      ���
,,   .,.    ,        ,��� early feeding, Ib 35c, for .25c
purl ot Lima, lb 35c for.. . 18c
���   ,         ,                          ., Watermelon, early large, ,
lie.! -. earn- round or lonir. blood
     fur 1UC
ounce J"c, fur  10c
,. , ,       ,.          .             ,      , S ge, broad leaf, oun,
Cabbage flrsl early, second e irly *                     ,,
or main crop, ounc- 30c, tor 15c
,,    ,.���                     ,    , Summer   Savory,     ounce
( an ilowe.-,     standard,     nunc
fur    15c
J1.50,  for    75c
Carrots, large while, f,,r stock, grass   seed.
'i       25c, for  15c Fr.,-   Lawns,   with   or
Celery, early    fall    or   winter, Dutch Clover, lb. 35c, for  25c
"""''"  i;'"'  r'"'    30C NASTURTIUM.
Citron, preserving,    ounc-    20c,
for                                             10c T;'"  Climbing,  ,,:'  Dwarl   "
Corn, table, extra early, medium '         '"'
early or late, lb. 35c, for.. 18c flower   seeds.
Corn, for popping, lb. 30c, fori 6o pive-Cenl   Packai
Cress (Peppergrass), unn.,. 20c, the following varieties for 2Vic
���'"'   10c Alysaum, Sweel Larkspur
Cucumber,    pickling-   or Bllcing, Antirrhinum  (Snapdragon)
ounce 25c, tor   15c asvi-s, mixed Lobelia,   i
Kale, curled, ounce 25c, for.. 18c Asters, crimson    Marigold
Lettuce,   Butterhead,  crlsphead, Asters, white     Pan
...-    (upright),     ounce    25c Balsam           Petunia
for    15c Balloon  Vine  (Cardlosi'vrmuni)
Leek, largest, ounce 25c, for 18c Bachelor's Button (Ccn
Mangel, large red or yellow, lb. Calliposis     Poppj
:::"' I"'"' 20c California Poppy (EschscboMa
Musk  Mellon, green or salmon Canterburj   Bells (Campanula)
flesh,  nunc..  Hue.   for 15c Candytufl       l'oriulara
onion   seed. Castor Oil Bean (Rlcinu I
Onions, early red, large yellow Canary r""'��"r
or   wbiie.   or   pickling,    nunc..
:,������  ror  16c Carnation     Sweet Wllliani
Onion Sets, quarl 86c, f,,r...25c Coxcomb (Celo la)
Parsley,    curled,     ounce    20e, Climbers, mixed Salvia
for '                                  10c Chryanthemum  Scarlet  Runs
('vnrAafl   Vine   (I 001110611 >
Parsnips,   table.   Ounce   I6c   for <M'i'ss   vin,    HI
10c Dlanthus Pinks (Single)
..   "           " !',' " ','. .,. Ulan,bus  Pinks  (double)
Pepper,  scarlet,     W,   ounce     25c ,,,,..rii
,.'���.                                   15c Evening  Prlmro	
Peas, early'dwaVf!'second"oarly Bverlastlngs                Verbena
or   late   marrowfat,   Ib   36c, *>ur o'clock (Marvi   o  Pan
,. ���                                   ,��� Porgel M.-Nui   (My,
I'M      loc 7 i ill I i
Pumpkin, pie, ounce 20c, tor 10c Oafflardla
f ' 11,1..I I-i W I'M  ' '���"
R idl li.   early   round,   lung   or "��uetia                                   	
(',,,, inls llelli'.i'r
winter, ounce BOc, for  10c 	
Rhubarb, pie, ounce 35c, for 20c Helianthus (Suntlowe.)
Salsify, oyster plant, ounce nr.e, '''     '"           ,    ,
. ,                                          1r Musk Plant  (Mlmulus)
v"" , ; >;-1JC Morning Olorj  (Convolvulu I
Squash, early marrow ,������ winter, "*"""'
ounce 20c, for 10o Phlox, Drummondi
o .,     ...                               ,. Sensllivc Plant  (Mimosa)
Spinach,    or greens, ounce    ,.c, ,       i,,.,,,,,,
,                                                    ' ScabtOSa   , Mourning B"ae'
'"'   v.";", r'-10c Tassel   Flower  (Cacalla)
Sugar  Beet, large rose, for cattle,  lb.  86C  for    20c SWEET PEAS.
Tobacco, large leaf, ounce 60c, Over 100 sorts mixed, ounce
tor    30c for   	
MARK   SORTS  WANTED, cut out this advertisement, ,,n   '   |
with order, and you will receive the   Seeds   promptly  f'ce    y
P. ll.
Best isi the Market
ppBBWWjBlliWIWW^fWIW WO"��|iip��^|>|||ilM|lil|l,i>i|li||8i)iiiyi H iMMH)^m&im<MW*i
m8 Renoir Co.
6S Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B.C
k8*K'W:a* #*?^:il*M?F^r'<^-r] EA-   - :,_',, AP1IL 2'. 19C3.
S. W. P. Saves Money Local News Briefly Told
Is th.-re Paint e un omy in buying S. \V. P.? Sherwin-
Williams Paint Prepared i s true Paint economy, lt costs no'
more than good Painl oughl to cost. Is always full measure!
and has consistent quality throughout. It has a large covering capacity. Is easy working and saves the painter's time
and the need of re-painting too soon. S. W. P. adds to properly value in the handsome appearance It gives and the
protection it affords against sun, wind and rain. S. \V. P,
saves you money, it. insures you satisfaction.
Are you Interested ln the best Painl  proposition?    If so, talk to���
H. T. KIRK, Hardware and Tinsmithing
Just arrived���a new stock of
Prices *2.50 up
Also "Blue Yeddo" and "Green Arcadia" stock patterns in Dinnerware. If you are using either of
these patterns and require more to complete your
set, now is your opportunity.
The City Grocery,
I   Telephone 97.
Manufacturer   of HaiHeSS and Saddle^
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
! Account Books
Our Spring Stock is nearly all in.   Comprises the Largest Variety of Rulings We Have Ever Carried.
Booksellers. Stationers, Etc. 235 Columbia Street.
���    A.  HARDMAN J.   S.  BRYSON  ���
Hardman & Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete line of Granite, Aluminum and Tlnwares,
Estimates furnished on all Classes nf Plumbing Work.
Columbia  Street
Granville Street
Sole Agents Monarch Ranges.
.���: ;���;
;���; Not on Top, But Still in the Ring.
I House Cleaning Time
y A.nd you may possibly need a carpet.   We have the greatest range of
!���; them and can guarantee to save you money and give you better satis-
>} faction than you can get i��� any other place.    For instance, a good body
[V Brussels, paper for underneath, sewjjd and laid (or one dollar a yard up.
,���1 Old carpets taken up. cleaned and relayed for ten cents a yard.   We
,J have the largest stock and the finest show rooms and the finest  prices.
[V fume and see us.    It will pay you to see our stockJiel'ure  placing  your
,���,' order elsewhere.
716 and 71S Columbia St.    Four Floors
Rear Extension, Front Street.
i-\ I la, uieil returned to Ladner this
afternoon on the Bteamer Transfer.
br. ('ream the purest al the Westminster i'i eery. *
i-\ Smith was a passenger on the
Ramona this morning to Green's land-
in k.
Mrs. Kent was a passenger on the
Bteamer Ramona this morning to Cameron's landing.
\v. Walker returned to Ladner this
afternoon after spending a short
while in the city.
Besl meal in the city at ibe Oyster
Hay Restaurant,
it. Braden returned to Porl Hammond this morning on the Ramona after a shorl slay in New Westminster.
Delicious Ice Cream al  the Cream
>���>���>. *
Toggery of any kind ��ill render the
wearer liable to a heavy fine al the
Poverty Social on Thursday, 26th,
.1.  Iluule of  Vancouver  wenl   down
i river this afternoon    on  the steamer
Transfer, ,���, a pleasui e trip.
Tl,.- si. Mungo t'ani,im,- company's
tug Lon, whirl, has been refitting during the pasl week will be ready
work on Monday,
Leave your ordei - tor Ice Cream a
��� he Creamery. *
Fresh oysters al the Oyster Bay
Old clothes wlll be the style al the
Poverty Social on Thursday, 26th, in
Queen's Avenue Methodlsl church
school room.
Sa.riff Armstrong wenl  down river
:.. Ladner this afternoon accompanied
! by  his  wife  and  da ighter,
Mrs. Blair returned home this
morning on the Bteamer Ramona to
Langley after a sln.n stay In town.
System stenography and typewriting. The Province offlce, Armstrong
block, 'Phone 62, *
The run of spring a ilmon and ooli-
chana has been very poor for the pasl
few days, one boal being out for nearly twenty-four hum, and arriving in
wilh one seven pound salmon.
A line programme and lots of fun at
the Poverty Social aexl Thursday at
Queen's Avenue Methodist school
.1. Porter returned to Ladner this af-
ternoon on the Bteamer Transfer after
spending a tew weeks In New Westminster.
The Bteamer Transfer broughl up
one hundred and seven, y bales of hay
this morning (or the Brackman-Ker
Milling company from Woodwards
.1. Halstead and family arrived in
town yes,erday afternoon on the
steamer Ramona from fori Hammond.
Mr, Mislead who is from Alberta, will
reside ln New Westminster i��� future.
Old clothes and 16 cents In your
pocket for an admission tee will admit you to the Poverty Social under
the auspices of Queen's Avenue Ep-
worth  League.
W, Armstrong of Vancouver, who
was In the cltj fur a few days ship-
ped an excellent pair of thoroughbred
ponies in charge of bis sun up to Chil
11 wack this morning on the steamer
Ramona for pasturage.
Gilley Bros.' tug Flyer came ont of
dry dock today after being overhauled
and repainted. The tinn expects to
have it ready for sea ,,��� Monday when
1 il will lake a scow load of coal to
Point Roberts.
The G, \. R, ear terry Sidney arrlv
ed In porl this morning from Sidney
in tow of the tug Fearless. Among the
cargo was a car of copper matte con
signed to New York from the Crofton
Tickets are going like hot cakes for
| the play al the opera bouse on Monday
nexi.   Those   who   were   privileged   to
I see the performance al  St. Barnabas
, hull   las,   Tuesday   wer.
j in their appreciation, n is a comtdy
the   j
thai  lunches tbe heart  ;.- well
Bense of humor,
W. .1. Goepel of Nelson, who has
jusi been looking Into the books of
the various offlci;,is connected with
the provincial buildings, In keeping
win, his official iiu -les as Provincial
Governmenl Inspector of offices coni-
pleted bis duties, here al noon today
and returned home.
The following passengers arrived on
the steamer Transfer this morning
from down river ports: .Miss Grey,
Miss Frew, from Westham Island; (1.
a. Atkins, F. Hartnell, .1. Hull,,,an, G.
k pn]
ily /Trinity���Holy communion at
in.; Sunday school and bible .lass
:l p. iu.: evening prayer and sermon, 7
p.  in.
Tl,.. services at St. Barnabas tomorrow will be bebl as follows: Holy communion, S a. m.; morning prayer and
Holy communion, ll a. ���,.; bible class,
2 p. ���,.; Sunday school. 3 p. ni.; evening prayer anil sermon. 7 p. in. The
Easter anthems and Other music will,
be  repeated.
Carpets! Carpets! |
$10,000 Worth to Choose From
.  1.26 up
. 5.00 up
Jute Squares, 9x12	
Art Wool Squares, 7-6x9	
Art Wool Squares, 9x9	
Other sizes, 9x10-6 and
Tapestry Squares, 9x9, from    7.00 up
Thus.-handsome Velvet Milton and uci [uares, 26.00 ip
Carpet Felt, Corrugated Paper, Hygenic I nd, fell and Stair Pads.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 t o   241   Front  Streets,  Uupont   Block,
A. Atkinson, from Ladner, W. Feather-      St,  And,, w's  Presbyterian church���
Rev, .1. S. Henderson, pastor. Services,
II   a.  m,  and  7  p.  in.  Sabbath  school
and bible class 2:80 p. ��,. Y. P. S. c.
stone, from Woodwards, and Miss C.
Mills from Sunbury.
A new Bre alarm box has beeu received by the local Bre department
ami will be placed in the
vlclnltj of the Small & Buck-
Iln lumber mills. The box has
has been purchased al lhe expense of
Mi.- mill company and will be installed by the city tree of cost. The new
box will be No.  12,
The Bteamer Ramona arrived al N.w
Westminster late yesterday afternoon
with the following passengers:  \v. c.
tor Mitchell,   N. Crulckshank,   of Chilli
wack; F. Le Clair from Ml. Lehman;
C. Charboneau, of Ruskln; Mrs. Jack-
son from Mount Lehman, A. Pridham.
il. Davis, J, 11. Sllverthorn, Mrs. Armstrong, and Mrs. Browse.
;���;  _A
It. Monday, 8 p, ���,. Prajfer meeting,
Wednesday, 8 p. tn. Morning subject
"Into the Sm.iiing Furnace." Evening
subject    "The   Divine   Presence   in
Daily   Life."
Queen's Avenue Methodist church-
Rev. W. ll. Barraclough, B. A., pastor. Regular sei vices al 11 a. m. and
7 p, ni. Sunday school and bible class
al 2:30 p. in. Pastor's morning subject.
"The Spiritual Baptism." Evening subject, "Th.- Man with a Double Name."
In the Wesl End Methodist church
tomorrow, the pastor, Rev. A. J. Brace
will preside at both services. His
morning subject will be "Christ's love
for the poor." Evening, "Excuses, A
message from the 'Frisco Calamity."
Selections from the Torrey Alexander
Trimmed Millinery |
P The very latest styles shown. ;���;
j! Visit our show rooms you will be sure to !���!
!���; lind what you want. j��;
j���� Fine Stock of Children's Sailors. 3
:���: .   ;���:
_______________  Ileleiu-aus  ________ Sanbiiry ______________  this 	
morning  tor  hum'-    in  bla    gasoline bymn  book  will  lr, rendered  by  the
slur.],  the  Minnie,  after  spending yes- choir.   Services,   11   a.  111.  and   7   p.  in
terday in disposing of a large amounl Burnaby,   preaching  service,   2:30   p.
of farm produce, which he brought up
to sell at the city market, The Minnie
is quite a craft having a seven hundred dollar engin" Installed which
drives her through the waier al the
rale of about  six knots per hour.
Thirty-four Free .Masons accompanied   District  Grand  Master  Armstrong
Sunday   school.   '.',: 1".   p.   m.
last night on Im official and fraternal
wisi, to accacia Lodge, Vancouver.
The party chartered ., special ear tor
the return journey and arrived in the
Royal City about one o'clock this
morning. The gentlemen who atiended
all expressed themselves as delighted
with the trip. The visitors were en-
tertalned In royal manner by their
A week from tomorrow the
Oddfellows will attend divine service
en masse in St. Andrew's Presbyttrian
church. Rev. J. S. Henderson will be
he sptaktr.
On Sunday morning, April 29, Rev.
Dr. Hardman, superintendent of Presbyterian missions, in the Canadian
Northwesl will preach in St. Andrew's
Presbyterian church.
Free Masons Send  Relief.
Three hundred dollars won 1, of ne-
cessitles  wer,- senl  to San Francisco
yesterday afternoon by tbe Free Masons of British Columbia  and Grand
Master Armstrong   had    the   busiest
. time of his life making th,   necessary
I arrangements in the period between 1
and  4  p.  m. The shipment   was made
through the channel used by the Vic-
torla people and Grand Secretary Lee
of Victoria    had charge    of arrangements at that end. Sheriff Armstrong
Iof this ciiy and 11. M. Rich of Ladner
local | chairman    of flnanc
Saturday's List
Provisions, Fruit, Vegetables���everything fresh j
and good at reasonable prices. Cooked ham, bologna
sausage, pickled pigs feet, pickled lambs' tongue,
pic-nic hams,   Loney   Bros.' Al   butter, bananas,
oranges, apples, lettuce,
Public Supply Store,  Columbia  St.
Can Arrange
Terms For You.
undertook    the
The Temple
seined in St.
belies  of the
of Fame was again pre-
Patrick's hall    by    the
West     Side    Methodist
work of engineering things at this1,
point and the supplies left Vieloria
last night. Sheriff Armstrong through
Masonic agencies got in touch with
Berkeley, Cal., yesterday. The message
received was thai supplies were great-;
ly needed, and the city's capacity was
more than I axed by refugees from the
mure affected districts. The food supply was getting very low. Money was
not needed as business was entirely
disorganized and there was nothing
eft   to   buy.  The  contribution  of the
823���One hundred and sixt
southern slope ot tne Berpentln
the Clover Valley Road; near t
land Is very productive; about
Good and convenient. uuildings.
This is well worth investigate,
1027���An unusually good I,
to 75 acres under tirst-ciass cul
good shape; ltl-roometl dwellin
kiln and baling room in good c
are worth at least ja.uuu. Bert
This Is a most desirable farm;
be taken oft lt.   Knee, *. ,s00 c
y acres,beautifully situated on the
e Valley; first-class lana, tronung on
he railroad and river; good road;
60 acres in first-class condition.
All necessary Implements ami stock.
n.    Price, ?90 per acre.
uy. One hundred and sixty acres; 60
tivatlon; 9 acres under hops, all ln
g in good condition, barn BUxluu; aop
ondition; the buildings on the place
and Creek runs through the property,
from $2,500 to ?S,5UU per year can
church ihis afternoon in the presence| Masonic lodge was consigned  to De-
, large and appreciative audience
The proceeds will go towards swelling
the relief fund for the San Francisco
The Rev, Dr. Fraser, of Firs, church
Vancouver, will give one of his Interesting talks in ihe lecture room of St.
Andrew's church, on Tuesday evening
nexl al eight o'clock. Dr. Fraser is one
of the mos, Interesting and instructive
lecturers on the coast, and he has
promised the holies the besl iu his
repertory for this occasion. Lunch
will   be  served  after  the  lecture.
puty Grand Master Hart, at Berkeley.
Gerardy Concert Tonight,
.lean   Gerardy,  who  appears  al   the
Vancouver  opera  house  tonight,  has
played    with  unqualified    success  In
every civilized country.   He is as well-
highly esteemed in .Russia as in America, as giea, a favorite in Germany
as in Prance. Indeed, he is an international favorite. Wherever the
violincello is appreciated Gerardy's
Farmer Loses by Fire. i genius     is     recognized.     Today     his
Broadview, Saslc, April 20.���William Position as the most poetic, most brll-
Moulding, a fanner living three miles U*nt exponent of this difficult and
Bouth of Broadview, losi his stables noble Instrument Is unquestioned,
with their contents, by flre lasi night While Gerady scarcely yel has reached
Fortunately most'of his cows were not man's estate, his achievements have
in the stable, but bis seven horses, been "1:l"v :lni1 notable, it is safe to
ihr..,. head of cattle and all his har- assume,   however, thai his   proudest
i���-ss wer, stroyed, The origin of the triumphs lie before him.
is  a   mystery.   Althougb   prairie|
',���! THE    FINEST    VARIETIES   THAT   MONEY   CAN   BUY. !���!
w ��
>}           Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes. >!
|            Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds |
:���: '���'
;���; Ornamental trees and shrubs in great variety, evergreen and gold- ��
!��;   en from 2 to 0 feet.   Roses, paeonlbs,   rhododendrons,    privet, ever- >J<
green, and broad leaved for hedses.    Catalogues free.
D. M. Robertson & Sons
nthuslastlcl pWoe
lire is a mystery
tires have been riming in all directions
none bad been near Mr. Mouldiug's
and   no   tires     had   been     made
the premises.
>>>>>::<t;>;:oxc<co:>>>>>io>>:>j ���:'*::*:cco:>:>:>::��z*zccc��zc��z*>:>zc��z*;>z*j    J
Largest   Stock  In the City.
Mounted     In   any   Style    you   Desire,
Come and Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler,     -     Columbia St.
A Golden Opportunity!
The owners loss is your gain,
acres ol liurnaby liinil, Ol,
For on.' week only we offer  live
se in at the nominal figure of
ee us today about this property,
McLeod, Mark & Co., "'��
Estate, Fire & Life Insurance
Tel. 273.      Near    7 ft m Office
Saturday Night Specials!
Fancy Navel
Good size���the very Best Brand
25 and 35c Per Dozen
These are strictly first class, not dry and pethy,
but lots of juice.
Bananas, Apples, Cocoanuts, Asparagus,
Cauliflower, Cabbage, Etc.
C. A. Welsh"
Thc People's Grocer
I'be Gerardy of today is a different
man trom the Gerardy of a tew years
ago, As great as he was Ihen, he is
very, much greater today. Since he
was his, in Vancouver his ar, has developed, his musicianship has broadened   and   his   musical   horizons   have
widened. Now he is more than a mere
virtuoso���he is a matured artist, the
Incomparable master, and as recently
quoted by an eminent musician In this
country:    "Gerardy Is unquestionably
I lhe greatesl   vlollneellist   living  today,
although be Is the youngest."
p   Tynehead  Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER.   B. C. |
Advertise in the News
For Sale���Fresh Mllc.h Cow. Apply
Daily News Office, or P. I). Bex 332,
\ v.  Westminster,
Wanted���Young girl help. Apply 1st
ami lib avenue, upper Exhibition
Elk's Minstrels
Vancouver Opera  House
April 26 and 27.
Sons of Scotland
The Sons of Scotland nre Invited lo
'ittend a social evening wllh lhe Hoyal
[���[ Sen, I'amp Vancouver on Wednesday
>$< i night. April .6th.
$ I     All men,hers cordially Invite,1 to nt
B    tend.
,���! By order,
|J; JOHN MeXKVl.V Chief.
IU, :l>:����_*_a_e^^ ' Actional  Want Ad. on  Page fever.
Great Chorus.     50 Voices.
Best Soloists in British Columbia.
Hear the famous Octette.
TICKETS, $1.00. for sale everywfcere.
No extra charge for Reserved seats.
The Daily News has a few for the convenience of
Westminster patrons.   Apply at business office.J
��� ���
: Sporting News:
and Comment.
barks loudly  to show that all is  well
pith iiiui and with ihe ofiice.
Ureal    Britain, 11  is said,    eat
thirteen weeks all the 73, 0 it 0 bush-
. is ol   w he .    which ii grows.
in.    Town   Council  of  Berlin  now
.  cats, and ea, i, '���..'
law compelled to wear a  metal
With    .1    1,11,Hirer.
A!   Ai\ la i I,   there  is a  news
paper mu ad, .1  b:   t is,
j allow  amateur-   ,     . |        . , ,,,.,,  ,.���������.,;���-    flies of
ecimens   of   mure   than   17,    dil
:.     ;. ..    S.JIIIH1KHI. .
Eastern Lacrosse.
Montr, il,   April  20.-���The   members
of  the  Montreal  Athletic   as-.,.
...      ..i Wednesday
��� with professionals without injury to their standing as am
;, ur-. The question arises fr..i��� the Bit-
nation In the Lacrosse league having
rot, I iu allow iis teams to play
against the teams of professionals
The result of the vote will change the
wlu.le amat.ur Btanding of Canada.
newspap, rs.
Moated  Houses.  -Helmlngham   Hall
i-  the  s.-a,   of  Lord    Tollemache  in
Berth N���.   iti." will be received    al   class to convey  infection    to ,      ra and the N. W.  r.,,
this Department until noon on Wed-' without themselvi ko�� Tenr.to                               j^
In nesday, the 2nd day of May. 1906, for   symptoms.  It  is  therefore  plain  thai tain omjn                                    ^ew
a licence to cut timber on Berth No.   great  caution should be exercised In ^ ._ &<
171, situate in tbe  Railway  Belt   In  the purchase or b i Hing of strange ;..'l1,r  .  .
the  Province    of  British    Columbii .   horses or  mules  .           Ilj   In    tho ��� ned to the
districts    where    th,      dls, bmerged beds  or          of the river
become established. '   ' '���; ;,:: ' sub'
g    -I-,,,,  ear..as,. t year and $io per mile for each
from r ���   ''���   '���   v''r-      ���'  T;'y 5ame   a~
���   era Bho,    . when  possible,
be burned or,  falling this, I urled  al
24 chains more or less to the North least six feel benea     th,     tri ce.
 indary of Section 10;  thence East      P.   Owners of premises whei
along the North boundary of Sections breaks hav been lealt with should
10 and 11, 100 chains more or less, to bear In mind that Inspectors cannol
the point of commencement, contain- recommend  release    from quarantine _.,���,,
thc Y���-   1
commencing at the southeast  corn, i
of Section 14, Township 5, Hani;.. 27.
Wesl of   the Cth   Meridian;    th
North   11   chains;     thence   West     80
chains;     thence    South    20    chains;
thence West 20 chains; thence South
wlch.     The  exist in
been  raised .vei..   night for the past   licence will  be issued
p]     -   minin ���        the  tful   n  T,
ritory���Creek,   gulch,   river   and   I
shall not   exceed  -'5o  feet  in
h, measured cm the base line or
general  direction   of  the    creek    or
. ���    |    ng from iooo to
feet.     All   other  placer  claims
shall be -���?" feet -snare.
i laims   are   marked  by  two   legal
Fight   Declared   Off.
Loi Ang.ies. April 21,.���Because oi
the devastation <>r San Pranclsco, the mil ttl easl of Maidstone, ln Kent,
aniioiinceiii.nl   was  made  officially  to-   wnii-li,  surround.i\ by lis moat, forms
Suffolk,  abou   elghl   miles  trom  lps- ing an area of 4uu acres more or less,  unless  disinfection  has  been  carried
drawbridge  has      The  regulations    under    which    a  out in a satisfactory manner and that
also printed  compensation for animals slaughtered posts,  ^^J^*^ ��,����,
and the prese wu, . does  forms of tender and envelope, may be cannot he paid until a certificate   of ^_ ^  jf- ^  cUii_  .. wi(,lin  tfin
not allow  the custom to become obso- obtained at this Department or at tho cleansing and    dlsinf ction   has been ^.^ q{ tfce minlnR recorder's office.
lete     Another fine example of a moat-  ouTce of the Crown Timber Agent at   received  by the  Minister of AgriCUl- ()m. extr_ t,.iy ailowed lor C;,ch addi-
,.., ,,������s,. i-  i,,,i    castle   aboul  ihree  New Westminster, B. C.                        'ture. tional ten miles or fraction.
Each tender must  be accompanied      10.   Horse owners should have no The person or  c .mpany stakmg a
in reporting to this Depart- claim must hold  a free miner's cer-
by an accepted cheque on a chartered  hesitation
almost a lake crossed by a Blngl-
bi Idg, There la ,, line moat at Wells,
.n Somersetshire where thi episcopal palace, an ancient castellated mansion, is surrounded with walls enclosing nearly seven acres of ground.
This moat is supplied with water from
St Andrew's Well.
day that the championship light between Frankle Neil and Abe Attell is
Instead a pugilistic tournament fori
the benefit of the earthquake sufferers
will be held lure, probably next Tuesday night, Th,- card will Include
James J. Jeffries, and three world's1
champions���Burns, Nelson and Attell,
Between 800 aud 'juu British towns
and villages have namesakes ln the
t niie.i States.
Nine hundred and thirty-one British  for  Bale at  Public Auction    by T. .1.
municipalities own gasworks,    ninety- Trapp, Auctioneer at his auction mart
Mortgage Sale
Under and by virtue nf the Power
ol Sale contained in a certain Indenture of Mortgage which wlll be pro-
��� I ic, rl al the Bale there wlll 1 ffered
bank in favor of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, for the
amount of the bonus which the applicant is prepared to pay for a licence.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, March 20th, 1906.
ment or to its Inspectors the existence tihcate,
of actual or suspected cases of gland- The  discoverer   of  a new mine  is
ers. The disease has been spreading entitled  to  a  Clam,  0    iooo   feet   m
, ,.  ,        _  , lencth. aand    I  the  party consists  oi
rapidly of late years and It Is n mat- ����*�� ^            v^ 7 ^ ^ ^
ter of public Interest that every fresh ^ __ whkh  nQ  roya,ty    ,h;, ,     ,,c
centre of infection should he d.Ueov-1^^   . the r?st 0f ti,e party ordin-
ored  and  dealt with as promptly  as afy r;;l;ms only,
possible. Entry fee $io.     Royalty at the rate
.1. G. RVTIIERFORD. , f two and one-half   per cent, on the
Veterinary Director General, value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, March. 1906.
In districts w h, re th,   existence of
glanders is Buspected and especially
and   IS]
lee     ,n
Clarkson Btreet, New W, -'minster.
nine tramways
It is not widely known that Edward
Vli. rules uv.r mure Mohammedans
than the Sultan of Turkey, over more
Hebrews than there are in Palestine,
and over more negroes than anj other
sovereign who Is nol a natlv, of Af
Five   Thousand   Five   Hundred   Bei
mun-.���Tbe   Rev.   F.   .lesson   has  jusl
died   al    Grantham     (lines)   In  his
ninety-third    year.    II.- bas    delivered
nearly   5,500   sermons   in   thai   town,
and in one church alone he lias preached 11,700 s.-rnions.
Novel Method of Exacting Payment
of Rates.���The   municipality of Orla-
muiide   has   just   issued   ���   notice   to   s,
the effect thai admittance to all cafe. h;is , ��� ftled ,��� Ihis offlce
in neighborhoods    where actual    out- Synopsis   of    Canadian    Home-
breaks hav,- occurred the adoption of
B- C on Tuesdaj the is- day of May   ^  foU precautlona  ,,..  owner8
1906, al  12 o'clock, the following Real        Worses
Estate, Lots I, 2. and 3, In a portion
of lot   17    in  Suburban
(3%  acres)
.  in City of N.w W, Btminster.
I'.n- conditions of sale and  further
particulars applj to
Vendor's Solicitor,
Hank ot Commerce  Bldg.,
New Wesl minster, li. C
and others Inter, sted will
do much to prevent the spread of the
dlse -   and the i stabllshment of fresh
ol Infection.
1.    Hoi ses or mul, Ing a nasal
h irge or other su; IcIoub symptoms .should not be admitted to livery
or teed stables or yards, blacksmith
shops,   church or school   sheds, rail-
stead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Bell In British Columbia, may be horn, I ' any person who Is the sol, I ol a family,
or any male over :     ears of age, to
bar diggings or bench claim-, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person ur company lias
obtained more than one lease one
f..r each fifteen mites or frac-
tion th.re..; is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
Royalty at the rate of two
ami a half per cent, coll, cted on the
output after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
th,   extent   of  one iuai er   section  of Six 1, of I ve miles each may be
160  acres,  mure or lr
Entry may be made personally at
the local land office for the district
in which the land is situate, or if the
way   stuck  yards,   private  stables  or nomesteader desire.-, he may, on ap-
other   plae.s   where   they   are   likely plication to the Minister of the Inter-  dar-\tn be, f,.xc_. *?}[*!*?���
Into direct or Indirect    contact ;0r,   Ottawa,   the   Commissioner   of
"f   with animals of the equine species. Immigration,  Winnipeg   or  the  local
Re Lot 9, 10,   and    13 of l.nt 16
Suburban  Block  10,    Map  20!.   New ...   All    stables,    yards,    or  sheds agent receive authority for some one
Westminster   City. n.-ed f0r the accommodation of horses to make entry for him.
Whereas proof of the loss of Ceni- ,,,. Imlles shoul(1 ,���. reguiarly and fre- The homesteader is required to pcr-
Bcateof Title Number 1074a, ..���,,... ,.,,,,������.,,    ana dl8lnfected    in for��� ��" -ondttioM connected there-
mmp of   b.ne Howiv .,                            ���,   , ���  , with under one of the following plans.
>.the manner prescribed below. (l)  ^ ,eut 9J_ month3,  residence
unl.lie   bouses   is   1  .nccl'orih   lo      ,-    , 3>   Af"'r   cleanslng    the    !>rei��is"s u00n  and  cultivation  of the  land  in
and   puuiic   nouses   is   n.nc, iuuu   io       Notice is hereby given that  I  shall
thoroughly, and burning all debris
upon  and  cultivation  of the land
e each year for throe years.
'"   li"11"''1 "' t1' wl1" ''"' ""; paj ""'"'  ;"  ""' expiration of one month from   |nterioT should be well gon,  over with      (2) if the father (or mother, if the
rates and taxes within the legal limit   the date of the first  publication here-  ] ,,, Bteanii ,���. boiling water, adding to father Is deceased) of the homesteader j ?'
of time.    It Is nol altogethei  an Inno-  of, Issue a duplicate of the said Cer-  ,-,... ,,,..,., at i���:1<, ,,, .   , :      ,.. ,..,;,..   resides  upon a  farm in the  vicinity   '
vation, tor a Bomewhal  .similar meas- tilicate, miles.-, in the meantim,
in., has ir..,.,. In force for :i number of objection be made to me In writing.
years in Switzerland, and lias answer- rj. S. KEITH,
...I iis purpose excellently. Dlstricl   Registrar of
Th    i  , Sel I,    The Japanese Land   Registry Offl,
have adopted a compulsorj  system uf New Westminster, _���:���_.,  Vpril I, 1906.
carbolic acid to each five gallons after of the land entered  for  the  i
which   the  entire   surface   should   be ments  is to residenc, may be s
tl ckly coated with a hoi  solution ot h? ' ,ch Per!on r'^
lime wash, to which crude ear-
has been ad led in the al
: ed proportion.
national    education.    Boys   and girls
must att, a.1 school as sunn a   I h,
tain the age uf six.  and  rei
until   tin-  age  of  fourti  in,    T
tour y, ars thej teach them thr
. se   ami   ('bines..   langUag, B,   and   the
four  years  they   add  English;
when   boys   anil   girls   are   g, iduati d
from   the Japanese   common schools
they can  read and  speak  English.
Silver Fh-i'i for the Kaiser.    \ t
granted to a free miner for a term of ���]
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below    low    water   mark, that boun-
r.n thr'
tsl day of August in the year oi the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two year- from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each live miles within six
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yuk :i Territory to be paid to the
comptn llei
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each  separate   river, creek   or  gulch,
ut  the   same   miner  may   hold   any
number  of  claims by  put
free  miners   may  work   thi ir
.    . filing  i        e   and
claim may b,
abandon, '.  and  anotl
��� r,  by
giving  n u d paying a  fee.
Worl     ���       ' '!    a   claim
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
noi. NEW bally
'..���en.,,,, Blaine, Belling- 3:0D pm
4:35 pm bam      Burling |9:35pm
ton,    M ���    Ver
nun.      I.,-
Seattle        and
4:27, pm Spokane,       St  3:00 pm
Paul    ind   all
points East.
9.20am|Anacortes, t'-Ou pin
IWoolley,     and!
8:00 pm Vancouver 9:20 am
9:35 pm 1:36 pm
Route Ol the ramuus
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg,  Duluth.  Chicago,  St.
Louis and all  points  East,
For complete information,
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F. C. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Rank of Commerce Building.
N,w Westminster, B. C
S. G. YERKES, A. G. P. A���
Corner Becond Ave,,,,.- and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.        j
Eight Train.-  Every Day in the- Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
the i '���,.., -t   and best ideas
and  LUXURY.     It  is  lighted  with
both  electricity   and  gas;  the  mosl
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world.     The   equipment   consists   of
private compartment cars, standard
16 section sleepers, luxurious dining
car, reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library  and   sn,..king   ear-.
For Tun.'   i I     lei -. or any
further information call on or write
".'o Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Lino
a- IB,
, ex.
��� am.
or m ither,
(3)  It the settler; has his permanent
I, -ice  upon  farming  land  owned
by him  in  the vicinity of his  home-
Outbuildings, fences and tying posts stead, the requirements      ton    lenc,   ,,,',,;,,.. iVleast"$-00
with   which   Infected    inlmala   havi   may 1         tisfied  by   1       ence  upon      A   certificate   thai   work
Re pari  ot  Loi   2S0 Group 1, Nen   hern in contact should also, when pos- the said land.                                          not  tiK, ci;unl shall be deemed to be
minster District.  Whereas pro..:   slble, be thoroughly treated ln a slmi-     Six months'notice in writing shoi              ���                ,,    ., ,, ., occupation
ami entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
s.  whieh  have
Northern Pacific
(Subject to chang ���
Prlnc,      i:
Leave.   Porl    I
I.. ives Virii.i ia  .
Arrive Seattl    . a.m.
Leave Seatt le it:1' ���
Arrive  Porl   '!.,
Arrive Vlctoi ia
S. S. Prii ce    V
I   lily.
Leave Vanco ver 1 p. _j,
L. a ,'��� Victoria 1 a. m,
ROI  11..
STR. t'IIAi;.Mi.K
Leaves Victoria, 1 _, _, ,,;
and  Fridays.
Leaves .New Wei tmin ter
Wednesdays and Satui ���
''ailing ai Maynean -i .-. .   .,���,
S.s. .I,.;,,, leaves Nanaimo
cop, Saturday and g ,���
Baturdaj  H a, in.
Leaves   Vancouver   dan
Saturday and Sunday, ai
Saturday 8,30 p. m.
S. S. Queen City.
Leave   Vieloria   11   p,   ,
and 20th of each month to        .. ���
nnd way points.
Leave Victoria 10th of 1 ��� ������,
tor Quati Ino an ; 1
Leave ' Ictorl 1     th ol ��� ,..������
tor Cape Scol I and waj ,
Ing Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves    New
Additional  trip  leav,
ruins,er ,". a. 111.  .-   ���
Leaves   E
r'a   .   \\ .��� lie     : 1
urday 7 a. n      1 \ >.
ditiun.il  I rip  Sa ill.;.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave   New   Vi 63tn
Mondaj.-.  We In
I., ivo Chilllwi       ,
Thursdaj a  and   Satrd 1 illlng at
landing   between   .''.'������.���.    . 1
and Chllllv,
NORTHERN  B. C,  !: 11
S.   S.   Ters.
Leaves Vancom
and   iflth ol  each  month 1
Sk^de ��� ite on first tii;. and 1:
la on Becond trip,
Times  on   arrivals
are ap] roximate.
Fur  Ticket 1,   resi
form ition cal) on or 1
.1. W, TR
Q, neral Supei Int,
E, .!. COYLE
Ass,. Gen. Pass   v
W. 11. 0 ' ':
Gen. Agent, Freli hi
N.w V,
ED, 'i( 1
Vi snt, n.���-, \\
Westmln   er   ever
.1 Coo-
of the loss of Certificate uf....Title iar manner. be given to tin- Commissioner of Do
number 2164A, Issued ln the name ol      All ordinary   harness   and   stables minion ]   ':     ''"       "
Daniel Callaghan hat I n filed in thla utensils, which hav,- been In contaci to apply tor pat
office. with Infected animal; ur Infected pre-
Notlce is hereby given thai I Bhall mlses, Bhould be thoroughly soaked in
al   ih" expiration of one month trom b hot solution of crude carbolic acid
he date ot the first publication here- of a Btrength of one part to twenty,
of, Issue a duplicate Of the said Cer-       Materials  which  might    be  injured
Deputy Minister of the Interior,
N.   B.    I :     thorlzed   publication of
this  ;. ��� ni   will   nol   be  paid
en!   of a  decidedly  unique character tiflcate, unless in the meantime valid   by iho above treatment Buch as valu-
was given to the Kais.r on the occasion ot his sllv.-r wedding by a
large number of sallng and rowing
clubs in Germany. The prcBent con
Blsts of eight silver models representing the development of the sailing
1.0a, from the old Viking ship to the
presenl Balling-yacht Meteor. Among
these beautiful models is th, well
known Victory, Nelson's flagship. This
Bilver tb ��� 1 i- Intended for table dec
Elevator to Ascend Alps. Persons
not hardy enough to risk the rigours
ol Alpine ell,1,Plug are now enabled
i.i inuiini in lbe sun,mi, uf the Ham-
mei Siiiuaiid mountain, 3,600 feel
above sea-level, by means ..i the long
. si   i,ii   in the world, nn elevator BOO
I. '     high.      The    elevator    is    located
not   tar   from   Lucerne,   where   is   a
grotto in winch the elvator shaft  is
inriri. n.    The elvi ���  is operated  b>
electricity,    The    cage    is   u    re, i
square, anly seven passengers are ear
II, ri each trip.    The ascent Is mad., in
three minutes,
Th.. Latest    "Freak"    Dinner.   The
latesl     "freak"   dinner   Is   lhe     baby
objection he made to me In writing.
Dlstricl Registrar ot Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B. C.
March 30, Htnfi.
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may    be    purchased at $10 per acre  for soft coal
and   $20   fur   anthracite.      Not   more
than ,}20 acres can be acquired by one
individual or  company.     Royalty  at
thc rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
ned ibs ilutely by having a survey
marie and publishing notices in the
Yukon  Official  Gazette.
Petroleum All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may re
serve for nu individual nr company
having machinery nn the land to be
prospected, an area of I920 acres for
such p.-ri...I as he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth, Sin,old the prosper,..r dis, ��� ivit oil in paying quantities, ami satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
seres, including the "il well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
l$l an acre, and the remainder of the
Tenders     addressed   lo   >!��'     uu.lei
Blgned rn Ottawa and marked on th
envelope   "Tender   for   the   construe
tion of a Hydrogrnphlc Steel Twi,
Screw Steamer," will bo received up
lo ih.. his! daj of Ma next, for the
construction of 11 Steel Twin Sere..
S . .oner fur ihe Hydrogiaphlc
vli ������ m British Columbia waterB,
spei nir anna ,  plan ��� and  forms uf
1. ndei ...ii . 0   een nl Iho ..tin f  the
Vg, 111  ut ihe  Departmenl  ,,r Marin
ami  Fisheries  al   Victoria,  11. ('., al
the Custom  House al   Vancouver,  B,
(',, and at tho Departmenl here,
F.a.l, tender musi  bo accompanied
dinner, which took place al Baltimore  by an accepted hank choqi iuai to  !
be collected on the gross  t-:"''   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
will be BOld at the rate of $,i an acre,,
of    eighteen subject to royalty at such rate as may
tock cum- he specified by Order i��� Council,
Deputy cf thc Minister  ol the  lu-
Dept, Interior,
tin- Other week. The nielt guests
came In knickerbockers, the women In
shun frocks, The hostess's daughter,
v\in> has jusl "co,,,.. oui," entered sit-
1 in- In a pei iiulaior. wheeled bj n
friend In lha get-up of a negro nurse.
After tiring ot dragging wooden
horses and Btufted woolly lambs about
the room, wheeling hoops, playing wiili
mechanical toys, and blowing tin
trumpet ���. the company revell, .1 In
"Here we come gathering uuis and
maj" and   ol hei  Juv, nlle   songs and
gain'' I,
Dog ihni   Answers the T. leph	
An up-to-date dog is one thai answers
Hi,, tel, phone, The ,onlor p.nine,
oi an Influential cltj firm has we are
Inform, d taughl his dog, nol >u,h to
giuinl ih. office during hla absence,
1,ni also to reporl "All's well" during
lhe   lime   Ihe   promises  are  closed   at
week-ends, One of the old fashioned
telephones, which does nol requli e
thai the reoelver should be taken off
its   holder.   Is   fixed   Up   in   the   office,
nnd  under  this  lbe  dog  stands.     Ilin
matter rings up ti, 1 office and then
calls until 11 in.,,,i.ui of the dog is
nvousiil,   wl,.,,    the   canine   eaielal. "
tu p..,- i.,,i. of the whole amounl
the tender, which wlll be forfeited If
the pels.ui sending the accepted tender declines to enter Into 0 contracl
wiib ihe Department. Cheques accompanying lenders which are not accepted  will  be  returned  Immediately
after a decUlon bus 1 n arrived at.
Nev Bpapei ��� copj Ing ihis advertisement wlthoul authority trom the Department will not  be paid,
Deputy   Minister ot  Marine nnd
Departmenl  of Marine and Fisheries,
(),lawn,   2Mb   March,   1908,
ai.le harness, robes, cushions, etc.,
which have been in contaci with In-
fectlon should be placed In an air
light room ami fumigated with Formaldehyde after which they should be
thoroughly cleaned.
1. in Btablea where outbr, aka have
occurred or where dli ea 1 1 anlmaia
have, Inadvertently or otherwise, been
stabled, ev.��� temporarily, the Cleansing and disinfection should be especially thorough and in such rases It Is  pounds sha
1 safes' to remove and burn t 1 boxes output.
( and mangers when   ot wood;    iron     QUARTZ���Persons
1 articles can be rendered harmless by -Vl':ir" ���'""1 "Vl'r and iomt
passim: them through flre or by Im- panies holding free miner!
.,        , ' ,   ,, mav obtain entry for a mining   oca
merslng ihem for so  time i��� boll       - '
ling water.  All litter from  suspe d   10Afree miner.s certificate is granted
animals shouhl be burned or careful- f,ir ,,���,. ,,r ,,������.,, yt,.,rN ���,,, exceeding
ly fenced until used. f-ve| ���,������, paymenl In advance of $7-50
5.    Farmers     and     Others      should,   per annum I ir an Individual, and from
whenever   possible,  avoid    admitting $50 to $100 per annum for a company,
���:���.. hors, ��� or mules to ..... prent   according to capital,
lses u nipled  bj   their own animals     a   free  miner,  havln_   discovered
especially ot the sain.- species, 1, 1, ;, mineral in place, may >��� ��� ite a claim
g 1   plan   to   nserve   an   Isolated 1500x1500 feet by  marking  out the
building tor outside horses or mules 8ame, ���'''"' fw0 l����R' P0,t,t ,'"',r
but where this is Impossible thej mav location m
the line .rf the lode, or vein.
Tbe claim shall be recorded
fifteen daya if ocated within ten miles take you over tho continent on through
"*'oi a mining recorder's office, one ad   first-class    sleeper   and    magnificent
ditional  day allowed  fnr  every ad-Uourlsl   curs.   Transcontinental   train
together with all other stable utensils ditional ten miles or fraction,    The
used  on  or  about     them,     should     be   (,.(��� for recording B claim is $5.
carefully cleansed  anil  disinfected  before  being  used     for  other    animals.
stalls occupied by Btrange horses   nr
, Transcontinental
Trains Daily
1 :. ���!..,, the Famous
El, ctri   lighted train.   Low l: it, 1.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Stea,,ishir Tickets on sab- to all European puints.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
Fur full informtion call on ur write
c. E. I,ANO, General Agent,
480 Hastings St., Vancouver, B, C,
Portland. Ore, A. G. P. A.
N. W,
Railway Company
wi,.,, travelling by ibis popular up
,f ""'���"" Rft��w�� Ul"   |MV" ""  Wl,ny
accommodated in cow stables, cat-
nol being subject to glanders In-
ahuii'   missing  train connections
within  changing     curs during  lbe  nighl.
made and upon .'.implying with other
requirements,  purchase   the  land  al
$l.on an  acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Tenders for a  Licence to Cut Timber
on Domonion  Lands In the Province of  British  Columbia.
SEALED TK.NDKUS addressed to
tho Timber and Mines Branch, Department of the Interior, nnd 1,nuked
mulea Bhould be well cleansed and
disinfected and, if al all possible, left
unoccupied for s,,,���e time,
,',.    Where new  horses or mules are
purchased in or from districts where
glanders exists, they should,   unless Minister  of  the   Interior   tr.  locate
carefully tested with Malleln prior tu claimi containing Iron and mica, also
purchase, be stabled aparl and eloBoly copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
watched for some time before being
broughl i��� contaci with other animals
Of    lb,'   e,p,l���e    Specie |,
7.   11 musi be borne In mind thai
while nasal discharge,   or ulceration,
enlarged glands, the presence ot farcy
buds, unaccountable swelling   ot the
limbs and  general  unlbrlfllness often
characterise cases ol glanders,   the
disease exists i��� many animals with
Out, for the time being
leav, ��� dally ,1,  3; 10  p.  ,,,.
For further particulars apply in
At least ��100 must be expended on
the   claim   each   year   ur   paid   to  the I'll'. OOI'LKT,
milling recorder in lieu thereof. When ,\ p, n. Agent,
$500 Im- been expended ur paid, the \,.w Westminster.
locator   may.   upon   having   a   survey!
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA,   via'.Niagara  l-'lllls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant (len'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, Id!", Adams St., Chicago, 111.
Trains & Steamers
('. P. R. MAIN LIN
Leave Ni w Wei tmin ti
Arrive Nev   Westmln
I.V.   N'eW   \\.
Lv. Seattle 10; ar. New v.. 1
C. P. lt. WESTR. II
l.v. N'.w  West.  10,35
Ar .New   Wl   '
('. P. It. MILLSIDE S!'t   IL
l.v. N.w Westminster 6.:
l.v. N. w. B.20 a.m.; ar.!
Lv. N. W. 4.36 p.m.; ar, S,
Lv. Seattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. S. W. 3
Lv. Seattle 1.20 p.m.; ...
V.,  W. &  Y.-VAN'i'iirVKR.
Lv. N. W. 3 p.m. and 9
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 i m., and    pm.
Lv.   N.   W.   B.20   a.m.;   nr.
^.^11 p.III.
l.v. Guichon  2.40 p.m.;
9,36 p.m.
Mondays only.
it. ('. ELECTRIC   VANi    ' VJER.
Lv. New Wost. 5.50
and hourlv until ll p.m., ' l ;
hourly between 12.30 and fi " P-���
Baturday halt hourly noon to ll P-��
Snu.lav hourly 8 a.m. '" lli���
with half-hourly bet, n ���
l.v.  Vancouver same til
Fraser River and Gulf
lie aver��� , ,
Fro,,, N. W.  Men. Weil
Prom Chwk, Tu., Th., ������
Ramona ,,,
Frun,  N. W. Tu.. Th    ���
Frum t'hwk. Sun., \V, I
From N. W. dally, i ' :
From Mi. Lehman, .' n
DOWN Rt\ !  I
From  N.  W. dull.. BU   ���
Add. trip, Monday, ��� n
From Sleveslon, V O.m
Add. trip Saturday, 5 P.m.
City of Nanaimo -
Frum N\ W. Sunday 1 ������������
From Victoria Saturd
Mail Service
' (Kri. G n.m.)
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
"The Milwaukee"
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.('i;;;;1,^;
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co,
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
I'I,e   only   all   rail   route   between   all r
"The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.   Paul   to point! cast, west  and  south  to  ROSS
Chicago,  "Short  Line"   Omaha  to land, Nelson and intermediate puints,
Chicago, "Suuth    West    Limited" connecting at Spokane with tin- Great
Kansas City to Chicagc. Northern, Northern Pacific and 0. R-
Ko   trains  iu   thc   service   On   any &  N, Co.
railroad   In the world  thai  equal  In Connects at Rossland with the Can-
equipment that of the Chicago, Mil atlian   Pacific  Railway for  Boundary|
feriitory: Placer mining claims gen- waukce  & St.  Paul  Railway.    They Creek points.
erally are mn feel  square, entry fee own and operate their r.w��� sleeping Connects at    Meyers
$5, renewable yearly.    On the North and dining cars on alll their trains and stage daily fur Republic
Saskatchewan Riv.r claims arc either  give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of Buffet    service   ,,���   trains   between   WHITE
nnv external bar or bench, the former being ioo service nol obtainable elsewhere, Spokane and Nelson,                          FAIRBANK.
area  not  exceeding   ,<", .acres.
The patent  fur a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty ol I ��� per i cnt, of the sales
of the products of the location.
PLACER MINING   Manitoba and
the  N, W. T., excepting the Yukon
Beattle, via Suma��iv.��wi	
Sap',,  *  KmHto.M.OJg'E   ;,r���i,.i>.
Vancouver 10.00 P-"'
t?laln9,8.46��.m.   :;'::
Van.  &  Ce,.l.'l'ai'-I,i;::i,,in:i;',,.!.
Victoria IMOMJ
Fast Burnaby.. ������ [���"?,���'
sieves,,,,,, etc... 1-anp.m.
Fast    via   O.IVR...  3.00p.m.
Van. A Burnaby.. ������ ���"
1,15 P*
, ��� . a in.
, Till II!
"ml IUU.
manifestations   whatever,     tl nly
means of detection In such oases being the Malleln lest, ami lhal these
occult or latent cases are In some >���..
BpeCtl  the  most     dangerous    beeause
unsuspected,   our . xperlence   shows mav |)C obtained
feet lung and extending between high     Berths on their sleepers are lunge,-,     Effective
and low water murk.     The latter in- higher and wider than in similar cars   l,,oi.
eludes bar diggings, bul extendi back on   any   "ther  line,     They  protect  Leave
to the base of the hill or bank, not their trains by the Block System.       i 9.20 a.m. .
exceeding  inno feet,    Whe..  steam     Connection made  with   all  trans- 13.25 p."i, .
power is used cfaimi 200 feet wide continental lines in Union Depots.       0.40 a.m.
Hay Train
..  Spokane
.. Rossland
.. .Nelson ,,
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
for CONRAD, CARCR0SS-;     J
HORSE,   PA"      ,   1
Daily tr""' ,,,.,,1
November   10,1 Sunday)   carrying Pas,en%ci wl*
 '   W^WM*H
��� winter scrvi
H. S. ROW I'.. General Agent.
on  Ihe envelope "Tender  for Timber  Hint II Ih possible for animals of this      Dredging in thc Rivers of Manitoba I 134 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
General Passenger Agent
Arrive'stages at Carer,
..7.15 p.m. I maintaining a th'
,..(.!��� p.m.     For Informal]
.. 6.45 p.m. 1    J.   II.
.11 apply '
ROGERS,   "��
i arristers, solicitors, etc.      Of-
j-.,.,..;    New Westminster, Trapp nil,.,
lai' on and Lome sti
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 445 Gran-
1,'!,, .set. -I e.epl, Martin, K. 0., .'.
\v. v. ...ii. W. ,;. McQuarrle, ll. A.
11,mn..-. Mr. Martin wijl be ln th?
\,. tminster offices every Friday af-
��� ���:.,, solicitors, etc., 42 Lorne
s,,e - oppos i"- Court lluus", New
Westminster. J. H. Howes, 1'. o. Box
lers and solicitors, Blackle Hlk.,
Columbia street, New Westminster,
W. J- Whiteside, 11. L. Edmonds.
MK. J. P. HAMPTON  HOLE, solicitor of the supreme court, Offlcen
Canadian   Hank  of  Commerce  build
ing, Columbia stre.-i. opposite post-
offlce,  New  Westminster.     Money  to
Bank of
ESTAi Ll ' t:ii isi,.
Incorporated   by   net  ot   parliament
CAPITAL I \ll pairl up,.. .j,!,,,iii),uO0
RESERVE  FUND S10.000.000
Rl.  Hun. Lord Strut henna antl Mount
Royal. G.C.M.O.. ..Hon President
Hun. Sir G, A. IJi-innmond, President
li.   S.  Clouston,  Vice  President  and
General -Manager.
GEORGE E- MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Colum.
bla and McKenzle streets, New V. esl
minster, B. C.
bNION LODGE, NO. 9. A. F. & A. M.
 The    regular    meel ing    of    this
is held on the Flrsl Wednesday ln
each month, at 8 o'clock p. m., In
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially Invited to at-
iir. W. A- DeWolf Smith,
Bt   retary, j.
F. k A. M.���Regular communications of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday in each month In ,
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are cordially invited
to ;.ii. n,i.   I). W. Gilchrist, Sec.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor
K. p. k. uf i��� meels second and
fourth Friday of each month, at 8!
p. in., in Orange ball, corner of
Ro; ,.1 avenue and .lohn Btreet. So-;
journtng Sir Knights cordially invite. 1 to attend. W. E. Duiilup, W.
P .    E.  E.  Mallhias, Reg,
Meets In Orange hall flrsl and
third Friday In each month at B p.
,���. Visiimg brethren are cordially
invited to attend. B. E. Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
I. 0. 0.  F.���AMITY  LODGE,  No. 27���
Th.> regular meetings of ihis lodge
are held in oddfellows' hall, Columbia sue..i. every Monday evening,
��� - o'clock. Visiting bre,b,e��� cordially invited to attend, S. J. May,
N. G.;   W. C. Coat bam, Rec.-Sec.
A. O.  U. VV.���FRASER LODGE No. 3
le, ings Hie first ami third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to atten I.
Lodge room, A. o. r. w. hall, Odd-
; ll iwb' block, clarkson Btreet, C. ,
.-   . lorrlg ui. recorder;   Louis Witt,
ter workman.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S.���
Red Ruse Degree meetB Secdnd and
l'r arli Wednesday uf each month,
In K. of I'. II,ill. Columbia St.. at
8 ,.. ,,,., While Ruse Degree, Fourth
W . dnesday in .��� ich month, Bame
time and place. Visiting Bn thren
coi ...Hy Invited. E. It. Stln, b
combe, Ties., ll. Disney, Secretary.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling our specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone lbu.
Dress in Reason
The latest Mitchells lasnion plates
have arrived.
Sn have our spring stock ot tilgh-
class suKings.
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sartorial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
C-'-iniOn   street.
COURT  BRUNETTE.  No. 4099,  I.O.F.
:   I i ih,- Fourth Friday in the
month a, X o'clock, In lhe small
hall.   Oddfellows'    Muck.      Visiting
11 ethren are cordially Invited to attend. .1. R. Rusblon, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, U. S.
'��   !-J   a a.,
A. o. F,���The regular meetlngB of
this  Lodge are bebl on thr- Second
ami Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
at S p. in. in ibe Oddfellows' Hall.
\ I Ring Brethren are cordial. Invited to attend.   !���'.. C. Firth, C, R.;
F. P, Maxwell, See.
ai 8 o'clock p. m��� in Oddfellows'
Hail, Columbia street. Visiting
i'...''u -n are cordially Invited to attend.   .1. s. Bryson, s. c.; J. MoD,
Cal in    ell.   Sec.
CAMP, 191.���Meels on the First ami
Third Tuesday of every month  '���
K.   ..f   i'. iiaii.     .lohn    McNlven,
1      -. ,i. ,i. Forrester, Rec See.
BOAi-tD OF TRADE.���New   Wesl in lull .ani uf Trade  inc..Is  in  ths
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quaii.-.iy ��� tings ..��� the leoond
Wednesday     of      February,     May,
AugUBl   and   November,  at   S   p.   ���,.
Annual meetings   on   the   second
Wednesday   of    February,     New
iiiemlei a    may    he    prnpused    nnd
elected al any monthly or Quarterly
meeting,   ,\. _t, White, See.
I    HFIMP   FY BIG   WANTS Tide Table   Fraeer River
-*�����  ���    ��� �����I   ^ ����� H���   k F,    v,,.,.:   l-'.i.i;,,,. A,.,
General    banking    business   traus-
a< ted.
Branches in all the principal cities
' ln   Canada,   in    London,  Eng.,   New
I York,  Chicago,  and  at.  jonn,  Mid.,
I and correspondents lu all parts of thc
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.  Brymner,  Manager.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES  McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New Westminster,  B.  C.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
in home decoration need not be expensive. Quiet, rich colorings,
making an admirable background
fur furniture and pictures, can be
.  had at reasonable prices if you call
Wall   Paper  Store
Sixth Street.
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, scotcn and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always ln stock
Spring stock now in.    Make your
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through knowledge of the
business in England with 10 years ex-
perience. Later was 7 years manager
of the watch repairing department of
Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
Henry Birk's'business manager part of
the time.
English, Swiss, American and all
complicated [watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Ce-,. Adams Grocery^
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquarters for PACIFIC Coast
GROWN Garden, Field aud Flower
Seeds. New crop now in stock ready
for distribution; ask your merchant
for tlu in In sealed packets. If lie
does not handle them we will prepay
to your nearest postoffice, - fifty r.c
packets, our selection of good varieties, for $l.ii'�� to introduce them.
Large sioek of HOME GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now matured tor the Bpring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or Inspection,
Let me price your list before placing yum- order, Greenhouse Plants,
Floral Work. Dee Supplies, Fruit
Packages, Fertilizers, etc. Catalogue
M. .1. HENRY.
3010 Weslminsier Read,
Vancouver,   B.   C.
Wanted���Thin.v   able-b,     ���:   men   to
v.,nl.   for   the   t ii     un     the
I ... Works, i'.���:��� Information as
to wages and en . I . ni nl apply to
Mr. Furness, Sup;, of Works.
For Sale���I'i acres, ir. acres cleared,
Good building. Applj Donald Mc-
Clure, Port Kails.
Lost���On or near corner uf Queen's
avenue and lith sn...', a photo 0
young gentleman with name on back.
Finder please return  to this offlce
For Sale���Modern T-roomed house on
fine corner in West End; two lots
Btable and fruit trees. Cheap. Appl.
X, this offlce.
Lost���Small purse win, small sum of
niumy at foot of Cemetery streel
Sapperton. Return to Mrs. Cigonler,
Front Hlreet, or  Daily  News.
Wanted���2000 Colds ut  Hemlock Bark
a, il,.- Fraser River Tannery, Ltd.,
taken in lots from 2u cords up. For
par,iei,lars apply to I he manager al
Tanin::.   or   P.   O.   box     187,     New
Wanted���Fresh milch cow. Apply p. o.
Box 332 or Daily News Offlce, City.
For Sale���r,0 Egg Chatham Incubator
cheap. Only used once. Apply 199
Slx,h avenue or P. O. Box 602, City
For Sale���Old papers suitable for
wrapping up parcels, etc. Apply News
1 '���     V,
ing Ap
il 22
D   ���
Wai. >���
:   ���    lay   . ..
20   0
Wednesd .;���
l i.t.
Thursday ..
ll 35
Saturday   ..
|    12.30
'    23.40
Sunday   ....
|      12.rn.
|       ..   ..
Low Water
H'ghtTime Hght
Monday   ...
12.6 |
,'..22     8.5
9.7 '
17.49    2.8
Tu.-lay   ...
12.7 |
7.51     7.9
!    9.2 |
18.63    3.6
Wednea lay
12.7 !
8.61     7.1
9.3 j
19.65     1.0
Thu: ���..
9.39    6.1
20.52     l.o
Friday    ....
10.16    5.2
; l:,.:,,;
21.12 1 a.l
Saturday   ..
: 12.2
10.43 j 4.5
] io.tr.
rn.,', |
22.25 | 5.7
Sunday   ....
i2.il ;
11.07    3.9
l 17.32
ii.t |
23.04 | 6.3
Found���A bouse key in "Tipperary".
Apply Daily News Offlce.
For Sale���Young Cow and Calf, newly calved. Mrs. T. Hembrough. 14th
st. and iith ave.
Lost���A striped tiger cat, brown nose
and eyes. Black and grey In color.
Reward will be paid tor iis return tu
Mrs. J. A. Crousc, corner Eighth
street, and Royal avenue.
For Sale���Half ini. res, in a livery business near Seattle. Washington.
Chance of a life time, Apply Advertising Manager. Daily News.
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Bulls pure
bred, ready for service, ..V. R. Austin.   Sapperton.
Deal ���!��� m
Pianos, Organs,
Psarao PSayers,
Columbia   Gramaphones ana  Kecords,
Zithers, etc.
J. 12. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia Street.
Oull   nr u'rltn  for  nrlres.
Carnarvon Sl��� between 10th and Mtlnnis.
First Class Meals at all lli.urs,
English, Japanese and Chinese   Style...
From 1 5c. up.
Feed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250. i
Eggs for Setting���Pure Barred Rock
$1.00 per Betting. .1. yy. Austin, Sapperton.
Wanted���Young girl for part care of
��� hli I and housework. Appl;. Mrs.
Sawyer, 7th st and 6th ave, after 6,
for Sweets
Ice Cream and G.  B.   Chocolates
a Specialty.
Complete line of Candies, Fruit &
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets $Sb,sri,!>tb.
Branches    and    correspondents   ln
all the  principal  cities ot tne world.
General  banking  business transacted.
H opens an account.   Interest added
lair yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen    Saturday   nights   Trom  B to 9
F.  B.  Lyle,  Manager.
Plants and Annuals of all kinds,   cut
flowers and floral designs,   Dahlias
50c per dozen.
Telephone AW4 i���- address 4th Avenue
and 10th Street.
Fred  Schwahn Dead.
I    B I   Sehw air...   who     Willi    i.i
ther, August Sch
the buslnes lantlc salo
iuver, for l h.
n -, rji, i   �� ii .    tartlli
il   Britannia  Landing
i: '���! .-��� hwahn w.-ni in th,
early pari of the week up to
inisl, river with hi- friend 3. VIcIsaacs
for a few daj -.' fishing. Thej retui i
to Britannia Landing yesterdaj morning, with the intention of coming on
to Vancouver later. Mr. Schwahn
a good lunch and was apparently in
the best of spirits. Aboul 3 o'clock
they wen, down to the wharf together,
to pull their boat oul of the water, and
when ,hey had done so. Mr. Schwahn
sa' down saying, "I don't know what
is lhe matter. I have never f.-lt like
this before." And giving iwo or three
nasps h. expired. Deaih was undoubtedly due io h.-art failure. Deceased
leaves three brothers In ihe ciiy���Aim-
,, i, who was his partner in the pro-
prletorship of the Atlantic saloon, and
Charles an I Edward, proprietors nf
'i.e New Fountain Baloon. II.. has also
a brother and sisu-r in Alberta, He
was unmarried, Tl,.- late Mr. Bchwahn
wit a Charier member uf Rail,!.ut...
Lodge, K, uf I'., inui belonged to the
Uniform   Rank,   lie   was  also   a   Hi.-::
I ��� r nf ih.. Suns uf Herman, lie was
well and favorably known, being a
pioneer nf the city. The funeral will
take place un Mm,.lay a, 2:30, under
���'i.. BUBplcea nf 'he Knights of Pythias.
Mount Capulin Awakens.
Denver. April H,,.���A Bpeclal to the
Times from Trinidad, Colo., says:
Mount Capulin. an extinct volcano,
situated eight miles from Folsoni. N.
M., sixiy miles from here, is said to
p. emitting smoke and heal from a
fissure broken in its side by two distinct earthquake shocks, which were
r.ii this morning.
The mountain is 1,000 feel high
ami lives grow to the mouth of the
crater  and   also on  the side of it.    ll
is of volcano formation, it has nol
been in eruption for years. It is said
thai the heal coming from the fissure
is melting the snow on the top of
the  mountain.
Fire in Winnipeg.
Winnipeg,   April   20.���The   Prairie
City oil enmpany's warehouse was
burned today, and with it 200 barrels
of nil. The hiss will he $15,000, half
covered by insurance.
C  A.  Duffy  Tell, of   His   Experience
in the   Wreck   of St. Rose
I      ���
Oct ,ber, was
it ol core to
aoor ln   which  he
a   Sa       Rosa.
"���' ' -,:" '" Oakland on his motor
-     released and tells
a   thnlllnS   ���'"'���'>   ol   his   rescue  an.l
" .'".ni- i��� general a'
Santa i: , ..
Mr'  "r:'    *eye when  , hook
<';""" i:" the stairway, but
' '     ' i     baking
'',"   "''''   '"'  c��Uld   make    ;l,lwav
",|  back.    He threw himself
'   In l���s room,
trustlnB e,   io protect Wm
Ing th rs,   This move
'      Th.    lr,    ..,. held  u,.
led nv.r him
,te,   id  him
���   falling   ���
! * "   mprl oned five boui -      _ i
'' lill.ul,.      :
'    '  ���'���  '  lo call  and the
rtmebui could nol locate
'">   "�� e sound  of my
rol'      'nd  I  could  Ilea,   them   going
ug do	
"n""11- ' KM hold of a lath frnm
'���i1-' raina behind me, poked II through
1 "    '        "���' falling of a   t, ,.,,
p,pe' '""1 >'������ waving it and veiling at
tbe same tim. Bnallj managed to show
th,    ��� ople where I was.
"There w"1'-' aboul 3 ��� killed
ln ""' destrucl [ the three hotels,
und not  less than :  i��� m,,. w|,ul,
town. The business Bectlon of the
lapsed m the ground almost
lnsl f lh'' iiiimiies.    Then the flre
Btarted and burned Fourth streel trom
one end to the other, Btarting al each
""' ' "'>"" in the middle, thus
sweeping over the ruins and burning
the imprisoned pen;,!,..
"1 saw two arms protruding from
one par- of the debris and waving
frantically. There was so much noise,
however, that the scTeams could not be
heard. .Pis' then aa 1 looked the
flames swepl over ihem an.l cruelly
finished the work begun by the earthquake. Th.. sight Blckened ms ami I
turned away."
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
When yuu want a good sinoko you
ai k ru,- a���
Manufactured by the B. 0, Cigar
Factory, win, nlso make The "Brll-
lantes"  ||��� Hue,, sizes.)
Factory ,.,���i Office, Brine Bloolt,
inI'.W Wl'.STMINSTl'lR. B. 0.
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street VV., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Shorthand,     Telegraphy  and  Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of curses,  the  BEST of
teachers  (eight)   and  the   BEST  of
ll. .1. si'ROTT, K.A., Principal,
II. A. SCR1VF.N, B.A., Vice-Principal,
Foot ���f 4th Ave,  Cor, 18th Street
New Westminster, B. c.
All kinds of Ship  repair
Shiji and Scow  Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly  furnished.
124 Eight. St., New Westminster, B.C.
On modern lines even In backward old
china. We have heard that the Recycle Bicycle bas been Been on the street*
of Shanghai, We handle the Recycle
and   Perfect   Bicycles,    the two Lest
bicycles made in Canada nr the United
States,    Whatever wheel you buy here
it Is value for your money. We alsodo
all hinds of bicycle und other repairing.
Bring your lawn mower to get sharpened and put  in shape,    Don't mistake
the place.
A'ex. Speck,
Do your own Silver Plating at
home���a wonderful preparation
made by Meyer & Allen of New
York       :      :       :      :       :      :
SO Cents a Bottle
R. C. Purdy,
Sole Agent.  Columbia Street
Westminster Iron Works
Slill' BM1TH1NO, BKIUUM and
Ornamental   Iron   wont,  moiudlng
Fences, Gates, Fire bisoapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence Invited.
BEGB1E s i ui.i', i.
New Westminster, c. o. 474,
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
'The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, rates, etc., call on or address
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, B. C.
Speck Block.
Sinn���Man on Wheel.
W. IN, Draper
B. C. Land
Cllard Block.   Now Westminster. B.C.
Practical Piano Tuner
Prices Moderate
English China
Tea Sets from
.50 tip
Teacher of the (iertmin
Language and  Piano,
German  Conservatory Method.
H. M0REY & CO.
Tali,, notice that the Groat West
Packing Company Limited have do-
posited plans and application for the
erection of a vvluiif on the Fras,.,-
River, llrltlsh Coluiiildu, on the foreshore of Sect (on 12 untl Fractional
Section 13, Block 3, North llange 1,
Dated at New Westminster, B. 0,,
this U.th  Mi,roll, 1906.
'Phone 101
WholesaSe and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Reef ever offered.   ,
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
oi.<. -rt_.T .', .-n-m
The welcome Intimation of the increase of the emigration bonus of _1
per head m farmers, rallwaj makers
and others, has been circularised by
Lor.I S, ra; henna's department to all
the aumerous agents of the Allan,
C. P. It.. Dominion, and oilier lines in
Ureal Britain and Ireland, an.l will
certainly bring a greal increase in the
desired i lass of emigrants, The previous bonus payable to booking asents
was old, 7s, p.-r adult, and thai applied only '.��� bonafide settlers In
Manitoba and tho Northwest. The
new concession applies to the whole of
"ana.la and has a much wirier application In ihe matter ���f persons. At
the same time It only brings it up
to the same bonus thai the Germans
have been receiving tor each adull
emlgranl to western Canada. The tact
thai the bonus does ,,,n apply to pas-
Bengers carried by the American lines
landing al states ports Is a perfectly
Justifiable encouragement and stlmu-
I Ins to the all-Canadian rout... and Is a3
li Bhould be.���Canada, London,
A good deal of attention is being
attracted Jusl now by the rush to
Canada. Every week hundreds ol people are going oul from the Clyde alone,
nol to mention other British ports,
t0  seek  new   fortunes  In  the  great
nor, I,  colony,  Which  has suddenly been,, to maki   progress on a seal- for-
.merly    associated    with    the  I'nited
States rather than with the r.ritish
par, of North amerlca.    .hos�� who
a,-,, leaving us, mosl of them forever,
are in Bom,  ways the pick of the nation.    Can;.da  is  no  place  for  that
kind of Boclal wreckage which has be-
come incapable of struggling to -ave
Itself, and that elemenl Is being left
,i. a poison In the body politic, while
, I, bodied, Industrious workers, Bucb
;r  sverj  nation must have In plenty
ll i; |g to remain In a healthy condl-
,(,,���,  are   being  Tilled   f."i���   among
,,,. t0 form the great  nation arising
overseas.   There must be s.uuc reasonable  limit   to  ill"   process,  if  we  are
noi   to    be  seriously    Impoverished.
Thai llmll we would BUggest, lies ai
ths border between natural Instinctive
��� .ion and what  may lie called, In
,       ie, forced emigration,    How we
are   to   restrain   the   move,,,..,,,    from
overstopplng the Hnd,  is a  problem
which   may   wall   tax   the   brains  and
enery of our besl thinkers and stats*
in. n.   Glasgow News.
Transferred to Atlln.
IA,ri l-runcla, Onl.. April I'd.���Mr- ���'���
���\   Smith,  the  popular  local  maniuwr
of the Canadian   Hank  of Commerce,
has  l���en   Ininuferreil  to Atlln.  B.  C,
,���,l   leaves next   weel;  for his distant
B_id of labor. He will be tendered   a
i-ompllmentnry banquet by the citizens on Monday night nt the Porl
Francis hotel.
1 .
Fresh Celery, iflrVr stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
 ���������    -      	
S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. VV. Gilchrist, Mgr.
I       srauoNiroit TRIBUTE TO CHIEF
Boards Interurban Car at Grand View
and  Takes    Revenge    on
David  Miller.
I Fire Insurance. Life Insurance, i
��� i*<
'6 We have been appointed agents for the Cnion   Assurance   Society ,���,
B of London, England, wriich has heen carrying on tire   ^uraT^ bUMMM 5��!
8 since 1714 A. O., and  which  has  a  capital an.l accumulated  funds  of w
��5 $20;000,lKKl. w
Conductor David Miller of the British
Columbia Electric Railway was seriously stabbed las, night by a drunken man named Flshi r who Is now in
charge of the Vancouver police.
Large Gathering of the   Fraternity   Does   Honor   to   the
Grand Master D. E.   Mackenzie-Four  Van-
couver   Lodges   Take Part in
The  Proceedings.
���     New Ready to Wear    \
|   ;
X   Just arrived Lv parcel pO_t, ���"W creations in laihes ,-. ady te wear ! ���
X  u, assortment of Ladles' Beta in the season's popular _ styles ���
i binations of gold and silk.   See them Saturday. X
\    Ask for the Reynier when looking for your New Kid Gloves.   j
Without  doubt    th,   largest
Fish.;- boarded  the interurban car blage of Oddfellows eve, gathered t(
���aving Vancouver ;��� B o'clock and. on gather In New Westminster   to   pay
assem- ..I to th, toast, The Grand Lodge of
British Col,in,i.ia. Th.- Grand Master
received a welcome that certainly was
spontaneous and from ,he heart, and
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record^
i   Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force 160,400.   1 rt'm'*"'';!'-,,e
I* ������       1900 Assurance in force, U.792,600- Premiums $ 62,1.0. ..��
I "        1901 " " _.r..-.l.'.-'-l. ., .ftS'S
���, ..        iqo9 " " 11 425 H97. l_li,��> .���������.-l
I   ::  fi    ::    :    i&       ���-   MS
I. raT�� McQUARRIE & CO, "JaZZ?
���' 186   Columbia   Street, NEW   WESTMINSTER.   B.   C. ���
'���'                                                                                               ������ i u n-n-mff-T-l ���*,-.-��-��-.".~.~*T.'K*l
i. nKKHKtVKKI*���f^^_*_._���^_1'���.�����_ wnBwi �����_ ��-..-.-  ^^^^^^
accounl of his disorderly conduct, was  homage to a    grand master,    mei  In allowed ������ doubt to prevail as to his
Lot off by Conductor Miller at Grand business as well as social session lasi  ^.niariiy ta  the order.  The Grand
i:::" �� - ��� ��� ����� - z::::: sir rr_n-"i r
,111  the  same car  returned  from  New   u, do things up pro,..: ,  tUey < ^    -J ^   ^  ^ ^^  ^  ^ m^r .
Westmlnstei and.   boardtag   It, mad'' accomplish   that   mission,    rhe       ' ^((|| a,  _ ,,.,���,,���,,. :,n,i before   be
'a   dangerous   assault on the conduct-  Vancouver  lodges over  75  Btrong  sr- arrlyed  a,   [ht, banquet,  God  and   he
or who had previously thrown him off. rived al 8:30 p. .... headed by D. D., mi]j kne��� whll, ���,. WM golng to say.
When  the car    stopped    at    Grand   Q, M. J. A.  McKay, ,,,,'1  were  mei  at , -,������,. ,;,,������,  Master was pleased ,��� an
NUl ,     , ,���,���_  ,,v ,,..,,���-.. niativ.s of Bounce   that   whilst   he   presided   over
V,,.w on the r.-urn trip a -man and,,he tram station b>        ��� ^   ^^    ^ ^ ^^    ,_     ^
a little Kill  who had been  waiting on   Amiiy   No.   2,   and  Royal   .    .   -    ���        ^^   ,,���   w.,s   particularly   pleased
the   platform   With   Fisher   rushed   in   and  proceeded  lo  the  hall  to  meet   W _^_^_B    _^_^_H
to   DOt,
Cleveland, Ohio. April 21
^  ���A
shock fell in many pans of ihis
City yesterday, and supposed to
have been an expi..sir.,,, was a
Blight earthquake shock according to the Mlcro-selsmograph
register al  S>. Ignaiius coll.
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^    the  wonderful   growth  of  ,
with frightened looks and Fisher who j,,inl session and hear the report of orfle_ [n Brltl8h Columbia. Forty
,,,,, ri,iieved himself of his coat fob the Grand Mas,.,-, D, B, MacKeMte ,odgeg were now in working order and
lowed closely afu-r then,. He announc-   and  transact  such Other business    as   Bve     ,���ore      would     shortly   be     In-
loweil no--.,.   .        ..,]..   .,,    -;, ,v ew.  Nurlh  \ aiicouver.
zzirsz��r:zsr^TJ.r^ - ���
conductor mto whose arm he plunged   f<���;     Noble   Gr;'"'1
B  knife  which he had    ready for    action.
24 acres, 7 acres in
thoi-ough cultivation.
100 fruit trees, 1 1-2
acres strawberries,
small fruit and rhubarb. Good house,
pump in house, woodshed, 2 chicken houses
and barn. Close to
school, church, etc.
Price Only $2,400
10, 20 or 50 acre
blocks of the best
black loam in British
Columbia. Ready for
Only $50.00 Per Acre.
Charles E   Os- ciiy.  The  subordinate  members nun,
b������ie of No. :i presiding, Grand Mas- bered  3.645 and 254    were   initiated
��rD  B   MacKenzie was called upon last year, Aboul $18,756 was paid oul
tonlakea presentation of a beautiful In    beneficial    work    and   over    50
As   the  man  struck,  the  conductor  cray0D  of   Pas,   Gnu; 1   M -   ���<���    * <"��  ^\' ��* '"" U'f" <""��*    ^
.as  ,���e j course own  build ngs and  furniture.  He had
in self defense, very pi iptly and ef-  Phillips to Lodge Na   . '    <l_<   ^ ]M     ������,    (���,���(,    ���,,���.. ���, w.
fectlve���   klck'd the desperado In the ot his remarks the grand ���*��� ^  ,^1;;,  q(   Vmjm :i;M   ll;ll,
stomach with such _ 1 will that the pleased to anounce^th       - Q. - - ^ ^  ^ ^
reclplenl doubled  n the grass be- lips Had r Ived all  he honor,   ^
Bide the track.  Aid. Odium and Cap-  posslb e to confe   on      ��ta 1 ;       _
taln  Mcspadden    of Vancouver    who Columbia    and    ^' '/_;���;,,,��� ow. ��������� haa ,���,������..��� the brethren in San
 ���   *e time  nabbed  master felt Je^nor nior, keenly o   ,,,.,���,���������,   ,���,������
���  desperado  and   stayed   with  him  ing to the fact that P.   ������ -'��� Temple and , aled strong-
until ;; couple of ...nc,. arrived trom  was no   onl    ;, men       o      - P (
  Vancouver andd  took hlm In charge,  lodge,  but  aUo  had ex        - and donate handsomel, to the stricken
visit united States Jus' tc Show     0n  his arrival   in  Vancouver Con-    onors *"*J^j��     Sip. tad brothers,  This suggestion  was after-
How Much He Is Civil- ductor Miller had his arm attended to   and that IJKe Wmself Bro. W ^1^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ Wy
St. Barnabas Business.
The annual I'arishoners meeting ot
St. Itiirnulias church was held In ,lu-
Parish Hall on Thursday. April 19, al
8 p. in. The rector occupied the chair.
The  various  Parish  reports were
cetved and adopted all of which Bbow-I
ed that the Parish was In a very heal
thy condition. Votes of thanks wer.-
h.ar,lly given to the retiring officers,
the Ladles' Aid society, the Sunday
school teachers and the choir, and organist, and las,, but not bast, to the
rec,or for his faithful and devoted
Bei \ Ices, this was . mplaslze i  by
-landing  vote.
The following w, re elect, d officers
for the ensuing year:
Rector's Ward.,,, s. A. Fletcher;
People's Warden, J. S. Clute; Lay Del
Synod, J. S. Clute, II. .1. A. Burnett, It. R. Hill; Church committee, O.
E Corbould, A. II. Gordon, W. Nelson,
.1. tl. Sharp.-. T S. Tidy. II. It. Hill; ll
Vestry clerk, 1". Parsons.
Dr.    McTavish    who   put
rp',1 to   ami mat nne miu-eii ������"��� -��� ,    ...      Si
sevn  bee, an Oddfellow b ver 1= years,  ward acted upon and passed Ihe bodj
Screen Doors
Screen Windows
This is the Beason
your doors ami windo\
tected ;','���.,n Hie .   i i
is complete and well a
X. w York, April 20.���The World
Bays Cipriani, Castro, president of the
Republic Of Venezuela, is coming to
the I'. S., when s.cr.-t diplomatic nego-
tiations with Washington are completed as to his being received in his
i'i. lal capacity. Should this reception in- denied he will com., as a
private citizen. He is still president,
although he bas turned over the func-
ol the governmenl to Vice-
Presldenl Gomez.
Th,. authorltj for ibis statemenl is
William  Crandall,  who is largely in-
".      '"���     ""���*�����  _B_la__8_-  , ...   ���,.,.���.0,i   tn   tbe  honors   unanimously   on   motion     Of   Hi".     D,   ^^^^^_
iir--��� HHHS���- _r.r=f_ir_s i!^.-^ s patrid('s Ha
l��8 '"���' '"""' . fc - \,   ,, ��� I- when in   ictice service  lie by Mr. Alex N. Robb follow.-rl u,..   -.JS_a_-���-^ ; v���.,     .  Jl.      I   UU IUI O     IIUI
-"Tr^S rr��r.t_rj_ii=r?!       ^t Way tang, Apnl26
bla harl  and while nol abb- to be pr- campment, was ably handled by Bro, ' 1N THe
Mystery   Explained. i���',iers0��� he was undoubtedly in P.  G.   M.,   P. G.   Rep.   D.   Welsh,    who
Porl  Arthur,    Ont.,    April  20.      he ^              ^y ^ ^,nl. h;hl ,��������� , ������,,������,. ()f tne Order for ^qqJ ftm Qf QueCIl S AYenUC
tery surrounding the  strange ats- ^       ^                 ^^^   Nn  ., { Q  () 28 yearg| ,,,  alg0 h.���, the honor ot b6.                               _���_���
earance of D. BaUey and C. Hall- ^   ^'^  beanUfu]  cray0D   0,  ,,���.  past Ing the Brst grand master to visit all
ner  of  Anenta.  N.  Y.,  two  students, ���    ^ masU_ whi,h ,v     appropriately the lodges In the upper country.
Prof. Alexander
Methodist Church
has b.-en Finally cleared up. The young
men had been holidaying on Isle Roy-
le ami were left Btrande I there when
Winter s-t  in. but  spent a fairly com-
A Number One
8 Roomed House
For Rent
At $15.00
This house is not for
all,  who  is  largely  in-
^^^^^^^^^. ,   for,able  ,,,-rlod   buiiiinu  ami   trapping
er,     ed as a cap,,alls, ,11 the mineral
,    Tie- Brsl boat  picked ihem up.
lands  111  the  South  American  republic.  �� '
"President Castro," he Bai 1. "has a
twofold objeel In visiting this country.
11. never has been outside of Venezuela. All the knowledge he possesses ot
nations lias been acquired from
books and from personal comae
with foreigners in Venezuela. He
wants, in the flrsl place, to convince
the people of America that he is not  Theresa
Mrs. Oelricbs Ruined.
Chicago, April 21.���A special to the
Record-Herald  iron,  New  York  says:
accepted  hy   Noble G   md  Charles E.      The subordinate lodges   were   hap
Osborne, idly responded to  by   v.  P.  Hallida>
Aft.-r n  number of short  addresses  of No. 27, ,'. E, Osborni   of No. :;. T.
by  vis-' ors aud Grand  Lodge officers  C. Kill..ink of Mo. 10, George McCarl
1   . 1.Mac. -  ived iii a body to the  ney of No. 8, Past  Grand  1;
banque   hall, which had already been  of No,  19, Urn. Reval, Pacific No. 2''..
prepared tor   thi   ocoas lon   by   the and Bro. G, ll. Mlddlemas of No. 19.
ers of Rebekah, for the recep-      Bro. J. T, Byers of Vancouver at this
tlon of the (Land  Lodge others and juncture san-- a humorous Bong that
visitors.    Three rows    of    well    filled  brought  down the he""���
Give us a call in our
new office. We can
interest you.
278  Columbia   Street.
Practically    all    my    property    is tables  extended  the entire length  of In  the  hand, of  Ales   II.  Ferguson
ruined    I cannot give aid because now  the hall, all ladened down with    the was lefl the toasl "The Rebekahs" and
���                 ,             .     .                choicest viands the market produces Brother Ferguson    certa.nl)    paid    a
-,.,'.,   ' .,,!,.  Mrs   Teriuan  Oelrlchs, and much credit must be give,, to the glowing tribute to them.
'\    /,     ,,:    marrlage  was  Miss belies for their forethought, and the Rev.  J. S.  Henderson  handled  th,
��� j,,.     ,,,.,   of    California, evident  pains thai had been taken to Learned   Profession  and  with numer-
the swashbuckler and sem.-savagc he  flaug_ter  of   Senator  James  G.   Pair  m; ke the affair a success. The ladles ous  witticisms  and   some  good   cold
has ,���,��� ���;,in,e,,; thai  he knows the  :,���d  sister of Mrs. W. K. Vanderbllt,  were given n cordial and generous out- acts receive    a warm ��'-'_'
rights .,- Venezuela and will maintain  .���,. wn0 was prostrated yesterday al  burs! of applause. After partaking ol ibute to   he sufferers at San Fran
, 1,      t ',;_��� 1, ,,t witi-.   ronns      lhe   toilet    lllUS-   CISCO   W   S       \\ ��d     i esc I \ ������((   ]|]!l! k   i��i    l ��� ���
With that purpose in view he  h,a     Plfth  Avenue    home    over  the mis sumptlous repast, m. mas
.    . ,    ��� ,   .. i  ,, 1 ���   ...     nrn   ,'lrrle-   -:   Kill 1   announce, sped   ,0    he stricken  district.
eks  the  official   recognition  of the  anxiety  for her  relatives and  friends   er, Bro. Lhanei   .. i-.i'n. ...��� ���, , e      , ,
I   loga ���f ���  ,,,,���   par,   of her  the toast, "The  King," and after the      Our  visitors tnen can,.- In    foi    ..
tortune [n the San Francisco disaster, usual  response to the Sovereign, the share of the glor3   and the nam. 3 ol
It was only recenUy thai  Mrs. Oel- fun began. Th. nexl  toast on the lis! J. A. McKay, D. D. G. M. of Van ,-
... ... ,,.,  f,,,.�����.,�� ,hn  Snvpreicn  Grand  Lodge and ver   and   Wallace   Law  of   West   Star
New York, April 20.-1 was grieved  richs traded   ,e,; Fairmont Hotel for was ��^��j������ %���*        ' x���   lft Bave ���,���. lMnce ,��� ,hN
to lean, of the disaster In San Fran- the Rlalto and Crosby buildings. Both abls bandled^y^   ^   �� ^ ^ i]npn|.1;ui, ,���;ist
The belies ihen took the floor and
Bro. .1. J. .I'.hnsoi, was the happy man
to say nice things aboul the fair sex
H'Admleslon  to Bulletins II
15c Including Luncheon
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
gov, rnment al Washington.
J,m Hill Grieves.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster,  - - -  B. C
Saturday���Success  in Life.
Sunday, 3 and 8.15 p.m.~
Plain Talk to Me   i    y.
by Temperament,   i   -
lecl ion.
^^without the]usi f   ,
""rod.    llis greatest lecture.   Collection.
Wednesday��� Love. Courtship, Marriage and Jealousy. 25, 35 and 50c.
Private Consultations  Daily Front
10 a.m., at the Guichon Hotel.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Telephone   170.
Is This What
You Want?
.'1 Lots all eleared; Chicken House
and run; (i roomed dwelling, with
bathroom, pantry and washroom,
(in car line.
4.1 WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
Telephone 85.
! else,,.' said James .1. Hill today.   "I  these  buildings  are  near  the corner don of Vancouver, who In the course
Lve  received  no definite news fro.,,  ot   Mission   and   Montgomer,   streets ol   bis  .���.���marks  -   ,ed  O   1 fellowship
tae  lichen city, bu,   if the disaster     h  are  reported  to have 1 ���  ^^���g^^
be as severe as reported, it may retard demolished. ' ,,.,,,���,���, .,,,-, noni In
' to  son x���,���  the commercial  and      Mrs. W. K. Vanderbllt, who owned glob      had distributed WM00,M In
industrial developmen,  ot the Paclflo  400 houses in  Mission street, is now  eh.,r���y am, be e        " -   '        ^ '
at  her country home at Great  Neck, ganisaUon ln Baltimore. Maryland  87
-     ���  ��*����   o�� the  ,.. I.   she has trie,, to communlc^e j^^^STS
n7^ltsrb<r3S srst: a,:;;: srs s �� T r-vr::v:\:z
in the agricultural districts.   T ly   al,  the houses s, wned have I j,   r    -.,,   �� the^,   ,i  ;;;    ttj�� an,
drawback   is   a   SCardtJ   Of   labor.   As   destroyed.  Noil.- of Ihem were Insured,   alastei   IV  I-  MACK
a   niali.f   of   fact,   labor   is   so   scarce   ___________���_���������-������ ���������������
thai many of the fame: s are selling
portions ..f their farms because sut-
Bel, nl labor cannol be secured ,o carry
on opera'inns on a large scale,
"As to railroad conditions I can
speak for the Oreal Northern, The
road is In uourl shape and prospering.
One bad feature Is the higher cosl of
labor.    Construction, etc.    There    is a
possibility tha, the railroads, not so
much in our territory, as in the middle Wesl. will have to raise freight
rales as they have done In the Easl
for the purpose of equalizing the difference."
Does This Interest You
���buys a 40-acre farm at
Hall's Prairie. Rich soil,
good stream of water ; on
the proposed route of the,
Seattle - Vancouver electric
railway and ,'i-l mile fromG. ���
N. R. ; 1-2 mile from post
office, church and school. 12
acres under cultivation ; 1-2
acre in asparagus ; (XX) _ rhubarb plants and quantities of
small fruit. New two-storey
house, barn, sheds, etc.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents.        Tel. 106. Columbiu St.
Neil  Cameron  Dead.
N.il Cameron, ol Brownsville, died
isterday. Tl,.. deceased was a native
| of  Inverness, and  can,.,  io  this  country  over thirty  years ago, locating in
the Whonnock district. Later he mov
ed to the Brownsville dlstricl and followed  the avoca,ion  of  ll>l,i���,i;.  Heart
disease was BUpposed to have been ihe
cans,, of death, The remains were Interred In the Oddfellows' cemeterj today.  Tbe deceased  was  B  single man
and had reached the age of sixty. 11.
was much respected by all  who knew
Seaside Excursions.
If you are going to the old Country
or Bending for friends and desire
comfort, travel via C. P, Ry, Atlantic
Lake Erie West St. John, April 28.
" magnificent new Empresses win sail
h   May.  For  parlleulitrs apply  to  Ed,
DoUlet,  C.  P.  R.  Agent.
A Line or Call at the Office of
F. J. Hart & Co. Ltd.
New Westminster,  Vancouver  or  Chilliwack  will give
' you interests information about 100,000 acres
of good land in the fertile Fraser Valley
where just these conditions prevail
and it will be no fault of Bro. .lad
i. after the happy tributes he paid
them, he don'l succeed in landing
one for himself. He puis himself on
record anyhow of saying, he is looking out for one. He was ably seconded
by Prof. (L VV. Johnson of the Vancouver schools ami from self confes-
sio, on the professor's pari he too If
i ie market,   Good luck ,,, the John
St,      fa,idly.
La I   bill   nol   leas,   can,,   the  I'r.ss
and as the hour was growing late ami
th rubers  anxious    to    leave    for
home. Dr. K. IV Sawy.-r, of Ihe Dally
\.w i, Mr, Cecil .1. Ford of the Colum
blaii. and Mr. A. VV. McLeod of the
Province, curtailed  their remarks.
Mr. Alex Robi, al 11lls time was called     on   for   a   song     and     responded
promptly with two fine   comic selections. After which all joined hands In,
Singing Auld Lang Syne.
Much credit muB, be given the West
minster orchertra under the abb. leadership ���r  Mr.   Henry  Moray  for  the
Bweet   music  discoursed  at   intervals
during tl, evening, ami a .'us,  amounl
of pinise bestowed   on   the   efficient i
committee for their   untiring   labors
that, resulted lu such a pleasanl and
profltabls , venlng. T. A. Mulr chairman: 10. I.. Webber, secretary, and
Maii   Phillips,  A.  IL  Ferguson,  Alex
���.dams uml .1. J. Johnston, members,
The leading officers of No, :i are!
Noble   Qrand,   Charles   K. Osborne;
Vice Grand, U. C.  McKay;   li. Sect.,
,'. s. Keith; F. Sect., N. S. Stroeple;
Treas., Ma, Phillips.
No,  27    Noble    Can.I.     S.  .1.   May;
Vice Grand, A. P. Halllday; It. Sect.,
W.   E, Coal ham:   F.   Sec,.. .1.  W.  Mc
Donald;  Treas., Alex.  Adams.
Boilers and Pumps.
Before placing your orders for NE��i
STEAM PLANT, write for quotations.
We have the LARGEST and BEST equipped
BOILER PLANT in Canada      :      :      :
"Canada" Heaters  and  Separators
Cochrane   Patents.
'Canada" Return Tubular Boilers
llanam  Patent
"Canada" Water Tube Boilers
"Canada" Steam Pumps
Full Stock of Pumps carried at
Vancouver and Rossland   :   :
Address::527 and 529 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.    ^
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������***
1 Electric Railway Service
Leopold  Place. i
The 'l"i cent  meal al  the Oysl.r Hay
Restaurant ran', be beaten.
Inter-urDan   Line.
Cars   for   Vancouver and way
stations al I..au ami B.oU a.m..
and every hour thereafter between s a.m, and  11  p.III.
Half-hour  cars  trim,   Mm.  lo 7
Curs leave Vancouver tor Westminster nt same Hours.
Last car Saturday at  11 p.m.
City Limits Line���Merviro trom
8,80 a.m. to iu.xu p.m.
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and 1, und 7.
Sunday   Service  ^��'f   '���',
I ween   S  a.   m.  a'"1   '
City and Sapperton. ^
Sapperton Line-" M,',!" r' ii"
vice, except '"���'";;. ,.';,,bi-
2, ami 1. and .. ��' ";,��� i.o
hours    the    service
Sunday Service  MlW*��j��
tween . a.m. """ '    '
!! British Columbia Electric Ry- Co"


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