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The Daily News Aug 20, 1906

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 . 'V.
M ���    1    \1
\�� , : C. MONDAY M      n :n   .  v
l     NTS PI      VVKKh
Valparaiso and other Cities, Towns and Villages of Chili are
in Ruins.���Loss of Life is Estimated at One Thousand
People, and Loss oi Property at chout Two Hundred
- ".'
Victims   of   Earthquake   are Without   Food,   Drink,   a.id
Clothing    Winds  are Chilly and People Who
Have to Sleep ir the Open Suffer.
��� ..   ���      . nil sh.
n of Chili ���       ���
r   '. ��� .- ...      pi
���    '
he dead
e estimate is i
reed 1,000 In thi    snd     in    1   I
....      ill       tlOTl
I thi
���i  ol   food.
... ���  : ���  .
. -i I      south     :
,...., ea!
��� rj in ston   : ���   ���    and I
���    rd a fi    :       aim I oc
���   . :.      ... nf
can and sei li Sr.ivthi
. :     iolnl .   " bl a   ��� - 1   un-
ilch began I    fall lmmed
the firsl     ' . ,- I   a i
;   .    ,, :       cold     and
a ; the people slee] Ing In the
nil   i:ii'i'i -   clearly.
italn  ol a so- ii       .  v   i!
arrived   at   San   Prancl    ���    says
the     situation     here     is     wi     ���
. a   thai   following   the    ll
���n   IsCO.
,.   , .  vug   19     rhe latest news
here   bj   refugei     I    m   Vai
,      o,  contradict  some ol   the
. ������;,.'. i    tati men:    from     then
���    ; trophe wi
evi ro.    Sen..:   Urez, om   ol
.,,. .   relates   thai   the   firs!
,\,.    ���...,���.  prolong! i an i threw
���   entire clt\   Into an  Indi
���    .      . ...
that   thi
, |
���  lavlsta
Clu     Dt
Mos    .    '   ���       . .���   ���    ���
I        |, as  wi ll
Victorli        - . tro; i :
mati ...
he   streets made    Irculatiun lm
1 11 ���
The   ;no�� a   di ��� exceed
���   ��� ii ates
e wife of Ad
Mi ntt
The   hills   sui ���
Buffered bul slii
M,.re   lhan  60.01 0     ��� '      .-'...���    tak
i n   refuf ������ there
Thai  poi tion ���       u ���'��� lien   are
the . u   oa..   house and  the citj   hall
was  nol  Berlousl)  d       g( I
\  lai ge majoril ���  i f the boti es an
. -   fit   :..?   ha It itli a.
'i  ie   stun house     of   thi     custi nn
���   .    ...-    totally di   troyed,
The   ivater  pipe    of thi       ���   were
���,   . n .md ihe watei   noun      hroui
Provisions an
. ginning lo a al e ll ������     felt.
ii n        even I    ��� ��� '���
:,. .    ..    ���
The i"'.. le of V itb
B.   C.   E.   R.   Co.   Would   Lease   Line
From Eburne and to the
At  a meeting held  in    Vancouver
Saturdaj between ri pn  entativi
lhe C   iv it., und tbe B   C. B. R
. ud  Mayor Keai j, .   proposition
made thai  the C,  P.  R. Bhould
"Ild a line from Eburne to this city,
then lease that  line,        well as
,,:'   line  now  mining  from   he ���     '���'���
"���  tminster Junction, to the B C. E.
'' ' .   whi. h   company   would     then
trlfy ami operate the entire Hue
' ">  Eburne to the Junction,     The
taking would cast  the C.  P. It.
��� ��� i- h orhoi i of ti    an I
:. i ne e : ite the building of a
": bridgi. i. placing the wooden one
'  nou  ipani ihe river    to    Lnlu
i- land.
The proposal wai   favo recelv-
, i  by those pn si nl  i I   the mei tin
md the scheme will be favorably reported upon to the official   al Ihe hea i
, ������ ,,,,.,i      n the esal    nd in England,
Mayor  Keai    li   of the opinion  thi
ih.. line would be i i greal benefll  to
the ell . an I he ht pi    to   ee ll cai
rled ti    fui 1 si ue
For   Printers'   Home.
Colorado Spring!, Col.,   lug   18.    B
In-creasing the mon' ilj per capl
fin the support of the  inlon prlnte -
hi,inc.   from    10   to    16   Cl DtS,   the   In
ternatlonal Typographical union lo
.la;. Ini reased tl i irci foi this
;, u ... ���   160,000 i" |BI	
Lewis   Morrison   Dead.
New   Yoik, Am'.   19    Lewii   Morri
son. an actoi who e wi Wei ('i
in Faust (.'.iim-d bim fame, died snd
,i,.Mi    ol     ... k on        . day in    Ht.
U his-  hospil ,:, i "     "��� i under
: oing an opei ition foi        ���       tron
' ble.
UU i
re continues confusioi
saster . thi
ay and
i at terval
Despatches from "\
'.  ��� I las ...
ilities    .'.'    ' -'
'   ' '���"
attei    .    .     ' as the loss su   lined by San Fran
��� . ' '.   arthq lake ai d I     w   i;-
hal    ���; li -   April.
A who has -;a a-   I al Sai tiago,
theknov     lead at 100, and oil >ssag< s indi at i
-   icasui   '. - w< ��������� r.Ti ath exaj :a rati I.
I   spate    s toth<     a.   leparl m ��� ij atl Wi
.     plj ce '   i fi   ilities ai about 500.
These .-���   I ; ting ���". t< m< nt   c mn
be adj s     .   It is evii    il that confusion and panic
yet  prevail at  Valparaiso and that until order is
red it will bs impossible t > obtain with accuracy
tl ��� t iss i t li " and pro] i rty.     The dwellin -��� in tin1
city have been pra ":  ill;   aband tied by the inhabitant are i   :a      as 1      ;::>.. ��. n in theplaaas
' the city, and the hill  adjac< nt to it.
a >ve 'nment ; all  it i an to bi nj;
���   " .    Che i rip linj         he railroads leading into
.   I ia . ��� ��� ��������� ist.il it(   a serious factor in the situa-
*:    . i'.' ���:.   ie     ' an in lefinite pi riod, relief supplies
canonlyl ��� obtained thr ugh other means of trans-
p irtatio i. the = i t-b iard >l erinj; the best of I hese.
isted  and     ..     li :,   lhe     re
. -.- ol the ri ; .i,.    ������
,, i.   thi   ��� Itj.
People  Kill Themselves.
ago, de i        .   '        ....
known   ��� ���   ..'      IIvi        ������ i
.     i       '   ���      ���   ���'
.....      ....      ...:..      mi
found li tei     Sevei al person
panic .���:,.���.   luring thi   Lri mb Ings
���;,, |    thn '.,...',   :n    I ' .      V, 111
...  ��� ���    ���.'.,-  ; i  ��� ��� :������   killed
Terror Augmented.
Tin       ���     ..   I      folli      II he pm lb
l.     ....    .       ���..       ,:' -i        ll   '' ,i
.... ,   1      . .
,....' '  	
n '  li
���  ��� ,,. ������ i   . >,.
,, ���     ��� , out Iln       i  '
nol     ���     . :i,.�� ii.  i ii   .i.h i, p ..  have
��� '    '    '.    I t .   !    I    , ���    (111    tow ii I   Of   Vii
i ������������  an i . a apian   , were i ntlei Ij de
... i  and  ���   ���    -  -I   Felici    Millppa
.. ���' ���       ..'..! nnagi.;.
Many Village in  Ruins.
Vi Con ��� ��� ' lon bi shock waB even
and i nun hei ol persons wi re killed
... In lure ; 1 be li wns of Rengo, Ban
Fernando, ^ rillotta nnd San   VntonJi.
and   nil   IJ      il.'.       i-i     -i   .  .1 1
\n  1 altw.'.    1   .'������:������ in  the .. nt ral
...   ire el the 1   ntei   iptml enl Irelj 0
di In,. ,1 and . ommei 1 e I   prnc
,'   1    '  -, 1    mi
In thi   1       ��� ���      ntlugo  mui b  .1 1
1 ��� ���   ��� 'i ii..   building     ��� I
,. ||i .       '.
Ihi   .    irts,  ihe   Pel a
., Inn  lo    I lon,   hi    ���   ���    .....     p
��� -.- 1    - r.- ���
'     .
<\    Llttlt   Comfort.
I ���,     has
���   , the effei ere v
....      .    '.   ������
. 1 .. .   -     i
1   .
,1 .....       ent has ti
en    ��� ton  ,.:, i, 1      \ ��� 1   11
 1 .     lefl   ���' ,,,,i  ,    I,...
1 . -i        .   . :     n     direction       ibi e
he   dlsti Ibtition   ol
. .  ti   tho ���'  i'i   n< ��� (1      S
tioop ias  been    ��� t<
Ication with Valpai
Shades  the   Railway,
\ 1  iwi..  w he came here '     > v
...  ng  w hen   thi   Irahl
11        1 Vegas, about    all ��
... ,   ,   .111      T.i t... the
......  i lob atl;    m '    ;'''
.11 im    i., left   ih..  ' I.. ..
vaj   to   the   noi;
bo 1 lhe   lm i.ii   . ai���      ei       ds
������. ged
In the    I     11    : lilt I ago, a  in t   ti    ..
the 11 i. . ..   lib a itei   wen   n
i ii ai , - hi poorei portions ol I hi
dtj md an} ol iheii home - wi nl
to in.       . ind     Several  deaths fn 11
II er v 1 i    ��� ���   I ��� ���' ���' '' ���   ire  re p 0 r t ed
Other Places Destroyed.
The ���    lh pittite  lhal   w rei ked   V'i '���
paralso, also 1 umpletelj   tleBl 1 oj ed   h
nan, ..-.   of sui rounding  pi u ei   inn n
them  the  following
Vim 1   1 '��� 1   Mm.  three   mill a  ffni 1
V'alpai ��� ...    wllh b populal h n ol ove
t      ��� I   ��� .     11 ii:.        1 .   ��� 11.      oilth
, epulallon ol   I.B00
, miles In i he 1101 th
ptipul in,.11  .,1   1, 5(10
11 IP 1 to 1 hi  noi th, with
1 |0 tlOfl    an 1   ��� i
��� Hi I
' ���
v-f   So   Bad   A?   ReflWti
\:. ���   ,     .
... .
.....  1 :.
....       s than at firs
.... .
. -..     a scone    ol
.   \    .... ais 1
: een     recefi ed
. ���. (a! ��� [i\ ing    Sti
Vli cheerful  in
......-���       ���
eceived Bj   tmsJ
h in a few 1
.  . ...    reporl     Neai 11   -1'
e d th - the staffs ��� I
. e safe atwi thnt thi
Ings an ��� dAhiaged
383  Bhotks.
-,   ��� . 1 1. in b    dis
"     ' a.        1  ,1..
,    .       ident 1    thi   D ill;  Mall Ba
. ,   .in  ol this citj has been
, ,,,,,1 letelj  destroj'ed     I'V death " :'
rhere were 83  ihc
.1-,-i- 1   ... -,i       md then  have
���,, , ndred      ire   ;"-1   then.
, I,,,        ,   . 1  thousand    people    are
. ,       .11 (p stitvj .     w ati' is gli
,,     , ���        Inrro ��� 1 \ ng   towns     bai ���'
pen di ed, ml   be 1 aili oads ba e
Bodies Recovered.
.: .- , Aug. 10 The bodies 0! two
. a v ho were di ���>�� ned ! 1 b
lerda In 1 ��� Massawoptc, were re-
. 1 \... 1 rhej were Mlssefi Maigai t
m |, ,1, ,1 ihi ��� ��� Boston, ami Bella
i'i-. W  lei    Maesi    1 be
1 iv,, gj) Is toi '.  a  boal   and  wettl   toi    '
. ,,,\   , -i   the   1 ike     When   thej    1 '
nol return 1 -.audi ��as organised
in,    ,, ��� found . apslsed     11
mite was resorted to in au etti
rind the 1 .'.11"=. ami thej ���
in., bui face ti daj.
luHk Id Collision.
It,    VUg    IB,     The   woo.len   pac-
Qa\    Smith   own-
.1        thi   Rutland 'i'i msll  1 lo    \   -
laj   In 1 olllsitn with   be ii'1
tei ��� ''   Uranus  8 miles
Poinl   V.UJ  Barques, Lake Huron
11   i      -ei.. stood   tha!   the   sre
esi onaible
rhe 1     r of 1''" -'""��� h
. 1    She s as loaded down with   1
cargo  ol ��� uen ''audi--"
1 is was   iii bound.
F.iit   Freight  DaRhcs  Into  Work  Tram
and  Many  Suffer Awful.
Johnstown, I'a. Vug 19. R inning
... ,1  a  ; llndlng  rainstorm al   I he
li ..: ID ml ���' ��� an ho 1 lo-day, a
fasl freight on Lhe Pennsylvania rail
a . olllded with a slow moving
,.ai i: 1 lain a! Bang Hollowj killing
��� ..ii  an 1    si lom ly  injuring!    11 ven
Othei      '      lhl       OI I;   'ruin   crew.     Kn
... 1111   v'0.,1    ivai ihc oniv member
��� he   : relghl   < raw   who   wim   unln- :
Because or ih"  rain  the en<,
cilice,    ua-    nn.ale   lo   Me   Ihc     win ll
���. .a ii |uii before the collision
'i be engineer ol ihf> frsrlffbl jumpeu
and  wa.s  fatally hurt.    Tbe  fireman 1
. '���limine I ,,n lie  engine and  was uirn
: be 1   news of the  wreck  renchcl;
The sight  1 hni  met I hem ."i I In
rival ta (hi     1 ne  .-������    len Ible   Soim
of the Injure 1    ere ci lng nnd   uoan
on  I he :". ind     \  damnged en
. e a Ide bi    hlng   I reams
.  I     bol     v.ale      - - tit    . lOUdS    Ol       ' leinn
itch enveloped       1   il of the Injtu
ed    when t h.   .   .      1.1,1 hei " oleai
.. 1 a-.', 1.   11 ������ a ���    '1 ani thai pai 1 ol
p.  last 1   .   1 a  the   work  trail]  had
1 1 thrown  ll 0 feel  up iiu> bin ai
1 he poinl ol  thi ;.. and one sel
had  bl BO  hurled  In  nn  op
Iti   dlret ii in, 76 te*l Into the river,
, 0	
Plot Against Palma.
llavp.na.     Aim.     IB.-   Half    a  dozen
highly pininliicl leaders of the Libaral
party have been taken into custody
on (he charge ol conspiracy aguinst
the governmenl and plotting to   as-
1 isslnate \'n'-\ u ni Palmo,
New Vcrk. (Vug. IH.���Michael P.
liver, one nf the most prominent
figures of thi iVtnericah turf, die 1
to-day ut his ct ttage in Brooklyn
\UI AN ilKhth IP
H rl   Mo...    the
���    , ' iighi  isJred
blood,     Ni ��� ���
Police ol  Wa'onw Try to Fi",l  PtrSOrl
Who  Threw  Bomb   at
Wan it .   Vug   IB,    11       itlofl
,. ���   who -I 8 il ii laj attemi ���
ia islnate the governor genera] ado) I
ed 11 ifcfategehi to in*..ve mm to leave
the  palace.
A lew days ago, a revolutionist,
disguised as an officer appeared at
the German consulate, quarrelled with
thc vice consul and boxed his ears.
Owing to this incident the govenior
general was compelled to vlBit the
vhe consul und offer an apology.
��� the revolutionists hud
rented a flat near the vice consul's
residence and when the governoi een
oral's   1.   rtge   appeared,   tiny   ^threw
bombs at  it.
The  police  having  been  Ini
 *   Is   Willing,
Vug     19.    Dl     :
iday I    ied the
Ini   ���    temi nl       In the pre-- nl
��� ���   il       lltli a ���   our political life
Ung to 1 un tor
��� ��� ot  governor of the state, if
the i ������    ���       "��� convention shall nominate ine without  any understanding,
expressed or implied, othei lhan. th.it.
if   elected.   I   shall   obey   1111   uath   1 !
office as 1 understand it In letter nnd
in  spirit.
(Sign  l)   \v. Travers Jerome."
Pittsburg, Aug. 19���Reports received here from points in Alleghany a&u
neighboring couhtiel Indicate that
great damage has been done by a
storm thai passed over Western Pennsylvania lute thla afternoon and tonight.
��� . v '
������, 1
��, i]
1 ��� *ii!
Of course your grocer has
He will send it to you always, if
you specify WINDSOR.
Pilot   House   of   Steamer   is   Smashed
and Passengers Rush for
Life Belts.
Through a log jamming in the rudder, the C. P. N. steamer [leaver lost
the upper part of its pilot house and
occasioned a temporary panic among
a number of the passengers on Saturday afternoon.
The boat left the wharf at a few
minutes after 2 o'clock with a large
partj from Vancouver on board,' who
were oul for the purpose of enjoying
a trip to Pitt lake and the Bridal
Veil falls under ;!u. aus A es of the
Vancouver Art, Historical and Scientific association. All went well until
the boal was near the big bridge
whicli was .-winging in order to le
the lie.;,or through, wnen a log be-
can e ji .mod in tho Beaver's rudder,
ing  the   \essel  ... iun I   In   such  ..
anner thai the pilot house a . i
contact with the end of the swing.
The shock causi I -.-������! i i set
tle  back   very  suddenly and  the  water starte 1 to wash ovei  the A les of
the lowei   lei   ,   i hih con
sidera ly over to one side    H >w Captain Rei 1 manai ed to hold       ,   si tion
he ........ ,;        ... A a
ter       rhe iim : rt: a he
sing the  vessel,
i..'��� ��� oi        ..   e releasi
the  il . .   ��� .. :.
The f the pilo
aa low    own .
off an ..   : ,.     sl      aci iss
: whistle cord md the mtinuous
blowing of the heavy whistle added
verj   much   to   thi     ��� Tht
moi ...    - .  ....     ..: 'Are
��� ��� Idge    ,  a  fe .v inches a
injure I.
Some of the passengei inic
strie;..... and if ill rei orts e ithen-
tii. some of ii..     entlei oard
acted in a ver; . .   mcalled
' mm r and,  a parei li
that th       .. -    ���.       .....
'    ��� ��� r,   ivei      :. Inel
of "Ilka aii,  for  i imsi "   .. leil
the hi - i      .      ivus    a
ambl ��� for the A. and a gen
eral   fixin 1
.. ighl    e ,:.  rea lines - I   i worst,
and  if the sl ��� avi   bi i :.
circulate 1 are ��� iirn I II i- high timi
that   thi       "'j.  of life    i  ts   In  ques-
��� lon w .; overha ile        I i  pla :e I b;
..  belts calculate I .    lif
Tile..      ...:���.!��� i  ,.
el :. I an gei
It has a      . .    . '. :   i .
with air-tl t ���  i :
lorne of the
al irmi I that 1 ieing
ashore al   Sap     ton   I
<��� intinuing their Jourm    I ��� the lake as
was  j
Capt. Reid        '     i        i      train
nd ai        i .  . : , -", a wil i
I   '���    ...   ... ;' N'esl il        was
lack eye     Dr.
I ial .,    .' Vai     .       bap] ene :
in   the  thick ana*
gi i   a  numl er ui        an i
One  Obttinate  Elderly  Woman   Wn��
Refused o> Ue Taken furi' Of,
"Ami grandma can mind the ehil-
d:'. :i. you k:; v.. ani ihat will leave me
free to g> where 1 p-lease," said tit*
fashionable and stylish Mr--.. Charles
Bradf >rd to her husband.
Ii was a beaul fui pi in, the one tin.
Charles was urging ou her bosbax 1
His mother, Mrs. Harriet Bradford,
was to be invited to 1 ��� with tb "Ji.
Mother wai too ol.lt) w irk any more.
declared Mrs. Charles, and needed to
bave ber affecti mate children take care
of her. It didn'l look well for a pros
perous man's mother t > be out working
for mouey anyhow.
"Tell ber it's time she wa* taking
things easy," argued Mrs. Charles to
Mr. Charles, whn. manlike, believed
ev. i;������'.,  ig I  - wil ������ said.
Bui there was jus; one drawback to
Mrs,   Charles'   beautiful    plan.     11 ���''
mother-in-law   had   novldentally  ove:'
he :������! ���!..   .��� ��� ' u's '  >:i     The    .nl >n   ���
aboul gran linn taking care of the i bil-
,;-, n :..]| leaving Mrs. Charles free to
pad nboul ns she 1 iU*-'J pspeciallj   -' I ''
In   gran lm i'��   mind.     I. ifl   a   w d ������
������ /!i  f mr ��� 'SS lr 'ii,   Harriet   Br nil ir .
had   liroi        '1 ������ i   :::>  and  ������ li 'ii te
i!   ra by 1;    .   tg n b ig bous I
f -. .. : h .- I larders well. Th it lasi
-....- the so ".'��� nf her -:: ���- . -h ��� toi '
pie. But change, which is t'i" only
perm, ncr.l thing in this woi '.1 owr
hi ��� -A ���: ' of llf ���. Her fo ir ��� il
tb ui .." " to matn . m irrl A nnd
. ; ���  : Tlu li will 'li h   I  wil
.. ��� -��� ������ i 1 ..���;��� su 'i    a        ���    par   ���"
he ame < ihioi i  le,   and  ul   ���  p :'
i   di I   :. d   Hli ���   ' .   live   t! ere   . n
��� .  ;���������.    Besides tl   I,    [arr el Br idf
Lest of niotbe 's an 1 nurs ���-, had -.   u
so much  time looking   after 1   r
irren and their I   hies  In (heir .. r o is
Illnesses and troubles thai   -1, ��� really
neglected ber hoar [in ;   bou -.-, and  il
had   "l in     !t: ��� "  so  iev i. :.    II   bad
. .ased to be pr   ltablo.   Thon hoi ��� ' 11
drei    ������ , .   ��� diingh ������:���-
law. Mrs. Charles, liecan to na    1  ������
to gl       " ' ��� ���:    ��� ���       .-.
I be "tab ��� of."
:      ''���.-..'
.I.'.. i:u'le ;
... i    '    .,���  .   ��� ;
'..���-'.      ., . .         ,        :             a
, :' ll'.l      he;-    win lie   I
:���:".:���.- :  ���     . ��� ������:������
'   : i   ' A '.       with   " ���      11(1
Iw taken i if."   She, who I , i itri
Special Summer Courses ���"
For Teachers in the I
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
R. J.  SROTT.   B..A.,  Principal.
H. A. SCRIVEN. B. A., Vice-Prin.
\\   ������{.,
��� Open for Business
4.  1306.
''���'���'��/' &
EC<f ,
'���   '���   V
������:    A \^
/ .  A-  .-V \-
\ ������ ���::��� !\
���', ��� '���    \
i    ,11
Public Notice!
$ E fi     e    . : '
:e- , \ -    .
E ���  I
. poll   :t   good
The   sti   .,,.      I
a   shorl   llstan ���    1
,.������  ,. . . ...
i  ash, screams
Gil ..-.. y.\     .:.    " :;t: ',    ��� ::���:.;.
.,.,.' .....        ....
-    :  lb    clawing
fighting und in op 'iivity uf fo ..
yo mg  oi      of licr   , -, :.   ' .    tar   In
when    ��� ������        :���      ai      d .  II   . 11  ov I
again  for oth ?r pn ibildren a  ���!
..-'  .. i* ." .'-i :     ...... :��� It, much less
auy mon ���. '.-
-I'll .i-TA :   rrlel Bradford
1 e "I'll nol :. ���   '.������ ���   i  iff In a corner."
���, hich   was     Her roo 1, and she was so
,   , ; ,n   strong thai ber A uightc ���   In-la ,:��� vowed
, |     grandma ,   li tougher than tl ey
w.tc.    Bul    ho d d not  wani to  it   ".
lotlier   . ho
of the ' i oul   .a. in���(      || ,
in a hurrj   to pi       i ��� neu -.   alert.
but fo     aately,  a      tan -    not   shunted off io i
needed,     nd   the i iei Icera        I     e! S1>e wi ������     l'l
eptloi   of  thi   .    '' ������  Ian led     s'"'  : ' :  ''
sho  WH    twin
.    Sapperton   i       Inue 1      e      u ney
other ciiy   wh
i PI e wl .       'i.   ler
I ape,
tbe tm: li ul  .
baei;  from
i    wa ired away y s-   an uceu
terday an I  the   Beavi     ivil       irt on   '���an i in a
the  usual   trip
hour this mornli
Sh . c eded a
was   hid i.i   n.. I
���1      hers dl   In
:���.'.. In-la'
. ri .. i ii. un
���: i  i   truth,    Bui
.  ty    ��� ��� ��� . :   :' :
: I. ���
���:. ii  'tii
The annual general meeting of the shareholders of
the New Westminster Southern Railway Company will
be held at the offices of the
V. W. & V. in Vancouver at
10 o'clock A. M. on Wednesday, the 5th day of September. 1906.
For Sale
11 a      ic   .  "���; !   ;:'"1  i:i t-   "'   '  ���
The onl;   difference "��� II be that Caft. Reld vill have
;i|o- 1      I
IV It   of   I.
',     .!. ..": . ������
!S      .'. itll     I  .     Ill ���
' .   US   UH   I I   I 01'
future.    Iliti'.'i      .        nal      riauil in
nothing : etween  I    i and the    Arr:,'   .-,. ot)] ,. ,   .     ....  .      ,:j, ,,,,_, ., , |0 ,
blue s .... ,. ���   tm   in   -      tt,    ...    .-   .... i  to
���i)  Mrs.    Bruiil <:' '.   "If   J ill      .; .     knew
stenography I     ���������,.;��� .��� yo i un pi iy-
i I0UI   il:"'' '   :   . U'S  II   ilU . ."
Well-seasoned Tine Cord-
wood; could deliver on scow.
Particulars Box 39, Port
China Department
Is fillinp; up.    Come and .see the lovely
..i.n   il in :;!������:; by,"   r. ild   Mrs,
Elaine.  Wash..   August  20th   to  25th,   Bradford    B   ng uw.iy  I'i un ber cull-
190g ilreu    and    former    neighbors,   lliern   1 EA SETS,
wasn't n soul to -.:'.  io ita'. ",\i .you.- niMMrDii;��Dr
On  August   19th  to 25tli isive,   \Sq\" UlINlNLKWAKt.,
1906, the Great Northern Railway com- She learned ������ ui ���. r pi,..- and type
pany will sail round trip tickets writing. Hero i the Umil nud present
M-w Westminster  to Blaine and  re-   "rangementi   llurla    Lii-.i.lforJ  and ���at--
.....       ,     .i      ber    trieiid    live   t.i';ulhor    and    Keep   _ __.__._.��� -.-���    n   %      ,.    n
turn at one and one-third fare, for the I house     Rm       ,,,������:   MOP FYS   Columbia St.
round trip, $1.35.   Children five years   typewriting and office worn four hours 1T*Vf*^*-' 	
of   age  and   und.':-   twelve,   half   of | a day.   Then  iho goo* home and does
the above rate. light housework, Being n capital cook. | ^_^ ~w~iB^v^y
Return limit good until August 26th,   you  should  taste i l.iinty dimiors S,   K3m     I iLlYe
logo hIh! end  her fri I enjoy,    They  gi ' ~
out ovonlngs;   tin j. aro   free  as   air ....FLORIST
after business bours,    Mrs. Bradford
A lecture on temperance will be de-   Is very  happy, t fairly  well  paid  und
livered al the Eagleg ball, nexl Wed-   :''""< "!" have to suffer the bitter bu n���.rNq
nosdav evening, Aug. 22, al 8 p.m., by   ��'��*��<">   oi  "^   takoa   care  of." AND FLORAL DESIGNS.
she suys every ol 1 woman could earn
Miss Rokka, of Minnesota   There will   n ^ |mng .   mmj way .,, ^ ()|i,
bo no charge for admission, and all   ;>,lU lhc p|uc){ .���,, ...,n ,, ,,��� h
comers will be welcome, .���:  \ w pHPriBB.
Telephone  M'-d or address lib Avenue and 10th Street.
Things Happen In
The Night
And the only way to keep posted is read the
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
The morning is the time to tell the purchasing public what you have to offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district. Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you.
> MONDAY. AUGUST 20. 1906.
Hi ���   ic< h   h<   mal er with this bread ?    I     ��������� at mothers last night ar    she ha     hi  mo
A%/     1 ' ���    n     ronder,    Dur mother bake*  ��� ith RISING SUN.  and i      ie grocer sends
moi stufl  h   sent las    '   certainly send il  bad     You gei        RISING SUb   PLOUR and V
���   jusl as g(       i   ������       ���   Ai :
_ v.
* R>
' -%.
1 fill	
G.  DAWSQ> 145 Hastings �� , West, Van.    liver.
vuS&u. \i^'^.u>isVc,f ��� *'' 'oaK-'j
��� * ^ A PERFECT SE I
i//:..;    'ii '    ^0r(,
^A:v"-...    -       ���
Ma     ordi
N'ew minsl
e guarantee thi bei and 1
I " e aal of thi   ��� -   - ��� re    -
-   gr twice: ,      lur mechani
: ������ er   ���
irk is tne best
"   '....-
.IAMES   McKAY,   P-ctrletor.
fmpo""    and  n   i   '
Marble and Granite Monuments
leblets, Tombstas [tc.
Writi   '��� ���      - es,
New Westminster, B. C,
���  ��� .-  .rices v\  i;      i ingrnuN s to profit by :
j Gold  Filling  . .
i Platiwi Filling .
.   .er Filling . .
Gold Crowns .... $5.0G
Bridge Work i ; I $5.00
Set ot Treth   .   .  . $5.00
Consultation and Examination Free of.ChB.rfre.
AU Our Work Guaranteed for IO Years Wilh a
Protective Guarantee.
Ihe Boston Dentists,u
Hou * 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
tor   Hastings Sl. W.,  Vancouver
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturer* and Dealers in  All Hinds af
lumber,    Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glasr..
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
...... i
e made i
... ������ ,  .
.....        . |,    i
3 of ten ....
ent or s
Bee   of  the   i
���    \. \v   V . ...
.... . i   .
., -,..,   ;.;.. ....      ..-.,���
be Minisl ...
....     hich
i. .     ���
-,  . ���       '���   ������        .   . ���
I, ,.,
!' ,    t    KEY!
Home  Team   Defeats   Made   Leafs
Vancouver but by a Nar
row   Margin.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12.
New We��fminster.
I teamboat Inspection Se
��� ���  "     ���' ' ndl
. i  .. .   [jig
nf  II ".i   i. [ul    i .
lenmbi        .-       Inke pi I
eambo     I      ...... i >np ... \-	
i. I     on   \"l- :-���  . Ind,  1908.
K. 001 ROI  VU,
Di    it   Minister     ol    Mai Ine    an
i I ���  lei
dice is hereh    | Iven thai   10  lays
���in''.  ' Intend  to make applies-
.... to Hi�� Honorable tbe (Uilel I nm
, i islonei   ol   it. i-i  and   Woi ks,  for
eclal Mc< "    to "'it and carry away
���   from ihe following described
lands, situated  Bast of the bead of
i-i" Uke, N. vv. District; Commenc-
' -ii'. planted on the North
corner ot the 0, O.  Patterson
old claim No.  1098, thence Northerly
chains, thence West   SO   chains.
thence South 80 chains, thence Rust
*o chains to point of commencement.
Staked  August   13th,  1906.
New  Westminster, B. C.
A  I,-   .    . ���    ���     luck, a      ��� .   bettei
nation woi e sl ooting in-
do    ,������..    -.    ���  .     ��� ��� <}   the
.    . T
ve havi a  tie  in  the
Saturdaj      nt
Queen C i i
v ��� ii   [i a; Ins  ag   nst thi     ��� ��� ���   Wesl
In I ������
ected   i.'   do   then   elvi      but   rr:
of  all  thi        I   rest] the
md the \
..:... ... .      ���
i be Inti resting I  ���'������
i i , i ng effort
��� " Uni	
Ivi    to   foui       fhe    risltors    pla
, : |  , i ������������     ,
��� i   ':      gai      for  all   I
...   worth     t...  .   un     bole of Hi
, .,      t]1(      |j , i   g ... i     .:���   .     butt
i ��� ; ; hi    ball      "   ol   his  ri   eive,
and even  with  the hardi   ���       rk on
his  pari    ��� '��� iged   ti    ;et  i
Im I h      ' I
land    reel bad indi    I
���oui'"   '' '"' '    . ��� ' h the
II im,   ,..   [he   i ���������"..  I ring    thn
m ore,   the   excitement   on   the   field
was '��� iter 'hun it bas been at nny
. isse in itch playe i here ibis sea
-an. ;ni the large number of Van
m er supporters who weio presenl
���(���HeI themselves hoarse' Iti urging
their team to put forth their besl
i fforts to score another goal, Hut
It wns not to be. and when the time-
Keeper Bounded his gong, the visitors were Btill pressing Sandy's
Stronghold, bill the score remained as
������hi above.
From the, fact -off iu the first quarter, Westminster got away with the
ball, and in thirty seconds i.en Turn-
bull dropped lhe first goal for the
Red Shirts. There did not seem to
be  the  ghost   of a   chance  for  the
en 1
���hen har
.    ���
... -.,
' i -,,       p
playe      ai minor i
... ��� -   .
are for a fi      ������  ���   tes in the third
havin ...
1    V.
hi    keeli
been   i
er for 1 ��� game
lelayi few mil
...        ....
In    fine
and    worked
.....      ... ...   ���
. -   .
... ���      I was in
. :   his    u nal ���     ably
ther Bill.   1 he
���    the     cum'.in  I
��� ���   -      in     the
quart      Leaf    ni fitlng
thi   '   '
Ineup (f the ti a
New    Westminster ��� Goal,   S i
'' '     i'   braith
.. ..,.    [Jig ���     lefen       field,  T,  0 I
1   n   Rennle; Centi r, B, G
home    fii Id,   H     I atham,  W.  Turn-
: ill, I    ' i  '   B. Henr;    ���   -���
Mai     ' Goal, Rai       poll
Morrl point, Rlti iii
fenci       Id   R    ,;    '     Greer   R  ���
" ii
Tu '!. . .
' '���;.
QU 11
'bird (
'.. "'       all....
Qu    ���
7. Ma le I '      Id...... 11 i
Maple 1 " 11-2 min.
Mapl     .".
ray, M. J. Barr.
Tii ��� I.    J i,    J.
'���'    ���
Gul hoi Montri V
"   M ���' '    .'. ....!.   i lahi..    I    ���'
I..  Maling,   Langley;     C.  O.  C
McClintcn ' .   Seattle;
1.     .   Mrs   Don
nelly. Vi m ou ,-ei.   Mrs.  11.   '   I.i
M       ��� !   Mrs.  J.   T.  Wi Ir,
I. r. Pike, D. !'- mby, Van-
��� ���   Eachern, Bl
Colonial���M.   il    Dobie,     Toron
Mrs,   i.   R    li"a  ��� r,   N'elson;   Miss   K.
M. A.
Mission; W  Huston, Vancouver; A. F.
ol    ''   I-:. King, Glai -
Wil "   111  m   McGill,      D.   A.
'' ���������    iver;   !���'.   J.    Ulard,
.   -'.    '   " In! '��� :   and   (
.  '.'    Sl: ingeman, Irel ind;
Vai  ouver,
'���'van.   Seattle;   11.   W.
Victoria;    I.   Page,   M
"    II  ::!   White,   i". .���
Missed   His   Letters.       .   ^_
'���'. Ion   was  over a    l I
'   B  Kennedy, M. P., Btarti
tour ol the pun Ini es down
���   thi nd  lefl   instructions  ai
II   letters   coming   t< ���
be held until he calli I i
in due tin ��� he called,
���    ���   his  letters had,  ���    i
.    nailed  to    Mew
Wesl Be I    inxlous that his
Ise thi     ��� Ighl '    blai
tlectli    ��� He expi
nd of thla week,
���-��������� ��� - -���
. m ��� e
j>. I. b��}*iinW'i*ws?��5pji
isMLm a"
'���i,jfS''S&Mi,/i?:t... j*ztr-j _ 1
Plug  Chewing
10c per cut
'   ���   9
v   ���
*   '
��� > 4
k    -
��� ' -
': r
. :
.    . .'
E :
broughl   before them:     but     whether'
the    were acted upon���a. decision pro
or con  arrived at���or laid on the ta-
Published by The Daily News Pub-
tablng   Company,   Limited,  .it   their
itfices   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front A or under the table, the members I
Btreets, New Westminster,  13. C. oil  the   commission   are   not   free    to'
""""������������������������������������_��������� -        ��� ..,���,.       ^-qi  that   there is any desire
MANAGING DIRECTORS. ���������  secrecy  as  lo  their    action,    but
j. c. Brown fi. J. Burde simply that, being appointed to inform
���_ ���-��� - and  advise  the depart ment, it  would
Transient   display   advertising,   10
cents per line (nonpariel) 12 lines to
tbe  inch.      Five  cents  per
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
-oats per line, brevier or uonpuriel, 10
cents per line.
Foi time contracts, special posi-
tons, apply to advertising manager.
be entirely contrary to all official etiquette did tbey announce their action i
to the public, until it had beeu laid
ine for | before the head of the department.
The government certaily has a right
to  the   first   information.
In the matter of the propose.! extension of lbe time of trap fishing,
or rather the suspension of the regu-
Notices   of   births,    marriages   or I lation as to air annual close time, as
deaths, 60c.    Wants, for sales, lost or; ,-.���. as  th(,  ,,..       .,,.,, concerned     thft
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per       ,,...,,,
<vord.      No advertisement taken for  '"!',!lf��� w"> "'" have lonS " wa!t- as
l��SJ than 2") cents. any   action taken  in  the matter must
sarily   he   taken   within   a     few
Business office
Editorial   office
Manager's   residence   	
days.    In the meantime it may lie as
  22 weii to say thai tl.e regulation does
   17  not bar all fishing.    An article in this
paper the other day was written under the impression ilia' ii did, but as
a matter of fact, fishing for spring
salmon���thai is, with a net having 7-
inch meshes���has always  n allowed, nor has any proposal been made
to ch ;.-" this .so far as we are aware.
The fisheries commission will    nol THE GROWING time.
again until Sep:, l". and only com- The papers are tr.il these lays ofl
mlttee work nml the preparation of notes of progress; new enterprises
reports of committees who have been are announced, old ones re extender are engaged in the gathering ���..' .A. 'a., price of real estate A going
Information wlll go on in the meantime, ap, big "deals" in land are reported.
The natural desire of the newspaper This state of affairs is ver; gratify-
men Ar news of 'la- proceedings, ing, ani there is every warranl ( r
while it is gratifying to the i |.nmis- the predictions which One hears I .a'
sioners in one way, as showing that the next few years will witness a
the public lake an interest in their great development, accompanied '������
proceedings, is an embarrassment in large increase of population, in Brit-:
another, as they naturaly do not wish ish Columbia. It is as trite as ir
to appear warning in civility to the would be useless to utter warnings
representatives of the press .ami at I about the danger to individuals which |
the same time are bound not to lurks in this state of affairs. Such
make public the proceedings of the conditions have alawys pr duced a
>��� ���mmission in advance of official pub- speculative spirit, which has in man
lication. The information that the i-itcs led to ihe ruin of Arise who al-
commission at its lare sitting in Vic- lowed themselves io he carried aw i
toria, dealt with all matters before by ii, and a similar result will fol-
ll a' lhe date, has been : ���: ��� 11 -1: < - I and low the present wave of prosperity
is correct: but how the; dealt and progress. There will be winners
with these matters is another ques- and losers and every one hopes robe
rl m. Any statements as to that, among the winners. Bu: it may serve
should be taken as the more or less a useful purpose to "point a moral"
shrewd guesses of the newspaper man, for the Province as a whole. We
The fact that certain communications have had more than one instance of
were sent to the commission was a big bonus, given or proposed, to
made public by the senders, and the secure the construction of a line of
commissioners feel free to say that railway, or some other work of pub-
these      communications    were    duly  lie  utility,   which   would   bave    been
construed as .t business proposition,
without any bonus, had people been
content to wait t little, lu one such
instance ihis Province parted with
public property of enoilmous value and
in return got. nothing. The railway
to secure the construction of which
the bonus was given was constructed
when business demanded It, and not
a day sooner, and would have been
constructed ba 1 the Province given
nothing. In anothei instance, the
bonus was refused and the line was
constructed just Are same, not any
later than ii would have been had the
bonus been given The moral is, of
course, plain. Where public aid Is
given, let there be a quid pro quo.
Any community may legitmately extend a helping han I to a new enter-
prise, bul wl en that enterprise has
become a paying concern It should
give back to the community a fair
equivalent for the aid extended.
There can be no objection to a fair
bargain, but what is generally understood as a bonus���that 'is, a gift���is
not a fair bargain. This is particularly true when the '.onus takes the
shape of a huge -i ���.;:< of Ian I to a
railway company enabling it io rlvel
the fetters of :. >n ���. il ��� upon a la: ge
section of country. The action of
; a-' governments in this Province has
been suicidal in this respect, and the
people should exercise the utmost vig-
Hani e to see thai there .is no repetition .a' such criminal fully. The growing times of rhe ya t li ive produced
8 crop of bonus seel .���: -. and i' is al-
. eth u probal le thai : ie breed is
ror  extinct.
���     W. R. Gilley, Vhone 1 �������.
J.  R. Gniey, 'Hnone  1 *,
Pull in Their Nets and Find no Sockeyes Entangled���Little
Hope   Left.
after the first, drift the majority of
the sockeye hunters went lion:., ml
went ;o bed to wa.lt for better times.
There were no fish worth talking
about, and the majority of boats drew
"skunks" while others had aboul two
or three to f drift. There were a
large number of fisherman on' an.l
the majority expected a fairlj good
spurt, but were disappointed,
The  freighter Selkirk  which  is  under dfclnmission to van  between    the
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. U. lottery Co. sewer pipe, etc..
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depo:
���Phone lb
Hug. 19 In FSlstory.
14���Octavius Caesar Augustus, first it iman
���uiperor, died at Nola;
hern ��1 IV .'.
118"! ��� Geoffrey   Pi intage-
net. brother ot Richard
Coeur ���!������ Lion i a.I r i-
tlip-r 'if  ih.. murdered
Arthur,    was    thrown/J
fr nn     i.i-j    hers.,    ail
trampled   lo  death  in        Caesar.
W.    Second      general      ezeoutlon      nf
"witches" ar Salem, Mass.; John Proc-
tor, Bridget Bishop, George Burroughs,
Mariha    Carrier     I    John    WHkir.1
were hanged.
1800���James !..���:;.>s. philanthropist, founder
of   ih-   l..-!i.ix   library,   born   In   New
York oil t dii 1 i!   re : ���
1812 -Fight  i..-:-..��� ��� -:i  ip..  Constitution and
Q : rrlere,
1896���Professor Jos  ph Dwlghl Whitney of
Harvard universltj  died at  New  London, ' 'onn . born ;-: l
1805���A   national   repri ient.il        assembly
summoned bj  i ;-,:��� N   holas 11.
li   r.   Cold  Storage  and    the    same have watched the Ave:  to    , ���������
company's traps came In on 8aturda> of  rears are of the o   nloi   i   ,
nighl with  i cargo of aboul 1500 flsh Bockeye ran  ts ove
which embraced  i mixture of springs There may be a few come laiei
.ml cohoes the  late  run   but   thej      ...
Bprings are still running prettj ���*������:! there will not be enoug      .   ���
and  the white salmon are unusually worth the while of the
large this year,   Fishing experts, who keep open,
Paul O, Stensl iti i. the ' fugitive
Chicago banker smasher, is a badly
hunted man. He wa3 at Midway, B.
CA or thereabouts on the 17th, and
etectives were hard on his trail. At
the same time he' was away down in
Alabama, and there also the sleuth
hounds of the law were closing In
him. This Inform tti in we get
from the wires, and who dare doubt
thi i:' testimony? ,Pa il 3hould be a litre more careful. If he turns up in
too many [dace-, the officers will be
In hard luck If l e inn it nab him
A lecture on tempei mce will he delivered ar. the Eagles hall, next Wednesday evening. Aug. :li. al 8 p.m., by
Miss Rokka, of Minnesota. There will
hi' no charge for admission, and all
comers  will   be  welcome.
Hug.  20 In 'F)istcry.
1591-Roi erl   H  rrl  :..  En [llsh poi i. chl  flj
nit-' 1 ..f    Sli ik>.up--..r.',
born.     1!     :      .   I    .   tho   lif '   a   bo-
hemian for man. years after leaving
Cambridg. . bui lai r took a ders and
bei u.... i Icai il ; ��� n Pri ir, io Devon-
shin Tl .. parliam nl ��� ,��� ti .1
bim. In:: I.. �� I. n loi ������: by ' Ihai i' s
11. Hen .g lected for
more than u ontiu r his death.
Si::"., t- . | .; ions of H Trick's
works o i... o ��� ���: publish. .1 I:: !:.-,:; -
Ian.I .���������.. Vm i i:. i iome of his
sh-.i'. it-    . ra -��� : ��� , music.
1794���Battle     '   Mnunr ���������   R ipl Is,  ' i ;  Qei
eral Anthony Wayni  defeated th" Miami i  ind   iti   r In Hans
!���'������    Ho: :��� i'i. nch  novelist,
died in Pa 11   I
1861���Tl ���.-.!���   i app.   ���   !. noted l r
irs   ���     i- .  t . -a     . ,:��� had J I3t
beg ;:.. ������ nd ..������ ��� .mei ivas ��� insldered
a bad om. a
18SS���Ann ;������ p. I i SI  ph. ;   . Am        in novelist. Alii; Lorn at Dei b; in.. 1 ..'
Hid Hei?,
"Has    !; i   c'.l a       ni In I    111   ill
r:.: ii   g lor ��� ��� V
"'''.���I'.     ::   '       '.",     ',:.        l'l   '     \.. ers
"1.. aged .: . t ;
v :-?:
fc^EE$Z-1lJ)k    TV^T      'S E
' i'       V ���    /        -!-.-fif*--V>   >*    'W-   P������~��^.
\    |i^P^\
"What are you getting weighed for, when you were weighed only list euen-
ing 1"
"Well, you see, I waint to find out how much that charge of buckshot we.ght
that was put into me this morning."
.a- t.A-TiT ��� -.'-:���, r.-.*..f->~r*v.wxmmnKiSs,:s?^Wi^
&..Tr?imsm fawesaiaKr.^ci^viieiy 'ikha. .&<z&xmsmmm^w3m.'jsaii"-iuzi .-r.^s:
HUA       JA
ach  Company
Competition Closes Saturday, September ^29 1 906
First Prize $50 in Gold.       Second Prize $25 in Gala
Fifteen Prizes of $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purcha e.   Our weekly
and monthly customers will also be given coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of same.
When you get $1 worth of checks present them at our office and get a coupon.   The coupons are all nun
bered in duplicate.   One is given to the customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.   The first num
drawn wins the first prize; the second drawn wins the second prize; and so on through the list.
IMPORT A NT���All holders of prize coupons must present them on or before October 10th,  1.906,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
I ..:'���"��� ���. ��r
m mE^,EEEE'^im d ���%,,;���& ,., *-j& ^M%.^m
Columbia Streel WHOLESALE PMB 3ETAE!- BUTCHERS New Westminst
^ I��8      V'TW       *''*��
R ' V-V   s '"' x     -?n* '"   ���        m
uA-..'."",.-...��� V^taJ   "-��.:;aJ��'-\ <!���  ��� ������    AUGUST   20,   I90S.
Basket Picnic
This is s sale of all  kindi  of good summer 1 mdise
A  lina! clearance.    Prices are  n ������������   cuttothela I notch
e bargains are arranged    iyou ian'1 makes       take on
the price.   Each  table show:   (food   of one price, ai leach
el  contains goodi   .���:' .....  ,. j        ,  .
��� extra work a dollar willd     . I ���'
Basket No. 1
Bo; -'  and   Girl        i     Rl   ied Cotton H
. he ivy in ih" leg     to   o ���
��� : 25c;  this ; ile 	
Basket No. 2
Blouse Seta
. :.   , a : . and    .. ilno
fi ml. foi mei Ij   25c; ile..
Basket No. 3
i' ilored N ������',. Rlbboi      bv I t.i ot  blue,  pinl
... .������:. lei....   and   rellow    i in
: n me 1    25c;   this sale  	
Basket No. 4
Handsome   Pei sia    l.  ���   ins   ���������'.: rge fl >wi rs In
ms colors, 4% and 6 in   ie    ���; le,
. ,:  75c for 60c, an I '."������   for ....
Basket No.
Ladles' an I M     es'  Fin o    whll i  kid,  wiih
brass buckle      id wh and piqu ��� with col-
Iplng,   formei I) and
basket Mo. b
La I;.t   Black ai ere:!  Cotl .n   M >s
ilack, with  nal ��� des; sizes   -A.
-.'.    I5c
Basket No. 7
Astounding vai
tins,   Iui '.:
12 ' ������'.
Local News Briefly Told
The (i'i-   council will  rnnet  this evening.
- rpplied the liquor,   ml   - -   ired
a   flask of Irish dew  which wlll   ie
use :    - evidence In the c ise.
A  team of New Westminster cricketers will represent this city at.   the      A farmer from  Ladner,  who  i.t
cricket,  tournament to  be   played   In   '''" unusual name ol  fohn Bmlth, was
Victoria  this  week, commencing thi-   Siven   free  lodging at.  the  lockup on '
afternoon. Saturday,   and   remained   there  over
night.    He wlll explain to the police
Indian Agenl McDonald will leave magistrate this morning how it hap-
lv a few days tor the Chilliwack dis- pened .har j,e was f0UUii intoxicated
tricl and look ovei the condition of|ai an hour when he should have been
the growth of noxious weeds on the   j��� [je(i
Indian  reserve in mat vicinity.
Th.-   friends    >:'   l-Aiiia-th   M.rSween
.1. Black, formerly C. P. R. cashier at who is lying seriously ill In the Royal
this point, is in the city renewing Columbian hospital have shown their
his acquaint ince with his old friend-,   sympathy tor him in a very tical j
He is now C. I'  R  claim- agenl with   a inner    He has a farm In tho Chilli-1
headquarters  In   Winnipeg. wack district and his neighbors have
-������ he   id   in   bis  hay  crop   by  means
Just Received an excellent line of Pictures of
all grades.
OLEOGRAPHS 20 x 40 for $1.50
OILS, good size       - ���   $2.00
See them.    They will delight your eyes, tempt
your purse and make you happy.
Moulding in large varieties.    Framing a specialty.
Dupont Block. Telephone 73.
Tv. , half breeds will pay their respects "i the police magistrate   this
il       bee and have also attended to
other necessary work about the ranch.
Reduced Prices
morning    Both '.vere taken !���> the ,���>
lice station Baturday nlghl while suf w"rk ha-i !,een commenced   m the $
tering I   >m the effects   il   numerous '������"���'���   rifle  : ,!l-''   '      -' Surrey side jjj
an               il thirst quenchers. of u"' ,:-":    The range is to be con- !���!
.. ��������� I at a  i ;.i t nea    ��� he    tl ������ big !���!
'     '" :-                     ! bridge           . --a ird  ind the brush $
 "' ":-   <* has    een                     ���.    a  easterly %
;~    - - ���      Tl         iptaii ,; .... .,,,      -p.. ���,..,, |        ,   ,.,,,. na. !��;
thai      ������   0
land I '     iaty na-
��� ire an ���        . i     wai     ������.     ... bulll  *
......... ...        ,,,.���.
- .   - ir-
: Ighl 'i -               be set which * 111   !2
.   . ib cut-  >J
i '        ind
. readlni
to g        IJ With     ���>      ���:
'i'.: ee   men   who   we ���      ial ng   a
Ladies' Blouses and
Shirtwaist Suits 1
. .    : ���_���������-- ..    R.
ill  issue spe     I  rate  I -   ��� I
:"'!- n an     laj   uni      '��� 25, rbance  tn   the  I iw I I
11.35 the i trains; the eil        estei la te  ...
leave as i 1.2 ���!   , 1 |   .r. le    en   31 ���" lohn-
.:... -   :..   - ' i     ,-,. sared  oi e ie
while one if them was In the act
of kicking in the tool i me ol the
houses. Johnston the principal offender, and handing him over
to the care nf a Swede wl . happened to ' e aro in 1, I ������ . ��� to Tne
other two.   He       iture -       il on
returning to t::ri place where he had
left  his flrsl  prisoner under 'he care
A liquor pedlar will be   th rged  in    if the Swede, he found   . th :.   n had
-...,-   ...    .     ;  wil     disappeared.    He escorted    his    two
having   supplied   some   of    the    S        ptive    to  -he  station,   where  they
..      ieg   with   whiskey   on   Sal I   lay   were later releaser! upon a small ball,
, .   | .; ..     The    .o.i ���    also   arrested   i - th ;   '.vere not. the chief offenders,
���   en Indian woman to whom S     The third man Is still   it 1  rge
The  White House
275 Columbia St.
,'..-'      1::   ' Til
tean    - g >ing over ,;> Bl line i
; irt in a baseball match on Wednes-
1 afternoon The Blaine carnival
will be in full swing by thai
:. | be .���������''��� h has 1 een so fixe 1 that
it v ill ; e played in British Co iia
:s:eic-  unaer.n"
Humor c-3 Philosophy
: ��� I
. S7~)
And b
the ui .
T    ...
' .
"1   |    '
��� :���    '
Special Clearance
Sale of Shirts
Our regular good
values ��� $1.25, $1.50
and $2.00���to clear the
Sizes 14!, to 17}
���fo '��� �������� !
��� *i
*  "    f
Basket No. 8.
Bro�� n,   Gree     i   I  Re I Lu
, ; -.     i.        me   fancj   dre is   joods,
an i   10c;   this sale  ....
.... .  i
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
i ���.���r^.-umxnjuaxiX'. I
me in an.l sec our assort-
ml of th<- famous
. b ai'ri'.
It is swell.
hurl time ago.
I. J.
& CO.,
%     A^)
'   '��� 7 /
2  r^U
one  157.
.    ii tllilt   I
:      '   .
I ��� ���. t -
- an I
,v in
c  '
...   :   ..
....   .   . .
I      ,.  ',., .
ut' still
',.'.. i    i . ���.
...  ten oi
:,  two <".:-
������.   ici   .
Nitrate of soda nnd kainit are some
times used as a dressing for land before sowing seeds or setting plant;'
likely to be attacked by the cutworm
Kainit is said to be especially good
against the insects infesting onion beds
Most seed will admit of being sown
moderately thick, but it is a mistake
to sow too thickly, as the plants become weak from overcrowding. Much
time is lost in- thinning out, and the
ground becomes Impoverished.
Get busy as soon as tbe weather permits if yon do not wish to see your
neighbors gather their lirst crops days
or weeks ahead of yourself.
As soon as the suii becomes dry
enough to work no time should be lost
over making thc Qrst planting of peas,
spina.di. onion,; aud others of the more
hardly vegetables, using as much thoroughly decayed manure as your me in :
wlll permit.
Beets and kohlral; may be started
Indoors early In March and after being
hardened In frames placed outdoors
nbout April Xo.
How nicely ani easily a Cake can be iced with
Cake Icing
Chocolate, Pinfc, White, Lemon, Orange,
a      Almond,   Maple   and   Coconut  Cream.
Advertise   in   The   News
* *m+mm*)�����> ��# ttmtm * ���������������������<>��������� o* ���������������*����� ������������������������������*����������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������f
I CtP     We have not onlv the largest
ri     ��\
...... i     t.
A mi   ���;��� ��   ��� losi tii - life while at
:'. -.-      yi i :"   '    'ii tak'"!
,.   ,,  .,   onper initio in t'liilo r  'enl -
(���,-,    :!         ole '���.'.';. | ������! i 'en m tm-
���.,���:;.    i   I .IT      :       , T   " o'T'll'.
and best slock of WATCHES
in the city, but also hnve the
;|    ,le   ;a:oia'\   Eor the HAMIL-
;.   ::,
5 I Tho : .  ���
,'i     lv 1       !
for accurate time keeping
���  '. i
A in n   line state of
��� ���    a   ,...''. .-
[thi   in        i
I cannot be bea i   . >
I     W.CCHAW MN, The Jeweler, Columbia St
^*<,0��3GCGCs��a5>'^��:i ��:'y^4>;>::^>:>;>iy>;>:sx>::*:>:x*^>:^^>:;��::*:>:>:>;',':''
i l
���   . on ���
lll'.ll    :   IC
Balloon Ascension and Parachute Jump every day,  and many other free
acts.   Dancing- every day and night and a big continuous Vaudeville Performance
One Whole Week of Pun.   Baseball and   Other Sports
Wednesday,   August   22nd,   British    Columbia
**������������**��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��*���*�� �������������������������������������> o< ��������*������
Vreatrr.cr, t      For     "'��� cr.ts        ��
���j'Im- Gowbh si f rr ' rnnd n   (hers A
I r. (..im��- ol PrcneiH <!�����<!����.
ir ;.        ��� :    ��� :������ ��� linei   nd
u,. iu .1" not       iu ca
.,,,; , , :            .,,..���                .r thai  the      ���     '���:���'"'
��� ..,':���'     II . -   ��� ...���'���    I1.V  bUill   "ll     ive   j
il.. ��� -" ������:' the two mon,-       .,    ....
Btros ties, ��� .. the; all i I one fam-        ,  , , ;
ily   and  all    :   thi   i havi   Ihi   wall I
line drawn ii]  tu the bust In froni and , ���"
:  les .::  the  I k. and, al-   I '���  .
thouch they d    look ve ;   ilretidful to   Rub   [tine ��� it.    ]
Foot of-ith Ave.  Cor. 16th Street
Hen Westminster, B. f.
Excellent Train Service Between
us ii .���.'..   rei ���
:'   -    was ii time   able to drink     -   ,
���"'"'   the   ,���
i... ui              .                 i real      |uite
elu    rate.    Oue i
with mile ]>ti     ��� ���'   : 'hlf oi
tl .;...-:.
., tiu>    i    .
i,.-      tr 'i.t. irt   li lei i
,.-.,   ��� ' tu dr nd looped
In ' I, , listed    >
pi "        ' .    . nts : r .   I'
'The   Pioneer   Limited"   St.   Paul   to
,-i '
of sun
tl e ''.. ���    -.   ��� (3    .     the
I ��� ll Ol       ; . . ��� i    ,        . .    , .
: nd tin e rapid and ���.   hi
; .-.      ..   ���      |   ��� t in v.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
"The Milwaukee"
ti ���
' : ���. 11. -    '
, ' '.'..������
���������   n In tha Head.
'   11
:     '
.        ''
" .
Of   '
'       .i .        Ifl
11       '
'-.    '
r oft i
>    Sfll'.ll
-   '
���      a     . '     . ���
lit. al
:. ���  '    ���.'   .
injr        ���    I)
eai   ns
��� ���������       a .
i r
���   i  :.    Do
���    .
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
N'o   trains   in   the   sei \: :e
railroad  in  the  wi   Id 1    :   equal  in
' quipment that    f tin ago, Mil-
ivaukee  &  St.   Paul   Railway.     .     .
��� ipi: ate  their  i wn  slei | i -
.   c r- . n.     |] their 1
pive  their  i -   an   excellence    I
-   ���   :  obtainable  elsewhere
A   S   R   WE. Gem
134 Tl ir ' St., ci ���   '.' 1 r. P. rtl nd, ' lr,
Canadian Pacific
t. "
PI-   .
'  it  P; nch.
...... ' '       pr
...   ,- ..
      ,. i    .   '      :' -
"    '"   '    '   - ,.:'     -    i   ���
:       t, ' ���       .'
i     '      ������ ��� ���-   ' ��� ,
r   ���    ���
 .'.:.''��� '       '
.    ,.....-    i.    j ui co or on e j cur i
��������� ml water tn 1 ���.:".!
,   ���;      -   ���      - - rant mil the eugar
���   i A i: :- '     ly it k to j i ,,r in part. ��� Good Ho
:.'     pil    '.
��� ;   .
or.   In
.    '
r    '
��� orn-
;      Royal Mat! Steamship
If '    :    re   ��� ��� .  .       .��� . our fai
| ���   frierj Is from th.   Old C   itnrj   i   i
will   .- ive  mom tick.
Next s tiling Em  ress Bri   In I
Quebec Aug.   21;   the   -  eedi<   I
t elegant sti   .. er,    Fi r rates    ad
other particulars i ; : ry to
C.   P.   R.  AGEN1
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
Also t,. I'.l'FFAI.o. MAV YORK and
PHILADELPHIA,  via  Niagara Falls.
Fi :' Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adan - St., Chicago, 111.
ASK THE 1 :��� i ET  '.AI N I
'1"' ��� SEND VOTJ i  V] s
I   Ait Trains  Every  I lay in the Ye.ir
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
N<   'SSI H  \\ 'A i    RA,     LTD.
1   -r  id
��� iMl i iRT, '. .    M   '.
. AkV.      It        lig]
h   el     ��� ......
luminate n   in   I
rid        A      cquipi      I   consists   oi
������     .      :
16 section slei
car. reclining ��� hair  cars (si
modern   S.. y I  buffet,
brarv and  sn   king
For Time 1 .        rs, or an)
[ui thi r inf rmation  call on or
S'l M 'A.   \GEXT,
*��20 Second A-. ���       , Seattlt, V
Berth No. 194," will lie received at
this Department until noon on Wednesday, the 6th day of August, lOOti,
tor a license to cut timber on Berth
No. I" i. com n- the West half of
Si tion 26, T wnship ."., Range 7,
\\. ���   "th Meridian, containing
an area ol    i ;     res more or less.
The survey of this I erth is to he
:i. de within one year of receipt of
The ��� ��� tions under which a license w 111 be - ued, also printed
��� . ���, ol tei li .- an I envelope, ma
obtalm .: al this Dej artment or at the
offlce of the Crown Timber \gent at
\. w Westminster, li. C.
Eai ii tender must  i e accompanied
i.   an i    epted i he iue on a chartered
n  .   .-oi   of the Deputy of the
Min   ter   of   the   ti ti rior,   for    the
��� ��� of the boi is which the applicant Is pn tor the Iii i i   i
So tendi elegi I be en-
tl    V il.  KEY! S,
Sei retai
i ��� ���    , ��� the Intei or, i
���       ', 1906.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. TraillS  &   Steamers
fcritish   Columbia  Coast   Lin��
%.:  J W i
Cs'.m}" %M
--���/���������     ��/m\
Ovj-slesves For Children.
x (o       Childrei     white i   ���   ; sleeves can
be kept pevfe   I   c-lci    .- : i: ������ table
,. 0  ;.. ; ,     Sie(.,ves o{   (Subject to change witnout   notice.
- -'.a'..!.'J-:A
v ':ssrEE
���    1^1 ~.r'
the :-"yl >s of old s r.iply because some
French i .   wi lies  io e.-cploil  his
or In-.- fnni   '3 ns iliou "i llu y were enti ri ly ��� "
lie empire coats  with
' '      -. nnd then the
.. Ice   is   vear
' ��� '���   wns neither
Firsl   v ������ lr (1 :
their ���
dressma! ���
the priu
flsh,   ll.'  1:    : ���   '
from  !.':.::  (':������
the "   i     ���
ii "
.  herrlnrr, ami
��� . lay  i<.
a   r
��� are mn with ai i ..-: in-
.-.���: tod at tin : i nd ; I the wriEt.
They i an b : made of any lightweight materia] and are i asih laun-
ui ri d. Th ���.'... ��� -..,;.!-" be
A ind useful win n the i.. idren nre
���  | la;. as the ���   .'.'- i f a dn ;s ^|^;
."���' '-a"'
To C'.ecri a  P.usry Fot. ���
To n move rust fr      a ki ttle p it
to it as i hi y .     tiftll hold,
fi]] it with       '��� boil ii  mai y
hours. If thi icttle is not entirely
I iit for use, ]���' ie.' the | roi���. Jt
wil] be certaii i I cc ial. Rub i. e
rusty spots oi ; ������ I c ��i,; sand-
j ,. er, then with   iveet oil.
Spiced Aople, Jelly.
If a small A._ : ���.. o is placed
in tho ki ttle \ i i ;in apple or
i rab ap] lo ,A .���   tin    Invor will  be
much  ini] ���<   . and   ii   \arics  the
jelly without cfi rt, .'. few li avi s
i ; svp'c ' r . .".::.. : the
jelly also give; a deli io - fli   or.
Iror.ing C"oic.rt^ O'-^St.
When iron ag colon bl msos, m
in,..iter < :' r In . -A . . don'l i; e
a .very hoi irun. \k o' ������'.��� eat d iron
inj ires the co! i . ial ��� -. tl en
look dull and faded. , alicoes,
ginghams an i i ntze A n Id bi
ii    ed on the v rong ��� ide.
Closni.ig  Vecetable3.
After  wa -h Qg  t rei n   ��� eg( t:   !i
two or three tea pooni  Is of vinegar
should be put into 1   ��� ���     < v i ter.
'! h    rn I on!    rnaki ���   ��� labli
nice and ci p, bul ������'��������� draws out
any ii     '   that n hidden ii
Princess Beatrice leaves Van   iuvi
August Gth.
Princess May leaves Vancouver
August 12th.
Princess Beatrice leaves Van uver
May 18th.
Prince.-s May leaves Van i iver
August 22nd.
Princess Beatrice leaves Van< ivei
Aug tst 29th.
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver daily at i p, m,
S. S. Charmer.
Leaves New Westminster at T a. ru.
on Wednesday and Mondays.
S. S. Jean
Leaves Vancouver dally excep; Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p. ra. Sat-
:30 p. m.
tl   -
Wli i
II C-   fall
I     Of     Wl
ihr ,.,.,....     ..   ���.   r,
ll     '   ."    a  1    .   . ���'.  ,   .        I|
'��� I of an oli mo le,      1
now the j I is lar .-.��� uml the han
dle 1 hi ��� -   ���    . ..
Am nig !': ��� dainty littli . eces u i
wl li: , t ��� ���; is hi fe: ���.... lorn-
iie lit I s:i .'. ������ i .a 1 . !., : ,.,.:,��� of rle ,
chene ; ��� ��� ������ vlth Its whil trvmtv. :
nrnl shadowy !! i\ve��s, nnd Ihi -<��� v ��� re
shirr id lo fn nn -, io (ll tl- ��� tl-uro, ser...
of tlio n b ii .: three or f mr Iiu lies wl le
Al Hi" hack or fr mt, and sometimes
both, in poinl '. A fi .'.��� are ��� elf ::���:. ,
med in lhe from or bach witb raise 1
BhhTlnjrs n I narrow ruffles, und Bome
have In ���;'.-: i| n ���,���',. ,,,- , ,.|r| btielcles,
and o very few have rhinestones In
some j. ���' . .'.-���.��� ���! ns n finish These
last nre not stilled for outdoor wear-.
The pretty 1 1 ' belts are still favorites,
nmi the hi. harm ss buckles are lil; ��� I
by son e,
The sli evi s of nearly nil .Ires les and
wiiist ��� are i II otv length, which make.i
the long gloves necessary I i tbe we I
dressed woman nn I these ere generally of wh te i bind; silk. .Silver and
fold braci |i ts iir<' worn verj' much
with shorl sleeves.
t h i 11  ������ ��� .
I       ":   .    '
put  lhre
into tho bi       ���   '
and lei il .
live minute.-.
S. S. Queen City
Leaves Victoria at ill p. ta. on 1st,
7th, 19th and 20th ol each month foi
Ashousit and way points; leaves Victoria on the 7, and 20, for Quatsino and
way points, Leaves Victoria on 20th
of each month for Cape Scott and way
points including Quatsino.
Steamer Transfer
Leav. s   N'i w  Westminst. .-  i n   Mon
day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdaj
"'��� '��� Fridaj al 3 p. m, and Saturday
.��� .   j0j   at J p, m. v. -a . dditlonal trip on Mi ..���
ct  I
day al .". a. m.
Ws: king Glasiwsre,
. ������'   do ni '
Whi ii "..
put   l!   into   I   il   Will   :      ��� ':   I
a-   it  will be era .   from
l msioii.     Even .!
A'     can   ��� ' : i.i'..,,.
ter if slippi d in edgewi o.
KoopC   rj-ass  Bright.
After brass or copper arl cles
have boon clei cd if -! oy are brushed over w,:i!i tho bc tten white of an
egg they will stay bright much longer than they do ordinarilv,
Heish, High!
Heigh   li :, .   up iu the sky!
ROCUllbj    I aliy;
yes,  ri       i, '
Cradlo Is a ��� |.   rradle la snug;
Mea little I   l     III e n b ig In d rug.
Blue t        ���    pei plug;
Now lh.     shut tight,
Bab;   i      ' . ; lng;
KIes i a i lentil] night,
Hclsli. I  gl ap io the sky!
Rockaby i    liy;
Tbs,  i
'-".. hlngton rost.
��� ���       Leavi ��� Sti .���  ton Moni ay, 'I ue day,
.    ['ul n i    Wi dnei lay, Th irsday and Saturday at
(1 In     " a. tn.; Fridaj  at 6 a. m. additional
..     ��� trip Saturday 5 p, tn,
S. S. Beaver
C. P. Fl. .'���' ' IN LINK.
'  '   Te    >\ w     . ���-:.���- 7.25     '   .'������.
Leave New '.. ���   ti 17.20
Arrive New Westminster 10.30 daily.
Arrive  Xew  Westminster 1H.10 daily.
Lv. N, \'A 7.25, Ar. Seattle 15.50.
Lv.  Seattle, 12.30;   Ar. N VS. 20.20.
Lv.   N.   W.   7.25,   9.35,   17.20,   19.25.
Ar.   N.  W.  9.15,  10.30,  i<un,  20.20.
Lv. New Westmlnsti r >. 10 a. m.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle i p.m
Lv. \. w. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
l.v. Seattle, 4..'it p. m., ar. N. W. 9.35.
I p.m.
Lv. N. VS. u' p.m. and 9.35 p.m,
Lv. Vancouvi r 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv.  N.   W.  9.20  a.m.;   ar.  Gulchoi
2.20 p.m.
Lv.   Guichon  2.40  p.m.;   ar.   N.   W
9.35 p.m.
Mondays only.
i.v. New Westminster 5.50, 0.50, 1
and S a. in., and every half hour thereafter till 11 j.. m.
Lv.  Vancouver for Westminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a ra
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m!
From  N. W. Tu., Th., Pat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m
From N. W. daily, ex. Sat. and Sun..
3 ji. m.; Saturday 2 p. ru.
Add. trip, Monday, G a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. t; a.m.)
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p rn.
Prom  N.W,  Wed. and  Mon., 7 a.m.
i'rom Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Leaves New Westminster, a a. rn.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. in. Tuesday,
Thursday and .Saturdays, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chilliwack.
S. S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. m., 2nd
and 16th of each month, willing at
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip. Time on arrival and
departure  are  approximate.
For reservations and Information
call or address
Agent, New Westminster.
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
.7. VV. TROUP,
General Sutieriutenrlent, Victoria.
Gen. Agent, Freight D<��*t..
New Westminster.
Mail Service
Seattle, via Sumas. 10 pm.
Sap'n & Millside, .10.00 p.m.
Van. iniver 10.00 p.m.
Cloverdale,  Blaine,
Seattle, etc..   ..  8.45 a.m.
Van.  &  Ceni.   Park...HO) a.
Victoria 10.30 a.m.
Last Burnahy  1,16
Steveston,  etc....  1.30p.m.
East, via C. P. It.. .4.46 pm.
East, via C. P. R,.10.00 p.m.
Sap., Mill, Coq'm. .4.45 p.m.
iVan. & Burnaby..3.30 p.m.
| Timberland, Tues.,
Friday  iu.00 m.
8.20 p.m.
110.30 a.in.
9.00 a.m
3.30 p.m.
m.   2 p.m,
10.00 a.m.
1.20 p.m.
10.30 a.m.
7.10 p.m.
10.30 a.m
7.10 p.m.
6.00 p.m.
12.00 m.
C- - - xil,^'#lA2.-������
Tendsrs for a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province
of Eritish Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
the Tim her and Mines Branch, Dn-
partmenl ot the Interior, and marked
en the envelope "Tender for Timber
Two    fas!    trai
with dining cars and th
and  flrst-claa i sli epers d:
Atlantic  Expre
Imperial  L-imiti |,
. tu
. 25.
Cheap Excursion to
and Return.
Sept. 8,9, & 1(J   S     .|5
Good till Nov. 30th.
C P. R,
New Wi
Assistant   General   Passen  -���   *..���,
Vancouver. '    A^"t
Synopsis   of    Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Vi ihi   Dominion Land   with-
Bi 11 i'i Brlti -ii Ci
��� ���   '    .   :    ��� any pi
.    :        .   '
r anj       li      ��� ���        ol    ge, to
-  .   extent  ol    me-quartei     ���   ������ u  < !
160       es, i     e oi   ���
IA made pi Iy a
I land offlce I     the dl
������    ���   ��� ..',
Th ������ idi -   - required to pi i
���   . :' ditions connected ti e
with undi r one of the follow ing ; '  ���
(r i At  least six  na mths'  resid�� n
i]    .   and  cultivation  of the  And  in
each year for three yea'-.
(2) ll the father (or mother, if the
fathf.r is di eased) oi the hi mi t< ad<;
re< des   upon  a   farm  in  the   vicinity
f the land entered fur the requirement? as to residence may be -.itisfied
by su h person residing with the father nr mother.
1 |) If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at 1 Ittawa of intention
to apply .'. r latent.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication ot
this advertisement will not he paid
Sealed tenders addressed to the
undersigned, marked on the enveli 1
"Tender for Ties, 1906," will be re-
ceived at the office of the Commli
sioners of the Tran ntlnental Ra
way al Ottawa, ui til ivi Ive o'clot I
noon, of the 12th day of J ily, 1906
for five hundred and thirty-five thou
sand (535,000) Railway Tii - In ac-
. 1 1 dance with the s; educations of
the Commissioners.
Se,iled Tenders addressed lo the
undersigned, marked on the envi 1 pe
"Tender for Ties, 1907," will also 1"'
received as above until twelve o'e ock
noon, of the ith day of Septembei
1906, for one million and ten thousand (1,010,000) Hallway Ties, in accordance wiih the specifications 1:
the Commissioners.
Ti nders must be made on the
form supi lied by the Ci mmlsslone-"
whicli, as well as tbe specification?,
may I e obtained on application to
Hugh D. 1. in di 11, chief Englnt er
Ottawa, Ont., to A. E. Doucet, Dis
trlcl Engineer, Quebec, P, Q., or to
A. E. Hodgins, District Engineer,
Kenora, Ont,
Pull Information in regard to deilv
e.-ies required is given on form 0!
Each lender must be signed nnd
sealed liy all the parties to the tender
and witnessed.
The successful tenderers will he
required to sign a contract in form
satisfactory to the Commissioners,
and to furnish an accepted cheque on
a chartered hank of Canada, payable
to the Commissioners of the Transcontinental Railway for a sum equal
to ten per cent. (10 per cent) of the
amount of Ihe tender, as security for
the duo and faithful performance of
the contract.
No tender for less than five thousand  ties  will be considered.
The right is reserved to reject, nny
or all tenders.
By Order,
The Commissioners of tho
Transcontinental Railway,
Dated at, Ottawa, June 2fith. lOOd
Great Nortliern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
I ...      tIXS1
:��� ."i .ia Slab . ,   1..
1:35 pm;I   m      1      :
ton,   "
I.   "   ��� :.   Spi
���     ���'..   1 ���     ���
9.20 an; An n .
Woolli v,
I!.- :���   rl
" pm Vai  .. ivei
9:55 pm :
Guichon '     .
6   ;..   a:..   Moi
I", a   :.:   ar. froi
9:30 a. n    Lv. for V
Ri ite 1 I ' ." A ���
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spi Iti :.-���. St, r ml,  .! -
Winnipeg, Duluth, C
Louis and all points 111
For    1 omplete    Infoi n il   1
ra'. -'.   berth   resei vatti n,   ���
call on or    Idn
I". c. GRIFFIN, Ai
Bank or 1 lomi iei ce Bu   lh
New Westmln   ���
S. Q. YERKES, A. ('.. !'. A
Coi di " Se ond A ���. ei ue and Columbia St.. Seal  ���. v,
Northern Pacific
Trains Daily
Travel on the fan.   .
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rati
Quick Time. Excelli nl   ervici
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale ti a   I
pean points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Tr.p
Rates  to  Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver. B. C,
Portland. Ore. -\. G.    A
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.    Daily  ti iii f1
Sunday 1    carr) "g    |i 1
express    and    freight    com     '        '!
1 stages at Carcross and \\ ���
maintaining a through winl
For information apply to
J.  H.   ROGERS,  Traffic  Mai
Vancouver.  B. <
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Gre
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. <���
& N. Co. .
Connects at Rossland with the '. ���'
adian  Pacific  Railway  for   Boundarj
Creek points. ,.__.
Connects  at    Meyers     Falls    win
stage ("-lily for Republic.
Buffet   service   on
Spokane  and   Nelson
Effective   Sunday
Q.20 a.m.
12.25 P-m.
g..(0 a.m.
lav,   November
Dav Train Arrive
..  Spokane  .���������7^S P-��'
...Rossland  ....4-10 P-*
...Nelson   &*& **
H. A. JACKSON. DAY, AUGUST 20,  1906.
;,,     ...   BDMOKDS,  Harris
���!  .       ,. solicitors, Blackle Blk..
iet,   New   Westminster.
''  ''"
~t   ���' .AA-'-r'-'V^A.'
M. \ UPTON BOLE, solid
:a  me   lourt, Offices
Bank  oi   Commerce  build-
treet,  opposite  p i I
"*    v,...   Westminster.    Money to
.   :���
solicitors, etc       Of
' \. ...   .     tmin ter, Trapp mu.
",.,  ������	
On the Famous
I  on and   Lorne streets.
1 i i 24, 445 Gran
corner '
, . ��� 'ma
w v,.t
? ������ '
W. tl- McQuarrle,  II.  A
y.:.   Martin   wijl   he   In  Hi;
offices every Fridaj  af
IqWAY,  REID &  BOWE8,  Barrle
. iton .   etc .   12   Loi ne
te   Court     lions-      New
;. H. Bowee, P 0, Boi
'.i \iA:'i. i: in   tei an '
���. Guichon   bloi k, I
. e ���' ee   . N   i
tNION LODGE, NO. 0. A. F. & A. M.
meeting    of
��� lie l     '   We It ��� In
o'cloi     p   '
Ti tnpli       Sojo
,,, :.   W,  a.   DeWi II   Smitl
'     I  LODGE, NO. 17,   '���
In i      i  monl
., ie, at S p. m.   Visil
I.    D   W. Gili 1   .  '   Si
Oriental Limited"
Tickets on Sale July293, Aug. 7,8,9, Sept. 8,10
For  particulars  call   on   or  adores-,
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a'through knowledge of the
business in England with 10 years experience. Later was 7 years manager
of tire watch repairing department of
Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal.
Ili-nry Birk's business manager part of
the time.
English, Swiss, American and all
complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams, Grocer
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
the  claim  each   year  or  paid   to   the C'lIC   PUHIl   RUHlfT
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When TrlLLO   III U 111   DltllJUL,
S500 Iras been  expended or paid,  the mnn   r-,.rt.
locator  may,  upon   having  a   survej DIES  FR9M   IMIiRIFS
n    le and upon complying with other "�� "    ,11JlJ"IL��
, requirements   purchase   the   land   at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
V     il  r   of   the    Interior   to   local
claims containing iron and m    .,
j copper, in the Yukon Territory, .
: area not exceeding  160 acres.
The   patent   for   a   mining   1
shall   provide   for   the   payment   of   a
Royalty of 2j4 per cent, of the  -Acs   ""' :"'   ! '   *,   tell   forty  feet
of the products  of  the location. leath   lasi     Thursdaj     while
PLACF.R MINING  -Manitoba and  v       ng 01 construction
��� the   N.  W.  T.,  excepting the   Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims  generally are 100 feet square, entry fee   WL"   being   built   by   the   Locomotive
$5, renewable yearly.     On the North,   and M u 1, ae company for the C. P R
Saskatchewan  River claims are either
bar  or bench,  the  former being   too   ,:' alum..::   1    I   age    Mr
���feet long and extending between high Gamble was struck by a Bwing ag der
and low water mark. The latter in- .,: md thrown off his feet. In bla
eludes bar digging    bul extends ba ���       ,  ,
to th, base of the hill    - bank, . " -.-,..
exceeding  iooo   feet      Where   stean    vor*. and from there rebounded to the
power i-  used  claii  i   200  feet   wid    -""���        vhen .��� ,      Icked up un
' '   ned. 'ii clou . ; ,-.���.   ,-orktnen   a
Dredging in the !���' ' Manil  ' 1   ������'���'���   min H..    was  [mme
and the >���'   W. T., ei ig the Y:     Hate     ta  en . ..,. n  ,
Sim  Gamble  Meets  Witn   Fatal  Accident While at Work Near
Sam G ���������.��� le, one of the besl known
lers   in   this   province,  if
if    a
1 nea   Revelstoke.   The   bridge
Shingle and Saw Mill \M��chantTail��'\
Columbia Street.
' ne of Eng        -    ten ar. 1 trlsh
tweeds and v       ��� .       vays in stock
The Schaake Machine Works,  Ltd., .,,-;���;     nowln-
New Westminster, B. C.
���  vour
kon Terr I .ry    \. free 1      ������������.-
ti ���  only two leases oi        1      > eacl
for  a  term  of  twi renev
abl ��� :n the 'ii- I 11     A ���    ���  ���
I  . ��� ....
The 1     ee's right is     ntined to thi
-������'.     ���.   1 be A  or bars    :  the 1 ���
I   '��� w any low water mark, and
;'  - : ������-��� year ami $10 per mile for each
��� :nt   year.      Royalty   - ime   as
pi      r mining.
Placer  ;.        .    n   '.' 1    V '   -.   T  r-
a ne i
n   in
1 . oue
��� onsciousness
S ..a   1 .a able   v is
��� ��� ��� .   . vlng
e   e ings   th ti .���   '���      .
River   bridge,   an i   ha ,   1... i
fo   a consi li . 1 le Ll ce
en of 1 ��� -..      riatu
rover,   an]   ba      jorki
ni-.T in rnanj different      rts   ['tbe
'    l���   "...  ��� ������    t    . :   :
: ' I,   corner   ol
��� n strei       So
journii      -     Knl cordlall
nd.    W.       1
I Carruthers Manufacturinc; Corny.
j Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
; Thc  Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mtlnnis.
ritory���Cn   ' .   gulch,   river   and   hill
���   i   ��� ������   :ed   250  feet   in  '   ntinent.   Lasi wi iter he n is a   3as
th, measured on the base line or       oon   superintending the  work   <n
rek    or   be    i idge tha    spais the i '.or tin re,
1   time ���: i had travi     I
0.1    bridges
gulch, the '���   1th  being from iooo to
2000   feet.     All   other   placer  claims   considerably,     working
shall be 250 feet square .:;���,        . ,;���  tlme
Claims   are   marked   by   two   le
*   each   end,  bearing   I
tices      ��� ��� ntn  i btained within
The i") I    A expected to arrive I: ne
Is evei ��� . Rev il '���oke, and \. ill
First Class Mei
��� . Japanese ai    ���
From 1 5c. up.
- 'a.E   LODGE,   NO.   1150
fl.-st and
;:    .
E "   '
0. 0.
'.���AMITY LODGE. No, 27���
VI   lin
C. Co   aai     Ri
VO.       W.���FRASER  LOrjGE No.
Bank of
, STABLl 3H1 U 1811.
.'. I   i      act   ot   parllamenl
I. (All paid  upj. . . ���': i.i ,i 0 I
'Vli   FUND r    a    1,000
e first and tl    Al
���   mtl   ���     '.'
..... il    Invi ed ti  attend.
-.  V. O. C v.. hall   Od
m street, (
rder;   Louis Witt,
��� .n.
It. Hon   Lord Sti ithcoi a   md  'i   ml
1   G.C.M    .      Hon   Pi :     ���   ���
[OU.     ��� T'I) ,   '    .   -' :'    a
. .   S.   Clous   m,   VI ������   Pre nl I mt   aud
Gen M magi i.
...'.'     t)U -.:.   ��� - tl i'J3-
���   ��� .    n ities
'         :             Louden    ���.- . . i .,v
���  I   Si    J    - .    - a !..
I.     i in all pari : ibe
Royal Bank
of Canada
i.�� Ital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,4",162
Total  Assets lib.i/i.sro.
!'��� a    I        an I    coi . nts   in
3d  th?  prmcip.il  cltiss of tne world.
Cerersl  banking  business transacted.
pen    in    i     int,    Interesl  ad le 1
half ; early.
Colle ': n"; n .ale al  lowest rates.
Open   Saturday   nights   from   8   to   9
F.  B.   Lvle.  Manager.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
;  claim  is  within  ten likely he buried to-morrow afte<'m i a.
- of the mining recorder's i          i-1   B. Stincicon.be,
extra day allowed for ea       ..iii- has   instructed   I).   Mnn hie   t.i   lo'k
ti mal ten n          - ��  ter the fui                  jem al         \
The person or  company staking  t 3lster   Mrs   sil|  ,,,,,���)   alg0  ���7ja ln
claim  must  n  .1   a  tree miner;  cer- .......         ,   .        ,         ,
this  city, ih- ii    ii        the onlv itla-
Th-   '          -..r   of  a  new mine   : tlves   ���'    '   "      '    ' '"'    The  nnforta-
entitl   I to  a   claim   of  iooo   feet   in ���-""   man   was  single,   and    iboul   15
lei --          ���'  if the party consists     f - irs of age.   He came to this coun-
150    :    '    '" ���^���'.'���-   . '   the     it- try about  30 years ago, and   worl    I
put  on  whi h   ;ro  royalty    shall    be ��� ,. ,-  P R construction  icross the
���   O?   ENGLAND.   B.   S.���
���    meel    Second
���    ���:'���   .    Rl
.'     :,��� F
In   ��� a h month, same
!,    Vi   ' 1  ���   Brethren
��� ���".���!.      E.   B.  Stinch-
Pre  , 11   Dii aev, S �� retary.
Savings Bank Dept. J. MEN LEV
l.   ri.   g
Manufacturer of
COURT BRUNETTE.  Nc. 4099,  I.O.F.
���    Fo irth   !' I laj   In  th i
s   o'clock,   1:.   the  small
' lock.      Visiting
re cordially Invited to at
J.  II.  Rushton, C.  H.;  F. P.
' A. S.
'��AURT R0YAL COLUMBIA. No. ��308.
i".   The n ������������' 11   1       li is of
;   Id oi   I"" Sei ond
irth Tiiesdavs of each n  mth
In the 1. ldfellows' H ill.
���   Brethren  are  cordlaly  in-
' attend.   E. C. Firth, C. U.;
wi .:. Sec.
Junk and Second-hand
Hlghesl prli es pal I for       m l-han !
go A i,  ,1 ink,   bottles,  ru
. old    1        nd all tn itals; also
i.l i cl ithes, etc.   \\ rite or ���
Fr in   SI ret, N'ew  Westminster.
(ea is te lira, kman Ker Wharf.
Pirone 212.
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office, Eighth  Street,
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory
COAL���Coal land; may be pur-
chased at $10 per acre for soft coal
and $20 fur anthracite. N t more
than 3-'o acres can be acquired by one
I individual or 1 u . R ij-alty at
the rate of ten c. its per 1 : 2000
j pounds shall be collected on the gr iss
1 output.
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
'years and over and joint stock com-
' pani.>>. holding free miner-' certificates
may obtain entry lor a mining loca-
A free 1 ��� 1 - ti ite is granted
for . ie   ir more years, not 1
��� ��� . upon payment in ��� Iv ice of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
I $50 ti $100 per annum f r 1 :ompany,
iccording to 1 apital.
A free miner, Saving disc ven :
mineral in place, may locate i claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
with two legal posts, bearing
lot iti  n 1.  ,: :.   al   t :h  end of
tin   ' -a  . if thi   lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen daj - if ocated within ten m '��� -
if a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every a 1-
ditional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5-
At least *ioo must be expended on
rged the rest of the party ordin-
irj  cl lims 1 1
Entn fee ?io.     Royalty at the - '
ft-.     md 1 '"-half   per     rrr   on the
v lu    of the   c ild   shipped fron-   tl
ji :t  to the rights of a!', per-  n
have, or w1   i 1    ij   n   eive entrie-  : ir
I   -   :igging -    r b n lr cl   'ir;, except
on   the   S      itchewan   River,   where
the  lessee  can   dredge  to high-water
n    A     n each alternative leasehold.
ll-   v as   .   native  ot  Lan-
Ennlskillen,     County     Fer-
Ii el in i.
Vancouver   Wins  at  Cricket.
.'1 Now   Westminster 1 rickel eli ven
the Terminal clt) ou Saturda;
iftern on  for the purpose of playing
The  lessee  slra!!  have a dredge in a game ol cricket,  bul  upon arriving
operation within one season from the e,   ;  1         and       il   th     Vancou-
date of the lease for each five miles ver   team   were   not   ready   to   meet
but where a person or company has theuK  several  being   1 .sent    playing
'.btained   more   than   one   lease   one
tennis,   and   a  scratch   I sam   had  to
si.- . igether for the amusement of
dr< dge for each fifteen miles or frac-
tion thereof is sufficient.    Rental, $10
per annum for    each    mile    of river     ie visitors.   A. Malins captained one
I.     Royalty  at the rate  of two of. the teams, and II. Faulder was In
and a half per cent, collected on the charge o�� another.    The game ended
    ifter it Is $10,000. in a victory for Faulder's eleven by
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  4i runa for the loSs ot- nine wickets,
S:x Iea,ses of/ve mi'" ��ch may be      -,-.   followlng ��� the score;
granted to a tree miner for a term of .    ,,  ,.
1 ut A.   Malm-   XI,
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the   E' linearis, b. Greenln
ibmerged  bar  or  bars  in  the  river M.   Malins,   b.   Rigb;
.v   low   water   mark, that boun- A  Collin.?, b. Rlgby	
dary to be fixed by its position on the
1st day of August in the year of the R       .     ng) c. 0ddy, h. Rlghy....    -
date of the lease. ���
.,.,     , 1   11  1 11      Collinson,  b. Greening     3
lhe   lessee   shall   have  one   dredge
in  operation  within  two years   from v   MliiliS- '��� Sinclair, b.  Rigb; .
the date of the lease, and one dredge C   W.  Houghton, b. Rlgby
for  each   live  miles  within  six  years Lnshman,   b.  Greening....
from such date.    Rental $100 per mile Winn,   c.   and   b.   Rlgby.
Yukon  Territory   to  be  paid  to   the vidal   b   Greening
-  mpttciier. , BayEleld|' b '
No tree m:ner shall receive a grant
1. Rlgby 0
.... 0
.... Ill
.... 0
.... 11
Rlgby  5
of  more   than   one   mining  claim   on
each   separate   river,   creek  or   gulch,!1
1 1 irenc 1, not out-.
1 HE  ROYAL  TEMPLARS  OF  TEMPERANCE meel   every Wednesd 1
;i'     o'i loi ;,  |,.  tn.,  In   1 iddfellows'
1   I  ml la    street.     Visiting
��� are cordially Invited to at-
1   S. Bryson, S. C; J. McD,
I, Sec,
CAMP, 19WMeets on the First and
Tuesday 0! everj month In
��; i f I'. Hall.
' !li' '    J. J.  For,
.lohn     McNlven.
Ster,   Ree. See.
Board of TRADE.���New Westmln-
"'": l! iard of Tra le mens in the
"oard Room, City Hall, ns follows.
q8'   "   Wed -.lav of each mon'':
.(': '���!'. me.'lings on the second
Wednesday of February, 'A
august and November, at 8 p. ni
^iiiniai meetings on the Becond
Wednesday of February. Ne*
members may be proposed and
���'(,,>'d at any monihlv or quarterly
meeting,   a. E. White, aec.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia St.
r'.:,'' delivered    proi:   iti     to nnv
''rl ''Hie city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
] f|co 'Phone IHR.      i::.t   i';ioiie K!7
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by the laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but thc choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being the Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and the consuming population so small that the best parts
of the beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost
BOVRIL Is a specialty, not merely ��� bye-product
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
LONDON, England, and MONTREAL, Canada
but   the   same   miner   may   h  ' 1    in\
number  of  claims  by   purchase,   and
free   miners   may   work   their   claims 11. Faulder's XI.
in   partnership   by   filing   notice   and   g   p_ judge, C. Houghton, b. Collins 27
paying fee of $2.     A claim  may  be  g] ,   young     1
abandoned  and   another obtained  on '   '
the   same   tieek,   gulch  or  river,   by
giving not :e and  paying a fee
Work   must   be   done   on   a   claim  Q
each year to the value of at le 1st $-'00. ( c
A   certificate   that   work   has   1"    '   ���
abandoned, anad  open  to occupation  (.
and entry by .1 free miner. ,,
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
1).  Collins     1
li.   Winn   HI
Walton,  e.  Stirling,   b.   Winn..
' ���   on, l.b.w., b. Winn	
Hepburn, c. Lashman, b. Collins
A.   1 lunlop,   li.   Winearls	
F, Faulder, b, Malins	
hiiiher and wider  than in similar cars
Oddy.  not  oul    11
'Ax ��mjmb��bh��bp:' :s>- s ���; -'-'.m*
any   other   line.      They   protect   ''   Sinclair
their trains by the Block System.
The boundaries of a claim may he
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon   Official   Gazette.
Petroleum--All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such period as he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Dept. Interior.
not   OUt      1
Extras    12
Total for B wickets  MT
Bai elms  and  Walker  did  nol   ha'
Flickers in the Bush.
A little fire sprang up yeterday af-
ternoon on the edge of the Bluo
Mountain dit.riet. It is supposed that
a Stump which was Ignited during the
recent fires and had been Smouldering
had broken out. and set fire to the
surrounding brush. As the burning
spot was practically isolated it did not
occasion the settlers in that district
any undue anxiety. A number of
stumps are still burning and will continue to burn for some time to come.
At Port Moody it was reported that,
the side of the hill caught fire and
blazed up very fiercely for a time. A
number of the residents of the village turned out and extinguished the
blaze before it assumed len great
proportions   to   be   managed.
-    ' r
. V ji '      ,���
;'' r f
I e
��� ill
Mil   ,.'
���..-������ *
V        1
'. }->
���* M'.'. ���
m 'i
'ii te
L,  We can give yon entire satisfaction.
L'. We have the most complete stock of Fancy and Staple
iceries on the coast.
3. We believe in Quality before Quantity.
���t. We sell our goods at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES.
If these Four Reasons don't interest you, watch our Ad.
for the next four.
WE NEED your trade and we intena to HA VE it.
Squall    Upsets   Craf:   and   Capt.
Elhinney   F?.i's  to   Make
the   Shore.
.... CALL ON ....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster.
. B.C.
Notice to
the Publi
I am now open to buy
ail kinds of Second Hand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
All business promptly
attended to.
V.t.-itilr    |p, mjpppp .���-    in   (he   Wiir
Becord  of (print Britain,
Only on one occasion  has fl  British
for...  offered terms amounting to sur
render :.. lure tin. . ;. :. ment ol nr
ictioi i".:t ll.is i- what tbe Blai.;
PriiM-. ieit himself obliged to do by thi
overwhelming forces ot the French be
fore the I attle of Poi1 ers So certain
il ������ i :..���'. ler defeat t.. be that !.<
ly i..:. red tu give up all tn.' plun
..:. i la- bad taken, disban i the greatei
pai;   of  I.i-   l iree a:   I   ."    ���      '������   :::��� I
; -��� not to fight flg .���.. i il ��� A:  ���
for -��� ���-. in years, and hj c-oiilldeal   .
the   French   thai   thi      refused   tl
terms.  'J he r suit was oi     of 1
brilliant victories thai .. . Bri
lsb arm-..
In modern times thp :'   .
buera, In the peninsul  .
Instance of apparent
ed into victory.  Al ter ; .���  .    .". ������      '.I
French hussars and  Polish 1       . - ...
-jei-aa d lost.   .'.       unitiou was  :  i
a deep gully previ uti I the u     of tl
bayonet, and Beresfurd was preparing
for retreat wheu the vai >r of i 'ol
Hardinge saved the day.   The b i
which lasted only four Lioui     ivas tin
scene of terrible enrm g . and when II
was ever the so far victorious IA'. n
were driven headlong down the hill, i c
the ���: :.;ti:it of w hich 1.500 unwound) d
ia.:,. the remnant of T.t 0 unc mquer-
ublc British soldiers, stood triumphant
���London Spectator.
Sign  Man  on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Handsome 6-roomed Cottage
with Modern convenience :
2 Lots all in lawn and garden ;
one   block   from   Tram,   centra!
Price $2500 Terms Ei -,'.
A 6-roomed Cottage
on oth Avenue.   Corner lot
-2  x   132.    Only   $950.    $3
Cash, balance on s:nall payments
to suit purchaser.
2i    i loli mbia St.    Phone 85
Women   llitv,-   Often   Fought   In   Dt-.
fense   of   Their   Native   Totviib,
During the oppression of the Nether
lands Ipv the Spaniards In tbe slxteentl
century it was no uncommon event foi
women to fight in di fense of their na
tlve town. When in 1.".72 Don Frederic
ut li;'- head of a large army besieged
Haarlem, among the garrison that defended tbe town were 300 women
Their chief was a -widow of distin
guisbed family, about forty-seven years
of age, -who. at the bead of her .una
zons. participates! in many of the mosi
fiercely contested actions of the siege.
Seven years later, at tbe siege ol
Maestricbt, the women were of greal
assistance in making mines, enrolling
themselves into companies under thi
direction of officers, or "mine mis
tresses." as tbey were called. The service tbey rendered was Inestimable.
At tbe repulse of the Spaniards fron
the walls of Alkmaar women and ever
children showed a like courage, assist
ing their husbands and fathers lu thc
desperate defense. History, Indeed
gives many examples of such heroism,
among wblch may be mentioned tht
brave conduct of the women at the de
fense of Sarragossa in 1808, when thej
took the plau; of their slain husbands
or brothers at the cannon side.���Black
wood's Magazine.
Hoirhpre   Are   Life   nnd   Property   *o
Safe tm  In  Labrador.
A traveler who recently visited the
coast of Labrador says that nowhere
on earth are life and property beld so
sacred ns In that little known and barren land. A thousand miles of lonely
seaboard, along which is scattered a
population of some 10,000 people, about
one-third of whom arc white, would
seem to give every opportunity for
crime, yet there is no police officer of
any kind, no court and no jail. Nor
are ihey Deeded, 'l'lie "lily criminal
charge within fifty years was one
against an Eskimo, who shot a rival in
in addition r i ile- resldi m population the coast is visited every summer
by aboul 10,000 Newfoundland fisher
men, and, while Newfoundland Itself A
not l.y any means free from criminals,
noi ,��� appear to come among ihe fishers
or else tin- example of thc natives of
Labrador causes them to refrain from
any wrongdoing while there. Year;
ago a circuit court visited the coasl
every summer, but as it found nothing
to do It was abolished. Now should
any serious charge be made against a
man a magistrate would be sent from
Newfoundland to Investigate it.���Harper's Weekly.
Their   (.nine   Seems   to   lie   a   Pretty
lllird   tine  to   iient.
It is hard to beat the beggar game ir
Italy. A fleet footed urchin and bit
maiden fell into a fox trot by the siik
of tbe carriage.
"Look, noble gentleman," be began
"look, beautiful lady I See the little ra
gazza���the poor girl���have pity on her
See, noble b ign or you cannol refuse
to give her something���your heart U
trio good you are too generous, too n<
ble. too handsome, to refuse. Have pit;
on her dreadful state, for look- sh" h..
one gray eyeaial one black one!"
We stopped tbe can: ige. It was true
The maiden had indeed partlcol ire
eyes, In addition I ��� w!    h she rejolcci
1 gave her
' ii   rt  Set
in a ii 08t  . | ;...::     : squi
one copper,   lb :  upon I
up a bowl i.t beln; igno 'i 1.
"Hut why .��� bould :  iU . ... I ������; '���'���
I asked.
"Yon ought to give me two coppers,'
be replied, with a twinkle, "for 1 hav
two blai kE eyi    and she bas only one
I was vanquished. I give lum i.i
two coppers. I don't believe iu 11 g
gars, but I think he earned them.���"A
Levantine Log Book." by Jerome liar:.
SntiNfvinK   Honor   In   liulln.
Tbey bad a peculiar way of going
Into bankruptcy among the Marawarls
in India, now unhappily giving way to
the less picturesque method of the
white man. When n man could not pay
his bills he would summon bis creditors. Tbey were ushered Into a room
in which the tbakur, or household god,
was enshrined, but covered up wilh a
cloth aud with tbe face turned to the
wall In order that it might not witness
the scene that was to follow. The insolvent would then, in garb of mourning, lie on the floor, presenting bis
back to his creditors, who. on a given
signal, would fall on him With shoes
and slippers and belabor bim till their
wrath was exhausted, The beating finished, boner was declared to be satisfied all arounil
Hire,I  Mournerau
"it pays to be a mourner m St. Petersburg, and there are agencies whicb
employ great numbers of vagrants am)
tramps for th-.' purpose." says a writer.
"These agencies supply suitable clothing and pocket handkerchiefs every
thing, iu fact except boots, which tin
tramp must show on his feet, or he
will not be hired. When there Is a
more or less important funeral tin
tramps gather at the Nikolskl markel
and are selected by an employee of thi-
agency. Th" wage for tbe occasion,
witli tips, generally equals about 8
shillings."���London Mall.
In selecting your hardware for your house, be
sure you g-et a good
lock. To stand the continuous wear and use
given ij both the material and workmanship
mus: be good. Our line
comprises the best Canadian an<l American
makes. Call and examine our lines	
One '..-..- ��� a lai acters
on the isi . river in '..��� ;�� i���-< n oi
C | lain 0 D. Mel Ihinni. lost hi.-
lifi   in a 1 ea ������ -  - |ua    In the gulf nei r
i    ��� i Sal irday .as'.     He  I
lei   ���        family of ten to ch* rlsh blip    family are  grown
i id  ���  ���   living in different  parts
o<  thi     i   ���:'   .    '.le Captain wit .
:     i-      a i        aand bad foil  we I i
er portion ol hit   . ���    He
. oi n     a   thi    rough  coasl   neai
. i   . i iei te I witl
a    '!-���.���        ��� ..   ���
as soon    -    ���.. ; a
���a 1 ....
and  drifted Into a si       ln< as
... ....     takes h
...       ���   ...ii."-   tages . a , ��� . ���   '
ired master's papers
nited Stat)       a 1  (.ana.la.      He
... - id, and  left
e him mas
...      -      ..   i :���
i. ag and
bave thn short
told ive   a
������I  I  	
��� .   A   HtffflBSSES'AV'-"
act with sn me ol              li  - with   ��� ���	
he resull ��� e on
the   ti a hi ig   -    a e
lemy and      ed it for s    i<
��� ���
sea  soon
... accept. EfereJ
'��� - ig and once
��� 1      i a  thi :        ������."
���:    ind    seti    :
:    '       Ta-    lifl .    .
for   s t   ���     leld position
tn      :
ling ovi
teen . . I the misfoi I mi
to losi   his       tm       i lifi     od   ��� . ���
i- ���;   ���- i   i  ten   il   ���   ones,  with   i
lie bn .������ d the li :,���- journi ��� to the w< st
���'!    ���    '��� I "   '  '   Sti iti sl  a     -lie-, think that he bore a charmed/ife and
He fi   ��� ��� !     id fished ior a consider- tv,  ,     ,,,,.   :,   ...   -h,. ,,.a. which tact
able time and  thi     hildren  gradual!}    .(..|jltje
ied iuan and women's esi ite and   ,
���  :   the  old  bomesti    1.    One  daugh 	
'     :     the   wife   oi    los.   Stevi      ofj    the deceased was a man of c ������������
Sti .��� ��������� a.   the    wi       known    < it tie .,  and    v,tii.e    .���:,.������ wci    an I
reedeV,    hose gave the n |u)      to grasp a chance to maJce mo-
thriving   il      .   lage ol St  vet    ... ,   _,nerous to a fault.    Every
Ca '���  McElhinm     :ould not sta ,   was  his  fr|end' and  many  will
1 ng    wa ������ from the   .. '���    and     hen '
MMMMNMMHilMMMMI ���������������
��� Black sateen Underskirts
* White Cambric Underskirts
Regular value 1.25 for 95c ���
| Regular value up to 1.50 for 95c I
t White Muslin Blouses with hem-stitchim
and embroidery.        Regular value"1.50, for 95c |
��� Children's White Dresses, with wide pleated *
Skirts Regular value up tu 2.00. f,
X  First Shipment of Ladies'Ctavenette Coats Dut in stoi L (...J.    !
���     VV. S. COLLISTER & COMPANY    ���
��������������������������������������������������������������������� *;,,, ������������������������������������������������^^  J
& Lusby
-   '  al  last  ia.. -   ..���   hi ub 1  .
il   and   disi ..���������
- Id mass
He filled  his bo I '
���   : - ���. '     '       whi)
: hrivi :  -.    ��� ���      ipon i    thai  he i on-
eivi 1 the    :      if gatl ering ihem for
- ...    ad did so     Hi   ivoi ke i up q lite
a  busini ss  along   lhal  Iln'.    11"  was
:-     etui ni i-    :om     .���   ol  hi       b
log   expeditions      n     .-*"   I
row i es I
oat on om
two diffi rem occasions ha I always
..a..' : to make land alright himself
���   .. the case he had iome   to
The Paragon
Family Washer
The Latest   ��ind  Greatest   Washer on  the Markel
The Paragon
Will Wash:
f   using .
an and wati r.
Si.   Anythii
st lace . ."'   i
-t   blai kets ai
���jthi ut thi
ven the n
3.    I pi
���thin  5 t	
���."  and   <���!���
arsh, slow and tin
>a.ril mi '
-s  led  him
.iresome   than   he
h  .      ��� en. .
t..   i.e   more   yen-
The Pai  .   i      i    i     ���      ��� ';. and   o easily 1
��� .    .   The Parag in will save i1       il n am times I
and tear.    Call and see it and be i  nvinced like other
Large Shipment of Them lust Arrived Direct from factory
lly   can -     eased  1     A aa >     h -
insti at attendanci       homi   be I
'!     in    gi a   ���'     ������'  Bliss  Ni tivi   He   ���-
and    .i   ��� '       ng  I: ���    :oasl     si lling
ii '   Ine   "  ���  ������ ���     he coul I find
i purch -���
Om day he v is i ilsing in his
- :. ii . ��� ... i ��� ���. , - | vancouvi : . : Cowichan and the
weathi      ���      i pretl       111 ty.
Hi    ���    .'ei-  I up    1       the li       :    Salt
t    i ��� ll   id,       .   ...���:������      bl     1 '        ���-!   i
laying lo for the night.   As be    ri
oi ai   in the dusk,  '��� ���   noticed  a lour;
white  bank  stretchf i  oul   In  the dis-1
tance   and   was   -       irious  ro  know
what   it   was   that   he   could   b  rdl)
,',: u   t!d  di ���   area!       :-Sm the day
was   his   friend   and   many
. - - ��� ���    ���������   ids   sudden  di i I i.
>"*��>'>>>>>>>:>>>>>>>>>>>.o>.>"y >: >�������� '���;>'���>'���:���;��'>'���-�������'
.]   \Jl III!   LIU)
New Goods anri New Prices
Montreal. Que.. Sept. 12 to Oct. 4, 1906.
a   .. ove  occasion   the  Great
Northern Railway will sell round trip
ti    ets    '   the  low. sl   flrst-cl ���  ���   $  Money sav
$10.00 for the round trip.      Tic-
i on i  1"  Sept.  5th  to  6th.,   1906.
��������� o-���	
ft A full carload just arrived.     As fine g tods as ever enti red thi    '     ���
���J   Inspection invited.   By buying here yi i ian save rooney }
V i .iv-as a trial.    We have many things we are going to eleai   al ���'
ed is monev made.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
See our S5.00 Mattresses
716 and 7;^ Columbia
Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Fn nl
Found    Black    acker spi nil' s- g, \p-
ply  Cusi     -���     N.  M.  Math, s   i.
F.ve  Bathers  Lose Their Lives
Waters  Above  New  York
n the
in thi        .-    nit;      A i ior "
ti -ia. ��� t ���     er is.    Make up
your a: nd I
Do It Now.
was m car s . nd i x-
travaganl   y i u ������.' n an and    d  nol
Mart. RIGHT.
Do Ifc Now.
'l*li��.fr  (;:iurri'lM.
Mrs. Edgerton Blunt���Bnt why dirt
you leave your last place? Appllcnnt-
I couldn't Btand the way the mistress
and master used to ipiarrel, mum
Mrs. Bdgerton Blunt (shocked)���Deal
mei Did tbey quarrel much, then? Ap
pllcant-Yet, mum; when It wasnl
me an' 'lm It was me an' 'er.
is the best of all gifts to your fam-
7 Roomed House and
Lot on Sev"nth Streel, near Baptist
Church..   Lot60xl82 . . $1750
Very Easy Terms.
And Want To Build
We Will Assist You.
f. J. HART & Co.
New  V rk, Aug.  19.���Five  pei -��� ns
losi   their  lives in  the  waters  above
N( v.   York  today.    Mosl   of  the   victims were bathers. Three wer.  drowned together near Manhattan Beach in
na.    : hal could not be asci rtaln-
.       1 he police are conducting an In
.' litigation.   The only eye witnee
.. drowning disappeared.   'I he threi
M Gro si. .Martin Andei son
ami   an     unknown   bather,     boul   20
A particularly sad case was thai
I Si    ���   S,  who was SWiming   ; ll
��� . In Jamaica bay,   They were
divini       i. ,i launch and after a pi ing
��� a man did nol re-appear, The
hi , dived frantically In the hope
i. resc ting his son until he became
unconscious trom exhaustion and was
with difficulty rescued and rescusltat-
Royal City Eish Co.
Wholesale find Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box SS'.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, B. C.
: Electric Railway Service:
The   Dominion   Music   Company   Has
Opened a Studio in the Holmes
We have competent teachers for
advanced studies with violin, piano,
voice, flute, cello, string, bass, mandolin, guitai ami  banjo.
Our school system Is heartily endorsed by miisicams, teachers and
dealers ol Instruments. We Invite
your enquiry and Investigation.
Parents are made weleome at time
of children's studies. Pupils range In
age from K to 45 years. We teach
from the most  reliable works,
a fine display of instruments given '
wilh   tuition   in   to   he   seen   in   Cum-
mine's .store on  Columbia street.
^^ Inter-urb.in Line^^^^^
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every bair-
hour from 5:60 a. m. to il p.
m, excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. ni. Half hourly eats wil!
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line��� service from
6.110 a. m. to It p. in.
30   Minute    Service   d irlng  re t,
Wr al ���
malnder of day.
Leopold  I'lnce,
20 Minute Servlce-
Between vi and :
-.No transfer.
and I, and 7.
Sunday   Service   halflioiii'Iv   be-I
tween   8   a.   m.   and   l*1  !'��� '"' *
City and Sapperton. ���
Sapperton Line-ia Minute Ser- ,
vice, except between i- .'l��� T
2, and 5 and i. during wMon J
hours the .serv.ee will I"1 ���
hall hourly. !
Sunday Service halt -hourly a'" f
tween S a. in. and  11  p. m-    ���
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ui t
Eoarding House for Sale���If. rooms
completely furnished and at present, all  occupied,    Apply   Box  501,
for RENT���Large, won lighted room,
suitable   ror   uji   offlce,     Apply    to
Cbas. (I. Major.
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westmlnstei


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