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The Daily News Apr 3, 1906

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^slative ,\,,^
APR 5-1901
hentalatl*. library
.. ,   1(1 <T.N IS I'KK WKK.K.
Columbian College Student Lives in Fear of Assassination
Foreign Student in Columbian College Tells How He Was
Victimized By "Rev." Day, and Terrorized Into Secrecy By Threats on His Life���A Long Career of
Fraud and Bold Bluff.
City Assessor Powers has submitted the census
report for the year 1906, showing an increase in population over last year of 451.
The report reads as follows:
Total population 7,831, of which 1,366 are children of school age, between the ages of 6 and 16 years.
There are 1,246 houses. Of these there are
wired for electric light 617; served with city
water 1,110.
The following animals are reported-: Horses, 237;
cattle, 269; sheep, 15; pigs, 346; dogs, 504.
The assessment commissioner reports that there
are less Chinese and Indians than there were last vear.
ih,   story which has Jusl come tol
illng ��i'ii the nefarioue oper-
,,i   Peter  Bllow,    the   Persian
, _ier, alias, Rev. J. A. Day, D.D.,
ii, v   Peter Solyman,  D.D., has
,   nt local Interesl  which    will
H  to appeal stronglj    ig   Lbg
nts of the Royal City.   Tales of
ite    deeds,   of    men    in    the
ii nf manhood being compelled
rn submit in and countenance colossal
al  the    polni    of   n    Turkish
polgnard, are suposed to belong totbe
lawless ilnys of long ago and uh far,
., i from -mil century civilization
the 1'iirtli frutn the stars.     Yet
Mi.tnp' ;is li may sewn scenes ot fills
description havo#beeb enacted in ihis
vicinity within the past few days and
Shadow of Assassin.
Pari of (lie story of the trials anil
difficulties of Basal David son of t in���
Turkish Consul at Orootnlali, Persia,'
nave already been laid before the pub-
Hi- bul the half lias not yet been told.
For months past Mr. David has been
living in the shadow of the assassin's
knife, Ids life being threatened by
iIn-   men    he    once    trusted    as  his
Tn tell the story In Mr. IJavid's own
way.    He was for many years a slu-
denl nf the college at Oroomlah and
while yel    a  mere    boy he    met    a
man, named Peter Bllow whose
bome  was   seven   days   journey   from
Hie' colli ge.      During tbe    lime   that
Ellow     was    at     college  he  speedily
lhal   he was  morally  bad  and
ol ;i particularly violent    disposition.
During ihis lime a relative and great
Wend oi Ellow'a killed a Presbyterian
:   and  was compelled  to flee
for his life,     Ellow  was soon alter
ed from college on account of bis
'���i-i behavior and violence.
Starts On Bad Career.
II ��as not long after thai Bllow
i ipon his life of fraud and
crime He wenl to flu- ruin-el States
wd landed In Seattle in the year 1903
mi'i commenced work its Rev. Peter
Solyman, D.D., alleging that he had
'" orphanage for whieh he was col-
lectin?,  money,
First  Exposure.
He traveled east gathering in hun-
"red* ni dollars   In    various   places
"tori   he  stopped    tor  awhile    and
everything ran smoothly till he struck
'""     I'i'lla,  Iowa,  There  while'
1 riving business his methods
I Hu- suspicion of Un' Rev. \v.
1 Van Kersen, a Presbyterian pastor,
vh" started an enquiry as to the orl-
"''' '" < standing of Solyman with the
'he- following was received
11,111 and forwarded to tbe governor
' "" '���''" Of Iowa who gave II gen-
'   - publicity:
v " '"'ii-. Jan, 7, 1804.���The Rev.
"   ���'   Van   Kersen,  Pella.    Town���My
ear Mr. Van  Kersen:    Dr,    Brown
M :i;,"'if im- to answer your latter of
f'""1"1"1' 30, as  Persia  is one or the
(|'"M   ""Hi which  I  have correspon-
'' ;,,i'l us 1 am supposed to keep
!"',,,i' run of the    numerous    Persian
""venturers constantly   at    work   in
Us country.
""' young man of whom you write
�� fraud ami _��� impostor,   in 1903,
'��� S1"'i'i. whom he   mentioned   to
""��� """" fo me from I'minla us folios g
���ti ii letter yesterday    I    received
to       ''  1"  who has started ou li
you '    ""' Wl"'1'1'    regarding    whom
",ll:|if in he on >������,���- KUard.     ills
���;"'' ls Petros (Peter)  E. M. Shin-
,llh|   ,S",V,"<"'��.       lie   is   from     Bax
b    ;' Braduate of the college.   HIh
such '""' Braduatl��n h���� been
��� M to show that his character la
'Pou8hlj    bad
��� )Per with the college seal.
Unfortunately,   be
- some time.to stamp some
 aper i
���II|||    .,        .
tii..,,,       '"""  ll" will    make    ���pe    of
*ay nf .1       gono wltn '"lu n,e�� by
i���. mJh",ll"ll����liin.  ami   so   will   not
a" Indefln
I l" 'urn ������ |n America   for
v     "ni1" nerlod."
111   Will
NWngma   I      r''"n'    'M*    """    the
H>, |MI1'"' lBa'8fad_ate rrom the col-
Etrj  ,..,���    ."' 1N " Neslorlan, and  not
""":l^   Md   Mr,   Sliedd's   i-s.l-
mate of his character is sufficiently
Two eiaes before your letter was
received I received a postal card rrom
Mr, Shi'dii. who has Just returned
trom Drumla lor a furlough In the
J nil.id States, In which he si .-���:
"If you should have any Inquiries
regarding a Syrian whose present
name Is Peter BUojv, Council Bluffs,
Iowa, he Is the same as Petros B. D.
Mails Shlllmon (Petros of Bas) and
is thoroughly unprincipled."
I can easily gel you some more In
formation regarding this young man,
if you desire' It, but I may say in a
word that he Is one of many who are
preying on the churches, and the tidings of whose success in duping
Christians in America do endless
harm in Persia. I hope that you may
be able to stop the young man. Very
Sincerely  yours.  Robert   B.  Speers.
Plays  Bold  Game.
Bllow,  who In  the  meantime had
moved to DOS Moines, was ln danger
ot arrest and at once showed his ability as a criminal by the following
masterly fabrications which he caused
fo appear In a lie's Moines newspaper:
Peter Sohnian, an Assyrian from
Kurdistan, in Turkey, who has been
soliciting funds from people In Iowa
for an orpan's home in his own country, arrived here from Pella. Mr.
Solyman claims be has been confused
wllh some one' else in tin' expose given out from Governor Cummins' of-|
flee Saturday night, and has excellent
testimonials concerning his identity
and character. Mr. Solyman appar-
e'lilly is a gentleman of considerable
Intellectual attainment and is great-
Ij Interested in his work. He hasi
been very businesslike in his methods
and bears about with him receipts
ami vouchers showing the exact man-:
ner in which Hu- money collected by
hlm has been expended.
The letter from Rev. Mr. Speer ofj
New York, confusing him wllh one
Petros I-:. Malik Shlllmon, was evidently a mistake.
Concerning the charges againsl
him, Mr. Solyman said yesterday:
"J was in Ml. Pleasant I saw Ihe
article in the lies Moines papers
againsl   ine'.    Soon after that  I  sent a
telegram to Oovernor Cummins   to be
kind and wall until I could prove my
work. Xow 1 am in Des Moines.
For the first filing. I am noi Ihat man
Petros E. Malek Shlllmon. Thai young
man is working in a packing house
for a living. My name is Peter Soly-
Secondly,   1   am  not   a   Pei shell    nor
; n Armenian. I am an Assyrian, a
Kurdlstani Turkey. This Is south-
wesi  or Armenia.
"Thirdly, I have never been in Persia in all my life ami do nol know any
missionaries In Persia,   Also l have
not seen Mr. Speer ol New York and
bow he can guess of me I do not i
"Fourthly,   I   have  an   orphan   home
i In my city, ami   American   citizens
have been lu my bome and they
know my work.
Fifthly, I brought children to Amer-,
lea. One Is In the home of T. B.;
Foster, one of the wealthiest men of]
"Sixthly, the money which I collected from town to town, I have receipts
1 for, showing every cent I have collect-
\ Bd, and how if lias been disposed of,
"If anyone doubts my word, will he
kindly   come  and   see     me?   We   will
ask  God   nnel  he  will   show    us    thej
right way."
Produces  Testimonials.
Mr. Solyman has with hlm the following testimonials;
Oskaloosa, Iowa, December li, 1908.
--To Whom II May Concern: I have
great pleasure in recommend Ing the
work of the bearer, Rev. Peter Soly-
mnn, D.D., of the old ancient Chaldean
or Assyrian church, who Is In this
country  for the purpose of  bringing
I to America the orphan children of
Christian   parents    who    were    slain
j during the recenl troubles In Turkey.
I am personally acquainted with Mr.
! Solyman, and know hlm and his work
io in- all  right.    Tie.  motive is one
deserving of assistance,
Prom June 'J to 6. 1902, it was myl
good feirlnne in visii his orphan home
as I was in his town, Ozeara, at Ihat
nine. lie- was taking care of seventy-
five hejys ami girls.
Knowing as I do how worthy his
wnii, is, i shall take pleasure in an-J
swering questions rrom any if thej are
in doubt as io Rev. Solyman and his
work. Very respectfully, (Signed),
This Is tei oertlfj thai 1 am personally acquainted wiib Mr. Elyvn Nlnde,
he being a citizen of this city and absolutely reliable.    (Signed,)
11.   S.   HOWARD,
Vice--President  Mahaska Co, State
F.   Ii.  SHAFER,
Cashier  Frankel  State  Bank.
.1.  \Y.  HAMOND,
Cashier Oskaloosa Savings Bank.
H.   I).   LANK.
Teller Oskaloosa National  Hank.
Ii is also signed by M. McCarthy,
chief of police, under the seal of the
city; K. A. Davis, clerk ol courts, under the seal of Mahaska county, and
,1. C. Williams, mayor, under the seal
of Oskaloosa. and by J. W. Somervllle,
pastor of the Central M. E. church.
Ottumwa, Iowa. .Ian. lit, 1904.���
Rev. E. T. Hagerman. Des Moines, la.:
Dear Brother Hagerman���Mr. Solyman, representing the work of placing orphans from his people in American homes, tells me that the question
of the validity of his work has been
raised In a Des Moines paper. I wish
in simply say that he has placed one
child in the home of Mr. T. D. Foster
of Otiiimwa, one of our wealthiesi
and mosl representative citizens. The
man wilh whom the paper confuses
him. Petros E. Malek Shlllmon, is
working In the packing house here,
and Is an entirely different person.
11' you can help Mr. Solyman to clear
the matter  up and  set  himself right
with the public he would  very much
appreciate It    Very truly  yours,
Pasior Methodist Episcopal Church.
Sympathy  of  Pastor.
In Ihe interest of Mr. Solyman, Rev.
.lay W. Somervllle, pastor of the
Central M. E. Church al Oskaloosa.
has written lhe following:
Oskaloosa, la.. .Ian. IS, 1904.���Editors Register and Leader, Des Moines,
Iowa: Dear Sirs���My attention has
been called to au article in yesterday's
Leader under the title of "Is lie a
Fraud or Is He Genuine'.'" referring
to one Peter Solyman���an Armenian
or a Persian. Dr. Speer, who writes
iu regard to the gentleman, is a man
above' reproach, and may be correct
In the matter, and yet I feel I ought
lo say in bis (Solyman's) behalf thai
while in our city, one of our towns
men���Mr. Elvyn Nlmlle, a gentleman
above reproach, and whose veracity
is beyond question; a man who travels
extensively in the Orient, happened
to be home ou a visit He met and
recognized tills man and gave him a
letter endorsing him, saying he had
met hlm in the east and had been in
bis home, etc., and in addition gave
him a liberal sum of money for his
work. 1 was also informed today by
a reliable party that one of the girls
Is now In the home of Hon. T. D.
Foster al  Ottumwa.
If these things are correct It Is possible Dr. Speer may have been misinformed, lt is not my purpose to
shield or uphold any man who is preying on the public, but to give you the
plain statement of facts. Mr. Nlnde
Is now out of our city, and on his return 1 will refer the matter to him.
If this foreigner IS a sham, it only
shows how men In high position can
be deceived and their endorsement
secured by designing men, who work
upon their sympathies und make n
creditable showing of credentials,
Suddenly Vanishes.
During all    this   time   the    money
(Continued on Page Eight.)
Prince Pays Attention
To Royal City Resident
Chicago Healer Swindles Confiding Women Out of Thousands of Dollars and Disappears Leaving Two
Wives Behind Him���Wife No.
1 Arrested.
Chicago,  Ills.,  April  :i.���The chro- black mailer who  ought monej under
nicle today says:  Stripped of her en- threats of having him arrested
lire Fortune of $10,000 she declares, Wife No   : admitted to the police
by her husband, Dr. Frank  E. Dela- lasi night that -Im gave ber husband
en-ale.   who   has   lied   leaving   ber   in sums  of  $200  ami  $.".ui)    at     unions
abject   poverty, Mrs.  Frank   E.  Dela- Hmes in order '" stop the annoyance,
creale No.  - of 238  Indiana  avenue Mrs. Delacreale Nu. 1 proclaims her
yesterday, caused ihe arrest of Mrs. Innocence ami declares shi   'ti was
Frank   E.   Delacreale'   No.   l   of  2654 Bwindled  by  Delacreale.
Prairie avenue', who is accused of be-
Ing   lhe'   accomplice   of   the'   man   for
whom the police of every city in  the
united  Slates are on  the  lookout.
Needed the Money,
tube']- women the police say, we're
swindled by ihe man. The woman
who makes lhe complaint and whose
maiden name was Trlquette was married to Dr. Delacreale a magnetic
healer last November. He declared
himself to be the owner of a $260,000,-
ver on Saturday, Mr, Holt has seen His Highness in passing, comment-1 qqq mUn' in Mexico she says He
service in many parts of the globe ed on the service of Mr. Holt, and In nee_e.d money to purchase machinery
under the  British  Hag, anil  the  sight   concluding bis remarks slated:   "Well   wilh   w_\_j  U) operate  his  mine  and
Bdward  Holt, caretaker ol 'lie   city   elan   medal   for  service  In   1884;   iln'
hall   was  among  the'  lisi   of  war   vet-   Khedive  Star, anel  the  South  African!
erans especially fav. I by His Royal  mt',la1' stained in the late war, dm-
ing which war Mr. Holt served active-
Highness Prince Arthur of I'nnnaught   ,    ,      ,, ,, ,        ,   .
ly tor ll months as a member of the
during llis Highness' visit at  Vancou-   Kirst Canadian Contingent.
y��u, the   young   woman   says   she   wrote
1 cheques for him at the rate of JaOO a
Foster   Bros.,  of  titles,  N.  Y..   Suffer
a  Heavy Loss.
Otica, N. y., April J.���The largo
four story manufactory owned by tho
Poster Bros. Manufacturing company,
was destroyed by lit- ibis morning.
The loss is placed at I'OViMi). This is
Insured I'm aboul HiMO.imu. The company employed in this city about 250
men and did a liusiuesi here of $ti00.-
1100 a year. There are branches of the
establishment in Toronto, Montreal
and  Winnipeg,
 o 1���-
Earl   Grey   Visits  Washington.
New York, April a.���Earl (irey, governor  general   of  Canada,  will   leave
of his numerous medals attracted the it   doesn't   seem   to   have
attention  of the  prince,  who  stopped much."
and spoke to him for several minutes.      In the year 1873 Mr. Holt wa-   sta-!(|tlv u, . ,  ,,,,  jler weae,In was K,)m,
Mr. Holt in company with some fifty tioned at Aden, In Arabia, and ibe
oilier veterans stood behinel lhe reg- Duke of Connaught, father to His' Constant Shadow.
Ular members of the regiment, during Royal Highness Prjnce Arthur, was The woman who now turns out to-New York for Washington this after-
inspection, anil after the inspection then en route lo East India, during be Mrs. Delacreale No. 1 of eight noon and will remain at the capilol
of the regulars, His Highness then which time he stopped off at Aden years' standing, is said to have arous- several days,
turned his attention to Uie veterans, for a season. At that time Mr. ed the suspicions of Mrs. Delacreale
with nearly all of whom he had a few Holt was ln the service, and was one Nf- -. by constantly shadowing her
words. of  Hie  Duke's    body  guard.    It  was  husband to the very door step of the
Mr. Holt wore several medals ob- therefore with peculiar satisfaction i second wife. Delacreale, who ls known
tained during twenty four years of that Mr. Boll appeared before llis'to havi passed also as Dr. Reed ex-
service  ns  u  soldier, and  among  ihe Royal   Highness    Prince    Arthur,
Soumy, Poland, April 3.���An attempt
made last night  to blow up the Mutual  Credit Bank here with an infernal   machine,  was  frustrated  just in
plained   the   appearance  of   the   mys-i time by n^uiird who extinguished the
number  he  wore  the  following:   Sou-   years later.
terlous womun  by  saying  she  was a! fuse.
Big Shingle Mills
Closed By Strikers
Seattle,   Wash.,   April   -'!.���Fourteen   a  general  strike against the nulls  in
oul   of   seventeen   shingle   mills    of ,,lat city.
Ballard, the greatest shingle manufac
Tbe issues are a slight increase in
wages and the open shop principle.
The close of the Ballard mills will
luring city in the world, are idle*, the
few   remaining  plants  running  being ��� decrease   the   general   output   by   3,
e xpected to close today as a result of   000,000 shingles tier day.
J. A. Chapman Makes Deal With F. J.   J.   T.   and   T.   H.   Hatherly  Turn   Out
Coulthard for Thoroughbred Handy  Contrivance for Ad-
Cattle, justing  Lights.
.1. A. Chapman, of Beresford, Manitoba, who brought out a herd of pure
bred Ayrshire cat lie for sale at ill,'
recent live stock exhibition, today tils-1
posed of the balance of the herd, six
in number, to F. .1. Coulthard for
shipment to the latter's farm on the
At the last Dominion exhibition Mr.
Chapman broughl out a herd of pure
bred Ayrshlres, and llerefonls, with
which he made a big winning in prize,
money. So enthusiastic was* he over
the local situation that he determined to bring out a herd for sale this'
spring, with the result us mentioned
He states that he is more than satisfied with the local outlook, and adds
that he will be out. here in May with:
another herd of piire breds, for distribution on the local market.
Mr. Chapman is an extensive dealer
in, and breeder of, pure bred cattle,
and maintains a large farm in Manitoba which he has stocked exclusively with Ayrshlres, and Herefords,
the former for dairying, and the latter
for cattle.
Mr. Chapman returns home tomorrow via the C. P. R. main line.
Patents in the I'nited States and
Canada have been granted to Dr. .1.
T. Hatherly, ami T. H. Hatherly, both
of ihis city, for u patent slide to be
used on interior elecL'ic light wires,
by means of which a light can be lowered or raised to suit the convenience
of the user, wlthoul resorting to the
old time method of tying knots and
untying knots In the cord.
The invention is a decided novelty,
and ls known as the "Electric light
cord adjuster." Patents have been applied I'eir in Great Britain, Australia,
Fiance, and Germany, as il is the in-
lent Ion of the Inventors to protect
their patent at all costs, In all the
principal   countries   of   the   world.
The affair Is ln the nature of a
small brass slide which can lie worked up and down the cord, and fastened any place by means of clamps, and
Is so small ns to be scarcely noticeable, and is certainly a decided improvement over the appearance of the
much knotted cord as ln use at the
present time.
Earthquake   in   Oregon.
Ashland,  Oregon,  April  11.���Shortly
after nine o'clock last night a distinct
earthquake was felt here.
Herbert   Greatrix   of   Belleville,   Ont.,
Is Dying From Use of Free
Belleville, Ont, April :!.���As a result, it is alleged, of taking patent
medicine, which had been distributed
round the streets in free samples. Herbert Greatrix, of this city, 24 years of
age. is now lying at the point of death
in the hospital here. After taking the
medicine, which was said to be a
cathartic Greatrix was seized with vio-
lent diarrhoea, which suddenly stopped, when he was taken with cramps
and  vomiting.
Dr. Yeonians was called, and ordered the sufferer to the hospital, where
an operation was performed, when it
was found the victim was suffering
from rupture of the bowels. His life
is now despaired of.
Owners of Squid  Bring Her to Roy��!
City    to    Outfit    for
The Bteamer Squid of Vancouver is
tied up at the B. C. Packers' slip today and is taking on board 12 tons
of crushed ice lo lie' iise'd in the preservation of the halibut her owners
expect to catch in Ib'cale straits. She-
will lake with her five fishing smacks,
with ten fishermen with whom to carry on the work. The obi Spuiel has
just come out of dry (lock ami has
been remodelled ami improved. The
pilot and sleeping houses have been
raised from three fo four feet and the
deck house has been extended to cover
the after end of Un' boat. With her
full equipment ibe Squid is considered to be one of Ihe ablest boats ou
the  coast   for the halibut  industry.
Strikers  Offer  No  Resistance and All
Is Quiet���Idle in Pittsb  rg
Cavalry Disperses
Strikers In France
Lenz, France, April ;!.���The strikers The strikers made a determined de-
ln the mining districts now number nionstration today against the arrests
���14,00(1. ' but the cavalry charged and dlspers-
Seven,,arrests haKe been made   on  cd them,
charges   of   exploding   dynamite  car-      The coal companies are continuing
fridges iond   stoning   the   police  and  the workmen's trains and the feeling
non-strikers. | against  tho cdmpnnles is increasing.
Johnstown, Pa., April 3.--Three
thousand men or about, fifty per cent,
of tlie regular operating force returned to work today at the mines of the
Hi'iwlnd-White company  at Windbar.
The strikers offered no opposition
when the men entered the plant and
all  is quiet.
Pittsburg. Pa., April :!.���The expected general resumption of work at the
mines in this district, where the
scales were signed yesterday, did not
take place today.
Yesterday's holiday is said by the
operators to be largely responsible
for the smn'.l forces ne. work. All the
Independent plants were shut down
and no effort was made! to operate
From  Qu'Appelle    to    Winnipeg    the
Weather Is Cold and Winds
Are Fast.
Victoria, April 8.���The barometer
remains abnormally high over    this
portion  of  lhe continent  and   is  low
to the southward.
These conditions are causing a general fair spell throughout the Pacific
slope and light frosts have again occurred on the Lower Mainland.
A moderately cold wave Is reported
In the prairie provinces and a snowstorm prevails from Qu'Arpelle to
Forecasts for 36 hours ending 6 p.
ui. Wednesday on the Lower Mainland: Light to moderate winds, generally fair and warm during the day.
The lowest temperature, in New
Westminster last night was 34 degrees above zero.
Lays Dynamite Plot
And Then Confesses
Cleveland, Ohio, April 3.���The Leader today says: Enough dynamite was
found under a hoisting engine in the
Taylor Arcade, Euclid avenue
yesterday     to     wreck      that    build
In the employ of the American Bridge
company, which Is building the Taylor Arcade, found the dynamite and
later it Is alleged, confessed fo detectives  that   he   placed   the   dynamite
STJ arrhalf^en-oth-jwhere It was found because five    of
i ,. ��_. iihni.t lt his   fellow   workmen  had    been  dls-
ers which cluster about u. I ���*���
Henry Claypool, a night watchman | charged. THE DAILY NEWS
Objects to Amendment to   Electric   By-Law   and   Makes
Charg ss Against City Electrician Which Are
Flatly  Refuted   By the
At the meeting of the city council
last night, the principal topic for discussion and subsequent action was a
motion Introduced, without notice, by
Alderman Dalles, to amend the Electric Light bylaw by Inserting after
Section seven (7) the following subsections;
(7a)���All persons,   firms,   corpora.
tlons. ei electric contractors desiring'
to install wires or other apparatus for
the use of electric currents for1 any
purpose mentioned in this by-law
In use, file an application for a permit
electrical construction of any kind
whatever, cither installing new apparatus,  or   repairing  apparatus   already
owner, all bough lhe aldermen evidently knew to whom he referred,
Condemns Speck's Work.
This charge was speedily Knocked
Iii the head, ami then Mr. Bowler
cited     several     Instances     where     a
thorough  Inspection  of  Mr.   Speck's
work was absolutely necessary, nnd
he even went farther and staled that
Mr. Speck had done some' work for
Alderman Adams which hail not
proven lo be satisfactory. Upon being
questioned directly, Alderman Adams
admitted thai the work had not been
performed io his satisfaction, whereupon  Alderman  Henley  enquired  ns
to Mr. Speck's experience and ability
in the electrical business, after which
a    verv   learned   discussion   followed.
no action was taken in the matter,',
in use. tile an application for a permit, Rn_ f_Q business of lhe evening drift-1
therefor    with    the city    electrician,  ,,,| _aok: lo the siarling point, namely
^. new cas.-s  i, total ii. recovered
remaining  :',.
Fire  Chiefs   Report.
The report of Chief Watson
lire  department   was   received
showed  thai   dining    the month    of
March there we're 13 tires, 7 eif
which were chimney lues; J saw dust
roads Ignited trom sparks from lhe
mills during ihe recent high winds; -
bush tires. I tire in lbe Colonial hotel
due to a defective flue, ami another
the origin of which ls unknown The reporl was received ami filed for reference.
A communication was read from lhe n���n. president!
Fraser River Lumber company, ask- m, Heechcr
ing for a refund on lhe city water
charges, since Ihe date of the flre at
the' mill a short time ago, the com-
puny stating that they had not used
an> water since that date. Referred
to  the  water  committee.
Contracts  for   Uniforms.
Tin' police committee recommended
that a contract be given -I. N. Ailch-
son. ill a llgure of |2|0.tB for the' sup-
plj  of police Clothing, as asked for at
n recent meeting of the council. Re-
commendation adopted.
The lire committee    recommended
Ihat a contract lie let to Kenneth Mc-
llae for the supply of firemen's clothing as requested al a previous meeting   of  the   council,     contrail     price
$300. Recommendation adopted.
Donation to Library.
I Sporting News
X       and Comment.
��� *
Vancouver   Laceosse   Officers.
Last nlgbi ihe Vancouver Lacrosse
club held Its annual meeting, for ilie'
transaction of regular business and
the elect ion of officers for the coming
year. The following gentlemen were
then elected;
Patron,  R.  G.   McPherson,     M.   P.:
F. e. Harrison, c.
president,   B, F. Arm-
sirong; vicepresiileiils. E. O'Calla-
han. Alex. Mitchell; secrelare treasurer, R. D. Douglas; executive committee, Messrs. H. it Godfrey, George
M. Matheson, Frank Wright, A. E.
Tborley. George E Little' and M. I
Hurt, delegates to the' li C. A. L.A..
Messrs. g. m. Matheson, ll. D. Douglas, H.  K. Godfrey.
Aside front the election of officers,
the business was slrgely routine, and
utter tin' transaction oi ail business
for iln' e'M'tiing the meeting adjourned.
the rooms of 'be' Vancouver Tourist
association, at which time tho fele*
lion ,,1  officer-, will lake place'.   Plans
.,, the
ge ison's work wlll also hi
Players Will  Meet.
which application accompanied with
ihe tees provided under ihis regulation, shall describe in detail such material and apparatus as it is desired
to use. giving the street and number,
nnd upon receipt of such application,
such permit shall lie given or refused
within two days.
Powers of City  Electrician.
(710���The said city electrician shall
have power, and it shall be his duty
io  the
ibe amended by-law, Upon calling for
a voie, Hu' amendment to the 1904
by-law   was  carried  unanimously.
Aside  Irom  'the  discussion   and  action upon ihe amendment to the' decide light  by-law, lbe business of the
evening was largely  routine.
Civic  Improvements.
Permission    was asked  by   W.  E,
Mercer to  plain   shade  trees on    lhe
passage of Alderman Howay as chairman of
ibe library committee reported thai
Mrs. A. W. Stillalo, widow of the line
a meeting   of the players   of ihe
Vancouver Lacrpsse club will be- held
ion Monday next, when it win be the
Intention of the boys to ge'i down fo
| business for the coming season al  lhe
earliest  possible date. George Mathe-
son was unanimous!) elected captain
Bishop stiiiato hail offered to donate ot lhe ,,,������ .,,���, ,���, BtateB tha, ,���, wln
to the Carnegie library, Ihe late Hlsh-   ,,.���.,, ,,u. ,,()vs ,������ ������ ,,���, ���,.,,, in .���,,���������
op's entire musical  library.  The offer   tW()  weeks
was  accepted,   and   a  hearty   vote  of      A  word  lo lhe wis,, should  be sum-
thanks passed by the council, cient. Get busy.   With   weather   like
More Money Wanted. ibis,  anil  the si'ason  advancing as il
Aldermen Henley ami Garrett asked  is- there Is no time to be lost, so dig
No     One     I'ab     Grow      While
lliimiilii. ��kre Self (entered.
Forget yiiurii'lf. You will never do
anything greal until you do. Self eon.
iclonsness Is a disease- with many.
No matter Wjiat thej- do, they can never get away  from  themselves.    They
become warped upon tin' subject of
self analysis, wondering bow they
look, how tbey appear, what others
will think of them and how tbey can
enhance their own Interests. In other
words, every thought and every effort
seems to focus upon self; nothing radiates from them.
No one can grow while his thoughts
are self centered. The sympathies of
tbe man who thinks only of himself
are soon dried up. Self consciousness
acts as a paralysis to all expansion,
strangles enlargement, kills aspiration,
cripples executive ability The mind
which accomplishes things looks out.
not ln; It U foe-used upon Its Object,
not upon itself.
The Immortal acts have lieen uncou-
aclously performed. The greatest prayers have been the silent longings, tlie
secret yearnings of the heart, not those
which have been delivered facing a
critical audience. The dally desire ls
thr- perpetual prayer, tbe prayer that
ls heard and answered.   Success.
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to Uie family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the i��rimest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
When by him deemed necessary, to. street in front of li
carefully inspect all electric Installs- Ninth Btreet. Granted,
tions. during the process and after: M. P. Tupper asked for a crossing
its completion, and il shall be coiupi'- m be placed through the sidewalk in
lent for him to have removed any from of his residence on Fifth avenue,
existing Obstructions which may pre-' he fo supply the lumber. Granted.
vein a perfect inspection of the cur-1 Yuen Shing. reported that the side-
rent carrying Conductors, as lath, walk near his place of business on
plastering, boarding or partitions; Mclnnes street was broken, and nsk-
and if such installation shall prove to ed thai il be repaired. Referred to Hie
have been constructed in accordance' board Of works to act.
with the rules and requirements of A communication was read from the
this regulation lie shall Issue a certl- secretary of the I'nlon of British Col-
fivate of such inspection which shall umbla Municipalities asking for a
contain a general description of ibe contribution of $l"i to Hie funds of ihe
Installation and the date of said In-j union as per agreement. Referred to
speciion. The use of electric current the finance committee with power to
is hereby   declared    to  in-  unlawful  act.
previous  to  the issuance' of said cer-! Medical   Report.
tiflcate; provided, however, the ciiy The n,|lor, l)f Medical Health Offi-
electrician may issue a temporary ,.,.,. _r% DeWolt Smith was then Bub-
certificate for the us.- of eleotric cur- mltted, ami received ami filed for re-
rent .'nning Un' course Of construe- ference. The report read as follows:
lion or alteration ot buildings, which Diptherta, new cases, -i. recovered, 1,
permit shall expire when the electric remaining, I; scarlatina, last month,
apparatus fm' such  building is fully  i, reoovered, 1; tuberculosis, from last
month,   1.  total,   1,  remaining,  4:   ty-
an'el limber up for (be
ai   the earliest  date'.
For 'Inspection.
(7c)���The fees payable for inspection under this regulation shall be as
follows   payable al   iln- time stated,
anil  no  certificate shall  be issued  until the lees are' paid:
Bach outlet over six         15
Six out lei s or under   $1.00
fKach pair of three-way swit-....
ches:  each four-way switch	
ind   each     mei re     loop     lo
���count as an oul lei. i
Electric Bigns, 50 lights or under	
Bach additional liglif	
Arc.  first   one	
Kaib additional, at same Inspec
Meel ms. all sizes, each      1,00
DynnmoB,  all sizes, each  '<M
Additions nr alterations to present service, first outlet....      25
Bach additional       ir.
Minimum charge' for Inspection
or alterations or changes..      2~i
("ill - \ny person who installs any ']
wires, finings, or oilier electrical apparatus, or who utters, changes, adds
to or laki-s trom, anj oloctrlcal Installation, not having lirsi taken out
a pi i mi: tor such work, shall lie liable to the penalties ot lhis regulation
Mr.  Speck  Objects.
The co incll wenl Into a commit	
of ibe- whole tor discussion on thla
subjeel ami although lhe dlBcusslon
een ihe- pari ni the members of the
council was somewhat limited, there
was one im. rested speaker on the outside who took exception to the amendment, particularly so in the matter ot
Inspection of all work done by city
electrical   Runs,  for   which  a   foe     is
charged. The speaker In question was
Alex. Slice-!;, who In registering llis
kick took occasion to make some ser
ions charges against City Electrician
Bowler, whom he accused of un,di I
bidding bim on private work, after be
had learned the amounl of his,
(Speck's) tender, He also charged lhal
Howler had Inspected a certain establishment in ihe city In a private capacity, bul declined io mention any
names, when pressed by bis worship
to do sii.
Mr.  Bowler  Denies Charge.
As  a  resull   Mr.   Howler  was called
io the council room, and ihe charge's
as made   by  Mr. Speck  wero repeated
to  him.   He  denied  the charges, and
stated   thai   he  had   inspected   B   can
nery outside of the city limits as   a |*
practical   workman,   aside   from     his
capacity as a city official. The man-i
agi-r eif the cannery  happened  to be
at the meeting and verified tne stale
nients of Mr.  Howler as to Iho    remarks  made  concerning their  establishment. When challenged as to Lhe
other case Mr. Speck at   first hedged,;
and then mentioned the place In question without giving lhe name of .he.'
phoid, from lasi  month
:.. total,  18, died  l.
mainlng 8; varicella
Footballers  Banquet.
The members of the shamrock Football club held a banquet al the Secord
hotel, Vancouver, last night, al which
lime' a very enjoyable evening was
New    Recreation   Grounds.
for an appropriation of $m for repairs
io  ii   portion   of   lhe   fence  al   Moody
Park, Granted,
v deputation from  Burnaby asked
the council to increase llieir appropriation for the construction of the
Tenth avenue road to Burnaby, from
$7."i to $12."i, the presenl appropriation
being found Inadequate. Granted.
Scow  Must  Move.
Alderman Jardine mentioned thai a
stone scow ami derrick had been
moored at the fool of Eighth Btreet, ll is understood In Vancouver spoil-
for several days, Interfering with the ing circles thai a company composed
entrance  of  fishing  finals,  and   moved   Of   fifteen   prominent    business     men
that  notice be served requesting Lhe  has in view the prospective building
removal of the scow at once. of a  park and recreation grounds on
On motion council then adjourned. , Mount Pleasant. As yet, nothing defl-
niti' is known concerning the project,
although it is expected thai an announcement wlll be made within a
few days, ll is said that the grounds
will bi' tor Ihe UBS of lhe new Mount
Pleasant aggregation, and for exhibition  and  league matches
Hlial llir Blind Se*.
"I can always tell when people aro
looking at me," said a blind man. "Indeed, nearly nil blind persons can tell
when people are hoiking nt them. I
have always about me a soft golden
glow of light. When people whom I
like come Into my presence this glow
becomes paler, lovelier. When those I
dislike are nlniut the glow Is dnrkened
and besmirclie-d. I can tell what kind
of characters people have by the tourti
of their hands. There Is Individuality
ln tlio touch. A man's touch shows me
whether be ls alert or sluggish, cold
or pnsslonate, kind or cruel."
Stone  Id  Iter  llenrt.
A   Greek   woman   employed   in   the
American hospital in Caesarea, Turkey,
was stirred hy a revival, She' straightway asked leave to visit a woman
whom she bad Injured and to whom she
had not spoken for ten years. When
���be trudged through the snow three' 'ir
four miles to ask her "enemy's" f u'
giveness her relatives were sure she
nml gone daft, but tbe next day, when
she enine buck to the hospital, she said,
"We made pence, and the stone ln my
beart Is gone." ���
Fire Brigade Resigns.
Edmonton, April 2.���At noon on
Saturday the lire brigade resigned in
a body, and Ihe ciiy is without a fire-
fighting force, except lor lhe chief
and engineer, and ihe iwo drivers, who
are paid members of the force. .The
commissioners   have   wired   for   a   flre
chief? H.  Greig  Davidson,    of Sher-
new cases, brooke, Que. This serious condition of
recovered   9,  re-  affairs is lhe resull of differences aris-
from last month ing with the commissioners.
Swimming   and   Polo.
The annual general  meeting  of the
English Baj Swimming and Polo club
will  be held  on  Thursdaj
enlng iim g���t home.
Great Wallpaper Sale I
I Having made arrangements to enter another line of business we have
decided to close out our immense stock of
Wallpaper, Burlaps, Room Mouldings,
Varnise Stains, etc*
j At Cost for Cash!
I j '      ~~~[   A visit to our store will convince everybody that we I
^" \< Aim    ia/-i<i+-     \~.i.    4-y-.    ^7    1     Ort     lw.,-1 w/-*,-.i-_-i    wn v-\^\v��c-       +/\\��   >*r\ll       A s~ X-. .-. . . -.    4-1-.*-.    1 4     nl-rvcil.'    s* +        \X/ n 11 \\r\ Y\, \\+       l m        D *M 4" 11* Vl        I     rv_
Very neat 5c to 7 l-2c bedroom papers for roll 4c
i) in. borders to match, per yd - - 1 l-2c
Many very handsome stripes and floral designs in
all colors, regular prices 7 l-2c, 10c, 12 l-2c, 15c
Sale prices, per roll - 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c
Nine-inch Border to match for   -   -   -   2c a yard
Embossed Gilts
Regular prices
Sale prices
18-in. Freizes to match, per yd
Sale prices, per yard
25c to 40c
12 l-2c to 20c
12 1-2 to 20c
6c and 10c
Pressed  Goods
A  beautiful   line  of  American   pressed  goods;
regular$1.50 a roll: Sale price      -     75c a roll
18-in.   Frieze to match;    regular 35c per yard
For - - - 20c a yard
have the largest stock of Wallpaper in British Columbia and it has all got to go and go quickly. We
have just opened a fine line of German goods which
v ill be sold at cost.   Our
Varnished Goods for
Kitchen and Bath        ;
40c a role everywhere, while they last 30c and so on.
Remember this is a genuine sale, no removal
sale or side show of any kind, but a real, genuine
get-out-of-the-wallpaper-business-quick sale. We
have a good staff of paperhangers and will hang all
paper we can for those who want work done, but of
course we will not be able to hang it all.
First Come, First Served.
Samples Sent to Out of Town Customers.
808 Pender St., Vancouver
Opp. People's Theatre. Same Prices Apply to Mail
6. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy_Glass.
\ot   Mo  Re.onrreful  nn   Mont   l.lrU.
Nell���Some  of  our proverbs  nre so
ridiculous.    For Instance, "where Ig
norance is bliss" He-lb' Whin's lbe
mutter now'.' Nell Why, you know,
Charlie gave me my engagement ring
last week, and 1 simply can't find out
bow much it eeist bim.���-Philadelphia
Sot  Altogether tfiirneee-af-t.
Bobby���Went   fisliiiiK   yesterday   Instead  of Rolntr to school.    Tommy���
Catch   anything?    Bobby-Not   until  I
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
 ,     *���
rwPMI     ^%2   ^f e
9                 -ti       -��i'     ** . w-   l-'l
Do you need a Set
�� HT      11 ,0 We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
Orders ft
A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.
Bridge Work is 22k.   Guaranteed for 10 years.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.   Remember the Place
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
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It is a Clean, Bright and Newsy Sheet, Free From All
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Contains all the News of the World,
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The Daily News
v. j
Bank of
""When,,,,,    by   Mt   Qt   par|Mumenl
���    'Ai- (All paid uiD...si4,<wet;,ooo
hSKrcVl': FUND ��1U,<HW.,000
\Hoil Lord Btrathcona and Mount
Htm Bhr^Q-c'M.a,...Hon President
iE. s   oi Ih'iimniond, freside-i
go, :;'s';;"' Vi,'e PN-a��t ���*
^"-"tra.,, Manager.
aei,i,|   '     winking   business   trans-
lirai](.|,(,    .
In Cano i     i :'!; ""' PMncipal cities
York  ('I,',     "   London,  Knt'.,   New
'""I (;(irres,"K"; :'n" st- J"nne tyri'i-
*0rl^rre8pondents In all parts ol the
S*w "SS Bank DcP1'
G. D. b,
Royal Bank   B. C. Monumental Works Dress in Reason
of Canada
: Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total Assets ��Jti,a/3,sct).
Bramc.hes   and    correspondents    In
all the principal cities ot tne world.
General  banking business transacted.
U opens an account.   Interest added
talf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
;  )pen   Saturday   nights   trom B to 9
F. B. Lyle,  Manager.
JAMES WcKAY, Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write tor prices.
New Westminster, B. C.
Th* latest Mitchell s tasluon unites
have arrived.
So have our spring stork or bigh-
class suit ings.
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fs&ey trouserings.
In fact we can supply all yonr sartorial watts.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia btreet.
Belyea & Co. iron works
3pymer,  Manager.
Teacher of the German ,
Germ ''""euage  and   Piano.
ll?. ,o��n*ervatory Method.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling our specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone lbU.
W. CURRIE, Manager.
Carriage Repairing, Shoeing
and General Blacksmllblng.
Logging Cemp and Structwa! Jron
Work Specialty.
Begbie Street.
Ltaurda ii..-.-.- Times <li��- llss Of (ha
l.nru.-H( l.l.-|ilinn i and ii 1'urlla
Who.e (hall Looked Llks ������ lint.
The  ltriiiiirLuhle   l-l���l.-.l   l.laard.
The belief In a race of giants wm
once- almosl universal. Even tenia;
large' skeletons when found are some
times reported ns lee'ing those of giaUl
Unman beings. This was especially
true of the period abut the tenth and
eleventh centuries, and In the latter n
most amazing discovery was reported
Wblch (blew Ibe si'ii'iilltle world of tlu
time into great excitement   It was said
thai  the body of Pallas,  tbe son ol
Hvonder, bad I ti discovered beneatt
Ibe tiiiuii of the Emperor Henry III.
Tbe bones were cueirineitis and proved
to have' belonged to 0 huge fossil elephant. As late as the fifteenth eeuturj
a war of words was wage-el over u Und
of large beiues, one party claiming thai
they belonged to tbe giant Teutobochns
III      1MT.7     ll     glllllt     WHH     lllhi'livereil      In
Switzerland.    The  council   of   I.ui'ernt
requested o learned sclentlflc mun, Pro
feasor Felix Plater eef Basel, to reporl
upon It, and he not only announced tbe
hemes rh part of n human giant, bul
made a complete restoration, showlnj
the man twenty feet high, which tbf
proud   city  adopted  as  an  ancestor  In
tin- nrms of the commonwealth, Unfon
tiinafely fnr the theory and much to the
discomfiture of  the people  who bad
raised to a  high pinnacle this  mighty
ancestor,  It  was   found  to  be the remains of an elephant.
Nearly all  the  mastodon  finds  were
attributed to giants, but there is no evidence thai a human giant ever existed
over eight feet In height, and it Is extremely doubtful If this height was
ever attained,
Giants othe'r than human are very
common In all branches of the animal
kingdom���giants In every sense when
compared to their pygmy representatives of today, Some years ago some
laborers In tin Senallk bills of India
were engaged upon a governmenl
work when they came upon tb1' remains of n turtle- that proved beyond
question that these animals bad their
giants In the days of old. The shell
which the men exposed might have
been used as a shelter for several uien,
and nt first, before Its bony nature
was observed, It was thought by the
natives to be a hut of some kind. Fortunately the bones were uninjured, and
they were taken out and removed to
the British museum, where a complete
restoration of the animal may be seen.
The length of the turtle was ten feet,
Its horizontal circumference twenty-
five feet and Its girth fifteen feet, but
it was estimated by scientists that
this was not an adult and that when
fully grown this huge creature would
display a dome-like back eight or nine
feet high, giving a total length of
twenty feet.
Oue of the common animals lu equatorial South America and In Central
America Is tbe lizard iguana, which
attains a length of four or live feet
and Is considered rather large, but
lt was a pygmy when compared to an
ancestor that once wandered over England and various portions of tlie world.
A number of years ago some working-
men were excavating and blasting in
a quarry near Maidstone, England, wbeu
some bones were uncovered that caused profound astonishment on the part
of the finders. The skeleton was perfect, aud as it was lifted out, bone by
bone, their amazement increased, and
the news was spread all over the country, attracting large numbers of people. When the bones were placed ln
their proper position they were found
to be the skeleton of a gigantic lizard
Unit when alive must have been three
times as bulky as tbe largest living elephant and stood upon its hind legs like
a kangaroo, tearing dowu brunches
from the highest trees. Such an animal was a slow mover and sluggish
aud must have fallen an easy prey to
the human hunters. If they existed.
The marine giants were eveu more
bizarre and remarkable than the land
forms. If we can Imagine the little
Iguana lengthened out to thirty feet, its
back spines changed to broad linlike
objects, we form some idea of the up-
pearnnce of one of the small dinosaurs,
Stegosaurus ungiilatus, oue of the most
uncanny and remarkable creatures ever
found, lt Is called tbe plated lizard,
and the best skeleton was found on the
eastern flank of the Hoeky mountains.
Some of the plates with which this armored lizard were protected were two
or three feet In diameter nnd the spines
over two feet In length. From the fact
that the bind limbs were the largest It
is evident that this strange- creature
could lift Itself up nnd sit like u kangaroo, resting upou Its powerful tail.
which, with Its enormous spines, must
have beeu a terrible weapon.
A gluut from America bad a skull
that measured eight feet In length. Almost over the eyes were two large
horns, a third placed over the nose. The
great length of the skull wns given by
fi huge crest that was protected by a
ridge of long plates. The moutli of the
trlcaratops was protected by a horny
beak. In llfe lt must have presented a
formidable appearance, w'lth a body
clumsy and low like thnt of a hippopotamus, a long tall like nn alligator's,
Its head calling to mind the rhinoceros.
This monster was twenty-five feet ln
length nnd must hnve been one of the
strangest animals of Its time.���London
Hnrely   (llmii'il,
"I  came near getting that appointment I wns after."
"Iiow near?"
"I got a disappointment."���Exehang*
The     ll,.In     Thr-     Wrought     w.ll.
e*w artlng  I'nder   I rill. Um.
By   no  meuns  unusual  wus  the destruction of the Ilorgluiu nngels ln tin
Cathedral of St. John the Divine by the
KUlptor himself while smarting undei
the criticism that there were no male
angels shown.
Gerome, tlie famous French sculptor,
hail liis'ii working feir weeks qn the clay
uiiiilel nf a group representing Spring.
It inui almost reached completion when
tbe artist became convinced that the
treatment was wrong, and In ii inlnuti
be hud beaten the eutlre group Into a
shapeless mass of damp clay.
Hogarth destroyed a picture which
bad been somewhat Severely criticised
by one of bis friends, but the most spectacular destmctlon Is rclateel eif ('bar
trim, who for a time had a studio ln
New York. He was visited by the bus
build of nn American woman WbOM
portrait he was pulntlng, tfe"5,(KKl being
tlie ngreed price. Tba husband, whlll
admitting lt to be a splendid work ol
nrt, dee'laml that be could see absolutely no likeness tu his wife In the pie
tured face. CJiartraii lubl down bll I
brush und, taking out his penknife, silt
the canvas Into rlblions, after which h<
bowed his critic out. It iifterward de
veloped that tlie man was disparaging
tlie portrait merely tn the hope of Ob
tattling a reduction In the price.
Common    Alin.r   uf   thc   \ f-rln,   tu   Get,
tu   I .Ik y    nnd   lo   I.l.-.
Tlie verb to get Is one eif our tnui'b
misused words, it means to acquire,
wlu, obtain, and primarily It Signifies
the putting forth of effort to attain
something.   Consequently it ls nol only
superfluous, but Incori t, to speak of
a iiian as "getting drowned" or "getting sb'k." and you may unfortunately
"have n com," but it is Impossible thai
you "have got a cold." Al Ibis in"
nii'iii no exceptions occur to the writer
to   the   rule   thai   got  shoulil   never  be
used in connection with have', wblch
alone sufficiently expresses possession,
Sny "I have the picture," not "I have
gol   iln-   picture. Che dog has  i,
broken leg," not "The dog has got a
broken leg."
The Irregular verbs lay and lie are
frequently confounded. Lay ls nu active or transitive verb, and lie Is passive or intransitive. We lay things
down or have laid them down, but we
aud things lie ut rest. You lie down,
have lulu down, will lie down or ure
lying down; she lay down yesterday
ami Is going to lie down this afternoon.
A frequent error Is to confound the
past tenses of these verbs. One should
sny, "Mary laid the book on tbe table
and lay down herself," but the book
lies on the table.
Icksnnoa  Pljp  Halcea  ii��  \_t-
ural Km ni, s,rlt. |,��� i.,,,.,,,,,,,.
The Ichneumon fly e,r Ceylon is tbe
natural enemj of the spider. This Insect is green ,��� ,���i,���- ana- |��� ,-,���.,��� re.
soinbics a wasp with a marvelously
thin waist, it makes ns uesl of well
worked clay and then goes on a bunting expedition. Its victims are invariably spiders of various kinds, but
ail an- subject to the same mode of
treatment A iclenrjflo sting injects
some poison which effectually paralyzes
the luckless spider, which is then carried
oft tn the nesi and there fastened with
a ilni. Of moist clay. Another uml another victim is brought to this chamber
of homers. Then the prescient mother
ichneumon lly proceeds tO deposit her
eggs, one In tbe body .if each spider,
which can Just move Its legs in a vague,
Ullnb'ss   ii it-r.  I,in   Ptt_   ���(T,.|-   ������  ,.c.
This done the fly returns to ber wort
as a mason sin- prepares more ��� -lay
end builds up iiu- entrance to this
ghastly cell. Then she commences a
new cell, which she furnishes Iii like
manner and then closes; then she adds
yet another coll and su proceeds until
her store of eggs lire nil provided for,
and, tier tusk In uf- being accomplished,
she dies, leaving ber evil brood te, batch
ut leisure. In due time tiicsc horrid little maggots come to life und And themselves cradled in a larder of fresh meat.
Each poor spider Is still alive, nnd tils
juices afford nutriment for the Ichneumon grub till it is ready to puss in the
chrysalis stage, thence to emerge as a
winged fly fully prepared to curry out
the traditions of Its ancestors with regard to spiders.
t ���
Hon II Is ASTeeled !���>��� the
Mind lino Fnoda.
The Stomach never has the least power of digesting true fat. This Is disposed of In the Intestines. When eaten In tlie ordinary forms, ns fat meat,
butter, etc., tlie fat separates out lu
the stomae'h and does not In the least
Interfere witli the work of the gastric
Juice on the other food, but when &
nonfatty food has been Intimately mixed with/grease the latter prevents the
gastric Juice getting at the food lt
could digest. Fish fried ln oil or butter Is by no means the most marked
example, as the fat does not penetrate
very   deeply.     Potatoes   mashed   with
The  AM   of   liiKllnif I-. ii*  Old  na the
Minium   Ilnoi*.
Tbe nrl of angling no doubl bad its
origin in man's necessities, "'be earliest, record of mankind makes reference
to ihe tnklng of ii ih for food, There
nre frequent allusions lo ii in thc Bible.
Job. in the oldest book of all, says:
"Canal thou draw out a levlntban with
a book or bis tongutj with n cord which
thou lit tot down? Canst thon put a
hook lu bis nose?" Homer, In the
"Iliad," speaks of Ashing in these lines:
As bearing ile-ntli fn the fallacious bait,
From   iln-   bent   angle  Rtnks  the   it-mien
And it Is recorded lu the "Odyssey."
A* when tho nngtor, fits long roil In hand,
On a projecting ruck assumes his .stand,
Casts to tlie' firry fry the luiitoil snare,
Thon llfngs the wrie;i.'lliiK captives tn the
The Romans, Greeks and other races
of early days around the Mediterranean
practiced the art of angling.   Plutarch
tells of a prank played by the fair
Egyptian. Cleopatra, while ui't llshlng
with Antony, "They wagered on their
angling, and her divers did hang a
salt flsh on his hook, which lie with
fervor drew up."
The ruined walls of Ilenulaueuin
and Pompeii abound In frescoes of
fishermen. All along the track of history are found traces of this gentle
recreation, showing the gradual Improvement from the hook of hone and
rude equipment of tlie cave iniiu to the
elegant accessories and belongings of
the modern angler.
Apple 1 ure  For  Drnnknrda.
"For ten years," said a physician, "I
hnve advocated apples ns a cure for
drunkenness. In that time I have tried
the apple cure on some forty or fifty
butter are rather worse, and minced J druukur(is, UIKi luy success bus been
vegetables  fried  with  butter  ure bad
Offenders,     The  reason   advanced   ex
plains  why  pork Is difficult  of diges-
tlon.    The  musculur libers are mixed
up with fat cells, and by the liberation
of the oil In each tiny cell tlie eaten
pork is made Into au oily  paste.    A i
very strong stomach will (Id the work :
required, but it is not a fair task to
impose frequently, and a weak stomach will refuse to do anything beyond:
reminding its owner by n few stabs;
that it will not stand such treatment.
Webater'a   Portrait.
Daniel Webster once sat for his por-
rtait to G. F. Ilealy, and the senator"-
remark when be surveyed the completed picture became one of tlie artist's
favorite anecdotes in after years. "I��
think," said Webster as he looked at his
counterfeit presentment, "Unit is a face
I have often shaved." llenly found
Andrew Jackson a disagreeable and
unwilling "subject," and he compensated himself by painting Old Hickory
with absolute fidelity to nature, not j
glossing a single defect. The portrait
gives Jackson an ugly, savage and pallid face.
XapnlroQ'i I'olaon.
A curious detail of Napoleon Bonaparte's costume was the religious care
with which be kept hung around his
neck the little leather envelope, shaped
like a heart, which contained poison
thnt was fo liberate blui In case of lr
retrievable  reverses of  fortune
most gratifying.
"Let nny man afflicted with the love
of drink eat three or more apples dally,
and the horrible craving will gradually
leave him. The cure will be greatly
helped along if he also smokes as little
us possible.
"I know a woman who cured a drunken husband without his knowledge by
keeping always a plentiful supply of
good apples on tbe dining t^ble. Ther
mau ate these apples and filially stopped ilrliiklup iiltogetlier."-l'hihidelpbia
Bulletin. _____
Praetinal Bj-e WiiaU.
A little suit and water used us an eye
wash will cleanse and strengthen Inflamed lashes and rest tired eyes. It is
safe to use lt nt any time that Irritation ls felt. A New York surgeon pre-
scribes the ocean for bad eyes, particularly young eyes. "Get off," he saysh
"whenever you can aud let the salt
and the sen breeze wash and blow
around your eyes. It will do them
good. It will dislodge the germs ot
disease, for tiie air breathed by half
the world Is germ laden, and sore eyes
are more quickly caught than smallpox aud mure fatal. It will brighten
and strengthen them and prolong their
beauty aud usefulness."
poison was prepared after a recipe that
Cabanala bad given to Corvisart, nnd;
The  JmiKhliiit Owl.
One of the most fantastic of birds Is
the laughing owl of Florida and some
other southern parts,   lie sits well up
Thls! ta a tree at night and emits 0 series of
loud, strange ha-ha's that  sound  like
half human laughter.    The sound  Is
sufficiently   terrifying   to   a   nervous
undertook a campaign without having \ ^mppr  unacquainted   with the habit
after the year 1808 thc emperor never i
his little packet of poison.
Re Waa Tender.
"Young Mr. Softy paralyzed Dr. 81m-
ton wbeu he went to be vaccinated,"
observed Gaswell to Dukaue.
"Iiow was that?"
"He asked tbe doctor to put bim under the Influence of anaesthetics."
A  Faralarhted   tilrl.
"I wlll work night and day to make
you happy." he snld.
"No," she answered thoughtfully,
"don't do that. Just work during the
day and stay at home at night."
of the bird, though less grewsome than
the unearthly call of tho Chesapeake
loon heard at all hours of the night
along the shores of thut bay.���New
York Telegram.
Fairy  Storlea.
Mr. Bacon���When a woman tells a
fairy story she always begins like this:
"Once upon a time" Mrs. Bacon���Yes,
and when a man tells a fairy story he
always begins like this: "There uow,
dear, don't be angry with me; you see,
It was like this."���Youkers Statesman,
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITHING. bkiuuk and
Ornamental   Iron   Work,   including
Feuces, Gates, Flre Kscapes, etc.
Mull orders aud correspondence invited.
BE'JBIK Bi'ttWlt;l.
New Westminster,   i V. v. 474.
It Is a miserable thing to live In suspense.  It Is tbe life of n spider���Swift
Cowa In Spring.
In the spring there Is almost always
more or less trouble with the udders
of eows. The best way to uvold this ls
to feed no heavy rations for a few
weeks before they begin to give milk.
Then wheat bran should be about the
only grain ration. If the bag becomes
caked, rub It often with quite wunn
water. If very bad, drop a little cam- J
phor Into the water. Vaseline ls also |
very good. But keep the rubbing up
till all the bunches nre gone.���Dr. Mlch-
ener In Farm Journnl
Patting yourself ou the back Is a difficult task���seldom done gracefully.
A man fifty years of age has in ordinary eases undressed himself 18,_6_
times and of course dressed himself
Just as many.
"Carol" aa Applied to Olamonda.
Although the term "carat" ls applied
to diamonds as well as to gold, it does
not mean the same thing. Used with
regard to the metal it expresses quality
or fineness, 24 carat being pure gold
and ��2 carat equal to coined gold.   But
1 applied to the diamond carat means actual weight, and by this measure 115^
j carats nre equal to on ounce troy. The
value of a diamond ls not merely so
much  per carat, Irrespective of sbse,
but  Increases  In  an  increasing ratio
with the weight of the stone.
Fool In It A����l".
Mr. Brakes���Who ls that sour looking
dame over there? Mr. Grubblns-Slr,
she has the misfortune to be niy wife.
Mr. Brakes - Oh���ah-er���indeed, sir,
the misfortune is���er���all yours, I'm
sure!���Cleveland Leader.
Poaalble to AU.
Bhe (philosophically)-Do you ��_lnk it
is easy to die? He (commonplace)���
Well, a lot of very stupid people have
managed to do lt.
: TKij
h ������     i
k .-'viV
13 me-.
Pahilshed In Vhe- llsilv New* Fub-
Uahlnj Conapai r, Limited, at their
offices coiner if Sixth and Front
Bl I SOI S.   New   V. -stminstor,   B.  0.
Editcr   _nd   Mgi     Edward   D.   Sawyer
Advert -ing Kites.
Transient di>
cents t'ci" line it
tho tact K'.m
subsequent inset
Reading notice
a>    advertising.   10
M-paital)  U lines tt
couts   per   line   (e>r
bold  tfeM tvp*- ;0
Land   Owner   Places   Beauties  of  City
and District  Before Conven
tion  Delegates
Vhe grand conveention ol Uw  Mystic
Shrinera to be h<'.1  la !..'>  Angela*
W. R. Gilley.   fnone i-_-_.
J.  R. Gntey.   fsone 1-4-1
Gilley Bros.
been invited a* the gueets of
roots per line, brcvitr oc -OBpartei, 10 nei   M.;e will '.<  the n ���'���us
"v:;1';;,,;;^^, ����__ -* �������� ****- ��*�� ����* ., uu.
t . -,*. sppl; to advertising manafir, dtj    s  large number oi whom have
V    ,vs    ef    births,    marriages    nt
deaths, Me    Waata, feir sales. ie*-t or
f-i-.-.v.,-. rooms to lot. etc . one cent pet B id    tf ."���    ol   Bebj
Vord        No  .iiUortisomont  t-Wou   _\       _     nucha cut Is S Shrlnor hlnu
l��r.JcnT or ^rfetarv  medicine a* -^   ���  ' - ���"���h"
mttwimrsits ro sorted  at  iota ol M s - -   - \_ in, east, principally   la
coata par loch par iaeoe (dMplay, or H Detroit,    Mtoh     sad    London    Oat
rea-gag aottoae, M owla pat Mm per wl>i,m hl. h.,s ...
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
A'.so ftxeata H. (.'. fottery Co, sewer pipe. etc.
Looal -teats Vancouver Portland Oemeut Co
Office. Front Street, New We��tmin*ter, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone 1-6
lam     No d.'M.iHein from this rat
Mi ��� uuoliaets
Boatnsra oMot    "
vt.i"ages ��� raaUoooo       Bl
Sea Was     aa Vhe .-.-.-
tvivr, a.-vopteM. tl -"��� ���a nutf
r-e-r   ol   rMton   Is   not   >o:   kaosrt,
Ifti    Bttcfcaaaa  -     �� tha        *
HU\t i
1 .--    \   ..      ���    ���
i ,-
\i��   \\   - ���   as       ��
��    >'..l> s   A>
the C
P    .    \-,.i the K.v-i'-.-,.ii. i - -
v s
. srttl
I It U   ���
:��� ,'-.- sown a    E
aa*) to sho* aa II   dUtal   tike
OS     -t    be     -    DO   Honda]   I
- i ,---, [tae-tce out
,. ���-. avo-b-gs    We as
Apples, Pears,  Cherries, Plums,  Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs,  Small Fruits of all kinds
'  -   - ss I dual i .-������ - trd geold-
fti !:        . feet    Roaaa ,-    rhododead   IBS ' e-"
. rod I - Catalogues -toa
D. M. Robertson & Sons
r -rl v, aa earl . .
t      then have   aa
,. ,         .....   .
...     aa i    ai      - ���
v .    . ��� elas -     . .  ������ t.e-
-  '������   . ...
���  ���
at  ��.".
- v     villi
V   Ti-e-eaa Nssrast es new   westmins'ES.   B. C  fi
a -*'
61SD .0. -:S_> ?
Cram. SL Wmi IM **. fcte.
t> r��rt.
L t-
-     ���
..      .
N. -
���  - - ���
N-    ��� '.
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i   '     -   -
.   s   ���
:.'.. t - .
-   -
��. ���             ...
���   ..- '
-    [
- -
Mrwcxlr*   and   He'rr��ea   la
Thi*   i,-i����ir>.
"."   ���   ; - - - '-     -
~r    -.- t -rr ������.-. its ... I ha I  ts Brss
t tn
fttest I
���Is  i ������::..'     - >-'"--
sea Ft Losoni hy I
- - .    ���  ���  - - -   ���.
���. >   -      - r-gt    Itttsoark
..-            - -
S ������   .' - - - ���;
��� -    -  -
-    '
n i - ���    ���
-  -
Sew Tort
- -       -   -   .-
. ^ ...
----- '    :
l   -      ��� --���'    c -
- - ���' f 1 Cflwc
-   -���                               - -   . -  -
- ���        ���      c
rati 1
- "   -     ��� .- -     -        -   - .- .
- .
- -
\  - - . .
- - ;.->.t. v.*.i-      N -.
. - -
- - -          :
'. -   .         ry, RN     I -    -
-       ;       - -    z     - ���   ��� ���
-fees     - i I    -  -������
. - -       -        c*. -.-
...      , - -.   .. R    _.
la * ���!���-<-��� tr ���
-: ---r-  E   -
. J -       ' T
-   -r ���'. -��� I - 9    a  ���-"
T���-��� <::������������      s -pan   ss   ���
rf-rr. ..?.'-'----���
"       - -     -    ���-     es   ��  -
.   . -    . a
��� .  ���    '- E
- - ���
... .
.... .   -        -, ,
i -
From 1 5c. up.
��� I      5 A TR].'.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan.
-ess it :���! v : ;:;-;
iKvial*   Oflrn    Tra-erl   en    the
Ha.-V.   *t  Ijirir   elin.
tl has   '.������ ������              ���                           	
i~r  -tctk  I  -.- .      ���-- '           sax*         firs*. Class Meals
-'���--. -                    -         -    -    5   -      '-.-���. -    ;.-     "     -:--    Sr
A* i - r. szoi          -
H    ���
'    -
>r during -
-   - -
.    _ -   -       --
- - .   ���    .       ?
.  -    .     :   -
-. -----    -
'  ���
-    - ��� . - C a  c
SJi-r   : - -   -       -
���    - ���; "
���   -     - -      .
���    - ���
- -
- -
.      -
- -    - -
................     ,..���������������a
I Merchant Tailor '���
C: .-: i  S--^st
-    -   .
Business Institute
A   Beihlrhrni  lilmri  \����irh   l��  I .-��
; >    . liX-^f-:-:. p
i  ttaen
Tt   -.---���
.     -     -      I ���     -       -
, - ��� " T
-    -      -
���    -     -      -        . -      ,.      .
���oix._��.T ;r
:   -��� ���   :.
Bat tike wa     -    "    - - ��� r   r
'.:.-;--:        a -:���  ��.v  vi-
--.:-���      -     ���   :i   ::-   : -":      '
- f (   -   ��� I    LIT
.-; .ri..::. i:-i i,* :. ������? c---.--i.. -:
1  ;.:��� ...-ir-   '.���-���i~:~r ������.
rrj.r:..T .r.c c.i.5> lisaj  :. "      ssas
-     -:':��� -    :.       ���'.:-������ :   - -  - -
tt sraa 110 ail'l h sralei f or t -n
- ss B;'
_ ���      '. :��� -
.   -    .���,���       -'
,-    .;..   t_H - ��� -   '       -��� ��� '    ���
--  .  - -     ��M_MH     '    :'- ��� ���
-    .  -
- .
.\j�� H_5'^-r.' Street ^.. Va_Kaarei
��� c
mt   : r - -     - I I -1 :'
* : : - . :
5PEOTT. BLA    .
HA--.-        =..A ."���   tt " '    .���:���..
Practical Piano Tuner
Prices Moderate
= . - N . = ��
|      - ���  .      .    -       . .---;;
_.-.-.   w   ��� t ;    ��� ���'          r-   r -:.;.: c
s.::-;:   "���������:   ". -.   -         ��������� ���.
n__- .i    : r               St to ba>
:ic t r ��� '      : -      -             '
Sa -
A  O-iw-4  Irrtmt
..   - ���	
- -    : -     ��� 7      -:
���. ���     -
. -   . - - ~        ��� .,-
��� -    .     -      ��� .- - ' ���-."      ' -  '    a-*
.-.e.:-- ��� '   - r   Si     :        .      ��� :    -ri:'
-      .    .   " -   -
. - -
-    -
V a'fir  r.t  the   lifrfcr,   *����-n
.... .    -.
L    -    -
.     ���    . V
-    ���
��� ���    ���
���   -
-   .-
���       - .       .
- -
THE  CALM   BA.C   '���'-'<
tri* ,,,m ait  r*r^*tfc
-      -
-  ���      ���
-   .     . ...
��� r. -  : :    ���   '
- .-
c  - -        ���     ���
H,  ta ����rr IttKiM-i.,  Tha��  thr
Tlhr  ait.ter*..
**3 '
-- .    ���
. -       ���
.  . .  ,
-   rn 1
. T   -
,    -    -  ���  I ;���
. - ' ���    -
"       - - - T      - -----
'. : >  ' I
..i'      ��� r-        - ..-���-,
13*3���':-.----    . rx:
�� ��� -  ]    : -    '���-      Bt
. ���
. -      I Am <<:���    -
S  .     Z
���-rRr.>��>.it,C aVUM   tr r*a*   r-a��l "
" ' -    -        - - .
frttr   f*re   *Seik>r*_
-���-...-.,     ... -   - |   .. |
.---.-���.-     ; r   .
��� " ��� pqpaaBia-t s Wa   I
a asawai   -    ���       -
. . ���   ,.
- -
I . -    .  .      ......
��� ��� ��� .... -
"    -' .:.     ��� ���     . ���
&BB   n   ���
-.���.->:    aea*   mnfif   [Na    Si    I" '"" ���
pee '   sa  ���   :    :    i
I ���    v       :'!-..       ' :     v : ,
-bean ��� ���   ���
i   ptfaf-ST  .-err.---'    ��� TT}.7   lal
p��t T'i;. "    'nir aa] log ssaa n -  -.
-  - Ma Ms   SB
a >-.     a :-       .tie
I,-,*, s ':A -"��*<���- die.-.
���       . I    TTlt,-
��� ,>is   ��ho  hecatnc  ����� a jirct-nrti -. .:������   lasA Si ���*
-     ���-   :";   nar rrfCbailiam ti .""-
-    - . .if the �� alt-* 8 ���'���'���  '���������'���:'���   >-r^-   Wi
-  ,-.- WnTO **"''���*     :  '���-
.....     ,.  - , ,   St  Panf*   ��: ���<  parllMiMTr) he
;���:.( - -.-..'...-.�� :.: Mr p���."��.: s le-dm
:.  .   -'.. <m asi .-    ��� t .
tlmm   -acre-   nv.M   - ,���-..- par. hsaaa-ri
' ' -        - *nd '^,f''"  of PTasartasMr ��ras_
Mk| et refer tl P'-: I
- -    -.   -
.......     .     I . .       >
���:   I :���
:,. -.-  -
T*��   ��Tatnfcrtr
��� I -ll    aaar t lagaog ..n
:.: -     I   "���- . ".   i. -   - . i :De
���  ��� " : -
Li.iifJe. l:t i p 9 .r se ���
.... v     tat a ���;.   ���.'
~m wM "e.   it  a :-������-������  ��� s  t ' ''-:'
pm     1 nnpi��>��f 1 seal  s
.. ��� sr Lh-s P as tnpn - b
saU Um
���Sfe tmfl  ts���mt  nuiat   -nr  nu:
.... ..,. |.,
nr.i-1   v :,    ��-n., . einre -irlti, mr '
Bau.1 ru>r> ��.t Baral Mk
Rmin  aw     'C-   t   v!"  T. e-i.   :'���
- se: Reel /n  :m  -  " ��� '     ~"';'   '"���
- ng -     ���       ���    ta ta ���
li y��7irr.j,ri��-|r
:.i -"- ��� ��� e-���  -no Bn !,t  a '.
_o_r   M|    :.     - - ''   'M -      Ti.
-.-.r.lar   rnut_-BH   u"   1 ik     gb f   i
feM_a   uf   1 '.t. Bll   l'
:.-                he:-   -rn - i ���������    wws;'-   .:;. ,L r.r rle   v-r  ��� c -��� ''-   ������'.'.    T-ft
Ungt   It. ���roi-l         i>      :.:-. ��� .   mtsmm I                     :
anen                ���          - t ���   ���   ChaAs   ". t a MM   IlM MI  pumnj;
:���:-'���- I     .~
5#e^"aan   SS   sett
,   Hi.   MfaflHl   Kins  EJuird   VII
barristers, solicitors, etc.       of-
ficeai-   New W-Btminater, Trapp Blk
corner  Clarkoon  and   Lotrne  -���
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 41 r,
ville street.    Joseph Martin, K
W.  Weatt. \V.  t;.  KoQuarrie, H    \
Bourne.    Mr.  Martin  wiH   be in tha
w.-rminster offices every rMdaj    ���.
Sutton's Seeds
Readv for Your Selection :
^ .    a's -Samoa)  _tarro-r.
<      ���.-. s HoaauraL
r;      b's Improtrad    runcie.ider.
g -   Setacted      ajnerteaa
\\ na
S iv.'. * t-_ir.iest tTue.
g        - Meiboorae ra-onta,
- traart M.irro*.
3 -    :'
.. - _n ������.' or anarxana.
So     - - Pi if'.'-c M.irr-osr.
. -   A'e-.i--..'..i.r.oe.
S        i's I reo ��rr.e:- a
Sottoo'i '--     tsor.
S.-.'���".-. >  I'r   DIM   Ia-icc-.hm
s - BcarMt
g        ? iv..-.- m
g _ -���-.       ( i?.a(li.in
tsut    b's n  ^
g . -   :
GARDtN    bttl
- -   ' .     - -   -.:;
5 -   r- -    -j^i   Kale.
g -  >    -     -   .-      --   !'ir-
g ���
S ���" =. t . -' _ ��      - ��� S    ��. A L t
r^ -   :"- CS ���-.   SCCS ���*
S .-   r.rr-
^ ���    -    I - - r   -.':   ?.
GARDtN   LAStSAljt.   .
Sa"   "-". -   r'.  -
r- -   .
- -
s      . -   . ��� -     -
CAPSfCU M   AMU   UM   -
J B   M
S -    . :
�� >   r-
- -
- - r-
�� -    r-
r- -    . 7.
:.:. uber
�� N :  . E
SC .r ;   ;-. =.v=��in
-   r-     - '
3-'.tc~i's 1 Muss
S - - ' '-   .  -
S        -.-:--��� . ' - - *
-   - -
Sai-aTT, S
;:s -=--.:e
Sen      - "
^        : ? Bath
:as=a_e _e itucc
S        : I  U
-   E
���   ��-.
r :  - -
. ��_��-(- = .��   MARROW.
- .     ���
M : N
-     -. '
���    !
- -: s-
���:  :   :. '      Stem       l_
��� ���    ���  . -
.. :   >
E        ,:,..--
.     :     i
SEA   Kt.E
sl r_��- r:: - n
���. -.
unn*  -
��� ���   -.
. ��� . g ..
��� ���
- ���  v sa
���:  :     ��� -   : . i
i  Swede,
A>--    Sutton's  Dwarf  Bedder.  Pure
U        S      --. -  Dwarf  Re>t,ier.  Scar
3atton*a D-rarl Redder
\- Suti n's Pw.erf is ��� I lor
\- g - - Da.irf Bedder
\.--r. Suttoa's Cornel   Mixed. '
A-   -   S -ton's tliant  French, Mixed.
Aster, S litem's T .
\       Hal ::.   Bn     ;. -  Single Rose.
itana, Suttoa's Dwarf. Blue.
T'emma C ironaria.  Sutton's  Se-
.^re.1. Mixe-1.
V  . - - - .<�����--    '.'���
Sutton's 1 Mixed.
Snttoo'a M-.xed.
S ."nt s  Dwarf.  Mixed.
'-...- -       ���d.
j. Sutton's White   Ki
S si     ���'���     Mr_i I
S -    -      le, Mixed.
s '���'. tiiatiire
Sutton's      TO mus rooted,
S s Large-Soa ered.'
Sutton's 1
neper. S
���* -w - inr.
Satton's - ��� i.
S " xed.
r-" -'.-.-
Sutton's Mrxed Per-
���  -
Sutl      s Mil
s -   M v ���'   CUmb-
.    gQn     .  Dwarf. M
....   - . -/>n.
- rarf. M trad.
' ved.
S       -  -   -    -
!l if .- -.
-    .
s Sin,
S       -  -     '. ��� -
r-     '   -   -   -1     -
- .
-   - -
- Satton's
S Ft*eat
I \ed.
r S
- ��� '
S 3
L     ing.  Sw       -   R
Sut    -. -     - - ''.
-     - "''.lied.
E ���   -   -
S ������ -
'-.  -'    '       -     -
-   T-   . i - - .
-     -        T
-       -
-      ~
.       - ...
-       -.       - .     T_
���     ���
'      ���
3        :-���''���
S        r - ���'   st
���      -
HOWAY,  REID  &   BOWES.  Barris-
ters,   solicitors,   etc..   4j   _     ..
street,   opposite   Court   House.
Westminster.   J. H. Bowes, p  ij  __
��� - -
ters and solicitors, Blacki-
rolt'.mhia   street,   New   WastmUi
W. J. Whiteside, H. L. Bdmoads.
tor of the supreme court. OfHe-s
Canadian   Bank   of   Cotnni-r- ���
ine, -Columbia  street, apposite
office,  New  Wesimiuster.    U
Solicitor, GuichnQ blot .
Ma and McKenzie Btreets, New
minster, B. C.
UNION LODGE. NO. 9. A. F. A A   m,
���The    rectiiar    ateaUna
is hi'. I on the V)--'  '���'���
each mon'h. al  ! o'clocl
the   Masonic   Tern- le      B
I rethren are cordis
tend      Dr. W. a. : - v.   I   -
F.  &  a.  Jt.���-Res
tions of this lodge ar- I
secon 1 T - -1 : -   ia each i
Masonic Temple, at ��
Ing brethroa   ire  ���   rd
D. W. GO
R.   R    K      I   I     : -  -
fourth F ' ���
- - ���   -
-.---'���     ....
P.:   I Bag
LOYAL   ORANGE   LODGE    NC    1150
Ml      -.-.-: :  ���'
rn.    '���
'-'    ���
W. m hrtos  ;: -   -
I, o. 0. F.��� AMITY  LODGE   Nr   27-
It   i "
N. G :   W
*. o. u. w ��� c = ase= ._ r :.i '���-. 3
-   -
Iii    SCN5   CF   ENGLAS?    B   S-
I      - -        I c I
-.   -. ���'      '
���   ��� .   -
V -
-.  -
.   -    -
��� s
3 -    -
------    - -
-   .    3
S .    .
3 -  : - -      m
V   v  ���
���    - ch
.- . - -
Plai        Rail
.  . -        -���   -    r   ���
S Sai sel
- -   r.inr,:    V, \-
S -   &*
3        ;. >    l-erpe-
- S
- ,  , ;   e   ���        .- - al   IVr-
- ��� Si
v ���      S     em's  ii-.iiT.t  Statrt
COURT 6RLNE"E   N:   AC?9. I OF.
���m    ���- -        k Fttda
. . '. Isltli j
.- R     ����� P-
M_.xt>     b a
A.   0.   F ���'
this Lode      s bi =      ,'
.    | -    s - -nntn
'      -    Hal1-
V -     . vrvs  are  eordlslJ in-
F. P. Mii��f-:i   Sat
PERANCE  :-- ���-
-    -    .        . :.        '
: .       -
��� -
Sw BrrsoB. S. I     ���'  McLI'
CAMP   '-' ���  ��� ''"���
K_ P.
.      -
"si v
-    ������
���0 i*
: ,   'vi-1
' ._
'.    :'   Whit
\\ve--   jaja  ����:.'.  ii
risk  N(  *
w Braokman-Ker Milling Co., \_\.
lood smote
An. d' va~wu* KOt'-afcncict
I     I     I   '
f'icca* cat rhif our ft* r^rVTv*--.*
.-tnCMttjarad >>   *���  B'    ' ���Br||.
.     *BO   I M    -������������''',   The
f����te��" ,-,r. thraa ittas I
The Paint
and the Label...
Local News Briefly Told
What's in a name? Bome people thing one Paint's as good
as another. You make u hig mistake there. A good Paint is
known by its label. Us the mark thai distinguishes a brand
from hosts of unreliable' I'uints. Its a visible guarantee of
Sherwin-Williams   Paint,  prepared, is known by ita label.
40 years of gooel paint-making have    made It a    sign    that
stands for Faint quality, satisfaction anil economy.
The letters 8. W. P,. Is your protection and mine.
ll we tell >'ou niore about it? if so, call at
j Typewriters...
Underwood���Visible ^rVriting
> Empire���Visible ^A'riting
���   Booksellers, Stationers, Etc. 235 Columbia Street.
Not on Top, But Still in the Ring. j
House Gleaning Time j
the-   greatest  range   of
give  you   better   satis-
Anel you may possibly need a carpet.    We have
ami ran guarantee fee save you money and .,
,.i than you can get in any other place.      For instance, a gimil body
els, paper for underneath, Bewed and laid f<>r one dollar a yard up.
Old carpets taken up, cleaned and relayed  for ten  cents a yard.    We
������ , the largest stock and the finest show rooms and the finest  prices.
Come and see us.    It will pay you to see our stock before  placing  your
order elsewhere.
716 and 718 Columbia St,    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   - B. C.
Repairing of altVdescriptions.
A. Holmes went to Port Hammond,
on iim Ramona this morning,
.1. it. Johnson of the international
cannery, was   a passenger   to Port,
Hammond this morning.
II. G. Currie  returned  lo his  home
nt Mount Lehman this morning onl
board the Ramona.
S. Malcoliiison, of the Schaake Machine company, returned yesterday
from a business trip lo Seattle.
A scow load of lumber was shipped today from the Royal City mills
to the government works at Langley.
W, .1. Mathers was a passenger to
Sandy Point, al which place he has a
ranch,  on  the   Ramona  this morning.
Mrs. T. 11. Pearson left for Agassiz
ibis morning, where she will visit
friends for a shun time.
A gang of men arc busy excavating
iimler Columbia street to lay a pipe
for draining the swamp when the
dredge starts pumping,
i The Butte came In ibis afternoon
lowing a schooner loaded wllh cement
tm Ollley Bros., from the cement
works at Todd Inlet.
Two hundred bales of hay were sent
in Mr. Simpson of Westminster Junction today by .lohn Oliver of the Bay-
Bide fiinii.  DelEL
Mr. and Mrs, Morrison of Bunbury
will remove shortly to Alberta where
Mr. Morrison intends to fake up
The freight ���!��� Lapwing Of Vancouver arrived this morning from Victoria, with u cargo of ��00 pounds of
lime tor Gilley V  ic
The board eif works crew i.s building a road to the Small and Ducklln
lumber mills. Thi.H .'.ill make traveling in a once diftlculi pi.it of town a
very ease- matte.".
P, Venables the agent for the Calgary Milling company received another car lii.nl of flour and wheat over
the ('. P. lt. today. He reports bus-
iiie-ss very brisK ah ng ihis line of
Harry Huir Is busily engaged ln
building himself a new house near
Ladner. A scow of lumber is being
prepared for him al the Royal City
Ruben Sangster, head miller of the
Brackman-Ker oatmeal mill, has resumed his duties after a severe attack
of la grippe which laid him up for
nearlj a week.
The Schaake Machine company will
Bend a gang of men tomorrow to make
a considerable addition to the> Hunting Lumber company's shingle mill at
A contract has been let by the ciiy
in William Pope for Improvements to
the value of $156 on the cottage of the
Park  Ranger at   Queen's  Park.  Work
White  Man  Fined for  Living  With  Indian  Woman Thinks  Magistrate
Was  Wrong.
John Robinson who was arrested
on March 26, and convicted on March
27, charged with haivo; hi;, an Indian
woman for immoral purposes has serv-
ed notice of appeal from the decision
of Magistrate Corbould, who imposed
a fine of $20 and costs.-Entry Of appeal has not yet been given, and un-
progressing favorably. The little fel-l >H It la, the date for the hearing can-
low is in a California!!    sanitarium not be set.
freight was placed on the upper deck,
and quite a lot had to be lefl behind.
The Selkirk came in today from
Vancouver and took on a load of
bricks and lime from Gilley Bros.'
wharf. The Selkirk is now on her way
to Rivers Inlet and will discharge her
cargo at Duitimer & Dawson's cannery to be used in tlie- completion of
their  new  buildings.
Word has been received from California that Robert Anderson, the
young son of Mrs. James Anderson, is
You will exclaim with the early seekers after gold. No we have no gold
lying around for you to pick up���but you will find something just as
good. You will find articles at prices that will save you some of your
hard earned cash.    Think of it!
Those $17.50 Sideboards we are Selling for $15.00
Those $16.50 Dressers and Stands for $12.50
Elm Golden Finish, Best Mirror. 3 Drawers in Dresser.
Carpets���a beautiful line.    Hygenic Carpet, Underlay and Stair Pads-
Felt���something new and the best yet.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front   Streets,  Uupont   Block,
having his leg straightened. The'
mother and her son are expected home
In a short time.
Yesterday afternoon  as the horses
Robinson was arrested In the woman's house- on the nighl Of March 2ti,
by Officer Johnson, and evidence Introduced by the police was to the ef-
attached   to   one   of   Belyea'S   wagons   ,..,.. , , , ,,
, feet thai  the man had long been gull-
were backing up to Sing Kee's store
m v.
they  struck the sidewalk smashing it
in several  places, causing the men of,
the board of works to do a rush job.
The break was repaired in aboul half
an hour.
Chief of  Police  Thomas  Long,  of
Rossland, was Iii the city yesterday
ty of the offense, and thai some years
ago he had been arrested In Vancouver on a charge of vagrancy. At a recent exhibition at the park, according to the police the man was ordered to vacate the premises owing to an
objectionable performance which he
was conducting in  the nature of
Lace Curtains
in  company  with  three officers who s  show. The police "also stated that  V,
had  In charge three patients tor the   lh��� ���,.,��� ,,.���, ljeen drlven ,������ ()t- s,���.   *
asylum.  Two of  the  patients    were|vegton once for conduct_g gambling   _
women and one a man. ami yesterday
iiny   were safely   lodged  within  the
walls of the Institution.
Among the passengers on the Trans-
games, during which lime' he is said
io have gained the title of "Black Jack
Robinson," by which* name he is said
to he known in that town today.
On lhe day proceeding llis arresi,
Ing were: Mrs. Ellis. Mrs. Helma, Robinson went to a promlnenl mer-
Mrs. l.earv, of Udner; P. Smith, A. rh'"" ln U,e olty to whom he made
Martin and Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Byrom, <x>__Bjai_t regarding the action of, the
Of Westham Island: Mr, Lean. Mr. I"111''" wl,onl he accused of damaging,
J. McMlnn, Dense Island; Mrs. White-  his   reputation   by   these   statements;
which he alleges to he false. As a result   a  formal   complaint   was  made
against the department by Robinson,
nn-  Baptist Young  Peoples'   L'nion  supported   by   the  merchant,   but   as
House cleaning time will make you think of renewing some of your curtains and this is the store
to buy them at. We always show the newest designs and our prices are right.
A full stock of Frilled Muslins, Spot Muslins,
Madras Muslins, Art Sateens, Art Muslins, Art Burlaps for covering Cosy Corner Seats, The Up-to-date
Price 35c a Yard
side,   H,   Ladner   and   Mrs.   Kirkland,
of the Olivet Baptisi church held their
weekly meeting lasi .-veiling. At a
business meeting wbich followed quite
a number decided to 'ake In the an-
iln- police commissioners have not met
since  that date  no  action  has  been
taken in  the  mailer.
As a result of all this trouble, Rob-
nual B. V. I'. A. at Victoria on Good inson has appealed lo the higher court
Friday. A. W. Dyinnck and R. Duark for redress, and it. Is quite probable
were appointed to act as delegates, that the whole affair will be re-open-
This will be the second rally of itsied at the next sitting of the county
kind to be held by the Baptist young court.
people of British Columbia.  o	
We Carry a Full Line of..
Mrs.  Lizzie Chan has opened up a
Brat   class  restaurant    on  Carnarvon 	
Btreet between Tenth and Mclnnis Fine Programme for Charitable Con-
Btreets,  and  will   attend  to the hun- cert on Tn_rsday Evening.
gry   public  in  person.  Mrs.  Chan is|
a native of British Columbia and was The Principal event of the seas.,,,
educated In the public schools of New win '"' 1,u' cunc<5" t0 be 6*ven b-v the
Westminster Anti-Tuberculosis  society    on Thins
day evening, April  5.    ln the opera
The following are registered at the house. New West minster.
Guichon hotel: H, L. Nickolson, Ross- As will be seen by the subjoined pro-
land; Mrs E. Nelson, Rossland: Thus, gramme, an evening of musical cull. Long. Rossland; E. Bechel, Hunt- joyment is promised. Admission to
ingion; G. Conih'r, Huntington; S. M. the ground floor and balcony is 30
Okell, Victoria; J. A, Cooke, Port cents. There wlll be no reserved seats,
Moody; R. Abernethy. Fori Moody; but admission to the gallery will be
tl. M. Stewart Chilliwack: W. L. 25 cents. Tickets may he secured at|
Curtis, Vancouver;   James Beverldge, j Ryall's and at Curtis'.
Pure Gold Goods
When you want Something nice for Desert PHONE 92 for
Pure Gold Jelly Powders, all Flavors, 3 Packages for 25 Cents
Tapioca Pudding, 2 Packages for 25 Cents
Chocolate Pudding, 2 Packages for 25 Cents
Custard Pudding, 2 Packages for 25 Cents
Salad Dressing, 2 Packages for 25 Cents
Pure Gold Extracts   -    -   -   Purest, Therefore Best
Special Sale of Chanaware
For One Week Only
i       We will give a Discount of 20 Per Cent on all Cash Sales.
Tea Sets, regular i rice $5.00,
Now $4.00.
I Tea Sets, regular price $6.50
j Now $5.20.
. Also a Large Variety of FANCY CITS AND  SAUCERS.
The City Grocery,
I   Telephone 97.
, ��� . ,. r - - ���	
a Horse be Clipped I
Clipping in the early spring is recommended by leading veterinaries. Clipping improves the health of a horse,
makes him feel better, work better and increases his value.
Our 20th Century Clipper
co v,TV little more than the old fashioned two hand
clipper, but docs 100 times the work. We also keen in
stock L902 Clipper and the Stewart Patent new 1904 Model
Sheep Shearing Machine, They shear clean, saving 1 to
1-2 pounds of wool to a fiece.
T. J, Trapp & Co, Ltd.
Largest Stock  in the  City.
Mounted     In   any   Style     you   Desire.
Come and  Inspect Them.
^^��� a . W. C. Chamberlin
Sl^DgMONDSl   The Jeweler,     -     Columbia St.
will start Immediately.
Doubtless some' fisherman wlll be
complaining aboul the loss of his boat
before long as one was seen drifting
down the river this morning in a very
leaky condition, the boat being half
The Georgia is lying at the Cleevei
Canning company's wharf with steam
up, in anticipation of orders to leave
Immediately tor Vancouver Where the
crew expect to join the Kestrel on
special Bervlce.
Up to dale F/e'iich cleaning mach-
' ines just Imported. Ladles' and
gent's clothing cleaned and repaired.
Dry cleaning a specialty. Clothing
warranted not to shrink or colors to
inn. Windsor Mock.
The New Westminster creamery is
keeping steii with the forward movement being made by the rest of the
city and dlstricl, and has decided to
Install an up-to-date Ice cream freezing plant, with which to supply the
local demand.
The Ramona was a little later than
usual iii leaving port this morning on
account of the vast amount of freight
Bhe carried. Noi only was ihe' lower
deck  filled, hut  a large' quantity of
The- G. N. R. barge, the Sidney arrived from Port Sidney yesterday.
Among her cargo was a car of copper, anil a car of canned clams from
the Sidney Clam cannery, which has
grown to be ituite an industry, employing all white labor and iiirning
oul a brand of goods that are equalled
by few clam canneries on the coast.
J. A. Bishopric who is connected
with the G. N. R. survey party operating north of Langley, was a passenger,
to Langley on the Ramona this fore-1
noon. The party Is working on the
line to be run from Cloverdale around
the Hope mountains to connect with
the O, N. R. main line. A considerable number of men are engaged in
the work which is being hurried along
as much as possible.
tl. E. Taylor is one of the latest arrivals in the Langley elisirict. He came
last year from the east and fell in
love with the west to such au extent
. thai he Invested In the Langley district. He recently severed his connection   with   fhe  old   land   anil   brought
- his family to Langley t<> reside. He
j expresse'ei himself as satisfied that lie
' bad made a good move in coming to
the fertile' lands of Rriiish Columbia.
If You Can't Boost
We are boosting just now B. & K. Canadian
Flakes. Why? Because they are a home
product and are not only as good but are
far superior to anything on the market.
A nice piece of Crockery in each package.
Price 35 cents per package.
On Port Moody Road. The tram is expected to
run through this place, it will then double in value,
$30  per acre, SIOOO  cash.
Also will give lease of a good Chicken Ranch, lots of chicken
houses, 20 acres cultivated, for two years free to purchaser
"f the above land. ^^^^^^
Mrlcwwl     M       1      OT Real Estate, Fire & Life Insurance
CLeOQ,   Mark   &  tO.,       TA 273.      Near Tram Off.ce
C. A. Welsh,
The People's Grocer
J^Miui |, 1 !m^i 11 iaiiin'iiui-1 iiw���w-MJiajiiimiMwwwwww��wM<mwt-Hri��Bwntair,-j
Waltz,  "Blue Danube." Strauss
Song, "The While Squall." Barker
His Worship Mayor Keary.
Solo,    "She's Far From    the Land."
Miss Clute.
'Cello  Solo.  "Ah  Che  La   Morte Og-
nora." Verdi.
Mr. Greenhalph.
Highland Dance, Strathspey nnel Reel.
The Aberdeen Quartette.
Recitation, "The Relief of Lucknow."
R. J. Lowell.
Miss Vera Bell.
Contralto   Solo,   "Could   I?".     Tosti.
Miss Rochester.
Comic  song,  selected
Mr. Kyall.
Address    Dr.  Proctor
Selection,  "The Burgomaster."  Luder.
Solo,  "Love  Was   Meant   to   Make   l's
Glad."    German
Miss Munn.
Recitation  Hi- Honor Judge Henderson
Solo,   "Can   I   Forget?"   DoKovon
Mrs. .1.  11. Diamond.
jig.  The   Henderson   Brothers.
Kiiiins ui ihe Road." Weatherly
Mr. Sutherland.
Sunshine and Ruin" lllunioiuhal
Miss Brymner,
Comic sung, selected
Mr. Kyall.
God Save the King.
Friday, April 6th '06
Public   Holiday
Monster Parade, 3 p. m.
Vancouver,   Past,   Present   and   Prospective.
Mass Meeting in the Evening
Speeches,   Songs  and   Music.
Special Rates on All Lines.
1 00,000 CLUB
Found���A Rosary on Carnarvon street,
Apply News Office.
Wanted���Girl   I'm'     lighl     housework
Mrs. El, Bell, 227 Royal avenue.
Will   Produce  Comedy.
Local talent under the direction of
l). R. Hill will produce the comedy In
ihree acts entitled, "A Pair of Art-
isis", in the St. Barnabas hall on the
e-M'iiing of Blaster Tuesday, April 17.
The play abounds in Comedy, being
one continuous laugh from the rise
io  the  fall  of the curtain, ami  when
properly handled, as it doubtless will
he under the capable direction of MY.
Hill, will present uiauy amusing and
laughable situations. The play is full
of human nature, and Is sure to please
lhe large audience which It is hoped
will attend.
For Sale���Wall Tent, good as new
12 x 14  feet.  Apply  This Ofiice.
Wanted���Young Girl to assist in house
work and take care of baby. Apply
corner 2nd st., and Bth avenue,
Mrs. A. M. Malins.
For Sale���Two fine Jersey cows, and
one Shorthorn, fresh milking. One
two year old heifer, and one six
months. Apply W. H. MadUl, Douglas Road, or Daily News offlce.
For Sale-Old papers suitable for
wrapping up parcels, etc. Apply News
Wanted at Once���Men and boys who
are willing to work. Girls also required. Apply personally at the
Western Canadian Can Factory.
East Burnaby, end of City Car.
Wanted���20(10 Cords ot Hemlock Bark
at (he Fraser River Tannery, Ltd.,
taken in lots trom 25 cords up. For
particulars apply to the manager at
Tannery or P. O. box 187, New
Lost���Small Bay Mare, about 3 years
old. Reward. Mclnnes & Kerr.
Eggs for Hatching���Barred Rocks,
Ringlet Cockerel, S. C. W. Lec-
horns, Wyckoff strain. Large grass
runs. Fertility guaranteed or settings replaced. $2 per 13. 1521 6th
avenue or Box 557.
For Sale���While Wyandottes, that are
white. Duston strain. Eggs $2.00 per
setting. Utility stock Lawrence A.
Johnson, 1027 Queen's avenue.
Wanted���Lady chocolate dipper. Competent and willing to teach. State
experience and salary expected. D.
L Allen Scott, P. O. Box 1120, Calgary, Alberta.
To Contractors.
Tenders will be received up to noon
Wednesday, April ith, at the office of
Messrs. Matins and Coulthard (where
plans and specifications may be seen)
for fhe' erection of a brick block on
thu corner of Columbia, Sixth and
Front streets, New Westminster, B. C.
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders will he received by the undersigned up to Friday, the 6th ot
April, at 4 p. m., for the construction
of a wooden trestlo bridge over ravine
on Carnarvon street.
Plans and specifications can be Been
at ray offlce.
'i ue Ipwest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Wl City Clerk.
City Hall, March 31, 1906. THE DAILY NEWS
Re        Rd.        0.        16
DUNCANS. B. C. Mar. 30th, 190&
���.   R. H. WEBB,
'...-.:.::  r R ;. il Dining Car
_��� P. M
as J -    - -
- -   .
Ki __e Q ieea i
��� --.  _;  B
... - rs.   "Go   ye
...    ���- r.   - -'   -   "
rate      nraeif   -.-.:-.. ���- -'-
God; I expect] _  "1
-      - - . -
1 ag bar about   the
.---:. aI -��� - - est Friend,    who
tad to tare BBaa    - - Don's   si
.-   EDa  est -
��� ��   :. ���    .:. .- -     His
Or in other -   -. .    efll
��� at - - - he   ser-
- t Ike King.
T'. - ��� i r. -        -   I
P.r part c' Ij--  .        -up i. Sew
V-maaa ���'jo?
���--. loss e>< Oart__ca_a of....V.'.-
n_- -r KM4A, taas-Hl   i ���-.    aa
���.:. :. ���    - :_-._:_
NO*       -      .-      ' -        --.-.'.  d     i      -'- :..
-. fee BBS
- - -
'    - - f tbe as
C.   S    KK
Tenders for a  Licence to Cut Timcer
:-   Z:~~t~ :-   L3--5    -  *."��  Province cf Br t 5-   Cc Iimt 3
.- thro-i
Lod il ..     " "���--:'  ':-'...
him a letter,
inilren 1
Take   the same
-.'���---.-.-- . -
. ce r'-.-r. :1>   - Him.      int  -
- 1 If you r us on
- - ---ice a  better   llfe win
What a deal ef
Here ii - - him a
friend of  Our   F    a King
a did    not
knew 8    - ���- Him
: 1  the    Ufl
..      .
;- that  :.. .- :. ni
Tall    boot  Chrisi more     V
-1 how many are rea '
':������       -   ��� Bth .-iastic   ia    -
eaut      I His  1
-    f
��� -      .   - it other thlni
5 Chrisi
. ������ :
��� :   .... ���      "
...    .-     ...
. -
:   - -
se 1      which
The ss
rrom    a
-.        .  ���
���    : lead wuh   ���
[(  you  are  asking   ��r.-r-
Him. I reply:  First, right
ire.        Wt-l)   the
i. was Invited bi
come His follower,    he    Immediati
acce; -in. and  thi
rtrangers,   he
' fi----   Had rn    twothc
mon."    if- _-hr at home.
A  candle that  won't shine in one
rrom   is   '. to   -hlne   in  ��a-
other.      Says J   Hudson  Taylor,    If
1 do not     ..ne at home,   if   yoor
father  and  mother, - iter    and
er, li the ������       1 al and 'log   in
sad happier for your being a Christian, it    is
a question   wl    . ou   really
God does not call us to some great
work and
which is rich' al hand.    The law of
life and   st   Is   "faithful  in that
���which ls least, faithful also In much."
The clerk gets "a raise" who  |
his efficiency In the lesser ]_>sr;
As  a  matter of  fact,  tha'  God   hill.iced yon where you are Is proof that
He wants you to serve Hlm whe
How  are  you  to  work  for  Chris''
it yon 1 - - -
- -
in        -    i ten
. the King   .. n
t least, to <
���    '
King talents    and
b - ���
.    .  1    .. :   lo ;his  in  :--mr busi-
----- . it in
which H.    The
-     -
day, 1
Kinf        it   He  may
. ��� ���will
-    a iawai ag
lhe   Tin   -     .:.:   '���'.'��� ���   -   inch,   De-
-   .      ���    ���
on th Ten :-:  (of   1
N ;" -... e r-������-. ���-������: il
this Department mtfl aooa n Wed-
aesday, the -: :   -13  ol Ma     1901
ence to cut timber on Berth N
;"'.    -.-.ire  in  the  Railway  E~l'   In
the   Province    of  British    Cotm
commencing ar.  the  southeast
Section 14. 7 '   Range .'.
Wen of    the -   .    Meri li in
thence West > chains    thence S
24 chains more or le--  - :-   -   .
' Secti n I     thence East
aionr the .'���' rth boundary of S��
md 11   I ���   chains more or leas
the poinr of con-mencement 1   1
ing an are;; ���--
���       ha
licence will  be leased,    Use  printed
-   (tend     md 1.. ��� -    e, ma    l>e
obtair. .
offlce of the Crown Timber   ' -
New ter, B. C.
Each tender  must  I
.. ��� : ( the
Minister   .:'    tit for    the
amour." of I . ippli-
:'  .
No tender ..- -.. a  - HI
Department  of "1-.-:-  Interior,
Ottawa, M.t _ 2     . 1*06.
The Milwaukee,,
'The   Pioneer   Limited"   St.   Paul   to
Chicago.  "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,   "South    West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicagc
Ko   trains   in   1       ��er    --     ~
raili     t in I rid that
ment I    I     !  the  Chicago,  Mil-
> & Si    I ij     They
���    '  ' -   ' ��� -raping
r traini
g.'- ���.   their patron! -r.ee  ot
-   ��� -'where.
���   --    - --  a.re longer.
r thai -    ���-- car^
.'   ey   protect
'-: 5yitem.
C- nnection   1 ail   trans-
- in L'nion De{. il
H  S. RO'.VE. Genera: Agent
ij. Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
A   |-.,l��l   In   tup   I .HUB   rron,#>m.
If  the  ���  ���" :.   Ot        - ition
can succeed oy L .       .'           the Staple
'.:.             -    _���  " ������  to  1^
eenti  ...                      ig It there for
r th             lha II -    - leas
to advise deerprise.1 se reage itton.
N--V   -���.-... *     - -    - :>-    ''.
break<-r rore enough If such - pric��
prerall  during the  planting season.���
Pan Anton'.'.' K.rt;-r- -���
Corn   In   Ksnui.
- .-  n round numbers, tbe state
are (Kansas' ha- -t twenty yeart
ralse-1  n'eout 8,0     Imsha-I  of
corn, worth on the farms where grown
orer (SCOjOOCMXIO In Kan-as i-om Is
the monarch of her many i-ereals and
the barometer of her prosperity��� Co-
reir Vnuim Teirkfr Chicks.
J. ( i*l;: ���'. \ 'i ... 1 -
for young turkey chicks sweet milk
I ml raev ,-ggs about twle-e B week la
place of liunl b illed egg. ind - at
milk e'urel. -fillet and whole wheat he
���egnr ;i as tbe most satiufsctory gralnj
."or turkey cMtfca,
J. M. Todd
Dealer in
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia   Gramaphones ara  Kecordi.
Zithers, etc.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Ootunbta  S'.reet.
C.a)\   or  wrir��  far   nnres.
Kant���eturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office.  Eighth  Street.
Synopsis il Regulations for DUpcs��;
of MmeraLs on DorairJon Lir.ds ic
Maaitoba. the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Terr.tcry
COAL���Ojj'.  bads  rr.iy    tx    pnr-
T'e-fi at Sio per  acre tor
and  Sj?   for   aatkrac tc      Not  1
��� ���  - 1 jo acres can red
ii or c
rate of ten cent       r I        E 200
I-   -
3    UlTZ���Pen  ci    ol        .
r    ��� -- -    ���    .
'   e
'���-'-.-       - -      -
-    -    -
A     - ��� -
lame   ���*---:.   I . bearing
* the 1   '. -
Tl    -iaim shall       -      -
Biteen days ii       tc       thin 1
I a mining record*
��� - -   -    ry id-
lit   - ���-'.  ten  mfles  ot  :--.:���   -.      Tht
- : -1: . - Si
At ktaat i-'f. ' I    a
the claim each rear    r paid t    tht
��� ng recorder b I    re  I
$500 has  been  exper. ;   :   Dr paid
il - tray, up;n aiving i - irrej
made and upon complying wrtb ---
reoraii - - - p-Tcbaic the '._r. L at
Stoo  an  arrt.
Perrr   1    -   may '--    : by the
Interior   t
:'.rrr-  rontaining troc    nd raka   lis
--. in the 'h ii   " 7--- r  ry     : tn
- .: eacet I -? rfx  -. r��:
The  ;--trr:  for  a  -     --
- - ���     te for 1 ment of a
ty  :���:' .'. :J-   -'.'.   rf the
-.���:'  "ht   : r ������ I    I ���     I   - M      -at:  n
���  VCER MINING���Marrit ba and
the  N.  W   T-  excepting the  V   -
".-���- ���   -      : - -  gen-
J5, renewal "
Sa?ka- '     '
bar or ber "   -  being  100,
��� '  -g and t~-- ndmg bel   tea
jar diggings, bat t
��� -
- .-     ��� ���   ���   -'
- -   aed
Dre���:.- ng in the Rrrers
��� e N   '���'.'  T   accepting; the
.....     r  f-jj miner -���'���-:���    I -
I fire -
tor a  term     ;  I
the  .tscretioa       I      ' '     stei
oi the  Interior
The lessee 1 right -    I    I
r bars    I the 1
t eie ���'* my low   -  ter na irk, it .
- -    rst year an i Sro per mile I -
- year.     Royalty  same   is
r n -   r' -   1   -   '���  Ter-
river   --' 1
���    -   exceed   -50   :'    I
��� ire 1 on the base I n�� - -
-'   the     creek
������ ' -  ffl   : XX   '
. ��� ��� ��� ther placer
���     are.
marked   by   I
tr I   bearing 1
try i   :-t be obtaii
ten   : lys una il   -.e..:h:n  ten
 .- --    rdei
One extra day a'7 *c: for each  1
...      ...
The person or company  staking a
no   -:        ;   1   tr-1  r- Ber*! cer-
���   rate
Tht ---fa  new  m -
���   '-i  to  1 ���   " JO0   feet  in
'.enzth. aand ; ":���
. , together
royalty 1 ill be
charg- ! the rest I the ; rtj rdin-
ary claims
Entry fee Sio.    Royalty at the rate
I ��� 1 half   per ceni
value        I -'.-;���'.  h m the
ject to the rights of -
have. ay rkcerre entt
bar diggings    r beiath
're-A-an   R
the  lessee  can    Iredg    - .     .vater
ich  a'.-��rna-.ive least'.
The lessee  ;ha";  have  a  dredg
opera-,   n ���* tl ���������  -   -  -- m the
date  of I
-here a per-on or company bai
lease   one
dredge for each r.t'teen rr.i'.ts or irac-
���    - ��nt     Rental  $10
per am un  ; -    ��� I river
leased.     Royalty at the  rate  cf r��
'���' per cent, collected    1
���  after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
-ases of five miles each  may be
granted to a free m-ier for a term of
20 years; a'.so renewable
The lessee's right is confined I
submerged  bar  or bars  in  the  river
below   low   water   mark, that bo-ir.-
. r of the
. -
I ham    -    b    -
���-  I
-- - - ;   -
to I
S ��� ' -
it t       -      	
free 1 ��� thci;
----- .
.        * i-
'    '       '     ' .-
ear to tbe ts it Sjoo
A   :ertifi-ate   that   work  his   been
r,  -   -  -     - -    tha      e
abandoac i.  anad
and entry by 1 free attaer
The a .-.!-': rf a dim may be
ier.r-.e-; absolutely by hariag a srrvty
-lit a-.: pushshmg Boriccs .- :-
ifafcoa  ijrr.ciai  Gazerrt.
Perr.-'.e'jm���All   anapprrp:a:ti   D-v-
mmk'n Lar.ifs Lc Manitoba, the rvorth-
west Territories a.-.; withta the 1
n tory, are open to p'ospectir..
eons,  ani  the  minister may  Tr-
serve  for   an   iadnidaal     -      nspaarj
havrr.g marhmery on the land to ire
in  irea of f)-^  icres  I   -
--   - 1     leader,   the
��� -x.reed three
���   -       - -       -
���    - satis	
... _
.-  ���  e
at t
Synopsis   of   Canadian   Northwest
.'-.-���_������ '-'-. aanabered section   -f Do-
- - - ' T _ ;!-.-.- -. : the
Northwest Froviaces, exce) 1 > - .
at r - reserved, may '; - ��� Besteaded
by any per;-:r. who is the ���
a fanztry, or any  r.a'.t    v-rr  18 yean
::'  a^t.  to  the extent of  jae-qs  n  -
:   . ���        'ts more Ot
Entry   may  bt  made   personally   at
tbe  local    md    hhee for the       tr   1
1 tbe land is sal r if the
-    Header   I  - - - -     t maj    >n ap-
 e Minister of the 1
..... . -      [
. _   T     .
Th- -.-.-���������
form I ' ���   "��� '    '
- - ���
:    At   1-1--   lis   rr   nthj    r*-
.-. :  in
 -' :���- --
3    '��� ��� ���    lather      r mot
Father ' wesl
rm in the
of th- ���' ' tbe  rt
- -  -     . -    res e may be sal
rson residing     '    tbe father or mot
;- the --���-'-- has his perm-- at
- _���   !__��   Brwat '.
���������        ���    :        Bome-
-----       - ��� -      ���    re    tenc
may t I   I
1 ba J.
Six montl
.   ...  -    tbe Co��� --
.   ,    .  __t \_ jt 1 rttxm 1   .f   --
to apply lor patent
W V,-
De;:-y   ,'. lister     I  til -  In-tr : -
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
for    PACIFIC    I
GROWN   Gardes,   F-.-.:   and   t
- -r.-ej:.  it  scaled  1 at fceti      If h ���
to   your   n����_re��r - /   Be
.   Of   z'/cA   ���
t 'hem.
l^rge   stock   of    HOME   GROWN
Tree* now ma
.:��',���::���   1 spring --ade.
No ei[i*rt.5e. loiis or del a
?arion  or   lMp&
VfX me price ��� 1 efore plac-
\t.z   :-    - . .   ;
Floral    W< rl - Frail
Piricai-       i- ��� Qat
MIS Westminster Road.
Vancouver.   B.   C
Railway Company
Atlantic Express  leares   n&uy     at
has   first-class   sleepers    and
Toortsti rats   ror   t'oronto   erery
Monday and    tr. ' - -    Montreal
Wedaeeday and .--.'uniay.
Seattle train leaves daily at BJM>.
mini Ham
mond . Haney.    Rnskln,    Ha.
Kg.-.--./    ..-.!   Hope   Single   far-   fur
the round trip.
For further particulars apply to
ed. Goutarrr,
U. r". K. Agent.
New Westminster,
Assistant   General   Pauenger   Agent.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
\E-vV Daily
- .    .
t . Mm
- -   v
t -
1 I
. j -. - ��� :.:
��� n am
- Vaocotrrer
Route of the Faa��ot_i
2���Only  Overland Trains���2
- - - use   Bt. Pi      Mb
Win-. ���   -     B<
U . -  and al! coin's East.
For     complete     information,
rates,   ber-.h   reservation.   -'
call on or
F. C. GRIFFIN'. Agent,
Bant of Conunerce Bui'.dintr.
N->. B. C
S. G. TERKB8, A. 6  P  A.,
Corner Se<-onif   - -'��� Co-
. .:.   .. .- ��� . .-r- i-.'-.e. Wash.
... ...."..���
.   .
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
16 section 1
.ax, rtc: ag
��� oderr.    lay   -   irhts   ar-i
brar* tci  - 3    irs.
For Time Tal
r informal   a   ' ���       r.    r    rrite
"jo Seccr.i Arenne, Seattle, Wash
i Northern Pacific i
Trains Daily
-   -.;��rhted train.    Low Rate*,
( Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Ste.i E'JTO-
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates  ta   Southern   Ca  fornia.
f   - :' . -   - cal! on or write
C. E. LANG. General Agent,
430 Had rrer, h. C.
Portland, Ore. A. 0. p  A.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co,
BrWah  Cs'urrs^a  Coast  L -:
.ect to change %   -    -    -
VICTORIA rfi-.A . :..:.   K
Pr: r
Leaves Port  1
" 1 V ; r_.
Arr.       - ' a.m.
ve Seattle 9.3V a.rr.
Arrive For-. Tovaen '.
Antra v. -  - 1 . -
Leave Vancoorer 1 p. n_
L>rave Vi toria 1   ���.
VICTORIA-NEW  Whr-.������:-. -   -
HUL . r.
Leaves Victor .a. 1 a. m , t
a_ i   Frilays.
L'^ivea New Westminster,  ,
W  rheslsn and Sattfrt . -
Callins at Maynean -:  at
5 B. Joan leaves .Nanaimo sa)     .;.
cept SaturiJay an; Band-J, at " aja
Saturday �� a. m.
Leaves    Vancouver    dat: . j
Sat'ir-iay ar. 1 Sa '..-..���   SI 1
Saturday t~ p. m.
���raRcoAn  aotm
S.  S. Q-een C ty
Leave  Victoria  11  p.  m
aad t Uk of eacb moo h tot a ���
and way points.
Leave Victoria
for (.j : --
Leave V .   .
for C
lag '-<
lot.vf:r fraser river rocte
Steamer Trans't-
'�����        -      -'
"       :-
.       ���
Bteamer Bea.t-.
���   -
S.   S.   Tees.
Le-      I Vai .   ���    ���     .   '.
and   tt r:   -   .
31      - Brat trip and 1
la ��� r.   ���-     nd tl
Times  on   arrirals   :..-: ���   rs
For   Tickets,   reser - :-���
formatta call on
J. W. TP.
General Baperioteadent, '���   I
E   -"
As--  Gen  Paaa   A--   i   '���' m    .
Gen. A2-v. Pre --'
NV-  '-
ED.  '
A2en". New W
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Anei all the principal business cem. n
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
'������     '--.-��� ':���-" Pasiengei and Ticket
Agent, US Adams St., Chicago. 111.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Ross-
Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
i N   Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Paciric Railway for Boundary-
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage  daily for  Republic.
Buffet service on traini; between
Spokane  and  Nelson.
Effective Sunday, November to,
N.  W.
Trains & Steamers
C. P. R.  MAIN LiNii
Leave  N aster 15 :
Arrive N
- a
1..    B ar. New W Vi.
C. P. R   WESTB   '"'
Lv. Near West,
Ar .New West.
Lv. Near Wi        aster I      a. tc.
Lv. N. W '.'���> a.rr..; .      -
Lv. N. W. 4   - pan.; ar. Seattle 1
Lv. Bc d.m.. ar. N
Lv.  S- I . ;  ar. N. W,    I   t
Lv. N. W.  '. ] :���:.. ar. 1  ���   '
Lv. Vaaeoover tJ35 a 1
G   N. R.���PORT Gl
Lv.  N. W. MB bjb     ar
. .   p.m.
Lv.  Gule 1.    .   . m.;
9.35 pan.
Mondays only.
B. C. ELECTRIC���VANCO'       ��
Lv.   New   West.   5.5'J   a:
an.l  hourly  until  11  p.m..  wit!
hourly  betveen   '. I  ���    ' !im-
Saturday half-hourly noon to li p.m.
Sun.lay  hourly    8    a.m.  to  i'.
with balf-bo : r 1 > I et at ��� n . 1 :
Lv. Vancouver same time thr   - ���
Fraser River and.Gulf
From N  W. Mon. We,1,   Ft   I. ��      '
From Chwk.  Tu., Th..  Si       :
From N. W. Tn_ Th_ Sat.        '
From Chwk. Sur... W
1 He���
From N. W. dall    ex. S ' >'-m'
From Mt. Lehm.u;. J
DOWN k:.
From N. W. da ly.es   Sun- 2 i'.n��
Adel. trip. Monday, ���'
From Stereaton, : a.m. (Fri. 6 -i1"-1
Add. trip Baturday, 5 p.m.
City of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 am.
From Victoria Saturday T . tn.
Mail Service
Close. Reoelved.
Seattle, Via Sumas h>M t .tn. 6.45 P-m
Sap'a & Mlllslde.-10.0b p.m,   6 B���!'���'�����
Vancouver 10.00 pan.   S-M a'm'
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Seattle, etc..  .. S. II. a.m.    - "   P-nu
Van. & Cent Par_.-10.30a.nl    -1'-;"-
Victoria lo.no a.m. lTfOa.m-
East Burnabv.. .. 1.15p.m.   I'r'pI1'"
Steveston, etc....  1.80p.m. l". ."o.m-
Kast, via C.P.R...  3.00) n :
Sap.. Mill. Coei'tn.. 3.00 p.m. I;-""���
Van. & Buriialiv.. 3.30p.m.   ' 00p.m-
Day Train
9 20 a m Spokane  ....7.15 p.m.
u.25 p.m Rossland  4.10 p tn.
9-40 am Nelson  6.45 p in
General Passenger Agent
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
for CONRAD, CARCROSS,  \." ,N.'
FAIRBANKS.    Daily trains  (except
Sunday)   carrying   passengers,   nttjj
express    and    freight   connect    ��u
itagea at Carerots ami White Hortw.
maintaining .1 through winter servi
For inforniatie'ii apply to
J.   H.   ROGERS,  Traffic   Manager,
Maokinnon BIdg.,
Vancouver, U- C, TUESDAY,  APRIL  3,   1906.
Our Big Sale of Geo. A. Collard's Stock of up-to-date Clothing and Gent's Furnishings continues for two weeks longer and to
fully place our prices before you, we mark all our goods in plain figures.
You divide by two and get any article in the entire place for HALF PRICE.
Men s Suits
All ot Collard's $25.00 Suits; Westfninater Clothing Co.'s Price  H250
All of Collard's $20.00 Suits; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price   " \[ ,\ '. ' $1000
All nf Collard's $lo.00 Suits; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price  !"$6*00
All of Collard's   $'.(.00 Suits; Westminster Clothing Co.'s  Price   ..  ..  . $450
Look at   This for Overcoats
All of Collard's $18.00 dvercoats Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $9.00
All of Collard's $15.00 Overcoats Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $7.50
Al! of Collard's   $7.60 Overcoats Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $3.00
Men s  \Vaterproofs
All ot Collard's $16.00 Waterproofs;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $7,50
All of Collara's $10.00 Waterproofs;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $5.00
All of Collard's    $5.00 Waterproofs;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $..50
Men s Trousers
All of Collard'8 $6.00 Trousers;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $3.00
All of Collard's $5.00 Trousers; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $2.50
All of Collard's $4.00 Trousers;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $2.00
All of Collard's $2.00 Trousers;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $1.00
We have an immense line ot these Trousers tn all sizes and patterns.       Only    one    pair    of    these
Trousers sold to each Customer
Mothers Look  at These Boy s Suits
All of Collard's $7.50 Suits for Boys; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $3.75
All of Collard's $<V00 Suits for Boys; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $3.00
All of Collard's $3.50 Stilts for Boys;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $1.75
Gent s   Furnishings
This line was the special   avorlte of Mr. Collard and was selected In the east with the greatest care
We- will make the hlggest cuts here ever heard of.
Men's White Cambric  Nightshirts, Collard's prices $1.25;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 55c
Men's Mole Skin (all sizes) Shirts, Collard's price 75c;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s price    35c
Men's Black Satine Shirts (best value), Collard's price $1.00; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 50c
Min's Negligee (English flannel). Shirts, Collard's price $1.00; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price  ..   ..  50c
Men's Galeta British Standard Shirts, Collard's price $1.00; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 50c
Men's Heavy Woollen Top Shirts, Collard's price $1.75; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 75c
Men's latest style Over Shirts Collard's price $1.25; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 50c
Men's Heavy Wool  Underwear  Collard's price $2.50; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price $1.25
Men's Natural Wool Underwear, Collard's price $2.50;   Westminster Clothing Co.'s price $1.50
Men's Odd Shirts, Collard's price $1.00;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 45c
Men's Cotton Hose, Collard's price 15c; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price     7c
Men's Wool Sox, Collard's price 25c; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 2 pairs for 25c
Men's Suspenders, Collard's price 50c; Westminster Clothing Co.'s piice 25c
Men's Suspenders, Collard's price 35c; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price    15c
Men's Neckwear   (Ties),  Collard's price 35c; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price    15c
Men's 4-ply Linen Collars, Collard's price 20c;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s price    10c
Flannelette Blankets, regular $1.25 for    75c
Blankets   5-lb. gray, regular $3.50, for $1-65
Men's   Cambric   Handkerchiefs, regular 10c; for      5c
Men's Coat Springs, regular 16o; for     5c
Columbia Street, Next Royal Bank of Canada.
Mail Orders at same Prices.    Mention Daily News and we pay Expressage.
New Westminster, B. C.
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.    Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily Newt. New Westminster, B. C.
i Electric   Plants!
Mills and Factories
��-..,...., ..    I       FQR N��W MILL SIT��S
Can Arrange
Terms For You.
823���One hiiiidreel and sixty acres.beautirully situated on the
southern slope ot tiie serpentine Valley; rirst-class land, fronting on
the Clover Valley Hoad; near t he railroad and river; good road;
land is very  productive;  about   fiO   acres     in     first-class   condition.
c.ood inui convenient buildings.   All necessary implements und stock.
This ls well worth Investigation.    Price, $90 per acre.
1027���An  unusually  good  buy.   One hundred and sixty acres; 60
to 75 acres under nrst-ciass cultivation; '.t acres under Hops, all in
good sbnpe; in-roomed dwelling in good condition, barn,BUxiou; aop
kiln and lulling room m good condition; the buildings on the place
are worth at. toast $;i,iiou. Bert and Creek runs through the property.
This is a most desirable farm; from $2,5UO to I...UU per year can
be taken ort It.    KTice, V.bOO cash,
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
"The Comfortable Way" Rout* of the Famous Oriental Limited
.For iletailed information, rates, etc., call on or address
F C GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
H. M0REY & CO.
S. B. Buchanan Returns With Surveyor |From  Belgravia
Settlement and Reports Great Activity in the
New Suburb of the Royal
j City.
Electric Supplies. Wires, Cords, Etc. '&
ft tWs
Incandescent and Arc Lamps.
i *
S.  Et,  Buchanan, the holder of ex- both of them have already sent home
tensive property Interests in the dls-  tor  their  families, who are  now  on
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th Street      Belgravia, has just returned to    the. veg(. & consUlenlblc SHm ln cattie, and
trlct  just  above  Millside.  known    as
I heir way out here. One of these settlers who holds BO acres Intends to ln-
Write us for   Estimates   on  complete Plant. !���!
Large Stock of Supplies and Apparatus carried '$
at Vancouver and Rossland. _
New Westminster, B. (',
| Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd. |
:���! m
Shingle and Saw Mill
Machinery j
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
city, from the property, where he has, wll) bring itl t|,e stuck as soon as he
been for the past few  days ln com- Is In a little better position to provide
pany   with   his   surveyor)   H.   Neville for them.
Smith, looking over the situation, and Thrift and lndustry'
making surveys ln different  portions "An "f the settlers who are n��� ��n
the  property are actively  engaged  in
of his holdings. ( u,|u.ins th(;ir land_ .iml ,: wiu onl>. be
Mr. Buchanan states thnt he Is en- a short tlme ���ntli we wm have a nice
tirely satisfied with the outlook, and little settlement of thrifty and Indus-
reports several good sales of land, and trlous residents. All together the out-
,     .u       ,   ,                        ii look Is most  satisfactory, and I am
Beveral   other   deals     now     pending
which  If completed  will  mean some-
very glad Indeed that I struck this
part of the country in my travels,
thing pretty big to the city. Last .,,���, wm llse every effort to induce set-
week   he  disposed   of   two  tracts  of  tiers to come this way."
Transfer Co.
land   to   Vancouver   purchasers   to
whom the proposition looked pretty
good. One of these purchasers bought
Enquiries  Numerous.
Mr   Buchanan Btated that he   had
numerous enquiries  for  land  In    this
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promptly  to any
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 186.      Ham  pnone 137
ot which will be cleared, and convert
ed Into valuable ranches at as early
ll dale as possible.
Sites for Mills.
Chatham  Incubators
Now is the time ts Purchase Them
60 Egg Incubators Costs $14,      120 Egg Incubators $21,
240 Egg Incubators $29.
These terms are Cash with the Order. Terms
can be arranged payable in November, 1906,
on a slight advance over cash prices.
BROODERS  $11.00  TO   $13.00
Box 165, New Westminster, B. C.
Write for Circular and Mention the Daily Npwb.
In   New Westminster
I carry the most complete
stock in the City. Spring
designs arriving daily.
Also complete line of room
mouldings and plate rails.
House Painter   and   Decorator
Sixth St., Columbian Block
20 acres, and the other 10 acres, all  ,ocal||v   .,���,, ,lt ,,���, rttte ,lt which he
Is disposing of It at lhe present time
he wlll soon be Without any holding.
other than the small portion which he
intends to reserve tor his own use,
The prospective sales mentioned by   nnd  which he is now clearing with a
Mr. Buchanan, are sales of waterfront   view to making his holding one of the
properties available for mill sites, and   best In the district.
no less than  three  separate  and  ills-  o	
tinct  deals  are  now  pending  for  (he DESTROYS  STUMPS.
purchase of as many  different  tracls  ��
nf        land        for        this purpose.   gxpert   Demonstrates   With   Chemical
Mr. Buchanan declined to go Into de-j   Compound on Rev. MadilTa Ranch.
falls   regarding   nnv   of   these   propositions, but staleel thai he might have      An  American expert    is giving    a
some good news to offer the citizens  series   of  stump    destroying    exhibi-
of New Westminster ul an early date.  t|ons on Rev. w. H. Madill's ranch In
He i.s reserving ;. certain portion of  fiumaby.   The  process  is  apparently
lhis land for his own use, and at pre- ,    .
,    a  very  simple  and  a   very  thorough
sent  has  a crew  of   12  men  at  work!
clearing  the  same,  all  of  whom  are  one.  The soil is  removed  from    the
white   men,   no  Oriental   labor   being  roots  of  the  stump  and  a  chemical
employed at all. '��� compound Is placed there which when
Land  Being  Worked. Ignited   produces  a  Are  that  endures
Spenking of  the  agricultural   possl-  an,i   burns  as  long as  there    Is  any
billtles of the district   Mr.  Buchanan   wood to lnlr���.
said:   "A  year ago  there  was not  a     Qulte a number of people Interested
settler on lhe land, and  tip to date I ��� tr_.v nn,i
have disposed of some 15 tracts fori vlalted the scene of action today and
agricultural purposes, and practically thosd who desire to in v..ttgate.the
all ���f this land is being worked today' system may do so by *��'"���� ��ut��
by the actual settlers, nnd Home build-: Rev. Mr. Madia's ranch on Eighth
e-s who Intend to Way In the district, street in the Burnaby district tomor-
"two of nr- settlers are married I row when the operations will be con-
inen with  famine's In Scotland,    and, tinned. THE DAILY NEWS
If You Take
Any Stock....
In having the best goods at the lowest  possible price served to you
In the best possible way, you  will do your business with our stores.
This Is our boast, that we  do a little better than our competitors ln this way. Give us a call and we will show you.
End   Grocery
D. W. Gilchrist, Mgr.
| Houses and Lots
In Every Section of the City.
acre blocks   ln    city and suburban
(Continued from Page One.I
whieh Ullow has been collecting,
.mounting to thousands of dollars had
been sent to Persia, where there are
no banks, addressed to H'-v. I'i ra. B.
Itlrta, the most respected and beloved
member of the faculty of the Oroo-
mhili College-, nnel who was asked to
keep the money in trusl and was led
to believe that Bllow was still travelling under his own oame and was
ii ing the money by the selling   ol
One acre, live arre and
Farm lands or an kinds and
miles of the city.
See us before going elsewhere,
than any other Heal Estate Dea ler.
Send for list of houses, lot s anel  farms
descriptions    located  within  50
We can sell as low If not lower
186  Columbia   Street,
B.  C.
��� _____ntn____*AAA_4.A_ll.A..__MA*AAl
WV WW ~'"' WW V V W W WW WW WW W ��������� WW fffWI'"e���
���    A.  HARDMAN
J.   S.
Hardman & Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete  line   of  Granite, Aluminum  and   Tinware-.-.
Kstimates furnished on nil Classes of Plumbing Work.
Columbia Street 823 Granville Street
Sole Agents Monarch Ranges.
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
minut��*-returnedlt<th a wicked looking knife about a foot long with which
he. prtfheded to try and car* up his
late Aiponent. Fortunately others
were on hand who piomptly disarmed
Mr. Miria in no gentle manner ini-
pleasing upon hlm ihat he must keep
ih- peace and not play with such
dangerous weapons. Some time 1111��
Mirza disappeared, evidently called
away by bis ami., le uncle and sine-
then Mr. David hns lived in constant
dread of violence, being unable to
sleep for nights al a Btretch, 1
breath of wind upon the window
pane, every movement beneath his
window to him was the- herald nf the
approach of the assasln.
Poisons Parents' Minds.
To make matters slill worse, Ellow
Persian rugs. As .-nun ns Ellow had promised Mr. David that this educa-
made arrangements with Mr. Speers ii0I1 would be free- nnel that he wmilil
in come nnel settle matters "1 every- provide him with necessary funds for
body's satisfaction in- promptly made current expenses. The Be v. fakir failed
tracks    for    London,    England,   anel  ,��� make good on bis promise and bad
. from thenoe back to Oroomiah, where 11 not been for ihe fact thai when lull,, eventually showed up -earing his left bome Mr. David's father plsced
own name. The people of til*- city |n his hands a little pile nf gold coins
were Inclined in doubt Mr. Ellow and _e would before- ibis have been reduc-
1,1 ���������,. oui 01 his way.    The rug seller p,| to some straits. In order to cover
; however,  was  content    to    bide    his   up ),jK tracks, this prince of black legs
j time, and stayed round, led an ex- wrote hlng letters 10 David's parents
emplary lib- and Ingratiated himself anil forced victim No .2 whom In- bad
into 'he affections of the people until  under control in Louisiana to write al-
: they were ashamed of themselves and so stating that thje young man had ml.
took him to their hearts and homes. ,.��� to leading a bad vise-inns life and liaO
First of all he- endeared himself to disgraced them beyond pardon. As a
Mi. David's parents and eventually resull the minds of Mr. and Mrs, Da-
found his way. like a snake, right in-   vbl have been polsi d to Buch an ex-
in the heari of the son. Ezzal wns ,,,���, ,fli(, although their Bon has fre-
theii finishing his final year in the quently written home they have lg-
university and ns Boon as he hail QOred bis letters mid have apparently
graduated  proposed  going    Into    the  (.,,i  1,1,,, ���ff.
; medical department to take ;-. medical
course. Ellow then talked and per-
Buaded David tba' In- could advance -Mr. David is no coward, ami Is well
much more rapidly toward his deslr- skilled in nil manly exercises, He is a
eel i-nel if In- would go wiib bim to clever Btudettl and lives a clean life
America. To ihis David's parents and no (greater tribute -nn in- paid
were strongly averse ami diet their him than in sny that bis friends nil-
lust   tn disuade him  frnm  il,  but be-  picked from among lhe best nnel clev-
Now is the Season to Buy
Bj getting one now you will have
the full season's use   of il.    Our
stuck includes the
Woodyatt, Brockville and
Whitman & Barnes Makes
A Few More Misses' and Children's
The' price we ask fnr them is no indication nf their real .
Yeeu cannot begin to buy the material used in making them  up
e price at which we clear them this week.
Not every size left in the assortment but there may be iu
u need.
Regular Values $5.1X1 tn $0.(111, while they last, tn clear, % 1.50
See Our Small Show Window.
Detectives On   Hunt.
full Double Corner
nn Fourth Avenue, in orchard, on
tram line *600 takes this
desirable residential site.
Two-Storey House
on Third Avenue', good situation
and in good repair, this can be
bought fnr $14OO.
It will pay   you   to  call   and   inspect
our fine list of town and district   prop-
lieving that it would be tbe means of  erest men in an Institution where good  erties for sale,
more quickly  fitting himself  fnr  Mis-   men are plentiful.    The detectives are
Blonary work in his own    land,    the now keen nn the footsteps nf Mr. El-
young man resolved 10 trust himself  low anil all Mr.  David's  friends look
in     bis     supposed     friend. forward 10 the time when his enemy
Amount of Policies now in fnr of; exceeds	
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeds.
. .la.OUU.OOO.OO
This is a company ot polio y-holders, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
Possible outlay.
ine largest amount of Assurance for the Least
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 85.
Makes Party of Four.
Trior to their departure Ellow and
his dupe were joined by two others,
one Mirza a nephew and co-conspira-
1 tor of the rug merchant, sod another
who like David was selected as bait
for the nefarious adventures.
All       wenl       well      umil      the
! party      arrived     In     London,      England,    on   July of 1904  when  Mr.  El-
low commenced to show his teeth anel
will be safe behinel prison bars.
Steps are also being taken in square
matters with Mr. David's parents and
pen ihem in touch with the true state
of affairs.     Mr.  David   says that he
, does not propose going home until
he has secured the desired education
and that he Is quite able to work his
! own way toward that end.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents.        Tel. 106.        Columbia St.
Wants  Local   Board of Trade to  Interest  Great  Northern  Railway
S.  B.  Buchanan  and   H.  Neville  Smith
Report Cruel Practice Near
  County  Court  Adjourned.
I endeavored to force David's co-opera- The Honorable W. Norman Bole
Ition in his fraudulent schemes. AU held county court this morning at
1 ibis time the rug seller had been Peter which time several cases appeared
Kllow, and it was In the'following Oc- before him, all of whieh were ad-
mini- that Ellow took both his victims journed until the next sitting of the
and placed them in a college and ln- court in June, owing to the fact that
formed them that in future he, Ellow, a number of the attorneys represent-
was Rev. J. A. Day, D.D. As soon as |ng their various clients were unable
David found how matters stood here-'to attend.
fused to have any more to do with El
low   came  north.
Is This What
You Want?
3 Lots all cleared; Chicken House
and run; 6 roomed dwelling, with
bathroom, pantry and washroom.
On car line.
V I WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
Telephone 85.
You will probably wa
a new Suit before Easter; if so, call and we will
show you one of the finest ranges of Men's Suii s
in the City. Twentieth
Century and Progress
Brands Suits are known
from the Atlantic to the
Pacific as the best tailored and best fitting
goods made. Come in
and judge for yourself.
The  cases  in  question   were all  of
minor importance.
Feed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250.
At ihe last regular meeting of ihe
board nf inui' 11. T Thrift Informed
the board thai le- had Be&n CrJrres-
ponding with eastern people relative
Ke ibe establishment of a fibre factory  In this  vicinity. The matter was
s. 11. Buchanan anel 11. Neville
Smith, who returned to the ciiy yesterday trom Belgravia, just above
Millside. and adjoining the Indian reserve report thai Indians in iln- dis-
trlct  are   bunting    deer  wiib    elogs,
Pierre   Elects   for  Trial.
.Gabriel  Pierre,  the   Indian charged
with  nssault, with  a   knife upon  two
referred 10 tb.- secretary, A. K White,  contrary to the law, and cites as an
who   Immediately   entered    Into  cor-   Instance the case of the yening deer
nspnndi'iiee   wilh   these   pee,pie-,    the
Minnesota  Hemp company, nf North-
field, Minn.
Tin- superintendent nf ibe company,
Charles  11. Welcht, bus bean acting '' !   i:
In  conjunction   with   Henr}   Hum-  of
which wns captured by himself and Mr
Smith, nnd biter given in ihe asylum
These' gentlemen were near 111��* lieu-
Daggers and Revolvers.
Ellow and his nephew followed David
to Vancouver and found him in the
hotel at whieh he was staying and
went, with him to his room and tried other Indians in the vicinity of Agas-,
10 make matters straight. David re- siz a short time ago appeared before
fused tn hnve any more to do wilh fhe Honorable W, Norman Bole this
bis erstwhile friend and threatened to morning, for election as to his coming
at once betray the whole conspiracy, trial, and elected to be tried at the
Kllow, and his gentle nephew, who coming spring assize to be held In
was also posing as one    of    Ellow's May.
wards  at   once  presented   an   arsenal o	
nf  daggers  and  revolvers  at  David's
breast   and   threatened   hlm   wilh  In-
Surrey, relative to the distribution of
hemp seed amongst the ranchers of
ihe- community. As a result nf ibe energetic action of iln- secretary cf the
hoard of trade, assisted by Messrs.
Base, and Thrift the following letter
wns today received frnm J. Doull .Miller, president of ibe Minnesota Hemp
company, written trom the head office
in New York City;
New York, March 28, 190ft
Mr.    A.    B.    While,
Secretary, New Westminster Board
nf Trade,
New Westminster; 11. c.
Dear Sir;
1 have yOur favor of ihc 22nd
Inst, and thank you fur Un- kind offer
of assistance nf your board in the distribution of hemp seed amongst 1 lit-
farmers 1 am under ibe Impression
ibai au understanding was come in
between our superintendent, Mr. Chas.
II.   Wi-ictil.   nnd   Mr.   Henry   Hose,   iu
regard to ibe conduct of this business,
ami I am writing lo Mr. Welcht at
our mill In Northfield, Minn., sending
hlm your letter, anil asking him whether he can avail himself of your offer.
Upon receipt of his answer I will
communicate   further with you.   but
Ilie main polni on whieh we at pre-
si'iii need assistance Is that of getting
the hemp when grown, shipped lo our1
mill In Nortblii Id, and in as much as
li would be io the advantage of the
Oient Northern railway 'ei obiaiu this
Industry in your district, especially
in view of the proha'illii.- of -be long
haul east, which they would gel out
of the finished fibre I should Itniglne
that they ought in be will'iv; to haul
free (if charge litis season to our mill ,
In Northfield, Minn., the tew carloads!
of hemp stalks which your farmers
arc likely  to grow.  I' ��� liiablv you  ''un .
make more Impress! in on llu'in In
this direction than we, it id If ynu w'll
kindly lake if up, 1 1 i"'l I"' wh"1 io
hear what progress vol are able tol
make. You doubtless appreciate that
we could not afford lo put,',uii 11 mill |
for the manufacture of th!
serve, when they were attracted by
'be baying of bounds, and upon in-
vesiigaiinn  they  found  three  hounds
wiili a deer cornered againsl lbe
fence,     'I'be   men   ran   to   the   rescue
und succeeded lu beating off die dngs,
although not until ibe unfortunate
animal had been badly torn.
Tin- deer wus given in the asylum
officials who iu turn gave ii to ibe
zoo, through Chief Watson of the lire
siunt death if he ever revealed a sin-
! gle thing. He also compelled obedience on pain of death Hnd told him
ihat he would placeihim in Columbian
College and see him through. Mirza
was also placed us a student in the
same Institution, ostensibly wiib a
view lo keeping the necessary watch
nn David.
Vallore   Expected,
River Pilot  Captain   Rogers expects1
word almosl any day now to go down
the  river to meet  the    Vallore,    the
large sailing vessel of 1,547 tons which
is expected at the Fraser River Mills
to load lumber. In conversation Capt.
Rogers, he told of a  vessel, the Mozambique, a  four  masted sailing ship'
which   is  binding  up   with  lumber  ln I
Vancouver in   the  present time.  The
Mozambique  will    curry  away    from
Vancouver  2,100.000     feet  of lumber
and  when  loaded  down  lo fhe  Umil
Nephew   Becomes   Bloodthirsty.
Mirza   soon   showed   himself   in  hisj
department,  nnd  Sunday as mention-  nne colors und it was not long after:
ed in yesterday's issue of the News, he came to Columbian college that he w111 draw only 21 feet of water. Less
Hu- unfortunate animal died at the got Into a friendly scuffle with another than did the Steinbek, with only half
zoo, probably us the resull of tin' Btudent who threw bim. Mirza was .that quantity of lumber nn board,
bounding received bj the Indian elogs.   white  wiib  rage and  rushed  for his There is Illlie doubt   Iuu that vessels
room saying that he would  fix    hla of that calibre will soon he in evidence
opponent  nnd in aboul  a    couple   of in  Fraser river waters.
Here is a
Home for
Small Money
15 acres rich, black,
loam land, three acres
cleared and cultivated.
Fruit trees and strawberries. Four roomed
house. Large barn.
All for only
Terms Very Easy.
Mr, Buchanan states thai to tin' beBl
nf llis knowledge und belief thai ibis
practice among the Indians bus been
going on for snine time, und adds the
Information thai the Indians have'
Beveral good hounds, apparently for
fids purpose. Tin' animal in question
when captured by Messrs. Buchanan
and Smith wns found lo have been
Shot, as well ns being lorn by the
Lecture Tonight.
II Is expected Ihat a large audience
will greel Alderman Howay in the
("Hy hull tonlghl when be will lecture (111. "Woman's Legal Standing,"
under lbe allspices of ihe local brunch
nf the Women's Council. A collection
fnr the benefit nf lbe council fund will
be taken, and It is the desire uf lbe
ladies that us many attend as possible. The lecture is open both to ladles
nnd   gentlemen,   und   nil   nre   cordially
Knocks at your door, not only once, but every time you read our advertisement, f
property is coining to the front, and in our opinion prices of land fronting
on the lake will shortly take a jump ������It will pay you to see us at once on
this matter. We can put you wise.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Rooms 1 and 2, Dupont Blk.
Telephone   170.
Party Paoers in England Quarrel Over
the   Natal   Affair.
London,   April   8.���The   Xalal   affair
lias been Ibe subject or stronger party
recriminations than any question that
bus   come   In   Ihe   surface     In   recent
Newspaper al tacks continue on both
'des,   Conservative   organs     flinging
���ii.irges of "Little ICnglniidlsni"   against
rtlclo i'ii-j the  government,  and   Liberal   papers
til we had found by this,year's ex-
perie'iiee whether the crop KM suitable for Its maintenance},
. attributing the trouble to the Chamberlain party desiring to discredit tho
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through knowledge of the
business in England with 10 years experience.    Later was 7 years  manager
\ of the watch repairing department of
I Savage,   Lyman    &    Co.,    Montreal,
Henry Birk's business manager part of New Westminster
the time.	
Bring us your old or broken one and let
us practically make it a new wheel out.
of it. You will get another season's'
pleasure out nf it with very little expense'. We have in stuck the' Raycle
anil Perfect Bicycles.
Alex. Speck,
Speck Block.        Sign���Man nn Wheel.
I ....CALL ON....
'      CHEMISTS for
Prescriptions a Specialty.
All cleared, fenced and linderdrninud, magnificent strawberry land, about 4
miles from New Westminster on good road. Telephone, electric light, and
power facilities.
fronting on Burnaby Lake, and Hasting Road, all slashed and seeded down
to grass, ditched  on  both  sides.
Ellard Block,
- B.C.
Timothy Extra Cleaned
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Essex
Millet, Golden
Oats, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spring
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
All Selected &Tested
last year the Finest Crous in B.
C. were produced trom our send
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
B.-K. 850
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New WesiminEU"
English,    Swiss,   American   and   all   �������������������������������������������������������������������������� �����������������������������������������������������������< ��***
complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
FJ. Hart &Co.r Ltd.
The Farm Land Specialists.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery ,
Take notice thnt the Great West
Backing Company Limited have de-:
posited plans and application for the
erection of a wharf on the Fraser
Biver, British Columbia, on tho foreshore of Section 12 and Fractional
Section 111, Block 11, North Range 7,
Dated  at New Westminster, B.  C,'
this 15th March, 1006.
ij Electric Railway Service
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations at b.DU and ��.��() a.m,.
and every hour thereafter between 8 n.m. and n p.m.
Half-hour cars from 12m. to 7
Cars leave Vancouver tor Westminster at same notirs.
Last car Saturday at. 11 p.m.
City Limits Line���Service trom
6.110 a.m. to lo.fiti p.m.
20 Minute Service���reio transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and 6 and 7.
30 Minute Service during remainder of dny. Transfer i.t
Leopold Place.
Sunday Service half-hourly be
tween X a. m. nnd 10 p. '"���
City n.iri sapperton.
Sapperton Line~lo Minute Her-
vice, except net ween 1-
2, and 5 and V, during
hours    the    service   will
Sunday 8ervlce   half-nonriy
tween X a.m. and 10 p.m-
X British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ui.
ttttttllttlMIMMMMMI SSISII.SSIMtt^****


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