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The Daily News Dec 21, 1906

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UME 1. NUMBER 24:,
n I-: \\
tui   Auction   Sale  of   Real   Estate   Derr^.strates
'Immense Interest  That  Is   Being  Take
display SPIRIT
mi year fight NEGROES RESENT
of uni of ol.      Fi.vA.ir sua*   BITTER LANGUAGE
l Drj-Afl.r. f0r cr'���,     _.aw/yer  Patrick. Condemned to  Death
nventory of
For Murder ,n  1901. Get* Sen
tence  Cc-r.ted.
City Property���Brisk Bidding and
Good Prices.
(ni'    i'a 'un   . ���   ihi
ii      ier ni   wor]  ..
ono or  two  lots,   witl   ������.
of   building   a   homi
wesl   end   ol   thi
destine Id ���
���    -
.,,, ���    ��� .    ��� -il esti New   'A < -num
��� evening, when
down   aboul   7"
,. to ti numbei
Tbi   Bale
ngham   ball, and
, ���  . tbi   begin- i opulatii n   In   thi    ;-       ...
er ol   proepectlve and   the   site      ecured
.  in   the    room, are   only   the   foret  nm
: the -.���!���   were more  Buch  sales      Sonn
ng  for  Auction- were bought bj
This bi ing the , ly could nol  resist thi
ii sale ol real estate to be ed   for  the making  ol       [tti.   ������-.-
.  a private indi vi- money,  and    i ���   ���
- there was natur- whenevei the;     �� .     .    The
ilnlon ��-' to how.cheapest  lot   sold   last  evening  wen<
��� sell, bul it is safe foi $105, while the top notchi
��� .������ most optlmla , ed exactly $100 mi re.    Wh: i _
ted   anything   like haps the best investment of thi  even
- that -   iwned  Mr   Kerr's Ing   was  made bj   Mr. Turnbii
\ ban    N .    :na  ;'      i,ni    Hlggln.
.... p    onmenl foi
hi    enti no ol death undei which
i  .i      .   ; ��� has rem lined nea
net   t.j>-   cm.i ii  lon   fo
���    . ���'     ���.. m   Hart I. :-
he agi     ���       ....
\l v.     . .
The  i asi   ii.    \,   i        ']     I'a;   a i
;      i.i. paralli led     n    it
ii ui.: Pul If ever a man, 1
aa     a      i       r.r.,   .i hag    |iliiv<- .     ' -
e a pari   n ict of his own
���     i I i'ii   :  ll a,Hj.   la - 'OW   qua
Colored Citizens Condemn Recent Message on Brownsville
Affair���Characterize It As the Most Extraordinary
Language Ever Used By a Christian
the   bidding     -was
:. previous bids
elng J       ���  one inue, ami
lots wenl soar-
$25 a shout.     Tin'
be determined to
".  they possibly
��� ��� keen  competl-
nosl favored lots.
i.-es. there ��ould be ;i die
t-ought   nine   lots   oi   Tenth  avenu ��� ��� .    .  . . nc   ,;,   on Wed
jusl off Twelfth  street   and . Ijoining   nesdaj   evening   ti    "���;        .   nstrong.
the  Orphanage   propi rl ,   oul   The hai ...   ;.    ,   to  Se
$1,200.    Through son ��� error
these lots were ma le to appea ��� mal
lei  than the othi rs on thi and
peo le hesitated to b ii on thi ac
count, :i circumstanci ol wl li h Mr
Turnbull took advantagt
Mr. Downing, i ngini ei  . I  the  Bru
nette   San   Mill,   _  ���    | ��� rha -    the
had  been  knocked   heaviest  Investor,  buying up   17  lots.
claiming   to   have   Other   buyers   Included   Mesi        !.,
- ���   :..'i the auctioneer  kett, McCubben, Pugl   .)  M   Breckley,
-..in.  generally  re-   C.  S.  Breckley, Rabbltt   Peters, Tun
i   '    .;   i:���   .!,  ells of a     ate ,- Ison
l  actlcallj   Into a law office equipped
ni   the   di '-      a   ol    Ins    bi ttli
a Patrick's broth* In-law, John 1
Millkin, ". St. LouU li said ... have
financed the i.atile a: greal cost, It
know a in r< that Patrie k Intends to
continue bis efforts to establish his
Patrick was convicted March 27.
1902 ami sentenced to death, Since
then his remarkable flghl has been
continuous. In every court in the
state open to him he has ma �� his ap
peal, imt always in vain. The histo
.ii the battle is a long oni n ph i<
with sensational Incidents and human
.' . .t a  meel in.   o
Bo   .a and vl-
. ���    . . nig] '680
i    ���! -   lon  i" iin- message of
p ei   a nt    K.iiisj .ell   on   iiii    B 'ow i :
;'...       "i-i     passed.      The    ���'-    ���
ii a  follow
\\ i   denounce the  language ol the
;   i     ent in 1     official answei to I he
I'-- ai.,     resolut Ion.   as   th<   mot I   < _
raordfnarj   language ever used  by a
i   '    dent ol a Christian republic,
Ident'e constltutlona] powei  wai  sim
plj to command ihe arm. and na.   ai
commander-ln-chle*., while to cong ei
;in   constitution   gave   the powei   to
raise armies and to make rules and
regulation!  for iis governmenl
The regulations prescribed thai no
man could be summarily discharged
v iiin.in a right to be tried, and tbe
articles ol wai he argued, prescribed
minutely how these trials are to be
conducted;     that     all     punishmenti
In his message Inciting racehatred should be In accordance with the di
and mob violence againsl ten million rections  of courts martial.
Innocent citizens, he bus shown him- When  Senator Foraker    concludei
-ell  :.. ai   a  mere politician and nol his  remarks  he   received   unanimoui
I. Van ... i a ,| with
: '   .     iii    ,
..-::.   was
atth       spend thel   :.- ...
Nuts   and   Jap.   Oranges   Are   Scarce
���Turkey   Shipment   Delayed
by  Eastern Storms.
Efforts of   Two   Men   Needed   to   Free
the Animal  Which  After.
ward.   Ran  Away.
being advanced   bull   and   Hii
The  average   price
In only one case   would   be  about   $150, and  the total
sold  at a  lower  realized topped tbe $10,000 mark.   A
only a difference  large  number  ol   .       uvt      pea   ���
were ami mc 'he \ Investoi s.
���r grei        ites man
in   accusing   all   colored     person
'��� ho  .:.ai ;   to  his  unlawful  and  . ain
'   punishment of 170 colored s ild
lers, without trial or court-martial i
examination bj a military coun of In-
rjiiiry, of a desire to shield murderers,
the President   misrepresents ten  millions ol   as   law-abiding and  patriotic
native-born  American citizens as iln-
count ry possesses '
Washington, Ofc 20.���immediately
afti ' iln Benate convened today. Sena
tor Ki.:alii i's resolution lool.'n.:  tn ar.
vesl Igation bj the si nate i f the
President's discharge of tbe three ne
gn companies oi ihe 25th Infantry
was ��� 'ii up and th�� senator i IdreB-
sed   in senate In supporl
He began wilh the broad declara'lon
That tin President misconceived bis
< i.nst ji ntional   powers     when   he  .lis-
consent to modffj the resolution ho
thai il now directs Ire senate com
mlttee on militarj affairs to Investigate the circumstances leading up to
the discharge of the negro troops,
The  Suspended Licenses.
Tlie   Daily   News   this   morning   re
ported Mr. Casklll as saying "he sup
posed   that    the   Holbrook   hotel   had
been conducted in rather a loose manner,"  and   this  has  been   interpreted
bj  some people as meaning that it had
been a dlsorderlj bouse.     That was
not the meaning, as the next uentence
showed.    Mr McCasklll was referring
to  the  former  business  management
of ihe hotel.
oi   .. ms ti   be pi
ol la    -hoppe!  ah       a   ,, ���;,.,-,];,.   afternoon while att*mptini
nn leratood   I hai Majesl.   w Ished
to   be  fulls   In'      ���      ���    : Ung   I hi
Ca   net's ^ >���..    n thi    nlitical Bltua-
"    llffereni  ilnes this Ch Isi    ,,, ]Ump over the fence adjofBlng th
i    ��� the most notii --   e trou
,i   .     nuts  and  al
Expected  Today.
Bishop   Dontenwill   is  expected  to
A handsome collie dog was impaled   charged the troops and he also mis-   return to hi* See today, bavins been
conceited the testimon..  nn Wblch his   away on  a  mission   to  Rome, during
aci ion was based.'' whieh he had the honor of paying his
Si naii.i PoraJter said thai the pre*   respects to the i-foiv Father.
[���Batmerman,   Although    Sub
. :."   c _rarity, announces
        :: Fight.
The    E l n ation
i  ���    pbeJi
���   of G mm< u.
���   -,.. ��� ch   de-
���  :.     House
tlon   as   affei h  :
,'.      ' ,  .;..
���    . li
th-   sn imshl - . ..
.   . ��� -. .i   thi   \   -
In thi
..,   tt leral  i
... ...
.     i   .-;���   :
;   . .alnnts, chest
; .     e oilier varieties are ���
niri'i    rin     . . '     : I'   - '���
ipposi e the erratIc i
I., w li Ich f n    '
-    .      I'll     .    a
... i      fro.
customs wart-house, which enclose.il
ihe grounds In the reai of the post
office The dog was a good looking
i, inn n ol his bn ed, and had been
,i : , ��� . a��� .... the fern e
lii :,. ame weai hie gambits and
with a short run, took a flying 1< ap
I!,- miscalculated the height ol th
 aa :.     upon tin  ��� harp polnti ;
.-. tiiewlien
:, ' it  will ii.'��      on       Iki      ohe  of  which   ian  deep
bod\   holding  him   firm   in
rrlve tm     .. -     '.'.,;.-;.      'nto   hi
spite ol   li.-   strut gli s.     Chii !   Mi In
liineau.   the Christina    n ei i \   mi ������  i
.mill. "
linn Is il     of Japani     -     -        I In
I ill
Lords'   membei s ol
.      ;       ���'   '
'11   nl
'   '.- ..*
have the'
on ���'.-'       i bi    i .:
need thai       -esUgatlon
:��� . ���     wil ���      nov
S a.
i.      Steamshl
������ .-���      hip cum
. -  . i
-      whi :i      !..-'    ' ������' ibli
a-   I ..       ���        '
ible te
���    ;. ���     -
���   - -
f Com       ;.' '
-   . ;   md a    .   ���
ex   ���
.   itfvej
'   ��� .
: rigid
���    ;a
iirangi     l| . '   \.   a .
,       ||lg| ���    . ' .  : :
not   had MOI -   a    .       - -   ��� '
linn  iv 1    ''  ��
,,   ��� ���
.lap i ii**''
  ��� when
U,e fmlt could
it   bii-
' ' ���
tub   li n   li
nu li
.  -a
I '
For  """he
'   ���   :     the  Ini ' vent _
tl ���:        .a ���'   '
a ..       |    : - I ���"
' 1 ���   . - -..,...' - -. '
.   ��� i ��� .*��� i   .      ':.-1   ..    " ' '���   ��� ���   ���'
tt Wl     Al   Cnitbrm "���      ��� Barl, Lyi
... VI.:.      H
lei   Pi '
Smft-}, f -'��� ne
���    . .    w   F. Shaw, J
,., me,  *-'. - '
Pentlcfon      . nn
���:'      '.       Vi.'.,
The col
tbe Baater lenu on  fan  ���'
||���       I     I'   I.
,     mi        .    ���      '
.a    ���   a     I.        |    ���
Dn       Thi   i" iiiiii     '   "' ��� '
,   Hi i up ���    '
,,a,i     u hli li  "       eypecti
,     ��� ,   .       .     I     '     II      |l  '   '    1-      a        '
.���ii pun it   '        ��� ��� "���
��� mnipi     and lha    I ���   ���
;    r ��� i ' '   a   , ���   -' ���
, ,   nentftl expri
a    '      " ,a-   .111    lllll'   i    1   I'd    Willi   ill'     ���' -
ni.   .-. .;  : >' tan .    attempted l i ;
lhe ��red lied ;'i  with n  : ���   ���
. .  hoard     He w as wedged bo tightly,
howevei. lhal hi   i ould not  be i ai -��� d
The animal was fighting In his agon>
ii |  io touch  him meant   thai  then
was a danger oi getting badlj  blllen
,' ,   of  the  sympathisers  came  ton
. li  .   in the business end ol the ���'
an.I had hi - i at;iM nl    i Ipped up as   i   ' ' '
,, Birli      Something   had  tn i e done j Mt
howevei   and a  man Recurcd b '
nf either end   ind lifted lhi   hea
ke b.   main   ron e      Chiel
.   ������ it. -i ; nib d oul  bl- 11 \ olvei
���i  v , h   -.���  pni ilng an end lu I In
ile, I ni  ... i in. ��� in pi I     oi   ill
. i   "'I hli  U ��� < lout li t In  |    d
i he 'ai'-i     dismal hott i and Hi
"i    ��� H ' i m ���   an pn
. ���   leaving   i ���-.,,-   ���.    nd
II   |    im .|     expected thit    Iln
nn I ma n  could Hvi       I lu   i
-1  I .-; '      "' '     i '   '    111     : :
ill i" i.l 111     bled I    ���'   ith
Seattle Man Invests,
ft  sometime-   takes an outsider to
see a  bargain  In city  real  estate, nnd
this fact   was    plainly   demonstrated
yesterdaj     afternoon,     when     David
Campbi  .   o   Sei ti le, Invested $!���!'<. in
aft)    I "iim in the citj only
.,  fi w  hours     Mi   Campbell called at
iiu   ��� ���;'!> hall, and was shown ten lots
. a   Eighth avenue, which had been offl ������' d for Bale for the past six months,
t  night,   a   well filled   purse. ������,, wWch no one Beeme<3 ���nXi.,���, .,,
Woman's     Council      Rewards     Light
l-cuse Keeper's Wife Who Performed   Noble   Deed.
i; ..n City, which left Vic-
.   .a irdi I   in   Mrs    T.   Paterson.
the  heroine   ol   the   Coloma   rescue,
��� a   Council of  Women  of Vic
and   Vancouver    Island.       Th.
i   ���   w--  accompanied bj   a beaut!-
' ..'     .   .   :.
'     :
-   '    |    . '
.      I  .
' '���
prattling Match
.. ... i, i
mali ia i -
i the Coal i Hi   In
The Tii*-ai'.  Forgotten.
hose   wh"   bai e   follow) tl
.���I the :���" ai  rural plaj
-1   i i ims  Saw. i'1" to  lhi
Ina -i large number of Its pei
. .. ���   i he  mi si  iiutnbb'  fealtti e
��� I     IlltimTnated   address,  embossed
h gigui .i    i j    sn; veyor G< m
McKav. ol tin  land and wot kt di ���
the (exl of which Is as foil' .
i hn nas   Pat n,  Cape   Bi
Lightbou ���
Deai   M      Patei son     We, lhi   w i
en ol   Victoria   wish  to express oui
I ��� ���    ���  ' 	
��� i i in. lng condiu t    on
im   ning '���! Pi Idaj. the 9th ol Dei i
when    ��� tll ������ n    In
m 'i"n   'ii i i ��� ompted bj an
lenl iii   hi   lo buccoi   ' hu i    n
I, ynu i     '   ��� fi n    ind a
ovei    a   well ulgli   Impa    i   ���
���  i -        - i,    .. ���       .    ii-   ca
i  . ., .   . i ed barque t lol
un i   " ii"   a ���   '  ���    nil ol  ' oui  bi  ' ���
effort     wen       veil    rom    a    wati   !
II ai",
\\ i   aslt  iou  '" ai eepl  the accom
i      lain Mg  purse  In  ��� ei [ignition of this
i.iai" i noble acl and p u s I hal dotl's i Iclu st
'I'm   ..'  blesBlng mm i'n�� resl upon you,
i sium-iii
I II.I  -   DAT.
Presldenl  I lotini 11 of  Women of Vic
loi in
buy.   On being   told   the  price,   Mr.
Campbell  di*ov< i  ro see  the  lots
and was greatlj surprised to find    til
thai   he  i mil    secure > nab   cJo i In
.  ������ ertj   for  the  price    asked,     - rt
���  in ning to the city hal), he stagi
City . '-.���!- am: McQuarrle b) flash
(: " ���      I In his face and asking
_ft<     pu cha   in   a  couple
othei  lots, Mr, Campbell got back
a $id bill ''ii- 'u's change, the first ten
l< ts having ci Bl  him $750.    His wis
1 .    pun   a .    was
plalnlj   show n   let I  ��� venlng, w hi
numl ��� ��� ol lot.   fui thei om tl an those
e bi   ��� he city were sold
.  than double   ���.  price
Only a few ii eh      t   the han Is
���   the end of thi     ' '
���  i   will be anj  n
���  big map.
:  "i.i |e ihe powei   thai  ��� ei
Iti   scenes exert U_.oti 'I il    :,"iii rtutl Vancouvei   Island.
mipplllng   Illusion,      fs MARGARET IENK1NS.
. inderlnlt) ���   Is this true of the rural fes   Recording Secretar} C. of VV of V.V.I
.,,,   ii, hotll      II      ���    '    " ���    '     frlvldlj   preaeiited as  to
,     -; ;. 1.  rtlOH Ol   the perrorninii""
- !,,, ii   in-  lap low
i   Into   a
' i' . a g
���        '    :
th ire shall
f)T    Ft-    fvl'"ri   Walker.  '
. :��� i     -"    he   '. a
; ta of the Royal  Ari
..',-., i, , .
!   'ide of tin' ari which conceals
n i and hence perfect,    It Is safe t'i
.1 bis final In    aa5 that when the ftreal rustle piny is
Of   husky   Inds.! seen here nt the Opera  HoURe on De-
.'U'cs his rmme'oii :
Corresponding Sec. c. of w. of V.V.I.
Convenor of Committee C. of W. of
The total subscriptions received Up-
M -     - v Gone.
'*���' '(   v De.      10     \    despatch
���    ���'       "The long retire
men h Chamberlain, owing to
i" tl and other ailments, has led to
'' nstant ,- sertl m�� an l contradictions regarding the gravity of his eon
dltlon, The Chronicle states thai he
v" itlj over taxi i himself ai the cele
' bratlon In honoi ol bis TOth birthday
a! Birmingham with the resull thai
in inst his mem >rj completely. The
pasl became a blank to him and he
n uld not remember whal had taken
place even a few hours before ami al-
| though   his  other faculties   were  am.
'  ire uninjured, his memory is gone."
...I'.'iind*   for   conII
.;.it v  to stand off the
The  .lap  Is   very
cr-tnber _.'h. there  will  be a few In   to-date   for  the   Council of Women's
iIn-  audience  whi   will not  find  the: fund is ?210.20, but several collectors
lltlgklhg bee scene a perfect   realization of the genuine article.
on of the Sirm chap
.,-..:-:    . a ,  .
i;   Arch   f   ...
. : . ' ;ry.
 *�� heavier tb,,..
��� ,,,. |atter wins al nil
,   ..   .heer pluck and after
....   ,. , ���.,".-   -vnl'k.
Sandv  will  do but   ln�� of his  friends and supporters at
'.vrick a
Political Meeting.
Hon, K. McBride has called a meel
... San*.   w"l ��>" Wt'ii
9nd S(?fflfl speed exercise.   | Mission city,  for Saturday iii.irbt.
are yet to be heard from, and it Is
likely that this sum will be consider-
:��� ly  augmented.
Seattle's fund for Mrs. Paterson Is
experled to reach a total of 9600, of
which $160 is subscribed by the owner-; of the Coloma and $25 each by
���   ' ",- shipping cnmiMinles.
Boston,  Dec.  20.���Speaking  before
the Twentieth Century Club lasi
night, Dr. Thomas Darlington, health
commissioner of Xew York, said:
"It is almost an undisputed proposition that were all sputum from tuber-
ul'isis patients cared for and disposed of In the proper manner, tuberculosis would vanish from the face of
the earth."
is J: ������'. !
t      ';
1. : '
I!     .'
11    '..
Fireman Plunges Knike   -.; 5      _-:-���
!i/'s Leg and  Is Taken lnt_
.    ���   '.'
a reached       t lasi
Bl . I   ..
:. ��� .-..-:.   got into -  menl   th
i exceed
. ���      tha   ������:  the sh
e ol the n ght th      - ���-
"... ��� time   ent
o:. winning    With a - nife he bi '-��� ::.
e and buried  the     - ��� ���
( of hii left ie?.
Dob led t    the hospital
��� I   --;, - ��� the -' .-' e jail
Hatchery   W;r<.
I     R     -:.	
y. ���. :.; e Fish H
tbe    Cil ��� -'��� . ;;
���    .
e of th) e coi
.  _���
nute I ed out     Mr. R
: ��� .--
I a an itisfied tha: the
ned t     ���   . .
���  ."  ��� fish
The i wen t in 1
to tbeir i
���'���" ���''      ��� e hatch would n tl
���    .    .--   ��� ., it ol
the equi; ;..-:.:
ning sta
E ectr cal   Workers.
���' ting  of Division  131     *  the
-' n   oi   Streel
r_li   trie   Ra employes   oi
" 1 evening
11  .:. the 0     -   - ;    H
.  .   -
-      "'      J.   S.   Rai: '.'      Presi
������-���- ���������      Secreta      T
���:; "'   " '        Treasurer, D. Milb      PI
���������-.--'    B   f". Fli ��������� ���.. .    Conduc-
s Grose    Si ntini.   *    .     ilbald;
Committei    '    .
'��� -    '���'���    >"���'������ ':���'���      I      Ellis,   J.
G ::;:;.' r,  J.   r    MeA tl  .
the i ffi< ���-; s eieel
:   Hvision inten I,  in    tbe
to pa     , '   itei :. .     :-:��� to
'���' -���   iivisi ���:.   who,  i short time
ti     W'i   tminste    ;.. - on an I
enjoyable ei ening
Arrived   Safely.
Se ittb       Dec.    20 -The       re ���! te
���- '��� .- r Pen .     lez    ,
���. . .-   with   ���-'
... gre a t
fortunt in g
���   ving    ex ��� ..���-; ced
': ��� e steami   i   me  .  .     the
sage      U times was
ixt       mnds oi steam.
Cons ���        ��� ��� ���  i
���   ��� ���     is it 1
- ,  -     ge-
- ���  ���   boil- \
the  Peni
Reeninbach Co.
���.        - ������        They can
Tide Table   Fraser River
be wi ; ��� ''-     :���:. ::��� .,
High Low
Water.       Water.
I      'a-  ��        ending Dec S 1905.
1" -.   17       - io 2.20
;���   "��� 13.10
Dec    IS   	
I 1.05 11.15
Dec.   19      9.15 3.55
-���V.Ud I    '   ��� ���  .
Dec   20     10.30 I.l"
21.15 16.55
Dec.   21    11.1" 5.30
22.30 13.20
Dec.   22    11.55 5.50
Dec.   23      0.05 6.10
12.35 2 1.35
High. Low.
Time. Hi. Time. lit.
Dec   17      7.23    1 1.6 12.40   9.3
17.33 12.5        	
Oec.  18     8.14    11.7 0.36   0.]
18.27 l i.n 13.48 '.M
Dec.   lb     9.00 11.9 1.23 0.6
19.27 11.0 15.01 8.7
Dec.   2d     9.48 .1 I.S 2.12 1.6
20.34 10.2 16.13 8.0
Dec.   21    1)..::_- 14.4 3.03 2.9
21.52     '.KS 17.18 7.3
Dec.  22    11.1 I    1 1.0 3.56 4.4
22.27     9.2 18.18 '1.1
Dec.   23    11.-"I    13.4 1.54 5.7
  19.12 ."..a
' - D_'r
You will be interested
in the lines of CHRISTMAS  SHOES  we are showing this week
We Mention To-day a Few Leaders
MEN'S French felt
House Slippers, a shoe
equal to other makes at
$2.00.    Our price	
 $1.00 a pair
MEN'S elastic side,
chocolate Kid Nullifers,
a $3.00 line; selling this
week for	
 S2.50 a pair
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high top Felt Slippers,
beautiful   house  shoes,
made in all colors	
 $1   and  $1.50
a pair
MEN'S English Carpet Slippers, medium
and best quality.    This
week's prices	
75c to S 1.00
a pair
LADIES'   Turkish
-��   Slippers,  made in   red,
}    blue   and   black   Kid
1    something natty	
!      $1.50
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Party Slippers. Our three-strap, Patent Kid
Slippers, with Cuban, French and ordinary common sense heels, are beauties $3.00 a pair
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I style $2.25 to $4.00 a pair
a pair
LADIES'   shor:.   c
ored Overgaiters are tl
newest creation  in  I
line of footwear.    We
have them direct fr
FOR MEN,    we   recommend   our   lines   of
���   "Invictus," Packard tivA   Florsheim Shoes \    Chicago,   m   all   CO
$4.50, $5.00 and $6.00 a pair J    red,   black,   fawn
We're Ready for the Rush j
a pair
Shoe House
Columbia Street
New Westminster
��� i
J ft ��&
... '������   E)
iJvr. 1906.
DM I.V \1 Ws
c~.-_ �����-��� �����
��urry!   Hurry!
�������������*������������������������������� ���>
Only   3   Left
��� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������
^ew lots on Queen's Ave., just on the
mists, with uninterrupted view o
[ker and the Olympia Range, are now o
luated just on Queen's Ave., off Third St
fccesof F. J. Hart, W. E. Vanstone, etc.,
;t and Peele St. on the west. Sewei
kts, 42.9 x 116, only $575; one-third cash. bai. arranged;
t lot, Peele St. and Queen's Ave. is offered at $650.
fj^j.,. .- . letting this magnificent oppportunitj
of the hill, well out of the morn-
Fraser River and valley, Mt.
Fered for sale.   These lots are
opposite the well-known resi-
bounded by Tipperary on the
5 already laid: every lol to lane.
while the
Secure one  at once from the exclusive
p irehas)
now and  drs always
: ��� '   ���
Real Estate Brokers, Etc.
tw dissolved partnership, the business will be
trried on as heretofore by BRYSON & SONS
fdware, Ranges, Stoves, Tinware,
raniteware and Enamel Goods -
I Ri      ian ' '; -   .. '      |   (    a i,anil
Miss Hazel Davenporl
|Ri  eiai      era Oi  I Soprano
Iii "Tlii] Governor's Wife"
*��iH.in*i   ...   ii.*    i..p-r��,*.-l   l'��..,|-i   Im
|.an._-l..h   I ill-rmiir-
To ask I      ilie i - ���   ustlj fe"c
brate< ..i .t,ti m, nroee litf-ra-
tin-i    _  Hki   asking  fm   the one most
��� ������   v.,,-1 ,,f  r;-,iii  in  rh��
orohti -i  are east!.   _ score ol
equall; "... ... paaaagea, eaeh one making Its i-i'" al appeal to a differcnt
t....... . . nd
Ruskin'. description or Turner's
slave ship satisfies om love foi n�� ������
Jestii eoloi i.nii motion of the sea
1'< Quince, s reverie on the nebula In
Orion carrlef �� .i.i,*i ..i thr vastnes.
and mysterj ol the sky. Pater's pic
luring ni   the shield  <>f  Hercnlei   .e
.,-    !,,:     us    the    llllll    'illil    Uf)     ���
..   ed iii     -    s�� iiiimriip'K eulogy ol
Rossettl astound, us with the splendor
and speed .���' bl. words    Le Gatllentj< v
prose t.Mi.-j   "The Twelve Wells," stirs
. at hearts w Ith the prei lous disquiet "t
old sorrows    Victo.  Hugo's oration in
': hi   Man   \\ ho  I .nu;. \r    a w akens  In
us ii.i  ennolil nt passion n! hun i -    |
......     s (.i:i\ shurg speech i iisbe.  be
sot I., i- appeal to the hero .
; ihi heat t of mat
.  might  ( lon  i .. - ������ ���
i.i    .'....   .    11;,�� thornc,  i.iit-i' l Inr
. -. as well as St. Mat
iin ������   St. Ji        .-     I    .-��� ���   am   ���
I pi.- i    pari aa.i'-iii   ol   words
1'iit 1 *--..lit- i . nays. I with making ihc
onc se ia : oi   that   -  pei ha -   ������ ���
,. osl ..:  na   moods     I  refi r
to tl   -   .... a   and sonorou    pt  -
from     Oarlyle's    "Sartor     Resartns"
��� - - : . tn '. ;is ii gi npeudoi -
procession   forth Issuing   from I   n
.   . ghl ninl iM-mvirii.   Into pathetic
. tl on lests  f lenci      Here  Is  the
"Like some w Ild flaming. . Ild thnu
dering tra n of heaven's artillery does
this mystet us mankind thundet and
flame In long drawn, quick succeed  .
For   the   taKic  -for   cooking���
l. withoul an equal.    Always the
same pcrfc/l quality.
oftrouDf. i " i at hours Mffn wain
f<\ n word for such terrors and I w>k
the mere name <>f the lefl band This
would serve b_ well as another, see i
thai   all  words whicli we have filled
with   mentt    ei crm   bad   n   grossly
material beginning, an 'Nttcr' and
���sweel Emerson ��hvh that nil lan
giifig. it. fossil poetry, imi tlie reverst
ts true human language lm* groom
Into poetrj inn. bag come to life with
time "
s?,-��-f Tea  For thr  \_r.-,i.
I have often bad occasion to protest
agi; nsl the widely hugged delusion ol
lie.-: tea be a. a highly nutritious . I
A' 1 hi a sti red ; i- ii stimulant and
has the oh|eci lonnble qnallt. i>f render
... the bowels lax in old age u en
is nn opposite natnral tendency
least, thill I. ii-i mie 01 hen this rule
obtains mul then - pi kness we shall
find ii, stronf heel tea a mapl valnaMi
i. ed .-Uie    Rut do nol  - a  ; tin  ii,-
take in   regarding   the Man   ns  food
says Rome Notes    li "  ,; si  stln nl
the bodj thai food can be takei . 11 *
si   sl ii nit 1'   11   iiiiii   tbe  person   .
fw-i bettei' imt it is making him live on
hit. vital capital.   Beef ten is no more
nourish nt than brandy.
rtlllll   ,it    ir,itr,i_h<-��
The firsl place of �� orshlp In Westi -1
Australia ��as i      u<    n t\i o respci h
the materials ol  which   I  was bulll   grandeui   I Hie i
and also the sev. ini purposes to <_ i ch
It was devoted This remarkable building  u as   n    al   Pet tii   i-i   soldiers
short!," afti r their fli t arrival In 1S2J.
and ��;.s composed almosl entirelj of
bulrushes tn addition to its use on
Sundays foi divini worship II occa
stonall; served as an amateur tin.)..
in tin' week i ml g the win le time
as s ban a   .
IRYSON & SONS, Columbia st.     Saturday Nighl,Dec.22d
.porary Premises: Trapp Block
lumbing and Contracting
P. 0. Box 248
Telephone 302
Iln- Besl SiI.-.m in To��.t
r-   es, $1.00,
ali    .
S   ���
and  !iC.:   gallery.
irning al
.    Mon. ,    llnr.llnn
Jaik   What's thi  difference between
the coloi  .>f a rosi   and I unterfell
copper.     Dick   1 hate to give up any
thing with money In It, bul 1 do   whal
la   the    .111. WIT;      .lark     l lln>   is   .1    g-OOl
scent, and the other  lsn'1    li.itiemlsn
N.Mtuii. |s the most thrifty wiing lo
ihe world. she never wastes any thing:
she undergoes change, bul there's no
iiMlhllRtion; the essence remains; met
b��. is eternal.
T.ilic .  Und created, lire breath nt sp r
11 host, we emerge from Ihe Inane, haste
sounCm.<  i . ross the astonished en th
then   plunge   again   into   I'ae   lm n
Earth's   i ��� aiiin.iis   are   leveled   i nd
ini seas t . od up in our passage    Can
the earth,  which  is  but dead ami n
i s .,-.   fpgjst spirits which havi- peal
Itj and are alive.   On iho hardest ada
na.i : son i   footprint of us is stamped
In   the ins: reai of the ln^t will read
traces ol tbe earliesl van   Hut whence.
0 heaven, whither.   Sense knows bo1
fn ith knows not, only that it Ik through
mystery to mysterj   from Hod to Ood."
T".d�� In Mi   i' ham   n Success
vin-   dot   .    Job.
There Is a  true story   of ono young
. ho    Inui    dfvoted    nluiost    n
;a.    >< Ires   nud    usiiiK   nii
po_ ble li flnence to gain an mtervlew
" -i s ce i theatrical manager. At
1..-I ber hope. wer< realized; she t?oi
her appolntmenl nnd sho wns finally
ushered Into the manager's private of
flee. Ho received her most cordially
and offered her a chair. "Thank you "
���tn aid gratefully; "i think i will wit
i'ow- I've been lust ten months get
ting ben and I'm a little tirod." And
she mai agei who is reallj a great
man and hence has a sense of humor,
prom pi ly engaged her. Charles Bel
:-iont Davis in Outing Magazine.
The   \* ,ir,t   ��� M-iU.��-i-."
Of "sinister" a writer says, "How
charged, since the time of lbe Romi i
is this simple word with dubli if
things, with suggestions tlmi arc ) ���
teniiiie! it seems to convej the va u<
threat of dreams tho tin-ont that Is
something \yprse than the i lear menace
A    OrtMiii    ��_vniil-ic. ,
"A won an can alwnys t-'ei the bettei
..f n mnn In an argument," snld th��
"Ves." answered Miss Oayenne. "Bul
wp should remei iber thai In an nrgii
ment i. won in nlways 1ms a certain
advantage. She Is not expected to t��
n gent'eman."'   Washington Star.
HnT'lna   11 .-   Snhh   Honr.
She "Were yon ever In a street obi
ncoldPTit'' He Y"s The oar was com
pieteiy v\-recked, bnt iho passenger,
were packed so it_.-i'.i thai only tho out
side layers were injured- Ohleftffi
y .v*"��>'*.'vir��>>"'c��>*'^^^
ladian Bank of Commerce
PP Capital. $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
* "
��� .������:.: Mas_agBr.       ALEX. LAIRD, At
Gen'l Manager
�����.   :.
le: :-  .
Farrne.-s   for   treir  banking   business.
' .'-ed
-"   for collection.
VI ���-.:.- Dt posits
Silc.   Notes
))M    VI-.III   OM ������. J
MONDAY.   24th  Dec. |
nal  vcw  i oi h. i ������ . ���������' ���        -j
'' '""'��� '.*'.
William A. Williams |
e w
for the Best
Sold in
a tention.
Morris       Dominion
Scale Williams
$1 00.
(i rapl
doli ii
The Edison Phonogiaph
s, Violins,  Accordions,   Xylophones, Man-
Concertinas,  Flutes,  Wkistli   . Guitars,
Ni-Mii!i ()ii .-I . , 11K.i ���=.
ii'i'i inn ni
IK1 fl
ubscribe fur our monthlv recoi
< olumbiati and Euison^Records.
New selection each month.
al Instruments of all kinds kepi In stock. Easy tei-ms on all Instruments.
Chickens I ORGANS: Dominion
Oi.lw.rty ��� Sherlock ��� -fanning
<4 Carload to Choose From at Prices
Within the Reach of all.
echenbach Co. w
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson SEWING MACHINES
The Music House
Burr Block, Columbia St.
I'%ror<o>��':cco>>��^^^ THE DAILY N
i ���
��� _
Published bj '.he Daily News Pub
.. ing Co pany Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth sn 1 Front
streets, New Westmin ter, B.C.
Managing Director. .
. . J. C. Bro*n
Transien. display advertising, 10
cent, per .De nonpar)el3 12 lines to
Ids inch. Five cents per line tor
rot-sequent Insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
crime  is not on the  increai  in the
Inl m, .- - lite the gn m th of popu-
��� ��� enormo ;- influx of immigration,   an;    the    publicity    given
es i ������    .   . -    iua      sat-
:.--.. to learn   ft im   one.   wl ���-������
isi : in  gi."-  liirn   the  besl opj ortu-'
::������'.--   ��� serving  crim i ilit;
only two ani a quarter per cent of par-
.:- ners   return  to  i are ts   ol
e.    This is contrary to the com-
;. in  noti in, which  is tbi   natural re-
- ill   of the  far-   that  ever,   lapse  is
. lished while the cases of those restored  to respectability are for obvi-
ronts i^r line, brevier or nonpariel, 10  ons reasons only given out in the form
o_   statistics.    Sporadic outbursts   ol
cents per line.
Foi time contracts, special posi-
tuns, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths. 5'ic. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., oue cent per
word. No advertisement taken ter
:��. . than 25 cents.
Day Office   A22
Night  Office    B22
Th    Conservatives -       i havi
rati i:.
again   this - 'ssion,  nn :   theii    n fans
this   P    .ince   tre d tl.   furnishe I
; arefullj   man tl    tured   art icles
ir  which flat  mis-statements a:.! col-
���-1   an i   listened   :' lets   are   woven
ii'ii an indictment against the Livi
Government.     It  does :. i   ippe tr to
��� ;. to these s an lal-mongers thai
' e_ con lemn themselves. If facts
are as they say, and if they are in a
osition to demonstrate the truth of
' .'���;:' assertion., why -in 'he}' :. r du
so? They could force i general election and secure their own return toj
power in double quick time, il hei
n..i'i..' -'im I half their ace tsati ms
One of these statements, manufac-1
tured in the head factory at Ottawa,,
ni 1 sent out for use r0 Consen ttive
I tpers, was printed in the News-A 1-
vertiser a day or two ago, and 'his
sentence partfcularly challenge! our
a "'.-ii' ion:
"Il would appear, therefore, 'ha' Mr.
Hitchcock,   Mr.  McGregor,    and   any
hei   person  who may be associated
with them bu' who-.' names are kept
1 it of sight, have n, | |e ..,-!.,,..,, wjtn.
little over a year ' ���.   . ;:.. :���   .. .
uing ".'.- . gi ints   ������:    a  lease from
������ Dominion Government and selling
'   "In out."
Th" N��ws-A lvertiset is the personal
- in ���-   the President of the Council,
-*'    '-'���'��� ' re, - -   ���- awa e that
in -  more tb m two grants ol    ;:. Is
have .".-ii obtaine I  from 'lie Provin-
';,]   '���' ���' fnmi nt    I iring  'he present
' -:*   ������ ���"  ���'   fo tunes  have
'������'���.    ������������������ ma !.- out ol them,   Per-
''-" V- -.���-.. \ ivei :--���:��� Mill kindly
* - ���'��� ��� the in. "names ire ke I out
-��� sigh ;. ���;.;- install ������'.' !:' we were
minded  to re ike  - :.-a   in insinuation,
have much    ��et ������    \   ,und   for it
han   the   writer    of   the   paragraph
-.   iv,   qu ite i. had.
Nu sins a' Vi. ���-    i    in exci se sins
..    Ottawa.     I.'-'   ��������� i ���:.-��� : ilng    ���   de-
robbery with violence, such as ocurr-
ej in this city recently, are not indicative of increasing criminality here.
foi many of the perpetrators are noi
natives a settle I resi lents of the city
oi country. On the whole, the statistics Mr. Archibald quoted .show 'hat
Canada is a law-abiding country, com-
: ..:inj in a remarkable manner with
the   Lrnit�� I   Sl ites   ;::   pr iporti ���:.   i ���
ilation      :id   ::.   a I .ance   i >l
L'nite i   !<::;_ !"!ii."
'!')..' statistics q i ite i        Mi     .i  hi
bald are a    redit to Canad I fi
��� -; -     irole      -'    i as well i
...    :���    .::..--' ��� '       .    _���-.
Ihat nted Brigadl       ������
the Salvation Army a- pai
Til.'   \*;:, ������ uver   ';:;;���:.    has
.   tide n hich strikes   is as ill na
-   ptious and inconsistent,    i -.   F. vs
ilr.i ay  .'!..���  Lil eral n ea ;.- -  f i    t!iis
city.     [ts   chief ground   of m
��� ' M;. Howay is. thir ;;.' oppose :
drawing of pan.'.' lines some five ���;
six years ago; bul as ���!)������ Gu irdian
Is fighting oth pai ties today, j- is
difflcult to .... how i: can li;i! .-'an I-
ingground to quarrel .'.:':i Mr, How i;
on that score.
Big   Nugget.
Melbourne, Dec. 20.���Several - >1 I
nuggets wen lisi ivered recently near
Tarnagulta, and two were found yesterday weighing respectively 967 and
373 ounces, the largest .-een in Australia in forty ye irs,
A rough estimate of the value of tbe
larger of the nugge:.   is $16,500.
Reduced Rates on Market Day.
Effective December 28, 1906, the
Great Northern Railway company will
���-"II fii'.-t class round ni;. tickets Port
Guichon and fnterme li tte points I >
New  Westminster al   $1.01    for    the
��� ai trip nn Friday. .Market day.
with return on da'e of sale only.
Half rates will be made for chii I
ren five years ad under twelve years
n:' age
���  -  !.
-     In
:. ��� .ia ������ i .' hei��� vei it is proved to -;\i-\
We ������'��� rite of this a te . ith :. . intend :. -a using the m're ..:. ither"
iment, but simply to ; oini out I h I
'������"  paj ���: -  ���.���.:,- ii king  the
���''     -''' Govei:.: ien!   _ ss accusati ms
'    m tlfi asanee, not one o   . hich has
' '"���'"   ���   '-' :   :���:��� l some of which I tve
-. rove ! ovi       ad ove    agait
���   sup orting and bi     i ling -;..- Pro-
G    ���       ��� '    which is all iwing
,; uui     ..���      . ',; the Pr .ince to
-  ���'���   'hi   hands ol   ���  ������ tul tt irs at
:������  rate :.'.a'   mi ins en    mou.      is to
������  ay i
lere ha
'   thi .  tin
few months ago, al
'    the   .en . irs.     The   I. ilk ol
ive gone into the
' ���   ������      ,:  tl ���   P  n lm        We have
���'''���'   ''������:-��� :-* I with ': - detail   il on ���
Iran ai tl m, in  _ hii :. a few thousand*
dollars Investe 1  I ist   .-' ml er in a
cuiative  timber  deal,   returne I to
the investors    . im thing    over 1,000
er . ent.
The G ivernmeni knows all about
*'' --" mat Tbey kn iw that tfm-
i er an l land specula .. .- are exploiting th" resources of th" country to tlie
lune '���: hundreds ef thousands; they
I.ave known It all along, and they
i' uld have pul a stop to it any day.
Wh; have they allowed it to go on?
Ar ��� there any "names kept out of
l, ___
Fern Potts
Silver Plate
Brass Goods
Gilt Goods!
Pepper and Salts from 35c pair guaranteed
Souvenir Pins from 25c��hat and brooch
Horace Dorer
Diamond Merchants
Next Tram Office
���Goldsmiths. Silwrsmiths
A Patu.."i-_an  Animal That  Seek.  Iti
Oviii   Qrai i-.vard.
It seems from the accounts gl.en by
Darwin and by W. H. Hudson that all
the guanacos of the southern part or"
Patagonia must res irt when the hour
of death approaches t i a certain spot
iu a certain river bed which has be
come a perfect mausoleum of their
Mr. Hudson notes thut it Is only the
guanneo of the southern extremity of
tbe South American continent that ba.-.
this habit, a habit restricted to de
scendants of forefathers whe lived in
an extremely rigorous climate. Mr.
Hudson conjectures that among these
forefathers the Inst .. t grew up when
tbe stress of hunger an ! cold was very
dir ��� of resorting to this sheltere I \ I ce
In the river be I, where they might And
warmth lu their own cl isely c illected
numbers   and   \ ibly   fo id.     By   n
continual survival ol those which betook themselves to this place of ref ige
th ��� race Instinct would be forme i oi
resorting thither when they felt the
tides of life running low. This feeling,
Mi. Hudson argues, their descendants
are likely to experience n iw at tii'- ap
pronch of the hour ol death.
Bul now i: i- no longer just u ;��� ���
Ing spi I ol extreme cold that leads
tbem thither. Th ��� de ith c: I! has come,
and they must lay their b ...������- In the
common 11101 i ary It I not "in order
to die" thai i!,.. _��� in ,.������, - ���������:.. this
place; It wo ild be ue trer the truth if
we were to say It  was  "In  order to
Bul Hi ��� ii, .-I true ace mill of all I.
that it Is In mere obedlen ��������� t'i the in
herlted Inst Id i thai the guanoes re
-orts in ibis refuge.
Yet another Instance of this mysterious guidance is afforded by the habit
of the rattlesnakes In the colder t'Oiiu-
trles in assemble together for hibernation iu caves. These snakes on emerging from the eaves cover long instances
In their wanderkigs, tbeir young are
goni'.nlly born far away, and yet thest
young succeed Iii finding their way tithe rnvii- with the greatest certainty.
���London Spectator.
Architectural   Competition  for Departmental   and  Justice   Buildings.
Com; etitlve I   iwtngs are Invite ; I
Departmenl il   ind  ' istice B ss. lings    i
e aw rded a m of $8,  ': ���
un .   at Ol Ont
:..   autho ���������-���  design will
e awarded i      i og $8 ""il. the
nd    est $4,00      he    third
52,01)0 and the 1 esi   .'.'	
Drawings  wi eived n r la i
.   .pi::  15th,  IS 7. an : are   o   ie
���   sed to the Si    etary of the D -
menl ol  Pu .lie  Works, Otta�� i.
This  competition la open  to Cana-
..-.;���   ��� -   ������'. i have  I n resi-
lei    in C i     a    .ear or more.
i 'on litions of    - - ipetitl ra   stal Ing
leuts ol    iui! lings  an I  maps
howing site, etc.   . i     ie had on application       the un lei dgn ��� I,
!:.. ..
Secret u
ment of Publlc *W   11
Ottawa, Di .ember 12, 1906.
:.   ��� - . ipers Inserting this advertisement withoul  authority from the De-
. ri -. enl will nol I e paid for it.
ion to the above we
ana Dress  Suits, Fancy
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Cllard  Black     N'.w Westminster. B.C.
I uxedo
Steamboat   Wraps,    Suit   Cases,
Gladstone Bags, Initial Handkerc
fine Knes oil
. CRAKE t!sand rA8T��ST=
Handkercliiefs witb fa
anaKercniers with raney Doraer.
ana finest creations in Xmas
Ties   we  have
:ver o
Th ��� Montreal Witness has the following accouni of a semi-official statemenl aa to the prevalence of crime in
Canada, and as to the results of the
parole system.
"li was, indeed, a i al I'.- Ing exj osi-
lion of crime In Canada, which W.
An hibald, Domini >n Parole Officer,
made In the American Presbyterian
church,  lasi   Sunday,   showing   thai
English Watchmaker
Two  doors  from   Geo. Adams,  Grocer
��� ) up
Ladies' Gold Watches from $]
Gentlemen's   >il\er   Watches,
face, $6.00
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, double
case, .7 60 up
Agent fur tl e celel rated South Bend
Watches, sup] lied to the Wellman Arc-
��� ic Ex| edition.    All warranted.
Chains, Rirgs, .Jewelry, etc.
Watch r p&iring; charges reasonable.
If you a.e sending Sn- friends fro n
the   Old   '' luntry,  buy   tickets now
while   Iiie   i ii" ta   r ites   are   on. Y" I
r in gel  better   accommodation    an i
i '.   ; er rate V--  ipplylng to
C.P *'. Agent,
to the public.     Don t fail to see our Xmas goods.
in ��� * D��C. 21. 1906.
r Bath Robes,
the DAiLt mm
The Cash Store
Clearance sale
Wrappers, 95c
The Last Week for
Local News Briefly Told
Come as early in the week as you can.
There are hundreds of choice things today and will be to-morrow, but as the
week rolls on and hundreds of happy gift
seekers make purchases here���you can
ladily understand that the assortment will not be as large as the end of
|e week as now.   Lots of bargains to-day for the thrifty���each clepart-
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To Men Shopping For Furs
ihen   '.    > ., . md other workers who are detained by their duties
iugh the da;
A   tn hi   who  -a  -      ! ...a ia   littl    or nothing il       I i     :.:. Is this just the place to shop because all the information  we havi   Is put  al  his se       i   and in our i has good opportunities for comparison and study
.>   cleai ance   of   Children's   Col ir ���
Furs   r gular $1.25 foi    $1.C0
: ��� n's White !���* in
i    i'.i     :* ���    . $1.75, $3.50. $6.50.
v, ���-.   .... :   v  -.0 .
:���':. ler's   Long   Marmot    Throw-overs,
extra long lengths, Satin lined 	
Ladies' Sable, Fox. Marten. Mink and
other Furs, in all shapes and length.,
some with muffs to match; $12.50,
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Women's Neckwear in  Rich Variety
ver had ;      eati        -. laj o. ex | il ite Silk S   irfs, Fan .   Stocks
.: Dn     en  "Si  - " iff    Chifl in e Is ngs,   Cl ifl  i    -'     :s,  with   < ui   .-  ��� ���'
eaul :. ' he extreme.
Fan ������   ia. .��� Col Erabi ii lere I   Muslin  Chit, >n    Collars���Abou
lozen to choose , v      i 35 an i  40c. Vo ir ch dee 	
i,   .������.   fine .. Ties al  35:. SOc. 75c. $1.00. $1.50. $2.00   $2.50. $3.50
' i $5.50.
Rei L.nen Handkerchiefs and Gloves Real K
nlj  buys Mime of   he   ��� useful   hings, iy   ne som., a dozen, or a a' ire.
:: the famous Trefouss   Gl ive, which is    a  ��� n        I   the besl stores in  Vm rica and Fran e,   il
opular price . .$1.50
medium   length   Glov      it 75c, $1X0, $1.25 , $2.75 to $3.75.
ite on Manufacture   - - ���    inds and S
worth 25c for 15 2-3c.
n an l fancj ones at 5c. 10c, 15c, 25c. 5Cc. 60c. 75c. $1.00
Don't :���ii ;,, see the gran I display
.'- exhibite I In the wind i.v.- of .lohn-
ston's Big Shoe House 243
Tenders for the supplies for ihe
Royal Columbian hospital are being
called for on anothei page ot this
F. J. Lfnch has commenced the
work of Clearing his lol on Clarkson
street, and the lumber which will be
used in the building hns arrived on
the scene
if you want   something  extra    for
your Xmas dinner,  buj   your choicer
Turkeys and Geese at the Pacific Ment
Markel, opposite Irani office    ,.  243-4
The log supply in the Small __ Bucklin mills was augmented yesterday by
a large eight swifter bi mi from I'ir
Lake which was brought down by the |
The B, c. E. It. company did the
generous act and turned on the Columbia streel Illuminations last night,
to the great delight of both purchasers an l merchants.
The sailing vessel Chelmsford is expected to enter the mouth of the river
al day break this morning. The big
beal will be t tken to the Fraser River
mills to load lumber.
Turkeys, geese, poultry of all kinds,
ni Rechinbach Co.
The Burnaby Sunday school Christ-;
mas tree and entertainment, will be.
held In the Burnaby school house,
Douglas road, this evening, commencing at S o'clock. Rev. A. J. Brace of
Victoria, will be In the city for the occasion  and  will act  a.s  chairman.
an 1 embroidered       M islin     and     La vn
That: Delayed Shipment of Long
Coats Has Arrived
A score or more smart, dressy, warm Coati, in Plain Coverts,
Shadow Checks, Shepherd Checks and Plaids, well tailored and
neatly trimmed with suitable trimmings, as velvets, stitching, etc.
Who wouldn't be pleased with the gift of one of these garments?    The prices are 510.C0 ^.$25.00.
!   '      * . "        *
R   ' '   / ;     . W* ,
y^4   \ *.y:v'_1s_.______.
Glrls  Bear Cl
an 1 $3.75 ones are g< ing ' ��~5U'
Some ��� ������'
mat rial.
v;,... coats     * Tweed, Ke
. ,,,,, 81lk  Bl0llses in White  and   colors    one   special  Iin,
liS   week   at  $2.00.
Others In Wool, Silk, Lu    ,   *���   . e
$5.00, $10.00 to $14.00.
Golf Blouses, J. - ��, ������ :    ': '   '
etc., In ; tock,
*"��� Plain . .
|Ne*Met     ,    ,
P! a i d
"'��� Fanr..   i
th __..u>
The annual public closing examinations in connection with the Public
and High schools will take place this
afternoon, from 1:30 to 3 o'clock. Tbe
parents of the children nre invited to
be present, as in t inner years. Tha
schools will tla ... close until January
A carload of choice turkeys and
geese at Rechinbach's for tke Xmas
Two young men were arreste I yesterday morning on suspicion of having ieen implicated in a recent robbery on the Port Moody road, but af
:������;��� being questioned by tbe chief of
police, thej were liberated, as tbey :
were able to prove that they were in
no way concerned with  the affair.
The police magistrate yesterday
morning sentenced \V. Springer to
spend the next fifteen days In jail,
Springer being convicted of having
Ieen drunk and incapable the pre-'
vious night. Christmas in Jail will
be Springer's lot this year, J Roach,
another drink victim, was fined $1
aud costs.
Christmas buyers are reminded of
the magnificent .showing of holiday
footwear as displayed at Johnston's
Big  Shoe  House. 243
' Lights out," was the trouble with
,i number of buildings along Colum-
iia street yesterday evening, one of
the electric light transformers, opposite the Windsor hotel blowing ont.
The electric lighl staff, under the direction of P. Bowler, worked away
Into the evening until the lamage was
Rev. B. A. Sand, pastor of the Lutheran church, received yesterday by
telegram from Everett, Kansas, ihe
sa.i news of the de.ith of his wife's
mother, rs. Karri Thorson. Mr. Sand
has only set;lea in New Westminster
and was looking to a pleasanl Christens in .iis new home, bul this Bad
news has cast a
resolutions of  the   city council   and
other corporations."
Ti, ��� Leonard vs. For I case which
was u have come up for hearing yes-
terday before Judge Henderson, was
once more remanded, this time until January 4. The counsel for the
plaintiff was I). (',. Macdonell, whilst
A VVhealer wan on hand to represent
the defendant. The case bas arisen
over n dog which belonged to the de-
ten lanl and which he lost while
shooting last fall in the Pitt Meadows
district. The dog was found tied up
ou Ford's ranch, where Mr. For 1
siule.s thai It had been committing
There is al least one crazy Chinaman roaming at large iu this city,
although it is haul to decide which
one of two slat eyed Celestials is
really the one entitled to a berth in
the foolish housr. Last evening, a
Chinaman walking along Columbia
street, look it upon himself to inform all and sundry that another Chink
who was following some distance behind was "heap clazy." The supposed
lunatic was stopped by a city police
man, bul his conversation being ae
rational as could be expected of any
son of the Flowery Kingdom, he was
allowed to go on his way. The sanity
of Chinaman No. 1 is now under a
cloud, at leasi so far as the officer is
Xmas Umbrellas, Men's 7-Jc to $6.50.
Ladies' 50c to $11.50. Children's 50c
to $1.25.    Smith's Cash  Store.
FURNISHED   ROOMS   to let.     Apply
315   Carnarvon street. 241-6
LOST on Thursday, black sow. Finder
please notify A. F. Lucas. City P.O.
WANTED ��� Boy for jewellery store.
Apply  Horace Dorer, Columbia st.
WANTED���Boys,   immediately;    good
wages.    Apply B. C. Cigar Factory.
WANTED���One or two furnished
rooms, close in or on car line. Write
G., care of Daily News.
Wanted���Strong boy to drive rig and
make himself generally useful. Apply W. K. Kales' Furniture si
MR. HARRY DAVIS, Baritone, will receive pupils. Lessons in the art of
singing and voice production. 321
Columbia  Street.
WANTED���Married couple desire furnished rooms for light, housekeeping
or hoard ami rooms in private family.     Apply II. ihis office.
LOST���yesterday morning, Great
Dane Bitch, eight months ol 1. Lame
In one of the bind legs. Finder
please communicate at. once with
S. A.  Paige, co. Daily Xews Office.
LOST��� Between Fraser River Meat
markel and A. M. Herring's residence, Sixth street, purse co: taining
the sum of $ln. Finder will be rewarded on returning same to this
office. 243-1
Printing of every description���If you
wish to reach your clients leave us
your order for type-written circa! rs.
We can print them io your satis::
tion as we have the type faces for this
class of work. Vour order will be .
predated. Mrs. Dominy, proprietress,
Arrow Press. Daily Xews Block.
LOST���Between Asylum and Douglas
street cemeterw aud Columbia Bt,
watch guard, black grograin ribb n,
gold buckle and diamo l-sel locket
with photo inside. Finder will ' ���
suitably rewarded by returning
same to W. K. Fales 242-2
_loom over bis house-
iu   mm ������   EU    m
H   ^5* O Westniiiistfa
"  ' -.-��� :   .���_-_^*Bt_*33r>>;.'^;*'   ������'���
,'.._. V^'"��_3^S .j-fi^^
The annual installation of officers
in the local masonic lodges will take
; an a on Dec. -'7. The officers of
Union Lodge will be installed at .">
o'cloi k on that date by P. G. M. Dr.
Walker. The officers of King Solomon Lodge will be installed at 7 p.m.,
: j P.G.M., T. .1. Armstrong. The an-
lual masonic banquet will follow the
Installation and promises to be quite
as brilliant a function as that of for-
n er years,
Johnston's Big Shoe House can certainly be called the greal slipper
.lore, judging by the display they are
making in the many lines for men,
women and children. 243
I). S. Curtis, president of the board
of trade, yesterday received a wire
from Hon. L. P. Brodeur. minister of
marine and fisheries with reference
ti the com munication recently sent
to Ottawa by the board in connection
with the Interim report of the fish-
erles commis don. The telegram
ren i as follows: "Proii'si against fisheries commission's Interim report duly
re eived, 1 shail await letter from
your board and consider it along with
Royal Columbian Hospital
Tenders will be received by the undersigned, and marked "Tenders for
| Supplies," up to l p.m.. Saturday, December 29th, 1906, i'or supplying tba
hospital from 1st January, 1.07. to
31st December, 1907, wiih the following articles:
Bread,   white   and   brown.
Wood,  slabs,   per cord;
Coal, washed nut;
Detailed lists of drugs, grocor.es,
beef, mutton, and lish can be obtained at the hospital.
Neither the lowest, or any tender
necessarily accepted.
Samples of the groceries and all information obtainable on application
to the J_ady Superintendent at the
W.   H.  KEARY.
Secretary, R. C. H.
New Westminster, B. % D*ic 80. V. Of..
1 1
���    -       /��* '���
�� ' ' ti  j I '' '     '' *��� i
i i
The l. u.-Mlwn of nn InBiiHy of
World- and Their Ilia.trlhiulnn In
an Inllnli. of Mpne.-���Illalanre of Ihe
V-HI-4-. I   l:\HTruil   I lllVITB..
There can be no subject more cal-
culated to Impress a man's mind with
bis own insignificance compared with
tbe overwhelming power and glory of
bis Creator than tbe study and contemplation of tlie firmament in all its
boundless Infinity. It Is not to be j
wondered ut that from tlie earliest
ages the subject has never failed to
exercise a fascination over men and
that those wbo by their genius and I
learning have most nearly succeeded
In solving Its mysteries have always
been revereneed and esteemed to be
among the wisest men of their day. l
More has been done within the Inst
fifty years than In all the rest of the
world's history toward the piercing of
the veil which shuts off from our eyes
.he beauties and mysteries of farof.
realms, nnd doubtless by means of the
spectroscope and Increased size In the
lenses of our telescopes we shall be
enabled before long to unravel still
more secrets of the universe.
The question as to whether Bpace Is
finite of Infinite can never be satisfactorily   argued   out   or    Indeed   even
thought of, for tbe human mind is Incapable of grasping the existence of n
limit to space, even In Its most abstract form, but the question of the Infinity of worlds and their distribution
ln the Infinity of space lies mure closely within the scope of human Intellect, j
for we have many material facts and
calculations to i_<> upon In discovering j
the probable answer to this most fas- j
clnatlng question.
Only as far back .is the seventeenth \
century astronomers placed the num
bei of stnrs lu the universe as a littli :
over 1,000, but this was absurd, ns the i
real number visible to the naked eye ls
about 7,(iikj. and perhaps treble that
number can lie seen by jiersons with
exceptionally good eyesight. When the
heavens, however, are examined
thisuigh a telescope the number of visible stnrs ls en irmously increased. In
fact, it has been calculated that the
nn.st powerful reveals a.s many as
UK i..'mi i.i i.m.' Yet what is that vast
number compared with Infinity? It
cannot even be likened to a >rralu of
sinid on the seashore, and yet If we
think the matter out carefully we shall
- r- ��� that the number of visible stars
ca.innt really be Infinite, for if tbey
wire the heavens would be a complete
blaze of llfrbt. This, of course, we
ki.ow Is far from being tbe case, and
indeed there cannot be any doubt thnt
in certain parts of the heavens at least
tbe number of visible stars is already
known, for even with the very stron-
nest telescopes there are blank spaces
whicb are absolutely devoid of stars
below a certain magnitude or even the
veriest trace of nebulous lij-bt.
These spaces are known to astronomers by the name of "coal sacks."
They contain no stars fainter than the
twelfth magnitude and, In fact, appear
tn mark those parts of the universe
which are comparatively thin. On the
other band, In other parts of the heavens we bnve nol by any means reaehed
the limit of telescopic resolvablllty. It
I.- curious, though, Hint these intensely
dnrk "holes'' lu the bright empyrean
nre mostly to be found In those parts
of the heavens where moat stars
abound, notably In the Milky Way,
These remarkable blank spots have
been a favorite theme of discussion
nnd argument among all astronomers,
for, whatever the real shape or distribution of thnt universe may be, they
point to the almost certain Inference
that in a particular direction at least
there is an actual limit to the number
of stars, .'iml If there Is a limit in one
direction we have every right to suppose that such is the case in others,
and that we bnve only to wall fur
telescopes strong enough to resolve
these parts which nre still unresolva-
ble to discover that a point can be
re&cbcd when all the stars of the universe are unfolded to our gaze.
If, now, we admit that the num' ���:
of visible stars is limited, the i_.:;i
qw-stion to be asked is, What ls the
ord t or shape of their distribution;
Vi ii u's astronomers have bad various
the iries aboul this matter. Herschel
wail Inclined to think that the visible
un! '"������" wi - In the shape of a disk.
though Iii-' views In this direction were
c iiMidernbly nu dined during the Inter
par; of his life.  Strjtve considered, thai
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bia Street
Columbia Street
TiTe universe was in "tlie snape of a disk
of United thickness, but infinite length,
a tlftiory which is hard to support, as,
unless the ultimate extinction of llplit
ln ��paee Is  believed  in,   that   part  of
tb��.   heavens   which   lay   toward   the
plane  of  the  disk  would   necessarily I
shine with tbe brightness  of the sun. |
Proctor, though finding It impossible tc i
define any particular shape for the vis
Ible universe, as a whole, was of the !
opinion that the brightest pnrt of it
namely,  tbe Milky  Way���was In   thc
form of a spiral.   This latter theory, i
.however, has many objections to con-1
tend   with,    Other   astronomers   have :
bad different theories on this question, I
but all. or nearly all, appear to admit
nn ultimate limit to tbe size of the visible universe, or. In other words, believe
that the galaxy of worlds whieh surround us form. In fact, but an Islet In
the vast Infinity of space.
It would appear at first sight thai
any attempt to solve tlie question of
Ihe existence of external galaxies and '
their distance was absolutely fntlle. yel
such le not the case. The result of calculation is tbat the nearest external
universe is so fnr distant thai lieht
from !t traveling al the speed of 188,-
000 miles a second would take nearly
00,000,000 years to reach us.'-Cham-
hers' Journal.
The average number of teeth is thirty-two.
The average weight of an adult is ino
pounds ii ounces.
The weight of the circulating blood is
twenty-nine pounds.
Tlie brain of a man is more than
twice that Of any other animal.
A man breathes about twenty times a
minute, or 1,200 times an hour.
Over 540 pounds, or one hogshead
and one and one-fourth pints, of blood
puss through the heart in au b iur.
Tbe average weighl of the brain of a
mnn is three and one-half pounds, thai
of a woman two pounds eleven ounces.
Tliere   are   17.".'   o, i   . ells   In   tbe
lungs, which would cover a surface
thirty times greater than  the human
just arrived and including
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in    Seven Greal  K:||K|,.���, Bodies nt
the World.
Th" population of the earth at the
j death ot the Emperor Augustus was
estimated at 50,000,000. Today it Is
' ���'��� ulated that this globe has a population uf 1,603,150,000. Out of this vast
number of more than a billion and a
half of human boiugs it Is asserted that
all bul an Infliiitestmal fraction of 1
per cent believe in and worship Iu
some degree a supreme ruler of thn
��� inverse.
There are seven went religions In the
world. The Christian religion has the
greatest number of adherents, 563,000,-
000, of this number 350,000,000 are
Catholics and 213,000,000 Protestants.
These two grent divisions nre subdivided Into Innumerable sects differing
from one another on sum., point of
dogma or church government. Next in
Importance comes the worship of un-
cestors and Confucianism, whu.se foi
lowers are 283,000,000 In number. This
belief Is confined almost exclusively to
the Chinese nnd Japanese, In India
there are 223,000,000 Brahmans Tbfs
form ef religion 1ms decreased .somewhat during recent years, owing per
liajis in tin. continual ravages of plague
and famine In thai  in try.  Hm it still
holds the third place among the seven'
great rcllgloua. Brahmaiilsin Is bard
pressed, however, by the faith nf I-
lnni. There are 222,000,000 0f these foi
lowers of Hi" doctrines of Mohammed
The fifth mi the II il are tho Po ytln
the believers in many g.'.ls, who num
her 130,000,000.   The devotei - of Find
j   illin   come   next,    107,000,000   sir ing
These,  too,  hnve  their  stronghold   I
India.  The sn allesl of the seven _-  ���.
religions of tbe world is Taoism, wit!
44,000, i adherents In the Chinese i n:
plre and In Tibet.
The next greatest religion, In poinl
of numbers, to Taoism Is the belief of*
Japan,  Shintoism.    This  Ims  but   IS,- I
|| 000,000   believers.    The   Jewish   faith-
now counts but half that number of,
adherents.   But, unlike the other great
religions, the followers of the teachings
of Moses are uot centered In nny par- j
tleuinr country, but nre scattered all I
about the world.   Compared with the
foregoing, the religions of the I'nrsees, I
while one of the  most beautiful  the- ���
oretlcally, has about the smallest foi-
lowing of any  distinct  belief In  the'
world. 150,000.   This sect hns its home!
In India and i.s best known to the outside world by its curious burial customs,  tho  famed   "towers of silence."
|   ���Exchange.
ladian Pacific Xmas Will Soon Be Here
ULWAY COMPANY -   ���= - ���=
  We aro very busy   working overtime, in fact, to keep up.
1 w vciR pypiiRQinuQ    But ni,t t0��husy t:l supply your wants t0 Perfection'
1 NtW rUR EXCURSIONS We have made every preparation for our Christmas
��� wm be issued trade.   Our stock is complete.
t   tari one-third  for the
wp. Dai    ; aie, Dec. 2ist to Call in and see us; you are welcome, whether you
Decjsth to Jan. k     Qr not     We .,,,. g[v[ng ., nice piece 0f Hony to every
"������ '"��� tii irs apply to      | Ubl101,
'; LET,
1    P. R   Agent,
N'ew Westminster
E.  J.  COYLE,
You haven't as long to live as you
used to hnve.
Some people nre so agreeable that
they nre disagreeable.
Heroism is generally a foolish act
with a successful termination.
Sumo people not only insist upon giving advice, but asiking questions at the
same time.
When a married woman hours ahout
women who are working on salaries
sli" is liuble to sny, "Well, I earn all I
The surest way to tame a man I.s to
take his money away from him. When
n ninii Ims no money even a woman
cau run over him.
People talk of nursing their wrath as
If they iivr bloodthirsty for revenge,
but leave an angry man alone nud In
two days he will have forgotten what
he got angry nbout.���Atchison Globe;
. A. W -L._L.J__1    GROCERY
am Gene    passenger Agent,     pg    Take a guess at the Cake. "It's FREE to all."
Vancouver. '^  ��� ���	
ansf er Co, 1
Office���Tram  D
��_���>.���>>'��'>'.���.> ��..���..��� .'������'������ * ������*��� *-:*-*
�����*���* ������"��� ���"���"���"���"���>::���>::���:'���''���::���::���; >::���>:��:����..*.:���;
urnbia  tit.
I,. i romptiy to   _nj ,   J
[It and Heavy Hauling; |
s^ivrrrttLinranKrt nssr* n mm.* -t
Selling Out $20,000 Stock 11
Bm3BHBxhsSeiSi''^m ra?__aSSfeS5IS3S3Ri,H����"B
\i> Cure For  Insomnia.
A sufferer irom insomnia may work i
hard at physical and mental labor, yet
the night cometh when no mnn can
work. The Insomniac, utterly fatigued,
fulls into a slumber���not ,t sound, refreshing, dreamless slumber, but a
coma, lethargy, a torpor, born of fatigue, In a few hours the demon says
"Awake!" and tlie Insomniac starts in-
stantly Into waking, with bright, star
Ing, wlllkless, sleepless eyes. Is there
no cure? None. Insomnia comes with
age. Vnu cannot cure your years. Vou
us,mi to sleep yesterday when you were
young. "Nol poppy nor ninndragura
nor all the drowsy sinijis of the world
can medicine thee to that sweet sieop
which yesterday thon hadst." ��� San
Francisco Argonaut
11:, rn   mom. 137
Ei or;
a   '   .a.
ii "��� i the ca: h
of a lifel
" ' enl ;.: .*
I'ved. Wo   ��SBI   J
-     .    I'h ;:��� a  chai   - >
W. E. FALES,      |
i;. ar Extension, Fn nl Street.   J
nd il- ( olumtita
:    .;
t > t;o | '<���>>.���*
���>:;���:;. *:;��*>.:��.��>����!>����!
Port     j
:   ���     ' the
V.H-.I nnd West.
The chief dlstluctiou between the
genius of tbe eastern civilization nnd
thai of the we.t, according to nn oriental, lies In this: With you the Individual is lhe hub of the universe even
charity b 'gins at home with you
while with us of tbe east it is the
whole,  the  state,  uot   i!i"  Individual,
Iml wo emphasize. Au Individual Isi
nothing; the state, tho whole, is everything. We sacrifice thousands of Individuals, iv.' sacrifice our children
and mir wives upon the altar of ua-
tlonal honor, without hesitation, with-
mt regret.- Forum.
' i he (Brick
Wi "-'.I.. i,,..
"HrV      P-opr.e'or
Wewi li to call the al    I10
using) public to ournew ana
varied st ��ck"of
Hid  I>��'��>!i   Grief.
Visitor���I do hope that poor Jack,
your I t'other, does not grieve too much
nt my having broken our engagement.
I feel sure lie must be very unhappy.
Whnl did he sny. dear? The Sister���
Oh, he snld what a lucky thing It was
j-mi broke it off this week instead of
i next, ns it saved him from having to
buy you a birthday presentl
From the Vancouver I h
Cl   bum, I'
llav Co., at
PROGHfSS U.   .10
Tallow candles came
before electric lights���but
that does not prove candles
was   not  the   FIRST
clothing made in Canada
Look for tbe label that protects.
H.   L_.   de BECK
Christmas   Cheer!
is fully stocked with all kinds of
Specially  Imported  for  this  season.
Ladies' fine colored Felt Slippers, in felt and leather
soles, from 50c to $1.25
Ladies'  Fine   Evening  Slippers,  in  fine  Dongola
Kid 1.75 to 2.75
Gents' Fine Dongola Slippers,   a special line, worth |
2.00; for 1.50 I
Special Warm Lined Gentlemen's Slippers, for solid
comfort 90c, 1.00 and 1.25
The Dick damp-proof Boot for Gentlemen, in Dongola and Box Calf, at  4.00
When once worn is always worn, and
requires no rubbers.
The Dick Boot for boys means dry feet and iron wear
The Old Country Boot Store
Columbia St.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
li-, tin- Pound.
Llttlo Elsie Mamma, bow much dc
people pay a pound for babies'/ Mam
I, :i Babies nre not sold by the pound,
my dear. Little Elsie���Then why dc
Hi v always welsh them as soon at
ihey ure born? St. Louis Post-Dls
-���-.'Ee   Papa, a man who has a wife
tup niuelj  if ft  bigamist  Is he noti
���'''��_' t^":'::'' ���''���"  v" irtwaya, ds*r,
iSjpH^ti'.i l"'t*.
Manufacturers and Dealer* in AU Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    1 urned.,Work,   Etc.
I Fish and Fruit Boxes.
j Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
^����H-����li������>����t I
��� m �������H
jj-            ' j
J 1     I
t i    ���   ' :
ii "V
1     '
' .
Ai    '
' ��� *
Drawn   and  Undrawn
The only drawn birds in the city.   ORDER EARLY
Matter hit .nded for this column should be addressed, "Social Editor, Daily News. P.O.
Box ��'-. Nc�� Westminster
XMAS GIFTS i>resent Som^i H
TOYS, all kinds, from 5c to $7.50 ea.
DOLLS, all styles and prices
FANCY GOODS, a beautiful selection; useful, pretty, inexpensive
FINE CHINA, a splendid assortment .
Come and See the Grand Display at
MORF V 9 Colombia St.
irIV_/Ill_rf   M       JL_/       New Westminster
Ladies' Collars and Belts
The Daintiest we have ever shown
j A. J. BIRTCH, 275 Columbia St. j
.1. \v. Bailey, of Fin kaJ**e. was in
the city yesterday doing his Christmas   shopping.
Mark Clark-.', of the firm 'it Clarke
Hi os., loggers of Stave river, WW H
visitor in the city yesterday.
Ven. Archdeacon Small returned
yesterday afternoon to Lytton,
Bishop Dart returned yesterday
from an official visit to Rossland.
Mrs. H. K. Lacey and family will
leave tomorrow on a visit 10 Mrs.
Lacey's sister at Kamloops.
i*.  II. Ringer, of Wetaskiwln, who
has been making a tear of lhe Weel
looking for a suitable nest for his wit.'
and little ones, has (alien in love with
ilie coast and has decided to buy and
locate in ihe Burnaby district He
is negotiating for a nice little ranch,
ami hopes to have his family Installed
lit fort' spring sets in.
Iir.   Davies  has  purchased one hundred feel on one of Chilliwack's main
. Lusiness thorofares and   will   build at
business place there.
Venerable Archdeacon I'eulreat.'i
was in town yesterday.
Miss Beatrice  Libenow is spending
lhe holidays in town us Ihe guest ot
Mr. and  Mrs. c;.  h". Corbould.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Hunt Morgan, of
Chilliwack, were in the city yesterday
on a short visit.
Another Manitoba man arrive.! in
the city yesterday morning, this being
E, A. Wilson, of Manitou, who is visit-
' ing the coast cities for a few weeks.
Mr. Wilson is charmed with the Xew
Wesl minster climate, and rinds it
finite differenl from the l>elow zero
variety which he has heen experiencing for the past month in his prairie
T. J. Roadley, a prominent Portland merchant, arrived in the city
yesterday, and will remain here for a
few days, looking into the future prospects of N'ew Westminster.
Mr. and Mrs. A. James, of Seattle.
are visiting friends in the city for a
few da.vjs. '"They expect to return
home for Christmas.
Our present line of
Many serviceable and suitable articles here
would prove useful and pleasing at this season.   \%
it be for use in the home, or for personal use, we
sist you in your search for Xmas gifts.
Nickel Plated Copper Ware; Special Xmas Reduction in furs
is strictly  of  the highest  quality including.
Serving Dishes
Tea and Coffee Pot-
Cream and Sugar Dishes
Five  O'Clocks.
Chafing   Dishes.
We invite you to call and examine.
In our stock of Furs i.s a line con
sisting of one down Fur Huffs which
have been slow sellers. Probably
they were ioo dear at the price. They
are not too high now -we have reduced them in time for Christmas buyers
and they will be found mosi suitable
for Misses' or Ladies. In the lot are
Black Coney Black Sable, Grey Oppos-
suni. Coon and Sealette, regular values $-.."iii to $6.50, reduced price now
each $3.75.
A presenl wl   h would
cart of anj .
be one of om
heart or an) a   .,i imK kee|
_la<!(]ei m
New Down Comforters
Nothing like   hem ever g^
fore in .New iy.
| ties,  every one
i ings are
Real u
The cotJ
' :'";|  old J
���S;,""s wi"' '*'  :'i sin, aj
"""',' covering     , ul M,,,.,..   ���
-i'i,  will,    aiia ia]  JU
>""'"  wll,<" down  of lhe ,���.     "
Beveral prices to   , ,, ��� from
$6.50, $9.50. $18.50 and $27 50 '
Crib Quilts and Comfort
Special Xmas Offer!
$20.00 Suits for    $18.00
$22.00  Suits  for   $20.00
$25.00 Suits for    $22.00
$8.00 Pants for  $5.00
All Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
P. 0. Box 1*^4
139 Columbia St.       New Westminster
In   i Ik
Many lines of NKKWAAR
against Eire
���i ���
. ...
���' ��� .;-v
��� ��. ���  t. <���
1,'iCS     ���-'���'
(-. 1 ���
(-.     ���
<? .  '
<* .   *
f ���
���*.  *
(.'���     ���
<? , '
(-.     -
/*  ��
.   1
('.   '    ,   '
e*' ���''
.   v
C;   /.'.
8anie   )��� | artment  ��i|
f"'""1  "'"���"���  ""*:        et] for articj
I We  have  theni n
Bizes and kind    l I
$3.75 and $4.25.
The Quilts an
fancy    kinder..)
���    '     a-.
$1.25, $1.50.   $2.00  and  $2.25.
The Transient Throng.
Guichon���A. James and wife, Seattle; T. D. D. Lloyd, Toronto; J, M.
Kelie, Revelstoke; .1. F. Meredith,
Victoria; T. .1. Roadley, Portland.
Ore.; J. E. Hartley, Calgary; J. A.
Bushkeller, Seattle; .lames Eadie. J,
I.* Braithwaite, W. J. Little, Vancouver; W. Hui man, Seattle; J. Hum
Morgan and  wife, Chilliwack.
Windsor���S. S. Rogers, Lewiston,
Idaho: A. S. Christie, Vancouver; O.
I). Lyttle, V. .1. Plant, A. Thomson,
Vancouver; .1. H. Morrison, Dewdney;
II. Francis, W A.. Thompson. Chilliwack; S. Graham, Bellingham; M. A.
Roberts, California; .1. Payne. Haney;
.1. Stewart and wife, Elgin; .1. H.
j Gourlay, NicOmen; A. Xelson .Pen
-Moody; R. Cunimings and son. I_ang-
ley; A. Baker, Haney; A. McPherson, Ellard Block,
Vancouver; .1. Marshal;. Coquitlam;
C, T. Brown, Ladner.
Colonial���Captain Mini.erg, Harris in
Hoi   Springs:   .Mr. and  Mrs. Cunning- 	
son  and child. Seat He. Applications to till two vacancies In
DRUG STORE   ^ W.   O.    LULLllJ 1 ElR   &   CU
By ToDay's Express
Two Shipments of
Christmas Slippers
Cosmopolitan���E.  A.   Wilson,  Mani-  the Fire Departmenl  will be received!
imi.  Man.;   H.  Lawson, Steveston;   S.   ' ;���  the undersigned up to Friday, the:
One from Utz and Dunn, Rochester, ponaMZ7'TZ'hef,vLou^m m��Jparticulars apply to chief waJ
Npw Vnvk " ~���" Bl "*:,; x"' ' Flre Httl]*
1XC\V    J. Ul IY. Christmas   Entertainments. W   A   DUNCAN,
Entertainments in connection  with I City Clerk   Just Arrived
The other came from Blum Shoe Co., htclL;^
Dansville, New York.
miivai ion Army. ...
Call and see them, they are beauties. TLTsTT0.	
What would be more acceptable ? Litl��� uTolT.
In the Bearch for Xmas gifts our
Neckwear Department will lid many
So many customers remark upon
the largness of our display,
New Lace Ties in a range of prices
which are easy on lhe purse,    White
1 Cream and Ecru in coin:'.    Each 25c tn
$2.00 in  price.
New Lace Collars Narrow Neck Col-
ars in Oriental and Guipure Lace
Each 15c in $1.50; Lace Collars with
: long lace fronts or tabs. Each 50c
������ ii $2.50; Shoulder Collars and Fronts
in a variety of Laces, Each 50e to
in Real Estate investments
ci nsult
260 CclJinbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
AU the Leading Lines, put
up in suitable packages for
jrxJTiCLS   MV���S���tltS      Chiff��" Cellars in Novel and Staple
| Styles and tbe range of prices js large.
ALSO ' Ul"' a ""'' dresa a collar is th* finish-
'"""'  'l"H''1      *"  woman  can  have too
BRUSH and COMB CASES many.     Tbey  are appreciated at all
TOILET SETS, Etc., etc.
A good supply at
Linen Table Sets
A new sel ol Iin ��� ���.....,
large size Table t'ovi with a dote
Dinner Napklm- ���" a atch will briij
' :   tip iln- Chrlsl i.." table.
��� ���living linen  buj ���   at. J
. wai's of service I :n iheir;
v.ill prove iln- wis ! m ol , . ...J
ment. Our prin'.- fc these seu ^|
$8.25, $10.75 to $l-i,00.
\'elvet and Satin Tapestry|
A new  lot of hand I j
ers received this wei _ Thej
in handsome colorings nf satin _i
Tapestry and calle i i\rr.. i :.> J
Oxford covers. The vi ������' ������ A
i. harmonious coloiIns S i lal 1
lies and any one of thesi ��'ill :.-J
.is a gift. Each $3.75. $5.00. M.{
$8.75 and $9.00.
Our  House  Furnishing Departuej
j ��ill  furnish  a  hundre I and   :���
viceable  articles ��  ;' h the       ^
j Ing of will mean n - :��� .     i ni I
I i.esi advantage.
dividual  boxes from  75c   to $3.50.
Oilier values from 25c to 75c In all
colors without boxes,
Plaid and Dresden
A  Neck  Ribbon ol        of thi :A
designs  in   thesi. ��� ���]
Woman or young La I
tion of having the newi sl ribi. ni I
the greatesl varlet i i I   hades Is 'itj
held  by careful atti :. Ion to thi
ot ihis departmenl     '' n Xmas bI "J
lng   is  complete  iii  a '���.- :: :. "-\
tiami'ii  bal.v Itibl.mi  ' ' ���      ' j
al 2 yds. for 5c, to tin !<  ��'l    ' {
Plaid  and   Dresden   Ul ��� on   ���' J'.tj
per yard.
lock, New Westminster
Firemen   Wanted.
- New   Glassware
$20 AND UP
the following ordei
Sapperton Methodlsl   Dec. 21
Sal vai inn Army   i^.,.. 21
Dec, 1'.;
Dec. 27
Dec :7 Cut and Made on the Premises
. Dec, 27
St. Barnabas Episcopalian ... ih--. 2
What else could you buy that would be appreciated more woTpZoTZ^^  ' ""'
-< For >-
-Christmas Trad^
We will be pleased to have
than something serviceable, comfortable, and stylish.    All "oh- Trinity.
these qualities are found in our stock of Xmas Slippers.
Endless colors, endless varieties,
endless shapes
Extra help, extra stock, extra values await those who
visit our stock in search of holiday footwear.
Remember the only place you can buy the famous
"Dr. Jaeger's" Slippers. ,
Dec. :. .
New Westminster
247Front Street
11-2   ACRE
$525.��o  Cash
S In the West End
The Reliable Shoe Store    I
Handy to proposed new tram
line. Don't delay buying this for a quick turnover
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,;
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - . New Westminster n.
:t'��." md Section
V(,UMK 1, NUMBER 245
Pages 9-12
Ar.-tr,er if   New   Westminster'.   Educational   Institutions,   St.
Tho .-nil)  river to have  a sluice dam
' 'hi' entrance to tht east hranch of
���  -nil! river; also a dam, with a hulk-
la i I an i inlel works, a; the entrance
ih.   west   branch, where the water;
'��� will be conveyed in steel pipes to the j
power-house and returned to the said'
river at  a  diffi rem i   i    elevation  > r
100 feet.
2. Am! this i : irther to certify that
the Companj proposes to begin their
a li rtaking by the necessary excava- .
tion in:.! tbe construction of a cofferdam across the mouth of the west
��� anch ol thi Stave River, in accordance with the plans prepare I by \\ il-
Ham Kenne I.. Ji.. Hydraulic Engineer, .a i Rb ! u Ith the ' lh il. ol the
Exi Ci uncil.
::. An I this is furtl er to ci rtif;�� that
tin a a mt i���:* cai'i'ai of the Coaipan.
which will be duly s i i cribe 1 an 1 paid I
up before the sail Company com-
nences construction : thai portion of
thi i: .-. a : taking In the preceding
paragraph mentioned, or further exercises anj of ihe powers of the "Water
Clauses Consolidation Act, 1S97," Part
IV.. in that behalf, is hereby fixed al
the sum of $100,000, and the further
j amount of capital to be subscribed and
paid  up above  the  cost   of  the first-
The Dominion Trust Company
=====   OFFER -
The following Valuable RESIDENTIAL
The Finest Selection of VACANT LOTS
in the City of New Westminster
 FOR   SALE ���
202.���M4 acres; east side of Scott
road about V/2 miles from New Westminster.    Priee $2,200.
Louis   (R.  C.j   College.  Blackwood  Street.
The Dai .   '-��� ws  rej .   sentativi
:.:':.:     I      .'.   things of    i
i    bis   tou
I tea
' ;<" line of men's
In   a   variety   d!
Anothei   sea
Christm  -
ne of hats      Mr.
��� John It. Stetson,
and   King,   in
n   Englh h an I N'i w
;id gloves In all
'. 1  ft hat  WO ild u::;.
te  'ia.re?
' .   suspenders and
ivi 11 worth glancing
��� ��� ��� all I he way round
!n iv    are   also   fanoy
.   the   trimmest
' ��� ��� ��� i.t       ���,
n v. i le variel y.
:���    is i riginal.   In
'here  is  an   In Its
in' ' .   and   Santa
'���-��� over the top in
in     that   i tlte .i
ha\" v, aited f r
pati  n   ol   ...���
���   rtitldn n's   patn n
��� ��    lepths      The
ing,  and   i   ���
tckground    Is   of
co 1 '.!   the
��� ��� ��� .���    of .i;
Ispla.v.     \ few ";'
carrii I   In     the
u as ',1 h Id to the
' ' n'li  win low
line nl' shoo- nnd
will pay tie Christ.
'" look and to look
Whereas the Stave Lake Power
C mpany, Limited, a specially incor-
orated company within  the meaning
 0I Part jy Qj .J]e ."\\-ate,. clauses Con-
":- " who make i in      lidatioa Act, 1S97," incorporated on
thi    store  are entii ��� .        ..  sues,  on   .,     ,.,, , _, ,.���,,
the lath dav of September, 1899, was
the weight  "i  'I.i   ���   ke   and I   e one
,. , granted   a  Certificate,  dated  the   Tth
.. no Is suceessfu .���.. gui .sing the n ial���
day of December, 1904, approving the
proposed undertaking of the Company,
name!. ;
To erect works for generating power
and light on the 'vest half of Section
19, Township IS, east of the Coasl
Meridian, and ou the east half of Section 24 of Township 15, east of the
Coast Meridian; to construct a dam
al Stave Lake in the District of New
Westminster, on the uorth ball'of Section i 1 of Township -1 of Range .'..
west i : 'in 'ih Meridian, for impound-]
ing ,. reservi ol water; to transmit
... ��������� and light by wire along 't-
>:..-. Rives from the power station
��� i the u'entri   sei tion line of Townsbi]
abb :
distant; house fairly comfort-
other buildings of nominal val-
Price $4,000;  terms can   be ar-
          _!US���24 acres iu South Westminster
mentioned   portion   in   respect of  the. about   3 acres have  been   logged  and
remainder of the  undertaking before  tb"r"eci;, f���m�� ��f,}��tue  w^orth aboii.
. . $-00;   about  2 miles trom  .New West-
the same is commenced shall be $200,-   minster.    Price $600; % cash, balance
000. , on  terms   to  suit   purchaser.
4. And this is further to certifv that .    nnn    ��� ... , .
VVl ....       , . .    .        ....        209���Surrey;    690   acres;   very   far.'
the time within which the said capital,   soll.  (iivi(ied  int0 10 acres lots; twolmercl
viz., $11111.0011,  is to  be subscribed, is   of the lots front on  Scott road;   will |sired.
fixed at June 1st, 1907, and the time in 'make excellent fruit or poultry farm;
which the said undertaking and works 15e,ar   market;   3%   miles  from  city.
Price $15 per acre;   easy    terms    to
Business and property for
sale; six acres of land; house, six
rooms; barn, 45x_.5 feet; sheds, chicken house with covered run; land all
cleared; part orchard and part garden. Price, for land and building,
$2,500. Fairly good stock of general
merchandise  can  be purchased  if de-
Price $15 per acn
are to be commenced is fixed at June | jjarlit,s improving.
1st, 1907, and the date by whicb a por- j
Grossman's Offerinns.
''I ithing com]
ban    hi    i ot I   handsome
i -���  to  the  weight,  wi      e yei mitte I
[and tin    .  ���   certainly   elegant   -,, ,.]ajui  .;���. - :.,      Th(   ..,, ri.j:,���-��� .-,
. ���      rii i- shot silk flow-   o1 guesses will laki  place Dec. 31, bo
... eelall)  worth,  ol   that the winner can become possessed
...   handkerchii I   ta
Ita also      ��� '.i lation and g]
legant  assoi tmeni   i I
Uon of said work sha.1 be completed!    212-160 acres in Surrey; this land
so as, actually to furnish  and deliver : fr��nts on  the  Scott road and  is five
5,000  electrical  horse-power   ls  fixed   n"'!es from S' Westminster;  there are
at   .November  1st,  1908   and' the _.,._��  SOme 40 acres of fairly good land on
laws, anu  the date east end of lot;  while the pile timbei
802���110 acres;  house and  bam on
gh land.     Price $2,200.
posfoflS. ^"^ D6ar Glover Valle*
by which all the said proposed works Is valuable on ihe balance.Tnd Ts~not I mentV.
snau  he in operation is  fixed   at No-  subject  to royalty for stumpage, this
vemher 1st, 1912, | being one of the old C.G.'s
Dated this 31st day of October. 1906.
807���SO acres; Xicomekl river runs
through this property," 1% miles from
Surrey Centre post office; no improve-
mentc     Offer wanted.
��� ���  : i ���   cak<   : .'  X' a  Yi ai -  Di
Clerk of the Executive Council.
able terms.
RyaJf's Drug  Sloi-e.
 _______J'he   liuxe.-
.' **< I cornere 1 han I-   ,., ates   wliicii   M     Ryall  Ss   offering
���. sale   are  dan II -      The   candies
r. ,  e they are seen  need no reconiei i, ...- thej  have
. ai.iod the les: ol       ���    ,.' : 'he fancy
iskets  and   boxe.  in  whicl   I hi   ���   n-
fections are packe I      i   treasun
the decorative ari .. so on
'   ���     llsplay   tables  a    i orl a ��� i
��� ��� little ha. kets of jierfume..   Al
OS!    ll.: a  ' '    ���   ���  '    -'.'.' ��� '    -  . i .
raced in thi     ��� i      Then
i ne line of   ���   ,    es, is, sets ol
. hes   and .   ��� ia ��� Ing  o itfil
n anicure  set    and   .    I   si oti   i
..:.'..   . art Ich      . ���  '   worl h.    of   th ���
attention of the 1    Idi     ���        ���
Reason-1    SOS-loo acres;   th/s is a most de-
215-40 acres; unimproved; * mlle ^_*?2El22���LL? $&
back trom Scott road; good soil; will , church, store, post offlce conveS'
make a good cheap home for the right 19% miles from city ot New ��Vestn"n-
man.     Price$10 per acre.
216���504 acres; Surrey; eight miles
from town; there is a commodious
dwelling house aud  barn on this pro
Notice  is  hereby  given that thirtv ,  ,   ��� ,,,,    ,,,
iuweu-ng nouse aud  barn on this pro-
days after  date   I  intend  io  apply  to j perty;  some 15 or 20 acres have been
ihe Honorable,    the    Chief    Commis-  Improve*   orchard,   etc;   splendidly
' I located;  several fine springs of water
sioner   of Lands   and   Works,   for   a  flow  across the land;   the  Serpentine
special license to cut and carry away rive.   '.   i,limediatf'-v( adjoining;   the
��� whole tract constitutes the making
limber from lhe following described 1 of one of the finest stock and dairy
lamis. ] farms in the province;  nearly all le
vel  bottom  land   and  readily brought
No. 1. Commencing at a post plant- into   cultivation;   easily   cleared,   and
ed  on  the Dominion  Boundary  Line   *he?   redainie*'   woukl   seU    rua,li!>'
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^J I'or  .inn jier
15;   thence alon-   the   centre  section "�� Sharpe's Creek, about  half a mile  $40   per  acre;   immediate  possession.
lines of Townships 15,  in and 9 to a northeast tot Pin   bake, thence North      300���160  acres;   no   improvements;
.'.-<:���.   direction to  the -Vew  West- S(   chains, thence    Wesi    80    chains, situated  about  five   miles   from   New
Inster Trunk Road, and following the , , ,   . , Westminster and 1% miles from Mud
^^^ thence South  80 chains,  bhence Kast   .. ���
Curtis Drug   Store.
In   tbe  Curtii   di ig  sti re
is to  be
; Road until west ��� i tin Pitt
River; thence to the Cities of New
iVi stminstei and Vancouver or ti such
osier point as may be found advisable.
'l'n use waier from the said Stave
River al a point immediately .above
the Fulls, about  six miles  from   the
Hay.     $10 per acre."
: an I a fine collection oi seasonable moutii of the river. Tbe said water
��� ..: les of a useful as uoi! as of an to ��� Iverti I \ means of a .offer-
. ru mental character, .am an I a sluice dam at the entrance
'I ne baskets    of  Webb's    delicious
ates   are   creat Ions thai   would
gladden tbe heart of any lady in the
SO    chains,
ihence East
SO chains to point of commencement.        400-160 acres.    $1,600. on  reason-
No. .2  Commencing a.t a   post plant-1 able   terms;   practically  no   Improve-
, ,     ���     .  .      ���       ,        , ���       ,   ments;    new   railroad   runs   close   to
ed cm the nonunion Boundary Line at   .. , .
, this property,
the  cvnmmencement   of  Claim  No.  1,|
402���140 acres; 11�� m.les from New
thence  East   ^0 ciaaiiis, thence North w��stmi��ster,     Offer wanted.
SO   Chains,   thence   West      SO   chains,!     4N__u;i|   .(c,,.ps.   ;l]]    un(k,,.   cuU,va.
thence  South   SO   chains  to  point   of ��� tion;   new  bouse   and   barn;   every-
'thing in   lirst  class ���condition
' $125  per acre.
 ^ .-  ..._.  vicm- vuuuition.    Price
^.u. ...  -i.ivu . , ���>_m-
Ol lis:'  sail  river:'   ^^^_^^^_^^^^
lam '��� ith a bulkhead and in-i      ,,,���.,      ,..   ., ~ '        ' i     405���160 acres;   5  miles  from  New
v  ,: .    . .-.  (;,... .��� .. -��� tte west i led S" ohalns *No*"b "' post flrst des- WesJjnJjtster and 1 l. miles from Mud
laud.     If she were unable to eat th'     ran h, where the water will be con-j
confections    herself,   Ih��     receptacle   veyei   in   steel   pipes   to  the   power- j North SO    chains,
would   be
cribed In Claims No. 1 and ., thence
thence     East     SO
Offers Wanted.
501���40 acres;  this land is situated
In  tin   well arrange.! win
! o scon a iiii" line   if sm
bronze,   gun   mi tai     n 1
purses,    writ in
1       '������
N Coin,
s Grocery,
ablaze    with
I 01
'"lie  window decor.i-
11,11   of  a   revolving
" h  is  Illuminated
'an*1escenl lights In a
'' colors.    Tha floor
B11ed wiiii a choice
' "os   and   nuts  ar-
'in (A	
ia rtosigna,     A proml
| fo,lr 0 "'display is the bind
Christmas cake
'' Oardhouso bak
it a lifferei f elevation of WO feet;
When a -   the   ' n ��� an ���   comn en ed
opei itii       in t!     eat Ij   part of  190C
loilei cases nie also to be  ��'hich  I een prosi 'uted continu-
V- Iiereas tl , : tied
nn ex:< nsion ol ���   comp'e
lion oi ��� ha   portion ol thi  undi i takln \
authorize I under the said  < erl Iflcate
Thesi       Whereas the Company has intlmat-
a chai    . : thai      chi nge in the plans of the |
undertaking spei Ified In the said cer
Ificatt een   decidi d   upon,  and
���i  ���     rith   the  Clerk of the Ex-
i'Ive i'ouncil data for the purpose
ol o ��� lining a further i ertiflcate and
.   ueral plan of the works;
i. This is :o certify thai the under-
as submitted has been approv-
the Bame is as follows:
To erect woi I.s for generating power
aad light "ii the west half of Section,
19,  Tow oship   IS,   easl   of the   Coasl j
child-   Meridian, and on the east half of Section 24, Township 15, easl of the Coast
i   transmil power and light
wire alon-   the  Stave  River from
ster; several acres cleared; house,
sheds, etc.; as this property lies so
conveniently to markel, it is very
suitable for poultry farms; good soil.
Price $2,000.
812���160 acres-; 1 mite'from ClOX'gf-
dale; log house; some 10 acres cleared and under cultivation; some fencing; corner lot; good roads; some cedar and fir timber. Price $1,250;
cash $1,000, balance terms to suit.
S14���150 acres; this is a fine farm,
well improved, in good neighborhood;
140 acres improved; dwelling, barns,
sheds, hog pens, root house; land all
laid down to grass; Cloverdale station, (.;. N. R., ou property; II miles
frum .New Westminster: good joads,
school, churches, mills, Price $14,000;
terms ?5,000 cash, balance $1,000 per
year, interest 6 per cent.
819���Surrey Centre; SO acres; this
i.s a piece of land, excellently situated, a large portion of which is goi'd
soil and easily cleared; the other portion is lighter soil, but has a large
portion of valuable timber worth
$1,500, which is now being haulej to
the sawmill; there is a tine new 7-
roomed house; also sheds; good well;
small clearing. Price $2,000; ter;::., on
820���SO acres; this is a splendid location: corner; first-class soil;; practically 40 acres cleared und under
cultivation;    good   bouse,   buildings:
a most   dainty  Christmas   ho',se._and returned to the said river  -^ thence Slllltll SQ ch ^ J near Poini   RoberuV ���_*�� munim-lgood wTer- ft?   mllea  ,,.       ,
P-Jlty.; unimproved: good soil; timberM roads.   1 mile "rom cSverTak
m v< nil
..    is   ',1
. ��� 's   sets  In
��� I,   ladies
'     ,1111
in I  ia at j I. s an i  ; rice_
Tin re .  ���   mlj n fe x of each
line an I i he i 'hrl Unas sho    ���     w    ild
.veil to speak early.
Mr.   Cnrlis   i-i  aiso a   v_H	
Me   line  nl   ladles'    purses     -   ��hi b ;- : iv In ; rogri ss;
ii    ,   :��� orrocco and alligator,
are the lal ist style an I are o
... ier ;o uiv additional dainti'i ws
tin   well dressed lady who can ���       i       I
, Wes. SO chains to point of commence- !la_n.l;  good road:  4% miles from lad-1 villa~ge;    churches    Sch,Kd , ,     ,
ners  Landing:   wffl make^nice place|^J^^eTlJS^ S&T
arranged   to
win n  Improved.    Pric
THE   FRASER   RIVER   LUMBER  CO. h_   cafidl,   balance  can   be
J   ROSS SHARPE *u''- Interest ti per cent.
Secretary. 719���Kensington Pralrlo;  IGO-acres;
i     id. Nov. 29, 1906 ;,;"   place  fronts on  the Clover Vai-
|,,iin   p   ",,....,.,,��� J'.'.'   mad;   good  soil, easy   brought  in:
$10  per acre|G.N.R. I mile. etc. Price $4,50o7'erm_
Id the Supreme Court of
BritisD Columbia.
school, church, post  offlco and  store
very  little improvement; burirndlsle'achThS^SeTaSJ8 r""   %T����
��   3   open;   good   pasture;   this is   a ..ere   s away.   Price $10 per
good Investmenl  for a practical man.'
���' ��� -���   S30   per   acre;    terms    to
: ircha er.
is   a
Adams'  Grocery.
tleorge  Adams' spacious ston
'.. ' liable   mine   for   the seeker
Christmas   fare   and   Christmas
i nts along the iine of fancy ci o. kei j
\\ a e.      The   shelves   and   tables   a:
covered  with   everything   Imaginable
from   hands.nne   china  and   earthenware dinner and tea services lo eartl
enware money boxes.    Por the
"���ii   he   has   an   exceptionally   fancj
line of ornamental china  vases  which | Meridian
  7.20���Kensington Prairie; 79% acres;
i\- -rm.  .i .t-i-���-..   ,.    ,.  this Is a  mosi.  excel,ent   proposition;
IN   nAL *VAM'' ,e   lii>.    class   land;   deep   vegetable   do
Ait   and   posit:;    good    waler:    40   acres   undei
good   cultivation
Bultl    v-'    ' ' ������ fes;  7��  mile.
good   soil;   unimproved
per acre.
from  oily,
Price    $10
Settled   Estates
amending Acts.
825���160 lines:   this is  verv  fertile
���"��<��� well situated and practically thi
^Lance  very   Wr^ff^^jfJ^the
I-   unhr.nl   .,.,   ���.... I ���i...u. '...,,      '   lu   ult   clt> -   *t Is   distant
-AND- pasture;  we,, fcicrtTS^.S,    or- eTg^fes' g^^' ^ ifl dist^t
X THE MATTER of the  *ei   '*'  l(":   buildings consist of dwel-  w��l  ���   U,.\'.n    n e   l,II""I��-��*vefl;
lt]e   Ui JUng;54x30    1..   storey,   ii   rooms,   i��� ' ������,, uuit      11   ..!     "f ,fariI1B ln
ii    ,    . ^     l' good   repair;   new   barn   66x70   wen  sin E a '   ,'"tll)1"  bind,    price
���lock  ;:, suburban  lands, built and lined:   ���������if��\������.L*i    .,' $,�� psr acre-
Block   il,  suburban   lands, I built
.New    Westmlnstei    City, 'ns,
whereof     John     Oswal I j
Coulthard   Is   tenanl   fori
life    tn    possession    and I     '24���160  nen
Earnesi Barr Ct ulthard m
md fitted;   poultry houses, cab-,
sheds:     immediate     possession. I    902-
acres  good  land;  S acres
raisins and  lit
tenant in tail.
Piirsii-i'. to the Order of the Ion, r
able Mr. Justice Morrison,sealed tend
ers addressed to J, J. Cambridge, DlS'
tation  to  the centre sec-jtricl   Regisl/ar of the Supreme Court
^^^^^^^^^^   will  be re-
the centre section
n  n
are worth   examining.     Prices  range
ui l'"iU''1 ���__^_^_^_^_B^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_H_-_
The grocery departmenl Is filled with tion line of Township 15; thence along  New  Westminster, B. C.	
the besi of Christmas groceries.    His >'"' centre section lines of Townships-; celved by biib up to Saturday ihe 191
ally good '���"'���  1- i"1'1 :'
Price$65 per acre; msh preferred, butIcleared and In good cultivation; good
terms can be arranged  for pnrt. orchard, selected fruits;  u mile from
steamboat landing:   %  mile from Bta-
.  ,  soil on -outh light tion, G.N.R.; large quantity of valuable
| well  adapted  Io sheep and   fruit  rais-   timber;     dwelling     house     24x24,     .'!
ing; north side soil stronger, will pro- rooms;  barn and   stable,   woodshed;
: duce clover in abundance; small poultry house, root house. Price $15
clearing; house and barn; orchard. ; per acre; terms % cash, balance to
etc.; school, church, post ofiice and I arrange ti per cent, interest,
store    convenient;     (ireat     .Northern
.a,.,,,.   ���������  ���us  are especia.n  Bvuu.,    ��� westerly direction,  day of January, 1907, for the purchasi
Christmas oranges are read;,   for the  to the Hm Westminster Trunk Road,  of part of I.m  one (1),  Block Thro,
milos.   Price
Mill���Kin    acres;    alioui     BO    acres
hush:   balance  open   land   that     the
purchaser an i he ha s al o   e 'elve I m
Ine   conslgnmeni     ;   Ja] lines i
and folio'..':.: thi Trunk Road until f (3), Suburban lands, New Westmln
west of thi P River; thence to ster City, Tenders must be accompa-
the  Cities  ol N'e��   Westminster and   nled   by a  certified   cheque for  Five
_    Vancouvi   . ���   " !l (,!h<"1*  i-'bit as, (5), ]vr cettti ,,,��� t|u, amount tender."]
a}'s left'   //"_,--.     ,     u      s. l i ���     i     r-     f'maybefoui        i      ""   To use water J. P. HAMPTON BOLE
__    /���   It you would not be swamped m thc final ,:���;., ,,,.,   ,     3   ,, RIver .. a point | Solicitor tor Petitioner herein
90:;���90 acres; Langley municipality; U mile from river; this is a piece
Of land well worth looking after, and
should be readily taken up; will be
sold cheap and on easy terms.    Price
Bet year shopping done to-day.
��� s. ���
Ja. 5.
.... I _vi.u  .neap and
mower can run over;  school house '4 ($12.50 per acre,
Columbia Street, Next Bank of Commerce
4   '���
i ;''
a         _. !
��� ���:' ���:
FALLING OF THE LEAVES.      ���^e^Kf'y^FV^m^ v
The Hind In tin-  Autumn Ilea II j   Had
Very l.illl.   to Do Hllh It.
When the storm cl >uds gather behind
the brown autumnal w toda a_ud cold
wind-i begin to bl iw, then the bright
leaves come drift :..- I iwn in fluttering,
fast thicken;;.���-' - rs until it almost
seems as i;' the wind were tbe active
agent and actually tore the leaves from
tbe trees. This, of course, Is not the
case. The leaf fall only becomes possible after a long preparation on the part
of the tree, whieh forms a peculiar
layer of cells in eacb leaf stem called
the cleavage plate.
This cleavage plate, or separation
layer, consists of a section of loosely
attached thin walled cells with a few
strands of stronger woody fiber in
among them, so, In the early autumn,
although the leaves appear as firmly
attached as ever before, they are really
only held on the tree by these few
woody strands and the outer britt!.
skin or epidermis of the stem. Now
only a slight shock or wind flurry i.
BUfflelent to break the fragile support
and bring the leaves in showers to the
ground. We may see these woody
strands broken through in the leaf bc&t
of the horse chestnut, where they ap
pear as little rounded projections on
the broken surface nnd are often spoken nf fr im tbeir fancied resemblance
11 tbe nails of a horseshoe, The hick
ory and ash among other trees have
similar markings on their lent" scars
and from the same cause. On the root
uf the wild sarsaparllla, which projects
just above the ground, a like series of
little projections wlll be seen upon the
ringlike sear which surrounds the bud
where the leaf stalk bus Just separated.
Often the leaves separate and fall
even mi the quietest days, for their
own weight is sufficient to break- the
frail support. These hushed and supremely tranquil days we all remember, when our October walks are accompanied by the soft, small sounds o.
fnlling leaves, by the rustlings and dry
whisperings of their showering multitudes,   st. Nicholas.
Purchase Notice
A   Neceaalty   That   In   Overlooked   In
the  MuuVni Strenuous I.if*-.
In the days when eight hours fnr
sleep were nominally regarded ns an
hour too long for a i.v self respecting
individual the exhausting character of
modern life was unkii iwn. There was
less wealth and more contentment; less
competition and more security; fewer
distractions, but more simplicity.
Work was easier, slower, and care,
anxiety, apprehension in u word, worry���did not f 1, like the warm |' th'
bud, upon th.. hours exempt from toll
We are remorseless in overtaxing the
delicate mechanism of our minds nnd
nerves, The best walker, for instance,
does not propose to himself to go regularly sixty miles a day or to subject
the same set iif muscles in nny other
form of physical exercise to Intense
and unremitting lab ir. Bul thnt I.s
what we do with the Immediate agenl
of mir minds���the brain machine. \v.
cannot watch i's operations. We often
assume thnt Its movements are ns lighl
and endless as the ripples of tho uni        Notice is hereby given thai 60 days
versa 1 air.   We know nnd nevertheless      ,..,,,���., ,  ��� ,,
_��� �����_., ,,,,,,, ,   :      , , ; al er  date   1   intend   app ving   to   the
^we forget that the brain Is a substantia'
apt.-'Jatus ns liable to depreciation ns Chief Commissioner of Lands and
the fixed pJnnt In n w i.ksjiop. Now, Works for permission to purchase the
nothing is more i ��� rtiiin than th!
the potenti 1 capa ity of the '..
brain hns not in,-'- ,.,. |, if ..��� .'.]. in
anything like ',(,,. j,,.,.., ..-,,,, ,,,- ,;,,, |]u 'district: Commencing at a post mark
rnensely aggravated demand upon it.     ,, , w   M -s   v   ,.;  ,.,,.,,,.,.  ,,,.,..,,..,  on
t  77 """ir;"   ';!:::    *,       '" * J0. "     he  south  bank  of the  Kildala  river
much mental and m . tl v ��� r i nd :������ ������" , , , ��� ,,
in a day as his ancest ���: - In n very -' ,:l" m0l,th. 1'""",n- as follows; '"
rem..te generation experienced In n hains south, 40 chains west, 10
week. Yet In respci t of sleep we have 'hains north to the shore line, thence
hardly changed traditional lr ' it \Vt llowing shore line to place of corn-
keep Inter nud -t'i! later hours. Wi ncement, containing 16 acres m re
catch our trains in thc morning ns 0. |egg
usual. There Is no doubt whatever tl I . .,- ,r,fil,
we burn the candle nt both ends with
unprecedented disregard uf the law* of Locator, W   MOODY,
psychological   economy,   and   that   th'i Per FRANK  VANDAL, Agent,
amount of r. st we i II _"���' f ir nerve ni I Oi I   24,  1006.
bruin  is  no longer adequate. -London ���
Elegant  Gifts
For Men
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shopping that has to be done yet! Have you done yours? It's
time to look around and get hints now. and we strongly advise
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luxuriously comfortable, and what men long for in the evening.
with paper, or book, or cigar.
GLOVES also are most acceptable. We have in stock a grand
selection of "Dent's" world famous Gloves, fur riding, driving
or walking.
And Don't Forget Your Boys
Fancy Suits,  Stylish Coats,  Handkerchiefs,   Mufflers,   Ties, Hats and Caps.    Everything to
delight the heart of your boy.
Get the habit, and go to
The Wardrobe Clothiei
following described  land,  situated  at
tho mouth of the Kildala river. C '.is-
of that Xmas Gift, by getting something that is
Seasonable, Acceptable and Reasonable in  Price
 -CALL   AT	
BjgQId Country Boot Store
90c ; $1.75
warn; lined,
Alex. Speck's
A  l'n-.t  Train.
( mi the Rlvlern Iin ��� near Ventimlglla
Italy, the 'min. after ambling gentl.v
nlong, stopped suddenly.   An Inpatient   ^_ .   __ i    /i
passenger put hi- head out nnd ashed Xpmnfl Mann SfrtfA
crustily. "Is this Bordlghera?" Noun UCLUIiU llCUlll kJlUI C
swer.   "Guard, Is this Bordlghera?" hf
shouted again.   A voice came from the 	
fore part of the train, "No, monsieur,
It Is not Bordlghera it is n cow."
When the cow hnd been removed froni
the line tbe train ambled on again
Two minutes Inter it once more cam<>
to n dead stop. "Another COW, I sup
pose?" shouted the testy passengei
withering!}'. "No, monsieur, it is not,"
said the guard placidly. "It Is th.
same cow."
Ladies'and Gentlemen's SLIPPEI
cozy and comfortable.    From.	
Ladies' SLIPPERS for evening wear.   Th form a very neai
propnate Christmas Gift.   From      d��i  -?r .     AnCwi-
5>1.75 to $2.75
Gent.-' Fin.-   Dress   SLIPPERS.     Thes<
in bc-..t qualities.     From
?se are vt:.  ru    an I
Have you seen the Dick Waterproof Boot yi ���'.'    A ; air if the
will keep that boy's feet dry for the wet, wintr   weati n
to  come.   They will  easily outwear two   pairs of an    ol  er.
The Old Country BOOT STOP E   I
COLUMBIA ST. J. Stewart. Prop. I
. '��':-. tarry;'. __,���.. _z. n br
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
A Costly  Desk.
There  is  a  famous  old  desk   In  the
British war offlce in London,   it is _
desk  to  which  old  hnnds point with
emotion.     Thnt   desk   cost   the   untlon
$25,000,000,   In it Is n pigeonhole with
a story,    it wns Into that pigeonhole
that the dispatch of King Theodore of
Abyssinia   wns  thrust- and   forgotten.   Columbia St.
A liar we lind  been  to war the docir ni  _
,     ,.,,,, Phone 27.5
ment wns found m the desk, and w.
all lenriii"1 thnt tliere ought to have
been no war.   London Sketch.
Shingle and Saw
Mill  Machinery
Timber Notices
Notici' ; - lie   ��� ;���  .: ��� en tbat 30 d
liter  da      I   In! n I    > a; pi;   I i   I
Hun.   Chiel      imm -    mei   of   Lan '
an l Woi . ��� ."i" n special li en se to ���
and car;;.'  aw a    timber  :. im tbe  foi
lowiag   lescrijed   i iti . .   sit uated   oi
Kildala Arm. Coast District, B.C.
N'o. 7���Commen lng at a post planted aboul one mile from the head of
Kildala Arm, on the .-.outh bank of the
Arm, running as follows: so chains
south, MJ chains east, 80 chains north
'o shore, then along -hore to point of
No, 8���Commencing a: a posi planted aboul one mile up Fall creek, on
the easi bank of creek, running ������-
follows: 80 chains east, 80 chains
south, 80 chains west, more or less, to
creek, then along creek to point of
i ommencemenl
No 9���Commencing al post planl   I
aboui on i mile up Ball Creek, on < ������ i
an i ol cree , j lining No. 8 claim on
.'   ���   line,   - inning   a -   follow .     : 10
outh,    10   chains   ves',   it>o
tins north,  10   hains easl to polal
if   COIl a: ���::   ���"���, -:i".
No. !���'   Comm mi Ing   t-posi pi ini   .
about 4 n    ���        Dala River from I
mouth   ��� i   the  north  ' ank ol   rh
then i . -.   i"   chain,
west, ' i   bains north, 120 < hains e t
i'     ilns      tth, more  ir less, I i river,
��� a", i lon . ��� .   Inl ol ' omnie i
No. 11    Co    . ���    Ing at posi planl ��� I
thou      .   a.     ..    . ,   ......rr;   the   mouth, on
the n ian   ol Dala River, running
as: illo... io ' bains n irl b, sn chains
"' '. 10 i :. tins d irth an 1 80 chains
east, i" ���; :,:i - .- ' ith, more or less, to
: Ivi r, then il mg river to point of commencement
No. 12- c imm mcing ai a post pi int
ed abo r four mil ts    -    om the mou
of   the   Dala   River,   on   Bouth   bank
��� inning as follows    10 chains east, I
chains   n irth,    120   chains    ea it,    4 -
chains  no th,  more i r less,  to  ri.   r
then   ali ng   i    ���������    to   point    of co n
mem erne it
No   : m.mencing at a post plant
ed abo it ine ml e :. mi the he i I -
Kildala Arm, on so itb bank, running
as foil i.v . i-i . ia,.- outh, 10 chains
"���'������'. i ' '; . .i i - ml i 10 chains we t,
10 chain :. ' ".i. i ' i hains west, h.
chain north, :.i ire o le _s, I i Bhor i,
' ������������������ ilong -:: ire ��� ' poinl of com
."- - . i immeni Ing al a post pi in!
'i i '. me i ilf mile from the he i I
of Kll la! i . .a on the norl h ban ;,
runnln , a ��� follow - 10 chains north,
10 chain east, .0 chains south. 120
chain     east,   n   chains   south,    120
��� h '-ii - weal to shore, then along si; re
1   ioini ol ��� ommencement.
No, '      Com nen Ing al a po I ; lanl
" i  iboul . up from the mouth
ol the i i ila ftlver, on east ban .   i in
���   follow -.   SO   chains e .at.   |0
hain   .. '    i   :i)   hains ea it, 10 cha
i'"' th   10 ' ' tins ea ;t, I ' chain - noi I i
, to rh ���". then along rive
��� ,   ��� . nen e nen .
No. It i om ; mclng it post pi nte.l
it the a: mth if D i Rivei, r. asi Dls
���' ���   . "ii   .'.   .1    link,  running  a i
10   hain    ��� ������:, SO chains north,
'-'' chain I ."i -'. ;���> . hains south, mon
'���'   :'    , to ri'        then  along rivei   :
point of cu    ...
���'������"   i"    C       a   .   ig at aposi plan
" ' ":- ' ink of the Kittlmat
Irm, about tv nib ��� ���   ith ol Kli
in    VI   ige,   oppo    ���    Goal
Island, ui ���...,..     : .a
tilu. '   ���     10 cha Ins  north,   !0
i    west, 4-1      tins north, 40 chain
' .i it, 40 cha        ���  ..        in chaii     can'
��� '    ���'���' of i      a ' ���   umen
��� '    !      '���   '          elng at a post j
ed  abou    20 chain     ��� uilh  ol
1'    *������"���  17,  running i i foil   ,��� .;   |0
lotith, 40 i
i" dial .    ���
lore to    ioini  ol    com
��� i-'.  .0 .
10 i h iln
" j
��� nt
640 acre..
W.   . .
��� A
i" chain
'���hain., north
of    i ommeni ���
..'   ''
!  Commei
W.  M.'s N.W. Co _.
north bank ol i
Ove and a hal! ,
lhe  mouth,   : ���
"ii .ms   ens',     ; ,
chain,   west. 1
of   commen ,   I
���    ��� . more   i
(Lo at i .. . ,.
I"T   K; ,-,
���   ' '
' 'M.I
���'��� '
days afte
the Hon  C
an ! VV
��� i .     ...
S ;eena  .
2 1-2 ml ���
x"' '��� ipon
ed   on  I
���'     I
mei      nent
No. 2.   c a m ��� . ,.
ed 2    j mile ���     . .  ]
north ��� inl   if Cop -,:.-:
toi  ..��� -      i" ch i :
east, 10 chain .      i.-_.i
.0 ' hain i south, i
then along ��� ~,J
le --
Locator, WM. MOODll
Per Afient, Frank V'andl
Land Registry AJ
Re Un isi. tit t:vop_j
conveyed), '���   ���"���-
A   Certificate  o |
to the above pi opi e M
to  Rh .! i   Mi K . ���  -���������
0    D    '"in '��� :. I!  tl ttUl
time a valid obji "';l
to me in h .iting h    i or j
sons   claim ng   an         ��� 1
��� herein, or ia ai    pa
'' S KEITH,!
Dlstricl  Ri "j
Lan I    Reg            Office v     i
minster, B.I'.. 21st j
custody  o i the folM
Title Deeds rei itii 1
erty are reqm *!
1"    ;n lei ���:   '"
12th     D a       a
vllle McK imey to Thomas R       |
i.i    ��� . con. ;. a.
MARTIN, WE v ' i;l'^::::
Xeu '���!
minster, B.C.
f *�� ��1
: m
���   I   . I ���
��� '        the mo.i
Dova itn I m Ch i i
Sign Man on Wheel.
New Westminster.
New Westminster, B. C.
���   ��� n:.
in   ��� ii.,-  ���
ed aboul oftd i
Deer i
.'   I aboul elghl miles Bouth
"   Kll lai,i Arm, running aa foi   .
��� i n   east, SI chains north, 10 chi
���'   ��� 10 ' hain i north, 80 chains we i
120  chains   south,   to   poinl   of i   m
Located Nov, ���".. 1906.
Locator, WM. Mix my, D.D.S.,
Per Frnnk Vandall.
Nov. 2 I. linn;
The Royal Bank of Canada
fnsures absolute security to deposltort,   START NOW to save your money
md you will neve,- regret It,   People do harder things every day and have
i nothing to show for it
Tlie    .tine..
"I bear your linn discharged you."
"Yes. but I wouldn't  mind that so        TENDERS  for two-storey   frame
much  if they badn t added  Insult to hoys(, Qn ^^ ^n^ ^ li(,*,.(:i.(,iv,.,1 ONE HOLLAR opens an account.    Pul || m your pocket, It would prob-
a��iZwr up to noon of December 22nd. ; lbiy be nothing, but ONE DOLLAR   | |
"Thev  ndvei'tlsetl  for n  boy to fill Plans and specifications at office of
C. H. Clow, Sixth and Clarkson St,        : '' '' '"':,;;  Bm" :'' '" *604'30'   '""*>'���   THIS OVER,
every  week  wilh  UH will  In
my place."
Sheridan fell In love with Miss Lin
Icy and told the story of "Tbe Rivals,"
which Is n true account of his court-
Lowest  or any tender not  necessarily accepted.
Dec. 14th, 1906.
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
Sr-y.ir ia herebj given that :. i dayn
after date I inii'ii I to apply to he
('hi il i lorumts doner of Lan Is an I
Works :' ir a iii ensi. to cul and carry I
awa, timber from tho following described land:.:
1. Commem In .   al   a  posi   m irked
VV. .M.'.s S.E,  Corner, planted on the '���
north hank of the Kildala river, aboul
I' wo miles up from the mouth, running as follows: In ch;iin_. mirth, 160
chains    west,     (a    cliuins   .south,    160
chains easl to poinl of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
2. Commencing al a posi marked
W, M's S.W. Corner, planted on the
norlh hank of the Kildala river, aboul
two miles up frmn tho mouth, running
las follows: 40 chains north, 120chains
Synopsis   of    Canadian   ""J
stead Regulation!
Any available I'"������ : ���' '���' '"''''
In the It.iilw ,���   Ri li In I
i la, in.i.   be hon es:    led     lW
ma wbo Is the
an.i   male ovei   :���    '   *
"   extern   ol   on'    mritsi
0 acres, more oi   ""
.. i,   ii. '_ 011.11
Ent.)   mu.-    be ���
��� local land offli e for the d
.iii h tbe land Is      ;  "
The homesteader is ,
form the conditions conne led
with under one of the following i
(I)  At   least   Six  "10D.tblreJ,fld
upon  and cultivation p
each year for three yei
(_) If the father ( " mother, J
father is deceased) "'lht'!"'""vr
resides upon a farm '�� ""��� ,
of ihe land entered wr tne ^
ments as to residence ma) '
_ . . . Idinfl   vv 11H
by such person resi huh
ther or mother
(j) II the settler has I"; [*'
residence upon (arming ��' j,(
by him in the vicinity ol ,-j
s'etid, the requirements as w ,
may be satisfied by resi
tbe said land.
be t ���
mmion Lands at Ottawa
to apply for p;.t<';1'' ^ c0R,
r iln- Intei""!
Deputy Minister of tn j
N. B.���Unauthorized P'1
.  ..ni i '���  ���
this advertlseu'-*'11 ww
Six months' notice in writM
Bivcn to the Coffl��m��y.Bt)
mteifl 906
��� ' '   NFWS
b  ���   ������>������������>.���-      . ices speal foi
themselves, Lommon sense 011I3 is necessary Westminstei prop-
frtywffl become aa valuables ,.,,.. other tit; .: :v Dominion.
Some of us will wake up, ������-,-��� .,..- ,.,.. :,:,   ,;v_
[simply because we bought son* A ee snaps offered bj IcQuarrk
U Co. in 1906.    Procrastination is the thief of tiirn*.
acr<   back    .'   th<
'"       .._.-.     5800 cas?
Inclusive Sale
...    :. ��� th St., jusl
rr   mits     $1,100.     :     :-   pan 	
I :    Fine prop-     **���      ������
i for --��� - ** ' or
Lear ening, chicken
fruit farm.
���   ������-:.'    :'-���'>   . .1-: S,
rent. $.= pei Tionth    -���
'��� acre.* oi 6t_   \venue
$850   :,. :.   cash   balanc.
$.: ��� .*.
s' 00.' ct.
'       '     4
.. re.
��� -    . ...:. ��� .
in aninc
Q'.H S'    ��� '
��� ������: ���        '    It's up to yen tc stop .-,.   ���,   -"���:
8 cows and
at   hai
: *-
Iar. neve,
:    BUnding   ' ,500' !"  '     "*'
ax.,    bei ent'
mbei  laid ii       i dp __  ���    .
..ince of a life-   Ifl
ifl    .-!.   balance a:   .   ' .   $��� :.c ,.. :
:- ' '   ' i ��� ���
S.; .'i.i:
f   :.
fl ���     ". ... '. > ir\l    ....
��� a.;      li.   I;       ' ���.'.,,       'n,      |l|l
don   ��������� ���'     'i    ������ ���������    li   i	
i        ��� ., ...      i. ,,. a   ��� im    ha ''
" '      '        ���   '   r   ���     .an.    uni.
a ''af SK. :,.. | , ���.. la ' ... ,1, (,a!l " "
' ' 'I     '('111   '-'-��� I ���'      .'-'I L'."
��� .i Fo ������.��� "... i . - - ne '������ - Pi ;' :i
ha. heal ' ��� ������������ hai t. sr. t< i cob
��� mare
. '        a   ���     ���
.   - $4!    ii :������ .
$6(          ������    ���      .   ���      a     ���.   SS! ' ''   ' ' '���"������   s  ''           '���' ' "     ''
..   |   .      .        ���  .   . ,, ;         0,1 ���-'...���'������ ���       ->"'. i ������"'������     "i
a ��� . ��� -    . .... ���...       . ., :-..-. ������.. ,..������    J7R0
.,.. P "������-'  $' 606   ��������� ���   ��   ��� ...-..>,   halai ���������
i  . r>e  cei
i ������   _, ....   . int . .:.���,, :   ��� ������ ������������. .  ... ���
- .-..    i :-.         ��� . i. '���. ���. i. ; !>.. nn.-,
Does It Pa> :
K ��ni     .'.������-.. oi k<   rt Snr ' ���
f]   '...      -...-.   . 1 ;    ��� ���-..     $10     .
160 acres, ]   ... s ss,red
w ithoul .i -:..:���.���;* ir therr
I Greatest Snap, bar
pone, in the city.
350 yesterday; today $1,600" y '
Busew rooms;  store ���   ���   ...,���,
I;l 3-4 acres.  $1,600
lhe whole lot. ���,:...   .. . barn  .,,,,.. ,.,
-' ��� ���!   repair;  a   ��� (3,000,  haif
, '    .
60  x 133,   back    ���'
ilum!      Sl     Rents
!��� ontis Price   J! i
in mx   mom .- *      Lwo ful a    Modern  ,    , .-  ,,   ...     r. .-,���,���     .    . .
.---'.     -.   acres
���    .   .- ..-.:.���    J)'   200   \:       .���������:-���
:.    '.".       | - , '      .:��� .       .       .     .
���      -V. .-.-     , .:.-.      \  .    -r ;���������:���
���   . .-.-. -.-       y:    t    -..   .-���
'. ~ .-      :..:     .��� .   :
..-.��� .:��� .      r.      .:.:-. . ,.-..v   .     [
per ac. and ten '"is eas** a1     ���.���,.-���.-.���,..  ....... .......   ��..>.^
1 liat. .- .-..-. _   -..' a- -
s '���', -��������� ���--���   hon.c    - >     ���������' m?    f   ��� -
.' BOO ��� ��� ���   ��� nea   ea
':    all   j 1    a .;:*.
fruit ti*ees, apples, i>ears,
)lums, cherries Small
louse: barr and stable .^'\
56; ;;.u\i \\; 11 half mile
fron*. school,    Onb $ 1 O
ut.   , IflKINQi "    KING
���*'-        ''.i.r    ...           ._.,        .,...,        >ttT,
���      ' I -t
������     i\ '    ���  .       . . .     .    ���
' '  "^
������'..... ....
1'"'^  ��� ���   . ..-. . , , .....
'll. . ...
1'     ��� ,       .....
bim    "    ;    ���'   ,     "i ���:
"      a      ill        ���     .'���  ���     '   h >' '"-      I
II    "'" ,1" il      -""   mi	
���"'l,l'   sta    >ii>'-.   ',..   noi   - ������   h *���"
li  th  who
1     Oi-     i(01     --I ,-     .\..l      ..      .......1     ..      I.
a. , ^..l h. . ���>,,,, "v !.������ I..,. .'... I.,,
ll.       . Ol      .,'l...       ,OI       I.., .       C   ..      .,-   ,,      .,,,.
eon ten    hlmnel    \ ���"<   ife ttiirirri    ottl
H..     ..iil-.l'     .,     .....
. i. i ��� :. , ..-..',- hrute om tha
i.,,-.. ,., .i.,.., for uni!!. th leopard
hi  wil  "   ��� ���   ' -c ���  ""'  uul -    hi   -"
sei  wlia   i   oi   lh   othe   ���'���< ijye
'������"      '   '"'���    ������   ������   i ,     '	
,,���,''   o     uttl Idei   "'"    rHa  n ���
���'-""   ""   "��� - >���!,���'   term   o   lil   ������-  ������
iii,  ..,,,   i,    ..,,,.,1,
' 'ii,   || ,1 ���     on   i    ihi   ...'ii v.    ,   .,,
oihe   H     No   tl     '   '������ ���������	
"   mal Iin   tb    in ���'   ' .������n.l.   . ��� ���    ||
splrini   ��� ���" '���������"    Ij    nn     '' dm
Ihlnji   hu    h�� ' ii   - diei   hi   '    ->������ ��lu
hi   I-    '������ ������     *        ||ni    whicl
ken| i ���    (lm    h   o   n.   ��.-.-.,    '..    .,
I        Mill       fill       '""'        ���".,       ' ||       .-.,���!       ||
couple.         'i       Hm    makei    "
������ erel    'i ���  din   Ibi   i    d< ��� 'i
'''���      lm   '     '      II  ���
fi   ���     ;'i"'.   ���    |     .,,    i,.   .......
"    ���' ��� ' I         Hli   llol   il     ���        '���'
nn tn ii   ������    i ���
fl "ii   '    Ifl '���'���    '"':l" ���'   -   ���-.     'Ollgl   " ��� II
T':''      abl      I-" " '               I ���" ���
" nli ot hb '" el   ��� ���...  i.,,i...i.,, i  ,i���,.
'.���   " i"   ";''     ���.      |erl   o   ,,:
1  I .,.!..       '.,.,       ',.,... 1,1
''���' 'a   '   " ''"������'   ' C  'I ' || >''
month    Oi li ���   - ���������    ���!-��� ������ ���	
"��� ���'���"    " "������ -:"' ���     li    thi    '*"���
���"   '    ���     i   Iif "���    rn    I loi    '"   di
"������ ��� '""!   tbe kin ' ������ ������
at I hli   ��� '	
Is con ned
: ���;-     '������!"     ���     ��� hotel    10 ������    '     "
thel   i-;- ������' hei om  '���������  thi I (hi
lv  ���" ' ������"��� ���������'   '������' ,-   ' -���"   ttj
flay!  ��� ���  ���      ���   sue!   plebelai   food
..'.    ������   .   .....    .a.,   visioi   '������   thi
'��� hgl;   ���" ���    ifrl '"   pi Hei tl	
';' ���   '"���''   ���"��� i   '���   rt t  " ������""������
���'"���    ��� ��� ���' " rt   Is 1   - tl  nn
.>... ���.-..  ......
/ VWJO   *
t V 1,J,'*v'~ws
Etc., Etc.
i>r5i Xy   STORE
���T   \*
ship \.n u
���    *
::."��� -i- :i highei  p       Improvements,   .      .       ��
'    -   nej   than 1.   pe    Pourth   and    '     '    ",;;"       *2'250
f ' ins Lake Commui
$25   pei    it. :���
'  '
I,.-.-.:      . a   v..        of   J a      ....    .
'.  \   a    .. rer.      a. .,.:.-.,-      :
J.   -,���>,'    :::..:i::
'.:.��� .. .ana    lirr..-     ���:.'    . Qom?     0_l    '���': '   h
��� '    '��� :.. in ii Soi   ' Mniei hi n.xlern imnt-c       '���   ''''     '',U5   : :''' *   ; '' "    ��� ";     '' ' '"
51,500 cash; good
160 acre   -��� id In Iiu
. , ���     ' ,a a a . ���, ��� :  -.
n Sn    .;     : ��� ��� ���   ic   ������
J ' 000     .   I    '       a     ;   .
i I, . i: pei  ' ��� -1 bin
1 'Ills, fine loi a Ion    ��� rtl :������ '     i.     1 a
; 10  ai res   towns       11        Hon  1 > ���   \ $-��� ooO    one   half
5 acres cleared,   ��� , ,   , ...
.���   $1,800, ha!:* cas .... $;.00o, one-tbli I
bnu    ���   -   pei   i enl . su ���
.   ��� 60  teres pood I ind ii
i ��� ...-ia    I 111 ' -l"
a . .     J     )       a       aaa. 1,     a.     -. .���      o  ...       .,
���. ,, ii | ..vu.-a ia. ia.   Seventh streel
.    Fifth ai ��� ���' ii    I" '���  --'���'" ��� -   full
aivo.i lol   V 800
|Sve :;.   posi   offb ���
: ���.'. ti
ts,  cleared
'    :   B   '
64     ���   ���        ::.    Pit'
^        .r acre.   On
"���i   Al'H"-    tt  ������
n<|  fence I,  read
���   good specul y lon
' ������' at itreet, $225.
,     I      .   .    ,    .'.'.     a    .  .   ���    r..  '
.   i      reel   Inn   ��� ��� ��� ���" ���   J. r.O
I |o       ,     aa I    ||l|   .Ml      \     lie ' '���'        ; 11
eiiai ��� a ai.    a real    i ��� i .
|    ,, |���|      a. I        ... i     ��� .   ..a   ���     ���      in "Hli        i (till    $1,030
inbl.'i    ��� ���'       aa      in    |; " Ii rent e.l       ,,,,,,   .,, ,,.,     ,,,...   ^
1 " '     ' M.     ,   1:       f.-.
i        .   ���   , .     .   ;    i    Int. mi iii ii
....... ....     ...      ,   ���.
'��������� ���        ���   prof ���
v": '������������    I  ���
������ ��� tei ' h ���
VI.   ��� r...  ���.-... ....,.���,     ......
'    '   ' ���'������ ���      '
Ei '��� - ���    ' _(li       ,..���'.
��� ���">' ���  ��� ��� ���    ���     ea!  '
\ l ������        "��� ���	
:������      ���     "    ���������'    " ���'     - "���  ���  '���'    	
������ rom - ��� ��� antu
v  '     a '��� ������'������������������- ������ tt
""���' -   ��� i 1 is  ��� ������'  demands that
she '��������� mor. at h   ! tchen
" !" '  '. ��� ;l ���" ��� ��� ��� ��������� ���
one lh ths Mam i iin   t. It   1  .
,i I...,.,-.- ii ,,,   ......   ,-.,.   ..������..  from ;'
e_ ��� ��� 11 ���  "	
\> i.....   . )n   ....   , ours ell   down   ���������
! ���'"  '       ���.-.,   noi h ��� :- ���������
thi i   "" ��� ���   ���   lh j   "    11 tl ��� *""���' "'
l'ot  vou It I    ���   "���" ' hi ���  ���" " 1-'^-" i
lite     ������.��� Ll ������ ��� ,  a I..
���i . uiniac
---"< c
-���  v
ll.MI-O        .i.lll      I..,'Hi. ,.||     t-l        I     . ���
...  ���. . ..| ll.r       I  ani ��� ll        J.   KlIO ,   , .-.
i pi nm
House    fill 1    sized    ! h    Kean
... ���......    Sanpei'""     ' enl5  foi    .10   pei
Ho i-" an I  1'j  lo
$1.37.. half cash   bala
[ed al ���   ..���;��� cent.; Al
1 i   15 m |f|T<- HITS I
[ :,, luio     iui a     i
$30 pei acre $1,00 i
uil over the citj
". $5 > '
���   Sixth  avi:..
it roon -   -SS
��� ������:,   !.'��� :  ������   '
5. $i,o    ..        gee ,  ���.. . ediate   . 1 -
ir- where yo        '    lol
1     |   . a
i  ,       ��� , , .   '     .11   1    11' aa," '.       |l|l|
H.OOO ! ''    III      '   I   a        a      a. 1
, .   a   I f,| .1
lllll : |1
Incl   1 ...il. .
.-ii i <��� ���: iii Matsqui IVtu
ility,   it "uiu house,
ni   house!    one   ���"
���i|. i.'iMiii well, pui��� isi
III ll
i     �����> 1 ,0����0.   ( 'limn ��'.
li i i-i ime
.    ����������'���    " ���     *	
'���'���" lllll   tll       '   '    '  till
Hi ns     ���   ������   ipeel ���
coiulln     ts principal n 	
foi  ,''-'''     I'be recipe I   a    follows   Le1
lh Ilk I'll . ,1  a  a   .      	
nol '""��� '��� ������''   !i   i ������' ������ ��������� '������ ��� ��� ' "���
best for the pun1    '     '   ' ' ''
thel II.  ��� ������' put tii m ;	
 '   I    ���'>��� ��� ���   tl    I  ���   '"    '"���
I lieu  lei  Ihei I In   Inl    '   ll li il
""���I   i  lei Ill   >   '
i""       ���"        ���    "      ol    dan '  '   ���
".:������'    <i   il   ������   littl	
""���I  well m    ��� '    hi eh th    ���   "
il  | I ���   i  |ars   ��� ������ tl :'
1 i   nil'! Ic nl i!	
 i treks    ���' ���   r for tb   tabli
II ,,,,,    I    I ,     ��� i :!,,..    	
airl   ���" cai
Kill   ������' ��� ���   ���   1"   ���: ' '   ...    R|  . ��� ..    i.
mil '������" I's ranch   * *  pi '
ill     1-1 I,..        frill! ���   ; '        .1 .���    ���  ..      : ���..
cQtiarrie & Co.,Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fir* Asturancft Co, of ��� ����n'>������-
"    ������	
���    In il   ������   i :-    ;  ;-"       '   tb nli   ���"   '
i : - '  ���    r meel
li ���  4 ian     ri	
1    ��� ���   ���        for this. Flrsl      	
urallj    I   '   i'i '      h     Is less llnbli
' ��� ,!' ���  I  ������ ��� tl	
... a   ;.    he develops tills (11    i       h
���  ml     Ith the I ���   rn	
herself,   nivi it        '       ���' '	
���   ��� .1  ��� "' ��� ke   th
troubl Ill g    il orlnp
���,, |��� .i..   .i
'ank   Of   Montreal   Grand Trunk  Ry. iNorllicrn   Parifici
i I
r.-i- .   -.      . t        U->-.,-->-.--,i.,_,..���jJ
Pf'Vf t
���. ��� ��� .ted      i    'i������'   '���'
Chicago ; on&m,
Rt  |
rd   - - - t-..-...i-. -..i  u       .:   ,.       ... vf
,::'-.--,' ' : '      ;" ">   : '* '��� "
v     ." 'innnaond
��� 'S.rr.  :-���������      .��� :       . \ :     ".���.",      ���   . ' ' '.''""
iol k��aa tranaac :eri
f��^M<.; ontinental
I rains I J��allv
.- Travel en the Famous
[m iiiog. F^ronto,    ���*o>tttcoAs��i/fl_M'��
fViectric-liirnted tr.-un.    f./nv Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
M;i ��� I' f': '    Q 'J-2-beC, New York, Chicago,
P    v,     J   O. * Toronto, St. Paul
ror..and, ooston,      ANn ALL PomTS EAST
********* *     J   ''     '':U    '    ' '       "     . .    inMlhii^n'���m���:     Sfeamshir Tickete on sale to all Euro-
.   :.-NT,'._'..:   .orreapondenta *; ,,   , . ,.;,Vi    ������|  'i���. m un-   poau points.
PROVINCES! Special   Reduced   Rates   Round   Trip
8AVlN.r-c      r.-M^      m    *.��*__-_-_fCS��_T* ' , '   , ,  Vi''W ViiKK and^       Rates   to   Scuthern   Cali,*o,'ni..
lwWe GS    BANK     DEARTMF    ^ , *,,, ,   ,,, x,,���i,ri, Falls,  ttitobttmrton call on or write
"*���**:-,,���,-,-   ,5iMi.^ r<   fj   f:ff.YM,Mf ,,   ,....- '   W '<3tc,addtt_�� C.B.LAKQ, GeneralAgent,
Qg(3, W. VAjX. 480 I Listings St., Vancouver, B. C.
r   , ... .,,���������, i>,.��,.nirer anil Ticket A.. D. CHARLTON,
' \i f! Sf ���   I \   FHE   Nif Vi 3       ��� v,,i""s st" chicaK��'    Ponland'"'        A- c" A
. rtr-nl. tr-   rie|����-.T"-
.���-(.v.. -,, ..-���..���] liearf! ."'��� ���''' the mean
e.t "nan bul I happen fe knew th--
meane I  voi ian."
,\ i. . .   a . ���
r ��� g iei 11 weddings
slyly removes the cards from the pres
ents. go that the bride ".'in never know
which of her friends it was who gan
her the pin fed butter knife."���Cbicngr
Record Herald.
JllNt     I.tlii?    f'llOHM.
Hubby���It becomes very trying, my
dear. You're always snyiiiK check
check, chock! I feel as If life were 0
long game of chess. Wlfle���Well, Ed
ward, if ymi don't give me something
I shall bave to pawn, pawn, pawn
and It would still seem Like a game ol
chess, wouldn't It 1 - Ally Sloper.
Sat* .'untie.
"That's u:y best Work," said the poet
i after reiuliiiH the verses to Crlttick
j "I'm thiukin.. of having it copyrighted*
"OBpyrighted." said Crittlck. "If 1
j were you I'd have it patented."-Sac
I Francisco Call.
dominion nrarss io
��� --'���- ������-'-''
....        forwarding package nei
chanr!'' -. - aluables and       i'    all
pai ��� Id
'��� ������ ��� igl; "��� n nded thai 'l":;
���" ��� i      as t< ar ���     al de I i
ation somi days in adyai���, thn   -
'������"��� tl h :  mg ���'  '"
handling     v ������: gerhehti  ibe made
fi ���  ���'���'" ��� ������  thi   na;   l ��� *'��� i   I'hri 	
���'' '������ " ��� '
Spi ���������"' attentii n given 1     " r n   "
fi ��� G  D n ana t"'o] .
F'or   furthei   infi rmntii n   ap]:;
Ci ���������' any':   -,|:'    at   <'. V. R,    ��� ������:
I 1   91
,!. W. McBBNUn, Ifien?.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
for CONB V11  CARt R< ���SS, ATLIN,
VVHI1 E    HORSE     DAV *"     :    and
i  ���. ir... i     i  s     Daily   ti ) ns   (except
Sun '���"             ��� .ers,   i
......        md Wl
I     tlon   apply  to
!   H    ROGERS,  Trail      M  nager,
���  nnver.  B    '
WHFN   ooino  fact
^SB   i.m.   riCKl '   *
ro S END
Eight   rrains  I       y Day in tho 5
I"  I
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas} the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists of
private compartment cars, standard
16 section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, li-
lirarv and smoking cars.
Fur Time Tables,  Folders, or any
further information call  on  or  write
fjo Second Avenue. Seattk. W��*h 12
t ��� i
Carving Sets, in Nickle Silver
With Solid Silver Mountings
Rodgers' and LX.L. Pocket
and Penknives
Gillette Safety Razors
No Homing;  No Strap
The Best of all Useful Presents for a Gentleman
Desert and Table Knives; Forks
Electric-plated Serving Dishes
Carpet Sweepers
Save your wife some of the hard work
Hardware of all descriptions
_ Columl. ia St.
Columbia St.
Fancy  Goods
AspiendidlotofGOOD BOOKS
Discount to Schools and Churches
J. J. MACKAY fif CO.
_W.��.��^.����^��� ��� ��� ����-_�����.��
TKe Choicest ot Meats Cooked in
the Most Delicious Manner Can
Be Obtained   at    All    Hours    at
Kenny s    Restaurant   ana   Care
Late Suppers After the Theatre a
Specialty. Oysters and Game
-     -      -     in  beason.      -      -     ���
| Electric Railway Service
Inter-urban Line.
Cars fur Vancou 'er and way
stations wil] run every half-
hour frmii 5:50 ;: in. to 11 p
m. excepting at . 30 and 8:30
a, in. Half hourly cars will
run trom Central Park to
Vancouver only.
Citv Limits Line���Si  vice from
6.15 a.m, to 11 p.m.
20 Minute service���no transfer.
Between 12 nud _ nnr, _ and 7.
30 Minute Service during re-
malnder or day. transfer at
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service   half-hourly   be-
tween 8 a.m. and 11    ra.
Sapperton  Line.
15  Minute  Service  from  0.25  u
in   in  11  p.m., excepi   i etw&en
12 .ii il 2, and 5 and 7, dui i
whie1) hours th.  service will be
l       ��� ���   .  ly,
Sund.y Service   halt-hourly  ..e-
t .""'ii S.30 a.in. and 11 p.m.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd
Growing Appreciation
* Sugar Cured -       ���
Breakfast Bacon and Hams
TIiv. !��������_. r ������> an Indt-i 10 the
llmrmlrr uf Ihr ln��llvld����l���Tli��-
-. liumh ceater" In U��e Brain���Pirnl-
lluii  of fhe Y. >ll  Balnm-ed Thumb.
The gypsies have always recognized
that tbe thumb is the most important
factor in delineating special tendencies.
These nomadic people arc the most intuitive en earth, and the faci that in
their fortune telling they often confine
tbeir prognostications to the thumb
alone is worth more than a passing no
Tbe fact that there is what is known
as tbe "thumb renter" in the brain, recognized by all surgeons, demonstrates
the Immense importance attached to it
by medical science. If there is a tend
ency toward paralysis the physician
notes it in the thumbs long before thc
malady shows Itself in other directions.
An operation to avert the calamity it
possible is frequently performed ou the
thumb center of the bruin, and thi
thumb itsei:' is watched for results favorable or otherwise lt is a matter ol
record thai the thumbs of Idiots and
those menially weak are undersized,
characterless and usually cling closely
t i the sale of the band. Thi re ba. e
been boots written on signs in the
thumbs as denoting criminal Instiucl
and detectives have been often movi .
tn consider seriously ilns phase of tbi
hand In making their deductions In
puzzling cases,
'1 he position of the thumb with refi :-
ei.'i' to the resl of the band makes either foi or agaiusl favorable tendencies. If it is bonnd to the lirst Auger nl
a rinse angle, lying nearly parallel, i!
Indicates a weak and cowardly nature
People with such thumbs are not open
and frank in character, preferring :
creep along in tlie shadow and proi';
by another*, enterprise, If in connection with this position it should be
very small. -.vith vacillating, almost :::
visible joints, it indicates mental weakness. If. on tlie contrary, it flies out at
right angles or even farther it show.
want of balance In another direction.
The person will rush to extremes and
is Independent and aggressive almost
to foolbardiness, Such people are d's-
agreeable to associate with in any e:.
terprise, as they .always want tbeir
own way and are not subservient to
The -well balanced thumb lies at an
angle of about forty tive degrees from
the first finger. The joints of tht
thumb :l1so tell their story. Tbe Umbel
jointed thumb which turns back from
the baud is a misfortune to its owner.
lie will never be rirh by saving his
earnings, and if a fortune should be
left him it is likely to be si ion diss;
pated. He Is .a spendthrift by nature,
not only in money, but in thought. Ii
he gets n hobby he rules it to death,
and bis policy m all the affairs of lifi
I will be. "If a little is good, more is bet
ter.'' And it* he does not actually live
out all bis Impulses be will always
' fret in tbe spirit and grow rebellious in
/.resisting his natural tendencies,
The stable jointed thumb is every
, tliinsr that is the opposite to tbe first
,type. And while the people with these
"-thumbs are not so companionable or st
helpful to others they succeed by concentration and a certain amount oi
selfishness. They have the directness
of purpose and the tenacity to carry tc
successful issue great enterprises. They
are stubborn, material, stolid, resistless. Tbe chimpanzee, which bas th.
hand most marly resembling the human, shows the greatest weakness and
want of intelligence in its undersized
short thumb. And In the human raci
the long thumb may be taken as Lndl
eating the more Intellectual nature.
The shorter the thumbs the more brutal and passion governed the nature.
The relative length of the joints alsi
plays an Important part. The first indicates the will power, the Becond dc
notes judgment, reason and logic, aud
the third, which controls the nne:::!
of Venus, Indicates the affections and
love of fellow beings, in a well balanced nature tiie lirst mid Becond
joints are aboul of equal length, This
indicates a wholesome adjustment be
tween ihe judgmenl nml the will, if,
however, tin.- first joiirt is longer than
the sr .ond tae will exceeds the judfr-
ment, nnd the person is likely to >
stubborn ai d often acts without ren
sou. When the second joint is the
longer n i"���:��� ou plans better than In
executes, In this way he often get
the reputation of being visionary and
is frequently lull of schemes which la
larks the will to cirri out.
'I'he   third   join!,   or   "hain,"   of   the
hand when ioo thick Indicates uugov-
ernable   passions   ami   an   Inordinate
love of the opposite si \. Silrh a Jier
son will be "hail fellow well met," a
boon companion, but is likely to neg
leel ihr Intellectual demands both o.
his home .'nei his other .-eif.
When Ihe second joint Is thin am!
small in circumference as compared
witb the flrsl it is snid to Indicate
great tart nml niceties In judgment,
.even to the splitting of a hair. Whether Ihe Jinii'i is Ann ,���. flabby it has a
modifying Influence in all eases,
Bon-Bon C rackeri
The Jolliest Time or. Xmas Day is when, after dinner, ad ilts
as well as children pull the crackers.
We have beauties, and to suit all purses.   Crackers with
toys in them, Crackers with love messages, Crackers ser
Crackers funny, Cracker.- with paper cap and aprons, Cra
with everything.
Have  you   bought  those Sweets yet}}
Our fancy boxes of Ganong's celebrated VJ# !__$��� Chocolates are going fast. Choose your box, and choose a pretty
one, quick.
PURDY makes his own Sweets,  and  they  are Al.
can depend on the freshness and quality.
The   Store   with   the
White   Front
Columbia St., Next Tram Office
We Have
as usual, a nice assortment of
Dressing  Cases
Hand Bags
Purses, the prettiest line ever
shown   in this city.
Collar and  Cuff Boxes
Smokers'  Sets
Glove and Handkerchief Boxes.
and many novelties too numerous to mention.
CIIIS' to. S__
82 acres of first-class land, about 30 acres improved; excelMI
bearing orchard, standard varieties of fruit���Peach, Ap] le, Pear, PlintHl
Prunes, Walnuts;  gt mi dwelling house and uutiuiil<lm_-. �����*-.'::r-.-i.'.;. -'-J
ated; good roads; store, : ilephone, post ofiice, sch'" I,     irch, n'i tm
venient; excellenl transportation facilities.
Price  $5,200,  quarter cash, balance 6 pei
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
45.00 EACH.
Ask for and Insist on getting
Maple Leaf Rubbers ��� there
are no others just as good.
The lines,'made for durability
possess a remarkable degree
of style, while the stylish lines
are very durable.
Idle Mve-.
No idle hie can produce n real man.
A life of luxury calls out only tbe effeminate, destructive qualities. The
creative forces are developed only b.v
stern endeavor to bet ier one's condi
tion in  the world.    Success Magazine,
Tlie   Mil.
Johnnie s.iy. pit, who wns Pandora!
Johnnie's I'.i Pandora, my son, was _
little girl who started a lot of trotibl.
becnuso she didn't keep the lid down,���
Princeton Tiger,
.Never mind whom yon praise, but b.
very careful whom you blame.���Gosse '
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   iron   worn, including
Fences, antes, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence In
nraniB btkehjt.
New Westminster. f. O. 47..
You cannot make amis
buying Rubbers if tl'^"113
of   the  Dominion is Dra" e
ll* it is n"'
on them-you may u
J. Leckie Co., Ltd
Vancouver, B. C.
Selling Agents for the West
Sole Agent for New Westminster
W. E. SINCLAIR, The Leading Shoe ��*


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