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The Daily News Apr 4, 1906

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gislat/v_ -   '
APR G-190(
Striking Miners Will Present Set of Modified Demands
A. E. White Disposes of Valuable Land to Man Who   j
j Has Improvement Scheme.
Workmen Decide to Put a Milder Proposition Up to
The Operators -State Board of Arbitration Offers Its
Services���President Mitchell Issues Statement At
Close of Today's Conference.
Pa.  a j .1 i)  i - Word  wasi
.. ,| in ibis city today from New
k that when Lhe anthracite opera-
���   i   bi :      oommltti i     recon-
oi ><>".  in thai cllj  the lattei
���   in  the operators a  new
ands greatly modlfle l from
-In. miners   had been de-
Arbitration   Offered.
Lips Are Sealed. land House today and had under con-
New   York,   April     i    Boon    after slderatlon   iln-  communication     from
inmn ihe- miners scale committee took ""��� Rovei ' "' Pennsylvania and the
i  recess umil  2 p. in. Neither    .Mr. offer "'' ,|:" anthracite operators  to
Mitchell nor any membi    i     hi   com continue for tl  years on the award
mlttee  would   disclose  tin-  nature  of ot the anthracite coal strike cm.hut
the forenoon discussion. -'""���  l;   waJ3 decide :  'hal  the matter
of  further  negotiations  and  the   pro-
Mitchell   Issues Statement. ,. ,, . ,
positions of the anthracite miners be
New   York.   Apiil   I    Mr.   Mitchell ed   lo    the    sub-committee   ap-
after the adjournmenl  of the Shamo- pointed by the genei  I committee and
',' :-!. IMs.. A111-i 1 l-  The si;ite  kin   committee   this   afternoon,   gave that a further meeting of the general
ol   arbitration  offered  Us  Ber-  out   the following  statement: committee be held tomorrow at  9 a.
,..!.,-.   in   the   miners   ami   up-      "The  committee  appointed   by   the m, The Bub-committee i.i now In  ses-
' ol  Illinois, Shamokin convention met at the Ash- Blon."
Russians Move Again
For Peace Conference
A. E. White yesterday completed one of the
best realty deals which has been put through in the
City lately, namely the sale of the Newcombe Estate
of Burnaby, comprising in all 55 acres, to S. J.
Thompson, of Vancouver.
The property is well known, being formerly
owned by the late Mr. Newcombe, of piano fame,
who purchased it when on a business trip to the coast.
Mr. Thompson owns 26 acres immediately adjoining his recent purchase and it is his intention to
sub-divide the entire holding of 81 acres into acre
tracts, with a view to creating a small settlement
on the land.
A road will be opened through the property, and
possibly considerable clearing may be done before
the land is placed on the market, although the latter
proposition has not been decided upon definitely
as yet.
Another Survivor of Disaster At Courriers Is Brought to
the Surface and Women Cry Death   to   the
Engineers for Bungling Rescue
l.eiiz.   Prance,    April     *.���Another  Berton, bit wlfi foi   and an
survivor nf iln- mint- disaster ai Cour-   affecting scene occurred,
rlers mi March l" waa discovered this
morning ami broughl mn of the pn.
The finding of another miner alive
after 25 eluys' entombment caused Intense excitement, His name is Augua-
H- Berton and when found in- was in
fairly good condition. According ioi
his lirst statemenls he suffered less
limn ihe- ],ii ceding rescued  men,
Charged Before Court of Inquiry With   Fire   Destroys   Residence  and  Thomas
Critically   Injuring   Fellow Coulter  of  Wallaceburg.  Ont..
Officer. is  Cremated.
Aldershot,  England.   April   I.    I' 'i Wallaceburg    (int..     Ape'I   I.���Five
lieutenants, Hamilton    Dalrymple, .lo- early  yesterda'.   destroyc 1   the dwetl-
liffe and Harford, were placed mi trial inj, on Wallace Btreet  occupied    by
today before a court of Inquiry which Robert   McLean
is  making an  Investigation  Into  Hie Tlimnas Coulter, who wa.- sleeping
hazing   of   Second   Lieutenant   (.'lark
Kennedy who was crltlcallj  maltreat-
Tni ii C.i April ������ Un-
Lh( Russian governntew
idi  anothei movenrsat to-
,   >��� convention   of The   Hague'
v. hi ii   Baron   Rosen,   the
assador    presented    to
Iteini a proposal tor the re-;
ol the conference at The
in the coming summer,
adlcated  thai   the   Netherlands
��� al  had assented to the pro-
The ' cl  that   Russia and the  Neth-
��� - ���   have agreed  makes It   proba-
the other signatory  powers
to   i Iginnl     Hague     convention
- ipted iln' Invitation to attend the nexi conference will agree
;" "lit proposed date, although the
short   period  uf  time  available  will
in cessary for some   of the
powers which have (given little atten-
10   the   subject   recently     In   do
rapid diplomatic .v.urk  in order1
'" arrange programmes according toj
1m   desires.
- rtaln that 1 his propoaed Rub-
ti.niiini' as conveyed to the
tate   department   by     Baron   Rosen
will,- wjille- nm iin-iiing positive ob
Jections al I iaat", call fOrtb sunn' pre
.lei-is differing materially in scope
and deiail from the Russian  plan.
The Russian programme provides
thai all political questions shall be
excluded trom the conference and
makes these provisions:
Amelioration eif provision ot the
convention concerning the setUement
ot international controversies so far
as the our! eif arbitration and the Investigation committees are concerned.
Additions to the laws and usages
of land warfare, aiming others the op-]
cuing of hostilities, rights uf neutrals
on land, decimal ions of 1S99, renewal
of one' of ihem.
Compilation uf a convention regarding the laws ami usages of naval warfare relating in ihe spi'dai operations
ui' naval v,.i:i;ue. such as bombardment of forta ley naval fences, location ot torpedoes, change uf merchant
vessels Into warships, private proper-
tj nf belligerent al se-n, time' allowed
merchant   vessels to leave  neutral or
hostile ports after the beginning of
hostilities,   Mollis   and   duiie-s   uf   lull-
��� i   among ml s thi   ques-
linn of contraband rules to which beli-
gerenl v< -.-Is must submit in neutral
ports, destruction from uncontrollable
causes  of merchanl   vessels captured
I /.i -s.
Into this convention would be inserted provisions concerning land war-
Ian which would apply to naval warfares: supplements to the convention
for the adaptation to naval fights of
the principles of ihe Geneve convention  held In 1S64.
��� ��� o	
In the Dry  Dock.
The Favorite is still in dry dock
and among other improvements is being titled mn wiih a new stem. She
will he released in a few days, and
George Harvey will assume charge in
the pilot  house.
The St. .Mungo steam tug, the Lora,
Is also on Ihe dry dock and will  be
ed   by   llis   fellow   officers   lasi   niunili
ill one of the upper rooms, was burn-
ed in death. Coulter, who was. iniux-
Engineers   in   Danger.
As iiu- news spread through the region   i:   caused  extreme  exasperation
sf  ihe engineers who have beem
directing the salvage work.
M. Leon, the state engineer when
lie- arrived at ihe pit was surrounded by a crowd of people who cursed
anil swore al him, one woman going
su far as m strike the engineer.
How   Berton   Was   Found.
Berton was found in ibe following
manner: One- uf a party uf salvage justice has directed thi public prose-
men was winking in the mini' ibis cutor of Doual, department of Nord,
morning when be fell the touch of a in Investigate tin- methods followed
hand on his Bhoulder ami a man who by the salvage' engineers al Cuurrler
turned oul to in- Berton said: "I am city with a view ef prosecuting them
saved." lb- was ai nnce taken to ihe under the criminal code foi negll-
pii and a doctor summoned and Mrs.  gence and manslaughter,
Women  Create Scene.
When the i ti Im -1 i ame to the
surface at noon He . wi re attacked
by u crowd uf w Death
in the murderers."
They were rescued by a iquadron
nf dragoons. Tb- .  intensely
��� ti Ited. They belli ve thai there are
m!e i 'ra n .iliM- ii mlnea md ser
ious  disorders  are  thn item tl.
Search  Wcrk Continues.
1- iei- -' arch parties wen -i nl down
Ki    ' '��� aiuie    Ilie    hi'    ��h( T   I <. -1 I..; I    was
found iuu up mi i :.;n p. in. thi;. have
nm discovered anj more survivors.
Other panics an searching the mines
and ibe chief engineei will remain be-
low all night,
Minister of Justice Acts.
I'aris.  April  4.���The    minister    nf
ieaied   last   night,   had     lo   lie   helped
because, ii is alleged, he- was mu poor home
in   nu.-I   all   ihe  n-.niental   subscrlp-      People sleeping in th
The curt is composed uf tour gen- Ihe ct,iling on thelr"beds
erals,  and   two  colonelb,   Lieut,  (leu-
eral   Sir  Gerald  Morton,  presiding.
Entertained  in   Washington.
Washington,   1).   (.'..  April   4.���Karl
Grey, governor-general of Canada aiid
Lady Grey and party who were guests
rooms below
e awakened by sparks falling from
The-  flames
then  had  such  headway  that  ii   was
impossible  in save Coulter.
With Wcrk at Steveston.
Swiftly   Dying,
liusion,  Mass.,  April  4.���The condition of E.  C.  Swift, of Chicago,  who
of ihe president over night, visited ihe  is  ill   of  pneumonia    at   the  Quincy
British embassy today and later lunch-| house, here,    has    taken    a    sudden
ed  with the French  ambassador and
Madame Jusserand.
A pari of Ihe programme for the
entertainment of the visitors includes a trip lo Mount Vernon tomorrow
aboard the U. S. ship Dolphin.
as  Boon  as  the  Favorite  is
Bean Chokes Child.
Fort Worth, Tex.. April ;',.���The 2-
year-old child of David Dean, living
in Bowie County, is dead. While the
mother was preparing beans for supper the child swallowed one. The
bean lodged in the windpipe,
died in less than ten minutes.
chage for the worst and Doctor .Johnson, the attending physician, was hurriedly summoned. At :! p. m. he was
reported to be in a critical condition.
Honor for Sir Arthur.
London,  April  4.���Sir  Arthur  .Nicholson, the chief representative of the
British mission at  the Moroccan conference, will receive the Knight Grand
nd she   Cross of  St.  Michael  and  St.  George
I for his services at Algeciras.
Rough Weather on the Gulf Interferes   Debate On Address in the Saskatchewan   Legislature  Grows
Regina, Sask., April i The debate
on ihe address in lhe legislature began yesterday and was characterized
by bitterness em both sides of the
hiai-e-, even surpassing the usual
party cross-flrlng.
Dr. Neely, lliiiulitildi, moved the address In reply to the speech, anil was-
followed  by  Sheppard, ol WooBeJaw.
Ex-Premier Haultain, us leader ot
the opposition, criticized very caustically and ai considerable length, deal-
ing particularly with the school law
and the Prince Allien election.
Premier Scott replied in a vigorous
speech, returning Mr, Haultaln's personal Inferences to the amusement ot
ibe. gallery.
The governmenl supportera outnumbered the opposition two to one.
Thi   S.   8. City of X.iiiaiinu and lhe
freighter Lapwing were compelled to
lie up in Steveston during Sunday and
Monday on account of the extremely
rough weather on tie gulf.
The rought weather also gave W.
A. Gilley and his pile driving crew
their share of troubles. The sea was
so high at Steveston that the crew
had to exercise all their ingenuity to
prevent the pile driver from pounding itself to pieces on the bank. In
spite of their efforts, she eventually
broke loose and drifted from her
moorings, and the Vulcan had to be
hurriedly requisitioned to bring her
back and convey her lo a place of
��� o	
Caron   Reaches   New  York.
New York, April ���!.���Sir Adolphe
Caron, arrived here today on the
steamer   Carnntnia   from   Liverpool.
Dowie Shows Contempt
For Opposition In Zion
OMian, Mexico,   April  6.   The  foi-
<!i na iii was made by John
Alexander Dowie in   itlhe Associated
11 ' nlghl regarding the notion
'' naln ��.1 his foUowfirs in depos-
' "' '"'ii as leader ut IZlon City:
"John Alexander Dmfte, first  Apos-
l! the (Tirisdan Catholic Apostolic
rlllll'ii in Zlon, has treated with oon-
'"mi",  the
Ills ,,
powerless  .negations  of
PPOl Ition by six of __�� overseers,
""'"l"l by Vollva.
""��>" admits having (.ukim lhe fob
lo"!ng actions
'''"���'    He  has  officially .dismissed
Uvurseern     Vollva,     Pipei        Bxell,
,hln"1'1  Gantel and dpeWner.
Becorj    \\
I "ne.
has cancelled Vollva's
"Third���He bas dismissed Granger
from iln' office of general financial
"Fourth He bas appointed He'llcnn
Fielding Wilhlie as (Hunger's succes-,
sur and has given him power or attorney,
"Filth -lie has taj-tn the necessary
bgal   steps  In  protect   lib'  estate and
the vast Interests at Zlon
"Sixth���Deacon Jamas P- Peters,
general manager ol -ton railroad af-,
fair Is arranging transportation fori
the Immediate   reiuru   ef the llrsi
apostle  and  perl'.
"He will probably giTe furl her Information  today  and  meanwhile nsksj
the world not to be anxious regarding the affairs nf Zlon City."
S.  Brown Accuses N.  Brown  and the
Accused   Is  Sent  Up  for
V Hrownstein. alias N, btivivn. up-
peared before Magistrate Qfjrbould
this morning on compluinl of S Brown ,
a junk merchant of Vancouver, e'.luii'g-
ed wllh forging the latter's uuaie; to a
note for $7(1, for the future payment,
of cerliiiu goods purchased nt the sale
of Peter Stone of Langley on November 21, 1985.
After hearing th' evidence His Worship committed the uecused for trial.
Transmission   of  Japanese   Troops   Is
Said to  Be   Reason for
Toklo, April I.���Th) long expected
iinuouiiceinimt of the open door in
Miineiiiii'ia, is confidently believed to
be in the very neat future.
The delay In making the announcement has, It is unofficially slated, been
prompted solely on the part of the
Japanese government by fear of complications ��� arising while the transmission of troops was going on.
Hungry Seals Continue
To Spoil Salmon Catch
8eal��   mill   presenl   a   verv   serious' amount   IM   pounds had   been   render-,
l,v in  for  ,i���,  ,-,. ��� .        ed  unsaleable on  account   of  that de-
'��!  ine Fraser river  Usher- , .,        .
in,,,, . predations of the seals.
"'" :l"d the number of flshj    a camp of seven fishermen oporat-
*,lli"" '"" �����!��� destroy In the net, Ib! �����* ��< Cottonwood reporl  that II is
"falling,    Tn   ,��� i bardlv  worth  while  Irving  to  llsh as
111  make mailers    worse:  ,       '   , ... ,lw, ,.���.,.i, before
they   ,,,. the seals destroy all the caron mime
"lug more numerous In  they can get them Into the boats.
T OH'the lime.
li is understood thai steps are be-
���\ local  i ' ing taken to urge the government to
had ���   ,        """"" ,0,,i,-v ,hal lle! adopt Bome strong and vigorous plan
r,(l       "     received a nhipment of 0f campaign againsl the finny pirates
""'""ls "f salmon und  of that: of the Frwer river.
Detectives Wife Disappears.
Port Townsend,April 8.���Mrs. John-
sort, wife of City Detective Johnson of
Minneapolis, who with her husband
has been spending several weeks
visiting relatives In this county,
started from the residence of a neighbor near Hrlnnun to return to the
home of her sister Sunday afternoon
and bas not since been seen.
The missing woman wore valuable
diamonds and  had about  $500 on  her
person at the time ot her disappearance.
The settlement where her relatives
reside Is located at the edge of a
virgin forest and lt Ib feared Mrs.
Johnson bns been attacked and carried
off by a cougar, many of which Infest
the- vicinity.
Licence Commissioners Meet Tonight
to Consider Two Cases.
The board of licence commissioners
will meet, tonight in lhe city hall to
eonslder applications, and to take
some action regarding lhe conduct
of the Depot and Windsor hotels, recently convicted of selling liquor to
It Is said that, certain of the com-
tnlssloners are Inclined to support
the proposition to withdraw the licences now In effect tn the places,
but It Is thought that no such drastic
measures wlll be taken, although the
licences may be suspended for one
At any rate the hotel men aa-o very
anxious over the situation, and await
the result of the meeting with no little Interest.
Commander of the Dewey Sends Wireless Message in Regard to
New   York. April  4.���A  despatch  to
the  Herald  dated  Tuesday,  says that
n message has been received by wireless   from   the  drydock  Dewey   which
was  sixty   miles  northwest   of  -Malta,
maintaining a speed of more thnn one
hundred and live miles a day.
During the entire run from Gibraltar
! the weather bus been line and all Is
going smothly.
The official in charge of the Dewey
j expects to arrive at Port Said about
! April 16.
Victoria Undertakes
To Do Some Boosting
Walena, Malta, April I���The I'. S.
Drydock Dewey and her convoys
bound for the Philippines passed here
at noon-today and report all well on
Victoria, April I.���His Wursllip the
Mayor and a score of prominent citizens were Interviewed yesterday by
a Colonial representative on a tuig-
ge-silim that Victoria should fall In
line with her sister cities throughout
the province and form a "Booster
Club." From the start the suggestion met with Instant approval and
hearty etidorsatlon at the hands of
those seen during the busy hours of
the afternoon. Business men on Government street left their correspondence and chatted freely with the re-'
porter on the alms and objects of the
proposed  club;  wholesalers on Wharf
Streel  lefl off checking invoices whilo
they  mentally  figured   em   .-eased
trade by reason of additions to the
present population; and professional
men forgot their clients as tbey gave
a few  moments of valuable  nine    to
help launch the most Important, far-
seeing movement ever started in the
Capital City���not eniy for Victoria,
but the whole of Vancouver island. If
within the next few days tho (esponse
ls as unanimous as that of the Initial
day, there will he publicly launched a
100,000 Club along similar lines to
those already started and in active
oporat ion In Vancouver, Nelson, Kamloops. Revelsfoke and other municipalities of the mainland and province.
Fair  Weather  to  Continue.
Victoria, April 4.���Tho barometer
remains high over this province and
fine weather continues throughout the
Pactflo slope with moderate winds, on
the coast extending southward to California. Light local snowfalls have occurred in Manitoba and milder weather is spreading eastward from the
Forecast for 36 hours ending 5 p.
m. Thursduy on the Lower Mainland:
Light to moderate winds, continued
fair and warm during the day.
"Cannon Ball" Train
Meets With Disaster
Norfolk, Va��� April 4.���A wreck occurred ou the Norfolk & Western railroad between Suffolk and Norfolk today when "The Cannon Ball" train
bound for Richmond to this city, ran,
through an open switch at Juniper!
Siding and is reported to have beenl
completely destroyed, the wreckage)
afterwards catching flre and almost)
fhe entire train, consisting of twoj
passenger cars, and a baggage and
mall car being consumed.
It was said at the offices of tbe Norfolk & Western road here this after-
! noon that no one had been hilled and
i that only three passengerH  had  been
I slightly Injured.
Nothing was reported concerning
the crew of the train. The railroad officials say they have no information
concerning the burning of the wrecked train.
A later report says seven personB
were injured In the wreck. No one
wus killed.
' t }
Aid.    - ... i   '  *ers   an    Interesting
Led ��� he City Council
T ol tne local branch
of i - ...   ,, ni  Won
ol li'  ures on sub-
-!���       to  wejtne-n  was
In  an  i iitnisiakeable  manoei
when     Aid.   Howay     tool
in      in     the     civic   council
chamf save the -first    of   the
.-��� rii    on the subject of   "The
standing of women
The chair was filled by Rev. Prin-
elpal Sipprell of ('(iliimbian College,
whei in his introductory remarks call-
ed attention to the vast Qifference In
lhe siiinis of women in ibe civilized
aectioaa of the world as compared to
the position of women under heathendom. While ln the latter woman was
simply a chattel of her husband, in
the former she had all the afreet ion:
all fhe money and in these days of
tailor made gartilenis. nearly all the
Clothes thai maji possesw-d. In a
few words Principal Sipprell then Introduced the lecturer.
.Mr. Howay at the outset said lhal In
dealing wilh legal matters, there- was
apt to be a certain technicality of
language, which he would endeavor to
avoid and make every word he uttered
as Intelligible as possible. Law was
composed of two parts, ihe written
and the unwritten. That, which was
unwritten naturally existed first and
was followed by the written. In England the unwritten law was divide"!
into two parts���common law and
equity, and in these were cystalized
the common sense of the British people. Common law at the outset, started in a very broad way and this was
gradually narrowed down by prece-
denl following precedent till the law
became S burden and led to the formal ion of the court of equity or natural Justice. Equity tool: the kernel
oui of the common law as required
and thai was moulded and formed by
thi' various federal, provincial and
municipal bodies. Common law- placed   women   under  the  same'  status  as
ihe- women in the biblical taw, as
having no legal existence apart from
ini husband. It therefore followed;
1.���That ii wife had no power io
make contracts. 2.���Tha' inasmuch as
bit Identity was merged in that of he-r
husband, ber property went with b.
The law remained thus until the year
1882 X" matter whal property a
'.em...ii, had ai the time ol ber marriage iin' husband could claim i', and
ii remained his after his wife's
death     When the husband died   the
propertj    went   In   hla   n-lati'ins.     Tu
offset Hns aparrent Injustice, howevei
the wile could commit no wrong for
which Bhe could In- made in suffer
punishment. If sin' legally transgres
seel the husband bail to bear the
punlshmenl and root tic bill. Equity
Btepped in and undertook to set matters straight and grive woman the
right tn secure property and also to
make bargains, thus ameliorating ber
condition as it had exisieei under common law
in 1S82 in England the- married woman's property act was passed anil in
1X87 a similar enactment was made: in
Canada,   which   mighl   be     called    the
Magna Charter uf woman's liberty.
n    was    tpunded nn a new principal
and arirne-el lhal there was no reason
why taallied women should mil have
a perfect right to huh! property in
her own name and do with It as she
foil disposed. The' new law also
made ,. married   woman   responsible
for In i own actions, lnsli'nd uf holding iln husband responsible. Again
the new enactment gave woman the
right in money or wages earned by
hexsell \\'li'-n a woman died without. \
ii will and wlthoul children ibe husband got lie- whole property Just, as
if was ., hundred years ago. With
regard to woman being responsible for
her own actions the law said thai
her husband was equally responsible.
Pp iii the year 1893, a woman had
nn authority in sign a contract nf any
kind unless she was a property owner.
Ill 1900 ibe law was changed and wo-
niau itis given the power lo sign contract whether she held property or
'ihe lecturer then took up the sub-
n-i i n' woman's dower. At one time
ihat if- pended entirely on the wording
of tin   marriage   service,   ami   only
dowered the wife wilh one third of
Hu- property (he husband hud at lhe
lime uf their marriage. If the wife
���died ll reverted to the husband. The
new act if there were nn will gave nne
third uf ihi' property to the wife if
there were children, and half If there
were no children, if there were
a will in lhis province lhe wife had no
right to dower and the husband could
���ellsposi of property as he wlsheel. In
Nova Scotia and Ontario the wife was
'entitled tO dower Whether there was
ii will or not. The existing law mi
ihe subject, the lecturer spoke of in
strong terms as ii mosl Iniquitous one
as it gave the husband full right lo
dispose uf all properties as he thought
fit without consulting Ihe wife. A
question which often arose was, who
had a light to the property accumulated dining marriage, nnd as it stood
at the present lime tho husband had
full power to absorb all. This was
not as it should be. Women might
often be compared to the Illlie lug be.
side the big schooner, she supplied the
power.    (Applause.)
The next nnestlon spoken of was
the  home.    Men  in   business  did  not
safeguard the home sufficiently, They
do so by taking
���    ������_  ���
the ladle        t . tl
audlec A to allow the
main made
-   : estate     as    in
that '-a.-'-, in case nf death the wif--
and family could not claim a ceut of
��� he amount Insured for. See that the
policy was made nn' so speclfially to
'le- arife and children, or to one or the
other. With leirard to the subject Of
deserted wives the speaker stated
that, notices which were often in-
serted In the papers to the effect that
the husband was not responsible foi
the wife's debt, were of no use. The
question must be first settled as m
who was to blame for the separation.
If the wife was deserted by the husband, she could claim uy to one third
of his income, governed by the rise
and fall of his Income. Further, the
husband must rapport "h" wife even
while she was suing him in the
courts ante) eventually pay all her legal
expenses. On the subject nf protection against drunken husbands, firs*
there   was   the  Slwash   act.   by   which
the wife could get 'he husband Interdicted,  the making,  the  Belling,    or
giving of liquor io the Interdicted
person wiihin one year a punishable
offense. In the case ni habitual
drunkards, the emm assumed the
righi io deprive a man nf th" power
m dispose of his property. The power of ihe- husband ln the old days
was almost unbounded and lie could
treat his wife almost 'le- same as he
could any of his personal propertj and
could administer corporal punishment
if he bo desired and also command
h"i actions. In 1891 the law was
changed so that a wife could go and
come as she pleased without being re
sponsible io her husband so long as
her conduct was proper. In concluding, the lecturer said that while woman's condition was not all that could
te- desired, i was --.'ill much improved and he finished his able address
with an apt quotation from Tennyson's medley,   'ihe- Princess."
The- chairman briefly ami somewhat
humorously addressed tie- audience
and un a motion uf Hi" ladies a vote
nf thanks was tendered Mr. Hot
The attendance at the lecture
-mail imt those who were there i
up tor Hu- link uf numbers by theii
keen appreciation   of   the   led:
efforts and by their    frequent    spon-
tanueous bursts uf npplau.se.
"ih" nexl lecture in the series will
be delivered by Dr. DeWolf Smith at
a   elate  lu   l,e  allliii'lle ed   later,  and   un
tiie theme "Sanitary Conditions nf the
Captains  Tr-at   Men   Cruel!/  so  Tney
Will  Jump Jobs Before
Pay  Is Cue.
.-   ittli    V ���   -
- on ihe Soun :. which  ha -
for   ihe   past   month,   i
- now in th:- - ' tui: f i laj -   -
it   -. tii       �� ..':.-    for   a
:.   ��� .   ��� '    ������:-
.   ire on the part  uf the boarding
���     -ers.   whose   duty It Is te,
furnish crews tm  masters   shun,   of
The supplying nf crews has been difficult of late, owing lo the fact that
but few vessels   of   the   windjammer
type have- calleel on the Sound. Thus"
which have called are mostly German
with uti" Swedish ami one Norwegian
., .., Crews nf those nationalities
seldom care to leave (heir vessel
I'suall;. the masters are kind, and
tr";n their men with consideration.
Othei sailing vessels, however, operate at times under different circutu-
' Sniping" crews, by the art of per-
suasion, Is one of the duties which
thee boarding houses are forced
times tn resort to, In gett'nr crews
for vessels on the Sound This little
Btunt was carried ofT on on'? of the
sailing vessels in the harbor l-e-t.
Tie- British barque Kilmallie, re-
cently arrived on the Sound, has lost
several of her crew. Where the mei:
went tn Is a matter fnr conjecture,
leu ii is a noticeable fact that some
of the men have been seen at Port
Town-end, where a couple nf vessels
have been waiting for crews more
than '.en days.
The desertion of a vessel by i's
crew is one of the phases of marine
financiering, which at times saws
large sums of money for the owners.
When a crew is signed fen- a certain
pen and deserts before reaching that
port, there Is no money in sight for
ihe sailor who has worked months,
lb-   will   not  get  one  cent.  Tills  en-
i-i' a vessel to be worked thousands
of miles without costing the owners
anything but the food which th" men
In limes past, this was a practice
Indulged in by almost every vessel,
'iln- owners would seek and engage
a skippei who had the reputation ol
being a hard master. The harder his
ition fur brutality when al sea.
iln- more readily he was employed.
These masters would then hunt
a out foi a mate with il reputation
for brutality as fierce as their own.
When mice at sea, the sailors would
In- beaten, nagged and tantalized until
lit" became unbearable'. On many
ships, men. weaker than their brothers, beaten, bones broken, eyes black-
e-neei   ami   suffering   unlohl   agony,  at
!  to work.
,- OV(
anient, old
���   . ������!���
what the master
��� .    , I for Sat
., ���  _,
giving  the  men  a chai
I have been operate ll that distance without cost other than food fur
the crew. The sailors would then seek
another ship, bul it was merely a case
of Jumping from the frying pan lo the
Emperor   of   Germany   Sendt   Soldiers
to   Dance   With  Them.
Crefeld, Germany. April 3.���When
Emperor Wllhelm visited this city in
1903 a group of girls complained to:
his majesty that they had no dancing
parties anil begged him to send a regl-1
ment of cavalry her". The emperor
promised to do so, and yesterday a
regiment of hussars arrived from Dus-
seldorff, and with ii came the empor-
er, who had decided to take part tn,
the regiment's reception.
The young women of the city enthusiastically acclaimed ihe soldiers
ami handed the staff officers heaps of
floral offerings for his majesty. The
I,,"1 "'.lying tn iiu mayor's speech
uf welcome, said:
"I have kept my wind. Today 1 IlaT"
given the town iis garrison and the
young ladies their partners.'
The emperor's remarks were greeted
with cheers.
The city, which is the center nf
the silk and velvet Industry, was gaily-
decorated for the occasion, a mile of
the principal streets being hung with
decorations of velvet and silk.
Chauncey Depew Declines.
Newhaven, Conn.. April 4.���The de-
clination of United States Senator
Chauncey M. Depew. to stand for reelection to the Yale corporation was
announced today from the office of
Bi cretary of the university as follows:
"Mr. C. M. Depew has declined to be
a candidate for the election to the
Vale corporation. Official notice to
ihis fact will be sent to ihe graduates
in the regular circular letter issued
from the secretary's offlce about
���May  1."
 o ���������
Offer to Build Railway.
Winnipeg, Man., April 4.���The Ken-
slngton Land ami Development company nffir tn build a streel railway-
in Brandon ten miles in length al an
estimated cost of $200,000.
General   Blanco  Dead.
Madrid.   April    I.���General     Blanco
died   'his   morning.   He   was   captain
genei il  nf Cuba immediately prior tn
.ind during ib" Spanish-American war.
Has   Pieasur;   cf   Seeing   One   of   H'S
CoT-.parucns   Bag   Big
,���   5 :..- Roy
al Highni -- Prim ������ Arthur ol
nought an.l party, lefl Fli I
day morning at 7:30 o'clock. Al 'he
;,���,- nt Castle Mount ������:.. two miles
west "f the siatimi ut th it aami. the
���rain Btopoi 1. and the I'rince and
Captain Wyndham, equerry and Mr.
Lampson, started on a hunt for mountain sheep. Indians from the Stoney
Tribe at Money acted as guides. The
party travelled up the mountain trail
about three miles. The", secured one
sheep, which fell to Mr. Lampson's
rifle. His Royal Highness, although
nut successful in bringing down 'he
big guru" of the mountains, was so
pleased with the snort that he promised to make another attempt al Saw-
buck Mountain this morning. The
weather is exceptionally fine, and all
members of the party praise the excellent arrangements made for thedr'
entertainment, ami express admlra-l
tion of the grandeur of the mountain
-i etiery.
Banff will In- visiteel this afternoon,
Further Arrests Will  Be Made in Connection   With   Land   Frauds.
Portland,    April     ::.���The    federal
grand  jury  this afternoon  returned  a
secret Indictment  for land frauds In-
��� volving 36,000 acres in the Lakevlew
. district   in  Southern  Oregon.      It   Involves  thirty  persons,    including    an
Eastern millionaire timberman whose
' identity will be kept secret until ar-
r.-sis are made.
'ihe present efforts of the- government are directed toward the punishment of the real beneficiaries from
ihe frauds, the timber kings uf ihe
Coquitlam  News.
On Sal urday, March :!), Mis. L.
K. Irving gave birth to a 'bouncing
baby boy," a ten-pounder. Mother
and sun are dning well.
A meeting nf the Coquitlam Farmers' Institute was held un Monday,
April 2. Several sessions were held
during the day. and Instructive ad-
dresses were given by W. V. Logan
and Dr. Tolmie on hog raising, horse
raising from colthood up, ihe beef animal ami ihe dairy animal. In the latter Mr. I,ogan used as object-lessons
a sleer anil Iwo cows, by means nf
which he brought nut the points required to be considered in judging an
animal's fitness for dairying nr fnr
'Phone 101
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in AU Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy^Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12.
New Westminster.
[Great Wallpaper Sale!
I Having made arrangements to enter another line of business we have I
decided to close out our immense stock of I
��� Wallpaper, Burlaps, Room Mouldings,
I Varnise Stains, etc.
^ost for Cash
A visit to our store will convince everybody that we
have the largest stock of Wallpaper in British Columbia and it has all got to go and go quickly. We
have just opened a fine line of German goods which
v ill be sold at cost.   Our
Varnished Goods for
Kitchen and Bath
40c a role everywhere, while they last 30c and so on.
Remember this is a genuine sale, no removal
sale or side show of any kind, but a real, genuine
get-out-of-the-wallpaper-business-quick sale. We
have a good staff of paperhangers and will hang all
paper we can for those who want work done, but of
course we will not be able to hang it all.
First Come, First Served.
Samples Sent to Out of Town Customers.
Very nt at Tic in 7 L-2c bedroom papers for roll 4c
9 in. bo ���' e> match, per yd - - 1 l-2c
Many very 1 mdsome stripes and floral designs in
all ct '"i's, egular prices 7 l-2c, 10c, 12 l-2c, 15c
Sale prices, per roll - 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c
Nine-inch Bi .   r tt match for--   -   -   2c a yard
Embossed Gilts
Regular pilc.ea
Sale pri    >
18-in. F !...  i i'i mutch, ,..   ; <1
Sale i- ii - s,      ��� yard
25c to 40c
12 l-2c to 20c
12 1-2 to 20c
6c and 10c
. V;; $���  I       Joods
A   beautif ;   line  "I
regular $1 51     r 11:     ;.
18-in. e to  match;
n   pressed  goods;
v       -     75c a roll
., .lar 3.5c per yard
20c a yard
W^f^   .""'-(������^-r^IjH
_m**rw?.     ���* ���
Read   Our   Prices
Wky   Pay  More?
A Full Set of Teeth       - $5.00
Gold Fillings       -        - $1.00
Bridge Work, per tooth     - $5.00
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Silver Fillings        -        - 50c
Platina Fillings      -      - $1.00
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial SubstiU
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental W   '<���    Our
Bridge Work is 22k.   Guaranteed for 10 j     rs.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Ye   s
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists,
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.   Remember the PI    e
407 Hastings St. West, Vane     ever.
Do you need a Set
of Teeth?
We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
808 Pender St., Vancouver I     AdVerflSC'iH tfe N(
Opp. People's Theatre.
Same Prices Apply to Mail
Orders A
EDNESDAY,  APRIL 4,   1906.
Arc You a Subscriber
��� ��� ��� co enc
/f is a Clean, Bright and Newsy Sheet, Free From fidl
.... Sensationalism ....
Contains all the News of the World,
Has the best Local News of the City,
Contains all the Waterfront News,
The City and Public Meetings are Correctly Reported,
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The  l.i-ir��-nil   From   Wliii-h   IVn,   Hum
tht-  Story  ���t l-'ii���i.t.
Almost every renowned man of antiquity In the middle ages was believed
to lie attended ley a splrltus fan ���
ami mil a few were suspected of being
Indirect league with tbe devil. Probably   the  oldest   legend  of  wblch   the
Faust legend Is a contlni �� thread is
that of Simon Magus, mentioned in the
history of the apostles.
According to Justin, be ems a native
of Gitton, a village In Samaria, lie
was. nn doubt, a man of gnat intellectual powers, tl'' was the father of tl e
school nf the Gnostics, li is also reported of him that be could make himself Invisible, thai be could pass
through Barnes unharmed, eauld truns-
p i i" : make gold and i cise
ms���In fact, he lal I claim I i all
these powers, and bis unn:'- lived In the
mouths of the pe pie as a sort of ,l������ 111i-
urge- through many centuries until s.,mn
other miracle working personality took
bis place ai the popular fireside. Unusual accomplishments, great erudition, wen- attributed to tbe supernatural Influence and tbe general dlsposl
tlon tn superstitious assumption wus
strengthened mi the oue hand by dogmatic affirmation nn the pari  of ths
Church   ef   tin-   e-xisii'lie-1'  nf   a   personal
Satan,  with  ins numerous household,
and. on H ther band, by Incorporat
ing ihe magic arts among the practical
tciences, nf which astrology and alchemy occupied ine mean part.
The Daily News
Bank of
incorporated   by   act.   ot   pariuiinont
Capital i.Mi nam up)...?u,<m',ooo
1(1 item. Lord Strathoona nnd Mount
;,"".*,-'- Q.C.M.G,...lion Presldcm!
pe o Sil (-; A- Druminond, Presldenl
" ��-  Clouaton,  Vice  President   and
'���ciei'iil  Manager.
Royal Bank    B. C. Monumental Works Dress in Reason
of Canada
,l|I'i"[l"r;i1    banking   business   trans-
I   '''-iiiiiies in au ,,���, principal cities'
v..,!   pm '  ln   London, H)ng���   New.
-,,���, '     ""agej,  and   at.  John,  Nnd.,
world      ptma*nts '" iUI ,,lirls ��r "10
SavingS Bank Dept.
' u'  Brymner,  Manager.
^sTrTg. mill,
Teacher of the German
p Language   and   Piano,
Crman Conservatory Method.
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets SSbMJ.s/b.
Branches   and   correspondents   In
all the principal  cities ot tne_world.
General  banking business transacted.
H opens an account.    Interest inldoil
jaif yearly.
Collections made at lowest, rates.
)pen   Saturday   nights   trom a to 9
F. B. Lyle. Manager.
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New  Westminster,  B. C.
Tbe latpst. Mitchell*, fnsnion plates
have anived.
So have our spring stock ot high-
class suitings.
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sartorial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia street.
Belyea & Co. iron works
OenernJ Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling Our Hpeoailty.
Wood and Coal
Columblti St., below Tram Office.
Telephono JbU.
W. CURR1E, Manager.
Carriage Repairing, Shoeing
and General Blacksmlthlng.
Logging Camp ami Structural Iron
Work Specialty.
Begble Street.
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITHING, uiuuue and
Ornamental   Iron   Work,   including
Fences, Gates, Eire Escapes, eter.
Mall orders aud correspondence In-
New Westminster. r. o. 474.'
A Queer Animal Thai tin-, In Africa
uml Southern Eturope.
The gecko is an mid little creature,
I!.-  name  Is  seldom  heard,  and  bis
form  is Beldom  seen, I'm- be  lives  in
���i  an-!  ib.- southern countries of
This Iiu;,. gecko lii's su many strange
ways and i here i- sometl Ing su uncanny in his appearance that tin- people nf the countries where he lives are
rather afraid uf bim, believing his bite
i.i I... poisonous, although this is denied ley naturalists.
lie is a bill" i-iTi are. with a broad,
fial head, like' a snake, and a lung
body, wiib a narrow tall, wiib odd
shaped bits of skin arranged like seal-
lops   along   III"   sides   uf   it.      II"   has
short legs ami queer, catlike claws,
Which enable him to easily climb the
, old walls ami rocks upon which be
lives, catching thi' Insects of various
sorts Which make his dinner.
He is a nocturnal animal, walking
abroad at night and sleeping iu tbe
daytime. lie moves with sudden
rushes and without any noise what
ever. His odd name was given him
from the queer noise he makes, which
is something like the noise you would
make to start a horse with. Tlie male
gecko is of a gray color, so near the
shade of tbe old walls and rocks
among which he makes his bome that
he can barely be seen.
Chinese Children.
Tbe education of their children is a
matter of uo small interest to the affectionate Chinese mothers. They
watch the little one from the day he is
born, to note superstitious signs. Let
him cry lustily, and he will live long,
say tbe old granules. If he teetbs or
walks ton soou he will grow up unlovable In disposition. At first the little Chinese nre uot very attractive objects, presenting rather a scaly appearance, due to tile custom of not washing them lest tbey catch cold. A month
after his birth tlie hoy's head is shaved.
A great feast is prepared and celebrated, the child now receiving bis "milk
name." When he enters school his
name is changed, as it is once more
wbeu be receives bis degree.���Pilgrim.
A  CurloiiM   Legend.
There is a curious legend lu regard to
Deathman's place, Southwark, London.
An ingenious old writer says that the
name originated as follows: "lu Dead-
man's place, at St. Maryoverus. a manservant being buried at seven of the
clocke iu the morning, and the grave
standing open for more dead Commodities, at foure of the clocke in the same
evening he was gut up alive againo by
a strange miracle, which, to be true
and eertaine. hundreds of people can
testlfle that sawe hlin acte like a country Ghoste in his white peackled
sbeete." However, a more exact historian explained that the name was
merely a corruption of Desmond's
1 lv.-  WMl- Yon  ttr Alive.
Enjoy life ns It comes to you. Listen
to the tiird songs and the voices of the
children. Linger to watch the sunset
ur the opening of a flower. Take Into
your life the goodness, the pleasure and
the brightness of every day, for "we
shall pass this way Imt once." nnd then
when you reach the last day that is
given you hero you will lee content and
can say, "1 have lived."���Town and
He Knew.
"You are sure that man cheated?"
"Yes,   sir,"   answered  Three   Finger
Sam.   "He held four aces."
"But that ls not conclusive evidence."
"It wns in this ease.    I knew where
the regular aces was myself."���Washington Star.
"Now," said the professor, describing
the work of his class to Miss Elderberry, "we are engaged"���
"Ob, are we? How sudden!" was her
<*ply as she snuggled up. ��� Houston
A. to llero-M.
No man who Is polite to his family
only When company is present can hojie
to be a hero to his son.���Chicago Record-Herald.
A  *l�����-slliin.
"You'll let mc come to your wedding,
dear, of course?"
"Well, I can't promise. Sly people
are so enraged at my choice that I
hardly know whether I shall be allowed to go myself."
A  Dyer.
Ue���Do you think blonds have more
admirers than brunettes? She���I don't
know. You might ask Miss Turn*.
She lias had experience lu both capacities���New Yorker.
A Derision Thnt Stood thr Tent -I
All Time.
There was a dispute among three
ladles as to which bad the must beautiful hand. One sat by u stream and
dipped her hand Into the- Water and
held lt up, another plucked straw-tier
rie-s until the ends eif tier fingers were
pink and another gathered violets until
her hands were flagrant. An old, hag
ganl woman, passing by, asked, "Whe
will give nie a gifl. fnr 1 uiu poor?" All
three denied her, but another eebu sat
near, unwashed in tin- Btream, unstained with fruit, unadorned with
flowers, gave I.'-r a lilll" gift and sails
Bed flu' pour woman, anel then Bhe ask
I'd them whal was lbe dispute, and
they iuld ber and lifted up before ber
ihi'ir beautiful hands, "Beautiful indeed," said sin- when she saw them,
but when they asked her whieh was the
mosl beautiful sin- said, "li is nut the
ham] which Is washed clean in the'
brook, lt is not the hand that Is tipped
With reel, It Is not tin1 band Hint Is garlanded with fragrant flowers, but the
band that gives to Uie poor is the must
beautiful." As she said these worels
her wrinkles fled, her Staff was thrown
away and she stood before them an
angel trom heaven, with autheirliy to
decide ib" question in dispute, and that
decision lias stood ibe test of all time.
Thry Were one*  Very Common n.u
v��-r>   Popular in  Europe.
Lotteries   were  con n   in   ancient
Rome, and during the middle ages let
terles were utilized fey tin- Italian mer
chants tor Ue- disposal uf their g i ids
S if ibe Italian states then adopted
the lottery a- a means of ral ilng reve
nue, inui the institution ut Btnte 1 it-
terles afterward became very com
inon and very popular throughout Europe.
The earliest English state lottery uf
-,. j. b there Is any record w u - lu 13G9,
when 40,000 chances were b ild at I'i
shillings each, the drawing faking
pin." ill Ihe west door of St. Paul's
'lb-- prizes consisted of articles of
plate, ami tlie profits were empl .; ed
fur ihe repair of certain harbors. Early
in the' reign of Queen Anne private lotteries were suppressed "as public nut-
sain-es," but government lotteries, bow-
ever, were still maintained, and from
1709 to 182-1 considerable sums were
annually raised ln lotteries authorized
by acts of parliament.
'I'be average yearly profit to the government from 1798 to 1S_4 was over
��840,000. On the ground of injury to
public morals lotterlts of all kinds
were abolished lu England in 182(5.���
London Baturday Review.
IU1�� Punishment   w_��� ,,���,,,.   L,led ,,.or
Military Discipline.
Th" ,"1' i '- "'-ii... Is give Information concerning iiu- puu of
"rum -                 iet:"
"In ruuu! ,-��� ib,- gantlope mt regiment wit form .1 ..x .a, p . , i i_0
ranks opeued aud I. ..     _ac_
man being furnished -a itli .
���"'������ '��� aaked to ihe waist, wi    led
through the ranks, precei
gennt, the point ..i .  ,,        , ,| na|.
bert wi    , breast to pre
vent i.i   i loo fast,   j    :..- thus
gave lu.ii ,.
Auui|i.    i
'��� I have seen is
B'VI " ��� ii Wilh
the    Worth}    Scots   Ro       cut   I
Mackeyes  iteglini t     Levied   In  Au-
Bust,  1��2C, lib     Loud iu     Printed by
Wflliain .1 is in it,! i v,....... gtreete
"Other .,,.  t.M.
Juyiie in- b1 gbt faults, pul in execu
timi by their camarades as lhe loupe-
garthe (ruuuing ihc gnntli i. S\ee,i;sii
gantulopp,  in  run  tin uh  a   hedge
made by soldiers), when .i Bouldler ls
stripped naked above tin- waste and is
made tu runne a furlong betw ixl 200
souldlers ranged alike opposite in others, leaving a spai.. in in,, midst tor
ibe Bouldler to runnc through where
his camarades whip hlm with small
rods ordained ai i] cut for iln purpose
by the Gavllllger (provost mm bai),
and all tu keepo good order and discipline.1'���London Notes : ml Queries.
She Ih Steudlnm In Affection For Her
The Chinese mother Is very fond of
her children. She is happy in their
company and spenils much time car-
lug fur them, in a Chinese family the
birth of a child i.s a greater event than
witli other orientals. Long before the.
child is born the mother perforins rites
and ceremonies to propitiate the god>
that her child may bo a boy. After
birth the little follow is wrapped in
old rags ami in winter is sometimes
put in a bag of sand sewed close
around its neck to keep the little one
warm. Great rejoicing follows the
birth if tbe child is a boy; otherwise
there Is an uir of chastened disappointment. But good Chinese parents
make the best of their little lassies,
becoming very fond and even proud of
them. I have known more than oue
Chinese father to exhibit his toddling
wee girl for approval, though always
wilh the customary national verbal
deprecation of what belongs to oue.
Indeed, this evidence of excessive
courtesy may be fouud everywhere in
this Strange land. It is good form to
vilify what is miue aud laud what is
thine. "My good for nothing family
are all still troubling the earth with
their presence. How is your honorable family?"���Pilgrim.
Some   Tlmi    Were   Vol    In   lhe   I mini
('tine entionnl   Style,
A weddiug u 1 i ibe
brld i if als
natloni .- felicitated the
bride in tin- . conn-
try wn inn odd al bl_ not
SO   well   ]-.   .   T ,1   ,-,.   -��� ���     ,,,-   a
young Eu; called upon iii-; lie loast, "Tl ������ Bridesmaids." Apprised ol bis ordeal in advance, In4 hni tie . ��� |]t. and
wiiii th" tt.. bI ii- ii.- al iii.ii silence
was goldi i.i from his pocket
a sen uf gold bangle liicb In- bestowed upon He- an lants of the bi Ide.
At a wedding feast at I'i.l. in Normandy, tin- demand tm- a speech resulted in tlie production of a guitar, upon
which the speaker accompanied himself
wiiile he chanted the praises of the
bride'. Had be stopped there all Would
have beeu well, bul he changed to a
praise of bis Mun-, and ihe guests
threw Dim out uf ilie' bouse.
Doubtless a similar fate should have
befallen the Bbarpshootor who wrote
the name of the bride upon the wall
with pistol bullets, tu tlie Berlous damage of the wall paper. Almost as odd
was the performance ot a German music ball performer, who, when called
upon for entertainment, mounted the
table upon his bauds and balanced himself upon glasses, cups and other furnishings.
Funny Blunders.
A  famous  sculpture' group recently
exhibited in Glasgow represents Aduin
I uud   Eve  after  they   laid   left   l-'.den.
: Evo,, lu despair, lies at Adam's feet.
Through a mistake an Intelligent attendant placarded it with this description: "Motherless."   Al tlie same exhl-
i bition was a Bleeping nymph, hy a well
known sculptor, which by another mistake appeared in the catalogue as "Mrs
-*���," greatly to the horror of Glasgow.
A Sunday school hoy recently gave
this account of the prophet Elijah:
"Elijah, tbe prophet, was carried into
heaveu by a whirlwind, and the ehil-
divn stood up anil cried: 'Co up, thou
baldhead! Go up, thou baldhcnd!' And
before he went up he divided the Red.
Some   Thnt   Do   .Not   Come   From   the
Tuniliii of the  i:i,��t.
Many persons who haver an interest
lu archaeology will be surprised to
know that all the mummies to be seen
ln museums have not been taken from
faraway tombs in Egypt or other eastern lands. Well preserved mummies
have occasionally been taken from the
ruins of the cliff dwellers in the mountain canyons of Arizona and in New
Mexico and southern California. These
mummies, though very poor specimens
of tlie mummifying art, are considered
great treasures by scientists, because
they give the anthropologist a vague
idea of thc strange people who hnd tlie
earliest civilization on the American
con fluent. The best of them are ul-
most entirely Ignorant of who the
Aztecs and Toltecs were, how they
looked and lived and why they have
been so entirely obliterated from tlie
face of the earth.
The reason for this Ignorance Is found
in the fact that no satisfactory remuius
of the dead Aztecs have been foun.l.
These people were cremntlonists, nud
tbey probably burled household effects
with the dead, leaving little or nothing
for tlie scientist to build a theory upon.
Frequently a party of explorers In the
valleys of Arizona will come upon seal
ed jars of burned bone dust.
He Snw Ilie' Joke.
"One  day."  says  an  American!   "I
walked into a bookshop in ihe Strand
and asked for Hare's 'Walks In Lon-
| don.'   lu  America the book is sold iu
one thick volume.   The clerk  brought
It In two.   'Oh.' I said as I looked at
them,  -you part your "Hare"  in  the
middle, do you?'  '1. sir?' he said, with
a bewildered look.  'Oh, no, sir:1  1 saw
he didn't sec the joke, so I didn't ex-
I plain, hut bought the books and went
' away.  A week later I went to tbe same
i shop.  As soon as the e-lerk saw me be
. rushed   from   the   back   of   the   shop,
j laughing vociferously.   '< lood!' he shouted.   'Capital!  Part your "Hare" in the
i middle! That's capital, sir, capitalT "���
I Loudou Tit-Bits.
Flower- In  the Shmle.
It is not unusual to hear a complaint that one's yard has no sun,
and therefore flowers cannot be raised.
But there are a large number of flowers that prefer shade to sunshine lu
summer. The begonia is of this class.
Those who have north walls or fences
may have great beauty during the summer by setting out the different kinds
of begonias. Even the gloxinia, the
nehimenos and similar hothouse plants
bloom splendidly throughout the summer season when grown ou the north
side of walls.
Ue���why does this theater have Its
orchestra concealed? She-Why? Jusl
watt until you hear It play.
Man is creation's masterpiece. But
who sars so?  Man.-Guvarnl.   	
The   Prnyer   He   Addressed   to   the
Throne   of   Mercy.
!   The follov, Ing example of a quaint
I and ,-elrtsh prnyer does nol come from
the liturgy; it Is from "Glimpses of
Ancient Hackney:" "0 t.��rd, thmi
knoWest that l hnve nine estates in the
city of London and likewise that I
have lately purchased an estate iu fee
simple in the WUntj of Essex. 1 be-
tieocli thee to preserve the two counties Of Middlesex and Essex from fire
und earthquake, and, as I have a
mortgage in Hertfordshire, 1 beg of
thee liken ise to have an eye of compassion on that county, ami for the
rest of the counties thou niuyest deal
with them its thon art pleased. O
Lord, enable the bank to uuswer all
their bills and make all my debtors
good men. Give prosperous voyage
uud return to the Mermaid sloop, because I have Insured lt, and. as thon
hast said the days of the wicked are
but short, I trust In thee that thou
wilt not forget thy promise, as 1 have
purchased an estate In reversion which
will he mine on tlie death of that
profligate young man, Sir J. k,. Keep
my friends from sinking and preserve
me from thieves and housebreakers
and make nil my servants so honest
uud fultliful that they may attend to
my interest uud never cheat me out
of my property night or ilny."
, Flgg-You'll ge.,.rally And thuf people believe what they want to believe.
Fogg-Yes, and probably that accounts
for thc belief In everlasting punishment���for other people, of course���being so popular.
Were we eloquent as angels, yet we
should please some people more by li_��
tenlng than by talklug.���Colto*
; '���',���   *���: THE DAILY NEWS
WEDNESDAY.  APR|L  <,  ,9d(.
Published by The Daily News Publishing Company, Limited, at their
offices corner of Sixth and Front
Streets. New V >st minster, B. C.
tt T��a   ~t.nt  <���  Male,  Tln-m.   Hare h
lb.   Pr. vrmm  of  *Jl_iii.fa��-ture.
Would you like to know how to man-
Editor  and   Mar..Edward  D.  Sawyer   of aeture diamonds- real diamonds? The
process Is somewhat difficult, requiring
Advert sing Rates.
time, patience and gome outlay of money, but thi'U consider the possible re-
Transient   dip lay   advertising.    10 l-lts!  Tho diamond, we know, ls sim-
tents per line (l 'npariel) 12 lines to ply carbon in a transparent crystalline
tbe  inch.      Five   cents  per  line  for form.   It comes of humble parentage
subsequent insei ions. aud Is brother to the lump of coal.
Reading notices,  bold  face type.  20 Unlike   easily   crystnlllzable   bodies,
oonts per line. bKvler or nonparlel, 1U Pnl-boii li insoluble ln all ordinary solv-
cents per line. fnlt   but mn|tpn metals will combine
For   time   contracts,   special   posi-
with ft.   Lot thf dlamouel maker choos
term contracts.
business ofiice  "-
Manager's .ri'M'lence   251
f   'IT''.
WEDNESDAY.   APRIL  4.   1906.
Does ,,'h rtlslng pay the merchant?  BJtleth of an Inch ln diameter,
la a  croer>   asked every    d i        And
,.,���.       |        , 40 extensively Int i the
busini ��� it illy   follow.-   the   foi
hut question.     A newspapei man   In
both   Instances    would
repl)   yes   an 1  go  into a  long  ai gu
^i-uesi InteriwvriiA Between Cons'*""
h.l Spirits Jen ITlthonl Words.
Nov.-, to seep one's freshm   - there
immediately   ought to be a soise of Bllcnce i
every human beli-g during ��� part
of every day.    ii i-   -.- lat the
iiu-ii!  to substantiate his theory. The  ^.^ TettsrUraa of the world hav   i imi
tnerchai     who  constantlj   i       -   bis  out of silence and not out of n
tlie finest creative work Is done, as a
name before  the public In the various
rule, in seclusion   nol necessarily apart
methods laid   down   by   adi irtlajtog  rv���,n ���,,.,, ,-,;- in    ,\\\   ,   P ices, but
mediums  is Invariably the successful   ftway from tho tumult and an  j fro
business man.     Anything, he argues,
distracting ��n :-.'''.
li Is in silence alone tba
that  will produce a demand    toi    his into possession of ourselves.   The noises
Wares b   b. medium to use and In this of Me disturb us as n cloud of du ��� in
v. ten-cues between lbe eye and the   '..'���'
statement he la correct, so long  u be T)l(,r.c, mlgm t0 b��� ., r.lU for lh��� prac.
keeps in due bounds and does not re- tlce- of sUenc*���a   body  of  men  and
women conitnitte-el to tho preservation
of the Integrity of their souls by nel-
Borl  to methods thai  border on  procrastination,   Every  business    should  Ul���,. _earin^ ,"ur making Bpeech  for
be advertisi 1 In some legitimate man-  certain periods, pledged to the culture
of tlie habit: of quietness.
Maeterlinck hns pointed out the fact
nor. be It in small amounts or large
ones, iii.- main fact tee bear in mind
is, i bin everj article you desire to dispose nl good desci Iption of It
brlefl; Its ii fulness and Its value,
then carefully watch the results ob-
talni ��� he various Bourcee yon
havi -.. igh o Introduce lt to the
public, and :������ r forgel to speak of
ihe resu i- t- the mere fact of obtaining results from advertising and tal
that the best things are never spoken,
und ihe truest Intercourse between coat-
g nlal spirits Is carried on without
words. If we (aid Ions nnd thought
more there would be far fewer th .--
to explain, many sources of irritation
would be dried up at the source
the prime cause of Irritation, which Is
nervous exhaustion or excitement
would be removed.���Outlook.
I.iieu   tl.-'ir.ls.
"Welsh  Celebrities"   says:
ing t.e acknowledge the gooel derived   "Llewenn had tlie longest beard of
which we have record.   When loose
ami   Mowing   it   fell   down   over   hio
trom the advertising, is in Itsell
evidence of your '
value' ol the press
evidence ��� your lack eef faith In the horse's shoulders almost, to the animal's knees. It was of a peculiar yellow or straw color, which was all the
ll is a well known tact that adver-   more curious, both his parents being
Using does pay and pays well, when  dark haired mountain Welsh people.
Tears afterward the mountain people
properly placed and the proper place
is in the newspaper. There is no objection to the distribution of circulars
or dodgers. Much good has resulted
frnm this system. Bill hoard advertising li; - proven profitable also,
.street  car   advertising has shown  re-
bad proverbs whieh referred to this
freak, they often using tbe expression,
'About os long ns Howland'a board' cr
���Yellow as the whiskers of Llewenn.' "
Goorgo Klllngworth. whom Queen
Mary stmt to Russia In 1555 us oue of
her agents to Czar Ivan the Terrible,
had a heard five feet three Inches ln
length,  and   Count  Ruloff  of  Poland.
suits, as have also fence signs, novelty   lGUT, rejoiced ln the possession of a
mustache which was so long that b��
could not touch the ends of it with his
Sulphur ls a solid, noumetalllc mineral which bus been known from earliest ages. It la hard, yellow and brittle
and has a most offensive odor. II Is
foiinil   ln  veins or  beds,  mostly   near
advertising, etc., but the records show
lhal  an advertisement    placed    in    a
elaih   or  weekly    paper    produces    5
times the   revenue that all the former
put  topi iher do. and the explanation
is easilj  1.. rived at.     The   daily    or
weeklj   paper is in ftie linnie-    ol  all
times and Invariably some member of   active  volcanoes.    The  imported  sul-
the family will see this, another trial   Phur moatl>' coniPS from Solatia. In
Sicily, but large quantities are also pro
until thi  contents of the entire paper  ,.������.,, fri)Ill ,.opper ,llld iron pyriteBi
has     bi ��� n     completely     devoured.  These minerals are heated, and the sui-
Mnili.-i   wants ibis,    daughter    wants   Plmrbelng volatile flies off in fumes
which aro conveyed by means of pipes
that, and the question naturallj arises t0 ��� condensing room, if left ln the
when   will we gel It.   Some membei   powdery state ln which it condenses
,. ., .,    , i ...     i   i     R is called (lour of sulphur.   If melted
ni thai family has Been Jones  ad. in .   ,'     	
anil cast into burs if  is called roll sui
the papi    md he sees the- verj article phur,
thej   want  for    just    20o    per
Written  in  Slang.
'���'"������""     : "' mw """���' h0U8e " ���     Matthew Henry's commentary outbe
Of cou ���������  Jones is well discussed and   Bible was written for the' common pen
sure em ig h Jones gets the business,
and se. hi   BhOUld.    lb' has the goods,
he ha pi li e md bi  |udlco\tsl; ex
ploiting  his wares, he h is made hla
nam. . household wend ami natuiaih
commands the trade Wo therefon
decide tha
method to sell your goods and we- recommend to the merchants of this
city in use printers Ink often and obtain thi   verj  in'si uf results.
W. R. Gilley, 'Htione v_-_.
J. R. Gniey, 'Prions 1J4-I
e-f t~
Gilley Bros.
Dealers in
Iron for a solvent for charcoal, melting
tions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices    of    births,    marriages    or
deaths. 50c.    Wants, for sales, lost or it In un electric furnace, allowing It to
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent, per take up us much carbon ns It can���In
word.       No advertisement taken  for other words, saturnte itself with earless than 25 cents.                                 ' bejn. The crucible containing the white
Patent or proprietary medicine ad- bot inetnl should then be plunged into o
vertisenients   inserted   at   rate   of   50 ,)in_ ,,r molten lead.  Tho result will be
cents per inch per Issue (display) or If s__, gloi,ules _s >���m wll| r|,P t0 thf
reading notices. 25 cents per line per gurfm ,  U]p  )enc,  ](n(] m      ,,,ul
issue.   No deviation from this rate for ^^ q_ ^ ^^ ^^  [M,de )hf
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
�� Also agents 13. C. fottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
I Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
{ Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone lb
bard e-nist the Iron remains fur sum.'
time in n moltra condition, nnd ns irou
expands In solidifying the contents of
these little globules receive n pressure
unattainable by nny other means
When the lead becomes solidified some
bullets of tron wlll bo funnel bound up
in the mane. Dissolve with some powerful ncld first the lead and then th(
iron, nnd n reshlue of carbonaceous
matter wlll bc fourel to contain I
crystals real diamonds. Any ch(. '
with a well equipped laboratory can
mike diamonds In this way. but Ihs
largest "f then will tot be more than n
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
Ornamental trees and shrub- In greal variety, evi rgreen and gold- '���'
om 2 to ei feet,   Roses, paeonles,  rhododendrons,    privet,    ever- 1}
���tu! broad leaved fee: hods   .    Catalogues tree. )*'.
D. M. Robertson & Sons
V    Tynehead  Nurseries.
fnoki,   Mniiilil   Be   Well   ( lii-.-n   nnd
Rend Carefully,  .Not Devoured.
Study ls like a dinne.'r. The viands
must be well chdBen and eaten slowly,
not d(������ oured, then well turned over
In the osentaj stomach for awhile ue-
til with ease and comfort they are perfectly digested nnd furnish nutriment
lo tiie brain. Most students study
wltl . ii thought, which is like entlug
.'.;���'., .ut digesting. Others rem! merely
as a fad aud soon fofget nil they may
have learned.
The most satisfactory method of
Btudy Is the ellgestlve. it in the thor-
oug one���tlio one thnt gives strength
to the brain. Tnke th" sn' |ecl you are
studying.   Read a few lines or a few
g s. as the case may be, then put
thi book down and think on what you
have read. Turn lt ubout in your mind
from every standLsjLnt. Do not accept
it Immediately, Argue for nnd against
!t in your mind. Ih other words, masticate it. You need not bent your leisure
to ���'. ��� this. Do it In your walks, In your
Idle moments, at any time. When you
have satisfied yourself on the' subject
go on with a little more In the same
way. In il short, time you will flntl
yourself more a tficrremgh student than
If you had read al! nt n sitting. The
besl educated ��aan Is the end is the
muu who Warns slowly, but surely.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mtlnnis.
First Class Meals at all Hi urs,
English. Japanese and Chinese  Styles,
From 1 5c. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
\ Merchant Tailor
pie and In the slang of the day. Iu
commenting on Judges Ix be -ays. "We
are here told by what acts Ablmftlech
got Int.i tlie saddle. He hired Cov his
service all tho scum and scoundrel.' of
the country. Jotbam was really a fine
gentleman. The Bechemltes wero tin
first to kick him eifr. Tbey said all thc
ill they could of hlm in their tlllU
idvertlsing ,s the proper tulk_ Tbey drank health to his confu-
The uncertain weather of Marc!
means constant watchfulness for the
gardener in protecting tho stuff that la
growing under glass from frost
lt��-r Pocketboolc.
"Ob, my!" exclaimed Mrs. Schoppes
���'I've lost  my pocket hoe lit'."
"Never niin^, ele'iir," replied ber hus-
bund. "I'll get you another pocket-
book, and you can easily collect more
dress goods samples.'V��� Kansas City
Klcgance  ls  something   more   than
Cnbbuge and cauliflower planted last   ease; It is more than a fi lom from
.     ��-..!.. ,       ....     4....1... 1.     1 11....
mouth  should  be transplanted  wbeu
four leaven shew.
Trees, vines and bushes should bo
Sixty to seventy degrees will do
well for lettuce, cabbage and caull
flower under uIush, but tomatoes pre
fer 70 to Hi dei/rees.
We no longer dread the harlequin   What has that to do with it? Mugley
bug on oulibiiirc, for by taking time by    I believe In n tight to the finish.���Pblln-
the forelock and picking the lirst brood   delpbia I*ress.
by hand In early spring there wlll uot
Awkwardness or restraint, it implies,
I conceive, u precision, ii polish, a
sparkling, spirited, yet delicate.--Ha-
\n  UnilliiiK.
Murryat Vou don't believe iu divorce, then? Mugley���No, sir; I've got
too   much   sportiu'   blood.    Murryat ���
The   Mont   Anient S|ii-rlni*-u��i  Kneiirn
Arw Tllnnw of   .*.p(clnn.
Throughout '.be early parts of Scripture us well as through tlie poems of
Homer not a single passage occurs
from which cap be Inferred the existence of stamped money of any description, lt Is agreed that the Egyptians
hail no coined money. Herodotus is
authority tor the statement that the
Lydlans were tie first people whh coin-
eel gulil aud (fllver. The I'airan Chronicle, however, ascribes the first coinage, of copper and silver money to
Pheldon, king of Argos, ,SbT> P. C, ln
Aegina, which Aellan corroborates, nnd
the brat numismatic antiquaries ngrve
in considering Che coins eef Aegina from
tlu'lr urchalc form nnd appearance, the
must ancient known. They are of silver and l*ar on tlie upper side the figure of �� turrle and on the under an tn-
dented mark. (Joins aire among tlie
most certain evidences of history. In
tbe Inter part of the Greek se'rles they
Illustrate the chronology e.r reigns. In
the- Roman series tbey fix the dntrs
nnd succession of events. Gibbon observes that, if all our historians were
lost, medals, Inscriptions and other
monuments would be sufficient to r��- .
cord the travels of Hadrian. The reign
of Probus might be written from bis
They Ar*. (.rneHenl nml imperceptible,
but  Continuous.
Don't worry about the shape of your
baby's nose If It Is a snub nor be sure it
it plensea you by Its regularity that it
will be tbe nose that wlll grow up wilh
it, for scientists have observed that no
I'i' nine changes inure us life progresses.
Tii,. length of the nose Increases so
much taster than its breadth that the
snub nosed baby may evolve a long,
even hooked note. This change' lu the
shape of noses is gradual and Imperceptible, generally more expeditious iu
tiie male than In the female, qorreluted
with various other characteristics, nu��b
ns Intellectual attainments or weak
constitution, nnel producing different
results. During maturity und senescence the bridge of the nose become?
more nnd more prominent, often more
convex, so thnt extreme old nge may
even develop an aquiline imse'. sn that
one need never despair of possessing a
satisfactory nose at some period of bin
lite if be only lives long enough. But
like so many other blessings that nre
ilefii-reiV, the right kind of n nose may
arrive too Into to affect one's fortunes
or happiness,
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, scotch and'Irish
tweeds and worsteds always m siock
Spring stock now in.    .Make your
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial. Pitman and Gregg Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the" BEST of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R. J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
H. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal. ;
Practical Piano Tuner
Prices Moderate
Ther Ar- Noi Always Appreciated hy
Their Oeirners.
"Dimples are just ns common ninong
men ns among women," says n New
York beauty doctor, "only they don't
show off to such good advantage.
Beard and mustache combine to hide
their charm. Anyhpw, men are nol
proud of dimples. They consider them
a sign of effeminacy. Now that smooth
fac-e-s are the fashion, the man with a
dimple iu cheek or chin is hard put to
it to hide that beauty mark. In his extremity he seeks relief from me.
" What can I do With these confounded dimples?' h" asks.
" 'Take 'em out,' I advise.
" 'Can you do it'r' lie asks.
" 'Sure,' says I.
"'All right,' says he, 'go abend.'
"Then I begin treatment. In the past
year I have removed sets of dimples
from men's face's that any woman of
their acquaintance would have paid
$100 tor, ah men with money to
spend patronize the beauty doctor more 1
shamelessly than they used ro, but of
all the miracles they wish performed
there is none they insist upon so stoutly as the removal of dimples."���Exchange.
be enough left to (to any barm,
Okrs ls by many considered a desirable addition to the farmer's garden, ano? U can bc gro'��ti 'u m-\ost nny
A Wnmnn'B Way.
Edith���What luck did you have in the
last race? Maud- None ut all. I backed nil the horses with a pretty name,
,rsi ', 0"in't find ihe winner, IllustraV
��- Sts;.
A  Study   In   Hrleilil,-..
When George Rlgnold was playing
Henry V. n friend vtslteel him In his
dresslug room nnd remarked a Urge
nnd handsome photograph eef Wordsworth hanging on the wall. Holt! tlie
ft-hmd, "1 see you nre an admirer of
Wordsworth." ,
"Who's Wordsworth?" queried tlie
"Why, that's his picture-Wordsworth, the poet."
"Is that old file a poet? I got film
for a study of wrinkles."���London Answers.
'(Watches" on Board Shin.
Onboard all Bhlps a series of "watches"
are established, so that work Is shared
equally union-' the sailors. To aid this
Object also the crews are divided Into
two divisions, starboard and port. A
ship's day commences at noon, nnd
there nre seven watches. The watch
which is on duty in the forenoon one
day hns the afternoon next day, and1
tlio men who have four hours' rest one
night have eight hours the next. This
Is the reason for having "dog Watches,"
which nre made by dividing the hours
between 4 p. m. nnd S p. m. Into two.
Rheumatism   nnd   Tan.
The discovery of n remedy for rheu-
matism by menus of tnn wns necl-
elentnlly made hy a tnnner of Olm,
Wurttemberg, One day he fell Into one
of his own vnts. nnd, ns no one wns
near, he hnd to remnin In the tnnnlng
liquid for over half un hour. When
rescued he found, It is sitld, thut his
rheumatism hnd entirely ieft him. He
then turned doctor nnd treated by
menus of n system called electrotnnno-
S.eiym.n fc.  Royal Warrant to Hit Majetly Kins Edward  VII
Sutton's Seeds
Ready for
Simons ujarueat narrow.
Button's Bountiful.
Sutton's Improved   Ktngteader,
Sum on's   Belected       American
Button's  Karllcst  illue.
Button's Melbourne favorite,
Sutton's DWtUl .Marrow.
Sutton's Plentiful,
Sutton s s1 ir (ii Australia.
Button's l'l ill He Marrow,
Button's Abundance.
Suiton's improved w inas ir
siiiinn's liiii'n Windsor.
Button's Proline uongpoo,
Button's Favorite Hcariet.
Sutton s (Jlant W nne.
Button's   selected      t madias
Button's Negro.
Sutton's Perfection.
(JAHUtN   bttl
Sutton's P.; i Red,
.-' . ton's en	
3utton's Markel   Pavorlte.
Sutton's Silver, or Sea Kale,
Sutton's Sninacn bei t, or perpetual Spinacn.
BORECOLt.   UK   lAALfc.
9 ii ton's Extra Curled Scotch.
Sutton's improved urancsing.
S "'.ms Exhibition.
B ;��� ton s Matchless.
GAKUtN   WBbAtit,   .
Sutton's Earliest.
Sutton's imperial,
Suiton's Pavorlte,
Sutton's Malncrop.
- ltton'8 He'd  I'ickiing.
ton's Dwarf   Green   Curled
Sutton's Late Urumsead savoy.
Sutton's Chinese t :ao
Sutton's  Mixed  Capsicum.
Button's Mixed Chill.
Suiton's Ivory White.
Sutton's Perfei tion Pink.
Button's Selected Plain.
Sutton's Selected Cm led.
Sutton's  Early   Gem.
Sutton's Early Short Horn,
Sutton's Favorite.
Sutton's New Bed Intermediate
Sutton's Scarlet intermediate.
Satton's Early Walcheren.
Sutton's Early London.
Sutton's Autumn Mammoth,
Sutton's Late Giant
Sui ion's Telegraph.
Sutton's Market.
Sutton's  Prolific  Ri lge.
Sutton's Extra Gresn Curled.
Sat ton's Mixed.
Hubbard's Sqush.
Sutton's Improved Musselburgh
Sutton's Selected White.
Suiton's Selected Brown,
Marjorom,  Pot.
Savory, Summer.
Thyme, Common.
Sutton's Imperial Curled.
Sutton's All  Heart.
Sutton'B Giant White.
Sutton's Black-seeded Bath.
Sutton's Al.
Suttou's All-the-Ye ir Round.
Sution's Student.
Sutton's  Hollow  Ci iwn.
Sution's     Matchless     3oarlet-
Suiton's   Water   Melon,   mixed
Button's    Preserving,     ir    Pic
Sutton's Long Cream.
Sutton's Long (Iree i.
Sutton's While BU3h.
Suiton's  i'inost   Mix 11.
Button's Improved Beading.
Button's Long-keepiii/.
Suiton's (Hunt Rocci.
Sui.on's Silver Skin.
\\ bite Spanish.
Brown   Spanish.
Brown Globe.
Sutton's Early Scnri-Jl Turnip.
Sutton's  Early White Turnip.
Button's Mixed Turnip.
Satton's French Breakfast.
Sutton'B  Mixed  Oval or Olive.    I
Sul ion's Long Kcnrl it,
Sui I on's   Long  Rose.
Button's Shallots.
Sutton's Early Dwarf.
Sui I on's Selected Round.
Sutton's Selected l'rlrklv.
Suiton's Premier.
Sutton's Invincible.
Sution's Yellow.
Button's  Early Snowball.
Button's Improved Orange Jelly
Sutton's  All-the-Yeai'-Uo'ind.
Suiton's White Stone.
Green-top White.
Sutton's Garden Swede.
Your Selection:
Aster,  Suiton's  Dwarf  Bedder,  Pun
Aster, Sutton's  Dwarf   Bedder, Scar-
\si.r. Sutton's Dwarf Bedder, Rose.
Aster, Suiton's Dwarf Bedder, Blue
Aster, Sutton's Dwarf Bedder, Mixed,
Aster, Sutton's Comet, Mixed.
Aster, Button's Giant  French, Mixed.
Aster, Suiton's Tall, Mixed. ,
Ai loi'linli.in, Button's Singh' Rose,
.geratum, Button's Dwarf. Blue,
v i.i.-t. nuna C iioiiarla, Button's Se-
lected, Mixed.
Uyssiim, Button's Swei I. White,
Anemone, Button's Brilliant, Mixed.
Antirrhinum,  Button's Tall,  Mixed.
Antirrhinum, Button's Dwarf. Mixed,
Aguilegia, Button's Belected.
Arabls, Burton's White  Uplne,
Auricula, Button s Border, Mlxe'd.
Balsam, Button's Double, Mixed
Hals.un, Button's  Improved   Miniature
Begonia,   /Sutton's     Fibrous-rooted,
i      iiiiinla. Sutton's Large dowered.
i' ilendula Pluvlalis
i ales lula, Sutton's Hon1,1,. Orange.
Canarj  Creeper, Sutton's   lolden.
Canterl ui y    it.'lis.    E itti n      Lai ge
flowered, Mixed,
('.in rm. Sutton ��� Large Bowo Ing,
Candytuft, Sutton's Crlms 11.
Cantdytuft, Button's White.
Candytuft, Sutton b Mixed.
C   nation,   But i m's   I louble   Border,
'  ,    ianthemum, Sutton's Mixed  Annual.
1        anthe n, Sutton's Mixed Per-
i, Sutton's Pink.
Clarkia. S,fun's White.
Clarkia, Sutton's Mtxe 1
Coi rolvulus, Sutton's Mi\'i Climbing.
Colvolvulus.   Suiton's  Dwarf,  Mixed.
Ti.    icomb, Sutton's Crim ion.
Coreopsis, Sution's Dwarf Crimson.
Coreoi        Su l iwai f, Mixed.
Cornflower, Sutton'a Blue.
Cowslip. Sutton's Mixed English.
Cormea Biplnnuta, Sutton'    Mixed.
Dohll i.  Sutton's  Single,   Mixed.
Dahlia. Siiiion b Double, Mixed
Dal    . Sutton's Double,  Mued.
Delphinium, Suiton's Lar^a flowered,
Dlanthus,   Sutton's   Brllllail   Single,
Dlanthus,   Suiton's   Brlllla.il   Double,
EschscholUla, Sutton'B Blngle Yellow
l-.M-hsi-holtzia   Sn'ion's  Single,  Mixed.
Foxglove, Button's Mixed English.
Galilardla.    Sutton's    Large [lowered,
Single, Mixed.
Godetia, Sutton's Scarlel Queen,
Golden Feather, Sui ion's Selected.
Hellchrysum, Button's Giant, Mixed.
Heliotrope,   Sutton's   Large-flowered,
Hollyhock, Sutton's Double, Mixed.
Hollyhock, Sutton's Blngle, Mixed.
Honesty,     Suiton's     Large-Powered,
Jacobea, Suiton's Double, Mixed.
Lantana    Hybrldo,    Suiton's   Finest,
Larkspur, Suiton's Dwarf. Mixed,
Larkspur. Sutton'a Tall, Mixed.
Lavender, Sutton's Bweet
Llnum, (Flax), Sutton's Crimson.
Lobelia, Sution's Compact, Blue.
Lobelia, Sutton's Compact, White.
Lobelia, Button's Spreading, Blue.
Love-lies-bleeding,  Sutton's  Red-flowered.
Lupin. Sutton's Annual, Mixed.
Lupin, Sutton's Perennial, Mixed.
Maize-, Sutton's Striped.
Mallow, Sutton's Large Pink.  .
Marvel   of  Peru,   Sutton's   Brlnt-llow-
ered, Mixed.
Michaelmas Daisy, Suiton's Hybrid.
Marigold, Sution's  Mlniiaure French.
Mignonette, Sutton's Giant.
Mignonette,  Suiton's  Sweet-sce^btol.
Mignonette. Sution's Cloth of Gold.
Mignonette,  Suiton's Spiral.
Miniiilus,  Sution's Giant. Mixed.
Musk.  Sutton's Selected.
Myosotis, Sution's Perfection,
Myosotis, Sutton's Bedding,
Nasturtium,   Sutton's   King  of   Tom
Nasturtium,  Suiton's  Dwarf  Yellow.
Nasturtium, Suiton's Dwarf, Mixed.
Nasturtium,     Sutton's     Tall,     Fairy
Nasturtium, Sutton's Tall Crimson.
Nasturtium, Sutton's Tall Mixed.
Neniesia,  Siruniosa,  Siuuon's  Mixed.
Nemesia,   Strumosa,   Suttou's   Dwarf,
Nemophlia,    Suiton's Large-flowered,
Nicotian. Atiinis, Sutton's Selected,
Nlgella,   Sution's   Double   Dwarf.
Pansy, Sutton'B Giant, While.
Pansy, Sutton'a Giant, yellow.
Pansy, Sutton's  Perfection, Mixed.
Pansy, Sutton's Bedding, Mixed,
PUBSton   Flower,  Sution's  Blue.
Passion  Flower, Sutton1- Scarlet.
I'l'iiiin, Suiton's Selected, Bronze,
Petunia, Button's Single, Mixed.
I hlox. Drum., Suiton's Large-flowered
Phlox Drum.. Sutton's Lai .'>��� lloweri'il
Polyanthus, Sutton's Giant, Mixed.
Polyanthus, Sution's Giant, White.
Portulaca,   Suiton's   Large-flowered,
Poppy, Sutton's Double Glint, Mixed.
Poppy, Sution's Selected Shirley.
Poppy, Sutton's 'I'l'iand, Mixed,
Primrose, Sutton's Brilliant, Mixed.
Ranunculus, Button'sGlanl  French.
Rhoiianthe,   Button's   Large-flowered,
Rleiniis (Castor- iii Plant), Sutton's
Rocket, Sutton's Eweet-sce'ited.
Riidbeckia, Sutton's Golden Sunset.
Salplglossls.Sutton's Giant, Mixed.
Salvia,  Siiiiem's Scarlet.
Scabious (German), Sutton's Large-
flowered, Mixed.
Sensitive Plant,Button's Selected.
Stock, Ten-week, Sutton's Giant Perfection.
Slock, Suttou's Glint English Bromp-
lon, Mixed.
Silene,Sutton's Pink.
Sunflower.  Sutton's Giant  Single.
m Brackman-Ker Milting Co., _u.
Martin, weart & Mcqtjarri.
"��    barristers, solicitors   etc.       n.'
flees:   New Westminster, Tra'nn i,
corner   Clarkson   nnd   !.,���������,. %*�����
Vancouver, rooms 8] t��� "i .11- ,
vine street   .1 iseph Martin  k  r   !,
W.   Wen,,    W.   G.   M,%l���>      ' ,'
Bouriie.    Mr.  Martin   wi|/|   |)0  ,���'>
Westminster offices even   !���",,.' "V
ternoon 1,1> ��'���
-  Meets  in  Orange  ball   I
third Friday in eai h monl
m.   Visiting brethren an
invited to attend.   B. I
W. M.; J. Humphries, Bei
���Meets the Fourth Friday li   thi
month  at  s o'clock, in the Email
hall,  Oddfellows'   block.     VI
brethren are cordially Invited to
tend.    J. B.  Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A. o. F.���The regular mei I
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
at x ii. m. in ihe oddfellows' Hall
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly invited to attend. E, C. Firth. C. R-
V, P. Maxwell, Sec.
Ami al various sub-agencies.
B. K. 818
Please cut this out for reference
UOWAY,   RKID k  BOWES,  B-���,-i"
11   lers.   solicitors,   etc.,   4.  _��.
street,  opposite Courl   House
Westminster.   J. II. Bowea  P i
241. '    ' '
Whiteside & eodmonds Bam
"     tors and solicitors. Blac'kle B
Columbia  street,   New  Westmluster
w. J. Whiteside, H. 1,. Edmonds
MR. .1.   P.   IIAMI'TON BOLE, :,,lic|.
�������    tor of the supremo court. 11|
Canadian   Bank of Commerce
me,  Columbia   street,  opposite  poit.
offlce, New Westminster.   M ��.
Solicitor, Guichon bloi 1   1
Ida and McKeszie streets, Ni ^
minster, B. C.
UNION  LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
The    regular    ii eel It
Is held  rm  the  First   \\    ll
each   month,   at   S   in |oi
the-   Masonic   Templi .     So
brethi en are cordial!
tend.      Dr. W. A.  DeWi
:-���   retary.
F,   &   A.   M.    Regulai
lions of this lodge ... a b
Becond Tuesday ir i tel
Masonic Temple, at 8 ]   ���
Ing brethren  are cordl ill
to attend.   D, W. Gilchi I
It.   It. 'K.   of   l���   mi '
fourth Friday of each mi
p.   in.,   in   Orange  ball,   -
Royal avenue and John
Journlng Sir Knight
vlted to attend.    W. E. D
P.;    E.  E.  Manillas.  I:
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE. No. 27-
Tiie I-, gular meetings ol t!
are held In Oddfellows' ball, I
Ida   streel.   every   Mon !
,;��� B o'cloi k.   Visiting bri
diailv invited to attend.   S
N. G.;   W. C. Coatbam, R(
A. O.  U. W.���FRASER  LOCGE No. 3
���Meetings the tin' and "
day   in    each    month.
brethren cordially Invited '
Lodge .niiiin. A. il ''. W   ���
i. tion j'  i'i"' k, Clark ion  ��� '
S. Corriir.in. recorder;   Lom
ni.isier workman.
115. SONS OF ENGLAND. B. 8.-
itisi itose Degree meets s	
Fourth Wednesday ot each i
in  K. eif P. Hall. Columbia St
8 p. m.. White Rose Degree, F nirtl
Wednesday   In   each month
time and  place.    Visiting Bl
cordially    Invited.      E.  B. Stlnch
comb,;, Pros., H. Disney, Secretai
perance meet every Wednesda:
at ,Ji o'clock p. in., iii Oddfellows
Hull, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially Invited to at
tend. .I. S. Bryson, B. C; ���!��� llcD
Campbell, Sec.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the i
Third Tuesday of everj  moi
K.    of    P.   Hall.      .lohn     M   '^1''"'
Chief;  J. .I. Foi-resior,  Rei    -
BOARD OF TRADE.���N.w   Westmln-
ster B lard of Trade meets In to
Board Room, City Hall, o   I
Second Wednesday ol eai h i
Uuaric-.lv meetings on the      ,;
Wednesday    of     Februai
August, and November, at f
Annual meetings   em   the   Becono
Wednesday    of     February.    -v'.
members   may   be   proposed
elected at any monthly or quartei
meeting.   A. 10. White'. S>v.       ___
When you want u g""'1 Bmolce J
usk for a���
Manufactured  by  the  B.  0. < ���
.       ru,    "Bn1'
Factory,  who also  make   me
lantet" (in threo Blzes.)
Factory and Office, Brine Blot*.
The Paint
and the Label...
Local News Briefly Told
What's in a name? Some people thing one Paint's as good
us another, You main' d big mistake there, A good Paint is
known by H�� label. Its the mark that distinguishes a brand
rrom hosts eif unreliable Paints, Us a risible guarantee ot
Sherwin-Williams Paint, prepared, is known by lis label.
io years ot good paint-making have made H a stun that
stands for Paint quality, satisfaction and economy.
The letters S. W. p,. Is your protection and mine.
���11 you  more about   It'-'  If so, call at.
I Typewriters...
Underwood���Visible   \Vnting
Empire���Vlsible Writing
Booksellers, Stationers, Etc. 235 Columbia Street.
Not on Top, But Still in the Ring. |
j House Cleaning Time
J And you may possibly n 1 s carpet,   We have the greatest   range of
'. and can guarantee to save you money and give you better satis-
>.        on than you can get in any other place,     For instance, a tr I body
' el;. paper for underneath, sewed and laid for one dollar a yard ur
, I carpets taken up, cleaned and relayed for ten cents
... ������ iln- largest stock and the finest Bnow rooms and the
ej Come and ee us, It will pay you to sere our stuck before
!���! order elsewhere.
a yard. We
finest prices,
placing your
W. E.
and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Hear Extension,
Front Street.
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,  - B. C.
Repairing of all.'descriptions.
So Arc We.
March was Our Banner Month. Nothing
like Good Fresh Goods at Right
Prices to bring Customers. :
The City Grocery,
Telephone 97.       ���      ���      "
Md a Horse be Clipped I
Donald  McLean  of
in the city on business
C, Major lefl foi Chllllwack this
morning on the steamer Beaver on
business  Interests.
W. A.
home ai
Sumas   on
the  Bea>
In   Ills
'I'   lhis
.1. II.Ill
Beaver this
of ihis city, lefl on
morning on a   visit
k    eell
I inn. W. Norman Is<.1.��� was a passenger   ihis morning    to   Chllllwack
where In- will  hold court.
was  a
Two carloads of fine I f cattle arrived trom Ashcrofl this morning for
ihe- firm of Reichenbach & Co.
The K.-K. Milling companj shipped a car load of seed grains tliis
morning via the C, P, Ft. to Huntington.
thing along the Hue of prohlbwbn
principles. One hundred and twonty
sacks of old liquor bottles of all sizes,
shapes   and   smells   ca    iu   on   tho
Beaver yesterday, shipped to local
junk dealers,
(in Sunday next lhe pulpit of the
Queen's avenue' Methodlsl chinch will
he occupied by Rev. Dr, Carman, gen-
| era! superintendent of Methodlsl missions, (in the Mondaj following Dr.
Carman accompanied bj Rev, Dr.
Sutherland   will  sail  tor Japan. The
object of these gentle n In crossing
the Pact&c la to confer with the var   ed
valuable  Better  dog  o�� I    by
Lord   has  I ii   lost,   ll   was  lasi
with a Btranger who was drlv-
In a buggy.
li. Rabbit, the agent for Royal
Household flour received a car load
of wheal from the Hall Elevator companj  of Vancouver this morning.
Ions Methodlsl bodies working ln
Japan, wllh a view to unifying the
English, American and Canadian Methodist missions and placing them under
one management.
The governmenl dredge King Edward this morning Btarted pumping
alii oiiiii iiu' swamps in the lower end
ni town opposite Columbia Btreet. She
is pumping water from the swamp
ami tbe vIctnity looks as it II wen- being visited by the annual spi Ing ii i
The civic employees are having the
lime- of their life In digging a ditch
for draining off the water. The ditch
when completed will extend from
Elevenl h street along Carnarvon, past,
Twelfth and then Int > I he river near
the Small  .'.-   Buckltn saw mills.
S.  B.  Buchanan  Sells  Belgravia  Land
to   New   Westminster   R��t-ent.
s. B.  Buchanan, proprietoi ol  the
large, unci of land in Belgravia district reports ihe' sale' to ii New Westminster resident of s parcel ot his
holding. Heretofore the citizens of I
New Westminster, or al leasl the in
vestors of the city, have nm expressed much faith In Belgravia bul yes
terday Mr. Buchanan Induced a resident of the cltj  to visit iln- propertj
III   question   Willi   the   resull   lhal     a
sale of a jo acre tract was completed,
The purchaser thoroiughlj covered
the ground, and expressed his entire
satisfaction with the proposition.
Today ihe same property was list-:
wiili a Vancouver firm who have
frequently aske.i for a privilege of
j handling this land, with the resull
thai an option on the property al an
advance of $25 per acre wlll be given
today. This Is pretty fast work in
realty, and speaks volumes for the
faith shown in the district, which is
receiving attention from abroad,
while ii has heretofore been overlook-
' d  ie   local Investors.
Ynu will exclaim with the .early seekers after gold.
lying around for you to pick up���but you  will  find
good.    You will find articles at prices  that   will tavi
hard earned cash.    Think of it!
No we have in, .old
something yw:. as
' ynu  s'liiie of your
Those $17.50 Sideboards we are Selling for $15.00
Those $16.50 Dressers and Stands for $12.50
Elm Golden Finish, Best Mirror, 8 Drawers in Dres er.
Carpets���a beautiful line.   Hygenic Carpet, Underlay _ml Stair
Pelt���something new- and the besl yet,
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 t o   241   Front   Streets,   Uupont   Block,
$ *
Among the Transfer's list of down
river pa en ihis afternoon kwi-.
ii. Llewlyn of Ladner, and D. E.
I.e-ary ot Dease Island  cannery.
J,  Standen  of  V
an'   tor   ih"     C,   P,
puny, lefl    on the
The Rev. I-'. \V. Auvache is in   the
city, making the prellminai j ai range
nn in a I'm   the i' ii"   I ol  his family
in  the   Boundary   country.   Rev.   Mr.
Auvache who was formerly pastor of
the local Baptli I chu ��� h i   now i uper
Intendent of missions In i he boundary
mcouvei    at  uuut-  country and has his headquarters al
Navigation com-  Grand   Forks,   11" came  to  the coasl
learner   Transfer mainly tor ihe' purpose of attending
ihis afternoon tor Ladner where    he  ll"'   general   meeting  of  the   Baptist
will enjoj  a  few   weeks holidays, Home   .Mission   hoard   which   started
Clipping in the early spring is recommended by lead-
eterinaries. Clipping improves the health of a horse,
makes "hTm fe'elbetter" work Better and increases his value,
��� Our 20th Century Clipper
costs very little more than the old fashioned two hand
i per, but does 100 times the work. We also keep in
1902 (Upper and the Stewart Patent new 1904 Model
Sheep Shearing Machine. They shear clean, saving 1 to
1-2 pounds of wool tt) a fleece.
T. J. Trapp & Co, Ltd.
Largest  Stock  In  the  City.
Mounted     in   any   Style     you   Desire.
Come and Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler,     -     Columbia St.
.1. II. Todd the Bewlng machine and
piano agenl received b neat Btude-
baker de-livery rig today. Business ls
bo brisk that he Intends keeping two
rigs busy in future. J
A uiiiiiiiiT of men are busy removing 11 ugines trom the old electric
llghl station and preparing iin.ni tor
shipment to Millside where- they will
in- Installed In the large mill
\v. Mclnnes has Joined the staff of
V. Sinclair's grocerj store, Morris
Edburg, liis predecessor, having left
"ii Sunday to accept a position In
The Beaver's poor unfortunate deck
hands were busy until "::!ti this morning unloading 2u tons of junk consigned io ihis place trom Chilliwack to
a Hebrew junk dealer named Silverman.
The freighter Forager of Vancouver
came  in  this  afternoon  with  40 tons
of hay for the Brackman-Ker Milling
company, The Transfer also brought
in 200 hales for the same company
lhis  morning  from   the  Delta.
Op to date French cleaning machines just Imported. Ladies' and
gent's clothing cleaned and repaired.
Dry cleaning a specialty. Clothing
warranted not to shrink or colors to
run. Windsor Block.
A meeting of the New Westminster branch of the Canadian Needle
Work Guild will be held at the residence of the president, Mrs. J. C
White, on Friday at 2 p, in. All inter-
' esled  nre cordially  invited.
Tho steamer Otter came ln this
forenoon with a light mixed cargo
from various points on Vancouver Island. The heaviest part of the cargo
was chemical fertilizer from the Vieloria  chemical  works.
The following arrived from down
river points ou the steamer Transfer
fhis morning: Miss .Ionian, Mrs. Py-
luis. VV. Lambert, A. \v. Bodley, Mrs.
and B, J. Thomas. Ladner; and A.
Whitesides.   Siinhury.
yesterdaj   In   Vancouvi
in session there todi
and   is  also
It. ('. T. Collins, .' Iruggist, from
Morden, Manitoba, was a passenger
to Chllllwack on the Beaver this
morning. Mr. Collins has been
Bpendlng a short time in ihe wesl at
various points and tor the past few
days has been the guest of his relative, \V. Harrison, of Sapperton, Mr.
Collins will return to Winnipeg by
Me- Crow's Nest Pass route and before
going home and settling down to business, proposes taking a trip down to
Los Angeles, California. During his
slay in ihe west, Mr. Collins has
caught the western real estate habit
and has Invested In western property.
He may eventually come wesl tb make
his home.
Among the Beaver's up-river passengers this morning was Captain c.
Cardner. Captain Gardner will very
shortly leave for the Yukon country
and enter upon his' usual summer
duly as captain of the Bonanza King.
a passenger ami freight steamer operating between White Horse and
Dawson. Captain Gardner has had
charge of the Bonanza King on this
run since 1888 and states that he sees
vast Improvement and development
throughout the district he traverses.
He expects that the season's work
will commence about the 26th of May
and short trips will he made. The
first through trip will not be made
until  about  the third  week  In  .tune.
Anne   11���. 1.- - ..   mt  tli��-   Ill..rk.
Of the execution of Anne Boleyn
Martin Hume, the author of "Tbe
H Ives eif Henry vul.," ��� lays;
Anne' herself knelt In a distraught
way, as if to pray, bul really gazed
around her in mute appeal from one
pitiless face to another. The beadsman, taking compassion upon her, as
Bured her that he would not strike until she gave iln- Blgnal, "YOU will have
tu take' this "iii' ..if," sal 1 the poor woman, and one of the ladies who attended her did s,< and partially bound
ier eyes with a handkerchief, hut Anne
���still imagined that her headdress was
In the way and kept hiT hainl upon her
hair, straining her eyes and cars toward ihe steps, where from the headsman's words sin- expected tho sword to
be banded to him, While she was thus
kneeling erect in suspense the sword
which was bidden In the straw behind
ber waH deftly seized by the French
cm cutioner, who, swinging the' heavy
blade around, In an Instant cut through
the erect, Blender neck, an I the head of
.'. ii ���- B de. n jerke 1 tr >:-.. tho boulders
nnd rolled U] ou the cl ilb that covered
the platform,
Lace Curtains
House cleaning time will make you think of re- !���.'
newing some of your curtains and this is the store >j'
to buy them at. We always show the newest de- j��;
signs and our prices are right.
A full stock of Frilled Muslins, Spot .Muslins,
Madras Muslins, Art Sateens, Art Muslins, Art Burlaps for covering Cosy Corner Seats, The Up-to-date
Price 35c a Yard
1    GORDONS   I
Tho Garibaldi.
The Garibaldi are a very ancient Ll-
gnrian family. The tlrst who used the
name woulel seem to have been Garl-
bald, duke of Bavaria, A. D. 584. From
him desceuded GrlmaldUB, king of Loui-
bardy, a. D. (173. Ills son was Onrl-
baldus. Then the name elistippears, but
It is early found among the nobles of
Genoa, and at the Institution of tbe
Liber Aureus, in 1528, Its members
are recorded as of tbe ancient nobility
From 1B28 to 1751 the successive generations of tbe Garibaldi are recorded
lu the "I.ihro d'Oro," and the last name
hut one there entered ls Joseph Garibaldi, born 17'.)2, probably an ancestor
of the dictator, In 1085 Jeannetla Gar-
lhaldi was one of the four senators who
ai'companled the doge of Genoa to Versailles after Louis XIV. had nearly de-
streiycel Genova la Superba by bombs
to apologize to the ruthless tyrant���
Notes and Queries,
We Carry a Full Une of.
Pure Gold Goods
When you want Something nice for Desert PHONE 92 fur
Pure Gold Jelly Powders, all Flavors, 3 Packages for 25 Cents i
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Under tlnnj- Fluff*.
Possibly no possession  has changed
nationality so frequently as the island
Of Santa Cruz, iu tho Danish West Indies. Originally the land belonged to
Spain, and it was taken from Spain to
be under the joint role of England and
���Holland, After awhile the Bag of Holland was taken down, nnel the English
tlag alone floated, only to give way lo
Spain again. Tlie Knights uf Malta
were the next possessors, and from
them lt passed to a company of adventurers, win, lost it to France, which
sold   to  a   Danish  company,  the  land
I finally coming luto the possession of
Constantinople. April t.���The re-Ujje Danish government. England again
port of the Ottoman commission ap- took possession in IS01, and eight years
pointed to inquire into tlie. Tabah elis- later it passed to the Danish government
pute contends that the Tabah belongs again. Eventually it will probably be-
to the Akah district and therefore is come a part of the Lnited states, two
Turkish  territory.  It  is  no.   antldpat-   ^f^^J
ed Unit this finning will prevent, a sel- 	
ileini'iii in accordance with the Anglo-
Egyptian   views.
been   arranged,   but
Snap  for Teachers.
In  the
to the
llis theme
in South Af-
-���-.OCT ��&T|
pected  to
On Port Moody  Road.    The tram  is expe
run through this place, it will then double in value,
$30  per acrcSIOOO  cash.
Also will give lease of a good Chicken Ranch, lots of chicken
houses, 20 acres cultivated, for two years free to purchaser
of the above land.
McLeod, Mark & Co.,
Real Estate. Fire <6 Life Insurance
Tel. 273.      Near Tram Office
w. Roebuck of Brownsville who was
for a long time in the Royal Columbian hospital, receiving treatment for
an abcess In flu' throat is progressing favorably and looks forward to
complete recovery.
The gentleman who has been giving demonstrations along the lino ot
st until destroying on Rev. W. H. Mad-
diH's ranch in the Burnahy district
has been called hurriedly away and
will be hack to continue his exhibitions on Monday next.
On Friday evening Rev, A. J, Draco,
pastor    of the West  End    Methodist
Church   will   deliver   a   lecture
chapel  of Columbian  college,
Btudents of thai institution,
will  be his Experience:
Rev. Dr. Carman, general superln-if
lendeiit of Methodist churches in
Canada will arrive hero on Saturday
next, and at three o'clock in the afternoon will meet with the faculty ot
Columbian college. The ehlof thenio
to be discussed will be the future
policy  of that  Inst It ul Ion.
William H. LadnOr has posted an
application for G Inches of water from
an unnamed stream in the vicinity ot
the  municipality  Of   Delta.     It   Is   in-
tended to divert the water by means
Of a dam and pipe lino. Water is desired for agricultural purposes. The
application will be heard on May  I.
if one may believe the signs of the
limes the residents of the up flyer
settlements are a fong way from ahy-j profits,
Toronto. April 3.���Thn
trains with 2,500 settlers for the
west lefl the Onion station this afternoon. Included in this number was
Coxey*. Army.
Coxey's army started from Coxey's
home ln eastern Ohio lu the spring of
18U4 to carry, as Coxcy said, a "petition iu  boots"  to congress for relief
I from  the hard  times  then prevailing.
pedal| On arriving at Washington It.was dc-
u party of ,'!7 public school teachers,
2G of whom are ladles. All are' em
route io Saskatchewan, where they
have obtained Bchools at double their
late salaries.
Collision   .it   Moosejaw.
iejaw, Sask., April ".--An east
freight   crashed  into an empty
passenger train In front  of the
here   tills   morning,   Two   railway  men  were Injured,    Mr,  Birth-
whistle  having his thigh  broken, and
.].   I hni ley   his  aim   fractured.  The
freight    locomotive   telescoped   one
nieel access to congress, aud those of
the pilgrims who disregarded the order
to "keep off the grass" of the capitol
grounds were sent to jail. Coxcy himself was condemned to a term In Jail.
The "army" at last crossed the Potomac aud settled down in a sort of bono
camp on the Virginia side. There It
was allowed to remain for several
months until complaints from Washington Induced the governor of Virginia to break up the camp and disperse the campers.
For Sale���Modern 7-roomed house on
fine cornei- In   West   End;   two lots,
stable and fruit trees, cheap. Apply
X, this offlce.
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Hulls pure
bred ready for service. J. W. Austin.  Sapperton.
Friday, April 6th '06
Public   Holiday
Monster Parade, 3 p. m.
Vancouver,   Past,   Present   and   Prospective.
Mass Meeting in the Evening
Speeches,   Songs   and   Music.
Special Rates on All Lines.
1 00,000 CLUB
Eggs for Hatching���liarred Rocks.'
Kinglet Cockerel, S. C. W. Leghorns, Wyckoff strain. Large grass
runs. Fertility guaranteed or set-:
tings replaced. $2 per 13. 1521 Gth
avenue or Box 557.
13 of Lot 1G of
Map   200,   New
Re Lot 9, I", and
Suburban Block 10,
Westminster  City.
  Whereas proof of the loss of Certi-
- ! Acute of Title Number 1074 a,
Wanted-2000 Cords ot Hemlock Bark  lsallei1 ln ,ho nam0 of Jane Howa-v
at   the  Fraser  River Tannery,  Ltd..   has been m��l1 '" ,llis offlce'
taken ln lots from 25 cords up. For:     Notice is hereby given that I shall.
particulars apply to the manager at|at the expiration of one month from
Tannery  or
P.  O.  box    187,     New
Prosperity Kills Him.
euincy, 111., April 8.���William H.
While, formerly a fanner of Nelson-
i ville, Mo., giving his age as ii? years,
| applied ut the Burlington freight of-
: flee here for work. He was given B
i truck and assigned to moving freight.
I Before he had worked two minutes
j he dropped dead from heart disease.
Eggs for
$1,011 pe
:��� selling
-Pure  Burred   Rock
.1. W. Austin, Sap-
Le Roi Dividend.
Winnipeg, April 3��� A. J. McMillan,
managing director of the Le Rot, is
hero, on route west. He states that
the property recently paid a dividend
of l'.i per cent., this being the first
return to shareholders in seven years,
and  tho  first  paid out  on  bona file
money al
Front street, or Dully  News.
Wanted���Lady chocolate dipper. Competent and willing to teach. State
experience and salary expected. D.
L. Allen Scott, P. O. Box 1120, Calgary, Alberta.
For Sale���Two fine Jersey cows, and
one Shorthorn, fresh milking. One
two year old heifer, and one six
months. Apply W. H. Mailill, Doug-
Ins Road, or Daily News offlce.
For   Sale���Old   papers  suitable  for
purse with small sum of
foot of Cemetery  street _
Return to Mrs. Clgonier,|wrapping up parcels, etc.  Apply News,
Wanted at Once���Men and boys who
are willing to work. Girls also required. Apply personally at the
Western Canadian Can Factory.
East Burnaby, end of City Car.
To Contractors.
Tenders will be received up to noon
Wednesday, April 4th, at the office of
Messrs. Malins nnd Coulthard (where
plans and specifications' may be seen)
for the erection of a brick block on
the corner of Columbia, Sixth nnd i
New Westminster, B. C.
Front streets,
the date of lhe first publication hereof, Issue' a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless iii the meantime valid
objection be made to nie in writing.
C.  S.  KEITH.
District  Registrar  of Titles.
Land   Registry   Offlce,
New Westmlnstei, B. C, April 4, 190G.
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders will be received by the un.
derslgned up to Friday, the 6th ot
April, at 4 p. in., for the construction
of a wooden trestle bridge over ravine
on Carnarvon street.
Plans and specifications can be seen
at Wy offlce.
'ine lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
City Clerk. ���
City Hall, March 31, 1906.
DUNCANS, B. C, Mar. 30th, 1906.
ft.iO P. M.
etor Ri
���yi i .! 'ij.uitr .' a
���' -an
e wllljat the exptratioi mon A ��-<���, chased at $10 per acre for sofl
it   ' i icat j ,  ,,.,.. ;'��'' Sj0 for     ���       ���'������   >,-, '
��� . II     20 acres can '
..: ���   ���
Doctor  Examines F -jh'.ers.
:n   lb"
| Sporting News
X       and Comment.
Postpones   B.  C.   L.  A.   Meeting.
Kyall of ll.-   lai	
In r<    .;: nf a comi i ���' from
ecretat    of the B. C. L
A.. Informing bim thai  owing
ol   i'.- sident   ii-"   ���    to attend lie- annual meeting on   Vpril
that th
��� ��� i .
Jui i  mi  what   authi
. .   (i    B. iC. 1..   t i    wo
town  i'.  the  local lacn
 ding   to tl ol
��� it :
a wciation the at nual   '
,1,, e night   i - -  ,,:'-     He
meeting Is d< flnitel the sec- .
���     ,    -, found
ond Saturday m April. ,
,.     v.       '.iii nn i    ho we    ab
Furthermore  the  inabuit)     "i .
.,  ,     ns  tha    ���������  1 i
pregiden  to attend dm - not constitute .....
'    ,.  . , . he local i  *��� .
sufficient ground tor .-��� postponement, ,     Tenders fo
i.i     ,      i    ,i i, i   -i, ,   amnatlon  req     ed        la*   wi re Bled
and as a  result  the locals ilnnl.  .bai
��� *   , - - ii ,     w th   the  . I .,-.
they are Justified ln registering a kick, *
f. i.,r.', . Joe Do; l<, the boxer, was given
against whai is considered a piece ol ,
.   _        econd examination with tin- resull
unreasonable  and   unauthoritive    bu ��� ,,,,,.���..
,    ,     _ that  I.-- wa      dmltti d  to  tin- tourna-
niess on tb.-  pan  of ihe Vancouver
_        . ,        ,       ,   nn-ii'. Itoger Cornell, who is ihe train-
people   who    have frequent!]    shown
Is ,-y tn bt  fix* I  '        ���' ' n the
.   -t in tin- year oi the
date of the I
Th.    :  --���������     h.e'.'i  have   one   dredge'
in  operation within two years  from
ami one di     -
���   ��� m mill -  within  six   -
from such date.
.   i    be  paid  I -
N     free miner th-ll receive a  .
rivei '   or  gulch,
but   tl '    '���   hold   an>'
number         ' ���  sn'
���-hip   by  filing   notice
ned   on
reek, river,  by
giving notice and fee.
-',:   ii-,-..-1   be   done   on   a
each year to the value of at least
A  certificate  that  work  has  been
ii. ���. the claim shall be deemed to be
l, .-,- .1 open to eccup iti
���::y by a iree miner.
Tl-,. es of a claim may be
. ' . having a survey
publishing  m itii es  in the
Yukon  ' Imcial  Gazette.
Petroleum All unappropiated Domini ui Lands in Manitoba, the tvnrth.
wesl Territories and within the i
������,,���,.. tor the an n.hip land registry act.
. . ���,���. the sale oi Re pari  ol  Loi  .80 Group 1. New  .
i there Westmlnsti     DI   rii     v hi reas  proo t
that tbe pavilion will of tl of Ci of....T1tjt Sgnopsis cf Regulations fer Disposal  Territory,
.    Evi      hlng oui Issued In the name    ,,,-     of Minerals on Do
Daniel Callaghan Bled in   __g
,,, ever held  under i Md th: Yukon Territory
ci im       Kotlce 1 en that  \ s->,i,I!.     COAL���Coal  lands  may    be    pur
pounds shall be
C    &  KEITH       output.
I or i
��� ite of ten cents per toi
I on f
D ol Titles.
'.'  ��� ���        T
M .- - .,.,:.
a  Licence to Cut Timber
on Don ,onion Lands in the Pro-
vine c of  British Columbia.
inion Lands in   petroleum, an.l  the minister may  ri
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories ]   '     n   individual   "r  comi
having machinery on the land to be
���! rea of to_o ai res fi >r
such   peri  ��� !   as   he   n .   thi
ill three
lorily establish sucl
vill  be
QTJ \V:V7.    Pei    ��� ;     eight        $,  .,,, acri,    ���
I   ���    ' ���
panies hold miners' I at the rat
���  i
A fri ������ miner's ���-��� rt      te is |      I \y. VV, Cf IRY.
Deputy       ��� the 1
per annum for an pt. Intel
$SO to $100 per ai i company,	
I according  to  c. ;
A   free   miner,   having   di
mineral  in  place, n
1500x1500   feet  by   marking   out   the
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
i>.,ih SEW Daily
Leave  WESTMINSTER  Arriv ���
9 :" an, Blaine; Benin 1
4:25pm)ham,    Burling- 9:20 pm
r;       -.
1:35 pi ne,      Bt.'3:00 ]
ind    all
points Bast.
..   .,    ���; -.-      irtea,
Woolley,    and
���: .... pm Vancouver 9 20am
-.���, 1 35 pm
ro ite of the ramous
2���Daily  Overland Trains���2
gpo) ine  SI   l'
Wit.i. peg, Duluth, CI ������   go, St
iieula and all poi
For    complete    Information,
rates,   berth   '���
,   i     OH Ol     -hi"
F. ('. QRIFFIN    \
B :.,. ol Commeroe B
New Westi B. C
S. (',. y/ERKES,  \   G   P    ���
Corner Set ond A -.    ������  and Columbia Bt, Bi tttle, v.'asii.
| Canadian Pacific Rail
w*y Co.
British  Columbia Coast
(Subject tu 11, -a  . . n
vm toria sit i , i
Leaves Porl   I
Leaves Victoria I
Arrive Beattle '��� a.m.
Leave Beattle 1
Arrive Porl Ton lend
Arrive Victoria
S. S. Prim ���
Leave Vancoui      I
Le t" Vli toi la I i
ROI if.
Slit    CHAK.MI.lt.
Leaves Victoria, I a. m., ���
and   Fridays.
Leaves  New  Wi   '     ���
Wedne -da> ��� and B ii
same   with   two posts, bearinj
location notices, one at each end ot Synopsis   of   Canadian   Northwest
  the line of the ' vein.
riKAMO) TENDERS    addressed    to     The claim shall be recorded within HOMESTEAD REGULATIONS.
iii"  T.ix_ber   and   Mines   Branch,  De- fifteen days if ocated within ten miles Any even numbered section of Do-
partl aent. of the Interior, and marked of a mining recorder's office, one ad- minion   Lands   in   Manitoba   or   the
more or less
age the affair
nan.   iu.'|iiv......       .......... j mi . i _r-.ni.   u,    eiiv   iiu- ii'ii,   nun     "vm    ..i   a.   niiiiiiig    i .....j. ..^.    ,   ���',,.. ^.   ������ -   ������ ....... v..      u........     ...   ......     ...      	
Of a disposition to man- "'  "'         ea*~rn ""'"'  P��� . on \he envelope "Tender  for Timber ditional   day   allowed   fnr   every   ail- Northwest Provinces, excepting 8 and
. of the leagw, McKlnnon,   145   pounds;   Stone, ''' j,,. .;ll  Xu    l71�� viu be received    at ditional ten miles or fraction.     The 26, not reserved, may be homesteaded
,  pounds, and  Mayer.   168  pounds, will            rwirtment until  noon on Wed- fee for recording a claim is $5. by any person who is the sole head of
Intermediates Mret.
The West End Lacrosse club (Inter-
mediates) held a meeting In flre hall
Ne,. 2 last night, fur the election of
officer-, anil ibe transaction ot routine business. The officers elected
were as follows: Hun. president, Mr.
.McPhailile-n; preside-ill. .1. Chapel;
vice- president, .1. McMurphy, and Bee
rotary treasurer, Robert Brenchly.
'I'bi executive committee for the coming year ar- as follows: .in.-. Peenex,
W S. dalbralth, ami GeorS OeTdy, the
Plans lor thi coming season wen
(discussed, and if the enthusiasm displayed a- the meeting lasi night, is
carried to the Beld this year, there
will certainly be something 'being in
Intermedial! lacrosse when the reset
bloom again.
The Becxetarj was instructed to or
-der 15 new sweaters for the plsyers
who will represent the dub ibis sea
Other routine business was trans
acted after which the meeting was
broughl  to a close.
win in their respective classes.
The' sab- of seals has  been  more
than gratifying to the club.
,     ay, the'.nd' daTot Ma". 1908, for     At least *loo must be expended on   a family, or any male over  18 years
a licence to ed timber on'Berth No. the  claim  each year  or paid_ to toe  ��f_age, if ^��tent^. ??_?.?""
Hart   Talks   toudly.
Tommt- llurus n-e-'iitlv declared tl.iat
tbe   Province     of   British     Columbia,
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When   section of 160 acres more or less
$500 has been expended or paid, the      Entry may be made  personally  at
locator   may,   upe-n   having   a  survey   the  local  land  office  for  the    '.
1 [1 Kl r .'��� 1 .i ''��� 1
.' :   r rains  Every 3 t      \ e;, r
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Till-: TRAIN  OF   I   .Ml'.
the rn v.. -t   .   ���'. I" it ideas
I   1 UXURV.     It  is  lighted  with
both   electricity   and   gas;,   the   mosl
brilliantly    illuminated    train    111    the
world.     The  equipment   consists   "i
pi e.i'.e compartment car-, standard
i(j section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair cars (scats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library and  smoking cars.
For  Time  Tables,   Folders,  r.r  any
further  information  call   on  or  write
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Calling  at   Ma ��� ne in  .1   Bti ..
s,8, .in.in li 1.
eepl Baturdaj  and Bunda
Baturday H a. m.
Leaves   Vani a ivei    i .      .
Baturdaj and Bui
Baturdaj 2.8U p, m,
S. S. Queen City.
Leave Vli toria 11 ] _
p-iil jnih of each mon b
and wav  1
Leave Vli to ��� ,
fur Qual
Leave Vli tot la 20th 1 ..
fur Cape Bcott ai '
Ing Q fat Ino,
commencing at the southeast  corner made an(j u'pQn comiJ)ying with other  in which the land is situate, or if the
of Swiion 14, Township 5, Range 27, requirements,   pu   '
he would flghl Marvin Han in private. Wofit of    lh(. 6ln    ,M(,rillhin;    lheiK;e $, ^ an acrei
wUh onli ;| "mekeeper present In or- Nor,h   ,,  chatag.    thenCH Wegt    so     permissio_ bc Rramcri by the
tier .., pul  a Btop to the cries Ol fraud chalns;     lhpnce    Soulh    20    cnalM.   Minlstc.r   o{   the" Interior   to   locate
whieh have emanated from the Louis- thence We8t 2o chains;  thence South claims containing iron and mica, also
the land at homesteader desires, he may, on application to the Minister of the Interior, Ottawa, the Commissioner of
Immigration. Winnipeg or the local
agent receive authority for some one
i Northern Pacific!
I.i iv. ER FH VS
Steamer Trarv
Le  ���-.
Additional  I
day, Wedi
Steamer  Braver.
Leave   N ������.
Mondays,  W< In
1 re Chilli
Thur jays   ind   Bai illing al
landing   bi  ��.������ n   New r
and Cllilliwai
NORTHERN  B.  C,  1.
S.   S.   Tees.
Leaves Vancouver al 2 p. m. 2nd
and   16th   of   each   tin:.       1
Skldegate 'en I'n si trip at .
la mi see md trip.
Tiines  un  arrivals   and 1       tin
are approximate
For  Tie I������ ��� -.   1 ei erval
formation call un or address
,1. W. TROUP,
General Buperinti ndent, Victoria.
E   J. I ' iVI.K
Asst. Gen. Pass   Agent, Vani
Gen. Agent, l-'reichi  Depl
New Westminster.
ED. OOl !-
Agent, New Wi stmh
lUVUI^C 11   <-'".       *-'J       V. IIUIIIil   , lll^^i^v,       *^uu^u       l_ltliH��J       l_"lliuin.|.6       -l-e---.       ��...���       . 1	
v.lb'   beavywelghl   eoer   sine.-   Burns  24 chalnH more of leg8 l0 the Xonh criDpcr, in the Yukon Territory, of an  t0^akJ entr>' 1",r '"m
pul it all over him Bl  Los Angeles. As  boundarv ot Sectlon i0;  thence East area not exceeding 160 acres,
a   resull   of  this offer     Hart   is  Up  in   a]ong the Xonh lj0undary ot Sections
The   patent  for  a  mining  location
of   a
,".,,'������.���   ,.,..,,,���;���,���     bein���     al-,   l:n!'-   and !,a- made  f0UI Propositions l()      d n   10���   tolng more or le88  t0 .hall   provide   for  the   payment   of
,..,"���;,-..         the proving  '" Bunul' wUh M offer '" """ J,'"n" the point of commencement, contain **��% of a^ per cent of the sale
.               ""vinnri            anybody ���,.���  he ,8 not Muffing. .__ .,, ���_. ,)f .,���, .���.��� m,.re or le88 of the products of  the  location.
loclatlon,  two  ��<legatoa  being  sfflf-   ...         ,    ��� *                    ,        ... ins, an area 01 4111* ar.ies more oi 1<-i'S'            ,.CD ,,IYIvr    ,,, -..e,, ,n
Flral   nf ail.   Han   .says   In-  will   meet TVlQ   ^���,in,i������c    ������,,���,.     whir.i,     ���      PLACER MINING���Manitoba an
The  regulations    under
licence  will  be Issueil
which    a
Bu 11- in any ring in the United States
���."���n;  .ha.  of ihe   Pacific    Athletic I jorms o( t6nder Md envelope, ma;
club at   Los  Angeles,  where their real nl   mill was held, anel  will bet  $5,-
1  ilia.'   he will  knock   Burns out  In-
-'.;��� of twenty rounds. Harl also declares that he will give $5,000 to
Burne it he fails to knock him oul in
one of the 'Frisco clubs, with Eddie
Granej is the referee. The third offer
in Hut is in tackle Burns in a six-
round bout in Philadelphia, the Ken-
tucklan agreeing to hand over $1,000
and his share of the can- If Burns
stays the limit. Finally Bums can have
>B, 1   as   a   presenl   if   Harl   cannol
Thc homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
ft) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
(1 thc N. W. T. excepting the Yukon tBther js deceased) of the homesteader
.     Territory: Placer mining claims gen-  reside5  upon  ���  farm  jn  tne  vicinity
/ "" erally are  100 feet square, entry fee     f   h    ,    rf      t     d for  the  require-
obtalned at this Department or at the $J| renewable yearly.     On the North  ments as tQ resi(k.nce may be satisf,ed
office of the Crown Timber Agent, at Saskatchewan River claims are either  .     such person rcsiding vvith the fa.
New Westminster, B. C. ]bar  or bench, the  former being  J����itber or mother.
Each tender must be accompanied; feet long and extending between high 1 ,^ ,r tb(, gett|cr has his permanent
by an accepted cheque on a chartered'and low water mark. The latter in-1 resjdcnce upon farming land owned
lank ln favor of the Deputv of the eludes bar diggings, but extends back by b;m j_ (h(, vicini,y 0{ n;s home-
Minister  of    the  Interior,    for    the t0 the ba5e oi x]}e bill or bank   not  gtead, the requirements as to residence
exceeding   1000   feet.      \\hcre   steam   _zy   be   5atisfied   by   residence   upon
amount of the bonus which the a,.,.li- ^  ^.^   2Q0  fcel  wj
cant is prepared to pay for a licence.\y       be obt;,rnedi
No tender by telegraph will be entertained.
the said land.
Six month-' notice in writing should
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba  be given to the Commissioner of Do-
and the  N. W. T., excepting the Yu-   minjon Lands at Ottawa of intention
ikon Territory���A free miner may ob-  to apply for patent.
Full  ���House  Assured.
put  tine  ii    -nip 111 a  private fight to
A full house is assured fier the Ami-   :, fjn)sn
Tuberculosis  concert    on    Thursday 	
evening, April 5. The ladies of :be 1 ��
eeutivt-  ciinuuiiici     under  the  presl-
New  Game  of  Football.
An   Iowa   man   has   invented   a   new
Secretary   tajn Qniy two leases of five miles each
Department of the Interior. for   a  term  of  twenty years,  rencw-
Ot.tawu, March 20th, 1806. I able in the discretion of the Minister
 of  the Interior.
//rpi HJef��l 1 JJ       "lc '(-ssc:<'', r'��',t '^ confined to thc
I np   !VIiIw3iikpp   'ut>mergei1 bo,1s or hars r,f tlle river
Deputy  Minister  of the  Interior.
Trains Daily
Travel on the- Famous
Electric-lighted train.     Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sab' tei all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent.
4110 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
1-iii.iiin.i ti-u    evvi-i    wi     ..��..i    ���-.     .".-    ..--. ,
below any low water mark, and sub- Nurseries, (jreenhouses
.. .        .. . *-*���   *w--��*   u.u.1.   una   lUTcuicu   a   non ���_--..��-.-   -...^    -������ -.
! ,", ,:  yi,'," ,.',  ,'-,""o'' ..T BM�� ��f lootbaU in which 100 players "The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.  Paul  t0! for first year and $10 per mile for each
been lndetatJ_=able In their efforts bo
make ihis concert the success of tho
xeiiHoiL The best talent In New Wesl
minster has promised to assist, and
"fliers who vill lend their aid are
llis Honor judge Henderson who will
recltec; Miss Rociiester and Mr, Ryall
who will contribute vocal numbers.
Dr. Proctor will be present and will
expi 1 in the aims e.r tha Antl-Tubercu-
lo��i.s SMsiety.
can take pari and scoring can be accomplished by sixteen different methods. One of the features provides
that when the man with Mo- ball is
touched  by an opponent    a    certain
and Seed Houses
Headquarters   for   PACIFIC   Coast
Vancouver   Meeting.
Thi  ViuieniiM'.- Wesl K .aerosse ,,,.,...���������, ,,,.,, ,,���.,, digorderly eoininci
''"ll will hold  letlng al  8:16 ihis would    merI1    expulsion    from
evening In tbe office' of Presldenl  W. game.     in the  West  this gam.- 1,.,.
c. Brown.   Matters of importance are  i��� lubbed "Percj  and  Harold toi
to I* Liken Into oonslderatlon, and ;i ball."
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha  to subsequent  year.     Royalty   same   as
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited" I',"'T ��"ninB'
Kansas City to Chicago. Placer  mining  in  thc  Yukon  Tcr-
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any ritory���Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill GROWN   Garden,   Field   and   Flower
railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in claims   shall   not   exceed   2S0   feet   in gecis.    New crop now In slock ready
equipment that of the Chicago, Mil- length, measured on the base line or ,     distribution;   ask  your merchant
!    '         '"   '"""'-   "���""   '"'  B'ven  ,.,  wauk���   &  St   pau,   Rai,way     They general   direction  Of  the    creek    or ^^ ^  mM        ^^    ��� ,l(,
'"'   " '"'  Blde'                                           own  and  operate  their own  sleeping gulch^he width being from  1000 to
Rough  players are  penalized    whh  and dining cars on alll their trains and -"��' "et     All   other   placer  claims *��e8 "",  lMI1"1"1   ni *'   *"'    \ '   (.
���Mack mars ��   and   after   receiving give  their  patrons  an  .- cellence  of shall be 250 feet square, L"   >"'"'   ***tob    postofflee,   if��   61
iwo of them the offender must apolo- service nol obtainable elsewhere. Claims  are marked  by two  legal i';ilk,,,s' our selection ot good varie-
i:ize to the other   players   and   the     Berths on their sleepers are longer, posts, one al each end, bearing no- "''���s' f"r *'���"" '" Introduce them,
spectators. Then- i>  no provision for '1!Kl"'r :""' wider than in similar can tices,    Entry must be obtained within Large   Htock   nl    HOME   (.HOWN
1. rude slap on the wrist   bul ll is un   ""   Ilny   ",,u'r  ,1T1C-     Tliey   protect ten days if the claim  is within ten Emit and Ornamental Trees now ma
their trains by the  Block System. miles of the mining recorder's ofiice, lured for the spring Iridic.
Connection   made   with   all   trans- fine extra day allowed for each addi- No  expense,  hiss or delay of  fuml-
""'  continental lines in  Union  Depots. timial ten miles or fraction. gal inn   or   Inspection,
The person or company  staking a Let  ������, j,,i,-.. your list  before plac-
H. S. ROWE,-General Agent claim must hold a free miner's ccr- |ng yllllr order.    Greenhouse Plants,
large turnout  of members In
t.U Third St., cor Alder. Portland, Or.   tifii ate
Floral    Work,    Bee   Supplies,   Fruit
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers nf
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., adel/'ss
Assistant Gen'l  Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 185 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
Trains & Steamers
Leave' New Westminsti r
Arrlv New Westminster 11.35 daily.
Lv. New Wi st. . 8.30; ar. Seattle 16.50.
, Lv. Beattle 10; ar. New West, 18.40.
i Lv.  New West.  10.36 ami   17
; Ar .New Wesi. S.3S and 16.40.
Lv. New Westminster ,'..."1 a in.
Lv. N, W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Beattle 4 l'ir-
Lv. N. W. 4..:.". p.m.; ar. Seattle I
Lv. Seaitle 8.30 a.m.; ar, N. W.
Lv. Sealile 1.20 li.iu.; ar. N. W.   ' J
V��� W. & Y.���VANCOUVER.
Lv. N. W. 3 p.m. and 9.16 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.36 a.m . and I r,ra-
Lv.  N.  W.  9.20  a.m.;   ar. Uuicbon
2.20 p.iu. _
Lv.  Guichon   'J. 10   p.m.;   ar.  N.  W.
9.35 p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv.   New   West.   5.50   a.m     '
and hourlv until ll p.m., whb ha"'
hourly between 12.30 and 6.30 P-m.
Saturday half-hourly noon to n i|;1-
Sunday hourly 8 a.m. to n i ���"'"
with half-hourly bet noon and 7 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver same time throngs-
Fraser River and Gulf
Canadian  Yacht to Enter.
Chicago,   ills.,   April    1.���All   doubts
If we nre noi willing to work and
suffer for the sake of our love, we have
met the artist smil within us.
as to the entry of a Canadian boat in   . P""'"!"'1''  ���*?���_**��>   ,l��" m""'   ������
,, .   , , �� labor (been the body.���Seneca,
the  next   Upton  cup  races  were re-
moved yesterday when E. B. Ralcomi
of the Columbia Yachl club returned
from Hamilton, Ont, wiih a signed
contracl trom .1 .11. Fearnslde of thai
city in build a 21 fooler and sail In
the series. The deal is considered tile
mosi important in yachting for some
years as ii gives the Lipton races International  interest.
Sullivan Leaves London.
London, April i.���James E. Sullivan, secretary of the Amateur Athletic union which Is to represent United Stale's al the Olympic games at
Alliens. Greece, April 22, lefl London
today to Join the American foam who
are expected to arrive at Naples nbout
April   17.
J. H. Todd
Dealer ln
Pianos, Organs,
Higher  Pay  at   Rossland. PianO   PlayCrS,
Rossland, April 3.- Members of the Columbia   Gramaphones and  Hecords,
Rossland   Miners*   union   state   today Zithers, etc.
thai  the wages of shovelers   In the ���    u    -rnnn    D.,--  di��.l
i .nines have been advanced frnm ��2.60 '*  H"  TODD��   Burr  BI��Ck��
to $2.76 a day voluntarily, by all the Columbia street.
mines In the camp. It was found dlf- Cn" "" u'rlto f"r "rlr',a-
Hi-nit to retain Bhovelers In the mines
ai  $2.."in a day, for as soon as they ���      ���   ��� y|t  ��� ���    _������ -^ /
beca   proficient        shoveling   and J ��� 1   M B..'" 1^1 1    I'"*  gf
learned  how  to  lake can' of them- *~
selves in the mines, they lefl for other  mining sections.  The  resull   was
that  shovelers had  to be constantly
broken in. One result of this was that
only the poorer class of men remained and the union men sny that It was
determined to raise the standard  by
The  discoverer  of  a  new  mine   is  Packages, Fertilizers, etc.     Catalogue
entitled  to a  claim  <if  ioco  feet  in  gyM
length,  sand  if  the  party consists  of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the out
put on which no royalty shall be
charged thc rest of the party ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings nr bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
M. .1. HENltY,
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.  C.
Railway Company
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
  , voluntarily  raising    the  wages    trom
Amateurs Fight Tonight. \%<l.XM to  $2.75 a  due.  Tho  union  men
San   Francisco,   Cal.,     April   4.���At   are much pleased  With  the ral e, and Tfl- 113- Office,  Eighth  Street,
Mechiinics  Pavilion   the  hoxlng  tour-  express  satisfaction   with  It. NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B.  C.
Easter   Holiday
Round trip tickets to all
obtained   more   than   one   lease   one I local points Ht U fare and one-
dredge lor each fifteen miles or frac-    ...       rill a       -i-,-,,
tion thereof is sufficient,     Rental, $10  third.     bold Oil   April 11th to
per annum  for    each    mile    of river, April 16th.      Good    tt) return
leased.     Royalty  at   the  rate  of two       r .       .,
ami a half per cent, collected on  the  Up tO April 17th.
output  after it  exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
Six leases of live miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to tbe- ~ E. J. COYtE,
submerged  bar  or bars  in  the  river I Assistant  General   Passenger  Agent,
below   low   water   mark, that boun-      Vancouver.
For furl her particulars apply 10
F.I).  UOlll.KT,
(J. V. K. Agent.
Now Westminster!
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
- The only all rail route between all
points cast, west and south to Ross-
laiul, Nelson and Intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage  daily for  Republic.
P.iiffet service on trains between
Spokane  and  Nelson.
Effective Sunday, November 10,
Leave Day Train Arrive
g.20 a.m. ...    Spokane  ....7.15 p.m.
12.25 P-m Rossland   4.10 p.m.
9.40 a.m Nelson  6.45 p.m.
.1: j..        General Passenger Agent
L'P HIV Kit.
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Friil.
From Chwk.  Tu.,  Tb.,  S ll
From N. w. Tu.. Th., Sal   !
Prom Chwk. Sun.. Wed., Fri.,
From N. W. dally, ex. Sun, -
From Mt  Lehman, 7 a.m.
From N. w. dally, ex. B 11
Add. trip, Monday, 5 ft.ro.
From Hti'vesion, 7 a.m. I Fri.
Add. trip Saturday, 6 p.m.
City of Nanaimo���
Frnm N. W. Sunday 7 a.m.
From Victoria Saturday 7 a 1
���    ���
7 11.111
1 in.
7 a.m
Mail Service
Scaftlo, via Bumas 10.00 p.m.
Sap'n & Millside...!O.nti p.m.
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.
Cloverdale, Illuine,
Seattle, etc..  .. S. 15 a.m.
Van. & Cent. Park...l0.30 a.
Victoria Kl.aou.ni.
East Burnaby.. ������ 1.15p.m.
Steveston, etc  1.30 p.m.
Bast, via c.P.R... ll.OOP-iii-
Sup., Mill, Cori'in.. 3.00p.m,
Vun. & Burnahy.: 3.30p.m.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
47. p..ts
46 p-m.
u0 a.nie
SO p"1'
���j p.m.
.on a.m.
IB Piffle
30 afflj
00 in '
.im rn
,00 p4
J. H.
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains
Sunday) carrying passenger-
express and freight ^;;!;';,]]���r5ei
stages at Carcross and Vymte 1
maintaining a through winter sc
For Information apply to
ROGERS, Traffic  Ma"*"'
Mackinnon Wiltf-    -
Vancouver, B. t. WEtfiESDAY.   APRIL  ��,   1906.
Our Big Sale of Geo. A. Collard's Stock of up-to-date Clothing and Gent's Furnishings continues for two weeks longer and to
fully place our prices before you, we mark all our goods in plain figures.
You divide by two and get any article in the entire place for HALF PRICE.
Men's Suits
Mothers Look  at These Boy s Suits
Ail of Collard'B |10.00 Suits; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $6.00
Look at   This for Overcoats
Gent s   Furnishings
This line was the special   avorlte of Mr. Collard and was selected in the east with the greatest care.
We will make the biggest cuts here ever heard of.
Men's White Cambric Nightshirts, Collard's prices $1.25; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 55c
Men's Mole Skin (all sizesi Shirts, Collard's price 75c;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s price    35c
Men's Black Satine Shirts (best value), Collard's price $1.00; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 50c
Men's Negligee (Kngllsh flannel), Shirts, Collard's price $1.00; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price  ..   ..   50c
Men's Qaleta British  Standard Shirts, Collard's price $1.00; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 50c
Men's Heavy Woollen Top Shirts, Collard's price $1.75; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 75c
Men s Waterproofs
Men s Trousers
Columbia Street, Next Royal Bank of Canada.
Mail Orders at same Prices.   Mention Daily News and we pay Expressage.
New Westminster, B. C
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Game In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily Newt.
New Westminster, B. C.
'." ........................   _,
I Electric   Plants!
Mills and Factories
>+��������������������� �����������������������
823���One hundred and flirt
Routhern slope ot the serpentin
the Clover Valley Road; near t
land Is very productive; aDout
t'eieeiel ami convenient tiuiiillngs.
This is well worth Investigate
1027 -An unusually good b
to 75 acres under nrst-eiass cul
good shape;   lu-rooined dwollln
kiln and baling room in good c
"re worth at foast |_,uuu, bert
Thla Is a most  desirable farm:
Can Arrange
Terms For You.
y acres,beautifully situated on the
o Valley; first-class land, fronting on
he  railroad  nnd  river;     good  road;
60 acres In first-class condition.
All necessary Implements and stock,
n. Price, $90 per acre,
ny. One hundred and sixty acres; 60
11 vat lon; B acres under nops, all in
g In good conilllion, barn wixiuu; Hop
iindltion; the buildings on tho place
and Creek runs through the property.
from  $li,5U0 to $3,500  per year  can
I"' ialie.il oft It.    Price, V,b00 c ash.	
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������*���������������
| Electric Supplies. Wires, Cords, Etc.
|        Incandescent and Arc Lamps.
i V
Write us for   Estimates   on  complete Plant.
3        Large Stock of Supplies and Apparatus carried
>J�� at Vancouver and Rossland.
*- _.__
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
VANCOUVER, B. C.   ���
| Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd.
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
"Tht Comfortable Way" Rout, of th. Famous Oriental Limit.d
[Fur detailed information, rates, etc., call on or address
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Lt
New Westminster, B. C.
Chatham  Incubate
Now is the time ts Purchase Them
60 Egg Incubators Costs $14,      120 Egg Incubators \
240 Egg Incubators $29.
These terms are Cash with the Order. Terms
can be arranged payable in November, 1906,
on a slight advance over cash prices.
BROODERS  $11.00  TO   $13.00
Box 16S, New Westminster, ti. C.
Write for Circular and Mention the Daily News.
There   Is a   new  lot of
J.  B.  Silverthorne  Has  Confidence  in    Police   of   Ballard    Look   for   Young
Development of New Northern Settlement.
J. B. Silverthorne was   among   the
Man Guilty of a  Heinous
Ballard, April 3.���The Ballard police
H Ramona's passengers   yesterday    and j are conI|uent of shortly apprehending
MORFY   Rl   CO      lus <'��stlnation w:is (:iw"'s  LandlnS'   ,i.o voung man who threw the body
.   IHVSIVL. 1    Ot  W��   ,���, suverthbrne Is one of the pioneer;        ' furnace   at
settlers    In    the    Buckley    country,I 01 " m"le
 . which lies at the head of the Skeena; the Stlmson Mill company s plant at
! River, and is one of the most newly  Ballard last evening.     Attendant cir-
opened districts on the west coast, j cumstances indicate that the child was
! A little town ls springing up, with, dead when I)assed up for cremation,
! several  stores,  hotels,  etc.,  and   the j but the  action makes the man who
district which three years ago scarce-j conimitted It amenable to the law, or
\ ly knew the tread of a white man's; at least t0 an explauatlon.
foot Is now instinct with life and is; About 9 o'clock last evening Patrick
'< rapidly forging to the front as one of   Burke, the night watchman    at    the
the most promising of the many agri- j mill> saw a young man approach the
1 cultural and  mining districts  of  the  piace and throw an object, wrapped in
west.   There are now over five hun-; a newspaper, Into the furnace.   Burke
dred head of cattle on the fertile ha(i bee- unobserved by the intruder,
\ plains nnd Mr. Sllverthorne's present | who wag si0wly walking away, when
; trip to tireen's Landing ls for tho pur- he was hailed. The fellow's response
' pose of meeting his partner, Mr. Davis
| and together they propose driving CO
I    Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow  Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
12! Elyhth St., New Westminster, B.C.
was to break Into a run and disappear
In tho darkness. Burke says he could
easily identify the man, whom hi describes us about 25 years old. weighing 160 pounds, smooth shaved and
well dressed,
with   the   disappearance   of   tha
head of stock to their ranche in   the
Bulkley  country, along the Ashcroft
trail, a journey which wlll take about
six weeks to accomplish.
The ltulkluy   district Is particularly       NVlln    me   iuB_i>pt��m_�����    ���    *������-
rich in mines,    and    miners    abound   stranger lhe watchman hurried to   the
 l there,    Vust  amounts  of  money  are  furnace and raked th'' bundle out. Its
being put in there for the development   1)08|tion was just within the door, es-
\A/��-ctmin��stpr of mln"a limi 80mc of thu be8t known   oaping  the draught  which  starts    a
wesiminsici iiluinK (,l)nipun,ea   ,���   __   wor)d are  few ft,e( farther bacU.     The   object
1     "anefpr   C^Cw    ' tulninR thulr attention to the district.' proved to be the body    of   a    male
-  - 'CillSI wCM     V^*-Fs>   Coal velns  2Q feet (hifk abound and  c_|l_, fully developed.
     a very high grade of gold ls discover-      The police were notified and Under-
able ln  tho district.     The Hennesy taker   Muyfleld   later   removed   the
Syndicate of Montana will this year body to his morgue.     At noon today
put $5,(100,000    into    their    extensive; Coroner Carroll, assisted by  Dr.  W.
holdings.   The manager of the Ottawa j .\.  Powers,  held  a  post-mortem    ex-
Coal company, A. Webster,    has    re-j nmlnatlon and   established   the   fact
i cently been examining his company's j that the child  was  newly  born and
" ' aild HeaW HauliHi_ ' clalm8 and wl" tttke the Preliminary! that lt had breathed, the lungs hav-
'                                *                ^* I steps toward    developing   them    this I |ng been Inflated.
.   ;" mo isr..      Harn pnone 137 ! year.   The Casslar Mining syndicate      jn the coroner's opinion   the   child
have purchased 52 claims and have al-! was  dead  before  being  thrown  Into
 ��� j ready commenced work and Mr. Duns-j the furnace.   Whether ita death   was.
I niulr wlll also spend many thousands1 fr0ni natural or unnatural causes he
of dollars in mining operations in the1
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
���  delivered    promptly to any
e citv.
>w Westminster
I cany the most complete
' ..k in the City. Spring
I 'signs arriving daily.
'!. ..'omplete line of room
'* igs and plate rails.
.'    ainter   and   Decorator
'., Columbian Block
district right away. ^^^^^^^^^
A considerable portion of the district ls script land and It ls being
very rapidly bought up by speculators.
Mr. Silverthorne anticipated that in a
few years the Bulkley country would
be numbered among the wealthiest on
the western coast.
was unprepared to say, owing to tho
badly charred condition of the body.
The complete description Watchman
Burke gives of the man who committed the body to the flames ls helping
to a solution of his Identity. Iu the
opinion of the police the man came
from Seattle, but the loosely wrapped
character of the bundle would Indicate a residence of closer proximity.
Tacoma Goes Democrat. .              W___S__����_ Bill
��� Sunday Observance ��mi
re<* "TT 2SST ��S -errce �� JSSS-V a ape-'
L^^lTSSE niunlcl- c.a,_ committee,    so  that  al.  parties
pal  ownership candidate. could be heard.
'��� 1 8
If You Take
Any Stock....
in having the best goods at the lowest possible price served to you
in the best possible way, you  will do your business with our stores.
This Is our boast, that we do a little better than our competitors ln this way. Give us a cull and we will show you.
S. ANNANDALE West   En/d   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. W . Gilchrist, Mgr.
Stern End Sinks and Gilley Bros.' D.er.
rick  Is Sent to  Rescue.
Chief   ��f   Police     Offers   Reward
Location  of Day  and
1 Fire Insurance.
Life Insurance. |
The poor old freighter, tlio Felkirk, Circulars have been issued by Chief
is in trouble. While passing along the of Police  Mclnto.sli offering  u liberal
coast  of Vancouver  Islauel  yesterday, reward for Information ns to the pre-
near Sidney  she  iuu  upon a  bidden soul  where-abouts eel .1. A.  Day, D.D.,
rock which cut. n hole clour through alias Peter Ellow, alius    Peter    Soly-
her hull. She immediately Btarted to
I settle by the stern and ii was nm long
y 1 before' the   Btern end  Of  lieT hull   was
We have been appointed stents for the Union Assurance Society 6 I entirely submerged. Tho bow remain-
of London, England, which lu\s6&en carrying on fire insurance business S   ,���.,,Vi,ied
since 1711 A. D., and which, has a capital and accumulated funds of _   LMl ul" "l "10 watel '""' i"^"Kd
$_0;000,000. S
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record: A
Dec. 111st. 1H9<) (6 months) Assurance in force $80,400.   I'rem. $22,954.60  'j
1900 Assurance in force  $1,792,500. rromiums $ 62,605.96 :���!
mill " ������ 2,554,904. " 92,029.80  _
1902 " " 11 4ir> X!)7. " 12fi.a%.21   >J
1908 " " 4,086,112, "        150.644.tiS ft
1904 " " 4,5011,754. "        LW.884.20 A
MONEY     M_.AU A DDIC     P      Tfl        Real   E"<,tt   Brokers
TO LOAN.  WlCyU AKlVlL    tfit    KAJ., and Contactors
186 Columbia  Street, NEW  WESTMINSTER,  B. C.
place of safety tor ther deck hands.
Captain Brown, of the Otter, ln
passing saw the situation and ran in
close iu order to ascertain if assistance was needed. The men however
did not (eel in any danger as I hey
were only a short distance from the
shore and the boat was resting on the
bottom of the gulf. The  Selkirk has
��� A. HARDMAN 0-. S.  BRYSON ���
��� ���
Hardman & Bryson   j
man, D. D-. and Mirz.ah Kllow. They
lefl New Westminster about December 23rd. 1905.
The two men are described as follows:
.1. A. Hay. D.D.; alias Peter Kllow.
alias Peter Solyman, a Turk; age
aboui 37 years, height 5 feet 6 Inches,
medium build, black curly hair, right
eye smaller than left, speaks fluent
English with Blight foreign accent,
dresses very well, dark complexion,
Mlrzah Ellow, a Turk, age about 23,
about 5 feet, is inches tall, black curly
hair, prominent nose, lefl eye smaller
Practical Sanitarians
Complete line of Granite, Aluminum and Tinwares.
Estimates furnished on all Classes of Plumbing Work,
Columbia Street
Sole Auents Monarch Han
823 Granville Street
VAXl.'lirVER ���
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of Policies now in for ce exceeds $44,00(1,000.00
Amount of Assets, legitimate snd solid, now exceeds Sftf,OUl),UU0.00
This is a company of polio y-holders, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
Possible Outlay.
1 lie larges t amount of Assurance for the Least
on board a cargo of bra which she was t___ riKh,   speaks good English with
taking to the Bmelter al   Texada  is- [oreign a0Cent, dark complexion,
land. Today Gilley  Bros.' steam tug,     TllclJ, are wautell in thtB city for ob-
ibe   Flyer,  look   out   thai   company's  ,.,in|ng large sums of money by false
derrick for ihe purpose of raising the  pretences.
submerged- vessel. T|u, |irs,  described man, Hay. alias
 ��� 0 Ellow. alias Solyman, has travelledfor
several   years   through    the   United
States and Canada, representing bim-
Electric Cars Soon to Run Every Half  self to be an agent of the .Macedonian
Orphanage of Asheta  Rogea, and   as
such,   wished  to find   homes  for or-
Within a short time the it. C. Elec-  phans n.nm Uu, aboye named orphan-
trie Railway company will Inaugurate agS| ,,��� condition that the money for
half-hour   service   from   Central   Park   ,h(,ir passage ,��� thla country be   advanced,    ln   this way     he    gathered
of money, but the orphans
never arrived, nnel it lias transpired
same service will he' given between ,h;lt there is no such place'or orphan-
here and Vancouvei'. The company is .VAt, ,��� Macedonia as Asheta Rogea,
finishing a handsome new car, and .,,���, Ih(, credentials whieh he present-
immediately after ii is released from ed, purporting to be signed by bishops
the shops the new service throughout   .,,���, others In high position in Turkey.
proved  to  be forgeries.
0 This   same   1111111   travelled   in   1903
through  ihe United Stales under    the'
name   of   Peter  Ellow,   as   a   Persian
rug merchant.
Mirzah  Ellow is a  full  brother    of
Day  alias   Ellow, etc.,  and  is charged     iQll     lV^Flt
S. W. EODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 85.
Hour Throughout Day.
in Vancouvei-. starting al  8 a. 111. and
continuing throughout the entire day. |arge aun
Later, probably within the month the'
ilie- entire system will go into effect.
now many cattle are nityea revealing
a charge of bird shol In their bodies.
Some an- peppered on one side only.
others on both sides. I don'l know
whether the cases are nil accidental or
whether the hunters shoot the cattle
full of bird sleet just for fun. but
mighty few, either native or range cat-
-.,���.   ,,,., ,i,���u, ,.,.,,  ,.,���.,.    .reoff   tie, reach the packing houses wlthoul
the east coast of England, Cape Ushant   carrying souvenirs of some glorious
und  Cape  Finistere,    In   the  past   the   hunting trip."
fhlftlng  of  the  cargo  caused   11   g 1
Cauften of Shipwreck.
"As a representative of oue of the
Insurance underwriters 1 have taken
part ln the Investigations of more than
400 shipwrecks," Bald a former sen captain. "The causes of wrecks nre drink,
fogs, neglect to use the sounding lead
und unknown currents.
Inany wrecks, but tbe adoption of feed
pipes has changed all that. Cargoes
liable to shift consist of wheat, Iron
ore, coal and so on. Crest feed pipes
filleel with pnrt of such cargoes now |
run down Into the bold, nnd If the
cargo shifts at nil the pipes automatically pour more cargo into the space
that bus been made vacant
"Off 11 wild pnrt of the Smith American e-onst a four master leaded with
high heeled French Bhoes was once
wrecked. The native Indians stole the
shoes, but couldn't wear them. They
used them Instead for boxing gloves,
giving each other terrific taps with tlie
French heels."
It*-nl.   lliirMt-   Slm.v   llrliliiK.
A western man was tedling senile stories of daring driving, some realistic
and some hyperbolic. "There is n stev
ry." he snld, "of One Eyed Pete McCoy. If tills story Is true, the four-ln-
btinil elrivers eif the east are* only prne-
Iclng 11 decayed und degenerate form
ft coaching, due Dyed Pete drove 11
Tinkiuii stagecoach that made n circuit
of Deadwood, Carbonate, SpearflBh and
Bear Gulch, lie tore into Carbonate
one day on bis usual dead run.    Like
an avalanche, the coach clattered up to
the hotel door. There suddenly It stop
lied, mid one of the burses fell stone'
" 'A very sudden death,' said a bystander.
" 'Sudden? Not nt all,' said Oue Eyed
'Pete. 'That there boss died at the top
of the hill, nine mile buck, sir, but 1
wn'n't goln' to let blin down till 1 got
to tlie regMar Itopnln' place.' "
A Mullcloua Will.
Persons wishing to register in their
last wills and testaments their feelings
regarding their natural heirs may take
us a model the following crisp effort of
an Englishman, William Hall: "I give
to that vile wretch, Samuel Hall, who
I admitted of the temple many years
since, Inn In' sold his gown, and iu
seven years 1 could never get him to
church but once, and twice he assault
ed me. and at the time be bad eertalnlT
killed ine If ley (lod's provieiWie-o I  luid
not  by  n   maidservant   1 u   (brown
against a great lire, the sum of in shillings, to be paid him every Monday
upon request, and 1 wish thai the
first food lu- takes after my death will
choke him."
Collision   at   Bridge.
For the lirsi time in the history of
flu- New  Westminster  bridge a  traction  engine  crossed  over  this  morning. It made very geimi time in cross-
as an accomplice
ing imt ai the curve, as ihe engineer
backed   1111   to  refill   his  tank   at.   the
horse trough. 11   rig  came along  wilh New Postoffice.
a horse and driver bent on lhe- same A  new   p0Bt0fflce has just been op-
errand ami before they could remove 6ned   ������.,.<,  mlles soll(h  o�� thls clty'
Now is the Season to Bay
By getting one now you will have
the full season's use  of it.    Our
stock includes the
Wotidyalt, Brockville and
Whitman _ Barnes Makes
11 tine Lots for Residence'   site, in
St. Andrew's Square
For $500
:'. Lots, well situated "ii Tenth St.
with orchard in full bearing,
2 Cornel   Lots.    Ith   Avenue   anil
llth Street.
$275 and $300
1 1-3 Lots on Eighth  street, facing Moody Square.
Only $225
Several more almost us tempting
mi our list.       Call ami inspect,
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Rea] Estate
Agents. Tel. 106. Columbia St.
Is This What
The price we ask for them is no indication of their real value.
You cannot begin to buy the material used in making them   up  for
the price at which we clear them this week.
Not every size left in the assortment but there may In- jui t thi
you need.
Regular Values #7..ml to $5.00, while they last, le, clear, % 1.50.
See Our Small Show Window.
themselves   the   wagon     was   carried
back  several feet  landing against the
bridge railing.
'l'lie traction engine is owned by I).
on the Yale road which will be a great
convenience to the residents in the;
Brownsville and surrounding districts,
Prior to Ihe placing of a postoffice
T.   Lindsay   e.r   Langley,    ami    was ,,���,,.,, ,,���, Bettiers were compelled to
broughl   here  for  lhe-  purpose  of hav- ,,��� __  ,,���,,,. malllng  in  tWa (.ity
Ing buck straps attached to the boiler      Mail   wiu   be |.eceived  al   the  new
i��� strengthen it, so thai ll will be' en- postoffice on Tuesday  and  Friday  of
abled to carry a higher pressure   of ,..���.., week. li is only ��� short time- al-
steam. The- trip would have been made so slnoe ., Dew postoffice was pli ,i
In aboul   is hours had not  yesterday ln  the   Ea8,   Burnaby  district,
afternoon  been spent  In a ditch.  0	
:> Lots all cleared; Chicken He.use-
and run; (i roomed dwelling, with
bathroom, pantry and washroom.
On car line.
4. E. WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
Telephone 86.
You will probably want
a new Suit before Easter; if so, call and we will
show you one of the finest ranges of Men's Suits
in the City. Twentieth
Century and Progre
Brands Suits are known
from the Atlantic to tin-
Pacific as the best tailored and best ii'. I
goods made. Come in
and judge for yourself.
Preparing   Buoys.
The crew of the Samson, the governmenl snag boat are busy preparing
Full  House Assured.
A lull house is assured for the Anti-
Tuberculosls concert     mi    Thursday
evening, April .".. The ladles eef the ex-
spar  buoys,  senile  ol'  which   liny   are   ecutive   committee     under   the  presi-
Llneoln'M   liilrKrlly,
No man ever believed in his calling
more thoroughly than Lincoln, nnel he
had no patience with the much mouthed charge that honesty was not compatible witli its practice.
"Lei no young inan i-liuuslng the law
for n culling yield to that popular belief." be wreete. "Resolve to be honest.
at all events. If, in your Judgment, you
Cannot be an honest lawyer, resolve to
be honest without being a lawyer.
Choose some other occupation rather
than one In the choosing uf which you
do, in advance, consent to lie a knave."
���Frederick Trevor mil in Century,
Thr  ( liln.-lelll-.
Chlnchllln ls a beautiful soft gray
tnr. It ls not the most durable of furs,
and, because of the difficulty of getting
the perfect skin. It cannot be snld to be
among the least expensive. A muff
Slid stole of the real chlnchllln cost
easily $1,(Kki or so. The tiny Chinchilla
Itself, not more than twelve Inches
long, with n plump little body on short,
stout legs, thrives only In the tropics,
The little beasts have to lie killed with
the utmost precaution not to injure
their fnr, that grows ou a skin nearly
as tender and soft as u web of silk.
A perfect skin not lnrgeT than li small
pocket   handkerchief  is  a   revelation
In fur growth. The texture of every
hnlr Is finer than lloss silk, the lenglli
of lt nearly nn Inch and the coloring
about flint of the' soft, undyod marabou
fenthfrs.-Phlliidelpbla llulletln.
Thr ��-��eelll-  ShootlnK  llnlill.
Tlie Irate farmer who orders the city
sportsman off his "Intuls" Is always
Incomprehensible to the man with the
gun. Ills stories of damage lo his cattle are unbi'lleved, but there seems to
bc some reason for the rural objection
to city gunners. "To know bow wide
spread the cattle shooting hnblt Is."
said a government meat Inspector, "oiio
should take up a position beside nn In-
soector at a packing house und note
l'i->l(-llinK    mi   '/.Inc.
An ordinary pencil mark on zinc is
In n measure indelible. The writer
saw recently a zinc hibcl ou which u
name had been written with nn ordinary lend pencil thirty years ago. nnd
after a little of the oxide had been rubbed off the name was us legible as if
it wns just written.   Kor permanency,
where no Illegibility Is desired, nothing enn be more durable.- Exchange.
Loftlenlly   llriiiiiii<.(rnt��-��l-
She- 1 can prove logically und math
omatlcally that women are worth more
than men. He I'd like to see yon do
It, my dear. She Isn't a miss us good
as u mile? He���So they sny. Bhe���
And doesn't It take 0 whole lot of men
to make s league?  Baltimore Amen
I.Itlll-   lllltiTniri-.
"Really," said the X ray operator to
the surgeon, "there Is only a grnm-
mntli-nl distinction between our professions."
"Do you think so?" snld the surgeon.
"Certainly,   I see bones, und you suw
iioncs."   Bystander,
Thr  Moilrrn  Wny.
Villain���If I should kiss you,  1 suppose you'd  go  and  tell your  mother.
Modern Shepherdess���No; 1 Mioviid go
nnd tell my lawyer.-New Yorker.
painting red, others black. These will
be   used   for   marking   tbe   channels]
through Canoe Pass   and   elsewhere.
Hugh  stones ar
and made readj
iii-ni-y  of Mrs. a. D. Brymner have
been Indefatigable in their efforts to
make' this concert the success of the
also  being    drilled   season. The besl talent In New West-
fur    'he-    anchoring  minster   has promised   to  as.sisi.  and
of the large' can buoys which are us- others   who  will  lend   their  aid   are
ed In the gulf,   when the buoys   and His Honor Judge Henderson who will
spars are ready for use the Sampson recite;  Miss Rochester and Mr. Kyall
conveys   them   to   the   governmenl who   will   contribute   vocal  numbers.
wharf al Rock Island to be distributed Dr.  Proctor will  be   present and  will
as occasion offers.     Al   Rock  Island explain the aims of the Anli-Tiibercu-
Ihe   government   has   also     a     black- hisis society,
smith shop with equipment   tor drill-1  o	
Ing stone, so thai the Sampson's crew
do nm have- in lie idle when they
they have a day or two to spare al
that end of the river.
Hurts  His   Hand.
Nanaimo, April 4.���While endeavor
ing io extracl a loaded Bhell from
Arranges For Pipes.
.1. It. Qilley of ihe' firm of Gilley
Bros., returned yesterday from Vieloria where he arranged tor the Immediate shipment of 17,000 fee'i of
8-Inch pipe for the Fourth Btreel Bew-
er.     The' ii. c. Pottery company has
a  Us works aboul a mile and a half mil
revolver yesterday a young lad of Victoria and the pipe's will be
named Thomas Grand sustained pain- Bhipped dlrecl to Vancouver and trom
I'ul Injuries aboul the hand by the thence to ihis city. Workmen will
Bhell exploding and the- bullet passing Btart excavating some time this week
through his hand. ; for the sewn-.
Teed, Sale ond Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rips.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Mli anil Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250.
Xhoi ougn
Knocks at  your
door, not only once, but every time you read our advertise-
property is coming to the front, and In our opinion prices of land fronting
on the lake will shortly take a jump ���II will pay you to see us at once on
this matter.  We can pul  ynu wise.
All cleared, fenced and underdrained, magnificent strawberry land, nbout 4
miles from New Westminster mi good road. Telephone, electric light and
power facilities.
fronting on Burnahy Lake, ami Hasting
to grass, dllclied  un  both  sides.
He md, all slushed and seeded dnwn
Watchmaker and
Manufacturing Jeweler.
Hring us your old or broken one and led
us practically make' it a new wheel out
of it. You will get another season's
pleasure mil. of il with very little expense.    We have in  stock   the   Kiiycle
uml Perfect Bicycles,
Alex. Speck,
Speck Block. Sign���Man on Wheel.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
Acquired a through knowledge of the
business in England with 10 years experience. Later wns 7 years manager
of the watch repairing department of
Savage,    Lyman    &    Co.,     Montreal,
Henry Mirk's business mtinugor pnrt of New Westminster   - -
the time.
English, Swiss, American and all
complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery
B. C.
j Timothy Extra Cleaned
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Essex
Millet, Golden
Oats, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spring
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
Last year the FIhhsI Crops In B,
C. were prniliiciid frnm our send
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
It.K. 850
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster. B.C.
Electric Railway Service j
Cri-.i-rliilliiii   liy   n   Rival,
Florence���1 should like to do soine-
thlrg that would imike hlm mlnornhle
for life. Mabel- Then why don't yon
ill,-I fry hi in?
The Farm Land Specialists.
Take notice that the (Ileal West
Packing Company Limited have deposited plans and application for the
erectUm nf a wharf nu tho EVaser
River, llrltlsh Columbia, on tho foreshore of Beet ion  12   uml Fractional
Sect Inn   111,  Illock  11,  North  Range 7,
Dated at. New Westminster, B. C, I
this lfith  March. l'.HUi.
Vancouver's Birthday.
FRIDAY, APRIL 6th, 1906.
Monster Parade at 3  p.m.
Vancouver, Past, Present and Prospective.
50 cents RETURN.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ui.


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