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The Daily News Mar 16, 1906

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 *-^\sJ2l  .
Trains Collide and Many Victims are Burned to Death
TELLS OF ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M
I IN RUSSIAN PRISON Failure to Deliver Orders Results in An Awful Tragedy
on the Denver and Rio Grande���Wreck Takes Fire
Smuggles Letter to the Outside and Creates Sensation By ait-, a '       t-. i .-�� ��� t-,      ���
Description of Fiendish Brutality to which And Passengers Are Roasted to   a   Crisp���Engineer
she is subjected By Dies With Hand on Throttle.
Sir Arthur Nicholson   Exercises   Important   Influence   at
Moroccan Conference and Paris Officials Says
There Is No Chance for
A Rupture.
St.     Petersburg,    March     16.���The nltl
daughter cif General l.zvniailovitoh,
who was condemned to death on
March 2, her sentence later being
commuted to imprisonment for life,
has creuteel a sensation similar to thai
caused by Mile. Spitidonovo, the 17-
year old girl who shoi M. Lu-henolt-
sky, chief of the secret police, of
Tanthottu, who smuggled a letter out
Of her prison describing the manner
in which she hud bei'ti treated,
' Mile.  I.zniuilovitch bus also snee |-
a  widow and  tine
Fireman's Story.
Smith, fireman tc
stnted    that    JUSl
i Engli i
before  the
ed in sending out a letter from her
prison. Il was published today and thor of the anti-Jewish circulars which
���scribed her horrible treatment after were distributed some' days ago, was
tho attempt to kill the governor at M. Leveroft, an employee of the niin-
Mlnsk as a result of which her ac intry or the interior, holding a rank
complice, Ivan Kulikoff, was executed In the official bureaucracy equivalent
, at Minsk, March ll. t(  councillor of state,  He Is the leader
* Miss L-zvmailovitch Bays thai the of the "League of the Russian Peo-
police kicked her Into insensibility and pie," und lias been dismissed rrom tho
subsequently ut the police station lore service and arrested and will be pre,
off her clothes, subjected her to Indlg- secuted.
beat   ami   CUrSed   her.   spit   In pueblo.  Colo.,   March  Ki.���Witli   Ihe gins No.  3, leave
her  face, ami struck  her with such dead numbering fifty or more, and the children,
force on the side ot her head thai an injured at twenty-live, the worst rail-
eardrum was broken. ,,,,,,1    wreck    In   Colorado since the ..<,.  n.
A local paper today prints statistics memorably   disaster  at   Edonned   oc- cauBlet,
showing that 397 executions occurred eurred early this morning on the Hen collision he saw the headlight of train
in  Russia during the month ot Janu- ver &  m��� Grande near Adobe, oust- No. 10 ttB p  rounded the curve, about
ary. bound train No. 18 crushing into wesi- 200 yards distant.     He wenl   to the
Jews Ordered to Leave. bound itraln No. 3 telescoping the for-1 engineer's   Bide   and   saw   Engineer
Vladivostok,   March   16.���The  .lews ward cuts on each train. Causlet at the emergency 1.takes.   He
here have 1 n ordered to leave the city lhe t.o.ich a at  once took fire and stooped   down,  and   feeling   Causlet.
In three days. the flames completed the horror begun feei  upon  his back  lumped.     Not  a
Author  Discovered. I|V  "le collision. word  passed  between  the two men.
Bt. Petersburg, March  16.-  The au
Victoria. March 1C���A high
pressure area central in the
Mississippi valley extends from
the  Pacific to the Quit states,
.and the southern low area Is
now cenlral in New Mexico.
Fair weather conditions prevail
throughout both the north Pa-
ciiic slope   unci    the Canadian
I Northwest provinces. in the
latter the cold wave has greatly
, moderated , and west of the
Rockies heavy to killing frosts ?
have been general. Snow Is jaj
fulling in the middle' west states j��J
al Dodge City, Omaha and (iii !���!
en go. |��!
Forecasts far "������'. hours ending  ,���,
n p. in., Saturday; ?!
Lower   lMiiinlaiid ��� Easterly �����,
Winds,   continued   fair   and   Cold   i*I
tonight and Saturday. IJ
The   lowsi   temperature    in ,J
New    Westminster    Insi    night 1}
Wiis  1!L' above zero. _
by the collision.
The cause of the wreck Is attributed to :i failure to deliver orders to No.
10 so that  No. :i could  pass.
Three of the crew on No. " were
killed and two on No. 16.
One of t he engineers on No. 3,
which was double-headed, was found
dead ln his cabin with his hand on
the throttle.
Express messenger E. II. McPhap.
Ian, u relative of the detective of that
name, now active in the Governor
Steunenberg assassination case, I.s
among the dead.
Burned  to  a  Crisp.
"Westbound train No, :i tend east
liciun.l train No. 16 met in head-on collision a mile east of Adobe. The en
gineer und fireman of train No. 16
were killed. The eglneer on train No
:; and about 15 passengers in the amok
Ing car on train No. 3 were also
killed. Twenty were injured Num. b
pre not yet obtainable. So fai as
known no passengers In sic.'ping cars
on either train were Injured or killed.'
At the general offices of the Denver .t  ltlo Grande in this city at  1
Algerlcas. Spain, March Hi.-The
delegates of the powers to the Moroo
c hi conference are more hopeful as
the French and Germans, after communicating with their governments,
are less rigid than thej were prevt
c us to so doing.
sir  Arthur Nicholson, head of the
I'.iiiisli   mission,   is   exercising   an   Im-
portanl and perhaps decisive Influence
towards the conference,   in supporting
Escape   By  Jumping.
Bran! Kelker, or Pueblo, englneei
of the second engine of No. 3, and this morning, is not more than 15, and
Harry llartman, his fireman, both no- that not more than 20 were Injured,
ticed the headlight  of No,  16 as  it
o'clock today, an official stut, mint the French delegates lie maintains
wus made that the number of persons unn they should do their share to-
killed by the collision at Adebe.'Colo
adjustment  und
II is pointed oul In llrltlsl arteri
that German) ha\Ini 1 onceded the important principle of n Franco-Spanish
police. Prance ahoiikl 1 onct le the detail of an Inape ctor p nt ralahlp without command, Moreover, it it claim*
e ii that a police farce thus ot antzed
would assure French predominance in
French   Willingness.
i'.n 11, March  16.   Officials, l ij
there Is no chance of rupture a! Al-
gerlcas, While not disposed lo accept
the Austrian plan to have an inspector    general    stationed   al   t'.islil inco,
exercising command over the Franco-
Latest   Positive.
I'm Idee.   Colo.,   March   16.- At   noon
it is positively known thai 16 persona
were killed and 34 injured iu lhe Denier <!.��� uie, Grande wreck near Adebi
early  today.
Orders   Overlooked.
Denver,    Colo.,    March    16.���,1.
  Identified.     Thej
Visitor to City Market Comes Through  crisp.    Par! of th
Accident Without Much
wore   burned   to   11
mail was destroyed
and all express matter.
Keller trains  were  at once despat-
   died   to  the  scene   rrom   Pueblo  and
Florence, but the work was necessar-
James      Buckley,     who     was     ap-  |ly   s](JW   w.,���s(,  ���,  ���,,,  slll()kll  f,���m
parently driving through the crowded the burning wreckage aud 'because of
market   grounds  with    bis   eyes   shut   the  cold  weather.
rounded the curve. Kelker yelled,
"Look Out," and applied the emergency brakes. Both escaped by jumping. Engineer Kelker said that ho
bad barely recovered lilniseir when the
whole train seemed to be afire.
No, ���! was composed of a mail car
express   car,  two   day   coaches,   two
tourists and two standard sleepers. All  \y:itts, chief clerk ln the office' of t
the sleepers were saved, none of the Keneral  superintendent of the Denver
Many  of  the  bodies  will   never   be  occupants being Injured.
Bodies Cremated.
A report given out by persons coming  from   the  scene   -v.is  that   many
bodies  were  burned  In a  flre  which
followed tho wreck.    They estimated ""'���
the number burned iii fifteen.
wards   securing        	
therefore  advises   them   to  accept   a Spanish police In  Morocco, Prance Is
modified form of the Austrian police willing to consider a modified plan by
.                   ,.,,     ,.               .. which the inspector gciu nil shall con-
project, such as a modification provid-
tlne his duties (o Inspection without
Ing that   the inspector general  shall hav,_g ,������������.������, ���,. ,���nl,���| ,��� ������. ������.
merely Inspect, bul nol command the iice.   An agreement along those lines
Franco-Spanish police. is considered probable
tills     morning,     n
Collins    who     seem
aboul   in  a similar
11      into      F.      .1.
d   to   he'   walking
condition,     The
The   Identified   Dead.
V  horse
was also walking
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ cpiietly nlcuig
and   the   first   thing   Mr.   Collins   knew
he was underneath Bucklin's democrat
nnd the horse wus using him for u
tool mut. Then both wheels run over
Mr. Collins' legs and lie emerged from
ihe tiiil end iii a very sore, surprised
and dusty condition,
A kind hearted clergyman played
the good Samaritan and gathered Mr.
Collin, up. sel  him on his feet, and
sent bini on his wa)', somewhat sore.
but  more on   the alert.
Estimated  at  Forty.
Dr.  Mc.Miihon, who has been at  the
wreck   since  early   this  morning,   has
The   lirsi   train   bearing  the  Injured   ''*'"' �� message to Pueblo in which be
reached Pueblo Bhortly alter 6 o'clock, estimates the dead at forty.   He says
The bodies Of  titiiled dead are:       llc'   wi"   leava   at   ��<w   ""   a   sliecial
William   Ilallis. engineer on  No,  16-
E.   M.     Mei'aiian.     (Hobo     Express
& Hio Grande, says this morning thai
so far as Ihe local office had heen of-
fically Informed, the engineer, fireman
and express messenger ol each train
are missing. Number .'! carried a mall
ind It is probabb' that the mall
clerk is dead. All the baggage curs ���
and coaches were burned except the terday
bleepers, General Superintendent Wei- in tin
Fishermen    Assist   the    Crew    of   the   ,���,
Sampson   In   Searching ,���<
the   River. >���<
Bampson returned    bome yes-
after a snag pulling expedition
vicinity  of  Sunbcrry.    Quite a
Sydney, New
March 16.- -The
appeared here.
Two cases wer
terday   und   threi
discovered  todaj
block  of houses.
Sciulli     W.lle'S.
plague has re-
,. reported yes-
more   were
111    III.'    Silllle
be   will
train with bodies for Pueblo.
Official   Account.
were reaping tile
I   lo   bunt
ind buoy them so that the
number of nel  destroyeri
moved ami fishermen   all
river   have   1 11     request
messenger. Nee. in.
Walter  Causlet,  engineer  first
Denver,   Colo.   March
en- clal   announcement   is
16.���The  tiffins     follows:
were  caught   together  with   s   small
bunch of roses.
A   very   unique  creation   was  of  the
latest   torpedo   shape,     small   in   size
��� ������ and   soft   in     shade:     its    prevailing
New   Feminine   Headgear  on   Display   colors were mauve unci pale blue:  the
at Collister _ Co.'s Is Much
G.tbriel    Pierie    Will    Be    Taken    to
Agassiz for a  Preliminary
Chief  Constable  Spain   is  in   reciepl
oi a wire from Agassis stating that
the Indian victims of Gabriel Pierre,
who were injured In a knifing affray
some time ago. will be unable to ap
pear against Pierre tomorrow forenoon
us   was   hoped   by   the   police.      As   a
Btarted  result, the hearing bus been sel   tor
printer and Wife. Porter and Traveling   Man   Are   Burned
4d   Death.
Oram! Rapids, Mich., March 18.���
The business portion of the village of
Tustiti Oscoi.i County, wus destroyed   b>   lire e'iirh   today,   which
in   the    lease lit    III'    lilt!    Hotel    Colnp-
ton  lie/111  .1  deleft I ve  luninco.
Ten   i,ui.-is   escaped   In   their   nlghl
cloi lies �� Idle   tour   were   burned   to
deaib.   The   dead   are:      William     Mo
Grime,  piopr.ctot' of the hotel;   Mrs.
Willi.nn    MeCiune;     I'.d.ward    li'inor
rest, poner;  chuiies Workman, trav-
ellliT  tu.ei  ol   I'ierson.
���.  The   lin.iiioii.l   loss   Is  al    $22,000,
Child   Burns   to   Death.
'��, Xi'�� market,  tint..   March   I"..    Rosb Agassis and surrounding territory nre
sBfahh..  aged   ::>...   years,   you.ugos'   son   greatly   incensed   over   the  affair,   nm!
of c   Wjj'jb, of Kel.lloby, got hold of sviii appear m large' Numbers to wit
Hiiiutch yesterday und lb It, setting ness the trial    The trial will also be
JDl'i   to bis iiiiiiigown, and wa-  so bail    attended   by  Several   pee lie  from   New
B^'irned that ho tiled last night. Westminster.
Laborers Are Scarce
For Railroad Building
Saturday, March 24, and will be bald
in Agassis, ns the victims of the as-
s.-iiilt nre tOO 111 to-be removed to New
Westminster for some time.
Pierre will be taken to Agnails by
chief Constable Spain, where he -vein
be gives a preliminary bearing be hue
siipemiiiit ���> Magistrate ritiendrigh.
assisted by local justices,
Considerable Interesl is attached to
ibis case, and  Ii  ll  probable thnt  u
large number of officials will be pn
sent ut tlie healing.   The residents ol
There wns quite a flutter of sup-
in sseci excitement around w. s. Collister & Co.'s store yesterday unci Ihe
majority of the fair sex of tbe Royal
City hovered like bees around the
artistically arranged millinery tables
where Uie dainties! of summer head
gear, In winch the Parisian, the 'uig
lisb.   the   American   and   the   entirely
Canadian Btyles nestled together In
a manner < 111 i; ��� sufflcie-,! to bewilder
uninitiated masculine eyes. The eie-
partmenl la ablj presided over by
Miss iiai hie. formerly of Toronto,
who attended till this season's leading
.millinery   openings   on   Ibis   continent
nnd thus sueeceiiid in selecting the
choice display.
trimmings were of hyacinths and pale
green   foliage   caught   up   nl   lhe   side
with silk rosettes,
A black und white chip "was one
till nihil I'd to attract admiration: the
lop   was  of  black   velvet  anil   a   black
how adorned the back.
A grey turban had a high, tancj
hack, fancy trimming, and was bank1
Oi'l al   the buck  Willi  gTce-n  leaves and
purple violets.
Anoi her charming    grej    hat
adorned with a fancy groy gold-tipped
plume which drooiiod at the back,
Taken altogethei the collection is
1111 excellent one and would do credit
lo a more metropolitan centre than
ihe Royal City claims tn be.
by, of the Denver & Rio Grantlc, left
on the S o'clock train this morning
far the scene of the wreck.
He said:    "Both train crews overlooked their orders.    Moth coaches and   ''"' 'hags
baggage   curs   are   burned   Up.      The   snag   bout   may   remove   as   ninny   as
smoking   car   passengers   are   the   vie-   possible   before     the     regular   fishing
tims.    Most  ���r those kiib.,1  wen   In geagon    oommenceB,       Prompted  by
the smoking car."
reelings of sell' Interest quite a nmn-
" her of fishermen are   following this
plan with a view 10 saving themselves
iim<' inui money later on.
Pushes Through Ice.
Capt Curd of the Sampson Btated
that on Wednesdaj  morning llis boat
pushed  through  quite it  thick  skim of
Ice  while  passing  around   the  bend,
lie stated thai he had nol seen such a
>���< ������.*
,���, FULTON    GETS    IT *
Brakes   Refuse   to   Work   and   Brakesman  Makes  a   Leap
for  Life.
^to^QsaaGaosssaaaaaa mbsbssI
Vietoiia,   March   10     Hen    I''
.1. Pulton was sw.,1 n in fester- >_.
daj  at   Victoria as attoi i
era!     in     succession    t '     Hon
chuiies Wilson, K. c. resigned
A   eiu   of  gunpowdi'r   found  lis  way ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
to the  hot loin  of the  Fraser river nt   thing  for 11  nun r    of    years,    The
the U. N,  it. wharf yesterday after- thermometer outside the pilot  house
""""��� r "islereil  ten 'h'gi "���'.-- ol  frost.
in the forenoon the Sidney was tow-
eel   ill.   londeil   wiib   curs   which   she    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
discharged as soon as possible, as nu-# Chilliwack   Blaze.
u.ls other   load   was  in   roudiness  to  go     Chilliwack,  March   14.   'lit
down the river. The Q. .\. ]{. train
hacked iu 10 the wharf and the flrsl
car   wus   run   back   onto   the   movable
section of the wharf, to be lowered to "^ l,v '"' ;,li'"" "r ril''' K""' '" n""'
Siny  Kee Pays Fine and Witness Fees
for   Running  Gaming
people   ed   Chllllwack   were   roused   to
quite a pinii of excitement this morn-
tbe   level   ol   the   Slcllie-y's   deck.      As
the car descended    the    slope,    the
brakes refused to work and tha car
\    marked   change   has   come   over
iu adornmeni of hats during the past
two  seasons,  anil  when  In  days  puSl
tin  aim seemed to be pile on all the Fails
floral  adornments    possible, the  pre
��� et,1   prevailing idea    seems to be
very few  Rowers, and Chose as care.
lessi)'   111 ranged   ns   postftblu.     Straw-
belli   is again Ilie iimwI   popular shade    .
..I  tin   season, vicing with burnt  wood
shades for   the    preeminence,    Sofl
���. ������'; and greens also play a promt-
lent   part   in the line of 11'riniuings.
Among  the newest   creations on  ex-
!iit>ii ion 'Were' the following:
the co-operative association's store on
Westminster street. The fire brigade
turned oul to see the fire, then return
��� ei to quartera for hose and ih mem
her  carried  Ills share consist lug of a
roll,    Thej   ware given th
Into   Arms   of   Policeman   and
Hotelkeepcr   May   Be
Too frequent sips from Lhe cup thai
caused  tbe arrosl  of a very
run   clown    toward    the    barge,   which
pushed   oul   und   allowed   the'   car   lo
,, roll.     Thev   wi
into the water. ^L���_���_���_���������-
     , ,. way nnd nil  their hose from tin
lhe brakeman, a new man, Irom Kv
drain,     not     coupli'd.        I ben
reil.   was on  top of the car and  saw
his danger. He In all probability saved
Ills life by  promptly Jumping Irom the
lop or  Hie cur lo  tbe  wharf, ami   was
fortnuatii enough to land with nolhlng ... .
,, 1   , , ,,,,,,   paired   wit 11   a   bun
worn*'  than  a   shaking   up.  which  did       J \l , i__2
1 oi incapacitate him from work.
The   Fearless  has  been   busy   today
The case- ai ainsi Sim  Kee, 1 barged
witli keeping a 1 onu 1 ��� itnlng house.
was beard bj Magistrate Cot bould Hds
morning, who Imposed .1 hue of $30
und costs, .1. P, 11. Bole, "a behalf
of  his client,  pleaded guilt)   la  the
charge,  whereupon 1  1 barge,
I hut of Belling hittet 1 tickets, wns
.1 li lull ...t n   b\   Chlel    Hi I
Mr, Bole aBked on liohall   il his oil*
e'lll    thai    III"   Hue   he   HI nl"    1      light   IIS
possible',   in   1 ��� nli   in   v. In, '1   his   worship    stated    thai    und 'untight   of  stances could he Impose .1 1 1 lacs
llv.  than  $:iu. as thai  had 1 a  tin   one
,,,,iei��� lomarj fine foi   men offem        id ac
were given and oountennaaded, but m ; cnrdingiy 1 that
the meantime the  fire  wns put  oul amount
by   Hli1  employees   ol   the  ussoela 1 ion        Three women "I  'It Itnvti  were   pr-
The damage ti Bllghl ami ban be re    ��� al 1        houM
h of shingles ami the   lecniid  ���'���.���<���������   In   iiliu   .1    ignlMt
few  hours' work.    The lire  brigade Hie Chin an II  I      lleged tl       the
has   00   apparatus   whatever,   al    pre
Patrolman Johnson lust night. Tlie
young man hud 1 11 around the various bans of the oil) for several hours
la.sl night, und when found by (he
t^__________^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  tillie-ei    wus ho far under lhe Inlluence
\ hood plaque, trimmed -with burnt ���; uqUor thai it was deemed aflylsaljle
uond   sin,de   roses,   and     very   pretty   t,, ,etntiv��   hlm  licnn lhe setlutiive In
rn-cue  tri.M.tilings. Iluenoe  of  the    joj   producing    liquid
tnother   hood   plaque   wai   of   a Accordingly the young man wn* taken
crushed   Btwiwberr)   color and   made '" ""' olty jail, from which Institution
of  tiiscan   straw,    Interwoven.    Smnll   he was !a!i-r released nflcr putting up
popph's. held  In  position by narrow
well known young man of the city, by   l',l,lll"�� "'" ����bmarg( ar    point
some  distance  from  the  wharf  in  or
der  Dial   the  Sidney   may   1 nnbied
10 receive a new load and depart, The
work oi raising I lit- car from the water
will be accomplished as soon as pes
Bent, except   tha  base,  inn   11  is  tc
be hoped thai  they  will nave   ome
Ihlng  belter  In   future.      This  Is  Hu
lirsi   lire   In   Chlllhi aeh   since   the   In
angulation I the  w.h.t seaeni     llur  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ing the high wind thai hat prevailed        ���    > uei ich to h!   ovldeni
for several days the munlolpalltj  aa Hi   lefl   the oonr!
women purelt 1 ml i":i irom
placed he   ae, a . ,1   ih, ir ovl-
den,,   ��a,   mil   required.    Tlie    nl nnd
tul   L.oMiir   Kite    �� , 1 hi'
���1   ii.   pav   " ��� .   (or
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    ami  It  Ib a  woiui.'i   no more tit  1 ir"i   lo   the   futnn
True Bills Against Banwell. has  been   done    tb  n   tn    ! cut   mil   tl
Toronto, March 10,   The grand Jury timber. Hon   until  tht   next  Hun
In    general     sessions    Ibis    morning ��� ___
>i ribbon completed a very pretty
111   M
��� |V  lit" j
in. I
tali 1 <
Tw. '
in n.
thi ���
A while and gold plaque was touched with gold and artistically draped;
the trimmings were of crushed itraV-
berry color witli ribbon to match, held
In  by a fancy  buclile nt the hack.
Another new nnd dressy article was
a    Panama,   of   pluln   straw,   tho   top
was   filled   with   popple.,  and  at   tho
under  way, und  It   Is estimated   the   Western   Pacific,   iho  new   Gould  ''aok  11 bunch of poppies wus held by
before the    flrsl  of June more 1  to southern California, and they " velvet ribbon or tho same color.
twice   Hun   number   Will   be   re-,are  Offering   from   J2   lo  %'i.i:>  n   day      A   fancy  straw    bat      was adorned
|��or unskilled laborers with lhe chance around  the brim  with  a flower  ban-
SSgO,   Ills,,     March   111.    Western Ibis   year   on   account     of     the   open
ids   nre   luting   a   labor   famine, Winter,     ami       they       are       mailing
vine thousand men are needed strenuous efforts to get men from the
��� northwestern and southwestern 6asl for the work.
1 to bnlhl  the  roads thai  are al- Ten  thousand  men     are  needed  by
���ftuilro'iil contractors have been able Of steady work until the cob) weather
K Jeanne   work   earlier    than  usual 'tela In again next fall.
cleiiu,  and   finished    with    chiffon,  a
I iitich   of   sweeping   osprey   plumes
$", ball for his appearance In court
this morning. As was expected, the
young man failed to show up, und his
ball  was declared  forfeited,
The young man Is said lo be under
the age of 18 years, which fact promises to result In the prosecution of
the hot��,keepers who sold Iho liquor.
broughl   In   true  bills  on   three  Indli't
meats againsl  Edwin Qeorge Banwell
for   theft   of   $4,000   from   the   Crown
hunk    They returned no bin againsl
Mrs.   Banwell In  a  special  Indlclnienl
Charging  her    with     receiving;  stolen
property, knowing 11 to be stolen
Passenger Steamer
Calls for Assistance
Orchard  Refuses to Plead.
Ilolse, Idaho, March 16.���Harry Or
heard, who Is nlleged to have confoits-
ed  thai   he killed    former    Uovernor
Stuonenberg,     yeslerdny    refused    W
plead and u plea of nol guilty wus am- j
tered by order of the court
was set for trial.
Atlantic city. N. J.. Maroh 16.   The
British    Steamer    Cearanse    .Inward
bound,   for  New   York,   struck   on   the
shoals  between  the Tombs  river life
The Changes of Luck.
Nice,  March  1R.���K.  .3.  Armstrong,
the Penntylvanion   baccarat  plunge"',
who hits won over $200,000 at the ('.,
slno  in  the  last     few     weeks,  had  a^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
change of luck recently, and lost WO,- saving station and Island Beach today
IKK) francs  ($110,000.) untl   Is  still   hard   aground.
Next day at Monte Carlo he it'sunnl    The vessel nl once signalled for as-
No time! pd his conservative playing, and won alstance and n wrecking tug was or-
Id.0,000 francs ($,000.) [dared to her aid.    11 Is believed that
iteamer  will   he  tlonle.t
Life savers wero unable
ei's el, but the passenger
still remain on board.
Captain Mason said that 1 lie p.
gers became pknlc stricken w
Cearanse   struck;    but '
calmed. '' ___ THE DAILY NEWS
FRIDAY,    MARCH    16,
Makes a Loud Noise, Tears Walls and   Princess Louise Accuses Nobleman  of
St Patrick's Concert
Lefts V" -men   Off Their
Charging   Her 400  Per  Cent
To  be  held   in  the
On   Loan.
B        ;ham, le'iroh IB     1 indies were      Vienna,    March   15.���Thai    1
; . acked,  half  the  town   Shylock   charging   the   usurious   inter
was frightened    uel about $2,000 worth  est  of 400 per cent  a year on a  loan
of propertj    w s    destroyed    al    11
o'clock this inoTiing as a result of an
Is the charge    which    the    Prince   -
Louise of Cobourg,  daughter of King
at s p. in
ADMISSION���Reserve    Seats.    S0c;    Gallery.  25c.
explosion  of an  acetylene    gas  tank  Leopold, brings against Count  Rudolf
forty feel in the rear of C. M. Adams'
two-storj  building al  ran West  Holly
Th. explosion tame without warning, although Mrs, W. P. Poster, who
lives in the upper story, saw Ihat
something was amiss just prior to the
reporl and she went down stairs lo
tall   tlie  attention   of   Mrs.   Allice,   tile
Pestetlcs, one of the proudesl of Hungarian nobles.
The count had served a writ againsl
the princess in the Vienna high court
for the repayment of $20,000 lent  by
the count  tO the princess last October.
The  princes-   legal    representative "���
lias written to the papers stating thai    I.
the   claim   is   a   monstrous   piece   of   :,.
First  Part.
dermatologist, to thai fact. Just as usury; thai the count took advantage
she reached the rear door tlie lank 'of the princess's straits before the
exploded with a greal   roar und she settlemenl   with herfhusband,  Prince
was  sen!   filing into  the  hallway.     At Philip   Of   Cobourg,   lo   induce'   her   to
the sain,' time a cloud ol splinters and Bign a three months' note lor $20, ,
boards  and   pieces  of  Hie'  shed   which when   1 nit   b'tn   her     $11.'    and
( lclosed  Hi' tank  crashed  against   the that  the princess ��il!  bring u criminal
1   tiding, tearing its waj  through the ���'"'"" againsl the coun! for usury.
v,. ws and Hie partition and almosl      |,|i,u'1   |,|li,ii'' ���'  wlu '"' remember-
burylt : Mrs  Allice and her assistant, *d  has agreed to the annulment of his
Mrs. Gertrude    Williams,    who    was marriage, has  settled a handsome al-
shampooing  th.' dermatologist's hair, lowance on his wife, and has exp
Mis.  Alii,,, was hit   in the back by ' I  his contrition  tor the sorrows  Ii"
Hie dying missiles and thrown to the haa caused her m seeking to have ber
floor in an unconscious stale, and Mis. Bhu1  "" '" :| lunatic asylum.
\\ i Hams was hit  on Hie head bul  no!
badl ilsed.    it   is    considered  a sympathy   for   jews
miracle  thai  these  women,  being as
the) were, directly in Ilie path of the Member for South Toronto Moves Re-
Storm  of timbers,  were nol  killed.    In! solution   in  Parliament.
, is a St. Patrick's  Hall, Friday Evening, March 16th g CAN   BUY
10 Acres of Rich,
Black Loani Land
within one mile of
New Westminster, all
under drained and under a good state of
This is an  ideal place for
chicken or fruit and Intending
investors will tit) Well   t"   look
lilt., this before buying else-
PRICE $1500
1.    Overture���Irish   Selections	
Solo���Minstrel   Hoy    	
Violin Solo--i.ii Bereneta 	
Solo���Kathleen   Miivourneen   	
Solo���Come Buck to Erin  His Worship Mayor Keary
>ob,    Dear  Little  Shamrock       MlSS  Munu
D'ArOJ   Orchestra
    Miss  Lewis
   Mr.  Lister
. . .    Mrs.   Watson
  w. Parnell
...  Mrs. Diamond
barristers, solicitors, etc       or-
ii,..,s'   New Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
,:���������,,    Clarkson   ami   Lorno   -streets.
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 146 Gran-
rtlie street J iseph Martin. K. C., f.
W Weait, W. <!��� McQuarrle, ll. a.
Bourne. Mr. Martin wild bo In tna
Westminster ofBcea every Friday afternoon
HOWAY, REID .v- BOWES, Barristers solicitors, etc. 42 Lorne
street opposite Court House, New
Westminster.   J. H. Bowes, P. O. Box
I ers and solicit. 11 B, I'.lackte Blk.,
Columbia street. New Westminster.
W ,i. Whiteside, ll. U Edmonds.
Mu i l> HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the supreme court Offices
rjanft(ilan Bank of Commerce building, Columbia Btreet, opposite post
office, New Westminster
loan. | loyal orange lodge, no. 1150
GBTJROEE  MARTIN, Barrister and I    -Meets  In  Orange hall
Solicitor   Guichon block, Colum-
hi- and McKen-le si ts, New West-
UNION  LODGE, NO. 9. A. F. & A  M
���The   regular   meeting
is held on the First w t tit
each month, al 8 o'clocl
the   Ma-1.nie   Temple.     Boju riling
brethren nre cordlallj invite I
lend.       Dr.  W.   A.   DeWoll
K  A.-   A.   M.   Regular  communications of this lodge are held un h,,.
Becond Tuesday In each n >n
Masonic Temple, al 8 p, m    vi ii
ing  brethren nre cordlallj
to attend.   D. W. GIU brlst, Bi
It.   B.   K.  of  I.,  meets  seci
fourth Friday of each month,
p.   in.,   in   Orange   hall,   cornet   ol
Hoval avenue and John Btreei    Sojourning Sir  Knights   cordlallj   _,
vited to attend.   W. !���:. Dunlup, w
P.;    lv   K.   Matthias.   Reg
Money to	
it. c.
Overtur Irish Selections     D'Arcj  Orchestra
3olo   Kerrj   Dance      -Mrs.  Watson
���  .    ,   Mr   Lister
8    ���   Can I  Forge!       Mrs,  Diamond
,i    ���    Spanish  Manolo Misses Lewis and  Laverj
Solo���Eileen  Alalia       Miss Munn
Violin Solo���Song Wlthoul   Word-   -.  W. Parnell
S : . -Pat Miilloy  His Worship Mayor Kear)
Double Irish Jig    Henderson Brothers
Royal Bank
of Canada
Real   Estate   Brokers.
Rooms 1  and  2. Dupont Blk.
Telephone   170.
Cepctal $3,000,000.    Reserv
Total  Assets $i'.>.i/o.'J'ti.
e $3,437,162
third  Friday In each month at  . p
in.    Visiting  brethren  are con
invited io attend.    IS. E   ���
W M.. J. Humphi les, Rec. See
I. O. O.  F.���AMITY   LODGE.  No. 27-
11,,. regulai
are held In oddfellows- b ill
dlallj  Invlti i in  ittt nd.   9   i
N. O.;   W. C, Coatham, l:
front o! them was a wooden partition
nnd back of them a wagon load or two
of broken furniture, tie. Had il not
been for the partition which stopped
the avalanche of wreckage it is probable that several people In tbe streets
ami iii buildings near b) would have
been maimed or killed or at least
bruised. Mrs. Allice was assisted to
the home of Mrs. Williams and il is
thought that she will recover.
Ottawa, March 15.���Mr. MacDonell,
of South Toronto, moved a resolution
in the house today sympathizing with
Lhe persecuted .lews in Russia, and
asking that a resolution be forwarded
to the secretary for the colonies.
Sir Wilfrid Laurler, too, sympathized with the bus, but said thai Canada should not Interfere in a mutter
which purely belonged to Britain and
her  foreign  relations,    it   was a  dif-
Punitive Expedition Puts Down Revolt
In   Northern   Nigeria   After
Fierce   Fighting.
London,    March    IB.���A    despatch
Guilty  ot  Killing.
Winnipeg. March 15.���John Clay,
who has been on trial here Cor killing
a fellow negro, was found guilty of
manslaughter today. Sentence was deterred.
Bank of
Incorporated   by   act   ol   parliament
CAPITAL (All paid up)...*14,UUU,(J00
ferenl   case  from   that   of  home   relations.   In thai case it was dealing with  bom Zungaru, Northern Nigeria, to the
  la   British   BUbject   within   the  empire.   Daily  Mail  this  morning,  reports that
Influential     Ctiinesa    Interest    Them-   ip. asked  thai  tlie debate he adjourn'   the  British   punitive    expedition     has
crushed tbe Sokoto revolt, after heavy
selves  In  Seattle  Assault  Case.
Seattle.  March   1",. ���Slicing  pressure
Mr.  Borden agreed  with Sir Wilfrid
is being brought  to bear to prevent   Laurler
the prosecu
Chinese higi
ed yesterday for beating and robbing approach   the  king.
lighting  in   which     tlie     rebels     twice
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The   only  all   rail   route   between   all
points cast, west and  south to  K iss
hand, Nelson and intermediate points,
Ui   lion. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal, G.C.M.G,. ..Hon Presldenl
Hon    Sir (!. A.  llriimtnotul,  President
K.   s.  Clouston,   Vice President   ami
General Manager.
nugni   to  near  to  prevent   Laurler     as     to     adjournment,     but nana, weison anu ihi-i_��-.-�� yw....-,
Hon  of  the  three alleged  thought thai as British subjects, tech- charged ll,e Hri,ish S'"K""' *����  *ere  connecting at Spokane with the Great
blunders  who  were arrest-   ri(���l!y.   ������.,-   always   hn.l   a   light   to   ���'lll'osl  annihilated;    The town of Sut-   Northern, Northern  Iac.hr and U.  K.
irk.  which  was  held  by  the  rebels  in
Mr.  Borden  moved  for a committee  force,  was  bombarded, nnd   then  cap-
to look Into certain matters In the
election law, with a view to amendments, and Hon. Mr, Flt-patrick accepted this, having a .similar motion
en  ih" paper.
Frank Louie, a young Chinese who
has incurred the displeasure of local
('cles-ials because he has adopted Am
��� , ie-. n    Iress   und   A n,c-i i, ,[[\   customs.
I." waa pounced upon bj a gang
of highbinders on King street and
dragged Into a Chinese restaurant,
where he wus beaten and  robbed of
his   watch,   a   diamond     pin  and   his Fatal  Fall,
overcoat. The pretext for the assault Newmarket; Ont., Mutch 15.���Chrii
nnd robbery and whal Louie believes topher Strong, of Woodbridge, was in- opened today. The debate on the ad-
was a i re ",rra n ne. i attempl on his life, stantly killed this morning by falling I dress will begin on Monday next, to
was a  bill of $ti thai  Louie says he ,l'"1" a tree 50 feel to the ground,       which time the house adjourned.
owes at the restaurant where the beat-	
Ing and lobberv occurred.
Detective Barbee was given the case
lured at the point of the bayonet. Over
"00   rebels   were   killed.
Fisher   Is   Speaker.
Edmonton, Match 16. C. Fisher, M.
f.P. for Banff, was elected speaker of
the first  legislature of Alberta, which
& N. Co.
Connects at Ros-land with the ( an
adian   Pacific   Railway   for   Boundary
Creek points.
Connects  at    Meyers    Falls    with
daily for Republic,
Buffet    service   on   train-   between
Spokane and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday.    November    to,
General banking business trans
;ic ted.
Brunches in all the principal cities
in Canada, in London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and St. John, Nfld.,
and correspondents iu all parts Ol the
Savings Bank Dept.
G. D.  Brymer,  Manager.
all  the  principal  cities  ot the world.
General  banking business transacted.
,1 op.'i.s an ac<- i.    Interesl added
tall yearly.
Collet  Ion    ii ade at lowest rates.
)pen    Saturday   nights   trom  B  to  9
F.  B.  Lyle,  Manager.
W. CURRIE, Manager.
Carriage Repairing, Shoeing
and (itinera! Blacksmlthiog.
Lagging Camp and Structural  Iron
Work Specialty.
Bejjble Street.
A. O.  U. W.���FRASER  LOD'
Me     : ml
In    e aeii     mot \
brethren cordlallj Invited I
'eel     v.    i
ii llows'   blot k,  CI ii i.    n
S. Coi it'- ni. ret ordt r;   Lo
master   workn I
115.   SONS  OF   ENGLAND,  B. S-
Heil it,i ���   Dei ree nieel
Foui 'h  w."'.i.   idaj  of ��� n I
In K. of !'. Hall, Columl la 81
8 p. in.. White Rose Degree, Fourtlt
Wedne idaj    in   each month,
time and place,    Visiting  Bi
cordlallj    Invited.      E.  B   I
comb.. Pres., ll. Dlsnej. B
Meets the  Fourth  Friday in tl*
month   .at   8   o'clock,   in   tl
hall,   Oddfellows'    block.     V
breth en a-" ��� ordlallj Invi t I
tend.    i.  B.  Rushton, C. H    1'  P
Maxwell, it. S.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings o
this Lodge are held on the Socoi
and fourth Tuesdays of eat'
al  8 p. m, In the Oddfellow
Visiting  lit.-tht. n  are i oi
vied to atti nd     E  C. Firth  C ;.
K. p, Maxwi li. Bi c
9.20 a.m.
t _���..'.; p.m.
9.40 a.m.
Day Tram Arrive
...   Spokane  ...  7 15 P-'n-
.. .Rossland  im p.m.
 Nelson  645 P-m.
General Passenger Agent
yesterday afternoon, in company with
Patrolmen   Anderson  and   Decker  and
the victim of the outrage, the detec
live placed under arrest  Chicago Dan,
Chin   Isaac   and   Ah   Wong,   three  of:
lhe leaders In the assault    and robbery,  in cording  to  lhe  story  told  by
Frank Louie and another Americanized  Chinese, who  was  with  him and
who witnessed the trouble.    The trio
of Chinese were    placed  in separate
cells in.  the city jail unci  have nol
been allowed to talk with each other.
To police officers  who    can  understand n little of the Chinese language
the prisoners have been surly and refused to talk.
Todaj several prominent Chinese
citizens, business men, some of them.
called al police headquarters in an at-
tenipi to Influence the police In not
pressing 0 charge of robbery against
Han. Isaac and   Wong.    The three are
Bald i" be responsible Chinese, who
assaulted Frank merelj because the
latter refused tee pay a bill.
Contrarj to this, however, the
police have evidence thai tends to
connect lie three prisoners with a
hlghhli h , Boeiot]. the most danger
ous ��� ition among 1 1   pen
A ii-      Ion will hi     t   -t
noon   I .    Mi    Vtindi 11 uei   �� hether or
nol   Hit   - vide ii- tt ionl   far tho
tobberj   i harge    In  1.1 venl  thai a
inhb. : . ,.��� gi 1 nol pressed it Is
probable lhal all Will I C 1 hllt'gcd W Ith
. 1 -aiii'  anil  battel
If You Are Thinking of
Buying a Pair of
Boots, Wky Not
Buy the Best
Can Arrange
Terms  For You.
I    ,,���,.   1 sixty   acres.be.auiitully    situated   em    the
Bouthern slope 01 the serpentine Valley;  first-class land, trontmg on
the Clover Valley Road; near the railroad  and  river;    g 1 roao;
land is very productive; aboul 60 acres In 1 cla condition.
Good and convenient Buildings. All necessarj implements and stock.
This is wil   worth Investigation.   Price, $U0 per acre.
1027���An unusually good buy. One hundred and sixtj acres; 60
to 75 acres under nxst-ciass cul tlvatlon; �� acres under hops, all in
good shape; to-roomed dwelling in good condition, barn tsuxtuu; nop
kiln and baling room in good condition; the buildings on the place
are worth .ui leasi js.uuu,   Hert and Creek runs through tin- property.
This is a  most  desirable  farm;   from  $2,500  to  ��:; 1  per  year  can
be taken oft  it-    Knee, V.300 cash.
PERANCE mt Bl   everj   Wi
nt   8  o'clock   p.   in.,  in  Oddft
Hall,    Columbia     street.
Brethren are cordially Invil
tend.     .1    S.   Hit-.in.   S.   C;    S
Brown, Rec. Sec.
" The Genuine Slater Shoe
Laurier Refuses Peerage.
Montreal, March  15    Ln  Presse, 1 < >
right   1 dltOl'lally   tnal.es   lhe   assertion
lhal  in   1902, Lend   .Miiiin. acting on In
Btructlons from the British govern
ment, offered Bli Wilfrid Laurler it
peeragi and n seat in the British house
oi lends. The correspondence on the
matter Is In existence, and li hopes
thai si i:.   day a historian will make
It   public.
Grand   Trung   Cuts   Rates.
Toronto, March 15.- The Brand
Trunk made another move today In
connection with the cutting of rates
between Chicago and \ew York. ll
tedllei ,. he rale unotlier $2. thus
I.tinging the faro down to $1 I. Yes
lerilai   the rates  were:     (Irand  Trunk,
$i(i, othei i is |S0.   The tighi is now
Ihe  Van.lei bill     System    againsl     the
Gould system and the G, T, R. offptlals,
If the  Vanderblll   lines  nieel   this cut
the Q. T ii.  is determined to continue
the fight   finish, even if li carries
I a   : ��� ii ti .....
'Phone 101
Rekhenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
For your next order of meat.
Columbia Street
CAMP, 191.���Meets on t!
Third Tuesday of everj  month 'i
K.    of    P,  Hall.      John    McNivi
Chief; J. J. Forrester, it"'   See
sler  Hoard  ot  Trade  meets  In thi
Hoard  Room. City  Hall, as followl
Second Wednesday of each monu
Quarterly meetings on the secoi
Wednesday ot February. May,
August and November, al v c ���
Annual meetings em the
Wednesday of February. "'���
members may be proposed ���<'������'
elected al anj monthly or quartern
meeting.    A.  IO. White, Sec.
When   you   Waul   a   go"d   stiiol.'
ask  for n
Manufactured   by   the   U   I
P'actot al   i  make  The
lantss" '
Factor} and t ifilce   Brine Bl ���
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Still Doing Business at the uio Stand'
Soli    only     by
The Leading Shoe Store
Royal City Fish Co.
Wluilcs.ili- and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver ta all parts of lhe City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.liox 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, B, C.
Merchant Tailc*
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, acotcn and irt
tweeds und worsteds always in * ^
Spring   stock   now   lu.     WnKe )
H. M0REY & CO.
217-219 Cohimbia Street,
New Westminster,
B.C FRIDAY,   MARCH   16,   1906
Do you need a Set
of Teeth ?
We guarantee lo fit you
or Refund Your Money
Stubborn Witness Causes the Veteran
Senator to Wax Wrathy Over
cure seine.' on bim, bul    there are
other a Itnesses whose present e i at
anxious to ,      rhes  know
aboul   the  facts    In    (hi   case!
V\ ii.   i  have wai ed is pi rsons who
COUld      "lie      tt
tlonal ia
Kan ' M
.  ;.  of  the    mt'
W. Mayi
.   for tho Standard    0      con
Thomat   '
'    rney.
A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
Shingle and Saw Mill
Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster,  B. C.
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.     Our
Bridge Work is 22k.    Guaranteed for 10 years.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
Kuhn,   Loeb &  Co.  Secure Control
Snohomish   Valley   R
v i      ,,|
i    i rdaj.  during    the  Invt
Into   the id    ci i
la  and  tin   Standard
in discriminating against In a
i herea outs. bj   the Sling of a  trust  deed ol  the
The lawyers for the coi n      It n " ln  lhe    Snohomish    countj
T. Marchand and Charles Munn. and auditor's office.   The c. E   Lo
the  lawyers fot the Independent  oil |l'"n-  railroad    contractoi      ol    Ban tlu   Ian
producers,    V.    s.    Monett,    Clifford ''' "" '7 "���   *';   ! ���'' '    ""'   ",:ul   :l'"l  gulltj   ol
.   _       . .        .    .       . . lhe     nuii't <>.,... I.        I.....1     ,.,    ......,,,..,    ..
US   the   el.Ml', nn
Ing e ipital  em,i bn,, ni
penalty  are    wantlni      Taylor    will
i robably plead i ulltj on Baturdaj
Vccordlni    o il.    i,,n told b;   raj
lor, a 18 tip   iven - >.  of the mem.
I'i ami-, ii
Thome and S. W. Brookhart, had been ''"'  mortgage    is given  to Becur
trying to wet  trom Muter an admls- l""1'' lss"" for *2'
Blon   that   then'   was   anj    onnnnntlnn   ehlse,  right ol wa>
la     .
lilt   there
between  the  Standard
the   Union   Tank   Line
Republic on company.
00, a the fran
..use, iiiaiiiH ��a> and other property
till companj belonging to the Snohomish company,
company, the
the   Waters
r    In
id di ���     n.I
lift euce.
��� ��� ������   Ii n Under
"iil.i  not   be found
,n ihe Bi
n ,mitt ii ll   il   as   il
Oil  company  und other com
To nil Questions Mr, Mayer answei
ed. "i do nol know." although he had
been u manager of the Standard foi
tweiitt elghl  years,
\t  the close of lils testimony  Mr.
Cockrell asked hini:
"Tell this commlst Ion, n t   thi   Re
public Oil company and tht   Wi
Pierce < til companj  par! of tht
��� Oil company?"
"1   iliin'i   know, sir."
What    is    your    besl
about   It?"
1  have none."
Don'!    you    feel   and
ili.it  thej  are all par!
i. ; of the same ��� on
"1  don'!   know."
Don't  you  feel  in your It
C, K .Loss, representing the New
York capital, has secured a majority
Interest In the stock.   The purpose in
making the trust  ,i i, it   is stated,
i    to finance the construction of the
lead. The    Chicago      Title    _     Tlli'.t
company Is nai 1 aa trustee,
Under the plan adopted an issue of
12,000,000  in  bonds  le  to be  floated
and  the remaining $500,  reserved
;easury si,,,!,.   Tpe companj  will
. onstrucl    the    road    from    Everetl
through Cherrj  vallej to conm cl with
the Seattle line at  Renton,   Thi
'.nt    t  seventy-one    milei
��� wer w ill i cured trom the Seat-
& Tacoma Power companj 'a plant
��� Snoqualmte.    It  is undt
woi k  will  be ' omment ed cm  the line
in  you Ixtj   daj  .
tow Is tiie lime
BABY     HARD    TO     KILL
I don'l  knovc
Then  the vetc
the d. sk with hi   I
in even
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
Root* of the Famous Oriental Limited
i, rates, etc., call on or address
F. C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
To ������ ' your   I put   in order.
We have received .air Hike Sundries
au.I are prepared to make your
Bike almot t a . good as new. We
also have a good line of Itacycle
and Perfect Bicycles. We have
just received our stock of Fishing
Tackle. Come and have a look over
our new Stuck. We will be able
P.  give you just   what   you   want.
Falls Thirty  Feet to Cement Sidewalk   |y.
and   Survives  Shock. '���]   ara   tired   and     ii lis  effort
Oakland,    Cal.,    .March  15.    Having  made bj   the Standnrd  Oil  i	
fallen   upon  a  hard  cenienl   sidewalk  conceal   this   tact,   when   every   man,
rrom  a   heigh!   of thine t    woman  and    child    knows  it   la  so,
Nun. everybodj   wants the truth told
here,   and   why      don't      yn-i   nil   it ?
Ol   tht    iii .��� rial e line's,- cnninlH-
scii  bo iiaii. t  for  isrvlng them led
up to the quarrel    Raid .   owed  an-
eelh. i    wall- |   i���,   rQ.
ci Ived 'b    ��� |'.iy.
lot   iu turn told ,, ���i������n
Ball' l   * Indt Med   tiat Ballc     had
Whe n liuiley went         . i,,.
nil      ei the           i iter
hlm that   hi   had m ,jj I
not   receive nesa
I   11
collie . ].,,,.
... |
I     ll'l
did   i |
 ntli ; i inr
him.     Bnlh i.n
dining room,  pursuec Fie
lipped  and   fell,  ami Tuyloi   |un     I
on  top of hlm     in a i      . ���  ( [.
1    I ..; loi   'In ve I :,
D.illej s   bod;      Ballc io
the  Provident e    hi  i ll I    where he
,'illiains. three yeara old, the daugh-
,   ol   !���'.  C.   Williams,  was   picked   up
Columbia  St.        Sign,  Man  on  Wheel.
by her mother in an unconscious condition but  otherwise' uninjured.
The child climbed to the top i
building, und. going to an open  bed
room window, fell out and down to the
cenienl   floor beneath,
A doctor found the child had only
heen stunned by the fall and witli the
use of restoratives Bucceeded iii re
vlving her.
Everj tub ought to Btand upon Ita own
bottom, and you folks ought ti"l lo
dodge ihi" question further."
Several   witnesses   testified   to   disci nidation  by  railroads against  inde-
endent producers.
in reference to the examination, Attorney-General   Hadley  said  today:
"A week ago today, when the testimony of  II.  Clay  Pierce was to have'
' . en   taken   in   St.   Louis.   Mr.   Eddy,
He     Is    Convinced     Roosevelt
Wants   Another   Term.
Bi ti .itIi.mi.    Ala.,      Man h    15
11  Judge  Uton It. Parke i  pas ed tl
��� i day   returning   to the
north,    lu i n Interview \\Ith a  .
i ed| .i   the  foi n
��� presidential i indldatt      I
"I am coat Inci d, as far as i am i ���
sonallj  concerned, tha!  Mr   it veil  died thi   it'.' night.
will ask im the nomination ol the Re ruylor made his ��� ��� pi b Vancou-
publican pane for a third term. While ver, B. C, where he wai arreBted
ibis probably would be disputed If it
were repeated In Washington, In my
own mind I am aatlafled thai al present this is the intention of the president.
"in spiie of the fact thai when ids
nomination In 1904 was an assured
fact, he made the statement tha!
under no circumstances would he
Hgaln be a candidate, I believe Rooae-
; ad brought  bai It to Si attic     Taylor
known as "Cannon Ball."   He 1
a police record, having   ��� i ed
Ir   the   penltentinrj   al   Wnlln   Winn
for ii  criminal  assault.    I!'- was or*
oi prison onlj a few months when ho
lulled Bailey,
VV. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
veil has all along intended to ns!
attorney  for the Standard    Oil com-|the nomination."
pany stated tee me there would be no  ���	
Doctors Organize.
Saskatoon.   Sask..   March     15,    Tht
Medical association of Saskatchewan further resistance on the part ed wit-
was organized at a meeting of practl- nesses   already    subpoenaed iu Mew
tinners of the province, held here yes- York In answering the questions thej
ti niav evening.   Officers were elected bad previously refused to answer.
Bnd committees appointed to look after "The question of subpoenaing John
the Interests of the association, partlc- I). Rockefeller did noi enter Into the bis  Malta  captured  the Prix Villain-     Bush lefl  the cabin and  ids body
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.  ninth   in  regard  to the legislation  to discussion  with  Mr.  Kddy.    We have  Main.    Ransch, the American jockey,  wus   found   200  yards away,     Voung
In   asked for. I i and still nre endeavoring to Be- had the mounl  In both events. Could cannot be found
Vanderbilt Wins.
Paris,  March   16.    At   the
i nee
St.   Clone!
today, W, K. Vanderbllt's I'res- condition  and
won the  Prix el,   St, cloud  nnd  Mrs  Gould
Cripple Kills Man.
Redding, Cal., March 16 George
Gould, the crippled 18 ye ir old Bon of
Mrs Maggie Could, shol and killed
.loe Bush ut bis mother's cabin near
Bhtngletown. li Is alleged thai Hush
went to the '. iuu in an intoxicated
pn i,i .1  a  quarrel  with
D\.J   etCL
The Paper for New Westminster, First, Last and All the Time.
All the News Both Local and Abroad.
Delivered to Your Home Every Week Day Evening for
10 Cents Per Week
To  the   Route Boy Securing the MOST  NEW SUBSCRIBERS  During the Month of March
An Elegant Raincoat and Cap will be Presented.
To the News Boy Selling the Most Papers-DAILY NEWS--a similar Present will be Given.
Published  !'.���   The  tl.tilv   News  I'n'.i-
��� i...    Compi ay.   Limited,   at   their
, ffli.     ,    net   ot   Sixth   and   Front
...   \   w   \  es'niinster.   B.   C.
Editor   and   M.r    Edward   D.   Sawyer
A  Sermon.
Advei  .sing Rates.
d ilaj    advertising,   10
tent-               ��� \Tiii.di  IJ lines t,,
ta.   ine          it | st  line  foi
: . ���ions.
Rl i,   1 Old    I" lie   tj ;���'.   '_'CI
i bievl    tu nonparlel, 10
Vm   tin pcclal   post
i Ising manager.
Notices Iri h -    mai i lagea   or
Wants, nu- aales, lost or
etc., one ct
woi.',.      Nc advertisement  taken  for
!��� i 25
Pi .:     .it >   u'.e.lie b
vertlsements  Inserted  at   rate  ol   60
cents per inch per issue (dlsplaj�� or if
reading notices, 26 cents pei Ilie per
issue'.   No deviation trom this n
tci in contracts.
i    Iness office   ��� ��� **
Manager's residence   "-r'1
FRIDAY.    MARCH     16.    1906
ll    is   Onlj    When   We   regard   ourselves
as units in the great mass of the
world's    Inhabitants,    and    recognize
each  Individual    unit    axe
powerful iti;'..'..'  over the whole human   t   ICO,   that    >'��� e   fail    see   hciW    I.e.,
it  is thai  the Influent e ol  i it !
filret    ; iu tin' channel thai
will most largelj benefit the charactet
in.i destiny of the whole.
U is nne. thai the Individual Influence will vary, becoming more Important, its tin- range of operation be
comes wider, bul still, the Influence
exerted by even the humbles! life is
mu wiiimut its effect in ahaplnj the
destiny   of  the   meat   human   family
ol  w Inch  it  is u part
li   is   clear     thai     certain   motives.
,'itns. principle- must pervade everj
life that would attain to the inch end
nn which it wa.- called into being.
The onlj true lit" Is the Christian
No othe form of life has called
forth the nobler Instincts of the human  iat ���      Th '���   lift     is    developed
long .Ii-i'rent   lines  than
other liM-s. and ���  ���    polni
of God nnd self.    It   sins  ju  deed If
entire being. It grows stroni? by In-1
dulgenoe, destroys the finer feelings]
of the soul, the more generous im-
pulses of the hear) ami stifles the
voice of conscience, it Is met surprising   if,   tO  such  a   life-,   the  ties   of
friendship ami kindred, the claims ot
the wiiiow and orphan, tiie rights of
others, and his own semi, are regarded  wilh   but   little concern.
The-  word "get" fitly characterises
tile spirit of this age, nnd is account-
"i  much of the heartache of In-
lividuals, the   misery ol homes ami
. ible of society.
A Uf.- in which Unit hideous passion
i a.- supremacy is a life in whieh there
is only a step between deceit, eippre.
Bion   and   crime.
it   doe s   not   necc-ai ily   follow   that
ever>   covetous man is   a    criminal.
v." n niiisi i,e remembered thai there
is much taking place in tlie world
todaj  which tlie law does nm recog
l'l/.e a- a clime ol' which is Veiled
from iim eye of 'he law, but which in
ihe all seeing eye of Heaven is a crime
Kioni that spirit there Bows ihe
lesiless. reckless, unprincipled specu
latlon, -lock Jobbing ami gambling
which agitate the markets and unset
tie   Had",  and  bring  dishonor  on  our
time ami country.    Petty    swindling
1  ,':   : Iganttc   frauds,   m.i   :..
.,!' false mei lure, Itghl  weight,
. ml  adulteration  ol   goods,  all
things can be traced to that  Bource
W. R. Gilley,   l-'none !-*���*.
J.  R. Gflley,  'Knone 1-4 9    j
Gilley Bros, j
p. iiers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
.Ms., agents B. c. lottery Co, sewer pipe. etc.
I...           ms Vancouver Portland Cement Co i
i i
!  Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C.. Near C.P.R. Depot   J
'Phone 1-0
B. C. Monumental Works fashion
I ��-c-il, Siilf Hnecl I Ivery
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor. ST/ViBI_ES
importer und a inufacturer ot Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rig��.
Marble and Granite Monuments, ^   LYLE & CO
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Cor. -tb and Carnarvon Stt. Phone 260,
Westminster Iron Works
not in word "There is no profit  In a and from that  spirit  spring the si
,1      world  and lest   ind the largest    crime ol ���
  losim, hi- own    I ����>d form;  from the murder of
Hon   l should like to call attention to     The disciplined life that would work p   reputation    to    the    murder m a
drii'i h Columbia   writes  E   Grelg  In in relation to the i on the betrayal ol a   rlend
BrUlBb ClU of   recent uveal! things ... be- to the betrayal of the Savlou he
.rt. long io the kingdom of God, and to w"'"1
____-__-_-_-_^_^, ,"   .'Main the ri.h. tsn-ss ,,f Along   then    Urn -   the  life  o    the
vantage over th- othi ol  <h"     Tll���  m,���Uii^ ,���    ufe takes  place covetous man is .let.loped.    Honest},
Dominion, owing to I ���"'������     pound either of two centres, God or honor, truth, friend, brother, stranget
'     ����- developed along the lines ^ ^^Z^^^l
tint, and ver> rarelj to  and of self means bondage,   Lite develop- Job.   All th   sw en ^  __^
,,  is  no unusual si,,,,  ... see flowers ed  around  the centre of God  means crowded o 	
blobi ling  in ihe  gardens in  January
It   so man)   I pie at   !! -   pre
sent   ��� .im.    ire  contt  .
the  Edinburgh  Scotsmar
date.    This province
Write for |
New   Westminster.   B.   C.
Foot of-ith Ave.  Cor. 16th Street
New Westminster, B. C.
\l. MACHINE .WW i.Mil.N'l':
ship SMITH1NU, iiiiii...'. and
Ornai    ratal   Iron   v\ ora,   including
Fence . Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Ma I oi d"i s and correspondence In
BEGB1E H'l Iti'.i.i.
\ew Westminster. p. ti.
Join the
It don't Cost You
om, for all things
i rOd'S.
���r eemti.lenee   In   (iod's   lOVlng   and    Wise
are ours it we ' onnat me   iei
i are is destroyed.
promptly fur-
All kinds of Ship  repair
An    abundance   of    rainfall    warm      vfbaieyer ch ice lsde, ta ^ ^\j^^^^^^       Ship   and   ScoW    Building
leilmt     days     cool    and    refreshing  keiopment  of that  choice there must ��eloped  along me  nm.. i
S .nl h s, ,,,: he sum- h,  diligence, or In other words, work, ���**    �������*��h?Z^��� * ^^
. .    _ ,      ,,      ,���   in,,.,i   ed'   we   mus    al   work   to   live.     Now I    mr _-�������"��_ _!.{_,��� 4.^c
mer make British Columbls  an  Ideal ���-,,,-, i-    ,   life of  sacrifice.    Everything  Is       hstimute?
'" although diligence is enjoined by cod '    H  '"-       ���"
spot tor the home-seeker. Rnd B,oU] ,. spoke_ of wiUl ���_���__ sacrificed for God and every "eld o   ms\u2_.
i,   is exceptionallj  adai I  foi   the .. ,a obvloU8 ,1|at ;il, aI1Igence is nol 1''!""'  la '"" an areni'  '" 1wWCfi     '"
aalryman, the Btock-ralser,    and    the commendable.   Mean und debasing de ''-'" ls s��"1K ��" tor 0<"1' love'
fruit-grower.   While the area ol agri-   dn -   not   lesa  than   pur" nnd   noble
. ��� ii      ,,.,,,,���...! wiih principles may be the motives of dili
cultui d land is small, compared witn
the   plain. I   ^^^^^^^^
man."  ihousantls of acres of fine land
to bi
Transfer Co
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia St.
..��� ��.-.,i.-.   It mat  be prompted from the
es   there are a . , ,..
esire to unfold life around the centre
  'i     Cod.  or arise  from  a   cravin:
taken up, more especially In the -i...  riches,  honor  and    applause  the
Eraser river valley, and persons with   A,,r|,i is always readj to gran)
trom    El 10  to    ��200    . will  do , , M
well In this coin. 1': in   difterenl     sourct -  altogether,
Land  ranges  li ������ from ;!0s. an iile  same  outward     form  of  conduct
and the attainment of the kingdom.
As  the  missionary's  life  is  a  h_ht 	
againsl heathen darkness art Bupera   1.4 Filjlltll St., NBW Wl.StlllillSfl.r.. BJ.
tttion, the life developed In the Bpirtl       i
>l God Is a fight against  worldllness,
dishonesty   and    mammon    worship.
Sacrifice  Is  the  spirit    of  thai   life,
sacrifice that finds in poverty a crown  ^	
ol   glory.    It  is hard  for us today  to        tt   i_ n     1       i     vi       1    .      i
Half Carload, No. 1  teed
Baggage delivered
part of the city.
Office Tlione 186,
prompt!]   to any
Barn  fnone IS
. The best Club ever
For Sale
T. Kirk's Hardware Store.
Peter  Warren.
Dress in Reason
tasnion plates
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia Btret I
wriie   fnr  nrlces.
learn   that   the  homy   hand   is   better chinned    fl'OITl
acre up. according    to    th- improve- ma>- appear.    From surrender of the than the hand soiled with unjust *������   or   S6C��   OaW   bnpp Co)umbia  Gramaphones and K��ords
n.ents '  In   , suitable    ition, a good ���,,  ,���  ,.���,. ,���-  from '>'   ' ~* ��� "' _   MoOSejaW.      Samples   tO   be 2ithers, etc.
uving i in fountain ''"""' v"!7' ' seen at this office or at H
.... .     ��� .,,,,1 victory ovei' temptation is recoro-
I   i 'try-    With   i" .    or  a  spirit   ol   covetousn. '
,,      .ii       , , .  ,.,. , ,i  m Heaven among deeda m in.ii1> is
,     ,           i     , r... r^.1 -,n,l
.        - ml  s-tnils win, have clieil for CtMl anil
varieties    lo    well.      Vegetable!    ind   ..... .;    of honor and respect ia.__.ni      n 	
,                                                                i.-uiii no minister can    preaen me
eralns     -    vield an immense crop,    i            .   . nothing but scorn. ,.i,-ia,i,n Hf^
i,an,,., sermon  that   the  (hrmii.ui   lit"
u-iis. this wlll ni""' with the  i   entlon      There are  the  two  Centres  around '               .                    ,..
ef ihe .-ii-i im    business  man. cp i k  can
of  those  who  desire  to escape  from  which lift may unfold Itself, and from '                _          .        v
...                                                                                  in-each   from   studio,  ofiice  ami   ��oik-
ihe hardships and the Antic  winters one en othei of these centres emanate '
of Mani-oia  and  the  Northwest, and  all  the activity, enterprise, skill, dar- ~h";'- h
Kxoerience   goes   i'i      show    us   now
thereby avoid a lot of disappointment   ing that entei  Into the world's Indus- ' K   ���.���-_.
'll.'S**   prillCl|ll"S   Will   BJI6C1    mt     HI' te SS
and trou  It .try.
of life.
Where the riches of the world are
formed m_^^^^^^
Light and Heavy Hauling  	
No iniation fee
No danger of
J. H. Todd
Dealer in
Pianos, Organs-
Piano Players,
According as we develop life in the
ne spirit or the other, we are either ________
 , carrjdng out  the  Idea  of  life  to its i'^1 before the rirh"s '"' the Un&
March   15.���There  was  an noble and  honorable    issue    or    dii
doni lioth may he lost, but where they
OtI __t ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
increase in the foreign trad.- ot Can- honoring and degrading it.
ada for the elghl months ending with     ll   would be Impossible to conceive
Februarj ol >61,517,264 over the same ot  two forms of development    more
lime las  year.   There was an Increase diametrically bpposed.   Tbe Christian
in the imports and exports and every seeks In developing his lite to retain
branch   of  tpade  contributed   ...  this the Image In which he was created, dlBappolntmen,
greal   growth  of  business throughout making  God  and   the   things  of  God
ih,. Dominion. ''"'  aspiration,  aim  and  e-ml  of  life.
The  total   imports  and   exports  for The   man   of  the     world   by   placing
The lalest  Mitchell'l^^^^^^^^^
have  arrived.
So  have our spring stock ot  nigh-
clas8 snirinss.
Also   woc-teets.   serges,   oroaileloth
.-.'.mei in their proper relationship both   and' fancy fcnaiserings
may be won.
It   is   true- that   this  result   epics   not
always follow. It must be admitted
that all too frequently the wicked
flourish and the pious suffer poverty,
In ftict wo can supply all your sar-
iorlal wants.
J. N. Aitchisonr
Columbia Street.
10 ACRES |
Good Land
A.f .WHiTf, 260 Cirlumbi-_L
the past elghl months were $:!>..,7.- covetousness ^efore God and making
pen., compared with $306,760,702 for money either for its own suk.- or for
the same time last year, The Imports the- pleasures it can procure the aim
were $176,069,635, an Increase ol n I object of life, effaces the though'
$35,504 . 9, and the exports $182,208, ol God trom bis soul.
331, an Icrease of $16,012,945, There There is a parable spoken by Christ,
is an increase of about one and a lhe, lines and color of which are- nn
half millions In the mines, four mil- distinct as to mark unmistakably tin-
lions in the fisheries, nearlj three eternal opposition of the two spirits
millions In the forest, four and a halt in which 'very life must develop.
miHiot the animals and theli  pro- The  ground of a certain    rich    man
dace, nearlj fifteen millions In agri- brought forth plentifully, and he said,
culture and nearly t��.. million.- iu .',!,,��� ihall I do, where Btore my
roanuf etures .    I   will   pull  down   my   barns
Tin-   - .     ,-.      ireviou '      .i buiid greater;  i  * 111    sa;   to my
ed bj   the t oul, thou ha t i   ich goods laid
irtmei p to       in bine ea
 o  Bul  God
Joe  M?rtcn  Dines. ' OUl
Hoi dartin, of \ im
U. C        -     ���   gue  -  ...   honoi   ai  a     A -'''���hu '' "    '
dlnne ed hli    a!   Ottawa   las! ' '    ��I<JU*     '   ;-""- '" ����������
tte.i ,.' i  Ottawa  gentle   A   "'"   "in   "'   ��Wort :l'j,>'   l'"1'
.. , ,���  pupils of his  In  the    '' -u,::   '"'   s1""''   !"  overwhelming
a  - oi   . 77  an l  1878, when  be was confusion.
teachei In tl    Crelghton   tree! school,     " is P,a,n ""ni   il" i1'''"'"' "''" "
New Edinburgh.   The dinner was held l";"1 ''""s "'" eeed to be a mlsei to be
i the     odt    - hniel.    li  waa in ever)   "   covetous  man,     111  thai   Is  neces
,vi,>   . enjoya affair,  ami    '      '" acquire a  title  to be called
set, I   . .-   merely a    an  occasion to covetous  Is  to leave Cod  oul   ol  . t
do hone    to a former teacher, bul aa    " '" ""��� unfolding of life, to toll,
n tlmi     .   old school male- to recall -"..i only for self, to think onlj  ol
pleas,,..'       100I daj   iii" les,    The   telfish pleasure, ease, 1 or, to make
attendanci   Included Messrs, U. Tlnk, '"  e the alms and ends of life.   II It
ll. .1. r   -      s. sh,,ii. Aid, \v. Short,    - '" 'hat a life developed aloni
D. Robe tson,  W.  B, Garvock, W. A,  'i: '" ol Belt, lit the spirit of covetous-
Pankln, W, J. Tubm n   1'. Daly. W.   :"'"  ,IIS f'"'  i,s :iim'  u""]  :''"'  cei-
l   Sim-,  i;    i. Sim.-, s   Reld and .1. ment, ami for Its ambition, to reach to
We cannot accounl for these-anomalies except it be on Um ground of discipline. Much more important is ir
for ns to remember that in judging
results we have not to do witli today
or tomorrow hut only wilh ultimate
i st es, and it is as true today as ever
lhal the man Who gains the whole-
vorhl and loses his own soul has
made a bad bargain.
The  Christian   life  alone    lends   to
ultimate bucosb.    The great  truth is
Bummed up In the    words,   'Nee man
hath lefl bouse or brethren, en-   I I
oi   father, or lands for my Bake an'l
the gospels7"bul he shall receives hun
lireri fold now In this time with perse
and   in   the   world     to   cotm
life."    Life developed   In  the
..! Q ,ci ��iii ieec-ive ns much of
the world as Is consistent  with God ���
-   .      and our own eternal  we|;
Nornex-es, Greenhouses
and Seed lr)husks
Etead-g-erters for PACIFIC Coast
GROWS Garden, Field ami' mower
Seeds. New crop now in stock read)
tor distribution; ask your merchant
for rhtjii in Malted [ackvets. _|" tin
ioe-1- not handle them we wlll prepay
to tour nearest postoffloe, tifty Eh
packets, our si'ieciicin of g i varieties, tier $1.00 to introduce them.
Long, gtock of HOME WtOWX
I'mii and Ornamental Trees now mu-
"n-. -i   .  u   thi ring  trade.
No expen lo 01 delay of I'lmi-
01     ' 'ion.
[_ me price yo ������ II I before placing your order.     Greenhouse- Pmacs,
Ii is not  denied  that Buccew. often  n���nl|     Work     ���������   8uppUBa   p,.,,lt
'  Packages. rertill_ers, etc.    caraior.-.c
'I lid   whose   shall   those  thintrs   be
Then be will lose all     Life is slum
eternity is long; and eternftj  <>( perdition is too long.    The long night of
i'edition begins when the voice   aj
' Thou fool."
The naked savage mat appear mad
io  barter a coronet     of unid and  a
handful <>f pearls for a few beads, but
i   nol in be compared I him who
���   '     !   harter a kingdom for a liank, a
parcel of toys foi  a soul.
'   .tc all things    the salvation <>f
mu .-oul is precious.
A, !���:. VERT.
K. .1.  IIKNTIV.
3010 Westminster rtiVid.
Vancouvw,   B.   C.
Burnaby Municipality      \
During the time of na;,iu ihe
assessment the ofiice will he closed
each Tuesday, Times'.i�� r-n.1 Friday,
from  Fei>. ... to ih'i'i ii, potn in-
I  'USll ''.
b. o. wai.>:r:u. ���; M. c
h, ;,_______________% lhe rank of wealih and to he surround rn,tains   Divorce.
  i   i.y  the hollow    Battering of the     Harry Brooksbank, In his suit   for
Verdict  on   Eburne  Accident. world's    sycophants.     How     different   divorce against  his  wife   With   Harry
Yeste.ea.    afternoon,  in  Center  & the life developed In tie spirit of God. Hamilton   McVlttie as co-respondent,
llannn's  undertaking rooms, Vancou- Kvery Bmallesl eiuty undertaken is a obtained a decree nisi In the supreme
ver Coronet McGulgan and a lurj held reld. in which we battle for a noble COurt at Vancouver yesterday. Messrs.',
aninnuesl   on  the cause and the cir- prize, the eternal life of an immortal  Klllam  &  Farrts  conducted  the  ease roed, near  Rot,,l Oak  road,
cumstanccs   of   the   death     of    John SOUl.   The life thus unfolding, whether  for the  plaintiff.     The  defendanl   did       Also for widening Hastings road on,
Burnaby Municipality.
Tenders   are   called    for   fillO  cubic
yards   of   hroken   rock     for   Hastings
englneman who sustained it be behind the counter, on exchange,
: at Eburne, while hauling or al  the desk, fights
not put in un appearance.   His lord-
the north side    of Johnson    road, in'
two sections of 10 chains each.
Hague,  the   	
fatal Injuries al Eburne, wiuie naming or at tne desk, nghts an earnest und ship. In giving Judgment  with  cos's specifications of tho   above works
log's  and   -tumps   wllh   a   donkey   en- sincere  battle  for Cod  and  truth. against    the    co-respondent,    declared can be seen at Mr. CiiarloH F. Spruit's
gtne.   Tht   evidence was to the effect     It   is Important  to note how these that  the    man who. under tbe guise house^  Burnabj l-ike   nnd   a       i"
thai   dece ..-".I  came  to his  death  by principles operate In lit".   A cherished of friendship, would ruin the home of '  Ten4w, ,���' ,'���. [��� by March 17th by
being caughi by the Chain and drawn covetousness gradua l) crystallises ln a man who trusted hlm as a brother noon.
over tht  di ma '" hajilt, narrowing and warping the wns beneath contempt. B. 0. WALKF.R, C. M. C.   I
Timothy Extra Clim-ted
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammothi
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, Alfalfa
iRye Grass, Pei 'itanial
Rye Grass, ll.'lifvn
J   Red Top
i  Orchard Grasi*
j   Rape Seed, D-Vararf Esf.ex.
J   Vetches
Millet, Gold.n
|  Oats, Swediirii
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Islaund Spring
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
All Selected & Tested
Last year ftp. flniist Lrops in R.
C. were produccil froo our send
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
1!  I
1. To properly place twrity of New
Westminister before the (jutside wi-vid
in its true colors.
2. To invite settlers toteate with us
3. To attract the attention of Investors to the remarkable resources QJ
the City.
4. To encourage Industries to locate
5. To encourage our own Merchants
in business aud assist them to display
their wares.|
G. To establish Wholesale [Houses in
our midst.
7. To kee}) outfall Eastern catalogue
Join the Club at Once
For  further   information   watd>
trie columns of the
DAILY^NEWS FRIDAY,    MARCH    16,    1906
Briefly   1 Old I LiveStock Showf
Hockey Slicks
Skate Straps
,���,      GENERAL    INFORMATION.     ������.
C   Bowman lefl  this morning on b  place,  who  has  been   lecturing   here >t y
al VI la. on "Indiana Pael and Pn fUOOMenBssXnoeeSsW3Btaomaam
Fridaj   evening  the  greal   St.   Pal      Mr., Newton  Rhode  . ot Steveaton,     ,'"'-'1";" <���' '"    ""'
concert, Fine   I i rramme ever arrived in Hie cltj    este            ad I Spring   Btalllot                   I   Oral
given in this city.   Hear the artiste. * the guest of Dr. an            I    i>  Saw uual sale ol pure bred cattle, sheep
The Transfer broughl in this morn- >er, Fifth avenue and Seventh Btreet, and swine to be held al ���:           Park
��� a  pule, of  hat   from  Hie   Delta  where si,.- will be pi.       I   o nieel all on   .larch   21   ami r: under  'he aus
;n,,l ac pices  ..f  the   British  Columbia  Stock
J. C.
ei   hat
Ol     tile
her  n. ��   Wstmtnsti
ti lends
Kirk's Hardware.
Accident Insurance Policy Free to the first
one hundred people between tlie ages of 16
and "
(il) who will call at our Store for same
It is not necessary to make a purchase.
Wholesale and retail.
_Jb   i ..'i,'ei,ia   btreet.
VV    Parnell  playt
the   violin  al   St.
Friday  evening.
Gilley Bros.' tug
i.e. lor Comox for
ol coal
La  Seranata  on nualntanci
Patrick's  concert,     Capt.  Summervl ie In as .-��.
peetcl    lasi    nlghl    ii Of   tin'
Flyei     lefl     tesler-    I'eelle   -.     ttliiell    Wil       tOWing    ih''    leal
two hundred ions . nee ot the large I in of logs expect
ed lit the Fraser Rivet mills,  'l'lie tug
Miss Munn siie-is Hear Uttle sham lefl this morning for Nanaimo, where
reel, ai si. Patrick's concerl Friday sl"' ��m ('";l1 "I1 preparatory to going
evening in st. Patrick's hall. rway up north  for a large boom ot
logs foi  one ef ihe Blirrard Inlet  mills,
.Miss Dorothy  Bolton, uf Vancouver,
leiur I bome yeaterda) after a short
visit   at   lhe  home of  .Mrs. 'I'.  CHIT, of
East Burnaby,
For   Sale     A   first   class   llllleh   I'm "111.
doing a  good  business.    Apply   Mis
Donilny, :7^ Columbia street, city.   *
.ini received a i i line of fishing     Tb
tackle,   t'all an.I    ���     is.   AJex. place
rhe  steamer  Favorite lefl   for  up-
��� latton  ai.   nice   being
c Irculated,   unci   "it.'   in   detail   all   the
nfot ma! inn  required.
This .lum wil! tiive owners of stal
lion ��� an excellenl opportuntt} "i
nhowlng theli animals, as there will
l.e a large number from different par! ���
ei ihe plot nne attending t be sale
The conditions governing the sheen
.       .1 toilet..
The entii. a must be made out on
the regular  form, which ma]   lee oh-
Window  shades
Do you need Window SI ides? We make a
specialty of these. Pale Green and Cream,
Combination Green and Cream and Terra Cotta
and Cream.
Gel your
lem.   We
iwnings now
make them to
get the
,'ull USt'nf
236 to 212 Columbia and 229 to  2-11   Front  Streets,   Uupont   -lock,
I assengers were:  J
aiiel  S.  A.  Nicholson.
Mis.   Maish   ami   Ml
��� debate �� blch ��
ai  Columbian Ci
Tat ne,  Langle) ;
Mis  l, Llndsey,
Israel, for Mt.
hat.    'al..
��� lodao .
>:;���'���::���;:���:���'���.���:��;:���:��� >;��� ���:���.:���::���:.���>'*IQO_iK! '.���:>"���. ���.���:>:.���.�����.��������>���-���'*��� *������* J-filBfiiBfe
| Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc.
Wall Paper,       Linoleum,       Oilcoths,       Carpets,
Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid.
Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to.
Picture Framing.
Be sine aud attend the St. Patrick's
''   cerl   Frldaj  evening, March  16, al
Rl   Pan ul .. hall al  8 p. m     itesei tee
Oc;  H tiler.. 2 ic ���
The c,  P.  It. ice Ived  hero yeeter
�� i corn from Shoreham,
Minn., ami a ear of oil I like from Calgary, all for reshlprat nl  for Victoria.
Grand  mllllnerj   opening at   w.  s.
Collister   et.-   Co.'s   tomorrow   ami   tol
lowing  days.    Grand   display   of  pattern and ready-to-wear hats. ��
The Jubilee Industrial BChool nun
agemenl wish to notlfj pupils that les
sons in  painting  wlll  nol  be taught
this term, us a teacher cannot   lie pro-
liter ports teste.fiiat afternoon.    Her tained  i.t   applying '" lhe secretary,
and accompanied bj an entrance fee
of $'.'.aii for each animal entered.
That entries will be received up tie
March 17,
That   stallions    must     be  on    the
 und ��� al   'a o'clock, March tl, nnd
��� ��� in.an until  i p. in.. Mai i h 22.
Tha' i t. ���. i in... j in -.eu will be
ou   the   f. lids,   and   w ill   hit.-     the
i "����� i  ol  i     ''ne anj  animal, show
i      mpton     i Till'  ant   aie   rejected   tl ntrance
.. e ��ill  be teiuined to exhl
Judging    will   begin    al   2  o'clock,
darcn   -i-i
Prizes offered for Stallion ��hoa   i"i
lhe SUbJ(ICl      Itesolted   thai   .Ww   WV.-l
a   unn ���     tillable  i i.o "  ie:
the '  tabllabmenl o than
Vutu'cim er." has p,  ��� ,,   ,,,a poned Indefl
: Itel;  on accounl ol    tan bi
lllg   Ml    pi e.'T
i 'olW LU    I lolisoll    V   i       ill    I he    I  I
i.n en route to Sea" ie on hi - :��� early
i rip. prior to resu po ll Ion he
has filled foi tbe pa il five years with '��� ��� ' tered stocl
the liulf of Georgia Canning Co. Mr.
Holison Is the son of Mrs. Rhodos,
house guest of l>i and Mrs. K. D,
Sawyer, and Is quite well known to
ihe younger soclet) element of the
Royal City.
Your own Preserves nre all used up.  We come to your assistance
lit drawing tour attention to oui   assortment  ot  Preserves���
Preserved Strawberries, ited Raspberries,  ind Pini tpples,
A well known dellcat! In glass jot lion |art
Crosse & Blackwell's Jams
Sllawiiei i -.   and   It.i  alien J   .lain  in   om   Ib i
Bi i
Columbia Street.     -    Telephone 176.
Manufacturer   of HaTilCSS and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster, ���-  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
The iieii telephone is busy replacing   some of  ti riglnal   telephone
poles erected on Columbia avenue by
new  ones.
The department of public works is
busy  repairing huge    stone anchors,
which will lie used for the river channel buoys, which are to be placed In
c     ion for the guidance of mariners,
Joseph Martin, K. C, returned yeaterda i roi i '' .-,\ a va here he pre
seined io the railway commission the
case of the shippers ed Vancouver In
the inaii.i of equitable frelgty rates
to western Alberta  points.
This spring's millinery opening is
worth coming miles to see Every-
thing thai is new from the London,
Paris ami eastern fashion centres on
displaj tomorrow at W. S. Collister
fi Co.'s. ���
!���'. Crake, the Jeweler, ha-- In his
sioi'i' undergoing repairs a pre".', curiosity in the clock line. The tlmi pi o
is made entirely of wood, is controlled by weights, and is over a hundred
tears old.    it   Is th"  propertj   of a
iniaiiiK  local   man   and   has   I n   going   con-
he can
flu the clock so thai it will be aide to breed
run for another century.
till <el.
Don't   Call to hear  .Mrs. Watson sing
rflllarney at st. Patrick's concert, St.
Patrick's hall. Friday night, 8 p. in. *
Heavy snowatoi ms in tin
delayed   the  arrival   of  the  Imperial ttnuously    until    jus!    recentlj
Limited  some  five or six hours yes- Crake has no doubt  hut  that  1
i  stallion,   Clyde   or   Shire,   2
.tears   aiie!   over,   1st,  $20.;   2nd,  $15
3rd, $10;   Ith, $6.
tit's! I'ereheron stallion. :' tears
and over.  1st, $16;  .nd, $1".  3rd, $5.
Best Suffolk Punch Btalllon, -
vars and over, 1st, $15; 2nd, *l":
3rd, $���".
ltest Standard bre_ or thorough^
bred stallion. L' tears and over. 1st,
$15;   2nd,  $10;  3rd, $5.
Best Hackney stallion. :.' years and
aver.  1st. $15; 2nd, $10;  3rd, $5.
Grand   Champion,   any   of   above
Auction   Sale.
ui time this     t'p to date of issue of the catalogue,
lightest pas- March 9, over 60 entries for the sale
for   many had  been  received;  as the time tor
Se, lien    A
bU'.llcst.    $1".
Section   It
Highest,    $1
third  highest, $6
Two  cattle  of  ���
Becond  I ���' expected  to take charge of   itook
a;   seen as th   \    ii ,   ion t ar reach
Ihe Unlit    br is.   etc
prizes as  in  Section   A.
Section c   To the i
swine     of   anj    om-   hre
highest    price,   $10
ft f.
. the destination ol   uch animals.
Passenger Rates.
Arrangements    have     been    made
Her of three with the   Cann llan Pacific
id,    realising which enables those wishing to attend
second   highest, n,- sale on March 21 and 22, 1906, to
jii.; third highest, $4. purchase return tickets to New West-
Section D.   To seller of three Bheep minster,   it. C,   al single   Brsl class
The Beaver pulled oul
morning with one of the
tsenger and trelghl    lists
months, She had ber own difficulties receiving entries lias been extended
on ber las!  up-river trip, and easl ol tee March it. it is expected thai quite
Mourn  Lehman found ll necessary to i ddltlonal number wlll be received, iowea
break through lee sufficiently strong There are among these, animals or
to hear a man iii tlie mi.idle of the oxcellenl   type and  breeding, so anj
river.    Ai  Chllllwack ii  was impossl       wishing   to   purchase   purebred
ble ice make a landing, and the Beaver stock should be al the sale, if you
anchored some distance from the are ustng Bcrub Btock you are not
wharf, transporting passengers over progressing. This Is an opportunity
!),,. ,,.,. to start  right.
jap a;lac
Is a*fine,Ttough quick
(Irving', durable varnish
for new and old, hard and
and soft wood floors and
wood work. Comes in
natural and twelve colors
Our line of Paints, Varnishes, Oils, etc., is unusually complete and includes the best known
brands. Nothing cheap but the price.
Try us next time you oenl .anything^
in our iine. TryTcan of Jap a LaC,
It is possible thai the barque I
bek may pull down river and anchor
adjacent to i in- cltj-, ns the officers
find it dimeiiit to keep track of their
i row while tied up at Millside. Capt.
cii'itz. her commander, is siiil in the
!hospital and is progressing tavorjfJbly,
bul  has decided not  to lake the vessel
.Mrs.  W.  II.  Barrowclough  and  son on! of port.    The lirst  mate is await
were passengers to Chilliwack on the 'nS permission from headquarters to
etc.,  same  prizes  as  In   Section   ('.
Rates and  Shipping.
Registered live stock are carried by
('ana.llan railway al onehalf the ordln
iiiy rates, provided thai a registration certificate is presented when
shipping bill is asked tor. Owing   to
the I.id   that  only  registered  stock Is
to he sold, ihe general freight agent
ot the C, P. K has cancelled tills rest''iclion upon siock being shipped <<>
this sale.
Two or more contributors at'' al
to cooperate In shipping their
live siock ami thus obtain carload
rates. The rate from Victoria to New
Westminster on carload lots will he
$2.00 tier head
The association agrees    to deliver
siock   purchased,     at   the   purchaser's
nearest railway station, between New
Westminster ami Kamloops, on the C.
P.   It.   line,   nt   $3.00   per   li":ul;    from
Kamloops easl ns fur as Okanagan
Landing al $4.00 per head.
The association also agrees to de
liver any stock purchased at the purchaser's   nearest   railway   station    on
No standard certificates arc required. Station audits will receive In
structio.s to this effect, Other transportation companies will make simi-
1, r concessions.
Facts  to   Remember.
Stallions   must   he  em   the  mounds
ut  P o'clock.  March 21.
Cattle must   he een lliu grounds not
later than I o'clock, March 21.
Judging of Btalllons begins al  - p.
i,i.. Wednesday, March 21st.
Selling of live stock begins al 9:30
o'clock  a.  in.,  March  28,
Kill lies   close   Mai eh   17.   1900.
For  entry    forms, catalogues,    or
i ther    particulars,    apply    tu    !���'.    M.
Logan,   Secretary-Treasurer,,    Parlls
men!  Buildings, Victoria, B, C.
Beaver this morning,
companled by Rev, T.
They  were ac
take charge.    From    this    port  the minion
The ; ���:..��� al  will 1 e under the
c ontrol of the executive of the British
Columbia Stock Breeders' Association.
The management undertakes to pro-
tide suitable accommodation fur stock
entered, and to make all necessarj
arrangements    in   connection     with
holding   the  sale. Vancouver   Island  at   $2.50  per  head.
Prizes. Special   rates   will   he   obtained   on
From  the gr.ant  given bj   the Do- Ibe Fraser river boats, and li Is ex
Live    Stock department, Ot-lpected that reduced rates will also ho
,������ that|sternbek wlll sail for Chile and from tawa,  and  a  contribution    of $60.00 obtained   from   the   ('.rent   Northern
thence back to her home port in Qer-lfrom ''���  Burns .t co., Vancouver, the railway.
many.   She has now -een from home \ association     offers     the     following Purchasers are expected   to render
prizes, every assistance   In caring   for   the
To the seller   of the two   cattle or stock and loading them tor shlpme<
any one of the beef breeds realizing after the sale is over, and ir they nre
the highest price at the sale; to be delivered to them by rail, will
We have listed with us for i'1"1".' Ilv" f"r,tl"nfl "'" ,T"wfis lof
inn forward to the prospect ol regain
sale some  of the   best  small Ing their native shores once more.
ranches in the finest fruit
district in the country, 5 to 25
acre holdings mostly all in
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS, Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express anil freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse.
maintaining a through winter service.
For information apply to
J.  H.  ROGERS, Traffic  Manager,
Mackinnon Hhlg.,
Vancouver, B. C,
Mrs. Hall Dead.
T.J. Trapp & Co,k^ I
Mrs.  T.  Hull, of Sapperton, died at
the   Royal Columbian   hospital   this
large and small fruit;  ruing at the age of si.
, ,, ��� i     ��� .Mrs.  Hall    was the    widow of the
.these are worth considering, .     .,. HiU1 wlii)  fl.fts a ln
The Leading Jeweler
Everything In the Jcwelery Line
Watches, Diamonds, Rings, Etc.
Cut Glass and Ebony Goods
Suitable tor all  occasions.
W. C. CHAMBERLIN, ����.'umhto.atre^
money can be made off these .""^ company of Royal ED?l-eers that
. . .    ...   first established   themselves   at Sap-
places; good shipping tacili-j,l(���,yu> -nn(le,. ,,���. odmmand of coionei
Moody who laid out this city.
The deceased leaves one daughter,
Her son who wns for many years a
cannery foreman died a few years ago
of consumption.
ties. Enquire about these.
-The City Grocery-
Good Potatoes $1.00 per sack
Fresh stock of flower and garden
seeds just arrived.
Telephone 97.
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of C  nada
 11 l.iiuii.lilltl.on
Amounl  of PollOles now in for ce exceeds	
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeds,
This Is a company of pollOy-holders, by policy-Holders, for policyholders.
OUR .Mill 111:
Possible out int.
Ilie largest  iiniount  of Assurance for tlie Least
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 8b.
Real Estate
fire and Life Insurance.
The Westminster lacrosse Club
         -   -; -
Will He Held in the
Friday, March 23rd,' 06
At 8 P.M..
Everybody   Come.
\ Search   Party   Returns.
Nanaimo, March IB.���II Is now certain that .las. K.islain. the We'll Itnoivn
logger,  was drowned while crossing
'.Viilloose   Pay.   Friday   lasi.      Today   n
..'.ireii party senl out bj the government itftpnl. returned ufier a thorough
search    lit   Ihi'   .djacent    Islands    and
coast hciveou lure nini Englishman".
liver,   without   fiiii.'iilK     the     slightest
trace of the  boa! ot* Hs occupant.
Destroyed   Himself.
Clothing  House
Nanaimo, March 16.���The ooronufc I A
Jury empanelled yesterday at Cumber-IS
land lo enquire Into tlie death of Geo. J
Quelhorst, who suicided at. Comox Sal- !���<
urday last, returned u vefartbl of "seif-ijj,
destruction during tempoi
III  of in    V
,",i sixth street.
WANTED���NlKhtwutlhitmn for shingle mill nt Cloverdale. Wages $50
per month,   Apply D. Haddon.
WANTED���Aged lady to look after
child, (iood home to right person.
Apply Nowh ofiice.
For  Stile���Old   papers  suitable  for
wrapping UP parcels, etc.   Apply News
Drummuir Turns  Up.
Sun Francisco, March 15
The lonR Je
overdue  llrlllsh    ship    Ilruniinuir, !MI  g
ship of V
days from Newcastle, arrived here tt>
day, itfter passing through  several severe  gales.     She  Is  a  sister
the DrumcralK, which hns been given
up as lost.
Teacher of the Herman
Language anil  Piano.
German  Conservatory Method.
For Fastidious
those who know "what's
what" in matters sartorial, we carry a special
line of high claas ready-
to-wear clothing'���
The 20th Century Brand
In buying one of theso
splendidly tailored suits,
yOU not only get a garment as Ear ahead of the
ordinary "ready-made"
clothing as electricity is
ahead of the candle, but
vmi get a suit that the
average tailor cannot
hope to equal.
These suits sell for
about half the price that
would be charged for
them by a high class
tailor���and they're every
bit as fine.
Suits from 13.00 to 2G. 00
Pants  ���    4.00,,   5.50
9 ,
FRIDAY,   MARCH   16,  1906
We will begin SATURDAY, March 17th, 1906, our Regular Clean Sweep Sale of Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats and '     ,. I
Boots and Shoes, and will continue same for 30 days.      This Sale will be a genuine bargain sale ol our entire buck. ���
We have placed Bargains before you on quite a few occasions.       This sale will eclipse anything we have ever attempted m
the City of New Westminster. ,	
All of our $17.50 to $22.50 suits reduced to $12.50
All of our $12.50 to $16.60 suits reduced to $10.00
All of our $10.00 to $12.50 suits reduced to $6.00
All of our $7.-50   to $10.00 suits reduced  to $4.50
Special Line of
Men's Overcoats
All sizes, former price, $9.00 to $12.50 reduced to $3
Men's Waterproofs
All   sizes,   former price,   5.50   reduced to $2.00
Young Men's Suits, sizes 32 to 35, former prices
8.50 to 12.50 For $4.50
Bov's Suits, sizes 22 to 28, former prices 5 to
7.50 - - For $3.00
Boy's Suits (Old Country Tweeds), all sizes, former
prices 3 to 4.50 For $1.75
Men's Odd Trousers
A complete line in all sizes,  former prices 3.50 to
For $2.50
Gents' and Boy's Furnishings
Men's Caps, 25c. Hoy's 50c Caps for 25c
Men's 75c  Caps for 45c
Men's Negligee Shirts (latest pattern), regular 1.00
and 1.25
Hoy's Shirts, regular LOO
Men's Cashmere Sox. regular 35c
Men's Wool Sox.
Men'- Hats (Soft), regular 3.50
Men's Hats, regular 1.50 to 2.00
For 50c
For 50c
For 25c
2 pair for 25c
For $2.25
For 90c
Boots and Shoes
Men's, regular 1.75 to 2.5(1 To clear al $1.25
Men's, regular 3.00 to 3.50 For $1.50
Men's heavy logger Shoes worth 1.50   -    For $2.25
Hoy's, regular 1.75 to 2.00 For 90c
Youths', regular 1.50 to 1.75
For 80c
Men's Suspenders, regular 35c
Klannellette Blankets, worth   1.25     ^M	
Men's Cotton Hose, worth 15c 4 pair for 25c
Men's Cambric ii Ike chiefs, worth 10c - For 5c
Latest designs Men's Ti( . ilar 25c - 2 for 25c
Blankets, regular3.00 For $1.65
WANTED-10 First Class Experienced Clerks at Once.
tminster Clothing Company, proprietor
Next  Royal Bank of Canada, Columbia street.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
:: Sporting News*
V,       and Comment.       *
t4��mmW��'^KH M '.('MM
Benlor club al a meeting to be held on shape  lor  the  27th  and   further thai
Thursday, March 29. be will listen to no more propositions
Messrs. C W. Murray, R. Mills, II.  tor a wrestling match from liini unless
ling  tu pull ciff here.
Howse,  Devlne, G.  Morrison,  Rev. G.
A.  Wilson  and others addressed  the
ineei Ing.
The lacrosse enthusiasts of the Terminal City are anxious to see .1 senior
team enterd from Mount Pleasant, and
the new club wlll be given every en-
coiiragenicnt.   There is plenty of good   	
��� material  available on  the  hill  unci  a agreemenl   Insuring   a  fighi.  .between
Basket ball enthusiasts will have an team should be placed In the field tbal  Jimmy  Britt, of San   Francisco, and
opportunity of having a rare treal al  wni  i���, ., ,.,,..111  to thai  par!  of the Kid  Herman, of Chicago,  have been
the Armouries tonight, when a series ,jlv signed  between  both  parties and  for-
of   Tunes,   three  In   number   will   be Turn  Down  challenge. warded   to  Manager   McCarry  of  the
Tlie  flrsl   game al   7:16 will!     .. .   ,     ���__,_  Pacific  Coast club.     Tlie  fight   is  to
Northern Pacific ! ! Great Northern Ry
I   I J
I    Time Table
7  Trains   &   Steamers Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Three Matches Will  Be  Played in the
Sign   Articles   to   Fight   During   First
Week   In   May.
Toledo, Ohio, March 16.���Articles of
pluveil.       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
be between Vancouver and New Westminster .luniors. The second game
will be between Cloverdale and the
New Westminster Intermediates,   The
final match  will be between the Van-IIT '""���	
couver and  New Westminster Seniors lFrlday   was  considered
for the championship,    The ie -	
will  i"   the  hut   of  the  season,  and
��� I   ball   patrons  should   nol   miss
the . pportunlty of attending.
Tin- Junior line-up is as fellows:
G tards, E. Goulet, G. Sprite-',: cenlre,
it. Sani iter; forwards, 11. Archibald,
A, Gille: .
Intermediate line-up: Guards, it.
Pearson, D. Morrison; centre, F,
Lund;  forwards, ('.. Clute, C. Jackson.
Senior line-up: Guards, ('. Spring,
O, Peele; centre, W. Turnbull; forwards, 1. wint 1 in ni < - and i.. Turnbull.
The Intermediates will go lo Vancouver to play their lust game of the
.. hedule witli the Vancouver Inter-
me Hates on Saturday,
Ai u special meeting of a,!ie Maple
Leal Lacrosse club, of Mourn Pleasanl.
Vancouver, held li . '���'. the challenge issue.1 by the Wesl End team
' iy an exhibition match on Good
ind after a
brief discussion ii was decided to Inform the Wesl End club that it could
nol be accepted. No reason is given
for tltis action.
Victoria   Oarsmen.
Members  of the  rowing  commlttt e
of the James Bay Athletic association
lake  place the lirst   week  of May  In
Los Angeles.    Both  n are to weigh  pean points.
in al  130 pounds al 6 o'clock.
Herman signed the papers yesterday
afti 1 noun after Brit! had signed them
last week and posted his certified
cheek as a guarantee.
Trains Daily
Travel on I he Fai
Electric-lighted train.   Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Ticket - on sale to all Eun -
Knocks Out Callahan.
Havre.    March    15.    Pal    Callahan,
the   Butte   miner   who  made  a   reputation  by  knocking Marvin  Hart down
before thai  fighter could put him out,
Spscial    Reduced    Rates    Round    Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion trail on or write
('. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A-
heen   considering   plans   for   Ihe   losl   to  Tommy   Iteilly   here  lasi   night    ___���,
1 nsulng season for some weeks, says
in th" niiiih s ��� >nai 11
Victoria   Times.     The  prospects At   no time did  he have a  chance
are thai  the   sport     will    be   taken to win.   The punishment he took was
up  jusi   as  enthusiastically    as    has severe  and   the  end  or  the  Hghl   de
been the case in the past, and the club raonstrated  thai  Callahan  was game,
wlll succeed i Intainlng the envla bul has little knowledge of fighting.
ble   position   n   lias  won   in  aquatic 	
competitions with rival associations of
the Pacific coast. W
  Philadelphia,    March  16.    Harry N.
Football   Line un ''"' -���-���-^-^-���-_^_^_^_^_^_^_H
Th.-  line-up of  the  Kings  college '"  B   bosPltal   '"  "liK  clt5   suffering And all the principal business canters of
Two matches will be played at the football club againsl the Shamrock In- from  ;i  s""u" "r ^'mb'-v.  follow.-.!  ONTARIO, QUEBEC and  the MAUI-
n   Saturday termediates, in  Vancouver, on  S ���   ''>' :'" attaok "r Paralysis,    Upon bis! TIME PROVINCES.
Ch'ss   Player   Paralyzed.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between*}
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
V. W. & Y. RY.
Daily NEW Dally
Leave   WESTMINSTER   Arrive
TTinm llhiin.'.   i!e]lii,g-:::iiu pm
4:25 pm ham,     Burling 9:20 pm
tl  D,     Mt .      Ve r
noi      Eve el 1,
4:35 pin Spokane.
[Paul     ifl
points  Easl
9.20 am Anacorte .
3:00 pm Vancouver
9:20 pm]
ii'i pm
13:00 pm
_'.i am
15 pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily  Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St, Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg,  Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis and all  points  East.
For complete information
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address.
It  C. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Hank of Commerce Building,
New  Westminster, ih C
S. (I. YKKKFS.   V G.  P. A���
Corn"!'  Second   Avenue and  Co-
lumbia St., .Seattle'.  Wash.
>....................... ���
At  Vancouver.
return from Bermuda, where he wen!
for bis health, he ich better than for
His physicians say he will
null    ball,     Vancouver,	
1 The feature even! of the even day will be:   Goal, R, Jennings; hacks,
ing will be a championship match be- ll.  Routledge   ami    Ed.    Fitzgerald
tween the Vancouver ami victoria Be- halves, ii. chambers, W. Granger and      �� ���vl'i"'K'
ni..1 regimental team.    A  preliminary W. Grunds;  forwards, \v. Mitchell, M.  Probablj   nol survive mine than three
match lias heen arranged between the McNalr,  C.  Flerhaller, J. Graham,  E, '''' '"""' rtayB'
Vancouver and  New  Westminster in- Fitzgerald:   reserve,  II.  Lister.
leiiin di.ite fives. The Celtic team will hue up as foi-
-   ��� le wa in the male h to be  pla: ed tomor
New Senior Lacrosse Team. t"w   afternoon   at   lhe  Camble   street
Th,- erst steps towards the organl- grounds, Vancouver, with  the Sham
Batlon of another senior lacrosse team t'och eleven:    Goal, Rose;  full backs,
in   Vancouver were taken  al   a  largely   Morris   and   Scott;   half   hacks,   Risk,
attended  meeting of lacrosse enthus- Sawyer ami Payne; forwards, Stewart,
lasts of Mount    Pleasant,   held   lusi Lane,  Crawford,  Anderson  and   Rob
night.    The matter was discussed by ertson; reserves, Hepburn, Loutel and
Hie  players  and  supporters  who nre Simpson;  linesman, McColl,
residents  of  that   section   of  Vancou- 	
ver   and Hie general opinion was Ihat Ja?   W;lnts   Postponement.
���   senior   team   should   be   put   in   the Nanaimo,   March   ll',- -If the  present
Held       ill.',   an  animated  discission It   I ��U��_-  hold,   the  wrestling   match
Was'finally decided  to appoint  a cm- between  MatSUda, the Vancouver Jap.
Al   HI.nine, cm  Tuesday, John  Mole,
of Magi e,    was   married    Io   Annie,
daughter of  Mr. and   Mrs,  John  Me-
Munn, of Sea island.   Rev, .1. A. Logan
piTi'011 1 th'e ceremony,   Miss Minnie
McMiinn,   Sister   of   the   bride   was
iniih'sinaiil, and W. Logan was grooms
man,     Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mole  will  lake up
their   residence'   at    Mligee.
Blaze  at  Rock   Bay.
A serious lire Is report eel from Rook
not   take place as scheduled
business men of Mount Pleasanl  .mil
eel sitfllcienl financial backing to place -���'""��� w
B   senior   twelve    in     Ihe     provincial <��   Man*   27.      lhe  Jap,   through   ,,
league.     A  committee was appointed |��W. Insists on the postponement of
lunese and  Sinclair Swanson, of thir[bay, where the blase took place In ihe
city, for $1,000 a side ami a  het of lumber camp of the British Columbia!
and   will   report   on   various   matters
llnec weeks.     This Swanson  declines
rertiilnlng  to  the  requirements  of B ����� MOOIle to, having trained to be ln
Mills, Timber &  Trading company's
camp.    The residence of Palsy Bishop
was considerably damaged
loss, uninsured, is estimated at aboul
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.   W.   VAUX,
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 186 A.lams St., Chicago, 111.
Railway Company,
Atlantic Express  leaves   oaiiy    at
15.40; has   first-class   sleefers    and
Tourists cars    lor     lor.into    every
Monday and   Friday;   tor   Montreal
every Wednesday nnd saturaay.
Seattle train leaves daily at s.so.
For further particulars apply to
U. P. ll. Agent.
New Westminster.
Tbe total   ��r
Assistant   General   Passenger   A.ent,
light    Train-   I.very   Day  in  the   Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newt t aand best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas> the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world, The equipment consists of
private compartment cars, standard
1(1 section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair tat'-- (scats free),
modern eiay coaches and buffet, library and  smoking  ears.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any
further  information  call   on  or  write
7J0 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
('. P, K. MAIN LINE.
Leave New Westminster 15.40 dally.
Arrive New  Westminster  11.35 daily.
l.v. New West. . 8.31    1 r. s attle 16.50,
Lv. Seattle 10;  ar. New  We it.  18.40,
l.v. New West.  10.35 and  17.35.
Ar .New West. 9, : ��� and  16.40,
. New Wesl minster 6.30 a. m.
l.v n. w. 9.20 a.in.; ar, Seattle 1 p.m.
l.v. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ai. Seattle 10 p.m.
l.v. Beattle 8.30 a.m.: ar, N. W. :: p.m.
Lv. Seattle 4.20 p.m.; ar. N. W. 9.35
V.,  W. &   v.    VANCOUVER,
l.v. N. W, 3 p.m. and 9.35 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m.. and   I p.m.
(I. N. R,    PORT G! ICHON,
l.v. N. W. 9.20 a.in., ar, Guichon
2.20 p.m.
l.v. Guichon -.rn p tn.; 1 r. N. W,
9.35 p.m. ���
Men.lavs onl   .
l.v. New VVest. 5.50 n m., 6.60, E
and hourly until II p.m., with half-
hourly between 12.30 and 6.30 p.m.
Saturday half-hourly noon to 11 p.m.
Sunday hourly 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.;
with  half-hour!',   bet, mien and 7 p.m.
l.v. Vancouver Bame time throughout.
Fraser River and Gulf
Beavi r
From N. W, Men. Wed. Frld. X n.m.
From  (  uvk.  Tu.,  Tb.,  Sat.,  7  a.m.
. Ramona -
From  ' .  W. Tu., Th., Sat 8 a.m.
From 1 hwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m.
i Favorite
From N. W. daily, et. Sun,, 2.1E p.m.
From Mt. Lehman, 7 mm.
Trail. I'er
From  N.  W. daily, ex.  Sun , 2 p.m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri, 6 a.m.)
Add. (rip Saturday, 5 p.m.
City of Nanaimo
From N. W. Sunday 7 a.m.
From Victoria Baturda) 7 a.m.
Mail Service
Seattle, via Sumas
Sap'n ii. Millside..,
Cloverdale, Blaine
Beattle, etc..  ..
Van. .t- Cent,  Pai
Knsi Burnaby.. ..
Steveston, etc...,
East, vin C.P.R..
Sap., Mill. C'l'i'nt.
Van. & Burnaby,.
30 ll.
,30 p.m.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy  Hauling our Bpecallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone iuu.
British  Columbia  Coast  Line
(Subject  to change without    n tlce.)
Princi ss Beal rice I'
Leave    Porl   1 o\i nsend  1 -
1.. .ti - Victoria '.' p.m.
Arrive Seattle 5 a.i 1.
Leave  Seat! le U.30 a.til-
Arrive Port  Towsond   12,
v..   VTi toi :.i .:..ai p.m.
VANCOl VER \ IC mm \    KU
S. S. Prince    Vlcto
Lent" V mcouver 1 p. m,
Leave Victoria  1  a. in.
ROI  1 I..
Silt.   CIIAKAIMi.
Leaves Victoria, 1 a. m.,  1 ���������
and   Fridays.
Leaves New \\ estminsti r,
... Im    Inj    ami Sal 111 1
Calling al  Maynean d a
S.S, .10:111 i.ave:- Nanaimo 1
11'i'i Saturday and Sunday, ai  i ���' '"���
Saturday 8 a. m.
. Leaves    Vancouver   dally,   excepl
Saturday and Sunday. al I   0
Saturday  2,i)n p.  ni.
S. S. Queen City.
Leave Victoria 11   p, m      1   l";'1
ami 20th of each month (oi    I     '
ami way points,
Leave Victoria 10th o( eae h 1
for Quatslno and way point
Leave Victoria 2fli 1 of each 1 tn
for Cape Scott and ".it point ������ ��� ;!
lug Quatslno,
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves   \ew   Westminster   even
Additional  trip leaves  \. ���.
minster ,", a. tn. Siimlat.
Leaves   Steveston   Monday.   Tne
day,  Wednesday, Thursday nnd ���
unlay  7  11.  in.    Friday   ti  a.  ni.     v''"
ditional trip Sa urdny 5 p. m.
Steamer   Beaver.
Leave  New  Westminster  9       m;.
Mondays, WodneBdnys and  I
Leave Chilllwncli 7 a. in, Tin sil
Thursdays and  Satrdays,  cafJHng ;l1
landing   between   New   w.
and Chilliwack.
S.  S.  Tees. ,
Leaves   Vancouver   al   -   !'���   '"���   -'"'!
nnd   16th   of  each   month   calling *'
Skldegate on flrsl trip and Bella Cools on second trip.
Times   on   arrivals   and   departure
are approximate.
For  Tickets,  reservations and '"'
formation call on or address:
.1. W. TROUP,
General Superintendent, Victoria.
K.  J.  COY LL.
Assl. Gen. Pass   Agent, Vancouver.
Gen. Agent, Freight  Dept..
Now Westminster.
Agent, New Westminster. II
FRIDAY,   MARCH    16.    1906
SHOES���and our patrons are enthusiastic in their praises of the way we've
prepared for their Spring needs.
Particularly striking are the new styles of Men's, Women's and children's Low and High Cut Shoes. There is simply no limit to the shoe selections we offer our patrons this season.
Note Prices on a few of Our New Spring Shoes:-
Ladies   (Johnson   Bros.' American make) line VIcl Kid oxfords, light and heavy soles, a pair  $2.50
Ladles���(Johnson Bros.' American make), dm Chocolate Kid Oxfords, blucher cut, turn and �� II lies, pr $2.50
Ladles (Johnson Bros.' American make), be l Goodyear welt Oxfords, large eyelets and stylish shoe, a pr $3.00
Ladle     (John American   make) latent  kid Well Oxfc i eyt pair $3.50
Ladles'John Cross's (flneBl American shot en!    nd tan Oxfords, a   pair $-1.50
i. fine I 'anil.Ii.in Oxfords in tan ..ml  blacl     from    $1.25   to   $3.00
Gentlemen's   M.  A    Pi Bn.    \  i.   ii   $4.50
M.   \   P ei.aid's I,est  grade  Paten    Colt, Blucher Oxfords, per pair  $4.50
Gentlemen's   M.  A.   Packard's  fines! Vic) Kid, Tan and Patenl  Leather, high cm  boots, pair... .$5.00 and $5.50
Gentlemen's   Florshelm   Chicago   Sho   -. highest price shoes in the states $5.00, $5.50 and $6.00
Gentlemen'i    Invlctus  Shoes, (leu.  a. slater   maker,  unquestionably  ihc best and leading she.- in Canada
prices   trom    $3.75 to $5.00 and $6.00
Gentlemen's- "Si river shoe," made by Frank Slater, Montreal, a n 1 hoot  for  $3.50. $4.00 and $4.50
Gentlemen's $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50  Bonis are Btrong line    nothing  in  town can touch them in town.
Why not try  Good  Reliable Shoes this time?
We have excellent SCHOOL SHOES���the kind that don't wear out in
a hurry. We control the best makes of school boots.
We look for a Rush shoe day tomorrow, Saturday, so come in and see
what we can do for you.
nston's Big Shoe H
Synopsis   of   Canadian   Northwest
Any even numbered section of Do-
minien Lands in Manitoba or the
Northwest Provinces, excepting 8 and
26, not reserved, may be homesteaded
by any person who is the sole head of
a family, or any male over 18 years
6f age, to the extent of one-quarter
Section of 160 acres more or less.
Entry may be made personally at
the  local   land   ofiice   for  the  district
in which the land is situate, or if the
lomesteader desires, he may, on ap-
(llication to the Minister of the Intcr-
or, Ottawa, the Commissioner of
Immigration, Winnipeg or the local
igent receive authority for some one
to make entry for him.
i The homesteader is required to per-
Sefrn the conditions connected therc-
ith under one of tlie following plans.
e,;(l) At least six .months' residence
upon and cultivation of the ia,;J in
each year (or three years.
(2) If tlie father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
Of the land entered fnr the requirements as In residence may lie satisfied
by such pc'snn residing witli the father  er  mother.
,-' 13) If the settler has his permane.nl
residence   upon   farming   laud   mm. ���'.
by  him  in   Ihc   vicinity  of his  home
stead, the 11 ipiiiTiniiii s as i" residence
may be  saii-1'n'el  by residence upon
the  said land.
Sis months' notice ill writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at (ittiuva of intention
to apply (or patent.
Deputy  Minister of the  Interior.
"The Milwaukee"
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
'- No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal In
equipment that eef the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. They
���Own and operate their own sleeping
' and dining cars on alll their trains and
���give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
tjtservicc not obtainable elsewhere,
I   Berths on their sleepers are longer,
flighcr and wider than in similar cars
. on   any   other   line.      They   protect
their trains by the  1th.ck System.
Connection   made   with   all   trans-
. .continental lines in  Union Depots.
11. S. ROW.F-, General Agent.
.J_4 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal  lands may    be    pur-
I chased at $10 per acre for soft coal
and   $20   for   anthracite.      Not   more
than ,120 acres can be acquired by one
individual   or   company.      Royalty  at
j the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
i pounds shall be collected on the gross
j output.
QUARTZ���Persons     of     eighteen
years and over and joint stock com-
\ panics holding free miners' certificates
, may obtain entry for a mining loca-
��� tion.
A free miner's certificate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
I five, upon payment in advance of J7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
, $50 to $100 per annum for a company,
according to capital.
A    free   miner,   having   discovered
1 mineral in place, may locate a claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same   with   two   legal   posts,   bearing
', !u--tiun notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days i( ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction, The
fee for recording a claim is $5
At least #0-0 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid t" the
mining recorder in hen thereof, When
i $500 has liven expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not  exceeding  160 acres.
The paten! for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of -���' I per rent, of the sales
j of   the   products   of   the   location.
PLACER MIXING Manitoba and
the X W. T., excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally are mo feet square, entry fee
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims arc cither
bar or bench, the former being too
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base of the hill or hank, not
exceeding 1000 feet, Where steam
power is used claims 200 feet wide
may he obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of live miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
CH" the  Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on tlie Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
output after it  exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
1st day of August in the year of the
J d.-rte of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental ?too per mile
for first year and $10 per. mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Ter-'
ritory���Creek, gulch, river and bill
claims shall not exceed -5o feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek or
gulch, the width being from 1000 to
.���eon feet, All either placer claims
shall be .50 feet square,
Claims arc marked by two legal
posts, one al each end, bearing notices.    Entry must be obtained within
ten   day-   if   the   claim   is   within   ten
miles of the mining recorder's ofiice,
One extra el.it- allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to s claim of 1000 feel in
length,  aand  if the party  consists of
[two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged  the  rest of the party ortlin-
: ary claims only.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value   of   the   gold   shipped   from   the
��� Yukon   Territory  to  be   paid   to  the
j comptroller.
No free miner shrill receive a grant
! of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2, A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the same creek, gulch or river, by
giving notice and paying a fee.
Work   must   be   done   on   a   claim
done must be obtained each year; if
not, the claim shall be deemed to be
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon  Official  Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such period as he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely. 1280 acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the  Interior.
Dept. Interior.
Men    With    Alaska    Mining    Schemes
Find Easy Money in New
York City.
will complete his proposed ditch on
the Upper Kugarok and he expects
to commence active mining operations
this year.
each year to the value of at least $200.
A   certificate  that  work  has  been
Department of Militia nnd Defence.
New Westminstir.  B. C,  Rifle  Range.
SEALED TENDERS, marked on the
envelope "Ten.ier for Construction of
Rifle Range, New Westminster," addressed lo the secretary of the Militia
Council, Headquarters, Ottawa, will be
neched until noeiii, the 16th April
proximo, for the construction of a
rifle range at New Westminster, B. l*
Plans and specifications may he seen
and full Information obtained at the
cilices of the district officer commanding,  Vieloria;   Lieut-Col. J, C. Whyte,
New Westminster, D. C, and tho director of engineer services, militia
headquarters .Ottawa.
Tenders must he :mnde on a form
supplied by the department nnd accompanied by nn nccepted cheque on
11 Canadian chartered bank for 10 per
cent of the amount of the tender, payable to tho order of the Honorable the
Minister of Militia nnd Defence.
The deportment does not bind Itself
In accept, tho lowest or any tender.
L. P, PINAULT. Colonel.
Deputy  Minister of Militia and  De#
Department of Mllltin and Defonce,
Ottawa, Fobrunry 14, 1906.
Senttle, Wash., March 15.���-Nearly
$10,000,000 was raised in New York
j city during the past winter to be used
(in Ihe development of various properties in the Territory of Alaska. A
small army of Northern men have
I been camping in the corridors of the
Waldorf-Astoria since early fall nnd
OS 11 result of their efforts millions
will be poured into Alaska in the expectation of taking other millions out. |
Man who have recently returned from
(lotham say that never before has It
been so easy to raise money on legiti-j
mate development schemes in Alaska.
To begin with C. .1. Gadd organized
during the past winter the Fairhaven
Water company nnd will during the!
coming summer invest $500,000 in a
ditch to supply water lo the lnnin-
chuk district in the Nome country.1
The contract for this work lias already been let to J. Morris, wlio constructed the Seward di-ch last year,
and active work will start just as soon
i.s the Ice breaks up. The eiitcb will
be 38 1-2 miles long and will be completed before fall, it will have a
capacity of 6,500 miners' Inches,   The
Inni n li 1:L   district      Is     CiM Bid ITOd   .1
verj rich one ami all thil i - needed
in its development is water,
Pred  Meyer, of Seal tie, has also or
ganlzed  a  company   for  trading  and
mining purposes and lias raised $760,-
Olio for a ditching proposition In the
Candle ."reek district, it is estimated
lhal bis proposed ditch will be half
completed  Ibis  year.
Major L. ll. French, one of the besl
Known men on the Seward peninsula,
icports   that     lie     lias     succeeded   In
flatting u bond issue to tlie extent
of  $2,000,000  nnd     now    has    money
enough  In  sight  to complete bis  K11-.
garok  railroad und his proposed  ditch
in   that  district.    John  llosene  Is  In-1
terested with hint in this venture and'
that is nlso true of Dr. Cnbel Whitehead nnd W. L. Lelnnd.
John llosene has written friends In
this city thnt ho hns floated a bond
issue for bis Copper river nillrond Involving nn expenditure of $10,000,000
nnd that the development of the rich
Copper river country Is now assured.
Mr. llosene will be buck ln Seattle In
time io direct his northern operations
In the spring.
J,  D,  Chllberg wns nlso  very  sttc-|
cesstul  on  his  mission   I11  New  York
City.   He hns succeeded lu raising up-
proximately $1,000,000 with which he'
Chicago Saloon Men Will Fill No More
Beer Cans for Five Cents.
Chicago, March 15.���After April 1
no can of beer will cost less than 10
cents in Chicago. The directors of
the  Liquor  Dealers'  association, at a
Has Some Well Known Thoroughbreds
Now   on   Exhibition  at
the Market.
J. A. Chapman, of the Island Park
Farm, who came here from Beresford,
Ontario, a few days ago with his herd
of 15 registered Ayrshire cattle, has
meeting yesterday, voted unanimous- them now ready for inspection tn the
l.v for the ine 'ease and notice of the j market stables, where they have been
action will lie sent to every one of the j recouperatlng since their arrival In
5,000 members in the city and county. I town.
The ordinance introduced recently; He has some of the finest Ayre-
in the council for the limitntion o)f sires that have been bred In Canada,
the number of snloons In the city to beasts that have taken prizes wher-
one for every 500 of population was! ever exhibited and that come from
indorsed. Friends of the measure ex-; the best strains thnt can he found,
plain that the ordinance is intended .among which is the herd of the Hon.
to prohibit the issuance of any more T. Greenwuy at Crystal City, which
saloon  licenses until    the  population i is recognized its one of the best herds
of Ayreshlres to be found in the world,
and from which herd he has brought
Stately Queen, sired by Surprise of
Uurnsitle,  the  unbeaten  show  bull of
Manitoba which took two prizes at
lhe Winnipeg exhibition lust yenr;
Lady froze hy Paul Kruger, and
Evergreen  Maid,    by    Pride of Peel,
reaches the point where the "1 to 500"
rule would apply.
Marshall  Darrough Says Cherokee  In-i
dians Are  Not  So  Bad.
Vinlta,   1.  T���    March   16.���Marshal which cow has never been beaten in
Darrough reached    Vinlta    yesterday the  show  ring  and  which  took  six
trom   Spavinaw   and   said   that   the  re- .-,,..,,   prileg |a8|  season.
potts of the trouble with the Chero- Annum   the   res!   of  his   herd   are
kee Indians   had    been exaggerated, animals bred    by    such well konwn
Darrough arrested    fifteen  full  blood men as Q. S. Puller of Brampton, and
Indians on  the charge of harboring Steele  Bros,   of   Qlenboro, both in
and     assisting    lhe     WIcklllTe    boys. Manitoba.
These Indians were brought ta Vinlta j, .\. Chapman Is certainly one of
late ami lodged In the tentorial jail, the chief salesmen  of thoroughbred
The   Wlckllffes    bad    not   been  to gtocli hi Canada, as he has sold 1S7
Spavinaw  when  Darrough  left.    The registered  beasts  already  this year,
marshal said thai  while most of the and the herd he has with him now,
Indians are favorable    to    the Wick- according to A, C. Wells, who is him-
lilies  there is no danger of an  lipids- M,|r n  breeder of Ayrshire's, is one of
Ing.   A battle is expected before tin1 the besl  herds ever seen in  British
desperadoes are captured,   'i'be fifteen Columbia.
Indians  arrested   were   taken   without All   of   the   herd   are   cows   except
cue- Dandy .Ilni. 11 yearling bull by
[King of Prairie Home, anil which
took lirst prize ut Winnipeg Inst year.
of| Girl  Drowns in Well.
Sydney,  N.   S���    Mnrch    15.���While
Telephone    Girl     Prevents    Loss
Large Sum of Money.
New  York,  March  15.���A  girl   tele-; drawing  water  from n well  at Glnce
phone operator prevented a .burglar bay hist evening, Sarah McCormnck,
from rilling n safe containing $1,000 a 10-year-old girl, fell head foremost
and by her cries scared hlm away,into the well and was drowned. She
lifter he had Obtained only $9 from wns not mised -Until lute Inst night,
the cash drawer In the drug store of when her liroless body wus found at
Dr. Andrew Snyder, on South street,, the bottom of the well.   The well wns
Oyster Buy.
The young woman, Miss Hut tie
(lould, hoard (he mnn force the rear
loot'  of  the store,  noxt  to the  tele
80 feet deep.
Fiaher Surrenders.
^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Toronto, March 15.���Archibald Mc-
plione station, and left the switch- Intosh Fisher, the Toronto World re-
honrd to "shoo" tho Intruder awny. porter, accused of having stolen proofs
She SUOeeded nnd then telephoned to containing a report of the university
icveral neurby citizens, who guarded commission surrendered himself to
the plaoe until Inter In tho day. the authorities this morning.
I ,'   '.'���.',
FRIDAY,   MARCH   16,   j
Finnan   Haddie,  per  pound          10c
Codfllsh,  per pound         8 und  10c
Kippers, 3 for  	
Mackerel, No. 1, per kit  	
Fresh  Herring,  4-lb.  tins  for   	
Ocean  Haddie and  Kippered  Herring,  in large oval  tins, 2 for.
Two tins of the best Clams, for	
S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. VV. Qilchrist, Mgr.
���    A.  HARMDAN J. b.  BKYSON   ���
Hardman & Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete line of Granite, Aluminum and Tinwares.
Estimates furnished on ail Classes of Plumbing Work.
Columbia Street 823 Granville Street
Sole Agents   Monarch Ranges,
Bright Weather and Good Roads Conspire to   Make   the
Best Day of This Year���Poultry Dealers
Find    a    Ready
The   regular   weeklj   market   today fering  some   very   nice   Marshal   Neil
���.ta- on.  of ihe besl attended this year, roses.
both   as   regards   hitters   and   sellers. There   were   Seven      t       ���      Of   live
The bright weather ami th.- good con- ,\gBi    j   Riggar, of South Westmln
dltlon rn' th" roads bringing in an un- ���-,.,-.   disposed   of  si\   toting   porkers
usual number of people. ,,���. jjo. an_ n10Sf. offered by A. Gau-
The poultry supply  was exceptional- din   were  bought   at   once  by  a  China-
l.v good.    A large number of very fine man.
birds  changed  hands  at   fair  prices. The usual butchers were there and
It.   McClure,   of   .Mount    Lehman,   bad ���   brisk  Hade was done ill meats.
four    dozen    fine     Barred    Plymouth
Hocks   which   found   a  ready   sale
Hong  W... of Lulu  island, at  $9.60  per Und;   _ ,    , . . ,,    ,    .,
dozen, and u fine lot of Light Brahmas lltfcre(i
brought in by w. Chapman, of Brownsville,  were  soon   snapped  up.     lira.
Dunmore, of Central Park, had a
I breeding pen of Pekin clucks, two
'.lucks and  a drake, which brought the
Many crates of ""'; ml' lr,c; 0o<1' 1""h ,lel'" Sl'a :	
.   . black, nt  Ine and Se, respectively; ooli-
�������������������������������������������������������������������������* ������������������������������������������������������������^^^
: Grand Opening  Display ot\
x New Goods To-morrow
An  unusual  feature of the markei
was the entire absence of fruit  of an.'
if apples being
Monk & Co.'s fish stand was well
Supplied with a choice anil varied asv
BOrtment, including fresh spring Bai-
mon. lhe first of the season, at, white.
ifulr  price  of  $4.50.
! general    poultry   were
bought   up
Polish Your Furniture
win Johnson's Prepared Wus-  " I'ft'-
serves uii.l limit's enil ii.ilur... n.ie.ny et
the wood, it proeliit'i's ii rich, tirtistie
tlntsh. lo tthii'ti elirt anil elusl will not
adhere. Just try it -nil you mil see how
much heller It ,s than uuy oilier polls!..
Prepared Wax
Is "A Complete Finish and PolUn for All
Wood.'' Use it on your floor* und woodwork, too. Johnsiin'H Powdered Wai is
for all dancing floors.
You can get Johnson's free book. The
Proper Treatment for Floors. Woodwork
and Furniture" uudthettepreparauonsiof
Anderson & Lusby*
��� |j Ladies' Ready to wear Goods,
Millinery, House Furnishings,
The day given u
Spring goods.
We extend this invitationt<
the display of our new stocK ���
ill to visit our stor
to morrow and view for the first time our newstockof I
Dress Muslins, Neckwear, Etc.
"'Our Stock is now complete.    Everything opent
out for to-morrow's display. ,
;  We will be pleased to answer all inquiries and
'our new stock in every Department.
show X
Columbia Street
New Westminster
Mills and Factories
cans, Mo;  smells, Sc;  clams, ;ic;  hall-
, but, Sc;  steelheads, lOe;  shrimps,  16c,
Other poultry dealers were noticed:  S.  and a new flelioaey, ready cooked, KiP
\V.   Ii.   Patterson,   of   Mount   Pleasant,
|!ind   ahlpped   to   Vancouver.
Qrey, Ol the Scott  road;  J. C. Hardy,
pered salmon, nt lac per pound.
of  Hon  Accord'   Mrs
Vancouver,  and   W.
Eggs    und    butter
There wus a varied list at the an.'- New  Westminster,  March  16,  1806.
G. Whalley, of
Livingstone,   of Hon sale, though-buyers were not very Mjs worship Mayor Keary, city:
plentiful.    .1. Came,-,,,,, of Sapperton, Dear    si,v__w,,,    the    undersigned
were    plentiful  '''"'. ." r';l,l>le ��f horses for ****��� ,"" citizens, request  your worship to call
Saturday   Snaps
though eggs wer.- not quite so much
in evidence us last week. Mrs. S.
Smith,   Mrs.   Reld,   Mrs.   Taylor,   Mrs.
Wbitwoi'th   and   Mrs.   it.  W.
were   at   their   usual   siands
I Electric Supplies. Wires, Cords, Etc. jjj
Incandescent  and Arc  Lamps. \
.Whitworth,   of   Ladners,  also   had   a
small offering of dressed fowls, which
could only get his price for one. A
buggy brought $9.50, a set of harness
j$2.60, a cow $42, a team of farm horses
and harness $210, while an incubator
and brooder, offered last week, brought
Write us for   Estimates   on   complete Plant. *
Large Stock of Supplies and Apparatus carried >;
at Vancouver and Rossland. �����!
this  week.
..��� following are the prices quoted
of 20c per pound. ,,v lh" llli"���k,���, ,'l,,rU:   I!l"'f' "re l"1"-'
Although the late frost has spoiled "',s' '""' "' B%��i l""'1^ s^ "> 9C" ^eal-
most of th-outdoor flowers, there was ''"' Per ��> ��� potatoes, $11 to $16; car-
a good display of hot house flowers. rot8> **'��� mangolds, $n per ton; tor-
!���'. Ilavies. of liurnnliy, hud a very fine nil)S. 50c; parsnips, 75c; beets, 76c;
Bhow of violets, sweet peas and carna- ""'""���' Jir'�� i>er Sll0k: ha>'. *10 Per
lions. He also had early rhubarb and Um- eggs, 25c per dozen; butter, 36c
1-adlshes. Mrs. Tidy had hyacinths, pel lb.; fowls, $8 to $a; chickens, $0
sprint; onions and radishes, while J. to $7: ducks, $12 per dozen: apples.
Mull-head   contented   himself  with   of-  $1   to $l.r,n  per box.
jf Canadian General [Electric Co., Ltd. |
a public meeting to consider the ques
Hon of the appointment  of the new
m na'er  for  British Columbia.
I Signed I
.1. a. Cunningham.
\v. it. Gilley.
Nels Nelson.
M. \v. Mlntborne.
\v, .1. Mathers,
A. .1. Holmes.
.lames  G.  Croll.
C. S. Richmond.
J. D. Taylor.
E. D. Sawyer.
D. S. Curtis.
A. B.  White.
In accordance with the above petition, I hereby call tt meeting of the
ratepayers tor the purpose stated, said
meeting to lie held In the council
chamber on  Su!urday,  the   17th   inst..
Good all wool Sweaters
in Navy and
��� Cardinal
Men's regular 1.25.
Boy's regular 1.00.
Colored Shirts
Men's regular 1.25.
Men's regular 1.00.
Saturday's price 90c
Saturday's price 50c
Saturday's price 75c
Saturday's price 50c
\V.  11.  KKAHY,  Mayor.
City Hall, March IB, 1906.
Office Supply
Sole Dealers
Remington  Typewriter
Two   Odd   Volume...
The   book   .lone   by   a   French   nif.iiU
Bumper  House  Expected at Well   Pre- who instead of writing the  words cut
pared  Entertainment. the letters from  the vellum  page and   B
formed a sort of Stencil has ,ts opposite
An  excellent  programme has  been m a gwe,nBh translation of the four
prepared    for    St.    Patrick's concert, gospels, which was done In gold and
which   is  to  be  held   in   St.  Patrick's ,ilver leaf.    The initial letters are cut
hall   tonight,  and  it   is  thought  that from thi* sheets of beaten gold done In
a bumper house will reward the com- delicate tracery, while toe body of the
mlttee which has worked so hard to _^^XX^V^VLZ      Elghty aCre8 be8t "iir' "f """;' ���
make the affair a  success.    The pro- atoM(ve whlch ,n 8plte of the _ndo_bt-   Wpallty.      Every   fool   under  cultlva-
gramme  for  the  evening's  entertain- (,,| antiquity ,,f tlie i������,k has not  lost   Hon and  well  under-drained;   only   12
men!  is given below: Its   powers.     Most   freak   bonks   were   miles   from   New     Westminster,   mar
Ii. marks by ihe chairman. .Dr. C. B. evidently done to perpetuate the name school, railway and main trunk  road.
Doherty of the Ingenious owner, but this carries  can  be  boughl   if you  call  early  for
Overture    D'Arcy's  orchestra absolutely   no   Information   as   to   its ���n|y_
Minstrel  Boy. ���'       L8^81 ""l^e moderll freak Is the output of        $8000 on    terms
a  Lyons silk  weaving firm  and  Is  a      Adjoining property was sold at $125
1    prayer   l,.���,k   In   which   the   letters   are   |i(,,. .���.,.���     TWg ,��� ,������. ���f ,,���. y,.y, f(,w
Our cut price on Overcoats holds good  for
Saturday also.
The Cash Clothier
Solo       Mr.  Lister
Solo���Killarney Mrs.
Violin solo���La Sereneta. .Mr. Parnell   woven into tlie silk.   But one copy was
. ".     .     , ,   ., ,    .    .     ,, ���   places for  sale in  the  whole ol   Helta
Mrs.   made of  the Im i;, ami  this Is  in  tlie  '
Typewriter Supplies
Typewriters Repaired
Adding Machines "liurrough's"
Office Desks and Furniture
I.niise-Leaf Ledgers
Office Stationery
Elliot!  Addressing .Machines
:; 625 Hastings Street
Vancouver, B. C.
Polo���Kathleen     Mavourneen .
Solo���Come   Hack   to   Erin.
ship  Mayor  Keai
Solo���Dear Little Shamrocle
Overture���Irish     Selections
Kerry Dance	
government library at Paris.
Apply quickly to
llis Wor- 	
I'liyftieiil   Culture-.
A   rational   system   of   physical   culture should  insure  to  every   man  and
wompn who adopts It a perfectly erect.
D'Arcy's  poised figure, u straight Bpine, a broad,
dee], and capacious chest, uplifted and   Agents. Tel.  106. Columbia St.
Mrs. Watson   flexible, and harmonious development
g0l0       Jir,  i.ister   ��f all the muscles.    He or she should
Solo-^Can'l; Forget....Mrs. Diamond be easy "'"' f:n"','ful in e!ery m��V
r. .,,,,,-��� , llll'lll.    possessed    of    lUHl'I.C'll    IllllSi.'llliir
Duel    Spanish Manulo..Misses Lavery ,      , ,     ,., ,    ,,,
[lower and endurance, splendid health
''""' Lewls' and  a   voice  of  notable  equulfty   und
Solo���Eileen   Alnno Miss   Miinii   .,,���,.,-
Violin  solo���Song  ti-j,nout   Words.. g0 M1UCU  would the rational system
Mr.  Parnell. of physical development do for those
Solo���Pat Malloy His Worship who followed It, and any method which
wiii not ac .lisi. aii of these things, designs arriving daily
even  for lis  least   promising students,
Is iii so much incomplete and fulse. The
object of physical culture methods is
to render the body a more perfect instrument, more strong, inure enduring,
more obedient, tee the com mis of the
will.���Outing Mau'iizine.
Mayor Keary.
Double Irish .jig i lend", .-on  Ilros.
God   Save  Lho King.
Four   Men    Buried   Alive.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance iV- Real Kstate
In   New Westminster
I carry the most  complete
stock in the City.     Spring-
Also complete line of room
mouldings and plate rails.
: :-^~ :^: ;���������: :^: r-^: :������-; :-���-; :������-: ;^r r-^: :������; i-��-i r^: !������:>���; ;^: :-^i :-*���! i-^; i^ i-^; i-^. :^;i-��; ;^ij��i_:-��^ t-��; :^: ;���������" :^k r-��; ;-^: :^r :-^: r-��-: :���������: r-o: i-^; :-��^ r^: t-*c ;-������: :-^; :-^; i-*-. i^ti-��; i-^: _���; j��t:;-��"
Halifax. March la.���While excavating in a gold mine at Midillelield.
(linens county, four men lost their
lives, being burled alive. They were
all  natives of Nova  Scotia.
House Painter   and   Decorator
Before selecting material to make the
Misses' and Children's Dresses call and let
us show you what we have in the ready
made lines.       Infants'  wear  a specialty.
J A. J. BIRTCH. 275 Columbia Street *
I Houses and Lots I
;���; In Every Section of the City. |
Made on
City Real [state
I,...ml. uu.I  Live I.onit.
It  has been aptly said  that there Is   SlXth   St.,   Columbian    IilOCK
nut the remotest corner of the Inlet nt   ���
; the minute i.i'eei.l vessels of the human
| body that does not feel some wavelet
I from   the  convulsions  occasioned  by
good hearty laughter.  The life princi-
' pie of tlie central man In shaken to Its |��-.��................
Innermost depths, sending new tides of   __,-,,        _       ,
life and Btrength to tbe surface, thus   For First Class  Repair   Work
materially   tending   to   insure   good
health   io  the   persons   who   indulge
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Mamtfacluiers  and Dealers in  All Kinds  of
Lumber,   Lath.   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors.
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stcck Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone  12. New Westminster.
For a term   of years, re-   therein. The blood moves mure rapidly
payable  in   monthly   in-  and convoys a different Impression to
stallments, with' the
privilege of making excess payments on principal each month.
Grtfe Me a  Trial.
Straight Loans
all the organs of tlie body as It. visits
the'in cm that particular mystic journey
when  the  man  is  laughing  from  that
conveyed ut other time*   Pot this rge
Bviu e-v.-ry geeoo. in-arty laugh In which
a person Indulges tends to lengthen his
lire, conveying as It .lues new and dls-    Any make or design I can repair il anil
tiuct. stimulus to the vital forces. make it good as new
Starboard  anil Port.
Why do the  Bailors call  the
One acre, live acre' and ten    ac
Kami lands ol Mi  Kinds a ml
miles oi ui ��� city,
Se,. us before.going eisewhere.   We can Bell as low if apt lower >5
than any oilier Ileal Kstate Ilea ler. Sj
Rend for list  ot  houses, lot s  and   farms. 'I1
��� blocks   |_   city and bu bur ban  S
descrlptl i     located   within   30   'J
Can he arranged on first
class   CitV   Real    Kstate  hainl side ..r th.-ship "starboard" aud I
Horace Dorer,
up to 40
ier cent, of the
Farm Loans
8t>  Columbia   Street,
B.   C
Advertise in The News
We loan freely on Improved Farm Lands,
giving special privileges
to the borrowers in the
matter of paying off, or
partial repayment
the left hand "port?"   l'or tl"' answer Late of Trorey's.
ii. is necessary to go back to the days | Columbia Street,       Next Tram Office
of the Norsemen nnd Saxons,    in the
viking   ships   the    warriors   hung   the
"bonis,"  or shields, on  Ihe side of  the
....CALL ON....
ship above the places tor their oars.
The viking himself held the Bteer oar,
which was taste 1 i i the right  hand
side of the slern.    Thus lhe right hand
side of the ship became known as the
steer side, ami as Ihe bordfl Of the war
rl.u-s were hung there ll was called the
"sieei'iioni," or starboard Bide, while
ryf the lower, or lurking side, became tho
larboard, Bord eventually became corrupted Into port.
A Hu.-.- of t..-t,,-���l,.��UtH.
Some one said ot the Welsh In the
eighteenth century every old woman
wus n genealogist, This Is still true,
for no race is truer to type, more reten
live of national  characteristics.���Lon-
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.  aoa 0utl00l��'
F.J. HART & CO.,
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
Advertise in the News
��� ������������4-*0'.������*���������������������<���.}�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Electric Railway Service j
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars   tor   Vancouver and way
stations nt ii.iiit and ti.ati a.m,.
and every hour thereafter between N a.m. ami  11   p.m.
Half-hour cars irom Vita, to 7
Cars leave Vancouver tor West
minster at same, hours.
Last car Saturday at.  11  p.m.
City Limits Line���service trom
B.80 a.m. to lu.iin p.m.
20 Minute Service���NO transfer.
Hot ween 1!! anil _ and !> anil 7.
30   Minute   Service   eluiii
nialnder ol  day.     I ransP t
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service   half-hourly   between  8   ii.   m.  and   m  p.  "'���
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line���la Minute Ber-
vice,  except   between   l-  an'l
2, ami n ami v, during which
hours the service Wlll ,,e
Sunday Service   halt-nonriy  be
tween X a.m. anil JU p-nl-
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd.


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