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The Daily News May 22, 1906

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Representatives of New Westminster Board of Trade and
City Council and Surrounding Districts   Submit
Propositions for Extension of
Electric  Lines.
' - ��� . .  .1.  c  Keith.      IV ve
io arrived here Bryi _< ,
Ith    Managing    D t-ni  from  Burnaby. The city ol  Xew
I and Gem ral   Mana j,     Sp, rl-   \\ est : ......       epresented     by
il. i;   , .... was h, k, com".
i l of  Tra le  rooms  a'  the  i anj   bj   M, ssrs.    B ml
v     .1-     lhr<,   . [_ q | ,rrj,..
of  the  ���  0	
Lh,    proposed   ��� i
to  Port   M"
���   and th,- building
Cossacks  Kill  Peasants.
Simbirak, Eastern Russia, May 22.���
t,, Ladner.    The la" ghi   between  Cossacks and   peas-
aT0US(  '    '''������      '                its   1-suiting from  th, efforts nf tl
tn, an-  an  - \i" nditure  ,,l1hnrili���c . ���
���iii,nont.".s tu m ppress an  Agrarian
���   $2;    and   th,    people  of , , ,.   -a.
Ij   concerned   in  thi ' he�� '"''�����->'"<> In 'bis vicinity.
I:  is n ported thai  four p asants  wer<
: .     memb   -     of    the l'niv' and 200 wounded.
Board were present   al  th.'  o	
v  Curtis, pr, -1 ,' ni; A. E. a    . B.   ,
���.    ,' , , Business    Blocks   Burned.
W. .1.  Math, rs. .1. A.
\.  E, Kami. Ladner      ' Uca' N' Y"  M:,-v 22.-Fire in Onc-
ented by Reeve Ladner, and onta ,his morning destroyed two busi-
Patterson    an.l    Hough. nesa   blocks   om-   of   which   included
ad Councillor Brennan ,h<- Wllber Bank and D, <t H. railroad
were '   In the interests of Co- despatched  offlce.    The contents  of
- Moody was represented the !,aIlk vaul: ar,   believed to be un-
Reev,   Perrj  Howe and Councillors j barmed.
Heavy Seas Interfere
With Building of Traps
The lacrosse match to be played at Queen's Park
between the Maple Leaf team of Vancouver and the
New Westminsters promises to attract a larcce crowd.
Final arrangements are to be made tonight at a meeting: to be held at Secretary RyalPs office.
The double referee system will be tried at this
match, A. W. Gray and C. K. Snell, of Vancouver
having consented to act.
J. J. Johnston has been appointed timekeeper,
and has been entrusted with the care of a brand new-
stop watch, especially imported from Toronto for this
match. Play will start at three o'clock, Thomas Gifford, M. L. A., hon.-president of the New Westminster Lacrosse Club facing the ball.
The New Westminster Club line up will be selected at tonight's meeting from the following thirteen players: T. Gifford, captain, C. Galbraith.'.!. Gifford, George Rennie, C. Spring. James Feeney, I.
Wintemute. W. Turnbull, L. Turnbull, B. Henry,
John Bryson. D. Digby, and Bert Galbraith.
Before the match starts the city band will parade on Columbia street for half an hour, and afterwards proceed to the grounds where they will play
during the afternoon.
Refreshments will be on sale at the grand stant
R. C. Purdy being the caterer.
Former Enemies Join With Ex-President in Determination
to Overthrow the Caceres   Government    Armed
Revolutionists Gather in Force for the
Proposed Attack.
I   I
Washington, IV C, May 22. lb-
quieting n�� ws the s at,
.1, pa, iment    thai     the    revolul
in the Wesi lndi, s d   ected
administration    of President  Can ' -   ol  Santo Domingo, led
.   i ,nf,  . a.,   taking plac,   '
 a i mix j depart-
I n's.
ills of tb,- movemenl are ,;rv,,
thej   indicate   thai     ex-Pr, -id. nl
Morales is now  ..   St. Thomas ami is
making  a  determined effort  to expel
, aceres, and regain the presidency.
Some of the leaders who were in
strumental in ejecting Morales from
offlce ar, reported to be now on his
side and many  rumors hav,   been re-
 1 of purchases of arms ami the
gathering of revolutionists   in    ports
adjacent lo Santo Domingo,
li   appears  thai   ex Presldenl    Jem-
.   is   also   taking   an   active  pan
ii. these movements ami In- lias recent-
lj  addressed several ie: i, re   to   s, c
retarj   Root   containing    Ions
m, ms ,<, d, m,,nsi,a;,   the luetic,    oi
permitting him and his partj   to make
an unimpeded , fforl to regain po
sum ,,i  ibe Dominican  rule.    A
accounts  he  waa  reported   to  i>,   in
I .  Ti,   Hi,,.
Tb, navj departmenl has forwarded
Commander Sutherland, on the
Yankee such information a-- ii has received through the state department
leaving him in full charge as to his
The advices to Hi, stale department
������ w- referred to came from the acting governor of Porto Rico and are
I,, the effect that, munitions of war
ar, being collected for an expedition
againsl San Domingo. These supplies are being shipped from Si. Thomas, British West Indies, to a place
railed Bajabon in Haytl on the coast
and very near the Dominican boundary. Tb, leaders of tbe expedition
ar, . xp, ct, d io embark from Toi lo
Rlco about  the middle of n, v.   week.
R.  Hogan,   mate   of   the   A.   B.   Oil
Pack,.:'.-   auai   the  Constance   was   in
erday.    The   work    of
n company's iu-w traps at
Sooke i ng   carried   along  slowly
.   mder a  considerable  amount of
difficulty.    The   trap  site   is  exposed
try Pacific swell, and there
Immediate shelter to be secured
irom the force of the sudden storms
which a;,  r, peatedly arising.   As soon
wind  starts  to  rise,  the  big
topheavj pile driver has to be hustled
off for tlu- nearest harbar which is the
mouth of the Jordan river. There lt
i.- neceaaary to lie until the w��i.M
subsides and the wavcs becflme stilled.
I' is expected, however, to havc the
work completed by thc time thc Boctj-
eye begin to run.
1376 Landed at Quebec.
Quebec,  May  22.���The    C.    P.    R.
steamship Mount Temple landed 1376
passengers lien- al six o'clock this
New   Westminster   Baptists   Lose   Decision   on   Argument   in   Terminal   City.
Harry Thompson of Vancouver  Mixes
With   Bad   Company   at   Gladstone Inn.
Judge Investigates
Affairs of Zion City
Brunette    Saw    Mill    Company    Open
Up   a   New   Logging
The Brunette left porl this afternoon fnr Cape Laze, not far from Co-
����<*��� The objecl of the trip was to
���;":' ;' boow loaded with logging camp
���applies to the Brunette Milling com-
!,aD.v's new camp at that point. The
sc��w  contained   a   large   supply     of
semaphores   and   switches
steel rails
*���><! workmon  will immediately be Be
" w<>rk   to   lay   about   two   mil,*   of
����<* through  the  timber    reaches.
h'  Me  is a  valuable  oiv  nnd  was
orn>erlj owned by the old E. K. Wood
of  llellingha.ii   who  through
" technicality forfeited their clalm
'' sloping it.
Body   of   Famous   Painter   Found.
Xew York, May 22.-~Papors today
on the body of a man taken yesterday
from Ihe Bast river led lo ihc belief
tbal the body is that of John Mul-
vaney, the painter, of "Custer's Last
Stand" a picture which has been exhibited   in   every   large  ciiy   of  the
i'nited States.
King Holds Levee.
London, May 22.���King Edward had
a levee In the throne room of Bt'.
James palace today. Tho Prince of
Wales, tlu- Duke of Connaught, the
cabliu-t ministers, the ambassador and
many other distinguished persons
were present.
Sherring  at  Montreal.
Itr��al, May 21���William Sherring
'":"ii;"n.  winner of lbe   Marathon
'l,v al  An,,,,,
tron> N. ��  ?or
*��>' home
arrived   in   the   City
ibis  morning on  his
Costly Blage at Ogden.
Ogden, Utah, May 22.���A fire thai
Started early today in tho house occupied by the Burton implement company destroyed half a block of business houses in Washington avenue, entailing a loss of 1350,00.
, Q .	
Empress at  Hong  Kong.
Hong Kong, May 22.���The Empress
of China  arrived  at  6:30 p.  in. today
from  Vancouver.
Many Factory Employees
Are Injured By Explosion
'�������� Vi���k May 22.���A score of men I
""��� ' '  '"  "he engine and    dynamo
"'" -Now York Glucose com-!
|,,;inl   bi   Shady   Side   on   the
1 banl< of the Hud-
son  river, were
l,ss injured today by the cx-
" "r ;l  big steam  pipe.
'""r o�� 'he building was blown
"'" wreckage caught fire.
'  ""���' thirty men  who were
building had  narrow
"<k  in   lh(.
trom   death   but   w��re  taken
out of the blazing ruins by their fellow laborers from outlying buildings
belonging to the same company.
lu the confusion which followed the
explosion many reports of serious loss
of life ware spread among fhe rela-
lives of Ihe employees who with other
spectators were denied access to the
Tbe extent of the disaster thus became exaggerated. Th,- company's
force nn.I firemen fought the flames
which threatened to destroy several
other   buildings   Jn   tin-   big   Glucose
A del,ale was held last evening in
the ball of the First Baptist church.
Vancouver between representatives of
lhe local Baptist Young Peoples' Bo-
ciety and representatives of the Vancouver Flrsl Ha],list church. Tlu subject under debate was "Resolved that
the exclusion of the Chinese from British Columbia is unjustifiable." The
affirmative was upheld by E. D. Lennie
and W. E. Hanlon of New Westminster
and ihe negative was sustained by A.
I. Passage and W. Short of Vancouver.
The judges were, E. V. Morgan. .1.
W. Little, Matheson and Dr. Rugg. The
debate was well sustained by both
sides and lhe judges were absent for
a considerable length of time before
they came in with their decision. Their
Verdict was eventually given in favor
of the negative.
The New Westminster party left the
ciiy ai (i:50, the car going by the old
route and picking up its passengers en
route. The ear was comfortably filled and the young folks kept things
lively by music and singing both going
and coming. On arriving at the hall,
an address, and a shorl season of
music and songs was spent before tbe
debate commence,I. While lbe judges
wei'e arriving at a decision a duel was
rendered by Messrs. Atkins and Chit-
lick. After ihe literary portion of the
entertainment had been disposed of, a
social iim,- was speni ami refreshments were passed around, while people became acquainted. Quite a number of ex-New Westmlnsterltea were
present and .seemed delighted to be
among old friends one. again. The
parly reached home before midnight
and broke aboul even on lhe expense
of Ihe car. If is expected thai lhe
Vancouver young Baptists will pay a
return visit to Ilie Royal City in the
nol   distant   future,
Following lbe H. Y. P. U��� car was
another special car, which bore a
white streamer in front upon which
were the words, "Epworth League Excursion." The parly were ill the charge
,,f Reverends W, li. Barraclough am!
A. ,1. Hrace. Their destination was
Wesley Church Vancouver, where an
Epworth League rally was being held.]
There was an immense number of
Epworth LeagUera gathered there and
the feature of the evening war, an address   by    Rev.   Dr.   A.   C.   Crews   of
Toronto im eminent Epworth League
worker on Ihe work and growth of the
league. The second address was equally Interesting and was given by R,v.
Dr. Potts on the manner ln which the I
International Sunday school lessons
arc compiled. Dr. Bolts ls a member
of lbe International Sunday school lesson committee and gave a most in-j
siructlng talk. J
Harry Thompson, a Vancouver
Sport was relieved of J] So last Sunday by some chance acquaintances.
Too much had liquor was the cans,.
of bis displaying his wad of bills, and
a barkeeper wiih an _ye to easy money
did the rest in partnership wiih a
n,'i, l character from the red lighl section of the town.
Harry   came  over   here   on   Sunday,
and   started   in   io  have  a  good  time
in   the   restricted   district.      After    a
while, it  was proposed that he should
lake  a trip  to the  Gladsone  Inn.  and
accordingly Thompson and one of the
women  took the car and  hied  them-l
selves to this noted resort.   On arriving there, Thompson, like a true nportj
Set  up ihe drinks for everyone around j
the  bar,   which  was  doing  a   roaring'
business, even if it was Sunday,    in,
barkeeper was most  attentive, to the
Wants of his client and plied hlm wiih
liquor, until  he became hazy.    At  this
point,   it   is   alleged,   Thompson's   fair
Companion and lhe barkeeper began to
relieve   the  sport   of   his   superfluous
cash, and In a  tew minutes, he found
himself minus I lie sum of $180, which
tlie  booze slingcr and the girl divided
between them.
The   sequel   came   when     Thompson
recovered his senses, and laid a eon,
plaint before the police ai Vancouver,
v ho arrested Curry, th, barkeeper on
,. charge of sieaiiug the money. Chief
Mcintosh was notified, and he called
upon   Ihc   woman  in   ibe  case,  and   gol
Ler to admit in r share in ihe robbery.
Sh,. Claimed to have bi'eii given $76
as her share of lhe proceeds, but she
said that Curry hail the I'eSL of the
When   the  case  came    up    before!
Magistrate   Alexander     iu   Vancouver!
this morning, the girl  wius presenl  as;
chief witness.    W. .1. Dowser appeared
for   Curry,   and  O.   E.   Cane  watched
the case in the interest of the woman,
although Bhe was nol  charged.    .1. A.
Russell   appeared   for   the   complaint,
and   afler  hearing  the   evidence,    the
magistrate dismissed Un- case, ns there
was not. BUCcienl  evidence fo convict
the accused.
Chicago,  HI..   May  22.���Judge Lan-I
,',is today in tbe United Slates district
curl issued an ordeT restraining Wil
l,nr <;. Voliva and all of Voliva's attorneys, agents ami employees from
disposing of or in any manner dissipating the estate of Zion Ciiy. An injunction previously issued enjoining
counsel for Voliva from attempting to
secure ihe dissolution of nn injunction
in the siale court which prevents
Vollva from interfering with Dowlej
v as dissolved by the court.
Judge Landls said that he preferred
In preserve the ,slate under his own
order. In making this order Judge
Landls said .that the agents who had
len appointed by him for the pur
p,,s, ,,f examining into the condition
���t affairs at Zlon City had reported
lo him that the Zion City Industries
can make money, that there has been
no misappropriation of funds and that
under proper management the estate
Can I he made to pay one hundred cents
on the dollar.
Boy Swept Through Pipe.
Helena. Mont.. May _L���A lll-year-
old boy named Poller came uninjured
ibrough a thrilling ordeal at the new
Missouri river dam which Is under
construction near here. While playing on one of the temporary structures
above the dam he fell info the river.
The 1100 or more workmen made
frantic efforts to rescue the lad, but
lu- was swept into one of the six S-
fool pipes which are temporarily conveying the main channel of the river
under Hie workings of the dam. The
Missouri is at Ihe high water stage and
Hi, boy was swept 300 reel below the
dam before a boat could reach it. The
boy was picked up. supposedly dead,
hut soon came around and was found
to be none lbe worse for his trying experience beyond a f, w bruises. He had
kepi his mouth closed while passing
through the pipe, which Is about forty
feel long, and Ibis fuel Undoubtedly
saved  tiis life.
Mine on Fire Again.
Lane, France, May _1!. Kin- has
again broken oul lu lbe Courrleres
mines, where Ihe disaster Ot March
I-, lasi occurred. The new outbreak
is causing walls to fall in ami steps
are being taken to Insure the safety
ol  the miners.
W. H. Harper of Chatham Cremated in
His  Summer Cottage  at Erie
Mrs. E. B. Lyle received advice by
telegraph yesterday that her father W.
h. Harper of Chatham, Ont., had been
burned to death in the morning. She
was not advised aa to how the tragedy
occurred, but, an Associated Press dt>-
spalch to the morning papers of today gives the particulars briefly as
Chatham, Ont., May 21.���A terrible
burning fatality occurred al Erie,
Falls this morning, when W. II. Harper, C. P. R. city ticket agent and
Dominion Express agent, met death
in his summer collage. Harper was
stopping overnight alone in lb, cot-
Mrs,   Lyle   will   probably   leave  this
afiernoon  for the bereaved  honie.
i 0	
Coroner   Adds   to   List.
San   Francisco,  Cal.,   May  __.���Four
cases  were added  to lhe coroners' list
of   earthquake  and   fire   victims  yesterday making the total number 395.
Money   Pours   into   Banks.
San   Francisco,   Cal.,   May   22.���The
anticipated  run on  tin-  banks yesterday did not materialise.   When they
opened In their town quarters they did
so expecting a rush on the part of
(he depositors and were fully prepared
to meet It. Instead of heavy demand
for payments, there was a much larger stream of depositors' and each receiving teller was far busier than the
paying teller.
Boys Damage Ground
and Appear in Court
Six boys made their first appearance In the police court this morning
to answer to the charge of having,
on May day, played ball on the cultivated piece of ground in front of
the Industrial building at Queen's
nark, after having been warned by^the
park ranger that such conduct would
rot be tolerated. The boys, ranging
from ten to fifteen years of age, appeared very ill at ease as they faced
the magistrate.
Park Ranger Robinson gave evidence,  saying that the boys did con
siderable damage to the ground, which
they had received due notice through
their teacher that they were
not to play upon. The park
ranger's evidence was questioned
by the father of one of the boys, who.
said that no notice had been given.
After listening to the evidence,
Magistrate Corbould severely lectured
the boys, and warned thrfll that If
they were presented before him again,
be would Inflict a fine in each case.
The boys were then allowed to go,
after promising to behave better ln
the future. THE DAkLY NEWS
f   -
Hon.   J.   A.   Calder   in   Budget   Speech
Shows Very  Rosy  Prospects for
New Province.
Regina, Sask, May IT.���The Hon. J.
A. Calder presented the first financial
statement of the province of Saskatchewan to the legislature today in
an exceedingly able budget speech. In
a speech which lasted just two hours
Mr. Calder fully sustained his reputation as a Iiu, nl and interesting speaker. AH hough leader of th opposition
in his reply was very bitter, this
could noi in any way be attributed to
the tone of Mr. Calder's remarks,
whicb wer,- in every respect temperate
and well considered. Mr. Calder in
reviewing the financial condition under
which tin
existence found it easy to show how
much has been gained for the people
o,"   western   Canada   by   lbe   cslablish-
ui, a- ni provincial Institutions. They
were beginning, lie reminded the
hou.-,. wlthoul a debt, and wiih a full
treasury, a great contrast to ile  eon
sible.    ll.- hoped that the question of  eventually  get   $81,563  a  year    each steel bridges on concrete foundation at
seconds.)   schools would also   ea        more than  was claimed  by the draft Saskatoon (estimated total cos: $100,-
ntlon in ihe near future, and that   bill.   Summarizing the figures he bad  -  Haul,-ford  (estimated total cost
Instead of being on the same basis aa   given,   Mr.   Calder  showed   thai   the|$200,    Prince   Albert   (estimated
tin- elementary schoo ^ a special .-.ri.'- two provinces are at lhe present time total cosl of enlarging C. N. R. rall-
<,.' Btudy would be arranged and spe- receiving in all $1,310,750 from the way bridge for traffic purposes $50,-
bial grants provided. Dominion treasury, whereas, under the'000; construction of .small steel
There wer,.. many oilier problems draft bill assuming that $1,000,000 bridges, steel and timber, $125,000;
ihat he might touch upon, bin he had had been charged against them on ac- maintenance and repairs, $80,000; road
dealt with thos,- which seen,,,! to him count of debt, tiny would have re- improvements, grading and culverts,
i,, be i���-,si Important, and with which celved only $605,375, the bettermenl $100,000; ferry accommodation, $30,-
the house have to .hal before very thus being for the two provinces $705,- 000; surveys and compensation for
long, sonic "f them be hoped at the 375 annually at he present, while right of way, $80,000; boring and test-
next session.                                                 after the population is 800, ) in each ing of water, $40,000;  fire guards, $6,-
province the advantage compared with 000; ditches and drains, $15,000; tools
inancia a ers. ^ (]l.aft ^j woul(1 De $434,251:10 an- implements, warehouse stock and la-
Coming to matters of finance, Mr. ri|.(llv tQ each 1)rovince [or all time. bor, $10,000; inspection of public lm-
Calder said the bulk of the revenues ot ft 8pemed tQ ^ ^ gQ far as p..0VemelUS) $i0,000.
the province came from the dominion ih(jge {eatures of lhe aut0nomy bill The amount to he devoted to educa-
government, and the remainder from 1^ concernu(1 thev must reasonably tion is $289,800, including grants to
local sourcs.   The contributions from cmw [(> ^ conchlsion tha1 the pro. schools $250,000, and education, main-
' vine bad been very fairly and even tenance and transportation of deaf
generously treated by the Dominion mute.s and blind pupils, $10,000.
government. It had been said that, the The amount voted for agriculture
draft bill asked for impossible things, and staiistics is $122,200, of which
and in some respects that statement I $27,500 is for the promotion of in-
was well founded. The framers of the terest in agriculture generally, and
bill were wise probably to ask for $65,000 to assist the dairy industry.
everything In sight though they did The vote of $27,500 for the promo-
not expect everything to be grained tlon of inter,-si in agriculture is coin-
by the Dominion government but even posed of $21,null expenditure under tho
they did not ask such generous tinan- agricultural societies act, $5ii0 to pro-
cial terms as had been actually given
sources, provided for by the Saskatchewan act, the Di,minion Lands act, and
the Chinese Immigration act. Under
the last named act, the province re-
province is  beginning its celved small sums spasmodically, re-
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
presenting 25 per cent, of the $500 tax
paid by the Chinese coming direct, to
the province from china, and under
the Dominion Lands act they receive!
the inters! which accumulated to the
school lands fund created by the sale
of  school   lands  In  the  province,  the
dition of affairs under the territorial receipts from that source tor the pre
regime, when the history of the gov- senl  being estimated at  $65,000
ernmenl  was on,   continuous .story of     Tbe   principal
of a 3truggle for financial recognition
!,., the federal authorities and of yearly deficits.
Th,- financial relations between the
province and the Dominion, he thought
were now satisfactory even to the
gentlemen opposite and for the present condition Of affairs ihey had to
thank the leader of the opposition and
his colleagues, Senator Ross and Lieu-
ii nam Cow ruor Bulyea, for tlie ability
with which a.s members of the terri-
revenue, however,
were derived under the provisions of
the Saskatchewan act, and came from
live sources, the grant in support of
governmenl and legislation, which was
fixed ai $50,1100 annually for all time,
the debt allowance, which was also
fixed and perpetual, would amount, to
$405,375 annually; the per capita allowance, perpetual and increasing on
a basis of ISO cents per head of the
population,   yielding   $200,000   on   the
pr, seal assumed poi,illation of, 25b,-
torial assembly they had impressed up- 000, and increasing until the popula-
(-ii authorities at Ottawa the claims tion reaches 800,000, when it will proof this country, and also the western duce $640,000 a year; the general gram
members of parliament, particularly '" lieu of land, also permanent and
the Hon. Frank Oliver and the present increasing with the population, and
leader of ibis government. yielding $375,000 al presenl and event-
No man In ihe Canadian parliament "ally $1,125,000 when the population
had done more to educate the people reaches 1,200,000, and the special
,,; the easl regarding the needs of the grant for building purposes, which
wesl iban his leader did as member would continue for five years only
Eoi   Wesi  Assiniboia, and ii was large- nnd produce in all $468,750.    Each of
vide for assisting agricultural societies
to establish agricultural libraries, and
$3,000 to promote agricultural and live
siock   Institute   work.     The   $65,000
voted to assist the dairy industry is
made up of $5,000 for general services,
$10,000  to   be   expended   In  loans   to
creameries for purchase of machinery,
which loans are to be repaid by installments;   and  $50,000 for advances for
milk and cream to be recouped out of
i the proceeds of sales, to be placed to
1 the credit of the general revenue fund.
The   Land   Question.
Dialing with the greal bone of contention between the two parties in the
house, the land question, Mr. Calder
quoted the utterances of Mr, Haultaln
and his friends to show ihat their contention during the election campaign
was nol the position ihey originally
took. Mr. Haultaln, In 1897, said this
was a political question, nol a con-
si inn i,mal question, and one which depended upon the amount of pressure
the west, was able to exert at Ottawa,
and   later  he  said  that  provided  the Rockefeller   Going   to   Europe,
compensation was adequate it mighl New York, May 21.���The continued
lie better to leave the administration niness of his daughter, Mrs. Charles
ol" the lands In the hands of the Ot- A strong, and of his brother, William
tawa government. Rockefeller , both  of    whom are    in
Thai the compensation was adequate France, is said to have made John D.
he thought, was beyond question, and Rockefeller consent to a trip across
this vdew was so strongly held by'the tfcg ocean. Those who have talked
other provinces that they were using it! witn him al)0Ul the proposed journey
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,   }
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,   Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
say that he will sail on May 31 on the
British Columbia, $35,000 annually;
Prince Edward island, $30,000 annually and Saskatcliwau, $50,000 annually.
Under the draft bill a grant of $50,000
for the one province which it proposed to establish was asked for, and
the two new provinces were thus get-
ly due to his energy and ability in
bringing the possibilities and the
needs of western Canada before the
house of commons that the province
found Itself In such favorable circumstances today.
Practical  Problems.
Having spoken of the general prospects which the province is enjoying
of tlm happiness and content of the
people, of the healthy condition of
business, the rush of Immigration, of
the railway development, and of the
record crop of last year, Mr. Calder
touched upon .son,, of the problems
which must be faced by the government, and said it was practical problems and not oris and academical or
even constitutional questions. The
transportation question, for instance,
was one of immense importance to
the country, and al;hough al present
the government had not been able to
do very much In this regard, It was
a matter which was pressing for con-
sideration and a matter witli which
the government would have to grapple
vigorously. Last fall a very serious
condition was created In the southern
ol the province by the grain
!, loi 'bad,-, but he hoped that in the
near future the Grand Trunk Pacific,
the extension of the C. N. H. and Mr.
Hill's road would provide the competition which was so necessary to se-
i ..    a satisfactory service.
Tl quetion of good main roads
ther matter ol Importance
wblch th, governmenl fully recognized
and then was also the water ques-
h was a very real ami pressing  problem to his own constituency
Of   South   Regina   and   a1   Moose  Jaw.
Th, i ��� was also I h, question of municipal . . :. tlon. ll" considered the
time was ripe for the ext, nslon of the
powers ol the municipalities, especially in the other portions of the province, and while he did noi mean!
thai so elaborate a system as thai ln
vogue .a the eastern provinces should
',��� established, he though, it would be
to the benefit of the community If a
cheap ami slmpl, bj item of municipal government were established. With
ibis object in view a sum of $5,(100
bad been provided in the estimates
to del ray the expense ,,1 a commission to hold an enquiry and ascertain
wha: municipal system would besl
ne el  the need . of the province.
Educational   Affairs.
Another practical problem to which obtained much better terms under the
Mr. calder drew attention was in the Saskatchewan acl than wen. proposed
maiiii. of education.    There mlghl  be by the drafl bill.
a differ.ne,   ,,i  olnion  he said as I , Under the latter the alowance toi
i lie  proper ayBtem  of education,  bul one province al 80 cents per head of
'   en  one would agree thai  whatever population would hav been on an as-
system   they   bad   it   was   the   duly   of siinnd    population   of   2511,1,1,0,    which
the governmenl to se,   thai the child-  would have given $200,  al  the be
ren  of the countr;   h.,d  the  full  ad- ginning, while the provisions for an
vantages  of It.    The  northwesl   gov- Increase   of    population    placed    the
ernmenl was handicapped by the lack maximum    at    $1,116,-72.80,    Againsl
of funds, and there w.re many settle this, under the Saskatchewan and Al-
ments    of foreign people   altogether berta    actB, the two provinces    now
wlthoul schools, bul it  was bis Inten- each   received   $200,01111,   and   would
tion as minister of education to see eventually gel $640,000 a year.   They
lhal    schools   were   established    Wher- wen-  each,  therefore,  $100,000 a   year
ever Ihey were need, d as soon as DOS- better off, for the present, and would
ib.ese items of revenue Mr. Calder
compared with the sums received on
the same account by other provinces,
and also with what would have been
received if Mr. Haultain's draft bill
bad become law.
Under the heading of support of
governmenl and legislation the pro-
vines received grams as follows: grants annually and for all time, the
Ontario, $80,000 annually; Quebec, oposition would have had the province
$70,000 annually; Nova Scotia, $60,000 own the public land, and what would
annually; Xew Brunswick $50,000 an-U^elr policy had been? With the neces-
inially;    Manitoba, $50,000   annually;   sity of raising the money now received
as   an   argument   for   an   increase   of
iheir own subsidies.   The interest on Hamburg-American liner Deutschlam
the schol land fund, as he had said,|
was expected to yield  $65,000 In the  r
present year, and as general item in   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lieu of land  the province would this
y,ar receive $375,000, with an increase
when  the  population reached  4o0,000
to   $502,000;    when   the     population
reached 8QO.OO0 to $750,000, and when
ihe   population   was   1,200,000  to   $1,-
125,00O.    Instead    of receiving   these
from the Dominion ln lieu of lands,
ihey would have been obliged to sell
the lands, and that In such large quantities that they would have been obliged to seek the buyers, not among
the people who would become settlers,
but among speculators, which he did
ling just double the amount which the not think Would be desirable, although
Dominion government was asked to
giant. As to the debt allowance the
draft bill provided that the payment
should be based on a population of
250,000 in the territory now comprising the two provinces so that in that
respect also the province was receiving double the amount proposed. There
was a provision In the draft bill for a
readjustment, but that was a request
which, judging from the experience of
other provinces would have been almost certainly refused, and there was
an indication that the federal authorities in fixing the debt allowance
would charge against the provision a
considerable portion of the large
amounts of money which had been
spenl In opening up and develplng
the  counl ry.
Thai idea was given voice to by the
present leader of the opposition In al toria]
speech which he made in thai chain-
b.i in May, 1900, when he dealt wilh
the autonomy queBtion, and said: "We
must noi forget there is another side
to tb,- ace,mm. When we make a
claim for allowance on account of
ib,- provincial debts assumed by the
Dominion, we shall be met with
.counter claim in respect to ihe debt
the government if the necessity arose
would not be afraid to go into debt.
In the estimates for the coming year
due regard had been had for economy but there had been no niggardliness and the government had recognized thai, wise expenditure was true
economy. The total estimated revenue
$2,040,329.82 and the expenditures
$1,686,032.69, leaving an unappropriated surplus of $354,207.15.
Local Resources.
Coming to local sources of revenue,
Mr. Calder indicated that, in future
ihe example of Manitoba in taxing
corporal ions and railways might, bo
followed by tho province, and said
lhal lhe total revenue from all
sources were estimated for the currenl
year as follows: Balance brought forward, $5ic,,7oi; payments on terrl-
account, $26,000; Dominion
grains and subsidies, $1,124,125;
Bchool lands fund, $65,000; liquor licenses,     $15,000;    land    lilies     ot'liees,
$75,0,111; reimbursements advanced for
milk,   $50,000;    Interesl    on   bank   balances, $25,000; ball insurance, $40,000;
other   local   sources,   $13,500;   making
;l   a total of $2,040,329.82.
Increased   Expenditure.
igmning rebruary
-   -   -  Every Day in the Year   "   -   -
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
"The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
U.K. 10SS
For detailed information, rates, etc., call on or address
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
incurred  by lhe  Dominion on accounl 1
ol the territories.   The Domini,,,, rot-I    TurnlnS,to ihe oilier side of .he ac
���mini   Ihey  would   lind   ihat   ihey  had
territories,   The Dominion gov
, ininenl, however, treated the province
ia a very generous way. and nol only
gave tb.- province ibe same allowance
as lhe drafl bill asked for the largo-
area, but wiped the Blate clean and did
nm charge them one dollar for the
several millions ihey spent in opening
Up and developing this country, From
lhe pei- capita  allowance lhe province
increased expenditures as well as increased revenues.    This, however, was
nol  surprising, for while they were all,
anxious  for the establishment  Of provincial    Institutions     In     this     pari
of      Western      Canada       they     all
recognize     thai      with      provincial
instil a, ions there    would    come    Increased    burdens and  responsibilities.
And a glance al  the estimates would
show  that the governmenl   had  tried
to provide   for ih"-1'   responsibilities.
There would be no necessity for going:
inn, debt either al the present time or'
i'or   the   next     few   years   because     lie,
il,,night   the revenues 01'  the  province
would  for some time to come be sui
licit -ut   lo  provide   for  all   branches  of
lbe  public service.
The   Estimates.
'I'be estimates for the year submitted
in   ibe  legislature   today   provide   tor
very   liberal   grams   for  public  works
Improvement, including   the following Sign
Items:     $150,000   for  construction  of1 Columbia St.
Notice to
the Public
I am now open to buy
all kinds of Second Hand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
All business promptly
attended to.
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
���_ = Limited :
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
Man on  Wheel.
Now Westminster.
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
Ornamental trees anil shrubs In great variety, evergreen and
en from 2 to (', reef..   Roses, paeonies,   rhododendrons,    privet,
green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.
ALEX. SPECK I    D. M. Robertson & Sons
gold- !���!
over- ;J
Tynehead Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER
Thursday   ..]
1.28 | 12.S I
_, ana 6 and v, during *n**
ne   W11 TUESL""
Regulations for Disposal
^Mineral ��n Dominion Lands in
Manitoba the Northwest Territories
*V the Yukon Territory
1 ���Coal  lands  may    be    pur-
hase_ at $10 Per acre for soft coal
anthracite.     Not   more
es can be acquired by one
01   company.     Royalty at
t(  ,,   ten cents per ton of 2000
I  i��� collected on the gross
nutpul , ���   ,
-Persons      of     eighteen
nu   over and joint stock com-
���  ,lding tree miners' certificate.
ni.,11: entry for a mining location , .r .
......  1;  ��� v rtincate is granted
... ,,- more years, not exceeding
gve ui""1 payment in advance of $- 51
.er'annun loi an individual, and from
<���-, to $100 per annum for a company,
according        capital.
y- free miner, having disccwe-cr
minera in pV* may locate a claim
jtooxiw fee] by marking out the!
Jn,,. with two legal posts, bearing
fjcatioi notice^ one at each end of
di, iuu  or tl"' l��de, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within ,
,-j,..,.,   a; vi  if ocatcd within ten nil.es
mining recorder's office, one ad-,
diti'niia    daj   allowed   for   every   ad-
Jitiona   ten  miles  or fraction.     Thc
je, foi recording a claim is $5-
j kio must be expended on
.:i.   n    each  year  or  paid  tc,  the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
|,M  ha    been expended or paid, tin
.     upon   having   a   survey
.        and upon complying with other
���,,.;..    ents,   purchase   the   land   at
^   -mission may be granted by the
��� ���   of   the   Interior   to   locate
aining iron and mica, also
c ppei    :   the Yukon Territory, of an
.      -   .   ��� ��� : ceding ]6o acres.
The  patent  for  a  mining  location
ie  for  the   payment  of  a ���
; .  .  per rent, of the  sales!
he pro lucts of the location.
Pi ���. MINING���Manitoba and I
T., excepting the  Yukon;
rj    Placer mining claims gen- j
.     .     ������   100 feet square,  entry  fee
��� .early.     On the North
-.he-wan River claims are either j
rich, the  former being  100'
[  and extending between high
��� watermark.    The latter in-
bar diggings, but extend? bad;
>.   of the hill  or bank, not
.    :ooo   feet.      Where   steam
-   is   used  claims   200   feet   v a'.,
��� ".ed.
Dr,   ging   n the Rivers of Manitoba.
.   W. T.. excepting the Yu-
 y���A free miner may ob-.
leases of five miles each
of  twenty  years,  renew-
n the discretion of the Mil   Si  1
��� 'a right is confined to the
r bars of the river
water mark, and sdb-
: J:o per mile for each
���   year.      Royalty   same   as
mining  in   the   Yukon  Tcr-
.   Ich,    river   and   hill
I n ���   exceed   250  feet  in
red on the base line or
tion   of   the    creek    or
Ith  being  from   iooo  to
All   other   placer   claims
feet square.
are   marked   by   two   legal
I tl   each  end.  bt ai ng  no-
ti y must be obtained within
'   the   claim   is   within   ten
mining recorder's office.
I v allowed for each addi-
��� or fraction.
or company  striking a
1  hold a  free  miner's cer-
\, rer  of a  new  mine  is
a   claim   of   1000   feet   in
'���'��� 1  ii  the  party  consists  ol
' alt,igether, on the out-
h in, royalty    shall    be
rest of the party ordin-
',.    Royalty at the rate
one half   per cent, on the
gold  shipped  from  the
'ec|      the rights of all persons who
vho may receive curies for
r  I-. 11. Ii   claims,  except
nskatchewan   River,   where
in   dredge   to   high water
���   1    h alternative leasehold.
Bhall   have   a   dredge   in
" w iti,iii ,mc season from the
'   bar  fnr  each  live  miles
a person or company has
more   than   one   lease   one
.. h fifteen miles or frae
I 1- sufficient,    Rental, $10
1,i;"n for   each   mile   of river
llty   at   the   rate   of  two
ill per cut. collected on the
r il exceeds $10,000.
King in the Yukon Territory���
s of live  miles  each  may bc
: !" a free miner for a term of
"years; also renewable.
lhe lessee's right is confined to the
,'. 'I   bar  or  bars   111   the   river
'l0��   low   water    mark, that boun-
"y'to be fixed by its position on thc
a. . ' August in thc year of thc
da'c "I  the lease.
j    ' ee  shall  have  onc   dredge
ii   within   two   years   from
:  '" of the lease, and one dredge
giving notice and  pi ��� mf   :   ���.,
Work   must   ,1     d u���   01
each yeai to if at leas  $200
certificate that worl ba been
not, th, clain h bi d sem ��� 1 i���
abandoned, anad open to occup i 11
and entry by a free miner.
Thi   boundaries  of a claim maj   i���
defined absolutely by having a su	
made   and   publishing   notices   in   tlii
Yukon  Official   Gazette,
Petroleum���-All   unappropiated  Dominion Lands in Manitoba, tin Northwest Territories and within the Yukoi
Territory, are open tr. prospei tinj
petroleum,  and   the   minister  may   re
-! 1      n   an   individual   or   c in   -
having machinery  on  the  land   I
prospected, an area of 1920 acr,
such   period   as   he   may   decide,   the
���   h of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth.    Should the proi
ptctor   discover  oil   in   paying   tjuan
titles, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area  not exceeding 640
acres,  including  the   oil well,  will   be
sold to thc prospector at the rate ol
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
bc specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Dept. Interior.
J        Milk Chocolate,
/ill    m    Croquettes, Wafers,
iill   O    Cakes, Medallions,Etc.
Cowan's Cream Bars
The  COWAN  CO.,  Ltd.,  TORONTO
Long Standing Dispute Between United   Overseer Voliva Cuts His Own Pay and
States  and   Mexico  May Be Likewise That of
Settled. Others.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & FL Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all,,
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and 0. R.
& N. Co. 1
Connects at Rossland with the Can-,
adian Pacific Railway for Boundary!
Creek points.
Connects  at    'Meyers    Falls     with
g -.   rNily for Republic.
Buffet service on trains between!
Spokane  and Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    10,
We beg to notify our friends and the public generally that we
bi ������������ engaged Mr. D. Mc-Fadden, who has been our Iceman for the nasi
two years, to deliver ice for us again this season. Unless the we;,,her
n very unfavorable you may expect a call from him about the first
of the month, when any orders you have heen pleased to place with
bim you may rest assurred will be prompt!}   carried tftft.
The B.C. Packers Association
Phone 156     New Westminster, B.C.
tion in the relations of the iwo com
Day Train
9.20 a.m. .
...  Spokane .
..7.15 p.m.
12.25 p.m.
...Rossland .
. .4.10 p.m.
9.40 a.m. .
 Nelson  ...
.. 6.45 p.m
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
Nev) Westminster, B. C.
General Passenger Agent
I   _   :  Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies thc newest and best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electi city and gas; the most
brilliantly illuminated train in tbe
world. The equipment consists ol
private compartment cars, standard
iP section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library  and   smoking  cars.
For Time  Tables,  Folders, or auy
further  information   call   on   or  write
720 Second Avenue, Seattle. Wash
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
"The Milwaukee" j
"The   Pioneer   Limited"   St.   Paul   to j
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to j
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited" I
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal [n
equipment that of the Chicago, Mil
waukee 82 St. Paul Railway, fhey
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trams ami
give their patrons an excellence ol
service not obtainable elsewhere.
Berths on their sleej -rs are longer,
higher and wider than in similar ears
on   any  other   line.     They   protecl
their trains by the Block System.
Connection   made   with   all   tram
continental lines in Union Depots.
U.S. R( >WK. General Agent,
134 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
compti  Hei
No fr
ac"   live  miles   within   six  years
���''.,1 date,    Rental $100 per mile
territory   to   be   paid   to   the
n " miner shall receive a grant
e. ,n"       'han  one  mining  claim  on
but thCParate   f'Ver'   creek   or   Kulch-
.., } "ne   miner   may   hold   any
r'f  claims   by   purchase,   and
j   ''  m,ners   may   work   their   claims
"hip   by   filing   notice   and
abai/ fee of $2-     A  claim   may  be
and  another  obtained  on
'���  creek,  gulch   or   river,   by
Northern Pacific;
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Rteamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced   Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A
We guarantee to fit you
��� or Refund Your Honey
A Full set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
Washington   D   C.   Ma 3         Chicago   Ma    21.��� W. G. Va ���
Roof   tor ih-  United 8 1       am    presenl bead oi the Ohris laj  ��� ���  b
Ambaseaao   Casaeui  fo     b,   v-   Icai    -hurch   announced to hi Bin
���nment    todaj  signed    a    treat)   zion   Ci        "esterda      I .���.-!,
"     h   U* oi :'''  ' -    '"    ranuarj  if. and Maj 19 I"  hi 1     -duced
Rio Grande which if approved bj  tl :pensei   In  the  financial  departmei
'������,ov,' what have been fo   of the church from $9,800 ������ -  |
iweniv     ���������        pa     a  source of  frlc   u   $8,832 per month.   This si    -,,   >���
snid, had been broughl about by n reduction of the working force and a ci
Fot almosl a oenturj  the Mexicans  in the salaries of those retained.   Tn
living along the lower river have made   the same manner, he said, a Baving
laage Bee Of iis waters for rhe purpose   had been made in rhe ecclesiastical de-
tii irrigating their lands. But in recefil   parttdeht   that   would  amount  to $70,-
years private companies on rhe ,,-     ���i,i, annually. Overseers, who had been
waten in the United Stares hav. bj receiving $'!<I0 per month, were re-
the construction of wing damis dl- duced to $60. The pay of Others was
verted a large pari of lhe water 10 out to proportion. His own com pen*
:),. Awriesn side of ihe river. The ,jmi under She new adjustment, Voliva
Merrioam have freferred tlftflms for said, was $100 per __dnth. Thes, ��� -
the (\hniHi.- sustained bu! so far wiile j,, said we,-, some of the details of a
oul success. reporl  which he made Saturday
committee appointed t,v Petwral Jm
Plans  of  a   Reclamation.
i.'indis to fhvestlfcatl   Che cdhftitloh of
Now "fi-   plans of the    reclamation the indusn-i.-, |��� zion Oity, folnfl an-
���i\ie<  make ii certain thai practical- nounced    the    resignation    of   John
Ij all ot the water will he retained on' a.   Exc-ll   from   the   office    of    gen
���    ���   lean    soil unless    sou,,    pr'op'er -era! eceles-iasiieni se, ������     ���   owing  to
ne ol  division can  be arranged laok  of sympaihy wiih  son,.   0     -.
The construction of ihe $7,000,000 darn aoctrfHes or the churdh.
across the Rio Grande all  Bngel, New The    condition of John    Alexander
Mexico, broughl the matter to a clii&ax Dowie yesterday was said to be |
and  red  to negotiations between  the tlcally unchanged.
iwo countries, which culminated in the . 0	
treaty signed today. Ladner Sports.
The underlying principle of the con- ^anne*, Mav lu.-The annual meet-
ven.ion is the recognition ol 1 he com- int f0|. reotgaM_ation of the Ladner
mon law right of th,   Mexicans to th,   , ,,    (,h|b> W..|K  hfi]d  m  Mond;iv
use of a fair share of ihe waters ot evening>    May   14(hf   at   (he    ghirlt.v
the  river,   bul   as   .he   United   States houfle_  wIft  a ^e  m& en1hnsiastlc
"   ,,.,r!vni   is  pul   10   the  entire  ex- n]].nou,  0]. (h(��� ^^ of om naIjoIial
.     .   of building  ih- great   dam and ^(mf>  Mu.v r(.HiVms ,h,, gtatemeht for
canals,   ihe   Mexican   share    fs    only. thf, ,   ,,.,���.   whj<.h was founfl tQ be
a  fractional  proportion  o!  the whole wrj    satisfactory,  the following    of-
flow- fleers   wer,   elected   for  the   ensiling
Many Acres of Land. year:
li  is estimated ihai  the impounded     Hon. President���L. M. Richardson,
waters    will suffice to irrigate    about1     Presldenl   and  Manager���P.  Shirley.
.00,000 acres of otherwise arid land     Vice-President���Harry Guichon.
and ii  is siipnlated thai of this total      Secretary-Treasurer���\Y. H. Wilson.
6000 feet of water, which is to make     Club Captain���J. Guichon.
arable aboul 2&.000 acres of land, will     Managemenl Committee���-Dr. Wood-
b,   delivered  OH  ihe  Mexican  side  of  ley  and    \Y. H.  Smith  with  the    ot-
the border each year. fleers.
Pot us pari the Mexican governmenl * committee was appointed to try
... th, United suites against and secure grounds for the sea on
any buH for liabilities on aeeonm of Prospe, ��� ��� very bright for a good
claim- of Individual Mexicans who sason with plehtj of matches In sight,
have so far suffered through the dl- Regular practice nights will be ar-
��� ���   sion of Wat, ranged as soon as a fleld has been Be-
Opposition to the treatj  Is ��� ���    cted cured.
or,  the pari  of sum-- of the western      At  ;, in��� ��� th,   Delta  Driving
senators, who express the belief ihat   Pars   association  held   i'i-   Saturday,
the United States is entitled to offlc he year v    1   appointed
nil of the water without compensation, an ; wa decided to hold the usual
iu view oi the greal expense to which "King's Birthda; celebratioti at Lad-
: ... n, ,��� pul bj th, worn of con ner On the 26th of June next. The
noting the Irrigating dams and principal events include:
canals, or thai II th, Mexican rlghf 2:40 trol or pace, mile heats', purse
is to be be recognized al all Its title $200.
should  be    purchased outrighl    by a     3:00 trol or pace, mile heats, pursej
payment. $150.
 o  Free for all running race, oni
mile h,:,'-'. purse, $100.
1 "t   race,  1 1'..  b tnd -   md 11
tn.ll mile beats, pursi   *_|i
In  addition  to the  foregoing
wlll be lai - --ss., football and bfi
matches,   bicycle  and   fool   ra in-
. ;;,,.        .,     ������ ...    v.,rd     |'i,..
Chin imen  for the    ch tmploi
Chlh itown.
Pollowliig is the lisi of officers:
Chairman, Wm. Livingstone; secretary
I ��� isurer, M irshall Smith; racing and
Welsh.   W.   11.
een,       W.       II.
Morality in Toronto.
Toronto, May 21���It I     ��� ���' thai
th,   ��� rown   irnej   and  morality de-
enl ol the Cltj wlll proceed al
. nc, agalnBl th, Woodbine bookmali
, 1 .. with a vie* 'o Btopjiing gambllhg
:,. 1 ,. \n action lasi yeai
��� Presldenl Hendrle of the
JockeJ club with the same obji cl In
view, failed
 0 ������
Tide Table   Fraser River   '
U  llS',,,. I- . .1.        (lla
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.     Our
Bridge Work is 22k.    Guaranteed for 10 years.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
I-..,  vVeeli Ending Via;   27.
' 11   laj
Sal 11 nl a v
Wati 1
1   M
18.16   |
��� | a,
1 a 30
5.05    |
1 '.
I'i.:-,   i
n 10
20 30
21.00    |
21.40    I
Monday ..
Tuesday .
fflgh Water  Low Water
Time   II'Kl't Time lljrht
...I    8.3
I 19.38
Friday    |    5.16
Saturday   ...|   6.43
I 21.02
Sunday    |   G.11
I 21.44
I I.s
| 10.8
I 10.5
I 12.5
10.32 I
10.68 I
0.01 1
I    2.21
Taylor, W. H. Smith, L. M. Rich:,nlso,,. p. Shirley, .1. Guichon.
Special transportation will be ar-
- ,nged tor and large postei - giving
[ul  particulars Will appear later.
Lasj  year these spoils were much
��� n h j, ,i  by  all  attending  and  it   is
hoped thai    ihis   year's   programme
will prove equal           uccessful,
��� o	
Puter   Arrested.
New York, May 21. B. \. D, Puter,
licensed of complicity Iii the Oregori
land Frauds, who has been bunted tor
months by the federal authorities .sine
ic escape] from detectives In Bosfon,
u.-is 1,1 rested in Alameda today by B60-
1,-1 service men. Puter ,li,l not willingly sui,mil to arrest, bul attempted td
draw :, revolver, The detectives quick-,
ly  covered  him  with  llieir pistols, hut
even then had trouble In getting theli
prisoner  lo  Ilie  police Station,
rule,' arrived  from  Xew  York three
days ano and wenl  lo Aleiieda.
Puter had  taken  (lie mime of .lames
William Barr and traveled under that,
I alias since leaving the East,
> O*'	
1.8 Strike   Settled.
9.0 Fort William, May 21���Th,. strike of
1.7 stone-masons and brick-layer, in Bet*
9.3 fled, the men receiving an advance of
1.9 1 1-4 cents per hour. The plumbers al-
9.5 so received a satisfactory advance, but
2.2 the carpenters are still out.
������ -�����
TUESDAY,  MA / 22.
The Dad!
,fl<c    conn
. -a- West] B. C.
:.     I
:.        ..
... --f the
.: . grasj
x-m in the n cut.
for i sen . |    o;      waa    coi
. ,wn from Hiss! ..
Con :
Board   of   Works   Reocrts   Scarcity   of
Men and  Mayor  Keary Suggests
a   Remedy.
y J.
Advertising Ra-.iv
Trar. rient   displa;
tbe  frnh.       Fl ��� ������     ��� al ������'���'-���   ''-���"
���obMquenl lona.
Beading notice ,
per line. .-    .  Fran-
For   time  contrad
tlcms, apply 1 Ber.
Noi ices,   of   births,   marriage
to let, etc.  one ceni per      William  C. Gee,      nl   a  letter   ��� -       ruling hi.-,  arrh
word       No taken  tor;, t I ..^ lhe f ��� _ a few
leH'i "i;in "'' " ��� , ,  , , sgeeted tha
cents pei Inch perl    ie (display) or if   Brl e done at Qui
reading notices, 25 cents per line per
lane.   Mo deviation from this rate for  ,
term contrai I
B Ived and
i send a     iltable re- coming hay.   It ��
' ;'i;' (''-- mayor   . _-gestion  I
Telephones. a     ���'���    }'' ''���'  < lonld be ������: Aid.
Bus,ness office   22J*rot< ,; In that lighl
Ed.torial   office      1? ' to claiming that CO   .:..- -      --���
residence    277  ��� Idlers  from  doing  a   :��� women.
 ���_  ������ lllding. Aid. Ga: I     -
Refern I  to eommitt* ��� ......
���, . ���      I'-  Qourdean,    deputy  minister    ot the wa ������-"������ ������������ L w. R.
TUESDAY, MAY 22, 1906. md flsherii ad ,; :-     nd Informed 'h-
,   lon of a water loi in the har- council   -ha:   he  had   the   necessary
of New v.-  tmin tor lnt 0f rock at 1 ��������� has
Bru       i Sa     Mill  com I to so
Under  the  head   of   new
of toda   Is to welcome i i '    "      lde- isiness, Aid. Qarrett moved thai the
rrom ^ateyer      rtl . ���    i the finance committee to emshed rodj _�� pUrchased from Gilley
;'   the men are of good character and ,        .,.,..,.,   from   R    y     ^    _^.^ ,    .^ ^    ^
the money i, used In the promotion of -,   ,.,,,���_    representing    the firm    of Kconcj arKl thinl tim���, and on motl i
the business welfare of the commun- Heenan & Frond,-, limited, engineers, ,,    \:,   Howay It was fln 11      lopf
'The ���: the New  ' '     limited,  and   requ< needed   It
Mens Flannel Coats and
Men's Negligee Shirts
Mens Washing Vests
Men's Washing Ties
Mens Straw Hats
Just the Goods Required for the First Real
Holiday of the  Year.
II �����, .tv.   ng ou   '        [van   ges ol dispos-.
Th,  vi quot, ;                 ���   - .: -' of garba            cremation, and of
, fering to tender for the erection of a
I     even  more  excellent 11 ^stroyer in thi     .
the word    ''-lay" were omitted, con- Communication  received  and  refer-
clud,    .i                       i th   Col im ilan red to 1 be hi al b committe<     i i
��� evening. New Westminster has "A Friend" wrote enclosing the hum
as read.
always   been   similarly   minded;    nor
todaj  ai ������ the plone, i - a  whit, behind
of $10 as a contribution to the public
.., and asking that ll be acknowl-
ol  tl
Accident  Happens at Twin
Main  Line and Fireman
Is   Killed.
edged    through  the
the newcomers ln z'eal for the advance- press
ment of the best Interests of the city.     Received    and  cler] ructed    to
Why  cannol   our  contemporary  keep suitably acknowledged   same through
.,        . .,        the nress At 10 o'clock yesterday morning the
thai   tone  througihout  all   lt��   utter-      - '" ' ��   ,
���lames Johnson ol 220 Eighth street eastbound C. P. R. express which left
ivrote  enclosing  a  plan  suitable  for Vancouver Sunday afternoon lor Mon-
m'!l'   the laying of drains and severs in his '-real   met  with  an  accident  at Twin
Wml  of  writing  at  the   bottom, of, a locality  and    suggest   that  rhe  work Butte,   a   few   miles   to   the   east   of
Whole column of  babj         '                  !"   spread over a nmber of years. Revelstoke.
                      Received and  plan  referred  to the The locomotive, tender, and two cars
Bewerage committee  to  be  consulted of flsh shipped from Vancouver by the
when   woii;  is to be done in that lo- New  England Fish company, dropped
nnces;. and   why,  O   why,  did  it. bury
pai' icular i peclmen of
at Home!
ihiough a bridge over the Dlecllle'waet
city treasurer, sub-  river.    The  bridge  buckled,
cash  statement for    th-'      Fireman   Corbett   was   caught    be-
lntroducing an article on missionary cality.
work  In  China,  the  Presbyterian, of N- ���'��� McQuarrl
3'"""'"' ll''' "'" tollowln�� '"'" and month of April, showing disbursements  tween the engine ana the tender and
able .summary of whal  may be called tQ   lh���   amoun,   ,)f  $13,280.98   and  re-   Instantly   hilled,     being    crushed    to
Ue   secular side ol  the situation! celpts    to the amount of   $10,364.66, death.
j  Thj man who "keeps his ear to the with   a   draft   on   the   Hank   of   Mon-      The engine was in charge of Engi-
fcround" Is fully awar,   that, a time of !r'';i1  !'or 11.243.71
awakening bas cone' to China.   The
country  Is  now  passing  through the
neer Jack Purvis and he escaped seri-
Repori  ree,-ived and Bled tor refer- ous Injury, .hough he dropped with the
ence. engine right. Into the gully of the river.
The   work  at  the  new  reservoir is      As  soon  as  the engine, tender and
May 24th
. an '��� expe
years ago
xperlence as did Japan a i, w Mow completed, and during the week two cars went, over, the coupling at-'
and the results arc likely
to bo as marked, Her leaders are engaged oi thc study of constitutional
the mayor and aldermen are to be tached to ihe third car of fish parted,
invited by the chairman of the water' und the air brakes being instantly ap-
oommlttee to visit, the reservoir, when   pUed held the remainder of thc train
The   mayor   caused
the water will be turned on.   This was
Picked   young   men   are   thfl   lnformatlo���   contained   in   the   rc-
being   Bent  lo  study   at   the    great,  port  of  the  chairman  of  the   water
European  and  American  universities, committee at last night's council meet-
Oreal   forces are al   work  which are ln*    M,l,:h  routln
.       , ,,      such as the adoption of a number of
gradually   but,  Him-ly   unheaving    the '
nporls,  and  the  reading ol   the  usual
I "'" I   ot the  centuries  and  allowing| communications,
the leaven of western Ideas to enter, considerable merriment
in.  internal educational Bystem la be   thai  women be employed on the sev-
Ing radlcallj changed and western ed- eral Improvements that are now ham-
.    .    .     ,. ,,        . pered  for lack of men, a suggestion
ucallon Is made the basis ol the uni- ,.,,,,,
which Aid. Garrett opposed on general
",   ���    '" n-ee.    Anclenl  templed are, prlnc   Hhj worBhip explained Hun
by the cdlcl of thc    Emperor,   being h,  had been stopped on the street by
converted Into schools and colleges of several women who were in search of
the modern learning.     An
I- w,li,Hun  Is  taking  place.
,11  dlrec
on the track.
None of the passengers w��-re injured
Oi   even   shaken   up.   and   apart   from
Fireman   Corbett.  none  of  the    train
work   was   done, j crew were injured.
The father and mother of the dead
fireman live at Mission Junction.
The bridge which buckled is a steel
;  i������...    ;ilg one  under construction  to replace an
Old   wooden   bridge-    It  is  not   being
built   by Hie C.  P. R., but was under!
contract by the Dominion Bridge com-|
, ���-. ���  of Montr i n
O ff i _ i * I   Account.
The following is the official account
of  the accident,, us  furnished  by  Mr.
Industrial I work' :""1 '"' mentioned the matter so R. Marpole, general superintendent of
���ih,  ,.,���,���   thai  the   chairman of the board   of u1(, q. 1>. It.:
workB would know where be mlghl ob-      ".\n accident occurred at Twin Butte
"",:'  """""'  "" l} ;H ,C- tain manual labor if men were scarce. ,���M,(, ���,,  o�� Revelstoke, where an!
Llont   iv.   railroads, and  the Imperial The Buggeatlon was noi received al all , ,^i,���, and  iwo cars containing  fish
;,', '   i        i,       tabll I,, d  throughout In a manner becoming a remark from were dropped  Into tht gully, caused
ii,.- Empire.    Vraerlcan and European  the chair, and several of the aldermen ,y  whal  Ib reported as the buckling
, t  : ���   ,, ,    menl, and men
wen  observed to smile, carefully con-
of a new steel span at the time In,ing
Ol     1,11   ,ii.
ie,-in,leal   training
cealing Huir faces behind iheir hands,   ,.,.,.,.,,,!   |,v  the  Dominion   Ilridg,
i Lacrosse Match I
      ��������� ���-���--ii i
Maple Leafs
le i
Ills   worship   should   notice   them
from England and G an;, ami Japan  ami  call  them  to order.    No motion
a,e I.,i- i in iill.,  charge ol Industrial  was mad,, in accordance with hla wor-
.in, rprl . .   Wiethe, v,,  consider the ;j|li|,s suggestion.
Mayor Keary, speaking on behalf of
eflecl   ol   I he  a wai.' n,,v'  ol   an  empire
the  council,  expressed  lhe  pleasure  il
01 100' '000 "' tbe country Itself, or .,,,,���.,,,���,    ,,���.,���    1()   h;iv���   Ald(.���ll;m
in   lh,     OClal,   religious,   political   and   shiles     among     them       once       mon
Industrial   Intero I     ol   the   world   at after    his    long    illness     and     ex
pany of Montreal tor the C. P
"The engine Cell on its side,    and
Fir,-inan  Corbel l   was  caught  between
the   engine  and   icmUr  and   Instantly
"ll   will lal." aboul  Iwo days lo build
:,  temporary  bridge,    and    meantime
j,,,   i agers tor  the  East, as  well  as
for  the   West,  will   be  transferred   at
li   |b scen  to  bo  tar  reaching I pressed  the   bopc  thai   he  was  now  this point; or those who deBlred to do i
New Westminster
I,,, -I
ami well nigh r, volullonarj in In char-
uc1,,'.    Following , in el    In ' he fool
completely recovered from llis recent
Indisposition,   Aid. Shiles thanked the
mayor and council tor their kind In
lops of Japan, china  Is ,,  lone lo tQro8|   in   llis   behalf,   and   remarked
be rockonod with In world politics In  thai   he   was   greatly   pleased   to  be
the near future. among them again.
  Monthly reports from the following
,'oininll lees    were  read    and    adopted
Shirt Meroei. .,, ,, ,,      ,    ,.        ,
|Wilhoiii   discussion.     Hoard   ol   works, i
Montreal, Maj  21,   Pour   of    Mon   bridge, flre, market, park, health, light,
troal'S large idilrl  ami WhltOWOar mnn    police,     library,   finance,  schools
ii t net ini ur. concerns aro io be merged water commltteeB.
Into on,  gtanl company,   The capital' '''
of the merger will be 13,000,000, and
there wil] i,e ;, bond Issue of half a
million.     Tin  corporation. Interested
so  may
I ravel   via   the   Crow's   Nest
I, i br iii01 ' , I'l'i'Nl large Cana,lian
deal, are the Standard Shlrl company,
ihc a, ii. siniii,;, company, the Q, h.
narrower company, and .1. P, Black Ai.
Company; all cone, ins ar, well known
in the irade. and are considered ex
( i-iidlngly prosperous.
chairman of the
board of works, gave a verbal report
,,f the progress made in respect lo the
bi vei:ii appllcalions tor lights and
sewers, aud asked thai nn extension
of time be granted bo allow him to
further Investigate several of the Complaints,
Reporl adopted and extension ot
iin,,- granted,
Aid. Adams reported tor the water
committee   regarding   the   reeeiil   ap-
Water Applications.
Two new waier applications havoi
I , en filed lhis afiernoon in Water
Commissioner C. C. Fisher's ofiice, for
the privilege of Securing records on
B small Stream which is known as
"".'! Ill, Wery creek, and has lis source on
the Wilson road. The creek empties
Itself into False creek. The two applicants are C. Weiiiworlb Saul, who
is located on loi 717. and Moses Gib-
on who lives on His 748, 749. Epworth B, c. Ten iiKVt-s are applied
Cor in each ease, which will be used
for domestic and agricultural purpose*.
 o~ '
The purest of Ice cream at, the Stai
w 117*11     T? ���    L      KM        ���        T"! I ,     ���> r__..
Will Furnish Music Throughout the Day
Candy Factory next to DeGreya barber
shop. *
1.2s | i2.s i  Kit!'i ri.nl
a, and 6 and v, during wn* ,eoAY, MftY 22' 19��6
For Sale by t~l. T. KJRK, Hardware and Tinsmithing.
Sec Those Stock Patterns in
I To Be Cleared Out At
I Cost Price
j      Thc City Grocery,        ���
| Telephone 97.       .... ADAMS & DEANS    !
| J. J. MACKAY, & CO.
' Booksellers.   Stationers,    News   Dealers.
Our Knowledge
lis Not for Sale
��� ���������
��� We don't charge extra for it.   Our contracts
\ show that we are master?, thorough in every |
��� detail  of work, workmanship and material. ���
��� See us before you let your work. ���
************************** ********** ******
| And you may possibly need a carpet    We have the greatest range of
S them and can guarantee to save you money and give vou better vat,
Not on Top, But Still in the Ring.
House Cleaning Time
man you can get in anv other place. For instance a good body
5< Brussels, paper for underneath, sewed and laid for one dollar a yard up.
'      ' arpets taken up, cleaned and. relayed for ten cents ,,  \;,ni.    w ������
ft faction th
8 ow
have the largest .-.luck and the tinest show rooms and the  Ernest  prices.
It will pay you to see our stock before  placing  your
j��J Come and Bee us.
,���, order elsewhere.
:���: ne
71S Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Roar Extension, Front Street.
Local News Briefly Told
Phone 138 for Ice Cream, *
i ��� . - morn
Leave your orders for Tee Cream a
W. D. McEachem was among the
: ��� to Mount  Uh-
B. Young of Vancouver went up io
i this morning on the st,
The Favourite yesterdaj broughl In
450 bales of may for the Brackman-
Kerr company from Westham Island.
Captain James Hamilton of the
Terra Nova was in the ciiy yesterday
on business.
W. R. Gilley lefl port with the Bobs
this morning. His destination was his
stone quarry, on the banks of Pitt
H. Hough of East Oregon left, on
lh Favourite for Chililwack this
i lornlng in thr- interests of the West-
- er fruit packing company.
Ice Cream the purest at the Westminster Creamery. *
H. S. Taylor who has sp��n1 the lasi
ii�� days in visiting Xew Westminster
ond vicinity ]tfi for Blaine ihis morning via the O. N. R,
Th* G. N. R. cat f,iry Sidney
-���I for the porl of thai name this
ilng in tow of the tug Fearless.
The Schaake machine works recelv-
car of pig iron this morning via
the C. P. R.  from Evans, Coleman  &
Evans of Vancouver,
Aboul twenty of the young people of
the Olivet Baptisl church have secured
the use of th< Canco for the 24th of
May and will enjoy a trip up to Pitt
The freighter Forager ls laid up at;
Westham  island  at senl time
and is taking on a full cargo of hay
for the Brackman-Kerr Milling company.
G. H. Hartz who has jusl arrived
from Toronto was a passenger on the
favourite to Chlllawack this morning,
where he will spend a short time oni
river caiiiii ;. Com-
O. B tt1 down .
afternoon on the steamei Transfer.
.1. Robins,,!,  was among   th,   I   i
[er'e   afiernoon   pass, ng< g
.1. Honeyman of Vain- eft on
:.i    1; msf,     for  Ladner
F. Minton of California took a business trip on the Transfer this
noon 10 Ladner.
H. C. Mai".in representing ll. S.
Holland, Sons & Co., of Toronto was
a passenger on the Transfer to Ladner ihis afiernoon.
D. Robinson left on the Transfer for
Westham island-this afternoon
spending ihe morning in the city.
Rev. Mr. McAuley was one of the
Transfer's passengers to Ladner this
The Women's Christian Temperance
union will meet at the home of the
sident, Mrs. Lamb, tomorrow afternoon al three o'clock.
Forty head of beef cattle arrived in
the city this morning on the C. P. R.
from Calgary, in charge of .1. HemmeT
who will ship them again to Victoria
by ihe steamer Rlthet, for the firm
of Good acre of the capital city.
The C. P. R. company has decided
to take thi early morning run to Mill-
side off their schedule time, the first
train leaving in future at 7:15 for the
junction, instead of six thirty for Mill-
Owners of valuabl, I > are getting
somewhat anxious, as some mlscreanl
is malting himself busy passing ont
poison to the unsuspecting canines.
Two or ihree valuable animals have
died during the past few days. It is
hoped that prompt measures will be
taken to locale the depredators.
The steamer Transfer arrived in the
city ihis afternoon from the down
river ports with its usual cargo of
fi eight. Owing to the boiler leaking
when mur Ladner, the boat was delayed an hour arriving here at 12:r>o
The following passengers were on
board: F. Hall from Sunbury,
Peden, W. Ladner, F. Fisher, A.
Have you seen thai elegant, genuine mahogany
Dresser, Chiffonier and Brass Bed
in our show window? Its a beauty. The host ever. Let us
whisper in the ear of the seeker after the most beautiful and
lasting furniture- Its a Bargain! Good honest workmanship
and in fact a magnificent outfit.
lhe Three Pieces   for Only
Regularly Worth *135.00.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to  241   Front  Streets,   Uupont   Block.
The "Paragon" will wash anything without previous boiling.
There is no need of using any
chemicals���only soap and water.
Anything from the finest linen
and lace curtains to the heaviest
blankets, without the slightest
injury. Will wash up to 25 pieces
within 6 to 8 minutes better and
cleaner than by the harsh and
tiresome rub hoard method. We
also carry th,- Knowll ami Reacting Washers, the largest stock in
the Province to select from.
Buy a Home on Agnes Street Between Eighth and
Tenth Streets. Lot in Garden and Fruit; stable and
other conveniences.
Columbia  St.
Arrival   at   New   York.
New York. May 22.���Arrived. Steam-
r Fri,Urich der Cross,, from Bremen.
The steamer Lark has started out in ber, Mrs. Gill, Mr. Balnea
the fish buying business for the s��a-  Parmltter, from Ladner.
son.    Captain  Till  Herring is at  the  o	
helm and Charles Staples has been ap
I pointed chief ngineer.
Minnie Frown, a Jewess appeared In
;he polio,., court this morning and
pleaded guilty to keeping a house of
ill tame on Ramage street She was
fined   $15   and  costs.
Roberi Johnson has been engaged as
net boss for the new Greal West cannery recently erected at Steveston by
Mr. Cousins and others. He lefl the
ciiy y_sterday morning to enter upon
his new duties.
The steam tug Stranger went up to
j Pitt Lake yesterday with a load of supplies for the Fraser River Lumber
com pan's camp at that place.
The Robert Dunsmuir will be released from tho Emerson dry dock
this evening, and the Ramona will be
raised from the Fraser and overhauled. The Dunsmuir will not be ready
for service for some time yet as there
is siill a large amounl of fitting out
to be done.
Notice is hereby given that at the
next regular session of the hoard of
license commissioners for Langley I
v.ill make application for a renewal
Ol the license now held by me for the
premises known as the Langley hotel.:
P. S. BROWN.    ,
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
ita winter Portland, Boston,
quarters a short time ago. and is un- And all the principal business centers of
dergoing a thorough overhauling. Yes- ONTARIO, QUEBEC and the MARL
lerday   it   was   visited   by   Boiler   In-: TIME PROVINCES.
specter Richardson who after Inspect-fAlso to BUFFALO, NEW YORK and
lng the boiler allowed 125 pounds PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
pressure  of  steam   to  be  carried  al- For Time Tables, etc., address
though  the boiler could stand about GEO. W. VAUX,
forty pounds more he said. The l.ark Assistant C.en'l Passenger and Ticket
will   very   likely   collect   salmpn   tor      Agent, 1115 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
Fresh Water Port
Advertise in Tke News
The City of New
Best Facilities on
Pacific Coast
Largest  Stock  in the  City.
Mounted     in   any   Style    you   Desire. IH
I   IT,
Come and Inspect Them.
Open Tomorrow Night Till Ton O'Clock
If you arc going on a picnic you should get your g
| lunch baskets from us.
_.^ W. C. Chamberlin
^jlMMOND.'- .    Tb. Jeweler,      -      Columbia St.
���'��� ;"'-'<'s in Surry, 5 acres cultivated. 8 acres in grass and 2 acres
nearly cleared; g acres fenced; BOO- orchard; S chicken houses, fairly
good house; good well; alder botton land.
30 acres, 65 acres cleared; soil black loam; good house, barn and hen
bouse; 8 miles from city,
$75 Per Acre
Half Cash;   This ia Splendid Property.
M���I 1     HU       1      O     r> Real Estate,  Fire & Life Insurance
CLeOd,   MarK   OC   tO.,        Tel. 27.1.       Near Tram Office
Because we have a large assortment of choice
Caned Meats and
Cooked Meats
I of all kinds.   In the fruit line we have everything in |
$                       season that is to be had. 1
I   I
C. A. Welsh, '
1 i
The People's Grocer
All Kinds of Man-
ufaciuring Enterprises
Information can be obtained from
Secretary Board of Trade,
' Mayor City New Westminster
���MM I
���ut.OAY,  MAY 22. 19J
Capt.  Mlkklesefl  an  Cf,*   Leave Vic-   Facts About ialar.es Are E'---v'-. C-t
tc- a   -. -   the   Duci-tss of
In   Investigation of  North
Arrsnca L fe.
To   John   C -'���'- vm   W<
-..���       V
TAKE NOT: .   '        '.���-.-     I v
-    ti
gage made by
In lai
at ".he of-
bakT-ctera, solicitors, etc. Of-
New Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
corner Clarkson and Lome streets,
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 445 Gran-
tr:..~ ETee-. J>seph Martin, K. C, ..
W. Weajt. V,'. G. McQuarrie, H. A_
Bourne. Mr. Martin wijl be in the
Westminster offices every Friday afternoon
'.'.' ". '���>.'. ..:'���" _'.���T:.
a 1 - *"��     .: irhl  .   .v
_���..���- Registrar of thla
..;.. rican wmrt ax :\e. ....
��� '���--       -���'���- r W. Nbunan Bole  local Judge of tbe
'���'��� Uh ...    pari   :.-.  '��� a tbe inquiry. Leo- gai(1 Qonrt,      -��� | 12th M       19 5, ser-
"*  pold I oanaglng dl . ���    ������   :.    , -        -    on may
any, va- in the ar] .. v  be  effected    .;   baser-fog  this  Notice
'-       .    ,  and   th--  erldeac   -ras  . irgelj  in the Daily Co'.;:,   iaa and Daily News
Mikkelsen, a Dan who  pr^minar,       ng a recival of the pro-  _��ws$apeh , -    -      ...,e.
"''   "''���"" ''    riskma of the company's charter, and      Dated this 14:h day of May, 19M.
ttpedlttoat, and Ernest De K. L-.'.'ing-   .. .,;,..,,...., .,iai:<. :,tlni, incorporated La    juRT'N   WEAHf & McQUARRIE
I, a Chicago g.-o!ogU\ who *aj in   ^^   M,   Q y  Sij  . . ,  ( .;.;.���-., the
companj   ���*.���.-,   Mikkelsen,  _  men. bei   _     , .     Mr. Sbeplej   rent over
o_ tbe Baldwin    expedition,    and    in-'-;,. ^ ,jf Sectors each  year siacc
sEJnarDltlev en   1 Dani.-.h artUl ^  stcrfc.ar;.-  of  :;,��  company,
and  zoologist;   George  Howe, <>'.  Har-'...    .. ,:.
vard, an-j .-even members of the navi-!
of  ilar->Mr   jjcCabe  ^4  practical   charge of (
PlatBtilT-  Solicitors.
Trapp Block
N-w *.v. st__h-ster, B. C.
Sstiinn  crew���a
lotal ot ��� leven.    Kr-
Aflfcr     iLr.     Goldman's     suc-
CfSgion  to offlce, he had ac/  . .
HOWAY,  REID  &   BOWES,  Barristers,   solicitors,   etc.,   42   Lorne
street,   opposite   Court   House,   New
-minster.   J. H. Bowes, P. O. Boi
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS, Barristers and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia street. New Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Bank of Commerce building, Columbia street, opposite post-
office, New Westminster. Money to
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
3ail'. NOW Daily
Leave  WESTMINSTER  Arrive
9T27am7Biaine. Belling- J:00 pm
4:35 pm ham       Burling-'9:35pm
iton,   Mr.    Ver-|
'non,     Everett.'
Canadian Pacific Railway   ���
British   Columbia  Coast Un.
' -e
4:35 pm Spokane,       St. 3:00 pm
Paul    and    all'
points  East.
9.20 amiAnacortes, '3:00 pm
Woolley,     and
3:00 pm Vancouver
9:35 pm
9:20 am
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
:., of Harvard, an ethno ,.A .,, qtjIte a!:  Mr McCabe's powers.
v   expert,  boa  started  for  Her- ThVqi-es-ion of salaries rerealed
sche'l  Inland to  meel   the   vessel  a'  a faf,. that lhl; ,ata M,_ McCab--, as gen-
���   '������'���   ' ���'���' ��� '  -'��� eial manager, bad a contract by which
Depot at Banks Island. lalary Wt w up as the business in-
..':<���,.  Victoria, the Due*, ad.    His  emoluments  wtre:     In  Acquired a trough knowledge of  the
" K;.                    to'��.|l  91,  11600    itU, 18109.15;   1893, |8,  business m__ng._r.d wr.h L0 years  ex-
nd   rill 229.11;   1894, *M24.95;   1-1-5.   9979.62; *~*   ^ ^ ��� ;^s manager
....      ...   A..             lUgb  Bering 1896, ��10916.60;   1897, 111345.11;   ]^.. of the watch  repa:r:r.g  department of,
1 Bank- I- 111489.13; JL8J)9, fl|MUI; -JHK),. $14,- - ��� V^/^���rf*     -""    >lomreal; (
|,whereadspo I5;13; 1901, $14625; 1902, $15 -. In ^ B'-r,: 1 bnsmet. manager part of
).:..<���:.    ;;,:.,,,, other salaries also freshened     e ime-
will   be  taken  ovei                   In considerably.   In 1902 the president     English,    Swiss,   American  and   all
spring of 1907, Me   m   Mikkelsen an givei  $1,000 and the directors $2,- complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
Lefflngwi       111 l<   ������  to Journe> ov, 00.    s-.i.'r.w them          the new man- made like new and adjusted.
the Ice tn ager,   Mr.   Goldman,   who   received   a          Chn            R               hi
lng pn            1 beginning at $8000, and running        ^narges iteasonaoie.
soldered   ra to a maximum of $12000 per year. The Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery
Intention be- rice  presidents   received  $500    each;   ���
Ing to kill                food for the othi ie  chairman  of  th,   executive  $300,
tbe : ippll,         rease. and th<  me He -   director $300.
Thi    ';���;, e   taken   to   m  0 ���
ling through ."   cracks with the
, ,                   ,         ,          ... Fire   Surrounds   Corjalt.
bop,  of locating the edge of the con-
shelf and the stretches of land Cobalt,  On'..,   May   21.���Coball     :
! to the theory of the again surrounded by fire. A couple of
explorers,   lies to the northwesl    ol imall buildings were burned this morn-
n an  expanse al  present un- lng.    Fortunately   very  little  wind  is  work
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
���.n.   Th- explorers base their the- blowing or the efforts ol the people to
���      on the drift of the Jeannette and '���'������'������:>  l��a,'k  ''!":  0amea  woaW  b��  un"
other   v-      .   tbe   known   fights  of availing.
ratorj birds, discoveries of Eskimo ��
tories of natives who tell      Freshly   made  randy  every  day  at
of land In the direction where they in- ,h���  gtar f..ir,rj,.  pact0ry  next  to  De-
'''',| '" '-':':'';'. Qrey'a barber shop.
Return   to   Victoria. ____^___���__���������������
���   . ed over th
oo ���'��� ,1 in thi     v ing of 1907, j
tbe Ditch,     ol  Bedford will return to
; th, .
...    Be   ��� ���      and   ������ 111
I ii-11   1 etui 1,  noi' t,  in  charge    ol   Di
MacLaren,  of  Glasgow,  to  find
, ���    ���;,   and   Lel In   n   I     When
a-'.    . il or 'I," deer,
theli it   neci
Ship and Scow Building
a specialty.
Estimates promptly [furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
The Whit^Pass
and Yukon Route Artistic
WHITE    HOR��E,   DAWSON   and
i MRBANKS.    Daily trains   (excepl
Sunday)   carrying   passengers,   mail.
cross the lc, , . ,:fi    freignt   connect    with
'" I 1 land 01 the .  ,.,    -,..���  Carcro     and White Horse.
cl ''-   "   pick d  maintaining a through winter service
.   ol   1907,.    If the land      For information apply to
soughl  ��� a mon  complete     j.  if.   ROGERS, Traffic   Manager
.-.-ill  be 0  -T /        . Mackinnon  lil'lg.,
Vancouver,  li. C.
e Leaf Tennis
and. Lacrosse Shoes
Represents tiie acme of Perfection in
athletic footwear. They are made over
all styles of foot form lasts and come in
either 1"ennis or Oxford cuts. For durability, grace and comfort "Maple Leaf"
outing shoes have no equals. Ask for
them at your dealers.
'1 -fri"1 """�����"�� v,iTwiffTif-wnrTmiii-r-��iTiiriiTTiini_M--B
in bome decoration need not be expensive. Quiet, rich colorings,
making an  admirable  background
for furr.iture urn! pictures,   can be
had at reasonable pries if you call
.... at ... .
Wall   Paper   Store
Sixth Streel.
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands with-
In the Railway Belt in British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any per-;
son who is the sole head of a family,'
or any male over 18 years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district in
which the land Is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
d) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) li the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father or  mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy  Minister  of the  Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chleago, St.
Louis and all points East,
For complete information,
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F. C. GRIFFIN'. Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, B. C
S. G. YERKES, A. G. P. A.,
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount   of   fOllClea  now   In   [OT CO exceeds $-1 l,illiu,l)0ll.()()
Am, 1 ,,f Assets, legitimate and solid, n,,w exceeds,...ifu,ouu,oO0.00
'ihi,, la d company of pollc y-holders, by policy-holders, for policyholders,
OUR MO'J n��:    ine inrgesl amounl ,,r Assurance for the Leasi
Possible Mun,i.v.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone Hb.
1     You Buy "B. C."
or "Old Sport" Cigars
Vou do the wise thing, lis templing
flavor will surely win your favor. Manufactured by���
Factory and Office, Brine Block,
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And nil the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistanl Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, L86 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
Tenders addressed to the under
signed al Ottawa and marked on the
envelope "Tender for the construction of ii Hydrographlc Steel Twin
Screw Steamer," will he received up
io the twenty-second day of May next,
for the construction of a Steel Twin
Screw Steamer tor the Hydrographlc
Service in  liritish Columbia waters.
Specifications, plans nnd forms of
lender can be seen al the office of the
Agent of the Departmenl of Marine
and Fisheries al Vieloria, I!. ('., at
the Custom House al Vancouver, is.
1'., and ::' the Departmenl here.
Each tender mUi I be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque equal to
10 per ceni. of the whole amount of
the tender, which will be forfeited if
the person sending the accepted tender declines to enter Into a contract
with the Department. Cheques acom-
panylng in,lers which ure uol accepted
will be returned Immediately after n
decision has been arrived at,
Newspapers copying this advertise-
ment wlthoul authority frnm the Departmenl  will not  be paid.
Deputy    Minister   of   .Marin,-   and
Departmenl of .Murine and Fisheries,
Ottawa, 28th March, 1906,
Railway Company
Double Through Fast Train Service Daily with Dining Cars,
Sleepers and Tourist.
Atlantic Express leaves at
7:25, connects with trains for
Seattle and Eastern Canada,
also with steamers at Fort
William. Imperial Limited
leaves at 17:20.
For rates and other particulars apply to
C. P. R. Agent,
New Westminster.
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
Seven   hundred  miles   of   magnificent
river trip.   Empress  of Britain  sails
from Montreal for I.iver),,,,,1 May 19th.
For other dates and rates apply to
ED. GOULiiilT,
C. f. K. Agent.
New Westminster.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Rrserve $3,437,162
Total   Assets $3b,_,d,3/b.
Branches nnd correspondents ln
all the principal citr-q ot tne world.
General   banking   businsss transacted.
'\   opens an account.    Interest added
tilf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rules.
)pen    Saturday    nights   rrom  a  to  9
F. B.  Lyle,  Manager.
(Subject to (Sflange -..   ��� .,..,
Princess Beatrice
Leaves  '.
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vaneon rei   rktl
VICTORIA      NEW      WEST -   ,
S. S. Rithet
Leave. X- >��� \y. ������ ���  ���
on Wednesday and gittirdaVs.
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver daily except Sa
; urday and Sunday at 1:30 p. _   o]
, urday at 2:30 p. m.
S. 6. Queen City
Leaves Victoria at 11 p, m, 0     ,
\ 7th, 19th and 20th of each mouth fJ
(Ashousit and way points; leaves Vl3
j toria on the 7, and 20, for QuatsinoiJ
' way  points.  Leaves Victoria on
of each month for Cape Scott and ��i,
'points including Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves   New   Westminster  on .,d
day,  Tuesday,   Wednesday,  ThursaJ
| and Friday at 3 p. m. and Saturda.
at 2 p. m. with additional trip on Mol
day at 5 a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday, Tuesda,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday l
7 a, m.; Friday at 6 a. m. addition*
trip Saturday 5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves   New   Westminster.  8 a. t
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. mi Tuesdajl
Thursday   and   Saturdays,   calling a|
landings   between   New   Westmlnst,
and Chilliwack.
S. S. Tees
Leaves  Vancouver at 2 p. m., 2i
and   16th   of   each   month,  calling
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Cook
on  second  trip. Time on  arrival and
departure  are  approximate.
For   reservations   and   lnformattoj
call or address
Agent, New Westminster,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
General Superintendent, Victoria,
Gen. Agent, Freiuhi  D,
New Westminster.
js** iM, n^
r^M. , ..'-v. ./.,." ��� ,     ���.',... ���
The time i'or receiving tenders for
the const ruction ol u hydrographlc
slei'l twin .screw steamer lias heen extend,',I to ih,- twenty-second day ,,r
May, 1906.
Deputy    Minister    of    Marino    und
Departmenl of Murine and Fisheries,
Ottawa, 11th May, 1906,
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
Bank of
Incorporated hy act ot parliament
CAPITAL (All paid up).. .$ii.uoo.OOO
RESERVE  FUND * 10,000,(100
Rt. Tlon. Lord Strut hcona and Mount
Royal, G.C.M.tl,. ..Hon  President
Ilon. Sir G. A. Druininond, I'resident
E.   S.   Clouston,   Vice  President  and
General Manager,
General hanking business transacted.
Branches ln all the principal cities
ln Canada, in London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, nnd St. John, Nfld.,
nnd correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Dept.
G. D. Brymner, Manager.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, Bc.ot.cn nnd Irish
tweeds and worsteds always ln stock
Spring stock  now  in.    Make  your
Trains & Steamers!
Leave New Westminster  15.40 dall;
Arrive New Westminster 11.35 dally.)
Lv. New West. . 8.30; ar. Seattle 16.50,
Lv. Seattle 10; ar. New vVest. 18.40.1
Lv. New West. 10.35 and 17.35.
Ar .New West. 9.35 and 16.40.
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a. m.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 1 p.m.
Lv. \. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Se ittle 10 p.m,
Lv. Seattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. x. W. 3 p.m,
Lv. Seattle 4.20 p.m.; ar. N. VY.  ;( 5
V.,  W. & Y.���VANCOUVER
Lv. N. W. .'1 p.m. and 9.35 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver v""i n.m., und 1 p.m.
G. N. R.���PORT G     CHON.
Lv. N. w. 0.20 u.ui.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
l.v. Guichon 2.40 p.m : ar. N. W.
9.35 p.m.
Mondays onlv.
Lv. New West. 5.50 a.m., 6.59, 8
and hourly until 11 p.m., with half-
hourly hei ween l?,30 and - 10 l'"1'
Saturday half-hourly noon to 11 P-w-
Sun,lay hourly 8 a.m. to M p.O-1
with half-hourly bet, rioon and 7 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver same time throughout
Fraser River and Gulf
; Beaver���
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frld. S a.m,
From Chwk.  Tu., Th., ���
From N. W. Tu.,
From Chwli. Sun.
i Favorite���
From N. W. daily, ex. Sun., 2.15 p.m.
From Mt. Lehman, 7 a.m.
From N. W. daily, ex. Sun., I l��'m-
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.in.      ,       ,
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. C a.m.;
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
City of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 a.m.
From Victoria Saturday 7 a.m.
Mail Service
Close.     !
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00 p.m
Sap'n & Millside... 10.00 p.m
Vancouver 10.00 p.m
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Seattle, etc..  .. 8.45a.m.
Van. & Cent. Park...l0.30 a.m
Victoria 10.30 a.m
Th., Sat. 8 n.m.
Wed., Fri., 7 a.m,
East Burnaby.. ������ Uo i'"1'
Steveston,  etc.... l.30p.m.
East, via C.P.R... 3.00p.m.
Sap., Mill, Coq'm.. ��.00 p.m-
Van. & Burnaby.. 8.80p.m-
in 10
a. in.
1.2S | 12.S |   ~S.ni  | K.O |
I, ana b and v, during *' MAY 22, 1906
NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
Wednesday ln
.;:     i o'cioek
lally Invited to at-
Vt��*6 DeWoil  Smith,
Don't dec i-i   .,,,.  th    resent for that
until j ,   ha\   ��� een the
.- ���. ..-,..
Lost -Purse co
c-  .vt.r\    LODGE   NO   1,   ..
��|NG,  \    '
are held on the
in  each month in
ai 8 p. m,   Visit-
i    cordially invited
.Regular   communicate   each  month in
J    /���     i   W. OllehrUt. Bee.
I"  ,L       of  L,  meets  second  and
,    ,.   eacli month, at 8
inge   hall,   corner   of
...   John street.    So-
...,,.,       cordialiv    in-
W. E. Dunlop, W.
):   ,   !    M .it.lias, Ueg.
lflVAL ORANGE   LODGE,  NO.   1150
L0\,,���,   -.,   orange  hall  flrsl  and
MOREY'S C()lumbiaSt-
Business Institute
336 Hastings Streel W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Shorthand.     Telegraph}   and   Enpneering
(Civil, Marin, ar.,: Stationary) Courses
" THI   BES .;,��������;.  the BEST o
ibou    ������ ,ar     i
.    ���   ,   citj
To Let���Two Furnished room     to le
with bath,   With or with -
'   1        Q   1".   ,, HT,   I
Supreme   Court     Sustains    Conviction
and He Must Go to Jail for
Nine Months.
,,"..'  - i.   i   in each month at s p.
" - , brethren are cordial]
Ltend.    E. K.  Matthias.
.;   ���        n imphrles, Itec.-Sec.
, of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R. .1   SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
II. A. SCRIVEN  B.A., Vice-Princlpa
iddfellowi   hall, Colum
Mnu,ia-   evening,
Vlsitini  brethrei  coi
,  attend.   B J   Mi ���
\        : oatham, Rec-Sec.
Urnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
Lost���On  Vancouvi     Road     medium
size,     i iwi   .- ���'���-    - ��� il itoin    mon-
T   ROward upon
retun  ���    Mr    Johns, St. Georg    rt,
Wanted���A  firs;  class clothing sales-
-   with    goo    - f, r, '���""-     Apply
\   -i;.���;,,si.    Clothing Co.
Wanted Cords of Hemlock Barh
in lh< Fraser River Tannery, Ltd.,
taken ln lots from 25 cords up. For
particulars apply to the manager at
Tannery or P. O. box 187, Now
For Sale���Modern  7-roomed  hOUS,   on
fine come,- in West End two loti
Jtabl, and frull. trees. Cheap. Appl.
X, this offi, '
. 0 U  ��,'.���ERASER  LODGE No. 3
'.'���; the flrsl and third Tues-
^  | mon i.       Vlsitini
, rdlall:  Invited to attend.
,   A. 0. D. W. hall, Odd
,    .   Clarkson  street,  C.
,   recorder;   Louis Witt,
maste        kman
115, SONS  OF  ENGLAND,  B.  S.���
,(,   i(,,        ;. ���.'   meet! Becond und
.in   ii, -   o1  < aol   month,
of 1    Hall, Columbia St,   a
Vm ,  Rosi  Degrei   Fourth
h    , acl   mon i.   sum,
Visiting Bre hrei
,     ed       E.  B   Stinoh
��� .  .   ���    Disne:   Becretar;
First Cla    Meal  a  all Hcurs,
English Japanese and Chinese Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Fo, Sale���Hall Inters    iu a livery bus-
ln, -.    ie a,     s.-���tti,-,   Washington
Chanci  o   i  llf,   time, Apply Adv>r-
tislng Manager, Dally Newa
Eggs for Setting���Pur, Barred Rock
$1.00 per setting. .). W. Austin, Sap-
���������    ��� ���      -   -    ���      ��� ������ *
For Sale���Young Ayrshir< Bulls pure
bred, ready for service, W. R. Aus
tin,  Sappertou.
COURT BRUNETTE. No. 4090,  l.O.F.
i"   i mr-,I.   Fridiv   n   the
: ��� ", iei.   in  the smal
hal     ..   fellows'    I,lock.     Visiting
bi  ;  ���  cordially Invited to attend.   J. B   Rush on, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell   !.  S.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES  McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc
A. 0. F ���'"in regular meetings of
thli Lodgi : ri held on the Second
am I our i " uesdays of each month
i Lhe Oddfellows' Hall.
���I are cordials it,
"i ��� end     E. C. Firth, C. R.;
'   ������    daxwell   Sec.
Write for prices.
New  Westminster,  B. C.
For Sale���Chestei White pure bred,
Hogs. Breedlnf Btocl tot Bah at rea-
Bonahle prices. W. R. Austin, Sapperton.
Wanted--.>.nil,. oon girl. Good wageB
paid, Cosmop i   ai  hotel
Wanted���Ladies or gentlemen to act
as agenl for   high clasf    publishing
house. Apply Join, Hu chlnson, gen-
agent, Co onla   I   i el el
Wanted���Si iii loi ��� ��� ��� bambermaid or
-���I    housework,   w.   E.   Chapman
'.- nville.  Oily P. O.
STOP      Holiday.
PERANCE meel every Wednesday
ii - |j   p,  m..  in  Oddfellows'
Ball      , tin I ia    street     Visiting
Brethrei i irdially Invited to al
tend    .   s   Bryson, S. C; J. McD,
CAMP. 191.���Meets on the First and
T_ii day of every month in
K-   ol   P. Hall.      .lohn    MrNiven,
,   ,'. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New  Wesimin-
|:"    ���' ' ;  oi Trade meets in the
Boat    }. lom, City Hall, as follows:
ay of each month.
;    ' ��� ���   .-   meetings  on  the  second
WedneBdaj     of     February,    May,
August and November, at' S p. m.
eetings   on   the   second
of     February,     Ne*'
may   be   proposed    and
any monthly or quarterly
A. B. White. Sec.
arid look at the fresh
stock of homemade candies���fresh daily. Fruit
of all kind. Ice Cream etc.
Nexl Tram Office, Columbia St..
riants and Annuals of jail kinds, .cut
flowers and floral designs.    Dahlias
50c per dozen.
Telephone A1S4 or address 4th Avenue
and 10th Street.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
v e, Hi." undersigned, agre<   ���  ��� osi
Topes from 2 to 7 p. m. every Saturday afternoon during the months of
May, .Tune, July and August, commencing May 12, 1906.
T. J. TRACK <* CO. LTD Per G. B.
Per  ,T.   A.  Cunningham, Mgr.
VI ishington, Ma     '���    -Th      ipreme
��� , .,    ,   i ,   United Stal
ered a derision i��� th -
Sl;,,.-    --:.  tatOl   Kalpli   I,   ��� .
The decision   - Bur-
I ton, affirming the decif io
:.    ��� ..- i .      .'
Dfetri 6 M-s- "it , ������ del I
was sentenced to nine month im-
prisonm at In the jail of Iron county,
Missouri, required to paj a fin
$2,500 and deprived ol the right Hoi
��� ' ,i'.--r hold office nn'i th, ��� >vern-
.   il
The opinion was bj   fustic,   Harlan,
All of the points i" id   1    Burl ���
I res   wer,   overruled.
Senatoi Burton was prosecuted on
-ihe ch 'i " o    i"i itini   lection 1782 of
1 t,   revl   .    ital s, which pro i
senators or repi
Ini   ' ompenation for se - l,      renderei
foi     my of tl       ivern     nl depart-
li    '      manner  in which  the
in,,,..I  ..,,   b,   Int  ���'   ted   H    -
. cifl, ill      " ���     ���   ���         itlni   ���
,,.,  o   !���"���-1  '������    "-"."1  fo   ,' .  months
Rialto Grain & 1
o    Sl    * ouis    Eo ad ��� erj
tha   companj  li    u    ffo
thi   i   .!...,.   >.    ,.   ord<    b     h,   ������" '
,,fiie.   department   prohibl Ini    h,   use
0    i..   m ill   '���     hi   ���"",���' m
This wai Senato Burton's second
appeal to the suprean, court. In the
ii ; , ... !,. di,,,,; ,.,,,i found hlm
guilty and Impo   -    he s imi   penal
ha   -",-  im]    '"   th,  p - iei	
bul the supreme ooun reversed r'-'  d,
cislon in th,  B      ;. | ance, becau ���
was  niad'    i   a ipea     ha     hi   mom
- at   paid  In  W ishlngtoi   an,   hot in
Si.  Louis   whe ���    h,   ��� ������     wa      ,;' d
Burton's Contention.
���(., v,"" coi  ended oi   beha    o   '-' tn
ton Burton   In     hi te, \ ild on ac-
.."���'.   "  i  ������ ������    ������ "���    .,-  again
on, ,.   th,  membe 'so    he Ria      ���' ,n
. ti   am  no   beci us, o   ie vice    - I
��� ���vet] in th, ��� ��� ti iei ��� '   lon of
hi company.   Th, :' v, und       bicb he
���  ��� ���'.���' ���������   wai ���   ��� eked as
unconstitutional  on   the   ground   thai
i'.   T.ie  .   wai    hi    oh    "..    of the
qualifications of irs membe      I i     I
ine  was   not   upheld   bi   Justice
Harlan's opinion.   Th,     a ute was up
in  all   re and  held  ro  be
.......      .   Burton's C  "������
'      .���"      Bri wer,  While and    Pe,
ham united in a ins opinion de-
"���������.���.I '���;, JU'StiCe Brewer. This dissenting opinon was i sed tin ihe thfi-
orj thai ihe TJntted Staties was not
legallj Interested in the case againsl
the Rialto company, in whieh Burton was employed as counsel.
Tmmediarel>   after  promulgatinl
decision   in   the   Burton   case    thi    -
pr.-nie couFI  Of the Vnited  States to
daj f  [ "ni in w i-;.'
erm ot court, b'
.    t. tt t rm will "-
That the senate will
������:������ th,   ca
���.; by th" decision in th   I
ing extract.
"The   final judgment   of corn
did  nol  operate ipso facto to  i
���   th,   convicted Benator no:-
��� ������   t   expel hin, i
regard hin    ���      i -lied bj force alone
��� ��� the judgment.   The sea, into whieh
Thomas  Jefferson   Has    Many     Hairbreadth Escapes in One Day
In New York.
May   21.���A  n,
leinglynche l in 'he
if  New  York  yesterday than  a
here in several years.
���     Thomas Jefferson, who
In th   heart of the district known
Mill."     IT- ha.,   Folic-
from Kansas could'become vacant by Uan C        I       I   mk for hi   lit    I
his death or bj expiration of his temkM alao ,h��� distinction of hi     ���
of offiee or bj   tome direel  action on caped (h(. pnirksmanshii,       ������   ���   cltl-
th.. pai     ���      -nate iu exercise of its Z(,ns who successive^ bl i
- ��� ttltutional powei
Place of Commission.
On   the  point thai   tlie  crime  w��� i
 tl  'l  in St.   Louis, Ju " ���
'In vi'-.'.    ���   ���" ���   I   cannot be
maintained thai  the per tonal ab   i
oi  th,      lant, Burton    from   St.
Louis, al   th,   time his offer w_
��� >���" ��� - een him
and  I     in    ��� a       mipl ���' id and
 ling   d '    ���   th,   '   ���
v, . ,,,.-, diction    He sent
hi    offe    to  St.   Loui-s    ��� Ith   the in-
'"'    i   should be there ace
and th,    ig   ��� men   b   we n '���1"   and
th,   compan     was completed and  be-
,.,,,,,   binding     deprl red the    ted iral
"""     the     o    ;" ; die lon     ;|-
his  ,     Si    ��� OUis,   with  The  in-
'  .'     ha    ;     ihOuld be
���" -. ii -- ������ ������    ;l   dni   b "i com-
��� let, ���. in thai city In conformity
wltl h Intention <>r both parties, an
.,,,,,., ...  i,    ,,.
,,,:    ...      .,,,.   ,     -md   wh.'ll      ;"     "'"' '      I
low assumed jurisdlc lon of thl��  e
'     "i ii," constitutional re-
���   crim,   againsl  the
shall be tried ln state
an,   dls -ic   wheri   11  \  Itted."
' ���>������       ���   Of Kent,-"    '���'" ton was
in two parts, as he wa ivicted on
. com ������ h, Indictment, One was
six months in jail and b fine of ?2,000
and th, o hor three months in jail
and J500, aggregating nine months in
jail and a fine of $2,500.
.'."..t,.     BUrton received thi    flrsl
of 111,   court's decision t>:
���     bl      room  in  the    Raleigh
Hotel, wh  he is stopping.   To the
, , w-spape   " -n who called to see him,
���   Burton said:
l shall adhere to mj original policy
-     nothing until mj case is fin-
de ""-lin.-i.     He would  not   say,
i   -.. .     to a fi'i'S'ion that he mtended
to tak,   fu -ther legal steps, hut from
as finally decided in view Of the
sixty   da>-    ���. ed   for   a   rehearing,
1,  is inferred that he will do so.
Baggage  delivered    promptly to any
part of the city.
CANDY      i Light and Heavy Hauling
pAPnrQRY I  Office'Phone 186.      Barn'Phono 131
���   purest  of pure sweets
��� ites the public t��� call     #
��� .���   ihe can,!v mado ���
Ice Cream
Westminster Iron Works
SHIT SMITHING, nuiiiti.; nnd
Ornamental    Iron    \\on<.   including
Fences, Gates, Fire biscapes, etc,
. Mail orders and correspondence In-
��� Fresh Fruit in Season.
��� v';-'' years  experience  in   th,
7 ,, randy   Hade.
4 H. ��� proof of the pudding is in     5
��� the eating.
��� Next Door DeGrey's- Barber Shop.   |
Manufacturer  of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
y Trade a Specialty.
Office,   Eighth  Street,
B.   C.
BBJOBi-J Hiiu-.wi.
New  Westinliisler. I'. O. 474.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - ��� ������ B. C.
The corporation of \he City of Xew
Westminister is offering tot sale by
public auction 1,398 lots all within the
limits of lhe said city.
These lots w.re obtained for arrears
01 taxes accrued during a number ot
years and have heen transferred to ihe
city, the title to them having been ob
tained under the "Quieting Titles Act"
ami registered in the name of. the
The title is therefore unimpeaeh
able and Ihe eilv will transfer all lots
to the purchaser bj deed warranting
Uie title.
The  upset price hus heen pel   Otolj
with ii vi,-w to cover the amounl due
to the eilv. hul in everj case is far
below the actual value of the pr,,perty
v map showing the exacl location
Of  each   loi   Offered   tO.1l  sale lias  heen
prepared al the City Hall ami may be
consulted  al  anv  time during office
hours.     t'alal'U'jies   mav   also   be   ob-
tained    on  application  to the    Cltj
Tbe sale wiil take place In the
,. i,,,eil chamber, City llall.ai i p. m.
OIU  Friday, June   1.   H'OG.
Terms o! sale!    Cash,
N.   ||.   McQUARRlfl,
City Tr,':en,,",
r,-111 SI.
Belyea & Co.
Ueneral Hauling nnd Delivery.
Heavy  Hunting Our Hpecnllty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone 16U.
Maple Leaf
Thorv are running-shoes,
and running shoes, but
none to equal those with
the Maple Leaf Brand
on the sole* They eome
in both Tennifi and Oxford styles for Ladiefi or
and the soles of all are
made trotn pure para
gum rubber.
Maple leaf
lacrosse, Tennis
or Running Shoes
Look well, fit well, wear
well and are stylish, neat
and durable.
For sale by all good shoe I
dealers.    Ask for  hem.    "
Selling Agents,
hlm witli their revolvers.
Carmodj had arrested the negro and
two Colored   women while the    "
v, .",, engaged ln a fight.    H,   'vnvded
the two women a     >n house
in  West  Sixty-eighth, street, but Jef-
-   struck the officer and mad
dash   for  llroadway.    As he  did so,  a
pedes! 11 id a revolver.
'Oon': shoot," shouted Carmody.
gel him."
���Sn,"   I'll shoot     ���   - lOttd "1 th   man.
1'    '''���". ���      ��� Ice, .lit missed ,J0f-
���-.. who continued to run. Just
th - an automobll c mtaining four
men   ram,-    up  Broadway.    One    o��
tl  n   rtbod up ln his   ind pulled a
,1 ,er.
"Don'l   shoot,' again shouted
mod     waving  his  club.    I'll  outrun
"You won't have to," responded the
man in the automobile.    He also sh
twice a1 the fleeing figure.
In the middle of the block pu:  u
and    "   med passed a man hacked Up
��� In tl a lamp post.   AA'iien the latter
saw thi      '     ��� oliceman was trying to
"' '"'   rhe negro, ho  also drew a re-
....   ...
hin   alone," shouted Carmtidy,
���   '��� I " man.    'You'll shoot
--"  b   mistake."
''Wouldh'l shool you for the world,"
answered the man; "but I'll stop him."
Shot Three Times.
He leveled    his revolver and    shot
'  '"   times.   The shi      til   nol strike
Jefferson,  bu    the    atl racted  th"  at-
n I6n of a crowd of men and boys.
They got in front of the negro and
tripped him."
"Hani; him," they shouted, as Carmody   ran up.
"(let a rop,-." another yelled.
"Here's one." c.-ied a milkman, who
drove up and leaned oul or his w<
with a rop,      ���        ' Ions in his hand.
a dozen nu-n made a rush for
'acl   thai  he does no,  regard his|it, win!- twenty more bore Jefferson
to the ground and began to heat nnd
kick him, Carmody drew his revolver.
Th, Firsl man who puts a rope to
thai prisoner gets shot through the
head." he shouted.
"Let's lynch him." the crowd con-
linuel fo yell, as they crowded around
the policeman and the negro, with the
rope being jerked from hand to hand.
Carmody began to fight to get to the
negro, hut the crowd was resisting
him when the reserves arrived. The
���sanad of officers with drawn revolvers
forced their way through the crowd
and finally secured a ���seriously hurt
and bleeding prisoner.
Smithsonian    Receives Cuirass   Worn
by Russian Governor of Alaska.
\,, ancient steel cuirass, of woven
links, worn for twent.v-seven years by
Alexander Baranoff, the first Russian
governor of Alaska, was received at
the National museum's anthropological
departmenl Saturday.
lt was presented to the United
Slates by George Kostrometlnoff, a
resident ���!' Sitka. His interest in then-lie was aroused by an Indian legend
thai Baranof wore such a cul
arousing the belief among liis Indian
fees that he was a shaman or conjurer,
Immune from harm in haul,-.   Hearing
from the Indians thai the cuirass was
slill in existence, Mr. Kostrometlnoff
found it in the possession of Shaketoo,
one of the Tarou chiefs, who presented
it t��� him witli an address relating to
it- hereditary decent among the chl ts,
li is slated thai the Intrepidity and
Strength Of Haranol'f in holding ground
against the Indians, and winning their
friendship, made possible the se le-
ni(-nt of \iaska by the Russians, and
Its subsequent transfer to the I'nited
The Smithsonian Institution, lh acknowledging the accession, senl Mr,
Kostrometlnoff a copy of the A>ik by
Dr. Waler Hough, of the ethnological
division, which lirsi called systematic
attention to the extensive use i f different types of armor among ' \iuer-
ican Indians, some of ivory, v, .���!, and
iron, and remarked that the " Sslan
specimen, aside from lis Ui ito ic interest, constituted a valuable link of relation with tlie aboriginal '���, irican
development of armor.���Wa ihtngton
The purest of ice cream nt the star
Candy Factory next to DeGrey's barber
shop. *
Fred Hall  of Morden Dies of Disease
Which  Affected His
Morden, Man., May 21���-Fred Hall, a
r living n.ar here, died last night
from glanders, and was buried this
toorning. Some weeks ago his horses
were sick, and he treated them for
distemper. Later a veterinary declared
i' slanders, and the animals Were destroyed. Two weeks ago, the unfor-
tunate man developed slander* an.l
was badly mortified before death relieved him. His wife took ill a few
igo also a neighbor by the name
��� I McCormlck, who has been a faithful
attendanl of the deceased, and it is
.. ���,., ,t thai both win develop the hwful
dlseasi No person has \���vn permitted to enter the hotlse, except those
absolutely necessary to remove the
corpse, and the bulldlhg will be burned; The case is a most distressing
Blaze at Niagara.
Niagara. Kali. Oht., Maj 21.���Flre
early today completely gutted the
Grand Central hotel, a three-storey
wooden BtrUcture; also Johnson's barbel shop, a twostoiey frame building,
the upstairs portion being occupied as
;, residence. The loSS is $lii,o,m. partly
To  Raise  Licenses.
Tacoma, Monday.  May    21.���Saloon
licenses are to be raised rrom $600 to
$1000 per year; wine rooms and boxes
are to he eliminated from saloons and
restaurants where liquors are sold, and
licenses of liquor liouscs operated In
connection with gambling establishments are to he revoked, if the city
council pusses the saloon ordinance
which will be presented to that body
at Its regular meeting Wednesday
night. The ordinance is now practically drafted and ready for presentation.
Fire Insurance.
Life Insurance.
We have been appointed agents for the Union Assurance Society
of London, England, which has been carrying on fire insurance business
since 1714 A. D., and which has a capital and accumulated funds of
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record;
Dec. 31st   1899 (."> mouths) Assurance in force $00,-1(10.   Prem. $22,954.00
1900 Assurance in force  $1,792,5(10. Premiums $ (i2,(i(ir>.9()
1901 "    "     2,554,904.        "    92,029.30
1902 "    "     3,425,897.       "   126,695.21
1903 "    '"     4,086,112.       "   150,644.68
1904 "    "     4,509,754.       "   100,384.20
18li   Columbia   Street,
Real  Estate   Brokers
and Contractors
Boys   Hide   Dinner   Pails,   and   Subsequent Action of Manager Is
/^   ���  _T\     tf\     mT\Wmm\t     tf\    ******99WWWWWWW*  --.-.-.-.-.-,-,
S_MK I Ladies'Wash Suits
., -;.' Wl !���'
For Quick Sale
i i i
WL have on our list desirable acreage in
Burnahy, in any size and situation required and at prices
and terms to suit all classes
of purchasers.
Three good dwelling
houses with outbuildings, garden and fruit
trees, good water,
within three miles of
New Westminster, 1
mile from inter-urban
tram, on the North
Arm Road.
Some of the finest
land in the district.
Don't wait till the
other fellow secures
Call and get particulars.
We make a specialty
of subdividing for the
benefit of homeseekers.
Plenty of small
places in every locality
Apply to
Real   Estate   Brokers,
278 Columbia  Street.
Telephone   170.
We have a personal knowledge of these two properties
and can confidently recommend them to intending settlers.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents.        Tel. 106. Columbia St.
2nd and 3rd^Avcnue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
K. L WHITE, 260.Columbia St.
Telephones 5.
Hiding dinner pails as a joke is not
always a profitable way ol' disposing
O" an idle five miLUteS, as the employees ol" the Western Canada can
factory hav. found to their cosi during the lasi j'ew days. On Friday
some of the boys, wiih an utter disregard of the awful consequences thai
I might follow, hid th,' dinner pails belonging to Dan Sullivan and T. Jones.
When the loss was discovered, a general search was Instituted throughout
the factory, but the missing pails were
not found.    It was then that the nian-
' ager rose in liis wrath, and gave the
hoys five minutes In which to produce
the pails and name the cul],rii who
had hidden them. The hoys, Instep
of being duly Impressed by the gravity of the Situation, seemed to enjoy
ilie joke more than ever, but when the
manager began to fire one after the
oilier of the employees for refusing
to name the lad who had hidden the
palls the rest of the hoys took a hand
in the game, and declared a strike on,
as a mark of sympathy with iheir fel-
' low   workmen   who   had     been     dismissed.
ThL.   missing   pails   were   found   on
I Saturday, and by this time the mas- Victoria.
ter's wrath had cooled sufficiently to _____=____
enable him  to condescend  to ask six
Iof the strikers to resume work, and in
the opinion of the men, another
twenty-four hours will see all the old
, force back  at  the old  stand.
t o ���
Not  the  Same   McKay.
C. P. McKay, the stevedore wishes it
0 be distinctly understood, that he is
not the McKay who got tangled up
among the ��i'.v booze joints on Sunday last and landed up in the hands
of the representatives of the law. C.
P. spent the Sabbath day in the calm
seclusion of his own chamber and did
not even look upon the wine when it
was red, or otherwise transgress the
proprieties. The MacKay who got into
the toils was not a "C. P." but rather,
a common "Bill."
Not as Good As Any, but
Makes House-Cleaning a Pleasure
It cleans silks, satins, laces, curtains and ribbons without injury to
the fabric. Once tried always used for cleaning carpets, rugs; upholstered furniture, clothes, dress
goods, and for the ordinary wash
it has no equal. It works wonders
on Woodwork, oilcloth, linoleum,
etc., when used according to directions.
Make an early visit to our Ready to Wear Department and  sel.
Wash Shirt Waist Suits.    High class styles here at little price
2 Piece Suits at $3, $3.50, $3.75,$4.50and
These low prices are a slight indication of the extraordinary
are offering this week.
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ **********************u
W. R. Gilley, 'Phone l-_-Z.
Anderson & Lusby
Ver;  John Noel, Millside;  J. C, Christian, Vancouver.
Central���Thomas Warren, Hammond; H. W. Hajnilton, Belllngham;
II. S. Taylor, Blaine; Miss L. Gordon,
J. R. GfTley, 'Hhone 1.41   J
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. U. Pottery C o. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Po rtland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone 1-b
Stains Rockefeller's Estate.
Xew York, .May 21.���-A special to
the Times from Tarrytown, N. Y.,
There was a shooting affray last
night on John D. Rockefeller's place at]
I'ocantico Hills as result of which on- Meeting  Tonight,
man i.s dead and another dying. It is: a meeting of the retail merchants
said thai another wounded man dis- and clerks will be held this evening
appeared. The police have not beenhn the board of trade rooms, at which
able as yet lo get details of what led jt [a ijiiely that the proposed weekly
to   the shooting. half   holiday   will   be   adopted.     The
Ther have been several fights about petition circulated by G. S. Macgowan
here among the Italians who are em- has heen signed by practically every
ployed in laying out roads. Accord- merchants in the city, with the excep-
Ing to a witness of the trouble last tion of the hardware men, who are
right, a group of men were talking hi satisfied with the Saturday afternoon,
an excited manner when suddenly and decline to change. A petition has
iheiv were several shots and the men,also been circulated among the retail
scattered. | clerks, asking the merchants to close
One   man   fell   and   died  instantly, their stores, and has been extensivelv
He was John Content and was shot
througb the forehead.
A second man, who will probably
die, is named Tony Dominick. He was
shot in the head and also in the side. |
The opinion here is that the men
quarreled over cards.
Presents  Credentials  at Tokio.
Tokio,  May  22.���Thc new    German
ambassador   Baron   Mumm   Von   Sch-
wartzenstein, presented his credentials
to  tlu-  emperor at   the  palaco today.I
His  majesty  will  give  a luncheon in j
the ambassador's honor on May 24.
(1 roomed house and good lot   in   nice  situation,   chicken   house,   etc,     Price  only
$650.    For quick sale only.
AfMFC     CT       ''ast ''''"' rt's'<'once> (i rooms,   bath,  elec-
/AUIlLj     j| .""trie light, good  situation  and  convenient
to business section.    $1150.
fi roomed cottage, close to Agnes' Street
in East End, practically new house, modern in every particular. Large lot, beautiful situation, fruit, etc. Price $1800.
Very easy terms.
6 roomed dwelling, electric light, hath,
'central location and good view; stable.
Price $1600 with exceptionally easy
F. J. Hart & Co,
Street  Railway  Picnic.
Chilliwack has once more been sc-
leced by thL- employees of the B. C. E.
H. Co. as the locality in which to hold,
their annual picnic. The advantages
of this popular place are so numerous
that the choice of ihe street railway
men will meet with popular favor
among the public, who are always to
be depended on to patronize this favorite excursion. The decision was
reached al a meeting held last night
In the Union hall, Oddfellows building, and the following officers were;
appointed: 1). J. Machray, chairman; i
J. S. Hall, secretary; D. A. Shiles,
treasurer. The committee consists
of .Messrs. Gregory, Finnis, Qrlmer and
The picnic will be held on the 19th
I 01   201 h of June, and  two boats will
be     chartered   to   accommodate     tlie
crowds that arc expected to patronize
the  excursion.
 0 ���
Bear  Singh  Arrested.
Mahomed  Khan, a  Hindoo, was bad-
l)  battered by one of his countrymen
on     Sunday  in   Vancouver,    and    accordingly laid information against one 1
Hear Singh, who is employed at Mill- j
side.    The   local   police  were  notified 1
by  the  Vancouver    authorities,    and
Bear   Singh   was   arrested   today   and
escorted lo Vancouver, where he came
up   for  trial   Ihis   morning.
. o ���	
At the Hotels.
Windsor���J. H. Courlemanche, Man-
treal; H. Jainie.son, Mission; C. J.
Hailing, Vancouver; T. Colbourne,
Vancouver; M. Lambert, Elgin; K.
Etaynham, Hazelmere; T. Anard, Serpentine; A. C. Holmes, Serpentine;
James Rankin, Port Kells; John Hart-
litll, Maple Creek; .lohn Lester, Calgary;  H. Cartell, Halbrlte; ll. West,
Cosmopolitan���G.     D,     McDonald,
Langley;   A.   Uol,orison,  Westham   Island;   llort   Stanley,  Victoria;   Arthur
Johnson,   Pitt   Lake;     John     Simson.
HI gin.
Depot���George     Warwick,    Vancou-
When we say $3.50 for Shoes it appears to strike the majority of men as about
the right price for a good shoe, and whatever price we name for a shoe we intend
that the shoe will be the best, that the same amount of money can or will buy
We're Calling Attention To-day to Our Lines of Men's
We've Never Seen Them Equalled for the Money.
THE S7TL��-Men's Box Calf Blucher Cut, Goodyear Welt Shoes, made on a
stylish last and equal to any other $4.50 line. Men's fine Dongola leather lined,
Goodyear Welt Boots���perfect fitters and a boot that gives the best of wear.
Men's finest Box Calf Blucher Boots, made with American Rubber Heels. A
splendid everyday Shoe.
We're Long on $3.50 Shoes!
Victoria, May 22.���A Small area of
high pressure lies off the Oregon
coast hut tlic pressure continues low
and irregular throughout the rest of
lhe .North Pacific slope and these conditions are causing rainfall in British Columbia and the Pacific states.
East of the Rockies the pressure is
increasing but heavy rain has fallen
ln Alberta and Sasketchewnn and temperatures have fallen al Calgary and
Forecast   for  DO  hours  ending 5  p.
in. Wednesday on the lower mainland,
light winds; unsettled with rain.
��� o	
Winnipeg, Man., May 22���Mrs. Moll,
a washerwoman was fatally burned
while  at  work  and died  last  night.
�������������������������������������������� �� �� �� �� ********************
Ho for Vancouver!
MAY 24th
50c Return
Cars run every half hour as  usual.     Passengers   with  Special $<��*��
will lie entitled to a return transfer to Park or Hay. ���
British Columbia Electric Ry. C��" M- ]
************************ *L****************+****4^
1.28 j 12.8 i    8.31 | 5.9 |
_, and i>
ana v, w���tT*


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