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The Daily News Oct 31, 1906

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'   '
V,.| (MK 1, Nl'MIlKR 202
NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C, \\ KDNKSDA V M< )|.MX(i, < ICTOBER 31, 190ft.
|t Occurs In Labor  Convention  at Vancouver Yesterday���Socialists Will Not Join New Canadian
Labor Party.
�� i
. u
hi  .
��� - .  ing al the la or   from hi-   uni n   wei
Vam ��� ivei    yesterday i stand   for   uni n   and
e re .es: ntatlves  i f   ui lon,    Vfr. G
I ...    larty lefl   thi   hi 11   experience    In   hn
������-.-   wi .  hi       ��� ���     \'e\. '/.. dan I,   n.
I need failed  to     fa< orj   iva;   -;.. .   h ���
..  proval, a Ijourned   i     strikes   In   tl ��� ���   i n
..  an I   proceeded   io   i i.tf, parties wen
abo ty, sepi    ite   fore  an ar iltrath n   i and
..   ���     political     ���  led  to abid ���     .   It     leclsion,
dated thai  if lhi
enl      ���   un v ��� ��� te :.   delegates   to vote   i
;.    di legates  was suf-   stri ngth of thi lr unii a were >
���  ��� to 'r, ise some sur   a new part    w    Id be fonw
.   effects  of their  wiih-   there were  only   six
��� meeting will  be far-   deli gates to foi m it,
l pon  the i,a ti n      In    put .
vne, the  res i ���   showi i tha!   he si
'���'; lists were in a majoi ��� :
tii nate voting . 99 vote h ll. Upon
the resull being anno ince I, the climax of the convention took
Di legate Graj n se i nd I i mall, withdrew from the .i.-:'. nti 11 lng- im-
degree which   ,,,, dlate)j,  ,,,.,,,.,., ,  b    , ;....;.,,.      .
candidates  :��� I   thi      Davidson,  of  Vancouvi
London, Oct. 30.���Replying to further questions
in the House of commons today regarding tlie Newfoundland fisheries question, Mr, Churchill., under \
j secretary for the colonies explained that the modus
J vivendi was a temporary arrangement made with the
United States and was intended to avoid the occurrence of untoward incidents during the negotiations
necessitated by the action taken by the colonial gov-
j   When Told to   Return  to  Their  Reservation   In Utah-
Serious Trouble Is Likely Before Revolt Is
} emment  in  spite  of  the  representations  of  his j
I majesty's government.     Ample precedent for the 1
��� ri dan.  Wyo., Oi i. do.���col. Au-
,:a I il..- third squadron of the 9th
e. wil:;.    from   Ko::   Robertson   arrive!
t nighl    nd del rained al Avada, the
1Mb afternoon, Bays that the renegade
i io Indians are entrenched in a
strong position in the bills adjacent to
Arvada, and the troops of cavalry are
} course adopted could be found in the modus vivendi }
! into which the late Marquis of Salisbury entered '
��� with France, respecting the Newfoundland lobster
{ fisheries.   Foreign Secretary Grey announced that
! the corresponcenc with the United States and New-
ivorld of i olitii s.  The
... a n solution wa-  in
, . ,     ���    for representation bj
- putting  the miners''
:. ��� I,   maji rity, as Ear as vol is
, ��� : di,is having been
. ��� ���... : resolution wa -. i de
;    ,     on,   M.I'.R.   of   Slocan,
- :n to a
��� foundland would be presented to the house as soon
j as it could be prepared.
_ soon afterwards taking the fleld   ieconnoitering   the   countrj   previous
��� i i losing iu on iln- Indians. They
hepe to quiet the Indian, with a display of superior force and thus .ecure
a surrender withoul bloodshed. The
L'tes a;.- determined nol to give in to
the soldiers until ihey are compiled,
believing ihat if ihey surrender ii will
'.',. I: nt. They should reach '.he
vici lity of the Indians' camp by night.
Thi i i lians are becoming more bold.
11 Spear and E. 11. Gottings, wl. i
��� : ��� intere 1 about 30 Indians th i
��� : day, were (ired upon. The camp
..a., a was looted bj another band of
Cause of Accident
Is Still a Mystery
The  plai form of   the '
1 e   made  public this
��� very res] i :t
On   seeing      New York, Oct. 30.���This statement > ihree or four feet of the point where
':'','';* Kn��wlne ,;"';  ^is,  the  independent   ������   gates i se  <.as made to-night at the local offices  the rails joined, and he looked at'the  ,v'-v
",:"'"   <wnty��ven��  almosl Ina body and 1 fl     e hall aftei   ni ihe Pennsylvania Railway Co.: "Af-  track to see that it was all right.   The
: "   '������"";*';���' i,:''M'n'  v^ [ their leaders    Chkirman Williams left   ter thorough investigation, the Penn-  officials examined   the   bridge, struc-
a,  fn   . the hall and proceeded   the cnaJr anJ jolnea the .......   , ,���   b>]vanJa railroad ^..^ ^ ^^
tform of eheir own in   ,he other room.   Secretary Perry also   ��� , explanatii n ol the accident en the
threw   up   his jo!   and    followed   the   Thoroughfare    bridge,    Sunday.     All
makers of ihe new Tarty. ,   ,,;,..;.   theorI( . advanced have been
Delegate Phillips was elected chair-  '"need to the bottom,  but the cause
������������������'���'������'        ���'���������   man of those lefl  In ihe hail, while  eil.   lerailmenl of the electric train
Delegate   Mills  waa  appoint! I   secre-   is  no   bettei   known   than it   was  at I will  be  held   by  Coroner Gaskill   on
I tary.    After the breaking up, the con-     rsl. Thursday.    II   appears from the coro-
"11   was  hoped  that   the  trucks  of  ner's statenieni  made to-day, that he
th   cars, when raised out of the water,   I. convinced ihe bridge is not  as it
would afford some clue, hut they did ! should be, and may have to be rebuilr.
not.    They   were  carefully examined      I.ate to-day the bodies of Mrs. Paul
' fficlals   of   the   oompany.    The   F.lsberg,    Mrs.    Selina    Johnson   and
were    intact,    and   there   was   .Mrs    Sarah    Miller    were    recovered
i-   about   -ither   the   wheels   or   from under lhe third car.   This makes
1   ��� .,  who  left   the  cook   bound   an 1 mean  their    return  to   Utah,    where
gagged   and   carried  off all  supplies thej   say they  cannol  got. enough to
:  i   bedding.      Settlers   near   Moore- eat,    The   Ties  procured a supply  of
head, Moir.. are sending their women ammunition and food at Cheyenne and
and children to places of safely and Gillette, and if the temper of the lead-
have turned a blacksmith shop into a ing tribesmen can be taken as an in-
:  rt,   banking   the   sides   ani   boring  dication, they propose to fight, or at
h iles it: the '.'������-��� walls.   Col, Hen- least make a show of resistance.   By
el,   who  was  government  scout  and this means they hope to secure con-
interpreter in the battle of Wounded ! cessions from the soldiers and be per-
Knee,  -ay-  the Indians   mean fight, mltted to make their way to the Chey-
and he believes ihey have sent  mes enne   reservation   and  remain   ihere
, -��� ngers to seek the assistance of the pending a disposition of their case at
warlike Cheyennes.    The Indians ;.iy Washington.
To-night  the camp fires of the In-
wrote President Roosevelt to
give them Powder River valley for a
hunting ground
dlans are blazing brightly.    The Utes
and persist in their I are not painted, nor are they dancing.
determination  ho* to  be taken  hack      Advices from Moorehead state that
to Utah.   The settlers along the Pow-  a panic is on there.   It Is feared that
der river say thnt if the Indians arp
allowed   to   remain   in  that   vicinity,
te lhe
ol   the  convention   was
morning, when G.
. f Vlctoi ia. concluded a de-
gun Ihe | revious day.   In lhe
���. ar rs,  he  often le I
Is m  i j  enquiring whe-
.;,   Davidson rose  to a  point
the first friction of the
ii. the event of a clash between the
soldiers and the Indians, the latter
Will scatter and wreak vengeance upon the settlers.    The ranches are be-
vcntion did no- last long, as there
was no opposition. A fi v, resi ntions
of minor importance were pass' l. in-
Irman ��r * soda ��� I eluding one condemning the Hindu invasion, after which the socialists ad
Atlantic City, N.J., Oct.  30.���Aside
from the search for the bodies, inter-  1he>' w111 organize and exterminai
est now centers on Ilie inquest which   :i isJdns ln s',i,p r,f the "'"��>'s
"We   are  going  on   to  visit  Chief ling converted into fortresses.
Whltecow, of the Cheyennes, at  any 	
cost,  and   will  net be  taken  back   to. Marketing the Crop.
Utah to starve;  we would rather die]     Winnipeg,   Oct^ .10.���Grain   market-
first," is the substance of the answer  ing at elevators on the Canadian Pa-
> :.
tee    After the dele-
ilni I   Oral   he   was  a i
Millions   Ir.
Washington. 0<'
.   minei ���'  union  and  of
nizatlon,  Mr.  Gray re-{    Washington, Oct. 1    -The Istihmian
pi   ia.    In  ihe  course ofLtan*l   commissi:'.-:    ..���������'.���.   *2dv_0"6,258
the socialists to Join   to continue Its work   n the canal dur-
���   labor  party  during ing  the Hscal  yeai   ending June  30,
timi   ���    that some good could  1908.   The    appropriations    for    lhe
His   instructions I present fiscal yeai  w<  e $25,456,416.
���arts to throw any light on 'he
���    ���-.
*j i rough examination of the bridge
thi   mechanism  used  in  moving
thi  certain number of dead 5..
The finding of the body of Mrs.
Miller was followed at the temporary
morgue   by   a   most    pathetic   scene.
draw  showed  thai  these  were in M.rs.  Miller, who was in poor health,
rrfeel   shape.     ATI    evidence   shows had taken  the trip to the sea on the
rails were exactly in place, electric train,   with her   daughter-In-
-      ' om the fact that the interlock- law and grandson, Leslie.    The elder
Ini    signal   could   not   have   shown   a Mrs.  Miller's son was here  to-day to
���. ���  track, otherwise the bridge ten- get  the effects of his  wife and son.
"Iav,':'v  '     '���'������i['"   A ,men   should   .:.,.  la   positive  thai  fhe  rails on  The when   the   body of  his   mother   was*
tolerated in this - mntry.   She said        ,. ...,,, those ������ -hr> stationary
I one of :!,.. mosi       eful signs of p1 the bridge fitted precisely
of Chief Kannapp to the soldiers. The j cific system yesterday was as follows:
latest reports from fhe front locate Wheat, 337,000 bushels; other grain,
tin main Ute hand in the vicinity of 30,000 bushels: total to date from the
Moorehead, going rapidly towards the ! beginning of the month of September,
Cheyenne reservation. Two more troop 27,613,000 bushels of wheat and 2,1.8,-
trains from Fort Robinson, following 000 bushels of other grains. Last
the first train, unloaded at Arvada year on Sept 29 the figures were 618,-
t.iis morning. ' 000 bushels of wheat and 31,000 hush-
  els of other grains.   Tho totals last
Billings,    Mon'..    Oct.    30���A   tele-, year   were 23,7-11,000   of   wheat   and
phone   message   from   Arvada,   Wyo.,   1,116,000 bushels of other grains.
the liberation i :' the black slave
ft at National W. C. T. U.
ition Talks of White
'   i   'imes was tl      si venteen nal ions
ei ently bande I      ��� I tu ������ for the suppression of tii:-  ��� v il vice.
"When   the
bridge   tender
standing   wi
:u ought in.   Miller identified fhe body
of  his mother and  almost  collapsed.
the  after crying out that he was left alone
hin   In the world.
Canadian Killed.
Webster, Mass., Oct. 30.���The explosion of the steam cylinder of a slasher
machine in the dressing room of the
woollen factory of S. Slaaier & Son
here to-day, caused the death of I'hl-
rh '. li ei-'u . a French-Canadian, 26
��� ii -    Id.
Church  Office:-  Re-Signs.
Toronto,  Oct.  30.���Alexander Warden  has tendered   hi    resignation  of
ihi   treasurersliip ol thi   Presbyterian
nn���   Oct.
.    women   In  Chicago   c'ear track otherwise, the bridge ten-
���   rk al  .." a week,   | , which he was ele ti ! b.   the gen-
���''���' ons   ,   ,i assembly lasi Jum .    ."    wi    ap
pointed  In   buciession   to   his   '.
the late Rev. Dr, Warden.   Il is under-
-' I   Mr.   Wai  ��� u   Inti nd.   to ei i
hnancial buslni       n  i   ronto,
Mrs.    Lorlnda   B,
'a.ia-.  ai   the na-
��� .���     v,   men's
ii   i,  Ln  pre-
:���  Au-tor-icbde Becomes  Unmanag.-   German
able, Runs Away, and La-.is Tl
in  ->  Ditch.
Resident  of   Montreal
n^s. But Fails to Pay
Russian Steamer Lost.
London, Oct 30.���The Hamburg
. irrespondent of the Tribune reports
|the foundering of the Russian steamer
lessica In file Gulf of Bothnia. The
captain of the steamer and thirty men
were drowned.
Sir  E. Gray Says Japanese Treaty is
Not  Likely  to Involve  Great
Britain   in  War.
London,   Oct
For Them.
;   thi    diffii tl tl
workei    i
ui.    Mrs.
��� ..  ��� . ���   the
from  all
���-.:������       : -'
'��� .     The   I
:.   ��� ' a  held
'��� n  In
-, ; -      ear!
Libel Siot In Toronto.
Toronto, i li t, 30.    Willi: m  1   :.'- I-
say, om- oi  the  | ro. Isiona
i ' the Panne: -,' Bank '     lan ,;    hn
' - tied   a   wrll   ngainsl   W,    .;..-.     ie-seal   I   automo die,  I hi
K.C.,  for $25,0! i dami   ��� -   foi    ' el.
Lindsay  chargi     Lnidla-w  with  n i ,;
. .    bIj   p i lishini '    falsi
ments aboul him   a conned
., sale of I'a: men   hank sti
a,.      ||  : man  In cl i i ge of one of      Montreal, 0< '��� 30
B.C.E.R.   Interurban   i irs   pulled   under  detention   at
i-i   a  hurry   yestei laj    i fterm m   quarters, though so far no charge has
:  w!... : a 1.   Stan ilng almosl on
:��� - 'a a l In tl e litch was a large dou-
been laid againsl bim.   Crenier, whoi
30.���Replying  to   a
question in the house of commons by
C. W. Bell, Liberal, as to whei.-.er
there was any provision in lhe Angio-
.Japanese treaty safeguarding His
Majesty's dominions from becoming
Involved in a war with America in be-
partment of justice to Investigate the  ''��� '   ";' Japan, Sir E, drey, the foreign
el   ry, wrote a reply in which he
U  Good   Move
Washington, Oct.  30.���By direction
Carl       'mer is  "f President Roosevelt, Mrs. .1. Ellen
the police  deal-  i'*'"1''-'' has been detailed from the de-
condition   of   women   and   children
workers throughout the country.
Passes Quietly
���    and oi terror-
'���man here
atroll id
i   i   detachn   nl
led al   strategic
red    house
.:: ���' -!.   tO
day and iilu-
���"'���'    30,���The  firsl
nation ,of the
istitution   To
��� ��� ���' irbed quiet
for the most
men   comers,  and ah-
istration    The
lobor headquarters.   These works are
thc liearl   ol  the  \.S'rv move nt.
Disquieting   signs   were   obsi i ������ I
mar the works last week, and to-day
a.i adequal i e of men was sta
ti< ii.ed near by to cope with any ��� n i
gency, The men of a seme of factories had the day off, but work was
pi rformed In b majority of the shops.
Several bands of "Black Hundn Is,"
armed with sums, paraded in n remote street, hul there were ���]
lisions with the authorities.
hin i
������-   ���  ^     ...   '. se to the track as
to  be  In   danger of inti rferlng  with
Tl lowed up in shorl
.  ier.  md the motorman an I   a   en
m ' '       .traim I   heir exes in
���    ��� _��� irj objects and fragments
limbf   : -i i  whiskers,  which, how-
. .i r, they failed to find, and drew big
. ighs i ' relief as the word wenl
in ! lhal ii was only Cliff's big new
Ul unobile, which had suddenly taken
il  tuition  to run away while the own-
i ���. rs  were living to gel  onto the hang
^ i i their new ; ossesslon,    The unruly
.   ��� vli    wagon     had    suddenly   broken
loose,  run   away,  and   had   Insisted
ipon     lutting    Rcross    country    and
mhing oven  the B.C.E.R. track. The
Flum for Ontario Treasury.
Tori nto, Oct, 30,���Succession duties
-���ere paid on the GooderHam estal i
jesterday to the provincial treasure!.
ii cm anta had .jumped just as the big
bine stood on Ita head, a cumber-  creditors became suspicious, and thiB
.,..;,,.   masi   ol  whirring   wheels and  Iei to his detention by the police,   So
. ikening smells.    Later
1.  :i  German, can:,   oul   to  Mon::....:
al oul twelve years ago and  Be< i ���
employment    \^itll    the    C.l'.it..
wards working as a teamster, and lat-
ti   y as a shipping clerk for thi  C m
Rubber  '-''       S '   '"���   ��������������� amoan      ; ,��� ���,..,,      gIx h ,..,,.,.,, tholl
,  lhal  he  was honi .-���  and  .     .   ;   ...,ll;j ^0]]ar^
\   -i ago   he  an-   ���
nounce I i ial his fathi r waa dei I an I
��� mi he was heir to a portio i if his
pioperty, valued al $400,009, '.in '
.-��� ;a ngth of thi i announcement, i
mi r bought a $16,000 residence i a ���
Pine avenue, ordered $."1,119!) worth oi
furniture, made to eider, from a lead-1
lng firm of furniture dealers, $:',000'
worth of other furnishings from the
ie.iding department stores, Beveral
thousand dollars' worth of jewellery
and live horses, for whicli he agreed
r pay $2,500. The total of his purchases was In the neighborhood Of I crowd towards the speakers' staa i
$;!6,000. lie also borrowed a little'and arrested Jnlies Edelson, 20 years
money, but  nol  much.     One of his old, who was speaking.   As they did
refi ��� i the questioner to the text of
��� agreement. The foreign secretary
led: "This agreemenl la of a general character, and there Ib no indi, i-
uon that it ia likely to lead lo war
.. ith ;:ny powi !
Anarchists Are Run In
By New  York Police
New   York, Oct.   30.���Emma   Gold-1 than those of Russia."   At the police
man und  nine other persons were ar-1 station  Emma  Goldman gave her ud-
rested   at  an   anarchist   meeting in  dress as 208 Easl 13th street, and her
Past Fourteenth street, to-night,   The occupation as thai oi a publisher,
police  pushed  their  way  through  the .- .���
��� in  the day
fuur men and a < pie of horses la-
I ired stn nuotisly   to  gel    the   auto
and It took so long,
Il   has   heen   decided   to   rei pen   t'i   !"| : t i .lightened   Up.
nd so much ha l to be snd, that one
I |   ,!lc,   minch    considered    that   they
of st,  Petersburg  I    ���
It la reported to-day thai the
name!  Vlasoff and eighl   of hi-   i
dates, who were In the plot to bl' w
ui- the building where the couri i
ilal irying   the   Cronsta II   mu lm 'i
.- :.'  sitting, bRVe heen ev ���',,;��� I,
......in  to have a locomotive on hand
the Noisiness. Try. try, trying
again eventually worked, the trick.
and the machine was waltzed oul of
the ditch and is now being flxeh* up In
readiness foi  ani tl er try.
fai Cremer has failed to produce "he
siiglitest proof of the genuineness of
the legacy. The police believe thai
;'hc man is laboring under an hallucination. Crenier was to have been married this morning, the arrangements
having been completed.
On the Way.
Yokohama.   Oct,   .'lu.---Tho   Bte
.Artar lefl  Yokohama, Monday,
':���  for Vancouver,
so, there were shouts of "Down with
iln police! Kill the police.' They are
worse than Russian officers." The
���tests followed quickly. Edelson was
charged wilh Inciting to riot and the
olhers with disorderly conduct.
According to the police,  Edelson in
The Buckingham Inquest.
Buckingham, Que., Oct, 111).���The inquest Into the deaths of Belanger nnd
Theriault, strikers, was resumed this
morning. Alex. Cunningham, a Buckingham lumber merchant, was sure
Alexander Maclaren fired the first
slut and Albert Maclaren the Becond.
llama..   Bourassa    related    that    two
hi:     _peecn    declared    among   other union  men told him they were going
things:  "No matter how much Cw.l-.ri bring rifles.    He saw guns at lhe
:   w  bi     '������ i damned  for his good striker*'  quart'.rs.    HUalre Charette,
work, we know thai  he was a great lieutenant of the dead strike leader,
iii'in.   i'r- was a true hero.   American swore that the  union  discussed fire-
are all made for bluffing.   The amis, but it was Intended to use ihem
-    pie  ol    .  lea   are   worse  blutfi  I eiiy  for show.
:l   J7
���     \ WE'D'
Men's Suits, reg. $10   Men's Overcoats, reg. $10 and $12
Men's Raincoats, reg. $10 and $12
ggjnsjgt $4.95
Men's Handkerchiefs,  White   and   Colored, - 5c
Men's Canvas Gloves' 4 pairs for  25c
Men's Suspenders, for       -        -    15c
Boys' Knickers, good strong tweeds, all
sizes, regular 75c, for      -      35c
E. DAVIS, Manager.
Port   Arthur,   Ont..   is   Stirred   by   the
Discovery   of a   Rich Vein  at
Silver   Mountain.
Porl Arthur, Oct. 30.- -Great excite-
menl lias been create 1 at Porl Arthur
by the arrival ol Manager Hanson
from the west end of Silver Mountain.
lie broughl with him samples of ore
taken from the mine, som" being nuggets of pure silver, one weighing one
hundred pounds. II is the richest
strike ever made in thai district.
When operations were commenced in
the local camps, the vein had heen
lost, but ii has evidently been picked
up again, and pre is now being found
richer than ever discovered In these
parts. Samples are a revelation to
the ol ie t miners. The assays made
of some of I h ��� ore wenl nineteen
: housan 1 ounces to the ton. Then Is
;. ov Iota of 01 e it; sight, and I! Is
thoughl thai the mine will become
em of the riches! In the world. A
sl'ver mine loi ate 1 on Thunder Bay
has been purchased*.)' N'ew York capitalists for $"5,    The mine had not
I cen wi rke 1 since 1.7 . w hen ll was
ihul lown bec-.ii ��� ��� if I he slump in
s Dyer
Fatal Ship Collision.
Ostend, Belgium, Oct. 30.���The German steamer Hermann, from Antwerp
tor the Mediterranean, was sunk in
tbe channel. Oct. 28, aa the result of
i collision. Twent.-three of her crew
were drowned. The collision occurred
when the Herman was near the East
Goodwins, The nana- of the vessel
with which she collided la nol known,
bul ll was ascertained thai she had
four masts. The Hermann was an
iron vessel of 1,1.1a tons net
Guichon���M.   !,.   Savage,   Montreal:
M   \Y. Moore, Seattle;  C. A. Ilailiiian,
Anacortes;   S.   VV.   lSoilley,  city:   II.   (I.
i'tley. Portland; Alex. Crulckshank,
.Maple drove.
Windsor- -T. Hugh, Toronto; Win.
McAdam. Hammond; ll. A. Dow, Al-
iiria; A. Chrlstenson, Portland; Alex.
Baker, l'ort Haney: .lohn King, Van-
iouver; a. w, Leenbron, Currey Cen-
I-U-; .lames Ingoll, Chilliwack; .1. I,.
Angus. Seattle.
Colonial���.1. Taylor, Toronto; K. .1.
Parrey,  \Y.   II   Benolt, Vancouver.
Notes fiom   Langley.
Langley, Oct. 30.���The annual mei
; ing of the Langley Agricultural  asso-
I elation  was  held  ill  Ilie  town  hall on
'������ Sal urday,   Oct.   UT.     The   business   OI
the past   year   v.as  finished,  and  ihe
financial  repor!   showed a surplus of
over $1 n hand.    Tlie following officers   were  elected   for  th.-  ensuing
..ear: President, William McAdam (reelected);   vice-president,   XI.   Mclvor;
secretary-treasurer,   W   .1.   Mcintosh;
directors. .1.  W.  Berry, (1. I.  Blair, .1.
(,.   McAdam. W.   II.   Hawillson,  (!.  J.
Towle, .lohn .McDonald, William Mod 1.
VS.   II.    McClugan,   G,   Simpson,   W.
Lawrence, .lohn Skea. A. Vannetta, T.
w   Ormrod, W.  Hunter, w. Tillie, .1.
. eomans,  John   Matheson, .1.   Patterson, 1'. .1. lleat'v. il. Dair.
.Mrs. T.  Waterhouse, of Fori   Langley,   has   sol 1   her   farm  at   Mui raj'.. ���
John Pratl has bough! twentj acres1
Of   the   Mackie   estate   in   Ward   3.     II
is his Intention to clear ,, portion ���.:
it this winter and ereel a cottage,
Mrs E. Yorkson, with her niece,
.Mrs. Webster, lias moved rrom her
old home in Lower Langley I i I he
Ma \ is place in Fori  Langlej
Mr. Allam, lhe postmaster tr Foil
Langlej. has Jus! pui a new i.ou u n
' is pi ipei'
D. Symington, superlntendenl ol tl
Langley  Presbyterian  Sunda.   sch iol,
has gone io Scotland on a visit.
A very enjoyable time was spen- on
Wednesday last a; the home of Mr.
'Kells. Fred Kells, who recently married a young Irish lady, was ihe host,
and entertained, wilh ihe assistance
of Mrs. Keiis, a number of ihe young
people of the place.
Ft. .1. Fleming, of Langlej Prairie,
is selling his farm slock ami implements hy auction. He has heen living on the Balfour ranch, which was
recently sold.
A valuable horse owned by Mr.
Rhodes, of this place, dropped dead
on lhe road a few days ago, whi!" Mr.
: Rhodes was driving rapidly to catch
Hie boat The animal sudden!-, staggered and fell. Mr. Rhodes jumped
out to take off lhe harness and release
the horse, imt it had "Stopped short,
never to go again."
Mr. and Mrs. William McAdam ��� ,ok
a  business trip to  New  Westminster
last    week.
Tide Table   Fraser River
For  week  en ling  Nov.   1,  1906,
High Low
(pet. 29        Il"
( <���:. :;o      5.15
Oct. dl        6.00
Nov.   1        6.45
17 :��_
1 8 00
Time. 1!'.
... ::.:;:,    10.5
15.32    IUU
...   1,32    ltd
.Nov. S
Nov. :;
Nov.   1
la t.   30
in-.    31
Nov. I
Nov. .
Nov. 3
Nov. 1
11.50   '
1.30  '
2.40  I
:: 15
I l'i"
Time, lit.
'.'.II      a.S
22.16 i.::
10.00 thi
16.00    12.3       22.46 3.6
.  :,.-_ 1     11,5        10.44 7."
i'vfy one who breakfast-,
lunches or dines at
Coffee Palace
=================== i
becomes a regular customer, beoause     i
Everything is Clean t
Everything is Well Cooked , J
Everything is Promptly Served       | j
  I ��
Merchants' Lunch
Full Course, including Coffee with
Cream.        -       -        35c
12 to - p.m.; ti to - p.m.
i looii Tea, Coffee, Steaks our Specialties
Short iinters Quickly Served.
16.27    12.1
.  6.07    11*9
23.15   3.0
11,27    7.6
Trapp Bloi-t.,
Columbia St.
ss:!    11 v       23.43   2.7
.  6.51 12.1
17.1 I 115
.  7.33 12.3
17.11 I!':
. 8.16 12.4
12.0.    8.1
0.12    2.4
12.49    s.a
n.l I    2.3
���I   l'l.!'        l'l.-    ���>���'���'      The Play That lireaks the Iteconl.
Fifteen dollars and cos:- was the
fine Imposed upon Kittle McDougall
In the police court yesterdaj morning.
where she was charged under the vagrancy act,
j     Canada's
|     Monster
I Crop
This Ib a banner crop year I'or Canada in quality us well as quantity,
Never before has .such a huge crop of
oats been safely harvested; never before has the   quality   been so good.
CO.'S buyers and elevators all over
Western Canada have secure i the
pick of ihis wonderful crop of fines!
oa! ., and hy the aid of the new and
powerful machinery In their various
mills, have quickly transformed them
' into the famous B. & K. ROLLED
OATS, lavery grocer has now a Btock
of B. & K. ROLLED OATS milled
from this season's wonderful crop.
This la practically direct, from the harvest Held to your breakfast table.
v   Henry W. Savage offers
As presented foi-iy-fonr weeks in New
York, sixteen weeks in Chicago, fourteen weeks iu Boston.   Always to Ini-
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
Dailv ! NKW i|    Dailv
'.'CjuamHlaine, Belllng-'S.CO pm
1:35 pm ham      Hurling-;, :55pm
Iton,    Mt.    Ver-|
lain,     Everett
Seattle and
t:35 pm Spokane,      Si. :::iiii pn
|Paul     and    all
points   Hast.
.._') am Anacortes, 13:00 pui
Woolley,    and
I Rock port.
3:iio pm Vancouver 9:20 am
B:55 pm |4:35 pm
Lv.    New    Wesl min tei    I
i; iii a in 3:50 p. m. Ar. Guicb in
f, p. m., .Mon hiy, We ine . j , ,
Fri lay
S: 15 a. ni ar. from Outchon,
9:30 a. ui. I.v. for Vancou.  r
Route of th" ramoua
i.���Quay  Overland  Tr .ins���2
S, okane, st. Paul, nllnneapo I
Winnipeg,  Duluth, Chicago, Si.
Louis  ami   all   points  Last.
For complete Information
rate,, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
V. C. MEYERS, Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, n. C
S. O. Yl.RKl.S, A. 0. P. A..
I    Corner Second Avenue and Co-
i       lurabia St., Seattle, Wash.
of    Canadian H(|
stead Regulations
Any available Domini n Lantfj
In the Hallway Belt in Bl tlsM
bla. may he home teaded by ifl
son who is the sol   head  I '-
or any male over '   ���   :
the   extent   of  one piarter -
L60  acres, more or
Entry musi  De " ' j
tho local land offl     to: tbe dlsf
which th- land Is      ���'"
Th,- h imesteader ��� re(lmr{J.l
form tin' conditions . ninecttdj
with under one ol th I ��*J
(0 At least six n ������ "1
up in and cull ������ ' " ��> !"!
each vear ior three year!.
( 0  li the father    >r motta]
father i-dec    I     E the homtf
resides  m-m  a  farm m  ��
oi the land entered I
ments as to residei
by such person r<   '������"<* tt'
ther  or  mother.
���     (3) [fthesettl
residence  up u '" "  '
by  him in  the vi     *>' ��
,tcad. the requi. n .
nay  bc I
he said land .J
Six month ': ' ' J
,c given to th ' ; J
minion Lands at Ol i*i
to apply for patenl _
:  the 1*4
Deputy  Minister of ��^
N. B.-UnauthorU    P"
this   advertlscm--.  )u" "*
[Purchase Not
mense and delighted audiences.
Seals now  on  sale  at   Ryall's   Drug
PRICES���$1.50, $1.00,  50c.
Telephone. A184 or address 4th Avenue and 10th Street.
Hiving sold out, the bicycle and repair business, we will carry on the
electrical business exclusively In the
I'm ure, and will carry a full slock of
everything in that line that is to ho
found lu a first-class shop.
House   wiring   will   lie  promptly  al
tended to, and  our prices on everything will be found as low as those of
any   other   business concern  of  this
Kind on the coast,
Columbia Street, New Westminster,
Not;, a ia hei t
after date I t"'"'! : ,:.
Chief Commission' ol J
Works for perinl ""J
| following  desci   '
ih-. mouth of thc KIM*i
district: Commencing       ,
ed W.  M.'s N. E Comerj
the  south   hank  ol I        ...���
a: the ni lh ������"""'"*;Zs%
chains    south.    I"   c*    J
chains north to the
Mlowiffg shorelineto P 0
mencement, containing
or  less.
Aug. 27, 1906,
].   II\'ll^^^
Oct 24,  1906.
m ESDAY, OCT. 31. 1906.
Manufactured and guaranteed by
F.   G.   DAWSON. Agent, 145 Hastings Street. West. Vancouver.
istiuinster Iron Works
|.  .        URAL  IRON     WOKK,
.   iron   won;,   including
!'.:e K-a apes, etc.
t | orders and correspondence In
liK'.'Hl.. B i i.l.._ i.
Westminster h   i��   ��-.
Iransfer Co.
i Northern Pacific!
s. J
Trains Daily
Travel en the Famous,
Electric-lighted train.    Low Hales.
Quick Timi . Exci Hi nt .-'. rvice.
New York, Chicago,
Trains & Steamers
\     V,      :
:   S.   \\     11.
Leavi   \   \v. v UO;        Si atti.
! eave Seattle 12.110; ar. Y w. i >.40.
Leave N. ','.'      id, 10 115, 1.1 io, 17.35,
Vrrive N  W. !).35, 11.33, IG     , IS. 10.
-p ,       c,    rj     . L,v. N. \v. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle . p.m
loronto,  bt.  raul Lv. N. W. 1.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points. v- VV. &  V.- VANCOUVER
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip Lv. N. W. 3 p. in. and 9:55 p, in.
R.-.'es   to   Soutnern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
i*. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C,
.ered    promptly to   my   Portland, 'ire \. G.    A
of 1 -.- city.
Office���Tram Depot
Columbia St.
S. S. Queen City
Leavi - Victoria al 11 p. to. on I ���'.
7th, 19th and 20th of each mi nth t. 1
Ashousil and way points: leaves Victoria .ui the 7. and 20, for Q noand
way points, Leaves Victoria on 20th
of each month for Cape Scotl and wa.\
points including Quatsino.
Steamer Transfer
Li ,iv, a New w, jtminBter on Mon
lay, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdaj
an 1 Friday al 2 p m, and Saturda)
at 2 p. 111. with additional trip ou Mon
day al 5 a. tn.
Leaves Steve-ton Monday. Tue day,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
7 .i. in.: Friday tit 6 a. m. additional
trip Saturday 5 p.  m.
1 lh, mai-Pai with lh'   i i   es,
���  ,11 ui look, lhi ncl.i   ' alst,
i I..         . f 1                      .
fhe 1                             ' 1. ��� 1 ��� a
Tla   longing   for I
Thai '.   a t..  -.       ��� .  zzj  '. Ight
Fai  from thi ...
Wh. :.    lid you get I uni a a    Ite!
you ta      Of Bl a  .|Ull     a .!   1.
', a. it,    r.      1      1) li,     :   ...    I . ad.
Read   VI      man 01 .other ! a, u
��������� ,1 rstund;
At hai .1 . of I
Thai   for ob_<   rem      1    n't 1     beat
i'011 iai ���   ihe enke, I rutin r gn< i
tail.   I ass   11,\    -I 11  a   hot     '���.. .11]   .
Sens cf Scotland Have Arranged Wilh
Scotland's   Cu.en   of  Song to
Gi. .  Cc ncert  Here.
8. S. Beaver
Lea. ��� -���  New  Westminster, s  a. m.
jht and Heavy Hauling
pe'Phone 38fi.       Harp ���r'anne 1!
St. v,' e Vancouver,
' - ' li ��� _.. and Pitman
elej    ph    and En-
Seven  Teachers
forty.Five   Typewriters
Always in  Demand.
R. J. SPROIl, B. A., Prin<ip_l
Einht Trains Every Day in the Ye.r
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Mondays.  Wednesdays and  Fridays.
Leaves chilli wack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday   and   Saturdays,   calling  at
Lv. Vancouver 8.3a a.m., and 4 p.m.
'1. N. It.    PORT GUICHON.
I.v,   X.   W.   . :::.-,  am.;   ar.  Guichon
2.20 11.111.
Lv. Guichon, -': In p. m.;  ar. N. \V.
8:45 p m. and 0 p. lu.
Mondays only.
Lv. New  Westminster 5.50. 0.50. 1   landings   between   N'.w   Westmlnstei
TO SEND VOU OVER  flD(1 "s "��� m" and ev,-'r-v half h(J,lr there-  ���"'' Chilliwack,
THE NORTHWESTERN LINE"    " l" 'v^cou'v*' for  Westminster at N0RTH"N B. C. ROUTE.
same hours. s- s- Tees
ir __����� _j *�� Leaves   Vancouver  at   2   p,   m���   2nd
Fraser River and Gulf      uu leti or each month, oaiiing ai
UP RIVER. Skldegate on first trip and Bella Coola
Beaver���                                   ( .,���   <���,.������,)  trip.  Time  on   arrival  anil
From N. W. Men. Wed. Frld. 8 a.m     leparf'tre   are   approximate.
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m        .-,������   reservations   and   information
Ramona��� I,,,,', ,T address
'hi   Sons   o|    Scotland have  Be-
1   ,' .    at ilia JeBsie Mac-
hi   -.      tlu      well-1 now n    Scottish
1   in a [] 11,11, and hi 1 1 ompany of ai t-
i-' -   ;       ,1   ' oni '" :   w hii ll  will   lie  held
The -Iml e life Is 1      e the tl
i .��� in ar .. ..a .... ���     forth tlu  case;
Loud   .'ai . 11 iiii all gaud)   tint
la   \a i .. 1.   counted out of placi ;
I', a    a .. a   : com  I 'aii-- or   Ni w  Vol H
v..   a-, i . 1   v ..a  a   1,1.   u., care,
Bul   oh, 1 il 1 iti  1.. paj  i' ���  bills
Thai   come  in  for  the  clothes  you   ,, the opera house on the evening of
v. . . 1 I '
The - .   -   et' your 10 ntle soul,
'Ila    tllit!_>    el  nil-   for  whli ll   ' -    I '
Ai'  nol Ha   bargains In the sti n
Or goods 1 ia 11 vulgar cash  _ II 1  ij
Hul Bl ii! th-- man u lie fall1   h   !>.\ ���
And  marries j .mi  woflld   need n  -.. d.
Aii'l  wm   bulk,   roll "l  hill"
If   ha    WOllId    le ap   Via,    '-at I    0. .1
1 lie Log Cabin.
'Idle   In:;  cal,in   is  n  sl\ le  of  an bill
lure liinl eauie luto fashion aboul i   -
lime thai a plain and simple nutnt
i oru citizen of the U. S. A   called I
iiltcutlou "f fellow counti'j men to '
abilities as a  spellbinder,  a  life sum:
and  an  adjuster   if dlffereuccB,  wm
raided i" ' nil ihe majority, or the i liln
plasters refunded,
Since tlmi   lime il  ban  I n  the l ;' -
loin fur all truly gl'eal  men  lo ende i.
nr io net   tbenisehes  born  in  a   11
From N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. S a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m.
From N. W. daily, ex. Sat. ant. Sun..
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fid. (', a.m.)
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
\v.  dr. 16th Street
Nen Westminster, B. C,
nds of Ship repair
Scow   Building
promptly fur-
120 Second Avenue. Seattle, Wash
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
to Bulls and Chester
White Hogs
I 7*.
tion ol   .
Iti tid.-nl      of
.ed I
thi    . ��� :,
: Embodies the newest    and best ideas
I ior   Ct CM !���'< IRT,   CONVENIENCE. | Tran8fer.
land   LUXURY.     It  is   lighted   with
both   electricity   and   gas;   the   most I ,
brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the'J ; ''      ~    'may, 2 p.m.
world.     Tlu-  equipment   consists  of     Add.     :. Monday, 6 a.m
private   compartment   cars,   standard
16  section   sleeper-,  luxurious   dining
car. reclining  chair  cars   (scats  free, VICTORIA  AND ISLANDS.
modern   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li-   Kith.t���
brarv and  smoking cars. Froui  N.W.,  Wed. and  Mon., 7 a.m.
For Time  Tables,  Folders, or  any;    Kroni Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
rllier  information  call   on   or  write
Mail Service
Close. Receive I.
Seattle, .la Sui i 7.-15 a.i C |u y tn.
Ss |ij erton and ���
side, ,\... l 7.45 a in. 11.35 ,  m
\ ancouvi -, No. I i 15 a.m. ..00 a m
a Mi   i  i..'   i ile,
Blaiue .Seat! '���   , S. 15 i.m. 3 30 p m
Van. & i'' n. I'..  ;.10 30 a :,i. 2.00 p in
Victoria    I030a.i ..00    ni
!   ,   a 1.13 Jl in.     1.15
r, SI e vi
   ISM)]    i   ll.00a.m
C'.P.R.i .-       ���
tt n. Mill i le an !
1'.. iui! lam       I.Oil I
and   l: ii a 1.30] ���   10    ia
', N.R    i      ' I.l 0 |   a:     11.00 Jl
���l I,   '.
and   Frid !  tn       '���'   "  ���
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Columbia  Coast  Line
iStibJei t to change ^Itnout    notice.
\   a     i ve1
:       Nov,   3,   from   Van
Princess Victoria.
Van lally at 1 p. m.
S. S. Charmer.
i,. | i^s -..",* '.���      o.inst��r at 7 a. m
i   y. ,���.....   :       md  Mondays.
S. S. Joan
Agent, New Westminster,
B, .1. COYLE,
Asst. Gen. Puss   Agent, Vancouver.
Genera] Superintendent, Victoria.
(len. Agent. Freight Dept.,
\'��w   ���***,��� \s tniitistor
Graduate (Iptician.
N'i \, ic. Miss Mai lachlan is recog
i '.. i    11 ovei  this continenl   us iii"
een Scottl?h   Bong   the  Blnger
o e   u   ���   no_i   mn Ij llnds iis way
i thi    ' utl I li he u ���    and Is alwaj a
elcon 1 'iIth ti en arms by those
. bo ii.id lbe goo i taste to be horn in
Hie i elovi il land i the heather whli h
i      o sacred to tin tn, v. Ith i's wealth
ii mg ani Btoi.. Miss Maclachlan
i is Ifetetl bj Douglas Young, tii'1
v.i I! Knew n :, qoi . John MoLlnden,
\ lolonct llisl: Lindlaj Gi aham, boIo
: laui.1, and Koi'iai Buchanan, accom
panisi. This will In all probability be
��� lie la chanci to !" ar .Mi. s Maclai li
h.n In this pari of the world,
cabin of the shaggy Imrk variety one
| situated lu thc backwoods of Ohio
i preferred, bul nny old kind will doautl
1 any old place in the I*. S. .\.
Ii is only necessary that the logs be
of   Ilie   I lUgb   old   tv I ml   Unit   they   IU! J
be aide in resisl  the strain of many I
cameras and return a plain negative
to ilie photographing Bend,
There   are   ninny   men   who Ore  n ev
seeking  thai  sorl of birthplace,    An
one who lia-s a supply oil band wlll i. i
well to -ipply ill ihis office,
Need tn He Prepared,
"Say, old chap, do you knew how t ���
win on Uh- races'."
"N'o. you (lon'i   Inve In I. now Milt."
"IIoit's ihni'.-"
"Von ned only   lo   know   bow   I >
)Cise "
Our work guaranteed.
Featherweight  Championship.
' . -    _ii| eii   .   Oct,  30.- Abe   Attel,
i ' ��� ���    don   eathei . I Ighl of the world,
: li I    iiii: v   Baker,   of   Ban   Francis, o,
will fight iwent) rounds before the
i' i Ific Uhletic i lub to-nlghl for the
loatherweighl championship, odds
ivere bt Ing laid on Altel at 2 to 1, but
Bai er has man) supporters, Bol h
men hav.. finished training, and will
weigh In al something less than 122
Latei - Attel gets the decision,
One   of  thi    deei   at   the   zoi
i.neon's park was found dead b.    be
park   rangi i   ,esti rday   morning,    h ���
i nimal having evidently heen wanton-
I;  Ifllh i b.i i iye witn i  22 rifle.   Tv. .
i' ��� ' holes were found In the de_ !
tinlmal, one In Its bead and the othei
in the necl .ftei the deer had bet n
shot, log gol Inlo the enclosure and
I in   the a] In to pieces,  rendering  :;
��� ' ���       a.    : a   pose.
'                         Eifl ith street. New   Teh  113.
Family Trade a Specialty.
Office,  Eighth Street.
Ryall's Drug Store j
e Bla
lng     . im      ol   R Bei   on,  I
I.   | lease I to sei        his old cu
���   . ia   , fe)i as new Horseshoe-
'     '���" ���*''   lng a soecialty.
Ei.hth   Street.
Columbia  Street.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
fnr CONRAD, CAR   R    W, AT LIN,
FAIRBANKS.    Daily trains  (excepi
Sunday)   carrying   :      tngers,   mail
express   and   fr    ' '    :onnei t   with
.tage. nt Carcross and VVhite Horse
maintaining a thn rvice
For information apply to
J.  H.   ROGERS, Traffic  Manager
Vancouver. B. C
"The Milwaukee"
'The Pion����r Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
.N'o trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment thai of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. They
Own nnd Operate their own sleeping
ind dining cars on alll their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of
. mcouver daily except Sat 6(.rvi(<, nn, obtainable elsewhere.
ind Sunda.  at 1:30 p. m. Sat- H  g. ROWE. General Agent.
,     ..   at 2:30 P. B. t,i4 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or,
(Plain Tips)
Turkish Cigarettes
1 5c per box.
\�� .
Published by The Daily New.   Pub-
b ������ ng   ' omp my,   Limite I,   at   their
iti;. e     corner   of   Sixth   and   From
fs��reets, Ne"   Westminster,  B   C.
Managing Director J. C. Brown
Transieti     display   advertising,   10
cour-, pei   iie    nonpariel)  12 lines to
th.--   iiich       *-*.- e   :-.-_t.   per   line   to
..: se :- enl  '..--.: t.ous.
Reading notices, hold face type, EO
.-ents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
I'or   time   contracts,   special   posi- ,
t.ons. apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
lound, rooms to let, etc.. one cent pet-
word. No advertisement taken fcr
les. than 25 "ents.
Day Office   A22
Night   Office    B22
��� -. '���'���iSr'^Bl'
V. EDNESDAY.  OCT. 31,  10C6.
The   T ironto   11     e    : :. I -   li
la av> criminal dockets al  the i        u
sittings    i :    the    M ini! ibi       iprei
court. reason to     mden
gratl ni     '.:..-.   whli 1: woul I :
I eople  of  the   southi   n     tuntries
Kurope to comi   to Cana ia.   I:  p
out   th.,;   heavj   criminal  d ickei - are
altogethei       abi :..    Can i llan
farming   communities,   and   finds
'i i   m for the exlsl Ing .-'at ��� of affali s
i:    Manitoba  in   the   presence    if   h
foreign   elemenl    li    th ���    populati in.
Invest Igations con lucted by agen - ol
iiu- l'nited States government ir, Austria, Italy and other ci uni i les   . s- . ���
i migration is  conl i oiled   by   th    government,  show   ilia'   it'  ::   man   '.::-.- ������
criminal record he i.s much more lik ������
ly io get leave to emigrate that. ;:' he
lias not.   ������[! is :, mistake," I he cy,
thinks, "actively to encourage foreign
ers of low  political and social   life to
come to -he Dominion, for it  i.- - ���
tain   io  attract   tiie mo-'    depen lenl
classes.    It' such people are lei a' u e
lhe lies:  informed ,:n I a.n--  "nie:
u"-r among them will see!; new hon ���
We   should   choose    tin-   policy   that
brings  tiie  best, :i it  the  wor.--.    We
should   rigidly exclude criminals,  imbeciles, and all  who ate lil.i Ij   to become  public charges, aad  should   let
the  nal ural  entei prise  of  the  c hi rs
furnish us with their besl citizenship.
I; would be iar better to dei.,.. settle-
menl for a generation than '" p iople
tl.e Wesl  with cVa.ejii.   'hat will retain for many generations mi inheritance of low criminality and  political
Sir Wilfrid Laurie: has won for
himself a lasting plai e in I he front
ri uk of the statesmen of Greater Britain���but what doe.-, that amount to?
Lei us ratlaa dwell on the misdoings
of some departmenl il understrapper
���    ! yell "Laurier an i Loot."
Hon. W. S. Fielding has lowe ������ I
al lon while -������ airing a larger reve
n ie. fn ler his administration Cana-
ill ui finances have gone from the
".���dial ' ' . tl " ' gilt-edge" class. The
1 ���' '���.:��� I fii unci il authoi;- ies in the
Ei ��� ha .e given him unstinte I
p  iii.      Well,   ���. hal  of  II ?    Did  noi
.mong the vei     nan
ivhl  oni' and
: ; ������    ipi ��� . -ni .
Vale' istii      De- U's
:       are a  num
i ���   i ��� funi     and I
es that eai 'an
-',   ���'. ��� la v.   il uy.
Mr.  . ale stan
edition o   .111   be  I
.. . i tl ad th      I
_____        __......___...... ...- -
W^E       . a../   .... -
_T' ��� /V *    Pf$
yi^-V ...r;,-   ; -    ���   ...��       �� _���*',.-     ,
Kf&S'J' '������    ���    ���    ������     ���   r\n .-��� ��� �����*,,��� -   -*r   i.       _ft% ��� ' ..       .
Know all men by these presents that
are clearing out a large range of their high-class $10.00, $12.00
= and $15.00 Suits at =====	
$7.��2 AND
For tne table, get WINDSOR
TABLE SALT. Every grain a
perfetft crystal Absolutely pure,
dean and never cakes.
WANTED   -  A blacksmith for stone      XEW WESTMINSTER
quarry.    Apply Gilley   Bros.,  Front   /^r.T:-rj   A      tt/->v T T O T'
a.'e-..,   Westminster. 190-tf   V^/HHrvA    JriCJUJ5l_
me of hi^ agent3 go  in   :   '   >had
; i ai tices at the lasi  eleci ion?   Sl   ul
him down, therefore;  never mind  the
Fielding tariff J : re.en ie   tali   ib ul
the Fielding tariff for votes.
Hon.   Sidney    Fisher    has    devised
ways nnd means to help the pi    ..
Under his administration, the ex]  n  -
i I Canadian produce bave risen   mor-
mously  and   its   value  in  Bl itish   :. a.
kets has heen enhanced.   Bui some of
his work   has  been   along  lines I ial
ti uch the homely, every day affairs of
country  life, and  it  is  easy  to turn
ich    things   into   ridicule.      Let    us
efoie crack our joke, aboul  eggs
thickens,   -a;, lng   n ithing    -���' material gains.
Under the a it..in' -��� ration of I hese
men and their colleagues, Cana la haa
t-i . ti from a mere coloi I le a iv. t.
and little thoughl  of, to a    lace tl a!
��� anks    s ime   in li pi ndenl   state>;
iless   > our   heart,   w h
��� ?   These men have sl ,    -
elve    liki   sl itesmei    atte
ie  ;n il a.- i innii ed ti
i in rge.   Wh-   nake a  'us. a ioui ii?
Wh; ��� In lee |, when hi ���
Piovinci   we   h        a
STOLEN  ��� On   Mondaj   evening,   a
n'����den -;:���>��� from  110 Third streel    _, . -. ���*    m,    ��r___-
$10 reward   will        paid  to anyone  TnUrSday,   NOV. lSt,    Ob.
-    .   ;   infi rm il lon   leading   to   the
conviction of the culprits. 202-1 CHARLES   H.   YALE
 ���  Submits   for  your   nleasure   the
PRINTING���!."'   us    lo  your printing. everlasting
We  g tai antee : ou  verj   re is mable .
prices,   prompl   delivery   and  com- |\         *1             A            ,  *
dete satisfaction. The Arrow Press, JL'CVll  S    _!x_LlCtlOn.
Front  street.    Mrs.  Dominy, owner.
'Has delighted young and eld just one
quarter of a century.)
Superb   Scenic   Investiture.
Novelties,  Singing and
Eye   Bewildering   Electrical
Large Company
Extravagantly   Costumed.
  Se its on sale al  Rj all's I irug SI li
"3.000 1 EMPRESS OF BRITAIN i H,boj   \ on Tuesday morning.
II. Power IEMPRE3S OF IREfiA.N'1   I      TOMS
Prices $1.00, 75c, 50c and 25c.
T a ..���; in the a ime ��������� i;   a   youi le
It   is   the ��� and   ^i      ^"^ I 'I_���_^'^',
iosI   .. tonoi : N'exi   .- tiling  .\o\
���=_-_    *-_-_��� ii  ��=-_- AND FLORAL DESIGNS,
Telephone Ai^l or address  l!h Av
C. P. R. agent. nue and 10th Street.
1..    For pa ftic liars appl;   to
imething eall;   ;   n I,
vi i ne :   he iro lah   ,va
11 lei -. nd, ii.ii
to   ai     he Igl
triptl m,   Ins ��� :   li;
ii'illlanl ui  a
Boui      In ���        inert?.!
'���   n
1       l
n    _���,
Misses and Cniidren s Dresses
:ie CO., LTD.
B. C.
Punch app .    .
ome of Ma       .wall
after the civil war. Kii
Prli Wa
Uonorai      i loloni Flrsl
1 'in : ie  Porl     V     nte tr   Rifle Co
: n I   Punch   .ays tl      P I! nol
- ime the title i    ci ionel,   ml     titli
lhal   mo ie- tr;     ch irn ��� Isi I :     f  Mis
Royal Highness," will c ml Inn to all
himself merely the Prince of V ���.'��� .
.? heretofore
We have   the   very    thing   you   want
Sizes   from   1   year  to   17  years.
The Vv kite House,
A. J.  BIRTCH. 275  Columbia Street.
will be Introduce*! a new and very
laughable trick scene entilli d ' The
Magic Picture Gallery," in which
Toby, the transformed donkey, again
meets his old enemy, Chaos, the
sprite, resulting it: :he Introduction of
a scries of new t licks, oil  n 61 h mim!
effects, scene leaps, star and vampire
trap workings, etc., all of which will
prove mosl Inter iting to I h ��� Ideal
or youngest theater goer.
Complaint Is m ide thai   the I
approach   (some   two   hundi -I     ards
long) io the bridge, on the fi mt.h si le
of the river, Is allowed  to remain In i
a   filthy condition,    it   Is   sal !  I i   resemble a low-lying ca! tie : ard it:  . ��� ���
weather,   and    people    v. ho  have   to
traverse ii on ft ol are in no - ifl lltion
to make calls on  their friends  when
they get through it.    Surely ll  I ��� th
business of some one to remei    this,
and thai  some one lg hereby res
I'u....  advised to net  busy.
W. R. Gilley, 'Hnone l-id-i.,
Dealers in
Dreadnaught to he Flagship.
London, Oct. 30.���li Is announced
thai the battleship Dreadnaughl will
lie attached to the home dee1 as (lag-
ship for Rear Admiral Sir Francis B,
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents li. C. lottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Po rtlaiul Clement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone 1-B
Tlie  Choicest of Meats Cooked -
tne Most DcKc:   lis  Manner   C n
Be   Detained    at     All    Hour-   -:
K e ii n y s    Ixe s t a   rant    a j;. 1   Iffi
Late Suppers After the Theatre a
Specialty. Oysters and (_��affle
-      -      -      in  beason.      -
Souvenirs oi tiie City;
Fancy Goods;
Fine Stationery M
j. J. MACKAY y C
m ��� ^����^���� m*
_#<>����������������������4  ���
Booksellers and Statumei kESDA
V, CCT. 31, 1906.
WWSHHBBBrEBBRS r�� rr -   - -
Unusual Bargains in
tit ri I a  manu ...       ���-:        : aii.,. of sai
i' :hui. Chi nisei les, Tab Colla    , etc., ol dm   Orienl
.   es, al  an exi e ding!     ;enei o i   disi il    and we In
a   to you al  ihe san     '     ���������   ������ I icti m      Thi re ai
in I he lot, gi. . . ��� ���������.. ellenl varietj.
To-day at 50c. 75c,  $1.00, $'.20 and $1.75.
Is we h ive in endh , al every  wanted  pi la
as Stewart,   MacKenzie,   12nd  Hlghlande .,   Rob
Glengan   .  Via  D F   nch Fancy Plaids in
B Ions of col
40 to 44-inch, at 35c, 50c, 65c and 75c
54-inch - - at $1.00 and $1.25
46-inch Fine Australian Wool
Goods, in suit length, at $1.50
Style for Every Fancy
found   to-day  among  our
lew Plaid Silks
igl hs ..:' w hich express just on  Fi I day���
tive     the ni \ .   .'. ilsl -
. of cob r in  the ��� nd  the sph a II i  c irhbina-
II   possibl       - us I    pie        tnyon       :';'" col-
nation   of REDS ,��� hi e,   irown   and
Ite ai       : icl ; GREEN'S wl   i   ed,
:.  o  .   .     ind   yi
.  an I BROWNS
rartan    i   i S
a fin
ii :..���!. i to wea .
b.ivl.isoi     M Green
.50 and $1.00 per yd.
.,���..,....,    *l   . * -v. -      .     ,      -
i.'__.'_;-i_;_i__.-...'_ ... ::_      ������ ... J
������**;aa ,.i:,xamtt:jmmijazfflB&3.:.j��zsi:r a. ���;.-.-- __.
Local News Briefly Told
^���^W.iH' 'i W**im $
? fy ,''is, sti ^i,E)m   ''
���E-S^Em.E^M H
E]0mmmti�� in
���'   ��� . (51
m ' I
'     .   .- :
'   '���       Rni   lot ol     iunta tens al
n afford      ri mi tain
���:-        - : iveni   in, ha ��� come
such ,i boon thai I.. I e ne is
a distincl 202-]
l . if the   Ollvel
���'������'-' '    '     ling   a
-"'���ia! ol .. !! ill iwe'en ch i acter this
' venin?   al    the    n .1 lence   of  T.   D.
'* eh   a  :,  SeCon i   sti   an I  Qu ens
n enue
' ���   ime   lal; _ the   ,-i      known
������ ��� 'allst,    who   has    e i
i ���     Ime v      lie in
- rit\     n a vl   '     i-da       She  will
irewell t in Vanco iver
nexl      mth,
illowe'"i ii   the
Sl     Paul's  church
tb had iserl   h il Ilng  ;n
esi li nee of  Mr.   F,   P   Max.'
Foil    i   avenue,      i     been   po :
' ���  "il.-;. la;  nighi
Pile   Irivlng o| orations  on Ihe   \'..
VV. & V. spur to Millside wen ied
��� i   ������'��� hih     es!erda       .    i int of
n   iei : lenl    to   the    lonlo gine
hit :   :.
if drivii es extensloi
��� ifl   ��� ,       '��� ���
A new avenue foi thi   I ilei I        the
Hin lu   poi   I il   t.    ia    been fo     i on
ibe  C.P.R.   sectli n   e in;.     Ves   rday
-. ! the water '   ml      ��� inch of them,
un ler   I he  gnidam e   of  I he   sei -   m
. v.e:e notici      .      .in firsl
lessons in ��� : e le,
11   M.ih  S a is i]    ��� I ���        rger who  H :is
admitte I he i   tieral   hospil il   on
Sun lav   i       ' ffering    from   a
..���'.��� r   uh of .li- fall-
n it, fted to be pr igres Ing
acl irily,   and   he  expects   t i   be
nl le   lo   leave   the   hospital   in   -he
ceurs      :   ���:    hei   weel
The   B.   C.   FI mr  Milling   Co..    of
which  Perci   Ven ibles I -  I he in mag-
n ���  director, opened   I heir  doors   for
iiisini la;    morning   in   the
ling  until   recently   occupie I   by
��� be   i 'ale irj    Milling   (' i���   on   Front
��� ��� 'ei     All the directoi s   if the com-
n    : ��� ��� in this citj  ye tei day morn-
it- ��� issed   the   prospects  of.
a   . e al lei gl b.
At i li     of the  Presbj lery of
v er,   hei I    yesterd ij    after-
i     ���   in Si   Andrew's church, the call
...   M i ,t -   Lehman   and   Mi- ion
��� mgreg the Rev. Mr. Oswald
waa - ta ni i and the Induction n -r-
i i. need to ta}<e pi tee on
Tuesda . Nov. fi. The rfesull of the
l                  meeting   was   n  foregone
ncnisini     ml the choice of the | as-
.ne to all concerne I,
Hon   V .   N'i    .ai.   it ile   ��� ��� iter lay-
gave'1 Ien i.n favoi   if the plain-
��� ������ 0...I01       ������     Sa.uA,    In
case  fhe  pi dntil'   - mghl   to  re-
... i      ". hich  t'i"  de-
.... tn for a i iw,
n  tin      ���      ��� lelivered,
I to    no vi    he price I ��� * 13.
���\ ......  y ��� ..��� i. I lali   :':' the
,-.  ; pay
im i    ;' '��� i
The  wl :
���      nl Ii
.    ��� T.
: Vli list
...    :
ia       m   an I  Mui       lad
���   I
el ves  wl
.Munn'.- ia R-yer, and   Ut lared thai
hej had givi n ou to
Detective Bradshaw had been diet it. i
motives of re n ntmenl again.(
Munn, who had brutallj iii i.e.ne i the
��� il ire i woman ��Ith whom he co-1
lied, and -,\ ho swore oul the firsl Information
Governmenl Agenl C C. Fisher's
littli ,mi yesterdaj underwent an op-
��� :ation on his ej������ In Vancouvi r. Some
Ume il: i the littli lad sustained an
. to h a e; e while playing with
pair nt' -ei.-.- it.-. Bj gome mis i :
o'tr ire he ran one ol the poinl a Into
hii eye.   li was ai fir I feare i thai he
��� ould   lose   his  sight,  but   o tlciai ���
late I thai  an ���   eral   in  would  bi
'tie op;lc  back  t.i  normal coi lltl  i
and Ii Is hope i  lhal   the little  fi llo-tn
will   now   soon   hate   tile   full   use   of
ol a ... es     He i - al   ire lenl  In  V in
couver, and Mrs, Fisher ia ��ith him,
The cas ' Lee Gins t -   Louie Ki;
occupied the gfe iter pn i of :
in Capt. Pltteudrlgh's court.    Tl     in
-  ��� -���'-  Ot  the   plaintiff  were   1 ,,��� i
��� ter ' J, p. Hampton Hole, while the
lefen lant's c ise waa In the han Is of
.1 D, lv:,ne h v the outsel the
counsel for the defi net endeavored to
1 ;eisli the case on a technicality,
which was overruled   by  the   magls
ate mi hearing the authorities advanced by the opposing counsel. Kit
was eventual!) sent to the jail, there
t i aw-ail his trial on the charge of
stealing the sum of . ia :��� an the plaintiff.
���I  '-      -----      ���.-"���.��    ._.........       ,._,.,,..        V.   _,      .U���t_,IJl
th-se two qualities    In every article bough! an.1 sold.   Our    .
a back ilining chair possesses  these  In  marked    degree���   J
of workmanship finish Is what makes furniture values. Our endeavor
is tr
*' 00        a  ln.k dining chair p
the) an excellent value. Our Sd.no solid oak cobhlpr seat rocker is
a leader ifid Is a winner; roomy and comfortable; and thoee fancy
chairs, large genuine Spanish leather upholstering at $15.00 is one
of the best   Morris chairs all oak  frame  from $7.50 each up.
Duponl  Block.
I elephone 73.
their works shal/ye
On the merit of their performances alone are
J j   we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
"��i in
tions, make
/ /   construction, combined with a E\\\ in manu-
t��   facture. vhich is the inheritance cf genera-
good time keepers
���^quently comfortable wa,,,,., .��� .....7.
1Clr e""cJency is assured by a guarantee which enables
"er t0 "ave any constructional defect remedied free of
1 "- hY lhe nearest agent in any part of the world.   They
fnade in gracJes vvHioK cannot be fully guaranteed.
CHAMBERLAIN, The lewder, Brine Block.
.   In
ire to '        net*
i  .  -   ..
I..   Al-y larrle  &  Co.,
... to-d '
....... i        ���   a ���    . n ger
n . ��� ters      Mr,   I ale. ' relin pilah
that pari re ecentl
u.-ed as an offl   i*. and the i sa
"lira v ill i      .      il ������    "     "   - ��� irrle
ha      eei      irtlcularl     ictlve   n
I ng sali
large deals haj
hands    Tl ''":"; ''���'���'
.....      ,. | ,      ... irtj   has In  lifi ���
vhich were sol I
lo differenl liasers   the majoril
elng an a has i iecula
The charge of murder a -r :;n-'
..... .    ���    vas withdrawn    ij   the
ice  oo uri   yes-
:, . | ,    mornin    i ������ lng to the failure
0I   .;,,. ,..������,, mi m  pi iceedlngs,    The
,,,,,.. nnga w ire merely of a formal
p ,, ...   ag rat ks n had heen liberated
previous  night, as  soon  aa  the
, ,,      , ir��� was Informed that W.
,;   ,;  ., ..   |e had failed to-secure the
extradition of the man Munn. who was
,...,   jupposed   to  have   been   impli-
. ,...i  in the disawjearance "f G- A.
Along  the   Waterfront.
The Clive came into pon  jesierda
with a boom of logs from Whonnock,
The Restlets mghl anothi     icow
loa ' of i oal ii. :- om Xanahno estei -
daj    or J.  W. Crelghl in,
The Flyer came Into porl yestei daj
with   a   large   consignment   ol   ' ,a .
smith coal for Gilley Bros,
Tne International Logging Co 's tug,
the Roberi  Dunsmuir, came Into ;
; esterday   t\ ith t wo I nis ol  logs of
ten and six swlfters respectively. The
Flyer assisted the Dunsmuir along the
last portion of th < joui ne to I he I-'rarer River mills.
The Cl ii.-rn in was li      i       i    i
lay wi a a mlxe i cargo ol fn Ighl for
local merchants
The il X.R. car barg : SI Inej h i ���
towed Into porl yesterday, bearing a
number of pars of freighl an ! i loco
Thi ��� iven men- dredge Is now al
mosi ready tip. work again, The pontoon0 which were recentlj torn from
ini I irage haw   been   recovered,  and
an ��� of the anchors  have lie i
cut ' i Irom the bed of the river,
i".a M i.i'i'i retui ne 1 I i  iorl    e iter-,
1 i;   ifi 'i- i -,t Ing towed ] he Q. i'. Gen
oral Contract  ''".'- pile driver to Englishman's   river,    where    - lie   I I'eW    IS
drh Ing a log boom,
\   carload  of  lumbci   waa   shipped
.-   er In;   lo (ranges  ha   ior, ��here a
'���������'���   irl ���    ie!n  li icted,
\ cai load   ���   magnesl ������: ���  :
daj : Ihe G I Pov I C if Victoria
Thc Queen Cl     rami om A
lasi  aid.-     Tht    .esse!       lakin
':..  i:   P, Rithi fs i un For      horl time.
Ju   .   \\   Kel    ,)
i anoi ,-h or Hi
ulgl       t.i'    on
oue,      '      I       I   : I    I
dVliluw,"      .a '   n .,.       i :��� ha     a
.... ir as lasi       i .
:   .        no ral      thai
ilzatlu     ��� ���   nol   he
mil   ������ made Ad ned Ike
'������     i    . :..;,..      vlsll     The
a hai een
nre la      e\ Injur!-
,   .   N'oi s.-r. Savage v
h   ..  .i   i,i.s   coasl   follow Ing.    Th
are  several   ea il irn    mana fei -   n ho
t,i nd oul   ii   good   comp inj   the  fli
tr, a.i I after the play has made a
name the ��� a i lemble an armful of
itii i aa i :, ddbi Ick the public. S iv
: ��� e n'i d i business like that. The
presenl "(tolle ;e widow" company ls
as 'otii; nl   ind capable as thai of
season. Notwithstanding the fact
that the audience knew -'very telling
i ne onl e-.-er;. Mr of "business," thej
uighed aa heartily as though every-
hing was new. Anticipation of the
transformation i of Uud Ricks Into
Sport HickS, and Hie downfall of the
iown policeman did iu>; lake the keen '
edge oif the pleasure. It wns a laugh-
ler-fest from Ihe beginning to the end. |
There i.s no deadwood in Ihe company, I
every one being alive and anxious to
please, This Is an assertion which (it-
few other companies, whether they
reme the flrsl or second Ume in a
play. And il Is all to the credit of
Savage.   __oo-ray for ffenry \Yd
Penman's   Natural   Shirts and     Drawers
$1.25 the garment, all sizes.
Stanfield's Light Weight, all sizes, $1.25
the garment.
The heavier Stanfield's Goods,  $1.75 and
$2.00 the garment.
The  heavy ribbed Stanfield's $1.25   and
$1.50 the garment.
Penman's   Blue Tail, all sizes,  $1.25 the
We Are Clearing Out
China Tea Cups and Saucers
at $2.25 per dozen.
The Regular Price is $3.00
per dozen.
(Maple Leaf Label)
Is the best value, because it is pure, nutritious and very economical.
It utilizes all the heating power of the hard coal, soft coal, wood or
coke. Ordinary st.el and cast iron ranges are fuel wasters. They may
work well   until  the  bolts   become  loese where steel is bolted to cast iron.
The Monarcn range is different, it is constructed with malleable iron
frames, to which the steel is rivetted, not bolted. It is only in this way
that absolutely air-tight joints can be made. There is no stove putty in
Monarch  air-tight teams ���no  danger of leaks.
OCT. _
res '-'���,\jr~r~3"'.--~  .
r y_��
H1TKS1DE & KDMONDS, Barristers and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia   street,   Xew   Westminster.
\V. J. Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOJ.E, sollcl-
"* tor of 'lie supreme court. Offices
Canadian Hunk of Commerce building, Columbia street, opposite post-
office, Xew Westminster. Money to
barristers, solicitors, etc.. Offices: Xew Westminster, Trapp Elk.,
corner Clarkson nnd Lorne streets.
Vancouver, rooms 21 to _., 445 Granville street. J.seph Martin, K. C, ...
\V. Wean. W. (.. McQuarrie, H. A.
Bourne. Mr. Martin wijl be in tin
Westminster offices every Friday af
First Toper: "I've been fearfully ill this morning, old man; lizards���green
ones���and frogs running all ever me."
Second Toper; "Been ill? Why, you're not well yet. They're running all
over you now."
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal
and $2*0 for anthracite. Not more
than 3. o acres can be acquired by one
individual or company. Royalty at
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A free miner s certincate is granted
for onc or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $7-50
per annum for an individual, and from
$5,0 to $100 per annum for a company,
according to capital.
A free miner, Having discovered
mineral in place, may locate a claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least ,i��o must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof, When
$500 has been expended or paid, the ,
locator may. upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be  granted by the
Minister   of   the    Interior   to   locate;
claims containing iron and mica, also ,
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an j
area not exceeding  160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of _'_ per cent, of the sales
of  the  products of  the  location.
PLACER MIXING -Manitoba and
lhe N. W. T., excepting the Y'ukon
Territory: Placer mining claims gen-1
erally are 100 feet square, entry f.-
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being 101
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends lou-k
to the base of the hill or bank. 1101
exceeding 1000 feet. Where steam
power is used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T.. excepting the Yukon Territory A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of the   Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged  beds  or  bars  of  the  river
below  any low water  mark, and  sub-i
for first y.nr and $10 per mile for each j
subsequent   year.      Royalty   same   as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Ter- '
ritory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line ex
general direction of the creek 01
gulch, the width being from iooo to
2000 feet. All other placer claims
-hall he 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
po. t., one at each end, bearing no-
tices. Entry must be .'btained within!
ten days if lhe claim is within ten :
miles of the mining recorder's office.I
One extra day allowed for each addi- j
tlonal ten miles or fraction.
The  person or company  staking < I
claim  must  hold  a  free miner's  certificate.
The discoverer cf a new mine is
entitled to a claim of iooo feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall br .
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
"ii the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five mile*
but where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rate ol two
and a half per cent, collected on the
output  after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
tst day of August in thr \-"r of the
(late  of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Vukon Territory to be paid to tbe
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the same ..eek, gulch or river, by
giving  notice and   paying a   fee.
Work must be done on B claim
each year to lhe value of at least $200.
A certificate that work has been
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free mincr.
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars
on any other line. They protect
their trains by the  Block System.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon   Official   Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and tbe minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1020 acres for
such period as he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities, ami satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the  Minister of the In
Degt, Inter:or. - .   :
IlnWAY,   REID   &   BOWES.  B;
ll    ters,   solicitors,   etc..   42   I.
Btreet,   opposite   Court    House,
Westminster.    A. Whealler, B.O.
.or ne
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Colum-
1 In and McKenzie streets, N'ew Westminster, B. c.
W. MYERS GRAY. Barrister, Solicitor
an i Notaij Publi -. ln practice since
1S91 al New Westminster, B.C. Offices removed to Curtis Block,Clarkson street, opposite Court House.
P.O. Bi:. 169.   Telephone 04.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westminster Board of Trade meets in the
Board Room, City Hull, as follows:
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quarterly meetings on tlie second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at S p, in.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. Ne��v
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. E. White, Sec.
UNION LODGE, NO. 9. A. F. & A. M.
���The regular meeting of this
is held on the First Wednesday in
each month, at 8 o'clock p. ni., in
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
orethren are cordially Invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
F. & A. M.���Regular communications of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday in cue*, month in
Masonic Temple, nt !. y. in. Visiting brethren are ordially invited
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
R. B. K. of I., meets second and
fourih Friday of each month, at 8
p. ni., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue, and John street. So- _
journing Sir Knights cordially invited to ttttend. W. E. Dunlop, W. ���
P.;   E. E. Matthias, Reg.
���Meets   in   Orange  ball   first   and
third Friday in each month at 8 p. i
ni.    Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend.    E. E. Matthias,
W. II.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of ihis lodge
are held in Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every Monday evening,
at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited 11 attend. A. I'. Halla-
day. N.G.; W. C. Coatham, Rec. Sec,
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LODGE No. 3
���Meetings the first and third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Lodge room, A. 6. V. W. hull. Odd-
fellows' block, Clarkson sti eet, 0.
S. Corrigan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. Salted Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
in K. of P. Hall. Columbia St., at
8 ji. in., White Rose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday in each month, same
time ,md place. Visiting Brelhren
cordially Invited. E. B. Stlnch-
com!.,-, Pies., H. Disney, Secretary.
���Meets the Fourth Friday in the
month at S o'clock, in the small
hall. Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend. .1. B. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on lhe Second
and Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
ut . p. 111. in Ibe Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordialy invited to attend. E. C. Firlh, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at S o'clock p. m., In Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially Invited to attend, Geo. Burr, S. Ci N. R. Brown.
Sec. 1
CAMP, 191.���Meels on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month In
K.    of    P.  Hall.      .lohn    .McNlven,
Chief; J. J. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
Win $300 in G
Reichenbach Cornel
Prize Contest
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
at 9 P. M
Two Prizes $25 in Gold
Five Prizes $10 in Gold
Forty Prizes $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purchase. Our
weekly and monthly customers will also be given
coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of
When you get $1 worth of checks present them
at our office and get a coupon. One is given to tte
customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.
The first number drawn wins the first prize; the
second drawn wins the second prize; and se ��u
through the list.  Coupons are numbered in du] >licat@j
IMPORT ANT-All holders of prize coupoij
must present them on or before January 10th, p|
otherwise same will be distributed among the c
table institutions of the city.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers   SS"SSStm!ISS LsDAY. OCT. 31, 1906.
I. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
i I intend t
. !-;
al    . .       .������.
S-E .      .
'���  ��� ��� . .. ���
o^-~ -
across the rapids    vi,e week beton.
with    '��� lite :   I      ..- bad laid a -.:._.���
a   ll ������   |l|V.. .
I   R
Nf   _���*.!��     Ji    D "     _'. rocks 1 ih.v--     ���
uDicLi Dinn i ��� u> ":,-v-
i beavj  u, u.. g to balance th   ,i
t            n,    _    ������,,_,                           : Ita-  ,1..   .
i':>   Honor*  Willsie
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
mber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,  j
Interior Finish,     turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
(farmers ATTENTION!
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Sou     Pa ". il    , B
Wes Subui
A cei til   a     ������   a lefe
... sued      j )
���'���:   the Brunette Sawmill Coi  p u      Lim-   f '
Liah ���   15th daj  of Xo-   &*~
ier, 1906, unless in the meantime      Han  '   .  p in the bottom or bis
a  valid objection there i        madi   to   nee.   11.. . mop was tied a few feet <>i
me in writing       a    erson o ma   from tbe  shore, and  the river,  do.
claiming an e ntei n,   powerful nnd mysterious, tugged ot t!
frail little craft.   But llarvell did n
or in any part ' be e il
(Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
|e phone 12. New  Westminster   !
������'������- Hows:   .      . . L60
. t ���
east to / poini imence-
640 aci or
c. S. KEH H,
Locati I Augus  .7. I ���   . Dlstricl Registrar of Titles,
-. Comm   . lng  a-   a   posi   ma ked      Land   Registrj    Office,  N'ew   \\  ,-t
VS. M.'s s.W. i  irner, planted on the   minster, B.C., Oct. 10, 1906,
! ���������    i      e Kil lala river, ab ml
m the mouth, running
fo     .     10 chains n irth, 120    laii
:-'.    i   hains so ith, 10 chains west,
3 north, 80  wesl  to poinl  of
a tement, lining 640
e    .  li --.
ited A ign st 27, 1 106
��� Coi it  a   posi   ti i       1
'���'      \ 1-:   Co ner, plant I
nl   ol " ������ Kildala rii    , a   m
- an     i  ha
' h    moul        mnin ; as fo
Department   M,liti_  and   Defence.
Ciover  Point   Rifle  Range.
Victoria, B.C.
beed the call. The darkness was ,:, ���,
vol luminous, with the promise ol
early moon, nnd the night wind thai
swept from shoreward was sweet n i I
heavy with the fragrance of bloomius
Harvell Btured upward to tbe star
every    sens,.   as   keenly    alive   to   the
beauty  of the s o as  If  mind  nud
heart hnd nol been given over for days
to the problem which be had thr ra;
himself Into the canoe to solve.   Final
ly  be stirred  restlessly  and  said   h  .
'-.N'o.   It's no use.   I .an'l do il.   She i-
too tine and thoroughbred for a greal
common born chap like mo to marry
a      mth, hain
[nadian Bank of Commerce
[up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
'ALKER, General Manager.       ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager.
,-elopi      .   ;. ir  Coustru     in ��� '
asi I - .       m
, , ,   Stop Butt, Rifl ��� Rai -    Victoria, B.C.,
and addressed 3 ere ai       f th
���   ii ���  .
..... 19 i6,
I. Con      a it  a
i*.  . I '.- N W. Corn    . plante I
if the Kildala rivi      iboul
i and a 1 le    ... Iver I om   N lc
mouth,  running a    I illow -;   160
;      ... irti    .Ottawa
will be receive I   ml . no in,
a   N iveniber  next,  I      lhe co       i
on of a s       mtt for the rifl      ange,
Plans  and
a ���.     .-a -.    10 chain      toitl       160
. :    noi      to i olnl
facility  afforded   Farmers  for   taeir banking   business.. Sales   Notes
ed  or taken   for collection.
>"    i mm i n en   :
more or less.
Locate i August 27,
*. Commencing   al
W.  M.'s  N.E. C i ner,
rent iinin;
19 16
, ;,.
,een an 1 I ill Ini irmatioii   ibtalni  I al       -_��_
the offices of iho Distrh t Officer (
manding, Mllit u .   Ids- rid No   11, Vic
toria,  ani   the   Director of   Englneei
Services, Headqu irters, I ittav i.   Ten
I   ders musi  In   mi le on the fo m   -
..Sr.-.-.. t    n the
. .   BY   MAIL���Dep islts e ma       r withdrawn <
��� .:.��� -  receive evei.   a
e Royal Bank of Canada
plied  by the  Depart ment, and  accom-1
I   Panied  h>   :>   '      ���"'  ���'���  :1   Canadian
one mile from the' i     tth  if the river,   chartered banl   :     i    pe   cent, of the
running a    foi  .' - chain    south,   ftmount of ,l!" [emler' ���"' a   *' t0 ;h"
.���"der  of the Honor,   le  the   M inister
?         i ite   sec irity  to de;
START NOW to save your money
[i ; will ne.er regret  it.    l'i">,il t
do hai ler things every day and have
r          . .-.  :' ir It
: ���. DOLL.1 it opens an ai ���
i ;��� il In your po    et, ll wani l prob
1             .     b il  ONE  DOLLAR
i-   ed ever;    . ���       . ith ns will in
i          , $604.60.    THINK
GS. 8 TO   9   O'CLOCK.
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
-ii chains west, 80 li lins n irth to the
shore line lence 1 illov, Ing shore line
to poinl if i ei tement, containing
040 tier,-, mi re or les s,
:.     ited Aug ���-' 27, 1906.
6. Commencing al a posi n i ke I
VS. M.'s S.W. Cornei planted on the
east bank of the Dala river, i i il
tin chains easterly from the mouth,
running as foil iws: 10 chains east,
40 chains north, 10 chains east, sn
chains north I i the ri. ir, thence following river ��� i ao'tn- n. laiitinteiiee-
ment, containing 640 acres, more or
Locate I Aug isi 27. 1906.
(Locator    WILLIAM   MOODY,
per Frank Van lall, A.^ent.
Ocl   i, 1906.
of Militia and Defem -
The Department   l n il : In 1 itself
to accepl the lo.  ���-' or an;  tender.
E. K   .1 .RVIS,
Acting Deputy Mtt,is:,.a , f
Militia  and   Defence.
Department of Militia and Defence,
Ottawa, Huh October, 1906
Canadian Pacific
lank of Montreal
Ine orporated   by   act   of   parliament
'AL (ALL paid  up)
Rt. Hon, Lnrl Strathcona an 1   Mount   Royal,    G.   C.   M.
(I  Honorary President
Hon.   s-r   c.   A,   Drummond    President
E. S. Clouston Vice Presi ien-   and  General  Manager.
;-       tanking business transacted.
|     ���      in all the principal cities In  Can.ida. In   London, Eng., Now
o, and St. .lohn's Nfld., ani correspondents In all parts of tb*
Shingle and Saw
Mill  Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
��� ��� ti made to register John Kennedy
as the owner in fee simple, un ier a
tax .sale deei from Sidnej A. Fletcher
tn .lohn Kennedy, bearing d ite the
Mist daj of December, A.D 1901, of
all and singular that certain parcel or
i a- of land and premises situate,
I; lng and being in the District of New
Westminster, in the Province of British Columbia, mote particularly
known and described las Lots 1. 2, 3,
I and a, Block 1".. pari of Lol 26,
Group I. Lots 2. an I 29, Block 5, subdivision 'of Lol 202, Croup I. an l
norther!, four-1 i of I. it 2, Block 5,
subdivision of Sectjon 13, Township
1. Range 29th, Wesl of the 6tS Meridian.
Vmi an 1 e n ii if iu are re mired
���., ,-. ntesl ��� ie i I iim of the tax pur-
i:. iser within fori live ilay$ from the
date ol he first pu lie itiou of this
a . Ii e, an 1 In default of a c iveal or
, i rtiflcate ol lis . en lens being filed
within - u : |.e nd, or In lefa ill of
G. D. BRYMNER, Agent,  redemption ' registration, I shall
 -s_   register    John    Kenned)    as   owner
~ ~~~~     ihe e ,/ In ��� ��� ���    An I I din      that ] ub
l cation of tl tin Ice for one month
In a d ill; new -:��� iper pn dl il I :':
v ..   We i       i good  an I
��� icleni set ,'h e
Da-ei at the Land Regi tr    11    te,
Ni w Westminster, Provin e o: B
Columbia, this  L3th day of Octo i
A D. 1906
Dlstricl Re jistrar.
To Mrs, Eliza ie ..  Kathleen  Bl ick,
' William Knight an I Jed G. Blake,
All persons served with this notice,
and those claiming through or under
them, and all persons claiming any
Interest In the said land by virtue of
any unregistered Instrument, and all
persons claiming any interest in the
said  land by descent, whose title is
The  only   t illv ���     r inning   t .   i igh
���'.a. , md toui 1 sl i ai .   Be -   e pulp-
Train for s.-at tie leaves at 8.30 a.m.
Eastern Express al 15'.40.
notice  that   application   has1    For rates,   reservations   and other
particulars apply to
C. P. R. Agent,
New West minster
E.   J.   COYLE.
Assistant   General    Passenger    Agent,
"maH'. .::et!" uh ciui.h.
And-no.   even   If  she  should   lie   w 1
lng, which is nu insane thoughl on ta;
pari. I've no i~t>_: 111 1 i lei her Bacritlci
herself. I'll stay until tomorrow iuu
then plead business and disappear."
There was a little stir near the ploi
us of the underbrush, theu a woman':
voice,  wonderfully clear and  sweel:
������Lei's sit  here and wait for the tUOO!
to rise. T_e bungalow Is so close mu
hoi tonight."
Harvell caughl his breath, li wa
she. The voice thai replied ho ree i:
ul/.ed as thai of his married sisic;-, v, h
was chaperoulug the bungalow part)
"Vou haven't beeu yourself nl all, Mar
garct, during tho entire week."
"I  know It,  Agnes."   The voice,  witl
>      Uess,   |] c   i c;   ||   '.:,.,|  \r    ;'...  __U IB.   '     J
.    caaied   the   pi ......
'    peratel)   �� th   i ie  hand   llarvell  i .it
about n Ith the other and bj rare go.xl
. .. I.   found  a   plank,  Wei   and  slipp    y
with   ��� pia\.,..m   neigh luring   i
Wiib Infinite toil be raised himself i   !
of the \> ater Ini h by Inch until at I  -t
he crouched on the great stone and i   !
the teetering plank.
Then on hands and knees lie star
for the shore.    Blinded hy sprays,
plauks half turning so thai  be ��� oi   :
only pause, struggling with rigid i
cles for balance, llarvell crawled aln ;
the  fool   wide  planks.    And   with  e:  j
pause came new discouragement M-;.-
garel would surely be gone. In i
panic of has),, he slipped and folic. I
his way, now hair In the boiling wnl ���
half on ihe -limy roi ks. now again hn
the plankwuy, gaining toward his y i '
fool 1>\ fool. ,\t |:|s| ,,,,,, flnal spr.-! .
and   he   fell   again   the   solid   earth   '
neith   hiin.    Wlthoul   thoughl   of   '
dripping  clothing   he   stnrted   on   '
half mile run through the woods t" i   ���
"If ihe moon would onl)  come it; I
lie thought   a-i  lie lore his  way   lh-
the he.iv \   underbrush.   "11   If onl.   !
"in nui too hue! I am going to tell
nti) how, just t,, prove to her ih.it i
:l    fool,     I    suppose        Oh,    here   is   I    '
i tngo road |"
On   up  the  Rand)   road,  ins clo
half dry  wilh his rapid pace, then \\    li
the cre.n edge of the summer mn i
peering m or the top of the pines, ' n
perceived a dim figure stnndlng b)
roadside.    The (lgui'e sbrnnk hack II !
tl" ai  ihe  tdght  of the man storm .. :
up tho road,    llarvell  pissed.
"Mnrgarel 1" he cried.
"Ves." answered  quietly  the s\\ ���
Clear   voice   ll-.al   never   failed   In   III;   ,'
"Margaret, why do you s;o'."
Margaret, too surprise I by bl is u      i
appearance to be stnrtled by his kno- I
edge of her movements, made u ��� n ���
"Because,"   Harvell   plunged  on,
annoy you  with nttontlou,  because t
bang Oil your very word and .ulati ������.
because 1 uni ail ordinary chap with ll I
ancestors, and you are the persoiillle.i.
tlon of culture and dellcncy   is thai I
Margarel ?"
"Vou have no rlghl lo speak L. I
way, Paul," said Margaret, In her qu el
"No. iml isn't thai true?" persisted
llarvell. The moon was well above ill ���
treelops now. Ity lis lijjht he coilid
see the look of pride wllh which Mil!'-
garel   drew  herself up.
"So you think me a snob? Vou know
me well Indeed!"
"Know  you,"  replied   Hlirvell  in:    :
ably   "no.    i    know   nothing,   excel i
that   I   love you and  thai   I   can  never
hope to marry you."
There was a ImiK pause. The BIKU
mer nlghl   was very fair around llietn.
The itiri before, him seemed to Harm'.!
a pari of the wonder of the nlghl.
"Vou think, ihen," said Margaret,
"lhal I nm too brainless to admire jfour
fine   mind,   your   splendid   physique
'arruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
&ow Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
he Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
VANCOU   '    ,       C.
���^ i not registered under rhe provisions of
the Land Registry Act." shall be forever estopped and debarred from set
ting up an) claim to or in respect of
the said land so sold for taxes as pro-
vided by thi  "Land Registry Actr
|W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
_^4    Ellard Bloc*.
N^vv Westminster, B.C.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & FL Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail mute between ail
points east, west and south to Ross
land, Kelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Oreal
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
(ick  points
Connects at Meyers Tails with
stage ''lily for Republic.
Buffet .ervice on trains between
Spokane and  Nelson,
KITective    Sunday,    November     io.
Leave Day Train Arrive
0.20 a.m Spokane    7.15 pin
i_._5 p.m Rossland  410 p.m
g.40 a.m  Nelson  6.45 Pm
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, II.
Its tired  note, was  very touching,  atli.  Being, you say. well horn. 1  must he   1
Harvell   stirred    restlessly      "I'm   use  ' ��uoh."
'ess i> myself ami every  one else-      liarveii drew a long breath.   "Mav
every one else." she repealed,  as If tl     garel,"  he said,  "will  you   marry   1I1C ?
herself. will you say yes, Margaret?"
"Oh,   nanseiise:    Peggy,   you   are  t> "Not iinlil I ha ve told you," iinswere I
tin."   and    wbolO-Ottie   to   talk   so.     I t_io  low   voice,  "that  I   was  horn  mal
wish"��� Amies stepped as If not ilnrin . bred  In  poverty  In   the  mountains  of
lo no on. . Tennessee, that  I am  finely  born only
Margaret's voice continued:   "I wuui: as every American is fl'nely born, and 1
you   to  help   nie   lo  steal   off   totllghl ani proud of It."
Amies.   1 want to go hoiue, and 1 mi.-.      The sound of stugacoach wheols.came
Joint the Westbnryn ami go to Pari up   th,.   road,   bul   already   the   tti 1
The slam- goes down  at  0 and   I  a:, Ogutes were  far Up the  path that led
going to catch it un.] steal off wlthou . to the bungalow,
a word io any one.    Please, Agnes."  ! .
The perspiration Btnrted to Harvoll'i Men Are mm...  sow.
face as  he  strained  his ears  to cntc 1'nlll   the   sixI Hi   century   ar 1
Agnes'reply, When It enmo he gasped developed in a logical way. Ita for
"Sometimes I think brother Paul la
fool I"
Margaret's voice was stern. "Astue
I wish yon would never mention Pan
Hai'voil's. name to me. 1" Bul lie
voice was growing I 10 fiinl f ir t ,
man in the ennou to distinguish h ���
words, strive as he woul I.
"They've Btarted back 11 the buiijn
low." he thought.   "I am a cad to luiv
listened even Ihus much.     Lul, anyhow
I've lived up to ihe adage
vvliv I'm a fool"
were governed   by   tho  neeessttU
war.  and   changes  In   il   were  tb-
milt of practical experl m ��� i and 0
experiment  ou  ihe battlefield,     it
the sixteenth century It  became
tusiie and meaningless, a gain cosl
rather  than  a   harness.    The   groat.  '
Captains   opposed   Its   use.   Imt   l|."   tt>
hies clung 1 > 11 ns a mark of disi
tlon.    A ftei   ll  wuh ; mile bu   tl  <>��� ��� f
It became so enormously heavy that   t
I w inilei   11 mi  of  the   sixteenth   oentur;
was complained that gentl mien of th'r
Suddenly  D   realising  sense of   "vltir j ty were even at ihai  nge deformed  ' -
gnret's words came to hlm.   She wa. the weight of their araior    lu spll ��� ��� '
going   away,   going    Within   an    h mr the   huge  armors  of   Henry   VIM.,   of
nml all ihai he had been feeling for ii Anthony of Burgundy and of son n oth
year   wan   unsaid,     por  a   nioinenl   hi.    ,,,-s,   lh,,   arorngB   size   of   the   niodoni
stern resolve of the early evening wa- man Is greater than thai  of tlie
forgotten,    Then he sul  erect, ever. _|er or the middle ages and the re
muscle tense with stress of feoling. nalssnnce, If we can Judge from th-i
"It's better so," ho said bitterly. "If. armor  preserved  In  the  museums   il
my business to begin 1 1 forget, if sh. : England and th intinent, whieh tn--.
never wants to hear my name again." with  few   exceptions, small  ami uar
lie  loiked  off  toward  Ihe  haul;,  then ruWi    ,,specially    the    leg    and    Ihra
gave a Mnrtio.i exclamation.   The pier pieces - Loudon Mail,
hnd disappeared,   His canoe was float	
Ing rapidly down  stream,  while hi-- riic <;r<-n< coc__��>r.
paddle  was  safely  locked  in  the butlt   ���     Glancing   through   11   pile   Of   ancle::.
"I must be almost on the rapids," b'
thought, With the thought the boat
turned tbe bend that hnd shut off tin
sound of tlie falls uml  the cititoe wn
copy hooks and letter writers, one dl;:;-
ly realizes what an awful thing it useil
to be to compose and put upon paper
a thoroughly correct epistle, 11 was
not an affair to be lightly taken i.i
in the whirlpool.   To swim was out of  _and anv more lhan matrimony.   No,
the questiob, for In the river hero was   aot even ir ,������, p.!,] I,,:,,-,,,,!! penman-
a mass of Jagged rocks hidden In seetb
tug water. Almost Instantly tbe canoe
was broken and capsized. llarvell.
dn/.ed nnd bruised, citing to a projecting rock thut bad wrecked him. Fight
as he would with nil the force of bis
wonderful physique, he was dashed
nsuln iiini tiffalu upon the stones. Yet
as he fought he was conscious of only-
one thought:
"I must get there. I must have Just
onc word with Margaret before she
Then he gfi re tt cry of remembrance.
He, with the otttor men of the camping
party, tl.U. bttuu planning a footbridp.
shlp from the immortal Cocker himself
iu bis house in "Paul's Churchyard, betwixt the Signes of tho Sugar-Loaf and
the Naked Boy and Shears." Cocker's
fame rests on his arithmetic, now obsolete, but the worthy iiiini, besides being n ready- reckoner, was also a
mighty penman. Doubtless many a
seventeenth century youth tolled along
with inky fingers under bis direction.
Hearken to what the master says lo
him: "Let not your breast lie ou th.
desk you write on or your nose on
tho paper, but sit in as majestlcal 1
posture as you can. With practice ;, mt
mav do brave tbi:!?..."���London Mail.
. v,'
Try It On Your Breakfast Table
Lake of the Woods Breakfast food
10 lb. Sacks, 40c per Sack.
Maittr intended for this column should be addressed, Social Editor, Daily News, P.O.
Box 402, New Westminster."
Economy! I  _ g
The Rev. Pat iier O'Neill, O.M.I., returned yesterday from a six months'
vi.ii to the old country. He looks exceedingly well, and while he enjoyed
Lis vacation very much, is triad to get
hack to British Columbia.
JH. <1. I'oole lefl yesterday for Rossland on a business trip. Thence he
will return to his headquarters in
���������������������������      F. C. Carrington, of Winnipeg, who
For INTENSE HEATING Use * ^    ^   ^
Price $4 Per Ton Delivered
Rev. Cordon Tanner, of Maple
Ridge, left the ciiy yesterday on a
visit to the east, where he will spend
Ju short time with friends in the vicinity of Toronto. He expects lo lie hack
in about a msnth.,
.1. Braden, uf Alexander,'Man., who
has been spending u few months in
the west, was in the (ity yesterday,
lie will start from Vancouver for his
Manitoban home to-morrow.
Mr. David Adams, rl Adams A;
In an, is confined to the house- with a
sbarp attack of hi grippe,
argent's Gem
Food Chopper is
an economical
addition to any
kitchen, lt saves
time and lessens
labor, and thus
economizes t h e
and strength.
With it many
attractive and
dishes can be
made from what might be wasted
ii it were not lor the Ceni.
it chops food of all kinds-
meats, vegetables, fiuits, bread,
crackers, etc. It does not mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, but chops
the food as you want it���fine, doarse
or medium. Easv to operate, sell-
sharpening. No kitchen complete
without it.
Telephone    ISO.
...CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster.  - ��� - B. C
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
The Weather.
Victoria, Oct. ".0.���The barometer remains high in this vicinity and low to
the northward, and unsettled weather
is general west of the Cascades, with
strong southerly winds on the coast.
'lhe weather is becoming milder in
tl,.   prairie provinces.   Temperatures:
Mill.    Max.
f   45
Vancouv. i	
. .    tl
\\ w   Westminster   ..
..     44
r .
..     40
Barl '   ville	
Port Simpson	
..    38
All in	
..    36
. .    IS
. .    45
San Francisco	
..     4S
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
Forecast for 'J4 hours from 5 a.m.
Wednesday: Lower mainland ��� Light
Or moderate winds, unsettled with occasional rains; not much change in
Supposed Wreck.
Bilhoa, Spain, Oct. 30.���Fishermen
who ha-.-p come into Bilhoa report
having found along the coast, wreckage from the British steamer Levin-
ston. which left here a week ago with
a cargo of ore.
Legislature Called.
Edmonton, Alta., Oct. 30.���Premier
Rutherford wired from Ottawa to-day,
hxing the date of the next meeting of
the Alberta legislature for Jan, 17. A
busy session is expected by all the
mi mbers of the legislature, us there
I. a large amount of important legis-
Needle  Work  Guild.
A  verj   representative   meeting   of
the direct.its of the New Westminster branch of the -Needle Work Guild
ol Canada w;�� held yesterdaj afternoon in the board of trade rooms, Mrs
.1. C. Whyte, president, in the chair.
A pleasanl feature of the business on
hand was ihe reception and distribution of a large number of garments
and other suitable articles, given by
the men ers of the guild in aid of the
city hospitals, the Benevolent society
and the Children's Aid society of Vancouver, the last named society being
reported as caring for eight children
from this ciiy at ihe presenl time. It
was felt that due recognition should
lie made the good work, and to Ihat
end twenty-five mosi useful articles
will l.e despatched to C. .1. South.
St. Mary's hospital, coming next, received 41 articles; the Benevolent so-
cie'uy. li': the Royal Columbian hospital, last hut not least, SO.
A number of gifts are still to come
in, and many members are also to be
beard from, so that the list will be
considerably enlarged in the near i'u-
��� ture.
Miss Annie Stevenson having resigned tlie   position   of  recording  sec-
1 retary. Mrs. Thornber was elected to
the office. .Miss Briggs was nominated for the office of treasurer and
accepted the appointment.
Cash receipts for the meeting, $9;
the bank hook showed a balance of
$26.86, making a lotal of $::."..SO, to the
credit of the guild.
Statistics which were presented
showed that 104 articles and garments
had   been   received   and   distributed,
'and i; is evident that great and growing interest is taken in the work by
the ladies of the city. The work of
the guild is of a mosl practical character, and readily enlists the sympathies of all ladies who have their eyes
open to the needs of their fellow creatures. The society has an unlimited
number of directors, and a position
on the hoard is secured hy the applicant for membership pledging herself
to provide ien garment makers and
one paying member,   The next nn et-
ling ol the build will le held iu April,
The   Death   Rcll.
Kansas   City,    Kan..   Oct.   30    Thi
search for bodies In il-.e ruins ol  lhi
chamber of commerce building ended
to-day.  and  it   is  known   that   sixteen
persons list  their lives in the fire.
May Cancel the Opening.
Washington, Oct, 30.- The interior
department to-day received despatches
from agents in Nevada, indicating that
when all the facts are known concerning the opening of the Walker Lake
Indian reservation, Secretary Hitchcock may be compelled to recommend
that the i pening    e declared invalid
217-219 Columbia Street.
A Good Investment
We have the i xcluslve Mile of nn 8-
including hot and cold water, electric
light,  bath, etc.
Half cash, balance on easy terms i
ul 0 per cent. This dwelling is on I
Carnarvon street in good location and)
rents nt $1. pi r month. Taxes $18]
per year.
If you are looking for good interesl
on your money, figure this up, deduct
taxes and Insurance, and see if you
are not getting ll per cent, on your
_a.C Columbia St.
Phone 85.
GARDENS���It is impossible to exaggerate the
future possibilities of this Lulu Island land as an
investment. Our words and phrases may seem
exaggerated to many, but the only way you can
fully appreciate this property is to allow us to
show you over it.
Will keep a horse, cow and poultry, besides producing a crop of $1000.00 annually.
N. B.   Come in to-day���the choicest selections are
being taken.
F. J. Hart & Co. Ltd.
Insurance Loans
Real Esfate
Farm   Land   Specialists.     New   Westminster,   Vancouver,   Chilliwack.
It's Like Handing You Money
to sell you one of nir fountain pens.
They save lots of time, and time, you
know, is money. 'I'he pens, we hand!-,
mv the kind tha'
al Ihe lime. Once filled, they are always ready inv service, They won't
leal; or refuse to feed the ink or fail
in any particular, Try one of the
moderately-priced kind, ami see what
you have heen missing,
Serviceable  Bl
iur selectii a ��� I    Fa l   Shirt wai
All  new.-  g Is    our  selectii :.  ���
Mvies ihat  an- popular and serviceable. Flanneletti
French  Flannels, Silk. etc.. are a  few oi the materi
of prices which make the buying of needed  waists  ���
Fancy Striped Flannelette Waists, all   Bizes,  each   	
Dark and  Light Colors, heavy weight,  fancy  matei
Cream and BlacK Lustre Waists. I ach !'��, ji 5Q
Fine Quality  Sdk  Waists, in ,i  large  I inge of co
HOO t0 ,.,
Trying  Out  the  Doggies.
Hampton,    Conn.,    Oct.    -g".  ���    I "e
eighth  annu     Beld trial of the con-
n, .ii, it  ^ ���        :   ial club opened here
lo-il.t.       ���- ll   from   all   parts   of
Ni   .   Engli a : an I trom New York and
.-.,,;, a   : ..   '., a thi ir b indsome
,   nieis at. 1 sett' rs. an I many of the
.:,._.    ��� ���  . ., have a national reputa-
: m-:,. are Rfty-sevi n entries in
ali,  twenty-five  for  the ail age  staki
twelve     far     tla-     Her:,..     stake     und
twenty in the membership stake.
Tin- Derby, which was for Betters
arid pointers whelped on or after dan.
I, 1905, was won by Cdeophus, owned
ii. E. R. Sanford, Sotithb. Field,
The iill age is for setters an.l  pointers that  have won tits:   place in any
recognized   Beld   trial,   .ml   the   mem-
li rship  stake   is opi n  to clu    i en
11 rs only.
Our showing of these serviceable  garment
Interesl to any person at this season,    Norfolk  Coal
Vests ami   Boys' Sweaters are        U  in    nei !��� | In .
See what   we are showing thi- week   ill   these   Ladii
November  Buttenek   Patterns  Now in Stock
Ask   for   Fashion   Sheets,
A full line of Furniture of all kinds kept
in stock.   :-:  Prices to suit purchasers.
i��'   THi and 71S Columbians!.    FourJF
Hear Extent   i   Frrnit;
Christian S.ientist Arrested.
Kenora, .Man, Oct. 30.���A Christian
Scientist named Schrek has heen arrested here, charged with permitting
Ilit little son to die without calling
medical attendance. He will be given
a preliminary ;.- ial on Friday.
Liberal  Meeting.
A   well   attended   and   harmonious
business    iting  of  the   Liberal   as-
SOCiation was held last evening in the
cluh rooms, President Howay in the
II. Gilley was elected treasurer that
ofiice being vacant.
The action of the special committee
re arrangements for the convention
ai Vancouvei was confirmed, but the
association thought it well to add additional names, so thai it would be
fully represented/ The list of delegates flow stands: F. W. Howay. J.
K. Keime iy. M.i'. .i. c. Brown, John
Reid, vs. vs. Forrester, it. \v. shiles,
A. Hardman, ,1. McMurphy
A vote uf thanks to th.. committee
appoints I at a previous meeting to
look after the voters' list, for the good
work done, -.va-' carried by acclamation.
Vancouver Investoi
Still Favor Property on Columbia Street,
New  Westminster.
We  control   lhe   sale nf  several  of    Ihe   best    la. ���-   .���      ���
Full    ized lots. 132 feet dee;,, with 6G   feel   rrontage on   mth (     '    j
Front streets, Improved or otherwise, and particular!   .   ��� * -'\
business requirements.    Better buy now nnd get full benel
Malins, Coulthard & Ci
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster E|
: Electric
Inter-urban  Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every ball-
hour from 5:60 a. in. to 11 p
in. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a, m. IlaH hourly ears will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only,
City Limits Line   Sen li e from
0 15 a in. to 11  ]i m.
^    20 Minute Service���No transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and _ and 7.
30 Minute Service during IW
malnder ot day. iransl-B
l poid Place,
Sunday   Service   half-hourlyW
tween 8 a. m. and 10 M|
City and sapperton.
Sapperton Line���lb .Mintra'^l
vice, except  between �� ��l
2, and 5 and  ., uuriii. ��E��I
hours   it"'   i'';'''''' mU
Sunday Service   nalM
s a. in. Bad it l1- *
* il
| British,Columbia Electric Ry. Co.M
rE have aline of light and compactly built
POWER CLIPPERS of special durability, suitable for small and large stables.
Our 20th century is cheap and good. Our
clippers work easier, clip faster and take 8
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear long#
than any other on the market. We have the
great labor saver.    Call and   see  them :lt
WIihamberlain,i!ij^ x. J, TRAPP & ^


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