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b. c. cigars
T,.,muU hiiiLi,,:';h\.
$uccess-*Eir$t Day of Provincial Fair
f .LIT Mora MEET
R-..t_f.r_    ~f    Packing,   Grading    and
Cc-oo'-. at.on  Are  Discussed
,n  City  Hall.
A , . emi ��� rs ol the it. C.
... :  ' ,,: sociatlon  assembled
i:, ih,. i it., hall lasi ' .ening,
luatti . -  ol   importance   to   ibe
..tt   ,;,,; isti    were discussed
��� ate i   upon at length,    W. J.
rim.lrith       ���     lenl   of  the  associa-
|(,,, :; a !  the chair,  an i took   a
��� ���,.   .    a.nt    in   the  discussions  intro-
|,  . |  .       ..   meeting.   The question
.   ....  ,     he i erry packages was
ed,   and   much   valuable  Infor-
...     a ���   ning the packers' grlev-
....   exi banged by the growers.
thi   "       marks act, package_
nta .. eithet two-fifths or four-
. .,: ..   , . ���     tii rries, and  this
be g owers claim. Is not  a
. a ��� di ��� in  foi  packers to handle.
i i    .    .  ��� ntative of the Brunette Saw
I was present at  the meeting,
irgecl upon all the growers the
i it   taking   Mime   illiuite   ac-
loi       thi  matter, which, he contend-
5        ��� : ���   uniform to be successful.
M.   Palmer  pointe I   out   to the
members   thai    while  the  act
foi a certain quantity of berries
��� ; acked  in each  package, there
restriction as to the shape of
���   package.    He was of the opinion
at all  packages should  be uniform
shape as well as size.
\    McNeill,   of   Ottawa,   a ldn Bsed
members  at    some   length,   and
. hi !  upon the various, points rais-
, iring  the evening.    He referred
��� Improvements made recently iu
��� rn nn thuds of packing, and Btat-
'   the  improvements bad   been
brought about by carefully ob-
brving the methods adopted by west-
Ii ���    ai kers   iti   the  export   of  fruit.
It t   led that the packing of the fruit
-    m   i " the most Important parts
fruit    grower's    business,   and
1  ilar care shoulil   be  paid  lo
-      '���       a, nt.    He also touched up-
tanl questions of picking,
: 'ration among grow-
'���   t ������   it as bis opinion that
Heater  care   should   be  exercised  in
i'    grading of   the   fruit,  although
I   Co un bla growers  bad achiev-
t     -i enviable  reputation  in eastern
' ii the manner In which they
T lie!   fruit.   Co-operation was
���mother important matter which
[hi s rowers would do well to study
t as H   was only i.v  means of
���    Hon     that   needed     reforms
��� ���   ���  brought out, and as he stated
concluding remarks, "in union
��� Irengfh."
sociatlon  will  likely  take up
''���'    different    questions   raise,]    last
an I   thev   will   be   further dis-
��� I al the Dominion frull growers'
1 tice which will be held In the
' ��� ���   Iiiturt   at  a  place to be di sl li d
The provincial exhibition was open-.
e.l in ibis city yesterday at 2 '.dock
: y   his exeellt ncj   tie   governor-general of the Dominion, Earl Grey, and
the firsl half daj  passe I off mo;   . is
There wi re a fi *  - hon ers through
oul  the afternoon   which only servi I
ti   drive   the   spectators   Inside   the
ui] lings for a few min ite. at a time,
Tin   . : '������ti lam ������ was   well  up  to   the
la   '.    Si a.      ���   thi   stands   and
.   .       i     noi q dte com] leti I, . ul
tc-day   will    verj thing  in   I
<���:.:. i shapi   :. r :be Inspection ol  tii'
In   the   forenoon   the streets    .
thronged with people, and everj 'rain,
and   boa:  thai  entered  the city   was
loaded  with passengers.
Soon   after    11   o'clock    the
Dominion - m rnment.    We shall not tined to flow from out the orchards of
weary youi ex ellency with anj detail British Columbia.
of  these,  confident   that   your  excel- Gentlemen, I   havi    : rmed  a   .<:���;���
a    '- good will and good  word will high    opinion    ut   the    future   which
"   lacking   when  the claims   of i-waits you as a fruit producing coun-
N'ew  Westminstei are broughl to your : trj-.    Fi ill   growing In your province
excellency's al entlon. has acquired the distinction ol  being
We   regrel   thai   your excellencies' a beautiful an as well as a mosl prof-
-'..,  among us must be so short,   We liable   industry.    After   a    maximum
: r isi   h   svill     ���   full  of  Interest   and
��� tljoj men!.
\V. H. KEARY, Mayor.
W. A. DUNCAN, Citj  I ti
New Westminster, Oct, 2,  1901.
Gratefully  Acknowledged.
His excelb n y re died i:i the following   terms:
"Mr. Mayor, Ladies and Gentlemen,
wait Of five years, I understand the
settler may look forward with reasonable certaintj to a tu i Income of from
! 200 to .-".ii per ai re after all ex-
penses of cultivation have been paid.
Gentlemen, here is a state of things
which appears to offer the opportunity
ot living under such idea: conditions
as struggling humanity has only succeeded  in reaching in one or two
.udg'ng   Stock.
he   oai I    '     ntrol
n i. as held in    ie   nan
��� '��� ��� daj e.' ning, when
in i iiiiina;lon with the
��� stock and dtin r mat-
��� ��� ���;������ Into and Anally dell i n.    .i  is expecu d  thai the
thi   stocl   .. nl be completed
laj noon, In time for the
; ai iule,   which   takes   place on
:'    al :  p.m.   The judging of the
be  completed  ihis morn-
nd tin    toe   will be the next to
nder ta" judges' Inspection,
��� o	
Premier a Little Late.
McBrlde  had  expected  to
' 'I'   at   the   opening   function,
��� n   unavoidably delayed, ami ar-
,] tn the grounds a Bhort time af-
1,1    fair  had   been  declared open.
McBride  ls on   his   way   to
' '   where he will  talte  part  in
��� rem e i f the provincial pre-
'���'��� i'ii  the (ittawa governmenl.
'''��� ��� rlcan    schooner    North,
ts caught Ashing in Canadian
some time ago ami confiscated
" Canadian government, Is now
Walter  Emerson's dry  dock.   The
'*   being   copper   Bheathed   and
'''"" I'O'.v. - ia t0 be placed In  it
"'at  H    an bi        i  as a govern-
1 ntrol i ( at,
Thistle came to anchor al a point not
far distant from the government
wharves, Shortly after 12.30 the D.
il. S. Quadra came into sight, around
the eastern corner of Lulu island and
shortly after came to anchor not far
from the Thistle. The Quadra carried his excellency and suite, while
the Thistle had on board Lieut.-Gov-
i t nor Dunsmuir and party.
Reception   at   Wharf.
Shortly before i.t;" the two vessels
heaved up theli anchors and tied up
ai tin C.P It. wharf. His excellency's
private secretary, R. A. Muskett, was
mi hand, and as soon a< the gangplank was in position he escorted His
Worship Mayor Keary on board and j
presented him to the vice-regal party.
His Excellency and Lady Grey were
the lirst to set foot on the wharf.
Lady Grey was charmingly gowned in
a brown silk costume, and around her
shoulders wore a white feather boa. |
Her hat was covered with ostrich
Illumes, and al her corsage she wore
a handsome spray of Marecha! Neil
The party, which embraced Lady
Sybil Grey and Lady Evelyn Grey,
w*is mei by Aldermen Adams. Jardine,
Shiles. Davies. Garrett. Capt. Hunt, of
Die Shearwater (which vessel, by the
way, was in festive trim and covered
wllh flags and pennants), .1. B. Kennedy. M.P., T Gifford, M.P.P., and
chief Charley, of Alert Hay, who was
In uniform. The reception committee
was presented to their excellencies,
and a few initiates' delay then took
place while a couple of photographers
got in theli wort;. By this time the
Thistle had landed its party, which
embraced Lieut.-Governor and Mrs.
Dunsmuir. Miss Dunsmuir, Major and
Mrs. Atiit;iin. Mrs. Bromley and Mr.
Trip Through  City.
Theli excellencies were the first to
inter their carriages, The lieutenant-
governor and suite and the aldermen
���a . . ntered their carriages and the
procession headed for the grounds,
Thej traversed Columbia street, Leopold place, Queens avenue and Park
row. and 'tit' i tag by the main gate.
; rocet de I lo Ihe agi (cultural build-
Ing, v. t ere i ai pel - �� ere laid to the
platform on wl Ich the addresses were
resi au '.
On  tre  Fl.tfcrm.
T. .1. Trap] . presldenl ol tbe !!. A.
.'��� . . a , | : ��� a. :. imber of ill-tin-
gills I i guesti ol the socletj wi re
i.n t hi ��� : irm n adj to receive his
exci llencj. whi was greeted w Ith
ch - us he alighted from the carriage. Aftei being Introduced in tl"
gui sts bil l a" 111 OCJ was present' i
with t wo . i I ��� ��� s, one from the city
of New Westminster, which was read
by W, H. Ki ai :���. mayor, and anol hi r
irom the R. A. ���*.��� I. society, which was
r.-ady by the president, T. J. Trapp.
Civic  Address.
The civic address  was as follows:
To His Excellency the Right   Honorable   Earl  Grey, G.C.M.G., Gover-
nor-Gi neral of Canada:
May it please Your Excellency:
We, the mayor and council, on behalf of the municipal government and
citizens of New- Westminster, beg to
tender lo your excellency, both as the
representative of the sovereign to
v. bom our wannest love and loyalty
are given, and  personally, and to Her
Excellency Lady Grey and the members of your excellencies' family and
pai ty, a hearty welcome io our city.
To one of your excellency's wide colonial experience it Is nol necessary
to say lhal Ihe rich aud rapidly growing districl Ol which N'ew Westminster Is the centei has many and urgent claims upon the attention of Ilie
-1  gratefully  acknowledge  the  loyal the    most    favored   spots    upon   the
welcome which you have given to me earth.    There are thousands of fami
:,*: !h" ;' T"*' v ������'���" ot ,lis Gracious ileB living in England to-day, tamili ts
Majesty   the  King,  and   on   my   own oi refinement, culture and distinction
behalf  I   wish   to thank you for  the families such as you  would  welcome
personal welcome which you have ac- among VUn with both arms, who would
corded  to me  personally  and  to the bc onlv ;oo glad to come out .,���,, oe.
members of my family and party, I
am fully conscious of the many claims
N'ew Westminster possesses and the
man;.' natural advantages which it enjoys. That this beautiful city may
long continue in ibe path of prosperity is my earnest hey   and prayer.
R. A. &  I. Society  Address.
cupy a log hut on five acres of a pear
or apple orchard In full hearing if
they could do so al a reasonable cost.
"Now, what is necessary to enable
Capital and Labor,
hundreds of selected families Irom
England, aye, and hundreds of hardworking  miners   in   British   Columbia
T.  .1. Trapp  next presented the R.   ;,;so, to becoming the owners of these
A.  A:   I.   address   to  his   excellency,
which read as follows:
To His Excellency the Right Honorable Eail Grey. G.C.M.G., Governor-General of Canada:
May it please Your Excellency:
desirable orchards? It appears to me
that all that is wanted is tbe establishment of such an organization as
will enable you to take advantage of
j ear great opportunities. Y'ou have
the  laud, and  all that  is  required  is
In the name and on behalf of the the capital and labor to clear and
officers and members of the Royal Plant it. The capital required can, 1
Agricultural and Industrial society oi believe, be obtained. I know men
BHtish Columbia, I have lbe honor who would consider il not only a
ni tender to your excellency and to pleasure, but a privilege, to advance
Her Excellency Countess Grey and capital a; 5 per cent, to a well man-
the members ol your excellencies' aged organization, which would under-
party, a most cordial welcome to our take to clear .nd plant land and offer
exhibition grounds, and to express ou: it at cost to selected families.
sense of the honor conferred upon us There is no investment which yields
by you.' excellency in consenting to higher dividends, moral as well as ma-
open our 20th annual exhibition. terial, than that which brings in a cer-
We are tbe more gratified by your tain revenue of 5 per cent. The feel-
excelle_.cy's presence among us to- ing of satisfaction that the capital
day lie ause we know that In every- earning this 5 per cent, bas contri-
thing which makes for the advance- buted to the upbuilding of a nation,
menl uf tbe country, and particularly The required capital can. I am con-
in these agricultural and Industrial fident, be obtained; it only remains to
pursuits which are everywhere the obtain the other requisite, that of
foundation stoms of permanent  pros-  labor.
penty, jour excellency takes a deep Tba: the labor required for such a
.ind abiding interest; and we are con-1 purpose as I have described, should be
fidenl that your excellency will find obtained, I know you will agree. How
in the ��� \hii.its gathered here to-day���Ito obtain it is a question whicb Ls for
gathered here a1 once to illustrate you to settle. 1 would only say thai
an I to promote Hie growth of these the necessities of your province ap-
greal Interests���abundant proof that peat to require that such additional
we possess all thut is essential to the label shall be obtained from outside.
building up here of a great centre of as will unable you to unlock lbe doors
ngrieuPural and industrial wealth, of the treasure house and to'enjoy the
and thai we uttei no mere Idle boas; tubes which lie store I within and
when ve call the valley of the lower which, 1 believe, to be beyond me. -
Fraser. of which Ni w Westminster Is '. tire or computation.
ibe natural center and distributing At the conclusion of the governor-
point, the garden o!  thi   provln e.        general's speech, three hearty cheers
Allow me one. more, in the name were given by the crowd, after which
of the society, to than!: your excel- "bouquets of beautiful flowers were
vm-. tor opening our exhibition, and presented by three little girls, Misses
to express the hope thai this visit to I Mary Keary, Dorothy M. Trapp nnd
\.w Westminster will be as pleasant ]Rachel   A, Welsh, to Countess Grey.
to your ex a lh :  Ii - as it  is gratify
io ti-
T. .1. TRAPP, Presi lenl
Regret to  Leave.
The eai i re] lied as follow s:
Mr, Trapp. Ladles an I Gentlemen,-
'Mis. Dunsmuir and Lady Evelyn and
Lad'.   Sybil  Grey.
Interested  in  Exhibits.
The .Ice-regal party wis next pliot-
, e ! through ihe exhl ill h i b illdlngs
the manager, an.l the;, expressed their
Before  I   proceed   tn  formally  open  appre   .. . ..i   ol   the   many   exhibits
your provincial exhibition, in accord-1 broughl   to their   notice.    Pari
ince wuh the Invitation, '.'nr v,inch I
leartilj thank cu, I desire I i say thai
i. Lady Grey and all tlie members of
inj family and party will leave tomorrow the Pacific shores of your
beautiful province with lhe greatest
regret We have alt spenl a most enjoyable time among your hospitable
and warm hearted people, We are all
���ai.    sorry Ihat the lime has come In
j say good-bye. \\'e all eagerly cherish
the    hope  ihai   is  contained   in   the
! familiar phrase ef "a i revolr."
High  Opinion  of  Future.
Gentlemen, I am looking forward to
���i close Inspection of the exhibits
whicli are at once a proof of Ihe fertility and wealth of your district, and
an assurance td' its future growing
prosperity, Whal I have seen and
learned of your trait industry has inclined me to believe that rich as are
the separate streams nf wealth that
llow from your minerals, your lumber
and   your  fisheries,    their joint   and
attention was paid by the party io the
. nil displaj in tin- agricultural building, several of Hie members making
a sei end trip tn the I uilding in ord e.i
to examine more closely the beautiful
specimens of British Columbia orchards.
Lady Grey  Likes Apple..
Lady Grey was particularly interested ill tile display nf apples stagi 1
Py Jesse Love, of Burnaby, v.1; had
thirty-five differenl varieties on his
���ani. Her ladyship inquired concerning tin- keeping qualities of differenl
varieties, and wished to he Informed
as to which were cooking apples,
which wen' suitable for winter storage, for table use. etc. Mr. Love af-
ti iwards said lhal her ladyship was
lhe most Inquisitive lady that had visited bis exhibit during the day, but
In was only ten pleased in imparl
any Information .-lie desired.
Admired the Stock.
Their  excellencies   and   suite   were
mighty volume will be Inferior In Ihat also very much Interested in the stock
Btream of national wealth of domestic exhibits, and when the stock parade
contentment, which  Is cue  day des-'was passing in front of the manufac
turers' building, where the i arty was
stationed, Earl Grey had all kinds nf
��� ."--ions to ask of Mr. Trapp, who
answered them with the i-.i^r- of a
man who has lived in these parts for
m.my years. Immediately after the
parade, ihe party again posed for the
purpose ni' allowing Mr. Cooksley to
take a photograph of them, and obligingly fell inio line when the photographer commanded them to do so by
holding up his hand as they were
ahout to take iiieir departure.
Evening    Entertainment.
The threatening appearance ol the
weather mitigated somewhal againsl
the attendance ai the exhibition
grounds las; night, although a large
number of people made their wa;.- te
the park and spenl lhe evening _.:iz-
ing with envy on ihe fruit staged or
examining tho various exhibits in the
different buildings. Concerts were
given in both (he agricultural and the
industrial buildings. One of the Indian bands discoursed music in the
agricultural building, while the city
band, augmented by about fifteen additional players, held sway in the industrial building, and charmed all who
vere fortunate enough to listen to the
excellent programme rendered by
To-day's Programme.
The programme for to-day will embrace the following events:
Id a.m.���Automobile hill climbing
contest up Eighth street.
1     ji.ni.���Grand    automobile    races,
against time on race track at Queen's
1 p.m.���Horse racing.
2 p.m.���Scottish games, Scottish
dancing. Vancouver's pipers' band.
V p.m.���Grand electrical display.
. p.m.���Scottish concert in exhibition building, under the management
of Lord of the Isles camp, 191, Sons
of Scotland.
Scottish Sports.
1. Throwing 16 lb. hammer, first
prize , ii.00, second, $3.00.
2. 100 yards race, first prize, $5.00,
second, $3.00.
3. Putting 16 lb. shot, first prize,
$5.00, second, $3.00.
4. One mile race, first prize, $10.00,
second, $5.00.
5. Throwing 56 lb. weight, first
prize, $5.00, second, $3.00.
('.. Sack race, first prize, $5.00, second. $3.00.
7. Running hop, step and jump,
first prize, $5.00, second. $3.00.
8. 220 yards race, first prize, $16.00.
second, $5.00.
y. Vaulting with pole, first prize,
$5.00, second, $3.00.
10. 120 yards hurdle race, first
prize, $15.00, second, $5.00.
(10 jumps, each 3 ft. 6 in. high.)
11. Running long jump, first prize,
$5.00, second, $3.00.
12. Running high jump, first prize.
$5.00, second, $3.00.
1. Throwing 16 lb. hammer, first
prize, $5.00, second, $3.00.
2. Putting 16 lb. shot, first priza,
$5.00, second, $3.00.
3. Throwing 56 lb. weight, first
prize, $5.00, second, $3.00,
1. Highland fling, first prize, $4.00,
Becond, $3.00,  third, $2.00.
iChildrenr under 14 years.)
:���. Highland fling (adults), first
prize, $5.00, second, $3.00, third, $2.00.
3. Sword dance (adults', first prize
..*. 0 a   second, $3.00,  third,   $2.00.
I. Irish jig (adults), first prize.
$5.00,  second.  $3.00, third, $2.00.
Best dressed boy. under 11 years,
prize   value  $4.00.
Iiest  dressed   girl,   under  14   years,
(Highland costume)  $4.00,
Marches, first prize, $s.uO, second,
...J.Od, third,  $3.00.
Strathspeys and reels, first prize,
$S.00, second, $5.00, third, $3 00.
The first prize in event 4 is presented by his honor the lieutenant
The first prize in event S is presented by T. Gifford, Esq.. M. P. P.
The first prize in event 9 is presented by J. B. Kennedy, Esq, M. P.
The first prize in event 10 is pre-
' sented by the Hon. R. McBride, pre-
I mier of B. C.
D. McN'air, a resident of New Wesl-
I minster  in   former days,  and   a   partner in the firm of Hendry,  McN'air ii
��� Co., was iii town yesterday, taking in
i the exhibition and renewing acquaintance with old friends.
Gamblers Are   Rounded   Up, and  Suspicious   Characters   Are
Closely Watched.
Chief of Police Mcintosh has a busy
day yesterday, and as the result of bis
efforts the city is to-day minus sev-
���ral suspicious characters who had
arrived here early in the week with
tbe Intention of making N'ew Westminster iheir headquarters and securing a Utile stack of easy money from
the gullible folks who are always to
lie found wherever there is a big exhibition in progress. Among the number who were cautioned against plying iheir tllegitiate calling in the city
were a quartette of gamblers, who
were rounded up during the afternoon
and taken to Ihe police station by the
chief, where tbey remained until bail
was secured for their appearance in
the jKilice court on Thursday morning.
Tbey were also warned that if they
attempted to continue their gambling
in the city, they would be promptly
placed under lock and key and not
given the option of a fine when their
case was called. Bail for their appearance was secured through the medium of a local hotelkeeper, with
whom the quartette were staying.
A number of additional men were
placed on duty yesterday, and although most of them were entirely
new to poiiee duty, they managed to
keep everything and everybody in
harmony, and the first day of the fair
passed without any serious arrest being made. A number of beggars were
told that they must leave the city
early yesterday morning, and as the
chief's directions were explicit, they
all took the tram to Vancouver, promising not to return to this city until
their presence was more welcome
than it is at the present time.
Chief   Mcintosh   was    called   upon
early yesterday afternoon to eject  c
i disorderly person from the exhibitic t
j grounds, and  the businesslike way
i which  he  hustled  the offender aw
[ towards  the  gate showed  that he  .' i
! an adept at tbe game.   The man. v
| had imbibed rather freely in honor
Earl Grey's  visit, toofl  upon him.   .'
the task of addressing his excellen
while T. J. Trapp was reading the 1 .
A   & I. society's address of welcome.
He commenced by informing his excellency that, Mr. Trapp was away oul
in his reckoning, and that he had been
selected as the proper person to  i i 1
him  welcome.    While he was  struggling  to  deliver a   dissertation  upon
the wonderful resources of this province, Chief Mcintosh grabbed him by
the collar and hustled him out of the
way.   His excellency smiled amusedly
a' the incident, but Mr. Trapp seemed
relieved    when    the   governor-general
again gave him his undivided  attention, and he was able to complete the
reading of  tbe   address   without   any
further Interruptions.
 o ���   -
Judges Wcrk Overtime.
Several of the judges were at work
over night, awarding honors in several classes which need nm aecessar-
il.i be judged in ibe day time. The
fruit exhibil in the agricultural build-
ing engaged the judges'attention for
a considerable portion of the night,
while the Mowers and cut flower exhibits were also i '..-.��� td, The bread
exhibits competing for the prizes offered by the i"ive Roses, Lake of tbe
Woods and other milling companies,
was also judged, and tbe prize winners will he tickete l to-day,
 o        ��� h      I
Electrical Display.
The outsldes of the different buildings were a blaze of light, and the
excellent effect produced by the electrical display reflects grout credit upon City Electrician Bowles and his
able stall' of assistants, who have labored long and earnestly to make the
display a success. The industrial and
agricultural buildings are outlined
wiib while lights, while lhe manufacturers' and women's buildings are
beautifully decked out witb red and
white lights, the effect from a distance Ieing very  striking.
D. IC. Mackenzie, city market clerk,
has returned from his recent, holiday
trip lo the easl. THE   DAILY  NEWS
The Leading Agricultural Supply House of British Columbia    3
T. J. TRAPP    &   CO.,  of New Westminst. j
Hardware     Implements    Tools    Cultivators    Carriages        I
Phaetons     Traps     PI
Ranchers we invite you to visit our exhibit in the Manufacturers Building, and our
two large stores down town.
T. J. TRAPP fif CO.
CANADIAN WHEAT FLAKES are made from the Finest Selected
Wheat, treated by a special process which removes all useless parts and
leaves only those portions of the wheat kernel giving the largest amount
cf the most healthy food for both body and brain. It is ENTIRELY PURE.
In every package you will find a most useful gift from the B. & K. Milling
Opera   House   Dates.
Oct. :;���Beei->* Dramatic C i,
Oc'. I���Hi Henry Minstrels.
Oct ,">���Beers' Dramatic Co.
Oct. il���Beers' Drama;ic Co.
Oct. 13���Parsifal.
Oct. 25���As To!,] In tlie Hills.
Oct. 28���A Royal Slave.
Oct. 31���A College Widow.
Take notice thai an application has
"i.   made  to   register   William Gas-
si Iy as ' he owner In fi e simple, un ler
ix   sale   deed   from   Coquitlam   I i
William Cassidy
day of Norembe
Re   lol   9,   - :'   llyl sion   0    lol -
ind ...  - .   irban    i n . 6, N'ew
li   ler cil y.
bearing date the Ith I     Whereas    roof of the loss of certifl-
A.h. 1904, of all and   cate ol   title number 2S45a, Issued In
singular thai certain parcel or trad
o. laud and premise, situate, lying
and being In the District of N'ew
Westminster, in the Province of Brit-1
the  name    if  N'els  N'elson,  has   I n
Rle I In 1 his office,
NTo1 Ice Is herebj   given that I aii ill,
��� he expiration of one  month  fi n i
Mob Attacks Railway Company's Boarding House at Fort
William and Bullets Are Exchanged���Mayor
Arranges Terms of Peace.
Port   William, Ont., Oct. ..���The C.
P. R. bave ."00 men employed in their
freight  she J; at Fort  William ��� 250
Hungarians,    200    Italians    and    .*>0
Greeks.   The Hungarians,   who   have
worked   several   years  and   are   good
citizens,   were   satisfied    with   condi-
tions.    The Italians aud Greeks, with-
out any   warning,   struck   for   SSS,   per
rent, increase in wages.   The Italians
and   Greeks intimidated   the   Hungarians,  who wanted  to work, threatening   to   burn  iheir   houses   if   tbey   resumed  duty.
At  noon   to-day   the   mob' of  these]
Italians  and   Greeks  attacked   the   C. {
i'   ti. Co.'s  boarding house,  in  which
\   re domiciled 50 Gallcians who bad
������ brought from Winnipeg.   The C. j
:'.   police,   twenty   iu   number,   de- .
'   .  j" the boarding house, and in the.
r_r.r>��e of shots  one of the  police |
ghtly injured.
umber    of    the     Italians    and
......  sent  several  of their number.
. .tervlew the gene1'-1' superlntend-
. of the C.P.U., Mr. Bury, who told |
'.Ueni thai tbey would hive to return'
to work unconditionally, and If they
bad any grievances that tbey would
be considered In a fair aud proper
manner afterwards.
A request was made on the mayor
of Fort William for the militia, as it
was expected the rioting would be
n siime 1. The may ,- in ] Councillor
Morton mei the Itali in. an I Greeks
and later on calle I upon Mr. Bury.
Finding that the railway company's
position was a fair and itr ing one,
the Italians calle I i S the strike unconditionally a' 7 p.m., the mayor and
Councillor Morton using their good offices with the Italians and Greeks towards a settlement.
Quiet at Port Arthur.
Port Arthur, Ont., Oct. ..���Striking
dock laborers here are quite orderly,
although maintaining their pickets.
The council has issued instructions
forbiddding any employe on the pub-
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to make application to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works,
for special license to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands, situated north east of
Pitt lake, New Westminster, District.
1, Commencing at a stake planted on
the Boundary line of Dominion lands
thence north 100 chains, thence west
6(i chains, thence south 100 chains to
said boundary line, thence east along
said line GO chains to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a stake planted
10 chains north of Post N'o. 1, thence
east   120   chains,  thence     north     80
ish Columbia, more particularly known   :-i" date   if the first  publication here
and described as
and 10 Of block 1
3S5, group 1, map
ster District.
Vmi and eacb of you an
to contest the claim of the
chaser within forty-five days
subdivision lots 1
, of part of lot N'o
ill, New Westmln-
require 1
tax ptir-
from the
of.   Issue  a   duplicate  of  said certifi-
: ale,   unless   In   I he   meantime   vail I
objection be made to me In writing
('.   S.   KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles
Land   Registry   Office,   New   Westminster, B.C., Seat. 2S, 1906.
Graduate Opticiai
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
OCT. 2nd, 3rd, si li and 6th
All lite Comforts of Home.
Withered Leaves.
The Liitle Girl.
Prices���25c, 50c ?.nd 75c.
lie works of the town to work on the ohain3, thence west 40 chains, thence
docks during night, time, as it was soula 40 chalnS( theaca west 80
feared some intended doing. chains   to  line  of   location     No.     1,
The report of the shooting at Fort   thence  south  40 chains to  point    of
William  aroused   considerable  excite-   commencement
ment, but no violence resulted. FRAgER   R[VER   , ,-MBER  CQ
 o  J. R. SHARPE,
DEPUTY SHERIFFS stakei sei,tember 6th-1906
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th  Street
Wound Two Prominent Men of Mobile
who want to Lynch New Westminster, B. C.
a Negro.
Mobile. Ala., Oct. 2.���Roy Hoyle, a
Special surveyor of the .Mobile & Ohio
railroad, was fatally shot, and Aid.
SI Iney Lyons, chairman of the city
co mcll of Mobile, was slightly wounded in the hand to-nlghl during a fight
at the county jail between deputy
sheriffs and a crow I of men del tr-
mine I to capture Dick Robinson, a |
; i m_ negro. The crowd still sur-
; oun I the lilac ���. an I will lynch him
If possible.
The negro, who Is only 17 yea i il 1,
i i-day attacke I Knth. the 12-yett
d mghter of Blount Sosanmn, who
11 ��� iboul ' hree mill (i i in In i'i Thi
wa < passing a seel uleil .poi not
���  -   from her home when -' ������ was
'   I ' ed,      Later   she    wa-    I 'ill I    Ij   u -
' msclous by the roadsl le and wa -
en   to  her home.    Detecl Ive.   cap
' nr'' I t be negro in a few hours,
date of the first publication of this
notice upon you, and in default of a
caveat or certificate of lis pendens being filed within such period, or in default of redemption before registration, you will be forever estopped and
debarred from setting up any claim
t.i or in respect of the said land, and
I shall register William Cassidy as
owner thereof in fee, and I hereby;
state that publication of this notice
in a daily newspaper for one week
will be goo I an 1 sufficient service
l hereof.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
N'ew Westminster. Province of British
Columbia,   this   22nd    dav    of  March.1
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
All kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
A.D. 1906.
C.  S.   KEITH,
District Registrar.
Fourth Street Sewer Assessment
Take notice thai the Council ha
appointed Monday, the 8th day of Oc- tlon twen
tober, 1906, al 10 o'clock in the fere-
noon, at the City Hall, New Westminster, as a time and place for holding a Court of Revision to bear ap-
���. iis againsl assessments made under
the provisions of the Local Improve-
mi nt  By-law.
W.   A.   DUNCAN,
City  Clerk.
Citv Hall, Sep'. 26, 1906.
In the matter of the Settled Estates
Act, and in the matter of the Interests of Benjamin Gunn, Eliza-
beth Margaret Gunn, ThomasDen-
nison Gunn, infants in the Kstate
nf   .lames   Cunn.   deceased.
Pursuant to Order of the Honorable
Mr. Justice Morrison, Mailed Tenders
addressed to .1. .1. Cambridge, District
Registrar of the Supreme Court, New
Westminster, will be received by bim
up to Saturday, 'itb day of October,
1906, for th" purchase nf lhe following ;>v ipertles:
fa) Subdivision two en of lot forty-
seven i|7i in block five (5), New
West min -'er suburbs,
(b) Subdivision eighteen Mm of
loi fen flO), Mock thirteen (13), Now
Westminster suburbs
fei Lots six Mil and nineteen (19)
In block five (5), part of lot __7.
croup mi" id, town of Port Moody.
(di   The   southwest   quarter   nf  sec-
five  (25), in township sixteen (16), N'ew Westminster district.
fei Tiie northwest quarter of section fifteen (15), in township eleven
(Hi.  New   Westminster district.
Said 'en lers to be accompanle I by
a depo i' nf 5 per cent, nf thn amount,
Solicitor for the Estate of James
Gunn, decease I.
Our work guaranteed.
Ryall's Drug Store
Special Train Service .
Great Northern Railway I
Special  train service between
Westminster and  Vancouver via
lng  'he Provincial   Exhibition, 0
t.i ii. Inclusive, will be as foil iv ���
T       1     ".II
p.m.;   i
!W     U'l
st minsie
���   2.05
sr    7.iiii
estmlnster 7.;:*".
New    Wl
a;-    G    1  '
arrive    \
���   i'i.;".
p.m .
���w   \Y<
Sl IllillSte
ir 9.35 p.
���   '.'."ii
p.m.;   u
inn rates
Vancouver ��� i ���'
md   return will
be 5(1 ���
ill' of  tl
ie adult
ate :' n
chll It
mrs of
age and
un ler
It c. MEYERS   I
Hearty Invitation
Accused Murderer Acquitted.
Nelson, B.C., Oct, _ Laughlln
Bruce wa- to-day acquitted of the
charge of murder of McGarvey at
Creston on Sept. i. The acquittal was
due to :i Haw In the medical testi-
mony for the crown.
Special Summer Courses
For Teachers In the
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
i.   exten led to all on    custi mii rs ai nds rathe d
us ;y our -in:e durln    Exhlbllie'. week.   \\ ������ ;
Busy! Busy! Busy.
But Not Too Busy
I,   look after ..our Interests too.   It does  nol   matte- 1,���. ,%   SMALL or it ,l
LARGE your account  Is���give it  to    i '-' ami watch 'he contents '
I ocltel book  Increase.
We are headquarters fir ail kinds   of   Pancy   ot   Staple   Q ocerlc . :l".
well as Feed and Grain,
We buy  and  sell  atl  kinds of FARM   PRODUCE,   ami   t.i;   the   HIOH'|
I.S I'  MARKET PRICK fur the same.
Give  us a call  Tfilen  in  lhe city   nnd be convinced.
R. J.   SROTT,   B..A.,  Principal.
H. A.  SCRIVEN,  B. A., Vice-Prin.
J. R. CUNNINGHAM, Sec ^"^ ���
The Place to Buy and Save   Money is at
C. A. WELSH'S, The People's Grocetl
<* j, WEDNESDAY, OCT. 3, 1906.
Manufactured and guaranteed by
F.   G.   DAWSON. Agent, 145 Hastings Street, West. Vancouver.
m ' ��� i.^iS^?-^^
MM������wm __os?____s��__ ma
IT WILL REPAY YOU Vs ha Nlce Dinner 5et
JYou Want, Madam?
Agents In B c. tor Plane! JunI
Tools and Cultivators.
Ci   : ��� -���   .   I' re-' ons,   Ti aps,   S n rej -.
Ct      .Buggies, Wagons of all descrip-
lions,   The lai gi si and best appointe 1
sk  In Western Canada.
Disc and Spade Harrow!
Woodyatl  I.awn Mowers, Red  Rubber
Gai !> n  Hit".    Evi i y  description of Garden Tools.
PAT,   10O8.
\Mm\       * !"*!<_____.  fO)
~-%%&&*e **jt      -Eh
Iw are   fi u    the   il  me.     . I    I he
Lab   '   I. tboi -Sa ring  Devici   .
���  Cutti rs,  P il iers, etc.
N'i liing  for the  Poultr;    I     m
tin I i thers,    l. rgesl sto k.
Lowest   prices.
English Crown
Bar Iron
Best English Soft Steel.   Finest American Tank Steel Plates
and every description of Holts; Nats, Washers, Shovels, Picks,
Nails. Lam, Steel and Hardware Supplies, carried in stock at
Lowest Prices.
"THE   BIRMINGHAM    OF   B.   C."
E. G. PRIOR & CO., Ltd.     j
AH tl
Agricultural Ma hinery.
123   Government   Street,   VICTORIA.   E.   C.
Eender Street. VAN COU VER :   Main  Street.  KAMLOOPS:
and   VERNON.
In public competitions the MELOTTE has defeated ivei-. com pi Itor thai h - dared tn enter the lists against
it. The MKi.oTTi' is constantly winning nev. honors In
all parts of the globe. A list would All a page of the
Dailj   News.    WE   ARE SOLE AGENTS.
Grand Valley. Ont., Dec. 20.
Dear Sirs,���The size l "MELOTTE" Cream Separator
lias given me entire satisfaction. I bave been using it
for one year, and it runs easier ami works better, If anything, than wlun 1 tit-si gol it I bad a trial of the "Alpha de Laval" I'm two months, but consider the MELOTTE  much  superior in every  way.
S ile Agents for Page Wire
���'��� : I, ram h an I lawn
i'i -i e, for
Sole  Agents for   Massey-Harris  Agricultural Machinery and Implements,
\i eats    for    Whitman's     ' laj
Prei es, De Loach Vai lable
Prlcl lon Saw   Mill
���' I    ni    Gasoline    ngli
Oliver's and Verity's Plows   P.it. I li
' a; mei.-', Buildei _', Minei -���' an I Cor
tractors' Hardware.
Greatest - Minstrels
' inest First Part in Minstrelsy
The Palace of Aladin
'��� ' itil'ul Ballads, Grand Choruses,
Uifflcull Dancing, Grand Scenic
 H      and Electrical Effects,
-*4_J i,    "'s "" Si'l'' ��t Ryall's llr.iK Store,
f ���  M "iday merr,;,,).-.
Price��...25c, 50c, 75c, $1.
The Most Up-to-Date Cafe in
New Westminster
/S Regular Prices   ..
We have a good selection, and the prices will
please you.
Our Grocery Stock is always fresh.
Adams &  Deans
Something Worthy
of Investigation
N'e.    dwelling, 8   ri ems. Sapperton.      Terms,   cash   $500,   balance  to suii.
Price       $1,000
Dwelling and two lots, Third ave ; terms of payment easy.   Price....$2500
Dwelling   (new), central.    Price    $1,500
Dwelling  (new),  central    $1,800
Dwelling, Bigbee street    $1,50
Boarding bouse on  leas.' for live years.    Price     $3,5' .
Working Both Ends.
"He think, he bus a fortune Iu bis
"Is there that much money lu
"No, but he bus u scheme to put tho
stints on the markel for a new variety of extra strong pepper."
lie tnnk lorn, tainted money
And went down to tb.  Btore.
The butcher gave him tainted meat.
And, oh, hut he wai wore!
His Idea ol   I raining.
loliiuiy, ibi'  lady   who called ll a
With _ Little Help.
"There is such a thing as grinding
men down too hard."
"Ves, even n cull' will turn."
They Get In.
Because of  the  fact   thai   there  It
only un Imaginary  line Instead of B
liii.b board fence between the United  trained nurse"
Stales  and  Camilla   there  is   many  a      ������(��������� s|���. j���  through a hoop?"
t'biiiiunnu smuggled In  who couldn't | 	
gel across the line if be were to get
off the boal at I ..troll mul Inquire of
a policeman tbe location et the nearest
There are. as the sciential bus observed, sixteen or forty seven ways nf
removing tbe sealskin covering from
the domestic cat, and tbe Intelligent
i Chinaman bus learned forty-eight of
t beiu and every few days runs across
a new one,
Not every sack of potatoes that
comes   nernss   tbe   border   Is   exactly ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
: what it  seems.    Hown  below  ibe iii |    H ls n wise man who can make ase
uoceiit tubers may be stowed awny ti ]Ot secondhand experience.
Chinaman in Bearch of o new- country j ~-
to five iiiiil to launder.    Iii oboul enc;    No mutter bow hard a man tries, lie
day be Lmks so Innocent that the nr- ; eannot make a boy think that turning
j (lbiiiry observer  might  think  be bad jttlt* grindstone Is some new kind ef
, beett bore ever since the year before , game.
I the Mood,
Not il He Knows It
On. thing a wise man
Will not do
ta bite off moro
Thau he can chow.
Nothing succeeds like success, although ynu bear of a brilliant failure
When It Runs to Football.
"What is the meaning of higher edu-
C'''I��thIuk it must be the training of I   Virt��" ls lts own reward' but lt lR
tll(, j-,,,,, ������ ' seldom payable In cash.
CANADIAN WHEAT FLAKES arc made from the Finest Selected
Wheat, treated by a special process which removes all useless parts and
leaves only those portions of the wheat kernel giving the largest amount
of the most healthy food for both body and brain. It is ENTIRELY PURE.
In every package you will find a most useful gift from the B. & K. Milling
Published by The Daily .News Pub-
.'.bins Company, Limited, at their
'Sees corner of Sixth ami Front
.���"���'.reel.,  .New  Westminster, B. C.
civic address being confined to expressions of loyally and welcome.
The Governor-General's reply was
very practical as well as eloquent, and
j was delivered In a  voice' whicb reached the furthest of the listening crowd.
I As   Lord  Grey's   addresses   general!,
do, it gave evidence that he bad  studied  the subject  of which  he spoke, ���
and was alive to  the great   possibill-
J.  C.   Brown r.  j.   Burde
Transient display advertising, 10
cents per line (nonpariel) 12 lines to
the Inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word. No advertisement taken for
les. than 25 cents.
Business office   22
Editorial   office     17 abroad   the knowledge  which   be  has
277 gained of the resources and capabilities of Canada, from the Atlantic to
the Pacific; and iii so doing he is
aiding In the great work of building
' up the Empire���a work Into which he
puts a whole-hearted enthusiasm. I:
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 3. 1906. I is ,,, be hoped that  the  practical Bug-
��� sestions  to   which   li
CANADIAN WHEAT FLAKES are rmde from the Finest Selected
Wheat, treated by a special prccess which removes al! useless carts ar.o
leaves only those portions of the wheat kernel giving the largest amount
of the most healthy food for both body and brain. It is ENTIRELY PURE.
In every oackags you will find a most useful gift from the B. & K. Milling
Humor ar.d Philosophy
Dili you ever stop to fear"
That the man behind tii- trigger
Is no braver than the shaver
Who is looking down  the muzzle;
ties of the Province. llis eloquent That the fellow with the rifle
words about the future of the fruit industry and bis practical suggestions
foi its developmeni cannot fail to do
good. His Excellency evidently Is no
believer in the "figurehead" theory of
the duties of a Governor-General. He
is using fully the opportunities which
his  high   station give him   to  spread
Manager's  residence
,'-!i'��!-:.^'>.S��t-  ���
At his service has a tritle
The advantage o'er the pilgrim
At the wrong end of tho puzzle?
Oh, yes, tlie man behind the gun;
He ts the brave and daring ono.
The hero of the action
And  later the attraction
When he I.s showing ladies how 'lis done!
But will you please explain to me
Just why it ls he shouldn't be.
That's what he has tho gun there for,
You'll find on reading rules of war.
When he's In the trenches lying.
Though the balls above are Hying
, And much louder than the powder
Comes the order to advance,
Then perhaps !������������ Bometlmes wishes
For the weeds ami little fishes,
tan an order Is an order.
And he has Io lake a chance.
The  Wardrobe
at  S.  (I.
Kaien island, or  Prince  Rupert, to
give it   the name  bj   Which it  is to be
known   in   the   future,   i.s   once   more
iu   ibe  public  eye.     Mr.   Hays,  president of ibe (I.T.I'., has just returned
frnm  a   visil   in  the celebrated   spot,
and lias talked  very   pleasantly about!
i:   to a  reporter  of   the   News-Ad ver- j
'riser,    lie  would   not    say, however, '
when  construction   would   begin.    As |
soon a.-- tlie company bud iis surveys
completed,  was  as  near a.s  he  would
come to a definite answer.    But when
work is begun it is to lie rushed,   As ;
we pointed  out   some  time ago,  that [
is  a   necessity of  tbe  situation.     The
western country is rushing ahead, and j
the railways must also do some rush-1
ing if they are to  keep  pace  with it
President   Hays says  most emphatically   that   Prince  Rupert   will  be   the
terminus of lbe line; as reported, bis
words  leave no  room  for doubt about
that;   Inn   there   are   still   those  who
think that Port Simpson is tbe better
place, and tbey look  to lbe C.N.R, io
take advantage   of   tbe    fact   if  the
G.T.P, does not.   The latter has a considerable   number���some  sixteen  par-
-of  surveyors   in    tlie   field,   and
yesterday will no: be allowed I
to the ground.
:'   .' ������: s
if all kinds and  cut
Tidy's, phone A1S I.
"I'll give y m three wi -lie-,' -
kind fairy, suddenly an ear::;..
"All  right," sail  tlie  loan,    "at
r .<i,i .iii.imo.ri.o."
"It is yours." snid the fairy.
for the other iwo."
"Oh,   never  mind  about   tbem.
the  man   resignedly.   "I'll  see  to  t.i
rest myself."
Oh, then the man behind the gun
Utterance   '''"' "nlv rise and forward run'
But still he must b.. human,
Although a tried  and  true nam.
And   it  Isn't  always  what  you'd c
When advancing to lhe char:,-"
To discover that a large
Enemj opposb .     i i
Also has a gun or two.
"How   would   you   like   to   ask
bread and be .riven a stone?"
"Well, if il were a diamond and
there was a pawnshop bandy I think
I could survive tbe shock."
Not if He Knows It.
"Aren't you afraid that Mr. Titepursi
will give you trouble'.-"
"Ob, dear, no.
He never gives auy
CANADIAN WHEAT FLAKES are made from the Finest Selected
Wheat, treated by a soecial oroc.33 which removes all useless Darts and
leaves only those portions of the wheat kernel giving the largest amount
of the most healthy food for both body and brain. It is ENTIRELY PURE.
In every package you will find a most useful gift from the B. & K. Milling
apparently does not  mean to be left
behind in jthe race.
Commenting on   its   interview,  the]
News-Advertlfipr   says:   "Its   contract |
witb   tbe  provincial   government  for
the purchase of the townsite required '
'S. tl  work should be continuously pro-1
������'���    ed,   and   from    .Mr.    Hays'   state-!
there appears to  be  no reason !
���   .'   .'it   ihat lbe company  will  live I
he terms of tbe agreement." '
dy   will   doubt   i\   we   fancy,:
���'���'.:-, .le: ided. as tlie president says,
���   it   Kaien   island   is   to   be   the   ter-
,is, there is no reason in the world
i,ay the company Bhould not ro on
wiib the work "continuously," but
every reason why tbey should. Hut
ibe bargain makes no appreciable
difference. Thai Is the point of the
whole matter, so far as the action of
lhe beal governmenl is concerned.
The Dominion governmenl arranged
for the building of the line; and the
development nf tbe country, under the
policy of tb.it government, is forcing
the hand of all tic railway companies
ami compelling them to rush construction work wit], the utmosi speed.
Then i ur lovelj govi rnmenl thoughl
fit to "butt in" and give awa; some
millions uf dollars' worth of the propel ty of t' ������ P..1. ;... t, exchange for
the cousin,11 ian. | isslbl) a few
mo,,ibs, m.' more, sooner than ihe
'vorli wi ul I othei wise bave been
mui'', <���:' a tew hundre i feel of wharfage and ;. Tei. at shed. Thai was ll, I
bargain a w ba:: and a shed iu ex
i hange for propertj worth millions.
11 is almost Inconceivable, but unfortunately it is true.
That lbe progress of the country
will force tiie building n:' the line as
soon as it can he imi!: j,. fatly realize 1
liy the company, Presi lenl Hays'
statement that, when 'bey were in a
position lo begin construction they
would begin at both ends, and in the
middle, too, il' they could, is sufficient
proof of that,
A full line of Furniture of all kinds kept
in stock.   :-:  Prices to suit purchasers.
V '
Copyright   1900   by
Hart Schatfher :J Marx
{���J  716 and 71S Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.
Two addresses were presented to
the Governor-General yesterday, one
from tlie city, bj Mayor Keary, and
one from the agricultural society, by
President Trapp, Both gentlemen are
to he complimented on lbe manner in
which Ihey discharged the duty. They
read the documents so thai everyone
in Hie large crowd assembled in front
of the platform could hear distinctly,
a point or the more Importance because Lad Grey's replies were replies
in lbe true sense of the word. As the
Governor-General came to open the exhibition, lbe address trom the society-
was tbe one Into Which the pith of
lbe matte,-  was pul    30 I 1 speak,  lhe'
���DON'T MISS���
Hardman & Bryson's
In the Manufacturers' Building.
R. & T' Dick's Old Country Boots
Every pair guaranteed damp-proof.
No rubbers required.
The Old Country Boot Store    ALSO A FULL LINE OF TRUNKS AND
20th Century Brand of Clothing
Christy's Hard, Soft and Silk Hats
W. G. and R. Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
Hart, Schafer & Marx Clothing
Dr. Diemel's Linen Mesh Underwear
22 1 Columbia Street
New Westminster.
Souvenirs of the City;
Fancy Goods;
Fine Stationery Etc.
J, J. MACKAY & Co.
Booksellers and Stationers
Columbia St., New Westminster WEDNESDAY, OCT. 3,  1906.
CANADIAN WHEAT FLAKES are made from the Finest Seleete
Wheat, treated by a SDecial process which removes all useless parts an
l-aves only those portions of the wheat kernel giving the largest amour
of the most healthy food for both body and brain. It is ENTIRELY PURE
In every package you will find a most useful gift from tre E. 5. K.
r   Type   of   Song   Universal   All
Over  Russia.
culiar  type of  song, the
One pe
horovod, is universal all over Russia. Horovod means leader of a
���horn-- Every Russian villager, man
or woman, knows a horovod. It always begins with the chief melody
lung l,v '""' vo*cc or ty il number
of voices in unison.
The secondary parts are a free
imitation of it, and once the c).;e_
' melody has 1 a given out every
member of the company develops it
according to his taste. Tlio two
gexes never mix and sing with et��ch
other. There are- always male i.nd
female horovodi. Some of th_.se
folk songs are collected from phoao-
grams by Eugenia Lineff in "The
Peasanl Songs of Great Russia."
'I'he broai, -'""' flowing river- of
seem  to  exercise  a  strong
���   n upon the peasant's tm-
::.    On   the
aginai n. On the banks of the
Volga groups of men and women
niav often bc -een in summer dragline, out timber whieh has floated
down, and ns they tug at their burden t icy r.i11-r.
T:. _-.-; nl' mosl of iheir river
8onc ��� thai if vou are horn to la-
^,,r -. , musi toil on, "Toil on, toil
on br ivi '. one, t wo, three, and yet
ouee : lore, and the task is done."
M,iu -i ngs belong to the Volga district, and one is dedicated to "Mother Volga" herself. The Russian
peasai I also believes his rivers to
be inhabited by mysterious beings.
( i. ef among these is the Roussaika,
a harmful kind of naiad. The voices
of the Roussalki are heard in the
rustling of the grass by the water's
edge, and ihe splash of the running
stream betrays their 'lancing feet.
Women and young girls washing
their clotf.es or bathing are liable
to lie spirited away by these Rous-
sal'.i unless they bo careful to hum
some potent charm as long as they
remain in or near the water.
In   and   Out  of  Cork.
The Soane m iseum in England
contains a cork model of the ( oli-
seum. This was probably acquire 1
by Sir .lohn Soane chief!.' beca ise
cork is difficult to cut. Mr. Clr.us-
ton tells in "The Burlington" a
story connected with it. The ate
keeper, Mr. Birch, was showin ; a
party of American visitors over the
museum and mentioned that ihis
was "made in cork." "That is curious," said one ,,f the ladies. "We
are just going to visit -ome frienda
there." "I mean, madam," he explained, "that this model was made
out of cork." "T'yit is still more
curious," she replied. -Dur friends!
live just ,i little way oui of Cork."
No  Deal.
"She*, t irth her weighl in gol 1!"
the pro-:,! American mother asserted.
Assuming pure gold warth np-
proximati ly ������.'.-o per o ince an !
knowing her weighl to be 110
pounds, the count by a rapid mental
calculation arrivi d at the figi re
"Oh, ah, a most charming vet::.
lady, of i ourse!" ho - ,'���!. hastily
gathering up his hat and cane. "But
I had been led to believi���aw���thai
is, I i otildn'l thii k of thai price, jou
aiiow."- - Puck.
High Class
Tray Cloths,
Etc., Etc.
_��_I_i_&&*!__v__ OS
Mexican Drawn
Japanese Fancy
Linens and Real
Irish Damasks
2 -
P*�� .
���   ;       "
������*���'     '
A   Definition  of   Logic.
A certain member of the Yale
faculty is famous for his power of
condensing his many strong antipathies into trenchant epigrams. His
pet abhorrence is logic, a fact whieh
was unknown to tho .tudenl who recently approached him with the
"Professor . I am thinking of
taking logic nexl year, What do
you think of the course?'
We want every visitor to the Exhibition to feel welcome, not only to
the city, but to this store���the best eciuipped and most progressive emporium  for women   in  the  Fraser valley.
We have the best and newest goods obtainable, and our styles are absolutely correct, We buy much of our goods direct from the manufacturers, in England. Scotland and Eastern Canada, thereby saving what is now
a   familiar   term   to   you���''middlemen's profits."
And we have these goods in such quantities, such pleasing assortments,
that a selection is made easy for you.
"Horse sense made asinine," re-1
.ponded   the   professor   tersely.���
BtJonded   '  ������   tiro
Hamer's Weekly.
The  Library  of an   Emperor.
In 1808 Napoleon formed the
idea of having a traveling library
in order to make his hours of intellectual recreation independent of
the exigencies of a campaign or the
delay.- of a courier. The proposed
library was to form ahout a thousand volumes. The hooks were to
be of small duodecimo size, printed
m good type and without margins
hi order to save space. They were
to be bound in morocco, with flexible covers and limp hacks. The
hove- for iheir conveyance were to
be covered with leather and lined
witl green velvet and were to aver;;.' sixty volumes apiece in two
row- | ke the shelves in a library.
-V cat. igue was to accompany them
so nri ii i I that tho emperor could
rea lil - 1 anv desired volume.
The distribution of subjects war- as
follows: forty volumes on religion,
jjprti of epic poetry, forty of the
frum.,. sixty volumes of other poetry, sixty volumes of history and
a hundred novels, "In order to
complete the quota," ran the instruct;,ms, "the balance shall be
made up of historical meraoirs/'-
Janie. Wcstfall Thompson in Atlanta .
Hcrt  Nejr the  Equator.
Ii is gem rally supposed *' tl
equator ti Afrii n the warmest
place on earth, h I il is not. The
nighl- in the 1 irr ��� _ me fre [iiently
are cold. Trai el ���:���- sleep, right un-1
der the ������ piator, under a quilt a ral
a pair of blankets. 1 luring the hottest month in central Africa 1 lie
thermometer never registers abo ���
96 degrees. Tho interior of eqt a-
torial Afrii a is not low land, not a
steaming jungle, as is commonly
supposed. The land rises from the
coast, plateau on plateau, until it
is from 3,000 t i 5,000 ;' 'cl above
sea level, and with everv ill > feet
of ascent tho thermometer falls a
Tho Widow H.  Married.
A .'���;.���."���::���' it    was ii m il iv er
aad three growi .   >  l.r.ighl ���:���-.   Having occasion to go away on a visit j
for a   few  weeks,  ho  wrote  home i
from time to time,    ln one of his ;
letters  ho  informed  them  that  he
had   '���'married   a   strapping   widow
with six children."
You may imagine what a stir this t
created iti tho household.  When the
vicar   returned   home   one   of   his
daughters, her eve- red with weep-
Our show rooms are fairly
overloaded these days with the
new :' ' and ial .:��� m irchan-
dise���Furs, Suits, Hats, Coats
and Skirts. Don't wait another
day���come at once for your
winter we n ables.
The Furs on exhibition
throughout the store represent
several   lea ling  manufacturers
Our stock includes Mink,
Marmot, Red Fox, Sable, Foxa-
line, Rab')!-, Thibet and other
furs, which are made in all the
wanted styles. Our prices range
from 50c to $50.00.
Our Hats are the subject of
much favorable comment anions those who are well inform
ed ou fashion's whims���among
them being high crown toques
from Xew York and Paris, as
well as smart ready-to-wear
bats of all shapes and sizes.
Our milliners are kept busy-
trimming to order as well as
making to order all kinds of
hats.   Get ' our order in early.
Among tne favored hats th'.s
year are blacks. Especially is
this true of the larger shapes.
Among tlu. colors are empire
green, taupe, golden brown and
white. Our prices range from
$1.25 to $35.00.
Our Suits, Coats and Skirts
are of such good materials and
are so well made that many find
it just as satisfactory to deal
here, In point, of style, as to go
to larger cities; and then the
saving in price here is an: de
compensation for coming a :is-
tance to deal with us.
Every seam, every buttonhole
and every gore tells more eloquently than words do how well
the garments really are made,
and the prices ��� we let them
SUITS���$12.50, $14.50, $18.50.
$22.50 to $35.00.
speak for themselves:
COATS���$7.75, $12.75, $16.50,
$21.00,  25.00.
SKIRTS���$2.95, )$3.75, )$6.50,
$10.50, $14.75.
Choice Novelty Waist-
ings 35c, 40c,
50c and 65c Yard
T. H. Smith
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Umbrellas
for Men, Women
and Children
50c, 75c, $1 to $7
We're Waiting to
Wait on You
If You Buy Here
You're Safe   !
It's a great idea���when a merchant asks Ten Dollars
for a Suit���the Buyer offers Six and the Merchant "takes
him up." The question is, what does "he" get ? If "he"
means the merchant, HE gets the man's Six Dollars and
his suspicion for everymore.   If the "he" is the man
If that merchant could afford to sell the garment for
less than he asked why did he not name the lowest price
i ' once ? Is that merchant reliable? Can you afford to
nsk his -judgment ? He certainly takes quite a load on
his shoulders when he attempts to carry trade that way.
We guarantee that you will pay here fully as much as
your neighbor���and just as surely you'll pay just as little.
We further guarantee you your money back on demand if you find your purchase unsatisfactory when you
get home
IF YOU BUY HERE YOUR SAFE. If you are interested
in Fall Suits, Overcoats, Hats and Men's Furnishings we
want to show you our handsome lines. If yo.; pay less
elsewhere, you'll get less value.
W. R. Gilley, 'Phone 1-4-i.
J. R. Gflley, 'Phone 1-41
Dealers in
Opposite Post Office
New Westminster
l~L   !___���     DCBECK,  The Cash Clothier
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. C. Pottery C o. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver fo rtland Cement Uo.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone 1-��
of workmanship finish ls what makes furniture values. Our endeavor
Is to give these two qualities in every article bought and sold. Our
$1.00 high back dining chair possesses these in marked degree���
they are excellent value. Our $11.00 solid oak cobbler seat rocker ls
a leader and ls a winner; roomy and comfortable; and those fancy
chairs, large genuine Spanish leather upholstering at $15.00 is one
of the best   Morris chairs all oak frame from $7.50 each up.
Dupont Block. Telephone 73.
MM�������f< THE   DAILY|NEWS
CANADIAN WHEAT FLAKES a:e made from the Finest Selected
Wheat, treated by a special process which removes all useless parts and
leaves only those oortions cf the wheat kerrtel giving the largest amount
of the most healthy food for both body and brain. It is ENTIRELY PURE.
In every package you will find a most __tfjl gift from tbe E. 4. K. Milling
,e   Tea-..   Wins   the   First   Senior
Lacrosse   Match  of  the   Exhibition  Series.
Lii it.-G ��� .-anor D insmuir fac< I off
the ball i:i yesterday afternoon's laci --���. match between the Maple
Leais and New Westminster teams.
i New Westminster team secured
iry in an * asy manner Dy a
���  oi   nine goals  to  five,  the  ma-
���:..-! .:  severe  blow over the head,
an 1   'iie  services of  a  medical   man
a I to   ������ secured before he could return to the field.   Two stitches were
inserted in bis scalp, and he was off
about fifteen minutes, us h doctor
I was   only    foun I   after   considerable
hunting aboul  the grounds.
Jimmie Gifford was ibe star actor
during the third quarter, being penalized three times for banl checking
and scrapping. Jimmie and Ritchie
gi ��� Into a little argumenl mi the field,
;u. 1 lhe referee sen! tbelli off to the
fence without any checks. The players were under the impression that
they were penalized only oue minute
ipie. e. and returned tn their places at
the end uf that   time, only to  be in-
m Id,  :; minutes;    New    Westminster, '.
Henry, 12 minutes.
Third quarter���Maple Leafs, Rit-
chie, li minutes:  Arnold, 9% minutes. I
Last quarter ��� New West minster.
Bryson, l'_ minutes; Turnbull, 1%
minutes: Bryson, 4 minutes; Maple
I.eats. Murray, 2% minutes; New
Westminster, Turn'.ill. s,\u minutes;
Bryson, P.. minutes.
ol   Hie  scoi ing   being   I me   In
the last quarter, when tbe locals plac-   formed   thai   their   time   was   not   up
i !  ..,.-  ball  in  I he   ni I   five  times In
.   suci ession  and misse I   several
i hi in es ol  scoring in addition.
A feature of the game was the Sn
yel     ���  about twenty-four minutes.
The  New   Westminster  men  forced
ie  game  from the  beginning of the
third quarter, and the number of goals
U. S.  Cabinet  Vacancies.
Washington, Oct. 2. ��� Two retirements from President Roosevelt's
cabinet are slated for the comin:. winter. They are those of Attorney-General Moody, whose resignation will
become effective about December, and
Secretary Of the Treasury Shaw. who.
according to present intentions, will
ri tire In February.
For one of tbe vacancies to be created the president will nominate Geo.
V. L, Meyer, ambassador to Russia,
but for the others he Is not yel rea I;
ti announce a success ir
;' players ruled off for hard   '''" v   scored   shows   thai  they   played
well. The play was mostly around  the
Maple Leaf goal  during this quarter,
cnecking and    fighting.    The    Maple
Leaf men   ivere the greater offenders,
and   at  one  time  there were  no less although the Leafs managed to secure
than four of them war,uiu- the rails lhe  rubber and  make a dash up the
at  ome, while two New Westminster Beld   occasionally.    In   this   quarter
men   were    keeping   them   company. New  Westminster   scored   five goals,
Several  small  scraps took place dur- while   the   Leafs   added   two to   their
ing the game, but  did not las;  long, score.
and the offenders were heavily penal- Tbe teams lined up aa follows:
...  !  In each  case. Maple   Leafs���Goal.    Kavey;    point,
The play was swift from the start, Morrison;   cover   point,  Rowan:  flrsl
and until the '.bird quarter the teams defence, J. Reynolds; second defence,
played   fairly   good   lacrosse,   but   to- |>.   Ritchie;   third  defence, V.  Green;
wards  the end of the mime  the play
was very tame indeed.
Arnold scored tbe first goal for the
Maple Leafs after the ball had been
chased in all parts of the field. After
the first goal of the game had been
scored, the locals buckled down to
work and scored three times in quick
succession. Tbe first quarter was all
iu   favor  of   the     Xew    Westminster
center. \Y. Murray; third home. R.
Ravey; second home. Walter Murray;
lirst bome. E. Murray; outside home,
H. Arnold: inside home, N*. Morrison.
New Westminster���Goal. S. Gray;
point, C. Galbraith: cover point. Diir-
by; first defence. T. Gifford; second
defence, .1. Gifford; third defence,
Rennle; center, Feeney; third home,
Latham; second home, Wintemute;
first    home,   W.    Turnbull;    outside
John   H.  Little  Dead.
Guelph, Ont., Oct, 2.���John  II.  Little, deputy postmaster, died this morning from paralysis, aged 40 years.
LOST���Black spaniel, three months
old, with small white spot on
breast; answers to the name of
".Inker." Reward if returned to corner Twelfth and Eighth streets,
George Adams.
FOR RENT���Large, well lighted room,
suitable for an office. Apply to
Chas. G. Major.
WANTED ���  At  once���waitresses at
Mrs. Cook's Coffee Palace.
team, but many chances to score were
spoiled  by  wide shooting on tbe part home, Henry;  inside home, Bryson.
of the home men. Referee���Wells Gray.
The Leafs forced  the game at the
1, winning of the second quarter, and
Sandy   Gray   was   called  upon to do First quarter-Maple Leafs, Arnold,'
seme tail saving.    In this quarter men 1:;1*     minutes;     New     Westminster,
began to appear at the fence with five Turnbull, 1% minutes; Feeney, 3 min-
and  ten  minute  penalty  checks  with utes;   Rennie, 3 minutes,
astonishing    regularity.      Arnold    re-i     Second   quarter���Maple   Leafs.  Ar-
L.OST���Gold chain bracelet, between
First and Sixth streets and Royal
and Third avenues. Finder kindly
return to Daily News office.
"TEACHER WANTED ��� For boys'
school. New Westminster, by Nov.
1. Applications received until the
10th inst. by R. Lennie, Sec.
Summary of goals:
l:;i.     minutes;     New
WANTED ��� Tbe address of John
Drake.    M.   Suglts,   P.O.    Box    215,
LOST���On Saturday night last, between Columbia street and Wise
Road station, ribbon with locket attached. Finder leave at this office
and receive $1 reward.
The White House
An inspection of the following lines will convince you of our ability to save you
money on your purchases of
Women's Underwear, Hosiery, Ribbons, White
Goods, Neckwear, Furs, Blouses, Petticoats, Dress Skirts, Small Wares,
and a full assortment of Holiday Goods.
Children's Hats, Bonnets, Coats, Furs, Dresses,
Underwear, Hosiery, Etc.
275 Columbia Street,
New Westminster
We Shoe Everybody
M__A|BaB    ^_________i_____h_______.
Everything that's new, correct
and desirable in
Fall  Footwear
awaits you here. No matter what
price you wish to pay, be it $1.00 or
be it $6.00, or any of the popular lines
between ��� you'll find here reliable
shoes in the latest and correct styles for
Men, Women and Children
Great'selection of new shoes opened up for this week
Johnston s Big Shoe House
New Westminster, B. C.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
* CANADIAN   WHEAT   FLAKES  arc    made    from   the   Finest   Selected
Wheat, treated by a special process .\hich removes all useless parts and
leaves only those portions of the wheat kernel giving the largest amount
of the most healthy food for both body and brain. It is ENTIRELY PURE.
In every package you will find a mest usefui gift from the B. & K. Milling
���   Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
|   Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
}   Te!ephonel2.
New Westminster
{  Magnificent Riuer View
Near Post Office.
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E.  WALKER, General Manager.        ALEX, LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager.
: Arranges   for   Death   While   Flesh   is   Mrs.  Ouchachhoff   Leads   Husband  on
Dropping   Off   Him  in Chase   Across   Sea   and
Vincennes, [nd., Ocl 2.���Literally
cooked alive In a boiler Into which
sie.im wns turned by mistake, Boilermaker Gustav  Friend,  30   ye ira   ol I,
Back  Again.
New   York,  Oct,   _.--ln  pursuil
liis wife and the man with whom she
lie i  frnm St.  Petersburg, General  II
Ouchachhoff, nf ihe Russian army, ar-
POWERS & PETERS, Proprietors.
Every   facility   afforded   Farmers  for   ti-.eir  banking   business.     Sales   Notes
cashed   or taken   for collection.
BANKING   BY   MAIL���Deposits   may be made or withdrawn oby mail,
Out-of-town accounts receive eve:., a tention.
Ice  Cream  Sodas,
Sweets, Fruits, Etc
live I five hours with his flesh drop- rived here to-day, onlj to find thai i.he
pim; iuuu him In chunk-. II" re lleelng couple had eluded him, and
mained conscious, arranged all his were now approaching the shore- il
worldly affairs, bade hla familj good France General Ouchachhoff was
hyp, ; nd then prayed with his pasto mei al the landing pier of the Kal ei
till  death came. Wtlhelm  der   Grosse    is   he  stepped
 ���   lo la     bj   Nleolos  Lodtgen.
i" Ru -.ian consul general, who bro
unwelcome   news     Gabriel   E
an I   i ������* oraan .aid to he the wife
o.  Gen.    Ouchachhoff,   arrived    from
Europe  lasi   Wednesday,   and   within
an   hour   were  ou   hoard   the   Freni a
La   Savole, en route  for  Havi i
'.i  antlme, Gen. i iui hachhoff, who h i l
mlsse I  them  al  Gibraltar, salle 1  for
No Ice Is here ... given thai 30   I i   -
after   late   I   Intend   to applj   to  the
.     chief   Commissioner   of   Lan Is   an I
for a Iii en i   to cul  and  i irr,
awaj   timber   from   I he   follow
' : lbe I lands:
1. Commencing al i ios m u ed
w . M '.- S.E. Corner, planted on I he
iea th i auk of i he Kildala river a io il
two miles up from the mouth, run
ning as follows: 10 chains north, 180
chains west, lu chains Bouth, 160
chains easl to point of commencement, containing 640 acre-, more or
Locate I Augusl 27, 1906.
2. Commencing  al   a   posi   marked
N'ew York on the Kaiser Willielm. H i
n 111 return on the La Proven e on
Thursd u.
Tragedy at Kingston.
Kingston,   Onl .   I let   2, ��� Roberi
Burke,  23  years old,  a   machinlsl in
the Canadian  Locomotive works, was
W,  M.'s S.W. Corner, planted on the   Wiled this morning.    He was running
Columbia Street
Next to Tram Office
Bank of Montreal
Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
CAPITAL  (ALL  paid   up)
Rt.  Hon.  Lord  Strathcona an I    .Mount   Royal,    Cr.    C.    M.
G  Honorary President
Hon.   Sir   G.   A.   Druminond    President
E. S. Clou.ton Vice Presi lent   and   Genera!  Manager.
General banking business transacted.
Branches in all the principal cities lu Canada, In London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and St. John's Nfld., ani correspondents In all parts of the
The Royal Bank of Canada
',:.. ::������: absolute security to depositors START NOW to save your money
ind you will never regrei I:. People do harder things every day and have
nothing to show  for it.
ONE HOLLAR opens an account. Pul II in your pocket, it would probably be nothing, but ONE DOLLAR deposited every week with us will in
:. n years amount  to $604.50.    THINK    THIS  OVER.
north bank of the Kildala river, aboul
two miles up from the mouth, running
as follows: 10 chains north, 120 chains
east, 80 chains south. 40 chains west,
HI chains north, 80 wes' to point of
commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Located Augu.-' 27, 1906.
3. Commencing at a pos' marked
W, M.'s N.E, C '.tier, 11 mted on the
north hank of the Kildala river, ahout
a Blotting machine, and had occasion
to put his head under _ slowly moving plunger to look al some work, bul
failed to withdraw his head before the
plunger reached i'. His head was
fearfully crushed before the machinery wa.s stopped.
Three   In  the   Field.
Pembroke, Ont., Oct. 2.���Three can-
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
live and   a   half miles  up   the river I dldates   were   nominated   in    North
Renfrew to-day. They are: Gerald V.
White, Conservative; Thomas Murray,
Liberal, and Matthew McKay, Straight
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
G. D. BRYMNER, Atjcnt.   J
 ��� ���     _.
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
VANCOU        ,        C.
Shingle and Saw   \
Mill Machinery
11 ���m n'i ���!���___������_��� iliiw __���_���___���_ ii��ii_Min-______��a*Mi
Manufacturer  of
Transfer Co.
from the mouth, running as follows:
in chains south, 160 chains, wesl, (0
chains north. 160 chains easl lo point
of commencement, containing 640
acres, more or  less.
Located  August   26,  1906.
I. Commencing at a post markel
W. M.'s N.W. Coiner, planted on 'he
north bank of the Kildala river, about
five and a half miles up the river from
the mouth, running as follows; 160
chains east. 40 chains south. 160
chains west, in chains north to point
of commencement, containing til1)
acres, more or less.
Located Augusl :'7. 1906
5. Commencing at a post marked
w. M.'s N.E. Corner, planted on the
south bank of the Kildala arm, aboul
one mile from the mouth of the river,
running as follows: su chains south.
80 chains west. SU chains north lo the
shore iin", ther.ee following shoreline
io point of commencement, containing
ii lo acres, more or less.
Located Augu.-- _7, 1906.
Columbia Street.
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia bt.
Westminster Iron Works
iew Westminster.  B. C.
Family Trade a Specialty.
rei.   113. Office,  Eighth   Stree
6. Commencing   al  a   pos:  marked WOKK.
\v   M.'s s w. Corner, planted on the
east   bank   of   the    Iiala.    river,  about
ten  chains easterly from 'he month,
running   as   follows:    10   chains  ca-'.
I -to   chains   north.   10   (h iin-   east,   sn
Oasgage delivered    promptly  to   my ' chains north to 'lie riv:-. thence Col-
part of the city. lowing  river   to  poinl   ot commencement, containing 610  int"-.  more oi
Locate I  August  ::7. 1906.
(Locator)   WILLIAM   MOODY,
i.fice 'Phone 185.      Ham Vhone 137 Per Frank Vandall, Agent.ljjew Westminster.
t Light and Heavy Hauling
Ornamental   Iron   wont,   including
Fences, Gates, Eire  Escapes, etc.
Mall orders nnd correspondence Invited.
f. U.  ��"*.
'     !
I ��
New Westminster
Fine Exhibit
Wheeler & Wilson's
and Singer's
Sewing Machines
Dominion and Morris
ant Your Trad
1. We can give you entire satisfaction.
2. We have the most complete stock of Fancy and Staple
Groceries on the coast.
3. We believe in Quality before Quantity.
4. We sell our goods at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES.
If these Four Reasons don't interest you, watch our Ad.
for the next four.
WE NEED your trade and we intend to HA VE it.
Goods You
We have plenty of coke for sale now, but it will be
a scarce article in a short while when cooler weather
comes and orders begin to rush in. Take the hint.
Get your orders in at once.
Price $4 Per Ton Delivered
This week reveals many wants which must be filled in
a hurry.    Particulraly   so   in Women's   Reacly-to-\vear
necessities.   These demands which a well dressed woman
we ask that you can and  feels must be met are no where easier satisfied than from
our up-to-date assortment in every line.
are causing considerable
Attention and Attraction
examine our stock of
sheif Goods Qur Miijinery Department
and Cutlery J *
q Displays the Correct Styles
A.TTimimition       Etc Fresh new I om fashion  centers every  few  days.
* nol  claim to have everything new th fs out, bul whal we havi   I:
  Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Novelties, Children's   ila-.   and   Bonnets   and 1
_   .   .���^ ��� _-~ ���     med Hats of every description.   All orders re eivi   quick attei
Telephone    1 SO.
.... CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
In order to give the employees an opportunity to attend the Exhibition George
Adams' Grocery Store will
be closed this afternoon.
Michel   Delegates   Go   to    Fernie   to
Hoid a Caucus on the
Ellard Block,
Mrs. Fortune, of Kamloops, presented tht governor-general with a hox of
Wolf River apples yesterday afternoon, and the gift was highly appreciated by his excellency, who had
greatly admired the excellent display
o' fruit arranged by Mrs. Fortune.
New Westminster.
B. C
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
The government dredge, the King
Edward, made its way out to the Annieville bar yesterday, and succeeded
in getting set and ready for business
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
Post Cards!
217-219 Columbia Street.
Railway Company
Two fast transcontinental traim
with dining cars and through tourist
and  first-class  sleepers daily.
Atlantic  Express leaves at 7:25.
Imperial   Limited,  leaves  at  17:20.
Special Excursion to Buffalo
Oct. 5th and 6th
j Good to Return to Nov. 15th
C. P. R. Agent,
New Westminster
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Fernie, B.C., Oct. ..���The strike
among,the coal miners continues to
be conducted orderly, there being no
demonstrations of any kind. Many
men are leaving both collieries in an-
ticipation oi a lengthy strike. There
are two new features to-day. General
Manager Lindsey leaves to-night for
California to be absent a month. The
miners at .Michel last night held a
meeting at which some dissatisfaction
of the strike was expressed, and a
committee was appointed to come to
Fernie to interview Sheridan with respect to the trouble. They are nowhere in caucus together. It is understood that one thing they will demand
is a chance to read a copy of Sheridan's letter to Mitchell, upon which
is base:! Mitchell's wire. This letter
has never been read to the miners.
The men are very orderly, and no
demonstrations of any kind bave been
made. The streets are less crowded
with idle men. and it is said many-
men are leaving for othe:   , lace-.
It transpires that at a meeting at
Michel last Saturday, President Sheridan bitterly scored the business men
of this section, saying there were no
tricks too low for theni to stoop to.
The electric company has issued
notices to consumers informing them
that until further notice it will endeavor to continue the light service
to the city.
������ o	
Two Indian bands are in attendance
a-, the exhibition. One is from Sechi.lt
and the other from Mission. Each
band boasts about twenty players,
���.8,000 f EMPRESS OF BRITAIN 114,500
Leave Quebec Oct.   .   aud Oct,   19,
P: asengers booked to and fro at low-
rate.   For particulars apply
C. P.  R. AGENT.
Do You Want to Buy a Farm ?
White & Shiles
Do You Want to Sell a Farm?
White & Shiles
Anyway Call on Us for a Souvenir of New   Westminster.
260 Columbia Street Phone 85
in the community. A poor " hand-
to-mouth man " never is. .Make up
your mind to buy a home NOW.
Do It Now.
was most likely a careless and extravagant voting man anil did not
start RIGHT.
Do It Now.
is the best of all gifts to your family. 	
7 Roomed Mouse and
Lot on Seventh Street, near Baptist
Church.     Lot60x132 . . $1750
Very Easy Terms.
And Want To Build
We Will Assist You.
F. J. HART & Co.
Crisp New Styles in Neckwear
We pay strict  attention to the wants     :     hi     N'ei kweai    Depai tat
Hundreds of the newest and pleasing    styles   in   Collars, Ties,   Turn  vers,
etc.,   without   one   ol   which   any   wo-man's attiri   Ie lm impleti      Sp/ dale
xhibition showing arrived this week.
���    )
as- m
.���' I
Long and Short
Kid Gloves
We advise our American ::: -. to purchase a few
pairs of our Kid Gloves before n irnlng home. We handle Reynier's Celebrated Kid Gloves. Nunc better, none
cheaper. Sold In all American cities foi $1.50, $1.7"..
$2.25, $3.50.    Our  prices $1.25. $1.50 $1.75 and $2.75.
Fleece Wool Underwear
This changeable weather demands care in the choice
of proper underclothing. Our Underwear Departmenl is
ready to supply any want al this season. A shipment of
Turnhull's Perfect  Fitting Vests   n   eived this week.
Ladies' Coats and
New styles of Coats have kepi c ming every week.
an i the result ls a pleasing selection of up-1 late Tailor
a ��� Garments fron which it will be an easy matter to
make a suitable selection.
OUR skirts are made In style, nol found In other
collections Year, of experienci hav. taught us where
to : ij the propi i skirts :��� r thli changi. ��� In ate, Our
omplete t bis. v.. i
S. Collister & Co.
The funeral of Mrs I Iwen Burdi tt,
who died yesterday morning al the St,
Mary's hospital, will take place this
afternoon. The d< 'eased leaves a
husband and foui small childri n I
mourn her lus-. Mr. and Mrs. Bur-
dett only arrived in this city a ������ ll
four months ago, and since their arrival here Mrs. Btirdett has not been
feeling well, and bad been an inma!
of the  hospital   for  si,nie  weeks past.
'��� The interment  will take place in the
Oddfellows' cemeti ry.
Full houses wen   the rule yesterday
at all the hotels in the city, and the
dining     room      ommodation    was
taxed to the utmosl In every caw.
With the large number of people who
will arrive to-day and for the resl ol
the week to look after, New West-
.���. Instei hoti I i e ei - will have ���: i
���..:. Is full until the fair Is ovei
Root Pulpers and  Slicers,
Straw Cutter, Grain Grinders
and Grain Rollers
Now in stock.   The above machines include Fleury's, Cockshutt's
and Dick's makes.
T. J. Trapp & Co.


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