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The New Westminster News Aug 14, 1914

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 ��� ������
��� Till,-
Cruiser Karlsruhe Caught Coaling at Sea���Runs Away!
and Is Cornered by H.M.S. Bristol���Shots
Exchanged at Night.
Will Organize      Rainbow Safe     / ii/irni/ m/ins.w-^-
A Battaiion      At Escuimai. UVAIRY SKIRIfflSHfS
Two Companies at Nelson Accompanied by Shearwater
and One Each at Other       Canadian   Cruiser   Ar-
Interior Towns. rives in Harbor.
Atlantic abHolutely safe for llriti-h
shipping. Not n hostile ship is north
of the West Indies now and they are
..................   uuiicuiiiet
in keeping the sea and procuring supplies, owing to tlie entire absence of
     _.   _,r��.n  vying  to | coaling stations.     It  can  only   be  a
terrept   British   shipping    on     the I comparatively   short  time until    tho
-,���._     .,i  ��� u o   I l_-��-i *-
Haltttt,   N.  s,   Aug.   U   -Kor  half
��H��r Thursday night, ii.iia Sri*
'���  Ae smallest   Hritish   warship   In
toe .North Atlanti.',    fought    a long
largest  and  fastest of  the  German ,
cruisers  which   have   been  tr lng   t0
intercept   British   shipping    on     tie
north Atlantic.    Fleeing L  hu��    _X'r,e'_ lnorx  tlme unt"    to.
Suffolk,  which   InS^ThP  K^ri    mmimihe.and_,U,e Dre8den a��-�� ^ther
��riih.   coaling at sea fml ,i     _!*' i"     U^u' caPtured or interned.
Oeman-Lloyl  . tCer    k���    vTAiJuT '"   _? ��. work yet �������*�����
Wilhelm. the German ,...,.___L . tiBl1 wftr��UP�� ����� destroying hostile
icrceptedby the Bristol TSttlSt *5.[XT*"*' *"*  the "'" >��**  tak"��
Bermuda and for h iIf an Zt . . h    iT. ,Taten* has alrHad>  '"������ to
rang,   running   fight \o\a_\L]��** fr 8htf?'k '" th�� fJerm��n ,anker **
b-oadsides   without    SSotto^'S       A   "�� J?66'   ��f   ,,ri,iBh   ��"�����*���   '���
�� tnoui    inflicting    much ; now on  the way to Halifax to assist
Ottawa, Aug. 13. A militia order
issued today authorizes the organization of an infantry battalion with
headquarters at Portage la Prairie.
The town of Portage la  Prairie will
SUt^l*" "T"'tnbk *"�� Hides Actusl Movements but the
provide three comp.ules including j morning. The Algerine is expected
two companies now included in the Lt the naval station this afternoon
99th Manitoba Ratters; Carman, twoi The arrival of the vessels todav
companies,  and   Austin.  Svdnev  nn/tl-i���
Victoria.    Aug.    13. . -.._..., ^^^. ..vwviiui vi
cruiser Rainbow, accompanied by tbel ��T , ...       ��� -   .,'    .      ���'_ ������    ,      ....,,
British  sioop of  war  shearwater,) News from War Zone Indicates Armies Will
r'""'h'", "'"-���" goon dash in Fierce Contest.
reached   Ksquimalt   at  6  o'clock   this
  .._...B<.">.  <.a-iii��_i, two,     1Ue   arrival   of   the   vessels   today
companies,  and   Austin,   Sydney  and j clears up the naval situation on the
nurh-af***'   *���������   ������'-���*- Ansa.     ��-J    *-
 .,  ......... ���ow ana tney are!,   *�� orKmt_'_*u_l of a  battal��on of
encountering   tremendous  difficulties |'nfantr>' *lth headquarters and Aand
, , , ., . , B   -__1_-Hln��   m*    ml..*-.-- -
iii keeping the aea ami .������-.-...-i ���
Burberry one each.     ___________m
The organization of a  battalion of
fant.t.   ...i*��-   ��� *
..._u.,u.iicia mm a anu
B companies at Nelson; 0 Co. at Rossland; D Co. at Kaslo; E Co. at Grand
Porks; F Co. at Greenwood; G Co.
at Creston and W Co. at Proctor, 'ia
 ..  ���,,__,.-i, uu  me
coast and is especially Interesting in
view of the fact tbat the commander
Of   th.     I ���*���.'���     '-' -
  - ,_.��.<- mucn u> ao with settling the foot the Leipzig told San Francisco I ture of Europe, is appreciably nearer,
newspaper  men  off the  Golden Gate |    Renort. nr _._._.���	
damage, thc con (.'.I tions being very unfa von. hie fe>r accurate gunnery.
German Sh'p Runs.
Alth!.ugh tbe Bristol's consorts were
nt least 100 miles astern, the German
would not stand and fight.    Altering,      .      ���
bis   course,   the    German    gradually I Good Hope
drew away from the Hrlstol, owing to | row-
in guarding the trade routes. They
are mainly ships or tbe Drake class,
of about 15.000 tons dlsplacemen)
mounting a main battery of 9.2 guns
with a heavy secondary six-inch battery. The first of these ships, the
will be at Halifax tomor-
Woman Catches
German Spy
Attempted to Free Carrier |
Pigeons���Tried by Court
Martial and Shot.
    -..,.  ,���.   ..uiut-ii uate
yesterday afternoon tbat he expected
to capture the Rainbow and tbe two
little British gunboats any day now.
The Rainbow's trip to the south when
j she successfully rescued the two smaller vessels and the men aboard them,
may be regarded as really a /fine
achievement, for sbe undoubtedly
gave the Leipzig some anxious moments and pr. .'.ably was the only
means of saving tiie two smaller gunboats from falling au easy prey to
the Germans.
London,  Aug.   15.-11:45  p m-The
hour of the  great  battle  whki.   win
sup* rior speed, and ufte-r half an hour
wan out of range of the British ship's
Six-Inch bow-chaser.
Ail through the night the chase
lasted but somewhere in the darkness
the German doubled and made off
houth to San Juan, where be put In
for coal, some dayx ago.
Details of this action, the first sin-
-.!���' ship fight ln which a British man
of war has engagee?d ln these waters
in a hundred years, were brought to
HaJifax today by the Suffolk, the
flagship of Rear Admiral Craeldoek,
commanding the fourth cruiser sepiad-
North Atlantic Absolutely Safe.
The information given out here- on
the arrival or the surroik showed
that In the pnst ten days the fourth
cruiser squadron  has made the North
"We were steaming north on Thursday morning last. The crew had just
been ordered to general stations,
when from the foremast head came
tbe hall 'enemy on Ihe port bow.' "
said the flag officer or tlle Suffolk,
in giving out an official statement of
tbe chase or the Karlsruhe, to tbe
press  today.
Ship Cleared for Action.
"As soon as we knew war had been
declared, the ship had prepared for
battle. Fittings, all woodwork and anything that might be at all inflamable,
we pitched overboard, and the sea
ror miles around was btrewn with de?-
bris. I'nder the circumstances there
was very little else to do when the
orde-r to clear  for  action  was given.
(Continued on  Page Five.i
Haslen Battle     IWillI Pass
Fierce Affair, Few Bills
Brussels, via Paris, Aug. 13.��� ,.u.
p.m.--A woman caught a German spy
on tbe train from Antwerp in the act
of releasing carrier pigeons which he
bad concealed in a bag. Site sieged
and held him until other passengers
came to her assistance. The man
was banded over to the military authorities. He was trieed by court martial and shot.
Germans Repeatedly Charge Dominion Cabinet Preparing
Belgian    Position   and
Lost 2000 Men.
London, Aug 13.���2:30 p.m.- The
Germans er.gage'd in tbe batle of Haslen. areoreling to late details to the
Kxrhange    Telegraph    company  Trom
for Parliamentary Session Tuesday.
Ottawa. Aug. 111. -Preparatory to
the opening or parliament next week,
the cabinet is sitting morning, afternoon and evening, anil while the legis-
i lation, which  is to be submitted  will
Brussels,  numbered   more  than   10,000 i ' ;, A  ���' . ������ '_��,." ",l
men. composed or cavalry, artillery ,be e>mbra(T. '" U'�� r HX* ' ,
nnd a small force of Infantry. The 1" ��fPfted to cover a wide range of
llelgian force numbered about 7000.     j subjects.
"It IS believed," says the dispatch,1 Ilu'se will include an appropriation
"that the object of tlie Germans' was j for "����� eil.npme.it and despatch of
to take a position north of the St "*? l a,ladmn arm>' divisions. There
Tr/nd road at Tirlemont, from which | wil1   likewise be  legislation   ratifying
they would be able to execute a turn- wbat ha' bPt?n done ln reKard ,t0 lhe
m^^m^m     m^mm'    ���    ���   ������ ' financial situation and conferring on
the gov.runii'iit  wide powers  in deal-
ng  with   any   other   situation
may  arise.     In  connection  with   that
ing  movement against tlie  Belgians
Belgians Were Notified.
"Through   efficient   cavalry   reconnaissance, the llelgian commander ob-,      . .
tallied  accurate  Information    of    the j eminent ootincel is being consult
movement ot the attacking force.    To
reach Dlest the Germans had to cross I nvODl-CQ  A HMIR ATIflM
the river at Haslen and It was before   t!iArK__.��0 AUfllinrtllUW
this place that the Belgians took up.
their principal position, erecting barrl-
cades,    building    entrenchments and
London,     Aug.     14.���1:20
^llfJiT, ��rv8 ?er^"uTdSmr l BrulseTdlsKh i^SntErS
effectively   emp oyed.     The   Germans , .,..,,- ... ,
,.....,   u.iA  ; u�� ��i_   . 11 miJfi   Ii   . u    graph company, says that the Britten
cani' into sight about  11 o nlnoli In thn ,        ' .   .'      ���    ,, ���    .        ,,, ,   ,   ,
prin.e minister, Mr, asquith, replying
j to  a   in Bsage  from   the   llelgian   waf
I minister,   expressed     admiration     for
I the coiirage and valor of the Belgians.
' which,   he  added,  "is  the  best   prooi
that Great  Britain did  right in  Intel
I fering in behalf of Belgium, defending
international   treaties.     The   example
of Belgium  will be of service    to    all
free  nations of  Kurope.
l/ondon, Aug. Kl���The king has appointed Lord Roberts, eolonel-in-chicl
tor such overseas forces as may come
to Kngland.
French Get
Best of Fight
Germans Forced Back and
Lose Many Men, Guns
and Ammunition.
Paris. Aug. i:i.-An official report
of the fighting between the French
and Germans in the vicinity of Port
MouKson. north of .Nancy, issued today, says:
Tbe fighting, which . tarted on August 11. was continued on August 12,
under thrilling conditions for the
.'rench. It may be summed up as
"The  first phase  was an  attack on
two  Krench    battalions    by    German
forces greatly  superior    In    number. .
The  twei  French  battalions fell   back. J
but. being reinforced during the night
assumed   thc offensive,  well  supported by artillery.
Germans Forced to Retire.
"This    counter-attack    caused    the
German.-   to retire  precipitately  leav-
German Troops
Are Starving
Raw Potatoes Found in Pockets of Dead Officers-
Pitiable Condition.
Brussels, Aug. 13.���The German
troops in Belgian Luxemburg are said
| to be starving and many of them are
' reported to have dropped unconscious
owing to their nrivations. In some of
the dead officers' pockets raw potatoes were found while the soldiers
are said to have dug unripe turnips
and beets to eat.
A party of French dragoons while
reeonnoitering, came upon a strong
detachment of Uhlans whom they attacked and cut to pieces, killing 60
ot them.
A party of 600 German prisoners arrived today at Ath. In the province of
Many horses belonging to the German Uhlans, found dead in Belgian
Limburg, were declared, after a postmortem examination, to have starved
to death.
 .,..., ._, ��|.|��i-_. iauiy nearer.
Reports of engagements which when
the main armies meet will be considered Insignificant have been coming
in all day, showing that the cavalry
screens, some times accompanied by
infantry, whose duty it is to find out
what is going on behind, hsve come
Into contact In northern Belgium, near
Hasten and on the French frontier,
near Othain.
Allies Score Success.
The meeting of these scouting parties in force has resulted In some
pretty severe fighting, in which, according to the French and Belgian official accounts, the allies scored further successes.
The other side of the story- is yet
to be told, for  Berlin  remains silent. ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_U
In fact, the German war office has I The British navy has now virtually
had little to say since it reported the; cleared the trade routes of the Ger-
capture of the city of Liege. The posi-; man and Austrian ships, or has at
tion around the fortress is veiled in j least got them so closely watched that
something of mystery- The Germans' the admiralty advises ship owners to
have resumed their attack, or the. send out their vessels as usual. Ships
forts, but how they are progressing j from all parte of the world arrived
has not been communicated to the at English ports today and, what is
outside world. ! more  important,  steamers  with   pro-
German Guns Silent. | visions are coming from Scandinavian
Brussels had a  report tonight that   ports.
the forts had succeeded in silencing
all the big German guns, but little
faith is placed in this, tl may be that
for the moment the invaders have
stopped their onslaught, either to review or adopt some means of gaining
their object.
Lorraine for the present seems to
have been left out of the fighting,
while Alsace, like western France, Is
tbe scene of engagements between advance guards of tbe main German and
French armies.
Austrians Enter Russia.
The Austrian army bas commenced
to move on Russian Poland. No news
has come from the Russo-German frontier, but much the same is going on
there as In the other theatres of war.
Tbe Russian and German cavalry are
busy trying to discover what the main
armies are doing.
Will Enforce
Notice   Served   on   'Frisco
Paper Friendly to the
-!r.n_lnB' n8he httB R ����* of 12  most
of them Portuguese.
Rome, Aug. 15.���The foreign office
today summoned home the Italian ambassadors in Paris, St. Petersburg,
London and Berlin as the government
desires to consult with them concerning the  war situation.
London, Aug. 13., 5.20 p.m.���Walter
Hlnze Page, the American ambassador, authorised this evening tbe American    Transportation    company    to
 . I charter a vessel ln England to take
Rome, Aug. 13.    Persons arriving iu  American refugees home,
this city from Bosnia describe tXme f*o-\     .     _ : ��������� ���*���' \_
Italian and Roumanian rlemenls. as P**ch *�� ~tmj W*m��ew ��W����Mw��-
nnruly and rehellions. The travelers Pen.-. r*celv��i er ws-r^*-Amsterdam.
assert that a though a n*��ber of mu- says the Austrian troops Have advan
tineers  have  been   shot,  the  regular  ced into Russian Poland.
troops appear to be disintegrating and' 	
this accounts for ths Inactivity of the I London, Aug. 13.���A special dis-
Austrian array on tbe Servian fron-lpatch received today from Rome says
tier during the last 11 days. Kmperor William, who, it was report-
��� ��� ed, intended making a visit to Aix la
Amsterdam, via London. Aug. 13.��� iChapelJe. near the Belgian frontier.
Fighting in the neighborhood of thej has been persuaded not to make tbe
Belgian town of Long-res, to the north 11/...--.���
Belgian towaof ___^ "Zlsnon, &��
f_f_r In ,h r"<"ned  today, accord- ^
v.      ����� ...-_,_.  luuKy, according to the correspondent of the Tele- _	
graaf at   Maastricht,   who  says   that ; Paris   to   the     Central     t
after  a  quiet  night  an  artillery  duel 'the  German   troops   today   shot
was   recommenced   this   mornlnsr     In /��. = .�����-   -������   ���-���������
1 was   recommenced   this   morning
I that direction
��ho   says   thatlpaJr^rth^Ce^'^r  ^
mayor of Igley, a village
Lunevllle and Arrincourt
Franco-German  frontier.
on     the
e-anic into sight about 11 o'clock in thi
mornlng and soon after that the ar-
tlllery on both sides came Into action.
(Continued on  Paxe Three'.
London, Aug. 13, Steamers wilh
passengers and provisions continue to
arrive from North sea ports where
e-oastwlse traffic Is being steadily resumed, and trawlers are going about
their legitimate business. Two cargoes of wheat from the Platte river
and provision steamers from Kotter-
elain nnd Copenhagen arrived toc.ay.
Among the passengers from Copenhagen was Jules Cam bon, the former
French ambassador at Berlin.
The Hrltish government having successfully copeel with the attempt to
raise the prices of food, announced
that certain drugs, the supply of
which is limited uud Lite price of
which had been raised in some instances five per cent by the wholesale
dealers, will be tken care of if ex-
horlhant prices are charged.
Sin Francisco, Aug. 13, -Orders to
>kiiI nil amateur radio stations on the
Pacific coast and to silence the wireless apparatus aboard the ships of beligerent nations while those ships are-
in Pacific coast pons was received
Irom the n!lvy department at Washing
ton today by Rear- Admiral ('. F.
Hand. BUperviBOr of the' twelfth naval
district with headquarters ben-. The
radio stations or the commercial oom-
panl&s are not included within the-
order, although they are already under n strlcl censorship.
London, Aug. 1". -The Hongkong
correspondent or the Exchange Tele
graph company, says it is reported
there- that the Hritish fleet in the fat
east has succeeded in cornering the
(Ierman  far e>astern  squadron.
Weight is lent the report, the cor
respondent adds, by the fact that the
shipping along the coast is resuming
its normal basis.
(Continued on Page Three I.
Seattle, Aug. 13���The Canadian converted yacht AcquiUo, fitted with
small guns, and the Canadian fisheries cruiser Galano, are doing patrol
duty off Cape Flattery watching for
German merchant vessels, according
to reports brought by incoming steamers. The two vessels are carefully
investigating all incoming and outgoing craft to determine their nationality.
SI. .Johns. N. F. Aug. 13, Newfoundland will contribute to Great
Britain's force 500 men fully equipped
for laud service; will Increase the naval reserve Irom 600 to 1000 and will
enlist an auxiliary force of 600 men
for defense of this island colony.
Action to this effect was taken tonight at a great public meeting at
which enthusiasm ran high. Governor
Walter Davidson presided.
San Francisco. Aug. 1.���The follow-
I ing notification  was served today ou
1 newspapers and press associations of
this  city  by   Bear  Admiral  Chas.  F.
Pond. V. S. N.. supervisor of the 12th
naval district:
"The act of the San Francisco Examiner in sending out a tug furnishing papers containing information of
the whereabouts and of the movements of the belligerent men of war
and conveying the German consul to
the German cruiser Leipzig on the
hlgb seas orf this port, is considered
unneutral service and a violation of
the president's proclamation of neutrality, which provides as follows:
"And I further declare and proclaim
thai the statute and the treaties of
the United States and the law of nations alike require no persons within
the territory or the jurisdiction of the
United States shall take part direct l.v
or Indirectly in said war, but shall
remain at peace with all said btlli-i
gerents and shall maintain strict and |
impartial neutrality."
The American cruiser Raleigh, now
at Mazatlan, has been ordered to report here to Admiral Pond for any
duty he may think necessary to prevent any further violations of neutrality.   She is now bound north.
Rotterdam,  via   London.  Aug.   13.���
I Sixty  thousand  Dutch  troops  are on
j the line of the frontier.    Large areas _^^^_____________
lot laud have been flooded to a depth |     _ . .��� .
'of three feet as a precautionary mea- L  ' arls'   Au,f- ,1,?'~A. desPiUch /rounl
gllre Rome says  that  the departure of the
_____ Autro-Hungarlan ambassador to  Italy
Rotterdam. Aug. 13-Sixty thousand Ij^g��� *f2_2 ^T.uh^ 8tated,f��
Dutch troops are on  the  line of the j^f?���r ,rKe.as,lnl5��_M?__. was  really
frontier.     Large  areas  of  land   have
been flooded to a depth of three feet
as a precautionary measure.
Geneva. Switzerland, via Paris. Aug.
13.���Italy has moboli. ed between 200
000  and  250,000 troops     ^^^^^^
and   Austrian   frontiers   as  a   precati
tionary measure.   All the high passes
over the Alps,  such as th? Theodule
, s    _,��   ���c-un,i,   was   reany
'_. "i_��_   _.�� h6 t0 the impossible situation result-
f th       ft   ing from (he fail'ire of his efforts to
ot tnree teet|obta)n ,ta)ian support for Austria anil
I'aris,   Aug.   13.- -In   is   announeed
here tli.it Hrazil has demanded an ex
,- ,���       ,   _--..--.....    ftere (i, lt Hrazil  has demanded an ex
and  250,000 troops on the Swiss i planaa.m from Qermany of the report
Austrian   frontiers   as  a   orecau- I.._____ .. -       -
bafeed on the declaration of the
French consul at Stuttgart that Bernardino de Campos has been assaulted
���-, _~,~r""*j I nurdino de Campos has been assaulted
above Zerraatt, are strongly held and | and robbed bv so)diere The Brazilian
and Italian patro.s meet there and ex- wn0 is blind." was formerly president
change their impressions of the war. |of the state of San Palllo
Paris. Aug. 13.���The first ofricer to
be decorated for gallantry in the war
. . : is  Second  Lieutenant  H.  J.  Bruynnt,
Halifax Cltl-  0j t)le jgy, Dfo-gporU-.   General Joffre
I the   French     commander-in-chief,    in
[conferring the cross of the Legion of
 :    r_"l _!'    .'.Honor on  the  officer,  said   the   lieu-
rived in port early this afternoon.    It
r_.lil.ix. VS.. Aug. 1^^^^^^^^
sens cf all classes are showing their
patriot ism today by voluntarily coaling
the  Rritisli  cruiser Suffolk, whicli ar-
a in port early this afternoon.    U .''"'r, ^h^L^yS,^   ���t   M*
is estimated  that the  work  will take  J���"*1 *��*���"*" O**1* m����5hjU?e2>
ten  hours.    The  crew  of  the  Maure- J"j2 ^M .V   ^.i?'8"'   .__
tania. 200 men from the 63rd regiment; klUed the offic,>r of the uhlan8 ��*��.
and  hundreds of citizens have volunteered  for the job.
;  his own hands, while the other members of the band  were routed.
Ottawa.   Aug.   13.
calling upon the public to use dlscre
tion and not to buy excessive quantities of food supplies, and upon the
city   merchants   not   to   place   undue
a   proclamation     ri".'is' Aug' 18~Atl offlcia] commu
ic tSTse^S nl9?"on  rec^'ed   tonteW  says:
"German prisoners who have been
questioned give tbe impression that
they are broken In spirit and physically  weak trom  hunger.    They seem
and prohibitive prices upon table com-!*'1? , , trT hun*". They seem
! moditles. is to be issued bv the mavor!"���ot .!' have bee.n 'n'��rmed concern-
'of Ottawa at an earlv date "     I ,n��   the  reason   for  the   mobilization.
and one man asked why war had beeu
That a great battle is Impending be- moned home for a conference on the
tween the Gremans and the British, war situation its ambassadors at Paris,
French and Belgian allies is the news St. Petersburg, London and Berlin,
that comes out of -London. For days The government of Holland has ol-
these opposing nations have been ficially given the French government
bringing  up  their  forces,  which   now1 '
Ottawa. Aug. 13. -About 30 cars of
camp equipment have already been
shinned from the militia stores here
to Valcartier and more is being taken
at the rate of four or five cars a day.
declared.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"According  to  this German's  opinion, 'This is not a  people's  war   but
an officers'  war.' "
London, Aug. 13. A dispatch to the
Paris, says that the German cruiser.
Goeben and Breslau arrived In the
Dardanelles, following their purchase
by the Turkish government, flying
the Turkish  flag.    The dispatch  adds
that tin- German rittings of the cruis
ers had been dismantled,
stretch In two long lines in northern
Belgium and on  the  French  frontier.
That the advance guards are in contact is evidenced by the- reports of
serious engagements at various points,
perhaps the most important at llasen.
F.irl Kitchener, British secretary
or state for war. has warned the British press against the publication of
news, other than official, relating to
naval or military movements. Infringement of which order will mean suspension.
Italy is reported to have uoliilized
ahout 250,000 troops on the'Sviss and
Austrian frontier, as a precautionary
measure. All passes over the Alps
aie- strongly held. At the same time
the   Italian   foreign   office   has   gum-
Paris, Aug. 13.   - To encourage eom-
meroe   during   the   war,   the   French
suggestion! government, it is announced, will "ov.
renewed assurances of neutri���� M thSfSSuU wK drZS '�� " is.announ<*<��. Will cov-
its intentions to make this neutrality takei over b the adm?r-ri^ l�� nSi , I ?. Is ��" ���"poitattom "d ex-
respected. Sixty thousand Dutch i ne,"one? but it is mie sto^d SLt S���"w," b>' Sft Ve8Se,s untler -*���
troops are ������ the line or the frontier there is no Intention _mt nowTf mak>IniTt IaK.w.i' be covered b-v eiRhty
^.arge   areas   of  land   have   been | Ing^ch   ��� ^^^1^ ^ g
A number ol' wounded soldiers have'   .French  Hag or the  flag of the allies
arrived at Southampton from Belgiun | Toronto Aug 1.1 -The Toronto nut! ��r, .u}���, stat?s wl11 be covered in
nbee���am7Ah ,,lHr,iatl"��alit>- "as notLenU?takccor-lance wltttaWeuSr ���^0"      " Prem'Um-
Paris Aug. 13, 7.35 p.m. -France is
sweltering under a heat wave 1
number  of  cases   of   sunstroke' were
been made known, it is suspected they j fmm'Ottawa,  are  still   holding   their
-ri.     I. ��� . recruiting  lists  open.    The  Hlghland-
llip   Austrian   troops   have   entered' -rs   have   added   r.n   tvmn   in   th,,  io_t i ,        -.   ���       .-.
Russian Poland, where German forces\t2 toys and he Queens Siti^Rules I To Tet V/****, ��'' su'^���ke were
also  have  heen  engaged  and  Russian   have added 75 men    n   he sunn-erne,? ',.Z?a ��day'     -_��ng Hnes "f women
forces  have  captured     the    Austrian   tai  list PP T,2m **AT*    hro"*hout     the   dav
town  or Sokal  iu  Gallcls   bv  assault ' ] outside of the offices where informa-
The Aiiiei-;,'. n ambassador Will take: Quebec Aug 13- -Tha Cer,,,-,,, ,,.,,.,.:."��� r<'gur<1l,B th<" ^'Idlers in tBe tjeld
over the Austrian embassy In London. Deltas whlc Vas seized at RtaonsM M^ siLo^i *? ]**��� how "''
the A���,���-ia��� ambassador having de-L few days ago while loading fir'Price sons res ��I n'thelr .h?,i8b,U,d" ��r
P"'U a' ' Bros., wa.s towed Into port here this I and caring 1 eavl    a    ZkT     ��� PAGE TWO
FRIDAY. AUGUST  14.  1*14.
An Independent morning paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and
tbe Fraser Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by the National Prtntlrtl
ud Publishing Company, Limited, at ���! McKensle Street. New Westminster, British
Columbia. -r_r ROBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
to Individual mstnbisrs of ths staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should bs made
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company. Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, Ml; Editorial Rooms (all departments). (91.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, $4 per year, f 1 for three months. 40c per
month. By mall, fl per year. 16c per month.
ADVERTISING  RATES on application.
600;   Black   Prince,   13,550;   Warrior
Light   cruisers -Gloucester,
tons;   Chatham.   5400;   Dublin.
Weymouth, 5250.
French Fleet.
The  ships   of   France   now   in   the
Mediterranean now are as follows
-��� General satisfaction follows the announcement from
Ottawa that when the special session of parliament meets
this month measures will be taken to prevent an unwarranted forcing up of food stuff prices throughout the
Dominion on account of the war.
There are those in every land whose eagerness for
gain outstrips their patriotism, who would wring the dollars from a loyal people to fatten their own pocketbooks.
While it is to be expected that in some lines there will
be a considerable rise in quotations, there is also the danger that, if left unrestrained, some dealers would take advantage of the war scare to play on the fear of their customers and overcharge.
Some instances of this kind already have been report
i ships)-Bouvet 12,007 tons;
I 11,05-0:  St. Louis. 11,090.
Armoured cruisers ���Waldeck Rousseau, 13,780 tons; Edgard Quinet. 13,-
7S0; Ernest Kenan. ia,427; Jules Ferry, 12,351; Leon Gambctta. 12,351;
Victor Hugo, 12.351.
Italian  Fleet.
Here is Italy's fleet:
First squadron (three battleships)���
Dante Aligheri. 19,400 tons;  Leonardo
da   Vinci,  22,340;   Giullo  Cesare,  22,-
Second squadron (four battleships)
-Itegina Elena Margherita, 13,214;
BeudettO Unu. 13,214; Bmanuele Fill-
tierto, i',645.
Kir.it   cruiser   squadron��� -Garibaldi,
17,804 tens;  Varcz,    7.294;    Ferrucclo,
Becond cruiser squadron���Pisa. 9,-
XjG tons; Anialf., 9,95ti; San Dlorgio,
Austrisn  Fleet.
Tbe  Austrian   naval   force   in    the
First   squa.iron.   four    battleships)
��� .     , . ���      , ! Virions I'nitls 20,000 tons; Tegetthoff
ed from the east, but so far as is known not a single case 20,000; aadeuky, 14,226; Bertmi, u,
has come to light in New Westminster and, judging the m n{ i)it(ip battlPgrips
merchants here by past performances, it is not likely that;   Brgats! priodrich,   10,43:5;   Brsatt-
anything of that nature will crop up on the banks of the Perdiusnd Max lo.-ws,
Fraser.   Prices have gone up here as they have gone up;   Baoh ,/;;* Mediterranean fleets is
the price because 1 believe that France of her position as mistress of the seas,
will get even more out of the cam- and will ensure in this way the safe
paign than the regaining of the two passage of foodstuffs Which she can-
provinces which she lost in the great not herself supply to her own peo-
disaster of 1870. |ple.    The war will have still a greater
"Great   Britain   is  not   seeking   for  moral benefit in store for Britain. It
'personal aggrandisement in the pres-  will,   1   verily   believe,   help   to   heal
ent  war.    She  entered  solely  to  ful-: those  wounds of dlssention  made by
First "squadron   (eight  battleships) fflU  her solemn  obligations  to  those bitter enmity in Britain, thoBe social
 C'ourbet  23 100 tons- Jean Bart  23 -1 countries to which she had bound her- land   poltlcal   upheavals   which   but   a
100-  t'ondorcet   18 028'  Mirabeau   i8-'*elf;  she is, in short, endeavoring toi short time ago appeared  to have hit
O'-S;Diderot,  18.028:   Danton.    18.J28; M\d up. even by the shedding of the | the nation at its very heart
Vcrginaud, 18,028;  Voltaire. 18.028.
Second squadron (five battleships)
���Patrle, 14,635 tons; Democratic 14.-
635; Justice. 14,635; Repblique, 14,-
635;   Verite,  14.6:1...
Reserve  squadron   (tnirteen   battle-
Have not
blood of her sons, those honorable tra-j home rulers and Utfeterltes ceased
jditions which her statesmen have built their wranglings in the face of the
'Up from time immemorial. common danger?    Have not the mill-
England's Gsin. j tants ceased their militancy? The Brit-
"She will, however, gain materially.; Ish Isles are very much at one in
ll believe as an upshot of the present these tremendous days, and while
war,  she  will  make surer  than  ever!many of her men nre destined to be
killed during the course of the war,
the whole campaign is more than likely to prove a blessing unawares
"The most unfortunate nation of the
whole assembly seems to be little Bel-
glum. Already the Meuse is running
red with blood, despite the fact that
the brave little kingdom had neither part nor lot in the causes whicli
led to the outbreak, and while her
brave defence has aroused the admiration of all, she seems destined to
gain little and lose much. For intrinsic achievement, however, the defence of Liege will stand out in the
world's history as one of the brightest achievements born of dogged human courage and brave endurance.
VALCARTIER���The point at which the Canadian
troops enlisted for active service abroad will mobilize, is
about thirteen miles northwest of the city of Quebec. At
this place there is considerable level ground extending in
all directions and, on account of the topography of the
country lending itself to just such a purpose for which
it soon is to be used, it was taken over by the Dominion
government as military territory.
NOVIBAZAR���This province of southern Bosnia,
with its capital of the same name, formerly belonged to
Turkey in Europe, but in 1908 was taken over by Austria
with the remainder of Bosnia and Herzogovinia. It always has been intensely Serb in its sympathies and bitterly opposed to Austrian domination. In fact this feeling spreads generally throughout the whole of the territories mentioned above and, banking on it, the Servians
now are planning their invasion of Austria, believing that
of Bosnia and Herzo-
against the foreign op
Mexico City, Aug. 12.���A persistent
rumor is In circulation that Provisional President Carbajal left the capital
for Vera Cruz tonight und that the
federal power already has been turned
over to Eduardo lturbide, governor of
tbe federal district.
At a late hour tonight all the
partment of stato officials had
cllned to see representatives of
Accountant. Telephone R447. Roan
_.    Mart   Block.
P. II. SMITH. Auditor and Account-
ant Telephone 364. 211 Weatmln-
ster Trust Building.
Comparison of Fleets Gives
Britain Great Advantage
i London,  15,000;   Venerable,  15.000.
Sixth    squadron    Battleships,    lvord
I Nelson,   16,500   tons;   Russell,
,    ,-. i   ,,i    ,i,     i,,   v, ...    Cornwallis, 14,000;   Albemarle, 14,000;
with thirty-nine battleships last year. I lJuncan   ]40((0; Kxmoui;.   i4000; Ven.
The British navy has forty,three
battleships in commission in the first
and second home fleets, as compared
taken at Novibazar,
ors Hn.siisK. Beagie. Bulldog; Pox-|where a strong force of Servians has crossed the inter-
p..u1m1.sm.^^ itat! national border under the personal direction of the Ser-
��� u'.nnke Renard. Savage,   scorpion,ivjan commander-in-chief.
Scourge and. Wolverine.    Their aver- j
NANCY���This city, which now is threatened by a portion of the great German army invading France along a
line stretching from the city of Liege in Belgium to the
Luxemburg frontier, is an important French commercial
and industrial centre of about one hundred thousand in-
tT!heB?mSuSncrXJ%maSS habitants. The Germans already have bombarded Pont-
i4,oo'b7lwhloh t,is"lac','s i���*.(-oo tons-, the ar- a-Mousson. twenty miles north of Nancy on the Meurthe
river.   A direct railway line connects Nancv and Pont-a-
age speed  under forced draft  is over
forty  miles an hour.
Great Britain, (iermanv and Prance
have squadrons in the Orient. The
British Is the stronger. The princi-
nal \essels In the China squadron, the
Bast Indian and the Australian fleet.
I.d OM.   NO   8__ ���MEETS   ON'   FIRST
and third Tuesday in each month hi .
p.m. in the Labor Temple, A. J. Christ-
mns. Dictator; David Boyle, past Dictator:    XV.   J.    OroVH��.    Secretary.    211
Westminster Trusl Building.
B P. O, E. of D. c. meets first and
third Friday nt s p.m.. Labor Temple,
Seventh nnd Royal avenue. A. Wells
Oray, Exalted Ruler; P. tt Smith. Beo-
geaude, U',950.
filth cruised squadron-Cruisers, !
Carnarvon, 10,.50 tons; 1. ristol, 4,800; ]
.'ulmoiith, 5,250;   Liverpool, 4,.00.
.Sixth   cruiser     squadron���Cruisers,'
Drake, 14,100 tons; Cood Hope, 14,100; '
King Alfread, 14,100; Sutlej, 12,000.
Germany's Array.
Oerma.-y's battle fleet i.s designated
The German navy now has twenty-five
biiltlesnips in commission, as compared with twenty-four    in    commission
last ye.'ir.   Of battleships of the most
modern   type   the   British   navy     has
twentyone in commission, to thirteen
for Germany.    This  is equivalent  to
two and a half squadrons to Germany's
one and one-half squadrons.
The British third squadron is much
more powerful than  the German  sec-jas   'the high sea fleet."    Its bases are
end squadron.   The ships of England's 1 at Wllbelmshaven and Kiel. The uiiit..
fifth and sixth squadrons, all in home Up fie Herman high sea fleet, as now
waters, are more powerful than most  organized   . na   ready   for   instant  ac-
of the ships that (.Iermany has in re-' "
serve.    Here   is  the   marvelous   fleet
tnat England now has in actual readiness ln its home fleet:
Kirst home fleet���Battleship Iron
Duke  (flagship), 25,000 tons.
First squadron���Battleships, t'ol-
lingwood, 19,250 tons; Colossus, 22,-
500; Hercules, 22,500; Neptune, 19,900;
St. Vincent, 19,250; Superb, 18,600;
Temeralre, IS.tiOO; Vanguard, 19,250.
Second squadron���Battleships, Ajax,
23,000  tons;   Audacious,   23,000;   Centurion, 23.000: Conqueror, 22,500; King        . .
(Ieorge   V���   23,000;   Monarch,   22,500; I     ' "lr(l squadron  -Battleships. Kaiser
Orion, 22,500 Thunderer, 22,500. U'1,300 tons;  Kalserln, 24,306;  Koenig.
Third     squadron���Battleships,     Ed-1?}��J?}' -4.3U(i;   Prinz Regent Lulpold.
ward  II..  16,360 tons;   Africa,  16,350;
tier     Crosse
tier,, are:
Battleship    Kricdricli
(flagship), 241106 tons.
First squadron - Battleships, Ost-
frieslnnd. 22,410 tons; Thurlngen, 22,-
440; Nassau, 18.602, llhiiielan-1., 18,-
602;   Posen. 18,002;   WestfaKn. 18.602.
niourod cruiser Hampshire, 10,850
tons,  tbe  light    cruisers    Newcastle, _
4800 tons, and Yarmouth, 5250 tons. Mousosn, which would prove valuable to the invaders 11 lt
800 Ions0'11" battleBMp Triump"' "'��� still is in operation.   The city of Nancy has played a con-
Tiie British-Australian fleets  con- siderable part in history.   At one battle there, January 5,
sist  of the newly-battle  cruiser  Aus- -       ���
tralla, 18.800 tons; the lipht crulserB
i Encounter. 5880 tons, and Sydney, 54,-
j 00 tons The British East IndJa squad-
I ron consists of the battleship Swift-
I sure, 11.800 tons, and the light cruis
'cr Dartmouth, 5250 tons. There are
��� also a number of smaller detach.-ri
' ships, destroyers,   some   submarines.
"' The (ierman squadron in fnr eastern town of Helsingfors.   Anticipating a bombardment by the
German Baltic squadron, the Russian commander at this
point has ordered all non-combatants in Sveaborg and
Helsingfors to retire to places of safety.
1476, a German army, reinforced by French cavalry, completely routed the forces of the Duke of Burgundy and
killed the latter nobleman himself.
SVEABORG���A strongly built Russian fortress commanding the entrance to the gulf of Finland, is built partly
on the mainland and partly on island fronting the Finnish
I. O. O. I'. AMITY LODiiE NO 87���THB
regulur meeting of Amity Lottie. No.
27, I. o  0.  .'.. is held every Monday
nl .lit lit 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall.
corner Carnarvon and Eighth Streets.
Visiting brethren coidlatlv Invited.
... xv. Ranssipr, NO.; .1. l. Watson
V.O, :  W,  C.  Coatham.  P.O.  recording
secretary; J. W. McDonald, financial
XV. E FALES .: CO.. ,12-_1S AGNES
street, opposite Carnegie library. Most
up-to-date funeral parlors In th�� citv.
Specialists In shipping. Lady assistant
In attendance. Always open. Day phon*
176.   night   phone   SI.
i waters embraces the armoured cruis
ors Qnelsenau and Bcharnhorst, each
displacing 11.420 tons, and the three
; light   cruisers   l-.mbden     3500     tons;
! Numbers;, 3300 tons, and the Leipzig
,. ! 3200  tons.
second squadron���Battleships, I're-1    France bus two armoured cruisers
useen,  12,99.     ions;    Sebleswlg-Hol-
i stein 13.U40; Pommeren, 13.040;  Hanover,   13,040!, Hessen,   12.,97;    Sehle-
j.'itn, 13,0401 Lothrlng, 12.997; Deutch-
1 land. 18,040.
Britannia, 16,350; Commonwealth,
16,350; Dominion. 16,350; Hlbernla,
16,350; Jiindutsan, 16,310; Zealandia,
Fourth squadron ��� Battleships,
Dreadnought, 17,900 tons; Bellero-
phon, IS,600;  Agamemnon, 16,500.
First battle cruiser squadron���
Battle cruisers. Lion, 26.350 tons;
Queen Mary. 27,000; New Zealand, 18,-
8ii(.;   I'rincess  Koyal, 26.350.
Second battle squadron���Cruisers
Shannoi., 14,600 tons; Ac-hlles, 13,350;
Cochrane,   13.550;   Natal.   13,550.
Third battle squadron Cruisers, An-
trlm, 10,860 tons; Argyll, 19.850; Dev-
onshin   10,850; Roxburghe, 10,850.
l-'ourll battle squadron-- Cruisers,
Suffoil . 9,81 0 tons! Berwick. 9,800; Ks-
se*.  9 ������".   Lancaster,  9,800.
All of the above are in commission
In the firsl home fleet. The British
navj also bas the following powerful
nulls in a second home fleet:
''":" ' squadron -Battleships, Queen,
15.000 tons: Prince of Wales, 15,000;
Bulwark, 16,000; Formidable, 15,000;
Impiacal li. 15 ��������� 0; [resistible, 15,000;
1 24.306.
Reserve squadron -Battleships, W'it-
tlebach, 11,011 tons; Braunschweig,
12,997; El Base, 12,997; Zaliringen.
Battle cruiser squadron ��� Battle
cruisers, Seydlitz. 24,1185 tons;(ioeben.
23,600; Von Der Tann, 1..200; Mollke,
The Russian battle fleet as it stand.
today consists of ony four battleships
and five armoured cruisers. They
Battleships Andrei Pervoz Vannyl,
17.400 ions; Imperial Psvel, 17,400;
Cesarviich, 12.912;  Stavid, 16,000.
Cruisers Kuril., 15.170 tons;  Orome-
bol,  13,220;   Admiral  Makaroff. 7,887;
Bayan, 7,ss7;  Pallada, 7,900.
In the Mediterranean.
Herj'   is  the  way  the  fleets of the
great powers are massed in the Mediterranean: ,
British   Flet.
Battle cruisers���Inflexible, 17.250
tins; Indefatigable, l_,750; Indomitable, 17.250;  Invincible. 17,750.
Armoured   cruisers���Defense,     11,-
I11   the  Orient.    They   are   the  Montcalm, 9300  tons, and  the  Duplex    of
7500   tons.
Manchester Man Expresses Opinion on
Outcome  of  War���France   Has
Much   to   Gain.
UHLANS���German light cavalry which played a prominent part in Prussian operations against the French in
the Franco-Prussian war, during which they came to
be known by the French as the "Ravens of the Rhine."
They are armed with lances, pistols and carbines and generally wear brass helmets topped with a mortar-board
finish, similar to some British lancer regiments, and a
horsehair decoration. They are supposed to be capable
of exceedingly rapid marches and during the Franco-
Prussian war earned a reputation for bravery and cruelty
combined that made them generally feared. The Uhlan,
as a type of soldier, first appeared in Turkish armies.
Later the Poles adopted them and still later the Germans.
Aug.   13.���In   any
the   people   who
For the Home.
Every week in the year something is needed for
the home, something to eat or to drink, some new
furniture or new clothes. The list is endless and
the worry of the housewife is almost as endless,
unless she uses intelligence and system in her
The advertising columns ate intended for such
harassed housekeepers.. They contain real news
that will help to ease her burden and settle her
uncertainties. Certainly the advertisers expect
to make money. Are they not entitled to it if they
make life more comfortable for thousands?
Read the advertisements, with discrimination
and intelligence. They will solve many a vexed
. it-".t_i. U__!i
':   SEI CLE
__i_,Ii.__itn ,.
i home and wait have small leisure as
la rule to ponder on what the ultimate
consequences might or might not be. I
The present is too real antl too event-
ful to cast a line into tbe future,
w-hile there are battles being fought,
'victories and losses to estimate in the
Immediate future.
One man's glimpse into the future. I
however, was given this morning by I
William   Tranter,  a   Manchester   husi-j
ness   man,  who  has  traveled   a  great j
deal in Kurope and has had opportunity to Inquire preity fully    Into   tne J
1 strength and status of tbe various nations   now   occupied   In    tiie   turmoil j
1 which will figure In the history hooks
| of the future as the most stupendous
1 conflict in  history.
I    "My   st.ong   belief   is,"   be   stated,
"that after tiiis war Oermany will be
\ numbered  no more among the great
j powers of  Kurope.    She  will  succeed I
1 to  Turkey's title of tie 'Sick  Man.'l
! and henceforth will play a very low-1
I toned   Instrument  in  the  concert of |
German's Chance.
1     "I do not think she has a chance at
j all.     Since   that   alleged   'apostle   of
I peace,'  the  kaiser,  got  his  stroke  ol
i midsummer madness and  handed  out
declarations of war all round as if he
were dealing a hand of cards, he has
In my opinion taken several big steps
towards   not  only  his  own   downfall,
but  that  of  the    whole    dynasty   to
which he has the good or bad fortune
to belong.    The end may not be sudden, but it is certain, for the mighty
forces of France and  Itussia, spurred
>n by more than tlie usual enmity of
international   Ices,   will,   ill   my   opinion, beat down the fIerman opposition
and pave the way to as great (Ierman
defeats on  land as are foreshadow -ed
on the sea.
"The victories of the French in Alsace are too significant to be overlooked. Within a few days the whole
population has practically risen for
the Franks. Their .oldiers are cheer
ed a.s thev pass through the streets
like popular heroes, and the hold
French statute which says that as
soon as war is declared on German..
! Alsace people automatically become
French subjects looks like being sub-
"My own opinion Ib that at the end
of the war France will receive Alsace
and 'Lorraine hack again as part of
the   price  of  victory     [   say   part  of
PHONES: 15 AND 16.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Cement,
Washed Gravel and the Best Concrete Sand in B.C.
Lime, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and the hardest and
toughest crushed rock in the country. Rip-rap
Rock a specialty.
t��r & Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral directors
and embalmers,   rarlors 405 Columbts
s'reft.   New    Westminster.     Phon?   .91
ster Board of Trade meet* In the hoard
r.nim. <Mty Hall, an follows: Third frl-
day of cacti month. Annual meettnJW
nn the tlilnl Friday of February. C. H.
smart Wade, secretary.
rlster.. Solicitors, etc. 40  Lorne street.
New Westminster,    a. K. Corbould, K.
C.     J.   It.   Crunt.     A. E.   McColl.
ter-at-law, Solicitor, etc. Solicitor for
the Bank of Vancouver, Offices Merchants' Hank Building, New W-nmiln-
ster. B. C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
address "Johnston." Code Western
W    ''   11 ANSI
-'il.i>.    BARRISTER
1-Cltor, ��c.,
Colllster Block, corn*
r .Co-
nimbln   and
McKenzie     streets.
Wesi minster
B. C. P. O. Box 2Sf..
phone  :t44.
. Ide���Barristers and Solicitors. Westminster Trust Blk.. Columbia street.
New Westminster. B C. Cable adiff.ss
'Whiteside." Western Union. P. O.
Drawer '_0��. Telephone 69. W. J
Whiteside, K. C,; II. L. Edmonds. D.
at-law, solicitor, etc., corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets. New Westminster.  B. C.    P. O.  Box  112.    Telephone
i 10.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
**.   O    BOX   *4?
Solicitor nnd Notary. Offices. Hart
Block. 28 Lorne strr��t, New Westminster, ll. C.
Barristers and Solicitors. 600 to .12
Westminster Trust Block. O. E. ��t.i_-
tln. XV. Q, McQuarrie and CoorgO L
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want It, ln any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
It   H    BUCKUN,
Prss. aad 0��al
��Jtr*RI��HI,l. ��,
���so. sad Tress
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
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COAI, MININQ ilKlits of llio Ii,,mil.I..n
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
tlie Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the Province
of British Columbia, may be leased for a
term of twenty-one years nt un annual
rental of tl an acre. Not more than _,",tin
acres will lie leased to one applicant.
Application for a least) must be mad.
by the applicant In person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of tl^e district In which the
rights   applied   for   are   situated,
ln surveyed territory the hind must he
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections and In unsurveyed territory thp tract applied for shall ho slaked
out  hy the applicant himself.
Kach application must be accompanied
hy a fee of $!i which will be refunded If
the rights applied for aro not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall he
paid on the merchantable output ef -the
mine at thc rate of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
.n-counting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not being operated such returns should
he furnished at least once a year.
The lease will Include the coul mining
rights only, hut the lessee will be per-
milled I" purchase whatever available
surface right may be considered necessary for the working of the mine lit I lie
rale of  $10  an  acre.
For full Information application should
he made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent  or Sub-Agent of  Dominion  Lands.
w. \v. coitv.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.n.���Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement win not be paid for.
Residence: Room 118 McLeod Block.
Phone 489 L,
��� ���..
Sulkies and Go-Carts
at Closing Out Prices
I $1.85
.^.25 Sulkies.
Cloning Out Price  	
$8.50 Sulkies.
closing Out Price  	
$4.50 Sulkies.
< losing Out Price  	
$7.75 Oo Carts
'���losing Out Price	
��'.50 Oo Carts.
Closing Out Price  	
$14.50 Co Carts,  only  two
<'losing Out Price
Bargains in Dining
Room Furniture
Oak Buffet, Kxtenslon Table,  .  Dining Chairs,
complete;  regular ��73.00. CCQ flfl
lining Room Set, including Hifffet, Oak Table
and f> chairs;  regular $49.00 COT Cfl
Oak  Finish  Dining  Table.
Regular $7.21..    Sale	
PHONE  588.
We  Pay the   Freight on all   Shipments.
Furniture at Closing
Out Prices
Mahogany   Parlor  Suite;   five   pieces;     upholstered     in
green    velour;    regular   $35.00. 0m9tm\ flfl
Closing Out Price   #_bQ��WU
Mahogany   Parlor    Suite;   three    pieces;     upholstered  in
leather;   regular $50.00. CQQ Rfl
Closing Out  I'riee    m\eOm7.mJ\3
Oak  or  Mahogany  Table;   regular   $.",.7... 4mA   Kfl
Closing   Out   Price    #1i��U
Mahogany    Chiffonier;     Colonial   style;   regular   $31.00.
Closing Out
Blrdseye   Maple  Chiffonier;  reg. $3,1.00.
Closing  Out  Price   	
Oolden   Oak   Chiffonier;   regular  $42.50.
Closing  Out   Price   	
Iron Bed with   Spring and Mattress complete;
all  sizes;   reg.  $10.00.    Sale   	
Iron Bed, all sizes; regular $3.50.     N ��4   QA
Sale price   W i ivU
$10...ii  child's  Crib,  complete 4*Q ��yj"
Sale  price          -JfOe I %J
Size ti-9x9 feet;  regular $15.00.
Closing  Out   Price   	
Size   6-9x9   feet;   regular   $21.00.
Closing  Out  Price   	
After thc End of August the New Company Will Take Over This Businps
cording to Le Soir. the Cerman casualties during yesterday's fighting In
the vicinity of Haslen, totalled about
$000 equally divided between killed
and wounded. The 'Belgian losses are
not precisely known, but are declared
to comprise only a few dead and many
Tbe newspaper adds that the German troops re-formed after being repulsed and that firing began again at
5 o'clock this morning when fresh Belgian troops were sent to tbe front In
support of their comrades who hsd
fought throughout yesterday. The
Oermkn troops In other parts of Belgium 'are understood to be gathering
in all the railroad cars they can find
A Belgian train near Warremes was
halted by a German cavalry patrol
and the passengers left in the open
couhtry. the train with Its engineer being taken towards the German lines.
Belgians   Retreated.
Brussels, via l-ondon, Aug. 13.���
When a patrol of soldiers first signalled the approach of the Germans
yesterday at Haslen the Belgians
manned the trenches and a hot fire
greeted the Germans. The German
guns were then brought into action
and swept! the trenches with such a
deadly fire that the Belgians were
obliged to fall back on the town of
Reinforcements were quickly sent
up, however, and the Germans, In spite
of the numerical superiority, were repulsed, suffering severely.
Massed British Ships jPOULTRY PRICES Will
Spectacle of Strength     BE . UTTIE10WER
Impression of  Last Great   Mobilization   at
 j*be  Solent  Told     by    Canadian
Who  Was  Present���Searchlights Penetrated
Fleet from  Attacks of Airahips���King'a
Through the  Lines.
the Heavens to Guard the
Yacht    Arrives    and    Passes
Market  Forecast for Today  Shows
Plentiful Supply of Fruits and
ranging from
to  the    last
about  lo dis-
ns    I     write
review  of  tin-
waters    has
Portsmouth, Aug. 13, The fleet of
some two and n half hundred ships
of  all  shapes nnd  sizes,
i lie  super-dreadnoughts
built   torpedo  boat,  was
perse   irom  the Solent
The  ^-rent  mobilisation
Hritish     fleet   in   home
been a gigantic .success.    Hot.   manyI
Canadians may have viewed the pro-1
ceedlngs, I cannot conjecture, but  i
for   one,   from   the   sacred   precincts
nl a fort, saw  most of what there was'
in see.
As  all   the   Knglish   telegrams  will
have   told   you,   the   King,   delayed   in'
London by trouble In
arrive at noon on the
ted.     The   ctowds   of
nlon?  the  shore  from
Lee-on-Solent, on foot
and   boats,   waited   in
royal   salute   announcing   the   arrival
of  his  majesty.    There   was  no  way.
except by the  voice of rumor, to let
them   know  of   the  change  of   plans.
11  made, however, little difference to
iln    scene.     The   four   lines  of   ship.
up-to dat
The gun-
assure   1110
^^^    craft.
��� excellent ex-
foi their tar-
I cam, that at a heigtb of a couple of
! thousand feet, tbey require some hlt-
1 ting even when seen. Their use, of
course, is to spy out the nakedness
ol the forts beneath tin
nem, on the other
that,   svith   their
gun... they nre quite confident of <.'->
ing  much  daniage  to    the    ail
They have, in facl, done
eoutfon with huge kit. s
As  the  slgbt-seors   waited   for  the
delayed advent of the king the yacht
Shamrock   IV..  bound   for  New   York,
passed between the lines of warships.
She had Intended, of course, parading
for the inspection of the king, but a.
the  time and  tide  waits  for no man. '
Ulster   did  not   not even kings, she bad to get underj
lHtii   as expoc-  WW' without his majesty's inspection.:
spectators   all ! The Shramrock has bad her last trials !
bore.   I am not by any means an op-,
tlmist,  but   I   say   back   ber.     She   I..
the best yacht by a long way in Kngland today, and that Is say-ins a r.ooo
d al.
Portsmouth   to'
and  in   motors
vain   for    the!
The King Arrives.
Tin   royal salute boomed forth at
five   o'clock.     lbe   king   had  arrived
____________ . cn  boaid  his yacht, the Victoria and
presented   a     spectacle     of     mighty  Albert, from  London,    lie had tea at
glad-1 onoe Uln (iK|
no!   leave  the jetty  at
was not indeed until
ftyers on Sunday that
in  the smaller yacht
informally  inspected
undenstoot. that this
K.ila  re\ lew.    The ships
in v ith nay bunting. Been .igns and tiie ad
the flagships
This parade
strength   which   could   not   hut
den  the  heart of an   Imperialist, audi
Incidentally there  was  much  to see
tiiat was an education In itself. |
Fleet of Water-Planes.
The  fleet of  water-planes attracted I
most  attention,    Floating  In  line al
the   entrance   to   Portsmouth   harbor.j
they  at  last rose and   flew   In  single1
file steadily and truly along the lines
These arc, of course, under the navy.;
The  army  aeroplane  squadron,   located a couple of miles inland, were not
ou iu this scene nt all.    I'nder the lee
nf   ,i    belt   of   trees,   however,   lay   a
couple of airships which  most  people;
failed to see.    They  were  wailing for
a night manoeuvre,
There were four airships present
These   are   interesting   craft,   but   in l
heavy wind, such a.s prevailed on Sat-i
urday,   they   have   their     limitations.
They do not trvael. as a  rule, above
forty   miles   an   hour,   and   can   only!
bold their own against a wind of some | il 	
thirty miles. They are manned by a-lhe fleet parades the two royal yachts
curiously mixed crew of Navy and conn- first m the line. an., then the
Army, and carry from seven to ten I Enchantress. She is a large vessel
men. Instead of being dubed "II. M.]and. judging by the continued patron-
S.", one notes the name painted on ; age of her bv Mr. Churchill for week-
tile great cigar-shaped balloon as H,lends, quite comfortable.
M. A. ���airship.    Their names denote ~m~a
their position as regards ago or manufacture.    The   old   "Alpha"   is   dead
Portsmouth, it
after morn ing pr
he sallied forth
Alexin dra, and
the fleet. Be ll
was no mere
w. re n. i lad
;, onti their whiti
mlrals fl .>:s flying from
il' ire '��� as no prottlness.
of naval strength was o real test, The
reserve, were called oul and old ships
from I'ort-mouth harbor had to toe
the line as well as Hie modern battleships. I hear thai from the lest point
of view the affair was extremely successful, The reserves were there all
right ns the. will be on the day of
The admiralty yacht, the vessel at
the disposal ol' the first lord of the
admiralty I at present Winston Church
I   Is called lhe Knehnntress.    When
A large supply of poultry with
slightly lowering prices will lie the
feature of today's weekly market, so
s.iith the profit. Plums will also be
plentiful, both eating and preserving,
selling at sevenly-fice cents a crate.
Of apples there will be the usual
quantity, running irom a dollar a
crate up. Crab apples will sell at
from two to four cents per pound and
tin supply will probably meet all demand-. Tin berry season is practically oier but a few logan and blue
bellies  may  be  shown.
Ripe tomatoes will be a new .ea-
I un- tomorrow, they will sell from
$1...0 up. Cabbage iu large quantities,
with little or no demand, will sell at
a cent and a half per pound, while
in cucumbers, bringing five cents
apiece. Ihe amount will be hard to
tell. A small quantity of cauliflower
will retail from 10 to 15 cents a head.
Potatoes will remain about the same,
$_0 per ton or $1.15 per sack, as will
also fresh meats, butler and oggs
Following is an approximate list of
Poultry, B  tter and Eggs.
Live hens, pound ....     14c to 16c
Live spring chicken, lb 14c to 17c
Live ducks, lb   12c to 14c
Dressed poultry, lb   _:ic to 25o
(Demand limited.)
Butter,   retail,  lb    40c
Eggs, retail, per doz   40c
Eggs,   wholesale,  per doz    35c
Potatoes, wholesale, ton
Potatoes, retail, per sack
Carrots, per ba-.:	
Turnips, per bag  	
Beets, per bKg
Kipe   Tomatoes,
Cabboge,  per  Ib,   ,   ���
t uotiinbe.s, each ....
Caii'illowei, per head
Plums, per crate *l ��� ��� ���  76c
Apples. p< r crate    $1.00 to $1.25
Crabapplos, per lb 2c to 4c
Method of Unloading Sand From the
Dredge Causes Spectators to
Gather on  Waterfront.
Kor the first time since the Fruhling commenced operations on the river the people of New Westminster
are able to see the boat in action,
crowds lining the waterfront several
times each day as the government
dredge lines up against the wharf
with a cargo of sand which Is pumped out along the new wharf of the
city for filling in purposes.
Since the boat started at the beginning of the  week  this is  practically
the  first time  also that  government
officials have  been  unable to get  a
correct idea  as to how    her    pumps
work.    Hitherto,  while  operating off
the  sandbeads.  the dredge  has been
loaded  with  sand,  gone  out  to deep
water and there dumped the silt. The
patented hoppers allow such a process
to  be made  inside of three  minutes
without   tbe   necessity   of   using  the
pumps, such as are being worked on
the waterfront.
Yesterday  the  bi��  boat  got  ahead
of the  gang  employed on  the  wharf
and several short relays occurred until the the pipes leading to the places
to   be  filled   were   shifted.     Many  of
the   onlookers   were   of   the   opinion
that the water and sand pumped out
over  the  wharf  Ig brought  up  river \
by   the  boat.    This,  however,  is  In- |
correct, for the water to be seen rushing out of  the pipe along  with  the
sand is pumped out of the river at
the  wharf in order to  mix  with  the
dry sand and thus enable the pumps
to operate.
Worked on K'el Canal.
] It is probable that few in the city
I are aware that the Fruhling took
I part In tbe dredging of the Kiel canal, the giant waterway separating Den-
maik from Germany which is at pre- .-
sent being used as a haven of refuge
by   the  Kaiser's   fleet. I
Built in German shipyards under
German patents, [he boat, after being
used on the Kiel canal, was bought (
I by the British government and used
tor n time deepening the channel lead
ing into Hull on the north coast. She
was afterwards purchased by tbe Ca- I
nadian government and brought to
the Pacific coast via the Suez canal
and ihe Orient. Many of the fittings
still bear German names, although
continual overhauling has displaced
many of these name plates.
crate   l201bs.)
. $20
....   Hie
10c to loc
(Continued From Page One.)
(Continued From Page One.)
and gone. The "Beta" is very small,
and lies at Aldershot. H. M. A.
"Gamma" arrived here in all its
glory, flying its white ensign like
every other ship. H. M, A. "Delta"
turned up next. It is larger and more
up-to-date. These two latter anchored in a field and can be seen from
where 1 now Wl'lte, Tiiey have been
wnitltig for .ui' wind to drop before
retiring to Aldershot. The great big
aluminum-painted "ParcevaP1 came
and went, but did not land. She Is
more modern still, her envelope containing three hnndrer and fifty cubit-
feet of hydrogen Instead of the hundred and twenty of the "Gamma,"
Aloft at Night.
These airships, floating majestically across the sky on a dark night.
Illumed by tiie searchlights of the
forts, present a most picturesque and
Interesting sight. Their lllumlnura-
painted bullous shinig white against
the skyline cannot escape notice. I
am  Informed,  however,  by  their ol'l'i-
Signals Flash.
It must have been about nine
o'clock p. in. on Saturday when the
uiosi fantastic sight of the day occurred. I watched a flashlight signal
from a flagship sending forth its in.--
sage,   Then, suddenly, from a couple i.     . .
of hundred or mon- ships, there shot I,   , ,yvM    ,      ,   ,:
up into the clouds    along    line    of    o*'ks. e^nild attack only In small num-
Bearchllghts.     They    were    perfectly ] **�����    lhe <.e mans again and again
,,,,   ���,.?    . ...     , ,..,,,���,i ���i.���..i.i. _   hurled   tneniselves  at   the   barricades
still, almost like a battalion shoulder-       ,     -     b      ,       fl , .
I lien   came  another ��� '
The German fire had little effect. The
Belgian fire was deadly, even at a
range of 2000 metres and played havoc
with the German cavalry, which notwithstanding continued to advance.
Germans Shot Down.
"The -Belgian cavalry repeatedly
charged the enemy, but owing to the
conformation of the country, which
with   hedges   and   hll-
hurled themselves at
only to he shot down
Belgian  lire.
"The attack on the bridges spanning
the river was equally fierce. German
officers could he seen urging their
men to the attack, to meet almost certain    death    from   the  Belgian  guns.
 - i Men nnd horses fell like flies.    When
Then suddenly aH was | almost  shattered   the  order  to  retire
" '"'    was given, nt li o'clock in the evening.
"The (Ierman defeat was complete,
their loss amounting to more than
1000, and they retired in tlu
lug arms. Th.n came another signal and they criss-crossed. Still another signal iiiul these iiinumberable
signals of  white  light   whirled round
' like so many Catherine wheels. The
heavens for miles were as light as
day,    An  airship  would have had no
[chance at all. -_^^^^^^^^^^^^
again darkn-ess -a darkness, which, by
comparison, was black indeed.    Again
! the   signal  and   again   tile  instantan-
ing behind them a large  number of
killed, wounded and prisoners.
"The Germans abandoned a battery
of artillery, three machine guns and
several  wagonloads of ammunition.
"The French troops followed up tlie
advantage and on Wednesday a battery of the French surprised Ihe "1st
Baden Dragoon regiment while the
men were dismounted In a few minutes the regiments were destroyed.
' The effect of this double success
���vas Immediately perceptible.
Forward Movement Checked.
"Not only   was   the  forward   movemeni  of the German  troops  stopped
bit their columns fell back closely fol- |
lo.ved by the  French.    In the course !
ol tins pursuit the French found on a I
hill and. in a neighboring village many !
Germ in son itrs who had been wounded  in  ihe-  fighting on  August   11.
"Nine German    officers    and    one
thousand wounded men fell  Into the
hands of the French as prisoners.
Poor  Quality  Ammunition.
"The poor quality of the projectiles
used by the German heavy artillery-
was convincingly demonstrated during
the bombardment of Pont A Mousson.
More than 100 shells, containing .mormons charges of explosives, weighing
altogether 220 pounds each, were fir.d
from a battery of 21 centimetre mortars al a distance of about six and a
quarter miles. The total result of
this avalanche of iron explosives was
four killed, and twelve wounded tn the
i eoua Illumination which searched out
join's very thoughts. From where I
sai I could see H. M. A. Gamma and
! Delta lying perdu behind some trees.
I making no attempt to rise, it would
[have been useless,
disorder.   At nightfall they were
ing their way hastily toward Tonj
Seoul. Korea, Aug. 12���Germans arriving here from Vladivostok report
that several Itussian cruisers, ten torpedo boats and eight submarines nre
engaged In mining the harbor of Via-
greatest I dlvostok.    Thev     :\ho    _ay   that   150
2000 Killed and Wounded.
Brussels, via London, An;:. 18.
mak-'German reservists and 100 non-coni-
res.", batants have   left   the  city,   but  that
! ;tr>0 other Germans, mostly women am!
'children still remain there by permls
��� sion oi the authorities.
By D. Maxwell Merry
Advertising succeeds when what is advertised
deserves to succeed, and attractive advertising cannot succeed otherwise. To be afraid to advertise is
almost a confession that what one really fears is the
quality of the goods or else the management of the
store or business, as this alone can endanger the
money invested in publicity.
Compared with the difficulty of buying for the
retail trade, the difficulty of advertising the goods
thus bought, so as to sell them, is trifling. The grocer, the druggist, the men's furnisher and the general
dealer have to estimate, from their own observation
and intuition, what the people of their town are likely
to buy if it is shown���a matter requiring considerable skill. A mistake will land them with goods for
which there is no market, in some cases with goods
that will go out of fashion if they do not move them
within a limited period.
There is room for all sorts of miscalculations.
The quality may be wrong, prices may be too high,
the buyer may not fit the fancy of the prospective
customers.   Every dealer has to meet and combat
these dangers.   Greater business ability, judgment
and courage are required for this than for merely
letting the public know what goods are on offer.
The retail advertising problem is two-sided.   A
retailer wants to increase his trade with his existing
customers and he also wants to make new customers.
Thoughtful and well-planned advertising will accomplish both ends.   With a good article or a good store
to advertise there is no reason at all why operations
on quite a small scale should not be promptly profitable, j* ______
It is a great mistake to think that success can
only be won with a large initial outlay. No beginner
would be justified in ordering full page or half page
advertisements, but this is not a serious handicap.
A $200 advertisement may leave no more profit by
the time it is paid for than a $5 advertisement,
though it will sell more goods.
If a store is well managed the new trade brought
by every advertisement will more or less be permanent. The work is naturally half done when the people are brought to the counter, but they must be
so treated when they come there that they will come
again and keep coming.
The News is the Morning
Paper of New Westminster
and the Fraser Valley. See
that your business announcements appear in its columns. PAGE FOUR
FRIDAY, AUGUST  14,  1914.
will soon be here. We have all
the requisits that you may require.
Mixer. Pickling Spice, 2 ozs.    5c
I'er package   10c
Celery Seed. 2 ozs  5c
Mustard Seed, 2 ozs   Sc
Tumeric, 2 ozs   5c
II ol brook's Vinegar, bottle  .25c
,'rosse and Blackwell's Vinegar, per  bottle    25c
Heinz Cider Vinegar, gal....80c
Malt Vinegar, double strength
per gallon    60c
White Wine  Vinegar, double
strength,   gallon    60c
Ripe Tomatoes, per lb 15c
Cucumbers, 2 for    5c
Cauliflower, very fine, each 10c
Green Corn, large ears, do/.. 40c
Model Grocery
SOB Sixth St. Phons 1001 2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 111 IL.
Local News
Cement Walk on Agnes Street.
A cement walk is being constructed
on Agnes street from Eighth to Sixth
Mortgages���Alfred W. McLeod.
Chinese Funeral.
I.ee Lung, a Chinese, aged 31, died
yesterday at the Chinese hospital. The
funeral  will  take  place  this  morning
from   ."ales'   undertaking   pallors   to I
the Chinese cemetery.
WINEWl-ISER BEER carries to the
wornout, overheated body the nourishing, invigorating extract of the rich
Canadian barley malt and choicest
hops. Why not have a case sent home
from your dealer, or phone 75 L. Westminster brewery. (3601)
Taylor Leaves for Ottawa
Lieut-Col. J.   D.   Taylor.   MP.,  left
for Ottawa last night to lake his seat
in the house when it convenes in special  session called on account of the
! war situation. The session is expected to be a very brief one, probably
the  most   important  bills  coming   up
[are those appropriating sufficient
money   for   the  expense  of   war   pre-
' paraiions, and probably one giving
the government power to take control
Of all  foodstuffs.
Briquettes, Brintiettes, cheaper than
coal. Harry Davis & Co.. 'Phones
-80 and 411L, (3726) I
Burnaby  Flower Show.
The   Hurnaby   flower   shows   opens |
today  al   2 o'clock In  the municipal
ball  al   Edmonds,    The  main  feature |
will be the wonderful display of sweet
peas.     The   show   will   remain   open ;
until  eleven  o'clock  in  the evening
and   all   day   Saturday,     Home   tour
hundred  entries have been  made by i
dlsplayers and II has been said that i
the   show   will   be   well   worth   while i
seeing     Music  will   be  furnished  and   '
tiie   Victorian   Order  of   Nurses   will
serve tea.
C. A. Welsh
Kine preserving fruit, crate, 90c
Preserving  Peaches
Per  crate    $1.03
We     are     still     selling     Van
Camp's Soups in Ox Tail. Chicken,  Vegetable  or Tomato,  for
10c.  per  tin.
Now why fuss over a fire these
hot days when you can get these
fine soups at a nominal cost and
no   trouble  making   them.
Wednesday's  Haul   Was  Fair  But  an
Improvement Is Expected in Next
Few Days.
('ante-loupe,  each
Florida   Grape:
Or two for  . .
10c.  and
Fruit,   eajth
Main Store, 193 and 443.
Sapperton Store, 373.
West End Store, 650.
.Main    Store,    681   Columbia   St.
Sapperton Store. 317 Columbia.
West End Store, 111.  Sixth Ave.
Seme 1500 salmon were brought tithe city yesterday from the fishing
boats on the upper river. This waa
the result of Wednesday night's take
of aboul 00 boats. Though an average
of 25 fish per boat is not considered
good, it must be remembered that it is
near the end eif the week and no
doubt lhe catch will improve with the
beginning of next  week.
Though much reduced iu numbers
sockeyes are still being taken in the
Puget Sound traps, though the seiners have laid off and the crews are
oeing paid off.
Bellingham correspondent reports
9500 and Anacortes 4000 sockeyes received yesterday������- all  from traps.
The up-river fishermen continued lo
benefit by the run, which has been
iietter maintained than usual and deliveries to up-river canneries averaged nearly 4000 fish yesterday.
Fishing results in Canoe Pass continued poor, whilst on the main river
and North Arm abemt 1.00 fish was the
average This morning the boats delivering in Point Grey and the gulf
had only about 20  fish each.
Terra Nova cannery reports loss of
100 fathoms of net 40-5 ply 50 mesh;
untarred corks; buoy marked V. M.
221. Lost about the mouth of English
Bay  last  night.    Information   wanted.
Great West cannery reports loss of
net 40-5 ply, 50 mesh, Knox twine;
lost outside North Arm on Aug. 11;
T. H. 1488.   Information desired.
Inspector Cunningham reports that
Capt. Crlghton eif the Fispa, picked up
a boat. No. 8166 L. J., Indian. Been
adrift for two days and a night in
the gulf, broken down and anchored
him in  English   Bay.
Boyi Ready and    Anxious    to    Start
East���Hospital  Ship Commitec
Rases  $825.27.
The fraser Ferry Navigation company's ferry No. 1 is open for charter to excursions and picnics. For
further information apply to Ed.
Falch. telephone 164. (37_.)
well known magazines.   This dramatic
treat is by the famous Reliance com-
pony,   with   an   all   star  cast   of   well
known screen artists. "In Her Sleep,"
a comedy drama ol  the unusual  type |
by the Princess, touches a new theme,
"The Swindlers," a  .Majestic comedy, !
concludes  this  strong   photoplay   bill. I
An  added  attraction  of important In- j
terest will be the late war news dis- I
flashed on the !
...ado  in   Vancouver, I screen on arrival.    This unique Idea'
regiment is being fed   Which Will keep the local public posted'
bought hi Vancouver.!0" ll'e late news  from the theatre of
' was was made possible hy making spe- j
cial arrangements with news agencies,
and  no  doubt  will  he appreciated  bv
the local  public. ' (
Local   Mcr.hants   Ignored.
Despite   representations   made     by
members of Ihe city council and prom-
inent citizens against the purchase of  Patches which will b(
Preparations were made last night
at Queens park by the overseas contingent, to loave for Val Cartier. Que.
today provided the orders expected
arrive from the brigade headquarters.
The equipment of the boys was packed last night and everything is in
readiness for immediate departure.
yesterday was an off day at camp
In Queens park, the officers sending
oul lhe men for a two hour drill in
the morning, while in the afternoon
everyone turned to and dressed camp.
When orders arrive for the volunteers to entrain it will mean a big
gap in the ranks of the 104th, something like lt>0 men being enrolled for
active  service.
This morning the overseas detachment will be drilled separately from
the rest of the regiment.
Kecuits Can Still Enlist.
Orders were received ou Wednesday night by l-ieiit.-Col. .1. Duff
Stuart, commander of tin- 23rd infantry Brigade, indefinitely postponing the time limit for enlisting re-
eruitu for active service. This applies
to the 104th regiment and upon his
return from White Kock yesterday
morning, Col, Taylor was awaited
with such eiders issued by the brigade commander the previous night.
It is unlikely that more recruits will
be taken on for the overseas contingent until it is made known from
Ottawa that more than 126 men from
each rural community or small city-
are required. Recruiting for the militia regiment, however, still y.oe- on,
several having been taken on during
the  past   two days.
Hospital   Ship   Fund  is $826.27.
The volunteer committee canvassing the city for the past few days
in aid of the- project of equipping a
hospital ship by the women of Canada, yesterday totalled up their figures with lhe result that $fS_ri._7 was
last night forwarded to the British
Co I ii nib; a   headiiuarters  at   Victoria,
Although   the   weather     could     not
have been worse for making a house
to house canvas, the  willing  workers
��� ... _  ., 4     �����  i      ���,����   ilid  not   give   up   until   praclicallv   all
Criticism   on   Failure   to   Make   $75001,, ,,    ,    .  ' .,       :,.,..., ..
the residents n the city had been an-
THEATRE    ^���
Friday and  Saturday
A  Gentleman  Burglar.
Two  Reel  Keystone Comedy.
By George Patullo.
Reliance Drama.
Comedy    Drama���Princess.
Added   Attraction.
Special  Feature Today
The Secret
A   Kalem  Two  Reel   Drama
Featuring     Carlyle     Elackwell.
supplies   bein
the local militia
with food being
Not a single local merchant was ask- I
ed to tenfter on such supplies, an In- j
yitatlon that would gladly have been
ac*ipted especially during these stringent times. Mayor Oray is understood
to have approached the authorities on I
the  matter  and  received  a  response |
that the supplies were purchased for .
the entire brigade.
Appropriation   May   Result   in
Hard   Feeling.
The  executor    of    an   estate
should      possess     a    thorough
knowledge of  banking, real ea-
tato,   valuation  of  assets,  and
have an experienced    organiza-
tloti for Its management.
That is why a trust company
is best fitted to carry out the
prcv's.'ons of your will.
.Name us your executor.
1 and  Persona
"The most popular screen art isi in
America," so was J. Warren Kerrigan
acclaimed by popular vote In a re
cent conte.-t. to determine the most
popular photo play actor.
Mr, Kerrigan will appear at the
City theatre today and tomorrow in
one ���t his fines! offerings "The Bolted   Door." a  drama  which  deals  with
His criticism of the Burnabj council for its refusal to subscribe to the
preliminary work going on on the
North Arm of tbe Fraser, made at
i Kburne on Wednesday by the secretary is not likely to cement good lel-
l ! lowship between the harbor commission of the upper river and the muni-
Featuring the collections were a
number of the poorer e-lass of pe'o-
ple who willingly gave wluit little
they could spare tow arils a project
which will represent the whole of the
women ol the Dominion The outside
districts were taken up, including Kd-
raonds, Burnaby Lake, Boundary Bay,
Crescent, Steveston. Fraser Mills and
I>ate last nighl further returns were.
received, .36 coming up from Cres-
e-ent;  Jul from l.adner and $0.40 from
Among  yesterday's  guests     al     the
Russell    hotel   vesterdav   were   .1.    E.
(low of Kingston, Ont., S. Simpson of | things as  they are  today.    This sort
Kdmonton and Mrs. Edwin C. Seely of I of I>':ly >s Mr. Kerrigan's strong forte
and it is a certainty that "The Bolted
The bylaw was voted down at last
Monday's council meeting, the opposition  claiming  tiiat  during  war  time.
Door" will prove no exception io the
Marcus Cox of Pitt lake is staying I rule.     Two   sparkling   comedies   and
at the Dunsmuir hotel for a short time, one of those unimitable imp dramas
Mr. and  .Mrs. .1. XV. Milne of Brock- j complete a program that possesses un-
ville, Out, arrived  yesterday  and  are : usually  attractive  features. | authorize the .spending
staying    at    the Russell hotel.    Mr.   side the municipality.
Milne   will   fill   the   vacancy  of  A.   f'i0.0   COUNTRY   SOCCER ���	
Iclpal  council  according  to  comment I toe Daughters of England, of this city,
'heard In  Burnaby  yesterday. making  the total  amount   subscribed
Mr   Vogel, who holds the position of i as   stated.   JKJO.^T.
I secretary   to  the  harhor  commission,! Moonlight  Excursion.
; claims that, more than $3000 had been1 Nol a very large crowd attended
spent within Burnaby limits before the moonlight excursion on board the
tbe   council   turned   down   the   bylaw   Skeena to I'ort  Haney lust, night and
I whicli  provided  for a grant of  $7500. j as a consequence little assistance was
J.   Warren   Kerrigan   In
Wait for the "Trey o' Hearts."
We show cix reels at each
fill the vacancy of A. F.
Greenfield who resigned from the position of manual training instructor
at  the  Lord   Lister school.
The Perpetual Trus lee.
New Westminster
t>0.   Columbia   Street.
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Wedding Bells
The marriage of James Irving and
Mrs. Annie M. Trembath, both of Port
Hammond, was celebrated yesterday
forenoon at the home of Mrs. Muir-
liead, Iinl. Seventh avenue. Kev. Dr.
Dunn performed the ceremony.
Whether the war situation will interfere with the old country soccer
season will be known on Saturday
when the Scottish league series open.
This is the earliest opening of any
association, the English leagues not
getting away until  Sept.  1.
Local footballers are of the opinion
that smaller gates will be In attendance at the games although it is doubt-
ful whether the schedule will be in- |
terfered with.
At the Theatres
An all-feature program will be presented at the Hoyal theatre today and
h hi rrow, Two specials, headed by
"Baffles," a gentleman burglar, a two
eel Ki j tone comedy, which is claimed by the famous comedy company to
be their I" it < Hon ln tie tunmaklng
line, Ford Sterling, the ever popular
comedian, takes the lead. A powerful
dramatic  feature,  "For  His   Master."
| in two reels by Oeorge Patullo, the
well known author and contributor to
i the Saturday Evening Post and other
SPENCE    The   funeral   of   the   late
'w. Miss Qrace May Spence was held yes
terday from Murchle'a undertaking
parlors to the church of England cem-
| etery, with the Hev. George A. Kay ol
thai church, officiating. Mi.-s Spence,
a resident of Cranbrook, who had
been in town only ten days on a visit,
dil .1 on  Tuesday  of heart failure.
European Nations Would Borrow Hundreds of Millions But  President
Wilscn   Objects.
Rome, Aug. i:: The Messaggero to
day says It understand, thai the Italian ambassador to the Unlti d States,
the Marquis Conflaonierl, .vho is going to Washington Immediately ha.
Instructions to co-operate with Presi-
dent Wilson m regard to the latter',
offer of  mediation   In   the   European
Wo have some nice, plums arriving
now, suitable for preserving, In any
quantity, per lb. 5c.
Qreen Gage Plnms, 4 lbs.  .
Kelowna Tomatoes, fine linn
2  Ihs   	
6   lb.   baskets   	
Malaga   Orapes.  2   lbs	
���Dartlett  Pears. .'!  lbs	
-Cooking  Apples, 6  lbs	
i took,
Fresh  (Ireen Com, dozen    35c
St. Charles, Jersey and Caned.   First, no oz. tins ...10c
Reopened   under  Management of
Union House-
All White Help.
MILK! Mil h! AM) flflOl) MILK
We an- delivering, in and around
ihis city, including Hurnaby and Sapperton, twenty Pints of High Standard,  tria.
Unadulterated Milk to the Dollar and
l'ure   Itich  Cream   at  _0c.  per  pint.
Our appreciation of your patronage
Will be reflected in our regularity and
uniform excellent quality of our deliveries.
Phcne 774 Sapperton,  B.C.
Washington, Aug. 13 President
Wilson was confronted today with
the problem of whether American
bankers shall be permitted to float
leans In the I'nited States for any
of the counlries engaged in the European war. p
Though the pr; .-idem has nol reached a final decision, he Is strongly opposed to the idea. The que.-tinn arose
tbrougb the desire of .1. P. Morgan \iK"
and company to float a loan of several hundred million dollars tor the
French government. Inquiry was made
of the state department bj the Mor
gan firm, as to whether the nutation
of such a loan would be regarded as
a violation of neutrality. Secretary
Bryan discussed the subject with the
president, who is studying It can fully
before returning a final answer.
Austria  Wants a  Loan.
Besides J.  P.  Morgan and company,
t   is   understood   that   another   New
York Ranking house of prominence is
d sirous of floating a loan for Aus-
given   to   the   fund   being   raised   for
equipping  of  a   hospital   .hip   by   the '���
women of Canada.
The boat was placed at the dispos- |
al  of the  special   committee   by   the
Mainland  .Navigation company.  Those
I who did take in the excursion were
' well  pleased  with  the arrangements
provlde_.   dancing   being   indulged   In
at  Haney  until midnight, alter  which
the return  trip  was iii.de.    The com-
I tnittee In charge of the collecting beg
j to   thank   the   following   for   valuable
assistance rendered:
I     The   press,   the   .Jackson     Printing
j company,   the     Mainland     Navigation
! company.   New   Westminster   Creamery,   the   Colony    Farm,   Acme   Soda
| Water   company.   Fraser   River   Fish
' Co..  the  Fair,   Davies  and  Sons.  Crystal  Dairy, Ira  Reid, the lire hall  for
decorations, chief of police, Palace of
Will   Present   Badges.
At v.;;ii o'clock this evening In front
Of the city hall, Mrs. .1. I). Taylor,
wife- of ihe- iii.inber of the Federal
constituency, will present the badges
to the members of the National Ite
serve association iii this city. These
badges are the Mitt of Mr, Stracey,
editor of the London Spectator, and
were forwarded here Bome months
bul the lai k of Interest caused
in no warlike features such as now
exist, pi i-e nieil  the presentation  ba
Ing made before this.,   'i'i ompuny
will  in   under the command  ol   Cap-
t nn  Otway  Wilkie.
Lasl nighl six members of tha N w
Westminster Civilian Rifle assocl itlon
proffered their services to the 10.th
regiment for home defense Their
names are D. A Ross, W K Maiden,
ll .1. hlutcherson, E. a Bown, O. A.
Murpby and C. L. Burtch.
S.S. Transfer
Leave New Westminster for Mission 10
.-iln. Monday.
Leave Mission for New- Westminster 7
ii.iii.   Tuesday.
Leave New Westminster at 2:30 pro. for
Westham  Island,
Leave Westham Island 7 a.m. Wednesday,
Leave New Westminster for Mission 12
ii",,ii,   Wednesday.
Leave   Mission  7  a.m.  Thursday.
Leave New Westminster - :30 p.m. for
Westham Island,
Friday ami Saturday trips Lower Rlvor
as   usual.
Freight for Mission and Intermediate
f. lints will be received at B. & K Mill
Wharf   on   day   of   sailing.
For further information apply B *��� K.
Milling Company's office of i:. Jardine.
While there is no provision in the
American neutrality statutes against.
the loaning of money to  foreign  na-
Foreign   and   coasting   craft using
this  city  as  a   port   have   been given
Instructlona not to clear unless given
This order
lions and no International agreement ' ��i)('''uil clearance papers
exists forbidding it as a violation    0f I applies   to   all   craft   except   fishing
neutrality, the  president's   Judgment ' boatB'    failure to secure special pa-
th.it,  If it  were  permitted, serious   P6���   wil1   render  the   boat   liable    to
seizure. The papers must be open to
Inspection to all military or naval officers  at   any   time.
Choice  Kastern Butter, 3 lbs.   ...$1.00.
IJiew Zealand ilutler. per Ib 40
E^ocal Fresh EggB, 2 dozen 73
&tobiii Hood Porridge Oats, pkt. ..    .25
. ShredC  -1 Wlie.-H. :.' pkts 25 :
IfCringle Corn 1- iuk< s, :i pkts 25
Dean's Grocery
"hone 386.
4frrr   air,-t. lAumhla   ��lt.��.t.
misundrestanding might ensue in Kur
ope as to the real attitude of the Am
erlcan government and people toward j
the difi'eiei.i nl nations In the present \
teat! - \k - News
Picnic and Camping
Baskets at Our Store
50c and 60c
New   Westminster.       Phone 69.
Brussels.   Aug.    13.    A    Belgian   "!'-
flclal communication today says that
a (ierman force proceeding in the dl-
rection   of   Eghezee   to  the  north   of
Namur   was   attacked   and    repulsed I
iliis morning  by  the  Belgian  troops. I
The Oermana Buffered severe casual-;
ties.    Tin-  Belgians captured a  number of  machine guns    mounted    on
motor cars.
Brussels, via Paris. Aug. 13. An
.fflclRl statement issmd toda] says:
'The Oermana lost three-fifths of
their men in yesterday'a battle. The
Belgians had a division of cavalry
and a mixed brigade' engaged, but.
their losses were comparatively
light, only a few of the cavalry being
killed. The beaten Germans advanced this morning, apparently to pick
up their wouuded abandoned yester*
.: y.
Bathing Caps
25c to $1.75
Water Wings
PUPILS _____
have three advantages over the ordinary typist they take less time to
read iheir notes, save eye strain and
operate their machines faster Ui.m the
typists who look down at their work.
Fall   Term  Starts Aug.  17.
Collitter  Block.       A.  L.  Bouck,   Prin.
Phone 853.
Y W f A columb,a
l-TT.V./l. NEW  WES
Gymnasium Class, Thursday at 7.30.
.Swimming classes, Tuesdays and Fri-
lays, 3 to 4, at Y. M. (:. A. Young
Ladles' Club, Friday at 8 p.m.
Hoarding nnd room rates reasonable.
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen
For particulars  call  phono  1324
P.O. Box m* Diuy New, Biay
of all kinds.
frices right.    Satisfaction guarantee*
69 McKtnxIa kl tmrnmrnx^- m...
FRIDAY, AUGUST  14,  1914.
PAGE prv��
Mnstol   took
the Karlsruhe, All afternoon we
raced after the flying German. Hy
five o'clock ber smoke had disappeared and then all our hopes centred in
the Hristol picking her up. Al nine
o'clock that  night the  welcome news'
came through  the air irom  the  Itrls-| the   things   which" er,
101: [daily needs.    The
Walsh'. Regimentals and Old Timers  Circle F and Electrics to  Decide the
Each   Score   Nine   Runs���Each Championship���Slaton Looks for
Blame  Scorer.
Although the scorer was accused ot
Juggling the tally sheet last night's
game between Tommy Walsh's band
of militiamen and a bunch of old timers ended in correct fashion, nine all.
It was some contest. Fielding stunts
were pulled off when least expected,
home runs were stretched out from
singles, various runners kept crossing
the pan, and still <-ach inning was tied.
It was remarkable���the form displayed
by the scorer.
With Lie old timers were Ernie Sin
Clair, the former first sucker for the
P.almorals; Herb Ryall, who for years
held down second sack for a New
Westminster team; Fred Lynch, whose
field of sports run anywhere from lacrosse, hockey and bowling to baseball; Mayor Cray, a former lacrosse
star, who last night hurled over nine
balls in succession, and Hutchinson,
whose field of operations this summer
lias been manager of the Klectrics and
nagging the umpire.
Snap Stewart of Fraser .Mills risked
his life handling the indicator. Like
the scon- sheet and fielding stunts,
one never knew when Snap was going
to call a strike or a ball, but he got
away wltb il even though he did
threaten K:i-d Lynch with a *', fine
fer throwing down the ball in disgust
after what looked to be an e-asv out
of fthlrd.
About the only consolation Tommy
Walsh had wa.s the fact of his breaking the- hoodoo of losing six games in
succession. Oscar Neilson was held
in reserve by the old timers and went
into the box in the fourth. Oscar was
tapped for two home runs. With the
price of paper soaring high on account
of the war, the scorer was unah
keep  track  of  the  error  column.
On account Of tiie evenings shortening considerably tonight's game between the Klectrics and Circle V will
start al 6:10. Slaton will again be
on  the  mound  for the  nickleckasers,
I with Brandt doing the burling lor the
| On form tonight's game should give
the Klectrics the city league championship but they will have to fight all
ino way according to the Circle K
nianager.   who   Intends   bringing   bis
[strongest line-up into the city.
Tonight's game will be the last,
league game or the season provided
the Klectrics win and  whether a post
: series will be staged depends on the
support accorded the two learns by the
fans. Fred Lynch is being urged to
stay in town for the nighl in order to
I chase.    The Berwick tried to cut off ! found in preannt conditions for some \em
���tne Kron   Prince   Wilhelm,  while  the ; of  the  advances  which     have     been   I
a   position   to   Intercept    made In the prices of tOOd and othnr
Not everywhere, but in many places ,,
dealeri have taken advantage of the "
demand which the war alarm created
to   raise   tb,.   prices   of   flour,  sugar.
"������-���:      fuel,  hay  und   many  other  of
essential   for
,    . ���    ���   indications received
Enemy   ,n   sight, I by the government are that this move-
A lew minutes came tbe message:    ment  of  upward   prices  has  just  be-I
'   We are engaging the enemy.'       i gun ind if it  ��er.  allowed to develop!
���Although we must have been fully ! great   distress   might   result      There-,
100  miled  astern of  them,   we  raced | fore the government proposes to lake
Ion  for all  we  were  worth.    We had'control of prices
I no  f.-ar of the  result if the Oernian 1 Will Investigate Compl-iints
Islood up to the Hristol for we were : While a plan has noi vet been work-
all sure that our fellows could whip led out, It is understood that ir parlia
the- Karlsruhe easily at close range, ment gives tbe government the power
but we wanted to be in at the finish aski d for, and it undoubtedly will, the
ourselves. government   will   have   ineiulrv   made!
Broadside to Broadside. , into every complaint thai prices have
The   Karlsruhe   had   the   heels   of | been  unduly  elevated.
| the Hristol too.    They were In action j     Where adjustment is necessary the
! for  just aboui  half an hour.    For  a j government   will   have   cases   passed
few minutes tbe German stood up and i upon by a judge, or in some cases, a
���J.J.Jones. MANDIR. J.A.Rennil. SECY-TRE5
th* ships fought broadside to broadside, the Bristol using her two six-
inciters and the five four-inchers on
her broadside against the Herman's
five four-pound ones. After a few
minutes, however, the Karlsruhe ran,
the Hiistol chasing her firing her for-
board or judges and either their finding will automatically fix the prices
of necessities or the report of the
judges will be made effective by an
ord.r of the government.
It Is not proposed that dealers, retail or wholesale, shall be allowed to
ward guns of six-inchers.    It was dif- .take advantage of the war to squeeze
flcult   to  make  anything    like    good ��� the  people.
shots.    It was pilch dark and the sea i  .
was  heavy.    Nol   one of  the Cerman
Shells landed anywhere near the llris  j DFAIUADHFI-i  f AHTni/T
tm. but our chaps think tbey got      nLAWAnuLU lull I If AU
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
Won    I-OSt
Vancouver  ti
Seattle        74
Victoria    62
Victoria      __
Tacoma          fil
Ballard    16
.4 _.��;
Yesterday's   Games.
At Vancouver-������ It.    II.    B
etoria ���  6     s
i anooover     2     :i
[latteries;   McHenry and  Hoffman
-   .!! Ciark  and  Cheek.
Local    Trapshots    Defeat    Cloverdale
and   Ladner���Alex. Turnbull  in
Form  With 24 Birds.
New Westminster trapshots came
to the front on the Queensboro t.-aps
last night when fhey defeated picked
teams representing cloverdale and
Ladner. Alex Turnbull was high man
ror the evening with 24 birds. Oliver
of Ladner and Creen and McLean of
this city coming second with _'_ each.
Olive-r with the Ladner team was
high man on the run, dropping 18
birds straight, with Jordan u close
second with 17. Bill Maiden, skipper
of the Royals, nigh caused a Mexican
revolution among his men when he
missed the first four birds. Ile got
the  next  16.
Tbe Scores.
Ladner Oliver 23, Hrown 18, Murphy 22. Jot-don 22, llutcherson 19;
total   104.
Cloverdale Hoothroyd 18, Dr. Sinclair 20. T. .Shannon 16, Q. Shannon
20.  Matheson  21;   total  95.
Westminster���Green 2.1, McLean 23.
Price 21, A. Turnbull 24. Maiden 20;
total 111.
shots aboard   the    Karlsruhe.     Sovs
ever,   in   long   rang,  fighting    under
those conditions, It  was  pretty  cliff 1-
eult to do much, anc! the Karlsruhe's
. |,< ed  saved  her again.
"The Suffolk. Berwick and Hristol
cruised together lor several days but
could get get no trace of the Karlsruhe or her consort. Finally we ii- aid
that she- had pin into Porto Rico for
Captured a  Pine Prize
"We got the prize Saturday morn- !
in;.. The Leda is a fine oil-tanker, j
and was coming up from Baton Rouge j
for   New   York.     She  did   not   know i
tbat war had been declared, an., was | '���'re,"13''    ^^ly meeting
very much surprised when' we ordered   her  to  stop,  with  a    Hank     shot
across her bows.    However, they took ;
their  capture   with  very   good  grace, j
We  put  a  prize  crew on   board  and
convoyed her to Bermuda, where we
turned   her  over  to  the  examination '
service   and   continued    our    voyage
The Suffolk reached port about
noon today. Soon after her arrival
tt became known that her men would
appreciate a short rest after sleeping
practically at stalioiii for the last ten ���
days, and a detail of two hundred men
ol ihe Sixty third Rifles coaled the
ship this afternoon to the music of
the ship's band, while tbe tars stood
by and watched in hue-e delight.
School  Board   Places Order for High
School Cha'rs With Local Firm
Where it Belongs
Rescinding its former motion made
last  month,  the  school   board  at  its
held last
night awarded contract for chairs for
the high schexjl auditorium to Denny
.i Ross. The local firm is now in
communication with the furniture factory in Herlin, Ont., and should receive a reply sometime today statin .,
whether the chairs can be delivered I
in the time specified,   ,
The switch came as a result of the '
school  board  being unable  to secure
the  chairs   at   an   earlier   date   than
that  promised   by   Denny  A.   Ro3s in
the first instance.
ln a communication to the board
last night the local firm stated that
the order for the chairs was originally placed in Vancouver, but on account of the business depression the
plant was compelled to    shut    down.
We bring to such service a large experience, a
thoroughly trained staff and a financial responsibility that no individual can offer.
Both debtors and creditors will find it to their
mutual advantage to have this company appointed
to act for them in these capacities.
Summer Race
At Minoru Park
Seven   Canadian   midshipmen'  who ! The order was then giveni to a Herlin.
have seen  duty on  various craft co���    Ont..  firm,  which found, itsell  unable
were   t0 deliver in the time specified. Chairman Trapp during the discussion cor-
nected with the naval sendee
ordered to the Suffolk here and joined the cruiser tonight, All have seen
service In the fourth cruiser Equad-
ron In thc West Indies anil In the
Mi dlterranean.
rected a local newspaper which had
quoted a trustee in saying that the
chairs were on the way when it should
have been underway.
Miss McMurty wrote to the board
, signifying her inability of fulfilling
| her engagement as assistant domestic
j science teacher in charge of the class
'��� at the Lord 1-ister school. Illness in
the family  was given as the cause.
\t  Spokane-
"��� acorns   	
Iiatteries:   Kaufman   and
N lyes,   Ariett   and   Shea.
It      II.     6.1
4       9       1
t;    14      l
MDF   FVTFlinFlY     The board adjourned at 3.15 o'clock
DL   i AI L-1ULU i after a sixty-five inute session which
1 is almost a record in brevity for the
  ; trustees  during  the   past two   years.
At  Seattle R.    H,     K.
II. i. lard        1       -r'       -I
.-cattle     10    16      6
Batteries:   McCorry   and    Mur.ay;
Gipe  and   ('adman.
V.  A.  C.  and  Royali  Likely  to   Make
Lacrosse  History in City��� S_,t-
urday at 3 p.m.
Council Sho-*6 Cons deration For Citizens on Account of War Conditions    in   Country.
Standing of the Clubs.
Philadelphia     68
III Men       68
SVashington     ... 86
Detroit     -r,:!
. :iU4
St. Louis   60
New   York    -'s
Cleveland    :<*
II.    K
Yesterday's  Games.
At Cleveland ��� R
Di troit      3     6     3
Cleveland     6     9     '������
Iiatteries:   Coveleskie, Cavet,  DubUC
and   St.uiage:   Hageinan   and  O'Neill.
v Philadelphia
v> ashlngton   	
Iiatteries:      Ayres,
R.    II.   K
. n     :!     0
.... 1     9     -
Harper     and
Henry;  Shawkej  and  l_app.
U m R    H.   K.
New York    !     ���'     "
lioston        "     ���'���     '
Batteries: Fisher and Nunamaker;
Leonard, shore and Carrlgan, Cady.
Chlcago-St. l.ouis game called In
the lour!.:;  no game, rain.
Gt.inding of the Clubs.
Won     Lost     Pel
Mew York   68 41     .686
Hoston     62 4'i
Chicago     64 4!i
St. Louis   86 51
I'inciiinati     47 54
Ilrooklyn      45 63
I'ittsburg     45 66
Apparently  arriving  at   the  opinion
t.a!   New   Westminster   will   not   consent to any more delays, the V. A. C.
has made all arrangements for an invasion of Queens park tomorrow afternoon   when   the   feature  game  of  the
amateur lacrosse season will be staged.
The  Royals  need  this game  to  main-
! tain their position at the trout of the
I .Mann cup series and the visitors will
| he  just   as  determined   to  repeat  tlie
victory   of  two   weeks  ago   when   the
New Westminster team blew up with
a   louder   report   than   a   wreck  of  a
The Royals were out for practice
last night and will rest up today preparatory to the game which promises
In lie the best seen, either professional
or amateur, this esason.
Both teams are keyed up several
knetches above the ordinary run of
amateur teams. Either one must hit
a pace from beginning to end in order to keep iM the running.
According   to   a   Vancouver     paper
soi Ilfflculty  is  heing experienced
i in selecting a referee for the occasion,
This is news to the local club which
��� Is practically willing to have anj person on the field as referee other than
Ceorge Tuck, whose connection with
the V, A. C this season liars blm from
Officiating   In   ally   games   v. here   New
Westminster Is engaged.
The conies! is scheduled lo slurt at
'.', o'Ci   'k  rain or shine.
This afternoon li bylaw will be taken up by the city council at a special
meeting which will extend the time
for payment of taxes in order lhat the
ratepayers might take advantage of
the rebate period. Under ordinary
circumstances the full rebate period,
which allow., a 1G and 2-3 per cent
rebate, would have expired on Saturday. August 15. but with the passage
of the bylaw today the time will be extended one month, to September 15.
Prom Septi.mi.er 15 to Octoto r 15
the usual ten per cent rebate will be
This is being done by the city coun-
"il en account of the war situation
Which in many cases has tied up accounts due to tin- financial stringency. A considerable portion of the
taxes have already been paid in. A
special meeting wai held yesterday
when the Inlaw was given first and
Second   readings.
Alderman  Bryson opposed, the bylaw  (-ii   the  grounds  thai   further notice  should   have  I) i   given   the  tax-
pavers   of  such   nn  extent-ion   of  the
I rebate   period.      He   claimed   that   he
| was in favor or such a move las; Monday  Imi  Ihe matter was shelved, und
! since then many rat' payers have settled  for their  taxes  when  they could
! well have used the money during the
month to gooel advantage'.
Races Every Day
Ladies Admitted Free, except on Saturday.
Admission, Including Grandstand, $1.00.
Specia] Train Leaves New Westminster for the
Course at 1:30 Every Day.
Action   of   the   Government   Improves
Firancial   Situation���Canadian
Official   ac  Trustee.
London, Aug. 13.���The action of the
British government in guaranteeing
the Hank of England against loss from
discounting operations, has greatly
relieved the market here and a large
I number of bills were brought today to
the  Hank of  Kngland and  discounted
I at a rate of 5 per cent and occasion
ally  more.
Acts as Trustee,
oitawa, Aug. 13. At the department
of finance today it was stated in con-
!nectlon with the arrangement with
lhe Hank of Kngland. that the position I.!' the minister of finance is
whollv that of a trustee, and that he
will have nothing to do with regard
to fixing rates ol' exchange or other
Ottawa, Aug. 13.���The postoftice de-
partment   has   issued   the     following
j memorandum:
"The Hritish post office advises the
i mail service between the United Kingdom  and  (iermany. Cerman  colonies,
! Austria-Hungary  and   Luxemburg     is
��� entirely  suspended, that    mails    for
! other  Kuropeaii  countries can be re-
1 celvedi for despatch as opportunity offers, but  that all services are irregu-
��� lar and uncertain.
"In accordance with this, postmasters throughout the Dominion will,
j until further advised, not accept any
I mail matter I'or Germany, German colonies, Austrla-Hupngary and Luxemburg tor onward transmission by our
Canadian service to the United Kingdom."
I Toronto. Aug. 13.���As a result of a
! conference between Mayor Hockiu.
General  Lessard    and    the    garrison
| colonels at the regimental headquarters, this afternoon, the former v.ill
ask the board of control tomorrow ti -
forward   a   recommendation   on   to   a
[ special   meeting   of   the  council   net,
week,   that   each   volunteer,     resident
. In the city, be insured for $100(> made
out to tiie next of kin.
In addition to this lie will ask permission to sanction the gift of $3000
, to the commanders of each unit leaving Toronto lor the purchase of com
: forts .or the men while on active service.
A meeting of insurance experts will
be held iii the mayor's office tomorrow morning with a view to approximating  the  cost  of the  insurance.
.450 |
(Continued From  Page Cue.)
Yesterday's   Games.
At  Ilrooklyn It-    H.    ���'--
Philadelphia     |>    *     J)
llrooklvn       '���'>     ���'     ~
Batteries: .Mayer and Dooin; Ueul-
bach and McCarty.
At New Vork- - li-    "���    K-
lioston      B    n      y
New  Vork    ;1     9     '
Batteries: Rudolph and dowdy;
Marquard, l-'romme and Myers, McLean.
At   Pittsburg R   ������'���   *\
st.  l.ouis    1     4    "
l'ittshurg      -    10,   ��
llalleries: I'erdue and Snyder;
Cooper and  Coleman.
Second i-'ame 1{-    "���    "���
St.   Louis      ���     4     f
Pittsburg    5    B_   ��
Batteries: Perrltt, Oriner and Snyder; Adams and Coleman.
Ilrooklyn 1. St. Louis 0.
Buffalo   1,   Indianapolis   2.
Baltimore -. Kansas City 4.
The gun crews went to battle Stations
and tin- stokers were double banked.
Oil' on the port bow, eleven or twelve
miles away, we could see the Karlsruhe and the Kron Prince Wilhelm.
The Karlsruhe had her boats out coaling trom the North tierniai>'-!oyd
ship and as we hurried down towards
lur il was in the hope she had run
EO short of coal that we could
catch   her.
"As soon as the Germans Blghted
us thev took to their heels. The Karlsruhe did not even stop to pick up her
boats. Her men clambered aboard as
best they could and she hustled away
to the northward while the Kron
Prince Wilhelm steered off to the
east. We knew, of course, that the
Karlsruhe had the heels of us. Our
only hope was that she was short of
coal and could not keep up her steam,
but  this hope was fruitless.
Called Other British   -"hips.
"Nineteen thousand yards was the
closest we could get to her. The
Hristol was to the north of us and
the Berwick to the south. We called
both of them up by wireless and ordered   both   of  them   to   aid   in   tho
Unreasonable Advance of Necessities
on Account of War Con-.emncd
By Authorities
Ottawa. Aug. 1;'..-Control of food
prices will be asked of parliament by
the government ea scon as the session
Hon. Thomas Crothers, minister or
labor, is having a bill drafted along
the lines of the Hritish act. It is held
that   there  Is   no  justification   to   be
Montreal, Aug. IS, Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, president of the c. P.
It. has sent the following telegram
from his summer home at St. Andrews
N. H., In regard to iiis reported offer
of a hospital ship;
"On behalf of the company I have
Offered the ship it' suitable, and one
is available, to be eeiuipped and operated as a hospital by the Women's
Empire   League."
The C. P. K. today issued a circular
statee that all or their employes going
to the war would receive full pay
for six months. Alter that they may
be paid, but In any case their positions will be kept open.
At the
Kings  Hotel  Block.
Four new  pocket    billiard    tables.
clean new stock or confectionery, tobaccos, cigars, cigarettes, soft drinks
First Class Barber Shop In Connection
Ottawa,   Aug.   13.���Horse   dealers
'who took their horse* to Lansdowue
I park today to sell to the military authorities asked abnormal prices.
Major Spittal said that the govern-
: ment needs   the   horses,   but     want*
them at a fair and reasonable price
land Unit Is all  the- committee inteir..-
, to  pay  tor  them.    Al   the  militia  de-
I partment this evening it was stated
i that   thousands   of  horses   have  lit en
j offered rrom all pars of Canada.   The
| di partment while desirous of purchas-
i lng horses  required  for  the  various
batteries at the points where the bat-
I terie.. ure raised, does not propose to
' pay   more   than   they   are   worth.    If
; dealers  do  not  come  down   ln   their
| pric<s   the   department   Will   go  elsewhere I'or them.
Do Not Leave the
Receiver Off.
Some person may want to do business with you.
Do you, Mr. Merchant, realize that when you
cease to advertise you arc leaving the receiver
off? Many readers of the paper have requirement
in your line and have the money to satisfy them.
If you do not tell them what you have and what
the prices are, they will naturally go to your competitor who gives them this information and invites their custom.
Do not leave the receiver off your telephone,
and do not neglect your advertising if you wish to
mske it easy and pleasant tc do business with
rOTirn_uTr.ir.il ���_M-!-' wr >
''IBM.- CTC^VMi-HTED  191.
..: ��AQE SIX
FRIDAY,  AUGUST   14,  1914.
ealV-Nl for Tho News at the follow-
lng places: P. T. Hill's drug store.
Ut Columbia street; A. Sprice.
Queensborough. Lulu Island; lira.
���. Larden, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lowls. A1U Vlsu.
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One rent per word per
4-J; 4o per word per week; lie per
-Math; 6000 words, to be used ss re
Haired within one year from date of
���ontract,, $25.00.
KOR KXCHARGR -Have splendid and
sueest ���t ��� H. C. Bast Kootenay
distrlcl. tm���m concern, stock, etc.,
valat-fl at $2500: bungalow and
eigkt et���rt knit-tings, all Al. on
lake; will trade for deeded property, tils or oulaide. Will sacrifice
at half ��f rta teat value. See photos
aad ������fa>U ��ilh .1. O. It. P-
O Bm44049. (:i74iM
weekly! Why not ynu? Write immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experi
��nce unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C. Mitchell.
PO Box 2, Edmonton. Alberta, Canada. <"��!>
PIGEONS pay dollars where chickens
pay cents; 6inall capital needed;
small space required; always penned up; ready markets, send for
may Issue of our .loutnal; fully ex-
pjained there; price ten cents. Reliable Squab Journal, Versailles,
Mo. <S734>
weekly! Why not you? Write immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C. Mitchell,
P O Box 2, Edmonton. Alberta, Canada, ("3D
KOR sat* A snap. 50 foot lot on
Third street at Third avenue. This
lot is all cleared and in fruit.
Worth fSM- What offer? Hox 88$
an ad.
In this column.
KOR KXCHAKRK -Improved chicken
raaCh daso to city. Trade for house.
Bos M, Itewc Office.
aai saw taMe complete. Apply at
The Moons office.
Tremendous Ambition of Kaiser Wilhelm���His Aims ard   His   Mode
p .; . of   Life.
To  be  himself  the  embodiment   of I sition on the map of Europe, hemmed
.v.,. _-.!-.-. ii,.  i,-,.    In em all sides, with scarcely any sea
(Iermany, io rca.._e the .splendid hei ���   ^^ ,.  )g possiblp to 11IldergUnd ,n.
itage   of   his   grandfather   and   make |telligently   that   the   empire   needs   a
Germany  a   first  world  power, fit  to I man of as strong a personality as that
meet all  present-day dangers, that is ' of the second Wilhelm.
the splendid ambition and the treme-n- \    ^  Jg KTbom January    27.
ilous task of Wilhelm II., emperor ot j 18S!,    ne became king ot Prussia and1
Oermany anei  king or Prussia.    Tbat j emperor of Germany June 15, 1SS8. He i
he has gone so far toward his goal in I is in the prime of life, hearty, vigor-:
 .,    ..     _       .   lous,  hard   working,   versatile,  enthus-
twenty-five  years  marks the  man  as ����� public utterances seem to
one of the greatest of the house of   h      ,       ��     , h d       ,
Hohenxollern. The present war will,
without doubt, be the crucial test Of
his career. i
Understanding  a   little  of  Wilhelm
pioion in his own mind concerning the
divinity  of  his  appointment  to  rule |
his  people.    He has undertaken and |
,i       ��� .     ...���i.u.���._ ... (���-,.���,������,   ;. ;. icarried on the task for more than 25
II. and the problems of German)  it is   WMM  u.,h   h*���.nln���  ���.,     ,,r,ce  Qq1 I
first   Wilhelm.   who   exclaimed   upon!    ,n  ,"'��ht  ""'   ki,is"r   ,s  ab""1  Mve
his coronation as king of Prussia, "I
ll. antl ine proDienis in uermany it is  __..-_.   ...in.   v,...,���i������   .���_i      t��.i������  i
i      .        ���-_  .I,-, c  ..��������� , .    .years   with   burning  zeal.    Price  (
vfew'in the p'esem wortS".F ^r  ln   hi"   "<*"**��*   unrt   lhP   ,;
V,?Tbi" m.   ��22.       ,rl,'_,. ,,.-.: mans" says of him. "He loves bis jc
Like   his   famous   grandfather,   the
KOR MUR   SIA* down,    $1.00    per j
wee*.   Cm-am.'*    Pride    Malleable
Ranees; etvryooe guaranteed. Mar- j
ket *am_~ cm. I I
RANCH WANTED Must be improved. Will pay cash for same. B.
G, Brush, 201 Westminster Trust
phone particulars and we'll gel you
a tenant at once. _ni Westminster Trust building.    Photic 312.
WANTED TO BUY ���Four or five
room house; give full particulars;
terms and lowest cash price. P. O.
Hox 154, City.
to niNT
wy em ad. In this column.
KOR RK-CT ��tx room
isbed. Third street.
Ron IB.
house    furn-
Applv   P.   0.
receive this crown from God's hand,
and from none other," Kaiser Wilhelm
is a devout believer In the divine
rights of his kingship. Wilhelm is
king "by grace of God," the first servant of his pe-ople, bound by sacred
obligation to serve as he sees the
right.    Though Oermany Is possessed
feet  nine  inches.    His  figure  is  nth
letic, complexion and eyes clear and
manner decidedly energetic.    Writers '���
familiar with    him In moments of re-
taxation  describe  him  as  careless  ofi
speech, unaffected and    simple.    He
knows   most  of  his   staff  officers  of j
army and navy by name, chats often |
with  his sohilers anel  delights  in his
'bier abend" circle, a group or twenty
of   democratic     institutions,     though:. ,    ,-,, ,, ,        ,
It. .��� i        -...-..-.-.. ���.  -.k__.iT. ���_.-  -..i   two triends, biddi-n regardless o   rank
there is a system of checks and bal-'
ances   both   democratic   and   bureaucratic, no careful    chronicler    denies
keeping rooms, $10 per month, at
224 SnreWth street. 13720)
FOR RK-CT Modern clean houses in
afl part* or town and Burnaby at
very Ven. -t_nIhl B. G. Brush, 'phone
312, !M Westminster Trust Bhig.
_______ JO LOAN,
MO-CKT TO MIAN in large and small
.imd-nlj Post office box 1 "i4 New
weekly. Why not you? Write immediately for full particulars, sample, p-Ctare, literature, etc. Experience sunmceisary. Enclose 10c. to
cover east. Clifford C. Mitchell,
P.O. Boa 2. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (3731)
WANT-BO���Dressmaking; prices reasonable. Now is the time to put
your orders in before Hie fall rush.
Mrs. c. Cunningham, suite io Bradley apartments. (.722)
Par-nut to Swtim\ 5. Of Chapter
92 of tike Knuietl Statutes of Canada,
1*8*. noi ice is hereby given that there
haa been Aegmrited with the Minister
of Public Works at Ottawa, a plan
WANTED���Household furniture. Will an<l description of the site and side
buy, sell on commission or exchange elcvatiosi of a proposed railway bridge
Auct.on sales conducted. H. J. BUS-] u*_m lhe location of the company's
sell, "The Only lleliiible," corner railway aensa the North Arm ot the
Columbia and Fourth streets, phone Kr*SCT ***** ia thc district or New
SSI. (3713)   ^estTomaUx. province of Hritish Col
umbia, aad duplicates   thereof    have
the absolute rule or the kaiser. Since
tho dismissal of Bismarck in 1S!��0
there has never been a question as to
"who is Germany."
It is not the claim of any writer of
discretion that Wilhelm alone lias
made Germany what it has become
in twenty-five years. It would be equally foolisli to believe that Germany
would have forged ahead without such
a leader as the kaiser. Wilhelm II.
and his time, so far as the weirare of
Germany is concerned, nre felioltiously
matched. Close students of German
affairs rind a sound worth to Germany in what other nations have e-rit-
Iclzed in the character of the kaiser.
Her Hope of Empire.
In the middle ages began Germany's hope of empire. T'.ie Teutonic
races in federation dreamed or expansion and met disaster so overwhelming that even a century ago the
German state was dissolved into
Bemi-independent provinces. Germany,
the territory now banded as an empire, became the battle ground of Europe, the soldier-slave market fori
every ambitious monarch.
During   the   sixteenth,   seventeenth
and  eighteenth   ce-nturies.  while    her
neighbors    were    opening    the    new
Worlds across the sea, Germany, with-
jout national entity, became provincial,'
narrow, without initiative, the subject!
of  universal harassment. ,
When  the  family or Hohenzollern I
or Prussia, whose greatest trait is the1
acquisition of land, began the rehabll-l
itation of that kingdom, and laid  the
foundations for the great empire, the
I new world had been divided between
j Germany's     neighbors.     It     remained!
tor the kaiser's grandfather, the first
Wilhelm,   with   the   aid   of   Bismarck,
I to establish the empire. To his grand-1
.son  fell  the even  more difficult  task |
of developing that  empire to a  lirst
j and Importance, to a weekly soiree of
frugal character where even the em
peror serves himself.
By an elaborate press clipping and |
reading   bureau   the   kaiser   contrives
to  read  everything  of  importance   in
all  the German  newspapers.    Ile  has
lost a  former  interest  in  fiction  anel
the  drama,  but .delights  in  scientific
works when he reads for pleasure ami
pront,    It is his ambition and delight
to master technicalities of many problems which concern his people, wlietb
er  they   be  wireless   telegraphy,   air
craft, reciprocating and turbine steam
engines   or   industrial     insurance.   A
stickler for military discipline, an  Inheritance   from   Hohenzollern    ancestors, the kaiser has often  pioved hu-
manely   tolerant   of  errors   when   the
circumstances are extenuating and his
soldiers have many anecdotes or him.
One brief statement selected at ran
dom rrom a muss of Information should
give an itic-a or the tremendous business   or   being   emperor  Of  Germany.
The   kaiser   has   the   largest   military
wardrobe in tbe world, presided over
by twelve valets, who work by a system  which    permits    the    numerous
ela.il>��� changes or wardrobe necessary
, to   business   of   state.     Though   an
American   may  regard   such   detail  of |
living   as   futile1,   adopting   the   continental point or view, it i.s or vital Importance that the kaiser's sartorial ap-
, pearance at every moment or his bus-
1 iness    days be raultless. Since- tnat is
lone detail or the business of being emperor  it is easy to  imagine  how  full
of work are the working davs of Wilhelm 11.
Understanding Germany's geographical position on tbe continent and Unsocial  and  economic  problems of the
j empire, it is not so difficult to understand   that    In   this   leader,   who   be-
I lieves himself divinely appointed. Ger-
I many  has tbe  type  of emperor ahso-
I lutely essential  to her well  being  as
! a  nation.    Tin-  next   few  months  will
see   him   put   to  the  greatest   test   of
the  greatest crisis of German  history.
rnrniliire and lbFm *mBMli��mi io the office of the
"'""",rt dnd!Re��irtxarot n*wfe for the district ofi
New Wn-tmii-i t,-r. at New Westmin- j
ster. B. C; a__�� that an application
will hr -BS-k- for an order-in-council I
appraniac t*c bri/tge and crossing as '
so ahow-B aad described,   which   will
i-tocks  of merchandise  in  large or
..mall quantities for spot   cash   or
will sell your goods by public auction and give a guaranteed value, or
no commission charged. Before disposing    of your    goods    elsewhere  . ,    ,
call in Fred    Davis    and    get    his j ^    *"��*��<    ">r    etmsideration    on.
values,  then  see  the  others,  after
wards Davis will sell for you or buy.
Call at White Lunch, .">4S Columbia
street.    Phone 215. (.1721)
WANTED���Furniture, etc.. W. M.
MeCloy & Co.. the expert auctioneers, will conduct a successful
suction for you or buy outright if
sale not desired, (.'lean business,
prompt settlements, over 20 years
��ide experience. Write or call 32
Sixth street. ( .718)
��� tl part   ol  Lot "..
in   tho   District   of
Ri Lot 11, 1-.ln.-k 1
Group I. Map 1469,
Ni w   Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss ..r Certificate
et Title Number 47.R-F, issued in tha
nan e of Ethel M. .\. Vlpun, has been fll-
e,l   III   Iliis office,
Notice is hereby given thai I shall, at
the expiration of one month fmni tin-
clute ef the first publication hereof, in a
dally newspaper publlxhed In the City of
New WestmlnBter, Issue a duplicate of tlir-
-ii.I Ce-rtificiile, util.-s- In tne meantime
valid objection 1��- mad" tn me in wriiing.
.1 C. I'.WYNN.
Disir'et Registrar "f Titles,
__.iih1 rteglstry Office,
New  W .utnilnster,   B.C.,  July  27,   1SM.
. .7091
month after the  first  publication  of
this notice, w ��i soon thereafter as
thc matter sari receive attention.
rkief Kngineer C. N. P. Ry.
Vancewn-i-r. R C. 4th August, 1. 14.
Light Draft Vessels Offered by a  Dominion   Company   Would   Prove
of Great Use.
WhtRH ���rmnt of  ||te   |rws   of   tnx   sale'
ivrtifir*!.-   .tn.   17,   i.n   H   Block   "C"   re-!
miMi.uon-   l_kvtk   lu   District    Lot    171, |
also 1a_  a-iV <��'rlifir.i<e   No.   SIR.   Lol   I.
Work   ���_-   r.  -nMivl. i,.n    Heel;   "A"    District 1__.  2m. jtlw. tax null, certificate No.
us.   I,r��t   t.':   ittnrk     "i'"     i-eBUbdivlslon
[-lod. ~A" l*i��rrire   Uii  28,   Issued  In   lhe!
name  i*   -Tartur n.   ItOs.-.   !n,s  been   filed
in  ih��   ntiicr mt thr  Mitni.-ipiil   Clerk.
Nntirt- in JuTi-by  civer.   i.Ii.it   I   shall,   nl,
ihe  ,\|���i.im   M tliirn    i nn i   ilnys   from
Che d_i.'   rS  -be  fimr [Miblientieii   hereof
ill n i1.-,il> air��rNpal>4-r pU-Htnhl (1 in the
fiiv ta Kfm -T-Ot-illllHter, issue las nnl.
di-*.--*. In 1-Tf,fter S. lies,- ef th. lund.
nfnrratxiii -,-.t,'.-T.. m the ininntini.' valid
libJ.-ctlHii   br   nunV   to   Ine   in   -.vrillnu J
l>��le<l Wa  rs.li day ol  June,  I'M I
It.   BOT-TON,
(���'IKT61 Cblleotnr,  ESurnubv,
L.U.A.M., A.R.C.M.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing-
tug, Voice Production, Theory (In
class or privately), Harmony, Counter-
.point, Musical Form and History.
PupilB prepared for the examlna-
tton�� of the Associated Board of the
IBoysl Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For terms, etc.. apply 51 Dutter'.n
Btreet.   Phone 411 R.
O. O. WILSON, manager.
j Transfer Co.
' Office Phm���t. Xtb.       Barn Phone 1S7.
Bsghli  Street.
B-��;.)js* Delivered Promptly to
A_ry Vett of tbe City.
B. C1
Full siodk ��f latest Imported Suit'
inpi1    for  -Mtnnier  wear     Perfect  tit \
I and wnrl-!-i��ii��hip Kiiaraiiteed.    Prices,
[fiom $1S W up.    7111 front street.
I world   power   despite   the   fact     that
j there was no room for its expansion I��?" liil'.i-,     ,, ri
iKeoKraphically. !1,ls   lifetime, dunne  <m
j    Wilhelm was hampered with a han-
elicap even  more onerous than  this���|
the necessity    of   reforming German ,/^S Bl 11\| A kl   fUHlC
Centuries of disorganization, of de-, vnllnl/l/lll   ull II O
feat, of ravaging, of political trickery:
had had their errect upon the German i
pe-ople. The return of seir-eonHdencc, i
the feelinji of national entity began;
with Sedan. The present kaiser, ag-
gresslve, belligerent, supreme, is car-:
rylng on the work.
When Whilhelm II. undertook his
trust the empire suffered a tremendous drain in Immigration. That drain
has been stopped. The- Germans are-
kept in (iermany Deprived of an op
portunity for geographical expansion (the African anel Southern ocean
colonization of Bismarck being but
experiments!, the problem was solved
by trade expansion. Tlie empire been me one of the world's greatest manufacturing centers.
Navy  a   Necesisty.
Commercial   expansion   necessitated
;i navy, The kaiser is responsible for
Germany's present tremendous sea
power. The army, an Inheritance from
'.is !."-i< nd fat her. who brought the curlier Prussian reservist system to B
state of perfection, bas not Buffered
by ihis new Interest, for it is atill ;.
vital in ee.sit.. m tin- continental relations of the em Dire in twenty-five
years of pence the kaiser has been
able to develop military resources
great enough to make good his for
elgn policy, which may be paraphrased as "Hands off: If you wish war.
war wm shall have, imi not on German  soil."
In the varied and dramatic activities of t'e kaiser can tie traced a de-l'-
inite- policy. Monuments and marks
of recognition have been scattered
broadcast throughout the empire, recalling heroes and events dating Ijaetk
almost to mythology, lie has striven
desperately to reawaken the pride of
his people in their past history .He
has entered into art and literature with
the same supreme self confidence he
undertook military expansion. The results have made him the subject of
laughter and criticism, but the purpose the building ot national, character, is plain, and. rrom his point of
view, worthy. The kaiser has been
riuick to recognize economic changes
and socially Germany has undergone
ns great a revolution as it has politically,
The problem of expansion is today]
Germany's  greatest   task.    Forced   to
seek unoccupied  room, for during tbe j
period of European colonization over-1
seas   Germany   slept,   the   kaiser   has!
conceived    ambitious    projects.      In,
1R-8-9. ah if In- undertook ami accomplished   the   lease   of   Klaochok,   pur- .
eh: 18������  nl   the  Caroline  islands,  treaty
aboul Samoa, the preliminaries of the
proposed   Bagdad   railway    and     the
treaty   with   England   concerning  the
Po'tuguese colonies In Africa, To get I
and   keep n   foreign   market   for  German   manufactures   and   to   rind   and:
protect sources of supply for the needed raw materials for manufacture, are
two  of  the   greatest   questions    con-1
I'n ntiiiL-    the    kaiser.    Understanding
this and understanding Germany's po-1
ie  il
Cally, due to the aggressiveness of Its
Montreal, Aug.  1".   The offer of a
I fleet of .".1   vessels, made by the- Can-
! ada  Steamships company,  extends  itself  to  tbe  field  of  European  opera-
' tions.     It   was   stated   by   an   official
j with   authority   that   the   large   fleet
! placed   at   the   government's   disposal
! comprises such a variety of types that
many of the vessels could  be used  i'i
inn,!!  and   llelgian  waters and    the
company   is   prepared   t.i   see   the   ves
iid-   make the transatlantic trip,
"The   majority   of  our   boais   were
made    In    England   and    have   crossed
the Atlantic," said Mr. Norcross today. "Many of t':ein are of light draft
end can carry linnien.se cargoes. Por
transport work In the -hallow waters round Ihe llelgian and Holland
coast   they   would   he   very   suitable.
"In addition to these we have regular cargo boats and also vessels capable of carrying from 700 to 1,000
Mr. Norcross cited the Bermudlan,
a handsome vessel of ten thousand
tons displacement.    It  Is in  the  Ber-
[innda trade and lias accommodation
for 1,000 people. It lias a speed of
IX  knots.    There  is  also  the Quebec
; with a speed of IS knots and troop
As to the whereabouts of the vessels at present .Mr. Norcross said that
I they are scattered all over the lakes
jand tin- entire length of the St. Lawrence   ready   lor   Instant   service.
The neeel Of the light draft vessels
in transport work on the llelgian
coast and Rhine mouth is certain to
become  apparent   once   the     Knglish !
'troops are settled on llelgian terri-1
Wise Precaution
will prevent the little illnesnof today
from becoming the big sickness of
tomorrow anel after. For troubles of
the digestivo organs you can rely on
SoM everywhere,   tn boxet, 25 cinli
Reduced Long Distance
Telephone  Rates
New Rates
For Three Minutes
Abbotsford  to Aldergrove    10c
Abbotsford   to   Mission  10c
Abbotsford  to Otter    '.  20c
Campbell to Cloverdale ...:  10c
Cloverdale  to  Hazelmere     10c
Cloverdale  to  Milner     10c
Cloverdale to White Kock    10c
Pert-ridge to New  Westminster  10c
Hammond to I'ort Coeiultlam  10e
Hammond to  I'ort  Moody     15c
Hammond to Ituskin   15c
Hammond  to Stoltze    15c
Hammond to Whonnock     15c
Mission to Ituskin    15c
.Mission to Stoltze    15c
Mission to Whonnock    15c
New  Westminster to I'ort Coeiultlam    10e
I'ort  Coquitlam   to  I'ort  Moody  10c
I'ort Coquitlam to Vancouver  20c
Ituskin  to Stoltze     10c
Kuskln to Whonnock   10c
Stoltze to Whonnock  10c
Also special night rates between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. to all points
In Hritish Columbia. Three times the regular day period for the regular day rate.    Make appointments any  time during the day.
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout the  Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar aad
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts ot ths
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK. Qeneral Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Mansger.
Pacific Pacific
Labor Day
Round   trip   tickets   al   single
fare   and   one-third   will   be   on
sale   Sept.   1   to  Sep!.   7,  good   to
return up to Sept. n.
U'et-d end spcr;. ' rate on sale
Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday.--.
.'or particulars apply to
E. GOULET, Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria   From   Vancouver.
i":;:o a.m Daily
2:00   p.m Hally
11:45   p.m Dally
For Seattle
10:30 a.m Daily
11:00 p.m. daily except Baturday
ll:45 p.m Saturday
For Nanaimo
10 a.m   and 6:l!0 p.m Dally
Nanaimo. Union Bav, Comox
8   a in.   Thursday   and   Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bav.   Powell
11 15 p.m    Kvery Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
HOOp.m    Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
5:00 a.m. Tuesdays tor Victoria,
calling  at  points  in  Ciulf  Isl.
To  Alaska   .... Kvery  Saturday
Hurnaby Horticultural .lueicty, will be held at thc
Friday and Saturday, Aujf. 11 and 15.
Friday, 2 to 10 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
The annual flower shows of ihis society have always been of a
hUh  order of  merit nnd  the exhibit tills year  will  be  such  as  should
attract every  lover of  flowers.
New  Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth
Special Excursions
OBSERVATORY INLET (Anyox-f.ranby Bay)
Five Days (t")0 Glacial, Island
including \ \(\ Mountain and
Meals and Berth. S^v Forest Scenery
s.s.   "Prince   Rupert"   sails ss    "Prince   Oeorge"   sails
Monday midnight, August 3, 10, Thursdays, midnight, August a,
17, 24, 31. 13, 'JO. 27,
Uouts remain at I'rince Kupert one day, affording an opportunity
ol  senitiK  the  new   (Jrand  Trunk Pacific city.
Parlor rooms separately or on suite, with or without private
l.nlli, etc., at an additional cost. Staterooms en suite without extra
II. 0. SMITH, C.P. and T.A. C, 13. JENNBY, O.A.P.D.,
Phone Sev. 8ixt. 527 Qranvll)'. St., Vancouver, B.C,
I �����
FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 1914.
Summer Advertising
Is Especially
Reasons Are   Given   by  "Economic
"It is keeping everlastingly at it���the quiet, continuous brand of publicity that worries its way through to
success in the long run and it is difficult to find any
justification for breaking the continuity of advertising
during hot weather.
"Clothes have to be worn and the necessaries of life
provided for, and almost every article with the exception
of purely seasonable goods is in equal demand in the summer as in the winter.
"Then, again, in the summer people do not work so
hard���there is more leisure time, and just because they
have more time for reading it is logical to state that they
have more time for reading advertising.
"To the modern housewife any respite from the thraldom of stuffy stores and glaring pavements is welcome.
She reads the advertising columns of the daily paper, and
makes it her shopping guide, especially in the summer-
missing at this time is losing momentum which will take
considerable time and expense to regain at a later date."
The News reaches the permanent, earning classes, arriving in the home in the morning. In the home it stays
during buying hours, the newest edition of buying guides.
It contains the merchants' last announcements before the
buying of the day is done.
Increase Your Summer
Advertising in The News
and Get Your Share of
the Business.
FRIDAY,  AUGUST  14, 1914.
The New Westminster
[Friday^ L Cent  and fraser valley���
Is    C *J Day   Department   Store
Friday') T Cent
Is   6 J Day
E expect big business in this store on Friday. The popular price, 25c day, holds full sway, and we promise
you many excellent bargains in all departments. This special sale day will be a great aid to shopping
during this financial stringency. Be in the store on Friday; visit the different departments. The 25c sale tickets
will help you save money on every purchase.
25c Day in the Staple and Wash
Goods Sections Will be a Great
Bargain Day
25c Day
Bargains in
Children's Silk Lisle Hoso In
shades ol pa!.' bine, pink, tans,
white and black; regular .loo;
Friday g5C
Boys'      Holeproof
Hose:   black  only,
Hegular 35c.
icuk      rib
all     sizes.
A line of Ladies' Cotton Hose
In blacks and tans ;some wltb
natural   wool   feet;   Rood   value
at 35c. 2SC
Kriday    fcww
25c Day
Bargains in
Roman stripe Cushion Slips-,
just the thing tor porch and living room; regular 35c. 4C��
Friday    fcWW
Stamped centres, size 18 inch;
a nice assortment of designs to
choose from. 9tit*
Kriday fc��V
Stumped Corsei Covers; made
up In all r\. e��: nice de-    4C*
Children's Feeding Bibs in natural; white, pink and blue;
bound with tap- und nicely
made;  regular 20c; 9-*\t*
two  for    ""
A nice line of Allover Lace and
Nets  in  white and  cream only;
values to $1.00.
White,   cream and     black l.ace
nnd    insertion      in      fine    and
heavy;  values up to 25c yard;
An Knglish make of fine Lace
and insertion to match; put up
on cards of 12 yards. 0_C|%
12 yards  fcwC
25c Day on the
Main Floor
cloves In black, white, tan,
lisle; all sizes; regular OCm
35c, for   ��**����
meni lo ebons,��� from; reg-
Laoe and Vluslln Collars, fichus.
jabots and bbv _; a nice assort-
ular to 85i.',
AE   our     Ruchings
white   and   color.-;
value:    to   65c   vard.
Ribbon--.   A nice,    line   of    Ribbons     in     Tartana     und   plain
shades; regular 45c.
Handkerchiefs A nice line of
linen Hemstitched Handkerchiefs; embroidered corner.
regular 15c;
three fnr     	
Another line of pure linen
hemstitched Handkerchiefs with
initial m corner; excellent
value; si.
Hells    '..udi'-r-'   Leather
assorted   colors;   nun
lar Tii-,-. for 	
Buster    llro ,\ :i   Belts   in shad
of red and green; regu
ular 15c. two tm-	
Children's   Mesh     Purse
long  chain;   regular
S Willi
25c Day Specials in the Men's
Men's 35c Socks, 25c.
Kine Silk Lisle Socks, in colors black, tan, and gray: good washers and
seamless;  sizes . % to 11. 25C
Friday, pair 	
50c Underwear, 25c Garment.
Men's   fine  Nainsook   I'nderwear;   sleeveless,   knee   length;   sizes   34
to 14;  also quantity balbriggan Shirts;  men's sizes only. 25C
Kriday  at,  garment       fcWW
Boys' Underwear, 25c Garment.
Hoyr.' fine balbriggan Underwear; drawers only; sizes 20 to
Friday, pair 	
Men's Straw Hats, 25c.
Odd lines of Men's Straw  Hats:  regular values to $1.00;  to
clear Friday at, eacn 	
Boys'  Windsor Ties;   mostly  light grounds with  fancy colored    ends
Regula;   26c  value1-.     Friday  at
two for 	
Linen Collars, Three for 25c.
Men's l.inen I'ollars. ''Success Brand," in all shapes and sizes.
Regular 15c.    Friday, three lor  	
50c Neckwear, Half Price, 25c.
Kour-in-Hand   Neckwear   in   narrow,   reversible   or   flowing   end   designs; also Wash Ties m plain white or striped patterns, batwings_and
string bows.   Hegular 50c vanes.
Friday, your choice   	
35c   Cashmere   Socks,   25c.
Men's fine summer weight Wool Socks;  seamless;  spliced heels and
toes; sizes 9% to 11V4. 9fif*
Friday, pair    W��
Boys' Caps, 25c.
Hoys' Eton Caps in navy und cardinal; also quantity of tweed
('aps.    Friday,  each   	
Boys' and Men's Braces, 25c.
Men's and  Boys' Suspenders;   crossback  styles;   good  lisle  webbing;
regular values to 50c. 9t\fm
Kriday, pan-   CvC
15c  Handkerchiefs, Three for 25c.
Men's  Silkuline  and   lawn   Handkerchiefs;   plain   white,    also    with
fancy borders; good size. 0_��_%
Kriday   three   for     __3C
BOc Watch Fobs.
Big Bargains in
Our Electrical
Department for
25c Day
Don't forget to visit tlie Electrical Department on 25c Day,
where will be found numerous
bargains, including:
A pretty and classy selection of
Lamp shades: values us high as
$1.25      AU   at   on 9Cfl
Frtdaj   fcWW
25c Bargains
for the House
First  Quality  Gray   Enamelware
for 25c Each.
r.iiiss Head Fringe in different
colors, inuk.ng a prettj border
I-1I- domes, leading lamps
Bhades. Regulai- fl.
Pei  yard 	
Balls  or   Hands;   Jusl   the  thing
for   hulls   and   verandahs.     Regular BOc.
Green  anil   white  office  shades
Regular 50c. 9m*\t*
Silvered   Reflectors;    will   make
your    light     twice    as    bright,
.inly on
32 c.p. lamps; regular
35c:   each   	
Gas Mantles.  Regular 25c ''ach
Dry  Batterlei
35c;   each
on,,  only   Brushed   Brass   Wall
Bracket, 9_%f��
only      CvV.
40c Camp Stools
for 25c
Camp  Stools,   canvas   seat.   Reg
ular  l-C,
2V-    Quart     Lipped    Saucepans
2V4 Quart    Lipped    Preserving
1 Quart Tea or Cofl
32-inch   Wash
10-inch Oblong Ple
'.i lm li Pie I'lates.
iwo for	
35c      Whin-      Enamel     Mixing
40c  Retlnned  Coland
ers, each  	
15c Retlnned Wash
Howls, two for 	
8-incii Tin  Pie Plates,
5 for   	
Enamelled      sink       sti i   ������: .
Hi-Quart Tin Dish Pans
Decorated   Crepe    Table    Napkins, 300
$1.00 I'kts. l.ace Paper
Dollies,  pkt   	
15c   Wire   Skirt   Hani;
ers, '.', for 	
Sample  Dottles ot   Put/.    Silver
and   Metal    Polish,   6
of each for	
lnc  Rolls Toilet   Pape
6 for   	
Mack's   Xo-Riih   Laundry     Tan
|PtB, 'I
Spring Clothes Pins.
five  do7en   for   ....
40c English Scrub
Brit. lies, each   	
"oc,   folding   Lunch
Boxes, each 	
"���"���'        Carborundum Knife
Sharpeners, _\C _.
each     COC
ROc    Bottle      Magic    Furiilttiri
'-    Nap-
v     Tab
Values Worth
Double in Dress
Goods for
25c Day
A special lot of heavy cloths In
black, navy, gray, cardinal,
green, etc., all serviceable colors and a strong cloth suitable
lor hard wearing; skirts, etc.
Regular to 50c for 9Kfi
per yard    fcww
Checks at 25c; 40 Inches Wide.
In four different checks; navy
and white, gray and white, navy
and black and white; usetui tor
house dresses or children's wear.
Kriday,  per 25C
For Children's Summer Dresses.
A good line of Lustres in light
shades, us cream, pink, sky,
corn, white, etc.; 36 inches
wide.    Special 9Rf*
Friday at fcWW
We are clearing a lot of Remnants at 25c per yard. These
are of exceptional value and no
lengths will be cut. Numerous
colors and (|tialities. Some
worth as high as 75c a yard. On
Kriday. per OCf*
yard        fcWW
Silks up to
27 Inches Wide
All for 25c
This is an odd lot of Silk, including Jap Taffetas. Olaces,
Tamollnes, Chinas, etc., various
shades In plain silks; others
come In bordered silk with
plain centres and some striped
Silks; various shades. OE��%
Clearing lot, yard    fcwW
.hist   now   for   the    new     tunic
Skirts the demand for linings is
We    are offering    two    special
lots   in all colors.   One    line at
two yards
And a good Taffeta at,
per yard   	
A big lot of Trimmings; including values regular lo 85c,
clearing for, OC*%
per  yard    fcwC
Another lot of Handing, in num-
reous coloring and very effective designs, in many makes;
values to 25c; clear- OC����
ing at three yards for.. fcWW
Real China
Bargains for
25c Day
50c Thin China Cups and
Saucers in a variety ot shapes
and decorations, for
two for  	
Half-pint covered (ilass Jelly
Moulds;   regular   50c.     OjC*%
75c Table Tumblers.
.- i.\ for	
Eight-inch Glass Berry Howls,
n <
50c China Cake Plates,
BOc China Sugar and Creams,
ut. pei
15c.     plain      whiti
Saucers,  three
i     Jelly
cups    and
Wm    Rogers   Plated   Teasnoons,
ilile     or
t�� 0
Wm.   Wo-crs'    Plated   Tahle   or
Dessert  Spoons, one
Win.   Rognr.    Plated     Table     or
Dessert   Forks, one
25c Day in Millinery Dept.
Children's   Canvas   Hats.     They
wash   nicely   and   look
Straw Shade Hats, suitable for school 	
Children's  Vests,  siim-
niei  weight, 3 for	
Children's       Knitted     Drawers;
summer weight; black;
Children's     Knitted      Drawers;
summer weight; white,
These are knee length and most
aie  edged   with   lace.
1 allies'   Vests;   Special   I'or   Kri-
..r.,w" 25c
These are regular 20c  vests and
are  a   very   fine   hut   strong
l  ulies'   Knitted   Drnw-
i ir;   summer   weight . .
Tea  Aprons;  dainty
Swiss and lawn 	
Regula- 3.V- Sheeting;  full bleached;  heavy grade;   70 Inch.
Friday, yard 	
Regular strong weave unbleached Sheeting;  70 Inch.
Kriday, yard	
Regular 35c. Pillow Cases;  made from strong bleached cotton; 40x4_
inches wide. Friday-
Regular 45c Bleached Table, Damask; 54 inches wide.
Kriday, yard 	
Regular   35c   Heavy   Apron   Dowlas   and   cream   Apron   Holland;   86
inches wide.
Kriday. yard 	
Regular 35c Roller Towel for the   kitchen;   in   crash;   ready   for  use.
Regular 10c Checked Glass Towelling;  111 inches wide.
Kriday. three  yards for   	
Regular 10c Crash Roller Towelling  in  cream  and  brown
Friday, three yards for	
Regular  to  17'^c  Colored   and   White  Turkish   Towelling;   IX  inches
wide.    Friday, two
vards for   	
Regular $1.60 dozen Tahle Napkins;  hemmed ready for use,
Fridayi three for  	
Regular to 35c Circular Pillow Cotton; 44, 4H and 4K in. wide.
Friday, yard 	
Regular 35c each White and Colored Turkish  Hath Towels;
large  size;   each   	
Itegular 35c White Butcher and Waist Linen; 36 in. wide
Friday, yard 	
Hegular $1.66 dozen, ready for use Glass Towels.
Friday, three for  	
Regular to 20c Fine Nainsooks; 36 inches wide.
Frldaj, two yards  tor   	
Regular 75c  pair     Irisii   Huckaback  Towels,   fringed,   plain  hemmed
or scallop.d edge.
Frldaj. each 	
Regular   ibr. Uray  Flannel.
i 'rlday, v ard	
30c extra strong drill Suiting; dark   striped;   for   rompers.
Friday, yard 	
Regular  65c  sell   1 lue  and  gray  Shirting   Chambray,   strong   weave,
2_  inches wide.    Friday
l".o yards for  	
Regular   12V4C   Apron   Ginghams;    36   inches   wide;    various   checks.
Kriday, 2Vi yards
Regular   15c   White   Organdie   Muslin    Friday,   three
yards  for   	
Regular  17.4c White Victoria  Lawn;  38 inches wide.
Friday, two yards for  	
Regular 1714c Cotton Challie and  Wrapperette;   wide  range
of designs; Friday, two yards for	
Regular 15c per yard Canvas Prints;  light and dark shades.
Friday, two yards for	
Regular 25c Per yard  Mikado Crepes in stripe effect.
Friday,   two   yards   for   	
Regular 20c.  per yard  Cotton  Crepes.
Friday,   two  yards  for   	
Regular  20c. oCtton  Foulards. OCm
Friday,   iwo  yards   for    fcwC
Regular 15c Checked Ginghams for children's wear.
Kriday. three yards for  	
Regular 16c light and dark Prints. aj
Kriday. three yards for  fcwC
Regular  12'4-c Striped  Flette:   L'S  Inches  wide:   a good
heavy quality.    Friday, three  for   	
Rentier L'Oc Dotted Swiss Muslin;  a  nice fine quality.
Friday,   two   yards   for   	
i; 40x4-
ind;   36
for  use.
i  inches
Drapery Department  Specials for
25c Day
35c and 40c Bungalow  Nets at 25c.
Cream or Arab Nets;  .'IS to 42 inches wide in nice assortment Of designs; suitable for dining room, living room or den.    Regular     *_)t_-\
35c to  Pic values, for   faWV
35c White or Cream  Madras, 25c.
This is  full 50 inches wide, with  large scroll design;   fine        91*./.
quality.    Regular 38c, for. yard     MB
20c Sash Net, Two for 25c.
White   Nottingham   Sash   Net;   scalloped   on   both   edges;   -S   Inches
wide.     Regular 20c  value, Om\fm
40c.  Scrims, 25c  Yard.
Cream or Rem Voile nnd Scrim hemstitched and colored borders; line
equality.    Regular 35c and 40c values; Om\t*t
yard    fcWl#
25c  Reversible  Cretonne,  Two  for 25e.
Vard   wide  Cretonnes  in   fawn,  green,  blue  or  red,   floral   patterns:
reversible. 1 i.-gular 25c. value. 9m\gm
Two yards for  fcww
35c Casement Cloth, 25c Yard.
Arab and ecru, 54-lnch Cotton Casement; with fruit or floral borders,
In blue, red and green.   Regular 35c value at OC#%
yard    fcWW
20c Casement, One and One-half Yards, 25c.
Cream or Arab Casement Cloth with scroll and floral borders;  width
30 inches    Regular 20c value.
One a ltd one-half yards 	
30e Art Sateens, One and One-half Yards, 25c.
Mine, green, red figured sateens:  splendid quality and finish;  regular
25c and 30c values.
One   and   one-half  yards   	


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