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The New Westminster News Aug 4, 1914

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��   , ��� ���
i   ;���
Volume 9, N ;      ������ 128.
Price Five Cents.
With Thousands of Troops Under Arms as Yet no Armed
Conflict Has Taken Place���Number of Skirmishes Be-
tween Small Forces of German and Russian Soldiers,
and German and French Troops Have Been Reported
���Latest Development During Past Twenty-four Hours
Is Germany's Demand upon Belgium Which Was Refused���England Will Not Submit to the Invasion of
Belgium���British Sentiment Stronger for War.
''ndon, Aug. ;!, All the great Euro-
pean powers except Italy and most of
tne secondary powers, are mobilizing
With all their energy. Mobilization
has not yet reached a stage where
any of the armies have mot in battle.
lily, which declared her neutrality,
Will begin to mobilize only tomorrow,
a!i -.ough the process probablv Is well
 ]-'" way. Great Britain's mobilization is nearly completed, but she ha;
ie r jet announced that the will join
in ihe general war.
Ti night war officially existed between Austria and Germany ou the
"iih side, and Russia, Servia and Mon<
tenegro on the other. There bad
been no official declaration of war
between Germany aud Prance on
either side. Uu; tonight the (ierman
ambassador in Paris received orders
io demand his passoprts.
The most important event In the
past twenty four hours was Oermany'i
i eraand upon Belgium. In the form
ot a twelve-hour .ultimatum, that the
Cerman troops be permitted ti/cro.,-
Betglum to the Krench frontier, coupled with the promise that Belgian integrity should remain unimpaired at
the .nd of the war, and that Btlgulin
should  be compensated.
To this Belgium refused to accede
on the grounds of her rights and honor.
Su- Kdward (irey, the British secretary of foreiKti affairs, made a statement in the bouse of commons. ii.Ui-
ca iug that (ireat Britain's Interests
.md obligations could not permit her
t.i submit to the Invasion of Belgian
territory. This practically left the
decision as jo whether (ireat Britain
should make war to the public opinion.
There ts absolutely no doubt that
Hrltish sentiment is for war. The appeals of thc paelfylms get no hearing.
No; one man in a hundred seemingly
wants  the  nation   lo   remain  neutral
ii rinany. through ber diplomats.
has tried to keep (ireat Britain out
b) .i virtual offer to terrain from us-
Iji-_. :,er navy against Prance as the
prire of Qreal Britain's neutrality,
I;ut the Knglish people clearly are
convinced that their honor and vital
interests compel them to protect Bel
giuin. Prance and the other natlonu
which are their closest  neighbors
Thrre is a report tonight that Holland has been Invaded through the
province of Limbing. The people of
tlie Dutch kingdom resolved to go to
i ny extremity, are said to be opening
the dykes and flooding the country,
Whloh would make the passage of the
army Impossible.
| Wednesday. By showing their per
isonal cards they are permitted to
j travel on the military trains.
The government is granting to each
I member  of  a   soldier's   family   about
28 cents a day and about 17 cent., to
I each  child.
Up to the present time Paris is be-
jing lighted at night as usual, but this
cannot be continued owing to the lack
| of coal. Construction work has ceas-
| ed.    Hundreds of buildings which had
been   partially   completed   have   been
! abandoned for the present, as has also j
; been   the   work   on   the   underground '
! rail;oad.
i AmbassadorHerrick Unable to Give Fi-1
nancial Assistance���Says  Paris
as Safe as London.
Paris. August 8.���The pressure    of j
| Americans desiring assistance became
i so great  today  at  the embassy  that
Ambassador Merrick, who was unable
j to talk  to each   individually,  made  a
I speech to them.    In substance he said!
I tnat   Paris   was   as   safe  a   place   for]
I Aine.i'icans as  London.    He  would  be
pleased   to  aid   them   ti)  leave   Paris
; but  III   liew  of  the   French   mobilization   ���ider   it   would   be   difficult   for
i them   to  depart   from   Paris  for  several days.
Tbe  wide halls of the embassy office building are  piled  high   with  the
j baggage of Americans who have been
turned out of hotels.
Chauncey M. Depew and .Ioimi ii.
Har.es were given members; ip In
the American  relief committee.
I German   Ambassador   Very   Plausible
Regarding Capture of Two Brlt-
i ish Vessels.
Ottawa, Aug. ��.--Throughout the day everybody at the capital affected
in any degree by the war situation was kept busy. Premier Borden and
his ministers, the officials of the militia and naval department and all
the departments In the slightest degree affected had no leisure moments.
Sit Robert and his colleagues were in conference throughout the day and j
evening making every possible preparation in the event of Great Britain
becoming involved in the struggle which Kurope is about to embark upon
They plan to have everything in readiness so that when the moment comes
to act there will not be a minute's delay. Col. Sam Hughes, minister of
militia, was able to assure his colleagues that the plans for the mobilization
of the Canadian forces are complete.
Quebec City, it is said, will be the point of mobilization. The Ancient
City will be chosen because it is already the headquarters of a considerable
portion of the permanent forces now In Canada and because it will be the
port from which the transports will sail when the times comes to send troops
from Canada.
The report that steps would be taken at an early Tate to man the Niobe
is confirmed. The naval service department is issuing a call for volunteers
from among the ex-navy men living in Canada. They are to be used in man
ning the Canadian cruiser Niobe for coastal duty on the Atlantic. A num-
be;  01 of.ers have already been received and 400 more are desired.
An important official announcement was made tonight that the government will impose a censorship of cables and wireless messages with the ob-
ject of preventing the sending out of news which might be to the advantage
oi enemies of Great Britain.
The cabinet council sat until 10:30 tonight. When the ministers adjourned Premier Borden said he had nothing new to announce, lie said that
the government had received nothing from the imperial authorities within
the last few hours ami intimated that the government would not have an
important announcement to make until action is taken involving Great Britain in war. It is understood the cabinet was deciding on the places for the
mobilization of Canadian forces.
German Border Troops Take Possession of Czenstochowa,
a City of 50,000 in Russian Poland and Occupy Several
Other Towns���Port of Montreal Closed to All Shipping
for First Time in History���Switzerland Will Mobilize
Her Army of 225,000���German Army Reported to Have
Invaded Holland���Diplomatic Relations Between Germany and France Formally Severed Yesterday-
France Will Fulfill Her Obligations to Belgium.
London, Aug ?,. The German em
| has. y here today issued the foliow-
1 ing explanation of the recent inter
j feience with Hrltish ships by (ierman
! was vessels:
"This action was merely a police
I measure and there was no intention on
the part of Oermany to interfere with
the vessels. The Castro was ordered
to Hamburg because It was undesirable that any commercial vessel be
In the Kiel canal, while in the case of
the Saxon, the German government
had purchased tbe coal on board from
the firm to which it was consigned
and had altered the destination of the
vessel to Hamburg."
Paris Feels War's Burden.
|'a-is,   Aug.   -.The  provincial   secretaries and  deputies are assembling
for  the   convening   of   parliament   on
John   Burns   Resigns.
London. Aug. II. -John Burns, president of the local government board,
has resigned. He is in disagreement
with the war policy of the government.
Ottawa. Aug. 3.���The militia department was inundated today  with
ot.ier flood ol letters to enlist coming from all parts of the Dominion     Al-lto  Proceed  to an armed attack    and
most all the regiments in any branch of the service covering every province I began to bombard  Belgrade, an opei
r>fl_   l*_ii_-*i_u_iiit-i-l .4 _-_��mn__...___.i___.t_.__    _____._--__     _it_. ��� . mr _.%_. _ _
St. Petersburg, Aug. li ��� Emperor
Nicholas issued today a manifesto In
which his majesty outlined the events
leading up to the declaration of war
by Germany and then says that "Rus-
slans will rise like one man and re
pulse the Insolent attack* of the ene
The text follows:
"By the grace of God. we, Nicholas
emperor  and   autocrat  of  all  the
Japan and America has been greatly
French warships and liners in the
far east are concentrating at Saigon,
while all the British naval reserves
have been called  to Hong Kong.
London. Aug. 8.���The admiralty announces that the mobilization of the
navy was complete in all respects at
four o'clock. This was due to the
measures taken and the voluntary response of the reserve men in advance of the royal proclamation.
Uussias. King of Poland and Grand
Duke of Finland, etc.. to all our faithful subjects make known that Russia
related by faith and by blood to the'
Slav peoples and faithful to her his
torical traditions, has never regarded
her  fates   with   indifference.
"But the fraternal sentiments of the l
Russian  people  for the    Slavs    have
been awakened with perfect unanimi '    ��� 	
ty, and extraordinary force in these I Ottawa, Aug. 3.���Orders have been
last few davs when Austria-Hungary i ���S8U(,<1 ror Ule mobilization of Unknowingly addressed to Servia claims i SwlSs anilv and a11 lnembel'8 "��� ('a��
inacceptible to an  independent state Iada  l,PtwPC��  tlie  ages of 20  and 40
"Having  paid   no  attention   to  the I years are ord��,'ei1 l0 return to Swit-
pacific and concllllatory reply of the  zerland al,d reP��rt for duty
Servian   government  and   bavin"   re !     ty-1"?   Martin,   the  consul   general
jected the benovolent intervention of iof  Switzerland,  whose offices are  in
Russia,  Austria-Hungary   mace  haste ' Momre!l1- wa��  in  Ottawa today  Isbu
are represented. Apparently the whole milita service covering every province
to respond at once to calls to arms. Members of parliament have sent telegrams offering themselves for active service or volunteering to raise men
A score of young women have telegraphed asking to be sent as Red Cross
nurses. The boy scouts aud cadet corps are not behind the grownups in
offering to fight for the flag.
'Forced by the situation thus creat
London, Aug 3. -Great (Britain has mobilized her forces and awaits
events.    Today she is not a belligerent power, nor is she a neutral one.
"be government has given France assurances that the British fleet will
not permit the German fleet to (attack the French coast. It haa ��ot yet
pledged iUelf to contribute an arm* to the conttnenal war.
ing  the order and had an  interview
with   Sir   Robt.   Borden.
It is intended to mobilize the entire
army, amounting to '_2?i,000 men.
ed to take necessary measures of pre-1     Mr   Martin  states  that  the entre-
caution, we ordered the    army    and' 8'ty and inv��l*Mene8s ot Switzerland
navy  put on a war footing,    at    the.!.?*  BUaran.tee'1  b>"  lhe  congress of
same  time  using  every  endeavor  to   yienna ln WW. to which Great  Bri-
obtalu a peaceful solution    Pour par-   Ui" W.M, * parJy* ..
lets  were  begun  amid  friendly  rela-     ,  Bul   the   Integrity   of   Belgium   is
tions with Germany and her ally Aus-  a,8�� R    ���rtced by ..treay- lrat u has
tria, for the blood and the property ol! il?1 be*n 'fleeted    said Mr. Martin
our subjects were dear to us. j   in order t0 forc�� m* neutrality we
"Contrary to our hopes in our good!m"Bt b?    W~Tf*    to    d��fen��    tmr'
neighborly relations' of long t'ate and js���lxes* 	
> <_ia. eaaratng our  _��_ur��.ce�� tha*. the > _____._,  _,______\
' mobiuu-t-ou  measure, taken were In \���*������������ QVftMMI
Thr   British   government   regards   with   the  deepest  distrust  Germany's \ pursuance ol no object hoatUe to her.
destruction of Belgian neutrality, but  makes no declaration as to whether Hi Germany  demanded  their Immediate \
Cf-U-Mn vuef ��*
-TiirtW-C-tMc coast
considers that measure provocative,of war. | cessation.    Being rebuffed in this de I  "
This  pronouncement  of government  policy   -the  result of two days'  al-jmand    Germany    suddenly    declared'     Sa"   Francisco,   Aug.   ...���The   best
most  continuous deliberations-was  made to the house or" commons tonight j war on Russia. 'confidential   information   In   the   pos-
by Si;   Kdward Grey.    Therefore the  trying hour of suspense for the  British!     "Today it is not only the protection ; session of naval authorities here    to-
people is prolonged  indefinitely. ' of a country related to us and unjust-' da>'   was   tljat   the    German     cruiser
ly   attacked   that   must   be    accordec , Leipsic is somewhere off the coast of
-Meanwhile  the (Ierman  embassy  in   London  is exerting every  effort  of Itha dignity and the integrity of R
but we must  safeguard   the    honor, /lower California.    None  of the gov
. eminent wireless stations on the Pa-
diplomacy to induce Great Britain "to~hol_~llo^rtrm' thi eontiieTeni ��f"la and her P��"itiou among the grea; j eittccoastI lias been in(touch with her.
bring  public opinion  to Germany.,   side.    The counsellor of the German  em-   Powers. However, since aaiuru-y.
bassy  issued a strong appeal  for the neutrality of Great  Britain, asserting!     "We   believe   uiisliakabl.v   that   our
that  Germanv  would  agree  to  keep  her  fleet  from  attacking   the  northern J faithful   subjects   will   rise   with   un
annuity and devotion  for  the defense
r / Nothing is known of the Where-
. /abouts of the German cruiser Nurn-
berg  *lnce  her  departure   last   week
and  western coasts of France IT Kngland   would  pledge  tieiitralitv and  urged   annuity ana aevouon  tor  me aerense i -r-m ostensibly  for German
that Kngland  would gain  more in the end by standing outside the Kuropean   Of Russian so..,   that ^r^^^^^^^nmi^to,^^
war and using her intluence as mediator when the moment was ripe. ��' '   be..���rB��"e"���"  ",,," ���,������-���?  -ing to join  the  Leipsic could not  b.
Referring lo this suggestion, the Iiritish foreign secretary said:
only heard that shortly before coming to the house."
Formal Notification Sent to thc Authorities at Ottawa
by Col. J. D. Taylor That 104th Regiment is Ready and
Willing to Serve When and Where Desired���B. C.
Horse Regiment Offers Likewise to Respond Instantly
to the Call to the Colors.
Minister  of   Militia.
Ottawa, Ont.
KL<m regimental meeting this even-
|ns the officers and men of the 104th
regiment  passed   resolutions  desiring
ment  and  he  reports  that  seven  enlistments   Were   awaiting   him   before
he hud  even  sat down  to breakfast.
B. C. Horse Is Ready.
The same  spirit that existB  in  the
,��� ,,sUre vou that'they" are "ready ami; 104th regiment pervades the districts
inline to render immediate service in  covered by the troops of the  .1st Bnt-
, ence of the Br It 1st. empire. ish   Columbia   Horse     A   meeting  of
.HaSi- I IFUT -COI,  .1   1). TAYLOR.! the   officers   was  held   in   \ancouver
The  above   telegram   forwarded   to  yesterday and   while little was given
ii _,,<-_im Hushes at Ottawa indicates;out  for  publication   it  is  understood
he spirt Sat extaU among the rank that plans were made tor mobilization
- file   of   the    New    Westmlnsterl it. Kamloops whenever the    word    Is
mil't a contingent    Last night the ar-l given and from the two regiments of
,',rir_^-e8ented an animated scene,  cavalry enough will he chosen to com-
'n^r,n���ial turnout of members plete a  lull  regiment  for service  in
,.L        soli      8 recruits and Europe should the occasion arise that
""fnv n   the old Ume members of the! Mich is needed.   Col, Plick would pro-
Sent  gathered to discuss the sit-jbably take command of the new regi-
..-m.   as   affecting   Kngland   in   the; ment.
1,-Htance   and   the   empire   as   a      Yesten'ay orders were sent out for
The  success  in  recruiting  is, all   troopers   to   hold   themselves   in
according  to  the! readiness, the  following being the or-
'       "   Walter S.  Rose.
only  the  beginning
lie raised his voice and rapped the table before him sharply, declaring:
"But that is far too narrow an engagement."
Sir Kdward Grey dispelled the shadows of doubt which flickered over the
triple entente in the minds of many Liberals by exposing some milestones
in the history of the rapproachmeiit, revealing it as essentially a national
one with Trance, without definite obligations. Finally, one of the tremendously questions -a question upon the answer of which the British empire
and the whole world are hanging���Whether the government considers that
Germany's policy compels Great Britain to wage war. the foreign secretary
left an impression ot doubt.
That doubt may re.lect the mind of a cabinet not wholly unanimous
and the inference drawn by many is that Sir Kdward Grey's speech was a
hint to Germany that if she will keep her soldiers off Belgian soil and her
battleships away from the const of France, that will be the price of Great
'Britain's armed ni/ttrality.
The first outbreak of patriotic enthusiasm since the possibility arose of
Knglaiid's becoming involved in the war occurred in London tonight. Crowds
of Englishmen and Frenchmen marched through the streets in the Wesl
Knd, waving flags and singing the National Anthem. When they reache.'
Buckingham palace in response to a great outburst of cheering, the kin*.'
and queen and I'rincess Mary appeared on the balcony and bowed acknowledgement of the deminstratlon of loyalty.
This did not satisfy the crowds, which chanted "We Want King George"
to the tune of the "Westminster Chimes" and sang "Rule Britannia." This
finally brought the king and queen out. again They were accompanied by
the I'rince of Wales and received another noisy greeting. The demon:'(ration lasted several minutes and for a long time after that the crowds continued to sing patriotic songs. King George and Queen Mary were also
heartil. cheered when they drove tn the parks in the afternoon, and great
crowds remained for hours around the palace, the house of parliament and
Downing street. The people generally were undemonstrative, apparently
being more curious than excited.
As evening drew on. however, an anxiety as to the attitude the government intended to adopt increased, the people became more excited and Hon.
Winston Spencer Churchill, as he walked from the gallry to th commons
was greeted with cries of "Good Old  Winston."
Premier Asquith was greeted lu a similar manner and escorted trom
his home to the precincts of the house by a cheering crowd and other members of the cabinet as well as members of the house, received a cheer as
they passed into the historic building to hear what England Intended to do
in  the hour of her crisis.
John Redmond, thc Irish Nationalist leader, came In lor a splendid
reception as he left the house, the news of his speech, as he said every
soldier could be withdrawn from Ireland, having preceded him.
Field   Marslfl   Lord   Roberts,  the   Marquis  of  Lansdowne  and   Andrew
I  Illve|hour;   that  the  unity of the emperor, "'��*�� �����"'"  ���"��  Lelpsic
with his people will become still more i connrmea. 	
close and that Russia, rising like one " _ ...    _    _r_-_.--i_.-i
man    sill repulse the insolent attack |      ���*�� ]&��_%��__?$$���,
"'*���..���ith'^.ound faith in the.JUStice \��^fS�� ffffMSftSl
of our work and with a humble hope
the arrival of the I'rince of Teck de-
i���   omnipotent   providence   in   prayer d   jf  ^    hazardous  condition  or
we call God's blessing on holy Russia laffairs    ,���     Europe   continues.     The
and her valiant troops .Duke of Connaught  had arranged  to
(blgned)   Nicholas.       L    ye eaHy jn 0ctober and tne prince
i was  to  arrive on  the  day  after  the
TRADE WITH ORIENT fluke's departure.    With hostile cruis-
SERIOUSLY AFFECTED:ers on the Atlantic, neither the Cana-
  | dian nor the British authorities would
Tokio. Aug. 3,���Business between ! care to send the Duke of Connaught
Japan, China am! Europe has been Jnor the Prince of Teck across on any-
brought to a standsill by the cessa- j thing less sure than a first class bat-
tion of exchange, while trade between i tleship.
France Is Given Assurance
that British Fleet Will Protect
d bv the time the regiment  der issued  by  Lieut. W:
on" Thursday  in  a   route j commanding    the    I'm
the city, several com-
approaching full peace
London. Aug. ',',.    Sir Edward Grey I not how soon, in Order to defend our
told  the house of commons that he | selves."
had "given France assurance that if j Mr. Andrew Bonar l_aw, leader of
the German fleet came into the Eng- the opposition, warmly supported the
lish channel or through the North Sea | government and refeiTed..amid cheers
to undertake hostile operations against! to the pledges of support received
the French coast or shipping, the Bri-1 from the British dominions.
tish  fleet  would  give all  the  protection ln its power."
Sir Edward Grey said he understood the German parliament would
be prepared. If we can pledge our neu-
tiality.    to    agree     that     lis     fleet j
Wild cheering from all parts of the
house greeted John E. Redmond, the
nationalist leader, when he assured
the government that every soldier In
Ireland might be withdrawn tomorrow and the coasts of Ireland  wouW
Bcnnr  law   leader of the opposition,  who visited the premier  in  Downing  would  not  attack  the northern coast, be  defended against  invasion  by  her
street, were scon suriounded by a great crowd, which followed and cheered j oi   France.        _ j armed  sous.  iho.   Catholics    of    th.
them.'hut the ambassadors, including the German representative, who went
officers an
; manding   I'ort    Coquitlam
t    Coquitlam
Rose,  eom-
troop   31st
..anies will be approaching run pea.-      Orders by
1 .-,      Diana were made to chilli
E^KfiyTyR h,..i m their
llncdlo del'." '-.   ,:������   officer     <,.inuii.ti.litig
i.    Mobilisation    All    troopers    are
requested to forward their present ad
Communication was
Major   Coote   in   charge
���ark companies ol tn<
J t'ae troop
had   yesterday I     In  the  even!
to the foreign office several times, and the ltusisan minister, who sat in
the house during Sir Kdward Grey's speech, being little known to Londoners,
pass .    unnoticed
When parliament adjourned a procession was formed composed mostlj
of voung men carrying Dnlon .lacks and the tricolor. They marched through
Whitehall, Trafalgar Square. Leicester Square and l'icidilly Ciicus, singing
all tin way.
two ChilUwa
London, Aug. 3,    The French embassy in 'London hat
the  declaration  of  Italian   neutrality  and   that
two  classes of the army,  but  with   no  aggre
of change of address   simply to defend  her neutrality. It  Is added  that   Italy  doe
or the'such change  should  be  Immediately reinforce troops either ou the French or Austrian frontier.
forwarded to the officer commanding, daily announced thai Turkey will proclaim her neutrality.
He declared that this was far too ��� south and tho Protestants of Ulster.
larrow a promise. ,    James Ramsay MacDonald  Socialist
Explaining the failure to secure j.ind Labor member, declared he waa
peace. Sir Edward said that it was j not persuaded that Great Britain was
not possible to secure the peace ot I in danger nor her honor Involved.
Europe because there had been little ! He wus convince*! she should have ro.
time am' furthermore there was a dis- \ maincd neutral.
position  In  some quarters    to    force j    The house   then   adjourned   until "
matters rapidly to an issue.   If a for- i o'clock for a consultation Between ths
eign  fleet,  he said, comes  down   the i leaders of all parties
channel and bombards    the    French; Appeal  From"Belgium
coast England can ntot stand aside. London,  Aug.  3.���Sir Edward GTS?,
secretary,   staled   in
_ commons todav that th.
not intend  to pared  and  we are  prepared,  to  face ^house   was   free   to   define 'win*   thn
lt is also offi-, the consequences ot   using   all  ,smr  , ;	
'strength at  any   moment.   we know | (Continued on Page Five.
been informed of
t Italy   will   probably  call  out      Towards   the   close   of   his  speech, 1 British   foreign
sslve  Idcn,   such   action   being Sir Edward said:    "We must be pre-   U-*" house of coi
TUE8DAY, AUGUST 4, 1914.
An In .let*ndei.t morning paper devoted to the Interest, of New Westminster snd ,
tbe -UM 1 a"ey.    Published ev��_ry mornlns exc.pt Sunday by the National Printing 	
ana Publt-hinf Company. Limited, at *S McKensle Street. New Westminster. British!
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to tn.inaiiil member, of the staff.   Cheque* drafts, and money orders should be made :
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Ocean   Liners  Get  test   Picking  Outside
of Saloon Passengers.
Entire   Force    of    Employees.
Men, to  be   Idle   Until
Aug. 3.
20,000 I Montreal Man Demonstrates His Idea
to Satisfaction of Navigation
New York, Aug. 3. -The discovery
I of five gamblers on the Lusltania on
: her latest westward trip reminded a
j detective of an experience he had
j this summer. A woman traveling sec-
! ond-class on one of the Knglish lines
j had played poRfer with four men dur-
Detroit, Mich., Aug. 3.--Kor the! Montreal, Aug. 3.���Judging by opin-
fi.-st time in history the Kord Motor ions expressed yesterday by Captain
company today suspended operations, Walsh, murine .superintendent of the
for a period of ten days, and the entire  force of employes,  approximate
ing 20,000 men,
length of time.
will be idle for that
Officials of the com-
The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, by invading which Ilng the p��ssase ���w loaned money to pany
in it. operations against France, the Germany army H^^u^^S     m""
purpose of malting
^^^^^^ for the
' an  inventory. ^^^^^^^^^^^
m____________________________m___________________________.   ,     When  the 10.000 employe,   remain-
Ill'Oken  ltS COUntry S treaty With  the Other great DOWerSiMm, and  It  became  the  duty of  the tag at   work during  the light season
t T?..-   ~ j      ���_._. tt   ii       j j t-.  i   ��� ii   if , ' detective to take the woman, an Amer-; laid down their tools last night, they
01 LUrope and With Holland and Belgium as Well, formed | lean,  into the smoking  room of  the were informed by the heads of the va-
' second-class, and  lock  the door and> r|0u��  departments  that  they    would
search her.   He found on her a roll of not be needed again till a week from
Monday. They joined the ranks of an
equal number that had been gradually laid off during the past two I
months to tide over the light months
of the summer season.
Tho   further    announcement     was
part of the German confederation till 1867 when a diplomatic contest for its possession between France and Germany ended in the Treaty of London. By this agreement
the neutrality of Luxemburg was guaranteed, thus bar-
I $. ,300.
'���Where did this come from
I the sleuth.
"Vou look like a nice fellow and I'll
^ J tell  vou," said the  woman.    "It's the
ring the armies of all the signatories to the treaty fromterSAj SttWS2* 15
!hls share. He's a gambler, a para
I site and a thief."
"What could I do?" said the detective
"The crooked gambler** are travel
ing second class now. That's where
the rich pickings are. The first class
is panned out. Among second class
are suckers who have saved their
earnings for the gamblers. The pros-
' perous farmers from the west are
very wise in their own conceit. In
fact, they're easy marks."
The gamblers    never    stay    ashore
committed a warlike act against all the signatories of the[H^che^a Tcuon JuS SS-
hattan side. Just now they are not
.���-ailing away on the biggest ships.
They pick out a likely victim on
beard, make his acquaintance, invite
him tn a rendezvous ashore, where he
is   plucked.
On the Lusitania's last trip extra
warnings were displayed. The lines
now have a warning printed in red
Ink. which  is hung up as soon as a
Since the German armies have already crossed the K-'the Poking room'stewwSea
to breakfast the gambler tears down
the red card. When the steward returns he hangs up another. Sometimes,
but not often, a steward becomes too
friendly with the pirates: then he's
transferred and occasionally given a
reduced rating.
It Is now the custom of steamships
soon a.s a professional gambler is
discovered aboard to send a wireless
lo the detectives ashore on each side
of the ocean informing them of t'ae
fact, so that he may be spotted as
soon as he goes ashore. The Jersey
snd Manhattan detectives meet and
cheek up together on the gamblers.
Kach gambler has a "foundation"
name, general}* his real name, and
by this he known to the detectives.
One gambler has been going out on
one of the German lines and returning
om  Liverpool  on    a    big
operating within its boundaries. The guarantee was
strengthened further by a decision to destroy the fortifications of the capital, which formerly had been known as
the "Gibralter of the North." This plan was carried out
in 1872 and since then the grand duchy has rested in calm
security with an army of only three hundred men.
By breaking faith in her invasion of Luxemburg, Germany is taken by high international authorities to have
treaty of London of 1867.	
It also is interesting to note that by the treaty of
Vienna, 1815, the powers guaranteed the neutrality of
Switzerland and by the treaties of London of 1839 and
1864, respectively, Belgium and Corfu and Paxe are also
included in the list of neutral European territories.
made  by oflcials  that operations  of
thc huge plant will be resumed at full
blast on the morning of Aug. 8.
Report on   Profit  Sharing.
"The Kord profit-sharing plan has
not brought an increase of output
commensurate with the increase of
This is the gist of a report hy Boyd
fisher, industrial expert employed by
members of the Detroit board of commerce, to investigate factory conditions and make a special study of
profit-sharing plans Fisher's report j(
is the result of three months' labor
C. H. R.. und by other naval experts,
a discovery has been made which
should go far to prevent loss of life
at sea. The inventor is a Montreal
man. Captain K. S. ('lift, a marine
insurance surveyor, and he gave a
successful demonstration in the morning at tbe Laurentian Baths, to about
a dozen marine experts.
Captain Cliff's idea Is to nave a
detachable pontoon on the stern of
the ship, that can be released by an
officer by means of levers. It takes
but one minute to make lt slip smoothly into the sea, taking with It. in perfect safety up to three thousand passengers.
Although the model, which is a
miniature of the Titanic, had to be
worked "from shore" this morning,
it answered well to signals, in spite
of the fact that quite two feet of water
or more was required to give the demonstration full effect. It was made to
sink in turn, as the Kmpress, Titanic
and Volturno sunk. Only once did the
pontoon refuse to act properly, and
that was a case of defective handling.
Kor about an hour the experts experimented ami questioned the inventor, Captain Walsh finally stating
that   he   was   very   pleased   with   it.
aptain   Reid,   the  port   warden,  also
A.-countant. Telephone R.��7. Root*
--   Hurt   Hlock.
H. II. SMITH.    Auditor and Accountant.    Telephone 364.    2\\ Westmin
ster Trust Building.
and third Tuesday In modi month nt .
p.m. In tie- I.abor Temple. A. J. Christ-
bum, Dtetatori David Berts, Pauw Dic-
tntor; \V. J. Qrovaa. K��-or .tary, 211
Went minster Trust  BulldinK.
B. P. O. E. of I>. C. meets first anil
third Friday nt _ pin . Labor Tempi..
Seventh nnd Roval avenue. A. Wi-lln
Gray. Exalted Ruler; V. If. Smith, Secretary.
regular meeting of Amity Lodge, No.
27. I. O. O. P.. In held every Monday
night nt s o'clock In Odd Fellow*' Hail,
corner Carnarvon and Eighth Street--.
Visiting brethren eorelallv Invited.
H. W. Sangster, N.O.; J. L. Wat*_n.
V.O.; W. C. Coatham, P.O.. recording
seen tary; J. W. McDonald, financial
XV. 13. FALES ft CO.. 612-61S AONES
street, opposite CHrnegle library. Mont
up-to-date fuinriil parlors In the dtv
Specialists In shipping. Lady ai_��l_t_,nf
In attendant:*. Always open. Day pbone
17..   night   phone   SI.
expressed his approval.
A copy of the report has been  given 	
to   Professor  Charles     McCarthy    of
Wisconsin university, organizer of the j IMMIGRATION OFFICE
United   States   commission   of   indus-1
trial  relations.    The government  will!
make the report public.
"Generally speaking," continued
Kisher, "the Fan! profit-sharing plan
is pood, although I have made some
criticisms in my report which I cannot,  sneak of in  detail.
Field  of  Employment  Broadened.
"Although   Detroit   i.s   decidedly   a
Dawson, Aug. 11. The famous old
Klondike blue ticket is being outdone
in Dawson. Formerly the police handed out the cerulean pasteboards, and
thugs, tinhorns and surething men
were chased out of the city summarily.    Now the immigration authorities
t-r & flgnna, Ltd.)���Funeral director*
mil   emhulmer. .     I .trior.    405 Columbia
street New   Westminster.    Phone 98'i
ster Board Of Trade meets in the boari.
room. city Hall, as follow..: Third Frl-
dny of e;uli month. Annual me .tlfi*c��
on the third Frldny of February. C. H.
Stuart   Wiule.  secretary.
Belgian frontier in the face of the protest of the King~of
the Belgians and in spite of his prompt refusal to give
them free passage through his country, the Kaiser has
committed a second warlike act against the European
powers and particularly against Great Britain, who is|a8"
Belgium's protector in the European congress and to
whom the King of the Belgians has appealed for aid.
The explanation of the German ambassador that the
passage of the Kaiser's army to Belgian soil need not be
taken as an act of war against Belgium, but as a result
of French initiative against the Germans, is an exceedingly weak attempt to hoodwink Great Britain since the
French armies, no matter how powerful massed on the
western frontier of Belgium, have not yet been reported ,i?fu1,,hr,E fr
to have crossed the line. In this, therefore, as in practic- r tls "ne
ally all other directions since the crisis arose in Europe,
the Germans have shown an utter disregard for their national honor and an over-weening desire to p'-omote a
conflict, while at the same time they have vainly striven
to cast on Russia and France in turn the onus of the responsibility for the present acute state of affairs.
Both these daring breaches of faith confirm previous
estimates of German intentions with regard to France
and Russia and discount almost to the vanishing point her
statement that she did her best at Vienna to preserve
the peace of Europe.   On the contrary, by her invasion
of Luxemburg and by her traversing of Belgium, she has
made patent the fact that she is acting along the line.1, of
a carefully-prepared plan, a traitorous plan conceived
while Europe, lying at peace, believed the Kaiser to be .-'"
keeping in letter and spirit the agreements for neutral
territory to which his country had subscribed.
city   of   unorganized   labor,     working I we taking the matter In hand
conditions are good and wages liberal i     Yesterday  K.   K.   Stocking,    special
compared with  other cities.    In  com-  Immigration     inspector,    inaugurated
risters. Solicitors, <te. 40 Lome street.
New Westminster.   t_. E. Corbould, K.
c   j. it. Grant    a. k. UeCoU.
ter-ut-luw, Solicitor, etc. Solicitor for
ths ii.ink of Vanoouver. Offices; Merchants' Hank Building, New Westminster, it  C.   Telephone So. 107 fl. Cni>i��
address      "Johnston."      Codo      Western
parison   with   Pittsburgh,   where
;t.e   new   system   by   having
Ions  are  particularly  strong,  DetroitInumber  of  the   parasites   who   have
conditions  are  far  superior. 1 drifted here recently from Seattle and
"In my work 1 have studied onlv ' other coast towns before them. He
factories that employ* only scientific 'Rave them twenty-four to leave town
management, passing  up ' altogether I" still 1-er�� th">' wil1 waive the lim
!     I Id tor, etc.,    Colllster Block, corn.
lumbla   mul   McKensle
Westminster, B, C. I
the old concerns which handle employes on the military management
plan. I have found some criticism of
the practice of hiring men at the gate
to take over work that has heretofore
been done by skilled men at high
wages, bul tins is due to improved
machinery and is really a progresive
thins.. In the end it will bronileii the
the field of employment, just as the
typesetting machine and other labor-
saving machines have done.
Has   Fatal   Pall.
Spokane, Aug. 3.���Palling from a
load of hay at noon yesterday Thomas
Plpgrns,  aged  69,  s   fanner,   residing
it, and there Ih no appeal from his decision
The Immigration regulations are
very strict as to the class of people
admissible, and It is reported that a
large number Of undesirables have been
coming into the city this season. Much
complaint has been heard respecting
gamblers and other sharks being in
the territory, and it is said that some
of the worst men of the class have
been here for several weeks waiting
fo; the wage earners to come to town
with theli   pokes.
Ilu. ineH. men have complained
the sharpers iu past seasons have
cleaned up the entire earnings of many
indusrious men before the men could
w tstli:
HtreitS. \,.w
I3t>x 285. Tel*.
hMi���Barristers snd Solicitors, Westminster Trust I .Ik.. Columbia street.
New Westminster, n (,'. <'alii . sddrses
"Whlteslde," Western t'nlon. P O.
Drawer -ion. Telephone 6.. w. J.
Whiteside. K. C.; 11. 1_. Edmonds, D
near lrvin, Wash., suffered a fracture i pay their last winter's bills. Thus mer-
��f the skull, from which he died at! chants and the entire community have
the Sacred Heart hospital at 5 p. m.| suffered.
Grocer    Gets  Back  Peck  of oPtatoes
ard   Inspector   Payc   the
the  Costs.
Olympia,   Au*g��   ..--The    state
prime court hel's. today that if a
_____________________________   __
and girl under legal age marry without their parents' consent such marriage i i legal and binding regardless
of the fact that the license upon which
they are married was illegally Issued.
The i iur< says that to hold other-
wire would be against public policy,
such act on the part of a couple not
being such as to remove the responsi
bilities  that  they took    upon
selves in  the  marriage  vows.
The case decided was that of Thomas J, Cushman against Merrill Cusll-
uian, the wife having appealed from
the decision of the King county court,
which held that the marriage was illegal, thi
nd'anapoHs, Aug. 3.���That peck of
atoes that has figured in t_* courl
1 has caused Louis lioth, a gtccer,
Kast Washington street, and lier-
1 man    P.    Adam,   chief    inspector   of
weights and  measures, and    f-harle.
11 .inter. a depti.j  inspector, a "> -a"
of trouble, ha.   resumed  Its ordinary
role, and   will probably Boon '...������'. the
fate   a   peck   of   potatoes    t-eneruliy
meets,  unless  an  inspector  aga n   i  ���
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P    O.   BOX   44} TELEPHONE    It*
| tereferes  with  us delivery.
This ia not likely to happen, becausi
i that peck of potatoes ha ��� cosl     ir will
I cos;.   Mr.   Adam  and   Mr.   Hunter  $3
ewer court's decision being   When  Koth appeared  In  the court  i :
 H Christian  .1.   Emhardt,  justice of  the
  peace, to i_et the potatoei   bi  repli *ii
Amateur   Fin'shing. proceedings  brought    against    Adam
By  the  new  process.    Every  prlnl   and Hunter, tin* latter offered to givi
is a real photograph. Leave your finis   Roth  the  potatoes  and   pay the  costs
at the Curtis  Drug Store to be done   of dismissing the suit,    Roth  agreed
���ash. (3728) [to i!i<   proposition.
PHONES: 15 AND 16.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Cement,
Washed Gravel and the Best Concrete Sand in B.C.
Lime, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and the hardest and
toughest crushed rock in the country. Rip-rap
Rock a specialty.
STII.WI.U,     CI.fTK.     BARfUSfEf*
in-law,   solicitor,   etc,   corner  t'okjrntni-
and McKensle streets.    New WaBtmlii
ster, u. C.   P. O. Box u..   Telephone
a ,ii-..,     U ' VN -���""���'���'.   BARRISTER,
ster  B  C 'Stn'''''  N"w Wo,"m'"*
McQuarrie, martin   &  cashady,
. Barristers ami Solicitor*. 6u_ to fi 12
Westminster Truat Hloek. (!. B, M.,r-
tin.   w.   O.   McQuarrie   and   Ocorga   '-
I 'iissurly.
by Hcmer E.
^___"     t^f^^���-Tr
Hunter  Explains.
Several   days   ago   Koth   svas   dis
��� harged In police court on lhe ch
' of giving short weight in t ie peck ol
potatoes.    Hunter, who preferred thi
charge against  Roth, tailed to return
I tbe potatoes which he had taken. Roth
them   brought   the   replevl 1   proceed
; ings.
"We didn't intend to keep your po
tatoeB, Mr. Roth," explained Adam.
"Well, said Roth, "these inspectors
are coming around all the .inn* and If]
1  t   .*?*,'    they all carried off a peck of potatoes
Ll   fei  I it would amount to something."
y    j'r>- i     "Are   vou   sure   you're   i;'*Uing   the
*/1   7'<        !-���>..._.       _.l.l__.        I.,,..!-*?"       I./.tl,        ,,.���_
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd.
Manufacturers of
Modern  Saw  anil  Shingle  Mill Machinery, fanning .Machinery, (laso-
liue and  Distillate Engines.
Repair Work of All Kinds Promptly Executed.
The Smile That Should
Come Off.
The household and other articles peddled from
door to door usually sell for a higher price than
are asked for the same things in the local stores.
The merchant selling many lines, can do busines.;
on a smaller profit than the peddler selling one or
two articles.
If there is any misrepresentation your merchant is right at hand to make things right. You
are helpless if you have purchased from a f!y-by-
il with yo
trtd of a
your friend::
square deal.
and neighbors and be
COAI. MINING rights of lhe Domli.lkii
In .11.mu.in.1, -tasKaiout-Wan and Alberta.
the Vukun Territory, tliu Northwest Territories 411U in a portiun df tiie Provlnc.
uf l-i'ili. ti Columbia, may be lea_e,l for 1
term of twenty-one years at nn annual
rental of It un acre. Not more than .,-00
acres will be leaned to one applicant.
Application fur a lease muni be m.i_.
by the applicant lu person to the Agent
ur Huh-.-Kent of the district In which tin.
right*   applied   fur  are   .itu.it>.].
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of secUons and Iti tuiHurveyed territory the tract applied for shall be ..uk- >.
out i'_> ihe applicant himself,
!_acii application must bs aocompaolsd
by a fee ef |6 which will be refunded If
the lights applied for aro not available,
hut nol otherwise. A royalty shall lie
paid oh the merchantable output of-the
mine at the rut*.- of live cents per ton.
The parson operating the mine _tuii
furnish the Agent with Bworn return.-*
accounting for the full uuantlty of Merchantable coal mined and Pay t!ie>roy-
ally thereon. If the coal mining right .
are not being operated such returns ehduld
be  furnished n 1   least  once a year.
The base will Include tlie coal mining
rlitliis only, but ihe lessee will be pisr-
mltted to purchase whatever available
surface right may be considered necessary for the Working of the mine at the
rate of $in an acre.
I'm* fun information application should
In- mado to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of  Dominion  Lands.
\V. \V. COR IT.
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.���Unnuthorlsed  publication  of thin
lilvel tisemellt  will  not  be  paid  for.
potatoes     hack?'
. am.
"They look like the same ones
they   are  dried   up  a   llttlu,"
Attorney   Indignant.
Roth's  attorney  was  sti 1  Indignant
about the whole affair.    He explained '
that  the   potatoes   were   measured -by I
the  grocery   hoy   for  his   mother,
"Now, it  Isn't likely that this hoy j
j j would  cheat  his  own   mother,  is  It?"
' I asked the attorney.   Whei  Itotii start!
ed to leave with the potatoes, some j
po- i
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want It, in any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, I'hone 890.
New Wellington
Office, 654 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
ijji'-X* | one suggested that he measure tht
tatoes carefully to see
I spectors had not given
j measure.
"I'll do It," said Roth, "and If
i have, rn have them arrested fo
j ing short  measure."
that  the  in
him    shorl
'(    miCKLiN,
F'rse  and ()�����!
'"' * ��1.81.KB.
��*t.   kit4  Traits
| i .tt.i-.n. NEW
,nqp~(V_Tt ]ir;_H.fI'_T_Tr.tt';
.  . iCl_F   SYNDICATE    fl  j
;. ���:.,.   ,. i __!;,;,_._,i:;.u_i^
^^^^^^^^^^ WESTMINSTEP
Gymnaslum Class, Thursday at 7.HO
Swimming classes, Tuesdays and Kri
days, 2 to 4, at Y. M. 0. A. Young
Ladles' Club, Kriday at S p.m.
Boarding and rooi ates reasonable
Meals served to lad   s and gentlemen
For particulars call phone 1324.
rir9 Cedar  and  Spruce
Phone* No. 7 snd 177
MA .IHAflllRt . . ASSOflAIIO.
_    01 BRI1I'.M coi umhia
Residence:  Room 118 McLeod Block.
Phone 418- L.
Canadians as One Man
Stand by Great Britain
Russians Driven Back into Gulf of Finland After Brush with Kaiser's Fleet-Teutonic Squadron Passes Out of
Kiel Canal Headed West-Austrians Repulse Servians in Midnight Battle-German Cruiser Leipzig Coal-
ing at Mazatlan While Rainbow Waits for Her at Victoria-Premier McBride Expresses Patriotism of Brit-
ish Columbia in Stirring Speech���London Times Declares Britain Must Act to Preserve Her Integrity.
proper channels at Ottawa to the home authorities as a
sight evidence of Manitoba's appreciation of being a part
of the British empire."
Vancouver Aug. 3.���The visit of Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
tne liberal leader, to this city, which had been definitely
set tor September 11, may be postponed indefinitely ow-
in.tr to the gravity of the situation in Europe. At a special meeting called by the Provincial Liberal executive
committee in the board of trade rooms yesterday afternoon, the feeling was general that this would prove to be
the case, and it was formally expressed in a resolution
moved by F. C. Wade, K. C, and seconded by S. S. Taylor.
The resolution, a copy of which was forwarded to Sir
Wilfrid, was in part as follows:
"Resolved, That this convention of Liberals, held
for the purpose of preparing for the reception of the Rt.
Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, is deeply impressed with the
danger now menacing the empire, and feejs that at a
time of such a threatened calamity it is beyond all things
manifested.  All the museums and galleries in Paris have
been closed, the various staffs having gone to war.
All possible measures have been taken to insure that
Paris will not lack for food. Special trains have been reserved for the transportation of foodstuffs, particularly
milk. In the event of the home supply becoming inadequate, a decree suspending the prohibition on the importation of foreign fresh meat wil appear in the official gazette tomorrow, thus insuring arge supplies from Argentine and other parts of the world in the near future.
Severe regulations are being rigorously applied
against persons attempting to profit in the present state
of affairs by increasing the price of necessities of life.
According to official telegrams the Germans have invaded French territory at three points at least, but there
still is no official rupture.   Baron von Schoen, the Ger
Vancouver, Aug. 3.���The German cruiser Leipzig is
not steaming toward British Columbia with a view of getting coal. The warship is in Mexican waters and arrived
at Mazatlan on Saturday to take in 900 tonsof coal from
the Cteriaqa.
Alex. Eadie, of the Northern Steamship company of
Vancouver, owners of the Cetriana, stated this manning
that the Cetriana is now coaling the Leipzig in Mazatlan.
He has received cable advices from Captain Mister, of the
Cetriana, to that effect.
It is the belief here that the chances of an engagement
are in favor of the Rainbow. It is the opinion here that
in that event nothing can prevent the German cruiser
entering the gulf, proceeding to Vancouver and there de-
London, Aug. 3.���The Times, in
morning, says:
"Recent events mean that Europe is to be the scencel
of the most terrible war she has witnessed since the fall
of the Roman empire."
The Times proceeds to throw the blame on Germany,
..,,,. , ���      .- -_-----., ...  an  editorial  this
Un motion of Ralph Smith, seconded by Senator Rostock, the following resolution was carried unanimously:
"That whereas a situation has arisen in Europe which
has called for the exercise of active diplomatic movements on the part of Great Britain and the precautionary mobilization of the British navy, and whereas Brit-saying
ish ministers have expressed the seriousness of the situa- \ "Germany could have stayed the plague had she
tion as tending to the active operations of the British chosen to speak to Vienna as* she speaks when she is in
army and navy, therefore the Liberals of British Colum- earnest. She preferred to make demands in St. Peters-
bia, assembled for organization purposes, hereby declare burg and Paris, which no government could entertain,
themselves in favor of political unity on the question of She has lived up to the worst principles of the Frederickani!
all possible assistance being given to the mother country tradition, which disregards all obligations of right and
at this time of peril. wrong at the bidding of immediate self-interest.   She has
"We arc all united on Canada's readiness to provide resolved to crush France and trample the rights of those
every possible assistance at this time of immediate need, who stand in her way.
and Canada to a man is ready to exhaust all possible re- "Yesterday it was Luxemburg; tomorrow it may..be
sources to render help and show her loyalty at the pres-1 England she will assail without declaring war." 1
ent time; and that copies of this resolution be forwarded 	
to Sir Robert Borden, prime minister of Canada, and Sir LOYALTY STRONGER THAN SOCIALISM
Wilfrid Laurier, leader of thc opposition in the house of IN BELGIAN WING OF PARTY
In the contingency that Sir Wilfrid may see his way Brussels, Aug. S.���Thc council of the Labor party has
clear to carrying out his original program, committees j decided to abandon the anti-war demonstrations and has
were appointed to look after the arrangements. resolved to issue a manifesto to Socialist    workmen   in
M. A. Macdonald presided, and there were over 300 which it is declared that by exercising the legitimate right
representatives present from all parts of the province. 0f self-defence, they are fighting against barbarism and,
  I for political liberty and democracy. j
VFTFRANSOFR N  W M. P. The council has decided that the Socialist party in
'    '   ' THANKED FOR SERVICE OFFER the chamber should vote the necessary war credits.
you Should Worry (f
it were difficult to find a safe and reliable remedy for the
ailments due to irregular or defective action of the stomach,
liver or bowels. These ailments are likely to attack
anyone; likely, too, to lead to worse sickness if not relieved.
Beeepanfa Pills
aro   famous   the   world
troubles certainly and safely,
the blood and act as
longed  s't
for their power to correct these
Tbey cleanse the system,  purify
" rain and nerves.
and act as a general tonic upon body, bi
i, biliousness, constipation might, indeed,
fferitfg aad expose you to danger if
Were Not On Hand
Pr.p_.-d only by Thorn*. Bmc haa, St. H��l. ... \ ..,       ,   ��__��������__
Sold every when ia C_ o_d_ ind V. 8. America,   la tout, 25 wail.
Lawn and Garden.   TERMS ARRANGED.    PRICE $2200.
General Insurance Agents.
313-315 Westminster Trust Building and 746 Columbia St.   Phone SSL.
how strong a connection  there is between   Eyeache  and   Headache?
Eminent authorities agree that Eyestrain is the root of many nervous
Remove the cause by wearing pro
per glasses and the result will b,> better eyesight  and   less  headache.
The seriousness of troubles arising
from eyestrain requires expert service to combat it. That service / offer
701  Columbia Street
(Druggist end Optician) Phone 57
Vancouver, Aug. 3.���The Royal Northwest Mounted IN RUSSIA
Police Veterans' association has received the following
telegSor��A ErMerBvinncouve*r:   The government        London, Aug. 3.-The St. Petersburg correspondent
sincerelv and deeplv appreciates the message contained in of the Morning Post says there is a remarkable absence of
SSS? teWm vSeraay, which is being communicated drunkenness, which is unusual in Russia on occasions of
r?   he mfnister of mill ia and defence. excitement.   The Socialists there are supporting the war
(IS) "R- L- BORDEN."        and wealthy people are offering their country houses as
Tho uhnvp is an answer to a telegram sent from the hospitals. , ,,._-. ���    u
RmJ Northwest Mounted Police Veteran's' association        The. Daily Chronicle points put tha  Germany by her
1 rf2d??hS offered "heir services to the government of coup, probably has made a decisive stroke, giving her pos-
vvherein they ottered tnen ^jm ^ ^ .^^ -^ d_ Ceveg gap m the F      h
Canada. _____ fortified line which is approached by the Luxemburg rail
ed AxrrF FIRMI Y BELIEVES THAT wa\ and concerning which a scare was raised in France
FRANCE HKMU^ur.v ;i) ^ AMBUSH las. vear.
To all Eastern points in Canada and I'nited States. Tickets on sale
daily until September .Oth Final return limit October 31st. 191.���
Choice of route.
SAVE TIME on ynur Eastern trip by leaving New Westminster
at 4:35 p.m., making direct connection at Everett, Wash.
ORIENTAL LIMITED, through train to Chicago. -Service Of
the best." Visit Glacier National l'ark "where enjoyment is immense
at  a   minimum  expense."
Tickets sold ou ali Trans-Atlantic lines.
Passenger Station
Phone 263
Paris Auc 3.���The deep indignation caused in France
��� Germany's method in beginning the war is voiced by
bv Germany
I.e Temps, which
ench and Russian gov-        Winnipeg, Aug. 3.���The headquarters of military dis-
for acting in good | trict No. 1, this city, will be the centre of mobilization ot
"Up to the last minute the Fren
ernjant ^a^^Sffitfain'S��u��." Ei��Ithe Vestern"volunteers and already the local corps have
faith; there is no longer doubtwnw ^ ^^ united oftered theh. services mease of need. Jhis military dis-
Frenchmen   and
against the powei
* nfbriSage which'have just been trict comprises all of Manitoba and Saskatchewan and
s 01 Driganuage, wi"*.  t:.,���L'i;*_.���  --__,.__ ,-nmhars _>t past seven thousand
"The'British government yesterday in
German ambassador that England should ren
���,   _._?__*��. a^;��* thi* war.   Since it was for
the active military here numbers at least seven thousand
nformed   the men. ���     ..,._.'_... _      ..������
emain neutral. |       Col. Steele, D. 0. C, for this district, stated yesterdaj
;:' V      , i =-rp this war   Since it was forced upon us, afternoon that he had not received definite instructions
We do not cdesire this wai.   bince ^ ^ ^    w    b     h t on behalf of the dif-
with good heart we JJJ^J^iJ idea 0f striking ajferent units in this district, he had ottered their service
it us 01
iy atta
material and
prowled around us, with the cons ��n   �����u _. o;.= - ^^^ Don nbn authorities at Ottawa.   Practically every
Wow with minimum r sk but b> prolonging corns in the district had volunteered for service.   In addi-
she has taught us our lesson^ ^ ^ limn. when all our      *       ^ received many applications from men, not
"Ge manv    tacks Snow at an hour when all our
.ri__ a_c-moral forces stand in united array against
���'The war
thrust upon us is a war oi p
French people, with magnificent union, hurl.
the fray as a single man.
s itself
now in the militia, but who had served either ir the Canadian militia or the British army.   He further stated that
The' there would be no trouble in raising ten thousand men
into ;in this district alone for active service if the occasion
rmPremier Roblin reached the city late last night from
-��*,_>.__ in-jiTFI) - iMinaka having been called from a week-end visit to that
COUNTRY STANDS UNITED ATTACH "indtoried to government house, where a council
AIN_JM��u_ . ,       g.r Douglag Cameron and Col. Steele being
of the chamber of deputies was crowded present.   In an interview early this morning Sir Rod-
many in uniform, and all eagerly mond said'
Sifted ever so fine through silken
mesh. The "smoothest" flour milled.
Your grocer knows.
The lobby
yesterday with members,man*^^��t^��^& '"""^u meeting at government house last night it was
discussing the c^ ^s^sion' the measures the gov-'decided, in the event of the mother country becoming in-
party, to vote ^f^fSnce of the country in the volved in actual hostilities, to organize and equip a bat-
ermoent wl\f^i0f Germany which is now clearly talion of infantry. 1,000 strong, and offer it through the
aggressive attituae. gi jasu"   -
���"Smooth as Velvet".
I -       PAGE FOUR
��.,r u.i '������!>''��� The w��ter .docs
iaste luii. hut add.f ��� Ujtlfc aome
mins ""���! il >" m*)m4 palatable
and mun- thirst aMMfytac,
l.ime Juice, picnic site, bot. 10c
Limp   Juice,   large-   bottles.
at  .._...2Se to 76c
Grape Juice, per bottle%_%, fee,
50c. and 65c.' %_f\ f 77 E
��� j ��� ^__ y vt __l _c\
...      - -A*
Raspberry   \ megar,   bot 25c
Kruit Syrups,  bottle   ..20c, 25c
l.< monade Powders 5c, 10c., 20c
and 25c.
riiquot Club Ginger   Ale,   3
bottles  for    50c
Crystal Brand   Soft   Drinks,
_ obttles for ...j', ..v... .���.. IBc
2 bottles for f.-jfj'.m'.'.'i., 15c
Cereboa Health Salts bot. ..50c
Lemons,  large, doaaai.... ,*.35c
Model Grocery
108 Sixth St. Phone 10012.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Secoi.d
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Local News
From Seattle.
Gilley   Hros.  tug    burrard    arrived
yesterday   from   Seattle,   with  coal.
Mortgages���Alfred W. McLeod.
Coal from  Nanaimo.
Tug  M.  C. M.,  belonging    to    the
Western  Fuel company, recently arrived with a scow  load of coal from
Amateur Finishing.
Done in a professional way by Homer E. Leash.   Leave your films at the
Curtis DrUg Store. l_728)
Joins the Royal Navy.
John Owen, an employee at the
Schaake machine works, left his job
yesterday in order to join the royal
navy reserve recruiting in Vancouver
and Victoria.
Kew beverages serve the double
purpose of quenching the thirst and
supplying the enervated system with
real nutriment at the same time.
WINEWEISKR BEER does. Ask your
dealer for a case or 'phone 7_L. (86011
C. A. Welsh
Working at San_heads.
Dominion dredges Ring Kdward and
Prubllug, after spending ihe week end
in port, returned on Monday to the
Band-iead, the former laden with supplies. The snag boat Sumson lay at
the wharf yesterday having her boiler
washed, out.
Clearing out  sale of  trimmed  hats j
at  $1.00 and I2.0U each.    Shape.'*. 50c.
at  Mrs   Silvester.   I_   Sixth  street
(3714) ���
The  rx.outor    bl ' an 'estate
should      possess     a    thorough
knewW-ge  of  banking,  real  estate,   valuation   ot   assets,   und
have un experienced    organization  for Its management.
That Is why a trust company
!s be.-! fitted to carry out the
previsions of your will,-.     \\
Name us your executor.
Returned to the Hospital
A m.in named Stephen Shmigelnky
was taken buck to the Essondale mental hospital yesterday from Vancouver where he was taken into custody
following his request made on Sun-
d:iy to he given a room at the police
station. He escaped from the IC_.--.m-
dale farm  lust week.
Briquettes, Brlnu_��tes, cheaper than
coal.    Harry Davis    &    Co.,    'Phones'
We Are Agents
for   Barrington
Hall Coffee
Per Pound 50c.
This  is a coffee  of excellent
quality,    steel   cut without the
chaff found in most coffees.
Kine English made biscuits nf
superior quality.    Those stocked
just    now    are    Lemon    I'uffs.
Cream   I'uffs,  Shorttle,  Sultana
Sandwich.    \Ve have un import
order of 200 tins to arrive in November of all kinds.
International Stock  Remedies
including   Stock   Kood, Poultry
Kood,     Louse    Destroyer,    also
good for ants, cockroaches, etc.
iround the house.
Pheno-Chloro      Disinfectant
Silver   Pine   Healing   Oil,   Colic
Cure, Etc.
If you keep a few chickens, a
horse or a COW it will pay you
to Investigate these remedies.
Main   Store,  198  and   .43.
��� ���Sapperton Store. 873.
West Knd Store, 660.
.Main   store,   tiSl  Columbia  St
Sapperton Store,   .17 Columbia.
West End Store, 111.   Sixth Ave.
New Company Takes Over the Furniture
Business of Denny & Ross  on   Sept.   1.
O U R=
Closing Out
nel at the mouth of the river. Magistrate Edmonds will give blm the
once-over in court this morning.
SS0 and 4111..
  The jolly Bachelors' club will hold
The Kraser Kerry Navigation com-; their first outing and dance on Thurs-
pany's ferry No. 1 is open for char-' day evening, Aug. 6, on steamer
ter  to  excursions  and   picnics.    For j Skeena  to   Port   Haney.    Dancing   at
Immense Stock Will be Sold at
Values Never Before Equalled
Wait for Further Announcements
Phone C88 Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
further  Information   apply
Kalch, telephone 164.
Dredging   Contract
J.   W.   Pike  aud  company
short contract ot" work for the Dominion government, which    consists   of
dredging near the  wharf    at    Holly-
! burn.  In  order  thai   boats can  come
' Into the  wharf.    Th
| a few days.    This, c
finished fixing the    dyke    with    th<
I dredge.   The break was near the Deas
island cannery.
to Ed. I Haney. Boat leaves ('. P. ft. whart
(372a) 7.30 p.m., B. C. Kleetric cars meeting
it on return. Concert and vaudeville
on hoard both ways. Tickets on sale
at King's hotel. Hill's drug store, Fraser cigar stu.nl or from committee.
im.1. a   i -ui   uuinc
oL^rVs" Social and Personal
The Perpetual Trustee.
BOB  Columbia   Street.
C. 8. KEITH, Manager.
Large Photographs.
And small receive the same professional care and finish in our new
studio. Leave your amateur finishing
to Homer E. Leash and have it done
right. Leave your films at thi
tis Drug Store.
\V. Rodgers, of Blaine, bas heen in
the city on  business.
* �� I
Dr.   and   Mr-.   Rothwell   will   s|K nd
this week touring Vancouver island.
it done :
ie Cur-1
Notice of Removal���W. K. Tate, re-j
fractlng   optician,    has    moved    h~-
optlcal  parlor    from    the    Dominion i
Trust block to Eilers' Jewelry    stor��, I
opposite the B. ('. B. R. depot. CJ7_-i ���
Accosted a Woman.
The case  against  the  Hindu,  Sunder  Singh, charged  with  accosting a
white  woman  on the street while  In
an intoxicated condition, was adjourned in police court yesterday until this
morning pending evidence to be sup- (
plied by A. Furness.   This is the sec-
ond case of  its  kind  against  Hindus
during   the   past   week,   the   first   of- j
fender being punished by a stiff fine.
Unable to Navigate.
"What do you think I am, Charlie?
A bloomin' German Spy?" This remark was passed to Jailer Charles
Plttendrlgh by a local character who
wa.s picked up on Columbia street
yesterdav aft< rnoon with a liquid displacement of greater dimensions than
would safely  navigate  the new chan-
John  Peck, provincial  boiler inspector, spent the   week  end  at  Crescent
<-     *     *
Mr. and  Mrs. A.  K.  Halter, of  Vancouver,  were in the city  yesterday.
.    ��    *
J. Broder, Nanaimo, formerly of this
city, registered at the Windsor vesterdav.
; University club, Vancouver, In honor
of Hr. Creelman, president of the Ontario   Agricultural   college,   and   Prof.
��� Marshall.
Wedding Bells
The marriage of Mr. Ernes!  Percy
j Lindsay aud  Mrs.  Edith  May Cooper.
.both of Vancouver, was solemnized
on the. 2nd inst. at the residence of
the officiating minister, Kev. S. Dunn.
| \ew Westminster,, in the presence of
immediate relatives. The bride was
attended by her sister, Miss A. Law,
whilp the groom was supported hy his
brother, Mr. H. A. Lindsay. After the
marriage the party returned by motor
to Vancouver, where at 1612 Victoria
Drive, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay will reside.
from the Hurnaby prison larm, elected
for trial, ihe date being set for Kriday.
John Olson, who recently pleaded
guilty to attempted suicide, will come
up for sentence on Friday while Levi
Cartier, accused of theft'at llarris.in
lake, will be brought up for election.
Escorted    from    Vancouver    He    Will
I       Visit Points of Interest���Lunch
at the Russell.
K.   Armstrong
West In.iian   Lime Juice, bottle   .  23c
Blower's   Lime  Juice,    par    bottle,
W_\   25c. and 35c
f Walker's   drape   Juice,   pint   bot   30c
Quart  bottles    55c
Finest   Eastern   Townships   IJutu-r,
J* lbs $1.00
Wa_NBni"StP1'       Creamery       Hutter.
Jibs 75c
Bartlett   Pears,   ;��,   lbs 25c
Or��V#nstein   Apples.  ::   lbs 25c
_\ Z Sea!   Rubber  Rings,    a    good
qtcplity .ubber, do. i n 10c, 3 doz. 25c
(-fcOBOtty   Tops,   doyen       25c
Srtrt   r Tops,   dozen    25c
_ zMWk Tops, dozen    ;'....25c
'""jj'Jrars  of all  k:nds
���     i i   _��
i's Grocery
|Phone 186.
"���������'umhls   Afreet.
Reopened   under  Management of
Union House.
Al! White Help.
7-11 Sixth Street.
have started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New Westminster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reasonable. Give us a trial.
Phone  1254.
ward's   Landing,  spent  the  week  end
in the city.
* *    *
C. M. Buscombe, of Buscombe and
company, Vancouver, wus at ihe Russell this week.
.   .    .
His honor Judge Howay   Is In Victoria where he went yesterday on im
! portaut  business.
* *    *
j    Miss Mary K. Robertson leaves to
cay for Merritt to spend a couple of
weel.3  with  her  sister.
* *    *
J.  Bayfield lefl   yesterday  for  Vic
I toria where he will carry on his bu=i-
I ness as engineer for the  Heaps  Engineering company,
* *   .
Elliott Turnbull resumed his duties
I at his disk In the office ot' the dls-
1 trict court  registrar vesterdav   after
a vacation  .-pent  In  Victoria.
* *    *
City chrk \V. a. Duncan is exnect-
ed back from his vacation on Wed-
'-ttesiWJ'. During his absence T. J.
Thomas has been acting as cit .* clerk.
* _     .
If. J. Beatty, connected with the
Rink  of Commerce  In    Victoria,    is
spending      bis      vac: lion      witli      his
mother. Mrs. Ceorge Beatty, Seventh
1      *       v
J. Mowatt, or Edmonds, Wash.. ������-���
cently registered ai the Prem r while
on .i business trip for the firm nf
Powell and nomonny, vho are building a hig mill al Powell lake,
v     *     ��
Cadet Captain Allan Peebles of the
high school corns, b'.s returned from
a triii to Esqulmalt. when he har
been visiting thr sons of Lieutenant
A. Mulcahy, who are also cidet officers.
Dr. C. E. Doherty and Dr. McKay, of
the provincial mental hosp tai staff,
and. Robb Sutherland, were yesterday
iu attendance at a luncheon given bv
Dr. Wesbrook. president of University   of  Iiritish   Columba,  at  the
Run   Expected  to  Be  At  its  Best By
End of Week���Boats Report As
High as 200 Fish.
Good returns were experienced by
the salmon fishermen yesterday both
im Puget Sound and the Eraser river,
while satisfactory results were gained
i by the fishermen operating in the
The river canneries received three
I times the number of fish yesterday
'as were caught the previous Monday,
i the up-river boats averaging from 50
i to lno fish while several reported to
tbe cannery ti nders with catches of
' 160 to 200, These returns netted the
fishermen   fairly  good   money   as  the
: price of 35 cents per fish is still main-
l lined by the association.
In the Qulf of Georgia, off Point
Grey, the boat! averaged ahout LOO
fl��h P' r boat and reported considerable salmon outside, The in"iii river
crews delivered anywhere from DO to
150 each.
Bellingham came through with 56,-
���in) sockeyes from the trans, while
An.eotMs received almost 20,000 all
told, 2(100 being delivered by solnerB,
These   returns  on   the  American  side
.indicate   a   good   run   of  the  sockeye
. with bright pro3nects of the  Eraser
j river boats securing good catches by
the end of the week.
One thousand eases of springs were
j '-hipped east from the Glenrose cannery yesterday, this being the first
Instalment of    the    present    season.
! Martin Monk, th" consignor, stales
that this shipment brought fifty cents
' '.�� r case more than usually received
for spring-.
Definite plans for entertaining Hon.
Martin Burrell, minister of agriculture
on Thursday have been decided on by
the board Of trade, the Progressive as
soclatlon  and  the city.
Meeting him In Vancouver citizens
will escort him to this city by way of
Eburne, after which he will go to the
Colony farm and Port Coquitlam. He
will be lunched at the Russell hotel,
at whicli function Mayor Gray will
preside. In the afternoon he will be
taken to the mouth of the river by
auto, returning through the Delta. It
is expected that in the evening he
will deliver an address at the opening
of the new Conservative club rooms
In tiie British Columbian building on
Sixth  street.
Municipalities Assisted by Use of the;
City's   Road   Machinery���Must
Pay Cost of Operation.
Assurance  was  given  by  the  hoard
|of  works yesterday  to  a  delegation
! representing  the  board  of  trade  and
the  Progressive  association,  tha!   the
! city was doing everything lu its power
to    assist,    adjacent  municipalities  In
'improving the highways leading iu and,
lout of the city.    Alderman  Dodd, the
I chairman of tiie committee, stated to
the delegation that the city has placed
I at   the   municipalities'   disposal   road-j
i making machinery on the understanding that the pay of the men employed
would  he looked after by the munlci-;
paiity interested,   A complaint regard-,
ing Twelfth street to the effect that
teamsters were allowing lumber and
rocks to fall from their wagons to the
detriment of auto traffic, will be .referred   to  the  police   for  action.
Being 4th Episode of the
Million Dollar
Full  ef  New  Sensations.
Wednesday   and   Thursday
The celebrated English
in Sir Walter Scott's famous
Romance of Scotland
The Bride of
An artistic and classical feature adapted from the opera
of "Lucia."
Paris. Aug. 3.    Diplomatic relations
I between   Erance   and   Germany   were
formally  Revered  this afternoon. The
German  ambassador wan  handed  his
i passport and left Immediately I'or the
frontier, accompanied hy all the mem-
Ihets   of   the   etibasey.
Fhe - News
Picnic and Camping
Baskets at Our Store
50c and 60c
T. J. TRAPP & cd
New  Westminster.       Phone 69.
S.S. Transfer
[.cave Now Westminster for Mission 1"
i.in. Monday.
Leave Mission for New Westminster 7
a.m.   Tuesday.
I.av New Westminster at _ ::'.') p.m. fur
Westham  Island,
Leave Westham Island 7 a.m. Wednesday.
Leave New Westminster for Mission 12
noon,   Wednesday.
i.i hi.  Mission   7  a.m.  Thursday.
Leave New Westminster _ :l!0 p.m. fer
Westham Island.
Friday andeSaturday trips Lower River
UN    UHll.il.
Freight   fnr   Mission   and   Intermediate
points   will   be   r Ived   in   B,   &   K.   Mill
Wharf   on   dav   of   sailing.
For further Information apply I?. & K.
.Milling Company's office of ft, Jardine,
Several Cases Will Be Heard at End
of Week by Judge Mclnnes.
Two speedy elections for trial were
made before his honor Judge Mclnnes sitting in county court yesterday. Clifford Armstrong, committed
tor trial for the alleged theft of $270
from a partner while on a spree,
pleaded not guilty through his counsel, Adam S. Johnston and will be
tried  on  Friday next.
Frank drill, accused of breaking jai'
The Song in
the Dark
A human interest drama in
two parts.
.... .... ...
���'"���    >
. o ���:. ..
i. o o ���:. ���!!
= .*
���"*            N
i w Waa
und lower
O   mal
i I.i lid:
Light lo
���'.';    winds.      Generally
fair    and
..    not
much   (
hange  In
���'.':���    lure
J .... -..
1'"  "  ""
:. ���::������ .:������ >
:��>:. .. ..
:. �� .. 0 ��
See   Monday's   Program   at
Walter  Miller and   Irene   Wallace in
(A H ndu Fantasy)
Special   Feature   Picture.
A   Two-Reel   Eclair  Drama.
And   Two   Dandy  Comedies
This  Is  Good. ����. ���_����* __���! _yw
faie rrvi    1
Batteries: Gregg, Bedlent and cady,
Thomas;  James and Crossin.
At Chicago��� R.   {|.   B
I Philadelphia        g      g      j
All  Ready for Westminster Vancouver   Chicago      9    yj      1
r, '   . Batteries:    Plank,   Peonoclc, Bush
Game  ,or  Wednesday  Evening        and   Lapp,   Sciuug;     Scott,    Russell
Faber,  Wolfgang and Schalk.
With Great Britain at War Wires of the Dominion Will
Pass Under Government Supervision���No Code Messages���Duke of Connaught Not Likely to Return to
England���Many Naval Reservists Leave Montreal to'
Join the Colors.
���Slaton to P tch.
There will |,(. no baseball game at
Queens park this evening, the city
league magnates deciding to rest up
until Wednesday night when Bob
Brown's Beavers from Vancouver will
stack up against Ihe Royals. This
will be the first visit to this city by
the VanOOUVer Northwestern league
nam in four years and while u win
inr the Terminal! can be expected by
the fatiB the class of ball in tlie city
has improved to such a degree thai
i he con teal promises to be by no
means lop-sided.
"Dutch" Slaton will essay to do the
i willing, having Huhnke on the reviving end. The Infield will comprise Wjrard on first, Jack Gay on
second, Papke at short and Hilly Welii
gartner on the coiner suck.
Oscar Nlelson. Bob Williams and
Nell Silver will look after the outer
gardens .
This hunch can be described as
heavy hitters In league hall und will
probably he able' to connect with
some 1,1' | hi. stuff sent over by lhe
I!' avi r twirler.
Vancouver will meet Tacoma a:
: 30 o'clock thai afternoon, thus allowing plenty (f time to make the
tup tn Ihis city in order to start the
evening game at  6.30 o'clock.
Fred Lynch is being persuaded to
.lay in town long enough to officiate
despite the attractipn that Crescent
has to offer.
N.   W.  C.   R.  A.
Youngsters   Line   up   Strong   Against
Senior Shots.
The civilians were in a scoring mood
on tlie Brownsville ranges on Saturday, Ceorge Martin registering a pos-
|siblo on the 600 yard range, while H.
Perkins came to the front with a
score of 96, thus winning the handicap
spoon awarded weekly. The scores
200 ,.0 ��00 Ttl
���'��) 84 .15 99
80   22   :.4   ge
89    '-'.4    88    90
���vi '���:���.', :u 9.
88   32   :n   ofi
lfl. W. Martin
H. Perkins ..
p. McCaully .
I Ft. Wilson   .   .
W. .1. Sloan .
i H. (',. Walker .
|M. .1. Knight .
L. E. Walker
T.   .1.   Davie..
'���    Burr   ...
W.   II.   Oliver
"1    '.'.2    82    95
29     .4    31    94
31    30
31    31    93
.9    90
33    24    _7
2S    *M    82
Form Adopted with Pacific
Chocolate Co. to Be Used
in Future.
Standing of the Clubs.
Vancouver  69
Seattle    OS
Spokane   66
Victoria    47
Tacoma     41
Ballard    41
Yesterday's  Games.
Vancouver 4, Tacoma 1.
Seattle 1,  Victoria 3.
Spokane 13,  Ballard  1.
Pct !
.525 i
.505 ;
.473 i
.43. j
.439 1
Standing of the Clubs
Ne*   York    53
Chicago   52
St.   l.ouis     51
lioston      40
Cincinnati     40
Philadelphia     43
Brooklyn     39
Pittsburg    40
Yesterday's   Games.
At New York It.    II.
Cincinnati      2    11
New   York      7    11
Battel les: Benton. Schneider, Y
ling and Clark; Mathewson aud My
Second game��� H.    11.
Cincinnati      ..    1"
New York   4      9
Batteries:     Ames,    Schneider
(lonzales, Clarke; Demuree and My
At Philadelphia- II.    II.   E.
Chicago      0     6     3
Philadelphia  5    9     1
Batteries: Stack Zabel and Archer:
Alexander and  Killifer.
It.    H.    E
At  Boston
St. Louis      0
Hoston      1     Ti
Batteries:     Orlner     and     Snyder;
Tyler and Whaling.
At Ilrooklyn 11.    H.    E.
I'ittsburg      ~i    13     3
Ilrooklyn   3    12      1
Batteries: Cooper and (iibson; Ilag-
.in and McCarty, Miller.
otandimj of the Clubs
Philadelphia .>. ��� ���
. .. .  01
.... 55
... 5:i
,...   51
. ...  4S
St.  Louis   	
. ...  47
New York	
. .. .   43
Yesterday's  Games.
At Cleveland-- R.    H,    E.
Washington     1   11     I
Cleveland    *     u     '
Batteries: Engle, Ayres and Henry;
Mage:man, Collumore and Egan.
At  Detroit-
New  York  	
Batteries:   Cole    und
Coveleskie and Baker.
It.    II.    E.
...  1      4      0
. ..  4    12      2
Niiua maker;
At St. l.ouis
St.  Louirt	
1.    II.    E.
4      6      2
6      9      0
Wednesday, August 5
Come and see the team with the
highest standing In the Northwestern
league play.
Brackman-Kcr Lease Before the Council���Sidewalk and Street Improvements Authorized
The Pacific Chocolate Compuny
Lease Authorization bylaw was recon-
.-dered a tlast night's meeting of the
council and after the uddition of certain amendatory clauses Mayor Gray
was authorized to sign it when the
city treasurer should inform him tiiat
the first installment of rental had
bei a paid. The amending clauses related to the following: If at the end
of twenty years tbe company wish to
renew the lease, then in the event
cf the city refusing to grant It to
them they shall be compensated to
the extent of value of the buildings
erected; that the company shall not
pay any local improvement tax In the
future as they have In the past; the
company cannot sublet, lease or sell
out wlthoul permission of the city
The clause relating to tax on Improvements was added after some dis-
���li-sion. Alderman Annandale said
���hat the ,3413 which the Brackman-
Ker company were to pay each year
for their lease, was the extreme limit
proposed by them. If there was to be
more tax for improvements they
would he  forced  to reconsider.
The lease bylaw to the Pacific
Chocolate company is to be considered a model lor other leases on the
waterfront. They will be made out
on a uniform basis.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Company Lease Authorization bylaw for
lot water lots 25, 26 and 27 was read
and will coiije up for consideration
at the next meeting of the council,
which takes place on Wednesday at
11 a.m.
The Local Improvement Interest bylaw, 1914, relating to the rate of interest on the local Improvement de-
beulures which the government has
allowed to be raised from 4'4 to 5
per cent, was read. The Heal Estate
fax bylaw, 1913, Amednient bylaw,
1914 was read.
The following recommendations of
the board of works were adopted:
That the three-plank walk on St.
Mary's street be replaced with a four-
fool  sidewalk.
That a four-foot sidewalk be laid
cn the east side cf Cumberland street,
iioui Sixtli avenue (���Seventh avenue.
Thai a box drain be laid on the east
side of Cumberland street, from Seventh  to Eighth avenuey
That the city engineer bring in a
plan for the widening of Eighth street
above  Eighth avenue. ���
That the work nf laying a cement
sidewalk on Agnes street, betwoen
Sixth and Seventh streets, be done
That the offer of the llassam Paving Co. of 90 in New Westminster
and accrued Interest for the Columbia
street west local improvements,
amounting to $21,000, be accepted.
The engineer will be in a position
to report, to the board of works in a
few days witli reference to the Sapperton .ewer and the matter will be
brought up Monday night.
The matter of stones and blocks of
wood left on Front street was left to
the police committee for report.
The water committee's report recommending the superintendent to
meet tlie Port Coffuitlairi superintend
ent. with reference to the complaint
of Mayor MacKenzie as to the amount
el' water used In their district, and
investigate Iheir system and ascertain If there nre any serious leaks,
wns adopted.
Willi reference to the B. C.  I']. Ity.
agrcoinqiu  I'or a  water connection at
the carhii-iis. the superintendent will
Investigate ihe present system   and
I bring In a  report.
The sKiperlntendent was authorized
to  make  arrangements  with  the  pri-
| vate owners  adjoining  Mrs.  Rickey's
! property. Ovens avenue, so that water
supplv could be given her.
The application of Mr. Ashcroft for
water on Clover avenue, was granted
at an estimated cost of $60.
Ottawa, Out.. Aug. 3.���If Brita'n de-
clares war, the government will at
once establish a censorship over the
tel< graphic service of the Dominion.
The department of navul service will
take charge of lhe wireless stations
ind service, while the department of
militia will establish a censorship
ever the land service. All messages
pilling from Canada will have to
ha.e an official government stamp indicating that they have passed censorship.
This is a civic holiday at the cap!
tai but it is no holiday for tlu- ministers of the crown  or  the olficers of
the  militia,   naval  or marine  departments.    All are at their posts waiting
anxiously I'or the latest, advices from
.'in' 'ti  and   ready  to do  their  parts,
should lhe word come that (In at  Britain h:n definitely  thrown in her lot
with her French and  Russian allies.
The cabinet council went into senlon
it eleven o'clock, the additional ministers on    hand    Ik ing    Hon.  T.   W. j
White, minister of finance, and  Hon. !
L.  P. Pelletier,    postmaster    general
both of whom arrived last night, and j
Hon, S.im  Hughes, who returned  last
night  from  au  inspection of the citi-'
del  at  Qui bee.     Hon.   Robert   Rogers
li expected home this afternoon.
The  Duke Will Stay.
Hi- royal highness, the Duke of1
Connaught, will arrive at the capital
between one and two o'clock on Tiles-
day morning. No credence is placed
In the report that the duke will pro-
see,: to England, lt is regarded as
more likely that the term of the gov-
erncr-gcn-jral  will  be extended.
The government has made several
Ineffectual attempts to get in touch
with Sir (ieorge Foster, who has b.en
in Newfoundland with the Dominion
trade commission. The commission
wa- due to arrive at Sydney Monday.
The report that a German cruiser
has been off Sydney has suggested
the possibility that Sir Oeorge and
the ether members of the commission
may be in danger of capture. At any
rate, his colleagues of the* cabinet are
anxious to hear from  him.
Would Man H. M. C. S. Niobe.
It is  suggested here that steps  be
taken immediately tor the manning
Of the Niobe, which Is now lying in
Halifax harbor unmanned. The crew
of this vessel was Iransferred to the
Kainbow. The presence or the Cerman cruiser Leipsic on the Pacific
coast inakts it impossible to retrnns- i
fer them. It is believed here that If
volunteers were called for the service
on the Niobe thousands of maritime
province sailors would offer their services. It is realized that of course
a number of Kkilled officers und engi
neers would be required in addition,
but these, it is believed, could he
made up of naval reserves.
War Fever in Montreal
Montreal, Que.. Aug. 3. The local
cable anil telegraph Offices announced
this morning thai no further eabli
would be received1 for transmission
to Oreat Britain written iu code. The
-neder must also sign his full
name is on the order ol the British
censor and will material! affect banking and other across the sea business.
It is estimated by local shipping that
I'i,000 Canadians are caught on the
continent at the present moment. N.
means has as yet been deviled t.i
bring  them  home again.
More than 1500 British naval re.-er
ve men  were taken from  their ship-
In  the port  here this morning  in re
iponae to the order from the British
admiralty   to  rally   to  the  colors   bv
the  first   ship  home.    They   will   re
turn to Oreat Britain on the Victorian
which sails tomorrow morning. These
naval  reserve  men   include  the  cap
tain,  chief  officer  and   third   ol licet
of the Alauiiia and the captain of t'ne
Monmcuuth.    The   Alaunia's  officer-
will  probably  return  on    their    own
Bhip.    Their vessel    is   loaded    with
grain  for  continental   ports  and   ha-
been held here since Saturday, when
i they were  ready to sail.    They have
not obtained' their  clearance  papers.
j    At the headquartera of every militia
regiment in Montrea. feverish prepar-
i tions are being made for service    in
; war.    Special parties will be held to-
i night and the officers arc flooded with
! applications from new. men for enlist
I ment.
Apartment   Block
For Sale
We are instructed by the creditors of Arthur
Bradley to offer for sale the frame apartment block
on Lot 6, Block 18, Sub. Block 7, on the south side
of Fifth Avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth
Streets, New Westminster, known as the Bradley
Apartments. The building is particularly yyeir built,
and contains 19 suites of three and four rooms'each
with bathrooms and every convenience, including
house 'phones, electric stoves, and large laundry
with stationary tubs, etc. The property cost $23,700
and has a mortgage on it of $9,500.
Summer Race
At Minoru Park
(Continued From Page One.)
few   days  ago  informed    us    that  It
would not infringe on the uiiocl .pied
I zone  of  six   miles   from   the   frontier
I and   since   last   night   companies     of
i French troops have been In the occupation of a number ot German villages.
"French army aeronauts have been
flying   over  Baden  and   Bavaria  yes-
llritish attitude in the present Euro
pean conflict should be. Sir Edward
added that (Ireat Britain had no:
committed herself to anything but diplomatic support.
Sir Edwarc* Grey announced in the
house of commons that a telegram
from the king of the Belgians made
a supreme appeal to Great Britain to
safeguard the intergrity of Belgium.
Britain  Will   Mobilize.
London,  Aug  3.-It  was    officially
elated   here   today   that   the   British
army would mobilize tomorrow*.
Russian Fleet Worsted.
Stockholm. Aug. .*!.���'j'he Russian
fleet was defeated yesterday In a
battl-*. with German warships off the
Island of Aland. Russian boats pu.
into the gulf of Finland, where they
lie at anchor today. Germany has
seized all islands which form part
of Finland. Fishermen report that _
Russian battleship has gone ashor.
on one of the Islands. Aland island is
a little to the north Of the entrance
to the fluir of Finland.
Wants England to Declare War.
London, Aug. 3.���The Russian am
bassador is exerting every effort to
force England to make a formal de
claratlon of war against Germany In
alliance with the czar. Count Beck-
i ndoiff has called on Sir Edward
Grey four times during the last twenty-four hours.
France   Invades   Germany.
Paris, Aug. 3.���France is Invading
Germany with two corp.. numbering
56,000 men, with heavy artillery. The.
nre  crossing   near   l.aseheuclit.    The
1 terday and today, throwing bombs
(and have violated iBelgian neutrality
: by flying over Belgian territory into
j the province of the Rhine in an effort
j to destroy our railways. ���>
"In this way France has opened the
j attack upon us and has established a
|state of war which has compelled Lie
I German empire to take defensive
i measures for the security of its ter-
Iritory." '
Races Every Day
Ladies Admitted Free, except on Saturday.
Admission, Including Grandstand, $1.00.
Special Train Leaves New Westminster for the
Course at 1:30 Every Day.
Sydney. N.S.W., Aug. 3.���The com
mon wealth has decided to offer -he
imperial government an expeditionary
force of twenty thousand men and to
place the Australian warships under
the control of the admiralty, a censorship has been established in Australia and the Fiji Islands. The New
Zealand defence in the department
has taken over the control of the
ehief harbors. German steamers continue to hurriedly leave Australian
ports, lt is surmised that they are
seeking refuge In German Pacific
port's. German and French reservist.
in Australia have been called to their
respective colors.
army   is
advancing to rae< I
Steamer is Fast and Should Beat Any
French or British Warship.
New Vork, Aug. 8.- North German
Lloyd officials admit thut their
treasure ship the Kron Prinzess is at
least in grave danger. They say wireless orders were sent ('apt. Pollock to
Bteam direct for Bremen and to watch
out for French or British warships.
Heports that British cruisers have already intercepted the liner with $13,-
000,000 in gold and silver has alarmed
the officials, but they refuse to credit
it. "Wo are placing faith In ('apt.
Pollock," said the line manager here.
"He is a veteran of the service and
the steamer Is fast and ought to be
able to show her heels to tlie British
and  French  vessels.
Berlin, Aug. 8.���A further official i
communication regarding French attacks of -HH-tility against Germany,
was published here tonight.    It said:
"ThO German troops hitherto have'
obeyed the orders given by the German commanders not to cross the
frontier Into France. French troops
on the contrary since yesterday have
made several attacks on the frontier
ousts withoi^nny declaration of war
having been  made.
"The French have crossed the frontier at several places in s;iite of the
fact  thut  the  French   government   a
Port, ol   Montreal Closed.
.Montreal. Aug. 8.���The port of
Montreal was virtually closed tonight
fo: the first time in its history. Today a tug fleet patrolled the lower harbor and a force of 200 men was sworn
.n this evening to exclude all landsmen from the wharves. Sailors on
vessels in port will be allowed to
leave their ships only under escort.
No vessel will be permitted to come
into port or leave without an express!
writ being granted. Five million dol-
lars worth of grain in tlie elevators j
bus been placed under special guard.
Congestion of Harbor.
Ship congestion already has begun. I
Three tramp steamers which should
have cleared Saturday are still in
dock. Twelve tramp vessels are on
their way here for grain cargoes tor
continental porta.
Another German vessel, the Witte-
kind, is on her way to port. Whether
she will arrive is doubtful, however,
as she carries wireless and can be
directed tc New York.
Arrangements are being made to
collect 30,000 horses in Cunudu for
1-iiglands' uses, according to officials
of the livestock exchange here. A
cable from London yesterday stated
that British re-mount inspectors will
leave for Montreal immediately should
England mobilize her troops.
A.ter  Short  Skirmish   Russian   Force
Rcitrecl,  Leavina  Enemy  in
Berlin, Aug. 3. -The German border
troops from Lublnitz. Silesia, today
���il'lrr a short skirmish with Russians
took possession of Czenstoehowa, Russian  Poland.
Hendzin and Kalisz. Russian Poland,
ulso have been occupied by the Germans.
Czenstoehowa Is a city of some ... ,-
000 Inhabitants situated on the river
Wacthe near the Silesian frontier. It
is noted chiefly for the manufacture
of woolen  and cotton  cloth  and  pa
per.    A   picture   of   the   virgin   in   a I ness distrct    congested    with    eager
j note;' convent there    attracts    thous- (groups,  tho   72nd  Seaforth  Hlgbland-
_nds of pilgrims annually. (erg of Canada marched out. two bands.
Bnidzln   is a coal and  zinc mining  in their van and the Seaforth cadets
centre.    It has e population of slightly i in  their rear.
over 20.000, about  half of whom are      Aa the first strains of the martial
Jews. j music were heard. and tlie' heads of
Kalisz is the capital of the province j the mounted officers came into view
of the same name. It Is the most ; followed by the long seried ranks of
westerly city in Russian Poland. Its j swinging tartans and aporans, cheer
copulation of 20.000 is engaged In j upon cheer went up. lmmiareds of shrill
various manufactures. j auto horns joined In the tumult and
  I a band of five or six hundred mareh-
j ing civilians in front; ground and be-
i hind the troops sang patriotic songs.
The scene was one which will live
long in the memories of those who
witnessed it and was ample demonstration, if such was needed, that this*
farthest outpost of empire is British
to the core and loyal to the last degree. ��
Kron Prinz Wilhelm Changes to War
Color and Leaves at Night.
New Vork, Aug. 3.���The North Ger-
insui-Uuyif liner Kron Prinz Wilhelm
her bunkers and holds filled with coal.i
painted grey and carrying no passeng-'
ers. slipped quietly out of her pier tonight and put to sea, passing the quar-
antine station on her way out at 8:45.1
Notwithstanding      the     announced1
plans    for    the Kron  Prinz  Wilhelm. j
guesses   were  hazared   that   her   real
object  might  be  to  coal  one  of the j
German   cruisers  whicli   recently  left
West   Indian   waters   and   which   ru-
mors say are now somewhere off this ;
Vancouver. Aug. 3.���-The Point Grey
wireless station will be guarded from
now on by a sergeant and nine privates of the militia. The first guard
went out to Point Grey from the Sixth
regiment drill hall today.
Lieut. Lucas, of the Royal Canadian
Naval reserve has just received instructions to call out the second company forthwith, and is now recruiting
for  it.
The censorship is not intended to
compel all messages to be subjected
to Ottawa, before they can be allowed
to go, The government is placing
men in curb of the cable am! wireless
Replete with thrills and sensations
the Third Floor Flat keeps up the
intense interest in the'Mtlilbn Dollar
Mystery which drew big houses all
day yesterday at the. Koyal theatre.
Plots and counterplot.-* (mm an ini-
portaot part in this great serial. The
acting is of a high Standard and tha
play is well mounted.  *
The Girl in the Shack, a powerful
Reliance drama, is one of the best
single reel features seen In this town
for some time.
Too Proud to Beg, a Thanhouser
comedy drama, was very pleasing.
The Price of Faithfulness, and Mike
Joins the Force, u Royal comedy, completed a strong photo play bill.
For Wednesday and Thursday the*
management announces the celebrated
English artists Constance Crawlev and
Arthur Maude in Walter Scott's famous romance of Scotland, the Bride*
of l.ammermoor. Miss Crawley, who
is a cousin to l.ord Kitchener, recently created a sensation in England for
forsaking society for the dramatic
stage and has supported Sir H. Beer^
bohm Tree in some of his biggest
prtductions.    Her stage career    has
stations  on   tlie  Atlantic  end  Pacific  ,
ccast who will look over all messages j be*'n very successful and a brilliant
before they are sent    Any code mes- | future is predicted  for this talented
sages will be stopped, but there is no
intention of holding up news messages
written In plain Knglish or other cable business. Messages will also be
censored al the receiving stations in
England and  France.
Enthusiastic   Demonstration   in
Vancouver, Aug. 3,���The city tonight was the scene of the most patriotic demonstration it ever experienced when, with the streets jammed
with thousands waiting for the latest
war news, the curbs line.' three and
lour deep for scores of blocks nnd
all the principal corners In  the busi-
Engllsh actress.
At the
Klnge  Hotel  Block.
Four new  pocke*  billiard
clean new stock qfconfectlonerv. to
baccos. cigars, Cigarettes, soft drink*
Fin>t Clase Barber Shop In Connection
| Classified Advertising
t;;j,->IFIED ADS WlbL BB RE-
ceived for The Newt at the follow
���as placea: F. T. Bill's drug store.
���;. Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mra.
K. I_arden. Highland Park; Mra. V.
Lewis. Alta Vista.
��� RATES. ���
FOB EXCHANGE    Improved chicken
ranch close to city. Trade for house, j
Box 98, News Office.
EOR EXCHANGE-Sixth street; double corner; 132x123 feet. Trade for
house. What have you? Box 64,
News Office.
il HAVE $000 EQCITY in well located
and  rented  bungalow  which  1  will
Classified���One cent per word   per      tra(je  for  -0t or  automobile.    Box
day;  4c per word per week; 15c per [    991   News Office
month; 5000 words, to be used as re- 	
quired within one year from dale   of KOR SALE���TWO ClRCULAK SAWS
to obtain these things. They must be j
clothed, and being unable to manufacture shoes, or other clothing, these,
too, they import, and for all these gup-
plies the I'nited States Is the natural
and practically the on'y available
"American  manufacturers    will    be
forced   to  run   their   factories  at   full
speed all the time and a capacity out-'
put from all the factories of the coun-
jtry   will   be   quickly   consumed.   Mills
iwhilch have been shut  down because!
; of depressed conditions at present will j
  be   reopened,   giving   employment   to
: hundreds  of   men     Factories     which
London   Aug   ...    The  mystic  peas-iwere forced to cut down their list of
Russian monk. Oraogory Has-1 employes because of dull times will
ti ick    s      ,>mPlov a fl1" pu-v ro" and evt-r>
Victim  of   Recent  Attack   by   Woman
Said to Be Absolute Master
of  Czar.
New   Machine./ Expected  to  Greatly
Cheapen  Recovery of Gold
From Gravel.
Two  Oregon  Citizens  Found   New  Industry Which Promises to Be
contract.. 126.00.
and saw table complete.
The News office.
Apply at
weekly! Why not you.' Write im
mediately for full particulars, sam
pie, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C, Mitchell,
P.O. Box 2, Edmonton. Alberta, Can
ada. (8781)
FOR  SAI.K    $1011  down,     $1.00     per
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges;  everyone guaranteed. Market square. ("719)
FOR EXCHANGE���$6600 equity in 80
acres,   10  acres  cleared,    near  Ab-
I     bottsford.    Trade for dei ded vacant
properly.    Box S6.">. News office.
OWNERS   ONLY    Have   clear   deed,
well   located   lot   to   trade   as   part
payment on house;  fend full partlo- |
ulurs  first   letter.     Box  864,    News
ant born
putin, on   whom  a   murderous
was made by a woman while he
visiting his home in
recently,  is
tersburg  correspondent   of   the   Daily
Chronicle us "the absolute mastei  of
It is certain that no great European
court today is under such a mystic
sway us that which Rasputin has been
reported to have over Emperor Nlcho-
las of llussia and the whole imperial j especially
household. It has been the concern
Of Russia for three years back.
The rise of Rasputin has been an
enigma to all tbe nobles of the court
who hare  nol   fallen  under his  infill-
I ence.    His absence from  St.  Petersburg, nuring which the attack on him
Icame, was hoped to mean that he
i fallen into disgrace, but just pr
ous to the news of bis being Stab
the announcement was made that
placed 011
carry  the
Rirl  of  14.  as domestic
No. 3707 News Office
hv   young
help.     Box
TO   ReNt
to rent try an ad. In this column.
weekly! Why not you? Write Immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose lOo. to
cover cost. Clifford C. Mitchell.
PO 13ox 2, Edmonton. Alberta. Can- !
eki. (3731)
KOR RENT.���Six room house furnished. Third street. Apply P. O.
Box 115.     ' (8608)
keeping rooms, $10 per month, at
���.24 Seventh street. (8720J
available steamship will hi
*'M|t_.�� transtatlantic trade to
_ Siberian village I commodities to the struggling nations,
described  by  the  St.   Pe-      "BeinK unable to dress meat, and in
view of the fact that dressed meat is
shipped  with difficulty.  It appears  to
me   that   a   large   amount   of   canned
foods win be consumed.   One of the
most easily canned and  best preserved  foods Is  salmon,  and  it is  in  this
line that   I   believe  the  Pacific coast,
the  northwest,   will   derive
special  benefit.    The  large  canneries
of   this   section   will   be   kept    busy
preparing  enough   fish   for  shipment,
and the shipping interests of this section win keep the Panama canal busy
transferrins  large shipments of  western commodities.
"Dried fruits nnd fresh ones as well
will   probably   be  shipped   from   here,
ed 1 especially since some of the Washing
he'ton   fruit   is   already   popular   in   the
recalled  t.i  the  emperor
WANTED Dressmaking; prices reasonable. Now is the time, to put
\niir orders in before the fall rush.
Mrs. ('. Cunningham, suite 10 Bradley apartments. (3722)
WANTED���Household furniture. Will
buy. sell on commission or exchange
... ttction sales conducted.    11. .1. Bus
sell.   "The   Only   Reliable,"  corner;
Columbia and Fourth streets, phone      P
18713) '""
"Otter School '
WANTED--Household    furn
stocks  of  merchandise  in
Miiall quantities for spot
will sell your goods by public auction and give -a guaranteed value, or
no commission charged Before disposing    of your    goods    elsewhere
call  in Fred    Davis    and    get    his
values, then  see the others, afterwards Davis will sell for you or buy.
Call at White.Lunch. .'4S Columbia
r.;reet.    Phone 215. 137211
WASTED- Furniture, etc., W
MeCloy & Co.. the expert
tioneers, w'tl conduct a successful
auction for you or buy outright if
sale not desired. Clean business,
prompt settlements, over 20 years
��ide experience. Write or call .12
Sixth street. (3718)
IMG EONS pay dollars where chickens
pay cents; small capital needed;
.mall space required; always penned up; ready markets; send for
may issue of our Journal: fully explained there; price ten cents. Reliable Squab Journal, Versailles.
Mo. (3604)
.1 Tenders, subscribed "Tender for
School,"   will   be   received   by   tlie
Honourable the Minister of Public Works
������������' up to noon of Wednesday, the 1.1.I1 day of
���_j I August,   1914,  tor  the erection  .uid  00m-
uie   anu   piei|0n   ,,f   a   large  one.room   schoolhouse
large  or  ri   otter,   In   Lnngley  Municipality,   Delta
cash    or  Electoral District.
Plans,    specifications,     contract,     and
forma of lender mav be seen on and utter
I tlie 80th dav of July,  i'.'l I. al   the office
of Mr. K. C. Campbell, Government Agent,
'New   Weatmlnater;     also  of   Mr.   it.   A.
i r.ivne.  Secretary  of  the  School     Board,
Murrayville,  Hi'..; and the  Public  Works
( Denartment, Victoria.
By   application     to     the    Undersigned
contractors   mav   obtain   n   copy   of     the
I plana   and   specifications   for   the   .sum   of
I ten dollars  Hlfli.  which  will  bo  refund'
} cd on the return  In good order.
Kach    proposal    must    lie    accompanied
1 by an occcptna bank cheuue or certtflcat-l
f deposit, on a chartered hank of Canada, 1
auc-   made payable to the Honourable the Minister   .,r   Public   Works,   for   n   sum   equul
ti.  1(1  per  cent,  of  tender,  which  shall   L* 1
; forfeited   if   tlie   party   tendering   dpi linn 1
to    1 nter     Into    contract     when     called
t upon    to    do    so.    or   If   he fail  lo com- '������
pjete  the work contracted for.    The che- I
I fines or certificates of deposit  of  unsuc- I
] cesaful tenderers will be returned to them 1
upon  the execution of the contracl
Tenders   will   not   be   considered   unless j
, made  out   on   the  forms  supplied,   signed
with the actual signature of the tenderer,
1 and  enclosed   In   the envelopes  furnished.
The lowest   or any  tender nol   nec-ssar-
ilv   accepted.
Deputy   Minister and   Public   Works
Engine ���.
Public Works  Department,
Victoria,  B.C.. 2Sth Julv.  mil.      jv.'in
Why not you?
tlie   mat'er   of   the   Estate   of   Arthur
Mennell.  late of the  Municipalities of
Chilliwack     and     Coquitlam,   In   the
Province of British Columbia,  School
Teacher,   deceased.
TO    $-5       Notice is hereby given that all credltora
Write lm-   "nd others, hnvlng claims againsi the Ks-
, , _,_,     tate of the said Arthur  Mennell. who died
mediately for full  particulars. Bam-  on ,���. ahout  the  15th day of Mav.   imi
|ile. picture, literature, etc.    Experi-lare required on or befori   the nisi day of
August Hi send hv posi prepaid or delivered lo the undersigned solicitors for
William Newby. Executor of the said
deceased, their names and addresses the
full particulars of their claims, the statement of their- accounts and the nature of
the securities,   if anv.  held by  them,
And  further take notice  tiiat   lifter  such
last mentioned dale the said William New-
ta.    ��iil   proceed   to  distribute   the  assets
i.i    the   deceased   among   the   parties   en-
I titled  thereto,  having regard  only  tn  the
I claims of which he shall then have nolle
.and   thai   the  said   William   Newby  will   nol
j be   liable   for   the   said   assets   or   any   pari
thereof to any person or persons of wIioh"
had    been
Son   01   Wealthy   Peasant.
This modern FUchaiieu is the son of
a fairly wealth peasant of Tobolsk.
Ile had but little schooling and led an
uneventful life until 80 years old,
when he developed regilious fervor,
became a lay monk and went on a pilgrimage. At the monasteries he via-
iteil he picked up some learning and
also managed to receive a letter of Introduction to Bishop Tbeofan at St.
Petersburg.   This was in 1300.
Through the influence of the bishop
the peasant began to meet the Influential people of the city and court.
His mystic philosophy created interest, and he had the gift of repartee
and  polite conversation.
At first Rasputin stuck to his peasant garb, in which lie made a picturesque figure But soon he took up an
elegant style of dressing and living,
which excited the envy of Bishop The-
I pfan. The bishop obtained an order
to exile Rasputin to Siberia. Hut not
only did Rasputin's appeal to the czar
save him, but caused the bishop to be
dismissed to Poltowa without even
time to see his dying father.
Other powerful officials tried to
check the advance of Rasputin only
to find themselves in disfavor. Ilas-
putin became the intimate friend of
the royal family, gave orders to the
ministers and conducted himself as
the supreme power.
The only successful attempt to Induce tiie court to send Rasputin away
resulted disastrously for the plotters.
Before leaving Rasputin warned the
empress that misfortune was sure to
follow. When the heir to the throne
fell ill the frightened empress recalled
the   favorite  in  haste. |
Since his return Rasputin's power
has continued to grow. His counsel
' is called for in deciding every fines-
I tion of importance, lt is said on high.
I authority that he brought about the
: ministerial change last year that Bav-
ed Russia from a war with Austria.
He lived as a prince with a magnifi-
I cent villa at \,altu. In Crimea.   One ol
his daughters  by his peasant  wife is
being educated in an aristocratic girls'
I college In  St.  Petersburg and  is chief
companion   of   the  emperor's    daughters.     Rasputin   is  even   repor'ed   to
address the czar as "thru!" and "thee," J
j 0   freedom   denied   even     the     grand
I dukes.
A month ago Rasputin was ordained !
a priest by a minor bishop of his native district. This act has aroused j
the antagonism of the powerful heads J
Of the church. It is with these big ecclesiastics that Rasputin will now I
have to deal In holding his position.
countries on the continent Transpacific trade will also Increase consider
ably, and I can see no reason why the
entire countrj and the northwest iu
particular should not derive much material advantage from such a serious
undertaking aa war."
you h
ive h
id your
awa y
d     a
t ry  i 1
j our
films   al   the
Drug sion
��� 10 l
e f.iiislu
d  by   H oiner
B. 1
.e ash.
Damon, Aug. 3. -The Treadfold
mining operations on Dominion creek
are being prosecuted this season along
similar lines to those of last year, comprising thus Tar the washing of muck
from the surpase at several places
with hydraulic giants. The water is
being taken from several gulches and
conveyed for miles in ditches. The
ground is being prepared for opera
tion  with a new type of machine.
Charles   P.   l-olan,     superintendent
for   tbe   company   on   Dominion,   who
several   weeks   ago   visited     Kngland.
where   the   machines   are   being   con
structed,   says   one   of   them   was   to!
have left there before the first of this  "'"""'
month  and  should  bet  here  within  a:
few  weeks.    It is to be taken to Do-;
minion    and    assembled  immediately j
On  arrival.
Bach  machine will  have a capacity
Of about 15,000 cubic  wards u day, as ;
much a.s Ihe largest gold dredge In the
Klondike   can   handle.     More   exactly'
speaking, the machines handle 4.0 cubic meters an hour, nnd a cubic meter
, is  a   little   larger  than  a  cubic  yard
Thev   are   known   as   the     I.uberker
dredger    and    excavating     machines. I
Only  one  is coining  at  first,  so  that
If local  conditions    demand    alterations of any detail the alterations can
he made before the other machines are
' forwarded
Mi.  Doian, when In    London    this
spring, made a special trip to Leipsic.
Germany, and vicinity, where be saw
twenty-one of the machines' In operatic:!     Some were digging coal, some
: chalk, and other gravel and other nia-
I terial     All,  he  says,   were   working
1 with entire Satisfaction. The machines
ire mounted on railway tracks and can
move forward al rate of s ft. a ininiit !
Oregon   City,   Ore.,     Aug.     "     The
I only plant for the manufacture of eel
oil and dried eel meat Is now running
: al full capacity here und consuming
about half a ton of eels a day. Tin-
average dally  product  if the plant is
! fifteen gallons of oil, used in the
manufacture of leather goods, and 240
i pounds   of   dried   eel   meat,   used   as
I chicken feed.
The process has been worked out
by Kdward Reimers and James P.
Kelly, and the plant is operated under
' their    direction.     Kishermen     gather
the eels  from  the pools in  the  rocks
thn  fallH  with dip nets.
Th< Is are taken to the plant on
the banks of the river, and placed In
a vat and cooked. Arter the eel huve
been cooked for I short time, the oil
rises to the surface and is drained off
into a barrel. The solid matter is
pressed and then ground, more oil be
Ing derived. Kiom the grinders tho
eels, now almost powdered, are placed
in the driers. The solid matter In
put into sacks aud finds u ready market  with  farmers and  potiltrymen
Mr. Kelly has secured the co-operation of the government and has sent
ills products lo federal chemists for
The work this year is largely an e_
pertinent   At first the two men con
fined their efforts to work on a small
seal,, in Portland and paused lhe greater part of three veins in an effort lo
find a coniino: cial use for eels and
fruit waste. Barly this year the work
reached such a point thai to test DUl
the processes devised it was necessary
to find a place where the number of
m is was unlimited and the work could
be done  on  a   larger scale
Residents cf  Cordova  Eelieve  City   Is
Destined to Become Centre for
.'���nee unnecessary. Knclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C. Mitchell,
V O. Box 2. Kdmonton. Alberta. Canada. (3731) j
-Kriday afternoon, $6".
Cordova, Alaska. Aug. :',. Open the
coal tii his ami Cordova will be a city
of smelters within a year. Such is
the prediction of residents of the
ccastel terminus of the Copper River
& Northwestern railway, Anxiousl)
awaiting action of tlie government in
the coal land cases, the owners of the
Bering  river fields  can  do  nothing,
Millions of dollars'  worth of copper
ore pass through the port of Cordova.
to   be   taken   south   for   smelting    The ���
product of  lhe  biggest copper  inine  in
the world, tbe Bonanza, goes through
Cordova, while from the ore cars, as
they roll across the Copper river delta, one might almost throw a stone to
th" coal fields, locked up and withheld
trom  use.
Smelters to Be Established.
Once the coal fields are opened and
the coal  made available  for domestic
use. assurances have been given that
smelters will be established here. The
copper ores of the interior are admirable flor fluxing purposes, and metallurgists say the copper output  of the
whole   Nabesna,   White   river.   Copper
and   Chitna  districts  as   well   us  the I
entire   I'rince   William   sound   output, i
could  be  treated  if only cheap coal(
were   available. I
"What  about  the battleship  test  ol -
Bering  rlvel  coal?"  one  may  ask   the
I Cordovan.    "Not  a   fair test,"  lie  will
; reply.    "The coal, after it was mined,
; from   the   outcropping.
: beach  for  more than  a
tide   washed   over
! know   it   is   good
The Bank of Vancouver
��� ranches  Throughout  tha   Provlnc*  of   British  Columbia.
Savings Deuartment at all Branch** Deposits of On* Dolla.- sad
upwards received and Interest at tbe blgbest current rat* paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sdd, payable ln all parts of tb*
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, Qeceral Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK. Manager.
lay   on
year and
it   every  day.
for   Bteamttm
.'isi. Kriday afternoon, Jb". 111 cur-
rency, between Co-operative Store
and Hie Crescent Finder please
leave ul News office. Ten dollars
lev.anl and no questions asked.
claims  notice  shall   nol   h,
��� -d   by   him   at   lie-   lime  ol   .
! int.-d till. StOtt 1 d.iv of lui
CORI-Ori.-*,   GR.AN I   .>
11 Lorne St., New* .Ve.c.11
Solicitor,    fm   the  said   Willi
.1  di
Paul   Businessman
Will   Cause   Boom
Seattle,   ..n_..   *'..    "War,
between  nations  with  such
fighting  forces  as  th isr  ol
of  Lol
!1    Block   1
.nil.    I,    Map    MI5-,
u    \.. itmlnsler
Whercii    pronl  of tho loss of Certlff
mi    Tltli    Number   47988F,   Iss I   In
name of Kthel M   A   Vlpan, has bei n
, ,1  In Ihls ������'���<���.���������
rCotlc   is ivrc by Riven that  I  shall
A.l'l    I till
\1'*'  I.I.
N'ewby! I Pean  powers  now oil tin
(8711'j ' tei national   conflict.    _   a
1 m
th*- expiration '
.hit- of Hi' tlrsl
.lam newspapi r
New Westmlnste
iai_ C'ertlfli He
valid objection l��
Resist rs
v   Wesin
���Id   I'.
month from
1 tion hereof, in n
, .1 in the City ot
:i duplicate nf the
In tlle meantime
... me in writing
t ��� 1 *, W VNN.
_ -��� rar of Tit les.
of the South
Township   4
ridian In the |)is-
ftn  undivided   one  half
quarter  of   Section   6,
��� 2 West of 7th M
if  New  Wis'minster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate
_��f   Title   Number   1_820K,   issued   In   the
name of Thomas Moreuu has been filed In j
this   office.
' Notice Is hereby given  Hi
tlw expiration of one mi.nil
of ihe first  publication hei
newspaper  published   in   ti,
Westminster, isso" a duplicate of tin
Cwtiflcate,   unless   in   Hie   meantime
Lobe com be made t<
I..R.A.M ,  A ft CM
Lessons In Piauoforte, Violin, Sing
ng, Voice Production, Theory (ir.
���lass or privately). Harmony, Counter
aolnt, Musical 1'orm apd History.
Pupils prepared for the examine
'.Ions of the Associated Board of the
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
Por terms, etc., apply 61 Dutt-..:n
Jt.ooi     Pbnns 411 R.
; cooking, what else do we want?"
Branch   Linec   Surveyed.
The Copper Hiver <t   Northwestern
I railway   has   surveyed     two   complete
J branch   lines   from   Mile   .'!!*     lo    the
| fields, one by  way of Katalia and the
Confident     It   ether by way of Lake Charlotte. With-
! ins ninety days af'er the government
00   This | have  permission    to    mine coal, cars
I would    be   running   between   Cordova
! and   the   mines   loaded   with   Alaska
The chief activity at  Cordova    now
��� specially   is the tailroad. The machine shops are
efficient   located   lure:   most  nf the employees
the Euro-   live here and  pasrengers and  freight
verge of in-  in ihe Interior pass through here
tinny to in*.    Then tiiere is the fishing Industry.
The Orca  cannery, just    outside    of
i Cordova. Is nutting up a big pack. Kd
llaniey, or   Portland, Is financing tbe
construction ";' a cannery at Mile 56
on t'ne Coppjg    River A.  Northwestern
| railway.      Dr.    E.    '.ester     .lones,    the
United   States   fisheries   man.   visited
j here   recently.     He   was   enthusiastic
over   the   outlook   for   the   fishing   in-,
dustry in    Southwesetern Alaska and
j will   work for a government hatcherv \
at   Kvak   lake.    The  halibut   industry,!
I two years ago a negligible*one, is at-
I trading    attention    ��\t'\    producing
Last, year  was  the  first  sea-
C. Coast SS. Service
30 a ni.  .
00   p.m.
45   p m
..   ..Daily
Cheap fares for all return tickets to Eastern points, on sale
beginning .lune 1st Good to return up to Oct   .''.1st.
For  particulars  apply  to
E. GOULET. Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
For Seattle
in ?,o a.m Daily
11:00 p.m. daily except Saturday
11.5 p.m Saturday
For  Nanaimo
in a in   and  6:30 p.m    .... Daily
Nsnaimo. Union Bay. Comox
r.   a in    Thursday   and   Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay.   Powell
11:45 p.m    .   ..   Kvery Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
ll'OOp.m    Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
6 ho a.m. Tuesdays for Victoria,
calling  at   points  in  flulf  Isl.
To  Alaska   .   .   Every  Saturday
nt   I
eof.   111
��� City
.1.   i'.
Iiistrict   U.i
Reglstrv  Office.   N.
'..  _nd July,  1!��H.
.hull, ai
i!.,  date
.1 dally '
of   New ,
1   writin ..
strut- ot   Titles. '
\   \Xt st minster, (
(3614) -
v   lilocl
���  No,   _M
1   l.loi li
Whereas  prool   of  tl
ci riifie ite   No    2",   Lo
subdivision    Block    In
also   t.i.   sale  certificate
Block   "<"'   resubdlvlslon
tri,.    Lol    _'.   also   Utx   sill
21G,    Lot     1::     Block      "<"
BI01 k   "A"   1'isirici   Lol   -
name  ol   Will tei   S    Rose,   has
In   the  office  of   tijn   Municipal
Noiic-  i.s  hereby  given  that
1 in-   expiration   of   1 hin>    I 30 t
] dreaded, and   I   belli ve  that   all  eon
��� 11 ntloua     Americans   hope   thai     a
, clash   may   be  avert d.    it   is  an   ill
j wind that blows noiei.v ,_,..id. however,
and should the powers of Europe meet
1 011 the battlefield, a_ now _,e< ms highly
probable, it  will mean the restoration
of prosperltj   to   the   ent ite    i'nited
Slates      A   greater    .ale   for     all     the
American  manufactured    products   is
h< and to be created and a heavy
jiLniight. nn  the ra.   materials of the
COUntn   will  also  he  felt,  Besides  this,
the   pt try    fill    be   .relieved   oi'     a
i large number of alien.-, w ho, when tbey I mrney
1 leave,  will  vacate  many  excellent po- j son   and  about  500  tons   was  caught,
��� sitions which can he filled by Hie now j iced nnd shipped from Cordova to the
troublesome unemployed." 'south.    T'lis   vein   the   park   will   be
Sam s. Goldsmith, a shoe merchant  much  greater.
, of St. Paul,  who is making a  business
troui   nf the coast, takes this view of
the  Kuropeaii  war situation  in  regard   WAR   PREPARATIONS
'to  its  effect  upon   the   United   States.; CLAIM  FIRST  VICTIM
: Mr. Goldsmith declared that he expect-
ed tie export trade of the country toi    Vlctorlii,  Aug. 2.
nearly double its present proportions I Kngland  announces
|lf war is declared and he asserts tbat | gineer Roland H, M. Bury, R, N��� who
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial invitation Is given the ladies of New Westminster to
visit the salesrooms of the B. C. Electric. In the company's terminal
at Columbia and Eighth, lo inspect our complete line of Electric
Cook  Ing and   Household appliances.
These appliances greatly lessen the labor of the housewife, pro-
moling both ker comfort and convenience They are always ready
for service, operating on connection with any household socket. The
cost for current is only a few cents per hour of continuous operation,
Electro Cooking Applunces just meet your sutnmersdemands as
I hey can do all forms of light cooking just as well as the kitchen
range. Kully seventy-live per cent of your summer cooking can be
done in this  manner.
New  Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia 4, Eighth
A   dispatch   from
tlie  death   of   En
ransfcr Co.
a     .In
ol     Ihe    first
lily   newspaper
I'll      <a   New   Westnilnst
deeds     o,     Walter    S.     Pe
.,:   ., ��� .,i.i    unless    in    tin
ob.ii cl Ion   I-e   mad
1    hall
��� lie. h   i rom i
ben .,1
Phone 18b.        Barn Phons 137
Begble  Street.
1 -0,1. . ' loll    he    made    In
Mated this jntb day
|Baggage Delivered  Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
rht and Heavy Hauling
Box ������ Dally News Bint
lie believes lhe  Pacific coast
-subdivision I especially  benefitted  by  an.
Issued   iii   Me-; ties   which   may  occur  abroad.
"When a  European nation goes to
war."   added   Mr.   OoldBmltft,  "the   full
righting  strength  of  the    nation    is
Usui pi-d      Every   able-bodied    man   is
called   to   the   front  to   fight   for,his
homi  and family nnd as a 1
is  no one  h ft  to   run   I
the cloth  or elTga.,. in  other lines of
 mil icturlng.    The   manufacture  of
food stuffs and dressing ol meats is
negli' ted at the sound nl the bugle
and   t ic   entire   industrial   life  of  the
will bei was   killed   yesterday
hosltlli- in Dorset, England In
1 dent on board  II. M. S
Colossus, on whirii the
in-    a,   urilin .
of .lune,  mn
.lector.  Bum ,
result 1 here
mills, spin
of all kinds.
Prices right    Satisfaction Kiiarauteet
SB McKoncIt 4_
, uatii 11 Is Immediately stagnated
I Must   Buy  From  America.
"Bul both these soldier.-, and iheir
families must eat, and If they have
no time in raise tlu;ir grain or slaughter tin Ir '.'a 11 cattle they ���_ ill ai once
'send  lo the   neatest and  best   market
at Weymouth,
a coaling ucci-
CoIobrub. The
lieutenant was
serving at the time, is a battleship
of the dreadnought type, which wus
coaling at Weymouth, the headquarters of the channel fleet, preparatory
in li living v. ith the rest of the fleet
under sealed orders No details of
tin- nccldenl have as yet been received
Lieutenant Bury was well known 111
Victoria, as up to last July he was
-11, ing on H. Al ('��� S. Rainbow. He
came out with thai vessel from Bng��
land In I fl 10. Commander Hose, when
informed 1 f his death last night, expressed the lioopeM regret al the loss
.11 a young officer of great promise.
His lieutenant's commission dated
from   August,   1908,
Special Excursions
Glacial, Island
Mountain and
Forest Scenery
S.S.    "Prince    Oeorge"    sails
Thursdays, midnight, August 8.
Five Days
Meals and Berth
3, 10,
B.S,    "Prince    Kupert"
Monday midnight. Angus! 	
Boats remain at Prince Rupert one'day, affording an opportunity
Of seeing  the  new  Grand  Trunk  Pacini: city.
Parlor rooms separately or en suite, with or wlthoul private
bath, etc., at an additional cost.    Staterooms en  suite without extra
U   0   SMITH, C P. and TA. C. E3. JBNNEY, CAP
8i;j4_ r._7 Granville St., Vancouver,
Phone  Say,
Canadians as One Man
the present   If Great Britain is at war, Canada is at war
A war such as that now threatening is horrible to con-
Stand by Great Britain ^-^
we not ready to confront the danger which threatens.
iFrom my knowledge of Canadians I am convinced that
 aaJwey are prepared to accept any decision which may be
mianding coal, or anv supplies she may yish on penalty ,���ade b^ Downing street, and are ready to give, to the
of shelling that city in case of refusal. ' limiV men and money to assist in the protection of the
Captain Hose mustered the Victoria and Vancouver emPire- Now the time for action has arrived. It may be
volunteers on Saturday morning and highly compliment-ithat ���e are not as ready as we should be. But if we are
ed them upon the manner in which they had entered short in shiPs we wil1 be Quick to make up this shortage
into the spirit of the work. They had, he said endured|by furnishing men and money. Let us hope that this ter-
the attendant hardships in a manner worthy of the best'rible war cloud may be dissipated, that the last and best
traditions of the navy. iW01*d has not yet been heard.  I trust in Provideno* it may
A dispatch from Victoria says that the authorities! be so> but one thing 1 can assert- Canada has had one
there are nervous regarding the possible coming of the!touch of an emergency and hereafter Canadians can ap-
Leipzig and that the Rainbow has decks cleared to meet '��� Preclate the duty and sPare no effort or outlay to protect
her.   She could not steam north, however, within a week !and asslst the supremacy of the British empire.   As part
Captain F. W. Evans, R. N. R., has received instruc-iand Parcel of the Sreatest emPire on which the sun never
tions from the admiralty to proceed to London immedi-i9ets' an emPire standing for liberty, for everything that
ately and rejoin the navy. Captain Evans did fifteen ought to go to make communities the world over of happy
months with the Channel squadron and qualified for his and contented people, Canada must show her appreciation
torpedo certificate. He has been on the retired list of the I ?f the sources of h,er continued prosperity and well being.
R. N. R., but he has received a direct call from London. He IJust .as ,��>on ������ *" ahen ,who c0"1f.sL to.our. midst has i
will leave Vancouver tonight or in the morning. Captain j acquired knowledge of our laws and liberties, just so soon
Evans was formerly a master in the C. P. R. transpacific Ido we find .him appreciating the need of the maintenance
liners. He was one of the Vancouver police commission-jof the empire. There ought to be before every man and
ers and is now a commissioner of the Vancouver pilotaee wo���an todayLa sufficiently strikingly lesson to bring him
authority and ber to the conclusion that there can be no holding
  jback in efforts to maintain at all costs the traditions of
AFROPLANF I IT UP BATTLE ilhe race-   We must consider of the past and, realize the
Vienna, Aug. 3.���During the fight between the Aus-        ,���   . ��� ..    T? F\{^ TSE u^\f
trians and Servians for the railroad bridge at Semlin, ... "�� is my strong conviction that the motherland if
leading to Belgrade, which was waged in pitch darkness>��*���* t0 ���T ^^S&JSP emeige "T SEfiS
an Austrian aeroplane flew over the Servians, lighting up;than ever before. The fr^.f^��� <"^^
theenemv's nosition ' ! they boast little.   Because of the liberty we enjoy, we aie
It looked like a giant bird over the heads of the enemy!constantly criticizing one another and pointing; out our
and gave directions where to fire. Officers of the staS weak spots. You may hear ^ "iticiw the aimy and
Statel that the Servians broke the Geneva agreement by SS^^*a^gffS&*SgT&^ISrtaSaL��_lr% can
shooting at trolleys conveying the wounded under protec- j g���-��� ^ ������ conclusion of affairs which will
{h(enfightesa1(i:        " dMCnbingKve. addld1 assurances of the perpetuity of the British
"For a short time the Servian troops tried to take a\e���$*   .   British Columbiaj have to confront war there
Eosition at the bend of the Save river and return our fire, I.    " we< m,D ?* �����Vfl���V      T Pt   na   nrenare   ���-
. ut our machine guns made great gaps in their ranks, so |��   no   need   for   excitement.     Let   us   prepare
finally, when the Howitzers began to have an'effect'on the!selves   to   play  the  man;   let   us  have   a  full
bridge, they fled.   Servian losses were very heavy." jization   of   our   manifest   duty.    There   is   no
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   occa-1
sion to   lose our heads.   When the crisis is past wej
may be able to say we have acquitted ourselves as a law-
abiding British community is expected to."
Sir Richard, in conclusion, declared that the govern-
ment of   Canada was seized of its responsibilities, andj
cognizant of the diversified interests of the country.   He I
Stockholm, Aug. 3.���The Russian fleet was defeated
yesterday in a battle with German warships off Aland.   _      ,, . , ���.__-____-_._./-__._. __ ���
Island.   Russian boats put into the Gulf of Finland, where i believed he could safely say that both at Ottawa and in
thev lie at anchor today.   Germanv has seized all islands! British Columbia the first consideration moving the gov-
which form part of Finland.   Fishermen report that aiernments  was, not  the  well-being  of the Conservative
Russian battleship has gone ashore on one of the islands. 'Party, but the well-being of the Dominion as a whole.
Aland Island is a little to the north of the entrance to ihe
Gulf of Finland.
London, Aug. 3.���The Russian ambassador is exerting
every effort to force England to make a formal declara-1 Reiic From Fa
tion of war against Germany in alliance with the czar.! Resemblance to That of
Count Beckendorff has called on Sir Edward Grey four
times during the last twenty-four hours.
1    The (out   Rides ol  the    col lin    are i
I made ot  a single piece of board cut \
thin at the corners and bent at these
places,  forming  perfect right angles.
The fourth angle Is fastened with rawhide thongs. The cover is driven on
with wooden pegs. The designs,
which are very clear, are in various
rnlors, and they represent two distort-
r North Bears Strking   ed faces, one on each side.
The entire collection will be placed
in the museum. .Mr. Brigham look,
upon this gift as one of the most valuable the school  lias ever received.
R. meter   II.
Paris, Aug. 3.���France is invading Germany with two
corps, numbering 55,000 men with heavy artillery. They
are crossing near Lascheucht. The Germany army is advancing to meet them.
McBride9s Patriotic Address
Cheered to the Echo
Victoria, Aug. 3.���That the signal summoning Canadians to the defence of the empire will find a people
- - ______���  i__^^H    w___\
Battle Creek, Mich., Aug. 3���A mum-
I milled Indian's head, the face of
I which bears a striking resemblance
i to the features of the mummy of
Rameses II, of Kgypt. lies In a diminutive but artistic casket in the high
school basement. The liair ls coarse
and raven black in color, indicating! Washington
that the remains are those of an Indian. The skin ,is bleached white,
the features reguiar,. the forehead
high and intelligent, far more so than
that of the average native, and one
cctilj almost imagine himself gaving
into the face of a Caucasian as he
look,   at the head.
lt is the gift Of Mrs. Esther Gibson,
a missionary to the Alaskans, and was
obtained through the kindness of Elder Qeorge Tenney of the sanitarium.
Story   of  the   Find.
Two native Alaskan boys found
head  in   a   picturesquely  painted   but
box   In   a   cavern   on   the
State   Statistician   Says
Wood Cutting Machine Has
Heavy Responsibility.
Olympia, Wash., Aug. 3.���Tbe buzz
saw  receives  a  strong  indictment  at
the hands of the statistician of the industrial  insurance    commission,   who
has just prepared a table showing the
mechanical   instruments     responsible i
I for the 2.119 injuries for which claims
i were filed with tho commission from
161 October 1, 191., to June 30, 1914.
The power driven saw was respon-1
sible for 547 of the 2,119 injuries, al
little mort than one-fourth of the total. Wood-working lathes were responsible   for   the   fewest    accidents.
    ��"������ ���^������v-  "- ^^M-____________i___________!___________i___________ on'-v ^'ve ��f t'le enlil'e number beisg
patriotic utterances were cheered to the echo by many .5,^^^
hundred Victorians in attendance at the seventh annual fearing that a hoodoo was connected mentallUe8) wltn t;���, number of ac-
picnic of the Conservative association at Goldstream    Sir J*"; t.e,K'_S ^\S_$&^_$P :"'" he,d re"
Richard declared his full confidence that British Colum-Igied the head and the painted coffin;' wood-working lathes, B;   Banding
bians who might, before they fully realized it, be.faced [^^ ^"7"^
into the forefront of the coining international embrogho, | to Battle creek. ���;,llu.s!; T: ���iacn,���e?v in bake:!��, etc!!
K,t r._-MU--t- nf Bliq l.mvince beillt? UDOn the Pacific. WOUldl     F.here  ls  8Ver5\ Indication that  the   g. drop and power hammers, S; textile
by  leaSOll  Ot  WUS province  Deillg UjyUIJ  UM^icCliL.    uuu'"   Indian   was   a   chief  or noble   Of,the   macni��e8i  8    polishing machines.  10;
when the time of trial came, rally to the tlag and give tribe of Thiinkiet, which once inhab- lron worklng latlK.s, 12. ur-niing
to the full measure of their blood and treasure in defence ^^J^^JS MSb. Cil^ut STiShS' v^h
of the emoire and in a manner in full keeping with the characters thai are seldom found on er W0(;(ikl;rking. 18; other Wways,
"  ��� It was the time, he urged, when uV~,.e Xk'toffi wereV'l?' 8t-puS by V^",' lt;;,faU frTcars'
-    "___������ nnl   io   nn    iii.ii h   im to  we.i   i.ii jy.   s.,artirig.   19:   laundry   niachinerv.
skins   of (five   ermine,   which   among 2���. (,haills .u*ul blockB. 26; paper mak-
the natives, as well as in the civilized erS| 2!).   al| otlu.r maohiu,irv not  Bpe.
countries, is a mark ol royalty. (Reside cifi(.allv im,lmU,,, )n tnls list   29;  ele-
traditions of the past.
the differences of party, which, in ordinary times, appear
to occupy such a large part in the everyday life of the com-
t1lT!V  m 11' 11  ii   lC-i t.^-   i'i-*  ��-  ��--   ^---    -      ��� ���/   -   - v ^^_S_______I___B 1 ivv,..._..-
muniS. would be forgotten; when the___t*J__%\*��jS
 ^  id   was   a   rawskin   hag   of   a
Tvpl'ii-i-1 would nrove a DreeedentInaturaJ ''P(1 (lyp wlilch Mr* Brij;ham jointers,
lieiano WOUiu pruve tt jJiet.6ut.iiL| Delleved t0 be p0Wered hematite Iron Jc���s  44
" this also
for _\^Slm^m\^^mm^hi. ��� But one thought
_,__ -Ste ever, breast, the maintenance of the in-
S..n_:'^Uek empire the world has ever known.
NO POLITIC! TA1.K-.U, AN��triotism ran nK���
and hi.; addi'ess. while" brief. breathed a spirit which met
i the imme
rers.  It was
________________ *u ?%!^Tv-o"_^Pnt Ymi. erial problem which ! live and a half Inches across the cheek
marks almost Wholly tO the greai imJJet i��" ^�� | hones,  fullv  an  Ich   more  than  the
hearers.   It was a significant fact that 	
ers touched upon political matters, but confined their re-
ore, and there are traces ol
on the parched .kin. In the hox was
1 woven nbuch, very beautiful in tex-
ture7 which when found contained the
ashes of the body of the deceased,
which evidently had been cremated.
Next to the head, the most inter-
estlng object ii] the box was a sculp
covered with auburn hair. This was
coarse, indicating lhat it was Indian.
although the unusual color cannot be
accounted for.
Oi   Enormous Size.
The size of the head is an object of
wonder to Mr.  Iirig'.iam.    lt  measures
2; drilling and a milling. 311;
shapers, etc., 3(1; couplin.-.'
slap conveyors, 47; planers,
edgers, etc, B3; collisions and derailments, 56; cranes and derricks, .66;
log carriers and gear, 07; hoisting apparatus. US: live roll and chains. 74;
gears, 83; belts and pulleys, Sfi; motors and engines. 133; coal and dump
ca:s, 160; cables, 21S; power driven
saws, 547.   Total, 2,119.
"The  best
is  our  iiuitti
Let us
prove it.    1.
eave a
. film ul
Purg Store
to bo
K. I eash.
now confronts the empire. f    the      t ten
"I want vou to recall my W���"fB^rju* �� %.a\A t(.p ^10.���^���.-!,^,,
�� fi-i* vpi-v subiect of national defence,   said the iMcnesi   Mr ,Brigham, era
years on this veiy suojecL u subiect merely to lievea that the native was
"I am not retening to UUh ;7U-'     ���i_tj.* rn giant m stature. The tee
ply to recall the past m its relation to j    fL,ct
premier ________
find fault, but sim
average   white   before   the   flesh   has !
shrunk away, and the skull  from the; ut.rmuT  ......
level of the crest to the chin tip is ten ME..gMANT   tailor.
from  this,  be-      Full stock of latest imported  Suit-
s a veritable   Ings    for summer wear.    Perfect fit
th are very j and workmanship guaranteed.    Prices
even yet. j from $18.0(1 up.    701  Front street.
By D. Maxwell Merry
About two million families in Canada use everyday, at least, one domestic product or another, which
is advertised. Tha| is to say, they wash with a certain soap, drink a certain tea, eat a certain breakfast food, take a certain medicine or go to bed on a
certain mattress, when they would have used a different soap, tea, food, medicine or mattress, if the
particular kind which, in fact, they do use. had never
been advertised.
But not one of these two million families habitually use any one of these or of the hundreds of
other advertised articles because it was advertised.
The reason is quite different. These advertised articles are used because the users like them.
If a woman once tastes a tea that she does not
like, no amount of advertising will make her drink
it again. If a woman washes her face with a soap
that injures her complexion, advertising will never
induce her to change her opinion in regard to that
particular soap.
You can introduce your goods by advertising
that it is the quality of the goods themselves that
keeps the door open to them.   Thus we arrive at a
bed rock.   It is the merit of the goods advertised
which sells the goods.   Clever advertising will sell
good merchandise, but no advertising will sell twice
to the same person merchandise that is not, or is
not believed by that person to be, worth the money.
Here we come to a curious mistake held by people whose own practice should show them their error. I mean the common idea that advertising-
will sell everything���that it is noisy advertising and
not merit that sells the goods.
As I have frequently stated in these articles, the
simple explanation of an article and the special features that are likely to appeal to the public is the
best advertising that can be used. Big words and
resounding phrases may look good to the advertiser, but they don't sell goods. The shortest words
and the shortest sentences tell the tale of any product better than the most academic story that could
ever be written.
The News is the Morning-
Paper of New Westminster
and the Fraser ��� Valley. See
that your business announce-
ments appear in its columns. -m
TUESDAY, AUGU8T 4, 1914.
Monthly Report of Medical
Health   Officer   Shows
Wth Few Exception. Dairies ef New
Westmineter are Glvinfl Citizens
'. Ruri, .^.iii: ���
���' -gf-^iVj   ������
New Westminster's milk supply, last j
month wis ili'Vfairly* good condition'
according  tp  the, .monthly  report  of
Medical Health Qtticer A. I_. McQuarrie, made,to th��.wslty council last eve
"Ing.       ��� ,..:.,.. ,���.    ,
July saw a-au-tof the monthly bacteriological tests U milk .sold in the
city, made .by,ar.. f, ,W. Wittlch. the
11 cently appointed city bacteriologist.
In hu. report to the city council Dr
McQ-iarrle. commenting upon tbe tests
made by Dr. Wittlch. states that although in five- instances the number
��>f bacteria is ,vory high. In no case
was any disease prancing germs dissevered. This gpes to show that the
milk vendor* as a rule are not so
much lacking in^cleanllneas aa in storage facilities,,    .,
While np -itateil figure is established, It is generally recognized that 100 ���
��no bacteria germs is the limit allowed in one cubic centimetre of milk
flurlnp the summer months, this figure being considerably less ln the winter months. Dr. Wittlch. in hla report
recommends that the milk dealers
whose tests average above the Tecog-
nized limit, , should. flas .eurlze their
milk unless thqy can use cleaner
methods in handling. The test of the
coquitlam lake water, also made by
Dr. \Vittich, was found to be sterile.
The following1 is* the* list ot tests
made by Dr.. \yittic'.i,,. showing the
name of the prodlicer ami the number
of bacteria in one oubtc centimetre of
milk, the samples being collected on
July 30 at 11 a.m. and received in the
laboratory at 3 p.m. the same day:
Booth  fflVfJIQ 50,000
Berchett add iAW-ftfong .263,100
Duncan  ......... '-;!  h.soo
Model       19,500,
. 300,000 I
. 20,300
. 71,400
. 35,900
ie regular monthly test of the milk
to etermine the amount of butter fat
nas made by Dr. McQuarrie whore-
ports the following figures. The Julv
iesl shows a great improvement in
the tests ol every vendor selling milk
with a butter fal percentage;
.,    ,. Kat
Booth       e a
Berchatt uud   And ei boh   '.'...... .5.8
Duncan    .83
Model      4 1
Held     '.'.'.'.3.2
Hurl     4.0
Brehaut   4.2
Crystal   4.2
V. ard     .4;;
McLeod     4.4
Ruttefs  5.1
Cameron    4.1
The health report for the mouth of
July is about tlie best on record in
years, Dr. McQuarrie reporting one
single case, that being one of pulmon-
ary tuberculosis. Twenty-nine reports
ol unsanitary premises were investigated but no prosecutions were found
1������ ��� - ssary,
O. Reid ....... r:.^:,..
Hurl   ....-!. \..   .,;.,...
Crystal   .
Ward    ..
Butter  .
1 'ameron
L'..le Can Be Accomplished, However,
Until  Tax Collections Begin to
Come in.
financial matters held sway at the
Hurnaby council meeting last night,
v> ���"> little being accomplished as it
was felt thut until the flow of the tax
rece 1 Is is established, little collateral
1 be Bpared for municipal purposes.
The appeal of the board of park
commissioners of Central Park for a
grunt in order to improve the ground..
fronting the agricultural hall, was
laid river for three weeks. Councillor Miiniy pleaded that the sum of
$200 lie set aside for that purpose
but the three  weeks' hoist carried.
Several property owners' made complaint that instead of their land being
assessed as improved property it was
made out as *Viid land with a consequent increase in taxation. Houses are
hull, on the lots the petitioner^ alleged.
The clerk informed the council that
it would be impossible to make a refund after the court nf revision had
completed its work, which led Heeve
Kraser to come forward with a desire
to have the department responsible
for such errors investigated. Nothing
was  done,  however.
The ('. N'. R. wrote again to the
council explaining 'hat land along the
Fraser river was for railway purposes
nnd therefore was exempt from taxation until 1924 according to the railway act. Municipal Clerk Moore explained that the property was still held
under the name of a Mr. Field and
with this data tn work ou. 'lie council instructed t'r.e municipal solicitor
to continue the courl action for back
taxr s
Vaneouver   workmen   employed   on
the  new   cemetery  in  North   Burnaby
jvlll   noi   be   taxed   the   $2   road   tax.
[Reeve fraser iin  making such a reso-
Hution,   slated     that     Vancouver   had
aid  tin    11*14   taxe,s on   the  property
nd   therefore   Hurnaby  should   recip-
ncate.   Tiie suggestion-1 was adopted
���though   Councillors   Allen  and   Mac-
|onald  objected.
Amateur Finishing.
Pt  costs im  inure  to have  the beet. I
tare  your  lilms al   ihe Curtis  drug |
pre to  be  .hiijBl-ffljby   Homer    B.
16b. C-7_Xij
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Sectional Bookcase; in fumed oak; three sections; top and base, complete; regular $15.50. (19  RH
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full-nan  Davenport Bed;  in solid fumed oak frame;   upholstered  in
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The  Kze Wringer;   11-iiirh Build
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1-inch Build
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Brats  Beds.
Regular $30.00 value.
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Double Elided Wash
D 1" nis.    Each   ....
Bri..s \\'a,sh Hoards.
Wash   Boards.
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Kach, 2Si. and	
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Sale Price 	
Kitchen  Treasure;   regular  $B.50.
Sale I'riee	
Kitchen   Cabinet,   complete;   includes   base   with   drawi
top has shelves with  glass doors;   regular $13.50,
Sale Price  	
Kitchen   Cupboards;   China   cupboard   above   and   i.i
board with two drawers in lower section;   re-,. $12.
Sale  Price    ,.	
Kitchen   Chairs.     Priced   at
65c,  75c,  $1.00 and	
Buffet: solid oak; fumed or golden/Inlsh; reg. $26.00
Sale Price  	
Extension   Table;   six-foot   style;   regular   $11.on.
Sale  Price   	
Buffet;  solid oak;  golden  finish,   regular $20.00.
Sale Price  	
Extension Table; round top; solid oak; six-fool style
regular $15.00.
Sa>   Pl'iCn   	
Dining   Chairs;    solid   oak   leather   pad
Our China Values
Are Extraordinary
Limcges Caina  Dinner Sets $35
In neat conventional designs:
with the popular Kermis or
m hie shape cups; 07-piece set;
reg. $50.on.
Per  set   ....
White and (.old Crown Porcelain Dinnerware; iu stock pal-
Hi-piece   sets,
52-plece  sets.
Thin China Cups and Saucers;
with three gold line decoration;
regular 25c.
Kach for	
Thin Glass    Tumblers;
.1.26    value.
I'er dozen   	
8-Inch     Colonial     Qlasi
Bowls,   Special,
-L imi fact
This Puce for One Day Only.
100 dozen half-pint Covered
Class Jelly Moulds; regular
50 value. Per
dozen   for   	
Some of the Many Rare Bargains
on the Carpet Floor
Real Genuine Value in Hearth Rugs.
A very good quality Hearth Bug; in new colors and designs: specially
suitable for parlors aud bedrooms; size 27x54. regular AP-
$1.25.    Sale Price    996
$3.50 Axminater Ruga to Sell for Only $2.50.
These rugs are made of the very best Axminster carpet;  sl/.e 27x5*,
actual  $:i.50  value %\__^  ��fl
Special Price ?_(_>��� OU
Wilton Ruga.
Thc excellent quality, colorings and designs of these  Itugs give them
a place In every well furnished home;
Size 27x54;  legular $5.75. #j|  7K
Special   Price        ^t" ��� mj
Size 96x68; regular $8.26. i_mJ TIC
Special  Price   ��P I ��� I Q
Stair Carpet.
A very strong hardweai ing carpet; US inches wide; suitable for stairs
'.mil balls;  pattern the same on both sides:
IS  inches   wide;   regluar  4o<   per  yard. OK#��
Price per yard    bWH
22'/fe   inches  wide;   regulai   60c   per  yard
Price per yard    _	
27  inches wide;   regular 80c  per yard. 9Rf%
Price per yard   WWW
Tapeatry Carpet.
Suitable   for   stairs   and   halls;   a   large   variety   of   patterns;   in   red.
green and faw 11:
Par yard  	
inches wide:  regular 76c
Carpet Sweepers.
A Carpel  Sweeper once used  Is always used.    It sweeps thoroughly,
makes no noise and raise., 110 dust. CQ  7K
I'riee         mWO.ImJ
Special Bargains in Tapestry Carpet.
A Carpet Of the finest quality tapestry;   made to suit  .
inches  by   12  feet.    This  is  regularly   sold  at  $16.0n.
Tapestry Rugc.
A   splendid   opportunity   to   secure  a   good   Hug   al   a
Size 4-6x0-i; feet.
Sale  Price  	
Size 6-9x9 feet.
Sale   Price   	
Size 7-fix9  feet,
Sale   Price   	
Size 9x9 feet
Sale   Price   	
size fixio-f. feet,
Sale Price  	
Size  9x12  feet.
Sale   Price   	
Size 10-6x12 feet.
Sale   Price   	
Size   10-6x13-6   feet.
Sale   Price    /	
room 8  feet 3
greal   saving:
Hall   Runners;   Regular $7.50;   Sale   Price,  $4.50.
These Hall Hugs an tiie very best Brussels rarpet; green, fawn and
blue combinations;  size 8 feet by 3 feet, fl inches. 9mA   Cft
regular   $7.50,   for        9"**OU
Axminster Squares: Size 8-3x11-6 Feet: Reg. $45: Sale Price. $28.60.
These are snamlc... Axmlnatei Hug., With a deep, heavy pile; suitable for drawing room, dining room and parlor.
Pro. Brussels Rugs.
An  excellenl  wearing rug for bedrooms and  living rooms:
Size  9x9   feet:   legular  $S.50, *X,A.  QC
Size 9xln-ti  feet;   regular  .9...I'. _*_Z  T.C
for    *. $0.10
Size   9x12   feet;   regular   $10.76,
Brussels Border Carpet.
Regular  $1.25.  $1.60  and  $1.75  iiualities.
Sale  Price, per yard	
Verandah Shades.
These are the well known Vudor Shades, specially designed for those
wishing extra fine shades for verandahs or sleeping porches:
Size 4x7-6 feet;   regular $1.75,
Size  6x7-6;   regular  $5.50,
Size  Xx"-fi;   regular  $6.00.
Window Shades.
Made of special oil opaque cloth;  green and  cream combination;
inches wide and six feet long;  fitted to Hartshorn rollers:
regular  95c.    Sale   Prire    ,	
Inlaid Linoleum.
A   heavy  iiuality  of   Inlaid   Linoleum;   in  artistic  designs   for  dining
rooms, halls and kitchens;   regular $1.25 quality, for. Qftf*
per  square yard       wUC
Excellent Values in Blankets and
An   unusually   large   assortment  of  fine   bedding   is   offered   at   this
liouseturiiishing seie.    The prices show a saving 011 every article;
Heavy Gray*Army Blankets, of fine quality Canadian wool; in light
g.ay;   .1-   ..lx��2;   regulai   $6.50. *C  QC
Sale P.-.ce, per pair   ��JPw��ww
Dark Dray Ulanketsj with red and black border; size .->7x76; a very
setviceable blanket for every day use:  reg. $4 25 ��Q yC
Sale Price, per pair   T,      V*
(Jray Campers' Blankets; single bed size; strong and well made;
region    $2.95 per pair. CO 45
Sale   I'riee, prr pair        ������ ��������� ��� ��� ��� ��� **ffc"^M
White Wool Blankets; llzt 88x80; very line soft quality for every
day wear; regular $5.00. C4   9C
Sale Price, per pair       ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� _Z_\'_Z_m
Large size, 64x84, In  Hie same quality;   regular $5.50. *M   QC
Sale  Price,  per  pair          *   -P"t��WW
Down Comforters; light in weight; warmer than any other comforter; well made and coveted with line art sateen; in pink, blue,
green 01  red; regular $5.50. &A  QC
Sale   Price,  each           ��� T
Sllkollne covered Comforters; filling o| pure white cotton; sou
and   light:   regulai   price  $3.50. Jg QC
Sale   Price,   each     ',"._",""���"',' ��*�������������#*#
Strong, well made Comforters;  size h0x��2;  In all colors;
legular price. $1.60.   Sale Pi ice   ������__
Single  lied  Comforters;   red, fawn or blue. 350
"Our Pride""pVll'ows;'"sTze 20x27: fancy art licking in fawn; regular
prici   $1.50 each. SI .25
Sale  Price, each ""  -"_*
Cotton   Killed  Pillows:  J&xSii. 5uC
Each   a I    ��� '���	
Ol hei   lines speclallp priced at,
each. 75c, 85c nnd  	


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