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The New Westminster News Aug 25, 1914

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Volume 9, Nui.iber 146.
Price Five Cent*
ierman Hordes Advancing
Over Five Belgium Roads
hesperatc fighting Occurs at Charleroi in Which British
Troops Are Actively Engaged���Allies Fight
Every Inch of Ground.
|On Every Road Leading into France the German Army
Is Being Hotly Opposed by the Allies Who Are Reported to Be in Splendid Condition���Opposing Forces
in Constant Contact and Many Prisoners Being Cap-
tured by French and English.
London, Aug. 115.���2:10 a.m. -The
Dally Telegraph's I'aris correspondent
telegraphing Sunday, sends a letter
dated 5 o'clock Sunday afternoon In
Jetimont, department of Nord. Prance,
which cays:
"I left Charleroi last ni^ht for Jeu-
inon;. on thc French frontier, and not
n moment too soon. This very morning the engineers of the northern railway line witnessed au attack ou Charleroi. Germans from the outskirts of
t'ie upper town were sending shells
on the railway station and on the
Ralient parts of tlie town. They were
trying to force a passage across the
bridges over the river. A number of
fugitives from all sides arrived here
by the last train.
"After 2 o'clock this afternoon guns
were distinctly heard first from the
direction of Charleroi and then
Theuin.    The   Germans    were    being
from the Montlgny side and came out
by the turning bridges in front of the
railway station. There was a fight for
the possession of the bridges, ns well
as the railway station, and other
"German shells are falling in the
town. The houses on the left of the
Hotel Kurope as seen from the railway station, appeared to bo seriously
damaged. A mass of French artillery
and troops in endless lines poured
out, ll is said, inward Chatelet, and
the Germuns were driven back with
serious losses."
Crown Prince
Reported Dead
German Prisoner Describes
Deadly Effect of French
Artillery Fire.
I'aris, Aug. 24.-9:35 a.m.���The Matin today quote* a German prisoner
at   Mnntpeller   as   follows:
"Your Krench artillery is admirable.
It destroyed in a few minutes entrenchments which we spent three
days In making. The greater part of
our men -were killed, while others
rushed to the rear with frightened
cries as if some supernatural force had
Intervened againsi them. I am glad to
be a prisoner. It is better than being
Tinder the yoke of German officers."
Germany's Eastern Frontier
Protected by Numerous
Strong Forts.
London, Aug. 24���A Times despatch
from SI Petersburg confirming the
report that the Russian left has completely enveloped the Germans, leav-
| ins the  1-age region and the line of
met by the English.    This is the be- I "Vmi__-' ��be German  retreat toward the "river
ginning of the great battle that ha.   Address   Read   ITOm   Miser | AnKPra���h  |���   g^  Hrilg8ill| and    the
been expected    	
German Line 100 Miles.
The same writer, in a letter sent
Kriday from Charleroi. says:
"The Germans are advancing over
a line of nearly 100 miles, spreading
out in a formidable fan-like movement,
preceded by swarms of scouts in all
directions, which sweep the country
from lirussels to Arlon. 15 miles
northwest of Luxemburg.
'The German hordes   are   on   the
-City Placed in State
of Defence.
Tsing Tau, China, Aug. 24. The
cipher message from Kmperor William addressed to the TBing Tau garrison in which they wete called upon
march over five different routes to- to defend the position to the uttermost
ward ."ranee. They will find men to _was read aloud at roll call last Friday
meet them,   (lur troops, In conformity '
wltb the plan laid down, are harrass
ing thc men on the right and left
banks of the Meuse. keeping in constant contact and killing as many
members of scouting parties as possible.
Cavalry in Fine Form
evening.    It was received stoically
The Germans have dynamited all
the tall buildings here which might
be of auy assistance to an attacking
party in giving them sighting points.
They have also destroyed the railroad
I bridge at the boundary of their leased
_ _  -   . territory and they have razed the Chi-
witnessed Kriday a series or en-1 nese villages within the territory.
gagf ments outside Charleroi. I saw JThe Inhabitants of these villages have
our outposts everywhere. I beard |been partially compensated
rifle tire here and there and observed
now and then troopers coming in
bringing prisoners. Our cavalry was
in splendid form and ready for action.
Two hundred yards from a bridge 1
saw seven Uhlans coming out of a
wood. Three of them were shot down
ai once.   The remainder fled.
"At 2 o'clock this afternoon guns
were heard in the north. The Germans, coming from Enghozee, had
placed heavy batteries of sie;;e guns
in position before Namur The Namur
forts Immediately sent In such a murderously accurate fire in reply that
in less than thirty minutes the enemy
Germane Suffer a Repulse.
London. Aug. _6.���2:S0 a.m. Since
yesterday morning the Germans have
in in attacking Charleroi. which the
French are. holding, aavs the Daily
Mail's correspondent ni Ostend. tele-
graphing today.
"The  Girinans invaded    the
Emperor Joseph
Reported Dying
Aged Austrian Monarch Is
Again Reported to Be
Near His End.
London, Aug. 24.���A Copenhagen
dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph
company dated Aug. 24, says:
"The condition oi Kmperor Francis
.losef of Austria, according to telegrams received today is much worse,
town I His death is a question of hours."
Mazur lakes in Russian hands, say
that Russians even now are sweeping
the environs of Insterburg and have
occupied Darkehmen, and thus the
line between Thorn and Danzig is
now within the sphere of Russian
"I learu from an autnoritaiive
source." says the correspondent, "that
the German forces engaged lost two-
thirds of their effectives. Unless the
Germans are able to bring up strong
reinforcements, which ts doubtful,
owing to the seizure of tbe important
railway and road communications by
Ihe Russians, the latter may now proceed to the Investment of Koenigs-
Russians Face Fortresses.
The Incursion of large bodies ot
Russian troops into the German provinces of Kast and West Prussia and
their capture of the Important po.'i
tions ot Gumbinuen and Insterburg
bring them in front of a series of
more or less strongly fortified German cities, placed strategically to the
east of the river Victula and between
it and the frontier.
Among these fortresses one of the
first in importance Is Koenigsberg. on
the Gulf of Danzig, a fortress of the
lirst class. The city contains about
29O.0O0 inhabitants and was formerly
a I'olish possession.
Thorn is another first class fortress
guarded by a large number of outlying works. It is southwest of Koenigsberg on the I'olish front.
Allenstein  is.  if anything, stronger
Rersistcnt Rumors That He
Was Wounded in Action
or Assassinated.
l/ondon, Aug. 24.���Refugees who recently arrived In I-on don from Germany state that persistent reports
there are tbat tbe crown prince is
dead. The mystery concerning him
is deepening, although the rumors
tbat some serious accident has befallen him gain proportionally In substance.
The l/ondon Standard was the first
paper to publish a circumstantial account of an attack on tbe crown
prince by an unknown man. ln which
the prince was seriously wounded, the
man escaping. In connection with
this alleged attack. Englishmen making their way to the G��rman frontier
were subjected to all kinds of indignities and insults. This is the version, according to refugees that .finds
the greatest credence in Germany.
The next report was that the crown
prince was wounded and lying seriously ill at Alx-I-a-Chapelie, whither the
kaiser waa hurrying to his side. This
received support in a telegram from
lirussels to tbe effect that he was
wounded in action.
It will probably be some time before
the news is confirmed or contradicted
with an official sanction.
Deadly Gas
Carries Death
French  Invention Will  Be
Used to Offset German
Use of Dum-dums.
London, Aug. 24���A remarkable tale
comes from Paris of an invention by
a French scientist of a gas bomb
which kills every living thing within
300 yards from the point where it
bursts. The story at least illustrates
I'aris war time gossip.
The story goes that the French are
prepared to make use of this new invention if the Germans continue to use
dum-dum bullets and saw-tooth bayonets, which it is alleged they use
freely. It is declared that the bomb
was tried on 30 sheep all ot which
are now dead.    The bomb burst 200
French and English Plan
Results in Retirement
Peking. Aug. 24.���Tbe blockade of
Tsing Tau, the fortified seaport of
Kiao Chow, haa begun.
British. French and Russian vessels
of war are taking part in the movement.
Up to the present time only British
regiments have received orders to cooperate wltb tbe Japanese in the
operations against Kalo Chow on the
land side. Tbe French are expecting
orders to assist tbe British. There
probably will not be more than two
or three regiments from eacb nation.
No reliable Information has reached
here yet as to any Japanese landing
on the Kiao Chow territory.
French Women
Very Heroic
Do Not Complain Although
Best Talent of the Nation
Is Fighting.
First British Casualty List Contains But Three Names,
Including That of Lord Leven���Holland
May Declare War on Germany.
British Army Attacked but Behaved Admirably, Holding
Their Ground���Two French Army Corps Assumed the
Offensive but Were Obliged to Retire After Receiving
and Effecting Enormous Losses���Allied Armies Are
Intact and Men in Best of Spirits.
-The French war office issued the following
London, Aug. 24���9:40 p.m.���"Paris
is the saddest place in the world,"
said Miss Cornelia de Sage, director
of the Albright art gallery, Buffalo,
N.V., who arrived ln London today
from the French capital. "All the
artists, poets and authors have gone
to the war. Every man able to carry
arms has answered the call. Only
small boys have been left to work in
the hotels and cafes. All studios are
"The flower of French manhood, all
the men of genuls, are at the front
The wives and mothers and sisters
rejoice that these talented men went
with their humbler brothers in defence of France. They say that the
call of country stands above all.
"They arareo brave���the women of
France. They are wonderful. They
realize that many of them will be in
mourning in a few days, yet they do
not complain. H^
"Even the wounded soldiers return- \
Paris. Aug. 24.-11:50 p.m.
announcement today: ___________m______________________m
The French and English plan of attack having failed owing to unforeseen difficulties, have retired on the covering positions.
It is to be regretted that the offensive operations planned failed to
achieve their purpose as a result of difficulties Impossible to foresee. It
would have shortened the war, but our defences remain Intact in tbe presence of an already weakened enemy.
Every Frenchman will deplore the temporary abandonment of portions
of Alsace and Isorralne which we had occupied, and certain parts of tbe
national territory will suffer from events from which they will be tbe
theatre. The ordeal is Inevitable, hut temporary. Thus detachments of
German cavalry, belonging tu an unattached division operating on the extreme right have penetrated to Boubaix, six miles north of Lille, and the
Tourcoing district which are defended only by territorial reservists.
Our valiant people will know how to find courage to support this trial.
with unfailing faith in final success, which is not to be doubted. In telling
)(_ the country the whole truth the government and military authorities, giro
lt the strongest proof of their absolute confidence in victory, which depends
only on our perseverance and tenacity.
West of the Meuse the English army on our left was attacked by the
Germans, but behaved admirably, holding its ground with traditional steadfastness.
The Iftencb assumed the offensive with two army corps. An Africa*
brigade in the front line, carried away by their eagerness, were received
lly a murderous (Ire. They did not give an Inch, but, counterattacked by
the Prussian guard, tbey were obliged to retire, only, however, after inflicting enormous losses.   The Prussian guard especially suffered heavily.
East of the Meuse our troops advanced across an extremely difficult
country and made a courageous attack when they emerged from the woods,
but weTe obliged to fall back after a stiff fight south of tbe river 8emois.
On an order of General Joffre our troops and tbe British troops withdrew to the covering positions. Our troops are intact; our cavalry lias in
no way suffered and our artillery has affirmed its superiority. Our officers
and soldiers .are. la the beat ol condition, morally and pfeyatcaUy. Oar
losses are heayy; it mtOmMl be premature te enumerate them, It would be
equally so to enumerate those of the Germans, who suffered so heavily
tbat tbey were obliged to abandon their counter-attacks and establish the_a-
I selves in fresh positions in Lorraine.
1        We delivered four attacks yesterday morning from our positions north
feet away, but all succumbed to thelin* to v-rl* *_**_** *M,!l1"mlr"   * 1"' "t���*' Sff'ffX **" ^T.'T* 2 *,_* "H""- ��� . ..     m
deadly gas jsaw^many returning from the battle (       ln regard to the general situation, we have the full use of our railroads
iContinued on Pago Two.)
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ at Belfort.   They could scarcely raise
| their heads,  yet  they  were cheering
Milan. Aug. .4.���A despatch to   the | for  France."
Corriere  Dela Sera, says that a Mon-1 .       	
tenegrin army .0,000 strong, achieved j
a number of notable successes on the j
border of Herzegovina.    There was a j
tierce bayonet fight lu the Cra. OTO re- >
gion and the Austrians retreated leav-
ing 300 dead on the ..eld, the number j
of wounded  being  still  greater.    One
hundred    and    fifty    prisoners    wore I
taken  under escort to the rear.    The
Montenegrins    also    suffered    severe
Boulonge Fears
German Raid
and retain command of the coast.   Our operations have enabled the Russia*
to come into action and penetrate the heart of Prussia.
Xew York. Ang. 24.��� A London cable to the American, dated Aug 14, says:
"The official press bureau announced tonight that Namur has fallen."
Capture of Port Considered
Possible When Germans
Become Active.
Silent Waiting Brings Realization of the War Home to
the English Who Are Determined to Face
a Long and Desperate Struggle.
New Vork.    Aug.    24.���There    were
three  Important developments  in  the
win-less  situation   today.    First    and
must important of the decisions of th
goveromenl to close the Goldschmidt I nor  .���.,,.,,    Tne mijgijj whizzed pas
London, Aug. 24. 11 p.m. -This day
Ol waiting has brought home the realities of war to the Hritish people.
Never before has the whole nation
been so deeply moved. Many thousands have relatives and friends in the
army, they know that the casualties
must be great, that the death roll
will probably be heavier than In the
case of any British force since the
Crimean war.
T'ne only Information of events the
country has had is contained in brief
official bulletins ot a vague character, and these have not been cheering.
Throughout London lhe people are to-
nlghl in much more serious mood than
ai any lime since they faced the war.
There nre no scenes of gaiety in tho
theatres and restaurants tonight, and
iln- crowded streets are very quiet.
This does not mean that there is
any less determination on the part
of the Britons���only that, the people
are beginning to realize What this war
may cost them. On every side are
heard declarations that the country
must he prepared for a long and exhausting struggle.
While many reproaches come from
tha  supporters of  Lord  Roberts
sado  for a  compulsory military
vice, not a few admit lhat they never
realized how small a part the British
army counted in a    great    European
si niggle.
Thug far Kngland has felt the war
far less than European nations engaged, probably less than Holland and
Switzerland, but now, waiting for the
issue of the battle and for the lists I
Of the killed and wounded, the Knglish
public know all that it means.
Every bout from Belgium comes
crowded with Impoverished refugees
who have fled before lhe German invasion. An organization is being formed to care for these people, and part
of the Prince of Wales relief fund,
which amounts to more than $",.00,-
000. will be sent to Antwerp for sufferers who have taken refuge there.
Thousands of Belgians have crossed
the French border for nsylum. and a
Committee will arrange for their relief.
Kngland and France apparently pro-
po.e to care for their smaller ally,
who thus Tar has borne the brunt of
the hardships which the war has entailed.
 the Goldschmidt I
st'iilon at Tuokerton, N. J., because I
it was being operated Without a fed
eral license. The positive announcement was made that wireless communication witli Germany was now
an established   fact.
ll was discovered that the Telofun-
ken station at Sayville. L. I., was communicating with Germany through a
relaj ship stationed In mid-Atlantic.
There was every reason to believe
that the relay ship was the North i
German Lloyd liner Kron Prinz Wilhelm. which sailed from New York
the night of August 3 and had not
been reported since at any port.
When tl prominent German who waa
engaged  ln the dissemination of Ger-1
man news, was asked If the report re. j
Calved  that   the   Kron   Prinz  Wilhelm
was being used as a wid-Atlantic relay
station was true, lie Bald:
"You have guessed right." Ile refused to go Into details,
The station, according to the announcement from Washington, is the
only one in this country of sufficient
power to communicate with Germany
Without the use of a rely under the
adverse conditions that prevail along
the American coast during the summer months.
Mysterious Shot Narrowly Missed the
Chauffeur While Driving Through
Streets of Ottawa.
Ottawa, Aug
appear i to ha-
aiiloin itlc .air.
Bred ipbn Sr
____ about j
noon ns ii v.us passing along Lauriei
avenue wesl. at  lhe corner of O'Con
London. Aug. .4.-9:45 p.m.���Dr.
R. W. Morton of Philadelphia, who arrived in London from Lausanne, said:
"Alarm is spreading in Boulogne.
The Idea now prevails there that the
Germans wil] try to capture that port
as part of a general plan to shut off
communication between France and
Kngland. The people of Boulogne fear
the  foggy,  cloudy   season   when   they
 . 'expect activity by the Germans along
the  Knglish  channel.
24.���A shot from what I Munich Troops Suffer.
.  been either it strong      A  prominent   Massachusetts woman
un or    a    pistol    waa tourist   who  reached   London  by   the
Wilfrid  Lander's auto-   way   of   The   Hague,   said   when   she
o'clock Sunday  after-1left  Munich on Tuesday the city was
much distressed on account of rumors
that   the   Munich   troops  had  suffered
heavily   a   lew   days    before    at   Mulhausen.     ll   was  reported  that  nearly
half  of  the   families  of   Munich   had
relatives   among   the   killed   and   the
wounded, but the facts are kept from
Strangers,     One   countess   is   said   to
have lost three sons in the .Mulhausen
the head of the chauffeur. Had there
been any one sitting in the seat beside
the Chauffeur he would have been hit
As it was the chauffeur was alone. He
had just delivered two passengers
and was on his way to call for Lad.
Laurier. who had been making a call
London, Aug. 24.-7:15 p.m.���The list of the casulaties sustained by the
British expeditionary army on the continent was published here today.
It contains but three names. One of them is that of the Earl of Leven
and Melville, a lieutenant in the Second Dragoons. Royal Scots Greys, who
was dangerously wounded on Aug. 22. apparently in the cavalry fight at
Watej-loo. The other wounded men are a sergeant of the Royal Plying
Corps and a captain of engineers.
The announcement of the wounding of Earl Leven of the Royal Scots
Greys, shows this famous British regiment to be in the fighting. The earl
is the 13th of the name and comes of a military family of fame.
London. Aug. 24.���10:20 p.m.���The Montenegrin troops, with a bayonet
charge repulsed a fresh Austrian attack at Rahovo, takijg 150 prisoners
and killing 300 Austrians. according to a Cettlnje dispatch to the Exchange
Telegraph company.
Ottawa. Aug. 24.���A cablegram has been received by the trade and
commerce department from J. T. Lithgov, Canadian trade commissioner at
Rotterdam, stating that the Dutch government has seized all the wheat In
.tarehouses and on ships. It is understood there is probably a considerable
quantity of Canadian wheat among this. This may mean that Holland is
considering a declaration of war oil Germany, and it is rumored she may
take such action.
New York, Aug. 24. ��� A Paris cable to the America^ says: "A special
telegram to La Prenza says that a British fleet consisting of two dread-
-.-iights. two cruisers, two submarines and six torpedo boat destroyers has
arrived off Ostend."
Gen. Leman
Shown Courtesy
The  Krench and  British  troops op    reached Roubaix
poslng the invasion    of the    German | north of Lille
.irmy iu Belgium have suffered a serious  reverse, according lo the official
announcement issue,l  by the  Preach
war office.
lu   the   battle   line,   which   extends
from Alons lo Ihe Luxemburg frontier
few miles to
This  territory   is defended only  by
At Tsing Tau. the capital of Kiao
ChOW, the German protectorate in
('hina, the German forces have pre-
I pared   for a    bombardment    by     the
corps composed of both Japanese fleet by dynamiting all the
1 tall structures there which might be
of assistance to the attacking forces
as sighting points. They have also
taken nil possible measures to oppose
the advance of a Japanese held army.
There is a report emanating from
Rome ami Aylona that the Albanian
Insurgents   have   entered   Aylona  and
several army ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
British and Krench. took the offensive on Sunday against the Germans.
bul their plan of attack failed, owing
to "unforeseen difficulties" as described by the official statement, aad
the troops retired on the covering
The   losses  on   both   sides  are    re-
Brave  Defender of  Liege
Forts Complimented by
German Leader.
London, Aug. 24.���8 p.m.���The correspondent at Amsterdam of Reuters
Telegram company sends a story
Laken from the Aadhner Post, telling
Of the courteous treatment General
Leman, commander of the l.lego
forts, received at th. hands of Genera!
Von Knunlch. of the German rorces.
"General Leman." Ihe story runs,
"was found by tlle Germans nearly
suffocated under the ruins of a destroyed fort. The German officer*
treated him with the greatest friendliness and took him before General Vot%
I.mmich, to whom the Belgian hands*
over his sword."
ln recognition of General I/eman'a
brave conduct in a hopeless situatlen.
General Von Emmich returned his
sword to him and after a short res*,
he was taken with otber captives tn
New Westminster and lower
mainland: Light to moderate
winds; generally fair and not
much change in temperature.
noiteil  as extremely heavy  and    the! raised their flag.
prench    officials    describe    the    Ger-       Emperor  Nicholas ol   Russia  is  le-
nnns as I ,'ing obliged    to    establish   ported   to   have    gone   to   Utehead
;z:s. we1; mVesi, **>��. .��� ���* g��3�� .**-�� -��--;;
The   French  have abandoned  those Strength and is said to be advancing
positions   in    Alsace,   and    Lorraine |rapidly In Kast Prussia.
|which the> formerly held, and now
6 look for heavy Bring In French terrl-
Si Uory   Detachments Of German cavalry,
0 operating on the extreme right, have
A late despatch from Copenhagen
gives further reports from Austria
that'Kmperor Francis Jo.eiih is In a
grave condition,
Great Britain and Europe, where productive industry has been paralyzed, have mouths to feed, bodies to
clothe, constructive operations to carry through, and a
thousand and one wants and needs to be satisfied���and
Great Britain and Europe look to Canada in confidence
for much of the needed supplies. **
It was folly for Canadian manufacturers and merchants to be down-hearted during these terrible times in
Europe. A great burden���a great duty���a great responsibility���has been imposed on Canadian manufacturers,
merchants, ..bankers and workers. Shall Canada and
Canadians shirk this burden, this duty, this responsibility?
What's the Answer? ^l^H PAGE TWO
An Independent mornlnc paper devoted to Um Interests of New Westminster and
the Fraser Valley. Published every moraine except Sunday by tba National Printing
md Publishing Company, Limited, at S3 McKensle Street. New Westminster, British
Column*. HOBB SUTHERLAND. Kanaclng Director.
All -ommunlcatlona should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
ts In. tv!dual members et the stair, - Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
fsyable to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Menace., .. ���; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
��.nt. i. ��91.
SUBSCRIPTION RATIOS���By carrier. 14 per year, 11 for three months, 40c per
���oath ">' mad. 13 per year. ISc per month.
ADVERTISING RATES on applies.tion.
Too much stress cannot be laid on the advice printed In the papers of
Oreat Britain, evidently Inspired from authoritative sources, that public
...-i.iiiiient should not be stampeded by reports of initial reverses to the
arms of the British and French, or inspired by false hopes for a speedy and
easy victory over the combined forces of Germany and Austria.
To quote from an official announcement: "The most surprising things
may bappen in war; but at the moment tbe balance of probability, according to competent, technical, m,llt_,ry opinion, does not Indicate an immediate, rapid and easy defeat of .le'niany and Austria. Those powers are exceedingly formidable, alike U. their material resources and in the spirit of
their people and governments. No war, least of all so colossal a struggle
as tho present, wbeTe Hostile forces are contending over a whole continent
and many seas, cun be prosecuted without a proportion of untoward Incidents."
Such a statement, coming as it does from the highest authority in this
country, shows that the hetds of the empire appreciate to the full the
gravity of the position und have prepared accordingly; that they have so
prepared with the immense resources at their dispohal is ample guarantee
of ultimate success to British arms, no matter what "untoward incidents"
may transpire In the meantime.
Wilhelm of Germany has challenged Europe to dispute his claim to
domination in the old world. By so doing he is following the same path
which was essayed two hundred years ago by the Grand Monarch, Louis
XJV, and from whicli he was turned by the brilliant Marlborough at Blenheim, Oudenarde and .Malplaquet; the same path which Napoleon attempted
and which he found blocked by a Nelson and a Wellington. French armies
won many victories before Louis suffered crushing defeats at Marlborough's
bands; Napoleon had beaten the whole of the continent of Europe to its
knees before Wellington broke him at Waterloo. It is just possible that
Wilhelm may taste the joy of victory before the forces are finally marshalled which will hurl him to the dust.
At any rate, 'he duty of the empire is to await the result confidently,
because our cause is just and during the waiting prepare for any emergency, so that when the time conies, if it does come, we shall be found
doing our parts to save the world from the military despotism with which
it is threatened.
the Royal Columbian hospital, New
Westminster, enclosing a statement of
accounts amounting to $715,05 which
tbey claimed were still owing to them
from accounts against persons from
Surrey municipality al July 21, 1014.
Received and laid over for investigation, some of the accounts having already been paid by the municipality
several months ago.
The contract on the Campbell river
road gravelling east and west of the
Coast Meridian road was awarded to
J. Brannigan for approximately 3050
feet at 15 cents per foot, the contract
for gravelling approximately 4000 feet
of the Clover Valley road south of the
Town Line road being awarded to
Messrs. Messer & Hicks at 8 cents per
C. Lashmere was appointed assistant assessor and collector at a salary
of $75 per month.
The rate for the current ycBr was
fixed as follows: Wild land rate. 2Vi
per cent.; Improved land rate 9 mills;
school rate . mills, this being the
same as last year; the rebate period
was fixed as November 15.
Tells of the Trip East of Himself and
Comrades���Appreciates Many
Kindnesses Shown.
HAlfAfl AGENCY���The name or this
concern appears frequently in despatches   as   being    authority     for
j news from the seat of war. It is u
private news-gathering agency operating extensively throughout continental Europe with Its main office in Paris. It has correspondents in all the capitals of the con-
i.i ent and is on particularly friendly relations with the French government whose official announcements concerning the war it often
handles and distributes. Tbe Havas
j agency is a younger concern than
(he famous Renter, but is fairly reliable and is giving its older rival
a close run.   The work done by the
i     Haras,   Reuter   and    other    news
gathering  agencies  in  Europe   for j
the old world press is covered for j
North   American   journals   by   the
Associated   Press,   Canadian   Asso-1
elated   Press,   Western   Associated
Press. United Press and other similar organizations.
.SAMBRE���This   river   may   give   its
name to the new and greater battle
of Waterloo reported as now in progress between the Krench and British   allies   and   the   opposing  Ger-
mans  In   Belgium..   Till    the    engagement is definitely decided and
military   censorship   is  able   to   al-.
low details of it to filter through I
without endangering the operations I
of the allied army, It will be difficult  to reconcile  what at present
appear to be conflicting statements
from the front and understand the
ilisposiUcn  cf the    two   opposing
forces. A fen main points, however,
are  fairly  plain.    It  Is  practically1
coi tain thai ,-. lt- at battle has commenced   along   the  banks  of   the
San bre  river   _ b cb  empties  Into,
tin   Mi use at Namur.   This ground ' I
was _ho:��_a by the allies as an advantage   ii   position from which to
' beck    t ,������    German   advance   on
Prance and  ha    I een  heavily  en
tren he I durii     ���      pasi  week or
bo     i tie   Britl l   French   are
r��a> ���������     n a trl .  .-hosi   Bhorl
base .... Mi . .. ���,���,,., a:i��� i��� i
lo ���-..-.  ir, a distanci    il    boul   ti n
rr.ill .-..   The othi     two ol  the
>: i i    "   i ���������  formed  bj   tl :,, r
S ml -    and  the    a ���..1-
exposur  tl ,.   :.,, |  .,���,....   ���;��� ,   ,.
la;ii-r   two  Jlnes   are   glvi n   aa   ol
varying length, ��� item < l pi u
Ini  their coi .  poinl al Chai li
mi, which would make them aboui
twentj miles long, and the other
ca.-. ng ��� ii ;:. , ;.,. ,eS| ,,��� ^ m ,_
�� i '-""ii i allovi them to ������:���:��� u h
about forty-flvi miles Still .
'��� third announcement fri m Paris
say-  the  battle    line    covers  the
The army reservists who left here
on Tuesday evening, August 18, and
who should have arrived at Quebec by
this time, have been heard from, a
member of The News staff yesterday-
receiving a letter from Sidney Bass,
a late member of the local police
force. The letter, which might be of
interest to many in this city. Is herewith appended:
Dear Sir,���There is very little news
to tell you as yet, but I am writing to
ask If you would insert a few lines
in Tlie News, thanking the citizens,
especially the National Reserve, for
the enthusiastic send-off given us. We
were all greatly impressed by Captain
Wilkie's speech and knowing what he
said to be a fact, we are prepared to
lace the music. There are 60 reservists on the train from Vancouver
and many were picked up at various
places on the way, all eager to get in
contact with the troops of the kaiser.
We have big guardsmen, lancers.
hu__ar3, dragoons, artillerymen and
Infantrymen, In fact every branch of
the service is represented. The first
night was spent In inquiring of each
other what  regiment we belonged  to
whole country  from   Mons  to  the I and  each tried  to look  important as
Luxemburg frontier, a distance of
ninety miles, but east of Namur it
may be taken for granted the troops
iu  iiBe are mainly cavalry patrols,
being operated to prevent a surprise
flanking  movement of the enemy.
Evidently, the heavy massing of the
allies' army is within  the triangle
whose eastern point lies at Charleroi,  whose, longest    sides    stretch
east   from  there    to    Namur   and
Anhee,   each   about   twenty   miles
long, and whose base is the Meuse
river  between  Anhee  and   Namur,
where, as a heavily  fortified  post,
its   headquarters   probably   are   located.    A  rough    estimate,    places
the   forces   engaged   as,   Germans,
about 400.000;   British and  French
from   300,000   to   400,000,   with   nu-
United States Investigation    Into    Increased Cost of Living Gives
Dealers Clean IMI.
New York. Aug. 24.���The federal Inquiry into the higher cost of food
since the war began in Europe has
not developed that the Increases were
unwarranted, according to Roger B.
Wood, United States assistant district
attorney in charge of the investigation.
"No evidence of conspiracies to
force up the price of food lias been
disclosed which would warrant criminal action being instituted by the
government." Mr. Wood said today.
"Generally speaking, there has been
no unusual rise In the price of foodstuffs. There huve been Increases in
a few commodities, bul some of these
have become dearer because of
natural conditions.
"I will admit that the timeliness of
our inquiry might have arrested a
general upward movement of prices
due to the greed of retailers und
Mr. Wood added that he had found
no abnormal supply of foodstuffs in
storage .warehouses which would indicate that dealers were storing goods
to force up prices.
far he bas completely failed.    Not   a|
single  newspaper,   even   those   which
were Austrophile before the war. have
published u single article in favor of
Iiis views. ,
Berlin, Aug. 24, via London.���8:60
p.m.--The Japanese charge, who was i
handed his passports by the German
go -eminent yesterday, left ilerlln to-
day. His departure wus accompanied
by no untoward Incident, lie is proceeding to the Dutcli  frontier. I
The first post from the United |
States since the outbreak of the war
reached Berlin today. It Included letters and papers dated up to Aug. 10.
London. Aug. 24,���The correspondent of the Exchange Telegraph company at Rome says a message has
been received there from Berne,
Switzerland, saying that the Washington government has Informed Switzerland that there is no reason why a
Swiss loan should not be floated in
the United States This answer is In
reply to a query from Switzerland regarding tbe possibility of a loan
(Continued From Page One.)
be auswerd: First Coldstreams, Black
Watch. 'Orse artillery. "I'm a bloomin'
driver" says one midget and then
they commence arguing on the merits
of their respective regiments. The
civilian passengers sit and wonder
what they are talking about as military slang and even Hindustani is
used quite frequently. The side of
the car are covered with mottoes such
a�� "On to Germany," "We Meet In
Berlin." "Kitchener's Special." We
have aboard a man who thinks he has
no chance to go with the Canadian
contingent so he is paying his own
passage to England to enlist. Corporal
Taylor was highly please;! with the
reception accorded him by the postal
Again   thanking   the   National     Re-
inorous    reserves    available.     The  serves on  behalf of  myself and  com-
Important Meeting to Be Hel_ at Victoria Today on Prov'ncial Matters
by Prominent Cit'zens.
even that Thorn, it is regarded as a
place of concentration for a Held
army. Allensleln was the scene of a
victory by Marshal Moult ami a French
army over the pursuing Russians and
Prussians In 1807. It lies equidistant
between Thorn and Koenigsberg. the
three cities forming the lirst fortified
line on the eastern German frontier.
Far to the north on the Vistul lies
Danzig, a great naval station and
fortress, it lias a population of about
I H0.O00 and a considerable garrison.
Another Line of Defence.
To the south of the Ru.sian line of
ulvance on the left wlug of the Rus-
in army lies Posen. a strongly forti-
id city, formerly part of Poland,
which ia occupied by a garrison,
whose composition is unknown but
whose strength is believed to be very
Between Danzig and Foson on an
uneven line lie the two fortresses of
Bromberg.   These H,'e the keys of the
second line of defensive works.
Other small fortified places on the
line of advance are Marlenburg, witli
a small garrison of artillery, which
��as formerly a fortress of the Knights
Templar; Kulm. with a garrison of
one rifle regiment and a machine gun
section; Dirscliau, a small place
which was plundered and burned by
the French In 1.07; Brautnsberg,
which is occupied by a Fusilier batal-
a big four reel military romance,
"Princess Elena's Prisoner," a sequel
lo Anthony Hope's famous play anil
novel "The Prisoner of Zenda." This
production is considered hy nil the
critics to be one of the most powerful
aud dramatic features of the year, uud
one of rare photographic and scenic
beauty and strong dramatic appeal A
romantic story with a tragic finale
gives ample scope for the power of
Miss ...uiscii lo depict Intense human
emotion. Tills play of love and war
Is produced .,n u big scale with elaborate settings ami gorgeous costumes.
Thousands of dollars was spent lu the
production of this dramatic muster
piece and an all star cast Biliioniids
Miss Nanseii.
H.    J     A.    UUI.-.KTT.    AUDlTO-l   ASK
Accountant.      T-lepl-UU.    mil.      Koon��
22   Hurt   ItliK-U.
P. H. SMITH.    Auditor and Accountant.   Telephone _64.   211 vveu-.tnin-
sler Trust   Building,
Coming Thursday and Friday
"Broadway   Star  Features"
The finest motion picture
the world has ever known. A
vitagraph masterpiece. A classical five reel drama with an
all star cast including Anita
Stewart, Julia Swayne Gordon, Harry Morey and Charles
und third Tuesday In each month at Si
pin. 111 Ih. l_.l>or Tempi.. A. J. Clui.t-
inuH. Ilk-tutor j David Levi,-, Past DIc-
tutor: w. J- t'.tov,--, nsorslaijf. Ill
Westminster Trust HuiiiIiuk.
H. P. O K. of I). <". nu .is first undi
tlilnl Friday ����� I pin., l_ibor T.mpl..
Seventh und Rovul avenus. A. Well...
1 Oray. Bxalud Ruhr: P. II. Rmlth. Secret 11 ry.
regular meeting "f Amity i��_<_gv, No,
t'7. I. O. O P��� in held every M inula*
iiliiht at �� .'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall.
comer I'uriutrv 011 and Eighth Htr-vtrt.
Vlslilug brethren cordially im'.t.it.
H. W Sani:��i.-r. NO.; J. L. Wm,,,,,.
VI) . W. C Coatham. P.O.. recording.
secretary; J W. McDonald, financial.
W E FALES ft CO., .I2-.1I AGNES.
Street, oppiiNit- ('.iriieirtt- library. Mont
up-io-dute tun.nil purloin In the citv.
sj.iilaliMB Iii shipping. Lady ��._!.(__..
In attendance. Always open. Day ptaonn-
1.��.  night  phono  81.
t��r & Hanna, Ltd.) ��� rumml director-,
an.l 1 .nbiilni. r.. Parlors .(lfl Colu'iiMv
slreel.   New    WpKlmlnstt-r.     Phone   9.3.
ster Board of Trade meets in the i.o_nl'
room. City Hall, nn follows: Thin: Friday of ,'iu-ti month. Annual msstlnjgei
on tin- third Priday of February. C, h.
Stuart Wuiie, secretary.
A inotrti moils mei ting of the provincial cabinet, members of the legislature and the heads of various cities
and boards of trade of the province
will be In Id In Victoria today when
the economic condition of the province will be discussed und steps taken
to take preventative measures of relieving any iliftrt--.a due to the war I lion and which was the scene of
.-:: .'._::���n :,i Europe, i victory in lsO" by Bernardotte   over
Ne��  Westminster will be represent-   uie Russians.
ed  b)   Mayor (iray,  Thomas Qlfford, j     All  these   places    were    originally
M.l. A., and W. (',. McQuarrie, presi- polish, most ol them becoming Prus-
dent of the board of trade and    city ' slan   territory     when      Poland   was
solicitor. j divided in 1772 among Itii-Sia, Austria
Proposals   for  thc  government    to; and Prussia.    Most ot the Inhabitants
order a commencement of    work    on 'still speak the Polish language,
tlle court house addition, the building ������	
S.S. Transfer
Haters, Solicitors, eta ." Lome street*
New Westminster,    a. E. Corbould, EC
I     0.     J.    H.   Ululit.      A.   E.   McColl
1 -
tei-nt-liivv, Solicitor, etc. Solicitor .or-
the Bank of Vancouver. Of floes: Merchants' Bank Building, Ntw w..tmin-
ster, 11. C Telephone No. 1070. Cable'
address "Johnston." Code Wi ..tern.
of roads and also assist settlers in
land clearing, will be advanced by
the Hoyal City delegation.
Other cities wlll also have a program mapped out for the government
to act upon, although from reports,
all seem unanimous as to favoring the
laud clearing system providing a way
is possible.
advantage In position for the allied
Iiritish and French lies in the protection afforded by the Sambre and
Meuse rivers and a smaller stream
flowing into  the   Meuse  near  Anhee which latter forms part of their
rear line.   Kvery bridge which has
not been destroyed has been mined
and  is covered  by  heavy artillery
and   machine  guns.    The   German
advance, owing to the nature of the
country,  must  follow    either    the
Meuse or Sambre rivers and to be
successful must smash through the
allied forces, who hav(, chosen tins
battle ground themselves and  who
have  boon  busy  a  week  or  more
preparing it  for  the  b. Ule,    This
river-bound triangle Is about seventeen   miles   from   the   old   field   of
Waterloo,   and   a   scant  ten   miles
from  Ligny, where the French  in
1816  defeated  tho Germans under
Blucher  ;-.   few   hours   before   Napoleon was c-rus'ied by  Wellington.
OLDAP���Reports of Russian operations on the eastern frontier of
Germany, near which this town Is
looati ii. si, in io indicate thai the
czar's troops are moving over .1
large territoy in easten Pussia.
Ooldap, where a recent Russian
slccess was recorded, Is thirty
miles from the Russian border and
about thirty miles from Stalluponen
v.h< re the czar's troops lasl in k
defeated an Austrian force audi
captured several pieces of artillery.
Other Russian successes are reported from the neighborhood ol Wil- i
len berg, which is eighty miles as
the crow files, from Ooldap and Is 1
near the southern frontier of .-.astern Prussia. Tbe itussian advance
seems to be progressing with the
Idea of the various attacking armies
of the czar converging on the
strongly fortified German stronghold at -Conlgsberg.
Vours respectfully.
Crowded bouses as usual greeted
the "Doom of the Auto Bandits," the
seventh epiBode of the "Million Hollar
Mystery," all day yesterday at the
Itoyal theatre. This chapter is full of
thrills and Is a real sensational photoplay. The fatal plunge of the auto-
Durlng his stay in the capital Mayor mobile off the dock into the sea is a
Gray will also urge on the cabinet toi truly remarkable scene and one of the
I grant the lease of certain land in thej most realistic ever s��n in pictures.
I vicinity of the Great Northern railway ��� "A Child of the Circus." a pretty
depot in order that the company can Princess comedy drama of the siw-
commence the erection of a new- dust ring, pleased both young and old,
depot It is understood that the plans the familiar parade seen,- with a great
for the structure are completed and
the company ready to proceed with
the work provided the lease question
is settled.
Walther   Klock,    of    Vancouver,     Detained While Attempting to Re-
tjrn to Fight England.
Welland,   Ont.,   Aug.   24.���Twenty
Austrian   reservists   leaving   Canada
for Austria have been arrested at
Brldgeburg and fourteen more at
Xiagaia Falls. Special constables
have been sworn in to guard tlitm until they are dealt with by the military authorities.
variety of animals pleased the little
ones immensely. "The Rosebush of
Memories." a two reel Reliance drama,
is a pretty and poetic story. "Double
Crossed." a Keystone comedy, is one
continuous roar.
In keeping with the new policy of
this popular theatre to give the local
public  the  biggest and best  iu  pllOtO-
\ play   features   the   management   announces   that   for    Wednesday    and
[Thursday they have s��<".inil the celebrated actress Miss  Hetty  N'ausen  in
elded   that  council  should  be  repre-
��� ented at the hearing.
l-'rom Charles lv Sands. White
Rock Btating that be had had a visit
from certain officials of the G. N. It.
'" Ftreet ends and railway crossings
al White Rock, and had been given
authority by them to state that they
sun-   the 0.   N,   It.   would   wiil-
At thi . ��� ��� mi etlng of tha Surrey
inunii ipi e um .1 communications
were rei elvi ,   is follows:
From T ll Uulloi k. Btating that be
Wished lo cm lhe attention of the
council i . the unsafe condition of the v,
North 111 1 loud bridge over the
Campbell river. Received, reported by
Councillor llra-'shaw that the bridge
had alreud.  heen r,.p iir, ,|
From Mackenzie, Mann k Co., Ltd.,
acknowledging ],.,-,.ipl ,,f lommunica-
tion re road throunh sen:,-,,, 1u, west  road, amounting to Sll
at Port  Mann, and   stating that  they   clerk to reply
had referred  the mallei  to      . Spack-
man, manager" ol the townsite depart-
���tent.   Received.
From 11. K. I. in- provincial secre-
jjiy, stating that im appeal hud been
���fde to the executive council ag.iinst
���<__fc refusal of the coin,oil to pans the
jl_.fi of subdivision of lot 1, block .It,
port Mann townsite, and lhat a hi-ar-
Ing has been arranged tor September
J5, at 12 o'clock, at the executive
chamber.  Victoria    R'-ce.ved  and
Thc first capture of a German re-
ervlBt .ii this section attempting to
leave the country was made by Provincial Constable Hibben at White
Reck when lu- placed in custody
Walther Klock. The man was brought
in lore M iglstrate < lute in the disiric.
court yesterday morning on a charge
cf carrying concealed weapons, lie
a as remanded until next Monday.
According to the story told by Hibben, it appeal's KlOCk, who cl 11 r 1 ftg the
pasi year bad been a resident of Vancouver, had successfully e .ad. ,1 the
Canadian officers, but was p.eked up
by Cue American authorities si White
Rock. Hi was turned over 1 1 Hibben
und when searched, was found lo be
carrying .1 stiletto.
Klock is a well qjducated German,
being able to speak the English and
French language unite fluently.
Prom papi rs discovered on his person be was duo to report iu Germany
before December 81, 1816. He carried
a pass which gives him free access
and transportation on any German
vessel whether naval or mercantile.
According to his story Klock would
have been liable to be summary executed had he not attempted to make
his way. It is probable that another
charge will be levelled againsi Klock,
that of attempting to leave the country in order to fight with the enemies
of the empire.
yesterday Chief Stevenson, of tho
provincial police, nnd Chief Bradshaw,
of the city police, received notification
from  A.   F,   Sherwood,  chief commls-
Toronto. Aug. 24.���The admiralty
asks, through the Duchess of Connaught. that the gift of a hospital
ship be used for a supplementary
naval hospital at Portsmouth. The
hospital to be called the Canadi in
women's hospital, will be Installed at
once. This is in accordance with the
< tiginal resolution under which thi
fund was lai: eti.
P.iris, Aug. 21.-11:45 p.m The
Si rvlmi government In a protest to
France declares that the Austrian
arm:,, during Its retreat along the
Drina rlvtr, committed cruellies upon
old men, women and children iu violation o; the rules of warfare, The
Drina forms |!"' greater part of tho
boundary   between Bosnia and Servia
Leave   Kew WeatmlAater for M Union  10
a.tn.  Monday.
Leave   Minnton   for   New   Weetmlnster   7
turn,   Tuesday.
Leave NVw Westminster at 2:80 p.m. for
Wt-Hthain   Island.
Leave Westham Island 7 turn, Wednesday.
Leave New Westminster fur Mission 12
noon.   Wednesday.
Leave  Mission  7 a.m.  Thursday.
Leave New Westmluster 2.80 p.m. fur
Westham Island.
Friday nnd Saturday  trips LOWST Hiver
US     UMl.ll.
Freight for Mifwion and Intermediate
points will bs reoelved at B. & K. Mill
Wharf   on   day   of   KalllnK-
Kor further Information apply n. & k.
MllllriK Company's otflos of It. Jardlnr.
'.V    '���'   H ANSI
'OHD.    EW-RIBTE-t,   SO*
Iloltor, etc.
Cnlllater Block, comer Co-
junibin  and
MoKei ,>.!,���     .net.,     rfeir
Went il,lust, r
11. C.  P. O. Box  .85. T.I.-
tif-nii.    341.
\VI.TTI.SIIil..     KDMONDS     &     WHiTE-
nid"--Barriitsra and Bolloitors, w.-_t-
mlniter Truat Bin. Columbia street,
.Ww Westmin iter, 11. (.'. Cabi. ii'Mre.ie
"Wblteelde," Weatem Union. V O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whitealde, K. C.; II. L. Edmonil_. I>.
ui-law. -ollcito., etc, comer Cpltuiblai
niut McKenxIa .tre.t_. New Wi-itmtn-
ster. B. C. P, o. Box 112. Telephono
Bolicltor anil Notary. Offlcea, Hurl
Week. 2 . I-Orne ItTMt, New Wentmin-
Mer. B. C.
B_.rrl_._r_ and Solicitor!. 605 to fii.
We. -mlnstor TniM Blook, <;. K Martin.   W,   11.   Mc-4__.nl-   und   Oeorge   I_
Labor Day
Hound trip tickets at single
fare anil one-third will be on
sale Sept. 4 to Sept. 7, good to
return up to Sept. 3.
Weed end special rate on sale
Fridays, Saturdays ami Sunday ..
For particulars apply to
E. GOULET, Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria   From   Vancouver.
lo::;n a.m Dally
2:00   p.m tlaily
11:45   p.m Daily
For Seattle
10:30 a.m Dally
11:00 p.m. daily except Saturday
11:45 p.m Saturday
For Nanaimo
10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m Dally
Nanaimo, Union Bay, Comox
8  a.m.  Thursday  ami  Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay,   Powell
11:4..  p.m    Every Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
ll:00p.m    Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
5:00 a.m. Tuesdays ,\ir Victoria,
calling at  points  In Cult Isl.
To Alaska  ....Kvery Saturday
Rome, Aug. 23.���Tbe German am-
bansador here has been tr.viu;; to per-
.mule the Italian press tn odvooato
Italy's Intervention on bohalf of Oermany against (Iront Britain antl
France. The bait which he held oul
consists ol  Tunisia and Algeria.    Sn
With   Robert  Leonard
A big story told in a big way.
Don't fail  to  see  It,
We Show  Six  Full  Reels.
sinner     of   Dominion     police,     livini
,���  co-operate with the council    In!them power    to   arrest,   detain    or
1 'peniii!,  up of the Johnston  road   parole  any   German   or   Austrian     re
Received and laid over. servlst who attempts to han
nclos-1 country or whose movements 1
work 1 suspicion.
���-���tri . t end
From   Ilurnett  &  McGugan,
Ing account In connection witl
(lone on the survey  of the Johnston
05.   Received,
that account should be ,
paid hy the parties who ordered Bttr-1AcJiltMia, in tin. government servl
nett  a;   McGugan  to do ihe work, is hnehored  this evening at  lhe  Men
Louden, Aug. _i   The I'unaril
the municipality was nol  responsible Ibar wltl)  ber hows  damaged  a
for same. ] lng to  a  i.layd  dhpaicli   from
From   \V.   Norman   Hole,  notice    of P00'-
appeal trom the decision of the court, j
of revision with respect to the valua- '
ii and taxation uf all lands owned
by  him  in  the southwest quarter    ol
itlon 6, towns tip 7. Bald appeal 1.��-
ing made to Judge Howay.   Received.
��� 1  '���_. S.  Withers, secretary
London, Aug. 24.-7:46 p.m. T
correspondent of the Dally Telegr.i
at   Amsterdam   says   it   ii:   estimat
that the total loss of the Belgians
to date has  ln-en M,000 in killed
of' wounded and prisoners.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of British Columbln-
Savings Department at all P.ranch���� Depo-lts of One Dolla: ead
upwards received and interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
crndlted half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of ths
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK. Qeneral  Manager.
N.w   Weetmlnster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager
Ths   celebrated   actress,   titty   Nanscn   in   her  greatest
dramati.i   triumph.
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial invitation Is given the Indies of New Westminster to
visit the salesrooms of the lt. C. Electric, in the company's terminal
nt Columbia and Eighth, to Inspect our complete line of Electric
Cook ing and  Household appliances.
These appliances greatly let sen the labor of the housewife, promoting both her comfort and convenience. They are always ready
for service, operating on connection with any household socket. Tho
cost for current is only a few cents per hour of continuous operation.
Electric Cooking Applances just meet your summer demands as
they can do all forms of light cooking just as well as the kitchen
range. Fully seventy-five per cent of your summer cooking can bo
done in this manner.
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Elrctrlc Block, Columbia & Eighth
��� reels.    A big military romance of love and war.    A sequel to
famous novel and play "The Pritoner of Zenda."    One of the
Cre ite.*. features of the year.    Full of human emotions.    Elaborate
set'.iegs.   Gorgeous costumes.    Wonderful acting.
Riveted Stcej Pipes
���      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.   BOX  442
Classified Advertising
��� RATES. ���
Clu* .Iflei]    One rent per .ford per da) :
.e |x'i  v,i,nt per v.,. k ,  ir.e per won
l-im words to be us,,i a* required within
on,- year from day "f contract, I3-.00,
IAI-B    Sell
.I.     II,    tills    .
property  through
table complete,
Apply at
i and nii-
Newi of.
: H..I.K
Il.liO il,,mm.    II mi per ��������
Pride    Malleable     Rasigsa;
g'NiiiiuieeU.    Market    square,
<-7l. ,
Twenty per cent of the gate receipts
to go towards the hospital ship fund.
Whether tbe Nationals will accept
the challenge Is doubtful although tbe
Toronto team is getting public sympathy by its defl.
WANTRD I'lr-i-eiiiK. wliii,- ihlncla �������'
v,-i. i,i once Apply for p.irtjeul.irH t,
J   A   1'r.iser. Central Clfar Stand.
month, 22. :
lieiu Central
e, furnished, tl . per
���mil street, half block
uol. ISV-.I
UT III. KM RBOEUVB Iii  tu IC-  weekly!
Why nut yuu.   Write  Immediately  fur
full pal'lleuUm, sample, picture, llt,-i-
mur��\ pte. BhcperlSnee linnn__fS__* Kn-
eli)-,- io,��� to cover eom Cllffora C
MJlelu-ll. 1' i> llux I, l-dmuutuii, Alberta, 0_ti.uli, 1.7.1 i
P1CIBOKS pay dollars where chl-kens pay
.mail cupitui needed. small
required; send fur Muy lasoe of
uur Journal; fully exoluliii'il -bare;
prle,- len orate, Reliable Squab Juut-
niil.   Veraattlee,   Mu. (1714)
I on RBNT- New up iu date apartraentsi
t- -ntiui. eit.-tri. elevator, beat, hut and I
cold water, gnu stove fur cuuklntc   Fn.���
Jiuiltur   mi-i ve ������   and     vacuum    cl��.tni-r. I
Ren)   .30 und  up     Apply   Hotel   Itiin .������ II |
Ul' the juilllul- An,ml. i  apartment*,   t. .-_��
l,l���   street. 1117--
Failurc cf Seattle Plans Call for Re-
. rranjement of League���Portland Trip Costly,
The annual tennis tournament being
conducted by the loeal club will    be
  completed  this afternoon   when    two
_.    _ ��� , , I championships will be settled.   These
  *��� *"," __*_��   a,cro����clare the  mixed doubles handicap and
piayer, was uottred In line m^l is now' ______________���..       .   .. _T_
Nli-k Carter
piayer, was ^^^^^^^^^^
speeding  on  IiIh  way  to Quebec
nil   KI.NT-
try  an  ad.
yuu have rooms tu
T-lM    CutUlllll
O't'llKKK HI.'I.IV.; lir, ut |C5 weekly 1
Why nut yuu'.' write Immediately fur
full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. I-Xperlenoe unnecessary, Bn-
afqae i��e to cover oost, I'lifturd C
Mltcbi il. !'. <i llux J, Edmonton, Alberts. Canada, (17SI i
.V...vn.l> TO
,-rn bourn . c
ply  Ih.x   .7 7
PURCHASE���SmiUl   mod
un easy terms. Ap-
The close approach of coast hockey
will start thu bug working within the
next ft v. days when the fans wlll be
able to get a line on the proposals
of the magnates operating the organ.
I zation.    Whether    New    Westminster
Spokane Fair Association Want Royals
and  Mann Cupholders to Play
Exhibition Games.
A possibility exists of New Westmin
ster and Vancouver amateur lacrosse
teams playing exhibition games st the
jit   HKNT���Blx-room   house   furnished I of the magnates operating the organ!-1    A possibility exists oi .>ew we.uiim-
iiiiid  street    Apply   p.  o.   Ho* AIM      _*\ZZ1,   v���__    uv.,mi-������ , ster and Vancouver amateur lacrosse
  ""��>�����   Whether   New   Westminster lmm 9_yi_t exMbiIioI1 Kames ��� the
-     HKNT ��� Purniahed     housekeeping I wl" '"'- ln th�� league is as yet an open   Spokane fair which is scheduled earlv
rooms, lio per month, ut It! Seventh I question,   Kurly in the summer it was  next month    Arrangements are under
 I'i-i'iiti I proponed to eliminate the Hoyal City   way for a vlsit ,() t���, ,na,iP by the tw0
)R RBNT���Modem clean bouses in all   on  account of the cost of the    team   teams   and   providing   tlie   fair   man-
parts of town and Burnaby at very low   last   winter   compared   with   poor  Te- agement agrees to put uu the collat-
rents,     B.   O,   Brush,   phone   ill-., -ol   t ,      ����  ,),.,,  ii,,,-,  it   -.��������_ r���,_,>,-t��d        , .,        _ , . .,     . ,
i i iini       ..i   in.u   '..ui,*   ii   was   re.__l_.eu   ttr.,i  it,,,,,.  \u pv���rv  ehunre of the  ttlti
FOR RBNT���Modern clean houses In all
parts uf tuwn and  Hurnaby at Very  lew
rent,..     H.   il.   Brush,   phut
Westminster Trust  Bldg
. I 1 v.      Aliiulltll .   uf
rates fur Improved
i.Mii.l, charges, H
1.4, City.
1700 fur city  prop-
iliui ui, at current
forma- Nu unreas-
il. Brush, I'.'). I'"\
,ii���l i>,.i
Phono  i
,1 1    teacher   w
Apply Miss May
last   winter   compared   with   poor  ri
tui ns.    At that lime  It  was reported
thut Seattle would be Included In the
circuit,   thus   making   the   league     a j
four  team   one  which   would   include ;
Portland, Ore.;   Seattle.  Wash.;   Van-1
COUver  and   Victoria.    Tbe    Portland
rink will lie ready in October accord-
lng to local men who have financial |
nitt rests iu  the ventur.
works      l'l
iltes. ll;
ami     BOARD
WANTED- Dressmaking; prices reasonable. Now Is the lime to pui yuur 1.1 ���
del.    in   I,, ton-   the   fall   rush      Mrs.   I*.
Cunningham,  suite  10,   Bradley  apart
manlM 137'-'. 1
11 units RECEIVE II. tu 1.5 weekly!
Whj "e' you? Writ'- Immediately fur
lull particulars, sample, picture, literature, eic.    Experience unnecessary   l.n
.lis. iue to cover cost. Clifford I.'.
Mitchell, l'. o. u,,x ;, Kduiuutun. Alberta,   1'anada. <-7_I)
WANTED -Illi iiivli.,1,1 furniture. Will
huy. sell mi commission or exchange
Auction ��alis conducted.    II. .1   Russell.
"Tl.-   Mill.    H-Ilahlc."   curlier   Columbia
and Fourth sit ts. Phone Bll.     I_7i:n
WANTKn -Household ruinliure and
stocks uf merchandise In large or small
quantities fur spot cash ur will sell
your goods hy public auction and give a
guaranteed value, ur no commission
clta.l'.i .I Before disposing of yuur
good* elsewhere call in Fred Davis and
Ket hin valuiH. then see the others, afterwards Davis will sell fur you or huy.
Dull ai Whin- i.un.h, -4S Columbia
street,     phone  21... 1.37-1 1
WANTKH -Furniture, etc. w. M. MoCloy
Ac Co.. tiie expert auctioneers, will cun-
_i_ti a mirnosnful auction fur yuu ur buy
uelright tt sale not deslyed. Clean business, prompt settlements, over 20 v,-arii
wide experience. Write ur call li Sixth
���treet. (371SI
get   the  Sane-   I'iM-
1  uur  iil.h   grade
Yuur Amateur I'rint
ish and attention niv
oommerota) plot un s.
Embossed   burdi.      niuunt     on
Vuu  have  your choloe uf finish
iv semi-matt.    Single ur    douhl
least, according to Information picked
up  yesterday.    The  plans  have  been
I ull prepared for a rink in the Puget
j . cund   city   and   the   promoters   have
, 1-ven gene ho far at, to deposit a cer-
| tain amount of money,  but the outbreak of war lias,    in    general    with
possession of tbe challenge cup at
present held by I,. A. Lewis. Mr.
Lewis Is ill tiie linal, but stands to
iot.e out If Mr. Morrison maintains the
form displayed yesterday when he
captured the gentleman's open handicap final.
MIsb Peele yeBterday defeated Miss
Corbould for the ladies' open championship, three sets being required before a decision was reached. Miss
Kraser had previously defeated Miss
Peele In tbe ladles' handicap final, j
scoring an easy win in two seta.
On Thursday tbe courts will be reserved for thc lady uiembe.B of the
The     following     are     yesterday's
events together with today's program:
Yesterday's Results.
Mr. MorrUon beat Mr. Swan. ti-4. 0 11.
Mr. Morrison beat Mr. Kddy, K0,
6-0, ti-_ (handicap),
Miss Kraser beat Min Heeie, 6-1,
6-1   lhandic_.pl.
Mlsa Peele beat Miss Corbould, 11-9,
4-6, 8-6.
Miss Ilrooking and Mr. S.irott bent
Miss Wilson and Mr. ll_l.ii', ti-4, 4-6,
Today's Games.
1:30 p.m. -Miss Corbould and Mr.
Swan v.. Miss Peele and Mr. Teale.
:! p.in.--Mr. Morrison vs. 1,. A.
Lewis (Challenge cup).
4 p.m.���Miss Brooking and Mr.
Sprctt vs. winner of Miss Corbould
ami Mr. Swan and Miss i'eele and Mr.
Teale (final of mixed doubles handicap).
sight. I
If yuu do nut mention th* finish . __
,.:iut we give vuu lhe best yuur films
wlll  mall".
A trial film will menu a steady customer  tu  us  and  satisfaction  tu  yourself.
9. .  uiak- choloe    enlargements    from
amateur   films
We also have a new and OOtnplete stuck
of picture tnuuldiuR carefully selected from
the Ramples of ihe largest frame manufacturers  lu  Ciuititln.
We du all lines uf commercial photography,
Better have lhat family gruup made
at   yuur uwn home
Amateur mall orders given our prompt
attention. Hiice Mm and samples uu re-
1 agement agrees to put up the collat
eral there is every chance of the nip
being made.
The Victoria Times paints a dark
picture or the future of tiie Mann cup
on the coast. The article is as follows:
"Wlien  the  final  game against  the
Iliainpton   team   was  played   In   July,
^_^_^_^_^_^_^-^_^_^_^_^_^__      the Vancouver Athletic managers saw
The Seattle    proposition,   however, 1 fu 10 brihg down several of their for-
fallen through for this season at: me.    players   who   were  playing   for
Kelowna In the Kootenay league. The
reason they gave at the time was
tbat theBe players were returning to
Vancouver after a few holidays in the
interior. Brampton lodged a protest
at the time antl this is still  waiting
���,    ������-    _,- -    investigation hy Trustee Joe Lally.   A
projects, left its Bears, and the I report   from   Kelowna  dated   Wednes-
has  been  abandoned  until    the  day, Aug. 19, brought the information
spring or llUo. iUiat  two  of  the  V.A.C.  plavers,   Hllll.   *���"   "S*"~��� ���-��--���     ~���r-	
With Seattle out of the race it land l'ainter, who played in" the final! "?kl t:" th(' Burquitlam golf inks on
would appear to he too expensive to|sume against Itrampton, had returned! Saturday resulted In a win Tor .Mrs.
cperate a team in Portland, consider- ,0 Kelowna and were largely instru- P ne'iK,11'^ and h V Sutherland. Sec
In? the high cost of transporting the j mental In the defeat of the Armstrong on0, Pla"! **s taken b> Mss Ogilvie
tiam from Victoria to I'ortland and 1 team at Kelowna. The point in the and, J-."��� bmith' , , , . ,, .
return. With Seattle in the league. I Itrampton protest which the trustees!. Members are requested to note that
expense account would have been  are not likely to overlook is that these!"1 the case of the stroke competition
  players  started  out  in  the  Boundary entnes will be taken by telephone bu
'league, jumped back to Vancouver for"'" ",0t be ente,ed i? *nJ Ur,*' u,lt11
one game and then returned to Kel- th�� P1,lJ'er8 are on the ground in per'
owna. Joe Lally has given no decis- Bon,- ' , .. .,,.������,���, ,v���
ion on the protest, but it would not *-ntries, (or _��� ,f!r,Et ,r""n?0 ��J, lfh,e
be surprising if he ordered the cupi^um'! tournament tc be played on
back to the trrustees because of the|Sl>P1' - __ be __*___ "P '" beP'' 3-
juggling of players by the V.A.C."
Tlie   mixed   foursome     competition
Is  yuu   nu   mur,
to have it  ,iutn
It   cus 	
Ipkone 2. 8-7 Columbia Street
l,euve   yuur   flliim  at   Ui.-  OuitLs   DruK
COAI. MINING lights ot the Domlalci
In Munltoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta
Ute Yukon Territory, the Northwest Ter
_.���  1 No-thwe.t Ter   |0r���up   	
rlturie.   and lu a purtlon of the Provlnc.   New   Westminster,
of imtisli Columbia,
...  Block  1  of part of  I,ot 30.
Map   HC9.   jn   the   District   of
lhe ^^^^^
materially reduced.
A meeting of the lrague will probably be held within the next two
week when it will be decided
whether New Westminster will have
a franchise in the league or not.
J J.Jonc-  MAN-DIR. J A Res . t   SECYTHF.S
The Westminster Trust Company will act as
your agent while you are away serving your country
and will bring to the management of your affairs the
same careful attention and business knowledge that
is given to the Company's own affairs.
We draw up your will, and, in event of your
death, will act as your executor and trustee and look
after and protect the interests of your beneficiaries.
We will be glad to be of this service to you.
A Holiday At the Seaside
May Yet Be Enjoyed	
If you have not had one yet write to the WH.TB ROCK TOVVNS1TK
MANAGER for rents of camps and summer .iittages. Towards tho
end of the season rents are cheaper, the water wanner and the seaside more enjoyable.
"The Playground of British Columbia."
Stand ng of the Clubs.
Vancouver 4. Ballard 1.
Victoria '������ Seattle 7.
. IM.
. . . U
Civilians Have Ranges to Themselves
on  Saturday.
II. Collins, a new comer in the ranks
of local civilian riflemen, captured the
weekly  handicap spoon at the ranses
on  Saturday with a score of  .8. This!"-' rT",'".1' ~t~."~iY~'n.ai^^a
total was passed by three other mem-/0 J��m   " th?, lf "1��""^ ^
-   .* .*'..        ...       .   ., I mpnt.    The iirut man to oep
A Score of Residents Secure Valuable
Cleared Tract*.
Twelve homestead blocks war disposed of by Dominion Land Agent W.
1). Mages in the Dominion building,
following a several days' vigil made
by a score of landseekers, all anxious
10,   Spukun*-   _*.
term uf twenty-oiu yeari ut an annual
rental o( $i an aore. Not mora than -,i>ut
acroa will b�� leaaed to one applicant.
Application for a lease rauat be mar**
ly the iipp.-tfiiil In i�� i*.i.i to the Agi.-nt
or Bub-A-gent or the district tn which tn*
rightH  applied   for  are  wituated.
iiit aurverad territory tho land must _>
described by section a, or legal suh-divt-
Hhtutm of aectlons and in unsurvcyed ter*
ritury tlu- tract applied tor ahall b�� atalted
Hut bir thf applicant hlmaelf.
HlAoh application muat be accompanied
by a fee of |6 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for ure nut available.
but riot ntl.orwi.se. A royalty shrill be
pani on the merchantable output uf the
mine at the rate of live cents per tan.
Thu person operating the mine shall
furnish tlie Agent with sworn ri-turnf
accounting for the full quantity of mer-
Chan table coal mln'M und pay the ruy-
ulty theieun. If the coal mining rights
art- not being operated such returns should
Im* nfhttslied m  i*-.Lst once a yoar.
The lease win include tho coal raining
rights only, bul the lessee will be permitted to purchase whatever available
BUS/aca right may he considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate of $10 an acre.
Kor full Information application should
1k> made to the Secretary of the  Depart-
mart of the Interior, Ottawa, or to an>
Affcnt  or 8ub-Agent of  Dominion  Lands
\V. W. CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.R���Unauthorised publication Of thi?
advertisement wlll not be paid for.
Residence:  Room IIS Mcl.eod Block
I'hon.   4S9 I..
V* "-Uini-iNnrr.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate
of Title Number 47968F, issued in the
name of Kthel M. A. Vlpan, has been filed   in  this office.
Notice i" hereby given tiiat I shall, nt
the expiration of one month from the
ihit- of tha first publication hereof. In n
dally newanaper puhiubed in the City of
S>w WpbIminster, issue a duplicate of the
mid Certificate, unless m the meantime
vaiid obticiion be mad*- to me iti writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry office.
New  Westiniu.ster,   B.C.,  July   ^7,   1914.
Strand Cafe
Reopened under Management of
Union House..      All White Help
We aro delivering, I" ��ml around
thia city, Including Bnraaby mid Sapperton; twenty Pints of Hlsh Standard.
Unadulterated -Milk to the Dollar and
Pure  Rich Cream  at  DOe.  per  pint.
uur appreciation of your patronage
will be reflected iu our regularity and
uniform excellent quality of our ile-
j liver]
Standing of the Clubs.
. .7.
. .   ill
\V;i .1
. .   ttl)
Det r,
��� ��� 1
st    1
. .    . .
New   .'ink���
.   1
tt�� r-'s���Scott    and
1-1 .
and Niin.miak. r.
.  1
it:  rli s    Covelesklfl
11 -t I-.
���ond k une���
. 11
.  ll
Bi -ii
ley,   Harper,   Willi.
ins.   Stevens
ding  and O'Neill;
Carrtgnn, Thomas.
Phil idelphln���
itterlea��� Hamilton ��
k  and  MffAvoy.
ml   A|
. ind g&ttv
1.1, It'lila   	
nt- ii s ���Baumgitrtn
IT   Hill
nil   ;
:  Hush and Schang.
iccount  darkness.
total was passed by tbree other mem-  '" '" _.���;  ��� ~       ,
ters of the association although they ment. 'lhe ttr_t man to depoBIt the
I were under a handicap. \V. E. (Bill) re1ulr�� *10 **��� v- K' Bradbrook, of
Maiden essayed to emulate his shoot-1 Vancouver, who took up hla station
lug abllitv with the shotgun bv turn-:��ut9lde ,he land 0,flce len days ag��:
ing out 'with the association: Bill, ��n September 9 Agent Magee will
made a dismal 68. twice mUsing the hold an auction at Port Moody when
target on the short range. The fol- 60me ��� ^OCHf .rang ,"_g tr?-" \\>*l *l
lowlng are the seoies: acreB each will t" Bold to the highest
 >()0 5oo goo Ttl I bidder.    Homeste.d conditions,   how-
31 .3 32 96'ever' w111 Prevail thuB keeping out
95 the speculator. The land is In the
92 vicinity of Burrard inlet and is rejig  ported to have been logged and clear
Summer Race
At Minoru Park
R. Wilson ..
(Ieo. Burr . ..
B. J. Davies .
B. Collins ..
J W. Martin
B. 0. Walker
.1. H. Vidal ..
W. Turnbull .
VV,  Maiden   .
Rosedales Want Inter-League Series
With Nationals.
With the calling off of the western
j trip m quest of the Minto cup. the
! Rosedales, the unbeaten champions of
I the N. I,. D. are hot on the trail of
; the champions of the Big Pour. Sat-
, urday's defeat mars the record of the
j Nationals while the Rosedales kept up
I their streak by winning their tenth
' straight game. The Rosedales pro-
| pose a series of the best two-in-tliree
I games, one In Toronto, one in Mont-
] re.. I .'Hid the
i If neci-.-.iry.    . _^^^^^^^^^^^^^
! first   Kami'  with   1-  men  a  side,  the
ed with the exception of tbe stumps.
Montreal, Aug. 24.���The following
advai. e in prices went into effect iu
Montreal today in addition to the one
cent advance in bread previously announced:
Cocoa, 10 per cent;  coffee, 5 cents
per   pound:   biscuits,   sweetened,   imported, 25 per cent:  jellies and jams,
Imported,   26    per cent;    jellies   and
third on neutral gtiotinls! jams,    Canadian,    2   14    cents     per
The Rosedales want the| pound;  sugar, 1 cent per pound;  con-
,J~    "���-   ''Ctionery,   1   cent   a   pound;   cigars
second with 10 men and the third to
be deeided by the ciub having the majority Of Koals in the first two Rallies.
1 cigarettes  and   tobaccos,   not   yet   il
filled;     tea.     10     cents   per   pound;
liquors, $1 to $2 case.
Phone 774
Standing of  the  Clubs.
Won    !������
and MJ8�� 	
L.l-.A.-ji.,  A.I..C.U.
Letsous In Pianoforte, Violin, Bing
lng, Voice Production, Theory tin
class or privately). Harmony, Counter
point, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for tho exaiutna
tions of the Associated Board of th.
Royal Academy of Music and Roys1
College of Music. Also Profession".1.
Diplomas. Teacher or Performer.
Por terms, etc.. apply 61 L)uB��r>
Btreel     Phone 411 R.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137
Begble Street,
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Box ������ Daily New* Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices r1*M.   Batlsfnctlou guarantee*
6.   McKensle it.
Full stuck or lutest imported Suit
Ings for summer wear, Perfect fil
and workmanship guaranteed. Prtcet
trom  SlSOtl up.    701' Front street.
I no Itnn   	
Isi   1.,'iii-   ���
i ran. I
l-l-li.nl. Iphln
!. 'i i.inmitl   ���
rutsi'iim   .
Hri .ikljn
Y.W.CA. c���
At  Chlcngo-
l'li, ney
Central Park Show Will Not Be Held
This Year.
There will be no Central Park exhibition this year. At an extra special
meeting cf the board of directors of
the Cenlral Park AgrioultiiiaV association and Panners' 'institute, held on
Kriday evening last, It was decided
thai owing to the war it would not bt
At  PIttsbui
EW   WESTMINSTER I Pittsl.uri.
C.yinnnsluni ClaBs, Thursday at 7.30   "' 	
Swimming classes. Tuesdays and Tri
lays. 3  to 4, at  Y.  M. C.  A.    Young
Ladles' Club, Kriday at 8 p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen
Kor particulars call phone 1324.
- Marshall,
uud Qlbaon.
,&_ Q
II.     I
do. <l'
Hi, sni
li      i
At Cincinnati-
Brooklyn         ��� ��� ���
Cincinnati     ,
Batteries : Hm lliach
ten and Qonsalos.
and McCarty : Ben-
Races Every Day
Ladies Admitted Free, except on Saturday.
Admission, Including Grandstand, $1.00.
Special Train Leaves New Westminster for the
Course at 1:30 Eyery Day.
advisable to hold the
year. Much regret is expressed by
the directors for this step, but rather
Ulan lower the plane of the exhibition below that of last yenr and run
the risk of a financial loss, lt was
fell best to put off tlle show until
1916 when a larger and belter exhibi-
t'ru than ever will 1.. arranged.
,N",-\v  YerU-st. 1-juls postponed;  rain.
Brooklyn 1-1, Indianapolis 7-6.
Local Sporting Clubs Lose Valuable
Hcyal City soccer teams lose throp
valuable players In Iho departure of
the oversea., contingent. These are
Stncoy, Hamilton und Cii'iimluff.
Stuc.y during tlie past two Winters
has held  his own ns the most valu
A wheat breeding
farm is a feature of
an agricultural college in
Kansas which conducts a milling
how strong a connection there is be-
tween   Eyeaehe  and   Headache?
Eminent authorities agree that Eyestrain is the root of many nervous
Itemove the cause by wearing proper glasses and the result will be better eyesight and less headache.
The seriousness ot troubles arising
from eyestrain requires expert service to combat it. That service I offer
you. H	
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist snd Op_ic____) Phone 57
To all Eastern points in Canada and United States. Tickets on sale
daily until September 30th. Final retnrc limit October 31st, 1914.
Choice of route.
SAVE TIME on your Eastern trip by leaviug New Westminster
at 4:35 p.m., making direct connection at Everett. Wash.
ORIENTAL LIMITED, through train to Chicago. "Service of
the best." Visit (.Hurler .National l'ark "where enjoyment is immense
at a minimum expense."
Tickets sold on all Trans-Atlantic lines.
Here in Vancouver the "acid te
applied to every grain or wheat
lhe   flour  It   makes  is  tested   niui
St" is being daily
that  enters  into
_ grain is tested,
then comes the
ii   ���v<:,>.  ,,.<,   ...  , na .    m-ni    ,,,.    ^.. ,.    -..	
���xhltiilion    Unstable fielder in local soccer, being able
to play half-bsck or full-back. Hamilton, last year with the Bankers, is n
valuable forward, while Jock Carta-
duff's ability of being the most polished and tricky forward with the
Iloveis (s never Questioned.
With the departure of the Irish Fusi-
]��?-' /.'rom   Vancouver   on   Saturday.
most practical test of all bread baking.
Ask  year grocer for absolutely uniform, laboratory  tested
Passenger Stetion
Phone 263
PHONES: 15 AND 16.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Cement,
Washed Gravel and the Best Concrete Sand in B.C.
Lime, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and the hardest and
toughest crushed rock in the country. Kip-cap
Rock a specialty. >_m
TUESDAY,  AUGUST 25,  1914.
|5 lbs    25c
.   lbe    25c
llw     25c
II,., .,  :i   Ihs     25c
Applet. 7  lbs 25c
, .'.  Ihs 25e
Kruit. 3  fnr   25c
elonpes.   _   for    25c
-melon .     .....  20c  to  40c
at, do. en 25c to 45c
a-.,  iln/en    30c
frti   Corn.   dowJi    35c
ili'lowei.  eoirb    10c
, ry. each     Sc
a hoi ot C. H. Chocolates,
ths finPHt in th�� land, 1 lb.
boisi 65c., halt Ik. boxes 35c
ieo- II ���* -l����!'n 'ning
Model Grocery
IDS SUth M. Phons 1001 2.
East   Burnaby   ���ranch.   Second
St and Fiftscsrth Ave.
Edmonds ���rath, Oray Blk.
Phona 1111L.
The executor of ��n estate
ihould possess a thorough
VnowIe_��e ol banking, real ea-
tate. valuation of assets, and
have an rxperieaced organization for it., management.
That is why a trust company
ia be. t fitted to carry out the
provis'otrs of your will.
Name ns your executor.
Local News
Chinese  Interpreter.
An   official     Chinese     interpreter
named D. C. Thorn haa been appointed by the city for police court cases.
Sheriff's sale of a quantity of
household furniture (new) at 331
Knox street, Sapperton, on Thursday,
27th Inst., at 1 o'clock p.m. (3773)
Mortgages- Alfred  W.  Mcl.et d.
Leaves for the Front.
0. 8. Mamby. formerly chief clerk
and assistant manager at the nnssell
hotel, was iu the city yesterday morning paying his respecta to his old
friends and wishing them farewell.
Mamby leaves for the front with the
Engineers contingent from Vancouver
this week, having been accepted some
two weeks ago.
Briquettes. Briquettes, cheaper than
coal. Barry Davis & Co., 'Phones
880 snd 4111.. (372S)
Muit Bar Bar Rooms.
"All bar rooms shall he considered
out of bounds after 9:80 p.m. Any
man In uniform found in any such
place after that hour will be liable to
nrrest" This order was promulgated
through the 104th regiment yesterday
and goes into immediate effect. The
order applies to all forcea of the 23rd
brigade with headquarters in Vancouver.
The Kraser Ferry Navigation company's ferry No. 1 is open for charter to excursions and picnics. Kor
further information apply to Kd
Kalch. telephone 184. (3725)
Left for Vancouver Island.
At x o'clock yesterday 150 men of
the lO.th regiment under tho command of Major Coote, left on special
B. C. I'.. Ft. cars for Vancouver where
they embarked on a steamer for Vancouver island. The bugle band accompanied them to the cars from the
camp at Queens park. It is expected
that a similar body of troops will
leave for the same destination tomorrow morning.
You get the full value of your
money in every glass nl WIN!*.
WEISBR BEER you buy. It is healthful, nourishing and satisfying, Send
for a ca?e today from your dealer, or
phone 75 I.. (36011
C A. Welsh
Italian Prunes
Fine for preserving; get your
crate now.   Per crate  ....65c
Ripe Tomatoes
Per  lb 10e
Early Crawford
Freestone,   rich    and    Juicy.
Per crate  90c
Main Store, 193 and  443.
Sapperton Store, 373.
West End Store, 650.
Main   Store,   681  Columbia  St.
Sapperton Store, 317 Columbia.
West Knd Store, 1119 Sixth Ave.
hundred of the Orientals who have
I been thrown out of work during tlie
I past few months by the increased
preference given to white men, arc
planning to return home this week on
the C. P. It. liner leaving Vancouver.
Gold is about their only chance of
covering their expenses during the
stop-over at Japan, bills of exchange
being stopped on account of the war
MEDD���The death of Mrs William
Medd. a milliner of Long Prairie, oc-1 To all households whose heads are
curried yesterday morning. Rev. Dr. OUt on active service, the II. C. Tele-
Dunn will officiate at the funeral.       . Phone company    has   come    through
 I with a generous offer of ,i reduction
I In rates of 50 per cent., the proviso
being that    they    are    already    sub-
An Interesting incident  In   eonnec-    ���8 announcement  was made  by
tion with the departure of the New tha local ma,nafr ot lh" <""'''llon."
Westminster contingent for Valcartier ; company yesterday morning and s
last Saturday was the inspection    of \opetatWe throughout the whole of the
the New Westminster company of the
national reserve by Major C. E,
lloherly before he entrained with his
Major Doherty expressed the great-
mainland  and   Vancouver  island   sys
terns of the concern.
I    This act. which is a pure gift to the
i recipients of its advantages, has been
the means of giving telephone service
est satisfaction  at the appearance of 11�� 8ev���eral    am,llf,s  wh��  *oi.ld other-
the members of the reserve, who paraded forty strong under Captain,
Hon. VV. Norman Hole, and included
in their ranks men who had seen active service in many climes.
Speaking for the men in his command. Judge Bole thanked the major
for iiis words of commendation and
assured him that should the occasion
arise the men of the reserve would
be found read) to fight shoulder to
shoulder with the crack 101th. In
conclusion the judge, as an old artillery officer, congratulated Major
Doherty on his willingness to make
tiie sacrifices he must have made to
go to the front with his men
wise have been compelled to discon
tinue the service on account of the
Inducements to The New Westminster
Visit the
Carpet Floor
$9.00 Hall Carpet
for $4.75
A rug for the ball, 3 y ards long
by 3 feet 9 Inches wide, made
of the best quality Brussels
Carpet, with fringed ends. Kegular $9.00 value. 4*4 TPg
Special  Price       ... V*�� ��� **
These Carpet Squares are specially suitable :or living rooms
and bedrooms.
Pro Brussels
Size 9 ft. by 9 ft.     * J  QC
Keg.   .8.50,  for   ��'���"
Size 9 ft, by 10 ft. 6    *J�� *JC
ln. Reg. |9.50, for.. ���' '**
Size 9 ft. by 1-' tt.   g�� mm
Keg.   $10.75,   lor....*WO DO
Japanese Rugs
The ideal Door covering for
summer wear; clean, sanitary
and durable. Nicely stencilled
Size 86 in. by 72 in
Keg.  35c, for  	
Size �� ft. by !l ft. * 4 ��C
Reg, $1.60, for O I "CO
Size 9 ft. by 9 ft
Keg.   $2.:'5,   for. .
Department   Store
August Furniture Sale Prices That
Can't Be Equalled
Blanket Time Is
Nights Demand
;i-l .rawer Dresser:   Pacific oak finish,   bevel  plate mlr
ro:.     Kegular   $9.75.     Sale   	
.���Drawer Dresser;   Pacific oak finish;  24x30 bevel
plate mirror.    Regular $18.00.    Sale	
Washstand   to  match  above  dresser.     Kegular  $9 50
White Knamel 4-drawer Dresser;  22x28 bevel plate       *ai   mm
minor     Kegular   $13.50.    Sale Vl lihV
White Knamel Chiffonier; 5 drawers;  12x20 mirror.
Kegular  +13.50.     Hale.
Kegular $30.00.
Kegular   $22.50.
Kegular   $1.1.50.
Kitchen Tables; 29x47.
Kitchen Tables;  24x36.
Kitchen  Tseasure.  Kegular $H,50. mm **
����'�� 90.00
Kitchen   ( abinet   complete;   includes   base   with   wide   drawers   and
bins;  top has shelves with glass doors.    Kegular $13.50.    mm ^C
��"'<���      9Q.rO
Kitrhen   Clipboards;   china   cupboard   ahove   and   large   roomy   cup-
hoard   with   two  drawers   in   lower   section.     Kegular
$12.00.     Sale    	
Kitchen  Chairs.
White Wool Blankets; full double bed size, 64x48; pink or blue
borders; regular price $5.50.
I'er pair
(Iray Army Blankets; very fine
quality Canadian wool; strong
serviceable blankets; regular
$ti.50.   Per pair        */* mm
"Skeldon" Pure Scotch Wool
Blankets;    very    fine    quality;
$9.00 AND $10.00
each blanket whipped singly.
Hudson Bay Point Blankets;
colon, navy, fawn, gray, green.
i' d and white; all weights.
I   a   to,0 lb C|bQQ
Per  lb.   at *,,WW
Gray Blankets, for single    bed.
Per pair
65c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.25
Size 9 ft. by 1_ it.
Keg. J...2... for	
The -Vrpe.ua. Trustee.
New Wcsti-i.nst.-r
SOS Columbia  Street.
C. 8. KEITH. Mf-ager.
Hindus Desire the Real Coin When
They Leave for Home.
Unable to obtain gold from the
hanks, Vancouver and local Hindus
are offering a premium on all specie
In circulation for the purpose of being
able to  return  to  India.    Some three
The withdrawal of the fisheries
patrol from duty off the traps in the
straits yesterday wa.s au indication
that the sockeye season is about over.
Kraser river conditions yesterday
morning were very poor, boats delivering at the various canneries along the
j main river and the north arm not
I averaging 2u fish, though in one or
I two instances fishermen got into a
small school and took 80 to 100 sockeyes. The upriver boats ran anywhere from 20 to 50 lish per boat.
Canoe pass did not get more than 15
per  boat.
Off Point Roberts the traps lifted
but a few, Anaoortes in two days getting .500 and Bellingham In one day
Jap Matting
One yard wide; in colors of red.
green and brown. A useful and
inexpensive floor covering. Keg
ular $..c, fur, pet-
Dining   Room  Chairs  In gets  and   many  odd  numbers,   in   solid  and
surface oak;  golden aiVd Early  Knglish  finish.    We are offering all
these Chairs at Factory Coat.
Set  of Six   Hardwood    Diners     In     Early     Knglish     finish;     good
serviceable  chairs;   two designs   to  choose   from.   Reg.       _f��_J  mm
$14.00      Sale   Price            90.0U
Set  of  Six  Solid  Oak  Diners  In   fumed  or  golden C4C  HA
Hnh-hi     Regular $23.50.    Sale Price mfl O.UU
Set of Solid  Oak Diners;  fumed  or golden  finish; Ci7  CA
genuine l< ather pad seats.    Regular $24.00   Sale 91 I.OU
Extension Table;  --foot style in solid ash or elm. golden     (A mm
finish;   regular  $11.00.     Sale   Price       90.��0
Kxtension Tables: six-foot style; round top; fumed or golden; pedestal
base.     Regular  $1.00. _*4_\ OE
Sale   I'riee          91��.O0
Solid Oak Buffet, in fumed or golden finish,  bevel ���< A   _\_\
plate   mirror.     Regular  $.8.00     Sale   Price            91O.___0
Arm  Rocker:   neat  style;   golden   finish;   cobble  Beat.
Some Surprising
Values for
Regular $3
Salp Price
Japanese Mats
Size 18    inches    by    38 inches:
stencilled   patterns. 4A.
Kach       IOC
mi imi feet
P.uffet; solid oak; golden fumed
or early Knglish finish Regular $26.50.
Cash Price .
Library    Table;    solid    quarter
oak;  fumed    or    golden finish.
Kegular $13.50.
Cash Price ....
Sanitary Couch; extension style
with good mattress, with green
denim covear. Regular $13 50
Camp Couches; 6 feet Ions.
strongly constructed: a great
bargain. Keg. $6.50.
Cash Price	
Canvas Camp Stretcher, Cash
solid quarter
golden finish.
xtension style
is. with green
legular  $13 50
feet long;
a   great
$1*25 and $1.65
are  expected   t'>  arrivi
Leave  your  ortlei    _ ta   i       .�������   will
���upply you  wit i  firsl  i hts:
Green Gage Plums ���'��� ib�� 25C
Hipe Tomato...   :'.;,.        25c
Cooking Apple*   �� 1 '���-. 25c
Eating Apples.  ',   lb.  25c
Fruit Jars of all _.��,'.. ,        , ,
Rubber Rings, ue. <!<>/. -n , .5C>
E Z Seel Rubber li n     , i��� r., .,���.,.,.'
Ity fUhber,  pe:   ���)���:>., .-���   lOc.  3  dozen :
fer 25c
St. Ch��rl����. B. c
jerwy EHk. ��> ���
i'. j    pnpll   Who  lakes  our,
I course,    In this way they I
: of ctenl  In all branches ol
off.  ���   _ork  and   are  never  nervous
' erl lin   as  to  their  duties   when ,
entei   ��� ie  business world.
Aldermen Favor Paying of
Civic Employees Who Enlist  Part Salary.
Pr.positcn     to     Insert  White     Labor
Clause in Waterlct Leases Meets
with   Approval.
Collister  Block.      A.   L.  Bouck,   Prin.
Phone 853.
1,',1-,'s    ,ii.'I    .1    |ii,ijris,i:    hi    a. MM
. iw.iind families of ell men ln
nu   service   who   have   lefl   for
The question ol Inserting a white
abor clause In all waterfront i"t
leases  and   a   proposal   to  assist  the
front, occupied the principal attention
of the city council last night. In the
absence of Mayor Gray, Alderman
Jardine had charge of the proceedings.
The white labor clause was brought
up by Alderman Dodd when the time
arrived for reconsideration of the
Grain (.rowers' li. c. agency  bylaw,
the labor alderman contending that
as the water lots were city property,
the same scope as applies to the
leasing of other civic property should
be allowed. He maintained that it' the
citizens were to get the benefit, that
every dollar expended on the work
should revert back to the white people and not to Orientals, who, It had
been shown, care little but to hoard
their money and ship it back to their
native land
Alderman Annandale, a.s chairman
->f the harbor aonwnlttee. while stating
thai he had not heard of the propos,-
tion before, claimed it was unfortunate thfit the mutter was nol brought
up at the Ime the bylaws and agreements were prepared and not when
one or two bad already been disposed
of. He favored the clause, however,
and seconded Aid nnaii Dodd'a motion
to hi ve ii in., rti : iii all loases.
N^ t a Goo_ T me.
Alderman finu   i  bei eved the time
was Inopi .rtun    to drag this matter
up,   es] "t i.i Ij   h    a   time   when   th.
City   ('ii.llli ,i     ... nlollS   in  leas,-     all
tiie water loti nd when business
men, feeling tin | nch ol the war
d tnat ion In l.tiri ;.��� Bhould not be retarded in tin li ei i ii. in extend their
businesses, Hi did nol object to tho
principal ol the ri lolutton.
Alderman   r.i> on   concurred   with
lor    twi
Aid' rm.'in Uoulel
ing moved to le
one week
Alderman Kel
gir.ed for being
missed the e.v!'
tii n. claimed hi
ways been will
clause, the quesi
imsed of until Hi
lessees had heen
an amendment  be-
over the matter for
'anada   H'irsl
�� tins  ..   .
Dean's Grocery
bl.  atre.t.
igton,    who    apolo-
ite   and    therefore
; .iii  ol   the discus-
sympathy  had    ai-
llie     white    labor
ii should not be dis-
le.ees and probable
nsulted.    lie favor-
d the amendment which carried, thus
ivlng over Ihe uuestlon for one week.
Gasoline Launoh Landing.
��� ���    :��� iu:  i quipmi i
fed - [he - News I
Columbia  Street
Nevf Westminster.
Hiring    the    il
Kellington thougiu
vision  should   l��
|!i:ui   fleet   and   in
contrary, was not
i ends.   To th
le laid the blam
i vision made foi
' USBion Alderman
theI. some pro-
:;.nle tor the iniis-
tll shown to the
n  favor of leasing
a Alderman Annan-
��� of there being no
the gasoline craft.
I lies.    Other cities were doing it, and
| entirely apart from this, he thought it
only  right that  the  families of the
'men who were fighting for Canada and
the empire should not suffer. The
alderman believed that a two-thirds
salary should be paid to the wives of
those formerly in the pay of the city,
lir also thought the city should take
out insurance policies of $!.iiKl on
each married man and $11.00 on each
single man who had gone to the front
1 and  had b.en  in   the  employ  uf the
��� city.
All  tlle aldermen  joined  in the dis-
CUSSlon and all tavored the suggestion
I of Alderman    Annandale   that   relief
should be made.    The matter was left
' to the finance committee to bring In
a  report at  the next  meeting.
Tlie Sing Kee matter, In connection
wilh condemnation proceedings In
Chinatown, was I, ft ov.
Electric  Light Supohes.
Aideiman (end, t. chairman of
lire committee, recommended the
chase ol a quantity of carbons which
he claimed were manufactured In
Kurope and therefore might be liable
to delay on account of the war, He
ai*o recommended the purchase of ad
dltlonal cupper wire for a new electric
l!_.hi circuit, be mentioning that sev
eral requests had come In for aro
lamps whicli could nol be provided for
on   the   present   circuits.     This     was
i done.
The superlntendenl of water will
bring in a repeii as to the estimated
cost of Installing a bubble drinking
fountain near  the B, C,  E, It. depot
I and also one at the market.
I Tii city solicitors reported that a
man named Hewlsh against whom lhe
I city hm. obtained a judgment for
breaking an arc lamp, had disappeared .-md ll.ere.ore could not  be prose
a communication from Premier Hot-
den acknowledging the receipt of a
, letter from the city council regarding
the Increase In foodstuffs, was re
ceived. the letter mentioning thai the
matter was receiving attention.
I Myrtle Treves; West Langley, I. <���
'llope; Olenwood, .loe Formati: Alder-
I grove South. Klla O, Cameron; l.och-
IIsl,  Mildred  A.  Mercer.
The municipal    finance    commute
: having informed the board that of the
! total  amount of  its estimated school
i expenditure  for   the  year,   $9000  had
i now  been  paid, and  that  as only    B
very small portion of the school tasea
had  so  far  been  collected  (the  rates
on which are higher than on improved
land I   they,  the committee, requested
that no further accounts. In    the    nature of extraordinary expenditure, be
contracted until after the cio..e of tho
rebate period. It was unanimously re
solved that no works be undertaken
other than what waa actually necessary' for the usual running expenses
or the schools until the municipal
finance committee reports sufficient
taxes collected to meet payments.
A communication was received from
.l_mes C. flraham, of Olenwood with
the names of fourteen children prepared to attend l.ocliiel school and
asking that the school be again opened. The secretary was instructed to
ask permission from the department
of education to open the school and
the chairman was authorized to have
necessary repairs made to the building.
Tbe Best Remedy For All Ages
and proven no by thousand., upon thousands of testa
the whole world over, i. the famous family medicine,���
Beecham's Pills. The ailments of the digestive orp.ana
to which all ar3 subject, -from which come so
many serious   sicknesses, aro corrected or prevented by
Try a few doses now, and you will KNOW what it means
to have better digestion, sounder Bleep, brighter eyes and
greater cheerfulness after your system has been cleared
of poisonous impurities. For children, parents, grandparents,   Beecham's  Pills  are matchless  as a remedy
Worth a Guinea a Box
Pr e. _red onlv by Thnmaf B.r eti _m, St. Hel.ru. line--hire. t~fiut.
Sold everywhere in Canada and U. 8. America,   lo boiaa. 25 oa ate.
Tti. dtteacUm- wltfc n���T bom ore ����rr ��_ta��Mo���eepeciallf to women.
i former council which passed all
for   tin    new    waterfront.     The
ent harbor committee had   corned arrangements for a landing to
available  at  the     foot    of    Tenth
t where excellent accommodation
I I be found.
ramil'e- ol Volunteers.
1 ill
tion i
i r the heid
nan Annand
i the couiie i
1 men In !''���
ni     new     business.
le drew  the atten-
to   the   fact   lhat
employ ol the city
had   i
t< ��� ���
thai ;
sen  called  i
their serva
1)0 question
Ion  being  n
pon   or  bad   volun-
".. a: the front and
emalned for proper
ad"  tor  their fanii-
Al the last  meeting "!' the Langley i
board of school trustees tho appointment committee n ported teachers up- [
pointed as follows.    Belmont, second
division. Helta   s.   Gilley;    Belmont,
I third   division.   Marguerite   Mackay; l
' Belmont,  fourth    division.    (Tarn    E. i
Maxwell;   l.ungley. first, M, Olive far
ter;   l.ungley,  second, .lean Graham;
|Aldergrove,  llrst.  Muriel   Law:   Alder-
; grove, second. C.  Belle  Mclnnes;   Mil
ner, second. Ruth VV, Scott;  Langle.
Prairie, Franklin Turnbull; Glen Valley, Alexander Turnbull; Springbrook,.'
a   H   BDCKL-N. N.  xicst-DSLM.       W. W. B. BOCKUN.
Pre* aa4 Usu  mtgt. V!c��PrMl4iat ���*>��� ee4 Traaa.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phona. No. 7 and 177.


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