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The New Westminster News Aug 19, 1914

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Volume 9, Number
Prict 7If�� Owta
Words of Warning from Both London and Paris���Public
Must Expect to Hear of Reverses���Only Small Skirmishes so far Have Occurred���German Version of the
Tight at Mulhausen���Three German Dirigibles Captured by the French���Another Attempt to Cross the
Meuse Repulsed���Engagement in-North Sea Reported.
!.ondon, Aug. 18.-The Chronicle takes the occasion of the announcement of tbe relative British expeditionary forces to reduce to their true
proportions tbe engagements so far fongbt.
"It Is a great misfortune." It says, "that a large section of the British
public are getting the impression that the Germans are already beaten.
This Impression Is quite premature. Tbe military calculation at the outset
of tbe war was that Germany would probably win the first ground. *ut If
our nation and the French could go on after t\at without panic, they would
with pressing persistence pull her down. This ts still probable. The calculation ts tbat the first round has not yet been fought, it has not even begun.   There bas so tar only been sparring.."
The Chronicle's editorial referring to the official publication of the
news of the landing of the British expeditionary force on Krench soil, says:
"Tbe announcement shows that under Kitchener's direction the nation
1s now in a position to assert what influence its small but highly trained army
can have on the military fortunes of war. It does not show more nor should
it at this stage when all must still be in secrecy in preparation for the
great blows which have not yet been struck."
Paris, Aug. 18.-11:50 p.m.���French troops have brought down a German aeroplane four miles south of Namur, Belgium. The pilot was killed
and the observation officers taken prisoners. The machine was not damaged.
The above official statement was issued here tonight and to it was
added: "When our troops entered Blamont���department of Meurthe-et-
Mo. elle, France���a few days ago, they found notices posted on the walls
tbat the next morning tbe mayor and prominent Inhabitants of the town
would be shot. The sudden arrival of the French and the disorderly retreat of tbe Germans, however, saved the persons from death."
Paris. Aug. 18.���The French authorities and other official writers here
continue to warn the public that It must be prepared for bad as well as
good news, ss it is evident tbat along such an Immense battle line the fortunes of war must vary. Granted, they say. that the German army
lias not the strong inspiration of the allies���and the accumulation of details
of outrages on defenceless villages indicates that tbey are to some extent
demoralized before the campaign is fully developed���it is only an untrained
Imagination tbat enormous armies of today can rush to sudden and universal victory."
l-ondon, Aug. 19.-12:50 a.m.-In a dispatch from the Brussels office,
thn Eidbange Telegraph company's correspondent says: "The German more-
men t toward the.Belgian eentre seems to have been cheeked at I-sadea
and Gembloux. No further movement of the enemy's tntte* have been
observed.   The (ierman prisoners in Belgium will be sent to England '
Heart to Heart
Appeal to Men
Kitchener's Words to Departing Members of Expeditionary Force.
London. Aug. M.���Field Marshal
Earl Kitchener's soldierly homily to
the men of the British expeditionary
force, :wblch he directed that every
soldier should keep la bia active service paybook, waa Uxtiially aa follows:
"Ton are ordered abroad aa a
soldier of the king le help your
French comrades against tbe Invasion
of a common enemy.
"You have to perform a task which
will need your courage, your energy
and your patience.
"Remember tbat the honor of the
British army depends on your individual conduct.
Set an Example.
it will be your duty not only to
set an example of discipline aad perfect steadiness under fire, bot also to
maintain the most friendly relations
with those whom you help in thia
"The operations which yon will be
engaged in will be ln a friendly country, and you can do your own country no better service than showing
yourself in France and Belgium the
character of a British soldier by being invariably courteous, considerate
and kind.
Confidence and Truat
'Never do anything likely to Injure or destroy property and alwaya
look on rioting as a disgraceful, act.
You are sure to meet with a welcome
and to be trusted. Your conduct must
therefore Justify that confidence and
that trust.
"Your duty cannot be done unless
your health Is sound, so keep constantly on your guard against unwise
"In this new experience you must
find tempUtlon both in mine and
women. You must entirely resist both
temptations and while treating all
women with perfect, courtesy, you
should avoid any Intimacy.
"Do your duty bravely. Fear God
and honor the king.
(Signed)       "KITCHKNSR,
"Field Marshal."
LUge Enigma
!.ondon,  Aug.  IP.���12:20 a.m.���An official  message received  In  Romel i'___t d  _._�� '   _"___��.
from Vienna, says the Austrian cruiser Zenta was sunk In a naval battle j General  Stein, OI  UIC uCT*
off Antlvert Isst Sunday, according to a dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph
company. The cruiser Zenta, which was built at Pola in 1817, was 303 feet
lu length and displaced 2264 tons.
Vancouver, Aug. 18.���Word has been received that the
steamer Prince Albert is fast on Butterworth Rocks in
Brown's Pass, a short distance from Prince Rupert She
is reported to be fast breaking to pieces. Steamers have
gone to her assistance. It is not known how many passengers she hid aboard. The Prince Albert hit the rocks
in a dense fog.
President Wilson Refined to Allow Advance on Mexico
City in Opposition to Advise of His Cabinet.
Washington, Aag. 18.���Just how
close the United States came to be
Involved ia a war with Mexico da recently aa a fortnight ago waa revealed today by sosae bigb officials of
the ad-B-atatratiea. When General
Carranxa abruptly rejected the overtures of the pines envoys scat by
Provisional Preaidaat Carbajal and at
the same time ignored tbe dipkrmatk!
efforts of tbe American government
to bring about a peaeefM entry of the
constitutionalists Into Mexico City,
drastic measures were urged upon
President Wilson. Many members of
the cabinet���it ia said a majority���
argued In favor ot sending American
troops from Vera Cruz to the Mexican
capital to prevent tbe anarchy tbat
was then expected te follow from the
failure or the Carbajal government
and the constitutioaalfsts to reach an
President Wilson, however, finally
restated all pressure, arguing that the
sending of American troops to Mexico
City even on a mlssisa of order would
probably mean war with the approaching constitutionalist..
A tew days later actual overtone
came from the Carbajal government
in an Indirect way to tbe effect that
If American troops would come to preserve order tbey would 'not be opposed by the assisted. These assurances, according to official messages
here, were given by Minister Lujan,
of C'arbajal's cabinet, with the authority, it Is said, of Mr. Carbajal.
Other promises were made���the United States was to be given a coaling
station tn Magdalena bay, the Chaml-
sal claims were to be adjusted, and
many other things of particular interest to tbe American government
were to be arranged.
Canadian Force
22,218 Men
Number of Officers and Men
in Various Units of Overseas Contingent.
UMNHI      _����*���__*������   V_V   .��
defines the aukler of
men'-tn tbe  .re.tons an.
London.  Aug.  18.���11:50  p.m.���A  Reuter dispatch  from  Brussels  say*
thn Germsns made another attempt to cross the Mense today by a bridge
not far from Dinant, where cannonading was resumed.   The French artillery
repelled the attack with considerable loss.
I-ondon. Aug. 19.-12:06 a.m.���A dispatch to the Central News from
Harwich, says tbat an engagement occurred early Tuesday morning In the
North Sea, about 100 miles off Harwich. The statement of the correspondent ls not confirmed by the official bureau.
London, Aug.  19.-1:17 a.m.���The British  official    press    bureau announces that some desultory firing occurred Tuesday between tbe British patrolling squadrons and flotillas and' German cruisers, which  were recon-
nottering.   No losaes were reported or claimed.
Party Politics Dropped in the Desire to Aid and Assist the
Empire in Her Hour of Trial���-Address from Throne.
Ottawa, Aug. 18.- The fourth ses-i
sion of the twentieth Canadian Par-j
liament whicli opened today, and
which promises to be the briefest, least
contentious and moat momentous on
record, got under way in a most democratic fashion. There were no frills
or ceremonies, and nn unusual air of
siTlouBtie.a marked the proceedings.
The members, who are here In comparatively large numbers, did not
show the slightest disposition to talk
party politics. On "the contrary the
talk was all about the war and the
expedition with which the Canadian
parliament could demonstrate to the
empire that Canadians are a united
peop.e when lt comes to a question of
giving support to the mother country
in a time, ol need.
Speech  From  the Throne.
The  governor-general  was    accom-i
man Army Gives Cause of
Slow Campaign.
nanied '.'V the usual escort furnished
hy tl.c Princess Lourtse Dragoon
guaru. and on arrival on Parliament
lllti was awaited by the customary
hi.clygu.-rd from the Governor-General's root guards, but. within the senate chamber, when his royal highness
Mininli'd tlle dtas to read the speech
from the throne, an unusual air of sol-
etunltr prevailed. The galleries were
not til-Id with representatives of society admitted by ticket, but by representatives of all classes of people
to whom the doors were thrown open.
Tlie sair.e democratic air prevaded lbe
floor o.J the house where the members
appear.ci behind the bar to hear tho
governor-general read the most momentous speech from' the throne ever
llf.t.ncd  tc by the representatives of
Berlin, via Copenhagen and London
Aug. 18.���9: OB a.m.���A series of statements or the Liege enigma is published from the headquarters of General
Stein, according to which French officers and perhaps also Krench soldiers
were sent to Liege before tbe war to
instruct tho Belgian troopa In tbe defence of the fortifications.
It was impossible to protest
against these," says General Stein,
"but after the war began thia conduct
had to be regarded as an Infraction of
Belgian neutrality by Prance. We had
to act with all speed and mobilise.
Regiments were sent to the front and
marched on Liege. Six brigades on a
peace footing,' with some cavalry and
artillery took Liege.
"The brigades were mobilised at
Liege and there received aa relator ee-
ments their own reaervee. Two ether
regiments name later. Our ojobtttaar
tion has Juat finished. Our enemies
thought that 100.000 Germane werei at
Liege, and, owing to difficulties with
the commlaslarat were unable to
render service. This, however, wsa a
mistake. There was a reason for
pause. .
"Now the forward march can begin
and wr opponents will have an opportunity to conUnce themselves that the
German forces Is well supplied with
food and ann.s The emperor has given
the word not to sacrifice a drop o.
blood to capture the Liege forts. The
enemy did not know our methods of
attack and believed themselves secure
in the forts, but already the Are of
our weakest big guns have forced the
forts to surrender, or quickly demolished them, burying tl>e P^Jjaona In
the ruins. Tbe Liege fortlficationh
will no longer serve our ����"**""
will be a support to the Oertnan
Ottawa, Aug.. 18.���An order ln council providing fer the Canadian expeditionary mmtemumi e*. amy division
Tiie total]*
embarking strength ef tbe force Is to
be 22.2.�� although upwards of 26,000
ssah will snob-Use at Valeaitier. -Cons-
aaaders and-staffs total 90; cavalry
117; artillery. 3888; engineers, ttl;
signal service, 59*; army veterinary
service, 11; ordnance corpe, 18; army
pay corps. 2; postal corpe, 1*.
In addition to thia there will be 1750
officers and men at the overseas base
and 2395 In the administrative units
available for reserve or reinforcing
purposes;; infantry, 12,025; army service corps, M7 snd army medical service, tHt"	
tbeir British allies a tremendous ovation.
Every man of the British expeditionary force wblcb baa landed ln
Prance carries in his knapsack a
little pamphlet signed by Earl
Kitchener, containing 200 words of
sound, soldierly advice. The field-
marshal tells them to fear Ood and
honor tbe King and tbeir country, to
remember that they will be fighting
on the soil of a friendly nation, to
abstain from liquor aad looting, and
to be more than courteous to women.
The official news bureau announces
that General Sir Horace Smith-Dor-
rlon has been appointed to command
one of the army corpe of tbe expeditionary force, ta gsiesaslip to Uent.
a_-_y___-___a       Sm     m^_^_^^_^m_m_^m_m
Japan Bound
To Intervene
Agreement with Other N��-
tiona Fortes Mikado to
War on Germany.'
British Troops
Land In Franco
Entire Expeditionary Force
Landed Without a Single
i-andoa, .Aug. .IS.���The .official war
i_l-qna��lon bt.rena~. -mofrufcees that,
the British expeditionary forces bare
landed safely on tbe French shore.
The embarkation, transport of disembarking of, the men and horses was
carried through with the greatest precision without a single casualty.
More than f.iO guns have been taken
to I'i ance.
Pieperatirns are rapidly going forward to send more troops into Prance.
The greatfst activity prevailed at the
war < ifice  today.    The  French gave
��� MftMSaa |ro��*. King Oeorge.
message from King Oeorge to tbe
expeditionary force waa read out   to |
sMkregUe-M aa It left Ma Met et
departure ender sealed orden.  tt was
as follow*:
���You are leaving bome to fight tor
the safety and honor of my empire.
Belgium, whose country we are
pledged to defend, baa been attacked,
and France ia about to be invaded by
tbe same powerful foe.
"I have implicit confidence in you,
my soldiers. Duty ia your watchword,
and I know your duty will be nobly
done. I shall follow your every movement with the deepest Interest and
shall mark wtth eager satlafaction our
Indeed, your welfare
Parle,'Aag. 18.���An editorial by
Stephen Picbon In tbe Petit Journale,
entitled "Japaa'a Ultimatum," cannot
toll to interact, avian* to M. Picboo's
knowledge.   He cays:
foreign . minuter m Um
Clemenceeu cab-Bet I waa invited to
negotiate, with tbe' full ascent ot my
colleagues, the agreement of l��07 between France aad the Tokio government, wblcb waa a prelude to. the entente some weeks later between Japan
and Russia. I cannot overpraise tbe
ability ot ML labwolsky (ambassador
of Russia in Parts), whose task waa
the establishment of the entente with
England and tbe Russian reconciliation with Japan. We see IU develop,
meats today.- .
Japan, allied with England, baring
signed with France a convention
whose range is far wider than haa
been stated nnd baring nettled with
Russia all difficulties consequent on
the war. was absolutely bound to intervene in the crisis produced by the
German emperor. She did so by handing an ultimatum which la tantamount
to a declaration ef war.
'Japan's form of action calls for remarks from those familiar with the
far east and aware of tbe world-wide
events affecting China.
Nat Seeking Pretext
'The error must be dispelled tbat
Japan la seeking a pretext to war on
China or means to permit acta of
violence against China.
"Japan's initiative- Is Inspired by
far loftier and extensive interest.. It
is dictated primarily, by tbe terms of
the alliance with Great Britain, lt
haa a farther Seep reason In view of
Germany's position in the province of
Shan Tung, which rents in tbe Japanese empire.
"Suppose Germany, na the possessor
of a In.miaa banamay aad able to
d-teoan of .jiaasMtaiabliS aseaanala aat
12T_2_-_1__. -_-LT_J____. ��J
tary and. commercial standpoint
    the "-***?���W
China. Any honorable penes, can txe-
mediately be assured. regarding thia.
But, unfortunately, everyone to not
honorable���for Instance, Gertnany ana
"It would have been preferable not
to leave tbe question in suspension
for a week which ia liable to cauae a
controversy wltb China. Presumably
Berlin will try to secure PeUn'a
sympathy for Itself by declaring that
Germany haa ceded Shan Tung to the
Chinese. It will be the task of Japan
nnd   ber   allies   to   frustrate   thia
Th oussads Join in
astic Applause to Overseas Contingent
n#s���**et Tsfvis Owl *9~m*
Is nivitisss sy HPsjsr, P^srtjr
Swinging along with Military
. tha 104th reejmsnt _
a fine object lesson tb spectatora lent.
evening whan tba local anlt of Ca_av
dian militia paraded ier tha laet.Maw
trier to tbe e_aberkatUa et pe cm
aeaa coat&gaat for Qaabee which
expected to uphold tho hewor of
Royal City In
lng tn Carafe.
Headed by the i
> y tha radaeaartal
the drum aad bugle band, the ragt-
a sptsadlil kern
el epee-
ment, 470 strong,
pression upon tbe
ta tors who Maes tha rants,
minster appeared t_�� bo
tbe time the regiment laft their eemp-
ing ground at Qaeaaa path, hnndrada
of people lined tbe thoraagjkJhree natll
Columbia street waa reaehsl whan tho
hnndrada Increased to llniaaaads '
Olv"n o�� Ovation.
It waa on Columbia street that tho
crowd stampeded aad a glance at tho
boys aa tbey marched eboalder to
shoulder, made every p4raea tooeen ep
and give expression to bia or her appreciation nnd satisfaction A the -tewing made. <
Naturally ail eyea wen tamed to
the overseas contingent which aado ap
the vanguard of the parade.
Attired In tbe full dreaa uniform of
the regiment, the scarlet tunic and
blue trousers gave a aplaah ot eotor
to tbe scene which everyone appreciated. The week of haad drilling at
the park had left lu stamp. The, aaa*
evidently realised the aarfcmaaqse aaS
significance ot tbe parade aad the aat
jaws and swinging slsoalders spoke
volumes. ���'
���and and Softe Maate.
After tha active service men came
the rest of the regiment, in the khaki
uniforms, company' after rnsaganj
marching, keeping step to tha martUi
music of tbe band aad lbe buglee.
A touch of tba
German Version
Off a Defeat
daily progress,   inoeea, jwn- wwm
will   never   be   absent     from     my J-upjo^uVre _ it be attempted
thoughts. - I
"I pray to God to bless and guard
yon and to bring you back victorious."
Ottawa. Aug. 18.���The mllltla de-
parttnent has aoqnired several aero-
piaaea of .recent design for nea In
connection with Canada's expeditionary force, if on trial they am fjrand to
be<'ar^��'��ip^��W^��a.-".3*a-is   ��r��
>re aviators Th Canada than was
generally thought and the government baa been informed during the
past few days of numerous machines
tn the Dominion which have hitherto
been applied to private purposes by
the inventors. Dr. Graham-Bell has
been for a considerable time conducting aviation experiments at Baddlck,
tn Cape Breton, and his latest achieve
menu will be made use of by the gov
eminent for military  purposes.
Three German Dirigibles Are Wrecked
(Continued on Page Four.)
Ottawa, Aug. 18.- -Sir Rodmond
Kobltn. premier of Manitoba, Is at Ot-
tnwi today. While here he conferred
with the minister of mllltla In connection with the part which tha province
might play In the present crlBls. Col.
1 Tushes stated that an Independent offer of men by the province waa not
acceptable at the present juncture, bnt
Informed the premier that he would
be advised later as to how best assistance could be given. A similar
answer waa given tb the province of
New BrufTswick, Which ottered an independent reglhient.
Moose Jaw, Aug. 18.���Following tho
lead of the city council, the Trades
and Labor council tonight telegraphed
air Robert Borden asking the government to exercise control over the
prices of all foodstuffs in view of the
manner in which prices have risen
since the beginning of the Kuropeaii
Prince Will See
Atlve Service
Alexander of Teck Expected
to Join the Second Life
Paris, Aug. 18.���A German monoplane, which had hoisted the French
flag, today dropped three bombs on
1-unevllle, 16 miles east of Nancy,
from a height of 4,500 feet, according
to an official announcement Issued
this evening. The missiles exploded
ln a public garden., No one was hurt
and only slight damage was done to
London, Aug. 18.���Prince Alexander
of Teck, governor general designate
or Canada, called at the colonial office today, lt Is reported that his
nlgbnees intends proceeding to active
service. He is a major ln the Second
Life Guards, and formerly held commissions as captain tn the Seventh
Hussars and the Royal Horse Guards.
He went through the Matabele campaign, being mentioned iu dispatches,
and was again mentioned in dispatches
in the South African war. obtaining
tho D.a.O. nnd the Queen's Mqdal wit.
five clasps.
Vessels Cost
Over a Million
Investigation   of   AJsarian
Population in Sean* ��#
As Much More Was also
Spent in Armament of
Troops to Date.
Ottawa, Vug. 18.���Copies ot ordere-
tn-councll passed since the outbreak
of the war and tabled In the commons
this afternoon show that the government paid $1,0(0,000 for the two submarines purchased from Chile; that an
order wag placed with the Rosa Rifle
company for 30,00 rifles and bayonets
st $33.25 for each rifle complete, ag-
greeting approximately $1,000,000, nnd
tbat a third war expenditure was an
order to the Cnnada Tool and Specialty company, of New Glasgow, tor t5e
conversion of 10,000 long Ross rifles
and sights to correspond with the
present Mark III. rifle at $3.60 each
This work ts to be completed by
April 1, 1915. The total expenditures
on these three Items is about $2,100,-
Description ef Submarines.
The expendltui% for the submarines,
which had to be made at once, wna
covered by governor-general's warrant.
The {ttmenslons of the submarines nre
given as follows:
Displacement, 813 tons; length, 134
feet and 162 feet, respectively; beam,
15 teet; speed, 13 knoU submerged.
The order-in-council ratifying the par-
chase was passed on August 7, or
three days after war had actually been
declared by Great BriUtn. As a matter of fact, the purchase had been actually made just on the eve of the declaration of war by Sir Richard McBride. acting for the British Columbia
government. Thus international complications for the purchase of war
vessels In foreign countries while
Great Britain was actually at war waa
Berlin, Aug. 18���Via Copenhagen
and Denmark.���The Wolff bureau, tho
semi-official German nawa ageacy, today gives oat tha feUowtbg account
ot the hattie of Molhiaaaa:
"One aad a half Preach amy carta.
entered upper Alsace whBe oar troopa .
were still concentrating.    Neverthe-
w. w�� attacked tha enemy which
waa thrown back toward OBeHort. bat
whose <satch kft*rwarda ebatineed.
"A aa-aU sachet of aStBlery from
Strasaburg waa defeated and two batteries which had heen rendered nee-
less were* taken by the enemy, who
then marched toward Bchlrmeck. eight
miles from 8aiu.ee, Alsace.
"An investigation has begun to ascertain If any treachery exists among
the local population."
Official, Inquiry into the Death ef th*
French. Reaorvlat at Montreal J*
1 x>ndon. Aug. 18.���A Paris dispatch 1 glbles wbich were reconnoitering over
the war zone were destroyed and one
fell Into a forest and was wrecked.
The spirits of the French soldiers, according to M. Doumer, ts strengthened
by the feeling that their artillery is
super!c. ��� to that' tt the. Germans."
to the Exchange Telegraph company
"Senator Paul Doumer,- former
French minister of finance, who has
returned from the lighting line in Bel-
__'   g!;��n; says that three Zeppelin
Ottawa. Aug. 18. ��� Hon. C. X
Doherty, minister ot justice, acting
minister of the interior, baa gUen
notice cf a bill to amend the Immigration act by providing that no Immigrants may enter Canada who are citizens qf,oou.Djtrles at war with Britain.
This will" apply to Oermsri and Austrians who seek to enter Canada from
tUerUnlted States. ��� ;     ->,,.,.
Takee Mace.
Montreal, Aug. 18.���The military inquiry into tb�� shooting of Antonio
Notter, tho Trench reservist, by Sergt.
Hooten. oa Friday afternoon, took
place today under the presidency of
I-lent-Col. Davidson ot the Fifth Royal
Highlanders, aaaUted by Capt Arch-
ambnuK and Capt. SUlrs. .
The evidence was conflicting ai to
whether tbe fetal shooting took place
in the street near the Craig street
armory or ln the nearby restaurant.
Sergt- 'Hooten a wore it was on the
street and he abqt at Notter because
he thought the latter was about-to
Pttll a revolver on him. >'ooten will
remain under guard unlit a report ot
'he proceedings haa Men presented to
Col. i>ennlson, commander in chief ot
the .Montreal gntrtson.
on, comma
al narisot
l-ondon, Aug. 19.���The British official proab bureau announces that some
desultory fighting occurred Tuesday
between the British p.troillag squafc
ron and German cruisers which weqp ���
reconnoitering. No losses ��;������' retried. THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
i.tcpen .ent mornlns paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and
����� \ all. y. liihll. hitl every raoraiac except Sunday by the National Printing
I   : ii e Company, Limited, at (3 McKenzie Street. New Weatmlnater, British
ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
��� .nmunt.-t-on. should be addressed to The New Westminster Newa, and not
Bual tnsmbers of the staff.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be mail*
The Nnilonal l'rintlng qn<. l'ubllshlng Company, Limited..
LKI'HON'E-���Buslneaa Ofttoe and Manager, . .*; Editorial Rooms (all depari-
IBCRIFrlOK RATES���By carrier. 14 per year. $1 for three month*. 40c per
Bv nmil   ��3 per year, 25c per month.
.i.UTJ-IN'1  KATES on application.
lough ii >'iined a long while since the war cloud broke over Europe
waiting lor anything like a decisive engagement lias been anxious
ions, u  ll  just  three  weeks and  four days since  Austria sent  to
be ultimatum which sprang the trap.
ntinp tiiat  Austria   began   her  mobilization  a   week   before   notice
red <>n Servia, it will take yet another week and a half from today
Se forces of the dual monarchy will be ready for a campaign.    In
|oi>iiiion of experts, Austria cannot mobilize inside of six weeks to her
and second line war strength of 810,000 men.
[Till there was some excuse for her to do so, Germany could not risk
' charge of  desiring   war   by  ordering   mobilization,   therefore   it   may
[assumed   that   active preparations   for   moving   ber   troops   were not
|erlaken  by Germany till the Austrian  note  was delivered at Belgrade
probably not till some days later.    From that date, however, July 24
, ji  may  be  assumed   that  the   kaiser'B  troops   were  under orders   to
>l)!li_e.    In Germany's  first and  second  fighting  line  there-are 2,500,000
en, und, in the opinion of experts, all of these could not possibly be made
|ndy fnr service in  much  lesB than  eight weeks.    Practically one  million
Old be available in less than half that time, but the remainder of those
thp first and second lines and those in the reserve lines would take at
ast  five  weeks  lunger.
In ihe first and second line forces of France there are, approximately,
1,260,060, capable of beins completely mobilized in from five to seven weeks.
Itussia numbers  in her first and  second  lines  1,900,000, but, with  her
} enormous peace  footing of  1,500,000  men,   Russia  is able  to  complete   her
'   first and second lines on war strength in comparatively less time than the
other three  powers   named.
On the basis of these estimates it would appear that Austria will not
be in a position to strike in force for another week at the earliest, (iermany
may be expected to have a million men. or perhaps more, in available
shape by next Friday, with one million and a quarter more becoming effective in divisions from that date till about September IS, when she should
be at her strongest as far ag first class fighting men are concerned. France,
with probably three-quarters of a million men in the field now, cannot,
according to military experts, be at her top war strength within five and
more likely within seven weeks from the date she commenced mobilization, which would place her at her beat somewhere between September 15 and
22, or about the same time as Oermany reaches initial efficiency. Itussia
for the numbers estimated in her first and second lines at 1,900,000, should
have, roughly, one million in hand at this date, with the other nine hundred
thousand following as soon as troop trains can bring them across country
from the the Caucasus, Western Siberia and Kastern Siberia. At this state
of preparations, Itussia appears to have a slight advarftnge over the otber
two powers, on account of her large peace footing of a million and a half.
Hut behind these first and second lines are millions of additional available troops, now in process of mobilzation and far outnumbering those already
mentioned. They are not the .r_!ined, first class soldiers of the countries
engaged, hut are reservists, time expired men, militia of a hundred different
kinds, genarmerie and civilian corps, all to be counted on ln a great struggle
Of this clas . Austria, lt is said, ran put in the field in about nine weeks
from the start of preparatous 1.190,000, bringing her toial np to 2,000,000.
Oermany can put in the field an additional 2,950,000 within a space of eleven
���weeks, thuB making her aggregate of fighting men 5,200,000. France is
counted on for 2.7.0,1100 more in thirteen weeks, giving her a host of 4,000,-
000 men in all. Russia's great extent of territory handicaps her ln mobil
izing her back lines and it would take her at least four months to bring up
her additional .1,640,000, and make her fighting total the estimated 5,500,000
Working from these figures, which are necessarily only approximates
since they were compiled in advance by tne military experts of the different
powers, It turns out that the different continental nations engaged in conflict
probably would reach tbeir complete mobilization on the following dates:
Austria, September 25; Germany, October 9; France, October 23; Russia,
November 24.
Viewed in this light, it is not at all surprising that the world still Is waiting for news of a decisive engagement.
Seven Residents of the City
Leave for England this
Sidney  Bass,   William   Taylor and  A.
H. Wheeler Among Those Who
Will Report on Firing Line.
The World
Seven army reservists, resid* nts of
New Westminster, yesterday received
the official blue envelope enclosing
instructions to report Immediately at
Quebec from whence they will be
sent on to the old country to rejoin
their regiments.
Sidney Ilass, a member of the local
police force, will be one of the seven.
Bass has been expecting such an
order for some little time and but for
this would have hitched up with the
Canadian overseas contingent. He
(lrst served with the Tenth hussart
and later was sent to Egypt where
he became a member of the Kgyptian
camel corps, a unit of the British
military service which has distinguished itself in many a battle with the
Mad Mullah and his Dervishes. After
some little time in the Soudan. Mass
was sou home where he became a
member of the Duke of Cornwall's
light infantry, of which be is a reservist.
Both Bass and his wife come of
military   and   naval   parentage.     Mrs.
Bass is the daughter of a former member of the Egyptian camel corps who
lost his life In the Soudan.
William Taylor Is another reservist,
his regiment being the Scottish Borderers. Taylor Is a postal carrier In
the city and following the call Issued
to him. his fellow carriers clubbed together and presented him with a
signet ring which he will carry with
him back lo the old country and to
the seat of war. .1. (lough read the
address while the presentation was
made by Pos'i'iaster D. .1. McQuarrie.
The carriers also made other arrangements, the details of which are not
A. H. Wheeler, a late member of
Lhe No. .1 fire hall squad, is another to
receive the call, his regiment being
the First Warwickshire. Wheeler waB
one of the first to join the overseas
contingent from the 104th regiment,
but this move will probably be offset
by the receipt of orders to report at
Probably owing to a lack of knowledge as to the cost of travel between
the Pacific coast and Quebec by the
British army authorities, the men are
only allowed $"> and a second class
railway ticket. The money will not
he sufficient to purchase meals on
t'ae way without, considering a berth
for sleeping. However none of the
men are complaining of this.
It is probable that the _: 40 o'clock
C. P. U. train leaving here tonight
will tee the boys off. The National
Reserve which parades on the high
school grounds at 7:30 o'clock will be
on deck to wish them good cheer and
God speed while the letter carriers are
planning lo be present lo give Taylor
a "bon voyage."
$150 flNE fOR
Body   of  Unidentified   Man   Found   in
the Fraser with Indications of
Evidence of possible foul play was
found on lhe body ol a man taken out
of tlle river yesterday at Port Mann,
a rope being found tied around the
body. The crew of the Kitty S. reported the matter to the provincial
police, who left in a motor boat- and
brought the body to .Murchie's undertaking parlors. The body Is that of
a strong heavy man and from its condition had evidently been In the river
for several months. Senior Constable
Stevenson Is making investigation
prior to the inquest, which will probably  be held  sometime today.
Rome, Aug. IS, via I'aris. Pope
Pius X is not in so serioiiB a condition as has been reported, according
to the statement, of Dr. Marchlafava,
the attending physician The pontiff's
sisters and niece have been allowed to
e-se him, as in the ease of his pre-
voius illness, as that relieves him and
distracts his attention from the gruv-
ity of the European situation, because
Of which he suffered a depression.
Dr. Marchlafava said today: "There
is nothing alarming in the condition
of the pope. His Indisposition would
pass unnoticed except for the high office which he holds and his extreme
age. His present Indisposition is much
less grave than past illnesses."
make her thc Idol of a small mill
town whire the family lives Her
brother Philip Is a nontenant in the
National lluanl and Is called out
when a strike occurs in the leg mills.
Men are shot down aud iu order to
stop the carnage l.ily attempts to obtain the signature of the owner of
the  mills,    She  is  shot dead   by   the
strikers, and in revenge Philip,   bar
brother. o;>ens lire with a deadly machine gun which cutB dos.n scores Including the father anil brother of a
girl named Anna. Anna determine!
to lind and slay the soldier who rubbed her oT father ami brother. The
strike inded. Philip and Anna become
acquainted and eventually marry.
Anna, still searching for the slayer of
her parent, discovered Philips uniform and suspecting that he was tile
man who killed her father, determines
to take revenge. She enters the
room, but love overcomes her hatred
and she easu away tlle weapon and
holds out her anus. The end comes
when a shot tired from the street
pierces his breast aud he falls dead
.it her feet.
Tiie sinking of a big ocean liner In
mid-ocean la one of the actual scene*
ln "Atlantis" filmed from the famous
At the Theatres
"The l.ily Of the Valley." a Selig
photoplay In three parts, Is the feature at the Edison theatre today. It
is a stirring and pathetic drama, interesting from start io finish anil well
upholds the company that presents it.
Part one describes l.ily Dale, whose
gentle ministrations tu the poor folk
Talcum Powder
���is the most  refreshing
and  pleasant  of all  talcs
Ht ctuf-ivr fragrant-*, cool-
new and __.ntio.-p_i.. _i_-__lil.fi-
have pU.nJ it fo rem oat
among talcum a anj made it
Ui* favorite uf many uteri.
The high quality of the talc- it* fine-
nen of tetture and the outline**
of thc perfume that give* it iti fragrance are nol equalled in any other
talc you can buy.
All Druggists, aja tint,
Mad* by .18
���ov tai ion rut rim i* limitbd, tomonto
Vancouver  Man  Heavily  Mulcted    for
Running  Auto  While   n an  Intoxicated Condition.
Send for Five Roses
Wm*   Name   ai
Donl (off. l   Ic r
Cook Book���
' MAN    _ OF GOOD RECIPES carefully
host. Ii .in   llie rontri-Utioni  of  ovei  two  t_>o.*_t>.
���     ��� ��� '��� ��� I I iv�� Krmtt Fiom ..i--8h--l .._.___.
A -   ' - '     '���������. |!,��� ����,,.���, cl_��-. ol |-od ilung.
10   '������ ill     '   -!.   ;.   h_V<    ..r.   CUcfully   JlCC.cd    _!,-
���. -���  '    r*._ec-e- by competent authority.
MtrgtW tmilop. H lAKt OF THMjITO- MlLUH _  CO  .IMT_0, WINNIPEG
if'unable 'to  secure  Five  Ros. ,.  _-,
writ!"' <,ak. of tne Wood   M    ,^   ���^ l��al d��'"
*" <,.,. J        ' Ltd" Winnipeg,, Man.
MM C* 0���>_l-   .
As evidence  thut    he cot:.;.ih r.    a |
.harge of being Intoxicated while driv I
ng an  automobile a serious matto r. i
Magistrate   Kdmonds in    the    police |
rt urt yesterday  forfeited  the bail  of |
J.   Ernest,  who did  not appear when
his name    wan    called    and    further
lsstit<: a bench warrant   for   the   accused's   arrest.     Later   Krne.t   put   In
,m appearance and  was fined $160.
It is .aid that Ernest, whn hails
fr mi Vancouver, was so far gone In a
itate of Intoxication on Munday that
he allowed his machine to hack down
the Tenth street grade without being
iblo to stop it. Beveral pedestrians
���aw him in his car und the matter
was reported to the police, The auto-
isi wus taken Into custody and permitted to g" "ii three hundred dollars'
h;ul. Vosterday morning, when lie
failed to app ar, George E. Martin, of
McQuarrie, Martin _.- Cassady, acting \
for the city, asked thai tha bail be
forfeited and that a bench warrant
issued for the accused's arrest, loiter,
however, he turned up and was fined
js reported above.
Edison Theatre
Special  Feature
"The Lily of
The Valley"
A Selig Masterpiece In thr*.  parts.    Interest ng from start to finish.
A stirring and pathetic drama.
B. C. Weekly No. 5
All the events of interest in B. C.
Edison Photoplay
4 Modern Samson
Comedy Drama
FILERS   Riycrert Steel Pipe.*       TANKS
Sport and Travel
in Central Aftica
A  Pathc ser.-ation  in  five  parts.    A  wonderful   picture  showing  the
killing of wild animalc in Central Africa.
mn 11 of the same name. In order to
make this motion picture masterpiece
as realistic as possible and not spar
tU any expense the (ireat Northern
company who produced tills wonder
ful feature, bought a 16.000 ton liner
und With the principle characters and
over 1000 extras us passengers ituve
the world a most startling and vivid
tragedy ut sea. Amid dance mid
gaiety all unaware of the lurking
danger conies the crash, lu un instant
confusion reigns, the rush for tlle life
lioats, terror stricken passengers leap
in,-, overboard, some heroic rescues,
the liner Hlnkliig, ure a series of
scenes In quick succession which will
always be remembered by those fortunate enough tu see this lilml.od
story which brought fume and fortune to an author and which cost over
$10 U.0.U to produce In motion pictures. "AtluntiB" comiiH direct from
His Majesty's theatre. Montreal
where It played for several weeks to
enormous crowds. The Itoyal theatre,
in keeping with their policy to give
the New Westminster public the best
there Ib in pictures, has secured this
massive special feature and will present It for two days only, commencing
Aecnuntunt. Telephone- H..7. Roow
I.    Hart   Hlock.
I'. II. SMITH. Auditor and Accountant. Telephone 364. lill Westmin-
ster Trust Ilullding.
When the
Heart Calls
A two reel  Imp  Drama
Two Clever Comedies.
Nejtoi  Drama.
and third Tuesday lu encli month at .
p.m. In lhe Labor Tempi*. A. J. Ohrl.t-
inan. Dictator; David Bovle, Past Die -
tntor; W. J. Onivcs. Secretary .11
Westminster Trust  Bulldlnu.
H   P, O. E   of I).  Cm  marts firm ar,ii
thlril Friday at  8 p.m.,  l___or T-im.l.
Keventh   und   Royal   avenue.     A.   W.|t_.
(Iray. Kxalt.il Ruler; P, H. Smith, S..-
I. O. O. F. AMITY LOVniK NO. 27���THH.
ri-Mulnr me.tln�� of Amity l-ciUe. No
-7. I. O O. F��� Is held every Monday
night at 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Run
corner Carnarvon and Kighth waaia.
Visiting brethren cordially UiTlteii
H. W. Hanaster, N.O.; J. L Watson.
V.O.: W. C. Coftthiim, PO��� recordlnir
wenilnry; J. W. McDonald. fUianela.
W. E. PALES A TO.. 612-6U AONKt.
slreel, opposite Carnegie library. Moat
up-to-date funeral parlor. In the citv
Hpeclellete In shipping. Ijidy assistant
In attendance. Always open. Day phone
176.  niKlii  phone 81.
l"r A Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral ill rector*,
and einhaliners. I'nrlors 40_> Columbia
street.   New    Westminster.     Phone  9.-.I
sttr Board Of Trade meets III the t>nan.
room, City nail, ns follows: Third Pri-
day of each month, Annual mei-tlmc*
on the third Friday of February. C. It
Stuart   Wade,   secretary.
S.S. Transfer
!      rlsters. Solicitors, eta 40  Ixirne street.
New  Westminster,    il. B. Corbould, K.
a    j.  r. Grant    a. k. McColl.
i aiiam   smith Johnston!   iiarris-
n-r-nt-luw. Solicitor, etc. Solicitor for
tho Bank of Vancouver, Offices: M>r-
clianis' Hank HulldlnK. New Weatmtn-
i ster, H. C. Telephone No, 1070. Cable
address "Johnston." Coda Western
IB    I
Leave New Weatmlnater for Mission 10
a.m.  Monday.
Leave Mission for New Wi-stmlnst. r 7
a.m.   Tui-sdav.
Leave New Westminster at 2 30 p.m. for
Westham  Island.
Leave Wi-slhain Island 7 a.m. Wednesday.
Leave New Westminster for Mission 12
noon,   Wednesday.
Leave   Mission   7   n.m.  Thursday.
Leave N.W Westminster 2 :_U p 111. fol
Westham Island.
Friday and Saturduy trips Lower River
us   usual.
Freight for Mls.lon and Intermedial,
points will be received at i< A K. Mill
Wharf   on   day   of   sailing.
For further Information apply B, A K.
Milling Company's office of  R. Jardine.
W    P   II AN8FORD,
Colli .
er Bl
ock, corner Co.
MeKen7. Ih
N. ��
West II
In. ter
B. C.
P. O.
Box 2 .5.
side���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk., Columbia street.
New Wist minster. B C Cable :uMrv'_
"Whlleslde." Western Union. P. O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, K. a,: II. L. Edmonds, b.
at-law. solicitor, "tc. corner Columbia
and McKenzl- streets. New Westminster, b. c.   P. o. Hox 112.   Telephone.
Solicitor and Notary. Offices, Hart
Hlock. 2. t,ornc street, New Westm'n-
uter,  B. C.
Barristers and Solicitors. 60G to . 1.
Westminster Trusl Block. O. E. Martin. W. U. McQuurriu and Oeorge L.
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout tha Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Inter eat at tba big. eet currant rata paid oi
credited half yearly.
Drafta and Travellers' Chequss sold, payable In all parts of ths
CHAS. G. PENNOCK. General  Manager.
New   Weatmlnater   Branch: A. W, BLACK, Manaoer
P.  O.   BOX   442
Reports  of   Fine   Sockeye   Catches   atI
Bellingham��� River Boats Report
Fair Catches.
That the sockeye season la by no
means over was demonstrated yesterday morning when the Bellingham cor-,
respondent reported catches of 18,000
sockeyes tosether with about .10 CO
noes while Anaoortes received 4500, all
trap lish. This Is in the nature of a
"post seaton" run and will ro far towards swelling the catch, which was j
somewhat  smaller than expected.
The river boats reported fair catches
yesterday both up and down river and
these will afford considerable cmplo)
mint to the cannery hands who were
expecting to be reduced with ihe slack-
off of the run.   The fishermen reported considerable numbers of sock-;
eyes  In  the gulf and  off  Point drey
Which means fair catches for the river'
boats for the rest of the week.
The  World's  Greatest   Film  Masterpiece,
From Hauptman's Kamoua Novel.
The Actual Sin'si-ig of a Eig Ocean Liner at Csa. The terror, trieken
passengers. Heroic rescaes are a few of the never-to-be-forgotten
FliODUCED AT A COST OF $100,000.
A vivid portray:.I p. the Titanic and Empress of Ireland disasters.
Special Excursions
Five Days (TlO Glacial, Island
including \ \7\ Mountain and
Meals and Berth. T^v Forest Scenery
Sfl     "Prince    Kupert"    sails S.S,    "I'rince    George"    Balls
Monday midnight, August 3, 10, Thursdays, midnight, August ti,
17,   ...  Bl. 13. '-'"��� -7-
Boats remain at Prince Kupert one day, affording an opportunity
of seeing the new  Grand Trunk  Pacific city.
Parlor rooms separately or en suite, with or without private
bath, etc., at an additional cost.    Staterooms en  suite  without extra
H.V SMITH, C.P. and T.A. C, B, .TKNNKY, O.A.P.D.,
Phone   Bey.   81114. 527 Qranvll)<. St., Vancouver, H.C.
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial invitation la given the ladles of New Westminster to
visit, the salesrooms of thO B, C Kleetric, In the company's terminal
at Columbia and Eighth, to inspect uur complete line of Kleetric
Cook lng and  Household appliances
These appliances greatly lessen the labor or the housewife, promoting both her comfort and convenience. They are always ready
for service, operating im connection with any household socket, The
cost for current is only a few cents per hour ot continuous operation.
Kleetric Cooking Appliuices Just meet your summer demands as
they can do all forms of light cooking just as  well aa  the kitchen
range.    Fully seventy-livo per cent of your summer cooking can bo
done in this manner.
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia 4 Eighth WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 1914
Classified Advertising
Jn. cent |,,-r word pi-r da)
li   par word pel   week ;  I to per monti
��� in  wiirdii lo I.,-  umd .1..  required wlllil.i
ie \..n   from .::iy ui oontnict, IIS.00.
OTIIBRH RI5CJ.IVE 111 t��� l.r, weekly:
W.iy noi you? Write luiuii-illately for
mil pait_.ul.irH, H.iinpli-, picture, liter-
.���yre, rtr. ESxparleooe unri.<vH_itry. Kn-
���liw 100 to oo.ar    cost.    Clifford    C.
Vltrlii II.  P. 0.   Iltix '_.  Killnulltiin,  A Umi
In,  Canada. (37-1)
lOiKONS pay dull.-u-- where chlcki-ns pay
,ii.it.; Hui_.il oapllal neeaea. .mall
ipeoe required: send fer May l__ue uf
���ui Journal: fully explained Uiere.
price ten cents, .lell_._li: S.t-.iti Journal,   Vcrsnllle..   Mo. (37341
\\ ANTKIi- llri-Hsn. ililna by the day. Prloi
11 Ti par flay. Kir.t dati work. Ap-
nty Ixjx :174s.
iiilKKS RKCKIVE 111 ut III weekly:
NViiy not you'.' Writ,- Inimi-dlati-ly for
ii.il  particulars,  sauipli-.  plo-iire,  liter.
..lure, ete. Kxpirlitiei- iiiiiii*ei-H_ary. Bu-
etusa lOu '���> corer cost Clifford C.
Mitchell, l' 0 Hox 2, Edmonton, Al-
1.. u.i. Canada. (37311
-NTED- In-��� .uKikliik . prloes rsoson-
ilde Now l�� tie- .lin-- to put .your or-
ii-rn Iii before the rail rush. Mrs. c.
I'unriiu Kh.iii!. suite 10. linidley apart-
aim... (373'_ I
V   -NTED��� llliousihold   furniture.      Will
ay,  hell  ou  commlaslon  or  exohanga
'.  atlon   sales  eondueti ll.     II.  J.   RUU-11,
The Oni)   Ptalllil-la."  oornef Columbia
md Fourth struts. Phone isl      (3713)
WANTED   -Household      furniture      auu
. k < of iiiiTciiundisi- lu large or small
intllles   lur    .put   i-.ish   or   will   sell
>   goodfl hy public auction and give a
iit'i-'l      value.      ul-   nu   r.iiiilnlHHluii
.; ,1      Before   dlsposhiK     of     your
. 1 ,-wIhti; call lu -'n-d Iiavis and
tllH   \*all|.H.   then   He.    tin- others,   aft-
.    ,im Uavla will sell for you or buy.
,;   White   Lunch,    .is    Columbia
.iri-tt.     I'hone   2ir.. (3721 I
p. one llaht  dray, k
ns in . . also loruuator (Chatham),  '''''
��� gg, and liiiiu express uuttii.    Mo^i Mill,
��� .       Corner   flumphr_.    uud   a.Ij.iuh
stnits.  Kdmonds.    Phone  1 33.1.2.
1 J7-!) 1
TrtADE   nil!   I'HAIUIK     IWItMS- llusl-
lies block_. houses .10,1 diHlraiili- build- ���
Inii   loU     1'all.  phons  ui   win,,   11.  O.I
Bninh,  -.I   Westminster Trust    Ulock
Phone li: i
run sAi.i:   sell your property tinu.ni>
an   ail,   lo   thi_   i-otUllill.
l-'ol'. BALIS- Two circular saws and sen
table complete, Apply at Th.   News of-1
i'lilt SAI.K   11.00 down.    11.00 per week.
Canad-TS    Pride    Muiiiai.i-       Rangea;
everyone guaranteed.
Market     si|uiirl-.
TO RENT���Cpttage, furnished. $ir, per
muulli. _34 Seventh strict, half hlock
from Central school. 137.2)
Electric* and C'rcle    F    Clash    Next
Sunday���B'g Crowd Likely to
i'i nt RBNT��� Nice front Bedroom, .uit-
ahle fur lady or gctillcu.iu ur married
couple.    Apply (id Blxth street    (37.-1
POR RENT���-New op to date apartments,
central, electric elevator, heat hot and
cold water, Kas stove for cooking, free
I.i ri 1 tin service and vacuum cleaner.
Hun 130 ami up. Apply Holal Russell
ur tin- janitor Anuuli-I apartments. Beg*
Li., street. (37ti-i
���'nit   IlKNT-lf you  have  rooms to  nut
tr>   ai   ad.   in  tills OOllimh.
FOR   RENT���Wl-room   hous-   furnished.
Third   strut.     Apply   P.   O.   Hox   111,
In RENT Furnished housekeeping
rooms, $l(i i"-i month, at 221 Seventh
stre.t. (372.)
POR RENT���Modern clean houtee In all
parts >,f town and Burnaby -it very low
rents. B. 11 Brush, phone .12. 301
w, gtmlnstur Trust   Bldg
Mi FT ut 1026 Cornwall street, about ��� ml
uf April, bicycle. Owner ''an nave same
hy  provliui and  paying  expenses.
(37.. S I
August  22 Is the date set fur    tbe
championship game between the Klectrics und Circle 1'. the contest to be
stared on the Fraser Mills diamond
Everything pointa to stubborn  battle
as  both  Slaton  aud   Brandt  are  pay
lng .peclal attention to training. The
I bin southpaw of the Electrics Is con-
Ifldent  that he can administer a shut-
lout on  the  lumbermen   providing his
J support  Is  ati> thing strong,    llrandt,
I of the  Fraser Mills,  is of  the same
frame of mind  in  Ills opinion of the
stick work of the Klectrics bo that no
matter which teams  win the dope  is
sur,, to he upBet.
Rumors are spreading through the
city  that  both aggregations arc  willing to spend a small  pile of expense
money  In  bringing in  several coast
: stars.   Plnkay Orlndle, tbe substitute
I of the Vancouver Beavers is one name
mentioned as being scheduled to wear
I a Circle   !���'  uniform.    If this can   be
confirmed  by    the    Klectrics    before
; Saturday  the no limit  sign    will    be
1 hung up.    Special arrangements are
1 being made with the B, c. K. It.   to
I transport the fans to and from   the
1 gatni.    Providing  the  weather holds
I good   it   is  probable   that  four  extra
cars  will  be  necessary  to  take  care
ut tlu; crowd.
to play ut u   ti-5 clip   as good as the
Athletics have been  going ull season
while wc are breaking even.    That
would be asltlux 11 little too much."
Don't be a bit surprised if McOraw
pulls off a deal will)  1 lank O'Day. of
��� the Chicago Cubs, for the transfer of
I Heinle Ziinm.rman.   Heinle is going
I :i pretty good pace with tho Cubs, but
his little scrap with Roger Hresiuihan
the other day may Induce O'Day to
consider a trade.
Through thick and thin Oeorge Cas-
rady sticks by the (-hints.
Still clinging to baseball, it Is
rumored lhat Hal Chase la making
such a failure holding down flrBt with
the Huffalo Feds that the fans are
clamoring for a switch.
Cured Both Stomach Trouble
XVe know of   one    follow    v. ho   Is
! lucky enough to grab   a    good   sized
: piece of cough   on ihe    Philadelphia
: Athletics each year,    and    who   surprised everybody yesUrday by coming
lout of his hole by planking a two dollar bill on the Braves.   Most probably
I he  Is scared that  should the Braves
win out  In  the  National his Connie
, Mack coin  will  be on a par  with    a
j Confederate $10 bill.
Palmf.rstos, Out., Juki. 20th. 1913.
"I really believe that I owe my life
to "Fruit-H-lives". liver since childhood, I have been under the care ol
physicians and have been paying
doctor's bills. I was so sick sua worn
out thst people on the street often
asked me if I thought I could get
along without help. The same old
Stomach Trouble and dintreiiing
Headaches nearly drove me wild.
Sometime ago, I got a box of "Fruit-
a-tives" and the first box did me good.
My husband was delighted and advised a continuation of their use.
Today, I am feeling fine, ami a
physician meeting me on the street,
noticed my improved appearance and
asked tbe reason. I replied, "I _m
taking Fruit-a-tives". He said. "Well,
if Fruit-a-tives are making you look so
well, go ahead and take them. They
are doing more for you than I can".
" Fruit-a-tives" are sold by all
dealeisai 50c. a box. 6 for.$..50, trial
size 35c. or sct.t postpaid on receipt of
price by Fruit-a-tives Limited, Ottawa.
'TBI-���Furniture, etc.   W M  MoCtoy
the * xi>crt auctioneers, will con-
leceasful auction fnr you or hoy
,! sale nut desired.   Clean hus-
��� impt settlements, over 20 years
, ���   ��� in nee.    Write or 0.ill 32 Sixth
I'psetB    continued    in    the   lennis
N.tice to Taxpayers.
vi..    1,', s for payment  of tuxes with
pri leg. ,,f ri-lMltes. have b.->n exuded ��� . September IS, 191. uud Octo-
r 1:.  i.u, respectively,
\V    A     Ilt.'N.-V.
���v Hall, City Clerk.
August   I.'..    111.. (31-11)
iTlll-lts RECEIVE 110 to ,.r, wckly:
Why nol vou? Write Immediately tor
full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc i-xpi-ri'-uce uiiiu ssary. Enclose   1'"'  10  cover  cost,    ciiffurd    C... ..,,., . ._
Mitchell,  1-.  tt   Box  2.   Edmonton,  Al- tourney  at  the  Itoyal  avenue courts
birta. Canada. 137311 { yesterday   several   competitors    who
were regarded as sure finalists being
knocked out of the competition.   One
of the interesting battles of the after-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^h_____l 1 noon wus that between Miss Corbould
-uur  Amateur  Prints git  tin- same  lln-,..���,i   �����    n    o_���,   .,..||,,_,   Mrs   I eulie
Ish  ami  attention  glv.n  uur  high  grade ""!  "    _  s*'"' J^a"'a'  MrK- l','B"'
commercial pictures. land Mr.  Ford,    the    first    mentioned
Km bossed   border     mount    on     every I taking  the series, two    sets   out    of
P Tou  have  vour .hole- of  finish,  gloss  three.    The following are the results
semi-matt     Single or    double weight  of yesterday's play  together with  10-
*m I day's schedule:
Miss Peele Meat Miss G, Band, 6-1,
a steady oustom-: (J-,.
Irom i
At Vancouver', B.    II.    K
Ballard     1     4      1
Vancouver   _      7     0
Iiatteries: Salveson and Murray;
Hall and Cheek.
Seattle 13, Spokane 2.
Victoria ::, Tacoma ti.
Brooklyn 5, Chicago S.
New York 1. Plttsbun; '���'..
Hoston 1, Cincinnati _.
Philadelphia _, St. Louis 6.
Detroit 3-1, Philadelphia 2-..
Cleveland 4, New York 8,
St. l.ouis 2, Washington 8.
Chicago-Boston game. rain.
Baltimore .. Chicago 4.
Buffalo S. St. l-ouis 1.
Brooklyn 1-0, Kansas City 4-1
1'itUburg 2, Indianapolis 4.
..ration   tii
you    tin-    bMl
flnlS-1   . _
your   films |
coal minim; Hsbti of lbe Dotnlulon
In Miuii_'..>u, Siif.k;i-chewun and Albert*
tbff Yukon Territory, the Nortliwcat 1>r.
rit��ri..M and In b portion of thn Provlnc*
wi' HritiMh Columbia, may !�������� Ii-amhi for ��
term uf tWtaty-onfl yi.-arH nt un annual
ran tai of $1 an acre. Not mora than a.&oo
aefmVm win bfl l��*jiHi*ti to one applicant.
Applloatlon for a It-unc must i��o mmlt
bv the applicant In (HMiuin to tht- Ax*'nt
or Bub-Affvnt of lbe district In which thf
rlgbti  applied   for  arfl  Hiiuat.*d. I
Iu  mirv-'y.'d  territory tin- land  must b* .
dooorlovd oy seotlorw, or ktgai ��ub-divt
Biona of BectlonH and In uiuurveyed t^r
rltory the irnot applied for ��liall be slaked
out hy tn* applicant blmielt.
Kach application mult lw aocompanlod
hy a fee of Jo which will be refunded If
th" rights applied for aro not available,
hut not otherwise, a royalty shall U*
paid on lbe iiumcI tan table output of the
mint- at lbe rate of five cenU per ton.
The person operating thn mine Khali
furnish tbe Agent with sworn returni
accounting for lhe full quant I ty of mrr
charitable coal mined and pay tho royalty thereon. If the coal mining rlgbtfl
ar^ not being operated such returns should
be furnished at leoet once a year.
The leasu will Include the coal mining
rights only, but the lerssoe will be f��r��
muted to' purchase whatever available
surfade right may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at tht-
iivte of $10 nn uiif
Kor full Information application should
be iiiad.��� to the Secretary of lhe Department of tiie Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands
w. w. COItY.
Deputy Minister of the interior.
N.B.���Unauthorised publlOatlon of thl^
advarUsement will not be paid for.
WIlM     Wl
v-lll nmk .
A trial film will m ���.. _
or   to  us ami  satisfaction   to  your
w<-  make  choice    enlargements
Smat4 ur   films.
We also have a nsfw and complete stock
of picture moulding carefully selected from
tbf samples of th'* larK'-at frame tnanu*
CacturerS  In   Canada.
\v.' (jo ail lines of commercial photography,
Better have that family ..roup nu_de
ut your own home.
Amateur mall orders given our prompt
price list and samples on i*-
It 1
>oats  uii:
1  no
e to have
it dons
'_* 1
ro   vour   film
s   at
7 Columbia
thi*  Ourtl
s   Ijtuh
Mr. .Morrison beat Canon d'Easum.
6-2,  .-3.
MiSi Feele and Misa Corbould beat
Miss Hand  and Miss  Kraser, 8-G, 1-C,
Mrs. Klson and Miss Philmore beat
Misa M. Hand and Miss O, Hand, 6-3,
Lewis and Swan    beat    Kddy    und 1
Chestnut. 6-4, 6-0. I
Miss Corbould and Mr. Swan beatj
Mr. Fori! and Mrs. Leslie, 6-_. _-", 6-3.;
Miss Wilson and  Mr.    Baker   beati
Mr.  Pelly and Miss Martin. 6-3, 7-5.
Mr. Chestnut beat C. C, Smith, 61,
Mr.  Whiteside and Mr.  Harper beat
Mr. Smith and Mr. Whitaker, 6-4, 1-6.
_____________________________________________________ . 60.
Re Lot  11, Block  1 of part of Lot 30 i     Mr- SP-��.t and Mr. Travers beat Mr.
(.roup   1.   .Map   i.gs,   in  tn.   Dlatrtot  of  Draper and Mr. Ooldamlth, 6-3, 6-2.
Now  U'.stmliisi.-r Mr   [.ellv t.,,at Mr   speneer by   de-
wneroaa proof of tin- loss of Certificate I .    ., r
of Title  Number  47.0.F,  issued  in    tho  lal"1-
name of Kthel M. A. Vlpiin. lias been fit-      Miss  Wilson  beat    Miss    Shildrick,
j 6-2, 6 0.
Mr. Maker beat Mr. Kord. 6-1, 6-4
Residence:  Room 118 Mcl.eod Block
Phone 489 L.
il in this orM-e.^���^^������^^-^���^���
Notice Ih hereby .riven that I shrill, at
the   expiration   of   oik-   month   from   the
ilate of the first publication hereof. In n
laiir nawapaper pubtlahad in the city of
New Wrstininsti.T, Issue 11 duplloate of tlie
���milt  Certificate,  unless  In  tin:  meantime
-ttiid oblectton be mail'- to me in writing.
District Reglttrar of Titles.
Lan.t Reglatry office,
New Westmlaater,  B.C., July 2T.  1914.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 18S.       Barn Phone 137
Begble Street.
BiiEBaite Delivered  Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
light and Heavy Hauling
    Today'i   Eventa
11 a.m
Court  1   (handicap)-
��� vs. Miss Kraser.
2 p.m.
Court 1  (handicap)
j Mrs. Klson.
j    Court 2 (handicap)- ,
{ Mr.  Morrison vs.  Mr.  Sprott und Mr
1 Travels.
(open) -Miss  11
3 p.m
Court 3
i Mrs. E, N
Miss M. Rand
-Miss Peele vs.
Mr. Lewis and
Hand  vs.
ItM-V-fl-   N[
Gymnasium Class, Thursday at 7.30
Bwltiimltii: classes. Tuesdays and Fridays, 3 to 4, at Y. M. C. A. YotniR
Ladles' Club, Krldoy at 8 p.m.
Boardlui. and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen
Kor particulars call phone 1324.
P.O. Bon " Dally News Bide
of all kinds.
Price. n��:ht    S1 tlsfacttou guarantees
mm   Mi-Kemle  St
D. 0. WILSON, Manager.
Full stock or  latest imported Suit
Court 1
��� Mr. Teale.
Court  2   1 handicap)
1 vs. Mr. Travers,
Court ;', ihiindicapl-^^^^^^^^^
Mi. s Corbould vs. Mrs. BlBOn and Miss
4 o rrj.
Court 1 (handicap) Miss Martin
and Miss 1). Wilson vs. Mi_. Hickman
and  Miss  Annandale.
Coun 2 1 handicap) Mr. Shildrick
vs  Mr  Bell.
Court .1 (handicap) Mr. Smith anil
Mr. Phipps vs. Mr. Teale aud Canon
. d'Easum.
5 p.m.
Court  1   (handicap)
IngS    for  summer  wear.    Perfect  nt I Mr"Pell�� vs   Mr. Kord ami M., Ham
and wortananBhlp guaranteed.   Prices 1 - ,;.,',_, thandlcap)-
from   .I8.U11 up,    701  Kront street.
L.H.A.M.,  A.B.C.M.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing I
ng, Voice Production, Theory (lu \
(laso or privately), Harmony, Counter j
joint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared   for   the   examtna
ions of the Associated Hoard of   ths !
itoyal  Academy  of   Music and Royal j
.ii-iege of Music.   Also   Professional
.lplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For, terms, etc, apply si  Dtifletli
tree)     Plume 411 It. '
Mr. Whitaker.
Court 8- Canon
Court 1  (open)
Court   2   (open)
Mr. Shildrick.
Court 3 (open)
Mr. Scott and
Lloyd vs.
d'Easum vs. Mr.
Mr. pelly vs. A. L.
Morrison vs.
Belt vs.  Mr.
(By the Potter.i
I'aris, Aug. 18. -The American volunteer corps has up to date a total of
120  names  on   Its  rolls.
These American volunteer purpose
to fluht for France,
It Is believed that one hundred of
thorn will be accepted and equipped
by the French war department. Andre
Leoud, a French officer of the reserve
Quite a few local baseball funs are
I perking up these days watching the
doings of the lioston Nationals. Such
I enthusiasm, however, is quite natural.
I Everybody wants to pull for the uu
!der dog.
Through distant glasses II looks as
if StaUlngs' pitching staff cannot
stand the pace. Hudolph and James
are mere youngsters in the great
arena. James was With Seattle last
y ar, while Hudolph did not show
enough class with John McC.raw to
hold his place with the (Hants.    The
Leoud, a Kronen otneer 01 uie 1 u--. v>. 1 ��w�� -�� ';'"".:,.,,. 0f    the    New  York
is conducting  the_ 9^J_?____\*_\W this way:
wlirb7.omnrat.ded entirely by French
team sums up the situation Ihis way
"To beat us, tho Ilraves would have
LOU VAIN.��� Sometimes  spelled    Leu-
von, a Belgian city of between forty j
and    fifty    thousand    inhabitants'
about seventeen miles east of Brus-!
sels.   It Is an Important transportation centre and marks the Junction
of several steam lines, and one electric tramway.    Last  Sunday  there
was a rather extensive cavalry engagement at 1-ouvain, where a detachment of Cerman  Uhlans    and
Hussars,  with a mounted-machine
gun  section, came  down  from  St.
Trond with the Intention of effecting a surprise.    Owing tq the fact
that the advance stiuadronB of   the
Germans wore    Belgium    uniforms
they  were able to get close to the
Belgian cavalry and deliver a volley before their identity was discovered    The Belgian horse, however,
quickly mounted and rallied, charged  aud drove  the Germans before
them in defeat.   The outcome of this
engagement   was   considerably  different from another action at lxiu-
vain which took place in July. 1831,
shortly after King Leopold accepted
the  Belgian  throne  from  the  coun- j
try's  congress.     At   that   time   the
king of  Holland  sent  his  son,  thej
Prince  of  Orange,  at  the   head  of
an expeditionary force into Belgium I
aud lu  a scrambling action,  called
by courtesy, the battle of Louvain,
the Dutch defeated the raw Belgian
levies.    Louvain lies nineteen miles
��'"' .oast of the battlefield of Wat-j
MAINZ.���Often called  Mnyence. is an I
important (Ierman fortified city sit-1
uated in the grand duchy of Hesse
at  the point where the  Main  river i
empties into the Hhlne.    It is eight
miles   south   of   the   popular   continental   resort.   Wieshaden(   and   is
now in the public eye owing to the
report  that Kaiser Wilhelm, togeth-j
er  _lth three of his sons, has moved to Mainz to be close to the German Hue of advance on France. The I
seat of a papal archbishop, Mainz is!
about thirty miles north of the old!
city of Worms, a great religious cen-1
tre at the time or Martin Luther and
prominent In many ways before the 1
Reformation.     Mainz   is   less   than
twenty miles east of Bingen on the
rlvi r   Rhine,  made   famous  In   historical legend as the site of the "Rat
Tower' 'where, it is said, a grasping
German baron during a time of famine  was  eaten  by   rats  iu  his own
castle, which was stored with grain
lie refused to distribute among the
famished    people.    The   battlefield
ol  llochet. the  scene  of actions  in
11122   and   1705.   lies     twelve     miles
northeast of Mainz.
ANTWERP.���A city which has played
a great part in Kuropeaii history is
once again  in the thick of conflict
and  hs.s  been  made  the temporary
capital of Belgium, owing to the advance of the Oermana towards Brussels.   A place or 275,000 Inhabitants,
it is the second greatest port in thei
world  In  point  of tonnage register-1
ed and cleared, while It also has the'
strongest and most modern Fortifications  in   Belgium.    The    Schehle
I river broadens at Antwerp Into an
arm of the sea and finds Its way to
the salt water through the low-lying
hinds of Zealand, Exports believe
it was part of the German plan or
campaign, which, unfortunately for
the Oermana, was checked at Liege,
to dash across Belgium and seize
Antwerp, a scheme which. If accomplished, would have given the kaiser's navy a first class protected base
fronting on England. In 1678 Antwerp was sacked by the Spaniards
amid indescribable scenes of slaughter and brutality. In IBHl and L6S61
it witnessed further horrors of war
und in 1S32 it was bombarded by
the Dutch shortly after King Leopold ascended tho Belgian throne.
Antwerp, as the crow flies, lies just
fifty-six miles distant from Andrew
Carnegie's great Palace of Peace al
The Hague In  Holland.
WATERLOO- The historic battlefield
of this name, twelve miles south ol
Brussels, In Belgium, promises, unless the apparent plans of the Hermans and their British, French and
Belgian opponents change,    to    become the scene of another and immeasurably   greater  conflict   under
ccnditlons    considerably    different
from those which existed on that famous Sunday, June 18, 1815, ninety-
nine years ago.    At that time the
actual  battle  line of the defending
British and allied forces under Wellington extended a little more than
two miles from a ridge on the road
to Wavre to a series of heights In
the rear of the chateau of Hougo-
mont. Then the French were the attackers and the British, Dutch, Belgians, Brunswlckers and    Germans
resisted the onslaught.   Wellington
prayed tor Blucher's German reinforcements of fifty thousand men;
Napoleon prayed for the arrival of
Grouchy.        Blucher     came     and
Grouchy did not.   Opinions differ as
to  whether  Wellington  would  have
been able to hold out had Blucher not
arrived, while another debated point
Is whether or not the final French
charge of the day, that of the twenty-six  squadrons  of the  guards,  up
Mont St. Jean, would have succeeded against  the British  squares had
the  advancing  horsemen  not  come
unexpectedly on  the hollow  way of
Ohaln In which hundreds   of    them
were burled alive and the whole effect of the onslaught weakened. All
these conditions would    be    absent
should Waterloo again prove 11 great
battlefield.    I'nder the  present  circumstances It could only witness a
small  part  of the general    engagement,   for  the  defending   front,   instead of extending only two miles,
as In  1815, now    stretches    across
practically seventy-five miles of ter-1
rltory. In 1915 the Krench attacked, I
today  the  Germans  are  advancing. |
In 1.15 the arrival cr titty thousand
men  helped   to  finally   decide    thc j
battle  In  favor of the  Hritish  and |
Germans, while today such a torce
would be able to make only a small
impression  at any one  point along
the  front where  millions ot troops
are opposed. In 1S15 the hollow way
or Ohaln wrecked Napoleon's finest
effort, the charge or the old guard:
today such a thing would be impossible,  the  areoplanes yould  have
warned the commander of every in-j
dentation In the ground and behind
Mont  St.  Jean   there  would  be  no
great, unexpected grave yawning to j
receive the flower Of the advancing ,
cavalry.   Hougomon chateau, where
the British grenadier guards with
the llninswickers, held out all day I
against the French artillery in 1815. |
would be wrecked now in 15 minutes by the powerful modern guns.
In 1815 the Belgians fled; today
they are standing their ground nobly. Even the face of the old battlefield is changed. The undulations of the plain on which the en-
counter between Wellington and
Napoleon took place are no longer
as they were on June 18,1S15, Where
the huge pyramid of earth surmounted by the commemorating
stone lion now stands, there was a
crest, whicli on the side of the Ni-
voiles road had a fairly easy ascent,
but which on the Qenappe road side
was almost impracticable. Thousands of cartloads pf earth were
used to build the mound for the Waterloo memorial, which is one hundred and fifty feet high and half a
mile In circumference. This makes
lhe .Mont St. Jean plateau now easily accessible by a gentle incline.
but on the day of tin- battle in 1S15
it was steep and abrupt. Along the
centre of the crest of the plateau
ran a ditch, the hollow wav of
Ohaln, into which tumbled Napoleon's charging guards as they
swept on to ensure the victory which
their emperor believed within his
grasp, There is no ditch there today. Instead on the left there
stands the Knglish tomb, on the
right the German. "There Is no
French tomb," writes Victor Hugo
"Kor France the whole plain is a
The Westminster Trust Company will act as
your agent while you are away serving your country
and will bring to the management of your affairs the
same careful attention and business knowledge that
is given to the Company's own affairs.
We draw up your will, and, in event of your
death, will act as your executor and trustee and look
after and protect the interests of your beneficiaries.
We will be glad to be of this service to you.
Summer Race
At Minoru Park
Races Every Day
Ladies Admitted Free, except on Saturday-
Admission, Including Grandstand, $1.00.
Special Train Leaves New Westminster for the
Course at 1:30 Every Day.
Labor Day
Round trip tickets at single
fare and one-third will be on
sale Sept. 4 to Sept. 7, good to
return up to Sept. 9.
Weed end special rate on sale
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
For particulars apply to
E. GOULET. Local Agent, cr to
H. W. Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria   From   Vancouver.
10:30 a.m DaJly
2:00  p.m Daily
11:45  p.m Dally
For Seattle
in:?,o  a.m DaOjr
11:00 p.m. daily except Saturday
11:15 p.m  Saturday
For Nanaimo
10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m DaUr
Nanaimo. Union Bay. Comaxi
8  a.m.   Thursday  and   Saturday
Vancouver.   Union   Bay,   Powell
11:.5 pm 'Every Saturday
Prince  Rupert, Granby Bay anu'
Skeena River Points.
11:OOp.m    \V-dL_P_-,iay��
For Gull Island Point*;
5:00 a.m. Tuesdays Tor Victor.*.-, ;
calling  at  points  in  Gulf..-1��<_
To Alaska    Every  Satnrtas
v   H   BUCKUN, N    -H-Ahl-SLUa,        W. P. H. -HICKUK       1
P.M, aad ilaal  Mc�� VlcaPrMidaav eec em* Traaa. _^
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phonai No. 7 and 177.
PHONES: 15 AND 16.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Cement.
Washed Gravel and the Best Concrete Sand in B.C.
Lime, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and the hardest and
toughest crushed rock in the country. Rip-rap
Rock a specialty.
London. Aug.    19.���1    a.m.���A    de-
! apatoh to neuter's Telegram company
i (rom Berlin by    way    of    Amsterdam
' says:    "Slatln  Pasha.  Iiritish  inspector   genera, in the   Bbttdan   and   nn
honorary major neueral in the Hrltish
nnny,  lias  resigned   his  Soudan  post
In consequence of Britain's    declaration of war against Austria, in which
I country  he was born    ln    1857    und
where he was created a bi'.mn "*
1U06. lie has returned to Viei.im mrni
will keep himself at the dispo.at'o*1'*"
the war minister."
London, Aug. 18, 12 m.���An ��B***
dispatch to the French embaMJ *ia*i
"The Oermana have a_K��*9��"*"
Baarebourg, where they were ttHtrnt^
ly established  with   heavy  artilteM " PACE   FOUR
���      JUt,..;1
Our prii es 1 ave advanced only
���here necessitated by wliolesal-
.-rs' advance In their prices. Be-
)aa i- a list ol Roods at the old
nni-fr- and which today is a
ii-uxi ban :
Swifl'- l'ure I.nr<i   -
���; lb. tins  45C
54b. Una  75c
10-lb. tins   $1.45
it  and !>   Wheat Flakes���
Package  35c
::  Pa-tagea    $1.00
.>i.;ker Oats, large package.25c
Kv.penned  Milk, B. (.'. or St.
Charles, large tins  10c
Shortcake ttiscuit; fresh stock
joit 111. Vou'll find them
nice, crisp  and   very  tasty.
Two  packages    25c
i  ire Starch,    fine    quality, 3
packages    25e
C axiil B. I'lckles, per bottle.25c
.vmned    Vegetables:     1    tin
Oam. 1 tin Peas and 1 large
tin Tomatoes, for  30c
funking  Apples,  7   lbs 25c
MS-OB*.   15   lbs 25e
Model Grocery
fCW Sixth St. Phone 10012.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 111 IL.
���" '  ' *
your oieeiitor.
Tlie Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
c   ��
10.  Columbia  Street.
KEITH, Mi-ager.
Local News
Reserves Will Parade
The National Unnerve of Canada,
company No. 1. will parade on tho
high . chiMil grounds this evening al
7:30 o'clock.
Mortgages���Alfred W.
TlH)  executor    of    an   estate
should     possess     a    thorough
know'"' se  of  banking, real es-
(ale,   valuation   of   assets,   and
have an experienced    nrganiza-
C-B-t  for  Ha management.
Thai Is why a trust company
':. but1) fitted In carry out the
prcT1-!on8 of y��iur will.
now,  si  '
%a_uttity, per
ni 0 plums arrh ing
' 'i pr serving, lu am
b. 5c.
Plums,  1  lbs.   ..
ma .- tine firm
.1 sees
���Cc fenrm
S    '.':.
-3  Bl   ii.���- .��� i���
-Jab.?-,   I rape .  _   |h^.
���tartlet!   I'i .,i-.,  ;;  lbs
tjgtaO-t-Cg   Vpples,  f,  |ba
Hwnfh   C  ��� en   1'urn.  dozi n
25 =
fit  Ch
!   rsl
Jersey ami
-<l oz. tins
Boa-d of Tra.e.
The   regular  meeting  of the  board
of trade will be held on Kriday evening at S o'clock.
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than I
coal. Harry Davis & Co.. 'Phones I
8-0 and 4111.. (37_6)
purnaby Board cf Trade.
The Hurnaby board of    trade    will j
hold a meeting in tlm municipal hall.
I.dmonds, at   .   o'clock this evening. ]
Thin  is   the  lirst   meeting  since    the
suiuiui r vacation.
Thc Fraser Perry Navigation company's ferry No. 1 is epen for char-
tor to excursions and picnics. Kor
further information apply to Kd.
Kalc-i. telephone 164. (.725)
Discount for Cash.
Residents In Hurnaby paying tbeir
water accounts up-to-date every month
Including August will now secure a
20 per cent, reduction. This wn3 decided upon at Monday's council meeting.
WINEWBISER HEEH carries to the
wornout, overheated body the nourishing, Invigorating extract of tbe rich
Canadian barley malt and choicest
hops. Why not have a case sent home
from your dealer, or phone 75 L.. Westminster brewery. (3001)
Forestry Convention Postponed.
Owing to the war the president and
directors of the    Canadian    Forestry
association  have  abandoned  the  idea
of holding the forestry convention In,
Halifax, September 1 to 4. and to postpone the convention  Indefinitely.    All j
railway arrangements    as    publl .bed I
have been cancelled.
C A. Welsh
Finest Local
Pears, Per
Main  Store,  193 and   443.
Sapperton Store. 373.
West Knd Store, 650.
Main    Store,   6.1  Columbia   St.
Sapperton   Store,  317  Columbia.
West End Store, 111.   Sixth Ave.
Fred  Davis will sell by public auc i ���* a
tion  the  household  furniture and  ef-      I wish to thank tho genera] puhli
CectS of Mr. F. Mendum on the prem ; for their kirn'  patronage during    the i
lses at lhe comer of 13th avenue and | period  In  which I have mnnaard the
Twelfth   street   on  Thursday,  AugtlSt  Ro^al   theatre.     Although   bring  con-
���-oiii. m 2 p. m. sh.-.rp. sale win includeUlnually hampered and cautioned   to
spring and mat-1 |[eep expenses down  il  has  been  mj
sowing machine, | ajm to -,jv.��� ,;,,, p0U||c as good a show
as  possible  under th<   circumstance..
handsome brass bed
tiess. nearly new
Canada Pride malleable range, Axminster rugs, linoleum, dinner service,
enamelled waie, chiffoniers, grass
chairs, folding beds, wringer, kitchen
Utensils,  etc., etc. (3760)
Two More Fraser Victims.
The list of drowning fatalities
claimed by the Fraser recently was
increased by two yesterday. The body
of a .lap fisherman was found tangled
in tlie nets of his boat near Steveston
which driftec a shore on Keats island.
The bocly of Henry Jacobson was
found ou the banks of the river near
Woodwards' Landing, It is believed
that Jackson fell Into the river from
the wharf of the Star cannery late
Saturday night.
In case I hold a like position in Westminster again I will endeavor to offer
at all times only such entertainment
as will be consistent with the dignity
of our native manhood. My house
will be a theatre for mothers, daugh-
| ters, wives and sisters; where purity
j of thoughts will be conserved above
all other things.
(Signed)        MRS. A. M. (ill.l.lS.
Wedding Bells
Overcharge Claimed.
Claiming the maximum rate per
diem under the municipal act Is Jl
the Hurnaby municipal council has
returned nn account to the Royal Columbian hospital amounting to (639.50
It is
The wedding took place In Vancou
ver last week at St. Andrew's Presbyterian church of Sergeant <��. S. Corbett, of the 104th regiment, tn Ml-s
[Dorothy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E
I J.  Lewis, of  North Vancouver.    Rev.
claimed  that   in  some instances ; u  ���'��� Wilson ^rlormfd the ceremony.
$1.50 has been charged by the
pital authorities. The matter will
probably be discussed at the hospital
board meeting to be held this afternoon.
5> ocial and Personal
Brother Joseph, O.M.I., of St. Louis
I college and St. Peter's cathedral, has
[returned to the' city-after   a   three
weeks' vacation spent In Victoria.
100,000 BOXES OF
Calgary, Aug. 18.��� The British Columbia V'rult Growers' association will
give 100,000 boxes of apples for the
Hritish troops iu the held.
San Francisco. Aug. IS.-While the
Herman cruiser Leipzig was putting
I to sea early today, ln charge of an
American pilot, she collided with the
I British steel barque l.ord Temple-
I town, lying at anchor In the stream
off the Vallcjo street wharf.
The Briton lost some of hi., running
gear and was badly enough battered
by the glancing blow struck him to
necessitate a survey by the marine
underwriters today.
The German held his outward
course, but the yards of the sailing
vessel are believed to have carried
away the antennae of bis wireless apparatus, and he is thought to have injured his bows. The damage to the
wireless could probably be repaired at
.-ea. If not, the cruiser would be
seriously handicapped.
All Carpets
Reduced During
Our August
The New Westminster
Department   Store
All Furniture
Reduced During
Our August
Man's Underwear, 25c
Outing Shirts, 50c
Straw Hats, $1.00
Men's Summer Underwear.
White,    sleeveless      and    . nee
length,   sir.es  '.14  to   II:   at  hall
price     I'er 25C
garment    __��� WW
Men's Outing Shirts.
In white with self stripes, or
with plain bodies and fancy
fronts: soft turn dowtt collars;
well marie; sizes 13'^ to \1%
Wednesday only. SflC
each      _mmm��
Men's Straw Boatcr Hats.
In fine sennet and split  braids;
medium   crowns;     all     popular
Styles;   regular  values  tn $3.60.
Cashmere     and Silk
cashmere:     made with
heels     and     toes; silk
In  black, tan. gray and
splendid     wearing and
;   regular EOc  lines. Wed-
for . . .
tor   ..
English Wool Under-
Shirts and Drawers; Tne quality RUmmei wear; unslirink-
aV.i ; sires ;',(', to (2; regular
tl.it value. Wedne
day, garment  	
Suitcases. $5.CO.
Hark Urown Fibre Suitcase;
strong patent steel frame; cloth
lined, with pocket in lid; outside straps; large leather corners; extra deep style; with
two lVinc'.i heavy straps; all
around case;     sizes    24    to    2..
Exceptional Blanket
White Wool Blankets; rtill double bed size, (14x48; pink or blue
borders; regular price $5.50.
I'er pair
Gray Army Blankets; very fine
quality Canadian wool: strong
serviceable blankets; regular
$6.50.    Per pair
"Hkejdon" Pure Scotch Wool
Blankets;     very    fine    quality;
$9.00 AND $10.00
each blanket whipped singly
Hudson Bay I'olnt Blankets;
colors, navy, fawn, gray, green.
red and white; all weights,
fi-lb. to  10-lb.
I'er lb.  at   	
Gray  Blankets,  for  single    bed
Per pair
Six Extra Bargains in the Basement
Special  Clean-up of  Kine  China  and   Seml-i'orcelain   Dinner   I'lates;
values up to $4.50 a dozen. 4 |* _
Kach   lor       I UC
Willow Patterr. Cups and Saiivers;  regular 20c value Af>-
Two For   Cwv
52-plece Clover Leaf and Gold Dinner Set. 9___ AC
Special 9D.99
Half-pint Covered Jelly Glasses;  regular 40e. 0_R#��
lor, per dozen  fcwC
Bight-Inch Prescul Glass Kruit'Bowls. OC**
Special,   each    09C
Cut Glass Salt and Peppers; sterling tops; 7_C*��
regular $1.50.    Per pair     I 9W
Special Values in Stoves and Ranges
Four-hold Solid Cast Cookstove; for wood only. ��11   Cfl
"The Pippin" Steel Cookstove; roomy 17-Inch oven; large fire box;
for coal or wood; a stove that is unequalled at ���17 Hit
the price          __5_!___L_________
"The Radium" Steel Hange; made In II. C. to burn B. C. fuel; six-
hole top; Duplex grate; high closet and 1-inch oven; an Ideal baker
and  priced  to suit  those of modest  means. #A7   CA
Special  9Cf.0U
Big Selection of Dress Goods at 49c
This range Includes a bin assortment of cloths, as Serges, Whipcords,
Bedford Cords, Tweeds, Fancies, Diagonals, etc. All serviceable, hard
wearing cloths, and you wil Isave money by getting your after-vacation
dress from Ihis lot, All colors to choose from. Values tip JQ.
95c     I'riced  at    1 ��V
Special Values in Table Cloths Wednesday
Itegular value 85c Pure Irl-h l.inen Lunch Cloths; splendid quality;
.���  very handy size. 45x45, 7(\t*
Wednesday,   each        I wW
Kigular to $2.25 Bleached Humask Table Cloth, various sizes; assorted floral designs: splendid quality Irisii damask Q_i m\(\
Wednesday, each   *w m i3U
Hegular $2.25 a dozen Table Napkins: splendid quality; satin finish
Irish damask; a wide range of floral and leaf designs to choose
from; size 24x24.    Wednesday, tt!4   J*C
per dozen  *w ��� <���
All l.inen Irish Table Damask; 70x72 inches wide; very finest quality;
designs of rose. lily, daffodil, etc.;   regular 11.60, f 4    4E
per yard.    Wednesday, per yard   91.19
Itegular 75c Full Bleached Irish Damask, fine quality; mercerised
finish; In dainty floral designs; 5S inches Wide, RQ#*
Wednesday,  per yard    WC
Sale Prices on
Quality Bedding
Itegular $2.75 Fine Quality
Bleached Sheets; neatly hemstitched; size 79 by 90. Special, per 0-4. QC
pair    *9 I .99
Hegular $1.75 'Bleached Twill
Sheets; made from pure finish
sheeting;   size   68x90.     Special.
T.p"r $1.45
Hegular $.50 Bleached Cotton
Sheets of flue grade sheeting,
extra large size, 70x100. Spe
cial, per gal   Ag
pair    91 .09
Tegular 65c a pair: good;
��� uality hemstitched pillow
( ises; sizes 40, 42, 44.    Special
1.'' p*lr 5*��e
at   ������ ������. ���....-��.- Www
Itegular 65c Extra Heavy
Quality Plain Cotton Pillow
Casts; pure finish; 40, 42, 44
Inches wide. AK_%
Special, pair IOC
Itegul r ,5c Heavy Quality
Bleached Sheet; 70 Inches wide.
Special,  per A^ 1 _
yard   fi I _ C
itegular $1.75 Whit" Grecian
Bedspreads, for three-quarter
size beds. Special ��4 9te
quality, each   91 i��V
Kegular $.1.50 Scotch Manufacture White Grecian Bedspreads;
made from finest Kgyptian
cotton: perfectly pure; double
bed size. Special, ��M Qj?
each    9C99
Comforters; 60x72; various
shades In art sateen; well filled; regular $1.50. *4 _tm\
Wednesday ..,. 91 ��C9
Heather   Pillows;     size     18x26:
filled      with    purified    chicken
leathers;   reg.  85c. CE#��
��Wednesday, each   996
White Wool Blankets; six
pounds weights; very fine Duality; size 64x84; regular $...50.
Wednesday, 9a\A. QC
per  pair    9"fe99
single    bed
Mosquito Bar
White   and   Green    Mosquito
Net;   36   In.   wide,
four yards for ...
40  Inches  wide,
three yards  for...
104th Presents
Splendid Appearance
On Review
fConlinued From Page One.l
And   shorthand  at  our  school,  and  a
_,ood   position   is   yours.
Fast dictation, accurate transcription, correct grammar and punctuation are the requisites of n stenographer. Our graduates "make good,"
Fall   term   now  started.
Strand Cafe
Reopened  under Management  of
Union Houaet.      All White Help
regiment was iu column of route formation hut on arrival at the tl. C. K. R.
depot thej formed into column square
and marched past the reviewing stand
where Col. Johnson and Major Doherty were stationed, the band in the
meantime breaking out with "The
Maple   I.i af   Forever"
The enthusiasm broke out more emphatic   than   ever   especially     at     the
We   a r.
this city.
llvering, in  .
uding Burnab
nd   around
nd  Sap-
alnu si i
was ii ti -
Mak i
last In::
ebnrge -
lending .
geBtH n  ,
Rev. -i   ���
reglrm e
The  it.
column i
contingent,  their  line
jc.i  ��s the saluting
np  the  rear of
no me uis 1- asi
army   medical
Dr.  Manchester
--jgnlfioant touch
u I.nt the future
. H'BS the,
corps. In
thi..   unit
and a snit-
might  be.
Henderson, chaplain
in .rile ,'    \i ith    Dr.
crowd which threatened every moment
to  break away  trom the sidewalk.
Visited by Commander Stuart.
yesterday the camp at Queens pari.
was visited by l.ietit.Cold'ncI .1. Duff
Stuart, commander of the _Srd infantry brigade, and Major 11. S. Tobln,
brigade major. Instructions were issued by the brigadier tn Major
Doherty to have the overseas contingent nady for entrainment at a
moment's notice and all leave was
stopped from yesterday. Orders from
Ottawa are expected hourly ordering
the Vancouver and New Westminster
troops to entrain for Valcartier, Que,
and today will probably see the first
local detachment leave for the east.
Recruiting Brisk
Recruiting   was  exceptionally   brisk
beingI yesterday,    some    thirty   additional
point names being added    to    the    rosier.
! More are expected today, many names
h-in .    obtained    at     severa!     points
across  ih<-  river, at   Port.  Coquitlam
and Maillardville.
The  inability Of    Major    Coote.    of
Chilliwack, to   pass   th gnlatlon
medical  tesl  has resulted  in Captain
Leslie K.  Haines being made senior
of the
. Collister
Block.       A.
Phone 853.
L.   Bouck.   Prin.
perton, twenty Pints or Hig.i standard, Sixth
Unadulterated Milk to the Dollar and
; Pure   Rich   Cream  ut   .(lo.   per   pint
Our appreciation of your  patronage
| will be reflected in our regularity and
uniform   excellent  quality   of  our  de-
j liveries.
| Phone 774 Sapperton, B.C.
Al o
in the
the nu
the cn
his   In;
formed again in
inarch  being up
. in ent  'hen
f  rout", the
��� >-t   to   Foul 'h   avi mu
iek to Queens park.
point of the evening's cere-
horse   of Major   Doherty
ilir    cemenl    pavement,
ils rid" r.    Xo one whs hurt
ilshap and upon   remounting
ii   was  given  an  ovation  hy
ii     Chiel   Hradshaw   had  ail
��� on dtit.   keeping back the
fluent terms, but refrained from going
int. a.iy details as to the nature of
the hills which are to be Introduced.
These have already been outlined
j in a general way. and include. In addition to the supply bills of from fifty
j to seventy-five millions, bills to vali-
I date action already taken for the de-
' fence of the Dominion, and for send-
I lng aid to Great Hritain. to control the
I price of foodstuffs an" other! pro-
: ducts; to authorize the government to
j declare a moratorium should trade
conditions warrant such action at any
i time In the future, and other legislation of a less important character
' made necessary by the war. There is
lu possibility that the business of the
! session may be disposed of in four
\ days, and that the prorogation of the
. house   will   take   place   on     Sal urday
evening, hut this Is not certain
i      Tlie speech from the throne was a.s
Duke of Conruught's Address.
"Honorable Gentlemen of the Senate.
Gentlemen of   the House of   Commons:
"Very grave event., vitally ul'fectlng
I the Interests of all His Majesty's do
i millions have transpired since the un-
I must add my expression of thanks and
I admiration for the splendid spirit of
I patriotism and generosity that has
I been displayed throughout the length
1 and breadth of the Dominion
officer of the overseas force frem tlie j rortunate outbreak of war. li is nn-
104th regiment. mediately Imperative for my ministers
Captain Haines joined the regiment Uo take extraordinary measures foi
following the reorganization of the ��B0 defence oT Canada and for the
entire staff and had previously Been I maintenance Of the honor and In-
service with English troops, TJie ad- tegrlty of our empire. With respocl
jutant's post vacated by Captain to s,u.|| 0|- i|���,s��� measures as may re
Haines has been taken by Captain P. quire the sanction and approval ol
ll. smith, who held the position before parliament, the necessary legislative
Colonel  Taylor assumed command.      .proposals will be submitted for your
Hev. .1. S. Henderson, formerly pas- consideration, other bills authorizing
tor   of   St.   Andrew's   Presbyterian I additional measures which are esaen
Fifty Million Appropriation.
Ottawa.    Aug. IS.���The war appro-
, priatlon  will  be fifty million dollars.
I Notice was given by Sir Robert Bor-
i den this afternoon that on Thursday
| he would move In committee of the
j whole a resolution granting fifty mil-
j lion dollars to Ills Majesty toward defraying any expense for:
"The defence and security of Can*
1 ada.
| "The conduct of naval or military
operations by Canada
j "The promoting of the continuance
! of trade. Industry and business com
munlcatlon whether by means of in-
I surance or Indemnity against war
| risks or otherwise.
"The carting out of an; measure
j ueressary or advisable by tho gover
| nor In council, in consequence of a
j state of war."
Tbe    resolution    further   empowers
the governor in council to raise such
| monies OS are required  by  loan.
This step Is taken to mean thai at
present at least there will be no war
taxes, but that the money required
will be raised by loan and added to
the public debt.
church and chaplain of the 104th regl-1 tJa.1 for the public safety will also
nt, will he In the city today when [ presented to you without delay.
_t%-s��_�� Eastern  Butter, :>. lbs        $1.00
__���r _��ealand Butter, per lb. .43
\_m__ Fresh  Kg_s.   . dozen 75
-Hofcht Hood l*orridge Oats, pk: .?5
rOiresM'.) Wheat. _ pkts 35
Krnrglf Corn Flaki s. :'. pkls .25
Dean's Grocery
Phone IS6.
"olumble   Street.
- The - News
Picnic and Camping
Baskets at Our Store
50c and 60c
Westminster.       Pbone 69.
Don't Forget
thai  We  iave added to our Photo
Any  Pn e Any Size
lv> is e .1 1- ted to addi
: seas com.r. .ent.    It  is
Mr. Henderson intends
I trip to Quebec and    pos
���ss  lhe    over-
rumored that
making    tho
Blbly   to   the
"Gentlemen  of the  House of Coin
estimates  will  he    laid     before
expenditure which
Caused by the out-
Duke of ConnauKht
Opens War Session
(Continued   From  Page One.)
1 you to provide for
j has been or may be
ir suitable arrangements can be | broal. of hostilities.
Patriotism  Aroused.
"Honorable Gentlemen of the Senate. Gentlemen of the House of Commons,   The    critical    period    011    to
j Which    we    have    Just    entered    has
I aroused to the full the patriotism and
���  t      .. .   loyally  which  have  always actuated
OI    I arliamcntiiiie    Canadian     people.     From   ��� every
i province and  indeed from  every com-
I munlty the response to the call   or
j duty has been all that could be do-
I sired. The spirit which thus animates
Canada inspires also Ills Majesty's
I dominions throughout the world and
WO may be assured llint united action
to repel the common danger will not
fail to strengthen the ties that bind
together those vast dominions in tlie
possession and enjoyment of the blessings of Hritish liberty. As the ..pre
.dilative ef His Majesty  the   King,  I
Ilia ,,topic. The Duchess of Connaught.
Princess Patricia and two ladies-ln-
v.iitiug were the only ladles on Hi.;
floor of the house.
Describes   Present   Conditions.
The speech  from the throne, which
was  featl   hy  his  loyal  highness  the
Dillo-   a!  Coiinaiighl.     described     the
present  conditions and  general  seutl-
picni of Hi<- Canadian people In elo-
Asthma Sufferers
A home cure that anyone can
use without loss of time or detention  from  business.
There is no reason why anyone, old or young, rich or poor,
should continue to suffer from
Our treatment is not merely a
temporary relief but a cure lhat
is founded upon the right principles, a cure that cures by removing   the   c.i use.
Cameron's Asthma Cure
Price $2.00 Per Bottle.
For sale hy
New Westminster, B.C.,
Or sent direct, charges prepaid.
D. A. Cameron A Co., White
Front Drug Store, Owen Sound,


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