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The New Westminster News Aug 6, 1914

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" I
iais *
aany Sends Ultimatum to Italy        CANADIAN TROOPS
Triple Alliance May Be Broken
Price Fiw
DECISIVE VICTORY Field Marshal Kitchener Appointed
Italian Government Reported to Be on Eve of Declaring!
War on Austria-Naval Battle Reported to Have Been
Fought in North Sea���Germans in Alsace Said to Be!
Shooting All Suspects���Serious Fighting Reported in
Russia and Poland���Russians Capture and Burn Ger
man Railway Station.
Orders   Issued    for    Enlistment
Mobilization of 21,000 of an Army
Division���All   Volunteers.
Secretary of State for War
and I Cerman   Troop  Train   Blown   Up  and
Two Regiments Reported to Have
Been   Deciminated.
-���ondou, Auk   i>    (ierniany has sent an Itimatum to Italy.
. n?-" i ,'_'';!��}-m-!nI" that havfl ����mB '" "k'" h"r��- early this morning.
K.leviil that Italy has thrown overboard her agreement in the triple a
���ii.c and In on the point of declaring war on Austria.
-.-.ei^m- . ���' '".���' AuR 'l That Ital> ,nii;h, rt''sclntl l��er proclamation of
neutrality and join the war of natloliF is believed to be indicated by a cablegram received in New Orleans today by the master of the Italian steamer
i.ac.Mla, ordering her to take alyoard no cargo and to anchor immediately
in neutral waters. The cablegram stated thai the *
ine government's behalf
Instructions  were sent on
London, Auk. 6, -The I'aris coirespondent of the Daily Chronicle report, a battle raging In the North Sea. The torpedo boat destroyer Carado
has Seen instructed to hold herself in readiness to receive HOO prisoners and
wounded, which are being brought In by one of the smaller vessels ol the
Krench fleet,
Copenhagen, Aug. 5,    Heavy  tiring was heard at
Nor t.i   Sea   today    Denmark   is   Isolated,   all   railway
various  points
on the
Paris, Auc. ... it is stated that Germans in Alsace are shooting all persons suspected of giving infor lation to the French. The mayor of Saal,
Bavaria, Ls said to have been shot when he tried to smuggle into France
the news proclamation of marital  law  by Germany.
A German cavalry patrol has beeu routed by a French cavalry patrol
cn the Swiss frontier. Three Germans were killed and two taken prisoners.
The remainder fled Into Switzerland where they were dlsarmd by the federal troops
Ottawa, Aug. fi.���Orders were is-
i sued this afternoon for the enlistment
i and mobilization at Quebec of a Ca-
j iiac'lan army division numbering ap-
! proximately 21,000 men. of which 15,.
! unu will be infantry and the rest artillery, engineering corps, signal corps
and the other branches of the military service connected with active
service regulation for a British army
The enlistment will be absolutely
voluntary for all ranks although it is
provided that in the case of whole
regiments or companies their unity
will be preserved as far as possible.
Knllstment will start ut once at the
various military centres throughout
he Dominion.
In view of the fact that it has been
decided not to call the men out by
regiments, the enlistment will take at
I. asi a week or so and the force is not
likely to be mobilized at Quebec much
before the meeting of parliament, a
week from Tesday. What will be the
disposition of the forces after that is
not yet determined pending the action
uf parliament and word from the war
office as to whether or not the Canadian troops will be needed for ser-
* ice outside  of  Canada.
Same Standing as Regulars.
The forces will have the same status
as  tiie  Iiritish   regulars.    The  offers
received  from   volunteers  already  to-
(Contlnued on Page Eight.)
Bt. Petersburg, Aug. ".. - Serious fighting is reported in North Prussia
and iri Poland. The Germany army is invading llussia and in its progress towards Warsaw, is reported to be devastating the country, burning all houses
and such crops as are not confiscated Additional troops are now being
nishod forward to Warsaw, where the first general battle of the war is expected  to  take  place.
Saffron-Waldon, Kngland, Aug. a. -A hostile crowd tonight broke up a
peace meeting in the market place, stoned the windows of the Independent
Labor quarters and hauled down the red flag and burned It.
Montreal. Aug. 6. It was reported that .1. K. Ituss, Montreal millionaire,
and c.iptain of the Fifth Itoyal Highlanders, has offered to equip and trans
port the entire regiment at his own expense Tiie regiment, to a man, has
volunteered for urllve service abroad. Mr. Ross is out of town and no confirmation of the  report  could  be obtained.
First Decisive Battle Not Expected In-
s, _e  of a   Week���3evere   Fight.
ing  Occurs  in   Belgium.
i ���������ion. Aug. .Y The plans ol ram-
palgn of the various nations al war
are being developed with methodical
deliberation and military authorities
bare are of the opinion that the alleged fighting on the Kusso-German
and franco-German frontiers has consisted of nothing but skirmishes, be
I ween bodies of troops.
They point out that it will take at
least another week for the main
armies of Germany. France and Rub-
. ;a to get into position for the decisive struggle. It is known here,
however, that severe fighting i.-. iu
progress in  Belgium  between  the
Was At Mexican Port the First of the
Week���British Gunboat Algerine
Now   at   Mazatlan.
Call for 21,000 Troops, But Not Known
Whether   Companies   on   This
Coaat  Will  Be  Included.
With  orders   issued  at Ottawa  yesterday  for  the  mobilization  of 21.000
troops. 15,000  of which  will comprise
infantry,    it     is  almost   certain   lhat I
local   troops   will   be  affected   by   the i
order,    Iu many instances it is piob-
able that entire regiments will be ac-1
cepied  for  service,  but  whether  this
will prevail  on  the  Pacific  coast  re- \
mains to be seen.
Yesterday's  order  is  MM  firs'  U. t'l- (
j nite   announcement   from   Ottawa   regarding  the   troops  and  according  to!
I semi-official  sources it  is just the be-j
ginning of a  movement lo allow   thousands    of     Canadians   to  embark   on |
steamers on  the St. Lawrence for the
seat of war.
Brussels, Aug. 5 Belgian forces
are reported to have won a sweeping
victory near Spa, the former Belgian
watering place. Two regiments of
Germans are said to have been do- I
ciminated during the engagements.
Belgian   troops   engaged   had   been
hurried   forward   from   I.lege  to reinforce the border patrol.   The Germans
advanced along the railway in an ar-
moured train.   The B���lgiaiia had post- i
ad  artillery  in   position  to command j
the railway, and in addition had min- !
ed   the   track  al  a   point  where   the
road crossed a culvert.
When tiie train was squarely on '
the bridge the mine was exploded, j
completely destroying the engine and
lhe two forward cars filled with German soldiers. At the same time the
Belgian artillery opened fire on the ]
remainder of the German forces i
whicli had been conveying the train.
The carnage waa fearful. The Ger- !
mans, although caught by-
put up a strong resistance, but they
had no supporting artillery and finally
retreated towards the frontier. In the
meantime a Belgian column had beeu
rushed to the rear of the German
position and the two regiments, composing the assaulting column, were
caught in a trap. Many were killed
before the officers commanding, surrendered the column to the Belgians.
The Belgian loss was comparatively
unimportant, according to the announcement made here. The German
prisoners  have  been  taken  to Spa.
Brussels, Aug 5.���Via I'aris���Several thousand dead and wounded Is the
toll paid by the German army of the
Meuse for its attack on Liege. The
Belgians made a heroic defense, re-
pulsiug the Germans after heavy and
continuous  fighting.
Germany Meets with Serious Opposition in Belgium and
Loses Thousands in Killed and Wounded���French
Troops Join the Belgians in Defence of Their Country
���German Ambassador Attacked in St. Petersburg
and Russian Official Attacked in Berlin���Russians
Enter Germany and Germans Enter Russia.
Germany in puihing its advance through Belgium, has met with strong
resi-tance around I.lege, where the .Belgian forces, according to official advices reaching Brussels, have repulsed the German army of the Meuse under
General von Eminich. The Germans are reported to have lost several thousand in killed and wounded.
Field Marshall Kitchener has heen appointed secretary of state for war
in the British cabinet and will have under his direction the military campaign against Germany.
The French troops have joined the Belgians in opposing the progress
of Germany through Belgium and it is reported lhat possibly Great Britain
will  send  reinforcements.
The president of the I'nited States has proffered his services as mediator to the European nations at war.
The German ambassador will leave Kngland Thursday by dispatch boat.
Both at St. Petersburg and Berlin, the Russian and German ambassadors respectively have been attacked by mobs..
The capture of a number of German steamers by the British is reported
surprise, [and the British cruiser Amphion has sunk the Hamburg-American steamer
but thev I Koenigen l.uise, recently converted into a mine layer.
Russian Irontler patrols have penetrated ten miles Into Germany.
Travellers returning from the North Sea bring word that no hostile warships were to b�� seen.
Loudon,   Aug.   5.   -Field
secretary ol  state for war.
Marshal   Karl   Kitchener   has   been   appointed
Brussels, Aug. 5. Via. London -According to Lesoir. under the treaty
between France and Belgium. King Albert will command the Franco-Belgium
troops operating in Belgium. King Albert has placed his palace at the disposal ol the Red Cross.
Brussels, Aug. 5. -Via London���King Albert has assumed command of
the troops and has issued an inspiring proclamation to the army in which
i he declares that "the perfidy of a haughty neighbor demands that Belgium
shall  defend her honor  and  independence."    He bids the  Belgian  soldiers
j remember th army's glorious deeds of the past and show themselves worthy
lot the trust placed in them.
Aug. 5.���Via London.���Russian frontier patrols driving the.
enemy's cavalry before them, have crossed the frontier at Lykl Bala, penetrating ten miles into German territory.
New York. Aug. 5.���The Hamburg-American line steamer Vaderiand,
the biggest steamship afloat, apparently was making ready tonight to put
to sea. Shortly before midnight smoke was pouring from one of her stacks
and a  tug was at the liner's stern.
Will   Not
Germans   in
Be   Prevented
Montreal. Aug. 5. Scotland Yard detectives have been here for over a
week acting on orders from the British war office, it was learned today. The
men are watching alleged German spies, who are said to be trying to get
tutormaliou around  the docks.
Mazatlan,    Aug.    ...   The    German
cruiser   Leipzig,   whose   presence      in |
Pacific   waters   has   caused  such   an-
xieiy to British and French ship owners. Milled from this port today.
Nothing is known here of the whereabouts of the German cruiser Nurem-
burg, last reported as having cleared
from Honolulu, ostensibly for German
The British gunboat Algerine is
still at anchor in the harbor. Quite
posslbl. she will remain here in a neutral port, as she has practically no
offensive or defensive powers.
_ Bel
gians and the Germans and that it has;
been reported that 80,000 Germans
have been repulsed near Liege, although the Belgian war minister on
the premises himself says in his of-
flcial reports that the Belgians are
successfully meeting the German invaders. Little credence is placed In
authoritative quarters in the alleged
"authentic Information from Algiers
In regard lo Ihe sinking and capture
of German warships in the Mediterranean.
Ottawa. Aug. 5. -When parliament
meets on the 1-th the government
forces it is expected will be minus
their chief whip. Col. John Stanfield.
When last heard of Col. Stanfield with
his family, were in Switzerland and
expected to remain there for the
greater part of the summer. With
Switzerland now involved in war and
all means of egress cut off from the
Mediterranean and across the conti-
nent, it is not expected that Col Stan-
field will be able to return.
Aiming prominent Canadians on the!
high sens at present are Chief Justice
Fitzpatrirk of the supreme court and |
|Lady Kit. patrick. who are believed to'
Canada from  Kngland
Ottawa, om.. Aug. 5.-   It will scarce
ly   be   necessary   tor  the  government
j to  make  any  regulations    forbidding]
tlie  departure   from  Canada   of  Aus-j
1 trians  and   German   reservists,     who I
I may   desire to go to help these coun- I
tries in the war proceeding.    With all
sailings across  the  Atlantic  from Cfl-
I nadian     port *    completely      stopped,
these men  could not leave Canada even   if  they   wanted  to.
li is, of course, possible that they
; could proceed via the United States!
: vessels, though it believed that the I
��� United States might place technical |
1 difficulty in the way of their crossing I
. the   border.
It is even doubtful whether the gov-
eminent   would   take   any   action   to
slop the  departure of these  men   via
the I'nited States.    It is realized that
I their absence from Canada at the pre-
]rent juncture  would be preferable to
! their presence.
There   are   large   numbers  Of   Austrians  in  Ottawa  at   present.     A   few
. days ago two hundred of them  stop-
! ped  work on  the  new     rifle    ranges
I with   the  intention  of    going    home.
General   Von   Emmie!.   Regret*   Enter-
Territory  But   Propotee to
Punish   Resistance. 1
Regina in a Position to  Furnish Animals for Artillery and Remounts
for  Mil tary   Purposes.
Brussels.   Aug.   5.--Via   Paris.   Aug. I     Regina.   Aug.   5.���In   the   neighbor-
5.���General   von   Kmmich.   command-] hood of twenty thousand horses, suiting  the  German  army  of  the   Meuse, | able   for   artillery   purposes   and   re-
has   issued   the   following   proclama- j mounts,  can   be supplied  for western
tion  to the Belgian people: I Canada for use in the war, according
"To  my   regret  the  German   troops |to the estimate of Corchroane Smith,
have  been   forced   to  cross  the  fron-jgtoofc commissioner for Saskatchewan.
lave sailed  for   .���.._.���..  .._.. ��� .
lew days ago.    K. W.  Beanie, chief j Their numbers have been supplement
| counsel for the C.P.R. sailed for Eng-led
I lami  on  the   Alsatian   for  a
! holiday over a  week ago.
by  a  large
month's j the  employ   of
i woods.
number  who
.1.   It.   Booth
were in
In    the
For.ign Vessels Leaving Eastern Sea-
beard   Run   the   Risk   of  Being
Captured   by   Enemy.
Mistress of White House
Lies at Point of Death
I i ndon, Aug. ... Chancellor of the
Exchequer Lloyd George in tbe house
of commons today contended that any
nne hoarding gold was assisting the
en em J of his country. At the same
time, with ii view oi economizing gold
.md  maintaining  the  integrity  of  the
mild standard it was proposed to issue
notes nf one pound and ten shillings
convertible   to   gold   at   tlle   Bank
England,     These   would   be
on  Friday  to ihe extent i
' 00 and after that would bl
the  rate  of  935,000,000 daily.     Postal
orders are also to he made legal tender on the same terms as notes,    tie
made an appeal to patriotic people not
lo withdraw gold.
j New York. Aug. . With Briti.-h.
Ueinwu and fiench war vessels lurking along the trans-Atlantic lanes
j taken by steamships, conditions off
the American north Atlantic coast
have taken on some of the aspects of
1 a  blockade.
Foreign   vessels  whicli   ventured   to
have this porl today,  went  forth  un-
i der  risk  of  capture.    Others coming
1 in travelled for the most part ut full
Qf  Speed ahead,  regardless of danger ill
available darkness or fog.   Their
r $15,000,- ators caught  .ragmen.
issued at | tions between cruiser i
frcm cruiser to land, but were unable
to  Interpret   the   text   of whal   they
overheard,  as  the  messages   were
��� wireless oper-
s Of conversa-
;��in! cruiser, or
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, Wife'tl,r.
* .illiJ
of the  President,  Is
After   an   Illness   of   Several
Small Hopes Entertained for Re
covery���Nervous Breakdown.
tier. Belgian neutrality already having been violated by Krench officers
who, disguised, entered the country j
In  automobiles.
"Our  greatest  desire  is  to  avoid  a
conflict   between   peoples   who   have
always  been   friends and  once allies. |
Remember Waterloo, where the Ger-;
man   armies   helped   to   found     your
country's  independence.
"But   we   must   have   tree   passage. \
The   destruction   of   bridges,   tunnels
or   railroads   must   be   considered   as;
hostile acts    1 hope the German army :
of the Meuse will not be called upon
to  fight  yi ii.    We  wish   for  an  open;
red   to  attack   those   who  attack   us. ;
I  guarantee  that the  Belgian  people
will   not   have   to  suffer   the   horrors
Of war.    We will pay for provisions and
our  soldiers  will  show  themselves  to
be   the   best   friends  of  a   people   for
whom   we   have   the   greatest   esteem
and the deepest sympathy.
"Your prudence and patriotism will
show you that it is your duty to prevent your country from being plunged
The number could be doubled if animals hot of the most suitable clas.-.
but which would be useful for many
purposes during military operations,
are taken. Within twelve months the
west will be able to increase the supply of horses actually of value to the
army  by an additional   15.000.
in .Saskatchewan from iiOOO to TOOti
horses are broken and are suitable
for artillery work can be provided at
lhe  present  time.
Mota'li_ation   in  U.  S.
Washington, D. C -Vug. ...   Mobili-
| . atinn  Of land  and  sea  forces in  the
| United States is in progress.   All men
j and   ships   are   to   be   recalled   from
o'clock this morning.    The Rain- the Mexican waters to guard the coast
an old boat and her armament! and   a   big   force   will   be   pill   on   to
daughters  are  al   her  bedside
relatives   have   been   summoned.
Ic,        l Physicians have been In consultation ��� ...
1S 'for days,  but  it  was admitted  at   the \ lnt0 ""'  I""''''""-*** '"' ��"��".
I white house tonight thai hope for her
I recovery  had almost vault-ted. ONTARIO TROOPS
Conscious At Intervals ARE   MOBILIZING
i     Conscious   oniy   at   intervals.   Mrs.
Months ; Wilson has been cheerful and has call- ,    Toronto, Aug. 6    Only once, in the
[ed constantly for her husband. Every gouth   African   war, has  there  been
moment  that  could   be  spared  from   SI���.h ��� ���,.,.���,. of activity al tlie head- evidence for the last tew iUv.
urgeni official duties hag been devot- quarters of the second division at the ^^ d )S'
led  by  the  president  to his  wife,    t\V armories  as   was   witnessed   today  at'
-.  the side of his constant helpmate and these places.   The 44th  Lincoln and fJfCPMAN  ATTAPIf
..... .        _ ,,    , ,    ,    adviser he  wrote the tender of good  Welland regiments, with headiiuarters! ��l*_lt.B
Wisinigton Aug. .,. At 11 o clock offices appealing to the European at Niagara, and the second dragoons; NOT CONFIRMFI _
tonigh Mrs. Wilson was resting eas- , raonarcn a t0 8lav their conflict. From with their regimental headiiuarters; VA/l^l I. IKM B.1J
il. . hut her respiration  was being as- j tne fMi room hu lva8 i,een giving di-|at   St.   Catherines,  are   the   first   t\vo| 	
Medicine Hat. Aug. 5.���The Austrian.- and Germans here are in a
sulky mood and with the aid of the
liquor, of which they are large consumers, provoked the British spirit
on numerous occasions tonight and
serious rioting was narrowly averted.
Chief of Police Bruce and his men
are closely watching all the crowd-,
partlculary a large one ill front of
the local newspaper office and the
danger of tiie foreigners being beaten
up for their impudence and imprudence is thus miminized.
The national and patriotic spirit
Of the city has been very strongly in
Seattle. Aug. ... The Canadian
cruiser Rainbow, which has heen stn-
Uoned at the Esquimau naval station, passed out of Ihe Strait of Plica
Ht 9
llOW   is
at  timos  by    artificial
is not formidable,   It is supposed sh
11 cruise off Cape Flattery to reai
Bnlish  ships.    So far as known ^^M
there 's uo hostile cruisers nearer than     st.    Peter
Mazatlan,,  but  rumors    have    been  fighting  I-
spread   tbat German   cruisers I sin and In
_ i
guard the Panama canal,   other
cautions are also being taken.
, Idely
rare lying
iu wall off cape Flatter)
London, Ag. 6. it was announced
officially tonight thai the British
cruiser Amphion had sunk the Ilam-
iuirc American liner Koenlgln Lulse,
which had been filled nut for mine
hi; ���int.
burg, Aug. 5.���Serious
reported in North I'rus-
l'oland. The German army
is invading llussia and in Uh progress
towards Warsaw is reported lo he devastating the country, burning all
bouses and such crops as are not confiscated. Additional troops are being rushed forward to Warsaw where
the first general battle of the war
|H   expected   tO   take   place.
Washington.   I).   C.   Aug.
Wilson, wile  Of the. president
Into unconsciousness at  five
and grave fears  were expressed  that
she might not  be. able to survive the
Washington. Aug. 5. Mrs
row Wilson, wife of the pre
lhe I'nited States, lies at the
death tonight.
Four months Of almost unbroken HI-1 ceil
stimu-1 tactions to the various department
I heads for the relief of thousands Of
'Americans Stranded abroad. The press
Mrs. | on domestic legislation, the European
lapsed | war [],,, Mexican situation and the
flurry over financial conditions
throughout the country have weighed
heavily on the president, aa he has
maintained his day and night vigil.
Underwent an Operation.
Wood-| 0n . ,,;i> |a8, March Mrs. Wilson
ident ol i dipped on a rug at the white house.
point oi  injuring ner spine    An operation was
I necessary.     After   weeks  of  euinales
.   . ,,-,.,��� N�� confirmation  was received from
volunteer corps to be mobilized. Major Ottawa  last night
Qeneral Leasard issued the order last
night and today the mobilization was
This step has heen taken by General
l.essard on instructions from Ottawa
mi account of the large number of
foreigners working on and in the
vicinity of tin: Welland canal. All |
the Toronto regiments have now notified the government of their willingness to do anything and go anywhere they may be called.
 ^^^^^^^^ regarding  the  re
| port that a German cruiser was bom
[ bardlng   the   Canadian   wireless  sta
I tion at Glace  Bay,  Nova  Scotia.    Dr.
I Juki man,  a  local veterinary  surgeon.
! was  much   interested  in   the  Vancou
' ver report.  Informing The  News  last
I night  that  his lather and  mother resided  within a few hundred yards of
where tlie trans-Atlantic wirelei
lion  is located.
ness, ii complication of nervous ailments am! Bright's disease, have sapped the vitality of the first lady of
the land. The end is regarded as a
I matter of  days,  perhaps  lion:-.     Her
l'l'    s
but the
at   the
he  finally rosi
burden of
while   lu US'
work in tin
from  her bed.
winter's activity
together    with
slums of the city
(Continued on Page Eight.)
,     _       ,       .     . , London, Aug. 5.    Premier Asqith to-
London, Aug. 6.   A message receiv- day  officially    announced    that    the
-d here this afternoon from Guernsey,   British  government would ask for   ii
Channel   Islands,  says  that  a  French  other credit of $500,000,000 tomorrow
gunboal towing a large German steam-  It was'officially stated todav that Vis-
anchored   in   the   roadstead   under, count  Morley and John Burns had   ���-
guns of the castle. Mlgned  trom the cabinet
An independent mornlns paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and
tne F- <-��"' Valley. Published every morning except Sun.lay by the National printing
���nd PobttsMag Company, Limited, at 63 HcKenile Street. New Westminster. British
Columbia. ltOBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.
Ail communications ihould be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
io individual inepibera of the staff. Cheque_l drafts, and money orders should be made
p��y_ hie to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
v ! .;.-'HONES���Business Office and Manager. ��99; Editorial Rooms (all departments >. Mt
SU INSCRIPTION RATES���By canler. $4 per year. (1 for three months. 40c per
month. By mall. 13 per year, 25c per month.
AUYI-RTISINQ RATES on application.
Her  Battle  Record  Shows  Long  iLst
of Defeats and But a Very
Few  Victories.
In referring to the foolhardiness of the German emperor, displayed in his challenge to Britain over the Belgian dispute Le Matin, of Paris, says: "If it was a blunder,
the kaiser is crazed."
The manner in which the head of the German people
has gone about his affairs during the past few days, his
evident desire to incense all the nations of Europe, each
successive one aroused lining up against him and his Austrian ally, is almost ground for the conclusion arrived at
by the French daily.
How Wilhelm possibly can see a way out of the trap
into which he has led his country is a mystery.
Austria he certainly has with him, but Austria's
record is one long list of defeats. Austria certainly never
has brought luck to her associates on the field of battle.
Italy, as a member of the Triple Alliance, is the technical
friend of Germany and Italy has stated that she will remain neutral. But even should she reverse that decision
it would leave the kaiser in almost as bad a cul de sac as
ever, since the only possible addition he could figure on
outside of the Triple Alliance would be Bulgaria.
Against this already are arrayed Great Britain, Russia and France, over-topping in ships and men the powers
oi the Triple Alliance.
Not content with this list of enemies, the kaiser now
has demanded of Sweden her intentions in much the same
dictatorial tone he used with such telling effect towards
France and Russia.   His answer from Sweden, therefore,
is not likely to be favorable to his plans.   There still re-;
main Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Turkey to!
arouse in Europe and Japan and the United States in Asia
and in the western hemisphere.   In not one of those quar-
ters is there a ray of hope for Wilhelm, except, perhaps, I
in Turkey, whose fighting weight and prestige have been'
reduced almost to the vanishing point in the recent Balkan
Viewed in this light, is it any wonder the Paris paper
is led to ask, "Has the kaiser gone mad?"
Racial Hatreds Strong
Throughout Balkan States
"Three 'Balkan   Storm  Centers"
, the Serbs, conscious of the anti-Serb|many.
Austria's    victories    in     war    bave
Usualy   been   due   either   to   powerful
allies or to tne Insignificance of her
! enemy.    Beginning as a petty duke-
��� dom. it was rescued from the Invading
| Moravians and Magyars by Kin*; Otto
, the Oreat of Oermany in Hi... and giv-
. mi as a  duchy to Leopold  of  Haben-
i berg, in whose family it remained un-
| til l_:4t>. says the Portland Oregonian.
i The Habenbergs extended their boiind-
! aries   eastward   by   colonization   and
westward    by    marriage,    inheritance
! and treaty.    The last of this line was
, killed in battle by the Hungarians in
j 1246. and  after a contest  the barons ;
! elected Ottukar. who became also king
j of Hungary and Hohemnia shortly afterwards.
At this point the Ilapsburgs come to
��� the   front.    Kudolph,   Count  of   llaps-
burg, was elected king of Germany in'
I ll!".,   and.   claiming   Austria,   Styria
and   Carinthia   as   vacant   fiefs,  compelled Ottukar to renounce them ami
gave   them   to  his  sons.     From   that;
lime the Hapsburgs schemed' successfully   for    aggrandisement,   Rudolph
IV. taking the title of archduke and j
declaring   his   territory   indivisible   in ;
!1HH4.    In the succeeding century they
acquired Carnlola, Tyrol, part of is-
< trbi   and  Trieste.    In   1438  Albert  V. ;
was elected  king of Germany and acquired the kingdoms of Ilohemia audi
Hungary hy marriage. From that time!
until 1740 the title Of king of Oermany '
remained  hereditary  with  the  Hapsburgs.    Albert's successor,  Frederick, i
was nl. o elected Roman emperor, and
the   Hapsburgs   held   that   title   until:
I. ii4, when they renounced it and look '
t'v title of "emperor of Austria" in
fear   lest   the   "upstart/'     Napoleon. |
should take the first named title from \
them and reduce them to the position !
of mere archdukes.
Not Conquerors.
As  military  conquerors,  the  llaps-|
burgs were  rarely    successful.    They
tried to conquer Switzerland, but were i
Ignomlniously  beaten at Sempach  in
1386.    The   second   emperor   of  their j
line,  Frederick,   was  driven   from   VI-
enna   in   ls;i.r>  by   Matthias Corvlnus,
king of Hungary, who overran their do-
minions,   but   who   was   expelled   by I
Mnxmilian   I.,  one of  the  greatest  of
the  Hapsburgs.    In  1520  the Turkish |
Sultan Suleiman conquered nearly all |
Of  Hungary  and  iln  1580  he  invaded j
Austria   and   beseiged   Vienna.     The i
Turks held most of Hungary till 1699
and compelled Austria to pay tribute
I fo: the remainer until 1G06.
I    Maxmilian's     successor,     Emperor |
��� Charles   V.,   was  the  greatest  of  the
Hapsburgs.    He handed over Austria,
, Bohemnia and Hungary to his brother,
I Ferdinand Charles, but was compelled
: to rescue him from the Turkish invaders.    He defeated and captured Fran-
I cis  I.  of   France, at    Par ia,    sacked
' Home,   took   the   pope   prisoner,   con-
| quered Tunis, invaded France, subdued
\ rebellion    in    the    Netherlands    and
crueht;! the Protestant armies in (. er-
; 17S.C.
17. It
Prince Eugene defeated French
in Italy. Joined Marlborough
and defeated French at Ouden-
arde. 17(18. and Malplaiinet,
Prince BSugene defeated Turks
at Belgrade.
Frederick the t.reat takes
province of Silisia from Austria. Defeated Austrians at
Moll wits.
-Seven   years'     war.     Frederick
defeated Austrians at Prague.
Austrians  defeated  at  l.euthen.
Austrians    defeated    ut    Torgu
and  L-BignitX.
Austrians defeated nt Freiburg.
Austrians defeated by Xapolean
at Lodi, Areola, Rivoli. Driven
out of Italy.
-Austrians defeated by Moread
at Hoheuliuden. By Massena
at Zurich.
-Defeated by Xapolean at Marengo.
-Defeated by l.annes at Mon-
-Defeated    ut    Austerlitz.    Vienna taken  by  Napoleon.
Defeated   at   Kchinubl.   Defeated at Asperian and Kssling. De
feated    at     -Vagrant.      Vienna I
UU-   Defeated   by    Napoleon    III.   at
Magenta and Bolferiao.
' lMIH Seven years' war. Defeated by
Prince Frederick and Von
���Moltko at Sadows.
Montreal Aug. S. The wholesah
pi Ices Of foodstuffs were advanced in
Montreal today, and It is anticipated
before the end of the week all the
retail prices ol principally every commodity will follow suit. The decision
to advance prices was taken by lhe
wholesale grocers after discussions
ou the matter. Meats have gone up
in price, bacon being a cent higher
today, with a prospect of another advance in tt day or two. Tea is two
cents a pound higtn r. Bread remains
at the old price, though flour lias increased  in  price thirty cents a  sack.
Accountant. Telephone 11447. Iloon
..    Hart   ninck
P ti. SMITH. Auditor and Accountant. Telephone 3G4. 211 Westminster Trust Building.
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and third Tuesday in ������ach month al I
p in. In tin' Labor Temple. A. J. Christ*
man. Dictiilur; Puvld lioyle. rant Dictator; XX. J. Qrovea. Secretary. -'II
Westminster Trust Building.
Bordeaux,    France,     \ug.    5     Two
i German iteamera In  this port have
i been  seized.
7-ROOM   DWELLING,   MODERN   CONVENIENCES.    Lot  50x132,    In
Lawn and Garden.    TERMS ARRANGED.    PRICE $2200.
General Insurance Agents.
313-315 Westminster Trust Building and 746 Columbia St.   Phone 85L.
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tlilnl Kriday at . p.m.. Ijibur Tempi*,
Seventh  ami  Royal   avenue.    A.  Well*
Cray. Exalted Killer; P. II. Smith, Si c-
ret.'i ry.
I. i) O. 1'. AMITY LODGE NO tl���THE
regular meeting of Amity Lodffc Wo.
_". I. O. O. P.. la held everv Monil.iv
nliflii at i o'eloek In odd FWows* Hall.
corner Carnarvon and I*.li;hlh Streei..
VIhUIiis; lii'cthreii cordially Invited.
II W. Bancsler, N.o.; J. I.. Watson.
V.O.; W. O. Coiith.ini. P.O., recordliiK
secretary; J- W. McDonald, financial
| \V K. F..I.I.S & CO.. UM1I AONKS
Hireet, npp,,.lt. OiiiUjtH llhrury. Mom!
Up-to-date r_ntr.il parlor. In the citv
Specialists In _bli>plnK. l__dy R milstant
in attendance. Always open. Day phone
176,  night phone si. '
how stroll!, a connection there is between   Kyeache   and   Headache?
Eminent authorities agree that Eyestrain is the root of many nervous
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on the third Friday nf February. C. II.
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the Bank of Vancouver. Office*: Merchants' Bnnk Building, New Westminster, is. C. Telephone No. 107n. Cable
address "Johnston." Cods Western
I 'niiiu.
W    i'   HANSFORD,    BARRISTER,   'Solicitor, iic.   Colllater Block, corner t^i-
nd   McKensle    -.u,,is     v*
Weitmlnmer, 11. C. P. O. Box 28:,. Tele-
phons  B44.
m���-   , ,.   ____    . ,   ___.   ,. _.    -. ,._-_,    Y_���    ..      .    ,.   _    v--.    ,     t, ,1      ��e-lliilil.l.T. h. c.  I', o.
side���Barristers   .--fi   $
min.ler    Trust    nik.
*  **iirn;-
ityrs,  Went-
minster   Trust    nik^i'slumllln   ilreet.
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'.VRhUeelde,"   Western    iVlon*     I'    O
lA-u-.lti'yr   800,     TelepbonaVS. .   v.*   , J
._V*l>lt*nid".   If.   (',;   II.   I..   Idinon.lM.   D.
��* -i-i.,.__.*-_- *i i ~    -' ���'.
the title of an unusualy timely article
I policy   of   Austria-Hungary,   feel,   and j    Tb6   Thirty   Years'   war,   begun   by
justly   a  very  great hft.-l.t_  fov    the Ferdinand IT., to crush l'rotestant'sm
in the American Review of Reviews.U.U8trian monarchy ami a desire, even|opened with victory for Austria, and
It is made more important from the
circumstance that the author is Dr.
Ivan yovltchevltch, of the high court
of control of Montenegro. He is a
high efficial of one of the Slav countries that is counted to ally itself
with Servia In the present war. und a
near relative  of  King   Nicholas.    Dr,
LIARDTACK biscuits
* * which the young: bride
has made famous is very often
caused by using flour made from germinated wheat, that is wheat which has
Yovitcheviteh la recognized not only committed the regrettable act. More
in his own country, but abroad, as a over, the Crown I'rince Ferdinand was
distinguished jurist and financier, considered to be the most ruthless
and has been decorated by t'.ie Krench '''"'"V Of the Serb race. But Austrian
academy. While his statement is nat- diplomacy has found in his assassina-
iiini.'.  a nariisan one. it is so rarely
stronger, for terrible vengeance. ! Wallensteln  hud  extended  the emper-
Assasisnation Inspired by Hate. or's conquest to the Baltic when he
"The assassination of the Crown | WaS dismissed. The scales were turn- [
I'rince and I'rincess of Austria at. de when Gustavus Adolphus of Swed.-
Sarajevo was nothing but an expre.-ien, invaded Germany, and Protestant
Blj^l of this hatred, a hatred deeply I success was not checked until W alien- ,
routed In tie patriotic and Inflamed stein was recalled and the Swedish
souls   Of  the  two  young   men     who ; ^\ng was killed in the moment of vie-:
^^ torv at Lutzen. When Kri nee finally j
joined in the war, Austria was beaten j
and was forced to allow religious toi
Before buying any
grain we test a small
sample in our laboratory; then we grind it
into flour in a miniature    mill;    lastly    we
hake bread with that
flour. If that bread is
light, creamy white
and velvety, we (). K
the wheat; otherwise
it   is   I ejected.
indeed, that any Inhabitant of tbe
Balkans arises who is competent to
make a statement of any sort lhat is
understood by the Bnlisli-speaking people that his utterance is an extreme-
tion a propitious occasion to throw
discord between the Orthodox and
.Mohammedan Serbs in Bosnia and
Herzegovina  and   between   the   Serbs
eration, to cede Alsace to France and I
to  recognize   Holland's   independence. !
In   the   wars   with   l.ouis   XIV.   of
Prance,    Austria    was    beaten    from
1672-8,  and   her  subsequent   victories
in  Italy  were won  for her by  Prince
To Be Certain of Good Bread or Biscuits Ask Your Grocer for
ly  interesting one.
of   the   deep-seated   animosities   that
have   heen   let   loose   in   the   Balkans I
by   Austria's  declaration   of   war.
Volcano  of Three  Craters.
die llj.ens the situation in the lial-
hfliis to that of a volcano with three I
.raters,  any  one  likely  to  break  out
Independently of the others and cover!
the  country   with   ruins.    What    he
>s  iiK.nl ihe Becond crater Is worth
quoting  in   lull  at  the  present  time.
"It Is the very great animosity,''
says Dr Vovitchevitch, "which exists
between Austria-Hungary on the one
band, and, on the other hand; the Servian pecp.e living within that empire
an I in the two free kingdoms of Ber-
vio and Montenegro, This bitterness
nf feeling dates from fur back. II has
been rleepi nfiig day by day since the
Treat;, of Berlin, When Austria Mini
gaiy re.Uy took over tbe Serb provinces of Bosnia an.l Herzegovina
drenched bj Servian blood In the terrible wars ol 1876-7 i galnsl the Ottoman empire iililiiiugh these provinces were not actually annexed by
Austria HOiigary until 1908 All Serbs,
from the diplomats to the peasants,
are we'l aware ol the anti-Servian policy of Austria-Hungary which has
taken fnr its motto "divide et Impera,"
md which has always worked toward
the separation of Servia and Monte
reero and I ie disintegration of the
Slavic elements In Austria-Hungary,
viz.: the Orthodox Serbs and the Mohammedan Serbs: tbe Catholic Croa-
tlans and t'.:e Orthodox Serbs, etc.,
etc. This policy of separating the ho-
incgenri us elements had as its object the annihilation ol the Slavic peo
and    the    croatians.    The I3alplatz' I Eugene, a Frenchman whom L/ouis had |
(the Austrian  foreign  office  in  Vien-1 offended.       He    led    the    Austrians
�� n��n��M��n��n��nsH��
It gives an idealna) wi" i*lso tr>" to inculpate the two [against  the  Turks  when    they
rh capitals, Belgrade and Cettlnje.
But I am convinced that neither the
one nor the other had anything to do
with the assassination at Sarajevo.
This deplorable event cannot fail to
further embitter the feeling between
^stria-Hungary and the Serb kingdoms, and t.*.e day dues nol appear to
'e ! 'i- ofi when relations will be completely Beven d. Russia perceives the
'n'-ii'i us situation anil Is hastening
the construction of her strategic railways and the teorganization of her
arm. "
Other Wars Pending.
Since this third crater has burst
Into flames it is not necessary to fol-
law the author Into the arguments
thai show the probabilltj of either
of the other two causing destruction.
seiged Vienna In l ,k_, but victory was |
due as much to the aid of the Poles,!
headed   by   their king,  John   Sobieski.
Eugene    later    conquered    Hungary;
from  the Turks, won  a  succession  of
victories  in   Italy  during  the  war of
the   Spanish   succession,   and     shared |
with the English under Marlborough
ihe _i rv of Blenheim. When England i
deserted   her  in   this    war,    Austria
vielded   the   point    In    dispute      to
England  Saved   Her.
When   Prussia  and   Fiance    denied
the right of Maria 'Theresa  in    rub
��� ������I ������ the Austrian empire, English aid
i again   Baved     Austria,   but   she   was
compelled  to cede Silesia to Prussia,
Wh1 m Austria later Joined In the Seven   Years'   war  to   partition   Prussia,
BOILERS   Rlvered Sleel Pipes
       BURN OIL     -
~i   stB-J-Y!.!-/- '"i.nfrnf'- .tMh-L^i'ih-
at-low,  solicitor,  *tc..  ddrner Colucobla
and . I. K�� n_ii' iarf��t_, Ww JfcV.tmln-
siir. H. .'.- I', O. Hox ll:'. Tewphon*
710. ����
J P. ir,\ijr*j(lN BOLE, BARRISTER,
Sollcito- aiid Notary. Offices, Mart
Block; .'��� Lome street, New Wostm'n-
stiir. IJ. C.
McQuarrie, martin   &  (JassaOt,
Barristers and Solicitor*. Mf, tn f.u
Westminster Trust Block. <��� V. M.ir-
tln.   w.   ij.   McQuarrie  and  Genre.   l_
I ';,SH..ily.
P.   O.   BOX   ��4.
A few weeks ago it was thought that! she was beaten by Frederick the Great,
the rirsl c ster, In ol ler woi Is, the Tlie greatest military disasters be-
��� ���'.- tti ii. between the Greeks and the fell Austria In the wars with the
Turks, was most likely to overflow. vrpnch revolutionists and with Napo-
Dr.   Vovitchevitch   naturally  espouses   leon.
the cause of the Greeks, and points The hous ol Hapsburg has built up
out thai the policy of tho Turks is Its empire by marriage, Inheritance
to make Ufa Intolerable for ihe, and though the Haosburg. products
I'-H'eks living in Asiatic Turkey. Some- In Archduke Charles one of their own
tiling might be said, on the other. blood, who for a time heat the French,
hand, uf the policy of the Greeks to lane1 who is held one of the greatesl
'".!-'��� life Impossible  for the  Moharn-   modern   generals.     But   Austria   was
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SYNOPSIS   OF  COAL   MINING   r.10.,1.-
COAL MINING rights of Hie Domit.lt u
In   Manitoba,   Saskatchewan   and   AlhrTta,
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a portion of the I'luvlnc.
uf British Columbia, may be leam-d for i
term of Iwi-nty-onu yearn ut an anna il
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than _.-iid
acres will be leased to oni; applicant.
Application for a lease must ii,' triads
by tlie applicant in person to tlie Afl lit
or Sub-Agent of Hie district In which Lhe
rights appliod  for an* situated.
in surveyed territory the land must ba
described by sections, or legal sub-divl-
.linns of sections and in unsurvoyed i* < -
rltory Ih. traci applied for shall !������ siak I
out hy tin- applicant lilmsel..
E_ach application must ba aocompanied
by a fee of *.*. which will he refunded if
llio rights applied for are not available.
but Hot otherwise. A royalty shall n.-
paid on tlie merchantable output ef lhe
mine at Ihe rale of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mfno shall
furnish ihe Agent wilh sworn returns
I accounting for tho full quantity of merchantable I'oal mined rtnd pay lhe royalty  Ihereon.    if  u oal  mining  rights
are not being operated such returns sh��.u.,l
| be  furnlslii d al   Icasl   one,, a  year.
The lease will  Include the coal  mining
| rights  only,   bul   the   leasee   will   be   pi
i mined   to   purchase   whatever   available
i snrfaee   right   may   be  considered   nei i ��
sary  for Ihe working of the mine at the
I rale of  Si"  an  acre,
i'or full informallou application should
ile- made io tho Secretary of the Department of the  Interior.  Ottawa, or to anv
Agent or Sub-Agent  "i   Dominion  Lands,
w   \v. ruitv.
Deputy Minister of thc Interior
Nil     Unauthorised  puhllctitlnn  of this
advertisement will not ba paid for.
medans living In the country which
has   recently  come  under  Creek  con-
������"I Thp tillrfi crater is constituted
by the Albanian question. Here the
Mohammedans might well be expected
to espouse the cause of Servia, since
they are opposed to William of Wied,
���'ml this ji'-inee is accused by the author of being a mere tool of Austrian
""-I  sion.    It is to be regretted that
oles and the extension of lin- Austrian   the present war Is not likely to settle
both the other questions tha. have In
them Ihu germs of a second and third
struggle, it would appear tint nn
I -it'ii to trouble and Mexico to
revolutions, the Balkan states are
born to war, and upon the stormy horizon there is nothing that promises
to give the territory permanent peace.
Umpire to the Aegean sea through the
Seizure of Salonica.
Austria's Plans  Miscarry.
__BI'Tlie   Balkan   wars,   however,   piny-
1-avoc with Hi'  working out of the
Etrian plan.    Then the very versa-
Austrian  diplomacy sought other
ins   to   prevent   Servia  and   Monte-
p..from  h'-ee;ir.*L'   g'-i-at and  pow-
and   determined   to  find   some-
|pr other a new pretext for med-
in   Balkan   affiirB.    T' ��� .   the
Jans achieved al  the conference
Ipdcn.   when   they  succeeded   In
tbe  principality  of Albania.	
ndon   conference   was.   Ihere-I
eecond congress of Berlin  to     St- Johns, Newfoundland, Aug. ... -
rlan people, thanks to the ma- According to the Krench consul here
an of Austrian diplomacy. The the governor of the island of Miquel-
jitv of Albania,  with  its  soil on  has received orders  from   Prance
itith the bodies of brave Ser- to take no further steps to mobilize
Montenegrin   soldier.",   was   the  reservists there or on  the Qrand
f.-cm   the   Serbs.    And     so) Banks.
Amateur   Finishing.
It"   the new   process.     Every   print
Is a real photograph. Leave your films
it  the Curtis  Drug  Store  to be  done
by  Homer E. Leash. C'T-'Si
disastrously beaten at Austerlitz in
1805. and the French defeated Charles
;it Aspern and VVogram In 1809. The
emperor not only abandoned his ancient title, and ceded much territory,
but married Ills daughter, Maria
Louisa, to a man whom he regarded
as a usurper. Austria shared with
her allies the credit for Napoleon'e
final overthrow.
in 1848 the Hungarian rebels had
beaten Austria at every point when
lliiss'a intervened and crushed them
In   1869  Prance and  Savoy  drove  Aus
triii out of Italy and In 1 ^',r, PruBSla
overwhelmed ber in the Six Weeks'
wa ���
The following is Austria's war record :
1618 l" 1648 Thirty years' war.
Defeated by Oustavus Adolnhiia
nt Leipsic, 1631, at Lutzen, 1632.
Province  of   Pomeranta  seized.
Beaten   by   French  and  compelled   Iii   make   peace.
IG83 Defeated by the Turk- Emperor Leopold flees Vienna,
Appeals to King John Sobieski
ol Poland, Sobieski defeats
Turks under walls of Vienna
nnd  drives them back.
1697���Austrian    I'rince    Eugene    defeats Turks at Zenta.
11701-10���War  of  Spanish   succession,
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ic   H   BUCKUN.
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Phonss No. .   and 177
-l/s 4UFAC lUPf ��S   .S.OCIA1I0 N
Room US McLeod Block.
Phone 4S9 L.
Stockholm, Aug. ... The member
of the stair of the German ombas3_
at  St.   Petersburg,  arrived here  lasl
I night by special steamer.   They p:,-
ed close lo the Aland  islam!, but rt
i port that they saw nothing to con
rii-iii the reported (Ierman occupation
of the Islands, nor did they see any
si^ns of the reported naval battle be
tween (Ierman and Russian Bquadn n<
In the neighborhood of the Islands. ,
Tokio, Ann. 5.���The Japanese oruls
er Chlyoda, which Is now at Kure. hn-
been ordered to proceed hurriedly ti
south  China   waters. _,_.!..������'*��������   <~* .
"���'"���,. '   i ii ^i   win   mm,,
civic mm
Volunteers to Ee Given Perfect Free-
dom in Going to Aid of the
y ctoria, Auk. 6. -with reference
to the appendt-d letter, William Blake-
mor. and Heaumont Hoggs waited on
Sir Richard McBride. They also Inter-
new-d the acting mayor. Both Sir
Htcharrt and Alderman Porter expressed their entire willingness to act
UP . ,i the suggestion, and promised to
submit the matier to their respective
COUndll. It is. therefore, expecled
���hai  a proclamation along these lines
win he issued today,
;" Sir Richard McBride,
Premier, h. c.
in   - Sir; ���
We, the undenlgned, representlm
I-'" (���.-���derated Nayy League of Brit-
Ml Columbia, the Victoria and Eaqui-
man branch of the Navy league, the'
Naval Volunteers and the Campaign'
era   association, respectfully suggest
1  '- "i view or the call tO arms which'
��ai gone forth, and which affects so
���  men attached to th- militia and
��� tber volunteer forces or the Dominion, as well as old campaigners audi
ii-i-'-rvlsls, considerable anxiety  would'
be allayed if the government could
see its way to issii" a proclamation,
- as done on a previous occasion,
to the effect thai, iu the case of men
cal "il to service at this time, all civil
penaltiea as affecting property will
he suspended ami aso that where such
men hold government positions of any
Kind,   those   p. sltloilB   Will   be   kepi   fur
them, if iiii.. announcement could be
made at once, we believe it would
have nn excellent effect and would be
111    * 111   accord    with   reasonah.i
i- expressed   public  opinion.
Yours truly.
i'-     lent Naval Volunteers, vie
Idi nt  federated  Navy   LeagUI
Pri    lent  v.  ami  E,  Branch  N
Vice-President  Campaigners
fARMERS SUffER      j
Insecurity cf Shipping  Menace to Agricultural   Interest of State
ot California.
Si*.   Francisco,   Aug    ���">     War     has
ready   become a grim reality to the
i_r:. iltural Interests of California,
and tonight the official organizations
of fruit growers are seeking means of
protecting fruit to the value of $1,500,-
"nu now on its waj to Europe in British   bottoms.   Some   of   this   fruit   nas
shipped via the isthmus ot Panama
.!, ; Un- presence of German cruisers
.a i :������ Pacific is" giving tin- shippers
mn. :-. concern
'i -i ol the dried fruit nnd canned
vegetables from California has alread)
reached Oermany, where the hulk of
such cargoes were consigned, hut lhe
shipment of fresh fruit is al Its height
and the export of dried fruit will soon
begin. *
Ranchers   are   also  affected   by   the
��� ingestion' of  grain  at   Port    Costa, i
vhere several  ships awaiting cargoes j
have refused to accept the shipments
rrom the railroads.   Grain is arriving
there at the rate of 200 carloads dally.
The  warehouses are  full, and  the  16-
fil.al  of  the  ships   to  lond   the  ���.rain j
may     cause  serious  loss  to the  shipper's,  because the  railway declines toi
accept any further responsibility niter
us   arrival   at   Ih"  docks.    The   ships)
awaiting   cargoes   have   been   refused j
insurance and  they decline lo accept
anv cargo until  they  can clear under
ordinary conditions,
'loth grain ranchers and fruit growers "ire looking lo congress for relief j
in t'ne hope that it will pass the proof -������(! law to permit the American registry of foreign bottoms. In Ihe
meantime the fruit shippers are plan-
nine lo send their products across the
continent in the hope that suitable
vessels may he obtained on the .Han-
He .enboard for Its transportation to
lorelgn ports.
Ca "lot Go Ahead With Work on University���Bank   of   Montreal   to
Be  Interviewed.
Calgary. Aug. 5.���Mayor Sinnott
e.v.r.e out at the finance committee
meeting with a pronouncement on the
lliK.ncIal outlook as regards the university, and for the matier of that
every other constructive work projected by the city.
"We shall have to tell the governors
that they cannot go ahead with the
\w-irk," his worship said point blank,
after some discussion, "make it absolute and authoritative, saying that
nothing ran be done under tlie pres-
!������>���   financial conditions."
This remark was called forth by
the "university bylaw for $160,000 be-
in.-, mentioned, as contracts have been
awarded for one hundred thousand
dollars 'worth of building without an>
hondB having been issued. Questions
were asked as to what arrangements
had been made, and it apnenred that
tin- governors were taking it for grant
cd that, the money would be'forthcoming,
iMnyor Slnnotl came out with a declaration that he had always though!
thai the building of lhe university was
a mistake, and though I a science or
i clinical .chool would have been
more  desirable, as such  Institutions
would   have   received     a     government
grant     He deplored the botches    thai
After the End of August the New Company Will Take Over this Business
)^e������ieST $?PA���onth to sel1 over Twenty Thousand Dollars' worth of FURNITURE,
CARPETS, LINOLEUM, DRAPERIES, ETC. These goods will be delivered to your home
at less than you can buy direct from the factory. Compare values. Sale opens Tnursday
Real Bargains in
Mahogany    Chiffonier;     Colonial   style;   regular   f31.00.
Closing out
Blrdseye  Maple  Chiffonier; reg. 133.00.
i'losing Out   Price   	
Oolden   Oak   Chiffonier;    reguiar   $.- 50.
i 'losing   Out   Price   	
Big   Reductions   on   All
Dining Room Furniture
During Our Closing
Out Sale
7   -
Closing Out Prices on All
Great   Bargains   in   Carpets During Our Closing
Out Sale
Su,. 7-6x9 feet;   regular $7.60.
Closing  Oul   Price   	
Size 9x9  reel;   regular $10.50.
Closing  Out   Price   	
Size 9x10.6;   legular $12.50.
Closing   Out    Price    	
Stee  8x12  feet;   regular  $16.00.
Closing Out   Price   	
Size  10-6x12   feet;   regular  $17.50
Closing  out   Price   	
Size 8-9x9  feet:   regular  $15.00.
( losing  Out   I'r'ne   	
Si*.*   '._'.' feet;  regular $20,00.
Closing   Out   Price   	
Si/e   9x10-6   feet;    regular   $33.00,
Closing   Out    I'riee    	
Size 9x12 f-et;   regular $25.00.
Closing  Out   Price   	
Si/e   6-9x9    :eel;    regular   $21.00.
Closing   Out   Price   	
Size 'axfi  teet;   regular $34.00.
Closing   Oul    Price    	
3lze 9x10.6 feet;  regular $39.50.
Cli sing  Out   Price   	
Size Hxl-  feel;   regular  $46.00.
Closing   Out    Price   	
Qlx-toot  Oak   Kxtension  Table: reg. $13.(it*.     #�� A QC
Closing  oul   Price    9IU.*).)
Six-foot  Oak   Finished   Kxtension  Table;
regular  $lu.75.    Closing  Out   Price	
Six-foot  Oolden   Oak   Kxtension  Table;
regular $7.25.    Closing Out Price  	
Six-foot  Oak   Table;   in   fumed  01   dull   gulden;   round  top
and   pedestal;   regular  $1...".". CIO  QC
Closing   Out    I'riee     <P I Vi WW
Eight-foot Oah  Table;   extra   heavy;   large  pedestal;   regula,   $25.00.
Closing Oul   Price    	
Plain   Oak   Finished   Diners:    wood   seat;    early   Knglish
or  golden  oak;   regular  $14.25. Cl 1    Cfl
1 li sing  Our   Price    ��P I I iWU
Oak   Diners:    with   leather   seats;    In   fumed   or   golden:
regula    $26.00, CIO  CA
Closing   Out   Price    #lw<WU
Solid  Oak   I.iners:   wen  1  seat:   reg.  $27.00.       C91    ftft
Closing   Out    Price     9-_��� I ,%JU
Carl)   English   Dining  chairs;   full   padded   leathei   seat:
p.ula;   $38.00.
Closing   Out    Price    	
Oak   Klni��hed   Dresser;    plate   mlrf trr;     regular     $11.00.
Closing out price.
Oak  tlnistkpd  Dresser;   large oval    mirror;     with    three
drawers;   regular  $15.00.
Closing Out Price   	
Ash Dresser; oval mirror; regular $17.00.
Closing Out Price   .	
Mahogany   Dresser;    two   large   drawers   and   two   small
drawers;   regular  $25.50. C1Q 7R
Closing Out  Price   9 I w�� I **
Princess   Dresser:   in   mahogany;   extra    large       British
plate  mirror;   regula $38.25.
Closing Out   Price   	
Blrdseye  .Maple Dresser;   reg    $38.00.
Closing Out  Price   	
Solid   Quarter   Cut   Oak   Dresser;    with   iarge   mirror   in
centre;  and  side  mirrors;   regular $60.00.
Closing Out   Price   	
with    three
id   two   small
irge       British
ge   mirror   in
$30 00
Great Selection of Parlor
Furniture at Closing
Out Prices
China Cabinets
Regulai   $45.00.
Closing Out Price
i.egulai    $41<iii       COQ  CA
Closing Out Price.#-ta-sf��5IV
Barly   Knglish  Buffets;   regular $17.50.
Closing  Out   Price   	
Oak   Buffet:   fumed or golden,   reg.  $41.00     COO  flf|
Closing  Out    Price    W"'��g
link   Buffet:   fumed or golden;   reg.  $29.50     COQ flfl
Closing  Out   Price    -PCP.UW
Combination   Buffet   and  China  Cabinet;   in   golden   oak:
regular  $52.50. COQ Cfl
Closing  Out   Price    W.��IU
Mahogany Parlor Suite; five pieces; upholstered In
green   velour;    regular   $.15. COC flfl
Closing Out Price    9_CaO.UI#
.Mahogany Parlor Suite, three pieces; upholstered In
leather:   regular $50.00. COQ Cfl
Closing Out  Price   m9^m~.mf\J
Oak   Parlor  Suite:   three  pieces:   upholstered   in   leather:
regular $70.00.
l 'losing Out   Price   	
Mahogany    Parlor   Suite;   threo    pieces
silk and tapestry;  regula:* $72.00.
Closing Out  Price   	
Oak Centre Tables:   regular $2.75.
Closing   Out   Price   	
upholstered  in
lu a wide selection of Patterns;  floral and block effects;
regulai  $1.00 and $1.25 per yard, ftCf*
Closing   Out   Price,   per   square   yard OWW
All Our Curtaining Materials,
Also Upholstering Goods at
Closing Out Prices
All Our Lace Curtains at
Closing Out Prices
Parlor Tables
l.ace C
l.oct C
Lace C
l.ace C
l.ace C
Lace <
l.ace C
Out Pr
Out  Pr
Out Pr
Out P
Out P
Out P
Out   P
ice, per
Ice,  per
ice, per
rice,   per
rice,   per
rice,   pei-
rice,  per
oak  Centre  Tables;   regular  $0.00.
Closing   Out   i'riee   	
Oak   Centre   Tables;    regular   $4.50.
Closing   Out   Price   	
Oak or  Mahogany  Table:   re;ula.   $i
Closing   Out   Price   	
Phone ��88
THE BIG FURNITURE STORE      Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
I hud  heen  made  1*:' cue or two  things   retary  Wilson  of  the hoard  Of  trade,I for the  waterworks, electric  light  ex-
durtng his term of office. when he asked for $2,000, the sum an   tensions,   university,    Center    street  	
This   bridge and Other projects that the peo-   an appeal to Italy hi stand  with  her.   of  neutrality.
(liurnule    1 .'Italia
Germany  Appeals to  Italy. says  it   understands   the   Italian  gov-
Koine. Aug. ... -Germany haa made  eminent will not change its uttltuda
tion  In   Europe  there  was
slightest   hope ni   raising  mouej   for Linking at the position on all sides ..  . . ...    . :.. ,,,,.,,��� ,,,  ( i,p-
Buch purposes, the finance conunil  concluded that)will be held up unless bonds of the   count of these acts the declaration of  hayo been ren ������ ..���,���',-    v
similar remarks were made to Sec- Ihcre would he ;>'> mono. 1'orUicomlug city covering this outlnj can be sold,   war came from Germany.   The paper |Aglncourt.
m-m^^-eeiw -,
I namely    Butter,    _
for    $1.00
ijuality Corn Starch, 3 pLs .25c
Coffee,   "Model    Special",   3
Ihs. Ur  .$1.00
Note  tlie  Investment.
I., rd. Swift's, pail 3 lbs. 45c,
. pail   5   lbs.   75c,   pall   10   lbs
Knglish   Chow    Pickles,   per
bottle    15c
New   Potatoes,   15   lbs    25c
Per  100   lbs $1.35
i-ocal Green Corn, dozen....40c
Kipe Tomatoes, lb 15c
Canned  Milk,  20 oz.  tin   ...20c
Ceylon Tea, 3 lbs $1.00
Iris Rolled Oats, bag   30c
lioyal Crown Soap. 7 bars .. 25c
Cant, loupes, lanip, 3 for  ..25c
Watermelons  from'. 15��.  up
Imported Sardines, 3 tins' ..25c
Fine Cooking Apples, 6 lbs. 25c
Crlsco, lard  substitute, 35c, 65c
and $1.25.
Model Grocery
$08 Sixth St. Phone 1001 2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch, Cray  Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Local News
Coal for Deas Island.
The Annacis yesterday towed a
scow of coal to the dredge working
at  Deas   island.
Mortgages���Alfred ty. McLeod.
Rock for Improvement.
The tug Burrard has arrived in port
with a shipment of iock for local  improvement  work.
Amateur Finishing.
Done in a professional way by Homer K. Leaib.    Leave your films at the
Curtis Drug Store. (_728)
Sand  for  Bridge   Work.
OUley UroB. tug Clive brought down
a scow  load of sand and gravel from
Pitt lake yesterday for the formation
of the Pitt river bridge.
Briquettes, Brinuettes, cheaper than j
coal.    Harrv Davis    &    Co..    'Phones
8.0 and 4!1L. C1726)
The < xecutor of an estate
should possess a thorough
kacu'irge of banking, real es-
tat". valuation of assets, and
have an experienced organization  for its management.
Tiiat is why a trust company
;.. be.-! fitted to carry out tin.
)u*[.\ Vcns of your will.
...������me us your executor.
Big clearing sale of Millinery bar- j
gains this week. Trimmed hata $2.00. j
Shapes 50 cents. Miss Silvester. 45 i
Sixth  street. (3786) i
Forresters'  Picnic.
A   picnic  from  the lower  mainland.!
consisting of residents who are mem-;
hers of tlie Ancient Order of Porrest-
ers  will  be held at  Queens  park  on
Ordered to His Regiment.
Archibald Cowie. a stone mason, residing with Ilia wife and four children
in New Westminster, received an order yesterday to proceed to Dumfries- I
shire. Scotland, there to join the Imperial  Light  Horse.
The Fraser Ferry Navigation company's firry No. 1 is open for charier to excursions and picnics. Por
further Information appiy to
Faich, telephone 164. (
C. A. Welsh
everyone     for
���iiildren  like  it
Kd. il
26) '���
to  be   used     by
breakfast   The
on  bread.
Robertson's, Oliver's, Keller's
and   Crosse   and  IBlackwell's   in
4  lb. and  7  lb  tins  at  60c and
Noel's. Kmpress, Chivcr's in
1 Ib. jars at each 25c.
Crosse and Blackwell's in 2
1b.   jars,   35c.
Owing to the unsettled condition of affairs we cannot guarantee prices on Klour or Sugar.
Pine for hot weather, made
easy and a very dainty dessert.
Poster Clarke's Lemon and
Vanilla   flavor   at   25c.   per   tin.
.Monk and Class In 10c. pkgs.,
15c.  and   25c.   tins.
Bird's in  15c. packages.
.Main   Store,   193  and   448,
Sapperton store, 373.
West   Km!   Store,  660.
Alain   store,   UM  Columbia  st.
Sapperton  Store. :117 Columbia,
West End Store, 1119 Sixth Ave.
Mrs. P. Cocker-Ill will deniotistni'e
tlie making of a houe dress. Refreshments will he served during the liter-
noon,     Everybody   welcome.
To Marry in Victoria.
Today the wedding will t.ik< place
iu Victoria of prank Masters, dispatcher at th,- local office of ihe 11.
C. E. It., aud Miss Jane Bet lis. ef
Victoria, After a siiort honeymoon
they will take up their residence at
Edmonds Club.
A general meeting of tiie Kdniond-
cluli will be held in tbe club rooms
Priday evening at S o'clock for the
purpose of considering whether io
continue the organization or vacate
tlle rooms. It bas been found that
during the winter season tlle membership keeps well up to tne mark bin
the HftiTetary has found it difficult
to keep the club above water in tbe
summer months.
i Many Recruits Desirous of
Enlistment in the Local
I This  Evening the  Regiment  Will  Pa
rade, the Chilliwack Companies
; of the best. Mr. Maude gave her
good support. The pi.iy is well mounted -md the exterior scenes are pretty
and w < 11 chosen. The story is too
wi II known to be reviewed here, suf-
fid it to lay thai it grips fiom the
beginning lo end and Is without a
dOUbt Olle cl the best photoplays seen
li ie fur soma I ins f. Our Mutual llirl
is ��s Interesting as ever. Flanlgan's
Famllv, a Reliance comedy drama md
i couple of good comedies fill up a
vi ri  entertaining bill.
The  British Army in  Manouvre... ii
announced   for  Priday   and   Satin .
This is a big tint, ly feature and every
body ihould take the opportunity in
.ee "iln- Defenders of the Bmplre."
1 and P
p. H. Gorman of Revelatoke, recent
ly arrived  in  the city.
.     .    *
Ex-Reeve Dickie of South Vancouver was in the city yesterday
*    *    *
Mrs. Dan and daughter, of this city,
left  on  the C.  P.   IL  lust evening  for
Kamloops. ���
Mr. and Mrs. It. II. Sperling's departure to Kngland lias been postponed
foi   it  few   weeks.
Tlie lasl of the s. I ies by Humid
Millratii entitled "Tbe Adveutur.-s of
Kathlyn,*" will uppear at tiie Kd:..mi
theatre and will undoubtedly appeal
to movie lmers who have beet, following tins "open sesame" feature iu
Hie film world. As in former 8>-ries
ol this wonderful story, Kathlyn goes
through some exciting periods which
show a I Inge of Stevenson's Treasure
Island adventures, a battle for a large
P��ter   ent   in   tin \t   few I supply   of   gold   being   almost  ditia.:-
Onea the real situation wasirous  to  the   white   party.    llruce,  as
' usual, conns to ber aid in the nick
of time and with ber father, Bet sail
for California where Kathlyn's mar
riage to llruce is assured. Tbe thirteenth and probably the most Interesting of the series, will be run al
the  Kdlson   this afternoon.
There wire tew lulls In New West
j minster in the discussion of lhe war
| between  tlle  great   powers      War  was
on everybody's lips    Rumora ol great
engagements   spread   like     wild     fire
only   to
known the people settled down to
grip the real nature of Ihe summons
issued by King (Ieorge to colonials
that as of old, tbe empire's colonies
would not be backward iu assisting
in lhe defence of Cleat Britain und
her overseas dominions.
The lack of auy definite and authentic reports of battle! being (ought  un-
King Edward in Port.
The gorernmi lit dredge Kiir. Kdward was in port yesterday taking on
supplies before proceeding lo Comox
where she will he engaged in dredging. The Pruhling was still at work
while awaiting orders to go to Van-
couver. ;
Large Photographs.
And small receive the same professional caii' and finish in our new ;
studio. Leave your amateur finishing
to Homer E. Leash and have it done
right. Leave your films at the Curtis Drug Store. (3728)
Btreet and Twelfth avenue. Hurnaby.
A:, three o'clock the hush located on
Bevera] lots located at tiie corner of
Kingsway and Seventh avenue got
ablaze and was eating is way towards .(-vera! houses before being aire.-ted.
Bush Fire at Port Mann.
A bush fire at Port Mann yesterday
afternoon threatened considerable
damage to property in that vicinity
and gave the fire fighters plenty of
hard work in checking the flames.
B. Bently of Langley Prairie and
p. II. Hale of Mt. Lehman, are late
guests at  the  Windsor.
"    *    ���
Miss  Margaret   K.  Strong,  Inspector
of   city   schpols,   is   spending   a
weeks   in  California.
���    *    .
Mi*, ami Mrs. .1. B. Kennedy of t'.iis
city lime been louring Kurope for
the past few months. Cancellation
of sailing vessels may prevent their
-n___i <u_i.i inn  ?_ Few  beverages serve    the    double
Th-   r8e?uS  male  by8'^   school.'""���>;>- of quenching the thirat and
board to the sperintendent of educa-1 hU" ,1>'1"K the enervated system with
tion   for  a   week's   extension   of   the '"Ix-.V,,ri?_?��� ,a,', ,Ule    Bame    time'
summer holidays cannot,  be  granted. WINEWEISER I1LKK does. Ask your
Word to that effect has been received doaler ""' ll ''*SI' or 'Phone ~:>L- (3601)
bv the trustees.    School  will open on!
Monday, Aug. 24, Russian   Enroute   Home
  Fourteen  Russians,  who have been
Notice of Removal���W. P. Tate, re- employed on tin* C. X. !{. construe-
framing optician, has moved lik lion work near Hope, were in the city
optical parlor from the Dominion ' last evening and left for Vancouver
Trust block fo Eilers' Jewelry store, j enrcute to their hame land to join in
oppCBtte the IJ. C, E. IL depot.  I .7'_4i   their country's war.
Eurrell  Goes to  Ottawa. | Police   Act   Promptly.
A telegram was received by .1. D. i Another ca.se of accosting women
Taylor, M.P. yesterday saying that on the street, the third in less than
lion. Martin Burrell, minister of ag- two weeks, was taken up by the pol-
riculture. will not be in the city to-[ice last night by the arrest of a man
day.    The  telegram  states  that   Mr. | In the upper part of the city. A young
Baker,  of  Bsaondale,    n turned
I last evening from a very enjoyable
vacation spent In Victoria. Seattle and
Other Sound cities, stopping in this
city en route to the farm.
JsVecUing  Bells _
A event of much Interest was the
wedding   r cently   solemnized   at   the
h mie i:"  I.   Emery, of  Karl  avenue.
Rival   Oak,  when   Miss  Olive  K.   Par
��� si ii- was joined In wedlock to Howard Phillips, late of Devonshire, Eng
Maud. The ceremony was performed
bj thi Rev T. Wright of the Jubilee
Methodist church. The bride'-- alien
dants were Miss Kloi'-tie.- Emer]
who was bridesmaid, and the Misses
Freda and May Emery who were flower girls. I ii" groom was assisted by
William Lester. Friends in Hritish
Columbia and England contributed
many handsome presents.   The couple
i will  reside In  South   Vancouver.
loubtedly   kept   hack   outward   entliii-|
llaim,  but  the spirit  was not  lacking
in the Royal City.
Applications for Enlistment.
Applications were continually being
made for enlistment  in the 104th, a
greater  number Of  recruits  than   ever ,
feu   adding their names to tin* roster lasl
Tonight will see the local militia
regiment oul In full parade ..range-
nn ni- were completed yesterday for a
special train bringing the Chilliwack
companies Into town and at 8 o'clock
sharp the march will commence from
the armories, The books of the regiment win be kept open until 7:ir, iu
order that late arrivals might have
the opportunity of signing up and be-
; Ing fitted out in uniform
Route   of   March.
Leaving the armories the
will proceed down Sixth street to Carnarvon   street    and     trom   tin nee   to
; Kighth    and    Columbia streets.    The
business section of the city  will  be
traversed to Leopold Place where the
turn  win  be  made to  Royal  avenue
and  First  street.    Fourth  avenue  will
be reached und from thence tu Sixth
-street  and  back  to the  armories.
The bugle band will be in attendance
To the Managers Offici
a position
these day-   unless you  have a tho.'
regiment ! OUgb   knew ledge   of   business.
Fall  Term  Start3  Monday, Aug.  17  at
Collister Block
Phone 853
Erackman Ker  Desire  Changes  in  the   j
Waterfront   Lease   Which   Will
Likely  Be  Made.
Burrell has received an urgent message from Premier Sir R. L. Borden
calling him  to Ottawa.
lady made the complaint to the police and a quick pairol resulted in the
man   being   taken   into  custody.
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
806   Columbia   Street.
C. 8. KEITH. Manager.
The Jolly Bachelors' club will hold
their first outing and dance on Thursday evening. Aug. 6. on steamer
Skeena to Port Haney. Dancing at
Haney. Roat leaves C. I
7.30 p.m., B. C. Kleetric cars meeting
it on return. Concert and vaudeville
on board both ways. Tickets on sale
at King's hotel, Hill's drug store, Kraser cigar stand or from committee.
Interest in Assault Case.
Considerable interest In manifest in
Maillardville as to the result if -he
police court action In Ing brought by
R. wharf | Councillor Oxtoby against Road Foreman Cole in court today on ;i charge
Of assault. R. .1. C. Atkins. .1. P., will
hear the case. At a recent meeting
of the council Cole was exonerated
from  all  blame  In  the  matter.
Report from  Puget Sound Shows Fall
ing   Off.   But  General   Improvement Expected Shortly.
Several Bush Fires.
Thc f'r. department was called out
twice yesterday to bush fires raging
In tlie vincinity of Twelfth .tree! In
the morning a bad fire originated on
ihe property on the corner of Twelfth
Reopened   under   Management of
Union House.
All White Help.
Will Join His Ship.
L. A. Bemays, of this city, will prob
ibly leave for England today to rejoin
.his ship In the British navy.    Mr. lie
mays   reports   ihut     the     Pathfinder,
! stated  in dispatches to be a torpedo
| beat  destroyer,  is  a   scout   ship  built
I specially   for  the  purpose  for  which
i she was used on  Monday. Immediately  following Engl..:.-.:''.- decl-.ra.icn cf
i svnr upon Germany.
Women's  Institute  Meeting.
Tin- Burquitlam Women's   Institute
will In,id Its regular meeting In  Bur-
i quillam agricultural hall on Tuesday,
'. August   11   ai   2.30   p. m.     .Mrs   .1.   II.
I Kirk, president of Strawberry Hill
Wcmen's Institute, has kindly consented in address the meeting, taking
I as her subji-;-| "How a Mother Clan
Help Her c.i\*. and How a Girl Can
Hi 'd Her Mother " Mrs. M Dennett
will give a paper dealing with fevers.
An Improvement In salmon catch".
from l'uge! Sound was reported yesterday, although the river catches fell
off. The latter was expected, however, although nu Improvement was
expected along towards the end of the
week when the fish at present mak- | discuss tin
in-: their v.n> up the gulf should ar
i:ve in tin- river. Bellingham report-
i d receiving .7,duo sockeyes, 4000 of
these being from seiners. Anaoortes
dronped, the figures being 14,000, in
eluding 2000 seine fish.
As ivas expected, the catches in (be
C.ulf of Georgia, Point tlrey and the
North Arm tell off considerably, tlu
average per cannery only being hbout
G500 and ranged from 1300 to 1700
on  tin   main  river and  North  Arm.
Boundary Ray and Canoe Pass fish
ermon did not average more than 20
fish   per  boat.
Up  river  catches   were  also   1  -':;���'���
hut fairly up to the average mid-
weekly proportionate results 'lhe
boats averaged between 35 and 10,
Reports from the Straits of I'm
say thai tin traps there an- noi lo
nu'   much   this   week.
Negotiations   between   the   Citj    and
the Brackman-Ker company for ti e
base of certain waterlota came in a
sudden standstill at a special meeting
nf tlie city council held yesterday
morning when Alderman Qoulet,
speaking for the harbor committee reported that lhe company would refuse
tn sign the proposed agreement unless
the clause relating to compensation
was stricken out. Tlie company does
not want to be burdened by being
restricted as to tin- amount nf compensation and also on the loss of business
should   Lie   city   cancel   the   lease   be
fore the agreement expires.
The matter  was left over until  Friday  afternoon   when   the  council   will
matter  in  committee  and
probably     clear  everything   for  (Infinite action at Monday's council meeting.
m     THEATRE    ^���
Wednesday   and   Thursday
The celebrated  English
in  Sir  Walter Scott's famous
Romance of Scotland
Friday and  Saturday
Royal    Yacht   Club   Offers   Services-
Wettreinster   Boats   Le.v;
malt  This  Wee! .
Wednesday   and   Thursday
The Merchant of
Four reel  production  of  Shak.s-
pear's    Masterpiece.
Any   Seat   10c.
a |
DRINKS      "
West Indian  Lime Juice, bottle  .
JBtower's  Lime  Juice,    per    bottle
7-11  Sixth Street.
25c. and 35c
have  started  an  auto  freight  service
|F��lker's   Grape   Juice,   pint   hot   30c | between   Vancouver  and   New   West-
��rt   bottles    55c j minster  and   way  points.    A   reliable
lest  Eastern   Townships   Butter,       j service  guaranteed.    Charges  reason-
it  lbs $1.00 | able.    Give  us a trial.
Wggtminster       Cri-amerv       Mutter,
% lbs   75c
BMtlett    Pears   :l   lbs 25c
Ol��fen��le;i;   --.ppi* ...  :'.  ib- 25c
B % Seal   Hubb'-r   If::.-:       a     gnod
quality .���ui:. ������:-. e.-.en 10c. 3 do_. ?5.
���__    -;---__.  fops,   ilo.-en    25c,
Tops,  dozen    25c '..
B Jj Mai Tops, dozen   25c
"" '        of all kinds.
Phone  1254.
We  an-  delivering,  In  and  around
this city, including  Hurnaby and Sap-
i person, twenty Pints of Hig'.i Standard,
! Unadulterated Milk to the Dollar and
Pure   Rich  Cream   al   30c.   per  pint,
Our appreciation  of your patronage
j will be reflected  in our regularity and
| uniform   excellent   quality   of   our   .!r-
Phone 774 Sapperton,  B.C.
Ccntinuent   of   Upwar.s  cf  70  Desire
to Join the 104th, and the Offer
Likely   Be   Accepted.
i's Grocery
Phone 386.
iimM.    Rt. . et.
The - News
Picnic and Camping
Baskets at Our Store
50c and 60c
Westminster.       Phone B9.
Chiel nf Police Tuberville Thomas.
of Port Coquitlam, offered his services
and those of 50 to 70 men to Col.
I'aylor of the 104th regiment to be
used as a company in connection with
the local militia unit. It is mon- than
likely Lhat the offer will be accepted
should orders be issued to mobilize.
Allhi ugh Austrian born, and li.i\-
ing serv.d several years in the dual
i mplre's navy, A. Sprice, postmaster
at Queensboro, yesterday answered
the  call   by  applying for  enlistment
11 the Canadian naval volunteers b ���
ing mobilized .it Victoria. Mr. Sprice
lias been ordered to report at the
Vancouver headquarters and will prob
ably be shipped to Esquimau within
the next few days.
Several units of New Westminster's
motor boat fleet will this tveek be
found patrolling the waters neat Victoria according to arrangements made
lasl nighl at a special meeting of the
Itoyal Vancouver ,'achl club, which
flics tie blue ensign nl lhe Koyal Naval Reserve. This follows a request
made by the senior naval officer at
b-gqulmalt to dispatch a flotilla ol
, fast  motor boats as soon as possible
The   lirst   yacht   to   leave   yesterday
-aus the Aqullo owned by Commodore
It,  T.   Rogers,  the  big  sugar  refinery \
j magnate of Vancouver.   J. P. Hampton   Bole   of   this   city   attended   the
; meeting held In Vancouver last night, :
iiis offer of his launch Troilene being
accepted as were others owned In this
city.   The naval authorities have guaranteed  fuel and also provisions while
naval  reserve men  will  be placed on
! the  boats  If  a  shortage Of crew.,     is
I found.
S.S. Transfer
I.i.!������     Ni�����   We.tmlnstt-i   for  MlSHlnn     ���
.im. Monday.
I.i.-im    Vi.-     for   New   W't si mill ���'
a im   'I'm sclay.
I.,.I..   New  Westminster at 2:80 p.m   fnr
Wc.thnm Island.
I.'.-iv,-   Westham   Island   T   a.m.   Wed
Leave   New   We.tmlnatcr   fnr   Mission   l-
in    Wednesday.
l.envi.   Mission  7  a.m.  Thursday.
Leave   N' w   Westminster   i M   p.m.   for
Wi sihum Island.
Priday and Saturday nips Lower River
as   usual
Freight for Mi.siiin and Intermedia in
points will ii- received al B. & K Mill
Wharf  on   il.iy   of  sailing.
Por further Information apply  B. ..   K
Milling Company's office of It. Jardlm
At the Theatres CorpOratioil
of Burnaby
Ottawa,    Aug     ..      A    .special    letter
from  the vicar g< neral of Canada, requesting the fait:*.ful in the Dominion
1 to   pray   for   an   early   conclusion   Of
'war will be read in tlie Roman Cntho-
; lie  church   in  Ottawa and  throughout
the Dominion on Sunday next. Special
services will also hi; conducted in the
Uffcreftt churches.
Constance Cruwley, tho well known
Knglish   actress,   assUted   by   Arthui
.Viude,   also   of   English   stage   fame.
made  their  Initial  appearance  t��    a i
crowded house at the Royal theatre  ,
lasl  iii;:In   In  Sir  Walter Scntt's fam  ;
nun romance ol  Scotland "The Bride
of   Laniinerinoor."     Miss   Crawley   Is.
:m actress of no mean ability and linn- j .
died  her difficult role  well  through
oul  tho three reels.    Her acting Is of!
the kind thai will be long remembered J        ,   , .
and   compares   favorably     With     BUCh I PC 1*10(1  has OCCII  extended  to
great artists as    Bernhardt,    Itejane. I ^
Marlowe and other well known irage    AUflfUSt   17th.
dfeunes of the modem stage.    Her act-
Notice re Taxes
The last day of rebate
in  the rule of Lucia  in this claSSi-
masterptece   was   unquestionably
Cierk. ���      ..imms***m mm.
; Now at Esquimau an. Will Be Mann-   The Ambassador and Members of His
ed by  Reservists of the Pacific Suite Abused and Stoned By Ger
Coast  Ports. mans���Several   Injured.
Royal. Could Not Hit Vancouver Of- ! Kraser Valley Trapshots Defeat New I
ferinas-Beavers   Won  9 4. Westminster  and   Ladner���Re-
Fifteen hundred fans saw the Van-
(louver-Northwestern league team in
action at Queens park last night, the
Beavers  defeating  un  aii-star  local
nine by a score of S to 4.
With the exception of the first
three Innings, tbe visitors did not appear to extend themselves, although
tbey were quick enough In taking advantage of any mlsplay on the part of
the  Royals and these  were many.
Tbe runs scored were not of the
bunched order, the Heavers distributing Ihem throughout the whole ol tlie
nine innings, twelve bits off Slaton,
eoupb-d wlt|| seven errors by the lo-
cala accounted for the nine tallies
Bert Hull went on the mound for
Vancouver, with Pinky ('rind' ll as the
receiver. Later iu the game Hub
gave way to Eddie Brandt, the I'm
sir Mills twirler, who was given a
good H (Option win li he took his place
in the box. Jack Cay rapped out for
the inst hit for Westminster, stretch-
itig  i:   Into a  double     Tbi^ ju.-i  about
lei   the   second   baseman down    foi
practically every    return irom    tbe
fielders was muffed when i; came bis
Hob Brown hlmseli tinned out In
uniform and wunl in back of the plate
when Brandt was Bent In.   The Bea.
ir  boss  goi in Jake  with  the fans
.long with liunkiy Shaw, whose
coaching   nn   Iii"!   was  nigh  on   a   par
v, ith Oei many Schaefer.
l-'red Lynch officiated and guv gi n
eral satisfaction, except  In the first
when, after Melsou had stole second,
tbe outfit Idcr was deliberately shoved off the bag and tagged. His umps
called him out mucli to the disgust of
the tans
Tbe leature bit ol tlie game was
that made by Powell in the first when
be Stole the copyright ol Uyan' in
Hilling   tin-  pill   over   the  club   house.
Score R. H. I.
     .       12
turn   Match   on   Thursday.
Cloverdale secured first place in a
three-cornered trap   shoot    hi id   at
Cloverdale last niubt between teams
from   that   place,   New   Westminster
and   Ladner.    The event  was closely
contested throughout, the valley team
pulling   out  00   the    last     lap.    Tom
Trapp, of  this city, and  .1,  Kelly, of
Cloverdale,   ii< d   for  first   place   wilh
I 21  birds each  out  of the mime number.    The Royals, however, made the
j best  mark  by going tbrougb   with  4H
consecutive birds, falling down on the
| half ci ntury.
Next Thursday at QueetlSbO.O New I
[Westminster will entertain Cloverdale
'and  Ladner In a similar shoot,
Last night's -cores were:
Cloverdale   J.  Bootbroyd    21,
! Sinclair   20,   H.   Shaw   22,   J.   Kelly
end T. Shannon -4.   Total ii-'.
Ne.    Westminster- McLean   21,
Trapo 28, Green  ... A. Turnbull
laud  W.  !���;   Maiden  lx.    Total  106.
Ladner   Hutchinson    20,  Price 20,
Ijordan __ and Murphy 19.    Total 101,
With  the  purchase  by  Canada  of
two submarines from lhe Kleetric
Boat company, of New Jersey, with
yards at Seattle, the defense situation
as ii affects Hritish Columbia can
now be said to be complete. The
iwo vessels were built under contract
for the Chilian government some two
months ago, but a dispute as to certain specifications raised thc question of acceptance and negotiations
were proceeding until Kngland was
within range of declaring war Then
it was that a deal was completed for
the purchase of lbe two t:inall boats
which are now lying at Esquimali
ready te protect the Royal Hoads
from possible attack on tlie part of
the German crulei rs on the Pacific
This Is not  thc first  time that the
chili.ui  government  has come to tiie
aid  of Kngland  iu  allowing   warship
io be purchased from her.
It was only on Tuesday that an an
in uncenieiit   was   made  from   London
that tin battleship completed on ths
Clyde lor Chill had been purchased
b> England together with one nearly
complete and n idy tor delivery for
Tin- two submarines, it is thought,
will be adequate to afford protection
to all shipping coming in aud out of
Vancouver, Victoria and New Westminster. These, With the Rainbow,
will be quite strong enough to repel
any possible attack from the German
cruisers Leipzig and Nuremburg. it.
Is probable they will be manned by
naval reservists with an operator so-
.ui i d from the American company.
St. Petersburg, Aug. .**,. via London
The Russian ambassador in Berlin,
M. l<- Bverbew, and his staff, are reported to have been subjected lo nine,
abuse after ihe declaration of war.
Some of tlle members of the ambassadorial suite, including Princess Re-
li-Hsi-lsky who wag Miss Susie Whit-
tier cf Boston, and Kil.-t Secretary
of Embassy Charovltski, are alleged
actually to have been struck by persons iu the crowd which followed
their motor cars to the railroad station   when   they  were  leaving   Herlin.
According to an eye witness, the
embassy wa? surrounded, and when
the ambassador, who was esioorHd by
police, departed for the station in an
automobile, the people buried storms
Of abuse at him. The police had the
greatest difficulty in protecting him
and the members of his staff.
Friends Assaulted.
Friend) Of the ambassador, who followed him In motor CSJI, also are
said to have been forced to run a
gauntlet of hostile people. The crowd
followed the cars, abusing the occupants of them, throwing stones, spitting in the 'aces of the embassy stafi
aud striking both men and women
with sticks and  umbrellas, it is said
M. Charovltski was struck a severe
blow on the head which cut his scalp.
lli> is said to be under medical treatment in Copenhagen. I'rincess Helo---
sejsky was hit on her back and shoul-
d- r by an old, well dressed man, and
other persons in Ihe crowd spat al
lur. Other members of the party are
declared lo have been similarly treated     Tile children  were  placed  in  the
bottom of the automobile..  In order
to protect  them.
J.J.Jones. MANDIR.        J.A.Rennie. SECY-TRES
Apartment   Block
For Sale
We are instructed by the creditors of Arthur
Bradley to offer for sale the frame apartment block
on Lot 6, Block 18, Sub. Block 7, on the south side
of Fifth Avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth
Streets, New Westminster, known as the Bradley
Apartments. The building is particularly well built,
and contains 19 suites of three and four rooms each
with bathrooms and every convenience, including
house 'phones, electric stoves, and large laundry
with stationary tubs, etc. The property cost $23,700
and has a mortgage on it of .$9,500.
Not Likely That Nationals Will Come
West���Rosedals   Sure   to
Make Trip.
tt estm.nster     4     6
Batteries   Hall,   Brand,   and  <!
dell,   ilrown;   Slaton   uud   Huhnke.
V.  A. C. Attempting  to  Postpone  Saturday's Game at Victoria��� Had
War as Excuse.
i . doi
\ C
day, on
Montreal,  Que,,  Aug.  ... -Witb  the
Nationals praetieally deciding that
they will not, on account of t'.ie disturbed and unsatisfactory condition of
lacrosse on the COast, go west In quest
of the Minto cup, It Is announced today from N. 1.. 0, circles that the
Rosedale team, whicli i.s certain to
win the Onion championship, will go
after  the   silverware.
The N. li, I*. season ends on August
!. . and  as the  Big  ."our schedule  will
not be complete until September 7, it
would Lie possible to iiave a series be-
ween Rosedales end Nationals Immediately after tbe II. I,. A Eiimes w ere
over ..to   decide   Hit   possession   of   the
i-un.  provided  Rosedales  had  won  it.
Dllt   the   question   of   whether     the
champions   of   the   two   leagues   will
ever oome together ts apparently as
: fnr  from  a   settlement as ever,   ."rom
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    ' Natidnai headquarter. it has been an-
^���^_^ ! nounced that the rival teams will meet
it the close oi the season, but on the
,   ,  ,. .���..,.    i,,   ither hand,  President Qulnn, of the
': '   ,,;'       i1    -   ,,,,,,,   t ���- V > Big  Four,  l_  authority  for the state-
'���' '"''"',    I'     i    h      V     -umi   ������"���nt that there will be no games un-
have .ailed  ���t    tbe prapuMd  ,       ft    Nationals  decide   to  break
l��� victoria scheduled toi Satur ��� t .
the plea thai  tbe threatened*jwtth\hB v L   r   t���..m!. th      .vil] ,,,.
Infuriated   Women   Rush     East     End
Stores Where War Prices Were
Being Charged.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-     . ..,,:      .vith  the  N.  I -������_______.
mobillsaUou ol  tbe tanaaian  mui.i.i i <jm.(J f) ,,,���, an(1 ttl,,ir membership cun-
iila them Horn  ralBtng a team.tcelled ,��� tl)P D L A
The ut tempt i. nothing more than a
shrewd move on the par; ul the cup
holders to delay matters iu the hopes
that something might turn up winch
WOUld cripple t'ae Royals and whicli
in tin n would allow the world'., am a-
I'ur lacrosse trophy to remain in the
Terminal Citj
The leal truth ')f lhe deal is the
in-* that several of the V. A. C player, lelt on Monda) lasl on a launch
tnp   up   the   coast.     Tiny   have   gone
in- pleasure alone, caring little for
lie destiny of a club in which internal
Double  prevails
Th" proposal to postpon
game will undoubtedly be protested
by the New Westminster executive
whn desire io Bee the schedule finished in order that the temporary ownership oi tin- tioph> can be determined
"The Nationals will only play the N.
I,. I'. winners, providing they can get
the consent of the league," is 1'resi-
dent Caron's statement in regard to
the games, and this consent will hard-
y he forthcoming from the two Toronto teams, according to a recent
statement  from  Charlie Querrie.
From t'ne west comes the information that Westminster is going to sign
up the best players on the Vancouver
team in case an) eastern club makes
an attempt to capture lhe Minto cup
Ihis lull, and It looks as if Rosedale
ir the Nationals make the long jour-
Saturday's [ney west, they will be compelled to
stock up against the best the west has
to offer.
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
Won    LiOSt
Loudon, Aug a. -Another run on
tin- provision stores of London and
in ihe provinces occured today in
_pite of the government's assurance
that there was sufficient food to sup-
pi*, the population for months without
counting that en route, Prices ujraia
.iiiiipi d and some ol he smaller shops
weie   forced   to   closi-.
In lhe east end several stores in
which prices had been raised were
rushed by Infuriated women who car-
red iff everything they could lay
their hands OU bi lore tin- arrival of
the police.
Thousands Out of Work.
Tin- situation has been aggravated
bj tin' throwing out of work of 260,-
uiiu transport workers through the discontinuance in th<- freight traffic to
the continent 1; is said, however,
that many of these will find employ
ment in the army transport service.
The post offices -ne flooded will
mail, all the service to the continent
having been held up.
Eager After News.
Tin-   Ann rican   line  steamer   Phil.i- :
di Iphia, which sailed from Southampton lo New  York shortly before noon '
today, look all ihe American and Canadian   mall   which   had   been   posti.il \
up  lo  this  morning,    A  downpour ol
rain prevented the gathering ol  any I
great  crowds this afternoon, bu;  thi.
evening tlie streets of Whitehall and
West   End   were   filled   with     people]
eagerly  searching  ior news   oi    ihe
war  and   Fri nch   and   Belgian   victories.    The  Manchester Guardian,  the
only   paper here    opposing     war.    iu
printing  the  declaration
(Ireat  Britain,  says:
"All controversies ar
front  Is united."
; All  Vessels Must Have Special Clearance  Papers or Be  Subject to
Capture or Destruction.
| Ottawa, Aug. a.���No steamer wa*
! allowed to leave Montreal port with-
.out special papers of clearance, and
! any ship sailing without these papers
! will lay herself liable to seizure or
destruction Such was the notification given to masters and owners of
[vessels  by  it.  8. White, collector of
customs, who issued the new shipping
order this  morning.
Actual transportation business will
not be Interfered with In any degree
according io Mr. White, who stated
that the clearance was a formality n.-
i essary to determine the condition ol
the vessel  before sailing.
Clearance Must Be Shown.
The clearance, says the bulletin circulated today, must be preserved  for
production  on  demand  to any of the
officers  of  his  majesty's  army,  navy
or  militia,  and   is  valid  only   for  the
, voyage      specified.      Fishing      boats
��� which  do   net  carry  other  cargo ure
exempted from the new  ruling.
Ships   henceforth   may   l>     cleared
any day  but no publicity  will  be i:iv- J
en out as to the date of their depart- ,
ure, which would facilitate the opera   I
tions of Germany's navy, which would
pick  up  the  information  through   the
of   war   by
buried.    Our
mc niver
Yesterday's   Games
It      II
ilw ill.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  'Seutlle
  , ,,, i Spokane
After years of predictions that went v-ctor)a
wrong, a looks as though Larry l,��� ���,..���.,���,.,
lale.   of   Cleveland,   and   Hans   Wag-  Ba]!ard
iBr, of the Pirates, were nearing the
finish.    Th" passing  of years seems
ta httVe gotten both ol these veterans |
of ihe diamond, and though then* la ���
theory In baseball that age does   ml
d,m the batting eye. both are showing
t) ffects of ag ' Bomettoing eist
at  'in   hat. ...        , .,
They  are slumping  in  hating-. u�� ,
joie is by tar the must affected, wag
,,-,-s present i 'k ol .279 cannot he
said  to  be  out  of touch   with  the   1
class    whhh    he    has bo long orna-   ,
"'""   K,VM,hlTeSw',"ik   lit-   Vancouver   4
the weak  nit ,    ,.���,,..,.,-.8.JuM,,s ,������, Brotten
"'l.ajoie'.. slump is one of the things
tbSt haa pui Cleveland to the bad
Wagner's failure to hit up to Ms eariy
season form the form ol othet���yeara
has sent the Pirates down the iaa
U Early  this season  Hans was hitting,
the pill,   i'ittsburg was on top of the
ladder and the mote excitable ������
talking about a second  worlds s.'.ies
between   the  Tigers  and   l'irales.
r.ajoie has not hit all season. At
first various excuses were made or
him   illness,  injuries,  worries    wet
brought   in   tn   explain   his   WJUM   to
connect.   Bul he has rounded in shapt
physically and still does not hit
Business Continues as Usual  at  Montreal���City  Employees Who Enlist  Go  On   Half  Pay.
mented.    The
put  him  down   among
At  Seattld	
������ ______
iiatteries   Gipe and
veson and Hoffman.
At Spokane li    ll.   lv
Ballard     :'.    10     _
kaii,    6    14      1
    Eastley,    Sal veson    and
Mm ray; Covelskle and Shea.
At   Vancouver I!     II.    ED.
X 1
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_. Hunt
and  Cheek.
Amateur Finishing.
It costs no more to have the best
Leave your films at the Curtis Drug
Store to be finished by Homer M,
Leash. 13728)
At the
Kinga   Hotel   Block.
new   pocket,     billiard
rum   i,.,.   ,,.._.        tables,
clean new stock of confectionery, tobaccos, cigars, cigarettes, soft drinks.
First Class Barber Shop in Connection! I0MS nm| ,,)�����.��� between Hambuig and
JONATHAN bone.      Portuguese ports.
Ma Is for Europe
Ottawa, Aug. 5.- -No Intimation of
any changes in foreign mails tins beeu
received by city postoffice officials.
Everything Is going on as during normal times, iiritish and European
malls will be dispatched as usual, The
suspension of the sailings of the big
German Atlantic steamships of tho
North German and other lines will
not affect the despatch of letters aa
well i' all mail for Germany, ."ranee
and other continental countries sent
via   London  on  Canadian  liners
London, Aug. ... Confirmation has
been received of the report that a
French warship has captured the German Bteamer Porto off Guernsey,
Channel islands. The Porto, which
belongs to the old Hndenburg l'ortu-
-nose   company   is   ��   vessel   of   lSOtl
Many Stranded in London and on the
Contirent���   Hard   Experiences
London,  Aug.  4.--Delayed  in  trans
j mission.    Hon.   W.  J.   Hanna.   finding
jit imperative to return to Toronto Immediately   Is   sailing   tomorrow   with
his wife in an American oil ship, the
I Lyon,  said   by   the   British   hoard   of
���trade to be carrying nine passengers.
Premier   and   Lady    .louin   are   believed to be still on the continent and
the Quebec; government officials here
are awaiting news of their movements.
Their  son,   L,  II.   (.louin   whom   they
met  in  France,  returned  to  Kngland.
Chief   Justice   Harvey   of   Alberta,   is
nne   of   the   latest   Canadian   arrivals
frorti the continent,    lie brought back
his  wife  and  son  who have  been   In
Germany, where the son  had  been at
school.    Hon.  Duncan  Marshall of Alberta arrived  with  his  family.    Difficulties   from    which    he   escaped   are
such  that  he  is  sorry   for  anyone  attempting to come by subsequent vessels.
Canadian dentists here at tbe congress still sitting inclu le Dr. Mallory.
.representative of the Canadian Dental
association; Dr. Lemieux of .Montreal,
1 Ur. Husband of Montreal and Drs.
Dagahaw and Clarkson. both of Toronto. Canadian government delegates
to the congress are Doctors McDonald of Ontario, DubagU of Quebec,
Hush, western provinces and K. (���.
Thompson  of  Nova  Scotln.
Canadian doctors here are Drs. n.
Looder, K. L. Fraser and Geo. Hall,
all  of Victoria.
Montreal, Aug. .". Though a state
of war exists today throughout Canada, the average on the strei t In this
Citj was very little changed Business went on with little interruption.
The harbor, the canals and the districts which presented the mot warlike appearance today wi re all busy.
Mtii of the Victoria Rifles, the
Highlanders, the Sixty Fifth, the Grenadiers and tlie Seventeenth Hussars
are to be seen at various points on
guard at the waterways aud the port.
: No chances are being taken witli foreigners who might become dangerous
' at any moment
AH permanent employees   of   the
City called  to the service will  be on
i half pay during their absence, so the
i board of control decided this morning.
St. Lawrence Canal Guarded.
Prescott. Out., Aug. 5.���A company
of the 56th Lisgar Rifles, 4a strong,
were called out today to police tlie
St. Lawrence canal. This precaution
is deemed advisable by the military
authorities at Ottawa in views of the
events at present transpiring in Europe.
Ottawa. Aug. 6.-   No further action
i will be taken in the action in the 7th
j battery of London  regarding the Pet-
tuwawa incident over which a hearing
i by aboard of officers was held.    The
question of the presence of liquor In
the camp lias to all intents and purposes   been   dosed.     Last   night   Col.
, Hughes remarked: "I wonder if Major
' Leonard and  the London battery  will
! be among those to volunteer,   lt would
be a graceful  way of closing the recent    unpleasantness  if  we  accepted
i the services of the battery."
Some one remarked that he and his
battery   were   not  among   those   who
I had  volunteered  their services     Just
Summer Race I
At Minoru Park
Races Every Day
Ladies Admitted Free, except on Saturday.
Admission, Including Grandstand, $1.00.
Special Train Leaves New Westminster for the
Course at 1:30 Every Day.
TheCourtof Death
The "Adventures o.   Kathlyn, N.   13.    The   laet  of thc   great  series.
Edison  Photoplay
Marc    MacDermott    in
One  of the "Man   Who  Disappeared"
Songs by Mr. A. G. Williams
While Wifey Is Away
Running   Extra
The B. C. Weekly, No. 3
All the latest local Events.
then Col. .Morrison, director of artillery, entered the room and announced
that a telegiam had just been received fro?n Major Leonard volunteer-
in the services of himself, his officers
and men for active service.
Brussels, Aug. ...--The Belgian war
office announced tonight that fierce
lighting had occurred in the environs
of Liege and that so far as the Belgians were concerned the situation is
"The Germans," the announcement
says, "were driven hack hy an heroic
attack made by a Belgian mixed brigade whicn already had earned for
Itsell the highest honors. \o Cer-
man who passed the fort survived
The  (lermans,  completely   repulsed
have  heen  unable  *
tacl    on   Lie!
to  renew  their  at-
Ottawa. Aug. ...-t'olonel the Hon.
Sam Hughes announces Canada will
raise a contingent of _o.ooo men ror
service abroad. Alen are to report
to tlie officer commanding in eTci*
district. CoL Hughes stalls he ha*
already offors from 100,000. PACE  SIX
Classified Advertising
Financier Clears $4,400,000
On War "Tip" From King
CLASSIFIED   ADS   WILL   BS   RE- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
ceived for The News at the follow [FOR   SALE   cMBLL    YOUR    PROP
erty tbrougu an ad. lu this column.
ng places:    F. T. Hill's drug store,
(-8   Columbia   street;    A.   Sprice,!
Queensborough, Lulu   Island;    Mrs.-
E. Larden, Highland Park; Mra. V.'
'..���wis, Alta Vista.
Paris, Aug. .
Nal han   Mayei
foundation   tor
Britlan  hous
The coup  by   which
Rothschild    laid    the
tie   millions   of   the
of    Rothschild     when.
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One rent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5000 words, to be used a.s re
quired within one year from dale of
contract,, $26.00.
! ninetv-nine vears ago. with the knovvi-
KOIt  EXCHANGE���Improved chicken 'e(]K,, of _e nattl(. ,������ Waterloo before
any other person in London knew of
It, he made |1,000,000 has been dupli-
laieil  here by  O.  A.  Itosenberg.   .
The latter, who is at the head of the
linn hearing his name and one of the
leading powers of the l-iiropean stock
market,   has   made   14,400,000   hy   his | niaikot
possession of advance knowledge that | On   tin
ranch close to city. Trade for house.
Box 98, News Office.
_____________________________ i
kor SALK $760 mortgage; house
and lot: good security. What offers.
l!ox 331,  News  Office.
TOR EXCHANGE Sixtli street; double corner; 192x122 feet Trade for
house. What have you? Hox 04,
News Office.
Several months ago Rosenberg lent
flnacial aid to King Nicholas of Mon-
tent ..io. As a return for the favor, it
baa been learned, he was given Information   of   which   even   the   state   de
partment    were   not   apprised,    Ha
knew,   without  a  doubt,  that   Austria'
intended to Invade Servia.
At   the   psychological     moment     he
Started unloading on the market large
blocks ot  French  rentes.    His anion,
coming as it  did on a  torpid  holiday
resulted  in a financial  panic.
heels   of  this   came   the   war
ll HAVE $900 EQUITY in well located
and  rintfd   bungalow   which   I   will ] pertained to th
there would he a war between Austria
and   Servia.
I    There are two differences in the fl-
j nancial operations of the two men. One
,is  thai  the  knowledge  of   Rothschild
result of a war, while
i lie    He
weekly! Why not. you? Write immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C. Mitchell.
P.O. Box 2, Edmonton, Alberta. Canada. (.7111)
trade for lot or automobile. Box I that of Itosenberg concerns
991, News Oifice. ginning of one. The other is that
 I Rothschild was at Ihe buttle of Waterloo In person, while Rosenberg li allied of the Austro-Servian situation
through kings and other royal "lip-
stei s."
OTHERS    RECEIVE    $15    TO    $65
weekly! Why not you? Write immediately for lull particulate, sum-'
pie, picture, literature, etc. Experi-'
ence unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C. Mitchell,
P.O. Box 2, Edmonton, Alberta. Canada. (.731)
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
POR SAI.K $1.00 down, $1.00 per
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; everyone guaranteed, Market siiuare. 1:1711')
KOR EXCHANGE   $6800 equity in 80 1
aeres,   10  acres  cleared,    near  All-1
hottslord.    Trade for deeded vacant
property,    Hox S6B, News office.
OWNERS ONLY Have clear deed,
well located lot to trade as part
payment on house; .end full particulars  first   lellor.     Box   864,    News
pa nil.
When this reached a climax Rosenberg arrived in I'aris and started
"'covering." when his operations had
termnlated ii was discovered that, In
Paris alone, he had cleared 32,000,00(1
i francs,  or  about  $4,400,000.
Late Monday Itosenberg appeared
In public for the first time In days.
He was mobbed by an infuriated
crowd of brokers and financiers, and
probably Would have suffered injury
had  not  the  police  rescued  him
positions and along the west and southwest roast, large batteries reared
themselves out of the haze and gave
the appeaianre of a deadly armed
and threatening coast line.
Picture,   of War.
All picture., cast by the mirage portrayed war; passing freight and passenger steamships were distorter Into
stiang,. shapes, while a white-hulled
lumber schooner towing lo sen. ills
appeared down the strait disguised
as some new and strange creation of
a war god's imagination. The mirages were right side up and not inverted  ns  Ih  generally  the case.
On several occasions last week mirages have heen observed by vessels
in the strait, bul these have followed
the customary habits of these freak
picturea nnd they have appeared bottom side up. When the British steamship Strathairly was on her way lo
Bellingham Kriday a very distinct
mirage was witnessed and this showed the fonr-inasled barkentine Aurora,
then at aiicioi In Port Angeles harbor, high above the horizon, her
masts pointing downward and her keel
toward the zenith. Rut until war was
declared these mirages havi; heen of
scenes  of  peace.
One   man   who   observed   Ihe   war
mirage yesterday was particularly
struck with the progress made in
mirages and said: "When Richard
Couer de Lion was hiking through the
sands of Arabia hunting the Saracen,
he on several occasions saw pictures
of their forces, hanging ahove the horizon in lie dry atmosphere of the
desert So plainly were these scene.
portrayed that 'Fighting nick' even
saw ihe -harp edges of his enemies
scimitars and their quivers filled ivitii
ai r.r.i
"Hut in the San Juan mirage there
were no Saracens, no scimitars, nor
rapidly riding Sons of Ihe Desert ll
waa one grand collection of coast defense guns, big caliber rifles and you
COUld almost se,. the wreaths of smoke
coming from their muzzles and hear
the hum  of their projectiles."
Amateur Photographers.
If you have laid your camera  away
disappointed    at results, try it again
and leave your films nt the Curtis
Drug Store io he finished hv Homer
B.  leash. C172M
I'aris, Aug. ... A Havana dispatch
from Algiers, sayx ii is reported that
French warships have sunk the German cruiser Panther.
American   Birdman   Declares   England   Djavid eey Says Millions Are Due the
Is  Superior  in   Flying
chine Line.
Ott-jrran   Empire���Local   Collection.   Large.
WANTED   TO   BUY���Pour   or   five
room house; give full particulars;
;erms and lowest cash price. P. o.
lox 164, City.
WANTED -Dressmaking; prices reasonable. Now is the time to put
���our orders in before the fall rush.
Mrs. c. Cunningham, suite in iirad-
ley apartments. (3722) I
WANTED���Household furniture. Will
buy, sell on commission or exchange
"Auction sales conducted. H. .1. Russell, "The only Reliable," corner
Columbia and Fourth streets, phone
B81. (3713)
WANTED -Household furniture and
.-locks of merchandise In large or
small quantities for spot cash or
���'���ill sell your goods by public auc-
tion and give a guaranteed value, or
mi commission charged. Before dis-
posing of your goods elsewhere
call in Fred Davis and get his
��� ilues, then see the others, afterwards Davis will sell for you or buy.
Call at White Lunch, 648 Columbia
street.    Phone ^1,">. (.1721)
WANTED���Furniture, etc., W. M.
MeCloy & Co.. the expert auc-
t.oneers. wil conduct a successful
auction for you or buy outright if
sale not desired. Clean business,
rrompt settlements, over 20 years
lide experience. Write or call 32
Sixth streel. (3718)
to rent try an ad. In this column.
isheil. Third -
Hox 115.
tn el.
un ii-
P. o.
bedroom,  wi
Sixth Btreet
Nice    furnished    front
th    board.      Apply    66
FOR KENT- Six room house furnished. Third street Apply P. O
Box  Hi,. (3608)
keeping   rooms.   $10   per  month,  at
224 Seventh street. (3720)
FOR RENT- Modern clean houses in
all pin-is of town and Burnaby at
very low rents, ll. G. Brush, 'phone
;',!_. 2>il  Westminster Trust HI; *;.
"Otter  School '
PIGEONS pay dollars where chickens
pay cents; small capital needed;
small space required; always penned up; ready markets: send for
may issue of our Journal; fully explained there; price ten cents. Re-
Vable Squab Journal, Versailles,
Mo. < 3734 I
.OTHERS    RECEIVE    $15    TO    $65
weekly! Why not you'.' Write Immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experi-
e;-,eR unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C. Mitchell,
P.O, Box 2, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (3731)
Sealed Ti-iv
Otter School,
Honourable tl
up to nunn nf
August, Hi i.
pletlon of
at Otter.
tonus ol*
the 30th
Of .Mr. !���'
New    Wi
ler.,  sulisi
*'    will    be
io MIniflt.i
I'm*   the  i
i-ili.-il  "Tei
ii. r for
hy   the
nf Public Works
. lhe 1. th rlay of
linn   and
1 len.-irlini'iif.
By   applli
contract ii rs
plan,    anil   :
len  dollars
large one-room schoolhouse
in Langley Municipality, Delta
specifications, contract, ami
tender may he Been on and after
dnj nf .Inly. mil. ai the office
C. Campbell, Government Agent
stmlnster: also of .Mr. It. A.
���cret.ry   of   the   School      Hoard.
B.C..:  .md  tin- Public  Works
alio,,     io     the    Undersigned |
may   obtain   a   ropy   of     the
tpeclflcatlons   lor   tie-   sum   of|
i?io i.   which  will  In-  refund-
I New Vork. Auk. 6. Probably no
man in America is better Informed
concerning the relative strength and
weakness of the aerial navies of tlie
big European powers ihan George E.
A. H.illett, who at presi nt is engineer
and asslfianl to Lieutenant John Cyril Porte, u. .v. ami one-half the crew
uf ihe transatlantic flyer America.
Hallett passed   more  than  a   year  in
Europe, first as Instructor in the im-
pi rial Russian flying school at Seb&S-
topcl, later as student Mini aeronautical observer i:i Prance, l.nglund. and
Hallett   is   of   the   opinion   lhat   ill
quality, at  least, and  in  fighting ��'fti-
clency England is the European leader
^ in tie air.
"The English may not have as many
[ dirigibles and in roplanes as the continental countries." Hallett said, "hut
I when it conn s to fine equipment in
I perfect condition, ami .-kill in handling it. Oreat Biitain is in;- choice in
; i.e ail  flight.
"The Uussians lake to Flying as naturally as any people I have ever seen.
Once let tiiem get into tlie air and
they are daring, ingenious and re-
"Where the Russians fail down,
however, and fall down wol'ully. is in
the mechanical end of the game, the
upkeep, and tbe care of their machine!
"The Germans go to the opposite extreme. They have wonderful mechanics, and their machines are well
driven. Discipline is wonderful and
they turn out fine work. But in the
air the Cerman is not an impressive
proposition. He tries to learn to fly
by a set of hook rules, aud he doesn't
always met with success. They
haven't tbe instinct of flying.
"As for tiie Krench, everybody
knows their mechanical skill, their
daring, and their enthusiasm. Kor all
lhat, however, when it comes to real
fighting I think the English aviation
corps is first."
pari  of T.nt  30
lhe    Disiriet    ol
P.e  I.oi   * I    Block   I
'   ��� ��� ip    !.    Map    1 IHI'. I
X'-w-   Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate
of   TUI.-  Number   47068F,   issued   In     the
me of Ethel  M. A.  Vipaii. has been I'll
���i  Mils office.
Notice is  hereby  given  lhat  I  shall,  at
-he   expiration   of   one   month   from   the
date nf tlie  firsi   publication  hereof,   in  a
daily  newspaper  published   in   the  Citv   of
N-v.- Westminster, issue a duplicate of the
said   Certificate,   iinl'-ss   In   lhe   meantime
valid objection  he made io nn- in  writing
J.  i*.  GWYNN,
Distrlcl   Registrar of Titles.
I.     :  Iteglstrj   Office,
New  Westminster,   B.C.,   July  -7.  1.11
i3709 i
ed nn lhe return  in good order
Kach    prnpos.il    must    he    accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certificate
of deposit on a chartered bank of Canada,
made payable to ihe Honourable the Min-I
ister of  Public   Works,   for  a   sum  equal   iden
tn  in  per cent,  of  tender,  which  shall   be
forfeited   if   lhe   party   tendering   decline
[to    enter     Into    contracl     when     called
upon    to    do    so.     nr   if   he  fail  in complete tlie work contracted for.    Tie- ohe-
j ones or  certificates  of deposit   of  unsuc-
1 eessfu! tenderers will be returned in ihem
i upon   iln-  execution  nl   the  contract
Tenders   will   not   he  considered   unless
j made   nut   on   th.-   forms   supplied,   signed
with the actual signature of ihe tenderer,
! anil  enclosed   in   th"  envelopes   furnished.
The lowesi  or anv tender noi  necessar-
i ilv  accepted.
.1. I-:. ORIPI'TTH,
Deputy   Minister  and   Public   Works
Public  Works   Department,
Victoria,  B.C.,  2Sth Julv.  10H.      Iv.n
I I .71-* I
Seattle, Aug, 4.   -Falcon Joslin, pres-'
I' the  Tanana   Mines  railroad,
who.   a   few   weeks   ago,   induced   tlie
national    legislature   to   enact   a   law
eliminating federal laves on  Alaskan
railroads, and  who has done yeoman
service   in   securing   other   legislation
e   to   the   territory.      reached
yesterday,  suffering   the  first
known     in     twenty
Constantinople,  Turkey,   Aug,
Djavid Bey, minister of finance, in
continuation ol his expose, which
road   before   the   Turkish
recently,   said   that  t  e   imperial   gov-l
eminent would make i xpendlture during the next len years which  would
aggregate 1.2 231, ,000, and tbat the
cabinet had received '.he assurances
or tiie French government that this
sum wouid he loaned by Krench
hanks under propitious conditions.
Referring to the Anglo-TurkUh ne- '
gotiattons **i'!ati\e to Asia Minor, the
minister said that a favorable understanding would soon he reached The
eiforts to Induce Oermany to come to
an agreement in this connection, however, had shown nu further results
during n period of six months, which
was unfortunte in view of tii" fact
t'_at as long as tlie matters In question were not satisfactorily regulated ii" Km-so-Turkish convention could
noi he concluded. Russia therefore,
which hail _ii >_n beyond a doubt her
'* "il \>il' Inward Turkey, would he
justified iii doubting the bona fides el
tin- Turkish government.
Larqe   Sum   Ir    Due.
In connection with naval affairs, the
minister  announced   tiiat     there     was
Still   a   sum   of   ��800.000   due   ror   Ihe j
O.man  Sultan dreadnought, and that
this   would   In'   paid   mi   the   day   the
: dreadnought    was   delivered,     'lu    the 1
' name of 'he government in* express) d
lis Cianks 1,1 the marine association
'as well as to tbe ottoman nation,
which during three years had collected a sum of more than ��T.3,000,000
fir ill,, purpose of aiding the develop- ;
nu nl of tiie fleet. This mm was lain
��� er than that raised by public subscription  in  any other state
In  lhe various budgets for the nexl
ton years, the minister continued, provision would be made to expend an ag- '
gregate sum of  ��T.80,000,000 for the;
construction of railways and seaports. 1
��T. 15,000,000  loi     extraordinary    expenses in connection with national defense and the army, and   ��T.6,000,000
for war material and fortifications, a
total expenditure   foi    ten    years   of
6T. 1.00,000,000.  During the ten  years,
therefore,  this   would  entail  'i   budget
��f  n'-out    ��T,50,000,OI'n'.     Next   year's
deficit   would   amount,    he    said,   lo
i about   ��T.4.nnn,0iHi.
the  reputation  of being
���if   11
Sealed tender- will he received by ,
!the Coquitlam School Hoard up to
Tuesday, the 18th day ol August, 191 I.
I al .", p.m.. for the erection and com*
lpleiioii\,i a one roomed school in
Township 40, Pitt River District, Co-
i qui.lam   Municipality.
Plans and  specifications    may    be
I seen   at   the   residence   of   K.   M;irt 111.
1 secretary Burquitlam,
Each proposal must be accompanied
by aii accepted hmk cheque on certificate Of deposit on a chartered bank :
^MimiclpaimM of 0' Canada, made payable to the secre- .
���oqultlnm,   iu   the  tary,  lor  lhe   sum   ol   In   per  cent   of
Columbia, School  the lender, which shall be forfeited if
ihat all creditors 'he  party  tendering decline  to enter
lalms against the Ks-llntO contract when called upon to do i
I so. or if he fail to complete Hie work I
I contracted for.
The cheques or certificates of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned;
to  them   upon   the  execution   of  the
; contracl.
The   lowesi   nr  any   tender  nol   ne*
��� ce. s.irilv accepted.
Secretarj  Coquitlam School Hoard.
. (3739) Burquitlam,  B. C.
! fa vera h
- Seattle
I ill-health
' year:'
instiii  has     	
lone   of   the   hardest   workers   in   the.
north-  a country In which hard work. I
both  physical nnd mental, is regarded!
ns a part of the daily lot.   His indispo-i
sltion Is the result of the first  vaca-!
tion   he   lias   taken   in   twenty   years.
The  experience  of having  absolutely
nothing to do and  nothing  to  '.voir.'
about was so b trail ge thai it affected
( hi.   physical being,
He things that had he temalned another   week  doing  nothing   he   wonld
'have died When he reached Seattle
yesterday morning, be Immediate!)
plunged   Into  a   mass  of  correspond-
and   other   detail    -.Mirk    and    he
riuffs of Vancouver Island  Stand Out
of Mis.* Bristling With Cannon
and    Fortifications.
,lgns  ���
In   the  matter
Mi nn. II.  I.it
1 'hllllwiui*
F'ruVitle-   of
Teacher,  decen
Notice Is hereby
rtn.i  others,   Inning     ���_-________���
ia', of the saiil Arthur Mennell, who died
sui or about lie I .th. day of Mav. 1914,
-h t'_ required on or before the 31st day ol"
August to send b. post prepaid or delivered to ti," undersigned solicitors for
William Newby, Kxecutor of the mini
deceased, their names and addresses, the
ful! particulars of their cln.ln.s, lbe state-
ment of their accounts and the nature of
thr  securities,  if any, held by Ihem.
.And further take notice that after such
last mentioned dale th" said William Ni-w-
b. will proceed t" distribute the assets
in tin- deceased among the parlies entitled thereto, having rugard only tn the
claims of which he shall then have notice
tend thai Hu said William Newby will not
. lv liable for lie- said assets or any pari
|jln��r.nf to any person or persons of whose
ihns notice shall not have been rnrr-l.
by   him   at   tin    lime  ol   -"ri   ilUuilni
eiii'i     ^^^^^^^^^^
fore nighl  was feelln*
, "Hy the passage ol lie Alaska rail-
! road lax elimination bill." said .los
'lin. "I escaped several millions of dollars in lines 1 was being lined all
the rate of $13,500 a day under the
I old    law.      When   Ihe   bill      passed      I
I thought  I  could afford a  holiday, so
Wired    Mrs.   Joslin   tn   meet   me   with
the children  in California.    I  ���:i< 1 not,
do a  thing hill   loal   for a  whole  week,
nd I heat
nd. Wash., Aug 5.
war were v\ ritten in
the clouds overhanging the St.alt ot
Juan de l-itcn vosiepiav afternoon,
anil those supertitious folk who nail
horse siioi| over thell' front doors anil
knock timber Oi cross their tinners
a graveyaid rabbit,
night after witness-
the  unusual  display   across   the
hut it endangered by health
it  hack to Seattle."
Turkey   is   Neutral.
Loudon.  Auk.  5.   Turkey
in d Cn at Britain that the
the Ottoman Empire ate
lized.    The mobilization,
has  noti-
forces of
bei UK uiobi-
she says, is
I Tinted this   .mil
i -i iFtnOti.D.
4 1   I,on
dav  of   I,.'.    All.   Hi] I
(IRANI    _    M'i*i  I.I.
���*i w    .','������ ituihiRltir    I!.''.
said   William     Newbv.
i"71 1 i
fennasinm Clas.. Thursday at 7.30
pning classes.   Tuesdays and Kri
in   .,  al   V.   M,  C,   A.     Young
|B' Club. Friday at _ p.m.
rdine and room rales reasonable
[served to ladies and gentlemen
[particulars call pboue 1324,
and Miss^     ^^^^^^^^^^
I.R.A.M..  A.Il.C.M.
Lessons ln Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
ug, Voice Production, Theory (in
iass or privately), Hsrmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examlna
.lens of the Associated Board of the
loyal Academy of Music and Hoyal
College of Music. AIbo Professional
Olplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
���For terms, etc., apply 51 DuBeiln
itreet.   Phone 411 II.
a precautionary measure and Turkey
will   remain  absolutely    neutral,    In
some quarters, however, it is believed
this step is being talce.n by Turkey
In the fear thai the Russian Black
sea fleet will attempt to pass through
the flosphurous and thai liussi
even   land   troops    on     the
shores   of   the   Black   sea   an
il    seize
f'on tanlnople.
Offer    Wosnital   rhip.
Ti !   lltO,  Auc.  .*,.     Al   a   niee:
lng this
alii . noon of the execul Ive ol
the lm-
per .il order, daughters of iln-
called in decide whal sti ps th
e order
should lake In the eveni of ISngland
being drawn Into war, ihe resolution
thai the women Of Canada should oiler ii hospital ship was unanimously
adopted. The ship will be .ull> equip'
pod and placed ai the disposal of the
D 111 ii admiralty,
         I     Ol
when they  meet
passed  a   restless
For several days the atmosphere bas
been    rather   t licit    with    smoke   and
light   foss   mixing   with   this   painted
���iiauping  pictures over the  San  Juan
Islands which, at limes, took lo themselves fantastic forms.    Hut the  most
.tartling aud distinct were those over-
i hanging Vancouver island  Monday afternoon.      This   mirage,   for   such    it
���.dually was. brought the distant coast
I of the  island  close to hand and seen
through the haze of the summer af-
; ternnon, the scene appeared to change
jus though projected on the screen ol
��� some  gigantic   moving    picture    machine
,    The   lower   shore   line   was   at   no
; time in sight, hut high above ihe waters   of   the   strait  the   huge  hill   tops
[stood     out     boldly     und     constantly
may I changed,  assuming  new   forms,    but
these seemed always to portray scenes
! of associated nature.    At one time the
! most   prominent   headland   over   Vie
toria was crowned with  an enormous
i castle or fortification, with walls and
lowers  through  high above  the earth.
( For many minutes this showed plain
; iy and then the medieval picture dissolved and gave place lo an eimrmou.s
! cannon,   pointing grimly   over  iii*  up-
| preach to the I'acil'ic For a brief time
i this cannon  stood  alone,  und  then  as
' conditions Changed, il  was seen again
a.-  ,-.;,.   nf a  four-gun  battery, all  ol
which  pointed seaward.    Around this
first   battery   others  then   took   their
To all  Eastern  points In Canada and  United  States.    Tickets on  salo
dally until September 80th.   final return limit October Slit, 1914,
Choice  of  route.
save time on your Eastern trip by leaving New Westminster
ni 4:26 p.m., making direct connection al Everett, Wash.
ORIENTAL    LIMITED,   through    train    to   Chicago,    "Service   of
the but."   visit Qlacler National Part "where enjoyment is Immense
at   a   minimum   expense."
Tickets sold on all Trails-Atlantic lines.
Passenger Station
Phone 263
The Bank of Vancouver
��� ranch** Throughout tha  Province of  Brttlah Columbia.
Saving* Department at all Hra;:ch_,e Deposit* of One Dolla.- aad
upwards received and Intereit at tbe highest currant rata paid or
credited half yearly.
Orafta and Travellera' Chequea s-.Id. payable tn all parts of li*
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, Gereral Manager.
Me*   Wettmlntter   Branch: A. W. SLACK, Manager.
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria   From    Vancouver.
In  "ii a in	
2:')<)   p.m	
11:45   p.m	
.. .Daily
For Seattle
10:30 am	
.   Daily
Cheap fares for ail return tickets to Eastern noi nts, nn sale
beginning June 1st Cood to return  up to Oct   I'.lst.
Cor  particulars  apply  to
E. GOULET. Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie. G.P.A.. Vancouver
11 un p.m. daily except Saturday
11  is p in Saturday
For   Nanaimo
li. ii in   and 6:30 p.m.  ...  Daily
Nanaimo. Union Bay. Comox
8   j in    Thursday   and   Saturdav
Vancouver,   Union   Bay.   Powell
11:45 pin Every Saturday
Prince Rupert. Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
11  OOp.m    Wednesdays
For Gulf  Island  Points.
fiiifl a.m. Tuesdays for Victoria,
calling  at  points  lu  Calf  Isl.
To   Alaska   .   ..Kvery   Saturday
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A cordial invitation is given the ladies of New Westminster io
visit the salesrooms of the H. C. Electric, in the company's terminal
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Cook ing and  Household appliances.
These appliances greatly lessen the labor of the housewife, promoting both lier comfort and convenience. They are always ready
lor service, operating on connection with any household socket. The
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Electric Cooking Applances Just meet your summer demands as
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range Fully ..evenly-live per cent of your summer cooking can he
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New   Westminster  Salearooms,  B.C. Electric Block, Columbia 4. Eighth
Special Excursions
Five Days C_)0 Glacial, Island
including; \ \\ Mountain and
Meals and Berth. *��*-"-' Forest Scenery
S.S.    "I'rince     Rupert"    sails S S.    "I'rince    Ceorge"    sails
Monday midnight, August 3, 10, Thursdays,  midnight,  August 6,
I",   _1.  31. 13, 20, HT.
Iloat . remain al. I'rince Rupert one day. affording an opportunity
oi seeing the new Grand Trunk Pacific city.
Parlor rooms separately or en suite, with or without private
bath, etc., at an additional cost.    Staterooms en suite  without extra
II. 0   SMITH. C.P   and T.A, C, K. .TI.NNi.Y. fl Al' 1),
I'hone Sey, su ... ...7 GranvlDi St., Vancouver, lie a*.    .u,_g
.___.���     - -1 MPCMtP.
biggest Drug Store la  B.C   Any
Drug   Wholesale   or   kelull.
New Westminster.
The Jeweller
Canadian Law Provides
For Compulsory Service
Under Terms of Militia Act Kvery Man Between Eighteen
and Sixty May Be Called Out in Defense
of the Empire.
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Whole-sale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Cement,
Washed Gravel and the Best Concrete Sand in B.C.
Lime, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and the hardest and
toughest crushed rock in thc country. Rip-rap
Rock a specialty.
In view of possible military emergency on both the
Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Canada it is as well to bear i
in mind that the Canadian militia act provides for gen-j
eral compulsory service.   Should the   German   cruisers!
sighted off the St. Lawrence or the Leipzig, which is reported to be steaming towards Vancouver Island, make!
any trouble the militia forces would in all probability have
to be increased.  The militia act provides for just such an i
emergency, and no doubt the following clauses will be
found interesting.   First as to liability to service, clause
10 enacts as follows:
"All the male inhabitants of Canada, of the age of
18 years and upwards, and under 60, not exempt or dis-!
qualified by law, and being British subjects shall be liable for service in the militia provided that the governor-1
general may require all the male inhabitants of Canada1
capable of bearing arms serve in a case of a lev^e eni
Use of Ballot.
This act goes further than this, for it provides for
I the drafting of men by ballot to complete a corps   for
training, as set out in clause 26:
"When men are required to organize or complete a
; corps at any time, either for training or for an emergency and enough men do not volunteer to complete the quota
required, the men liable to serve shall be drafted bv ballot..'"
Order of Drafting.
Clause 15 gives the several classes of the militia and;,
the order in which they shall be called out.
The male population liable to serve in the militia'
shall be divided into four classes:
The first class shall comprise all those of the age of!
eighteen years and upwards, but under thirty years, who
are unmarried or widowers without children.
The second class shall comprise all those of the age
of thirty years and upwards, but under forty-five years,
who are unmarried or widowers without children.
The third class shall comprise all those of the age of
eighteen years and upwards, but under forty-five years,.
, who are married or widowers with children.
The fourth class shall comprise all those of the age
of 45 years and upwards, but under sixty years.
These said several clauses shall be called upon   to j
serve in the order in which they are referred to in this
' section.
' Exemptions.
The following exemptions are provided for in clause
"The following persons only shall be exempt from liability to service in the militia:
Members of the kings privy council of Canada; judges of all courts of justice; members of the executive councils of provinces; deputy ministers of the federal and
provincial governments; clergy and ministers of all re-
! ligious denominations; telegraph clerks in actual employ-
j ment; officers and clerks regularly employed in the collection of the revenue; wardens and officers of all public prisons and lunatic asylums; members of the naval
i militia: members of the police force and fire brigade per-i
imenantly   employed in  incorporated  cities,   towns  and
i villages; professors in colleges and universities and teach-;
ers in religious orders; persons disabled   by   bodily   or|
mental infirmity; the only son of a widow being her only!
support: pilots and apprentice pilots during the season
of navigation.
Penalties of Refusal.
Once a man has been drafted he is compelled to serve.
Clause 114 provides as follows:
Every person of whom information is required by
any officer making any roll, in order to enable such officer to comply with the provisions of this act, who, when
applied to by such officer:
(a) refuses to give such information.or;
(b) gives false information or;
(c) refuses to give his own name and proper information or; ��� ,    . , . ,   ,,
(<]) gives a false name or false information, or; shall
(a) for such item of information demanded or re-
lused; ��� . ,   . ,
(b) for such item of information falsely stated:
(c) for refusing to give his own name or proper information, or; ,
(d) for giving a false name or false information; m-
icur a penalty not exceeding twenty dollars.
Corner Fourth and Columbia Streets.
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Three   Members  of the   Local   Police
��� r-ce Are Anxious to Join the
Chief Bradshaw is liable to lone at
nasi three of his police officers within the next few days due to the war
in Europe, p. c. Walker has seen
service in the South African war and
following that was with the Koyal
Northwest .Mounted police. Walker
has signified his intention of joining
ihe veteran's contingent from the
it VW.M.P. which has been offered
to Premier liorden.
P. C. Sid-ley Bass is a member of
the reserve forces of Great Britain
aad is expecting word any moment to
rejoin the marines.
P. O. William Milne Is anxious to
get away and as long ago as Sunday
offered his services to Lieut-Col.
l-��<rkie of the Vancouver Seaforth
Highlanders in order to join the company which Is expected to leave for
England immediately to become affiliated with the Stafor'.hs of the permanent force.
(Continued KrOni Page One.)
tai two or three times the number required up to the present time hy the
military department   The minister of
militia  Is arranging to have only the
best men chosen from the standpoint
��if physical    and    military  qualifications.    Every   man   will  have  to  submit to n rigorous medical examination
and his ability to .shoot straight will I
also be n determining factor.   Other
Considerations   being    equal     officers'
and rri'-n will be selected in tlie follow-'
in;.*: order:
Qualifications Necessary.
Unmarried  men. married  men with- j
out   families   and   married   men   with j
families.    Except in special cases the
age limit will be IS to  .5 years.    Men
Who arc now  in  the reserves or who I
are not actively attached to the militia ���'
but who have had military experience (
are   eligible   to   enlist.     Kach   officer
will tabulate the names In full, giving
rank, age and  nationality.    The  minister desires to make the force as rep-'
reseutative   of   Canada   and   all   sec- j
tions of tiie  Dominion   will   be  given '
equal opportunity in regard to enlist-1
ment.    The only consideration  in- the I
weeding out  process  will   be  that   of!
���efficiency.    No definite    plans    have
yet  been  made  for the  raising of n j
second army division later if required,:
hut  there   is   little  doubt   that  ir  the
war is protracted, and a further force
is  needed  it can  be  readily raised.
Hundreds of Volunteers.
Apllcations   from   volunteers   of   all
ranks and classes continue to pour Into
the department,   The list of messages:
received include several from Hon. J.1
C Clifton. Jos.   Lyon, Toronto;   Lady ,
rirumrapml,   Montreal     and     veterans ,1
Mil   mintta  officers, by   the  hundreds'"
in all parts of the country.
Sir .lames Atkins telegraphed from!
Winnipeg that he was ready to raise a
whole brigade. Lady Drummond who
is now on her way to Montreal on
the Calgarian, sent a wireless offering
fn hear the expenses of six or eight
trained nurses to acocmpan.v the Canadian forces.
London, Aug. ... -The admiralty announced this afternoon that a special
dispatch boat would be placed at the!
disposal of the German ambassador
tomorrow In order to permit him to;
have British territory.
Telegraphic communication between j
Kngland   nnd   Germany   and   Austria
Hungary Is entirely cut off.
Toronto, Aug. ... - Prominent millers
here have not advanced flour prices
further, and say that if the highways
of the sea are not kept open by the
Hritish navy, supplies will pile up in
Canada to such an extent that prices
_.II1 drop and the bottom go out of the
The following resolution passed by
tbe Conservative association regard
m? Canadian naval defense, speaks
for Itself.
To the rinbi honorable Sir Itnbert
Borden, n. c   M. (;,. Ottawa, Canada.
Th* Conservative association of
New Westminster unanimously endorses your prompt action in tlie present
crisis nnd li--.ii-f._T. commend- your
policy to purchase warships for ser-
v,c with the British fleet in defend
m_ tlie empire You have the unanimous mipporl of all Iiritish Columbiana
.V.   S.   HANS KOIt I).
Secretarj   nf Conservative assocla-
mi of New  Westminster
(Continued ."rom Page One.)
brought on nervous prostration. She
was well enough tn attend the we<\
"ding of her second daughter, now
Mr.. Wm. C McAdoo, but her recuperative power., were noi lasting.
Stomach trouble added to her nervous ailment and Blight's disease developed. Three weeks ago she seem
< d to rally and was well enough to
v.ilk,. Supported bj a nurse in the
hlute house ground.-. She watched
-. th satisfaction us gardeners laid
<��� ��� the la-t of the Italian gardens
\w,ich slie had planned for the south
I . -ii. of the executive mansion.
!>ay and night the family lias
<������ ;. lied anxiously over her for tin
pa- few days. Yfsterday her pulse
Lionped beating for a rew moments.
��� n and other restoratives were
i il Early toda*- . he seemed
,     at better but late today grew
������  Change for the Worse.
he  president, always most   sensi-
���ib   it  exaggerated  reports aboul
ib-i    of his family, authorized no
nouiicemenl about Mrs. Wil-
August Housefurnishing Sale
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Bookcase Special.
Sectional Bookcase; in fumed oak; three sections; top and base, complete; regular Slp.ftO. Cl O Cft
Special   *9 ' ������������
Davenport   Special.
Pullman  Davenport Bed;   in  solid  fumed  oak  frame;   upholstered   In
chase  leather;   has cotton-fell   mattress:   reg.   ,.!>..ft       C9Q  *_t\
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Dining Chairs:   in  ripple  oak;   early  Knglish   finish;   full  box  seat;
a well braced chair; in four different designs; reg. $2.25.    fl��4    4 A
Sale  Price, each    ^ I ��� I U
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Dresser; solid oak: golden or fumed finished; three drawers; large
bevel plate mirror;  regular $2ti.0f'. C1Q  CO
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ther dealer
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Chiffonier to match above die.ser;   has six drawers and  bevel plate
mirror;   regular  $16.50.
Sale Pric.	
Dresser in  princess style;  solid oak;   fumed or golden  finish;   22x2'i
bevel plate mirror;  three drawers;   regular $25.00. CIO  CA
Sale I'riee  # I 5f .OU
Four-drawer Dresser; surface oak finish; reg. $18.00.
Sale Price 	
Four-drawer  Dresser;   golden  finish:   reg.  $14.25.
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White Knamel four-drawer Dresser;  reg. $1840.
Sale  Price  	
White Knamel Chiffonier, lo match above; reg. $.3...0.
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Steel Beds;  while enamelled;  regular $16.00.
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Itegular $15.26  values.
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Steel   Beds,   in   Vernis   Martin   and   White   Knamel.
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Regular $12.50 value.
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Regular $*..r,f.  value.
Sale Price  	
Wash  stands;   golden   finish;   regular  $4..10.
Sale Price  	
Dresser:  golden  finis'..:   three long drawers;   reg   $0.7...
Sale Price  	
Bedroom Tables:     regular $2.00.
Sale Price        	
Brass Beds.
Regular $30.00 value
Sale Price  	
Regular $22.50 value.
Sale Price  	
Regular $13.50 value
Sale Pric   .'	
Kitchen Tables; ;  20x47.
Sale Price  	
Kitchen Tables;  ^4\:ni.
Kitchen  Treasure:   regular  $6.50,
Sale Price 	
Kitchen   Cabinet,   complete;   includes   base   with   drawers  and   bins,
top has  shelves  with  glass doors;   regular  $13..'0. CQ   7C
Sale Price   ��PO_ I mi
Kitchen   Cupboards:   China   cupboard   above   and   large,   roomy   cupboard wilh two drawers in lower section-   reg   $12 CQ  Cft
Sale  Price    tSOaOU
Kitchen  Chairs.     Priced  at
65c,   75c,   $1.00  and	
Snaps on the Carpet Floor
Real Genuine Value in Hearth Rugs.
A very good quality Hearth Rug; in new colors and designs; specially
suitable for parlors and bedrooms, size '.7x54. regular QC#*
11.25.    Sale  Price     VWC
$3.50 Axminster  Rugs to Sell  for Only  $2.50.
These rugs are made of the very besi Axminster carpel;  size J7\>;
actual  $2.50  value. ��A   Cft
Special  Price    ��?____9U
Wilton Rugs.
The excellent ciualily. colorings and designs of these Rugs give them
a place in everj  well furnished home:
Size 27x54;  regular $5.75. �� j|   "je
Special   Price    94a I 0
Size 36x6..; regular $8.26. C7  TC
Special  Price   ��? f ��� f O
Stair Carpet.
A very strong hard-wearing carpet; 18 inches wide: suitable for stairs
*md halls; pattern the same on both sides:
18  inches  wide;   regluar 4fic  pej- yard.
Price per yard   	
22',��   inches   wide:   reguiar  60c   per  yard
Price per yard   	
27 inches wide;   regular  60c  per yard.
Price per yard   	
Tapestry Rugs.
A   splendid  opportunity   to  secure  a   good   Rug  ai  a   great  Baving:
Size 4-6x6-6  feet
Sa le  Price     	
Size 6-0x0 feet,
S.ile   Price    	
Size 7-6x0 feet.                                                            *
Sale    Price    	
Size 0x0 feet.
Sale   Price   	
Size  9x10-6  feet.
Sale Price  	
Sizo 9x12 feet.
Sale   I'riee   	
Size 10-6x12 feet.
Sale   Price   	
Size   10-6x13-6   feet.
Sale   Price   	
....   ....... r
Tapestry Carpet.
Suitable   for  stairs   and   halls:   a   large   variety   of   patterns; in   red,
green and faun;  27 inches wide;  regular 7_r. iZfta.
Per yard    OUC
Carpet Sweepers.
A Carpet Sweeper once  used  is always used.     It  sweeps  thoroughly.
makes no noise and raises no dust. CO TC
Price    $3. (0
Special Bargains in Tapestry Carpet.
A carpet of tbe finest quality tapestry;  made to suit a  room 8  feet .;
inches by  12 feet.    This Is  regularly   sold  at $16.00
For    '	
Window Shades.
Made of special oil opaque cloth;  green and cream combination;   I"
inches wide and six feel long,  lilted to Hartshorn  roller. T/ft
regular B6c.    Sale  Price                               ... I UC
Inlaid  Linoleum.
A   heaw  duality of Inlaid   Linoleum;   in  artistic  design, for 'lining
rooms, halls and kitchens;   regular $1.25 quality, for, aa
per  square  yard     %/UC
Hall   Runners;   Regular  $7.50;   Sale   Price,  $4.50.
These Hall Rugs arc the very best Brussels carpet;  green, fawn and
blue combinations;  size 9 feet bv 3  feet. 0 inches. * j|   g_ft
regular   $7.60,   for    ��?4_9U
Axminster Squares; Size 8-3x11-6 Feet; Reg. $45; Sale Price, $28.50.
These are seamless Axminster Rugs, villi a deep, heavy pile; suitable for drawing room, dining room and parlor.
Pro. Brussels Rugs.
An  excellent   wearing  rug  for bedrooms  and  living rooms:
Size  9x9   fi-'et;   regular  $8.50,
Size 9x10-6 feet;  regular $9.50,
for    ����� 	
Size  9x12  feet;   regular $10.75,
Brussels Border Carpet.
Regular  $1.26,  $1.50  and  $1.75  qualities.
Sale  Price,  per  yard   	
Verandah Shades.
These are th" well known  Vndor Sliades, specially designed  for those
wishing extra fine sliades for verandahs or sleeping porches:
Size 1x7-0 feet;  regular $4.76,
legular $6.60,
regular  $6.00,
i 0x7-6
regular   $7.60,
Very Special Values
in Stoves, Ranges
and Heaters
The Alert Cask Cookstove; for
wood only; four-hole; spec ial I >
adapted to small houses or
camps;   two    sizes.    Kach
The "Pippin" Steel Cookstove;
for coal or wood; a Urge roomy
oven stoves, with full steel body
and cast top; a splendid baker
hikI moderately priced; a stove
that is unequalled at thc price;
two slzeij, at
$15.50, $18.00
The Radium Steel Range; a
handsome six-holed blued steel
body range: large firebox; Duplex grate; well finished and
fitted with fuel saving devices
that makes It the most economical fuel burner; a range that
will give every satisfaction and
priced to suit those of moderate
means:   two sizes at
$25.00, $28.50
Household Necessities That Will Save
Time, Labor and
The    Thermo    Washer;     the
strongest and simplest washing machine on the market,
guaranteed lor two years; regular $12.00. ��Q 7|-
Price   *Wm7. 19
The Velox Water Power Washer will do your washing better
and quicker by simply attaching to the kitchen faucet: easy
lo operate and nothing to set
oul   of  order;     regular    $18.in'
f $16.50
The Royal Canadian Wringer;
made with a heavy hardwood
frame and full ll-inch ajlld
rubber rolls, will fit squan or
i-Olina tubs:   guaranteed for fvo
IXL.T. $4.50
The Kze Wringer: 11-inch Solid
rubber rolls; covered cogs . 11 rl
Ulll Hearings: gnarante .,! I >.���
two  yearn _t_Z  CA
Special    #0.911
A Special Bargain.
Three      stock    pattern     Dinner
Sets;   in  blue band, green  band
or  pink  rosebud  decoration;   in
fine Crown  Porcelain:
97-plece Set.-;   reg. $20.    C1C
Per sei       919
50-piece Sets; reg. 4*��* QC
$10.50. Per (iet. . -PD.99
40-piece Thin' China Tea Sets;
in neat floral decoration: in
pink   or  green:   regular    $6.60,
It $4.50
Seamless Bottom Nickelled Tea
Kettles: specially priced for
this sale:
No.   7 $1.50
No.   8 $1.75
No.   9 $2.00
Nickelled Copper Tea or Coffee
;i-pint size       $1.15
4-pint  size  .$1.35
First     Quality     Gray     Enamel-
Lipped Saucepans, each, 15c,
20c, 25c, 30c. 35c and.. 40c
Straight       Covered     Saucepan.-,
25c,   30c,  35c,  45c  and 60c
Double    Itice   Boilers,   75c,   Mc.
$1.15   and    $1.35
Convex   Covered     Kettles,     45c.
60c. 75c and        $1.25
Covered Kneading Puns, $1.25.
$150   and         $2.00
Special Reductions on
Bedding, Blankets and
Comforters for this Sale
Important to our Country
Customers���We Pack,
Ship and Prepay Freight
on Every Purchase
son's health, lie had hoped that she
might recover. Today, however.
there was a change.
While public, officials admitted the
gravity of the patient's condition and
revealed that while they were hoping
againsi hope, the end _n- dangerously near.
Til. strain of her duties as
of th-' white house and hei
tiring efforts to hi Ip man
known and friendless person
appeal, d to her. are s.nd to be direct
ly responsible for her breakdown
Mrs. Wilson received many delega
lions which her hii-band  was loo busy
to si e.
Lends Counsel  an.   Advcie.
She  lends  her counsel  and  advici
on many a  weight,   subject of Btate
Miss   Helen    Woodrow     Bo     the
president's counsin, who lias been Mv
na  in  the  Wilson  household  for the
mlsl re *.
inwi un
a.'i    rn
who ni-
Miist two y��ar.. and has been devoting
her lime and personal help <,; \irs.
Wilson, broke down reoentlj and livery ill she, too, is suffering from
nervousness and the inner white
house for ii week haa held a story of
heartfelt grief In, the president of the
United States
Mis  W  a   McAdoo, youngest dauch
ter nl  the presldi nt, ha ���  n  In the
ell ��� constant!; and li is hei n al tin
vhlti house daily Mr- Franc!.
I'.' i ������- Saj re, .-��� eonri d mghter. ami
hu.b.nd. arrived todaj from Cornish,
N   M    and Mlsa Margaret Wilson   the
1 elderi  'l-iii-.hr. r,  returned n  ew  daj -
agi ' .
Arrnteur   Finish ny.
1 hi    li' hi '   Is   our   motto.     Let     l?
provi   ii     Leave a film at  the Curtis
Dnrg  Store  to  be  fhii.hi d  b)   Homei
E.  !'' (3728)
Two   Submarines   Bought   in     Seattle
Before   War Was   Dccl.rcd  Are
Now  at   Esquonalt
Ottawa, Aug. 5. A Canadian navy
In being got together under the naval
���j i vice set Of ll'Hi as quickly as iiossi-
be under the preseni circumstances.
It w;>s announced by the government
todiy ti'.it two submarines which ax<
just  built nt  Seattle  foi   the govi rn-
ment of Chill have been purchased.
! The purchase was made (juletly a few
! days ago, before the actual declaration of war and the boats are already
at Beqtlimalt Steps are being taken
to man them with naval reservists
within Canada.
Special  Officers.
A   lew   Special officers are being obtained from  the    Iiritish    admiralty.
With the  Rainbow,  which  is now In
I command, tlie.e two submarines will
i form a  very  valuable defence against
'anv  possible  raids from  (Ierman   vessels, which may be detached from the
'lei mini squadron now  on the Pacific,
On   the   Atlantic   coast,   the   Call   for
: naval reservists to man the Niobe has
mei  with a prompt  response and the
cruiser  will  be  in  command   within
a I'i w  days,    r.nliaiiii in will he asked
to pass a vote (or the two submarines
purchased   irom  Chill   aa  soon  as  It
meets.     Details as
armament are not
to  their cos.
given   out,
Brussels, Aug. ... I.e People asserts
that in t'.ie fighting between Germans
and Belgians near Vise, a platoon of
Prussian cavalry was almost annihilated by an enfilading fire of lhe
Belgians from a building on the bank
of the river. The Prussians in revenue, the newspaper says, fired on
Al I'lemnlle. near Argentau. a Belgian force surrounded a body of Prussians and killed 70 out of 10 officer.,,
an 1 80 men. The Belgian losses writ-
two officers killed and lu men
London, Aug. 5.    field Marshal Karl
Kitchener   has   been   appointed   secretin y  Of  .state   for  war.


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