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The New Westminster News Aug 24, 1914

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Volume 9,    umber 145.
Splendid Response Made by Canada to the Call ef the
Emipre in Her Hour of Danger���All Party
Strife Is Dropped.
Servians Rout
Austrian Army
Ottawa, Aug. 2:. -The special w��r
session of parliament, which only lasted r;v�� dsys,, was prorogu -d on Saturday afternoon by tbe Duke of Con-
naught. He was accompanied by the
Duchess snd Princess Patricia was
also present. The Duke appeared In
khaki uniform as at the opening, and
lhe guard of honor were In service
The closing moments In the house
of commons will never be forgotten
by those present.   The feeling of solemnity throughout thc nation st the
present hour, with    fanada    joining
wltb  Oreat  Britain  tn  the  most  terrific  struggle Europe has ever seen,
an.   sending  In  a  few days a large j
contingent to the scene of the  war,
was  rclsted by  members on    either
���Ide.    Some spoke under strong emo- I
lion and never before ln  the life of
the   Canadian   parliament   was  there
Witnessed  such  absolute   unity    and i
Opposition Approves.
Hen. George P. Oraham. speaking
in the temporary absence of Sir Wil- |
frid I��surier, gave entire approval of
everything the government had done
to meet tne present critical situation.
He spoke of the men who were going
forth to fight for their country and
for the empire in s cause which Canadians believed to be just and right
and he was partially overcome as he
remarked that he would have liked
to have been personally represented
at the front, and but for an act of
providence would have been able to
scud a son
session in tbe bouse of commons
opened with some desultory questions
which elicited (rom Col. Sam Hughes,
who was present in uniform, lbe
statement tbst 10,000 troops would
be in camp at Valcartier today and
tbat no man would- be sent abroad in
a Canadian force unless he volunteered fpr sucb. Col. Hughes said there
were 100.000 volunteers for active service, although only 22,000 men were
needed at present. "They are climbing on the trains so persistently thst
we can't keep them off," he declared
amid cheers
All Differences Forgot.
"1 feel the solemnity of the hour,"
(Continued on  Psge Two.)
Nearly 200,000 Troops Opposed Serbs and Are
Servia, Aug. 23. via l-ondon���Tbe
following communication was made
public here today:
"After the great Servian victory
the Austrians fled in complete disorder before tbe Servian pursuit.
'The 01st, the 102nd, the 110th and
the 2Stb Austrian regiments bave
been completely routed. The commander ln chief of the 21st division
of Austrian Infantry was killed, as
wss also the commander of the 28th
"Seventeen Austrian crafts have
been sunk by tbe Servlsn snidery.
"The details of the great battle of
August .20 are only now becoming
known.* The Austrian forces were
composed of nine divisions and numbered nearly 200,000 men. Tbe Servians were much Inferior in numbers,
bul showed great heroism. The handling ot their artillery, their superior
marching and endurance, their discipline and the accuracy of their fire
insured  them  victory.
During the flight the enemy committed atrocities In tbe villages of
llobrileh. Bogossavatz and Arashtz.
slaying women and children."
Brussels Is
Again Normal
Interesting   Extracts  from
Letters Written by British Soldiers.
London, Aug. 2_.���While, the movements of the British soldiers on the
continent are enveloped In secrecy,
the newspapers publish extracts from
letters  written  by  some of  them  at
Orders Received to Leave
This Morning for Point
on the bland.
Remainder   of   the    Regiment    Will
Leave During the Wsek���Rscrult-
ing W II Continue Hat*.
Wltb the overseas contingent on
tbeir way to Valcartier tbe remainder
of tbe regiment at Queens park camp
will get away this week, the first
unit of seven officers snd IM men
leaving at 8 o'clock this morning for
a point on the Island.
This contingent will be tn charge
of Major Coote, officer comman-TIng
tbe regiment, who will have with blm
as officers Capt. Caskey, Capt. Corbould and 1-ieuts. Cannicbael, Men
zies. Walker snd Rose.
On Weduesday it Is expected that
Captain and Adjutant P. H. Smith will
leave with an additional ISO men for
the Bame point, which will mean that
the regimental headquarters will also
be located on the Island. A small
force will remain In charge of the local camp, wben additional recruits
will  probably be taken on.
The departure of the overseas contingent has made a big hole tn the
regimental stores and some difficulty
will be experienced before additional
recruits can be outfitted.
The  uniforms wort}  by  tbe  active
Safety of City and Preservation of Inhabitants Is
Russians Win Fierce Fight
On The German Frontier
Desperate Encowiter Lasts for Four Days and Retreat of
Germans Resembles a Rout. \
  K    --       '
  , I the front which throw an interesting
Or. Mlchsel CIsrke also warmly en-|  )deUi(ht  ^  ,ne   situation      For   in-
New York, Aug. 1!..���From 10,000
to 12,000 men In this country wil! be
affected by the instructions from Kngland requesting that Hritish reservists be notified and asked to return
home for army service, it was estimated by British consular officials to-1 aery\ct} meB wlll Htan(1 , ehin(x of ^
dor.ed the steps taken by the government and spoke In a non-partisan and
patriotic strain.
Sir Robert Borden expressed the.
gratitude and deep appreciation of the
government for the attitude of the
resistance ot the Belgians ln holding
resistance of the eBlgisns In holding
back the Germans at tremendous
sacrlfic while the allies were preparing to meet them.
Words ef Patriotism.
Sir Oeorge Poster rose to the occasion, and in words of the loftiest
patriotism, referred to the unity that
prevailed thronahout the country In
lace  of  the  present  danger and   ex-
 light on ^^^^^^^
stance, a sergeant writes
"The Germans seem to have pushed
their worst troops on the firing line
in Belgium, under the Impression thst
anything was good enougb to beat the
A private writes: "Our great difficulty Is to get away from the Krench
villager* who offer us wis*.- After
what Kitchener said, most of us are
strict teetotallers and will remain so
until   the  end   of   the   war."
Another private writes: "German
prisoners were astonished to see our
uniforms. They never Imagined that
we had crossed."
A  corporal   writes:    "German   spies
It wss said that some reservists
would likely be sent bsck on the
available snips from this port, but
the probability pointed to numbers ot
them being concentrated at Halifax,
N. B.i thence to be taken across ln
quick time by tbe swift Cunarder
pressed his confidence In the valor of j �� pi__ai_x.   They come in all dls
the c anadian troops and the triumph       , * �� ,ravf,���      monk;
o   Hght, whether Britate and her a- J cnmmerclal   (rav*Uer..    a
T   . <T10"8 '" thp  ,lr��l **!   third  wanted   to  be  attached  to our
te or the first campaign, or whether T
I   took  years before the right even-       ,      . d   ,   ^      b p^u���
tnally prevailed. '	
In   all,   eight   bills   were  passed   at I
the five days war session and assent- I,  **"����� *��*���  -���������'   A despatch to the
 ���-- j..-.- -..  f������. I I'etit I'arlsienne .ays that the trench
War May Be Declared With-
in a Few Days���Tension
Is Acute.
ed to by H. It.  H., the duke of Connaught on Saturday.   They were:
An act to conserve the commercial
snd financial Interests of Canada; un
act to confer certain powers upon the
governor In council and to amend the
immigration act; an act respecting
Dominion notes; an act to amend the
customs tariff of 1907; an net to
amend the inland revenue act; nn act
to amend the naturalization act; an
act to Incorporate the Canadian patriotic fund and an art for granting
to his ms(psty aid for military and
naval defence.
Every Man a Volunteer.
The closing  hour  of the afternoon
troops along the northern frontier
have assumed the offensive in the
meat battle which began yesterday
between the French and Hermans
alone, the line from Namur to Char-
leroi. The despatch adds that thus
far   the   French  have   met   with   sue
Kdmonton. Aug. 2:1 -Fifteen thousand people bid farewell to the volunteers of the overseas contingent of
the 101st regiment, Kdmonton fusiliers.
There were 916 men in this contingent and BOO more will be sent next
ing lost in the shuffle at Quebec for
with thousands ol troops arriving
there from sections of the continent
the militia army service corps will be
exceedingly busy, perhaps too overworked to look after discarded wearing apparel.
Thia is tbe first time since he gained his commission with the regiment
| that Major Coote haa been able to
take command or the regiment. He
will probably have his work cut out
for linn during the next few weeks
as the departure of Captain Haines
and other officers with the oversees
force leaves him tew officers who
hsve bad very much service.
Ynsterday morning Rev. J. S. Hen-
-ei-jro, chaplain of the regiment, and
former pastor of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, held divine service
in the grandstand overlooking the
oval. Although no hymn books were
used, the members of the regiment all
  joined In singing well known hymns
Paris, via 1/ondon, Aug. 23, 1:45 p.| Ijkst night a wire was received
m. ��� There are Indications of acute dip-1 from Glacier announcing that every-
lomatlc tension between Vienna and thing was well with the New West-
Rome, according to the correspondent j minster forces on their way to Val
of the Petit Parish*n in the latter city, j cartier.
Austria, it is declared, has reproached 	
Italy for according facilities to the allied fleets in the Adriatic, and it Is
possible that a declaration of war between Italy and Autsria will be announced early next week.
The newspaper Eclair says today it
has learned tbat August 21 has been
fixed as the date upon which the general Italian mobilization will be ordered.
London, Aug. 23.���A Times despatch from Brussels says the German
commander. General Slxtos Von Arn-
iaa, caused lyesterdsy the following
proclamation to be placarded in Brussels:
"German troops will pass through
Brussels today and on following days
aad are obliged by circumstances to
demand from the city food, aad supplies. All these matters will be re
guuuiy arranged through the municipal authorities.
Furn'sh Supplies DemaadM.
**l expect the population to conform
without resistance to these necessities
of war, and particularly to commit
no act of agression sgainst the safety
of the troops and promptly to furnish
the supplies demanded. In every
case I give every guarantee for the
preservation of the city and tbe safety of the inhabitants. If. however,
there sbonld be, as unfortunately
there has been elsewhere, any act of
of aggression against tbe soldiers; the
burning of buildings or explosions of
any kind, I shall be compelled' to take
the severest measures."
An Interview yesterday between the
burgomaster of Brussels and and General Von Arnim had the following
Frse Passage for Germans'.
First, the German troops were to
have free passage through Brussels,
second, a garrison of 3000 men were
to be quartered in the Dailly and
Scbaebeen barracks; third, requisitions were to be paid for in cash;
fourth, there was to be respect for the
inhabitants and public and private
property; fifth, the management of
public affairs by tbe municipal administration was to be free from
German control.
"The Germans bave re-established
tramway, telephone and postal services. Trains are running toward
l-lege and even the telegraph with
Germany is working. The population
greet the burgomaster with enthusiasm, regarding him as the savior of
tbe city.
"The city remains quiet and dignified. Cafes are still open, although
two-thirds or the shops hsve been
shut. The cafes sre closed at nine
o'clock. Newspapers are not appear
lag.    The  milk supply  is failing.
y.MselsM Desired mm Armistice * Susy Their Oead hut Were neieme* ��
OerasaneiSustain enormous Leases and Arc Closely 4��nco_isrt *lf ��M Vic
teetcac Ruaclsns���Me Serious Collision Mas Occurred em *������ Art-ftt*
Frontier. *"       ~.
at. Petersburg. Aug. U. -Grand
Duhe Nicholas, commander in chief
of -_���� Ruastaa army, issued today the
following sti-tement:
"Battles la Bast Prussia, oa the
17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of August
were toughs wltb the utrooet desperation Tha spirit of the troops is excellent. Our hattie lines extend for
a distance of ever forty vents (about
26 miles.)
"The Russian troops occupied Gold-
spp snd Ayres. The retreat on the
20th of the German army corpe near
Lick resembled a rout. The money
confiscated from the treasury amounted to OOiiOO marks ($10,000). Tbe
enemy's troops are evacuating the
frontier la the vicinity of Wittenberg.
The German population is abandoning
the villa*** and fleeing northward.
"On the Austrian frontier up to
August 20, ao serious collision occur-
ed. The Randans forced an Austrian
battalion ta evacoste Burgadade and
"This  success  has  been   achieved
by General Kennenkamp's army.    It
Is a victory ef pent strategic value."
On  August  21)  the Germans  near
Gumbinnen engaged three army corps
and tried to envelope   the   Russisn
wing, where the fighting waa intensely fierce.   The Russians took the offensive ia the centre snd   captured
many guns.  The enemy demsnded aa
armistice in order to bury their dead,
but this was refused.   On August 21
victory  crowned  the  efforts of the
Russisn army.   The Germans, having
suffered enormous losses, are falling
back, pursued by the Russians."
Russians in Control.
London. Aug. 23, 8.05 p.m.���The correspondent   of   Reuter's    Telegraph
company at St. Petersburg eenda the
following official announcement -made
Wa have captured ataay guns.
Germane lost heavily aad vara compelled to retreat. Oar troopa are in
jKnwult of tbe enemy.
The Princess
Presents Flag
New Regiment Receives Colore Worked by Princess
Ottawa. Aug. 23.��� "I have great
pleasure in presenting yon with these
colors, which I have worked myself.
1 hope they will be associated with
what 1 believe will be a distinguished
corps. 1 shall follow the fortunes of
you all with the deepest Interest and
heartily wish every .nan good lock
and a sate return."
With these appropriate words. Princess Patricia presented oa Sunday
morning the colors to tbe new Infantry regiment which haa been named
after herself and ls commanded by
Col. Karquhar, military sear clary to
the Duke ol of Connaaght. The presentation came at the end ot the first
parade of the new regiment in Laas-
downe park. At the close of the oere-
monies there was. a march-out of the
regiment when the soldiers war* inspected by the Duke of Connaught.
Some 10,000 people braved tha rnln
to see tbe new crack regiment and
Allied Troops
Are Aggressive
Emperor Joseph
Reported Dying
Aged Ruler's Serious Condition Later Denied by a
> Rome Dispatch.
Faced   by  Entire  German
Army, Both Active and
London, Aug. 23. -A dispatch to the
News from Home says it was announced today In the Italian capital that
M. Delcasse, former foreign minister
if France, and Count Whitte. ex-
premier ot Russia, are at present in
Tarls   Aug. 23,-The Havas agency j tensive^ everywhere.   We are faced by
correspondent    telegraphs    that    ex. I almost the whole German army, both
The ground, especially on our side,
Paris. Aug. 23.���-11 p.m.- The follow-
! ing announcement was issued tonight:
"A great battle is now in progress
i.'ong a vast line extending from
��� Mons to the frontier of Luxemburg.
. Our troops are ln conjunction with
! tne British and have assumed the of-
Premier  Witte had  a conference to-;acj.'���   ^.f^6"0^
enthusiastically cheered the volunteers
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^aa- sr eft aa Princess Patricia and the
public in the Russian capital  today:   governor general.
"The  fights or the  last few days .    , i.
have resulted to a wholesale retreat I ��� ___ __k
of the Germans, giving tha Rnaalana IWILL LOAN BELGIUM
control of that part of Bast Prussia 1 ruucMfil.    AUA1TMV
beyond the Vistula river." IMNHiINSEi  AHUU-lT
1 Oermana Lees Guns. 1    London, Aug. 23.���A dispatch to the
London,  Aug.  23, 12.30  p.m.���The \Havas agency trom Parts says France
Russian consul here made public the
following report, sent by Grsnd Duke
Nicholas to St. Petersburg:
"After two dsys' battle the Russian
forces are  victorious.    We  were op-
and Great Britain have agreed to advance Belgium five hundred million
francs, $100,000,000, to enable ber to
face tbe necessities arising trom tho
war.    France and Great "Britain will
Expect lhe Bombardment of
Kiau Chow Commenced
Tokio, Aug. 88. The emperor of Japan today declared war against <.<���
day   with  tho   Italian  foreign  minister, Marquis de Sanguillano.
is thickly wooded and difficult.    The
batue  is likely  to last several days."
lin Europe has been circulated and
I hun Increased the confidence ot the
I defending   forces.     Th ^^^
! Kin Chow   has   issued
"If the enemy wishes Tsing
he must come and take it. lie will
find us at our post. We look confidently into the future and are well
prepared to receive   the enemy."
The  German   emperor  sent
sage to thc governor on  Aug.
... ,.       .    daring  him  to  defend  Tsing  Tau
Vancouver,  Aug. 23.���According  t0; the utmost
advices  received  hy  prominent Japa-     Toklo   Aug.   23,-The   linperla
nc.e last night the mikado s navy was | scrit)l  declaring   war   upon   Germany
readiness to attack Klan (how with- lggued   thjs   afternoon      lt   offl.
an hour of thc time set for the ex- ola���y inaUguratba hostilities in the far
piratlon of the ultimatum to Germany. eMt as ft reault of Q6nw_ny'a fallurt
This occurred at 10:110 o clock last;lo reply to ^ Jupa���ese ultimatum.
night, and the Vancouver .1. paneso are |    cheOT|ng crowd8 assembled today be-
~":J "*' ,h�� nU,"'k startei1 "J* fore   the   buildings   occupied   by   the
w "n I rionartment    of    foreign    affairs and
governor   of
i mes-
19 or
Over One Million Men Battle
For Supremacy on Belgium Soil
Terrific Struggle for Supremacy Now Under Way
tween Allies and German-Austrian Troops-
Immense Battle Front-
later than 11 o'clock last night,
the BiiperdreadnouKht Kongom in the
van. They are expecting confirmation
of this news from Japan as any moment.
Handed His Passport
London, Aug.  2., 3:04  p.
Japanese embassy
I department    of      ^^^^^^^
the administration of the navy
proach    v.... 	
vailed during the war with  Itussia.
Count von Hex, the (Ierman nmlias
\dot, has heen handed his passports
for   America
London, Aug
::',(! p. m.
A de
spatch to the Havas agency Irom Ostend says the llelgian minister of Jus-
censored   dispatches,   have   faced   to
the north, below  and on the Sanibrc-
____________________  with   the  right  flank  resting  on  the
tice declared today that all forts at! Meuse and the "point" or head ol
Liege and Naiinir were still in the [their position at the strongly fortl-
hands  of  the  Belgians, j fied elty of Namur where the Meuse
The gieat battle of the invasion of; and Sambre meet
Paris. Aug. 23.���A despatch this afternoon from Rome quotes the mee-
sagerro of that city to the effect that
Emperor I'rancls Joseph of Austria
is dyiug and that Prince William of
.V'i.d. has fled from  Albania.
Paris, Aug. 2:1.. 7.25 p. m.���A despatch trom the Havas agency from
Rome says the correspondent bss
learned from an authoritive source
that the Prince or Wied has not left
Durazzo. Albania, but tbat two of his
sons have departed.
Paris, Aug. 2... 10.-3 p.m.���A despatch to the Havas agency from Home
says the foreign office there denies
the report in circulation that it has
received news ot the grave illness
of Kinpeior V'rancis Joseph.
Paris, Aug. 23.���A despatch to the
Havas   agency   from    Vilna.     Russia,
says  an  announcement  from  an  authoritative source sets forth that  the
Russians, after  their  victory  at  tluii-,
binnen. Kast Russia, successfully pur- j
siifd   the  Germans   and   occupied   In- I
sterbuerg. Germany, thirty miles from ;
I the  Russian  frontier in the direction
I of Koenlgsburg. nil  Important seaport
j on the Gulf of Han. ig
' Ottawa, Aug. 88,- Ottawa's quota of
infantrymen for the overseas contingent was given a rousing sendoff on
Saturday afternoon. Three hundred
men of the 43rd regiment and the Governor General's Kootguurds entrained
for  Valcartier.
posed by three German army corps.'each provide half ot thia loan.
I . Ml,. I     ,1
104th Fusiliers Depart
Amid Great Enthusiasm
As they Marched Through Streets Cheer upon Cheer
Arose froiA Thousands Lining Line of March.
The Members of the Oversees Contingent Left the Reysl City in the Best
of Spirits, Fully Determined to Do Their Duty to the City and Country	
Hampers of Oslicscies Presented  Each of ths Volunteers Before Their
Departure���Will Proceed Direct to Valcartier, Nsar Quebec.
���enlng there was lantern processions! The gieat battle of the invasion o.
.rough the streets. The popularftfelglum is being lough, in the ingle
__?��_in.l ns   however, do    not   ap-  of   the   Sambre   and     Meuse     rivers
^cr'thHnSasm   which   pre- which meet at Nunur, M-mUj. we.
Japanese  embassy   today   announceujlN%d0)   ,,.,. ,���.,,��� ���������,���.��� ,,N ,.,���: ^
that Japan had declared war against H���  pr���i)flhly   will  leave  for  America
Germany,    The German  government e|tner on tne Minnesota sailing Aug.
at   noon   today   handed   his   passports  ���-_  ,���.  ,.���,   Manchurla   which   departs
in  the .lap.'inese  i.mbassador, ,,��� ���,��� mh      George W. Guthrie, the
to the Japa..
War Declared at Noon
Washington,  Aug.  23, 7-i.f  a.
American  ambassador,   will  represent
Germany.'The diet has been convoked
_,      . .     .     �����'T-w��i~������ fr-ri,. ,, In  special   session   for  Sept.   2.    The
'lhe Japanese embassy here knnOun ������ i Au8trgn cn,iser Kaiserine Elisabeth,
tfd that a state of war has exited which-lately was at Tsing Tsu, the
between Japan and Germany   since 8TOp0.j 0f Kiao-ehov., is reported tot
Japanese time,  and    ha    have sailed.    She probably wil'        '  A
of  war  was  issued  at!., m.utra, ))ort aml disarm.
Austria   Wlll   Keep  Out
0( Liege and about the same distance
southeast of Brussels.
According to an official announce
ment from Antwerp today this battk
SX tend Ing over a front of 20 miles
or   more   from   Nanuir   to   Charleroi
Tlle Meuse is a wide river all the
way through Belgium and the Sambre
is a river of no mean dimensions being almost a quarter of a mile wide
where it joins the  Meuse.
Apparently unable to effect a successful crossing of the Meuse between
Namur and Uinant, where they made
-  determined effort to turn t-- 	
having! morning.
London, Aug. 23.���'The Knglish papers are warning the people that the
war Is only beginning and that they
must be prepared for a long struggle
which will tax the resources and the
manhood of the nation to the utmost
Before one solid mass of humanity
stretching from the C. P. R tracks
on Front street to Eighth street and
from thence along Columbia towards
the Westminster Trust block, New-
Westminster on Saturday noon said
farewell to tlie first volunteer contin-
g.nt en route, with other Canadian
regiments, for Valcartier and the line
of battle iu Europe.
Similar scenes hii.1i us departure
of the few tbat represented the Royal
City during the South African campaign paled into insignificance. It
seemed as If all New Westminster
were out with hundreds of others
from   the surrounding  districts.
The boys went away in the best of
spirits. The tremendous enthusiasm
displayed when Ihe march "was started fiom Queens park to t,h.e time the
| Mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers
i were there: some broke down but
(these were few. the incessant cheer-
I ing doing its part to raise a spirit or
i optimism in order that the active ser-
. vice men should leave in the best of
! spirits.
I Above all this demonstration, liow-
| ever, was the feeling of seriousness
i of the situation. Through the wreaths'
of smiles on the faces of the boys in
j seal let. as they wended their way
i through the mass of humanity in or-
|der to reach tbe cars, could bs noted
; the do or die determination.
A change in the orders on Saturday resulted in the men being entrained at the Columbia street depot
Instead of at the park. Starting ont
at 1.45 o'clock tbe regiment, headed
by  the bugle  band,    marched   down
three  special cars  pulled' out of the   First street to  Leopold    Place   and
B.C.E.R.   depot   for   Vancouver,    left ,
little time for heart breaking scenes (Continued on Pace Four.)
noon  today.
ii   declaration
ti p. m.
go tO
TstngTau. China, Aug
preparations for the defence of rsing
nsaii and the territory of Ktao-chow is
complete.    News Of German  victories
It is believed this action will keep
Austria out of the war in the orient,
although     unforeseen    circumstances
(Continued on Page Four.)
lias been going on all day and tonight|of the allies,  the    German
there is no word of the result.    Thei maicliod    swiftly    through
battle    may    continue  two  or  three | Belgium and occupied  Brie
days  before  anything    decisive    hat
been   accomplished. '
Allies Choose Battle Ground.
The allies have rhosen this as the
battlefield on which they will meet
the advancing German army and I:
the kaiser's tree, s mn dislodge them
the road to Prunes will be open, sc
far as Belgian territory is concerned
The allies, from all that can be
Bothered  from    the    meagre,  heavily
Amsterdam.  Aug.  23, via  London
The  correspondent   Of   tlle  Telegraph j
at Antwerp,  telegraphs under today's
date that all of northern Belgium appears to have been evacuated by
flank I Germans,   l'p to io o'c'
'   "  he says, there was no indica-
an advance on Antwerp.
Sunday I
come of much thought by generals
commanding the allied armies. The
French army had no desire to march
far from the French frontier, yet lt
was  imperative to reach  as far out
(Continued on Pago Two.)
Truly, it is an ill-wind that blows nobody good. One
continent's "down" is another continent's "up." The industries of Europe are, generally speaking, at a standstill,
and matters will be worst before they can be better.
The whole world is looking to the North American
continent���to Canada and the United States���for much
Is. "^\T]^XlnondZZ..'.'.' "-' ' -. , ----- .        ________ ___-���
"'-._ in|sPpromient ^p9fi.ibPS;-tn-B peuple of Ant-j^^ ygjjfcfeg^cement, brick, earthenware, fancy goods,
tor a i *-pl p as ��*_��_  ! furs> giass, garments, paper, soap, tobacco, wood products
and much else.   Canada must get ready to meet the demand made upon her.   We have continued prosperity
ahead of us if our manufacturers and merchants rise
quickly to take advantage of their opportunity.
It is time for business hopefulness, net for business yloom.
northern ,tjon ofjojrnj-^- ^ ^ abtoto.^^^y^ machinery, textiles, boots and shoes, bev-
decided to attack the allie.l fi--��- �����������""�����      ���~ ���^^^ ���-��� > --  - .... ...__.    ________��� a
their chosen position. I
The  selection  of this  angle   for  a
battlefield seems to have been the out
Home, Aug. '22,., via Loudon.���The|
Avantl says today that th .-re has been
another naval engagement in the Ad- i
ristic. In which some Austrian ships
were sunk. The same paper says
thai Greece has despatched troops to
the aid of Servia lu her fight against
MONDAY, AUGUST  24,  1*14.
i lndepend.nt momU-f paper devoted to (he Interests of New Westminster and
er Valley.   Published every morning Wept Sunday by the National Printlns
ublishlus Company, Limited, st SI llcKsesie Street, New Weatmlnater. Britlah
Bbla. HOBB SUTHERLAND, Mansslns Director.
gium, but eleven ln all probability ure
available for the great assault.
This means about 4-0,000 men and
unless all the reports of the French,
English and Belgian forces are incorrect,   the  allies   should   have   almost
commercial master; Miss F. Graham,
H. J. Spurr, Miss S. L. Choney, assistants.
F. W. Howay School.
I.lv.l., I,, l-anihurt, principal;   niv.
Il��� Mlsa E. W. Hray;   Dlv. 111..  Miss
I un  equal  number of  men  to oppose] c. MtDougallj'piv. IV., Miss V. Cliris-
I this great force. topherson;   Dlv.  v.. Miss M. Wilson;
It is certain that     cavalry patrols  niv. VI.. Miss M. S. Homer; Dlv. VII.,
 _^       _   Ihavc  been  seen  in  the neighborhood] Miss 11.  Bradley:   Dlv.  VIII..  Mlsa M.
' wmr_.nl.at.o__. should be -rtd'-W.^ ^ TOe New" W-.tmlnet.r^News. sad not iof   Ghent,   Gruges   and   even   Ostend.  Godson;   Dlv. IX    Miss it. Aslibuine;
Uvldual members of ths staff.   Cheques, drafts, and money order, should be made, but that the GermaiiB have appeared ��hr, X., Miss E. -    Street.
, to Tbe National Printing aad Publlahlssi Company. Limited I1"    a��>     considerable  force   off   thej Lord  Kelvin School.
pELEPnONKS���Business Office snd Manager, ������; Editorial Rooms (all depart
��� 1. Ml.
.Sunsriill'TION RATES���By carrier, 14 per year, |1 for three months, 4tc per
Ith. Hv mall tl per ysar. tie per month.
Aliv I'M 1'ISI.N'O  RATIOS on application.
AUGUST 24,  1914.
MONDAY MORNING, -,���,_������.  ���,  ������.
ment  throughout Is due to a  failure, y|as ,���   n���j|; j)i
of the retreating Belgians to destroy  j,n-   jjll.   Miss .1
railroads and bridges behind  them.
Kngland is very serious today.
Everywhere tbe question is "will the
allied lines hold?" lt Is believed they
are being subjected to the great test
The seriousness of the situation is
evidenced in the conduct of all of the
high  government officials.    But they
^  insist they are confident of the final
blood taxes demanded from the oppressed populace already have written a',reBult'   Ad<Htlol>al reinforcements are
I believed to have been hurried across
What Kurope   and   the   world might espect from the Germans should
purees* crown their efforts to secure domination of the eastern hemisphere
p* presaged in the wantonly brutal conduct of their forces and the piratical
���n_.ttnCte.of their commanders since they first passed the Belgiun boundary.
Burgomeisters, mayors and civic officials shot, private citizens slaughtered in cold blood, whole towns demolished in the fury of vandalism and
Strait of Dover, seems Impossible here'    djv,  I���  F.  O.  Canfield,    principal;]
It ls considered  that tbey  would  be' ]>jv. II., (1. 8. Summers; Dlv. 111.. An-j
too  far   removed  from   their  line  of] drew  Taylor;  Dlv. IV., Miss J. Ross:
communications and that no good pur-  |);V   v.,  Miss O   linnford;     Div.  VI.,'
pose could be served by anything more m)u c. Smith;    Div.   VII.,    Miss li.
important than a raid. I llowell;   Dlv.  VIII..  Miss C.   Rennie;
The rapidity of the German  move-1piv   ix., Miss G   Koblnson;  Dlv.    X,.
chapter in history which never wlll be silencd in its condemnation of the
Kaiser William's inherited policy of "blood and Iron."
Overweening militarism and brutal excesses committecd for years with
impunity, even on their own countrymen, have left the German officers of
today little better than the ferocious Wallenstein and the fiendish Tilly. Tbe
sack of .Magdeburg is being repeated a dozen times in patriotic Belgium,
evidently with the intention of leaving on that unfortunate little country
scars which will long be remembered, and Irrespective of whether or not
military tactics demand such acts.
The lesson of Alsace and Lorraine has been lost on Wilhelm. The futility of such a policy as was exemplified and held up to the scrutiny of a
���liorked world in the Zabern incident has not Impressed itself on the wilfully blind kaiser and he rides to his unrighteous war with the implied boast
of Attila the Hun, "Where my horse once treads the grass will-never grow."
In the end he or his people must pay, for the cause of right also has
���ii Its side in this war the added advantage of heavier battalions.
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towards Liege as possible while the
Germans were checked there.
Hopes Germans Will Attack.
One war correspondent who had
seen what the allies were doing in
the way of preparations to give the
Germans battle at this point, wrote
despite the censorship, that while in
the name of humanity bs hoped the
Germans would not attempt to assault
the allied position in the angle of
the Namur, as a friend of the allies
he hoped  the Germans would
to entrench themselves all along their
lines. Every bridge across the Meuse
and Sambre that has-not been blown
up has been mined and covered with
batteries of quick firers and machine
guns and ample time has been allowed
them to entrench themselves according to the most modern mgethods.
Germans Outnumber Allies.
The Germans presumably outnumber the allies, but how much of their
forces they can use to assault the allied position in the Sambre-Meuse
angle Is not known. At least one army
corps must be guarding Antwerp and
another if not two more are in occupation of northern Belgium. Two more
would be necessary for the guarding
of tbe line of communication through
Liege to the German frontier, so out
of the 16 army corps, which are said
tbe channel.    But the war office  re
mains mute on the subject. ,
Fears1 of an aerial raid by GemMy
are entertained in many quarters.
With the Germans near Ostend tbey
may be close enough to the Knglish
coast to use their Zeppelins in a hazardous attempt and there are few in
England who doubt they may make
the attempt.
Hut whether a Zeppelin would be
able to do much daniage is still one
of t'.ie mysteries of the war. They j
were unable to Injure the Belgian j
forts at Liege, although frequently
tried. They proved impotent in an,
attempt to wreck the Longwy forts. I
The heads of the war office profess
to believe they would likewise prove
impotent over England even if tbey
were able to overcome the air currents
of the Channel.
XI., Miss I. Oliver;
P.  Davidson;   Dlv
XIII.. Miss II. Ei.ms;  Dlv. XIV.. Miss
M.  Lord.
John Robton School.
Div 1 \V. C. Coatham. principal;
Div. II., Miss J. Rowgn; Dlv. 111.. Miss
M Gladwell; Div IV.. Miss L. Wol-
fenden; Dlv. V.. Miss M. Derbyshire;
Div. VI., O. A. I'r.iudell; Div. VII..
Miss M. Mask; Di?, VIII.. Miss M.
Calbish:   Div.   IX.   Miss   A.   Morrow;
Div. x., Miss M. Winter; Div. xi.. n.
Clarke i Oriental: '
Herbert Spencer School.
Div. I., W. T. Fenn.il. principal:
Div. II.. Robt. Stephen; Div. III.. Miss
I. Leamy; Dlv. IV., Miss M. Hooi!;
Div. V.. Miss no'krill: Div. VI.. Miss
H. Davidson; Dlv. VII.. Miss L. Aber-
ci'ombie: Div. VIII.. Miss M. Peebles.
R chard   McBride School.
Div. I.. W.  H. Gray, principal;   Div.
II., W. T   Arthur-   Div. 111.. Miss  M.l< dmgs
McLean; Div. IV. Miss E. Btottl Div.
V., Miss .1. Oswii Id; Div. VI.. Miss A.
P. Howell; Dlv. VII.. Miss G. Diamond;   Div. VIII.. Miss M. Wood.
'        Queensboro School.
Div. I��� Malcolm McKenzit ; Div. II.,
Miss Florence Blckhoff.
Manual Training.
High   school.    Wm,   Nelson;      Lord
Lister school. J,   W.  Milne.
Household Sc'ence.
High school, Mlsa N. J. Govenlock;
Lord Lister school, Miss H. McMur-
Is "Freit-a-tive$"���Tlat Won.arM
Renedy Mada Fro* Fruit Juices.
A'-ok, unt., May I4U1, 1913.
"I hsve used "Pruit-a-tives" for
Indigestion snd Constipation with
most excellent results, and tbey continue to be my only medicine. When 1
first started about six years ago to use
them, I took four st a dose but gradually reduced tbe dose to one tablet at
night. Before taking "Pruit-a-tives',
I took salts and other pills but the
treatment was too harsh. I thought I
unnht ns well suffer from the illness
a. from these trestments. Finally, I
saw " Frpit-a-tivet" advertised witli a
letter in which some one recommended
tin-in very highly, so I tried them, and
I have no hesitation in recommending
them." ANN1K B. CORBBTT.
50c. a box, 6 Ior $2.50, trial size, _..e-
At all dealers or sent on receipt o*
price by Pruit-a-tives Limited, Ottawa-
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Special   Feature   Today
II.   J.
int.     1
' Block.
Accountant.    T.l.i.iim.   H....    Room
.-   iiir.-'i-h-'- "
P. II. SMITH. Auditor aud Account-
j nnt. Telephone :!64. 211 Westmin-
!    ster Trust llulldliig.
Vitagraph drsms in two
parts, featuring Jsmes Morrison   snd   Dorothy   Kelly.
Coming Aug. 27  snd 28.
Vitagraph Oreat  Maat.rpi.ee
The finest motion picture the
world hss ever known. A
classical    fivs    part    drsms.
suld sir (ieorge Poster in commencing the speech which closed the pro-
We   are   meeting   lis     n
j band of Canadians of different raoea
1 and languages, but never before have
j we met feeling that we nre one in
I the same sense as at tills hour of our
history Thai generosity that some.
' times lies concealed in par.ls.fl tights
1 :u;d  race  disputes  has  burled those
ignoble bond* "nd patriotism lias
j come tu the from disfigured by no
i petty   purpose   of   feeling.     The   last
our days  of 111
nnd tlilnl 'I'lU'Mluv 111 Mich month at S
Hin In tlm Uibur Ti nnil.. A. J. I.hrlst-
num.   l-l-Utt-t*;  David   Boyle.   Past   _Uc-
(Ator;   xv   j.   oroY-S.   Bin islsif.   _n
wsetmtnster Trusl Bulldraa,
ll. 1*. O. E of n. C. meats firm _n,i
third Friday at . p.m., Uibor T.mpla,
Seventh anil rtoyul svenus. A, W.n_
llruy. Ksain-d Hukr; I'. li. Smith. **.
r'-gulur in'-'-lliiK uf Amity Lodge, No.
21. I. O. O. I'., 1" held rvtry Minuter
iilitlit at ��� o'clock In Odd fellows' Hull,
corner Carnarvon und Klgtith Bir-ei..
Visiting br.tlir-n cordially tin lit-,1.
11 w. Haunter, nu . 3. L. w��i��in.
V li I XV. C. Coatliatn. I'll,, r.sordini
Sr.rotary ; J. W. J.. liimuld, flnancl a.
W K. KAI.KM t CO., S1--61I AQNKS.
street, oppotdtii Cum.ffl- library. Moat
up-io-diit. funeral parlora In the citv.
Special lata In shipping Lady a._l��iarit
In attendant.. Always open. Day pfaont
170.   iiiKht  phone SI.
The allies have bad at least a week' to compose the German army in Bel-
Number   of   Changes   Announced in Teaching
Staff of City.
Malcolm  McKenzie  Principal  of    the
Queensboro School���Personnel of
Teachers in All Schools.
Forty-nine Times American
Was Held up Leaving
2/J . AW    _7 VERYONE ii at time, -ubjected to die
r     n*e*mt* ��i twelhina bed eif, either in
a    i   ****** on *oe etreet ear* or rlirwhrr. .
,    And. when one _ane-rlersth.tiit_k.tb_t
'"������ ah_U miaatee (or eeetr d��>p oi blood in
tne body to become affected by thi. bed eir, die
itnpoRence of a uf. and effective punfytna agent ~
Eno'e "Fruit Sah" mav be safely taken et any
tune by young or old. for the prevention of disease
aad die pr .serration of heilth by one of Nature's
own laws.
Order a bottle TO-DAY from your dealer.
Prepared only by
J. C. ENO, Ltd., "Frett Salt"
Works, London, England
Agaaita far Caaarlat Harold F. Rilokle *
Co.. Limited. 10 McCaul Si., Toronto.
When the city    schools    open    this
I morning a pew alignment of teachers
will be found, changes having been
made 111 practically every scuool 111
the city. During the summer months
..lies Strosg, municipal school superintendent, baa been busily engaged In
securing new teachi rs with the result
that the present staff can be regarded
as the best in the history of the city.
Only one change In principals in
the grade schools is announced, Malcolm McKenzie taking the place of
Mr. ("randall at the Queensboro institution.     One   new   feature   of   school
I work will be started, tiiis being a
course In household science. The
I class al the high school will be in the
j charge of Miss N, .1. Govenlock, while
! Miss II. McMurtry will be In charge
I of the class a; the Lord Lister Iiistl
I tuticn.
TIih following is the complete list
1 of the teaching staff in the city
I schools:
Duke   cf  Conn.ugh.   H:chi   School,
Ft.  A.  Little, principal;   K.   it.   McMillan, sel nee mael r;  <;. K   Havdr-
Btcck.    mathematics!    W. 13.    l.v. *��s,
London. Aug. 23���.3:65 p.m William J. Chalmers of Chicago, arrived
in Ixindon today afti-r a 16 day motor
trip from Carlsbad to IIucli. He was
stopped aad searched on the journey
49  times  by  thc  authorities.
"There were 16,000 visitors in Carls-!
bad,' he said, "a quarter of whom I
were  Americans  at   the   time   of   my!
Then Our Sign Comes Down.  BIG BARGAINS! BUY!
Closing Out Prices on
Parlor Furniture
Fl ��� Mabi gan>   Pari ir Su te,  in
l-i .       ,:    : I. 00
' s_ .< 	
'i brei pie 1 ���   'i      gany Suite;
ei; : egulat {50.00
Three-piece   Ma toganj   Suit' .
tapestry;   regular   ... 10
$3.00 I'arlor Table*.
���$3.5U  Parlor Tabli
,,16.-0  Parlor Tabli -
.���'16.60  Parlor Tables.
Sale    .
Iron Beds
all  sizes
Regular $     	
Sale    _^_^_^_^_^_\
Regular  $1;.".u  lie is
Regular "?1�� "���"   ''���������������
1 Pair Twin  Hei;.-.  r,. 1 .    <:
Regular |li.2..   Brass  Beds
$30.00 Brass Beds.
n ,:   In   lenth-
red   In   green
Sulkies and Go-Carts
Sale .'.        ��$��� I i8S3
life0 8ul.k,M:   $2.25
$4.60   Sulkies. ��*L   |-n
Sale    -P&.-JU!
$7.7.'. Qo-Cart;   collapsible. C��|^ c��
$9.50  Qo-Cart,   collapsible. Q��y   E#��
Sale    9 I .OU
$l-.r,i) Co-Carts;  collapsible;   two onlj       (?>"���  "fK
Sale      J3JB.I��3
Dining Room Furniture
leaving, There had been no trains
for eight days, but visitors were able
to ci-h checks and food was plentiful
There was. however, no means of escape for many who had bought travellers hotel coupons and tickets, a.s
the travellers' agency had closed its
doors. Most of those people had invested their savings for the cure.
American.   Hold   Meeting.
"When war was declared a meeting
was heid by American-. Frank Mun-
sey and Phil Lydlg of New Vork. with
Judge Graham of Philadelphia as
chairman, were appointed us a committee to present the conditions to
Washington. Constll C. L. Hoover ls
doing i,;s best to help thc people left
Mi. Chalmers left with his wife
and maid and a chauffeur In his own
automobile, while Charles Conover of
Chicago, with his daughter and Dr.
Fred Owaley of Chicago, left in two
hired cm... The baggage wti left al
The party went to Pilsen, where
they saw a regiment of Austrian
troops leaving for the  Russian   iron-
Arrested and Searched.
At   Budweis  <hey   wen-   arrested
The officials even  took off the  tires
of tbe automobiles, examining the Inner tubes  for gold,
At Peldklrk I 0 party met the American  consul  general    In     Hudapest.
Wm.  coirin.  who said  that  Spritzer-
land .v;ts Btarving and the roads therej
v. ere blocked with trenches and barb-.
ed win
Mr. Chalmers replied that If he be- lfl
lieved  all   be  ,. &  heard    he    would |"
be di ad     He p oceedi d, finding the
road    cli 1 ��� lng    received    In
ISwItzerlat I   wli    everj- courtesy^
Mr Ch ilmi        iyn the barrtts of Switzerland   "���'    ���������< ' ng  splendidly.     They
I 11!( wed   the   pei  ile to d-aw  on   their
! letter*  nr en    1   $40  a   week    ��bleb
i lliey late   lm ���  a led to $60.    The hot-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^fclou have vindicated Canadian parliamentary life for
all time to come. They imve shown
that it is possible for Uh to forget
.ill petty differences in such a crisis."
The proceedings in the Bonate were
marked by the same simplicity as
characterised the opening ceremonies. His royal highness, bis aides
and tbe members of the lieadi|uart.ei-s
,t.;f appeared in service uniforms.
Insist on Going to War.
Ottawa, Aug. _3. -The minister of
militia who returned to the capital
by D special train from Valcartier to-
ni^'iit says that applications for enlistment in Canada's expeditionary
force are still pouriug In from nil
part., of Canada. Nearly all unit:,
now .is .-.milling at Valcartier are com- |
lng in over strength ami officers and
men ate. .ij', fusing to be eliminated."
The women of Canada are rising to
the occasion and many protests from
wives or mothers against their men
going tu the front have been withdrawn. As an example ot Canadian
women, COl. Hughes referred to a letter written from England by the mo-
X.     UOWl-LL   -Rt.CC.2gB6-.     TO    C'EN-
t��r & llnnnii. Ltd.)���Punsral directors
un_  writ,;,liners.    Purlers 4"r, Columbia
.treet.   New    \Ve_tmin_ter.     Phone   ....
sler Board of Trade meats In tie- boura
mom. I'Uy Call, us follows: Third Friday   of   each   month.     Annual   ineefing.
] on the third Friday of February. C. IL
"Stuart  Wads,  Hc-erelary.
risteiH.  Solicitors, etc. 4i)  I-erne sri-eeL
New   Weal minster.     (',. E.  Corbould.   K.
0,     J.   R.   liranl.     A. ES,   McColl.
S.S. Transfer
ADAM     SMITH J0HN8T0N.     BARRtd-
t.-r-nt-l.-iw, .Solicitor, ttc. Solicitor for
tii���� J..--1U < ��f Vancouver. Oft fob*; Merchant*1 Bank inifldlnK. New W-'Htmln-
��<i<'r. B. C Tolcnhoni Ko. I0"u Cablr
addresi "Johnston." Cote wftfttMn*
W     '���'   II ANSI'Ollll
llcltor, etc .    Cellls:
ter Block, corn.r Co-
luntbln   and   McKc
nsle     -.treetn.     St-m
W-gtminatar, li. <".
V. O. Box 285. T.le-
pbotio  :U4.
slde���BSrrlsters nnd Solicitor-, West-
min. ler Trust Blk . Qobimhla str.��.
New Weft, duster.  B   C.    Cllblu sddtSSV
"Whltn.de,"   Wsstarn   t'nlon.     r O,
Drawer   -lie.     TSlephsne    ...     W. J.
tVhlt.wMe,  K.  C;   H.   L.   Edmonds. D.
thi r Of Lieill.-C'ol. Ward, attached to
the henUquartera staff here. Because
her son did not return ut once to
Kngland she thought he wus possibly
not going to the front. Ilritanni.i
spoke 111 the spirit 0" the following
letter, written by a mother of 85
A  Mother's Letter.
"Your brothers are doing their dtitv
with the fleet In the North Sea and
1 did not think i Bhould live to see
you forsake your father's profession
and give op a noble career. Vmir father suffered for his country and
what would he have said had lie
thought one of his boys was not f'.ght-
ins for bis countrj In tin hour of
in ed."
Lieut-Col. Ward di I not '������urn to
England at once because hi was need-
��� d here fo> Btaff duty, lie will accompany tho Canadian troops _ pay.
Leave    New   Westminster   for   Mission   101
a.to.  Hole!.iv
Leave   ..Huston   for    New   Westminster   7 [
11.111.   Tue.day.
Leave  New   Westminster at   I :.li  p.m.  for
W-Sttiam  Island. I j    STILWKI.I.    CLUTE,     BARKISTKR-
Leuve   Wsstbam   Island   7   ..m.   Wedues-I     ;,i |aw.   noiiultor.  ete,  mrwr Columhlw
day. j      and   MeK'lizle   streets.      N.W   W.slmln-
lA-nn  New   Weatmlnater  for  Mission   12      ster, 11. C.    V- O. Box 112.   Tel.phone
nown.   Wednesday. 71..
Leave   Mission   7   a.m.  Thursday. : hi
Leave   New   WeMmlusie:    !:80   p.m.   foi   J.   P;   HAMPTON   BOLE.   HAKRISTKH.
Westham  Island. Solicitor     and     Notary,     Otficos.   Hart
Block.   28   Lorne street,
ster. n. C.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ .  New  Weatmln
Friday and  Saturday  trips Lower   River j
u_   timiul. I	
FrelKbi   for   Mission   ami   Intermediate IM-QUARRIE.   MARTIN    *
rxilnta   wlll   be   i.-e.lv-.l   nt   H.   4-   K.   .Mill )      il.inlst.is   nn.   Solicitors
Wharf   on   day    of   nailing. Westrnllister  Trust   Block
For further  Information  apply   B.   &   K. I     tin,   W.
Milling Company's office of R. Jardine.     '     Cassady
_0- to tit
^^^^^^ O. K Mlir-
.\l.l_ii.ini,-   und   Qsorga   I*
Six-foot Kxtensi
Table. Re
.Sixloot  Extension Table.     Keg.  $11.'
Six-foot   <lak   Table,     iteg.   $13.00.
Sale     ,
:-:\\ foot Quartered Oak:   pedestal
base;   regular $17.50.    Sale   	
; <5��iwv_5
Quartered  Oak   Dining Room  Set;   including   Buffet,
Six-foot   round  base  pedestal  Table and  six  Chair
with  leather seats;   value  ior $75.00.
Saie  I'riee   	
Phone 588 COR. SIXTH AND J_kWW\M\ SIS.      We Pav tle Freitflt
Is  also
ol  credit.
Many  i
Many  peo;,:.    ,
eies' tickets   M
t_r close of thc '
poses of buying 1
Mt. Chelm.r
If.h   troops  were
Prance,   where  1
asm  was displa;
'.iltles with the!
ilritl-h  troops  p
trip  to  Boulogn
Americans.  Frei
lish  were si pai
of t'.io bout and
1 eheci.s and   letters
n Distress.
ilding travel agen-
in distress owing to
ifficea e'.cept for pur-
.nd selling money.
sports that the Riit-
heartily received In
ie greatest enthtisi-
d over the Scottish
beg pipes. He saw
sslng on the entire
At lloulogne the
li, Russian aud  I'.ng-
I. I in different parts
heir  passports   v.ere
Labor Day
Honed trip tickets at single
fare und oue-thinl will be on
sale Sept. 4 to Sept. 7, good to
return up to Sept. ..
Weed end special rate on sale
Fridays, Saturdays aud Sundays.
For particulars spply to
E. GOULET, Local Atjent, or to
H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
B. C. Coast SS. Service
Victoria   From   Vancouver.
10 a.m Dally
For Seattle
10:30 a.m Dally
11:00 p.m. daily except Saturday
11:45 p.m Saturday
For Nanaimo
10 am. and 6:30 p.m Daily
Nanaimo, Union Bay. Comox
8   a.m.   Thursday   ami   Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay.   Powell
11:45 p.m    Kvery Saturday
Prince  Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
1l:()(ip.m    Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
5:00 a.m. Tuesdays for Victoria,
calling  at  points  in  (_ulf  Isl.
To  Alaska  ....Every  Saturday
Amsterdam, Aug. 23, via. London-
he  correspondi ut of  the  Telegraph
Antwerp  telegraphs under  today's
ltd tbat all ���
m_ to have In
.rmans.   Up to
(lining he said
n  of a Germ
' r]i.
northern Belgium
���ii evacuated by the
11 o'( loch on Sunday
here was no Indies-
i advance on    Ant-
Paris,   Aug    23.    The   Zeppelin   air-
I ship  No.  8. according  to  official  an-
nnttneerrient today; was destroyed bv
! French shellr, al r point between Cel-
liela r.nd Hadonv'llt.r.   The ..irship was
[coming from  tho direction of, Strassburg.    IJ-iflciivili, -  Is   in   MeUrtho-et-
' Mi    :;������. ninet en miles southeast   of
I.uunllle. '
H m     THEATRE   mm-
Monday and Tuesday
The Doom of the
Auto Bandits
Episode No. 7 of the
The Bank of Vancouver
��� ran .hei  Throughout  tha   Province  of  Iritish  Columbia.
s��vii'9_ o.p. ,-.ment st all l.rancb*s Deposits of One Dolls.1 ssd
upwards received sod lutorost st the highest, current rato paid or
credited belt yearly.
Drafts and Trsvsllers' Cheques suld, psysbls In all parts of tbs
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, Qererst  Msnager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. VV. BLACK, MansQer.
London, Auk. 23 A (Hi-patch to the
Hams a.Keney from Ostend says that
blood] fiihting Is reported at I.uttre,
in the province of Hlnault nnd that
an Important battle is raging in that
Dollar Mystery
Full of thrills and sensations
Synopsis   of    preceding    episodes flashed on the screen.
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial Invitation Is given the ladies of New Westminster to
visit the salesrooms of the 11. C. Electric. In the company's terminal
at Columbia and KlRhth, to Inspect our complete Hue of Kleetric
Cook ing and Household appliances.
These appliances greatly lessen the labor of the housewite, promoting both her comfort and convenience, They are always ready
for service, operating on connection with any household socket. The
cost for current Is only a few cents per hour of continuous operation,
Electric  Cooking Applances just meet  your summer demands  as
they can do all forms of light cooking just us well as the kitchen
range.    Fully seventy-five per cent of your summer cooking can be
done in this manner.
New  Westminster  Salesrooms,  B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth
BOILERS   Riveted Sled Ptpes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.   BOX   442
>        t
Classified Advertising I
��� RATES. *!  ...
��������������������������������������������� ���Itradk TOR PRAIRIB   FARMS   I    i
i'li'Msif, ,i    ii,.. ,-,,., ....  ._....��� .  . .1      I P** blocks, boua s snd d-_.i-.bl-  build
te^rV__^Mr^-^i_^_��P^_S_h _?��  I'""'    ('ali' ""im" '"   ��"'"  '<���  ,;
|0��l 5Sn_.��S ��^2T��i USilSd^thln K. ^V-'.'   ��'-""""""'��� Tins.    Book.
one year  fr.m day of contract, ��-..  "    	
l-'').t   H..1.I.   -Sell   your   property   tliroosh
an   ,,i    lu   lliix ciluiiiii.
Boston on  Top.
New York, Auk. -3. -t.uc.ess hss
finally crowned the remarkable strun-
nl" uf the Boston 1)raves to work to
the top of tbe column In the National
league race. Although Stalling*' men
did not play today, the champion
New Yorks went Into actiou with Cin-
cinnuli and lust tin ir third straight
game to the Iteds. The (Hants were
but half a game ahead and their defeat pulled them down to a tie with
tne  liiav.B fur first place.
J.J.Johcs.MAN-DIR. JA Renne   SECV'-TP��C'
J.A Renn'
1 FOR s.i i.i;   Two olrcul
|    tui,|.��� complete. Apply
r   .in-,  and     .i .
11 Ths News of-
WANTED .'irst-ciass white shingle I
sawyers at once. Apply for particulars to .1. A. Kraser, Central Cigar
TOR sai.i;   jL0o down.   11.00 psr week.
I    Canada's    i'rld���    Mali-able      RSBfesi
��� I    evsryoos gdsrantsed,    Market    square
ill 11 Kits HI.il.1V.; li; to lu- weekii '
WHy no' ion' Write Immediately for
full piirlleulitrM. sample, picture, lil.-r
nture, etc. I._p,-ri, nee oiuu-c-fiHiiry. Kn-
elow-  l.t  to cover    cool.    Clifford    C.
Mllcl.ell.  I'   a   Hox  I, BdmuliUili.  All" I
iii, Cjmiiiii. i-'111 i
ii RKNT���COtlase, furnish, ,1. 11- per
inOOtl. 22. H.-\,-nili strSSL Lull block
in,in Centra] w'-huol. Cl... 1
t'l_ytOMS .lay dollar. where cliickens i .tv
#nt_; .,111.11 capllul il-i .led . small
W-V''' required I mi-nd for May lm. ����� of
our   Journal;   fully    explained    there.
price   len  ,'i'iitn.     It, ll. ��>!<���   S<|u_l,  Jour  '
nal.   VelBallle. .   Mo. (3...I
i'Oil   IlKN'l' New   ll|>  to  (lllle  ,,li.trt|i|etils
celllnil. elt.-ctrlc ulevator. heal, hoi and
t old water, aa. Hlove for cooklns. Frw
iiinltor it rviee and vacuum cli-uner.
It>-rii $.0 and up. Apply Hotel HuhhcH
or tiie Jiinltor Arundel apartments. Ilea
I.lu Htfi-el. (37.- i
l-'iilt  HUNT���If  you  have   ruuin*  to  ronl
try un ud.  In lids column.
WANTKIi   Capable   dressmaker
.inks.    Phone  I.:'.
i Cult   HI'.XT Six-room   lions-   furnished.
want*!    Third  street.    Apply   P,   O.   Box; ll"
I-76. I I
. -
OTHERS  lll.'i KIVK tC ol 105 weekly :, l"      HKNT ���Furnished      lion, ek.cplnfc
Why noi   vou?    Write Immediately ror      ",""""���  "" I'"1' nionlli, at  224   Seventh
full  particulars,  MiRPlA  pletors,  liter* |    "irsst- ' _ ���tJ)
utiii'e. no   raxpsrlenee unnsessaary. Kn-1, , ,, ,,,...���.   ,,  ,        ,       , ,      ,,
close |0c !�� cover com. Clifford r l"!t KKN'I���Modern elean Iioiisch In all
Mitchell, I'. <). Hox :, Edmonton, Al- l""'l�� ol town and Burnaby at very low
berta, Canada. (3i:u i!    !?nla. . 8,   D^TBrusb,  phoo
��� ins.    h.   u.   Brush,
Westminster Trust  Bldg.
WANTKIi Itotriier. and tsjarders. 527
Carnarvon street. (3770i
��� IS .   .'.J 7   (' null von   St..
horse, not less than no., with harness,
flood usage, hay, onts and pay. Phone
���JL;   IO.    Durlmin   street. (8107)
WANTED -Dressmaking; piles reason
iilile. NoW In lbs llui'* to put your orders in before tin- full rush. Mrs. C
Cunningham,  suite  10,  Bradley  apart-
ments.  (37. _ ,
WANTED -Hhousehold furniture. Will
buy. ��eji on commission or exohsnge.
Auction sales conducted, li J. Russell,
"The Only Reliable," corner Columbia
and Fourth sm-��-in. Phone ML     (3713 ���
WANTED���HousShold       furniture      und
.,f merolmndlse In large or small
OTHERS RECEIVE sir, to |0S weekly!
Wny nut you? Write lm_.-dlf._ely tor
full poiiiculars. sample, picture, lltpra-
liu-e,  ele.     Kxp, ri'-n'--  ininec' i.sary.   Enclose     I'"'    lU    CoVer    COSt.       Clii'loKl        ('
Mitchell.   I'. I).  Hex  2,  Edmonton,   Al-
lierla.   Canada. 13'.:; l }
S>S '     ���*�����        * niurn,      ���.	
��r#ai-1s T>n\fH will  ffu tut you ur uuj
Putt  at   WMtt*   l.vjm-h, 64S     ColumN.
Ktr��H.     I'hoiif   215. <37J1
M'ANTKI>~Furn_tun.. ��.t��_. W. It, McOuv
A Co., tlw�� expert auctioneers, will run-
4ut'i ;i HurciBsftil uut-tlon fur yni or buy
("'KtrUtM If ��:il��f not dfi-lrt-tl. *'l<'.in >>u*-
Inrti*. t-ruiniJi tst-ulftiivnt-s, ovei" _!U y-itrH
vitlf fXpvllt'lK'i*. Write or cull T.'! BUtli
���trtJft. (37 IS)
Vour Am.-t<'iir I'rlnts frt 11m- k.iiik* fln-
'���r-h  iiml  nttentlon  fflvan  our   high  grade
t:o'iun<Tii_.l   pletUt*. m.
MiiihowHiii border inmmt on every
You luiv.* your choice of finish, gloH��
��r N��nii-ri-U��t. .Singh* or flouttlo w.-lKhl.
If you do not men tion ttffl flninli vo.i
wint we gl\��' you tin; b��-��i your filind
will m:ik'*,
A tri;1.1 film will nwnn a Pti-iidy custom*
er  to  ui  and  Bath-faction   to youi-wif.
Wm make choice ������tilurg��*rn'*nTs from
amateuV ttlma.
Wr iil-to hn\e a ni'W ami completi- Muck
of picture moulding t*;.refullv selected from
tin- Haiiiph-H of [ii<- larvesi frame manu*
fivtureri in Canada
We do nil lines (*f oouunetrclal photoK-
lt�� tter have tintt fum.iy group made
at   vour own home.
Aiiu-teur mull ortjera given our prompt
attention. 1'rUe Hal und Aomptea on re��
ti  ooata you no more to have ii done
Phone '_���, f.r.T  '"oliimhi.T  Strtet.
l.<-a*��e your film* a: tht- Curtis J >ruj.
COAL MINING rlghta of tbe Dbmlulon
ki M.mifuha. Si.skat(__h����wan and Alberta
the Yukon Territory, thu Northweat Ter-
nii'ihs .uid iu u portion of the Proflnc*
cf Efntlab (..'oluinblH, may be loaned fur u
term of tweuty-ono yours at an annual
.. titni of si nn ner**. Not more than t��6D0
acres h 1)1 he leased to ont' applicant.
Application for a leaae mu��t be mail*
by the applloam In person to the Aneni
or Bub-Agent of the district m which th*
rights   applied   for   are   nliuated.
In lurveyefl territory the land mui*t t>
described by aectlona. or lenal sub-divl-
MtiiiB of Bectlon* and in unmirveyed territory tbf  traot applied for shall tm Ktakeil
our by the applicant htmaeli.
Much nppllcAtton must bo accompanied
ty a f- c of %t, which wiH be refunded if
the rlk'lirs applied for ure nut available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall 1��
paid en "e- mercliantable output of _th(
tiiluc at th-- raie of live cents per ton.
Th�� person operating the mine shah
fu'tilfOi tIn- At.-nt with jtworn returnf
accounting for th" full quantity of mer*
chont&ble OORl mined and pay the royalty thereon, ir tlu- coal mining rigiu>
ure nOt bfcintf o po rated such returni should
be furnished at  lotut once a year.
'lhe l.'.i--' will include the coal mining
rights only, hut 'in* leasee will he p^r
mltteCt to purchase whatever avallahh
surface right may he considered necus-
aary for the working of Uu- tnjnft nt the
RRe of $10 uu ucre.
Kor  full   inforrnail-Mi  itppllcatlon  flliouh.
be   niKiW   to   the  .Secretary  of  the   Depurt-
in at  of  the Interior, Ottawa, or to an)
A����nt   or  Bub-Agent  of   Dominion   Lands
W.  \V. (*ORY.
Deputv Minister of the Interior.
Nit- Uuauihorlssd publication of thl>
advertl*cn 'Ut will not be paid for.
Re T���ot 11, nb��k 1 of part of t-Ot 30,
Oroup i. Map 1469. In the District of
New    Westminster.
^'hercaK proof of the tosa of Certificate
of Title Number 47t.��.Jll'\ isnued In the
mime of Ethel M. A. Vlpan. haa been filed  in  this orflce.
Notice is hereby Riven that I shull. at
the expiration of one month from the
date of tin- first publication hereof. In n
daily n< wspaper published in the city of
Mew Weatmlnater. Iwme a duplicate of the
laid Certificate, unless tn the meantime
ralld objection be made to me in writing.
Dlatrlct Kerfistrar of Titles
Land Reglstrj OfTlce,
N.w  Weatmlnater,   B.C.,  July t:;.   J.tH.
Strand Cafe
-leopencil undor Manssetnetil of
Union Houset.     All White Help
Heavy  Brets.ld-  of Electric  Batters
Too Much for Brandt���S'lwer ia
Lj.lmg  Champion.
R-Hdence:  nnoni 11�� McLeod Block
Phone 48�� U
We are delivering, in and around
this city. Including Hurnaby and Sapperton, twenty Tints of Hig. Standard.
IJnadulte.ated Milk to tiie Dollar anil
Pure  Rich Cream  ul   -lie.  per  pint.
Out- appreciation of your patronage
will he reflected in our regularity and
uniform  excellent  quality  of  uur  de-
Phone 774 Sapperton, B.C.
Faii.ng miserably before nn on-
Blaught or hits, coupled with excellent
twirling on the part of Slaton, Circle
F lost the champloimblp of the City
leaguo to the Electrics at .'rater Mili.
yesterday afternoon, the final score
being II! to 1. From the first ball
pitched the Klectrics were master, of
the situation aud throughout the en
lire nine Innings the supporters were
forced to wade through the .slaughter
wrapped In their own thoughts of how
their pet stars might have captured
the pennant, but unable to emit any
I'lilliii .iasiii.
Five ruiiK ln the first Innings gave
the fans a notion of what to expect
and Willi painful regularity addition-
ill tallica wi re notched on the board.
bringing up the lot. I to u round dozen.
Thc l.ne tally scored by tlle Fra .er
.r!:lls nine in the fifth was really the
fault of Slaton. who, after allowing
-Cavanaugh to rap out a two-badger,
missed yra .bing a blgti fly by Weln-
jiirliu r.
Whyte, the Electrics catcher, was
.h ��� ftar batsman of the afternoon,
pcllng out two triples, one single and
reaching first on an error.
Silver captured the batting honors
jf the . eason. and a silver cup donated by (I. Speck, by holding his own in
tbe race with Wlndblad and Jack Gay.
Silver secured two two baggers. He
was not called upon to field a single
ball  throughout  the  afternoon.
Kavanaugh, catching Brandt, was
wobbly from the start and probably
infected the entire team, which after-
wardu  made  errors  galore.
Umpire Fred Lynch called a pecul-
ar ileci .Ion ln the fifth when Nielson
was declared out at first for not turning the correct way, even though the
lilt counted.
Brandt was kept in the box until
the eigll-b inning, when Schaefer was
.ent in. He allowed the Electrics one
hit and one run, although lt appeared Had tired in running and batting.
The crowd was oue of the largest
teen at Fraser Mills this season, four
special cars accommodating the Westminster  fans.
Score:��� R.    H.    B.
Electrics      12    14      8
Circle  F         1      4    10
iiatteries���Slaton and Whyte; Brandt. Schaefer and Kavanaugh.
Electrics-Tateman, Moyer. Wyard,
Silver. Papke, Shay. Nielson. Whyte
and   Slaton.
Circle F���Wcingartner. J. (lay. A.
Gay, Kalston. Windblad. Williams,
Carruthers, Kavanaugh, Brandt and
V.  A.   C.   WINS
ictoria Defeated By a Score of 4-3 in
Saturday's Game.
The V. A. C. further cinched the
Mann Cup at Victoria on Saturday by
defeating the Capitals by a score of
I to 3. The game was a nip and
tuck affair, Victoria scoring two tallies In tbe first quarter. Vancouver
two In the second, tbe third going
scoreless, with the cup-holders com-
'u. un from the rear in the fourth. ,
.lake Davis played his usual jiame in
'he nets for Vancouver and but for
his brilliant work towards the close ,
c.r the fourth quarter, a different tale
might be told. !
Joe Gorman handled the game and j
handed out three penalties.
Montreal    Nationals   Defeated   After
W'nnlng Two Straight Games
..ner winning twenty-eight straight
! victories, fourteen cf which were scor-
ed this season, the  .Montreal  Nution-
' ais  met defeat on  Saturday    at    the
I hands of the Torontos on  the  Scur-
| boro Beach grounds.   It was no fluke
| victory  for    Doughy    Spring's    blue
| shirts, t'.ie score of 12 to T showing
' them  to be In   t'.ie lead    throughout
even though the Frenchman were at
full strength.    The result will not be
received  kindly  In  Montreal  lacross.
i|iiarl(['H  for  which only  three    more
guinea to go It was expected thai the
Nationals would be able to go through
the season    without    a defeat    being
notched against them.
At Montreal, the Irish Canadians defeated the Tecumsehs by the close
score of (i to ... The game was fust
throughout and with little difference
in the strength of both, teams, the
spectators were treated to some Bpien-
did  lacrosse.
The Irish Canadians pulled themselves out of cellar position by Saturday's win.
Only one game was played in the
N. L. 11., the ftosedales keeping up
their winning streak by defeating
Montreal by a score of D to 6.
Big Four.
W. h.    F.    A.
Nationals       14 1 232 123
Torontos        7 . 145 180
Irish Can     r. 10 110 142
Tecumsehs         4 11    92 134
Standing of the Clubs.
Boston      _.
New   Vork   ....   ,   D.
St.  Louis      02
Chicago      Ii.
Pittsburg       _0
Philadelphia    M
Cincinnati      51
Brooklyn     4.
Yesterday's Games.
Cincinnati 3. New York 2
Brooklyn 3, St. l-ouls 7.
,4 &ft
F.    A.
The N. L. U.
W. I,
Hose-dales       11 0 114 48
Shramrocks        6 5 57 67
Cornwall         3 8 56 82
Montreal       2 . 57 87
Tacoma 4. Victoria 2.
Seattle  4,  Spokane  2.
Vancouver  2,  Ballard  0.
Baltimore 3, St. Louis 4.
Pittsburg  5, Kansas City  13.
London, Aug. 23���A battle for trade
is now in progress in Great Britain.
Manufacturers are making frantic efforts to secure a portion of the trade
resulting from the cancellation of all
German patents. This step has been
under consideration by the official
board of trade, a government organisation. Any manufacturer who satisfied tlie officials of his intention to
manufacture a patented German product is now making haste to pui
things in motion. The threatened
shortage of drugs, dies and patent
medicines is about over with, while
German aspirin, which the German*
have had control of for many yearB,
Is now being replaced by an equally
effective British equivalent, satisfactory to the doctors.
Americana are not slow in taking
advantage of this situation and are
reported to be muking plans to capture the lost German trade with Britain.
The Westminster Trust Company will act as
your agent while you are away serving your country
and will bring to the management of your affairs the
same careful attention and business knowledge that
is given to the Company's own affairs.
We draw up your will, and, in event of your
death, will act as your executor and trustee and look
after and protect the interests of your beneficiaries-
We will be glad to be of this service to you.
Moose Jaw, Aug. 23.���Five hundred
men comprising 250 of the 27th light
horses and 250 of the 60th rifles, left
here this afternoon for Valcartier
camp, en route for the front.
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.
Lessons tn IManotorte, Violin, Sing
lng, Voice Production, Theory tin
class or privately i, Harmony, Counter
point, Musical form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examine
tions of the Associated Board of tbe
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Profession*!
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For terms, etc., apply 61 DuBerli
Btreel.    Phone 411 R.
Pill!  r.tock  ot  latest  Imported   Suit
Ings     for  summer wear.    Perfect  fit
and workmanship guaranteed,   prlcet
from  $18.(111 up.    701   Front street.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phona 137
Begble Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
light and Heavy Hauling
PO. Box M Dally News Bldg
of all kinds.
PrlCO rlfbt.   Satisfaction guarantee*
H MeKtnil* St
Gymnasiam Class, Thursday at 7.30
Swimming dosses, Tuesdays und Fri
lays, 3 io 4, at Y. M. C. A. Young
Ladles' Club, Friday at S p.m.
Hoarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen
For rartlculars call  phone  1324.
OUDBNARDB.- A   Belgian   town   of
seven thousand Inhabitants, sixteen
miles southwest of thP city of Ghent,
by way ol which the German forces
are said to be marching on France.
If this report is true and the Germans are able to continue their advance via Oudenarde and the valley
of the Scheldt! river they will corne
out on French soil In the neighborhood of Valenciennes and Douai and
iu tbe rear of t'ae territory between
Namur  and  Charleroi    where    the
French and Germans are now  said
to be engaged in strong force.   Thi
line would take tbe Germany army
through one of the most historic territories   in   Eurupe and   would   lead
them past such famous battlefields
as Courtrai, Tournai, the scene of engagements  in   15S1.  I*ili7,   17011  and
1745,      Fontenoy    aoid    Jotninup.s.
Oudenarde Itself was the site of one
of   Marlborough's  victories   in   July,
17uS, during the war of the Spanish!
succession,   which lasted   from  1701
to 1714 anil  finally decided  against)
Louis  XlV.'s    ambition    to    malfe]
France supreme in Kurope. as Ke.is-1
er Wilhelm il. of Germany now  la j
attempting just two hundred years]
later.    Another curious coincidence]
is that France at that time was fight-]
Ing to establish the right of i'hiliip:
of Anjou to the throne of Spain as!
the  successor   of   the   last  of  the1
Hapsburgs in that country.    In this
war (Iermany  is  fighting to  uphold
the Hapsburgs in Austria in their attempt  to,gain  territory   In  eastern
Don't Forget
that we have added to our Photo
Any Prise'' *"y S'"
Two luenl t'-nnis championships were de-
', 'ii, ,1 ,,n Saturdnv on tin- Royal avenue
courts, the .omalndoi nt the finals being played ������'' today. Thc feature of Sat-
urdnv's events wns the battle between L.
A ],.wis and Mi. Baker, the latter "'.
Vancouver, six sets being required before
Un   local  exnert won out.
i I. Lewis'and Morrison cniturPd Hi"
handicap doubles from Toale and d'Easum,
���viiii- A 1. I.-wis mul Swim defeated 1-
A. Lewis and Morrison i" tho gontl-
mi ns's "1"" doubles,
In ii"- Indies' doubles, Mis. M.iriln nnd
M's. v.'ilsiei w-iiii oul from Miss Peele nnd
Miss Corbould, three sets being required
l���    .���  decision was reached.
Today's events should bring oul some
excellent pl.'ivs, the remainder "f the com-
iietttnr.   being  In  t.,i�� notch  form.
Burnt-day's events and today's program
. Mini. Cnrbould l��'iii Miss Rand. 0-1, 0-1.
A I. Lewis mul Morrison ln-ilt Teal"
���n,l d'Easum,  0-".  6-1,
M's-i Martin and Miss \\ lls-in beat Miss
Peele  and   Miss   .'nrliuuld.   li-l.   1-0,   0-3.
Mls>; Peele and Mr. Teale le-al Miss
llan.l   and   Mi.   I.lnyil.   8-0,   8-0,   10-S.
1. A     Lewis     Ileal   Ml.   lliller   ill   lulllili-
i-aii singles: final, 4-n. 114. .-4. 8-8.
Miss Peele beat  Miss Hand.  H-l. (1-1.
A   L. Lewis ami Swan beat L. A. Lawls
.nel   Morrison,  6-0,   9-7.  8-1.
ll  a. in.- ���
Todays Events.
2. Swnn  vs.   Morrison.
1     Winner of Swan and    Morrison vs.
\    C.   1-iltK.
'.'.    Miss Peele vs. Miss Fraser,
1     Miss Peele vs. Miss Corbould.
:i ;00  n.  in.��� ���
wiss Wilson and  Baker vs. Sprott
m.l  Miss  Brooking.
Ottawa, Aug. 23.���Major A. it. Campbell; second in command of the 105th
regiment, Saskatoon. was found
drowned In the Ulileun canal close to
the encampment of tho Princess Pat
rlcin light Infantry today. The body
was I'ouiul by some members of tbe
I regiment who were bathing and bad
I evidently been in the water over
night. The face was bndly bruised,
but .50 nnd ft gold watch were found
In his puckets. Major Campbell was
not connected with the Princess Patricia corps, but lind come to Ottawa
i to offer his services. The police ure
Investigating rumors of foul play ln
ccnnactlon with lhe daith.
BATTLE LINE -Bearing out the forecasts of military experts as express-1
ed by the French government in re-1
cent  official    announcements,    tbe
main   battle line of the Germans ln
Belgium   us opposed  to  the  allies,
is narrowing down from a front extending  over  seventy-five   miles   to]
one   about   twenty   miles   long,   ex-.
tending  from   Namur  to  Charleroi.j
This,  of  course.,  floes   not     Include;
separate   undertakings   which   may
be attempted by the Germans, such |
as the  Investment of Antwerp and
the   suspected   plan   to     strike     at
France  by  way of  Oudenarde  and
the valley of the Schelde.    The announcement  that  a great   fight has
started along the valley of the Riv
er Meuse between Namur and Charleroi   would   seem   to   indicate   that j
the  opposing   commanders   ure   try-;
lng  to  gain  advantages  by   concen j
tratlon in forces at a given point, aj
plan  which  was outline as possible
from  Paris a couple of weeks ago.
Should this prove the case, the battle now said  to be In progress will
decide whether or not the Germans
arc to be checked seriously 111 their
efforts to advance on France by the
Mense   river  or   whether   they   will
pain   their  desired  end  of  entering
the republic to the west of Sedan,
where  they   forced  the  French  emperor to his  knees at the  end  of
last Franco-Prussian war.    lt also is
possible that the Germans, if sue-
csslul   lu  both   attempts   to   penetrate   France   by   fie   Schelde     and
.Meuse rivers, would unite these two
Invading armies on French soil and
prepare for a dash on Paris.    Al any
rate, should  the kaiser's troops succeed   In   both   there efforts,  the  allies  would  be  in  a  precarious position with one force of the enemy at
Iheir backs and another before Ihem,
to   say   nothing  of  the   strong  detachment now traversing    northern
Belgium  towards  Antwerp.
man frontier formed by the Vosges
mountains   is    authority    for    the
statement  that   now   the   passes of
tliis range are in the hands of the
French a German advance there ls
definitely  checked    and    rendered
Impossible.   France struck early byway of the Vosges ln Alsace and at
this date is said  to be entirely  in
command ot the only three passes
by which the Germans could move
on  the republic  in  that    territory.
Further, on the French side, these
mountain defiles are said to be fortified and refortified for miles and
that they narrow down to extremely ciamped quarters on the western
eiKvmities.     A.s   an   indication     of
the importance of the French operations  In  this   territory   it  is  opted
that (.leneral Joftree. coniinandei-in-
chlef of the French anay, has been
almost   constantly   in   t iat     region
since  the declaration  of  hostilities.
"With tbe Vosges passes secure, the
allies are In a position to lurn morel
definite attention t.i stemming the
German   advance   through   Belgium,
where most of the real fighting lias
so   far   taken   place,   probably   be-1
cause  t'.ie  only   practical   resistance
offered  to date has come from the
brave, though  heaviiy outnumbered
IlHIXA UIVE-l. -Along this stream.
which forms the boundary between
Bosnia and Servia, heavy fighting is
reported to have, taken place between the Servians and the Australia, resulting In the loss to the
AustiiUns of twenty thousand men.
The Drlna has Its source in tin-
Montenegrin mountains and flows
northward through rocky defiles,
emptying into the Save river near
Mltrowltz. The Save in turn joins
the Dunbue at Belgrade, the Servian capital. The Drlna river has
seen many military operations, principally since the Turks first entered Kurope. Battles fought along
its banks and farther down the Save
towards Belgrade took place In 1....
1468; 1621, 1688, 16W, 1717, 17M and
1791. while numerous engagements
were recorded there during the recent   Balkan  wars.
PASSES OF VOSGES A civil engineer who has been thoroughly over
the ground along thu    Franco-Qer>
RVSSIAN ADVANCE -'While the bulk
of the attention has been centered
on the German advance through Belgium and French operations iu Alsace, reliable reports now to hand
indicate that, with Russian mobilization well initiated, the czar's
troops have commenced a general
advance against Austria and Germany along the whole eastern frontiers of both of these countries.
This would indicate that the Hussions with their first line of army
corps kept standing in peace times
on a good foo.iug of one million
and one-half men. have commenced
to work in earnest against the two
warring powers of the Triple Alliance and t'.iat an actual advance is
being Instituted along a front close
en right hundred miles, stretching
from Ko'onica on the Humanian-
Austrian border, through Galicia,
Russian Poland and aKst Prussia
to Memel on thc shores of the Unit ic
sea, where there probably Is heavy
massing of Russian troops in the
neighborhood of the great Herman
fortress Of Konigsberg. Back of this
first Russian line of a million and
a half of men there are forming
four million other troops under the
command of Grand Duke Nlcholai-
viteh. who will be available at different times during the next three
months and who should be In a
state of complete mobili_ation by the
beglnmng of winter,
Summer Race
At Minoru Park
Races Every Day
Ladies Admitted Free, except on Saturday.
Admission, Including Grandstand, $1.00.
Special Train Leaves'New Westminster for the
Course at 1:30 Every Day.
PHONES: 15 AND 16.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Cement,
Washed Gravel and the Best Concrete Sand in B.C.
Lime, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and the hardest and
toughest crushed rock in the country. Rip-rap
Rock a specialty.
Reduced Long Distance
Telephone  Rates
New Rate*
For Three Minutes
Abbotsford to Aldergrove    10c
Abbotsford   to   Mission     10c
Abbotsford  to Otter     20c
Campbell to Cloverdale   iQc
Cloverdale to  Hazelmere    .'.  10c
Cloverdale to Milner    10c
Cloverdale to White Rock   10c
Fernridge to New Westminster  10c.
Hammond to Port Coquitlam  10c
Hammond to  Port  Moody    \^c
Hammond to Ruskin    i5c
Hammond  to   Stoltze     15C
Hammond to Whonnock    isc
Mission to Ruskin    15C
Mission to Stoltze     15C
Mission to Whonnock   -)5C
New Westminster to Port Coquitlam    iqc
Port Coquitlam  to   Port   Moody  iqc
Port Coquitlam to Vancouver  20c
Ruskin to Stoltze    i^g
Ruskin to Whonnock  igc
Stoltze to Whonnock  iqc
Also special night rates between 7 p.m. and li a.m. to all pom;?
In ISiitish Columbia.   Three times "the regular day period for the refiti-
appointmenls.any time during the day.
lar day rate.    Make
MONDAY, AUGUST 24. 1114.
fears. ;'> D��    25c
Peaches.  .1   I&s    2*C
QllfM    '-'   *��� 25e
Tomatoes,   it   lbs 28c
Cooking Appl���.  <   lbs 26e
Plums, I  lb*-    25C
Crap* Kruit,  :t   for    25c
Can tdi iiipc".   '���!   'or     25c
WaterrnWims    20c to 40e
Oramo-'. dozen 2Sc to 45e
Fananan, ilimrn    30c
C.rwn   Corn,   dozen    35c
QmHTUwr<T, each    10c
Celery, each    tc
Try a boi of G. B. Chocolates,
Hie finest in the land. 1 Ib.
boxes He., half Ib. boxes 35c
-OS    II i9t *P8*l��n 'llifl
Model Grocery
tw Watfi St. Phone 10012.
East  Surrahy   ���ranch.   Second
St and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray 81k.
The eiecutar of an estate
rhould faeeem a thorough
hno��'<-'XK ot hanking, real estate, valuation of assets, and
hare an experienced organIza-
rioi! for its management.
Tbat is irhy a trust company
in bt-t fitted to carry out the
nrcr's-'ona of yoor will.
.Same ��s ytmr executor.
Ihe Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
KM  C.i-mMi   Sim et.
C. ���. KEITH. Manager.
rocal News
Enjoying a Br'ef Vacation.
ayor  Gray   arid   Mr*.  Oray  have
n spending a few days at Harrison
Hot Springs.   During his absence Alderman Jardine has been acting may-
Mortgages���Alfred W. Mcl.eod.
VV. C. T.  U.
The regular meeting of the \V. C.
T. U. will be held next Monday, August 31, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in St. Stephen's church. Business of importance will be considered.
Not a snap���a cinch ! Eighteen
great big lots on open atreet, just
across the river; $t>00 for the bunch.
Curtis & (.organ. (3766)
Burnaby Policemen Leave.
The Hurnaby police force has been
depleted on account of the departure of Constables Nicholson. Woolen
and Jeffrey, who left for Quebec on
Saturday morning en route to rejoin
their old regiments ln England.
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than
coal. Barry Davis _. Co.. 'Phones
880 and 4111.. (3726)
Both Are Exonerated.
Exoneration of both the driver ot
No. 1 fire truck and Dr. McQuarrie
has been made by an Investigating
committee enquiring into the accident
which caused damage to the fire
truck at the time a fire broke out at
the cattle sheds at Queens park.
The Kraser Ferry Navigation com-1
pany's ferry No. 1 Is open for charter  to  excursions  and  picnics.    For
further   information   apply     to     Ed.
Falch, telephone 164. (3725)
Russian Loses H's Roll.
A Hus.ian Pole employed at Fraser
Mills reported to the police on Saturday noon that $161 had been stolen
from him somewhere on Columbia
street. According to the man's story,
the roll of bills was lying loose in his
The funeral of lhe late Lindsay
l-ouglieed was held on Saturday from
the family residence. Rev. W. XV. Ab- I
bott officiating. In response to a request made by deceased before his
death. The body was buried on a
soldier's stretcher and wrapped in
canvas. Interment was made in tho
Mountain  View  cemetery.  Vancouver.
You pet the full value of your
money in every glass of WINE-
WEISER REER you buy. It is healthful, nourishing and satisfying. Send
for a case today from your dealer, or
phone 75 L, (3601)
Luxuries Now Higher.
The higher tariff of prices on tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and liquors
went in effect lu many of the stores
and hotels ot the city on Saturday.
Fifteen cent cigars have moved up
to twenty cents, ten-cent packages of
tobacco now retail at fifteen cents
with similar increase on all Roods affected by the war tax.
t A. Welsh
GREENGAGES, Bon ��� 7k
BlADSHAW'S, Crate 75c
Main Store, 193 and  443.
Sapperton Store, 373.
West End Store, 650.
Main   Store,   681  Columbia  St.
Sapperton  Store. 317 Columbia.
West End Store, 1119 Sixth Ave.
(Continued From 1'age One.)
Social and P
l-ouis Shellenberger left on Saturday for Marshall, Mich., where he lias
been called on account of the death
of his father.
��� ���    ���
Mrs. Crake and the Misses Crake.
Third avenue, have returned from a
vacation spent at their summer cottage at Woodlands.
��� ���    ���
Miss Ci. C'onnon, Hamilton street.
has returned from a vacation spent
at White Rock. She has as her guest
Miss   Edith   Bush,  of  Winnipeg.
may  .oree Japan  to change  this  ac-)
tion.   Nothing has yet been done rela-j
tivc to Austria and the foreign office
has explained that Japan will remain
friendly unless Austria adopts an attitude  which  It  regards  offensive.
Conferences have been held daily
recently by the cabinet, the privy
council, and officers of thc army and
navy. The cabinet has arranged war
regulations which will be gazetted tomorrow. The newspapers express surprise at the extent of American suspicions regarding Japan's motives in
issuing the ultimatum, but leading
writers express a firm confidence tbat
a better understanding will be had
with  thc  people of America.
Action Approved by England.
Premier Okuma says that evidence
will show that England not only requested Japan's assistance, but approved of her entire program.
A dispatch from Pekin says the Ger-
| man    minister    and    foreign officers
l were about to sign an agreement regarding Tsing Tau, when Japan's declaration   was  announced,    whereupon
the Chinese foreign office decided not
I to proceed.   Other dispatches say that
I President  Yuan  Shi  Kai  Is  satisfied
with  Japan's  attitude  and  pledges.
A dispatch from Harbin, Manchuria,
says that railway passenger communication is open between Siberia and
European  Russia.
It is reported that a number of Cerman reservists were arrested and imprisoned at Irkutsk, Siberia and that
others fled Into Chinese territory.
Speaking today at Karu_awa, Kyu,
Sabuo, a member nt the opposition in
parliament, said he believed Japan
had no desire to keep Kino-Chow. He
asserted that it was Japan's policy to
prevent a stir up in China.
Resentful of "Yellow Peril."
"The retaining of Klao-Chow," he
said,  "would   mean   the  danger  of  a
answered by office help train-
led to execute thi  command promptly.
By placing yourself under tbe guld-
are  expei led   t ,   ,.-r ,e    ��� ii .      \
taCUive   yuur   order   with   ns.   �����
���apply you with  ' i ,.-.
Creen Cage fini..-. ���: lb, 25C
Kipe Tomatoes, 2bc i
Cook in:    Apple.,  "1   lbs ...  25c j
Hating Apples, c ibs. ....25c
Fruit Jars o! all  kinds In stock
lUbber Rings, (*-- dozen  . sc
1�� Z Seal Itiibtv      : ,, ;.,.������,,.��� ljUa|.
'    Ity  rubber   ;,��� , , :,   ioc..  3  dozen
for -Be
nin' 11, our expert teachers, ynu can
be trained in all departments of offi e  ��or.    ready  to  respond   tn  the
��� .manor's call instantly.
Colhster  Block.      A.  L.   Bouck.   Prin.
Phone 853.
Cameron's Asthma Cure
is the only remedy ovei discovered that is a constitutional cure
for asthma.
This wonderful remedy has a
certain specific action nn Hie
blood anil nervous system Which
action renders it Impossible for
the asthmniic attacks in continue when once lhe constitution
is brought under its Influence,
Its curative action begins at
once and the cure Is .steady and
rapid until tboroughl) completed.
Price  $2.00  Per  Bottle.
For sale by
New Westminster, B.C..
Or sent direct, charges prepaid.
D. A. Cameron _ Co., White
Front Drug Store, Owen Sound,
Staples, Linen and
Bedding at Special
White Wool Blankets.
Superior   luality;   with   rod    or
blue borders;  soft und pure;  5-
ibs.   weir it;   si/e       91A QK
60x80;   per   pair.... *9m*e~mf
Dark  Grey  Blankets.
7  lbs.  we.ght;   size  58x78;    the
best for service.        *_A QK
Per pair  .9*9.99
Celebrated Skeldon Blankets.
Warraatel woven from finest
pure wool: size 6<x8.: Just the
blanket for better ffQ AA
use; per pair  *WiWU
Turkey Chintz Comforter*.
Well  filled;   very    serviceable;
size    66-7-;      regular      $2.2...
Saturday $1.95
each    ***' w"
64-inch ISIeached Damask; a
durable weave for ordinary
uae;  floral design. Am\tm
Per yard *WmJ%t
58-inch fully bleached Table
Damask; close weave; mercerized finish; attractive floral designs: reg. value 75c. CQ.
Per yard wwv
70-inch all linen bleached Table
Damask, satin finish; a very
superior weave ln choice floral
designs; will wear years. This
is excellent value at the regular
prices nf $1.35 and $1 50 per
yard.    Saturday, flj 4   4T
per yard   *P I ��� I *f
Heady hemmed Table Napkins
of good quality; size 19x16;
floral designs: a useful napkin
I'or hotel or cafe use; regular
values  to $1.50. m>4    4ff
Saturday,  dozen.... w * * ��� *m*
Itegular to 15c. A large assort
ment of prints and ginghams
for children's school dresses
Special 4Afi
Monday       I WW
Keg. 16c, White Organdy; 27
inches wide, for fancy collars.
tea aprons and baby dresses.
Special 4 f\gi
Monday       ��� WW
Ileg. 20r. A few odd pieces of
Cotton Crepe: good washing
and wearing; 27 Inches wide.
Special 441 p
.Monday       IfclW
Cretonnes In green, red and
fawn; for box coverings, curtains, hanging, etc. IO! tm
.Monday,   per   yard . .     ��� ���> 2 V
Curtain Scrim; white and ecru,
with colored borders: also madras muslin; regular _5c values.
Monday,  per 0_S#��
yard     fcWW
Wall Burlap*.
Decorative Wall Burlaps, especially prepared in shades of
green, tan, blue, red. brown
and natural; 36 Inches wide.
Monday, OK#��
per yard     _��� WW
Bedding Priced Low for Monday Shoppers.
Heavy Gray Blankets; single
bed si/.e for campers and other.
requiring a good serviceable
blanket at a small cost. Rea
ular *:1.00. .Monday fl��A ���**��
per  pair    mjm.. I W
Comforters; size i.inx7.; covered art sateen in shades of blue,
green and fawn; chintz designs.
Regular  $1.50. $P4   _\f*
Monday, each    * I ��___W
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Unequalled August Furniture Sale Values
Washstands; golden finish.   Kegular $4.50. ��A mm
Sale  9��*(9
Dressers, golden finish;  3 long drawers.    Keg. $9 75       ���� mgm
Sale  #P*OU
White Knamel Iron Bed, spring and mattress complete.       ���� M
all sizes.    Regular $9.00.    Sale   j .  .   9QaWU
Bedroom Tables.    Regular $2.00. f>4   ��I
Sale  # I a-faW
Mattress; all carded cotton felt; the best value ever of-   *�� (IA
fered: all sizes.   Regular $7.50.   Sale  #D*UU
Buffet; solid oak fumed or jnldejn finish.    Reg. $26.       C17 CA
Kxtenslon Table; 6-foot style.   Regular $11.00. f��A  _\m
Sale  9O.C0
Buffet;  solid oak:  golden finish.    Reg. $20.00. Clfi OB
Kxtension Table, round top, solid oak, 6-foot style, ped-   #4 A M��
estal base. Regular $15.00.   Sale  *\e I CiCO
Pining Chair, solid oak, leather seats, in fumed or gold-   #4A  B>ffc
en finish.    Regular $22.50.   Sale   ��P I 0*9U
Dining Chairs, solid oak, leather seats, early Knglish     $_0_\ CA
finish.    Reg.  $30.00.    Sale   *9mmWi9U
Morris Chairs, solid oak frame, heavy drill upholstering.     ���IC 7B
Itegular $7.00.    Sale    #W* I W
Morris Smoker Chair, with box arm in two tone brown   4\4 4   1m\
velour, fumed  finish.    Reg. $14.00.    Sale   ��PI  liO
Uockers. lnrge and roomy, with deep roll seat.    Hegular     4__\ "fB
$5.00.     Sale    93. I W
Sulkies, reversible back. ��9  OC Cl   OC
Sale  Price       mjtmem.ee* AND 9 I *Ow
Co Carts,  collapsible,   with   large  3-bow   hood. _\A  OC
Sale 94.90
Keep the Flies Out
Navy Serges (or School Dresses
Navy Serge;  40 inches wide: all wool. 00_��
Special  OOC
Navy Serge;  42 inches wide;  all wool. AmXte
Special           40C
Navy Bedford Cord;  42 inches wide:  all wool. At...
Special       49C
Navy Serge;  44 inches wide;  all  wool. �����
Special    OOC
Navy Whipcord;   44  inches wide;   all  wool. _H_\_.
Special           OOC
Navy Diagonal;   44  inches wide;   all   wool. ��*
Specia!            OOC
Navy  Serge;   French  finish;   52  Inches  wide;   all   wool. A_E__>
Specia]     OOC
The above lines are all wool and include the noted Priestley Serges,
and each are guaranteed fast colors.
Important Announcement from Our
Electrical Department
The dark days are coming and ynu will need more light, whicli means
new lamps. We have In stock the celebrated "Wotan" Tungsten Lamps
in all sizes. Prices are advancing nn these owing to the war which
naturally affects the Tungsten Lamp business as the bulk of them
are imported from countries directly afrected.
So stock up now, a3 the prices wlll be sure to increase again in
a short time.
Now is the time to be thinking of procuring a nice Chandelier or
two for your home. We have them from $1.00 up to $50.00. Come In
ami examine our stock;  we shall be glad to advise you.
Dress Goods and
Silks at Special
A lot of serges, whipcords, diagonals, Bedford cords, tweeds
and Panamas in serviceable
colors, as navy, brown, gray,
black, green, cardinal and mixed shades; from 44 to 54 inch,
wide. Special Price, 4ft.
A splendid assortment.. HOC
These are of special Interest as
they Include some good cloths
suitable for making the new
style coats; a good medium
weight: all 54 Inchea wide; In
splendid mixed tweed: ln useful
dark shade*; if you want a suit
or coat for present wear, see
thia lot. Value* to 00___
$1-5 for   OOC
Silk Tartans at 50c
Separate skirts now being worn
make* a demand for silk waists
and we ar* offering a tartan
silk that will give splendid wear
ln aeven different design* and
shade*; all at. per yd JJft-
In green, blue and red.. OUC
Tartans; also useful for the
new combination Tunic Skirt
so fashionable.
Substantial and Economical Stoves and j
Ranges at Low
4-hole Solid Cast Cookstove;
tor wood only.       Oil   CA
Price   91 I.OU
"The Pippin" Steel Cookstove;
roomy 17-Inch oven; large firo
box; for coal or wood; a stove
that Is unequalled  C<fT* CA
at the mice 91 ��� eOU
"The 1 indium" Steel Range;
made In B. C, to burn B. C fuel;
six-bole top; Duplex grate; high
closet and 15-Inch oven; an Ideal
baker, and priced to suit those
nf modest means. CO^ CA
Special    9C ��� eOU
Carpets at Special
Regular $140 for 95=.
Nice  designs   in  blue,   red   and
green, on white ground; guaranteed washable.
Size 14x34  Inches. QC_��
Reg.  $1.50.  for    WWW
Size   224x42   inch.     ��4   CA
Reg. $2.25. for 9 ��� *OU
Sire   27x54   Inches.     _[_) ftC
Reg.   $3.25   for mjmm.m.ej
Regular $1.25 for 95c.
An excellent rug for the kitchen    or    bedroom:    size    27x54
Reg. 75c a Yard, for 50c.
About 1,500  yards  in  50 differ
ent patterns;   27    Inches  wide:
suitable  tor  bedrooms:     stairs,
and halls.
Site 8 ft  3  in. by   11  ft. 6  in.
Reg. $45.00 for $29.50.
These are seamless Axminster
Rugs with deep heavy pile. The
P .'.terns are the very latest, and
t.-ti quality cannot be surpassed. Colors suitable for drawing rooms, dining rooms and
pa rlors.
These  rugs  are  excellent   oual-
itay;   will  wear  well,  and   look
Kood to the end.
.Size  6   feet  9   Inch,   by   9   feet.
Regular $7.50. *�� M
Special  Price    #WiWU
Size 7 feet . inch, by 9 feet.
Regular   $8.75 *g TC
Special  Price    mJmJ. I O
Size 9 feet by 9 feet; regular
$10.50. ��7 _\m
Special Price    9 ��� aCO
Size 9 feet by 10 feet 6 Inch.
Hegular $12.50. ��A  M
Special   Price    90eWW
Size    9 feet  by    13 feet.    Reg.
ular $16.00. ��4 4  mim
Snecial Price .... 9 I ��� eOU
Size 10 feet fi inch by 12 feet.
Itegular $17.50. CIO CA
Snecial   Price 9 I CiWU
Size 10 feet fi inch, by 13 ft. fi In
regular $21.00. C1CCA
Special   Price 9 I O.OU
ill    Will   (i!
ctsllve oi
Japan's  cw
because   Ih
cry   in    ��� 'ill
reeled   ,i   i
ese from   l
Japani e i
he said, hn
dents,   whi
pro tei terl
An iiii|n
their carg
under proi
n China and Incurring the
.moiiia     Japan   is appre-
tlermauy's  contribution  to
illzatlon,   but   Is  resentful
e   kaiser   first   raised   the
peril' and Germany ill-
jinhination  to oust Japan-
'nrt  Arthur  in   1S95."
Okuma   has   requested   the
��� ���ople to be especially con-
Herman tesidents.   Japan.
no hatred of German reside   lives  and   property   are
hy   law.
ial decree gives (ierman
��� ii until Sept. 5 to discharge
���es and sail away safely
������ctlon of passports.
Paris. Aug. 23. -One of a number
of wounded soldiers brought back
from the first attack ot Mulhausen,
has no fewer than eleven bullet
wound., in his body bill still Ih likely
to  recover.
(Continued  From Page One |
IO Doherty, who has been aetins commander 01 Ihe regiment during the
past week, had arranged his affair*
so as to be able to lake command of
the overseas contingent. Dr. Young's
visit on Saturday morning was the result of a request made ny Major Do-
herty, who nnd been unable to announce his desire to volunteer until
suitable arrangements could be made
aa to the management of the provincial  asylum  of which   Dr.   Doherty   is
superintendent.    Hr,   Voting fell    In
with tlie idea advanced by the major
and as n result Dr. J. O. MacKay will
j     One of thc pleasant features or the
I departure of the overseas troope was
] Ihe  work  of the local council  of wo
| men   In   prvldlng  each   man   with    a
I hamper   of   provisions.     There     were
morn baskets donated llinn there were
I men but the overflow was well taken
care of.    On the way over to Vnncon
ver It -was but natural  thai  many of
the boys cut the strings on the hampers and   peeked   In   to  size   up   the
contents.    All   the men  were  loud  In
their praise of this forethought on the
part of the women of the city and desired  The   News     representative    on
���8t- Cbarlp-s. ll   i
Jersey Milk, jo
Dean's Grocery
FtM-ne SM
" oli.r. nla   atreet
Read - flie - News
Sl     mu   stock n!  GUNS. AMMUNITION  AND COATS Inline yen
yon.' equipment
Columbia  Street
New Westminster.
T. II. Cum nghatn, superintendent of
fisheries, i 'turned Saturday evening
from an Inspection trip to Hell's date
where operations are proceeding in
providing tne rockeye salmon means
of access _q the upper reaches. A big
rod-tilde from the C. N, Ft tracks
several monflis ago caused th msaiid.
of ions of rii,'h :ii,fi d!n to fall Into
lhe river ,,||j,.j, fnf a (jm(, blocked
the chimin ! for the I'lsh. Mr Cunningham reports Hint the work is proceeding vi rj satisfactory and up to
the preseni ihe fish have had little
difficulty in passing the point where
ihe slide occured With the abatement
of ii in ial high flood a flume has
hpen cons!': ,', ,1 i��� allow the sockeve
in pass up nver The Umpire con-
. tructlon compan) is doing the work
and will not vacate the job until conditio!^ ha\,   become normal.
then, e along Columbia street. I.:nin_.
up In the square opposite the C. P, R.
depot, th. oversea* contingent were
addressed by the Hon. Dr. Young, provincial secretary and minister of education, who, speaking on behalf of
the Hritish Columbia government.
Premier Sir Richard McBride, and
himself, wished the New Westminster
detachment every success iu the work
cut out for them. He fell sure that
the Itoyal City would ever be remembered by them whenever and win reel'.r they  were needed.
Thn followed a fifteen minute recess during wliir.li time the hoys were
able lo say goodbye to their [Honda
and relatives. The eiitra'unient tiok
place at -.-il o'clock and at 2.30 the
order was given and the three cars
pulled slowly OUl Of the depot, the
crowd slill cheering them to the echo.
Vancouver was r, ached without a
stop being made, the men arrlvin . at
the C. P. it. depot Just prior to the departure of Ihe 72nd Seaforth Highlanders. BOO strong, greet inns in ing
exchanged between tlle two regiments
Tlie genuine surprise of the day
was the announcement that Major C,
be in charge of the local mental hos- | board  the  train  to express  their ap
pital  and  Dr.   K.  I).  Frieze in charge | pieclatlon of the gifts.
of the Kssondale Institution.
The train conveying the Highlanders left behind tl��ie, which delayed
the departure of the 10-th and tho
Vancouver Fusiliers until shortly after   five o'clock.
Accomodation for fourteen mm of
the local regiment could not be found
on the train and a.s a result they were
held  until   later  In  the  evening.
An Incident on the line of march
from Queens park to the depot was
when an elderly lady pressed forward
from the crowd and. addressing one
of the active service men. pressed a
coin in his hands. Although liberally
supplied with ready cash at the time
the man deeply felt the iiift of the.
half dollar, knowing it to lie a true
m. H   BOCKUN,
Pr**. aad 0**1  Mgr.
N   ��m��KIJ_l__Bl.
w. w. a. BUCKUN.
���M. em* Tr***.
Pir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phons* No. 7 and ITT.


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