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The New Westminster News Aug 1, 1914

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Volume 9. ^ .umber 126.
Price Five Cents,
' BUI SITUATION WRY SCRKHIS     ST0P ���i m ����� ��"
Only Two Factors Hold Out Faintest Hope That a General
War Can Now Be Averted and Hostilities
Remain as at Present.
i Investigate Nationality and
Destination of Their
Cavalry Patrol Have  Even
Crossed Into Foreign m
Large Russian Squadron Seen in Bal- | French Cabinet Holds Long Session
tic Sea, While German Warshio* I and Refers to Gravity of Situation
Have 9een Seen Off Sweden��� ; ���Seevral Important Decrees Have
Troops Bar Danish-German Frontier, i     Been   Issued.
Corrmunication Between Nations Hai Practically Ceased Except Officially���Universal Censorship Enforc ed and Accurate Information of What
Is Going on Is Hard to Obtain.
zerland    to   protect     their
Activity Noticeable in Military Department in Anticipation of Enlistment���All Possible Arrangements Being Made to Facilitate Movement of Troops.
London. July 31. -There are only
two factors tonight giving the faintest hope of averting a general European war���first, Russia and AiiHtria
arc again engaged In direct negotiations: second, both Great Britain and
France are using their utmost endeav
ors iii favor of peace.
On  the other hand,  Russia lias ordered a general mobilization and Germany  has declared  a state of siege. |
which Is undoubtedly a prelude, if It
does* not cover, mobilization.
France Virtually Mobilized.
France has not yet mobilized, but
cabinet councils, whicli sat until late
at night, issued decrees establishing
a moratorium and taking other action
whicn could only be determined I
upon the eve of war. Unofficially, the
French army is being virtually ma
A circumstantial, though as yet unconfirmed report, published in Rome
says that Oermany is about to demand
Iron, both Russia and  France the im
Copenhagen,   July   111     A     German i     Paris. Aug   l.-The French cabinet
{squadron   cruising   off   Langcland   in ! council   deliberated   until   early   this
i the great belt, Is stopping all vessel* j morning, discussing the crisis aud pro- >
{to investigate their natioanlity and de- jspective    measures.    Pres.    Poincare j
i st iiiation   of  their  cargoes.    German I signed three decrees, the first extend- j
__] j torpedo  bouts  have    been    observed | ing until August 31, the terms for the
to   protect     their     territory, near   Gjebeser  and   in   the   Cattagel,   payment of obligations becoming due
from being used as a highway for the  alHj  German   warships are  patrolling ! within that time; the second prohlbit-
u-.ii; ...   ��__.-      �� j        ""''between  Sweden and Jutland. ling  the  export  of grains  and  other
A   big  Russian  squadron has been . products  of  tbe soil,  and  the   third
I seen  outside the  Danish    island    of
out   alt
.'Constant Exchange of Messages Between London War Office and Ottawa
���Plana for Mobilization of 20,000 Canadian Troopa are Being Perfected
���European War Will Result in Greatly Increased Cost of Living���
Men of all Ranks Offer to Enlist.
belligerents; Norway. Sweden and
Denmark to guard themselves on gen
eral   principles. _U
Italy  makes  no announcement  and I go"^^.'"^ the Baltic
nltnough a rumor crediting her with      r)enmi)rk   nag  ca���ed a���
the decision not to participate m tlie u���i,i��� .���.. ���_..i���__     . i .,
struggle, tiiere li little doubt that she *����� 'I"*1" forn^,til?iservc:;partlc"
Is making ready for mobilization. ��" , fo'    '**  ft��'echUo" of, th�� ,:oaf-
Communication   across   Kurope  has     ^lament,   which  has  no    been  sit
been cut off and there is a universal   ""*' haK *������ summoned to meet to-
application   of  the   censorship,   with   mor10*   M*m
the result that it Is impossible to oh-1    _ , Communication Stopped.
tain any accurate knowledge of what j    Telegraph and cable communication
military operations are going on in
Austria.    AH code telegrams are  re
fused. In short, all Kuropeaii nations are becoming isolated from each
other  by  railway  and  telephone.
Many American travellers have been
held up hv the suspension of international trains. 4  ^V-T*
The withdrawal of three of the
famous German yachts from tbe
('owes regatta is significant.   Tliey in-
| between Denmark and. Germanv has
been suspended by Germany without
m tice to Denmark and teleTar'i"-
communication to any place in Germany has also  been suspended.
All   the  editors of the  Danish   pa-
press  at   Hadersleben,  a   seaport  of
mediate cessation of mobilization. Yet I elude   the     Emperor's     Meteor     and
another   rumor  has   It   that  the  Oer-lKrupp's  Germania
inun  ambassador    has    notified    thej
French  government  of hiR departure.
Great Britain  is  Ready.
Great Britain is practically, though
nol officially mobilized, and the sinal
ler European    states, as a precaution,
have ordered the mobilization of theii
armies���Belgium,   Holland   and   Swlt
Exports Prohibited.
All countries likely to he involved
In war have prohibited the export ot
many products, and all the stock exchanges In Kngland and Scotland are
closed. The European state banks
haw raised their rates and the Bank
of  Kngland   rate  bus  been  doubled.
abolishing  duti<.   on  the  importation
of farm product. .
Crisis is Grave.
A brief formal statement setting
forth the action of the council was
given out und a review of the shipments to date was sent out by a semiofficial newi. agency. This communication, after referring to the extreme
gravity of the crisis, says:
"It Is learned that since July 25,
up to today Germany has armed Its
loria ani. concentrated to the east of
Thionville (Diedennofen) and Metz
a number of army corps. Their outposts are formed of numerous troops
on the border of our immediate fron-
Otlawa. July SI.���Sir Robert
Borden issued an order today
lo Commander Hose, of the
Rainbow, now lying in Ksquimalt harbor, to cancel his sailing for the Behring sea for the
present and remain ready for
duty in the vicinity of Vancouver and Victoria.
t.   ..
.. i'e **  ..   ..
Prussia, in Schleswlg. have been ar-1 tier. The patrols of cavalry of Ger-
r-sled by the German authorities and j many have even penetrated our terri-
imprisoned In the fortress. I tory.
The    Danish-German      frontier    is'
barred by German troops.
Grave Acts Comm tted.
"We know also of other grave acts
which   have   been   committed     Communication has been cut. the routes
have  been  barred and  prohibited by
soldiers; numerous automobilists, pro-
I ceeding  have lost their machines by
j confiscation."
cordingly meet and sit upon the day
.1 I appointed by such proclamation and
sliall continue to sit ln like manner
as if it had stood adjourned or prorogued  to the same day."
In 1899 the movement was wholly
voluntary, and a special session was
not necessary. Parliament m.*t, how-
;*: lever, soon after the call for volunteers
was sent put. It will be for the cabi-
;;;: j net to decide whether the militia shall
$ I be  ordered  out  or  volunteers  called
Militia Department Active.
At the militia department there Is
a prevailing activity in anticipation
of the enlistment of twenty thousand
Canadians. The ordinance depots are
being looked over, transport arrange-
investlgated,      and      gener-
British Far  Eastern  Fleet
Abandons Wei Hei Wei
for Stronger Position.   ;
Borden to  Return.
Ottawa, July 31.���The imminence of
of  war  and  the   fact  that  Canadian
troops  are  certain  to be  despatched
if Great Britaiu becomes involved, is
bringing home the prime minister, Sir ments ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Robert Borden, from his sojourn in {ally speaking all possible preliminary
Muskoka. He will arrive in the morn- arrangements concluded, so that no
ing. The situation is snch as to call | time will be lost In forwarding the
for immediate action by the govern-1 first sections.
ment. There  are   from   eight   hundred   to
If regular militia units are ordered;one thousand Canadian regulars in
for service as distinguished from | Halifax. These are now manning the
volunteer enlistments, a special ses- j guns of the seaport's historic forts,
filon of parliament will be necessary. I The outer entrance to the harbor is
The militia act provides: i strongly  guarded  by  forts  and  float-
"The governor-general-in-councll I ing mines. General Sir Ian Hamilton
may place the militia, or any part I when here on his Inspection tour last
thereof, on active service anywhere year, expressed-himself as greatlv
in Canada and also beyond Cauda, pleased with the strength and effi-
j for the defence thereof at any time ciency of- these defences. Col. the
I when it appears advisable to do so Hon. Sam Hughes will be In Quebec
j by   reason  of emergency." on  Sunday or Monday.    His friends
Parliament May Be Called. I in high  military circles  are  unanlm-
Another  clause  specifies:     "When-ous  today In declaring that    tn. tie
ever    tbe    governor-.n-cooncH  places levent ot Brtt*_�� bMbmtns l����oW��*t��*
ramus, or any part Uvmot ow active Wti�� stroM*.*. e�� Mtmtmmm wUl TM_*n
.service, tt parliament ts then ___p��rat- Ms portfolio an< lead sCntita. con-
��.  Objects to Austria and  Servia \ ed by _fufe.i  adjournment or  proroga-1 tlngent to, the  front.
RiintK-p-  Raimmlma
The  cruiamr  Rataeow
Entire Naval Force Prepared and Army is Ready
for Mobilization.
(guns mounted on
empress of asia
Moment's      Notice���Ulster
i     Hong   Kong,  July   111.���Most  active
I [irepanitions a:��- -joins on here in view
  of eventualities.    The Canadian I'aci-
_ .,       .. ,      _     , ...   lie   steamship   Kmpress   of   Asia   has
Protective   Measures  for  Denfense  of ] ^   0,,artpr^.d   by" the     govornraent
Island Can  Be  Drawn Around at a i;ind gu��s are bpi"K mounted on board.
I At  the dockyard  work  i.s  proceeding
Volun- ; night and day and double guards have
^^^^^^^B ' been  placed on duty.    All  t'.ie troops
teer��  Ready  for   Service   at   Home j have  been   confined   to  barracks  and
i leave  has  been  stopped.
Or   Abroad. TUp  Bril|sh  battleship Triumph  to-
. . i day   took  on  her  war   stores  and   is
I prepared   for  action.     All   the   boun-
l.cndon, July  81. -Facing  the  inostjduries of the colony  are  guarded  by
perilous epoch  in  their history since   outposts.	
they shivered before the spectre of a |
Napoleonic invasion, the English peo- j
pie are the calmest nation in Kurope.
yesterday they felt that the decision !
whether  Great   Britain    was    to    be
drawn  Into a general  Kuropeaii -.ar
u.is   banging   In   the   balance:   today
they believe it Is a probability, rather
than  a  possibility.
There Is no mistaking the fact that
with the exception of a minority of
peace advocates whose voice Is bard-
l> heard and seems to carry little
weight, the nation Is reconciled tu
�� a .*
Sober and Grim  Determination. "Officers    commanding    companies
Th. ro have been no demonstrations .vm a, ._.���,., t.lk(> Uu, naceMary sU.ps
or flag-waving, no music hall patriot- *,, 0Pder t0 br1ng th(.ir companies up
ism; bui there ir apparent among all , l0 Btrength. The orderly room will
classes a sober and grim deteralua- op,,n daj*v ;it x p.m for tniB purpose,
lion, if the government declares that commencing Monday, August _." The
lhe nation's interests and obligations above order issued vesterdav bv Cap-
requite her to take up arms side by tai,, and Adjutant I.. K. Haines of the
side with llussia and France, to see 1104th regiment bring* to New '-est-
the business through to the bitter minster residents a local situation
cud. ! which   might  arise   in   event   of   war
The belief of the average man is]breaking out between the big Euro-
tbat the existence ot the whole of Kur- I pean   powers.
ope as an armed ciunp, nervous aud I The local regiment now consists of
jealous, could have but one ctilmina-Islx companies, two in Chilliwack and
non, and if the hour for a general set- four stationed in this city, although
i lenient hus struck, there will be no it is probable that steps will be tak-
flinching. en at once to organize two additional
Decided Change in Temperament     ; companies in order to bring the regi-
The change that has swept over the |ment   to  a   greater   strength.     Little
Lemper Of the country within a week I difficulty  is  expected   when  such  an
doers Issued to  Cring   Enlistment to
War Footing���Orderly  Kocm  to
B: Open  Each   Ever.my.
Germar. Austrian and Italian War-
snips Will Unite at Former's Fortified Possessions in China���British
Fleet Puts to Sea With Every Available  Man. .,
_____      _     _>       - ��_.______) Hon  as   will  not   expire     within     ten,
Offer  to   Pay   ExptiWM  of  Ccgntr,-Uw,.,���d,Mifc11   .hail   bm   f.umd .
men Sac*  to tho P.th.H.nd to 4-   '��r   ��   mWin*   In 'pantetnesit   Wltliln /
| fifteen  days and  parliament  shall  ac-
list in the Army���An Old Precedent
ma.   to bare
'Continue* ta'V-gm Ptofrf.)
Peking, July 81,���Hong Kong is
be made the British'naval base in Chi-1
nese waters and ln case of war. the
(ierman   possession   of  Tsing  Tau   is
to be blockaded.
Wi i Hei Wei bas no fortifications,!
while Tsing Tan is fortified on both I
the land and ?ea sides. The Germans!
believe that the fortifications will af-;
XVr I'.ington.    July     31.���Strenuous
efforts   being   made   by   Austria    and
Servia   to   recall   from     the     I'nited
I States  for military service the  many
I thousand of their citizens who are em-
l0' ployed  in  American  factories has attracted   official   attention     and     the
question lias been raised whether such
activities   are   being   carried   beyond
the limits  prescribed by  t'ae neutrality laws.
Advertisements have appeared in
many American papers calling upon
the reservists and other Austrians
and Servians eligible for military duty
^^.r^r^ving We,| to return to their fatherland for ser-
Hei Wei. took every available man "ce an? oSlterlnB- money fix their
with them. I transportation.
T'ae  crews   from   the British   river'    _,     Enliitments  Prohibited,
gunboats   which   were  dismantled   at!    The neutrality laws not only lorb.d
Troops Will Be Mobilized as
Soon as Declaration of
War Is Made.       ��
Ottawa. July 31.���That Canada will
Hankow yesterday are to be taken on
the   departure  of   armed   expeditions
the    United    States    directed
friendly  nation, but  enlist-
nucleus crew.    The  Austrian  cruiser
Kaiserin Elizabeth, on which the guard... -      ,  ....    ,      .     . ..
from the Austrian legation embarked  llis  wa>' as an individual out of the
i-.-in., t. ,-      -in.     Qvtanel/iii     I.,    hlni    nl    ntn
board the battleship Triumph,  which
hitherto has been  manned  by only a i against  a
ments  are  specifically  prohibited.
The foreigner is left free to make
is marvelous. A week ago the people were wrapped up in prize fights
and (loodwood races, vacations on the
continent��� tonight they ate asking only -('an the British fleet play Its part
in protecting the island from Isolation
winch means. In the first instance,
can it destroy the Herman emperor's
They arc concerned also as to whether the food supplies can be maintained and to what extent privat. for-
Ilines will be impaired by the financial upheaval of the war.
Naval   Forces   Are   Ready.
order is Issued, the war fever becom
ing more apparent yesterday when
graver news was received from the
old country.
country, but extension  to him of aid
in  tbe  shape of passage money and
expenses  and  any  attempt to  direct
Ills movements to certain rendezvous
in  a  foreign country,  is  believed  by
some officials here to be of questionable legality and akin to enlistment.
An  Old  Precedent  Found.
It was recalled tonight that in 1S..6
during   the   Crimean   war.   Secretary
Marcy expelled from the lTnited States
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       Iiritish Minister Crampton because he
  ] was  concerned  in  the enlistment    of
Calgary. Aug. 1.��� His Royal High-: recruits within the I'nited States for
ness, the Huke of ConnaUfht, will i service In the Hrltish army. These
leave Banff for Ottawa Saturday j recruits were directed, through con-
morning. ��� I aula at New York, Philadelphia and
 __  I Cincinnati, to Halifax, where the Brit-
Copenhagen, July 31. ��� The bank i ish government had opened a reoruit-
rate here is to be raised to six per j ing station and at that point techni-
cent tomorrow.                                        I cal  enlistments  were  made.
i f'.tt days ago, will not attempt the
voyage home but will remain at Tsing
The  Italian  cruiser Cabeto. also  Is
sailing toward Tsing Tan.
German bluejackets today dismantled the gunboat Vaterland at Hankow. I
Montreal. July      81.    Although    in- i clearance in order to reach open wa-
Structlona have not come from Ottawa j tprs'  !t '�� vpr>' doubtful  whether she
...... . ..     ,  ; could even now get her papers.
.1 was stated by the customs author!- |     Qf  (he othcl. mny  ^^ ,n  ���)e
lies here today that the German ship I port, none are German.
Willehad  will  be seized  tiie  moment i     The customs officials are fully alive
IJDA7II     WHITI I'M_', '��� war Is declared.   The Willehad. which S to the  duties which  will  devolve ou
t>KA/_ll.   r E_r._l.-1-Ml . arrived here two days ago, with over j them should war be declared.    There
YEAR'S   BREATH   livr'   hundred   immigrants,   is  due   to i are over half a dozen ocean  vessels
 , jsail on Sunday morning for Antwerp. | in port from the continent, but none
llio Janeiro.  Brazil   July  St.���The Should s,1�� attempt   to    hurry   her' of them will said for a German port.
financial sltUQtio in  Basil, which wns ' -__���__����� _-_--__--_��-____________.___._^_-______��___--___. m
Tim i!,-,_iii_��� loan, which was be- \ AND THREATENS TO WIELD SWORD.
The military situation stands where I lng   negotiated   in   Kurope.   has   now
it did last nighl.   The mobilization of | been  matje impossible, and  It  is said
Berlin, July  31. -The German em-
the naval forces has been completed,
and the navy Is on a war footing, except for"the calling out of the territorials,   The machinery for their mob-
(Continued on  Page  Five.)
the government Intends to issue treas- j p,,roV mado ��� w:u. spt,(lph t0 Ul���    eo
urv bills to the amount of 16000 maxl-   _.       ,,,,,., , . ,   ,
mum in older to meet urgent require- ! dU of Berlln  t0(,ay   ln  whloh  he ex
The bourse has been paralyzed, the
rpice.. cf provisions  niv  rising.
to provoke Germany. ^^^^^^^^^^
^_^^^_^_^^^^^^^^^ i     The   emperor   lias   summoned   the
pie of Berlin today In which he ex- Re|chBtttB ,., ������... ,,., r-csday at the
pressed   the  hope that   If  tie  was  un-   royal  palaue ami heur the decision of
able to Induce his opponents fo ma'n-1 the emperor and the Bundesratlv, and
lain   peace  lie   would   wield  tlle sword; if nece tfsiii y. to vote :i  v.:r credit.
Paris, July  31.���The  French   minis-,
, try  of   finance   issued   the   following
[notice tonight: _m____________t^-^m���^m���mm.
"The rise in the price of wheat in ofllow the example of New Zealand
I all tbe markets of the world by the I and other overseas dominions and
probability that the harvests of, send a formal offer of aid to Great
France will be below the average I Britain in the event of her particlpa-
and the prospect of seeing this com-, tion in a general European war is
modify go into hiding as gold does, on ��� believed to be practically certain to-
the  eve  of  grave  eventualities,  have j night.
caused the government to prohibit' On the arrival in the. capital to-
the export of grains and farinaceous morrow night of Sir Robert Borden
foods of all kinds. This measure was! an emergency meeting will be held at
taken by Belgium and Germany today j which in all probability a cable offer
and is supplemented by the prohibi- of assistance will be drafted and des-
tlra of the export of various products! patched to the war office. According
winch are considered contraband of to rumors tonight Canada may offer
wa.'." to send from ten to twenty thousand
������������        ��� men without delay and more at a lat
er day  If they are required.    At the
I militia department  some of  the  offi-
I cers are on duty  night and day and
i as soon as  Britain declares war.  Ad
Ijutant-General  Williams  will set the
' mobilization machinery in motion.
Connaught May Return.
In  the event of war it is  believed
| that  his royal  highness the  Duke of
j Connaught. who has had much experi
j ence as a soldier and who was at one
i time commander-in-chief of the  Brit
; Ish  forces  will  return  to Ottawa to
| give the militia department the bene
! fit' of his ehperlence and advice.    It
is believed that In the event of the
empire being seriously threatene.'.. the
size of the Canadian contingents will
be limited only by the ability of the
militia department to equip the Canadian forces.
Artillery   ia   Efficient.
It   would   not   be  surprising   if  tbe
artillery branch of the service would
be   the   first   to   supply   aid   for  the
mother country, ln Canada there are
many batteries quite efficient enough
to give a good account of themselves
anywhere, and they could probably be
i despatched with greater selerltj  thanl
j tbe  larger   Infantry   or  cavalry   n _'
Intents.    Nothing of an absolutely de
j finite   character   in   regard   to   what!
I Canada Is likely to do can  be satedl
I however,   until   Premier   Borden   an(j
i his ministers have met In council
Borden Goes to Ottawa.
Toronto,  July  81.-  Pr        i   l'""';
reached  Toronto earl)   ' even:
and proceeded to Ottawa i u the
Paris. July 81, France and Great
Britain arc making a final effort to
find a way out compatible with the
dignity and interests and both Russia and Austria. This is why Premier Asquith postponed making a further declaration in the British parliament tot-ay,
New York, July 31.���The followiug
statement was given out by the directors of the Hamburg-American line:
"ln view of the uncertainty of the
present European situation we have
decided to postpone sailings of the
Vaterland from New York, the Am-
erika from Boston on August 1 and
the ItnperatOl* from Hamburg 81. Due
notice will be given of tin. eventual
?ailing dates."
Officials of the other large steamship companies here said that none
of their ves.tls had been withdrawn
from  the   service.
July    :u.  -The    Belgian
tonight   ordered   general
;     St.    Peter-burg,   July   111.--An   inland show bis enemies what it means jperial  ukase  declares martial  law  In
Finland and Finnish territorial wut-
ers. Great Britain is matting a final
effort to find a formula acceptable
to the antagonists, but there is little
hone of success. It is announced hero,
��� wing :o Germany's attitude.
(Continued on  r
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-tar Fnwr v. Dry.    Publtatoed every morning except Sunday by the National Printing I
���nd Pul'll. Inn.   ���tnmp.uiy. Untiled, at CS McKenzie Btreet. New Westminster. British
| Columbia. IIOBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All eomn.uiilcatlona tbould be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not j
to individual members of Um staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made i
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month, nv m��il. IS per yj��r. Mc per month.
ADVKKTISINO  RATES on  application. j
���"Fine at Silk"*
Esth Imports and Exports Have Risen
Steadily   During   the   Last
Fourteen Years
Values at
prices of 1900
A white    paper    analyzing    Hritish
! overseas trade on the basis of the av-
! e:age   prices   prevaling   in   1900���the
i year which  has been adopted as the
     _...  i standard  for purposes of comparison
While the situation in Europe is graver today in pos-jnal* The main feature brought out by
sibilities than it ever has been not excepting the trouble- ^ ��� * Z^IHtl. "?
some Napoleonic times, there still is lingering a faint ray I   The following table shows for a
Of hope that SOme eleventh-hour Circumstance Will inter- j number  of  years  the  difference  be-
vene to prevent the impending catastrophe. Lw���re\ports%CnadretheIralvaTue0s Sat8
A strong factor which has developed in the interestsjed at the prices of mo*
of peace is the determined stand adopted by Great Britain | imports,
during the past thirty-six hours in her open declaration; values as
that she feels duty bound to prevent the crushing of heri]9e0a0r dMa,076
ally, France, at the hands of Germany in the event of 11901 !    '.'.'.'.'. Pn',99'0
hostilities already started in the Balkans spreading north- j jjjJJ-j gJJ-JJJ
ward. "This statement, taken with Britain's known desire j 1908 !!"!!!!!-!! 592,953
for peace at any cost, save at the sacrifice of her honor, i "J*  mlli
will act as a powerful deterrent to the German war party mi ','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. eso.'i...
and it remains only to be seen whether it is strong enough; jjjjij  moil
to prevail against the evidently cut-and-dried agreement j Exports of produce' and Manufactures
along the lines of which Austria and Germany have been \ of the United Kingdom.
P ' Estlmate<]
mOVing. j Values as
���Another   factor, which as yet has   not been heard Year. d_fi_tf
from, is the group of money kings.   In their hands lies j igoi '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. m',m
the power to put a stop to the trouble, no matter how far 1 jjjjjlj m��<m
it may have gone by shutting off the gold supply, but: 190.  i.'      .. 377404
whether they will use the lever lying ready is still un-1 J��^   378,180
known.   It is a great temptation to the financial groups, 1912 ..    '.'.'.'. m',m
in that it would give them an opportunity, never before, wj?  525'4til
offered in like magnitude, of taking tremendous toll from '    n     continuous increase.
the nations for the privilege of settling their differences 1 Both for total imports ami fnr net im-,
bv force Of arms. 1 ports and also for exports of United*
'     T,  n j,.'     ���,,      .        1 i   ���   _. ���_.       -ii Kingdom produce, there was a contin-
If  Europe  finally  IS  plunged   into   War  it  Will   mean [ 0U8 increase In volume year by year I
that the greed for gold has outweighed humanitarian in-if���n> 1907 followed by a general de. 1
. �� ,,       , ��,        j,  ,1 1 1        j ___  1  _._.      eline  in  1908.    In  each  category  the1
stincts in the breasts of those whose hands control the, volume of trade tn 1909 was greater'
purse strings. ,tha" ltt, "J*. bu* was 8ti" 1?elmv lh<:
1 �� 1 level   of  1907.     T.ie   general   upward ;
i tendency  noticeable  in  1900  has continued and tbe figures show  that for!
all  branches of our foreign trade the |
; valume of trade in 1913 was the great- '
j est ever recorded.
!     When   the   effect   of   variations   of
1 i average values is eliminated  imports
mi l      _.        j> i      j     i ��� i_      _.    i __._. < arc seen to have increased in volume
There are plenty of war clouds hanging about, but,. oy 35.5 per cent, since 1900. exports
perk up; you always can go down to Victoria and see;��f ^f producet and manufacturers of
ft,    p   ���   L I the United Kingdom by 70.8 per cent.,'
tne itaMDOW. > exports  of  foreign  and  colonial   mer- ;
  j chandise   by  42.1   per  cent.,   and   net !
,              ._-,,,, 11             ,                   ii       imports retained in the United King-
A rag warehouse in Chatham has been destroyed by dom by 31.2 per cent, in the same pe-
fire.   The loss will not affect the styles, for it wasn't j rhl��vde ttSI, ^.Tper ��_T*
Sifted ever so fine through silken
mesh. The "smoothest" flour milled.
Your grocer knows.
'Smooth at Velvet
Values at
prices of 1900
thousands ��'s  (ooo's omitted.)
The Swedish railroads are experimenting with peat J
for fuel. Simply burning up the ground, as it were, isn't!
To all Eastern points in Canada and United States. Tickets on sale
daily until September 30th. Final return limit October 31st, 1914.
Choice of route.
SAVE TIME on your Eastern trip by leaving New Westminster
at 4:35 p.m., making direct connection at Everett, Wash.
ORIENTAL LIMITED, through train to Chitago. "Service of
the best." Visit Glacier National Park "where enjoyment is Immense
at a  minimum  expense."
Tickets sold on all Trans-Atlantic lines.
Passenger Station
Phone 263
Accomitunt.     Telephone   R447.     Room
22   Hart   Block.
m*. II. SMITH. Auditor and Account-
ant. Telephone 364. 211 Westmin-
ster Trust Building.
nnd third Tuesd.iv In each month at 8
P.m. In the r_ibor Tompt .. A. J. Christmas. Dictator; Duvid Boyle, Past Dictator: W. J. Groves, Secretary, till
Westminster Trust BulldlnK.
R. P. O. E. ot D. 0��� ii-tots first and
third Friday at S p.m., Labor Tempi-.
Seventh and Royal avenue. A. Wells.
Gray. Exalted Ruler; P. H. Smith, Sfc-
regular meeting of Amity Lodg". No.
II". I. O. O. F., Is held every Monday
tiixht at S o'clock In Odd Fellows' Ball,
corner Carnarvon and Eighth Streets.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
II. W. Sangster, N.o.; J. L. Wataon,
V.Q.; W. C. Coatham. P.O.. recording
secretary; J. W. McDonald, financial
XV. E. FALES ft CO.. 612-818 AGNES-
street, opposite Carnegie library. Mo.t
up-to-date funeral parlors In the citv.
Specialists In shipping.    Lady assistant
* in attendance. Always open. Day phone
17ii.   nlglit   phone   81.
ter k  Hanna,  Ltd.)���Funeral directors
and embalmers.    Parlors 405 Columbia
street.   New    Westminster.     Phone   ��.:i
.ter Board of Trade meets In the board
room. City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of each month. Annual meetings
on the third Friday of February. C. H.
Si unit   Wade,  secretary.
lister. ,
('(tors,  e
New  \\
estmins ter.
C,     J.
ter-nt-law, Solicitor, etc. Solicitor fur
the Bank of Vancouver. Offices' Merchants' Hank Building, New Westminster, B. C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
Address      "Johnston."      Code      We_-.ni
llcltor. etc., Colllster Block, corner Co-
lumbln and McKenzie streets s.w
Westminster, R. C. P. O. Box _Sfi. Tele-
phone   .144.
a glad rag warehouse.
the   I'nited   Kingdom   exports  by   SO.6
per cent., of foreign and colonial ex- |
/ ports   by   73.6   per  cent.,   and   of  not
Lawn and Garden.   TERMS ARRANGED.    PRICE $2200.
General Insurance Agents.
213-315 Westminster Trust Building and 740 Columbia St.   Phone 85L.
Side���Barristers and Solicitor., Westminster Trust llll... Columbia street
New Westminster, B. C. Cable address
Whiteside," Western Union. p. o
Drawer lion. Telephone 69. \v j
Whiteside, K. C.; H. L. Edmonds. I)'.
All the Best of 'em are coining west now. the governor- / imports by 43 4 per cent.
genm, Sir Robert Borden and Sir Wilfrid Laurier; andft^SCt*-^ uke�����f Xl^nlh!
Joe Martin is back, tOO. !valu? ot_ foodstuffs. The class embody-
' ins. food, dripk, and tobacco compris-
The government is reported to be taking a keen in
ed 42 per cent, of the declared value
of the total imports in 1-00, and bar-
| ley 38 per cent, in 1913.   The declared
terest in lobster culture, which sounds like another sign | vaiueof our total jmports of the arti
of appropching elections.
BOILERS   Riveted Sfeel Pipes       TANKS
       BURN OIL	
Misery likes company and, on that basis, here's some
good news:   Meat prices in Manila have risen one nun
dred per cent, within a year.
cles included in this group amounted
to ��21.,970 00C in 1909 and ��290,-1
397,000 in 1913, an increase of ��70,-
427,000. or 32.0 per cent. Of this increase it appears that ��33,480,000 was
due to increased volume of imports
and ��36.679,000 was due to higher
values. Compared with 1909, the volume of trade in 1913 showed an increase of 15.4  per cent, and  average
P.   O.   BOX   44?
There's going to be another investigation at Kingston penitentiary. It seems to require a continuous performance to keep the prisoners down there amused.
A London despatch says that Joe Martin never seemed to agree with his party leaders in England. They send
some oueer stuff over the   wires   these   davs   labelled
contemporary   for   fifty thousand dollars damages for SS^^WiS^
libel.   They dream in big figures back there. I of 1900 m the period from 1901 toi
1190._. but from that year increased
until in 1912 they were 16.9 per cent j
greater than in 1900. ln 1913 the average values were below the level of 1912
but .till above the level of any other
yeai   since  1800.
Average  Values.
During   the   fourteen   years  covered
by the return the extent to which values  have  fluctuated  differs  widely  in
j the different  branches of trade. Tak-
��� 'nu tin, level Qjjiverage values in 1900
| a.s   100,   it.   is   seen   that   the   average
value of imports has ranged from 96.8
! in   1902  to  111.9  in  1910,  a  range  of
I about  16  per cent.    The average  val-
I ues of  I'nited   Kingdom  exports  have
; ranged   from  90.7  In  1903 to  105.7  in
1913,  a   range   of  about   15   per   cent.
J Speaking   generally,   it   may   be   said
1 'lint  after a  preliminary  fall in  the
: first two or three years of the period,
average   values   rose  again   in   nearly
, evi ry   case   until   1907.     In   1908   and
: 1909   values,   hot i   of   raw   materials
and manufactured articles, were again
lower,   but   recovered   in   1910,  fell   a
llttlfl   In   1911.  and   resumed   their  up-
i ward  tendency  In   1912 and   1913.
I     II is noteworthy that imported foodstuffs did not share in thia decline In
I average value in 1908 and 19f'9, the in-
: ilex  number  rising steadily  vear  by
year  from 98 2 to 111.6 In 1910. This
' index   number   was   slightly   lower   in
I 1911  than in 1910 or 1909. reached its
| highest point In the period  under re
'��� e    nag    |n  1D12, and declined  to
114.4 in 1913.    On the  whole it would
i ippear t ial   recent  years  the average
j 'nines of Hritish exports have been increasing  more   rapidly  than   those  of
Imported raw materials and food.
PHONES: 15 AND 16.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Cement,
Washed Gravel and thc Best Concrete Sand in B.C.
Lime, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and  the  hardest and
1    toughest crushed  rock  in  the country.   Rip-rap
Rock a specialty.
at-law, solicitor, etc., corner Columbia
nnd McKensle strict.. New Westminster, U. a   P. O. Box 112.   Telephone
Solicitor and Notary. Offices, Ff..tf
Block,  :'S   Lorne street,  New  Wostm'n-
. ler. II. C.
lliirrist.ru .ind Solicitors. 805 to . 1 ���>
Westminster Trust Block. O K Martin,   vv.   il.   McQuarrie   and   Oeorau   L
l iinmiily.
8VNOP8IS   OF   COAI,   MINING   1... *U-
A Washington state court has decided that marriage:.
of voung people under age are legal. Looks as though
civilization were going backward over there instead of
Will somebody kindly explain why it is so many folks
are rescued from drowning "just as they are going down
for the third time." Has "luck in odd numbers" anything
to do with it?
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd.
Manufacturers of
Modern  Saw  and  Shingle  Mill  Machinery, Canning Machinery, Gasoline  and   Distillate   Engines.
Repair Work of All Kinds Promptly Executed.
COAI, MINING ilglita or lhe Domli.lon
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan und Alberta,
Hie vukiin Territory, the Northwest Territories ami In a portion of tbe Province
of British Columbia, may be leased fur a
term ol twenty-one years at an annual
rental uf $1 an acre. Not more than _,5mj
acres ��ni be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must bo made
by lbe applicant Iii person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in whicn tbe
lights applied   fm-  are  situated,
lu surveyed territory the land must be
dessrlbed uy sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections and In unsurveyed territory the tract applied for shall be staked
out by the Applicant himself.
Bach application must be accompanied
by a fee of $.'i which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise, A royally shall Iim
paid on the merchantable output _r .the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish    the   Agent    with    sworn    returns
il mntlng toi   the fun quantity of n. r-
eli.iiit.ihle coal mined and pay the .royalty tlnreou. ir the coal mining Mights
ir.- not being operated such returns should
be furnished at hast once a year.
Tho i'use will include the coal mining
rights only, inn the lessee will be permitted to purchase whatever available
surfuc- right may in- considered necessary ror the working of the mine at the
rate nl  ln> an acre.
For full Information application should
lie made to the Secretary of the Department nr the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Bub-Agent of  Dominion l_��nis.
\v. \v  cuity.
Deputy Minister of the interior
unauthorised  publication  of  thin
N It
iniiit will not be paid for.
Nelson is bemoaning: a flood of defunct   Bank   of
Prince Edward Island bills with which her merchants
have-been victimized lately.   Cheer up Nelson, we've all
*had our share.
Been use he is said to have called them a "bunch of
boozers." officers of a militia battery in the east are suing
the minister of militia for damages. They don't appear
to like Col. Sam's apt alliteration.
fat Us Figure Your Lumber Rills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want It, in any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
A London colonel intimates that the Rockies .have it
all over the Swiss Alps for scenery and grandeur.  We like
*to hear it told, but it does seem a shame to knock the chief
industry of poor little Switzerland.
"A London, Ont., boarding house keeper was fined one
hundffed dollars for having bottled beer on the premises.
Evidently the only way to keep beer safely during   the!
hot weather in London is to drink it.
The English, tht. Scotch, the Irish and the Welsh may;
take great pleasure in scrapping among themselves, but
when it comes to a showdown against outside dangers
they stick together like bread and butter. I
A   Bud   Levi.    Elmulrtlon
A M_ri_ltf.it.tirw*__rd ftntrBiu
��>ff.r ir.n nn ntaMlriwd
..--���I \.o ftrr rl��'n�� iww
Wit. bat  io  i-i.iusrn.i. -   . r
pi i la -ill i.ri*r thr
v-.-tid ni 4 liiik'tt
n ivu l-M-tnt'-ir.      Now
ll       >"Ur      clu...-"-        tf>
r bUla oil*. Writ*,
now, rndoili.ir %',
fi.l. for onfl of OUT
Im! loiMb1�� Ladles'
Ktxii Qntrdi, cr
Owi'l*   A hfjfm.   tent
r-'n;v"   pAld   tn   W_T
*i'h tits watch, w.i eh
��il   bo   w vim    Fi*��
ill ���VI      WftTr.l.-|       AtCI
11   :i Lw-il :r ���- i cm ii,
���InnId pita t.ke -".���
vftf-lfura of DOf nmrvi'l'
o"t!T. W�� ��Tpoft TOO to lell ."iir IrxtiiU
it in and tili'-W thorn the hMtmfuJ ��ti_h
t tn- .k thin olfer too vrxx] to hu trait, Hit wnd
r-tn|H I-..i��v mwl fftln a K*... H'wrti ^ (,n
l-  uni-ti*    -W.I,[.[AM*   A    f.NiVIi,   iMinVnle
���' o-i Hi mn l*-' ), rt). Coriiv.-_.__i }u id, Londou, N.,
If.   h   BUCKUN, *    KttAHDBLBt,        W. W. H. BtJCKUN.
Pr��g  aad (��*���!   fti��r. VIct-PrMldrat Mo tn* Umi
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phone* No. .  ���nd 177
New Wellington
Office, 554  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
MA .Uf��r lu. f �� . _SS0( IAII0N
_     OF  RRUISH roiUMBIA    J
IteBldonce:  Room 118 McLeod Block.
Ptione 489 L,
ity to secure the requisite time, has
Mm forced to turn down the offer of i
thi* All-Canadian manager to play
against the United States at Phil, del
j phia this month, will be skipper of
the Royals at Victoria. This after-
neon's game will start at 2.30 o'clock.
Seattle Champion. Clash With Royals
���Slaton Calle..  Upon to
Circle  F  Have  Lazy Time With Col-
u-nbui   Team���Pitchers   Were
A   burlesque ball game  was staged
ai   Qutens   park   last   night.   Kraser !
Mills running *away from the Colum-!
bus outfit by a score of 10 to nil. Perhaps it waa a relief to a certain section of the fans after the close strug- j
gits of the  past few  weeks but the'
���.aroe will go on the toboggan if any
mere  of  such  encounters  an   pulled I
off under the wing of the    ity league. :
Sayborn, coming north from ('alitor-
nla  with a rep a mile long, essayed .
tn do the twirling for the Columbus I
but '.as as wild as a hawk and after '
walking   several   batters   and   hitting
four, his place was taken by Keeper.
Sayborn  held  the  lumbermen  to one
lilt iind one run In the first but sue-
cum bed  to the  slaughter  in  the Bee- j
ond  when  seven  runs    were    shoved
across in three hits and double that j
nmount of errors.
It   wai   painful,   the   fans   relieving
themselves at tini��H when they chuck- j
led us various batters got in the way
of pitched balls.
only on<- lilt was garnered off (
Brandt who completed his fifth game ,
in seven days. This lone single was .
obtained by I'apke in the third who ]
nas left stranded when the next two
batters whiffed.
The   Columbus  bunch     pulled    off
son ���"   punk  fielding,  muffed   flies  by
Walsh and Crutchley and several wild .
heaves adding to the riot.
rfed Lynch officiated, the attention
of tne fans on the farclal display, letting the umpire go scott free when
calling  thc   low  ones.
Sore��� It.    H.    K.
Columbus     0     1     7
Circle K       10      5      2
1-ii.tterlcs Sayborn,      l.eepcr     and
Hood;   Brandt and Huhnke.
Stand'ng of the Clubs.
Won   '.ost   Pct
IT. C. B. R K       5       .616
circle F      X        ti        .571
Columbus       4      10        .285
Labor   Day   Suggested   for   First   Encounter With Rosedales���Denial
of Rumors.
A denial of thc published reports of
the Salmon Bellies having approached Harry Pickering and other Vancouver lacrosse players with the suggestion to assist the Hoyals in de- i
lending the Minto cup was made yes-
terday by a prominent member of the
local team.
In event of the  1.0. ednles coming
put to tiie coast, a  New Westminster i
twelve will battle to repel the Invad- j
srs  and,   with   no  exception,   will  an |
outsider be brought into the team other than  Mickey Ion. who was signed !
at  th"   beginning  of  the season and |
lias since turned out with the Royals
in every   game   against   the   now  de- !
funct V. A. C.
No wore' has as yet been received '.
from Trustee Oeorge of lhe Minto i
clip board as to a challenge having
been presented by Jimmy Murphy, of j
the N. 1.. D. champions. Once notification is on hand, however, the Sal- !
mon Bellies will get down to stren- ;
nous training.
According to one of tlie tilnyer_ It ,
is planned to have tlie Rosedales play \
their first game against the Royals '
on Labor Day September 7. which '
would thus allow the opportunity of I
having a  big gate at Queens  piirk.
���lust at  present, a  waiting policy is I
being maintained1, with everything in ���
readiness  for action    when    definite
word is  received  from thc east.
International baseball will be the
sporting attraction in the city this afternoon when the New Westminster
nine hooks up with the champions of
Seattle, the Knights of Columbus. The
affair promises to be the best attraction arranged by the city league magnates, as the visitors have cut a wide
swath in amateur circles around Seattle and Tacoma and are intent on
making a clean-up of the best aggregation of the lower mainland.
The Seattle manager apparently
realizes that he will have strong opposition at Queens park, as report
comes from the south that several of
the players who assisted Vernon and
Revelstoke this summer in the interior league, are being brought along.
Tomorrow afternoon the scene will
chance to Fraser Mills where tbe Circle F team, greatly strengthened for
the occasion, will attempt to take the
measure of the Americans.
"Dutch" Slaton will be found en
tlie mound thiB afternoon and with a
rest lasting from Tuesday, the star
twirler of the Electrics should be in
tlle best sliape to deliver
V.   A.   C.  Will   Have  Vancouver   Men
in Game Today���Lynch Not
To  Act.
Golf Competition.
Two competitions vvill be played on
the Eluniuitlam golf links today, a
good' turn-out of members being ex-
r.<-eted. The annual 18 hole medal
play under handicap for the captain's
. nd vi,-,. ..'iiittiiiirH prizi-H will h_. run
< rr.   while   the  cluli  ��� -li_.iiii>ioiiNhi|>   fin-
nt  between  A. C, Stewart ami  .1   a
Vellowlees will also be completed.
Royals Will Meet Burrard on Asylum
Grounds Today.
New Westminster cricketers will attempt a comeback against Hurrards
at Asylum grounds this afternoon in
a Mainland league contest The Royals have twice this season compelled
the visitors to bite the dust and after
their two reverse . during the past
two weeks. Intend to again start a
winning   streak
Preparations are under way for the
Royal city to be again represented at
the annual criket ti'irnauieni held in
Victoria the last week in August. On
account of several uu nibers of the fore been acceptable to the Vancou-
first eleven, being unable to make the ver club, both in league and Mann
trip, a temporary organisation going i cup series and yesterday's move
under the name of tho Westminster j domes as a little surprise,
and District rlub. bus been organized. Manager Turnbull. however. Is not
which will thus allow two or three worrying over the deal as he feels
players from 'oqititl.in and the .'ra- Ijis liuin pan n��t away witli the oon-
-��r valley to he iiiflilftfcl In lh#- line- j teM la any event,
New Company Takes Over the Furniture
Business of Denny & Ross on  Sept.   1.
Immense Stock Will be Sold at
Values Never Before Equalled
Wait for Further Announcements
A  peculiar play  has been made by
I the officials of the Vancouver Athiet-
I ic club lacrosse team when asking and
I gaining   the  consent   of   Fred   Lynch
l of this city  to act  as  referee  in  to
, day's Mann cup game on Tuesday last,
the   officials   yesterday   notified   the
New   Westminster expert    in  referee
work   that  they  had   made  other  ar- 1
ratw ments. j
.lust   who  the   officiali   Will   be   in
t .day's encounter was not given  out 11���  ,ni.
yesterday, although tt is rumored that
Hoc   Fowler  and   Kd.  Havey  will  represent the Vancouver club.
I     Mr.   Lyuch's   services  have   hereto-
Phone 588
Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
antl sent to jail  for not to exceed 30 j     Cardiff, Wales, July  no.- The Brit-
days. ^ j ish admiralty nas sent the proprietors
By   agreement   between   city     offi-| of the collieries notice, warning them
clals and the complainants as to the j against shipping coal and has notified
crowing of Mrs. Muehlmann's roosters | them lhat all coal is liable to be ta-
H. J. Shinn, commission merchant and | ken by the admiralty um'er emergen-
real estate owner, will appear as the! cy  contracts and thut   tbe  admiralty
complaining witness and swear to the i will   Imdemnlfy   them   for   breach  of
, warrant.    Charles    Muehlmann,    the j private   contracts.     The     admiralty
husband of the owner of the chickens, 1 agents have asked tender" lor steam-
think   they   have   as   much   right   to | will be made the defendant, and. It is  era ready to sail imtnedia e.> on char-
chainpionships as they have to votes,   understood,  will  employ  counsel   and i ter of eighteen da; j or longer. All the
The   flower of  the  cowherders    of ; contest the case. I crews  must  be   British.
Canada will be at the big show.    As ' ���	
the profession- ! ���  ��� ��� seaa^-W
Whoever wins that championship
oowboy contest at the Vancouver exhibition this year will have every
right to proclaim his championship,
or, maybe, her championship, because
there are going to be some cowgirls
various contests and cowgirls
!���'.  C.   B.   Cave,   who   through   iiiat.ll- j ADDITIONAL   SPORT   ON    PAGE   5.
War Declared
Read Our Ultimatum
Shot from $18.00,
$20.00, $25.00 to
(JAM*   QOKl    WW!   C* U1
Nothing can prevent us from
making this sacrifice today. Call
early and get first choice.
a matter of fact only
als at the art of riding a crazy bucking broncho or cutting out wild-eye'.
steers will have any right ln the exhibition cow pasture during the contests. Anybody else enterine at that
time have been advised lo bring their
ambulance   with   them.
The   cattle-separatliiff  contest     carries   with   It   prizes   of  $100,   *7f��  and
$25.     A   purse  of  1200  is  offered   for
the bucking horse rough riding championship of British Columbia.    Prizes
for second, third and fourth are offer-
eded.    Riders must not "pull leather." :
An  old  timers race is going to  be \
great.    The contestants    must    light
finis, make camps, cook bannock and
go to bed in two minutes.    The fifth  ]
ev.nt  is a relay race for the British   |
Columbia   championship.    This   is   to  j
be one of the  finest and  best, three
prizes of S-1.0, $200 and $50 being offered   for  first,  second  and   third.   A
wild horse race will take place daily,
prizes cf  $25; $13,  $10 and  $5  being   ,
For the best leant o;' three men, I
rider and two helpers who display su- |
perlor skill, daring and all round
horsemanship, u special prize will be |
given at the completion of the ser- j
les of this race The prizes in all
amount to nearly $2000.
Big Clearance Sale on All Lines of Furnishings
Reid & McDonald
San Francisco, July 31.���Fearing ,
I that the long tentacles of the tip trust j
j may exti nd across the continent and ,
! jeopardize their incomes, a number i
| of hat check boy.- from local hotels ,
I and cafes called on an attorney here
I today and asked that the wheels of j .
! the "law be set in motion before the
United States court via the Sherman
The particular octc.pus they fear is
a corporation in New York whicli has
secured most of the hat checking
stands In the eastern metropolis antl
steadily is reaching out toward the
great dvide. Already its tentacles
have invaded several local cafes and
it is to save their livelihoods during |
exposition year that has forced the
hardworking hat checkers to invoke
legal aid
The plan of the so-called "tip trust"
Is to pay young and attractive girls
small salaries to trade checks for hats
and hats for dimes, and then gobble
all gratuities into its hungry  maw.
This, says the boys, is in direct
restraint of trade, and they propose
to have the United States supreme
court decide whether an eastern octopus has a legal right to invade the i
state of California and gobble up its
The lawyer is drawing up the
Spokane, July 31, -Mrs. Charles.
Muehlmann's five clarion-tongtied'
roosters at W614 Fifth avenue were
the occasion of several conferences
and weighty deliberations at the city
hall yesterday The question of
whether to open war on the roosters
or allow t'.ieir ci owing to pass unchecked was debated in Its various
aspects and at t'ne close of the day it
was agreed that the owners of the
roosters should be haled into police
court under the city's ::*.ti-;;oise ordinance ami the court allowed to determine whether a real nuisance has
been perpetrated, and if so how severe
a penalty Should he assessed. Under
the ordi'.innce t#io owners of the roosters can be fined not to exceed $100
Ford Prices
Effective August 1st, 1914.
Touring   Car  $590.00
(Formerly $650,00,1
Runabout Car  .. 540.00
Town Car   840.00
equipped,  f.o.b.   Ford,
Summer Race
At Minoru Park
Races Every Day
Ladies Admitted Free, except on Saturday.
Admission, Including Grandstand, $1.00.
Special Train Leaves New Westminster for the
Course at 1:30 Every Day. |ge fouk
��� i    has increased
nain    factor of
|;      -temiv increase is the high
iquality of coffee sold at a com-
[par.-tive  lo��   Pr'ce-    Our large
��� ;:.,!)!<s  ns  today    to
further    please    you,   ensuring
..011  ��� H   _ame  high  quality   al-
....  ���������     .1   roasted.
Tin.- is the highest grade bulk
eoffee landled by us. We find
sales an increasing monthly.
''er  pound       40c
A high-grade coffee equalling
many so-called "beat" coffees.
We know this coffee will please
mi call at the main store for a
free sample. Per pound..35c
3   pounds   for     $1.00
Model Grocery
108 sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Winnipeg Man
Appoints Trust
Company His
The late Mark Fortune of Winnipeg, who went down with the
Titanic over two years ago, in
his Will appointed a well
known trust company to act as
his executor. The estate is
vu'uetl at $1,588,250.
There are many reasons why
you should follow this couvse.
\ tiust company has much bei-
tt i* facilities than the private
executor. It is conversant with
'��� gal procedure in each province
and therefore makes no mistakes.
A        m     J. it   .   .   i
We havp the" tWrtf*^IrfcMfla-
tion and experience ln which to
transact, trust business with
tho    greatest    efficiency     and
economy. -    ,
'V    ' .
This company will act as your
executor regardless of the si/.e
cf the estate. Ask for particulars.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
.0A  Columbia   Street.
I. 8. KEITH, Marager.
Raking Up.
A gang of city emplovees were engaged yesterday ln raking off the
small stones from Sixth streu wHich
showed signs of working up dust hitherto kept down by a sprinkling of oil.
Mortgagee���Alfred W. Mcl.eod
(87S8) !
To Talk Incorporation
A meeting of the Fraser Valley De-1
velopment league will be held in Van- j
couver next Tuesday for the purpose j
of discussing the proposed incorpora-1
tion of the league or of a central mar- I
keting agency to be under the con-1
trol of the league.
Eight day aiantle c'ocks at big re- j
ductions.    Regular $14 clocks for $1U,
regular $12.50 for $8,  regular $�� for;
���6, at Oifford's, the jeweler.
Off Fishing.
Ed. Stirling, superintendent of the j
Fraser valley branch of the B. ('. B. ���
E. R., and F. T. Condon, also connec-��
ted with the U. C. E. It., left yes-1
terday morning on a ten day's trip in
the Yale district. The party will try j
their luck at the trout fishing, which I
is reported to he good at the pre. ent !
International  baseball     at   Queen's j
park Saturday afternoon.    New Westminster vs. Seattle Knights of Columbus.   The visitors are the champions
of Seattle. (8710)
C. A. Welsh
July  Building  Permits
The building permits issued during
the  past   month  were  Is   in  number, j
amounting in value to Sl_..733. which
was little over half the number issued
during July of last year and less than !
one third in value.   Those granted in !
July  1913   numbered  80,   totalling  in
value   $39,355,    The   amount   derived I
from  plumbing permits    during    the |
,\ month  was $_ 11.75.
We want Your
It will pay you to give it ta us.
Why not start with ns August
1st? We have the goods at the
right prices and can give you the
service. Kverything bought
from any of our three stores
guaranteed   or   money   back.
have four deliveries daily to all
parts of the city from each of
our three stores: Morning deliveries leave stores at 9 a.m.
and 11 a.m. Afternoon deliveries leave stores at 2 p.m. and 5
p.m. In order for customers to
get prompt delivery we would
request that all orders���if possible���be in by 8:45 a.m. and
10:45 a.m. for the morning deliveries, and by 1:45 p.m. and
4:45 p.m. for the afternoon deliveries.
.Main Store, 193 and  41.
Sapperton Store, 373.
West Knd Store, 660.
Main    Store,   681  Columbia   St.
Sapperton   Store,  317  Columbia.
West Knd Store, 1110 Sixth Ave.
I  M-. M 7W / T a-7 -p   )
Clearing out sale of  trimmed hats  *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
at $1.00 and $2.00 each.    Shapes 50c. ��� - ��� 	
at Mrs.  Silvester. 45  Sixtli  street.       ! ponding  month  of  1913
(3714) ! known yesterday, $1,144
was    made
0 being taken   in   as   compared   with   $1-7.53   in
July,  1918,    Dominion  lands  fell  off
.lightly, being $30 less than last year.
New Ford Price.
The Fraser Valley Motor Company
Ltd., corner of Lome and Carnarvon I The customs receipts showed an in-
stteets, are offering Ford cars at a | crease of nearly $3000 over those of
great reduction. Their 1915 prices j June of this year, the figures being:
come  into  effect  today.     Those who:.July  1914, $26,214.00, June 1914. $22,-
call, will find their touring car selling, at a reduction, for the sum of
$590; the runabout for $540 and the
town car for $840. These are all fully
.quipped K. O. 13. Fori'. Ont.
374.52. Crown timber receipts were
also on the increase, several out-
Standing accounts having been paid
up during the month. The figures:
July   1914,   $8,225.73;   July   1.13.   $4.-
  j 420.82.
Mill Wood, Planer Ends. $2.50 per | 	
load. C   O. D,   Askew, 516 Eighth St. i     Baseball  at Queen's  park Saturday
Phone 1391 L.
attle K. C.'s. A special attraction
worthy of support by the New Westminster   baseball   enthusiasts.     3710)
Prepares Sewer Plans.
City Engineer Blackmail is
preparing details of the proposed I Take the round trip of the S.S.
change in the route of the Sapperton l Transfer this afternoon. Hound trip
sewer made by L, A. Lewis, of the , 5u cents. Boat leaves the B.-K. wharf
Brunette  Sawmills    company,    which   at 2 o'clock. (37161
would  eliminate  the   outlet near the I 	
| lumber concern's    booming    grounds July poPce Record.
and bring into use for a  second pur-,     Just mi cen[ury was lhe Ilum.
pose, the outfall of the Glenbrook sew-   ber  of  oases   handled   In   the   police
��� p "Wli-- *��!#_ nd        ra m**. _-,  .L- _-__r__-i ��� _-_#f        * r -��        \.��-a     ' ___
, Chief   Bradshaw  yesterday.    Of  this
Two of the leading amateur baseball , number 34 were drunks, with persons
teams of  the Pacific   Northwest  will   foulld  ,��� gamlng houses coming second to the extent of 12.   Eleven cases against motorists \v< re heard, and
'���.        , .  _.  ?   V     ber  ��r  oases   handled   In   the   police
The   plans  are   expected   to  be|court durlng  tbe month  of JuIy   ac.
pleted next week. i cording   to   the   report   compiled   by
Northwest will
be in action at Queen's park on Saturday.    New Westminster vs. Knights
Of   Columbus  cf  Seattle.
Ratepayers Organize.
After the goad i(���suits, not exactly
of a ratepayers' meeting, held at tbe.
opera house cn Tuesday. July 21, several prominent local gentlemen, as
well as New Westminster and Vancouver land owners, have got together and at a recent meeting held in
Vancouver it was proposed and carried that a Cloverdale Ratepayers' association be formed. More of this
will be heard of later.
Briquettes, Brlnuettes, *.'.*.caper than
coal. Harry Davis &. Co.. 'Phones
880 and 41_L. ���   (3726)
Land Office Receipts  Increase.
A  big jump In receipts at the mining   lands  offices   during    the    past
month in comparison with the corns-
, ten   vagrants were  up  for trial.    At- ,
tempted murder was the most serious
i case.  Ih3t  being  the  charge against
the Hindu Jewel.    Six casts of affray !
I were on the list.
Thc Fraser Ferry  Navigation com- ,
j pany's  ferry  No.   1   is open  for char
i ter   to   excursions   and   picnics.    For
i further   information   apply     to     Ed.
| Falch, telephone 164. (3725)
"Wineweiser Beer"  is a Tonic.
Ii is soothing and quieting to the
nerves and will restore them to a
strong, healthy condition. The tonic
quality is derived from the choicest
hops. These are combined with the
strengthening qualities of barley malt,
and thus the beverage becomes also
an Invigorating liquid food. Ask your
j dealer or phone 75 I.. (3601)
Last Day of Our
Midsummer Sale
Take advantage of the few hours remaining to supply your needs for
months to come. Every section is brimming over with unequalled values for
this last day of Bargain Selling.   Come today.
Sample Ends Sale This Evening From 7 to 8 o*Clock
There are still some hundreds of sample ends that  will be sold this evening; quite a selection of fab-
lies, mostly in dress materials.    I'riced in two lots  at
 25c S.T. 25c
Three ends
Sale of these closes sharp al S o'clock,
See the New Blouses
Marked $2.88
Neckwear Was Never
Sold Cheaper
Just the newest things in Summer Blouses to make
Saturday a record day. In this section such an offer-      FOUR  ���.- GARGAiN SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY
ing is made.    See the window display and also visit      FOUR E1G G*RGA|N SPECIALS POR SATURDAY
the department.    Regular values to $4.50. _**_\ OO
Tuday ��Dk_00       Neckwear priced from 25c. to 50c. 4 4 _
____ Neckwear priced from 50c to 75c. 0"7tm
These Hosiery Prices ' lu CIC
Neckwear priced from $1.00 to $1.50. CQ#��
Today    OOC
Neckwear priced from $1.00 to $3.00.   half price
Should Interest All
Children's plain and fancy sox.    Regular 15c.    Q^
Today      OC
Women'a   and   Children's   Hose;   black,   tan,   white
and colored.    Regular to 25c. 4 M/m
Today    I IC
Women's and  Children's  lisle and cotton  Hose:  ull
sizes.   Regular to 50c.
Women's Underwear for
Immediate Use
Splendid  values���Vests  and  Combinations    in    the
fine knit cotton and lisle; all sizes; reg. to 75c 4A.
Today    OOC
Gloves are Exceptional
Women's fine lisle thread gloves; in ull tiie wanted
shades.     Kegulur 35c. 9_\e.
Today   .: C.-9B
Women's short silk and long suede Cloves; in white,
black and colors; all sizes. Regular 00c to 75c 40.
Today    *Ol#
Dent's French Kid Gloves; tan, gray and black;
2-dome fasteners;  wrist length.    Reg. $1.50. 07*%
Today    OIC
season, some boats took nearly a
hundred fish, but it was a purely local occurrence. Canneries on Canoe
Pass and the Main river did not average muie than 1500 fish each, though
as above stated a f< w boats made belter results. The general average did
uot exceed 15 per boat delivered. The.
North Arm and Point Grey returns
were very poor, the boats not averaging more than 10. Up fiver there
were no sockeyes to speak of and all
t lie fishermen were fishing with
spring nets to make up their earnings.
I exchange on European and Asiatic lm-
I portations.
j    II.  N.  Rate  Al  Co, received  a  shipment  of  tea  this   morning  on   which
' they were compelled to pay an extra
, charge of $72.00.
Reopened   under   Management of
Union House.
All White Help.
Are at their best.    Order your supply
now.    Per crate      $1.00
P-poh   Plums,   in   5-lb.   baskets,   per
b-H-ket,  30c;   or crate    $1.25
NeW Cooking Apples, 5 lbs 25c
Crab Apples, 4 lbs 25c
Blueberries, 3  lbs 25c
Choice Grapes,  per lb 15c
Clarke's Tomatoe Ketchup, a delicious
ketchup, per bottle   25c
Equal Egg. an economical substitute
for eggs, per tin    25c
At. 38c, 40c and  53c.  per pound,  will
please and satisfy you.
if you    want    GROCERY    SATIS
FACTION why not give us a trial ur-
"The News" Wcrth Stealing
So many complaints have recently
reached the circulation de-partment
of The News from subscribers who
fall to get their paper regularly that
i watch was kept yesterday morning
with the result that a young man ot
the city was caught In the act of
Stealing pal" is after being delivered.
i After an admonition he was allowed
I to go with a  warning thai  the next
offense  would   mem   a   police  court
I prosecution   This warning applies to
any   other   person   caught   purloining
1 copies of The News.
Notice of Removal -W. K. Tate, re-
; fracting optician, has moved h'*<
| optical paYlor from the Dominion
j Trust block to Ellers' Jewelry   store.
opposite the 11. C.  R.  R. depot.  (3724)
Fisheries  Report.
A slight  Improvement is indicated
_____________ i by  the  reports  from    Puget     Sound.
I Bellingham  correspondent  states 22,-
7-11 Sixth Street. 0qq   sockeyes,   including   5,500   from
have  started an  auto   freight service I seincrB were received yesterday. Ana-
between   Vancouver   and   New   West
minster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reasonable.    Give us a trial.
Phone   1254.
Cortes reports 14,000, including 2000
seine fish. A few Fraser river boats
operating in the vicinity of Point Roberts got into a small school of fish,
and   made  the   highest  catch   of  the
Dean's, Grocery
Phone IBS.
%,'mr   -.!��<* -��m~H-   ��...���--
Read - Flic - News
Picnic and Camping
Baskets at Our Store
50c and 60c
Now  Westminister.       Phone 69.
(Continued Prom Page One.)
left Vancouver today for its patrol
cruise In the Behring Sea, but is being held in port. The crew of 400
are all British naval reservists, with
the except ion of fifty volunteers from
Vancouver and Victoria, and in
I :e case of war the.y would be recall-
id at once.
At the militia department it is stated that offers to eerve in Canadian
contingents are being received from
men of all ranks.
One of the first offers received was
from Col. James W. Wood, commander of the famous Governor-General's
Footguards, at Ottawa. He personally volunteered to the minister of
militia to go at tlie head of his regiment with the first boatload of Can-
adiftn   soldiers.
The regiment is already equipped
with Bervlce uniforms.
Similar offers are being received
from the commanders of other Canadian  regiments.
Halifax Defenses Adequate.
It is believed that the defences of
Halifax are ample but that is the
only Canadian port that can rely upon   the  protection   afforded   by   guns.
The Evening Free Press says; "It
is believed at Ottawa that a contiu-
gi at of twenty thousand Canadians
will bo on transports within a fortnight, under the command of Col.
Sam Hughes.
"There has been a constant exchange
nf messages between tho war office In
London and the militia officers at
'As a result of the communications
plans for the mobilization of a contingent of twenty thousand are being
perfected "
Higher Cost of Living.
The. effect of tlie European war on
Canada, particularly as to the cost
of living, was ,-trikingly demonstrated
today when importers were called upon to pay a greatly increased rate of
Hindu   Must Stand  Trial  for  Serious
Offense  as   Result  of  Attack
Upon  Fred  Kerr.
The Show Gin's
The second of the "Alice Joyce
Series,"   in   two   parts.
After a hearing attending over several hours MagisdHfe Edmonds yesterday committed Jewel, t'.re Hindu
I'm trial on a charge ol attempted
murder upon Fred Kerr, a local team-
Jewel was first charged witli assaulting Kerr hut a. more serious
Charge  was preferred  by  Kerr's COUU-
sel yesterday morning, J. I'. Hampton
liole conducting a private prooccu-
tion on henalf of the Injured man
Kerr was struck down on Columbia
street rime weeks ago. it being alleged that tin Hindu struck him with
an axe handle. The man was Laker to
the Royal Columbian hospital wl ere
h's life was dispaired of for several
days and only a serious and dllticult
opt ration pulled him through. Dr
iUcQuarrie gave evidence at yesterday's hearing as to the extent o* the
man's injuries, while Kerr c'mselE
went on the stand a.s well as several
witnesses of the affair. It was noticeable during yesterday's hearing that
none of the police force was called
ur.on to testify even though the;, made
tiie arrest and also enquiries tallowing the assault. Adam S. Johnston,
assisted by .Mr. Woods, of Vancouver,
appeared tor the defendant.
Fifteenth  and   Last  Installment.
See the finish of this great
The Greatest Serial of them all.
Watch for date.
Important Freight Notice.
Ottawa, July 31, lly ail older of
the railway commission just. Issuec'i,
all railways operating under the jurisdiction of the board are forbidden to
increase any special or competitive
freight or express tariff until such tariff has been  In force for thirty days.
CUNNINGHAM���Suddenly at 419
Fifth street on morning of Friday, illst
inst, Emily Florence, age 47, Wife of
F. II. Cunningham, chief inspector of
fisheries. Funeral from above ad-
tireBS on Sunday, August 2 at 2 p.m.
�� (3716)
S.S. Transfer
Leave Now Westminster for Mission in
a.in. Monday.
Leave MisMlon for New Westminster 7
a.in.   Tuesday.
Leave Now Wostmlnator at _ :30 p.m. for
Wistliain   Island.
Leave W.sthani Island 1 a.m. Wednesday.
Leave New Westminster tor Mission i^
inkiii.   Wednesday.
Leave   Mission   7  a.m.  Thursday.
Leave Ni w Westminster _ :'10 p.m. Cor
WcBthani Island.
Friday and Saturday trips Lower River
as usual.
Freight for Mission and Intermediate
imliil. will bo rooolvod al 11. & K. Mil!
Wharf  on  day  nf  sailing,
For further Information apply B. & K.
Milling Company's office ot it. Jardine. SATURDAY, AUGUST 1, 1914.
(Continued From i'age One.)
New Westminster Lacrosse Followers
Call Locals to Defeat V. A. C���
Crucial Game at Vancouver.
While the .Mann cup cannot be definitely cinched by the Royals at
Vancouver this afternoon when they
<ueet the V. A. (.'., present holders of
the trophy, the chances of the Donald
Mauc silverware coming to this city
will be considerably enhanced in
event of a victory being obtained by
the New Westminster amateurs.
Let them win today', game ut Vancouver, and the Hoyals will have to
drop their remaining fixtures while
Vancouver ia winning ils three games
yet to play, a situation that points
to  improbability   if  not impossibility.
The contest at Rob .Brown's Athletic
park promises to be one of the bent
encounters of the Season, With their
backs to the wall and facing a deficit
in the number of games won as compared with the Fraser River boys, the
V. A. C. can be expected to play a
biiiliant   game.
The (Upholders demonstrated a
come-back spirit in their second
game against Brampton, but to local
fans an upset on the part of the
Royals is far from  being expected.
Manager Turnbtili's bunch will go
into tbe fray without that "good-aa-
won" feeling. They realize that once
a lead is obtained it will mean hard
work to retain ll and there will be
no   let-up   through   every   quarter.
Vancouver will be without the
services ol Iteggie Kendall. The star
centre player is under suspension by
the amateur union and his place will be
taken by an intermediate player named   Freeman.
Coupled with Kendall's absence,
New Westminster will take the field
without Hill Patchell,'the steadv and
hiiBky defence player, who met with
an accident to one of his eyes last
week and will he ou the sidelines.
PatcheH's position will be taken by
Cooper, who, while not so heavy, will
probably make up for that deficiency
b)   his   speed.
The game will start at 2:30 o'clock.
All Star Line-up.
The Westminster team will be comprised of Wyard, J Cay, Wlndblad,
W*lDg_rtnar, NpIIhoii, Silver. Williams. Sliitim uud Huhnke. with Keeper heid  in  reserve as pinch hitter.
Fred Lynch last night agreed to officiate, thus ensuring both teams of a
Square  deal.
ili.atieu  requires only  a   word   to  be
set in motion.
The request of tlie war office that
the Knglish newspapers refrain from
publishing army and navy movements
lias   met   with   a   patriotic   response.
Copenhagen, July 31.-Preparations
for the mobilization of the Danisli
army were completed today. A declaration of neutrality ia expected tomorrow.
Uotb (Ierman and Knglish warships
were observed today in Danish wa- I
ters. The (ierman torpedo boat des-
troyerl steamed close to tbe fortress
at Middle Frund, a few miles from
Copenhagen. Th,e warships retired I
only   after   being   commanded   to   do I
The  London  evening  papers  publish ! so hy the commandant of the fortress
Sending of the Clubs.
Won.    Lost.
Vancouver     BS     42
Seattle        66     45
Spokane        63     43
Tacoma        4"     65
Victoria        44     66
Ballard        40     68
Yesterday's  Games.
At Tacoma��� It.
Rallard        4
H.    E.
10     3
Tacoma        5     9     1
/Iiatteries: Peterson and Murray;
McGinn Ity and  Brottem.
At .Seattle It.    H    E.
Beattle     5   10    4
Vancouver     4     9     8
Batteries: Kelly, Bonner and Cad-
maii;  Hunt and Grindle.
At Victoria��� lt.   H.   E.
Stiokane        4     7     0
Victoria        1     4     8
Iiatteries: Noyes and Shea; Narveson and Hoffman.
news concerning almost all the armies
of Kurope, except that of Great Britain, and regard tbe whereabouts of
the British fleet, and of the preparations of the British army tbey say
nothing. There is a popular belief
that tbe fleet is in the neighborhood
of Flushing, in the North sea, but the I
.ruth Is known only to members of [
the government.
Protective Measures Ready.
Dcver and Sheerness are virtually I
cn a war basis and protective ineas- |
ures are ready to be drawn around
at a moment's notice. These and other
harbors have been mined. The Calais
and Ostend neamers are likely to be
transferred to Folkestone and Dover.
The war council of the British cab-
v.hi threatened a recourse to force If
they  did   not  leave.
A big naval fleet was reported  today ofi tbe south of Holland.
London, July  31.- It  was officially
announced   tonight   that   the   conference, consisting of the  premier, the
chaticelolr of the exchequer and representatives   of  the   Bank  of  England
aud other  great  banks,  decided  that
the situation at the present time does
j not justify any emergency action to
| increase  the supply of legal tender.
j If, however, future events necessitate
jit,  the  treasury   will  take  Immediate
New York, July 31.���The New York
lnet Is composed of Mr. Asquith, the
prime minister; Sir Edward Grey.
Secretary of state for foreign affairs;
Viscount llaldane, lord high chancellor, and Winston Spencer Churchill,
first lord of the admiralty.   They are I Metal Exchange "was closed today uti-
Standing of the Clubs.
Won Lost Pct
New York      52 36 .697
Chicago     52 41 .559
St. Louis     51 44 .536
Boston        44 45 .494
Cincinnati        44 48 .478
Philadelphia        41 49 .455
Pittsburg        39 49 .443
Ilrooklyn        37 49 .430
Yesterday's  Games.
Chicago 1, Philadelphia 8.
SL  l.ouis 0,  Hoston 2.
Cincinnati 4, New  York 3.
i'ittsburg 3,  Brooklyn  9.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost   Pct
; Philadelphia    '59      83      -G41
'Huston     54      41      .568
Washington       51      42      .549
Detroit        49      47      .510
Chicago        47      48      .493
St.  l/ouis     45      48      .483
. New York      42      52      .446
(Cleveland     27      66      .289
Yesterday's  Games.
New York 6, Cleveland 2.
Washington 3, Detroit 1.
Bo.-ton  5, Chicago 1.
Philadelphia 9, SL  l.ouis 7.
leiliiiiiHiiullH  4,   Ilrooklyn  u
St.   1-milH  _.   Ilufralo B.
Kan-us  City  7,   I Salt I mo re  9.
Chicago 1,  Pittsburg 2.
the same ministers as directed the
Joint diplomatic and military policy
or the country dui.iig the Agadii'
rcisis. Tbey remained in conference
on military matters after the last two
cabinet  meetings.
Ulster   Volunteers   Ready.
Sir   Edward   Carson,   the    unionist
leader,  announced   today  that  a ma-
til   next   Tuesday.     The  coffee
change closed until  Monday.
Paris. July 31.��� La Provence, af the
French   trails-At!anitc  line    was    re-
quistioncd today by the  French min- (
Ister of ma fine for the service of the !
republic.    She is to be armed at once j
and   therefore   has   been   withdrawn '
J.J.Jones. MANDIR.
Apartment   Block
For Sale
We are instructed by the creditors of Arthur
Bradley to offer for sale the frame apartment block
on Lot 6, Block 18, Sub. Block 7, on the south side
of Fifth Avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth
Streets, New Westminster, known as the Bradley
Apartments. The building is particularly well built,
and contains 19 suites of three and four rooms each
with bathrooms and every convenience, including
house 'phones, electric stoves, and large laundry
with stationary tubs, etc. The property cost $23,700
and has a mortgage on it of $9,500.
pority of the  Ulster volunteers were I from the trans-Atlantic service.    The
ready   for  home   service  and   that  a
large contingent were willing ror any
Service where they could be useful.
(Continued From Page One.)
train, lie came at once from the
Mitskoha Lakes, where he was holidaying, on receipt of messages from
Ottawa, transmitting, It is understood
France,   which   is   not   an   auxiliary
cruiser, will sail on Tuesday.
Prominent    and    Well    Lcvtd
Pastes to Final Rett.
I in  the  social  life of New Westtuia-
| ste.*.
She  leaves  to  mourn her  loss  hei
husband   and    tour    sons:       Clifton.
Hugh, Francis and Elliott of this city.
The death of Emily Florence Cun-'and also a daughter, Mrs. C. E. Good-
Athens. July 31.���The Montenegrin'ningham, wife of Mr. F. H. Cunning-{nil, residing at Ottawa.
royal yacht Deglara was was almost ham, chi'-f J>iminion Inspector of j The funeral or the late Mrs. Can-
captured by the Austrian fleet blocad-! Fisheries' for British Coiumbia, took I ningham will take place on Sunday
ing Antlvari. The yacht was .p- place at her home yesterday morning- afternoon at 2 o'clock from the family
proaching the port but when she sight Deceased was born in the county of' residence, 419 Fifth street, New West-
ed the .blockading flett, she turned Carleton, Ontario, on June 28, 1867.! minster, to the Odd Fellows' ceme-
anc' fled. She was pursued by Aus-'She waB the fourth daughter of the **'*��� lh�� s":,r,vic���eB.wiU be conducted
trian destroyers but arrived safely i late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bradley, i ��y llev- "��� w. Abbott.
at Corfu. I of Huntley, Ontario. ���
  |    The   death     of   Mrs.   Cunningham |
London!  Aug.  1.���An extraordinary   comes as a great shock to her many
council   of  ministers   held   at   Peter- | friends in this city.   While her health j
toff,   according  to  a   St.   Petersburg .had not been of the best during the!
despatch to the Times, was confront- j past few months, no such sudden ter-
ed  last  night  With  a  modified  situa- \ mination   of   her   life   was   expected.j ~   ^ THEATRE
the substance of cables from the col- j tion. resulting  from  assurances  from! She had been a resident of this city j
onial office. the German ambassador following up- Tor three years, during which time she
Sir Robert was exceedingly reticent I on  messages exchanged  between the, had taken au active and leading part
regarding the immediate proposals of | Russian emperor, the German emper-lg
or and King George. '"
the Canadian government and concern
I ing its communications with the ini-
I penal government,    lie said:
"1  consider  the  situation  eo grave
{and serious that 1  deem  it my  duty
to hasten buck to the capital
1 iattly."
: mined-
St. Petersburg, July 31.���Steamship
I communication between St. Peters-
! burg and  Englandibus been stoppe.
Straw Hats
Smart shaped, tall, taper-
crowned hat for the dressy
young fellow, and the medium
shapes for the conser\ative.
We have your hat. Take
your choice for
Values to $5.00.
At the Theatres
**The Third Floor Flat," being the
fourth episode of the Rig .Million Dollar Mystery, will be seen Monday and
Tuesday at the Royal theatre. Every'
heart will throb for Florence, the
beautiful heroine, as she daringly escapes one trap after another iaid by
her strong-armed  persecutors.
With Briane and Princess Olga in
command, the "Hlack Hundred" continues its dastardly plotting. They
lure Florence to an apartment house
by a letter purporting to come from
her father whom she has not seen
since babyhood. But, as her "father"
embraces her, she sees in the mirror
many evil peering faces and realizes
She is trapped. In this terrible situa-
tii n. surrounded by villainous foes,
instead of shrieking or swooning, this
courageous wisp of a girl plans a desperate escape and miraculous as it
may  seem,  slip does  escape.
Thn balance of the program will be
filled up with a good variety of single
reel   features.
cers In the active army to the colors.
.-  _____
Vienna. July 31.���Complete military
and naval mobilization was ordered
by the Austro-Hungary government toil iaht in reply to the Russian mobilization.
Paris, July 31.���The Roumanian le- I
gatlon   here   tonight   received   advice j ** *"���
that  Rot-mania had ordered  all  offi-'NEW    POCKET    BILLIARD    ROOM
Kings  Hotel   Block.
Four   new   pocket     billiard     tables,1
clean  new  stock  of confectionery,  tobaccos, cigars, cigarettes, soft drinks
First Class Barber Shop in Connection!
Being 4th Episode of the
Million Dollar
Full  of New  Sensations.
The Second Feature of the Alice
Joyce Scries at the Edison.
"The Show Girl's Glove," the second feature of the Kalem "Alice Joyce
Series." will he the headline attraction at the Edison theatre today. In
this absorbing drama, .Miss Joyce
portrays the role of a wife who runs
down i'i" perpetrator of a crime for
whirh her husband faces the gallows.
According to the story, Dick Hampton breaks his engagement with Stella Desmond, a show girl, when he
makes some discoveries concerning \
her past. Pretending she is about toi
commit suicide, the girl raises a
knife. Dick seizes her hand and in
tho struggle is acidenally killed
Stella contrives to have suspicion fall i
upon John, the murdered boy's
brother, whom she hates. John is
arrested. Mrs. Hampton visits the
scene (if the crime and finds a woman's glove. A girl whom she has
hetrlended sees the glove and informs
Mrs. Hampton, that her father, a ragpicker, had brought home a similar
clove. Mrs. Hampton is led to suspect Stella and manages to secure a
position as the show girl's maid.
While thus employed, she arranges a
denouement which wrings a confession f:om tho murderers. The manner In which this is done will hold
spectators wide-eyed. Alice Hollister
and Hurry Millarde appear with Miss
foyce In  this drama.
Westminsters Authoritative Style Shop for Men
n 0 Thursday evi ning at the home
of the bride's parents the marriage
was solemnized between Alexander
Ait km. late of West ('alder. Scotland,
and Catherine Watt, second youngest
(laughter of Mr, and Mrs. Watt, 17th
avenue, Fast Burnaby. The bride.
locking very sv.i-t and winsome, was
given away by her father. After the
o. reiupiiy a dainty wedding supper
was served to which the assembled
guests did ample justice. The bride
was the recipient of many useful and
beautiful gift.-'.
After the return from their honeymoon the young couple will take up
their residence at 17th avenue, Kast
Burnaby, Rev. A. M. O'Donnell. Gordon  Presbyterian  church, officiated.
Richardson & Humphries'
We Are Offering Bargains Never Before Heard of
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No old goods. Every garment and article brand new.
We delight in putting over a real, live bargain���it's
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$10.00 Off Every
Fit-Rite Suits
Stetson Hats
Richardson & Humphries
709 Columbia Street
Westminster Trust Block PAGE  SIX
6ATURDAY,  AUGUST  1.  1914.
Classified Advertising
 ���       AGENCIES-
calved for The News at the follow
ns places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
���28 Columbia street; A. Sprite,
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mra.
_. Lardeu, Highland Park; Mra. V.
[/���wis, Alta Vista.
t RATES. ���!
CWissified���One rent per word   per i
di��; 4c per .rord per week; 16c per:
month; 5000 words, to be used as :��-
. :���;i within one year from date   ot
contract., $26.00.
erty througu an ad. In this column.
FOR EXCHANGE���Improved chicken I
ranch close to city. Trade for house, j
Hox   .18. News Office.
��� -____-_���������������_- ���_������ i
FOR SALE���A snap;  five room thoroughly modem house. Sixth street. |
$100 cash. %2(i per month.   Box 213
News Office.
FOR EXCHANGE���Sixth street; double corner; 132x122 feet. Trade for
house. What have you? Uox 64,
News Office.
Former   Representative Tells of Con-j Recent   Exchange   of   Ideas   in   Paris I Eminent Authority    Now
Deals   With     Opening
Panama Canal.
ditions���Japan Favorable to
the Doctor.
Seems Significant in Light
of Present Events.
in London
I HAVE $900 EQUITY in well located
and rented bungalow which I will
trade for lot or automobile. Box
Ml, News Oifice.
Louden. July 30.���Ma Soo. Dr. Sun
Vat Sen's representative in London,
recently gave information in regard
to the present position of affairs in
Mr. Ma has just returned from
i'aris. whither he had gone on receipt of a cable from Dr. Sun in
I order to lay a protest before the
French government in regard to Cue
handing over to the ChiHI-se government,  by   the   French       ������---��"--  ��-
FOR EXCHANGE���Seven room modern house; lot 66x132; near Queens
park; mortgage only encumbrance.
Trade for other property. What
have you?    Box 53, News Office.
I'aris, July 31.���in the light of rec-1
ent developments, it is interesting to,
note that the object of the visit of Ad-1
miral  Rousslne, chief of the Russian
nava]  board, to  Paris the other day.
was to confer with the French naval
hoard of which vice-admiral  Pivot is
the head.
This  visit  is  a  sequence  to  those
which   took   place   two  years  ago  in
I'aris,  and   last  year  in    St.   Feters-
  burg,   between    the    general    naval
authorities   ln|sta,4I*
Victoria, July  31.��� "There
strongest   possible   argument
weekly! Why not you? Write im-1
mediately for full particulars, sam- j
pie, picture, literature, etc.   Experi-1 ^^^^^^^^
ence unnecessary.    Enclose 10c. to i K0R aALE���TWO CIRCULAR SAWS I Publle sandal
"J   "   " and saw table complete.   Apply at! Refugees Handed Over
Shanghai, of some Chinese revolu-l Admiral Rousslne Is very well-
Honaries who had taken refuge in the^"ow" in g�� Ri,Bf.an ? V- S waS
French concession. V'' ^ "?"? st,a,ti(,",:d al ���l��'���
"Whilst in I'aris." Mr. Ma said, "1 Ru"' an   naval   attache    during    the
saw M. .laures and M   Dubois, one of | montl^_pr^.[!l?.,th^.Ii^!?n^apa!V
the deputies for I'aris, both of whom
promised to rai
Chamber.    The
war.   constantly   brought   to  his
r I'aris. both of whom eBe   War-   <.onsta"u*  ��""*���"   ��?   "��
se the question in the, K��verumei_t s  notice  the    remarkab le
matter has become a  ���s,a"' of Preparedness ot tie Japanese
i navy,  and   never ceased   to  urge  the
cover cost. Clifford C. Mitchell,
PO. Box 2, Edmonton, Alberta. Canada. (3644)
The News office.
1 Dr   Sun that this surrender of Chinese
girl of 14, as domestic help.    Box
No. 3707 News Office (3707)
Iron sale or
ness property; ^^^^^^^^^^^^
post  office;   revenue  $!>fio    yearly.
voung i    Will trade for good deeded proper-
weekly! Why not you? Write immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
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ty.   Hox 76, News Office.
WANTED���Dressmaking; prices reasonable. Now ls the time to put
vour orders in before the fall rush.
Mrs. c. Cunningham, suite 10 Brad-
i- y apartments. (3722) !
WANTED���Household furniture, Will
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Auction sales conducted,   II. T. Ru.-
sell,   "The   Only   Reliable,''   corner
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Call at White Lunch, 54S Columbia!,
street,    I'hone 21... 137211 !
WANTED���Lot on or close to ttlngf
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up-to-date bungalow.     Will pay cash /
tor nny difference.    J��.  o.  Hoy im
WANTED���Furniture,    etc..    W.    M. |
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.���lie not  desired.    Clean    business. '
prompt  settlements,  over  20   years '
wide experience.    Write or call  3
Sixth street. 13718
lotX^doA'7eet   From l*��ln* on' ' wrote to Mr' Wci ta Pari8
lot  _uu    leei    irom i urf,)n(;  ,.|m   t0   makp   vjKor(ms  repre.
sentations to the French foreign office ou the matter. Mr. Wei did so.
and I have a letter from M. Vivian!
assuring me that no further surrenders would be made. The very day
after receiving this letter, however,
several more of our men were handed over, and on receipt of an urgent
cable from Dr. Sun, I went over to
I'aris myself, with the result I have
already told.''
Going on to speak of the recent mutiny among t_e troops of the first
division at Kalgan, Mr. Ma said that
in spite of the fact that no news of
the matter had been allowed to get
into the Chinese press, it was undoubtedly true, as was also the fact
the cause Of the mutiny was the
FOR EXCHANGE���Five roomed modern bungalow, almost new, large
lot, close to Sixth street; mortgage
only encumbrance. Trade for deeded
���lot.    Apply Box 25S News office.
FOR BALE���$1.00 down. $1.00 per
week, Canada's 1'rlde Malleable
Ranges; everyone guaranteed. Market square. (371.)
FOR EX CHANCE���Six roomed thoroughly modern house, lot 66x132.
Fifth avenue, near park; mortgage
only      encumbrance.      Trade      for | that
smaller property.    What have you
Bex 181 News office.
to rent try an ad. in this column.
FOR RENT--Six roomed strictly
modem house, well located; low
rent and lease if desired. Eastman
& Co.. Phone 312.
I avoidance of war.
These exchange visits, which allow
of  plans  of preparation  and develop-
��� ment on   agreed   lines  to  be  carried
{out, and have, as is well known, tak-
! i n  place  regularly  ever    since    the
! commencement  of  the    Russian  alll-
; ance, had no great value prior to the
year 1912, for the destruction of the
: Russian   fleet   in  1905  rendered   Russia   incapable   of  any   serious    naval
co-operation  with  France.
In   1912,   however,  the  Duma  sanctioned    a    new    naval    construction
scheme which Is now being put in ef-1
I fete.    In addition to the larger plan ]
I which   is   being  rapidly   pushed   for-1
ward, by the construct inn of modern'
' battleships and guns with the assist-1
! ance   of     well-known     English     and!
I French  constructors,  tbe  Duma  quite
recently   passed   further   credits     for!
i largely   increasing   the   Russian   fleet
|iu  the   Hlack   Sea
This   modern  program   of   French-,
! Russian naval cooperation was agreed
upon between Admiral  I'rince Lieven j
of the Russian admiralty and  Vice-1
j Admiral   Aubert  of  the   French   navy
in I'aris two years ago. and last year
; Vice-Admiral   Le   Rris   went    to   St. j
i Petersburg   to   represent   the   French j
I board at  Its annual  conference.
After  spending  two  ilays  in   I'aris, I
Admiral   Houssine's  party  proceeded
direct   to   Toulon,   the   French   naval ;
have been seen before and never will
be _een again. They are of the kind
that can happen but once. The first
is the cutting of the Panama canal.
The second Is the awakening of Asia.
The third fs the peopling of the
prairie" "
"B. C. .should awaken to her opportunity," said Captain Logan. "We
are very shortly to have thrust upon
us a situation full of the certainty of
future greatness for this province if
we will but bestir ourselves. We must
get all-rail connection with the mainland. I believe, if the proper repre-
��� ���-.-..., ���.p ma(],,i ihe powers that
be will come to realize that the making of this connection is as vital to
_,        _ _,     ,, ,, i the well-being of western  Canada as
construction o   the Seymour Narrows  u  ,    -��� tfc    advantage of Vancouver
bridge.   With the opening of the Fan-  js-an(- ������
ania  canal, and  the  certainty  that aj ' ;	
considerable proportion of the wheat
grown on the prairies will be shipped
west to this coast and thence through
the canal to Europe, there is the further certainty that existing terminal
facilities at any of the coast cities
will be quite inadequate."
So spoke Captain VV. H. l_ogan yesterday.   He was referring to a striking article appearing in the July number of the United Empire, a journal of
the Itoyal   Canadian   institute,   from
t'.ie pen of Dr. F. IB   Vrooman, being
a paper read at a meeting of the institute  early  in  April, entitled  "The
Economic  Effect of  the   Panama  Canal on  Western Canada."
What tl  Means.
"Start one train an hour," says Dr.
Chicago,    July    31.���Determined to
! be a police woman, one candidate for
, the civil service    test    reduced    her
! weight 25 pounds In five days, it was
���.made   known   from    the    examiner'..
| headquarters.   The outside weight allowed is 180 pounds.    This candidate
reduced from 225 pounds to 200 pound .
in the five days between July 9 and
July 14.
She did it by sucking ice and lemon peel instead of eating and by tiik
' in^   vigorous   exercise,   she   told   the
I civil service commissioners. "Give me
j five  days  more."  she  pleaded   when
told that the extra 20 pounds she car-
half (-, ����.i.�������n i" tun uuun.. ��*|watPr to kPep mv throat from parch-
Vancouver, and  It  Is needless to say i ,     .. sh), ���plalnPn.    ..Kor dinn(Tr laMt
that it would take something very dtf-, ni llt , h;i(1 a    u,r��� of jrp the   lw, M
ferent In.the development o! the dock a waInut  half a M    of ,emon       ,
and  harbor  facilities  in    Vancouver     d a BWallow of water,��
from   what  they  have  there  now,  to ! _,___________________________________
handle even 5 per cent, of grain traf!
fie  from   the  country  between  it,  to j
say nothing of the oother export prod-
UCtS and the volumes of trade trat are j
due fiom the new  Pacific to the Cu-1 MERCHANT  TAILOR.
nadian  continent." Full stock of latest  imported  Suit-
Further on Dr. Vrooman says: ; ings for summer wear. Perfect fit
Three great world movements have and workmanship guaranteed. Price -
been   making   headway   which   never; _rom  jis.uo up.    701  Front street.
FOR RENT.���Six room house furnished. Third street. Apply P O,
Box  116. (3608)
keeping rooms. $10 per month, at
224 Seventh strict. (3720)
headquarters, where an exchenge
technical   ideas   and   plans     betwe
tiie two governments wa.s made.
Otter School '
���lulirs. subscribed  "Tender
ol,"   will   be   received   by
the Minister ni Public Wi
of Wednesday, the Huh da;
Scaled T
Ottor Sell!
I lonourabli
up I., nunn
August, in I 1. for
pletlon "I n larg
et  Otter,   In   Uuig
l.l.'i-tnr.-il  IHstriii.^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Pluns,     specifications,     contract,     and
. .      .      , forma .if tender may be seen nn and after
and small amounts at current rates |,|���, 30th day of July,  1914. at the office
erection and comic-, oom Bchoolbousc
Municipality,   Delta
inability of Yuan to pay his troops
Mutinies  Are   Allowed.
"II   has   frequently    happened     before." Mr. Ma continued.   "Thej mu-
tinv, and they are allowed to mutiny
without  much  serious effort  tn prevent  them, as  the authorities  recog-
niee  that  ii' they  arc allowed  to  loot
.'Hid  pillage  for a  few  days, they  Will
feel   that   they   have   got   something,
and will rest content at that for a few-
weeks  longer at  any  rate.
"There is, however, only one end to
such  a policy, and  it is  very quickly 	
readied.       These     recent     outbreak., j
within little more than inn miles if CArtin 111 III IICCT
*'ie capital, are proof indeed of th. Il IS 3 lK Will MlN
point you have always so rightly In- IVvJIlll If ILL IIILLI
si. tei! upon, namely, that as soon as
Yuan ceases to he able to pay his j
troops and pay them well, there will i
be an Immediate endPto their loyalty." j
Japanese for Dr. Sun.
Mr, Ma then went on to speak of
Japan and the attitude ol that coun-j
try toward the democratic movement]
in  china. ence
"Efforts are made perejstenely," lie
said, **iu Japan, to discredit us. Letters   of   the   most   mischievous   kinds.
purporting to come from Dr. Sun are|
published   In   tiie  press,   especially   in j
China, the object, of course, being to
irritate    the    Japanese    government.,
ami  induce  it  to expel   Dr   Sun  and!
his followers  from  Japan.
"The people, however, in spite of it;
all,   are   whole-heartedly   in sympathy |
with ns, and if the government do not i
appear to be so it is only because any!
otiier course would, at  present, be di-;
plomatically   impossible.
be   said,   "is   organising
Green.   M.   P..   Arranges Confer-
With   Minister   of   Trade
and Commerce.
interest*, no unn asonable charge.
O. Brush, P. O  Box ir.4. City.
nf Mr. F. C. Camp'
New   Westminster
Payne,   Secretary
Murrayville, H.c
alsn   n!    Mr.
of  the  School
unu  the  Public
fl.   A.
It. H 11.1.
steadily, we have many of our men
holding high positions in China, and
they will move at the right time."
Victoria, July 31. Announcement
has been made by ft. F. Green, M. P ,
that arrangements have been made
for an important conference between
the representatives of the lumbering
Interests of'British Columbia and Sir
George Foster, minister of trade and
commerce. The date of the confer-
i nee will fall during the forthcoming
visit tn the province of ihe minister,
Dr. Sun, | w)10 wjj] \-tl. touring the west as a
quietly   and | member of the Dominions royal com-
PIGEONS pay dollars where chickens j ��j ,,��� the return In good
pay   cents;   small   capital    needed; ; b^\��l^^&e$e ���
.mail   space  required;   always  pen* ���f deposit on a chartered bank of
r.ed   up;   ready   markets;   send   tor j made payable to the Honourabl
mav issue of out Journal;  fully explained there;  price ten cents.    Reliable    Squab    Journal.    Versailles,
Mo. (3604��
I ste
weekly! Why not you'.' Write im
mediately for full particulars, sam-
pie, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary, Enclose 10c. to
cover cos!. Clifford C, Mitchell,
P.O, Box '_. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (36441
Department, Victoria.
By   application     to     'N-     Undersigned
contractors   ma.   obtain   .i   copy   ..f     the
ins  and  specifications  fnr  th.-  sum  of
iollars   (Sim.  which  will  bo  refund-
s accompanied
he Minor Public Works, for a .um equnl
to id per cent, nf tender, which shall be
forfeited if the party tendering decline
to enter Into contracl when called
upon to do so. nr If in* fail to complete the work contracted for. Tie- cheques or certificates of deposit nl unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them
upon  tin- execution ni  the contract,
Tenders will not be considered unless
made out on the forms supplied, slKncd
with tin actual signature nf the tenderer,
and enclosed In the envelopes furnished
Th<- lowesl or any tender not necessarily  uccepted.
.1   I.   GRIFFITH.
Deputy   Mlnlstei   nnd   I'uiili.    Wnrks
Knglm !���..
Public  Works   Department,
Victoria,   B.C    _Mh  Julv,   1014.       iv:*.h
(������: r. i
Fritish    Educator      Urges     Neceseity
Change���"Complicated     and
p..   Lot   11.   Block
i ���.roup   1.    Map   t 169,
\*,.w-   Westmlnsti r
Whereon prool nf th
.uf   Title   Nuir.lii-i    tiBGSP
���name nf  Ethel   M    A.   Vii
,t.<\  |n  this office.
Notice  Is  hi reby  ijiven
thc   expiration   0
date of  the first
.,1   Lol
. of Ortll Icati
i.-iii.l hi the
i,  has been  fil
th'-   matti
M- nnell.
daih* newspaper ptil)U_
Mew Westminster,, Issu
said Certificate, utiles
valid objection be mad
In   the   rnattet   of   the   ..state  uf   Artl
late ot  the  Municipalities
���V      and      (���.I'luitlam.   In    th.-
.f British Columbia,  School
^^^^^1 ��� c. a. ������it.
Notice is hereby given thai all creditors
and others, having claims against  the  Estate of tin- said Arthur Mennell, who died
thai   I  shall, at  on or about  the  ISth dav nf Mav.  1914.
ninth   from   the  are required on or before the S.st day of
publication  hereof,   iu  aj August   to   send   by   post   prepaid
Oxford. July ::\ In a communicS'
tion 'o tiie pres-. Prof Gilbert Mur-]
ray expresses his Increasing belle:' in
the value of spelling reform. "We
must, fare the fact," he says, "I ial
firstly our alphabet is a far Horn pi r-'
feci Instrument for recording our
language, and secondly that, Instead
of usi'iu' 'his instrument effectively
for what it is worth, according to
some   simple   and   practical     system,
ml Registry Offlc
SOW   Westininst'-v
I  in the citv of l jive'-i-d   to   the   undersigned   solicitor
duplicate of the I William   Newby,   Executor   of   the
n   ihe  meantime deceased,  their names ami  addrcssei
o m- ln writing,  full particulars of tlfelr claims, the
i; \v V N N.
trai   ol   Titles.
ment  of th
the  .ccuritii
And  fnrtl
lasl mention
of the South
Township 4
ti In iln   Dis-
VH: alan^T^Uilt'l
&>QS West nf Ttl. Merldl*
Jt . -.�� Kew Westminster.
triWhereas proof of the loss of Certificate
--THle   Number   1P.820F.   Isjued   in   the
SamT- of Thomas Moreau has. ��� filed In
lh!_--.H-^C'ls herein*  given  tbi't  I  shall,  a'
a,f��rtmtBion of im- nv.nth from the da.
,,. the first pub.l
In.    will    tirrx
oi    th
lltled    tin
claims nf
. the
_^^^^_^_^^^^_t tate-
tccounts and the nature of
i. II any, hold by them.
���r take notice that after such
d date the said William New-
Klvcn that
���. month tv
hin ii. .. nf, In ii dally
In  tb-  City  uf  New
ed   to  distribute  th
led   among   the   partle
.  .  .  having regard only t
which he shall then have notice
and that the suid William Newby will not
i.    liable  tor the said assets or any  pari
' .i.i.l  to any person or persons of wfiose
claims notice shull  not  have beei
'���i  by  him at  the time ol
Dated this :ir>t!i dnv of   I.
cult nor 1.11. GRANT
1!    !..inn-   SI..   New    WC
Soli, itot's   for   the   suld
i-:_ii no'.
Al>.   11. i 1
M.-Ct  1.1.
luster    B.C
William     Newby
< ertltic-11* ���     ���,.,,i,.  to  in-  in   \vritm_:. .Hu Itllaa-
objectlon be nia<>      ,,.,-.  ,;\vYN-n, in am     a lift M
District   K
.   ..a  Tt."^��'r'' offlc
''"b  c?2nd Julv. 1*1 *���
i-v   \v.
,f Titles
Gymnasium Class, Thursday al
at 7.30
id  Krl-
da^' ^nub'FrldavT.t S P.m. '     '
Ui,e��l2?U room rates reasonable
^   i��Jd to Udies and Rentlemtn
M^r' ESS*" c*�� ph0Ue 1324>
3nd Miss 	
^^^^ I..R.A.M.. A.R.C.M   	
Lessons ln Pianoforte, Violin, Sing.
ng, Voice Production, Theory (ia
Mass ur privately), Harmony, Counterpoint, Musicul Form and History.
Pui.iis prepared   for   tbe   examlna
'.Ions of the Associated Hoard of   the
r!oyal  Academy  nf  Music  and   Royal
; College of Music.    Also    Profession-.!
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
Kur  terms, etc.,   apply   &1   _Juflet!i;
i Street.    Phone 411 It. _ ���_
11 we wander in a chaos of traditional
! ru.es as complicated as they are inconsistent.
"I need not dwell," tlie professor
continues, "on the great difficulty of
learrtinf, to read and write In English,
as compared with Italian. Spanish or
(Ierman; on the waste of time, and
trouble this causes to children at an
auc when every hour is valuable, on
the disadvantage it lays on English
in competition with other languages
as an International medium of speech.
**I am myself particularly struck by
n'-'ltwo bad effects of our rules of spel-
thnlling. First, they spoil a child's ear.
He has heen so insistently taught i >
fix his attention, not on the sound,
but on the spelling, that he does not
know what sounds he is producing,
and cannot tell when two sounds are
the same or different.
"Secondly,  they  spoil  his  reasoning
powers and his faith in clear thought,
11' i by fixing his attention during several
!*!BI impressionable years on a pseudo-system of rules, in learning which memory counts for everything while eon
si. nut reasoning would lead Btralght
tn  disgrace  and   loss  Of   marks"
Many languages In the pas;, Professor Murray points out, nave gone
thrrugh a crisis similar to that In
_hi< i English now finds itself. Some
have had the vigor and foresight to
keep their w.'itteii si.ns abreast of
their speech; some have failed and
eventually ecome unintelligible even
In their own country. "I can have
little doubt," in* adds, "that, sooner
or later,, the speakers ol English wil
prove themselves strong enough tt
grappld successfully with the danger
of decay that lie In our unreformei
1 mission.
Por  Borne considerable  lime, conditions   affecting   the   lumbering   industry   in   this   province   have   not   been
j satisfactory.    The   financial     depres-
1 sion has  had  the direct, effect  of se-
| riously   curtailing  orders     from     the
prairie provinces, due to the cessation
of building  operations.
Prior to the close of the last session of the commons, Mr. (.recti took
occasion to make strong representations to the minister of trade and commerce respecting the state of the industry, lie specifically suggested
.'nal consideration .should he given
to the wisdom of appointing a number of commissioners to be sent far
afield with instructions to do what
was possible to stimulate a demand
for Canadian timber generaly, hut
more particularly that of British Co-1
Tim minister was  very  much    lm-
���ir.siii    rj.il   thef   representations,
hut replied lhat il did not appear that
the -i fi   nmenl  could very well    ap-1
point   commissioners     whose     duties i
defined should he confined to the thn- i
ber industry alone.
On  Mr. Green coming  west at the J
close  of  the  session,  he   took  occasion   to   make a  further  study  of  the
lumbering   -itnat'on    In    Iiritish  Columbia,  ami  again   made  representations  to  the   minister    of    trade audi
I commerce   He suggested that the time I
! was opportune for a conference    between thc head of the department audi
j representatives  of  the   timber  Industry
A  few days aeo Mr. (Ireen received I
a   ipUi r   from   Sir  (Ieorge   Foster,  in
which the minister says that he will |
be delighted to meet the lumbermen,]
and is tjlad to be able to report  that
very shortly he will be ill the province
as a member of the Dominions' royal
commission.    Sir    Oeorge    mentions
that   lhe  Itinerary  as  at  present    arranged   fixes  a   day   at   Vernon,   and
several  days al   Victoria and  Vancouver,  and   lie  will   he   pleased  to  meet
tbe  lumbermen  al   either    of    those
i.Mr. fireen is taking the matier up
with the Lumbermen's association,
and i,- very hopeful that lnnrh good
will result to the industry as a result
of the forthcoming conference.
Transfer Co,
'. Office  Phone   18b. Barn  Phone   13?
Begbie   Street.
i      Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and .Heavy Hauling
The Bank of Vancouver
��� ranches Throughout the  Province of  British Columbia.
Saving* Department st all Brancnes Deposits of One Dolls: and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques suld, payable tn all part* of ths
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, Qenaral Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Cheap fares for all return tickets to Eastern points, on salo
beginning June 1st Oood to return up to 'Ht  ;;i_t.
For particulars apply to
E. GOULET.  Local  Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria   From   Vancouver.
10:30 a m Dally
2:00   p.m Dally
11.43   p.m Daily
For Seattle
10:80 a.m Dally
11:00 p.m. dally except Saturdaj
11: .5 p.m Saturday
For Nanaimo
i'i a rn   and 6:3U p.m   .... Daily
Nariaimo. Union Bav, Comox
���S   a in    Thursday   and   Saturday
.'..���v.cuver.   Union   Bay.   Powell
11:45 p.m.       .     Kvery Saturday
Prince  Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
11:0. p.m    Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
6:00 a.m. Tuesdays for Victoria,
calling  at.  points  In  Gulf  Isl.
To  Alaska   ....Every  Saturday
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial invitation is given the ladies of New Westminster to
visit the salesrooms of the II. ('. Electric, in the company's terminal
at Columbia and l_lghth, to inspect our complete line of Kleetric
Cook  Ing and   Household  appliances.
These appliances greatly lessen the labor of the housewife, promoting both her comfort and convenience. They are always ready
for service, operating OU connection with any household socket. The
cost for current is only a few cents per hour of continuous operation.
Kleetric Cooking Applanees just meet your summer demands as
they can do all forms of light cooking just as well as the kitchen
range. Cully seventy-five per cent of your summer cooking can be
done in this manner.
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth
Special Excursions
Five Days tf^Q Glacial, Island
including \JA Mountain and
Meals and Berth. 4"^v Forest Scenery
S.S     "I'rince    Rupert"    sails S.S     "I'rince    Ceorge."    sails
Monday midnight, August 8, 10, Thursdays, midnight, August 6,
17, 24, 31, 13, 20, 21.
lloat.s remain at i'rince Rupert one day, affording an opportunity
of seeing the  new  Grand Trunk Pacific city.
Parlor rooms separately or en suite, with or without private
bath, etc., at an additional cost. Staterooms en suite without extra
H. O. SMITH. C.P, and TA. ('. E, JENNBY, O.A.P.D.,
I'hono  Sey.   _11!4. a_7 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C.
 iinii_i____i SATURDAY, AUGUST 1, 1914.
Sometimes, He Had To Sit Up AU Night For Weeks At
A Time-Suffered For 15 Years Until He
Cured Himself With "Fruit-a-tive��".
t must   be   satisfied
I next best thing."
with   having    the
To Give Warning
By this Mr. Robertson added that
he meant that the league could station their own men along the various
.-cads on Saturday and holidays so
that motorists might be warned if they
were going too fast. The warning
is given by a sign which the men
wear and which reads, "Slow down."
This has Baved many from prosecution this summer.
Regarding the decrease in prosecutions this season, Mr. Robertson attributed it to the poor condition of
the roads, which was hindering last
driving. He did not believe it was
due to carefulness of the constables
or to reluctance on the part of the
motorists to speed.
Neighboring State Will Ship 75 or 80 i
This Season���First Shipment
of Peart Made.
Some Offerings on Market Not Up to
Standard���Plenty   of   Meat   in
Spite of Warm Weather.
si Wallace Ave., Toronto, Dec. 22nd. 1913
*"TTaving been agrcat sufferer from Asthma for a period of fifteen j*ears(soni e-
times having to sit up nights for weeks at a time) I began the isfe of " Fruit-a-
tives" These wonderful tablets relieved me of Indigestion, and through the
continued use of same, I am no longer distressed with that terrible disease,
Asthma, thanks to "pruit-a-tives" which are worth their weight in gold to
anyone suffering as I did. I would heartily recommend them to all sufferers
from Asthma, which I believe is caused or aggravated by Indigestion".
Asthma i. a disease of tbe Nerves. It usually attacks those of a highly
strung nervous system -those whose nerves are easily affected by any disturbance
of digestion. This is why ofi'/,. of those who suffer with Asthma, also suffer with
Indigestion, Dyspepsia or Constipation. In Mr. White's case, his Asthma was
cured at the same time that his Indigestion was cured.
Why? Because "I'ruit-a-tives" acts directly on stomach, bowels, kidneys
and skin. "Ftuit-a-tives" cleans the whole system of the poisons that are
irritating the nerves. " I'ruit-a-tives" sweetens the stomach, insures sound
digestion and healthy appetite. "I'ruit-a-tives" is a positive cure for Asthma
and Hay Fever.
50c. a box, 6 for $2.50, trial size, 25c. At all dealers or sent postpaid on
feceipt of price by Fruit-a-tives Limited, Ottawa.
Spokane, July .11.���Carload ship
j ments through the North Pacific Kruit
: Distributors have commenced, and the
I central selling agency will market be-
I tween 75 and 80 carloads of the fruit
I this season, according to >R. A. I'er
I ham, sales manager, yesterday. The
cantaloups go to widely-scattered markets.
All of them that the distributors
will market this year will come from
the Wapato section of the Yakima valley The first carload shipment left
Wapato last Saturday. Practically
ull the cantaloupes are raised by Japanese farmers. Last year only seven
carloads were sold by the distributors.
The first car of watermelons to go |
out of the northwest this season is
due lo leave the Yakima valley today.
'I'he distributors anticipate the marketing of a large tonnage of melons
this season, although no estimate Is j
1 he   first   straight   car   of   Bartlett j
pears was shipped from Hanford last
week,    and    daily carload    shipments |
have been going out from Walla Walla and Yakima since then.    The first
The prominent product in tbe market yesterday was fruit, which was
there in great abundance and consisted oi apples, pears, plum - and
The quantity, however, was not Justified by the quality. H	
In apples the No. 1 stock, although j rar of Slappy peaches will start from
very    sadly    ln  the  minority,  found
1 Kennewiek   some   time     this     week. I
��� ...        , .,,      ,i Crawford  peaches and  Bartlett pears j
ready sale, while a large quantity of ,..,��� ,.(, m,)vhl(, from -^ Umpop* va, I
apples   offered   had   very    little    de-1 *.v district, in western Oregon, about;
mand, owing to the  fact that    they j the last of the week.
should never be on the market in the I    The early prune and  plum crop is,
 uv.__��  light   every where   in   the   nortnwest,
condition they were in, being neither I ,,nd Uje d.;_u.ibutorf. h.lV(. been uuable
to supply  the demand.    Later prunes
Nervy Groom Can't Even Be Charged
With  Obtaining  Valuable Oood*
by   Falsa   Pretence*.
Measurea Taken   by   Ontario    Motor
League  and  York  County Constable*���Big   Day**  Work.
Spokane, July 81, Justice Ered II. I Toronto, July 31.���That excessive
Wilt owes the county or Spokane J_.50,' auto speeding over the county roads
the price ol a souvenir left with him : ,g notieeuD]v le68 preValent this year
h\   a   couple   ne   married   last   week, i   , ....
The memento was a check for tbe sum  than at ����>' Previous time i.s the com-
mentioned,   which   came  back  to  the' blued opinion of W. 0. Robertsom sec-
justice  from  a Cheney  bank  marked I
"No tund.. "    And    Justice    Witt   declares   that   fees   for   performing  the i
marriage    ceremony    will  henceforth
be payable in cash,    currency,    legal
tender and  certified checks only.  He
enjoys marrying people, says tbe jus-
tloe, but not to the extent of paying :
$2M   to   the   county   every   time   be \
does It
There, was a time when justices
kept all the fees they received and
when there was no limit to a bridegroom's generosity in the matter of,
groom's generosity. Those were the
happy days. Now. however, there is
a standard fee, $2.5(1, and it is turned
directly over to the county, as justices
get regular salaries.
So after Justice Witt married the
out-of-U>wn couple lute last week he
was not bashful about suggesting that
a fee would be welcome. The check
was produced and accepted. It was
signed by a name identical with that
of the bridegroom on the license.
.tame:-. Mahar, clerk in the court of
JuBtlce Witt, visited the office of the
prosecuting attorney to find out If the
bridegroom could be arrested for In-
Milting the dignity of Spokane county
with it Worthless check. After some
consultation of authorities it was
found that he could not. if a man
gives a bad cheek in return for groceries hfl is obtaining valuable goods
under false pretences. If, however, he
necures a wife by the same means he
is not obtaining valuable goods under
false pretences, which does not sound
flattering to the race nnd tribe ol
brides, bul it good law all the same.
The couple were married ad could not
he unmarried no statute had been
broken and Judge Witt owes the
county $2.50.
Asthma Sufferers
A homo cure that anyone can
use without loss of time or detention  from  business.
There is no reason why anyone, old or young, rich or poor,
should continue to suffer from
Our treatment is not merely a
temporary relief but a euro tiiat
is founded upon tha right principles, a cure that cures by removing  the cause.
Cameron's Asthma Cure
rotary-treasurer of the Ontario Motor
league, and It. W. Phillips, the chief
constable for the county of York.
ln former years, but particularly
last year, the Toronto motorists who
traveled over the county roads at a
rate exceeding 20 miles an hour were
far too numerous, stated the chief
constable. On the other hand, the
Ontario .Motor league felt that too
many of their members were being
uuuuly prosecuted. The foundation
lor such a belief was tbat the constables were paid on a commission
basis, receiving three dollars for every
summons that they Issued for over-
speeding, and. therefore, motorists
were   lecklessly  penalized
One Big Day's Work.
The constabulary, however, maintained that no person was ever penalized unless he had been traveling
at a rate at least ten miles faster than
the law permitted. The Dundas and
Mlmlco   roads   were   apparently     the
traded  nor  packed.
Ihe offering of plums
11 variety peach, green page and datn-
t ion, was fairly plentiful. Those not
I affected with plum rot sold readily
1 at 75c. per crate, wholesale, but a
large quantity cf the plums offered
for sale were so badly diseased that
it was found almost impossible to
dispose of them for consumption, in
cases of this kind the loss of the
plums is not one half so serious to
the producer as the cost of his boxes,
together With the freight charges and
packing, so that according to experts,
the grower should exercise every care
In the quality of fruit sent to the market before he goes to such expense.
The general attendance at the market wub very good considering the
fact that a large number of the farmers  are  finishing their haying.
Although the weather was very
warm, yet a good supply of meat was
offered to the public, particularly
veal and pork. The fish stalls were
well supplied with every variety of
fish, including the newly arrived Bock-
There wiib the usual supply of butter and eggs for patrons.
Price List.
T'*e list of prices  was*.
Broilers, per dozen  $3.00 to $4.00
Broilers, live, per pound....ISc to 18c
iJueka,   live,   per   pound... 13c   to   14c
Retail   Poultry.
Rnrlng  chickens,  dressed    22c
Hens, live, per pound  16c to 18c
Squabs,  each    25c
Potatoes,   per  sack    $1.25
Potatoes, per ton    $18 to $20
Carrots,   per  sack    75c
Cabbages, per pound   Ic
Lettuce, per bunch   5c
Onions,  green, per bunch, 3  for...5c
Asparagus, 2 bunches for 15c
String beans, per pound
Cress,  per  bunch
which were are not due for several weeks yet.
1 and Persona
��� ocia
Miss   A.   Jordan   of   this   city-
spend  her  vacation  in  Seattle.
Mrs. Edgerton Hill, of Vancouver, is I
the  guest of Mrs.  Albert J.  Hill, of !
this  city.
* *    *
Mr. Davidson, of McGill college,
Vancouver, was a  visitor in the city
��� ���    ���
Mrs. A. J. Hill of this city has been
entertaining Mrs. Egerton 'Hill of
D * ���
I     Mrs. D. M. Eberts, of Victoria, has j
been  Mrs.  Worfold's  guest at    Ores- ���
cent thi3 week.
��� *    ��
Mrs. C. E. Doherty with her children
returned  early ln  the  week  from  a
I visit to-Crescent friends.
��� *   *
R. McLeod of Port Mann register-i
ed recently at the Fraser while cm al
business trip to this city. I
��� ���    ��� 1
Mr. and Mrs. Geofrey Ward, of
Vancouver, are spending the week en,'
with  friends at  Crescent. '
Parsley, per bunch   5c
Peas, per pound   4c to 6c
Cucumbers,    each   5c to 10c
Cauliflower, per head    10c
Radishes, two bunches for   5c
Tomatoes, per pound  , ...12V4c to 15c
Cabbages, per head  5c to 15c
Turnips, per bunch. 3 for 10c
Eggs and Butter.
Eggs,  retail    35c to 40c
Eggs,  wholesale    30c
Butter,  retail, per  pound, 30c to  35c
Butter,  wholesale, per pound 25c
Cottage  cheese,  per   pound 10c
Pure cream cheese, per pound....50c
Honey, per pound    25c
Ited  spring salmon, per pound, 12M.C
White spring salmon, each   50c
Sockeye salmon,  each    50c
Fresh herring, 3 pounds for  25c
Smelt,  t.c-r  pound    10c
Sturgeon, per pound   15c
Mr. and  Mrs. John Graham of this |
city are leaving today for White Rock,
where they will spend a week.
G.   Munroe  of  Victoria  was  on   a |
business trip to the city yesterday. He I
was accompanied by Sirs. Munroe.
Mrs. C, Wells of Edmonds, who    is
now in tbe Vancouver General hospi-1
j tai,  ls   making   progress   toward   re- '���
.8c I
two centres where the law was most I gi,.u)    ���,,-  pound
frequently violated, and one constable .:r'r',\,'s  ,,x'ira -argre  two for
operating  along   the   latter   penalized   g0les' per  pound
eighteen   motorists   in  one day.    For j (-l)d ' 'pPI.  pound
the day's work the man received $54. , Halibut, per pound .'..'.'.'.'. 10c
Hut  Ihis  year the  constable's  emolu- ; Flounders, per pound  . ""
1 i't is considerably diminished. Mr.  g]<atp   p,.'r pound
Phillips  stated  that  his  men    Were I Tommy Cod, per pound
warned to be more careful before ls- " Fruit.
suing  u   summons,  and   also  to  take  Rhubarb, per pound   ..
Into consideration  the conditions.  If Icurrants per pound
an automobile is traveling on a road Raspberries  per box
over   whicli   there   is  no  traffic   the : berries   per crate
j chauffeur is allowed to go almost as I Blackberries! wild, per
fast as be pleases. On the other hand ! Peaches, psr box
if the man is traveling In a congested \ plums   per basket
('lstrict he Is not permitted to go 20 ^ Karly' triples, per box.
Mrs.  XV. 0. MaeQuarrie has as her ���
guest   Mrs.   Raker,   Miss   linker   and
Miss Hughes-Jones, of Auchlanil, New
.   *   *
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Cltite are spending a fortnight with their daughter,
Mrs.   Heauehamp    Fife,    at  Cordova
Bay, Vancouver.
* *   *
Next Friday being the first Friday
of the month, a golf croquet tournament will be arranged at the croquet
courts  on  Seocnd  street.
* *      r.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  W.  Lawrence Johnston are returning to the city to live 1
and  have taken a cottage on  Fourth '
street while their own home is leased I
by Mr. Milne. '
The monthly meeting of the Political Equality league will be held at
the home of Mrs. John Forrester,
517 St. George street, on Monday
evening at s o'clock.
J.   Car-ley.   a   prominent   dry-good?
merchant of  Winnipeg,    Man.,    has
been the guest of J. J. ackson, of E��i
, minds, during the past few davs. Mr.
.80 to joe carsley left yesterday for Victoria.
5c to 15c I ,    ��   *.
A number of young people surprised
Miss Ruth Btlodeau last Thursday
evening on the occasion of her eigh-
pound. .12HC
..75e to $1.00
.. .50c to 75c
..75c to $1
Is I teenth birthday . A uu try time  was
Price $2.00 Per Bottle.
For sale by
New Westminster, B.C.,
Or sent direct, charges prepaid.
D. A. Cameron    eV    Co., White
Front Drug Store, Owen Sound,
miles an hour. Moreover, there arc
fewer constables paid this year on
commission. Five of them, instead of
three, as was the case last year, are
paid a salary. In addition the severe
warning in the past has made motorists more cautious, maintains Mr. Phillips.
League Ready to Serve
Despite these conditions the' Motor
iLeague still feel tbat the "speeding
nuisance" could be dealt with in some
better manner. On Tuesday it was
suggested to the police commission
that some of the league's members be
sworn in as special constables to aB-
slst in obtaining prosecution of mn.
toris.S who break traffic laws. Mr.
Robertson stated that lie had been in
no way responsible for the suggestion, nor did he know of anyone connected with the league who was.
"Such a suggestion must have been
made by some private Individual," concluded Mr. Robertson, He slated,
however, that the league were in favor of having their own constables.
. nd that they were waiting to see
bow the plan would work out in
other   cities   before   they   would   pro-
I31ack Caps, two boxes for.
tu   music  and   dancing.
Bilodeau  have as their
CKurck Notices
CHURCH���Public worship 11 a.m. and
7.30 p.m. Evening subject "Self-Mastery." Sunday school 12.15 p.m. A'l
strangers welcome. M. Gordon Melvln, II. A., minister.
Carnarvon and Blackwood streets.
Minister Hev. F. W. Kerr. Services
:it 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. Rev. J, Carman Lister, of Westminster Hall, Vancouver, will preach at both services.
The Sabbath school meets during Au-
gust from 12 to 12.30 o'clock.
Brooks Crosby, D, D.. minister. At
morning worship, eleven o'clock, the
pastor will apeak on "The Prophet'*
In   the   afternoon   at
Miss Ethelard Thurbur, of Seattle.
��� *    *
One of the very pleasant happenlng3
of the week was the garden party
si ven by Mrs. Beatty on Thursday afternoon. A putting contest was arranged in whicli the competition was
keen. The prizes were won bv Mrs.
J. A. Motherwell, Mrs. A. C. Eddy and
Mrs. Baker, of Auchlandi, New Zealand.
# *    ��
That the Hon. Martin Burrell. minister of agriculture, will spend Thursday. August ti in this city has been
definitely settled. Word to that effect was received by Col, J. D. Taylor, M.P. Mr, Burrell will spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in aVn-
cc uver, where he will attend the Can-
iidlan Club's convention and give an
address at cne of the sessions.
��    *    ���
In honor of her cousin from Auch-
land, New Zealand) Miss Hughes-
Jones   a"d   Miss   linker.   Mrs.   W.  G.
" 30 the Bible school will hold Its rs- ] MaeQuarrie arranged a pleasant even-
glllar   session,  and   the   Raracca  and j lng for a largo number of her young-
class also.
The evening wor- | er   friends  on  Ttlesdav.   Euchre  was
pose it to the P<,lc��oC0,n,"sBBi����*i*c(;1 Mi wfflb? at'MO aml the tlH',!ie ot Iplayed   nnd   "10Sl>   wh0 won   prlw
cording to M'%�� ��*? '���*"?  SiPBIrLn "Tho Ideal Christian, Ac I were    Mrs, Youngling.  Miss  Hughes-
success n the city^of ClevelandU ^d^0n Pa��,>    Monday at eight ! Jones. Miss Brlggs, Mr. Keith Mac
where it has been l^operatjm  cnd.n    to V _   _  ^ ^^^L^  Mra, Morrlson      d  Mrs. Sin-
' Wednesday  evening  at  eight  o'clock   Clair.   After supper an hour was spent
there will craver service. very pleasantly danclflg.
new"    saiU    Air.    I.UUU1 lEiuu,      anu     ���--|tUtMe   will   piajti    0-1, I .
is a
Ohio, ^^^^^^^
for some time now.
ronto is very slow to adopt anything
said   Mr.   Robertson,  "and   we
By D. Maxwell Merry
About two million families in Canada use every
day, at least, one domestic product or another, which
is advertised. That is to say, they wash with a certain soap, drink a certain tea, eat a certain breakfast food, take a certain medicine or go to bed on a
certain mattress, when they would have used a different soap, tea, food, medicine or mattress, if the
particular kind which, in fact, they do use, had never
been advertised. _..   ,  _______%
But not one of these two million families habit
ualiy use any one of these or of the hundreds of
other advertised articles because it was advertised.
The reason is quite different. These advertised articles are used because the users like them.
If a woman once lastes a tea that she does not
like, no amount of advertising will make her drink
it again. If a woman washes her face with a soap
that injures her complexion, advertising will never
induce her to change her opinion in regard to that
particular soap.
You can introduce 3'our goods by advertising
that it is the quality of the goods themselves that
keeps the door open to them. Thus we arrive at a
bed rock. It is the merit of the goods advertised
which sells the goods. Clever advertising will sell
good merchandise, but no advertising will sell twice
to the same person merchandise that is not, or is
not believed by that person to be, worth the money.
Here we come to a curious mistake held by people whose own practice should show them their error. I mean the common idea that advertising
will sell everything���that it is noisy advertising and
not merit that sells the goods.
As I have frequently stated in these articles, the
simple explanation of an article and the special features that are likely to appeal to the public is the
best advertising that can be used. Big words and
resounding phrases may look good to the advertiser, but they don't sell goods. The shortest words
and the shortest sentences tell the tale of any product better than the most academic story that could
ever be written.
The News is the Morning
Paper of New Westminster
and the Fraser Valley. See
that your business announcements appear in its columns. PAGE EIGHT
McAllisters August House Furnishing Sale
Opens 8:30 a. m. Saturday, August 1st.
Our Semi-Annual House Furnishing Sale opens on Saturday, August 1st, with a big list of special offerings in
Furniture, Cappets, Stoves, Hardware, Crockery, Bedding and General House Furnishings. Exceptionally heavy
stocks compel us to make big sacrifices on prices in all these departments. Values await you at McAllisters
Housefurnishing Sale that will save you a wide margin on every purchase. To those who need furniture cr
household supplies, study the bargains offered in this sale, visit the departments and examine the quality of the goods
we are selling and satisfy yourself that this sale is the maximum of value giving ever offered in New Westminster
Sale Prices on Bedding and Blankets
Fine Wool Blankets, in white,
with pink or blue border; size
64x84; strong, well made
blankets for even day use;
regular $5.50
Sale Price, pair.
Heavy Weight Wool Blankets;
size 6.4.XS2; splendid value, at
the regular price, $6.50. Sale
Price,  per ��>g* QJg
pair    ��PO. .3O
Gray Blankets; soft Canadian
wool; size 64x_2; regular
$..50.     Sale   Price,    ����|? Qj-
per pain   -PO..HO
Oray Cain jen.'.',Blankets; light
or dark gray; good large single
bed size; regular price $2.95.
Sale  Price, *0   4g*
per  pair    9_.i'tw
Turkey Chintz Horn ifo rters;
Bl_e ��6x"2; well quilted and
filled with cotton; very serviceable for camp or home use;
regulai $2.25. ��*   *yg*
Sale Price, each .... 9 I ��� I Q
Comforters; size tilix72; in all
colors; strong and well made;
regular $1.50. Sale    (4   <tr*
Price, each    91.10
Single Bed Comforters    QjJ^
nt,   each    OOC
Down Comforters; in blue,
pink, green or red; warm, light
coverings; regular $5.50 values
as-.1-*?- $4.95
Our Stock of Pillows comprise.,
all  sizes  and  qualities    at    remarkably low prices:
Cotton     Filled     Pillows:     with
strong art tick cover-      C_ft_��
ing.    Kach at  OUC
Feather Pillows at ��_| ��f|
each 75c. 85c, $1.. -91 .OU
Oray (loose Pillows: si/.e ""
by 27.    Priced
Hewn   Pillows;   22x'_*S or 23x2ft.
Priced at,
Bargains in the
Staple Dept. for the
Flannelette Blankets.
Size   10-4;   reg. ����   Q��
$1.65,  at    91 .OO
Size   11-4;   res. 0_4   ftC
$1.96,   at    9 I .DO
Size   12-4;    reg. ��4   Q��
-$2.25,   at     91 iV-l
Orecian Bedspreads; double
}.ed   size;   rep;. * 4    _iC
$1 75 at  91 .CO
Double 'I'.ed Size Sheet.-:
heavy quality; full bleached
regular $1.75. a* 4   QC
Per pair at   91 .OO
Fine Hemstitched Cotton
Sheet.-; size 70x90; regular
$2.76 at, 4*4   QC
per pair   ^9 1 .%rm/
Pillow Cases; 40, 42 and ll
inch    v.*idtbs: reg. 36c,   ftlj.
at, per  pair             C.OC
Hemstitched Pillow Cases;
fine quality cotton; CC#��
Teg. tiac at. per pair. . . . OOC
Bleached cotton Sheeting; m��
inches wide; regular 45c
Per yard. a*)**! 1 _
at OllC
Bleached Cotton Sheeting; 70
inches wide.; heavy quality;
reg. 35c at. *\mf 1 _
per   yard C I  _ V
Irish Crash and Huckaback
Toweling; 1* Inches wide;
regular   15c,   at 191m
per  yard       I C 2 w
Linen Table Damask: 70 and
very fine quality; regular
72 Inches wide:   fully bleached:
^at:pev $1-15
All Linen (.ream Table Damask; neat floral designs: regular $1.15 at, 7flf��
per yard       'Ut
Bleached Damask Cloths:
ready for use: size .OxMj ai *i
54x54;   reg.  $1.50,      C4   4C
at, each  *9 * * I mf
Damask Table Napkin.-; In-m
Hied; floril' designs: regular
$1.50. at, Cl    1 C
per dozen ���������������-������ ��� f * * ".**
pure Linen l.uncn ( lOthv -*r_c
46x45:  reg. $1.00, *yQ
at, each     * w*��
tjntaemmed Napkins; size 2t
.__  ���!���    nic  assortment   of d.-
SSK'~��-��'   $1.75
8tt per dozen   *9 - * - %f
Furniture for Every Room in the House
Furniture of distinctive appearance, beautifully made, representing the
best of the Canadian and American markets of today. Prices reduced
to the lowest to secure your business.
Dresser;  solid oak;  four drawers;  golden fini.a;  bevel plate mirror:
regular $16.00 value. C1Q OK
Sale I'riee      9 ��� O.-mmJ
Chiffonier to match above dresser;  has six drawers and  bevel  plati
mirror;   regular  $16.50.
Hale Price 	
Dresser in princess style;  solid oak;   fumed or golden  finish;   22x3*',
be\el plat,' mirror:  three drawers;   regular $25.00.
Kale Price 	
Four-drawer Dresser; surface oak finish; reg. $18,00.
Sale Price 	
Four-drawer  Dressei;   golden   finish;   reg.   $11.25.
Sale Price 	
White Knamel four-drawer Dresser:  reg. $13.50.
Kale Price 	
White Knamel Chiffonier, to match above: reg. $43.50,
Sale Price 	
Steel Beds;  white enamelled;  regular $16.00.
���Sale Price	
Regular $16.26  values.
Sale  Price.    	
Steel   Beds,   in   Verals   .Martin   and   White   Knamel.
Sale Price   ���        _ _   -
Itegular $12... 0 value. ��Q  fg*
���Sale Price   <Pvi I ~
Itegular $9.75  value. CO Aft
Sale  Price            90.UU
Regular $6.50 value. 9_[A   ftft
Sale Price   9*��.UU
Wash  stands;   golden   iinish;   regular  $4.r,n CO  7C
Rale Price        9Ci I 9
Dresser;  golden finish;  three lone, drawers;  reg. $..75.      CC Cfl
Sale Price   90.3U
White Knamel  Iron  lied;   Spring and  Mattress, complete;   all  sizes;
regular   $9.on  value.
Sale Price  	
Bedroom Tables;    regular $2.00.
Sale Price  	
Mattress;   all   carded   cotton   felt;   the   best   value   ever  offered;   all
sizes:   regular  $7.50  value. (CC ftft
Sale Trice    90.UU
finish;   22x36
Kitchen Tables;;  29x47.
Sale I'riee  	
Kitchen Tables; 24x86.
Sale Price  	
Kitchen Treasure;   regular  $6.50.
Sale i'riee  	
Kitchen   Cabinet,   complete;   includes   base   with   drawers   and   bins;
top has  shelves with glass doors:   regular $13.50. *_A 7��\
Sale i'riee   fOi I mt
Kitchen   Cupboards;   China  cupboard   above   and .large,   roomy   cup
board with two drawers in lower section:   reg   $12. Cft Cfl
Sale Price   ��PO. MV
Kitchen  ('hairs.     I'riced  at Cl   9~\
65c,  75c,  $1.00  and 91 .-*~
Buffet; solid oak; fumed or golden finish: reg. $26,00.     Cf 7  Cfl
Sale Price  9 ��� ��� .~M
extension   Table;   six-foot   style;   regular   $11.00. J��Q Okm\
Sale  Price    *OiM
Duffet;  solid oak;  golden finis!:;   regular $20.00, C1C  OC
Sale Price  91 ~.m. ~
Kxtenslon Table;  round top;  solid oak;  six-foot  style;  pedestal base;
regular $15.00. CIO  OC
Sale Price   9 ��� fc��fcW
Dining Chairs;   solid   oak   leather   pad   seats;   in   fumed   or   golden
finish;   regulai'   $22.50. Clft Cft
Sale Price   91 O.9U
Dining  Chairs:   solid   oak;   leather     seats;   early     Knglish     finish;
regular $30.00. COO Cfl
Sale Price   -P��9.%JU
Morris Chairs:  solid oak  frame;   heavy drill  upholstering;   regular   $7.00.    Sale   i'riee   	
Morris  Smoker's  Chair;   with   box   arm;   in   two-tone  brown   velour:
fumed   finish;   regular   $14.00.
Sale Price  	
Rockers; large and roomy;  with deep roll seat:  reg. $5.     CO TC
Sale Price 9-Pa I 9
Sulky; reverslllje back. CO OC Cl   QC
Sale" Price     .Pfc.C-._l AND   ~ I .OU
r.o-Carts;   collapsible:   with Thrge  three-bow hood. CA QK
Priced at   9t"V~
iwn   velour:
Brass Beds.
Itegular $30.00 value.
Sale Price  	
Regular $22.50 value.
Sale Price 	
Regular $13.50 value.
Sale Price  	
Big Discount cn All Our Go-Carts.
Wh'te Kn.wel  Iron Hied;  In 3-6 and 3-foot  sizes;
regular $3.00.    Sale  Price   	
Of Interest to Every Carpet Buyer
We carry one of the largest Carpet Stocks in It. C. today. Many
lines have been put on one side to close out entirely during this
sale, at prices that are irrespective of former value. These are real
bargains. The 'quantities ai<' limited and naturally first come gel
the  greater  choice.
Special Bargain: in Tapestry Carpet.
A carpet oi' the tiiiest quality tapestry;  made to suit n renin- 8 feel
Inches by  12 feet.    This is regular.)  Bold at $16.00
Tapestry  Rugs.
a   splendid  opportunity  to  Becure  a   g I   Kng  al   11  ._ ��� ���;!'    -,r. ,1
Si/.e 4-6x6-6  feet.
Sale  Price   	
Size 8-9x8 feet.
Sale   Price   	
Size 7-6xft .eet.
Sale   Price   	
Size 9x9 leet.
Sale   Price   	
Size Oxioi; iiit. _*_\ CA
Sale  Price    $��7_DU
Size 9x12 feet.
Sale   Price   	
Size 10-6x12 feet.
Sale   Price   	
Size   10-6x13-6   feet. <C1_     Cft
Sale    Price    9 | 4.0U
Hall   Runners;   Regular $7.50;   Sale  Price,  $4.50.
These Hall Rugs arc the very best (Brussels carpet; green, fawn nnd
blue combinations:  size 9 feet by 3 feet. 9  inches. *^|   _*\f\
regular  $7.50,  for    ��p4.0U
Axminster Squares; Size 8-3x11-6 Feet: Reg. $45; Sal- Price. $28.50.
These are seamless Axminster Rugs, with a deep, heavy pile; suit
able for drawing room, dining room and parlor.
Pro. Brussels  Rugs.
An pxcellcni  wearing rug for bedrooms and living rooms:
legu.ar  *S,50. JA  QR
,m jei 1.   regular-$9.5(1. CC  *7C
S!-.-   ".1.    ���*i.-t:   regular   $10.75, CR R��
Brussels Border Carpet.
Regulai   $1.25, $1,50  and  $175 qualities.
Sale  Price, per yard   	
Verandah Shades.
These an   the well known Vudor Shades, specially designed for those
wishing extra tine shades i'or verandahs or sleeping porches:
Siz.-   I .TO  leet-;   regular  $4.75, _\_\  00
Si/.e i)\7-'i;   regular $5.50,
Sizi   Sx7-6;   regular  $6.00,
Bizi   10x7-6;   regular $7.50,
Window Shades.
M.di   ui special oil opaque cloth; green and cream combination;  37
inciie.   wide and six feet long;  I'itt'd to Har!.horn rollers.      ^flc
regular 95c.    Sale   Prici'      I WW
Inlaid Linoleum.
A   heavy   quality  of   Inlaid   Linoleum;   in  artistic  designs   for  dining
rooms, halls anil kitchens;  regular $1.25 quality, for. 9QC
per square  yard    *'"'
Regulai   $1.50 quality,  for,
per  square   yard   	
���/.. . .vie_aCI.0KT.    a   a
We   Pack,
Ship   and
Freight  on
We  Pack,
Ship   and
Freight on
Bargains in Hard-
Ware and Crockery
Our basement offers unlimited
shopping advantages during
this sale. Kxtra heavy stocks
compel big reductions. Stoves,
hardware and crockery of every
kind In big assortments ready
I'or your choosing. Watch for
the special bargains each day
in the basement.
Crockery   Special   for   Economical Buyers.
White Ironstone Cups and
Saucers; reg. 12'ic. TF i A
Kach      ��� 2��*
White Ironestone Plates; reg.
10c each.
Kach   for   	
Cood Table Tumblers, regular
75c per dozen.
Kach   for   	
Covered Class Jelly Moulds;
tegular 60c.
Per dozen   	
White    Vitrified    Cream    Jugs;
ffiar.280: 10c
Decorated china Sugar or
Creams;   regular 25c.       4 ft^
Bach           IOC
.-inch Class Kruit
Dishes.    Kach  ....
A Special Bargain.
Three      stock    pattern    Dinner
Sets:   In  blue band, green band
or  pink   rosebud  decoration;   in
fine Crown   Porcelain:
97-plece Sets; reg. $20.    Cl C
Per   set     919
50-piece   Sets:   reg.      _t��  OC
$10.50.      Per   set -90*99
40-plece Thin China Tea Seta;
in neat floral decoration; in
pink   or   green;   regular    $6.50.
_:.'per $4.50
Seamless Bottom Nickelled Tea
Kettles; specially priced for
this sale:
No.   7 S1.50
No.   8 $1-75
No.   9.     $2.00
Nickelled Copper Tea or Coffee
3-pint size    $1.15
4-pin! size  J1.35
5-pint size   $1.50
First    Quality    Gray     Enamel-
Kipped   Saucepans,    each,     15c,
20c,  25c,  30c.  35c  and 40c
Straight.      Covered    Saucepans,
25e,   30c,  35c,  45c  and 60c
Double   Itice   Boilers,  75c,  90c.
$1.15   and $1.35
Convex  Covered     Kettles,    45c.
60c, 75c and   $1.25
Covered   Kneading   Pans,   $1.25,
$1.50  and    $2.00
The Alert Cask Cookstove; for
wood only; four-hole; specially
adapted to small houses or
camps:   two    sizes.    Kach
The "Pippin" Steel Cookstove.
for coal or wood; a large roomy
oven stoves, with full steel body
and cast top; a splendid baker
and moderately priced: a stove
that is unequalled at the price;
two sizes, at
$15.50, $18.00
The Radium steel Range; a
handsome six-holed blued steel
body range; large firebox; Duplex grate; well finished and
fitted with fuel saving devices
that, makes it the most economical fuel burner; a range that
will giv,. every satisfaction and
priced to suit those of moderate
means:   two sizes at
$25.00, $28.50
Curtain Materials at Low
Kancy Nets, iMtiBllns. Plain and
"Bordered Scrims, Voiles, Madras, Chintz and Cretonnes,
Nets and Muslins; in fancy patterns; colors white, cream and
Arab; reg. 35c and 40c.    JJCi��
Sale Price, yard CwC
Bordered Scrims and Voiles:
cream and ecru; with borders
in green, hrown, blue or pink:
values to 40c. 9Ctft
Sale Price, per yard... bWW
Klne Quality Scrims: single or
double borders: fancy hemstitched or plain edges; white.
cream, ivory and ecru; regular
tiOc and ��5c lines. AC#*
Sale i'riee. per yard. .. . WC
Colored Madras: 46 to 54 in.
wide-, in green, pale bine, cream
aad red; nig. up to $1.00 11 yard.
Sale  Price, OC_P��
per  yard    CvC
Cretonnes and Chintz; light or
dark colors; all washable
goods- reguiar "."ie and 40c.
Sale Price, pj?-
per yard       __��� Wv


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