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The New Westminster News May 6, 1914

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 IV p
r    ���
five *--_
Volume 9, Nir\ <,���>* 6.
Price Five Cents,
Thirteen Survivors Rescued
But One Boat Is Yet
Burned Stesmer Was Bourn, for New
York  With Cargo���Carried   no
Cape Sabte. May 6. A wireless received early this morning from Captain McDonald of
the steamer Manhattan states
that he has on board the captain and missing men nf the
Columbian. They were plckod
up at sea.
Ocean   Falls  Pulp and  Paper Mill  in
North Vancouver Sold  to San
Francisco Syndicate.
Vancouver   Delegates  Will
Again Be Urged to Retract Falsehoods.
Mediators May Adjourn to
Neutral   Territory   for
United  Action of  Fraser  River Delegation Source of Worry and Anxiety to Vancouver.
ft # S= # # * * *���> # *�����**�����# *
New York, May 5. -The Cunard line
today  reoeived  a  wireless  message
from  the steame;     Franconla    which
"Rescued 13 survivors and Chief
Steward Matthews, who is dead, of the
Bteamer Columbian from Antwerp.
Crew suffering from exhaustion; said
to hive been in boat 40 hours. Columbian caught fire Sunday night and
almost immediately a series of violent
explosions occurred. The wireless ap
paratUS was destroyed. One other
boat, containing the chief officer and
s- e-e.nel officer and 17 men is adrift
The Franconla is making diligent
���search fe>r It."
The steamer Columbian  which  the
Cunard liner Franconla tonight report!
ed burned at sea. sailed from London
A contract has been entered Into
between the Western Canada Trust
Co. as receiver for the debenture
holders of the Ocean Kalis company
and Messrs. Klelshhacker and Johnson of San Francisco, whereby the
plant of the Ocean Falls Co. is to be
passed under the control of a merger of Pacific coast pulp and paper
interests. The contract has been confirmed by Mr. Justice Morrison of the
supreme court. Strong opposition
was offered by Lester David, owner of
a majority of the common stock of
the Ocean  Falls Company.
The plant at Ocean Falls is one of
the largest on the coast and is
equipped with modern machinery for
turning out UiO tons of pulp per day
Financial difficulties arose before
the huge plant was completed, with
the result that debenture holders In
England contributed $"1,500,000 towards the company's capital. Creditors raised such a clamor against
the debenture holders trust deed that
orders were received to close down
the plant and for a year it lay Idle.
The Fleishhacker interests have the
matter so well worked out that operations are expected to commence
In   the   Meantime   U.   8.   Completes
Plans for Advance  on   Mexico
City if Necessary.
cm April 28 for New York.    BlU WM   QuatStno Sound and on  Howe Sound
hiKt  reported  by  wireless sio miles   **
east cf Sandy Hook at 10 o'clock Sun
day  morning.
The Columbian was a cargo vessel
and  is not believed to have bad anj
A further effort is to be made to se-
| cure a retraction of certain statements
made by the Vancouver delegation at
the grain commission hearing held In
Winnipeg last month, a meeting of
delegates representing the lower Fraser valley being held In the board of
trade rooms last night. Mayor Mackenzie of Port Coquitlam occupied the
chair, those present from adjoining
districts being James Mars and Alderman Oaler of Port Coquitlam, Reeve
Marmont of Coquitlam and a delegate
from Surrey municipality.
After considerable discussion during
which it was pointed out that the Vancouver board of trade while not so
much afraid of the Westminster organization, was plainly disturbed at
the united action being taken by the
Fraser river delegation. The following resolution was ratified and will
be forwarded to the secretary of the
Vancouver board of trade, being signed by W. O, McQuarrie and Secretary
W. I,. Darling.
"Whereas at the hearing by the
board of grain commissioners for Canada at Winnipeg on April 8, 1914 of
delegations representing the Fraser
river and Burrard inlet on the subject
of the location of a government grain
I elevator on the Pacific coast, commu-
Tne  Fleishhacker  interests already | n|cations containing certain false and
misleading statements regarding the I u'on'"7n"the"senate Senator Lippitt of
Frarer river and references to fish- Rhode island, introduced a resolution
ii.L iets, iee, and fogs as material bin
Washington, May 6.��� Developments
in the Mexican situation today were
divided between the diplomatic and
the military status.
The South American mediators continued their sessions and for the first
time It became authoritatively known
from them that they considered the
whole range of Mexican affairs as properly embrased In their work. Their
reply to Carranza had made this clear
and while eliminating htm from the
mediation for the time being, It still
was left open to him  to enter later.
It became clear that the polcy at
Vera Cruz would be continued with no
advance of the American forces unless
to repel attack. But it was known
that a definite course of action had
been outlined in the event of a resumption of hostilities and the extension
of the campaign to Mexico City.
In that event Major General Leon-
After Auto Tour of City  Lunch Will
Be Served���Fraser Mills to Be
At a meeting held ln Mayor Gray's
office yesterday of the Joint committee of the city council and board of
trade having In charge the reception
of the delegates to the Pacific Coast
Ad Men's convention, final arrangements were practically completed
Huerta Taking Advantage
of Negotiations to Prepare Defence.
Rumors of Prs-sitent's Flight Rife in
Mexico City But Ha Shows Himself Every Day.
Vera Cruise, May 5.���Francisco Villa, the rebel commander, may not
make his Intended descent on Mexico
City before the lapse of another three
months, according to a prominent
business man who arrived today from
the capital.
The refugee, who has Just completed negotiations with President Huerta
The contingent wiTT leave""vancou I f��r *�����* removal of a large quantity
ver at 2 o'clock on Saturday, June 13, 0I DulII��n from the mining district,
by auto, travelling along Kingsway a8Sfted Huerta still Is sending fed-
to Edmonds where the New West- era trooDS northward, as he appar-
minster delegation will be assembled Ientlv dreads more the possible ap-
to greet them. The drive through the I Droacn <* Oeneral Villa than an ad-
city will be via Eighth and Sixth va"ce "t the Americans,
avenues, down Second and First I, General Villa is proceeding leisure-
streets to Columbia street, and thence   ���*���*'��� Ba-''8 the refugee, if he has the In
to  the  Russell  hotel,   which   will  be
the headquarters for the day.
tention of moving on the capital. Both
Monterey and Saltillo are believed ln
The ladies of the party will be re-   Mexico City to have been evacuated
ceived  at  the  new   high  school. 1 by, the federals, who are said to have
Luncheon will be served in the fallen back on San Luis Potosi, where
ard Wood will be In supreme com- armories, it being anticipated that the tne>' are understood by the govern-
mand, with General Funston directing ladies of the city will furnish a real ment to be threatened by the revolu-
the  advance  beyond  Vera  Cruz,  and   home dinner. tionists, but are still holding out.
General Charles J. Bailley of the To those who do not avail them-' General Huerta, he asserts, has
coast artillery, assuming command of selves of the auto ride from Vancou-',done nothing to show he anticipates
the base at Vera Cruz. This arrange- ver. the B. C. E. R. will provide spe- |a forward movement of the American
ment. however, ls wholly in the line cial cars. W. H. Elson, local superin- army or expects, In the event of such
of preparedness and signifies no pres- tendent of the B. C. E. R., was pres- a movement, to otter serious reslst-
ent purpose of being put into opera-1 ent at yesterday's meeting and gave ance.
tion. out the information that special cars Powder Mill at Work.
Congress after a period  of silence   would   transport  the    party    to  the I    The Government powder factory  Is
on Mexico again came into the situa-| Fraser Mills.    It Is possible that the I reported to be turning out daily some
trip back from the mills will be made 1 6On0 dynamite bombs.   These are un-
Greeted   By   Governor  and   Municioal
Authorities���Gives   Details   of
His Interesting Trip.
English Organist Honored.
San Franclsc-i, May 5.���Edwin H.
. I.cinaro. the distinguished Itritish or-
passengers on board. She was of | ganlgt an^ musical composer, will be
158$ tons gross register, 441' feet long. I ,he or^an^t for the mammoth or;an
4i feet beam and 31 feet deep. She | ln th<) festival hall at the Panama I'a-
was built by Harland and Wolff al j cific exposition.
Belfast   in   lRltn   and   was   owneel   by | _
I .eland Mid Company. Ltd.. of Liverpool. Tlie Iceland line Is controlled
BJ the International Mercantile Marine company, with offices In this
The Franconla was about 600 miles*
K.i.-.t of the Boston lightship when she
reported. She was expected to dock
tomorrow afternoon, but in view of
he:* wireless message that she' would
continue the search for the second
boat of the Columbian. It was believed
that M"' would not reach port until
probably Thursday, Her captain Is
David S. Miller of Liverpool, a corn-
in:i!ie|er ol .li- li'.iyal Naval reserve.
Survivors Endure Hardships.
On Board Steamer Franconla, Mav
a. The survivors suffered terribly
during 41 hours' exposure In an opsu
boat. Their exhaustion was so ere*.-.
lhat it was impossible' to obtain a
hours after they were picked up.
coherent story from them several
Tho Columbian caught fire Sunday
night when about 300 miles north
of Cape Race. A series of explosion:-
followed Immediately. Captain McDonald ordered the wireless operator,
James Drohan, to send out calls for
assistance, but one of the explosions
put the wireless apparatus out of
With the vessel belching flame-)
and torn by the explosions It soon be
came evident  thai  tho crew could dr.
nothing and the order to abandon tht
ship   was  given.
The men left the Columbian in two
boats.    Chief Steward  Matthews was
in charge of the first.   This boat pui
sway and lay to for a time but in the
dense  smoke   which   Biirrounded   the
burning vessel the other boat was nol
���risible and   the  steward's   boat  final
lv  drifted far from Ihe scene.
(if   '.heir   sufferings  during   the  40
hours  In   which   they   w-e/e     tossed
about nnd of the death Of Chief Stew
.ird   Matthews  during  this  time',   the'
men reiuld say little when  they  wen
brought  onto the' decks of tht-  Fran
[rood and sleep were the first con
Blderalloh, nnd although sympathetic
passengers were ready with offers ol
assistance, Captain  Miller,    of   the
Franconia, saw to It that the survivors
were first given the required rest.
Having  learned   that   another  boat
with nineteen   men,  probably   Includ
ing Captain McDonald, still was miss
ing   captain Miller ordered the Fran
conia about on a searching cruise.
Search   Abandoned.
it  developed tonight that the Col
umblan   was   running   under   charter
i,v the Phoenix line, with offices In
Antwerp, having been borrowed from
-ho Ley land line for this one voyage
:U''vtlackay Pent*, local agent of the
PhoenlX   line,   tonight   estimated   the
number  of   the  Columbian sI W
between  45  and  50.    Of these
ranconla reported having saved
i-'rancoma   i''"""'" -��. ...
,-e.vc and the body of ��another, while
19 were still Bald to be in the boat
adrift, making n total of 33.
There were no passengers. Mr.
Pent* said. The steamer had a mis-
-1,...ms cargo. He estimated its
JaJne  at between  $200,000  and  $,00,
'1f'��Tho Franconla stopped HHrAlDI
for the Columbian's missing lifeboat
part* te.night and Is on hei waj to
Hoston'whore she expects to arrive at
u.,1.,',1  Waitnesda?. according to a
Offices Of the Cunard line here. Th
, easage said the steamship MaMun
, -, were steering to search ret
- 7-oat.
Para,     Bratll,     May   5. ���Col.  Theodore  RooBevelt,   who.   with   his    son
' Kermit.   arrived   here     today     from
! Manaos,   was greeted    on   board  the
i steamer by tbe governor of the stnte
of l'ara. by municipal authorities and
I a   number   of   other   prominent   per-
: sonages.    In  a  speech   thanking   the
I deputation   for   their   reception,   Col.
Roosevelt  referred   to  the  great  pro-
I gress  made  by   Brazil    and    praiseo
: highly the work of the Urazillian com-
I mission   under  Col.   Rondon,    which
made the exploring trip with him.
Col. Roosevelt and his companions
were so fatigued that they decided
to go ashore until tomorrow, when
they will visit the principal places ana
attend a luncheon In their honor by
the governor of the state. On Thursday the party will leave for New-
Col. Theodore Roosevelt, in an interview today on bo-ird the Bteamer
Dunstan, on which he had just ar
rived from Manaos, gave many Inter
OAtlng details of his exploring trip
| ihroi*��� b the wilds of Brazil. He said
"The expedition has proved a slg
nal success. It was undertaken ori
ginaliy for the American museum of
natural  history.
"During our trip Oeorge K. Cherry
and Leo C. Miller, the naturalists,
collected over 2100 birds and mam
mals and a few reptiles, batraehlanis
and fish, chiefly from rt-lons no'
hitherto traversed by any collector,
and many presenting species hitherto
unknown to science.
"The most important part of our
trip was geographical. In the exploration of an unknown river we have pui
on the map a river nearly 1000 miles
long, the existence of which Is not
hinted at on published maps. The
upper part of its course was unknown
to anybodv except the wild Indiana
along its banks, while the lower part
was known to n few rubber men only.
The river takes its rise in the high
uplands of the western part of the
st.it>' of Matto (.'rosso.
"Tho river ran with many doublings and twists almost, due north into
the river Madeira where Its entrance
was at about five degrees, thirty minutes  ninth  latitude.
���We were GO days In canoes. In
latitude seven degrees south we passed the last rapids and reached the
Steamer when we were but thirty-
six hours from Manaos.
nets, iee
dranci-F to navigation In the river
were filed with the commission as part
of Lie written case of the representatives of Burrard inlet; and whereas,
the said false and misleading statements are as follows: In communication with F. Waterhouse and company, that 'to call at Westminster is
impracticable on account of lack of
water'; In the communication from
the Union Steamship company, 'that
the Fraser river is totally unfit for
the use of large steamers'; that 'the
channel is narrow, shallow and continuously silting up': that 'it is subject to severe freshets which make navigation very dangerous; that 'the
Harpagus when proceeding to Fraser
Mills to load lumber got ashore In the
channp! and underwrite; rs incurred
considerable expense in getting her
off.' this statement is an absolute
falsehood; and that the Fraser river
is a 'point that is dangerous to shipping.' and in the communication from
the Shipmasters' association that in
the Fraser river between May and
August thtre is a fresht". 'running so
strong at times as to make it almost
impossible to move a vessel;  and
"Whereas, the representative of the
Vancouver board of trade with the
Bur.ard inlet deputation and the sec
retary of the Vancouver board endorsed these false and misleading statements, and the references to fishing
nets, ice and fog as material hind
ranees to navigation on the river, by
subscribing to the written case aforesaid:   and
"Whereas, a request was made on
behalf of the delegation representing
the Frarer river that they be given a
hearing by the Vancouver board of
trade for the purpose of obtaining a
retraction of such statements, which
request has not been acceded to.
"Therefore be It resolved that the
Vancouver board of trade be and is
hereby asked to withdraw their endorsement of the statements and references herein specified."
calling on President Wilson for infor
mation as to published reports that
it was the administration purpose to
aid General Villa to secure the presidency
Villa Denounced.
During a brief, spirited discussion,
Senator Ixidge read from a London
paper a scathing denunciation of Villa.
The Lippitt resolution went over until   tomorrow   under   the   senate   rules.
President   Wilson   and   his  cabinet
met, but tt was announced  afterward
that only routine had been considered
The sessions of the mediators continued  throughout  the day,  with   the
three Huerta delegates now named and
understood   to   be  on   the   way;   the
United States delegation not yet designated, and Carranza definitely eliminated from  mediation as  long as he
persisted in his present attitude. The
destination   of   the   Huerta   delegates
was not clear.    It became known that
Huerta  wished    the    negotiations  to
take  place  ln   neutral   territory,  sug-|
gesting Canada as a suitable location.
But this  had  encountered  opposition
! on   the ground  that Canada,  being  a
j British   colony,   might   introduce  into
the negotiations a F-urepean element,
ind also because it was believed  the
British ������overr.iii.-rit would not be particularly desirous of having the con
troversy brought within its domains.
It was said that ten days might elapse
berore work on a settlement could be
gin. with the arrival of the Mexican
The text of the note to General Carranza, made public during the day,
stated definitely for the first time
that "all the difficulties which con
tributed toward the present situation
in Mexico bear either directly or indirectly on the solution of the pending conflict between Mexico and the
United   States."
Should Consider  Everything.
The mediators therefore announced
that all these difficulties  "should  be
by steamer. The invitation of DrD.
C. E. E. Doherty, superintendent of j
the Kssondale Colony Farm, to bave
the delegates visit the institution has
been accepted, a visit being made immediately prior to witnessing the lumber operations at Fraser Mills .
The party will leave for Vancouver
again  at  ",  o'clock.
derstood to be Intended for defense
against an attack on the capital by
General Villa or Emfliano Zapata, the
southern rebel.
The  refugee  says  that except   tor
shipping a dozen or more cannon to
the vicinity of Paso Macho, the headquarters   of   General   Gustavo   Maas.
on   the  Mexican   railway, and  a  like
I number  to General Guillermo   Rubio
Navarrete at   Jalapa,  on   the    inter-
' oceanic railway, and supplies of dyna-
\ mite  for mining the bridge*- on the
I railroad,   nothing   further   has   taeen
done by Huerta to prepare for resistance on the road from Vera Crnz t����
the capital.
The   business   man   who   narrated
  | these facts called on General Maas at
Paso Del Macho, having been furnish-
Claimed That Majority of Women  Do   eu a safe conduct by General Huerta.
From    personal    observations    the
refugee estimated that General  Maas
Not   Want   Vote���Militancy   Is
Raised  in  Argument.
I had less than 1000 men under his orders.
Entered Vera Cruz in Disguise.
General Navarrete, who is said to
have entered eVra Cruz a few days
after the American occupation and
to have moved about freely in disguise, is now reported to have from
500 to 600 men with him at Jalapa.
Under cover of a  proposed demon-
London. May 5.���Women's suffrage
was the subject of a long discussion
In the house of lords today when the
Earl of Selborne moved the second
reading of a bill giving the parliamentary franchise to those women possessing votes at local government elec-j stration it was reliably reported that
tions. He said it was estimated that j a number of Mexicans intended to
one million women in the British make a general attack on the Ameri-
Isles would benefit by the passage of cans and to sack and set fire to their
the bill. He asserted that lhe vast property on the assumption that the
majority of women were opposed to I blame would be placed on the Span-
militancy. He expresesd as his be-; jards.
lief that the idea that men and women Protected Foreigners.
voters would divide on sex lines was
a delusion and gave it as his opinion
that the demand for votes made by
women wli3 paid taxes was founded
on justice.
Opposed  by  Curzon
(Continued oa Page Four.)
LOST 69 TO 39
Dominion   Government     Appropriates
$3,500 for Extermination of the
Hair   Seal.
Word has been received by F. H.
Cunningham, Dominion inspector ot
fisheries, and W. D. Burdis, secretary
of the British Columbia Canuers' Association, that the government has
given another appropriation of 13500
for the purpose of exterminating the
hair seals which are causing great
damage to the salmon Industry in
local and northern waters thia year.
Owners of  7S   canneries    recently
I. C. R. Management Basis for an Attack  Upon the Government  in
the   House.
Ottawa. May 5.���At 11.30 this eve-
uing tlie house divided on a motion
of censure for the government moved
by Hon. H. R. Bmmerson, after a
speech relating to the management
of the 1. C. R. The motion was re
jected on a vote of 69 to 89, a government, majority of 30.
Mr. Bmmerson, in the course of his
speech, complained of a number ot
things,     including     an    increase   of
Earl Curzon moved the rejection of
the bill, not merely, he said, because it
would introduce a great social revolution, but because it would be injurious
to  the  Interests of  women.    Such  a
measure he argued would have an unfortunate  bearing  upon  the  relations
of  tlie  sexes and   would  weaken  the
nrestige r\  Great   Britain  throughout
the  world.    He declared  that of  the
2...000 women voters in London only
In pi r cei I had voted at the last local
municipal elections, while in the country only 2o per cent of tbe women entitled  to vote hud  enst their ballots.
He asserted that an Inevitable corollary of giving tie vote to w omen was
to grant to them  the right to sit in
I parliament    Militancy,    he    argued.
I was not confined to a small ill-balanc-i
ed  minority, but  was  the  work of a]
great    organization.     He    concluded
with the statement that the majority
of women did not want the vote and
lacked  the quality  and  the  temperament to exercise political power.
Women's  Blin-.   Revenge.
Baron Newton argued that militancy
was woman's blind revenge on society
for the manner in which sire had been
treated  by  the  Liberal  party.
Viscount Haldane said the country
was approaching tbe time when it
would have to deal with class problems in which the co-operation of wo-
Goverunient officials in the capital,
he said, for the most part, made efforts to protect foreigners.
The confiscation of arms, except
those taken from the United States
I embassy,     and   of  automobiles,   was
done without official sanction and it
was said that the automobiles would
be returned to their owners and those
responsible for their apprehension
sent to jail where it was possible to
fix the blame.
Mexico City, he said, was filled with
rumqrs that General Huerta had resigned and disappeared, but the pro
visonal president in the meantime'
want about the city with the customary freedom and without a guard,
dining in public restaurants and giving no outward appearance of the
strain under which he was living.
In the capital American and other
foreign business houses, he declared
have re-opened and are experiencing
little  difficulty   in   their  affairs
tt #
>::= *
-�� *
branch line feeders and the taking off : of   attention   to  social   problems  had |
of the Ocean Limited. I been brought about, he concluded, be-
Hon. J   D. Reid. acting minister of! cause women had no direct means of
railways, In reply, said that Increase | exercising political power,
in the rates had been realiv decided
The weather forecast for today in New WertmlMter and
the lower mainland is ns follows: Light to moderate
winds, fine and warm,
signed a petition which was forward    freight rates, the employment of Am-
ed  to tlie. government  asking for an   8r|Cans as officials, changes    in    the
increase   in   the   bonus,   the  original ! ru|e��, the alleged  failure of the gov-
$3500 being expende-d   The fishermen   ernment to deal with the question of
receive  $3.50  for each   hair aval  tali
turned In to the department officials
.   A large portion of the first appropriation was paid to fishermen in the
northern waters, the Fraser river men
showing nn apathy to what could be I upon by the board of management ap
made  a  profitable employment esne- j pointed by the late government.    Am
cially  now  that  few  salmon  arc  be- | erican9 employed as officials, he said , _.      , ,.���  Mo_.medan  A.
ing caught in the river. I were in all cases men who had lived /""We> Fate of 2BC�� M��h����������"  Al
Under a recent order issued by the | in Canada lor several years. ��."'"��� at M. ;s *��*��*���
provincial department of faeries  te   Jf ����� ����� A.b -g��g�� ^JOjJ
clt-ms "i-fthe^io    ", ��&��S5 I                   Players Released. ! captured by  Uie  Epirote  invaders at
hev a e sole lv for the Killing of Chicago, May 5,- -President Wee';h- Hormova. were crucified In tbe or-
ar B^lB and sea lions    The came   man,    of    the Ph- ,   Federals,  an-   thodox church at Kodra, according to
warden! have betn nol fled of this nounced today that three of his play information received hy the Albanian
,w Oder and aTsot, the fact that a era were released unconditionally, government. The Epirotes are said
is erniinus   g the run for anv other   They    are    Railing.   McDOnOUgh  and , lo have set fire  to the church after-
puS his Kl ortelted. I Ravauaugh, all inflelders. ��� wards mil allowed the bodies to burn.
Conference of Harbor Commissioners
to Be Held at Seattle in June.
The New Westminster harbor commission yesterday received an incita-
tion to attend a two days' conference
to be held in Seattle on June 2 and 3
of port authorities on the Pacific
coast, it is altogether probable that
two, and possibly the three local commissioners will attend the sessions.
The gathering is for the purpose of
obtaining standard ideas on the opera-
men had become vital. The question tion and construction of harbor work
of the birth and death rates were part I together with a systemised mode of
of these problems.    Much of the want j collection   of   tolls,  etc.
The cities invited to af.end are New
Westminster. Vancouver, Victoria.
Bellingham, Kverett. Tacoma. Grays
Harbor, Portland. San Francisco. Los
Angeles. San Diego and Oakland.
Father Shot by Son.
New York, May 5. -Chester Bernell
Duryea, chemist, who murdered his
aged father. General Hiram Duryea.
millionaire starch manufacturer, in
their home in Brooklyn early today,
was removed from jail in a straight
jacket to a hospital tonight after ht*
had shown signs of insanity. General
Duryea. distinguished civil war veteran and head of the famous Duryea
Zouaves, was shot whtlc In bed. PAGE TWO
WEDNESDAY,   MAY   6,   1914.
An Independent morning paper devoted to the interests of New Wwttmlnater and
tbe Fraser Valley. Published every morning except Sunelay by the National Printtnu
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A Mexican woman who is said to have shot several
United States sailors and marines during the fighting in
the streets of Vera Cruz, Mexico, has been arrested and
is to be courtmartialed, according to dispatches from the
It sounds queer to read that a woman whose patriotism prompted her to resist the invaders of her country is
to be given the same treatment as that meted out by the
customs of war to an ordinary spy.
From what can be learned of the situiation at Vera
Cruz prior to the American occupation, it seems almost
certain that the inhabitants of the town had been kept by
the government telegraph censorship in total ignorance of
the difficulties between the United States and Huerta.
They knew nothing of the Tampico incident and President
Wilson's "six p.m." ultimatum never had reached their
ears. The first news they had of trouble with the U. S.
was the arrival of the American fleet and the landing of
the sailors and marines, which they, naturally under the
circumstances, looked upon as a declaration of war.
Of course the Mexicans in Vera Cruz fought back
and it is a tribute to their patriotism to learn that civilians
were most prominent in the resistance.
If, during the civil war in the United States, a foreign
power, after serving an ultimatum on President Lincoln,
had landed troops on American soil, would there have been
no resistance?
No one who knows the Mexicans would attempt to
justify some of their acts or contend that they are a civilized nation, but it does look as though Uncle Sam were
drawing a long bow in attempting to brand those who
resisted at Vera Cruz as violators of international law.
Great sale of untrimmed shapes, is an announcement
in an ad. column.  The reference is to hats only.
Down in Spokane a thief robbed a dentist of a bunch
of gold fillings.   That beats trust legislation all hollow.
How many women tell the truth when a friend puts.
the query, "How do you like my new hat?" '
If they don't get a naval debate or something of that
order started soon at Ottawa this American-Mexican business will have an undisputed monopoly of the front page.
The way diplomats talk of "armistice," "mediation," "flag of truce," and similar things down in Mexico
you'd think they were dealing with a civilized nation.
Of course we all want clean milk to drink, but at this
stage of the game why not centre activities on reducing
the risks run by the ice cream cone brigade?
A U. S. senator says one oil company is no more respectable than another. Well, who ever heard of a respectable trust, anyway?
"Huerta's Condition Critical," says a news heading.
It would seem that it's chronic for the gentleman's condition to be critical.
The other evening a man tried to commit suicide in a
Vancouver cafe. The report doesn't say whether or not
he had received his bill before he attempted to cash in.
"Billy" Sunday, the evangelist who has reduced the
stories of the Bible to the level of fables in slang, has been
invited to open in Winnipeg. The 'Peg is welcome to the
For contempt of court at  Hostner
Harry M'ayarl is Bpendlng seven day-. I
in the tank.
The Revelstoke Review has install
���tailed a No. 15 Mergenthaler linotype
* ���   ���
J. F. Kurtz attempted to beat the I
IC. P. R. for a ride and was turned i
j over to tht- police at  Kernie.    It cost j
, hU friends $ti.
James McG&gnran and his two Aire- j
I dales got  a  good  specimen of  brown ���
I bear quite close  to Arrowhead  u  few |
1 days ago.
* .    ��
J.  P. Johnston,   until  recently   provincial constable at eWlllngton,  Van :
couver Island, has been    transferred
to Trail.
Dr. W. N. Sutherland lias been
nominated by the Liberal party oi
Revelstoke to stand for the provincial
A tank wherein to store 50,000 gallons of water and to act as an auxil
iary to the North Ixinedale water sys
tun, will be erected at Mosquito crook
at an early date.
The official statement has been
made by Mayor Irwin that the pres
ent rates for fares on the ferry boat:
will not In any way be increased un
der the city's operation.
* ��    ���
Tlie building returns in Point drey
for April far exceed any that hav
been recorded for many months pas:
Sixty permits were issued, the aggregate value being $16S,.'ii)0.
.    ���    *
Boxing fans will be pleased to learn
that arrangements have he-en made
for a match between Hud Anderson
and Prank ISnrrieau in the welter
weight class. The match will be held
at Steveston on May 25.
* ���    ���
The Sherbrooke hotel ai Nelson has
changed hands. W, fl. O'Brien, ol
Log Angeles, Cal., is the new owni"
of the hostelry, having taken over the
property from Lavigne & Dunk. The'
amount   involved   In   the   deal   is   not
Constable Stewart, who has been
appointed to the position of provln
cial constable at New Denver to take
the place of Provincial Constabh
Suthtrland, who is now chief provincial constable at Golden, reported at
New Denver last week.
a    ��    a
It is expected by members of the
school board that School Architect
Glllam will advertise next week for
the tenders for the new Centra!
school on Keith road between Chea
ter field and Mahon avenues, in North
The     most    daring     robbe-ry   ever
known   in   Revelstoke   waa  committed
on  Tuesday  morning    at  about   2,00
o'clock,   when   tbe   safe   ln   tbe    pout- j
office was blown eipen ana lootetf There bbe-rs se-ciired onlv betwen $ir,(iand.
:��        *        *
The Legion of Frontiersmen of Van
couver anil North Vancouver have
formed what is to be known as the
' Frontiersmen's Rifle Association. It
is practically on the same lin-'s as tho
Civilians' Rifle Association, and nearly every member of the North Vancouver squadron of Frontiersmen has
aigned up the roll for the rifle association.
* *    a
Daniel McKay, who on Wednesday
eve ning last was brought to the pro
vlnclal jail at Nelson from Grand
Forks   to  serve  a  sentence  of  three
j months for vagrancy, succumbed sud
denly at the jail about noon.    An In-
' eiuest was belt) into the deatb by Dr.
Gilbert Hartin, corone-r. and a verdict
of death   from an  apoplectic  fit  wai
returned  by  the jury.
A permit has been issued by Huild
ing Inspector Street for the new
shingle mill of the Huntting. Merrill
Lumber Company, which is to be locale el on the- Higgins' property on
the North Aim of the Fraser rivet
i at Eburne. The mill structure will
| cost $15,110(1. but the total cost, including machinery, will be in tnt
neighborhood of $46,000.
I lie- first ol the cut ovt r timber
anils, which were thrown open for
.)re-emptlon in the Fernie district,
we-re. opened last week for entry al
tli- governmeni office, There wer
thirteen parcels available In thh
distrlcl and thej were taken up li
jusi in. t.i,. minutes. Ixing b, fnrc
daylighl Borne me-n hd taken up positions on the steeps of the court bouse
in i i'ii r to be at the head of the line
Accountant. Telephone R447. Room
13   Hart   H<ock.
Being all pure tea leaves, you don't
have to submit to the annoyance of
dust and dirt floating in your tea
cup and injurious to your health.
Costs no more than common-place teas.
Sealed lead packets only.���Never sold in bulk.
, P. H. Smith. W. J. Uravaa.
work   undertaken    ll    city    and    outaMa
yolnta.   zu-18   Weattalnater   Tniat   Bid?
I Phone  IS4.     p.  o.   Box   6S7. ^
L r SLf-or 'V* nu't'1 '������e "��������**nd
third Friday at H p.m.. I^abur Temple
Seventh anel Royal avenue. A S
Oray. Exalted Ruler; P. II. Smith Secretary. ���""���
Russian Secret Police
Recognize No Law
Dreade. Okhrana Opposes All Progress and   Has   No  Superiors���Influence
Felt in Persia���Power of Organization Said
to Be Unrestricted.
and third Tuesday in eue-h month at I
P.m. In the l^ibeir Temple CaenM
ll.eyle. Dictator; VV. j. urovea, *����
tuiy. '   wmH ���
I9|U."U ""SfQaA   ���*"   A��'t��   iod��e   Ne
nlfht at I o'clock In Odd Fellow���HmO.
59.���* Carnarvon and Klk-hth ati-vata
)!"!."�� brstliern ��>rdi2iiy .nSted
II. \\. Sangster. N.U.; J. & Watson.
T. Q.:  w. C. Coatbam.  P. u..  record.
W.    E     FAI.KH   *   I'll.    f,ir618    AONB1
Mi-ert.onos.ta Carnegie library. Moat
ur.-te.-dat.-   funeral   paTbrs   In   the  ciu
Specialist, in Bhlpplni!    Lei? SL   , ,
London, .May 5 One of the strongest
and most widely diffused of those
many hidden influences which bo
largely sway International politics is
the Russian Becret police service, or
the Okhrana, to give it the name by
which it is known and feared throughout RubbIb and far beyond its borders.
To the average western European
the methods of and position occupied
by the Okhrana reveal a state of
things so utterly foreign to anything
he- is accustomed to in his own country that simple statements of fact in
regard to the organization are receiv-1
ed bv bun with the frankest incredul-1
This   must   inevitably   be   the   case |
until it is realized that the Okhrana, I
as at present developed, ls entirely divorced from any legitimate function of I
state-   no   matter   how   distorted   and
mistaken;   that   It   is,   in   fact,   today
wholly parasitic, and that it exists for
no purpose save to maintain its own
It is tlie paramount power in Russia.
Its chiefs recognise no superiors, and
are amenable to no laws. It can make
and unmake statesmen, and it has a
short way with those who attempt, or
who are credited with any intention
of attempting, to resist its power. The
fate of Pleave and Stolypin are only
two out of many instances which
might be cited In proof of this statement
Government Is Helpless.
Organized originally as a special
branch > I the ordinary police service,
it has fi many years been utterly
out of hand, and, in the presence of
Its machinations, the government is
really helpless.
The methods resorted to by the
Okhrana are, as has been stated, almost incredible. Azeff, who assassinated I'lehve, was, of course, one of
the most trusted agents of the secret
police, and yet all the time he was
in the pay of the Okhrana he held the
position of leader of the "fighting organization" of the Russian revolutionist  party  in  Paris.
He assassinated i'lehve, the safeguarding of whose life was the special work of the Okhrana. at the bidding of the Okhrana because the "dictator" was credited with a desire to
control the power of the secret service. He was left free by the- government at the bidding of the Okhrana.
in  spite  of the  fact that   M.  'Stolypin
I was  twice  confronted   by   a   full   his-
I tory  of  the  case  in   the    duma    it-
j seV.
j     The story of how Stolypin himself,
some three years later, met a similar
| fate for a similar reason at the hands
I of  the police  sjy,  IJogroff  iB  fresh  In
j every one's memory.
All this, however, reveals only one
of the many phases of the Okhrana's
work. The occasional removal of a
minister may be necessary as a reminder to the authorities of where actual authority resides, but the real
work of the body, the acquisition of
those vast funds which it ever has at
its command lies in other directions.
Opponent of Progress.
The Okhrana is. of course, the
steady and persistent opponent of
progress, as it is also of law and order. Any attempt at reform on the
part of any minister of enlightenment
is Immediately followed by outbreaks
in various parts of the country which
are calculated to prove to Europe, to
the point of demonstration, that such
reforms are clearly  premature.
Yet   such   outbreaks   are-   organized
and carried through by the Becret police and by such organizations as the
Black Hundred, the members of which
everywhere are all In the pay of the
Okhrana. No detail Is omitted. The
whole business is carried through
with a grim stage management, such
as constitutes an outrage on human
Newspapers and news agencies are
bought In all directions, and throughout it all the Inarticulate masB of the
people, with the story of whose crimes
Europe may be ringing, is looking on
In that dull and dumb despair which
today is so characterlslc of the Russian people.
Volumes could be filled with instances.     The   pogroms   of   Kief  and
i���r,,*.mlJ'?n*- u^--^ner.l dlrectora
���* ���mb��'��n����L Parlor* 406 CohunMs
���treet.   New  Wertmlnrter.    Phooelll
���ter Board of Trade meVt. tatteSKl
SSPu&S ���"���"��� -H -follow: TWrtrS:
day of each month; quarterly nwatina
on the third Friday o? Fe^rTtiSf
Augiiat and November at �� pAi.' "K.'
nuul meetlnn on tbe third Fiidav al
February,   d U.  Stuart   WadTa**.!
(Continued on  Page Six)
Skin Soap
Ahanlutety free���a is e-ent rake of D. D. D.
Skin Soap, with the piin-hii.se of u full aiic tv.l-
II.M)f ll I). 1). I're-scriptum tor Kni-iim���for 15
yeara the atandurd akin remedy. RY lief bud r-
eintfcd from thin flrat bottle or your money refunded. D. I). D. Skin Soup, purest anel hlanel-
cat of Skin Sonne, ahould always be* used in
ronnectlon with I) D. D. I'rewripliem, the
m��.thing, healing lotion. We hetve mnde fait
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*lig tiieae famoua product* mod we want you to
try tteena now on the apwlal oaTer. Thi. la Im.
niediate. You must hriui this ad with yuu.
te-me luday.
Frederic T. Hill, Druggist, New
rletere bollcltora. etc 40 Loii? street
New Weetratooter. Q. ft Co'tSul^E
C.    J. a Grant.    A. B. MoColi.
i     ?,M*LW>  5��l|<-'l��>r, ��tc.    Boltcl-.or for the
Bunk    of     Vancouver.      Offices*    Mar.
I     fhrtt,,tI*J rBan.k, Building   New  WeittSS.-
SL*    C-   ..f*'��l*one   No.   1070.     Cable
"nlon"       Johnstoa"     Code     Weittre
W    F.    HANSFORD.    BAIIRIHTRR    an.
llcltor. etc.   Counter Block   co?n�� o��
u.nblii and McKemle atreeti  New WeS
minster.   B.C.     P.   o.   Box   28S      r!Ti
phone 344. x   *-*-**     Te,'��-
side ��� Barristers and Sollcltoii w2;
nilnater Truet Blk SIRSSSSr JS?/
WW Westminster B. <T CUM? aS&S
DrXrjVo.  Wfflo���S   tl
I. STILWnUa CLOTH Berrteter-at-law.
aollcltor eto.; corner Columbia an*
"cKensJ* streets. New Westminster,
B. C.   P. Q. Bos 111.    Telephone?!*:
' ^i.J!A,iPT9,,..B<w*   ������v-tuua-r-rsns,
-Solicitor and Notary. Offices Hart
block, i* Lome street. New Westminster. B. C.
Iowa Lumber &
Timber Co., Ltd.
Rarrlatera and Solicitors. (Oi to 111
Westminster Trust Block. O. E Martin.   W.  Q.  McQuarrie   and  Oeorte  L
When you are ready to re-
shingle your house call or
'phone us for Special Prices
on XXXXX Shingles. These
are a little thicker than
XXX and will last longer.
COAL MINING rights of the Dominies
l in  Manitoba.  Saskatchewan  and  Alberta,
. the Tukon Territory, the Northwest Ter-
i rltorlee and In a portion of the Province
' ot British Columbia, may be leased for s
term  of   twenty-one  years at an   annual
rental ot tl an acre. Not more than 2iM
icrea will he leased to one applicant.
Application  for a lease must be made
by the applicant In person to the Agent
or Hub-A gent of the district In which tht
rights applied for are situated.
In lurveyed territory the land must be
, Jescrlbed   by  sections,   or   legal   sub-dlvl-
; -dons of sections, and In unsurveyed ter-
I rltory   the   tract   applied    for   shall    he
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
��y a fee of II which will be refunded II
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
oald on the merchantable output of the
-alne at the rate of five cents per ten.
The   person   operating   the   mine  shall
furnish    the   Agent   with   sworn   returns
' accounting for the full  quantity of mer
, 'haiitable  coal  mined  and  pay  the  roy-
; tlty   thereon.  If the coal  mining   rights
ire not being operated such returns should
le   furnished  at  least  once a  year.
The lease will Include the coal mlnlDai
Ights only, but the leasee will be permitted to purchase whatever available
turface rights may ba considered neces-
)ary for tbe working of tbe mine at tht
rate of 111 an acre.
For full Information application should
De made to the Secretary of the Depart.
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
I agent  or Sub-Agent of  Dominion  I^tnoa.
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. B.��� Unauthorised publication of thl��
advertisement will not be bald for.
The Dominion railway commission is going to ask the
roads to make less smoke. If it costs anything to curtail
that nuisance it's a pretty safe bet the people will have to
pay for it some way.
With booze banished in the American navy, somebody
suggests that sailors also be forbidden to smoke. If that
proposal were put into effect there wouldn't be enough
bluejackets left under the Stars and Stripes to man a
birch bark canoe.
Tlial Mrs. Annie Krazee, the an1 el
Indian woman whose dead body,
bound hand antl foot, was found In
her cottage on the new Indian reserve
al Esquimau, last week, came to her
death by being feloniously killed by
a part;, e.r parties at present un
known, ���������.as tlie gist of the verdict
returned by the- coroner's jury, which
investigated tbe circumstances surrounding the case.
Toronto,   May   5.-  ''Waterfront   De-
velbpment"  will  form   th"  theme  of
dlrcusslcn at erne- session of the Inter-;
national confi rence oh city planning,'
iee I >���    ���'���!  iii  Toronto on  May  2h-21
next.    H. 8. Gourlay, reparesentatlve
of the board of trade on tho Toronto
harbor commissi! n.  will  give ;;n ad
rlrene-   on   till-   i-iibject.   which   should
be of interest not only to citizens of
Toronto,    tut    tei   the    whole   country,;
Our  harbors  are'   national   gateways,
and  the  Dominion  government is expected to contribute over $G,000,OuO to:
ihls particular project.
Thi- works now in progress at To-,
ronto should prove of national import.
ance in another respect als'i. namely,
by putting before other cities an example of what may be done by systematic planning for waterfront ile-ve-l-
opment. The works proposed an- of
three  kinds:     ill   Industrial  develop
ment; (2) Commercial unel dock de
ve lopment; (3) l'ark and be uli ..ml
Improvi me-nts. Thej In .-���:���,. the rill
ing in e i Ashbrldge bay and the e stab-
llshmenl there of a model Industrial
district with first-class railway and
lake tranBporl facilities; the deepen
Ing of the inner harbor and bu Id ne
ol new docks; and the construction
of ." beautiful 12-mlle driveway, >���-,
tending along the' entire waterfront
with a protected channel foi smai
'���ran for the who!)' distance, lagoons
parks, islands, amusement '-grounds
bat'ilns* beaches anel everything ih i
'���on!,I l-e desired for summer pleasm i,
It Is expected that the entire project
will bi completed in 1920, and at an
estimated cost of upwards of $19,000,
000. When completed, il should placa
Toronto In an enviable position, giving It one of tln> finest harbors on
the great lakes, stimulating its industrial and commercial expansion, and
providing its people with unrivalled
recreation facilities at their very
Held on a warrant charging im,
with bavin*** contracted a marriage
.n Victoria while the woman to whon
he was married some years ago In
England was still alive and bis law
ful wife, [Jrne'st .lames Whltty was
arrested. He will be arrainned on a
charge ejf bigamy, it is alleged that
In' prisoner, on September 15 last.
wenl through a form of marriage
Victoria with Mi^s Janet Robertson
Ihottgh in that date his wife. Leah
II .. was alive and legally his wife
at. I.ytton exacted
when   last  Siinda .
b) tter   known  a
a Chinaman nam
'I he ri ai e r river
more toll of li v* s
lohn Charli -  Lual
Dutch   I'liarl.e. and
��� ���! la Hong ih, were' drowned, Dutch
' harlle has been running the,govern
ment ferry aboul :��� mile anel a hal
; p ih; river for the' past elghtaei
V'ars, and was counted one of ih.
most careful boatmen in the country,
Itev. W. I! Hales, formerly pastor
of the Presbyterian church at Ash
croft, ami family, has arrived nt I,ndv-
smith. Ilev. Mr. Bates will have
charge of the Presbyterian church at
New Wellington
Office, 654  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 108.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.        Barn Phone 137.
Begbie  Street.
Hubert G. Ponting, F.R.G.S., who took the wonderful pictures in connection with the Captain Scott South Pole Expedition. Opera House, three
nlgh'.o,  daily  matinees,  commencing   May   18 matinee.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Box "4 Dally News Bids
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guarantee*.
50 McKantl* Bt �� * f
WEDNESDAY,   MAY   6,   1914.
By D. Maxwell Merry
No one deserves to succeed in advertising who
is not prepared to spend a good deal of trouble over
the work.  The manufacturer and the retailer spend
ately represent their goods to the prospective customer.   Yet both of these frequently neglect the
Ingenious Trainer Ha* Taught Them
So Play For Movies.
What do you say to a pantomime j
acted entirely  by  insects?      Such  a '<
performance would be impossible, cf
course, on an ordinary stage; but it
is being done, and beautifully done, j
1 too, on the cinema screen.
The actors anl actresses, principal
"boy," principal "girl," and all, are i
Just beetles���Prof. Lozshkl's trained
beetles���and the little creatures dis- |
play almost human intelligence.
There la, for instance, a skating
scene, ln which they cut better figures than the average man. Santa
Claus, a huge stag beetle, is a quaint
figure, who climbs down a big Christmas tree and raises smaller trees in
the wilds, which be loads up with
wonderful presents.
The beetles all receive gifts, and
there Is no grumbling or trouble ex-
both time and trouble over the selection of efficient' ?ept 7bf"n lhe ,r)ant��m!me demon at-
v,*. v-aan.iviie,.lfn)p(J lQ ^^ & Christmas cracker
salesmen and the work of educating them to accur- j S^^^TM^
beetles. Then follows a terrific struggle, the bonbon explodes, and the two
are blown to pieces.
These performing beetles, il should
be explained, are specially trained for
silent  salesman���the   newspaper  advertisement��� Ir|neiiia w��rk by Prof. Lozshki, a itus-
| Rian, who has spent the greater part !
upon which their success larcelv depends. 10f ,1|B llf<' ,n 8tU(1yinKlhe "-sects.
��    ���*        r He claims that he has found them
to possess not only great intelligence j
Even without painstaking effort, even written but considerable btstnonic ability,
and, strange   though   the   assertion
laay sound, few people will be Inclined
to contradict it, once they have seen
one of his wonderful  insect dramas
performed upon the screen.
ln one of these, entitled, "A Drama
of  the  Middle  Ages,"  whole armies
.... ...... of beetles, clothed in quaint old uni-
WniCn, by WOrk easily Within the powers Of any man   forms and carrying various mediaeval
...   ,       . .    ' weapons,  march  and   counter-march
With Drain enough tO run a Store, COUld not be made   in the most natural manner.    They
erect sealing ladders, storm a castle,
and fight fiercely on the battlements
for the mastery.    On the screen the
rru     i ���   j     e i.L ii ���      i   ���     ii iii       j    insects are magnified  to Ihe size of
lhe  Kind Of thought  required  IS thought about: real soldiers, and the effect is Btartl-
,e      _      i    ���     ,i vt   .i ���        i i ,   ���   ,    i Ing and almost uncanny.
the goods in the store.   Nothing has been put into    in yet another of the Lozshw pho-
ii        ',i        , mi ��� ,, ���        ,, ,,     ,   to plavs dragon-flies and daddy-long-
stock without a reason.   There is nothing there that j ieg8 take pan; but these, the profes-
the dealer would not recommend to his customers, j reiie^u'pon^Ms��� beetle BfoPreran the
j principal parts.
They are, however, not ordinary
beetles. On the contrary, they have j
been trained from stock carefully
chosen and cultivated, l.ozshki started as a "beetle fancier" away back
In the year 1881, and the present
generation of beetles that be is now
| experimenting  with  is  the  465lli  in
down, exactly as if you were talking to a customer, | *��%����*" from th" ��rlginal par"
Kor the life of a beetle, it must be
Jolly Young Person Having a Glorious Slide.
Perhaps there are sports that provide more fun than coasting down a
steep hill, but they are pretty hard Io
find at this time of year. WiUi a clear
road aud a swift sled tbe dasb Is
quickly over, but It can be done over
and over, and  one never gets tired.
as poorly as it generally is written, retail advertising pays the storekeeper. Practically no one ever
loses by it.   But there is very little retail advertising
a great deal more profitable than it is.
It is surely not much more difficult to write a recommendation than to frame a verbal one.
A few sentences are all that is required.   Select
something which deserves a good sale, and, write
The Original Game Waa Played With
Heads of Danes.
Football is an ancient pastime, says
an exchange.    The old Teutons are
credited with founding the game by
playing with the bleached skulls ot
tbelr enemies.    Preliminary practice
: waa first heard of in Chester, Eng.,
HILL. ' where lhe old Knglish had sufficiently
���*���   brutalized the game to give rise to
��������� '; many adverse criticisms, fragments of
Advent of Winter Brings Joy to th*   *ahlcb have 8urvlve<-' t0 tfae present
Littla One.-An  Amusing Oussslng     "Lgend has It that in 962. during
Contest���About  Animal   Friendships,   the  Danish   invasion  of   England,  a
A Flower Puzzle. i good man of Chester captured a Dane, j
i beheaded him and knocked his head j
[ out into the street to furnish sport I
: for the "fellows."  The game of klck-
, Ing the head around the city streets
and even outside the walls of tbe an- I
cient Itoman-built city grew in favor.
��� The exercise was indulged in when-
! ever a Chester sport could annex a
ii-i.i. ..  . ��� ���  .   .   i   .  .    �� i  .     Danish head.   But eventually the sup-
With a big bobsled and a crowd to , p|y of DaDiEn m,a(i8 gave ou,     B��
I the sport had secured a stronghold on
the exercise-loving Anglo-Saxons and
a "balle of leather called a foot-
balle" was substituted.
The game developed into a rough-
��� anil-tumble scrimmage, and the ball
itBclf would   often   lie   forgotten for
j hours while tlie excited players chased one another through alleys and
lanes and even into the houses of tbe
more respectable citizens as results of
��� arguments over the rules.    It seems
j that  even   before  William  the  Conqueror invaded England the Interpre-
i tation  of   the  football   rules  was  a
j much-mooted matter.    Sconces were
cracked, bones were broken and lives
were lost.   Yet tbe game spread ln
| favor, and, jumping over the intervening centuries, is still spreading.
The modern school of football critics, just at present a subdued mln-
faction expressed by the public and
the press, is not a whit more bitter
than I'hllip Stubbs, a literary Briton,
who way back in 1583 raked football
ot that day up and down, over and
across In the following fashion: ���
As concerning foolballe, I   protest
unto you  it may rather be called a
friendlie kind of a fight than a play
,or recreation, a bloody and murther-
ing practice than a felowy sport or
pastice.   For doth not everyone lie In
wait  for  his   adversary,    seeking to
overthrow him and picke him on the
nose, though it be on hard Blones, or
ditch or dale, or valley or hill, bo he
haB him down, and he that can serve
the most  of this fashion  is counted
i the only fellow, and who but he.   So
| that by  this meanB  their necks are
a       **  ' \       i
the reasons for thinking well of it, and you have the j
basis of an advertisement which is certain to produce a run on your goods.   That is the basis���not:
the finished advertisement.   This requires a little
remembered, is short.
�� by A'mcrlcan TYeM Association.
fill It the sped is apt to make the sport
dangerous, especially for little people.
But tlie single sled Is safe for almost I
liny youngster when public streets aro
avoided. The best place Is an open
field or a large park, where autos and'
lieerse drawn vehicles are not allowed.
Then hop on and let her go The mulling young lady in the picture Is Miss
Antoinette l'rissell. daughter of u New
York physician. She was snapped tn
Central park ne>t long ago.
est number of words that will hold them.   Use the
plainest, simplest, most straightforward language,
words that are in every day use, the shortest sen-
excellent; say why they are excellent.
If retailers would only realize how greatly their
Too Many Trombones.
The following anecdote concerning
Donizetti ami the score of Rossini's I
"Otello"  is worth repeating.
,.,.., ... . Donizetti   had   asked   Slglsmondt,
more thought.   Decide what are the selling points, j the director of the Naples censerva-
. i      /. ��� i ii   ' t��ry. to look over the score wilh him. i
Describe them, trying to get the facts into the small- an.i the two sat down at a table with I
the work in front of them. Present- j
ly Sigismondi began to lave about it:
"monstrous orchestration." Terrible |
was his indignation when he found I
tiiat clarinets, bussoons and troui- ;
bones bad been employed in onr. oiuf*. I
i, ,  , ���   , - . , , i to swell  a crescendo,  hut  when   thej
tences.   Do not be content with saying the goods are forllsSimo was reached he uttered a I
cry of despair, struck  the score vio-
lently  with  his  fist,  upset tlie  table j
and rushed from  the room, exclaim- |
ing:   "A  hundred   and    twenty-three:
trombones!   A hundred and twenty-
interest in business would be increased through thel^^^X'bacKrtln^ner
fact of always having an advertisement in prepara- ^'J^^LVdTo'mrAesr b��
Ismondl would not lisle ' anel when
last seen was still repeating. "A hundred and twenty-three trombones:"
A Guessing Game.
Tbe guessing contest here described
will furnish an nmusing half hour at a
party. To each couple baud u paper
containing the following questions,
with spaces left for the answers:
What kind of a cake adds variety to
life?    Spice cake.
What kind eif e'ake should a politician eat?   Election e-ake
What kind of i-uke are lovers fond
o('i    Kisses.
Wtiut kind of cake does a pugilist enjoy?   found cake.
What kind of cake do bees love?
Honey cake.
What kind eif e-ake sboiilel  be given
Rev. John McNeill Tells Why He. As
a Lad, Attended Service-
Seats Better Now.
(By Rev. John McNeill, pastor ot
Cooke's Church, Toronto.)
You ask me for reasons why we
should go to church. I have gone *e>
long myself, reason or no reason, that
I do not find it easy to say much on
the subject. As far back as I can remember, my two reasons as a lad
would be, first, that the bell was ringing, and second, that my r-uh.r's
voice was backing up the bell. So, between the two. I went. I sure did!
l-ong years have passed and I am go-
infc still. And my voice now barks
up the bell among my lot, with tho
same result, I am glad to say. It's
like asking me for reasons why one
goes to rest, or takes a bath, or eats a
dinner with his friends. Kest, and
refreshing, and food in good company
are  such  obviously  good  things.
I know my quarryman father liked
to go to the Kirk because of the
bodily re>3t, and 1 wish working men
and all hard-driven folk would thins
about it that way still.
"Oil, I'm so tired, when It comes
to Sui.day," says one. Very well,
friend, come in and sit down. We're
not asking you to wheel a barrow, or
work a hammer, or a shovel or buy,
or sell, or boss. And since my father's
day. seats have greatly improved.
They are comfortable now; they were
not then. Besides, ours are all free;
although we don't undertake to
"chuck" anybody who has arrived before the dear non-church-goer puts in
an appearance. And while, in Cooke's
he seems to expect that, and that we
should be just grovelling glad to sen
him! iThe plate, we notice, haa *
sobering effect on him.)
Prayer Refreshing.
I think that men should go to church,
because the acts of worship,  prayer,
praise and preaching, are so refreshing and strengthening.    You notice I
name all three.    I have no sympathy
with certain people who keep saying
, that .they don't go to church to hear
a   man   talking,    although,    usually,
when you hear their man, you agree.
'.There's no need to belittle the preach-
1 ing.    It  should  be  bb  worshipful aa
broken, sometimes their backs, some-   either praise or  prayer.    But preach-
tlmea their   arms,   so��netlmes   their  ing  Bhouldn't    be   everything.    And
noses gush out with blood, sometimes 1 prayer should be natural, warm and
i their eyes Btart out;   for they have 1 sincere;;   and  praise  should be  truly
i the sleights to mix one between two. 1 praising God.    "A man talking," and
1 to dash him against the heart with! the same man mouthing and intoning
! their elbows, to butt him under the   with his eyes  shut, and a few  men
| short ribs with their gripped fists, and'and women, called  lor mis-called)   a.
with their knees to catch him on the \ choir, tearing round after each other,
hip and picke him on bl3 neck with | musically   (more or less), like a dog
a hundred murthering devices."
tion���a new one every week or day���they would not
regard advertising as expense or trouble, they would
do it for the pleasure of it and the satisfactory returns derived from good advertising.
Every dealer understands his goods. He knows
why he bought them, and why they ought to be easily
sold. He could talk about them all night. Yet when
he begins to advertise them he is apt to display his
name in the biggest type and a few prices of various j oXnTiw
Good Selling Label.
Much amusement was caused at
Masterton, New South Wales, at the
way in which a Chinese named Ah
Fong overreached himself in his
gre'ed. Ah Fong was watching the
removal from a lorry of a consignment of miscellaneous articles destined for an auction room, when, pointing to a wooden case which was being carried inside, he inquired, in an
excited tone,   "How rauchee?"
"I sell him to-morrow," replied the
"No   time   to-moller."   answer   Ah
Fong.   "Me buy now," and he secured
I the case for sixteen pounds.
In   half an  hour  the  Celestial  re-j
turned.    For a time he was unable to I     Sofia
speak for agitation. The outcome was  ducing
ludicrous.    It  appears  that  the  case I and
after his tail, these keep people away,
who are away, and send away those
who are in. But men should go to
church because it's God's house. He
made us and He made the Day, and
the House for us. And all because
He loves us and knows what we
need, as individuals, and families:
and masters and men, and friends
and neighbors. I put it. at first, better than I thought, when I said my
father's voice, in my boyhood, backe 1
up the bell. That dear, firm voice
Is In my ear no more. But still my
Heavenly Father's voice backs up tlie
bell.    The "ought" lies there.
Shadow   Huff.
The game of shadow buff furnisher
lots of amusement for a party of
young folks. Here is the way to play
it. A large white sheet is hung securely on one side of tbe room, am!
on a table some distance behind a
very bright lamp must be placed, oth
er lights bein.; extinguished. Oue of
the party takes a seat on a low stool
between the lamp and the sheet, but
nearer the latter than the former
One after another the company pass
m, their shadows fill on the
the iiihii  who iin|loses e>u  liis friends'/
Sponge ''like.
What  kinel eif c;ike' should I he Jeweler use?   Gold anil silver cake.
VVbat kind for the sculptor?   Marble! tuITnedi    For a time he was unable to I     Sofia.   Bulgaria.   May   6.-In   Intro-
''*'kt'- j gpeak for agitation. The outcome was j ducing a provisional budget tor April
What   two cakes  are  most  snlrnhle: ludicrous.    It  appears  that  the casoland -May into the Sobranje, recently,
for the minister'/    Scripture eiike aud: borP an inscription in Chinese stating   M. Toiicheff. .'ministerjflt finance, ob-
fliigel tood. | that it contained a false bottom con-! served   (Mat   owing  to   the   abnormal
  I ceallng a hundred  pounds' worth of j situation  caused   by ihe   war the f-d-
opium.    When  Ah   Fong opened  the;
case  be  found  another  label  at  the
b->ttom,   which    read:     "Better  luck j
next time.
Animal Friendships.
Tbe dog ami the horse often become
great friends and are very fond of e.ieti
other. A gentleman had a Newfound-
land dug that always went to the sta-j
hie tee get bis horse. While the groom
saddled the horse the dog lay with Ills
neise between bis paws When the
horse was ready the deeg took tlie reins
in bis month and led the horse to in* |
master    He then followed him In hi
A  Freak  of Nature.
While cutting up an r h-tree. eighi
feet In circumference, at Bmbleten
Sawmill. Cumberland, Eng., the
sawyers observed a dark object in the
centre of the trunk. It was found
ontaininR the
,. .,,        , ��� ���   i     it ii' ���   i        c i ���    I sheet  as  they  pass,   i nd  the   person!
lines without entering into the selling points of his 8itllng uown\rilcs l0 guess who eac
one is. The players are allowed to
disguise themselves to a slight extent, and gestures of any kind ma*.
be practice!,
goods in the way that will convince the reader.
The price may be an important factor in getting
business but it is only in exceptional cases when people can be induced to buy goods merely because they
are cheap. Ordinarily the reason is that they want
them. The purpose of advertising is to make people
want the goods.
Don't blame the newspaper because your advertising does not pull as you think it should. If your
goods are right and your prices are right, you have
just as much opportunity of success as the next man.
The newspaper gives you so much circulation for so
much money���it is up to you to make your advertising appeal to the readers by giving it the earmarks
of attractiveness and honesty. You are selling goods
that they want, and it is not difficult to convince
them if you put painstaking effort and thoughtful-
ness into the method of appeal.
The News is the Morning
Paper of New Westminster
and the Fraser Valley. See
that your business announcements appear in its columns.
to be a sparrow's nest e
ride.   On returning the reins were giv- ��� feutnpra an(i 6keleton of a uead bird
e'�� to the dog. mid  lie led  his friend   an{] four egp3i    The egg-shells were
j! ] hack to the stable.    It the groom bap | exceedingly well preserved, but in the I ���ovUional"budget was passed" by th��
ministration had been carried on by
means of provisional budgetp for tne
last seventeen months.
It was. however, declared, a reassuring symptom that the rate of exchange should have fallen as it had
done from '.'O per cent, at the end of
1910 to 7 1-2 per cent, at the present
time. The expenditure for the year
191u. Al. Tonchtff estimated at 223.-
1125.000 leva.
The floating debt, amounting In all
to about 410.000,000, will be consolidated by a loan which the government
hopes to secure at an early date. The
.eeiii'd to be out of the stable the Hog I attempt to extricale :hem some were
burked loudly till he came. i broken, and it was found that their
  I contents had been entirely absorbed.
' It is assumed that  the bird built its
chamber after a heated discussion.
How to Make Economical Jelly.
One pint of cranberries, four large
apples, one cupful of boiling water
twei e'upfiils of sugar, one-third cup
ful of cold water, two-thirds Inch
pieces of stick cinnamon, twelve
cloves, four allspiee berries and a
grain of salt. Slice and core apples.
Add to cranberries with heiillng vate- | yueeii Mary
and let boll until berriei are sof . Rut
.through a sieve, add remaining In
gredieuts, except salt, and bring tc
boiling point and simmer fifteen minutes. Add salt, turn into mold am!
Hidden Flowers. -I
ne was a chic lover-Iu fact, quite a
The pans you put the flowers In nre ;
Frieda, Is yesterday's milk sour?
Mr Radnor clilded his son for telling]
in untruth,
The swi-et peasant child  was made
I always laugh when .lethri) set< the
picnic table.
Answers'��� Clover, pansy, daisy, or-
'hid. sweet pea, rose.
How to Mat Onions With Impunity.
Many people who are fond of on
ions in one form or another are de
terred from eating them because ol
(heir "residuary perfume." Self denying onion lovers may now indulge
their appetite with perfect Impun.ty
If they observe the following precaution*. After eatlTg onions take a generous teaspoonfnl of granulated sugar. A few minutes after taking the
sugar the breath will ceaae to be
Would Have to Whistle Them.
Father and raotlier were in the
habit of spelling out news not intended for little Klsle's comprehension. One evening, shortly after the
child had cjitered kindergarten, she
Interrupted conversation of this sort.
"I'm learning how to spell at
school, now; you'll have to whtstie
vour secrets."
Over the American Flag,
There is hut emu occasion upon which |
another  emblem   is  llllowad   to   blow
over  ours.    This  Is  during  the  time I
when tbe church call Is being sounded1
nt navy yards and upon vessels of the
The Rain Goblins.
The rain goblins no pit-a-pat.
SplttliiK hi this, spmlnij Ht that.
They're eieit today Jabblinn In nice���
See!   They re washing windows for ma
Spring Suitings Just arrived. See
them. Perfect lit and workmanship
guaranteed. Prices from $13.00 up.
701 Front Street.
Tho rain goblins K'i drip, drip, drip,
A-l��>tiiK'irm down with hop and skip.
They're oeit todliy feer neeent. I think.
For they are Rlvini; iny plnnts a elrlnk.
Thu rain Kobllns.  frolicsome elve��s.
Arp hievleiK eepeirt all to themselves.
Hut It's f'>r others they're at worn.
ItaiinlreipH I never kne'W to abltk.
O reiln goblins, we we-le-nme you,
l-*or yeeel e-einie teeit to nneke nn billet
An h hlce-hoi you're here ugnln.
We oo-uld not live without tlie rale*.
nest  in  the  hollow  of the tree and
died while sitting  on   the  eggs,  the
hob.' beco-ilng sealed up as the tree]
���_-->w.     The nest  had  pVobably been j
bull)   a  century  ago.   the  tree  being,
over a hundred years old.
Have invisible Audience.
So that concert artists may not be
discouraged by the Indifference of
audiences, Chevalier Arrigo-Ilocclii
has planned a new scheme of lighting
at St. .lames' Hall, Great Portland
street. London. Lights will be focus-
eel on the stage, the auditorium being
In a state of semi-darkness which
will shut out the audience from the
sight of  the performer.
Home Kor Old Cows.
An asylum for agr.d cows is an
Institution at Sodpur, India, which
has for its object the vrelfare of de-
crepid animals. Every year the Mar-
wari festival known as the Gorakhini
Sova Qosto Mela is celebrated, and in
order to save cows from death by
starvation or the slaughter they are
purchased as gifts and maintained
for the rest of their natural lives.
Mohammedans  In London.
There   are   nearly  2,000   Mohammedans  resident    ln   London   itself,
I the majority, of course, being natives
j of India, who are merchants or taw
I students, though   some  are  Dritons
i and  it is Intended  to erect  a new
I and   splendid mosque, modelled   or
thai   of Delhi, which   will   coitt  no'
.  | n, .    / -   n or 0,
Cardinal Gibbons Sails.
New Y."'. M,t '. The .s'irtli German Lloyd liner Princess Irene sailed
for Naples today with Cardinal Oib-
bons with a number of bishops and
priests in his party. The cardinal
goes to Home lo visit the pope.
Wants to Get on the Map.
Mo itpelier, Vt., May 5. An Invitation to the mediators ot tha differ
ences between the United States and
Mexico tei hchl iheir conferences in
the city hall here was forwarded to
Washington today bj Mayor James
It will be occupied daily by the
of the
Western Supply
WEDNESDAY,   MAY   6,   1914.
bedding  .Local News
The weather is Ideal for gardening.    We have a nice lot of
healthy   bedding   plants   grown
from Sutton's reliable seeds.
Ix>bella -Crystal Palace Gem.
per box of 12 30c
Asters    Ostrich    Plume,   per
box  of  IS    35c
Stocks -Ten  Weeks, per box
of 12   35c
Pansies. from  selected  se^ed,
box of  II    35c
Carnations, large plants, per
box .���'., 25c
Tomato Plants, box of 12 .. .25c
Cabbage- Plants, S.T'for   25c
Cauliflower Plants, 25 for ..25c
A complete assortment of
flower and vegetable seeds on
ILaS/Wn Crass Seeds, lb 30c
Lawn (Irass Seed, per pack-
ago   15c, 25c, 45c.
Clover  Seed,  per  lb 60c
Model Grocery
SOB Sixth St. Phone 1001 2
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Burnaby School Board Meeting.
The Hurnaby school board will hold
its regular meeting on Thursday evening in the  WeHt Hurnaby offices at
7 o'clock.
Irish Fusiliers to Smoke.
Members of "b" Company, Irish
Fusiliers ol Canada, with headquarters at Vancouver, will hold a smoker
in Phillips' hall, McKay station, Burnaby, on Friday  evening.
five years, was presented with a veteran's jewel. The presentation took
place on Sunday night, as Mr. Kennedy is leaving for Europe next'Monday. A large number of old time
members were present to pay their
respects  to  the  veteran  brother.
For house cleaning help 'phone 588.
Our electric vacuum cleaner gives
entire satisfaction.    Denny & Ross.
John   McMyn  Chairman.
The newly elected  school board ot
Pitt  Meadows   has  cnosen  John   Mo-
Myn  chairman     and   Trustee   Frank
Harris secretary.
First Spiritualists Society. New
Westminster, will hold their meeting
in the Sterling block. Royal avenue
and Tenth street, Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock. Conductor, Mrs. B.
Clarke.    All are welcome. 133441
Insure In the Royal, the world's
largest fire company. Agent, Alfred
W.  McLeod,  the insurance Man.
Cruelty to Animals Cost.
Another horse case was disposed of
by Magistrate beatty in Hurnaby police court yesterday, Joseph Paccotte
being being fined $25 and costs for
cruelly to an animal. J. B. Hooker
was tapped for $5 and costs for blasting without a license, while a Chinaman, Sun Sung, warbled a different
tune when informed to come acrosB
with a double-V and costs for driving
a rig on the wrong side of Kingsway.
and the Mackenzie?-.Mann interests regarding certain acreage in South Burnaby   which   the company claims ex-1|
iniplion from taxation under the provincial government railway act.
Mrs. Welsh Endorsed.
At a meeting of the Vancouver
Local Council of Women, held on
.Monday, the nomination of Mrs. C.
A. Welsh, us vice-president for British Columbia, as proposed by New
Westminster, was endorsed. Opposition is expected from Victoria but
the voting power of New Westminster and Vancouver combined is expected to result in tlie election of Mrs.
Welsh, and a consequent trip to Ottawa in the fall to act as the rep-
reseutative from this province.
the   Duntley   do   your   house
Phone 7-3-0.   627   Clarkson
Dredges Being Repaired.
The government dredjies Friihling
and King Edward are tied up at the
government wharf undergoing slight
repairs, Both vessels will leave for
the sandheads later in the week.
Harrier Officers.
At the harrier meeting held at the
Y. M.  C. A. last evening the following officers were elected:    W. S. Col-
lister, honorary president; Oliver Gordon,  president;   C.   Willis,   vice-presl- I ersley
dent;   Arthur    Creighton,    secretary- '
treasurer.    The first run will be held
next Thursday  at  7.15 p.m.    Weekly
i mis  will   be  held  on  Tuesdays  and
Thursdays.    Arrangements are being
made for mountain climbs.
St. Paul's Guild Social.
The St. Paul's Guild held a very
successful social on Monday evening
in the school room. Among other Interesting features a sketch, "Tabi
tha's Perplexities," was ably rendered
by Messrs. J. Plastow, A. Christie, A.
Robinson and Miss L. Shepphard and
Miss L. Burkitt. Vocal and instru-
mintal music was given by Miss
Eileen tlilley. Miss M. Shepphard, Mr.
II. Jobes, Mr. Gillespie and Mr. C.
Burkitt. Refreshments were served.
The choir was taken by Mr. H. Donk-
Your Feet
Deserve   firs    thought   these
warm   days.
Per pair
Per   pair
Per   pail-
Per pair .
The Home of Low Prices.
641 Front Street.
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock.
Eat at the Royal cafe, Dominion
Trust building. Good cooking; good
service. (3320)
| Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than
t coal. Barrv Davis & Co., Phones
S80 and 411 L. (3323)'
Have You
Made Your
do you intend to leave your affairs in such a manner that
when you are gone your heirs
and representatives will divide
your estate after an expensive
lawsuit? "i .'
Come in and let us discuss this
matter with you and suggest a
more equitable and--lees costly
way of disposing of your estate.
Hurt  in a  Runaway.
A runaway which took place on the
Sixth  street  hill.  East Hurnaby, yesterday   morning,  caused   considerable
damage  to  a  cart  owned    by    Cliff,     ,,      _ ...
McLennan 'Pu"��" Samson, is  being
is lied up at the C
Cunningham,    The driver,
was slightly bruised in the mix-up.
The Paystreak Overhauled.
The steamer  Paystreak.  which has
been under charter for lhe Dominion
government   (Hiring   the     past     five
months, taking the place of the snag-
refitted  and
P. R, wharf look-
Phone 7-3-0 and have the Duntley
Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner demonstrated.. (3310>
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Tug Iris Aground.
The tug iris, of Brunette Mills,
Struck a sund bar near Eburne late
Monday afternoon, When the tide
went out the boat slid off the bar
and sank In deep water, immediate
operations will begin upon raising tlie
| ing spick and span. The work has
j been in charge of Chief Enginer Mc-
I Leod. It is understood that the Pay-
j streak will re-enter service either on
! the Kraser or on the North Arm of
the inlet this summer.
Place your order for strawberry
boxes with us and be sure of getting
the best. We specialize in fruit packages. British Columbia Manufacturing Co.,  New Westminster. (3325)
Victors Entertained.
Yesterday  afternoon   Mr.  and   Mrs.
Joseph  Crane of Queensboro gave a
lawn   party   to   the  teacher  and   the
members of the team winning the May
Pole  dance last  Friday afternoon  at
I Queen's    park.      After    enjoying    a
j variety  of games on  the lawn  for a
j hour the guests were invited into the
j residence  where  they  enjoyed   a   de-
' lightful  dinner  served  in   the  dining
room of their beautiful home.    After
the repast  the guests were taken on
an auto trip through the city and out
to  Royal  Oak and back.    The  afternoon  was  one of unalloyed  pleasure
and  enjoyment to all  concerned.
attendance 235. per room 37; Lord
Kelvin and Ixird Lister, attendance
r>'15. per room 36; Richard McBride,
attendance "US. per room 37; Queensborough, attendance 67, per room 34.
(Continued from page one)
.itory has been occupied, were d.iuut
ful whether the troops once at eVia
Cruz would or could be withdrawn u.i-
til a complete settlement had beta
1 and P
Cecil  Woodhous
| slaying at the Russell.
a    ���    a
C.  B. Dayport and  wife, of (ieorge
town,  is  at  the  Russell.
-Alfred W. McLeod
Now a  Boarding  House.
The hull of the old  Samson which
has be )'n replaced by a new one built;
at Port Coquitlam. is to bo taken down
the North Arm for use as a boarding
house for government employees look
Ing after the  work  on  the new  jetty j
and  dredging  operations.
Wood.   Wood.   Wood.
Good factory wcod id.-y) at Superior
Sash & Door Factory.    Phone 503.
Pitt Meadows After a Loan.
The newly elected council of I'itl
Meadows held its first meeting on
Monday. A $500 loan from the l'.auN
of Montreal was asked for for building purposes until the government
1 taxes materialize, The only available building is the school house but
work will be begun on planning a
site for a municipal hall.
Presented  With  a Jewel.
.1   B, Kennedy, past grand chancel'
lor. who has been a member of Lodge
No. 6, Knights of Pythias for twenty-
Royal Bank's New Home.
A permit totalling $36,000 has been
taken out by the Iloyal Bank of Canada for improvements on the Blackie
block on Columbia street, work upon
which has already commenced. These
premises were formerly occupied by
the Bank of Toronto and II. Morey.
Only the westerly portion of the block
will be remodelled at the present
lime, a frontage of 43 feet being used
by the banking institution. The rear
portion will also be added on to some
twenty feet. The work is expected
to take several  months to complete.
made the subject of consideration  in
tlitt negotiations."
They  also  Informed  Carranza  lhat
they considered a suspension of hostilities as "indispensable" to his par-
j tlclpation   in   the   modlaton.
Outside the mediators, some of the
| foreign diplomats took the view that
of Vancouver, is | the elimination of Carranza. ami the
limitation of negotiations to amends
for Indlgnites to American sailors anil
marines at Tampico and Vera Crus
would be a step in advance,    They
 point) il    out     that   Presiibnt   Wiison
.1. McCormick and John Stewart are j Iia.ti Insisted that the troops we're sent
at ihe Windsor. | to Vera Cruz solely  to redress these
* *    * I indignities.     If,  there feire.  the  media-
Mrs. T.  II. Qreen and  Miss  Strong ] tors could furnish a formula for this
will not receive  today nor again  this j redress there was no reason, they as-
season. se rted,  why the troops should neit  be
* *    ��� I withdrawn and lb" present crisis bo-
Mrs.  Sanford  and  lady teachers of j tween  Huerta and  the  United  States
Columbian College will not receive on   ended.
Thursday  or  again   this  season. Other  diplomats   familiar   with   the
* ���   * European procedure when foreign ter-
Fire   Chief   Watson     attended    tlie    -mmmmmmmmtmmmmmmm���___���aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
funeral    yesterday    of  Capt.   James	
Asthma Cure
never fails to cure the most obstinate   cases   of
Price $2.00 per bottle.
For  sal)-  by
New  Westminster,   B.  C.
Or   sent   direct   charges   prepaid
D. A. CAMERON  & Co..
White  Front  Drug  Store.
Owen  Sound,  Ont.
Moran. one of the oldest members of
the Vancouver fire department,  who
died  on   Sunday.
Will Oil the Roads
i Enquiring Into the method employ- I morning
led by the city in oiling the streets, a
I delegation from Delta visited Mayor
fcray yesterday. Superintendent of
| Works Torn Puniest* was called in to
! the conference and was instructed to
jaive every assistance to the deieita-
I tion In its search for a Bystem which
I I h ^^-^^-^^_
i forming the party were I
lie, ML.A.. Reeve Paterson, Councll-
' lor Drown and the superintendent ol
. works.
I     Mrs.  VV. S. A. Crux, Mrs. F.  Hardy I
I and Mrs. David Walker left yesterday j
for Chilliwack to attend tlie'
annual   district  meeting  of  the   Women's Missionary society of ihe Meth- I
odist church.    They represent differ- j
ent societies of this city.
j     Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Scott, of Toron
(to,   are   guests   at   the   Russell.     Mr
applicable for the Delta. The,s.- I Scott  has  for  some  years held  a  re-
J. MacKetv I sponsible  position   with   the>   firm   of
' Lees Ltd., of this city, and is at present travelling  for a  wholesale bouse
of Toronto.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
606  Columbia   Street
J.  8   KEITH,  Ma"��oer.
Co-Operative Association
supported anel controlled by citizens of New   VVestmlntser now
B.  C   Sugar,   In   ib.  sae'k       $1.10
Dried Peaches, :'. lb.-; 2}
Prunes    li   lbs 25
M. and B, Custard Powder,
pe;   ib 29
Tomatoes,  -   tins 25
Head Lettuce, :i for ... ,2i
Fthul arb,  7   lbs    25
Oranges, pe: dozen ..2*0c.. 30c.
Local Fresh Eggs, dozen  ..30c.
Large assortmi nt of .-��� immer
beve rage s.
Co-Oprative Association
38   Eighth   St.,   Near   Columbia.
Phone 453.
C.   N.   R.   Will   Pay  Taxes.
The action of the Canadian Northern Railway in agreeing to pay taxes
on 114.22 acres of land in Richmond
municipality which is not to be used
for railway purposes, is regarded by
Burnaby officials as an indication
that tiny will win their contention,
which is similar to that raised by the
Richmond council. Negotiations are>
now   in   progress   between      Hurnaby
Mrs. J. J. Tulk, grand mistress of
the I., o. li. A. of America, spent yesterday     visiting   Mrs.   Hardie.   Ninth
: street,   provincial   grand   mistr ss   of
the   Loyal     True     Blue    association.
While   here   Mrs.   Tulk   visited     the'
True  Blue  orphanage,  where  she  ex-
' pressed great satisfaction at the care'
.and attention showed the twenty children now  in  the care of that institution.
Will  be  held  at
ON   SATURDAY,  MAY  9, 1914.
from   3:30  to   5:30,   ��t  which
The TANGO and Other New Dances
PINE BUILDING LOT r.>>x ] :j -_> FKET���
Price le'elne'e-el from U600 o> $1000.
Cleared, on 7th avenue, near 6th St.
car.    A snap. i^li
Lol I lxlS2 fee t ; near Moody Park. All
modem conveniences, full .---ni.-nt basement, cement floor, laundry tubs in
I isemont, fireplnc, >���' , ?2r.mi ; $5)10
. esli.  balance  easy. I to J
IHDERN      flX      ROOMED     JJOUSE���
('. md ii- ��������� full ��� me'iil basement, c -
i . ��� ' fie fun nee . fireplace, laundry
tubs, pane lied �� ills ��� tc. Close in, rnny
. K distune ! 1800; J300 cash,
i.i ice e-usy. i 1 I
-IX   Rl M IMKD He I1
.'.'li    ivt i.u'   and
Fid    fii ������    i  ���     e'i
he run.    fru
,.*,   ������
th street or. Large
ired, fenced, chicken
treen, 'le.; $3150:
.   ii:, per month. 121
Fraser River Canon Obstructions Will
Be Removed to Let Salmon Run.
Chief Inspector K H. Cunningham
of the Dominion fisheries department,
haves today for the Fraser river canyon where operations are in progress
of removing obstructions in the- river
for tho purpose of allowing the salmon to make their way to the spawning ground''. A vast quantity of rook
le'll into the' river following a slide
e.-.e-r the traciis of the. Canadian N'eir
thern Railway, which unless removed
will cause havoc with thi- run of salmon  four years hence.
At Hell's C.ati' 111 men ni'' a:
v.ork and this number will be aufi
mented to 150 by tii" end of the week.
Fresh Vegetab es
and Gieenstuff
Our vegetables are displayed inside
our store and are kept cool and fresh
under running water. They are not
exposed to the heat and dust, therefore are much more appethr.inK.Phon:'
us for anything you require In Lettuce.
Green Onions, Radishes, Celery, Cabbage, etc,
Fresh Strawberries, per box  20c
I  for    ,..35c
Orape Fruit, :i  for   '.}..,' 25:
<"hokV Lemons, dozen ....;,.... .25:
Jones Cider Vinegar qt jitrs. . . .35:
Jones' <':i!c- Vinegar, % gal. jar..50:
Jones' White Wine Vinegar, n.t...35c
Jotios White Wine Vinegar, V2 gal. 50c
Dean's Grocery
7-11  Sixth Street.
have started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New Westminster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed Charges reasonable.    Give  us a trial.
Phone   1254.
nn' i   ' iwkji  M'.A-i.y built,
em eo!             ���   . i   ' n occupied :
lo Btl                .       Pull basement,
1  ��� ��� ���������    e !'���;   $2500 ;
pel   month.
e .7 1
C:>rn Saturday Evenings.
Phcne  6, 451  Columbia St
The   board  of  school  trustees  has
von   i.lie   following   repori   for   the
wm nth ending April 30,   The average
I shews a r< duetion of 23 as compared
with March.    The night school closed
for  the   season  on   the>  Sih   of  April.
Duke cf Connaught high school, at-
tendanoa lti", per room 2S; John Rob
.-eeii public school, attendance i!H2, per
I rt��:m 3S;  F. \v. Howay,   attendance
1381,   per  room   .'i*;   Herbert   Spencer
We Furnish
A Four - Roomed House
C >r. Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 588
When Hungry Look for a White Place
White Cocks
���Nuf  Said.
%urr   Slock
o^ttfie   338.
*" Mumhil   Straiat.
Read - Ihe - News
���oomy lunch boxes and Thermos
Prices at $2.25, $2.50, $3.50, $4.50
New  Arrive Is  in  Thermos Bottles
Thermos Lunch Kits complete, with
Hoi tie.    Compart and easily carried]	
up  to  $7.50.
Thermos  bottles  in  corrugated  and  plain  nlckelled:   dark  red  ami
green pebbled finish; i.lso white enamel    Prices at $1-25 up to $4.00.
Pood  Jars,  priced  at    $1.25 up to $4.00
Thermos  Decanter,  priced  at    $7.50
Tl )��� new Carafe, in different designs  $7.00 to $9 50
Metal Lunch boxes in two sizes. Prices.... 36c, 50c, $1.00 and $1.50.
Automobile outfits, consisting Ot Plates, Knives, Corks, Simons, Lunch
Boxes, Thermos bottles, using tops uf bottle ror cups, I'llcia at from
J.7.5C to $33.00.
Luther Burbank Has Produced Hundreds of Varieties
of Plant Life Absolutely New to Mankind
���     ,..v, oi,  iu entirely  different from  your  neighbors'  and
Just suppose 5-ou are able to have  ��� garden  Wbich   -������-�� *fa���   ���., ,���,.��� , garden/and not have
something which you or your friends never saw be fore.   TtnM Burbank seeds,
it contain anything but what is new, novel and original, pro* kicu  you ���
New WeBtmlnster.
Phone 69.
Just think a minute���one single petal of tbe bur-
hank Gigantic Evening Primrose is as large as the
entire flower of other varieties the yellow California. Poppy has been changed to a rich crlniBon under
Tee  hands of  Luther burbank.
This gives you Just'a conception of the possibilities of beautifying your garden with many other varieties originated by Luther burbank. The cost of
burbank Seeds is moderate.    Kor JL^a you can get
Th!*:  ceal  guarantees an original   Burbank  Production.
Look for it���it is your protection.
See  Our  Window  Display of  Burbank  Specialties Tomorrow.
62C Columbia St. New Westminster, B.C.
twelve vi,ri)'lie> Luther buibank s own selection.
This will give you a most unusual garden, with
every $1 SB purchase we will give you tree a copy o<
ne "Culture  of  flowers,  fruits and  Vegetables.
written by Luther Hurbank himself. ���Y 8     I��J
WEDNESDAY,   MAY   6,   1914.
against Sapperton at Queen's Park on
Thursday evening in the opening game
of the New Westminster intermediate
Coal, If. Stoddard; point, W. Mortl-i
son; cover, M. Mortlson; defence field.
It. McDonald, J. Allison, C. Huff; center. L. Sangster; home field, (i. Sang-
Star, D.  Sinclair, K.  Pentland;   inside
home,   1.  Sinclair;   outside  home   W.|
Dawe;    spares,    L.    Allison  und   M
Chinooks   of   Vancouver   Will    Cross
Bats With  Local All-stars Saturday Afternoon.
New Westminster will present a
full line-up at Queen's park Saturday
afternoon when the Chinooks of Vancouver, which represents the cream
of amateur ball In the Terminal City,
will bo the visitors. Manager Walse.
got busy yesterday and Is drumming
up every available player for the occasion ln order for the fans to obtain
all the thrills attendant to a real encounter. Neil Silver has been elected field captain und will be In charge
when  actual   play  commences.
The following players are asked to
report at Queen's park Saturday afternoon: Huhiike, Horn, Silver, Nellson,
Wright, Shea. Sinclair. Windbladt.
WelngarUifr, Williams, Malle-n and
were hit freely but were given errorless support.
Score��� R.    H.    E.
Spokane      3      9     0
Tacoma      4    11      0
Batteries: Baker and Shea; Kauff-
ni.ui and Harris.
Giants Beat Bees.
Victoria, May 5.���Tlie visitors hit
Pope hard In the secoud and Seattle
won today's game 6-1. Reardon
Pitched a grand game.
Score��� R.    H.    E.
Se-attlo       C     8      1
Victoria     1     6     1
'Batteries: Reardou and Cad man;
Pope and Cunningham.
Hockey Club Dance.
The Circle F. hockey club will hold:
Its final dance of the season this even-1
Ing at Kraser Mills. Special ca*s have |
been arranged for to bring the New j
Westminster guests back to the city
immediately following the dunce.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost Pet
Pittsburg     13       2 .867
Philadelphia        8        4 .664
New York     6       5 .545
Brooklyn        ��       7 .456
Cincinnati      7       9 .438
St.  Louis        7      11 .385
Chicago        ti      11 .345
beston       3        �� .249
Yesterday's Games.
All games postponed on account of
Entries for Grand Challenge Cup
Boston,  May  5. -The  entry  of the
Onion    boat    club eight-oared  crew, i
composed  of former Harvard college,
oarsmen, for the Grand Challenge cup j
in   connection   with   the   Henley   re-1
g.itta, was accepted in a formal communication from the Henley stewards
today.    At the same time the entries
of Paul Whitlngton and Tudor Gardiner for the Diamond Sculls were accepted.   Whitlngton is a former Crimson oarsmen.    Gardiner is now a s'j
u.or at Harvard and will probably be
a member of the crew that will meet
Borrell Defeats Moreau.
Paris, May 5���Joe Borrell, a middleweight boxer of Philadelphia tonight easily defeated .Moreau, a
French middleweight, the referee
stopping the fight In the eighth of a
scheduled 20-round bout.
All  New Plays and the May
Today's Special is
A  wonderful   play   in
two  parts.
IOC    SAENAYT      10C
Bright Cheery Rooms for Young Men
Hot  and  cold   showers    on    each
floor.    Reasonable prices.    Strangers
always welcome.
Royal Avenue. Phone 1000.
lowing the work a social session was
held.   In   the  nature  of  a  "smoker."
There   were   several   highly   exciting
Serious Accident on the Wabash Road   boxing  bouts  between  members, and
���Dining   Car  Overturned. I several   pleasing    musical     numbers
Decatur,   III.,   May   5,���Thirty   pas-1 were   rendered.    There  are  at  pres-
sengers and a trainman were injured I ent about 60 applications for member-
Winnipeg Riflemen Plan Long Trip in
8earch of Trophies���Six Months
Winnipeg, May 6.���A team o." riflemen from the 19th Winnipeg rifles
may make a world-circling tour this
fall. Tbe matter is now being dls-
eiiSBed and there is a good probability
of the plans being earned out.
The idea is to send a team to shoot
for the  Empire trophy in  Australia
this fall     The trophy is now held by j
an English team  but It has  been ar-!
ranged to have it shot for in Austra-i
Ha in 1914.    Tlie tentative plans being
dismissed   call   for   a   team   of   eight j
men, a couple of spares, a coach and a
commanding officer.
The team would leave Winnipeg in
September or October and after shooting   In   Australia,   would   leave  for  a j
trip around the world, returning home j
via the British Isles, arriving in Winnipeg In February or March.
Standing of the Clubs.
.  13
Philadelphia     7
New York  '. . 7
St.   Louis     9
Chicago     9
boston   6
Cleveland     ti
.684 1
,600 '
.473 i
.380 |
and three laborers were crushed to
death tonight by the overturning of
a sleeping car aid the dining car of
the Continental Limited train of the
Wabash railroad while entering Decatur. Two rear cars were thrown
over while passing a piece of tracs
under repair, falling on some of the
ship on hand, and it is expected that
at the next meeting in two weeks, on
May 19. another large class will be
J.'jJoNES. MaN-DIR, ,      J.A.Rennie. 5ECY-TRE5
Your Executor
Almost as Important as the gathering together of sufficient asset.;
to provide for your family or other beneficiaries after your death, le
the selection of an Kxecutor to look after those assets so that your
Instructions as set out in your will, may be carried out in the way
you intend.
This company brings to the management of Estates a strong financial responsibility, the experience and knowledge of a strong board
of directors and train staff, and a businesslike unbiased, service.
O *.
Our fees for acting as Executors arc never mer��^.*uid are often
less thau those of an individual Kxecutor.
Will you not talk this matter over with one of our officers.    It
will be treated as strictly confidential. ,
Yesterday's Games.
At Washington R,    11.    E.
New   York         4      4      B
Washington      6    10      2
batteries: Mciiale and Sweeney;
Johnson and Ainsmlth,
Standing of the Clubs.
Won Lost
Vancouver    IB 6
Spokane   l'e 7
Seattle    13 9
Tacoma     10 12
Portland     7 16
Victoria    J 16
At Cleveland R.    II.    E.
Detroit      2      ti      0
Cleveland     4   10     0
Batteries: Covelaskie and Btanage;
Havcrman and Carlsch.
At St. Louis��� R.    H.    E.
Chicago      8    18     1
St. Louis    1      ti      4
Batteries: Russell and Mayer; Taylor, Mitchell. Manning. Iloch and
Rumler, Agnew, Jenkins.
Huston-I'lillailelphia game postponed:   ruin.
Australia  Will   Exhibit.
Perth, Australia, May 5.���Tlie government of Western Australia decided
Several of the Injured persons may j to participate in the Panama-Pacific
be fatally hurt. Twenty of the pas- j exposition at San Francisco. The rep-
sengers In the dining car were taken I resentation of all the Australian state.--
to a hospital. Is now assured, tlie total amount ap-
It  was  not    officially    determined j proprlated  for    the    purpose    being
what caused  the accident,    but    the . $300,000.
trainmen said the sleeping car and the 1 ���
dining car apparently caught the point '
of the switch.
The food on the tables was thrown
over the diners, several being scalded.
Steel  coaches  saved  the  lives  of 30
or   more   passengers.     The   laborers!     Trinidad, Colo.,  May  5.���The ques-1
were at the side of the track when | tiou of delivering the arms of striking
the accident happened.    Their bodies ! coal miners to the United States army
I H I    HUM.HSM   C   \i
Strikers  in  Colorado  Will  Be  Urged
to Cisarm.
The Ford���the Lightest, Surest,
Most Economical���the very essence of automobiling���and all
Canadian. *\^
Runabout       J/
Model T
f.o.b. Ford,
Get Particulars from
Fraser Valley Motor Co., Cor. Lome
and  Carnarvon  Streets.
were  so mangled  that It  was  impossible to identify  them.
Burnaby  School  Board and  Architect
Bowman   Disagree  Over $2200.
The  burnaby school board is faced | Dr����k
wlth  a  hill  of  $2200  which  it  shows
will be put up to the men themselves,
according to announcement made by
union officials he;e tonight. The announcement came at the end of a
conference between Dilliam Diamond
and Robert G. Bolton, strike leaders.
Col.   Ix*ckett  and   Major   W.   A.   Hoi-
Diamond   promised  that  the  strike
no inclination to pay If a way out is ', leaders would urge the strikers to com-
at all possible. Last year the school | P'>' with the proclamations of the
board Instructed Architect Bowman President and the secretary of war and
to draw plans for a brick or cement ; turn their guns over to the army of-
school   to   be   elected   at   Vancouver   fleers.
��>N 5
Standing of the Clubs.
Baltimore     9
St.   Louis       10
Chicago        9
Brooklyn      6
Indianapolis      S
Buffalo       ti
Kansas City      ti
Pittsburg        3
Heights  at  a cost  of about   $75,000.
In accordance with the usual custom
"The   guns   do   not   belong   to   the
union;  they belong to the men them-
the archhect is paid a percentage of   selves." he said.    "If we should order
the actual cost of the building, which
! amounts to  $2200.    Of this sum  $800
has been paid on account    The new-
I ly   elected   board,   however,   came  to
i tin' opinion that a    less    expensive
' school could be erected and advertised  for competitive tenders  for  plans.
Mr.   Bowman  is  now  seeking  the  remainder of  his  fee.
Vancouver Leads League.
Portland, May 5. "Tiny" Leonard
got his bumps today and his relief,
belford. was nicked for three runs In
the. eighth which gave Vancouver a
7-4 victory over the Portland North
western club. Hall's only bad inning was the eigthh. when a combination of hits and walks gave the Colts
two runs. Umpire Shuster had an off-
day in the fans' estimation.
Score                             il li
Vancouver    " 10    - <
Portland      4 7     4
Batteries:   Hall  and  Cheek; Leonard, belford and Perkins.
Some  Swatter  This.
Tacoma,   May   6.    Two  consecutive
home runs by  Neighbor featured  today's   game   which   was   won   by   Tacoma, 4-3.    both baker and Kauffnian ,
Yesterday's  Games.
At   Kansas  City���           R. H.    E.
1 I'itlsburg         2 4      2
Kansas City     3 9      1
Batteries:   Dickson and Berry;  Cul-
lop  anil   Kasterli'V.
At St   Ixiuis���                    R. H.    E.
Baltimore    8    12     2
I St  Louis       ti    13       1
batteries: Wllhilm. Smith and Jack-
lltscb;   Wlllett and Chapman.
Medical       Superintendent        Submits
Statement  for  Month  of  April.
The  following is the report  of the
tin dlcal superintendent of the publlr
j hospital for the insane at Newe West-
I minster      and    Essondale.    for     the
month of April:
In hospital at beginning of month.
966;    admitted  during month, 3
the strikers to bring their guns to
headquarters and turn them over to
us, we would not get ten per cent of
them. We will explain the situation
to the men and use our influence to
secure obedience to the president's
proelanuttion. That is as far as we can
Col. Lockett declined to say what
measures he would take if the men
failed to turn in the guns. Each man
who surrenders his gun will get a re-
ceipt for it, but no assurance is given
that  the  arms   will   be   returned.
uoni'il;   rain.
game     post
Committee    Considering    Advisability
of Calling Out All Coal Miners.
Indianapolis,   Ind..   May  5.���A  com-
re*   mittee   which   will   report  upon    the
j turned    from    probation, 4;  transferr-   Colorado strike situation and also will
I cd    to     Essondale,     79:     discharged   t.OIlsj(iel.   tne   feasibility   of  a   nation-
without    probation.  4;   discharged on ��� wi(lt, ftrike ,,, ,,u, coaj mmini, iudlls.
probation, 19; died. 9; In hospital at : trv   was appointed today by the in-
i end i I  month,
j total.  1054.
on probation, S9;
Champions Will Present Strong Front
Against   Sapperton.
The  following  will    represent    tbe
champion    West    End    lacrosse team
Order of  Moose.
l.asi evening a very Interesting and
! enjoyable   meeting  of  the   Order  of
I Moose  \eas  held at  which  a class cf
twenty candidates were initiated. Pol-
tematlonal   executive   board    of    tlie
United  Mine Workers  of America.
The- commttee is composed of Prank
J. Hayes, vice-president; William O.
Green, secretary-treasurer, and executive board members, Paul J. Paulson, of Wyoming; Robert Harlln, of
Washington, aud Prank Parrington,
of Illinois.
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout ths Province ot British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dolls.* and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited halt yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all puts of ths
CHA8. G. PENNOCK, General Manager. *
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Big Extra Feature Wednesday and Thursday
Lost In Mid-Ocean
Kidnapped in Japan from her husband, the young wife escapee from her villa nous captors She sails
for America. The steamer strikes an Iceberg and is lost in md-tsMit. Clinging to a part of the wreckage the girl Is saved. All trace of her husband Is lost until she Is rescue-, from a burning building
and  they  are  strangely  reunited.
An Overtowering Dramatic Masterpiece
The Composite of All That Is Thrilling and Intense
The Big Drawing Card of 1914
Confronted With Nation-wide Prohibition  and  Woman  Suffrage.
Washington. May 6.���House leaders
were taken by surprise today when
the judiciary oommittee, before
which the Hobson resolution for nation-wide prohibition and the Mondell
resolution for woman suffrage, had
been slumbering for months, were
suddenly voted out, without recommendation and put squarely before
the house. The measures propose
amendments to the federal constitution.
Advocates of the resolution will
now direct their efforts against the
rules committee with a view to special rules for consideration ln the
house, without which the measure*
may rest at the foot of the calendar
and be filibustered against Indefinitely. The house leaders think there is
no likelihood of cither resolution being added to the administration program for legislation at this Besslon
of congress.
Leaders in the congressional union
for woman suffrage, elated over the
day's developments, paraded the
streets tonight with a brass band and
flvlng banners. Street meetings were
addressed by prominent women who
are in Washington for the big demon
strut ion Saturday, when suffragist?
from all over the country will march
from the White House to the caoital
and demand the passage of the Mon
dell  resolution.
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want it, in any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our iletail Department and get our, prices.
Local Sales Department. Phone 890.
invite the ladles of this city to  inspect their spring stock of the
latest fabrics and styles.    Speelal price for two weeks only $35 and
MO.    We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
'Varsity  Crew  at  Work.
Seattle, May 5.- Biram B, Coiitil-
bear, director of aquatics at the University of Washington, tonight began
se'iiding the 'Varsity eight over the
four mile course ou Lake Washington
in preparation for tho Intercollegiate
regatta at Poughkeepsle next month
C, A. COGERT, General Manager.
Banking Business In Foreign Lands
Business Houses, Corporations, Crain, Stock sad- Provision
Dealers will (ind the facilities of The Dominion Bank adequate for
sll foreign financial dealings.
With a Branch in London. England, and correspondents In all
parts of the world, transactions ate speedily effected on most
favorable terms. Foreign Exchange bought and sold. Drafts and
Letters of Credit Issued. Advances made on shipments, both
sxport flfl import.   Collections promptly made snd renutled for.
||  \   -
WEDNESDAY,   MAY   6,   1914.
Classified Advertising
eeived for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store.
628 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs
E. Larden, Highland Park; Mrs
Lewis. Alta Vista.
��� RATES. �����;
Classified���One cent per word    per i
day; 4c per word per week;  15c per |
month;  5000 words, to be used as required within one year from date   of
contract,, $25.00.
KOIt SALE���Cheap, new strictly modern 5-rooin house; panelled living
room and dining room; full basement. Price, $2,500; pay down what
you can and $25 a month, with interest at 6 per cent. S*:e this at
once. Call evenings after 6 o'clock.
IC Wolfsen, Fifteenth Ave. and
Sixth St. (3338)
Characteristics    of     Oriental     Rebel
Whose  Forces Are  Menacing
Safety  of  New  Republic.
Pekin, China, May 5���"White Wolf."
whose  sobriquet  is  more  picturesque
 . than  its owner,  Is today the nucleus
FOR SALE.���Leather folding go-cart; I of  the  destruction    of    China.    The
good  as  new.    Apply,    732    Royal   whlt   Wolf        k8 are closin    in
avenue. ,3339) | pekmg
Yaun Shih-kai. the dictator premier.
KOR SALE.���Two seconel hand cars
at a snap���one 40-h.p. runabout.,
well known make; one E. M. F. 5-
passenger touring car. Apply Hox
3332, News.
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
TWKLVK  HLJKDRgP AKD FIFTY TRACTS of five and ten acrea each   to   be   mated   tn   pt-OSM-Ctlve   settlers
ia throwing open rwenty Thousand Acres nf Rich, Southern Oeorgia Und, which is admirably adapted to the   stow-
Ing of ci'l.'i-y, sweet ainl Irhli pntawej, cante'loupes. watermelon.'-., corn. oats, cotton, hay ���in fa. 1 all staple crops
grown in this fertile seeUea, as well as a large variety nf semi-tropical fruits, and Hi" famous immensely profitable
paper-shell pecans.
Providing you aM> ettglble under the classifications prescribed by us, you are neew ottered an .xclleiit opportunity to break away from lie drueigery anel toll of a small wag.-, or work lug for the benefit of landlords, anel Ka
back to the lanel of plenty,  to arnica.  If granted, you   will  hold  a  warranty  elicel anel abstract
The best security on earth le the earth Itself, and land is the heesls of all wealth. Owners of productive lands
are benefiting by  the Increasing hlsh cost of living.  While others arc suffering  from it.
An Opportunity to Secure Rich Productive land Without Capital
WANTED.���Small modern house or
three or four unfurnished rooms, at
strictly moderate rein: close In preferred.    Hox 3331, News Office.
erty througu an ad
in this column
Front St. Phone 213. Cash paid for
���11 kinds of junk, bottles, sacks, barrels, cast iron, old rays, old rubber
boots and shoes.
FOR SALE���J1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
wepk.    Cam. la's    Pride    Malleable
every one guaranteed  Mar-
ket square
ture, or stocks in trade, in large or
���mall quantities, highest price paid
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
8ee the expert on furniture before
yon give yo :r goods away. Address
Fred Davis, 54S Columbia street.
New Westminster. (8817)
FOUND.���Heavy draft horse, Saturday. Owner can have same hy paying expenses.   611 1-2 Eighth St.
Queen's Park
to  105  Third
brooch    in   or  near
Finder return same
avenue,  'phone  UTS.
^cowhouse. Queensborough Realty
Co., Ewen avenue. (3312)
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash P. B Brown, IT
Begbie street, New
keeping rooms, $10 per month, ~"
224 Seventh street.
(33131 I
FOR    RENT���COTTAOK,    $10    PER
mouth.    Apply  607  Fifth avenue.
keeping   nnd    bedrooms.     420    St.
Ooor-zo street. (3318)
���vtieris. No collection, no charge
\aier'ican-Vaticou\er Mercantile Ag
encv. 336 Hastings street west. Van
to rent try an ad. ln this column.
When Requiring
either  male or female, do not forget
that the Municipal Labor Bureau is in j
a position to supply you.
PHONE 852.
and Miss'
L.R.A.M.,  A.R.C.M.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
Ing, Voice Production. Theory (n
clusu or privately), Harmony, Countei
point, Alusical Form aud History.
Pupils prepared for the examina I
tloim of the Associated Hoard of thi |
Royal Academy of Music and Royn j
College of Music. Also Professions !
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
I'or terms, etc., apply 51 Dufferlt
Btreet.    Phone 411 R.
sheriff's SALE
Province of British Columbia, County
of New Westminster.
TO  WIT:      '
Cnder and hy  viritue of a  warrant j
of  execution  and  a  distress   warrant i
io me  directed and delivered against
the  goods and chattels of    L.  Rosen-!
told, at  the suit of M.  B. Stein, Redd '
and  Lewis and others.    I have seized
and  will sell at 337 Columbia  street,
New Westminster, on
Thursday, May 7, 1914
at 11 o'clock In the forenoon, the fol-
lowing, or -sufficient thereof to satisfy
the Judgment debt and costs herein:
A steie'k of clothing, gents' furnishings. Bull 'm. i , etc., and Btore lining.,
nmounti!!.; at Invoice prices to
Bids win be received at a i>ercent-
age on lhe dollar on the Invoice
priee's. :i copj of v hie h ci ii he seen al
my office.
Terms of Bale, cash
Shi r ;,;
New Westminster, May i, 1914.
From Vancouver for Victorls.
i0:00 a.m Daily
2:00   p.m Dailj
il:45  p.m    Dail>
From Vancouver for Seattle.
.0:00 a.m Dally
il: 00 p.m Daily
Steamer leaves at 11:45 p.m. on
From  Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
10:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m Daily
���Nanaimo,  Union Bay and Comox.
3:00 a.m Thursday and Saturday
ancouver,  Union  Bay,  Powell   River.
11:45 p.m.    Saturdays
For  Prince  Rupert and  Alaska.
11:00 p.m Eve-ry Saturday
Prince  Rupert and  Granby Bay.
11:00 p.m Wednesday*
Fjr Gulf Uland Points.
j is well aware of the propinquity of the
I terror, but there is no escape. Outside
of the walls, within which be has bar*
1 ricaded himself for the last two years
1 his life is not  worth a  minute's ptir-
I chase.    Hit by  bit he has given he-re
i a scrap and there a scrap of the trust i
j given into his keeping two years ago.
! Rut White Wolf has not been fed.
There has been around the walls another pack of wolves of many breeds |
I waiting,  waiting, and  fighting over���
; scraps.    Concession  after  concession !
I has be> 11 flung to them until there is.
' little  le ft.  ami  now.  White  Wolf  can
have the rest.
White Wolf  Is Ordinary.
The terror of the central provinces.
White Wolf, a very prince of brigands, j
is a young man.    He is not much to 1
look at.    An ordinary kind of person, |
short and stout, some say of him that !
he is quite a nice sort of person, and
that it is his men who will not obey
him,    Herein lies the character of the
man.    He  deceives  none  more  than
his  own   men.
For instance, on entering a city he
gives his orders, "Please yourselves;"
after leaving the place, when the work
is done ln the way that he intended
that it should be done, he gives his
men a lecturing for being so cruel, and
urges them as younger brothers to be
more careful in the future. His name
In ramp is Big Brother.
Before he takes a city he lias  laiei
his plans carefully. His spies are sent I
first to gather information.   They sell 1
trinkets, silk handkerchiefs, make a
show  at   mending  crockery,   and   so
forth.   Two days before Lao   Peh-lang]
wishes to enter a city a few dishevel-]
e'd apologies for soldiers go to the ya-
, men and put up the story that thej |
hive-  been  fighting tiie-   White  Wolf.
, White Wolf the'n appears.
Gates Opened to Him.
At 4 a. m., his usual time of attack.
he opens fire with volley after volley
at one ot* the clt)  gate's, then gallops
��� off to t'.ip opposite' gate    and    goes
through tin   same performance. With
j the city in panie*. his allies set fire to
i the Important buildings, and the wildest excitement is worked up. Next the
gates  an   openi d   to  him,    and    he
: marches in, tlie- conquering hero, his
I retinue-  containing  a   whole  train    of
captives and many young girls.
He Is a  voracious traveler, a  man
who  inspires  confidence  in   his   men.
1 who trust his judgment implicitly. On
their  return   from   Liuanchow,   when
; ae knew the troops wen- massing on
! the hillsides, he accomplished 500 li in
I four  days,  over  terrific   roads,  never
stopping 10 sleep.
I White Wolf is undoubtedly a very
��� remarkable man. but, all the same,
' enough of the troops are more or less
in le'agui' with the great Peh-lang to
, explain  much of his  success.
Vim will Sot be reqeiire'el to leave your present surroundings now. All we ask eef these 111 whom we Brant traets Is
thai they plant, en- arrange te> have planted, a crop nf one
ui* the above-mentioned products wliliin three years, after
which we will nave it operated thai-vested and replanted)
fur grantees, In consideration e>f 2*i per r.-ni. of tin- n"t
profits derived from the sal" of the crops, thereby allowing
Hiii-li time as they determine Just what the yield of ihe-ir
acrea amounts iee. Qonslder what this may n��-an .-is a
Bourea eef Income, when statistic* show that th" yield of
mi" aere of celery amounted to IL268.4B) and that one- acre
1.1 well-eared-for paper shell pecans, in full "���"���airing, should
ni-t Its owiie r as high as tion nil per year. We are of the
opinion thai after it is proven by actual results obtained In
operating the lanel 1h.1t th.-y will need no further urging,
and waste no time in locating in this land of plenty, wi
also require guarantees to oocupy tin- land within te-n
years, or sell it to some one who will oocupy ii. otherwise
ii reverts hack tei the- grantor,
Th" land Included in this ope'iiing is located directly on
and adjoining the Atlanta, Birmingham ami Atlantic Kall-
road, aboul twenty-five miles west of Brunswick, a thriving city of fifteen thousand, having direct steamship service 10 New York and Boston, and excellent railroad transportation facilities to all points The- average temperature (or six months of tha year, from April to October, is
77 degrees; the olimate Is most healthful, delightful, .-end
Invigorating, and there is an ample rainfall ed r,i inches
per year.
As we- are extremely desirous e>f having settlers I.m-.-it��- on
this property, and assist in its development, and thereby
greatly Increase 'he' value- of surrounding ,ind Intervening
property, which we will hold, anel to Increase th" traffic
along ih" Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad* and
thus facilitate the service', we f.-'d warranted in granting
these tracts to those- who register with ns. \\V also have-
in mind business and residence plots which we wilL offer
for set!" after the opening, but which will not be included
In it W" have "money-making afterward" considerations
in ihis liberal-minded opening,   slmlllar to   those   of   th"
Northern Paetfia anel oilier railroads when they granted
their lands, and we expect to benefit thereby, as well as
Un- ernes wlm will receive ths tracts.
Wi' have also planned lei develop what is designed to
be tiie- beat-equipped, most up-to-date, scientific, commercial farm and orchard In existence. H will consist of six
thousand seres, snd will be Included in this opening. All
who register anel receive tracts will gel the benefit of the
experiments ami se-wntific methods in vogue thereon. While
we .-ire arranging io prevent over-registration, we will
avoid many disappointments, such ns occurred in other
land openings conduoted hy ihe' United Btates Oovornment
and railroads, by granting Hues.- who regiater In excess of
the number of tracts to be granted, an Interest In this commercial farm and orchard enterprise, in the hope that they
may later locate in one of our town sites.
Examination eif tha land will cheerfully be permitted,
and the opening will be held at Browntown, Wayne County,
)o-ontln. e>n>' nf tha stations of tha A. H & a. Railroad,
which Is Incited em this property, anel will occur eis soon
after the closing of registrations as arrangements can be
The presence of thoSa registered will nol be necessary
.it Browntown on tbe opening day, unless they wish to ai
t "iid. for there' will he no favoritism shown anyone, it
win be conducted by s committee selected for tha purpose,
and those registered will be notified eif what the-y have been
granted, as soon as possible,
Witii the ever-Increasing population of this country
there is no corresponding Increase in the area of land, ;md
naturally as the population Increases and seeks the land In
pursuit of health, happiness and Independence, ii will continue to he harder to secure.
The prosperous and oonti nted class of Buropa today are
the descendants of those who secured lami there when it
was plentiful, while the descendants of those who obtained
no land are' now tlie peasants and Slaves, V"ii must realize
that this may ba your last chance to secure land In this
country without a large outlay of capital, so it should not
lie- necessary to urge you to act at en  i,y forwarding us
the application for registration attached to this announcement.
Railroad-Land Development Bureau,
Washington,  i��. C
make- application lo register for your Fruit
vet answers to the- following questions:
 Citv    . .
 Sin-el or V.
... Marled or single- Widow
     Ilei you   now  own   over   t)
Southern G
I hereby
with the cor
If my application for  registration is accepted, pleas
m.ition and particulars. Including maps   of   the
Atlantic Railroad, lis transportation facilities,
and Agricultural Railroad-Land   Opening,   anel   furnish   you
F   11. No	
Widower or  Orphan     Occupl
-. acres of land  In  ih" United States?   ....
si-mi me. without obligation,  further and
land,   showing   its   exact   lo atlon   on   the   Atlanta
igricultur.il. frull and nut-growing  possibilities, etc
Very truly yours,
mi'i'ie informa-
Blrmlngtmm  and
7:00 a.m.  Tuesdays
Victoria, calling
Gulf  Islands.
���:U.   GO0LBT,   Agent.
1   w   BRriiiirc, o. p
and   Fridays
at  points   in
for j
the '
(C'ontinied ftom Page Two )
New  Wesfmlnitar
A... Vanooufer.
He  Southeast Quarter  of  Section  23,
Township  in, in  the    District    of
New Westminster.
Whereas  proof nf  tiie  loss of  Certificate of Title Number 2946F, issued
in ihe name of Joel Stevens, has been
Illid in this office.
Notice' is hereby given thai I shall,
at the expiration Of on;- month from
the date of the first publication here
of, in a daily m wspaper published in
1 the city of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said Certificate, tin-
1 k-ss in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing,
.1. ('  GWYNN.
District Registrar of Titles.
1 Land rtegistry Office,
New   Westminster.   B.C.,   April   77
mi. (3301)
elsewhere' in 1905-06, which held the
Russian of that time up to tlie exe-
, cratton of Europe, were the deliberate
��� work of the- Okhrana. and today the
great mass of attacks on life and prop-
; erty, which occur in Russia, are the
1 work of that body, tlie ostensible r>-a-
i son for whose existence is the sup-
! pression of these very outrages. Kach
I one of these incidents places within
; the power of the Okhrana a larg-e
j number of people from whom money
' can   Id- extorted   under threat  of ar-
i rent iiinl Imprisonment, or worse
, one Is really safe.
Arrests Without Warrants
T!i'' Oktrana is abov" the law.
: secret police can arrest any one
burg for considerably over a century
to maintain a state of unrest iu all
those countries where territorial aggrandizement is in any way possible',
and in order io maintain a condition
of unrest, the .secri't polie'e have- found
that no bettl r way exists than that
which they follow in Russia Itself.
Spreads 3eyond Borders.
They spread their system out beyond her borders, The trial of the 70
Szigi-t anel tin- political trial at I,em-
berg revealed something of their
methods in this connection. As the'
tangle was unraveled from el :y tn day
in court, in spite eif all efforts at suppression, a momentary glimpse was
affcrd'd of that extraordinary system
which today holds Russia In bondage,
tha lavish expenditures, the amazing hypocrisies, the wholesale betray- j
al of friends and 1 ne mies alike', and
thei extraordinary craftiness with
which an air nf genuineness can be
imparted to purely artificial movements.
It  Illustrated  tbe character of the
Russian   "forward     movement"     anywhere' and everywhere.    Russia  may \
!iave>   no   Immediate   designs  on   the
lands    of   Austria-Hungary,    fe>r    instance,  but she  would  keep  the  way
optn.  and  to secure this she sets go-
| Ing that great machine, the Okhrana. i
which  once  set   in   motion   anywhere'
continues to maintain itself in action.
It is tin- same in  Constantinople on
the Turco-Perslan  frontier,  in  Armenia and  in  far-off   Mongolia;   hut tlie
most glaring example illustrating the'
forwarei  movement  In  full  blast  and i
the work of the Okhrana In furthering.
It, is afforded by the present position \
of affairs in the- northern zone of Persia.
for more' than two_years it has been i
consistently  pointed  out  by  close observers that Russia, all assurance's to j
the   contrary   notwithstanding,   never i
has had  any intention of relinquishing hi-: hold on Azarbayan, but that
on the contrary, she has had every in-
tentlon   of   strengthening   it,   to   thej
point of virtual  annexation.    All  the
has con- i
On an Exchange for an
Electric Coffee Percolator
This appliance connects with an ordinary household socket It
Is ri ady for service day or night, ami starts percolating as soon as
the current is turned on, lbs coffee being ready in about ten minutes.
Coffee made by the percolation  method  is far superior to any
other as tlie- water eloe-s not boll with tlie "grounds," giving a hitti'r
taste. The coffee is also perfectly e le.ir and does not have to he
Polders outlining this offer In detail  may  be secured at the Coin-
pany's sales rooms where tbe old coffee peits will be exchanged,
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth.
Riveted Sfecl Pip^f*
���      BURIN OIL     ���
P    O.   BOX   442
Tiie j news from the northern /.on
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ any- firmed this view, and a rei-emf letter
where, without warrant and without from a Persian In Teheran throws a
proof of guilt and can commit them to vivid light on the characteristic meth-
prison   feir   Indefinite   periods.   There | ods adopt��d by Russia
order tei at-
In the matter of the Estate of Pon
1'hung .inn, deceased, and In the mat
trr of the "Administration Act "
Take notice; that by onler of Hi.i
Honor Frederick W, Howay, dated the
a6Ui slay of March, AD. 11-11, I was
appointed administrator of all and
sinjfular the estate of tlie- said de-
ceased, and that notice of sui'li ordei
waa thereby ordered to he' published
three times in a daily newspaper pub
fi.-h�� el in the city nl New Westmln j~
eter,   B.C.
And  further take notice    that   all
persons Indebted to the above estate
are   ri quired   to  pay  me   the  amount 1
of  the'ir  indebtedness  forthwith,  and j
ui] i.i . I e\ ,n . 1 lalraa against the
.siiid ��� ��� tatcj are i> quired to presi nt ,
tin in to nu duly verified by affidavit
un 11 befori the 23rd day of May, A.D. I
1814, ;��� ' 1 ������ hich date I uill proceed
fo distribute the said estate, having
ri "ai d ni.!1. to su( h 1 ���Ian...- as are
rfa.cn  i.i ope 1 Ij   hefore me.
Dati d   1 lie   Ith   daj   1 I   .' lay,   A.D.
c c  m uort,
Official  \dminiatraior     1
1 7,7,11 1
Victoria Day
Tu ke is on BBle May 2'-\. 11 and 26;
ten,el  to return  up to  May  27.
Three transcontinental trains daily
i with through tourist, standard and
I dining cars,
; Toronto Express leaves at  7:50 a.m
Imperial  Limited leaves al 8:10 p.m
St. Paul  Express haves at  1:26 p.m
I'or rates and rese nations apply
Or H. vv BRODIR.''. P. A , ���/ancouvet
is no ne- d ev en to formulate a ch 1 ������
certainly II ,- quite unnecessary that
the charge should have- any foundation In ' '
Tlie- trial nl Miss Katie Malecka, al
Warsaw and 1.'.>��� revelations made by
Mis lalei ka In regard to the trial
and condemnation eif Miss Iloszkow-
sha, are proofs enough of the fact, it
Indei rl   i . tands In need of proof.
Such is 1 brief glance at the d im b
tiie' aspect of tin' question, ll haa
hi tvever, n grave International aspect.
One ' ; the largest activities )>f the
Okhrana is that of stirring up and
maintains a condition eir unrest In all
those lands which bound the soul erh
frontier of the empire, from the- Polish frontier to the Pacific. Just here
the designs of the secret service fir
in. for the most part, with those eif
th" frovernment.
It has been th)' policy of St. Peters-
a in h'1
DC  '-.
Law in Teheran.
"')���'���������> ���<��� ���< " ���'" wr'ter says,"Wha1 Is
the state of Teheran? It is terribly
bad: there is no law, no one- answers
��� ��� - ly'i voice. Those v-.-.o have the
power nnd Influence can do everything, for 'they' are the' subi"cis of
the Russian government, and everybody else, try as
Ing. The
'll men
ity  is  gone
Thev -1
-f tou'
he may. can do uoth-
BtreetS are- nllcel with poor
you would think every one is
mlng, for the old Asiatic jovial-
What   are   they   doing?
afraid of moving. They are
of speaking,    They are
ihing any one for fear In
Effective   April   1st,   1914,
S.S. "Prince Rupert," S.S.
"Prince George," S.S. "Prince
Albert,"  S.S. "Prince John."
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To Prince Rupert and Qrnnby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
To Victorls and Beattle,
Every Thursday, 12 midnight���
'l*n i'rin'-)-  Rupert and Stewsrl
Every Friday,  12 midnight���
To Queen Charlotte Island points
Every Saturday, 12 midnight���
*l"o Victoria unel Seattle.
8 s Prince Rupert mo) S S. I'rour
0601*01 make close connection to
..nel from points nasi of Prlnc��
Ruperi on Orand Trunk Pacific
June 1 to Sept. 30
trip    excursion
destinations   In-
rates to
Boston  $110 no
Halifax     189.88
Montreal     lnii.OO
New   York     108.00
Detroit     88.60
Niagara   Kails      f*2.0n
Ottawa      1(13.nil
Toronto    !      92.00
Go   One   Way���Return   Another.
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an Itinerary for your
H. G. Smith, C.P. oV T.A.
Phone   8ev.   H1.14
C. E. Jenney. G.A.P.D.
S27   Granville   St..   Vancouver
I.TT.v.". N
k.    OF BftlllSH CQCUMBIA '
Olrls' classes, Tuesday 7:30 p m.;
\dult classes, Thursday, 10:80 a.m.;
3ewlng  classes,  Thursday,   7:30   p.m
Itnarellng and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen
Special dinner Fridays, 11:80 to 1:80
For  particulars call  phone 1324.
It' sidi nee:
US    Ml'l.e
. 48!) L.
id   Block. ' pic
mat*-; fin ity.  SURGICAL  AND
Read The News
be a  Russian subjecL"
The last si ntence lias a significance |
all Its own.   The Russian subject is \
the agi nt provocateur of the Okhrana,
They are' to be found everywhere, in
every city  In   Russia, and  In every
I countryside, throughout all the rest, nf i
Europe,  111  Africa, and  In  Asia     In  a
i thousand different guises, ill all walks.
; nf  life,  extorting   money,   organizing,
i disturbances, carrying through po- j
Toms, committing robberies and mur. i
den', and accountable to no one. Here
I then is a question of International concern, not emly from that highest of all
standpoints where an outrage on tbp
i Inalienable   right   Of   one   is   seen   as
I the concern of all, but from that ordinary  standpoint  from  which  the ad- ]
vent of the- International problem Ib
Been the moment the domestic trouble
I in any Bhape or form crosses the bor-
"Russia, thai   is.  the'  Russian  peo-
-,'ell   known   political   refugee
said, n ntly, to a representative of
the press, "can el,, nothing. Dull de-
sua1'* is the'ir characteristic attitude
In this respect. The Okhrana Is too
strong for them." This Is as it may
In'. It is clear, at any rate, that light ���
will dissipate darkness here as elsewhere. Some understanding of the
methods of the Okhrana must, there-,
fore, be of value." i
have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTIL-
:ER which is highly recommended,
Lime  is almost as important for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones "5 and 1*. ��02 Columbia Street W.
r*i*a   umi  '<�����'
vi<>�� President.
w. r. a. BUCKUN.
��uu. >nS   irsas
JFlr9 Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 177 11 A V   Q
o.I   O
WEDNESDAY,   MAY   6,   1914.
The daily reports received at The Ne'vs
office of results obtained from the use
of News classified
ads. are proof of their
Property sold and exchanged,
houses rented, lost articles
restored, situations obtained,
help secured; all figure in the
reports received. Resultscount
and The News brings results.
Phone 999
cor. McKenzie and Victoria Sts.
Down Town Office: Hill's Drug Store
see a bunch of these horses moving
off under full swing, with flowing
manes and tails, following their chosen leader, who generally outstrip!*
outstrips tbem in swiftness.
Teutons Organize to Push Aside Competition cf English and
Sofia, Bulgaria, .May 5.-- In Introducing a provisional budget for April and
May into th? Sobranje, recently, M.
Toncheff, minister of finance, observed that owing to the abnormal situation caused by the~ war the administration had been carried on by means
of provisional budgets for the last 17
It was, however, he declared, a reassuring symptom that the rate of exchange should have fallen as it had
done from 20 per cent, at the end of
tending trade already in existence or I 1913 to 7,<-s  Per cent- at tne Present
Berlin, May 5.���Germany is launching the most tremendous war for trade
conquest of modern times. Organization upon organization in every branch
of trade and Industry ls being formed
with a definite, specific plan and purpose of capturing a new  market, ex-1
crowding out the trade of some oth3
country. The captains of Germany's
industry are planning a movement that
in effect is a leaf from the famous
agresslve tactics of the Gerniany army
applied to the peaceful conquests of
the world's mai'.s. At home efforts
are belug concentrated on ^jiiinx for
eign made goods and replacing them
with domestic manufacture wuonever
possible, while abroad Germany's
commeidal guns, backed by the vist I
raiiouTC-** of the empire, governmental j
and private, are 10 be tunnel on every
market, especially where American,
English and French trade may now
enjoy an advantage.
Sets Task for Itself.
Germany has set for Itself the tisk
of doubling its export and Import
trade, which at present ls approximately $5(200,000,000. It has chalked
up the figures $10,5u0.000 as a trade
tareet at which to aim.
Like the famous "Grosse General
Stab" (Great General Staff) of the
German army which has every move
outlined and planned In advance for
war, so the German captains of in-
duUry are mobilizing the economic
forces of their country, not defens've
but offensive, for world conquest. Organizations which have been at loggerheads for years, are being Induced
to drop their differences and join in
one united, gigantic crustade against
America, England and France.
Within the last few weeks there
ha3 been organized the "Institute for
Sea Traffic and World Trade;" "The
League of German and Foreign Trade
Associations." "The German-American Economic Union." "The German-
time. The expenditure for the year
1913, M. Honcheff estimated at 223,-
125,000 leva.
The floating debt, amounting in all
to about 440,000,000, will be consolidated by a loan which the government
hopes to secure at an early date. The
provisional budget was passed by tbe
chamber after a heated discusBlen.
May 15���B.C.E.R. vs. Moose.
May 19���Moose vs. Columbus.
May 22���Columbus vs. B. C. E. It-
May 26���B.C.E.R. vs. Moose.
May  29���Mooee  vs.  Columbus.
June 2���B.C.E.R.  vs. Columbus.
Jpne 5���Moose vs. B.C.E.R.
June 9���Moose vs. Columbus.
June 12���B.C.E.R. vs. Columbus.
June 16���Moose vs. B.C.E.R
June 19���Moose vs. Columbus.
June 23���'B.C.E.R. vs. Columbus.
June 26.���Moose vs. B.C.E.R.
June 30���Moose vs. Columbus.
July 3���B.C.E.R. vb. Columbus.
July 7���Moose vs. B. C. E. R.
July 10���Columbus vs. Moose.
July 14���Columbus vs. B.C.E.R.
July 17���B.C.E.R. vs. Moose.
July 21���Columbus vs. Moose.
July 24���Columbus vs. B.C.E.R.
July  27���B.C.E.R. vs. Moose.
July 31���Moose vs. Columbus.
Aug. 4���Columbus vs. B.C.E.R.
Berlin, Germany, May 5.���A movement to check the progress of labor in-
China Institute," and now as a sort of UUstrlal organizations is noticeable In
"general staff" to scientifically direct Germany. The peaceful picketing pol-
all the other organizations, there is -c>- 0f unions is being strongly object-
being formed the "German Associa- e(j t0, and though a court recently ��e-
tlon of World Commerce." This lat-1 daed that the practice waB lu accord
ter is headed by Arthur Ballin, direc-   ance w*th. law, yet an order has been
tor general of the Hamburg-American
line, whose motto is "Mein Feld is die
Welt"  (My Field is the World).
Berlin, Germany, May 5.���A move
ment to check the progress of labor
industrial organizations is noticeable
ln Germany. The peaceful picketing
policy of unions is bein, strongly
objected to, and though a court recently decided that the practise was
in accordance witii law, yet an order
has been sent by the Prussian m;r.i��-
ter of the interior directing all police presidents to do their best to put
a stop to picketing.
The duty of the police being to pre
serve law and order, runs the official
document, they must therefore disperse bodies of pickeis when they bin-
Bent by the Prussian minister of tbe
interior directing all police presidents
to do their best to put a stop to picketing.
The duty of the police being to preserve law and order, runs the document, they must therefore disperse
bodies of pickets when they hinder
trafflc or threaten harm to strikebreakers.
Another mode of interfering with-
the liberty of the trade organizations
is by classifying them as political bodies. By the law of 1908 all political
associations must send in notice to
police authorities of the names and
members of their executive council*-
and give exact and detailed information as to their rules and regulations, and any changes which may occur In them.
That trade unions are now to come
under this title is shown by the fact
dcr traffic or threaten harm to strike j f'ia'f"*4p^J'henh^��f *!���""��*
1 in Berlin ordered all unions who have
Another mode of interfering with
the liberty of the trade organizations
is by classifying thein as political
bodies. By the law of 190X all political associations must send iu notice
to police authorities of the names of
members cf their executive councils
and give exact and detailed information as to their rules and regulations,
and any changes which may occur in | East S
That trade unions are now to come
under this title is shown by the fact
that on April 1 the head of the police j
in Berlin ordered all unions who have
their headquarters In the capital, as i
well as the offices of the branches of
unions In Berlin, to send In copies of j
their rules, as well as the nanus on
their executive  councils
their headquarters in the eapit*;!, as
well as the offices of the branches of
unions in Berlin, to send in cop.js of
their rules, as well as the names on
their executive councils.
Hon. .Jos. Martin, who for som�� time
has been at variance with the official
Liberal pany In his constituency of
Pancras, has now been de-
finitcly repudiated, says the Tim��i.
Mr. Martin says he will fight again
"Flanship" Surrenders.
Douglas. May 4.���A telegram received here today by Constitutionalist Consul l.ellevier from Genera]
Alvaredo, states that the "flagship"
of General Tellez at Guaymas had
made its way to Topobolampo, where*
the vessel with its crew of thirty sur-
n ndered to the coustitutionaJlsia.
Lewlston,  Idaho.  May    6.   Preclpl-1 From  the  description of the  vessel.
tated  from  a cliff fifty  feet high  26 j apparently   it   is    a    large    gasoline
cattle  were  either killed  or suffered | launch.
broken backs, legs and ribs near the |       mmmmmi^���|m^m   ^^_^^^^^^^
Wen aha  forest   reserve,  according  to j	
a story told by Hay Hester, who returned from his stock ranch in Washington, adjoining the reserve.    A two j
we) ks' old calf which  went over thej
cliff was uninjured    Mr. Hester sale!: ,
"The animals  were being taken  to
summer pasture by men living in the
Ana tone   d'strict.   After   camp   had)
been pitched  for the night the cattle
started to move und those In charge
of them started to head them off. ln
the darkness they did not see that the
animals were on a blind trail  which
led up to the edge of the cliff.
"When the quadrupeds were bunched   near  the   verge   the  drivers,   not
realizing the situation, began to crowd
them and they began to go over. Then
the drivers went around to the head
of the trail and turned them back.
"The drivers appealed   for help  to)
myself  and   others   ln   the   neighbor- I
hood and with lariats we helped draw
the  injured  animals to a  level  spot, j
where the owners tried  to attend  to
them.    I advised them to shoot them. I
but they teftised."
NaDnrCo Laxatives
are especially good   for
children  because  they  are
pleasant to take, gentle in
action, do not irritate  tbe
bowels nor develop a need
for continual or increased
doses,   35c. a box, at yosjf
Natioaal Dras sad Chamkal Ca>.
of Canada, Limilwl.      177
Kemmerer. Wyo.. May 5.��� The winter has been most severe on the large
hand of horses which have been running on the desert, and lias resulted
in some destruction among them, and
in their now weakened condition they
are easily taken in bv the riders who
are scouring the range.
For years these horses, with the
spliit of tho wild, have eluded capture and the' riders coming lu their
direction were scented long distances
off, and they could easily avoid cap!
This  has  resulted  in   many of  the;
colts growing up without brands until there wore many mavericks on the!
range, the property of the rder who j
could   capture   and   brand   them.
These baneis have grown in numbers during years past, and there is j
no prettier sicht on the range than to
is one of the chief reasons why younjr
people stay contentedly there Instead
of seeking their amusements elsewhere.
Let us furnish the piano that will
make your home attractive. Tbe
DOMINION PIANOS are here for your
521  Columbia  St., New Westminster.
WEDNESDAY,   MAY   6,   1914.
(.overnment  B|��{ ; Samson
Has Satisfactory Trial
Capt. Menten and Crew Well Pleased
With the Finest Craft of the Kind
in Pacific Waters.
Fitted up in the best possible shape
with machinery and apparatus in some
instances even more modern than
many an ocean going craft, the new
government snagpuller Samson will
soon be placed in commission tor patrol work on the Fraser and also assist the survey |>arties sent out by
the public works department.
The new hull, built at the Port
CoqnKlam shipbuilding yards, was
brought down river some months ago
and tied up to the government wharf
where the transfer of the machinery
on the old Samson together with the
installation of new and more modern
apparatus has been going on.
Yesterday morning Capt. R. C. Men-
ten gave the order to cast, off and the
boat  headed   up  river on   her  first
trial trip, the engines and machinery
behaving  splendidly ������ throughout the
entire passage.   Another trip will be
made this morning' and  with a few
minor details to be adjusted, it is expected that the boat will be placed in j
commission in abou^tw-o weeks' time.
Registered From New Westminster.
The Samson  will be the  first government boat plying, -tlie Fraser to be
registered    from    New Westminster.
Hitherto it has not bepn necessary for
Dominion owned craft  to be registered but the new order of things will
mean  a  considerable  increase in the
tonnage, papers for which are taken
out at this port.
Everything pertaining to comfort
and seaworthiness has been combined |
in the new vessel. Improvements tak- ]
en from the building of the old Sam- i
son have been inserted in the con-
struction of the new craft enough tu I
make her skipper, officers and crew I
For  protection  in  the  work of  re I
moving snags and piles In the river. |
the how to twenty feet aft has been
encased In iron.    This together with I
five longitudinal bulkheads makes her
secure    from    being    ripped In hei
seams, a feature which played havoc
with the now discarded hull.
The   Dahl    oil-burning    system  re
places   coa,   as   a  'fuel,    this    being j
in line with the government's policy
in   respect to   the  dredging   fleet  on
the  B.  C. coast.    A   duel  system   Ol
burners enables the vessel to be op- \
erated   Ht  ail   times   for   in  event  of j
one unit goiug out of commission, a
low  turns on a series of valves and i
levers switches the steam generating)
plant to the other unit.
New Signal  System.
One of the new features on the boa;
is  the system of signalling  from the !
bridge?  to the engine room  and  visa
versa,    ln the old boat the antiquat
e d cord and hell system was In force |
bin  th*8 is now supplemented by the
modern   I'hadburn  engine   room   tele-
���--r-iih.   while  a  third   is   possible   by
electric  bells.    The  steam    arrangement is also triplicated, this work be
ing   under  thr  supervision   of  Chief
Engineer Creeden, who is the author
of many improvements on the vessel
as compared  with  the old .Samson.
On tlie boat deck are '.o be found
two lifeboats in addition to the survey boats which are carried on the
The accommodation for the officers and crew is of the topnotch order.
two spare rooms for government offi
Cials being fitted up on tho upper
)h rk. together with those of the
Capt. It. C. Menten is In command.
together with Mate Boyd and Chief
Engineer Frank Creeden.
Too Late to Classify
'i   ������  you  -i prospective  clients     Willi
���'"���'���* good  tract tev one wh�� ein pro-
: ���-   "���-���'���" ���    Ask im  ii. <;   Brush.
WILT. GIVE CASH ,\NI> e'l.r;.ut DBBD
tn .ids., in rtniinte comer at Cedar Cot-
'.if f"r huiiftslow oi house, :, or 6
litems     What   have  j-ou  to  offer?
FOB     SAI.K    I'lVK     ROOM     MODKRN
Bouse, ne-w and  slwnte- close  u,  .,���!���   <���
Lot 60x160 m lane      [>,,,.,.  j     j,'-,,
aasri, balanc ��� ,vjn ., month h clu I if-    .
re���mi   thoroughly   uioilerie     house       lot
6)5x1 10   e-or.   o,   lane  ;,iiel   |al ..    ,,' ,.,..,,
Rttuatt)   119  Iiiirliaiiv Mr>-"t?    T':i-  nro-
pertj  Is worth $3560,
anel lot, B2X14J, all fenced anil In liar,
'le-n. Situate 5"Ul s)i. ���t 7fh Ave. Price
��!'-i)0.    Name root own torrns.
FOR SALE���THREE LOTS EAi'll 60xllfl
to lane- at re-er; iinoiisirueti il vii �� ,,,,,|
situate Nanaimo and lHUi St. 1'rle'.-
'!'J25 feir a few days only.
Eastman and Co.
Phone  312.
2��1   Westminster   Trust   Building.
With every purchase of $1.00
or over, we give a card, good
for your photograph, worth
$1.25. '   :���"' ���    ���
Window Shades
Window Shades; made of special oil opaque cloth:
f.7 inch:s wide and six feet long; fitted to Hartshorn roller; regular 75c. CCa%
Special Price        09C
Window Shades;  of good quality    cream  cloth;  36
inches  wide and  six  feet long;   fitted   to  a  strong
spring  roller;   regular  50c.
Special Price	
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Just In���Mosquito Nets
Just  received,   a   shipment  of  Mosquito   Netting;
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36 inches wide.    Two yards 4 m
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This is a very attractive model; made on graceful lines; low or high
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We have a nice selection in stock, in small and medium size checks;
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Styles in Neckwear
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Kvery piece of Ladles' Neckwear that we have now in
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effects; pleated Jabots, of
lace, in plain and faucy shapes;
dress and coat collar frills. In
numerous styles and qualities;
fancy Bows, in plain and colors, and one hundred and one
other style pieces of new novelty neckwear fixings.
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mull; crepe and crepe de
cliinp with double frill flshu
effect, and also many with
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green and violet ribbon Bands.
Makes a very pretty and effective finish on either Spring
Suit or Dress    Specially priced
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-   Department
60c to 95c
A new arrival of Art Needlework materials; stamped and tinted
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rose, clover and Dutch designs; all of these with backs Included.
Specially priced
Stamped White Linens.
In stamped white linen we have an exceptional)* nice assortment to
choose from; in centres, lunch cloths, try cloths, cosys, dresser scarfs,
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BUFFET,   solid   oak,  three  drawers,   double-door   cupboard   and   B.   B.   plate   mirror
EXTENSION TABLE, six-foot;  solid oak;  square;   pedestal base.
CHINA CABINET, solid oak, adjustable shelves.
DINING CHAIRS, set of six, solid cak, genuine leather seats.
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KNIVES, FORKS AND SPOONS;  half dozen knives and forks;  half dozen tea spoons
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The- lot complete'. $d1   50
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Lipped  Saucepans; ORg*
reg.  35c,  for     fc*rV
Dipper Saucepans; QCf*
reg.   45c,   for      W<alV
Lipped  Saucepans; AtLg*.
reg.   60,   for       -*��#��>
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regular    $1.25, S5C
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Fry Pans;   reg. 50c, QCf>
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Linen Values
Fully Bleach"d Irish I'nion
Table Damask; 54 inches wide;
mercerised finish; in floral design.    Today,  per        ���J'"* 1 j,
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Pure Irish Linen Table Damask; fully bleached; 70 In.
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Union Damask; just the cloth
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wide; in check design; strong
and durable.    To. CHf*
day,   per  yard      OUC
Large size bleached Damask
Table Cloth; size 60x80'; beautiful floral and leaf designs; a
useful sized cloth for everyday
use;       regular       $1.50       each.
ra.y,.6Mh. $1.15
Fully bleached Irish Damask
Breakfast Cloth; size 60x64; e��-
tlve fioral designs; rtgular 95c
value.    Today, TCa*
each     I OC
All linen Damask Table Napkins; In floral and dot effects;
size 19x19; hemmed ready for
use; regular $2.60 a dozen.
Today, per g j   ai>
dozen   ... .   .     $ | JJO
Wash Goods
Oalateas, for little boys' suits
or blouses; nothing washes better nor gives more satisfactory
wear;   blue  anel   \ehltp;   ln  Wj(i'f,
eer narrow stripes; also brown
and white,   Per ��%�����
yard  COC
Crepes, in heavy r,:- ||Kni
weights; stripes dots and
pla'n colors.    Triced at, per yard
15c, 2Qc and 25c
Plain Colored Poplins; p iik.
blue, fawn, cream and bl icky.
"X Inches wide. **���
Per yard      fiDC
Whit)' Barred Muslin; fine
quality and full yard AA.
wide.     Per  yard       faVV
Ginghams in all colors; lais"
or small checks; solel usually at
15c a yard.    Our 1 O J *��
price, per yard       I ���. j C
Our Kitchenware
Values Save You
Galvanized     Wash    Tubs.    75c.,
90c.. $1.15. an-.  $1.35.
Galvanized Straight Pails;  30c.
40c, and 50c.
Flaring  Tin   Pails;   each   15c,
20c and 25c.
Anti-Rust  Seamless  ��� Pails:     at
each. 70c, 80c, and 90c
Tin Wash Boiler:-, ear'a 95c, and
Copper   Bottom   Wash   Boilers:
each $1.50 and $1.75.
Nickel Towel Rods; IS inch 25c;
21-iiith  35c
Six-arm c l otbes Dryers, 25c
.Mrs. Potts' Sad Irons; set $1.00.
Wire   Toasters   15c,  20c,   25c.
Steel  Fry Pans.  10c, 15c, 25c.
Heavy  Cast  Spldirs, 75c, $1.00.
Japanned    Bread    Boxe's;    each
$1.00,  $1.25,  $1.50  and  $1.75.
Ji'panned   Flour   Tins;   each   at
$1.25.   $1.75   and   $2.25.
Household   Spice  and  Tea Caddies;  each 15c, 20c 25c, 35c
Study These
Bedding Values
Pillow Cases; made from bleached English cotton; neatly hem-
stitched; 40 and 40 inches wide.
per pair	
Bleached li"d Sheeting; 70 in
wide; excellent quality: pure-
anil clean; a very superior grade-
Of sheeting.
Today, per yard
Pillow Cases; hi7.es 40, 42 and
41 inches by :13 inches; very
fine finish; evenly woven; ah
solutely pure; nicely hemstitch
eel    Today
per pair 	
Full Bleached Cottcn Sheeta;
made from heavy grade' sheet
ing; also twill weave; size-
68x90; hemmed ready for use.
per pali   	
White Grecian Bedspreads
gooel wearing quality; size
byf'O.    Today
2'/i yards wide, bleached betl
Sheeting; in close- twill weave;
strong and durable. For those
requiring an extra wide sheeting we can recommend this
grade. Today
per yard  	
Special Bargains in
New and Up-to-date
Beds and Cribs
llrass Bed; in 4 6 or 8.6 size;
satin finish;   with double weave
Spring ami Guaranteed Aii-feii
Complete for $CUaUU
White Knamel Steel Bed; with
double weave Spring ami two-
side cotton Mattress; bed has
brass top rail and brass top
mounts (1 I   CO
Complete for  ��P I  I ��3U
Cribs for the Kiddies.
White  Enamel  Steel Crib,  with
swing      side,      complete      with
Price    ��P I a I D
Continuous Post Steel Criih:
with  drop  side;   complete   with
C $8.75
Clearing $1.65
Dress Goods. 75c
An odd lot of cloths, all wooi.
including Venetians, Bedford
Cords, Serges, Broad Cloths,
Whipcords, Panamas, etc., in
servicrable shades of browns,
greens, wisteria, grays, blacks,
r.avys, blues, etc; up to 64
inches wide, A very special
purchase and make good suits
and separate skirts; regular
values up to $1.65. Vour choice
of  a   big  lot   today 7C#%
at,  per  yard      I OC
We have a large variety of ne-w
Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers; regular lOc,
5c. 10c, 15c Values That Are Unequalled
Class Berry Dishes:   regular 10c.
QlaBB Double Eggs Cups; regular 10c.
Class Table Tumblers;  regular lee.
Kach    i	
class Lemon Reamers; regular 10c,
Blue and White' Earthenware Pudding Bowls; rogular 10c.
WhltO  and Cold Fruit  Nappies.
White  and Gold  Dread  and  Butter   Plates.
Children's  Decorated  < hlna  Mugs,   regular  10c,
Class Oil or  Vinegar  Beittles;   regular 20c
class Measuring Cups; regular 16c.
Class Medicine Classes; regular 16c.
Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers;  regular l"'1
Crystal Cut Tumblers;  regular 20c.
Good Porcelain Cups anel Saui-e-rs; regular 15c.
?Iicrt     Trimming Silks
e sheet
���)���; size
for    Use-.
spreads;   a
ty;   size  "0
bed bo<!
or those
e sheet-
end  this
Curtain Materials
New Madras Muslin; 50 inches
wide;   iu  white or cream  floral
Per yard  ....
Nottingham Sash Net; Scalloped
fin    both    edges;    white    only
ya ni
3    only
white,   ecru,
Bungalow Nets;
oreani and Arab; per
yd. 25c, 35:, 40c and.
Bordered or Plain Scrims;
cream, ivory and ecru; a Rplen
did assortment of drsigns and
patterns, suitable for any room
at a'l priees. Per yard CCf*
20r��� 25c, 35c, 50c and. OUC
Silkathe; a new mercerized
casement cloth in green, white,
cream e>r ecru; so inches wide
absolutely fast colors.    Per yard  	
Casement Cloth; in cream with
lace    edging    and    Insertion.
Per  yard
silks suitable for trimmings,
amongst which are the new
p'aieis. .-:r;;ies. broches and tap-
entry effe cts, Vein will find
something to trim any dress in
th'', lol     Price, pi r yard:
85c, $1.50 $1.95
Men's Furnishings
at $1.25
Men's Combinations; in a double
thread Balbriggan; ecru eolor;
with tl'.e new closed crotch;
all   sizes.     Today      *J��4   ��C
per suit.    91 iai9
Men's Summer Weight Wool
Underwear, shirts and drawers;
in colors white, pink and natural: non-irritating to the most
sensitive si.in: all sizes. Today,   pel fl��*|   OC
garment    *9 ' .CaW
Men's Negligee Shirts; in good
assortment of plain and striped
patterns; coat styles; attached
double French cuffs and soft
separate collars    to    match all
Today    .       $laa��0
Men's White Nightshirts; of
fine cotton poplin; with collars
attached; large roomy body:
all sizes. ��4   2JC
Today ��9 I .aa.%1
See These Matting Suit Cases at $1.95
Decorated China Sugar and Creams;   regular 2.r,c
Decorated China Olive Dishes;  regular 15e.
Decorated China Tea  Pot Stands;   regular  25c,
Iridescent Glass  Berry  Bowls,  Fruit Plates and  Flower
Vases, etc., regular 26c.    Each   	
China Ash Trays; regular 2,">r,
7-Inch   Di'coratcd China   Fruit   Bowls;   regular 26.
for    r	
Decorated China Cream .lugs;   regular 25c.
Decorated Chna Candlesticks; regular 26c,
Decorated China Shaving Mugs;   regular 26c.
White and Gold China Cups and Saucers or Plates;
regular  2."c.    Each   	
Adjustable Wire Skirt Hangers; regular l",r, two
Three-arm Hardwood Towel Holders;  regular 26c
covered Japanned Dust Pans;  regular 2m\
Handled Shoe Brushes; regular 25c.
Large Fibre Scrub Brushes; regular 25c,
Feather-weight Suitcase, made of strong fibre matting; with reinforced
corners and bound edges; brass lock and side clasps; some with out
side leather straps all round: regular $2.25 and $2.50
values.    Today	
McAllisters for
Natural Pongee
'jr inches wide,
per yard  	
34 inches wide,
per yard   	
Boys' Rah-RahHats
Boys' fino Felt Hats in rah-rah
sh*tpea; colors navy trimmed
with bunds of red and white.
red trimmed with navy, and
plain eolorn of brown and gray;
sizes ��',-; to 6%. m}t\m
Today      I DC
am  with
We   Pack,
Ship  and
Freight  on
We   Pack,
Ship   and
Frcifjh*.   en


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