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The New Westminster News May 22, 1914

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Volume 9, Number 67
of Manslaughter
(iruvenhurst, Out, May 21   -William
Jury Was in Session Nearly Eijjht Hours Before Arriving at a Decision���Reported at 8 in the Evening-
Immense Crowd in Attendance.
Ruttan,   the  erstwhile     outlaw     who I which will determine whether t'harles j
killed  Mrs.  Alfred  Coutennanche. bit   Beaker conceived the plot that result-
daughter,  and  George  Coutennanche. I ed  In  the  murder of  Herman  Kosen-
iier brother-in-law, at  llousi y  Rapids i thai, the gambler, will have the case
yesterday, Is still at large tonight ter-1 In  its  hands  before  noon  tomorrow,
rorizint   the   n��l-rhiww*��"<'   '��   ������*������-���*���      ""--    - was  taken   this
    =^^__ Prfce Five Cents,
TRIAL OF BECKER j JT/IPITCT* nnr ^ a wr*.w*~ ..���
New     York.     May    21.-Tho    jury j
    ,,...���,,i wi-ihi  us  nanas  perori
rorizing   the   nelgliborbood   in   which \    Tbe   last  evident-
,    ,w   ���..���*���**��*��>   wno   tuned   luis
(lie tragedy was enacted. In his flight i morning and this afternoon Martin
for liberty Huttan was well supplied ' ��*--'- ���
wltb ainiuuiiition and a modern combination shot gun and rifle with which
he can use either shells or cartridges.
He has In addition to the murders
set fire to three barns and a ware-
bouse  belonging    to    Messrs.   Henry
Many Expressions of Dissatisfaction   Heard Over the Result of the Trial-
Kong Recalled to Stand���Stron g  Plea  Made for Defendant by
5 the Attorney for the Defence.
Cook. C. J. Bruce and T. Fletcher, all
ol whom live In the vicinity of tin.
Ilul tan   farm.
J'rovlnclal Detective Greer Is spending the night in the Ruttan house In
tbe hope of the murderer returning.
Six special constables have been
sworn iu and distributed at various
parts ot  the farm.
Four Houses Burned at Port
Coquitlam   and   Man
. ..   ��� ..uuil .'1UJ   LJI|    I
J. Manion, Heeker's chief counsel, de-
to l.ate ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^h
tonight   District   Attorney     Whitman
completed the presentation Of We ar-      A   flert.(.        iri(.   fjl(,  ���        ,
guments   favoring   conviction   ol   the., . , .      .
former  police lieutenant  In   the  first  ��**���** 80U,her��  ��*-'ctio" ��*  Port Coi-tnt-
degree. 'am early this morning.    Two bouses
Judge Seabury will cba ge the jury | owned  by  the    Coquitlam    Terminal
tomorrow morning.
Vancouver, M.iy 21. Shortly after
eight o'clock this evening the Jury
in the case of Jack Kong, the Chin-
ose boy charged with tlie. murder of
.Mis. Charles Millard, returned a verdict of manslaughter.
The verdict was a complete sur-
prlso as few had the slightest suspicion that the self-confessed murderer would escape with so light a verdict.
Kong will |jp sentenced at the end
-il the present assize.
When court convened this morning
the defendant was again called to the
stand  in   . irther examination.    Pol-
, the  announcement  of  manslaughter,
I but this was Instantly suppressed.
This evening the general sentiment
I on tlie street and iu public places is
one of decided dissatisfaction with
' the result of the trial. Coming, as it
does, after the confession of the defendant yesterday on Ihe stand, many
are unable to understand how the
members of the jury could arrive at
such  a  conclusion.
While there  is much  opposition  to
the  verdict  there is not the slightest |
indication thai the dissatisfaction wil
develop into anything serious
A.   li.  Taylor.  K
EC crown counsel.
,     .       .. ���-���   ��� uv...���.     '"'-ppon     the    court     convening      this
lowing   his   examination     arguments, nior���*���K |n  the Millard  murder
for ihe crown  and the defense wer<
heard i.fl. r which the jury was charged  by  Honorable Justice Morrison.
���    The   jury   retired   and   was   locked ;
up  ai   five   minutes after  l  o'clock i
Ih a afternoon.
When court adjourned for the afternoon Hon. Justice Morrison an- |
ih.iimed that be would reconvene
court at eight o'clock In the evening
to receive tbe report of the Jury it
a d< oislon bad been reached
Jury  Reported.
When court convened at eight
o'clock this evening It was impossible to obtain standing room. Every
possible inch or space was occupied
by some one desirous of hearing tne
-.. rdlct. Among the large crowd were
many women, some Of whom had
bi en reg,iiar attendants throughout
ihe trial.
Tho utmost silence prevented as
the jury entered the room and rendered their verdict.
\   hum   of   astonishmi m   followed
ing in mt- Miiiard murder case
asked His Lordship, Mr. Justice (!reg
ory, to allow him to recall Kong to
the stand.
Court  -What for?
Mr. Taylor -To ask him a few questions. I would ask your lordship to
put the questions.     ?
Court Kong, you are still under
oath.    How did you lift the body?
Kong I lifted her up and put her
on  my   back.
Mr. Russell How? On his should
ers or  back, my  lord?
Coun Kx plain how, Kong, was II
on  your shoulders of  back?
Kong- I held her ham \ over my
shoulders With my left band behind
my back holding.
Court Explain bow von carried
Kong I carried her on my back to
the lauding and then I changed it
and carried her in front of me. When
I   puked  her up  I  pui  my  hands be-
(Continued  on  Page  Three i.
Komogata   Maru   Reaches
Victoria   Early   This
Passengeri  Not  Allowed   Shore  Communication���Ship   is   Carefully
Claims Citizens of All Nations Have Equal Rights
With Americans.
Expresses Opinion  That Senate Will
Not  Vote to Arbitrate  Dispute
���Loudly   Applauded.
Company   have   been   destroyed.
One man was seriously Injured and
several children were slightly burned.
Desperate  efforts  are  being   made t ine roau at any moment,
by the fire department and volunteers      Scores of people were on the scene,
to   save  other   resldenc^u   u.1,0.1,   �������- ' ���������������   ���������-������
clouds of smoke shooting up into the
sky giving the citizens of New Westminster. Hurnaby and I'ort Moody an
idea of what was happening.
Late yesterday afternoon the Pipe
��� Line road was impassable, the workmen aud families unable to get away
at the outset, heading for Coquitlam
dam which appeared to be out of the
track of the flames on account of the
A News representative was on the
ground about 0 o'clock but was halted
about two tulles from Port Coquitlam.
the rangers Issuing a warning that
travel to the dam was unsafe and
that big sticks were liable to block
the road at any moment.
      ......    . -.. mi l.-.-i ;
to save other residences which ar<-
in the path of the flames.
JuBt how the fire started has ��* t
been discovered. The flames first
broke out iu the Pitt river Hats.
All the houses which    have    been
autos and  horses being pressed  into
sevlce    to carry out citizens of Port
Coquitlam and New Westminster.
Animals  Seek   Safety.
On the outskirts of the fire all kinds
*     wild   animals   life  could   be   seen
Washington, May 21���Senator Root.
republican member of the foreign relations committee, held the senate in
rapt attention for five hours today,
speaking iu support of the administration bill to repeal the tolls exemption clause of the Panama canal law.
As tlie New Vork senator sa* down,
Senator Kern, democratic floor leader, led lhe applause from the floor
in which spectators in the galleries
Joined  in.
The burden of the speech was tf
prove that the  liay-Pauncel'ote treaty
 ��� ,,    ,,,,,.    ocen |'"   w,in   animals   lire  could   be   seen
built during the past few years bv the scurrying to safety while all around
Terminal company, are located clot 3 big sticks of cedar and fir were ablaze
together which is making the work from base to top. presenting a mag-
of  the    firefiirhteru      ..,.-,    ,*-."<  *-���������'   ������-���
Victoria, May li*;.��� Having on board
a Hindus from Hong Kong. Shanghai and porta In Japan, the Japanese
steamer Komogata Maru, Captain Ya-
mamota, dropped anchor off Williams
Head  early  this morning. V.^.K utai me  nay-rauncefote treat}
Al daybreak she will be examined provided that the treatment accord-
by the quarantine officials and sub- ed by the United States to Its own
sequently by immigration officers ' citizens ln the use of the Panama can-
Croin Victoria and Vancouver, who i al must be the same as tlip treat-
will decide whether the boat is to be I ment to be accorded to citizens of
allowed to proceed to Vancouver, her | all nations.
destination, and  land her  passenger.*. J     Senator Root asserted that the Cni-
livirdit   Singh,   the   wealthy   Hindu,   ted States always had insisted on tnis
who has  been  Instrumental  In  char-     ' --���--���-������
tering the Komagata Maru. when interviewed this morning stated there
were thousands Of natives from India
who were anxious to make their home
iii Canada and that the matter will
be by no means ended should th"
present contingent be refused �� land-
Two government launches stood by
ihe boat and will pn vent all communication from shore until the immigration department has settled the
of the firefighters more difficult
Practically every person in ihe city
turned out. The flames lighting up
the whole town and throwing a riow
to be seen for miles around.
At 2 o'clock the fire was reported
to beuuder control.
Heavy  Timber  Loss.
'I'he most serious forest fire of the
season started early yesterday afternoon, and was still burning when
darkness fell. Dense voluffil ��� of smoke
arose from the burning timber and
brush and cast a pall over the surrounding country. The loss will reach
into the thousands of dollars, but as
yet it is Impossible to place anything
like an accurate estimate upon the
Tbe fire started In tlie vicinity of
the COQirltlam dam, the timber limits
of the McNair company of I'ort Moody
being devastated. Up to late last night
over 100 men had bei n pressed Into
service  by  the  forest  r-ngers  in  an
���llicent yet awe Inspiring spectacle.
Through the dense smoke the big
������"d orb of the sun appeared at times
lending additional color to the picture.
No estimate as to the actual damage could be made last night although
It will run into thousands of dollars.
The loss of a big pile of shingle bolts,
piled all ready for shipment on the
logging railway at Burrard inlet, will
run into hundreds of dollars, without
counting the damage to standing timber.
The fire will probably continue for
several days unless rain falls. A
sharp watch is being kept in the precincts around Couultlam dam. especially at the waterworks plant of the
New Westminster system, but little
damage is expected unless the wind
Another large fire is raging on the
nortli side of Burrard, inlet, dense
clouds of ' smoke- hanging over the
water   and   Btretching  over   Burnaby
I and   Smith   l'aiii>fttiv��'
Threatens to  Give Spectator a  "Lick
ing" at Meeting of Eurnaby School
Pan.ima   Locks   Liable  to  Coll.--.psc
Any Time���Five Persons Indicted   for  Conspiracy.
Pittsburg, Pa., May 21. Tin- indict-
men- of tive employees of the Carbon  Steel company on a charge    of
conspiracy   in   connection
After a luli ol seven days lie Hum
air. school board held another stormy
session at West Burnaby last night,
the argument extending over three
hours without any appreciable result
ami at ll o'clock an adjournment was
taken until Thursday next.
The storm area centred around the
proposed Vancouver Heights school
which Trustee Humes desires to have
started immediately while the other
members of the hoard are displaying
the Woodrow Wilson policy of "Watchful waiting." the tatter's armistice ex-
tending to the first meeting following
ih.- election when two nem members
��ill have t.ecn elected,
Trouble was not slow in coming last
night, for no sooner had  thi   meeting
convened than Trustee Burnes refused] p.r!!a,^a.n.11'",
to act as chairman of tlie Finance com-;
mittee,    maintaining    lhat    Trustees
Herd and Churchland, who wen. pres-,
ent,  had   resigned  and   therefore  had '
no right  to deliberate upon matters
connected  with the hoard
To i vade this quandary tin- board
appointed Trustee Herd to act as temporary chairman,
Tlie   crux   of   the   trouble   was   tlie
agreement with Architect Bowman in
CI inn et ion with percentage fees of the
prepared plans for a new school at
Vancouver Heights, accepted by the
1918 board, which called lor a sum
<-i $2200, The board finds ahat while
these plans call for an expenditure of
$75,000 there is only about $-ir>,0HU
available at tin- present tlnn and new
plans will have to be prepared.
Mr. Bowman appeared before the
board and wanted fai, play, stating
th.it he was prepared for a compromise in the matter, No action was
taken and probably will not be taken
until after the election.
During an argument in which a
spectator entered some comment,
Trustee Burnes turned to the gallery
with a retoit. "I am coming out to
lick you some of these days," and
while discussing finance Trustee Coul-
ti .- informed Mr. Burnes that he could
buy him out before breakfast.
Employment  of  White   Men   in   Mills : ���.-.ankle   tonight  and   they  closed   tin
Improves Conditions, i Friars clu!
lu contrast with other cities on the ' to have be
--������"���i  Port Moody is a  scene of bust- i Infractions of the liquor laws.
Tlie hotels and room- I Two young men and four girls were
full and are furnish-1arrested today as the result of dis
Ing annexes for guests. This Is in a closures regarding alleged occurren-
great part due to the c. P. I., mill ces at the Friars club and Other aim-
dispensing  with  Oriental   labor. I liar placi s.    The men  are  Hi*.  K.  L.
There are about 160 men employed : Long and  Dr. .1.  S.  Nihley.    The ar
hy   tlie  Imperial   Oil   company   clear-I
ire their sevi lily  acre holding on 'lie I
v..,.-,.          with    the
sted furnished for the locks In the
Panama canal, was voted by tbe federal grand jury here today.
lt is alleged that the steel furnished was of such an inferior ipiality
that tile immense locks at tlie dams
in the canal are liable to collapse
at any time, causing heavy loss of
properly and probably lives.
Tin- men named are Samuel H.
Watmore, David .1. Simpson, Dennis
K. Bullous, Henry l,ut/. and James K.
Lacy. Two others. W. K. Warren aud
Pied Schopo, were also named in the
bill the grand jur;
commended thai no Indictment
I'i '.ml a jalnsl them as they gave
uahie testimony,
The grand jury requested the court
to direct l.uteii States District Attorney Humes to lay before it a bill
for Indictment, selling forth the alleged violations of law by the men
named. District Attorney Humes
said lie would present the indictment
��� it is charged that Watmore, who
was superintendent of the Carbon
Still compBUJ in 1B11 and Mullens,
Who was metallurgist, together with
the oilier men conspired io defraud
iho government by furnishing an inferior quallt) of steel to be used in
building the canal locks. It is alleged that tbe ends of the large beams
and plates were tempered highly so
that when the government inspector
would chip off an end to analyse he
would get a sample that was of the
best kind of steel, while the balance
of tlie beams and plates were of Inferior quality i
Only   Solution  of  the   American   Railroad Problem���Certain to Eventually   Come   to   that   Point.
Washington. May 21, ��� Absolute
monopoly of transportation under government regulation and control was
suggested by Charles S. Mellen, for
mer president of the New York. New
Haven and Hartford railroad, to tlie
Interstate commerce commission today as the solution of tlie American
railroad problem.
"To  get  efficiency   and   economy."
Mr,  Mellen  asserted,  "then-  must   bei
a   monopoly;   and   that   monopoly   is j
certain  to  he the   I'nited  States  gov- I
eminent." I
A little later lie remarked "every
time a railroad official comes to
Washington he has to take off his hat
to some government official."
Mr. Mellen appeared to have recovered from his evident fatigue of
yesterday   when   he   appeared   before
the commission today to resume his
testimony. He was virile and active,
mentally and physically. He responded to questions fired at him by Chief
l oiinsel Jos. W. Polk vigorously and
promptly, never hesitating a second
for a word.
Sunday School Social.
The Sunday school children of Blue
Mountain church, their friends and
teachers, lidd a delightful ice cream
social in DOTnelly's orchard on Monday evening. It added $10 to tne
funds of the  school.
 * -.     ......     ii..;....,.,    Wil     I HIS
broad principle of equality and insisted that the equality mentioned in the
convention was the broad equality
which had marked American diplomacy.
Exemption of Vessels.
Taking   up  the  specific  guestion   of
exemption of American coastwise vessels,  thf-i senator said  the law of 1912
granting this exemption violated  the
���   equality  guaranteed   by    the    treaty
This was true, he argued, because no
real   coaslwise   trade   of   tlie    United
States could pass  through this canal,
i'lini  miles   away,   and   consequently,
what   Hie  law   did   was  to  exempt  a
class of American oversea trade without  a;  the same time  exempting the
like  oversea  trade  of tlreat     Britain.
Russia,  Mexico and other countries,
i     The senator said   that  he  was  voting   for   reptal   now   because     in     tlie
'judgment  of   Senators   best     able     to
i judge   the   senate   would  no:   vote   to
i arbitrate   the  dispute. I
Discredited and Dishonored.
"Right or wrong." he said, " if we
decide tliis in our favor and refuse
; to arbitrate we are discredited and
dishonored. We have repudiated our
own principals. Now let any senator who votes against repeal, take tin
responsibility of leading his country
into that position. If every constituent of mine was looking forward ti
lower freight rales. I would not st
Jead my country. Had I in my soul
all the nation hatrnl taught in mj
youth. 1 would not do it."
In conclusion, Mr. Root said In
would venture to say American diplomacy had enobled and sweatened International intercourse. He called ,up-
on his fellow senators to meet their
duty to their country in the same big
and noble spirit that John Hay had
met his.
.......  .,,   mc   mr-si  r-ngers   in   an I ���a*mw   a""   m-reu-ning
attempt to stem the tiu< of the flames.   an<1 South Vancouver.
Several narrow is,apes are reported I
and   several   men   were  still  reported             Town of Lebam Destroyed.
missing late yesterday  but these are |    1-ebam, Wash., May 21.���Fire start-:
believed   to  have  made  their way  to I inK in  lhe boiler room of the  I^ebani
safety.                                                         I mill and lumber company  today des-
The tire is supposed to bave started ! troyed   that   plant   and    swept    both
Ion   the   east   side   nf   'he   Coquitlam i a"1*8  of   tne   business  street of  this
' river,   caused   by   a   spark  falling  on I town  of  600  inhabitants,  burning all
the   brush   from   a   small   locomotive ' the business houses in town as well
operated  by  tlie  Dewar (Iravil  com-' aa many residences.   The loss tonight
pany.                                                            ��� is estimated at $300,000 with little In-
Ory   as   Tinder.                     ' surance.    Lebam is not  an  incorpor-
Tiie li at >;  the past few days has i ated town and bas no fire protection,
dried   everything  to  a   tinder  and   It   the citizens having to fight the flames
was only tne work of a few moments   which  were driven  by a strong wind,
before the tire hail got out of control    wilh   water   drawn   from    wells     and
and   was   lit adiuu   westward   before   �� i carried   to  the  burtd/llj-s   In   paffft.
stirr   breeze.  '���
The   employees     of     the     McNair Twventy   Fires   in   Washington.
| shingle mill located near the river re-      Olympia.   Wash.,   May    21.���Warm
port a narrow escape, the flames leap-1 weather,  absence  or rain  and  brisk
ing over the tree tops at a rapid rate  vlWnds   have   led   to   a   serious   forest
towards several camps     Horses were  Are  situation   in   this  state.    Twenty
hurriedly  hitched, the  wives and Chil-   '"'res   are   burning,     practically     none
dren   of several  of  fie   men   bundled   are listed under control, and  this af-
Into  wagons   together with a lew  ar-   ternoon tiie dreaded crown fire, which
tides   of  furniture,   and   a   hasty   exit  -iills   timber   as   it   progresses.     was
made towards I'ort Coquitlam. running through trees in Lewis coun-
Witiiin the space of an hour the ty, having started from the Wilson
flame- had crossed the river and Brothers' logging works .it Indepen-
headed  towards  Port     Moody,    dense ^lenee.
Investors in  People's Trust Company : Shramrock IV. Will Carry a Sail Area
Liable to Be Frozen Out Aceor.- of More Than 8000 Square Feet
B. C. E. R. Ticket Sale.
In connection with special fares on
the Kraser Valley branch of the It
C. E. R. extending over the week end
tickets will be on sale from Satiird i)
to Monday and not Friday to Moml i\
as previously  reported.
if -7
Lower   Mainland    and    New
Westminster:     Light   to   mod-    *7
erate winds, generally fair and    *7
7-    warm,   with   showers   tonight
or Saturday
ing  to   Liquidator.
A  very  poor outlook for
���A  New Model.
sha re
if Uf
..i. j\ ��.
-..- -.j -.,���
Portland,  May 21.- Acting on  ord | ______^____
ers from Governor    West.    Adjutant;
Oerteral Plzner of the Oregon National:     London. May 71   -Public opinion Is I unteers not mon than '100 women pa-
Guard  sent two militia men to^ Mil-1 thoroughly nauseated by the Incidents I'raded.   The women who were arrested
and those wlio are in the hospital as
alt of their injuries do not com-
i long
do of the he-
I which   attended   today's   raid   by   the
ling activity,
ing houses  ar,.
rth side of  the  bay,
illeged   by  the  governor i  *���"-'  '   "-' ; a resuii ot ineir injuries i:o n
the scene of numerous I militant suffragettes on Buckingham p*a*n so much at the action of t
Palace, Never before was such vio- j suffering police as they do of
lence used by the police on the suf-; lmviour of the hooligan element In
tragettes and il was most significant , tlie crowds, it is manifest that while
that no mattei howhard they hit they the women's constitutional organiza-
liad  Lie  sympathy  of the crowd. i tions appear to be progressing, furl her
It Is unite possible that Ciis will be j militant demonstrations will only cx-
the last organized effort of militant-! asperate public f cl'nr. Indeed, it is
Ism as a distinct force In the suffra- believed that a raid after dark might
gist movement for although the whole have been of the most regrettable
country had been appealed to for vol-' consequence.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (iusport. Kng., May 71. -Through
holders of the People's Trust com-; the courtesy of Sir Thomas Lipton
pany, now defunct, was pointed out at j an Inspection was permitted today of
a meeting of the creditor.-- held in the I Shramrock IV., in Camper and Nich-
Dtflces of thu Westminster Trust com- olsou's yard, where for several
par. Wednesday afternoon. A large months lne challenger for the Ameri-
nuniber   o,   creditors     were     present! , ,
Whi ii the liquidator presented his re-   c:,s CUP has  been under PPOBtruction
port  which  pointed  cut    that    about ; and bus be< H jealously guarded from
(108,000   might   he   realized    in    the | tho scrutiny of outsiders,
course if time from tin securities and I    Charles   E.   Nicholson,  her  design-
assets    i.     the   concern.    This   sum   rr,  assisted   iu  laying  bare   some  of
vould  1 aten  up bj   the claims  of I her   secrets   but   refused   to   disclose
the creditors which at present aggie all, notably that which is most Inter-
^ate $176,000, esting to yachtsmen, the sail aroa of
From the report it appeared that the new challenger,
the shareholders, who had put in about The form of the Shramrock's hull,
i quarter ofta million dollars would be I however, makes it evident that the
ibsolutely fro/.i-n out. Very pool book-|Ball area will considerably exceed the
keeping methods are said to have been 8000 aud odd square fee't which, ac-
imployed by the company. j cording   to  the  reports  cabled  here.
The expenses in winding up the com- the Herresshoff boat, the Resolute,
>any at present tctal $16,000 of which j will carry. If pitied against the Re-
ihout liiiHiO has been expended In law eolut-e in the cup races. Shramrock
'"Sts. I will   nol   only  have   to  beat  her,   but
The meeting adjourned until June 5. b*nl  *ler probably  bv  two or three
In   the  meantime  the  crulitors   will minutes to win the cup.
iave time to pei use the liquidator's re- Somewhat   Freakish
port and form an opinion whether a ������ de8ign shramrock tV. differs
���udden wind ng up be arranged or that markedly from all previous cup chal-
tho lquidator be given an extended i��ngers, nor does she bear a close retime in order to straighten things out. : 8emblance to any American craft. Mr.
- i Nicholson discarded conventions   and
Home  and  Contents  Burn. boW,    oarrled out his ()wn i(] with
.south Vancouver, May 21. - iet.der-  ���u, re8U���  ,h.lt S|mmir(H.k  ,v   ,��� cpr.
ed homeless and pennlUess by ftre. hainly original, if somewhat freakish.
\.  H. Crosby   his Wife and three lit-;     Afle,.   be,       ^ ,ngt
Ue ones, of 4268 Elgin street South 23 Imnri, sh���umo(.k S-K, will 8tar,
Vancouver, at 1.45 ocock this moraLcr088 ���u, At-aM-i(, about ,lllv 20 ac.
tag, barely escaped with  their Lives. cordlag tu M arrangementa.
Kindhearted  neighbors  took  the  lam- | -_���____	
lly in and'provided them with cloth-
rests were caused by Mrs. Lola (!.
Baldwin, of the Portland department
of safety for women.
��� ng, as the whole of their effects perished tn the flames except their night
Royal   Visit   Returned.
Loudon.   May   81,    The   queen   mother of  the  Netherlands  is  returning
the visit of II. It. II , the Duchess of
j Albany, and  is a  guest  at  ihe Clare-
1 mont palace, ['.slier.
Played With Dynamite.
Dundas, Ont, May 21.���George Nib-
liick. a foreman, 7-0 years old, employ-
til by the Canada Crushed Stone corporation, was blown to atoms at the
quarry here today. Nib-lock dropped
i piece oi dynamite Into a rock crevice. He tried to pick it out with a
hammer and a terrific explosion followed. ������AGE TWO
FRIDAY,   MAY  22.   1914.
An Independent mornlns paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and
tk�� Kraser Valley. Published every morning exc.pt Sunday by tbe National Printing
���nd Pi-Mlstilng Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzie Street, New Westminster, British
UoluinMii KOBB SVTHKRLAND, Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
lo Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
payable te Tbe National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES��� Business Office and Manager. Hi's . Editorial Booms (all depart-
MUI. 891.
SUnSCrUPXION RATES���By carrier. 14 -*t year, II for three months. ��0c per
month. By mull, $3 p��r year. 2Cc per month.
ADVERTISING:   RATES on   application.
FRIDAY  MORNI   NG. MAY 22, 1914.
Detectives  Tisdale   and   Kllice,    of
Vancouver,    succeeded     iu     locating
Florence Troudeau, aged 16, and Katie   Robinson,  aged   14,   the  two  girls
who escaped from the detention home
���   ���   ���
Miss Harriet Wilson, eldest daught
fellow-countrymen, left on the ves- j
���e] with the avowed intention at]
meeting    the    iucuming      Komagata I
Maru. I
���    ���    .
The ranches in the Harrop district I
look splendid. Robert Quinn's place;
Ik a mass of bloom and promises an I
enormous crop.
��   ���   ���
.1. A. Hill or Deer Park, has plant '
ed several hundred grapevines on hll
ranch   at   Little   Cayuse  creek.     Hi
has   bad   considerable   experience   in |
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson. | grape culiure and predicts a bright
Victoria road. Nanaimo, died sudden-1 future lor this brunch of horticulture
ly Tuesday evening at tbe home of j lor that district. Many gravelly or
her parent.', death being due to heart j rocky slopes now considered of little
failure-. I value for the growing of other fruits
*    ���    ��� | appear  lo   be   especially  adapted    to
grape culture.
Tbe C.P.R. liner Empress of Japan
arrived Wednesday uight and berthed at Pier A In Vancouver with a
large   cargo,   Including   sixteen     car-
Somebody once intimated that it was quite possible' ioaSa ol silk, valued at iuoo,ooo, and
for the ordinary man to take care of himself in the face &��.cUlM ���,U8fi<^"rs ",,a lii
of his enemies, but that he needed superhuman assistance! ��� * *
to guard himself against his friends. One Theodore Roose- L^0^' ^rauorr^is'on
velt is being used at present to prove the correctness of in July next win be a stampede, m-
this theorv I eluding broncho busting, bulldogging,
��� '* ,.       ,      .,  . .      ,   ,    ,    ,. . , j wild steers, roping and chariott races
Roosevelt, who it is privately believed, prefers a scrap! was the announcement made by cieo.
any day to a period of peace, floated back a short while Patterson, manager m tn,- ctiebra-
ago from the jungles of the Amazon with the announcement that he had discovered a new river down there. Immediately a titled explorer over in England rose to remark that Teddy's stream was like the champagne in the
restaurant sauce���mostly bunkum���and Teddy hadn't
been more than a pair of days in civilization again when
he found one of his much-beloved arguments on his hands.
Immediately there rushed into the breach, as a defender of the doughty colonel's reputation as an explorer,
no other person than our friend Dr. Cook, he, who, a while J land in th.
back claimed he had  discovered  the  North   Pole,  but '
couldn't deliver the goods
self, certainly without any desire on his part, championed
by a man who, from the public standpoint, is regarded asjnesday
o   ink' P
a junt, i     Mohammed  Khan   who  was dismis
Roosevelt may or may not have put a new river on ed on a charge of murder at the re.
the map of South America, but he'll have general sym-! ^n Bbp^'K t0B^e*pf?vll5SlV"
trial at the fall;
charge  of  mur-
was  charged   with
[having murdered  two of his country-
.men at Bull river iu March last.
at 4 o'clock on Wednesday morning
iu a house on Richards street yesterday afternoon. The wayward ones
��iii be taken back to the home and
will be closely watched In future. The
former escaped by sliding down a
rope from the third s'ory window and
the latter by means of th,- fire escape.
*    *    *
The policy of the  provincial government   lu  alienating   vast   areas of
north  hy sale lo speculators was severely orltislzcd by  M. A.
Macdonald,  president   of the  provin-
So the genial Teddy finds him-1 ci��i Liberal association, at a meet-j
ing  of  the  North   Hurnaby   Ratepayers' association at Capital  Hill  Wed- |
night, |
June 12 In Point Orey promises to
be a happy day for the school chil
di en as It is lhe intention of the
school authorities to hold tbe annual
school sports on that date. The
events will be held in Wilson Road
park, and every school' In the inunl-
���cipality will be represented. The
grand prize will be a championship
trophy to be competed for annually.
The various committees are very
busy at present soliciting prizes.
���    ��    ���
At the South Vancouver council
meeting on Wednesday, Councillor
Twiddy gave notice of a motion to
shut down all work in tbe municipality for the summer, ln support of his
resolution lie stated that the men
would hang around all summer, getting a few days' work per week, and
be iu the same position in the fall
as now, while if work was closed
down they would go away to seasonable occupations, and when they arrived back in the fall, the municipality would be in a better financial
Rib Roast Beef, choice cut. per ib   . 20c
I'ot Roast Beet, choice cut, per lb   15c
Roast Pork, per lb 18=
Pork Chops, per Ib 20c
Empire Hac-tn, half or whole, pi r lb 23c
Empire Hams,  whole   21c
Picnic Hams, per Ib 14c
Sausage, per  lb    12'/i,c
Hamburger, per lb   12'.-.c
Home-made Head Cheese, per lb 12'/^
Rabbits, each   22'Ac
Phone Orders Carefully Fille. and Promptly Delivered.
677 Columbia St. New Westminster.
popular leader of the Canadian bar.
Mr. (!ra iain will lie asked to accept
the presidency under the guidance of
the reorganized board. The Herald
will be tbe exponent of Liberal principles and an advocate of what It believes to be in the best inti rests of
the people of Canada."
pathv in his position as an unwilling side-kick of the polar Nelson to await his
prevaricator. ' i "8lM8�����" a ST"'1
r i del.     .Mohammed
That Native Sons and pioneers' gathering arranged
for next week should be a good advertisement for "Made
in B. C. Goods."
Judging from the way Elks are gathering in Victoria ^etrTatu^KingTw7
one would almost think the government had decided to'paui no atten
I     Maker, Ore.,  May 21.  -Mrs.    Mollle
I irwin,  postmistress  of  Austin,    near
j In re, has beeil arresttxl on a federal
.grand jury indictment charging    her
j wilh the embezzlement of $1561' from
the   money order  department   of   her
post    office.    The    information    was
r nit tl by Postal .Inspector C ll. Line-
b.iiigli, of Portland.
Mrs.  Irwin declared when  arrested
��� lhat the money had been stolen from
j its hiding place in her bed, and thai
*    *    * 'she bod no knowledge of the shortage !
,     Barney  Mullin  was given  the deel- i until   Inspector   Durrand  called   upon \
sion over Charlie Lucca In the fourth j her for a settlement.
round of what was to huve been a IS i  ���	
round   bout  at   Phoenix.     Lucca  was j        a STRONG DIRECTORATE.
Ilea no,
Strange   Leader  Shot  While   Heading '
a   Raid   on   Chicken  Coop.
Sllgo, Colo,. May 81,   Running wild
at the head of a  pack of coyotes,    a
shepherd  dog  has  been  leading    the
pack Into the very door yards of the
settlers of this district tin- past win-!
ter, and while wondering at the bold- '���
uess of the coyotes, not until recently i
was    it    learned   that    their    leader'
whs a dog and not a coyote.
Frank Riddle shot the dog as the i
pack of twenty were about to make a'
raid on his chicken coop. When be
went to skin the brute, iie found u j
collar and a brass tag with the figures !
and letters "C, A. C. 208 la, '12" '
around its neck.
It Is supposed to be a dog that litis I
gotten   loose  and   run  with  the  pack !
of coyotes  until  It  became so  nearly-
like the animals that It could  not  be
told from the coyotes.
She was learning to drive, with bar
eleven-year-old step-daughter seated
in the tonneau. Mrs. Cameron wa-i at
the steering wheel, while her husband, in true demonstrator style,
slood on the running board. Mrs.
Cameron steered over a bank and
when the pieces of the car were pulled away she and her Step-daughter
were Dulled out very badly bruited,
Mrs. Cami ron aijo sustain d a broken
shoulder and lhe girl has a fractured
skull uud a biokeu leg.
Iowa Lumber &
Timber Co., Lid.
ition,   In about
but he
the mid
Auto  Turned  Turtle.
Aberdeen,    May    21.   .Mrs
Leltch,   wealthy   widow of a
manufacturer, was  killed today  when j
an automobile which Bhe was learning I
to drive plunged of fa bridge on Fourth
street and turned turtle.   .Mrs. Leltch's '
father who was  in  tlie car  wit!-,  her '���
and   II.   I..   A.   Poulsen,  who   was   in
Montreal   Herald   and  Telegraph   Re- ' struct ing her in the mechanism of the
start a zoo there.
die of th.. toiirth  round   Mullin  went
to his  knees  from  a   low   punch  by
I.mac and was given th- decision.
.   .   .
Customs officials at I'ort Albernl
believe an effort is being made to
intercept the Japanese Bteam r Komagata   Maru   so   that   she   will   lie   in-
When a C. P. R. official confesses that business is picking up you can pretty nearly bank on the fact that the
stringency is over.
��������������� duccd to put in there or at Borne other
T     ,, Pi- 1       .1  . 1  ,, .point en the west coast to disembark
In the matter of cabinets ana politics and the many her 400 Hindus.   wedneBda-
changes there, Japan is fast becoming the. France of the ,'"��:1 ,h," powerful gasoline
-   '** "        1 ���-��� ; Santa   Qm en   was   chartered
Montreal. May 20. The Montreal !
Herald and Telegrup'i makes the fol-i
lowing announcement:
"Reorganization of the management
of the Herald which has been in  process for some time has been practie-
ally completed and will become opera-'
tive  June   1").     The  following  gentle- j
men   will   become   members    of    the j
board of directors: Hon. G. P. Graham,
after-1 ex-minister of  railways for the  Do-
launch I minion of Canada;  Hon. P, S. (i.  Mc- j
hy     a j Kenzie,   provincial   treasurer  of   Que
bruised   and  cut.
althy  Hindu, who, with fivi   .if his I bee;  R. C Smith, K.C., of Montreal, a   Indian,  bought  an  auto for his  wife.
Mrs. Cameron and  Her Step-daughter
Hurt on   Reserve  In Okanagan.
Vernon. May 81.���Just because   the
Indians of the okanagan  bave  taken
to  automobiling   as  a  tribal   pastime, j
two of thvir number, a young woman    nviki'rur nam'nota   ,1.... ... L. ....   .
and   her  stepdaughter,  are  now   lying | maKlng CaDllietS, dreSS DOXeS
at   death's   door   at   the   Vernon   hospital,     Dave   Cameron,   h   full-blooded
We can now supplv Oak
Flooring and Casing and
Base. We also have some
Yellow Cedar (Cvpr
which is just the thing
PJione 901.
With every purchase cf $5.00 or over, we give a
High-grade Broom absolutely free. Sweeping reductions throughout our immense, new, up-to-date
Tapestry  Ruga.
7 i-,.  yards;   regular $6.75.
Cieati --.M-tp Sale   	
3x3 yards; regular $10.50.
Clean Sweep Sale   	
:!.\.>-,j yards; regular $12.00.
Clean  Swei p Sale   	
3x4 yards;' regular $10.00.
Clean  Sweep Sale    	
3%x4  yards;   tegular 117.50.
Clean Sweip Sale 	
Scotch Wool Rugs.
7x3Vs yards; regular $15.00.
3x4 yards;  regular $17.60.
Sa ie 	
Brussels Rugs.
ll'/jx'! yards; regular $13.50.
3x3 yards; regular $20.CO.
3s8Vb yards;  regular $22.60.
7x4   yards;   regular   $25.00.
British Velvet Rugs.
Kiglit only;  3x4 yards;  regular $26.00.
Iron Beds.
White Knamel Iron Beds; regular $3.90.
.1-0 Cireen Knamel Iron lied;  oue only;  regular $10.50,
Pull size Iron Red; regular $6.50.
Sale, euch  	
Brass Beds.
3-i) Brass Beds;  square posts;  satin finish;  leg. $35.        COQ  Cfl
Sale I'riee  ���PCO.UU
���i-i-i Brass Brd; heavy round pillars; regular $16,50. fiCl'st llfl
Sale  I'riee    ���> ��� O.UU
4-6   Brass  Beds;   satin  finish;   regular  $18.00. -til**! Vi
Sale I'riee   ��P ��� w. I ���*#
4-0 Bright Brass or Satin Finish;   regular $30.00. Sk I ���)   ~l&\
Fir Dresser; British l'late .Mirror; legular $11.0u. (Q  "JC
Sale Price      ij��0. 0 O
Qolden o.:k Dresser;  3 large drawers;   wit,i  British
bevel plate mirror; reg. $11.50.    Sain I'riee 	
Ash Dresser; a drawers; piaui mirror; reg. $15.50.
Sale  I'riee   	
Mahogany Dresser; large plate mirror; reg. $247,50.
20th Inst.
And continuing for FIFTEEN DAYS. Watch tfih
space for further particulars.
Mahogany  Dresser, same as above only  larger;  reg.      C07  CO
$36.75.   Sale Price  ��?����� I .OU
Birdaeye Maple Dresser; with large plate mirror; reg.   ��9C 0(\
$33.00.    Sale I'riee   9C9.UU
Best British Wilson  Rugs.
4.6x7.6   feet;   regular   $12.50.
ti.��*x�� feet; regular $22.50.
f'xf" feet;  regular $30.00.
9x10.6 feet;  regular $33.50.
Salo   .'   	
0x12 feet;  regular $45.00.
Tapestry  Hearth   Bugs;   regulai   $1.60.
Velvet Hearth Hugs;  regular $2.75.
Wilton Hearth Bugs; regular $3.75.
(15c. Cocoa Door Mats.
FMra  Heavy  Printed   Linoleum;   regular 50c.
Sale Price, per square yard  	
Scotch Inlaid Linoleum; regular $1.0-11.
Sale Price, per square yard  	
Scotch Inlaid  Linoleum;   regular $1.25. QC-f*
Sale Price, per square yard w3C
Nottingham   Lace   Curtains at Sale   Prices.
Regular 75c a pair. CCf*
Sale I'riee. per pair          WW*
Regular $2.00 a pair.
Sale I'riee, per pair 	
Regular $3.75 a pair.
Sale I'riee, p,-r pair  	
Regular $6.00 a  pair.
Sale Price, per pair 	
Fumed Oak Mirror;  British  Plate Mirror;  regular CI 9 Cfl
$17.50.    Sale   91 V>vU
Solid Quarter Cut Golden Oak  Dresser;  with large mirror In centre
and two mirrors ut side; o beauty;  regular $60.00.
Golilin Oak Dresser; large British plate mirror;  reg.     ���! A Cfl
$20.00.    Sale   ��}H ,t.5*,W
Oolden Oak Dresser;  low base;  princess style; extra     C1Q 7C
large mirror;  regular $26.50.    Salo   ���*�� I O. ��� 9
Fir Chiffonier;   5  drawers;   plate  mirror;   reg.  $15.        fl��-| 4   "?C
Birdseye Maple Chiffonier;   regular $33.00. $25 00
White Knamel  Chiffonier;  regular $17.85.
White Knamel  Chiffonier;  regular $13.50.
Mahogany Chiffonier;  regular $31.50.
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon
Phone S88
��� ���.,,  ��� ss*sstt  mMHSsbssbsI *-sj|
FRIDAY,  MAY 22,  1914.
Big Interest Being Taken in Competl-
tion Among Pupils in Lulu
Island  School.
Leonard M. Young. 1108 Edinburgh
St.;  Willie Taylor, 1428 Tenth Ave.
Herbert Spencer school Murray
Ih lib son, 711 Fourth St.
Oucensborough school, O. A. Cran-
dell, principal���Mary Butler, Mercer
St.; Jessie bane, Boyne St.; Allan
Iionkersley, Boyne St.; Albert Dementi-., Boyd St.; Harry Nelson, Annacls
Club of five cultivating vacant lot
at corni r of Kwen avenue and I'ero-
blna street���Allan Iionkersley, Arthur
Mercer, George Crane, James IlPn-
derson and Chlgeo Nisbljima.
7 i: iign are swimming along in
great shape in the News Garden Competition. With the new entries reg-
i--ti r.-d this week up till six o'clock
la.-t evening tbe total now Is beyond
one hundred and twenty-five and the
interest   seems   to   be   keeping   pace t 	
with the growth in numbers, j
The news from Queensborough says j 0v��r Twenty Children Under
there is great enthusiasm there
among tha school children who are
in the competition, and that school,
though one of the smallest in the city,
Intends   to   rank   well   iu   the  front |
v.hen the rewards are made.   As one    .ssmsssssssssssssssr'  '.', .��� L ���
of the boy��� over there said the other d,'r We for the competition, but who
day, "Wi won the dancing competl- w'int to ���*Hve "���,lia,1l(l '" 'he game,
non on May Hay and we're right af-   *}��v? w?? ��^ wl,h the man who con
Years of Age  Now  Enrolled���
New Entries Registered.
The littler folk,  those who are
ter the garden prizes.'
Mr.    Crandall,    principal    of    the j
Queensborough school, is taking par
ducts this department for The News.
He has been scurrying around all
week  and  now   lie   has  landed   some
girls all kinds of
advice and encour-
ticular interest in the gardening and, j 'ir *fH for U"' �������!���� people,
while tho rules of the competition | '*<' *-�����*���- lo ��'',<' *���"'��������� ��"ow/n�� fl',w'
bar him from doing any actual work. I ,,r8 an* vegetables, so the following
it   is said he is giving bis boys and i -,rlZHS  have    .b*fn    "PCured:       I-irst
  'prize,  seven   dollars;     second     prize,
live  dollars;   third   prize, three   dol-
The   little   folk   must   do   till   their
MORE  NEV/  ENTRIES j planting, watering and weeding them-
RECEIVED   THIS   WEEK , Be've��i but they can call iu the grown
% [ upa to prepare the ground.   After tlie
I garden soil is once ready for the geed
Follow'.r     are  the   new   entries   re-' or plants, the ri st of the work must
ei lived in The NewB Garden Competl-   be done by the competitors,
tion  up to 6 o'clock yesterday: To      show   how   keen    tlie  smaller
i.onl Lister school, Miss M. Mack's   children   are   on   tills  new  branch  of
tlass���Marlon Wllkle, 1034 Lelth st ,
John Bumble, 823 Henley St.; Wesley
Thorn, 1218 Fifth Ave.; Bhigen Bchang,
Ti" riurnew st.-. Willie Ball, Cor. fifth
Ave ami Thirteenth St.; Evelyn Qarrlck, 621 Eighth .St.; Albeit McLennan, 628 ThlrU enth St.
IxtiI Kelvin, school. Miss I. Boss'
i lai ��� Ri by McLeod, 1028 Lelth St.;
George T. Brooks, .'ei? Thirteenth St;
.    . ford   E    Jenkins,   1008   Hole   St.;
the competition, three more entries
for it came In this week from Queens
borough, which, added to those received last week, make the total for
the lit'ler folk, twenty competitors in
The new enries from the Queensborough school are: Kitty Mosdell,
Kwen avenue; Gordon Mercer, fi]
Duncan avenui ; Mary Sparks, 133
Ewen avenuo.
Will be Happy and Well  Pleased
If he attends our MONSTER UNLOADING SALE and purchases his
Spring Needs in Wearing Apparel.   See these two purse tempting
Reg. $20.00 to $25.00
Unloading Price
i Continued from Page Or.o >
gn at   crmii
being  tried
put   her   arms
Her bead rest
ni ath hi r arms and
i . ��� t my lift shoulder.
< .1   against   my   bead.
Court    Von   washed   up   the   stain-*
<-n the Stairs?
K'tig    Yes.
Mi Taylor���1 would like you to
ask what size the stairs are, and tbe
Court    How   are   the   stairs"   What'
sin. is the landing?
Kong The stairs are as wide as
the door and tile landing is a little
b g-ger. 'I hi r.- is a rail a-' far as
the   landing.
Mr Henderson���How long, my lord,
did ll tike bin to cary her down?
Afk  him.
Kong   -About   Hire,,   times   as   long
a.-  it  would  require to walk down.
Life  Was  Not Extinct.
nr   Curtis  was   recalled    by    the
i rown.    He was asked bj  Mr. Taylor:
"Dr.  Curtis, -, nu he.ird    tha    answei
given  by  Konf-  yesterday thai   when !
he   cut   her   up   the     blood     spurted, j
What would thai indicate''
Or. Curtis That life was not extinct
The cut over the cheek would
lhat kill her?
"So.    It would  take a  blow ol  sul
ficlent force to fracture the skull.''
Did you examine the stain?"
"Yes, three  or  four limes.    There
was no mark on the chair or varnish
or sign of blood."
"if the skull was fractured, what
have you to say about the hemorrhage?
"it would  be an  internal  hemorrhage���an internal bleeding."
"How would she fall?"
"She   would   have   collapsed.     She
vould have crumpled up."
.luror���I low  about  the  blecdm-i  of
;in   artery  if  quickly  cut  by  a  blunt
Instrument, it life was extinct?"
"It  would nol  spurt, it would well
long    would
Mr. Henderson- How-
blond flow after death?
Witness���About an hour I would
imagine, but it would not spurt.
Mr. Henderson -There is an artery
Close to the surface of the left temple?
Witness -Yes, inside the skull. A
iraeture of that artery could not be
made without a fracture of the skull.
Mr. Henderson-That is the thlnn- I
�� M   part of the skull?
"Yes, on the temple it Is thinnei
than  nn the rest of the skull.''
Mr. Henderson���If the blow t'rac- I
lured the sluill and severed the art- j
< ry would there be a spurting of j
Yes, but not outside."    ,
Mr.   Henderson- Not    if   Ihe   skull,
was  broken   and   the  artery   fractur-!
���<*d! I
Dr, Curtis The greatest flow of
Meed would be internal and pariieul- j
ni'.y in a female, where the hair
would mat the blood. Some wounds
inn the scalp, however, do bleed freely
Court���Did you go down the stair-
v v. '.' Y'ou have been in the bouse,
v.ns the stairway steep?
Witness���It   is ns steep as a  step-
ladder againsi   tho  side  of  a   house.
Court -What do you any about him
carrying the body down on bis back"
Witness���I do not belive it.
Address for Oenfence.
Mr. Henderson then rose to address
t\r   fury for the defence.    He said:
Oentlomen of the Jury.l am called upon lo address you on behalf of this
boy, u boy of Chinese parentage who
is charged  with
murder,    lie
I st liidience.    	
After recalling the events as nar- j|
rated by Kong leading up to the killing, he proceeded. "Mrs. Millard, tn
a mom.-nt of anger, picked up the
knife and raised It, saying something
like (bis: 'if you don't do this. 1
will en; off your ear.' Do you for a
moment think tlia- she would carry
out that threat? if yon wore there,
would you not have dismissed it In
a moment? But this boy is a Chinaman. He comes from a country
where from history we learn that for
acts of disobedience a hand is lopped !
i I'I  or an ear Is out Off,    He a China-
man feared  that  he would be dlsflg-
ured for his act of disobedience   She
went  after  him  and  he struck    her
With the chair and knocked the knife!
nil of her hand.    And then, in his ex- I
cltement   when   sin-   continued   after
him, he struck  her again a blow on
Ihe temple, the  thin  part  of -he skull !
knocking  her  down    with    ;)   heavy
"What was th.- crime if Mm. Millard had fallen on the carpet and
there drew her last breath, bleeding
from the wound on her forhead. Was
ii murder or was It not manslaughter?"
Mr.   Henderson   then   definid   murder,  saying  ilia'   according  to  law   it I
must  be the  result of something de
liberate.    Nothing   had   been   shown
here,,he said, to prove that the blow ]
had not been struck in the hoi blood ;
of anger.
The accused  hud been alone in the I
house with  Mrs.  Miller, Mr,  Hender- |
son continuid.    If he  wished  to kill !
her,  to  murder   lier.   he  could   have j
done so during the night or if he had
deliberately   planned   the  deed,   could ���
he have not Induced her to go to   the j
basement and killed ber there?   Was '
there   anything    to   make   it   certain
that   he   killed   her   iii   anything   bin
fear for himself?
Mr. Henderson pointed out that tin ;
stor\   told   of   the   affair  by   the   ne- j
1 cused  (;>  Inspector  Jackson   and   De- j
i puty  Chief   MeKae    had    home    the
marks  of   truth���so  much    so    thai
Jackson   had   believed   him   and   had
expressed himself sympathetically.
Kong had tried to awaken ber, he
. had washed her face with water. He
i had called her several times and had
I done everything he could to restore
her���to bring her back to life, bill
i without avail.
I    "If  that   body   had    been    in    the
breakfast room and he bad called as
Blstanoe would you have any difficulty���the same  difficulty   In    Judging
the evidence?    But it was the unhappy  resolution,  the fear that   Mr.  Mil-
laid   would   kill   him   or   injure   Uim
on his return that induced him to out
the body  In  the  furnace, that makes
your work   so   hard.    This   and   the
other efforts of the licensed -the h'd
lr,g of clothes and the efforts to deceive the officers was only a nntura
desite,  born   of   fear,   to shield   himself from the consequences of his unhappy act." said   Mr.  Henderson
Touched on  Differences.
Variations  In   minor details of  the
stories  told  by   the accused  aud  Uncrown  witnesses   were  touched  upon,
but  Mr.  HendqrBon argued this only
pointed   out   that   (be  story   told     by
Kong  was  true.    The story  told    by
Vauss, the man who yesterday related a confession he said he bad overheard  in   the   Now   West minster  jail, l
Mr.   Henderson   branded   as   a   pure
fabrication,    it  did not  make material, he said, because Kong had related the story of the afafir. >
The evidence called this morning
Mr. Henderson said, was In an effort
to prove that Mrs. Millard was no!
dead when the body had been cut up
and PM into the furnace,    But thai |
Reid & McDonald
The Men's, Young Men's and Boys Outfitters
707 Columbia St.,       New Westminster
should  not  make    any  difference, as
I Kong   had  believed  ber  to  be  dead.
Tlie   Mm ft   tin   the   night   of   March
121, while  tho motive explained by the
J accused did not seem to be sufficient,
could  not   be  taken  as  a  motive  for
' tbe   killing  of   Mrs.   Millard,   claimed
i counsel  for the  prisoner.
"There are some questions that
you must answer in considering the
evidence," he w��nt on. Did the accused intend to cause the death of
Mrs Millard? If he Intended t-> cause
bodily injury, did be know thai the
injury would cause death? When he
lifted that chair, did hi- know that a
blow from a chair would cans,- death?
In conclusion, Mr. Henderson point-
i d out the fact that the prisoner ��a<
a Chinaman, but he asked that the
jury give the evidence tbe same consideration as would be afforded to J
tie. most respected member of this
slsteutlj upon the side of the govern- al. "I say emphatically," he declared, j eminent nor of the people, and I dement : "tnat no greater insult has ever been dare with all the force in my power
Speaking in  council recently he in-   offered  to our  community  here,  and I that  the  Mohammedan  community is
tii-.n.ii.lly repudiated the Idea that the; lh*t   tiie   authors   of  such   a   calamity j not   dialoyu.,   and   never  can   be     dts-
Mohammedans of  Bengal were dfsloy- | are   neither   well-wishers  of  the  gov-1 loyal.''
Sea* tie. May 21. Three women
wen- slightly injured and one man's
pockets were picked for $25 in the
crush at the county court house this
morning in tho eagerness of the mob
to lisen to testimony in the trial
of Mrs. Magdelena Werner, who is
accused of being accessory in the
murder of her husband, Henry Werner, several months ago. The women
refused   to give  their  names.
Followers of   Prophet  in   India Gives
Government There  No Little
Calcutta May 21 As has been more
than once pointed out the attitude of
the Mohammedans in India has during the past two or three years given
considerable anxiety to the govern-
This anxiety is incidentaly reflected
In the drastic measures which    have
been   directed  against   Mohammedan
newspapers during  the   past  months,
many  of them  h.iving  been   warned,
others   mulcted  in   heavy   fines,  and
others  closed  down  altogether,   and
their printing plant confiscated. These
proceedings in themselves would have j
��� given rlae to a suspicion that all waB
j not   well   with   the   followers  of   the'
i prophet,  in  India, and  the  most has
j been made of them bv alarmist writ-
I ers for the Knglish press.
It is almost certain that the situation has been exaggerated. Whether,
on the other hand, it is aa satisfactory
as it was recently represented to be
by the fcawab of Dacca, -speaking from
his place In the Hengal legislative
council,  is  another  matter.
The Nawab of Deceit is the most
influential Mohammedan nobleman on
this side of India. He is the possessor of vast, though embarrassed estates, and enjoys an almost feudal authority throughout a vast tract of
eastern Hengal. His position is one
Of grtat responsibility, and hitherto
iiis   influence   has  been   thrown  con-
The Only Reliable"
This is the store where you can buy New Furniture and Rugs cheaper than any advertised sales.
Everything in this store is new and bought direct
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All second hand goods are in a separate store.
Give me a call and when you are ready to buy "Save
Money by Buying from the Only Reliable."
FRIDAY,  MAY  22.   1914.
contain all t'.:e'natural oil of the
fruit. Being ripe tbey are brown
to black In color and like all
ripe fruit are mellow. They are
Of a rich nutty flavor. Ripe
Olives are among the oldest.
most healthful and nutritious
foods known and are recommended by physicians everywhere.
Ripe Oliv.s Hacked in glass.
per jar... 75c, 45c. and 25c.
Minced Ripe Olives, flavored
wit.li salt, spices and vegetable aromatic,  t'm    35c
Hipe Olives packed in tins are
more economical. Tlie contents
should be mipUed when tin is
cpened, ('lives left over from
day to day should be covered
with fresh brine. Teaspoonful
of Salt In about a pint of water.
I'er tin 60c, 35c. and 25c.
Model Grocery
SOS Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
There is a period in the life
of every man wlwsV he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. ;Then he
makes a will but it may be
made  under wrong influence.
Had the will been made dur
ing good health, the most deserving persons���according to the
deceased's wish -would have
shared in tlie' distribution of the
Do you not realize thai it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay malting your will?
The advice of the Dominion
Trust company in this matter
may he of value to you. All such
discussions are treated in strict
Dominion Trust
The  I't-rpi-tuai  Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
60S  Columbia   street.
C. 8   KEITH. Msr-auer
Local News
old friends. Judging from his Increased massiveiicss. Fort (ieorge
evidently  agrees witli  the chief.
'.)!   for  Harrison. July   1.  Sieamer
Paystreak.    Watch   for  particulars,
made goods during tbe second week
of June is being fostered by Secretary 1>. S. Itashleigh of the Retail
Merchants' association. A canvas of
the city  is now  being made.
Butcher Shops to Close.
The butcher shops of the city will j
all  be  closed  on   Monday,  May  :15th. |
  High School Banquet.
Mortgages -Alfred \V. McLeod. The  annual  high    school    banquet
13321) | will   b?   held  In  the   Y.M.C.A.  dining
-   i hall tonight when several speakers of
Telephone Improvements.
The   B.   C.   Telephone  company   is
conn inflating  renewing  and  Improving  their  system   in   Port   Moody.
prominence will be heard.
Wood.   Wood.   Wood.
Cast Iron Sinks.
Everybody   knows   that,   but   many
don't know our prices are at the hot
torn  for slightly used  furniture    and
Good ftictory wood (dry) at Superior|g00d ranges.   32 Sixth slreel, MeCloy
Sash & Door Factory
Phone 503.
Cars* of Crude Oil.
The Union Oil company's steamer
Argyk. arrived yesterday at the 13. O.
Oil Refinery's wharf, Porl Moody,
with a cargo'Of crude oil from Rich-
tnond. California.
Ih<> auctioneer.
The Great Northern will run a special train to Crescent, Oeena Park
and White Rock Monday, May 26th,
leaving O. N. It. depot at 9.80 a.m. Returning, leaves White Rock at 7 pin
Round trip fare, Crescent SOc, Ocean
Park it7>c. White Rock $1.00.       (3407)
Port  Moody City  Hall.
The basement and first floor of the
I'ort  Moody city hall are rapidly ap-
Fr< il Davis will sell by public auction, absolutely without reserve, the
sup* rior household furniture and effects of Mrs. Hester, on lhe premises
at 1014 Bdlnboro street, on Wednps
dav May 27, nt 1 p.m. sharp. Sale
will Include in part solid leather
couches and rockers, oak extension
table and dining chain, handsome
sideboard, oak and mahogany dressers, cabinet sewing machine, malleable steel range, iron and hrass bedsteads, springs and mattresses, washing machine and wringer, kitchen utensils, etc., etc. (ioods on view- on
tin ruing of sale. Take 12th street
ear. (3409)
Return tickets to Crescent. Ocean
Park and White Rock will be sold by
the Great Northern railway for Victoria Day, commencing May 2,'i, at
one and one-third regular price (3410)   proaehins completion.    The basement
 . | will  be   fixed   up  for police  purposi s.
cells and offices. The first floor will
be arranged to accomodate the city
council and municipal officials, it is
not intended to complete the resi of
the building al present but to do so
as circumstances demand.
Social Club is Incorporated.
The I'ort Moody Social club is now
bacorporated and a committee will
meet next week lo draw up bylaws,
The club will lease and take up the
administration of the city recreation
Bat at the Royal cafe, Dominion
Trust building. Good cooking; good
service, (3320)
K. of C. Convention.
The annual state convention of the
Knights   of   Columbus   will   open     in ,
Vancouver  this morning    continuing
Until Monday evening next when ban  '
quel  will  be held at the Hoti 1  Van- -
couver.      Many    New    Westminster |
Knights are  planning  to  lake  in   thi
Excursion to Pill Lake on May 25.
by steamer Paystreak. Tickets $1.00,
children 26a Leaves fool of Eighth
street at. i' a in. sharp. Tickets i n
sale at Ira a. Reld's, 7.72 Columbia
street. (3401)
Insure in the Royal, the world's
largest fire company. Agent. Alfred
W.  Mcl.eod,  the Insurance  Man.
Hospital Matron.
Nurse Mckay. who was for iwo
years in charge of the maternity ward
in Vancouver hospital, has bi en appointed matron of tie- Port Mood,
hospital. A little daughter was born
to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lye in the new-
institution there reecntly, tin- first
birth  in  the hospital.
Accidental Drowning.
A verdict of accidental drowning
was brought by the jury in the case
of a Jap named Takiuski who was
drowned in Pii.t Lake on Tuesday
where he was employed by a logging
OOnlractOr. The inquest was in tne
charge of Dr. A. I.. McQuarrie and
was held in the Ho* ell undertaking
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper thau
coal. Harry Davis & Co., Phones
bSO and ill I.. i3323'
Paid $50 for His Spite.
William  Campbell,  found guilty on
.Monday,  of  stealing   a   boat   and   doing   malicious   mischief   to   property,
wase sentenced  to a  fine of $20 and
! $30 costs  for the malicious mischief.
j and allowed  to go on  suspended sen- I
! tence tor  the  theft  of tiie  boat,  by i
i Stipendiary   Magistrate     J.     Stllwell j
Clute.    A  short   time  ago  during the
absence of two men against whom-he j
! in iirislied   spite,    he     entered     their J
hiiiiklioiise  and  vented   his  animosity I
by destroy ing their clothes and dam- j
aging  their  blankets.
Important  League  Meeting.
This   afternoon   at   1.30   o'clock   in j
the  board  of  trade  rooms an  important meeting  *.vil! be held  In connec  '
tion   with   tlie reorganization  of    the
Fraser  Valley    Development    league.
Notices have sent out to every muni-
Cipallty   and   public   organization   In !
the Fraser valley with the result that i
marly all have expressed  a  willing-j
ness to co-operate  and   will  have  re- ;
presentatlves  on    hand    at     today's :
meeting.    Reeve  L.  E.   Marmont.  of
Coquitlam, will occupy the chair.
Display of 8. C. Goods.
A  plan of having all the merchants
in   the city  display   Iiritish  Columbia
For   That Holiday
West India Lime Juice, bottle      25c
Slavers  Lime Juice and  Lime Juice
Cordial   per buttle 35;
Monserrat Lime Juice, per bottle 43;
Rose's  Lime Juice and  Cordial, Lyon
Urao Juice, Grape Juice  etc.
Dalton's Lemonade,  Big Wheel Lemonade  Powders, etc.
Rose's  picnic  she  bottle  of Lime
Juice, per bottle 10.
���, .  pRe"ewi"9 Acquaintances. | XKW S-ROOMKD COTTAGE    II.u.ka
I hief    Constable    Dunwoody,    rorM     block   t.    8th   streel   car.   47-   fool   lot,
George, arrived  in  the citv on   Wed-j    cleared and In snrden. Basement, ��-ater,
day  with three  Russian  prisoners for'     "���?''"��� "u\  J'"***.."'"-.   A snap at $160(1
., ... ���,, *.'"��   cash*    *-���>   pei    tmniih.   Includim*
the   penlntentlary.     The     nun     were.     iw.p-M.    x.i  mortgngf  to assume.
sentenced to three years for Blabbing	
a  compatriot   in   a  mix-up.     Mr.  Dun- M-noOMKD NHW THOROUGHLY  MOI
weedy, who was senior provincial con- j    in... XnMng'nximU'';'
stable in ihe city for a considerable]    f-.i. fenced.    Closet
time   previous   to   his   promotion     to
Fort George, took the opportunity of I
bis brief visit to look up many of h!s ; N',';," ,,',,*!
. iii.ni
Lot r.r.xiir,
���; ttsno; $3.",'.
Co-Operative Association
PHONE 458.
Prepare for the National Holiday, May 25, by selecting
Swift's    6    and  S lb. picnic
Ham. per lb    15:
McLaren's Cluese, pkg 10;
McLaren's    Bulatic    Cheese,
per pkg 10c
C. and B. Meat Paste, glass 20c
Heeler's   Lemon   Cheese,  per
glass     35c
Christie's   assorted   Biscuits,
per tin    35e
Ramsay's   assorted    Biscuits.
per tin   25c
Try cur 3 lbs. for $1 00
Special  Tea.
Go-Operative Association
33 Eighth St.
Phone 458.
i: IN* ''I i'Y t.i Ml rs, PACINI!
A22 rei i tc l.im . Light mid
wiitei : one blnck to I Jth sir--, i ear; 0
rooms. Lol worth J120U. II pus- ,- >>'
ovpi   $1100.     This   house   hap   not   brn-n
pi'l-tted nn -eds ii Huh? fixing.    Bxe��l-
|. n: opportunity for luindsome profit :.��
thi-  man   who  takf-s  this  up ai   $t_'.'..i.
Terms $leu cash: bnlin  *-'���". n month,
Including Interest.
. in.iii basement, Door, piped for formic?, etc. Close to nth sir.-, t car. Just
completed; |2600t *l".e i-isi>, J7u pel-
binift-nlow. Open fireplace. Lol iinxl*t3
corner; 14 bearing fruit u-.-.'s. Fumed
o.ik furniture, excellent condition; Monarch range, Vlctrola, i-lc. < lonipli te
SZL-nO;  $400  cms:.,  balance easy.
.�����/���****  UN  I nl;  ll<ii'S!:s to  l:i:\'i
Open Saturday Evenings.
| Phone  6. 451   Columbia  St.
7 11 Sixth Street.
have started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New- Westminster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reasonable,    (iive us n trial.
Phone  1254.
FOB YOUR SALAD;?, we have the
choicest green stuff, kept, fresh and
clean under running water, green
onions, radish, let me,., oucumbers,
Sw��et Pickles In Ln*. jlisl the thing
tot the picnic basket, per tin 15:
and    25;
Dean's Grocery
P**-one 188.
Vurr  Block "Alumbta   S'reet.
rClover Leaf" Brand
j       ICE CREAM
| Manufactured   by   the   Crystal     Dairy
i Company is absolutely pure and only
Sweet Cream is used. It. smacks of
the clover leaf, and is just as sweet.
. Try  ii  and  be convinced.
i   Manufacturers of Pure Crystal Ice.
j Phone 1150 and Encourage Local
The Crystal Dairy Co.
555 Sixth St
When Hungry Look for a White Place
to Eat.
White Cooks
���Nuf  Said.
Read ��� Ik - News
The Evinrude Detachable Rowboat
and i anoe Motor can be attached
'" "iij boat you desire to use and
>'ou  can  go  where  you  wish.
li la Impossible for anyone to appreciate thesplcndld con3truct..'oii of
the motot without seeing^. We are
selling agents, lei ua snow }ou.
New  Westminster.       Phone 59.
The  Narcotic
Two   Parts.
Sidney Ayres and Vivian
The Crucible
Splendid  Drama.
Beautiful   Heart   Interest
I ��� Man ii   r ^���-
Dan Le Monte's
Get Your Holiday Footwear
75c and 95c
Children's Bathing -Siloes.
Per  pair   	
Children's liar, foot Sandals.
Pel   pair   	
(*iil:'  Canvas Shoes.
Per pair  	
Ladies' Tan Calf Oxfords.
Per pair 	
Men's White Canvas Shoes.
Per pair  	
641 Front Street
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURIN OIL     ���
P.  O.   BOX   442
iocial and Personal
Mrs.  \.   I'ope   will   not   receive   today nor again  ihls season,
���    ���    #
I The many friends of Master Don-
laid vv. McKay will be ^inl to hear
that lu returned last evening from
'Toronto university, where he has
been a student in the medical department. Donald reports a successful year and appears most optimistic
with regard lo the outcome of h:s examinations.
-,-t.   while  the  trial  of  Martin  Tow. 17
ih.- alleged  robber of the  Hank of
Montreal, is expected  to  hiht   at  lens:
two weeks,
WORCESTER- The   death   of    tbe
infant  daughter of Capt, and    Mrs.
William S. Worcester, 125 Second
street, occurred yesterday morning at
the Royal Columbian hospital. Tne
funeral will be a private one al 4
o'clock this afternoon at the W. K.
Kales Chapel, intereent In the Kraser
A   Revelation   in   Animal
Watch  for the  Monkey  Bicyclist   on   Columbia   St.   Monday.    He sure can ride.
Also   see  the   Baby   Monkey,
only  21   days  old.
Prices: 10c and 20c
Yesterday sheriff Armstrong re-
ceivfd notification from the attorney
general's department at Victoria, that
the spring assize court would con
vene in New Westminster on Mon-
ray, June 7'- No Intimation has as
yet been received as to whieh justice
will preside    .
The late date set Is regarded as a
record for a spring assize court, the
reason being given that all the judges are at present busy in different
sections of the province.
��� Six weeks work is ahead of the
presiding Judge and perhaps more,
two murder cases being on the dock-
Wedding Bells
Captain Clarence DeBeck, president
of the Kernrldge Lumber company,
136 Columbia street east, was mar;
ried yesterday Lo Miss Marguerite;
Mae i.otisch in Seattle. Captain and
Mrs. DeBeck returned home last even
Yest�� rilay noon at Hurnaby Lake
I lie fine bungdlOW of Kdward Wilson
was burned to the ground, the furniture alone being saved. Mr. Wilson
was operated upon iu the Vancouver
hospital yesterday morning, his wife
being in the cltj al the time. Tie-
son had liehted the lire in tlie kitchen
in order to prepare lunch and knew
nothing of the fire until a passer by
notified him,
No Insurance la understood to have.
been  carried  on  the bouse.
Chinese   Gambling.
Chinese  gambling   is   reported    iu
Port  Coquitlam and  the police set m
apathetic In  the matter of suppress
: ing   it.     White  youths  are  said   to  be
frequenting one den. The chief ol
| police, who is also head of the fir..
I department.   Is   extremely   busy    ,-it
present Investigating fire alarms, and
, his   speedy   auto   careering   firmn.lv
\ through the city i ��� becoming .   I
1 iiiar sight.
One Moment: Sir���
here's a suit-a I-it-Rite creation
and as smart a suit as it has been
our good fortune to secure. It's
one you're bound to like, too; no
matter how hard you are to please
got that "smooth custom fit"
and dressy appearance about it;
you know!
Why not try it on to-day?
We are showing a complete range
will buy any suit in the store.   Values to $37.50; 550 Suits.
Will buy any Suit; values to $25.00; 200 Suits in this lot.
We are Showing: ajl the Latest Novelties in Neckwear.   See our Windows.
Come in today and let us fix you up for Victoria Day. You'll be glad you came.
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Block. r
paoe rrvf
youngsters to piek from and intends to
give tlie Royals a hard battle In the .
lirst home game.
Dinamore and  Pormaa  have been
selected  as official.-..
Cclumbioa  vs.  Dleotrics, at
Queens park, 6.4S o'clock.
West lieudney league���Mail-
laid idle at   I'ort    Coquitlam;
Burquitlam at Port Moody.
At Victoria |{.    H.    K.
Spokane    ;i   is     1
Victoria     4    6    2
Batteries: Hughes, (ir. gg, Corel**-
kin and shea; McHenry, Drtseoll,
Cbspmoo and Carney.
t ft
��� ����������#���*#-it a******
1913   Champions   Register   Casy   Vie
tory    Over    Burnaby���dumpy
Spring Referee.
Secretary  Price  Well  Primed for Ac-
Gun Club Shoot���Keen
Coin petition.
The BUrnab]  Intermediates were no
match for the West Knds at Queens]
l'ark last nig.it, last year's champion*
running   away   with   the   game   by   ai
score of 111.    lu the opening periods | K'*"lal aJmes  smashing  47
Secretory Janus Price -,v ���-< tie shin-
iug star at the gun club shoot at the
Lulu Island  traps last evening, the
out of it
the We*t Knds ran wild through tin-! IWHHible -J", breaking ti in one Hiring
Burnaby defence, but In the third i u"d M in another, (ieorge (Ireen was
the suburbanite* strengthened up, hi--!1-1" clo��e*l man to the secretary, acor-
curing their lone tally In the last uuar-i'"S  M   lo   one   event,   while   Ur.   Mc
Lynch Will Referee,
l-'ied Lynch will have full control of I
the Calgary-V.A.C. game al Vancouver!
00 Saturday, the Alberta authorities
ivirlng Vouoouver yesterday selecting J
the New Westminster official from aj
���hi Ice of three.    Th�� Chinooks should
arrive In Vancouver this morning
trom Calgar) thus -.- .,ng them plenty
if time to resi up for the struggle
a ich will start at <:80 Saturday af-
ii moon. ;
last quarter, (irumpy Spring refi reed th* game
whli.-li was clean throughout, only two
penalties being banded out.
I.'Ut night's result places the West
Endi on the same footing a* Sapper.
ton, the opening emit. ..t of tbe season being declared rold al a meeting
held early in the week.
Sapperton  and   Weal   Hnda should I nr*J
furnish tome food for the fins when
they clash on Thursdaj night next.
Electrics    and    Columbias
Quccuc.  Park���Players on
fo:   Contest.
So:ce--  Game   Saturday.
I'or'   Coquitlam   and   the   Caledon-
1 Sween and Bill Maiden ilcd for third ; i-1"** "' North Van��rnver are scheduled
'place with L'L', the latter heating ()l,t ' to meet at ,\lood> I';-- It Sat" d-iy after-
i Warden Alex Turnbull hv one bird in ' "���"'" ���" tl(' rllia! f<,r tll(' '' ,r!tv r"P
Ithelr regular weekly contest, [of thi lower mainland.   The Port City
Then,  were  eleven  shOOte.'S  at  the   team  I" "  DXlOlU  "' complete the BSI-
match and oonalderlng the cross bead ���""' '"' capturing all the trophies at
wind the score*   were   exceptionally ,'l-*k'' "" u"' mainland, together with
good.    rapt.   Maid.n's son  made  his '*"' provincial  title and  will  field a
appearance    at   the   traps   end ''"���*   *'"'"'   ���l"i,;"':|     the    aggregation
made the creditable score of 16 out L'O
lor  a   novice.
Al the close of the .-hoot Secretary st*-r E"*'1 pla-"Sr Dead*
I'riee had practical)) picked his team Hamilton, Ont., May 21.���"Chllt"
to tak. to Cloverdale on Empire day. CollinB, who died at bis home In Dun-
Following are tlie scons of last eve- das this morning, w:*s Iii his day one
ning, tbe first figure* being those shot -ot the best known ball players iu
at and the second those broken: America,   starring   with   the   Buffalo
MacSween,  25*22;   Turnbull,  26-21;   .'""I  Indianapolis teams In  the early
IG-16; Garrett, L'5-l7: ll. Maiden,  eighties and later managing the liani-
(i. (ireen. 50-44; VV, 13. Maiden,  "ten Inte national league team.
Price 60-47; Tralnor, 26-16; Mc-1 ���������
Standing of the Clubs.
Won      iMat
Pittsburg   is B
Nl w  Vork     15 S
Cincinnati   17 IS
Brooklyn   18 li
Chicago    H ic
Philadelphia  ii J3
St.  l.ouis      14      18
Hoston        6     19
Yesterday's Games.
Boston  3, Chicago 1.
Philadelphia 2, Pittsburg 6.
Ilrooklyn  4.  Cincinnati 8.
New Vork 4, St. Louis 8.
Standing of the Club*.
Won Lo��t
Detroit      21 10
Washington      17      11
Philadelphia   . . , 14 11
New  Vork     13     18
St. l.ouis      14 15
Hoston      18      14
Chicago   14    18
Cleveland       8     21
rein across the iu'et.
Yesterday's Game*.
Chicago 5,  Boston 2.
Cli .eland 8, New York 6.
n tn P i   Philadelphia 4.
St. Louis i, Washington 5.
Stanrt'n-j of the Clubs.
Won Lost
Baltimore     16 7
St.  l.ouis       la 12
Chicago  15 13
Buffalo   13 18
Brooklyn    10 10
Indianapolis     18 13
Kansas City   12 16
Pittsburg   ."     9 20
Cheap Rents
New Westminster, B. C.
4-room Apartments, per month   $8.00
2-room Apartments, per month   4.50
Within five minutes walk of B. C. Electric Railway company's depot, main retail section, theatres,
etc.   Building clean and comparatively new.
Secure one of these very centrally located apartments at once and thereby save car fares and other
Full particulars apply to
J.J.Jones. MANDIR.
20; Thomas, 26-19.
Columbia* vs. 11. c. -���;. it. *s thi baseball card at Queens park this evening
With promise Ol a more even contest,
than that which was staged on Tues- j
(lay p.m. Tommy Walsh has heen
scouring the city for additional players during the past few days with trie
result that no runaway match is expected when the Electrics come up to
McLeod   win   probably be on the
mound tor the Columbia*, with either)
Neil   Silver or  Oscar  N'ellson   as  the
opposing siabsman.
Baseball at Queens Park.
A Vancouver nine will form the opposition to Westminster ut Queen*
park Saturday afternoon, effort* being
made today to secure the appearance
of the National Biscuit company'*
team. The local line-up will be as
follows: Silver, Shay, Nellson vVeln-
gartnei, Huhnke, Wlndblad, Klncald,
Morn   nnd   Mannont
Alex. Turnbull'* Youngsters Ready for
Victoria Game���No Change  in
the-  Line uo.
Yesterday's Games.
Chicago 2, lialtiniere 3.
Kansas  City  S,  Brooklyn  7
Indianapolis 6. rtuffalo <>.
St. Louis 5, I'ltt-jliurg 0.
The  New   Westminster  senior   lina-
teura will field exactly the same team
al   Victoria  on   Monday  afternoon  as j
tiny did against Vancouver at Queen's
park Saturday last.    The team Which |
will include Bert Johnston nnd Allison i
sa   spares,  will   leave  on   the  Sunday
afternoon   boat   from   Vancouver,   ar-
rlving al   the  capital  the  same  night i
In  order to allow the team  plenty of I
rest.     The   game   will   com mi DCS   at
1:30  Victoria day afternoon, Immediately following the ball game
Standing of the Club*.
Won Lost
Vancouver     -ti !i
Seattle       22 16
Spokane   20 16
i'ortland     1�� 21
Tacoma    16 22
Victoria     10 26
effect an agreement on are: A definite understanding on the kind of provisional government to be established
in Mexico City as a successor to the
present regime, and a guarantee that
agrarian and other internal reforms
would be put into operation.
When these two points are settled
I the mediators, it was said, propose to
I I. ring about an agreement between the
I United States and the Huerta govern-
I cient, expecting to obtain the acquiescence of the constitutionalists through
sepaia.te negotiations.   These In brief
I are the aims of the mediators, which,
though  hedged  about by  many difficulties, t'ae Brazilian ambassador was
hopefully confident tonight, would be
First  Step  in   Mediation   Favorable���
Pcints en Whi;h Agreement May
Be  Effected.
May 21, 22, 23.
Ihe Players'Co.
Charles Klien's Powerful Drama
"The Third Degree"
PRICES: 15c. 25c, 35c.
Phone 961.
Yesterday's  Games.
At  Vancouver��� K.    H.   E.
Vancouver     7   10     il t	
Seattle    5    11      Oj
Batteries:   Hall, llarstad. Doty and,     Niagara,   Kails, Ont.,  May  21.    The
Grlndle;   Reardon, IVU and Cadman.   | three South American mediators let it
  j be known tonight that first steps to-
At  Portland��� it.    H,    E. j wards  affecting    a    bi parties agn e-
Tacoma      4      7     5 j ment between  the  United States and
Portland     fi   12     lithe Huerta government have met with
land,   Skiiiin
to  reports  from  the
r   I'oiilin   has   about
lB-|     H:
30   ri*;
1:  Kaufman. Kratt and Maraud  .Murray.
I'he  points
they  now   will  seek   to
Acting upon Instructions from the
brother of Frank Davis, who was exe-1
cuted  with  Herman Clark one  week |
ago  for  the   murder  of   Police  Constable Archibald, a Vancouver undertaking firm  yesterday  rxiiumed    the I
body and  prepared   i*   fer  cremation, j
No objection v, as raised to such
procedure by the jail or provincial
Swimming, Hikes, Mountain Climbing,
Paper Chases.
May  15 to  Oct.  1,  $200.
Royal Avenue. Phone
���J:   \
the Holiday.      JlM^^W^
'���ttev*. - p
'cvr*: i^ a*
How about a "Society Brand" suit for
They are very youthful in tone, very smar c m aF-.... -....-^.ia***m.., >�����
pearance. Their style and quality stand the test of fl^%\^^SP
wear���the test of comparison���the test of time. " *v- -"'M
Come in and see the snappy new models.   We
can fit you.   $12, $20, $22 and $25.   Others at |
$30 and $35. CONFIDENCE!
Society ��rano Clothes
New Shapes!
in Straw Hats.  They're new and smartly styled, in
Plain, Sennets and Milans.  See them $1.50 to $5.00.
Panamas $5.00 and up!
New Shirts for Outing and Business
Also Neckwear from New York and Metropolitan Fashion Centres.
Flannel Trousers and other outing accessories;
if it's new we have it.
It is our aim to give our patrons service, style and
quality always.
Smart Apparel
for the Younger Men 16 to 60:
" !
^J' ,i im/if*
���. ' . . .
Westminster's Authoritative Style Shop for Men PAGE   SIX
FRIDAY,   MAY   22.   1914.
Classified Advertising
BE   RE-
ceivt-d tor The News at the i'-ll.>w-  FO-5 SALE   Two lctr>, each 50x137 to
lane; unobstructed view and siluau
Edinburgh Btreet. Price $1r,.*i for
few days only. 801 Westminster
Trust  Bids. Phone 812.
���   lni places:    K. T. Hill's drug .store,
628    Columbia    street;    A.    Sarice,
British Statesmen Have strong Support In Their Wives.
Miss ()    .n  Uoyd   Ceorge,   eldest
daughter  of   the   Chancellor  of   the j
  I Exchequer,   has  just  become   Press- ���
_  ���     _ ' ., . .    ,,     ���..._���__   cutier-in chief to her father.
Folk    Says    Mellen    Ad-rets   Turn.ng ;     D���|gently   ov(,ry  day  8ne    applies
1 herself   io  tbe  nclf-lmposed   task   of
searching newspaper periodicals, and ]
Queensborough. Lulu   Island;    Mrs.1
K. Larden. Highland l'ark;  Mrs. V.
1 ��--*vls. Alta Vista.
Over   Large  Sums for  Political
������������������� ������������������������������
��� RATfcS. *
Classified���One cent per word    per
TOR SALE -A Snap, five room thor-
oughly modern dwelling; well located; large lot. Price $17'in. $lni,
cash, balance $2f> per month. Box
103. News office.
���day:  te OCT ��ord per waeki  160 POT  TOB  sa,,e__f,vh;  KOOM   .v()1,-.-,.N-
��--nth;  SIKiil words, to be used as re-      h situate
flttired within one year from date   of      g^.trTet"   lot  ooSoO    to Inn
contract, iEIMffl.  !    p^ $.>00o, $ir>0 cash, balance $20
a inrnth.    Box  468 News office.
WANTED  -Guitar teacher    at
\pply BOX No, 3404 News office
Waahingtcn,     May     81.   Solicitor |
Folk declared be waa In   poueaaion
cf evidence   showinig deals between
l.imnian*.   Hall  and  former directors
of the New Haven railroad.
"Former President   Mellen  has told
me the whole political history of that I
close   to rf,;i(j ������ -,-���������[ asserted.   "He   has   explained all the    campaign  oontrlbo-l
tlona     and   in     some   instances    has !
shewn  that he waa the    -go-between' |
for the New Haven board ot directors
In political dickering* with Tammany
and scores of political leadi rs in New
Large Sums Contributed.
I'ellt spent nearly eight  hours ex-
onC0*iTOn^ALE���"���TWO clKCi:i.AK saws   imining Mellen privately yesterday
IFOR BALE���Am   leavinlg   city   and
want cash foi deed, large cleared
lot worth fSnnfl. Will sell at a bargain for few days only. Investigate
at once. Hox 642 News olfice. (12:5)
and saw table complete.
The News office.
Apply at
MONEY   I'D  l-l'AN-Any  amount oni
first mortgage at 8 per cent.    B. (i. ���  _ _      ���. .
Brush, *iiil Westminster Trust llidg >tini    hA1'h    aKl']l
Tiiis examination," he said, "showed thai the New Haven received
Favors commensurate  with the    vast
maga/.ines    for    references    to   Mr,
Lloyd  Oeorge, mak'ng  her cuttings,
land   classifying  them  In  easily  get- ,
|&t-ablo order.
It is naturally hard work for a
girl of twenty-one.
Mr. Lloyd Ceorge must be just
about the most written of -public
men of the day, but il Is not the lirst
Hire  Miss  Olwen  has  "helped"   ber
A year or two ago someone who
war evidently sc-riou ly annoyed with
the chancellor threw a box at brm.
MIsb Lloyd Ceorge was with him
on this occasion, and she promptly
set herself to defend him from any
further outrage.
"I just sat next to father after
that In case anything else was
thrown at him." she explained lu the
most mat ter of fact way  -fterwards.
Mr. Lloyd (ieorge is vi ry happy in
his  children,  for,  besides  his  eldest
THE \v        '��� increasing enormously
\, Can we tell you the
DEMAND \ Reason Why?
���*A Trial Package will bring Enlightenment"
BLACK. MIXED OR MTUIUL OBCEW      __.���.,���_     ���
invite tho ladies of this city to  Inspect  their spring  slock of the
latest fabrics and styles.    Special price for two weeks only $35 and
f 10.    We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
daughter, there is Megan.    When she I _
vouit    I'ltor*:-1"-* li oontributed, and that it   tbe WM only elgb( Megmn conducted an
erlv tbrotlgll an ad. In  'his column    foad    had reins, d    to spend    niMi'-y   (,,<,,.tiol| campaign sn earnestly In Ihe
lavishly It  would  never have  received |0arnarvon boroughs that they called
WANTED���Will give cash for good for SALE���*l.no DOWN, 11.00 PBR  ���m,LI,iV��rB'   .. ���.,   . ul        Itt "Megan's Campaign."
vacant property, must be snap, j week. Canute's Pride Malleable . rue New Haven a political_ History Not content wltb motoring all Over
What have you? Eastman k Co., | Kaugea; every one guaiauteed Mar <* entirely bi-partisan, according to ��� t,,p p|.u.(, wUh tl0r motber, she ac-
nhone 312. I    ket square. (8816) i�����.j** , Itually made  little  speeches  of   her
Money  was given to the  party  In  *own  *n VVelsb!     One day she askel
v.cirk.    Hox 27
care of News office
WANTED   A girl for general house-   KOR BALE���Barber Shop.   $300 buys power or to the most influential poll-  an  0-,i   man.   "Ploass  will  you   vote !
outfit that cost over $"i00.    This in- tlcions,   regardless  of  party." the  so-i f()r father?"
clndea  good  will  of  business,    big lienor   declared,    "In    one state    the       "indeed I will.    But you moat give
stock  of supples,   two  new  chairs, road  was Republican,  In    another    it j m��� a j,|,,g tirst>-> n(, Rai"d jokingly,
mirrored  wall case,, towels, razors, . was Democratic."                                               "Ah,"     replied     Megan      gravely, '
strops,  a-nl   everything    complete.  ��� ��� |"ah   but  that would be bribery and:
rent only 815 per month.   This shop were only joking.             corruption, wouldn't it?"
If situated in best location in city.  j     Although she ia only eleven years :
right  on Columbia Street.    Invest!- Prospectors Told   Stage  Driver They i n|j    \ijs:7  Megan    has    already    de- '
WtV tit"'once if you are looking for Had Committed Penticton Robbery    c;area*  B  creche  for   fifty  babies   at
aVhlg bargain.    Hox 101, News office Penticton,   May     21.- "Silence       la   PentOUVille   "open."   and   once,   ex-
= ; golden." remarked  Magistrate Guer-j [pialaUig her absence from ihe open- ,
""' ' ~                    " sey In police court yesterday in dlB-|*nE of n bazaar ber father wrote an t
"-, -,cN11 charging   C. A.  Miller   and    Daniel
LADIES   WANTED���to  notice    that
the  only  store   in    town     making
babies'   clothes   to  order   is   at   61 i
.-""ixth street.    Ladies' and children's i
underwear dressmaking. lo-10'l^
1st    in  French    and    EngltUPWB
Specialist   in   commercial .depart-
menl (with or without art Bpecialisi
���standing   alio),     (c)   Teacher   of
household science.   Applications re-1        ������...���
ceived up to   June   6th   by K. H.|TO  I.i-.aI
,   Cray, seer-Mary School Board, New
'A\Btmlnsler, B. C. (3392)
Front St. Phone 818. Cash paid for
e'.l kinds of junk, bottles, sacks, barrels, cast iron, old ru;;s. old rubber
boots and shoes. (3319)
"She ia helping me to gel well, i
Her cheerful pres. uce Is better than |
anj physic."
in another way Mr. Joseph Cham*
berlaln once paid an equally charm-
robbery. Tho magistrate's warning re-  (ng tribute to lbe valtt" of bis wile's
IO    RENT-   FURNISHED    HOUSE   suited from both men Jocularly boast-1 influence on bin).    In one of Iiis rare
keeping  rooms, 810 per  month, at   Ing to a stage driver thai  they had  moments   of    public   confidence   he
224 Seventh street. (8313)   held  up   the  office   and  "got   away"  gold of Mrs. Chamberlain:
Johnston, charyed with complicity in
Seven    room    modern''the   robbery   of   the   postoffice   here
house  on   Agnes   street.    $18   per  last week, when $8000 In cash was se
Cionth.    Apply    I'.  W.  Luce, ' 817   cured.   The men were able to explain
Queens avenue. (0000) ! their movements on tho night of tin
ture.. or stocks in trade, in large or
email quantities, highest price paid
' Or Frtd Davis will sell your goods
by public auction with guaranteed
' result a,, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis. 5-tS Columbia Btreet,
New Westminster. (3317)
to rent try an ad. In this column.
with thee polls.   The contents   of   ni
gunny sack, which aroused suspicion
; courage
has   sustained  me   by
and    cheered   n..*.   by
turned ont to be minerals Becured on | gracious companionship, and  I  have
fo'-.ml her my besl and truest coun-
LOST���One pair nf eyeglasses on
Tuesday evening between Fifth ������'|
nnd Sixth street, Kinder pleas- return to Mrs. .foh'is, l_'i> St. Oeorae
street, city. (340S)
When Requiring
either male or female,  i! >  nol   forget
that the Municipal Labor Bureau is in
.i position to supply you.
PHONE 852.
C4iV40J4iv nam
a prospi cting trip.
Tbe real postoffice bandits are still I seller,"
ul large, -.���,,  Btateraan   could
I lii'.'.-.-r compliment to
��� tnat,
I ;v. e   paid    a
woman ihnu ii
Fer the Week Ending Sunday, May 24
farm    sales   cuuducli-d.      Furiiitiin
High.    Low.
1!)    7:17, 10:35
15:35 21:05
7tl     7:4,7 11:40
16:40 71:7m
71    3:15 17:7:7
17:30 22:30
22 3:35 13:10
18:16 23:13
23 3:55  ISMS
10:00 23:50
21    4:20 14:15
Sai.d  Heads.
High. Low.
Time, lit  Time, lit
1:16 12.1    K:42
14.33    8.S 19:20
1:46  11.9    9: 11
;.">::;n    9.6 70: IH
2:13 11.7   9:38
16:31  lo.i 21:11
2:7,6 11.6  10:114
17.18 11.0 21:56
2:57 11.6  10.-.1I
17:77  11.6 22::is
3:17 11.4 11:00
18:37 12.0 *_���:-;: l'.t
bought  for cash.    P. B   Brown, 17
Hegbie street, New  Westminster
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Daih
I   2:00   p.m Dailj
11:46  p.m Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m .'Dailj
11:00 p.m Daily
Steamer leaves at 11:45 p.m. on
* here.     Nu   collection,   110   charge
.American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
*-ney. 336 Hastings Btreet west, Van |       From  Vinrouver  tor  Nanaimo.
couver, (3314) J 10:00 a.m. and 6:7.0 p.m Daily
���     i     ���  i     Nanaimo,  Union  Gay  and  Comox.
NOTICE. I S:00 a.m.      .Thursday and Saturday
,��� , -       - -/ancouver,  Union Bay, Lowell   River
rata notice that at the meeting of y:45 ,, ,���    Saturdays
the  Board of License Commissioner! '
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
are different in that they
do  not   gripe,  purge   nor
cause   nausea,   nor  does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness.     Vou can
always   depend  on   them.
25c. a box at jour
Druggist's,     tra
k "sOsaal Drof aa4 Oicmlcal Ca.
0! Cauda, Limited.
of the Municipality of Burnab) on
���Wednesday, June 11th, 1M4, at 10
o'clock a.m., at. the Municipal Hall,
l-Mmonds, I intend to apply for a renewal of the license for the Koyal
oak  hotel, Oakalla  P.O.,  Burnaby, B.
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Kvery  Saturday
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
U:o0 p.m Wednesday
P;r Gulf Island Points.
7:00  a.m.  Tuesdays  and   Fridays   foi
Victoria,  calling   ai   points   in   tht-
(iulf Islands.
���3D. QQDLHT. agent. New Westmlnstai
1.   W    BPOnlB    Q     P     K..   V.nmn.r
Re south half of the southeast tiuar-
-. - nt ,(��� m 22, township 10, In (he
District   '0   Sew  Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Cer
(iticate of Title number 16324F, Ib-
sued In the name of Andrew John-
Bon, has been  tiled ir  this office.
Notice is herebj given that I shail
a the expiration ol ... month from
thi dale of the first publication here-
.��� . In a dally n< wspapi published in
City of New Westminster, issue
1 duplicate ol the Bald certlficai -, tin-
li -.- In the mi antime valid ob ctlon
b * made to me lu writing.
.1. C. GWYNN,
District Registrar oi Til ���
t.r-.id Registry Office, New We tmlti
Bier,   B.C.,   May   13,   1914.       13378}
Victoria Day
Tickets on sale May 2::. 14 and 25;
good to return up to  May 77.
Three tranacontim ntal trains daily
with through tourist, standard and
dining cars.
I'oriinto Express  leaves  at   7:7,(1  a.m.
Imperial  Limited  leaves at  S:10 p.m    ind Miss^-
l'vil Kxpress leaves at  1:26 p.m
rates and reservations apply
A cent
Township 10, ln the    District    of  Or H w BRODIE. G. r. A.. Vancouver
New Westminster
Prevention Belter
Than Cure
TjIic nnr Spring Tonics to
keep well. Most people need a
tonic  this   season   of  the  vear.
Mrs. Winston Churchill 11- well
'���uo*.\ii to be one of the inosi active
of feminine influences behind the
P'>li-i.;-l scenes. She takes a most
practical and enlhuslaatii  Interest In
5.0 j the First Lord's work, and. whether
6,8   he  i:'   inspecting   docks   or   experl-
4.1 ; mentiim   in    naval    air-craft,   "Mrs.
7,5   Winston" is   more   often   than   Dot
3,0 i wltb blm or else close at band,
x'o ;      Will  Crooks  Is   another politician
2,5   blessed  with  womanfolk  not  ru ���"ly
content to be exploited and put "on
show" at election time. In Mr��.
Crooks, for instance - "lhe missus."
as be calls her��� be ban a most \aiu-
ablo helper, a woman who not only
organizes a club for poor working
girls, but who is quite capable ol
���nckim: a speech "off ber own bat"
on  occasions.
Mr. Asqultb, Mr. Bonar Law, and
others employ women as their confidential secretaries, mo. and so altogether, despite what tlie suiTra-
-.'etio-i may say. women undoubtedly
do have a cood deal to do with tbe
Inside of Parliamentary matters.
Stolen  (Io-hIs  Found.
Buried   treasure    which    has   beon
I discovered In the Crystal Woods, near
Cardiff, throws 11 light on a burglary
! which  took  place  about  forty  years
i ar;o.
A workman noticed some artlMes
I protruding from tho arlh at the foot
j nf a large tree, and found thefts 10
: be pieces of old silver. He dug
lout 11 silver caudlesllcks. two large
; silver wine cups, a silver model of a
; cow, a silver inkstand, four silver
; punch ladles, two glass inkpots, and
some silver dishes.
He  informed  the police,  who be-
; lieve Ihe article,   to be property stnl-
j en  from   tbe  Heath  House   when   in
the occupation of the late Mr. Wynd-
hani Lewis.   Mr. Wyndham Lewis was
I married    in   1S7"   to    the    pres->ut
'.adv Orr-Ewing,   tbe   widow of S'���
William Orr-Rwlng. and  tbe articles
*pv   been forwarded to her in Scot-
He  Southeast Quarter of Section  23
Whereas  proof of  the  loss of Cer- ' ������
tilicate of Title Number 2*46K, issued
in the name of Joel Stevens, has been
filed in this office.
Notice is hen by given that 1 shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication here
Spring   Suitings  Just  arrtvoil     <*�����-��.
the date of the first publication here-1 them.    Perfect (it    ;,���rt '     ,    '    ?J* ' XT:',"6" ���*"��'�����������������    ""���"    -;*����*����-��u��
of. in a daily newspaper published lnLnua���ntfeT   Prices    tron^"iV?S-Sf   ^In^lrl***? VJ^VIm   .
the  City  of  New   Westminster,   issue | 701 Fronl Street "Vn0  UP', ���F��r, te���B>  "tfvJ'PP,y Dutter1'
a duplicate of the said Certificate, un-'    '  I 'trPP'*   p**f,nB 4n R*
L.U.A.M., AR.C.M
Leesons ln Pianoforte. Violin, Sing
ag. Voice Production, Theory (In
lass or privately). Harmony, Counter-
loint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared    for   the   examlna
Ions of the Associated Board of   tbe
toyal  Academy  of   Music  and  Royal
See ; College of Music.   Also   Professional
hss in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
Distrot Registrar of Titles.
i.iitid Registry Office,
New  Westminster,  B.C.,  April   27
lt��14, (33011
I. If .v.n. N(
(lymnasium Class, Thursday at 7 70
Swimming rlasses. Tuesdays ami I'ri
days, 3 to 4. at Y. M C, A. Young
Ladies' Club. Friday at  8 p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable 1
Weals served to ladies and gentlemen
For particulars call phone 1371.
B.C 1
l',i-'-.<i ('IH--II From Museum.
Because she refused to give up h��r
jmhrello the Queen of England was
refused admittance to Norwich Castle Museum,
Ou"��n  Mary was accompanied  hy
the Bishop of Norwich.     As il  was a
j purely  private visit, no   notification
j had    been    given.    The   attendant,
failing to recognize the Queen, stubbornly refused to admit tier with Inn
nbrella,    which    she,   with   ennui
Stubbornness, refused to surrender.
Tbe bishop  Intervened, but without    effect,    ur.til    he    disclosed    the]
identity   of   tbo   royal   visitor.      Profuse    apologies    followed,     and     the
Queen entered bearing her umbrella
In triumph.
Rich Salt Deposits.
Enormous deposits of salt exist Ir,
the  Esperance   district    of   Western
\ustralla, which are now being worked by a strong company.   The salt if .
scraped from I a. ken and treated in tt
mill,  recently  erected.     It.    Is    then;
bagged and exporteo, the quantity sr
treated   being   some   15,000   bags   :
Parmer Turned tlniigninii.
The execution ol a man for tin
brutal assault anl murder of .1 farm
er's wife has besil successfully carried out in New Zealand, by a well-
to-do farmer, without fee, from s
sense of public duty.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
E. H. BUCKUN, N    HEAKUPLK1,        W. t. H. BUCKLIN,
net  ..a ileal   MgT. Vh-s-l'rasldsnt ������*-. ana   irui
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177
Victoria   Day   Excursions
Special tickets Ht the ran- ol fare and a third for the round trip
ma; be purr lased Saturday, Sunday and Monday, good to return on
Tuesday, May 26.
(in the afternoon of Victoria
day a racing meet will be heir
at. the exhibition grounds. A
large numb, r of good purse:
bave been offered and the races
will be keenly contested.
���\ citizens' Committee has ar
ranged for an all day celebration
concluding with a dance in the
evening. Sports and popular
amusements every bom- of the
AT 9:30 AND 11:16 A.M., 2 AND 6 P.M., STOPPING AT ALL WAY
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth.
F.lfeetivr:    April   1st,    ';"-
S.S. "Prince Rupert, .8.8.
-Prince Georoe," S.S. "Prince
Albert,"  S.S. "Prince John."
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To Prlnoe Rupert    and    Granby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
Tn  Victoria and   Seattle.
Every Thursday, 12 midnight���
To Prince Rupert and Stewart
Every Friday, 12 midnight���
To Queen Charlotte Islnnrl points.
Every Saturday, 12 midnight���
To Victoria and Seattle. .
8 8 PWnee Rupert and ,s.x. /'mire
urn.ar mnlo- rinse connection lo
and from points wuit of Princn
Rltm��rt   nn   Grand Trunk   Pacific
If  You   Are Undecided
Where to Go on Your^
Summer Vacation
Let us Miggest a five days' cruise
through the inside channels of
the North Pacific Coast on tlv-
S.S "Prince Rupert" or "Prince
(ieorge." Palatial nil-burning
ships; all outside rooms, with
hot and cold water in each. Mag
nifieent, restful scenery. "Vou
will feel better when you re
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an Itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith. C.P. & TA.
S?7   r*.r��n���illo   St..   Vancouver "hone   Sev.   813*
D.  D. WILSON, M^ge7
P.O. Box ���� Daily News Bldg
of all kinds.
"rtr.es right    Satisfaction stuaraoteee
BB  McKenzie BL
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED lime FERTILIZER   which   is highly  recommended.
Mine is almost as important for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones 15 and 11. 102 Columbia ttrset w
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout the Province of Brltlah Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits ot One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited balf yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts ol the
CHA8. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Let Us Figure Your Lumber
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivi ry. We deliver where you want it, in any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices, ������
FRIDAY,  MAY  22,  1914.
in  his question,"  said  Mr.  Kemp,  In
reply.    *|  represented  myself alone "
iiiice Jiuadejuarli-is    for- Toronto
.-*,  1600,040 are  proposed.
oue    of   SL
���us, died aud-
Mi j t.i br-saklayeri talk of
unless granted a seven and
cent in.....���.;<���.
Jiev.   Faltwr   Whelai*.
Mi's eatln i  loronto,
a monslgnoi.
Dr. J. II. Mathlibon.
Mary'n bota known u'.i'.z
u. my ihls week.
Wiiiityn MoLeoa, harness tumlamr,
-pioneer merchant of Palmeraton, diet
suddenly  Tuesday.
hix-Ald. Wm. Jacksiuu who died lu
BPellaod, wus burn in .Scotland, aim
han tei u a resident of Welland many
Word was received in Windsor of
the death at (jut-Iph Sanitarium al Dr
J. A AshbaugJi, *ii<-dlcal lu-allh ofl'i
cer oi \\ indsor.
The present membership of the Orange order in Toronto, with 70 lodgus,
Ih 18)000 and the rati- uf Increase Ik
about 'i.iiijU a year.
President Creelxnan of the Ontario
agricultural collagw, Quelnh, says the
domestic science glasses uv over
Jacob Goideuburg, a areU known
New i oru theatrii-.il ma a. plans a
string <>f moving picture houses    in
throughout Lennoi and  Addlngtou an
a medical practitioner, and for many
years proni.neiu in municipal ami .Ma-
���jbh      j sonic circles, died from tbe effects of
a strike   a paralytic stroke. ^L
one-ball j     A.  K.  -Vlcl..iod,  who  was graduated i
j from   tbe   University   Cf   Toronto   In
of  St.   Mica-1 ISIS, winning tlie James  l.oudon gold
will be made1 medal, has Just been awarded by the
' seriate the 1861 science research scholarship of |760, tenable for two years. I
He will Study abroad.
W illlam Harris, founder of the liar-'
t abattoir,  Toronto, and one of  the i
:i>,-.i.i,..    kings of  i -in.ul.i.    died    ol
heart trouble, aged 66.   He came from '
lieiiioiuh.,..a,   i...&'.2..i.\,    over    forty!
years ago a poi j  and v.-.i.-- a mil-!
llmiaiie at the t'.mo : f b.S dtath.
An early settlement of the dispute
I between tlie Ottawa Car company and
j its  employees  Is   probable.
IJ. A. Ferguson, postmaster of
. Smith's Fall since 187(1 and lu mayor
i for three consecutive terms, died at
, his home of pneumonia.
i A spark from a portable engine set
| fire to a building rilled wilh 8,000 leet
1 if lumber In l.yu, five miles west of
BroCkvlUe, and the town had narrow
\ escape.
  B  Railway companies ii> Canada have
Citnada,   bejjiJiuliig   in   Toronto     and i received from the federal government
since 1878 land grants to a total
80,426,817 acres. The Llg years
the grants were from 1901) to lyo.S,
.NU nil'- ill.
RiohAfd  Fortsinouiii, brought    from I
Delaware village to the   county jail'
at London recently as beium danger-'
ousiy Insane, Beriously injured   Turnkey Thomas L Sj>roule.
Senor Algara, hue Mexican charge
at Washington, who h-r: Toronto for
Montreal, will \i.-it Ottnsca and spend!
bis time becoming acquainted    with
Canada's o'-hi-j  leading cities.
The dt atii occurred at Toronto, of
Thomas Sargant, of the firm of T. .1
Bargant and company, regiaia manufacturers, wiio was born In Toronto
and resided there all his life.
Berlin relatives received word of
the accidental death in Oiufhe, Kansas, of Abe aud Mrs. Myers, natives Of
Waterloo county. They were instantly
killed  by  being struck  by a train.
Reft) tires and tfle police are scouring Brahtfprd and district for a trace
of Violet and Victor Smith, agen ten
and seven, who left hume for school
Monday morning, ami have not been
Si-1"   llnce,
Tho home of John Young, Oth eon-
cession, Yarmouth, wan struck by
lightning and destroyed by fire, Mr.
Young was Just flttin* it up prior to
his wedding on May 21. His loss is
uver $2,0*0.
.lo-M'ph F TCby. president ol Kby,
Blain md company, wholesale grocers, who is dead, came to Toronto
from llerliu, Out., and was engaged in
(he wholesale trade there for nearly
half a century.
Dr.   Miliiui   1   Bee-man.   ��**ffl   known
AW.  Despard,  who is packing
Canadian  government display of fruit
to be shown at the Panama exhibition, expects to start p.icking strawberries and other small fruits on May
lion. Clifford Sffton perseuted to
the Connaught l'ark club a beautiful
figure of a horse and rider, it Is
to accompany his (1,600 purse for tbe I
Sifton Plate race in the spring meet-
Ing Which takes place June 10-23,
Sir Wilfrid and l.ady Laurier cele-1
brated the -Kith anniversary of their'
marriage May 18, The Liberals of,
parliament presented their felicitations to their chief and to his chief
adviser In the lorrn of 40 of the most
beautiful  roses  procurable.
VV, F. Fickle, M. 1'., Conservative :
member for Kingstou, ascribed the j
wreck of the Farmers' bank to the
criminal mismanagement of the general manager. "The policy of reimbursing the depositors was establishing a most pernicious precedent," he
There was an echo of the big Toronto antl-hoine rule meeting in the
house of commons when Hon. llo-
dolplie Lemieux drew attention to the
; fact that Hon. A. K. Kemp, a member of the government, was one ot
1 the   Speakers,      Mr.   Lemieux   wanted
to know if Mr.    Kemp   represented
himself alone or tbe government..  "I
Dr. George ll. Christie, son of the
late IJr. Thomas II Christie, who was
assistant surgeon at l'oint St. Charles,
during the ship fever epidemic in
lswi-lrt, is dead.
James Held Wilson, president of
the Robertson Hardware and Ironmonger)'* company, of Montreal, died
at tlie (irand hotel, London, Kng., from
pneumonia. He caught a chill ou a
train to Claegow.
Acting on behalf of Geo. L. Alexan-
dtr, ;i Toronto law firm filed an application in the supreme court asking
for the winding up of the Northern
Consolidated Holding Co., Ltd., whose
���lapiliil stock Is eight million dollars,
lhat nothing In the business conditions of Canada Is really unsound, Is-
A\e. expressed belief of Sir Thomas
Bhaugbnessy, president of the Canadian Pacific railway. Sir Thomas has
in i returned from a trip through the
west and has ouly optimistic views
regarding Canada's future.
The R. J. McNeil Black and Silver
Fax Company, Limited, Montreal, announces that two litters of pups born
OH .ii ranch of the company contain,
fi: Bt Utter fl^e pups and second litter
four pup. They are fine and healthy.
The company expect tu have more litters lu a week or tenejjgys,
The National Transcontinental has
entered  upon one  phase oi   Us  work
as a colonizing line, opening up the
'��� great hinterland of Ontario and Que-
i bee.   Tiie immigration department au-
1 nounced     the   arrival   at   Hurricane,
I Que,, 14b miles east of Cochrane, and
of | 47,H milea west of Quebec city, of tho
��' | first immigrant special over the new
i road,    lt  consisted  of a  train  of  38
lae; cars containing 220 settlers and their
C. A. EOGERT, General Manager..
Don't Spoil Your Trip Abroad
by losing your money���losing time in procuring funds���or puzillng
over the Intricacies of foreijn exchange. Traveller's Cheques,
Unwed by this bank aie a protection. 1 convenience, a necessity.
If lo.it or stolen, they cannot be car.hed by tinder or thief, and are
redeemable by you. They are good ail over the world���are cashed
by banks, hotels and the leading store--,. They are self-identifying,
and are cashed at their face value. Our Traveller's Cheques will
certainly add to tbe pleasure of a trip abroad.
II.    J.    A.    nt'RNKTT.    AUDITOR   AND'
Act-uuntiiiii       Telephone.    R447.     Roobs-
I       M    Hart   l!l,��ik
i*. ii   t-n'liM. \V. J. Urove*.
I w'urk   undi rtoken  In    city    and avtai-kr
lK>t:itH.     211-IJ   Went minster   Trust  BIUV-
I '��li��,r,   3m.     i: O.   Hox  107.
and third Tuesday in each month
at & p.m. In the Labor Temple. A. J.
Christmas, Dictator;  W. J. Groves,
Sydney, Ne S., was visited May 11
by-the latOBt snow storm on record.
Mrs. Pugsley, wife of the lion. Wm.
Pugaley, former minister    of    public
works for Canada, died at  St.    John I
N. II.
Sir  Frederick  Darker has deciced I
that be cannot serve on the royal com- j
mission   to   Investigate    the    Dugal
charges against Premier Flemming.
Ice fields of unusual length lying
off the Newfoundland coast and the
(Jrand Hanks were reported by Capt.
Agassi/, of the steamer Uranium,
which put in at Halifax, on her voy-j
age from Rotterdam for New York.
The  body of a  man  28  years old,
I found dead on the track near Debert
! station, has been Identified as that of
Wallace Crowe, son  of Alex.  Crowe.
now  of   I'enticton,   U.  C,  formerly  a
Well known lumberman of I'ort a Tie.
works In the horses In harness "Bass
at the Ottawa Horse show.
Tho department of agriculture will
select luo boys, sons of farmers, and
I bear the expense of transporting them
! to and from the Winnipeg exhibition.
Mary Raferty, an Irish girl, 21 years
of age, who while despondent, swal-
owed a quantity of lye dissolved in
water February 11, died in St. Boniface hospital.
A. M. Nanton of the Winnipeg financial firm of Osier, Hammond and
N.niton, was elected a director of the
Canadian Pacific railroad to succeed
the late Sir William Whyte.
New developments In Manitoba's
schools fight seem likely to be the
rrsult of a letter from the trustees of
.St. Mary's Catholic school to the
Winnipeg public school board, requesting the board to take charge of
St. Mary's school and manage it un-
d<*r the public school act.
The "Irish Catholic," of Dublin,
j Ireland, devotes a recent editorial dls-
I cussing the matte.- of the toast to the
I kin,-;, at the recent banquet in Winnipeg, presided over by Archbishop
I Langerin, and mains an abusive and ;
grossly insulting attack upon Meuten- j
ant-governor Sir Douglas Cameron.
J. Bruce Walker, commissioner of 1
Immigration, stated that returning Canadians were not included -in the Immigration figures, The numbers returning to the land of their adoption
were very high and showel an In-
crease of ovi r 8,000, the actual figures being 47,374, as against 38,711
Cor the same period las', year.
mountains In that vicinity. They
made elaborate geographical notes so
that they would be able to And It
again, and then returned with tne
fbject of making the necessary ar
rangements to work the mine.
On the way out, each of them
heavily laden with the previous metal,
provisions ran short and seven died.
The two survivors of the party organized another party, but the geographical calculations were lost in
the meantime and all attempts to locate tbe mine ended in failure.
Good All Round
aids to good health���and to the
strength, comfort and cheerfulness which depend on thecondi-
tion of health���are the famous,
time-tested, safe and speedy
Sold everywhere.   In boxes, 25
L..OO.M. NO ��&4���^ttaUDTS ON Klk-JT
and third Tnt-mlny In ench month at ���
p.m. In the Labor Temple. Davka
Boyle. Dictator; W. J. Groves, Secretary.
O. <).   !���'. AMITY LOOOB NO. 27��� THB
regular meeting of Amity Lodge, No.
21. I. ii. O. I-'., Is hi-ld every Monday
night at * o'clock In Odd Fi-llows' Hall,
comer Carnarvon and Eighth Htr<*;t��-
VlKlilnir brethren cordially Invltou,
H. XV. BanjSter, NO.; J. L. Watsoni
V.O. ; XV. C. Coiitluim, F.O., ���rccordUnf
sii-.t.u-.; J, XV. McDonald, fir.anefc
wore tary.
W. 0. PALES & CO.. flg-eil AONKS
street, opposite Carnegie library. Mont
up-to-date funeral parlorn in lhe city.
Specialist* In shipping*. Lady a-wlsts-nt
In attendance, Always opt-n. Day phone
17��;. night t>ti<-n<- 81.
ter & Hanna, Ltd.) ��� I-*unrr.-il dlri-t:N-r��
and ������iiil.iiliiu-rH. I'arlorn 408 Columbia
-ui-'-ft.  New   W>8tiiilii8t��.r.     i'horej l*y'!.
Ster Board of Trade meets ln the boar,!
room. City Hall, uh follows: Third r"rl-
rtay  of  each  month.     Annual   mesttnjpi
on the third Friday of February, C. H.
stuart Wade, secretary,
Winnipeg will send a
team of Iiritish rugby
gina to play a picked
fifteen on .May 25.
Sir Douglas Cameron
players to ite-
hardly   think   the   member   Is   serious | won  another  first  prize    with     Fire-
Public utilities bylaws, eight in number, involving an expenditure of $437,-
700, were passed by Moose Jaw ratepayers.
With Masonic and military honors
the remains of tlie late Hon. 3. F.
ill-its, ex-speaker of the legislative assembly, were burled at Prince Albert iu tie presence of hundreds of
citizens. j
Eighty per cent, of Saskatchewan's \
vveat crop and five to ten per cent. \
I of the oat crop acreages have been
I seided. The crop has made good prog-
; resB, as much as So per cent, of the
i early-sown fields showing  green.
Jogging Laziness
into Activity
The merchant whose business lags ia the summer j
lia.s Limself to thank.
To slut-ken lhe selling price in the hot season���to r
lessen Advertising activity���indicates a resignation ,
which has no place in modern business.
If we ttdnlc we cannot keep our business booming in
summer time, we surely will not.
What a jolt it must have been to the fur trade, when
the first mid-summer fur advertisement was run in
a daily paper! Now many fur stores are following
the example of that progressive fur man who dared
to believe that fur sales need not go duwii as the
mercury goes up.
Energy, linked with Advertising, has turned the
month of January into the biggest selling season
for white goods. Advertisements of a high stimulative power, combined with a disregard of "seasons,"
have opened up automobile selling two months
earlier than was once thought possible. Advertising
lias started Christmas shopping early in October
instead of the middle of December.
Advertising rises superior to seasons and thermometers. The right kind of Advertising strikes a
responsive cord in human nature���and human
nature is the same in August as in December.
Advice regarding your advertising problems is available through any
ra-ngniard (.'aiutdiuii advertising agency, or the Secretary of the Can*
adian l're-M As-ux-iutiun, Iloom 503 Lumsden lluilding, Toronto. Knquiry
involves no obligation on your part���no write, if Interested,
Report  on  Strike Troubles  In  South
Africa Approves of Exercise of
Military   Authority,
London, May 21. ���A Blue book just
issued givps tbe official correspondence relating to the i-cent general
strike i.i ,-M.uth Africa, li covers the
period from January S, when lhe
strike was commenced, to April 17,
when thi iuaemnit) and undesirables
special deportation act v.as sanctioned by i ;e home government.
In the course ci a long despatch received by !in- cuiocial office on l'ebru-
aiy 17, Lord lUadstan-* fives his views
an two poi.-iis of importance���first, as
'ii whether in bis opinion tbe strike
was genuine, and, secondly, as to
whether lhe deilaiation of martial
law  was justifiable.
In regard to the first. Lord (Had
stone says that uc fiuds it impossible
to convince himself tb^it the strike ordered by Mr. Poutsma and confirm
ed by the trades hall men was not a
purely artificial strike, designed to
disorganize the government and to
make the trades hall paramount at
the expense of the country.
On the second point, as to whether
the declaration of martial law was
justifiable. Lord Cladstoue says that
ihe government, having come to the
conclusion that the strike meant, In
reality, civil war against thf-ni, decided to act in such a derisive manner that no armed collision should
ter the use of firearms,
take place and no occasion  be given
The declaration of martial law, Lord
Gladstone continues, so fur -from causing exasperation, undoubtedly brought
relief and satisfaction, not only to
the people who had no direct connection with tiie strikers, but to a large
number of workmen who had. From
the moment of the proclamation the
strike collapsed like a pack of cards
and there were no casualties of any-
Whatever theorists may say, Ixird
Gladstone Insists in conclusion, the effect of martial law was to relive the
whole country from actual peril and
-i state of tension which in itself was a
rlsterR, Solleltop-, etc. 40 Lorne street.
New Westminster, o. B. Corbouldk K.
C.    3. R.  Grant    A.  B.  MoCoU,
ter-at-law. .S.ilieitor, etc Bolicltar tor
the Bank uf Vancouver. Offices : Merchants' Bank UiilldiiiK, New Westminster. B. C Telephone No 1070. Cuble
address '-Johnston.'* Code- Wyntero
W.   F. HANS
llcltor. etc.,
?r Block, corner Co-
lumbi.i   ani
I   McKenzlo     streets,
1    Warcminsie
r. B. C.
P. O. Box 285.
|    phono  344.
slde���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk.. Columbia street.
New Westminster. B. C    Cable iuldr-.i-.-4
"White-side,"    Western    Union.      P.    U.
Drawer    200.      Telephone    69.      W     J.
Whiteside.   K.   C.;   II.   I..   Edmonds.   I >.
at-litvv. solicitor, etc.. corner CollunbUfc
ami McKensle streets. New Westminster, B. C, P. O. Box 112. Telsphooo
Solicitor and Noiary. Offices, Hart
Btock. 28 Lorne street. New Weaun i.-
ster.  B. C
Barristers and Solicitors. 605 to 6li
Westminster Tiusi Block. G. E Merlin.   W.   <:.   McQuarrie   and  Oeorge   /..
I '..Willi'
Kdmonton.   May    21.���Headed    by
Bishop Lucas, who has had 23 years
experience  lu  the  Anglican    mission
fields of the, north, and    Archdeacon
Whitaker. a close    second    with    19
j year.,  tn  the same  field,  a  party  of I
j ten have left Kdmonton for the north, j
Archdeacon Whitaker relates a   re- j
| markable  story  of a  lost  gold  roine ;
I between  Fort McPhorson    and    Her- '
j nohel Island,   Accord Ing to Mr. Whits* i
ker tradition says that a Kreat num- j
I b��ir of years a;-o a party of nine men  I
I onel of them an old C. P, R. surveyor. !
found a gold mine which  was stated
| to  bo  of  fabulous  value   among tne- j
New Westminster
And all Points in the Pacific
To Round Trip
Chicago   $ 72.50
Duluth        60.00
Minneapolis or St. Paul     60.00
Montreal     105.00
New York  108.50
Toronto,  Out     92.00
Washington   107.50
Omaha, Council Bluffs
Kansas  City,  St.  Joseph   ��0.00
Proportionately reduced fares
to Many Other Points in the
east. Return may be made
through California at slightly
higher fares.
Special Selling Dates
MAY   16,  IS,   19  and  20,  1914.
Going Limit, 15 Days.
Final Return Limit. Oct 31. '14
Liberal    stopover    privileges
and choice of diverse routes offered.
Two All-Steel Trains
To the East Daily
The   Finest   Train   Across   the
Milwaukee  Trains.
Milwaukee Service.
Milwaukee   Employees.
All the way across the continent.
For    additional    information,
call or address
City Passenger Agent.
COAL MIXING liKlits of lhe Douuuicit
in Manitoba. :>.i.slcate!it-w;in anil Alberta,
the i'likmi Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a portion of tin.- Province
of British Columbia, may bi- leased foi i.
term of tw-t-m.. one years at an aniuml
rental of $1 an sere. Not more than ���J.ivtl--
sores will be leased to oik- applicant.
Application for a lease must b�� ukwo-
bv the applicant in person to the Asent
.���i Sub-Agent of the distrk-t In whioli ttlo-
rlg-hia   applied   for  are   shunted.
In surveyed territory the land must !>'*���
described  by sections, or legal sub-divi
skins  of  sections and  in  unsurveyed  territory tht- tract applied for shall be sUik. .i
out  by the applicant himself.
Eacli application must be accompunk-J
by a f��e of *5 which will be refunded IP
the  rights applied  for are  not  avallubl'
but   not   otherwise.     A   royalty   shall   be
paid  on   the  merchantable output  of  <���������
mine at  the rate of five cents per ton
Tho    pel-son    operating    the    mine   shall
| furnish   the   Agent   with   sworn   returns
accounting for the  full quantity of merchantable   eotil   mined   and   pay   the  roj -
ait.v   thereon,     ll*   tlie  coal   raining   riglns
are not being operated such n turns should,
be  furnished at least  once a year.
The lease will Include the coal minims;
rights only, but the lessee will be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface right nuiy be considered neoSB-
.sjiry for the working of the mine ut liw,-
rnte  of  $10 an acre.
For full Information application should
be  made to the Secretary of the  Depurt-
ni-nt   of  the  Interior.   Ottawa,  or  to any
Agent  or Sub-Agent of Dominion  *uan.I*s.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorised publication  of  this
advertisement will not be paid for.
New Wellington
Office, S54 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street
P. O. Box 345. Phons 109.
622 Columbia St
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begble  Street t
i      Dagga.se Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Residence:  Room 118 McLeod Block.
Phone 4S9L.
FRIDAY,   MAY   22,   1914.
Few Could Pass the Many Bargains This Store
Offers You for Friday Market Day's Business
Art Needlework
Section for Friday
Anything   ynu    want    In    Art
Needlework, stamped goods, etc.
ynu can buy on Finiay at Special
Price Reductions.
Children's Stamped Dresses;
Regular 45c. each. Very Special at 25c, each.
a dandy little dress In white,
blue and pink cotton, all made
u)i and stamped ready for working reg. 45c value.
Very Special at  . .
Stamped   Corset   Covers..
cial   at   25c. JM^^^^
Also made up lu good quality
cotton,     Regular    tfSc.    value.
Make this store your headquarters v. hen in town on Friday,
.Market Day. rjgj McAllisters as a meeting place for jour
friends. Take every advantage t'.iis business offers ynu as a
shopping centre. Our departmental store system always works
to your advantage, bet'.i In prices anil service. Then, the careful houeskeeper will each day study our dally advertisements.
Many economies can be made each day in your rust of living hy
taking advantage of the price cutting we offer in tbe different
lines iii merchandise, Remember in shopping at McAllisters
you are helping to build up business that is offering you tbe
world's   best   merchandise   al    the   very     lowest     cash     store
pricis. McAllisters, ltd.
Stamped Centre Pices.   Special
at  25c.
Ill   White   l.inen,    loiinil   shape,
IS   Inches  In  diameter;   regular
360  value. pi-
Speclal for  fc*��/v
Stamped   Tea   Aprons..   Special
at  15c.
Made up and  finished   with  a
fine  hue edging;   tegular  26c.
;ar"'("' 15c
Wash Goods Dept.
Friday Specials
Scotch Ginghams; a choice va-
Hi ly of plaids and cheeks, suitable for bouse aprons or children's rompers; 27 Inches wide
reg, l">c. and 20*ci
Sale I'riee	
Wanted Dress Goods at
Economy Prices
Cream Serges.
There ia nothing that looks so nice for summer
wear or gives more si nice than Priestley's Serges,
and we offer today four pieces of different texture
Bl] al one price, The widths vary from 45 to 54
Inches; the values are up to S5c.   All Cft**
one price today, per yard    wUG
Black  and  White  Checks.
These are  In  great  demand,  being one of the season's   favorite   for   suits,   skirts   or   dresses.     You
have the choice of three different sized checks;  60
inches iu  width;  a splendid quality. At%g.
Today at, per yard     HOC
Tweeds and Striped Suitings.
This is a mixed lot of goods, bought at a sperial
price, ami the values are extraordinary. There
are some gray anil black stripes, tan antl gray mixtures and blue anil tan diagonals, and some plain
Venetian dons, in summer shades: 48 to !>* inches;
_ _     . .. a--   ��� 1 i   o    < 1 ii-nnuau ciosds, in summer snaaes; ss to 64 inches;
Buy Bedding Friday and Saturday     ;;:;',;;;i,1p''*150 Kriday s",>dal'       $9C
Crum's Prints; an odd lol to
clear; light and ...i k grounds
wltb spot ami stripe; 'i-' inches
wide;   regular   l-'ie. *i fls*
.Special       IUO
Andersons Prints; tli se come
in stripe effects; suitable [or
picnic dresses; colors pink, and
white, gray and white, green
aud while, blue ami whit'
inches wide; reg. 26c,
('rums Prints in white grounds
with spot, stripe and floral de-
signs. 'I iiere are greatly used
tor gents shins: good wearing
and washing. 4 C" ���
I'er yard      I OC
Fancy Dress Duck; these come
In dark grounas with white designs, fp. daily adapti >i for
iadieu In use dresses or outing
dresses;   21  Incnos   wide;   regu-
Special JfaUC
Mercerized Linen i'oplin; a rich
finished dress fabric; nukes up
wen for summer wear; comes
in navy, blue, pale b<U3, green,
pinK, lawn, oid lose, white anil
Mack; 27 inches wide. Regular 26c.
:->ale   I'riee   	
Mikado Crepes; these rotni- in
a narrow stripe eftect; makes up
weil for gents' shirts and latl.es'
outing dresses; 'iii ini-iu s wide;
ir -urn.   Joe.
unite Dress Muslins; an ideal
laoric mi' udits' and cnudieus
summer weai; ooines in u<uncy
tpuitf, stripes ano cntaics; 77 In.
wide;  reg. ioc, jtt'if*
bine Price   bUC
White \tsting; In tbeBe we
bave a Hue selection In choice
designs; trie from dressing;
suitanle for tailored waists;
21 Inches wide; regular 26c;
Special Oft/*
Price CUv
White Pique; good suiting
weight; durable and stylish; 27
Incdes wide; tegular BOc, '!5c.
nd 40c Special Sale Price
75c, 30c. and OC|%
|.' r  yard    OOC
ill ' cr Outing Klannti; Specially ariaptpd for holiday or picnic
coal . :i oa iu navy blue and
w h1!. . !��� i and white, navy blue
and   IjIbcI   at i  red  and  black;
regular "r"-
S th
Seer   .    ��� .    nf,,-    crepe
materia!    for    c    .   wear;
ui ...  ed, ���    . .    ,,o
ironing;   i    in , (.*tg
*   pes ol   Mu.   ...
and     - tiite,    graj    and
black    anil    n,i ti
Price IOC
Fancj Cri in ; this makes ii
tlalnty afternoon dress and has
.i nici, BOft, appeal unci.; comes
in pink, brown ami pub blui .
n gulai  7'ii 17i
Special  . I I '
Comforters, Pillowr and Btaokets; all Sizes, Weights and Prices.
(Vinforteis for camp, summer cottage oi liome; size tinxT'l; well made;
-..ui tiiii")-, in green, fawn, red in blue; (P-|   "115
regular $1.60, tor 9 I �� I O
bungle Bed Comforters; light weig.it; In red, blue <n fawn.      Efts*
Spi elal ;.t, each    OUC
Heavy Weighl Comforters; size 60x72; In all colors; fl��4   Ai\
regular $2.00 line mr i ach 9 ��� ."IU
Feather and Down Pillows.
Purified   Chicken   Feathei   Plll-.-ws,  in  sizes  from   17x26  to  ".'0x27.
Speclallj  priced at each, 65c, 75c, 85c. $1.00, $1.25 ��4    7km
and    91.10
Down  Pillows,   in  fancy ar'  tick,  blue or pink;   sizi- *.':.'.������;US;   real  live
leathers that will last a life time, C7  Cfl
Price,   per   pair    9 ��� ��OU
Wool and  Union  Blankets.
Crnj Blankets; dark cr light. 4*0% *>*���
I'e. pail nl $2.50, $2.75 .mil   9*��.90
Heavy weight; dark gray. Per pair at
t'l.25.  $4.75  and   . . .'	
Light Gray Army Blankets; size 64x82; a very serviceable
line; regulai $6.50, foi 	
All colors null weights in Point Blauki ts.
Pei  Hi. at   .'	
White Wool Blankets;  Bize 60x80;  medium  weight;
regular $5.00 value at  	
Larger size, 64x84;  same quality, but heavier weight;
regular   $6.60   for   	
Skeldon Blankets; of pure Scotch wool; size 68xS8;  whipped Bingly;
regular $10.50,   special, Friday and Saturday, CO Cfl
pei   pair   9O.0U
Great Friday Basement Bargains
^^^|      25c
 I     25c
35c, 50c and $1.00
5c and 15c
Black   Dress Goods.
Today offers you the choice of about twenty pieces
Of Hlack Dress floods, selected fiom our stock for
this special. Including Serges. Panamas. Whipcords, Venetians, Resedas, and a quantity of
fancy  weaves.    Friday Special. 70s1*
per   yard       I OC
Washable Dress Goods for Summer Wear Are Very
you could not do better than select your length
today from our table that Includes goods worth up
to 85c. There are Bedford Cords, in two-tone ef
lects. rice cloths, etc.; widths up lo 54 Inches; and
all serviceable, washable materials. Your choice
today, at,  per ,
These are Values for today only.
Cream Serge With Clack Stripes.
This  makes  up smart  suits or separate  skirts.   We
have  a  splendid  line*-of  Priestley's  on   sale  today:
64 inches wide. at. QQ.
per  yard       OwC
This is usual $1.36 value
Take the oppor
BO will soon go.
Friday Money Savers in
the Staple Department
l,ay in a stock of sheets at this low price; regular
$1,76 per pair; heavy plain cotton and twilled
weaves, fully bleached; size 69x80; hemmed ready
for  use.     Friday. special, 4   QC
per  pair           I .OO
Hemstitched Pillow Cases; regular 40c per pair;
made fi-pm fine quality cotton and neatly hemstitched; sizes 40 and 411 Inches, l-'riday Special.
two pairs KCr
for  999
A  Roller Towel ready  for use In crash or Turkish
weave;   16 and 17 in.  wide;  2V4 yards long.    These
are worth 40c each.    Kriday Special,
All Linen Tea Towelling, of strong Irish manufacture; 24 Inches wide. A quality that will dry
well;   regular value  L'Oc.    Kriday 17Xl.
Special,   per   yard       I I 2��
N'alnsoiiKS, now so much In demand for the lighter
iiiiderweai/at neatly half the regular price. 88 inches
wide;   regular 80c yard. 4 Q^
Kriday. per yard     I CC
42 inches wide; regular L'li'/ic A At*
Kriday,   per yard        I �����C
Two hundred yards of tills heavy grade bleached
Sheeting; 80 Inches wide; will sear splendidly;
regular 45c.   Kriday W7Xt\
Special    V I 2 C
About one thousand yards of strong weave, bleached
and unbleached cotton sheeting; 70 inches wide.
Replenish your stock of sheets at this price; regu
lar 35c a yard.    Kriday Special, OC#��
per yard      COC
flood sized Turkish Towels; nice for the hath. They
are good wears and quick dryers; colored nnd white;
regulai 65c a pair    Friday Special, Ai\t.
per pair   "tUC
Hemstitched   Sheets;    actual    $7'."f>   values.    They
made oi English sheeting; nicely hemstitched;
72x90; will wear well nnd give every satisfac-
Krida>   Special,
Big Bargains on Main Floor for Friday Shoppers
ur   Neckwear  Section   I3   Well   Stocked   With   All GLOVS   SECTION.
Fancy Crepe Paper; regular lflfc a roll.
Elghl   rolls  to:    	
Lace Paper Doylies; three dozen assorted sizes.
Per   package   	
Photo-paste;  regular 10c,
Per  bottle   	
Liquid Qum; regular 10c.
Per   bottli    	
Milk Bottle Opi lu r and   Stopper.
P. ice     	
Polished Back clothes Brushes; regular 40c,
Each  .'	
Kbony  Hack Hair finishes.
j:.*ich  '.	
Rubperjne Combs. M^^^^
Crockery Mender.
Per bottle  	
' inoli-o Floor Wax; large tin.
OlOBBC  Metal  Polish.
Per tin   	
Magic   Furniture   Polish;   26c   bottles
two  for   	
Nairn's   Linoleum   Reviver,
Per   can    	
Lacqueret Varnish Stain; all shades.
Pei can, 23c, 30c. 50c and	
If  You   Want  Plates  of  Any   Description   We  Can   Save   You   Money
on   Them.
Dinner, Tra or Breakfast  Plates;   in  a  variety of decorations;   values
up to $;!.("! a dozen.
Each    I UV  AND
White  Earthenware  Cream  Jugs;   our  regular  26c.   value.
25c,   Brown   Earthenware  Teapots.
Covered China Butter Dishes; regular 50c. 9C
Kach       OOC
7-inch China Berry Bowl and six Nappies; regular 76c.
I'er set for  	
We Save You Money on Stoves and Ranges.
The   Comfort  Steel   Range;   sectional   polished   top;     heavy     Duplex
gtate; 18-inch drop door oven; full nickeled finish,  seven-inch stove
pipe; one of our regular $50 avlties.
Our Special   Price   	
Tiie Reliance Stc-I Cookstove; large Duplex grate; sixteen-inch oven,
and  guaranteed  to  be  a  perfect   baker;   our  reguiar      * 4 "f   Cfl
$25.00 value.    Dure  Special  Price    9 I I .OU
The Bon-Ami Blue Flame Oil Stove; smokeless and odorless; the most
peril et and economical summer or camp stove you could possibly buy;
two-burner size, $10.50 three-burner
the Newest Stylcr. and the Prices Are
Extra Good.. ,
One Lot ot Sample Collars,
w  and high styles;  in plain, pique, lace and as-
���d wash collars; regular values to Tec     OC#%
spiv Ial Fridaj for, each   COC
Ladiee'   Sof(   Stock   Collars.
in pique, mercerized cottons and silk; In all sizes'
values regulai  25i
Special, two for  .
Short  Silk Gloves.  Special at 65c  a  Pair.
Comes with double finger tips; two dome fasteners and all sizes; a splendid quality .-Ilk; in colors
black, while, navy, tan, and gray; regular $1.00
values.     Special GCm\
for       OOC
White  and  Natural  Washable Chamois  Kid  Gloves.
An  A i  quality skin;   in all  bIzqs
value     Special
a n guiar
Special in Collar Frills.
In plain and shadow nets;  white, cream and black.
Ask to see them; regular values to V 2
Special  for     ���
Special   in   Neck   Rucmngs.
In crepe, lawn, lace and plain nets, in  white, cream
and   floral  designs;   values   to  35c. OCt*
Special at. per yard    C��#V
Also a Special at 5Qc a Yard. _____
In shadow nets, fancy chiffons and figured mull,
and lace with fur edging; in white, cream and
.'.lack:   regular values to 66c. Cfl#*
Special  for,  per yard      OUC
Ladies' an: Children's Hosiery at Lower Prices.
Odd Lot of Children's Cotton Ribbe_ Hoie.
In  tan, black and  white;   In  fine and  heavy  ribs;
odd sizes only; regular to 30c, OC#��
Special, two for COC
Ladies' Fine Cashmere Hose: Special, 3 Pairs $1.00.
A perfectly seamless hese; spliced heels and toes:
full iu the I'-g and good garter tops; every pair is
worth  46c.    Special at, d   flfl
three pairs for   9 ' aUU
Ladies' Silk Boot Hose. Special at 45c a Pair.
A   guaranteed   good   wearing   Silk   Hoot    Hose;    has
no   seams:   high   spliced   heels   and   toes,   in   colors
black,   tan.   sky,   pink   and   white;   a   regular   75c
value,    Special for. per ARf*
pair      "IOC
Friday and Saturday Furniture Special
designs    to
'll  stove
Whin-   Enamel   Iron   Beds,    tw
choose from; al Islzes in stock.     *4   7C
regular $3.00.    Special    9 lilW
White Enamel Iron Bed; brass top rail and
brass top mounts; all sizes In stock: regular
$6.60  value. (PA   "JgZ
Special    *���**����� I O
Brass Beds at prices that cannot be equalled;
straight and continuous post: bright and satin
finish; 3-0, li-ti, 4-0 and 1-6 sizes,
a:i below factory
and $32.50. Your
X-fOOl   i Mend
Our  prices
cost;   ii-miiar $24 60   $27 V>
-     tr 20i
Oil or Gas Stove Ovens;  asbestos lined and  glass drop doors;   will
lake anything to perfection  at a  min-   4**\ Cfl CA   Cfl
i in ll ill   cost:   two   sizes.     Each       vbivUhNO 9 ������OU
Two Cup and Saucer Bargains.
China and Porcelain ('up- and Saucers; in assorted shapes and decoi i-
tions;  values to $2.60 a dozen. #***���,**���
Two   for    COC
Fine China Cups and Saucers; iu white and gold, or lloral decoration;
values to $3.00 a dozen. 4 m
Each       1 OC
Genuine   Limoges  Cups  und   Saucers;    values   to   $1.00   each     CA��%
Each for     OUC
;7)C Tankard Shape Milk .lugs.
'  ivi n el Picnic Baskets.
Odd  Dining Chairs
Odd   lining   Room   chair
Regular $7'.77,
Regular *2.1~t.
Odd  Dining Chairs;   leather seals
lish finish;   regular $3.26.
Spi cial   	
Set of 'i Dining Chairs; five small and one arm
strongly made chairs;  at cost price;  a  liargaii
that  you   will never be Offered
$14.00 value.
ribre Picnic Plates; three dozen
"Morning Glory" Wash Frocks for
Women Folk
U *'  :,i'   ���   '���'   selling   agOlTtB  for  America's
wash frocks.    Featured b-
tbe craze ol Chicago today,
louse, tell a: i-
sal   -"*-> line in pretty
ill  the  leading storcE  In the States   and
an   the Morning Olorj   Wash Frock's tor
worn'ii.    Llki   tin ir  name,  "Morning  Glory,"   these   .........   ,(r,,   ^)e
embodiment ul all thai Is dainty and fresh In wash fabrtcB, in i,1S|
the preuicM ol sha lings, The strong factor In the great popu\aritj
cf these garments is Ihe simplicity of the style, making them n-jite
easy to laiind , and get up, There are dresses for tbe
street   wear   picnic  and   afternoon   frocks,  and   all   kinds
Visit 'the l.aii Resdy-to-Wrnr Departmenl on Saturday and see the
the beautiful range we are showing of these prettv dresses
Prices'fiom. ��4    OR CC  "7C
each          9 ' -CO TO 4��0�� I O
We also carry ti������ famous "I'tili!-." Douse Dress. This is the dress
for which thousant- of wor/m will accept no substitute. The "Utility"
garment is made as a house dress, kimono or negligee, it slips on
nod alljusts completer, in a few si conds, as only two buttons do the
trick      See  onr  iivtere.  'a-,   showing   of   styles   mid   prices,   ranging
$1.75 to $3.95
35c�� 65c and 85c
You Can't Equal
These Prices on
Wall Burlaps
See our fine range of colors l"-
fore you decide on y our wall
covering for dr n. living or dinin-i
room. Green, blue, browns or
red; yard wide size burlaps.
I'-, yard
^^ 25c	
Our Prices on
Bamboo Veranda
Blinds Are ihe
Very Lowest
These are an excellent protection from the heat of the sun,
while p��-: milting the air to pass
through, thus making the ver
end.i picas.wit and cool.
Natural Shades.
Sixe   (\A  feet. AA.
Kach     OUC
Size 6x8  feet. oc��
Kach     OOC
Kh83!8.^ $1.10
��h8xl0.feet $1.40
Size 4xS fi et. OC*.
Kach    OOC
Size 6.xS  feet 4* <    4 (\
Each    9I.IU
��8x8.reet'      $1.40
&wo..r $1.80
n  early   English
early Kng-
d one arm;
;  a bargain
again;  regular
Dining Room Extension Table.
i .I. golden finish : regular tl 1.00
Cargains In Dressers and Chiffoniers
Golden iink Hr. <��er; three large drawer
li   plate mirror; regular $9.75.        C7 9C
Sped ii     ^1 .CO
Golden Oak Dresser; three drawers. B, B, plate
mirror,  princess style;   regular    #44  Cfl
116.50.    Special     9 I sa.OU
Solid Oak Dresser: three drawers; oval II ll
mirror;   princess   style;    ret-       C1C  9C
$21.60,     Special    9 I O.CO
Solid Quarter i'ut Oak Dresser; three large
drawers; large square B. B, plate mirror; reg
ula.- $26.50. C1Q  7C
Special         <4> 19. I O
Quarter oak and .Ma.iogan-. Dr6ssers; three
drawers; large oval B. B, plate mirrors; rev
ulat  $26.00. CIO  OC
Special       9 I O.CO
Semi-Collapsible Go-Carts; all steel frame; 2-
bow  hood;   regular  $6.7.V CC   OC
Special    90.CO
Full collapsible Oo-Cart; flat steel frame; 4-
boi*. bond; the latest design Compare this
price with Vancouver dealers and you will Bee
Hint you can save money: CO  Cfl
regular $11.00    Special   ... 90.OU
Hew About Your Travelling Equipment for the Holidays ?
Juvenile   Suitcase
made  ot good  grained   kratol;   Japanned    corner.'
Iraini   and   valance ;   good    brass  locks  and   catchi
handle; Insidi straps; 24-lnch, $2.25;
See Our Prices Before Buying.
made of dark brown fibre; steel .ram.. nnd
valance; leathei corners; leather tilled bandies; brass lock and
catches;   fancj  Checked lining.    Prices:     I linen. $1.50;      CO   flfl
16-Inch, $1.75;   18-inch   9C.UU
Suitcase, made of fibre matting: strong frame; heavy leather cor
tiers; good steel lock and catches; strong handle and fancy checked
liniiii-    Prices;    24-lnch, $2.00; 4*Q  OIZ
26 inch    9CCO
Suitcase,   made   of   trood   nrrnlnnil   li-i-atnl-     la,.-.. -i        -riicrs;      steel
good   leather
^^_^^^^^_^    $2.50
Suitcase, made ol heavy, light or dark brown fibre; deep style) seal
loped leather corners; swing handle; good brass lock and heavy
catches; fancy cloth lining; pocket In lid; two 2'/4-lnch straps all
round; patent frami for strength, durability und neatness, CC Cfl
114-inch, $5.00;  26-inch    90.OU
Our Prices on Men's Straw Hats Can't be Beat
How   Abcut   a   New   Straw   Hat  for  the  24th.     Oar   Prices  Cannot   Be
Fine English i'.dal Straws; in Panama shape;  black trimmings, ami
good   leather   sweat   pads;   very  comfortable   and   a   style  that   most
OV cry sizi   In stock.    I'riri
men like
$1.00,$1.25,$2.00 ANo$2.50
iglisb Boater Straws;  In fine, dressy styles;  best  b
and ease fit sweat pads. Prices:
$1, $1.50, $2.00 anc $2.50
styles;  best black trim.
and shop at McAllisters.
Our  Prices  on  Panamas Cannot  Be   Dpulicatcd.
Heron   you  Belecl  your  Panama, come In  and  examine our  values
Bvery   hat   is  a   genuine  South   American   band plaited   product;   all
$4.50, $5, $6.50, $7.50 and $8.50


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