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The New Westminster News Apr 30, 1914

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 Volume 9, Nun" ^
mt puguc
Ernest Address by Dr. Proctor Before Anti-Tuberculosis Club.
Peace, Happiness and  Prosperity  Depends Greatly upon Cucng Con
s.mptlon in First S'.ites.
Thit it was no less the.u criminal
Oil tu<' part of civic authorities who
will rllow buildings, cabin- and rooming houses to be erected in such a
manner that no sunshine can reach
the inalde, was the assertion made hy
Dr. A. P. Proctor of Vancouver yesterday noon when addressing a large
audience which had gathered  In the
Possibility  of  Women  Being    Candidates for the  Position at Burnaby Adds Interest.
In the event of Trustees Herd and
Churchland still persisting in resigning their posts on the Hurnaby .school
board, there Is ever)' possibility of
one or two lady candidates announcing themselves for election.
V'ls will be tbe first Instance on
the lower mainland where women
ratepayers will have the opportunity
of being nominated for election to a
school board under the new amendment recently enacted by the provincial  legislature.
The Bituatton Is being widely discussed throughout lhe municipality,
the fact of this being the third time
within three .mouths    that    a  school
Nine MoreUves Sacrificed
In Labor Troubles in
1 ���'      jPriceFi
Five Cents,
C. 0. Knudsen and Son, William,   Charged   with
After   Five   Hours'   Fierce   Fighting   Damaging evidence Against Accused
Miners Suddenly Retire���Truce
Given by   Ragmal  Singh���Also
Held  en  Suspicion
Columbian block. The" occasion was a (board election has been found neces-
luncheon given by the members of thp
New Westminster branch of the Anti-
Tuberculosis society.
A more representative gathering of
citizens could hardly have gathered
business and professional men amending In overflowing numbers and following an excellent repast served by
the lady members and friends of the
organization, the subject "Public
Health work," delivered hy Dr. I'roc-
teir, was listened to with rapt attention.
Mayor Cray Introduced the speaker,
first   mentioning  the  attitude  of  the
city   council   towards   the  Tranqullle
sanatorium   which   believed   that   the
provincial government should operate
the institution In Its entirety, the cost
to be spread over the entire province.
Dr. Proctor lost no time in explaining his object ln accepting the invitation  to speak at   the  gathering.    He
���was   tremendously   interested   ln   the
work of stamping out the white plague.
Alongside good health every asset of
any  government  pares  into  inslgnlfi-1
canes.    Public health  walks hand  in j
hand  with prosperity, happiness  and i
the power of any couutry. Good health.!
though   the   most   valuable   asset   of'
an individual or nation was little appreciated by the average man or woman   until  a  spectre  of  some  dread
disease   cast   its   shadow   across   the
scene.   Some people say it is all very
fine to make sick people well but it
was very much better to prevent people from petting sick.
A>i enormous quantity of suffering
ana loss of life resulted from causes
sary creating added interest.
A special meeting of the school
board will be held at 2 o'clock on
Monday, when the final decision of
the two trustees will be made.
Commissioners      Grant      Application
Without  Prejudice  to  Pending
Legal  Action.
Denver, Colo.. April 29.���Colorado a
seven months' Industrial war claimed
today a toll of at least nine human
lives. This was the verified record at
6 o'clock tonight, divided as follows'
At Forbes���seven mine guards and
one striker dead, with two other strikers believed to have been killed.
At Walsenburg- -One officer of the
militia hospital corps killed, one officer and two enlisted men wounded.
The  Forbes  camp was a  scene of
desolation, virtually all the mine buildings being destroyed by fire.    Here it
was the work of only a few fleet'n^
hours.    It  was about 9:30 a.m.  that|
the   strikers   opened   their  attack  in I
force.   With the women and children!
of the camp barricaded ln the  mine
stop's, the guards under the personal
direction    of    Superlntenden    Nlchol
responded spiritedly. About 10 o'clock
the firing ceased and the camp's assailants  disappeared  as  mysteriously
as they came.    According to Superintendent   Nlchol   three   strikers   were
seen to tumble down the hillside*.
Major Lester Killed.
Fighting  that  practically   encircled
the town continued for five hours at
Walsenburg between strikers, militia
and mine guards.   Major P. P. Lester
A   triuiEfer  of   the    wholesale  and
I be.ttle liquor  license    of    Iveslle    C.
I Haines was granted by    the    license
commissloni'i's   at a meeting    In the
city  hall  last  night, after arguments
i for and against such a move had been
advanced by A. E. Tulk, a Vancouver
barrister  appearing   tor   Mr,   Haines,
inid   W.  F.   llanfoid  representing  the
i/i'izens league.
The transfer was granted without
prejudice In respect to legal action
which is now in progress, being
brought by the. Citizens' league to
quash the li"xn8e of both Mr. Haines
arid Thomas Kreuiuan
Mr.     Ilansfoid.    representing
As the result of a confession made
by Itagmal Singh yesterday morning
at Mission during the inquest over
the body of a Hindu named Slbon
Singh, William Knudsen, a Swede,
and his father, C. O. Knudsen, were
placed under arrest by Provincial
('unstable Clarkson and taken to Ab-
bataford, where at 10 o'clock this
morning they will be charged with
The murder of the Hindu is alleged
to have taken place ln November last
near Aldergrove, the supposed bones
of the dead man being found on March
10 in the midst of a pile of ashes
near the lumber plant of the Fern-
ridge Lumber company. Suspicion was
directed against William Knudsen
and 'Ragmal Singh and after a long
search, Knudsen was placed under
arrest in Seattle two weeks ago and
brought to this  city.
The evidence of the Hindu at the
inquest yesterday caused a sensational
turn ln affairs and following the testimony of the older Knudsen, both he
and his son were arrested while Ragmal was also held as a material witness.
The Hindu when placed on the stand
    . told how Slbon Singh had been killed
of the hospital corps met his death, by one of the Knudsen brothers who
shot through the left breast, while |B Btui missing, and the body robbed
dressing  the   wounds  of  a   comrade j0f several  hundred dollars.    The fa
One Company   from   Thie   City and
One from Chilliwack  Departs
en Special Train.
Vesterday at 1:30 p. m. the Fraser
Valley contingent of militia, drafted
for service In Nanaimo to assist in
preventing possible trouble during
the May Day labor demonstrations in
the Coal City, left by special car for
Vancouver, where they joined the
Terminal City companies on tne
boat bound  for the coalfields.
Sixty men and two officer! left
from the Fraser Valley, one company
from this city and one from Chilliwack, the command being in charge
of Captain Caskey, of Chilliwack,
and Lieutenant Swan, of this city.
Thirty men each were supplied by
New Westminster and Chilliwack.
After proving the companies at the
Sixth street armories, the force
boarded a special interurban car at
the corner of Sixth street and
Queens avenue at 1:30 o'clock and
were sent through on a clear track
for Vancouver.
Iu all, the provincial government
is sending three hundred men to Nanaimo over Friday, these being taken
from the 104th of the Fraser Valley,
the Seaforths and Connaught's Own
of aVncouver and the Vancouver
Island regiments.
ther tff the two men became frightened
at the turn of events and is alleged
to have taken away the body of the
murdered man and disposed of it by
cremation methods. Knowing that
Ragmal Singh was fully acquainted
with the detailB, the Knudsens are
said to have threatened him with
death should he stay in that section
Feared   That    Serious    Results  Will
Follow Passage of Measure.
within 150 yards of the strikers' position. Firing ceased shortly after !'
With two troops of United States
cavalry in the Fremont county fields
and citizens, volunteers and militia on
guard in Boulder county, gav^'tbelr attention tonight to sudden outbreaks
ln Las Animas and Huerfano counties, where federal troops'wen not ex-     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
pected to arrive before tomorrow morn 1 the Hindu held as a witness, is saidi   K, . ,   .    .    .    ���    ������.������������.���,���,    ,���
ing.    The  militia detachment rellev-110 have tried to cross the Internationa:) ^^ ^^ST^J^
Loudon, April 29.���A compromise
on the question of home rule for
Ireland seemed today nearer than it
has ever been before. There existed
a strong belief in parliamentary cir-
Settlement of Mexican Difficulty Helped by Carranza's Attitude.
Armistice of All  Armed  Parties  Expected to Result���Wilson Pleased
at Progress Made.
Washington. April 29- The scope
of mediation plans for the settlement
of the Mexican crisis was suddenly
broadened tonight so as to include the
entire range of Mexican affairs���not
aloae the critical Issue .between tbe
United States and the Huerta regime,
but alao tbe conflict between the elements of northern aud southern
Mexico which have rent the republic.
This signal enlaigement of mediation followed the receipt late In the'
day, of a formal acceptance by Oeneral Carranza, chief of tbe constitutionalists, of principles of mediation
as proposed by the ambassador of
Brazil and the ministers from Argentina and Chile.
Already tbe United States and General Huerta formally had accepted:
the good offices of these South Affl-1
erirf.n envoys and now as a further,
step General Carranza has been taken
into the deliberations so as to draw-.
every element and faction within the,
range of any settlement which may be
Suspend Military'Operations.
Earlier in the day the mediators
made another decisive move ln asking
the United States and General Huerta1
to agree to an armistice by which all
military arrangements would be sua
i pended pendug the outcome of the
[ negotiations. The mediators confi
dently expect both sides to accept the]
armistice proposal,
A separate proposal for an armistice as between Huerta and Carran:
will also be made and with tbe aeci
tance all of the warring taction! li
Mexico, as well as the American force
greatly preventable-. This was por-1 league, asked lor un adjournment' in
trayed by the success of the American j order lhat the decision of the nongovernment In Panama, w ho first of j orable Justice Morrison, who heard
nil made an exhaustive study of tropl ^^^^"^
ed  by federal soldiert    in    Fremont | boundary,  later  making  his   way   m ���       ft- ghortly he resumed
county, was haatenlng<tir-OeL Verdeck-J Medlelne Hat where he was arrested, j    T��  houge' 0, common8   ai8CUMBd | eo as
Ibnrg at Walsenbassji.
y Feeling it UncartaJnty.
re and  what wttrlwrth
pal   diabase*   ajMyestablbA
, ���Mp^^^��ijjsai��<ivrn9I'i
the argument on the Rallies case 'last
,d^?n>5?l*eek,. injitfht   be-JUfld^drJewn..     Tula'
ply to the armistice proposal wfft
pressly stipulate that any untoi
act toward Americana will be res.
��� ���^ ^jfcAaV,...^, T'���m*"..!''** ���    ���  i
wound, up tbe two daye" debate ori]Be��slon  throughout  the day.    1W
A verdict, of death from foul Play I., l"' """���""' ��wi--"
was brought in W the coroner's Jury Kite, lifcaet Crist.(M"^.) ^��-M
Where and  what will Usr the next  at  Mission yesterday afternoon. wound ���� ^ **�� ,^��   ^l��,��*,
outbreak? was a question often ask       Provincial Cdnstable  Ranne:-  will *������*�� J-**���**���?��� * Jr*^*^.�� *����?**��*   ���
ei\ today  on  the  streets -* ��*����������� v._. ^.�� ����� ��t,�� ���������, .m���Kt t^e | ludlcuir Inquiry <Intoabe governments | ��*#��., deairrng
.when   citizens   stopped   '
.and nwerfaffl&eW,   ���' w 	
.   *- ^ .- ~*^^^���prfi^e'f��m^^
\r r ��������
* iM\��fnvebt
*��? world,
l|��V(Uya|tfMil|#'|la(I de
���as 4he 'capWn vt all  dls
scribed ft 'as 4he*e	
eases. In 1913, 154.000 people d!��d In
# the United States through '.his disease 15 000 and 429 in British Columbia Coming closer, Vancouver lost
129 people last year with perhaps the
same average' per population in New
Irving Fisher had estimated
value of a wage-earning life through
this disease at $6000, yet tuberculcsis
was a preventable disease. The avc-r
nne patient stays in the hospital for
tuberculosis two years at an average
cost of $2 per day. The estimate* ol
$6000 was a conservative one. Figure
it out what the United States, Canada
end British Columbia is losing by ihe
Tuberculosis was  about the streets
and in the homes.   It Is extraord.nary
that any person escapes being brought
down by it.   It Is a criminal work on
the  part of the authorities  to  allow
people to build houses especially cab
ins and rooming establishments where
there is no earthly chance of the luu'l
;ays working Into there homes.    Vancouver   has   buildings   which   should
never exist and the situation is pr.?n
ably  the same  in  New  Westmlnutor.
The housing problem was an Import
ant one In this great work.   Until the-'
authorities take action and not only
compel builders to lay their plan3 1 e-
lore  the  building   Inspector  but  also
consult the health official before be-
in? allowed to proceed.    Under present conditions tuberculosis is simply
being manufactured in our cities
Expectoration   In   etreet   cars
other public  places  was another active  agent  in  spreading the disease.
Health  laws  have been  enacted   but
one rarely hears of a person who expectorates on the stree t being brought
tc Justice.
The speaker likened present conditions   to   the   parable     '  "���"   -���--
J"   J A.'>
Mr.Vutk sMCnWl.
of the IfiMIS. action might
reached until late ln (he fall as. hla
client fully intended to appeal ehould
the decision go against him in the
first instance.
In the evidence presented last
night, Mr. Tulk admitted that in the
actual application or a license, the
full requirements of the act had not
been complkd with but that these defections were of a- minor character
and could only be thrown out on
technical grounds.
Before adjournment was taken Mr.
Hani-ford enquired, in view of the
decision of the honorable Justice
Clement regarding the Freeman case,
stating at the time that it was flagrant, noncompliance of the act
whether the board Itself intended to
do anything to cancel the license.
Mayor Gray stated that as no order
had its yel been received the board
could do nothing on the matter.
A final decision on the Freeman
case which includes the signing of
the order to close the establishment
by Mr. Justice Clement has as vet
not been received. An early decision
is expected In the Haines case
The detailed report of the receipts and expenditures, as a result*"of the
two performances .of "The Yeoman of <(�� Guard" last week is presented
herewith. It will be noted that the net receipts were close to $300, and
not $400 as erroneously reported a few days ago. Private subscriptions
amounting to $8.30 were made by members so as to -have the total net receipts amount to an even $300. This sum was equally divided be.tween the
l.aoits' Auxiliary of the Royal Columbian hospital and St. Mary's hospital,
eat 'i   Institution   receiving  $150.
There Is also appended a certified report of the receipts and expendi
turer arising from the banquet served after the last performance. Here
again Individual  members came to the front and  made up 'a deifclencv of
The ladies and gentlemen who worked so hard and gave so generously
of -their  time to make  the  presentation  the success  it proved  to  be,  feel
���veil repaid for their efforts "        ~~*~ ~"        "*   " ---������   	
ire  ar  follows:
eaVot the heWuS
sers in supporim
.   . Hne.
*bota par-
The certified reports of I,. B.  Lusby, treasurer
Saie or tickets  . . -. I	
Programme   advertisements
Rent Of opera house  	
Royalty,  rights of producthm
Mage director	
Accompanist for rehersals
piece  orchestra,  15  paid  pieces  at  $9.00  '4
of  the   sower.
Finding of Wreckage Proves Fate of
Vessel���Many Others Missing���
A  Narrow Escepe.
Cloak room attendant ^-b^-^-b^-b^.���
Uent  of halls and opera h>iuse for  rehearsals
���nel and janitor's services heating opera hoii:<e
Scenery         l^^^^^^^^^^^^    ,������...
Printing, advertising and  Mil  posting     107.10
Music,  scores  and  orclu'Htra  music     j, 00
Klectriclan, flyman and carpenter    ^ -0
89.00 ,
123.S5 j
Klectrlcal work, orchestra lift, etc
Costumes         ��� ���������	
Hreiperties for production e't  play   	
Travelling expenses condci-tor and others
Postage,   stationary   and   telephone   	
Duluth,  Minn.,  April 29��� With  the
finding of the pilot house of the lake
Net proceeds     	
Sp"<dal  contribution.   Mr.  Ilrymnei    . .
Special contribution from Operatic club
.$ 286.70
Overtures Accepted.
Sir Edward Carson,  whose leader-
eh.p of  the  Ulster  rebellion  makes
htm tlie dominating figure on the opposition side of the  house, accepted
today the overtures  made  yesterday
by   Winston  Spencer  Churchill,  first
lord   of  the  admiralty,   who  had   invited  Sir Edward Carson  to attempt
to  compiomise  the   home  rule  question  on a lederai  basis.    Sir  Edward
iviteiuted  his    detestation    of home
rule   and   lepeateU   his   offer   that   if
Ulster were excluded    from    the  bill
uutil   this  parliament    shall    determine   otherwise'   insiead   of   the   sii
years'  period  which   Premier Asquliu
had  ottered,  he    would    submit  tne
proposal  of  the  people of   I'lster.
S.r Edward iu his reply to Mr.
Churchill's offer said all he wanted
for Llbter \.as such terms as would
O0iestl\e tl.e dignity of the Ulster
me i and ;heir civil and religious
��i ede .n. lee- concluded Hint in case
tlie Home' rule bill passed, it would
o,- h.s earnest pruyei Uint the gover
nor of the soulh and west of Ireland
would l reeve SO successful that it ]
mit,ut on lo I'Uter's interest to join
anu foi ui a United Ireland.
Offer Holds Good.
Premier Asqunh concluded \e.i'!i
statement tiiat hes ofrer of tern-
withholding Ulster counties
operation oi tbe home rule
rlod of six years re-
He said he considered
v ��.��. enYqjnJ
ed Secretary TJryin.
President   Wilson
Bryan; wire pleased af
General   Carranxa  and
tionalists  in   the' peace .plans,  the
hopes of a broad and satisfactory ad
justment of the  present Crisis  beta*
raised to a degree of coafjt&ince whic! >
they  have not  hitherto felt. " j
The American government has no'
yet made formal reply top the. first' pre I
posal of the Intarmediariee tor an ai ,
mlstice, but It is underfed one wil,
be made within the newrtrp* hour*. ��
In formulating an agreement to .mm
pend hostilltes, the American govern
ment, however, will Insist that Amer,|
cans in interior ports of Mexico arj
to be afforded every protection.
from tl
bill for a  P
,""i:i"1 "cursou's  statement   a most
��her*�� the seed  falls on the ground
and fowls devour it; how the disease I ._���,���,,;���,.   n������.�����.��   vt .,
falls on  stony  ground  where   It has' (T^^r   Benjamin   Noble,    on     the
no  root;  how  It  falls among  thorns
and the patient has the strength and
courage to ward it off.   The sad part
of the parable was where the dlRoase
Falls  upon good  ground, and  lack of
resistance, perhaps  inherited,  improper feeding and  rooming conditions.!
allows the germ to grow until it is im
possible to  save
the individual.
The doctors have no cure W give.
Every once in a while tho report
rMrnes out through the press that a
��� ha? been discovered but up to
?kI Jaaant time none had shown sut-
anTsttength to warrant worldwide
"se'    The   TranquiHe   Institute,
nr   proctor then touched upon the
7v of the Trnnquille Institution at
K.niloops  how R had been started in
beach here today, life savers abandoned hope that the boat was still afloat
or that any of the 19 men known to I
have been aboard, were saved.    Cap-1
tains   of   vessels   reaching   this   port
. since  the   storm,  which   raged   from
'��� late Monday until noon today, confirm
the theory that the Noble was wreck- i
ed early Tuesday morning instead of
'Wednesday n'ght.
ladies Auxiliary R. C.
St. Mary's hospital 	
.$ 300 00 |01
.$ 150.00
Edward    m>��..   	
iuiporlunt one and he reeogntzed and
recprocated Us spirit. A settlement,
ae said, could not be successfully negotiated by' bargaining across (ho
floor of the house of commons, and
tbe questions at usue could not be
settled behind the! backs of the men
Ulster or of the rest of Irellnd.
Asquith Favors Compromise.
l��ude,n, April 29,���Speaking In the
$ 300.00
Fund Westminster Operatic Club.
Conservative club, rebate on rent  j.	
T. H. Smith and Co.. special discount  	
The  News, special discount   	
Brown and Son, special d'scount  	
Press, special  discount  	
Owing to  illness of Groom Ceremoi
Will Be Performed in Home of
Bride's Parents.
New   York,   April  29.���Vincent   *
tor will be married- Thursday to Ml {I
Helen Dlnsmore Huntington at Hoi
land housed tbe home bf the brldi
parents,   at   Staataburg.     Mr.   Aste
who has been confined there for si
eral  weeks with  pneumonia, has I
covered sufficiently to permit of ttj
marriage on tbe date originally s
but     because  of  his  illneas the  I
rangements have been modified.'
Only members of the families of. 11
bride and  groom and their intimt
friends have been Invited.
The ceremony will be performed
The steamer Minneapolis nearly wa8|^r^WHU1   jpecltti discount
McCaig Adv. company, sp.-cial discount 	
Orchestra subscription, five members ......-���������
Controhutimts from teemberi of club to balance
Inued on Page Pour.
wrecked early this morning while try
ing to find the entry. The first attempt brought them almost on the
beach hulf a mile from the canal. In j
turning to go into the lake the boat
nearly foundered and lost a large cargo of lumber on her deck. Pour other
boats, the W. H. Truesdale. Willis
King. Kefflljiger and Sheldon Park, I
are long overdue and have not been ]
heard from up to a late hour tonight. |
To C. D. Nuiin. catere
. 2.40
. 2.60
. 3.70
. 1.15
. .80
. 2,00
. 4.75
. 12.60
. .$50.00
house of commons today Premier As-   the injury and the officiating cletv;:
auith    said that    the    invitation ex-   man  u t0 oe Rev. Charles Duncfc'
ended by iWnston Spencer Churchill, | pastor of ^   Margaret's    churcti I
first lord   of the    admiralty,   to Sir , gtaatsburg, where it was Intended^
nm J  '" " ' have the wedding.   The bride Willi
accompanied by her only sister, Ml
Alice   Huntington,  and   Herman
richs will be the best man.
Certified  correst
Aptil 29. 19U
 ��� .],. B. l.USBY. Treasurer
Sidney   Malcolmson.
._'I:  ��T
Edward Carson, to endeavor to com-1
promise the hotu�� rule question of the '
federal bases, had been made on Mr.
i'liurchill's   own     responsibility.     He
was, however,  heartily  in    sympathy
with the idea.
Snow and lee in Ontario.
Port Arthur, Ont., April 29.���Ves-
,-eels overdue here are the Canadian,
Martin Mullen, Winona, Glenvoyl*;
11. B. Nye. A northeast storm, with
snow, has been blowing since last
night. The w ind blew much ice into
the two ports and steamers are hav-
mg trouble in picking their way
through ihe floes to open water.
Standard Oil Goes Up.
Shanghai.    China,    April    29.-
glant tanks of the Standard Oil C|
pany at. Kowloon are burning,
million   four  hundred  thousand
Ions of oil are already destroyed.
Many Bricea-to-Be.
Montreal, ��� April    29���Nearly
brides-to-be  came to Canada  by'
Glasgow    steamer    Saturnia,    wil
docked here today.
ni** laT' PAGE TWO
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I the Praaer Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by the National Printing
and Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzie Street. New Westminster, British
Columbia. ROBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed to The NYw Westminster News, and not
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' TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, 899: Editorial Rooms (all depart-
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1 ADVERTISING  RATES on  application.
>Msto&      I NUBS OF NEWS |T0MMY'S P0S���
THURSDAY.  APRIL  30.   1914.
The widespread public interest in and sympathy given
lo the stand taken on the Fraser river for white control
of the salmon fishing at least demonstrates one fact, that
British Columbia is awakening to a realization of the oriental menace. The manner in which public bodies in this
��-ity and throughout the surrounding municipalities are
taking up the question augurs well for the success of the
I movement to force the Japanese from the position they
occupy in one of the most important industries of the province.
The question is not one of antagonism to the Japanese; it is simply a matter of self-preservation along the(
lines that "charity begins at home" and in dealing with it)
British Columbians need have no scruples about doing
everything to safeguard the interests of the whites in this
province.  Japan herself has made the problem of the Pacific coast an easy one by the attitude which she has
adopted towards whites in the land of the mikado.   There
it would be impossible for a similar situation to develop
with the positions of the two races reversed, simply because the Japanese government takes care that important
industries are controlled by Japanese and that obstacles
arc placed in the way of foreigners becoming at all powerful in a commercial way.
While the problem of Japanese fishermen on the Fra-
Iser is an important one, it must not be forgotten that it is
mly part of a far greater question, the oriental menace in
(its entirety, and, remembering this, immediate and effective action should be taken to demonstrate that Brtish Columbia means business in her determination to keep this
part of the Pacific coast firmly and securely in the hands
jf the wihtes.
Preliminary work has commenced
on tho E. ii X. depot at Nanaimo.
* 0       ���
The chicken industry is reported to
be on u thriving basis at Bench Orchard.
��� ��    ��
There  will   be  something  doing  at
rYrnie on  May  Day    as  n  fine  l,r��- j
gramme has  been prepared.
Just   Where  British   Army  Standi  on
Ulster  Question   Perplexes
Parliamentary Leaden.
A boxing match is billed for Ferine on Friday ���renins of this week
with L'vanni and Jones as principals.
��� �� ��
The Standard Silver Lead Mining
Co. of Silverton, will make an April
dividend of $100,000, or five cents
per  share.
��    *    ��
The concert given by the Nanalme��
Symphony orchestra, the first of the
week, was a uexceptionally pleasing
and siiicessful affair.
a    ���    a
W. .1. Hacking, of Chilliwack. has
been appointed On the board of examiners for the British Columbia College  of  Dental   Surgeons.
���    *    ���
A chunk of the mountain at Pernio
slipped down the mountain side the
oilier night anel left a bald spot on
the side of the hill.
m      ���      ���
Wednesday, May 6. will be Arbor
| Hay iu Pernio and a general clean-
j ing up of the city and planting of
I trees is on ihe programme.
William Kite, one of the old-timer*;
I of the Slocan district,  who lias been
abseni for a number of years in Mex-
! Ico, ttas returned  to the camp.
.    .    .
Mrs.   .1.  M.   Tanneliill   of   lVntioton
; a lew days ago bad her purse snatch-
I ed by a Oago sneak thief.   The follow
| made off with  a  sum of money  and
jewels of value.
I..    \V.    Shatfurd,    the
member rom Similkameen,
ejered  a rousing  reception
eiuet by his admirers   at
last  week.
was tenant!  ban-
.Mrs.   Gordon     Grant    of     . .,,.,��,
president of the Provincial Political
Equality League, addressed a large
audience at Nanaimo on Tuesday
An M.P. at Ottawa wants to remove the dutv
spuds.   What is this, another plot against the Irish?
If those moving picture men could get a panoramic
iiew of the happiness in the hearts of the children on May
Oay it would be a film worth having.
"Hope of Peace Is Very Strong," reads a news heading dealing with the Mexican situation. There are some
Quarters in which the hope of war is just as lively.
The real conservationist is the fellow who by the aid I
If a shingle nail, makes one trouser button do the!
I'ork of two.
A colored man of Opal Creek nam-
ed Arthur Green, attacked his wife
while intoxicate'd and in the ensuing
fracas was stabbed to death. She is
held for trial.
��� *    t
Adah chapter, Order of Eastern
Star, was instituted Saturday evening
at Kamloops with about forty charter
members. Visitors were present
from Merritt and other points,
* ���    ��
To   meet  the   requirements  of  the
social  life of Nakusp another hall is I
about  to be built  in connection  with i
the  opera  house   by   Thomas   Abriel. I
The dimensions will be 24 by 60 feet
��    *    *
On Friday night John Boyle was
seriously hurt at Itossland and died
four hours later. He was working in
the Centre Star mine driving an electric motor when the accident happened,
A Montreal judge is up against the decision  of
L'hether a nude statuette is deceit or otherwise.   General
[pinion seems to be thafcait aJJ depends on the statuette^-,
���� the jud��-e.     I
Tzolhalem on Vancouver island has had telephones!
stalled. What the folks there need now is an official'
ronouncer at central. ���
The Victoria Chink who had three thousand empty'
boze bottles in his home seems to have been responsible j
)r more dead soldiers than the whole caboodle ofi
fexican rebels.
Many improvements have been carried out and many more are to be?
carried out during the coming spring
to the Strathcona hotel at Nelson b\
Jame�� Marshall, the new proprietor
of that  hostelry.
��    ��    ���
J. II. Schofield, M.P.P. of Trail,
member for Ymir constituency in the
legislature, will be present and address the members cf the Rohson
Fanners' institute at Robson, at its
meeting on Thursday. May 7.
�� * *
TIip Chilliwack Athletic Association has secured a lease of the old
agricultural building on the corner of
Mary street and Wellington avenue
from Mr. ,\V. II. Nesblt, and are fitting it up as a gymnasium.
*    *    *
London, April 89.- A few weeks
i ago tlie party papers were dlSCUSSing
the Question us to whether the hodfce'
of lords would throw out the army bill
or would, at any rate, introduce an
amendment forbidding its use in i.i
I Iter,   which   would   drive  the  govern
I ment te) the polls.    AU that Ik forgot-
i ten teelay.   The question Is not whether tin- army will be thrown out, but
Whether || the army were sent to Ulster, the army could be relied upon to
i figlK.
It may as well be admitted at once
that the' question at issue is a religious
one. All the' ink in Europe spent on
proving it to be a constitutional one
will in ver affect the fact that tbe difficulty is fundamentally rlelgious, and
that tlie- constitutional element, though
of course, it comes very seriously into the matter, is only a result of the
I religious question.
It is getting on for a century sine '
'any similar incident occurred, and the
! difficulty then was not n religions one.
I Then tlie question arose over the re-1
I form lull.   The government waa faced
| with the rielelle, what would happen If
��� the house of lords  refused  to give
way?    The Duke or Wellington  him-'
self came  to the conclusion  that the
army could not be relied upon to fire
on  the  reformers.    The  king  made
the  historic  ailusion   to  tlie  hackney
Cab, and  the bill passed. |
Rank and File Doubted.
It was the rank and file the Duke
felt himself unable  to  rely  upon;   it I
I'ls the' officers and the rank and file
there   is   doubt   about   today.     Quite j
apart   from  religious  and  social  reasons, men hate the idea of firing on
their fellow countrymen, and when religious animus is thrown  In, a regiment   is   far   more   likely   to   quarrel
within its own ranks than to present
a united  front to those  with   whose
view- they sympathize.
Th'- Monitor Vienna correspondent
points out, in an interesting dispatch.
that  Austria is dumbfounded at the
Curragh attitude. At the slightest sign
of   tumult,   the   Austrian   troops   are
turned out, and it would he almost Impossible to act under orders.
1     Russia and Germany have succumb-1
I ed to the same bewilderment, until at!
last  the  press of all  these' countries :
has give up the attempt to understand
the mystery, and frankly writes down
the   Hrltlsh   people'   as   madder   even
than they conceived them before,
One thing only must be insisted
upon, they tell their readers, ami that
is that it would not be safe to draw
the conclusion that because the Hrltlsh army is objecting to march on
Belfast, It would, if it were ordered,
show the remotest disinclination to
march on Berlin or Vienna. What they
mean, of course, simply is that the
���lightest hint of aggression by the tri-
���ple alliance would bring tlie whole of
the united kingdom into absolute unity in a moment.
Position Is Anomalous.
The fact is lhat the position of the
Knglish soldier has always been a pe-
cullarly anomalous one.   The standing
army grew up under Ciomwell and it
was used by Cromwell in a way which
made it anathema to the Tory party.
The Cromwelllan army was, of course,
j disbanded  at  the  restoration.   When,
I however, Charles II. came over from
1 the great  house on   the    square,    In
Hruges,   where   he   had   been   living
j during the protectorate, he found the
I Tories  even   more   decided   than   the
Whigs in their opoBition to his plans '
for a military establishment.
Gradually, from the very necessity
of the occasion, the standing army
grew up. It was added to, regiment
by regiment, under Charles and James,
and though some of it was again disbanded at the revolution of 1688, William III. began adding to it once more,
and, under the (iuelphs. it continued
Its gradual growth into the army of
In spite of this no king could ever
obtain more than an annual army bill.
Technically, It was always the king's
army, but It was a king's army which
the commons controlled through the
power of the purse, and it could, at
the end of each financial year, be disbanded by the withdrawal of the army
Charles Paniell illustrated this very
clearly on that summer night when he ,
kept  Lord    iieaconsficld's    liattallau <
marching through the lobbies, In the
first great triumph of obstruction. In ;
many   other   curious   ways,   too,   the.
old   distrust  of  the    army    lingered
through   Knglish  social  customs,  and
only   a   few   years   ago   Mr.   Kipling
devoted a famous ballad to the faint
survival  of  this  indefinable antagon- j
Ism In the national consciousness:
"O it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, |
an' Tommy go away;
Hut it's Thank you, Mr. Atkins, wh n
the bund begins to play."
It   is   to  this   unconscious,  perhaps
aflmost unreasoning, fear of aggression
that  the   Liberal  and   Labor  leaders
have appeal ut the present moment
present embryonic condition of the in-
ejuiries, and the need en- experience in
the handling  of the  subject.
He recommended, on tho other
hand, an improved and more correct
management of the labor exchange'
Watch This
It will be occupied daily by the
of the
Western Supply
Iowa Lumber &
Timber Co., Ltd.
Darmstadt   Hesse,   Germany,   April
I 29.   The motion recently brought for-
j ward   in  the  second  chamber of  the
, l)i''t   to   request   the   government   of
Ileese to use its influence' with the Imperial federal council for the introduction of state insurance of the unemployed,   was   carried   after    a     long
speech   had   been   made  on   the  subject by the home secretary of Hesse,
who considered  that the whole question   had   not  at   present   been   sufficiently  inquired  Into  for  the government to arrive at a definite decision.
For the same reason a proposal
made by the Socialist party that a,'
government grant should be made to i
the communal unemployed Insurance
societies, was considered premature.
The proposed memorial on the general question of unemployment. Insurance and so on in Hesse would, the
secretary   sti'teel,   be   use-Uss   in   the
We have everything you
need in Lumber. Prices and
service right.
Does your garden need
fencing? Does your sidewalk need repairing? How
about that chicken house?
Calgary is to have a woman detective. With all the j Provincial constable Stewart of
titude allowed by modern female styles, she should be, ^^XAf^SSSrS SnS
ne to disguise herself as anything from an aeroplane to Denver to succeed   Provincial con-
|pna<5t nf hppf* stable H. J. Sutherland, who has been
\ivni3ivi uet-1. appointed (Shlef  provincial    constable
��������������� at Golden.
On Tuesday somebody started a fire in a local wood-    Kred Morrott,* f0*r 1,,. yun eon.
lie.   That s getting pretty close to the right place for a ductor on the passenger train on the
L~ ^L^L^i^H Okanagan   branch,    was    slightly   in
jurtd in a wreck   on   the   main line
near Revelstoke on    Monday,    when
he    was
Making a Flat World
  near  Revelstoke on    Mond
If the weather man doesn't make good on May Day ��*,* ^X"^.wbloh
I'll lose the vote of the entire juvenile population.
The high cost of living commission will not report
the next session of the federal house.   By that time
h.c.o.l. probably will be so far up the commission will
K'e to give place to a corps of astonomers.
Kitchener'3    Work    in    Egypt
fleeting  with   Pronounced  Success���New Town  Built.
Jiro,  Egypt, Apr-]  99
|g ceremony took plat
|na, in  the    Gharbieh    province,
I^-rd    Kitchener    formally dis-
ttod plots   of reclaimed   land to
fullalKoti.    This   Is   the   second
ibution    cf land    in    connection
Lord     Kitcl.'.'iu r's    policy,    the
J having    taken    place    about 15
lis ago at Diala.
Shalma an area of 1100 feddans,
K>ut 1130    acres,    has    been  re-
ed,  tli9  land   being    thoroughly
ed and   read*    cut.    A    village
>?rins ISO buildings and covering
ea of 230 feddans has been cre-
16!��   houses  of  two  rooms and
la yard, being given to the fella-1
The rest of the land has been
td Into plots of which there arc j
lach having an area of five fed |
unine of this model settlement '
I is Manshiet Abbas II. For the first
I thieo years the fellaheen will pay a
11111 rely nominal rent, but during the
I following 15 years they will be re-
I qiiin d to pay back with interest the
! tot-il capital, amounting to ��10,000,
j speiii on the settlement. When this
I is done and the various other conditions fulfilled the land will be the
property of the fellaheen.
The work done at Biala and Shalma
is expe-cted to provide a useful object
lesson  10  cultivators   in   the  country
as tp what can be done with reclaim
[cd land,  the effect of  which  will   be
An    Inter- 8eeP when  the vast    tracts   of land
1 lately at'���*1'0'1 wi"  ,,e ma<,e available by the
De Ita drainage works tire ready to be
reclaimed and cultivated.
For the Weed Ending Sunday, May 3
High.    Low
6:20    2:05
81:110 16:25
6:40    2:50
22:45  17:00
7:05    3:40
23:40 17:40
7:40    4:45
0:35    6:30
8:40 19:15
1:25    7:45
10:30 20:05
Sand  Heads.
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time. Hi
5:18 11.2    0:57    ft 4
20:52 11.9 13:07    1.5
5:38 II.1    1:43    99
21:45 11.9 13:45    1.5
6:04 11.0    2:38 10.2
22:42 11.9 14:26    1.6
6:40 10.7    3:45
7:38 10.0    5:19
23:37 11.8 15.15
0:42 11.8    6:36
9:30    9.3 17:18
Celebrations were- held al Columbia
lardens last week on the occasion Ol
the marriage of Miss Lois Dunton te
Edward d'rojs la.-t idWnesiiay. Apr!
22. The- couple left for Colvllle, ae'
company e| by Mr. and Mrs Dunton
where the ceremony took place.
# ���    *
Theodore Roosevelt, ex-presldeni
of the United states, will be among
the invited guei-ts to the old-timers
celebration which will be part of the
programme during Chahko Mika
week in Nelson next .Inly. He is said
to have been in Alnsworth in 1888
and packed ore down a mine.
��� ���    ���
Mike Sojack, a Slavonian, was ar ,
rested at Cranbrook charged with as
! saulting his wife, A 15-year-old
I daughter was recently married and
', last evening had disappeared from
! her father's house, going apparently
j to reside with her husband, was the
! 'lause of the disturbance,
���    ��    ��
The  waters of the  Fraser Canyon
ind  all   the  principal   feeders    have
maintained an  unusually    high  N-vci
throughout the   winter,   despite the
fact   that   there  has  been   less  snow
than   usual   and   no  greater  rainfall
They are  now  beginning to  rise and |
'ire higher than usual for this season j
of the year.
On Wednesday Cor tbe first time
in five weeks trains wera able to run
through from I'ort Mann to Cisco.
The huge slide which took place oh
the line near Hell's Hate in the Kraser Canyon blocked all transportation and seriously Interfered with
the channel of the  river, obstructing
I 9 j the passage of the river for the run-;
2.5 [ ning ol Balmon.    It has  required the I
9.0 1 efforts of a large force' the last month |
3.1 to get tiling:; in running shape again.
When  Columbus  set  out to reach India
by sailing westward, he met with opposition and ridicule,
lie believed the earth to be round.
"Wise men held that it was flat��� that Columbus was mad
������and that he'd fall off .somewhere if he departed from
established beliefs.
But Columbus' belief found him a continent and made
him blessed of memory.
The Business World is flat to some men
Their profit-bearing shores of Opportunity stretch only so
far as their grandfathers trod. Custom,-superstition and
apathy have set them confines which they may not pass.
For instance, they believe the business year is a flat one������
not nn all-year" round of trade, with East joining West,
with Spring merging into Autumn- but just two distinct
seasons, with sawed-off edges gaping into space. ,
They confine I heir activities to a Spring trade and to a
Pall trade.    To them there is no intervening continent
with stoics of waiting wealth.   Their world is flat.   They
have not explored the mid-year months of Summer trade.
June, July and August are never-never land.
Surely this conception of Summer as a "dull " season is
ns fallacious as the delusion  that the earth was flat.
People have just as much money in the hot weather and spend quits
ns freely as in Spring and Fall.    Granted lhat they are not buying
skates and snow shovels in August, yet they are Jurying staple articles,   j
Furthermore, they have an eye on luxuries and comforts they are J
counting upon purchasing in the Fall. '
The modern  Columbus has discovered this j
Summer trade���this golden West lying between the known I
continents of old beliefs.    Departing from established
habit, many have made their energies and their Advertising an all-year-round proposition.
Keeping up Advertising during the Summer months not
only Jinks your Spring and Fall, but produces rich harvests from the Summer months themselves.
Aelrice regarding your advertising problems is available through any recognised Caudiaa
advertising agency, or the .Secretary of the Canadian Press Assexiation, Koom 603 Lumadeo
Building. Toronto.     Kuquiry involve:* no obligation on your part���10 write, if iaUrMtcd. ~e*-V��J^.��riy|  .
THURSDAY,   APRIL  30.   1914.
bombardment just a.s well as the bigger and costlier missiles.
The Light Craft.
Besides the armored cruisers, there I
are deven  fairly modern light crula-1
era,  ream Is of from    2,000    to 5,000
Smith are  free on  bonds of $1000.
Joe Martin, deputy stale live stock
inspector, worked with Sheriff Ing-
raliain on the case. Louis Meyers of
Columbia Kalis, a brother of Senator
Meyers, Is also said to have obtained
The three signed the com
The good morning newspaper is a COMPLETE
newspaper���a satisfactory day-by-day history. It
could not be so except for the fact of the time of its
making. If it were printed at noon time, or in the
afternoon���before many of the events of the day's
history had even taken place���it could not be a COM-
plete newspaper.
Slightly Inferior to German Sea-fight
ing  Strength  and  Has Margin
Over the  Japanese.
The navy of the United States has
for fifteen years been one of the most
formidable fighting forces in the
world. Dp to a year or two ago, it
was surpassed only by the British
navy, and even now. Is only slightly
inferior to ihe German fleet. Although the American army has been
Insignificant in comparison with the
hu;;e armaments of European powers
the American navy has always been
a force lo be reckoned with very seriously. It has been one Of the main
reasons for the influence of the
United States in tlie councils of th'
I nations.
Kor the past tail years, tli
) spent on the American navy has
I never been less than $100,000,000 a
: year. Last year the- appropriation
I teeiiched the $140,000,000 mark, although provision was made lor only
line Dreadnought battleship. The
, large r part of th
j tens displacement,    and    carrying a I evidence
| number    of    six-inch    and    four-inch   plaints.
I guns.    They do not  bum much coal, I  	
| they only  require crews of 300  men
leach, and   they can stop a  blockade WEE    WflNDFR    TABIC:
runner just as well as a Dreadnought. _____    lnuw*
Kur work close in to the coast, where !��������.,.���.. ._,     .   ..   . . .     ..   .. .
sandbars and reefs would keep out ! Attr"t,v�� Way to Administer Medicine
big ships,  fifteen  lightdraft gunboats j to 8ma" Children,
are available. They carry four-inch I 1'ersons. especially mothers, who
nuns, throwing shells weighing HI! j have known the cure of wee Invalids
pounds apiece, only twelve pounds | and know how difficult it is lo make
lighter than the shells from the naval   .,,���,���   ,���,.���   ,,, ���,, . ..   T
Pins that saved l.adysmith in the I '"?"' ak\ti,e "W^inee prescribed
days of the  Boer war. (from the ordiuury bottles or. in fact, to
To keep a large fleet at sea, col- ' nwl'c tbem eat from the ordinary food
lii-rs, water ships, and repair ships ! receptacles will be glad to know of the
are needed.    The D. S. navy has  14   "wonder
Did you ever learn the real facts���the actual details���of any important event EXCEPT through the
reports of your morning paper? And if you���and all
other people���must look to the morning newspaper
for news facts, is it not natural that people who want I batikeh
"opportunity facts"  should   rely  chieflv unon the! ,",w','n:l 6hips of t,;
" *      i | type, having heavy ar
ads in their morning newspaper for them?
e money went for up-
fleet colliers. By rigging cables from
maaf to mast they can supply other
ships with coal while still at sea.
Though guns and ships are important, the man behind the gun Ib the
deciding element. There are, in
round numbers, 60,000 officers and
men In the U. 8, navy. And, contrary
to general belief, very few of them
ire foreign* rs. Only 7,916 were born
money | outside (he United States, and some
'400 of these are Chinese and Japan-
ere stewards. Only 6:1 white's in the
l'. S. navy are not citizens of the
I'nited  States.
Discipline is not as strict as In lhe
Gi rman navy or the British navy, but
efficiency does not    seem    to suffer.
table. It Is made of white
enameled wood with square top and
legs, but covered with the most remarkable white oilcloth corer. with
animals and birds In colors pasted on
Its sides. Furthermore, on tbe top of
the table Is a clock whose face la con-
Imposing  in  Numbers.
numbers and size of American
ips are imposing enough how-
01 the very  'largest and most
armor, and armed
with  eight  or more of    the    biggest
guns, the (,'nited States has ten com
plated,    The   British  navy   boasts'of
thirty, the '!e rman of seventeen, and
the Japanese of five,   in older battle
ships,   built   between   1S96  and   1906
the  I'nited  States stands In  a  better
relative position   with twenty-two, as
against  thirty-eight    for    the    Itoyai
navy,  twenty  for  ilie    German,    anil
fifteen   for   the   Japanese'.    In   large
i armore d  cruisers,  carrying    side  ar
,,,,,������ ,^ ,ii- i   , ,  .,     | mor  and big guns,  and  only  slighU)
Stones and dispatches���and the inferior   to battleships,   the   United
,,���_���* ,���,- �� . , . , , States has thirteen, as against thirty-
^Clllieation  Ot important facts, where  that seems Iour tor Great Britain, ten for Japan,
... ��� j and  nine for Germany.      It    will be
desirable.  Thus in a morning paper, you mav safelv 8een ,llut tll��� Unltea states ranks as
1    ' ��� ��� �� \ the   third  naval   power  and  that   her
your faith" to a statement of fact���in either I ^-i S^^l^^'vaSS,
of Germany.
keep, extension    of dockyards,   and Th8 shooting of. the American navy is
provision of the colliers, supply boats j Probably equal to that of any other
and auxiliaries of all sorts which are ! tleet, though the fact that target
a necessary part of every fleet. In i Practice results for the whole fleet
the American navy efficiency has iar'' "ot published prevents accurate
been placed before numbers and [comparison. At the Battle of Santl-
size. j ago,   16   years   ago,   when   the   V.  S.
Yes���you get your FIRST news of many eventful
occurrences in the world through your morning
newspaper and, with a morning paper, the going to
press hour is fixed so as to permit of sane and intelligent editing of news
navy was largely manned by foreign-
born sailors, only two shots out of
every loo reached their mark. Today
the percentage of hits would be at
least 50.
Repair facilities for a fleet operating along the Mexican coast are ade-
quate. Key West, to the south-west
of Klorlda, has a well-equipped dockyard. The navy yard at San Francisco is the best on the Pacific
coast, and there are dockyard facilities at San Diego, only a few miles
north of the  Mexican  border.
pin your faith" to a statement
the news or in the advs.
If you are accustomed to look to your morning
newspaper for your real information as to news happenings in the world, wouldn't it be quite natural for
you to loo!-: in your morning newspaper also, for real
worth while buying opportunities���for the advertisements that match the news features in interest, in
dependability and in up-to-dateness? Serious advertising should always appear in a serious newspaper.
of fact���in either; thal ���,���
to thai
The power of the big Dreadnought
type of battleship is Impressive. Th:'
"Texas" the newest ship of the Am
erican navy is of 27,000 tons displace nie'iit, anil can steam at a speed
Of 21 knots. Her main armament
consists of ten 14-inch t ms. These
weapons throw shells weighing 1,400
pounds apiece, one armor piercing
shot from them will pierce a plate nf
specially hardened sti'e'i 63 inches
thick, at a range of four miles. The
j armor nlating on the side just above
the' waterllne Is 1- Inches thick. The
crew of the Texas consists e>f 05 offi
I ce'fs and 980 ni< n.
To Keep Blockade.
It is in" likely, however, that In
the present trouble with Mexico
much use would be found for thesj
lumbering monsters of Dreadnoughts.
rh'- main use of the fleet  would be
to  maintain  a  blockade of   Hie   Mexi
Spokane,   April   29.���Halbert   and
Walter  Dibley. uged    14  and    11  re- j
spectively, are on the way to Mexico
to crush  Huerta.    They  so confided
In fellow pupils at the ilolmes school |
a few minutes before their departure |
yesterday morning.   Mrs. Dibley, the:
mother,  Is  heartbroken  and  nervous.
Weston  Dibley.   the  father,    ha3 enlisted the aid of the police and juve-1
nile officers anil Is engaged In an en-'
:< r>;etie  search,    They  live  at W2305
No Intiiiialion    waB    given    by the
children of an    intention    to    leave.
Halbert. who lias    a worldly    experience1, gained as a newspaper barrier,
sold  his bicycle    and    obtained    $1:!
with which to defray the expenses of!
the expedition.   The father attributes
th" < nthusiasin  of the-    boys    to the
newspaper reports of    hostilities, in
I which  they evinced a keen interest.
|    The    distinguishing    mark    of  the
boys is red  hair,    li    is    considered
j probable  that  they  will  be  found  to-
[gather, as  ihey  had g  strong attach
i ment   for  each   other.
Are you one of those to whom
tvery meal Is another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet*
will help your disordered stomach io
digest any reasonable meals, and will
soon restore It to such perfect condition that you'll never feel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
nhleness���about the events of the day, and the peo-
can coast, to bombard ports at inter-
To tell the truth���interestingly, but without vari-ivaK "ml i�� ��p,]<1 T a;hore to Sf"
��� I cure' a safe' landing for the army. To
set a (12,000,000 fighting machine to
cruise up and    down    a    dangerous
ii/.- ,, ii i .i , , I coast,    Btopplng    merchant    vessels,
pie who figure in them, has long been the almost wnen ,h��� s;,m,. work could be dona
...... . . by a  $120,000 gunboat, would be con
monopolized   privilege  and   province    Of   the    good slderable waste.   And hurling 14-inch
shells which cos- In the- neighborhood
morning newspaper. The advertising in a good morn-1 of *soo apiece against  mud  troth
Kallspel.   Mont.,     April     29.���Eluhl
��� arrestH  on   charges of   perjury  is the
', first   work   of   Flathead   county   offl
! clals  directed    against    what    is be-
tieved to be a ring that l'as imported
stnntly watching for tbe hour when it
is time for tbe good things to be served, and its face Is so like that of tbe
| man tu the moon that they surely must
: be brothers.   Then the vtry bottles are
. Interesting,   for   they   have   faces   on
j their  corks,   with   dunce   caps   above
them,   and   comfortable   paper   urins
folded across their bulging sides.
And with  great forethought tbe In
ventor  has  arranged  for  two sets of
faces and arms so that no matter on
which  Bide the  nurse sets  the  bottle
the little medicine friend is still watching tbe wee invalid.    Then there is o 1
tiny doll girl nurse with blue striped j
; gown, collar, cuffs, aprou and cap. Just
! like Ihe  big  nurse  who is doing;  the
I real work in the sickreiom, whose bus)
| ness it is to stand right by the bottles
and see that everything Is orderly and
that  th*   medicine   friend*   ��lve   their
quick get well" doses on time.
Then   there   are  some   funny   little
drinking  ducks  which  look   just  like
New, Spare-time Profession for   Men
and Women���One Man Makes
$3500 in Six Months.
Owing to the large number of new
motion picture theatres which are being opened throughout the country,
there ia offered to the men and
women of today, a new profession,
namely, that of writing moving picture plays. Producers are paying
from $25 to $150 for each scenario accepted, upon which they can build a
photo play.
$3500 in Six Months.
As it only requires a few hours',
time to construct a complete play,
you can readily see the immense
possibilities in this work. One roan,
who gave the idea a tryout, writes
that he earned $3500 in six months.
It is possible for an intelligent person to meet with equal success.
One feature of the business which
should appeal to everyone, is the the
work may be done at home In spare
time. No literary ability Is required J
and women have as great as opportunity as men. Ideas for plots are
constantly turning up, and may be
put in sceneario form and sold for s> .
good price.
Particulars Sent FREE.
Complete   particulars of this  most
j interesting and profitable    profession
| may be had FREE OF CHARGE by
sending a post card to
Photo-Play Association
' would als
overdoing    matters
iug newspaper is read with the same confidence and j Llg1htufhlJ?8 lim! "'h,   K,,,1S   wott,<
o I    > i pie bably be -iscd much more
reliance upon its absolute dependability
news articles and dispatches in the papei
than the
w. If hMes from Canada and collect j the real pond ducks, but have hollowed bounty from Molilalia through the backs to hold the liquid for the wee
courthouse   here.     The  arrested   are: | tuj^,y  ,)Ue.     odd  little  food  currier*
���ilso go with the table, and it is great
fun to eat chicken jelly  from a  little
,.���  ���,.��� fU���ibig  Dreadnoughts
ar- aie tne wou)d gee much gerrice.   Th�� wash
The morning paper is the paper a woman reads
just before she starts on a shopping trip���or on any
sort of buying errand. The ads that decide her as
to where to buy the things she wants���or, which
at least, induce her to go to certain stores or places
to investigate the offers made in the ads. It is but
safe to say that if she reads the morning paper for
NEWS, she will also read it for buying opportunities.
The amount and kind of INFLUENCE a news-,
paper exerts is greatly important to its advertisers j
.-for the advertising in a newspaper receives little j
attention or credence unless the paper has the en-|
tire confidence of its readers as to its politics, as to'
its treatment of pubuic questions, and as to its carefulness in the treatment of news.   "Character" in a
newspaper is as potent for good or evil as in an individual.
Ington is typical of a dozen others
She is of 14,500 tons displacement
and  can  steam  23   knots.
She carries four 10-Inch nuns, and
sixteen ><t l:.r very handy Hind
auns. which fire n 100-pound shel
that  serves all  practical  purposes of
S. O. Kales. U Feirsteln, John Smith !
I.. Grooms, Oeorge Locke, Peter lie ft
nan and ('. C. Miller of Columbia,
Falls and Thomas Shields of Essex, j
I.oeke and Hoffman were taken to j
.ibby  to stand  trial  in   Lincoln eoun-i
ty.    The others  were arraigned here)
n justice courts today.    The affair is
the  most  sensational  of any case  in
Flathead courts for years.    All of the
men  are'   well   known.
Miller is a prominent hotel man at
���e.lumb'a   Falls   and   l-ike   McDonald
Before his arrest lie had gone Jointly
in   bonds   for   Hire
wooden tub or to eat tiny toast squares j
out of ii little glass coal bucket Bui I
all the little* table has to offer lielj>�� ;
amazingly to pass tbe time and fur j
nisbes mother and nurse food for nev I
er to be forgotten stories.
t, And J   j j
others.     All   but
the Morning
The News
Paper of New
and the Fraser Valley. See
that your business announcements appear in its columns.
Two Egglets Recipes.
Cabbase or Salad Dressing.���'.Melt In
���   double   boiler  one  generous   table
spoonful of ImMer   Add lei It one table
spoonful  of  eli.or. one  teiis|Mxuifiil   or
sugar, one-half  r'eimpoonful ot made
���bustard, three diishua of rwprlka. one
quarter ten-spoonful of wilt, white peir
per   to   taste.     When   these   lire
blended adel slowly, stirring constant
ly   to avoid  lumps, tme-iuilf  pint
billing   water   nud   three   drops
Worvestprsblra  siiuce   Continue? sin
i ng until thick.  Cook five minutes; If
loo tbie k  put  in ii  little  more  water
Slieeulel the dressing be fe>r e-olel slnw
pom- ii while beet over finely shredded
Clllillllge; If for sal.-iels use when e-eilel
Surprise Molasses Cnke.-l*ut Into ��
deep tigiite pun one-half pint eef linking
molasses, twe. generous tnblespi rills
of sweel Intel, tl rated rind of ��ue
ornnge, otie-eiiiartei tniHpoi'iiful "' "i:l"
anil one small tl'tispoonful of hilkltlg
soda. Put these em the tire for two
ntes to melt: remove. Ileal for two
r in erne will "���' boiling
water, stir up and mid one pint K>����l
measure of sifted Hour, heat hmg
euoiiKh to remove Itini'is Urease
twelve law iiiufnn l"ins ""d put in
batter, which will seem thin: bake
twenty minutes iu �� brisk oven; take
care linit it does not burn.
Mr.   Rex. Snelgrovc. as
Rcbert Stafford in "Bought and Paid For."
Homemade  Kitchen Cupboard.
A  good  ninny  siuwll   kitchens   have
ne>t enough  cn|H��.ard spine,  nnd  lhe
housekeeper often wishes it were |.o*
sible  to  make  n   small  cupboard   m
home.    To do so purchase rrom join
cro-'er n  erncker  liox   with  a   hinged
cover, put on strong binges in place ol
tin ones and H fastener lor front of tbe
door, stand  the  boj on end und  pui
twe> shelves, lending spnee on top shell
for spices Iu boxes,    ilnve the nilddl.
shell  just  deep  enough   for  tapioca
cornstarch, rnlsins. cereals, etc.   That
will leave the bottom shelf quite deep.
You can put Jars in for rice, split pens,
etc.   Don't have shelves come quite to
the edge of the box.   Put the hook on
the Inside of door for a cookbook.   Put
hooks on outside of closet for scissors,
���nn opener, etc.    Paint the outside ot
closet or corer with oilcloth.
In view of the indtilK,1
trial    development
Greater Vancouver,
tual and in prospect,
to the fact that in the >
past many manufactur- j
ing   plants  have   been j
lost to  the community f
owing to the exorbitant I
prices    demanded    for t
land,  your careful  attention is invited to the
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufac- |
turing  sites,  all  clear s
and level, with trackage (
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hun- j
di-ed and fifty dollars I
per acre, also home sites
for  employees  at   extremely low rates, with
excellent school facili-
ties, city water, electric''.
light, etc.   Address en-,
quiries to i
Granville Street,
Vancouver. B.C.
Read - The - New| PAGE T\
THURSDAY, APRIL  30,  1914.
Let the Model be
Your Grocer
this coining mouth. You will
find that qualities will be right.
prices reasonable and weights
correct. Some of our prices follow: .
Robertson's Marmalade, 2 lb.
tins    25e
Robertson's Jams, 4 lb. tins 65c
Krinkle Corn Flakes, 3 pkgs 25c
Spratt's Parrot Food 2 pkgs 25c
Spratt's Bird Seed, 2 pkgs..25c
Spratt's Dog Biscuits, bag ..45c
The goodness and superior quality is making this coffee popular, per lb eioc
New  Westminster Creamery
Butter, 2 lbs 75c
Fresh eggs, per dozen   30c
Pure Food canned vegetables
assorted,  pi r dozen   ....$1.20
Heinz Dill  Pickles, dozen  ..10c
Ammonia, 2 qt. bottle  25c
Cream of Wheat, pkg 20c
Canada  Whole  Wheat  Meal,
per   pkg 25c
Boss Hand Cleaner, tin  .... 10c
Imported     Macaroni,     spag-
he'tl  and   noodles,   2  pkgs  25c
Oilmour's Hand Cleaner, tin 10s
Model Grocery
108 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
ILocal News
Weather Report.
Lower Mainland Light to moderate winds; generally fair and mild
with  showers  tonight  or  Friday.
papers, declared that they were not
in order ana therefore announced the
election of Itobert V ard as reeve by
acclamation. Mr Ward lost in the
January election to Reeve Towle by
nine   voles.
that he has a car.    In  lhe' meantime j
: the  police  courl  charge  auaiiist   him,
has been srttlulniwn.
Alfred W.  Mcl.eod
Phone 7-3-0 and have the Huntley
Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner demonstrated.
Briquettes, lit Iquettes, cheaper than
coal. Barry Davis & Co., Phones
SS0  and  411U t3P.HH
Special   Ratepayers'  Meeting.
A special iiKeting of the Sapperton
Ratepayers'   Association  will   be  held
tonight  in  the  Methodist  church  parlors when the subject of the Brunette
'Continued from Page One i
Burnaby Schools Close Friday.
The trustees have granted permission for the schools to be closed on
Friday next, the first prox., to allow
scholars to take part in May-Day
festivities at  New   Westminster.
' I Mills company purchasing all rights
to a road leading through the pn>p-
erty, and also the fight being wageSQ
by the white and Indian fishermen
on the river against the Japs, will be
up for discussion.
Eat   at   the   Royal   cafe.   Dominion
Trust  building,
flood cooking;   good
The Women's Auxiliary of St. Barnabas Church will hold a sale of
work this afternoon and evening In
the Parish hall. Afternoon tea will
be served. (0000,
Have You
Made Your
do you intend to leave your affairs in such a manner that
when you are gone your heirs
and representatives will divide
your estate after an expensive
Come in and let us discuss this
matter with you and suggest a
more equitable and less costly
way of disposing of your estate.
Rifle Competition.
A civilian rifle association which
will compete against Port Moody aim
Port Haney for the W. J. Manses
tiophy and also the P. D. Roe cup. is
being organized in Port Coquitlam.
a meeting has been called for this
evening in the city hull.
Handsome Window Decorations.
That  the  cup offered  by  the Daily
News several years ago is worthy of
Iattainment is fully demonstrated by a
j walk   down   Columbia   street.     Many
of the leading stores already have
j their   decorations   complete   and   are
exceedingly handsome and attractive.
The cup has been won two years in
succession  by  P. burns Co., Ltd.. but
to  win   'his  year  will  have  to  travel
in  fast company.
At tlie Theatres
Edison Theatre.
The Adventurei of Kathlyn, No. 6
Three  Hags of Silver���The chance-
Insure  In   the    Royal,  the   world's j fii10i fired by the villainous but keen-
largest  fire  company.    Agent.  Alfred r sighted     I'mballah.    makes     i   boue-
W.  McLeod,  the Insurance Man. [bruise upon the fair arm of Kathlyn.
(3188) I This,    however,  does    not    stop  her
  | flight, or militate against  the escape
Have the Duntley do your house ; of herself, Bruce and Col Hare. Kath-
cleaning. Phone 7-3j0. 627 Clarksons lyn and her party again start on their
street, (3310)    way    to the    coast,    anil,    strangely
  | enough, are- captured by the self-same
Bureau of Lost Babies. 'band of brigands from whom they se-
The general committee for the ] cured the animated sacred symbol.
May Day celebration has engaged ; Kathlyn, her father and Bruce arl
the services of Mrs. Patchell. who tied to a tiger cart of the brigands.
Will carefully look aftiT all lost chil- '. The chief, searching Col. Hare', finds
dri'ii during  the    day.      Accottinioila- ! his medal and knows at once that he
tions will be provided to take can
any wait's thai maj  be found.
Wood.    Wood.   Wood.
Coed factory wcod (dry) at Superior
Sash & Door Factory.    Phone 503.
Place your    order
bixes with us anil be sure of getting
the bett.    We specialize In fruit packages.   British Columbia   Manufacturing Co., New Westminster. (3257)
Will   Nominate  Vice-President.
has capturi-d the white King. Thereupon he sends a messenger forward to
; Allaha. demanding as a ransom  from
j Omballah,  three  bags of  silver     a
: few   days  later   Omballah   arrives   in
haste  with   his  silver,  but  asks  only
; for Col, Hare, as a prisoner, earnestly requesting that Bruce and Kathlyn
for   strawberry I be Ced to the tigers.
Bought and Paid For.
Last night  was  perhaps    the most
successful of the (iriffith Company's
stay here.    A  large house was highly
delighted,  both   with  the  strong  dra-
A   special    meeting    of the.    local I matic power of ihe play, and the ex-
council of women will be held Saturday afternoon al 3 o'clock in the
V*. W ,C. A. for the purpose of nominating a provincial vice-president,
The New Westminster branch hopes
to  have  a   local   member  elected   ln
tremely fine performance given by
the actors. "Bought and Paid For"
is truly a great show, and well worth
seeing, Miss Vaughn surpassed all
her former efiorts as Virginia, and
gave   an   artisl ie-   performance.     Mr
order to have the city represented atl Snelgrove   was   fine  ln  an   unsympa
tlie  Dominion   convention   to  be  held
in Ottawa.
The City Treasurer wishes to re-
mind water consumers not usinq
meters that the date for taking advantage of rebate for the quarter ending June 30th, expires Trmrsday next,
April 30th instant, at b p.m.      (3294)
Winewelser Beer contains a good
percentage of nutritive grain extracts, such as barley and hops,
which make it a food beverage of
rrcopnized value. Have your dealer
send you a case;  or phone 75L.    3215
thetic part, ami Mr. Cleveland gave' a
splendid study as the Jap. But the
two great characters, Fanny and
Jimmle, were simply a 'scream" In
the hands of Miss Griffith and Mr.
Brennen, Comedy Is certalnlv their
forte. As a whole the production
measures up to that of last winter.
Dominion Trust
I*    Company.
1'lie JVrpetual Trustee.
!  Per Cent on
I     Deposits
New Westminster
606   Columbia   8treset.
C. 8  KEITH. Manger.
New  Reeve tor  Langley. 1
Unseated by a court orde.r from \
the reevo.ship of Langley, Stanley
Towle made another attempt to seek
the, suffrage of lhe electorate at Murray ville yesterday when the call for
nominations closed. Municipal Clerk
Payne,  after   examining   Mr.  Towle's
To Have an Auto License and No
Car, or a Car and No License.
When you have an automobile it's
pretty nearly always advisable to
have a license to go with it Hnd, by \
tho same token, when you have a 11-
cenFe and can't locate the car, you
are also up forninst  it.
That was Mr. Marks' tum-tum
when he showed up at the- police
conn yesterday morning. Mr. Marks
has a machine, or rather he thinks
he has. At any rate he bought a li
cense for it a couple of weeks ago.
but since' the'ti he' entered into a
; trade' deal with a second party by
I which he was to get a bunch of can-
I ned fruit for the go-buggy. Without
his permission, says Mr. Marks, the
i man disposing of the fruit took the
in the Conservative Club Rooms, Co- I car���a,!,i. ��*en,th'e Provincial police,
Inii.liia street, lor all those Interested "poWd ' r"nnin* about *'��' �� "��
in raising a fund for the relief of the' *S. ��" '< "',7 ,lal(i a" ">for'na<''on
widows and orphans caused by the fgai?st thp Mar,ks p,Prso"' as r"ui*
recent .sealing disaster. Several tere,d ?wner' lho '**��' geared
prominent speakers will be present I y^terday morning with his license to
and address  the meeting. "n'VP *hat, h�� bad ��**-but hp l! fli'v'
F. J. hart (Chairman),    |t0 a':'bk' ":t'J " clvil courl J-�� '!'"v
S. EOWBLL (Secretary),
A   Public Meeting Is called  by  the
Newfoundland    Belief   committee,  to
1906 and how at the present time the
directors of the sanltoriiim were hard
pressed for funds to carry on the work
of catering to patients.
The speaker was in Kamloops be
fore the institution was started and
it was a terrible sight from time to
time to see patients arrive from other
sections of the' province, suffering In
the last stages of the dread disease,
a stage' from which no climate or cure
could save them. The Kamloops sanl-
torium was intended for the treatment of Incipient cases. Advanced
cases cannot he cured. One cannot replace destroyed lungs but where a
case is just in its infancy the dry air
and small rainfall of the upper country, together with an abundance of
Sunshine, was the best possible district In the province where a patient
Is cured or benefitted.
During the years that the institution
had been In existence 1268,000 had
bee'n spent i'ii patients. $lli(l,000 of
which had been secured from the pro-
vini'ial government. A carefully prepared list of 25 patients who had
been ciiied, had been retained and it
hail be', n found that since these same
patients had returned to their homes
they hail earned a total of 161,000 In
wage's Kach of these patients had
cost the institution $260 which is an
example of what  It  was  worth.
The suggestion had been made from
the government that before regular
aiel would be forthcoming the Institution must be prepared to take care of
advanced stages. This, thought I)r
Procteir. was a fallacy and more for
the work of regular hospitals as it was
impossible to cure these advanced
Deficit to  be Overcome.
A deficit of $25,000 had been con
traded during the past two years
which must be wipid out. The institution is relying on aid from the gov-
ernni'iit. municipalities, patents' fees
and private donations. The majority
of tlie- patients today pay the Institution ii'it one cent but that question is
never thought of when asking admittance
Wliu' are we going to do about It?
asked Mr. Proctor. Is this work to
stop.' Is our institution to close for
the lack of financial support? Not
one of those who have not visited the
Kamleee ps institution can realize its
worth To close this institution
would be a tragedy and a lasting disgrace' to the province.
The' speaker did not know why a
government , takes responsibility of
smallpox cases yet shirks the work
of presenting an even worse disease
such as tuberculosis. The board of
directors will ge> on with the work
at Traiieiuille. The government will
assist but not sufficiently to allow
the institution to keep out of debt.
They therefore are forced to ask aid
from the citizens at large. To the
people of New Westminster they want
your interest, your generosity and
your service. An adage' applicable' to
such a situation is: What I spent 1
had; what I spent I lost; what I saved
I have.
in moving a hearty vote of thanks
to Dr. Proctor for his able address. D.
8. Curtis, a director of the Tranqutlle
sanitorium, said that present ilay people did not know what sacrifice meant,
They had their autos and good times
hut yet had not sufficient funds to
7eep such an institution going.. At
' :ie present time no less than 1K0 ap-
iillcatinns for admittance were on the>
books, a majority of which were advanced   cases.
Sheriff T. J. Armstrong in seconding
the resolution, stated it was a crying
Be Early���Come Today
641  Front Street.
Satisfaction and Money Saved.
shame that such a state of affairs
should exist. The general public
should know the real state of affairs
and once this look place he felt sure
that a more hearty response would
be received.
Nanking. China, April 39.���The national council In Peking has approved  the  request of (leneral  Peng anil
In closing what was undoubtedly the   Governor Han  for permission to tear
most enthusiastic gathering ever organized by the Antl Tuberculosis society in the city, C, H. Major moved
and J. J. Johnston seconded a vote of
thanks to the ladles for the sumptu
ous and hearty repast which had been
prepared for the occasion. "The best
four-bit meal I have ever sat down
to" was tile apt way Mr. Johnston
in seconding the motion.
iContinued from page one)
parently a feeling of uncertainty and
intense anxiety over what the night's
developments   might  be. .
The strain of the last ten days was 1
noticeable in the* voice and manner
of (lovi rnor Amnions as he sat In his
office today receiving reports of the
conflicts and conferring with his advisers
Members of the legislature continued to reach the capital for formal con-.
ferences   preparatory  to  the  special
session  of  the   legislature'   on   May  4.
down  the city wall within  the neigh-
i borhood of the north gate (Igengnie-ni.
It  now appears  that    the    petition
j sent to Peikng was based upon a petl-
1 tion from representative people of tho
city.     The  fear of  being  pent  Up   in
.Nanking during another  possible-  rebellion   has evidently   overcome   ail
1 sentimental and other considerations,
I It will be a serious day In the history
of    Nanking    and    China, too,  when
| these ancil nt piles which cost so much
j to build, and which have stood for so
many cent ores, are torn down
Even  should  the event justify  the
proposed  step, yet there' is no friend
1 of old China but must view with k'"i>
ri'gret  the  beginning  of the  work  of
i demolition,    The city wall of Nanking
| Is "1  miles in circumference ami  encloses a remarkable mixture of wild
country,   Chinese   town   and   mutl> in
' village.
Mrs. James P. Price, i: 11 Thin!
Ave., a daughter istlll-born). (2308)
Agree to Truce.
Denver, Colo., April 29, -Under a
truce agreement which stopped the
fighting at Walsemburg this afternoon
approximately 650 striki'rs tonight
were to surrender their arniB to the
militia officers appointed by Col. Ver-
tleckbiirg. The strikers were not arrested but will be subject to prosecution in the courts for the killing of
Major P. P. Lester of the hospital
Although strike leaders declined to
give out any Information as to their
losses, it was learned from an authoritative source' that they suffered severely.   At the time negotiations for
the truce were opened they were fight
Ing hack  the  militia on  three'  sides.
General Strike Demanded.
Pittsburg, I'a., April 29.Unless
President Wilson takes immediate'
steps to investigate the conditions in
Trinidad, Colo., strike- district, the
district convention of the United Mine
Workers, In session here will ask that
the  country  be called.
We Demand It.         We
Give It.
B, C. Sugar, 18 lbs.   .
Tea. :i  lbs	
. .  1.00
11. C. Milk. 20 07.. tin  . .
...     .10
Haw   Hani,  sliced,  lb.
...     .30
Picnic  Hams, lb	
...     .15
Jellies,  assorted,  ;!   for
...     .25
Oranges, 2 dozen	
,.    .25
Bananas, dozen 	
...    .30
A   large  assortment  of
38   Eighth   St.,   Near  Columbia.
Phone 458.
Relief (' iniiiittt-e.
Too Late to Classify
'e?   vol]   to
Iii 111
[| is ;i hard proposition foi you to v;f't
fxactlv whii you u;iiit ,Mni without your
insjH rt i<m nt" our lisi of properties, you
an possibly overlooking the best offer
on   Lilt    mark' t.
7-11  Sixth Street.
Fresh Vegetab es
and Gieenstuff
Our vegetables are displayed inside
our store and are kept cool and fresh
under running water. They'are not
ex'posed to the beat and dust, therefore are much more appetizing. Phone
us for anything you require in Lettuce,
Often Onions, Radishes, Celery, Cab-
base, etc. ,
K��eh Strawberries, per box  20;
2   for    35;
<lrape Fruit, 3 for   25c
Choice  Lemons,  dozen    25c
.Tones Cider Vinegar, qt. jars...35c
Jones' Cider Vinegar, % gal. jar. .50c
Jones' White Wine Vinegar, qt...35c
Jones White Wine Vinegar, % gal. 50;
Dean's Grocery
- \k - News
I    ynu v. ml  to dispose of your property
foi   cash or  tradi .  Jusl  l"i   us  have  piir-
! ile-'ilirs of what  vie  have and what  you
have' started  an auto freight service   WUni ror sine.
between Vancouver  and   New   West-1
minster and  w:iy  points.    A  reliable'!
service gu iranseed.    Charges reason
able.    Give  us a  trial.
Phone   1254.
We  are open  t venlnsr
i ours l
and Co.
2fil   Westminster
Trust    rteillillne.
Block  wood  per load     $303
Good   bark  slabs,  load    $2.50 I When Hungry Look fcr a White Place
Factory   wood   and    dry    cedar. ! to Eat.
per   loael     $2.50
And now  is the  time to get  it In
and  have  it  elry.
Office  Phone  74 House  424.
White Cooko
���Nuf Said.
Phone   886.
->hl��    Str*.*
New  Arrivals in   Thermos Bottles
Thermos Lunch Kits complete, with roomy lunch boxi a and Thermos
Bottle, Compact and easily carried. I'riceis at $2.25, $2.50, $3.50, $4.50
up  to  $7.50.
Thermos Bottles in corrugated and plain nlckelled; dark red anil
green pebbled finish; also white enamel.    Prices at $1.25 up to $4.00.
l-'OOd   J.'irs,   priced   at    $1.25   up  to   $4.00
Thermos   Decanter,   priced   at    $7.50
Ti e new Carafe, in different designs     $7.00 to $9.50
.Metal Lunch Boxes In two sizes. Prices... 35c, 50c, $1.00 and $1.50.
Aulcmcblle outfits, consisting of Plates, Knives, Porks, Spoons, Lunch
Boyes, Thermos Bottles, usins tops of bottle for cups. I'ricis at from
$7.50 to $33.00.
New Westminster.       Phone 59.
We have purchased a consignment of furniture at less than half the manufacturers' cost at the factory. The price we paid was landed right in New Westminster.   See the point?   Note these prices; then call and see the goods.
Iron   lle'dr,   Brass   Vases,   well   filled;   full   size  and
3-foot sizes;   $4.00  value (4   Qfl
'or < nly    * I.3U
With good Spring and  Mattress.
e'omp e te  	
ound pedestal, fumed finish
r only  	
i   tarterefd <>ak Buffet, double cupboard, 2 small and
���   " lame drawer.   Beveled Plate Mir-   f4J   Cfl
anel plate raii.   A Bargain ..     .      Jii'liWU
��� of 6 Quarteri'l Oak Diners, w itli
genuine padded seats, for	
The above* Dining Room Suite'.
9     foot Extension Tabl' ;
Oik  Finish for  	
Il nl hedge Couch, made to sell tor $1*.
oi ���  only.     Yours  for   	
��� ���iiport Couch made- to sell feir %2\
; ly.     Yours  for  just   	
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we bought, them right, bo  	
Kvery day we are' selling Hugs at ridiculous low
I     es.     Now's  the  time  to  brighten   up  that  room
i a new square.
G.'jx'.i IVe I: regular $���;.7r��
7.*J.\:i Teet;  regular f8.60.
\i\'.t  feet;   regular $11.25.
9xl0.fi feet; regular $15.00. $11   5sl
9x10.6 feet; regular $23.50. 515 TR
9x12 feet; regular $26.00,
fi.9.\9 feet:  regular $13.50,
9x9  feet;   regular $21.75, $1d  T5
9xl0.fi  feet;   regular $22.50,
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6.9x9  feet;   regular $22.50,
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9x12 feet;  regular $45.00,
S: lit Bamboo, Aero-lux, no-whip slab and Awning Veranda and Porch Shades
f  nit.   Measured for and put up by experts. I
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588 '���smet
;    - ?
THURSDAY,  APRIL  30,   1914.
Lumber Camp Boss Rents Room and   Kelowna    Residents    Greatly    Elateo
Sends Bullet Through His Over   C.   P.   R.   Action���Board
Heat'. of Trade Effective.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won   Lost
Spokane    13 ;;
Vancouver    9 e
Seattle     g S
Tacoma     7 9
Victoria     5 10
Portland     5 n
.330 I
Ilrooklyn          ]    jf,      j
Batteries    Alexander   and   Killlfer;
Allan.   Huelbach  and   Fischer.
At Cincinnati h.
St.  Ixjuis         ���>
Cincinnati         5
Haiti lies    llagerinati.    Steel
Snyder;   Yingllng,  Benton  and  Clark
Spokane. April 89.���John Adams,! Kelowna, li. ('., April ii).-The
aged C2. formerly a camp boss in tbe I gratifying news was received by the
Idaho woods, was found dead in his ! Kelowna board of trade this morning
bed at the Twin City hotel, K208 '^ I from Superintendent McKay, of the
Stevens street, at 8:25 yesterday IC, i>. ii��� that the Sunday train serv-
bullet in his |itl- ,,(J1" Sicamous and steamer serv
12     3
��     4
and 1 morning.    Then
at     S:
was a
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost
4   to  3.
II.   B.
8     0
Yesterday's Games.
Tacoma. April 29, -The
were unable lo hit "Tiny"
today, ami Portland won
Score: H.
Portland        :j
Tacotna        1     5      5
Batteries-   Leonard     and     Murray;
Kaufman, Kwiferi and  Harris.
Close  Score at Vancouver.
Vancouver, April 2H.���Hall and Mc-
Hi'liry mixed In a pitchers' duel here
today, the Bearer getting better support from his teammates and won 1-0.
It    H    E
Vancouver       l     7     u
Victoria     0    4     2
Batteries Hall and Cheek;; jfc-
llenry and Cunningham,
Spokane  Still  Winning.
Spokane', U'n��� April 29, Holding
Seattle to two hits and no runs,
young Gregg, who Is the property of
tin.' Cleveland Americans, and who is
playing with Spokane- this season nude r an optional agreement, won his
Ihird victory today for the Indians, E
to 0, The four runs credited to the
locals In the sixth were Of the glf:
order.    Score:
It    H    E
Seattle         II      2       4
Spokane         ,',      g      2
Batteries    Dell,     Mails    and
man,  Gregg and Bhea.
De-troit     10
New  York    5
Chicago     7
j Philadelphia     r.
I Washington     5
I St. Ixiuls     5
locals 1 j}0Ht0���     4
Leonard Cleveland     3
At Philadelphia ��� it.
Washington       6
s    and
11 onek
llat'erles -Engle, Ay
ry; flrisler, Doardman
Bchnna, Lapp.
At St. Louis-
Cleveland   ..:	
St. Louis      tj    12     1
Batteries   Mitchell, Collamore and
Carlsrh;   James and Crossin.
At Detroit-- H.    11.
Chicago      0    5
lx troit       1      5
Batteries   Cicotte and Bchalk;
hue and  Siaiiage.
At   New   York   - It.    H
Boston      0    1
New York       1     5
Batteries -Leonard,    Bedient
it.    H.    E
I )u
Thomas;   Fischer and Sweenev.
(By the Potter.)
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost
Pittsburg    10      2
Brooklyn         f,
Philadelphia        5
.Cincinnati        7
New  York        4
1 ihioago        4
St. Ixiuis      4
Boston        2
Yesterday's Games.
Al   Chicago                         It. H
Pittsburg        7 12
Chicago     0 4
Batteries Adams and Gibson;
vender, Vaughn and Archer.
\t  Ilrooklyn                         It. II.
Phlladi Iphia         6 In
Then- will be some crowd at Coquitlam Saturday when the lower
: mainland champions stack up against
j St. Andrews, leaders of the Vancou-
' ver second division soccer league.
I The draw obtained by the Saints In
: Vancouver on Tuesday caused no lit-
: tie biirprise to the fans, but with a
1 little training and with Harrop In-
"^ i eluded in the lineup, the railwaymen
*''6 1 should huve no trouble In being eligible to meet the North Wards of Vic
toria for the provincial championship.
332 1 	
'pi* 1    iioiius Wagner is still there with
-" I the    wagon     tongue.      Tbe    veteran
j Pirate poled out three hits on Tuesday at four times to bat.
he-ad and a revolver near his band
Policeman Hunt heard tlie report and
ran to the room. Adams was dead
and blood was flowing from a hole in
his forehead. His watch dangled from
its chain, the case was open, as If
he bad consulted it before he used
tho gun.
Pains seems to have been taken by
Adams to conceal his Identity. He
rented the room Saturday for a week,
and told the Japanese who conducts
the house that his name was Zlmple,
according to the Investigations of Dan
Phelan, emergency officer, and when
the Japanese asked him to register
Adams told the- Japanese to do so, af-
ti'twnrd having the clerk write the
name again with legibility. Hut concealment was In vain, for he was recognised by Policeman O. Marcy as a
man With whom he had been employed lor a season in the woods near Du-
luth, Minn., several years ago, and
with whom he had chatted frequently
since their removal to the northwest.
Not a scrap of paper was fuiind among
his   effects.
Adams lias filled several important
posts in the country about Spokane in
the last five years, said Marcy. He
was an abstainer, genteel of appearance, and had $35 in tils pocket. He
had suffered severely from rheumatism in the last year, and maintained
bachelor quarters here for several
months while undergoing treatment.
He was a native of New York state.
He his only known survivor is a sister, who lives in Duluth, but her name
Is not recalled by the officer. The
body Is at the llazen-Jaeger undertaking rooms. Dr. Charles E. Butts, deputy coronet', found no motive for the
I ice on the Okanagan lake will be re-
I stored commencing May 31 next.
Ever since it was announced last
January that this service was to he
discontinued, at any rate temporarily,
the Kelowna board of trade haa left
no stone unturned to have the service
restored. Several conferences have
taken place between the board anu
Superintendent McKay with the
above most satisfactory result. Shippers, merchants, and the public generally of the Okanagan thoroughly
appreciate the keen interest Superintendent McKay has taken in the
development of the district since his
appointment to his responsible post
two years ago. and his efforts in
having the Sunday service restored
tends to materially Increase the cordial relations which have existed between the Okanagan people and the
C. P. It
Synchronous with the resumption
of this service the new passenger
steamer .Sicamous, which has been
built on the Okanagan lake, will be
ready for launching. This steamer
will greatly facilitate travel to Kelowna and other lake points. A determine d move is being made to
make Kelowna a popular tourist resort. The district lends itself admirably for this purpose and the K?-
lowna board of trade is at the present time urging the C. P. R. to Inaugurate excursions from prairie and
other points.
J.J.Jones. MANDIR.        J. A.Rennie. SECY-TRE5
Our Safe Deposit
Are burglar proof.
Are fireproof.
Are massively built of solid concrete and steel.
Are electrically protected throughout.
Are convenient and accessible.
Are open daily except Sundays and holidays.
Week days 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday's 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 7:30 to 9 p.m.
Boxes in our Vault large enough to hold all of
an average man's papers may be obtained for $2.50
per year, larger boxes $3.50 per year and upwards.
We will be proud to show you our Safe Deposit
.539 '
The   Great   Success
"Bought and
Paid For"
Friday  and  Saturday  with   Matinee
The Three Twins
Trixie  Mack  and   Baby   Helen  in  the
Latest Tango Dances.
PRICES:   15c, 25c, 35c
Order Seats Early. Phone 961.
I According to full accounts of tne
i Welsh-Cross battle of Tuesday night.
, the llritish champ simply toyed with
i the New York ilentist. It now re-
j iiiaius for Willie Ritchie to announce'
! plans for a couple more bouts with
| second-raters which should keep him
! clear of the Welshman for several
mouths to come'.
King   William   Probably   Regrete
Old Quiet Home at
Ah a reward for winning the provincial hockey championship, the
members of the Prater Mills hockey
team will be presenti'd with gold
medals at the Circle K club tonight.
On account of the receipts not eeiual
Ing those taken In at the
Allen cup frames President
finds himself unable' to order
cycles for < ach player, much
would like to.
Winnipeg | tinuse
as he
Athens, Greece, April 29.���The situation in Kpirus Is but little changed.
Where the provisional government 1s
exercising authority, perfect, if militant, security pre'valls. ln those parts
which have been surrendered to the
Albanian government there is general
disorder and  disturbance.
There is no doubt as to the utter
inability of the Albanian authorities
to preserve even primitive order.
Fighting between the Bplrotes and Albanian brigands is of frequent occurrence, but tile Qreek government con
to do its ineffective utmost
Westminster    Delegation at   Victoria
to Present Court House Changes.
Urging the government to reconstruct and enlarge the present provincial court house building, a large
delegation will this morning meet the
provincial cabinet at Victoria and
see what action is likely to be ex-
peckd In this regard. The delegation which left on the midnight boat
consisted of President W .0. Mc
Quarrle, of the board of trade; Aid.
T. 8. Annandale, representing the
city; \V. F. Hansford, for tlie liar
association; MeBBrs. C. S. Keith and
\V. 11. Keary, and Messrs. Thos. Oifford, M.P.P., W. J. Manson, M.P.P..
S. A. Cawley, M.P.P. and F. J. Me-
Keiuie, M.P.P.
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dolls.- sad
upwards received and Interest at the blithest current rate paid or
credited halt yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of tha
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, Qsneral Manager.
New   Westminster   Brsnch: a. W. BLACK. Mansger.
Por losing seven straight game's at
the opening eef the season Cleveland
fans last week presented Joi' Uir-
mlngnain, manager, with a genuine
figure'   in   lacrosse'
dii'd  sudde lily
President     Fitzgibbon     of     Cornwall
Club Passes Away.
Cornwall. Ont., April 29.- VV.  Fitz-
glbbun, who tor many years has been
a  very  prominent
circles in Canada,
As a lacrosse man.  Mr.  Fitzglbbon
was always looked upon as a man of
great executive ability and for years
filled the- post of   president    of the
I Cornwall   Lacrosse club.  In  the  year
i 1903 be was president of the N. U. V.
He is survived by one half-brother,
I and two half-sisters,
Attitude  of  Rebels  Will   Not  Be
Occupation of Vers Cruz.
Chihuahua, April 29.���As a result of
conferences between General Carranza and General Villa the attitude
of the Constitutionalists towards the
United States will not be affected by '
the occupation of Vera Cruz.
The interview between the leaders
: occurred behind closed doors, but yes- j
terday  tbey   took  a long  automobile
ride about the city together and next
j Monday   it  was  announced,    General
to  Carranza, as chief of the revolution,
stifle the revolt. will accompany Villa to Torrecn  there
In   the   meantime   M.   Venezelos   Is  to review the victorious rebel troops.
still  waiting  to hear what the great  .	
mean  to do about  it.    There I
No. 7���Cut out and paste in your
Recipe Book.
O 1 leup butter, 1% cups brown sugar,
I\0V<*1 '���' eg6S'3 CUPB Koyal svanuar<J. i
J teaspoontul cinnamon, 1 cup chop
ped walnuts, % cup raisins, 14 cup
currants, 1 dessert spoon soda, dissolved in l\fc tibletpoons water.
Mix butter and sugar together then
_ _ add eggs well beaten; add the fruit
KnstnnRrOwn��and   ,nlta  wel1  floured;   add  soda.
UU8lUIIUI��WUSlast;y drop from teagpoon on we���
buttered pans.
Betty Brown.
'*1e j that it will ,
tlns I tool  of  the
Sellg Special Feature
The   Adventures   of   Kathlyn,
No. 6.
A sensational wild animal serial story, featuring Miss Kathlyn Williams, in two reels.
Players Attention.
Members   Of   St    Stephen's   Church
Athletic club are requested to turn
out fur practice at Moody park this
.���veiling. A captain and manager of
! the baseball club will be elected at
tlie close of the workout.
Scottish   Football.
Olaagok, April 89, -The postponed
Scottish League games played today
were as  follows:
Queens 1. aPrtrlck 0,
Hibernians  2,  Motherwell
Celtic 2,  Halth  Hovers 1.
Dundee 3, Third Lanark l
Lubln Presents
doctor becomes a
Van Loo Cigar
Clear  Havana.  Cuban  made.    Sole
agency for New Westminster.
603 Columbia St.
seems, at the time of writing, to be
very little probability of the Greek
government receiving any reply to its
last note', owing to the inability of
Europe te) agree upon any common line
of conduct. Two days after this let
ter leaves Athens, however, the end
of procrastination and delay will surely live arrived, for on March 31
Greece is due to have evacuated the
whole of  F.pirns.
Greece Forms no Decision.
Though the government lias, as yet,
taken no decision as to its future'
course Of action, it is hardly likely
allow Itself te) remain the
powers. It should insist
either upon completing the evacuation Immediately, or upon the
remaining in Kpirus until the Eplrotes
receive the' gnaranti'es which they de-
iiiaiid, and feir which they are prepared to fight.
There is no improvement in the sit-
! tuition in Albania it.-elf, and the Prince
! anil Princes Of Wled may, by now. be
1 regretting the'ir  quiet  home at  I'ots-
dam,   Apart  from  the acknowledged
; danger   Of   their   position,   the     ramshackle old building which serve- as
I the royal palace must iself be a foyeT
of intrigue.
With Austrian and Italian courtiers,
all pulling different ways, and Turkish pashas straggling for supremacy
not only over the Christian chiefs, but
over one another, the prospects must
be the reverse of hopeful.
The members of the international
commission of control are already entirely out of heart and see scarce' a
gleam of sunshine among the many
and ominous shadows. They intimate their budget receipts at I'.13,-
Tax Large for Each Family.
This is, of course, pure guess work,
ami as it means a tax of f.13 pir head,
or say ��t per family, in a country
where a man is consld red wealthy on
��20 per annum, the chiffre may be regarded at somewhat optimistic.
Moreover, fully one-third of Hie' million inhabitants have never paid any
taxes to any government and whatever
Ideas the average' Albanian'may nave
about independence, the payment of
taxes is not one of them. Of these 18
millions, however, nine are ear-marked for the getularmie, thus leaving but
�� 160,000 for the civil administration,
the payment of interest on loans and
the prince's civil list.
Administration Wins Second  Rcund���
No Rights to Be Affected.
Q etty Brown visits a Boston
" lady and is given the
above recipe.
She was greeted with: "I faave been trying those recipes
you have publishtd In The News. They're splendid. And
look, I have cut out every one anil pasted them in my
recipe book. Won't you please publish this favorite recipe
of mine, although I warn you that Boston Browns made
with ROYAL STANDARD vanish at our table in a trice.
So tell them to make plenty.
Betty Brown asks you all to try this recipe todav���"the
Washington, April 29.���Administration leaders won today the second
troops i round of the fight to repeal the toils
exemption provision of the Panama
canal net, when the ��� senate canals
committee, by a vote of eight to five
ordered the house bill carrying the
repeal, reporteel to the' senate. Coupled
with the bill will be reported ac
amendment proposed by Senator Simmons and approved by the committee, which  reads as follows:
"Provided that neither the passage
of this act or anything therein con-
taltieel, shall be construed or held as
waiving, Impairing or affecting any
treaty or oilier right possessed by
Uju  United States."
The amendment has be-en seen by
President Wilson and is believed to
have his approval.
London, Ont,
Thursday,  April  30.
Drills,  Apparatus  Exercises, Group
Games, Pyramids, etc.
Silver Collection.
The funeral of the late James
Abrains, ex-M.P.P. for Nanaimo. took
place In Cumberland with a large' attendance, showing the respect in
which the deceased was held In the
community. The ceremonies were In
the hands of the Masonic order.
to Millions.
April 29.���Mrs. Harriet Shunn of this city, today received
word through a firm of old country
lawyers that she Is a joint heir to
an estate In Ireland that is valued at
(H 1,000.000. Mrs. Shunu. who is 50
years old, with her husband has been
ii resident of London most of her life.
They are In comfortable circumstances
and'declare that while naturally pleased at their good fortune, they are
quite satlsfieel with their present mode
of living and would not give up their
modest home for a castle In Ireland or I
anywhete else.
We are in the business of paying losses, not that of writing policies
only. For undoubted protection place your business with
General Insurance Agents.
313-315 Westminster Trust Building sii; 746 Columbia St.   Phone 85L.
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.   BOX  442
Trial of Maury I. Diggs at 'Frisco
Will Be Heard Behind Doors.
San Francisco, April 29.���The
morbidly curious may not hear again
the intimate details of the story of
Miss Ida Poarrlug, which led to the
trial of ihree young men on charges
ol a criminal attack on her last New-
Year's day. In the trial today of
Maury I. Dlggs, former state architect, Judgv Cabaniss  interrupted  the
girl long enough to drive everybody
Who had no business there into the
The drawing of a jury te> try Dlggs i
occupied a short time, und the prose- j
coition was well started with its case
when court  adjourned.
Gi raid   Pearring of  San  Jose,  brother of Dlggs' accuser, testified that I
Ida  was born  In  San  Jose  March  9 J
1S96.     He   was  positive     about     the I
dale.    The defense tried to shake his
testimony. It being one theory of the
defense   that   Miss   Pear ring   is 21
ywirs old.
The girl hersel was on the witness
stand when court adjourned.
Business Block Burns.
Amherst. N.S., April 29.���At Oxford
today the block owned by   Or. J.  R.
tlllroy   was  practically   destroyed  by
fire with 11 loss of over $10,000.
2   Reel   Feature   Baybee
Keystone Comedy
3 Other Reels    3
10c      ANY SEAT.
THURSDAY,  APRIL   30.   1914.
I Classified Advertising
moose   for  food   for the  natives,   although it is during the closed season.
| As W. 0. W'horf and J. A. Herbert, of
l Seldovia.  had   been   fined    last  sum-
TAWFC   Oil   U/OUFfU  ""''    '"'     killins      '""'      Purchasing
lAllLt)   Ull    TlUlflLll   nioose out of season the' native's fear-
ceived for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
���28 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough. Lulu Island; Mrs.
BL Larden. Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alia Vista.
��� ���,#������*>��������������.#�������������� I
��� RATES. * I
��� �����*����������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word   per'
day; 4c per word per week;  15c per
month; 5000 words, to be used as re
quired within one year from date   of
contract,, $25.00.
and saw table complete. Apply at }
Th? News office.
I cd  to  molest
, open season.
the  moose save in  the
Body Will Meet Fortnightly in Londcn
But Suffrage  Question   Barred
From    Discussions.
FOR    SALE    dBL-L     YOUR     PROP ; ,	
erty througj an ad. in this column, j
I ������ �����..'     London. April 29.    A joint advisory
EOR SALE���S1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER ' '""lmittee of members of parliament
week. Cam, la's Pride Malleable I a"d women social workers has been
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar i formed   and   will   hold   its   meetings
There Is an Art In This Homely
Everyday Duty.
Shows How Easy It Is To Get Rid Of Kidney
Trouble And Lame Back
ket   square.
mine.      :���.<>   collectluu,    no   charge
probably fortnightly in the house of
commons. The scheme originated in
a small meeting of members of parliament held last year, at which a demand was made for the co-operation
of a committee of women iu matters
touching on the welfare of women and
American Vancouver Mercantile Aft ! children
ency. 336 Hastings street wesl. Vnn | r ���r.*'}Tpl\P',}      j  rT^,
I    .���,.'. cis-,1 J- W.  Hills. M.   P., and  Dr. Addison.
! l 180'   M.  P., are Chiefly responsible for the
must  be good cook,
belt   Crescent,  New
Apply 41�� AI-1
(8307) i
ivrman    for     ge neral     housework.
Mansfield, corner Kwt ti    and    Mer- J
cer, Queensborough. (8299)
farm   Bales   conducted.     Furniture
bought fur cann.    P. ti.  Brown, li
Begbie street. New Westiniiistftr
house    for    a    term    of    months,
situated  close' in.    Apply  with  par- i
tlculara P. o. Box o^'l New Westminster. (3881) J
Front St.   Phone
all kinds of junk, bottles, sacka, barrels, cast iron, old rags, old rubber
bools and shoes. (3195J
ttire iu large or small ejuantities;
.highest prices paid. Auction sales
conducted. H. J. Russell, King's
hotel block, Columbia street. Phone
881, (3184)
tare, or stocks in trade, in largo or
small Quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
hy public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away.   Address 11:00 P.m.
When Requiring
either male or female, do not  forget
that the Municipal Labor Bureau is in
uP^b^'id SIa positio" toj?i?}i i��y
PHONE 852.
Fred   Davis.   548   Columbia
New Westminster.
month.    Apply tin? Fifth
110    PER
Agnes street. Apply 609 Victoria
street, (3298)
near Eburne car line, Apply 1055
Haro street, Vancouver. (3282)
keeplng and bedrooms. 420 St.
George Btreet. iM1S2i
to rent fry an ad. ln this column.
shaping of the scheme. In order to
make cooperation possible the iiie-in
��� hers of the committee have agreed to
STORE STOCKS AND ,>nt'rely exclude the suffrage i|tiestion
from the debates and action of the
Cir Charles Nicholson, M. P. for
Doncaster, has consented to act as
chairman of the joint committee,
whose membership includes the following members of parliament: Dr.
Addison. Arthur A. Allen, Sir William
Anson. Stanley Baldwin, Sir Arthur
Griffith Boscawen, W. campion, Sir
Henry Craik, W. Dickinson. W. G, (7
Gladstone, Chiozza Money, A. Maccal
lum Scott. F. E. Smith and Bevill
The   list   of   women   members   has
not been issued and is understood tei
be by no means complete.    Meanwhile'
a communication has been addressed
I to all members of parliament, whose'
' names appear on the membership list,
, by   the   National   Union   of  'Women
Workers of Great Britain and Ireland
calling the'ir attention to the fact that
the   work   which   it   Is   proposed   the
joint   advisory   committee  should   eio
has already been done for Ihe last 20
The' union, it states, has v.* branches
in England and Scotland, with 7,603
members and 1,682 societies, engage!
In working for women and chlldn n
affiliated to it. It has also a Dumber
of committees, one of which is the
legislation committee which consfders
In detail ail bills before parliament af
fecting women and children, and takes
iteps to have amendments brought
The communication closes with th
expression of opinion that it would be
more to the interests of women and
children If persons having their wel
fare at heart would associate' themselves \e-ith the work which is already
being done, rather than run the risk
of overlapping ami waste of power by
starting  a  new  organization
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Dsil>
2:00   p.m Dailj
11:46  p.m Dailj
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Dailj
p.m, on
leaves at II
From  Vancouver for Nanaimo.
?:00  p m Dailj
IManalmc,  Union  Cay and  Comox.
9:00 a.m Wednesday and Fridaj
/ancouver, Union  Bay, f-owell  River
11.45 a.m Every oil.err Saturdaj
For Pnnce Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Feb. 14 and 2S
Prince  Rupert and Granby Bay.
11:1)0 p.m Wednesday e
For Gulf Island Points.
7:00 a.m.  Tuesdays  and  Fridays   foi
Victoria,  calling  at  points   in   the
Gulf Islands,
<D. (iOUI.ET.  Aftnt,  New Weitmlrntee
H   W   BRODIffl.  r;   p   a.. Vanniiivnr
Whan Washing Cutlery It Is Always
Best to Us* a Good Silver Soap.
This Method Does Away With ths
Weekly Cleaning.
The art of dishwashing lias become
Almost extinct in this iiuie k going age,
when the only way to do a thing is to
do it nt once and have it soon over.
let real dishwashing Is nn art.
Dishwashing requires two disbpanx.
erne In which lo wash and the other to
rinse lhe dishes: an abundance of
heavy linen towels, some lighter ones
for glasses, a good dish mop nnd dishcloths. Tbe dishcloth should be of
strong linen. Stair crush is excellent
fur Ihis purpose, ns It will become soft
enough to be flexible iiml is very durable. Make these cloths about ten
Incbes long, of narrow crash and hem
them to prevent lhe edges from fraying when they are put through the
First of alt, Ihe dishes should be
gathered up aud properly scraped, then
lie'ld feir ii moment under tile hot water faucet to take off the first coating
of grease. Any elislies or knives and
forks useel for lish should be carefully
wipeil with paper, as dlsbdoths are infected by tish Immediately,
Put tbe elisbes In hot suds. I'se the
e.'ish mop freely anil transfer them to
the other pan to be rinsed. Let this
second pan In* rery large and have a
wooden drnluer titled in two inches
from the bottom, so that the boiling
water poured over tbe dishes will
drain off (belli. This is tbe best kinl
safest way of draining.
In washing tbe silver use a silver
sosp and thus avoid the weekly silver
��� leaning day, with tbe added Inducement tb.'it the silver is constantly
Wa-.li spielers. pots ntiel kettles separately and willi mi iron disbclolb
Pots nnel kettles should be washed inside Olid outside ami thoroughly wiped
before being set n way The coffee pot
tin el lea ke'tile slum hi be boiled out nt
least once ii week with soda and water
to keep tlie-m tastelessly e lean.
Bell Rock, Frontense Co., Ont.
"Por 15 years, I could get nothing to
nelp my Kidneys, they were so bad.
The paid went ail Jhroiigh my back and
shoulders and down niy legs. When I
would sit for a while, I could not
���traighten up until I had walked a rod
or more. A neighbor advised me to
take GIN PILES. I did so and six
boxes cured me. It is about two years
since I quit GIN PILLS. My back is
now all right. No pain in back or legs
and lean walk all right. GIN FILLS
are worth their weight in gold tonnv-
one suffering with Kidney Trouble".
Never mind wnat other people say
aliout "never being able to get anything-
to help them." Tbey have probably
never tried t'.IN FILLS, you may be
sure, or they would be well. <1IN
PILLS will always cure the Kidneys and
Madder, Uric Acid Poisoning and Stone
in Ulaeliler and Kidneys, Remember,
every box of GIN PILLS is sold on a
spot cash guarantee of satisfaction or
money back. 50c. a box, 6 for $2.50, at
all druggists. Sample free if you write
National Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Toronto. 20s
Jfrjjl        Lawn Grass, Onion Setts
fjJjQjl      NOW IN STOCK
701 Columbia Street   (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want It. In any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Itetail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Invite  the  la,lies of this city  to   inspect   their  spring  stock  of  the
latest  fabrics and   styles.    Special price for two weeks only i'.'.o and
f-to.   We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts,
Weakened   by   Epidemic   cf   Measle
Shortage   of  Focd   Makes  Situation  Critical.
  jand Miss
_P^Sef'M/f/lf///ljV  I nUlli j <<��M3ERS OF THE INCORPORA7EC
KEEKr .v .......   .. / SOCIETY OF MUSICIANS. ,     Seuard. Alaska, April I'D.-Tir
lf___J_r  DA II Wi 1/ /YI ���     I*. ,     ������       . i UaucJiam.  Kami   warden  of th-  Kenai
"All Mr/I I    III Lessons ln  Pianoforte. Violin. Sing   penttmina, and J. B.  Risk, of tbe for-
iig,  Voice    Production,    Theory     (It.   est service,  who returned  to Seward
ilass or privately), Harmony, Counter i on   ,|u,   steamer   Iior.i   from   the   Sri
point, Musical I'-onn and History.        I dovia.   Homer,     Port     Graham    and
Pupils prepared   for   tbe   exaratna , pi)inU l0 the westward are in a ser-
Toronto Exnress  leaves at  7-50   i m 17,|0DS,0' tbf Associated Board of   the  i0U8   situation.     They   have   no   food
1   ���'"      '-W'i'.-   ' ..*>s  ai   ,   ..ii  a.m.|Roj,_|  Academy  of  Music  and   Royal ! ami Iminv
College of Music.    Also    Professional : jM need.
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.        j    During  the>
For terms, etc., apply Bl  Dufferlr   many natives
���street.   Phone 411 R. Because thi
Three transcontinental trains daily
with through 'tourist, standard and
rf nlng cars.
Walnuts as Food.
A London medical journal recently
published some Interesting facts con
cernlng walnuts as food. According
to this authority, "thirty large walnui
kernels contain as much food value as
two and three-quarter pounds of lean
beef." With beef worth approximate
ly 20 cents a pound, this means that
each walnut is worth alueiit 2 cents ai
a food product as compared with beef
fh.it these facts win greatly encour
ago the production and consumption
'if walnuts Is hardly (o be expected
There is some consolation, however, lo
the thought that when meat has be
I. A I come a luxury, to lie iniliilKe_i only by
tbe rich, tho general consumer ran
Ire-cp his illnner very well���somewhat
like I'e'ler Pumpkin Eater's wife���In a
walnut shell.
Imperial  Limited  leaves at  8:10 p.m.
���St.  Paul Express loaves at  1:25 p.m.
For rates antl reservations apply
Or H. W. BRODIE. G. P A.. Vancouver
native families are
winter    measli
B    killed
Re Tart 4.104 acres of Lot  4 of  Bouth -
I       WPSt Quarti>r Se'ction 22. Township 16,
Southeast Quarter of Section  23,        Map  895,  as  shewn  and  colored   red
Tnunaln'n   HI     In    the      Hislriel      nf ' ��."   Sketch    deposited    No.    861,    111    ill.
jownsnip  in,  in   the    District    of (      District   of   New   Westminster.
New Westminster. Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate
Uhnreag proof of  the  loss of Cer-  of  Title  Number  26649F,   issued   In   the
tfflcate of Title Number 2946K, issued i n*1"*  of Alexander  Johnston,  lias   been
i   fill.i-l     its     t hm    nf f  ni.
in the name of Joel Stevens, has been |
filed in this office.
i filed in this office
Notice is hereby given that I shall, al
I the   expiration   of   one'   month   from    the
N'otice is hereby given that I shall. 1 elate of the first publication hereof, in h
al  the expiration of one month  from j 5S5f Jlew.8P{iper published .In the City of
lhe date of the lirst publication here-
stiamer I'ora was In
Seattle"on ber annual inspection no
supplies we're landed for a month.
The supplies of the local merchants
were exhausted and native's am!
white men as well were force-d to
subsist almost wholly on clams and
Dr. ll. O. Sehlaben, of the Alaska
Indian bureau, sent what money
could be spared from the' fund to Seldovia to purchase supplies for the
Game Warden Baugbman savr pot-
mission   to   lhe   Indian  chiefs   to  kill
of, in a daily newspaper published in
Un City of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing,
.1. ( . GWTNN,
District Registrar of Titles.
!..:������ i Registry Office,
New  Westminster, B.C., April 2",
191-1 (3301)
.\rew Wertminster, issue' a duplicate of the
salel  Certificate,  unless in  the  meantime
valid objection be mad'* to me' in writing.
J. ('. GWTNN,
District Registrar.
I.anel Registry Office, New Westminster,
B.C.. :ilKt March. 1914. i:;ir?i
Hospital Heating;
Plant For Sale
Stylish Coats For Children.
l"or children from five to ten years
of age plush and fur are much used
for comfortable winter coats. The
tiny toddler wears a coat of rose, Hue
or even black plush this season mode
on a little yoke, buttoned froni neck
to hips with ptusb covered buttons
and edi;ed at collar and cuffs With some
kind of fur, preferably ermine.
The child a little older has a plush
coat, too, but it is cut In a different
Effective April 5, 1914.     Subject to change without Notice.
Eastbound: Westbound:
Lv. New West   9:30,14.00,18.00 Lv Chilliwack   8.20,13,35,18.16
Ar. Chilliwack 12:10,16.40,20.40 Ar New West. 31.00, 1(1.15, 20.65
Every morning except Friday a local leaves New Westminster .it
7 a.m. arriving at Jardine at 7:50.    Returning this train leaves -far-
el.no at 7:55 and arrives In New Westminster at 8:50.
1111 Fridays (Market Day) the morning local leaves New Westminster at ii a.m., and runs to ML Lehman. Returning leaves ML
Lehman at 7:20, arriving at New Westminster at 8:50.
SATURDAY EVENING OWL SPECIAL���This Service will he con-
tinued, train leaving Jardine at (i:05 p.m. and arriving at Ne�� Westminster at 7 p.m. Returning leaves New Westminster at 12:16 am.,
arriving at Jardine at 1 a.m.
milk trains -Leave Chilliwack at 7:00 and 15:35 dally, arriving at New Westminster at 10:40 and 18:45, Returning, milk trains
leave New Westminster at 11:15 and 16:26, arriving at chilliwack at
W. M. McCIOY & CO.
Auctioneers. Appraisers, Fire  Adjusters, Live Stock Salesmen, Com.
mission Agents and Brokers
Office  and  Sale  Rooms:   32 Sixth  St.
Half Block from Columbia St
nirls' classes, Tuesday 1:\'.>) p m.;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.;
.Sewing  classes,  Thursday,  7:30  p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen
Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30
For particulars call  phone 1324.
The Uoyal Columbl in Hospl
Ing teneiers for tile purchase
Irfg plant in th" old building:,
A ni' rle
two ".
' "IIS
���el is Invlt-
1 the h''.-it-
'HSisllnS   eif
sectional  bull"!   Installed
with radiators .-end pip-
��� beg i" li
'���:����� BOPcrl
r class sei
I'e reel
irs to
si crei
, Maj
 d Expert
is'  exporlen
- rrn.lt'-   that  we have    i|
,1 promises for aimv. .,
the Private Sale of li
n    l-linnel  t'"urnituiv
The   services  of  a   li Kl
Auctioneer of over Iwe-i
,.,.  will   be  at   the  call
.1  advice given  ����  '
ii' sealed marked "Tenders
'hint"   and  to  be  delivered
hv   not   Inter   than   6   p.m..    ; .   , ���  ,������ .,,-..,nv tt
, ; lust  means e,(  -unpenning or*any k
1 property t" advantage-    f,',Hh offei
whole or pari of furniture', stocK-ln-t;
etc., will I"   made if an auction Is ni.'
Spring   Suitings  just  arrived.    Set
them.    Ferfect lit    and  workmanship
guaranteed.    Prices    from  118.00  up
70]  Front Street.
Tenders: win he received by the undersigned up tn .Monday, tin- 4th day of May.
1914. nt 5 p.m. mr tin erection of a fence
around the Craser Cemetery nne! also a
small  toolhouse,    Specifications, etc., ea.n
li"   llael    nl    m.V   rifrk"-.
Tin- lowest or any tender nol 1 ssarily
W. A   I1CNCAN, City ri<-rk.
City Hall, April .'���",. inn. (3297)
MADE4 IN >fe
M4NUIA1 TlfRFRS' ASSOd/tfleW',
<    Of BSIlllMiCOlUMSIA ���
1 Re Pari jn Acres of the Bn.nterly 11,11 of
|. ti ��� Viirih Pari ni l.ni 370, ct'roup 1 in
the lilstrlei nf New WPHtm'nste'r
Whereas proof of the loss of Ce-rtific-ite
jut Till- Number 618BA, Issued hi the
I name "t Thomas Robert Me-limls has bee n
\ ni'-ei  in  ihis office.
Notice Is hereby given thai I shnll, al
the expiration of one iiiuntii from the
date ut' the first publication hereof In a
dully newspaper published in the City e,r
New Westminster, Issue a duplicate nf
the sniil Certificate unless In the mi'nn-
tlni" viilid objection he- made to me in
wrll in;'..
.1.  C   GWYNN,
(329'J) Dlstrlcl   Registrar of Titles.
l.nii'l Registry Offloe, New Westminster
U.C.. :tlh April,  l'jll.
1 Bire-el.
! APPRATSBMBNTS���We make val
tiniiw for B.I1 imrpeise-s. Insurance, prorw
Compensailon,  Mortgages, etc.
KIRK   AI'Jf.STKRS���This   drpiiri m
is  under the personal  supervision  01
adjuster of twelve years' experience, r.
(resenting many of tbe large-st compnn
HTORAOE���We     have     alien   made
r.-inue.nir.nts for the storage of all cl;i*
of goods al most favorable rates,   < hi-
packing and removals curried out.
The auctioneers for quick results,
Isfactlon and prompt  settlefnents.
Effective  April   1st,   mil.
S.S,     "Prince   .Rupert,"    .S.S.
"Prince George," S.S. "Prince
Albert," S.S. "Prince John."
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To Prince Rupert    and    Granby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
To Victoria and Seattle.
Every Thursday,  12 midnight���
Tn Prlnci  Rupert anel Stewart.
Every Friday, 12 midnight���
Tei Queen Charlotte Island points.
Every Saturday, 12 midnight���
To Victoria and Seattle.
,s N Prlnoo Rupert mitt s.s. Prince
iirtirf/r niiek'' close connection to
nnd frnni points ensl nf Prlncs
KninTi on Grand Trunk Pacific
June 1 to Sept. 30
Spt'cial round trip excursion
rates to various destinations Including:
Boston   1110.00
Halifax     L2B.S5
.Montreal     105.00
New  York     108.00
Detroit     83.50
Niagara   Falls     y2.oo
Ottawa     io:t.no
Toronto     nH.OH
Go   One   Way���Return   Another.
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an itinerary for your
C. E. Jenncy, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith, C.P. & T.A.
S27  Granville  St..   Vancouver Phone  Sev. 8134.
W. M. McCloy & Cr.
Auctioneers and Appraise rs
Residence:  Room  118 Mcl.eod Bloc.
Phone 489 b.
IM  UBAV lil.t'E ZllllXINK.
fashion-1hat Is. straight from shulll
del to hem -with an attached collar of
chinchilla or urn.- <,f Im many imltn
l-'or the Rlrl of ten dark sre-en. black
and   brown  plush   w   used,   nt,,!   often !
the entire coat is edged with a narrow I
handing of skunk fur.
Tbe coat illustrated is a dainty little I
model eif pray blue zlhellne, with col   I
lar. cuffs aud low IniiiHiny belt of iel
vet in tlie same shade.
An  Ironing  Pad.
An economlcm and really excellpnt ,
pad for cleaning and testlnii hot lions |
is insde of si'vei-ni Inj-nrs e,r heavj j
brown paper This iimy |,e riMiowed
each Irotitni.' day and is -,.j;t.- satlsrac I
""���.�� ,'"1' �� 'i'"' C'llKh :i little wm U| !
I'H.ithi. should lie u.-.eit
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER  which  Is hlphly recommended.
Ume Is almost as important for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water. ���
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phone* 18 and 10.
���02 Columbia Street W.
B. H. BUCKUN, N. BKARDULM,       W. f. H. BUCK UN.
Pras aid O+nl. Ugr. Vics-Piasiaaai ��������. aa< Ireae
Pir, Cedar  aaid  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177.
V ��� ' S. '
^^trs-f.m *
THURSDAY,  APRIL  30,   1914.
The daily reports received at The Nevs
office of results obtained from the use
of News classified
ads. are proof of their
Property sold and exchanged,
houses rented, lost articles
restored, situations obtained,
help secured; all figure in the
reports received. Results count
and The News brings results.
cor. McKenzie and Victoria Sts.
Phone 999
Down Town Office: Hill's Drug Store
Bto Grace of Argyll Haa Had Bad
Lack With Bis Show.
Several months ago, the Duke of
Argyll, who Is a former Governor-
General ot Canada, completed the
libretto of a new opera founded on
the life of an ancient Celtic king of
Ireland, whose period was contemporary with tbe Carthage of Queen Dido.
The music was to be composed by
Learmont Drysdale, of Edinburgh,
and the opera produced by Oscar.
Hammerstein at tbe London Opera
Vicissitudes folksw most people
who wander in tbe fields of art or
worship at the shrines of the Muses,
lAd even a great nobleman who has
not only won nearly all the orders
and decorations of Christendom, but
also a wife from the British royal ;
bouse, is not exempt from tbe trial I
nnd disappointments that vex tbe artistic temperament.
The Duke of Argyll's opera ��� its
title is 'Flonh and Tera"���has not
yet been produced, and, as be told a
press representative at Kensington
Palace the circumstances of tbe delav,
It was clear that he felt none of the
vexation of spirit which would de-
press and sadden less exalted workers in tbe world of art.
The duke Ions ago completed bis
share in tbe opera, which tells of an
event in tbe life of a Celtic monarch
and a Princess Urania, who flourished
In Ireland about the time when tbe
Phoenicians traded to those shores.
Those early traders bad discovered
the secret of glass manufacture, and
tbe crystal baubles which they carried
with them ln large quantities for
trading purposes roused the cupidity
of tbe wild Irishmen of tbose days.
The bartering leads up to a dispute,
and eventually tbe monarch is carried off to Carthage, and this famous
city being the scene of the next act
gives fine opportunities for display.
The libretto waa sent to Mr. Drysdale to compose the music, because
the duke wag attracted by the reputation be bad gained as a musician and
also because he wag a descendant of
the famous Sir Thomas Learmont, the
Border poet, and was steeped ln the
ancient lore of tbowe days on which
tbe story of tbe opera was based.
Tbe history of this opera Itself,
however, Is a subject full enough of
tragedy to form tbe basis of a story
ln itself, for Mr. DrysJale died on the
completion of the music, and, as Is
well known, Mr. Hammerstein's connection with opera In London was
dramatically severed.
Tbe Duke of Argyll seen nothing r'
his opera since, a fact that be takes
with complacence, as It is In the safe
hands of Miss Drysdale In Edinburgh,
tbe sister of the composer, who now
owns his effects, Including the opera.
The duke would like to see the opera
produced, and It appears Miss Drysdale is equally anxious and willing to
negotiate wltb anyone in a position
to produce the opera properly, and
has unbounded faith in the excellence
of her late brother's work.
It will be a pity if so much good
work should go for nothing, especially as there is a constant cry of the
paucity of English opera and of the
want of national talent in this branch
of art. Those who bave heard the
music are much Impressed by its
tunefulness as well as by Its power
and passion, and It may be taken
that in this section of Britain's history tbe Duke of Argyll, known to all
trues Gaels aa tbe MacCallean Mhor,
Is an authority who can be depended
on to create the correct historical
A Huge Punch-Uowl.
A  correspondent  of Country  Life
sends some particulars about an extraordinary punch  brew  which  took
place on Oct. 25, 1694.
The biggest brew on record was
| made at tbe bouse of the Rt. Hon.
Edward Russell, commander-in-ebfef
of His Majesty's Forces in the Mediterranean. A garden fountain, plac-|
ed where four walks met. was used
as a bowl, and in it the following in
gredients were poured:���
Four hogsheads of brandy. 25,000
lemons, twenty gallons of lime-juice,
1,300 cwt. of white Lisbon sugar. 5
pounds of grated nutmegs, 300 toasted biscuits, and one pipe of dry-
mountain Malaga.   Here, indeed, was
"���.J'   A'    HCRNETT,    AUDITOR   A.\D
AMMUuam     retepiwn.  inn.    Root*
i2  Hart  lii.jck.
' P. R Smith w   .   ��,-__
pu2�� &u, wo?��r&, T��� �������
t'elrei Friday at H p.m., Labor T"mtl-
geventh and Hoy��l av.-nu.-. A Wetft
SLuy.**-*" **ri * H. Smith'3S
LOOM.,   KO   8S4���MEKTS   ONI   vmu-r
n"m TlTO^ mont"a"ST
p.m.    In    the    |^bor    Tempi,-.      r>av,i
Boyle.   Dictator!   W.   J.   Uroves.  ����*
r^iar   meeting  Of   Aaity   lo'i.   "��
niihf-?'.0'. F��J*. lM,ld awry Moneiai
nttrtjt ill o'clock In Odd Fellow? SXf
corner Carnarvon and HbAth stnZrtT
VMMJW br.tnem cordially tovRea
V rl: ^K-'er, NO.; J. L. Walson.
v. a; W. C. coatnam, P. a   rmeni
WE. FALES & CO., 612-618 Agnes"
street, opposite Carnegie library
Most up-to-date funeral parlors In
the city. Specialists j��� shipping
J<ady nsslstant in attendance Always open.    Day phone 176, night
i*r, *""""����� Ud.)���Funeral director,
and embalmers. Parlors 406 Co elmM.
street.    New   WeetmlniteV."f^Sut.
���ter Board of Trade nUets to^sSi
day of each month; quarterly meefin.
on the third Friday orS>b7uiry��S?
^.V*,u*i.��?.d November at /p./' "**'
rlweie Solicitor,, eta 40 LoS? eSilt
New Westminster, a. E. CoXuld?��
��-.    J. R. Grant.    A. B. McColl.
R;itw'^"eUor' tlc- Solicitor fwtn.
Bank    of    Vancouver.      Offices-    Mer.
ter,  B.C.    Telephone No.   1070.    Cable
UnloT      JohMton"    Co*    wSSil
llcltor. etc.. Colllster Block, ooraer Oal
umbla anu McKensle streets. nIIw*-
minuter,   B.C.     P   O    Rn.   �������     \i,
phone 344 ��'   Bo*   "6-     T*����-
��� id' - Barristers and^||Cltoniw22J"
minster Trust Bl" t58SSSta' str?8[
New,Westminster. B. C.    effhto adSSL
^umV^ELJ* CLCTB. Barrlster-at-law
solicitor,   etc;   corner   Columbia    an*
McKensle    ��gjU.    New    WestStasTJ?
n. ��~   r. o. Boa 111.    Telephone  Tie.
s��ii���o AMPT'iN    BOIA    BARRISTER
ite?  B  C "reet  Ne,r W����<��3iT
BarrUtera and Solteltors* Mltollt
Westminster Tru�� Block, O. ft llir*
tte^ Q.  Mt<��uarrl.   and Qeor����*��
Itory   the   liZiS" i"'1,.Ul unsurveyed ����r-
hSS. 2L5? ��" ��PP"e����" himself.
,. ��"PappllenUesn must be accomnaoleMT
a punch-bowl worthy of the heroes of j Z ?S'%h*!Sittl % *r?y.n# ffi^TJ
the seventeenth century. A boat was
specially built so that a boy might
row about ln It and fill tbe cups of
the assembled guests, which, according to our authority, probably numbered more than 6,000 men.
The King's Buttonholes.
His Majesty's taste in flowers is
rather different from that of his father. King Edward went In almost entirely for gardenias, and every day
when he was in residence at Buckingham Palace two or three.perfect
specimens were always placed In bis
room for his use. He would wear
one in the morning and then change
it for another ln tbe evening.
On the other hand, King George
loves variety. For evening wear, of
course, a white flower Is de rigueur,
aud His Majesty patronises either a
small white rose, a gardenia, or even
a dainty pheaaant-eyed narcissus.
For morning and afternoon wear be
is very partial to Parma violets, a
small buncb of sweet peas, or a small
unopened rose.
jald on   the merchantable' output "ot tit
���Ine at the rate of rive oeots per ton,
The   person   ope rutins   the   mine   ahal,��
urnlsh   the   A sent   wttb   sworn   returns*
ic-countlna- for tbe full Quantity ot met
rhantable  coal   mined  and  pay  tbe  roy-
rlty  thereon.  If tbe  coal   mining-   right*/
ire not beuur operated such returns shcuis)
>e furnished at least once a year.
The tease will Include tbe coal taJnina
ig-hta only, but the leasee will be per-
nltted to purchase whatever available
eurfaee rights may be considered aeces-
>ary for the working of the mine at ths
���-ate of 110 an acre.
For full Information application aboule
ne made to tbe Secretary of tbe Deoart-
Tieut of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
l��ent or 8ub-A��ent of Dominion  Lamia,
_ W. W. CORT.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B ��� Unauthorised publication ot tnte
edvertlsement will not be raid for.
Church From Sale of Jewels.
The Roman Catholic residents ol
Ashby-de-la-Zouch will shortly enjoy
the distinction of possessing a church
built from the proceeds of tbe sale of
the jewels of the first wife of the
Dnke of Norfolk. Tbe foundation
stone haa just been laid by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Nottingham.
Afghans Like Music.
Afghans have a penchant for musical instruments and the wealthier
classes import some costly makes. It
is of record that an Afghan nobleman sent out to Europe for a grand
piano and on lt3 arrival had all the
lower part of it.cut off, as he found
it most convenient to play It while
squatting on the floor.
P.O. Boa ��4 Dally News Bide
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
89 McKensle St
New Wellington
Office, 554  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street,
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hading
Read The News PAGE EIGHT
THURSDAY.   APRIL   30.   1914.
May Day Week of Special Values at McAllisters
Every Carpet is During Reduced
May Day Sale Week.  You Save on
Every Purchase
High  class Axminstor Kugt>:   in deep heavy pile and  rich colorings; all the latest patterns:
Size 6x9 feet;  regular $23.50.
Sale l��ri:e .'	
Size 8.3x11.6  feet;   regular $15.00.
Size 9x!> feet; regular $32.00.
Sale Price 	
Size 9x10.6 Teet;  regular $36.00.
Sale Price	
Size 9x12 feet; regular $45.00
Sale Price	
A  rug superior to all others   in   texture ami  finish,  design  and
Size 0.9x9 i'ect;   regular $23.60. CIO Cfl
Sale Price    91 OseJU
Size 9x9 feel; regular $32.00.
Sale  ^H^^^^I^^HLbI
Size 9x10.6 feet; regular $.19.50.
Sale Price	
Size 9x12 feet; regular $45.00
Sale Price 	
These  rugH  have  a  rich  velvety  pile  and  the color  effects are
very  choice.
Size 4.6x6 feet: regular $5.50.
Sale Trice	
S!z<?6.flx9 feet;  regular $15.50.
.......... aHHeafl.a.llalalalalHLalH.e!
Size 7.6x9  feet;   regular $18.75
Sale Price	
Si>:o 9x10.6  feet;   regular $28.0li
Sale Price	
Size 9x12 feet;  regular $32 00.
Sale Price?	
A very fine quality Wilton Stair Carpet: 27'- inches
wide;   regular $2.25.    Sale price  per yard   	
Polished anl lacquered Brass Stair Rods;  30 inchea by
3-8 inc".i;  complete with  eyes.    Kach   	
Black Covered Stair Pads.
$60 Comfort Steel
Range at the Special
Price of $39.50
Big 18-inch oven, heavy firebox,
with Duplex grate; drop doom,
with full nickel finish. The best
value ever offered In a range at
any price. This particular range-
is regularly sold
at  180,00.  Price. .
Stock Pattern
Dinner Sets
Are the most economical buying. You buy just the pieces
you require and replace breakages at any time. We have a
big variety of patterns from
$15.00 to $100
Let us Show Vou.
Flags for
May Day
Union .larks, Canadian
Flags, and Stars and
Stripe's, supplied on sticks.
at,  each
5c to 35c
Self,     Red,     White
Blue   Bunting.
Per yard 	
Great Main Floor Offerings at Best
There is no time like tbe present, as we are selling ail the goods
that are generally wanteed for spring wear at specially reduced prices
during this week. Read carefully over these items, then visit the
store and look over the goods, and you will be assured of their genuineness.
New   Novelty   Neckwear.
We' have all kinds of it; Dutch, Ilobespierre, Stock and Fancy
Collara, Jabots. Side Frills. Coat Collar Frills, Dress and Blouse Flrhtis.
"Tango" Bows and Tics, etc., in splendid lace, lawn and fancy cot-
tnii; come ,n plain color:- others with dainty coloring effects; all
perfectly new stock and at Special Prices
A  New Style Collar.
Of line white silk mull; edged with black frill;  has collar supports at
sides and back, and fancy fichu fronts; also comes in OCm
orepe  and  crepe e](. chine'.    Pi- ced .it    9wC
Also better ones priced
New Dreaa Collar and Cuff Sets.
These come in fine white mull, with pique edge; all the newest shapes
ke'pt in stock, and the price is very reasonable for this ��4 OC
style and quality of article.    Specially Priced ai    ��9 ��� aebO
New Style Chemisette Yoke.
In high and low effect; a dainty net In either plain or
irunmed in front with colored buttons    in      -��r m
white and cream.    Specially Priced at  . iOCand$1   25
Wired;   and
A Splendid Offering in  Kid Glove.;   Regular $'.25 a  Pa,r Values
Special at 95c. Pair.
The  celebrated  "Perln"   make   In  a   splendid   Quality   waarlno   .r
With silk corded stitched  backs;  very pljable and po lee, L    r'";
ished  with  two dome spring fasteners:   in  colors  b,��  ,     "w
and white; regularly sold at $1.25. ' wn. *rown
Special  at     SSC
$1.25 and $1.50
Also better grades, Specially
priced  at   ...'.	
Lad lee'  New  Veilings.
We carry the new Beauty Spot Veilings;  also a choice selection Of
'. navy. Alice bine, purpb
35c to $1.00
floral and plain mesh;  in colors black, whit
brown and in a few combination colors.
Ranging  in   prices   from,   per   yard   	
House Furnishings Complete
We are offering exreptiona
nishinR. The new home furnisher
we are offering cannot be equallc
FOR $41.93.
Here is tho biggest money-
saving bargain ever offered to
the new home furnisher. Kvery
article is ne'w and In first cla.-s
condition. Head it over carefully:
steel Range; has Duplex
grate; nickel trimmings; burns
coal or wood.
Kitchen Cabinet, compli'te:
base has two bins and two drawers and two cutting boards anil
glass door; cupboard above for
Kitchen Table'. 29x47 inches
sb.e; with drawer
Thre-e Kitchen Chairs; good
solid se-at; hardwood chairs.
Oilcloth for the floor; enough
of any pattern In stock to cover
a space Sx9.
Ilishi's: a complete 62-plere
set; many designs to choose
Knives. Forks and Spoons:
half dozen knive s anel forks; Jialf
dozen teaspoons anil two table
spoons, and one' butciier knife.
The lot complete for
The furniture in this room is
all well selected, ami if alcelj
arranged In your mom wlii
have a very neat appearance
consists of:
I values in complete room rur-
should be interested as the prices
d on the same quality.
Dresser; golden oak finish;
with three drawers aud neat
ben-el plate mirror.
Washstand to match dresser
In finish and design.
Two Cane Seat Chairs, or one
rhair and one rocker.
White- Knamel Steel Bed, with
brass top rail and brass vases-
Double" Woven Wire Spring
and a guaranteed all Cotton
Felt Mattress; bed outfit furnished In any size.
One 9x13 Pro. Brussels Rug
We orrer the entire outfit for
the hew price of
FOR $76.00.
Extension Table; solid oak;
extends six feet; round or
sejuare style;   any  finish.
("hairs; set of six. genuine
leather seats;  any finish.
Buffet; solid oak; three draw-
era; two-door cupboard and neat
bevel   plate  mirror;   any  finish.
China Cablni't; solid oak; adjustable shelves; any finish.
Hug. 9x12; in tapestry of the
best quality and will give better service than many of the
cheaper Brussels offered by
eether dealers.
Complete', for t'.'.e lot
Visit the Basement
for These
Use Lacqueret Varnish stain,
the' dainty decorator, for all
kinels of furniture and woodwork; full Imperial measure;
comes in oak, cherry, walnut or
mahogany; 'j-pint. 20c: '2-pint.
30c;   1   pint.   50c; Qflft
1 i|iiart     ��VC
Manic   furniture     Polish:     25c
bottles for 15c;  50c
bottles   for   ........
Sectional Bookcase
Special���a Big
Cut in Prices
Bookcase' Sections, in all sizes
in early ErrgHsh finish. Here
is the' greatest bargain we halve
eve'r offered in this line, and it
will pay you to get in anil purchase heron- they all go. These
prices cannot be equalled fur
new goods:
Liquid   Veneer;  per Cflf*
bottle at 25c and , ��"���
Linoleum   Reviver    will    make
your Oilcloth or Linoleum look
like new and add 50 per cent,
to the  wear;   large
O-Cedar   Polishing
'Mops;   each    .
H'/fc   Section;    1 ex.
$4.60.  Special   ....
10%   Section:   reg.
���$t.75.    Special	
12'/s Section:  re>g
15.00,  Special   ....
Tops;  reg. $2.75.
OCedar Pollening     J��4   Of"
Oil;  can, 25c, 50c.   9 I .CO
The      Jagger      Knglish       Hair
liroom;     guaranteed    all    pure'
bristles.   Special
each <sllHLia.H
Bases;   reg.  $2.75
$1.00   Nickel   Alarm
Clocks at 	
Big Ben  Alarms
Clocks;   each   . .
The complete Bookcase, with
three' sections, om- of each
size, top anil base; complete':
regular $lfi.75.
Special  ......
White Knamel steel Crib, complete, with pad.
I Crib, com-
Attend This Sale for Children's
May Day Dresses.   Record
Values Offered You
Three Extra Special Lots
Children's    Lawn    and    Mus>
Dresses; Regular Values to
$2.50.   Special at $1.45.
This Is a choice lot of Children
lawn and muslin dresses, whie
are usually sold as high as $2 50
There   are   a   good   number   of
���-tylces and siz-es to choose from
se��me   beautifully   worked   wi:h
embroidery and lace insertions,
and ribbon trimmed; .others of
8 very fine lawn, in plainer de-
signs     Any one of  these  little
dresses   would   be   good   value
at $2.50.    Our special price fe
this  wee I,
A Quantity of Children's White
Musl'n  Dresses;   Regular
Values to $4.00.    Special at $1.95.
There   are   dresses   in   this   lot
that, cannot possibly be equalled
let alone beaten, for value.    All
sizes   and   dainty   patterns   are
represented;     beautifully     trim
med little dresses, which would
ordinarily ceist ycu to $4.00 are
Offered. Ask to see the'm on our
first floor. Remember there are'
v.iliies as high as $4. Our Spe
cial Price lor
this   week   . . .
A  Good  Selection  of Children's
White  Lawn and   Muslin
Dreaaes; Reg. Values to
$5.50.    Special
for $2.75.
This lot comprises White Lawn
and   Muslin   Dresses  of  a   high
standard quality material' every
dress    Is    beautifully    trimmed
with  fine  lace and  prettily embroidered;   all sizes and a very
choice selection    of    styles    to
'hoose from; with long or short
sleeves  and   with  collar or  low
Ironts.   See these beautiful [its*,
dresses   then  you   will   be convinced  of  their genuineness  as
real good values: regular values
to    $5.50.    Our    Special    Price
lor this week
is only   	
"-'e*l        ITICe
Bring All Your Dirty Kid Gloves
Here This Week, Our Lady Demonstrator Will Clean the Worst
Pair Free of Any Charge in a Few
Moments. Main Floor.
"Special Notice'
 This Store Will Be Open All Day Friday, May Day.
See our Special Friday, Market Day Bargain Advertisement.
Bring the Chll-.ren Down Town Tonight to See the Electric
May Pole Display in Our Columbia Street Window.
See These $2.50
Matting Suit Cases
Priced at $1.95
Feather weight Suitcase; made'
of strong fibre matting; with
reinforced corner and bound
edges; brass lock, and side
clasps; some with outside?
leather straps all round; regular   IL'.L'n     and     $;>50     values.
at   ...
How About the
\ Summer will soon be here,
tr*e*fi you will want to spend as
much time, out of doors as possible, /it a very small expense
the' verandah can be closed iu
witli awning duck, giving you
au extra room right out in the
open air.
Our price on Awning materials
is ve ry low.
Striped    Duck;    green,   red     or
blue;   woven Os%#*
Per yard at    CwG
Painted   Duck:    in     green     or
,.,���,. p., 32 J c
s<ize   UlxM;
;82;    heavy
ade; eif ca
Point   Plan
X  pound*.
Dark or Light Oray Blankets;
all wool or union. Price's from
$2.50, $2.75. $2.95,
$3.25 up Io .
White   Duck;    li-o/.���   20c
22',2c;   H-oz..   25c;
l.e-t us estimate- em your niit-
side awnings and window
moderate, consistent with only
shades.      Our    prices    are'    very
the- best of workmanship.
Great Bargains in
Tapestry Squares
Sizes   Id ft.  fi   in.   by   1-   ft.   iinrl
lei ft 6 in.  by  13  it. h  in.
Actual   Values   $15.00  to   $25.00.
Th' se' Carpet Squares deserve
the special attention of all who
have large rooms, and want a
serviceable, good looking rue
for the' least possible' cost. The'
patterns are good, and tlie'
quality is superior to the cheap
Brussels carpet being offered.
Special  prices,
$12 and $14.50
Boys' and Men's
Boys'   Rah-Rah   Hats, 75c.
Hoys' fine' felt Hats in rah-rah
shapes; colors navy, tr.innie'el
with bamls of red an., white', reel
trimmed with navy, and plain
colors of brown and grav; sites
6V4   to   6%.     To- 7K��%
day at   I VV
Any  $3.00  Hat  en  the  Store  fcr
These Include all ihe' ne�� ���
styles oi best English manufacture Soft Hats, iu colors ol
ii;vy, brown, Kray, ure'i'ii and
black: with wide silk bands
and bow at back or side best
Knglish Derbys. in semi-flat
rim ami full roll rim style*,
with bows at side', quarter and
back Have' all slz.es and can fit
any man Actual $.'! 00 values.
. . ..I.IHL.H
Men's  Furnishings at $1.25.
Men's Combinations. in a
deiuble thread Balbriggan;
ecru color; with the new closed
crotch; all sizes
Today ��H^^|
For Good Values in Ladies1 Ready-
to-Wear We Cannot Be Beat
Fine Grey Serge Suits at $16.50, 620,00 and $25.00.
Strictly man-tailored,'and  in latest stjie coat and skirt;  a perfectly
$16.50, $20and $25
pew  model
priced  at
Black and White Check Suits, Special at (30.00.
$30 00
A small check all -wool material; coat in a fancy cutaway effect, with
collar and revers, trimmed with blark moire' silk and edged with fine
lae< frilling; new style draped skirt; with high waist band; finished
with p good quality Skinner's satin lining.
Specially  Priced  at   	
Misses and Girls' Sailor Waists, Special at $1.50.
A  good  number of styles and color effects to choose  from  In  vest
iigs  and  plain  white cottons;   some fastened  up front  with strong
tape  lace, others with  buttons;   are  finished  with  dainty silk  tic
These are real good value at the
Special Price of  	
Also a Nice Assortment of Middy Waists, Special at $1.95.
Comes in a splendid quality white linen, and will wash and wear
well; made up In a Norfolk style pattern, and finished with good
patent  leather belt;   would   be good  values at  $.1.00. ��4   Q|?
Our Special Price is   $ I i93
We have now a full and complete stock of the well known K. T
mike, of Corsets; also the "American Lady" Corset; In every size.
and  in styles that are correct for shape and comfort
A Special "E. T." Corset at 75c. a Pair.
A good quality white coutllle;  with  medium low bust and  linn hip
a   perfect fit and  finish  with   four hose'  suppporters;   no  better ceer
set produced  for the money. IB
Special at, per pair  I OC
Also in better grade at  $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 and to $3.75
Ladies' Corset Covers; a Regular 50c. Line, Special at 25c.
We have only a few of these Corset Covers now left; all are' lace
:'ii,I  nhbon trimmed. OC
Special   at           COC
About Our Blankets    j
With the furnace fire out lor
the summer, the need for good
comfortable- bedding is felt
perhaps more than on the cold
winter night, with the whole
house heated.
For real Blanket Values in
either high or low priced, we
take the lead.
White   wool;    size'   80x80;    fair
weight;   fine  washing blankets;
sold  usualy  at $5.
Our Price   	
Heavier     weight;     size   UlxM;
same quality;   r��K
$5,50, for  	
Orny Blankets; 64x82; heavy
strong; and well made; eif ca
nadian   wool:   re g
$6.50,  for	
It'-ci Hudson Hay Point Plan
kets; weights '! to h pounds.
Per pound


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