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The New Westminster News Jun 2, 1914

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*-.    IP7 *       '-
*   > ..   ..
Volume 9, N��   '��   75.
Price Five Cents,
Statements of Capt. Kendall
and Capt. Anderson Differ Materially.
Conflicting     Stories   of  the   Terrible
Accident Can  Only  Be  Settled
By Official Inquiry.
City   Clerk   Duncan   Remembered  for  Warms the Summer Atmosphere With
Royal   Party  from   New  Westminster
Will Have Prominent Place in
the Bin Parade.
At a meeting of the May day committee yesterday afternoon It was decided to accept the invitation of the
Vancouver pageant committee (or
May Queen Eva, ex-Queen Jean and
their maids of honor to appear In the
pageant on Friday, June 12th, subject
to the approval of the parents of the
young ladles, which waa given later
In  the day  in  several  cases.
Chief Watson  and  Secretary  IJ.  BS.
Montreal, June 1. Now that the
riral burst of excitement and grief
at the loss of life through the sinkin;;
��� if the ('. P. II. S. S. Kmpress of Ire-
lurid haa partially spent itself, and
the general public ig settling down to
await the government Inquiry before
giving judgment as to the responsibility of the frightful accident, the
unhappy   controversy    between      the
commanders of the two vessels Invol- i MacKenzie were appointed a com'mit-
v, (J  is looming large on  the horizon. I lee to arrange for a Btiitable auto or
Doubtless eacli of them feels badly j float t0 be Pr��Pf-rl>' decorated for the
, .  ..    ,,  . , I occasion.
over the event itself, but at present, TnH paKcant committee has nrrang-
it at ems to be a ease or "blaming the |od tnat the May QBOen'�� carriage **hall
Other fellow" and shifting the blame f0ll0w the principal float in the pans far as possible. While the trag. geant, that representing Vancouver.
'ilv il written so deeply in the hearts mmmmmmmm^
ot thousands as never to be erased
in life, the two men who stand out
conspicuously before all the world as
possibly more or less responsible for
fl  are In wordy conflict over it.
Captain Kendall, of the lost ship,
tells tlie coroner at Klmonski that the
<',ir.'aln of the collier Storstad might
have prevented loss of life, if he hud
1;. pt the Storstad's nose In the gap
>ihe had made In  the Bin press's side.
Captain Anderson of the storstad
iii an interview In Montreal, says he
<lnl try to do thiB, but the Empress
"was going at good speed ahead" nnd
drew away in such a manner that the
bow, of the Storstad was forced out
oi (be hole.
Storstad at Fault.
Captain Kendall's evidence in brie!
is to the effect that the captain of
the Storstad waa at fault, first in
proceeding ahead when the Empress
of Ireland had signalled that "she \
was limit r way, but stopped and has;
;;:^,';r���!;;-';,;,:"M,rr"iad ��3; *��.�����* * Have imh ont-nNi*,���,. teacher. ��x��m��, m
in  the  Kmpress'  side.    Captain   Ken- I
A suggestion that a float be sent
representing the discovery of the Fraser river by Simon Kraser, Is in the
hands of a sub-cominitte of the admen's convention committee and will
be discussed at an early meeting.
Payment    Demanded    for
Launch Run Down by
Tug Hero.
an Account of Good Deeds Done
foi Burnabv.
Services Half a Century Aqo in
War of Rebellion.
W. A.  Duncan, city clerk today re-1    Breaking  forth   with  all    the    elo-[
ceived the  medal    tor    his    services j that ,   handcd     , t0 Burnaby
In the American civil war.    Mr. Dun-      . _ . .   , 	
can served in the 100th New York in-  ratepayers in  December and January!
(antry during the last year of the war | of each year when municipal aspirants   Eurnaby Assessment Roll Brings Out
and was present at the taking of
Richmond and Petersburg in Virginia
and was also present at the surrender
of General Lee at Appomattox, which
practically ended the war. The medal
is of bronze with a bust of President
(.Incoln on the obverse and attached
to the colors of both contestants, blue
and grey respectively.
Mr. Duncan's domicile was in Niagara, Ont., when the war was being
waged and with a number of other
youths lie crossed the frontier und
joined the northern army In General
Ord's division.
Gordon  Davidson  Miraculously  Saved  by  His
Own Efforts.
i Former Resident of New Westminster
Brings Joy to Relatives By News
That   He   is   Alive.
to office  seek  the  suffrage    of    the
"pee-pul,"  Councillor -.MacDonald   vio-j
lated  all   the  ethics  of  campaigning j
and   the summer  atmosphere  at  the ]
council meeting last night by launching forth in a defence of his work not
oniy during 191., but during the years
Over 200 Objections from Property Owners.
Over L'OO appeals were listened to by
the Burnaby court of revision sitting
yesterday in connection with the 1914
that he has looked after the Interests | u8se8sment"roFl'.    Very (ew were laid
ot North Burnaby. ^^^
Councillor MacDonald was expecting
trouble from a big delegation of ratepayers of Broadview and came armed
with a stack of statistics of a size suggesting the last stages of a winter session in the house at Ottawa with the
Hon. Mr. White, the guardian of the
Dominion treasure chest, bringing
down the supplementary estimates.
Want Water. Roads and Walks.
"Broadview wants water, wants
roads and wants sidewalks.'' So stated A. L. Morgan, speaking for a party
numbering 50 who crowded the council chamber. Mr. Morgan desired to
be shown and Cited several instances
where scores of families were wanting
roads and water, the latter especially
as the people were drinking from sur
Third Officer of  Storstad
Witnessed Last Plunge of
Ill-fated Empress.
Picked Up Passengers aa They Crawled Down Side of Ship and Cast
Themselves  Into  the   Sea.
Montreal. June 1.���Jack Saxe, the
young Norweglau, holding the post of
third officer on tbe Storstad, was on
the bridge of the latter boat with
Captain Anderson, when the Empress
was rammed.
"We were coming up tbe river
when we saw the Empress about a
mile off," he said. "Before we had
come within a half a mile of her a
heavy fog began to fall and we could
see neither the boat ahead or the laud
on either side of us.
"Suddenly tbe Empress loomed out
over, about 25 cases being referred
to the assessor who will report on the
appeals before tbe court sits on Monday next at an adjourned hearing.
Ex-Councillor A. \. C. Macpherson
argued against the assessment on his
property on Kingsway, alleging that
the distribution of cost was not equitable.    Failing satisfaction.  Mr.   Mac-         	
pherson stated that he will take the 10_ the fog 'a hundred feet away" She
matter to court and obtain a legal j waB makjng gooA Bpeed an(1 lt looked
'uling. to me us If she would pass us with-
At the morning session the question; out our touching her.
oi whether a shingle mill built three ; -rnu captain signalled our engl-
or four years ago could be classed as neer t0 reverse the engines and by
permanent improvements, was argued tnls ��� gaw we were going to nit nt,r
;by the owner, a Mr. Bourne, who said When we did strike I thought it was
that the mill was built for the purpose j a glancing blow "
of UBing up the timber on the property j ..Di(* 'vou hear the captain of th���
which  he owned.    The question  was | Empress shouting to you?"
Thought Storstad Was Sinking.
"No, .the noise was so great that I
Vancouver.    Jr.ne    1.    After    being
mourned for two days aa lost, Gordon
Davidson,.formerly   of   the   teaching;j rYacas""einpha8ized the" fact that "fig
(ace holes. The speaker's remarks *lald over for advisement. upon the ad
did not suggest many paved or mac- viws or w Q McQuarriei municipal
adamlzed thoroughfares In Broadview   80--cjt01
when he mentioned that a Vancouver '	
ambulance had got stuck for 24 hours
In a ravine during which time the patient was forced to make the best of
it was in defence of past work and
an explanation of what the council I
was going to do when the finances are i
in proper shape that Councillor Mac-!
Donald, in whose ward Broadview exists, got down to facts and figures. \
lhe doughty leader of many a council |
staff of the Columbian college, New
Westminster, wired his relatives yes
terday that be was among the survivors of the tragic wreck of the Em
press of Ireland, The report received by his brother. J. (i. Davidson., one
Appropriate, for Ad. Men's Entertainment.
At   the  city   council   meeting  last
Vancouver, states that he managed to
j swinr ashore  and   land   at   a   remote
place on   the  shores ot*  the  St.* Lawrence.
His  name appeared   on   the  list   of
those   missing,   and.   failing   to   hear
j from bltn on  Friday or Saturday, his
father  in  Ontario,  and     his    brother
I here, gave him up as dead.    Their joy
j at    receiving   telegrams     announcing
| that  he Is still alive can be well Imagined, ��;^_|
If tlie report that  he swum ashore
���i.'ll is backed up by his chief en-
i;.iii'i.i. Wm. Samson, and by James
Rankin, a marine engineer, both of
whom state that the collier should
have   kept  her nose  in  the  hole and
l.t ''I up the Empress long enough to t _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
allow tlie crew to launch the boats nighl Alderman Dodd .submitted the
and get the people off iu safety. i report of the board of works and the
Empress Going  Fast. 'following       recommendations       were
Captain Anderson takes quite a dif- made and adopted:
ferent   view  of the  Kmpress'  actions ,     with   reference  to  the  communion-
jUBl   prior  to  the  fatal  crash   by  the j tion from the Pacific Lock Joint I'ipe   . k   , ,
fatal crash by the Storstad.    He says   company   asking   on   what   date   they j'f correct, he performed a really won-
Uu   Empress  was  going  fast  ahead,  would be allowed to commence work'aerrul teat    n,e water uas
and lt was impossible after the col- on the Olenbrook newer, that they be
lision to keep tils vessel's bow to the ��� authorized  to commence on or about
it nt  she  had  made  because the  Em-1 June 26th,
press   was   going   fast.     As   to   state-j     That tenders be called  for the ont-
int nts  made  by Captain  Kendall  and j fall of Sapperton sewer No. 2 for the
others to the effect thai the Storstad  A and B sections, and that the board
il.ii very little toward using its boats ! of works be also asked to send in a
tii save lives, Captain OvalangO, agent
for  tlie  Storstad,  says  the  collier  at
great  risk   to   itself,   did   everything
possible to Have the Empress'  people
of Way Through Mill
and took on board 350.
Third Officer Saxe, of the Storstad,
who was on  the bridge at  the  time
tendei   for A and  It sections
That the Vulcan Iron Works be
awarded the contract for the supply
of steel for the Cienbrook sewer, as
per tender received, $2,175 per 100
lbs. for 5-8-lnch, and $2,276 per 100 lbs,
for 1-inch, Immediate delivery, and the
corroborated this The Storstad's mayor be authorized io sign the con-
crew seems inclined to somewhat free j tract.
lv lay the blame on the Empress for i The deputy minister of lands, Vic-
the accident. j toria,  forwarded   the  crown  grant  of
Inquiry Opens June 9. I lot 2055-   part Of Eighth  Street ceme-
The truth, it is hoped will be drawn j tery    containing  14  80-100    aires    of
ii.-.   the official inquiry  whicli  is an- land with plan attached,
nounced to open on June 9 in Quebec I Delegates Appointed.
City. A preliminary inquiry was be-I Aldermen Druid and Kellington were
gun today in Montreal by Captain appointed delegates to represent the
Lindsay, wreck commissioner.   He is | city at the railway commission sitting
privately securing the government Information to be used by the investigating board. This hoard will be
comprised of two judges of the Cana-
d'-an admiralty court, to be appointed
by th.1 Dominion government, and one
n presentatlve of the British Admiralty, appointed by the Imperial government,
Toronto, une 1. Contrary to what
might be expected, tiie collier Storstad. with her ten thousand tons of
coal under hatches, had the right of
way over tlie Kmpress with 1800 souls
on board. This is, of course, if the
statement of the Storstad people is established.
The Storstad statement is: "The
vessels sighted each other when far
iipart. Tho Kmpress of Ireland was
seen off the port bow of the Storstad.
The Kmpress of Ireland's green, or
starboard light was visible to those
on  the Storstad."
Under the circumstances the rules
i>F navigation gave the storstad the
right of way. This contention is correct. Marine law, revised statutes of
Canada, Chap. 7fl, Article 1!>. says:
"'Alien two steam vessel,-; are crossing, so aa to involve risk of collision.
the vessel which has the other on her
in Vancouver on June 10, when an application to compel the (!. N. R, company to fix a time for the commence-
mer and completion of the bridge
across tlie  North road will be heard.
Th': mayor informed the council
that Mr. McQuarrie had notified the
other municipalities interested to the
same  effect.
Adam S. Johnston, solicitor, wrote
on  behalf of  Ving  Tai  and  compan)
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ cy cold.
the St.'Lawrence is a swiftly flowing
river and the Empress Of Ireland sank
more than four miles from the nearest
point  of land.
From the meagre particulars of Mr.
Davidson's escape received hy his
brother here, his experiences may be
pictured. The boat sinking with its
hundreds of passengers pitched into
the water all struggling for life, the
frantic attempt to seize the boats or
secure a piece of wreckage on which
to float to safety, can be imagined.
Mr. Davidson, in despair of being
picked up and seeing the boats all
packed with their human freight,
struck out for the shore and got too
far away for the searching tugs in the
darkness to be succored. He was a
strong swimmer and had managed to
obtain a life belt.
Wai. Famed  Athlete.
Only a man in tlie pink of condition
could have withstood the strain, of
such a long swim. Mr. Davidson had
been captain of the soccer team at
California University and his athletic
training stood him in good stead on
his long swim for life.
Cordon Davidson has been at the
University of California lor the past
few yea;s as a post graduate instruc-
!< i on the history staff of that institution. He was on his way to Kngland on a special mission, that of securing material for a comprehensive
history of the Northwest Trading coin-
Manager  Lewis  Not  Disposed  to  As
sist in Sapperton Sewer or Proposed Canal
At the council meeting last nighl
the subejets of the Sapperton sewer
easement through the Brunette Mill
company's property and the proposed
canal from the l-'raser river to Brun- ,
ette creek through another portion -
of it. was discussed and further negotiations as to ihe latter resolved
L. A. Lewis, manager of tlie Brunette Mill company, wrote in regard
to the proposed easement for the
Sapperton sewer through his company's property.    Mr
could not hear anything but the grinding. We backed off then when the
Kmpress swung us around to port.
We did not think that J,he ship was
badly damaged but we did think we
were sinking ourselves and got our
boats ready.
"Second Officer Relnertz had gone
out In charge of one of the lifeboats
and worked for three hours picking
up living persons and bodies from
the water.
"We were picking up the people
who crawled down the starboard side
of the keel and jumped into the water." he said.
"I saw that she was going to go
in a minute and knew tbat there ��a.-
danger of our boat being sucked down
but when the big liner went under
we managed to steady the lifeboat.
Her bow rose iu the air. she rolled
over on her side and slid under the
water like a fisb.
"It wag gone sooner than I thought
a boat could sink. And then we found
the water about us so full of swimmers that we had to hurry away with
our load."
London. June 2.���A dispatch to the
Daily Telegraph from Sidney. N.S.W.,
says the premier, W. A. Holman, in
announcing a message of sympathy in
the loss of the Empress of Ireland,
made the following statement: "1
expect the  inquiry  will    end  in   the
Lewis said the | condemnation of some unfortunate se
company was not disposed to hinder |oond"mat"e"or seaman" "There'will be
lemanding $.ri27) damages sustained by        ^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^__
llents through the running down | l'*--'.v-  ^  "'ip being  made under tin
auspices  of the  Native  Sons ot  California.
His name on Friday figured among
the list cf those who had sunk on
the Ill-fated liner. His brother in Vancouver heard from the C. I\ H. later
that he had heen saved and the news
was confirmed this morning by a telegram trom his father in Ontario, stating that he had received direct word
from Cordon  Davidson.
of their gasoline launch by the tug
Hero - $500 for the launch and $23
for the vegetables with which it was
loaded. The collision was attributed
to the negligence of the captain of the
Hero, which was alleged to he the
overtaking vessel and should have
avoided the accident.
The. letter was referred to the harbor  committee  and  the   solicitors.
The resolutions forwarded by the
Kraser River Fishermen's association
asking for the prohibition of Asiatics
fishing above the New Westminster
bridge and restrictions in other direc- ���
lions, were endorsed and ordered to j
be forwarded to Ottawa.
Whiteside and  Kdmonds. wrote ask- I
ing that .Mrs. J. E, lusley be released
from the costs of the suit she had fail-
ed in against the city.
The  letter  was referred  to the finance committee to take up with the'
city solicitors.
Want  Streets   Ailed.
A petition from the Vancouver Ml
urea were facts aud appeared to make j City CoiMC-l Refused  Right
good.    Assurance from  Iteeve Kraser |
together with  "hope-for-the-best" attitudes from the rest of the council ap- j
peased tlie delegation who made their
way back to North Hurnaby by special
Will  Represent  Burnaby. I
Reeve Fraser, Councillor FauVel, J
Solicitor W. Q. McQuarrie and Kngl-
neer Macpherson were appointed a
committee to represent Burnaby at |
Vancouver on June 10 when several
matters In connection with the C.N.R.
and B. C. I". R. come up before the
Dominion railway commissioners.
These are: Alleged crowding of B.C.
K.R. cars on the Burnaby Lake line:
the construction of a high level bridge
over t'.ie \'., V. and E. tracks on the
North road and the application of the
(i. N, R. to close two streets wanted
for freight terminals.
The appeal of the North Pacific
Lumber company of North Burnaby
for improvement to the Barnet road,
one of many, was on the point of being relegated back to the board of
���.voiks when Councillor FauVel made a
speech  i.i  support  of the  application
and   urged   immediate   action.     Kngi-1 ������,. "���*,,,,,.     tmnmnmonl     nrovided I -�����-������-������-  ,,."""^ "���'" "*
neer   M-ioiihei-son   will   i-enort   at   the I :m>    ' implement     pro"���!-   no 8a|ety for the travelling public mi
neer  Macpnerson  win  iepon ai  tne^som0 arrangement regarding compen- |,n  ,,,��� rii,.oMf.r��   nf -h,.    nnmn.^i-.
next meeting.
The petition of the Fraser River
Fishermen's Protective association received full support, Burnaby being in
line with the movement to eliminate
the yellow hordes trom the fishing
precincts of the   Kraser.
Bevan'c Bill Hoisted.
Councllloi Bevan's pet bill, that to
relieve small traders from payment
of a license, semi-annually, was on
the point of passing the house when
Councillor FauVel enquired just what
it meant. Finding that the financial
returns to the municipality would be
endangered and with thoughts perhaps
of the Broadview demands, the councillor from ward four moved a two
weeks' hoist. Councillor Bevan accused his confrere of flopping but the
two weeks sign  was hoisted.
The pathetic feature of the -session came before adjournment when
Councillor FauVel referred to the loss
that Burnaby had sustained In the
sinking of the Kmpress of Ireland. He
referred to W. 11. Griffin, former collector of Burnaby, whose wife and
baby had gone down with the ill-fated
liner, and to the other families who
are herein ed. A standing vote of condolence was passed.
seme arrangement regarding compen- U1 the directors of the compan*e!,
sation   could   be   arrived   at.     They   wlUch ge|)d  1500 ,    to  sea  jn
expected the city to pay the expense gh, capable of bplI Ue**troyed in
of twice shifting tne lumber required filteon minutes are put on trial ������
to be moved tor the laying down of acoeS80rie8 t0 manslaughter. I hope
tha sewer, amounting to more than j Ulat thp (.anadIan government will
1,000,000 (eet. dual  with  the  *nml-ry  in  tnat 8pirit
Any interruption to the operators,, am n(Jt gaying who jg innocent or
the company would expect the city : who ,g gui,tVi but ,f the disaster was
to nay  for and there might be other |due to a human failjng the ,e wno
make money  by gambling in  human
lives ought to be punished."
own -larboard side shall keep out of j ing company, superintendent west sub-1
the way Ol the Other, j station.   Kelly-Douglas   company,   (Ial- j
~~      braith and Sons and the Westminster
* *,.��� ;..: -,.* ".,* *..��� *,.' '..' v '..' '..'��� '..-' :..: -..- v '.* I -|.0!1 Works, was presented requesting
*;' i that the roads opposite their premises
Rlmouskl, June 1.���Half famished
and raving from her wild experience,
a stalwart Norwegian womal who
floated ashore from the Empress was
found wandering among the sand
dunes on tlie shores of the St. Law-
rencv many miles from the little village today.
Members of the crow of a tugboat
approaching unw the woman running
along shore, clad in a striped garment. A boat was sent ashore, but
at. si.'.ht of the men the woman re-
doublcd her speed, When the woman
became exhausted she was overtaken
Y.   M.   C.   A.   ANNUAL
The annual meeting of the Y.M.C.A.
will be held in the association parlors at 8 o'clock this evening. Besides the reports of work for the year
and the election of six directors there
will be a talk by Harry Ballantyne,
western territorial sec.etary of the
V. M. C. A. Miss Cilled will sing
and .Messrs. I'rry, Wattam, Bell and
Lawrence will play banjo and mandolin selections, Messrs. Neilson and
Lawrence a mandolin duet aud Mr.
Lawrence a mandolin solo. All who
are interested in the work of the association   are   invited   to   be   present.
provisions   to   be    considered     when
drawing  the agreement.        ^^^~^_
ll was difficult to estimate whether'
the   sewer   would   be   detrimental   to
the  Brunette property and  if not no
compensation    could     be      expected. I 	
Should the company require to use j Wednesday next will be observed
the ground where the sewer had been a8 tne kill;,-s birthday when all the
?ai(i it might be necessary to ask to j bankg ���,- the citv a,( Dominion and
have its location changed and it was provincial government offices, the city
suggested the question ot compensa- hall and the various centres of the
:mi might ne left over for ivcljusi- | surroundins municipalities will be clos-
ir.eni until the effect of the sewer e(1 TnoBl, ilaving business matters
cn the property was seen. |t0 attend to should bear this in mind
With leleicnce to the canal trom M ttu, fact taat the king.s bjrt-lday is
the Fraser river to the Brunette creek ft statutory holidav does not appear to
tho company thought this impractl- be generally known.
able as the benefits resulting from j Th(, |ate King Kdward requested
the canal would not justify the ex- i that his bitthdav in November be not
pense necessary to dredge the stream onsetved hut that May 24 should be re-
to enable even a light draught scow | cognized in memory of his mother,
to navigate it at all stages of the wa- j Victoria the Good. ' No such request
ter.    There  was very little  water in i has been  made bv King George.
lhe stream at low tide.    The opening j  ,	
of the  canal   would  so interfere  with | BURQUITLAM   AWAKENING
the   booming  ground,  which   was  the | TO  ITS  MANY  POSSIBILITIES
only    place    they    had    for    holding , 	
from six to seven million feet of logs Burquitlam is awakening to its po-
to supply the mill during high water tentialities. George Alderson of the
when they could not be towed up the . North road is busily engaged in ex-
river, that he could not recommend tirpatlng the broom from a large por-
llis company to grant the right Of tion of his acreage and preparing it
way. j for intensive cultivation.    The broom,
Lower   Mainland   ami New
Westminster: Light to moderate winds; generally fair;
and  warm for Tuesday,
be oiled. The application was urged
on hygienic and commercial grounds.
The dust was unhealthy, as it necessitated closed windows and doors and
had a bad effect on machinery,
The   petition   was   referred   to   the
Staff of Life Will F; Given to Deserv
ing  Poor of City, i :
During   the   fire   at   Brackman   and
Ker's  on  Saturday  morning  the  fire-' marks,
 men recovered a number of sacks of
but  soon   regained   her strength and | flour  slightly  damaged  by  water  but
began  fighting for freedom. | from  which   they  extracted   from  th
Mr. Lewis would be glad to meet
the mayor or aldermen with the city
engineer and discuss fully the details in these proposals.
Referred to Committee.
Alderman Kellington moved that
the Sapperton sewer proposition be
inferred to Mayer Cray and Alderman Dodd. chairman of the board
���f works, to be taken up With Mr.
Lewis and that the latter be thank-
��� d for his concession. As to the can-
however beautiful in bloom, is a terrible pest in the district.
James Hogarth is erecting three
large greenhouses on his property adjoining the North road. A number of
houses are also being erected at various  points  in  the district.
""ewer   B;rths   But  More   Deaths  and
Marriagec in  May,  1914.
(Continued on Page Five.)
tcquaiuted  with  ii  to offer any  re-
Alderman Annandale seconded the
motion iu regard to the sewer concession   but   with   reference   to   the
to   fill   '.-,'! j canal   there   were  severa!   particulars
-  -  ��� ��� . . pounds.   In the letter he did not like.    He did
und put to bed.   lt Is understood this'They will distribute to applicants who not  think them  fair  nor reasonable,
strange   fugitive   from   death   drifted i in these hard times require assistance, j Mr.  Lewis declared  that   the  request
IS miles through the waters clinging j Those   desirous    of    obtaining   them j /	
to a bit of driftwocd. I should apply to the fire hall. I (Continued on l'age Eisht.)
al proposition, he was not sufficiently j    A marked decrease in the number of
She did  not  even  know her name, j ceres   enough   good   flour
She  was taken  to a  fisherman's hut | boxes,   each   e-nntslninst
births during the month of May of
this year a.s compared with the corresponding months of 1913, is reported
from the provincial offices in the city.
Marriages nearly kept pace while the
number of deaths was only increased
by one.    The  figures are as follows:
May, 19M-Births, 88; deaths, 3S;
marriages.  28.
May, 1913.���Births, 118; deaths, 34;
marriages, 74. PAGE TWO
TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1914.
Il is expected lhat Creston. B. C,
will have a record crop of fruit this
An Independent mornlns paper devoted to the Intermix of New Westminster and
tbe Fraser Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by the National Printing
and Publishing Company, Ltmln-d. at 63 McKensle Street. New Westminster. British
Columbia. ROBB SUTHERI-AND, Managing Director.
All communlcatlona should be addressed io Tbe New Westminster News, and not j jn  a  tra[)   gpt     for    other    purposes,
to Individual members of the staff.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made j about  sjx  mi|,.s  south  of  Iltvelstoke
An  eagle   which   had   been   caught
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company. Limited.
TELEPHONE'S���Business Office and Manager. S-9; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
��� >. ����!���
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By ��arrler, 14 per year, tl for three months. 40c per
nth. By mall. S3 per year. 26o rx-r month.
ADVERTISING  RATES on  application.
is ut ill alive.
.    .    .
Courtenay   now   supports   three  Industries,   the   creamery,   the   conden-
sory and the new cream cheese    factory which started last week.
���    *    ���
At a special meeting of the school
trustees it was decided to erect an
eight-room fireproof school in West
Point Qrey on  the present site.
Jack Mellot. of Anderson lake, haa
some good looking ore off one of his
claims  round the lake,    lie  recorded
nne claims at l.lllooet. then left foi
the seat of his  strike. 	
���    *    * ""
\a-o J.   Fraser.   a   river  driver   for
Did you ever stop to think just how much money was
being spent in development in ihis city and the district tributary to it and how much attention the city and district! J,1
were receiving from the outside?
Have you ever paused to consider the $800,000 the       	
Dominion government is turning loose to make the North. u���. British  Canadian   Lumber com-
Arm of the Fraser a first class channel for shipping?      i gw* ^X^nT^X
And how about that immense jetty work already none xhe body has not been found.
by the Dominion government at the mouth of the main    TJje (ju, ^J oJ KamUjopi hM
river and the extensive operations being carried on there decided to support the establishment
at nresent to place this town where it belongs, in the front of a city market  Tenders have been
at- [ii Escut io ^>javc tiuo vwtt-i "*"*���*'-    " *J   �� received tor the erection of this mar-
rank of the fresh water ports of the world: Vi. to be opened in June.
Did you notice in the news dispatches the other day    ^ Qf ^ ^ ^ ^
the announcement from Victoria that the provincial gov-j-n the Arrow i.akes was caught last
ernment had let a contract for a half million dollar bridge
over the Pitt river above this city and have you realized
that what helps Coquitlam helps New Westminster?
Also, have you taken a stroll lately down along our
waterfront where the city itself is spending half a million
on harbor-improvement work and have you grasped tbe
significance and magnitude of that undertaking?
Did it ever enter your head that the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railway didn't sign up a freight-
carrying arrangement with the B. C. Electric into this
Kriday by Held Johnston at Halcyon.
While out trolling "Iteid" caught a
char which weighed l!5 pounds.
���    *    ���
This summer the Duke and Duchess
of Connaught will visit British Columbia and make short stops nt all
the important cities. Their royal
highnesses will make a trip right
across the continent.
It   is   rumored   that   the   rector  oi
ElltO,  Baynes and  Waldo,  Kev.  A  ,E,
Bruce,  is  likely  to accept  un   impor-
���--���-.-.-.- . . .     ,,,..   .   ,    -tant  post   near  London,   in   the    old j
town a week or so ago just because the railroad oiriciais country.   Mr. Bruce has spent some
liked the scenery here? _ :fm,me" years J" thrfiominion.
And, while on the subject of railways, don't you see;   ,, ��� Hal,)in BUper|ntendent of aa
something promising in the preparations being made by bridge construction ror p. g .e.. stat-
the Northern Pacific to exercise its running- rierhts over\to^$Sa%M&m\. Xy\
Great Northern tracks into New Westminster? i couid do no more work on the bridge |
Why do you suppose the Canadian Northern owns1,11" fa"' ��" "~<4 <-</������<- m��* water.
all that property along the waterfront?  And do you think    n has been decided bv the provin-!
the road will let it lie idle when it gets that forty-five mil- j g{ j��^*.^jo SJ I
lion dollars from the Dominion government.' | nes, respectively, during the coming
All of which, and a whole lot more, leads to the conclu-; holidays, waido, being the most pop I
,,     ...        T��r     , , j ulous area, is to have a school of twe
sion that New Westminster is some town. ! departments.
! Reichstag   Told      Peace   Principle   Is
Embodied in Several of Country's
Commercial Treaties.
Berlin, Qernmny, June l���Speaking
| in the budget committee of the Reichstag recently, tiehelmrat Dr. Kreiger
stated that the idea that (iermany was
opposed to the idea of arbitration was
an absolutely false one.
In 1901, he said, Uerinany had already reached an agreement with Eng.-
laiitl, concerning arbitration. A similar agreement had been drawn up
witli the United States, but this had
failed owing to the opposition of the
in quite a number of new commercial treaties, he said, there are arbitration clauses, especlaly In connection with all questions of tarirf. At the
second peace conference at The Hague
j tiie proposal to Institute an Interna-
I tlonal prize court had emanated from
I Germany.
1     Especially,    however,     in    treat' in
j with [Trance for the settlement ol tbs
Morocco question, Germany bad subscribed  to an arbitration clause. The
[agreements drawn up at The Hague
concerning   the    international     prize
I court  and  the declaration  of   London
Wen  sinned by all the powers, including Germany, which country was also
willing to ratify the two treaties.
The difficulties about both agreements, came, Dr. KriPRcr said, from
Kni.laud, but. not, it must he added,
from the Hrltish government or the
house ol commons, but from the bouse
of lorus. The German government
was iookinn forward with much Interest to the third peace conference
at Tin Hague, but at the same time
the government was of tbe opinion
that the two treaties referred to
s'lOUld be ratified first.
It would, he said, be a rather Utopian idea to start the discussion of
new International problems before
those  already  debated   had  been   set
tled. The foreign office is already ut
wiTrk""elaboratin-; a program for the
Herman proposals which are to be laid
before the coming peace conference.
In this work it ha-* the assistance of
several eminent authorities on international law. 	
Iowa Lumber &
Timber Co., Ltd.
We   can   now   BUPPlv   Oak
Flooring  and   Casing   and
Base.   We also have some
Yellow    Cedar    (Cvoress)
which is just the thing for
making cabinets, dress boxes
etc. ,
Phone 904.
.    .      .     ���     C.   Hardy,  and   Eric    Drury,    who
One thing most men can t understand is why it is the were anions; the successful candidat-
other fellow always buys the stock that goes up in price.^^^^cT^ ��t
��������������� Mast week for the interior of Vancou-
m a.' j it lx.    -rn    ������     ���   ��i i     a i      vor   I-land  on   a   tour of exploration
Two trusties escaped from the rernie jail last week, Und scientific research work. !
which goes to show that all are not trustworthy who are j ��  .  .
rrnefpr-l ",e Courtenay Herald is the name |
iru&ieu. ^ of a  new  wee]jiy  paper, issued  for |
��������������� the first time on Thursday.   The pub- !
With a lady on the Burnaby board of school trustees S��ie��� a\\ fB J SJjSiumn. tJpage'
that body is likely to develop into an aggregation of Ches-: paper, wen printed and in every way
terfields. " ' ?encaryedlt l�� ,he publl8herfl and Cour'
m, , .      ., .        -, /.     , .      , ;     In Howser. as iu all other parts of
There s one sure way in this city of stopping a bad i his district, m. s. Middieton, provin-
fire and that is by turning the New Westminster fire bri- olal 1,<jrtic,ilturiBt- sports that the |
j    -i                   ��i       ��� i crop prospects and outlook was never I
gade lOOSe On It. better and a considerable amount of '
  improvements and extensions are be-
,_.           _,       .       .-,           ,,        ,, ���                 ,,                             i"g made by the ranchers in that vi-
Water f amine v aces Mazatlan,   says a Mexican war cinity.
head.   That's even worse than the prospect of the "drys"
shutting up the town.
With seven new post offices opened in B. C. during
April and four more in May, it doesn't look as though the
country were sliding backward very far.
A regrettable accident occurred on
the LyttOn road last week. While
I.ee Harrison was making a sharp
turn near the halfway house, his wagon turned over, hurrying him beneath
it. He was taken to the hospital at
l.illooet, where he lies in a precarious condition.
Money back if the recipe
does not taste better
way." Try ROYAL STANDARD side by side with
your pet brand, just as we
test it in our laboratory side
by side with other flours���
we will let sharpened appetites decide which is the
better way.
Your grocer is flour-wise
���ask him.
A Kansas school teacher has fallen heir to twentv-
The    congregation    of   St.    Paul's
church, Nanaimo, met Friday evening
��,. .... ,   ,, , . iii i   ���     . i ���    i ��� t�� bid farewell to Rev, Canon  White
five million dollars and now the school board is thinking;: who left Saturday   for   Sunderland!
of raising his salary.   Truly, "Them as has gits." I England, and to welcome the new
rector,  Itev.   Mr.   Coeksliutt,   who  re
cently arrived  from England to take
Judging from reports that connect the name of Felix' <'������"��''
Diaz with the presidency of Mexico, the old saying should j   official members or*hospital boards
be, "He who figths and runs away will live to be nomin- ?/ directors have been named by the
.    i  /       ,, ��� i >, lieutentanl governor-in-council
ated for the presidency.
See  us for  Houses for  Sale.
The other day a west coast Indian died after drinking
some booze which had been manufactured by a couple of
his tribal friends. There's one instance where patronizing home industry brought its own reward.
An I. W. W. official says murder is all right as a
means to gain the ends of the savory organization to
whicli he belongs. Wonder what he'd say if the public
took it into their heads to work the rule the other wav
as fol
lows: Princeton. Charles 17 Thomas
and Perley Russell; Hedley, James
Clarke and .James I). Hrass; Sisters
of St. Joseph hospital, Comox, James
A. Carthew and Joseph I!. Holmes.
���    #    ���
Tho minister ol public works Is
calling for applications for a chartet
for a ferry to ply on the Bablne lake.
The limits of the ferry will ��� tend
tor a distance of two miles above
and two miles In low the point of Establishment, and the charter will fiver a period expiring on March ::i
Small house on Dublin
only $1400.    Terms to Bull
street. Large
lot  and  bam  20x14.    Price
General  Insurance  Agents.
313-315 Westminster Trust Building and 746 Columbia St.
Phone 85L.
from   Five-Mile  creek
is  liable  to  open  up
It took a Kamloops jury only ten minutes to decide
that a man who eloped with a chunk of pork from a but-
cher snop was guilty of theft.   At the present scale of ^ur�� J $?fiVti5VS2
The grading
Into   Princeton
some good copper showings, as the I
line goes through a good group ol
copper claims, before enti ring the
Slmillcarneen  or  Princeton  coal  b-is'ti i
prices, stealing meat is pretty nearly on
Ding a bank.
a par with rob-
Seattle June  1.    Paul   K.  Stem,  lol
years old, of 900  Howard   boulevard,
lx>8 Angeles, surrendered to the police j
yesterday afternoon,    He walked Into
the police station and said, in an offhand  manner,  to  Lieut,    IP lues,  in |
charge al the lime:
"I'm throuKh.    I surrender."
"What for?" asicl  Lieut.  Hedges.
"Why, don't you know?'1 asked tin il
youth in a  surprised tone.
When told by the lieutenant thai the,
department had received no records or
descrintioiis    of  desperate    criminals
matching that of the boy before him. ;
Stem told his story.
"I got in earlv on Sunday morn in
May ���!,'!," )n> said, "and fished through
the old man's trousers.    I got.$7 and,
believe mc, I didn't loolc any furtt-r.
J went dowa to the water front and
passed $7> over to one of the crew of
the Congress and came to Seattle,    i
had a gat when  I  left.    I  heard  Ihls
was some wild country, and n fellow
would need a gun In the wood:-, aboutl
hero to protect himself with.   When Ij
struck  town   I  saw  it   was a  regular|
t city   and   then   tried   to  get   work.     I :
hocked tii" gun.   I ato up the proceeds
am. here I am, no place to sleep and
Paul was d'-t.-iined at the police sta
li; a ,i ug enough to call a Juvenile off!
i������ r, when he \v:is taken to the deten
ferotlS deposits or the Similkameen.
��    *    *
Struggling on through the woods
near Butodale, on the north coast,
until exhausted from loss of blood
from a wound in his leg,then to lie
down to die, was the prabable fate
of Orville DeWitt lioar, a prospector
from Chlco, Wash., son of Orville
DeWitt Hoar, former superintendent
of Dominion parks al Oolden. and
who Is a brother-in-law of It. and ,1.
Laughton, of Revelstoke. The body
was rciind on   Monday.
invite the ladies of this city to   Inspect   their  spring  stock  of  the
latest  fabrics and  styles.    Special price for two weeks only M5 and
$40.    We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
t;cn   home.
his lather,
A  telei-'rnm   was  sent  I
Tho  city  council    i
been   advised   by   thi
that the corporation Is not responsible
for accidents that   havi' occurred, or
Albernl    has
city   solicitors
but no response
had   been   niav occur, on old roads that are now
A complete line of Manicure oGods to
select from. Sets complete if you
wish, or separate Files, (Hips, Buffers, Scissors (nail and cuticle i,
Chamois Skins, Creams, Powders, and
everything needed to keep the hands
In good condition.
Step in  for your supply
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
.������wfuiiiitnnt. Telephone R447. Room
22   Hart   lllock.
j-  H, Smith. w  3. Hi-oven.
Work  undertaken  In    city    and  ouisi.i.-
poiniH      211-11   WentinliiHti-r  Trust   Blilx.
phone run.    P. o  Box 507.
and third Tui-siIhv in each month o <
i, in. in ili<- Labor Temple. A. J. Chrlat.
inn" Dictator; David Boyle, 1'nst I��i.--
tator: W. J. Orovee, Becretuy, mi
YVi'MmiiiHt' r Trail  llullillm!.
p, i
. BJ. t>r D.
I.i ll
6, No ).
first   ami
-,i pi
iy. I-:
nt  X
d   Kill
l  a\
���i ;  1
.    IM
-. H.
���  Temple,
A. Wtiu
nltll,   ,S- 0-
receii i d by tiie   department
I. te hour last night.
up to
The district farmers of Kamloops,
have formed a farmers' institute and
hold regular monthly meetings, at
which important matters arc discuss
parts of private property. Advice on
this subject was sought followiiiR ��
claim made by Mr. Qreentip, of Albernl, for the payment of a doctor's
bill for his wife. Mrs. Qreentip was
thrown from a buggy at a rough point
on on old road near the city power
house, nn arm being fractured by the I
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURIN OIL     ���
] ii O. 1-7 AMITV LODGE NO. lit -THIS
regular meeting of Amity Lodge, No.
21. I. i> O. I'. is held every Monday
niutit ui I o'clock in o.i,i rCellowa' Hull,
oiiiner Carnarvon and Blghth Streete.
Vlalting brethren cordially In-rUed.
II W. Bangiter, NO ; J L. Wat-son.
Vi! : W. C. Coatham, I'O, rtqorStig
���rcretary; J. W, McDonald, flnaacUl
wore tary.
\V B. I'Al.KS & CO., (117'fiis AONR8
utreet, oppoilt. Carnegie library, ,\to<��
up-to-date funeral parlors In the clu.
Kpeclallata In iblpplnj- Lady assistant
in attendance. A .iu open. 1'ay phone
176, night  phone  11
.-:     BOWELL  (SUCCESSOR    TO    I'V.N
ter & Hanna, Ltd I- Funeral direct.n��
ami embalmera.    Parlora 4ii. Columbln
etreet,  New   Weetmlneter.    Phone  SS l.
hler Board of Tra.lt- nut is In tin- board
i  City ll.ill, ns full,avs-. Third Friday of each month. Annual moetlng-p
.rn the third Friday of February. C. li.
Stuart   Wade,   st civi.H'y.
liateri, Solicitor!, etc 4��i Lorne street.
New Weetmlmter. Q, B. Corbould, K.
C,    J.   R   Grant.    A.   K.  MoCoU.
ter-at-law, Solicitor, etc. Bolicltor for
the liiinit of Vonoouvor. Offloea: M-i-
chantt' li.ink iiuiidiiiK, New Weitmln-
eter, B. C Telephone Np. 1070. Cable
address ''Jotaunon,'1 Code weetorri
17 11
Colliater Block, corner <
���nzle     etreeta.
. H. C
P. O. Box .86.
nide��� Barriatera and Sollcltora, Wmt-
miiiHttr Trust Hik. Columbia street,
New Weatmlnater, B. C. I'aiilt- addreea
"Whlteeldc," Western Union, !'��� O,
Drawer J00. Telephone (in. W .1
Whiteside, K. C. . H. I.. Edmondj, D.
nl-law. sol
and M.'Kt
stir, II. ('.
7 10.
.1.    CLUTB,     BARRI8TBH-
Icitor,  etc.,  corner Colufflbt--
izle streets,    New  Westmin-
P, O. Box 112,    Telephone
1-    IIAMI
Block, us
Bter, it C
ind    Notary
l-uriie street,
.-������s.  Hart
Wtsto: I,
Wi stmlnsl
tin, W. Q
:.    MARTIN    fc    t
and   Solicitor-'.     *.
���r  Truttt   Block.     Q
McQuarrie  and
ll.   ti.   <i\Z
K. Mar-
korgo  I..
i OAL MINING rights .,r tin Douili.ltn
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
tho Viikun Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a portion of  the  Provp.ce
of llrltisli Columbia, may lit- leased foi .<.
u rni of twenty-one years at an iiidin.'i
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than :.'������">
acres will be leased tu one applicant,
Application for a l.-use must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Bub-Agent ol the district In widen the
riKlits applied   for are  situated.
In surveyed territory tbe land must be
described by sections, Or legal sub-divisions of sections and In unsurveyed territory tin- tract applied rur shall be utukt-.l
..ni i.y tin- applicant himself,
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee i.r $r, which will be refundS ir
tlie rights applied fur are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty .shall be
paid on the merchantable output of tin-
inn,.-  at   tho   rate   ut   live   ccllt.H   per   lull
Tha |.. ik,.n operating tho mine shall
tarnish the Agent with swum n-inii.-t
accounting for the full quantity nf merchantable coal mined and pay the (royalty thereon. If the coal mining riaio*
am nol being operated such returns should
be furnished at  least once a year.
The least, will Include iln- coal mining
rights only, but the leases will l��- permitted iu purchase whatever available
Kuril,., right may In- considered nee��s-
sary for the working of the nun.- al lhe
rate of 510 an acre,
Kor full Information application should
be made t.. the Secretary of the Depart-
��� I of  the Interior,  Ottawa, ur to any
Am. at  or Sub-Agent of  Dominion  l��uiU.s.
l leputy Minister of the Interior.
N n Unauthorized publication of tlu��
advertisement will not be paid tor.
I    New Wellington
Office,  554   Front  Street,
Foot of  Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begble Street.
P.   O.   BOX   442
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Residence: Room 118 McLeod Block.
: Phone 489 L.
TUESDAY, JUNE 2. 1914.
team get uway  with the  llurlingham j on board Mrs. Anderson went among | gions   of   Macedonia   which   they   at   INVENTOR MEETS^ ADVENTURE
enp     John   Hull   Ih   picking  up  some , them with stimulants.    All the cabins  present  occupy.     A   war   between   n*si
pacsed with shivering nun Ivor* ]and  our  allien  appears,  therefore,  to
in the line of sport. Charley While,
a Liverpool uatlie, Is the last to score
.1 win when he pounded Willie Kitchie around tlie four corners ot a
squared  ring
were _^^^^^^^
in  scanty  attire.
"1  can  positively  swear
St. Stephen's vs. Olivet Haptlsts p
captain of the BmpMM was not out
helping in the rescues. He came on
board while our boats were out and
went to the chart room and laid down.
|b��    inevitable      This   war   would   be       London.  June  l.-M.   Bachelet   the
the   h!iil.d  with  enth,isia,m  bv Our army, | inventor of the SOt-mlle-an-hour    levi-
; .11,     DH-JJll^ll   r.     , n.     ���ii,<   i     ,���,|,,,..,���    ,
| Moody  park,    is the    fixture    In  the   when IiIb boat  came alongside. No
church   baseball  lea
lifeboat,  it  was not  half full.    There
were just a few in it, aud be and hi
   ,   ��
B.C.E.R.  Will   Try  and   Reverse   Mat- Vancouver  Sports  Do   Not  Like  Con-
ters With  Columbus���Slaton  to tention  of  Calgary  Chinooks���
Oppose  McLeod. Question of Kendall's Status.
THE  baseball    fans    of]    The  Vancouver  papers,  and  ospec-
the  city    should    getU_Uy  mo  News-Advertiser, uppeur to
their fill at Queens park i . , ,     , ., ,  ,   .
,,,,       ,. , i. ,   .. v. .    ,i      be much exorcised over the complaint
this   eve Ing   when   the  , _.     .      ,, ���  ,,    , ,  .,
.,   .,   ...   ���        ,  ., , made   by  Manager  McKenley  of  the
I!.  C.   L.  It. and  Co urn-1,,  , ���,,       , ,     ,    '        ,
I Culi-nrv     rhlnnnltu     nntl     :ilm,     :il':i  list
Aiiose discontent it would be impossi- tated railway," met with au adventure
ble to stifle if we made concessions , the other night near the residence in
to the Creeks and Servians. I Woking  where  he   was  staying.    He
���'Another important question, and had motored home, und waa taking a
on which the future of Bulgaria de- stroll when a stranger aprpoached him
pends, is to ascertain to which of the! and got into conversation.   They walk-
 ��� . "c.v, .��..* .. .-     allies should  belong t'ae hegemony in j ed   along   together  for   possibly     200
ADDITIONAL   SPORT   ON   PAGE   5. j men scrambled on board, and Captain! the  Halkans.    The occasion offers lt-| yards, when the stranger clutched the
Kendall said:  'Why did 1 not drown?'!garia by a victorious war.    Kurope in | inventor    by    the    throat,   shouting.
"Two  lifeboats   from   the   Kmpress j self to us now to assure this to Bui-j "What is your secret?   What is It?"
came alongside  and  mostly   In   them ' two or three years would  not permit I    M.   Bachlet.   who,  despite   his    ad-
were their own crews and three offi-i us to attack either Servia or Greece. | vanced  years,  ls a  man  of  powerful
cer*. "I consider, therefore,    that    while i physique,   managed   to   throw  off  his
"They rushed up on the ship and'Safeguarding our responsibility in the j assailant, who thereupon took to bis
left their boats empty and my cap- j eyes of the powers, we should provoke heels. "This ls not the first time,''
tain told them to go out in their boats 'a war with our allies, and  by a decMM. Bachlet said, "that 1 have been at-
  . land help in the rescue.   They replied,  sive victory  place them once  for alll tacked, and though I am a dry-as-dtist
-There Is such a crowd out there we (under the Impossibility of hampering  scientist.  I can always manage some-
Wife of the  Captain of the  Storstad ��� cannot  RO ���    So   t|,ey  -eft  ,*,em  and j the   accomplishment  of  our   national  how tc   hold my own."
Tells Her Experience When the      I some of our own  crew got In,    and iprogram     The moment was never sol    Among   those   who   examined   the
| came back with full boats." I favorable as at present." working model of the Bachelet railway
This  was signed by the general at I yesterday were Admiral Tudor, Com-
Empreis Sank.
Chinooks   and   also
writer  of  The
bus teams clash for the I t-li((-B -ort wrlter of Tne NewH; wh0
second time this season mmyum by the Calgary  Albertat.
lt   will   he   remembered ���������������
on the last occasion,, the Colnm- I
 gut  away  to a  flying start    and
defeated the nlokle chasers,
A different nine is to be sung this
p.m., according to lhe Electrics, who
���������ill have Slaton. the sensational Victoria twlrler, filling Ihe box. Slaton
pin bed wonderful ball at Sumas on
Sunday and with better support in
the Infield would have won hands
'loinniy Walsh will trot out Mcl.eod
iii" midget heaver from Vancouver,
liguinst Slaton, so that with any decent work in the field, tonight's battle Hhoiild be tin' iit-bit of the season.
I.eii Cliapnl will be back in the
game holding down shortstop position tor the Columbus, I.en's activity
on the diamond haa been seriously
curtailed this s. ason now thai the
mails between lure and l.adner have
been placed in passable condition for
autos, but yesterday he gave the
promlse to don a suit in tonight's
en me.
The contest will commence at fi.47,
o'clock In order that eight innings
maj be crowded in before darkness
settles down. I- red Lynch is back In
tlie city and will handle the indicator
Thai the Klcci tries are no; taking
chances of losing the game can ba
Imagined after a glance over the fol-
lowlng line-up whicli represents perhaps the strongest team ever turned
out b. a City league club for the ��ast
two summers: Slaton, Whyte. Wyard
Decker, Papke, silver, Heppenstall,
Ni ::r-dii   and   Shay.
Men  in  Mufti  Made Creditable Scores
in Saturday':, Shoot���1_. E. Walker   Registers 96.
lo cover tho series recently played
between the Chinooks and the V.A.
C.  for the  Mann cup.
Sunday's News-Advertiser comes
out with a defence of the Vancouver
amateur union officials and puts In
a claim of biased reports alleging a
number of  Inaccuracies  In  the story
emanating from this city.
Manager McKinley lias uppealed to
the Canadian A.A.U. against the Vancouver ruling anil according to many
athletic enthusiasts in New Westminster,   his   action   Is   commended.     If
such u decision whereby Kendall can
secure   his   travelling   expenses   and
his hole! bill for playing lacrosse with
High River and still retain his standing as au amateur, stands, a far worse
mess will  be created among amateur
teams of the  whole  Dominion.    Tin'
I recent ruling, if allowed to stand, will !
I allow clubs to draft players, pay them
I expenses und allow them to live along
! ihe same    lines   as   a professional.
! Nothing  can   prevent  an   east em   la-
I crosse team  from approaching  New
I Westminster senior amateurs,    offering  them  positions, expenses and hotel  hills and do all  this right   under
, Lhe nose of the amateur union.
The contention of Manager McKin-
; ley and a local sport writer, will no
' doubt have some effect for the New
| West minster amateur officials are by
j no means satisfied with tbe ruling
and will bring It up at tne m-xt session of that  body.
Walter  Has a  Rival.
Boston,  June   1.   Walter  Johnson,
the crack Washington pitcher, and A
j Rankin Johnson,- the  Boston  recruit
opposed each other for the third time
| this  season  and  the  youngster  bested
;his redoubtable namesake for the second  time.    The only  run   was  scored
In the firth on Cady's single, Johnson's
sacrifice, a wild throw by Walter John-
BOn   and    Hopper's   hit     Only   one   of
i the Washlngtona reached third.
Montreal. June 1.- The government   Bad|y  Bruited  Remain�� of Lawrence
investigation   of  the  sinking    of the Irving Found on Shore.
sinking of the Empress of Ireland will Ilimouski, June 1- The body of
be held In Montreal and will begin Uwrenoe Irving, the actor, was pick-
on June B. This announcement wast'"1 UK OI- thfi WP8t shore of the St.
made today at the office of the Cans Lawrence, be��*�� ltimouskl, last even-
dian Pacific company, owners of th a ! "���������>'��� an<J Information was given to the
lost vessel.   The Investigation will be ' ''   p   "   nffl",*1�� h*��� this morning.
Aiirianople, May tl, 1HK
C. I*. It. officials here this morning
His lace was badly bruised and hardly recognizable, but on bis finger was
a signet ring with the Initials I, I.
He had a piece of a woman's nightdress in his dead grip, and it was
evidently Mrs. living's, because when
last seen alive tlie distinguished actor
was making a desperate effort to
save  his  wife.
It was through his brave efforts to
save her life that he lost his own.
Corrected List Just Compiled to Work
in With New Summer Railroad
conducted by a board composed of
two judges of the Canadian admiralty, to be appointed by the Dominion
government, and one representative
of the iiritish Admiralty, appointed
by the Imperial government.
A preliminary  inquiry for the pur-
ot getting together lhe necessary -   ���������-���^gjj......------...-----------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
witnesses  and   procuring  their state-   ----ve  nis  Wile. Owing to the new schedule on the
ments, is being held  in  Montreal to-       ll was through his brave efforts to   ,.    ,,   ,{    affective Monday, the 31st
day  under-   Captain   Lindsay,   Domln-   "ave ber life that he lost his own.       | ^    ^  ^^   ^    ��� ���,,���
ion    wreck    commissioner.     Captain I  *  i .        ..     .,       ,,,   , , ���.
Lindsay  stated  that although  be had! PUSHING YALE  ROAD. ! rrom th" New Westminster postoffice
not got into touch with the witnesses   Will lea.e as follows:
at that hour, he knew the majority of  Surrey  Will   Complete   Improvement |    On train leaving at 0:7,5 a. m.���Pitt
them  were  iu   Montreal  and  that  he With All Possible Dispatch. River,  I'i'.   Meadows.  Hammond.  Ila-
would open the inquiry here today In'    Surrey  council  Is  pushing  the  lm- ney, bangle;   Kort, Albion. Whonnock,
private. provement of the old Yale road from! RUHkln, Si.erdale, Mission City, Mats-
"We are merely preparing the way   the  planking  beyond   New   Westmin- qui, Clayburn, Abbotsford, Huntington
for the Inquiry proper," he said, "and I ster  bridge  to the junction  of  the land cities in the United States,
eliminating   those     witnesses    whose | Scott road.    The refusal of th'.-  Ne** I     On  train  leaving at Mir.    a.    m.~-
evidence can have no bearing on the I Westminster city council to g.\c wat-lPraser Mills, Coquitlam and all points
case.   This will Clear the way for lat-  or   to   its   sister   municipality,   either least of Mission City,
er proceedings." free or on   payment,  without  the  In-      On train leaving at 8 p. m.���Fraser |
Pending the full investigation Into stallatlon of a meter ls regarded morel Mills. Coquitlam, I'itt River, Pitt Mea-
tbe disaster little can be learned to ! in sorrow than In anger. Councillor, dows, Hammond. Haney. Mission and
throw light on the cause of the trag- I Murphy, who is in charge of the work,  all points east.
odv. Captain Kendall's statement has Characterizes the meter proposal as On Sundays-Train leaving at ��**-������
been offset by thai of Captain Ander- absurd and a reflection upon tlie a. m. only will exchange mails with
son   and   the   members   of   his  crew  I honesty of Surrey.    Two days' water-1 I'itt River. Pitt Meadows.  Hammond,
I mander Moore, and thirty admiralty
experts, the president of the Argentine Railway. Sir Frederick Upcott,
president of the East India railway;
Mr. Martyn, director of railways for
the India office; Colonel Cobb, and
Sir Clements Royds, director Oreat
Central   railway.
In four days the model has beeii
seen by 3.U00 visitors. It is understood
that M. Hachelet will demonstrate at
llendou how his invention can be
used with aeroplanes provided that
sufficient electricity can be produced
and until evidence is given on both
rides before competent authority, il
will be impossible to say which of the
two was at fault.
Mrs.  Anderson, wife of the captain
of the Storstad, told her story today,
said   the  captain     was    called
ing would amply suffice for the wet-1 Haney and Mission; all other places j
ting of the crushed rock and sand, in U. C. named in the foregoing list, l
while the meter proposal would run | including Dewdney, Deroche and Ruby I
to about $60. i Creek and should be held over until j
Councillor  Murphy has had  a con-1 the following day,
trlvance   made   by    which   the    wat-1    Mails all close 30 minutes previous
er required can be pumped from the | to departure of trains.
She  said   the  captain     was    cauea i- .'^"alonraide   the   road   into   the I     Mails arrive as follows via C. P. R-
from   his   b.d   Friday   night   because ,��         aot��,,led with m���cn more   All points east, at 9:45 a. m. and 9:351
Her husband called her | sprtnklir_<ina_nau    ^^   ^ _ ,nin.!n   nl    tram  Fraser M:
'expedition  than   from  New  Wt-stmin
ster's supply.    Still  the treatment  of
Si inc i lever Bhootlng was performed ti.. the civilian association on the
I'rownsvllle ranges on Baturday, tbe
Hrst ten men notching a total of i'OO
points   a.-,  against   the   militia's   team
Being n member of both organizations the score ol Hill Sloan counts
with the civilians, Sloiin st curing nn
less than four Bpoons for his efforts.
L. !���" Walker, one of the youngsters
tui the ranges, continues to bo up on
Hi- list, turning In a card of 96 on
wcer lb
(Dy the Potter. I
The follow i.ij.
W, I Sloan. . .
I.   P    Walker..
,i Knight.
11. Vldal   .   .
S. Rose  . . .
Wilson   , ...
W. Martin
G, Walker
It. Oliver  .
C. Frank .
Sw order
U I'i rkins
200 5H0 1100 T'li
Johnny  Howard Is   managing    the
Qui bee   team   besides   holding   down
the   point   position.    The  eastern  papers report   Howard as being a  irifle
j slower than when be performed with
I the Shramrocks and in the first game
showed a  tendency  to disregard the
play  to  the rear of the nets.    It  will
! take Johnny about three good  weeks
I In   tropical   weather   to   get   down   to
i condition.
. 30
.. '.'i!
. ."!!
. .2$
32 10
31 !bj
31 96
31 93
���J'.' 90
28 tin
27 I'd
23 84
27 SI
22 SI
27 SI
.24    26
.i una
-B.C.B.R.  vs.  Columbus.
Moose vs. B.C.E.R.
Moose vs. Columbus.
B.C.B.R. vs. Columbus.
Moose vs.  B.C.E.R
Moose vs. Columbus.
B.C.B It   vi-. Columbus.
Moose vs. B.C.E R.
Moose vs. Columbus,
B.t'K.it. vs. Columbus,
Moose   vs.   1!    C,   E.   It
-Columbus vs. Moose,
Columbus vs. 1! C.E.R,
It.('.Kit.  VS.   Moose.
Columbus  vs.   Moose.
���Columbus vs. B.C.E.R.
B.C.E.R,   vs.   Moose.
Moose  vs.  Columbus.
Columbus vs. B.C.E.R.
Since Taking Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets"
Mrs. J. Mcrkhuger, Waterloo, Out.,
���enthusiastically recommends Na-Dru-Co J
Dyspepsia Tnhlets. Her experience with
them, as she outlines it, explains why.
"I   was  greatly   troubled   with  my
stomach", she writes.   "1 hail taken so
much medicine that I might say to take
any  more  would  only be making it
worse.    My stomach just felt raw.    I
read of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets,
���and  a lady friend told mc they were
very easy to take, so 1 thought I would
Rive them a trial ami really they worked
wonders.       Anyone   having   anything
wrong with his stomach  should  give
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets a trial,
they will do the rest.    My stomach is
line now and I can eat any food."
One of the many good features of
NuDnt-Co Dyspepsia Tablets is thai
they are so pleasant and easy to take.
The relief tliey give from heartburn,
flatulence, biliousness and dyspepsia is
prompt and permanent. Try one alter
each meal���they'll make you feel like
a new person.
50c. a box at your druggist's compounded by the National Drug and
Chemical Co, of Canada, Limited,
-Montreal. U.
Sixteen hundred l'ans saw Brampton
defeat the young Torontos 11 to 3 in
I an exhibition game on  Victoria Hay.
j Iii gins to look as If Brampton might
lift the Mann cup when thev arrive
on the coast at the end Of the month.
I Lady members of the Burquitlam
goll club will play in a match today,
styles New Westminster vs. Vancouver. From the form being displayed
in recent weeks the Royal City golfers   stand   a   good   chance  of   pulling
I out ahead.
Ttl is is how the the Big Four clnb3
I stand   in   the   191 1   race:
VV. L. F. A.
Tc :��� ntos        2 0 30 16
Nationals    2' 0 21 10
! Cecum sell a 0 2 in 21
Quebec     0 2 16 3D
Fid Cummins, two years ago with
Con Jones of Vancouver, is playing
with hid home team, Cornwall, in the
Stiil*iiig out twenty-seven hatters
in order is some feal for any twirier.
1 ins stunt being performed by nob
Long, a tui mer star t wirier In the
old 1 alifomlu stale league, who mowed 'tin down while playing with a
Cluctnnatl semi-pro. team on Sunday.
In the last tew innings, the outfielders acted as spectators lolling around
in the outer gardens.
it was Toggy        _^^^^^^
to co.ne on dick, and  while she was
dnssing the collision took place.
Ran to the Bridge.
"1 ran to the bridge where the cap-
I tain was" said Mrs. Anderson, "Everything ivas quiet and dark.   There was
I no excitement among the crew and I
I was cool.    I stayed on the bridge and
I asked   Captain   Anderson:     'Are   we
going to sink?'
"'I  think so,' he answered.
"I couldn't cry although  I  felt like
I it.    I said to myself, my place is here
land  I   will  die with  my  husband.
"Capt.   Anderson   told    me   he   was
j trying  to  keep  Storstad  in  the    hole
1 and it t'.ie liner had not been speeding
'they would have stopped together for
a time at least.    My husband ordered
two 01 the officers to go to the bow
and see if there was any water pouring
r-  --3-_________________________-
"Agaiu 1 asked him if we were go-1 The diver had no sooner reached
Ing down and he answered: '1 can't bottom when the air pipe whicli sup-
tell yet.' He said he thought the Lm-j plied him with oxygen gave way at
press was all right. I the   point   where   it   left  the surface
Heard Screams and Cries. I ol   the  water.
"I think it was five minute; later] His condition when he finally rose
I heard screams and cries and I shout-j to the surface showed the frightful
ed to my husband: *Oh. they are call-1 experience he had undergone. The
ing.' At first it seemed as if the cries I awful pressure of the water at the
were coming from the shore.   The cap- i oceon's   bottom   had     paralyzed     the
p.  m.. from  Kraser Mills and CoflUit-
..c, ��� ������,.,..,.      lam al 9:45 a, m. and 7:15 p. m.
Its request rankles in Surrey's munici-l All points in B. C, Including local
pal bosom, more especially as the places on the main line, at 9:45 a. m.
road is one of the main arteries to i Matsqui, Clayburn and I'nited States
New Westminster and is consequently j at 7:15 p. m. 1
beneficial to its trade and citizens. Three  new  post offices  have  been I
_ _ j opened  in  B. C. this  month:
DIVER   FIGHTS   FOR   LITE I     Silver   Valley,    served     from     Pitt
125 FEET BENtATH  SEA   River. |
          ,                         Stave Falls, served from Ituskin.      ,
Los  Angeles.  June   1.   -Battling  for ;     Crlss  Creek,  served   from   Suvonas. |
lift   126 feet below   the surface of the       Soda   Creek,   Yale-Cariboo   district,!
sea and suffering all the torments of  has  been  closed
a  dozen  terrible  deaths  in  less  than I
half that many minutes, P. W'. Orantz.
a professional diver, was rescued just
in the nick of time at Redondo beach
after his air connection had burst.
flraut** went down to 125 feet of
water to recover an anchor lost by
the tug Navigator oft  Pier No. 1.
muscles of his eyes, his neck was terribly swollen and his face was black
from suffocation.
tain  gave orders to go  in  that direction and proceeded very slowly. Every
where around me I could heard cries. ^	
My husband gave orders to send out	
all  the  lifeboats  and   that  could   not SAVOFPS  WIRE  REVEALS
have been ten minutes after the ves- BULGARIA'S DUPLICITY
Eels 'lad collided. 	
"1 gave all 1 had to the passengers j     Sofia.   Bulagria,  June  1-Profound
and have only what 1 am Standing in.
My husband gave away two suits andj
other clothing. The first woman to)
come aboard was a Salvation array
member, clad only in her night dress.
When she was brought into the cabin
she ran to me and putting her arms
around my neck said: 'Cod bless you.
Angel; if you hadn't been here we
would have gone to the bottom.' "
After  the rescued  passengers were
sation  has
been   caused   in   diplo- j  Hack,     Sciatica
! Since Taking GIN PILLS
Lyons Brook, N.S., Feb. 36th.
"You are perfectly free to use my
. name in any way to benefit GIN PILLS,
I for they deserve the highest praise.
I My back has never troubled me since
I taking GIN PILLS, and my wife feels
; much better after taking GIN PILLS
I for her back. She thinks GIN PILLS
I  will make a complete cure."
CIN PILLS will always relieve Lame
In view of the industrial    development   in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing  plants  have  been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices   demanded   for
land, your careful attention is invited to the
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
matic circles here by the publication
of the text of a telegram sent by General Savoff to the premier forty days
before the second Balkan war broke
ln this telegram the general says:
"It appears to be certain that even i.'
we succeed iu concluding peace with
Turkey our allies will refuse to recognize our indisputable rights In the re-
Back   and   Legs,
Rheumatism, Burning and Scalding
Vrine, Painful Urination, Weak or
Strained Kidneys, and always prevent
taking cold in the kidueys and bladder.
Kvery lx>x is sold with a positive
guarantee to give prompt relief or
money refunded. 50c. a box, 6 for
J:.50. Sample free if you write
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, Toronto. 1/7
Granville Street,
Vancouver. B.C.
It Hill Sloan keeps up the good
I work on the rifle ranges New West-
| minster will soon be represented on
I the Canadian Hlsley team. A score
lot liiL' mad,' two days after coming
from  camp, is not  so dusty.
Baseball players are 11 flnlcy bunch
anyway. Give a man credit for pounding out   a   triple  of  two-bagger  and
the next day he will offer to steer you
to the nearest booze emporium where
the game will be it played. Give him
credit for an error and he'll coo like
a Praser river sternwheoler calling tc
a   sand  dredge  for  gangway.
Charles Webb Murphy's statement
at the time he was misled from tbe
Chicago Cubs, that he made a million
dollars In baseball, Is getting him in
! trouble. The Income tax collector
j called on Charlie last week with a request to come through. The troubles
folks with money seem to encounter
does much to reconcile us to lowly
ratlin: in lhe financial Who's Who
and How They Gal  It
It   will   be   some  surprise  to  sports
on the other side of the International
boundary should  the    English    polo
We have decided to continue our clean-sweep sale
another week. Everything in our big store greatly reduced. We give a high-class Broom with every purchase
of $5.00 or over.
Buy Your Camp Furniture now I We Pack, Ship and Pay Freight
at Sale Prices and Save Money. | on All Goods.
Sale Prices Strictly Cash.
Corner 61h and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588. 1
TUE8DAY, JUNE 2. 1914.
Let the "Model"
be Your Grocer
this month. You will find that
qualities will be right, prices reasonable    and    weights    correct
Some of our prices follow:
Buchanan's Pure* .lams. 4 lb
tins      65c
Ammonia. I quart bottles . 25c
I_oral Gooseberries, per box 10c
Fresh Strawberries. I boxes 25e
Lime Juice, quart bottle 25c
Lime Juice, individual site 10c
Grape Juice, per bottle 25c
Corn  Flakes.  I  pkgs ^5c
Cream Ol Wheat, pkg 20c
Pure   Pood   \Vcetable*.   1   ::���:.
Peat, l Ui Cam ul I large
tin  Toinitnw ,40c
Upton's PtcklM mourn 25c
Peek Prate s sa.M-ic.*"-.*' and
Pni s '.*.���>. B >.*...*> ; rnkgrn 25c
Pest   Stvkeye  Si."m.-.r    :    r
tin  - I S5c
Choice   i'ri',vmni    Rnl1<>>r,   S
Iba $1.00
Locad F>e*.h Bfeca, Ism      50c
Model Grocery
��... S'tti-t St. Phone  10012.
East    Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
There is a period in the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���but it may be
made under wrong influence. -
Had the will been made during good health, tba most deserving persons���according to Hie
deceased's wish���would have
shared in the distribution of the
Do ynu not realir.e that it is
your Bacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
"The advice of the Dominion
Trust company in ��� this matter
may be of value to you. All such
discussions are treated in strict
Local News
the company finding it a convenience
to visitors to nnd from the points
on   the  Chilitwac:.  line.
Will Meet Tonight
| Fawn   Born   in   CaotWlty. The  regular meeting of the execu-
A fawn   was  bom  al   ijueens  park   live  of the    Progressive    association
I yesterday     morning.      ������.Mother    and   Will   be   held   this  evening   at   e-p.lit
I child are getting along fine." o'clock in the board of trade rooms.
Mortgages���Alfred \V.
Enlarging Pumping Station.
The dyking commissioners at Hat-
tic I'rairie are enlarging their pumping station. A l!6 inch pipe has been
substituted for one of about half that
A meeting of the Excursion commit-
| tee will be held at the board of trade
| rooms  this  evening  at  eight   o'clock
for   the   purpose   of  considering   the
question   ot   the  annual   citizen s  excursion,   i). B, MacKenzie, secretary.
1   Will   Erect  School   House.
^^^^^^  !    The  school lot on  the  Pitt     river.
llrlquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than I near Gilley's quarrie. is being rapid-
coal. Harry Davis & Co., Phoneaj ly cleared preparatory to the erection
IM and  4111.. (3468) I of    a    new school  by  the Coquitlam
  I school   trustees.     It   is   Intended     to
Sunday   School   Picnic. j have  the school read;  for occupation
The  Sunday  school children  of St. t at tlle opening of the fall term.
iVterV   church,   with   their   teachers ^	
nnd triends. will Journey to Kitsilano
today fi r a picnic. They will leave
the B. C. B. It. depot at nine u.m. by
two special cars.
OT3*.8MliH Co *
^1  _C_f/W_r TT_E_PnV*��. -^
ivii't miss the home mude candy
tl Si Stephen's church lawn social,
Tuesday, June ". i'3433)
House dresses $2.50, material and
making. Babies clothes made. 61
Sixth street. (3.38)
Piles for  Frisco.
The s:am schooner Tallac shipped | ������,   wj|*   make a  trip to Calgary
a cargo Ol pilrs from the B. C. 10. lt.
wharf on Saturday and steamed for
San Francisco the same afternoon.
The Tallac expects to return In about
tin days. The cargo was shipped by
different exporters,
Will Visit Calgary.
Ewen Martin, residing on the North
road, leaves today for Golden and the
Columbia valley. Mr. Martin will
tour the valley with farming land in
his mental and physical vision. Later
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and
size up the oil situation. Alter a brief
visit to Edmonton he will return home i
The Fraser Perry Navigation's boat I
Firry No.  1, in open lo charter to ex- !
curslon   and   picnic   parties,     For  in-
formation   apply    to Edward   Patch,
phone loc 13458)
Lumber   Market   Looking   Up.
An indication that the lumber mar-1
ket  is  brightening  is  shown  by  the J
departure   of   three   hundred   loggers j
from Vancouver on Saturday for Com- |
OX,   where   the   camps  of  the   Fraser j
River Mills are reopening.    This will
mean  considerable   towing  work   lor j
tiie  Circle   F   fleet   when   the   spring
freshet ha3 subsided.
Winev.eiser beer contains about the
same amount of nutriment as milk.
Order a case from your dealer or
phone 70 I.. 1734571
Wood.   WoodS Wood.
Good factory wood idry) at Superior
Sasn :i Door Factory.    Phone 503.
Mourn Their Grandson.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Scott. Agnes
Btreet, are mourning the death of
tht ir grandson. James Scott, of Pazz. i
Bolivia, word being received yesterday. Tlie sad news came as li great
shock to the bereaved relatives, deceased being ill only three hours before  death occurred.
Firemen's Work Appreciated.
Fire Chief Watson yesterday received a cheque for $25 from Captain
Joseph Mayers of the Western Fuel !
company, in appreciation of the work
performed by the firemen a: the 11.
& K. fire on Saturday last when by
efficient work, the coal warehouse
was saved from destruction.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Confirmations Affirmed. i A  Narrow EscaPe-
The following confirmations of rank j A" unrecognized automobile being
in connection with the 104th ltegi- driven at a furious rate down the I
inent is noted in the current issue of ><*crth read on Friday night, burst!
the Canada Gazette To be captain, | u,'e on one of the wheels, and swerv- |
Captain 1). E. Carleton, Chilliwack; | <-*-d on to the sidewalk, tearing up one !
Capt. T. E. Caskey, Chilliwack. To j of the planks. Fortunately the planks j
bo lieutenants. Lieut. J. XV. Carmic- j were the only sufferers and Burnaby
bael,  Lieut.    Hornby,    Lieut.    M. J.  has got to repair the sidewalk.
Kn'ght,  I ieut. J,   H.  Diamond,  Lieut. I  "
J  A   Motherwell   '���'''"��� w  (!   Swan,      Insure in the    Royal, the   world's |
Lieut, L. J. Thomas'; ' lvvg��t,fireJ c.��,mi>?ny-   Agent' Alfred '
. , ] >v- McLeod, the Insurance Man.
Ice cream and  strawberries. aft**r-! i,14161 I
neon and evening,    High tea 5.30 to ' 	
7.    St.  Stephen's church  lawn  social j A Change in Tugs.
Tuesday, June 2.    4M Fourth avenue, i     Yesterday    Captain   Mayers'      tug
13436) ! Fearless supplanted  Gilley   Bros,  tug
  I Flyer as assistant to the Hero in the
Lumber   Snipments   Large j harbor  improvement    work.      Gilley
Lumber shipments from the various i Bros,  and  Captain  Mayers  each  ten-
mills  in  the  Fraser valley are keep-   dered  the same  figure  for  the  work
ing up remarkably well, according to ! which was divided between them each
Allan   Purvis,  Interurban  manager of I tug working for a  fortnight.
the  B,  C.   E.   R..   tlie  traffic   returns I	
being the barometer used.   The same i Verdict of Suicide.
report applies to milk shipments,! That William Moir met his death
which il was thought might he af- | by deliberate suicide by taking cyn-
feci id by the opening of the new milk j *,'-,, (Jf potash, was the verdict brought
condensing plant of the Laurentla I *n at the inquest held over the man
company at Clayburn* The passenger wno did away with himself in the Col-
car attached to the two milk trains onial hotel on Sunday. Coroner Mc-
each day will be kept iii operation, j Quarrie was in charge, nine witness-
��-���-�����. e-- being called. The hearing was
' held
Extraordinary Bargains
There just remain five more days of this great Overstocked Sale. Values
were never so good, nor offerings more in season. Our complete summer stocks
are on sale at discounts ranging from 10 to 50 per cent. Make this the occasion
in which to supply your present and future needs.
White Dresses for Women   Veiling Was Never
Half Priced So Cheap-16c
Now is the time to choose your Slimmer Dress.    This Values  Regular to 40c.
siiowing meant good choice and excellent values for Almost all  shades  aie   represented   in   this  lot  that.
those w'.ni make an early selection.    There nre more has  heen   thrown  out   for  i|iiick  sale,   in   plain   net,
than   two  dozen   different   models   in   white   lawns, chenille, spot and othei   favorite 1 Cm
prettily finished with lace snd embroidery, makes.    Only, per yard     IOC
$6.00   values. QIW   AA "
sue price 99.913    Prf,ffv   Wninta
$10.0.1 valms *g- An   rreiiy  VVUlSlS
sale01 ri $7.50 'Exceptional  Values
SEE   WINDOW   SHOWINGS.        ....
We nre making a complete clearance of all odd linen
f^ .    f f    m/>   w%    . In silk, lawn, linen and crepe waists;  fancy and talb
\ireat  Hall    trriCe l,rH(1 ���tjrlMi many of these are marked at Half I'riee
  and the balance at a discount of 20 per cent.    Come
Tuesday and Bee what  values await  you.
Sale of Suits iff1": ,regulM * *J;"" 48c
  Waists    regular to t'2.23. QQ**
There are over 50 models to make a selection from Now          OOC
nt just half regular prices; including navy and black Waists, regular to $4.76. CO  OC
serges,   tweeds   and   fancy   cloths.     Sizes   16   to   IS Sow    )bifav
misses';  :f4 to 40  women's.    Come, see what values Waists, regular to $'i.��0. *A  mmlm
these are at  HALF  REGULAR  PRICE. Now   9mm. I O
30 per Cent Discount
Embroideries, Laces and v
Dress Trimmings.
25 per Cent Discount
Table Linens
Fancy Linens
New Suits
Cloth and Silk Dresses
Women's Coats
Children's Coats
Rain Coats
20 per Cent Discount
Dress Goods
Wash Goods
Curtain Fabrics
Children's White Dresses.
New Dress Skirts
Bargains of interest to all.
Come Tuesday.
i i
Only five more days of
"this Great Sale.
a*****" i
in  Murcbie's  undertaking
par- |
Co-Operative Association
PHONE  458.
' ions   ^angs  at   work.     Dewdney   is   a
i lapsed  municipality,  reverting to the
n    ,.���,,,, ,        . government alter  an    unsatisfactory
George Mouldey, engineer in charge j experiment with  home rule.
Dewdney Road Work.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
Strawberries, - boxes  25c
Oranges,  2  dozen  for    35c
Cucumbers, 2 for   25c
Bananas, per dozen   30c
I). C.  Milk, 20 OZ.  size, each  10c
M, and G. Custard Powders
per tin   25c
finest Ontario Cheese, lb...25c
Salmon, 1 lb. tins  10c
Cc-Opurativc Association
I of the rock crushing equipment at
Dewdney. was in the city yesterday
and consulted with Mr. Benson, the
government road superintendent of
tii" riding. The main and side roads
of Dewdney are' being rocked and
gravelled into fine shape by the var-
Annual Citizens Picnic.
The  destination   and   date   for  the
annual citizens picnic will be decided
upon   this   evening   In   the   board   of
trade rooms Bt a meeting of the cltl- ,
/.ens excursion committee,    Secretary.
D.   E.  MacKenzie  issued the call  lor |
[the gathering yesterday.
SCOTT    At   I.a   Fuzz,     Bolvia.    on    O        ���    1 1    T\ 1
Ma. 2, 1914, James Scott, aged six social ana   Personal
months and nineteen days, little son !-~~----���~��~ - ������.���--,���-���
of Mr. and Mrs, John Harold Scott, Mr8 shadwell, 306 Carnarvon St.,
grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Scott wiI- not recelve today ,lor again this
of 501 Agnes street. (3462) | Laoom,
Hay, Grain, Flour
and Feed
The fire Is now over and we are all ready to fill your orders. Oar
auto delivery is running again, which enables us to give you the bi ll
of service. BH
For Your Week-End
and green stut:' tor salads we have
some choice fresh goods to offer you.
Victoria Cucumbers, No.   1   stock,
large and fresh, each   15c
Hothouse  Tomatoes,  lb 30c
Fresh     Lettuce,     Radishes,     (Ireen
Onions,   Young   Turnips,   etc.
Choice firm Bananas, dozen  	
Fresh Strawberries, 2 boxes  ...
fresh Gooseberries, 2 baskets  . .
Toasted Marshmnltows, lb	
Marbs' Chocolates, frei'h  from  Ul
factor.,  per  lb	
Lime  Juice,  per  bottle  25c,  35c,
50c.  and GOi.*.
Lemonade   Powders, per tin   25:
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
lurr BlOek "atumbla   S��*����it.
7-11  Sixth Street.
have started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New Westminster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed Charges reasonable. Give us a trial.
Phone  1254.
"Clover  Leaf" Brand
Manufactured by the Crystal Dairy
Company Is absolutely pure and only
Sweet Cream Is used. It Bmacks of
the clover leaf, and ii just aa sweet.
Try it and be convinced.
Manufacturers of Cure Crystal Ice.
Phone 1150 and Encourage Local
The Crystal Dairy Co.
555 Sixth St.
John Tupper and party motored
from Mission to New Weotmlnster
and after a Bhor! stay drove to Van-
! cnuver.
.    .    ��
Mrs.  F   .1   Hart,  Avalon,   Burnaby
Lake, will receive on Thursday afternoon  for tile List time since moving
in: i  her  new   home.     Mrs,   Hart   will
I not receive again until tho autumn.
Our office ls just opposite the old  stand.
The Brackman-Ker
Milling Company, Ltd.
Phone   vour  orders  to  96   o r   97.
Miss Elizabeth Ferguson celebrated in r f urtli birthday on Saturday
with n party at which a large number of '.;'.!��� sis were present. Miss McDonald attended the door, and Miss
Emily Ferguson presided at the table.
Mr. nnd Mrs. I-\ J. Lynch and fam-
  mmmf ! ily  have  returned  from  an auto  trip
to Tacoma and Seattle.    During the
When Hungry Look for a White Place   wll0-(, tinJ0 they were away beautiful
weather prevailed, while the roads
were found in exoelb nt shape. From
Tacoma to Seattle, a stretch of twenty-seven miles of paved highway Is
to Eat.
White Cooks
���Nuf  Said.
' will be made on the Owl arriving iii
New Westminster at ii;.iii a.m. Thursday.
Word was received from  Vancouver
I last night that a special ear had been
| chartered and  will be attached to the
1(1. N. It. train.   The I). O. K. K. band,
I one   of  the  crack   fraternal   bands  of
the province will accompany the Vancouver  and   New   Westminster  delegates.
ng Campin
Read - flie - News
If po you will probably need a tent. Then come to us and we can
s.ipply you with anything in that line.
Whether you are going camping or not you should have cue cf
our famous Palmer Hammocks; they are different. .Many colors to
choose from.    Prices ranging from $2.50 to $12.50.
New  vVestmlnster.       Phone 69.
M r.
he following guest.- registered at
Russell hotel; Mr. and Mrs. Ceo.
esey, Bellingham; Mr, and Mrs.
i.lvtsey, Bellingham; Mr. F. Rick-
I, Washington; Mr, N. Q, Fraser,
v Vork: Mr. and Mrs. Kerning-
i, Winnipeg; Mr. .1. M. Douglas,
onto; Mr. .1. R. Haync, Toronto;
Ceo. Grant, Vancouver; Mr, F.
Ferguson,   Winnipeg.
Special Traiti and Grass Band Will
Add Dignity to Delegation,
Bellingham will be invaded by New
Westminster .-nd Vancouver members
of the Knights of Pythias order on
Wednesday evening, when the degree
team of the Washington city will attempt to live up to its record of being
the best in this section of the north-
west, About 50 will leave this city
on the 4:28 o'clock (ireat Northern
train, joining a party of 75 who will
entrain at Vancouver.   Tbe return trip
| Elected Head of Burnaby School Board
Last   Evening.
Trustee William Coulter was elected  chairman   of   the   Hurnaby   school
! beard at the reorganization meeting
of the hoard held at West Hurnaby
last night following the special election of Saturday. Trustee l.iiinley
was appointed chairman of the buildings and sites committee, taking the
place of Trustee Churchland resigned. Architect Bowman was present at
tiie meeting In connection with the
Vancouver Heights school, the hoard
making a com promise in connection
with the architect's fees ot $2200, by
having Mr Bowman prepare plans for
tlle new building which will conform
with the reduced estimates at the
disposal of the board.
vices   in   St.   I'eier's   Roman   Catholic
church on Sunday evening.   Crowned
with   ehaplets   ot    flowers   and   each
, bearing   a   beautiful   bouquet   i"   their
hands "i'.ri young girls dressed in white
marched  In  procession  from  the  ent
ranee   dooi    up   the   main   aisle   and
I through the  wings strewing the floor
with flowers as they passed. The cere-
I mony takes place annually on Ihe lasl
I Sunday in May.    Several young maid-
I ens were also received Into the order
i of the Society of Mary. Special musk-
by tbe girls from the convent was ren
i dered for the occasion.
Auction Sale
TUESDAY,   JUNE   2,   1914.
at 11 a.m.
Stock and fixtures of Tuck Wo Luna
Kind company, general merchants, Mc-
i Innes street, City.
Also Fittings of Noodle House,
Stoves, Tables, ('hairs, etc. Also one
large   Electric Sign. (3461)
T. J. TRAPP, Auctioneer.
Annual Crowninpj of Virgin  Mary Procession at R. C. Church.
The  crowning  of  the   Virgin   Mary
procession  was the feature of the ser-
Take notice that I, the undersigned,
will not be responsible for any debts,
made by Mrs. F. Clapp, or any of the
CI44'I) N. CLAPP, ��� *m-'3mma
TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1914.
����0E  PIV��
Will   Try   and   Lift   Gran-.   Challenge
Trophy    at    the    Henley
Winnipeg,   June   i.  Carrying the
food wishes of their ninny Winnipeg
friend*, after being given a rousing
send-off at the CIVIL depot the ten
Winnipeg oarsmen left tonight for
{England In quest of the Oraad Challenge event of the rowing world. The
Oarsmen had a special ear and they
looked  good  and  fit as  they  climbed
into it which started then on their
long  journey   In   search   of  glory.
The ciew consists of Con Riley,
Stroke, Jerry Aldous, Selby Henderson, 0, Spragge. Flunk Carruthers,
Marsh linker, Walter Wlckson - and
"Snapper" Culver, bow. Harold Riley
is it spare,   "Paddy" Russell, one ot
the famous Winnipeg four whicli landed the Stewarts cup iu England a few
years i^go, accompanies the men as
Princecs  Mary  Con-pcllcd  to  Give  up
Sweep Ticket���Maid
London,   June   l.   Princess   Mary
feels aggrieved because she was del
prived   of  the  fruits  of  her  sporting
luck.    She drew  Durbar 11  In the annua)   Derby   pool   held   iu   the   royal i
household,   The drawing was made In j
Buckingnan) Palace two days before
the race, nnd the queen, learning that
tho princess had drawn a horse, would
not allow her to keep the ticket. The
princess therefore gave  tlle ticket to
her dressing maid, who thus pocketed
liist prize of $1250.
This Is tlie first time that the household swecostake has been won by a
member of tin- royal family, except
v. ken Queen Alexandra, as i'rincess of
Wales, drew Sl.ot Over in the Derby
iu  1883.
Bradley Block, 5th Ave. and 12th St.
3-roomed suites  ��� $16.00
4-roomed Suites $18.00
2 modern houses, full sized basement, 1214 and 1216
Hamilton St.   Rent $15.00
Furnished Modern Cottage, Blackwood Street.
Furnished Modern House, 6th Ave. and 1st St.
New fully modern house for rent, 7th Ave and 2nd St
5-roomed Cottage on 7th St., modern, $11 per month.
Marjoribank Building Suites to vent at $25.00
6-room Cottage with basement and garage, modern.
Cor. 8th St. and 8th Ave. per month $25.00
���-'���:.���  ,:.C.-mt.*i- ������**���!>��� LIMITED
lis of Canada's little known and   unused waterpowers.   They show ti'
.'lop'd In  various parts of the   Dominion,  but  which   will  be of vast
���   wonderful   resources  that  are
importance in the years to come.
Ing and Victoria won an easy victory
7-0. Pope pitched excellent hall tor
Hie visitors, being master cf the sltua-
���.ieti   at  all   times.
Boors��� a.   h.   ii
Seattle       0      5      1
Victoria     7      X      1
Batteries:  Reardon. Dell, Mails and
Cadinan;   I'ope ami Hoffman.
At Kansas City��� R
Chicago        IU    lo      1
Kansas City     2      3      3
Iiatteries:     McGuire    and    Wilson,
Block;  Harris, Adams and Easterly.
At St.  l-ouls���- R.    li.    K
Indianapolis   6   14
St.   Louis      4    12
iiatteries:  Kalkenberg and Kariden
Wlllett, (iroom and Simon.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost   Pct
\ ancouver  32     la     .680
Seattle        81       17       .645
Spokane     26 22 .531
Tacoma  -'- ~" -449
Cortland      17 30 ..161)
Victoria  16 32 .318
Beec Stuny Seattle.
Seatt'.e. June 1, Seattle lost the
first game of the series iu the first inning today when Reardon passed three
men nnd allowed two hits. Dell relieved him but could not stop the scor-
Vancouver Won.
Vancouver,   June   1.���The   Heavers
Increased  their  lead over Seattle to-
I day  hy  defeating  Portland  4-1'.  ���
Score��� B.    H.    E. I     At Pittsburg-
Portland   2    8    2 Buffalo 	
| Vancouver      4      6      i : Pittsburg   	
Batteries:   Frandachi Salveson audi    Batteries:  Ford and
; Murray; Clark and Cheek. and Berry.
  At Brooklyn���-
Jones Was Hammered. | Baltimore   	
Spokane,  June  1.-Timely  and  fre-1 Br2?S*2-J
i qui ut   hits   off   Jones     for     Tacuma ' _, ���?��� "_! ,
jwon today's game for the Indians r.-l.!beatcn -"��-**-**-*">
| The   visitors   could   not   solve   linker
j when hits meant runs.
Score   ��� H.    H.    E
i Tacoma      1
I Spokane      5    13     2
Batteries:  Jones, Kraft and Harris
j linker and Shea.
H.   B.
7     1
ti     8
'he Fraser valley, and the excellent
wharfage accommodation Of New
Westminster. S.milar introductions
will be given to anyone wishing io
make good use of their time whilst
on holiday.
The Co-operative Wholesale Society tins already five grain elevators
outside Winnipeg.
R.    H.    E.
Conley   and   Jacklitsch;
Ottawa, June 1.���The exchequer
court this morning gave out its judgment in the Deadman's iBland'case argued on Tuesday last. Ab expected
Mr. Justice Cassels has decided in favor of the contentions of the city of
Vancouver and the department of justice. His Judgment finds that the deed
executed in 1904 by Sir Frederick Borden,' purporting to give perpetual right
to the Island to Theodore Ludgate and
his associates to have been without
authority and therefore null and void.
The Vancouver Lumber company will
I have to pay the cost3 of the crown in
I the action.
Evidence   Relative to Landing of the
Hindus Not for the Public.
The court of inquiry into the status
of lhe Hindu passengers on board the
Japanese steamer Komogata Maru
convened at the immigration headquarters in Vancouver yesterday
mcruing. Only one Hindu was examined. The proceedings are being
kepi strictly private and nothing will
be glvfln out for publication until the
report is forwarded to Ottawa.
Electric light rates roll, 1914, $7.-
921.79;   191.1,  $S,047:70.
Water rates roll, ,T->14, M.019-X0:
191.1, $4,324.25.
Tax arrears, 1914, $1,560.78; 191.1.
Ixical improvement arrears, 191*.
$366.09;  1913, $33.39.
Total. 1914, $15,434.81; 1913, $17,.-
��� *    THEATRE
A Fine Two-Part Drama.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Dost I'ct
New Vork   22      11 ,666
Cincinnati     26      15 ,684
Pittsburg      21      15 .583
Brooklyn     l"     is .484
Chicago        19      22      .4(13
Philadelphia   15     19    .441
St.  l.ouis    Ill      24      .440
j Boston        1)      24      .272
Yesterday's  Games.
At Brooklyn   - K.    H.    B.
lioston      2      7      0
Brooklyn    i>   16    l
Batteries: Tyler, Crutcber and
Whaling, Gowdy; Aitchison and McCarthy.
Second Came-- U.    H.    B,
Boston     2     4     o
Brooklyn   4     8    l
Batteries: Hess, Cochrane and
Gowdy;   Allen and .Miller.
At   Chicago���
Batteries:        O'Toole.
Kantlehner and Qlbson;
R.    H.    E.
. .  7      8      1
Cheney  and
Coming  Wednesday,
I    At St. Louis���
: Cincinnati   	
St.   Louis   	
Batteries:   "Tingling,
i and   Clark;   Robinson.
; and Wingo.
    5    lu      2
    4     13      6
Douglass.  I.ear
Orlner,  Steele
At Philadelphia R.
New   York    11
Philadelphia   7
Batteries:   Mathewson  and
11. K.
13 1
16     6
Special   Feature,
A Pathe Drama in two parts.
Ediscn PhotoDlav
The sixth mystery in ������The
Chronicles of Cleek." *"���������'�������
turlna Ben Wiloon nnd Gertrude
Vitagraph.       ������__
Farce Comedy.
McLean,  Meyer, Jacobs and  Burns
Standing of the Clubs.
Won Lost
Philadelphia  22 14
Washington     23 16
Detroit      24 17
St.   lxiuis       19 19
Boston    18 19
Chicago      19 22
New   Vork       17 20
Cleveland      13 28
(Continued from page one)
board of works the chairman of which
declared they had not sufficient money
to accede to the request.
The city engineer wrote requesting
that the small amount allowed for
compensation to property owners for
easements for Sapperton Sewer No. 2
be paid to E. H. Savage, right of way
agent, for the purpose of settling with
those owners. The request was
The Pacific Shingle company, Coquitlam, desired permission to tap the
city's water main on the Pipe Line
road by installing a 2-inch pipe aud
the matter was referred to the water
The Shipmasters' association was
granted the use of the board of trade
room for their meetings on the evenings of tlie first and third Saturdays
of  each   month.
A request of the B. C. Monumental
Works to lease a portion of the city i
property  hounded  by  Queens avenue, J
12th street and Central  Park and thej
Kburne car lines, preferrably on  12th
Btreet for about 130 feet and running I
through   to.   the  tracks   180   feet,   was
remitted to the finance committee fori
The building Inspector reported t'.:at
he  had   made arrangements  with  the j
conCicturs, rebuilding    on    Columbia I
street,  whereby pedestrians would be
enabled   to  travel   on   the  side   pave-1
ments  during construction   work.
Will  Refund  Taxes.
The finance committee recommend- '������
I'd that $420 promised last year, as a
remission of taxes to St. Anne's convent he paid and the amount promised j
St. Louis college he also paid, but that
the Sister Superior of the convent and
tbe head of the college he notified that '
no provision of a similar nature had
been   provided   on   the   estimates   for
the  current  year.
A grant of $500 was made towards
the Pacific Advertisers' entertainment
on June 13.
H. A. Kenyon. of the board of management of the New Westminster Cooperative association, left yesterday
on a four months' holiday to Kngland.
While there he will visit the Co-operative Wholesale Society's various departments and factories, through arrangements made by Mr. Wayles, local manager, with a view of bringing
before their notice the development of
The following is a comparative
statement of the revenue derived by
the city from various sources during
1913 and 1914:
Building permits. 1914. $137.60;
1913,  $54.30.
Plumbers inspection. 1914.$C3; 1913,
Health, garbage collections, 1914,
$232.25;   1913,   $544.75.
rellce  fines,  1914.  $473;   1913,  $945.
Licenses,  1914.  $230.50;   1913.  $384.
Rentals, water lots, 1914, $430; 1913
Vanloo Cigar
Clear Havana, Cuban made.    Sola*
agency for New Westminster.
603 Columbia St.
Swimming, Hikes. Mountain Climbing,
Paper Chases.
May 15 to Oct. 1, $2.00.
Royal Avenue. Phone 100G.
Yesterday's Garnet.
At Detroit��� It.    H.   E.
Chicago       1    10      1
Detroit       2    11     0
Batteries:      Faber     and     Schalk;
Dauss and Stanage; 13 Innings.
I     At Cleveland It.    H
St.  Louis   10    12      2
I Cleveland     5   10     .5
j     Batteries:   W. James. Hamilton and
Crossin, * Agnew; Cregg, "Lefty"
i James, llageriuan, .Mitchell and Car-
i isch.
At  New   York- It.
Philadelphia    9
New  Vo.-k     X
Batteries:   Bender, Dressier
and   Seining:   Schultz.   Cole,
and (losseti. liogers.
Second Came��� ll.
Philadelphia     2      1
New   Vork      4      S     7
Batteries:   Brown and    Lapp;    .Mc
Hale and  Nunamaker.
At Boston���
Washington   . .
flatteries: XV
A. Johnson and Cady.
H.    H.    K.
    0      5      1
    1      5      1
Johnson and Williams
Alderman Kellington said $250 for
the luncheon would be paid to tho
women's auxiliary, which would ultimately go to the hospital.
Alderman Bryson dissented strongly
and Alderman (loulet was as strongly
lu favor of the grant and pointed out
tiie great advantages for the city to
be derived from the advertising men's
visit, coming ns they did from San
Diego to Kdmonton.
Alderman Kellington asked if th?
meter on the Westminster bridge had
been Installed, The question had ref-
e:ence to supplying water for road
sprinkling purposes to Surrey.
On being answered in the affirmative Alderman Kellington said that
Reeve Sullivan had Informed him that
It was not the Intention of Surrey to I
take the water. Surrey preferred
pumping it out of the ditch.
Alderman Bryson asserted that he
had been told by the reeve and Councillor Murphy to go ahead and the
meter was accordingly put in. lt was
Warhop I after they learned tlie coBt that they
I refused to take the water. He was
willing at first to give the water and
measure It in their cart, but when
Alderman Annandale proposed the
meter he voted for it. as it was the
proper way to conduct business. The
water superintendent had been suspicious that water was being taken
away from the pipe nnd had always Intended to ask permission to Install n
meter at the bridge to see how much
water passed through. They need not
charge the meter to Surrey and they
could  leave  It  there  for  six  months.
II.   E.
12 1
13 1
ll.    E.
The Calgary Alberta
Petroleum  Co., Ltd.
This is the Oil Corvpany you have been waiting for,
and is going to be a great buy. Thousands of acres, in
proven oil district. There is no time to lose if you want to
get in on the first issue of this Company.
50c Per Share until Tuesday
night, issued fully paid.
Par Value, $1.00
Call and see a sample of oil from the famous Dingman
Canadian   Distributors  Co.
Agents,   Vancouver, B.   C.
P. H. SMITH, Authorized Agent, New Westminster, B. C.
Phone364. 211 Westminster Trust Bide. PAGE  SIX
TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1914.
Classified Advertising
eetved for The News at the follow-
___| places; K. T. Hill's drug store,:
CSS Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Qoeensborough, l.ulu Island; Mrs.
E. l>arden, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alta Vista.
��� RATES. ���
Claaalfied���One cent per word per
day: *��c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract,, $25.00.
Fan SALS BY OWNER���60 ft. cleared lot near car line. Edmonds. Apply  Box No. 3429 News office.
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
erty throng.i an ad. in this column
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN, 11.00 PER
week, Cat-i-ia'B Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
ket square. (2449)
English Bishop Gives Some Interesting
Facta With Regard to Their
Preaent Condition.
WANTED   Experienced waitress. Ap
ply Royal Cafe. (MM)
WANTED Experienced girl at once
for ice cream parlor. 517 Columbia street
<_IR__ WOULD  LIKE to assist  with
light  housework.    Apply   M.   1.   K., i
East Burnaby  Postoffice,        134411
WANTED���A girl for general house- j
work.    Telephone  1343R    or apply .
��U Fifth avenue. (3489)
Front St. Phone 213. Cash paid for
all kinds of junk, bottles, sacks, barrels, cast iron, old rags, old rubber
boots and shoes. (3*51) |
WANTED���Furniture,   etc..    W.   M.;
MeCloy    &    Co.,    the    expert   aur-
tioueers,  will conduct a successful
auction  for  you or buy  outright if
���ale not. desired.    Clean    business. |
prompt  settlements,  over  70  years i
wide experience.    Write or call 7,2 ;
Sixth street. (3423)
ro stNi
FOB RENT Desirable five-room furnished cottage on sea front at
While Rock, B, C. Possession from
June 1, White, Shiles & Co.  (34531
per month. Or will sell. Will take
good agreement or mortgage as
part payment. ,13S Cedar streel.
apply next house. (34131
nished two-room house Also n
furnished tent, Apply !>. Barr. Edmonds, B. C. 134601
keeping  rooms,  $10  per  month, at
324 Seventh street 134521
to rent try an ad. in this column.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings Btreet west. Van
couver. I 3447 I
ture. or stocks in trade, in large or
Mnall quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
tjy public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away, Addrpss
Fred Davis. 548 Columbia street.
New Westminster. (3450)
When Requiring
either male or female, do not forget
that the Municipal Labor Bureau is in
i  position  to supply you.
PHONE 852.
London, June 1.--Speaking at a
meeting of women members of the
Society for the Propagation of Oos-
pel at Church House recently, Bishop
Scott gave some interesting fact's in
regard to the changing position of
women in China.
There is no way, he said, in which
rapidly changing China claims the attention of the world more forcibly than
iu the present condition of its women.
Although everything is moving very
rapidly throughout the whole world
nowadays, events come to pass by no
means slowly in modern China, and
the girl of the day is very different,
not only to her prototype of past generations, but to her Immediate prede-
Cessor of only a year or two ago.
A girl of 15 or 16. the bishop continued, is found today giving lectures
on patriotic subjects, and such a feat
may be looked upon as a proof of the
serious attitude with which the Chi-
nese woman is beginning to regard
herself and her mission in life. In
the big towns many large girls' schools
and women's colleges exist. In connection with the Anglican communion
there Is an important high school for
girls, and one connected with an
American mission.
As regarding school work, a great
change had been noticeable in the
course of the last twelve years. After
the troubles of 1'eking in 1900, a large
number of orphans had been taken
care of at the mission schools.
The bishop then went on to describe
S recent ceremony of presenting diplomas to the girls of t'.iese schools at
which he was asked to preside, in the
playgtound a representation was given
of the "Pied Piper of llamelin.'' Although it was difficult lo follow the
English of the Chinese students, it was
interesting, he said, to watch the /est
with which they entered Into the feeling of the piece.
Toronto Clergyman  Delivers  Interesting   Address  cn   "Americanization" of  Dominion.
LOST���Airedale   Terrier,   black    and '
tan,  Columbia   at   Brunette  street,
2 p.m., May 20.   Leather collar. "H
Wooldge"  cut   In.      Please    notify '
William   Walker.   BurojOltlam   P.O..
13447.1 !
FOUND -Heavy draught horse, bay,
star on forehead, about 1600 pounds.
Owner can have same for expenses.
If not claimed by June 3 will be j
sold. 511% Eighth street. New
Westminster. (3411) !
IN     THE     SUPREME     COURT     OF
BOX NUMBERS 2637. 3416, 3380,2790
27, 3002. 7,237, 3334, 3359, 2491, 3271.
5128, 3042 call at News Office for
- i i -?"��
He south half of the southeast quar-1
fer of section 22, township 10, in the
8)iptrict of New  Westminster.
Whereas  proof of  the  loss of Certificate  of  Title   number   16324F,  ls-1
s-ned   in   the  name  of   Andrew  Johnson, has been filed In  this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall ;
a* the expiration ot one month from
file date of the first publication here-:
of. in a daily newspaper published in
rlie City of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate Of the said certificate, un-
less in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
.'.and  Registry Office,  New Westmin- :
���ster,   B.C.,   May  13,   1914.      (3378) i
TAKE   NOTICE  that   at   the  meet-:
ing of  the  board  of  license cornmts-
sirnn-ri- of the City of New Westmin I
steron Jfhne  10,  we  intend to apply
'nr a  transfer  of  the   liquor  license ;
i���,�� held by Richman and Bennett in !
respect to the premises known as the
Cosmopolitan Hotel situate upon Lot
\ City Block 12. corner of Columbia
and Begble Streets, City of New
Westminster, from Richman and Bennett, to
May 27.  1914, (3427) ,
TIk Stall tors !""' ting nl I In Runrd "'
I tci-roie CommlHHlonerM will hi held it lhe
Municipal 11 ill ������" WmIi i-sdie ih< Huh
.i tv of  .I'll".   inn.  al   l"  oclm k I
''',:,'n"""- ARTHUR G.  MOORK
(34 jg) Clerk,
���Bdmonfls, H ''������ May l!6th, 1911
In the Matter of the "Quieting Titile**
AND in the matter of an application
to have the title ot Thomas Adam
Jones to Lots Five (6), Nine (9), and
Ten 110) of Lot Five (5), Surburban
Block Fourteen 114 ). City ot New-
West minster, according to the regis-
istered plan of the said Subdivision
deposited In the Land Registry Office at tlie City of New Westminster
and numbered 2820. quieted under the
said  Act.
Thomas Adam Jones, of 11", Eighth
Avenue, in the City of New Westminster. Province of British Columbia,
has made application lo the Honorable Mr. Justice Clement, for a De/
Claration of Title to the above mentioned property under the ���Quieting
Titles Act," and on said application
did produce evidence whereby he appears to be the owner of the said
lands ,in fee simple In possession,
free from all encumbrances, and
thereupon the said .lodge did by Order dated the 9th day of May, A.D.
1D14, order that the said Petition be
referred to John Stlllwell Chile, Es-
quire, Barrlster-at-Law, with power to
proceed to investigate such title and
with all other powers to report to
this Honorable Court, and did also order that any person having or preloading to have any title to or inrer-
est in the said hinds is required on
or before the 22nd day of June-, Af).
1914 at 10,30 o'clock in the forenoon
in file a -statement of his or her claim
with the said John Stlllwell Crate, Esquire, Bariisierati.aw. New West
minsti r, B. C, the Referee named in
the said order, and with the District
Registrar of this Court al New West
minster. B. ('.. and Berve notice thereof on tho Petitioner Thomas Adam
Jones, or Messrs Corbould, Grant &
McColl, ins Solii iters, at their office,
40 Lorn." street. City of New W. ~t.
minster, B, C��� and In default thereol
any such claim will be barred
Hated ibis 9th day of Ma>. A.D I'M I
Solicitors for the PetttlorM r
Helen  M. Strang
.1. F. Foulta s.
Robert A. Scott.
And to all other  persons  whom  it
ma) concern i:;:-,s7i
;    SEALED TENDERS  addressed    to
i the  undersigned,  and  endorsed  "Tender for  Drill   Hall.   Vancouver.   B.C.,"
'. will  be  received  at   this  office  until
4.00 P.M., on  Monday. June 29,  1914,
.for the construction  of the aforesaid
Plans,   specification   and    form    ol
'; contract   can   be  seen   and   forms  ol
i tender obtained at the offices of Mes
srs.   Perry  and    Fowler,    Architects.
Vancouver, B. f . at the office of Mr.
Wm.   Henderson,  Resident   Architect,
! Victoria. B. C, and at this Depart
[ ment.
Persons tendering are notified that
i tenders will not be considered unless
| made en the printed forms supplied
and  signed   with   their  actual   signa-
] hires, stating their occupations and
places  of  residence,     ln   the  case  .-.
i firms, the actual signature,  the nat-
j urp of the occupation, and place of
residence of each member of the firm
I must be given.
Each lender must be accompanied
by an acci pted cheque on a chartered hank, payable to the order of the
I Honorable tlie Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent, ilo p.c.)
1 pf the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tendering  decline  to  enter   Into  a  contract
1 when  called   upon   to  do so, or  fail  to
complete the vork contracted for. If
the under be not accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department does not. bind itself to accept the lowest or anv tender.
By  order,
Department   of  Public   Works.
Ottawa,  May  23,  191 1.
Newspapers  will  not   be    paid    for
advertisemenl  If they  insert  ii  without authority from the Department.
Toronto. June 1. -Au Interesting
I address on "Canada, the I'nited States
and Great I ritam" was dellvjreJ by
i Rev. Byron II. Stauffer. nt Bond street
Congregation^ church last nlgut.
"History links us to Great Britain,
| geography lo the United states. Can-
lada's post ion is unique. The whole
' world does not furnish a similar sltu-
| atlon," he said. First, it is the larg-
jest seii-goveining dependency In the
world; second, lt is the largest Anglo-
! Saxon dependency oi Great Britain;
it'n ni, it  is tiie ij*.).  dependency in
r,u world which la side by side with
another country of ihe same b ood of
the same language, oi the sum ��� hlstor-
j i?ai ties, but diit.iii.g In gov Miment; '
and fourth, Canada's nationality ls au
uncertain quantity. It is a matter of
unwritten evolution, No written understanding, either in the British
North America act or other'imperlHl
legislation, declaring our status, Is on
Now  and  then,  he  said,  it   was  remarked,   hot',)   here  and   in   Kngland.
that Canada was becoming American-
lined    To the visiting American, how-
' ever, Canada was still a very Knglish
I place.   The newcomer from across the
line marvelled at our British manners
and customs.    Taking up the subject
of an article by  the Canadian correspondent.  Sir John  Willison,  of    the
London  Times,   in   which   the   writer
1 stated that the influence of the I'nit-
1 ed  States  was  gradually  superseding
British manners and customs in Canada. Mr  Stauffer recapitulated the ar-
��� guments used In favor of that conclu-
! sion.   "That all these conditions are
: true,   nobody   doubts."   he   said,   "but
that the;,  are dangerous to our Canadian nationality or to our British com
in ctlon,   nearly  everybody,  except    a
vi tv  few  of  that  writer's  school  of
thought,  will  doubt."
The Americanization Process.
It might well be doubted, he said,
wletlier anything could be done to
Drevenl our social and business Americanization, for these conditions were
a geographical necessity.
"Why worry about it at all?" he
'asked. "The same was true to a far
greater extent thirty years ago, when
We really were an adjunct to ,l'nit-
ed States, and when we used to im-
port almost everything. Now we are
beginning   tri   have   factories   in     this
country, and we are gradually becoming Independent of American
manufactures." Meanwhile. Mr. Stauffer said, you might notice over in
Buffalo or Detroit something of the
Canadlanizatlon of that part of the
United state.-. These cities were full
of Canadians. Many phases of Canadian life and business were In vogue
' there,
"But w!*at about imperialism?"    he
said.    "Will    these    newcomers ever
' become enthusiastic over British connection?    Perhaps  not.    But  a  more
vital question would be: "What could
'arise to cause them to actively Oppose
i the   Hritisa   connection?"   At   present
there is no such contingency on the
'horizon,  unless  it  be  the  forcing    of
, rovalty and a court upon  them;  and
i more   than   Americans   would   oppose
this,   I   fancy."    The   British   con nee-
j tion was no yoke of hardship, he con-
j tinned,    It  was not a chain of silver
upon   the  ankle,  but  a  golden  chain
about   the   neck  and   a   chain   to   be
proud of.
"Perhaps  the  day  will  come  when
we will no longer remain satisfied to
be merely an object of Great Britain's
protection,"   said   Mr.   Stauffer.   "The
j day must come when there will .-.it at
i Westminster     an    imperial    council,
with   representatives   -roam     Canada
i and Australia, from South  Africa and
; New Zealand, and when Canadian will
: begin to discuss on the huntings ques-
' tions which today are entirely settled
| in London.   This is what we will sunn
iask the mother country to do for us.
|nnd it will do far more to   strengthen
the   bond   ol   empire   than   the   mere
' sending   out   of   a.   representative     of
' royalty  to perform  the  formal duties
of a hollow office.    In fact, I am not
sure hut that royalty iu our gubernatorial  office  does  somi thing  to  help
the very situation which Sir John Willison   laments."
L.R.A.M.,  A.R.C.M.
LeBsous in Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
tug. Voice Production, Theory uu
class or privately), Harmony, Counter
point, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examtna
.lions of the Associated Board of th.
'���Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also professional
Diplomas, Tescber or  Performer.
Kor terms, etc, apply al Dufferli
���i..-r�����     Phm-ip n ' R
Spring Soilings just arrived. Sep
them, perfect fit and workmanship
guaranteed Prices from $18.00 up.
701 Ft ont Street.
1 O. Box ���*�� Dally News Bid.
ut all kinds.
���'rices right.   Satisfaction guarantee*
IS  MeKenil*  tt.
I.fT.v-.n. N
Gymnasium Class. Thursday at 7.30.
Swimming classes. Tuesdays and Fri
<Iays. 3 to 4, at Y. M, C A Young
Ladles' Club. Friday at b p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable.
Meale served to ladles and gen*l��men.
For particulars call phono li-4.
ska I.ill i TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned., and i ndoraed "Ten
der for Public Building to bo known
as Postal Station "C", Mount Pli a
Bant, Vancouver, P. C ,' will be reel h d al this office until i no P.M.,
on Mondaj. Junu 77 liil I, foi the
ci n itructlon ni the afi resalil build
rl in.    spi ciflcal on  aud    form    of
contract   can  be  seen  and   foi ins  of
i. ndi i   obtalui tl in   the offlci a of  A,
; i iiuiphi il   Hope   K iq .   vxchltecl   608
Hastings Stri ei   Wei i.  Vancouver,  IV
C .   Wm.   He.tuli rson,   K *q .   Resident
[Architect, Victoria, r.. '.. on application   to   the   Postmaster,   Vancouver,
I I'. 17. and in this I >< p irtmout.
i    Persons tendering are notified thai
! tenders will not be considered unless
' made  on   the   printed   forms  supplied
I and  signed   nub   their  actual   signatures,  stating their occupations and
places of residence.    In  the case of
i firms,   the  actual  sign;,lure,  the  nature ol  the occupation   and place    of
1 residence of each member of the firm
' must  be given
Each  tender must  be accompanied
l by  an  accepted cheque on  a  charter-
i ed bank, payable to the order of the
I Honorable   the   Minister   of   Public
Works, equal to ten per cent, i lu p.e.t
I ei' the aiiiuiini   of  thi   lender,    which
will be forfeited if the person tendering  decline  to  ' liter  Into a  contract
when called upon to do so. or fail to
ci mplctn  the work contracted for.  If
the tender be  not  nccepted  lhe che-
,7!  he re'ni nnd.
The  ilepartment   dees  nol   bind   It
���ill   to aC0P.pl   Hi"  '.invest   or any   ten
di r
By  ordi'i.
II: pill tineiit   of   Public   Works.   ���
Ottawa, Maj   23,  1014.
Newspapers  will not  be    paid    ror
advertisement If they insert  It with-
��� nt anthi rii y from the Departin0"
I 60*j4G. (3433)
Cient, Belgians, June 1. Tbe Belgian arm) enjoys rather a favorable
reputation abroad as an excellent
training school for officers, bo that
each year the uumber of applications
on the part of various governments
[or permission tot their younger offl
eers tn attend the military schools In
Belgium, or to serve in the different
army corps, shows i continuous increase.
These request, although flattering
to the mllltaiy authorities of the kingdom, must, in many cases, be declined,
foi various reasons, notably on account, of the limited space available
for officers' quarters at the army posts
of the country.
The Bulgarian government was re
cently accorded permission for two of
Us officers to be attached to the Belgian corps nt engineers, and a re
quest has been submitted to the king
thai a third officer may be accorded
the privilege of attending the artillery
For the Week Ending Cunday, May 31
Westminster. Sand Heads.
Time. High.            Low.
High.    Low. Time. lit. Time. Hi
1      0:15   7:30 10:09   8.9   5:69   7.6
11 :irj 19: lu 23:51 12.4 16:39   4.0
0:5   8:35 12:04   8.9   8:52   6.3
13:05 19:55 17:44   5.3
1:25 10:10 0:25 17.7.   7:40    4.6
14: n 20:35 13:42   9,6 ivr,l    6.6
I      2 ei 11:30 1:00 \2.>\   S:1M    2.8
16.07) 21:25 15:03 10.6 19:67   7.8
7,      2:35  12:20 1:36 17.7    9:06    1.3
17:10 77:7(i 1:36 12.7   9:06    1.3
ti      3:15 13:10 'J: 17. 17.x   9:47   0.1
IS. 15 23:15 17:13  12.6 22:03    9.6
7      7:r,u 14:110 2:51  12.8 10:29   ".*-
10:1"   0:05 18;08 13.2 28:04 10.1
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout tha Province of  ���ritlsh Columbia.
Saving* Department at all Braoche* Deposit* of Oue Dolls.- and
upward* received and Interest at the highest current rale paid or
credited halt yearly.
Draft* and Traveller*' Chaque* sold, payable In all part* of tba
CHA8. Q. PENNOCK. Qeneral  Manager.
New   Weatmlnater   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Ltt Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want it, in any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
free ..a u��___. Ner. Vlce-Preeld**. lee. aa* Tret,*.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and ST7
Pacific]        PACIFIC
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For Victoria and Vancouver
10:30 :i.in Dally
'J: OU
. li.ui>
For  Seattle
10:00  a.m.
11:00   p.m.
.. .Dally
. .i>ail\
I'heap fares for all return tic.
kets to Eastern points, OU pale
beginning June 1st. flood to return up to Oct. 7,1st.
For particulars apply to
E. GOULET, Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie, O.P.A., Vancouver
11:45 p.m	
For Nanaimo
in n.in  and 6:80 p.m Daily
Nanaimo. Union Bay, Comox
s ii.ni   Thursday  and  Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay.   Powell
1147. p.m. .   .. Kvery Saturdaj
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
11 .niip.in     Wednesdays
For Gulf  Island Points.
"Ml" a.m. Tuesdays (or Victoria,
calling at   points in Gull Ial,
To Alaska  ...Kvery Saturday
TIME   CARD ��� Passenger   Service
Train*  Leave  New Weatminater
Eraser Valley Line���Kor Chilliwack at 9:30 and 11:16 a.m.
and 2 and 6 p m.. Local for .lar-
dim* at 1 a.m., except Fridays
���.v'ntn local leaves at 6 a.m. tor
Mt.  l.eliman.
For   Vancouver,   via   Burnaby
l_ahe At 5:30 a.m.. and hourly
until ll:7,o p.m. Specials on
week days at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
i*i:st car on Sundays at 8:30
For Vancouver, via North Arm
of Fraser���Connects with Steveston service at Kburne; 7 a.m.
and hourly until 11 p.m. Klrst
car on   Sundays  at S  a.m.
For Vancouver, via Central
Park���i'��� and 6:45 a.m., every 15
Terminal, Columbia and Eighth Sts.
minutes to H a.m : over-. 10 minutes to t ]i m : every 16 minutes
to X:'i(i p in.. every 30 minutes
to 11 p.m., with List ear at mid-
iiinbt. Saturday afternoon Bar
vice every 17�� minutes to 11 p.m .
with last car al midnight On
Sunday at (i. 1. 7:30 and 8 s m���
and lb) minute service to V41'
p.m.. week day service thereafter,
Fraser Mills-Queensboro���Por
Kraser Mills at 6:20, 6:20 and
7:47) a.m. and every Imnr to
11:45 p.m. Leave Fraser Mills
at 6, 7, *>:7T> a.m. and every hour
until midnight, last ear to Columbia St. only.
New Westminster Salesrooms. B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth.
SS. "Prince Rupert," S.S.
"Prince George." S.S. "Prince
Albert,"  S.S.  "Prince John."
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
.,,,  prince  Rupert    and    Oranby
Every Tuesday. 12 midnight���
To Victoria and Seattle.
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To Prlncn Rupi rl und Hlewart.
Every Friday. 12 midnight���
To Prince Rupert and Queen
Charlotte  Islands points,
Every "Saturday. 12 midnight���
To Victoria ��'"i Seattle.
passenger trains leave I'rince Hn
pert, loi points Kast. Mondays,
Wednesdays and Saturdays .tt 10
am. Close connections made with
draml Trunk Bteamers from Van
Passenger trains leavi l-ldmonton
daily at 10:16 p m. for McBride
Asb about service between McBride and Prince OeorRe
Special Ion rate round trip ticket
via Chicago to points Kast on Bale
June 1st to September 30th with
return limit October 7,1st Bxcel
lent service.   Liberal stopovers.
We represent all Trana-A tlantic Steamship linea.
Through ticketa via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let ua submit an Itinerary for your
consideration. ��
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. O. Smith, C.P. ��. T.A.
527  Granville  St..   Vancouver. Phone   Sev.  8134
We havft received a consignment ot HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER  which is highly recommended.
l.itne is almost as important for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phone* 16 and 11.
102 Columbia Street W
proportion of the people. The atten- at thes ulpbur mines reached a climax
tion that Is now paid to education and . today when a mob at Porte Kmpodo-
health makes for Increased efficiency \ cle   destroyed   half   the   town.     The
Government Counsel Writes That Sittings Again Will Be Taken Up
on That Date.
and our short experience is already
���ihowiiiK thut the wiiKi'-i-arnlng classes,
us tbey cross the poverty Hue, make
considerable saving*. Tbey contribute
to, and participate in, our eapital
funds In Kiowiui' numbers every year.
The lime does not appear to me to be
far distant when, us a result of attention to health and education, tbe In-
rioters set fire to tbe sulphur stores,
destroyed the depots, tore up railway
tracks and cut telephone and telegraph wires. Troops aud police were
urdered out to re-establish order.
Victoria, .lime 1. Word has been \ ence or the 191)9 budget. 1 do not an
received from Frank Curran. of Mon- ticipate that the new budget proposals
.real, government counsel  before tbe of  U��e  government  will  ln  any   way
pelagic sealing commission, to the el- diminish either lbe incomes or the
' ,       , wealth of anv class in tbiB    country,
lect that he will be in Victoria the | T|���. X909 builget caused those affect-
lust week ��ln June In order to be i.i "d by the super-tax and death duties
readiness to go on with the hearing to seek to counteract the higher tax-
ot  the claim of the  Victoria Healing i ation by investing tieir money In st
comes of pracllcaly the whole people j How Some People Have "Got Their
ol  the country will have crossed tbe I      own Hark" In Very Odd Way*.
poverty line. I     A farmer ln the Lancashire village I
Secondly, with regard to the export-1 of Gulde got a nagty gboc*_ the other
morning.    When   he   went   Into   bis;
dairy be found that all tbe overnlglt
milk���forty gallons of lt���had turned a bright red color.
company, when Mr. Justice Audette
opens the court on July 2. Ills lord-
kblp will reach Victoria on tiie morning of thut day und will loM no time
in getting to work.
Tiiu sealing company*' claim will be
begUD on July 'i uud will engage the
undisturbed attention of the court uu
111 it ls entirely completed. VV. J. Taylor, K. Ci has been engaged by Mr.
Curran aa counsel on the government's
tide ot the case, while A. J. l'atlon has
also In en retained bv the government
Counsel to assist in refuting those portion's of the company's claim which
Interfere with tiie claims of the individual sealers. Sir Charles lllbbert
Tupper, K. c, ami ii. H   Robertson
are the company's counsel.
WVen the company's case has been
finished, the rases of the Individual
Indians will be taken up. A. J. I'atton
has been retained by the Indian department to present these claims
whicli will be kept continuously before
the court until thev, too, are completed. Then the white's men claims
WiH be presented and Mr. I'atton has
j">o of them already to go on.
Milk will sometimes go bad within
a few hour* and turn very queer colors, but in this case tbe unpleasant
hue proved to be due to revenge.   A
��� dye of some kind bad been added to \
i tbe milk.  It seems that someone bad
,,   , ,,    ja   grudge   against   tbe   farmer   be-!
have no heslt.t.cn lu saying that the .'     wh���e  oUerg  ud  ra,Bed  tne
rich have benefitted on the transac-  prlce of nUk  he waB tne only man
tl0,n* , ., in tbe district who stuck to the old
A   few   years  ago   they   were   con- i ���.-!��
tent with 3 to 4 per cent, while lately j      M(7     m(nd8 gefim   ft#n ,.��� work ln
they have received 4 to 5 per cent., j 0 ,   the other day
a   Heading  dentist  got  into  serious
curltles bearing a higher rate of interest, and on balancing the result 1
:iinl not Infrequently more. The new
proposals will have similar const--
Her Ability to Meet Expenditure Said
to Be Greater Than at Any Other
' Time in Her  History.
Large   Tracts   of   Land   Along
Murray   River.
Tbe junlen of British taxation, in
spite ol the great increase iu expenditure In recent years, is uuw much
smaller than it has ever been In modern history, says Sir (Ieorge l'uisti,
eilitor of the Statist.
lu 1K50 the nation's expenditure, at
the time largely expended as interest
on   debt,   was  over   50   millions.
trouble for perpetrating a similar re- j
venge ou a photographic firm whose
Studio waB on  lbe  floor   below   his
0 Hires.
He had quarrelled with t'.icm, aud
In order to get even, had bored a bole
in the floor and squirted ink through
It upon the pictures    elow.
Then    there    was    tbe    Thornton
j Heath case which   boiuc   ;*ears ago,
 caused a   considerable   sensation in
; that neighborhood.    A gentleman liv-
South    Auotralia    Plans   to   Reclaim   ing In Quadrant Uoad went for a hoil-
1 day.   When he returned he found bis
i house covered with a ghastly mixture ;
i of tar and hideous posters.    The of- ;
! fender was the keeper of a lodging
 , house who bad some fancied grudge
��� against tbe unfortunate gentleman.
Adelaide,  South   Australia,  June   1.       ll is tn little country  places that
The value of the land bordering the , spite seems to take Iib meanes  forms.
,, ,...,��.    ,i     i      ' In August la3t 6 Welsh woman was
Murray, in South Australia, has   "^ ftned fof flln|;,ng ,UJHlard ,n
been amply demonstrated by the sue-. the eyeg of gom(J Bheep which bad
cess of Kenmark and other irrigation glrayed upon ner place. Four of the
settlements, and the results following poor creatures wcre blinded entirely,
on the cultivation of areas which have Everyone *bo has lived in a coun-
oeen reclaimed ou the lower reaches t try pari8U Knowg the intense rivalry
of the river. i lDat exists at   a flower   show  time.
The government is now actively en-! Th,g rlvalry sometimes leads to bitter
gaged In preliminary work preparatory \ feudg between neighbors, and the re-
to throwing open to application other ; j. Qf guch ft f(Jud was trled be;ore
land for irrigation and blocks in new I (ue Batb Bencn
reclaimed areas. These blocks are ; A wegtern man wag charged wilh
made available from time to "m-''l�� ! dot wlifui dae to the vegetables
the work progresses on terms which i of a 8UccesB(ul exhibitor, and the
are specially designed to assist the,   , , ur; ghowed beam, onions, cab-
older* during the first few years of  �� d niarr0Wi whlcn had been
pioneer work
When giving evidence before the
South Australian railway standing
committee recently the director of irrigation stated that more than 616,000
acres could be economically reclaimed
J land Irrigated alone the Murray. Of
288,000 acres  now  subject to  inunda
ruined by having needles thrust Into
them. The defendant admitted his
guilt, but said that be had had doubts
as to whether the plaintiff showed
his own produce, and had adopted
this method of finding out.
There   was   a   similar   but   worst
tim    lie  thiiiik-hr   l*i0 000 acres  might  eMe   at    Godalming    last    summer.
live on the people when the grosa in
tome of the country was only 500 mil
A good deal of that area would re, all through a beautiful garden, and
all  the  plants destroyed.    A  reward
Hous. than is four times tbe amount ^.K^J fSKtousfy���   of  IliVwM  offered  lor conviction,
Of expenditure today with four time*J S^STed wS? iSSS^Jl? ^SSlf*s^ but    the     scoundrel,     were     never'
junt Of income.    A man thinks'
30 to 60 sheep per acre could be fat-
twice about spending on tenth of his j _ _,   i!|tv ^ ,
income on any object when ln receipt |
value of the annual return from  the
i,i t ia auMiiH  to Inundation, and he estimated  the
of only   1500 a year, whilst lie wouiu       , ....      ,  _.   ,    ,,.���
laud  at    ��7'5   per  acre.     The   depart
ment wished to encourage the estab
spend a tent hwith comparatlce equa-
nanlmltv with an Income of ��2,000 a
year. That Is the position of the British people today.
The eisentlal matter Is not so much
the amount of expenditure, aB the
power to meet it and its relation to
tbe national Income. I regard the budget of 1914, and the still greater expenditure anticipated lor lai&lti as
striking testimony to the great wealth
and income of the nation. Had tiie
proposal to spend so vast a sum been
made In 1880, not only would statesmen have stood aghast, but It would
have been quite impossible to raise
the money without taxing all luxuries
and all necessaries as well.
Thirtv Year* Hence.
"In 1S60 a budget of 83 millions was, Sobbing stranger Posing as Diogenes
considered  a serious  burden.    It  was
raised out of an income of 1,000 mil-
lions   and It was O more serious mat-
xpendlture of 200 mil
brought to book.
Discharged    workmen    have   been
known to wreck their spite upon their
late   employers   in   scandalous   fash- |
Ion.  At Lille, In France, is one of the
biggest sugar refineries In tbe coun- I
llshment of a dairy produce Industry try. One night a workman dlscbarg-
011 the reclamation areas, while the ! ed for laziness managed to get into
country was also suitable for stock, the works and turned on all the taps
Other 'classes of production, such as of the reservoirs tilled with mollasseB.
fruit growing, had also been consid- The loss was very heavy, but the
end. , worst of it was lhat tbe whole place
was flooded with thousands of gallons of treacle anl lt was days before
the awful mess could be cleaned up.
More receutly an ornamental lake
| in Shropshire was emptied by raising |
tbe water gate, and a great number
of fine trout washed away into the j
river or destroyed. This, again, was
a cruel and mischievous act of revenge.
ter than  the
lions out of our income of 2,400 millions today."
National Income for 1907 was upwards of 2,000 millions, uccording to
tne census of production, and an additional 400 millions for the last six
years Is a modest calculation.
Can we bear more increase in our
budgets- Certainly we can. Tin-re arc
good grounds Tor anticipating that tne
Income and wealth of this country
will   again   double   in   another   thirty |
Swindles Acquaintance Who
Trusted Him.
Sixty Years  Ago.
The Swiss President's unassuming
utatus has given rise to many stories.
Mr. Edmund d'Auvergne, visiting the
  Government     buildings    at     I!.*rne,
! "noticed    the    world    'Bundesprasi-
St   Louis,  June   1.    Samuel   l'uluso i dent'   (President  of   the  Confeiiera-
6419   Nashville avenue  lost  $20  in; tion)   inscribed   over  an   inronsplcu-
an effort to convince a stranger be
wae honest He arrived from Kansas
City about 8:80 a. in., and was walking through Union station when a
Btranger told him a man was sitting
In a corner crying and suggested tbey
ous door. Just as you might see lbe
word 'Cashier' or 'District Registrar.' 1 called to mind how an Important Knglish railway contractor
once knocked at this door and wsb
answered by a man in shirt sleeves.
whom he took to be a clerk. It was
TlicT'appro'U'hcd  the weeping  man   the    President    himself."       In    Sir
When it reaches 6,000 millions,   and  i'���inso asked if tbey could be of
and I have no doubt that lt will with
m a generation, a budget of 600 millions will be borne mon- easily than
the burden Of 200 millions In 1BH-
This tremendous Increase, however,
must be dependent upon national prosperity Tills prosperity is being en
sured in two wins:
1.   Measures of Boclal reform
t.   The experience ol th
1909 bud-
assistance. The man said he had ell-
trusted a $20 bill to a stranger to buy
cigarettes and the stranger bad gone
' with the money.
"I don't believe there's an honest
man in ths whole world," said the man
between sobs. "I'm afraid to walk
the streets alone, and 1 ban- Important
1 business to transact"
l'uluso and  bis companion   volun
teereil to accompany tin- doubting one
win-, ..11 examine them closely downtown and on the way tbey dis
the remarkable |CUBged the virtue of honesty, "i really
do believe you fellows are honeet,"
said the Bobber as he extracted a roll
Of bills from bis pocket, "and 1 am
willing to prove my confidence lu
He handed PulUSO'B companion a
$20 bill and told him to buy some cig
arettes.     The   first   strangei
vou will appreclati
'insight and genius that underlaj th.
chancellor or the exchequer s meaa-
UreB. The budget operates In two
ways It lowers the proverty line, thus
enabling more people to Join the fe*
who contribute to the nations slings," and it also stimulates the moneyed classes to seek for V'tter returns
for   their   investments,   and   to   prOO��
0�� this 1 need only say that since the
1909  bud-get the rate <'l  "Here1*
English   capital   invested   In   colon la
and foreign countries has increased b>
1  per cent.
The Poverty Line.
NV)W, With regard to the budget and
the poverty line. Hitherto our naUoma
income has been  hampered    in   no
small   degree   by   the  ^'^i??*
cation  and unhealthlness of a large
Always Reliable
Relief from the ailments caused
by disordered stomach, torpid
liver irregular bowels is given
-quickly, safely and assuredly���by the tried and reliable
S.U��.rrwb.r..   U boa-. M can*
around the corner of Sixteenth and
Locust streets and returned In u few
minutes with a cigar and $19.90, The
modern Diogenes was vexed because
the other had bought a cigar Instead
of cigarettes and handed the cigar to
��� lm willing to trust you, lie said.
"Mow much money have you?"
I'ulso. bewildered by the strangers
seeming generosity, displayed  a  $20
"Here, give me that and get me some
cigarettes." said he, as he gave I'll-
lUSO fi nickel.
PulUSO went for the cigarettes, but
on returning found the men had van
Movies Object to Censorship.
Chicago, June 1,���The right cl the
city to censure motion pictures was
upheld today by I'nited States District Judge Seaman, who denied an
injunction sought by three film manufacturers. His decision, the court
said, was based on recent, action in
similar cases. An appeal will be taken, it was said.
Mob   Destroy  Town.
r.iH'ino.   Sicily,   June   1.���A   strike
Horace Itumbold's time (the
'sixties), tbe story was that a diplomatist, calling at the President's
private abode, was admitted by a
lady with tucked-up sleeves and
Boap-SUdded arms���Madame la Prcsi-
dente straight from the wash-tub.���
London Chronicle.
iteiigiilis Aroused.
Killing the sacred cow of  tbe lirah- I
mins  is considered  a great crime In ,
Castern  Hengal,   and   some  Bengali
newspapers assert that panic prevails
In that district ln connection with the
coming manoeuvres and stories of oppression nn the part of the 10th Gurk-
has at   Dacca.   The  "Amritza  Bazar
I'atrika" asks.    "If the Curkhas behave  thus,  what Will  not the High-
landers do?" The "Englishman" exposes the  absolute    absence   of   any i
foundation for what the "Dacca Her- '���
all" culls "the   flurkha   atrocities,"!
but considers that   the   situation Is j
serious,   particularly   as   the   Dacca
newspapers are raising the question
of  killing cows  to  provide  food  for
th; British troops in districts where
cows had never been killed bet'or-.
Obituary I'or n Dog.
The   Insertion   by   the   Kev.   J.   G.
Cyon.   parish   minister  of   Carmylle,
Arbroath, Scotland, of this advertise-I
ment  in a local paper has been tbe '
subject of some criticism:
"At the Manse of Carmylle, on the
10th Inst,, Argus, for many years the
faithful, sagacious, sympathetic
friend of tbe parish minister, who,
by this lamentable demise, suffers anj
Irreparable loss. 'Until the day break
and the shadows (lee away.' Canadian papers please copy.
Argus,  lt seems,   was   a   favor'!- j
The big building on the Bottl. side
of Piccadilly Circus is the Criterion,
run by those old London fuvoriles,
Messrs. Spiers and rend.
A Share
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proven oil belt.
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JAY J. ALLEN, Esq., Director Allen
Theatre and Manager Canadian Film
Clarke, McCarthy, Carson & Macleod.
Bankers :
Royal Bank of Canada.
Comprise oyer 6000 Acres of Leaseholds in the Heart
of the Oil Bearing District.
Drilling Operations
Mr. Malcolm H. Murrav, formerly with the Standard Oil company for over
seven years as valuator and oils lands inspector, has been appointed managing
director of the British Canadian Oils, Ltd. drilling operations.
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Building,  Vancouver,
Enclosed fi
ment   for....
    shares   Brit-
ish Canadian
s, Ltd. ����AGE EIGHT
TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1914.
Chief    Criticism    That    Expenditures
Too Rapid���Carvell Claims Militia Teaches Young Men
To  Drink.
Ottawa. .Juno 1.���The estimates of
lhe militia department were under
considi ration throughout most of tbe
day in the commons, but hour after
hour passed without any items having
boe.n voted. Although the, discussion
has oceupied two full days, a day having been devoted to it about a fortnight ago, and but little progress hav.
ing been made, it is likely that when
the oppot.itIon does decide to let the
vote go through, they will be passed
with a rush.
The chief criticism of the opposition today was that the growth of the
��� iprndlture had been rapid, too rapid
under the  present    government    and
��� ho expenditures should be cut down.
Hugh Qutbrle and other opposition
members thought that if throe millions were lopped off and spent in
carrying out the recommendation of
thii royal commission on technical
education it would be better for the
Too Much Gold Lace.
Liberals also maintained that there
was too much gold lace, private ears
nnd automobiles in connection with
the administration of the department.
Colonel Hughes in reply asserted with
nharacterlstic force that the expenditure was justified and department was
really entitled to a larger share of
the revenues. He said that if one-
eighth or one-tenth were spent on the
militia the total annual outlay would
be 17 millions or thereabouts.
Referring to the report of the technical educational commission, Col.
Hashes said that the report they had
presented was of little value and that
more good resulted from the construction of drill halls and armories than
COUld possible come Lorn the report
of the commission. He defended the
use of private cars and automobiles
by the department.
Department   Bitterly   Attacked.
The most outspoken attack on the
miliHa was made at midnight by 1-'.
II. Carvell, who declared that 2* per
cent of the young men of Canada learn
to get drunk at militia camps. When
this was denied by Col, Smith, South
Ontario, Mr. Carvell said he had spent
many years in the militia and knew
-What be  was talking about.
(Continued from pane onei
in,-,- to him was nol practicable, while
Alderman Aiiniindale claimed il was
-nort practicable and one that they
���should urge most strenuously, nnd if
they could not get if by persuasion,
they should get it some other way.
Mr. Lewis was manager of an institution whicli was ;1 credil to the city
and he was proud of it, tie gave Mr.
Lewis the greatest praise as manager, liut thoi'e was ono thing he objected to, Mr. I ewls iricd to secure
* tbe whole advantage of Sapperton as I
pn individual centre, tie did not !
think that fair. The paragraph that
tbe rigM of way would Interefere '���
with the Brunette mill booming i
���ground was lhe kernal of the whole |
thing. The company had not the ex- i
elusive right to Brunette creel;.
Request Most Reasonable,
Mr. Lewis claimed that it the right i
of way  was granted il    would    put j
them cm  of business,    The council
only  ashed  for <lu  feet   for n canal
through some portion of hla property, ;
which the speaker thought most reasonable, and would be of great bene- ;
fit   to  the  back  portion   of  tbe   Brunette   in il 1   prop: rty   pn    whicli   they ;
���paid taxes and got nothing in return.
Alderman Annandale was full up to
teb brim wilh enthusiasm as to the I
industrial possibilities of that section |
uf the city    through    which      every i
railway  that,  at   present,  comes  into
the province, passes.   Brunette creek :
could  be clean d out at a minimum !
or cost.   The city had the dredge to
do the work.   There was a great cry !
of industrial sites being too high, iii
Sapperton one could boy an acre of I
land   for  less than  a   lot   ill   the  west il
end.    lie would ask the mover of the |
resolution  to ask that  the council arrange a  further mooting    with    Mr.
Lewis   aud   see   if  they   could   not   g
him diwn to a more reasonable basis
for  the  I r.at nun;  of  the  proposition.
Alderman   [veiling  consented    and
��� ii" motion as qualified was adopted.
The "Salada" Tea Co, have commenced using brlgh Aluminium heet��
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light is this wonderful mual thai a
single sheet or n weighs no more
lhan a similar sized sheet of writing
p-i per.
Appearing at the Edison theatre In
"The Mystery of the  Silver Sna're,"
Ix-ing the sixth mystery in the Chronicles of Cleek.
The New Westminster
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Special    99 .W
Hospital Steel lied; in white enamel; with head rest and hair mat-
tresr.  complete. C07  Cft
Special    9*m I .99
Without   head   rest.
Knamel Sink Strainers, at.. 15c
Heavy Wire Soap Dishes..15c
Hath Soap and Sponge Hangers:
each   25c
Cas Toasters;  each   15c
Ply Swatters; each..5c and 10c
Wood   Handle  Kitchen    Forks;
each   10c
Coppered Coat Hooks;  do7...10c
Liquid Gum;  bottle   10c
Crockery Mender, bottle. .. .25c
Vacuum  Washers;    reg.    $1.25.
for, each    95c
One pair clothes line pulleys,
loo feet wire line    and    hooks
for   $1.00
Le Page's Liquid Clue 10c
Wire  Manning  Rackets,  at..35c
Triple    Coated    Steel    Enamel
Lipped Saucepans, 15c, 20c, 25c.
35c to 75c.
Straight Covered Saucepans. 25c,
30c, 35c, 45c and 75c.
llerlin   Stew   Kettles,   35c.   40c,
50c, 60c and 75c.
Rice flotlers, 75c, 90e, $1.15 and
Tea   or   Coffee   Pots,   35c,   40e.
50c, 60c and 75c.
Kettles, 60e, 75c, 90c, $1.15
l'ans, 25c, 30c, 35c, 40c and
Pudding l
Plates;   each,  10c.   15c  and
ins, each, 20c, 25c and
New Shipment of Nickel Alarm
4-inch      Nickel    Globe    Alarm
Clocks; reg. 90c, for  65c
7-luch Hell Face Alarm Clocks;
aluminum dial and large figures;    with   extn*     loud     bell;
<*ach    $3,50
7-inch Alarm Clocks; with
twin   bells   and    long distance
dial; each   $2.50
6-inch Uell Front Alarm
Clocks;  aluminum      dial     and
twin alarm bells;  each $2.25
Bing   Ben   Alarm  Clocks. $3.00
Our Nickel Plated Ware Is Solid
Copper Body and Seam-
leas Bottom.
Tea or Coffee Pots, $1.15, $1.35
and $1.50.
Tea Kettles, $1.16, $1.25, $1.50
and $1.75.
Extra Heavy Seamless OlObe
Tea and Coffee Pots, $2.75, $3.00
and $3.25.
Rogers'   A.A.   Silver   Plate    at
About  Half   Price.
Tea.   Spoons;   three     patterns;
half   dozen    75c
Dessert or   Table    Spoons    or
Forks;  half dozen    $1.50
Dessert    or Table    Knives and
Forks; half dozen   $1.50
Butter Knives; each  35c
Sugar Tongs;  per pair 75c
Cold Meat Forks; each ...75c
Coffee Spoons in case; half
dozen     $1.25
Strong Bleached Irish Crash
Holler Towels; 18 inclms wide;
2Vt yards long; reads 0'ft_��-
tor use.  Each     OUC
Fine White Huckaback Roller
Towels; 18 Inches wide; 2V_
yards long; made from superior
quality  huckaback; A Cam
eady for use. Each  IwC
Fancy Linen Huckaback Face
Towels; a nice, soft finish
huckaback; fringed ends; scalloped edges and plain hemmed,
with damask bordors; size in
by 36.   Per ____E_��
pair  999
Heavy Weave White or Colored
Turkish Bath Towels; thoroughly absorbent quality;    'size
pair"..."  50C
Brown Linen Turkish Towels;
splendid for bathroom use; extra strong Turkish weave; wl
last years; size 26x54.
Close Weave White
Terry     Toweling;
wide.     Per
and Colored
18     Inches
Your Bedding Needs
Out   prices  on  all   lines ol   bedding  are  very  low.  especially  on
Blankets and Comforters, for camps and summer cottages.
Special   Comforter,  60x72;   in   green,   red   or  fawn;   well   filled   with
cotton and strongly made;  regular $1.50 value, fj*4   4 g!
for,  each    ��lilw
Red   Turkey   Chintz  Comforters;   splendid   wearing   comforter;   fast
colors;  regula.- $2.25. 4*4   QC
for.  each    9 ��� .99
Light   weight   Down   Comforter.--;   in   dark   or   light   colors;     strong
sit ecu covers; regular $5.50 values. tf A  QC
for.  each    ***.�������
Single Bed size Comforters:  blue, red and fawn: Cflf*
at, each      5JU v
Cray   Blankets,  at   all   prices,
���Special  line 01  Campers'  Blankets,  in   dark  gray,  with      fl��p QC
red and black border.    Per pair at   ^_K-.WW
Silver, gray, red, blue or white Point Blankets; all sizes and weights
from 5 to 10 lbs. Priced at, *1   flfl
White   "Kumfy"   Brand   Blankets;   with   pink   or  blue   border;   size
i;4xM.   11  serviceable blanket;   usually sold PmA QC
at  $5.7,"   for       9m.99
Extra Strong Irish Crash Tow
cling; in white, with red border,
also cream and brown striped;
a splendid wearing crash for
kitchen towels, etc.; 18 Inches
wide.    Per lOlr
yard       Ib.W
English l.ongcloth; :iti inches
wide; nice, even weave; absolutely pure finish 1 O 1 �����_
Pir yard      I _��� _ C
Excellent Values in
Towels Today
close weave;
free   from   fill
$2.50 to $6.50
English Cambrl-
;>0 inches wide;
ing. Per
vard. ...
Extra fine quality of Mada-
polam; :i(> inches wide; especially suited for ladies' and
children's summer underwear;
light, but durable, and pun
finish     Per
Strong      White    Indian    Head
Bill ting;     36  inches    wide;     for
middy        blouses,        children's
dresses   and   rompers
Per   yard   	
15c and 20c
Record Prices on
The ideal floor covering for
summer wear: clean, sanitaiy
and durable; nicely stencilled
patterns in Oriental colors:
Size 36x72; reg. 35c, for... .25c
Size  6x9;   reg.   $1.60,   for..$1.35
Size 9x9; re;,. $2.26, for $1.95
Size 9x12;  reg. $3.26, for,.$2.85
Jap  Matting
One  yard   wide;   reg.
20c, for 	
Verandah Shades.
These Shades are beautifully
finished and are designed for
those wishing extra fine shades
for verandahs or sleeping
4x7-6 feet;  regular $4.77,, Special
Price    $3.00
10x7-6   feet:   reg.   $7.50.   Special
Price     $5.00
Bamboo Verandah Shades.
���IxS ft.    Special  Price 60c
6x8 ft.    Special  Price   85c
8x8 feet Special Price. .$1.10
10x8  feet.    Special   Price. .$1.40
Wash Goods Dept.
Tuesday, June 2nd
Fancy Crepes, We have a
choice selection ol these in
cream grounds with floral de
sign; make very dainty waists
and have a nice soit appear
S   re;   7'7>   ill.   wide.
Per  yard   	
.>,. iped Crepes, These come In
cream grounds with hair stripe
of brown and blue, red and blue,
white and blue, 21 inches
Per  yard   	
The Newest in Men's Shirts
$1.75 and $2.00
Prices on Japanese
Rugs Are Reduced
Juvenlb Suitcases; made ol
dark brown fibre; steel frami
and valance; leather corners;
leather filled handles; brass
look and catches; fancy checked
lining. Price
r*:...."" $1.75
Suitcase;   madi    of fibre   mat
ting;      Strong       frame; heavy
leather   corners;      good steel
lock       and       catches; strong
handle;   fancy     checked lining.
The new Plaited Shirts at $1.76 and $2.00, made from fine hi'"-
line and wider stripe, with bosom put on cross ways, with the plaits
running down: 28 plaits across the bosom gives this shirt a pretty
effect;- tho cuffs are laundered in turn back style; sizes_14_to_16j
shades blue, hello, black or tan stripes.
Tuesday youi  choice at 	
Men's Scft and  Linen Collars.
Wi   curry   a   complete   range  of  the   Arrow  and  *T,ook<-   Brand   linen
and Soft Collars;  in al] the popular styles;  all sizes. OC|*
Price,   15c;   two  for    fcUw
New  Neckwear, 75c.
.lust   received,   a   new  consignment  of   Pure  Silk   Eour-ln-lland  Ties;
wide flowing ends;   in  checks,  stripes, plain and  fancy bordered  designs.    Tuesday, your choice 7C#*
Men's Summer Underwear at Popular Prices.
At 25c a Garment Kine 'light weight Balbriggan I'nderwear; shirts
and drawers; long sleeves and 7.-4 length drawers; men's sizes only.
A* 50c a Garment���Fine Porous Knit and two-thread Balbirggan;
with sateen facings; shirts and drawers; long sleeves and ankle
length;  sizes ?,4 tr  46.
Pine     Nainsook     Underwear;   sleeveless     shirts     and     knee   length
drawers;  light and cool;  sizes ^14 to 44.
Combinationr at $1.00.
At 65c or $1.25 the Suit "Penangle" fine natural Merino I'nderwear;
r very desirable garment; shirts and drawers: long sleeves and
ankle  length;  sizes 34 to 44.
At 95c a Garment���Fine light summer weight, pure wood I'nderwear: in natural, pink and white. This garment is a regular $1,25
line;  sizes. In shirts, 34 to 4S; drawers. 34 to 40.
Combination!;  at  $1,75���"Penangle,"   medium   weight,  worsted,   ribbed
new eh;cd crotch; lent sleeves and ankle drawers; sizes 7,4 to 4-.
Sombinatione   at   $1.75    "Pi naglc.*"   medium   weight,   worsted,   ribbed
underwear;   just   right   for  men   who  do   nol   like   real   light   underwear; eloped crotch; sizi    ::i ti. 11
Attractive Offerings on Our Main
Floor for Tuesday Shoppers
Wc Have a Dandy Lot of New Novelty Neckwear Now in Stock.
Anj kind ol style of fixings we can show you right now, as wo
nevei had a larger and better varied stock than we have al the
present |me The very newest style fancy collars, side frills, neck
lichus, ore;, and coat collar trills, collar and cuff sets, jabots, ties,
yokes and fancy hows, otc, are well represented In this lot, Ask to
see them.    We cordially  invite you to,
Ladies'   Embroidered  Linen  Cellars.
Come in a good variety of dainty patterns and in all sizi s.       Oft*.
Cheapl*   priced at, estch    CUC
New Lace Collars, Gcod Value at 25c Each.
A very nice assortment In stock;  come In guipure and shadow laces;
white ami  cream;  worth 50c each. OC#*
Attractively  prlci d  at,  each       fcOG
Ladies' Lace Net Yokes, Very Cheap at 25c Each.
These  are  dandy  value;   In  good  quality  lace  net;   black,  white  and
cream;   and   fastened   with   tape   at   bottom;   well   wortl
BOc   each.     Our   price   is.   each    	
Ladier' Mercerized Lawn Handkerchiefs.
A   flni   finality  lawn;  dalntly embroidered  al  corners;   will  wash  and
wear   satisfactorily;   regular   20c   each. OC*��
'lo clear at two for      COC
Call in and Inspect Our Grand New Stock of Plain and Fancy Laces,
Allover Laces. A Dandy Assortment Just Arrived.
Comes in black, cream, white and dainty color effects; some iu
plain lace net, and In beautifully embroidered designs; also In Guipure,
Maltese and Torchon laces. See this .ery choice stock at mr
Xeekwca. Section on the main floor. The prices are the very lowest possible and you cannot get better values anywhere in town.
Our Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Dept.
Is Well Slocked With New and
Up-to-Date Merchandise
Coats,  Suits,  Dresses,  Waists,  Underskirts,  Corsets,   Whltewear and
Children's Wear at Prices which Cannot Be Beat in Town.
Very Stylish  Elack  and  White Check  Suits Attractively  Priced.
We have a nice selection in stock;  small and medium size' checks;
all    new    spring    models    and      lined      witii      "Skinner's"      Satin.
$18.50, $22.50 anc $25.00
Suitcase; made of good grained
kratol; Japanned corners; ste,:
frame and valance; good brass
locks and catches; good leather
handle;  inside straps.
*tlnch: $2.25
Ladies' and Misses' Stylish Suits at $16.50.
Come in all all wool serge oi navy and gray; also a fancy material,
and is well made up Into a very stylish suit; strictly man tailored;
coat cut in Bquare . ODI style, and skirt a new model, draped
little at each side team;  polonaise satin lined.
Are  good   value  at    	
New  Silk and Satin Summer Dresses at Prices  Hard to  Equal.
All our Silk and Satin Dresses have been divided into THREE VERY
SPECIAL   IX)TS,   at   extraordinary   reductions.     Kvery    dress    was
bought for this season's trade and must go.    We don't want to carry
a single dress over the season, so to do this we
cut Into the regular selling prices.
Regular $'!5.00 value,
Regular $30.00 value,
Regular $-'5.00 value,
Why Don't You Call in an. Look Over These Splendid Waist Values.
We are offering exceptionally good values in Ladies' Waists; values
which cannot be equalled in the city; waists that are now most
wanted; that Is, "Sailors," "Middies," Lawns, Marquisettes, Vestings.
Sateens'. Delaines and Fancy Cottons; in all sizes and good
of styles, These are now displayed on separate Bargain
the following range ol prices:
Tabic   No,  1 - Values to $2.00,
Selling for, each  	
Tabll    No.   2 -Values   to  $2.50,
Selling for, each   	
Table  No.  3- Value:,  to $2.95,
Selling   for,  each   	
Table  No. 4- Values  to $8.50,
Selling   for,  each   	
Tabic No. 5- Values to $4,00,
Selling   for,  each   	
Table No. 6- -Values to $4,60,
Selling   for.  each   	
These come  in  a good quality of  white  c.outille;   with   medium   low-
bust and  long hip;   a  perfect   fit;   made and  shaped   like the  better
corsets, and finished  with four hose supporters.
Specially priced at, per pail    ���	
"Our Special" E. T. Corsets at $1.00 a Pair.
A  similar make in a better quality material;  also low  bust  and  Ion?
hips and with hose supporters.
Specialy  priced  at.   per  pair   	
Also Special K. T. Corsets, in better grades at
$1.25, $1.50, $2.C0,  $2.50 and  to	
New Summer Dress Gocds
Wocl  Ratines���Special   Bargains.
These  popular cloths are in  the rare for ladies  wishing  to have  tlie
correct thing.    We are showing fl good range in many styles.
Brocade   Ratines,   in   a   neat  design;   in   colors  of  gray,   brown   and
stone; a good, serviceable doth; 47> inches, wide. *4   Cft
Special  value, per  yard         9 * ���WW
Ratine, In plain colon*, oi white and nell rose; 51 inches wide; just.
the weight for summei coats; good value at, �����<   pr
per  yard    9 �� ��mm9
Kancy Ratines, In mixed gray; a good dress weight, and in very effective   designs;   44   Inches   wide. {9 4    *}r\
Per   vard    9* .&9
Ratines of  Excellent Quality  Selling  Today for 85c.
These   include   brown   und   white  checks,   pale   blue,   mole,   gray,   41
Inches  wide;  regular $1.26,  lot,
per  yard    *���
Cream Serge.
We are showing a very special lot of serges; all wool, including
some Of Priestley's; 64 inches wide. The regular values are up to
75c.    Youi  choice of five pieces at, Cfl**
pe,- yard      WUU
have  made  a  big
Tables at


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