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The New Westminster News May 25, 1914

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Volume 9 7 amber 69.
Price Five Cents,
Militant Suffragettes Seek
Officers' Protection from
Miners   Determined   on   a
More Vigorous Campaign.
Public    Exasperated    at    Shouts    of | Organizers   Will   Be   Secured    From
"Shoot the King"���Art Galleries
Other States and a Publicity
Bureau Opened.
London, .May 26.���Shouts of "Shoo! '    Trinidad.  Colo.,  May  26.   A   earn
the King" filled the  hall in  whicli a ' P-^-K'1 to carry on more vigorously th��
,.,,,. ,    .  .        . i coal strike in Colorado lias heen deehl
WMtlm Of   he  \\ omens  Social  and      ,        , . t|���, j,lt(,rnatlo|m) |eadM| of
Political   l Dion,   the   militant   suffne
COMMONS 351 TO 274
Unionists Refused to Further Debate the Measure Without Information as to Intentions Regarding
Proposed Amending Measures.
get-,,  organization, was held this afternoon,   Kvery    mention    of   King
George's name  was greeted  with angry derision and prolonged hissing.
Mrs   Mildred Manuel, who served a
ti nn of imprisonment for   breaking
Indows at ihe war office, presided
al the meet ing. She alluded lo the
se. ncs at Buckingham palace on
Thursday wheu ")7 suffragettes, in
ei idlug Mrs. i-hniline Pankhurst, wer.
ur rented at the park gates and declared both the royal name and the royal office had been disgraced.
The speaker announced thai <iuite
11 number of contributions had been
received following the recent activi-
ties of the militant suffragettes. One
Glasgow woman sent $5()(i0,
'lhe language of the militants at
lhe meeting of the Women's Political
and Social Union this afternoon.
wh>n shouts of "Shoot the King"
were heard mi every side, shows that
warnings are not likely to be
i.e. [Jed, and except for the protection
afforded them by the police tbey
would be unable to bold public meetings anywhere without the risk of being badly hurt.
Ipparently all that Is needed in the
Opinion of some observers for the
suppression of the militants, is the
withdrawal from them of police prole, tion.
It Is certain that the closing of the
public art galleries because of a re-
ni'v ,.' of suffragette outrages has Increased tii.- resentment against them.
Tlie National gallery, the Tale gallery
in.,) other important centres are now-
closed At the British Museum women are admitted only by ticket, and
-i several <>f tin- big provincial cities
- tie- authorities have followed the ex-
ample of London and closed galler-
i. b and museums,
'.'i. I May Richardson, Who was sen
icured  to six  months  Imprisonment
list March for slashing* the "Itoki'liy
Vi nu." and who was released and
lie ;i rearrested on May 20, aft-r undergoing nn operation for appendicitis, u.1.-1 released tonight from Hoi-
loway jail. She bad been on a hunger
and thirst strike and was in a serious
the United Mine Workers ol America,
according to Organizer William Ola
uiond, who returned today from Fort
Smith, Ark., where he conferred witli
tlie president, John V. White.
"We are going to concentrate our
forcer, and use every effort at our
command to win the fight in Colorado"
said Mr.  Diamond.
Outlining tlie new campaign, he
said: "A nlimber of organizers from
otln r states will he sent to the southern coal fields and in addition the national newspaper publicity bureau of
the I'nited Mine Workers of America
will be returned to this city"
Result of Vote  Received  With Enthusiastic  Cheers by    Nationalists    and
Liberals���Division Strictly On Party  Lines���Bill  Sent to the
House of Lords and  Formally   Read   *    First    Time.
London. May 26,    |)y
to 271, a majorltj  of
a vote of 8611real  fight  on the  measure    In    lhat
77,  the  house 'ehaniber  will  begin  In  the middle of
Owners of Lost Vessel Entitled to Have Cases
Tried in U. S.
Supreme Court Renders Important Decision���Litigants Will   Receive
Practically  Nothino.
Mexican   Problems   Being
Straightened   Out   by
Washington.  May
Because the
Proceeding! to Be Kept Secret���Re-1
tirement of Huerta  From  the       {
Presidency Expected.
Niagara  Falls. Ont.,  May  26.���Pro-
steumshlp Titanic struck an  iceberg, j gress  towards a common agreement -
of commons this afternoon passed the ! J,,."<' ������� "**�� Whitsuntide holidays.
v ln a  brief speech  Premier Asquith
home rule bill. The end or the hard- I defended lhe government against the
i-jglil struggle came quite suddenly, i charge or Ignoring the rights of the
the unionists refusing lo debate the , minority and explained that he was
bill without further In formation as to introducing au amending bill not be-
��� he government's intentions In regard . cause he thought the Irish home rule
lo   the   proposed   amending   measure. , measure   IVSS  bad   or   Imperfect,   but
Premier Asquith lifted a corner of Ibecause be was anxious for peace,
the veil, but though Andrew Bonar The vote was then taken and the j _jj
Law, leader of the opposition, admit- announcement of the figures brought
ltd that the premier's words were;out u great demonstration by the na-
eoiicillatory, he hastened to add that i tionallsts and the liberals. As one
Mr. A.iii.itli had not told them any-' man they rose from their seats cheer-
Ihing. To discuss the third reading . ing and waving their hats. The di-
uuder the circumstances would, be I Vision was then taken strictly on
said, li ��� lutlle and ridiculous. He ' party lines. The followers of William
.Hided; O'Brien   abstained   from   voting,   Mr.
"Let the curtain ring down on this . O'Brien explaining their views, "that
rather than another British ship, the
supreme court today held that the
owner, the Oceanic Steam Navigation
company, was entitled to have Its liability for loss of life and property In i
suits brought in American courts limited lu accordance with maritime American  luw.
This means that those who sue in
American courts will get virtually nothing, the law limiting liability to the
salvage from the wreck and the passenger and freight money collected
I from the passage, about $90,000 In
The total claims against the company have reached 118,000,000.
The court held that where a lone
ship Ib wrecked the law of the country
in which the suit Is brought governs
on all phases of the Mexican problem
is being made by tbe mediators and
the American and Mexican delegates. .
This was stated with emphasis by
lhe mediators tonight after a day of
conferences principally with the Mexican delegates.
The mediators have taken the position that tbey are essentially councillors and not dictators of the destinies
of the Mexican republic.
Tbey will not suggest names for *
the provisional presidency, nor recommend any form of government. From
the Mexican delegates themselves
must originate proposals concerning
the internal affairs of their country.
They do not conceive it to be their
duty  to undertake  to  legislate  upon
Predicted  Deposit of Vast
Magnitude Exists at
Fifty-seven   Companies   Operating   in
the City, Capitalized for $146,386,-
000���Control 378,39<  Acres.
the limitation of liability.   In briefs in I    *m^^^^^^^^^m^m^mm^m^mmm^m���__
the case It was said that under British  questions  which properly  fall  within  ,
law, the liability of the owner of the  the jurisdiction of the constitutional-  ,
Titanic would be about 13,000,000 If it  1st government, when established. The
^^^^^^^^^_^_^_^__^-j,,,,.-,,-..--.........^,,..,.-..-.....-...-���     .found that the wreck occurred with-  most  they  can  do  in   this  direction  ,
COlttempitiMe  farce.    It  is  only    the  the premier's action was not straight. 1 out the fault or knowledge of the own-  will be in the line of suggestion and  .
end if an  act and  not of the play,   dealing  with  either  England  or  Ire-  er, and unlimited if it occurred with I kindly  recommendation.    The theory
The   government   can   carry   the   bill   laud." Hb fault or knowledge.   The presence I under  which the  Internal    questions
through  parliament, but the couclud- i    The *>ote wus:    For 351;    against   of J. Bruce Ismay, managing director,!are being brought Into discussion ia i
i Ing act of the drama  will  be in the   214. on inK Titanic at the time of the ac-  that  the   United  States  has  a  right
country  where an appeal to the peo- j Intense Excitement. cident, complicates this question. to e^y whom it will recognize aa pro-
pie will not end in a farce." The   houBe   waB   seething   with   ex-       "We see no absurdity in supposing."   visional  president    of    Mexico,    and I
Mr. Law  then remarked that when  citement from the moment the. speak-   said   Joseph   Holmes,   delivering   the  therefor* can indicate in advance who ,
a government was unable to obtain a  er  took  the chair.    Members of  the   opinion of the court, "that if the own-  will be acceptable.
seat iu   parliament for  a  member of   various  parties indulged In loud out-   er of the Titanic were sued ln differ- Proceedings,  Secret.
bursts of cheering when their respec- ent countries, each having a different The mediators as well as the Am-
live leaders entered the chamber rule affecting the remedy there, the I eriean and Mexican delegates have
while at the same time mocking ban-1 local rule  should  be applied in each  pledged themselves to keep their pro-
Wreckers   Remove   Plates
and Bad Accident Narrowly Averted.
Immigrant Train Overturned���Freight
Also  in the  Mix-up���None
Fort William, Ont., May 25. -When
the plates between the rails were unbolted apparently by train wreckers, a
westbound immigrant train and a west
'Imund freight were derailed near Ka-
mlnlstlqua, about 19 miles west of
this city early this morning. Nobody
was seriously hurt although u baby,
a boy and a man among the passengers were scratched with broken glass,
i'lntes had been removed from both
the east and westbound tracks and
th�� immigrant train running as second
No, "), was the first to be derailed, it
was followed by the freight and its
cars piled up agninst one of the immigrant cars, breaking it in on one side.
Three freight cars were smashed and
two others derailed.
Although no articles of value were
missed. It is supposed that tlie motive
of the wreckers was robbery. Settlers niar there have reported a nuni-
ber cf thefts during the past few days.
Calgary. May 2o Despite the fart
that this was a holiday. I her.- was but
little ot no abatement in the oil stock
business. Large numbers ol shares
wre bought nnd sold und prices for
th" stocks ot the lendlngi t-ompanies
were will maintained. There are F#7
Companies operating   in   this city.   The
companies control an aggregate of
378,394 acres. Their capitalization is
146,386,999 and the shares number 62,-
022,760. The par value ot the shares
of 411 of tin companies is $1, while the
par value of six others is $10 and of
one $1000, the latter company issuing
only 260 shares Last week no fewer
.ban 8!i applications for incorporation
were received at the offices of the
provincial secretary, the approximate
capitalization ol the companies making application amounting to $150,
El. Trowbridge, deputy provincial
secretary, has been In the city and after making a careful investigation he
found things were in as good shape as
could reasonably be expected when
the great rush of a week ago was
considered. As far as Mr. Trowbridge
could discover there were no companies operating in Calgary who had
not complied with every letter of the
Driller Brown of the Dingman well,
where the strike was made, states that
when the well is drilled deeper disclosures are liable to me made that
will astound the world, ll is certain, he
declared, that the filtered fluid now
coming out ot the well came from a
heavy base oil, end that this deposit
..list bo one of magnitude. Twelve
wells are now being drilled and machinery is being rushed Into the district as fast as It can be supplied by
the manufacturers, The utmost confidence prevails as to the future of the
oil fields.
the cabinet, meaning Rt. Hon. C. F. C.
MastermiiU, an appeal to the country
evidently  was not  far off.
Sent to House of Lords.
The home rule bill wag subsequent-
ly sent up to tin- house of lords. It
was accompanied by a group of jubilant nationalists who escorted the
official bonier of the bill and sang
"(lod Save  Ireland."
The house of lords afterward formally read the bill a first time.   The
'er   wa3   shouted   from   the   opposite
Mr. (ianzoni, the unionist who, on
Saturday defeated Mr. Masterman
chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster,
in the by-election at Ipswich, met
with sucli an uproarious welcome on
Iiis introduction that he appeared
glad  to escape from the limelight.
mm ��_*.. bu
M4��f FASJ im
Provides  for  Senate   of  40   Members
and  House of Commons of
Trials   Show   Speed   of   Over   Ninety
Miles an Hour���Foreign Drivers
Pr-tpared  for  Event.
Famous   Mexican    Rebel   Still
Field���Topic   City  Captured
London, May 26. The Irish home
rule bill, which passed the house of, of the 47,
commons for the third time today and j nual 500
whicli will become law whether the
house of lords assents or not. contains
the following provisions for the government of Ireland:
A senate of 40 members, a house of
commons of 164 numbers. The Irish
parliament cannot legislate on peace
or war, navy, army, or any naval or
military force, foreign relations, trade
outside of Ireland, coinage or legal
It cannot make any law either di-
nctly or Indirectly to establish or en-
Indlanapolis, Ind., May 25.- fifteen
drivers entered in the an-
inile automobile race next
Saturday raced through the elimination trials today. The work of Duray
in his little French car was said by
officials to be one of the most remarkable exhibitions ever witnessed
on the local track. This car, with
a piston displacement of but ISP. cubic inches, made the circuit of the 2
1-2 mile track In one minute and forty
seconds, which is a speed of approximately U0 miles an hour. All of the
other cars have a piston displacement
cf 450 cubic Inches, the limit for the
500 mile race.
Automobile  enthusiasts  pointed   to
Duray's accomplishment as an exam-
Trouble in Albania May Be Settled by
florae, May 26. Intervention / In
Albania by all European powers has
been under discussion by the Italian
government on the same basis as Intervention in China at ihe time of the
Boxer rising.
Italy always has opposed the idea
of Intervention in Albania being limited to Austria and Italy, and the
triple entente, Oreat llritain, Russia and France, was opposed to intervention by tlie whole of Europe.
Russia has taken the Italian view and
the opinion is held here in official
quarters that possibly Oreat Hritaln
and  France  may agree.
dow any religion, or prohibit the freely ���f tho preparedness of the for-
exercise thereof, or give preference. ejgn drivers who are entered in the
privilege or advantage or impose any ] contest. Many of the cars were in
disability or disadvantage on account j the grand prix in France.
of religious belief or religious or ee-1 of the 45 drivers who must make
cleslastlcal statute, or make any re- the elimination tests the thirty who
llgious belief or religious ceremony a ' raakf the circuit of the track in the
condition of the validity of any marri-; ue3t time will be entered in the race,
ag'' j Each car is allowed three trials.
Legislative  Restrictions. Bragg  made  the  best  time  in   the
Temporary   restrictions  are   placed   runs  today, circling  the course  in  1
on  legislation  on   land   purchase, old   minute 30.80 seconds or approximate-
age pensions, national insurance, labor | |y at a speed of 04 miles an hour,
exchanges,  royal  Irish    constabulary, |    Tnp elimination tests will continue
case." iceedings secret    One reason for this
Justice McKfiuia dissented, holding  Is the desire of the Mexican delegates
the  British  law should apply. that various phases of the discussion
 1  here,   particularly   those   relating   to
I the retirement ot Huerta should not
be misinterpreted ia Mexico City and
thus weaken the administration there
in handling the military situation
agaiust the constitutionalists.
Certain Mexican delegates suggest
that   the  United  States should   interpose no objections), to General  Huerta
becoming  a  candidate  for  lhe  presidency at ujr election called by a pro- -
visional   government   Mt   up  a.  *  em. (
suit   ot  mediation.     Tht.     th-r     reel
. ould permit  him to retire with dignity and would greatly conduce |o the
restoration of permanent peace.
Jojse  Requena,   |#_fo  was a candl-.,
���   .,.        .,       .date for vice-president on  the same
Bmillano  /spa-1 tJcket  wit���  Geuera|  Ke]*v *p-M|  and
Cecilio Ocon left today for Toronto
after a conference with the Mexican
delegates.    It was learned today that
given out today by the department of' 7 . , ot medlallon and p-aC��� thelr
ia_o.nia.ltou at Juarez. The message f0^uneg jn the hands of the Mexican
came from General Lucio Blanco and \^egatg8 *-
In   th.j*
>r      ft
Kl   I'aso,   May   25.   	
fa. long in the field as a rebel chief
of Southern Mexico., has made no
alliance with the Huerta government.
!f.i.i.a...���P.orl.fr2!" .K*"l.?ri'ii'.a.r.tni^ |they��eame primarily "to express' their
Raphael Btielna, who recently took
Tepic City on the west coast.
"���News from our agents at Mexico
City deny absolutely that General Zapata has united with Huerta." the
���message said. "This g��neral on account of our conduct .. s reiterated
his adheision to the commander of
Chief General Venustiano Carranza.
Also we have information confirming
the report of the capture of Guerna-
vaca by General Zapata."
The west coast leaders today also
gave details of the capture of Tepic
City last Fridav. Thev stated that
the federals had lost 200 killed while
the constitutionalists troops lost 120
killed, including Col. Soto of Buelna's
brigade. The victors took 500 prisoners, it was said, and captured 1000
rifles and large quantities of supplies.
There were no conferences with
the American delegates during the day
the mediators spending their time
explaining to the Mexicans the viewpoint of the Americans as presented
to them last night.
through tomorrow and Wednesday
Other drivers and their time were:
Knipper 1:40:48; Grant 1:46:03;
Grant 1:44:09; Wishart 1:41: S3;
Klein 1:43:63; Brook 1:43:38; Keene
1:47:37; Wilcox 1: 3H: 16; Chassagne 1: -
43:60: De Palmul:47:40; Anderson
1:43:77:  Oldfield 1:44; Cooper 1:42:-
poet office, and other savings hanks
and friendly societies. The executive
remains invested in the sovereign or
in his representatives.
Forty-two members still will be sent
from Ireland to the house of commons.
The judicial committee of the privy
council to give the final decision as to
the constitutional validity of any act! ;>5;   Pullen  1:45:20.
passed  by   the  Irish  parliament. 	
The Irish exchequer is to defray the '
cost  of the  Irish  administration, except for reserved services mentioned
The imperial exchequer to pay an
annual sum to the Irish excheauer
starting at $2,500,000 and eventually
Royal   Edward   Narrowly
Escapes Fate of the titanic.
Daring Thieves Make Clean Getaway! 	
With Small Craft.
A daring theft of a gasoline fishing | Message States Vessel in Collision 110
boat was perpetrated some time  Fri-
Many   Worshippers   at   St.   Andrew's
Church  Sunday   Eveninq. ^L^L^em^am^am^-m^mm^mmm^m^emmm
On Sunday evening a patriotic ser- j Friday Afternoon  Women's Auxiliary
vice was held in St. Andrew's l'resby-l    ~   ���**���--
t  Man church In honor of Umpire d~
day night or early Saturday morning
last. I.ockie Brown, the owner, dismantled tlie boat of her coil nnd battery on Friday evening and moored
her to Pike's wharf.
The coil and batterv of a neighboring boat was found to bave heen stolen
on Saturday  morning ar
Infers   that   they   wen
Miles  East of Cape  Race���
Slightly  Damaged.
London, May 75. --The steamer Royal Edward, of the Canadian Northern
Mr. Brown   Steamship company, collided with au
fitted   to   his ] ice berg 110 miles east of Cape Race
craft by the thieves who subsequently | while on   her -oyage  from  Montreal
cleared out. The license of Mr. Brown's] (u Avcnmouth.
If Not Be Careful of the Color of Your
Since April 6,  when the provincial
voters' list closed an important amend
after six vears. becomiiiR a permanent j ment to the Provincial  Elections act
^^^^^ ' came into force, by which applicants
ltev. F. M. Kerr preached to a crowd'
ed congregation in whicli the members of the city council and city officials were well represented. A special
musical program, arranged by Organist and Choir Leader Maurice Taylor,
was admirably executed. Mr, Taylor
played lour ougan polos and soIob were
.-ung hy Miss Margaret Wilson, John
Graham and A. E, Alderdlce. and a
quartette by Mrs. Caydzien, Miss Wilson and Messrs. Graham and Alder-
Among the hymns siuir were "O,
Canada,'1 KipllnR's "Lest We Forget"
and  the National  Anthem
-������ Will  Serve Tea __^_
The opening of the new building ol
the Royal Columbian hospital to the
public will take place on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock and a large attendance of the philanthropic public is ex-
p.-iyment of $1,000,000 annually.
Recent Rains Effective in Extinguish-
for votes have to make their applica-
boat is G. I.. B, 192. The boat has
ueeu engaged in fishing during the
past  week opposite  Langley.
The captain in a wireless message
to the owners today described the
ice berg us a very large one and said
the vessel struck it .end-on while going   'dead  sltiw" in a dense  fog.
The Royal Edward's stem was
twisted by the blow.' The captain declared that  the. damage was not ser-
Local Men of the 104th Fusiliers Leave
Far  Vernon. H	
Tie main body of the 104th regi- j lous but tha, it would be nece8sary
ment marched from the armories on | t0 UeCk her on. arrival in Eneiand
Saturday nig.it shortly after 10 o'clock |    A late message,says the Royal Ed-
vi��� .....~ .~      .��� to tne I. V. R. station and entrained   lV.,ra- js taxing no water but thai ��h
tion by a new form of procedure. He- j for Vernon.   The men were headed by i nas l)t,;,l, brought to a stOD in th a tn*
fore   the  amendment   became   law   a ��� their bugle band und made a gallant Neither of the mes8aen_ is rlitpV
British subject ol full age had only so I show,    l^rge crowds witnessed their '' oaiea.
to  declare  iiimselt    to    procure   the j departure from the armory alon
nig   Raging  Flames.                I franchise.   Since the law was amend- j route and at the station.   The VaBcou-
The heavy rains of yesterday practi-1 cd he must qualify under one of three   ver troops joined the others at  i'ort
rally eliminated all danger from bush         ..u,,,, ,.
pecteil. i fires,  not   a   single   report   being  re-
The Women's Auxiliary of the Royal | ceived from the various stations near
Columbian hospital will serve tea during the aftfrnoon and will also hold a
jam and jelly shower. They hope kind
friends interested in hospital work
will respond to the latter project for
the augmentation of the funds and
that those unable to be present on
Friday, will leave their contributions
previously nt the store of ('. A. Welsh,
on  Columbia street.
I'ort Coquitlam and the Fraser valley
ized British subjects, who are requir-
to the effect that tlie flames were still | ed to produce their naturalization pa
ravaging the country. Yesterday's
drenching allowed practically all those
who had been spending the past few-
days fighting fire, to celebrate Victoria day. The next few days will allow the forest rangers to plan n better system of patrol than was in existence early lust week.
Murder Suspected.
- rortlaiid     May    25.���Development-*
forms of declarations. One torm on | Coquitlam and the two Chilliwack following ti s Onding of the body of
blue paper is for born British subjects. I companies, with their band boarding ! It. K. Then-pson, aged 28 a small
a sicond on white paper for natural-1 tlu C. P. H. train at Abbotsford, ang- manufacturer of HilUboro,  Ore.,    in
mented them at Mission.   The mount- i the  Willamette  river  late' yesterday
ed brigade is already in '-amp. (have led  to a suspicion    of    murder
  I The pockets of   Thompson's    clothes
Toronto   Beatr   Quebec. j were all  i-und to have been    turned
Toronto.     May     7.7 - The   lacrosse  out and deioid of money or valuables
game here today between Toronto and   Thompson  disappeared  May   16   last
Quebec of the Big Four league result-  after niali
ed In a victory for Toronto by a score business
of 17-S.   The game was witnessed by  friends I
j aboul  5000  enthusiastic jditlou.      ^^^^^^^ma^ajg^a-^^^^^
pers  or  certified  copy  thereof;   and
the third form, on pink paper, is for !
an applicant who is a British subject:
in   virtue  of  his   lather's  naturalization  durin ;  li is  minority,
The next court of revision is on Nov.
3, and until then no further votes can |
be registered.
:'g a visit to Portland. His
it.airs are said by his
bave been left fn good con- f��AGE TWO
TUESDAY,   MAY   26,   1914.
gBgtorSi     | NUBS OF NEWS
An liiili-ix.ndent morning paper devoti'd to the Interests of New West minster and
tbe Fraser Valley. I'ulillslie.l every morning except Kunday by the National l'rliitiin!
���nd I'ubllslilns Company. I-imlteil, at 63 McKenzie Street. New WestmiuUT, Hrltish
Celu-nlMit. ROBB SlITIIKIM.ANl*.  Managing  Director.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
to Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
T-___BPHDNB8���Business Office and Manatfer. 9!l!); Editorial Rooms (all department---, 991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATKS���Ity carrier. (4 per year, $1 for three months, 40c per
month. By mail. $:i per rear, 16c per month.
ADVERTISING   RATES  on  application.
It is a strange coincidence that on the eve of Empire
Day a shipload of Hindus should arrive from India bent
on forcing themselves on the British whites of this province.
Oeot-ge  Allison,  an  old  timer    In
Princetiin,   has   been   appointed    Hfe
warden  for that  district.
* Pall v.heat on the ranch ol .1 EL
Shaver at Keck Creek mountain, WSJ
Jti inches high on  May  16.
The it. c. Telephone company    is
contemplating   the   complete   renova
i tion ol the whole
and extensions.
i'ort Moody system
on au average three or four cases ;
ol eggs are shipped from Moyle each
week,    i'or the first time in the his
tcty ol Moyie no eggs an- imported.
.   *   ���
iim. Thomas Taylor spent s  few
day:;   ill   tile   Arrow In .id   district   last
week  making an Inspection tour   of
Beaton, Comaplix, Hall's Landing and
The Natural Way to Health
XPERIENCE proven that Health by Coaxing ia better
than Health by I'oriir.g. A Mild Remedy is always
superior lo a Hazardous rurre.
'�� ""Fruit Salt" pievenls and relieves by Nalunil Mrana
tional derangemenlH ot the Liver, Temporary Con-
arising from the ice of alcoholic beverages, Errors iu Diet, 13iliouune.y, Sick
Headache, etc. It acts according lo the
quantity taken, either as a lelieving
agenl or as ��� cooling p.nd refreshing
beverage, and gently stimulates without
any weakening utter-effects.
/'ri'purett only bv
i. C. ENO, Ltd., "Fruit Salt'' Wcrki, Uadu,
Sold insll ths principal townssnd cities of Canada
Aits', lor Causal HsrsM F. Bilclit m
C... --silt.. 10 Htcl.nl St.. TOXONfO
AooountanL Telephone It.47. Ilooia
���t:-  linn   Block
r  H Smith w. J. Grovi *.
Work  undertaken   in    en-,    and  outside
pointa.    111-13   Westminster Trust  Bids.
Phone "in.    I*. <>.  Boa GOT.
A great deal is heard of tlie rights of the natives of ^^t^fT^nTm^
'���  o���u,v.u ,...k,������i.. ,,,.,1 thg freedom which they '
India as British subjects and
should enjoy within the empire, but there is something
to be said concerning the rights of the Canadians of British Columbia, who took hold of the province when it was
known as a "sea of mountains" and made it what it is today. .   .
The men who developed this western outpost of the
empire were white men. They were freeborn Britishers
and thy came here and endured the hardships of pioneering when the Hindu was content to loaf in the sun of his
native land and allow the home government to provide for
him. Hindu brains, Hindu muscle and Hindu money had
no part in the upbuilding of British Columbia and, if right
prevails, thev will he excluded from coming in and enjoying tlie fruits of the white man's labor and energy.
On the other hand, the race of whites on this coast is
a free race, a. race of conquerors; the Hindus are a conquered people, conquered after a campaign of treachery
on their part that shocked the whole civilized world. Britain maj have committed errors in her administration in
India, but the grossest of her mistakes does not parallel
foi a moment the ferocity and barbarism practiced by the
Indian mutineers at Calcutta, Cawnpore and Delhi, the
echoes of which are heard to this day in the anarchistic
propaganda being carried on over there.
The veiled threats cast out by the leader of the shipload of East Indians as to what will happen if his people
are barred from these shores may or may not be idle vapor, but whatever their true value there are two things I oh
certain; India is British and will remain so; British Col- ' '
umbia is a white man's country and will be white after
Gurdih Singh and his companions are part of the earth
from which they came.
uess property have
Nelson Investment
gary und  Winnipeg
n   nf
been sold to  tho i
company  t<- Cal-
Seven men met death in tie- Coal
nun.:; ui British Columbia during tlie
,,ii-t three months of 1814. Three at
rlosmer, one al Michel, two at Cum-
bi rlaud and mu- al Nanaimo,
���   ���   ���
i.i:;:,. shipments ei' rbrbarb are hr*
Ing in.un- from Hammond.   Secretary
I., o. Rayner of tin- Hammond i-nn.
asci elation, reports thai tin. p  -sped
nl' record .-ale;, arc Very bright.
-      *      -
It. T. Lowery. the On ��� nwood sage
says scenery is one or tlie great an-
.���wis ui' British Columbia, aim ii pin J
pi :ly advertised it would mean mil
liens of dollars to this beautiful coun
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
,.O.O.M��� No.x.r.4    KEBTfl ox Flitsr
anil   third   Tuesday   in   fcBOh   month
at x p.m. in the Labor Temple. A. i
Christmas, Dictator;  W. .1. Groves,
'I.U     UKST.MI.VSTKl:    I.OIK1K.    NO
I.   I . o   I-:,  iii   h, I'..  i;i". tn  first   n i
third  I'fl.l.n   .it   **  pin.   Lubor Tempi*-,
S. i.iill.   anil   Royul   uvi      A.   Well*
Oniy, Kxiili.ii Ruler; I    ll   Smith, Hoc
i.i ii..
Foreman David, of tlie provincial
government road can-', has been busj
tho pasi weeks removing the old and
delapldated planking on Dewdney
trunk read, leading towards the Pltl
mer  Terry.
��� *    *
Tii.- moving picture nun employed
by the provincial government madt
ti trip to the Shawnigan Lake l-um
her company one day last week and
took pictures of the "flying machine"
method ol' handling logs there,
��� *   *
lv .1. Whttely. of Victoria; has heen ]
sentenced to jail for cue yi ar for committing bigamy,    lie came to Canada
i nn-  years  ago,   leaving  a   wife  and
lldren in the old country, and mar-
British Col-lb"? ilK:,i" ln vlctorla ,a8t Soptem'
, *     ���      *
A public meeting to promote the
inii '*i sts of the cannery at Grand
Forks was held at the company's
building on Thursday. Shaw Baker,
the chairman of the new directorate
presided and explained the position
! of the company,
.   .   .
A chcice supply of fresh meal fall.-' !
! regularly to one er another of the
settlers in tlie way of venison, hear i
meat. etc. This is one of the luxuries provided lor th-- Kedleston dis-
Lrict which it is useless for outsiders
to try and secure
��� *    *
A lad named Wfnirer alnit' nltr
vears or age had tin- misfortune ti
have his foot cm off by freight tram
No.  77  at   Notch   Hill.     It   wus  report
  ed  that he was trying to board  tin
: train to ride to school when the acci
An American says it would have paid B. C. to build -1""- occurred.
the Panama canal itself.   So, having had the big ditch     Tne A-i(.(Vi,*  *oad* ia n,.,,;itl.. ,...
built for us. let's see that our harbors are put in the right mari-ai-i,. progress, ami when finish
L-i'nrl n.f cr-QV,o r(1  w111  I"'"VI; ''* mo8t  nttractive  route
K1I1U Ol Siidpc. | from Coquitlam to Vancouver.   It Im
  | a beautiful view over the head of Bur
r.'i'il    n!'t.  nnd  terraced  mi   tin-  hillside is -shaded nicely hy the trees.
On Your Trip Around The World
carry yo.ir funds In Traveller:,' Cheques, Issued by the. Dominion
Bank. Afloat or ashore at every port of call ���on all the side trips
���you can have these cheques caahed al their face value. You pay
no foreign exchange. You don't have to be Identified by any
p-rson. You are safe from loss becau.if: you-and you alone-can
cash these Travellers' Cheques. If they should be lost or stolen
���hey cannot be cashed by finder or thief.
These cheques are  more than a convenience���they are  a
positive necessity when you ��o abroad.
nu l\ AMITY LODQE NO L'7 Tilf;
regular hi..ii:iik  ni"  Amity   Lodae,   No
L'7.  I. ii   n   l-'..  is hi hi ivi n   Mond iv
ni thi  ill   '���  O'clock   in  (l III   rVllows'   Hall,
comer Carnarvon and Righth Street*!
Vlsltlns brethren cordially Invite.!
ll vV Rannter, Nil.. .1. I., Wiitson.
V.Q.I  W.  t*.  Coatham,  P.O.,  reoordlnx
- en tary;   .1.   W,   McDonald,   (Inuncl .i
���l i riliiry.
W. 1-7 PALES tt CO., 81J-61J AGNES
��treet, opposite Carnegie library. Mo%i
up-to-date: funeral parlors In tha elf..
Specialist* in ihlpplng, Lady ssslstani
in attendance. Always opon, liny Dhone
ITS,  ii.kI.i  phone  si.
t. r & ll.ii.n.i, I.tu I-- Funeral directors
ii.il -ynbnlmi rs I'.nl.irs In:, Columb i
street,  New    Weatmlnlter,    Phone  3!>*.
Hi r Board of Trade i is in the boa   .
room, City Hull, ns followa : Third I 11-
il.iy nf inch month. Annual meetings
nn tin. third Friday of Fi bruai i <��� li
sunn  Wild,., aecretary.
nil i -i _���l m
rlHi.m, Solicitors, etc in I ,,��� sir.- t,
N.w   \\ ��� ��� tiniiiM,.)..    o, ).;   Corbould   1^
0     .1    K.   Orant     A. B.   MeColL
Since the weather man has cooled off we can look
back with equanimity on those eighty-odd degree days of
last week with the remark, "It's all in the game."
Today Port Coquitlam will vote on a hundred thousand dollar loan. Here's hoping the port town makes the
Montreal's idea now seems to be, "Save the babies and
the grown-ups will take care of themselves."
Recipe No. 11���Cut Out and Paste
in your Recipe Book.
2 cups Royal Standard; 2 cup!* Royal Standard rolled oats;; 1 cup
brown su>*ur ',-j cup lard; % cup
sour milk; 1 teaspoonful salt V4
cup butter, 1 teaspoonful baking
soda. 1 package dates. Melt the
Bhortenlngj add brown sugar, rolled oats, flour and salt. I'ut tea-
spoonful soda in the sour milk and
mix all together. Stone one package of dates, add a little water nnd
then put on stove for about IB minutes, add about half cup suKar.
Roll doti-.ii thin and cut into rounds
With a glass. Hake for about 15
minutes.     Place.date   in   centre.
���Eettv  Brown.
The proof of the pudding is in the flour just us much as
in thi   rating.
You i   a prove this to your entire satisfaction by making
thesi  : jpular Date Cookies with just "flour" and then with
Every   lay housewives are learning  that old  recipes can
be mai.e to taste like now ones by Just substituting ROYAL
STAVDAnn In place of ordinary flour.
We say  "money  back if not absolutely  satisfactory''
In  order  that you  may  try  ROYAL STANDARD without
one cunt ol  risk.
Your grocer knows.
ti i-.i'l hv,  Solicitor, etc.    S.ilicit.,1-  for
the it ink of Vancouver,   urt e     Mer-
'���' "���' Bank Building; New Westminster, It i' Telephone No. 1070 Cal ���
address "Johnaton." Code, Western
l nlon.
F. II ANSFORI), It Mtltl.-tTKK Si I-
Icltor, etc., Colllster Block, corner Columbia and McKerule streets, New
Westminster, B. C, P, O, Box .'v.*. Tele-
phonii  344,
��� Ide Barristi ra and Sollcltora Westminster Trust Kile, Columbia Btroel
New Westminster, it. C. Cable address
-���wiiit. -sld...-    Western   Onion.     I'    D
Drawer   .00,     Telepl iti      v,*     i
Whiteside,  K.  C;   11.  L.   Edmonds,   l >.
Whit, sli! ���.
These Chinese pirates who have been getting so busy
of late can still learn a few things from some of the Calgary oil operators.
According to the government plans, the addition to
the new court house is not to have any frills, but if it contains a new court room out of hearing of the cars the jur- j'
istS will not worry so much about the decorations.
mrii need
the preesn
often   nr   th
gulf i i so rough.   There was n
crowd of passengers and many
ashamed   to   adml
oo comfortable.
night the    Patricia    ex-
i     of  thi    worst  Tips  ol
summer season.   It is ������ ���
time  of the  year  tin
:i t - l.t w. solicitor, etc., corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, Now Westminster, H. C.    P. u. Hox 112,    Telephono
Solicitor and Notary. Offloea, llui-
Block, 2x Lome street, New Wostm'n-
ster. H. C.
Barristers and   Solicitors,    in..*,   i.  8ii
Westminster Trust   Block.    Q,  E
tin.   W.   li.   McQuarrie   und   Qeorg.
wi re   non<
The mining men of the Salmo district are awaiting with interest the
| utci n o of the proposal t. , **abli8h
a zinc plant in Nelson or vicinity.
There Is a quantity ol li ad zinc or
!n this districl and if a means of
treating this economic i !. and prac-
..... . ���     \- > ''cany,  can  be   found   i   would   hell
ur mihtiM away at camp in Vernon, what the mining ii,<i--r eatiy.
Decker, the convicted New York policeman, is begin-
r to think that the good old days in Gotham have pass-
District Attorney Whitman agrees with him.
in a
With all
Id we do if i hat phipload of Hindus descended on
That scene the other night in the Imperial house recalls the times when the B. C. legislature looked more like
a bear garden than a law-making factory.
railway has
residents of
side Italians.
I ,s a legitimate kick coming. The G. N.
niil off a section gang of fifteen men, all
'.  itvale, and has replaced them with out-
Washington, ." . . -=A dramatic
climax marli d the i of the Bensa-
llonal testiinonj i es S. Mellen,
Conner pn Bidi nl ��� New Vork,
New Haven ami Mm : irailroad. before the inti i.i . rce commission today
With (vuli:, . motion, Mr.
Mellen  asserted J. Pierpont
Morgan  v a    ,- ��� tne Grand
Ttimli   in Kotlai ' which     he
i Melb in   was . i.. . adicted for
violation   of   thi . anti-trust
net  and that hi idictllients
that   be iii!*--''!  in  i .rorsan)  as
he believi d ii  m killed the
ap;cd f'.iiancii r it' In n Indicted
Mr. Mill, n pi .fel)8e feel-
ing as he r t0 8hield
ted quick-
undor the humlllatfot) of an undeserved Indicti ���  i0 protect his father."
Thi crowded curt room .listened
with intense Inti rest' as this uosiiiK
recital   was  giv n.
The launching of th i. amer Sen
raous al Nelson for the. Okanagan
l-:"''' p< -vice of the Canadian Pacific
railway lias been pi itponed from Mon
day t-i Tuesday to permit the stt< n
'','i:'''" "'' the i. neral superintendent
I-' \\ Peters, and i ihpr company offi
c.als. Captain J C Oi re la now In
the Okanagan fi i    be launching.
Pailwav .���- n������: ictinn from bof-
ends of the K ttlo Valley ra'lway will ; en's
be pushed to cornpli tion this fall and ; will
trains will bi running into Vancouver via Merritl bi fere the first of
the year. There is already about for-
, ty miies of steel laid up the Cold-
! water river from Merritt to the summit.
A complete line of Manicure oGods to
select from. Sets complete if you
wish, or separate Files, Clips. Buffers, Scissors mail and cuticle),
Chamois Shins, Creams, Powders, and
everything needed to keep the hand.'
In vood condition.
Step in   for your supply
701  Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
��� K
New Westminster will be represented at the annual aesembly of the Presbyterian church of Canada which
meets at Woodstock, Ont., on June :<,.
r b'oreester will represent St. Steph-
churcb, while Marshall Sinclair
itte;,,| on behalf of St. Andrew's.
Ml, and Mrs. Sinclair leave for the
east on Monday and followin-; the
Woodstock assembly they will spe',,1
the summer months visiting various
places in Ontario and the maritime
Mr, and Mrs. M. (*!. Donaldson, who
were married In Nelson last Wednes-
_ j day, left for the Emerald mine, where
Mr. Donaldson is foreman and where
he had prepared a neat little cottage.
BANDITS ! Both the contracting parties are old
j timers ln the district, and are well
known. Mrs. Donaldson nee Miss
i'.'ertman, has lived In Salmo and
Eric, and vicinity for the last four-
'cen years or more and Mr. Donaldson   wai one of the  first persons to
the elder Mi i  ,
ly to a shon of :
wlun   lie  told   liuw   :       ,,
Morgan  had
the presid :
which   suggestl ���
with emphas
to thi   facl I .
ent J. P-
hange In
iven," at
���n    said,
ECallspell, Mont., May 22, i* irestry
telephones were put Into use today
by posses hunting in the neighborhood
of Kortine, tin miles northwest of here
the two bandits that held up a Qreat
Northern train recently at Rondo, Ac- r, ,. *��� Ualmo
cording to Shi riff Ingrabam who returned today all the mountain trails
in the? region are being patrolled and
the hunt is proceeding cautiously, the
posses keeping in touch with one another by telephone. The fugitives
have not been seen since Sunday.
Final Warning Given.
Washington, May 25.���Capt. Eberle
of tlie United Stales cruiser Washington, cabled tiie navy department tonight that he gave President Bordas
Of Santo Domingo linui warning yesterday, that artillery lire Into the
town of Puerto Plata, held by rebels,
must cease. There was no firing today, the dispatch added.
Iowa Lumber &
limber Co., Ltd.
i OAL MINIS., rlghta of the D( ill n
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Albi **ttt,
the Yukon Territory, tha Northwest Territories and in a portion of tin- Province
nf iiritish Columbia, may be leased lur i
term uf twenty-one years at an annual
rental of 51 an acre, Net more than 2,'f>i
,n-r. s win in- Ii ased to one applicant
Application for a lease must be made
by tin- applicant in pernim lo the Agent
or Suii-Ag'iit nf the district In which Uiu
rights applied   fnr an- situated.
in surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections and in unsurveyed ui-
ritory the tract applied tor shall be slaaed
out  by the applicant himself.
l-laeii application must be accompanied
by a ru ot $5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available.
Inn not Otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output "f the
mlno at 'h" rate of live cents per ton.
Tho person operating the mine sluill
furnish the Agent with Bworu returns
acct iniing for the full quantity ol merchantable coal mined and pay tlie royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
in ma being operated .such returns should
he   furnished  at   least  mice a  year.
Tho l. is., will Include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee will be permitted t.. purchase whatever avullSbie
surface right may be considered necessary for the working uf the mine at the
rati   of Sin an acre.
Kor full information application shoukl
he  made in  the  Secretary of  the  Department of tin.  tnterlBr, Ottawa, ..r to any
Agenl  or Sub-Agent of Dominion  Lands.
\\7  \V   CilKV.
Deputy Minister of tho Interior.
N B Unauthorized publication >.: it Is
advi rtisMiui-nt win pot be paid for.
Building  Dynamited.
Calumet, Mich., May 26.- a boarding house occupied by men Imported
during the copper miners' strike and
a   store  conducted  by  a  former nonunion miner were damaged tonight by
dynamite placed outside the buildings
Utention land exploded with fuses.   .None of the
suffering  occupants were injured.
The r>ldp'*t newspaper In  the  Sim-1
llkumeen district,   the    Similkameen !
Star   lately  changed   hands,   when  J,
M.   Wright    who   has   run   the   paper;
for   the  last   eleven   years,   disposed
nf his Interest to C. P. Fnvs. a well !
known  newspaper man of Edmonton. I
who is exnected i��� Princeton shortl",
An up-to-date plant will be Installed. .
The  Similkameen    star    started    to
shine in the Similkameen  vallev    In
Princeton 14 year8 ago ���ndor the direction and ownership of ���,)mes An.
derson  of   Prall,  B C,    a   r   House
purchased  the  paper and  ,,illllt   ���hout
1900,   when   Mr,   Wrlghl   became   in'
D.  D. WILSON, Manager.
We  can  now  supply  Oak
Flooring  and   Casing  and
Base.   We also have some
Yellow    Cedar    (Cypress)
which is just the thing for
making cabinets, dress boxes
etc. ,
Phone 904.
New Wellington
Office,  554  Front 8treet,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105
Transfer Co.
Ofrice Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begble Street.
Baggage Delivered Tromptly to
Any Tart of tbe City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Residence:  Room 118 McLeod Block.
Phone 489 h.
TUESDAY,   MAY  26.   1914.
Yankee Activity Keeps I
Vera Cruz Cheerful
Eareball   Follows   the   Flag���Interesting  Description  Following American   Occupation   of   Old   Post.
''era C.iiz. May _.*,.    The first thing :
yo i   ss m Vera Crus these dayi li the
Araeiican  Hag flying over Terminal
hotel, and  ynu will find  tlie  ..vide (;)r.
n lors filled with hurrying oftlcers
and jaekies.
Tin- first thing that catches your attention, however, will probably be
i ipuun ii. <>. wcL, n.iie, .OU ci a t
miss blm. Vnu'll know him hv bis
roar, his mustache, bin flashing eye
and his supreme contempi tor civil-
lam in- being sort or a doortender
rur Admiral Fletcher, who i.s mild
:.. yond irordi he stands around roaring In folks who come tu lhe admiral's !
headquarters to "Sit  down." "Come
here, you," "Slay out of this room."
Admiral   Fletcher  keeps  bis  door
'���' 'Si d,  tin .   - ly, in ml   r to shut  out |
Huse's roarings,   Mothers with babies
llee.     Vim   try   tO  tell   tinv   Mexietm   n,
. i i ( i ik. th it the mu v is the servant
oi the Am, rican people ami thai the
tail _ oi wi. i'. Peopn ki ep the navy
going and you'll he laugh) d at. 'I h- y're
learned otherwise from tho majestic
bellowing! of the moustached Huso.
out  mere ate other sights  in  \'i i.i
Crus snd, having paid your respects
to headquarters anil  heen roared at
by Hum-, you sally forth into the town.
Field  Fiptized  With  Blood.
Firs!    you   cross   the   ten aere   field
ivhlch lies between the American eon-
snlate and tin- water front,    Across
this field fled tile Madero family, and,
Liter, Fells Diaz, from the wrath of
hue 11. t be other day, In the fight-
:: :.. 11 i. cai ie a battb field baptized
��� ih '���'. ii -' ' mi ii bavo lain on
it lint now there are brovin tents of
. ifantrymi n en it and the pat lured
���I ��� - of offlci rs. In one earner ol
the lot soldiers are tossing a base-
in the streets thai shirt the field the
flags   of    five   dlfferi nt    nations fl) I
.1...   two-story business houses as If
to say:   "This isn't a  Mexican town;
don t i hool al it."
in an entryway as you walk along
th.. street, you Bei two playful jaekies
bo�� ln{ sthklna their bare ii.-.ts Int i
each other's ribs with many grunts
. . i ��� .,i,is. Around them stands a
ring ol wondering Mexicans, who can't
understand what fun there is in such
ii ugh pin...
tT'iseball  Followr  the  Fiaq.
Here are some of thi   other things
ii see as you walk along the street:   when
A   ..roup   of   Jaekies   and   marines,I
reading a  notice pasted on  tha wall
��.:' th.- cable office; you discover that
it's a  cabled  ri port  of  the basi ball
games of tho day in faraway Amerl-
i .ii cltiei    Baseball follows the flag.
-.  ��treet car loadi d wltb unshai ed,
bi grimed American soldiers.   They've
.    ..   out  oil   the  adi.inc.    line   iti   the
id hllli    ii I   hej i e on their way to
i  .   : i ..       .  .      thi .-.'ll stack their
*:'-! . *r .li-vF"!-,*
rifhs   Within  easy   reach,  strip  down
to their    undordiawfrs.    and    plunge
into  tlie  cool  surf  with   y< lis ol  delight. ' ;
Hi re you are at the  plait.     Kvery;
Mexican   cltj    01   town   has.   In   its
vi i.. centre, a square park, criss-crossed by grave] walks and centered by'
a handstand, which Is called tiie plaza.
Here la iin- hue afternoon and early ,
��� veiling tin- Mexicans gather to I..-ten
to the ti wil hand.
^enontat.   Keady   to   Flirt.
It  is  the  custom   for  the  senoritas.
accompanied  by  their chaperons, to I
uaiK  in one direction about tlie park
and I'or the lads to walk in the other
and  to  flirt   with  their eyes  as  they
pass.   They're doing it now.   The band
ll playing.    It's a band from the Florida.    The tune is one of tin- latl st hits '
in New Vork.    The Mexican senoritas
like it.    They can flirt to the tune of ;
"It's   Apple   BlOMOm   Time     in     Nor- ;
mainly" just as well as to the music
oi "Carmen." I
Now you're in the very hi art of'
Vera Cruz, and it will keep your eyes
busy to catch all tin- lights. Sit down
nt ti cafe uhlii under lhe portals or
porches thai line the plaza, in the1
cathedral spire across lhe pari; tin re
sits among the bells a Jackie in white,
Iiis feet dangling In space. Jaekies
have been on guard up there ever
since, in the battle, three days ago,
tbey  toppled  Mexican  sharpshooters
out  of  the  place.    On   tin-  top  of  an-I
Othei building, facing tiie park, stands
a marine with n flag in each hand,
wigwagging messages over the roofs
of the town  to lip. shlpi  in tin- bar
bor.     Hi re   noes   a   huge   marine,   in ;
blue,   perched  on   the  set   of a  tiny !
iprlnkling   cart,   drawn   bj     a     tiny
"The navy's on the water wagon,"
i ��� in i i ��� y.ii.-.. "Three cheers for the
wine mess " The marine whacks the
Initio gives a hool and rattly water
wagon sprinkles a wobbly stream
along tlie plaza.
tin another side of the plaza, sixty
:��.:....- stand patientl) at attention
while a, famous war artist ketches
them. A group of curious civilians
surrounde the artist's easel, and. from
time to time, ne jells, "Get out of my
way. (live rno some elbow room."
Saolbl-ickc Win Overcharge.
Thi res a yell in another part otthe
el. a and a e; mpany of khaki-clad infantrymen swim',- down 'lie street
They're   army   men,   the   first   of   the
i; ousands ..no arrived today. Soldiers]
i hie I. nlngly nnd in pairs, on rangy.'
1 mangy Mexican ponies which they
hale picked up. goodness only knowi
Then s a quarrel al a table
m ar you. 'E��vo shoe ghinlng boys
are demanding BO ventavoa for shining te.- shoes and ridding leggings of
���:. couple or Infantrymen, and the lat-
te: think the price is too high. 'I be
iill tntl :> i' ' a e in'; talk Spanish and
the oirry English the dusky little Bhoc-
.���l'''i,i rs know is "Meester."
'i, .��� ���... ��� lean i (Idlers may have
������..<] Vera Cruz, hut the,- can't
e. nquer thi   bootblacks, so they  pay
their 10cent pieces and depart,
inn the barefooted boys "greaser
l.t rs."
The army io roplane circles owr the
town, but within two days Vt ra Cruz
has been aieuolonii d io th.- si -bl
and only a few persons crane their
Decks  to see It.
Soon the streets will be desert) d
and tin houses dark. The only foot-
falls on the puvemeuts will be illusion giun! or of belated newspaper cur
respondents, working their way from
sintiy to sentry, down to the cable of
ihe. (mt iii tiie sandhills, in a circle
tliat reaches miles beyond tin- town,
American soldiers an- keeping their
vigils Uncle Sam i.s really on thin-rink line.
They are
Creating Race of WeakVis-
Pecple,  Sayc   Prominent
Medical  Authority.
er intervals of rest  between Ihe reels, '
by sitting at the right distance from |
tin   screen   (no do-  r than  40  feet),
sad hy not overdoing attendance on
these places of amusement.
it has been luggested that Beensei
be isstu d only to those proprietors
of moving picture theatres who are
Willing to abide by the [allowing rule; I
First, to operate the machine by al
motor instead of by hand, to have an
adjustable take-up or speed i gula-l
lor und an automatic tire shutter.,
whirl) renders more accurate the se-
quence of the individual makes; second lo use ihe are tight with the di-
ri ,-t current, which is brighten: and
steadier th in that with tin- Indirect
current; third, to have a proper screen
fiee ir..iii disagreeable and harmful
glare. The so-called "mirror-screen,"
eon Lsting of a mirror glass with a
frost! d surface seems lo he tlie one
most di sirable. Fourth, to use no
reels which have been used for over a
nu.nth. Heels of nn Inferior quality
or which have become much scratched
from much use give poor definition.
Fifth, to allow al least three niin-
Utes1  Intermission   between  the  reels.
dia'a absorption    of    gold    upon   the |
.-.. rld's money markets and the prices
cf  commodities.    Some  say  that   all j
gold-ttsing oountrl s benefit   thereby, j
while others, such as Sir Kdward I lol- ,
den.  appear  to  hold  that  the  "dram
il    . 71 to India" is a potential menace, i
The   commission,   while   declining   to |
endorse either of these mutually  de- i
���truoitve contentions .has declared in ;
effect  that an  increased use of gold :
in  India should  not  in  future  be  encouraged by the government, but  India already seems disposed to resent
this recommendation.
Habit of Nations.
Whether roUI is hoarded in India
is really a question of tc.ms. All nations board gold upon occasion. If
England were threati nod with a great ]
: war tomorrow wi   may depend upon ���
lt that there would be a rush for gold <
i on the part of those people who pos- |
���essed lath foresight and a balance at
tin- hank.    It is estimated that during I
I the Balkan crisis the peoples of cen- I
The injurious effects on the eyi s of:
tin- iwlftl)   moving tmagei of cinematograph bis  been  frequently dis-
CUSsed, says the Journal of the Amer- j
: an  Medical Association.  It has heen
shown tint a numbei of disorders of j
the  eyes  are  caused  by   this  form  of
entertainment    in   Massachusetts  a.
tive-n/jute  Intermission  is  required
between feel... so as to lessen tlie eye:
strain.   One of tin- factors in clnemat- I
ogiaph exhibitions which favors the i
development  of eye  fatigue is poor j
definition  of the original  negatives.
Thli is greatly accentuated when the
pi.s.tivis   which   are   used   are   enor-
im usely  magnified.    The smaller lhe
Image In the eyN  the longer the impression lasts and the more the eyes
are   tired,   SO   that  seals   nearer   the
screi u an   less desirable than those
mors remote, There ls less eye fatigue when sitting not closer than 10
feel from the sere. n.
That    the     movies   are    a   prolific I
source of eye strain  must have been ,
recognized by many oculists.    These
symptoms usualy consist of headache,
vertigo, nausea, and   fatigue of the
eyes,    followed   later   by    vomiting,
Sleeplessness   and   lack     Of     energy.
I   lyalclans and public health officials
l have   i niy   recently realized the iin-
pi   i.mt part the picture theatre plays
i.i the welfare of the community from
i h  lith standpoint.
Many theatre buildings are remod-
Mo   Light  Throw,    on   Destination
Money   Eeing   Poured   into
London, May 26.    The n port of the
royal   commlslson   on   Indian   finance
and currency, which has just been Issued,  settles  some  controversies and !
starts others, but it does not clear up
the  mystery  of  the  hoarded  gold  of I
From   time   immemorial   India   has
absorb; d --old as a sponge absorbs water.    The  flow   of  gold   to   India  has
always   continued,   tn   the   last   \2 ,
years she lias  received   ��136,000,000
old. partly in sovereigns and partly in bullion, in addition to enormous
j quantities of silver.    It all goes Into
the country, but very little of it ever
ci mes out.   Lord Rothschild observed
: gome  years ago that he  had  noticed
thai none Of the smooth gold bars sent
i to India from this country ever came
! back.    What  happens  to   this  great
stream of precious metal, which continually  disappears   like  those  river
j in desert lands which lose themselves
i underground
i tral   Europe obtained    and    hoarded
��60,000,000  in  gold.    India has  been I
subjected to repeated invasions   and
Innumerable   internal   wars,  and   her I
i people   have   never   completely      lost
I their  hereditary   sense  of  insecurity.
' Banking facilities are still sparse, and
| It would  be surprising  if Indians did
! not hoard.
Hut  hoarding  does  nol   necessarily
; mean  burying  in  the  ground  or concealment   in  lhe  roofs of houses,    al-
i though   these  practices  are  doubtless
1 exii ailve. .1. m. Keknes, a member
I Of lhe commission, tells a story of a
i Brahman In Eastern Bengal who even
, hoards currency notes in ills roof,
; Once a week be retires privately an:!
; spread them out in the sun to remove
i the damp. A very large proportion of
I the hoarded wealth of India, however,
is iu the  form of gold and  silver or- I
. namentS.    It is Into these ornaments 1
that  tlie  hulk of the bullion and BOV-
ereigns, as well as much Of the silver,
Proved of Great Value to Me"
Hoar.ed. Perhaps.
eled   store  rooms  with   no    faclll leal     The  testimony   of  experts  is  most!
nr ventilation,    The air Is breathed   canfliating.    Some say it is hoard, il. |
>viii   and  over, and  nlenty of oppor-| while a few are ready to prove by a
tunitj   is r.fford.d    tor   contact    be-   formidable array of statitstlcs that it
> ...ii    Infected     and    non infeoMa,   cannot be. extensively hoarded.   Those
thereby facilitating the distribution of! who  believe  that India  possesses  a
li ctious diseases, in the i'nited
States there are over 26.000 moving
picture theatres, at which there is an
average attendance of over 15.; 10,000
spectators. This variety of eye fa-
le may be larg ly removed by
��� earing proper glasses, by patronizing only those placi a whicli have good
films, proper manipulation and  prop-
vast store cf hoarded treasure make
the   wildest   guesses   at   its   probable
total.    The most  popular estimate of
the hoarded wealth of India puts the
1 total at. ��300,001 ,000, which would
amount to ��1 per head of Lhe population; tiut some credible satimate. are
far  higher.     The    experts    quarrel,
i again, ahcut the probable effect of In-
There is only one explanation for the j
numbers of enthusiastic letters that we
receive praising Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets, and Unit is  that these tablets
certainly do cure any kind of stomach \
Here is a typical letter from  Miss I
Eliza Armswortliy, Canuo, N.S.:
"It is with pleasure I write to inform I
vou that   your   Na-Dru-Co   Dyspepsia I
Tablets have proved of great value to
me.    I tried remedy after remedy but ,
without any lasting good. Having beard
of -vour tablet.*  curing such cases   as
mine I decided to give them a fair trial.  1
They proved satisfactory in my case."  i
The remaikalue success of Na-Dru-Co \
Dyspepsia Tablets is such a success as
can only come to an honest  remedy,  j
compounded according to an exception- \
'   ally  good  formula,  from  pure   mgre-  i
dients, hv cxix-rt chemists,    if you are
troubled with your stomach Just ask
your  Druggist   about   Na-Dru-Co ]
'   Dyspepsia Tablets, compounued by the
National Drug and   Chemical  Co.   of
Canada, Limited, and sold throughout
the Dominion at .toe. a box. 14.
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded for
land, your careful attention is invited to the
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
Granville Street,
Vancouver. B.C.
With every purchase of $5.00 or over, wc give a
High-grade Broom absolutely tree. Sweeping reductions throughout our immense, new, up-to-date
Tap���.try   Rugs. _*_.____-.
7>,x7, yards;   regular 50.75. Sb.CO
Clean  Sweep  Sale         2����% Zl-
;,x.i yarns;  lesuiai* iJllUu. $0.__.&
Clean Sweep Sale        "��
8x3V. yards; regular $12.00. $9.75
Cloan Sweep Sale   amj.m "m^
3x4 yards; regular $10.00. $11.75
Clean Sweep Sale   Z _. #* ��*-j�����
:;',xi yards;  tegular $17  Slt.lf^
i'lean Sweep Sule   ������ v
Scotch Wool  Rugs.
3x3\_ yards; regular 116.00. $10.75
3xokrds;'reguiar'Ti7.50.'' ..$12.25
Crusscl;- Rugs.
2%x3 yards; regular $13.50. $9.75
3x3eyards; 'reguiar' $20.00.' $^ 3.50
SSvi'yardiVwilBrWiM. ..$14.75
3x4��yard's; ' regular' $85.66, $1 6.75
British Velvet Ru*)s.
Eight only; 3x4 Minis; regular $26.00. $17.50
Sal��  Iron Beds.
White Enamel Iron Beds; regular $3.90. .... $1 .90
HjrtSek' Enamel iron nidi one only;' regular $10._6.'' ���' Jg gQ
FuU ���lie'tronDed;' regular $6.50. ..$4.95
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon
Brass Beds.
3-0 Brass Beds; square posts; satin finish: reg. $7.7,.       C_J*_| Eft
Sale Price      ^CO.UU
4-0 Brass Bui;  lieav*.  round pillars;  regular $lu.7,l>. CI 3 DO
Sale  Price _Ti_f"-����
It;   Brass   Beds;   satin  finish;   regulai-  $18.00. $13 75
4-8 Bright Brass or Satin Finish; regular $30.00. C1Q 7K
Sale   Price    * * ����� ��� **��
l'lr Dresser; Iiritish Plate Mirror; regular $11.on. 4*ft  "7p,
Sal.-  Price      Z?'!5*
tinldr-n Dak  Dresser:   3 large drawers;   with  British CQ QfJ
bevel plate mirror; reg. $11.50.    Sale Price  .7      4����-*5JvJ
Ash Dresser; ."��� drawers; plate mirror; reg. $15.50. CIS* 91%
sale Price  ��F I fcifcU
Mahogany Dresser; large plate mirror; reg. $24.50. CH ft ?)K
sale i rice  -91 O-i'-^O
Mahogany Dresier, same as above only larger; reg.     C.2-"? $_fj|
$36.75,    Sal,. Price   H����" H ���"������**-
BIrdaeye .Maple Dresser; with large plate mirror; reg,   ��OK JjfsfJ
$33.00.   Sale Price    4jm��ma\S\t
Best C.riti.h  Wilson  Rugs.
4,6x7.8 teet;   regular $12.60, <��Q "9g
^^;'r'eg'ul'ar'$i2.Vo,  $16.75
Orttert: regular $30.00. '$22.50
Bxl0.6Veet';  regular $33.60. $28.75
sa^ee'Lrceu,ar.$45'00' $33a50
Tapestry   Heartn   Bugs;   regular  $1.60. 9*4    4E
Velvet Hearth Russ; regular $2.75, ffQ  ���! C
Sih>          Wba 1 53
Wilton Hearth Rugs; regulai' $3.75. $*p AC
65c. Cocoa Door Matii. ^(^0
Extra Heavy Printed Linoleum;  regular 60c. (diJlf
Rale Prco. ner snusrc-i yard   ���#���#%���
Scotch Inlaid Mnoleum; regular $1,00. 7R_*
S;ile Price, per situate yard     ������ wi*
Senteii Inlaid Linoleum;  regular $1.25. QCm
Sale Price, per square yard  vSJ**
NY &
20th Inst.
And contmuiiiK for FIFTEEN DAYS. Watch this
space for further particulars.
Nottingham   Lace  Curtains at  Sale  Prices.
P  gul: r 77.0 ;i pair. ^5c
; ale .rice, per pair          -i-*WW
ileg ilar $2.00 a pair. C-l   OK
Sale Price, per pair -v ��� afcw
$2 9*%
Regular $5.00 a pair, fl*** pe
Sale Price, per pair ���������������
''timed Oak Mirror;  British   Plato Mirror;  tegular ��1^S K_1
.. 17.50.   Safe  ��P I w��wy
Solid Quarter Cut Golden Oak Dresser;  with large mirror in centre
end two mirrors jit Bide; a beauty;  regular $80.00. flJillS'  Kfl
Golden Dak Dresser; large, Iiritish plate mirror; reg,     (4 d  Rfi
$20.00.    Sale   4> I l����3U
Golden Oak Dresser; low base: princess style: extra     ��"IC. 7K
large mirror; regular.$26.60.   Sale   flvilw
Fir Chiffonier;  7j drawers;  plate mirror;  reg. $15,       fl?A *1   7K
Whlti   Enamel Chiffonier;  regular $17.85. CIO QC
Sale    $I0.9��?
White Enamel  Chiffonier;   regular $13.60, CI 1   OC
Mahogany Chiffonier; regular $ ^JOK t\ft
liinlseye Maple rjlilffotlier; regfllar $371.DO. COC flirt
Phone 588 PAGE FOUH
TUESDAY,   MAY  26,   1914.
Suggestions for
Saturday and
Holiday Shoppers
Bananas, dozen  30c
Wood Oranges, dozen    35c
Lemons, dozen   25c
Navel Oranges, doz. . 25c to 50c
Crape   Kruit,   California,   .'i
.for  25c
Grape, Kruit. Klorida, 2 for..25c
Head  Lettuce, :i  for    25c
Asparagus.  2  bundles    25c
Strnwlierries.*; boxes   25c
Bermuda Onions, 8  Ihs 25c
Hipe Tomatoes, lb 30c
(ireen   l'eas,  Ib 15c
Apples, 111 10c
Lime Juice, bottle.. .25c. to 75c
Dalton's Lemonade, bottle ..15c
Blffel Tower Lemonade Powder    25c
Lemon Kali  25c
Stores  will   close   Empire   Day,
May 25.
Model Grocery
108 Sixth St. Phone 10012.
Eait   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch, Gray  Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Local News
to be lu Id over for a week.   The company  ta in  prooeai of being wound
Mortgages���Alfred  \V.
A   License   Saves   Money
.   .1.   Whiteside,   KC.   presided  nt
police court on Saturday nnd fin
"d a  Vancouver automobile man  $5
and costs lor running an auto through
the  citj   wr, iioiit   a   license.
I      V
The Claxton Sails Today.
j- Tin tf.S. Claxtnn, of tin- Wallace
iFisheries fleet, is expected to leave
| for Rivers Inlet today ti. fish I'or tlie
I canneries there. The Claxton has
Royal, the world's I b�� ;i ������*;'* "I' "< the North Ann all the
Insure  In   the
largest fire company.    Agent,  Alfred I
W. McLeod, the Insurance .Man,
Heavy Passenger Service.
Five ears comprised the late Kraser valley train on the B.C.EJt last
night, many passengers being required to stand up a portion of the way.
riie Chilliwack and Cloverdale celebrations accounted for the lurge
TwentJ dollars a pound was the
price paid a few years ago for aluminum. Today the "SALADA" Tell
t'o. are commencing to use it tn wrap
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than ;
coal. Harry Davis & Co., Phones ]
SSO and 411 L. (3328)
School Picnic.
The pupils of Miss Christophersous i
of (lie I-'. U7 Howay school, bad a
pleasant picnic on Saturday at Ci n
tiiil Park. The outing was an acknowledgment of their diligent work
and success Ui ihe Maypole dances
on May  1.
.1.   L.
Fined  for  Contempt.
Hutchison,   a   rancher of
their well-known tea. So light is this I Meadows, was sentenced to thirty
wonderful metal that a single sheet Maya' imprisonment last week for con-
weighs no  more than n  Blm liar sized | tempt of court by  District  Magistrate
sheet   of  letter   paper.
Address by Rev. Dr. Cruming.
I'ndi-r the auspices of the Men's
Brotherhood, tin- Rev, Dr. Eber Cruming will deliver an address in St Stephens Presbyterian church mi Tuesday evening, May 26th, at B o'clock.
Tin- public .ne cordially Inviti d Collection only,
Wood.    Wood.    Wood.
Good factory wood (dry) at Superior
i Sash i; Door Factory.    Phone 503,
Clute. The contempt consisted In not
obeying an order of the magistrate
to pay Jin a month towards the paying oil of :i debt owing b) Hutchison
lo  Mllford M.  Wright
There is a period in the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���but it may lie
made under wrong Influence,
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persons���according to the
deceased's wish���would have
6hared iu the distribution of the
Do you not realize iliat it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
The  advice  of  the  Dominion
Trust   company   in   this   matter
may be of value to you. All such
discussions are treated in strict
confidence. I
Native  Sons Entertainment.
Pit ii. ers ol the city and district  '���-��� ill
j he   lite   gin sis   of   the     Native     Sons'
ledge   at    thi    Oddfl Hows     hall      this
evening wh-cn .i special entertain-
men! Mill he presented iu connection
with the early history of New Westminster and Lhe valley, Premier sir
Richard McBride has promised to bo
in attendance, while J. 3 Johnston,
grand factor, will pay an official visi;
to tin- local  lodge.
Committed  for Trial.
k. Nelson, a young man accused of
passing a  in gus cbequi   ror  $36    .-it ���'
Dllberi and company's shoe store In ll
Chilliwack,  has  heen  committed  for
trial  ."   New   Westminster,    lie  will
ci ui,    up   for  election   in   ihe  county I
. courl  ni   Its first  sitting.
Plans Approved.
Plans for the erection of the Cen-
liini school, Pori Coquitlam, have 11
, been approved by the school trustees.
Tin��� estimated cost nf th" four room-
led structure Is about $13,000. The
site of two tu-res purchased from l>.
McLean, cost $8600.
Eat at the
Trust liuildin,
Royal   cafe.   Dominion
.    (Jood cooking;   _-nod
Dominion Trust
Ihe IVrpdua! Trustee.
F*er Cent on
New Westminster
60ft  Columbia   Street,
C. 8. KEITH. Manager.
Fred Davis will sell hy public auc-l
tion (absolutely without reserve) the
household furniture and effects of
Mrs, Cunningham at 703 Agnes strict,
on Thursday, May 2S. at 1 30 p.m.
sharp. Sale will Include iii part ot
very handsome Axminster ami othev
carpets, linoleums, easy chairs and
rockers, morris chairs, dining room
set of diners, solid oak extension table fiiiti sideboard, beds, springs nnd
mattresses, dressers and commodes,
malleable range, kitchen utensils, etc.
('.nods on  view  morning of sale.
You   may   like  tea   and coffee,  but
they   may   not   like  you. If  not.  try
Premier bottle beer, it is a healthful
and agreeable substitute. Phone 1/75
or ask your dealer (3322)
Wants His Money Back.
An   application   by   II.   (I.   May,   of
Victoria,  for the return  of a  promissory note  for $40(1 and some property   in  Manitoba  given   to  the  Domin-
.'on Mntch factory. New
in cfiiisIdoraTfon nr a pa
.vas heard In th< supreme court
chambers on Saturday. Applicant
ivers Urn: the Etock was never ol any
value,    ri he  application   was ordered
Fast Work Being Done
During the past week the filling up
on the front street harbor work im-
piovemenl has vastly Increased anil
it is ri ported an average of nearly 20
barges of rock and sand have been
dumped daily. On Sunday tbe contractors completed the connection bo-
tweeu the main dock and the St, Mun-
go cannery plant, and workmen commenced decking the Begble street ap-
pronch. The mosquito tleei is using
tin. dock opposite the   B.C.E.R,
Fred Davis will sell by public an.-
tion, absolutely without reserve, the
superior household furniture and effects of Mrs. Hester, on the premises
at lni4 Edinboro street, on Wednes
day May 27, at 1.30 p.m. sharp. Sale
v. ill include In part solid leather
couches and rockers, oak extension
table and dining chairs, handsome
sideboard, oak and mahogany dressers, cabinet sewing machine, malleable steel range, iron and brass bed
steads, springs and mattresses, washing machine and wringer, kitchen utensils, etc., etc. Goods on view on
morning of sale. Take U'th Btreel
car. (3409)
* Westminster, i.
arcel of stock. l,M"���l,K-ow v*iAm--n.mnvm enr-
'"-'      I   .���-.iirs   <-l.t.      11.,"     toilet,   sink
ind . old
feet ; Iiii ��� Near
e.ii . lew. Garden
l-l't ���;   {680 ensl .
12th BI .
Lol    50x13:!
��� el  car,     l-'.ie
ii tmso. i*.,in-
:..  mill
Co-Operative Association
PHONE 458.
���pare for the National lloli
S lb.  picnic
��� 5, by
Swift's    6    and
Ham, per lb
McLaren's Cheese, pkg.
Mel.linn's     BulatlC     Cheese.
per pkg 10;
C. ami B. Meat Paste, glass 20c
Keeler's Lemon Cheese, per
class     35-
���<  oj.
Christie's assorted   Biscuits,
per tin 35c
Ramsay'' assorted   Biscuits,
per tin     25c
Try  cur 3 Ihs. for $1.00
Special  Tea,
Cofl^rative Association
33   Eighth  St.
Phone 453.
LOT,      WEST      i:\n     HOI'SE
conl ilns six nn,nis well linth, etc    woodshed, chicken bouse and  i in,  rim- grm
'!��� ti     bearing   orchard.      No.    809    i I",
���sir. 11.    (inly S1000 .  .':::,'. i ,-!,.  rjal im
tn    ii'range.
cur: large lot ti lane: '��� rooms, flre-
pbtc . basement, laundry tubs, etc;
*'���'���"<".  8300 .-,ish;  (���;��� ,,.,,   month.
7   sx.'i    AT THIS   PRICE    5-ROOMED
new Inmg.ili.w. I,.Kin. water, hath, toilet, ' tc. Neni .eh Btreel .��� n i.ut 60
1)5   II"  feel, inn,.. $1950 .  J-;00 ensil   l.ul-
uiic   %2>)  monthly.
n.ilh toilet, In... und r nu wium . base-
i nt. etc, .*���'��� m .'.tii -���!.. ��� i .��� i, tlMio ;
-'  i 'li ;  ?-���">  i�� i   month.
Open Saturday  Evenings.
Phcne   6. 451   Columbia
For That Holiday
West India Lime Juice, bottle   ...25c
Skivers Lime Juice and Lime Juice
Cordial, per bottle 35:
Monserrat Lime Juice, per bottle 40c
Kose'n Lime Juice and Cordial. Lyon
Lime Juice, C-rape Juice etc.
Dultons Lemonade.  Bis  Wheel  Lemonade  Powders, etc.
Rosa's  picnic  size  bottle  of  Lime
Juice, per bottle , 10-
FOR YOUR SALADS, We have the
Choicest green stuff, kept fresh nnd
clean under running water, green
onlOiiH. radish, lettuce, cucumbers,
Sweef Pickles in tins, just the thing
Sor  the  picnic   basket,  per ��� tin   15c
and 2'^
Dean's Grocery
Pr.one 3B6.
mwr Block ".-ilum.lpi   ����r����t.
"Clover Leaf" Brand
ICE CREAM       j
Manufactured by the Crystal Dairy i
Company is ahsoint<l pure and only;
Sweet Cream is used I* smacks of
tin. clover leaf, and is jusi aa sweet.'
Try ii and be convinced,
Manufacturers of Pure Crystal Ice. I
Phone 1150 and Encourage LocaL
The Crystal Dairy Co.
555 Sixth St.
7-11 Sixth Street,
have started _.n !Ulto freight service!
between   Vancouver   and   New   Westminster  aud   way points.    A   reliable
service  guaranteed     ,'barges  reasonable.    Give  us a trial.
Phone   1254.
When Hungry Look for a White Place
to Eat.
White  Cooks
���Nuf Said.
Read - [he - News
Arc You Goig Camping?
If i,o you will probably need a tent. Then ccme to us and we can
supply you with anything in that  line
Whether yen are going camping < r not you should have one of
fin* famous Palmer Hammocks ; they are different. Many colors to
c'.ioi.se from.    Prices ranging from $2.50 to $12.50.
New Westminster.        Phone 69.
Whats Your Hurry?
Reid  & McDonald's
Monster   Unloading Sale
To Get That $20 to $25 Suit for
That's All Ri&ht!
Jogging Laziness
into Activity
The ���merchant, whose business lags in the summer /
has himself to thank.
To slacken the selling pace in the hot season���to -
lessen Advertising activity���indicates a resignation
which has no place in modem business.
If we think we cannot keep our business booming in
summer time, \vc surely will not.
What a jolt it must have been to the fur trade, when
the first mid-summer fur advertisement was run in
a daily paper! Now many fur stores are following
the example of that progressive fur man who dared
to believe that fur sales need not go down as the
mercury goes up.
Energy, linked with Advertising, has turned the
month of January into lhe biggest selling season
for white goods. Advertisements of a high stimulative power, combined with a disregard of "seasons,"
have opened up automobile selling two months
c-arlicr than was once thought possible. Advertising
has started Christmas shopping early in October
instead of the middle of December.
Advertising rises superior to seasons and thermometers. The right kind of Advertising strikes a
responsive cord in human nature���and human
nature is the same in August as in December.
Ad-rlee regarding your advertising problem������ is available tliroiiRh any
recognis-d Canadian advertising agency, or the Secretary of tin- Canadian Pres.Association, Room 5011 Lumsden Building, Toronto. Kuquiry
involves no obligation on your part���so write, if interested. TUESDAY.  MAY  26,   1914.
PAGE piva
Mcote and Electrics at Queens Park���
Ncilscn vs. Jack
The Mouse and Electrics will clash
' at Queens park this evening in what
promises to be an Inten sting encutin
[ter. ii will be remembered tiiat the
' Moose got uAity wltb the opening
game by u elude icore, the chances lor
! tills p.m. railing for un extra spurt i:'
In rii   luipe  to  repent.
���Uinc will start nt ii:4.r
Royals   Defeated   8-5���Locals   Led
Flrat Then Faded���Good Game
to Watch.
:y  Mayor Qray and Qeorge
lliliill'. u
Vancouver Westminster
Johnson       Clark
| ''"inter   Marshall;
j McCualg       i������ !
������ ^'"-���'���'lurk >.-i. -MI.V, t.n ,.| Pickering  . . .,'"r;'nco_    patDhaJ
showing better endurance and fin
isli, the Vancouver Athletics got away
with the opening game of the lacrosse
'Eiscuitr"  Peele  and  Mayor  Gray  to
Handle Mann Cue Game���Lally
Considers  Protest.
ing tin* long end of an M score. Tin
Hoyals lad at the and of the first quarter hut i iiis was souii cut down and for
nearly 80 minutes ol play the famous
Balmon Bellies were forced to trail to
u bunch ut amateurs, who nude the
jump  last  season.
yesterday's encounter waa wall up
to the .iwnee of previous opening
games with the exception of the at
tendance Two thousand spectators
was the limn as compared wiCi 14,000
in attendance in IB13, I ma showing
the great need of fostering the national pastime
Practice will probably strengthen
the loopholes showing in the Salmon
Bellies but to the average fan several
weak spots were easily noticeable,
.Mickey I.iii lacking training, while
Jack Oifford and Tom Kennle bave nol
got the sting in the attack like Len
'i'urnljull mill Doughy Spring
Gifford and Johnson.
Hug-hie Oifford played tbe star game
of the afternoon along with Boss Johnson, the Athletic custodian.    Oifford
was nilxtil up in every repulse oT the
Waiting home and more than once
emerged with the ball from a mass of
players at a time when it appeared certain that Bun I'lark's citadel was to
b<   peiietr ited.
On the other , ml of the field It-iss
Johnson, ths former victoria amateur,
jumped Into the first rank of goal
keepers, pulling off sensational saves
from time to time when tin- Athletics'
defence had bi en eludnd
Johnson has not the polish of Hun
(lark in picking the ball from the net
and yesterday showed a tendency of
throwing away  the rubber when  hard
pressed instead or running around his
goal, but for all this, ne is a man who
u n be beard from again this season,
mil Turnbull was the most effective
borne player .in the Hoyals but queered
what estimation the fans had of hia
work by mixing tn a list fight With
Ernie Murray.    Huth wen- shooed ofl
lor  the  test   of  the gaj_u
The same treatment was banded to
Tom Rennie and McLaren who forgot
to drop their Sticks when assuming
warlike altitudes. With these two exceptions yesti rday'a game was kepi
remarkably clean.
Willis Patchell dttb-ed out some
splendid work against the elusive
Crookall until the Sajupar.ton boy got
laid cold in the third quarter by be-
ing lilt on the neck "-*ith the ball.
I'eacoek, playing IJainil homi . worked hard throughout, the combination
work of he anil Dot Crookall being responsible for no less than live glials.
Not the 1913 Team.
Bummed up, the Salmon Bellies of
yesterday are not the Minto cuppers
of n year ago. while the Vancouver
teuin appears to have thrown off its
amateur style and stand Bendy to give
aud take punishment bom un the home
iind di fence
Thomas Oifford,  m.s..a .  faced  otl
the   ball  at  3   1.7.   the    contest     being
(i. Spring
ge of play,
, Dr.  1-7  P,
timers, 10.
c. Matheson   <;. Rennie
BS. Mathsson   h. oifford
McLaren   t. Rennie
Peacock   \v. Turnbull
Murray    winti mute
< mill..HI       Feeney
Davis  j. oifford
Ri fereo, Mayoi dray; jmi
Geo ge Tuck; game timer-
Sniiih   linti Bcragg; pi nalty
Savage,  ll. Fierbeller;  goal
Jimmy Oifford, Hob Knight.
Goal  Summary.
Pirsl  quarter
1. W. Turnbull (N.W.) 4:14.
2. Murray (Van,) 1:26.
8, Feeney  (N.W.) 5:31.
Second quarter
���i '.rookiill   (Vat}.)   1:02.
5, Peacock (Van.) 1:17.
0, Murray   (Van.)   1:01.
7, Turnbull   (N.W.)  7: in.
Thl.d quarter
8 Peacock (Van.) 8.50.
9, Peacock (Van.) 8:14.
10 Turnbull  (N.W.)  10:48.
Fourth quarter- ���
11 McLaren   I Van. I  4: UK.
\2   0. Rennie (N.W.) S:ox.
13    Crookall I Van. I'i:47.
l-'irst quarter    Murray (Van.) ii mln.
Second quarter- None.
Third quarter���Painter (Van.) E
Fourth quarter -Murray, Turnbull
T Rennie, McLaren (rest of game);
Pointer, 5 mins.
"Biscuits" Peele and Mayor Cray I
will officiate al today's Mann cup j
game at Vancouver between Calgary
iiiiil v. a. c., when tin former will st*
tempt to reduce a 12*0 lean obtained
by ihe present cuphol lers at Batur-
day's game,
Calgary  protested  the first  game.
claiming  Orumpy   spring   was  Inell i
.in.e to Officiate and that Kendall of I
the   Vancouvi r  line-up   played   with
professional company two seasons agai
while on tne prairies.
Vancouver sprung an eleventh hour
sensation by protesting Marshall who|
it appeared had played With the Maple
Leafs Of North Vancouver three sea-
si,ns ago. Late last night C. I). Peele
received a wire from Joe Lally, trustee [ the M inn cup, stating that he
Was taking the Calgary protest under
cerious consideration and was unable
to make a decision. He appointed Mr.
Peele referee, with instructions to secure another official to act. Mayor
Gray  Will fill the position.
Suffered Ten Years Unfil
"Fruit-a-tives" Cured Him
ST. Thomas, Ont., May ..nd. 1913
"I was troubled (or ten years with the
most distressing Constipation aud ludi-
gestion of the worst form.
No one could have been worse with
these troubles than 1 was for this long
The pain from Indigestion was sc
severe that many times, I have bad tc
stop work and lie down until the acute
spasms passed away.
I took a lot of medicine���in fact. I
guess I took about everything lhat was
advertised and gave them all a fail
test���but got no relief. About a yeat
ago, howevtr. I was advi��ed to try
"l-'ruit-a-tivi-s". 1 am mighty glad i
did so for they seem to be ma le exactly
lor me.
They gave results in a very ebort f'tnt
and I ion now free from these ditesse.
and enjoying perfect health.
My wife also used "l'ruit-a fives" ani!
we both think they are the best tuedicin.
ever made."
toe a 1x*it, 6 fur 52.50, trial si/--, 2=:c I
At all dealer, or sent on receipt of pne; j
by I-'ruit-a lives Limited, Ottawa.
At tlie Theatres
Cheap Rents
New Westminster, B. C.
4-room Apartments, per month   $8.00
2-room Apartments, per month   4.50
Within five minutes walk of B. C. Electric Railway company's depot, main retail section, theatres,
etc.   Building clean and comparatively new.
Secure one of these very centrally located apartments at once and thereby save car fares and other
Full particulars apply to
���      _.   ",.     \        -   LIMITED
dJ.JoNEs. MAN-WR.        J;A.Rennie.5ECY-TRE5
Civiliar.3 Have Ranges to Themselves
Saturday���Bush   Fires
Cloud Sky.
Coins Bome   one of the oldest and
funniest comedies of modern times
will  he the offering oi tbe Players'
Co. at the opera house tonight,    Mr.
Hex  Snellgrove,  the popular leading
man oi  tbe company,  will be seen
in tbe pari of J.  Wellington Speed,
j i In-  fake  marathon   runner,  and  he
I will be ably supported by Zunia  Van-
��� j-iian, Winnie Bayes, Evelyn Elwood,
I Frank MaeQuarrie,   Alan   Btrlckfad-
, den. I). Parsons and Oeorge   Cleve-
' land, and last but not least Ur. Wells,
I the pride of Westminster and commander-in-chief of the deathly "Wells
j ciani*."   The management has spared
no expense  to  make this production
I worthy the support of the playgoers
or Westminster and a bis attendance
is expected.    "Going Some" will hold
forth until Wednesday, giving way to
cue. of tlie newest plays of '.he season.
"East  I.yime,"  for  the  latter part  of
the week.
Asthma Cure
never Isns
stiiuite cas
to cure
88 Of
tiie laoul .i. li-
Price $2.03 Per Bottle.
Kor sale by
B.  C.
D.  A.  CAMERON  &  Co..
White  Front  Drug  Store.
Owen  Sound, Ont.
Rcyal City Trap Shooters Compete at
Cloverdale���Price  Grabs  the
A   New  Westminster trap-shot won
the individual prize and the l.adiitr
quintette won the J. J. Wilson cup at
tin- first annual Victoria day shoot of
the Cloverdale turn club yesterday.
Three men were tied in the Individual
shooting, Oliver and Wilson of I��id-
ner aud Jimmy Price of New West-
mlnsti r. In the shoot-off Wilson mhia-
ed his first bird on the miss-and-out
system, while Oliver missed one a few
shots later,
in the competition for the Wilson
cup l.adner rolled up a long lead with
88, Westminster snd Cloverdale tie-as
for seccmd with ,\lurr;i}-villi. third. .\'o
second prise was awarded. The following *a.-x- the scores:
l.adner Oliver, 77'; Wilson. 7'": Hus-
���sall, 17.: Brown, 16; Murray. 17; total.
Wi Btminster Maiden. IS: Green,
16; Robs, 12; Freeman, 18; i'riee, 21;
total, 79
Cloverdale J. Hoothroyd.. K>; S.
l!i..itn.oyd. 11; Kelly, 77'; Shaw, 19;
Shannon, 17;  total, 79.
Murrayvllle���Porter, 17; o'Nell. 20;
J. McDonald, 135; Hodgsem, 14; c. McDonald, 10:   total, 76
Individual Shoo'..
I'riee, 23: Oliver, 73; Wilson. 23;
Kelly, VI: OWVill. 21; .Maiden. 70;
s. iioothruy��J. 70; Porter, 19; Ross. IS;
l.i.-na-i, lh; Opeen, 17; White. 17;
Brown, 17: Shaw, 16;  Murphy, It
Neighboring hush fires and a cloudy
sky made shooting difficult on the
Brownsville ranges Saturday afternoon
the competition being confined to the
civilians. A strong siiifting wind also
caused a little unpleasantiuss, the
members present being kept busy adjusting sights.
Ceorge  liurr secured    the    highest j is due
curd with 90, followed by G. W. Mar-   mmmm
tin   wilh   87.     The   following  are   the
200 500 600
Dan  Le Monte's circus is    a joy to
the little  folk as well as older ones.
The   little   animals   keep   the  crowds
laughing sixty  seconds a minute. Go
1 and see them and enjoy yourself. Al-
j so hear the  lovely new organ, rated
; as one of the best in moving picture
I housus  in   B.  C.    The  "Mutual Girl"
W. Martin 	
...   21
11.   Vidal   ......
<;. Walks*-	
...   IM
.   ,.  27
Sworder   ....
....   21
n0 \    At Linden avenue,    Edmonds,   on
\-   the  26th  inst..  the  wife of Cecil  Mc-
;,4 i Comble. of a daughter.
"Is���  -��=���
Today Dan Le Monte's
Dog and Monkey
^e Pedro Ride on Bicycle Down Columbia Street.
Hear our Lovely New Organ and See Five Good
Reels of Movies.	
Coming Wednesday.
Caledonians Defeat Port Coquitlam
Final   1-0���Ranchers  Took   too
Many Chances.
12; Smith.
Kiissal!. 13; Woodward
barri.au wins
Gains Decision Ov��r Bud Anderscvs After Fifteen Hounds Millina���Med-
ford Boy Groggy In 11th.
Playing a listless game in tlie first
half and falling to come back In the
Becond,    Port    Coquitlam    surprised
everybody on Saturday by losing out
in tie Charity cup final    at    Moody
park, the Caledonians of North  Van-
eoiivi r   turning   the   trick   1-0.     The
ram,hers had a full team out and fully j
expected to place the silverware along
with the other trophies resting in the |
I'ort city at the pn sent time.   The
goal was scored in the opening of the;
tii'iiiu:   hali'.
Snappy Eall Dished Out at Queens
Park���Score 6-5.
nas*-hall of a character which delights the i.nns was staged at Queen's
l'arli on Saturday afttrnoon when the
Westminster all-stars defeated the National Biscuit company j* team of Vancouver by tiie close score Of 6-6. It
was a nip ami tuck battle all the way
with th*' Hoyals In the rear until the
ninth. A fair sized crowd was present at thi battle and thoroughly enjoyed the Boniest,
Monday.   Tuesday,    Wednesday
Rex   Beach's   Funnies    Comedy   11]    L  \J  I 1  VI 1/   I   k5     S   rt I 1   V   L
Telephone Service
PRICES:  15c. 25c, 35c
Phone 961.
Auction Sale
Fred Davis will sell by public auction, absolutely without reserve, the
superior household furniture aud effects of -Mrs. Hester, on the premises
at 1014 Ediuboro street, on
Wednesday, May
27, at 1.30 p.m.
Swimming, Hikes, Mountain Climbing,
Paper Chases.
May   15 to  Oct.  1. $200.
Royal  Avenue. Phone  1000
Van Loo Cigar
Cuban  made.
Clear  Havana
agency for New
I 603 Columbia St.
Prank Barries*, of Vancouver outfought and outboxed Hud Anderson,
the pride of Med ford. Dre.. at the Stev-
ftston arena last night, obtaining the
decision from Referee Hume McDonald at the end of the 16th round.
It looked to he Anderson's fight for
the first ton rounds but In tha 11th
Barrleau came across with a couple of
heavy blows that had the southerner
groggy. From then until the 16th il
was Barrleau's fight.
A fair sized crowd witnessed the
milling, the decision of the referee being popularly received.
Scorers  Lost Track
Some coarse baseball wa*< perpetrated  upon  the fans at Kra**-r Mills on
Sunday when tie Circle F team defeat- I sideboard
ed Paul's Ciiants of North  Vancouver '
22-6.    "Curley"   Lewis   waB    on    the
mound for the risitors and heaved a j Bteao8| springs and mattresses, wash
Sale will Include In part solid leather
couches iuid rockers, oak extension
table and dining chairs, handsome
oak and mahogany dressers, cabinet sewing machine, malleable steel range, iron and brass bed-
good game but errors by the Infield-
ers allowed the local to run wild, (lay
and Winblad and Williams making two
runs each In one inning.
machine and wringer, kitchen utensils, etc., etc. Goods on view on
morning of sale. TAKE 12TH, ST.
CAIt. 13409)
Cricket Teams.
Two defeats were handed to New
Westminster cricket teams m Sntur-
liay, the first eleven being licked by I
I'ort Coquitlam l'tl-79. while the asylum eleven found the "A" aggregation
easy playing on the asylum grounds.
Hundreds of miles of Long Distance wires at
your command 24 hours in the day.
Save time and expensive trips by taking advantage of this LONG DISTANCE SERVICE.
Every telephone from Agassi/ on the east, Ta-
come on the South, Port Alberni on the west and5.
Courtenay on the north is in connection with Long
If Your Service Is Not Satisfactory
Royals Grab   Second  Game  of   Coast
Amateur League���Poor Work of
! by    defeating    Victoria by  the close j
| score of 4-3,    It  was a nip and tuck
| alfalr from the first face-off, the Koyal |
youngsters having twelve players and
two referees to beat before the finish.
This afternoon's win places the Roy- j
als in a commanding position for the |
Victoria,   May  25. ���New   Westmlns-1 capture of the Mann cup, providing the
ter scored Its second win In the coast; V. A. C. can withstand the attack of
amateur lacrosse season this afternoon   Brampton, Ont., on Dominion day.      |
iTh<; Dye that colors ANY KIND(
of Cloth Perfectly, with the
No Chance of MUtakea.   Clean and Simple.
I A��k your Drura.il or Dealrr. Send (or Booklet
The Juhnaon-Kuhn-rdeon Co. Limited, Montreal
and the salt sea breeze, Monday, May 25.   Special G. N. R. train leaver
New Westminster H:20 a.m.; leaves White Rock 7:00 p.m..
General Insurance Agents.
313-315 Westminster Trust Building and 746 Columbia St.    Phone 85L.
TUESDAY,   MAY  26.   1914.
Classified Advertising
CLASSIFIED ADS VvTL-L Bl. II received for The News at the following place*: V. T. Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
fllHSMIShOiniUll. T 111II Island; Mrs.
E. i.arde-1. Highland Park; Mrs. V.
l4��wis. Alta Vi-ia.
��� RATES. ���
.*���*.*������.. ���t + ma.t-e
Classified���One rent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c ;:er
month; BOOn words, to be used as re-
quired within one year from date of
contract.. IJS.Ofl.
> i.
11 nd li
iinl f
( id n
*; tii
l.nd the
e oai
good conilit
v s  Offil
Young   King   Has   Liberal   Mind,   and
His   fearless.   Whole-Heartc.-
iieEC Has Rebuilt Ccu-itry.
POR  SAI.K    Two lots, each 60x137 to
lane; unobstructed view and situate
Edinburgh  street.    Price  1460 for
few   days   only.     |Q]     Westminster
Trusl Bids. Phone :hj.
POR SAI.K- A Snap, five room ihor-
oughly modern dwelling; well located; liivjie lot. Price |1700, $100
cash, balance $26 per month. Box
103, News office.
BSta_> 4
IN T It 11 -    Ml SI   l-Li.'lM
bouse, new and   situate    close   to
Sixth street; lol 50x160 to lane.
Price $2ni)ii, ?i7,n cash, balance $80
a month.    Hox  4'��S News office,
WANT KM    K>111
ply  Royal  llio-
need waitresi
. Ap-
wanted   Onltar teacher   at   once
Apply Hox No. 3404 News office.
,ADtOB WANTED to notice that
the only store in town making
bstrie*' clothes te order is at 61
sixth street Ladies' and children's
underwear dressmaking.        (8408)
FOR s.M.K���Am leavlnlg city and
want cash for deed, large cleared
lol worth $2000. Will sill al a bargain for tew days only.   Investigate
at  once. Hox (147 News office   il7". I
and saw table complete. Apply ai
The  News office,
Most ol us are quite Ignore
the n markable resuTgenoa ol Spain.
says the Evening Express, of Port
Land, it Is commonly said that our
war with that country was a good tun-
:,,, , move for us. it advertised our
powers to the rest of thi world, and
to ourselves as well, 11 energised us,
and gave us a consciousness of our
etieugtb. So iuus the mon- or
cynical srgument
ii is true But ii
has been ss trui
r.uit country
 erty througn an ad
KKA8KK   VAI.I.M    .ll-'NK'   _    aVd ,���   J.QR  8AL_0���fl.O0  t)t)WN.  $1.00  1'KII
"' ' ' ]    week.    Canhla's    Pride    Malleable er   all  talents  of  some  sort  arc  r<
Ranges; ever.- one guaranteed Mar quired of a kuip who can al loast pick
(3316) the right man to perform the light
Front SL
all kinds of junk, bottles, sacks, bar-
refc cast iron, old rags, old rubbei
loom* and shoes. (3819)
Perhaps some of
it is true for us, it
in the case of Spain,
u.i:, suddenly obliged
to'take careful'account of herself, Her
;��� ople found themselvei badly defeated ami tbe defeal appeared to bi the
result of a national, a racial decay.
Happily this discovery was msde be-
l .   ' ,;,,,  ,;,, ...,|, ,���,.  h.ui   progressed
t,,, tii..    More happily  still, o   new
king cum.   along, to save what  was
I, :i (rom the wreckage of the world's
 ���  once mosl powerful nation.
YOUli    PROP!    KIuh Alfonso hag liberalized Spain.
in this column. 1 They begin to see In his rule apsrallel
 to the rule of Victorls over England
He may be no genius himself, but aft-
ket  s'tiiare.
WANl'KI) ��� HOUSEHOLD    l-'UKNl- j
tore, er stocks In trade, in large or i
emaH quantities, highest price paid.   .,.
Or Fred Davis will sell your Roods; '
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
Seo the expert on furniture before
you give your poods away.   Address j
Fred   Davis.   648   Columbia   street,
New Westminster. (:!7,17)
TO   Rr.Nl
work.   Alfonso has permitted his people to scud up to him their own repri
bi ntatlves, and he has allowed them
nearly full sway.    This has bred  In
small  houses, $8, or the people a confidence In their bov-
cheap.    230  Blev- ereign.    They  have always accorded
(3414)   him a certain sporting popularity; but
 Z���ZT  they begin to discover that be is
furnished roomi
Cllt il   Street.
ie is en-
.      ... ,      ,    , titled to a genuine respeel as well.
per month,   cr will Bell,   will take ���,...   ,.    ,, ...
good  agreemenl  or    mortgage    a.- Dlsflusted With  Monarchy.
Cedar    street.      Spain had  grown to be disgusted
found   On May 2. heavy   draught i
horse.    Owner can  have  same    by
paying expenses,   ll ni I c! ilmed bv
June .1 will be sold.   611 1-7 Eighth
street. New Westminster,       (3411)
part   payment,
apply next house,
kerpitiR  rooms,  $10  per   month,  nt
77 1 Seventh street.
with her m< narchy before Alfonso
came to tho throni precunei* the situation faced by the j ling Victoria,
before a people outraged by th Inde-
t:. 113)   com les 11 George  IV     Bui   Alfonso
 i,.,,  made his way, In the same fash-
FOR KENT-IK YOU  HAVE ROOMS-.   ������.,   ., ,���,; ������ ���;,,. sa;;11. degree, a- Vie-
to rent try an ad. In this column , :..       -je  ,,,.;.,   took    the    popular
'.���'.. i-j-u1-..-;'^;-.*,1 ���"������~- ji j... ������ ���   r ll'   shot ed a   Icyou    temper
.: | .i   ��� nuinc Bplrll i I di mo< racj
rami   BaieB   conducted.     Kurniture i
iKtiiKbt lor cash,    P,  13.  Brown,  17
Heebie Btreet, N'-w Wesliuinster.
rVhen Requiring
in 11vy ceremonies wee toloi ati 'I
whi re u ci ul I Bai e the pi ople their
i -,-i use, li-1 dl iplayi ���! a p ������* onal
!'. arlesBnesB thai respi cted In every
One, and doubly bo Iu ��� ������ ng In thi
i enci uuti ��� ith an anarch! I I ���
klni   undoubti al)   . iv< d h s i wn life
wtii-io. No collection, uu charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
aiu-v, 33% Hastings street west, Van
either male or f< male, do not forgel
(3316)   that the Municipal Labor Bureau Is in Dy pi  nipt pn     nee ol  mind     H
' ���   ���   it position to Bupply you. difference  ivhen  shol  al    has    qulti
PHONE 802. . nigh! ihe pi pular I mc;
i     ,    ��� _ ���     -      i;ul   '���'���   ttever  Alfonso' 	
public en.i.i.i ti ���   II  aayi       mu ; i
COflPORATION   OF   BURNABY, ,, ,   ������;..   powers  as  a   man  and  aa  a
(3314)     '
,i,���   ..
ton   .
���   |l   ;'..,.     llV-Cl IllK    llf   till      li   ."'il    ni
I   i -   rs will be held ut th
. ���   Hull    .,-    Wr-dm-wlu- .tin    |i    i
Ji ii      Iti] *,,  ul   I"   ..'. In. ',   In   thi
  |.*,lni  nl i,   ll.*'     Ma     20t! .   1911
Re south ball of the uoutheasl quar  _������___���_���___________________,
ter of section 22, township l��. In tbe   *
District of  New   Westminster.
Whereus proof of tlie loss of Cer-
tlficale of Title number 10324F, issued in the jta-ne ol Andrew Johnson, has bei n  filed in  thi    i ffice.
NoUce le hereby given  Lhal I shall  ^���mnJln.*>   , '
al the expiration ol one month from   ,
the dale oi th,   : i  I p bli   il   .. h re-1 La���d,es���Club-_*rld.!,>!
of, in a daily  neiv sna| i r publli hi .1 i.i ,
tlie City of  Ni ..   Wi ��� tmli
;i duplicate of the said certifical     tin ���
less in the meantime valid obj ctlon
be made to me in writing.
Dlstrlcl Registra   ol Tit  is.
Land Registry Office, New   Westmln-
! days, 3 to  1, al   V. M.
A.    V '
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
For particulars call  phone  1324.
ster,   B.C.,   May   13,   193 I,
Re Southeast  Q
Township  1".
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 294BF, issued
in tbe name of Joi 1 Stevens, has been
died in this office.
Notice is Hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
< he date nf the first publication here- j
f. in a daily newspaper published in
- City of New Wi stminster, Issue
a duplicate of tlie '-aid (', rtiflcate, un-;
li aa in the meantime valid objection i
mi narch that his countrj  hi b begun
to enjoy a remai kable economic -��� t i\
ery tn m the prostration after the war
with the United States.    Sp iln    ���  I <
day furnishing two of the real
tliiguished painters of the tim     Set  I
IS  and Zuloaga,    She has a  li i m  i
literature of which we. to our Bha
know nothing,   Severn! of her contem
porary   writers   have     taken     Nobel
I prizes, and it  is  whispered that  two
NEW   WESTMINSTER i mere  are  slated   foi*  the  same  honor.
Ormnasfnrh Class. Thursday nt 7.80. fj" Bdhegaraj; she lues a dramatist of
ruesdays and Fri-   tl,:' r,r'!  r::;k     An'! ;:' ��"*mera    ���"'
��� :-���     :     btedl ���   i. .1  i.e i' Ij   Lie  I ret
dramatic w riter of the period, I ut oni
of tin fir i i indi in Europ ai well.
Guimi ra is a more profoui d itudent
ol his people and of humanity than Ibsen hims elf, and he i i i anl 11.
sen a.��� an artist.
Practical  Works.
Oreat ��� ngim ��� ring ���.-��� orks are being
. i iccul 'il iii Spain the I irgi at oi
��� ��� i in in b) a c imp nj ol studeni ��� rom
the Massachusetts* InBtitute of Tech
nology. she is building decks and
shipping merchandise.   Tbe   Panama
ii il will help her relatively alm-osl
ii.-   much   as   it   w ill   profit   England
i The country Is full of new life that Is
expreslsng  Itself through  ever,   possible channel.
And all this Is going on under the
presidenco of Alfonso. It Is not merely a lucky coincidence, either. It
means not simply that he had the
| good fortune to happi n along coeyal-
ly with an outbursl of energy on tho
part ol Iiis pi Dple that would bave
asserted Itself had he never been born,
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 am Dailj
2:00  p.m Dailj
11 *. 45   p.m Dailj
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a m Daih
11:00 p.m Dnllj
Steamer leaves at ll  ih p.m. o:i
From   Vancouver  for   Nanaimo.
10:00 a.m, and 6:30 p.m Daily
Nanaimo,   Union  Cay  and   Comox.
It   Is  largely  an   answer  to  his  own
b-.' made to me In writing.
J. (*. GWYNN,
District Registrai of Titles,
Land R< Office,
New  Wi        nstcr,  B.C.,  April  27,
1914. (11301)
i S:00 a.m.
Throe  :
with tltruu
dining  ears.
Toronto  Rxpro ���
imperial  i.iic : d
S .  Paul Expri s i
Tot   rates  and
��� I     i ' |
loavi I ". i.
i   icrvatioi     applj
Or H. W  BRODIK. O. P, A., '.'ancouver
pi * final encoui agement, The head of
and Saturday I a business enti rprise, or of ;i colics ���.
..  .      _       ,        ��� _,       i or of a government, after all exe ts
i/��noouver, Union Bay, Powell  River.    in  enormous Influence     Ho    cannol
11-4�� P*m-    Saturdays   .���...���, ��� ,!V , paU(   ..  ,ii.:,.,,.. ��� pacP
or  Prince  Rupert  and  Alaska.       | |tn ihu tat Ij  his pattern ia coph d. h ���
P-m Every Saturday Uxai pi ,ved     And   Aifoutoi
Prince  Rupert and  Granby  Bay, llberall '.  ;un   to   COIinl ! 0
'id  p.ai Wadneadayi I mi erta
Fir Gulf  inland  Points. As ;' ���' genullieni     . I    -
uu      .-ill  : i,'..n.    Barlj   in   1013
v       .   en   ...��� ,:( lor A/.cartc   pi i.:
dent i H  pubjlc-nn Social   :   I 'n-
la  long confon ni    v. th
'I h    l< up told the Soi In    : :  at
1 ������ vi  , . ; his role as thai    i i    pn i
' >   ' epubllc, and ii. "    e pro-
ii    '.;..; s  t.i  consult   opinion   of
. ry -'<���. de and < haracter, b!
: 00 a.m. Tuesda) -
Victoria, 'calling
Gulf Islands,
and   rrldays for
at  points  In  the
V     H '.' i , I 11 l
AK'nt.  N��w  We��tmlrrti��i
L.R.A.M .  A.H.C.M.
essoits in Pianoforte, Violin, Sin-;
i..-   Voice    Production,    Theory    (In
>!ass ur privately), Harmony, Counter
oolnt, MuBlcal f.;orm aud  History.
Pupils prepared   for   the   examlna
'"������* ��- ����� "   ��� liited Board of   tht
loyal  Acsdemv  0f Music  and  Royal
ollege ot Music.   Also    Professional
ilp oroas, Teacher
For terras, etc,
Itrpet     Phone 411 I;
Care of Delicate Children.
Many children's ailments,  especially frequent colds, are due to lack ot
exercise and fresh ulr, but delicate
children will not exercise hy themselves. Still it Is Important to encourage the play spirit, and when there Is
im suitable playmate the nurse or parent should take the place. Sticli games
Should be selected as will bring into
action all the muscles of the body and
UOt one set at the expense of another.
There is no sensible reason for having
nne shoulder higher than another or
why the left arm should not be lmilt
up as well as the right nrin or why
any child should lie Hat Chested, says
tbe Pictorial Review. The bones of
the chest In young children are very
pliable iiiul will easily yield to exer-
ulse. Ten. ii tho child to take loug
broaths SO thai every part Of the
lungs, especially tbe tup of the lun-rs
where consumption usually begliix, Is
Blind wilh fie.-.h ulr. which Is slowly
expelled In sin-li n nay :.s t., empty
the lungs entirely. This Is doue by
raising Ihe iiiiiis ttbov. the head while
breathing iu through the none and
11ii-u slowly lowering the anus down
to lhe side of lhe body while exbllllllg
nr breathing out through the mouth.
I'DIIIty posiiiniis iii standing or Minim;
i-iiuuiil be carefully avoided or corrected.    A   stooping   position   when   ut
inc-iis Interferes with digestion.    For
the proper working of tbe different or-
tMiiisins nf the human body  :ui upright position is very Important; otherwise the lungs, heart, stounich, liver
iiiul other vita! urga ns will Im crowd
ed together, and i in-., will uot peiTm-m
their allotted tasks properly.    All ex- j
erclsu should cense us sunn  :is ehll-
iiieii siniiv vlguH of being tired, mid
liny   nppi'uucb   io   exhaustion   should
lie carefully nvoided.    I'.ut for n child j
in lire himself with ejterclKe ur |ilny !
in tlie fresh ,-iii- is u sure way  In pro-
mule henltb.
'I he diet  in  winter should   In* pro- .
fuse iii fats, avoiding sui h ns experience lias taiighl  you are imi   readily
digested.   Tbrei ills n dny. with n
glnss of mill; uud ii piece of bread uud
butter the lum  thing before  retlrlug.
"ill iisuully  be Biifticleut    'I'i bild
limy buve one quart of milk dnlly-
n.it nlways in drink plain, but Borne ol
it wltb puddings nnd cereals. All cereals should be boiled three bums tlie
day before they are required     Rut ter
is  perhaps  thi st  serviceable fat
und -I id be spread liberally on thin,
���tale bread. The regu hit- diet should
Include two or tliri ggu dully, according to tbe child's iii.'e. baked nr
boiled potato, some green vegetable, '
beef or mutton mice a duy uud stewed or raw fruits in setisou.
Getting a Child to Study.
There are some children   who  need j
ii'>   Incentive    lo   slndv    uud    Willi    by
something in their natures will try to '
do their best nt school null study their
lessons with (he same keen -suit thm
they exhibit at piny, These, however
are i-omparatlvely rare, while aimosi
every parent uud certainly every teacher Is familiar with lbe children ivlm
are always hndlug nu excuse to remain away from s- imei ��,��� who w\,f\\
compelled  to atteud d t get  hlgli
marks in their studies,
riowever,  In  these  letter cases  it   is
well for parents to devise some plan
besides forcing a child to  work,    nne
mother, tbe parent of tin nlldi-en,
found this carelessness inward school j
work rapidly overcoming ner children '
and thought out this pluu. wh.li h 111 her
case hits certainly worked wonders;
There were two prls anil one boy In |
the family, nnd the mother w:is most '
anxious for I liein to succeed in their i
SCllOOl work, for she well knew that It |
Is In the schoolroom that the foundations of n  successful  future are laid.
Aecurdlngly sh,. aunouiiced that who-
ever could show the highest marks nt
the end of the month Would receive n
prize     There was no second prize; the .
wiin-ier  in  ibis  case took   everything.
und -o ii n .libit wanted to gel any-
lliina ni  all mu  nf its month's  work
il   bud  Ic,   l.ent   both  lhe others     I'.ut
here  was  lbe set-ret of her success
lie    llilllle    I he    monthly    prizes    u ell I
worth having.    It was no cheap affair
lu i.e purchased I'or it few pennies, Inn
;t  was uiwuys something tl"- children
winded verj  much, and it always cost
��eveml   dollars,     And   these   children
umbeil bard.    It "ns partly the value .
oi the piiie u-eif nnd partly tlie spirit
uf . ompetitlnu Hint urged them mi.
Twelve Thousand Miles From Ceylon
yet every package of "SALADA" TEA sold in
Canada has the flavor, strength, and fragrance
of the tea as it leaves the plantation in Ceylon.
This is because
is sealed in lead packages���air-tight and moisture-
proof���thus preserving its delectable deliciousness
��� ranche* Throughout the Province of British  Columbia.
Sav,nga Deuartment at sll Urancbee Iiepuslti of Oue Dolls.- an..
upwards received und Interest at the hlgheat current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Draft* and Travellers' Chequea aold, payable In all parts of the
CHA8. Q. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   We��tmln��ter   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
lor  too
or none
too sinnll
liver   Wil
-re you w
���ty. l
one or
our Retail
Local Sal��-s Department, Phone 890.
E. 11.  BUCKUN,
l I #.    .ail   !,��������'..     V. _[?.
a-Tw^-K*.* *-3rr':��* -sT-rT.-fflr.-j,*:
' .'����� I'ie��luc2.
W. I*. H. BOCK.UN,
Oxi. una 1 i��m
_rir9 Cedar   and   Spruce
Phone, 'io. / .��"[) s/l
Trains   Le.ive   New   Wc*;tminst;r
���-"rascr Valley Line���I'or Chilli v, ie�� at 9:80 and 11:16 a.m,
and 2 and R p m . Local for Jar-
. no al 7 ;i in . fixci |il '. ; .-I ������
��� :;. ii ii c Ii ..'������ at '. a.m tor
Ml  I., bn   n
For   Vancouver,  via   Burnaby
Lii'ic���Al  7 30 .i i i���   md hourly
:.'"    11:30    p.rn     Special
.-.   :. e   .     it 8 a.m   anil 6 p.m
i car  on   Sundays   al   8 30
n in.
For Vancouver. '. ia North Arm
cf Fraser������ i nnecl. .. Itb Stei ���
i, f -,i . .. : i.- -.: ne; 7 a.m
nnd hou Ij until 11 p.m. Flrsl
i .ii* on   Sundays  at  8 a m.
For Vancouver, via Central
Park���7 nnd 5:46 a.m., every 15
Terminal. Columbia and Eighth Sts.
minutes to B a.m. i every iO minutes to t p.m.; every 16 minutes
In 8:80 p.m,:   every .',u mlnuti -
i.i ii p.m., with last cai at ntild
i   . ;,:     Saturday  afternoon     ir
...��� i very 15 mlnntoa to 11 p.m.,
: i-t car at   midn    il     i in
In ��� nl li. 7. 7:30 and 8 i' in.,
0   ���-..���������  sen Ice  to  8  10
p.n . ���   day   service   tberc
Fraser Mills-Qucen.boro���Kor
;':���'... r Mills al 5 20, 6:20 and
7 15 ii.iii. and every hour to
I i ;.'. p in. Leave Eraser Mills
:.t I,, 7, 8:25 a.m. and every hour
until midnight, lust car to Columbia St. onlj
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia &. Eighth.
" ������������_____M________M________|___________i���
nee  ;il]
"I'l-H   51   Dufferli
������   ; like representative of
i  : ... ;.     "i     wanl    no    moi <���
,"Jn - aid, "I wish nil ih ors to be
ipen   iii.:'i i n your iiiiie in!,: i n mine
-������   Hint republican and socialist optm
ion,  as   well  us  monarcblal  opinion.
,.  e m\ i :������ ii to me."
in answer to that speech the Rad-
Ic      met and voted to support their
...i i rsary, the ltiiiK." whole-li larted
ly. - . long as he preserved such open
n   if cf mind.   The Incident ';.-: tj plcai
ii. idem   Spain,   and   largely    explains the present forward movemeni
there. I
i;rfieliv.'   April    l��L    1914,
S.S. "Prince Rupert," S.S.
"Prince George." S.S. "Prince
Albert."  S.S.  "Prince  John."
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To Prlnoe Iluperl and Granby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
Tn  Vtetnrln  unrl  aenttle.
Every Thursday, 12 midnight���
���;���,,  pi inco  Rupert nnd Stewart.
Every  I-riday.  12  midnight���
To i hi.', ii Charlottn Isl .ml pnlnl :
Every'Saturday.  12 midnight���
���I',, VlrtorW unci Senttlr
8 S Prim - /.'../I. ' ""'I S ���**' f'rlnco
i,-i nrgi make clone ennui ctlon to
nnd fieiii pnlnt�� ������ "t ������< prlpei
Itimerl .ni ili.ni'l Trunk Paclflo
If  You   Are  Undecided
Where to Go on Your���
Summer Vacation
l.i-t us suggest ii five days' cruise
through tho Inside channels of
: i- North Pacific CobrI on the
S.S. "Prince Rupert" or "Prince
Georgr." Palatial oil-burning
ihlp . all outside rooms, with
: . ��� and cold w ner In each. Mag-
ni'.'i ent. icstl'ul Bcenery. "You
will fei 1 better when you return."
���� Bids
�����.0.  Box  *"�� Dally  Me,
,,f      111       W'llllw
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranto*
in   MrKnnrlo   Kl
Read - fhe -
Bprlng Suitings just arrived, See
���I,, in. Perfect lit nnd workmanship
ennranteed. Prices from $18.00 up.
701 Tront Street.
When through old
age the bodily
functions become sluggish^
Na-Dru-Co  Laxatives
K,ive   gentle,   timely   and
eifoctive   aid,   without
comfort or distress.
5C.   a   box   at   your
Druggist's. 173
^k   ,.._   National Dr��(l��nS Chemical
^J^K ^k^. * ����� ol Cauda. I.lmlli d.
Hoit-:l<csping by M��ans of Pl.iy.
riwdlllt:  Illlll   the  pliiyrnoiii   wns  nl
iiii.it  ntwnyn In disorder, one mother
tried   In   tench    her   little   -.'iris   inure
ciirci'ui   w.'iys   by  Inventing  ;i   ginne
She illvliled tbe rouin Into three pnrts
by inciiiis nr three sinuli rugi", milking
ii   lieilronin.   tllulllg   room   und   living
room     On  these rues she  placed up-
pt'opriiite dulls' furniture, leiivtng It in I]
Un- children  to mid  their articles of I
decoration.    She mlvlsed them to keep
the  "rooms"  ns simple ns  possible so
ns to make tbe cure of them easier '���
She showed  them  how to clean nnd
ilusi the rooms, how to mnke the beds
up neatly nnd how to set  the tnble
Tills piny  they  enjoyed so much that
now  tlllll   they  nre n   little  older  they |
lire n reiii help to their mother.  Tbey
make their own beds, dust nnd help
set   Uu-   tulile  iiiul  do  all   nestly   nnd
We repr;sent all Trans-A tlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk heyand���Let us submit an Itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith, CP. A T.A.
527   Granville   St..   Vancouver Phon*   Sev.   RltM
We have received a consignment of hydrated lime fertilizer   which  is highly recommended,
lime is almost as Important for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, ��12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones 15 and 1S.
��02 Columbia fctr*n�� W
T.IVIE   CAIta3���-Passenger   Service
Government   Hard   Hit. .BOILERS     Riverecl  Stegj  PilOOtS
Loudon,   Maj   7.7.   Tho government
received a stasgoriug blow In the de- '
leal   oi'  Rl,   ilon.  ''. (..   Musi- rman.  ill I
the Ipswich Suffo.lt by-elec'ion    Clan-
rnnl.   Unionlet,   being    eleel il    with
:',2 major!
P.   O    BOX   142
TUESDAY.   MAY  2C,   1914.
7 smb
By D. Maxwell Merry
The News is the Morning
Paper of New Westminster
and the Fraser Valley. See
that your business announcements appear in its columns.
Nearly every successful advertising business began
in a small way. Nearly all men who have really lost money
on advertising began in a big way. The advertising of
Pear's Soap and Upton's Teas was started with comparatively small appropriations and it is only by careful and
close observation as well as thoughtful work that the advertising appropriations of those two big firms have
reached their present enormous proportions.
But an advertiser who failed for $300,000 a few years
ago spent more than that sum in hard cash before his accounts go so far behind that he was driven into bankruptcy with the deficit named.
An instance of careful and progressive advertising
may be related in which a store-keeper began inserting in
his local newspaper, once a week, a small advertisement
costing something under $15 an insertion. During his
first two weeks his takings did not increase at all and he
had been advertising on this scale for a couple of months
before he took enough extra money to pay his advertising
bill. Even then he was out of pocket but persevered (and
perseverance is just as necessary in advertising as in any
other work) and saw enough new trade by the end of the
quarter to give him a profit which paid the expense incurred.
He was now in this position, that he had earned exactly as much for himself as if he had not advertised at
all, and no more. This looked like getting change for a
. dollar, but it was not. It represented much more than a
hundred cents for a dollar. If this man had stopped
his advertising there he would still have been better off
than if he had not advertised at all, for his turnover was
increased by just the value of enough goods to yield a
profit equal to the advertising cost.
He must have been a very incapable storekeeper if
he did not hold some, at least, of this trade. What he
did was to double his advertising expenses by running his
advertising twice a week instead of once. Trade steadily
grew and his only reason for not increasing his advertising further was that the capacity of his store was taxed
to keep pace with the volume of business.
This is a very ordinary and typical instance of small
retail advertising and the trade in which it occurred was
one yielding by no means a very high percentage of profit.
One point, however, should be remembered by everyone who attempts to make money by advertising. The products advertised must be good products. No one ever
did any good by advertising rubbish. No greater mistake
was ever made than the statement that "advertising? will
sell anything." Advertising will sell anything that is
good; it will not sell anything that is not good value.
I Crime9s Greatest Foe
Was Alphonse Bertillon
��   Man Who Died Recently in Pnric Did   are  oaptut'd   anil   nuPMtl d   persons
;a:e Infslllbllly  Identified    by    these
More Than  Any  Oothei   tj
Check Crimiiij'o.
i.   .ins     .sin.'iil   -AJiid'r  tho    habitual
criminal oursss the memory o( B*r-
These   measurements   nro   drawn
down to fractions of millimetres.
The  height  i.s  taken  barefoot.    The.
lo contend  " sch of the i Ktended anna is register-
eil hy the use uf ii "mural graduation
whose centlmetrlcal vertical line** are
��i,s the criminal's most|g4jlpted , , B��� ,���,u,,���s
reli ntlcsii enemy and   scourge, BO he t Other Measurements.
I'^ris,  Maj   26.   Th"  greatest
criminals nai    ��� vi r bad
againsi died tbe other flay in Paris.
.lust as in
wan one of the greati st bent factors of
the human r ice.
His name was Alphonse Bertillon.
His work litis led to tbe Infallible
Identification ol thousands upon thou-
b mds ot human birds of prey.
Habitual wrongdoers In every quarter of tbe globe have cursed him. His
���.'hievements   bad    Imperilled   their
ecu- mill win i ontinue to Imperil
! their safety   more than the united oi
. itlons of tha   police  forci s of
j every country had ev. :  h. en able to
do before his advi nt.
For over thirty years he was chief
i't e judicial Identification service of
j   I* .. ill c.
Mighty   Dcpart-Tien'.,
It was a might) department   Under
j bis dlr cl . ups i. Ion rested ths proper classification of more than 200,000
j criminals,   On bis shoulders la;   the
I responsibility of belni   able to iden-
i ty any or evi ryone or thi...-   at   ���..
moment's notice.
More, Identification had to be with
; i'.:t   the  slightest  particli   ol   doubt.
The gigantic naturo .if
uu appeal t.i the lmsgl
In tiie bead the expert takes the
maximum dlmi nsions, caliper com-
passes b ilng used. The length ia taken from tbe hotlow nt the root of th"
nose cf the most prominent part of
the back of the load. The width la
t.-il;. ti just forward cf and slightly
above tio ears,
Measuring the left foot in done by
making the subject stand on a uort of
bencb, the right foot being rained off
tbe ground, This causes nil the
weight of the body to rest on tho left
'i in- tniiiiiii uud little fingers of the
right band are measured at right an
gle* ft. in the joint nt the back of the
band by means Of email branches ol
the caliper, The left forearm ia mcai-
ure.i from tbe poinl of the elbow to
th   extremity of tbe middle finger.
These measurements, or descriptions, are classified, The figures art;
narrowed down to a science so that
where ;��� man was once measured lt
Is the RlmplCBl thing in the world for
e operator to take the second figures
uch i1 t -k island  traci   th<    criminal's    previous
at'.oi   " i..'i  it     .i ������ nn ineiit, photograph, and record
|!.-, remembered lhat tbeip are the 1iy_  < t crimeis,   All of which are carefully
(i aliases, i-.-t.ti.ivr. and ii bopeles     preserved.
I;  mixed populaticn. "���'..��� exact and reliable this method
V.t this amazing   nan    made   ".������ :     i.i Identifying criminals may
wcrk easy, and, in addition, bas ���   ,. i red from the fact that in the
tiie entire world an absolute grip on   ontlri   world ot many millions of tattle criminal situation. I habitants  ii   In  Impossible to find  a
His activities,   quietly   conducted, I dozen measurements alike.
have made his name famous in police '     This  i.i  an  amazing asaertlon,  but
circles  in  every   niche  of the  world. ! it is title.
The world knows ol tin. man because. Ordinary people --.peak of eyes as
of bis system. Hut what this system ! *.'ray, brown, black or blue. The Ber-
is, how it was iuvi ntfcd, wlut good it (tillon system of identifying criminals
does, how it is of enormous import-1
ance to every crime rinlitliiR organize-j
tion the wot id over, how it is detested ���
by the entile horde of evil-doers is |
us little known us the most abstract
Includes  a  chart for  the  description
of the eyes alone, and in this there
are  forty-two  combinations.    This  is
in addilicn to defects.
Onci   Bertillon was asked to write
of abstract sciences.
The famous "Bertillon system" fo.
the identification of criminals ia not
the finger-print syste.i - -which he per-,
lected.    It consist:   01   nuaBurements j
] of the body    In eleven different parts.)
These  measure.    ���:���    so   sceulifically
conducted and tabulated that there is
not a single loophole for a mistake in j
ihe  question  Ol  identity  to creep  in.
an article on "The Gentleman Burglar." He wrote the article. It was
brief and memorable. Here ia a reproduction of it: ���
""there is no such thing."
Cattalion Order No .2: by Lt.-Col. J.
All tbe artifices en pluyed by the nust q, Taylor, Commanding.
imaginative criminal in the way of! Distribution���The following drum-
disgulses can avail him nothing. He I mers are detailed for duty with the
Is found out. (headquarters    companies    from    this
lieu  dots the system work? .date:   Corp.    Drummer Mortlson    \V.
First oi all a photog:uph of the' \ Co. Lee. Corp. Dr. Shaw R. VV., 11.
criminal is taken. Then the inventor I Co. Drummer Bcwden, C. J.. G Co.
ot this ��� lode asks his disciples to Drummer Mortison. H��� II. Co.
analyze tiie photograph, learn its ev- Promotions and Appointments��� No.
ery line, every mark, reproduce it in , 711. Sergeant T. Kittle, to be machine
'the memory so that it becomes a ver- gm, sergeant, from this date.
bal  portrait. |    ijy order,
It   may   be   that   Bertillon's   system   - __, jr  HAINKS.
I grew- out of photographs���the old j Captain and Adjutant, 104J*i Realment
rogues'  gallery,  now  utmost  obsolete.        H'eslm.'riKter FtiBllle.s.
This might have been all right, but. Attestations���No. 285, I'te. B. O.
it was still necessary to classify the Shay, G. 14-5-14; No. 286, I'te. White-
criminals and make ditectlon lnfalli- house, O, 14.5-14; No. 287, Pte. W. S.
ble. features and lines might he al- Mark. H, 14-5-14; No. 288, Pte. C. W.
tered later by accident or design.        ! Ross.  H.  14-5-14;
Elaborate Detail.
E'.aborati detail mutt therefore be
.ut. ed lino, lhe complete system
revealed these details. They were
based on three points, which the in-
.i'iii'  r  himself describes  as  follows:
1. The almost absolute utialte* rable-
ness of the human frame after tbe
twentieth year 01 age. Only the thigh
bone co.11,lines to grow lor two or
ihree years longer, out so iltttle that
it is easy to makt allowance for it.
2. The extreme diversity Of dimension  which  the  human  skeleton   pre-
Mac!:. H, 14-5-14; No.
He, S. ii. 8., 19-6-14;
McMillan. II. 19-6-14;
Malmculm. B, 19-5-14;
2S9. Pte. J. R.
290, Pte. W. Cur-
No. 291, Pte. J
No. 292. Pte. ('.
No. 293, Pte. J.
Mosdale,  I.. A.. 19 5-14;  No. 294. Pte.
It. oJhnston, A, 19-6-14;  No. 295, Pte.
D. E; simill. G, 19-5-14; No. 296��� Pte. E.
Marshall   '1.  19-5-14;  No. 297,. Pte. J.
Smith,   (.:     If* 5-14;    No.   298.   Pte.   J.
Calrnduff, (I, 19-6-14; No. 299, Pte. S
McKenzie, B, 19-5-14; No. 300, Pte. It.
H. Pogue, B, lti-5-14;  No. 301. Pte. .1.
Mc.Veiyl. B, 1D-5-14; No. 302. Pte. C. L.
Leamv, H. IH 5-14:  No. SOS, Pte. A. G.
sents in different subjects.    It would j Padden, G, 19-5-14; No. 304, Pte. L. A.
be difficult, if not impossible, to find  Lewis-, H, 19-6-14.
two individuals whoso bony structure Discharges���No,  131, Pte. J. Phtlpot,
even sufficiently alike to make con-1 a, 14-5-i4, left limits;  No. 62, Pte. D.
Mcintosh,  A,*14-5-14,  left  limits.
Itision   between   them   possible.
3. Tne  facility    and    comparative j
precision  with   which  certain  dimen-1
sions cf  the skeleton  may  be  measured in the liv.rig subject by mi-ins of
calipers of very  simple construction. |
The new  system  proceeded   to  lay |
it down that there were eleven pans
of  the  human    body    which    never
changed.    These   were:
1. The height' o,' a person standing.
2. Reach length of the outstretched  arms from  finger  lip  to  finger.
8.   Tiunk or height  of a man  Bitting.
4. Lencth  of  the  head.
6,   Width cf the bead.
6, Length  of right ear.
7. Width ol  right  ear.
5. l.eiiiith of  it ft  foot.
'J.    Length of middle finger.
10,    Length of left little finger.
j   11,    Length cf left forearm.
Now, the world over, these measurements are taken  whenever criminals
Because He Takes 6IN PILLS
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Niw York City, thus heartily endorses
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"I bought some of your GIN PILLS
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remedy I find, at 60 years of nge.togive
perfect relief from the Kidney und
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1st Westminster "E.  P." Boy Scouts.
Orders for week ending Viay SOUfc,
1914,  by   Scoutmaster  R.   I'-   Day:
Parades���As  c-ffii a of the  troop
will be in attendance at tbe militia
camp at Vernon, there will be no pa-
radi cf the tree." on Wednesday nex^.
the 27th. The troop will parade as
usual on Wednesday, the 3rd of June,
at "::io p. in
Recruits No, 93, Kdward Dawe:
No, 94, Cyril Whitwotth; No. 95, Jack
Rowell; No. 98, Frank McQuarrie.
having j-ined the troop are added to
tiie strength from this date.
Resignation���Patrol Leader Fraser
Allen having resigned is hereby taken
off the strength  from thia date.
Badges���The following scouts  hav
ing  bten  successful  in  winning the
South African Campaigners' Shield for
first    aid    and ambulance    work are
hereby granted tl*e "First Aid'' badge:
No. 16, Quartermaster T. Corbett:
No. 29, Corporal D. Taylor: No. 7, Patrol Leader C. Mor;ow; No. 65. Corporal W. Murison.
The following boys having passed
the Tenderfoot test are hereby grained the badge.
No. 87, Scout Guy Kindlay; No. SH..
Scout A. H.  Findliiy.
Subscriptions are due for collection
at the next parade on June 3rd ami
all Scouts are requested to pay all
arrears.  Bv order.
H.R.H. Will Entertain.
Toronto. May 22.���The negotiators
representing the United States Mexico, Brazil, Argentine and Chile iu the
settlement of the Mexican affairs, will
be officially entertained by the governor general. H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught. lt is not certain on what day
the members of the conference will be
able to leave Niagara Falls but it is
likely the diplomats and their wives
may be the guests of honor at the
royal garden party to be given at
Cralgleigb next Wednesday afternoon.
Albion public school has been closed for th<- past couple of weeks owing to B slight outbreak of measles
in the locality. ������
TUESDAY,  MAY 26,  1914.
Between 50 and 60 Per Cent, of Washington's Girl Earners Will Receive Increase in Pay.
Olympla, Wash, May 25. The minimum wage of $8.90 per week, recom-
irrrndeil bj life recent conference for
female factory employees, will, if
adopted by the industrial welfare commission, operate to Increase the wages
��if between 511 and tin per cent, of
��;irls and women employ"d in factories that operate thS .vent- around, it
i.s indicated b) data collected by the
welfare commission.
This statement, rather surprising In
clew of the fact thai tha factory min-
imaii- recommended Is 11.10 lower
than the $1" minimum fixed for the
mercantile Industry, i.s borne out, how-
ever, by the figures compiled by the
commission from factory reports.
Affectt  More Than  Half.
The >iu mercantile minimum will
have the effect of raising the wages
<ii approximately half the girls over
l\ yeas of age now working in stores.
Because the average Itt&ge in factories
1- from $1 to $1.5(1 A week less than
in store the $N.!M factory minimum
will affect as many girls proportion-
Disregarding fish and fruit canneries, which operate, only a part of each
year, dali has heen gained by the
commission -on the wagi s of nxi
-.-.iris over IS years, and women employed in factories, Of these 559, or
7.7 per cent, now receive less than
$8.96 per week, and will he in line I'or
increased pay in varying amounts If
the new minimum is adopted.
Printing Industry Pays Well.
The  printing industry  employs  the,
iragest proportion of well-paid female
help, the statistics of the commission I
show,    Only lo per cent, of the women  in  this  industry  are earning  less
than   $8.95   per   week,   and   us   these
|..-i bably all were apprentices tlie minimum will have practically no effect in
this Industry.
Workers in garment and textile factories are also fairly well paid. About
���'<* per cent... a Utile less than two
fifths, are listed us ri ceiving less than
the minimum wage of $8.90.
On the other hand, candy and crack-
��� r factories, paper and box factories,
milk condensories, miscellaneous food
product, factories and shoe factories,
arc classed as low pay industries, and
in thise plants the minimum wage
probably will operate to increase the
earnings of ."ill to 75 per cent, (if the
The $8.90 minimum wage will have
little effect on the fish canneries, as
-7> pet- cent, of the girls and women
employed in this industry already receive $8.90 or more, weekly.
Fruit Canneries Pay Poorly.
How  great  the effect  of  the  minimum wage will he in  i'ruit  canneries
is a debatable question. Tiie statistics
of the commission show  a larger percentage   of  poorly   paid   women   fiin-
ployeea in   this industry  than   in  any
ttther manufacturing enterprise.    Onel
reanon for this la. however, that "broken'' weeks are the rule.    When only
a  portion  of the week is  worked  the
worker's pay is decreased correspondingly,
Tho   industrial   welfare  commission
will meet June 2 to pass on the $8.90
factory  wage  recommendatien.  There
is every prospect that    this    recommendation will he adopted, as it was
unanimous.     The   new   wage   will   be-
come effective August 1, 60 days niter
its  approval,   unless   a   later  date   Is :
fined.   At its June 2 meeting the welfare  commission  will  also decide on
its  policy   in   issuing     apprenticeship!
permits,  the   minimum   wage   fnr  ap- '
prentices and the mlnmium wage [or '
both   boys  and   girls   tinder   18   vears
1 of  age,   employed   In   factories.
Social and Personal
Harney  Brush   was   taken    to    the
Hnyal   Columbian   hospital   on   Satur-
*:   ���   where he was operated  upon  for
��� ii" ndlcltls.
��   *   *
Mali dm Baker, a member nt the
editorial -taff of the Iiritish Columbian, ii- reported on the. way to a
speedy rei 1 ery from a severe attack
ol pneumoi   ���
.Mayor C.ra;. ;m
< . y solii it or, havi
iiria. where they
��� ..linn   of   the    Donn
pany to have the easti ���:,
tlie. ell -.   ait' ri ;1  aftei   ll
W G.  McQuarrie,
���  urned from Vic-
posed the apple
Trust  com-
boundary of
������ survey.
���\   K. Wallace, a former 1
in,ui   connected   with   New
.-.ter papers, was a  visitor i
Suiida.-. and yesterday,    He
sent   connected   with    the
Muff   of
cans. 1!.
the  Cowlchan   Leade
��� ' naper
���' ������ mln-
1 th 1 , ....
Is ui pre
1 tutorial
i and wool,
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I im,
Messrs. William Simpson. John
Morgan and Paul Deconlck returned
:rom New Westminster on Thursday.
They were met at the boat in Nan-
aimo with cn automobile and on their
arrival at Ladysmith were given a
reception at the r. M. w. of A. hall.
Ladysmith Chronicle,
Settle or Fight.
Mexico city. May 25, -The newspaper El Imparclal printed a report to
day alleged tn have come from Wash
Lngton thai President Wilson had or
dered his delegates at Niagara Fall
to notify the Mexican representatives
that If the peace negotiations failed
Mexico would be invaded by Atneri
an  forces.
Is now in Canada because, owing to
t.ie lighting, ail th- works have been
shut down
Mi. Lynton further asserted that
had it not been for some of the trusts
In the United States, which hold hig
Interests In -nine of the Mexican
mines, I Inert.1 would have be. 11 recognized by the United States long
ago. lie describes Huerta as a
straightforward man, but gives a
very bad charactei to Zapata, the
southern  Mexican  rebel  leader,
"lie is one the cruelest brutes ever
born,'' declared Mr. Lynton. "He does
not mind killing women and children.
Port Coquitlar-i Votes Today.
Voting takes place today in I'ort
��*ixiuitlam on the $100,000 bylaw for
proposed street works Without the
money the city will be Impecunious
;ind work essential to the maintenance
of the city mads will have to be aban
doned as
res tec).
development ar-
Fie'o Cron
Prizes for field cn
up by the provincial government
the aggregate vulu. of $150 for competition among agriculturists In Maple lUdge. The arrangements have
bc��-.ii made through the Fanners' In
t-tltUte. The prizes will be awarded
for half acre lots of pot.au'
smarter acre lots Of kale crops
arlaes tor each section will he award-
U ih- first $26, second |20, third
SI7,, fourth $1" and fifth |6.
ait h ive
So Says Oil  Man From  Southern  Republic���Believes American Trust
Is   Backinq Villa
"'   knen   some
are coming  to'
at Ni
.011 pill
Montreal,   May  77.
of the delegates wh
the arbitration conferenc
i-"a;;.-  from  Mexico, and  1 am pretty
sure they will not. give ill. Thev u\.
ready have their definite Instructions,]
ind the whole thing is to keep the
United States forces waiting until 'he
Mexican forces can get In ammunition
enough to carry on a  long struggle.
The-, have already received two ship
loads, and when they get some more
they  will  continue the  right,"
This was the assert ion made today by T. H Lynton, manager or the
T. c. company oil works in the Isthmus of Tehaunteplc, Mexico. He ban
been In clues touch with tlie government  of   Mexico  for  seven   years,  but
Ing th
tn   dally
thi monkey
crowds  u,
who Is ent' r,..in
the Royal Thra
I was staying in the hotel one day
with the superintendent of one of the
big oil companies in Mexico, when
there was a fight between Zapata's
rebels and the federals We helped
the federals, because we should have
lost all our belongings If we had not.
1 have a bullet wound In the right
temple, and both my arms are scarred
with knife wounds as a memento !!ut
we had a g"n;' time there then, and
the federals drove off the others.
"Hack in 1012 this '/apata surrounded tbe mine where 1 was and demanded all the dynamite in the mine. They
had blown up a train the day before,
and wanted some more dynamite, and
eight days after they blew up another
train, when Strouse, an American
newspaperman, was killed. They
would have killed us if we had not
given  up the explosive.'*
Asked his opinion of what would
happen if the arblrtation proceedings
came to naught. Mr. Lynton said the
Ami rican might take the ports and
the big cities, but tin-re would be
worse slaughter than in the Philippines, and it would take five years to
subdue Mexico. Governor Colquitt, of.
Texas, and his rangers tire the only j
people who could handle that proposition properly, he said.
Reverting   to   the   cruelties   perpetrated  in  Mexico. Mr.  Lynton said he
had seen ears cut off and tongues cut
|out  by  some  of the   rebel  chiefs.
He described Carranza as a straight- ;
forward man. much under the domination of the Catholic  parly.    Villa, he,
said, was hacked  by some American
j trust  which   gave  him   the  money  to
1 pay his soldiers, because if they were,
j not paid  flay  by  day  they  would  not,
1    Finally Mr. Lynton mentioned tiutl
there were a great many Japanese In I He believed they would take part in
the country, especially in Torreon, j the fighting if American intervention
where he saw them armed with  rifles. 1 came.
invite  the ladles of this city  to   inspect   their  spring   stock   of  the
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$40.    We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
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knowing that you can obtain one tried and proved remedy
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Sfacfuurtt &m
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The Unfailing Home Remedy
Prepared only by ThomM Beeehim, St. Helen*. Lancashire, F.njland.
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