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The New Westminster News Jun 24, 1914

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 Volume 9, Nu*    .r 94
UN 2 ��
Price Five Cents,
YEG6MEN ATTEMPT TO   German interests
Wm.  Montgomery   Receives $600  Per
Acre From Spuds���Price, Quality
and Yield Are Exceptional.
Sec.  Darling So  Informed
An Official of the
At the Progressive Meeting it Was
Shown That This City Can Furnish
Any Amount of Labor at
Notice���Annual Meeting to Be Held
Friday Evening.
charge of the employment ihere that
tbey could get men iu New Westminster, free of cost io the men, but ln
spile of that tbey persisted in going
to Vancouver. It was suggested that
a communication should be sent to
the premier. Sir Kirhard McBride,
calling his attention to the incident,
and requesting that be bring the mat
ter before the heads of thn railway.
TliTe was no question but tbat New
Westminster, a  community close to
i-ariiK r. in this section*) of the
OOUntty have little cause to worry If
tiie case of Wni. Montgomery of Delta
is any example Montgomery planted
twenty-five acres of early potatoes.
HfCi ntly he made a deal with a Van-
couvei wholesale house for the lat-
t. r lo take the entire crop at |100
a ton. Tbe crop is now being harvested, till yield giving six tons to the
acre.   This totals something like $15.-
Three Burglar* Blow Safe But Arcuses
Constable Clarkson Who  Exchanges  Shots  With   Men.
Washington, .lime *;;; Attempts by
(ierman interests to outbid the I'nited
States for rights to construct an In-
teroceanic canal across Nicaragua
were revealed today to the senate foreign   relations   committee   by   Nlcara-
  ! guan minister Ohamorre.    The mlnis-
���   ,,       .       ter said that German, had urged that
On ,... .1 ;-, ���!""' -,'��� , olce the $3,000,000 offered by the United
w__"_t_mt t . arvT"_��f���,Mlsslon' S^tes for canal rates and other con-
was awakened at 1 o'clock this morn-1 ceH8|OIUJ was not enou(?h
Ing by a blast that shook his house.      Sen0r    Chamorre's   statement     re-
He snatched up his revolver and slipped downstairs and onto the street
when a man standing In the door of
the Hank of Nova Scotia, not thlrtv
Teet away, began shooting at him with
it revolver.
Clarkson blazed away  with  all  the
horUI'oi"   Mann, could suppiy all the help I 0u" r"r *-*��� men*, nearlv a record for  cartildges he had In Ms gun and saw
... :,i..   i.-, ...ii.,.    Th..-...._���-..r ..,���.-,   thwe men  run away  from  the  bank.
tion could expect to build a canal
across Nicaragua to rival that at Panama without expending hundreds of
millions of dollars, and the opinion
was expressed tbat Oermany hardly
would be likely to engage in such an
enterprise. That private banking Institutions, no matter how rich, should
seriously contemplate such an undertaking when there is some question
as to whether the canal across Panama ever will pay, was regarded as
extremely doubtful.
U. S. After a Good Bargain.
Senor Chamorre was not specific
about the German offer, but he tried
to make It plain tbat whoever made
it tool, pains to show Nicaragua that
the   United  States  was  to get  much
It  needs and  till  up any  job  vacant j *h*  ****** va,l<'-''-   Th*-' reason of such
! a hinl
l-'ollowlnr, the lead of the city council t!i<! Progressive association at its
executive meeting last evening pass-
i il a resolution protesting against the
sdmlsslon of the Hindus on l-oard the
Ki.inagata Maru into Iiritish Columbia
on any pretext whatever, and instructed the secretary to forward copies to
Col. J. I). Taylor. M.P., for trannniis
sion to Ottawa and to Mr, Gifford,
Ml'!'., to forward lo the provincial
I then
Mr. Darling added that the board
' of trade might alio be communicated
| witli.
A.  Spriee  said  there   was  tin   idea
| abroad  that   the    bureau    operations
; were confined    to' New   Westminster.
and   Weatmlnater  nun.      Thai    idea
should be dissipated.
Will Furnish Men.
Mr. (iibb   That is an entirely wrong
\ impression.    The' bureau will  furnish
! men for any outside job.   It Is a regular i aiployment agency authorised tc
do employment agency work by the
��� provincial government
Mr, Spice   We oughi to spread that
l price being paid for the commodity is the fact that an embargo ls
listed against California!! potatoes on
account of a scab being found by the
Dominion  Inspectors.     The  southern
brand ii- usually several weeks earlier
] than the ordinary run In this section
I but on account of the  dominion    in*
1 spectors   action,     Iiritish     Columbia
| growers will reap the benefit.
Secretary Darling reported n ting information abroad to the surrounding
Mi. Ilury of the C. P. It. in company
with tiie mayor and aldermen of the
city, when the location of the grain
elevator,In Vancouver was discussed.
Mr. Hury had intimated that the sym-
pathlea of the C. IV It. were with the
establishment of th*1 elevator on the
I'raser river, and thought that the
railway companies would undoubtedly
put one there for their own accommodation.
Mr. Sutherland and the speaker had
ni tended a meeting of the Vancouver
Vdveritlsing Men's association last
Monday. A number of them would
roine over and assist in organizing a
branch association here. The Vancouver association were arranging to
send delegates to the Potlach at Seat-
lie, lie considi red it. would be expedient to send one or two delegates
In represent New Westminster at the
Potlach. He purposed going himself
with their consent and they might secure two or three other members,
The secretary's annual report was
being prepared and would be in proper shape for the annual meeting next
iriday eveuing, when the reports of
the municipal, finance, industrial, ami
( thi r Committees would also be ready.
Tlie  report   was adopted.
Civic  Employment  Bureau.
Harry Gibb reported on the civic
(mployment bureau, Mr. Darling and
In 1 id Interviewed Aid. Dodd and Mr.
Turnbull.     Aid.     Dodd      proposed   to
ralsi the license fee of private employment bureaus to $100 by way of
ii Inlaw.    It was thought advisable i
municipalities ami to Cloverdale
Willie Kock, Yale, Hope and other
particular centres, where work was
going on. tin;. New Westminster
would supply labor free
.1. \V. Cunningham warmly approved
(il lhe suggestion  that  the bureau  be
brought before the government, Men
were being changed every month anil
it looked us ii somebody was getting
a rake-off, if the government could
be not to do anything With the railroad work it would be a splendid
thing, T1k ia. v.iij going to be a great
deal of railway construction this fall
if the C. N. It. not their money.
Mr. (iibb pointed out thai the cily
only uhatged the private employment
bin cans a nominal fee, while bankfc
were charged $:ioo and other enter-
prlsi i ii'l.'iU, and so on. These private bureaus lived on the necessities
of working men and gave practically
nothing for it. A workman sees a job
on the board, goi * into the office,
pays his dollar, works for a day and
gets let out.
The  report  was  approved  and  the
suggestions  will  bo carried out.
"Baby" Bonds Discussed.
Mr Darling reported a conference
with the city .rouncil finance committee on lb" "baby'' bonds, and the difficulties enconipaaslng the city council lu Issuing ihem redeemable at
(Short notice. Without a sinking fund
���available it would seiiously cmbar-
ass the city If in 7he event of a panic
il was culled ii|ion to redeem ils wholi
Will Have to Refund As Result of U.S. Supreme
Court Decision.
Many Claims  Held Up Pending Final
Action of Court���Each Claim to
Be Taken Separately.
Washington, June 2:i.���Seventeen
railway companies, constituting transcontinental freight routes, are liable,
under the decision of the supreme
courl uf the United States in the so
called Inter-mountain case for many
millions of dollars in reparation on
shipments made since the institution
of tills case.
The  precise     amount
ceived with surprise and led to much
speculation among members of the
committee after he left the capital.
Some members had understood him
to mean that Germany had officially
approached the Nicaragua!! government and  the minister's difficulty in
speaking English prevented his state-  more than she was entitled to "for" $3
ment from being entirely clear. D00,000.   He appeared before the corn-
American Game of Bluff. Imittee  particularly  to speak  of  the
bad been blown off   evlden.u-"Vith"'; I    ���Mp,mb1er8 ���** the committee who did 1 political effect on Nicaragua.
off, evidently with a | not believe that Germany had made' The minister was questioned about
any official suggestions to Nicaragua the American marines now In the re-
were Inclined to the opinion that re- public. He answered a direct Inquiry
presentatlves of German bankers were by saying that no request had been
responsible for anything that had ' made by him to send marines to Nlca
been done or even that Nicaragua ragua s>ne time ago. He added, how-
might not be averse to playing the ever, that he believed their presence
American  game  or  bluff. , might  be desired  by the  Nicaragua!!
It was recalled tonight that 110 na-1 president,  Adolfo Diaz.
t'pon   investigation * Clarkson     found |
that the front door of the Hank's safe
charge of nitro-giyceriue. The time
lock had, however, held fast, anl although the robbers had used crow bars
they were unable to break in. No
money was missing. The robbers got
away into the woods, but a posse Is
now after them.
More than $20,u00 was in the safe.
Manager H. M. Owen telegraphed
to the head office of the Hank of Nova
Scotia that the Inner door of the vault
had withstood the force of the explosion, but it had  been  badly wrecked
No one was sleeping on the premises, Manager Owen living nearby, so
the safe-crackers had ample opportunity to drill the steel doors of the
vault and place the charge of explosive. The Interior of the bank was
wrecked by the explosion.
Manager Bums, of the Hastings
street branch, Vancouver, to whom a
message regarding the affair was at
once sent, has notified the provincial
Cornell Graduate is Eaten
Alive By Big Cats in
Many Men and Teams Engaged in Street and Road
Entered   Freight  Car    to     Feed    ths
Animals When He Was Attached
���Body Torn to Pieces.*
Death   of   Moseom   B.   Boyd,   Deeply
Regretted���Was a  Large  Property Owner in the Vicinity.
Annual Report Shows 16,000 Members
Gained  Dunnfl 1913���Total  Union
Membership 175,799.
claims already filed with the initer
state commerce commission has not
been estimated, but it approximates
$12,000,000. One batch of claims alone
filed by a single attorney aggregates
more than $-.000,000. Score* of cases,
involving amounts ranging from a few
hundred dollars to hundreds of thousand.-, hnve b"in filed by individual
shippers and by commercial and ship
o i,'indebtedness,   file issue of short term I pers' organizations,  acting   for  their
give the municipal bureau wider publicity by circularising, and otherwise,
the surroundini- municipalities that
1 hev could furnish men for all klndi
of work, free of charge. Such advertising was bound to increase its usefulness, Attention would be called
at the general meeting to the neces-
slty of the citizens supporting tlie bureau by co-opera'ion. Mr. Turnbull
had,   r.a   an     instance,     visited    Port
bonds, except i7>r emergency purposes
would  wort a  great  hardship on tax-
[ payers, ii. the cases of permanent improvements, sewer wanks, etc.
The city was, however, considering
the expediency of issuing certain
sboit term  bonds for small Investors
1 experimentally,
,\ meeting ot the local auto club
aud the executive of the Progressive
association will be arranged after the
Mann aud put it to the officials    In I annual meeting
Friends on  Shore Try  to Alfred Stark Declared Not
Board Komogata But
Are Prevented.
Guilty of Breaking Into
Immigration Officials and Police Head i Cohen   and   We;Ss   Acquitted   of   Lar-
off Attempt���Gurdit Singh Proposes to Bring Out More.
ceny of Boiler���Trial of Frit.hall
and Gordeau Starts Today.
Vancouver, June 23. An attempt by
fifteen shore Hindus to force their
way to the Komagata Maru and gain
communication with iheir countrymen
confined there, wits frustrated by the
police and Immigration officers at
17 16 o'clock today.
Wl-jle ,1. Kdward Bird, the Hindus' lawyer, was trying to effect a | mean his freedom for he awaits in
pacific entry upon the ship, the Hindus themselves look matters Into
iheir own hands, chartered 11 launch
and set out from Tier A, of the C. 1'.
K     A   few   minutes  later  they   were
Ai tin assise court yesterday Alfred
John Stark was acquitted of breaking
or entering into the premises ol
Nicholas Messere with Intent to steal.
The jury  were absent one hour.
Although staik was discharged on
this particular Indictment it does not
mi nibi-rs.
Claims  Held  Up.
Neither in the original order of the
Commission nor in the decision of the
supreme court, was the question of
reparation to shippers discussed. From
time to time, however, In the last two
years petitions Betting up claims for
reparation have been submitted to the
commission. All of them have been
Ik Id up pending final determination
of the eeveral cases.
Il will be necessary for the commission now to consider these claims
aud such others as may be filed, within tho Restrictions of the law and to
pa.s upon them as upon original
C_a.s. To a large extent the commission may exercise discretionary
authority ln the matter. The law in
respect to reparation does not act
automatically, Each ease or claim is
a subject of adjudication.
Since the granting of about $2,000,-
U&0 to  snippers  in  tlle  "yellow   pine
eases" iln   commission  has  been extremely careful in allowing reparation.
Fortune! Made,
Nearly, if. not Quite fifty per cent.
of the yellow pirn- reparation was ab-
sorbed by court expenses and attor-
lltys' li-eh. Two or three firms of
lawyers ere said to have cleaned up
Independent fortunes from the yellow pini reparation for doing little
mon- than filing the claims of their
oliuits. Their contracts called for a
large percentage of tlie claims, and
ii, some Instances they received also
liberal allowances for expenses, ln
these rises the commission fixed the
unit mil of reparation at 05 per cent.
Of the proved claims. At the time it
was pointed out thai the reparation
went to the shippers and their attorneys, none of the money reaching
the consumers, who had bien the real
loser ilirough the Increased ��''���'< ���
They vir-
Ottawa, June 23.���The third annual
involved  in j report on labor organization In  Canada cove-ring t'ne year 1913 has been
issued   by   the  department  of  labor
At   the  close  of   1913  the  numerical
Strength  of organized  labor  in   Canada stood approximately at 176,000, an
increase   of  nearly   16,000    over    the
llgnres  at  the    close    of  1312.    The
estimated membership for each of the
three years during  which reports on
organized labor in Canada have been
issued  has been as follows:
lu 1811. 138,132; 1912, 160,120;
1917, 173,7H9.
These figures show an increase In
members of over -lO.OO during the two
years of 1912 and 1913, and suggest
a  i|inte remarkable  development dur-
,, . Hon Moody is busy all around. The
Chicago,    June    88.���Emerson    I),   lumber mills and the oil refinery are
Dietrich, 26 years old, a  graduate of j working up to capacity and the city
Cornell university, was torn to shreds
today  by  five  lions,   whose cage    he
1 board of works has over twenty-one
men   and  eight   teams  busy   grading
had entered to feed them
lually  ate him alive
There were ten lions in the freight
car on a sidetrack at Sixteenth street
and Indiana avenue. In the heart of
the city. In the excitement, thousands of persons    returning    from    a
John street. Foreman XV. D. Fletcher
says he will have eight more teams
and fifteen more men at work in a
few days. When the levelling opera-
foiis are begun still more nien and
teams and with additional wheel and
slush scrapers. The full width of the
street, 113 feet C inches, will be grad-
by information that Me ot thellons It^^t* _!��).�� mw^S11 ^"^
had e.c3Pe_ and were being pursued \an* M^nT��r^* I^.fc
by rifle squads trom the nearly police       whu_.  ����������*��������� J*    ^^
of the Dominion government to locate
its first elevator on the Pacific coasi
... , .,   , .        .        . ,   ion Burrard inlet, Port Moody's joy is
ot the tragedy until driven to safe y , somewna[ .��,lnpered becallBe it ,��� not
by the police, who had been hastily ' b(, ���8taDli9he(l on |ts shore. They
summoned from every direction. clalB1  thut as the origina, Jutention
,,.,.,    _T fe, ,  "��� escape. 1 of   ,.|(1  sraj-   commissioners   was   to
While Dietrich   was   making   hi*   .       ,        ,,      Mood   tho agitatio���
brief and losfnlg fight for life in the j o[  t||(1  ,.ura|  clajmallt8 oll(>-  re8U,ted
stations and the Union stockyards.
Notwithstanding    the    danger,    im-1
nense  crowds  surrounded  the  scene
teeth  and  claws    of    the    ferocious
in  its being shifted to Vancouver, the.
inn so brief a period.    The figures In
dicate lhat the crowth of union mem-   beasts, five    lion    cubs    each    leaped I(^,jg"ai   member's  action   is   regarded
bership has been fairly distributed as   from the car and tried to slip away. I m<Jodnv
between     international     bodies    and   Oeorge   McCord.   keeper of  the    anf-j     Word   has   been   received   here   of
those  not International  In  character,   mals, realizing the peri! to the crowds j the dea[-, o{ Mossom  B.  Itovd at his
lhe   bulk  01   Canadian   trades   union   on  every  sldt.  devoted  all  his  ener-  non,_ nt  llobcaygeon,    Ontario.    Mr
membership  owing allegiance  to   In- gies to returning them  to    "	
ternutional organizations reached the This he accomplished
the    car.
large proportions of 149.577. leaving
for all oth^r organized bodies a membership of 2(5,_2_.
Long Unsettled Dispute Will Probably
Be Settled in the Near Future-
Valuable Areas Involved.
buck on the dock, heiidid off by an
Immigration department boat. A
squad of police arrived soon after,
look the names of the ringleaders
und forced them and their loUlwiiig
from the waterfront. Thos
ivcrts said to be at the head of the
attempt were: ll. ftahini, secretary
of ;, Socialist organ i/.ation. editor of
tho Hindustani and the man said to
bo responsible for Introducing Social-
Ism into the present trouble; Bhng
Singh, president of the United India
league, and Dnlwatj. Siii'lu Hindu
Word Of thi pacific proposal to
gain admission was conveyed to Mai-
ci lm it. J. Heid, Immigration agent
by J. B. Bird practically at the same
lune as the news came from the outside    that   the    Hindus  were  on  the
(Continued on Page Four.)
prison trial on another charge at the
next assizes.
Accused defended    hin,i��elf nnd as   pro$ecution Closed and  Defense Will
customary     in    mch   circumstances, ge Heard Today.
Crown Counsel McQuarrie did not ad-      Vancouver.   June  23.    All   the  evi-
dress the jury. I dence for the prosecution in the case
The  Honorable Justice  MacDonald
summed up shortl)
The jury returned a verdict  yester
day   afternoon   of not   guilty   against
who I ll. Cohen and II. Weiss, tried for tin
theft of a furnace from the Dunsmuii
against W. J.  Kerr and C.  H.  Bailey
in 11 charge of conspiracy, was given
in the assize court today, the defense
resting until Wednesday to state their
side 01 the case.
The accused are charged with con-
,spiring against William Taylor in con-
'Hi-**  lucrum;'   the  r tint  . f  i'rltzhalt t ncctlon  wilh  investing  money  iu  the
*.I National  Stores,   limited,  which   was
Ottawa, JuJne 23.���The Ions stand
in;*, claim of the Indians of British Columbia 10 the title to extensive areas
ol laud.-, ni that province is to be sub
niittid to the exchequer court with
rignt io appeal to the privy council.
An ordi-r-in-council to that effect has
bom passed.
If the courts  find that the  Indians   ing  Bl
have  a  title  to  the  land  it  is  to be       Those were hi
surrendered   but  on   terms  according   dying  moans  were
.0 U3j;*e for the extinguishment of the
nUe.,.    The  province  any   way   is  to
.���el  aside  certain   reserves.     If  it   is
decided   that   the   Indians   have    no
title, the policy of lhe Dominion  will
be governed by consideration of their (by  what had  happened, slip    out
mterests and that of their future development.
The matter has been hanging lire
for sevi ial years and was recently
reported upon by a royal commission.
Boyd was one of the largest property
. i owners in I'ort Moody. District lots
The ten lions are the property of ! ,00 mul 220 were purchased by him
Mme. Adzie Castilo, who is to open L^e twelve years ago, D. I.. 190 was
au e_Jr_gement In a Chicago theatre , D0UR*lt lor |20 an acre and is now
,11 July. Dietrich, who was connected _aiuej| nt 1175,000 altogether. D. L,
with the show, went into the car in I 22u was bought for $900 and is now
which the animals had been brought ; est-mnted to be worth $250,000.
to Chicago to feed them.   Keeper Mc- Pottinger Highly Esteemed.
Cord, who saw the tragedy, said: Tlu,  body  of Tpm   Pottlpger,  who
Story of the Tragedy. ; _._,   drownej   ,���     Coal   Harbor   last
"Dietrich went into the den where ��� weekr ftM _M yct bpen recovered. Mr,
the six big lions are kept and 1 fol-1 potU-ge- was in the employment of
lowed him. Teddy, the leader 111 the; U)e g c oi, |U.fjnerv llPre for over
attack on Dieuich, started '���> l��-<y ! thl.ee vcai.s and"was'very much e'-T
with him and he ordered the beftSt to | twmd ile fffta ,iative of 8outll
He down, 1 our of the lions were tec- sllie!(1 Kngia-a; aud onjv .wtaty-.lve
Ing him y the time, Including reddy. | vfa]o of ase
Rev, Mr Sykes, North Vancouver,
i is supplying the pastorate of St.
j John's Anglican church in place of
] Rev,  Mr. Venables. who is visiting a
Urn a' the time, including Teddy.
Ali lost immediately Teddy slunk
ar. und behind Dietrich and in a sec-
oi:J was (.11 iiis back, tearinig and
clawiiiig him frightfully. The others
~. Brutus, N-llie. Jeff and Mutt -
their jo',,d in, and what followed was
.iuf.il    awful "
McCord screamed. with tears
streaming down his lace, as he came
to tiiis part of his story,
"My Cod. I'm gone," screamed
Dietrich, "get the fork:  .hey are kill-
sister  in  California.
The new electric alarms installed
oy the C, P. 11. at the railway crossings cu Queen and Kyle streets, are
working admirably and giving great
satisfaction to tlie citizeus.
The coming of tiie trains are heralded distinctly before they come in view
...   I and thus remove much of the danger
last    words.    Ills : hltllel.,���  prevailing  at  the  crossings,
lost    111  the snarl,    ,^w Presbyterian church cougrega
and roar of the lions as they lore Ills I ^ wju ho,d % gtraw|>en) 80Cial this
tuiverlng  body    to rags,    pulling    it | evenmg in llu> city recreation hall,
from one to the other. |     ^   s   (-(,jde8 .vas the highest scor
er   in   the  shooting     competition  on
McCord, sick at heart, kept his head
as he saw the live lion cubs, excited
Saturday with 91.
and liordeau  for   conspiracy    10   de
fraud will commence,
Mr. McQuarrie, for the crown, up-
plied for a traverse of the trial of
Win. Cl'uBs Oil a charge of criminal
.1. P. Ili\-.lipton Hole, for accused,
opposed the application and declared
he was ready to go on with the case.
In the evetll of the traverse being
granted he applied for a seduction of
the boil of $-11100.
The conn asked that lhe application  lie  renewed this morning,
promoted by Ken- and Bailey.
Lower Mainland���Light to
moderate winds; mostly cloudy
with showers; stationary to
lower temperature.
Important Meeting to Be Held Today
In Vancouver. "
This morning in Vancouver the special committee from the Kraser River
Fishermen's Protective association
wul interview the canin r> owners and
also two members: of tlie federal parliament, Col, ,1. D. Taylor and  H. H.
the door and drop to railway tracks.
He knew Dietrich was beyond assist j R, ��JERACK SALMON
ance and his lirst thought was to pre ! n_-U_-D-_.U-V o^iT-vy<"
vent   another  tragedy.    Ile  slammed', IN  A RECORD RUN
and  bolted  the  door Of  the den and | 	
called help to imprison the cubs.
The    car    was    in a labyrinth    of
hacks, but  the escaping    cubs    were [
caught sliukinig hack of nearby cars,
lasaooeil and returned to tlnir car.
lt required an hour's time and constant battling with the lions to recover the remnants of Dietrich's
body. Client quantities of formaldehyde were shot Into the cage and the
lions were forced Into a corner.
Slovens, in respect to the oriental j Dietrich's head, one arm and a leg
question existing as to the salmon in-1 had  been eaten.    A leather belt was
dustry, This ts tlie first meeting lit-
iwecn the whites and cannery owners
for several years, being in line with
the association's attempt to restrict
the uprlver i s-h.nj.to white men and
I* Indians und a curtailment of the
ii i number ot licenses Issued lo Asiatics
*;; I b"lo'.> the bridge,
the oniy article of clothing left. Even
the .hoes had been torn off.
Keenly Contested  Heats.
Moose   .i_w,   .lune 23.   The   track
was in line condition for the opening
(1 iy's   racing  lure  today    and    sonic
keenly contested heats resyRed.
Portland, June 22.���What is declared the greatest run of blueback salmon known during the last twenty
years is now on In the upper Colun-
bia river, near Corbetis. One boat reported a catch if one ton of this fish
in twenty-four hours.
McOowan's cannery, at Corbetts,
was obliged to wire the cannery at
Ilwaco, at the mouth of the river, to
send for the surplus fish.
All the canneries are running day
and night.
Leaves for Yukon.
Ottawa, June 23���Alfred Thompson,
member for the Yukon, leaves for his
far  north constituency  tonight    He-
will drop off at Winnipeg Saturday ti
[address the Canadian club. PAGE TWO
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 24, 1914.
An Independent mornlns paper devoted to the inn-rests- of New Westminster and
tbe Fraser Valley.    Published every morning except Sunday by the National Printing
Five  money  loan  bylaws  for    amounts   aggregating   $41,000   were   up
end Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzie Street, New Westminster, British | proved  by  tlle  ratepayers of  Port  Al-
Columbla. ROBB 8UTHKRLAND, Managing Director.
All communlcatlona should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
to Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, 999; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
���ents). 991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier. 14 per year, tl for three months, 40c per
month. By mall, ts per year, the per month.
ADVERTISING  RATE- on application.
be nil.
Tlie first paper in West Kootenay
I was the Star, lt was started at Revel-
j stoke in 1889 by Hugh McCutcheon.
| who at that time owned the Sentinel
i in  Kamloops.
.   .   .
Rear are o,uite plentiful around Halcyon this spring. And are bold
enough to come down and eat vegetables out of the garden situated behind the hotel.
���   ��   *
Tbe new act in connection with
rabies is being rigidly enforced in the
Chemalnus district, several residents
having already been fined for neglect
Ing to muzzle their dogs.
g  fun
Premier Asquith at first failed to keep the Labor party of Great Britain in line and now he has fallen down
in his attempt to make the public believe that the differences between the British Liberals and the Labor men
were only small and of little consequence.
Not long ago Chancellor Lloyd George deplored to LRii_SE.i^^
pledge which debarred Labor men from appearing on Lib- ���� to �� fisl1 po-*. ��������'<*-��� ----- tywu
eral platforms.  He regarded "this refusal to interchange ffi 5/S3m_ubeTrdS!
pulpits as the worst form of sectarian intolerance."        j ",",',
In answer to this criticism, the British Labor men say we��� pfiSTwg, ItoSiuVtE
that when the chancellor of the exchequer sees eye to eye opening of tin- new public market.
with the bishop of St. Asaph on Welsh disestablishment, K
or when he and Sir Edward Carson regard gun-running turned om early, too;
in Ireland with the same pleased expression, the Labor    >sid |BM��,1.WOOU, 0*f Nanaimc, bmher
partv then will consider the question of its alleged intol- of Richard uherwood and nephew or
'   ,.,��� 1 W.   II.   Pollard,   Victoria    road,    was
tldltce. ! drowned  last  week  In  the  waters of
It is quite plain that the difference between the Liber-1 echo Bay, Newcastle island, to which
al and Labor parties in the old land is not the temporary SH&** "ad K'J"e boa,lng wUh ���'
estrangement of fast friends   Premier   Asquith would j ���  ���  ��
have the country believe, but it is a break which cannot U-��J ���j��*&��53�� ��J&
be patched up in the face of a general election. j the enjoymnt of the Rossland excur 1
As far as the Labor men go, the salvation of the As- Jg* J�� fiSSSli'JfB:
quith government is of no more importance to them than ing made to serve ice cream and at
was the salvation of the Balfour administration. ! g^,!j�� for ,1,e ���"^���nmodution of
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Tni-ft Funds Should Be Deposited
In a Savings Account in The Dominion Bank.    Such funds are
safely protected, and earn interest al highest current rates.
When payments are made, particulars ot each tranraction may
be noted on the cheque issued, which In turn becomes a recelpl
or voucher when cancelled by the bank.
H.   J.    A.    BURN-TIT,    AUDITOR   ANI)
Accountant    Telephone   K447.    Koot��
11   Hurt   Hindi.
I'. II. Smith. w. J. droves.
Work   undertaken   In     city     nnd   outside
points.     111-11   Westminster  Trust DM*
1'liono ||4,    |\ o,  llox  f,07.
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd.
Manufacturers of
Modern Saw und shinnle Mill Machinery, Canning Machinery,
line  anil  Uistlllate  Engines.
Repair Work of All Kinds Promptly Executed.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.   O.   BOX  44}
A man in St. Paul was drowned a few days ago in his
own bathtub. Looks as though he wasn't very well acquainted with the tub.
A. S. Louden, for the past three
months manager of the branch of the
Koyal Hank of Canada in Ladysmith,
will be transferred to South Fort
(ieorge. H. B, Witler, who for the
past six months lias been accountant
at the Nelson branch, has been transferred to Ladysmith.
A lecturer down east has remarked that most of the
successes of today were failures yesterday.   Surprising!
how many yesterdays there are on the calendar. j acciS-Vye been'narroX averS
  I of   late   at   train   time,     the   Vernon
.   T. . . . ,    V, , , ...      I school  board passed a resolution tor-
A Harvard professor is going to study man s social in-1 bidding an public school pupils from
stincts among the apes of Java.   The prof, must have N"8 l,he c '' R' a,,aUo" l-****,forni[ ���������'
, , , 9 VTr     --    , ,    ..j.        i       j     j it right-of-way as a thoroughfare when
been barred from New York s   four hundred. they are on their way to or from the
London, Juni
of Connaught
marry and all
23.���Princess Patricia
has   again   refused   tu
England has begun to
ir that this lovllest of  Hritish roy-
: where  a  handsome  lieutenant   wears
her features iu his watch charm.
They can never marry, for he Is a
; commoner and she is a princess, but
she  has   sworn   to   her  ducal   lather
al princesses is self-ordained a Bpln-1 that she will have no other if she can
ster, not have him.
yueen Mary, it is said, is highly | Meanwhile the seasons pass and
Indignant al the Imperious daughter I the Hritish queen, who lias the vlr-
of the Duke oi Connaught and herittious middle-Victorian idea that It li
refusal of every "eligible" In the land. \ the duty or every woman to marry if
her   from | she can, is becoming increasingly in-
Madame Schumann-Heink says she likes the American man. So we've noticed, Madame, so we've noticed,
but how many of him are you going to marry?
A  tract  of  logged-off  limber  land
on   Kumeolon   Inlet,  fronting  on   the
tidal   lake  at   its  head,   about   three
miles   from   Qrenvllle channel,    has
__________ been subdivided into lots of 4u acres,
! and will be open to entry by pre-emp-
An inventor by the name of Whitman says he has!1'01- ilt V1* olli<" of ""' soverament
made a mechanical man which is just as good as the flesh _ffik _'!_*_ forenoon X_'..uHusfu!
and blood variety.   Can it tyold hands in the moonlight? 1-'������-���������
and lias nil but banished
The young son of tiie Duke of Buc-
cleuch. is the lab st candidate for the
fair hand of I'rincess "Pat." Prlnces9
"Pat" liked him but wouldn't marry
him. She'd he a sister to him but, as
everyoue knows, her heart is far over
censed at the many schemes of I'rincess "Pat" to dodge matrimony.
The beautiful princess Is now In
her thirty-second year and if many
more years puss without her assumption of orange blossoms there is no
doubt nbout It that she will be a can-
is in a jungly place in hither India   didate for the appellation, "old maid.'
, ;    Revelstoke   Is   talking about put-
Papers recently received from India tell of a wide- ting an electric sign upon the moun-
spread plot there against the British government and ^ ^H-Va ft't^-iK
then the Hindus wonder why we don't want them in Can-Une ioc*i papers,  people cun see the
j ' imouiitiin when they reach Reveli 'eke
but   thousand.-       would   never   know
their  was  such  a town  if it did  not
It's reported that the mediation conference at Niagara *��X8 ^Jthe be8t papers weH1
is about over and the mediators are in about the same
position as little Tommy who has failed in   his   yearly
school exams.
Spite   of   Revolution,   Parties
Busy Turning  Up  Relics of
Old Civilization.
Vera  Cruz,  June
it may  sur-
civilization were found, generally
within a few feet of the surface, and
even on top of the ground. The Aztecs were in possession of the land
when the Spaniards arrived in the
sixteenth century.
Culture found below the Aztec eiv-
lizatlon belongs to the race that built
the famous pyramids of San Juan Tec-
tihtiacan. The builders were of the
Toltec race. They, as well as the Aztecs, showed great proficiency in the
ceramic arts, and many objects recovered, witnessed to the skill with
which earthenware manufacture wbb
| made into a beautifying industry.
Thorough exploration of a mound In
Assistant Entomologist .1. M. Swaine
of  the  Dominion  government  depart- i prl_- tnoge wllo have _ome t0 iook onjthe neighborhood of Atzcupotzalco re
rnnnnr��r,��nfa^i^!,trrfenri8th��  n���* ",   Mexico as a land of turmoil and poli- sealed a large house-site, exposing to
course  of a  tour for  the  purpose  ot "      'view plastered walls and floors. Here
rp,     _,  .        .. , .        ��� , . ,     A studying the effects of forest insects  tical contention,    that   archeological w_8   f c  pottery  above  the
lhe Lne railroad IS SUing a teamster Who drove acrOSS lin     British   Columbia   forests.    Mr.  excavation  work  of considerable  im-1 floors,  hut  below  them 'the    objects
its tracks in time to bump into one of its trains for dam-i Swaine is ^companled by his assisfc portance has-been carried on as until-! were of the Tectihuacan model, and it
, ���,     I _��� T_) i       it.        ) ,   . ant, and their work broadly is to find ! terruptedly   there   as   it   the   republic 1_ believed that the house belongs to
ages done to its locomotive.  It s a wonder there's enough out how much loss there is m forestsL ��� u.n^.-,
left Of the teamster tO SUe. through  insect pests and  how  it can
, be controlled.
A Chicago man delivered a lecture in Berlin, Germany.)   1)(1 >ou wisl*t0 succeed in business?
,     /. ,,       ur-,      v     i       ci i ���    ��� *r\      . _  i Mark what lhe Birmingham, Alabama.
before tne "Enghsche Sprachveremigung im Deutschna- herald says of the cereal manufactur-
tionalen Handsungshilfen Verband," and he called the or- ���r *���-*���-> ���ii--'1 recently:   -Kvery dollar
,���_���_���    i _ . of ('. \\. Post's fortune wus made out
gamzation by its right name too.
An indigent eighty-year old man in New York state
has received a legacy of forty thousand dollars from a woman whom he divorced twenty-five years ago. And some
people talk about the evils of divorce.
Read Improvements Started in the En
terprising Municipality���Routine
EusineE.  Transacted.
The Surrey municipal council met at
the municipal hall, Cloverdale, Saturday, June 20, the reeve nnd all members being present.
Communications  were received
enclosing cheque for J.ino for their
contribution towards the cost of the
first c ntract on the Port Mann road,
I stating that they would forward a
further cheque for $600 upon commencement  of   graveling.
Prom .Martin. Craig, Parkes &  Anderson, Vancouver, asking for a copy
1 of the by-law regulating nil matters
in connection with liquor licenses,
especially t.at (haling with the renewal  of  ii   license;   that  they   were
'acting  for  R.   Asheck.   proprietor  of
,the St. Leonard, and desired to in-
quke  Into  the.  municipality's  powers
of refusing to renew an existing li-
'���en'-".    Received and copy forwarded
by the clerk.
From    B.    Zimmermon,    of    Halls
Prairie,   re   the   line   fence   between
himself and  P. ,1.  Hardwlcke, stating
is; that  he had  been  endeavoring for  al parties
! year  to   get   Mr.   Hardwlcke   to   con-!
of advertising.    He never  invested a
di liar except for talcs brought about
; by advertising.    To plan a campaign
of $200,1100  worth of advertising  was
| ne, au unusual thing with him."   Ad
vertising  begins at home.
*    *    +
|     "I  saw the gas htirnjig over a fo t
I high, and a most Interesting sight  ;;
j was,"  -,ii(|  lion. Thomas Taylor, mill
! iBter of public works and membi r f ir
Revelstoke, on his return from a
special trip to Hall's Landing to In
spect the gaa fitld there. On his n
turn to Victoria Mr. Tailor will bring
the gas possibilities to the attentioi
of the government with a view to hav
��� ing nn expert report on the field.
Referring to stories reoently circu
lat-d In the City concerning the trim
blc iii tlie South Wellington school between the children Of opposing sec
tiens of the population, Mr. S. 0. Har
ris, principal of the school, writes the
press a letter countersigned by the
trustees, in which it is stated thai
with the exception of two minor In
cidents the school year passed pleas
antly, with a minimum of friction ie
tween   the children  of  the dlfterenl
From Dominion Trust Co.. Vancou-jstruct this fence, but so tar without
ver, re the Plummerfelt spur track, result, and wishing to know what pro-
saying they claimed a right to this ceedings he should take In the mat-
spur track, but on referring the mat- ter. Received, the clerk to write both
ter to tin Great Northern that com | parties and suggest that they endea-
pany claimed that no one had any jur- vor t,i arrange the mailer mutually,
lsdictlon over the handling of thia which would gave considerable unnec-
spur trar'.i, nnd the cli rk was instruct eBsarj expense,
ed to again take the matter up with Tenders on contracts were award-
the ii eat Northern and request th.it,ed ns follows:     Port  Mann  road,  II.
they have the same removed.
Prom R, Baird, inspector of municipalities,   Victoria,  asking   for a copy
of the financial statement for the municipality  for the year  1913.    Received  ami copy  forwarded  by  the clerk.
From S   S. McDlarmld, li  C L. S.,
re Johnston road  -urvey. s'nting t':at
as soon as copy of the original notes
wore receivi d fri m Victoria the work
would be commenced.    Received.
.-'rom J. Mahony, government agent.
Vancouver, enclosing bill for $1.7(0 fJr,
keep of prisoners at the prison farm.i
Okalla, committed from Surrey niuni-l
��ipal!ty.    Received and ordered paid. I be moved to Nelsor.
A   weed  expert  will  lie  appointed
'��� shortly for the Greenwood riding al
| Rock Crei K*. who will give advice on
the    various    weeds   that Infest   the
j ranches in the Boundary country, and
who   will also  see  that  lhe  noxious
weed act is enforced,   Up to the pres
enl lime tiiis branch has been attend
i il to by tba local constable and fire
warden, Inn   It was decided thai  an
were completely  'it peace   with   itselfl.hls  civilization.    This  site   Is  to  be
jand   with   the  outside     world.       The  taken  over  bv   the   Mexican    govern-
reason for this may be that the prin- ment and made into a national monu-
icipal  archeological  investigations  are  ment.
, made In the southern and eastern Restoration of peace throughout the
states. The valley of Mexico, a.s well i republic is expected to mark a period
as the states of Puebla and Oaxaca, is of great activity in the field of expio-
particularly rich in relics, antedating ration, Notwithstanding work has
the Spanish conquest. been going on successfully during the
Foremost of archeological explora- revolution, it is expected "that when a
tii.ns has been the work of the Inter* stable government obtains, there will
national School of American Archae-be renewed in all thai pertains to the
ology  and   Ethnology,   which   is  just ancient civilizations of Mexico.
closing   its   fourth   year    In     Mexico.  ������	
Some of those engaged in  this  work
Slave come through Vera Cruz recen
ly, bound for their homes in the I'n
ted States.    The International school
is support! il by a number of countries I
including the governments of Prussia,
'Bavaria,    Saxony.    Austria,     Russia,
Sweden und Mexico and in the United
states  tin-  universities  of Columbia,
Pennsylvania  and   Harvard,   together
with   tbe   Hispanic   Society   ot     New
York, are concerned In the archeological developments
For the year 1913-14 Prof, Alfred  M.
Tozzer  of   Harvard    University    has j
been the director of the work in Mexico,    Working   on    the   ethnological
problems  hive   been   Miss   Isabel   Ra-!
mlrez y Castaneda, who has been
studying Mexican folklore; Dr. Max
Wagner, of the university of Berlin,
who has been engaged in the s-tudy of
Spanish dialects and Spanish folklore, and Prof. William H. Mechling, .doors with a sin.ill >���i.w
of the university of Pennsylvania, an
authority of Mexican linguistics.
Working under the Immediate direction of Professor Tozzer were Clarence L. Hay of Harvard, and Rodrlgo
C.  K. McMillan of Bellingham  Passes
Through Three Steel   Doors With
Aid of Small Screwdriver.
Bi lllngham, .June 23. Locked in a
steel vault for two hours, C. K. McMillan, vice-president of the North-
wc&tern National Bank, this morning
worked bis way out past three steel
driver and
emerged little the worse for his ex-
perleuce, He had entered the vault
to repair tii burglar alarm system
and the doors were accidenllly closed
1 behind    him,    A    locksmith
Gamio of .Mexico City. The Mexican
government, through its inspector of
historic ruins, has greatly facilitated
the progress of the work.
It has been learned recently that
when the expeditionary party an ived
at Vera Cruz last November the outlook for successful exploration work
was In doubt. John bind, who was
here at the time, was taken into the
confidence of the visiting archeologists. and he considered it absolutely
out of the question to carry on work
In the valley of Mexico under the con-
Frantically from the outside and physicians with pulmotors and the county
corouer assembled  to render aid.
"They'd have a hard time keeping
me in jail," was bis comment as he
emerged perspiring freely.
fc   From Colcnia] Investment Co., Ltd.,: fort
Hornby, $1,800;  Cordon road, A. and I experienced weed inspector could giv
H.  Trlggs,  1842.00;   Newtcn  road,  N.  the  advice and  time  this matter n
Cosco,  $1,120;   Townline  road,  Melin  quired.
& Bergman, $263.20;    Coasi Meridia   i ��   *   ��
road, south or Surrey Centre, W. Both-     The Whatshaw trail will shortlv b
well,  $576;   Johnston   road,   north  ol  completed through r> the he<id of the  dltions then prevailing.   The Mexican
White  Rock, 'I    i.   Hiiand,    to    the  lain-.   Men are starting work al both authorities, however,  were quite wil-
! the  Arrow  Park end of the  trail  and   ling  to  let   the  investigators   make  a
-   passed and   at   tho   Whatsham   side.    This   trail,  trial, and they found peons ready to
orde.ul paid, and council adjourned to when opened  up will give a quicker
meet  again   Saturday,   June  27th,   at  route to the lake,  which nt    preseni
1:30 p. m., at the municipal hall, Clo- is approached from La cellos Landing.
verdalc. \, \,,K Burton, The fishing In the lake  of one or the other faction.
, is  famed over the whole district, and ;     The  neighborhood   of     Mexico  has
7   "   :   -...'J' Chi..,   r--.pl-   will   the   trail   will   serve   admirably     for   been the chief field for archeological
It will employ   forest protection, being laid and built   survey  the    present    season.      Here
amount of $1,000.
Various accounts
and Miss
L.R.A.M.,  A.lt.C.M.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Slug
ng,  Voice    Production,    Theory    (in
ilass or privately), Harmony, Counter j
do   the  digging   provided     exigencies j joint, Musical Form and History.
did not force them to join in the mlli      Pupils prepared   for   the   examlna
tary operations at the pressing behest j tions of the Associated Board of   the
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas. Teacher or  Performer.
nn n.
und.u* the orders of the forest branch ;many objects belonging to the Aztec
Por  terms, etc.. apply  61  Duffertn
Jtreet.   Phone 411 R.
LOOM..   NO   854���MKKTS   ON
and third Tuesday iii ciu-h month HT n
p.m. In lhe l.si|M,r Tempi... A. J. Ctirlm-
iniin. Dlciiiuir; David Hnyle, Vast IMr-
tiitor;    XV.   J.   Qrovea,    Seer, tary,    .'ll
wminliistw Trum iiutidinK.
!,*. _��� fi. B. of I). C, meets flrHt met
third Priday at I p.m., Uibor Temple
Seventh  and  Koyal   avenue.     A<  Well*
amy, Exalted Ruler
I*. EL Smith, Be
I   O. O   F. AMITY I.OIK1K NO. 27���THB
������������Itular   mcetlnn   of   Amity   Lodge,   No
"!'.!���   V�����. !''������   ls  -"''-���  ''v"rV   Mon.luv
nlKht lit S o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall
corner Carnarvon  and  Kiichth  sir-en'
visiting    brethren    cordially    invited
vn^w*"-?"?' &Qi J   '-��� Wataon.
vi..; XV. o. Coatham; P.u
s.ci'.tarv;   J.   XV.    "
. recording
McDonald, financial
W. K. PALMS A CO.. 612-4118 AONF.H
street, np|-oMte Cnrneglu library. Mo��t
Up-tO-i ale funeral parlors In thn citv.
Specialists In shipping. I>ady assistant
In attendance. Always o|-en. Da* phons
��� I7��, night phone si. e---��n-
Howi'i.L (SUCCB880H to crn-
t. r & Manna. Ltd I ���Funeral directors
nnd einhiilniei'M. Parlors 4or, Columbia
street.   New   Westminster.     Phone  193
ster Board pf Trade meets In the board
room. City Hall, us followsi Third Priday or each month. Annual rnestlngi
on ths third Priday of February C li
stuait Wa.ie, secretary.
rlstsrs, Solicitors, etc.
New Westminster,   tl.
C.    J.   it,  (Jrant    a.
40 Lorn.- street,
K. Corbould, K.
B,   McColl.
t.r-at-lnw. Solicitor, en.-. Bolicltor tnr
tie- Hank ..f Vancouver. Offices: Merchants' Hank Building, New Westminster.   11.   C,     Telephone   No.   107*1-.   ('.,|,|���
address    "Johnston."    Code    w.
t   lllon.
W    1-   11
1 lei tor,
er III
r (
�� est minster
B. C.
P. O.
Hl.ie���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster   Trust   nik.. 'Columbia   *reei
M,'.^,Wl:*'.t,"1"!,"'r- '-��� ���*-'��� Cable address
���Whiteside," Western Union. 1' u
Drawer    200.      Telephone    69.      W     .('
Whiteside, K. C.| H. L. Bdmonds,  D.
at-law. solicitor, etc.. corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New Wcslm n.
Mer,  II. C.    P. O. Box 112     Telephone
Solicitor and Notary. Offices, Hart
Hlock. 2S Lorne street, New Wcstm'n-
sier, H. C.
Barristers anil Bolloltora. BOC to 611
westmlnstsr Trust Hlock. . fl. K Martin, W. Q. McQuarrie and Qoomri i.
COAL MINING lights of Hie DomlUcn
In .Manitoba, Saskatc'iewaii and Alberta,
the   Yukon Territory,  the  Northwest  Ter-
rltories and in a portion of the Province
of British Columbia, may be leased for a
l.-rin of twenty-oni! years at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than J.iDO
aores will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must bo made
by lhe applicant In person to lbe Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district ill which the
rights   applied   for   are   situated.
In surveyed territory the liiud must I.e
described by sections, or legal sub-dlcl-
slona of sections und in unsuryeyed territory the tract applied for shall lie stale .1
out by the applicant himself,
Each application must be accompanied
by a f. e ���r ��D which will be refunded iT
the rights applied for are not available,
but not Otherwise. A royally shall I..,
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of live cents per ton.
The person operating thn mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of mer-
chantable coal mined nnd pay the roy-
ally thereon, If the coal mining rights
are not b.liig operated such returns should
be furnished at least once a year.
The lens., will Include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee will be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface right may be considered necessary for lbe working of tlie mine ut Hie
rate  of  $10  nn  acre.
Por full Information application should
be made to tho Secretary of th.- Department of the  Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  Lands.
Deputy Minister of the inten ir
N.B.���Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not ba paid for.
New Wellington
Office,  554  Front Street.
Foot of Sixth 8treet.
P. O. Box 34S. Phone 105
Residence:  Room 118 McLeod Block.
Phone 489 L.
DIIIFC    FfiD   IICIIIP I or the senate;  its    nullifications    are
ItULlj   lUll   UjlSlll many.    Kor  example,  lu  other  coun
] tries even t'ne municipal bodies ailtlcl-
......        _    .      . i pate the needs of t Be citlei nnd town..
PANAMA I AM A1 '::<<-' '"" u"'a- "'��� uii'""".'. Bome-
I nllHlfln   vHlinL! times as much as ten, twenty or even
fifty  years, tbe  IHIOOIIIQ  line of  fu-i
 . I ture  developineiit,  whereas,  In   I'ariH. j
one sees a municipal administration
of. that Is ten or twenty years behind the
present actual needs of t'.ic capital, Id
alone Its present or Intuit- necessities.
I ln the very same sense the political
program    In    France    is many  years
^^^^^^^^^^^_^_^_^_^_^^^t      behind
behind the activities umi development
A   con, ('. '/., June .*!.    The regula-1 of f/rance itseir In every other dircc-
i:i na relative to tin- payment of tolls [tion.
and   other  services  furnished   vessels Object of Inquiry.
,. ,   ,,     i, . i __...     It il with the object of altering this
going through the Panama canal taw U^, ,., mngM ,���'���, th(. lQnnl* hllH
1 ' published. | heen started.    It Is hoped that lt will
The ^^^^
Regulations    Made Public���Bonds
United  States and   Its  Depend
ancles Will be Taken.
Later  He   is Arrested  0/   Police and
Charged   Witli   Manslaughter���
Held   Without   Bail.
"Fruit-a-ti.es" Brought Him
Perfect Health
Avon, Ont., May 14th. 1913,
'I am  younger .since  I  have   been
taking "Fruit-a-tives".   I was troubled
to whom -he  was I "-""ll .,""";-"������',"  Vvl____J ���
.      very badly with riles, Constipation and
rird,  Mary  Marsh, j StomacU Disorder, but I found "Fruit
payment of mils ana una t>-����-1 ��< >i>  >���>    -
ment for fuel and for other material!l1"*1  -he  exchange,  of  Ideas   between
, ,, , , . .     I the elected  and the electors  will  not
*.,..l   supplies   sold,   and     for   itpdlt, w,t���   ,,���,   t.u,nUm lod    bt
harbor pilotage, towage, and OtherL^ lwrlllim,Mlt wl��� continue to re-
lerVlCM lurnished la to be made toL^ _, active touch with the people,
the collector of the    anama canal at |      , ���lat ... ,^ 0rl_liiate_ in
either toe port of Balboa or < rtatobal, y,. w0rkHll0|)Bf th,. H(.hoo,H, tne ,abor.
except that deposits for tolls may be atorle, tha ^ltlei ��� lhl, rieldli ,���.
niadc with the treasurer ,,r an assist-\ttn& ���; ,yin>- unjjoUoed or Ignored,
ant treasurer of the United Mates to , h| Ul(, dapUjg of ,,���, nation's actlv-
tlie official credit ol the collector of ,-.,-. a_ und<,rj;-.0UIUi ,prmgi |��� the I
the I anama ciinal ^^^^T~ ^^^ ���
Toronto. June 7;:   ruder the eye*
0f the youn�� man to whom Bhe waa|
. iiL'ii_ed  to  be  mai'liru,   -��ij   �����"--. 1 Ninnacu uisumci, ����' ��� '���-"������    -.���7
a  Richmond  Hill  ��irl.  was  killed on    a_tives" wa. the panaces for the *ho.e
1. ,  H..H     .,  is Honed u.ai u wmi Saturday   evening   by   an   automobile I l free of all these disease.  I
"l,!lHl,e" , .  ,,     ,   , \IZ ti    ��v -rth...w  '     -    ,1     methods,  ..riven  by John  B.  Whaler, an  Kglin- j and __:-,*      l*rfecthe..th   snd aide \
..aymen, of mils nnd the pay-|belp to overthrow  p   ^ ^^ ^  ^ ^^^^Zr\%^^^^^^^^" '
raent or two eftei'the ,*^d^fS   tooktwoevery night and they worked ;
disi.ppea.ed  into .lie  "'^ ..,'"'; ^      wonder, for me. *
hour later be was subpoened to aa -m      Noother -1(.(1-c*ne I could get wan so I
the coronors jury on tBeBame cmw. gnd ( tQok JoU of ,-jf--���eilt rfnie.
nnd appointed foreman. \\ Haley wo* ^ befo-g j foundout how good "Fruit-
bll place at the inquest Into toe gal*   a UvtB��� were
death without savin's a -void to m< 1 j keep . i*ruit-a-Uves" onhsndsi!tbe
coroner or the other jurymen concern- . tjme an(J am never wililout tbem. I
iiic his  alleged  part  i"  the  truge.iv.    eyen uke them with me when  j RO
*  -  '""������"' ���"���' " can have them handy.
are worthy of every good
\ _6asel may enterGatun lake !_'>'������ .take" their place in tbe world's deveil"-*-* "-���"""- '- ------------------------ ____--... -_- ....
end  Of  the  canal,    and     "���*"-* ****** '
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranch.. Throuahout th. Pr.vlnc. .f irltleh Columbia.
���avlng. D.pertm.���, at ... ******    *^J^���������
upward, received and  Interest at the -Igbeet eurreni ���_s v
credited belt yearly.
Drsft. .nd Trav.ll.rV Cheque. mM. payable ln all parte of th.
CHAt. 0. RENNOCK. O.n.rel *-���"���������'��� M���|iiir
Ne��   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK. Manager.
 -.  lost 111 mc iif-jiiio <������ >.  ���--     illR i,jh  alleged   1"*"-  '"   "���*-*--"    -     even isse men
*-'��� -�� Itiei  as  underground   springs  In   the \    *Wi, 0fflclall ��peni  many hours In-I motoring) ^ 1
I earth   will  como  to  the  surface  and ' {      yesterday before they sub-, ..p-oit-a-Uves"!
���r)mltake their place in the world's devel-  '"JJ-  that'whaley  was the man  to    word I can say
��ay-  opnieni. charge Of the death car.    A piece 01 , that tney cured
I .       . .  .    1       ' ��� . ,<        .      ��� 'I...        n I,        ,, f ,  t *      il*-*    P*  *- , - 1 .... ..   t tllfttl . . _ __	
_ he man  in    word x -,��� ^y aboUt them.   Tlie feet
,    ���   .���__.-.._ Inhariie of the death car.   A piece>of I tb��ft they cured me of PMea, wae aome-
without passing through the locks at!    preih hope ariaee that the genius of ^���� vM6t  lh(,.. p|Cked up at; toe i tuing to be everlastingly thank.'ul for'
the other end,  return  to  the original; lh(,  prenoh  nation, of ��hich   there  is  ����������   Qf  |h(1 acc|dent.  fitted  perfect- GEORCK LAt'R.
iKiinl  of  entry  of  the  canal   without ���, abundant proof In all other depart : - broken headlight on  \\lia-,
payment of addlUonal tolli. ������.���is,  may  now  be drawn   toward   ���      .lulIM11()1)il(,.   whaley is held ����|
i nless, In the opinion of the (iover-   I,-,.���n(.|i  political  needs;  thai  -��*-��������_*;''oharge     of
not-of the Panama oanal, payment to j ernment vm cease to occupy  Itaeii],'_,
50c a box, 6 for f 3.50, trial size, ajC,
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best gradea and
prompt delivery.   We deliver where you want it, in any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
held  on        B-*" * "**"���  ' ""' ��������������'-" "*-.   "   7'   v
���*        .       , .  ���   �� l.hout i At *-�� deslers or sent on receipt ol price
tnaiislauglilet   wlllioui    ^ Hruit.a.tives Limited, Ottawa.
nor in in.- I,.,,,.,,,,. .,  ..... i.i |	
cash to the collector of the Panama nier^wlth'the'dlffleuUlea of the mo
canal Is necessary for oanal purpoaei ment| and thereby become more audi
draft! on banks on lhe United BUtea more im,m,r).B(1 |n pany politic-is. but!
under the supervision of the corapt- thttt ,;,��� fllrcle ,,, limitation win bei
roller of the currency, and otherwUe broken and ii n.-w reaching out result,
satlafactory to the Governor of. toe tor mtM the republic finda out where.
Panama canal, may be accepted for ������ th��� ,���������.,. political development of
con version Into cash to effect pay- Ul(. (.oulltrv |(ea it h;ls not fulfilled Iti
in. nl of tolls and tor bills. mos, sn,.r(,(- tils|(
Bonds will be acceptable only  from]
bu immip     companies    having   in--1 -
queni aallingR thrnugh the cana! or
from the iigeiit;. of several vessels or
steamship companies, The bun.is deposited by any one agency or coin
pany shall be sufficient to cover the
tolls "n a minimum number of vessels
governor        the  I'aiiii-1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^
mr. rnnal.  ,
li mis of the United Stales, the Philippines,  Porto  RlCO,  and   the district i Tries to Prevent U. S. From Disposing
ol i olumbia will be accepted at their
I     of Two Vessels to Greece���Presi.
dent Wilson  Favors Sale.
autumn of 1901 alone, the writer declares, on fewer than 40,000 fugitivs
Armenians crossed toe border from
Traus-Caucasia Into Turkish Armenia,
and with short Interruptions IhiB con-
tlnui 1 until the end of 1910. These
came  with  mo. ������;,   and.  ���/'hat  was of
  I more   Important .,   with    in   improved
I knowiedKc of agriculture and of tbe
lurkish covernment   Sad  to   Have j arts and crafts, In the hope of making
���^���^���^���^���"ja . ('ah start.
'i lie    work    these    returned  fug'.
tives did towards the  reconstruction
I and    economic    revival    where    they ,
could obtain possession of their homes
and lands was. in the writer's opinion.!
marvelous.     Side   by   side   with   this'
Pres aad Oeei. Mgr
w. r. a. bockun.
lee. end Treaa.
Givin Grudging Consent to Bet*
terment of  Conditions.
Rr, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 171
par   -line
^^|        _ .,,,     . .    .. _.,       , . between (.recce and   lurk.y were car-
France, Brilliant in Many Other Lines,     .   . ...
ried today to the white house.    I lie
i    ,i ���   inn.- 28    in a leading a'   mai..-iui.-.    .-.-^  ������!  .���    -.
i.cinii.n. .urn      . A   j-. SU(|,1(.M influx of population there waa
tlcle in toe wrrent issue o the Angi    &  ^^  .^^ [n th(, w
Armenian journal Ararat, the auuuu   , ^   ^ q{  m   m^  however,   since i
of   \rnienia towards  the Turkish em-  the  -,prlng of  1911,  a   free  hand  has I
i"    '   i    ,.���n��l,lered I been Riven by the government to no-
After pointing out that ev r s ^  ^ defe-Bele���  Armenian
  | "��e Turkish MBOUMt ��   ���J��� |1Hi Ule ' peasantry to raid their cattle and sub-
Washington    .lune   7.:.   With   the European and Astatic posse�� re- stance and levy tribute. i
.���'"-..;.'" '""r^^'STEi-v^
testln| against the proposed sale of Monammedan  law   and   di^Jt low   ui consented  to a  plan  or reform, and
the American battleships Mississippi the writer goes oni to m      u    ^ i        eyen gelected two B_r0pe8n ln-!
and Idaho to Greece, rumblings of warl��f01^| ��rte Armenians hive  remained I ��trn_ctorB^en��ral# who^ have    already
loyal to the Turkish empire
auutiui.v^���. ,_     .- ....         	
-cue to Constantinople for their plan
Tar   Behind   the   Times
in Politics.
-is. .lune 'J'i.
Tbe Inquiry ope 1 position that tf sheJwi^J^���-.
in  ilie  .Matin  for the  purpose of  try
Ing to arrive al a common basis for
   II)J..<:.  __._
n'T        ���" ���    '������'  points out how   their continued  of operations.   The writer urges upon I
dlplomutlc representatives ot the two resistance to the tyran.iins of Abdul the ottoman government the necea-1
countries called on Piesldent Wilson Hamid paved the way for the revolu-islty for permittim; these officials to
Within tt few minutes Of each other - tion Ot 1908, and how. in spite of the carry out their mandate without ob-
|one to urge and the other to oppose ,\(ilma massacres nnd other breaches i stiuetion. and concludes bv saving
the warship deal.   Greece takes the of  fallh on the  part of the  Young that if the ottoman authorities will
vessels  Turks, the Armenians were foremost i only prove to the Armenians that they
the balance of  power in the  Mediter- |i- tll(. (i���)U against Turkey's invaders   are in earnest in their desire to insti
^  rauenu   will   be   preserved   and   peace   during  the Balkan   w:*. ' tu'.c reforms, they will have every Ar
the future political program In l-'ranee,! mai"lai'u'''. ""^(Tmk,'y ,clailm,s ,h,at Says Turk.  Should  Awaken. menian on their side.
'     ,   . v , i'eace can be best guaranteed  by the       The   Turks,   the   writer    continues 	
lo be adopted as soon as the present rplugal 0, ������. Unlted statf.s to ald in \Aom wakp llp t0 tne tact that by I
problems now under discussion are augmenting her rival's naval forces, i earning the attachment of the Anne!
sett'.ed  is  bringing forth a variety  of i Wilson  Favors Selling. j nians  to  themselves, and  to the  em-1
opinion from public men. i     President   Wilson told callers early  pire,  they  would be  serving the best!
The question Ot the day which must lin the day that he favored the sale. Of interests of their country.    "As far as
first  be settled are, by common con-|the battleships to Greece because it   -he Armenians are concerned we can.
scut, those of the three years  bill,! bad been represented to him that such jeonfldently state." the writer declares,
(.(iilnr education, electoral and fiscal  aotion   would   be   in   the   interest   of i���that  they   would   look  forward  to  a1
reform,    To avoid  future  uncertainty | peace.    He raid if be thought the ves    happy  and  prosperous  future  If  they
the Matin proposes that France should I >alB would be used in an immediate   but  formed  an   integral  part    ot    a
do as  she did in  1869,  when  the  He-, war he would not consent to the sale, l.trong and regenerated Turkey, which
publican party, prior to the formation      Tl'.O niicstlon of the sale of the bat-   had reversed her past policy and had
it   the   republic,  came  to an  agree- Uoshlps is to come up tomorrow In the inaugurated that equality in sight of
ment upon a future program. | house on a senate amendment to the,   the law   which  is the basis of all  re-
The nation needs to formulate defl- naval   appropriation   bill. il'orm."
us to what it wants, for it:     Secretary   Daniels  desires  the  $17',-       Proceeding   thi
We have received a consignment ot HYORATEO LIME FERTILIZER  which Is highly recommended.
I.ime is almost as important for tbe successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones 16 end 11. 901 Columbia Street VV.
I held  the theory touched  upon  in W,-REDES   BUCKING   COW
1 foregoing commenctfl  for some time.1
massacn-s and (IVner    ���" ,     mtomall   authorities   will  foregoing  commends  for  ��>��*? "���n r��x*   WAV TO THTTRCH
,  on the  part of tbeJfouM ���� �� Armenians that they u was outlined before the Canadian        QN \y_\Y   I'll -LtlUK-L-n
the Armenians were toren ost   only Pr institute and  formed the sub-
F. Napier Denison Believes Temblors
Have Something to Do With
Mining Disasters.
it   was  ituiiiu.-H   uu...   ���
Mining institute and  formed the sub-!
ject of a paper, which he read before,   ^^-^^^^^^^ 	
the   International   Siesmological   con- j
uress  at  Manchester.    The  same  ad-1     Washington,   Pa.,  June  '-'.i.���Hiding
dress was presented to the 'British as-. a bicycle, J. P. Welch of Washington
sociatlon,  ^^  i E,arted wltn tne intention of attend-
| ing services at the Hill church, near
town, but instead he was the central
figure in a thrilling performance with
a cow in one of the leading roles.
A. short distance from the borough
i line Welch encountered a herd ot cat-
^  I tie. AU fled except one obstinate old
\ cow.   Welch, going at rapid speed, did
  I not divine her Intentions soon enough
His Secretary Declare. Prospect. Are j }<-  av��jJ  ����� ^\\Wion.    He  waa  flung
(from the  wheel  and alighted astude
smi m mis
nlte Ideal
political   darkness.
In the past the activity of the Domical thought of France nas permeated the whole of Europe; tne
whole world. In fact, has been indebted to her for its most advanced ideas
of poltical freedom and progress.
With her renowned preeminence, not
only in art anil letters, but also in the
Victoria. June 23.���That  there is  a
distinct   relationship   between     earth
such    disasters
writer   points   out
-=~=.:=^ ___...
5b a-aisiws^iSfi^^-T-a _EJa gas -;;::*
the step.   contrai.*   be says, under the miscon- 1(Jn   of   F    Napier   Denison,   superin-
~~ K-M.d  for t300 i ceived  ideas of nationalism and  pan- | of ^ meteoro|OKical observa-
Ouelph   U,     Jime^-lohn  Darr,l,s.amism drives, to ^^ ^     Uieii*: tory at Qonasles heights.    He  points
^^ffi-"^^^l5^ ^^ron'K^Iohiimmo- : oUt that an analysis of the records o.
Good for Revolutionary Party
in  China.
the cow's back.
The cow forgot she was a .uffra-r-
: ette, and, standing up for her rights,
' dashed down tbe road, bellowing and
j plunging. Then she stopped and gave
SUI1' a demonstration of bucking. Welch.
' though clinging to horns and hide,
was tossed into a field. He walked
home unhurt,  except  in  his  feelings.
I crushed in.    With other ltal-  hinds ami srm��� _���	
was drunk on  Sunday night,, dun immigrants who, far from produc-   ,,"" ""  "   . . . ,
 -*->���?   �����*.. a drag on the state.     ! tl e  Past, few  *ve��rs, ?,epn\B  to f*"�����'��;
��iimid mt nroof that the theory is well
treat   discoveries   and   inventions    oi i lans  __   .._.*, ,.  nm ._,_..B.���	
latter years, most of which have ortgi-J and  considerable caiousing  had been   ing wealth, are a drag on the state.
nated  through Krench genius, how  Isi going on.    William  Rutherford  found      In spite of all promises of very dif
It, cne ls impelled  to ask. that  with Barr's   body   and   notified   the   police,   terent treatment the Young Turk, the
ard   to   political   development   she! Friends believe that robbery was thej writer insists, has continued this pol-
:ara   io   puimv-n   _v _,  __________ ier iusim-, .,��., _.- _
is  >(i  far behind  all  ether countries?] motive,  as   Harr  had  ahodt   J300    on ! icy and settlers have of late been flow-
Political  Idea. Borrowed. |him Sunday and When found his pock-1 ing  into Armenia in a steady stream
1'ractlcally all  French  ideas  today ets were empty,   No arrests have been' from the comtuered Balkan territory
In   the   political   world   are   borrowed | made. ----.    ^_:���,��i������ r.*__es.
one?.    Even  their  proposed    reforms ^	
are   merely  copies  of  those   in   othei'��� Winnipeg  Fair in  July. ] to   power,   which   was    receive-     Uw-. ..QUttltBB.. ���-���,.- ���,.������
C6untries, in so much that the lack of :     Winnipeg, June 21.  -The annual Ca-   where with greater good will than in .   *$��> tw"���tvUJ0u' ho1irs"or"R'i.ch��n1in'
political originality    stands    out    in   naaian   industrial   exhibition   will   be; Armenia, the- steady emigration of Ar- j .'   catastroD'nes
i mazing contrast   to  the  rest  of  the ; held this year July 11 to 18 inclusive,! menlans   from   their   country,   which1    B .."..'
development of French thought "       ** l~' ""4" ho-
Steady  Emigration Ceases.
On  the  advent of the  Young Turk
i to   power,   which   was    received    no-
abundant proof that the theory is well
While Mr. Denison would not go so
far as to say that colliery explosions
were directly caused by earthquakes
.ie asserted that a close study of the
question, together with the collection
of a vast amount of data bearing on
it, shows that a large percentage of
"quakes" occur either on  the day  or
July 11 to IS Inclusive,I menmus   (.v,,,,   their   country,   which
,,,  . ,v    the change in the date being made be-1 had been the rule under the llainidian
It  may be here observed  that this   cni.se of  top  provincial  general elec    ���*-���   -�����������-i    (ind   a   movement   In
lack   is  not confined  to the chamber  tion which takes place on July 10,
.Ma   Soo,  the  secretary  of  Dr
Yat   Sen,   and   former   editor   of   the
China  Republican,  who is  at  present
in Kngland. recently gave some interesting information  as  to the  present
position of affairs  in China. Y W f A    C0LUMBIA    -""REET,
Dr. Sun  Is  Heard  From. j ������"���v��rt. NEW   WESTMINSTER
.    Mr, Ma explained that he had that      Gymnasium Class, Thursday at 7.30.
| morning  received   a  letter  from   Dr.  swimming classes, Tuesdays and Fri-
Sun,  who  is at  present at  Tokio,  in ; days, 3 to 4, at Y. M. C. A.    Young
Uie course ol* which he, Dr. Sun, had j ladies' Club, Friday at 8 p.m.
said that he was very hopeful as to     Boarding and room rates reasonable.
the prospects or his party in China, | Me8-g gerved to ladies and gentlemen.
and urging Mr.  Ma to do all in  his,    por particulars call phone 1324.
power to make cleai the real facts of-
the situation to the Hrltish public.        ; *~"""""* ���5S*"mmmmm
"As to the exact position in China,"
Mr. Ma continued, "really I have very
little to add to the accounts so accur-
Iven  from  time to time.    Thej
Hy way of illustration he stated that   atelj   *-.��<-..  ,.~	
 j*---   lhe had taken the dates of thirty-four  central fa t of the present position i
regime,  ceased,  and   a   movement  in   coUiery   explosions   in   Oreat   Britain  c.,e upon  which  you have always in-
the  reverse direction  set  In,    In   *h*M and found that 67 per cent, came with-j * sted,   namely,   that   Yuau-Shili Kai's
in forty-eight hours of a "quake"  re-  retention of power is entirely depend
corded   at  Victoria.    These  statistics! out  up, 11    '    "   '  ~   -*"'-    *-    ~*>��*������
i were from 1899 practically to date. Of j moiier
1 120 such explosions in North America I    "There is, however
able    to    obtain
one    way
The Human Mind in Summer
I lie, <r     ,.,    ..s. -. ,
which the press can help at this pur
ticiilar moment, and that is in drawing
attention  to the  case  of one  of our
I people, who. for the last five momlis.
has been lying in prison in Hongkong.
. Chung-Sau-Nam   in  Prison.
THE human mind knows
no summer languor.
It seeks to be interested, instructed and informed as much in the season
of midsummer heat as in the seiii-nii
of midwinter cold.
The mind cf man does not change
from month to month as does the season; nor does it go to sleep for months
ut  11  time ns does the bear.
in summer ihe mind is less preoccupied with cures as in the more streu-
UOUB months of social ami business
In slimmer the time which is given at
other seasons to other interests is of
ten   given  to  the  reading  of  newspapers.
ln summer newspaper circulations often Increase, for then men and women have more time and daylight for
Ti*,e summer months, then, are choice
months for advertisers to use to draw
attention to themselves and their
goods, to arouse interest in what they
piovide, and to impl.nt desires for
what they sell or make.
You can obtain helpful advice on advertising free of
cost and without obligation
by consulting the business
Department of The New
Westminster News.
I    I'll      Ml.   II     ^Ap,wu.��..u      ...
I since 1900, 46 per cent, had happened
within forty-eight hours of a "quake."
Fifteen Years  Research.
Mr. Denison stated that from observations of the siesmological pendulum
carried  on  here  from  18'-'9, he    hurl. -wnuny-������...-	
found that during certain years and' "The man In question Is one Chung
seasons, when the slow pendulum! Sau-Nam. During tbe second revc'.S-
movements are greatest, earthquakes j tion, Chung-Sau-Nam, who was chief
also are more numerous. The "earth's i of the treasury at Canton, was sent
rock mantle," he said, "was constant-1 from Canton to Hongkong by the Kuo-
ly undergoing a train which created I Ming-Tang authorities with $150,000
slow movements. These, when great-! to be disposed in the Kusso-Chinese
jest, a condition which happened at i'��� ���>"!������ more, in order to secure funds
S certain   periods,  might   cause  the  es
is one of the chief reasons why young
         people Btay contentedly there instead
bank theie. in order to secure funds!0*   seeking   their  amusements    else-
foi   tlu   future. ! *herc.
"Shortly after his arrival at Hong-1 ]'fi "s furnish the piano that will
kong Mr. Cliong was arrested by the: m-***e >'0"*' bome attractive. The
Hongkong police and put In prison, j DOMINION PIANOS are here for your
where   he   has  remained  ever since. 1 selection.
capemeht of abnormal quantities of
gas into mines which, if not delected
In time, only awaited any form of Ignition  such  as a spark  generated  byiwuer.   ne   ....<-   ,~.    	
the friction of a miner's pick, to cause i The authorities at Peking have during ! ��.�����������.��   ___in.n    ������mini-
a disaster. this time been  making' strenuous  ef-      I    H    Tllllll S  MllSll.    Hill SF
Earthquakes occurring about the forts to obtain Mr. Chung's extradi-, u' "��� l*tuu u m-UUIW nuuui,
the same time, he stated, probably are 1 tion. If they should succeed, he will, ,521 Columbia St., New Westminster,
due to abnormal earth strain.  At thej of course, be conveyed to Peking and |
present time an exceptional condition I then shot. I	
of this character was being expert- "Our people claim that inasmuch as:
eitced. There was a pronounced slow Ms offense is an entirely political!
movement of the earth  as  measured j one,   no   extradition   is   possible,   but I
by the pendulums of the Gonzales
heights' Instruments. This had been
going on from June 10 and continued
when  it  is  remembered   that   his  ar
rest and imprisonment are both abso-i
lutely illegal, It will be seen that  we
going on from June 111 anu continue- 1 iui.ij   mean..,  .v	
until the 19th inst. On the latter day, have only too good reasons'to feurl
but after the Hillcrost explosion by I tha the Hongkong authorities may not
seveial hours, a world shaking quake j*hesitate  to hand  over  Mr.  Chung  to
1 was recorded.    It occurred  at  a  dis- the emissaries of the Peking govern-1
] tance of 2,500 miles and probably or-j men,"
iginated  In  the  vicinity  of the  Aleu-1 ���	
tian islands.    A few hours afterwards' Bush Fires in  Ontario.
.there was a more distant one rqpord-      Kingston, Ont., June 28,���Bad bush
'ed which Mr. Denison is inclined to j fires have been raging at I'etawnwa
think represents that which has been | camp, and the men have been fighting
reported from  the South  Pacific. 'them  for a fright and  a day.    There
Mr.   Denison  explains   that   he   has has not beeininy rain {or six weeks.
a g.  <
8.3 ��f
D. D. WILSON, Manaper.
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE  24,  1914.
gui.il and fresh can always be
had at the "Model" at reasonable pricea.
National Sodaa, per tin ...25c
Canned Salmon, half pound tins,
;t for   25c
Clark's Chicken soup, large tins
ul         15c
Cliff  House Catsup,  25c     value
for    15c
Pine Creamers Mutter, three lbs.
fer $1.00
lxcal  Fresh   Kggs, doz 35c
Orange Marmalade, lb. jar 15c
Pure  Pood Canned    Vegetables.
1 tin Peas. 1 tin Corn, 1 large
tin of Tomatoes      30c
Large    Local New  Potatoes, 5
lbs.  for   25c
Meat and Pish Pastes, jar . .29c
local  Honey,  per jar   ....   25c
Pure Jam, 4 lb   tins     66c
Norwegian Sardines, S.S. brand,
per tin    10C
Krlnkle Corn Plakes, 3 f.kgs. 25c
Q. Washington Prepared Coffee,
per tin    35c
B. C. Milk, per tin 10c
Canned Peaches, per tin . . ..15e
Canned Apricots, per tin  ..  15c
Model Grocery
108 Sixth St. Phont 1001 2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 111 IL.
Local News
Ha.e Tower  Painted.
The hose tow. r on  the city hull  is
being treated to a new  coat of paint,
a  vivid  red  being  the color  used.
utensils, etc
i f suit.
on view mornlns
17,*,:,'." i
Mortgages���Alfred \V.  McLeod.
Social and Personal
Miss Alice Snirdley of Burnaby arrived in the city on Sunday. June 14,
where she will spend her vacation or
two months, as the guest of Mi*, and
Mrs. Joy ui r and son nt  Maple Camp,
(344G) ' Newcasil,    Island.    Nanaimo.
Kor stratX berry, raspberry, and all
fruit boxes try the Hritish Columbia
Manufacturing Co., New Westminster,
ill'. (3528)
Will Speak Tuesday.
Nl v. arrangements were made by
the New West minster Political Kqual
ity league yesterday to the effect that
Itaroii.-ss Marg. de l/cveleve, of
Liege. Belgium, will speak in St. Stephen's church uext Tuesday afternoon
Instead of this afternoon as previously planned. The prominent Belgian
lacy has been unavoidably detained in
Vancouver and found It impossible to
attend the meeting scheduled for this
Registered at the Russell hotel: l>r
H. il.  Port. Clayburn;    Mr.    ���***.'.  n
Height, Mush n City; Mr J. Kennurii,
Toronto; Mr. W. J. Crooks, Toronto;
Mr. I). (J. Stewart, Seattle; Mr. C. II
llallrd, Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. ll.
Pord. Winnipeg; Mr. H. II. Ilelme
Vancouver;   Mrs.   Stewart,   Mrs.   1/ee,
( Mr. 0. Cowan. Mr. I-'. Trites, Vancou-
: ver.
There i.s a period in the life
of every mini when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then ho
makes a will���but it may be
made under wrong Influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persons���according to the
deceased's wish���would have
shared in me distribution of the
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
The advice of the Dominion
Trust company in this matter
may be of value to you. All such
discussions are treated in strict
llrlquettes,   Briquettes, cheaper than I 	
coal.    Barry    Davie & Co.,    Phone. I
<3456) ��� Keen  Interest in
SMi and 411 I..
hair  dress.
'Phone  i:t29
doors below
Shampoo and plain
50c; manicuring, 33c.
tor appointments.   Two
Russell  hotel on   llegble
Under Was Snown at a Meeting
Held   Last  Night.
The value Of Pitt .Meadow  lands as
oil producing territory was tbe subject of careful consideration at a meeting held last evening In the office of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,1.   A.   P.idiis,  of  the Co-oi.erative   In-
The hospital board of tbe Royal Co-1 vestment  company, on Columbia St.
lumblan   hospital   will  hold  an    ad- The meeting waa attended by upwards
when |
street.    We will send for
vour orders,
Hospital  Board  Meeting.
journed meeting thia afternoon
officers will be elected and reports |
read  from   the  officers,    It   is  alto,
gather probable that a report of the !
committee  looking after the Interne
matter  will have something t'l report
with the medical |
of .a representative business men of
NeM Westminster, and keen interest
was shown ln the prospects of oil be
ing found ut Pitt Meadows or in the
Immediate vicinity.
Tin meeting wus attended by Mr, .1.
s. Anderson and Mr, J, P, Hooper, representing   tie-   Dominion    Stock   and
Bond Corporation, Ltd., of Vancouver.
Iheric gentlemen recently  visited the
Pitt  Meadow oil  fields and  arc  vers
enthusiastic over the tuturp prospects
and expressed their entire confidence
I thai oil in paying quantities would bi
| found  there at  an  early date     They
of  visited  the  Patterson  well., and  arc
5)   nol only keenly Interested   It. boring
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ operdtloiig   but  also  In   the  develop
Sheriff's  sale of  first-class house- _ient of the fields.
hold  effects at  67.(1 Tenth Btreet on      There was also present at the mfii-l
Saturday, the 27th Inst., ut teu o'clock  in-.  *a_t evening  Mr,  M.  SouthwicV,
13657)   an expert  well driller, and a gentic
I man who has had a long and varie.
thcy desired In regard to praapeeta
and conditions. As a result of the re-
liiesl   veil, y   alter  volley  Of qile.-tlons
, were tired at Mr. Bouthwlck who was
able in every iusiance to give i moat
sal li factory and convincing reply to
hia Questioners.    Many ol  the .,iies
[tions were of a very technical cbarac
ter, but  Men- answered  without  h'-si-
|iai'on and in a manner which showed
���that     the     speaker   was     thoroughly
[acquainted with the subject
As is Well known tin belief has
I. ng existed that oil in producing
quantities exists In the Piti Meadows
district. The drilling operations
1 which have recently been under way
in that territory have but strengthened the belief. The matter lias recently been taken up in a practical man-
i nor and drilling operations ure going
j forward on 0 business basis. While |
1 there la no p-Slttve assurance that oil
in paying quantity Will be discovered,
all indications are to the end that
when lbe right depth has been attain
ed a rich flow will be encountered.
Just how soon ihis desired leBiilt will
be attained it is impossible to say. but
when the strike is made, as there is
every Indication it will be there ia
li.udiy a -toubt but what the excitement attending the Calgary strike
will be reproduci d in Pitt Meadows, 1
and New Westminster.
As a result of the talk last evening i Hindus
and the expressed conviction of those
who .ne presumed to be best inform*
ed, several ot  the gentlemen  present
���xpressed a deslle to invst    in    Pitt,
'Meadows  Oil   Well   Ltd.     Mr.   Dadds, [
1 who   I.lis  the   local  agency,   however,
expressed a desire  for the laveatore
| to vait until this morning before making their Investment, and he was as
jsuri(i that when the morning came
thev would hi on band to lack their
j faith in the future oil fields by pur-
I chasing blocks of stock.
Hay, Grain,
and Feed
The fire is now over and we are all ready to fill your orders. Our
auto delivery is running again, which enables us to give'you the be.*l
of service.
Our office is just opposite the old   stand.
The Brackman-Ker
Milling Company, Ltd.
Phone  vour orders to 96 or 97.
o iiritish Columbia and In
turn to carry Canadian freight to the
oilier ride or tlie  Pacific Is Indicated
tii a letter which he sent today to a
newspaper  The letter nsks for tlie In-
aertion ol thi following advertisement
"Wanted \i;. Ilts io tuppl) the
i four ships a year up , i rive years for
I India, with  best  class and every  kind
.f lumber, Apply wltb price list and
ipeclmcns of lumber (Signed) Gurdit Singh, charterer Bteamer Komagata Main. Vancouver. B.C., harbor."
after a conference
ANNUAL PICNIC, Queen's Avenue
MethodlEt Sunday Bchool to DERBY
(18 miles up river) next Saturday,
.lune 77. per B.S. Paystreak, leaving
C. P. it. wharf al 8:30 a.m. sharp.
Everybody invited. Adult,; 50c cents,
children  under  12  (not  members
Bchool)   77.   cents. (86B
Hindus Cause Anxiety.
Ottawa, .lune 7.',.   in the abse ice of
Dr   Hoi bo,   minist( r  of  the   interior,
ihe  psiine minister  ts
ituwa end
;wirhin seventy miles of what will i��-
the direct route of the Orient from
tin eastern states and Kurope via tiie
canal.    We, therefore,    expect    thai
; Ln-, Angeles will become au linpo-t.u.i
' port of call on this route."
It is interesting to note that lbe
gnat Imi bur of l.os Angeles \�� owned
by the city of l���os Angeles. The city
is now spending nearly tin,nun.ne. on
Improvements :'to the harbor, while
i in. federal government of the United
State.; is expending dollar for dollar
With  thi   municipality,     Some  Idea  ill
the magnitude of the trade of this
porl may be gained from the fact
that the aggregate trade handled there
lasl year amounted to the enormous
(Continued from page oni i
handling  tbe  total of $50,000,000.   This trade  ivo
vexatious   Hindu   largelj     in    lumber from  North    Pa
]*he situation continues to  clflc pert-.    No lees than 700,01	
iich anxiety In official circles   feet of lumber was consigned t.�� Los
it is not relieved by the report |Angeles last year,
another shipload
i.i   Hindus are
contest    their
Fred Davis has been instructed by
the executors of the late Malcolm
Nicholson to sell by public auction
the household furniture and effects on
the premises at 7.;.'. sixth avenue
on Tliuisduy. .Tune 25 at 2 p.m, sharp.
Sale will include in part oi brussell's
carpets, i'-*7icc'' walnut frame parlor
suite, centre tables, pictures, linoleum.
Couch, cupboard, extension table and
cliaits, beds, springs and mattresses,
bureaus and commodes, sewing machine, cook stove, heater, dishes, cooking utensils, etc. Everything must
go regardless of prina offered to close
up  the estate. (3661)
i xperionce In oil
wick has made a
spoctlon of tin I
has (.amine, tlie
wells. Mr, South
careful personal in
attersou  wells, and
borings, the lay oi
Fred Davis will sell by public auction I absolutely without reservi I the
in ust hold furniture and effects of Mr.
I). Balfour on the premises a* 274
Tenth street, on Friday. June 26, at
2 p.m. sharp. Sale will include in
pari a very fine Wil lard pianoforte
in mahogany case and cost $4">ii; a :
ncariy new drop head sewing machine, carpets, malleable range, china |
cabinets, extension table, dining
chairs, beds, Bprings, and mattresses.
bedding,    washing    machine, kitchen
the land, the various outcropplngs ana l
the details which m an expert go to
show iln.t oil exists in the vicinity
He was requested to express the opin
Ion ho had formed as a result of his
Investigations und examinations, and
stated to the gentlemen present thai
in all his experience he had nevei en- I
countered blighter indications than
be found In the Pitt Meadow di tricl
It  wu.s his opinion, formed from a
careful  survey of the work now  be i
ing carried on at thi   Patterson well
that it was only a question of going ;
deep   enough   before    oil   would   br j
struck    in     paying    iiuantities.     Mr
Southwlck expressed absolute faith in '
the    future of Pitt  Meadows as oil
bearing land,
Following the expression  from  Mr.
Southwlck and others, thos. present I
were requested to ask any question!
wharf, Mr, Bird renewed his demands
in in allowed on board tin- Komagata
Maru to consult his client. Qurdil
Singh and Mr, Reid again refused,
i ffi rillj; as before, to allow solicitor
and client to speak from neighboring
laiinclr 8,
Thi a Mr. Bird said thai the Hindus
were trying to force their way upon
the shin and declared that he washed
his 'lands of such tactics. The Hindus, lie said, had asked him to go
with them, but lie had refused. Sooner than have, bloodshed, he decided
to have nothing to do with ihem In
that  manoeuvre.
Immigration Inspector Reid .immediately 1.1, phoned the police, while
his officers took steps tO bend off
the Hindu boat. They were successful before it got far from shore and
.lhat     ^^^^^^^^
e, Hi. .i:.\     pl'iplll -I'd     to]
! rights oi entry,
l.ciii;   Cl di    lues: agl s   were   r Cl Ivi '1
today by the Immigration officials
who are ri tlcenl a* to their contents
beyond asserting thai the situation W
1 _* i.mis    ii. ll  Si vens, M.I
! is keeping tbe ��ires
��� i iges that  there ������.ill
Hindus land,
It Is Bald,
bot   with   b-
i.e rloti   if the
At the present time the por'. has
over twenty miles of Waterfront age
with nearly seven miles of wharves,
It is planned to inaugurate a municl
pally owned harbor ill connection ,(i;ii
the Improvemenl scheme among ot ei
extensive developments.
Notice ia hereby given that Albert
Edward Baston will noi be responsible for any debts contracted b> his
wife, Mattie Harrison Baston,
Nev.  Weatmlnater, B.., June ill, 1914
Such  Is Opinion of Los Angeles Har
occupants  turned  back  to |       bor Commissioner Now on Visit
to This  Province.
Dominion Trust
Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
Co-Operative Association [
PHONE 458.
Make a clean sweep by using our
bitoni  at. .   40c.  50c  and   00c
Also Dustbane, at per tin..40c
Koyal Crown Soap, White Swan
Scaj  in 25c cartons.
Household  Ammonia, quart size
bottles,  each    20:
Hargraves Dolly Cream tins, Of-
packages.      Unsurpassed    for
Curtains and light  fabrics.
Also   .i   pew   stoi 1;   oi   WASH
Prcmnt   Settlement  of   Loss  Through
Office of Alfred W. McLeod,
The Insurance Man.
The  following  letter speaks  for  Itself and  Is yet  another instance  of
! the  prompt   payment   of  fire  claims
through   the office of Alfred  W.   Mc-
I.ecd. the Insurance man.
New Westminster. B.C..
June 23rd, 1014.
Alfred   W.  McDeod,
The   Insurance   Man,  Citv.
! Deal' Sir.���
It is with pleasure that I acknowl-
! *'dge receipt of check received froin
j vou today In full of settlement for
| loss under Policy No, 465575 of the
Niagara Insurance company nnd musl
| state that I appreciate your prompi
I payment, it being received the day
i following adjustmi ut,
Wishing y.'ii success   I am,
j Yours Rlncen ly,
i.'.-.V-i (Signed)    I.  HUDSON.
tho fifteen
half.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
By tin*. Cine, the police patrol    had
rushed through tbe city, picking up
patrolmen as It went along and it go'
tu the dock just as the Hindus -vera
returning to land. The police immediately chased ihem from the wharf
and tho-others who bad collected to
give their moral supper; dispersed up
tO (VI).
Another attempt to gain admission
to the boat is to be made through
Ottawa. Mr. Bird declared to Immigration Inspector lu id this un.ruing
that lie Intended to protest to Premier Borden against his exclusion
trom the Komagata Maru.
Tho   application    for     mandamus I
made by .1.  E, Bird, counsel  for  ihe
| Hindus,  to compel  the  issue  of decisions   by   the   Immigration   enquiry
board  was again' called  in  court this i
I morning and again adjourned for one
.lay because counsel In tiie case were
uol ready to proceed.
Thai Uurdlt Singh is apparently by
no means dismayed in his proposal to
establish a  line of steamers to bring
Victoria, .lune .23, An Interesting
visitor to Victoria just now Is ( bri
topher M, Qordon, one ol the three!
harbor commissioners for the port of
Los Angeles. California, Naturally,
Mr. Gordon Is an enthusiast where
the charms of climate and the possl
iiilities of future trade development
ot his bome city are concerned, but
he is none the less Impressed with
the great advantages which are pos
sessed   by   the   capital   Of   British   Co
Mr, Gordon looks for great developments in the shipping trade of all
ports on the Pacific coast witli the
opening of the Panama canal.
"I do not look for a Budden rush
of trade, immediately on the opening
of the great waterway, but I lock
lather for a steady Increase iii trade
as Cue advantage:! of the new route
become fully realized by the shipping
world.    The port of Los Angeles lies
Bathing Caps
25c to $1.75
Water Wings
Full  stock  of  latest   imporied  Suitings    for summer wear.    Perfect * *
nnd workmanship guaranteed.   Prices
from $18.00 up.   Tui Front street.
Now Westminster
606  Columbia  8treet.
C. 8. KEITH, M��.'��aer.
Co-ODerative Association
7,3  Eighth St.
Phone 45a.
Can We Help You?
With    Ycui*
Cooki .I I lam, t
pound   .
I.um h  ','( i gue
Housekeeping    Problems.
Bliced anv thickness, per
half ib.  lin.-;   ....   25;
and a ha I;
One ]k und tins
Ox'Toil.'. I.e.  One.	
Potted  Ments and Pish Pa
and 20s Jars.
Sweet Gherkins, In bulk, per
Pan Van 1 Ickli s   a delicious
Ing pickle, per bottle ....
..   ...,50c
pound tins
tes, In 10:
dan. 10c
. ...   25=
7-11  Sixth Street.
have started an nuto freight service i
between Vancouver and New West-'
minster and way points. A reliable i
service guaranteed. Charges reason- i
able. Give us a trial.
Phone  1254.
"Clover Leaf" Brand
!       ICE CREAM
Manufactured  by  the Crystal    Dairj
Company Is absolutely pure nnd oni
Sweet Cream is used,    ll smacks ol
the clover leaf, and i.-i just ns sweet.
; Try  ll   and  be convinced,
Manufacturers of Pure Crystal Ice.
Phone    1150    and     Encourage     Local
The Crystal Dairy Co.
555 Sixth St,
When Hungry Look for a White Place
to Eat.
Special Low Prices cn Furniture
Carpets and Curtains
Iron  Bed, complete with  Sprini   and   Mattress;   full
Keecia.a:u '":!"-��.��: $8.90
lira.*. Bed;  regulai  417 77 ff<j-> JC
Special       ��i3  I ��JP* I  >mV
Brass Bed;  regular 124.50, -CIO  Cft
Special           ��J�� I0.3U
Hrass   .led;   regular  $30,00. -2 1 G   f%f_
Sis   Knot  Extension  Table CC ____
.Special    ���     90.UU
Six  Foci  Extension Table;  oak  finish;    4*t\ Cfl
roETllai   $11.76,     Special        9��J.3U
Rix Foot Oak Table; golden or early     (?��< ft j"#%
English finish,   Special       -9 1 UiwU
White Cooks
'Nuf  Said.
_^_^_^_^_^_ _���_       ^^^
Cantaloupes, 2 for           .  25c
Choice l.c'.il Cherries, 2 IBs 25c
Peaches, Plums, Apricots. Watermelon
Fresh   Berrieo   Daily.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 3B8.
Hurr  Block ~-lumbla   Street.      i|
Read - The - News
New  Westminster.       Pbone 59.
Bat ',ijn,i
9x9 Brussi
Special ..
9x10.6 Mm
Gpeclal  ..
Cn: cf the Esst Rug Values Cvcr Olfcred
Rug;  regular $20.00.
seis Rug; regular $22.60,
i born
ol thi
Sale of Sample Pa
���.; i ���^^^
out at li -
rs of Lace Curtain
Cost    I'riee
low ar.
to clear
-  curtain* ;
Ial, per pal
��� Curtains;
regular $1,
pi i    pair
per  pair
Special,  per pair   	
I.ace Curtains;  regular }.'i.7.ri per pair,
Special,  per  pair   	
Lace Curtains;   regular $'1..7> per pair.
Special,  per  pair   	
Lace Curtains;   regular $6.60  per pair.
Special,  per pair   	
I.ace Curtains;   regular ?
Special, per pair  	
per  pair.
We Pack, Ship and Prepay Freight cn All Goods
Camp    Furnishings
Supplied at Lowest
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
We do All Kinds of
Upholstering   and
Cabinet Making
Estimates  Free
Phone 588 WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 24,  1914.
Watching the Scoreboard
Defe.it   Columbus  b to   1���Sla'.cn
lows Two Hits and Whiffs
Eleven   Batters.
"Dutch" Slaton nicked another win
to the hitching po8t of the Electrics
last evening, the Columbus nine being
lhe victims in it hurd fought nnd pretty eight Inning. game which ended
r, to 1 Last night's win places the
Electrics uyd Moose alniOBt on the
Mime fooling on the league table und
a battle royal in to be expected on Kriday p.m. when Slaton and Jack Horn
bitch up In it pitcher's duel.
The t ill slabsmun of tlie nicklc
i [lasers allowed a lone run and two
mattered hits, Steele, tbe ntur first
���acker for the Columbus, spoiling a
Dig  Smoke  and   Moran Cut  Down  on
Training���All  Ready for Saturday's  Bell.
Paris, June 23.
frank  Moran both
Jack Johnson and
began today to re
Yesterday was au alt one in the hig
leagues, one game hcing played in tue
American uinl two in tin- National.
Cleveland defeated Detroit in a
postponed game, ">-4. Wood getting
four hits al file times to bat.
.".'ap Hucker came hack into his
time form for Brooklyn, downing
pirates . to l. Cooper, barring
first stanza, was also effective.
Yale ana   Princeton  occupied
(luce  somewhat  their training  aettvi-1 homesteaders out.
ties   with  the approach of  the  date
of the  con test  for  the    heavyweight
championship, which has been set for
June 27.
The champion hag cut down his long
,.iiIks and lias lightened Ills boxing
and other work. Moran, who also has
been training lend and steadily, sim
llurly took thiiigH easy today.
Moran, who has been full of confidence, waa cheered by tbe receipt of
ll batch of letter!* wishing him success.
Al   the   Velodrome   D'lliver.   where
the fight will take place, workmen to- j Vancouver
day began arranging the sjiuts in pre* Seattle
paratlon for a large   crowd   among \ Spokane
which the nobility will be represent-j Portland
ed, , Victoria  _
So far there bus heen little betting I Tacoma
uu the    I out.      The odds    todaj   iiiti
iii favor of Johnson.
___________________________       I
I'o'.o grounds yettt rday, Princeton
w lulling g nne 1  to nil.
St. Louis Nationals knocked Itixey
off the rubber in tbe third inning, Winning from the Phillies 7 to 5.
The big fellows are coining to the
aid of Jack ll,m i (.,' Baltimore. Yesterday the Internationale after shutting out Toronto tn a league game,
turned around and defeated Cincinnati
Seattle' got bumped hard ny Portland, tie Colts nicking Bonner for 12
hits  jud   r>   runs    and   shutting    the
At Brooklyn it.   li
Pittsburg      1     ��     u
Brooklyn     -    3     l
Batteries    Cooper and (Iibson*.  Ituc-
ker and Miller.
At Philadelphia - It.    II.
St  l.ouis       7    18
Philadelphia  6   il
IHatterles    llagerman,   Steele
Snyder;  Hi.-tey. Jacobs and Killif.
Only  two games played.
Vancouver and Spokane also got
theirs, Victoria showing the Indians
the way throughout, while Tacoma
hammered   the   Beaver  twirlers.
Tbe   Philadelphia   Americans     and
Chicago Cubs played   an   exhibition
game at Toledo yesterday, tlie I'ork-
eaters mauling Ilrown Bender and
Bressli r a.id whining x to 7.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost
Standing of the Cluba.
Won   Los*
Philadelphia   35      22
Detroit  30       27 ,
St. Louis   32       27
Washington       31       27
Boston             29       29
Chicago       2��       31
New York 20       33
Cleveland       21        88
Yeaterday's Games.
At Detroit-- It
Cleveland         5
Detroit       4
Batteries    Mitchell
O'Neill;  Dauss, Main
^^^^ 2
Handing    and
Cavet and Stan-
Only one game playi il.
League Standing.
Indianapolis     81      88
Chicago      88      2ti
Baltimore      80      25
Buffalo       28      25
.403! Ilrooklyn
Yesterday's Games.
II.   K
������>.'.���  ':*-'  :%r   LIMITED.������*?���.'
The Liquidator of The People's Trust Company,
Ltd. must obtain cash to continue the liquidation.
The following property must be sold immediately:
Lot 49 of Lot 440, Delta, Group 2.
80 Acres of South Half of S. E. % Section 35,
Twp. 10, Langley.
Lots 100 and 101 of South half of East half of
D. L. 728, South Vancouver.
Lots 12 and 18 of Block 1, D. L. 658.
Lot 17, Block 28, D. L. 200.
Lots 9, 10,11 of South half of N. W. j \ of D. L.
$30,000 PURSE
and     t'adni.iu;
It.    II.    B
Slaton got six hatters in a row
ing .ho fifth and sixtli frames.
cf   "John   Bull"   Willing
Plunge���Carpentier and
Ahcrn   Matched.
At Health    ��� R.
Seattle     0
Portland       -
Iiatteries   Bonner
Eastley and 11 iworth
At Spokane       B
Victoria     8    13
Spokane   n    4
Batteries    McHenry  and   Hoffman
Stanley, Noyes and Shea.
1 !
and :
shut out In the seventh when he
to iii: I. mi un error, stole second
third and crossed the putt
dvei throw,
Mel..-oi!. twirling for tin' t'olum
bus, was more lenient with Iiis offer
Ings, being touched for seven
hits. Error-l played a prominent
iii the five run- scored by tii
tins, foozles in the fourth allowing
men dh, while tbe same Btunts were
repi iti d in the seventh which accounted ror two unearned tallies, ciia-
pui n. (ie (.in- wild throw in the fourth
imi retrieved himself in the next when
he (jent out ,i bunt, stole second and
third and would have scored but for
an Essoudole play pulled off by Stan-
1< >'
Slaton twirled a stead game for
tha entiie eJffht Innings, striking ont
(leven batters. In the third Inning,
with two out and two on it third and
se...ml. i.e purposely passed Gravelin
in order to whiff Mcl.eod, the next
(rented an unonled for
���seventh by being bean-
on iiis peg to second
ki i.
.lune 22. it was announced
that "Young'' Ahem, ol
ind    Georges    Carpentier,
t champion of Europe, '* ���-'
here today
heavyweight ..^^^^^^^^^^^^
been matched to fight In London
August 2  for a purse of $30,000.
The money was put up by Horatio
Boltomley, tie English publisher and
financier and former Liberal member
oi parliament.
Standing of the C!
New Vork    32
Cincinnati     31
7 ft
Pittsburg 20
Chicago     28
Philadelphia   24
Boston       22
Kansas City 2!)        32
Pittsburg   25        30        .452 I '
St. Louis     2(1       a
Yesterday's Games.
At  Chicago-��� lt.   ii
Buffalo       4      0
Chicago   2     6
Butter!'      Anderson,  Ford and
vi-iie.  Blair;   Watson,  Hendrix
At Indianapolis It.   li.
Brooklyn     '���>   10    ���",
Indianapolis       2    12      u
Batteries    I'eters,  Summer, Chapel-
le and I. ind, Watson;  Kalkenburg and
At  Kansas City It,    H.    Hi.
l'ittsburK       2     li     51
; Kansas City   7,      ��      2|
BaUeries-Walker   and   Berry;   Ad-i|
��� ams and Easterly,
At St. Louis-- R,    II.    B
! Baltimore     8    12     2
j St.   Louis       5      5      3
I     Batteries  -Quinn     and    Jacklltsch;
| Davenport,  Keupfer  and  Simon.
The Coolest Spot in Town
Sixth Chapter of This Famous Series.
New  Westmlester Preparing a  Warm
Reception fer E.nd Under Hurley.
Mew Westminster will fluid a strong'
team against Sumas on Saturday atte---1 v
noon ut Queens park, the league mag-'   ���*v--*-'-A-
I nates selecting the following as thej       ^evv
1 local   all-Star lin.'-up:    Slatcn. White,'
s.e Ie, J. 15tiy. Welngartner, WIndblad :
Gravolln, Silver and Nellson.
For   the  name  against  the   Belling-
}bam Elks on July 15, the date ot the
exclusion, Oscar Nlelson  was
control   and   will
of  Victoria.   Vancouver   and
Westminster  Pian   Four
Days'   Excursion.
A  no*.
the '
pillei .1    ill    supreill       ^^^^^^^^^^^
make all arrangements with the man-1couver
agar of the Washington city team.     ^^^^^
Kr< il Lynch
I. atuie iu the
ed bv Stanley
to !'. ad < ff De
l{     11     K
I     The
SI itou.
i our fair city.
glittering   lights  of  Columbia
were too much for Bteele and
They have removed their be-
to  the  residential  section  of
'. excursion Is being planned
M.c.A organizations or Van-
Victoria nnd New Westmin-1
, ster, the trip taking the form of a
j four day tramp on Vancouver Island,
during which time an ascent of Mount
; Arrowsmith, 5,;i7'i, the highest peak
In the southern pan of the island, will
be made. The three associations will
join  forces for trie trip at  Cameron
hike on Monday, June 29. Tuesday
will be spent climbing and Thursday
returning, allowing Dominion Day to
be spent In fishing and otlie- sport.
The climb will be under the leadership of experienced members of the
Alpine club and the entire trip can be
made _t an approximate cost of $in
to $15. Special equipment will bu
necessary for the trip. Entries and reservations must be made by Friday
.night of this week, at the local Y.M
Great   KEYSTONE,   Featuring   "FATTY"   BRICKLEY.
A powerful two part Western subject-   l.vmino Brand.
Special   Music by  Prof. David Wood.���He's Great.
<I?y the Potter.��
City Theatre
I',   I*.  I.    ft.   ... .   .
i olumbus       1
���Batteries   Slaton  and   Whyti
Li nd and Stanlej.
Standing of the Club*.
Woll     I."*
Mi  use      ,
Electrii a
t   I'ct. i
,571 '
Frank .Morris, editor Of the Deliing
.ham  Argus and  secretary of the  lie!
lingham  Boosters' ciub,    was    in tv,e
city yesterday morning trying to make
j arrangements for a lacrosse match be-
i tween Vancouver and New   Wi stmin-
ster   teams   in  connection   with   that
city's Fourth of July celebration.
' We don't want to appear conceited, but we think we have just a
little the best pictures and music in town, and nothing would please
un so much as for you to make us prove it.
Eastern Challengers Have  Played  Together Eight Seasons���Arrive in
Vancouver on Thursday.
  A Cerman scientist says it is poss:-
Vancouver defenders are shaping up ble to live 150 years.   That news is
wu , , ,    ,.,    --(nt  tough on  the eastern lacrosse teams
well, and  have improved  to the po.nt | ^   ]wp   h(jpps  of  se(jjng  t,,p    (,ay
where they  may be expected tu put i when the'Minto cup will be taken back
up a stiff battle.    The overwhelming to the N.i..r. camping grounds,
defeat  of the Chinooks of Calgary, In "
Dominion     Police     Get     After     Race
Sharks on Eastern Tracks���
One Deported.
Toronto, June 23. The Immigration
department has taken .i hand in connection wilh the presence of undesirable characters at the tracks of the
Canadian racing association In eastern
Canada. William Carrol v. is taken,
Into cu tody at the order of the Immigration department, and will be deported to iii" American side Two of
bis friends .'.ere also under surveillance. )
it  Is siid  thai  there will  follow a
wholesale deportation of Hi" "touts," I
and "tip.ters" have made themselvesl
Mii.'i .i nu.* .nice at the various plants.
M.irei ver lhe Dominion pi lice are tak
Ing action nnd Colonel Sherwood has
notified the officers of the clubs that
he has orders lo stamp out the "touting" ev'l,
If the Brampton team, which will
arrive in Vancouver on Thursday for
the purpose of trying to lilt the Mann
cup, dues nol succeed In its mission
It means that the coveted amateur
trophy is not going to travel east for
a long time to (nine ^^^^^^^^^���
long  year  since  any
has produced a
Excelsiors,  of
Asthma Sufferers
A home cure that anyone can
use witl.out loss of time or detention   froln  business.
There Is no reason why anyone, old or young, rich or poor,
should continue to suffer from
Our Lent tne ut is nut merely a
temporary relief but a cun- that
in founded upon the right principles, a cure that cures by removing  the cause.
Cameron's Asthma Cure
Price $2.00 per Bottle.
For S.ile  by
F. T. H I L L
New Westminster, B.C.,
Or sent direct, charges prepaid.
D.  A. Cameron    &    Co,  White
Front Drug Store, Owen Sound,
II is many a
team In Ontario
better team than the
___, Brampton, these boys
having played together now for about
eight -seasons, und In that fact may be
found tha first source of their streng-
11. Everyone understands exactly the
powers and limitations Of his team-
in, itc.--.    They   have    a  tremendously
speedy  field  and do not  have  to  scud
down their defence players In order
to get the odd man ou the home, Their
home fielders come In so list, some
limes  three  at  the same  time,  that
they    can   always   beat   their   checks
and get tbe odd man this way.
For Love of Game.
Tin n the members of the team pride
themselves upon the care with which
tbey   train.     At   the   O.A.L.A.   annual
meeting it was stated that the management   never  has   to  worry   about  the
| boys  breaking  training  rules at   mid-
season,' and  so  they  always  have    a
| perfectly conditioned team.   More than
once in recent seasons, they have been
several gonls down at half-time, only
! to outlast their opponents and win in
| the  final  quarter.    With  their  speed
and endurance they run away    from
I most teams and fight right to the end.
Tiio  tiani  bus  worked hard    ever
since the snow went for the present
tour;    Trey  declare that  they  intend
to win. and that  it will no joy rid".
I 'ley   have  been  out  to  pratiee  three
times!  l week for several months, and
are now al the top uf their form. Their'
party   consists  of   seventeen   men,   of
1 whom    il'Ucn  are   players.    T.  Tlniu-
i burn, vu e-pri sident of the club, Is In
'. c'.iaige  of  the  tour,  and  a  physician
also   accompanies   the   party.   They
; play t'.ieir first game against  Vancouver on June ^7, and the second game
iconics on Dominion Day. the majority
of goals counting,   it is an aggregation  on  which  the  lacrosse  fans  can
I place  considerable  confidence.    They
i went through to the senior O.I,.A. honors in 191., and in 1913 did the same
j in   tho  O.A.L.A.,  so  they   should   not
' be In danger of stage fright.
! Conditions in the West.
I    The Brampton boys realize that the
their cup campaign was the first indication   that    V.A.C.   had   better   lacrosse players than tho  reports from
the coast bad led anyone to suppose.
There were probably some good excuses for the chinooks.   Thev had never previously figured In a critical ln-
ter-lengue game, and it ls possible thatI
the one-sided score In the first match I
was the result of stage fright. It must1
always be remembered that the great1
Vancouver   Athletics   crime   ia*-t     one
year  and   looked   very   weak  against!
the Voung Torontos, but they profit!
ed by experience bo that a year later j
they were whirlwinds.    Then it is also probable that the Chinooks are accustomed to a brand of lacrosse slightly Inferior to lhat seen at the coast.!
in Ontario and British Columbia they
have trii <l the professional game with
'at least one great benefit to t'.'.e amateurs.    The piofessional learns got together all the good players who were
willing to sell their talents for money.
Thej   combined  their skill  and  knowledge of the game, and the result  was
many  new  tricks, both on  the attack
and defence.    The  .imateui's  watched
the professionals and  gathered  many
hints, and  the  result    is a distinctly
superior   line   of   lacrosse   in   Ontario
and  British Columbia.    The representatives of these two provinces an  well
matched, und Brampton realizes that
their team must now  uphold the ln-
crosse trdltlons of the effete east   If
they fail, whure is the team that can
hope to succeed'.'
Lr.crcsse on
Even   tin.ugh   ''.I'
Bet-back, the middle
in ��� in lacrosse stead','
in many yens before
. lick-
Always providing Vancouver
ed in the present series,
The yacht sharps declare V.uiitieV.
weakness is slowness in slays. She
must be wearing Lais season's model.*.
Coming down to hard facts, however, there is a possibility of the Toronto Rosedale club making the trip
this  fall.    With   Billy  Fitzgerald  and
< hrnoeks   got   a
west   is  del elop- i
ly, and it will not j
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   they are taking
championships from the older teams.
Calgary is not taking the defeat of the
Chlnook3 too much to heart, and the
other learns in thi locality are now
i ui to lower their colors. High River
has always been a good lacrosse town,
even whin the game could scarcely
be found elsewhere in Alberta. Bert
I'aile. one of the stalwarts of the
game in th it part of the world, is looking after them. They are going to
work Up lacrosse in Medicine Hat this
; year. The papers in that city received subscriptions to support Canada's
game, and there were enough citizens
with the national spirit to make the
response lo the appeal look very prom-1
Drama In Two P
A tAO part Imp Drama, featuring Leah Baird, one of the most benu-
tiful  and  winsome  actresses  appearing  on  the  screen.
Stolen Glory
A dramatic photo play, hinging cn the theft of a rnanuscript.
Ike's Wooing
A  SCREAM,  A   RIOT.  ONE  LONG   LAUGH.���Also  the   Ever  Popular
Universal Weekly
a bunch cf stars on the line-up, the
Queen City artists would give the present Sainton Bellies a run for their
unli si
wrestle with the hig cop a^uii.
he continued fur another hour.
through   wilh
expects  some
Prank Moran conns
the Bl | lament that he
difficulty In subdtieitig Jack Johnson.
We have a hunch that Frank will have
serious trouble in recognizing himself
if h"e looks in the mirror the day afler
the battle with the big smoke.
Western Drama featuring Q.
The baseball team will have everything all their own way on Saturday
as regards Queens park. The lacrosse
clubs take a rest until Dominion Day,
so that Sumas should draw a bumper
attendance when tbey invade the city',
on Saturday.
A   gentleman  named   Hurley,    who
lives  up to his name as  being some.
hurler, will essay to deliver the goods
tor the American nine.   He is anxious
to ugii'.'i wipe the floor with one
'���Dutch    Slatcn.
lt might not be a bad idea starting
! a petition going the rounds at the pro-
sent time praying the attorney general   to  compel   these   alleged   wrestlers
', to  get   busy   with   some     real     work.
[ From I'rince Kupert comes the story
that Al. Hatch injured himself In the
first  round.    From  Vancouver comes
I the report that after losing his forfeit
to Boh Sutherland of Kelowna,    Pat
I Connolly   threatened   that   lie     would
President Johnson says money-mad
I baseball players are ruining the great
American fport. Have a care Hrtu.
! have ii care. What about that annual
i $7T).ui)tl the American league hands
! you as salary.
Lacrosse fans of the city win Lc
well treated on Dominion Day when
Victoria pay their first visit iiere in
their attempt to lift the I'acific coast
amateur championship. Skinner l*ou-
lin is working overtime with his boys,
has signed on several new player.-; ajui
.threatens to give Alex Turnbull'a
I bunch the game of their lives.
lt did not take Tommy Gifford very
long to break back In the sport game
following Con Jones' move In promoting tug-of-war matches. The former
manager of the Salmon Bellies is leading an all-Delta lacrosse team and
threatens  to  challenge  for  the   Mam,
 =���-���. '	
Swimming, Hikes, Mountain Clin*
Paper Chases.
May 15 to Oct. 1, $2.00.
���loyal Avenue.                     Phone
tow. PAGE  SIX
Classified Advertising
eelved for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store.
i.S Columbia street; A. Sprtce,
Queensborough. Lulu Island; Mrs.
E. Larden. Highland l'ark; Mra. V.
l*wls. Alta Vista.
��� RATES. ���
��� ������*������-����������������-��*->-���
Classified���One cent per word per
imr; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6000 words, to he used as re
q.lred within one year from date ol
contract,, J25.00.
Manufacturing Co.
n.  c
HOK SAI.K.    $7,0(1 for well located lot
worth $7uim.    Send for further particulars. Hox 129 News office.
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
erty tbrougu an ad.
In this column.
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN. 11.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; ever/ one guaranteed. Market square. ("4491
the author-farmer succeeded in growing SUOh things a.s sweet pot .toes, pea
nuts,   sugarcane   and      African
Six London battery officers have re- ���
signed  in  protest against   tin- search
Ing of their tents for liquor.
Thompson Shields was overcome by | MANITOBA.
the heat at Toronto and was leriousl) j 	
injured,   his   head   striking   the   side-      Tbat  Winnipeg  is one of
Wali:. 'governed   cities   they   have
John ('..  Kent, retiring president  of!their   present   tour  of   this
FOR SAI.K. -First mortgage $1600.
bearing !i per cent, interest; security; new*, rented house; large lot
well local ed in city. Further particulars.  Hox  173, News offiiv
W ANTED.���Room
tinman.   Hox 36
and hoard by gen-
B0,  News office.
WANTED, House and lot to c_-
change tor clear deed to close in
double comer, well located. Will
give cash for any differences. Apply   Box  47,li.  News office.
4" cords Slab.
20 cords Cord wood
Particulars as to delivery
Offers received Up
���.icon.   It. H. tlray,
of School Trustees
at office,
to 26th Inst, at
secretary Hoard
FOR BALE.���A bargain for few days
only, five-room thoroughly modern
house, almost new. and lot 66x140
Corner to lane. Situate close to
Queens Park. Price $1800. Inves- j JJorrTs
tigate.    P.O.  Hox  154, City,
FOR SAI.K $."i0.0i'l c.i.,',i and $1.1.00
a month buys three room dwelling
in first class condition; situate in
west end. only Iwo blocks from
Twelfth street. Trice, $1,000 for
few days,    Hox 519, News oil ice.
Hoard.   .127
(3532) I
wanted for every town in U. C. to
represent manufacturer. Live producers only; exclusive territory and
rood contract. This means money
to you. Coquitlam Brass Works,
Ltd., Coquitlam   B.C. 13101)
WANTED���Furniture, etc., W. M. i
MeCloy & Co., the expert auc-1
tioneers, will conduct a successful,
auction for you or buy outright il'
aale not desired, Clean business,
prompt settlements, over 20 years
wide experience. Write or call 32
Sixth street. (3423)
FO  RRENT.    Six   room
ished.    Third street.
Hox 11.1.
house turn-
Apply   P, o.
TO    RKN'l
keeping  rooms.
von street.
TO RENT, suite of nicely furnished
housekeeping rooms, 31 Agnes St,
Tel. 638L. (3549)
FOR RENT���Desirable five-room furnished cottage on sea front at
White Kock, li. C. Possession from
June 1, White, Bhlles & Co. (3453)
ture, or stocks in trade, in large or
email quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See tbe expert on furniture before
vou give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis, 548 Columbia street,
New Westminster. (3450)
keeping rooms, $10 per mouth, at i
224 Seventh street (3452)
PIGEONS pay dollars when- chickens
pay cents; small capital needed;
small space required; always penned up; ready markets; send for
may issue of our Journal; fully explained there; price ten cents. Reliable Squab Journal. Versailles.
Mo. (3472)
the Canadian National exhibition, was
the guest of honor at a banquet given
! by his colleagues.
Toronto  will  be asked  to vote  $".
! OOO.liOU for Institution  Of  a  motor bus
; geriric8E or services probably during
the second   week  in July.
I Overcome at the throttle of his engine while bringing his train Into Toronto,  William   Hoph,  Q,  T.   K.  engi
I neer,    collapsed    near    Mlmlro,    his
! honic.
Celling  beyond    his    depth     While
j bathing  above  Qoldle'B  dam    iu   the
Speed river, Hoy N'orrish, son of Harry I
a    Guelph    merchant,    was
drow in (I
Death removed  Wm, Crane, Ingi r-
���Oil,   who   was   the  father  of  21  children, ten Cf whom were twins.    Of the
twins, one.  John   Crane.  Of  Ingcrsoll,'
Is  living.
Two young lads. Fn-d Hreniian .mil
John Archer, each about 14 years of
age, while bathing near the government spur line, touched a live wire
and were instantly electrocuted. I
The death at iiailyshannon of Pro-1
feasor Robert Crawford, the eminent
engineer, who carrried out several Important Schemes In Canada, and one
time filled the chair of engineering
at McGill university, is reported
In addressing   the   St.   Catherines
j grand jurors at the opening of court,
County    Judge    Carman    from      the
j bench declared  the liquor traffic was
I ft cursed traffic.
Three expert drillers were carried
away unconscious after making an
unsuccessful attempt to cap the  lm-
j mense natural gas gusher struck on
Saturdaj near Oil Springs. It la estimated that $2.l,0(io of gas i.- escaping
everj day, so great is the flow, and its
rear can be heard for a. long distance.
Arthur Stringer, the well-known author, has just sold his Lake Erie fruit
farm to Di'. Campbell, a retired physician "i Blenheim, The Stringer
farm was for years one of t'ne show
place:-  on   the   lake   shore,  ami   there
lhe   best
seen   on
was the opinion expressed  to    .Mayor
Deacon   by  Thomas   McMillan,  senior
i bailie, and  Alex.  Walker, assessor of
Glasgow, Scotland.
At a meeting of the Winnipeg Society of Frienda, Benjamin Wood, tha
venerable  leader,  deplored  the  (act
I that in this twentieth century, a Christian country like Canada should shut
her door against the Hindu, who was
lone of the finest type of men, and was
: crying out In despair for Christianity.
Aviators  Accuse   the   Moon   of   Being
Principal  Offender in  Flying
London, Juno 22.   Scientific    men.
'daring aviators, builders of flying machines, all alike have deeply concern- ]
ed  themselves  with  the  problem  of j
: aerial cats!;oph.es.
iMateorolOglata   are   giving     careful
attention   to   atmospheric   conditions,'
the more so as most of the fatal ac- ,
��� eldeiits whicli cannot be satisfactorily I
, explained on the grounds of defects iu I
the machine or of want of skill iu the I
'victim have happened in consequence ,
|of a sudden gust of wind.
Curiously enough, these fatal gusts'
pendent as they are of celestial phe.
imniena, are not likely to occur witli
any greater frequency on days of con.
junction than on ordinary days. The
mysterious accidents unexplained by
any known causes must be allowed to
determine the difference on the side
of the astrologically dangerous days
is found lo have been verified anil
Continual to ba verified experts will
haw ill the long run to take this new
and Important factor into consideration. Above all. aviators will pay dun
regard to It In (he choice of dais for-t
Moroccan Policy, Never Popular With
People, Cause of Great Deal
of   Disorder.
  n   which  the  atmospheric  conditions
jdid not teem to be threatening in the I
ALBERTA. slightest.    So that it is not surprising I
  that  aviators assert lhat there Is un-j
doubtedly a mysterious known factor |
which contributes powerfully to In-1
creasing the number of victims.
llriibiiiiie-While    staled     not    long
'ago  In til*-  Knglish  Review, iu an nr-j
, creator ofjtlvle on '"The I'erils of lhe Air." that i serious   outbreaks   of   popular   disap-
adventures, to the question, "What risks does the| proval.
aviator run?'' tiie reply must be glv-l Such disapproval has always heen
en: "Certain of the risks are known,: expressed most vigorously hy tlie Re
but many are still unknown, and It publican and Socialist parties, and
is tlie unknown perils which are, nal-  during the debate in question  it was
In the possession of Deputy Chief
Wright, of the Edmonton police. Is a
collection of "phoney" half dollars
lhat are masterpieces of workmanship
Sir Arthur Conan  Doyll
the "Sherlock  Holmes"
and Lady Doyle, are camping in the
Vellowhead I'ass of the Canadian
Rockies, west of Kdmonton.
William Wheeler, a well known citizen and proprietor of the Dominion
club, Edmonton, was arrested on a
charge of attempted extortion from
women of the underworld.. His ar-
rist is the first in connection with
Charges of graft againsi the police department.
John ES. Shipman. of Seattle. Wash,,
who will found a Norwegian colony,
north of Daysland. states that the colony will be one of the very best ever
established In the west. The settlers
are all Norwegians, bill come principally from the state of Washington.
and are adhi n nts i f tho Free Church.
Madrid, June 2:i A scene of great
uproar was witnessed in the Spahish
Chamber during a debate on the Moroccan policy of the government. This
policy has never been popular in
Spain, and during the active prosecution of the lliff campaigns led to many
Monti, al
utor llavis'
b irbera dlsappro
antl-tipplng bill.
of Sep.
Ill   be
."> pirn.
���V rsimieil up 1.
>nst. fur l.uil.lii
Plans and  -*!*������ < ir.
at   No.   1   Flic   Mall.
The  lowest   nr an.,
jl.v  accepted.
iv   Hall,  .line
.1 M
;i  new  Fir
IV   .V
���>l  by  the  un
iiulav the '.'Slh
��� ll.dl nl Sap-
niay  be scon
nol uecessar-
City Clerk.
(355. I
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 33S Hastings street west, Van
couver. (3447)
Municipal School District
of Coquitlam
POUND, In connection with the luncheon tendered the Pacific Coast
Advertising Men's association at
tbe Armories on Saturday, June 1",
ihe following articles remain unclaimed and may he had on application ai tlie residence, of W. I.
Darling. 322 First street: Two granite coffi e puis. 1 large granite boiler, 1 medium granite boiler. 1 gran-
ite dishpan. 1 granite fish boiler. 1
glass flower vase, 7, granite pans, 1 ;
salt shaker, 1 table napkin, 1 fancy 1
apron, 1 clothes basket. 2 enamel
jugs. 1 salad bowl. 10 plates, 1 sane- ]
er, 1 table fork. 2 tablespoons, 1 urn
brella igold mounted handle I.
WEALED   TENDER,   addressed   in   the
undersigned -mil endorsed "Tender for
Quay Wall and Excavation at Victoria
Harbour. B.C.," w ill In- n ci Ived nt ihls
nfflc urn ii 1:00 p.m. ou Monday, July -7.
1914, for Hi" construction of a Quay Wall
;i-,(l Ex.'.ivainm ai  Victoria  Harbour, B.C.
Claris, specification ami form nf con*
tract 'in In' Been ami forms of tender
obtained ai this Department ami at the
��� iffie s oi iln- I listru-i EiiKiin'cr at Victoria, HC. New Westminster, B.C.; Can-
federation I.if.- Building, Toronto, Ont.,
and ShaughnoBuy Building, Montreal, P.Q.
Persons tendering are notified thai tenders   will   mn   h msldorcd   unless  made
..n :h>' printed forms supplied, and slKn-
��*d with their actual signatures, slating
Inetr occupations and places nf residence.
In tin- case of firms, the actual signature,
the nature n! ihe occupation, and placo
-,f residence <>t ench member of the fine
must l.c given.
Ea. h  tendei   must   in-  accompanied  by
lam   thai
said   Blecto
Mnilliir.lv ill
Notice    is hereby given  lo ihe
I   the School   District of Goqult-
I   require   the   presence   of   ihe
it  the    Municipal  Offices,
AT   12
J'JNE    29,    1914,
for the purpose of electing  four
sons to serve on the Hoard of
Trustees of Coquitlam to complete the
board;   the   four   persons   elected   to
hold office until January. 1915.
The mode nf nomination of candldat
'(I   ill  w
���d by i
shall be
be nominal
6o subscrlb
district    as
Shall lx'  .lei i.e red ti
er at any  time bet*-.'
notice  umi   '2   o'clock
nomination, and in the event of
Ing necessary such poll shall be
THURSDAY,  JULY  2,   1914
g, th.- writing shall
'.iters of the school
md Seconder, nnd
ie Returning Offlc-
li   tin-   dale   of   this
p.m.  on  Un' day  ol
I   poll   be-
ipened on
AT  9.00
rt.- Pari  -'''  Acres of Hn- Ensterly half of
Hi.' North Pari of Lot 370, Group 1, n
the  Distrlcl  nl   New   Wis:minster.
Whereas proof of lhe loss nf Certificate
-f Title  Number    6185A,    issued  in  tin
name of Thomas Robert   Mclunis has been
filed  in  this  nfit'ci'.
Notice  is  hereby  given   Ilia!   I   shall,  al
the expiration of one month from the dale
nf the first  publication  hereof,  in a  daily
School I newspaper, published in the City of New
! Westminster,  issue a duplicate of the said
Certificate  unless  in  tlie meantime valid
objection be made to me in writing.
.1.   C  OWYNN,
Districi  Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office. New Westminster
i B.   ('..   24th  April,  1!H I. 17,49*! 1
r. ii
.1   cheque  mi
ihle'to  il..-  order
Minister   of   Publli
per  c 'in   i in   p.c i
tender, which will
chtirtered  bunk j
u   ihe   Honourable
Wul Us.   equal
d the amount nf
he  I'..if. Ited  if  the
IM-rson tendering decline in enter into a
.-iintract when called upon to do B0��� nr
fail in complete the work contracted for.
li the tender be not accepted the chequ-i
will  Ik   returned.
Tin   Department  does mu   bind itself to
accept the lowest  nr any  tender.
NOTE- Blue prims cm he ohtnlned at
(be Department nf Public Works hy depositing an accepted bunk cheque fnr the
mim ..I $25,00, mad.' payable !., lhe order
��� if the Honourable the Minister nf Pub
In Works, which will he returned if the
Intending bidder submit a regular bid.
Bj Ordi i
nf   Public   Works,  Ottawa,
i .ir.dii i
((ill    li..1    he    paid    for    tills
il  they insert ii without utile   l "epnrtnient.    5S380.
11. pari ni. iii
J i -ii.    t.   1014
Ni ���.' spapi i*
...h, ri Isemenl
rhorlty from i
���:,\1.EI' TENDERS
undersigned ami end
Public Building, Prim
will be recelvi d nl thh
p.m. on Monday, Job' 6,
struct Ion ol th.- publl
Plans,   specification   an
I rail,   can   he   seen   and
obtained at the offl  ..I
District    Engineer,    I'rin
rtdr.ss.-d In the
rsed "'I'' nder for
Rupert, B.C.."
office until 4 :00
1914,  fnr the oon-
Bullding   above
form nf con-
iiriiis i.i lender
Mi    C.   IV   Hull.
Rupert,   B.C.;
Mr Wm. Henderson, Resident Architect,
Victoria, lie . ami ul this Department
Persons tendering nre notified Hint lenders will mu li" considered mil' ss made
on the printed forms supplied, and sign
cd wilh their nel mil signatures, stating
iheir occupations and places 0f residence.
In tin- case ni firm-., ihe nctuiil signature
the nature nf lhe occupation, and plan
of residence n! each member of ill" firm
must   be given
Ea.h   tender  must   i onipunlcd  by
-in accepted cheque nn a chartered bank
payable to tin* order m ihe Honourable
tin- Minister of Publli Works, equal to
ten per.cent i I" p.c.i "' Hie uniounl of
the lender, which will n r.iifi Ited If th.-
person tendering decline i" "ider Into n
'���oiiliaci when called upon '... do sn��� or
rail to complete the work contracted for.
If th" tender be nol acoepted ihe che-nu*
��ill  be  return.-d. .,__.,    ,r .
The  l-c-iirtniont   dm s not   bind  its' ir In
accept  the lowest  or any  tender.
"ii'c   DESROCHBB8,
Department   of   Public   Works,  ->'i��w��)-
"'-i',wspape's will nol be paid for thia
,,lyc,-ti.��eim,,i if ih.x Insen it without i��u-
rhorlty  from  thi   Department**���-Joss.
Of which all I��-rs.*us
quired (" take notice ai
selves  iiccnrdhlgly
Any person being u British subject, and
actually residing within 'In- district, and
having   been   for  the   three   months   next
pr ding   th*   day  of  his  nomination   the
registered owner, In the Lund Registry 1
Office. ,.r land "i nal property situate
within th. munti Ipollt*,' of the assessed 1
value, on the last municipal "t provincial
assessment roll, of two hundred and tilty
dollars or more over und above uny registered Judgment ni charge; or being a
homestead'i. lessee from the Crown, or]
pre-emptor, who has resided within lhe
municipality fnr the space of one year or
more Immediately preceding lhe day of
nominuli'iK. and Is assessed for five hundred dollars or more on the la,si munlc
ipal or provincial roll over nnd above any
registered judgim-nt "i charge, or being n
homesteader, lessee from tho Crown or
pro-cniptnr who bus resided within the
municipality far n period of one year immediately preceding the nomination und
during th.- remainder of the year has been
the owner of said land ol which he was
formerly ii hornoslnadei-, lessee from the
Crown, ..r pre-cmpi-a and is assessed for
five hundred dollars^r more on the last
municipal or provincial assessment roll
over and above any registered Judgment
or chnrge, and being otherwise qualified
by ihis Act to vote at an election of school
trustei: 111 iln- said disiriet. shall he eligible to i.e i !������ nil nr iii Bervo as a school
trustee In such distrlcl municipality school
Given   under  mv  hand  ai   Maillardville
I tins  lilih day nl  .lune,   1014.
,',| i S5I0 i Returning   I Itflcer.
Re l.ni   22  of  Lol   71. Suburban  Hlock
l.;. in ihe ciiv of New- Westminster,
Whereas proof nf (he loss oi Certificate
of Title  Number   I3591F,   Issued    In    thej
name nf Catherine  Ellgh, has been file-
In ihis office.
Notice is hereby given  thnl   I  shall,  at
the expiration m one month from the date
if ih.* fit si   publication hereof,  in n daily j
newspaper  published  in  tin-  City  of  New.
Westminster, issue a duplicate ,.f the said
Certificate,  unless  In  the  meantime valid;
objection lie made to me In writing
J   c.  OWYNN,
District Registrar m Titles.
Land  Registry  Office.
New Westminster, H  C, 7ml .1 mc. 1914
T'ne  Montreal  harbor    commission
ers   accepted   the   resignation   Of   Captain l.oui.- A. Deniers a.s harbor ma_-
ter.     He   has  been   appointed   to  the i
�� eck  commisslonershlp for the  Do-
.'.iter a wild dash down Frontenac
-treei hiii, Montreal, an automobile
owned by Gabriel .larrv. iii which
were three men and three women,
struck an express wagon loaded with
furniture. Both vehicles wen- wreck
id but nobody was hurt.
To find a disaster on Hie St, Law-'
rence river which in point of tlie number of lives lost conies near paralleling the loss of the Empress, it is necessary to tin back to 1711 when the
English fleet, under Sir Hovenden
Walker, met with destruction off the
Crans   nf   Eng   Island.
Another  oil   company  at   Regina   Is I
officered   by   well   known   local   men.
and capitalized at $600,000.
Blake   Anderson,  a   prominent   citizen of Watroush, formerly a  leading
Winnipeg grain  dealer,  dropped  dead |
cn the street in Saskatoon from heart i
A   scries  of   meetings   will   be  held
by the royal commission appointed by |
the Saskatchewan government to In-
quire into the manner in which sales i
of agricultural  machinery an; carried I
.Since   the   beginning   of   .lune   five
new Saskatchewan companies with a I
total capitalization  of $1,4*10,fino have
been   incorporated   under  the   law  of I
the province for the purpose of drill- ':
Ing foi  oil.
At  the  Anglican  synod  at  Regina,
the lord bishop of Qu'Appelle referred ;
to the many important social and religious   problems     for     consideration. I
Prohibition   is   among   the   ciu-'st.lons i
to  he  considered.
urally. the greatest
Planets Exercise Effect,
lt  is quite  possible,  even  probable,
that tiie chief of th.se unknown factors Is the supplemental', gravitation
al action which the plaints exercise,
in certain circumstances, not only up-
on the incandescent mass below the
earth's crust, thus causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and
upon the oceans, so giving rise to ina-
riiie disasters, but also on the aerial
The theory is very simple. All bod-
ii s exercise their tilc-prodncing ura-
vlatlonal action on the fluids of our
planet iii direct proportion to their
masses and In inverse proportion to
the cube of their distances (not tiie.
square, as in the better known formula of the gem rai law ot gravitation). Now. the bodies which exercise this activity to any degree worthy
i,f note are: First, the moon; second.
the sun; and then, of very much less
i Importance, but still to be taken Into
account, tbe following planets iu order of intensity: Venus. Jupiter,
' Mars,  Mercury and Saturn.
Planetary conjunnctlons are not the
| only causes of disasters in which a
number of well known factors enter,
1 such as rashness, lack of skill, de-
' feels of machinery, and so on. It is
' obvious   that   all   these  factors,   Inde-
the  Socialist  leader,  Benor  Igleslas,
i who led the attack on the government,
an attack which quickly resolved Itself into an onslaught on tbe monarchy
i Senor Igleslas, without making any
attempt lo disguise his purpose, Insisted that the policy of the government not only in regard to Morocco,
but iu regard to many other important questions, both internal and external,   was  dictated   b>   the   king
The occupation by the Spanish
troops of Zelouan, In- insisted, was
undertaken solely at the instance of
Kim; Alfonso, and that this action was
ciily typical of man) others, all of
which went to show that the kinn
possessed absolute power to deal with
all important affairs i [ state as he
personally  dc-ired.
Senor Igleslas then entered upon a
rigorous attack on tlie conduct of
the Moroccan campaign, insisted that
those who were responsible for it
should be censured, and concluded by
demanding the withdrawal of the army
from tin- Spanish zone. Senor Igle-
sias' speech was constantly interrupt
ed by the violent cries of dissent from
the ministerialists and counter cries
of approval from his supporters. The
uproar, eventually became so great
that the president was obliged to suspend  the sitting.
B. C. Coast SS. Service
Cheap fares for all return tickets to Eastern points, on sale
beginning lune 1st flood to return up to Oct. .'51st.
Kor particulars apply to
E. GOULET. Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
For   Victoria
ln:7,n a.m	
2:00   p.m	
11.16   p.m	
For Seattle
10:30 a.m	
11.00 a.m. Daily except Saturday
11:45 p.m Saturday
For Nanaimo
10 a m. and 6:30 p.m Daily
Nanaimo, Union Bay, Comox
8  a m.  Thursday  and  Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay,   Powell
11:45 p.m Every Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
11:00p.m    Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
7:00 a.m. Tuesdays for Victoria,
calling  at  points  In  Quit Isl.
To Alaska    Every  Saturday
Queen  of  Holland  Sends  Unique  Gift
t->   Berini���Everybody   Admires Them.
Tint ni*
f N.w \V
,,\ |iu*e nl I'-i i: n*1'
rks   Siipcl'lnli'lldi
-   of   Wil
nt minster,
1 'illllubi.l.
Ii _eai��id.
The    Hague,    Holland.
wonderful  collection of
.lune   *.:t.    AI
flow ers   and I
IN  Till
in   Hi
YV.ili 1    W
N.iTi'*i* IH ni'.l'.Kiiv filVBN thai nil
Tcdltors und others having club   i against! shrubs,   such   as   nas   never
l^i'c^::;'.;:^:,^,;;.'^,",:!;':.^:'^:..^^^..,-., ��,-,��� before, la Berlin, has been
1913, aro required on  or befori   Mm  131 b   on   view   in   the   new   palace   at   Pots-
,l.iv  i.i   July,   I'M I.   i"  send   bj   post   pre- j ^Hm
p.ii,, ,,,   deliver ...  ih,;  unile,*^,,,I   Snliei-:      T1)ls   (Iispli|>.    was   a   g)f|    fmm    h.r
majesty, the (|ite��*n of Holland, to the
tors  in
..I the
dr. ssps
iii.- undcrslg
iiibeili"-   l-'letl   Btotl,
Hid rti ceiih. I, their num
the full particulars of il
il Solid
1 .\cciiirtx :
��� nnd ml- !
. n claims,
Ihi ii
iiciihiii   nl   their
nf   lbe  Bccurltlc!
��� I further lake notice
lu.si mentioned d..t> thi
I'l.u stmt will proceed
ism Is    of     the    d'C.���used
,<mi tbi'
held bill sftev
id Cath-
ning   the
parties entitled  thereto,    hiivlng
only m the claims i.r which she sh
have  notice   nnd   that   tin-   said   Ci
Fli'O  Stott  will nol  li" liable for i
assets ni' any  part  theneof to any  person
or  persons  of  whose  clnlms   notice  shall
not have been received by her nl  the time
nl such distribution.
Dated this   l-'tli  day  nf June,  A Ii���  lfiH.
in iltlKil'l.l'. GRANT ^'  M'-ilI.L,
II   I.,,in,   street,
Sew  Westnilnsti r, n.C
Solicitors   for  the  mild   Calher    Flett
Stolt,  Executrix 13^27,1
Transfer Co,
Office  Phone 18b.        Barn Phone 137.
Begble   Street.
kaiser. The pape s called tlie attention of Berlin citizens to the brilliant
array, and crowd; hurried to the spot
to enjoy the si*?ht. On the terrace before the palace was a wide belt nf
scarlet Darwin tulips. When the Pin-
regard | preBI, returned to Potsdam. 15,000
.therlne | "Pride of Haarlem" tulips greeted
her with their exquisite colors.
On tbe same terrace were large beds
of pin'.r Darwin tulips. I'rinrcsse
Elisabeth and Maiden's Mush, con-
trastlng vividly with the orange-red
azaleas, while round box-trees formed the background.
A wide border of yellow tulips was
planted all round the palace, and the
kaiser's private garden, where, on fine
days, his desk is put out under a huge
parasol, was bright with vivid colored tulips of which the Scarlet Beauty
is his special favorite.
There were separate groups of the
delicate carmine I'riticess Juliana tulip, and another plant, a kind of delicate lavender color, was much admlr-
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial invitation is given the ladles of New Westminster to
visit the salesrooms of the B. C. Kleetric. in the company s terminal
at Columbia and Eighth, to inspect our complete line of Kleetric
Cook ing and Household appliances.
These appliances greatly lessen lbe labor of the housewife, pro
moling both her comfort and convenience. They are always ready
for service operating on connection with any household socket. The
cost' for current is only a few cents per hour of continuous operation.
Kleetric Cooking Applances just meet your summer demands as
they can do all forms ot light cooking just as well as the kitchen
range. Fully seventy-live per cent of your summer cooking can be
done in this manner.
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia A Eighth.
Hagnage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
light and Heavy Hauling
TAKK NOTICE thai al the meeting of the hoard of license commissioners of Hie City of New Westminster on .lune 1", we Intend to apply
for a  transfer  of  the  liquor  license
now held by tllchman and Bennett In, , .,.,,,       ...  ,
respect to the premises known as the!-���������     '*"������" "������������* "'  ���"���""'""'ll  "����������������
Cosmopolitan  Hotel  situate  upon Lot
1, City  Block 12, corner of Columbia
and Blackle sirens.   City   ol   New
nett, to
ter, from Richman and Ben-
1 were planted in the shade and there
are other flowers, such as gladioli and
dahlias, which will not flower until
late  in  the autumn,    Not  the  least.
j part of the royal gift were the large
rhododendrons bushes, which will be
an  eloquent testimony tq the art of
l the Dutch growl rs.
Special Excursions
Glacial, Island
Mountain and
Forest Scenery
Five Days
Meals and Berth.
SS     "Prince    Rupert"    sails S.S.
Mondays     midnight),   .lune   29, Thur.di
July H, 13, 20, 27. ���I,ll>'  '-'���
Boats   remain  at   Prince   Kupert one day,
of seeing the new Grand  Trunk Pacific city.
Parlor  rooms  separately   nr en suite, with  or    without    private
bath, etc.. at an additional cost.    Staterooms en  suite  without extra
ll' 6. SMITH, C.P. and T..V C, E, JENNBY, O.A.I
Phone Sey.  8134, 527 Granville Si.. Vancouver
"Prince    (Ieorge"    sails
ys     midnight,   .lune   23,
9,  Ifi,  ^:i,  30.
affording au opportunity
.  nc
om WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 1914.
MT  -^i         PAGE SEVEN
Summer Advertising
The most valuable asset in advertising is age. It is something which cannot be rushed or bunched. It has no
overnight competition.   The new advertiser can't date
Advertising cannot take a vacation without a loss.
The cumulated values of previous months or years immediately begin to shrink or evaporate. It will invariably
cost more to make good the shrinkage than to omit the
Good advertising is a continuous performance before
the same audience. No better definition was ever invented.   It admits of no exceptions or variations.
Buyers are not so firmly attached to buying traditions during the Summer months as at other seasons.
They go about more, enjoy more freedom, are interested more in variety. The new advertiser finds it
easier to break in; the old advertiser finds it necessary
to be more persistent and watchful. The province of
advertising is to attract new customers, as well as to
hold old ones, and the vacation season, more than any
other, is the season of changes; the season, more than
any other, when the advertiser can least afford to
permit his goods and his service to be forgotten. The
trifling purchase of July or August is often the forerunner of a much larger purchase in October or
Use the New Westminster News during
the Summer Months and Keep
Your Trade Lively. PAGE EIGHT
Cirl    Who     Fled    From    Chicago   to
"���Nurse a S'-k  Friend," Is  Now
Mrs.    Roger   fcailey.
Chicago, Juno 23. Chicago society
li.lfc, who have been following 'lie nf
fajrs uf Miss Helen Morion with considerable Interest since her reported
estrangement from her wealthy -fa-
thrr. Murk Morion, were treated to another surprise today when they re
ceived mrds announcing her marriage
���it Geneva, IU., last Tuesday t�� Koger
Bailey, of Delaplainfy Va.
Mis? Morton first gained the lime-
light by leaving her tattler's country
place at i_ike Foresl and hastening
:o Virginia "to nurse a sick  friend."
In interview.*, she bombarded Chicago society as an aggregation of "nit
wits" until her father brought her
back to hake forest. Morton's as-
���-aul: on a newspaper reporter who
tried to see his daughter and the filing of a $"(0.oon damage suit by the
r< porter were incidents in the girl's
-.-if made drama
BURNABY $110.28.
A', .i meeting of the Hurnaby coun-
ri! mi Monday evening, a communication was received from the North
Hurnabj Ratepayers' association, com-
plaining of the bad stdte of the roads
nn Hastings street, east of Boundary
,*(i(rine. The engineer was ordered
to npnrt on the condition of this road
and  estimate  the cost of  repairs.
The request of the Hurnaby school
trustees for the nee of the municipal
���au!"s  cn   June   74,   25  and   26,   when
they intend to make an inspection of
the  schools,   was  refused.
Engineer Macpherson reported that
the cost of fighting the recent fires
*���*.�� )110.28, There were six fires
.luring that  period.
The engineer recommended tii"
planking of Alberta avenue from Rlv-
������rwriy   to   Scott   street.     Tlie   cost  of
planning, 650 feet, Ik- estimates will
be $750,-chargeable io revenue of No.
1 ward. A considerable amount of
building is expected in Hint neighborhood in the near future, he points
At the Theatres
The story of Margaret, "Our Mutual
tJir!," is a human Interest siory. You
*-<��'. tier first in a humble home, nnd
an imitation from her rich and fnsh
tollable New York aunt, to visit the
latter in the metropolis.
Margaret is gradually launched in-
to the social whirl of New York society, and becomes a pan of it.
a scheming French nobleman, win
in reality is the leader of a bund of
smugglers, crosses her path and ls
eliminated with diftieiiliy. The ,*r>-
mantlc touch lo tiie siory is Margaret's love for her country boy sweet-
hear:, who has followed her to the
city In the hope of winning her.
The next chapter of "Our Mutual
Girl" i�� being featured at the Royal
loday nnd tomorrow and is an ex
tremely valuable and Interesting reel,
<it Margaret's proclivity for breaking
conventions and shocking the staid
nnd autocratic dignity of Mrs. James
Knickerbocker, her aunt, furnishes
many thrills to a sympathetic audience.
There are five oilier good reels, in-
rinding a splendid Keystone. and
Prof. Vi'ood promises some beautiful
organ solos*.
It ii very evidmt that the new management rf the City theatre is deter
mined to have nothing but the best,
both in fixtures and music, appropos
��'f this, tlie many compliments they
are receiving about their new pianist.
is ample proof that the public i.s appreciating their efforts lor the continued betterment of their cosy little
theatre. The programs shown leave
nothing to be desired. They are balanced, the dramas being thrilling and
intense portrayals of human nature,
���while ihe comedies arc bubbling over
with clean and Innocent [un. The I
photo-plays shown at. the City are, in
fact, the pick of the world's pictun
market nnd deserve the patronage ol '.
all true lovers of the movies,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Guy Deligritful !
Hosts to Thirty Friends.
Thirty members of St. Stephen's!
church guild were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. .1. A. Guy at their ranch on the
vorth road, Burquitlam, ou Mondaj
>'. ning, ti lines were 'Indulged in,
whiic strawberries, cream and cake
v.ere served lo the guests Inter in the
evening, A vote of thanks was unanimously passed to the host and hostess for their hospitality, The guests
appreciated iln- kindness of <'. It. McAllister in providing transportation
trom lhe Sapperton terminus to Bur-
quitlam and return.
Will Arbitrate Dispute.
Ottawa, June 23.- For the first time
since the Lemieux art came into ,
force, a board of conciliation has been |
appointed to deal witli a building
trades dispute T'ne carpenters of
Montreal have hid difficulties with
-he contractors and the two parties
to the dispute have been induced by
the labor department to consent to
the appointment of n conciliation
board to deal with the difficulties. The
l-omieux ad does not make provision
for the settlement of industrial disputes oilier than t'.ose affecting public utilities except by tii" consent of
nil  parties  concerned.
Must Be Re-elected.
Ottawa, .June 23.- -Judge Mac-
'ravish ruled today thut lhe four con
frollerr. who v.erc unseated in the
court.- ten days ago on the ground
thai fh.y were illegally elected last
January, must be re-elected by the
electors nn. not by the city council,
as Borne legal authorities claimed was
the proper way. The four controllers
ar. Or. Ruf'is Parent, J. VV. Nelson.
jj. tt. McNeil and Joseph Kent,
McAllisters Prices Offer Strong
Inducements   for   Your Trade
Furniture Department
We Sell for Less Than Other Furniture Stores in This City.
White   Knamel   Steel   Beds;   heavy   tWO-lnch   posts;     satin   finished;
brass caps:  regulai   $15.00. -Cl 9 7*\
fash  Price       -t\9 I ma. I *J
Brass Bed;  satin or bright finish;  continuous posts;      CIO 7^_
regular  $22.50.    t'ash   I'riee    ��"*������'�����
White  lCnamcl  Steel   Heds;   straight  or  continuous   posts;   best  and
'cheapest values ever offered;  regular $10.50, Cfl  7t%
Cash   Price    #����� I W
.Solid Quarter Tut Oak Dressers;  in golden or fumed  finish;  several
si vies to choose from;  regular $26.00. CO A  OO
I'ash   Price         #KUaUU
Sanitary (ouch;  extension style;  good mittress;  covered with green
denim;  regulni  $13.50 ���11 'OH
Cash   Price    * I ���  UU
Canvas Camp Stretcher:  regular $2.50,
Cash   Price   	
Camp  Couch;   well   upholstered  and   strongly   made;   six   feet    long.
regular $0.25. 4* A OO
Cash   Price    -JMf .UU
Iron   Bedsteads;   any   size;   regular  (3,00.
Cash   Price   	
Kitchen Tables; 29x47;  with drawer:  regular $2.60.
Cash   Price   	
Kitchen   Table:   .Px47;   without   drawer.
Cash   Price    i	
.Medicine   Cabinet:   with   10x14   mirror;    in   golden     oak     or   white
enamel;   regular $5.25,
Cash   Price    	
Specials from the Wash Goods Dept.
Japanese  Crepe;   this comes   in   a   broken   stripe  effect;   suitable  for
men's shirts;   III   inches  wide.
l'.i- yard   	
15c and 20c
Hark   nnd   Light   Blue   Prints;   spot,  anchor  nnd   horse   shoe  effect;
makes up well for house dresses.
Per  vnrd   	
Fancy Dress Duck;  this comes in dark grounds,  with  white design*
i-p.-cialy suited  for  ladies' outing dresses.
Per yard   	
White Cotton Fabrics-Extensive
Range at Special
Special values- in Madapo'.ams;
a light weight cotton especially
suited lor ladies' and children's
summer underwear; 36 inches
wide. Special prices Qfl#��
yard, 15c, 20c md. .. . OUC
Fine Nainsook; 86 inches wide:
pure fininsli service-     1 O 1 m
able.  Pei   yard       I fc ��C
42  inches wide
Pel   yard   	
36| inches wide L-ongcloth; absolutely pine rml.h. 1 Cm
Per yard 10c. 12' -.c and. IvC
:it'. inches wide Knglish Cambric;
in medium nnd heavy weave.
Pel   yard,
15c, 20c and   	
White Indian Head; 86 inches
wide; for Suits. Itompers, Middy 'Hlouses. etc. OC A
Per  -fard   COC
lndl.i Linens. Per yard,   QC-**>
12! 2, 15c, 20c, 25c WWC
Victoria l.awns. :IS inches
wide.  Per  yard OCa
12'4c, 17'2c, 25c and. . OOC
Dress Linens, Embroidery Linens, White Butcher Linen; 3H
inches wide.
Per  yard   	
Pine White Waist l.inin; 38
Inches wide; for waists, slimmer   suits,   etc.    Per Afmtm
yard, 30:. 35c and IwC
Brown Dress Holland; :I2 inches
wide      I'c| OOl _>��
.Mini     CC 2 G
Brown Dress crash; "ii inches
wide;   all   pure  linen       OQ#��
Per  yard        WWW
\rt   Drawing  Linen    nnd    Embroidery  Linen;   pure linen:
inches wide.    I'er yard.
50c.   75c   and	
Special Prices on Summer
Dress Goods
Cream Dress Goods and Suitings.
44-inch Serge:  all wool;  regular Hoc.
Special   Price,  per  yard    .*...
40-inch Bedford Cord;  regular fioc.
Special  Price,  per yard   	
42-Inch Voile; fine weave;  regular 5!��c.
Special  Price,  per yard    ,	
54-lnch serge:  Priestley's;  regular 70c
Special  Price,  per yard   	
44-inch Cashmere;   all  wool:   regular !i5c
Bpecial  Price,  per yaid   	
B4-lnch Panama; even weave; regular $12."..
Special  Price,  per yard   	
7.4-inch  Serge;   with  black  stripe;   regular $1.25.
Special   Price,   per   yard   	
7,1-inc.i  Broadcloth;  chiffon  finish;   regular $2.00.
Special Price, per yard   	
7.4-inili   Broadcloth;   Superior   make;   regular  $2.7)ii.
Special  Price, per yard  	
This showing of Creams is worth attention to anyone requiring a
dress or suit for present wear.
Summer Dress Goods That Are Serviceable.
54-lnch Two-tone Cords;   regular 85c  values;   in tan and   while, gray
and white nnd bine and white. g��_
Per  yard  for            WwC
14-Inch  Rice Cloth;  regular 69c values:   in gray and  white;   navy and
white;   fawn and   white;   excellent   washing  materials.
Per   vard   for   .   	
Ratines,  Now  So  Fashionable.
A   lot   showing  today;   all  at one  pri.'e,    including    Broche,    Fancy,
nnd i'  number of plain shades;   in colors of gray,,  brown,  Nell  Hose,
white, gray nnd  white, pale blue, etc���  widths up to 7.4
inches;   values to $1.50.    Your choice, per yard	
All Main Floor Goods Are
Attractively Priced for
Wednesday Shoppers
Real Leather Handbags.
We liave a splendid assortment in stock; all nre
leather lined; come in a variety of skin leathers,
mul many different styles and sizes to choose
rrom; fitted with coin purse, and all have beautiful
frames and mounts in gilt or silver. Special prices,
ranging   from, ��4 OC CO  CO
each    ?C.<9W  TO -9O.0U
Ladies'   Oxidized  and   Nickel   Plated   Vanity   Cases.
These are  real  good  values;   fitted  with  coin,  puff
and card parts: also small mirror: various styles and
sizes.     Hanging  in   prices
from,   each    	
75c    $2.25
A big variety of colors, in many different styles and
shapes; the correct belt for the new sport coat:
finished with dainty buttons and fancy buckles.
Specially priced at, each
35c, 50c and   	
We  Have  a   Big  Stock,  and  the  Styles  and   Prices
Are the Best.
A New Style Collar at $1.00.
A vi rj pretty coilar of fine lace, with frilled effect;
some come trimmed with satin and large buttons;
others in Brussels net; in white and fl��4 AA
(ream.    Special at, each    *W * -UU
Fancy Figured Wash Collars at 75c Each.
Come, in  fine crepe;  in low effect, and with dalntj
ii( t  frill;   in  a   plain   white  or  floral  design;   a  real
dainty collar.    Special at
A Elack Silk Hose, Special at 75c a  Pair.
This   is  a  Silk   Hose,  with   a   small  amount  of  wool
mixed in. which gives it a  little thicker and heavier
finlnsh;   guaranteed  a  strong   wearer;   all  sizes;   a
n gulai  95c  pali   value.
Special   In..   [ie;    pair 	
Electrical Department
When nn dlclnes fail to give rellel try a White
Cross Electric Vibrator. It puts renewed energj
Into one. Mechanical vibratory massage is the great
est disease preventative force ever discovered, x<
brntion can afford material relief in many cases
where hundreds of dollars' worth of medicine has
proven worthless. Ask those ivho use an IClectrlc
Vibrator, and thej will repeat nil we have said aboul
this wonderful cure. Then we have Medical Iiatteries to cure various ills; a very handly little apparatus to have in the bouse. Vou will be astonished at the results Unit can be achieved by the use
nf  electricity   for   medical   purposes
Scctch Wool Rugs
line oi the most serviceable and economical Carpet
Squares;    excellent   rugs   for   bedrooms   anil   living
9x0  feet;   regular $12.50,
Call in and Choose Your Wants
in Our Ready-to-Wear
Department Well Stocked
With New and Up-to-Date
Splendid  Quality   Navy  and  Gray  Serge  Suits.  Very  Special  at
A man-tailored -nil. made up strictly on new model styles;
coat is cutaway or square front, rind neat plain tailored skirt,
with high waist bands; a beautiful suit for tiie money; worth
$.0.li0.    Wry Speci.il C1 9  QK
Dainty   Brocaded   Suits,   Also   at   $12.95.
This is something new in plain tailored suits. The coat is
cut in a square front, and the skirt is a plain model, with a
little "drape" at each side; comer, in brown, navy and Alice
blue. A suit that would be considered ciiejp at CIO QC
$20,    Very Special at    <$ I CiVV
New "Sport"   and "Balmacaan" Coats:  Regular Values to $15.00.
Special   for  $10.95.
All tin- very newest styles and colors nr��- presented in Ihis
stock; materials of serges, tweeds, mixtures, diagonals and
other cloths. Vou oinnot get better values than we offer. Sec
them for yourself;  regular to $15.00, ** * m* am.m
Very Special  for
Brand   New  Summer   Dresses  Attractively   Priced.-
The entire stock of our new Silk and Satin Dresses has been
divided in THREE SPECIAL. LC-STS, at extraordinary low
prices. Kvery dress is perfectly new, having been bought
for this season's trade. As our advi ti-ii-,u space is very limited
we can onlj  detail I hem as follon i
Our regular $1 5.0(1 valui
Special   for   	
Our regular $30.00 valui s.
Spec al   lor   	
Dur ri zular $25.00  I alius.
Thcs; are wonderful  values.    Ask to see them.  We will gladly
show   you.
Men's Straw Hats, $1.25
Oreal Variety of dressy Boater Straws, in the ever-
popular sennet straw; black bands and medium
high crowns; easy fitting sweatpads: no trouble in
getting a good-looking serviceable hat at this low
price. Rergular values to $2.50.
Wednesday, your choice   -.	
Men's  Underwear, 65c.
These are broken lines or .Men's Kine Summer Underwear;  (Balbriggan,  fine oashmere and    silkette
lines;   long   sleeves   and   ankle   length;   colors   are
while,   natural   aad   itvii;    all   sizes   in    lei:    regular
values lo $1.26.    Wednesday,
per garment   	
Men's Summer Underwear, 25c a Garment.
Fine    Weave    llalbriggan;    In   ele.iu    natural   color;
long  sleeves and  ankle  drawers;   men's   iszes  only.
Special  nt.  per
Men's Summer  Socks, 25c.
.Men's   fine   silk   lisle   -*ocU_;   in   colors   black,   gray
and tan;  seamless;  fast dye; sizes 9Vs  to 11:  regular 35c values.    Wednesday, OCa
)n r  pair       fcwC
Men's   and   Boys'   Bathing   Suits.
Men's nnd Boys' Bathing Suits; one piece; with
tkirt; navy blue in color; fine Zlmmerknlt make.
Boj i.   sizes
.Men's  sizes,
Men's   Serviceable  Coat   Shirts,   50c.
Men's colored Shirts; in fine shirting materials:
mostly light grounds, with neat stripes of blue and
black; attached laundered cuffs; sizes Kfl#��
Hi. to 17.    Kach     WWW
Men's Shirts, $1.25.
Men'= fine negligee Shirts; in plain white percale;
tailor-made; "Tooke Brand"; laundered cuffs and
collar bands;  new shipment just  in:        *-|   OC
sizes 14 to  17
Majolica    Jardinieres.
In  assorted  shapes aud  colors.
6 Inches high. WmXgm
Knell   25c   and    WWW,
HT*:**: 45c
s inches high,
9     ilK lies    11   git,
and    Saucers
S ilapi
7.  o:   6-lnch   1'l.it
Fruit Saucers.
Cream .lugs.
9xl0-li  feet;   regular  $14.75,
9x12 feel;  regular $17.50,
White Ironstone Toiletware.
Pour-pit ce sets.
White  and     Glod     Clover     Leaf
Porcelain  Dinnerware.
For camp nr summer    cottage,
Platters.  Kach
25c, 35c nnd   	
Dial Vegetable Dishes,
Open  Sugar Bowls.
8-Inch" Fruit Dishes.
Tapestries and Cretonnes
Tapestries for furniture coverings, in all g rades
and colors, at prices which are much below those
usuall) asked.
UlCh Silk Tapestry; i nthe lighter shades of [awn,
blue, pink, and green; for recovering line, highly
poushed furniture; regular prices from $::.r,u to $ij..u
pei  yard.    Vour choice ul these at. Bjp  QC
pe.   yard    ^Pfc.wW
Heavy 50-inch Tapestries; in green, red and brown
combinations;   regular $3.00  lines ..!,        *p  CO
per   yard    ��4��fc.WW
Other   lines,   in   all  colors,   priced   at   per      QC(��
Inlaid   Linoleum;    Recjular   $1.25   Pur   Square   Yard.
fc.   95c.
\   I.inn'..mn  thai   will  stand  tlie strain  of constant
.*��� I'Vil c
Linoleum;   Rcgulnr  50c  a   Square  Yard,  for  40c.
This  is  the  best  ((imiiii     Scotch-made    Linoleum;
guaranteed  to weai   well
Floor Oil Cloth; Reg. 35c a Square Yard for 25c.
A good quality in patterns suitable fur kitchen,
bedroom  and  parlor.
am) shop at McAllisters.
yard, $1.75, $1.50, $1.00 and. ..
Kine  Cretonnes;   either  reversible  or  plain  on   one
side;   suitable   ror  coverings,   side   drapes   or^ light
portieres.    I'er yard, at
50c, 35c and  	
Fine Scrims and Voiles
Bordered Scrims; in white, cream or ecru; with
either single or double binders; the borders come
in .-hades suitable for any room, browns, fawns,
green, red, pink and blue. Cflft tm(\f*
I'riced at, per yard wUC AND OUC
Plain   Scrims;   in   cream,  ecru  or  Arab. 3f_C
I'er   yard   at WWW
llriwnwork Scrims; iu white or Arab: dainty design;  on very  fine scrim. ��5C
I'riee, per yard      Www
Voiles, in Cream, with nice selection ot borders;
In green.-tawn, pink and blue,   QCf�� __,__(*��
IV,   vard  nl    WOC  AND IUC
Bungalow Nets; 40-Inch and 45-lnch widths; colors  cream.   Arab,  ecru  and   white.     I'er _}__(*
yard  ,at 20c, 25c ami  WWW
Madias Muslins; cream.
Pel   yard  nt   	
White;   7.1  inches  wide. ______
per   yard   at      WWW
Colored .Madras;  values lo $1.00, Rflf*
I'er  yard  nt '-     -      WW_��
20c to 35c


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