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The New Westminster News Jun 13, 1914

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Volume 9, Number r
/\>a    '
Carrier Pigeon Brings Message of Airship Struck
by Lightning.
Capt.   Berry   Injured   and   Immediate
Help   Wanted���No   Word   of
Two Other*.
Y.M.C.A. orncERs
Mounted   Police   Believe   They   Have
Apprehended   Men   Guilty of
Killing   Magistrate.
Portland, June 12,- -One brief message telling of disaster to the balloon
���MlU'on Copulation Club, was the only
word received up to late today from
three of the four balloons that started
from here yesterday in a race under
Hie auspices of the Aero Club of Am-
T. J. Trapp Again Honored With the
Presidency, J. W. McDonald Vice-
President, F. O. Canfield Sec.
At a meeting of the board of directors of the Y.M.C.A.. held Thursday evening officers were elected for
the coming year. T. J. Trapp, who
bag taken a vital Interest in the insti-
erica Of the fate of the Kansas City j ttttlon, was reelected president, as al-
III a-l'l the Springfield there was an I so were J. XV. McDonald us vice-presi-
omlnous silence. The other balloon dent and Ft. E. Walker as treasurer.
In the race, the Uncle Sam was wreck-1 F. O. Canfield was elected recording
ed hy a thunder storm last night.        i secretary.
This  afternoon  on  the   wings  of  a j    The chairman  of the  various com-
carrier pigeon was brought, this laconic j mittees are as follows:    Finance. W.
message from  the  Million  Population 18. Colllster;   Hoys'  department, J.  D.
* Mul.: j Kennedy;   nominations,    Aid.  T.  H.
Message  for   Help. , Smith;   physical.  Dr.  E.  II. McEwen;
"Balloon struck by lightning. Berry | membership, J. s. Rennie; educttlon-
hurt,    Come quick
(Signed)   "MORRISON.''
The message was written by (ieorge
X. Morrison, probably while he was in
a daze, for he failed to give his location Ills companion, Capt. Berry of
St l.ouis, the pilot, probably lies suffering tonight, while those who would
help him are. powerless until they can
locate him.
Evoty effort possible was put forth
to find the Million Copulation Club.
and the other two unreported balloons.
The United States forest service ordered every ranger in the Oregon
Cascade mountains to search Its by-
wan All remote points were communicated with and notified by the Cortland Aero committee to send out rescue parties. ,
Lost in Dense Forest.
It is believed that the Million Copulation Club probably went down in
the dense forests on the west slope of
the Cascades, southeast of here, as the
I alloon was last seen travelling in
lhat direction by occupants nf the
Uncle Sam Just before the storm
< rove  the  latter  balloon   to  earth
Morrison, n former resident of .Lewi-ton. Ida., is a young man whn has
had much experience in roughing it.
md il ih believed lie will be able In
find bin way out uf tlie mountains
aftd tiring aid tn his Injured Com pin-1 tion
Ion  unless he. too, is injured. m
Word came late today from Liberal,
about tu miles southeast of here that
a balloon was seen by a ranch hand
close to the earth at 2:30 this morning The occupants shouted to him
asking for their direction but did nol
gaj   who they were.
Fears for Two Others
While   the   Springfield   uiu:
al,   .1.   S.   McDonald;    social.   W.
Iteid;   religious, J. Carter Smith;
ditlng, .1.  W. Irwin.
Moosejnw, June  12.--It  Is now  believed  that the  mounted  police have
arrested the three bandits wanted for
the  murder of  Magistrate  Chiva.  at
Amisk. Alberta, on May "0   One was
arrested on Thursday ' at    Eyebrow.
Three men  were  picked up at  Rouleau on  Tuesday and sent  to Regina
and  one  of  them   answers  iu   every
1 detail   the  inscription   of one  of  the
i trio of murderers.    Ou Thursday ten
! vagrants   were   taken   off   a   freight
train   arriving   here   from   the   west
und  one of these  is  reported  to  be
the third of the suspects.
Since the hunt for the murderers
was transferred to this district, a
great many -suspects, unable to account satisfactorily for their movements, have been arrested, charged
with vagrancy and sent to Rej;Ina.
where I hey are held for Identification.
Greatest  Pageant Ever Witnessed
Nearly     Half    a    Thousand        the   Province   Passed  Through
Strangers Will Be City's
Guests Today.
Following Luncheon at Armoury Visitors  Will  Be Taken to  Fraser
Mills, Colony Farm and Port
, Streets  of  Terminal  City.
Sec. McGaffcy Compliments
New Westminster on Its
Natural   Resources   of   Fraser   Valley
Considered Exceptional���Splendid   Fresh  Water Port.
Finest   McGafl'ey,  secretary of  thp
bureau   of   provincial   information,   is
vlHlllllB   tlie   City   Ht   DI-MOIlt,   III   COH11M-
with  his official  duties.
McOaffey explained the objects
of nis visit and purposes of the bureau, thus;
"The cities and districts ol the province joined  with  us for the purpose
of disseminating accurate und up-to
dat, Information concerning them. To
I tabulate and classify thut Information
I fully   we   want   the   enthusiastic   co-
Kansas | nnnratlou of those cities aud districts.
City may have passed  safely through,    ������] *nU,IK) t0 travel all over the pro-
the storm and over the Cascades Into  V]1K.P aMU have written the secretaries
I of  the  boards of  trades  and  govern
thinly   settled   region,   it   is   feared!
thai   they  met the  same   fate  as  the
Million   Copulation  Club,  as  il   is  re-
(Contlnued oa Page Four.)
New Westminster, Coquitlam and Burnaby  Will  Unite in  Completing
Necessary   Work.
The Immediate effeel of the abandonment of the ('.. N. It. company's
plans in connection with the North
road and tile extension of the B.C.K.R.
ment officials and have already received a great deal of valuable infor-
t'on  from  thein.
"I have been all through the Fraser
valley logging mills and out on the
Pacific highway towards Blaine, and
have also visited the Schuuke machine
shops and other industrial enterprises
In the city.
"I have been very much impressed
and charmed, not only with the beau-
liful situation of city, but aa to the
Fraser river as a great harbor centre. To Its width, depth and freedom
from obstruction lnusi be added its
Immense advantage as a fresh water
poi t.
"It is bound to pla* a large part
In the development nf the north-west
gi in rally and Hrltish Columbia In
p --ri icul.ii-.
"I have one fiult to find, however,
and that is villi the economic eon
duct of the mills in regard to hig
products.     The   utter   neglect   of  thi
Strike   Expected  in   Black
Diamond   Well   Within
Four Days.
United Oil Promises to Become a Pro-
ducer Very Shortly���Record Day
On Calgary Stock Exchange.
Calgary. June 12. -On the oil ex-
ehaiige today 25.057 shares changed
hands, the money paid over amounting to |7'.i,106. This was a record
day and the feature of the market
was a Hurry In Black Diamond due
to a published statement by Managing
Director O. E. Buck, that oil would
be encountered in the Black Diamond
well within four days. Mr. Buck also warned the sharholders to retain
llio,i stuck. Tbe ulmoHt excitement
prevailed on the floor of the exchange
and hundreds of persons were unable
to gain admission. Yesterday Black
Diamond closed at $4.25. this morn
ing it opened at $6 and hurtled to
$0.27,, lmt there was a concerted on
alaii-ht in the afternoon and the price
was hammered down and closed at
A party of Vancouver men visited
the Dingman well today. The valve
w;is opened and the well repeated its
previous performance of sending out
oil under great pressure of gas into
the 12.00(1 gallon tank.
A report issued tonight by the directors of the I'nited Oil company
stales that the well has now reached
a depth of 1840 feet, and that the
contents of the baler on being dumped show distinct traces of oil. In
fact, conditions at this well are said
to he exactly similar to those experienced at tbe Dingman well 200
feet before oil was struck.
The citizens here are now wondering whether Hlack Diamond or I'nited Oils will be the first to bring in
the next well.
New Westminster prays for rine
weather today. The good graces of
the weather man is all that is nee-
cessary for the entertainment of the
visiting delegates to the Baciflc Coast
Ad. Men's convention who will invade
tbe Royal City several hundred Btrong
from Vancouver at noon today.
Vancouver had her day yesterday
and will now 'reciprocate -in the way
of providing transportation to the
delegates over the palatial highway recently constructed by Burnaby and
South Vancouver.
The first gun of the clebratlon will
be fired at the Russell hotel at noon
when all the autos promised and placed at the disposal of the committee
are expected to be on hand. These
autos will leave for Edmonds Immediately they are placed ln line by Marshall Fred J. Lynch, and by the time
the vanguard of a hundred machines
carrying the visitors comes into sight
everything will be In readllness for
the giant parade through the city.
A small army of people were engaged at the drill shed yesterday, and
will again be on deck early this morning In order that the finishing
touches cn the luncheon can be pre-
Seating capacity at the luncheon
has been limited to five hundred and
it is expected that practically every
seat will be taken by the visitors and
local guests.
The committee desires it to be
known that no time can be expended
on speeches at the luncheon other
than those set down on the program.
ThlB has become necessary owing to
Vancouver. June 12���The largest
parade ever arranged in the history
of Vancouver took place today when
the city celebrated in honor of the
| visiting delegates to the Caclfic Coast
Advertising Men's convention. Every
city and municipality on the Burrard
peninsula was represented, together
with North Vancouver, while prominent cities of Washington. Oregon and
California had delegates lu the line
of procession.
Street car traffic in the business
district was at a standstill one hour
before the parade started and it was
not uuti! three hours later that the
streets were cleared enough to allow
a resumption, so great was the crowd.
The procession reached several
miles in length, floats depleting various industries and manufacturing
concerns mixing in with historic and
modern associations.
New Westminster's May Queen was
easily recognized in the line of march
while various civic aud public bodies
of the Royal City were also well represented together with a good sprlnk
ling or Elks.
In the evening the visiting delegates were guests at a monster banquet held at the Hotel Vancouver.
Price Five Cents,
Redistribution Bill Not Effective   Until   Next
(Continued on Page Eight.)
Confidence   Expressed
Future   of   Northwest
and Far West.
Timely Rains Benefit Crop Conditions
and   Oil   Discovery   Stimulates
Agreement Reached Regarding Manner of Transferring Power.
.New Vork, June 12. -Despatches to
-Hiiih Review- from branch ottlctm ol
R. G. Dunn aud company in leading
trade centres of the Dominion of Canada, reflect rather quiet conditions,
careful  buying and a general disposl
tion  to  await actual  crop  results  be-j chair   for   hall   an   hour
fore   enteriiie,   into   extensive   future I agreed  to.
Duke of Connaught  Formally  Proro-
gue.  Parliament���Expresses  Gratitude to Canadian People.
Ottawa. June 12.���After a day of
unusual excitement the third session
of the twelfth parliament succeeded
in proroguing today one and a half
hours behind the scheduled time. At
4.30, instead of three o'clock, as originally planned. H. R. H��� the Duke
of Connaught, urrived on Parliament
Hill, accompanied by military escorts
while the guns boomed forth the usual salute from Nepean Point. In
the senate chamber there was a fair
attendance of society people while the
galleries were crowded. The delay
In prorogation was due entirely to the
jockeying between the lower and upper houses in regard to the addresses
to the imperial parliament asking for
an amendment to the British North
America act, providing for Increased
representation for the western provinces in the upper house.
At the morning sitting of the senate the liberal leader. Senator Rostock, gave notice ot an amendment
declaring that the Increase in the senate should not take place until after
the dissolution of the present parliament.
Amendment Carried
When the senate met in the afternoon the amendment of Senator Bos-
tock was carried and the bill returned to the commons where Mr. Borden
declined to accede to the provision
Inserted by the senate. This killed
the proposal for the present and the
senate representation in the west will
remain as It is at least until the next
session of parliament.
Before the house suspended to the
summons of the black rod and went
over to the aenate.Slr Wilfrid Laurier
said there was a rumor to the effect that Hon. Adam Beck would accept the high commissionership.
Hon. George Foster said that this
rumor was of the same character as
preceding ones that had already been
replied  to in  the house.
When the speaker read a message
form the senate announcing the redistribution bill- had Seen agreed to
bv that body, there was some applause from opposition bodies.
Hon. George Foster then suggested
that as prorogation had been fixed
for 4.30 tlie speaker should leave the
This   was
Government  to   Be  Organized   Which
Shall  Ee Recognized by U. S.���
Huerta  Not  Mentioned.
line from Sapperton to Burquitlam, Isl scrap timber and sawdust is surpns
that the municipalities concerned, Bur-1 lug   to   me.    The  sawdut-t  could   i
nany, Coquitlam and New Westmlns-
converted Into briquettes and the
scrap timber dedicated to the fiihri
caticn of the coaser kinds of paper
"In the Pacific highway there are
great opportunities offered to cultivate the tourist traffic as well ns
r hearing the I opening up th" country's agricultural
i, , m traffic from Westminster to Bur- resources. The member for Delta
qultlatn. The grade work will he pro! riding, F. .1. McKensle, deserves great
cee-.d with Immediately the plans areIcredit for his work iu this respect
ready, "What   a   splendid   acquisition   the
yesterday morning   tin-   extension preservation of the magnificent tlm-
route was inspected by Engineer Ken, her strip of virgin forest on the Yale
(er, will go ahead and prepare plans
for the grades leading to the present
level  crossing over the CNR.  tracks.
Plans will also he prepared tor the
proposed new steel bridge across tin
Brunette river, capable
Splendid Show of Local Grown Edibles
Find  Quick  Sale  at  Weekly
nf tho railway commissioner. Assistant
Engineer Eddy of the It. C. E. R��� City
Engineer Blackman of New Westminster, and Engineer Macpherson of Burnaby, accompanied by Reeve Fraser
and Councillor MacDonald of Burnaby,
and Iteeve Marmont and Councillor j
Whiting of Coquitlam,
Mr.   Ken    was   shown   tlie   damage I
done to the North roml hy the i-xra- Y.
lating operations of the (1. N. li. ind],
the level crossing across the Brunette      Tin
rlvev, V. Xx
���The whole situation as effected hy]ered
tin-   sudden   change   ol"   front   of   the
i;   V  It. wm-. generally discussed.
Under the ordei rocentlj issued by
lhe railway commission the Q. N. Ii.
is   compelled   to   put   the   road   ill   the
condition in which it was before they
commenced their operations and the
execution of ihis command will be
vigilantly supervised.
The B. C F. It. under its franchise
from Burnaby Is hound to begin building the tram extension within a month
i,r the completion nf tin- bridge ocross
the Brunette.
Tlie scheme is expected to conic up
road would be as a park. The attraction would be IrriStable. Surely some
exchange or arrangement could be
made with the timber men who have
rights   over   It."   concluded   Mr.   Mc-
C.   A.   Hinors   Mrs.  and   Miss
hoard    of    directors  of  the
C. A   yesterday evening tend-
reception to Mrs. Cave-Biown-
nd  Miss Cavo-Brown-Cave together with the members of the Flower Queen cantata recently  presented
at st. Patrick's hall tn aid or the as
SOClatton,     Mrs.   W,   T  .Heid  occupied
the chair. A program of music, dialogue!*, and games was given and
dainty refreshments were served during tlie evening.
The assembly hall was turned into
a drawing room, being decorated witli
pinks anr: roses. During the reception
Mrs. Iteid presented Mrs. Cave-Brown
Cave witli a handsome bouquel of
carnations on behalf of the cast taking
before the respective councils at their  part in tlie cantata.    About  Mi guests
first meetings in the form of reports. I were present.
The market presented a scene of
unusual activity yesterday morning
and the earliness of the horticultural
season was manifest in the first appearance of local strawberries, tomatoes and various vegetables.
Strawberries were plentiful and
were easily disposed of wholesale at
from $2 to $2.fill a crate, and retail at
two boxes for 25c, although some were
given away singly at 10c.
The new potatoes were offered and
taken readily at 5c. a  pound.
The tomatoes were from Burquitlam,
Mr. Tii'y offering some luscious
samples from ills Rochester road gardens nt 25c. a pound, at which price
they were soon cleared out. Beets
and cat rots locally grown, were on
sale for the first time this season and
j averaged 5c. a pound
Eggs advanced ac, selling at 36c.
j a  do/.en  retail  and  30c.  wholesale.
The other commodities were sufficient to meet the demand at prices un-
j changed from last week.
,  |
New  U.  S.  Minister.
i    Washington,   June   2.      President
i Wilson  choose     Representative    Wil- j
I ".-ni  Graves  Sharp  of  Elyrla,  Ohio, I
' today   to   be   ambassador   to   France
] and sent his 'nomination to the aen-l
ate.   Mr, sharp, a democrat, will succeed Myron T. Herrlck, of Cleveland,]
a former republican governor of Ohio,
i mil tlle last of the ambassadors holding over from  the Taft  administration!
Niagara Fulls. Out., June 12. Delegates from the United States and
the Huerta government today formally affixed their signatures in the presence of the mediators to the first
protocol of the series through which
it is hoped to restore peace in Mexico.
The agreement reached vestcrdiv
in relation to tbe manner of transferring the executive power from Huerta
to the new provisional government
stood -the acid test of reduction to
writing.    It provides that:
A government U to be constituted
in Mexico of a character to be later
provided, which shall be recognized
by the United States on "date to be
fixed" and which from that day forward shall exercise public functions
until there shall be inauguarated a
constitutional president.
This  plank in  the peace  plan   was
reduced to the form of a protocol af- I
ter more than three weeks in the dis- |
CUSS loi)    in   ihe   last   three   days   of
which so serious a disagreement had ;
arisen  that the success of medial ion
was threatened,   The brief protocol j
was significant of two things:
It has no mention of Oeneral liner-
ta as the provisional president and it
omits the method of transfer which j
the Mexican delegates and mediators j
suggested and to which the I'nited
States objected on the ground that lis
retention would be tantamount to recognition  Of  the existing  regime.
The omission Ol reference to the
method ol succession and the flat
statement that on a certain date a
provisional government shall arise in
Mexico to which the I'nited States
will accoid recognition satisfies the insistence   of   the   American   delegates
ln the far west and northwest sentiment continues to improve and confidence is now expressed In the future.
Winnipeg reports that general trade
shows a fair increase, with the better
demand covering almost all classes
of commodities.
Copious rains which have benefitted
the crops and tbe discovery of oil, has
j stimulated the movement of merchandise at Calgary, and manufacturers,
wholesalers and retailers display
more confidence than for mouths.
Regina reports a marked improvement In sentiment owing to timely
rains throughout the district. There
is a fair demand for seasonable merchandise at Saskatoon and a gradual
but steadily increasing movement is
noted in most lines,
Gross earnings of all Canadian rail
ways reporting to date lor May show
a discrease of lS.u per cent, as compared with the earnings of the same
roads for the corresponding month a
year ago.
Commercial failures in the Dominion this week numbered :',:: against
30 last week and 39 the same week
la.t  year.
After His Royal Highness had read
the speech  from the throne formally
proroguing   parliament,   he     received
the farewell address of parliament as
passed by the senate a few days ago-
The address was read by the speaker
of  the  senate.     His  Royal   Highness
replied   briefly,     acknowledging    his
gratitude   to   parliament   and   to   the
Canadian   people   for    the    constant
kindness and consideration which has
marked   his   tenure  of  the   governor-
Militant   Cuffragettes   Raid   Theatres |
and Attempt to Make Addresses
Mrs. Pankhurst Concealed.
The annual meeting of the Grand
Lodge I. O. O. F. finished In Victoria
on Friday after a most enjoyable
round or festivities and business. Besides the Oddfellows of the island
who congregated in large numbers,
there were some two hundred delegate; from the various districts In
B. C. and one team which entered for
degree competition hailed from Calgary. About thirty-five Oddtellows
from New Westminster registered attendance.
Tlie degree competition which look
place in the three degrees was keenly contested.
Next years Grand Lodge meeting
was fixed to take place in New Westminster,
New tlrand Lodge officers were elected as follows:
Grand Master, 11. White. Cran-
I brook: Deputy Grand Master. P. W.
Dempster, Victoria; Grand Warden.
I W. II. Brown, Vancouver! Grand Sec-
' rotary. !���'. Davely. M.P.P.. Victoria;
j Grand Treasurer. J. H. Glass, Pentie-
,tcn; Grand Representative to the
; Sovereign Grand Lodge, for two years
Wallace  l.aw, Vancouver,
London. June 12. Undaunted
the anger they have aroused anions
the populace or the attentions they
are receiving at the hands of the police who today raided their latest refuge In Kensington, the militant suffragettes continue their campaign of
that no steps should he taken that I annoyance. Tonight saw an organised
could be construed as recognition of paid by them on nearly n dozen thea-1
Huerta. | trps  jtl  j-u,  weg| ent-  0f  London. \vo-
The constitutionalists were not par-i . ,
tie, to today's protocol, there is noth- *-*e�� *" ***ao1* li*s** attempting t�� make
ing in it to which they are likely to speeches and showering leaflets from
object and if admitted to the confer- balconies upon the audiences, The
ence, they  still may attach their Big-  leaflets drew attention to the torture
natures. of women  by   forcible   feeding.    The j couver and   the  disposal  of the  pre-
The question of constitutionalist suffragettes were escorted oui of the ^ent See house In New Westminster,
representation, however, is still an theatres by attendant:; without cere- the vestry of Holy Trinity made
open   one.     The   mediators   say   they ; mony. strenuous   and   successful   efforts     to
will not officially admit the Carranza The whereabouts of Mrs Emmeline ! have the name cathedral retained
delegation unless they agree to an Pankhurst is still a seen I. She was even though a new cathedral is to be
armistice, It is not doubted that the not. as at first supposed, In the head- erected in Vancouver. The retention
American delegates may try to secure quarters of the militants in Westmin- of the name cathedral is a victory
a   hearing   ior   tbe   constitutionalists ster,  raided  today. i for the local vestry and w*as sttpulat-
and that some way may be found for ��� The perpetratoi of the explo-led in the agreement recently complrU
them to participate in the pence par- slon in Westminster Abb*y Thursday led with the bishop settling the di��
leys  after  they   arrive. I has  not   been   found. i pui I,
Through an error due to a misunderstanding in receiving the telephonic message, The News report of the
Anglican  synod   in   yesterday's   issue
i made it appear that the canon in
connection   with   Holy   Trinity   cathe-
1 dial was to permit a change being
mad- giving the church tlie title of
Throughout the whole controversy
��� -vtill the bishop in connection with
the moving of his See house to Van- PAGE TWO
SATURDAY, JUNE  13,  1914.
:3H_>tar0  I nubs of news
An Independent mornlns paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and
tbe Fraser Valley.    Published every morning except Sunday by tbe National Printing
Hon. W. J. Bowser has left on a trip
to   Skagwuy   for   the   benefit  of   his
I health,   which
j ovrfVwork.
is    impaired   through
and Publishing Company. Limited, at 63 McKenzie Street. New Weatmlnater, British
Columbia. ROBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
to Individual members of tbe staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders 'should JM made
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES��� Business Ofttoe and Manager. ������; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
-MDU). _______________________________________
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���Bs- carrier, 14 per year, tl for three months, 40c per j planning  conference   at  Toronto
Booth. By mult. SS per year, 25c per month. *    *    ���
ADVERTISING RAT��5S on application uauau
Hon. W. R. Ross has returned from
a month's absence in eastern Canada,
during  which  he  attended  the  town
The provincial government will extend an official reception to the two
Japanese cruisers which are coming
to Ksi-uinialt at the end of June.
A. It. Lord, principal of the public
school at Kelowna. has tendered his
resignation to take effect at the end
An aged and honored resident of
Nanaimo passed away recently in the
person of Mrs. Margaret Ritchie, who
died at her home, having almost com-
President Wilson of the United States has accom     _ ^   	
plished What he Set OUt tO dO.     Repeal Of Panama Canal I of��th'e"present term.    The resignation
tolls exemption for American coastwise vessels has passed; was ���-oceP,e(1
both the congress and the senate.  In the face of the most
determined kind of opposition from the American shipping interetss and other sections with powerful "pulls,"
Wilson has demonstrated just what a power a determined] ���Jl,'t"1 her 80th ,yea.r-,
man, of high ideals can be in preserving the honor of hisi   w.  .1.   Eaton has been appointed
nation.   The vote in the senate also proves that the domi- ��^*ror�� *_? present Shores are
nating Wilson personality, instead of being on the wane, teaming ore from this camp to the;
has increased in strength and, since that personality has railwav at LyMth ^,e��k-
for its principal ingredient the president's conscientious- j   0n M011uav the Vernon branch or
ness, the American nation is to be congratulated on the the Canadian Bank of commerce open
great force for good which is at the helm of its ship of jit'e^^
As Manufacturing
We have not only the ordinary Edge Lens Grinding Machine, but also a Surface Grinder ready at a
moment's notice to grind any lens your eyes may
need for perfect vision. Broken lenses replaced
within a few hours.
40 Sixth Street New Westminster.
This is the third new bank building |
to be completed within a year in that |
A   wagon   road  from
North   Pork   would  be
to   the
There's some consolation to be found in the fact that
it was Old Westminster and not New Westminster that	
was rocked by that militant suffragette bomb on Thurs- dated' by the business men or oreen-
^ " wood,    An   enterprise   of   this   kind
a"j- , will   pay  better  than   buying   sweep-
  ! stakes,   wild   cat   real   estate   or   oil
If the Ad. men in convention in Vancouver need s,<"'ks* ,  .  ,
any pick-me-ups the "morning after" thev can apply to    Clarence Ekiund and his wire. ien
the druggists in convention in New Westminster.      *      j JJ��� gjj ^t^^Z^nn"
  i probably many cities In the states, lt
When the C. N. R. starts shooting that thirteen million dollars over the province it should blow a few holes in
the financial stringency ghost.
See us for Houses for Sale.
Small house on  Dublin  street.  Large lot and barn  20x14,    I'riee
only $141)0.    Terms to suit purchaser.
General Insurance Agents.
313-315 Westminster Trust Building and 746 Columbia St.   Phone 85L.
Accountant. Telephone R447. Room ���
22   Hart   Block.
P. U. Smith. W. J. Grove*.
Work   undertaken   In     city     nnd   outside
points.     211-12   WmtiiiliiHtrr  Trust   Blig.
I'hoiie 364.    p. o.  Box  i07.
L.O.O.M.. Nf) 854��� MEETS ON FIRST
und thin! Tuesday In each month at *
p.m. In tbe Uit-or Temple. A. J. Christmas. Ilk-tutor; David Bovle, Past Dictator: W. J. Qrovas, Secretary, 211
Westminster Trust   HiilldlnK.
H. P, O. E. of D. C. meets first und
third Krliluy at S p.in., Lalmr Tempi,-.
Seventh and Royal avenue, A. Wells
Cray. I-Ixalteil Ruler, P. II. Smith, Secretary.
regular meeting of Amity Lodge, No.
27. I. O. O. 1-'., Is held every Mwidav
night at x o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hull,
corner Carnarvon uud  Kighth Street*.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
II. W. Bannter, N.O.; J. L. Watson,
V.O.; W. C, Coatham. P.O., recording
secretary; J. W. McDonald, financial
Mere tary.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
 _^.__^       BURN OIL     ���
P.   O.   BOX   44?
Edmonton had to have some publicity to offset Calgary's oil boom so that city has started a police investigation.
probably many cities in the states
is   their  intention   to   give   wrestling ;
and athletic performances at most ol' \
the   larger  towns   between   Winnipeg
and  Kelowna.
In  the supplementary estimates re
Gently   brought  down   by  tho   Domln
Ion   government,   appears   two   items j
of $17,500 and $5000 respectively. The i
He declared he had been informed by
au Knglish dealer that if Oregon voted
"ivy"  Kngland  would not use any of
the hops grown here unless at a greatly reduced price if they could not be
used by American brewers.    Mr.  Hol-
I am   said   secret   drinking   and   illicit
j distilling    followed    prohibition,    and
^^^^^^^^^_^_^^^^^^^^^^^^_    I tiiat  Kansas, as a result of the fight
former amount is for further telegraph | Denounce Efforts to Destroy Industry j on  liquor, was the receptacle of vast
| amounts of low- grade  whisky."
<V.   B.   PALES  &   CO..   S1.-81S   AO\K*
/ street,  opposite  Carnegie  Horary.  Mo*t
up-to-date   funeral   parlors   In   the  eltv.
Specialists In shipping.     Lady assistant
in attendance, Always open. Day phone
170, niKht phone 8t.
ter & Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral directors
ami embalmers. Parlors 4o5 Columbia,
street.   New    Westminster.     I'liime  9��:i,
ster Hoard of Trade meets In the board
loom. City Hall, as follows: Third Kriday of each month, Annual meetings
on tin- third Friday of February. C. FL
Stuart  Wade,  secretary.
listers. Solicitors, etc. io Lorne street.
New Westminster. <���. E. Corbould, K.
C.    J.   H.  Grant.    A,   K.   McColl.
tor-at-law, Bolicltor, etc. Solicitor tor
the Bank of Vancouver, Offices: Merchants' Hank Building, New Westminster, B. C. Telephone No. 107". Cable
address "Johnston." Code Western
An American professor is trying to find out why many', \���e 'o^gan riv
people do not marry.   While he's on the job he might as'
well locate the reason why many people do.
and telephone extensions in the southern Okanagan and the latter amount is
for improving a navigable channel In
Revelstoke's aldermen value their services to the city
at about three hundred beans per annum. Perhaps it's
just as well they didn't leave the valuation to the ratepayers.
More fish on the table and more
J mixed farming on the land are two
! of the great remedies of the high cost
| of living which Chairman John Mc-
Dougall of the national commission
! thinks will weigh most for the public
| good. The commission will hear evidence in Vancouver. Westminsti r and
j other cities on their way east.
IW, P. HANSFORD, BARRISTER, Solicitor, etc., CaHlster Hlock, corner Co-
lumbla and McKenzie streets, .New
Westminster, u. C P. o. Hox 2��5. Tele-
photi'i   :s 4 4.
yet i _u       _- i _    i    i -.1    '    Among   the   munv   changes   In   the
In a Spokane saloon they forced a man to take a couple j ministerial personnel or Nanaimo the
of drinks and he died. The question naturally arises: What! <|f-parture of the Rev. j. w. Hediey
.   .�� it.- _-n.���. ....'tl. *u��� u�����-���-* * from    Hallburton    .Methodist    church
was the matter witn tne booze ( win h��� deeoly reKreue_ _> many m
  the  city,   both  church  members  and
. ���, .   . t j> i       _   i t l i. I other  friends.     Mr.   and   Mis.   lledlev
After sizing up modern female styles, a London priest ��� ...ft Nanaimo to proceed to their new
believes the world is seeing more of women nowadavs than ! s;-here oi work at Enderby in the
��� .     ���   ii      _,    i j Olcanagan valley.
it reallv should. .  .  ��
*- i
___________ An Innovation in the administration
r    The provincial medical health  officers, when they \ .een.rought aboutjby Justice ot the
itr*et in Vancouver next week, should have no difficulty1 Peace Bose of ciotadaie, who thin
in making a clean-up.
Eetter   Farming   Special   To   Be   Run
in June and July through Recently
Octtlcd Territory.
Retina, Cask., June 12. ���Eleven cars
in all v.-il! comprise the better firming
special tra;:i to be run during June
and July through the more recently
settled territory served hy the lines of
the Canadian Pacific railroad. The
train will leave Regina about June 15.
The train will carry a carload of
live stock from the university farm,
Bent by tho college of agriculture.'
Saskatoon. A car of machinery and
tioultry exhibits will he supplied by
the mechanical and poultry divisions
of the college, and Included in the
equipment wil! be a gasoline engine
driving a separator, washing machine
an. churn. The labor saving which
may be affected by the use of the gasoline engiine will be of especial inter-;
est to farm women, to whose interest
much attention lias been given in the
preparation <f the lecture and dem-
onstraion  program.
Apparlu. to  be  Shown.
The more intricate parts of farm
machines, such as the knotting apparatus of hinders, will be Bflown, and
there will be a model for illustrating
valve setting of steam engines and
another fo; illui-trating the timing of
ignition of ga-i engines. Equipment
for showing how to prepare concrete!
for use on the farm will also be furnished by the college, and there will
be various other exhibits of peculiar
interest to farm mechanics.
One of the most interesting cars in
the   train   will   contain   model   farm-;
steads   aud   farm   buildings,     all     of
which have been prepared by the de-���
partment of agriculture.    A  half sec-j
tion  farm  divided  In  such  a  manner
as le necesary for  the  practice of a
rotation of crops over periods of four
years  will  be represented  In one of'partment  store.
the models, which will show buildings'
properly   situated.       The   manner   in
which  buildings  can be  arranged   to
give cattle access from pasture fields
to  buildings  and   water,   other  fields
boipg shut off. will be shown, and according to the plan which will be rep-
sented, any field may be used for pas
ture.   Thus, as crop rotation i.s practised 'in succeeding years, any easily j
cattle access to the buildings from the
lields in that year used for pasture.
Earn Models Prepared.
The model farmstead will show how
buildings, fruit and vegetable gardens, lawn windbreaks and sheltei
belts may be conveniently located.
There will also be a number of model
farm buil.lngs. Two large mode!
barns will illustrate the proper method
ol installing the Rutherford system of
ventilation and the various methods
oi   framing and  loft construction.
The model Bheep pen is designed t'l
Bhow a cheap type of building, suited
to western conditions and arranged iu
such a way that the work of feeding
may be conveniently carried out and
proper provision made for ventilation.
light, etc. There will be a model poultry house and other poultry equipment.
A   La.ier.'  Car.
The ladies' car will form on* of the
most important on the train. Lectures
and examples in cooking and kindred
topics will be given.
In addlUon to tho speakers from the
department of agriculture and the college of agriculture, there will be n
number from the experimental farms
situated in Saskatchewan, F. J. liar-
rlson, superintendent of the dominion
experimental farm at Indian head will
be on the train during tho first fortnight of the itinerary, and will take
as his subjects rotations and soil condition.. Mr. Harrison has prepared
an excellent set of charts illustrating
the results obtained by the different
methods, The assistant superintendent at Indian Head, Mr. M< Haiti, will
be on the train dining tbe third
week and will discuss livestock prob
Whose Annual Value Is Six
Million   Dollars.
Salem, Or., June 17'. At a meeting
at Aurora the growers of that district
joined hands with the Hop Growers
and Dealers' Association of Oregon in
Its fight against prohibition. About
2an person? attended the meeting, and
i: was the opnsensus of opinion that
statewide prohibition ivould put an end
to the hop industry of Oregon. Disclaiming any connection with saloons,
breweries or liquor interests, the
speakers, officers of tiie a- lociation,
growers and dealers, asked if the
state could afford to wipe out an industry   that   yielded   about   $6,000,1100
annually I
Oeorge W.   Yergen,   a   prominent
grower ol  Aurora, called the meeting
I to ordet, and A. .1. Ray, president  ol
I the   association,  explainer   its  object.
Ml*.  Ray urged the dealers and grow
era  to  conduct  a   personal   campaign
I against prohibition and to attend all
meetings   in   t'ae   interest   of   tin-
About seventy-five residents of the
district became members of the association, and it was announced that a
local association would be organised
in a  few days.
Dual    Monarchy   Views   With   Alarr
Efforts of Bear to Get Stronger
Hold in Southern Europe.
week gave four speeding auroists trial
by long distance phone, accepted a plea I Industrj
of guilty, assessed  the  fines  and  en-1     "17 is a remarkable fact," said  Mr.
tered judgment without seeing the de-iRay, "that England, Krance, Germany,
fi ndants and  without the defendants
appearing in court.
* #    .
Owing to a succession of southwest
gales on Kootenay lake the Boswell
wharf is once more a floating wreck,
the whole of the deep water end of
tbe staging having broken loose and
several piles having come out of place.
The wharl was wrecked about the
same time last year within a few
months of its erection ami was repaired early this year.
* *    *
The fruit crop of British Columbia
for tbe yea'* 1!H4 i- now practically
certain to exceed in quantity that of
1913 by about -6 per cent Kruit
crops generally will be heavy, declares
H. M. Win'slOW, head of the horticultural branch of the British Columbia
department of agriculture. Mr Wins-
low's statement is based on conflden-
.tat reports Horn officials"throughput | i8.? I"_eri.t.ri.0Us..ca,l.SB; an(! ir *.* le
the various fruit districts
ie pro-
1 Vustrla, Russia and Italy, all leading
European   nations   in   commerce   and
l culture, have, never even considered
prohibition, whereas Turkey, the most
ibaibarons   nation   of   continental   I-.u-
| rope, has always been  prohibition.
Frank Durblu, secretary- treasurer
of the association, after reciting that
Aurora   was   the   oldest   hop   growing
I center in Oregon, said it was impossible   at   present   to   interest   Eastern
| brewers in Oregon hops.
I "The dealers of this state,'' continued Mr. Durbin, "are not ashamed to
I come before you growers on a common platform and ask your co-operation in this fight. It Is a tigat for
sell   preservation,  a  fight  to  save  a
; great   industry   from   Un-   violent,   as-
' sanlts ot outside agitators.   The grow-
I ers and dealers are fighting this battle alone and are not the allies of any
I falcon, brewery or liquor nun     Ours
Hon. il E. V mug of Vlcti i a, ha
stated that the contract for I - first
buildings of the University ol British
Columbia will be awarded in a tew
days and the Duke of Connaught will
he notifii d that the work will be sufficiently advanced for him to officiate at tin- laying of the foundation
stone when he comes to the coast in
August. The governor general has
pre mi.-eil Sir Richard McBride ;o take
part in the ceremony.
The Otter school house on I
road, Langley. was completely
ed  by  fire   Wednesday  afti-n
30 o'clock  some  passersby
lems in the light'of experience ga toed | the" flames' coming f'rmnth
it is!
through the experimental farm,    u is i immediately notified the t	
also expected that ll. E. Everest, fii- | RoB(>] wnl) dismiss(.,| th(. VOUI
perintendent of the experimental farm | her pup*la am) retained the old
as Scott, Sask., will during the fourth : t()  agslgt  ner  in   removlng  t.
week travel by the special train, and  ture     Tne  neighbors for  twi
will  discuss  the  results    of    cultural
work on the Scott farm.
ie Yale
les troy-
on.  At
roof and
ler, Miss
fish   In   us to  fight   for  it.  then
should glory In ou: selfishness "
Louis Lachmund, ex-mayor of Salem,'
argued  from  the standpoint  that   the
farmers are primarily responsible lor
the cities,    lie said if a city wen- de-
-;i   yid  it  would  be  lhe farmer.; who1
would  rebuild  it
Pio.uce   Fine   Hop.*;. |
"J..nd  is  tbe basis of our  national I
wealth," he continued, "and when you
pauperise tin- farmer, cities will ceasel
to exist.    The commercial clubs have
been  organised  for two  purposes    to
bring into the state a class of people
who will produce wealth from the land
and  people to  promote  industrial opportunities   and     activities.       Oregon
produces tbe finest hops in the world, |
| and it is a reflection upon our citizen-
i .-hip that there should bo any necessity
| for a  body of citizens to come before
community asking them tc
Vienna, June 12.���Great alarm has
I been caused in Austria-Hungary on ac-
I count of the persistent efforts of Hus-
Isa to increase its influence ln Turkey
and In the Balkan states, and the
news that the. Russian Asiatic bank,
and institution which exists for the
purpose of financing industrial and
commercial enterprises, will establish
branch offices in Constantinople, Ad-
rlanople, Salonika, Sotia, Ruschuk,
Varna, Burgas, Nlsh., Monastir and
Uskub aha served to increase this
I It is the intention of this banking
I institution to finance industrial establishments In the Balkans, and Russian
��� manufacturers will probably endeavor
j to estahlisV themselves in various
places in the Balkans under the pro-
| tectlon and. with the assistance of the
.Russian-Asiatic bank.
The bank, in connection  with other
! Russian commercial organizations, has
established   commercial   museums   in
I Constantinople, Athens, Sofia, and Belgrade for the purpose of giving an im-
! pulse to the trade between Russia and
Turkey, and  between  llussia and the
Balkan  states.    These  museums   will
be of permanent character, and the Of-
i flcials in charge of them will not only
seek to develop a more intensive trade
with   llussia,  but  will    also    interest
themselves In matters of railway and
' steamship transportation.
Iowa Lumber &
Timber Co., Ltd.
Department Stores Barred.
Toronto, June 12. Miss Belton's
will was probated today. She left an
estate values at $148,676, mostly in
Toronto real estate. One lot on Yonge
street worth $1118,000 is left to the Toronto university, provided that under
no condition shall it be leased to a de-
  After several bequests to friends and relatives, the
residue of the estate is left to the Mus-
koka free hospital for consumptives
and the Salvation army.
est of' an*" tomujuniiy asKing mem to assist
r ones! "s *'*   *h(' preservation of this valu-
f,lr���j.' able   industry.      The    hop     industry
miles I 8hould be festered instead of di-stroy-
around responded to the warning given N b>' a cla,KS ***' P��'*-I)l0 wl"*s" '""lives
by the youngsters and  wen- rjulckly M h:Iv': " .rl��ht to question   Our mis-
on  tin- scene.    The fire fighters got -Hided friends tell us to raise logan-|
on the roof with spades but were un-:'.'''���'���"" ���'��� Potatoes, flax, etc.   I, for on
abb   to do  very  much.    There  being
no  supply   of   water  the   men   were
badly Handicapped.
I I  have
: guided	
' oerries, potatoes, flax
deny  the right of any man  or Bet  of
men to tell me what I should eat or
drink,  and  I  certainly  would  not lay,
.    .    . I down a course for them to follow.
To emphasize the fact that they pre-i "] ask' is jt 'alr for a lot of bigoted i
fer white labor to yellow If they can \ agitators, who toil not, neither do they j
obtain it   the Western Canners, Ltd.,  8Pln' to come fr"*" afar and undertake!
Escaped Convicts Captured.
Salem. Ore.. June 12.���W. E. Clark.
Harry Baker and Frank Miller, convicts, who escaped from a field on
the penitentiarv grounds Monday,
effected change wilf enable the farm-! were captured today by Superinten-
e to shut off the fields which are in | dent Lawson and a posse of guards
j;raiu in any particular year, and give, near   h.lvertcn.
of Kelowna. are advertising that they
will this year run a kindergarten establishment in connection with lln-ir
faClory. This kindergarten, which
will take good care of children belonging to women employed in the cannery, will enable many married women to work in their factory who
otherwise would be prevented from
coming. The canning company hopes
that this will provide them with sufficient white labor for their requirements, It is a good move and one
that should  prove successful.
lo preach to us a doctrine which is
absolutely Impossible of enforcement?
Is it fair that an industry of such
magnitude should be paralysed by a
band of iltinerant men hired to come
into on valley and tell us that the
raising of hops is wrong?"
Hal. V. Bolam, assistant secretary
of the association, said he came to this
country nix years ago from Kngland.
and had learned to love it as a free
country. Now, when he saw a great
Industry being attacked, he wondered
If it was such a free country nfter all.
We  can  now  supplv  Oak
Flooring  and  Casing  and
Base.   We also have some
Yellow    Cedar    (Cvnress)
which is just the thing for
making cabinets, dress boxes
etc. .
Phone 904.
slile���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster Trust itik.. Columbia strevt.
New Westminster, B. (\ Cable adores*
"Whiteside," Western Union. P O.
Drawer -Ofl. Telephone f,9. W. .1.
Whiteside, K. C.; fi. I.. Kdmonds. l>.
.   HTII.WKI.I,     CLUTE,     HAKItlSTEH-
at-taW,  solicitor,  etc.,  corner  Columbia
and   McKensle strpets.     New  Westmin
ster, B. C    P. O. Box 112.    Telephone
Bolicltor nnd Notary. Offices, part
Block. 78 Lurne street, New Wostm'n-
ster, B. C.
Barristers and Solicitors. Car, to f, .2
Westminster Trout Block. '* F. Martin, W. ii. McQuarrie und Qiorgc 1..
COAI. MINING rlKhts of lin- Poiul-i-ll
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest _'��-i -
rltorlos and in a portion of the Province
of British Columbia, may be leased for i
t'-rm of tweiuy-om- years ut nu annual
rental of |1 an acre. Not more than ...""H
litres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for b lease must he made
by the applicant iu person to the Ak'-hi
or Bub-Agent of the district In which the
rights  applied   for   are  situated.-
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections and In unsurveyed territory thp tract applied for shull be staked
out  by the applicant himself.
Kach application must be accompanied
by a fee of IB which will be refunded if
lhe rights applied for are not available,
lint not otherwise. A royally shall' be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of live cents per ton.
Tim person operating lhe mine shall
furnish ilie Agent, with sworn retprns
nee,,iiniiiig for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not being operated such returns should
bo  furnished  at   least   once  a  year.
Tho lease will Include ths coal mining
i-IkIiIs only, luu the lessee will lie permitted to purchase whatever available
surface right may be considered n -Qes-
sary for the winking of the mine at the
rate  of  Jin  nn  aire.
Kor full Information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the  Interior, Ottawa, or to mv
Agenl or  Sub-Agent of  Dominion   Lands.
\\*.  W. CORY
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.R���Unauthorised pfrblloatlon of  this
advertisement will not bo paid for.
New Wellington
Office, 554  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Transfer Co,
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begble Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Auy Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Residence:  Room 118 McLeod Block.
Phone 489 I,.
if& -*-_*-
SATURDAY,  JUNE   13.  1914.
Mr.. I lagged of Quesnel, Is the
guest of her father, Mr.  II.  A.  Kast-
9     .     .
Miss Alma Lewis is the guest of
lur Slstftr, Mrs. Castle P. .Moss' of
,, ���   ���   ��
���Irs. Charles Coulon. hurnaby, 13
a visitor this week at the rose carnival  in   Portland.
m     ���     ���
Mrs. C. <!. Major wa. a dinner bos-
less last evening when she entertain
oil  for  Miss  Ilrown.
���    ���    ���
Mrs. Sivewright gave u very pleasant luncheon fur her niece Miss
Ilrown on Tuesdav.
Hughes-Jones, Miss    Eleanor
and  Miss  .McK.nzie.
term on. Mrs. K. It. Pearson. Mrs.
Williams. Mrs. Clifford l_jrd. Miss
li.ckmau. Miss Miiri.l Cunningham
and Ifiai Hugiie--JoneB. Other guests
noticed were: Mrs. T. It. Pearson,
Mrs. tl. Bruce Corbould, Mrs. .1. Stil-
well Clute, Mrs. Pine. Mrs. Bddy.
Mrs.   Allen,   Mrs.   Allan   (Irani.   Mrs.
Church Notices
I the sale of intoxicating liquor In this j
piuvince "
This  was the  resolution   passed  at!
a   meeting   of  the   northern   district
ST.  STEPHEN'S  PHKSBYTERIAN   Women's Christian Temperance    Vn-
CHURCH    Public   worship  11   a.m.  Ion, held in the St. titles Presbyterian
and 1-30 p.m.    The Sacrament of lhe   lectuie hall,
j I.oid's  Supper   will   be  observed    at!    The   meeting  also    considered  thej
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Orr are visitors
iu  Victoria this week.
���    ���    ���
Mrs.   Howell.   Third   avenue,
visitor  in   Victoria  this  week.
Mrs. Lever and Miss Lever an-
joying a short holiday with friend;
Mrs.    .1.    Alec    Cunningham,
Misses Cunningham  and a party
friends are spending the week-end at |
Gerard Clute.   Victoria.    Mrs.    Allen i the   morning   service.    Evening   sub-   advisability   of   teachers   being   corn-
Ritchie, Mrs. C. BL Seymour, Mrs. T. | J-'Ct "A Lukewarm Church."    Sabbath   pelled to gtudy the effects of alcohol
II. Iiauphinee, Mrs. Hearst, Mibs Dau- j school  P..IS p.m.    Bible class 1 p.m. Ion  tbe human system,  and  passed a
IphJnee,   Miss   Rand.   Miss    Meredith, ! Strangers  welcome.    14. Gordon  Mel-, resolution pointing out that scientific
ll-USa Warwick, Miss Evelyn Cunning-1 vi". pastor. .research had demonstrated that alco-
ihani.   Miss   Kraser,   Miss     Corbould, j    n, ..._,_,    ,,,n-.IUT     nonarm       ! hoi was a narcotic poison, destructive
| 01,\I.l UAI I IHI LllUKXH -tand degenerating to the human or-
| Morning worship at 11 o clock. 1 he | ganlRrn aml W!���estlng that the pro-
i sermon topic will be "Tlie Old Re- j testant board of public Instruction of
: ligion or the New Life?" Sunday | tno province place the study of alco-
j school at ..:ti* p.m. Evening service ; -,������ and kindred narcotics, with their
I at  7.::o,  subject of strmou,  "Having ; effects on the human svstem on the
; Miss Gertrude
; cher.
Urown and  Miss Flet-
Sapt. Of Siidar Sckotl !��� Toroito
the l    Among tiie many  new  fashions for
of | the  early  summer a  most attractive
note is the silk coat worn with I tailored skirt.    Por a navy serge  I  saw
the other day such a coat in striped
I Eyes,  They  See  Not."    Monday  at X j curriculum  at   MacDonald   college  as
; p.m.,   R.Y.I',   will   meet.     Wednesday |a��� obligatory subject.
' at s *        *'             .......
Mr.   Swift,  of Calgary,    who    has
been a visitor in town for some time,
li'unied   bqma  this  week.
l     ���    ���    *
Mrs. Allan Ritchie, of Vancouver,
was the guest of her mother Mrs.
Coverdale  Watson on  Wednesday.
��� ���    ���
Mr. Rand and Miss Rand entertained at dinner on Tuesday evening in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Wurd,
of Vancouver.
��� ���    ��
Mr. and Mrs. Ilosmer. who have
been the guests of their daughter,
Mrs. Eddy, bave left  for Iheir home
in   the   east,
��� ���    ���
Mrs. C. Balmer McAllister. Mrs. XV.
I'.   Edmonds,   and   Mrs.   Elson   were
���iiieut-j at  the luncheon  tendered the
wives of the visiting delegates to the
Ad.   Men's  convention.  In * Vancouver
on Thursday.
Mrs. S Barkley Martin, who has
been quite seriously ill at her bome
Seventh avenue, is now a patient
St,   Mary's   hospital,   where    her
nils  are  all   pleased   to  hear  that
is progressing most favorably.
Mrs. Gerard Chile, of Victoria, who
with her little daughter has spent the
past fortnight with Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
Clute, left today for Vancouver
while she will  be guest of relatives.
* *    ���
Mr. and Mrs. fl. Bruce Corbould
and Miss Corbould motored to Haney
early In the week, where they
were tbe guests of Mrs, Hrlmueombe.
They were accompanied on their return by Mrs. Anderson of Kamloops,
who has been visiting Mrs. Ilrltna-
combe  for some  time.
��� ���    ��
Mi.-s Hazel Phalen, whose m;irrlage
to Mr. Lymen Wheeler will take place
this month, was the guest of honor at
a most enjoyable novelty shower last
evening, arranged by the Misses lleryl
and Milly Smith. Roses in fragrant
prolusion were used throughout the
different rooms, white roses and asparagus being used in the drawing
room an. crimson roses in the daintily appointed dining room and the music room.
silk, a deep purple being tbe principal
color tone. These striped silks correspond with any shade of tailor material, for the striping carries so many
tones that it will lead up to any decided color, and by the way talking of
this modish blending of the bright and
dull, I must describe a girl I met recently. With a charming su.it of navy-
serge sin- wore a rounded, high crowned hat of black lisere straw, encircled
witii the shiniest darkest blue leaves
and a few roses in the bluish pink
shade that is so perfect with serge;
and now comes the personal touch to
the costume. She carried, with no
accompanying stole, a huge muff of
the yellowish, creamy hue of the leop-
Miss   Rand   was  the  hostess  at    a
delightful   luncheon   yestetday   given |
in   compliment to  Miss  Ilrown,  later
B number of the guests went on to a i
tea   which  claimed  Miss Corbould  as
the hostess, which was also arranged ;
for Miss  Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Cunningham Brown i
have sent out Invitations to the marriage of Iheir tldest daughter Eleanor and fir. Norman Brown, accountant of the Rank of Montreal, Haney,
The event will take place on Saturday evening. June liO. _^^^mm
���    ���    *
Mrs.  Ted    Sutherland    entertained
with four tables of "hearts" on  Mon
day afternoon, in honor of Miss. Eleanor Ilrown.   Quantiities of June roses
were   used   in  decorating  the  rooms,
and   the  pretty  prizes  were  awarded
to  Miss  Ilrown,  Miss Kleanor  Martin
and   Miss   de   Wolfe   Smith.     Among
the guests were:     Miss Brown,  Miss
Gertude   Brown.   Mrs.   Sinclair.   Mrs.
Leslie, Coquitlam!    Miss Nora    Armstrong, Miss Lewis. Miss .*.lma Lewis,
MiSS    Drew.    Mis-   de   Wolfe   Smith,
M _s    Sliililrick.     Miss    Rand.     Miss
Mrs.  Wilbur Smith,    Sixth    street.
gave  a  pleasant   work  tea  yesterday
afternoon in honor of Mrs. Voting of
Oak   Buy,  N.B.,  who  is  at  present  a
visitor in town.    The guests, number
ing about twenty, were all from New
Brunswick   and  many happy n-minls-1 ���j   h m|crf, ,.lb.bo_ over whlcn ,iroop
oances added to the enjoyment or the j ��� ���_,, ()f smillllsh rog��� in tn0Be faded,
or what we used to call burnt colorings. This accompanied a very
charming blue frock.
With the new  hats comes the new
p.m. the prayer service of the
church will be held. The pastor is
Rev.   I..   B.  Crosby.   D.D.
CHURCH Rev. A. E. Redman, pastor Sunday next, June 14. Class
meeting at in a.m. Services at 11
a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday school at
2 p.m. Subjects morning and evening as follows: At 11 a.m., "Faith's
Resting Place:" 7 p.tn., "Salvation's
Personal Note." Visitors and strangers will receive a hearty welcome.
Come and bring your friends. Good
music and  singing.
CHURCH Services 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Pastor, W. W, Abott, B.A., B.D.
In the morning the Rev. A. A. Os-
arr: skin, and on her serge coat was a i borne will occupy the pulpit, ln the
collar of crepe de chine, in the same j evening the pastor will speak on
unusual tone. Needless to add her ��� "Taming the Wild." an appeal to the
black patent vamp boots bad uppers j young people. The following music
also in the same color. j will    be    rendered    by    the    choir:
Speaking of hats, nearly all the i Morning. "The Splendor of Thy Glory.
models of the moment are just as dar-| Ixird," Woodward. Evening. "King of
ing and as small as they can well be Kings," Simper. Miss Kathleen Shaw
:'iid so spiky, consequently if we de-i will sing a solo, "The Day is Ended."
cide upon a flower hat, we must allow j Young People's meeting Monday at
our posies, single blooms or even j X p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday
leaves to be whimsically poised at just' ut S p.m.
the  right  angle.    Of  course,  as  you | ��� .
knew, the flat trimming is very modish too, as for instance a rather high I
crowned hat in dark blue straw, had
Its   mushroom     brim    swathed   with !
A request to the three principal
companies lo prohibit smoking and
the serving of intoxicating liquors in
the observation cars of their trains
and a request to the commissioners
of Montreal to provide luncheons at
cost in the public schools and especially those in the poorer districts of the
city, were also among the resolutions
occasion. The guests included Mrs.;
Young, Mrs. Emerson, Miss Emerson,]
Mrs. Rogers, Miss Rogers. Mrs. E. G. |
Gilley,  Miss  Dean,  Miss  Smith.   Mrs. |"
J  R. Gijley, Mrs. Preston   Mrs. Archie i ,..,,. of .���.,,. d-e-8lng and nol all of, W. C. T. U. Passes Resolution to Ask , had fell the _eed of _,vlng some coll.   ing exhibits are those of  clocks ana
Jean, .Mrs  K B   Maxwell. Ms. James;       ,              mean.  ar, takin_  to thJg            Government to Look After             ��U expression of her vitality and of Jewelry JOU8ed .\" 'P1^""" the lara
Doherty.   Mrs,   Emerson   G-lllev.   Mrs.   .���i   ���;  ....  ���i.,.,-._.i    ,.��irf.,-_     . uovernment to look ��i��r  v   ��� *           own.   The machinery hall is tne larg-
Compact and Well Arranged. It Is a
Telling  Advertisement for
Country in the Alps.
Berne, Switzerland, June 12.���There
could be no better evidence of the
steadiness of the Swiss nation, both
politically and economically, than the
national exhibition which is being held
in the outskirts of Berne. To the
visitor the small proportions of an
exhibition which Is essentially national are a relief after the bewildering
vastness of smillar shows on an international scale.
It ls as if Switzerland, in the middle
of   the   political   ferment   of   Europe,
some con
R. A. WAUGH, _�����.
Toronto, Ont., Oct. 1st, 1913.
" For a long time, 1 have thought of
writing you regarding what I term a
most remarkable cure effected by your
remedy " Pruit-a-tives ". I bave lived
in this city for more thsn 12 years and
am well known. I suffered from Rheumatism especially in my hands. I have
spent a lot of money without any good
results. I have taken " Fruit-a-tives "
for 18 months now and am pleased to tell
you that I am cured. All the enlargement
has not left my hands and perhaps never
will, but the soreness is all gone and I
can do any kind of work. I have gsined
35 pounds in 18 months ".
55 Dovkrcoi'rt Koad.
���-Fruit-a-tives" will always cure even
the most stubborn casts of Rheumatism
because it is the greatest blood purifier
in the world and acts on the bowels, kid-
nevs and skin.
" Fruit-a-tives" is sold by all dealers
at 50c a box, 6 for $2 50, trial aiie 26c,
or will be sent on receipt of price by
Fruit-a-tives Limited, Ottawa.
administration of Its railways are adequately Illustrated.
Prominent  among  the  manufacturing exhibits are those of  clocks and
Doherty,   Mrs.   Emerson   Gilley,   Mrs. I reviva|  of  fhe  P*BVated    coiffure.
Arthur Hanna.  and  Mrs.  Roy  Voung., htyle  wh(ch  AemHniiti a  certain  type1
���    ���   �� , 0f facp an<i most careful dressing;  a;
Mrs. 11. C. Major arranged a most 1 Hide parting, although not aB new, is
enjoyable tea fer Miss Brown on Wed-1 almost Invariably becoming. Also
nesday, the guests Including several I that scl. pompadour, which is gaintng
from Vancouver, who motored over \ in favor every day is usually becom-
for the afternoon. The color scheme ting, And now Just a word as to the
throughout the different rooms was | best treatment of the 1* tlr in order to
in pink, the favorite color of the I make it pretty and fluffy and easy to
bride   to  be.     Pink   roses  were   used i adapt  to the  new  styles of dressing
Government to Look After
Drunkards' Families.
Montreal,  June 12.���"Whereas,  the
government of Quebec ..rives a revenue from licensing the sale of intoxicating liquor; therefore, be it resolved   that   the  government  be  request-
I in the drawing room and library, and I instead of brushing your hair at night j ed by the northern district XV. C. T. U
In   the  dining   room   pink   and   white]a ten  minute  massage does infinitely
carnations combined with pale pink J more good.   Uae the tips of the fing-
| crepe   paper  and   delicate    greenery, j ers,   pressing  very   firmly,  always  in
An  auction of  miscellaneous articles,   a    circular    movement.      Afterwards
which were  afterwards  presented  to   brush the hair for a short time and
i the guest of honor, caused much mer-{you  will  find   if   you   persist  in
liinent.    Miss Drew aud two liny tots, >. simple treatment, how very-
Miss Esther Eddy and Miss Joy  Maj- {proved   your  hair  will  be
; or, assisting the hostess.    Mrs. Major I time.
| also had assisting her during the af-
her very determined intention of pre-  own _$��;gT��� the exhibition, another
serving her "place In  the sun." Iebl.    UB '.',,,"    k_i���.   that of  the
The opening of the exhibition was "tensive' -Hilton ,*SgLSr J* ^
performed by Dr, Hoffmann, the presi- ^JSgfei ^ than the
dent  in the presence of the members S^-f^^iMtton ground. Framed
v,,mn     ,n,it    1O0kB    0n     tn<J    ��th<**r    0**T     ""*     ��W
... ,. vuion   "l  t-wn and the plain in which it lies and
i the exhibition,   lt was a sign, he said,IM"*" ���**,*    77��� *���,,���_ ___v_ ���f the Rer-
th.t Switzerland's love of peace would  oth" to then ,Wk1��JT
not  prevent her  from  defending her  nese Oberland beyond.
j integrity  should   it  be  attacked.    On
matic  corps.
marked the occasion.
Dr.    Hoffmann
to provide a fund out of the license
fees received by them for the support It!lis lne government and people were
of   the   families   of   those   who   have
much im-
in  a short
been killed and injured while intoxicated, or who are Incarcerated for
crimes committed while under the influence of Intoxicant!, or who are
in  any   way   incapacitated   from   sup-
at one,
A tour of the exhibition introduces
Irving Memorial Service.
London. June 12.���Practically every'
theatrical  celebrity  now   In    London
POI'LIN'E PRAGUE. 1 porting   their   families   by   reason   of I tion of its public services, and in the
the   visitor   to   everv   department   of   was among the congregation of fifteen
hundred attending the memorial service to l���iurence Irving and his wife.
Mabel Hackney, at St. Margaret's
church, Westminster, today. Canons
Carnegie  and  Westlake officiated.
Swiss life and activity. The produc
tions of the country, its achievements
in municipal enterprise, in the solving
of  social   problems,   in   the  organiza-
Near New Westminster
Right at your very door is an Oil Well, now drilled to a depth of 1,785 feet where
Oil   should   be struck  any  day.    You  should give this your personal
attention for it may mean your fortune.   You must act quickly or you
will be too late	
At Enterprise, the National Oil & Gas Co., have an oil well, Drilled
in t'ae very best location In the entire Northwest. Over $40,000 have
been spen' in the development of this property. According to the report., of the most eminent geologists and oil experts oil should exist
here in large commercial quantities. This well is Just 3tl miles from
New Westminster on the Great Northern railroad.
The equipment is ol the very
entire Northwest.
best.    No bettei
being used in the
Vt/^���l^^        At this well vou will find a double shift of men working day and
" Ull*   n-ght; working to strike oil just as sunn as possible. The drill is now
winking iu the shale that Invariably forms the capping of a large oil
de posit
Visit the
The Men
The men behind this company are men of the highest standing ami
business integrity. Men who so firmly believe In this well t'.iat they
have placed  $40,000.00 of their money into it.
the very Closest investigation.
These men will stand
Th s veil is so close to you that you can visit it In person. Vou
will i.nd the above statements true. You Will also see indications
sufficient to convince*anyone familiar with OIL that OIL should be
struck any day. You will find the well is now down nearly 1800 feet.
Vou will bear the rumbling or the swish, swish of the gas from the
bottom Ol the well. It is a matter of days or even hours, not a matter of mi nths or weeks when oil .should be struck in this well.
Ql"l��il��cC- If "i'' ri;sl of equipment ami ririlH-g had been anywhere near the
iJUdl t o original estimate, not a share would have been offered for sale. You
would not have the opportunity to secure these shares cn the open
market. This stock is now being sold simply to meet the current expenses ol drilling. Just as soon as oil is struck they will be withdrawn from the market. Oil may he struck any day. Think what this
mpans. Are you going to throw away the opportunity of a life time?
These shares are now selling for 50 cents; in a very few days they
will r.'.Ue to 75 cents or be withdrawn entirely.
You must act now���Such an opportunity comes only once in a lifetime
Telephone or telegraph pur reservations at once-to be followed wilh your remittance
C. A. Stahl & Co., Brokers
!06 Hastings Street West
A. stahl & Company, Brokers,
106 Hastings St., West. Vancouver, B.I
I enclose herewith ?  ^ ���������:���������,���,-������ sliav,,s
0( stock Of the National Oil & Gas Company (par value $1.00 non-assess-      ygg  THjS
ablei at 7.0 cents each.
(We reserve
the right to return any money
should the price advance.1
SATURDAY, JUNE  13.  1914.
For Saturday
We Offer the Following Choice
Fruits and Vegetables:
Pineapples, each   .'...> 35c
< ant"loupes, each , 15c
Hothouse Tomatoes, lb 25c
Teaches,   lb 15e
Apricots,  lb 15c
Watermelons,   lb 6c
California drape Kruit, 3 for 25c
Florida drape Kruit, 2 for 25c
Imported Ring Cherries, lb.  25c
Local Cherries, . lbs 25c
Asparagus. ;' lbs. . . 25c
Uhubarb,  ���>  lbs 25c
Bermuda   Onions.   3   lbs 25c
Apples, 3 lbs ;...... .25c
Cucumbers,  2  for   25c
Lemons,  large, dozen    30c
Bananas, dozen  30c
strawberries. 3 boxes   25c
dreen Peas, lb 10c
Oranges, dozen   ....25c. to 50c.
Lettuce, I'arsley, Green Onions
Beets,   Cabbage,   Turnips,   Carrels,  New   Potatoes.
Lccal   Fresh  Eggs advanced  to
35c.  Dozen.
Model Grocery
108 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Esst   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Them is a period in the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���but it may be
made under wrong influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persons���according to the
deceased's wish���would have
shared in the distribution of tbe
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty' to no longer
delay making your will?
"'The advice al>_fcftiM��|jpmi_ifon
Trust company'Tn tltto**-* matter
may lie of value to you. All such
discussions are treated In strict
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
60S  Columbia   Street.
C. S. KEITH, Ma����aer.
Joint Paper Chase.
The Harriers' club of the Y.M.C.A.
will journey to Vancouver this afternoon on the 1:30 Burnaby lake car,
where thoy engage In a joint paper
chase with the Vancouver club.
Thomas   llen-
London,   England,  today   iu   order  to j ter   of   Mr.   and   Mrs.
reach the world's financial metropolis  drough  of  this  city.
by July 1. ...
 ��� R. S. Kraser   and   B. Corrigan, both
Suicide While Insane. of Hope, B C are guests at the hotel
A   verdict of  suicide  while  tenipor- j Husscll.
aril* insane was brought In by a cor- ...
oner's jury sitting at  Port Coquitlam      V.   V.  Turkiss.  of   Victoria
yesterday In tiie case of Edward Col-'visitor in the city yesterday,
gate,   who   swallowed   a   Quantity   of | at  the   Husscll  hotel,
strychnine late Thursday night at his
home on the outskirts of the city.
was  a
Mortgages���Alfred W.
Official Visit,
drand Chief Kactor J. .1. Johnston
paid an official visit to Post No. 3,
Native Sons of British Columbia, Vancouver, last night when he Installed
the officers recently  elected.
coal. Barry
880 und 411 I
Briquettes, cheaper than
Davis  &  Co.,    Phones.
Municipal Ownership.
.Municipal ownership of the farmers'
telephone system on I.ulu island will
be made possible following the passage of a bylaw by the Richmond
council which was given first and second readings at a meeting held on
Four  Brief Speeches.
Speakeis at the Ad. .Men's luncheon
today will be limited to Mayor Cray,
President Clark of the association and j
two other  speakers on   the  the  program.    The committee    on    arrange-
ments have timed everything to such j
a fine point that no time can he lost |
nt  the drill  hall other than  that set
apart  for the  luncheon  and  for  four)
brief speeches.
Case   Hinnes on   Legal  Interpretation
of "Traveller," "Guest" and "Meal"
���Decision  Reserved.
Proposition Declined.
Members of the Central Park Poultry     and     Co-operative     association
turned down the proposition to incor-      What  is  known  as  the  Strand  ap-
porate with a capital stock of 126,000[peal case was argued before his lion-
Take the round trip of the S.S.
Transfer this afternoon. Hound trip
50 cents. Boat leaves Ihe U.K. wharf
at L' o'clock. 135131
Hero Again in Trouble.
The tug Hero was in trouble again
on Thursday. This time the new propellor got -i bla<!e broken in a tangle
with a log. Tin- tug was taken to the
Westminster Marine Railway ways
and tlie old propellor substituted for
lhe disabled one. It is reported work-
iiij; better than the one it replaced.
The Ladies' Association of St. Andrews church will hold its annual
strawberry social Tuesday evening,
June IC, in the lecture room. Strawberries and cream, ice cream and
c.indv, also a  good  musical  program.
at the quarterly meeting held on
I Thursday. J. J. Millet, president of
I the Vancouver Exhibition association,
' addressed the  meeting.
R. A. A. I. Reoresented.
The H. A. fi I. society was repre-
! tented in the Vancouver pageant yes-
! terday. President C. A. Welsh, vice-
i president Nels Nelson. K. II. Cunning-
i ham. chairman of the horse show
1 committee, and D. 10. MacKenzie,
i manager, being noticed seated in one
i of the autos in the parade.
Royalty in the Pageant.
w Westminster's May Queen,
Miss Eva Atkinson, ox-Queen .lean
McPhail. Mrs Scoullar, the Queen of
tin- May iu 1S70 and several maids
of honor were prominent features in
yesterday's parade in Vancouver.
Messrs. .1. .1. Cambridge, .1. .1. Johnston and iiobb Sutherland accompanied the royal party.
Prisoner Escapes.
Word  was received in the city yes-
i terday from Mission that an American
known   in   tl'is   district,   while   being
; taken  back  to the other  side of the
, line by an immigration officer, broke
loose and disappeared in the hush. Up
I to late last night no sign of the man
Passes Third  Reading.
A special meeting of the Coquitlam
municipal council, on Thursday evening passed the Rochester road and
Austin  road  wate:   bylaw to its  third
reading.   On Wednesday it will come,,    . . ���    , ,       .       ,
before   the   regular    meeting   of   the jhi"> """" -:**'*"- "Ithougu ., d-M-i-iptmn
council  for reconsideration and  final j
lor   Judgf   Howay   yesterday   iu   the
county court.    The appeal  is by the
! city   through   Police   Chief   Hradshaw
! against  the decision  of Magistrate J.
IStllwell  Clute  aciiuitting   I'. Johnson,:
���-proprietor of the Strand Cafe, ou a i
charge of violating his liquor license j
by   supplying   bottles  of  beer  during
I prohibited hours to gu< =ts in the restaurants  who  had  ordered  and con-
1 sinned bread and butler, chicken and'
coffee at 2 a.m., May 2,
. (!. K. Martin, of MacQarrie, Martin j
& Cassady. appeared in support of I
the appeal and W. F. Hansford re- |
presented Mr. Johnston, tiie defend- j
Mr. Martin said the whole case
hinged on what constituted a regular
meal. Whether, ln fact, a sandwich
come under the name of meal.
There was no dispute about the facts.
A party of young men and ladies, residents of the city, had been at a May
Day dance, and, about 2 a.m., entered
the Strand cafe and were supplied
with bread and butter, chicken and
cm lee. Tiny were not bona fide travellers nor guests in the proper inter-
Westminster Brewery.
Malt, the principal food element In
Weinweiser Deer, forms a two-fold
action in that it is both a digestive and a nutrient. Order a case
from your dealer, or Phone 75 L.
had been forwarded to the various po- pretation of the word. A traveller
lice stations throughout the Praser was one who arrived ut a place by
valley I reguiar  conveyance  and    broke    bis
. . j journey.    The term did  not apply
Memorial   Services. I excursion or pleasure parties.    It ���
The annual Memorial Day services;
in memory of deceased members of |
the Knights of Pythias will be held
Splendid Car Service.
The B. C.  10.  H. set in operation a
splendid   servict yesterday  especially;
on the. interurban lines between  Van-|
couver and New Westminster, two car
trains  carrying  hundreds of  passeng- j
ers without 0 hitch on the whole system.    During the passing of the pa-1
giant    the    Interurban    service    was
stopped  four blocks    east    of    Main   j
st;eet  in  order not to interfere  with
the parade.
Signed $700,-00 City Bonds. j,,.
Rreaklna: away from work for a pmmrj
ifd (tiring which time he officially]
represented New Westminster at the
Vancouver pageant Mayor dray was
kept busy yesterday signing the 1500
debentures necessary for the transfer
of some $700,000 to be realized from a
bond sale. These debentures, which
also bear the, signature of City Treasurer   Gilchrist,   will   be   forwarded   to
in Castle hall, Labor Temple, on Sunday afternoon, commencing at 7'
o'clock. Kollowlng the services, the
march to the cemetery will be made
j where the graves o
: win be decorated.
j band of Vancouver
an  abuse of the term guest to apply
it   to  a  resident   who    visits    a  cafe
' half an    hour    in    prohibited    hours I
! and   went   away   again.     A   resident
might  in  this  way order a sandwich
i which   he  did   not  consume,   and   be
I supple-id  with  beer and exciseable li-
Wedding Bells
A quiet wedding was solemnl ed on
Friday, June 12, at tie Methodi.-l parsonage, when Arthur Randolph,Thorjie
of Port Coquitlam, wns united In  mar
riage   to   Mir
Rev,  W,   W.
young   coupll
in Coquitlam.
departed brethren , quors.
The 1). O. K. K. I There must have been some inten-
will be in attend-1 tion on the part of the legislature to
prohibit in some way the supplying
of liquor during prohibited hours.
Defination of Meal.
Mr. Hansford contended that a
I meal should be defined ns that which
j satisfied hunger and quoted legal authority for his contention lie laid stress
j upon the fact thut coffee had been
ordered, that the edibles had been
! consumed. The evidence did not
show that there were even crumbs
lift.     The   edibles   had   cost   30   cents
s   Susie    Victoria   Allen.
Abbott officiating.    The
will  make  their  home
A daughter has arrived al the home
of Mr. and Mrs. .1. W, Murray et
Kamloops.     Mrs.  Murray   i:   a  datigh-
Every      Hcuseholder      Requires
Fruit and we  Have the
Victoria   Strawberries,   large
boxes,   per   box    10c
liums.   per   lb 15c
Apricots, per lb 15c
Peaches,  per  lb 23c
Cherries, per lb 25c
New    Australian      Apples,     a
lbs, for  25c
Watermelons,   per   lb 5' jiC
Potatoes. 5  lbs,  for    25c
Finest New South Wales Butter, 3 lbs. ror  $1.00
L.i-ge   Consignment  of   Preserv-
1-13  Jars  to   Hand.
Fiui;  Promises to be  Abundant.
Wc Offer the Quality.
Co-Operative Association
33  Eiqhth   St.
Phone 458.
Knights of Pythias
Decoration Cervice.
The numbers and friends of Royal
1 Lodge, No. 0. and Granite Lodge, No.
16,   are   requested   to  meet  in   Castle
Hall, Labor Temple, on Sunday. June
jl-l, at 2 o'clock p.m., for the purpose
of attending Decoration  Hay Service
in   memory   of    deceased    brethren.
each. If there had been any intention
to evade the law surely a bain sani-
wich, costing 17. cents, would have
sufficled. He did not suggest the
visitors were bona fide travellers in
the sense that commercial travellers
wi re.
The court The late Chief Justice
liegbie described a bona fide traveller  as  one   who  had  come  si.\   miles,
Mr. Martin If this decision is Upheld, city resit! nts will be more privileged  iban  those  from  out-Ide.
Mr Hansford described a guest as
cue who used the hotel tor the purpose of gettiir;  a   meal,
Judge Howay said he would look
inio the matter. Meantime he would
reserve,  his decision.
and   I'rb
. .1.
I man
\   A
��� tary
"Clover Leaf" Brand
Hothouse Tomatoes, per lh 25c
Hothouse Cucumbers, - for  25c
dooseberrirs,   per   basket    10c
Choice Rating Cherries, lb 15c
Choice firm liananas, dozen   30c
Potted Meats and Fish Pastes, just
lhe thing for sandwiches. Sardine,
Shrimp, Anchovy. Ham and Chicken,
Ham ami Tongue, etc.
Lime Juice, per buttle 25c. 35c, 40c, 50c
Eiffel Tower Lemonade, tin  25c i
Watch for preserving Strawberries the
first  cf  next  week.
Dean's Grocery
Phone S88.
Surr Block ~->lu-"hl��   fttreet.
7-11 Sixth Street.
have started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New Westminster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reasonable.    Give  us a trial.
Phone  1254.
Manufactured by the Crystal
Company Is absolutely pur,, u
Sweet Cream is used. It sm
tbe (lever leaf, and is Just ai
i Try ii anl be convinced
Manufacturers of Pure Cryst
Phone     1150    and     Encouracjr
The Crystal Dairy Co.
555 Sixth  St.
I   Ice.
(Continued from page one)
.aided as almost certain there would
ue some report of their being Bighted
had they containued in nighl today.
Tin- Kansas city ill was piloted by
John Watts nt K. nsas City and carries
Rcscoe Fawcett, sporting editor of the
Portland Oregonian as a passenger.
'I'he Springfield was piloted by Roy j
Donaldson of Springfield, and carried
Wllbui Henderson of Portland ;:s a
Both these balloons '."ok
pigi i ns with them,
John  Lorry Is . no o]  thi   most
Hay, Grain, Flour
and Feed
The fire is now over and we are all ready to fill your orders. Our
auto delivery Is running again, which enables us to give you the best
of service.
Our of rice ls just opposite the old  stand.
The Brackman-Ker
Milling Company, Ltd.
Phone vour orders to 96 or 97.
With the aid of our new machine we arc now able to
Modern equipment means better work.
'Phone 278R.
345 Columbia Street.
That for Values in Furniture, Carpets, Linoleum, Camp Furniture,
Awnings, etc., you cannot do better
than the goeds we are offering for
the money. Take, for example, the
i;-:'t. Extension  Tallies, finished in golden oak.
Qood   iaim-   at   $8.50,   lor   	
Sanitarj  Couch;  good value at $7'1.<kj.
For   . .."	
Ileil Spring ami Mattress, all sines, complete,
(iocd   value   tor  $11.un     Special   	
3-piece Parlor Suite, good value at $47.80,
Special   for   	
Oak   Easy  chair,  leather seat;  good  value al  $12.60.
Special   to;*    	
Child's Crib and all Felt Mattress
(loud  value at $9.00, for  	
Davenport,  Solid   Leather;   kojiI value at
$66.60, tor 	
A New Shipment of Sea-Grass Furniture Just Arrived
Denny & Ross
i only   passenger
icks of  carrlei
When Hungry Look for a Whitf Place
White Cooks
'Nuf Said.
Read - fhe - News
Carborundum Niagara Grinders
A serviceable, practical machine, made in four sizes, for -lie
household, hotel, repair shop or garage. Kvery machine mechanically right, each equipped with a Carborundum Grinding Win el tne
fastest cutting  and   nest  ilurab'.e wheel  known.
Mr. Carpenter, we have anything you want in th- line of Carborundum Stone..
New   vVestminster.       Phone 69.
expt rlenced and famous aeronauts in
this country, Ho has made our 300
ascensions during his life time ami
this is tin., only time be has nut with
serious accident. His first experience was with but. air balloons when
a young man, and later be used Kas
balloons, lie was winner of the first
national balloon race in ibis country,
which was held in Indianapolis in
Uion. He lias also competed iu International races in Germans and in
Prance, He is 66 years obi anil a
resident of St. Louis.
Carrier  Pigeon  Fatigued.
The carrier pigeon which arrived at
its ci le here wet f.*om the storm,
shortly before 1 p.in., with word of the
disasti r to ihe Miliiau Population Club
showed fatigue, according to its owner, George Warren. Mr. Warren said
it came flying from tho .southeast and
he believed it hail been in the air for
several hours and bad flown from 110
to 130 miles, judging from its condition,
The bonier is "Oregon Queen" which
has wen many races and is considered
one of the truest flyers owned by Mr.
Warren, For thi. reason be is sure
t <!ii nol res! from tbe moment it. bad
been released.
There are few eases in modern
times where a carrier pigeon has
brought a message more dramatic than
than which "Oregon Queen" delivered
to its cote today. Tin- little bird sat
with dropping head while tbe message
tbat vainly called for help lo "come
i|iiici;" was read and the news spread
throughout tlie city and state. A dam-
pi r was cast to a large degree over
the merry-making of the rose carnival,
of which tlie balloon race was one of
the events of chief interest.
in Three Parts.
Startling! Intense! Exciting!
The young heir foils his dishonest guardian's villainous plot to rob
him of his inheritance. The disclosures made by an intrepid editor,
bring about situations that ��ra,a3tounding.
ADVERTISE IN THE DAILY NEWS tama>'*mm\\tpmnmmmmmmwm��mmamn
SATURDAY,  JUNE  13,  1914.
page rr*m ^
England and United States Mix Today
in Fifth Series���Oddt on Americans   Prevail.
New Vork, June 17.   Witli England
In the role of challenger and the I'nlt-
eil States as defender, the first international trophy contest of 1(114 will
be staged at the .Meadow brook club,
Westbury, L.I., tomorrow afternoon,
wit en representative polo teams of the
two nations meet in the initial struggle
for the possession of the silver cup
emblematical of world supremacy iu
this sport.
As li to compensate for tlle disap-
pointments and postponements that
have marked the Knglishmen's efforts
towards regaining this famous trophy,
there is every Indication of thrilling
play, with the invading four having
mi even chance against the ('upholders in tlie fifth series for the emblem
first offered by the Westchester club
in 1886.
Although belling odds favor the
Americans 7 to 3. this is due principally  t.i tlie injuries  iinr  subsequent
delays     experienced    by   the   English
team rather than \f> any particular
Strength of the defending four over
the challengers.
Woman  Tennis  Champion.
IriiiJfidgljiJ-da. June 12.    Kor the second    Consecutive    year    Miss     Mary
Browne and ber sister, Mrs.  Robert
Williams  ot   California,  won   the  women's  double   championship    of    the
United States  by  defeating  Mrs.  lid-
! ward Raymond of New Vork and Miss
| Kdmi  Wlldey ol  Orange, N.J.. in the I
i final match of that section of the wo-
j men's national lawn tennis tournament
today.    The score was S-li, 6-2.
Cheney     and     Bresualian,   Needham;
Test-can. l-'roinme, Wiltse and Myers.
At  Bocton��� R.    H.    E.
I'ittsburg  :i     8     1
lioston      3   11     1
Iiatteries: McQuillan. Harmon and
I'ibson;  Perdue and dowdy.
At Philadelphia- R.    II.    E.
Cincinnati      1     7     0
Philadelphia    5    x    l
Batteries: Ames, Davenport and
Clark, Conzales;  Mayer and Hums.
At  Brooklyn- It.    II
St.   Louis      '   X    10     3
Brooklyn    7   10    4
Batteries: Hoblnson. Steele, Sallee
and Snyder; Hucker, I'feffer snd Mccarty;  Hi innings.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    I-ost
Seattle   . . .
Spokane   .
Portland .
Tacoma ..
Tacoma    23
Victoria      18
.889 |
,680 I
.568 I
.386 '
.886 I
.377 I
Standing of the Clubs.
Won Lost
Philadelphia  -9 18
Washington      29 20
Detroit      3(1 22
St,   Louis       27 22
Boston       24 24
Cbicairo       23 27
New Vork    18 2K
Cleveland       15 34
Asthma Cure
never fails to cure the most obstinate cases of
Price $2.00  Per Bottle.
Kor sale  by
New  Westminster,  B.  C.
,l)r sent direct charges prepaid.
D.  A. CAMERON  A. Co.,
White  Front  Drug  Store.
Owen  Sound.  Ont,
Yesterday's  Games.
At Vancouver R
Tacoma      2      7      0
Vancouver   4     x    1
Ballet les:  Jones, Boice and Harris;
Clark and Cheek.
Second  Kami- R  II  E
Tacoma       0 5      0
Vancouver        1 li       11 I
Batteries:   Kaufman     and ll.rris;.
Doty and Cheek.
At Seattl" R.    II.    E.!
Se.it tie        0        2        0
Spokane     2     t;    2
Batteries: Qtpe and Cadman; Cove-
i leskie ami llr.miiigan.
At Victoria  - R.   Ii.   B
I Portland    9   12
j Vletprir    ��   12     2]
Batteries:   Leonard,  Trarnbach   and
I.Murray;  Driseoll, Smith and Hoffman.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost   Pct
Yeeterday's  Games.
At   Chicago -                    It. H. E.
Washington  5 11 1
Chicago    0 <i 0
Batteries;   Ayres   and   Henry;   Russell, .laspe;, l.athron and Bchalk, Daly.
-!<i  and  Stallage.
At Cleveland R.
Philadelphia    0   15    1
Cleveland     l     '���>     2
Batteries:  Wyckoff ami Lapp; Col-
lauiore,  James ami  O'Neill.
At St. l>ouis���
N.w   Vork   	
St.  Louis  	
Batteries:   Fisher,   Cole   and   Nuna
maker;   Baumgattner and  I.eary.
m     THEATRE   ^m
Featuring Part Two of
Splendid Broncho Comedy.
Three    Other   Fine    Movies.
At Detroit- - R.    II.    B.
Boston    0    '2    I1
Detroit      1      5     01
Batteries: Johnson am! Cady; Covo-I
Guaranteed Investments
We offer this form of investment for those requiring the absolute safety of their capital together
with an assured income payable at certain definite
periods. Money placed in our Guaranteed Investments have a double security.
1. The moneys received on this account are invested in first mortgages on Real Estate, which
mortgages are ear-marked and set aside to offset
the liability and are kept entirely separate from the
Company's own investments.
2. The Company guarantees with its Paid-up
Capital of $445,000.00 and Reserve of $200,000.00 the
payment of interest and principal when they become
due. The payments are made to the investor whether
the mortgagor has paid the company or not.
Full particulars on application.
*J.J.Jones. MAN-DIR-j,      J.A.Rennie. SECY-TRES
federal league.
New Vork    20
Cincinnati     _'.i
Pittsburg     2'i
St. Louis  20
Chicago   23
Philadelphia     2\
Ilrooklyn    20
Hoston      18
 . ! took place recently, and  to their c'na-'
i grin, the price is not expected to rise
Tokio, Japan, June 12.���The upward  in the near future, even if it does not
tendency in the cost of living has been , fall any lower.
ciecked   by   a   sudden   and   abnormal;     Many caimes are attributed for this
d.op in the price of rice-.    About this | fudden   decline,   the   primary   reason
time last year, one Kohu of rice cost
about  20  yen,  whereas  it  is  now   15
ven,   and   the   holders   of   the   visible
Buffalo 1. St. Louis 0.
Pittsburgh, Indianapolis
Baltimore 4, Chicago 0,
Brooklyn 1, St. Louis 0.
Yesterday's Games.
At   New   York- It.    H.    E.
(".ileago      7     9     2
New   Vork      8      7      1 :
Lavender,    Humphries,,
Swimming, Hikes, Mountain Climbing
Paper Chases.
May 15 to Oct. 1, $2.00
stock are anxious to dispose of their
!holdings at that. This fact is evidently unwelcome, says the Hochi, to certain speculators and farmers, but is';
a boon to the general public, partic- j
' tilarly to poo.* families witli a large
,I number of members.
The   standard price of  rice in   No-
I vember, 1H09, was 10 yen and 90 sen
per  koku;   then, however,  lt  steadily1
advanced  in  price, till  in July,  1912,
It reached  24  yen and HO sen.    This
| was,  however,  the highest  price,  for
1 since   then   it   has   been   showing    a
I steacy decline.   No rice dealers, however, seem  to have been anticipating
Phone 1000 ��� sue'.i   a   sudden   drop   as   that   which [bit stock.
being due, it is said, to the failure of
the budget to pass the diet. The holders of rice in stock in the provinces;
have been holding out for a rise In'
p.ice, by mortgaging their stock. Now,
the amount of the funds which were
furnished to tho provincial farmers at:
a low rate by the national treasury I
has been ret'ueed, and this has ne-j
; cessitated a rise ln the bank rates.
Furthermore, as a result of the gen-1
I eral depression, the banks of Tokio
have begun to take piecautionary steps'
by tecovering their loans and tightening their hold on furnishing new-
loans. Consequently money has be-1
come tight, holders have been forced
| to realize their stocks, and the market
has been fairly flooded with the visi-
Eighth installment of
Two Clever Comedies.
Music by Chat, VV. Merrill.
Songa by J. P. Pitner, Baritone.
SHOWS AT 2:00 AND 7:00 P.M.
On high prices.   Any $20, $22 or $25 Suit in the Shop
Every man who can walk should be here for one of the Society Brand or Fashion Craft Suits at $15.
Our stock is heavy, so we will unload at this price for three days, Friday, Saturday and Monday only.
Mr. Business Man: why not discard that shabby suit and select a smart new Society Brand Suit
7     :���       ���
at this price, $15.00. [AQ
This opportunity lasts three days only: Friday, Saturday and Monday. See our windows, or
better still, come in and try on a few of the models. We'll be glad to show you smart new furnishings just opened up.   Straw hats, shirts, etc.
i ���
Style Shop
for Men
pi Smart Apparel J
iXkfor the Younger Men I6I06O. ju
Style Shop
for Men PAGE 8IX
SATURDAY,   JUNE   13.   1914.
Classified Advertising
eeived for The News at the follow KOK SAI.K
lag places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
��_8 Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
B. I_irden. Highland Park; Mrs. V.
I�����wis. Alta Vista.
Cheap.    -;24  Tenth  street.    (1509)
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
President of Britain's Branch of Agri-   Hungarian Government Worried Over
culture Threshes Out Subject Exodus   of   Its   People   to
in Recent Speech. Balkan Country.
FOR BALIS��� Owner must sacrifice
modern six-room bungalow. $l!i75.
very easy terms. Apply Hox '1516,
The News. (8616)
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word   per 	
4ms: 4c per word per week;  lBc peri...,M    __, .,
month; 5000 words, to he used as re- *��"    hA,'h   obu'
qaired within one year from date   of
eontract.. $25.00.
erty throug.i an ad. in this column.
FOR 8ALB-jil.no DOWN. 11.00 PER
week, Cauk-la's Pride Malleable
Ranges; ever/ one guaranteed. Market square, (1440)
tickets at tbe City theatre.   Apply!
immediately. (8611) I
wanted for every town in B. C. to
represent manufacturer. Live procurers only; exclusive territory and
pood contract. This means money
(o vou. Coquitlam Brass Works.
Ltd.," Coquitlam. B.C. (8601)
WANTED���Furniture, elc, W. M.
MeCloy & Co.. the expert auctioneers, will conduct a successful
auction for you or buy outright If
j-alc not desired. Clean business,
prompt settlements, over 20 years
wide experience, Write or call 32
Sixth street. (3423)
TO LET -Modern furnished house; 7
rooms; 714 Fourth street; Phone
1166 It (3514)
I TO LET- Furnished house, for two
or three months. 1030 Seventh avenue.   Phone 614 It (8491)
FOR RENT���Desirable five-room furnished cottage on sea front at
White Rock, B, C. Possession from
June 1. White. Shlles & Co.  (.14531
keeping rooms, $10 per month, at
224 Seventh street (3452)
to rent try an ad. In this column.
ture, or stocks In trade, in large or
small quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred, Davis will sell your goods
by  public auction with  guarsnteed |
results, or no commission charged.]
gee the expert on furniture before j
vou give your noods away.   Address j
Fred   Davis.   548   Columbia   street.!
New Westminster. (3450) j
where.    No   collection,   no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 33(5 Hastings street west. Vancouver. 13447)
Witnesses to the Will of the
late  Edward  Parr,  kindly
communicate with
4217 11th Ave. N.E.
Seattle, Wash.
PIGEONS pay dollars where chickens
pay cents; small capital needed;
"small space required; always penned up; ready markets; send for
may issue of our Journal; fully explained there; price ten cents. Reliable Squab Journal, Versailles,
Mo, (7.472)
When Requiring
either male or female, do not forget
that the Municipal Labor Bureau is iu
a position to supply you.
PHONE 852.
Wanted���Experienced teacher for!
first division of the Mlllslde school, i
Pit; River road; salary $70 per month
Two teachers: experienced; for
the Blue Mountain school. North road.
First division: S70 per month; sec-
find division. $07, per month,
Applicants must  have  11. C. certificates of the first or second class and
lie prepared to begin duty at the opening of the fall term.    Apply  to
Burquitlam   Post Office,   B.  C.
TAKE  NOTICE  that   at   the meet- ]
ing of  the  board of license  commis- j
sinners of the City of New Westmin-
���ter on June  10,  we intend  to apply |
fnr  a  transfer  of  the  liquor  license |
mow held by Richman and Bennett in
respect to the premises known as thp
Cosmopolitan  Hotel situate upon Ixii
1, City Block 12, corner of Columbia
and   Begble   Streets,    City     of   New
Wpftminster, from Richman and Bennett, to
May 27. 1914. (3427)
Eta Lot --' of Lol 7t. Suburban Block
.-;.  in the City of New Westminster,
Wt.i ress proof of the loss of Certificate
*>f TUJfl Number 185911-', Issued In tin*
r..im<- <>f Catherine Ellgii, tins heen tiled
m  ihi*; office,
Nritlcp is hereby ui\'-*n that  I shall, at
the expiration <ii one month from the date]
mt the first  publication hereof.  In n daily I
newspaper  published  tn  the  City  of  New.
Westminster, Issue a duplicate of the Bald
'.-.-���in.-.it'..   unless  in  tie   meantime valid;
ot>iu lion be made to me In writing.
J   i'   OWYNN,
Distrlcl Registrar of Titles.
Ijml  Registry  Office,
New Westminxter, B. C, 7iel June, tun.1
i:'. 188 i
Ri   ran  '-''' Acres of the Easterly hair of!
I ,.��� North Pari ol  Lol ::7n. Oroup I, n
(he Distrlcl  of New  Weatmlnater.
Whereas proof ..t the loss of Certlflcnti I
of  Tut'.  Number    -185A,    Issued  In  the
name of Thomas Robert Mctnnls has been
r-i'-fl In thin orifee.
Noiicf in hereby given that  I shall, at
"Ue expiration of one month from the date
>>r ihe firs- publication hereof, in a dally
.-if-Tvxpaper,  published  In  the City of New
Westminster, Issue it duplicate of the saiil;
��� -. rtlficat*1  unless  In   the  meantime valid
abjection be made to me in writing.
.1.   C.   OWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Reglstrv Office, New Westminster
ll   r..  24th  April,   1911. I ::4!>:;i !
Re south half of the southeast quar-;
rer of section 7.', township 10, in the
District   of  New   Westminster,
Wltereas proof of the loss of Cer-
tlficate  nf  Title   number   16.24F,  issued   in  the  name of  Andrew  John-1
_sou. has been  filed In this office.
Notice- Is hereby given thai 1 sliail
-at tbe expiration ol one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue
at duplicate of the said certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection!
be made to me in writing.
.1   C. GWYNN,
District Regi-ttar of Titles.
.Land  Registry Office, New  Westmin '
iter,  B.C.,  May  13,  1014.      (3378) |
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded for
land, your careful attention is invited to the
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
Tonbridfe, June 12.���Mr. Runclman,
M. P., president of Hip board of agriculture, addressing a meeting at Ton-
bridge recently, dealt with the government's land policy.
The persons who lived on the land,
he said, deserved the first consideration, but it was impossible to give
benefit to those who worked on tin-
laud without at the same time conferring belief It on the farmeis and landlords.
He found that somo farmers regarded the it'ea of a rise of wages as a
thing to set their faces against, but
that was not the attitude of all the
farmers. A rise had been granted in
the last li months by farmers in at
least seven or eight of the greatest
agricultural countries. They had lic-
begun to realize that their interests
and those of the laborers were Identical.
There was only one way to overcome the agricultural labor problem,
and that was to offer attractions in
competition with those offered in
trades. It was for this reason the government advocated a minimum wage.
If farmers liked to pay above the
minimum rate, by all means, Mr, Run-
ciman said, let tiiem do it. In many
cases it would pay them to do so.
Referring to the rural housing policy of the government, Mr. Runclman
said thut what they wanted to see was
every cottage attached to a garden.
They wanted to see more allotments
eo that men in their spare time could
grow something nnd thus augment
their incomes." They also wanted to
tee an improvement in small hold tigs.
The government had come to the conclusion that if tlie local authorities
and private owners could not supply
cottages, then, obviously, the state
must do so.
He did not however, believe that
the state build cottages should be let
below their true value. The government hoped before long to raalte n
start with their state scheme on a
sound economic basis, beginning by
building cottages in those districts
whore they were most urgently needed.
In conclusion. Mr. Hiinciman asket:
the farmers to look kindly on the government's land proposals, which, he
believed, were framed with an eye to
practical benefits being conferred on
all ihisses of the community,
Belgrade, Servia. June 12.���When at
the conclusion of the second Balkan
war the final borders of the Balkan
states were delimited, many Turks
and Bulgarians who found themselves
and their real estate possessions included within the borders of tlle new
Servia, in the anticipation that they
would be forced to swear allegiance
to the king of Servia, immediately fled
across the border, leaving everything
they could not easily take with them.
The lands which were thus left unoccupied were Immediately proclaimed the property of the Servian government, and steps were taken to obtain
Servian or other Slav settleds for these
lands by drawing from tlie great Servian government offers gratuitously
not less than five acres of lam; to
every family whicli immigrates into
Inasmuch as about 2,000 families
have left their homes in Hungary to
emigrate to Servia, the Hungarian government is greatly concerned and is
considering what means may be used
to prevent this emigration, which is
likely to become more general in the
future,, as there are at present large
districts in Servia which are entirely
It is interesting to note in this connection that about .'10.000 Servians
have passed from Hungary since the
close of the Balkan wars, from America, en route for Servia, in the hope
of obtaining land from the government   under   favorable   conditions.
It is said that the Servian government, by means of agents In those
countries where Servian.-: are living.
iias been carrying on propaganda with
a view to inducing as many Servians
ns possible to return to Servia and
make colonization possible In those
districts which were formerily Inhabit-
'. ed by Mohammedans.
Victoria School  Board  Will  Ask Government to Establish Institution
for That Purpose.
Glasyow'e   Plan   for     More     Drinking
Stuff  Is Thrown  Out  by  House
of Lords.
Glasgow, Scotland. June 12.- Considerable disappointment was fell in
Glasgow when it became known that
the lords had thrown ou! the bill asking permission to add two more Perthshire lochs, Loch Voil and Loch Doine.
to those now In use in order to supplement the present suppply of water,
which will not suffice much longer
for the city's needs.
As is usual no grounds were given
for their decision, lt is felt, however,
that much weight was placed on the
objections of Mr. Carnegie of Stron-
var, whose land and house would be
interfered with. The point was also
made that it was undesirable to take
water from an eastern watershed to
supply a western city, but that is no
new  thingn in the country.
Had the scheme gone through, compensation water would have been given to keep the Leny and other tributaries of the Forth in good condition
and, if desired, t'.ie burghs on the forth
could have had sufficient water allotted to them to meet their present
or future needs.
The Glasgow authorities will now
carefully consit'er any alternatice
scheme that is at all feasible, but
there is a strong feeling that the only
way to solve the problem is to keep
on asking, till they have convinced
the lords that there is a real need and
Llis is the best  means of meeting it.
Kitty years ago. when permission
was sought to use Loch Katrine water,
similar opposition was mel with, and
it was nol till the lord provost of that
time hroiight Lord Palmerston to the
spot, that he succeeded In convincing
him of the need for the present water supply, a supply to which Glasgow
owes so much of Its Industrial prosperity as well as Its comfort and sanitation.
Granville Street,
Vancouver. B.C.
Victoria, June 12. Tlie establishment of a provincial institution for
the training and care of feeble minded defectives on lhe site of the pres-
| ent provincial jail at Topaz avenue.
! wiii be the recommendation that the
board of school trustees will make to
the minister of education. A report
of the special committee composed of
Trustees Mrs. Jenkins, Mr-, (lilbert.
George Jay and J, K. Andrews, appointed to e'eal with the question of
the training of defective children resident in Victoria, was before the board
at its tegular monthly meeting last
Accompanying the    report    was    a I
lengthy  communication   from  Trustee
Mrs.   (lilbert,   outlining   the   necessity ���
for the establishment of an institution I
at   which   institutional   eases   can   be :
dealt   with,  a   work   which,   she  says, j
belongs  to  the    government    rather
tfian  to the  boards of  various  educa- j
tioual  centres.    A  distinct   line  must
be    drawn.       Mrs.     Trustee    (iilbert ���
claimed,   between  sub-normal  and  defective   children.     The   school   which
the  board   proposes  to establish   can
deal  with the former class, but there !
is no provision for tlie defective child I
who is a subject for an institute rather than a school.    Institutional cases
would   incluc'e   children   that   are   insane, demented. Idiots, low-grade em-
beoiles and pronounced epileptics.
Trustee Mrs. Gilbert pointed out!
that the experience of the United
States educational authorities has
fhown that such cases are only fittingly dealt with by the state and. she believed British Columbia should not be
behind in this matter.
The matter of the proper handling
of  sub-normal  children  has   been   before  the  boaid   for some  time.     Last
year Trustee  Mrs. Jepkins  submitted
i comprehensive report upon the work
(.'one in this regard in Southern coast I
centres    The hoard has been inform-1
ed   that   the   government   is   ready  to
comply   will   reasonable   requests   in
regard to the formation of a class for
sub-normal children residing here and
it  has   been   decided   to  open   such   a i
class   in   the  old   college   building   on
or about September :',, when a teacher |
especially trained in that class of educational   work   will   be   engaged   and )
tiie  necessary   appliances   secured.
Wictnbers   of   Oregon   National   Guard
to   Be   Made   Immune.
Eugene, Ore, J.Tune  12.    Si\ tubes i
cf typhoid geima prepared for Innocu- I
la tion   purposes   have   been   received |
by Col. Creed Hammond, of tin- Oregon   Coast   Artillery  corps,   for     use
members of the two militia
in Eugene.    The men will
In small groups after work-
MADE 1N7-5
is one of the chief reasons why young
people stay contentedly there instead
of seeking their amusements elsewhere.
Let us furnish the piano that will
make your home attractive. The
DOMINION PIANOS are here for your
'521   Columbia  SI.,  New  Westminster.
| smeng tin
! companle ���
in- treati d
ing hours.
The prophylactic is being given to
i !l tin members of the Oregon national guard i.nil is done to make the men
immune from the typhoid genu in the
event of their being presped into sit
vice in tin- tropical countries. It is
supposed to Include all '"able bodied"
soldiers in the army.
Keali'e, Mash.. June 1'-'. "Mother''
Jones, noted labor leader among the.
Cn't'd Mine Workers of America, re-
tUrned to Seattle trom British Colum-
b'-i ;'t noon today and left late this j
al't. rnoon   lot*   the  east.     She   will   go ]
dlrecl to New York city where she
will address a monster mass meeting
in Cooper Union hall, June 19th, In
pn te'sl ugulnsl th" Colorado coal
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout tha Provlnc* of British Columbia.
Saving* Detriment at all Branches Deposit* ot On* Dollar aad
upwards received and Interest at th* highest currant rat* paid or
credited half yearly.
Draft* and Travellers' Chequee told, payable In all part* of th*
CHA8. Q. PENNOCK. Qeneral Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, M*nag*r.
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want It, In any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department und get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Free aad 0#al  Ugr. Vlee-Pieeideai Sao. aM Traa*.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Pnonee No. 7 and 177
minutes to !��� am.: every _f! minutes to 4 p.m.; every 16 minutes
to 8:30 p.m.; every .",0 minutes
in 11 p.m., with last car at midnight. Saturday afternoon service every l.r> minutes to 11 p.m..
with last car at midnight. On
Sunday at 6, T. T: .'50 and 8 a.m..
and 20 minute service to 8:40
p.m., week day service there-
Fraser   Mills-Queensboro���Kor
Kraser Mills at 5:20. ��:20 and
7:45 a.*m. and every hour to
11:45 p.m. Leave Fraser Mills
at 6, 7, 8:25 a.m. and every hour
until midnight, last car to Columbia St. only.
8.8.     "Prince     Rupert,"     S.S.
-Prince George." 8.8. "Prince
Albert," S.8. "Prince John." -
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To Prince Rupert   and   Granby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
To Victoria and  Scuttle.
Every Thursday, 12 midnight���
To Prince Rupert and Stewart.
Every Friday. 12 midnight���
To  I'rince  Rupert and Queen
Charlotte   Islands   points.
Every"Saturday. 12 midnight���
To Victoria and Seattle.
passenger trains leave Prince Rupert for points Blast, .Mondays.
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10
a.m.. nose connections made with
Qrand Trunk steamers from Vancouver.
Passenger trains leave Edmonton
dally at 10:45 p.m. for McBride.
Ask about service between McBride and Prince (Ieorge.
Special low rate round trip ticket
via Chicago to points Kast on sale
June 1st to September 30th with
return limit October :iist. Excellent service.   Liberal stopovers,
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an Itinerary for your
C. E. Jenncy, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith, C.P. 4, T.A.
>>27  Granville  St..  Vancouver. Phone   Sev.  81S4
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER   which   is  highly  recommended.
Lime is almost as important lor the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones 15 and 11.
���02 Columbia Street W,
/ii iniari\
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For Victoria and Vancouver.
10:80 a.m Daily
2:00   p.m Daily
11:46   p.m Daily
For Seattle
10:00   a.m ".Dailv
11:00   p.m Dally
11:15 p.m Saturday
\\\ km inn
For  Nanaimo
Ll lv U1HJIV11KJ
10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m Daily
Cheap fares for all return tickets to Eastern  points, on sale
'       beginning June int.   (lood to return up to Oct. .".1st.
For particulars apply to
E. GOULET. Local Agent, or to
H. VV. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
Nanaimo, Union Bay, Comox
s a.m. Thursday ami Saturday
Vancouver.   Union   Bay,   Powell
11:45 p.m       ..   Every Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
11. (lOp.m    Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
7:00 a.m. Tuesdays for Victoria,
caliiiix  at   points   iu   Gulf   Isl.
To  Alaska   ....Every   Saturday
TIME   CARD ��� Passenger   Service
Train*  Leave   New Westminster Terminal. Columbia and Eighth Sts.
Fraser Valley Line���For Chilliwack at 9:80 and 11:16 a.m.
and 2 and 6 p.m.. Local for .lar-
dine at 1 a m.. except Fridays
When local leaves at li am. tor
.ML Lehman.
For Vancouver, via Burnaby
Lake���At 5:7,0 a.m., and hourly
until 11:7,(1 p.m. Specials on
*week days at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Firsl car on Sundays at 8:.10
For Vancouver, via North Arm
of Fraser���Connects witli_Stev-
eston service at Eburne; 7 a.m.
and hourly until 11 p.m. First
oar on Sundays at 8 a.m.
For Vancouver, via Central
Park���5 and 5:45 a.m.. every 15
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia 4. Eighth.
SATURDAY,  JUNE   13,   1914.
���:::��� ���:.- ���::- ���*
Electrics   Move  up by  Detesting  Ccl-
umbus���Score  3-2���Steele   in
Great Form.
Salmon  Bellies and Vancouver Clash
On Capital City Grounds Today
���L. Patrick Referee.
Playing until the sphere resembled
u hat rather than a baseball, the
11. C. B, It. got away with another
game at the expense of the Columbus
team last night at Queens park, the
contest ending with the Electrics on
the lung end of a 3-. score.
The  name  opened   with  indications
pointing to a heavy scon- being regis-]
iered ..gainst    Tom    Walsh's braves,,
three tallies being sent across the pan ;
when tLaeper  allowed  two lilts,  two
free tickets and a brace of ulld heaves, i
After the first stanza the Hume resolved into a pitchers' duel between
Slaton and l.eeper, witli the former
getting the honors but not the breaks.
Slaton, although touched up for five
hits, struck out no less tli.m 10 men,
lour oi these being in a row
Featuring throughout the seven In-
nlngS was the work of Steele, the first
baseman  lur  the  Columbus.    By  his
work Steele cinehe.il his Claim Of being the most.polished player operating
in tbe city league. Accepting every
Chance but one, the exception being
when the bright sun upset his vision,
tlie first Backer wound up the even-
Iiik'b performance In the sixth by
beating a bunt to first, stealing second
nnd third and Hashed across the pan
ou  an infield  sacrifice  by  Wright.
The other tally recorded by Columbus was made ln the fifth when Ames,
after pulling off a boob play at second,
stole third and came home on Mc-
Cabe's safe bunt.
The Electrics strengthened their outfield by adding  Kelly, a former Van-,
COUVer city  leaguer, '     Lester Patrick, the Victoria hockey I
A   new   umpire   named   llaton   was I magnate,   will   be  in   sole  charge    0.1
tried out in the absence uf "-'red Lynch   Ihe game.
and several of bis decisions met with  '
protests from the fans and players. DEWDNEY  LACROSSE.
S'ton It.    II.    B. 	
Columbus   2     3     2   Port Coquitlam Again Humbles Moody
���Millardvillc Playt Burquitlam.
Port Coquitlam retained its lead in
the West Dewdney lacrosse league
In the games played last night, the
Port City defeating Port Moody by a
score cf 5 to l. while Burquitlam
scalped Maillardville on the Fraser
Mills grounds, 4 to 3.
The latter game waa a nip and tuck
affair fiom the face-off and kept Doc
Scott hustling in keeping track of the
play and  tiie  players.
Standing of the Clubs.
Victoria will have lu first peek at I
I professional   lacrosse   for  the   season
Of 1814 ut the capital this afternoon
j when New  Westminster and  Vancou- '
I ver 4,-iiguge iu the fourth game of the !
I schedule
According to reports from the Is-1
land no little interest is being taken
las to the contest, the fans being led
! to bellve that a possibility exists of
the Salmon llellie franchise being
transferred to Victoria for Hie remainder of the season.
The Hoyals and the Athletics lefi
on the midnight boat last night arriving at Victoria at 7 o'clock this
morning which will give them plenty
I of time to recover their land legs !
prior to the game.
A -different felling exists now from
what was shown about this time last j
year when   the  Salmon   Bellies and
Con Jones' aggregation were engaged
in tLiglng splendid lacrosse.    Ai  thai
I time the idea of tbe two teams raak-
' ing the trip to Victoria on tbe same ;
' boat was out of all reason, the Van-
\ ccuver  manager even going  so  far
iai  to  charter  a  special   boat  for  the
g.eenshirts.     It   will  be   remembered
that the first game played over there
ended   in   one   beautiful   little   icrap
, between "Lizzie" (Jriflitlis and Mickey
i Ion    and    a New Westminster    titne-
'. keeper, and the Hoyals won.
This   time   the   Salmon   Bellies  are
still leading In the race and with any
: decent  amount  of stickhaiidling.  will
' emerge with an even better lead after
1 today's  contest.
B.C.I..A. -Vancouver versus
New  Westminster, at Victoria.
P.C.A.LA.���New Westmin
Her vs. V.A.C., Athletic park,
New Westminster vs. Leek-
les. of Vancouver, Queens park
3.30  p.m.
B. C. Mainland league New
Westminster vs. Vancouver, at
Asylum grounds, -.30 p.m.
Vancouver and District league- New Westminster at Central Park. 2.30 p.m.
Rifle Shooting.
104th Regiment and Civilian
association on the lirownvllk-
Trap Shoot.
New Westminster and Vancouver (inn clubs, Richmond
trap;:, 1.30 p.m,
circle F. vs. Sumas, at Slimes. Special excursion leaves
Columbia btreet depot, B.C.B.
K., at neon, returning at 6.30
Dominion   Department of Agriculture
Ships   Pedigreed   Sires   to
Interior of B. C.
* *!'��� ��
���7= # ft
��-.  ii .-<:   ft ��* * #
fund of $26,000 to be awarded the
Redj sliculd they win the National
pi niiant. At the present time of writing it  locks about time for a Similar I snianci
stunt to be stain d ln .New Ycrk. John
McGraw has bis team perched on tbe
lop of the  ladder.
i    Victoria, June 11.���Dr. S. F. Tolmie,
I the   representative   of   the   Dominion
i livestock  commissioner  in  this  prov-
; luce, announced yesterday thut a ship-
Iment of pure bred sires left the coast
��� this  week  for  points  in  the interior
and that another carload would short-
jlv be dispatched to the Okanagan, the
Kootenay and    the Costa    lake    districts    This is part of the work bc-
j ing prosecuted  by the Dominion    <!e-
; partment of agriculture in  eneour.g-
! ing the keeping of better bred  stock
in   new   and   often   unorganized   districts.    All  sires distributed,  whether
bulls,   stallions,   tains   or   boars    are
j bought from the breeders and are Ca-
i nadian   bred.     The   original   coot   Is
I borne by  the  Dominion    government
| and the animals  remain  the property
i of the government. Local associations
are, responsible for their proper maintenance  and   management  under  the
i general supervision of officers of the
< Dominion  livestock  branch,    in  tha
I case of stallions the members of the
[associations    will    also    be    required
to pay a fee covering the annual  In-
premltim.   By this system not
Prominent Ontario Man Recommends
Gin Pills For The Kidneys
Qunboat Smith is reported to have
held a "reception" in tlie ballroom a:
the Waldorf hotel, London, at which
all the sporting element was present.
Qunboat meets Georges Carpentler in
s S0-round bout on July Iti, so that he
has still a little time left to polish
the high  spots of the old  burg.
A sport where money counts, will
be engaged in at New York this afternoon when the first game between
the English and American polo teams
is staged.
New Westminster cricketers will
have a tough proposition on the asylum grounds when tbe Vancouver
club will be the visitors. This is the j
first visit of the Terminal City play- 1
erg this season. The "A" team will
meet Central Purk at the latter plac?
in a second division fixture.
only will this plan encourage Cana-
idian bleeders an7 increase their market, but will indirectly, through the
emphasis placed throughout the coun-
| try on pure bred sires, add to the
lvalue of thoroughbred  stock.
Districts will be picked where there
is an absence of gocd sires owned by
individuals Animals sfter being use-
tor some time in a district may be
changed to another and fresh blood
brought in as deemed advisable. The
local board Of management will make
all regulations relating to the use of
the**-? sires and they will only be available to members of the local association.
Found at last���a genuine cure for Kidney and Bladder Troubles. Vr.
Bauer knows about it. Mr. Simpson knows about it. And they are telling aJ-
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letter.   Study it.
Dayisviu.e, Ont.
"I had trouble with my Kidneys and Bladder
so I got a wimple of GIN I'ILLS and followed
directions. I felt better after the first dote and
I kept taking them for a mouth.
One day, Mr. Siiur-sop of this town told me
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I recommended him to try GIN PILLS, and
gave him one to take. The next day, he bought
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take our word for all this, or even buy Gin
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sample. National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada Limited, Toronto.
NATIONAL LAZY LIVER PILLS sweeten the stomach, help digestion,
regulate the bowels and stir up the Uver.   a-jc. a box. 197
������al  _*.��.   Slmsl-Uon
B, C. B. It.
    2      4       2
Batteries: 1
and Hood; Slaton
and  Whyte.
ng of
the Clubs.
Won    Lost    I'ct
.4         0     1.000
Electrics   . .   .
2         3        400
Columbus ...
. .     1         4       ..1)0
Leckies'  of  Vancouver,   Meet
I I'ort
Royal* j Port
cn Queens Park Diamond���Start
at 3 30 O'clock.
Daui bill f.tndom of the city will hi-'
given   11   test   1 his afternoon    as    to I
whether   Saturday   afternoon   ball   is
appreciated.    The  contest  at  Queens'
pArk, which will start at 3,30 o'clock.
will  find  the  local  all-stars opposing |
i.ecki.s of Vancouver, one of the lead
ing clubs  in  the  Wholesale league.
The visitors will come over with a
fast llne-Up, having added several
players from other teams in order
that a strong front can be shown.
The all-star nine will also be a representative one of the city league.
The following will represent New
Westminster; Horn, iiulinke, Wind
bled. Welngartner, Slaton. Papke,
Decker, Wright and McCabe.
Moody   . ..
Maillardville  ..
L.     F.
Interest  Turns  Once   More  to   lalan.
Problem���Albanian   Christiana
Will Be Protected.
(By the Potter.��
Big Crowd of Fans Going on Trip To.
morrow���Slaton  Anxious to
Avenge Previous Defeat.
Two special cars will carry the 1'ia
ser Mills contingent to Stun as on
Sunday where the Circle F bull team
cross hats with the American nine.
It is probable that nn additional car
will h> attached to the special train
at the Columbia street depot, many
having signified their intention Of
making the trip to Washington state.
The train will leave the mills at ll!
o'clock sharp and will arrive New
Westminster about 12.15 o'clock.
Slaton will bo on the mound for
the lumbermen and will have Huhnke
ns hi* receiving partner. The rest
Of the team Is about the best ever
turned out by Circle F ttiiH season.
Fred Lynch has been suggested as
1     Something new in prize fighting ot-
! curled    at   Los    Angeles,    Cal.'.    this
\ week   when  Johnny  Coulon.  bantamweight  champion, entered  the ring a
'������ short   ender,    Tbe   bettors   Justified
1 their  pladngs   by   picking  up  considerable   money   laid  on  Kid   Williams,
the winner,
,Ieff Tesreau says he didn't ever
talk love or say sweet nothings   t.i
I Miss   Clara    Voting,   a   Missouri   girl,
i who seeks just $25,0.00 us balm money,    Was it  iast year that  llnbe Mar-
I quard turned ov- r his world series'
cheque to the former hubby of o girl
I Rube afterward, married?
Lester Patrick, who will referee ta-
day's lacrosse game at Victoria, will
have a cinch as compared with his
duties of a year ago when intense
rivalry prevailed In the summer past-
time between Vancouver and New
Two Victoria boys. liens JohnBton
and Cotton Brynjolfsen, will figure
on the Vancouver line-up In today's
Spokane is spending money freely
on players, President lair being
anxious to place a winning nine ill
the  Inland  City.
Heinle Zimmerman, u New Yorker,
who has brought much fame to Chicago us one of the leading bitters of
the Cub machine, is to become a
Giant. The yam is hardly believable
as it comes from Christy Mathewson,
one of the Giants, who twice or thrice
a week writes a column of baseball
gossip which he never sees until It
Is  in  print.
Athens, Greece, June    17'.���At    the
moment of writing the outlook is most
satisfactory for all friends of Epirus.
They     may    not    indeed  obtain    all
that  they  desire, or,  in  fact,  all  thut
they   need,   hut   there   is   reasonable
surety that as an* outcome of the Corfu
conference the orthodox Christians of
Albania,  will find  their lives,  proper-
I ty,  religion  and  language guaranteed
I against attack by the crude and  law-
1 less Mohammedan    tribesmen    whose
' chiefs control the destinies of the new
1 state.
The developments came somewhat
un( xpectedly. The Kpirotes, fearful
lesi Albania should pursue a policy of
watchful waiting and thus starve them
into submission, commenced a concentric advance upon Korytsa and attack-
1 ed their enemy simultaneously at several points*, /t F:iiseri, there was a
particularly violent combat where 20
; per cent, of the combatants were put
out ol action.
Prince  William   Stirred.
Generally speaking, the rebels won j
all along the line, and it was no dmibi
tins   expression   of  their  earnestness
tint  spurred   Prince  William  and  his
Mohammedan  pashas into action. Almost immediately the members O. the
international   commission   of.   control
which   organization   represents   the
European powers ��� telegraphed to M.
Zographos advising him that, at the
request   of  the  Albanian  government.
they  were prepared  to meet him    at
Santl-Quarranta  (the port which  the
Greek   government   recently   blockaded)  and  make known  the concession
'which they were empowered to grant
land   the   application   of   whicli     they
I were prepared to guarantee.
M.   Zographas  immediately  ordered
[a cessation or hostilities and, together with M. Carapanos, met the commissioners at Corfu- both sides hav-
! ing wisely forsaken the barren, inhiw
; pitable   shores  of  Santi-Quarantu
A ttrmlfhtfonwd fatM-rooa
offer    from   bo   evtobltftod
Arm      Wa ir* it-cm* away
V KU-11M    tO    thOOHlMU     >rf
iwv't'l*  all   over   tha
world   >���    a    hum
a-lv*. tlaniwint.     Now
It     your    chanr*    to
obt*.u om.     Writ*
now,    eneloaiiu   ii
rent* for on* _(   our
lutilonabl*   I.ad. i����
I.in*       Guar Is.       or
Orati*   Albert*,   soot
e-flrrtftfa r*i-l to ��r__r
with tho watch, which
*'il   bo   v Ten    Ytm
(those    Wfttehe*     an
(tuumnteetl tt.e vrori!,
���hooM   van   Uk��  ad-
-rtntam ol oar a-unral-
.    .  ..-     _._'_���   tell   ynar   ftiendi
Ud   thaw    thorn    tbo    tH__atilu,     ��.��trh
ltoti t think this* oSor too food to ho trno.  hut n-nd
ft5  Mnt��   today   ��nr1   sun   a   l-W   Watch.     Y< u
���nil  i- amarsy   -w.j.maM-*   *   LIOYD,   who'v-al*
Jew��l'e*i Uwpt. "? ), IV. Coiawa;LL_ lL*i,  Loth-on, K.,
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
ag, Voice Production, Theory uu
'lass or privately 1. Harmouy, Counter
joint, Musical Form aud History.
Pupils prepared for the rxamlna
.tons of the Associated Uoard of the
-toyal Academy of Music aud Royal
.ollege of Music. Also Professional
diplomas. Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc.. apply 61 DufferlD
������treef.    PtionP 411 R.
wizard of the kitchen. Acts
like magic in any recipe
calling for flour. ROYAL
STANDARD is the "open
sesame'' to good cooking.
It transforms ordinary
bread, cakes or pies into
real wonders of the culinary
Your grocer sells ROYAL
STANDARD under a money
back guarantee.
Full stock of latest imported Suitings for summer wear. Perfect fit
and workmanship guaranteed. Prices
from  $18.00 up.    TUI   Front street.
I.Ti.v.n. Nf
Gymnasium Class, Thursday at 7.30.
Swimming classes. Tuesdays and Fridays, 3 to 4, at Y. M. C. A. Young
Ladies' Club. Friday at S p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
For particulars call phone 1324.
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd,
Manufacturer;: of
Modern Saw* and Shingle Mill Machinery. Crude Oil  Engines, Diesel
and Semi-Diesel Canning Machinery, Casoline and Distillate Engines.
Repair Work of All Kinds Promptly Executed.
The   Hurnaby  council   do  not  take
kindly   to  the  doinus  of their Intermediate lacrosse team%.    It is rumor-
around the municipal hall that an
The Vancouver f;>ns realize they
have a hard nut to crack in order to
defeat the Itoyal amateurs. From
the talk on the street, the Terminal jed
City is prepared to say goodby to the ABC mediation board will sit before
world's amateur lacrosse trophy.        I the next game In the hopes of set-
  j tliiiK the little difficulties between 1 x-
The upper country baseball teams Councillors Macpherson nnd Coldii-
are reported to he paying good money putt bo that these two warriors of
this seasjn to the players. The Ver- council sessions may don the lacrosse
non   team   recently   captured   Harry j paint.
Shepherd,  the best  twlrler with the 	
Nanaimo  club. Cincinnati citizens are collecting a
Yes not in half an hour -not in
ten minutes���but in 6 seconds.
Just a few drops of that mild, soothing, cooling wash, Ihe D. D, 1>. Prescription, the famous cure for Eczema,
and tho itch is gone. Your burning
.k!u  is instantly   relieved  and    you
from    all
have absolute   protection
summer Hkin troubles.
Don't fall to try this remedy for
any kind of summer skin trouble���
we know 1>. 1). D, will vivo you iui-
stant relief.
Frederic T. Hill. Druggist, Columbia
street, New Westminster.
the beautiful Ionian island
lt is In the mutual interests of all
parties that an arrangement should
he concluded and that an end should
be put to the era of bloodshed and
civil war in Epirus. A spirit or concession may therefore be expected to
pervade the assembly, and where the
concession rules, entente uulckly follows.
The erfentinl necessities for the
Epirotes are a Christian governor, assisted by small elective council, a loci geniiarmie and protection of their
religious and scholastic organizations.
With these privileges guaranteed
them they should be able to live in
peace and sec urity even in Albania.
Seldom has revolution been more
justified than in the present instance.
Deserted by Christian Europe aud discouraged by their own Creek government, these people have fought, and
it would appear, have won. They owe
much to the "sagesse" aud moderation of their leader. M. Zographos,
whi> threw- in his lot with his people
land molded their scattered forces into
an organized whole.
Will Appoint Representatives.
Saltillo, June 12.���-General Carranza
announced tonight that he returned
an answer to the note of the Niagara
Falls mediators stating that he would
appoint representatives to the conference at  Niagara Falls.
A Charter from the Public
F publishers of daily newspapers were to cease issuing their papers during the summer months, saying���"It's too hot in July and August to
publish papers, and, anyway, people
don't read papers in summer," -what
a cry of protest would go up all over
the land.
The   public
Ushers: ���
would   say   to   the   pub-
"We must have the news and you
"must give it to us. You are our
"servants in this matter���our news
"gatherers and scatterers. We are
"ready to pay you for this service.
"You have no right or liberty to take
"it upon yourselves to cease publisli-
"ing your papers at your pleasure or
Think of it! The Daily Newspaper
exists by the mandate of the people.
It alone among all publications may
not continue or cease at its pleasure,
for it holds its charter from the people
whose servant It is.
Then think of this:���
Have those other servants of the people���the merchants who supply them
with their daily necessities���any
right to be silent with respect to the
news they have for those who depend
on them? Has not the public a right
to demand that the news of the stores
shall be published along with other
news of value and interest? We put
it up to the people of this community
and to the merchants of this city that
the store news of this community is
necessary news and l-hould appear
regularly in the public press at all
seasons of the year. Think of this,
you merchants of this city.
You can obtain helpful advice on advertising free of
cost and without obligation
by consulting the business
Department of The New
Westminster News. PAGE EIGHT
SATURDAY.   JUNE   13,   1914.
(Continued from page one)
ihe Ume set apart for the trip to lhe
Phaser Mills, the Colony Kami and
i'ort Coquitlam.
Sir Richard .Mcllride, should ov
I,.- in attendance, will be the only exception to ihe rule, the premier being expected to attend and will be
ealtod upon to give greeting.- on bo-
half of the province and also as a
Dative son of New Westminster.
Wagner's band of -Seattle, will be
prTten"t~"and will provide the music
ill   ilie  luncheon.
The following IS tbe program:
The reception committee aud New
Westminster automobiles will as-
.emble at the Russell hotel at 12
oclork noon sharp, and leave immediately for Kdmonds, the gentlemen to
���near ordinary business dress.
The cars will line up on Kingsway
nt Kdmonds, headed by the pilot car
��-,mtainlng Messrs. .1. Dorgan. pilot,
and Kn��: .1   Lynch, marshal.
The Vancouver party are scheduled
m reach Kdmonds at 12:7,0, and after
greetings they will follow the New
Westminster cars to the city by the
following route:
Twelfth street (Kingswayi. Dublin
Btreet Blghth street. Eighth avenue.
Kifth street, Sixth avenue. Third
street. Third avenue to Queens park,
main entrance, around Queens park,
tn First stteet by southwest gate, First
���beet, Koyal avenue, to asylum
Si-uvds, around asylum grounds, Columbia street, Kl'glitli street. Carnarvon street, Russell hotel.
At the Russell hotel the gentlemen
will leave the. cars and allow the
ladies to proceed to the Y. M. C. A. by
the following route: Carnarvon street,
Fourth street, Koyal avenue, Y.M.C.A.
At the Y. M C A. the ladles' reception committee which will assemble
at 12:30 sharp, will greet the visiting
Indies and conduct 'them up Sixth
Btreet to the armories, the gentlemen
proceeding from the Russell ohtel to
the armories on foot.'
Luncheon will be Served as near 1
p.m as possible, in which the guests.
reception committees and automobile
owners driving their own cars will be
served. Souvenir menus, printed on
lir veneer, will be placed at each
The luncheon program will be as
1. Address of welcome by his worship .Mayor  A.  \Y. Cray.
2. Response by President A. Q.
<')ark of the 1*. ('. A. M. A.
". Ten minute address by Kenneth
1* Kerr, editor of the Railway and
.Marine New., Seattle. Subject, "Advantages of a  fresh  water port."
4. Selection by Los Angeles Ad.
<-lub quartette.
B. Ten minute address by Melvln
Winstock, manager of National Theaters, Portland. Subject "Fresh water
fi.    Ten   minute   address   by   I-'.   M.
Koulser,  advertising'manager  of  the
Pacific   Coast    Lumbermen's   association.   Subject "Advertising the lumber
Music will be furnished throughout f
the   luncheon   by   \Vagne:'s  orchestra
ol Seattle, which will accompany the
���party from Vancouver.
At 2:30 p.m. t'ne party, including the
ladies of the Women's Auxiliary of the
Royal Columbian hospital will board
the automobiles headed by the pilot
<-ar containing Messrs. Dorgan and
Lynch, anil proceed by the following
Queens avenue, Fourth street, Sixth
avenue, across Glen brook bridge,
where police will be On duty to space
ihe automobiles, Cumberland street,
Richmond street, Keary street, Columbia street. Brunette street, I'itt river
road;  3:00 p.m. reach Fraser Mills.
W. S. Rogers, manager of the mill,
will take charge of the guests and
Conduct them through the various departments.
Leave   Fraser   Mills  at   4:   15  p.m.;
premises and stock.
Leave Colony farm at 5:30 p.m.: ar
rive   I'ort Coquitlam   6:00  p.m.    The,
party  will  disembark at   I'ort Coquit-;
lam where tea and refreshments will
be served.    The guests will be greeted j
by Mayor Mackenzie.
A tour of I'ort Coquitlam will be
made and a direct return trip to New
Westminster by way of Columbia,
Mackenzie and Carnarvon streets to
the. Russel hotel where, after adieus,
the party will return lo Vancouver
via Kingsway.
The following arrangements wore
made at a meeting held at the home
��� if Mrs. McAllister on Wednesday evening, in connection with tlie luncheon:
L-tdles will wear their hats and it
lias been suggested as many as pos-
s-ihlf. wear white, and Mrs. McAllister hopes that many will send flowers
Saturday   morning   by     eleven.     Mrs.
HOmer Adams and her committee will
be there to take charge of them. Anj
cut flowers and greenery will be ar-
ceptablc. The official table will be
specially decorated, carrying out a
complimentary color scheme.
Will the ladies who have charge of
tables please not forget to bring two
^alts. two peppers, a mustard pot with
mustard, and  a  vase  for each  table.
��� t is hoped all who can will come
���town by 1(J o'clock and help place the
luncheon on the table, remembering
there are thirty-seven tables to be
prepared and 500 plates of fish, be
isirir-s the platters of meat, salads,
o.ike, etc., to be placed.
t.eave fraser Mills at -t: lo p.m.:
arrive at Colony farm at 4:30 p.m
Dr. Doherty has arranged to show tht
Col.  McRae   Will   Again   Endeavor  to
Win  Blue   Ribbons.
17  II   Cunningham, chairman of tin
horse show  committee of the provincial   exhibition,   received   good   news
rrom  Pn is'di m (7 A. Welsh of tho I'
.\.   fi   I.   Bociety   yesterday   when   it
was  mentioned   thai   Cd,   A,  I).   McRae, who attended the Shriners gathering at Atlanta. Georgia, lias stopped
tff at  Calgary for a  few days, where
he  had   purchased   a   fine   string   of
new mounts.    Col, Mcltae captured a
majority  of the prizes at  lasl  year's
horse  show  and  will   probably   be  a
feature at the coming  event in  September.
Our Department Managers' Sale Week Closes
Today With the Greatest Bargains Offered Yet
About Our Men's Furnishings Today
All  kinds of Men's Wear for hot  weather comfort at greatly  reduced prices for a Saturday rush.
Men's Shirts, including Negligees, with laundered cuffs and collar
bands; soft shirts, with detached double collar to match and double
cuffs; all cut coat style; good washing striped patterns; sizes 14'_
to 16>_;   regulai  $1.25. __!__.__
Saturday   for      WWW
Men's White .Night Clowns; mate of fine cotton poplin; low turn down
collar; one pocket;  well cut and roomy: regular $1.25 _)_*_(_
values.    Saturday, each  WWW
Men's Sailor Hats; specially priced for Saturday; lot Includes Sennets and Deep Straws: medium brims and crowns; regular values
to $2.50.   Saturday, C-f   OC
Men's Work Shirts; specially priced; plain blue chambray and black
and white striped drill shirts; well made; double stitched throughout;
sizes 14 V. to 17.   Special Saturday, 7I_I*
each     *9%t
"1'enangle." fine Merino I'nderwear; shirt and drawers: long Bleeves
and ankle length; well finished; sizes 34-44.   Saturday fl>4   pj"
Special at 65e per garment, or per suit W ��� ibW
Hoys' Balbriggan Underwear; with short sleeve shirts and long or knee
length drawers; sizes 20-37'; all one price.   Special. PRf*
Saturday,   per  garment   fc W W
Men's Panama Hats reduced for Saturday. These are guaranteed genuine South American fibre; in regular Panama and telescope style;
tegular $5.00 values for $3.95; $0.50 values for $4.95, and fl��|�� QC
$8.50 values for  *��i��V
Silk Knitted Ties; in four-in-hand style; plain colors or fancy mixtures; cross bar effects; reversible style; regular 50c values. 4��.
Saturday Special at, each           Www
Mens Rubber Collars; in all sizes and styles; "Arlington Brand;" sold
regularly at 20c, Bome places 25c.    Saturday Special. ROf*
three for   WWW
Men's I'nderwear; in fine thread Balbriggan; shirts and drawers; long
sleeves and ankle length; men's sizes only; regular 25c a Ot%ts
garment.   Saturday per garment  Mv
About Our White Enamel Furniture
Dresser;  ln white enamel;  in e new   design,   lias   four   drawers,   and
large bevel plate mirror; regular $18.50. *�� * M   ^C
Sale Price   *IHil3
Chiffonier, to match above:  regular $18.50. J* 4 A   "_PC
Sale Price   91 "f ��� ��� W
Dressing Table;   to match;   regular $12.ou. fl��Q TJti
White Knamel Dresser; another new design; with four drawers and
large B. B. mirror; regular $14.00. ��4 4   tSf*
Sale  Price   :��� 9 I   ��� it-W
Chiffonier; to match; regular $14.no. 4*11   OK
Somnoc to match;   regular $6.50. *Q___. 7K
Sale Price      9t. I W
White Enamel  Iron Be.s. New Designs, Just Arrived. Finish, Work-
manhsip and Durability Guaranteed.
Square post white enamel Steel lied: brass caps: is well finished;
regular $16.60. CIO OC
Sale Price   91 W.fcW
Hound post white enamel steel bed; with satin finish; brass cap-?;
can't, be equalled in price anywhere; regular $16.00 *�� * <t   QC
Sale Price   91   I "WW
With roll edge; new design, In brown or green velour or imitation
Spanish leather, at a price that ynu cannot equal CIO  Oft
anywhere.    Our Special  Price 91 UiUU
White   Enamel   Bedroom   Suite,  Complete,   Regular  $53.50.
This suite consists of white enamel steel bed in any regular size,
dresser, chiffonier and soninoc, and one cane seat rocker. Kach piece
i.s well finished and of the latest design; all drawers are easy sli.-.'ing
and the mirrors are the best B.  B. plate. Cy|4  ftft
Special   Price 94w.UU
Dining Room Suite. Complete;  Regular $80.00.
Solid oak throughout; buffet, china cabinet, six-foot extension table
and set of six chairs, leather seals. This suite conies in CC/I ftft
any  regular finish.    Special       yO*l>UU
Linens and Wash Goods Reduced
17V.C all linen Crash Holler Toweling; l>*. Inches wide, 1 O 1 �����
Special,  per yard       ICjv
Itegular lu 35c. white Mercerized   Vestings:   in  fancy I "7 1 #��
stripe sand broche; 28 in. wide.   Saturday, per yard  I I 2 w
Regular 27k* Cotton Crepe; splendid assortment of flowered      4g.
effects.   Satutday per fard     IOC
Regular  20c Sell Colored Cotton  Crepes;   In  shades of hello   pink,
gray. fawn, sky, biscuit and cream. 1 O 1 j��
Saturday, per yard     I C ? C
Regular 15c to 20c Scotch Qlnghnms and Prints; in good selection of
designs and colors. q *
Saturday, per yard   O ? C
Regular  25c   Mikado  Cotton   Crepe,     -shades    of    blue,     greei      anil
pink: 30 Inches wide. j �����
Saturday,  pur yard     | QC
Itegular 35c Waist and Butcher Linen; 36 Inches wide. OC
Saturday, per yard     ��_wC
Regular 20c White Cross Bar Dimity Muslin; 2:1 Inches wide       4 f��_
Saturday,  per yard     I UC
lleghlai  77. While Indian Ilea,! Suiting; 36 Inches wide 01%
Saturday, per yard          luUC
Ten   dozen   to  clear;   ri'gular  2.7c   each;   Union   Linen   Centrepieces;
neatlj  drawn borders; size 18x18. 4 m.
Saturday, each   | OC
Regulai  26c White Nainsook;   17 in,  wide; absolutely free      A 4
from  filling;   Saturday, per yard    ] m\Q
Regular 50c Cotton  Ratine;   27  Inches  wide;   sky, old  rose   peacock
blue and �� hlte, _ _
Saturday,  per yard     <3wC
Don't Fail fo Visit the
Demonstration of the
Oil of Joy Dustless Mop
The  mops are  made  either round,  triangle  or  oblong  shapes.
They represent the last word in a utility mop for the home;
mad-e with a heavy Canadian wool yam mop, tbey will easily
outlast any two ordinary polishing mops. Kach mop is fully
guaranteed to wear and give every satisfaction.
Kvery   mop is oiled   and   chemically   treated,  ready  for  inline-
ditn use.    Priced,
We carry the Oil of ,Ioy always iu stock; put up In
8-OZi  bottU-H.     Priced  at   	
Put up iii 1-quart tins.
Priced at  	
More Carpet
Velvet Hearth Rugs, Regular
$2.50 for $1.95.
These rugs are made by one of
the most reliable velvet rug makers and guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Axminster    Rugs;    Regular
$3.50, for $2.50.
Made  of  the  very  best   Axminster carpet;   size 1:7x58 Inches;
actual $3.50 value.
Sale  Price  	
Brussels Hall Rugs.
The best quality Brussels Carpet has been used in the making of these rugs:
Size 42x42; reg.
$2.50 for 	
Size  45x6��;   reg.
$3.50   for   	
Size  45x72;
$6.50 for ...
Saturday for
Remnant Bargains
Today ns a good wind-up
to the week's Bale, the ends
have been measured up and
marked at prices that make
this the best opportunity to
buy ends you have had. The
choice for early shoppers is
large, as we have a lot to
clear; practically all colors are
included, and length from 1 to
ii yards. There are Silks. Dress
Goods and Linings, all tuaiked
to clear.
Still  a  Few Black  Dress  Goods
to Clear at 59c a Vard.
This is a special lot and are all
in good fast blacks; widths vary
from 45 to 51 inches, and are
worth In the ordinary way two
to three times this price. Saturday buyers' choice
at, per yard 	
Fory-inch   Silks     on     Sale     at
49c a Yard.
Hig clearing line oi Silks; all extra special and vary in width
from 20 to 4u Inches; numerous
shades In plain silks and an
assortment ol btripes; something for dresses, waists or lining; values to $1.25. On JQ.
sale, per yard     "fWW
Hardware Bargains
You  Will  Find  Exceptional Values in Handy Kitchen
Utensils Here for
23c l.nng Handled Dust
Pans;   each   	
15c .lapanned Kin-
Shovels;   each   	
15c  Kitchen  Forks;
15c   Dover  Kgg   Heaters;   each   	
Knamel led Sink Strainers;   each   	
Fibre   Picnic   Plates;
three dozen for	
lias Toasters;
ani) shop at McAllisters.
If     Yen     Want     Garden     Hose
Take  Advantage   of  This
Fifty feel Cotton Covered
Rubber Hose, with Spray NoZ-
zli- and Couplings; complete;
worth   reg   $6 60.        4* A  QC
Remarkable Values
for 5c, 10c and 15c
in the China Dept.
M.plc Carved Butter Dishes,
wit_ glass Insert; reg. QF.
50c, for   wJU
loc. Glass Measuring 4 Q��^
Cup-;   each         I UU
20c White and. Gold. Tankard
Sliapi   Cream .lugs: "I ft ft
each      I wis
10c Child's Decorated t\tm
Mugs;   each    WW
_7ic Earthenware Tea-      4 C#%
pot:-:   each        I wC
25c cia.-s Oil or Vine-    4 Ca
ga:   Cruets;  each         I WW
COc quart-size China Of%#*
Milk .lugs, each        CvC
A   One-Day   Special     of     Exceptional   Value.
Forty piece fine China Tea
Set;   with neat  pink or    green
i    rorati.m;    reg. CQ  Qf\
$6.50.   Special.   Bet..*FWsWW
Our "Ready-to-Wear" Department
Offers Special Bargains
Big Values in Up-toDate Suits, Coats, Dresses and MWIinery.
Everything ls specially  priced at  figures  which   will ensure  its
speedy purchase.    You will  find amongst  this stock  garments which
are marked at one-half, and in many Instances much less than half the
regular figure.   Come In and look carefully ovei this beautiful stock.
New   Model   Navy   and   Gray   Serge   Suits;    Regular   $20.00   Values.
Special  Satur.ny. Only $12.75.
These are  strictly  man-tailored  suits;   made up and   put together on
model  lines;   coat  is  made  in  square  front  or cutaway  effect,  and
lined with a strong Polonaise satin: skirt is in plain model, with high
waist band;   worth  $^(1.00. Special Saturday C 1 _)  TC
only  for    $ I _����� I 0
Misses' Serge Dresses, Very Special for $7.50 Each.
A  very dainty dress ol  good  iiuality  serge;   a new   model;   trimmed
witli satin collar and lace frilled  around neck; comes in colors of blue
and brown; a cress that is well worth $12.60, CT  CO
Very Special for   9 I ���WW
Children's Colored  Wash  Dresses;   Any Size;   Special at $1.45.
These dresses are made by the same firm as the famous "I'tility'' and
"Morning Glory" garments.    Kvery conceivable style and color effect
is   represented  In  om   new   showing;   very   serviceable   because  they
wash and wear well; regular values to $2.00; any ^4   iiC
size    Special for W * e^W
stvle,    and    will
A Special Line of Ladies' Dress  Skirts;     Regular    Values
Very Special  for   $3.95   Each.
Only a few  now  left;   in  checks and   plaids;   good
give satisfaction In wear;  regulai   to $7.60 values.
Special  for,  each   	
Special Line Waists: Reg. Values to $1.95.   Very Special for 59c Each.
In this lot there are a varity of styles, in Sailors, l.awns, Muslins, Cot-
tonf, etc.; daintily tiimmed and excellently finished;   values to $1.9.r>.
Very Special for, COj��
each     WWW
Ladies'  Silk  Moire  Un.erskirts;   Reg. $3.75 Value, Special for $1.95.
Comes  in a  splendid  quality  silk  moire;   in  rose and  green  shot  effects; also gray and black in all sizes and daintily pleated around the
bottom;  regularly sold at %3.13.    Very
Special   lor   	
Satin  Underskirts:   Regular $3.00 Values. Special for $1.45 Saturday.
will  wear well and  in
Comes in all general colors and  new   sbadi
all sizes;  reguar values to $3.00.
Special Saturday for  	
Free Ice Cream for the Children
This Afternoon
Arrangements have been made for a good supply of delicious
pure Ice Cream for the children Saturday afternoon and evening. Just save a sales check from any department in the store
and present it in the basement. Don't disappoint the little ones
on Saturday for the Ice Cream.
Extra Special Values Are Offered to
Saturday Shoppers at All Main
Floor Departments
Ladies'   'Neckwear,   Gloves,   Hosiery,   Handkerchiefs,   Ribbons,   Laces,
Embroideries, Handbags, and Notions, Etc.. at Special
Price  Reductions.
New Novelty Neckwear in Great Variety.
Any kind and style of fixings we can show you now   A large and
varied  stock  to choose from  including new  fancy  collars, side trills
neck fichus, drets and cont collar frills, collar and  cuff  sets, jabots,
lies, yokes and fancy bows, etc.    Ask tor any style neckwear you want.
We are sure to have it.
New Lace Collars;  a Special at 25c Each.
A very nice assortment to choose from;  in guipuie and shadow laces;
shades white and cream; every collar is worth Title each. 25fi
Very Special for, each     fcww
Ladies' Lace Net Yokes; Very Special for 25c.
These are dandy  values;   in  good quality  lace net;   in  colors  blacks,
white and cream; to fasten wilh tape at waist; well worth       ?!)(_
50c each.    Very Special  ror, eaxh      fcWW
Ladies' Silk Boot Hose; a Regular 75c Value, Very Special for 50c Pair.
Vou cannot beat this line ol Silk Hoot Hose, for value; an indeal
hose foi  summer wear; is perfectly seamless;  has high  spliced  heels
and tots; full in the leg and g 1 garter tops; all colors and      Crtp
sizes.    A regular 13c value. Special for. per pair    WWW
Black and Tan Llama Hose, Special for 50c Per Pair.
\  special  soft  make;   verv  elastic,  and  full  fashioned;   spliced  heels
and toes, and in all sizes, from X to 10 Inches; regularly 50C
sold at 65c. Very Special for, per pair      WWW
Children's Fine Ribbed Hose;  All Sizes;  Special at 25c. a Pair.
All colors are offered In tliis lot;  comes in fine ribbed make, and is u
strong  wearing  hose:   the  proper hose  tor children's  wear;   any  size
you require foi  special, 25(_
per pair   fcww
Children's Buster Belts, Special at 15c Each.
Conn-:   in all general colors, with single und double buckles;  straight
oi shaped, and all sizes: worth 25c each, 1 5C
Special for, each          WW
Metal Mesh Purees. Extra Special Value for 25c Each.
In  both  large and small  ring  #''811;   with  long chain  attached;   plain
, mi fane) mounts-; worth 3(\c. each. 25c
Very  Special  fol, each    fcWW


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