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The New Westminster News Apr 27, 1914

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,+Tm -���'��� ',   ��
Volume 9, Nrv ,er 45
CRY Of MEXICANS!       0fr m m
Price Five Cents,
Sensational Stories Published in Mexico City to Inflame Natives.
Arm,.cans   Are   Charged     With     the
Slaughter of Women and Children
at   Vera  Cruz.
Copiea of Thia  Valuable   Publication
Can Be Secure', by Any Interested Person on Application.
IS EORCED DOWN1     ORDERED OUT!     Wl11" ��"�����'     TO ARBITRATE
" u < iiiz., April 28. Circulars
enumerating American business
nouses are being distributed in the
streets ol Mexico City. The handbills call on the populace to destroy
the   firniH   listed.
Some Of the American stores whose
names appeared on the circulars al-
ready have been  looted.
Another li.,t being distributed la
thai ol Mexican.- managing some of
the American stores, it is declared
tiiesi men must be killed because of
iheli Identification with foreign In-
teresta, The newspapers of the capital
are publishing sioiits to the effeel
Hint the American forces at Vera
nn slaughtering women and children
and tbe papers call on Mexicans to
retaliate In a similar manner.
Otbt r siorii s print, il by the newspapers say Great    Britain,    France,
1 'iniiiiiy   and   Spain   nave  declared
war aguiiisi   tlie   United  States    and
American   battleships  have  sunk sever,11  ships  flying  tin   flags of these
nun'ns.    Mexicans also are told that
'lie   Mexican   army   has   invaded  the
United  states ana  thai   the  negroes I
in   the   southern   stales   have   risen I
and are assisting the Mexicans,
Aeroplanes   in   War.
An  aeroplane  from   tbe  American
t'fleel   made a  flight  over Vera Cruz
uhortlj before noon today,   on attanl-
iii-   imi  altitude  of  several  hundred
I. ' :    the   naval   aviator   circled     th
i ...   and   then   passt d   ovt r   the  out-
..ii  s nnd  observed  the   position    of
Hie  Mexican   federal  forces.
Federals Demand Arm*.
Vera Crux, April .'i. a demand
ha been made to the German lega
iii >i in Mexico City to surender the
arms Imported lor the protection ot
the German residents there, according to Information reaching here. Ad-
in ral Von Hint/., the German minis-
ter, rt plied: "if you not the arms
you  * ill  hat e to flghl  for them.''
Mexican   ti dera!   officer   who
had   r tuni    lo demand   the  arms  then
.,il    wi;h the   200   men    lie   had
bri ��� lit w Ith him to enforce the demand
All Mexico Inflatnmed.
. a Cruz, April 26. The Mexican
Herald, a Mexico City publication
.. , ,i temporarily suspendt d en the
I : ding of fun ' - ai Vera <':ii7. has re
appeared In Vera Cruz The entire edi-
i i a: ataff was brought here tr m thi
��� pltal ami tlie paiier is being publish
ed 'r.'in tlie [ilatit of I.a Opinion, a
local dall)    Commenting on the Bltua-
t.i n   il   says     " \ll   Mexico   is  being  ill
Flammed against tbe Americans and la
preparing tor war. while the United
States authorities, far from consider
mt; further aggreSlsve measures, are
negotiating to restore the Mexican officials who left their post8. Hardly
anyone lint believes thai this is a
backward  step and   means the end of
Hie possibility of Americans living or
tloin,' business in this country for
\ears to come. This step will he taken
nut ns an act of consideration, hut
of weakness and it will encourage era-
nity and aggression towards the
The   information   contained   in   the
annual reports of experimental farms
of the  Dominion department of agriculture is so varied and complete as
I to   render   these   yearly   volumes   al-
I moat worthy the name or encyclopedia
j of agriculture, The experimental farm
i system embraces the central rami and
120   branch  farms  antl  stations,  each
. manned by a staff of specialists.    At
these   widespread,   well-equipped    In-
I StltUtlons  practically every  phase of
agriculture,  from the study and  suppression   or  plant  diseases    to    the
breeding and raising of all manner of
orchard,  garden  and  field  crops and
classes of farm animals, are taken up.
In addition seven outlying substationsI
carry on and report upon work of an |
agriculture nature.
The    report    for  the  year  ending
March   111,   1013   makes  a   volume  or j
nearly  700   pages  crammed   with   the j
meat of what was accomplished and
lound  out during the  year.    The   In-
formation is so classified and treated!
as to be readily available to the reader in whatever suhji ci iie may chance
to he Interested.    A large edition has
been printed so as to supply for some
time at  least every applicant who will
drop a card tor a copy to the publication   branch,   department   ol'   agriculture. Ottawa.
Belligerent   Spirit   Among Fighting Resumed in Color
American Congressmen        ado���Seven Deaths Are
Less Apparent. Reported.
Great   Excitement   in   Canon   City  aa
Strikerc Are   Reported   Within
Six Mller cf There.
Offer of Mediation Haa Ita Effect���If
Outrages Are Confirmed Trouble
Certain to Follow.
No Half Way Measures Will Be Tolerated���Jap Fishermen Must Be
1.  O.  O.  F.  Annivers'ry  Take8  Place
Today���Sermon to the Fraternity
Last  Evening.
Rebels Celebrate.
Chihuahua,   April   :''>    The
i i Monlcr. y was ceh brated li
da> "ith band concerts and th
i: ���_ -if hells
i.,'     V.H8
state or
re tori ni:-
General Antonio Villar
appointed governor or the
Nuevo la on oi Willi h Men!
,.,, v is the capital and Nlcefaro Am-
erano was made mav of of the city
r , federal garrison evacuated the
,. v after b!x days of heavj fight ng
retreating in the din.'tie,, of Satillo.
,..!���,,. they will sen, to reinforce
th, remainder of the federal fores
,..li(.i, Wero driven from Torreon and
B,., pedro and which constitute
main hotly of federals now
north General villa is now
ting his army tor a campaign
ihla stronghold, but Is be
<ii by tbe embargo which the i mt
Slates has placed on anus
muniUon, Before leaving
the defenders destroyed much ammunition n���d artillery. Five armoured
automobiles were left behind and
with some rifles and cartridges
Into rebel hands.      Monterey Is
important    city    of     Northern
mil used to have a largo Am
can population. It is only 187 miles
,;.,,.!���,���. Texas, and has a pop*
000, ui"'  ii( noted  tor the
inhabitants who speak
statement of losses Infighting is available,
The 20th anniversary of the formation of Amity lodge No. 27 l.O.O F., together with the celebration of the 95th
anniversary of the Oddfellows' is tak
ing place today In this city, the proceedings of tonight taking the form of
an at home at Oddfellows' hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
when the members and ladies will re-
A splendid program lias been prepared for the occasion Including musical talent which will be follow ed by a:
banquet at which speakers of repute j
an- down on the toast list for ad
dresses. Although the entertainment
is under the auspices of Amity lodge
members of the other I.OOF and
Rel i kith lodges in the city together
with out of town members will receive
a cordial welcome at the lodge rooms,
i.ast night iu st. Andrew's Presbyterian church, Rev. I-' \v. Kerr preached a special sermon on tlie occasion
A monster parade was formed from
tlie Oddfellows' hall, tlie members
marching  to  the  church   where  they
wile jollied by lliein bet's ol lloiiian
Id li kali's No. .". Special seats wen
reserved for the three-link organisation, the occasion bringing out the
largest number that lias evt. attended
a similar celebration.
Washington, April 26.���The strongly
bi ligerent spirit manifest among a
considerable group of congressmen, | of
beaded by some or the more prominent Democrats has been toned for the
time being by the negotiations of the
solution of the problem iindertagen by
the three South American governments. Leaders of this element had
not hesitated to say among themselves
that at least 100 members had expressed themselves In favor or more
aggressive action toward Mexico by
the administration.
Even some of the members of the
foreign affaire committee privately
subscribed to the idea that the government could not long withhold
either an onward march to Mexico
City for the pain of the American
citizens represented to he impeiilled
or to make a straight out declaration
ot war. However, among some of the
house members there was a disposition
to criticize the president for not consulting with the real leaders of con-
girss to ascertain the aentlment at the
Although the feeling in the senate
toward a more aggressive policy has
not become so apparent as in the
house, many leadtrs would be surprised to see the coming week end
without an oratorical outbreak, if the
mediation efforts fall or there are authentic reports of outrages on the
Americans in  Mexico.
Discussion of the situation will begin in the houes again tomorrow when
Representative Kahn propoaes to talk
on the mediation plan and It is probable that this new phase also will
receive the attention or senators.
Kvery committee ot congress which
would  be active in case of a change
in the Mexican policy ll pr.pared to respond at once to any call of the administration,    ln the house the appropriation committee Ib holding up a de- j
ficlency bill carrying a much greater
amount   with   a   Mfxican  service  ap-!
proprlatlon in it; the ways and means!
committee is ready to take up a war ;
revenue bill if necessary and the mill- !
tary and naval committees are primed j
'Oi  action.
The   bouse   has   st t   the   naval   bill '���
for the  week's  work and  it  may  bi !
passed on Saturday.    It carries a total i
of   J142,u0fl,0O0   and   provides   for   the 1
construction  or  two  battleships.     Before  finally    agreed    upon    by    both
bouses the measure may be so worded
as  to  become  law  at  once  to  make j
th"  funds  immediately available
ver, Col., April 26. Strikers to
liargetl the Chandler coal camp
the Victor-American Fuel company
In Fremont county, according to reports to the governor's office. The
few guards and the residents of the
camp, numbering 25 to 30, went to
Cation City and the strikers were re-
portnl to be marching toward lloyal
Gorge mine, six miles and a half
from Canon City. The excitement
prevailing in Canon City caused the
city council to call a mass meeting
a< which citizens organized for protection. According to the governor's
advices, seven men were killed In the
Chandler fight, but there was nothing to Indicate how the fatalities
were divided between the combatants.
The fighting opened at 1 o'clock
said reports to operators here, and
shortly before I! o'clock the strikers
'.verc in possession of the town. lTn-
Ion officials admitted they had re-
ports of shooting but said they had
repr, stntatives out in an endeavor to
right their men and persuade them
to observe the  truce.
An anpeal to the governor for help
from the sheriff of Fremont county
resulted in orders being issued tonight to Genera] Chase to proceed to
Canon City with 200 mlli'.la to take
protective nu?asur��s and endeavor to
bring about  a  truce.
Governor Amnions spent a busy
day ;r. bis home holding many confer, hces. A telegram from Washing
ton telling of a conference there between members of the congressional
delegation and among otbe; thin;.,.-
the telegrams asked additional in
formation and intimated that no de
finite action on the question of send
ing federal troops into \the strike
zone until requests had been receiv-
i ed rrom  all  parties concerned.
Following action taken at a fishermen's meeting held in the Conaervs-
tlve club rooms on Saturday afternoon
j the  formation   of  the  Kraner    Hlver
Fishermen's     Protective    association
will be actively carried out during the
, next two we, ks when another meeting
! embracing both the uprlver and down-
I river fishermen will be called In this
city to take measures against the Invasion of the Japanese.
A committee composed of Messrs.
Macpherson, Sullivan, Peterson and
Gregory was appointed to drum up
members of tbe organization, as It is
not expected that white and Indian
fishermen on the river will hesitate
In affiliating with an association which
has lor Its ultmate object the entire
elimination of the orental from the salmon fshing industry. ^-.
A marked contrast was noticeable at
Saturday's   meeting as compared with
that  held   under  the  auspices of  the
upriver men  ol  a  week  previous the
I latter showing a  ready knack of ex-
l plaining conditions as compared with
j a cosmopolitan view of afrairs or the
1 down-river men.
Once the Fraser river Fishermen's
Protective association is formed on a
permanent basis the strength ot such
an organization is expected to bear
weight with the Dominion government
in regulating the number or licenses
issued each year with strong prefer-
ence being given to tlie white fisher- '
men and  Indians.
Bdward Sullivan, an old time fisher-1
man on the river advanced the aigu-
ment that the number of licenses to '���
each cannery be limited to a certain
number each year ami that the plants
which failed to operate be cut off from
the license supply. Mr. Sullivan related his experience at the Dominion
fisheries olfice on the opening date for
tho issuance of licenses, where he
found 100 Japs waiting their turn to
secure 1914 permits.
Several other fishermen related!
their tale of woe. all agreeing that a
i protective organization commenced
| this yea; would be of great benefit
(during t'.-.e season of I'.Uo and that
when the bU run of 1H17 arrived, the
| white men should be in full control jr I todav
the industry.
Private Advices Received by
Spanish Ambassador at
Consul   General   Hanna   Insulted  and
Placed  In Jail  by Mexicans at
Washington, April 86.���Spanish Ambassador Itiano, announced late tonight that he received private advices
from Mexico City stating that General
Huerta had accepted the offor of Argentina, Brazil and Chile to use their
good offices to bring about an amicable settlement of the difficulty between the United States and Mexico.
United States Consul General Phillip C. Hanna at Monterey, reported to
Secretary Hryan tonight that he had
been humiliated and placed in jail by
Mexican federal officers on April 22
and kep�� behind the bars until released two days later by the constitutionalists when they captured the city.
Federals Burn Bridges.
Washington, April 26.- -Naval aviators who made flights over and around
Vera Cruz today reported that several
of the bridges and trestles along the
railroad from Mexico City were burning. This was cabled to the navy department tonight by Hear Admiral
Protection of Orientals.
Washington, April 26.���"Ene Japanese ambassador, Count Chlnda. and
Chinese minister, K. Shaha, conferred
with Secretary BTyan late today at
the secretary's request on the question
of protection of Japanese and Chinese
subjects in Mexico. It is understood
Count Chlnda stated to Secretary Bryan that Japan at present had no intention or sending more warships to
Mexico, as had been reported.
ill    tin
ng hamper-
e   I'l
antl  inn
fn m
la! ion of 86,
number of Its
i: glial).    No
< urred In the
Puxton Goes to MJnneapoMa
mlpes, April 26, John 11,
ton, who. by his own wmto
P,nyed a prominent nart maiding
Krafchenko, the
,].,.;-. to escape
w( s promised
None Were Injured but Many Were
Entieely Destitute.
Nogales, Ariz.. April 28. Refugee
Americans who arrived today from the
interior and west coast of Mexico reported that although no violence had
been show n them thpy bad bei ti harassed all the way to the border by
petty officers.
A frt Ighl train i iiich came from
points near Guayar as brought 26 Americans, half of whom were women.
They reported that after be'ng jeered
en r ute they were compelled to get
Off the train several miles south of
the Ailzona border and wen- told by
a rebel captain that th y would have
to wall; the rest of the way. It was
only alter argument that the train w;is
permitted to proceed. A. II. Case, director of the Congregational mlsslt n
at ii rmoslllo, with a number of wo
men, was among tbe arrivals.
Some of the refugees applied to
American Consul Simpich far aid and
were given transportation to theli
homes, A. I'. Ardourel, who said he
was a m, mber of the. Colorado legislature, declared lie was indigent and was
provided witli a ticket to Denver and
money for food. He said the Mexicans
hail itssailed the fie. Ins American*'
with abusive language. Many more
Americans are still in remote parts of
Mexico but there are being brought
ous as fast as messengers can report
them. Although Consul Simajch, on
the Mexican side of Nogales, has been
instructed by the state department
to leave Mexico at his discretion, he
has not yet done so, because cf the
expected  arrival  of more  Americans.
Ordered   Eack   to  Germany.
Washington, April 28, The captain
of t!i steamer Vpiranga at Vera Cruz
has been ordered by his company to
return lo Hamburg with the cargo
of war munitions for the Huerta gov-
e: nment.
El   I
a  private
12 miles
Deputy i
on them
Mexicans on Raid.
ISO.   Tex.,     April     L'tl.
are reported to have raided
powder magazine at Vsleta,
���list of here, this afternoon,
heriffs are said to have fired
Troop A. 13th cavalry is re
tried to have rushed to the scene.
Remains of Samuel Mercer, Who Was
Drowne-,  Found.
Tlie Fraser river gave up another
body yesterday when tlie remains of
Samuel Mercer, who fell into tlie river
on the night or March 10. while return
tag to the car terry at the Great
Northern wha>rf on Front street, were
The body was recovered near Gilley Bros, wharf and taken to Pales'
undertaking parlors where Coroner A.
I.. McQuarrie will hold an inquest at
10:30 this morning. Mercer was a
man about 40 years of age and a native ol Newfoundland.
Deceased, who resided here for HI
years, is survived by his mother, who
resides in Newfoundland; two brothers. John of New Westminster, and
Simon of (Jape Breton; three sisters.
Mrs. II. Russell, Vancouver. Mrs J.
F. Field. Nova Scotia and Miss Eliza
Mercer ol' this city.
The funeral will take place at 3
o'clock from Fales' undertaking parlors to the Fraser cemetery. Ensign
Richardson or the Salvation army officiating.
Plum  Coulee
from ju;i. hut
Immunity in return for
rjfederates. succeeded
his   United
l��� 'raving his COl
,  c.'itiiril-iv  in  proving
T    chi el.ship. mid  left Winnipeg
'""""   of,he United States im-
���rrice  here stated  Hint the
*M0\��Su  Have  110  difficulty  in
,     international  bordei  as
Sll been given the necessary pass
ir in chargt
Furious Fighting.
Canon City, Colo. April 26. I. G.
Ileitis, manager of the Royal Gorge
mine In re, escaped from that property tonight and declared it to be surrounded by Btrlkers who were driv-
Ing the mine guards back into the
hills, lie could not say as to casual
lies, but said the righting was furious.
Troops and Mine
Chanoe Caims.
Trinidad, Colo., April 2G.-~The army
of i-1 "iking coal miners which descended upon Trinidad early Saturday, be-
:::':i to depart tonight. A new t-nt.
Us spolli ss canvas a startling contrast
to the blackened ruins or
arose today under the willing hands
nf dozens of men who for a day exchanged thei: rifles for picks, shovels
and Bledges, and the work of the tent
raisers was light. The site of tin-
new colony had already been smoothed
and divided neatly by broad level
sir. ets. The place selected by the
union leaders was none other than
the site of the military camp where
Adjutant Qeneral John Chase maintained the bulk ot the state troops,
during the former military occupation or the strike zone. While the |
national guard of Colorado, infantry
cavalry and artillery is in undisputed
possession of the strikers' old stronghold at Ludlow, the strikers are en
camped under the shadow of San Ra-
fael hospital, upon the ground which
a few short weeks ago echoed with
with the tramp of marching militiamen.
Robert G. Bolton, who with William
Diamond, is in command ot the strikers, in the absence ot John It. l.awson
and John McLennan, saitl that as many
men as could be accommodated would
Jje removed to the new camp tonight.
lie explained that no women or child-
i n would be brought from t'.ie hills to
the new quarters. "We wanted to get
the men out of the town." he explain-
i d. "The new camp is the only place
w have to take them. I do not know-
how long the colony will be occupied
as it all depends upon ruture developments."
'Ihe glistening tents of the strikers
on tlie outskirts or Trinidad were in
plain sight or the county jail and tie
uncompleted COtHl house, where Shev
Iff Grisham of Las Animas county de- ���
rlared today that be was ready t.i
repel any attack. "I have 40 deputies |
in the jail,"-he explained. "1 will not
need more until the situation In town
grows more serious."
The sheriff said that today was the
first time lie had kept his force of
deputies on guard throughout the day
although they had stayed in the jail
every night ever since the advent of
the strikers. The jail is an ancient
stone building, which Grisham believes
well adapted to resist an attack and
the uncompleted court house Is a massive structure of reinforced concrete.
The deputies today were armed with
r'lfies and in the sheriff's Office a machine gun stood ready tor action.
The funeral ol' l.ouis Tokas. Louie.
Mediation Looks Hopeful.
HI   Paso,   Tex.,   April   2t>.���RovertO
V.   Pesqueira, Carranza's confidential
agent here, said today that hi8 chief
would  have   no   public   statement   to
make, on the Argentlna-Brazil-Chilean
offer of mediation, which he received
You   may   state,"   he  added.
("that the offer is a hopeful s'gn and
Mayor  Gray.  Alderman   Dodd,  rep-   that any  proposition that looks good
resenting the city council; D. S. Cam    is acceptable to constitutionalists   Its
trades and labor council;  J. G. I acceptance by the Washington govern
Martin Monk, board of trade, | ment in anv event will go far to ce-
and I). S. Ilashleigh, Retail Merchants'! ment Pan-American relations."
association, all spoke in support of the I
Mayor   Gray   stated   that   the   city
.council had already ��ent a protest to
i.vaiiow. | Ottawa against tbe Japanese Invading
the river industry and that members
of the council  were ready to render
Rebels to Attack Tampico.
Chihuahua,  April  2d.���General  Carranza Instructed General CabaUero today to redouble the energy of his' attack  on  Tampico  and  the  latter  replied that evtry effort was being made
their services by attending meetings I and that the town wou'.d fall soon,
in other sections along the river. General Carranza was inspired to is-
J. G. Robaon, vice-president or the ' sue the order because or reports that
hoard or trade, thought that it was anti-American demonstrations were be-
high time ror the government to take i ing organized In the city held by the
a band In protecting the white and In-1 federals. He instructed that CabaJlero
dian fishermen. He urged that every-1 make every endeavor to apprehend the
body put his shoulder to the wheel in I federal officers responsible for the in
t'e effort to regain control from thejsult offered the United States In t.'ie
Japs. jj port on April 9, so that a rebel court
D.   S.   Cameron,   president     of    tlie j ma: :ial might try them and administer
trades  and   labor  council,   stated  that | proper punishment.
his organization was strongly backing
the movement against the oriental not
only in the fishing industry but
throughout  the entire province.
D. S. Kashlei/rh. secretary of the Retail Merchants association, stated that
the body he represented was strongly
in favor of the fight being waged
against the Japanese. The support
was being asked of the provincial
body when it meets in Vancouver next
men til.
Alderman Dodd reviewed the whole
situation   from   the  first   invasion  ot
the Japs, such  invasion he stated being engineer, d by the cannery owners
!n o der to provide cheap labor.    He
irg -.1  de  formation of an organiza-
tioi    C;,' hacking of which would soon |
sr:< a  Us s'-ingth to the government.;
Alderman   Dodd   mentioned   that  this
w.is a democratic country where one
man was ��� s good as another and that
whltea should protect the interests of
all  by standing squarely against thel
W.  0.   McQuarrie.  president of  the j
heard of trade,  was in  the chai:   for
the Ural  part of the meeting, turning |
it   over   to   Dan   Macpherson   later' in j
the afternoon.
Arraigned,   Pleads   Guilty,   and     Sen
tenced   to  the   Pen   All   Within
Sixty   Seconds.
Toronto.   April   26.���For  Sixty   sec-
r.nds John Kdwards faced Magistrate Uennlson, in the police court
this morning. Within that space of
time he had heard the charge of rob
bing the mails, read out. had pleaded guilty, decided to he tried by
Magistrate Dennison and heard that
dispenser of rapid justice: "Three
.ears in Kingston pin with hard labor." Edwards was employed as a
mail wagon driver. On Thursday he
was discharged.    Friday afternoon he
iresented himself at the postofflce,
s '< un d a bag or registered mail rrom
employers who did not know that he
vmis no longer in the service. He
carried the sack of mail to a hotel
mil rifled its contents in the lava-
the Greek, the strike leader killed in mailed up to the weight of 11 pounds.!
the Ludlow battle of last Monday, is ' !t had been the intention to limit the
to he held tomorrow, it was announced | weight of parcel post packets to six
today. The funerals ol' other Greeks i pounds during the organization period
killed in the series of fights last week j but as the organization of parcel post
will be held at the same time.
Capt. Gaunt to Washington.
London. April 26.���The appointment of Captain R. A. Gaunt, as naval attache or the British embassy nt
Washington, dating troni June 1, iu
succession to ('apt. II. S. Grant, was
I gazetted  today.
King  and  Queen  Home from  Paris-
Attract Great  Attention.
London, April 26.���Princess Mary of
Wales was 17 years old yesterday and
the event was celebrated at a family
luncheon for which their majesties re-
i turned from Paris. Afterwards the
I princess entertained her girl friends
! at tea. Her royal highness is not as
��� tall as It was once expected she would ;
I be   but  she  has  a good  figure     She j       Strikers Destroy Another Mine
will make her debut into society next       Denver. Colo,  April  28.-   It  was re-
vru | ported here tonight hy former Dover-
'' The queen's style of dressing, un- nor J.  il.  Peabody, who is now in
affected  as  it  Is by  the  vagaries of   the Fremont county strike zone, that
fashion   attracted  much attention in'the victorious strikers dvnamited and \ which was at first charged on parcels
Paris   where   her  numerous  rn'lc"  J!fir<''   the   rrrpertv   cf  the  Chandler | mailed   for  local   delivery
Were   unaffectedly   praised      Her  dls-  mine,   Colorado   Fuel   and   Iron   com
play   of   magnificent   jewels    iii     the j pany.   near   Canon   City   tonight,   OC
opera were the syiinsure of all evee. Icupyin
Co-cperative Women's Guild Hell!  Its
First Gathering.
The New Westminster Co-operative
Women's   guild   held   its   first  social
in  the Labor Temple on Friday evening.   Mrs. James Whitelaw, president
of the guild presided, and in her opening remarks outlined the objects of the
guild and the benefits of co-operation.
A full program was rendered by the
following:  Miss Hewitt of Vancouver.
Miss Turnbull.  Miss Mary Whitelaw.
Mrs.   Bowes,   Mrs.   McNaughton   and
Mrs. Thomas; J. R. Wilson. Mr. Rob-
emphaslze the 1'act that all restrictions; son and Mr. Fotheringhani. accompanies regards  weight and delivery have  1st     Mrs.   Rohson,   Mrs.   Barker  and
I he, n removed. Mrs.   Bristow   had  charge  oi   the   re-
"I'arcel   post   packets  may   now  be i freshnients  assisted   by   Mrs.   Beatty,
Department  States  That  all   Restric-
tlonr  Are  Removed.
Ottawa, Ap.il 2ii. ���The postoifice de
partment has  issued   the    following I
statement in regard to the parcel post
"From numerous enquiries received
from the public on the subject or parcel  post,  it  would  seem  desirable  to
was quickly made, heavier parcels
have now been handled lor some time.
it hiving been determined to give the
public the full benefit of this. Parcel
post packets may therefore he mailed
up to the limit above mentioned.
The additional fee of five cents each
Mrs. Cameron. Mrs. Turnbull and Mrs.
Wiigglesworth. The president and officers of the association thanked all
who had so ably contributed to such
a pleasant evening and which was appreciated by all.
that   mining  camp.
Whirled to  His Death.
Orangeville, Ont, April  26.���From
his trousers catching in the shafting:
while attempting to change a belt  in
an open air sawmill, R. II. Harrison.
a  young  married  man,  30  years old,
plates; a  resident  of this  place,  was whirled
where the letter carriers' delivery  is  ro.id   the   machinery   and   instantly
in operation, lias also been abolished i killed   this  afternoon.     He leaves    a
additional fee is not charged. I wife  and  one child.
ar.d th PAGE TWO
MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1914.
The   llevelstoke   Review   is  one  of
An Independent morning paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and | (h(l   |atpgt   additions   to   news'uper-
tbe Fraser Valley.    Published every morning accept Wtimlay hy the National rrlnt,ng   dom  in   the province,    il   Is edited  by
and Publishing Company. Limited, at 63 McKensle Strut. New Westminster, British
Columbia. ROBB SITTHF.1U.AN1>. Managing Director
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster Mewsi, and not
to Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, mill iii""��'y orders should be made
payable lo The National Printing and Publishing Compsny. Limited.
TELEPHONES-Buslneas Office and Manager. >*l; Bdltorial "'��' <"" avpan-
W.   H.   Ilohaiinan,
who   is   likewise
.ts). 991.
Chinese   farm   laborers     in      the
Armstrong   district   are   reported   to!
he  uniting  in  a demand  for higher I
wages,   and    making   the   mlsreprt
Steps Taken  Friday at Vancouver to
Organize Under the Laws of the
SUBSCRIPTION rates���By carrier. 14 r*'r year, |1 for three months, 4tic Per j st.;itution that  *50 a  month  is being
mont.'i   By nm 11. $tl per year, 2f>c per month.
ADVERTISING  RATES on  application.
It is a high credit to United States journalism to learn
paid jn  other districts.    This 1b de
jnied   by   the   Armstrong   Advertiser,
l which is authority for the statement;
j that   under  no  conditions  shall   the
Chinese   receive   more   than   $45   a]
I month.
Iowa Lumber &
Timber Co., Ltd.
A baseball league is to be formed
this season embracing the towns of
Salmon Arm, Enderhy, Armstrong
and Vernon.
A Japanese syndicate of Vanoou-
I ver is reported to be negotiating for
that of the hundred and thirty-eight leading newspapers
on the American side of the border one hundred and seven
are supporting President Wilson in his stand on the Pa- y    s    ^
nama canal tolls question and only twenty-eight are op-; a larKe tni(.t of land in the okana
nosing- him This canvass of the leaders in the newspaper Ban district for the purpose of col-
posing nun. xiiiBciuivrtoo u*> i u,,n, *.* ���,ki;��� oniaatlon   purposes,    it  every  on-
world to the south noes to show that the Dig duik oi puDiic ,.Ilta| ln tlie pr0vince could be "coi-
nninion   h'lfks WilsOIl  in  his fight for the  honor of the  onised" and kept within the colony,
Opinion   UcltKh   ""���,"1   '" �� . | tlif idea  might  be  boosted  by some
nation. . . ,,      ,.   j whites.
Analysis of this newspaper sentiment shows that the |
East, the Middle West and the South are overwhelmingly
against granting ship subsidies to U. S. shipping by breaking treaties, while the chief measure of support comes
from the Pacific coast.
In New York the Hearst publications are found lined
up against the president and repeal of the exemption I organii
clause and that in itself seems to have done a great deal |farmln
to give Wilson substantial backing elsewhere.
If summer traffic warrants a
Sunday service will be given on tin
Okanagan  branch of the <'.  I'. H.
Farmers in the I.uniby district
have decided to branch out from the
one-idea plan of depending exclusively on their hay crop, and have
zed to engage in diversified
g.     A mighty good  idea.
The first comet of 1914 has been discovered in Germany, but the place lo search forreal first class shooting
stars is in the ranks of the 104th regiment in this city.
There is keen interest being taken in rifle shooting this spring at
Witli war talk so much to the front, Colorado is still
trying to keep on the map with her labor troubles and
militia demonstrations against the strikers.
All underground miners in Ontario now work an eight
hour day. The agreement between the workers and the
operator* was made on the level.
An automobile driven by \V. B,
Pease and a bicycle ridden by Frank
Lavander, both of Kelowna, came into violent contact a few days ago
The report or the accident states
that the auto run over the bike,
"tearing it to pieces." No one was
Injured, and no one was to balme.
The grounds in front of the hospital at Kelowna are to be laid out in
flowers and lawn, and donations of
plants, etc., are requested hy the directors to make the premises pleasing to  the eyes of  the  patients.
The good citizens of Kelowna are
certainly  progressive  and   determin
France is going to take a census of its autos and , e,i to improve their home town. Pe-
motor cycles capable of being used in war. What we need ; ����������� ^&uVuS'SK
is a census of the machines available for election purposes, j cii.
When a French poet died last month his dog howled
steadily for six days and then cashed in his canine checks
too. It's some satisfaction to have even an orphan pup appreciate your poetic efforts.
One of the new masters of arts at Cambridge university, England, is both deaf and dumb, which goes to
show that a tongue hung in the middle isn't an absolute
necessity to achieve success.
The Austrian government is considering free dentistry for all railroad employees. If it makes the brakemen
tell us the station names any more plainly, then let's have
it here too.
E. Smith, provincial cold storaMi
inspector, who has been in charce
of the pre-cooling station at Sum-
merland, has been called to Ottawa
to be an assistant to .1. A. Ruddick,
Dominion cold storage commissioner. Mr. Smith left Vernon Wednesday for the coast and will proceed to Ottawa about May 1. He
will be succeeded at Summerland
by .1. L. Goodman.
The members or the Roman Catholic church in Penticton are to he
congratulated on their decision to
erect a church on the fine site
which they have secured at the corner of Brunswick street and Fair-
view avenue. A nresbytery will also
be erected adjoining the church, for
the  residence   of  the  pastor.
At the rooms of the Vancouver
beard of trade on Friday last a meeting of prominent secretaries was held
to receive the report of the commit
tee appointed at a previous meeting
to consider the question of forming
a branch of the Chartered Institute of
Secretaries. There had been a strong
feeling at the previous meeting In favor of the former but after further
consideration the committee had discovered that It would be essential to
modify some of the provisions of the
constitution of the Knglish institute
before they would be suitable to conditions in Canada, and as this could
not be done before the next annual
meeting of the Chartered Institute,
and would require the consent of the
privy council In England that it was
preferrable to start a new society.
The feeling had also been expressed
by one of the judges of the province
antl others that the recognition of
such a body would be more general if
instead of adopting the well known
high standard of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries, whose constitution
bad been framed to meet the requirements of the old country, a similar
high standard was maintained but under the laws of Ilritish Columbia, by
bylaws specially frame*! to meet the
requirements here, and with a council
of prominent men who are secretaries
of large H. ('. concerns, whose influence would be more real than that of
tiie council ln England, who though
very well known In England were not
known personally to many in British
It was therefore unanimously resolv-
i d to accept the committee's recommendation, and the same committee,
consisting of one fellow and two associates ol' the Chartered Institute of
Secretaries, the secretary of the Vancouver board of trade and the secretary of the Dominion Match Co., Ltd.
were authotlzed to get the constitution
framed by a well known firm of solicitors, and to get not more than 25
specially capable secretaries to be the
signatories to the memorandum of association, taking as a basis such por-
\ tions of the rules und conditions of
j the Chart, red Institute of Secretares
as seemed suitable to British Columbia.
It may be added that the objects of
j the proposed Institute are to a large
extent   educational   and   for  the  gen-
I eral interest ot the profession.   'Membership will only be allowed In those
; cases where a considerable experience
! had  been obtained, and  the examina-
; tions passed, and this will both be a
' means of Improving the  facilities  for
i secretarUs to properly get conversant
] with   the   requirements  of   their   pro-
| fession and of safeguarding the pnh-
i lie from the loss from  ignorance and
fraud  that has meant in  British Columbia  alone  the  loss  of  millions  of
dollars   of   hard   earned   money,   and
still   more  loss  from  the fact that it
has so often meant the failure of Industries that would have paid   shareholders well if properly conducted and
have   employed   hundreds   lit   men    In
stea<ly work.
We have everything you
need in Lumber. Prices and
service right.
Does your garden need
fencing? Does your sidewalk need repairing? How
about that chicken house?
Accountant. Telephone K447. Konia
tJ  Han Bleak.
1 P. II. Smith. W. J. tlr��<��.
Work   undertaken   It    city   and   outside
points.   2U.i:   Westminster   Trust   BldSV
; Phone   SS4.    P.  O.   Itoz   t��7.
H. P. O. K. of 1��. <\. meet the first und
iiiini Friday nt s p.nt, Labor Tampla,
Seventh .nut Royal avenue. A. Walla
dray, baited Ruler; P. u. smith secretary.
nm! third Tuesday in saoa month at i
,    p.m.    In   the   Labor   Temple.     David
Boyle, Dictator; w. J. Qroves, Secretary.
regular meeting u< Amity lodge Nu
27. I. O. O. F., la held every Monday
night at I o'clock In Odd Fallow*' Hall.
curner Carnarvon and Klghlb street*.
Visiting     brethern      cordially     'nvlted,
II. \V. SatiKster. K.O.J J. L, Watson,
T. Q.; W. C. Coatham, P. O.. recording secretary: J. W. MacDonald. financial secretary.
-Mooso vs. B.C.B.R,
Moose vs. Columbus.
B.C.B.R, vs. Columbus.
Moose vs.   B,  ('.  B.   H.
-Columbus  vs.  Moos,'.
Columbus vs. B.C.B.R
B.C.B.R, vs. Moose.
-Columbus  vs.  Moose.
Columbus vs. B.C.B.R
B.C.B.R.  vs   Moose.
-Moose  vs.  Columbus.
-Columbus  vs.  B.C.B.R.
W. K. FAI.KH & CO., C12-61X Agnes
street, opposite Canu'Kle library.
Most updo-date funeral parlors *!n
the city. Specialists In shlpplns.
I.ady assistant In attendance. Always open. Oay phone 176, night
phone 81.
ter A Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral directors
and einiialiners. Parlors 406 Columbia
street.    New   Westminster.    Phone   fit.
When you read of Delhi, India, and Athens, Greece. flDI'C  RFMANINQ
undertaking town-planninsr schemes it makes you feel all UHU. o liL.linnuiJ
the progressiveness isn't located in the western hemi-
Investigation;; nt Princeton university have brought
out the fact that the brightest students are those who
study Greek. Weil, it takes a live man to get away with
that dead language.
Count Boni Castdkne threatens to quit the gay white
way and go into a monastery. Outside of the probability
that no monastery would admit him, it sounds too good
to be true.
One regrettable feature of war is the way the near-
musicians start potiring "war songs" on the unsuspecting
market. It's almost worse than what General Sherman
.said war was.
An eastern doctor gays a man who stammers can cure
himself by reversing the use of his hands, that is by making the right do the work of the left, etc. Could a man
who is a uoor shot learn to throw straight if he started
to stutter?
Talk about getting back: An Englishman who was offended at the New York customs officers the other day
when they clipped an aigrette from his daughter's hat,
got even on Uncle Sam by sitting down and writing a thousand dollar cheque in favor of Victoriano Huerta, of
Mexico.   Some revenge, eh?
The Household Remedy
Ruth   Strong.   Aged   17,   of   Republic,
Believed to Have Taken  Life
After Grieving Over Suicide.
lifeless body of Kuth Strong, aged
17, was found late yesterday after-
j noon stretched across the grave of
j Klmer Gafvert, her betrothed, who
committed suicide a year ago yes-
I terday. Justice Mack has issued a
i statement that the girl committed
i suicide. A note found in her suit-:
'case, with a photograph of Gafvert,
j reads: "Let me rest at Elmer's
! side."
Miss Strong came to Chesaw Tues-;
j day  evening  from  her  home  in   Republic for a visit and seemed in good,
> spirits,  although  since  the  death  of
: Gafvert she had grieved deeply. Yes-
��� terday   afternoon   she   appeared   at.
the   Woodworth   cemetery,   to >k   off
her   cravanette   and   stretched   it   on
the ground near the grave   She then
crossed   the   road   to  a  Stream  and
dipped   up   a  glass   of   water.
Men   engaged   at   road   work   ob-
terved   the   girl   standing   with   Iter
back  toward   them   for some    lime.
When   she   was   seen   lying   nn   the
i grave their suspicions became an  is-!
led and caused  them to stop a passing   autolst.     He   went   to   the  girl's
side   and   found   her   dead      Undertaker   Orove   removed   the   r-m;   nsj
I to his morgue after the justice's examination,     Wires   were  sent   to   A.
i A. Strong, of Orovllle, father of the j
j girl,   ami   to  the  mother,   wh i   lives
at Republic, and with whom the girl
made her home.
Gafvert committed suicide at his
I father's ranch near Chesaw bupi os-
edly because of 111 health. The net
! was committed a year ago yesterday and it is believed the girl planned for the coining of the anniversary.
Orders  for  Week   Ending   May  2.   by
Scoutmaster  R.  P. Day.
Parades-The troop will parade as
usual on Wednesday next at 7:30
p.m. IiriK.s: Drill order, with lame
B.-P. hats. A good attendance is requested, as arrangements for the
special May Day parade will be made.
The troop will parade on Friday
next, May 1, at the B. C. E, R. station
at 11:30 a.m. sharp, for the purpose
of taking part in the May Day parade.
Dress: Drill order, with large B.-P.
hats. All scouts must attend this
parade, and will make their own arrangements for their midday lunch.
A dinner will be provided iu the evening, and special prizes and sports in
the afternoon. Scouts from Vancouver and Coquitlam will also attend,
Uniforms���Scouts can obtain their
uniform from Messrs. A. P. Brown &
Co.. 931 Pender street west. Vaneou-
ter, and must g1 t same at once.
Recnpts No. 87, G. Findlav; No.
88, M. Thrift; No. 89, A. H. FIndlay,
having joined the troop are hereby
.-iddetl to the strength from this date,
No. 87. '!. i-'indlay, having passed 'he
tenderfoot its' is hereby posted to
No.  1   patrol
Competitions- The first aid patrol
are reminded that the competition
takes place In May, and each member
must read Up the remainder of the
course, and practice the bandaging,
Hy order.
W.  M.  CHAPMAN.  Adjutant.
New Westminster, April  14, 1H14.
Residence:   Room  IIS  McLeod Block.
Phone 4S9 L.
LW A Y S keep a bottle of Eno's in
the house in readiness for an emergency.
There is not the least   danger  of  any   ill
effect or improper use in any case, as its action
is entirely in accord with Nature.
Eno's   " Fruit  Salt"   contains   the    valuable
constituents of ripe fruit in a portable, agreeable
__,��___       and   simple   form,  and  is  in  every   respect  as
K^Mll>M       harmless as the juices of the fruits from which
JSLwtff^ >"  obtained.
ftSttWjlM      Sold in   all   the   principal   towns  and   cities   ol
S^nat^a^A     Canada.
I^MjfiA Prepared on/v by
J. C. ENO, Ltd., "FrwilS.lt" Worki.Loaasa, Lag.
Agents for Canada:
Harold F. Ritchie A Co.. Limit..
10 McCaul St.. TORONTO
I''. \. Daniels Deed.
Armstrong.   B.   '<'.,   April   26,
i N.    Daniels,   one   of   the   early   r
| dents  of  Armstrong,   died   in   Revi
j stoke hospital on Wednesday of
week from cancer, after a couple
; months'  illness.
The deceased gentleman was ah
,60 years of age and leaves a wid
I ,n'i several children.
Fir   several   months   Mr.   Dan
conducted   ;'.   blacksmith     shop
j Armstrong, and about bIx years i
moved   with   other  members  of
family to his  farm  at Seymour Ai
j of ShuBwap lake, where he has sii
The late Mr.  Daniels was a me
; her of Spallumcheen  Lodge, No.  1
: A.  F.  &   A.  M.,  and   was  buried
Seymour Arm on  Friday last.
Spring  Suitings  Just  arrived.    Seo
them.    Perfect (It    and  workmanship
guaranteed.    Prices    from  $18.00 up
701   Front Street. 	
May 15��� B.C.E.R. vs. Moose.
May 19���Moose vs. Columbus.
May 22���Columbus vs. B. C, E, R.
May 26���B.C.E.R. vs. Moose.
May  29- Moose   vs.   Columbus,
June  2���B.C.E.R.   vs.   Columbus.
Jpne 5- Moose vs   B.C.E.R.
June 9���Moose vs. Columbus.
Juno 12���B.C.E.R. vs. Columbus.
June 16���Moose vs.  B.C.E.R
June  19���Moose   vs.   Columbus.
June 23���B.C.E.R.  vs. Columbus.
Have you ever pa use J. to consider
the great financial loss caused every
year through typhoid ,ever?asks the
provincial board of health In a ur-
tular just   Issued   from   Victoria.
Typhoid fever is a filtn disease, although many people jfleri become
affected. It is carried iy human ex-
cetions anil gets inU lite drinking
v>ater through Improperly constructed well, defective Inii"*, etc., or on
to food through the agency oi flies,
and so on into the mouth and stomach.
Tills disease is far too prevalent,
the deaths in British t .ilunibla lor
the last year from tills cau-ii alone
being eighty-five,
Apart from this loss of life, the
economic waste is enormous. During the same period about 700 persons were ill with this sickness in
this province. If each of these cases
were laid up for eight weeks, a short
average, this would mean a total period of 39,200 <iayn In hospital, and
with hospital expenses at $2 per day,
a total  est  of  $78,400,
If each patient required a total of
four months before he regained his
full strength and earning capacity,
this would mean a total loss of 84.-
000 days. As the majority of these
cases occur in men earning $3 a day
and over, the loss of earning capacity would be about $262,0000.
This, together with the hospital e.v-j
penses, which do not include doctors'
fees and other items, gives a gross,
total of $330,400. Aside from this,
many persons never regain their old;
health, and this, together with the
loss of life, cannot be estimated ln
How to Prevent.
To prevent this disease. besides
cleanliness, a method of immunization is now available. This consists
of the use of typhoid prophylactic,
which is a sterile solution for hypodermic injection. It may be used by
a doctor or nurse, and will be supplied on application to the secretary
of the provincial board of health,
After the first dose there Is some
slight reaction, the person inoculated feeling as if he had nn ordinary
attack of lagrlppe. This passes off
In the course of a very few hours and
does not prevent a person from following his usual work. The second
dose Is given form seven to ten days
after the first, and from this practically no reaction occurs. A third
dose, for still more complete protection, is given from seven to ten days
after the second.
That this Inoculation does protect
Ih shown by tables taken from the
report of Dr. H. O. MacKId, surgeon-
general of the Alberta division of
the Alberta division of the Canadian
Pacific railway.
striking Example.
To quote from Dr. H, G. MacKId:
"One of the most striking results
was in a gang of thirty-five men who
were camped within the city limits,
and who absolutely refused to be
treated at first. They were eleven
cases developed in this camp, and
then tho men began to ask io ho Inoculated.''which was done, ami following that we had only one more
Other statistics which do not apply quite so near home are hero given:���
1, Sixty-one thousand six hundred and twenty-two British soldiers immunized in India during
1911. Typhoid incidence In the immunized 1.7 per thousand; In those
not Immunized. 6.7 per thousand ���
a case reduction of 75 per cent.
Death rate In immunized, 0.17 per
thousand'; not. immunized. 1.16 per
thousand���a mortality reduction of
8 5 per cent.
2. Eighty-two thousand United
States soldiers immunized up to July
1st, 1912. The typhoid rate dropped
from 3.03 per thousand in 1909 to
0.3 per thousand in 1912���a reduction of 90  per cent.
Tho use of this may save your
life, as it already has saved others.
Have it used on yourself and get
your friends to do likewise.
stir hoard ot Trade meet! In the boar*
room. City Hall, aa follows: Third Friday of each month; quarterly meetma
on the third Friday of February, May.
Autruat and November at 8 p.m. Annual meeting! on the third Friday ol
February. C. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
rioters. Solicitor*, etc 40 borne Street,
New Westminster. U, B. Corbould, K.
C.    J. R. ,Irani.    A.  B   UcColl.
at-hiw. Solicitor, etc. Sollcl'.or for the
Bank of Vancouver. Offices: Merchants Bank Building-. New Westminster. B.C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
hiIiIuhs "Juunatoii." Code Western
W. F. HANSFORD. BARRISTER, Solicitor, etc., Colllster Block, corner Columbia ami McKensle streets. New Weat-
mlnstcr. B.C. P. O. Bos 286. Telephone 844.
���Ide ��� Barrister* and Solicitor*, Westminster Trust Blk., Columbia street.
New Westminster. B. C. Cable addrea*
"Whiteside." Western Union. P. O.
Drawer 200. Telephone I* W. i.
Whiteside, K. C. i H. L. Edmonds. D.
1. HTH.WEI.L CLUTE, Barrister st-lsw,
solicitor, etc.; corner Columbia aof
McKenxle street*. New Westminster.
B   C    P. O. Box  111.    Telephone   7IS
Solicitor and Notary. Offlcfs Hart
block. 28 Lorn* street. New WMSfmln-
*t<>r. B   O
Barristers and Solicitor*. 801 to Olf
Westminster Trust Block, o. a. Martin. W. O. sfeQuarrt* and Oeore* U
COAL MINING rights of the Dominie*
n Manitoba Kaskatcticwsn and Alberta,
he   Yukon Territory,   the Northwest   Ter-
# n m"i.ni',n ". rortl��n nt the Prorlne*
if British Columbia, may be |(.��hw1 for a
'Hn.n i�� . '""itr-one years st Hrt annual
rental of II an acre. Not more than 2il��
teres will be leased to one applicant
Application for a lease must be mads
t.y  the applicant  In   person  to  the   Ag-ol
yjSSF.^SSS ?' tne <1l"lr,c' ,n which the
-Ighta applied for are situated
In ,?"7*yt<l territory the land must b*.
Jeserlbed by sections, or legal suh-dlel-
*lon�� of sections, and In unsurvevefl ter-
r tory the tract applied for Rj1Bll ���.
staked out by the applicant hlms. If
Each  application   must  be nccomoanls*
"Z * .,e���e. 0f ,S���Wi,,Sh wl" '>��" r.f.Z." It
'.he right* applied for are not avullabla,
but not otherwise A royalty shall be
jiald on the merchantable output of tne
nine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating tl���. ���iltin shall
���iirnlHh tlie Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of mer
���turntable coal mined and pay the rey-
ilty thereon. If the caal mining right*
ire not being operated such returns shoulA
M   furnished at  least  once  a  year.
The lease will Include the coal mining)
���Ighla only, but the leasee will be per-
nltied to purchase whatever available,
mrface right* may be considered neces-
,ary for the working of the mine at tb*
-ate of IK an acre.
For full Information application shout*.
je made to the Secretary of the Depart.
���nent  of the Interior. Ottawa, or  to any
Agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion  Land*.
W. W. COP.T.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior..'
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of this
idvertlsement will not be paid for.
New Wellington
Office, 554  Front Street,
Foot of  Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.        Barn Phone 137.
Begble  Street.
Daggafte Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Read The News MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1914.
Tour Guarantee of Goodness
The name "SALADA" on the sealed lead packages is your strongest guarantee of all that is
best and most fragrant in tea
earning enough to support a wife I
have the license and will stop this If
rie.ct ssary I shall send my son to the
reform school. It would be better for
him to be then- than to be married."
Last  Bightt  after  Mrs.  Childs   had
leonferrad  with friends, she said:
'My son la running an elevator in i
the Zeigler building. I waa watching'
for him and got possession of the 11-1
I cense anil there has been no wedding.
j My son Is at home. I have no particular objt ction    to the    young  woman. I
' After considering  the   matter  I  have
decided, however, to give my consent
if they are determined  to marry and i
shall go over to the courthouse tornor-1
row antl give my legal sanction to the | over
���dean, whole leaves   with the delightful flavor ,
of the fresh leave, brought to your table by the NOW ITS LIGHTHOUSES
sealed lead packages. 1
A   group  of  men     interested     in
making   manifest   the   social   Implication   of   the Gospel   arranged  and
paid   for   the   following     advertisement  in  the. Baltimore Xews.    They
asked r.  F.  Hlghatn.  ol  London,  to
write   it   for  them  aud   it   appeared
his signature:
The  church   has  many   functions.!
(in  its social side It is the most slg-l
i uificant   fellowship In  the world.  It
| is the oldest and the biggest, antl in:
There .Ire Several (���rndes From King
Sock-eye Down.
While the sock-eye la the aristo-
srat of the salmon tribe, be is by no
means tbe only source of prolit to tbe
Pacific Coast nnhertnen.
The next variety In grade of value
is the Coho, a trim, silver-scaled fish,
averaging ten pounds, and running
is high as 20. It haa a red flesh,
out is coarser grained and has larger
bones than the Sock-eye. The Coho
Is a fall fish, running to tbe spawn-
Ing grounds a couple of weeks later
than the Sock-eye. Their spawning
grounds ai" usually fresh water
streams below an Inland lake.
The   Hump-back    is   a  five-pound
fish of similar '   bit to the Sock-eye,
Old   Proverb  That   Murder
I UL'KO in  bank notes, together with a
] woman's  gold  handbag,    and    jewels
j worth   6800 more.    Mine. Harratin ex- j
plained   that  the  last  time  her  bus- I
hand's   bosom   friend,   Falompln,   was !
condemned to three months' Imprison- j
j^j^j^j^^^M | ment in a rase of violent assault  In-
 . I had entrusted the box to her husband, j
. The affair is gradually  working it-
Strang* Story From France Illustrates   self out  In  the  strangest manner, as
last July a woman named Louise I'oret
was murdered and robbed and Falem-
WiM  Out. ,,in   w,lH   t'lf'"  arrested  on   suspicion. I
_ hut   released   for   want   of   proof.     If
the   Jewels   are   r, cognized,   as   it   is
rumored several already have been, as I
the property of  I'oret, it may  be deduced  that     Kalt-nipin  murdered    her |
and that  Harratin  was an  accessory. I
This Is the Latest Invention���France
Establishes Wireless Towers
Along  North Coast.
its twentieth century spirit It j8! excepting that It spawns in very
as new as wireless and the Hortizlan I 8ma11 streams close to the sea. ft is
wave. The church, in its new rela-,Vfiry Prolific, and ln the seasons of
tlonahlps, Is as human as man. It their run the streams ar* frequently
has come through purgation of lire.! choked  with  fish struggling against
I'arls, April 20. The hotly was
found a few days ago In the River
Marne, near Noisy, of a man who had
In en shot dead, and the remains were
Identified by the police as those of a
certain Falempln, an habitual criminal. A few days before passers by
near Cotirnay llridge hail heard despairing cries for help, the sound of
a pistol, and a splash, and had seen
a man running from the scene of the
< rime.
On Saturday a man named Harratin
presented himself at the police station and asked to see the body, as
he ��� nought It might be that of a friend
lately disappeared. Mis manner, how-
ei iir, was so suspicions that the commissary detained him whilst be si nt
for witnesses from (ioiirnay three of
whom swore that he was the man
they saw on the night in question running away. While waiting for the
parquet to visit the spot the police
shut Harratin In a spare room and
served him with luncheon, accompanied by a small decanter of wine, Almost directly a loud cry was heard,
and on opening the door a gendarme
found him with the neck of the decun
ti r in his right hand lying on the floor
with his throat cut by the jagged
edge of glass. His condition is so
serious that It is impossible to interrogate him, as be appears also to
have swallowed Involuntarily some
pict B of glass. There is, Indeed, small
hope of saving his life.
Money Found.
Mi iiiwhiif another commissary pro-
c�� ded to the house of Harratin, wh >
was married, und behind the chimney-
piece   discovered   a   small   box   with
ll is suggested that Falcmpln's death
wiih probably due to a dispute engineered by Harratin In the hope of remaining the sole heir to the booty.
The  jewels  answer  closely   to  the
description cirioulatcd at the time of
, the  I'oret crime, and  the police have
i little doubt  as  to  the correctness  of
! the surmises  The only anomalous fact
is   that   If   Harratin   resolved   not   to
stick  at killing his friend In order to
obtain  the plunder be should so long
1 have carefully preserved it intact  for
Snokane, April 24.   Sobbing bitterly, .Mrs. CharltH Childs, vile u!' a teaming  contractor,    2020    Seventh     ave
tine, called at the offlc-i of County
Auditor   II.   \V.   Butler  vi'.-.i nlav  and
isked that the page in the marriage
���ecord  when in  her son  was given   t
license to marry last Saturday be de-
lit..veil.   Auditor  Hurler told  her that
't  was Impossible to comply with her
The license objected to by Mrs.
Childs was Issued to her son, H. K.
Childs, 22 years, and Mary Craddock,
IS years, 'both of this city. The license was witnessed by l.oren Kast-
nian  i'. dentist.
"The licent B is untrue as regards
the age of my son." said Mrs. Childs.
"He   is   IH   years  of   age  and   Is  not
London, April 2*i. - Wireless light
houses are being established by th,
French government along the north ' tom
coast, the first two being located on
Islands near the approach to the port
of Hrest. Two more are planned for
the port of Havre.
The lighthouses will operate a system aliuots exactly like that of ordinary lighthouses, except that, instead
of waves of light, Wireless waves will
give the information to approaching
ships. The great advantage of such
lighthouses is that fog will not hinder their efficiency. When a ship approaches Brest, and is wlthing thirty
miles of the Islands, wireless signals
will be picked up. If the ship is fitted with a "direction finder" it will be
easy to apply information, but even
without that instrument the receipt
of any signals at all will be of assistance, for the exact positions of the
lighthouses are known. Bach station
will send out Its wireless message
every few seconds, together with special signals to indicate which station
Is  sending.    The sending    apparatus j which they have strayed
(Marconi   system)   is   automatic   and)
Is constructed so that it will run for
thlrtv hours without any attention.
each other and battling againit rocks,
cascades and barriers. Their flesh is
light-colored and soft, and they spoil
quickly on being taken from the water. For this reason they have not
been packed much as a food product,
but In tbe past three yearn there has
been an Increasing demand for this
cheaper class of  fish.
The Dog salmon is a coarse pink
fish of uniform size, ten to twelve
pounds. It is the lowest grade in
market value and is taken principally for salting. It runs to spawn
out with more courage, makes j about tbe same time as tbe Hump-
feel better disposed towards his | back.
The Steel-head salmon which is
frequently caught In Sock-eye season,
is really a salmon trout. They are
nearly always put In cold storage and
sold as fresh llsh, being held as the
best flavored of all the varieties for
table  use.
It has fought and won
A man's own Ideas may be right
enough. He may be a good citizen,
a theoretical optimist, a believer In
humanity, in his country antl in
himself. Yet the strongest man
needs at times a stimulus. Ills spiritual forces needs to be reinforced
with new ideas. The right man ln
the pulpit comes with a message of
Inspiration and hope He gives new
to the listener.
If a man goes to church, and receives   something   there   that   sends
fellows, and stirs him to ambition
to dignify his services to other men,
he will go back to that church
again. He will go because he has
been benefited. Multiply that man
by many mil ion and you have an
idea of the possibilities of the church.
Millions  Waiting.
There are In America about one
hundred million people, and fifteen
times that many people In the world.
Many of them are despairing. Millions needs new hope. Their earth
is ashes, their heavens turned to
brass. They are entitled to know
that by natural right they are Inheritors of health, happiness and infinite love. They are entitled to
be shown the way back to the kingdom   where   they   belong,   and   from
Hilly Sunday Gets the Coin.
Memphis, Teiin . Scimitar: Billy
Sunday gets the money and goes
about with his pockets bulging out.
while ordinary clergymen arp going
from one lean year to another. Here
is a sample of the argument which
Hilly uses when he wants to make the
boys cough up I "David looked at Go-
Hath ami asked who this big stiff was.
Then he hit him between the lamps,
chopped off his block and the rest of
the. gang heat it." When a anul-
j saver can handle the king's Knglish
in this manner he is sure to get the
| money.
More  Crime  In  West.
Crimes of violence are on the increase In tbe Northwest, says the annual report of the ftoyal Northwest
Mounted Police, which was issued recently. Of 44 charges of murder, 12
were the direct result of execesslve
drinking and drunken brawls, five
for purposes of gain, three by Insane
persons, three infanticide, and the
remainder were caused by jealousy,
lrst and revenge.
i There were entered by the police
As a business man 1 believe In the | during the last fiscal year la,449
church, because it is practical and! cases. This is 1,680 more than the
progressive, and because it Is In year befoie, and there were 12,985
touch with all the new discoveries, I convictions. There were 2,135 caBes
or rather, re-dlsroveries, regarding of vagrancy, which Illustrates the
the power of the mind and soul. 1 floating nature of the population.
see in the church the scientific me- Many were tramps, beating their way
dium for conveying the greatest pow-. along the railroads, others were rail-
er known. It is bringing man into i road navvies, while others still have
complete accord with the infinite, j come In with the \early migration of
It is giving man dominion and power | harvesters.
to do lasting good. On Sept. 30 last the strength of the
N'ot   only   is  the   church   address*I police force was 55 officers, 708 non-
Ing hundreds of thousands with the j commissioned officers and constables,
message   formerly   discussed  by  two'and 572 horses.    This Is an increase
or   three   gathered   together   in   His j of  one officer and   108  non-tommis-
nanie, but  in its emphasis upon  the j sioned officers and constables.   There
constructive side of  religion  It   hasjan;  26   new   detachments,   three of
banished fear.    It is casting out evil
) with good.    Instead of showing man
j how   to  grope in  the    darkness    it
turns on the light. I l.einieux Persisted.
i Churchman's Position. j     Hon   Rodolphe Lemieux Ib one of
|     The churchman is no longer a spir-
l-ondon, April 26.--There is to bo
an extraordinary dinner at the Hotel
Cecil, on May 4 next, under the au-
spicea of the Writers' Suffrage
league and the Actresses' Franchise
league. In a"I there will be covers
laid for six hundred.
Many notable women of society
and in the professions will be among
the impersonators of celebrities of
former days. The period permits of
deep delving into the past, as well as
upward peeps Into the future. Women and men���men are to be invited
��� can choose their attire from the
legendary garb of H. ('. 7000, or from
the suppositious raiment of A. D.
2914. It is Intended to make it a
perfect pageant of motley, and the
scene at the feast should be a revel  of color.
Miss Kdlth Craig will be a society
woman of a thousand years hence;
I.ady Aberconway will be attired as
Devorgille. the wife of John Halliol,
and joint founder with him of Bal-
liol college; Miss Janette Steer will
reveal hersef as Queen Kll/.abetb;
and .Mrs. Sarah Tooley as Kllzabeth
Fry. Mrs. Ilelloc Lowndes has decided on assuming the likeness of tho
Hon. Mrs. Norton; while Mrs. Zang-
will will revive the charming personality of Fanny Burney, Miss Clce-
ey Hamilton will be George Eliot,
and Miss Christopher St. John George
Sand. There will be a Boadicea
and a Jezebel, a Semlramidls, and a
Joan of Arc. Helen of Troy will be
the choice of a young American peeress, and Cleopatra will be the disguise of two of the ladles of the diplomatic circle, each of whom has a
distinctly different idea of the best
gown worn by the fair enchantress
of the Nile. There will be also a
Queen Dido.
As far as the men go. It is hoped
that as many as possible will come
either as Greek salves or Roman soldiers���"It will add so to the picturesque," said one of the organizing
which  are on  the route  to the Che-
I sana  Gold   Fields  ln   Alaska.
Making a Flat World
London, April 26.��� -A fruitarian
diet for the working classes is the
real remedy for labor unrest, according to Dr. Josiah Oldfleld, the well-
known dietist. A course of bananas
and nuts, intermingled with prunes
and semolina, would, it is his firm
I conviction, restore industrial har-
I mony and be a practical ��ten toward
the attainment of the golden age.
"My belief is that diet has a tire?*
deal to do with manifestations ot
character," said Dr. Oldfield to a
Standard representative yesterday,
discussing a lecture on "Fruitarian
which he delivered at the In-
sailing westward,
set  out  to  reach   India
���tIItf^P^P^i^__-^-^^^^^^',!> ,11('1 M'l'�� opposition and ridicule.
Ho believed the earth to be round.
"Wise men held that it was flat���that Columbus was mad
���and that lie'd fall ofF somewhere if he departed from
established beliefs.
But Columbus' belief found him a continent and made
him blessed of memory.
The Business World is flat to  some  men
Their profit-bearing shores of Opportunity stretch only so
far ns their grandfathers trod. Custom,-superstition and
apathy have sot them confines which they may not pass.
For instance, they believe tho business year is a flat one���
not an all-year round of trade, with East joining West,
with Spring merging into Autumn���but just two distinct
seasons, with sawed-off edges gaping into space.
They confine their activities to a Spring trade and to a
Fall trade. To them there is no intervening continent
villi stores of waiting wealth. Their world is flat. They
have not explored tho mid-year months of Summer trade.
Juno, July and August are never-never land.
Surely this conception of Summer as a "dull" season is
as fallacious as the delusion that the earth was flat.
People have just ns much money in tho hot weather and spend quite
ns freely as in Spring nnd Kail. Granted that they are not buying
skates and snow shovels in August, yet they are buying staple articles.
Furtherniore, they navo an eye on luxuries and comforts they are
counting upon purchti.sin^ in the Pall.
The modern  Columbus has discovered this
Summer trade���this golden West lying between the known
continents of old beliefs. Departing from established
habit, many have made their energies and their Advertising an all-year-round proposition.
Keeping up Advertising during the Summer months not
only links your Spring and Fall, but produces rich harvests from the Summer months themselves.
Advice regarding your advertising problems is available through any recognized Canadian
advertising agency, or the Secretary of the Canadian Press Association, Room 503 Liimsden
ltuildiiig. Toronto.    Enquiry involves no obligation on your part���so write, it interested.
| Commons, but it was not always thus. 1 stitute of Public Health.    "The pres-
no longer a spir-j the   |inest   English-speaking orators
lliial  mendicant.    He asserts his ,li-1 on  lhe Freneh 8ide ot lhe Canadian I Wets
vim. right.    And the idea that to he ^^^^^^
righteous we must be miserable has l old Parliamentarians have'a pain- 1 ent labor troubles and strike agita
passed. The anchorite in his cell I ,ul recollection of his first speech in tions are cauBed solely by diet. A,
and the saint on his pilar were pic- lhp House o{ Commonj He blunder- famous general of the ancients, on
turesque. hut their ministry is nojpd_ g,ammereQi and finally sat down the eve of hattle. fed his horses on
more. The church today is an in- ln uU)?r (,onfUSjon without having Wat's flesh in order that they might.
rtitution of artion. it not only preach- impreg8ea m8 thoughts on his audi- be moved to bite the enemy. Similarly, it practises. The Crusaders ence Arter tnp awjtwara silence I ���v. if we fed our men on a meat
fought for ancient tombs; the had been broketl and ,he wheels of ! tliet (lie-v develop mental as well as
church today fichts for life and hap- procedure were revolving again, an ' Physical uneasiness. The solution of
piness on the social plane. old gentleman rose up from his seat 1tne wl>o'e of our labor troubles Is a
The  world. Montaigne said,  need- \ on the ConBer,aUve 8lde ot the HOttse I dietetic one
 needed  simply    to    "be.     reminded.     The . and cro8aed ove.r tc the Liberal side
church   is   reminding   man     ot     hisl Whore Mr. Lemieux was sitting,
great estate. '      He was Mr. W. R. Brock, who was
Henry   Drummond   rightly   called j tnen sitting for one of the Toronto
love the greatest thing in the world,  constituencies.
This the church proclaims anew. Ev-       ..j win never try to speak in Eng-
servlce   |is>,   again,"  said    .Mr.    Lemieux.   iu
It may
ery one can share in the new
of man by attending church,
benefit liiui. it may benefit his neighbor. It can do neither harm. He
will become a part of a movement
pledged to a spiritual quickening of
mankind. The man who hears the
right sermons on Sundays will like-J Lemieux did
ly carry the Golden Hole with himjn~j8 reward
throughout the week. " '
If a man knew a source which
would double his self-respect, double
'he   esteem   in   which   he   was   held,
double his Influence and double his
usefulness   In   the   world   he   would
find   his  way to  it.     Religion  in   its
Contemporary application  shows the
possibilities  of  incalculable  increase
along all these lines.
Getting   hack   to   God   is     getting
hack to the sources of supply.    The
greater your need, the greater is the
church's opportunity to do you good.
I believe in the church because love
is   its   new   litany.     Its   waters   arc
living waters; its paths, the paths of
peace.    As a practical man 1 advise
"very  business man  in  Baltimore to
go to church tomorrow.
deep mortification,
Nonsense." said Mr. Brock. "It
was your first attempt, and you did
well when that fact is considered.
Keep at it."
Cheered by this timely advice. Mr
We cannot lay down any individual dietary as applied to everybody,
but we can lay it down that the hu-
| man race belongs by anatomy, physi-
' olo^y and instinct to thp grfin and
, fruit eatilne; races of the world. Man
j is closely allied to the anthropoid
I ape; therefore his diet should be a
j fruitarian one.
I "I use the word 'fruitarian' as cji-
! posed to 'vegetarian.' because tho
I latter word has been associated
I wtih  much   faddism.  ami
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ smacks  of
cabbages,   which  leads people  to  Im-
keep at it," and reaped I c
a   ���_^^^__^_
  I The   word   'fruitarian'   rovers   everv-
.,.,.., ..    ., , I'lilntr we ;sk  for in  the  Litany,  'the
Hilling  tt> Participate. j kindly   fruits   of   the   earth.'      The,
Andrew     Brodt-r,     the     humorous | w*rd embraces fruit in  the ordinary-
member of Parliament from Oundas, ,' sense,  fruit  of the cow,  like  butter
to   the  opening  of  the  House | and   milk:   fruits  of  the   fowl.   like
stories  gleaned from j Pgga;   and   fruit   of   the   bee   iu   tho
$85,487 DAMAGES
Contractor  Demands  Heavy  Payment
For Alleged Damage to
with  some  now stories  gleaned lrom | eggs;
his constituency.     Andy  says he  re- i form of honev."
reived a letter from one of his elec- I
ors shortly after Sir Wilfrid Laurier j ^~*~"'"
'liade his now famous speech at Hamilton, in which  he laid down a new
policy  for  the   Liberal   party.      Tho
letter was brief und to the point, running like this;
"Dear Andrew,���I see that man
Laurier i.i in favor of free food. So
am I. OS this is going to be a hard
winter, and I am ont of work, ("an
you tell me where I can got a barrel
f Hour and a side of pork free. 11
this man Laurier can got it free I
wish you would write him for me,"���
Toronto Saturday Night. ���
When through old
age the bodily   	
fuuctions become sluggish")'
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
give gentle, timely and
effective aid, without
discomfort or distress.
c.  a   box   at   your
~ruggist's. 173
Seattle, Wash.. April 26.���W. H.
Marks, contractor on many city
jobs, yesterday morning brought suit
in the superior court against the
municipality for $85,487.50 alleged
damage to Ills houses and lots by the
Fifth avenue regrade at Tester Way.
Marks, with Kmniett Russell and
Mike Gallagher, made that Improvement. The contractor says his
houses wore ruined by slides and
blames the city engineering department for not establishing proper
grades, having full knowledge of the
character of soil to bo excavated and
permitted to stand.
After the Fifth avenue regrade
was completed slides from the court
house hill were frequent and are
rontiiui'i'- 'o thin day, A number
uf buildings used as small hotels |
ami apartments have collapsed and
twice slides have carried dirt across
Fifth avenue against the wall of the
city hall.
Enquiry   Was  IVr incut.
Some years ago a certain candl
date, a relative of ol of the present
Now Brunswick Senators, was running for the House of Assembly for
the province.
One canvass against him was that
he was an Infidel, and in the course
of his nomination speech an opponent, who possessed a rather shady
business reputation, shouted: "You
don't  believe ther^  is a God."
"Do you, Mr. B.?" asked the can-
i didate.
"Of course I  'o. '
"Then why have you served tbe
devil all your life?"
More Than Two To One.
Deducting tbe foreign element,
such as the Germans, Russians, Italians, and Chinese, which exceed 50,-
000, the relative number of French
and English In Montreal Is: French
304,183, English 121,934. Malson-
neuve Ward alone has 124,798
French  residents.
P.O. Box ����� Daily News BlOa
of all kinds,
"rices right
Satisfaction guaranteed.
88 McKenile St.
It will be occupied daily by the
of the
Western Supply
MONDAY, APRIL 27,  1914.
FresuFruitsand IL��Cal News'
Navel Oranges, sweet and juicy
at prices from 2 doz. for 25c,
to 60c. per dozen.
Bananas,  per dozen    30c
l.emons,  per dozen   25c
Apples. Yellow Newtons, per
lb  15c
Florida tlrape Fruit. 2 for ..25c
California (irape Fruit, 8 for 25c
Strawberries. 20c. box, 2 for 35c
Asparagus per lb   12'2c
(ireen  1'tas,  per  lb    15c
Tomatoes,   Florida,   lb    ...30c
Cabbage, lb  5c
Head   Lettuce,  head    10c
Leaf  Lettuce    5c
Celery,  per head    20c
Rhubarb, ti lbs 25c
Radishes and Green Onions
3  bdls.  for    10c
Brazil Nuts, lb 20c
Those Nuts art, new arrivals
and guaranteed fresh.
Model Grocery
JtiH Sixth St. Phone  10012.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch,  Gray  Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Welcomes a Daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hoiithol. Maillardville, celebrated the birth of a daughter last week.
Mortgages���Alfred w.
W. C. T.  U.  Meeting.
The  regular  meeting  of  the  \V.  C.
T. r. will be held at St Stephen's
church on Monday at 3 o'clock.
Insure in the Itoyal, the world's
largest lire company, Agent, Alfred
W.  McLeod,  the  Insurance  Man.
Special  Meeting Tonight.
A  special  meeting  of the  Hurnaby
School board   will     be    held    in    the
West   Hurnaby   school   board   offices
tonight  at  7 o'clock.
Wood.    Wood.   Wood.
(,'ood factory wood (dry) at Superior
Sash H Door Factory.    Phone 508,
a  tentative  agreement  between  them
and the city public.ty committee had
been disapproved and expressly cancelled.
Eat  at  the  Royal cafe.  Dominion
Trust  building,    ilood cooking;   good
! service. CIlKfi)
Chinese Gamblers Fined.
Five inmates of a Chinese, gambling
! joint picked up by tbe police early Bat-
j urday morning, contributed f2B0 to the
| police treasury before Magistrate Ed-
i mends on Saturday, ball being forfeit-
led in each case, Two drunks left $5
each rather than lace the music.
See the window displays of ,"lrack-
man-Ker goods in the grocery stores
this week. Uuy home products  ,:{27H)
Have You
Made Your
ill - - or
do you intend to leave your affairs In such a manner that
when you are gone your heirs
and representatives will divide
your estate after an expensive
Come in and let us discuss this
matter with you and suggest a
more equitable and less coBtly
way of disposing of your estate.
Dominion Trust
Ihe Perpetual Trustee.
City Council Tonight.
There will be B regular meeting of
the city council this evening when 8
number of matters of Importance will
come up for consideration.
The City Treasurer wishes to re.
mind water consumers not using
meters that the date for taking advantage of rebate for the quarter ending June 30th, expires Thursday next,
April 30th   instant, at 5 p.m.      3296)
Trouble Between U. S. and Mexico Ir
poces Restraint upon Neutral
Permission for Band Stand.
Ralph Booth, a farmer of Pitt River road, has kindly granted the Mail-
larch illo people permission to c ret
a bund stand on his land for outdoor
practice purposes.
Briquettes,   Briquettes, cheaper than
coal.    Harry    Davis & Co.,   Phones
ssu  and  411 L. (."190)
Reelected War.en.
At a meeting of the vestry Of St. Al-
ban's church, Edmonds, held last Friday I*. B, Brown \ias reelected pen
pie's warden ami II. Swordor as the
rector's warden. 'I'lli- following were
elected sidesmen: Dr. (1. de H. Watson, J. U. Whitburn. .1. C. (Iwynn, L.
M. Richardson and G. Collins.
The   Retail   Merchants   association
has arranged  for window displays of
Hrackinan-Kor   goods   in   all   grocer}
I stores which are members of tht as
soclatlon, (8278)
Mace your order    for    strawberrw
, b ixi s with us ami be sure Of getting
I the belt.    We specialize In fruit pack
ages,   British Columbia   Manufactur-
i Ing Co., Lulu Island, i;i2o7:
~    -
Resignation  Withdrawn.
Thir resignation  ol   Miss  Wilkes a-
I recording secretary of the local conn
j ell of women    was    withdrawn    at a
inciting of the organization h��ld Ian
week.    Th,..  council  decided   to   take
[charge of the "Better liabies" com
petition  at  the   provincial   exhibition
Miss   Shirley   P,   Wright     being     ap-
[pointed chairman Of the special committee.
Berlin,  April 2fi.    The  Nord  Deut*
cher  Algemolnezeitung,  a   weekly   re-j
View,   says:
"The long threatened conflict between the United Stat s antl President Huerta of Mexico has begun he
cause of a matter in itself cf trifling
Importance. The United States government maintains that the affair con
earns only Huerta and his followers
and that the United States is not at
war with Mexico.
"The primary result of this contention is an uncertain situation which Is
not without difficulties from the aspect of internutona! law. The existing uncertainty Imposes especial restraint upon neutral nations as well as
on public opinion. The uext move
will depend chiefly on whither a union
is effected between the supporters of
Huerta and the constitutionalists."
The paper declares that Germany
wishes a stable government In Mexico
simply because of its important ocono
m:i' Interests and the welfare of <er-
mans there.
Hills' Shoes S, 0, lo 7s%����
Per pair   ��� vC
Misses' Shoes. 11   12, 13, 1 QCm
Per pair  weJC
Hois'  Running Shoes  I  to D fiC#%
Per pair  Oa#G
youths' Rnunlng Sboes, n to 18 *7f��f*>
Per pair  I5JG
l.iulii s' Pumps :.ml Oxfords, new. ���9 Qf%
t.adlis,' Dress  Boots. tf <J   flB
Per pair       ��> I .510
LET  YOUR   MONEY  DO   ITS  BEST. 641  Front Street.
New Westminster Anti-Tuberculosis
Cent on
New Westminster
HOfi   Columbia   Street.
C.  S   KEITH.  Mat-iger.
Committee Meeting.
A meeting of the looil committee
of oitlzens to arrange for the entertainment of the Pacific coas' advertising men will bp held this morning
ai 11 o'clock in the board of trade
Lost Universal drive yoke of a
Maxwell automobile Bomewhere between the south side Of Westminster
bridge and Third avenue and Ninth
street, Friday night. Reward for
leaving a:  .1.  II. Todd's music house.
A Source of Revenue.
The pound Installation at Maillardville is proving  quite    a    source    of
revenue   to   Coquitlam  municipality,
Last week Police Chief Pare mulcted
several Oriental cowkeepers $22.50
for straying citttle.
"(ireen" beer, scientists s-iy, causes
biliousness. Wlneweiser beer is thoroughly matured before it is market'
ed, Try a case of this delicious beverage.    Ask your dealer. i."21&)
Secured a Lease.
'!'ii>. New Westminster Co-operative
association has obtain, tl a lease pf
the store at the corner of Eighth and
Columbia stretts where business is
now being transacted. This location
is considered an admirable one from
a business standpoint, being close to
the street car intersection. Several
alterations have been made to the
store' which tends toward the bos'
catt ring to Lhe public.
Miss Lucy liroad or Cornwall, Kng-
land, one of the world's W. C, T. U.
Ucturcrs, who has visited many foreign countries, will speak In Queens
Avenue Methodist church Tuesday,
A'iril 28, at 8 p.m. Subject. "Recent
Glimpses and Gleanings from China."
The speaker, accompanied by "Amah"
and child, will appear in costume, the
platform being decorated with embroidery, scrolls, etc. The talk "ill
be historical, governmental, incident
al, Oriental. (.3287)
City Refuses to Pay.
The cliy council tins repudiated a
bill Cor J500 rendered by the publish-
i is ( f a book called "A loir" the Imperial Highway" for advertising New
Westminster. The advertising mat
i-T is alleged to have be "; ins- rted
by   the   enterprising   publishers   after
! Soch ty, branch  No. 3,    will    give    a
| business  men's  luncheon  on   Wednes
day,  April  21),  1H14, at  12:30  o'clock.
. In  the Columbian    building,    comer
Carnarvon and  Sixth  streets.    Dr.  A,
J, Procter, of Vancouver, will utldro<-
the  gathering.
A Company Which Is Deserving of
Large Attendance.
An entirely British Columbia cast
is comprised in the Orchard Players
who appear at the opera house tonight
and Tuesday. This is the first company of its kind that has ever toured
the province on such a larg ��� scale and
the quality of the repertoire as played
before audiences in Victoria and e'se-
where hi speaks something that should
appal to New Westminster theatre
goers, who should show their appreciation of an all-provincial eoinpan>
by a large attendance both this even-
ing and tomorrow evening, Besides
the encouragement they will be giving the members of the company from
all press reports they will receive more
than th"ir money's worth. "Produced
In British Columbia" should be the
slogan to insure a splendid attend
All   Interested   in   the   Farmers  Bank
Toronto,   April  26.���The  resolution
Introduced in the house of oommoni
for  the  repayment, of  the  Partners
Hank  depositors to 'an  extent exceed
ing   11,200,000,   has   sent   a   thrill   ol
satisfaction   through   depositors   and
shareholders alike.
Tho  deposits al   the  time of  thi
bulk's   suspension   amounted   to   $1.
200,  but  this sum has been cons'..1
erably reduced by set-offs and the deposits amount to now not more than
Under an agreement between the
depositors and the shareholders, tht
depositors will be paid 100 cents on
Un dollar with turnover about thirty per <ent of the amount they re
ceived to the liquidator for the purpose of removing the double llabilit)
form the shareholders. This agree
'in nl has hi en signed by about 7fi
per cent, of the depositors and is entirely outside the matter of legislative aid. it is a matter entirely between the shareholders and the de.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Do Your Banking By Mail
If you live at a distance from a branch ol The Dominion Bank.
Deposits may be made car.h withdrawn���or any other Banking
Business may br transacted by mail, just as easily as though one
made a special trip to town lor the purpose.
A Savings Account may be op>eued in the name of two persons
��� man and wife, or two members of a family���so that either one
can deposit and withdraw money from lhe same account.
Annual Press Dinnc.
Ottawa. April !!������. The annual din
tier of the preliminary press gallery
was held Saturday night, the function
being presided over by J A. Forth.r,
president of the gallery The speakers of the evening Included Premier
Borden, Sir Wilfrid  Laurier, Hon. ('���
B.   Foster,   Hon,   W.   T    White.   Hon.
Frank Oliver, Hon. C, J. Doherty, Hon,
Arthur Melghen, speaker Sproule, og-
den, Reid, owner of the New York Tribune; Ceo. Ham of the C P. It . and
Hairy Charleton ol the Q   T   It.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of  British Columbia.
Savlngi Department at all Branches     Deposits of One Dollar aod
upwards  received  and  Interest at  the highest current rate paid  or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parte of tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK. Qeneral Manager.
New    Westminster   Branch: A.  W. BLACK,  Manager.
Off For Dawson C ty
Kegina, April 26.���Five members of
[the R. N. W. M. P., left Kegina thi.
i morning for Dawson City, win nee
j they have been drafted to take the
i place of time expired men. The par-
1 ty consists of Constables Ward, Marshall.  Harvey,  Forster and  Hayes.
tago, full cement bast ment, cement
floor, furnace, fireplace, etc. Latest
plumbing fixtures. Close to Twelfth
street car, school and park. $2900,
:>4'i',  cash,  balance  52.",  p���r   month.
residence, with full cement basement, cement floor, furnace, lire-
place, bath und toil,:, separate,
laundry tubs in basement, etc;
lane; good locality. $3600. $800
cash, balance easy. t Ti
We Want to
Remind You
that this Is B. & K. week. Their products are absolutely the lest and guar-
anten   satisfaction.
T��. & K. Rooled Oats, 7 lb. sacks.40c
Canadian Wheat Flakes, I! pkts..$1.00
Ii   fc   K.  Dread  Flour,    a    winner
every time. In 24 and 49 lb. Backs.
Cream of Oats, large pkts   25c
Cornmeal, Graham Flour, Rye Flour,
Whole     Wheat     Flour,     Oatmeal
Cracki I Wheat, ��tu.,.iu 10 lb. sacks
They are ; :e best and help to build
up our town.
Dean's Grocery
Phone SS6.
7-11  S'xth Street.
h.T.e started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New Westminster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed, charges reasonable.    Give us a trial.
Phone  1254.
Block wood per load . .
I Good bark slabs, load .
I Factory  wood  and    dry
per   load     52-50
And  now   Is the  time  to get  It  In
' and   have   it  dry.
Office Phone 74 House 424.
built, modern In every way, with
basement, fireplace, etc. Near Sixth
streel car. Good residential locality.
$300.    $-loii cash, balancts monthly.
Practically cleared, facing south
fine view. Lane. Two blocks to
car. Ad it ining lot held al .$""it,.
Pr:co $4uu. $50 cash. $1" bet
month. (20)
hi use In good locality. Full cemt nl
bast ment etc. Close to car. $15
per  month
ci rage us large 66 foot corner lot
near car line. Close to school and
park. Full cement basement, with
parage, etc. $8000, Terms to ar
Of $1000 and up.
Orien Saturday Evenings.
Phcne  6. 451   Columbia   St.
Anti American    Demonstration.
Montevideo. April 2U     A domoristra
tion occurred  here tonight In  protesl .
against    American     Intervention     In
Mexico.   The police prevented the demonstrators    from    approaching  the i
American    legation,   ami   finally   dis-,
parsed them.    In the course of a fight
i between   the   police  anil  a  group  of I
I rioters, .several  pernoitH  were  Injured.
| The   newspapers  urge   that  something
I be.   don.-   by   the   South   American   re-'
public to "remove the danger of their
absorption by the United Slates." The
students   here   are   preparing   a   demonstration against tlie United States.
Head of the Reading Railroad Suffers
Philadelphia, April 26.- George F.
Baer, president of the Reading railroad company, was stricken on the
stre. t here yesterday with what physicians believe was a stroke of paraly- j
sis. He fell to the sidewalk and was!
carried to his home five blocks away
It is believed that Mr. Buff's omnli
tii n  is a rieiis.
Kvery person in a position to give
Information about Mr. Baer was retl
cent Tiiedoctors.it Is said, were not
determined whether th patient is suffering from apoplexy or paralysis
They admit, lion ever. that, he Is very
Amrr.i.'"i"ion   Withheld.
Antwerp April 26, Several hundred tons nf ammunition for President
Huerta of Mexico which is awaiting
Bhipmt nt. ... Ill pr. bably be stort d here
until the i nd of ho itllltl, p., the i team
��� rs Balling tor Mt xlcan ports di dining
to carry contraband. The i Learner
Caye Bonita h is cancelled bi r Bail Ins
on May 3, ��Ith 600 tens of ammunl
tion already shipped Mexican agents
are known to be here and are endeavoring to arrange for t te shipment bul
money Is lacking,
Juvenile N3val Regulations
Ottawa. April 2,1. - The naval
branch has issued amended naval regulations governing the entry of naval cad,'Is Into the service. The age
at which cadets may enter the naval
college Is made sixteen Instead of
seventeen years while the cad'i
course is Increased from two to three
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you wan' it, In any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
wouldn't It  be nice for a little si ick.
ment of .Johnson and Hubbs, j< welers
and  seized  a  tray  of diamonds \ al- I
tu d at  more than  $1000,    The daring  Y?     ,   , ,-     ,      ���
thief dashed oul  with his haul, hoard- j Assorted Sandwiches,   I oast and   tea
ed   a   passing  street  car.   and   after    TlIC CTPAWn     s0 A1717
going  a   few   blocks  sprang  off and j   1 flL tJllxAliU     l/llL
disappeared up a side stn et,   No clue '���^"~"""������������T!T
has  yi I   been  found   by  the  police as : Mu,,c Phone 398
to who tlie man   was.                                !
lure Sleek
"otumfols   Street.
Read - \k - News
These doors are made from ext ra selected dry lumber. They are
put together with hardwood dowels and glued joints; nicely molded
face. The wire cloth of best possible grade, put in and drawn tight,
With concealed edges: made of t'uur-inch stock, with extra wide bottom rails; complete with fittings.
$1.50 and $1.75
 25c to 65c
I ft. 8
2 ft. 6 in., by 6 ft. tl in, a
in. by 6 ft. X in.    Prices
Sizes 2 ft. 8 in. by fi ft. 8 in., 2   ��
ft. in in. by <l ft- ih In. and :?i:7 ft.
Ail sizes of  Window Screens,
just arrived, from   	
New  Westminster.
Phone 69.
London, April 26.���The Isle of Tarn
say, belonging to the Karl of Dun more
. lias been seized by landless cotters
who are holding it and over-awelng
the carl's land agents. The Island is
difficult of acecss anil it will take
some time to send police there. The
action of the cotters is the more daring in view of the heavy punishment
nr ted out to the cotters on Lewis is
land wiio made a similar seizure there
At   Edmcnton   a   Negro     Makes     Off
With   Jewels   Valued   at   More
Than $1000���No Clue
Edmonton,   April   26.- While    the
proprietors  were In  the  rear of their
store  on   Saturday   night  and  .laspar
avenue  was  crowded   with  peonle   en
unknown1 mg.ro entered the establish-
Will Elect New Aroibishop
Rome, April 28. The Observatore
Romano announces that a papal consistory will lie held to elect 1 '���', cardinal a Including an archbishop of Quebec
This is taken to mean a confirmation
of the neent rt port that his grace.
Mgr Bruchesl, Archbishop ���<( Montreal will return to that c ty . a cardinal.
Emperor Joseph's Ccntliticn
V'lt in. i April 26. The official bulletin ' ii the condition of Emperor
[.'ranch Joseph issued tonight says:
The tat,mi,al symptoms are unchanged; appi t ite imtl In nn acl Ion are
good The emperor's daughter, Arch
duchess Marie Valerie, returned this
afternoon  to Waldersee, which Is ta
ken   as  an   ind.cation   that   nuxi.lv  mi
the emperor's accouni is diminishing.
Aid   For  the  C.  N.   R.
Oitwa. April 26.    A ministerial caucus has been called for Tuesday morn
nig to consider the ('. N. If. aid legislation   which   the   governin, nt   proposes  to   introduce   this   session.    If
the  proposals  are   agreed   to.  the  legislation  will  in  nil  probability  be In- |
troduced' In the house' on Wednesday I
afternoon.    A   guarantee  of   bonds  Is I
what is expected in most quarters.
I. o.
O. F.
Amity Lodge- No. 27. I. O, <���   P.,  will
be at home to their m< mix-is and
ladles on Monday evening, April 27.
at 8 p.m., the occasion of the twentieth annlvi rBary of tbe lodge.
A program will be rendered follow
ed by a banquet
Visiting   brother  Odd   Fellows  and
their  laities  are  cordially   invite!   i >
lie   present.
II.   W,   SANCSTKt:.
Noble Grand.
I T'.277l Secret try.
With every purchase of $1.00
or over, we give a card, good
for your photograph, \wcrth
$1 25.
Open New Premises Today at 33 Eighth Street
near corner of Columbia
Strawberries, 2 boxes  35c
Cucumbers, each. ... 15c and 20c
Rhubarb, 8  lbs 25c
'abbage,  per  lb    5c
Bananas,   dozen 30c
Tomatoes,  lb 20c
Pay us a visit ami you will be
convinced that our prices an i
finality   are   right.
38 Eighth St.
Phone 458 MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1914.
Kmg George Attended Came���100.0JD  ami   booting  display  of the cup   winners.
Crowd���Last  Big  Event of Tne  teams  lined  up as follows:
Wants   Salmon     De||y     Players    for;
Irish  Canadian   Team���  Other
Lacrosse Players.
The lacrosse war between lhe II.
(' I.. A , and the Dig I'mir. or rather
that being wagetl by lhe I). [.. A. up
on tin clubs on the couat, took another turn on Saturday morning when
letters were received by the sporting editor of The News from Qeorga
Kennedy of the Montreal Irish Canadians addressed to Johnny Howard
and  Hugh Oifford,    Kennedy  wants
those two players, and In a brief but
to-ili,��� -point way, asked them to wire
what price was needed to coax the
two stars of the Salmon Bellies from
Ihe fraser to the St.  Lawrence.    "We
have no tune tor dickering," wrote
Kluni tiy.
Howard has wired tha magnate his
price while the younger member of
the Cliffords will send his along some
time today. The latest move is prob
ably the result of. It. .1. Fleming grab
lung Clifl Spring and Len Turnbull.
A fast di fen.-e man will be needed
io slop such players as Fitzgerald,
Spring and Turnbull, ami Clifford Is
probably st looted as ihe likely person to tie the watching,
|{t ailing between ihe lines of the
Kennedy-Howard letter, one can readily see 'he move <<< ihe Montreal
magnate, none other than that to secure a defence player who can handle
Newsy Lalonde. Newsy will bo with
the Nationals this siinim,r and roast
fans are fully aware ot tbe fact that.
Howard is about the only man who
can sued ssfully combat the former
star of ('mi Jones' aggregation.
No Players  Signed.
The th flection of Ho. art! and Oifford would just about cripple the
Salmon Hollies in the r light to retain the  Minto cup.
Practically none of the players
have sigiu d a contract 'or this coming season although such has been
reported  through  the prens.
Jack (ilfford waa thought to have
been signed, but this player Informs
The News that he has not touched
a paper or given his word us yet and
that the chances were that he would
still retain his amateur standing for
a  year at   least.
After Victoria Star
Brynjolfaon, hist    vear
this   week   by   an  emissary     of    the
Westminster dub but little hope la
felt In securing the services of this
Pay Jones That $400.
On top of all the recent trouble
comes the report that Con Junes is
in receipt of $4<i.i which was within hi by the eWstminster club last
summer  following  the estrangement
of the two clubs. The original sum
was $00 but |100 of this was retained to pay the rofenes for attendance
in   Vancouver  last  summer  when  the
Royals and Qreensblrta came to a
parting Of the  wayH.
No  Definite  Action Taken  to  Enlarge
D. L. A.���Quebec and Ottawa
Want  Franchise.
Montreal,   April 21;. Although   no
definite plans were laid fur the season, ii looks as ir the Big Four will
1 nlarge into a ISig Six before the
week is out. Tiie magnates are waiting lor a r�� port from Sport Murton,
the Ottawa and TecumBeh star, who
verbally reported at Saturday's meeting of the league that enough players
were on hand to again enter a tiam
representing Ottawa.
Ti 11 men a side will be tried    in
(the iiist two opining gam', s. the sue
cess of this Innovation being left tc
For   the   first   time   in   the   history
cf association football a   British  sov
erlgn witnessed a cup final at Crystal I
Palace,   London,  on     Saturday    after- I
noon   antl   lor   ihe-   first   time   In   the f
history of tha Elngllsb cup competl-,
tion, Burnley, a Lancashire team, is
th dared a  winner.
Flaying to a tie In the rirst half.
With   Liverpool   having    a  shade     tlie
better of Ho. argument, the Burnley
aggregation  made a  splendid  spurt
at the opening of the Hecond stanza
Which  was  rewarded  by a goal  after j
ten minutes play, Freeman taking the i
pass  from   X, sbitt   and  giving  Camp-
ball,    1 lit-    Liverpool   custodian,    nol
chance to save.
Only one goal was scored in the
match although ihe Liverpool cltldsl
was in danger throushoul the second
hair. Bawell in goi 1 fin' Burnley win
only tested on one occasion.
Immediately following tic match,
King Oeorge,  who watched  the garni
from start 10 linish, presented tha
immense silver trophy to tin. Burnley
captain amid the salvos of a crowd
well  over  lun,(Hill.
Last Big  Game.
Saturday's game marks the last of I
the Ing English soccer games for this :
���eaaon, interest, now being taken a-t
to which team will be elevated to the :
I llrst division and which two teams j
will be relegated to the minors.
The victory of Burnley will bo hail- j
ed with popular approval among the 1
soccer enthusiasts who follow the old
coiiiilry competitions as it means the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Lancashire city being placed on a 126 points and Mertliyr Town with 28
linn fooling for at least two more j points. But as the Mertliyr dub
i-easnns. after several years company 'owners have expressed it as their in
with  teams  in  the  second division.     ! teniion   to  withdraw  their club  from
The victors can claim credit for , the league rather than suffer a sea-
thelr handsome win bv their peculiar I son in the junior division, it is prob
style or play, the kick and ran 'able that. Coventy City will go down
method, as against the well  trained | with Croydon Common    and    Upton
lluiiiley Dawson, goal; liamfonl.
right back; Taylor, left back; Hality,
right hail; Boyle, centre half; Watson, b ft half; Nesbitt, outside right;
Lindley. inside right; Freeman, centre; Hodgson, inside left; MoSSCrop,
outside left.
Liverpool- Campbell, goal; Long
worth, right back; Purcell. left back;
Fairfoul, right half; Lowe, centre
hah; Ferguson, left half; Sheldon,
outside right; Metcalf, inside right;
Millar, centre; Lacey, inside left;
Nicholl,  outside  left.
League Games.
With but two games to be played
In the first division and one in the
southern  league,  league  football  of
the  season     of     1918-14     bSJ    ClOS  (I
Blackburn Hovers win the flag In the
first division with a to'al of .'.1 points,
while  Aston   Villa  and   West    Ilium-
wlch Albion are s��con,l and third respectively with 44 and 4:i points.
Second  Division.
Derby County with 27 and Preston
North Fad with 80    points    are    the
teams  10  he  r. legated  to the second
division,    'a hili     Notts    County,     511
points, leaders ol tlie Second division.
Iaccompanied by Bradford, 4!i points,
will go lo ihe first division.
Woolwich   Arsenal,   who   contemplate changing their name io that of
Highbury  next  season,  are  tied   with
. Bradford  on  points,  but have  an   in-
��� ferlor goal average.
Southern League.
Swelndon Town and Crystal Palace,
In the South'.rn league, head the table
:witii   an  points  each,   the  railroadtrs.
winning the flag over the glaziers by
i a  superior goal  average, the  former
I having.netted si goals, to 41 against,
and the latter UU    goal    for    and    :!2
\ against,
i The southern teams to visit the
second division of the Southern
league  should   be  Coventy  City   with
J.A.Rennil. 5ECY-TRE5
Saving Money
To save we must practice self denial.
$10.00 actually put in the Bank today is worth
more than the $25.00 we promise ourselves we will
put there next month.
Next month will be like last month and something will turn up that we will feel we must have
and the start of the Savings Account will be as far
away as ever.
The watch-word of saving is DO IT NOW.
Cut down expenses and get a start.
A bank account gives a self-confidence and independence acquired in no other way.
4 per cent paid on depoists, subject to cheque
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   ___   _ combination  stylo of   many    of the
the  judgment   Of  the   team    owners. I crack elevens of the first division. Re-
with    the
Third d. fence anil ihlrd home will be
abolished under the ten jnan rule.
In the event Of Ottawa entering a
team, Quebec will bo taken into the
league, leaving the Nationals and
Irish-Canadians In Montreal and the
TorontOg and Tecumsahs at Toronto.
An adjournment was taken until
Monday and In event that word cannot be had from Murton in lliat time,
another meeting will be called next
Saturday. The resignation of Percy
Qulnn was laid In abeyance until Mr
Qulnn returns from England,
Play  Tuesday  and  Saturday    in    Important   Games.
Coiiniilain   had   little   difficulty     in
ports from the other side of the pond
Indicate that nothing else than bustling luetics have won Burnley the
cup. Once the ball has been in possession of the tiurnaley half back line.
the opposition defence have been carried off its feet in the sudden rush
rown going up.
Scottish League.
In the Scottish league with five.
games yet to be played Celtic wins
the championship with 63 points and
one game to be played. Glasgow
Hangers finisliedu a good second with
5�� points and Hearts Of Midlothian
third with 54 points.
Big Crowd at Opening Game at Fras-
Mills���Ruyle   in   Splendid
i Sapperton Defeated 2-1 in Last Game
of Season���Fine Display by
Both Teams.
Hot   and   cold
floor.     It, asonab!
fllwnys welcome.
Royal Avenue.
imateurs. will be approached , ,V"-.i      1-,. -,        ���      , .
' F defeating   Kitsihuio   in   the   semi-final I
5!^!a^!^!^ss^!^^!s,5^ss!^^!^^,^   for the Charity cup on Saturday after
nt on, the Handlers taking the
four goals to nil Tha gann
played on the Cambie street
ver, grounds. The winners
meet the North Vancouver
<m each jans |n ,ne nnal, the date v
Strangers   f,X���.d.
Bright Cheery  Rooms for Young Men
The   Maillardville  brass band  play-
ed. Hoove Doc Scott pitched the first
was} hall   and   then   Westminster  lost   the
Vancoti-   opening game at  Praser Mills on Sat-
will now Lrday before a crowd of 1200.
Cal> don- '     ��� ,,    ,    .
, ,]     Poor  support   was all  that  account-
l��d for lite dvftut ol Muouo. Uuyle, ihe.
former   Coquitlam   Btar   being   practl
Phone 1000
four   hits
The  Griffith  Co.   Present
"Bought and
Paid For"
On Tuesday   afternoon  at   5 u>..%~-.,      r
on   the   Cumbio   grounds,   Coquitlam 1O*"*  �����  whole  works for th,
and St. Andrew's will play off for the I minster   nine,   poling   out
mainland   championship,  the  winners   at four times to bat and also striking
Hi" North  Wards of Victoria   ��Ut  ��� '-'"   batters.
first    of home '    Fraaer Mills took the game
th.   provincial i''"'U^1'   a   ''ally   in   the     ninth
| home  was  touched   up  freely,
the   dnngerous  lor the circle  p aggrega-
    tion.     Ten   errors   were   chalked   up
Vancouver league in great styl
in  the
cbes lor
meet ing
next  Saturday
and  home  inn
Tin- St.  Andrew's    team    won
championship  of  the   second   tliiision     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and   against   the   local   Ail-Stars   practical
should make the I'on CItj .aggregation travel at a good pace to annex
the honors.
ly all  being costly.
' \V< st minster   	
' fraser   Mills	
Iiatteries   -     Hnyle
Home and Huhnke
Cup  Defender Launched.
Bristol,  K.  I . April I'll.    The centre
board  sloop   Resolute  slipped    down
the  ways at  Sunset  today, the flrsl  of
America's      cup      defence      candidates    lo    take    the  water    She  will j
be rigged Immediately ami is exj t
. i io show her Balling ability a week  ,,   .,  ��� , ���
from today. Hootball association
  j to  be   i< presented  by  a   senior   loam
Port Haney Defeated. next   season,  representation  on   tho
members of the Y. new  association  is highly  desirable.
a     i'ort     llanov i.
the   V.   M    C,   A
\    Taking   the  lead   in  the  first  half,
I the City  soccer team won the cham-
I pionship  of  the  league  on   Saturday
afternoon at Moody park by defeating
Sapperion  two goals to one.
The    game    was    well      contested
iliruuMiimi and well appreciated by a ll
fair Biased crowd. Davles opened the I
scoring early in the first half by driv- I
ing in a long shot which Birchfield
misjudged. Paul a t>jw minutes later !
. accepted a chance to shove the City |
T-i',. al    further ahead with a close in shot.
when i     Stove Chiel scored the long goal for i
looked . Sapperton    al   the    opening    of    tie
' second half, sagging the nets with a
beautifully  placed  shot.
Walker. Collier and Patterson star-
rod for the City. Collier especially
having a busy afternoon between the
flags. The Chiel brothers and Lamb-
den were the shining lights for Sap
l/Ongley   as   the   official   held     tlie
gam,   free  from  any  unfair tactics.
ii.  i
;     s   i
New Westminster should bo represented at tlie Vancouver meeting
Tuesday night when plans will be
laid for the organization of a 1!. C.
If   this   city   is
Charged With Wife Murder.
Yarmouth, N.S., April 25. -Eber Hil-
don was arrested yesterday charged
with murdering his wife, Susan Million, at South Ohio, .VS. on April 24
hy striking her with a lamp. He was
remanded until May 4.
Paul J. Rainey's
Showing close-up views of wild animaln taken in their native
Haunts. Baboons. Lions, R hinoceroses. Zebras, Hyenas, Jackals.
Leopards,   Elephants,   Giraff es 3nd many other rare species.
When you see these pict urer you see herd? oi elephants, zebras, as plainly as if they were before you. -     ���   "    ���'-
Continuous 2  to   11  p.m.
A  finished  an.  artistic  production  of
a $2 play at 15c, 25c. and 35c.
Business  men
M. C. a. defeated
i bitski thai! team at
I Saturday  night  by  a score
The vallej  aggregation put up a stub
' burn  battle and  were loading a:   hall
lillio   lis.
of 80-28.
The   World's  Greatest  Comedy
The Three Twins
Will  Present  Medals.
In  honor of their  winning  tlie  pro
vinclai amateur ice hockey championship,    tubers  of  tho   Fraser   Mills
hockey dub will bo presented with
gold in, dais at the Circle V dub
house on Thursday night of this
week. President Fred .1. Lynch, of
ihe Westminster league, win bo   en
Two  Big  Shows.
Don't Miss Thorn.I hand to make the presentation,
Special   Essanay Feature.
A sensational drama of police
and politics In two parts.
Edison  Photoplay
Sangsters Lost Again.
Flaying In Vancouver on Saturday
night, the Sangster basketball team
nut defeat at the hands of the Vancouver Y. M. C. A. intermediates in
the second game for tho 11. C. provincial title, the final score being 40 to
28, In the first game played hero last
Wednesday the score was 27-19 in
favor of tlie Terminals.
No. 26, 1914.
First Work Out.
The New Westminster cricket club
In hi Its llrst practice of the season
on tho asylum groundt on Saturday
Several now players showed up, notably Davis, of Ab'uotsford. who last
winter starred for the local mgbv
fifteen. Davis Is a heavy hlttor and
should make his place with the
mainland < loven,
The City Soccer league will hold a
meeting in liyall's office tonight for
the purpose of receiving and handling a protest from the Sapperton
club regarding certain players which
City  is alleged to have plaved on
fie ^^^^___
Saturday in th,. cup
will also be appointed to represent
Now Westminster at a moling to bo
held in Vancouver on Tuesday evening for tho purpose of forming a Brit-
ish   Columbia
tie.     A  delegate
Fool bull .association.
The Orchard Players
APRIL 27th and 28th
A significant attempt to establish a
Canadian Drama.
Monday, 27th���"David Garrick"
Tuesday, 28th~"The Truth'"
PRICES: $1.50, $1.00,75c, 50c.
Tickets now on Sale at Box Office.   Phone 961.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P.   O.   ROX   44?
, .ir,k...B||ni.o,ofr,,., ��"'���,���  ,, ������. ,���,,��� T���c,llv Maw.
MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1914.
\ Classified Advertising
ceived for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
E. Larden, Highland l'ark; Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alta Vista.
as now;    cheap.    Call    *19 Fourth
avenue. (��*M)
Veterinary   Department   Issues  Warning���Treatment for Hydrophobia
Sent on  Request.
�� RATES. ���
��� ������������#������������#������>������>#
Classified���One cent per word    per (
day; 4c per word per week;  15c per
month; 50(10 words, to be used as required within one year from date   of|
furniture to be hold at K. B. Scott's.
4is si. George street, l'7Ui to with,
Including living,   dining    und bod
room  suitos,  stool range,  linoleum,
rugs, etc. In use short time.    Ci2H4l
contract,, $25.00
Rabbles has  made  its appearance
amongst the dogs of tbe Cowiohan
district. Two suspicious oases also oe-
on: nil  some,  months  ago Si   Mission.
TWO    CHOICE    LOTS I Th'' ,]iiipf^ has appoareu  In Oregon,
ami possibly In the state ol Washing
I ton as well.
As   the   period     of     inciihatlon   of
I rabies Is prolonged, the extent of tho
I infection is not yet apparent, so It is
Incumbent upon all to bo on the look-
i out for further outbreaks.
The   Dominion   veterinary department  is handling this  so far as uni-
at   Maple   Beach     l'ark,     Boundary
Bay.    Apply Hox fiOO News offiec.
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
FOR    SALE    dELL     YOUR     PltOP
WANTED       STRONG     GIRL     <>|{
woman   for    g< aeral    housework.
Mansfield; corner Eweu   and   M*r"
. r, Queensborougb, (8299)
tlcularg p. o.
erty througu an ad. In this column ; malg an, concerned, tint Walter Rapty.
 ' __������������������^��� i -yj r)    acting  secretary  of  tho depart
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER ; ment wishes to bo inf...-mod as to any ,
week.    Canala's    Pride    Malleable   suspicious cases which may appear.
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mnr        The depart ment  is prepared at any
ket   square. (3187)    time   to   forward   complete  treatment
 I for   hydrophobia.,    which,   you   know,
  '   must be administered to tbe person ai
COLLECTIONS. soon   as   possible  after   being   bitten,
Which is some weeks before symptoms
EVERY-1 develop,
This treatment can be administered
hniiM    for    a     term    of    months, i
Katedcose in!   Apply with par- BAD DEBTS COLLECTED
Hox  VI   Now   West- i     ��lJcib.     No   collection,    uo   charge
(8881) !    American-Vancouver Mercantile Aft j by the local practitioner.
 |    encv, 336 Hastings street west. Van ! '
Front St. Phono 213, Cash paid for!
all kinds of junk, buttles, sacks, bar-1
rols, cast iron, old rags, old rubber j
boots and shoos. (3195) j
ture iu large or small quantities;
highest prices paid. Auction sales
conducted. II. J. Russell, King's
hotel block, Columbia street. Phone
Sgl, (3184)
ture, or stocks in trade, in lurge or |
small quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods]
t>y public auction with  guaranteed
results, or no commission cliarced
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. B. Drown, 17
Begbie street, New Westminster.
TWELVE lil'M>HKii AND 1'llTV TRACTS of five and ten acres each to bs granted t<. prospective settlers
In throwing open Twenty Thousand Acres of Rich, Southern Georgia Land, which is admirably adapted to the growing >.f celery, sweet aiul Irish poia oes. caiiteluupes, w;it.-nuelons, ei.ni, inil s, ootton, hay- in fact, all Staple crops
m..��n in this fertile section, as well a* a large variety of ���arol-troplcal Units, ami the famous, immensely profitable
paper-shell p. cans.
Providing you ar.- eligible under the classifications preaoribsd by us. yon are now offered an excellent opportunity to iireak away rrom tbe drudgery and toll of a small wags, nr working for the benefit ���<( landlords, ami go
hack to ihe Und >>f plenty, to which, if granted, you will hold a warranty deed and abstract
The beel security on earth la the earth-Itself, and land is the basis er nil wealth. Owners nf productive lands
ure benefiting by the Increasing high cost of living, while others are suffering from IL
An Opportunity to Secure Rich Productive Land Without Capital
When Requiring
Machinery    Shipped    From    Brooklyn
for   Japanese   Interests   on   Siberian   Coast.
shdrlucmfwpy vbgqk etaoij tlrortaxm
New   York.   April  26.    A  novel  nnd
ri markable teal of removal involving
the transportation of two completely
s?e the export on furniture before I either male or female, c!n not forget tequipped canning factories from
you give your goods away. Address that the Municipal Labor Bureau is in Brooklyn to the bleak si ores of ,i:s
Wed   Dai-is.   548   Columbia   street, j a position  to supply you.
PHONE 852.
New Westminster,
Agnes street. Apply 609 Victoria
street, 13298) I
taut  Kamchatka, a   peninsula of the
j Siberian oast, is now i>u,ik carried I
out  by thp w. i-:.  miss company of ���
this  city,  in  an  expedition  which  is
i now under way and scheduled to arrive  al   its  destination  In  the  early
, part of May.
The aoknowledged    supremacy,   of
Vim win nol t��r required to leave your present surrounding now. All we ask of those to whom we grant tracts Is
thai they plant, or arrange to have planted, a crop of one
m the above-mentioned products within three years, after
which we will have It operated fharvested and replanted)
for grantees, in consideration of 18 per cent, of the nel
profits derived from the sale of the crops, thereby allowing
such time as they determine Jus, wharf the yield of their
acres amounts to. Consider what ihis may mean as a
source of Income, when statistics shew that the yield of
nne acre of celery amounted to ll.38S.48, ami that one acre
nt well-cared-for paper shell pecans, in full bearing, should
net Its owner as nigh as 1800.00 per year. We are of the
opinion thai after it Is proven hy actual results obtained In
operating the land thai they will need no further urging,
and waste nn time In locating In Ihls land of plenty. We
also require guarantees to occupj the land within len
years, or sell li to some one who will occupy it, otherwise
II reverts hack in the grantor.
The land Included in this opening la located dlreotl* on
and adjoining the Atlanta. Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad about twenty-five miles west nf Brunswick, s thriving city of fifteen thousand, having dlreel steamship service ui New York and Boston, and excellent railroad transportation facilities to all points The average tempera-
tun for six months nf the year, from April in October, H
;: degrees.; the climate Is most healthful, delightful, anil
Invlgoratlngi ami there is an ample rainfall of 81 Inches
p< ��� year.
.\. wi are extremely desirous nf h ivlng settlers locale on
this property, and assist in Its development, nnd thereby
greatly Increase the value of sun ndlng .mil intervening
property, which we will hold, ami In Increase the traffic
along the Atlanta, Birmingham ami Atlantic Railroad, and
thus facilitate the service, we feel warranted in granting
ih.'se tracts tn those who register with us, \w also have
oi mind business and residence pints which we will offer
for sale after the opening, but which win not be Included
in It We have "money-making afterward" considerations
in this liberal minded opening,   slmittar to   those   nf   the
Northern Pacific and other railroads when they granted
their lauds, ami wo expect to benefit thereby, as well as
the lines wlni will receive the tracts.
We have also planned m develop what Is designed to
be the best equipped, must up-to-date, scientific, commercial farm ami orchard in existence, li will consist of six
thousand acres, and will in- included in this opening. All
who regiater and receive tracts will gel ths benefit of the
experiments and scientific methods in vogue thereon While
we are arranging to prevent over-registration, we will
avoid manv disappointments, such as occurred in other
land openings conducted by the United states Government
ami railroads, by smntlng those who register in excess of
the number of tracts to bo granted* un Interest lit this com-
merclsl farm and orchard enterprise, in the hope that they
may later local.' in nne of our town Bites,
Examination of the land win cheerfully is. permittee,
ami ih" opening "in be held ai Browntown, Wayne County,
it.oiKia. one nf the siaiiiins of tlie A. ii. & A. Railroad,
which  is located  on  this property, and will occur as soon
after the rinsing of registrations as arrangements can be
The  presence of  those  registered  will  not  be  necessary
ai Browntown on il pening dayi unless they wish to at>
i.ml. for there will be no favoritism shown anyone, it
will he conducted by a committee selected fur the purpose,
ami those registered will be notified Of what tbey have been
granted, as soon as possible.
With the ever-Increasing population of this country
there Is no corresponding Increase In the area of land, and
naturally as the population increases sud seeks the land in
pursuit of health, happiness and Independci , it will continue tO he  harder  III Secure.
The prosperous and contented class of Blurope today are
the descendants of those who secured land there when it
was plentiful, while tin. descendants of these who obtained
no land are now lite peasants and slaves. Vou must realise
thai lids mav he your last chance to secure land In this
oountry without a large outlay nf capital, so it slmuld not
be necessary to urge yon k, Bcl al mice by forwarding uh
the application for registration attached to this announcement.
.ml Agricultural Railroad Land   Opening,   and   furnish
Southern Oeorala Railroad-Land Development Bureau,
Washington,   I,  ('.
Ri gistratton  I 'epartmenl:
I hereby make application to regiater for your rruit
with the correct unswers to the following questions:
Slat"     Stlci I   OT   It.   I-'.   II.   Ni. .........'..'.'.'.'.
Vge     Man. d or Single Widow.   Widower or Orphan      Ocouptaion 	
Nationality....     Do you   now  own  over  ten  acres  of  land  In   thi   I'nited  States?   	
If ml application for registration Is accepted, please send me, without obligation, further and complete Informs-
... ��� m nnd particulars Including maps of tl>-��� land, showing its exact lo.atlon on the Atlanta, Birmingham and
Atlantic Railroad,  Its transportation facilities, agricultural,  fnill nnd nut-growing  possibilities,  etc.
Vi ry  i nily   yours,
three rooms, other two rooms; both. r-r-i-nn^-r-
have  bath,  toilet,  wood  house;   pri-   B.   C. COAST  SS.  SERVICE
vate entrance; mar car and workshops;     $8    each.     230    Eleventh |
>'���-]- ^1  2:00   p.m.
BURNABY, IU;4��   pm'
roar Eburne car line.   Apply
Haro street, Vancouver, t
keeping a:ul bedrooms. 420 St,
George street.
of a gang-slitting machine for cu:
ting the bodj hi.inks, an automatic
can body maker whl ih forma and
.-ciders the side Beams, a Hanger foi
ih, purpose of turning tin flanges on
both i mis of the body, o doubh
seamer whose function is to attach
I the bottom of the can to the body, an
automatic testing machine which determines whether the can is in good
ci aditlon or leaking; an automatic
press which stamps out the tops and
bottoms, and a compound applying
Machine for 'inserting s rubber com
pound ai the top and I" Horn to pre
vent   1, aks.
The  trip  will   l>    one  of interest  if
ngaged  on   It
the United State, in the salmon industry has long boon a source of :
envy to the Russians and Japanese,
but hitherto they have been content:
with their primittve and inefficient
methods of packing fish thai have
From Vancouver for Victoria. left them behind in the world's mar-
10:00 a.m Dall)   i-ots.
..Dailj      Seme   time   ago   two   delegations
.���Daily j fronl   ij,(,  Orient   Halted  the   Pacific
From Vancouver for Seattle. ''"''���"''   o1'   ,1"'   United   States   with   a
10:00 a.m Dally   view   to   finding   some     method     of
11:00 p.m Daily   cheapening the cost of preparing bk.1-
Steamer leaves at 11:45 p.m. on '    mon for the consumer, hastening the   ,, ,.    n     ,        ���S(.  ,,.,;r(.ssion  ,���,   the
Saturdays. packing during the season and doing   ,.,,.,,,  aece8sltatea ,,,,.  the ,���������.    ,,..
away with the salting of rish which  ,dd ,    ..,���.,  boatg ,���,.,���.,. ,��� .,���
was  required   In   packing    [hem    In) ,    ��� ,���,... ....i, ,,f ,i.��� reef.    i,
FOR RBNT-IF YOU HAVE ROOMS I  ���   p.m uanv    ���   ,.,, ,     ���,���,,        ,,. ,,���.,��� ,���. ,        ^'^^^'^.^ \^,l
*o rent try an ad. in this column. Nanaimo, Union Cay and Comox.       palatable.      lhe   delegation   wae    im  ,       t   ()f ,||(, neavy machinery through
 9:00 a.m Wednesday and Friday   mediately  sot upon  in each  instance   ,,',���'.'      wate'rs ���,.���  throw .,������,
Vancouver,  Union  Bay,  Lowell River.    '.v   ''."   a���Ty  ,f   manufacturers,   but      ,        ,'���  ,,���   ,.���.,,,  ,��� ,   ,.������,,.,
11:45 a.m.:.        Ever/other Saturday   JJjf ?���^?J,��� '"'""' ""' '"'""' "" ! f<"- ����"��"> Ihe heavy material become
rampant  in  the boa's there Is great
danger of capsizing,
Si ion the expedition arriv
Prince  Rupert and Granby Bay.       : lul   '"'	
\11:00   p.m \V��.dne.��aayi's'' ''        '
invito the ladles of this city to   inspect  their  spring  stock  of  the
latest fabrics and Btyles.    Special price for two weeks only 136 and
$in.   Wo guarantee perfect lit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
From  Vancouver for   Nanaimo.
?:00   p.m Dally
Throe transcontinental trains &My
with through tourist, standard and
d nins cars.
Toronto Express Laves al 7:50 a.m.
iir.perlal Limited leaves at 8:10 p.m.
S     Paul  Express  leaves at  1:2 j p.m.
For rates and reservations apply
Or !I. W. BRODIE. 0, P. A., Vancouver
bv   an   army   of  manufacturers,   but
the Ilrooklyn firm ilr*w the ordi r foi |
the new factories
For Prince Rupert and Alaska. The    orders    involved    the    literal
ill:00 p.m Fob. 14 and 28   trans-shipment of two complete plants
���_. ���.._._�� , r- .... n... for the production of tin cans.    The
necessities,  even  the  screwdrivers  and   hammers,   were  not   for
For Gulf Island  Points.
7:00   a.m.  Tuesdays  and   Fridays   for
Victoria,  calling  at   points   in   tlo
Gulf  Islands.
���CD.   OOUI.KT.   isent.  New   Westmtr.ste,
���I    W    BROIHR.   Q.   P    A..   V��nenuv<T
i;otten, and now the whole nutfll is on
Its way to Kamchatka with a corpi
of engineers and mechanics who are
to operate the plan -
Latest Machinery Bought.
Tho carving machini ry is con posed
,^MiJave-Browne-Cave W. M. McClOY & CO.
it will
Immediately start on the work of setting up the plant, the machinery ol
which should be up by June l The
running season ci the salmon starts
ebon; lhe middle of July, and Ic Sep
tember 1 the packing Is all oveS and
the work of cleaning up begins. An
office force will be busily engaged In
settling up accounts, and about the
middle of September the whole community will pack up Its belongings
and ib pari, leaving only the deserted
plant to grace the Bcenery during the
I long arctic winter.
Effective April  5,  1914.     Subject to change without Notice.
Eastbound: Westbound:
I.v   New West    9:30,14.00,18.00 L\  Chilliwack    8.20, 13,36, is 15
Ar Chilliwack 12:10, 16 10, 20.40 Ar New West.  II 00, 16 15, 20.65
Every morning except Friday a local leaves New Westminster at
7 a.m.. arriving at Jardine at 7:.".o. Returning this train leaves Jardine at 7:66 and arrives In New Westminster at 8:60,
On Fridays (Market Day I the morning local loaves New Westminster at U a.m., and runs to Mt Lehman. Returning leaves Mt.
Lehman at 7:2u. arriving at New Westminster at 8:60,
SATURDAY EVENING OWL SPECIAL���This service will be continued, train leaving Jardine at 0:06 p.m. and arriving at New Westminster at 7 p.m. Returning leaves New Westminster at 12:15 a.m,
arriving at Jardine at 1 a.m.
milk TRAINS Leave chilliwack at 7:00 and 15:36 dally, arriving at New Westminster at 10:40 and is r, Returning, milk trains
leave New Westminster .it 11:15 and 16:25, arriving at chilliwack at
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.
Lessons in Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
I ng,   Voice    Production,    Theory    (in
j ilass or privately), Harmony, Counter
.    .�����    A.,r,    r>/-��,-,i  I joint, Musical Form and  History.
SALTE.D?FreBc   ^mip^.Tr Pupils prepared   for   the   examine
TABLES,   FURNITUHfc,   fciTl*.       I .|0ns of the Associated Board of   the
,.,",,.  ,,, I Royal  Academy  of  Music  and  Royal
111- v i-tnr- of a  I'istress warrant   to nie I      ��� �� '
directed   I   have   seized   and   taken   the j --cllege of Music.    Also    Professional
following diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
Two  Pool   Tahl.s    I   Ensllsh   Billiard      For   , tc    Hpp,y   51   DufTerln
Table,  Balls,  Cms.   Racks, levers, etc:   1               m.   '��� .n o
Cash Register,  I  No.  l" Remington Type-Mtreet.    Phone 411 R.
writer,    I    largi    Refrigerator,    1    14-foot   _^mmmm__mmmmmmmm^^^���mmm^^mmmmmmmm
Oak Cigar case, lol of Glassware, D Card	
���    bles,   about   7   dozen   common   Chair"
Auctioneers,   Appraisers,  Fire   Adjusters. Live Stock  Salesmen. Commission Agents and Brokers |YAKIMA   SELLS   ITS
Office  and  Sale   Rooms:   32 Sixth   St.] WOOL  CROP   RAPIDLY
Half Block from Columbia St.
North   Yakima,   Wash..   April   24,
Of tho 1,250,000 pounds of wool In this
spring's clip In the district, from North ,
Yak 1 ma   to  the  Columbia  river  there j
are   loss  than   100,000   pounds   in   the i
hands of the growers. The total sales |
of this  wool   will  aggregate  $200,000
and   the  producers of  wool   In   most
of ;i  highly | instances have  their money.
\\. ;,,j.. to intimate., that we have opened these sunorl ir premises for above business, Including the Private Sale of clean,
bettor class Rccond-hand Furniture.
!   Rug   12x18,   I   Rug  12x12,   I   Rug  Bxl2, w  III  r   ��      rm ..
]   Rug   9x9,   Heater   and   Pipes,    I    8-daS V   W   I     A     CUL.U
i lock, "" Chairs consisting m Leather up- l.n.v.n.   NEW
��� r..|   Rookers,   Easy  and   Dlnlngroom ""
!rs���   : ,'���'���������'������'  Covered Cuurli, 2 Oak GlrlB.   c]aBgeg    Tuesday   7:30   p.m.;
:  'i'o'bK! nesTVi sfngle'lron'Bed'-Udult  classes,  Thursday,   10:30  a.m.;
wini   springs  and   Mattresses,   lol Sewing   classes.   Thursday,   7: .'10   p.rn
Hlankei      Shi   ���      Pillows    ind   Slips, Hoardinc, and room rates reasonable
i   ::.: V,;,:, ",���..!:..'���"' ""un,"''1"'   K: \leals served to ladles and gentlemen
etc special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30
PERMS of sale i        foi   ill  irtloles ex- For  particulars call  phone  1324.
; ���   thi    r..Hi nil   and   Pool   Tuhli      which
'"   sol'l   for  oi '       r,l  . ���  I.    u 'I   bal- "������-^���ggsjSSSSS^SS"~^^-~
securi 'I M                      prea     iver u
1    . ������'��� ','���   '           ,                                      ,      , LAND   REGISTRY   ACT.
All  "1  v. Illcll   I   Khali   ��� ���; nsi    tnl       lie al
���   i.   Sei    llocisi       '        C       ni     ind   4th
- ���       New    \\ ���   I n       :��� i    mi   Moi ,1a       the
27th day of  April,   V.Ii,  1914   ni   I   ���   I ���
^3;^ '  ' ������������ ������   i,! ������������' ��� :"i;i':
;,,,,��� clients, nnd advice given as tn the   to 1   Kowiand Brothers this morning
best  means ..f disposing of any Boodsnr   a!   preval Ins   prices.    They  have been
heavy buyers of valley wool and have
pur ham |! 300 000 pounds from the
"rowers    T      sale made to Koshland
proportj   i"  advantage.     Cash  offers  r..r
-a hole oi  pin ' of furniture, son-;. It    i soli
etc., will l,e made ii ;m auction is mil  di
UonS   Tn
A1SKMENTS   -Wo   make
all purposi s,  Insuranci .  P
latlnn.   Mortgages,  etc
FIRK ADJL'STKRS This d'.parl lent
i : undi r tin personal supervision ol an
,,,l luster of twelve years] exnerlcm representing  many of the largesl  cnnipanies.
STORAI IE    We     have    also  ma       ar
rangi menls  for  the storage ol  all  i I.i  ses
of good, al  most  favorable rates     i   ireful
packing and ri movals curried out.
I   ten o'clock  In  tin   roreni
T.  .1    ARMSTRl INT!
SI erlff
April   20th,   1914. I     73)
Tenders will  be  i Ived hy the  undersigned up to Mondav, Ihe  Ith di \   of Mav,
1014. at 5 p.m. foi  tl option of a fence
around the Fraser nemeterj and alsn n
small tOOlhouse. Speelflcatluns, etc., call
In-   had   at   my   offk
The lowest or.my tondci nol necessarily
\V. A.  Drx," W. Cltj   Clerk.
City Hall, April 191 I. -::_':��� 7 I
Part   l 104  acres nf  Lot   4  of  Southwest Quarter Section --'. Township 18,
Map   S95,   as   Bhewn   and   colored   red
on    sketch   deposited   No.   8B1,   in   the
District   of   New   Westminster.
Whereas proof of the less of Certificate
of  Title   Number   26S49F,   issued   In   the
nam'-   of   Alexander   Johnsion.   has   been j
filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given thai I shall, al
the expiration of one month from the
late nf tho first publication hereof, In n
daily newspaper published In ihe City ol
New Westminster, Issue a duplicate of the
said Certificate, unless in tne meantime;
valid objection be made to me In writing
.1   c   QWYNN,
District   K< Kistrur. ���
Land Registry Office, New Westminster,
,11'..  Hist   March,   1914. 1.1177 I
Hospital Heating
Plant For Sale
lafiict li
���liunecrs  fur  quick   n   nil
ind  prompt  settlements,
W. M. McClny & Co.
Auctioneers and Appraisers
Notice to  Architects.
The time for receiving competitive
plans of typical  school has been    extended   to   12  o'clock   noon.   Monday,
May 4th,  1014,
,:i27!i) Secretary
Brothers cleans up the last bii; lot
tiny will' have to oiler They still
have under contract wool from small
lands in the Wenas and Cold creek1
district:- and this is now coming Into
stora.no. The shearing began in the
upper  valley districts this  week.
Buyers are finding it difficult, to gel
any   sheep  on   the   market,    Stanley
Coffin,  who returned yesterday from
a triti to Oregon, where he purchased
two bands of Bheep, says that le has!
never  known  Oregon   to  be  so   well '
sold  out,    Last  year, fearing the effects of thi   tariff, Oregon  sheepmen !
sold  out close i u  ewe hands and  this I
year  they  are   iu   the   market  to  pick
up yearling ewes wherever they can. j
The result Is that wool growers find
pries   advancing   and   lew   desirable.
bands to be had.
There is still a feeling prevailing
that wool pries have been boosted
above their natural limits and that
they are due to fall.
| For the Weed  Endnfj Sunday, May 3.
Improved Spring Schedule.
Effective  April   1st,  1914.
S.S.      "Prince      Rupert,"      S.S.
"Prince George." S.S. "Prince
Albert,"  S.S. "Prince John."
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To Prince Rupert and Granby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
To   Victoria   and    Seattle
Every  Thursday,  12  midnight���
To Prince Rupert and Stewart,
Every  Friday, 12  midnight���
To    Queen    Charlotte    Island
Every  Saturday, 12 midnight���
To  Victoria  and  Seattle,
Grand   Trunk  Pacific
EASTBOUND Trains leave Prince
Rupert Monday, Wednesday and
Saturday  at  10 a m.  for  Terrace.
Hazel ton,    Smlthers     Priestley
(Mile 337) stage service to Fort
WESTBOUND Trains have Edmonton daily at ln:4."i p.m. for
McBrlde, and Monday. Wednesday and Friday at 8 a in. fur
Pi ince Oi orgc.
We represent all TransA tlantle Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an Itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith, C.P.  & T.A..
527   Granville   St.,   Vancouver. Phone  Sey.  8134,
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER which is highly recommended,
Lime  is almost as important for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phone* 15 and II. *02 Columbia Street W.
|..,. t  if) Acres of Ihe Eastn:    Mi
the North  Part of Lot :i7il, r,rni
ii.   District  of   Now   WoStmlnsi
Win r. as proof of the loss Of Ci I
I,,    Title   Number    51S5A,   Issued
������-��� . name ol Thomas Robert Mclnnls h
i riled  in  this office,
rhe  rtoval Cnlumblnn  Hospital  Is Invll Notlci   is  hereby sdven  that   I  si
InR  tenders ror the purchasi   ol  tin   In ii     the   expiration   of   one   month   trim.' planl  In the ..Id building, consisting, of   date nl   tho  first  publication  hereo
American   Ideal   sectional   boll "tailed   dally  newspapel   published  In tlie
tun seasons ago,  with  radial.,.'   i  pip.  , New   Westminster,   Issue   a   duple
in;. the  said  Certificate   unless   In   thi
Tenders   tn  ho sealed  marked  "Tenders   tlmi    valid   objeetlon   be   mad.-   to
Im-   I looting   Plnnt"   and   to   he   ,i. liven ,1    �� rlthi'
t..   thi    secretary   not   later   than   0   p.m., J. ''���  GWYNN,
Monday,   Maj    I. (3202) [llstrlel   Registrar ol
i;   S   WITHERS Lund Registry Office, Now Westi
(auuii>     .. cuutudij.. u.Ci ..u, <n'ii��, ivj.i.
It  of
I. ill
I hi-
II, al
High.     Low.
,��� 6:00 1:35
21:06 15:45
6:<i0 2:05
21:50 16:25
6:40 2:60
22:45 1T:0ii
7.0", 3:40
23:40 17:40
7:40   4:46
0:86 6:30
8:40 19:In
1:25 7:45
10:30 20:00 j
and Heads
High. Low
Time.  lit. Tim".  Ill  I
4:69 11.2   0:17 8.9
20:08 11.9 12:31 1.7 !
6:18 11.2   0:57 9.4
liters 11.9 13:07 1.6 ]
5:38 11.1    1:43 9.9 |
21:46 11.9 13:45 1,5 :
i, 04 11.0    2:38 in.2 '
22 12 ll.o 14:26 1.6
6: 10 10.7    3: 15 10.2
7:38 1 n.ii   5:19 D.8
23:37 11.8 15:15 1,9
16:15 2.6
0:42 11.8    6:36 9,0 '
9:30    9.3 17: IS 3.1 !
Pras  aid O.al  Mar.
Vl<-. President
lao. ana Traaa
Pir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177. MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1914.
The daily reports received at The News
office of results obtained from the use
of News classified
ads. are proof oi their
Property sold and exchanged,
houses rented, lost articles
restored, situations obtained,
help secured; all figure in the
reports received. Results count
and The News brings results.
Phone 999
cor. McKenzie and Victoria Sts.
Down Town Office: Hill's Drug Store
Rancher Blames All His Matrimonial
Difficulties on a  Farm Hand���
Suit  in Court.
Spokane, April 20. .Matrimonial
trouble! for a. D. Terry, a wealthy
randier of Boundary, Stevens county, sturtc U when ho answered love, letters sent to hiB hired man, IL Smith,
in 1912, according to his affidavits filed in tho superior court. As a result
he married Mrs. Ida l.ax, of North
Yakima. October 28, li(12, at North-
port. She lias now sued for divorce.
\ Tlie case was continued until next Friday. Mr. Terry asked for a change of
venue to Colvllk-.
Mrs, Terry claims her husband was
cruel to her. She says he used abusive  language,  and  told  her  If  they
Stock and T. K. Toombs secured
through purchase the hostelry bear- j
>ng the name of the city the Hotel |
DullcaiL, They have already assumed
cent nil and it Is their further Intention, to supervise In person tho administration of the house and to conduct it on a strictly commercial basis, j
Meeting   of   International   Importance
to  Be  Held  in Toronto   Which
Will  Interest All Cities.
Canada Owes Her Present Sy��foni to
the Militia Department.
It Is to tbe militia that Canada's
storm signal system owes its origin. | During the last five years national
In 1*60 the first use of the telegraph j conferences on city planning have
for storm signal work on the con- | been held annually in various cities
tinent was begun at Washington, but j 0f tbe I'nited State's and have arousal
was abandoned through tbe stress of < IUCJj widespread interest that many
the civil war until 1870 when It was | American eominunitl, s are now anx-
resumed under the supervision of the | ious t0 have the conference held in
United States Militia Department. j their city and are willing to contribute
It was through the militia that the | the funds for that purpose. The city
Dominion had Its first observatory, [ (>r Toronto, therefore, is to be congra-
which was a building of logs covered i tuiated  on  being the  first   place  on
this side of the international boundary to entertain the conference which
this y,ar will become International il
over  with  plaster,  and  was  erected
in Toronto in 1840 in the vicinity of
what    is   now   Queen's   Park,   says
R, P. Stupart ln a recent lecture on j 8C0pe.  and  character.    The  financial
the subject. difficulties have been overcome by a
      In  1852  the militia   turned   over j generous   grant  from   the   Dominion
ever had a child he would leave her.   the    Toronto    Observatory    to    the | government, which has appointed th6
She says he has farms near Boundary   Colonial Government and ln  1855 a j commission of conservation to act as
new building had been erected. It , hosts. The Ontario government and
waB ln 1870, when the observatory j the citv of Toronto are also contribut-
work was under tbe late Professor inK. flie question of city planning is
Kingston, that the storm signal ser- , thus recognized to be of national, pro-
vice  was  Introduced  in Canada,  for i vincial and municipal concern, and the
and in Idaho, worth nearly $30,000, in
] addition to personal property.
Mr. Terry says he was a widower
with six children when lie married
Mrs. Terry. He thlngB he Is only
worth $10,000.
Hired   Man  Started  It.
He explalneds In the affidavit that
his troubles began when his hired
man Inserted an "ad" for a wife in a
Spokane paper. The "ad" worked with
such startling results that the hired
man seen left, and told Mr. Terry to
answi r the letters of woman who were
seeking mates. Mr. Terry says he
passed seven letters with Ida Lux of
North Yakima.
He declares one day that the same
woman "appeared very suddenly" at
the ranch at Boundary, that she came
without his invitation, und remained
three days. He further declares he
told her he wished to find out about
her family before he -would think of
marrying her.
Said People Were Angry.
She told him her husband had been
which purpose the Government made
a grant of $5,000. This was followed by the establishment of a few
storm signal stations on the great
lakes,  and an   exchange of   reports
Duke of Connaught, governor general,
has gracouBly consented to open the
conference and to give an address.
The substantial assistance given by
the Dominion government is evidence.
was made with the weather bureau that the town-dweller equally with the
at Washington, which also had at agriculturist, is receiving attention,
that time a few storm signal stations | alH] that not only the federal capital
throughout the United States. When | uut au our Canadian cities are rccelv-
Washington knew of a storm head- j jng from the federal authorities such
ing  for  the  great   lakes,   word  waa | tt(ivice and assistance as the congress
sent from that city to Toronto and
from Toronto to the storm signal
The Dominion now possesses 110
storm signal stations. Of these,
three are on the British Columbia
coast, 30 are on the great lakes, and
the balance in the maritime provinces.
Newfoundland receives Its warnings of storms through the Canadian
dead  seven  years and  that she  had  R,orm sl*nal   service   which  is ln a
liver    with    her   mother during that
will afford them. Invitations have
been sent to all the cities and towns
ln the Dominion requesting them to
send delegations to the conference,
and it is hopd that many will take advantage of the opportunity. Money
could be spent to no greater advantage than In giving some of our city
councillors the opportunity to come
Into touch with experts In civc problems from all over the continent. The
aldermen will carry home ideas that.
time, the affidavit states.    Terry de
I ciares further that he was again surprised when the woman came back in
I a  few  days,  and  told him her folks
| were   greatly   Incensed   because   she
] had   remained   with  him  three  days.
She said they considered that she had
disgraced  herself.    He then  married
He asserts that he found she had
been married since the death of her
first husband. He asks that the case
be removed to Colvllle, as the farmers, hankers and others, who will be
called as witnesses reside there.
most excellent position to know of ipUt into pract!ce, will save their towns-
storms heading for Newfoundland ; people millions of dollars, besides ac-
from the west. quiring a new sense of the responsi-
The difficulties experienced in tell-   blities 0f their office and hgher ideals
Ing the exact course which a storm
will take is shown by the fact that
of the 16,000 weather charts now In
the possession of the Toronto Observatory, not two can be found
which do not bear a marked difference. In view of this it Is remarkable bow rarely the bureaus are lotber'funettona ofclty government,'
wrong in their calculations. | Dy Andrew Wright Crawrord, editor of
���" | the city planning section of the "Pub-
The Terrible Turk. I lie Ledges"; "Provision for future ra-
of civic administration.
The scope of the conference may be
gauged by a glance at some of the
topic which will form the main subjects of discussion. Among these may
be cited. "The relative Importance of
city   planning  as  compared  with   all
Hon   W   J   Hanna, who as Provin- j PW transit," by J. V. Davles, consult-
cial Secretary of Ontario, has tnsti-   *ng engineer for the Brooklyn Rapid
'BEN  BOLT." Uuted an experiment In prison reform   Transit company; "Rapid Transit and
which is attracting attention all over   the auto bus." by John A. McCollum.
Story of This Famou* Song���Ppublic  the  world,   was   recently describing   assistant engineer, board of estimates
Interest Revived by-Trilby."        l80me of the characters who have to be   ��*  a"^il^mS^..^e* JS'jJ. ^11
Dr.   Thomas
In Philadelphia
Dunn   English,  born  handled by the officials at the Guelpb |   Protecting  residential dlstricU,    by
Pa., June 29. 1819. Prl8on Farm, where the offender, la- | r^SL^Jif .S'
tor, and contributing both prose and
verse to various publications. About
1845, during a hot discussion Tor and
against the abolishment of capital
punishment, his pungent and satirical "The Gallows-goer" exasperated the advocate of judicial suspension to the very verse of homicide.
Nathanlal P. 'Willis, one of the
immortals of American literature,
was editing the "New Mirror." and
asked Knglish to contribute a poem,
preferably an ocean lyric. Knglish
began his task by arhievi"T the first
line, "O. don't v-Mi romombrr Sweet
Alice. Ben Bolt?" the neme hemp
considered conclusive evidence that
Its possessor was a sailor, and an
Old salt" at that. Then the doctor's
counter," he said, "are those fellows
whose nature has made more or less
irresponsible. I mean the men who
have no definite trade, but who are
apt to be found anywhere, doing anything. For instance, there's Lafe
Wood, who lives near  my  house  In
sideration of the principles and procedure of a Canadian town planning
act, a draft of which is now being prepared by a special committee appointed by the commission of conservation,"
and "Recreation facilities in the city
plan," by Henry V- Hubbard, professor ot landscape gardening tn Harvard
Pegasus flew away with him and he i tive Turkish, of course, which I
perforce had to indite the sweet and couldn't understand. Being Interest-
simple verses which have called up ed In his national eotsume I moved
to     blunted     memories     so     many j up closer to get a better look at him.
*, s, l ewa   vs.   is��4��\t.sj
Sarnla.    You can never know where lun\verBuy
you'll meet him or what be will be 1     Addulona, interesting features will
doing.    Let me tell you how l met
him at the Pan-American Exposition
ln Buffalo twelve years ago.
'I was walking up the Midway,
and paused at the Turkish Village to
hear the barker describe the wonders
inside, and at tbe same time to study
the Turk who was c the platform
with the barker. The Turk addresseu
a few words to the crowd���In his na
be a tour of the city and harbor or
Toronto, luncheon topics and an open
session for the discussion of subjects
to be submitted by members of the.
I sweethearts of a lost youth. But he
made no further reference to a sailor's experience until in the last line
of the fourth verse, and it was intimated that these thoiicht would be
likely to recur in his future voyag-
To   this   song   several   airs   were
When the barker resumed his monologue, the Turk, chancing to turn and
catch mv eye, leaned over towar,' me.
" 'Heilo, Mr. Hanna.' he said;
'how are all the folks in Sarnia?' "
Beneficent Dissipation.
A New Brunswick jury once found
adapted, and in 1848 it was intro-|a priSOner guilty of assault and
duoed Into the Mexican war drama of j r0bbery, and the late Judge Gregory
The Battle of Buena_Vlsta." Nelson | sentenced him to five years on   the
first count and three on the second.
The clerk of the court arose to repeat the sentence, but having taken
a glass too much he was unable to
give the total sentence correctly.
"You," he announced, addressing
the prisoner, "are sentenced to sever
vears in the penitentiary."
"No, that's not right."
"You," making a fresh start, "are
sentenced to nine years."
"No;  not right."
������You might as well make it five
years." said the judge, and the clerk
got through the remainder of the
formula without difficulty.
"I saved the prisoner three yearr-
by being drunk," he said later, "and
time counts at Dorchester."���Saturday Night.
found a German melody
from which he evolved the present
arrangement At once "Ben Bolt"
became the rage: it was sune. played, hummed and whistled all over
the country, and crossed the Atlantic almost ahead of the oackets, A
big steamboat was named after the
������-imposed mariner, and shortly after
blew up, and a elioper ship similarly honored incontinently ran ashore or
sank to the bottom of the sea; but
no such ill luck attended the song,
which earned thousands of dollars
for its publishers. It haa never been
claimed that either noet or musician
shared  in  its material  successes,
Only a few vears aeo Dll Miuirier
in his"successful novel. "Trilby," revived the public interest in "Ben
Bolt," making Its simple melodies
the wonder and charm of the musical world, as rendered by the splendid vocal chords of a French grlsette.
while under the hypnotic Influence
of a Jewish musician.
Spokane. April 24 J. M. Middletcm,
assistant postmaster at Koxborcugh.
yesterday pleaded guilty before local
federal authorities to the charge of
burning the Roxborougb postoffice
last February,
Mlddleton was apprehended ten
days ago as the result of investiga-
! tions by government secret service
: men based on the theory that he had
burned the building to hide a deficit
in funds entrusted ot him by postal
authorities and by a lumber company
for   which   he   was   agent
Pope's Life of Sir John A.
Of all Sir Joseph Pope's services
to Canada, perhaps the greatest is the
preparation of the "Life of Sir John
A. Macdonald." It will always remain a classic among Canadian biographies, because of the intimate
light It sheds upon the political life
of the Dominion. A companion piece
to It is a collection of Confederate
documents, Including a diary of the
Quebec conference, which is indispensable to the man who wants tc
know how we came to be. Sir Joseph Pope's labors as a public servant, valuable though they are. may
be forgotten. HiB services as the literary executor of Sir John A. Macdonald are a permanent part of tie
life of Canada.
Pur Animals Diminishing.
In less than ten years practically
When interviewed yesterday in the     ���  the fur.bearlng   animals   ln  the
county jail he said that he had noth
ing to nay except that he had pleaded
guilty to the charge to save his parents and wife from the worry of u
long trial.
Purchases Duncan  Hotel.
Duncan, B. C. April 24.���A change
,of much Interest to travellers and to
the   general   public   became   effective
last    week    when    Messrs.    Edward
Berlin,   April      26.���After     same
consideration   of   the   special   conditions affecting tbe use of aeroplanes
In tropical and semi-barbarous quarters, the German colonial office has
decided   to   send   a   couple  of  aero-
I planes   to   the  colony   in   Southwest-
Africa.    They will be used for army
intelligence work, the conveyance of
mails,  and  the  transport  oi  doctors
and medical equipment to remote regions difficult of access.
The expedition will leave Germany in about two weeks' time, ami
the aeroplanes will be disembarked
at Swakopmund, whence they will
be transferred by rail to the flying
stations and sheds, which are already
being constructed for them. Four officers of the German colonial trooie;
have been taking aviation lessons at
home, and will accompany the aeroplanes to their destination. The aeroplanes are being specially built by
Gorman manufacturers, at a cost ol
about ��4.000, to which the colonial'
office is contributing about ��1,500.
One Important duty of these machines will be to trnnsnort diamonds
from the interior to the coast, the--
present mode of carriage which necessitates an armed guard, being rather
costly and slow. It may also be assumed that tho presence of the aero-
ulanes will strike awe into the warlike tribes of the Interior. This particular use of flying machines has
long been foretold, and our own government is understood to be considering the advisability of sending out
aeroplanes or an airship to make a
kind of "demonstrr-.tion of force" on
a disturbed frontier in another portion of Africa.
County of Kent. Ontario, will be ex
tlnct, if the prediction made by
W. P. Conway, a hunter and trapper
from Rondeau, Ont., Is correct. Conway brought tn over 150 skins, consisting of 43 coon, 80 muskrat and
40 skunk. In three days he caught
23 coons on the Government park at
Uondeau, to hunt and trap on which
.reserve ho has a permit.
MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1914.
QXfORu HEAD Off     I
A. S. N. Jackson in Sensational Finish
Beats the Tape for a World's
Philadelphia. Pa., April 80.���Oxford
nnHirsity of England won the four
mile colic,;., relay championship of
America from the University of
PWUssylvanla yesterday afternoon in
the most sensational finish ever seen
in that event in the IT years the race
has been run off on Franklin Field.
The. Knglish team bad to fight all
the way and won the remarkable race
by a scant foot. The wonderful .lack-
son. Olympic 1600 metro champion, tlie
anchor man of the Knglish team, was
pushed to the limit of human endurance by MoCurdy of Pennsylvania, the
(WO mile inler-collegiate champion.
and fell into the arms of bis supporters as be breasted the tape.
In  Rainstorm.
The race was run In b heavy rainstorm and the time, IK:05. broke the
tour mile record of the Pennsylvania
r, lays. The American and world's
record Is held by Cornell, 17:65. The
track was heavy and exports believed
it to be about five seconds slow to the
mile. .    .
Bo close was Hip race between JacK-
son and .MoCurdy that it was several
minutes before the spectators could
learn who had won. The two men
came into the home stretch Bhouldi r to
shoulder. Thirty yards from the tape
McCurdy led by about a foot. ('apt.
Jackson made a last desperate effort
to take the lead and just managed to
���hove his shoulders ahead of MrCurdy l
who was close to the bole, In this
wav they ran amid intense excitement. I
When Jackson got the width of his
Shoulder in front of MoCurdy ho
swerved slightly In toward the pole
and the shoulde s of the two men
were almost touching, with Jackson's
just In front. This was thi It p sltion
ii! the tap. .
Police Protecticn.
As the two runners came down the
stretch, stride tor stride. Pennsylvania
supporters thought that McCurdy
would Win -anil excited spectators
rushed on the track but splendid work
hy policemen who clubbed them I ack
prevented interference with tbe runners.
As the two men came across the
line un excited spectator rushe 1 a(
.las. E. Sullivan, the referee and wildly pretested thai  McCurdy bed been
foulf el,  but   Sullvan   wave d  him   ���'.'.
and declared the English nam the
winner. There were not the slightest grounds tor a protest, the referei
Best ci Twenty-five Y^ars.
As the ;v o men finished s< veral
thousand persons rushed on the track
and surrounded the runners and officials and it was with difficulty that
the winner could be learned. After
ilo- race. Referee Sullivan said:
"It  uas tlie most  wonderful finl h
I evei  saw in ii  relay  rare In  more |
than   twenty-five years.    Pennsylvania  run a  er. ai  raci   against  wonderful stars,"
Picked  Up Ten  Yards.
Jackson  easily  made up  the    is j
tance Tabor had lost and he and  Mo
Curdy  ran   round   llio  track   together I
although  tie'   first,  second  and   third]
quarters and Intu the lasi quarter up
to within an eighth oi a milt  of the
finish,  where  both  cut  loos...    Rain
wps i "iiiing down heavily ai ths time
lint   the  twenty  thousand  spectators
rlitl nol appear to mind it and cheered  frantically  us  the  two champions
cami   into the last hundred yards for
their  exciting  finish.    The  time  for
this   mile   was  4:36,   the   slowest  of
the   lour,  duo   to  the   'act  that  fach
man v. as saving himself for the final
terrible drive home.
At the Theatres
<)p. next Wednesday the Griffith
���company will again take the stage
a) the opera house, after a short
vacation, and give Westminster a
Chance to see the greatest success of
present years. "Bought and Paid
The play was seen hire tor one
night only and at top prices. Hut it
made such a tremendous hit that for
I wo   nights  ii   will     be-     seen   in     the
capable hands ol the Griffiths.
And   really,  they   have  a  Bplendid
Too Late to Classify
jteriy   -e 'llent    bus    llio ougllly i-l n
rented dwelling at Oudar Cottaa mortgage only encumbrance. Will trad, and
v.l, cash for anv dltfere nco. What
have you lo oftei "
RANCH      C' IR      SAI.K    11251) :      KASY I
terms.    Five acres all cleared and ui
der cultivation,  situate close to Clover
dale.     Una   l-rpom.   dwe lllng    c ii<     n
house and spring wain.    Investigate Im- i
business property at n sacrifice. Revenue over 12 per cent lie e.i This i-
Hurc a moneymaker and can easily be
handled.     Price   $8000,
ml artl
Uirge cleared  lot  be twecn 2nd
8t( ' $1250; em easy terms.    < 'nl
Meet Your Friends at McAllisters.
Now is the time for the new
All the new Summer styles and colors
just in, priced from $1.75 to $3.00.
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Meet Your Friends at McAllisters.
See the New
Wonderful Values from $1.25 to $5.75.
We Aim to Give Exceptional Value for Every
Dollar Spent in This Store
Draperies and Window Hangings
Spring i"> tlv season fur freshening up all through the
lrip.it. and nothing does more to brighten things up ' i.i'i
new  draperies ami  window  banging*,
The new spring fiibiiees have never boon mora bountiful than they are this year. Pine, soft materials, both Iu
texture antl colorings, blending perfectly with rugs, walls,
or other furnishings.
The variety in patterns, also In price's, put these new
goods in everyone's reach.
Scrims, In plain bordered, and drawn-work designs, are
perhaps the leading fabrlces In light wash curtain materials, Plain; In cream, white ,,-r ecru., with hemmed
horde.-.    Per
Pancy Border, both sdes. OC**        Cflft
Per yard from OOC TO DUG
At BOc we have a new line with border on one side only;
colors of blue, pink or green, on white ground. This is
a very effective drape for bedroom windows.
Dainty drawn- work design; on very fine scrim; In white
and ecu. This Is our best line for 'drawing rooms, re-
ceptlon bull or living room. Those are regular $1.00 to
$1.25 value. Our price,
per  yard   	
Electrical Department
Brass Beds Today at Less Than
Actual Cost Prices
Clearing out our entire lino at cost prices. Every Brass
He'd we have i" stock wil Ibo sacrificed. This is a good
opportunty to secure a bargain in a high-grade Brass
Bed and every bed will be sold as advertised.
Straight iiinl continuous post Hods, in bright, satin and
Polette finishes; in 3 ft. :s-t> ft.. 4 ft, and 4-tl ft. sizes;
Regular ?is 75 i slues.
Special  Sale   	
Regular $22.60 values,
Special  Sale   	
Regular $21 Oi   valui b.
Special Sale   	
Regular $30.00  values.
Special Sub',	
Regular $33.00  values.
Special Sale  	
Regular $38.00 valuei.
Special Sal"  	
Regular $45.oo values
Special  Bale   	
61 $.50
McAllisters for Silks
Whatever your requirements, you'll find the best selection here ut prices unequalled,
For Summer Dresses we have a colored   Messaline;  40
Inches  Wide;   in cream, old   rose,  reseda,  sky.  tan,  gray,
pink, black,  white, etc.    A  splendid  wearing
silk.    Special value, per yard  	
40-lncb Striped Oriental Satin; in grounds of white,
reseda, cerise, mauve and Copenhagen, with black stripes;
make useful blouses or dresses; effective In wear; regular value $1.25. Special, per
This lino is a pslendld wearing Silk, and in in at checks;
splendid colors. One of the seaosn's novelties; value at
76c a yard.   Today's Price,
per yard	
See our Tables of Special  Silk  Voiles  at  50c and 75c.
They each contain extra good bargains and many novelty
SEE the Ladies' Home Journal, May Numbel  on  Bale    in
The new reflectcr-type g lowing coil Electric Stove.
Does your regular family cooking, operates from any lamp socket
dishes you now have.    Regularly $8.60, but  on special sale during
Hot Point  Week,  May 11  to 16 only, at  Hal f Price  	
Order now and we'll reserve a stove, at Half Trice, for you, to be delivered during Hot-Point Week.
$80.00 Dining Room Suite, $64.50
Dining Room Suite; all in solid oak; in fumed or golden finish; suite consists or Six-
foot Extension Table; round or Bquare; Buffet has three drawers; two-door cupboard
ami neat bevel plate mirror, set of six Chairs, with genuine leather seats and
China Cabinet, with adjustable shelves. Any article will be
sold separate.. . Th" suite, complete, tor	
Let Us Do
Your Picture
We will quote you prices on
any framing you require. Our
price's are low< b1 and we guarantee the work. Experienced
Workmen... Artistic. Ideas,
Prompt Service.
Prices on Hearth
Rugs are Down
We have just received a complete rang" ol Hearth Rugs, in
Tapestry. Brussels, Axmlnster,
Wilton, etc. The coloring, design and quality are all that
could be- desired.
Tapestry Hearth Rug.
: 95c
Always   the  Best Values   in  Our
Ladies' Ready-tc-Wear Dept.
Size 23x46 lnchei
$1.10.    Special  .
Size 27x54 inches,
reg. $2,00.    Special
Tapestry Hearth Rug.
Velvet Hearth Rug.
Axminster  Hearth  Rug.
Size  24X0
reg. $2.00
Size 27x.")S inches',
reg. $3.00.   Spi'dal
Axminster  Hearth  Rug.
size   2~\'ii   in
Heavy ciualit;
regular $3.60,
Special   .   ...
Wilton  Hearth  Rug.
Japanese   Rug.
Size  27x54  inches;
reg. $6.50. Speclad.
I land made; s ze
i  gulat   $3.00.
A Sou Arrival of Xnvy and Grnj Serge suits.    Very Special Values
nl $10.50.
A l.aily's Suit of fine all wool serge; in plain tailored effect. The
coat Is made- in square' or cutawaj fronts, with breast pockets, atol
skirt is made with side pleats and high waist band. Th" coat Is
beautifully lined with Skitmi'r's gatln. If priced al $20.00 they
would he considered good value.
Our  Special   Trie e is   	
A Splendid Line of Black und White Check Suits al $120.00.
A good Black and white Check Suit is Just what is wanted for this
season's near, why ii a get one now, at a money-saving price;
comes In a splendid all wool material, with coat In now stylo cutaway model, and lined with Skinner's satin; the skirt Is plain tailored, with high waist band. Bee this very special &Ofl (\f\
suit  value.    Price           *P^U.UU
Stunning Styles io New Spoil Coats at .SI-.."><>.
Any time you are down town, don't forgot to call in and look over
..ar g od variety of New Sport Coats; all class;, of materials are
represented, tweeds, serges, diagonals, cords, etc., in newest shade's
of tan, Paddj green, Copenhagen, brown, navy and fancies, and In
black and white checks The /erj newest men!.-is. and all are coats
lhat will make the wearer fei, dressed better. We will be pleased
i" show them to you.
Specially Priced at   	
We Also (airy a Swell Stock of the Now  ("'anions "llalnin, can" Coats
for Women.
This Is a coal which is In great demand in all the leading cities of
the world. Th.. ' Balmaccan" Coat i.-; as "classy" a coat for a
woman as a "Burhurry" is for a man. They are a very useful
coat, made In smart light-weight two-els and homespuns; cut in distinct mannish Btyles, with wide Raglan shoulder and sleeve effects,
and full In the skirt. An iibial coat for traveling or motoring.
There, is a pretty assortment to choose from; in sizes to fit all, and
prices place them within tho roach of everyone.
Speclaly Priced at    ��P J. *J TO
Have Vou Seen the "Utility" House Dress?    We Carry a lull Range
of Styles ami Prices.
With the "Utility" garment you can dross instantly, without mussing
the he.Jr. and lie dressed prettily and comfortably. The "Utility"
slips on and off like a coat, and the wearer finds delight In such
features as characterizes the "1'iility" garments. They are made
as a house dress, kimona or negligee, See our Interesting Bhowin.t
of Btyles and prices.
ranging from         *P X >��iO   TO
We Are the Sole Agents leu  the "Utility" Garments,    li,- Sure to
Look for the Label, Then You Will Bo Purchasing u
Genuine ' Utility" Onrtncnt.
We Are Also the Sole Agon'   for the "Morning Glory" Wash Drosses.
These are stylish Wash Dre i     v being i    ':;���  worn bj  tho Amer
ican lady of good taste. Wi.. ? I', .��������� ���-,< Hi ������; ;:r" a dr. ss thai Is
mad-,  quite  different,  and tter   materiala  and   designs,    tin
showing Includes man) t-li tyles, p.nd the price0 are the lowest
possible. The making ol tl Morning Qlory" garments is of tho
same high standard as doi ij the borne dre imaker, excellent
qualities, in every class i rials used, The values we offer are
very unusual Indeed.
Priced  from   	
$15 to $20
��4>l.ZO TO 3>o.y5
$175 ,,$5.95
Now is the Time and McAllisters is
the Place for Your Awning Materials
The "".ison is here for covering in the verandah, and shading the
windows. The expense of doing this is small when you can buy
the lluck at such low prices.
We have a complete stock of both  woven and painted  Duck, ill  blue.
i I'll or gr. e ii stripes.
Awning Duck;  woven stripe; any color OC
Per yard        ZDC
Awning Duck;  painted stripe,  any color. OO!
Per yard        O/L   -C
White Dock, for tents, tiles ejr awnings;  i'.-oz.. 20c; *il\
7-07... 22%c;   S- /.., 25c;   10-OZ     ��5UC
Double fold; two yards wide. Cfl
Per yard      DUC
l.e't os estimate on your awnings nnd window shades! We have
competent nun and can give you the very lowest prices,
M n's  Pine Mercerised Pyjamas, In plain colors nr tan, blue
and   wh'te;   also  In   fin;'  English   flannelette;   In   neal   stripes'   n'l
;,'���":���..,:.':':,:1>.I::"":1 $175    , $2.50
This Is of Interest to Every Man
At 25c a t 'nrmonl ���
A  fin..  Balbrlggau, In  natural color;    exceptional    value;     men's
.   ii - only.
At ."lie ii Garment ���
A fine Porous Knit Underwear; in natural color;  with sleeves and
ankle- length drawers.
At 50c n Garment ���
A two-ply Balbriggan, with long sleeves and ankle length drawers,
Ai 50c a Gaimen! ���
Men's Kino Nainsook Underwear; sleeveless anil knee-length drawers,    This lino also comes iu combinations at. $1,00.
Ai ��."><��� h Garment���
Pine double thread genuine Egyptian cotton; In natural color; with
long sleeves and ankle drawers.
At $1,25 a Garment���
Fine quality natural wool;  in  white, pink and natural.
At $1.25, Combinations���
Men's fine quality natural Balbriggan;  with closed crotch,    long
sleeves and ankle length drawers.
We also curry a   very  fine- assortment  Of Stanfleld's Silk  and   Wool
Underwear at blgher prices,
Any $8.00 Hat  in Store, $2.00.
These include all the newest styles of best Knglish manufacture
Sott llais; in colors of navy, brown, gray, green and black; with
'.\ide sill; hands and bow at Bide or back. Best Knglish DerbyB, In
s'lni-llat rim and full roll rim Btyles, With bows al sub', quarter
and back. Have all sizes, and can til anj man. Actual &0 f\(\
$3.00 values.    Next week      $tU.\J\J
Hoys' Telescope Hats, $1.00 and $1.25.
Boys' Soil Fell Hats, in telescope crown, with drooping brim:-;
colors navy, brown, green, slate and black; finished with silk en-
i rivet, bands, and bow at side or back. Al    f\f\ <fc 1    OC
Priced at   vlivU   AND t])J..<��0
Suitcases ,it $1.45.
Waterproof RubberjCloth Suitcase; steel frame; strong handle;
good brass spring locks and side catches; riveted Comers and
neatly lined; Size 24 inches; regular $1.76. <I�� ���t    AC
Special       ��Pl.*t��J
dos.-iii doubles
for bungalow.
���"''    cast  for it.    Miss Griffith In tier ele
  | mini  as Fanny,  Miss Vaughn as Vir-
|.n [ gio and  Mr.   fjrenne n
ASH    AND    DEED    .
cornel ai Cedar Cottage fact with their usual painstaking
what have you to offer? | bjlW the company will gi\e a finished
performance throughout.
riflce.    Six rooms,  thoroughly  modem, ;
new and every late convenience. Full
siz. lot; garage and lane at roar; situate "ii Dublin street, close to 12th. Owner leaving city unci wants offer
vi stlgato till* bargain ut nne.'.
stead of the light drama thai his pen
produced during the last decadi of
In liia life with BurprUing product)! ���.
In "The Truth" he has not me relj
transferred to the Btage sotm of the
e phono i,il i mi mals ol social I i
logically and dramatically it should, try as a capable member of his sup-I drinking at tho same time; two rhln-
have ended with Becky and her bus port. As the husband in the Pitch i ooeroscs Indulge in battle fey prece-
band separated for ever. I play he  filled the rather meagre  re- dance at the  water hole;   arrival of
In the circumstances the weight of [qulrements of the part fully. | two giraffes; rhinoceroses fight again
the work in this play falls on Miss Arthur L, Soamos and Miss Mary j and one of tho fii-alTos acts as referee;
Dora  Rlgold,  an   actress   who  comoa | Dykes  had  the only  character  parts . peculiar method by which the glrafee
he has presented a character ami ig -rightfully by her ability by virtue of in the play, and handled these well, drinks;  oyrx,  wart-hog    and    zebras
til ' ...........    ..M.        .,..!..I.: ,.,	
surroundings i   her descent  from
rove ;:)      ||
In- I
hungulows and dwellings for rent In
-ill puns ur I'iic. full ami look over
��-,tir list before >ou locate. It will save
S'oii  money.
ii   mlglil   be  expecte d   n
many  sieb's of its nature
The heroine, Beck>  Warder.   -
Besse d of o constitul ional Ina   lit
Eastman and Co.
Pbone   312.
201   Westminster  Trust   Building.
The Orchard Players of British Co
lumbls, following that fine old com
eelv of Tom Robertson's, "David Gar
rick," have placed  Victoria playgoers tell  Ihe truth,  Which  it  develops    he
under obligations  by  affording  them has quite naturally Inherited from her
the    opportunity    of    seeing    "The father    sin- Blmpl> cannot help I
Truth."  the.  best  of the  late    Clyde about  thi   little happenings ol  evi
Pitch's long array or successes    from day  life    to her  husband  aboul
the bOX office point eif view, remarks monej   slli   ha,  spent,    to her fro    Is
th.. Victoria Times. aboul   the most  trivial event, to      r
In this play  Fitch gave more than father aboul the serlou   crisis In I
a hint of what was In hlra of capacity life which   her    lying    lias    hie
for serious  work, had  the public de. about.    Pitch courted    popularity      i
iniind been for thai sort of thing in- making  the ending a happj  one, i   -
of the noted
theatrical families of England. In
tbe character of the facilely-lylng
wife in h'^r happy moments,, and of
the distraught woman whose fault
has found ber out she acted with understanding and discretion. Added
to her other qualities Miss Uigtiold
has a voice admirably suited to emotional parts, and her enunciation is
of the perfect type that is characteristic of tho  British  stage.
William Sauter. the- originator of
the idea of the Orchard Players, will
be remembered by all who saw K. S.
Willard on his lust tour in this coun-
Mr. Soames' work being especially drinking; rhinoceros hoars click of
commendable. the   moving   picture   camera   and   at
The Orchard Players will be al the j tempts to find it; closest picture ever
opera house In New Westminster on taken of a wild animal ln his native
Monday and Tuesday, April 27 and 28. haunt;  tick  birds which  live on the
  back of the hrinoceros and warn him
ROYAL THEATRE. of danger, shown very plainly and his
 ���                          I uneasiness when they leave him; herd
The   Paul   J.   Uiliney   African   hunt   Of   elephants   feeding   In   the   jungle-;
pictures will be shown at the Royal Kmother elephant and hr two babies at
theatre today. The fourth reel of the i the water bole; Interesting domestic
pictures is said to hold the audience episode In the elephant family; mother
spedl boiitul.
II   Is  the  wonderful  wa-
terhols   where   all   the   beasts  Of   the
jungle congregate.
Baboons,  Impala  and  rhinoceroses
elephant   will   not  let   her  boby  drink
until sii has cleaned out the water
hole; sister elephant Interferes and Is
cliasel  away.


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