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The New Westminster News May 20, 1914

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 Volume 9, Number 65
LOST 111 V*%%
Price Five Cents,
���Government Majority Lanr-
<*��t of the Session���Two
Above Normal.
The Resolution Will Be Considered in
Committee    Today���Mackenzie
and  Mann  Given Credit.
Moo6e Jaw, May 1!��. Karl Grey,
former governor general of Canada,
spent half an hour in .Moose Jaw early
this evening on his way east. His
lordship said that while in Australia
and New Zealand these dominions had
enthusiastically declared to him their
united approval of an imperial building in London. Karl Grey said that
although Canada had done nothing to-
wa;d coming in yet, he was still hopeful the Dominion would. Hut he was
doing nothing with regard to tlie matter on this occasion.
Talking of his oil interests iu the
west, bis lordship said it was indeed
a regret to him to have to pass Calgary without a visit at this particular
Ottawa, May 19.���The vote on  E. I
JM.   Mac-Donald's   motion   to  give   tbe '
��ix months' hoist to the government's I
<'. N. It. guarantee proposals came at
11 o'clock  tonight.    The motion  was
rejected  on  a division  of 111  to  64,
a government majority of 47.    There
were two Conservatives and one Liberal who bolted.    As anticipated, lien-
nett, of Calgary, and Nickle, of Kingston, voted for the amendment, while
Charleton, Liberal for Northfolk, voted with the government.
After the announcement of the  re- |
suit of the  vole  on   the  amendment |
the   resolution   was   declared   carried I
by the same majority and considera ;
���tion of the proposals was taken up in ]
Committee,    The   vote   was   tbe   bij.-.
Rest of any  division  of tlie  session.
the majority being two above the got-
eminent  normal  majority  at the  pre-
eont time   which   stands  at   45   with
Speaker Sproule In the chair and Jacques  Cartler,  lhe  late   P.   D.   Monk's
COuEtituency,  vacant.
When Mr. Bennett rose to record
��.is vote iu favor of the Liberal amend
ment he was loudly applauded by the
-opposition as was also the member
tot Kingston. However, the government benches squared matters when
.Mr. Oharleton stood up in favor ol
the proposal.
May Lead to Ownership.
W. F. McLean, who spoke during
the afternoon, favored the government proposal:; because he thought
they might ultimately lead to government ownership of the line, Dr,
rfeely of Humboldt, who closed the
-debate, gave the C. N, ft. credit for
���doing much io develop his district,
but opposed the resolutions because
no provision is made for the construction of branch lines with ihe pro-
el eds of the guarantee,
*Y-. Borden said that lhe statement
lhat Mackenzie and Mann bad not
jjnt any money of their own in tbe
fund   was   inaccurate.     He  had   been
formed  that much  or the  working
tal  of I lie  road   bad   been   raised
luckenzie  and   Mann   personally,
i   midnight  Mr.  Carvell's  motion
declared lost and the house rose,
tdiii ration  or  the   resolutions    iu
JJUBrnitiee   will   he   resumed  on   Wed-
; Railway   Men   a*.   Ottawa,
���Ottawa,  May   19.���Consideration  or
Dingman   Well   Spouts   90
Feet in Air for Several
Mammoth   Well   Gives   Strong   Indications of Being a Producer���Test
of Supply Made.
Calgary, May 19.���The climax of a
day of feverish excitement and trading came tonight when the Dingman
well spouted fully ninety feet into
the air, the phenomenon lasting for
several minutes. The news was flash-
,d from tbe Dingman camp .to the
Morning Alherlan by Driller J. H.
Urown and was Immediately bulletin-
i d iii the various newspaper office.*)
and hotel lobbies. Fully 1000 traders
were crowded Into the lobby of the
King George hotel when the bulletin
making this announcement was posted and the turmoil that followed beg-
yers  discrlptlon.
Driller Urown also telephoned thai
after baling out for more than four
hours there was no perceptible decrease in tbe height of the oil. which
remained  about  2000 feet.
Mammoth Well Strikes Oil.
A heavy flow of wet gas. which is
blowing out panicles ol' black oil.
ivas struck today in the Mammoth
well,  thirty  miles east  of Olds.
The United Oils closed its subscription in the face of a crowd tonight,
a little more than the $200,000 allotment  of stock having been sold.
At   noon   today   the  oil   spurted   out
from   ihe  Discovery  oil  well,  ninety
feet in the air. This is the most
forceful gusher since oil was struck,
and lasted a longer time. Tlie balers
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ spent four hours in haling out '.'ini
He Canadian Northern aid proposals I,gallons of oil. They round the oil
j-ppears lo have drawn a galaxy of Las high |n the well after they had
prominent railway ir-n to the capl- concluded haling as when they starl-
4sl. Those here at the present time ed, namely 2000 feet. This is the
j-eclud.' Chairman Smlthers, of the best test thai has been made of the
4ih-aiid 'I runic hoard; I-:. J Chamber- supply,
JiUn. president   ol   the  G.  T.   IV;     Sir, 	
Daring Robbers Get $5000
. from Spangle, Wash.,
Jack Kong's Admission of
Murdering Mrs. Millard
Ruled Out.
.'���flHwimas Shaughnessy and Sir William
Macki nzie.
lUr, Smithers and   Mr. Chamberlain
���*re here  to  confer  with  the government   in   regard  to   their   request   for
SI further bond  guarantee  to  the  ex-
ient of $15,000,nun.    I'ndi r the terms
4>t the agreement  with  the  late gov- .
Jsxnnient the cosi of construction with l!nS wl" Probably be held In tin
-$he western lines was to he guaranteed by the government up to 75 per
V.'#ent. The necessary bonds were Is-
SHIueil, but owing to increased cost of
���Bonstruction the company claims an
'���Other $15,000,0(111 is required to fulfill
(ithe terms of the agreement. This
if'iclaim. it is tairl, is being resisted by
iihe government which claims that a
ijjA'rs* mortgage having been placed
IHipon the road, the company la not
;jlow ill the same position as it was
i'-vhen tha original guarantees were is-
RSUircl. It is said to he possible that
j'the mailer may have to he taken to
Kibe courts and at anj rale additional
f guarantees are not lo be forthcoming
i  in fore   the   close   of   the  present   ses-
| eion.    In  tho meantime nelthi r the
government   nor  the   representatives
-��'i"   the   railways   will   make   a   State-
��� in nl   for  publication.
Try for Oil at McLeod.
Mcl.eod, Alta., May la. The expenditure of thirty thousand dollars
to bore for oil In this district was
strongly urged by Mayor Bteadman
at a protracted meeting or tbe council last evening and a public meet-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ near
future to go thoroughly into the question,
Citizens'   Posse,   Assisted   by   Bloodhounds Have Bandits Surrounded
in the  Brush.
Spokane, May 19.���Three bandits,
who locked the cashier of the state
bank at Spangle, Wash.. In the bank
vault and escaped with between $4000
and $5000 today, were surrounded tonight in the woods along Hangman
creek, rour miles rrom Waverly, Wash.
Tosses under the leadership of
sheriffs' deputies ordered bloodhounds
from Moscow, Ida., this evening and
put the dogs on the trail. A member
of one of the posses was O. W. New-
ion, the cashier of the bank.
Newlon was alone in Cue bank when
the three men entered. They covered him with pistols and forced him
into the vault and locked him in. The
robbers then locked the front door of
the bank, gathered up all the money
in s'ght and walked out of the back
Ran Out of Gasoline.
Before entering the bank the robbers had arranged with J. ES. Beaug-
lian to drive them out into tlie country
at noon on a business trip. The men
afti r the robbery quietly walked to
Beaughan's garage and entered an
automobile. After going a shore distance. Beaughan remarked that he
had better return  for gasoline.
He returned to Spangle and while
nlling his automobile tank his passengers told him to hurry. The robbers had seen Newlon leave the bank
building. Beaughan was forced to
start up his machine and go out of
Spangle at lull speed with the bandits
Shooting in all directions. No resident of Spangle was injured but windows in the buildings on the main
street were broken.
Pursuit Taken Up.
Newlon gave an alarm and men and
beys with all kinds of Hrearms took
up the pursuit of the robbers in nine
automobiles, Four miles from Waverly the robbers left Beaughan's auto
and took to the woods. The robbers
were sei n by the posse late in the
afternoon and shots were exchanged.
Newlon was a member of the posse
until late in the afternoon when he
returned to Spangle to check up the
bank's   runds.
"The  men   were  beating  the  bush
when I left them," said Newlon. "They
are working slowly from different directions and are sure the bandits are
between  them  hiding  in  the brush.
"The three bandits entered the bank
I quietly   while   I   was   alone  and   they
soon overpowered  me and  forced me
i Into   the   vault.     After   some   work   I
I was able  to open the  vault from  the
Inside and when I got out 1 saw that
the men  had taken all  the money In
sight.    1 saw them In Beaughan's automobile and gave the alarm, but they
forci d   Beaughan  to drive  them avvav
while  they   fired  shots  to  Intimidate
us.    We  followed  and   overtook their
automobile when the bandits took to
the woods.
Evidence  Introduced  Same as Heard
at   Inquest���Trial   Expected  to
end Today.
Victoria, May 19.���A meeting of
: the provincial executive will be held
on Thursday with all the ministers
in attendance, save Hon. XV. R. Rosa,
who is in the east on official busi-
j ness. A hearing will be given a de-
I putation from Vancouver relating to
the matter of tbe paving of Kings-
way, the recently opened highway between Vancouver and New Westminster. The contract was executed by
the Canadian Mineral Rubber company which afterwards went into liquidation. Creditors of the company
are approaching the government with
a plea that mon.es due the contractors should be paid direct to tne
General Villa Reported to
Have Won Another Decisive Victory.
Vancouver, May 19. -The chief feature today in the trial of the Chinese
boy, Jack Kong, for the murder of
Mrs. Millard, was that Kong's confession  was not admitted  by tbe court.
How this can be made effective
with the jury, however, is quite another thing. A jury is seldom swayed by legal technicalities if convinced
of the fact that a confession really
did take place, and evidence was heard
ill court that there was one. A charge
from the judge cannot obliterate the
There are only two more witnesses
for the prosecution to be examined
and the case is expected to finish tomorrow.
Deputy Chief McRae, Inspector Jackson, Mr, Millard and the medical officers testified today, their testimony
being practically a repetition of that
given at the inquest.
Members of the jury were allowed
to attend a theatre this evening.
The evidence of the finding of the
charred remains, the bloodstained carpet, of Kong's washing the floor and
his pants, his weak explanation of
his absence from school the second
day, the testimony of neighbors who
saw the dense volumes of smoke coming from the Millard chimney on a ^^w^^^^^^^m^^m.
mild day, and other suspicious tacts Patch from Isidore Kabela, acting min-
were  all  repealed  as  at the  inquest. |1Bter ol foreign affairs in the coUBtltU-
Crushing Defeat and Serious Loss Sustained by Federals���Rebels Capture Munitions.
El Paso, Tex., May 19.���Desperate
fighting undoubtedly is in progress
before Saltillo but the wires direct
from the front are silent, probably by-
order of Oeneral Villa, and have not
brought details of the engagement.
The only direct information which
reachel he:e was contained in a dis-
Denies He Intended to Repeat "My Hat Is in the
Looks Well and  Has a  Healthy Tan
Color, But Walks With a Cane-
Leaves 8oon for Spain.
Made Voluntary Confession.
J. K. Kennedy, crown prosecutor,
exa uined as to the alleged confession
made to him, said: "1 was called to
the police station on Saturday afternoon and found Kong there. Deputy
Chief McRae was there and also Inspector Jackson and I think EUlce aud
Ttsdale. The deputy chief warned
aim first, but 1 was not satisfied and
I said: 'Now, Kong, you understand.
Vou are to be charged with the murder of Mrs. Millard.   You do not have
tionalist government, who informed
the constitutionalist junta here that
Villa had engaged and decisively defeated a force of 5000 federals at
Paredon, inflicting heavy casualties,
capturing 500 prisoners, machine guns,
tiOOO rounds of ammunition and other
valuable munitions of war. Two federal generals were among those said
to have been killed.
Carranza at Durango.
Neither the time nor the date of the
engagement was specified in the dis
to'say anything, but anything you say j P3^'1 Iro.m_^ab,el*i_wbi,cn _*'a_8_ sent
will be used against you at your t: ial
I advise you not to say anything that
will hurt ycu. Do you understand
that?' He replied: 'Yes I understand.
1 aia to be charged with killing Mrs.
Millard,' and then he made a statement. He was not questioned until
he had completed his statement and
then it was only In regard to some details that were not clear.''
Counsel for the defence objected and
Mr. Kennedy was asked to stand aside
until the admission or rejection of
the  confession   was  decided.
The case continues to excite intense
interest and woman again formed a
largo proportion of the spectators
Skoysen's Fate Unknown.
Juarez, May 19. The fate of Jamet
J-'kiusen, an American rancher, at Co-
Ionia Juarez, who was captured on
Sunday hy bandits, supposed to belong
to the Uodrlgo Quevedo band, still Is
unknown. Skousi n was carried into
Hie mountains by the bandits. No demand has been made for ransom. It
is feared ho may have been executed
by the robbers in accordance with
4Juevedo's threat to take American
lives In revenge for those of his men
t\i!!ed  by the constitutionalists.
Un onist   Tines   Startle**   Followers
Rerere*dum  in  Ulster Province
Will   Be   Demanded.
Favors Bill for Grading and Inspection
ct   Pickled   Fish���Would   Exclude   Fcreiflners.
froln Durango early this afternoon,
and which reached here four hours late.. General Carranza and his staff,
among whom was Senor Kabela, returned to Durango late last night from
Sombrerete. lt is regarded here as
possible that the news contained In
the dispatch may have been sent on a
wire from the front some davs ago
5000 troops at Paredon does not
match previous reports.
An engagement was reported to
have occurred near that point Friday
when 300 men of the Zaragoza brigade under General Raoul .Madero surprised and scattered a federal force
of 4no. Madero then was reported to
have occupied the town of I'oredon.
The federal garrison was said later to
have retired to Ramos Arispe. six
miles north of Saltillo, cutting the railway line rrom Paredon as they retired.
New York, May 19.--Theodore
Roosevelt returned home today from
his visit of many months in South
America. Accompanied by two naturalists of his party, O. K. Cherry
and Ij. B. Miller, the former president arrived from 1'ara at quarantine
shortly before four o'clock on board
the Booth liner Aidan.
With a few crisp sentences, punctuated by decisive gestures, the Colonel
reaffirmed the verity of the "River of
Doubt," curtly denied having expressed himself as to presidential porbablli-
ties for 1916, declared he would not
run for governor of New York, made
a few deprecatory remarks about his
critics and with harbor craft tooting
and flags fluttering was taken on
board a tug which proceeded to Oyster
Lost no Enerav.
Friends who had been alarmed by
the' reports of Col. Roosevelt's serious
illness, were greatly surprised when
they saw him. He was noticeably-
thinner and he used a cane when he
walked, but his face wore a healthy
tan and he had apparently not lost an
ounce of the vigor and energy which
have become characteristic of him. After stopping ten days in this country
Mr.-Roosevelt will go to Spain to the
wedding ot  his son, Kermit.
As the tugs which carried several
members or the Roosevelt family, including Mrs. Roosevelt, XV. Emlen
Roosevelt, Archie and Theodore, Jr.,
approached the Aidan, the familiar
figure of the Colonel could be seen
leaning far over the rail as he waved
a greeting, his Ups flexed into the
familiar smile.
Not a few eyes were wet as the collector of the port, Dudley P. Malone.
and a host of newspaper men climbed
up the cumpanionway. The Colonel
stood on the top and shook hands
with each man. Mr. Roosevelt anticipated most of the things people were
anxious to know as he submitted to a
fusitade of questions before going on
the tug that took him home.
He was informed that he was reported to have said that be would not
run as a candidate on the Republican
Kern  Will  Ask  of Vote  on  May  27
Sentiment to Arbitrate the Ques
tion  is  Growing.
ing   signs
I       ^^
have   point
Wards a home rule settlemi nt.
Yesterday   the   Times   startled   Un
lonists  by  announcing iditorailly
Ottawa, May 19.���The bill to provide
for the grading and inspection of all
pickled fish was before the marine
ind fisheries committee today when
hi interesting controversy between
.be far easti rn and far western mem-
-era arose In regard to a clause which
May  19    There are grow i reads   that   fish   cannot   be  branded
that  during the  week-end   l""1"8 M";h "8h !.mvV **.-'",-- *����*�� (b.y
i British  subjects domici.ed  ami  re.sul-
moderate sections of both parties  |ng ln Canada, and packed by British
11   closer  together     to- | subjects in Canada or on board Cana-
ii.in   vessels."
Objection to the clause was taken
by some of the maritime members aud
\V. G, Kyle of Richmond, proposed an
amendment to eliminate the qualifications with regard to British subjects.
He   claimed   that   It   was  a   hardship
tion to the home rule bill
is no longer practical politics lt is
time to realize that in order to concentrate on  what  is."
Today, despite bitter partisan protests, it re-assorts the statement expressing confidence that the govern
ment. will offer adequate terms In the
amending bill. Exclusion is bitterly
deplored by many Liberals, but is is
admittedly necessary, Lord Dunraven in an interview yesterday said:
"Exclusion, whatever its character,
may be the means of perpetual exclusion,    li   Involves    aggravation    and
     . _  _ f  those  differences    in
ler, one of the defenders of the I breed and class which obsess Ireland.
.���������  ni i.e.  killed in the battle of | ,lnd the dislocation of trade and com- j fishermen  an  opportunity   to
Washington, May 19���Evidence that
uimiiiistration leaders in the senate
do not propose to permit action on
the tolls exemption repeal bill to be
long delayed was given tonight when
Democratic Leader Kern announced
he would ask tlie senate tomorrow
to give unanimous consent for a vote
en the bill and the pending amendment on  May 21.
Senator Kern said that In case the
senate did not agree, resort would
iie hud in a few days to night sessions. Moreover, the senate meeting
hour will be advanced from 11 o'clock
to give senators every opportunity to
make  their speeches.
The majority leader was confident
that the Democrats will be able to
hold the necessary quorum for night
I essions and thought that despite the
probability of the rejection of an
agreement to vote May 27, debate
might be concluded before that date,
and the vote taken then.
Some senators opposed to repeal,
were of the opinion, however, that
a vote could not be taken before
week after next, and if a considerable
mention of the engagement of | ticket and that if he became a candidate, it would be on the Progressive
Sllen'. on  Politics.
"Not  a   word  of truth   in   this.'*  he
said.    "1 have not ma7e a single declaration  about   the  political   situation
In 1916."
"As to the river, it is extraordinary
to have put on the map a river as long
as tiie Rhine, but there is no more
doubt of its existence than there is of
ihe Rhine."
Mr. Malone asked him if he was
bothered by the criticism made by
the Knglish explorer, Henry Savage
I.audor. Mr. Roosevelt laughed depreciatingly. Neither that nor other
similar criticisms worried him, he
The Colonel told friends and newspaper men who crowded around him
that he would make only one address
before sailing for Spain. "1 will give
his." said Mr, Roosevelt, "before the
National Geographical seiciety. At that
time 1 will answer any questions that
.my reputable person wishes to ask
me about my trip. Moie than this I
do not care to say now.''
Products   of   Fraser   Valley   Will     Be
Used in the Feast for Ad. Men's
At a inee'ug held of the Woman's
Auxiliary ol the Royal Columbian hos-
pit. i held iast evening at the nsi-
dei.ee of .lis. ('. Balmer McAllister.
*',*.'!. pa.atic:;*, were completed for the
organization to superintend the luncheon  to   be  given   to  the delegates
��� f the I'aclflc Coast Ad. Men's convention when they visit the City on
June  13.
I>ur..:g   tile   pan!     week     enquirii'd	
,vefe made as to whether such  work | portion  Of the  time    she    has    been
Returns tc Port Atter Duty Up the
Coast���Remains a Week.
The fisheries patrol boat l-'ispa.
Captain Crelghton, arrived up river
from Alert Bay yesterday and will
remain lure a week before leaving
for Prince Kupert. The Flaps, with
the exception of one week in April,
has been cruising in northern waters
u.-ing Alert Day as headquarters.    A
Charged  With   Murder.
Trinidad,  Colo.,   May   15, -Vlck   Ba
nonl,  a Trinidad   bartender,  was  arrested late today on a warrant charging him with the murder of Edward I perpetuation
against  many  Nova  Scotia  fishermen
who had  gone  to the  I'nited  States, j     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Income naturalized there and returned, number of senators desired  to speak
to Canada  later.    It  would take five 1 democratic  leaders  might   have  trou-
years by the new naturalization act
for them to have their rights as citizens restored.
II. 11. Stevens. Vancouver, on tlie
other hand, strongly supported the
clause and potntea out recent efforts
had been made to get the Pacific
coast fisheries in the hands of Canadians. This clause if repealed would
Klve   the   Japanese     and     American
could be undertaken by the organization, being of such a magnitude, but
with the support of business house*)
promised  ami  co-operation   from   the
various churches, the Anti-tuberculosis  society and  the local council of
guarding the halibut banks from American poachers, while during tbe past
few weeks her commander has been
visiting the various rivers and inlets
up the coast with a view of obtaining  material  as  to  the  prospects  of
ble   in   working   out   their  new   plan.
of the construction  of the Hay-1'aun-
cefote treaty to a joint conference of I
British and American commissioners
The  measure    proposed    that     the
women, tlie members of the auxiliary 1 the salmon run. During her stay in
now feel prepared to go ahead with the north the boat has been hit by
the   work. i several heavy blows all of which Bhe
The  luncheon   will   he  in  the  form i weathered  in  a manner creditable  to
of a  Fraser  Valley  affair,  the  menu   thp builders in this city.
being  prepared   as  much  as  possible 	
mmmmu       PITT   MEADOWS   ROADS
', pril
from products grown in this city and I
There was further proof today of a j the  valley.    The  menu  card   will   be |
sentiment to arbitrate the tolls ques-I of wood veneer manufactured    at the
tion.    Senator Yardman of Mississip- | Fraser Mills.
pi  introduced an  amendment  for  the |     The  committee    assisting    In    tin-
suspension   of  the   exemption   clause! work  is as  follows:     Mrs. C.  It.  Mc- I work In  providing new roads for yet-
until duly 1, 1916, and the submission i AllUter, Mrs. A. \Y. dray, Mrs. Horn- ! Hers  in   Pitt   Meadows.     At   present
er Adams, Mrs. Yueling, Mrs. Hough- Foreman John lllaney and his men
ton, Mrs. Wilkes, Mrs. IV Walker, i are engaged In making the road
Miss Armstrong, Mrs. Green, Mrs. A. through Dyke No. S which will give
'<. Cordon. Mrs. A. H. Ferguson, Mrs. ample facilities to the present settlers
D,  S.  Curtis.  Mrs.  T.  11.  Smith.  Mrs. land  the  large  number  of newcomers
Excellent   Work   Being   Done     Under
Direction   of   Foreman   Blaney.
The  government   is   doing  excellent
aid  appoint from  three
i merce and banking business of every | control of the fisheries of the Pacific. I president should. ..,.,.      ... ^^^^
- ���"���- ��� 'ssloners and the king of | C,  A. Welsh, Mrs. Robb. Sutherland, | who arrive from  time to time
k.nd.   lt would embitter all relations j The  law   would  help  to  re-establish I to five comml
Lower Mainland and New
Westminster: Light lo moderate winds, lair today and on
Thursday; stationary or higher
'.and  ruin  industry." J white   fishing  in   coast   waters
Some friends of Ireland, anxious to I question was left in abeyance.
���avoid   dismemberment,   now   propose 	
��� a conference of Irishmen of all sec- Million Dollar  Mill.
I  tions with a view of a compromise.
'     The  opposition  eventually    intends   tract for the building of a
I to demand, when  the amending bill Mar mllMor ^^deLde^ ���88 i ^lni;ra.,d in the event of the Unl-1 government intend
r-helHSngland a like  number to constitute j Mrs. W.  11. Elsou, Mrs. Ileatty
the  joint   conference.    The    conclu-  Eddy and Mrs. G. Wolfenden,
M  Lion of the conference should not be,  ���
binding   until   ratified   by   both   coun-. Connaught  to   Ireland.
,,   ,,  i.      li���.    m.,,.   m    Tho   enn-   tries      In   the   meantime   tbe   rcsolu- ,     London, May 1!>    1 ho Manualu
M""�� ' ��� ' "^��l��j��r^nsi��abr=5i-K^����iffssa-rom'-'	
is moved, that  the referendum in  H-| company has been awarded to Mess^ ^^ route  into   the   Rennie  Camp
It  is  in  this district  that  Arehbis-
! hop  purchased  a   portion   or  the   Ton
acres upon which he located  a  num-
: ber of small cultivators.
ays.    The road from the  Dewdney  trunk
road   to   Dyke  No.  2  road  is  in  first
Ister shall  be  taken  for the
as  a  whole.    This,    the    Nat
will oppose, as Helfast could
I vote  the Catholic counties,
u m  ui-I company una ueeii uwttiuou tu i��c=o��-i -,..-...       ���- -- ;���-*-.-   ----- i *rv>o"fi���Vo nf Cnnnausht  now governor,     The   route   into   the   Itennie  lamp-
province ; Archibald of Winnipeg.   Work will be ted states to exempt Us vessels was  ft   W      .  ouiaugo.   n     . L ���   ropert   lms no, ye., been decld-
itkmlleta  started Immediately and lt is expect- upheld  the  tolls  vyould be returned  general'��t panada to hecome          y -^ >      ^ ^ ^^ from_
hen out-  ed the mill will be ready for grinding  to  the  vessel owners who had  paid   o   Ireland in suet ... n                      i          ^ ^^ advantag���8
by the new year,                                   them.                                                    i"1 Aberdeen. PAGE TWO
WEDNESDAY. MAY 20. 1914.
An independent morning paper devoted to th��> Interests or New Westminster and
Sir Conan Doyle will spend several
the 1-Tus.t v.ill-v. l>ul.lisl���-,1 ev.rv moriimg exc.-pt'sunday t/fte National Mattac!***** cmiping at Jaspar Park, said
and Publishing Company. Limited, at 63 McKenzie Street New Westminster. British1"0 &0 the most picture que spit In th,
Columbia. BOBB SCTHKK1.AND. Managing Director. Rocky   UOUntSlnS.
All communications should be addressed tu The New Westminster News, and not! ,   . ,
to Individual members of the start.    Cheques, ill arts, and money orders should be made ,       ''"'   llrst   ��J   the   log   (Hives    !ro:n
payable to The National Prlntlns nnd IMbllshing Company. Limited. I "��  "6*1   Fork   to  the  ( ascHd-.   saw-
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager. 999; Kditorial Rooms (all depart-' "nil  are  now   passing   through   (.rand
 ...   o0, i Forks  down  tin    Kettle  river.
Mental, ssi. .     .     .
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���Bv carrier. 14 per year. $1  for three months, 40c per;
month. By mail. ��*! per year. 25c per month. The  fruit crop of the Okanagan
ADVERTISING  RATES on application.
Eritish   Society   Tells   of   What   Has
���*   w
Been AcccrnplishedlOuring Pdst
said by experts lo be exactly a fort
night earlier this year than usual
Cherries are very forward and apri
cots arc already the size of a small
Twelve Months. - ��T
- mm
May   IS     The  Society  for [
If any stronger argument is needed to rouse the white
the Suppression of tlie Opium Trade
held its annual meeting in the Caxton
hall, Westminster, recently, with the
president. Sir Matthew Dodsvvorth, in
the chair.
The  twenty-fourth    annual    report
I stated   that  the   Indian   and   imp! rial
: governments had been brought to con-
] cur in Cue final relinquishment of a
i trade   which   produced   an   enormous
I revenue.    The triumph of the principle for which the  society and others!
, had contended had not. however, been
attained in a way such as could bave
been wished for the credit of Qreat
Britain   or   to   the   extent   that   they
should   have  wished   I'or  the  sake  of
i China.
The final decision to bring the traffic to an end was conditioned by the
' implied stipulation lhat the stocks of
The   body   of   a   Chinaman   named
Yee was found  Saturday lying under
���     , . a  box car on a siding near Breoton'E
man of the Pacific coast from his lethargy with respect to crossing on the shore side to Kxt, n
the Asiatic peril, it certainly can be found in the methods Jg�� Tha bod-v ffas taken '" Nj"
and aims of the Indo-Japanese association. * ��� ���
This organization, ostensibly formed to further com-L^oSel ��lZ E?8w��
mercial relations between Japan and British India, has, of white River, ont, announcing that
according to reliable authorities, spread its sphere of work Iner brother Joseph lvk- ring, a for
,.���,*���* i i-   -      i   j.-   i i i   ���        j liner resident of Nanaimo, was drown
and influence to the political field and is at present en- ed at white River on the morning of
gaged in fostering a secret oriental policy to be used par-'. Ma>' m. , �� ,
ticularly against Great Britain and generally against all; The third annual public speaking
those white nations who at present have interests in Asia.! '���"������"'^ *>*&* debating society of tin
_ ,   .,. . i ��� . ii   _   \ icioria   high   school   was   held   las;
Japanese and C hmese statesmen and prominent native Fri(lav ail() resulted in the medal for
leaders in India are members of the organization, which is the year going to wiuiam stubbs for ,���������.<-������
lie 10-mlnute speech on   The Unjust sues nsu riguiuunij *"v'"'iu
Hindus." vain. 	
at. In some of the  British  concessions
,-.,-��� ,  ,- , Ravona is going to celebrate in rev- I ��> China, the report continues   opium
America, Australia, lurKey and kgypt. |aI Bty.e on Monday, the -.'.".th, victoria lde.M..'wera"" 1""K''r ucensed, but tin
The doctrines taught and the lessons impressed alii nay. There wm be, among other at
are antagonistic to the white race. Japan is held up to\^^^t^Z;^iT'X:
the other oriental peoples as the coining saviour of Asia, the evening a dance will take place
the strong friend of the Hindu against his British master, ln ���*��� Savona :,:"i %,th Sl,0d mU8lc
the secret backer of the Chinese against the German ag-| Towards the close of this month the
gressor, the opponent of Dutch colonial methods in the ftc���^^JTllX��
Dutch Indies. ! from   the   Orient,  will   go   to   Genoa
It is a certainty that the yellow races are organizing ��* ^eoSer" isLf SJffK
On   an   Of tensive   basis;   Why   Should   the   Whites   not   ptlti use in the extensive harbor works a;
trees, little used now. will be tested to
see whether they are suitable- for pulp
and paper manufacture. Kor this pur-
puse the largest non-commercial paper
machine in the world will be installed.
This has the unique feature of being
adjustable to the manufacture of alj
.grades of paper.
Detailed records of the process of
manufacture of the different grades
o!" paper will be kept. In this way Canadian pulp and paper manufacturers
by adopting the same methods may
achieve similar results.
Another  very   important  feature  or
the work of these laboratories will be
the investigating or various  methods
j of wood  preservation.    lly such  pro-
I cesses the life of railway ties,  posts,
j poles and construction timber will be
| In some cases doubled.   It Is expected
| that it will be proved possible to use
j many of the most common Canadian
] woods for purposes to which, except
for their non-durability, they are ad-
mi.ably adapated.    Birch, for Instance,
if treated with  creosote or zinc chloride, or with a little of both of these
presi natives, makes an ideal railway
| tie or paving block, buiriK cheap and
also very  resistant  to  the  wear and
ear or traffic. * ���> *?JBIR
Still another side of the work will
be to develop chemical methods for
utilizing the large percentage of wood-
waste at present resulting frni lumbering and milling operations. A circular will soon be issued from  the for-
Accountant Telephone imi. Rocn
21   Hurt   Block.
V. ll. s nlth. w. j. Qrovi ,
Work   undertaken  In    city    and  outside
point*.    211-12   Westminster Trust   Bldx
Phone 384.    p. O.  lint 6H7.
and third Tuesday in each month
at S p.m. in the Labor Temple. A.I.
Christmas, Dictator; \V. J. Qroves]
L.O.O.M-. NO 184���MBBTB ON l-THsr
and third Tuesday in each month at I
p.m.    in    the    Labor   Temple,     David
Boyle,   Dictator;   Vt.  J.   Groves,   Secretary.
I. o. O. I'. AMITY LtOUQE NO, 21 'llh*
regular meeting of Amity Lodge No
-7. r. ii. ie I'.. |r held every Monday
i Ighl al v o'clock in o id Fellowi' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Eighth Street*!
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
It. Vt. Bongater, N.Q.; J. 1, Watson
V.O.i W. C, Coatham, P.O., recording
secretary; J, \v. McDonald, ili,.u���,,i
si ,n tary.
,  .   ,    ,      ,    ,    i estry   branch,   Ottawa,     treating     of
"I'-'""   ' ;' "���������  ���������"��������"��������*������ .*������������"������'���  ���'"! chemical methods of wood utttlon.
Another  recent   circular  describes  in
detail t'ae purpose of the laboratories
distributing its literature and pushing its propaganda] Ekciusio	
among Asiatics not only in Asia, but in North and South
allowed to be "absorbed'1 by china. \
Against this condition the representative  hoard of British anti-opium soci-
but in
themselves at least on a defensive footing?
War department reports from Washington state that
the army has plenty of small arms, but is shy on artillery.
With one or two exceptions, the same dearth of big guns
seems to be found in the administrative ranks.
��    *    *
The Terminal Investment company
a Prince Rupert syndicate, has sold
lots 24 and 2T>, block 2H, section 1. foi
$35,000. This corner was purchased
at the original sale from O. T. P. for
$4150. Out of town money mad" tile
purchase but the bayir's name is not
^^^____ I made public.
'"' "   ~~ *    *    ��
A Victoria man wants the Dominion government to' The marriage took place at the
bonus the goat-raising industry in this province, probably Sff'SSto hSST ��**&&��.
with a view to getting rid of the ever-growing crop of old: and Sydney Lewer, of connaught bar
tin cans racks,  a  member  of  the   Sixth  regi-
"" ment.    The groom has been stationed
������������ In  Nanaimo with the civil aid  force:
! for some time.
retail sale was permitted, and had
I greatly extended In the lust two or I
three years. In British India they ���
had been Bhocked to find that the per-|
nicious practice of giving opium pills I
to young children was still specially j
catered for by the government.
There was not reliable evidence as
to the use of opium in the east end of j
London, and in Glasgow and Liver-j
pool but it was hoped that the government would investigate the question
hy means of a departmental Inquiry or
..ther means, -and take such measures
as might be necessary to meet the
Mid the work to be investigated. John
S. Bates. U.A.. H.Sc��� the superintendent of the new forest laboratories, is
among the best authorities In America
on the manufacture of pulp and piper,
and under his efficient direction these
laboratories will, no doubt, amply justify their establishment.
W. D, DALES & CO., 01 *;-�� 1S AONES
street, opposite Carnsgle library. Most
llp-lu dale run,-nil parlors In the eltv
Specialists in shipping. Lady assistant
in attendance,  Always open.  Day phone
lie, night phone ki.
ter & Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral dlreclo-s
ami embalmers Parlors 406 Column! i
street,  New   Westminster.    Phone n ;
ster Board of Trade meets in the board
room. City Hall, as follows: Third Friday oi each month. Annual meetings
on the third Friday or February, C ii
Stuart Wade, secretary.
A Lucretia Borgia letter sold the other day in London for more than twelve hundred dollars. Wonder if a
militant suffragette bought it in with the idea of discovering how the old poison expert got rid of suprefluous
Most of Busmen Croppinq Up at Surrey  Council  Will   Be Given
Further Consideration.
Charged with riding on a Canadian
; Pacific railway train without paying
; their fare, Charles Wheeler and Har-
! ry Stuart appeared before Police
Magistrate Hamilton, Of Revelstoke,'
! on Thursday. Tho evidence showed
- that  they  had   broken  into  a  sealed
The city council seems to be of the opinion that it is: 30^:!"^. "H'y were each fi""" $25 "r
the parent's duty, not the policeman's, to pull the curfew��� ...
oryvr] " fre which broke out in the lumber
yards of the  Dominion  Sawmill  com
������ ) pany. Three  Valley, at an earlv hour
Judging from the census returns from Washington ^y0^m^' '^Tin waived
state there is a big piece of the Stars and Stripes down 1 alter great difficulty, The cause 0-
there plastered with the Union Jack.   That's one kind of ;!"' "j*8 is, ���>"���-������"�����>   The loss u es
1    ., . uin.itiu  iii   $100,000  and
reciprocity. ered  by  insurance.
is   fully  GOV-
Russia and England are greatly worried over the
whereabouts of the former Shah of Persia. Thev misrht
locate him if they tried the want ad. column.
John Cowie, of th ��� Cowie Machin ���
Works, Nanaimo, and a vi ry popular
native Bon, surprised his friends by
quietly slipping out ol town this week
and with his usual modesty, marry-
ing. unheraldi d, in Victoria, The
bride is Miss Dora Grace Blackstaffe
youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
1 harles Bla< kstt ffe, i i \ ictoria.
���   *   *
The contractors for  the  new  drill
hail at Merritt, Messrs, Campbell and
Wllkie, hav,-   iti rti A work, and state
.     ,.,.., , ,      , , ,     :'-'   !i'"  buildirif   will   be  completed
from tuberculosis from fifteen hundred to one thousand hy s ptemb r next.   The i,rm has
a year.   That's more important than any war news.        itronCP��mnpleced "''' ;!,:i!! ha" V A,rm'
- * ��� j strong, u, t-.,  and  the one  'hat has
' no ���������   1) ��� n   -! irti d  on   ia  a  duplicate
A Chicago woman, who disciplined a would-be masher
with a slipper, evidently felt that the man's early training had been neglected.
Kansas has cut the number of deaths in the state
)erculosis from fifteen hundred to one thous
That's more important than any war news.
At the last meeting of the Surrey
council communications were received
as follows:
Prom Charles T. Topp, asking for
permission to erect a small dressing
room for bathers and tea rooms on
the beach at W^ite Rock, Received,
Council have tro objection to this lie-
int; done.
From .1. W. Cunningham, acting nee
rotary of the reorganization committee of the Kraser Valley Development
league, giving an outline of the objects
of the hague as drafted by the commit-' e and asking the support or tlie
GCUacil In the matter. Received and
laid over,
From L, E. Marmont, chairman Of
the same committee, calling a meeting on Friday, May 29th, at 1:3 Up. ra
at the board of trade rooms. .*v-.v
Westminster, and asking the council
to send two delegates with power to
act.    Received and laid over.
From W. .V Draper, B. C, I.. S., en
closing affidavit re the northwest corner of the southwest quarter of - ic-
tion -U. township 2. which he had een
directed by the reeve to locate, and
stating that he was also Bending a
copy of same to the surveyor-general
From Western General Brokeragi
company, Vancouver, stating thai
they owned property on the Sunnyside
road between the Hall's Prairie road
ind section 77', township 7, and a.-k-
Ing that the road be straightened and
graded   so   that     intending     settlers
Suffered Ten Years Until
"Fruit-a-tives" Cured Him
ST. Thomas, Ont., May 22nd. 1913
"I was troubled for ten years w ith Un.
most distressing Constipation and Indigestion of tiie worst form.
No one couhl have been worse with
these troubles than I was for this long
The pain from Indigestion was so
severe that many times, I have had tc
stop work and lie down until tbe acute
spasms passed away.
I took a lot of medicine���in fact, I
guess I took about everything that was
advertised and jj.ive tliem all a fail
test���but got no relief. /About a year
ago, however, I was advised to try
"l-'ruit-a-tives". I am mighty glad !
diil so for tbey seem to be made exactly
lor me.
Thev pave results in a very short time
and I am now free from these disease.:
and enjoying perfect health.
My wife also used "I'ruit-a tives" anil
we both think, they are the best njedicinL
ever made."
Soc a box, 6 for I2.50, trial size, 25c
At all dealers or sent on receipt of price
bv l-'ruil a tives Limited, Ottawa.
Iowa Lumber &
Timber Co., Ltd.
CORBOl l.h. GRANT & Mec'OI.I,. HAH-
rlst.-rs Solicitors, etc. 40 Lorno sir.-,;.
New Westminster,    Q.  B,  Corbould,  K.
1      ���>   R Grant,    a.  *���:.  McCoii.
tii-at-l.nv, Solicitor, etc. SolIoIUr ror
the Bank of Vancouver, orfic"* ; Merchant*^ Until; IhiilillnK. New Weatmii -
ster, lt. r. Telephone No. 1070 Cable
itrldreai "Johnston." Code Western
I nliiii.
icltpr, etc., Colllster Block, corner Co-
liuiiiil.i and McKenzie streets New
Westminster, R C. P. O. li"-; 28S Tele-
1 lion ���   34-1.
slde Barristers ami Solicitors Westminster Trust l!lk.. Columbia ' sir. .
New Westminster, B. C. Cable address
"Whit, siii,-.- Western Union. i* o
Drawer 200. Telephone 6!e \V .1
Whlteelde, K, C,; H. 1.. Edmonds, le
at-law, solicitor, etc., comer Columbhi
and McKensle streets, New Westminster,  B. C.    1-. O. Box 112.    Teleph	
7 Hi.
Solicitor    and    Notary.    Offices,  n��n
Block,  2��   Lome street, New  Westua  ,
st,r,  B. C.
Barristers and  Solicitors,    Gur,  to m,2
Westminster Tram  Block,    a. D.  Mur-
,     tin,   W.   1).   McQuarrie  nnd  George   1..
I     i'.iMMiiiiy.
In lime of peace prepare for mediation, is a modern,;:,'   ,:;;;' :;V     ^frritt'8 ha" wm could get in to their properth -. Re
���   ,. e ,v      ij 1      i. 1    :.������i,n,i���fA���,i,oi- mama - jelved and referred to Councillor Brad
lation of the old saw about being ready tor war, " shaw.
'������   77   Shatf 'J. M.P.P.,   . ates thi :
t ,,,        ���, *       1    11 n       '   u ���   *U+ I husinesa conditions   are    particularly
In one of the city schools there s a Greek boy eigntee     ivorabie in the simiik im< i n a- the
years of age who is graded with little bovs and girls 01  ,'','s",;' "me7���1"d '::'' rn,,,way ''"'T'"
���*'. ��  j> T'i  < 1       ii 1     1    u j?      ��� til   t"""11   la  Blvine  a  stimulus  to  the
nine years of age.   He s a bootblack by protession, but, op ration of such industries as min-
owing to sickness, is putting in his time at school till he's ;;';-' ������,"'��� ���'-��� ' '>   ;"  form
1 i    r        1 i     ii        1 ���   ���       1       ��� * t    *.     ���   i i ���)   '" '"   :>   "'   Particular    there ia    all
able to return to the sliming business again.   Is it right:  indications!        ter activity, whic;
 . better transi .  facilities    ��*i
mi , 1   ��� 1 ��ixi !��� . u        ;l"''   '      I !:'
img thieves who stole the copper wire trom the;
B. C. E. R. ran against a short circuit when they came in
contact with the Burnaby police.
With an escaped leper loose around Victoria the capital is careful whom its skirts touches these days.
that's tht
is at han
say the local
case it may
Chinese have quit gambling and if
ie confidently stated the millenium
'��� "'��� public  b lildlnge  at    Nanaim
;i"   1 nt   bj   oin   li ing  rebuilt.    Ti...
'"���'v   ci url   I" . .   la  a   building   at
��� ���'.-   rniglu  b    ;      d of    The Dom 1
Ion  government   buildings  are  Bhon
ly to be further e larged and brought
up to date,   'il,,  old city 1 ri hot
and jail are to come down, and a I.
law v. 'li si  be submitted to the rati
pa; ers ror the building of a man: iipa
hall worthy of Nanaimo.
K.-oin Thomas Kennedy, stating that
he understood construction on the
Kennedy road had been delayi I >*
Ing ot the delay in tho constructloi
of the crossing over the Li. C. li. it
tracks and requesting the council to
proceed with the work east of the
tracks and that he would build his own
outlet until Buch time as the crossing
was put In, Received and decided thai
the work should be proceeded with ..
From David Hughes, secretary South   shingle   VOUT  nOUSC  Call   or
Surrey Conservative association, ask
Ing the council to endorse a reeolutlo     'phone US foi* Special Prices
When you are ready to re-
1 OAL MINING ilKtits nl' ih. Domini
,:i Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Albernt,
thi Yukon Territory, the Northwest ')'������-
rltorlea nnd In .1 portion of the Province
or Hrltish Columbia, may be leased foi !
term nr twenty-one you-; at an annual
rent il of SI an acre. Not mor than !,SsO
.!'���;,.-��� .iill i���' leased tn mil  applicant.
Application for n lease must be m le
by the applicant In person to the Agenl
or Sub-Agent of the district in which the
n^.iis ii|i|iii,'ii  for ore situated,
In surveyed territory the bind musi in-
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections nntl in unsurveyed territory th;- tract applied for sh.-ul be staktri
.mt by the applicant hlmsi ir.
l-711-.'i application must bo accompanied
by a r e or (6 which will be refunded If
thi rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise, A royalty shall u-
paid i'n the merchantable output ol the
mine at the r.it,- ,,r tlve cents per ton
The person operating the mine shall
rmihs!, the Agent Miih swo n returns
accounting for the fun quantity of nu'--
chant.-ible coal mini il and pay 1 he 10
ally thereon. If tho coal mining rlghi 1
ir,- not being operated such returils si. 1 lid
in' furnlshi d ut  least once a  y< ar.
Tho lease will Include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee will be permitted t" purchasa whatever available
surface right may be considered nee s-
iiary for tin working or the mine al the
i.it-   nt' $111 an urn-.
Por full Information application -    1   d
in-  made  tu  the Secretary nr tho  Department "i"  the  Interior,  Ottawa, or to hi y
Agenl  or Sub-Agent ur  Dominion  Lands.
I'. puty Minister nr tin- Interim
N.ll,    Unauthorized  publication  of this
advertiser��� nl will not be paid rm-
present  time
Mr.  and   Mrs.   K.   ('.   Kingzi tt,
  . -'r'7.-v Garden streei. victoria, have n
m,       ,. , .   ,     , , , .    , ceived telegraphic Information ol tin
lhe chairman or the board ot works and tne citv en- accidental death of their oldest eon,
Henry Edwin, while working on the
ci ii iti uction of a in dge on tn Kelt h
Valley Railway. The deceased, who
was 24 years 0f age, had resided ���:���.
Victoria fer b ime t me, He Ii ft 1 arlj
In the year to join his brother Charl ������
on their pre-emplii n land 1 u thi K 1
illc.v line. His death occurred
on Thursday and hla hod, wa 1 ta ��� ���
to Kolowna where the fun< rai took
gineer are going to Seattle to look into a new sewer manhole being used down there. Be cureful, gentlemen, of
Seattle's underworld.
Now they're talking of arbitrating the question ofi^"1}'
Panama canal tolls.   They'll have to arbitrate something
soon or Carnegie's peace palace at The Hague will grow
asking  the  Dominion  government
;!;:,'; on XXXXX Shingles. These
are a little thicker than
XXX and will last longer.
TASMANIA  MINE TESTS 'lreb   grade  nre  and  Fjvo  (eel   <:
SHOW  RICH ORES    ; :nU' ��-'e not >'nt UMaylid
fffod-ubtlVe   c':ii),ir:!y   0f
Hobart, Tasm:tn;:i, M ly 19 The
new mak? of ore recently Btrnc'ft at
the l,10(|0-fpot level in the Nott'i I,vol.
; mine, is now bein**. tested by tin-, diamond drill, and on March 18 tho general Bjanager reported the -borehole
was In-112 feet In the hiRh Rradt ore,
copper py,-lt��s and bornite a��say. from
JIR fppt to 100 feet averaged 15.'i por
^_^       I Jr.  Westbrook, president    of    thi
""*" I Provincial University, spent Friday In
fair j Victoria and  had  a  conference  wltl
S'r   Richard   McBride  and   Hon,   Dr
lhe    tffodUbtlVe   c'ip.,':i;    ,,    the Young, minister of education, on mat
-.-���.-;:i  l.yell mine rhay.now be rairly  tors having to do with the great an
1,1' ���"���' ���'���'"' f!: "; ���'���'    '������ Prevloun  terprlse of which he is the head. Thi
required   Immediate   matter   In   hand   was   thi
Jnl ,   1   ,.iiS;ion of tho queston of the per
tnanenl   staff.    Dr.   Westbrook   is ol
the  opinion   that  Iiritish  Columbia  is
Rock, as at tlu
were no facilities for loading sea ;
Ing vessels.    Received and laid ovei
Owing to the large amount of work
involved In the preparation of the a
sessrnent roll under the present re
quirements or the Municipal Act, tho
assessor reported that he was unable
to have the roll completed by the date
previously set by the council, and waa
granted an extension of time until
Juno 13 th.
P, J. MacKenzie and Mr. Hope:- appeared before the council asking for
tho opening of the portion of the
Johnston road north of White li' 1 lt r]4-f��
which was as yet unopened, and nitric ' j p'.*��,
Ing to aid the council iii doing so
The matter was laid ovt r for further
It, n Stevi nson asked for the it'i'-i t-
tinj; of the half section line running
west from the Johnston road to tin-
Mud Bay road through section 34,
township 1, as a public highway. Laid
over to see what arrangements can
be made with certain owners.
<:ent.  copper,   followed  by   10  feet' of stock mine.
peril d of It's lfs'o*\v, ani
1 e old oht'out jI'/XMUoiis per 1
p ** u'ari/.
It pas alVo beeh1 proved beyond
doubt that the northern extension or
North l.yell ore bodies nt the Sat)
feet, 1,0(10 feet and 1,100 feet leVels
a-c practically cOntlntibHis for a depth
nf at least 250 foet in the Lyell Com-
extremely fortunate in having secured the location within its borders of
an astronomical observatory and big
telescope, it w|jj, in his opinion,
prove an asset of incalcuable value
from the educational standpoint.
Ottawa.   May    18.   The   Dominion
forestry branch has spared no reasonable expense in equipping its forest
products laboratories, recently established at Montreal in co-operation with
McGlll university, with the most modern and efficient machines for testing
the properties and possibilities of Canadian woods. Some native species of  521  Columbia  St.,  New Westminster,
Is one or the chief reasons why younp
people stay contentedly there instead
of seeking their amusements else
Let us furnish tho piano that Will
make your home attractive. The
DOMINION PIANOS are here for your
New Wellington
Office,  554  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begble Street
HaRKiiRe Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Haulii g
Residence:  Room 118 McLeod Block.
Phone 489 L.
Look, Men!
Look and Read
Your choice of an excellent lot of good substantial
Suits which sell regular at $15.00 and $18.00.   While
they last, Unloading Price
To purchase your spring outfit at Bargain Price just at the opening of the spring and summer season.   A sale which will make new history in the records of merchandise in this city; a sale which is a sale to stand in a class by itself-for real value at little price.   We would not ask you to believe until you come and see that the
Bargains are still more startling than we claim for them.   Remember we carry only the best merchandise, merchandise of reputation, merchandise of merit, merchandise which will please every man who knows and values the best.   Everything goes at wondrous reductions.  Get your share.
A Special Lot of Men's
$2.50,   $3.00  and  $4.00
Felt   Hats.   Unloadincr
from a hie lot of $1.25
and $2.00 reerular negligees. Unloading Price
Any $4.00 Felt Hat in
stock.  Unloading Price
9 to 10 a.m.
Penangle Cotton Hose.
Unloading Price
Go Where
Search where You May
You will never find such an unheard of opportunity of purchasing a splendid $20, $22.50, or
$25 suit in a choice selection of patterns. Absolutely all wool. The finest quality and the highest grade workmanship; none better; 100 Suits
in this lot.   Men grab these.   Unloading Price
STRAW HAT    9 to 10 un.
Special $1.00.
Straw Hats which sell
regularly  up to $3.00,
Unloading Price.
I dozen Tooke Collars
Unloading Price
Your Choice
of any $25 New Spring Semi-
Readv Suit.   Unloading Price
Your Choice
of any $1.00 Shirt in the entire
Stock.. Unloading Price
Your Choice
of any $1.50 Dress or Negligee
Shirt in stock.   Unloading Price
Your Choice
of any $35 New Spring Suit in
the entire stock. Unloading Price
The Trunk Prices should appeal
to everyone who wishes a splendid trunk at a genuine bargain:
$8.50 reg, unloading price $5.25
$9.50 reg. unloading price $7.50
$10.00 reg., unloading price $7.75
$11.00 reg., unloading price $8.50
Reid & McDonald
The Men's, Young Men's and Boys' Outfitters
707 Columbia St.,       New Westminster
Straw Hats
New Spring Stock, Panamas
$2.00 reg., unloading price $1.00
$2.50 reg., unloading price $1.95
$8.00 reg., unloading price $2.40
$3.50 reg., unloading price $2.80
$4.00 reg., unloading price $3.20
$5.00 reg., unloading price $3.95
$6.00 reg.. unloading price $4.80 PAGE FOUR
WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 1914.
From now on It Is well to include soft drinks in your grocery
order. It's a good thing to hare
In the house and handy to take
along on a suddenly decidid
day's  OUtlng.
Lime Juice, quart bottle . 25c
Monlserrat   I.ime   Juice,   per
bottle    40c  and   75c
K.   1).   Smith'*   Grape   Juice,
per  bottle    25c
Welch's    Crape    Juice,    per
bottle   35c and 65c
Cllquot     Club    Ginger    Ale.
3   bottles    50c
Dalton's Lemonade, bottle ..15c
Dalton's Orangeade, bottle .   15c
Persian Sherbet, bottle  15c
Raspberry Vinegar, bottle ..35c
Knglish    Kruit    Syrups,    per
bottle     20c
Apple Cider, bottle  25c
Lemonade   Powder,   per   tin
 20c   and   10c
Crystal   Brand  Soft   Prinks,
2 bottles        15c
Model Grocery
J0H Sixth St. Phone 1001 2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Local News
The ('. P. I{. donated recently two
train loads ol net Ileal gravel, U00
l yards, trom the pit at Agassis, a
distance of forty miles. The gravel
is being conveyed on a email truck
Heavy   Traffic. ; '*,le   fron>   thc  ('    ���'���   l{    tracks    and
S veiitv two motor cars passed over i duni'ed   in   convenient   heaps    along
the   I'itt  river ferry  besides rigs and I**" planking, which extends over halt
p. destrlans  last  Sunday,
one  U   idea  of   what   the
subjected to.
::��� Id which will cause a vote to be
taken on Saturday next. Those la
the field are T. W. Mayiie. I-'rank
Russell and Thomas Sanderson, all of
the Central Park district.
This lives. ��� ���"'���'���
roads  arei
Eat   at   the   Royal   cafe.   Dominion
I Trust  building.    Good cooking;   good
Wanted���A girl  for general house-' s<-'rv,ce- , <33-��J
work.    Bos -7, care of News office.
  Shoes On the  Run.
$100,000 Bond   Issue Sinclair's  shoe   store   is   the   scent-
Port CoqultUUB  ratepayers will dis-   of a *"��� of activity these days .    Mr
cuss the  proposed  bylaw  for a  M00.-i Slnrli"r is oul  '�� move a  lo*  oi   ''*'
Olio bond issue tomorrow night in the I
agricultural     hall.      The
take  place  on  Saturday.
voting   will
stock from his shelves and the prices
he has put on his high grade fl-��t-
wear should stir tilings up a bit when
his saU' opens tomorrow.
Members Initiated.
Several new members were Initial-
i ii at the local lodge of Moose lasl
inula at the Labor Temple, this being
liie i-econd class admitted since the
charter was opened. The charier
will c!os>- at the end of May. On
Tuesday m-\t. at Vancouver, the su-
I rente Dictator of the order, Walter
t*. Morn, of San Krancisco. will deliver an address. Several New Westminster Moose are planning to make
the trip.
Wood.   Wood.   Wood.
St. Andrews Church Shower.
The  ladies  of  St.  Andrews church
are giving  a  shower  for the  church
kitchen    I'hursday   afternoon   at   the
Insure  in  the    Royal,  the   world's,
W*McLeod TeP?nSyuranceenManlfred i    ��ood **�� ����� ��*> *" SuP"ior ! ��""" of Mr"' ^*' ��"7 Third *�������
u.  Aici.eoo,  me insurance  Man.- ; Sasn & Door Factory.    Phone SOS.        ue.    The articles that have been ask-
  l-���"' 18884)   ed   for   include  cream   pitchers    and
, sugar   basins
Rebuilding Boiler House.
The B. C. Oil and (las company is
busy replacing the derrick and boiler
house burnt last week al Sturgeon's
Slough, I'itt Meadows. The necessary lumber is being shipped to the
company's oil sinking operations.
salt   and   pepper  shuk-
Ouling Hats, smart shapes In Panama, Peanut Java and Linen for $1.50
to flO.00.   Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth it reel
Fined $5 and Costs.
s Laniouieaiix created a disturbance and fell foul Of Police Chief
Pare on Saturday night, yesterday
li. .). C. Atkins, .i.i'. convicted him
of a breach of the peace and resisting the police and administered the
salutary punishment  of 15 and costs.
Briquettes,   Briquettes, cheaper than
[coal.     Harry    Davis  &   Co.,    Phones
S80 and 411 l. c!;!2;i) i
Port Moody Constable
Ceorge Daynes. formerly of the To- '
ronto  police  force,  has  been appoint-
ed an extra constable In  Port Moody, !
at a salary of *70 per month.    At pre-
Bent   the  city   is  exceptional!)   busy,
the   C.P.L.   mill   being   in   full   operation, and other works In the neighborhood  in  progress.
There is a period in the life
���f every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes '
tills does not come until sick-
aess overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���but it may he
made  under wrong influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persons���according to the
deceased's wish���would have
shared in the distribution of the
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
The advice of the Dominion
Trust company In this matter
may be oi* value to you. All such
discussions are treated in strict
Labor Temple on Wednesday. May 20,
at  S   p.m.    The  business  to be  tran-
I sacted will be the reading of the sec-
Place vour   order   for   strawberry r!*anr'1! yearly ra2��!^ the e,ecUon ��*
boxes with us and be sure of getting \��mf* bearers and dues payable.    A
the best.   We specialize in fruit pack-1 BOclal   wlU  fo**ow Im
ages.    British Columbia    Manufactur- ' "
ing Co., New Westminster,      (8S26) A  Month at Hard  Labor*
; ers.  cup  towels  and  five  o'clock  tea
I cloths.    Tea  will  be served and    an
'enjoyable  afternoon   is   expected.     It
is  hoped all  the  ladies of the congregation  will  attend. (000)
i Thought That the  New Building  Will
Be Occupied on June 1.
Pinal  preparations for tlie transfer
! from  the  Old   to  the  new   Royal  Col   j
, iniibian  hospital  are expected  to    Ik I
made  at  this  aftl nioon's  meeting 01
the hospital directors.    Although  cer- j
tain equipment for the operating room
is still lacking it is expected that in
view of the desire of the contractors
to commence work on the west wing,
the  present operating  room  furniture
will be transfi rred to the new build-
in-:   until  the  eastern   manufacturers
hurry along  the  las;  shipment.
Although no definite date has been
sel for tlie transfer, which will not
be known until the various committee
make their report this afternoon,
June l is thought to be the time al-
loted  for  the  change.
Once   the   old   building   is   vacated
will be held in the lodge room of the |t,le  contractors   will  commence   tearing  down  the  structure  in  order    to
make  way for the new  wing.
After the Trade.
Reid and McDonald, clothing house,
which is Staging Something spectacular in tin- sale line, starting on
Thursda) morning, has col deeper
Into reigning prices than has been
the case in that line of business for
some time. The firm lias decided to
sluff a big portion of Its stock and it
ha.-, made prices accordingly,
First Spiritualists Society. New
Westminster, will hold their meeting
in the Sterling block. Royal avenue
and Tenth Btreet, \V< dnesday evening
at 8 o'clock. Conductor, Mrs. E.
Clarke    All are welcome. (;:3:)4)
You Cannot Fail
Child's Button and Lace Roots.
Per pair  	
Children's Bareboot Sandals.
Pei paii   	
Girls' Strap Slipper:*.
Per pair 	
Ladies' Canvas Shoes.
Per pair  	
641 Front Street
Out of the Hiqh Rent District. store Open till 9 o'clock
Sale Ooens Tcday.
I'i nny and Ross, the big furniture
dealers al the corner of Sixth and
Carnarvon streets, are opening this
morning with one of the biggest price
cutting sales in the history of tlie
firm. They have all the decks cleared tor action and have arrangements
completed to handle big business during the next few days.
Thistle  Social  Club.
general   meeting   of   above   club
Our Mutual Girl
Thefirst reel of the  Biggest  Moving  Picture  ever produced.
Wreckers  Complete  Work,
I    Wreckers on the building which is
I being  torn down on Columbia street
i to make room for the new Royal Hank
building, completed operations yester-
j day and all  that  remains  is for the
debris to he carted away when actual
j building operations can  be commenced.
Mortgages���Alfred W
Work  on  Temporary  Bridge to  Start
Soon���Tug   Chartered.
The  temporary  bridge  to  be  erect-
id  from   the  present  site of the  St.
M tin go cannery to  the  waterfront In
*"":'"   >"���-"������������������>   ""���   "'""   "���   '"li" "-'order that business will not be affected during the progress of the harbor
improvement   work,  will  probably  be
get  under way by  the end of the
harbor committee of the i
yesterday made arrange- I
A   month   imprisonment   with   hard |
labor was handed out to James  Wal-
ter and  John  Tarn  Iii  the  Burnaby
��� y
wire owned by the B.C.K.R. at Barms Police Constable Senior who
captured  the two  men  when   in   the
act of burning ihe insulation from the .
! v. eek.     1 lie
city council
One of the famcus International Stories of the Blue Book.
copper wire, gave evidence.
Dominion Trust
Burnaby Board of Trade.
The regular met ting of the Burnaby board of trade will be held in
the committee room of the municipal
hall this evening at eight o'clock,
Several matters of importance are
likely to come up for discussion, especially In connection with Industrial
Improving Dewdney Road.
Jn pursuance of their promise to
put Lhe Dewdney trunk road ln first
class condition the government has
a gang of nun under Foreman David
at work gradually removing the plank
ing on that portion In Port Coquitlam  leading to  the   Pitt  river  ferry.
Contest for Trustee.
Nominations for school trustee in
Burnaby will be received by Returning Officer Moore this morning to fill
the vacancies caused by the resignations of Trustees Herd and Churchland. A contest is practically certain,
three  candidates   appearing    In     the
nients   to   meet   James   Anderson   of
the  cold   storage   plant   In   order   to '
find out the needs of such a  bridge. |
In  order  to  facilitate  the   work  of j
towing   the   barges   and   scows   from i
the  dredge  to  the  harbor  front,   the
tug   Flyer  has  been  chartered  to  as- '
.-ist   the   Hero.     By   this   means   the
derricks will be kept, busy during the
three shifts.   The freshet on the rfv- j
��� r has been found to impede the pro- |
gress of the towing boats to such an
e\tent   that   unless  another    tug     is
chartered the derricks would he idle
a portion of the time.
A Divorce Scandal
Newspaper  Story   With  snap and ginger and a  fine  comedy
farpj at S150 ner acre. The owner
will take work un lo $400 as part
Payment and the balance $10 per
mi nth.   Situate In Surrey
tace. basement, all modern conveni
���   ces.   Large lot. lane, close to <���.-      ,
and school.    A  -snap at $1700:   i'"       A   "* "
cash:   balance   $16   ner   month. Burnaby   al    the   corner   of   Gilmour
' avenue  and   I nlon   street,   was  taken
'���' '' "��� MODE! '. I -o  the  Royal  Columbian  hospital yes-
named   Hind,   residing     In
The Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
606  Columbia   Street
C. 8. KEITH, Manger.
PickBes That Will
Please You
Stephen's Fancy Sweet Pickles, t"'r
bottle           35:
9teph< n's Fancy Sweet Gherkins, per
bottle           35:
Upton's Pickles, mixed and chow, per
bottle      25c
Portion's Mixed Pickles, In iiuart bottles,  per bottle  ..."'��� 25:.
Baird's chow, in quart bottles, per
bottle    25c
Heinz Chili Sauce, per bottle  ...  30:
Heinz India Relish, per bottle ... 30;
Heinz White Onions, per bottle..  20:
Hot Weather Breakfast  Foods -
Kellogg's Corn Flakes, i*-r package    10;
Kringle Corn  Flakes, 3 packages, 25:
Puffed  Wheat, two packages  ....  25;
Shroddi d Wheat, 2 packages .... 25c
Grape Nuts, per package    15;
Roman Meal, per package    30;
Fresh Vegetables and Green Stuff,
Strawberries   daily.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 131.
���Burr Block "olumbU  Rtrvct.
Co-Operative Association
PHONE 458.
Prepare for the .National Holiday, .May 2a, by selecting
Swift's    6    and  8  lb.  picnic
Ham,  pcir ih    15;
Mel.an n's  Cheese,   pkg 10c
McLaren's   Bulatlc    Cheese,
per pkg 10;
C. and  Ii.  Meat   Paste, glass 20;
K'.-'.l'.r's Lemon Cheese, per
glass     35;
Christie's   assorted   Biscuits,
per tin      35c
Ramsay's   assorted   Biscuits,
per  tin    7.5;
Try our 3 lbs. for 5, i .00
Special  Tea.
Co-Oparalive Association
33 Eighth St.
Phone 458.
donee. 1 i rgi   sittin
buff I rick fin dIi  1 bedroom
i ��� n. 1 esides bath room, nanti v and
i All con*,' niences Lot 66x 133
feet: corner; 11 bearing fruit tn es
en hi use. run. barn, etc, Fur-
',. " aM new and In Bolendid condition: includes Monarch range
Victor V'Ictrola. Only $2250 complete; $40o cash; balance easy
ever'- modern convenience, full ce
loor, piped for fur-   |"
ment basement,
nace. etc; half block to" 6th"streel
car. Just completed; $2500; $1.00
cash.  S20  per  month.
'Xn. terday morning suffering with a bul
let wound apparently self-inflicted
with a revolver found in his possession. Hind was picked up by the
Hurnaby police on the Douglas road
at 6.30 o'clock and later transferred
to the hospital by Chief Parkinson.
I Irs. Walker and Watson operated
on the man. being successful in removing a portion of the bullet. He
8  said  to be  progressing  favorably.
which disappeared through the Mexican lines near Vera Cruz with the
American soldier, was mysteriously
returned to the American lines.
Secretary Hryan made it clear today
that the status of Dr. Kdwurd XV. Hyan
of Bcranton, Pa., was at the time be
! was thrown into jail by federal au-
i thorities  at  Fresnilto,  on   the  charge
of being a spy.    Dr. Uyan was authorized by charge O'Shaughnessy to g>>
| to Torreon and  render medical assistance   to  the.   refugees.     He   was   not
commissioned   to   obtain    information
for the state department and was not
connected  with tlie Red  Cross.
roomed bungalow, close to car
school, i tc. Basemenl el : to go id
ti n nt will take one third ess than
pi   ��� ailing rentals,
jji Phcn��   6.
Op;n  Saturday  Evenings
451   Columbia   St.    Wilson   and    Huerta   Eoth    in    Direct
" Wire  Comn-.uni^a'.ion   With   Ni-
Crystal Dairy Co.
During the summer months will deliver to any pan of the city, Table
Cream al 25c per pint, Whipping
Cream al 3 ic per pint. Try it on
tho Strawberries On and afier the
I5tb Insl ah ive prici s will be In
effect,    Ten  quarts  best   Pasteurized
Milk f :r SI 00. All deliveries made
at night In order to guard against
sour milk.
agara   Pali
Washington,  May 19.
Ion proceedings removi i
TRANSFER CO.     :The cn*i*\ Dairy Co.
Phone  1150
555 Sixth  St.
7-11 Sixth Street
have started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New Westminster ami way points. A reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reasonable.    Give us a trial.
Phone   1254.
When Hungry Look for a White Place
White Cooku
'Nuf Said.
Read- The -News
Half price this week only.    A   full   line of  Mot   Point Appli.
In  stock. 5EE OUR WINDOW.
nee 8
New  Westminster.
Phone 69.
V'lth media
to Niagara
'..Us, Ont . activity here in the Mexl-
on situation was notably relaxed to-
ay, The American commissioners
eft early In the day for the scene of
ic  conference and  were  followed   by
I minister Suarez of Chile, the last of
!   lie   mediators   to   leave   Washington.
All  important, questions are  to  be
|   ubmltted  to t'ae  president before  the
j \merlcan representatives take any ac-
I -;on.    There  was  every  Indication  at
1 iho White House that officials do not
!   xpect a  prolonged conference  at   NI-
I igara  Falls,  especially  since  commti-
i location  by    telegraph    with   Mexico
city now ia good and there will be no
difficulty   in   obtaining   the   views  of
: General Huerta.
No Newc of Silliman.
Anxiety  over  tlie persistent  lack of
! information   as   to   American   Consul
i ihn It. Silliman at Saltillo and the
1 -en  members of the Smith family ro-
] ,1 irted   held  at Tonola,  continued  at
iio  state  department  and   diplomatic
foils to obtain definite reports were
pressed.       ���-
The state department, In  response
to an  urgent   messago,  received a  re-
i port   from   the   Brazilian   minister  al
: Mexico City that representations had
I   i i-n made to the Mexican foreign of-
fiep    several    times  concerning  the
Smiths and the Brazilian minister had
I urged  lhe   British  consul   al   Chiapias
'���.o use bis good olflcers to secure the
I ,-e'ease   of   the Americans.    Broken
I railroad  communication  between   tin-
I capital  i.inl   Saltillo  was  accepted   as
the reason for the afllure to hear from
|     State and  war department officials
awaited further Information as to the
fate of Pte. Samuel Parks.    No Information as to Parks was forthcoming
from any  source, although  the  horse
Battlicn   Order   No.  22  By   Lt. Col.  J.
D. Taylor, Commanding.
Lt. Col. J. D. Taylor, having returned from Ottawa, assumes command
of the  regiment  from this date.
Movi nients The battalion, staff
and drums will proceed to Vernon for
brigade training on Saturday 2'Srd. In,
returning on Thursday, 7stb in. Tin-
advance party will have on Friday,
May 2.ini. Hon, Lieut, and Quartermaster Farranl   '���������ill be In command,
Parade in pursuaraoce of the
above tin- headquarti rs companies,
staff and drums will parade at 6 p.m
of Saturday the 23rd., In drill order,
with water bottles, haversacks and
ammunition pouches, Staff parade al
7 50 p.m.
Baggage In kit bag: Boot and
button cleaning gear, mess tin. mesa
tin strap, knife, fork, spoon, plate,
cup, great coat, greal coat strap,
spare socks, pair shoes. Kit bag must
be clearly marked. In haversack:
Soap, towel, tooth and hair brush, and
one day's rations. Main body hag-
gam- will be at the drill hall nol later
than '< p.m. on Saturday,
Advance party An advance party,
under the quartermaster, will proceed
to Vernon on Friday, 22nd. The following detail will parade at 7 p.m
-harp with their kit bags. Dress and
baggage as for main body. One day's
rata ns will be carried.
Detail���Three   men   per     company,
Including cook and D. M. S.  Mahonv.
Iiy  order,  L,  E.   HAINES.
May 21, 22, 23.
The Players'Co.
Charles Klien's Powerful Drama
"Ihe Third Degree"
PRICES:   15c., 25c, 35c.
Phone 961.
After the Millions.
London, May 19.-There was an
amusing incident this afternoon in
the house of commons when Mr. Lam-
son, Unionist member for Northern
Huntingdon, obtained leave by a vote
of liU7 to 42 to introduce a bill regarding "traffic in titles." He declared that the queBtlon had now
reached a position which was a crying
scandal. Amid Ironical cheers and
laughter he asserted that while the
chancelolr of the exchequer catered
for the millions, the chief ministerial
whip, as secretary of patronage, cat-
end for the millionaires,
Prince William In Danger.
Vienna, May 19.���A serious situation litis arisen In Albania, endangering the life of the new ruler. Prince
William. According to Burazzo dispatches to the None Frele Presse, Hs-
sad Pasha had an audience with
Prince William on Monday afternoon
and resigned as governor. Kssad
Pasha had throe hundred adherents
in bis residence and 5000 in Durraz-
ZO, They started a revolt on Tuesday,
Kssad himself fired the first shot
against   the  prince's  palace.
Prevention Belter
Thdn Cure
Take our Spring Tonics to
keep well. Most people need u
tonic   this  season  of  the  year.
Spokane, May 19. Obed Williams,
charged with the murder of John
Alexander, a fellow Spokane Indian
tribesman, March 19, was found not
guilty last night by a Jury in tbr
court of Judge Bruce Blake. Tlie jury
deliberated but an hour, and took only
three ballots. Nine jurors voted for
acquittal on the first ballot.
The stabbing occurred near Fair-
mount cemetery, where the Indians
had pitched their teepes, The testl-
many indicated that John Alexander-
had been drinking heavily, and wh-->
sitting astride of Williams when the
latter stabbed him.
Judge Bruce Blake Instructed the
jury to return one of four verdicts,
murder In the first or second degree,
manslaughter, or acquittal-. County
Prosecutor (ieorge II. Crandell attempted to prove lhe contest was lit
tip more than a friendly scuffle when
the stabbing resulted. Witnesses for
the defense showed that all members
of the camp attempted to stop tin-
fight when it became serious.
The wife and four young children of
Williams remained In the courtroom
until 11 o'clock last night, when the
verdict was returned. They bad been
camped near the courthouse and had
the camp prepared for Williams last
night, lie has a ranch near the mis
slon on the Spokane reservation; WEDNESDAY, MAV 20. 1914.
Two Games Played Last Night���Tcr-
ribl> Slauahter.
Two church h ague baseball games
were decided lant, tin West Knd
IfottuMlata defeating Knox Presbyterians in .Moody park by a score of ti-4,
while In a heavy scoring game at Sap-
pertcm park, the St. Stephen's Presbyterians wire defeated by tbe Sapperton Methodists by a score of 17-lti.
At Sapperton, the Methodists were ten
runs in arrears in the last inning but
a real old fashioned Sapperton crowd
COt thfl opposition rattled with the
result that 11 tallies were put over
thi   plate.
Victoria, May 19.���A lockout by the
Jessies of tin- Royal athletic park pr��-
Vented the Spokane and Victoria ball
teams from playing today. If that was
not enough Manager Delmai aud the
players of the Viotoria team met and
decided not to play any more baseball
until they were paid two weeks arrears of salary. The lessees of the
park demand $2owi for back taxes and
rent before thej will allow the teams
to play there. The league director-*
were in session all afternoon without
being able to come to any settlement
They will meet again tonight Today's -.'nine has men ly been postponed
according  to   President  Jones.
Look Whose Who's Here.
The Medicos, a new lacrosse team,
turned out for practice at Queens park
last night. Among the number were
noticed Dr. Scott of Fraser Mills. Dr.
McQuarrie and Dr. lv II. McEwen.
The doctors and druggists will likely
clash in a game against the storekeepers in tin- near future.
One American Eliminated.
Sandwich, Kngland, May lil. - Fraser
Hale of Chicago, was the only American to BUffl r defeat in the second
round of tiie play for tin- British amateur golf championship today. C. W.
"Chick'' Evans, Jr., of Chicago, the
former western champion, and Harold
Weber of Toledo and Arthur 0. Lock-
wood. Belmont Springs, Mass., defeated their opponents.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won   Lost Pct
Vancouver     74        !l .75"
Seattle 22     14 oil
Spokane     19 15 .55.-!
Tacoma    16 30 .444
Portland     14 21 .400
Victoria      H 25 .204
Portland 5, Tacoma 1.
Portland,  May 19.--Portland defeated Tacoma today 5-1, by aujiertor base-
ball. Kastley pitching for the Qolti,
desi rved a shut-out. hut Coltrin inuss-
*d up a grounder In the fourth which,
followed by a bit, allowed (be only
tally   fo;   Tacoma.
Scon- - |;
Tacoma   i
Portland      5
Iiatteries:   Kraft, fJlrot and
Eautlej and Murray.
Boston      6    10      8
Batteries: Duhuo. Hall and Stanage; ]
Bulicnt, Leonard and Thomas.
II.    E.
7,      II
'a      2
At Washmgton ���
It.    II.    K.
Washington    4     1     0
Iiatteries:   Mitchell,    Bowman    and
C&riSCb, Hissler; Shaw and Henry.
Vancouver 3. Seattle 1.
Vancouver,   May   19.���The   Beavers I
made it two straight over Seattle today, Doty h jldlng the visitors to one '
lone run.
Boon k.    II.    B.
Seattle     1     1     n|
Vancouver      3     ti     01
Batteries: Qipe, Bell and Cadman; !
Doty  and  lirindle.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost
Baltimore ..
St. IajuIs ...
Ilrooklyn ...
Huffalo  ....
Standing  of the Clubs.
Won Lost
Pittsburg      17 S
New Vork    14 7
Cincinnati   ]i; 12
Ilrooklyn    11 11
Philadelphia   11 11
Chicago      IJ 15
St.   Louis   . .   13 17
lioston        4 is
Kansas City   10
Pittsburg        S
.r,4i j
.47s I
.400 i
.29(7 '
Eeginning Monday, May 18.
Nights 8:15. Matinees 3:30.
Pct I
.(ISO j
.500 I
.404 j
.43:t I
.181 !
Yesterday's Games.
At Pittsburg   - It.    H.    B,
Chicago      4      5      0
Pittsburg   0     3     3
Batteries:    Brennan   and   Wilson;
Dlckeson  and   Kerr.
Yesterday's Games.
At   Chicago��� H.   H.   E.
Philadelphia       1      5     4
Chicago   ti   11     0
Iiatteries: Alexander and Killifer;
Lavender, Cheney and Brcsnahan.
At Pittsburg- - K.   11.   B.
lioston 5      X      1 1
Pittsburg   7     9    3
Iiatteries: Cnitchi-r. Rudolph and
Qowdy; McQuillan, Harmon and Cib-
At Baltimore -
Kansas  City   	
Batteries:   Cullop    aud
Suggs and J.-cklitsch.
R..   II.    E.
.   3    11       1
.7      9      1
Easter ley;
K.    II.
TA1 If1^-^01
At   Buffalo���
St. l.ouis     3      1      3
Buffalo    11    12      1
Batteries:   Brown.   Willott.   Herbert
and Hartley;  Krapp, Allen and Blair.
At Brooklyn-
Indianapolis     15    19      4
Brooklyn       2      0      4
Batteries: I-'aikenhcrg and Warren;
.lull, Peters, Cheney and Land, Wilson.
At Cincinnati��� It.    II.   E.
.New Vork   5      9      0
Cincinnati      2      7      1
Batteries:   Mathewnon and Myers*.
Davenport. Ingersoll and Clark.
At St. Louis��� R.    H.   E
Brooklyn      2      7      3
St.   l.ouis      6    13     1
Batteries: Hucker. Wagner, SchmuU
and Miller;  Perritt and Snyder.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won   Lost
Detroit    19     10
Philadelphia  14      9
Washington     15      11
St. Louis   14      12
Boston      12      12
New York   11      Ll
Chicago    12      18
Cleveland         8      19
Yesterday's Games.
At Philadelphia��� K.   H.
Chicago      3    12
Philadelphia    0      1
Batteries:     Cicotte     and     Sr/h
Bhawkey, Brassier and Lapp.
The inspiring truth of British
heroes of today told authoritatively by Charles B. Hanford,
tlie eminent Shakesperean actor.
All Seats Reserved.
PRICES:   Matinees and  Nights,
50c, 35c,  25c.
School    Children    at    Matineea
Best Seat, 25c
Seat Sale, Thursday, May 14.
Tel. 961.
Cheap Rents
New Westminster, B. C.
4-room Apartments, per month   $8.00
2-room Apartments, per month   4.50
Within five minutes walk of B. C. Electric Railway company's depot, main retail secfion, theatres,
etc.   Building clean and comparatively new.
Secure one of these very centrally located apartments at once and thereby save car fares and other
Full particulars apply to
> .���,.-.*.   LIMITED
J^J.-Jone^.i^ANtDIR.   ,     J.A.Rennie SECY-TRES
At  New
St.   Louis   	
New Vork	
Batteries:   Hamilton
R.    H.    E
....  t       8       1
...  0      Ii      2
and    Agne-w;
Keating and Nimamakcr.
At  Boston���
It.    H.    E.
Domestic   Unhappiness  Causes     Mrs.
Hilma Wiorone of Seattle to Kill
Herself By Asphyxiation.
Seattle. May 19.��� Mrs. Hilma Wior-
one, 21 years old, prepared her hus-
band's evening meal, finished several j
days' cooking, and then packing with j
rags the cracks about the doors and |
windows of the kitchen of her home, |
at 224 27th avenue, to exclude all air.
turned  on   three   jets  of   gas  in   tin-
range and ended her life late yesterday   afternoon.    Mrs.   Wiorone    was
not  dead   when   her   husband,   Asari
Wiorone,    a  laborer,    returned    and
found her unconscious on the kitclun
floor after breaking in the door.    She
died in the Providence hospital after
a pulmotor had been used for nearly
a half hour in the hope of restoring
Despondency, due to domestic difficulties, is said to have caused Mrs.
Wiorone   to   take   her     life,     though
when her husband left his home yesterday morning to go to work, he
says, Mrs. Wiorone appeared to be
unusually happy and care free.
Two notes were written bv Mrs
Wiorone before ending her life, one
to an uncle living in the east and the
other to her husband. Wiorone'.--
message, when translated from the
Finnish language, read as follows:
"Worthful Dear:
"Yesterday in our conversation, i*
was made clear to me that I have
done you so much wrong that my life
will not be able to bear it. But the
old saying is 'Death settles everything.' so I have decided to settle with
Toronto, May IS.--Ou Sunday night
B deliberate attempt was made to
blow up the laundry of Woo Ling, 251
Hobert street. The plot was frus-
tiated, however, by (jilmour Chapman, a thirteen-yeai-old boy, residing
with an aunt next door to the laundry.
He was unable to sleep on Sunday
night, owing to the pronounced odor of
illuminating gas, and when upon investigation he found the fumes to be
death. I have caused you too many I emerging from tlie laundry he notified
sorrows for me to live. I the po*ic(..    The laundrv was broken
"I  do wish  with all my *-    -*  -���-������*���
some   day   you   will   find
friend. Lee Wong, left shortly after
he did. As far ag he was aware no
one was in the laundry or house after
they   left.
When the premises were investigated by the police, after they had forced
an entry, a gauze screen covering tho
window of the dining room was found
to be ripped off, while on a chair and
table near the window two footmarks
were clearly outlined.
heart that
who will make you happy and repay |
you  for  what  I  have caused  you to
suffer.    Live happy and forget me altogether, and also the time you have
wasted with me.    Hoping if you can
you  will  forgive  my   weaknesses.
Sets Table for Husband.
On  the  table  in   the  kitchen     was
I some baking Mrs. Wiorone had finish-
| ed during the afternoon and a single
I plate set for her husband.   The notes
l Bhe wrote before taking her life Mrs.
! Wiorone placed upon the plate.
to   be   turned   on  full,   while   in   the
front  of   the   laundry   three   candles I
were burning.   They were immediate- j
ly  extinguished, the jets  turned  off.
and all the windows and doors opened j
to allow the fumes to escape.
Acting Detective Wickett was plac-
ed on the case yesterday morning, |
and it is probable that he will be assisted today by a detective from headquarters, The owner of tlie laundry
told the detective yesterday that he
left the premises early Sunday morning to go to the Chinese Y. M. C. A.,
] while  his  partner,  Lee   Soon,  and  a
Seiiour. Bush Fires.
Cobalt, Ont., May 19.���Bush fires are
raging in the neighborhood particularly in West Cobalt, where the fire brigade has been busy ever since thi*
afternoon. They are still our trying
to prevent the fire from spreading.
The flames took a hold in several back
yards, but were stopped In time. All
dynamite is being removed from thw
danger zone.
Swimming, Hike*, Mountain Climbing.
Paper Chases.
May 15 to Oct. 1, 12.00.
Royal Avenue. Phone 10OO*.
With every purchase of $5.00 or over, we give a
High-grade Broom absolutely free. Sweeping reductions throughout our immense, new, up-to-date
Tapestry  Rugs.
2'i*��*l   yards;   regulai   $8.75.
Clean bweep t-uie   	
8x8 yards; regular $lo.5o.
Clean  Sweep  Sale   	
;;x,'H: yards; regular $12.1)0.
Clean   Swei l>  Sale   	
3x4  yards;   regular $10.U0.
Clean  Sweep  Sale   	
b%*t-l yards;  tegular $17.60.
Clean Swei p Sale   	
Scotch Wool Rugs.
3x3% yards; regular $10.00.
3x4 ya.ds.  regular $17.50.
Brussels Rugs.
2'4.\3 yards; regular $13.50.
3x3 yards; regular $2U.0U.
3x3% yards;  regular $22.60.
3x4   yards;   regulai   $26.00,
British Velvet Rugs.
Eight only:   2x4 yards;   regular $2ti.OO.
Sale  ���������	
Iron Beds.
White Knamel Iron Beds;  regular $2.90.
Special  '.',���. ^ ����.  _. ��.
2-0 C.reen  Knamel Iron  Bed;  one only;  regular $10.50.        ffg  CQ
Rain    4t%t��*Ht
Knll Bl7.e Iron Bed;  regular $6.50.
Sale, each   	
Bras;. Beds.
3-0 Bra.ss Reds;  square posts;  satin finish;  reg. $77, 523  50
4-t.i Brass Bed;  heavy round pillars;  regular $16.60. C 1 "J  fill
Sale  Price         $ I O.UU
4-H   Hrass   Beds;   satin  finish;   regular  $1S.OO. <r* 4 *J "TC
Sale   I'riee    ���*�����������"
4-G Bright Hrass or Satin  Finish;   regular $20.00. tt I Q  "7K
Sale  I'riee   <# ��� 9. I 9
Kir Dresser;  British Plate Mirror; regular $11.00. 4*&  "JC
Sale Price        *O.IO
("olden  Oak  Dresser;   3  large drawers;   with   British fl����  QC
bevel plate mirror;  reg. $11.00.    Sale I'riee        ^lO.-Jlw
Ash Dresser; 3 drawers; plate mirror; reg. $15.50. Ci 9  9t\
Sale   I'riee    * ��� �����&����������
Mahoganv Du-sser; large plate mirror;  reg. $24.50. tt 1 Q   9C
Sale  I'riee    * I O.CO
.Mahogany   Dresser, same as above only  larger;   rt**..      ttOV  Kfi
$36.76.    Sale Price   **�������� ��� "�����
Bitdseve Maple Dresser:  with large plate mirror;  reg     COC   fill
$33.00."  Sale Price   VkmOaW
Best British  Wilson  Rugs.
4.6x7.6   feet;   regular   $12.50.
6.9x9 feet; regular $22.50.
9x9 feet; regular $30.00.
9x10.0 feet;  regulai* $38.60, $Pfi 75
9x12 feet;  regular $46.00.
Tapestry   Hearth   Hugs;   regulai   $1.60.
Salo    ������	
Velvet Hearth Bugs;  regular $2.75.
Wilton Hearth Hugs; regular $7..7a.
65c. Cocoa Door Mats.
Kxtra   Heavy   Printed   Linoleum;   regular  60c,
S.ile Price, per square yard   	
Scotch  Inlaid Linoleum;  regular $1.00.
Sile Price, per square yard   	
Scotch Inlaid Linoleum;  regular $1.25.
Sale Trice, per square yard  	
20th Inst.
And continuing for FIFTEEN DAYS. Watch this
space for further particulars.
Nottingham   Lace  Curtains  at   Sale   Prices.
Regular 75c a pair.
Sale Price, per pair 	
Regular $2.00 a pair.
Sale Price, per pair 	
Regular $2.25 a pair.
Sale Price, per pair	
Regular $6.00 a pair.
Sale Price, per pair	
Fumed Oak  Mirror;   British  Plate  Minor;   tegular
$17.50.    Sale  	
Solid Quarter Cut Golden Oak Dresser;   with large mirror In centre
and two mirrors at side;  a beauty;  regular $60.00.
Oolden Oak Dresser;  large British plate mirror;  reg,
$20.00.    Sale  	
Golden Oak Dresser; low base; princess style; extra
large mirror;  regular $26.50.    Sale 	
Kir Chiffonier;   5 drawers;   plate mirror;   reg.  $15.
Whit.'  Knamel Chiffonier;  regular $17 S5
While Knamel Chiffonier;  regular $13.60
Mahogany  Chiffonier;   regular $31.50.
Birdseye  Maple Chiffonier;   regular $33.00.
rror In centre
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon
Phone 588 PACE   SIX
WEDNESDAY, MAY 20. 1914.
Classified Advertising
ceived for The News at the follow-,
Ing places*.    K. I. Hill's drug store, |
628   Columbia   street;    A.    Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu   Island;    Mrs.
E. Larden, Highland Park;  Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alta Vista.
��� ���*������>���+ �����������������������������
��� RATES ���
Classified���One cent per word    per
day;  4c per word per week;   15c per
mJnth;  5000 words, to be used as re-1
quired within one year from date   of i
contract,, $25.00.
POR SAI.K    Two lots, each 50x17,7 to!
lane; unobstructed view and situate
Edinburgh   street.     Price  |480   for
few days only.    2oi    Westminster
Trust  Bldg. Phone 312
Sees Another Alsace Condition  in the
Duchy of Luxembourg.
TEACHERS WANTED���(a) Specialist in French and Knglish. (b)
Specialist in commercial department (with or without art specialist
i Hiding also). (c) Teacher of
household science. Applications re-
ceived up to June 6th by 11. ll.
(Irav secretary School Board, New
Westminster, B. C. (8892)
WANTED TO BUY���Five or six room
modern house In good locality inclose to car. Please state full particulars and lowest cash price. Box
M3   News  office. (456)
Front St.   Phone
JUNK    CO.,  323
!13.   Cash paid for
POR BALE���A Snap, five room thoroughly modem dwelling; will located; large lot. price $1700, $100
cash, balance $25 per month. Box
108, N'-ws Office.
I'OR SALE���New Westminster business property at a sacrifice. R( ve
ntie over 12 por cent. (net). Price
$8000. flood terms to responsible
party.    P. O. Box 154. (123)
house, new and situate close to
Sixth street; lot 50x150 to lane.
Price $2000. $150 cash, balance $20
a month.    Box 46S News office.
KOR SAI.K CHEAP -Second hand
Klandcrs car in good condition with
delivery body on luck. Would malt"
first class delivery for rancher or
storekeeper. Address Box 8882
News office. (8882)
kor SALE���Am leavlnlg city and
want cash for deed, large cleared
lot worth $2000. Will sell al a bargain for few days only. Investigate
at once. Box 642 News office. (123)
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
all kinds of junk, bottles, sacks, bar- !F0R    SAIB.
rels, cast iron, old rags, old rubber
boots and shoes. (3319)
erty througu an ad.
iu this column
ture. or stocks in trade, in large or
email quantities, highest price paid ]
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods:
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis. 548 Columbia street.
New Westminster. (33171
TO   RENT ��� Sex i
I ouse   on   Agnes
month.    Apply
Queens avenue.
\     room     modern
street,     $18   per
P,  W.   Luce.    817
keeping  rooms,  $lu  per  month, at I
224 Seventh street. (3313)
keeping   and    bedrooms.     420    St.
Ceorge Street. (3318)
to rent try an ad. In this column.
week, Can* la's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (3316)
KOR SALE���$1800 First Mortgage,
bearing 8 per cent, interest; run
for three years: rented; thoroughly modern dwelling and large lot;
worth $3600 security; will allow
discount I'er cash. Lex 4S3, News
CAKK   FOR   SAI.K    $800  buys   whole
outfit  that cost over    $31 ;     low
rent and doing big business; will
give ti rms to n sponsible party.
I,eiiving city only reason for sacrificing. Address Box 389, News Office.
FOUND���On May 2nd, heavy draught
horse, Owner can have same by
-paying   expenses,     611%     Eighth
streii. (3385)
Ri  south half of the southeast quartet   of .section  22.  township 10. iu  the
District   oi   New   Westminster.
Whproas proof of the  loss  of Certificate  of Title  number  16,;_'4K,  is-
sued   In   the  name  of  Andrew  John- j
sin. has been filed ln this office.
Notice is hereby given  that  1 shall
al  the expiration of one month from j
the date of the first publication here- ;
o . .n a daily newspaper published In
the city of New  Westminster, issue j
a duplicate of the said certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection i
bi   made to me In  writing.
,1. C. OWYNN,
District  Registrar of Titles.      ;
Laid   Registry Office, New  Westmiu- j
ster,   B.C.,  May   13,  1814.      (37,78) j
lanu sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. B. Brown, 17
Ltegble street, New Westminster.
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency. 338 Hastings street west. Van
couver. (33141
Ghent, Belgium, May 19.   Several ol
- the  leading  organs  of  the   Belgium
pn ss   have  appear! d  of   late   to   be
'somewhat alarmed over the contlnu-
1 oua   extension   ol   German   influence
which appears   especially   noticeable
1 in thi can- e!' tin  grand duchy of Luxembourg.
The present political status of that
region has not Inappropriately been
characterized In certain quarters, as
that of a Belgian Alsace- Lorraine, as
it is claimed by many that the inhab-
: itants of this little country are decidedly    pro-Latin    and    Francophile  In
j their sympathies and prejudices, and
] that the process of Cormanization  is
: being forced upon them in opposition
i to the,'.- natural Inclinations,
It   is   also   urged   that   the   heroic
struggle i f thi se courageous people to
resist what is   termed   German   en-
; croachment Is vested with special Inter, st for Belgians trom the fact that
by some ii is regarded as the precursor of a similar late which the future
holds In store for their own kingdom.
In Economic Field.
German  domination in    the    grand
: duchy began  its activity  in the field
! of economic  efol'rt,  the  German   Zol-
I verein, or .custom union, first closing
j the  door  of  this  country   to  railway
1 traffic with Belgium and with France,
j this being a preamble to what,  it is
stated, is destined to be a species of
j peaceful assimilation.
Since that first step was taken the
larger portion of the railway lines has
passed into Gi rman hands, while the
rich mineral deposits of the country
and its extraordinary industrial activities have now to a large extent both
been absorbed by Prussian capitalists.
Even on the border land of Belgium,
as far as Martelange the famous slate
and other quarries are under German
The Germanlzatlon process has been
vigorously pusi ul also In court circles, where the grand duchess, who
, was. quite recently a gueBt of the Belgium sovereigns, is purposely surrounded by an atmosphere distinctly
favorable to lhe Interests of the Ger-
nini'. government.
Eurdens Laid on Country.
The German Zolvereln In particular
has laid burdens upon the country
which have proved especially oppressive, and on each occasion when an
increase of armaments has been imposed upon the German empire, the
little grand duchy ha.- bei n called
upon to contribute largely to the
funds required, while the keen competition of German commerce has
proved most disastrous in its effects
on  the Industries of the country.
BesldeB   the   influences  alluded   to
en active propaganda is being continuously carried on with a view to Im-
posing the use of the German language
j on the Inhabitants 'of the grand durh>
I instead of Krench,  which a large ma-
I .jority of the natives prefi r, and which
' they have always spoken.
In the
Re   Southeast  Quarter  of  Section   22.
Township  10,  in  the    District     of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of  the  loss of  Certificate of Title Number 2946F, issued I
in the name of Joel Stevens, has been i
tiled in this office.
Notice is hereby given that 1 shall,
at the expiration of one month from j
ihe date of the first publication here-1
of, in a daily newspaper published in ,
the City of New Westminster, issue!
a duplicate of the said Certificate, un-,
less in the meantime valid objection
bi  made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Ri i -try Office,
New  Westminster, B.C.. April  27,'
1814, (2201i
and Miis
L.U.A.M ,   A it.CM.
Lessons ln Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
ing, Voice Production, Theory on
class or privately), Harmony, Counter
point, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examtna
tions of the Associated Hoard of thi
Royal Academy of Music and Royai
Coilege of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For  terms, etc.,  apply   51  Dufterlr,
Street      Phone 411 R
When Requiring
either male or female, do not forget
that the Municipal Labor Bureau is in
a position to supply you.
PHONE 852.
Victoria Day
Tickets on sale May 22, 14 and 25;
good  to return up  to  May 27.
Three transcontinental trains daily
with through tourist, standard and
dining cars.
Toronto Express leaves at 7:",o a.m.
Imperial Limited leaves at 8:10 p.m.
St.  Paul  Express  leaves at  1:25 p.m.
Kor rates and reservations apply
>r H. W. BRODIE. G. P. A., Vancouver
Matter of the "Quictinn Titiles
AND in tin- matter of an application
to have the title of Thomas Adam
Jones to Lots Kive (5), Nine (9), nnd
Ten (10) or Lot Five (5), Surburban
Block Fourteen (14), City ol New
Westminster, according to the regis-
istered plan of the said Subdivision
deposited In the Land Registry office at the City of New Westminster
and numbered 202". quieted under the
said Act.
A.I i
I . " .v��"��  new
Gymnasium Class, Thursday al 7.30
Swimming classes. Tuesdays and Fri
days, 3 to 4, at V. M. C. A. Young
Ladies' Club, Friday at  s p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
Kor particulars call  phone  1224.
From Vancouver (or Victoria.
10:00 a.m   *r-8-|V
2:00  P-m Dailj
-1Ab  K-m Dall)
From Vancouvd
ii:00 am	
11:00 p.m .'.
Steamer leaves at  11  11
'or Seattle.
1> a
.Da lis
FroTi   Vanrouver   for   Nanaimo.
10;00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.   . .        *>.,
:00 a.m, .
Union   Bay  and   Como��.
. . .Thursday uud Saturdav
Thomas Adam Jones, of 113 Eighth
Avenue, ln the City of New Westmln-
i ster.   Province   of   iiritish   Columbia,
'has made application to the Honor
able Mr. Justice Clement, for a Declaration of Title to the above mentioned   property  under  the  "Quieting
! Titles Act," and on said application
did produce evidence whereby  he ap
! pears to be the owner of    tlie
���lands In fee simple    in    posse,
, free    from    all    encumbranci s.
i ;hereupon the said Judge did  b
dor dated  the  Oth  day   of   May,
i 1H14. order thai the said Petition be
referred to John Stlllwell Clute, Es
quire, Barrister atl.au, with power t -
'proceed   to   investigate  such   title  a    :
With  all  other   powers   to   report     tl
Miis Honorable Court, and did also ot
der that  any  person  having  or  pre
Lending to have any title to or Inti r
est  iii  th" said  lands is required i n
or before the 22nd day of June, Ale
1914 al  10.30 o'clock In the ton noon
to iii" a statement of his or ber claim
with the said John Stlllwell clute. k.
quire,   I larrlstcr-at-Law,   New     West-
minsti i. B. C, the Referee nami d i'i
the said order, and with the District
Registrar of this Court at New Wesl
minster, I'.. ('., and serve notice thi ri
of on   the   Petitioner Thomas  Adam
.hues, or  .Messrs.  Corbould.  Cram   <v
MoCoil. his  Solicitors, at  their offici
���In   Lome  street,  City   of   New   West
minster. I'.. C. and In default  thereof
any such claim will be barnd.
Dated this Jith day of May. A.I). 1914
Solicitors for the Petitioner.
Heli a   M.  Strang.
,i. F   Foulkes,
Robert A. Scott.
And to all other persons whom I!
may  concern. (3387)
Capture Solves Puzzle of Long Series
of Robberies in Fashionable
Wee*.  End.
London. May 19. An extraordinary
story of a young woman's series of
Jewel robberies at West End hotels
ami clubs was told to Robert Wallace,
K. ('., at tile London sessions. Wearing a valuable sealskin coat and de-
icriblng herself as an artist's model,
M iry Marjorie MacDonald, 2*. pleaded guilty to, three indictments, charging her with stealing on February 17
a gold watch and chain and other!
property, value ��34,, belonging to
Luis Alberto Cariola, consul far Chile,
it ihe Grosvenor Court hotel, Davies
street, Berkeley square; on March 28.,
a pearl necklace, two rings, and a
diamond broch, worth ��212. the propel ty ol Christopher Hope, at the
Otosvenor hotel, Victoria; and on
March 29, a gold neckchaln, a pen-j
dant, a 127j note, and 123 in gold, of
tin- total value of ,C'.i2, the goods ami
money of William Ross Munro, at tlie
Langhara hotel.
j. i". drain, who prosecuted, said
that the prisoner's record was a very j
singular on;-. She was born at Ullapool, Ross, Cromarty. Her mother
died when she was eight, her father
when she was 14. Some of the stolen
property was found in her possession '
at the time of her arrest, and other
articles were recovered in a flat in
which she lived in .huld street, fit. i
I'ancras. Prior tn ber arrest she had
been found wandering at 11:30 0 m.
about tbe l.angham hotel. She explained to tlie night porter that she
was not staying there, lint had suddenly been overcome with illness. She
was taken to the manager, but nothing
being suspected she was allowed to
Detective  Sergeant   Bex  said   that
after  he.-  father's  death   she  had   in-,
herited about ��1,100, and went to reside with her uncle.    An unfortunate
Investment  did   away   with   some   of
the v ney, and the prisoner lived pat-,
tlally  by teaching until she was 21.
She then went to Germany and France
and since her retutn iu  1910 she had'
nut many good friends, who had  as j
Blsted he:*, but .-li" bad failed to take
advantage  of  her exceptional  opportunities,   For tin-"" weeks before ber
arrest   Bhe hail  acted  as an    artist's
Lonq   List  of  Thefts.
!:-, addition/to tin- charges in th" Indictment,  tin-  prisoner admitted   tin-
following robberies:
.lull" 17.. 1012, stealing jewelery.
value  ��13, from the Lyceum club.
August 1. 1913. jewelery, value E80,
from th" llalycon club, Cork street
August, 1913, a bag containing private  pap( rs   from   the  same  club.
January 17. 1914, a diamond ring,
value ��80, from a house in Edsleigh
February, a quantity of jewelery
from the Ladies' Park club.
March 8, jewelery. value ��10, from
the Lyceum club.
March 22, bags and their contents
from the llalycon club.
March 28, brooch, value ��30, from
the Grosvenor hotel.
And on March 7,0, Jewelery, valued
at  ��20. from  tin- Mandevllle hotel.
Altogether, said Detective Sergeant
Ilex, the total value of tbe stolen
jewelery was about ��600, and some
��490 worth had 1" en recovered from
tlie prisoner .mil th" pawnbrokers .'ith
whom she rail pledged it for substantial amounts. 'I'he doctor at Holloway
j.iil had ciytifled that tin- prisoner
was of a neurotic temperament
Sentence was postponed until next
sessions, in order that the prison doctor might report upon tbe prisoner
and her relatives might attend.
period of the treatment consists only
of mucous secretions.'' Eventually
the bacilli disappear, it Is claimed, the
temperature comes down to normal,
and the tuberculous cavities are totally dried up.
Fifty-four persons Buffering from
pulmonary tuberculosis have been
treated, and 17 up to the present have
practically recovered from the disease, it is stated. The others are
still under treatment In less serious
cases fie patient! continued to follow
their professional occupations, and
were not laid up at all. It is also
claimed that the Spahlinger method
has had success in cases of lupus and
tuberculous cervical ganglions.
M. Spahlinger was originally a barrister in Geneva, but attracted by the
study of biology lie gave up the law,
and for the List four years he lias been
experimenting in his laboratories on
behalf of suffering humanity. He is
some thirty years of age.
Too  Early  Yet.
London, May 19. Interviewed by a
pres srepresentatlve, Dr. Frederick
Golla, t! e eminent authority on the
subject <>f tuberculosis, said that he
was much interested jn the announcement mad" regarding the success of
the new tie.-1ment.
"It. is too early yet. 1 am afraid,"
said Dr. GoTla, "to assume that a specific cure for tuberculosis has now
been found, having regard to the comparatively small number of cases treated aud tlie proportll n of these slated
to  be  practically  cured.     Now  that  it
has come to be recognized that tuberculosis, in certain stages at any rale.
is not an incurable disease there is
always tin- possibility that too much
emphasis may lie laid upon the value
of any new specific treatment. It is
therefore inadvisable to base too hope,
fit! expectations upon any alleged cure
until it has been tested in a fairly
large number of cases and over a
reasonable period of time, so as to
determine the permanence- and true
value of the cure.
Even if you have a simple specific
for tuberculosis, and it should prove to
bo successful in the direct treatment
of the tuberculous conditions, this
does not necessarily prove its efficacy
in clearing up the secondary condi-
ditions. In other words, most tuberculous cases are not only affected by
tuberculosis, but also by tin- secondary Infection of other microorganisms
ami the difficulty is to find an antl-
tuberculous treatment which will also
effectively clear up those secondary
Infectious conditions, and Cans establish  a  real  and  permanent  cure. '
Now   Declared   Russia   Has  Stretched
Forth Hands Lo Graap Asia and
England  Is Caught.
London. May 1!'. In a recent article
tlie African Times and Orient Review
deals   Willi   t'.ie   pn sent    situation   ill
northern   Persia,    Alluding    to    the
statement made in certain quartan
that Persia had requested tbe Russian
government to maintain its army iu
northern Persia so as to previ nt impending disorder, tin- Review points
out. that this statement mas immediately denied by the Persian legation
in Paris.
"We have every reason for stating,"
it says, "that Russia's real aim is to
create excuses for prolonging her occupation of northern Persia without
interference from England, and that it
is In r intention to foment discord in
order lhat excuses may lie found for
remaining iu occupation."
Proceeding, lb" Review declares
that It is In th" highest Interest of
Great Britain that an end should be
made of Russian aggression in Persia. Islam has become- very suspicious, it says, of late regarding British
friendship for the religion of the prophet. 'I'he free hand given to Russia
in Persia, following so closely upon
the il'-plorable methods of pacification
adopted in Morocco, is not calculated
to inspire Mohammedans with conil-
'I'he pro-Russian policy of the British foreign office, (he Review insists,
is fraught with dangerous possibll
ities for Britain's eastern empire, and
in* that reason it is most essential
that tin- Muhammadans of the world
should have assurance of British
friendship, otherwise Croat Britain
may not be able to count upon Muhani-
maiian loyalty.
in   conclusion,  the   Revi( W   declares
that Russia has stretched forth ner
bands to grasp Asia, that she has en-
tangled the British foreign office in
lor diplomatic net, and that Englishmen ought to awaken to this fact he-
fore it is too late.
Battlefield for Sale.
London, May lie A battlefield will
shortly come Into the mark.-t. The
Westhay estate, near Axminster, is to
be offered for sale, and a landmark of
seaie interest on the estate is "Lambert's Castle," an ancient encampment, It was originally a British for-!
tiflcatlon, and was later occupied by
tin- Romans when Vespasian invaded
Britain. In comparatively recent
times it was tin- sei ne of a skirmish
between the parliaments j forces and
tin- Ling's army, fen encamped at
"Lambert's Castle,"  which  resulted  ia
i'ie capture and execution of the kina's
commander, Colonel Hellyar.   A Field
"lo.--"   by   i-.   know 11    as    "Hellyar's
NaBru Co Laxatives
are   especially   good   for
children   because  they   are
pleasant to take, gcut'.e in
action,  do not  irritate   the
bowels nor develop a need
for  continual   or   increased
(lor.es.    25c. a box, at your
National Drug and Otirmical Co.
of '-triad*. Limited.       177
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes        TANKS
P.   O.   BOX   44?
Another   Elow   at   Tuberculosis���London Physician Says Is Is Too
Enrly to Express Opinion.
Paris, Ma} ll Afler spending Clinch of hla p :. '���'��� fortune en his experiments, a young Swiss scientist,
M, Spahlinger has discovered what
may prove to i e a ear" for consumption. A repori ( n his mi thod �� as re-el
at the Academy of Medicine by Pro
feasor Letulle. I! had been prepared
and signed by Dr. Edmond Lardy,
president of tii" federal board of ex-
amluers in medicine for the Unlver
sity of Geneva, Dr, Colbeck of the
City of London Hospital for Diseases
CARD-���Passenger   feeivice
Trains  Leave   New  Westminster Terminal   Columbia and  Eighth Sts.
Fraser Valley Line���For Chilliwack ft 9:30 and 11:15 a m
and 2 and 6 p.m.. Local for .lar-
(line at 7 :.. . . i xi pt Pi idaj a
when local leaves at ii a.m. lor
M;.  I.i hman.
For Vancouver, via Burnaby
Lake��� VI 5:30 a.m., and hourly
until 11:30 p.m, Specials on
week days at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
First car on Sundays at 8:30
For Vancouver, via North Arm
of Fraser���Connects with Steveston service at Eburne; 7 a.m.
aud hourly until 11 p.m. First
i ir on   Sundays  at  8 a.m.
For Vancouver, via Central
Park���**, and 7i:l7i a.m., every 17.
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Blcck, Columbia & Eighth.
minuli :- t.i 9 ;, ni . even 20 min-
i 11 s to '. p m.. every 15 minutes
to 8:30 p.m.; every 30 minutes
in 11 p.m., ��Ith List car at midnight. Saturday afternoon service every 15 minutes to 11 p.m .
with last en- at midnight. On
Sunday at 6, 7. 7:30 and S a.m..
and 20 minute service to 8:40
p.m., v celt day service thereafter.
Fraser Mills-Quecnsboro���For
Fraser Mills at 5:20, 6:20 and
7: IT, a.m. and every hour to
11:47,   p.m,     Leave   Fr.iser   Mills
a.m. and i ve y hour
until midnight, lasl  car lo Columbia St. only
Chest,  and   Dr.   Leonard   Wil-
of the French hospital in  Lon-
B. C.I
Union  Bay,  Powell   Pivcr
11; 13 p.m.
For  Prince   Rupert and   Alaska.
11 ;00 p.m Every Saturday
Prince  Rupert and Granby Bay.
i U:u0 p.m Wednesday?
F;r Gulf Island Points.
.7:01 a.m.  Tuesdays and  Fridays for
Vic'nria.  calling  at  pointa   in   the
Gulf Islands.
i CD   GOULET,  Agent.  N��w Westminster
I a\. W. BRODIE. Q. P. A.. Vancouver.
of t
The Spahlinger treatment of tuberculosis consists of Intramuscular In
jections of antigenic tubercle cultures
and ferments. The treatments last five
or six weeks for cases which are not
far advanced, while several months
are required ".hen patients on whom
the disease has obtained a hold are
It is stated thai "under the Influence of the first injection a phase of
depression is experienced by the In-
the sick man feels completely ont of
spirits Then improvement is expressed by a marked feeling of well-
being*; the patient's Btrength returns
little bv little, and the cough diminishes; the expectoration which had at
Elrsl Increased In volume decreases
progri ssively.    and.    during  the  last
Bffectlva   April   1st,   ' ;"-
S.S.      "Prince      Rupert,       S.5>.
���-Prince George," S.S. "Prince
Albert,"   S.S.  "Prince  John."
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To Prlnco Ruperl    and    Granby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
���l-o Victoria and Beattle.
Every Thursday,  12 midnight���
To Trim-" Rupert and ���*���*"__'���';���''"���
Every Friday. 12 midnight���
To Queen Charlotte Inland pr-lnt*.
Every Saturday, 12 midnight���
To Victoria and Seuttle.
S S   Prince Buporl onrt S.S. Prince
Oaorofl make closi- conni-ctlnn to
end 'from  points  ensl   nf   Prince
Rupert on Grand Trunk  Pacific
If  You   Are Undecided
Where to Go on Your���
Summer Vacation
I."t us suggest s rive days' cruise
through   til"   ilisiil"   channels   of
the North Pacific Coast on the
S.S. "Prince  Kupert" or "Prince
Oeorge."     Palatial   oil-burning
ships; all outside rooms, with
hot and cold water in each. Mas
nificent. restful scenery. "Vou
will feel better when you return."
We   represent alt  Trans-Atlantic Steamship    lines.
Through tickets via any  line     to Chicago���Grand
Trunk  beyond���Let  us submit an Itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney. G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith. C.P. & T.A.
527   Granville   St..   Vanrn.,,/-- Phonn   Sev.   R134
D,   D.   WILSON, M
Spring Suitings Just arrived. See
hem. Perfect lit and workmanship
rnnrnnteod. Prices from $18.00 up.
701 Front Street.
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER  which  i.i highly  recommended,
Lime Is almost as important, for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload hots.
Phone* 16 and It.
���02 Columbia (treat >.V WEDNESDAY, MAY 20. 1914.
No Dust
No Dirt
Nothing but virtuous, fragrant   BRITISH   TRADE  MARK
tea leaves, giving their full quota !
of deliciousness  in the tea-pot. JS   BADLY NEEDED
One of the first measures ot em- | then, I submit that common ten.-" ami
| pire progress tu be advocated in these : the coiiiiiNRi weal demand the adoption
Icolumns, says the Standard of Empire,jo! a iiritish empire trade mark.   Let
You cannot imagine how good it reallv
is unless you try it.    WHY DELAY?
Invite the ladies of this city  to   inspect  their  spring  stock  of  the
latest  fabrics  and  styles.    Special price for two weeks ouly $35 aud
$40.    We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Do Your Banking By Mail
If you live at a distance from a branch of The Dominion Bar.k.
Deposits may be made���cash withdrawn���or any other Banking
Business may be transacted by mail, just as easily as though ons
made a special trip to town for the purpose.
A Savings Account may be opened in the name of two persons
��� man and wife, or two members ol a family���so that either one
can deposit and withdraw money from the same account.
uid,   Lt    it   said,  one   which   tin    Km-
I pire newspaper advocated strongly In
i the   year  of   its   origin,   1908,   before
i the idi a bad been adumbrated In any
I othet quarter, was one that might be
j cailt-d   a   first   practical   step   toward
j workaday pereference within the Brlt-
[lih world,   lhe suggestion was double-barrelled:    That    every    British
| subject in making purchases should
Inquire the place of origin of the par-
tlcular article he wished to buy. aud,
if possible, select a product of his
own country.   Failing that, the pur-
chaser should, before buying a foreign-
made article, asci rtain if he could obtain   the    lame    article  produced   in
some country within the empire.    In
other wordi, that none of us. subjects
Of King (Ieorge, should buy any product of alien  workers, until and unless
he  bad  found that it was impossible
to get   equal   satisfaction from the
same thing produced  within  the empire.
The effect upon Iiritish trade of the
universal British adoption of such a
creed would be Immensely beneficial.
lt is a practical and most valuable
form of prefi rence which can be realized without the help of any parliament or political party, and, above all,
it is a form of patriotic support of our
own folk, In which the women, the
housewives Of tne race, can exercise
enormous influence, and serve British
progress most notably.
That was one barrel of the suggestion first mooted by the "Standard
Of Empire" in 1908. The other Bide
of the suggestion was for a means to
help it forward; the provision of a
definite, easily recognizable standard and guide for British buyers the
world over, in short, the introduction
of a British empire trade mark; a
legible  hall   mark and  sign   that  the
LACROSSE                  GOLF                      BOXING
BASEBALL                                         CRICKET
us at least know  what it is that we
are   ljin'.ng,   even   if   it   pleases  us   lo
buy  that   which   is  foreign   in  origin
rather than a product of our own empire.    We have a right to know, and
the easiest way of furnishing us with
that  knowledge   is   the   provision   of
one  standard   mark   which  may.  and
should, be affixed to every product ot
our own folk and empire;  which may
not be affixed to any product of alien ! _______^
bunds or  lands.
To  give  one  tiny   Instance  for  the   Players   Reconsider  Decision  to  Quit | thani and Alex Turnbull will attempt
-Marshall, Gifford and  Rennie
Still  in City.
: the coun back stunt rather than tea
the Minto cup revert back to tin;
"Dad'' Turnbull is one of the sev-
I eral who would again don a uniform
and   take   the   field   against   Vancoti-
After   sifting   through   the   various   ver rather  than   see  the  trophy   lost
and conflicting  reports which spread   which took considerable expense antl
Bafely   work to  bring   to the coast in   1908.
article in question was produced un- j '"* possibly involve us in any loss.
der the British flag. This is most im-',l would involve no departure f,-om
portan;. accepted   policy   in   any   part  of  the
The movement to secure the adop- ; empire.
tion  of a  British empire  trade mark! ���  	
now  has the active support, of many ]
leading   people  and   prominent   patri
ots.    1  do trust these gentlemen will i
allow nothing to discourage or weaken  tbelr efforts until the object has j
been attained.   The high commission-'
ers   and   agents-general   of     Greater j
Britain   may be  relied  upon  to give
the project their warm support.  Men |
like   the   Duke  of   Argyll   and   P.   E. I
Smith have spoken strongly in its fa- i
Buy   Imperially.
And   yet  how  manifestly   practical.
desirable and important it is.    If we |
admit even the extremist, individualist ���
and  cosmopolitan creed   (which 1 de-'
test)    that    no    pe.lereuce    whatever
housewife's consideration.    In    Aus
tralia and New Zealand I have eaten ,
butf r as delicately fine In flavor and !
luite as well made as any I ever saw
in Dorset or Devon. In the city of;
London I have tasted equally choice
samples of butter from the British1
Antipodes.    But it is by no means al- ���
ways;   indeed,  it is very seldom that  around   yesterday   It  can   be
the housewife is offered in a shop stated that there will be a lacrosse Mayor dray Is also in the same vien.
any   such   Australian   butter  as   this,   game at Queens park on Victoria Day Practice  Last  Night
for tv.e simple reason that it is apt to between Vancouver s:nd the Salmon A practice was held at the park
be mixed and blended with Interior Bellies. last night, Tom Kennle and Hugh Glf-
toreign makes before it is offered for Low as the professional game is in ' ford being noticed in uniform. to?e-
tale. Again, Canadian Cheddar cheese, I the city and district a genuine rally Ither with Tubby Coutts and' Fred
at its best, is a very delightful food, took place among the old timers when llulme, who are possible spares.
and markedly superior tO the Cheddar Lit became known that Fleming was An effort was made to secure Ar-
Cheese made in tlie Dnited States of after the three star players. Marshall, chie Adamson for tbe Hoyals but the
But at present the British   Rennie and Gifford, I former    Vancouver    player      refused
seldom given any oppor- Nc  Word  From  Fleming. point  blank to  consider any  proposi-
tunity of choice, and when asking for ;     No word was received from Toronto   tion.
Canadian cheese is frequently given yesterday so that Tom Kennle can Mickey Ion may possibly make the
BU Inferior product from south of the be regarded as a fixture with the lo- : switch, the star defense fielder with
Canadian frontier. cal  team.    Tom  gave the street rail- ' (.'on Jone**'  team  having  signified    a
rinse may seem small matters, but   way  boss twenty-four hours to come  wish   to  turn   out   with   Westminster
vn  these are matters  which affect   through   with   a  decision  and   failing  two months ago.    He could not be !o-
��� iil.ions  of   pounds   sterling   per   an-, this he gave his word to the remain- . cated yesterday.
num. In the same way the would-be ng players that he would stick to j Meanwhile preparations are going
purchaser of English-made commodl-  the Minto cup team. ! ahead for next Monday's game which
.168 oversea Is very often served with Marshall and Oifford received no : will open the season of 1!U4 The de-
torelgn products on the continent. We word and this ominous silence is ta- parture of Johnny Howard will make
need a British empire trade mark. We ken by many to mean that the two a hole in the defense and will i;n-
need it badly. It would represent a players also will remain with West- doubtedly tend to make the
��� urge gam for Britannic trade. It could   minster
lot  possibly   involv
housewife i.-
make    tlie    game
more even with brighter prospects of
If it  is absolutely  necessary,  such ; Vancouver capturing  the  initial  con-
former s'.ars as Sandy Gray, Pete l,a-: test.
Prominent   Men   Working 'to   Curtail
Ever-Increasing Expenditure on
! Four  and  one  in   the  N.L.U.,  while
j the MA.A.A. will be fighting for first
place  in  the old  union.
Columbias  Put   Up     Peer    Exhibition
Against  1913 Champions���
Elliot's Home Run.
Some weird basebail was dished
out to the fans at Queens park last
night in the second ltague game of
the season when Tummy Walsh's Columbias went down to defeat before
the Moose, score 8 to 2. The Columbias were two men shy at 0.30 o'clock
which delayed  ill"  ���laiiif  some thirty
London,   May   19.���The    European
l.'nity   league,   founded   by   Sir   Max
should   be shown;    that    we    should   Wheeler for the purpose of bringing
adopt  precisely the same attitude to- '��� a,b-ut a European entente between all   ��> ��" <���<**  until substitutes were press-
ward all the peoples of the earth, and   tlie Kr";it P(*wers ���� ��������� economic ba-   ed into service.   Mallen and Jack Gay
nevi r show special favor to our rein- ' 88ls. ��luch ��n the llIle�� of ">���-' Concert   "'ere   also   missing   from   the   Moose
tions;   that  we  should   buy   and   sell   ?_*}*}*��� a*-a thus curtailing the ever-   -���"��� ���:;..
solely  with  a  view  to cheapness and
profit,   and   without  any   thought  for
the circumstances of production���even
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches  Througbv-ut   the   Province  of   BriClsr,   Columbia.
6*ving�� Droarirnent hi all Bran-men Deposlta of Oue Dolls: and
upward* received and Interest at tbe highest current rat* pUd or
credited half yearly.
DratU and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parte of thi*
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK. General  Manseer.
N-��*    Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager
increasing expenditure on armaments,
si making rapid headway in its educational work.
A press representative learned yesterday that nearly all the sovereigns
of Europe have expressed their appro*, al of the idea and their willingness to help if it is supported by pub-
0:i the complexities of the dope,
this should be the year for Cleveland
to run away with the pennant. Heretofore they have started off like a
Sysonby, only to finish .like a truck
horse. Having got away at an opposite pace, they should now cause trouble. The Naps are always a high
grade bet in the art of doing exactly
what you don't figure they will���or.
In not doing what you figure is a.
cinch. I
Coquitlam and North Vancouver To
Meet in Charity Cup final.
Not satisfied with grabbing tha
McBride shield, the provincial chain-
With the exception of the second l^Mp ���$ UW Mainland trophy,
inning when McLeod, pitching for the P,ort Coquitlam soccer players ar**
Columbias tanned three men ia a row! P***��.'��"g �� J""*-"p thl* sfM0" ?y.de'
wiih the bases full, there was utUe f��Ung the North Vancouver Caiedon-
life to the contest from a spectator's U**���*nd tbUS cl'":h l*OS3B8S*��n ���� **
standpoint and little enthusiasm was ���3 Cl'P' m , ��, ,, i ���
shown.   Mcl.eod pitched a fine game*]    alu' pame "m Prol-aD->- ^ Pla>"*i
n tlie Sapperton feiounds on Thurt
day   uveninK  providing  arrangement*.
and had the herd guessing most    ot i *
lie opinion.   The movement Is at pres-i the  time  although  miser-able support! ,     ,���,������.,,,,   ,,���,.,,.
ent   confined   to   England,   but   there   caused his  downfall f^?PoTc%K, field a  re-
' presentative   team   and   should   have
little  difficulty  in  defeating  the  ag-
Elliot for the Moose led off in the
are many foreign members who are
ready to start branches in their own
countries.     Although   the   league   has   the right field  fence   for a  home run
ouly   been   started   a   few   weeks   the   Two   runs   were  scored   in   the   first,
gation from  the Ambitious City.
membership is already many thousands, and fresh applications at the
rate of over fifty a day continue to
pour  it.    Among  the  members    are
one in tho second and five iu the
fourth. The Columbias obtained their
first tally in the fourth when McLeod
lined  a  three  bagger,  trotting aeros.-
BUCh  well  known  men  as  the  Karl  of   on  Hood's two  base hit
/?ayr��cr?7f��/UL-Srf���� Tjmms
Let Us Figure Your I
No order  too  large or  non" too small to get out best (trades and
prompt delivery.    We deliver where you want it, hi any quantity, large
<jr BT"l'-phone or call our Itetail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
K. H. BUCKUN,   .
lift   4*11   -.����������    Mff.
N     I'e.AI.'UtH.Kl.
Vie* Presliteu*
W. r. H. BOCKUN,
��� no. and  tree.*
LllMBER CO., Ltd.
Pir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. I snd 177.
New Westminster
And all Points io the Pacific
To Hound Trip
Chicago  % "2.00
Duluth        60.08
Minneapolis or St. Paul     60.00
Montreal     105.00
New York   108.50
Toronto,  Ont     92.00
Washington   107.7)U
Omaha. Council  Bluffs
Kansas   City,   St.   Joseph    liO.OO
Proportionately reduced fares
to Many Other Points in the
east. Return may be made
through California at slightly
higher fares.
Special Selling Dates
MAY   16,   18,   19   and   20,   1914.
Going Limit, 15 Days.
Final Return Limit, Oct. 31. '14
Liberal     stopover     privileges
and choice of diverse routes offered.
Two All-Steel Trains
To tho  East  Daily
The    r-'inect   Train    Across   the
A NI >
Milwaukee   Trains.
Milwaukee Service.
Milwaukee   Employees.
All the way across the continent.
Kor    additional    Information,
call or address
City Passenger Agent.
Pembroke and the Earl of Kin lore,
whose patriotism and Imperialism are
above suspicion.
At the moment when this league is
making such headway it.s principal object, the gem ral limitation of armaments, receives a setback by the action of Austria In voting the necessary money for four new dreadnoughts.
"lt is these four ships," a prominent
Unionist authority on the navy said,
"which we knew were coming and to
which we bave often referred in debate,. Tbe government tried to g'.oss Columbias..
them over by saying that they were Next gam:
only in the air. although we forced
an admission from Mr. Churchill that
if they did materialize we should have
to adapt our program of shipbuilding
to suit the new circumstances. Now
tbey have materialized, and we must
build to meet them. Only instead of
being able to spread the expenditure
over two years it will all have to be
done at once."
Welsh went
i  the fifth on a series of er-
a: ciind
Only four and a half innings were
played, the late Start preventing the
fans from witnessing a contest that
was hardly  baseball.
Scoiv  - P..    li.    E.
Cclumbias     2     :\     .->
Moi st      S     7     4
Batteries   McLeod and Hood. Horn
and   Huhnke.    Umpire,   F.  .).  Lynch.
League Standing.
Practice  Lacrosse  Game.
Tcniiht a: Queens park the Senior
Amateur lacrosse team will stage :i
practice game against an all-star ag-
gregation from the City league. Manager 'iii:', b;.!l was approached yester-
da) id willingly assentpd to allowing the future Mann cuppers to stack
up against a picked aggregation that,
will probably include the spare men
being carried by the seniors.
Moose  . ..
li. C. IC. II
2    u    1000 I
ii    l      .000
0    1     Md I
Friday, Mm* 27
Paris. May lib���A dramatic gene
bv?. marked th. wedding of Mile.
i Marie-Ange de Malstre with Count
Pierre de Kenault de Lannov de Bossy,
i a brilliant young army officer, at the
little church of Bossy, neat Chain-
be ry.
At the moment when the priestly
benediction was to be given to the
! pair a Benedictine monk advanced.
[ Raising his arms above his head, be
, asked a divine blessing i'or the newly
1 married couple, and a rustle of sensation ran through the church when
mT,_.._.,, ..   he added that that blessing was not
"*"" ' ~' merely  that of  the priest, but of a
Prank Qibb, sporting editor <���:* the , grandfather
Seattle   Sun.   who   first    broke   into.    The Bemdietine  monk was Father
newspaper   work   in   this  city,  was  a | ,-,, Bourg, prior to the order in Pari.-.
(By the  Potter.)
visitor in town yesterday.    Prank is I au(- the grandfather of the bride. For-
watchlng   the  doings  of  the   Seattle   pjerij B smart cavalry officer, he had'
ost his wife after but a few years ot
married  life.    After bringing up his
622 Columbia St.
Our   "Mutual   Qirl"   makes  her   initial bow today and  tomorrow at  the
i Royal  theatre.    It  is a  motion   play
of great beauty aud clever acting. It   Giants at Vancouver this
d> pn-ts the daily life of a young girl 	
from  a   small  country  town   who    is       "And   In  addition  to    this    I   want j children   until   they   were old  enough
j launched  into  the  gaiety  of  fashion-   three round trip tickets to England." : to  look  after  themselves, he  quitted
able  life  in   New   York   by   lier  rich   Such a mild request comes from Wil-  the world and exchanged sword ami
city relatives. lie  Ritchie alter  being  offered  $50,-  gold lace for the robe and cowl ot tha
The preliminary training necessary 000  by  London  tight promoters    to monk,
I Tor one unaccustomed to the etiquette   stack up against Freddie Welsh.   One j
would imagine that Willie would pass j =^ ��� 	
up such a mild  request  for transpor-11
tation  after  receiving   such  an  offer '
j of society with the big "S", Deportment  and  dress  are   all   vividly   por-
j trayed with visits to the modiste's
famous siiops and department stores. ; of titty thousand bucks.
i     Then  the ".Mutual Uirl" makes her
j debut and is shown taking part In
ill tlie fashionable functions of New
Anyway,  its  dollars  to    doughnut3
that the deal  will  fall through.    No]
York's most exclusive set, her meet-! promoter in the world today can af-
ing with world celebrities at country ford to put up such a price. It is
houses, at  Madison     Square    Garden  hastening the time when fighters will
contract   at   so   much   per
and Other famous resorts. Tho scene's
are all taken from real life, and the
whole action play gives a life like
Nliscrlption in every detail of the daily
be   undei
non Cameron, who made a good Im-
existence    of  people    with    income's Pression   with   Vancouver    two    sum-
from J100.000 to $1,000,000 a year, lt mors ago,  has  signed  with  the Que-
18  an   Instructive   pluy     and     should hoc   team   In   the   Hig   Four.     Donald
sommend   itself  to  those  desirous  to Smith,  the   star   hockey   player,   last
-ee the life In vogue within the charm winter  with  Qvubec, has also  Bigned
ed circle so dear to those outside it. with  the  Ancient City  lacrosse club.
The Scott Pictures. Talk about the financial depression.
Another large audience greeted the The report comes from Ottawa that
Antarctic pictures of Captain Scott, | the Ottawa National Hockey associa-
shown at the opera house last night, i tion referees have not yet been paid
The films depleting the voyage of j for last, winter's work. President Em-
the Terra Nova, the work of tho scien ! mett Quia will probably touch two of
tlats and the start of the ill-fated ex- ' the clubs for the amount  needed.
pedilon  in  Its last  dash to he pole. 	
A matinee performance will be given ! With the reorganization of the NL.
ihis afternoon and tonight will be '������ IL, Toronto will have three teams,
tliela st chance for New Westminster j the Torontos. Tecumsehs aud a new
citizens to see lhe Captain Scott pic- one at Rosedale. Montreal will have
tures. three also, the  Nationals  in   tlie  Big
Asthma Agonies Cured
No more sleepless nights and
dreaded speels of coughing. Cure
always  follows  the  use  of
Asthma Cure
completely  restores health.
lt stops attacks permanently.
You will sleep well at nights.
No return symptoms after
treatment ceases.
New  Westminster,  B. C.
Or sent direct charges prepaid
D. A. CAMERON  & Co.,
White  Front Drug Store.
Owen  Sound, Ont. PACE  EIGHT
WEDNESDAY, MAY 20. 1914.
Summer Goods All Reduced at McAllisters Big Sale
Furniture Specially Priced for the Careful
A Lot of Useful Articles for the Den, Parlor cr Livirg Room
Ladles' Peak; golden finish: has drop writing
table and pigeon holes; regu- fl��-| 4 AA
lar $18.00.    Special  ���#���  I iVW
Li-dios' Desk, in solid oak, fumed finish; has
large drawtv, pigeon holes and drop writing
table;  regular JT.l.iVJ. C1C  CO,
Special     ^ID.UU
Den Table; in quartered oak; fumed finish;
round top;   regular $12.50. CI ft  CC
Special     * FU.UW
Mortis Chair; solid oak; fumed finish; loose
leather cushions; regular $20. C1C 9C
Special     J10.C3
Mahogany Parlor Table; round or square top:
regular $9.00, C"7  OC
Special    ���* ��� ���*�����'
Mahogany Music Cabinet; regular fl��Q AA
$10.50.    Special    ��WiUW
Quartered Oak Mimic Cabinet;     ����� 4 A   AA
regular  $16.00,    Special    JlfiUU
Magazine Stands;  in quartered oak;  fumed or
golden   finish;   regular   $6.ou. 4* A   "��C
Special     ��*�����?�� I +*
Regular $8.50.
Special Bargains in Tapestry Rugs
These Hugs are excellent quality, will wear well and look good to
the end. The patterns and colorings are the newest. Wednesday's
bargain offers a spl< ndid opportunity to secure a good rug at a great
Size 4-C.\6 feet.
special   Price
Size ti-!ix9 feet.
Special   I'riee   .
Size  7-6x!>  feet.
Special   Trice   . ,
Size   0x9   feet.
Special   Trice   .
Size 3x10-6 feet.
Special   Price   .
Sizi    9x12   feet.
Special Trice  ..
This is a high-grade Mattress and is the best
value ever offered for the money. It Is built
of layers of pure white sanitary cotton felt, and
is guaranteed not to break or get lumpy. They
are "Guaranteed Alaska Bedding Manufacture,''
and will give lasting satisfaction. We have only
a limited quantity at this
n.-le. ;   regular  $16.00.     Special.
Values from $3.00 to $5.00,
Vour choice for 	
Great   Bargains   in   Big   Size   Tapestry   Rugs.
Size   10-6x12  feet, and  10-6x13-6  feet;   actual  values  $16.00  to $26.00
Special  Trices
$12.00 and $14.50
Bargain Prices on Inlaid Scotch Linoleum
Regular  $1.10.  Sale  Price, 90c  Square  Yard.
A heavy quality that will stand the strain of constant service, because
it is made of tested  materials;   regular $1.10.
Pel   square  yard   	
Regular $1.50, Sale Price Per Square Yard, $1.15.
A complete variety of patterns and colors;   in the best quality, well
seasoned and hard us steel; regular $1.50. fl��4    4 |?
Sale  Trice,  per square  yard    ^ I ��� I W
Ladies' Neckwear Section Offer
Good Values.
Special Sale of Collar Frills.
In plain and shadow nets;
white, cream, nnd black and
white, with colored bands of
silk and velvet. Ask to see
these Collar Prills. They are-
real good value: regular values
to $1.00,    Special COa
Also Fancy Low Collars.
In marquisette, crep and
crepe de chine: white, cream
and general colors; with frill
over collar effects; values to
$1.00, Special
Ladies' Neck Frillings.
Comes    in    chiffon, crepe    and
shadow  nets:     some    with    fur
edging;   in   white,   cream     and
colors;  values to 7
Special  for.  yard
Ladies' Chamois Suede Gloves.
A good washing quality; In
white and natural: and in all
sizes; reg. 77>c pair.
Special foi.  pair   . .
Ladies' Short Silk Gloves.
An all silk glove of excellent
wearing quality; with double
finger tips, and finished with
two dome spring fasteners; in
colors, hlack, white, navy and
grav; regular values to $1.00.
Special for, gCg
per pan-     www
One   Lot  cf   Sample   Gloves   at
Half Price.
In this lot there are cottons.
���������illts, llsles and chamois
; nodes; in long and short
lengths, and in a good variety of
colors; all an- marked to clear
at Half Price.
La.ics'  and   Children's   Hosiery
We earn tin- best known
makes ia Ladies' and Children's
Hosiery, and can sell them at
the lowest possible prices, as we
bay direct from tin manufacturers,
Ladies' Silk Boot Hose, Special
at 50c a Pair.
A guaranteed good wearing
silk hose; has no seams; high
spliced heels and toes; full in
lhe leg and has good garter
tops: colors black, white, tan,
pink and sky; a regular 76c,
Malleable Garden  Rakes,
Trices at 	
Field  Hoes.
25c, 35c and 45c
Long   Handled   Spades   or   Shovels.
Trices   at    	
*]>"  Handled  Spades.
Garden   Trowels.
Garden Wi eders.
$1.00 and $1.25
15c and 25c
Children's    Fine    Ribbed    Hose.
Special at 25c  Per Pair.
These are lines of Hose with a
good reputation for wear. The
well known "Little Darling"
and "Little Daisy." and fluster
Brown's Sisters makes are included in the lot; in colors
black, brown, sky, pink ami
white; in any sizes; 4';; to lo
inches. Specially
priced at. per pair. .
25c, 35c, 45c and 75c
$6, $6.50, $7
Grass  Clippers.
Per   pair   	
Sprinkling   Cans.
Kach  at	
High-wheel   Malleable   Lawn   Mowers
Trices at   	
Specials for Men's and Boys'Wear
Do Ycu Nee_ Pyjamas?
.Men's   fine   mercerized  cotton   pyjamas,   with   good
frog    trimmings;    in    colors,    tan,    gray,    blue   and
white,  Just right  ie    summer  night *--ar*_ sina-f^ 34
to 4V   Priced
$1.75 and $2.00
Men's Nightshirts.
Kino   white   cotton   poplin   Nightshirts:     with     or
without   collars;     largi   and   roomy;   sizes   14%   to
17%.    Triced
$1.25 and $1.50
$1.25 Wool Underweai for 95c.
.Men's fine Wool I'nderwear, Shirts and Drawers,
which will not irritate the skin or shrink in the
wash; comes in colors white, pink, and natural:
light weight for summer wear; sizes 34 to 44; reg-
nia. li.*;.") ; garment.
The New Arrivals in Art Needlework Offer Special Values
A very large and choice assortment of stamped
goods has just arrived and the prices are right for
the values offered. Anything in the way of stamped
i-'oiiils  we   'nave-   in   stock      Come   in  and  look   tin in
Stamped  Guest Towels.  Special  at  50c  Each.
Conns  in   fine  quality  fancy   huckaback;   sizes   16
and 77  inches;   a good  wearing and   wash-    Crt��%
ing towel.    Sperial at. each      WWW
Stamped White Linen Centrepieces. ,
A fine linen, iu round shape:   !:������ inches in diamete
Very  Special  for.
LJcan-. 75c  Neckties  al 25c  Each.
Men's   Neckties:   wide  flowing   ends  or   narrow   reversible shapes;  velvets, silk and fancy silks; regular values  to 77ic.
Boyr'  Jerseys for Summer.
Boys'   fine   ribbed   wool   Jerseys,     with     buttoned
neck;   military   style;    light   weight;    for   summer;
navy,   gray,   brown   and   red;     sizi s     2-10     vears.
T��.A,H 75c to $1.25
Boys' fine wool cashmere Jerseys;  summer weight;
snap collar;  navy only;
sizes 20-3:;, at  	
$1.15 to $1.75
Men's  Shirts,  65c.
Men's Negligee Shirts;  coat  style:   in  good  striped
patterns;   laundered   cuffs   and     neckbands;   sizes
i i'i;   to  IT;   regular  ?l.oo   values. CCa
ednei day, each    .'  Www
Men's 35c Silk  Lisle  Hose. 25c.
Men's  Ki ������   Silk 'Lisle  Hose,  in   colors  black,  tan,
und  gray;     uamless;   with  double  linen   heels  and
toi s; sii , n ; actual 36c values.
Wednesda      dp     ualr
Stamped   Huckaback   Towels.
eaPchla!.a!'  95C
Au excellent quality figured Huckaback;  size 22x411
inches;  worth $1.25 each.  Special at,
per pair 	
Stamped Pillow Cases. Special at $1.25 a Pair.
In   a   fine   quality   white   cotton;   sizes   74   and   3
suitable size  for single  bids;   regular
75c  each.    Special  at,  per  pair	
Silk Cushion Girdles, Special at 75c Each.
All  general   colors in  stock;   also    combination  colors;  in a heavy make, and finished with
large tassel.    Special at, each   	
Wash Goods Specials Today
White Vestings; we have a large range of these in
spots, stripes and floral designs. It is an ideal
material for tailored shirtwaists; regular Oft����
77,o.     Sab-   Trice       ��UC
White Pique, This comes in full, medium and
heavy cords; suitable for suits, separate skirts
and   girls'   Balkan   coats;   regular   30c,    35c,     5(i
" 25c, 30c, 35c
White Spot and Barred Muslin We have a choice
selection In the line; makes up well either for
lauies' oi  children's wenr;  regular 21
5 a  Pair.
74   and   36;
tion  col-
ale Trice
Call in and Choose Your Wants
in Our Ready-to-Wear Depart-
Well   Stocked  With   New and
Up-toDate Merchandise
Splendid   Quality   N.-,vy  and   Gray   Serge   Suits,   Very   Special   at
A  man-tailored  suit;   made  up  strictly  on  new model  Btyles;
coat  is cutaway  oi   square  front, and  neat plain tailored  skirt.
with  high waist bands: a beautiful suit for the money, worth
$20.00, Very Special CIA   7C
Dainty Brocaded Suits Also at $14.75.
This is something new In plain tailored suits. Tin- coat ii
cut. In a square front, and tin- skirt a plain model, with a little
"drape" at each side; conies in brown, navy and Alice blue.
A suit tint would be considered cheap at $20. ff 4 A 7C
Very Special at    9 ��� ***������ ' V
New "Sport" and "Balmaccan" Coats;  Regular Values to $15.00.
Special for $10,95.
All   the   very   newest   Btyles  and   colors  are   presented   in  this
.'.took;  materials of serge, tweeds, mixtures, diagonals and other
cloths.   Vou cannot g> l better values than we offer.   See them
for   yourself;    regular   to   $15.00, C1H   QC
Very   Special   for    )IUi0w
Brand New Summer Dresses Attractively Priced.
The entire stock of ur new silk and  satin dresses has been
divided   Into   THREE   Sr-ECIAL    LOTS   at   extraordinary   low
prices,    Every dress is perfectly new, having hem  bought for
this season's trade.
As our advertising Bpace is verj  limited we can only detail
them a:   fallows:
' >ur : ��� p u a. 3. 7. 00 values.
Our re   ilar $30 00 valui b
Special foi          	
io,   - gul ii $25.00 values,
Special fo    	
"'      -  are wonderful values     As); to see them.    We will
gladly   i how yon
For del ��� ���   ii oi   rt ning
room   burlaps   tnaki . ���,. ,.;
I he   sol    l    .
lent covering.
blend  pei fei i Ij   w Ith
woodwork     and     nothing      lB
mon-    serviceable     Our   rang
of    colors    is    vt;.     complete
browns, fawns, greens, reds and
blues; one yard wide.
Trice,  per yard	
Tents. Canvas, Awning Duck.
At small expense you can enclose th< sleeping porch or verandah, not only adding to your
comfort but also the appearance
of you; home.
Awning Duck, in    red and  blue
and   white,     Woven
pei    ard nt   	
and whit
per yard
Whit'- Ti
���.- '-ights;
8-oz., 25c;
5 a rd ....
Light wi
yards wh
yard at
\wiling   Due
���:   8-07,,, al
nl  Canvas, i
6-o/���, 20c;  "
giit   White
le.    T. r
k;    green
32 ic
i and 7-0/
oz., 22'4,c:
Duck;     2
Our Kitchen ware
Values Save You
Oalvanlzed Wash Tubs, 75e, 90c.
$1.15  and  $1.35.
Galvanised Straight Tails. 30c,
40c and 50c.
I-'laring Tin Tails; each, 15c,
20c and 25c.
Antl-Hust Seamles Tails. at
each, 70c, 80c and 90c.
Tin Wash Boilers, each. 95c and
Copper Ilottom Wash Hollers,
each $1.50 and $1.75.
Nickel Towel Hods. 18-inch. 25c;
24-lnch, 35c.
Six.arm Clothes  Dryers, 25c.
Mrs. Potts' Sad Irons, set,$1.00.
Wire Toasters, 15c, 20c, 25c
Steel  Pry Tans, 10c, 15c, 25c
Heavy Cast Spiders, 75c, $1.00.
Japanned Dread Boxes; each.
$1.00,   $1.25,   $1.50  and   $1.75.
Japanned Klour Tins; each al
$1.25, $1.75 and $2.25.
Household Spice and Tea Caddies, each  15c, 2Sc, 25c, 35c
Hardware Special
The "Dana" Ice Cream Freezer
is waterproof and brine proof
and will freeze cream in four
minutes and costs do more
than the ordinary kind:
1 quart size   $2.25
2 quart size    $2.75
3 quart size    $3.25
f, quart size   $5.00
The ideal Refrigerator is made
of well seasoned hardwood and
vari)i(��hei'_> ^;rpu��hly insujat
ed an."! all interior parts are
removable for cleaning: three
sizes.     Kach:
$10.50, $12.50,
Lacquerette Js a high grade
varnish stain for beautifying
and renovating old or new furniture or floors; made In oak.
mahogany, walnut, cherry and
moss green; in full imperial
measure cans:
11    plntl     20c
7i   pints     30c
Tints    50c
Quarts    90c
Bargains in Staples
$1.75 heavy, plain and twilled
cotton Bed Sheets, double bed
size. Sale Trice, ���� * *JC
per pair )! .��33
$2.76    hi matitcbed   double   bi I
s /������  fine  Cotton    Sheet*      So.
ir\per. $1.95
$2.00 fine Grecian Bedspread;
si/.' "0x90, Sale ��*4 /IE
Tri:.-, eaeii   9' ."O
35c pair plain cotton Pillow
Cases; 4hx42 inches wide. Sale
I'rice, two pairs AR��\
40o pair Hemstitched Pillow
Cases; 40, 42, 44 inches wide.
Sale   Trice,   two EEfl��
pairs   for      WWV
35c   Bleached   and   Unbleached
Cotton Sheeting; 70 inches
wide;     strong,    durable.      Sale
SS^ 25c
(i.-ic pair white or colored
Bath Tov.els; large size AtLga.
Sale Trice, pair   "fOC
75c Butcher and Waist Linen;
lor Middy Blouses, etc; one
yard  wide.    Sale OEa��
Trice, pi r yard b9C
:;fic Brown Dress Holland; for
children's d esses, suits, romp
ers, etc : 32 inches wide. Sale
Trice,   per ty. j
vard          CC 2 V
26c and 27V6c   circular Pillow
Cottons:     close    even weave;
pure.    Bale   Trice. AA.
pi r yard    CUC
I2%c Knglish l.ongcloth; 80
inches   wide.     Salo Qa\
Price,  per  yard    9C
25c Kine Nainsook; perfectly
pure, even weave; 47' Inehi s
wide.    Sale  Trice, j *
per yard      I  IC
20c Kine Nainsook; :'.K Inches
wide.    Safe  Trice, <* Q
per  yard        I bC
Scuth   Africa's  Plan    to     Raise   More
Funds Finds Many Opponents
Capetown, South Africa, May lit.
As already reported in cable de-
psatches, Qeneral Smuts' speech introducing the budget into the Union
parliament contained several sur
Il has been clear for Bl me Line lhat.
.owing to the cessation of coutril uiior.s
; um '���"��� i:' ''ays, together with the
increased amounts which have been
spent In man:, directions and the general expansion ot thi
course would have to be I
General  Smuts'  method of ��� tins
thi se new di man is was evident!: not
anticipated His Income ta* proposals were retarib-d as almost a neceg.
ervlces,     re-
i.-ol to fresh
|n in
sity, bul the introduction ol the
ciple cf a tax on undeveloped i
same as a surprise to many TUel
-statement of the governm nl m to a
further adjustment of the tariff was
also   not   generally   anticipated.
This statement amounts to an em
phatic declaration that any adjustment
of tin- tariff in the future must be ro\
orni d by the consideration that it
shall not add in any way to the cost
of living, and that it must In- directed
to the encouragement of primary Industries, upon tin- prosperity of which.
it is declared, South Africa mainly
The situation is rendered particularly Interesting owing to the fait
that Qeneral Smuts' proposals will
probably find many opponents among
fie ministerialists, and many support
ers  in  tin-  rjnks of the opposition.
As a consequence of this a vigorous
discussion is expected on the budget
statement both inside and outside the
li itisi . ami the general outlook is full
of possibilities.
������""'hm. Mav 18.���The standard do
ru" J the triennial conference of the i
postal union i��� September next   will.
Zn\L -    T' """"li'tional rate of three1
cents -or   ,,,e,. ������,, g ,  ���
natlons advoc^ the adoption of world
ii nny postage, but the majority favor
the three cent compromise,
Australia Is known to favor penny
postage, but sir John Ileaton, who is
ihe accredited representative of the
Australian commonwealth to the pos
tal union conference, declines to al
lend in view of tin- Impossibility of
counteracting tin- opposition of official representatives of other govern
ments. He recalls that prior to tbe
adoption of the Anglo-American penny
postage. In- was furnished guarantees
by Andrew Carnegie and John Wana-
maker against loss, but those were
returned by tin- British government
He mills that ho has now further
guarantees agiinst loss by world
nenny postage from "gentlemen whose
financial stability is recognized in
��� very country in Europe, Tin- government Im.-, however, again returned
���he guarantees but refused penny
lie: tage.
Vienna. Austria, May 1!> ll is generally believed thai tin- Albanian juv-
ernment will shortly request the fww-
ers to use their influence at Cettinje
in order to bring about a settlement
of tin- troubles on the Albano-Monte-
negrin frontier,
I'or some time past it has been feared at Durrne.o that tin- Montenegrin
troops at present in occupation of the
Hotl and Crude country would take ad.
vantagT* of the unsettled conditions in
Albania to extend their occupation be-
.'ind the borders of these districts.
The efforts of the powers would be
directed to securing that the. frontier
lived by tho treaty of London should
be respected,
Th. international boundary delimitation commission, it is expected, will
shortly recommence its work.   A do-
I sire has been expressed in many quar-
i ters thai when this work is resumed.
: the commission-should devote Itself al.
i once to lbe settlement of the frontier
j along tbe Lake Sklltarl line, as it is
��� contended that, such an action would
| have a pacifying effect upon Ih'- contending parties in that district.
It would, it is claimed, convince
I the peoplo of the Hot! and (irude dls-
j I rifts that they must submit to being
: incorporated In Montenegro, and it
i would prevent the prosecution of any
] expansive designs on  the  part  of the
��� Montenegrins,
Disestablishment Bill.
London, May T.i. The first hill to
become law under the operation of
Ihe parliament act is the Welsh DlB-
Kstabllshmeni bill, which passed Its
Jhird reading in the house of commons tonight  by a  vote of 72S lo 251.


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