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The New Westminster News Jul 17, 1914

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Volume 9, N    .Der 113
Price Fivtf'Cente. I
Informal  Notice of Intention   Transmitted   to
Constitutionalist Leader Is Willing to
Negotiate   for  Transfer  of
Industries on North Arm May Demand
Ships Before Harbor Work It
Between 400 and 500 Persons Render-   Telephone  Company   Makes  Arrange-
ed Homeless���Residents Fought ments for Continuous Service
the   Flames  Desperately in District.
A move which will be of special Interest  lo New  Westminster  business
e junction of the Algoma Central   ','e"���ili *}w*}\> j��  be carri<"-* <-<��  by
,*,_  -r,o��������� _.,._���       i     k_.   ��� ,I{   (    Telephone company,  when
all the exchanges on the   lower main-
Washington, July 16. Francisco
Carbajal, successor to Qonsral Huerta
as provisional president of Mexico,
today advised tlie I'nited States gov-
( rnment Informally that be Intended
tn retire In favor of General Carranza,
the Constitutionalist chief. Senor Carbajal wishes only that a general amnesty be proclaimed and protection
given to the property of those who opposed tbe constitutionalists.
This statement of the attitude ofI
lluerta's successor, together with tbe
announcement from Saltillo, tbat Car-|
ranza was willing to enter into negotiations with Carbajal relative to the
transfer of authority at Mexico City,
was regarded here tonight as practical!) .issiiring a cessation of hostilities and the restoriug of peace iu
Views   of   Carbajal.
The   views of Senor Carbajal  were
expressed In detail to Secretary Bryan
today by Jose Castellot, former mem-l
ber Of tbe'Mexican senate, who called j
ai  ih>- state department with a per- ���
SOnal telegram  which he had received | to South
through the Mexican embassy.    It was
the   first  communication  between   the
American   government   and   the   Carbajal   administration.     The   message
incidentally     revealed   Ibat   Generals
Huerta  and   Blanquet,   now   en   route
to Puerto Mexico, are planning to go
to Europe.
John B. Silliman, former American
consul   at Saltillo  and   now
With a view of using the upper
reaclieB of the north arm for seagoing o.rafl before ihe work at tlie
mouth of the river is completed, the
harbor commissioners of tbe North
PTaser arm are making soundings in
the vicinity of Queensboro to discover
whether it will be practicable for
ships to proceed up the main channel
and load and unload at several mills
in operation or under construction
along the Hurnaby shore.
From South Vancouver, seaward,
the channel of the river Is of shallow
draft und while the contract for jetty
wors at the mouth is already under
way. it will be probably close on two
years time before vessels of any size
can negotiate the channel past Point
('.ley ami McMillan island.
According to the preliminary soundings, the engineers have discovered
very few shallow Hpots between the
l.iilu island bridge and Kburne which
would require dredging and the fact ]
that the industrial conditions are j
veering towards Hurnaby rather than
Cochrane, Ont, July ie.���Fire yes
terday wiped out the town of Hearst,
at th
with the Trancontinental. and be
tween 400 and 500 persons were rendered homeless. The only buildings
left standing are the Trancontinental
rouudhouse and the stores of J-.mle-
! son and Hayworlh. A relle tra ins arrived here this afternoon with about
300 refugees. They tell stories of a
fighl which lasted three days and
nights. Several times i, was thought
that the flames had been vanquished,
but  they  sprang  up again.
The wind increased to a gale and
the battle was given up at three
o'clock yesterday afternoon, the in*
habitants taking refuge on the Transcontinental tracks until the relief
train  arrived.
The homeless ones were housed and
land will be able to give continuous
service. Hitherto many of the telephone stations in the Fraser valley, In
fact all with the exception of three,
have been giving a limited service,
tlu- exchanges closing for the day at 6
o'clock every night and certain hours
for Sundays.
When additional operators can be
secured the company will place an
all night service In operation. Considering the amount of business transacted by local merchants with points
in tbe Fraser valley, the innovation
will undoubtedly be appreciated boiii
in tills city and throughout the valley.
Yesterday  morning  B  change    was
Complete Itinerary of Duke
of Connaught to This
Arrives at   Vancouver August   17    to
Remain Three Days���At Victoria
From August 20 to 27.
fed at a camp of the construction firm I made at Mission, the B. (.'. Telephone
of O'Brien, McDougal] and O'Corman. company cutting over an exchange of
The town was largely a railway I its own, which will thus eliminate the
construction centre, being the head- j old system of having to use tne ex-
quartera Of the above mentioned firm, change of the Mission City Telephone
All their buildings have gone and al-j company. Inter-communicatim be-
so most of the buildings erected by tween the two systems will still be
the railway commission. No casual- | maintained, the growth in business
ties occured and the refugees are be-i necessitating the change made by the
lug  well  cared   for  here. ���       I senior concern.
Westmimter Trust Guarantees
Oil Company's Debentures
representative of President Wilson
ttwre, received u long message from
the state department instructing him
to urge upon General Carran/.a the
belief of the United States that further fighting was useless on account
cl the readiness of the Carbajal gov
ernment to surrender its power. Carranza was urged also to give guarantees for the protection of the lives
and property ol tbos,. who bad supported Huerta Mr Silliman route
-������ led likewise against tbe execution
(���! pr!-oners or other alrorliies wbicti
the ppiril of revenue might arouse In
a counquerlng army
Tha American government Will delay recognizing the constitutionalist
government until satisfactory adjustment is made ahout claims growing
(on -���: the revolution. In the mean
time the American forces wil! not he
withdrawn from Vera Cruz, until every
d rfli ilty has been adjusted.
Vancouver and Point Gray-
has impressed the commissioners
with the view that perhaps dredging
should start from Queensboro westward instead of from tbe Sandhearis
on the north channel.
Negotiations an- understood to    be
lu progress between the harbor commissioners of  both  channels  with    a
view of holding a meeting to discus*
personal i the  feasibility of the nebcin
The Dominion Crcosoting company
at Kburne, the new shingle mill erected by the Heapa Engineering company
and   the   new   plant  of  Shull   shingle
Locally  Formed Concern Which Will Bore on Hatzic
Prairie Makes Exceptionally Strong Financial Ar
rangements to Protect   Its Debenture Purchasers���
Plan Is Unique in Canadian West.
Ottawa. July 16.���The itinerary of
the Duke of Counuugbt's western trip
was announced today from government house. The duke will leave for
the west on July 23, but will not arrive at Victoria, li. C, until August
20. because of stops to be made en
route west. The longest stopover will
be made at Banff, where the Duke
and his party, which will include their
royal highnesses, the Duchess of Connaught and the Princess Patricia,
will remain from July 29 to August
16. The duke will not be back ln Ottawa until September 6. The com-
plate Itinerary is as follows:
July 23���Leave Ottawa at  1 a.m.
July 24--Arrlve Port Arthur 6 p.
m.  and leave same day at  6.40  p.m.
July 24���Arrive Fort William 6.05
p.m.  eastern   time.
July 24���Leave Fort William 6:20
p.m. central time.
July 25���Arrive Kenora 8.80 a.m.
July  25���Leave  Kenora  10  p.m.
July 26���Arrive  Winnipeg  2 a.m.
July 26���Leave Winnipeg (G.T.P.)
4  a.m.
July 27���Ai rive Edmonton (G.T.P.)
8 a.m.
July 28���Leave Kdmonton (C.P.R.)
1 a.m., mountain time.
July   28���Arrive  Calgary  8  a.m.
July  28���Leave  Calgary   11   p.m.
July 23���Arrive Banff (C.P.R.) 2.30
a.m.   (at  Banff until August 16.)
August 16���Leave Lake Louise 1
a.m.  mountain  time.
August 16���Arrive Field 2.30 a.m.
August  16���Leave   Field   1.45   a.m.
Pacific time.
August  16���Arrive  Revelstoke  8  a
Enthusiastic  Gathering  of
Automobile Owners Held
Last Evening.
Location of Prov ncial Park Advocated���Lunch Served and Addresses
Made by Vancouver Guests.
Yesterday   the   first   all-New   West-) terday   by   the   secretary.   Mr.   Fader1111
minster  oil  company     was    launched | the   oil   company   is   not   offering   its
its wharf at Kburne will have to
transhipped from lighters either
Vancouver or New Westminster
he 'directors after having been registered I ducted by th'   latter mentioned finan-
at' | according  to  law  at   Victoria. ��� cial  Institution.
The three directors of the company.-' That the Eureka Oil Wells, Limited,
[which* hotfls oil leases over .80 acre*"'have all reasonable faith in the oil
or land on Hatzic prairie and I'itt j.value of tiieir Hatzic prairie and Pitt
[Meadows, are all well known Xew; Meadows leases goes almost without
Westminster men E. J Fader, man-[saying and should oil be struck. Mr.
ager of one of the largest concerns iniKader pointed out, debenture buyers
the city, the II C. Transport company, ( have ihe option of exchanging their
who is secretary:  J   K. Grant and  ('..debentures fur shares in the company.
Commissioner    Abbott    Inaugurates Valuable Plan
for Agriculturists.
Suffragette Leader Again Arrested as
She  Wat  About  to  Adress  a
Condit on of  Market In This City and
Vancouver   During   Past   Week
with  Summary.
I.< .idnn. Jul)
Pankhurst. the
leader, who has
a   tew  days,  wa
it;.   Mrs.   Emrnaline
militant   suffragette
been out on bail only
s again arrested    and
taken to Hollowaj  |all today
Mrs. Pankhurst was released mi
July 11 on a tour days' license ami
since then has been staying In a nursing imrne. It bad been widely adver-
Used that she would address a meeting of the Women'a Social and Political union in Holland Park hall this .���,..,,,.
..veiling uud the police made elaborate'  '      '' '
arrangements to Intercept her.
A cordon of police was thrown aboul i
the house In which she  was stopping.;
At 8 o'clock s motor ambulance drew'
up  outside  anil   a  tew   minutes   later
lefl the house, headed by a bodyguard
with clergymen and doctors.   Following  them came   Mrs.   I'ankhurst  on  a
stretcher    accompanied    by    several
As   the suffragette   leader   was  placed    m   the   ambulance   tWO   detectives
sprang in with her and another seat-
Tin- value of engaging a market
commission- r tor the purpose of keeping tub on the weekly market output
from the farmers and retail and
wholesale prices, recently made by
the Fraser Valley Di velopment league
is already bsCOm.llg apparent. Although only In the field to get fully
acquainted with the entire district
at-.:.cultural!;. Interested with New
WeStmlnBter und Vancouver.
Mr. Abbot! has arranged to issue a
weekly   market  report   which  will  be
filed    it   ttlO   various  boards  of trade,
councils    and    farmers'  In-
,st,iut--s throughout the Fraser valley.
HIS  Initial  report   is as follows:
New Westminster.
Some twenty crates of    raspberries
. - were sold on the city market on July
10, the prices running from $1.7'",   to
$1.77-  for  2-5 crates,  while one 4 .">  or
strawberr) crate sold al $2.50.
The first local peaches of the sen
son   from  Sardis  were  offered  ill  4-lb,
carriers and
K.   Corbould,   K.C.
established    legal
both   of   the   old , which,   with   oii   in   sight,   would  com-
firm   of   Corbould,' mimd a  high  price,
firant and   McColl. j     It   is   the   company's   expectation   to
Tiie feature of the Eureka Oil Wells, start boring at an early date at Hat-
Limited, which distinguishes it from \ zic praiiie. where exceptionally good
all other oil companies which have J indications of the valuable fluid have
been   launched   in   the  Canadian   west  been   located.
is an outstanding one and rests iu the Mr. Fader stated yesterday that al-
fact that the company's debentures ready he had had several applications
iiio positively guaranteed redeemable for debentures in the new company.
at par in cash by the Westminster|and that already at this early date
Trust Co. of tins city, itself one of the. keen interest was being taken In the
soundest and most conservative finan-j forthcoming issue owing to the sound
cial  institutions  in   the  province. financial  arrangements    which    have
As was explained to The News yes-: been  made.
August IC���Leave North Bend 1LSD
August 17���Arrive Vancouver (C
P.R. Hotel) 5 a.m., al Vancouver until
.August 20���Leave Vancouver by
special steamer 11  a.m.
August 20- Arrive Victoria (C.P.R.
Hotel) 3.30 p.m.. at Victoria until the
August  27���Leave  Victoria   by  spe-
The reorganization of the New
Westminster Automobile club and its
affiliation with the Progressive association, the "safety first" movement
and last but not least a commencement of a campaign towards the location of a provincial park in Surrey
of 720 acres of land now controlled
by the Dominion government, all of
these were taken up at a get-together
gathering held at the Russell hotel
ast night by autoists from Vancouver  and  of  New   Westminster.
The event was the first one ever
held between the two automobile
bodies of the lower mainland and at
Its conclusion the remarks about a
good time were so frequent as to form
an indication that such will not be
the   last.
Officers of the local club were not
elected last night, this being left to
a special committee which will hold
a meeting at which nominations will
be made.
Provincial Park Advocated.
Hearty   support   was   given   lo   the
movement to have a provincial park
located in Surrey, a theme on which
F. J. MaceKnzie M.L.A. for Delta riding,   has  been   working   hard   during
the   past  two   years.     The   proposed
site  is located  on  the  Yale  road  on
the  route between New  Westminster
and Seattle and affords an excellent
place   which   would   be   within   easy
riding distance for New  Westminster
and Vancouver autoists.    lt has been
suggested     that     representations   be
made  to the  peace  centennary  committee  as  to  the  suitability  ot   this
park to commemmorate the hundred
Revelstoke  �����'IO \year*** of  pe?*c*  th**t naB  em\mtei be-
lleveistok.   ��-"M tween  the  United-States   and  Great
Shortly after 8 o'clock the Vancouver delegates began to arrive, the
ladles of the, party toeing received by
Mrs. A. W. Gray and Mrs. W. T. Reid.
Kamloops   4.30
North Bend 11.20
(Continued on Page Eight!
Off DHfffDfff (MM
rOUNDAHON stone!      turns up alive
Magnificent   New   London   Offices
British   Columbia's  Agent General   Started.
of! Mrs. Willets    Deserted    Family    and
Eloped With  Male Companions
Instead of Going to Europe.
London, July 16.���Prince Arthur
Connaught today laid the foundation
stone of the magnificent new offices
of the agent general for the province
of Iiritish Columbia In Charles street,
off Regent street. His royal highness,
who was received by Hon. J. II. Turner, said the progress already made
In so brief a time by the people of
Hritish Columbia was conclusive proof
of the greatness of the natural resources of that province He did not
IthOUgh   poorly   packed   doubt that the province's natural rate
cial   steamer   11   p.m.
August 28���Arrive Vancouver 3,'JO
a.m. and leave on the same day at
lu.45 a.m.
August 28���Arrive North Pend at
3.35  p.m.
August   30���Arrive   Calgary   4.80  a. .
m.,   leaving  4..4U  a.m.   for   Winnipeg.
stopping  at  Swift   Current.   Medicine
Hat,  Moosejaw.  Heglua and  Brandon. |
arriving at  Winnipeg September 1 at j
11  a.m. and arriving back  in Ottawa
September 6 at  8.30 a.m.
Grand Jury   Will  Announce  Its   Finding  Today���Mrs.  Carman   Wat
Not Allowed to Testify
Senora Huerta and Family Seek Safety  Aboard  the   British  Cruiser
too    green
brought  $1 00
from Agaselz In 4-lb.
ed   himself  beside   tlie  driver.     Then'
before the bodygard realised what had] (Continued on Page Bight.)
happened, Mrs. Pankhurst was speed-;  ��� ��� 	
Ing toward Holloway jail.
Beyond a little hooting and some
clu erltig tiiere was no demonstration
among those about the house nnd the
crowd  quickly dispersed
Rebels   Anx ous   to   Enqage   Federals
For  Attack   on   Palomas
Rl Paso. July 18. -Constitutional
soldiers and federal guerrilas clashed
late this afternoon at Palomas, Chihuahua, near the International line
at Columbus. N. M��� according to ad
vices received at military headquarters In Juan ���/..
The federals numbering *_<���(�� and led
by Qeneral Roque Gomez, captured
Palomas yesterday after annihilating
r small rebel garrison tiiere. Reinforcements were ordered to the scene
from Pearson, Chihuahua, by General Villa. This* column, it was said.
encountered Domes today.
porlof development would be yet further
[assisted by the opening of the Panama canal, which should greatly stimulate direct trade between that province and this country. The completion of the transcontinental railways
now nearly finished and the addition
In the not' distant future of a third
line, supplemented as they were by
local   lines   constructed   through   the
  'enterprise and  with the assistance of
Chicago, July   16.    The  plea  Of the! the government of the province would
general managers Of 98 railroads west -greatly  facilitate  the  development
of Chicago for mediation by the Unit-  the northern part of the territory
ed  st.iies  government  of the  wage link the province more closely
increase demand of 56,000 engineers ! the  rest   of the  Dominion
Ontario, Cal., July 16.���Mrs. Hattie
Willets, who was believed to have
been lost In the Kmpress or Ireland
wreck In the St. Lawrence river, leaving a husband and four children in
Toronto, was arrested here today in
company with E. A. Hansen and 11.
It.  Horn, also of Toronto.
The two men were held on Uncharge of bringing Mrs. Willets here
from Canada and will be detained by
the police until it is known whether
a charge of violating the Mann white
I slave act will he placed against them
by  the   federal   authorities.
Mrs. Willets did not engage passage on the Kmpress of Ireland, but
she is alleged to have told her family and friends on leaving her home
that she was going to board
steamer.     <
which  tie
said   it   formed   so   important   and   so
valuable a part.
The   Duke   ol'   Connaught   sent   his
congratulations   and   best   wishes   on
of   the
and firemen was rejected today by
representatives of the workers who
recently   voted  to strike.
The   engincinen   also   charged   the
managers committee with seeking tolthe occasion  of tin- opening
prolong  the negotiations only  to do-  building.   "I trust," lie said, "that this
foal the purpose of the employees.        -building  may  lie of  the  greatest   use
While no more conferences are be-ilo thai great and beautiful province to
ing held, numerous written couiinuni- : which 1 hope to pay a visit shortly."
cations wen- exchanged bj the two Sit Hichand Mcllride. premier of
committees during the (lay j Hritish Columbia, also sent eoiigratuln-
The refusal to submit to mediation I tions. Among those taking part in
was the last letter of tho day and the ceremony was tlu- Bishop ot
put the next move up to tin- niana- j Wllle.dou, formerly Bishop of British
gers | Columbia,
Ottawa, July   16.    The  report
: Vancouver of  an     attempt
j aboul a general strike of the working-
i men  of  British   Columbia     over    the
Vancouver island coal strike situation
is  not   taken  very  seriously  here,    lt
Is believed  that  the unions  will vote
against  a general strike.
The labor department  has  received
a copy of tlie resolution, but  no official   Statement   can   be   secured,   nor
will any action be taken for the present :it any rate.
A number of tlie complaints do not |
affect the fed r���-1 government at   all, I
and it is a mystery here why the reso-
lutlon criticizes   the   order-in-counc!l '
shutting out all laborers and artisans, i
PiiTtc. Mexico, July IU. Senora
luerta, her two sons Jorge and Victoria, i-ini their wives, her two unmarried daughters, St nora Blanquet,
wife of the former war minister, nnd |
other distinguished refugees, arrived
here by special train from the Mexi- |
can  cjpital  this morning.
Tlie  women   ot   the   pany   boarded i
lhe Hritish cruiser Bristol shortly before  noon,  and   should   there   be  the
least   indication    of    a    disturbance,
which   now  appears remote,  the  men
of the partj   also will be quartered
on the Bristol or the (ierman cruiser I
Dresden.     The   railroad    yards   were
filled   with   soldiers,   the   pick   of   the |
army,   selected   by   Oeneral   Huerta. I
when   tlie   train   arrived.     Preceding
the special was a military train filled
with   troops   and   a   second   military
train guarded  the special from    rear.
General Camarena is in command of
the   forces,  which   number  four  hundred and include a detachment of the
crack twenty-ninth regiment.
Alongside   the   track   the   Mexican
gunboat   Zaragiua   had  taken     up
position   in   the   river.     A   short   di
tance out  tlie
Mineola. July 16.���The grand jury
which has been investigating the murder of .Mrs. Louise Bailey in the office of Dr. Edwin Carman at Free-
port, ended its investigation today
without having given Mrs. Florence
Conklin Carman, wife of the physician
now under arrest in connection with
the crime, an opportunity to tell he:
Mineola officials expect an indictment in the case tomorrow. It was
late in the day when tlie grand jury
announced it would hand up its finding to ---Justice Van Siclen in the
criminal branch of the supreme coun
Expectation of an indictment also
was based upon reports persistent in
the court house after the grand jury
adjourned. An indictment, if one were
found, it was said, would be likely
to charge Mrs. Carman, net witli murder, but with manslaughter in the
first  degree.
Capital Cannot Be  Increased  Without
Consent���Price    and    Time    of
Bonds Must Be Approved.
Ottawa. July 16.���In a statement issued   by  the   minister  of   finance   today,    the    Canadian   Northern   trust
deed   executed  yesterday    is    briefly
explained.    By the mortgage the company   is   empowered   to   float   bonds
,i guaranteed by the government to the
extent of forty-five million dollars. In
Hritish cruiser Bristol, I return   for   this   the   government   re
to  bring i which  had  arrived  a few  hours pre-   ceives thirty-three million oi* the com-
vlously, was moored, and beyond the   mon  stock of the company,  which  is
Bristol lay the German cruiser Dres- deposited in the treasury in trust for
den. which came into the river at top : the   people  and   which,  added   to  the
speed  just   before  the  arrival  of the j seven  million given  last year,  makes
trains. .forty   millions  of  common   stock.
It Is announced unofficially that an- The statement declares that Mac
other Hrltish warship is on tlie way i kenzie and Mann shall be responsible
here from Vera Cruz and it is report-| for tbe temporary loans of the com
ed that both British and German ves- pany amounting to some twenty mil
sols will play parts in the removal , lions. It is also provided that the
from Mexico of the Huerta and Hlun- company shall not increase its cap:
quet   families.
The coming  of  the    refugees    was
kept  so  secret   that   when   the
tai  stock  without the consent  of the
,-governor general in council,    lu add.
trains j tion  tire time and  price at  which the
 '��� i bonds shall   be offered  are  to he fi ,-
(Continued on Page Four.) I proved  by  the  minister of finance PAGE TWO
FRIDAY, JULY  17,  1914.
^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ro.cmont has bed created a pound
An Independent mornlns _��per devoted to the Interest* of New Westminster and, (lj^i,;,^ lluder the pound districts act.
tne Fraaer Valley.    Published every morning except Sunday by the National Printing *    ��    ���
and Publishing Cimipsn/, Limited, at S3 McKensle Street. New Westminster. British       A  Bhark  five  feet   long  was caught
Columbia. KOBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director. t)>   0IU.  ���,- ,ne  Hindus  ou   board    the
AU communications should be addressed lo The New Westminster News, and not j KoniaKata Maru. The lish was hauled
to individual memhers of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made , .!(>oaI(j alld devoured in record time.
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company. Limited. ���    ��    ��
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, 99.; Editorial Rooms (all departments). 991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier. 14 per year. $1 for three months, 40c per
moath. By mall. IS per year, 25c per month.
The annual Knutsford stork show
was held on Dominion Day at Knuts
ford ranch, south of Kamloops *
. Need   of   Emerald   Isle   is   Reform
That   Direction���Departmental
Committee   Reports.
cases to obtain needed advances upon the security of the land, the only
security they  have to offer.
Summing up the question tlie committee considers that the development
of tlie agricultural loan schemes of
the department of agriculture and of
tho  congested   district    board,    rom-
I blued   with   tlie  agency  of  the  credit
!"  societies for Shorter term loans, should
I prove sufficient in most cases for the
credit requirements or farmers which
I are not met by the Joint Stock banks
ADVERTISING" RATES on application.
  This!   London, July 15.���The report of the
show proved to be a big success anu  departmental committee on agricultu
an eye-opener for Kamloops.
���    ���    ���
'   <f he exceptionally hot weather since
the beginning of July has raised    the
i level of the lake at Halcyon and it is
now   within  two  feet   of   last   year's
i high mark.
The body of the woman who committed suicide a couple of weeks ago
by drowning in Thompson river near
Ashcroft. was found at Ruby <"reek in
It seems from the tone of dispatches from Washing-
tort that the American administration expects wonderful
things to happen as a result of President Huerta's resignation, but men who are familiar with Mexican minds and I ^ ,,.ra!Wr   The remaiIIS were snip
methods are not so optimistic. j ���>*><* to Seattle.
Huerta, as president, was only an excuse for a revolu-, A maintenance grant or $1000 has
tion, and with Huerta eliminated, if he is eliminated, an- been made to the vernon Jubilee hos
other excuse will speedily be found. ! f8't 1fe4the-e,ty council   T"18 srant
Villa, the victorious general of the constitutionalists, may hav
has announced again and again that he is a solider and "",lge"t pallcuts-
not a politician. Villa fights for the love of fighting, as
do many other thousands in the republic, and if peace
were restored Villa and those thousands of others would
be outv of jobs. Foreseeing the fall or retirement of
Huerta, Villa laid plans for another excuse for keeping
hostilities going and he found it in his chance to differ
with Carranza.
Unfortunately, it is too apparent that in the case of
the administration at Washington, D.C., the wish is father
to the thought and peace in Mexico is just as far away
as ever, as far away as it always will be till the United
States lays a firm hand on the country and guides its
ral credit in Ireland, appointed by T,
N Russell In 1912, has just been issued. The object of the conim
was to inquire into the existing system oi credit available for the rural
classes in Ireland, to propose improvements and to consider tiie form of
agricultural credit most suitable to the
requirements of the occupiers of the
j land affected by the land acts.
The report first of all states that
I the committee has been much im-
1 pressed  by  the wide amount of pub
I ln  almost every  civilized  country  to
' rural    credit    problems.    Tiie  Joint
it declares,  in  spite  of
Oxford county, Ontario, farmers have their hands full
fighting worms.   They must be the kind that turn.     ^^^^^^^^^^sssssssssssssssssssssssj
  A  number   of    mountain    climbers
I scaled the heights of Martin mountain
Mayor Martin of Montreal seems to have absorbed ia_i Monday, p. w. cober,
the idea that his name is Nicholas and that he lives in St.: 8,,ldL'- ,,iloUd the party and
is in  lieu of any claims the aospita) .
e -this vear  for the  care of StocK  banks
.      .,    , * : the r  wide  extension  and   willingness
indigent patients.       ^ ���  (|n  ^  ure  ^^  from   ^  vflry
I necessities of their business constitution, to deal with the special requirements of the small farmer Money
lenders,   it   appears,-  have   gradually
increased in number In  Ireland and
legislation  has effected  little dimiini-
j tion  of  the  evils connected   with  the
Much   Long   Credit.
The   "gombeen   man"   has   almost
disappeared, but an injurious amount
of "long credit" with  shops is found
in   various   districts,   much   of   it   for
feeding stuffs,  which  could  with  ad-
i vantage be grown by the fanner him-
l sell'.    The  loan   fund   system,   the   report   declares,   was  originally   intended for industrial workers, but is now
resorted to mainly by the rural cluss.
The   board,   it   appears,   iu   recent
years  has  effected   considerable   Improvements,  but  the   whole  past   history of the system is an unfortunate
one of "local and central mismanage-
On an address to the nurserymen's
convention at Vancouver, the Hon
Price Kllison, minister of agriculture,
says more effort should be made to
supply   the old  country  mat ket   with
���    ���    *
H. XV. Drew, of lieaton; William
Boyd, of Halcyon, and Jack Kennedy
have made a rich strike of silver-lead
ore on one of their claims. The ore
was sent to Trail for an assay and it
is thought that it will run up to SlOu
a ton.
Mrs. Peter Rines of Vancouver Dead
ittee 1 arid   Four   Men   Are  Badly
Vancouver, July 15.���As a result of
fast driving and a misunderstanding
iu connection with the co.ui-luation
Of fourth avenue at 'lownsenu road,
at 1:20 this morning, one woman is
Jt ad and three men are in a verj
precarious condition In the general
hospital. The dead woman is Mrs.
Peter Rines, 1027 Robson street, who
....  _,           .        was instantly killed.   The husband of
ttentlon  which  is being directed j the dead woman sustained a fractured
collarbone and is in a state of severe
shock, his condition being critical.
I-ratiK Hraddy, 1023 Robson street, is
buffering from an injured hip and internal injuries and his recovery is
doubtful. Heg. Seward, who was driving the car at the time was at 2
o'clock this afternoon yet unconscious
with the possibility of a fractured
skull. He is also severely cut and
bruised about tlie face and bead. His
recovery is also a matter of conjee
ture. J. Hottcmley, 1028 Kobson street,
was the only occupant of the car who
was not seriously injured, suffering
only with abrasions about the face
and hands
Acoountnnt. Telephone R447. Room
'22   Hart   Hlock.
P. 11. SMITH. Auditor and Accountant. Telephone '!l>4. 211 Westminster Trust Huilding.
umi third Tuesday In each month at tt
p.m. In the Labor Temple.    A. J. Chrlst-
inan. Dictator; David Boyle, Past Dtc-
l.-ilor: tV. J. Groves, Secretary, -ll
Westminster Trust EhiUdlnit,
B. P. O. E. of I). C. meets first ami
third Friday at S p.m., l_ibor Tempt-.
Seventh and Roval avenue. A. Welle.
Gray, Exalted Ruler; P. II. Smith. Secretary.
. O. O. F. AMITY LODGH NO. 27���TM
regular meeting of Amity Lodge, No.
7'7, l. O. O. F. Is held every Mond;iy
nighl at  8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall.
comer Carnarvon and  EiKhth Btreets,
Visiting     brethren     cordially      Invited.
ll. W. Sangster, N.O.; J. L Watson,
V.O.; W. C Cuitthiiin. P.O.. reeordlnir
secretary;   J.   W.   McDonald,   financial
XV    F.    FAI.ES   A   CO..   fi 12-C1H   AGNUS
street, opposite Carnegie library. Mont
up-to-date funeral parlors In the citv.
Specialists In Hhlpplug. I-ndy assistant
In attendance. Alwuvs open. Day phone
176.  night   phone  81.
C. P. R.
ter _��� Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral directors
an.l pmbalmsrS, Parlors 405 Columbbi
Street,   New    Westminster.     Phone  SIS.
sii-r  Hoard of Trail,- n Is In the hoard
room. City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of each month. Annual meetings
on the third Friday of February. C. H.
Smart   Wade,  .secretary.
1 Next year the school trustees will
' award a gold medal to the best boy
; in the Armstrong public school. All
: round proficiency and manly conduct
1 both in school and public will form
i the basis upon whicli points will be
The Canadian Northern now is in a position to float
its government-guaranteed loan. Here's hoping the tide
rises fast.
a  large camp lire    announced
presence on the mountain top
party returned to i'ritchard
lowing day without mishaps.
tho  fol-
Montreal,   July   1,1.    The   statement
of claim  in the Canadian  Pacific railway company's two million dollar action against the Storstad was filed today.    The   statement   does   not   itemize the amount claimed but states the
ground   on   which     the    company   is
suing.    By consent,    the    testimony
ment, defective legislation and heaVv I takf'��  before l-_rd Mersey  will be ad-
Mosses   iii   many   districts.    The  com-' "litt-il  In  the admiralty  court  action
mlttee   recommends   that   legislation which, it is expected, will  be heard
(should be introduced at an early date at tne commencement of the Septem-
[ transferring the functions of the board lDer *1'"11
risters, Solicitors, etc. 4n l.oim- street.
New Westminster.    (!. E. Corbould   tC
C.     J.   it.   (Irani.     A. B.   MoColi.
nr-at-l.uv. Solicitor, etc, Solicitor for
the Bank of Vancouver, Offices: Merchants' Hani* Building, New Westminster, it. C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
address "Johnston." Cods Western
The C. P. R., according to the statement of its presi-
.loseph Marlin. an old timer well
known throughout the length and
breadth of the upper country, went to
the old men's home at Kamloops last
week. Mr. Marlin, who had attained
a ripe old age, was a very familiar
Clinton,  and   it    was    with
dent, has thirtv million dollars cash on hand.  Which hand, nsur? '������      ..__.,_
, , , ...      ,       .    .      ., ��� senuiue regret that friends saw h:m
please, we d like to shake it:
i go  from  their midst.
France is planning to celebrate the discovery of cham
pagne, which, it appears, was accidental.   It has been the! case for wiiua-m King. Arthur c
_���      l   _     -C    111 ��� l      _ ��� ' Larr>' ^reen,   Thomas    Sullivan
cause ot a lot of other accidents ever since. mmm
An Ontario farmer spends a lot of his time making a
home for wild geese. If they're tame enough to approve
of his advances they could hardly be called wild.
Nobody in the old country seems to have any use for
the home rule bill as it now stands. As a matter of fact,
it bears about as much resemblance to the original measure as a mud pie does to an ice cream soda.
il lias been fixed by Justice Mur
in  the  sum of $10,000    in    each
Thomas Christian, who are awaiting
trial at Kamloops for the murder of
Berryman, who was found by the
roadside dead on the way to Lumby
some weeks ago.
to   an   agricultural   credit   section   of
the   department   of   agriculture,   and
that the local societies should gradu-
lally be transformed into co-operative
j credit societies.
j There is, tlie report considers.
I ample scope in the sphere of rural
! credit in Ireland for the operation of
i such societies. The rural districts iti
.Ireland are frequently handicapped
1 through lack of facilities for obtaining
capital   at   reasonable   rates   of   inter- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
est and witli a convenient period fori may have  io wait for the high  tide
repayment   The committee is of the of the 22nd before another trial can
.opinion  that  it  would  largely  help  to  be   made,   and   until   tiiat     time     tbe
remedy this difficulty if the depart- northeast  wind  will  be dangerous.
ment    of    agriculture  and   congested i msmmmmmmmmB___���___��_____���______________-.
district board were to assist the Joint:
Wrecking Tug's Work Fruitless.
Quebec, July 1").    All efforts of the
wrecking  tug  l.ord  Strathcona    and
the    Canadian    government    steamer
Lady Evelyn to dislodge the Bteamer
! Canada   of  the  Qaspe  line,  from   the
i rocks  on   which the steamer Is stranded,   have   proved   ineffectual   and   the
I two boats which had gone to her aid
I returned, today     to     Kimouski.     The
'situation  is said  to be serious as she
Mcltor, etc, Colllster Block, corner Co*
lumbla   and   McKensle    streets,     New
Westminster, |j. (7. ]-. O.  box 2Hj. T��|S-
1-hoiin   8.4.
slde���Barristers and Solicitors, West.
minster Trust Hlk. Columbia street.
Now Westminster, B C Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Onion. P 0.
Drawer "_0O. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, K. C.; II. I.. Edmonds, D,
Stock bunks with full in forma tion
on   these  matters. ^mTmmmmmm^^
More   Bad   Policies.
Coing on to consider the Question
of long term loans, the report declares
that  the committee  has  devoted  spe-1
Mrs.   McNaugliton-.Manson.  the  first
I lady author to write a book in British \��>ai attention  to this important  ques-l
Columbia, and  vice-president  of    the   tion and  in this connection  .'ias been
Woman's Press Club of Vancouver, is-furnished    by    various  departments, i
; a  visitor in I.illooet this week and la J with valuable Information not hitherto |
the guest of her very old friends Mr.   available.    The tendency of the peas-I
A Chicago professor says there's no fundamental
difference between the mind of a dog and that of a man;
and he miirht have added that in some cases the odds are
in favor of the dog.
and Mrs. W. Adams. The hook is entitled "Over Land to Cariboo," and
gives a genuine description of the
pioneers travel from Fort Gary to the
Cariboo mines.
[ant proprietor to incur over-indebted
'ness, the committee considers to be a
real danger from which the new tenant purchasers in Ireland should be
safeguarded as far as possible, consistent with allowing them In suitable
Two Vernon men. Messrs. Robert
Conn and O. II. Shultz. have Invented
a new process for making brick, aftei
live years' work and experiment.    A
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Patent has been obtained  in Canada
. _-���  i ���        i l        , u        l       ! aml Patents are pending in the I'nited
Three Revelstoke men who went risnmg the other day i states and other  foreign   countries
caught a basketful of speckled trout, one three-year-old i ^J^^^^^'J^^.'V;;;,,;,',:1"^'1
black bear and one cub.   At least, that's what their local1 is used, and the bricks can be moi
paper says.   Wonder when bears started to take fish bait, i ���"->��� .C(;10*; de8'red7 The. ingredient-
pui."..!  -H-V- ��� " j consist of sand and contain chemical.
  I which are not costly, and it is stated
Gaptain Kendall, of the wrecked Empress of Ireland, "��t tne finished product can be so:.;
,   r i .     ,i ��� _���_���_.    /-it.   t>_._i      ���   : l0' liss than good facing brick.
to be retained in the service of the (... r. K., but he is j       �� �� ��
Cue year ago last Saturday tin
Nanaimo-Point Grey cable of the B.
C. Telephone company was opened
for traff.c. The enterprise was experimental, for le.-vi r  before had    a j
i cable of that tyre   ard   thai    lengtl
been laid by any telephone company,!
i but after twelve months' operation  :'
I hii-i been found satisfactory i'i   every j
The new cable w Ith Ian l |
I line i cost $250,000.
Good Spirits
can only bo enjoyed by those whose
digestive organs work naturally and
regularly. The best corrective and
preventive yet discovered for irregular or faulty action of stomach, livcror
bowels, is known the world over to be
Solu everywhere.    In bocei, 25 cents
to be given a berth on shore. It may be a promotion, as
the news dispatches sav, but it does seem as though another command would have been a more complete vindication of the Empress' skipper's seamanship and judgment.
PHONES: 15 AND 16.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Cement,
Washed Gravel and the Best Concrete Sand in B.C.
Lime, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and the hardest and
toughest crushed rock in the country. Rip-rap
Rock a specialty.
at-law,  solicitor,  etc.,  corner Columbia
.((nl  McKensle streets,    New Westminster, n. C.    P. O. Bos  117.    Telephone
Solicitor .-md Notary Offices, Hart
Block, 21 Lorne street, N>w Wost/n'n-
sor.  H   ('.
Barristers nnd Solicitors. 60S to tit
Westminster Trust Block. 0 Bl. Martin, vv. (j. McQua-rrie und ti or*-- L.
Cairo   Salute
R emal
j Koyal   Horse   Artillery   gun
j drawn   by   fix   horses.    Escorted
! the band of the  Worcestershire regi-
| ment an !  by detachments of all  the
British regiments and followed by the
French    diplomatic  agent,  his  Btaff,
representatives of  tbe  Egyptian
-��� anient
cf  Scouts,
throug '.
pns oeen
carrlagi    particular.
and Ilritisii and  K
tin-     coffin     wus
t  he  streets  to  the
^^ KOY
i-ncli Boy
eon vi yed
A touching ceremony took place recent1.} In Cairo. Human remains bad
been unearthed during building operations at the Mustapha barracks there,
among which were buttons bearing
the words "Republlque Franclse"
and thi numbers of regiments knownI j. remained
to have participated in the French in- j
vosion of Egypt, these remains were
Identified aa tlics" of Boldiers of Napoleon's army who fell at Sldi Qaber
fighting the British troops.
The   British   forces    Included     the
Fifty-eighth   regiment,   which     under
its  new   name,   the   Northamptons,  is!
now stationed at  Mustapha.    After al
short  funeral   service  Col.   Pritchard,]
I where it was Interred, after patrlotli
Bpei lin s  had  been  delivered.
The speakers emphasized tho polltl
cal changes which enabled the great-11,
I grandsons ot t.;-- regiment thai (ought I ��
the French more than a century ago      on   Wednesday
Lo  be   Instrumental   In   restoring  tlie  broke out on tin-
On Sunday last Hart Munro, -���
Revelstoke, accompanied by Frank
rillman and Jarvis Armstn ng, marl-
- trip to Mr. Munro's traps up the
.li id ui and in the li: 11 I rap wa3 R
young��cub bear. And In another tra;
was the thrce-yoar old mother. As
;h<- bear hide gets in.or this time -
lhe year, Mr. Munro decided to Bprin
his ttacs and se; thei.i again in tin
fall. He has secured six fine bear
I- s; than two months.
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd.
Manufacturers of
,\i   |em .-7:*.-.  nnd Shingle Mill Machinery, Canning .Machinery, Gasoline  and   Distillate   Engines.
Repair Work of All Kinds Promptly Executed.
1.ATI ON."J.
COAL MIM.M, iikIiih of lbe Doinii.lcn
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan Jinl Alberta,
tho Yukon Territory, the Northweit Territories iiiul In s portion uf the Province
of British Columbia, may be leased toi a
i-no rn' twenty-olio years at an annual
rental of $i an acre. Not more than t.400
m res w III i" ii ased lo one applicant.
Application fnr a |.-ase must be ninil.-
by lhe applicant In porson to tha AStent
ui shIi-ak- nt of (in- district m which tii��
rictus  applied   Cor are situated.
in surveyed territory the hind inust be
ilescrit--i iiy sections, or legal subdivisions i.r sections and In unsurvsyed territory the inn t applied for shall he staked
out by the applicant himself,
Encn application must be accompanied
by a te.- of i:, which ��ill be refundSH It
the rights applied for are not available,
but   not   otherwise.     A   royalty   shall   i��-
paid  op   n erchantable  output  of   the
mine ni  the rale of five cents per ton
"the   person   operating   tie-   mine   shall
furnish   the   Agent   with   sworn   returns
accounting fur  the full Quantity of mer-
ehaniaiii-    cul   mined   and   pay   tin-   roy-
[ally  thereon,    n  the coal  mining  rights
I are mn being operated such returns should
in-  furnished  ill   leosl   once  a  yen.
I'rii*��� ii ;ise \(iii Include the coal mining
rights  only,   but   the   lessee   will   be  'pel
���"���I   to   purchase   whatever   available
surface   right   may   be  considered   neces-
surj   for tlu- working < ��� I  the mine at  the
i rati   of Jin an ai i ���
For full Information application should
be -..i.i.   in tho Hi ii- i.i iv "f the  I n part-
I nn ni  of  the  Inn rlnr,  i Ittawn, or  to  any
Agent  or Sub-Agent ..r  l inlon  Lands.
In puty Mlnlsli r of the Intel   u
N li     Unauthorlsi d  publication  of  this
, advc-rtlsi mi nl will nol l-   paid fm.
i.  bush
remains ol the men whom their great
grandfather**  had   killed  In action.
Alexandra figured prominently In
the military operations of Napoleon's
Egyptian campaign In 1798. The
French stormed the city In July, and
in their hands until the
arrival of the British expedition in
1801. The hattie of Alexandra was
fought on March 21 betwei n the
French array under General Menou
and tho British force under Sir Relph
Abercromby, who fell at the moment
of victory. The battlefield was near
tbe ruins of Nicopolis, the great east-
run suburb of Alexandra, founded by
Augustus  t"  commemorate  his   final
Scotch creek flats near Sorrento   and |
rapidly spread.    The hot  dry weather
had diied up everything    except    tin
creek, and the lire soon  covered
lar' e  area,  and   tilings   became  vi rj
alarming.    The  chiel   fire   warden   ol
Salmon   Arm  was  soon   en
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Rills
No order too  large or  none too small
to get out best grades and
prompt delivery.    We deliver whore you w>
mt it, In any quantity, large
or small.                                       '���
Telephone or call our Retail Departmi
mt nnd get our prices.
commanding the Northampton.-, hand- victory     over   the   adherents   of   An-I
ed over the skeletons of three soldiers tony.
and other remains enclosed ia a of-: Here, on the narrow spit of land be-
I'in to tha French authorities. After twei n the sea and Lake Abouklr, lhe
speeches by the Hritish and French advance of the British, who number-
consul-general the coffin was piac-d ni abr.ut 14,000, was opposed by 20,-
on a gun carriage of the Northamp- 000. The volleys of the British in-
i-tons and followed by the French and fantry decided the day.
British consular staff and members of,
the  French   colony,   the  coffin     was   -
conveyed to sidi Qaber station, whence ^^^
it was transported to -Cairo by special
The Two Flags Entwined.
-At Cairo the coffin was placid c:i a
Read The News
and a gang of men wen- pressed inti
the   service.     Under   his   directions-
thev had it thoroughly in hand aftei ij
.. fi w davs work. 5
Tom  Hudson, ol Celista knows how I,
.(. f(-( is lo have a grizzly bear bl arim  l#
down on him, and no friendly tree al   '
hand.    A   party    who    have   rainln    J
cla in.- up the Seymour river were on  I
their  way up from  Seymour arm   I     S
do the   assessment    worlt   on   the     f
i ilrnji v hen Ihey met a big silver tip
Mr. Hudson formed il;.  advance ��� ua
of thi   party   and   walking   unarmed
was some   distance   ahead   of   thi
(.tiicrs.    Fortunately  Frank    Mungei  i
of Duck  Range, was noi   far In   tii
icar carrying a rifle and ammunition  i
it Is oviag to his coolness and marks i
manshin thai bruin's hide now adorn
the wall cf (Irani & Ballard's butchei I
shop Instead of being wrapped around i
Hudson somewhere among   the   Seymour Arm mountains.
Local Sales Department. Phone 890.
New Wellington
Office,  554   Front  8treet,
Foot of Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phons 105.
1'rss  and Qsul
W. r. K. BUCKUN.
_�����. unS   '. iaaa
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177
Residence:   Room  118  McLeod Block.
Rhone 489 L.
Free Trip to the
Panama Exposition
Cleveland, O., July 16. -The honeymoon of Johnnie Uaserot, the 17-year-
old son of F. M. Uaserot, former presi-j
di ut   of   the   school    hoard,   and   his I
bride, formerly Miss Kdythe Jones, 18 |
yearn old, who were married in I.on-
don, (Int., July 2, after an elopement,!
ended  abruptly  today,   when  Juvenile
lodge    Addams    ordered    the bride-j
(room  to  tiie  Lancaster  Boys'  industrial  school,
.Mrs. Uaserot returned to the home
of  her  mother,  ti_0_   Detroit  avenue.
srith   vows  to  stand   by  her  husband
and  live a secluded  life  until his re-
| turn.
The   elopers   were     brought     back
trom   T- ronto   this   morning   by   Mr.
j Haserot,   who   is   president     of     the
illaseiot     company,     wholesale     gro-
The  bride said:   "Johnnie  had  1100
j with him when we left, but   that was
i soon used  up.    We couldn't get a license   in   Windsor,   so   we   went   to
j London.    While   we  were   waiting  to
i get married I stayed at the Y. W. C. A.
I    "We  telegraphed   my   mother    and
I John's father for money, for we were
j broke.    My  mother sent $10, but  my
! father-in-law,     instead     of      sending
money,   telegraphed   us   to   meet  him
in Toronto.    We  had  to  raise  money
to get there, so John paWned my three
diamond rings."
(which the directors may proceed'to
i allotment of shares is Jl'OU.00. each
share of the minimum subscription to
be tully paid.
| The number of shares which Have
been issued or agreed to be issued an
fully or partly paid up, otherwise than
in cash, is $400,000, and the consideration (or which the Shares have been
or are proposed to be issued is the
assignment (subject to the consent of
the Minister of the'lnterior and to the
provisions of the regulations) to the
Company of four applications for
leases of the Petroleum and Natural
^ mam^^m^m^m^m. i Oas Rights made under the provisions
tures of $50.00 each, not bearing in- j of Section 3 of the Regulations ap-
t( rest. I proved by Order-in-Council. dated the
These debentures are to be sold at | i^tli day of January. 1914, in approsi-
par and the payment is guarantied by j mately "CO acres of land on the North
the Westminster Trust Company at s*_e of the Kraser River. New West-
its  office,  New   Westminster,  on  the j mjiister District
(Non-Personal Liability)
502 Westminster Trust Block.
New Westminster, B.C
Incorporated under "Companies
Act" with Capital of $800,000 divided
into 800.000 shares of $1.00 each.
Ou and after 1:00 p.m. of Wednesday, the 22nd day of July. IfH, subscriptions will be received at the
office of the Westminster Trust Company, New Westminster, II.C. or the
office of the Company, 502 Westminster Trust Building, New Westminster. II.C. for an Issue of 11K> deben
1st day of July. 1922, or at the option '
of the    purchaser    these
Fifteen Day Sale of Men's and
Boys' Clothing and High-Class
Furnishings. Everything reduced Vi to V3, and a coupon
with every dollar you spend good
for a chance to win Splendid
FREE TRIP to Panama Exposition.
Oblate Fathers' Retreat.
The oblate Fathers attending the
second section of the annual retreat,
which commenced last night at St.
Louis college are: Vancouver, Revs.
E. Peytavin, W. P, O'Boyle, W. Connolly. J. Tavenier; North Vancouver,
Rev. ,1. Hedard; Mission City, Revs.
K. C. Chirouse, C. Bellot; Kamloops.
Revs. A. Carion. J. Wagner, F. I__r-
dou; Kootenay, J. Meissner. .1. P.
O'Nell, K. Lam bot, J. Duplanil; Boundary. I'. Canat ; 8ech.lt, (!. Braben-
dar. The retre_t will terminate Wednesday morning. July 22.
San Francisco. July IT).--Decoying
his sweetheart) Miss Alice Wallace,
into a private booth in a cafe early I
today George M. Austin, a sailor on I
the L'nlted States cruiser yV��*t Virginia, shot her. perhaps fatally, and
then  killed himself.
With Austin and his sweetheart in
ae booth at the time was Miss Margaret Gordon. She said Austin had
recently returned from a cruise and
that be was jealous of Miss Wallace's
attentions from other men.
 ^^^^^^    of which    7:1    acres
i are  East of Pitt  River, and  the  bal-
           debentures I alice *,, tne vicinity of Hatzic Prairie.
may be exchanged at any time before i ^a the names and addresses of
maturity   for   shares   at   par   in   the , ^^^
above Company.
To Surrender his debenture on or!
before the Ibi day of July, 1922. and I
receive in exchange for the same 50
fully paid up shares of $l.oo each in
the capital of the Company. If he
does not choose to surrender his debenture by the above date, the Westminster Trust Company will on its
maturity on the 1st day of July. 1922,
pay blm $7)0.00 on the delivery of it to
the debenture.
The advantage to the Purchaser Is
that if the Company is successful In
its  oil  operations  he  may   surrender
bis  debenture and  obtain   shares  in
the Company and receive the benefit
of the    increased    price    for    shares
which should arise    from    the    Company's operations, if successful, but if
the Company is not successful in    its
operations, he can hold his debenture, j
and by the surrender of hi* debenture
on the- 1st day of July. 1922. receive j
back the $50.00 paid
Vendors of the said rights are Mary
Ann Ashby, New Westminster, widow;
and Joseph Rowan Grant, New Westminster, barrister, and each of these
parties is to receive 200,000 fully paid
up shares in the Company.
The Articles   permit   a commission
of 17, per cent, on the sale of shares.
Tiie estimated amount of preliminary expenses is $1,000.00.
The dates and parties to every ma-
- terlal contract are: Mary Ann Ash-
by and Company, dated 18th July,
1914; Joseph Rowan Grant and Com-
! pany. dated 13th July. 1914; Westminster Trusl Company and Company,
dated 14th July, 1914; and these contracts may be Inspected at the office
of the Company. 502 Westminster
Trust Block. New Westminster, B.C..
at any time during office hours.
The auditor of tbe Company is
Sydney Sutherland Malcolmson. New
Westminster. B.C.
The Articles state that the shares
are under the- control of the directors
and  the  directors have  power to  issue debentures,
tea ine ��-uo-j pa-u. |    Kach of the directors beina    part
The Company has arranged with tbe j owners of the above, described rights.
Westminster Trust Company for the , and who are also promoters of the
redemption al maturity of these de-j Company, are to receive from the
Dentures so that the purchaser will be allottment of 400,000 fully paid up
-imply protected. ! shares aforesaid, 100,000 fully paid up
The Company has purchased fyur | shares
applications for leases for Petroleum 1
Oil and Natural Gas Rights in ap-!
I proximately 76o acres in the Pitt
1 Meadows p.nd Hatzic Piairie portions
I of New Westminster District, and it
I is  the intention of tbe Company    as
Reid .& McDonald
Men'?, Young Men's and Boys' Outfitters
The Company reserves the right to
withdraw the said debentures from
Sill, at any time.
Dated 14th July. 1914.
For further particulars write or ap-
i ���-  ���-       - ������         - I ply   to   Eureka   Oil Wells.   Limited.
LONDON'S GREAT SEAL. soon as  funds  are  available  to  bore , (Non-Personal    Liability).    502 West-
lr- "" '" ,u��"" ���'"-'-i'**��  ""mmo"-,,"*J | minster Trust Block,   New Westmtn-
l ....   1 ster, B.C. .   i
The qualification of a director is the       A copv 0, thig pro3pectUa ha8 i_een
 7~     ~. __ holding oC one share in the t'ompuny. > Med w*tn    the    Registrar    of    Holut
The mayoral seal ot the Empires   and the Company's  Articles    provide ��� Sl0ck Companies, pursuant to Sectim
capital ��� old London ��� which has I that tbe remuneration of the directors i s9 ot llle "Companies Act"
1 soon as  funds are  available  to  bore
., _______ I for oil ln these Districts, commencing
j Historic Implement ~. Ol Be Placed In   ���" the Hatzic Prairie District
British Museum.
D.r.ction Finder Tested Out on C.  N.
3. Atlantic  Liner Proves Success  in   Every  Way.
iron to, July l * i Interest keener
i usual attended the recent am-
at St. Lawrence ports of the Canadian Northern liner Royal Oeorge
because, during her passage across
the Atlantic a series of demonstrations had been  given of the  DOBSlbil
and Jusl  aa conveniently, the tnstru-
mi n'.- being Bet up In the chart room.
Both the Marconi engineer, Slgnor
KmiMo Ichlno. and the captain of the
Royal Oeorge expressed themselves
on arrival at Quebec as highly pleased with the experiments which had
been made on the voyage. The instrii
ment bad been accurate to a degree
lu detecting the compass direction ot
Other stations whether on shore or on
othei vessels. They had been able
to ascertain the compass position of
Cape Race, Race Hay, Father Point
and the ships Columbia, Calgarian
and Sicilian The Columbia had been
lis miles away, the Calgarian 53 and
the Sicilian is. Both men were confident that neither wind, wave or fog
would affect the accuracy of the new
wireless device.
There were several keepers in the
yard, and when I asked them what
they were doing they told me that
they were watching a motor boat
which was binding at the prison pier
without showing any lights.
Surprised Smugglers.
"I kept my eye on the boat for
fifteen minutes and then ran to the
pier   with   several   keepers.     I5y   that
been ln use since 1381, has been replaced, and Is to be exhibited ln tbe
'British Museum.
When seals go out of use lt ls cus-
; tomary to cut a thick grove across
the face of them so that further use
may be obsolutely prevented, but ln
this case the aldermen were so much
alive to the historic value of the seal
tbat they would not allow It to be
actually defaced.
In order to remove the seal from
use, however, lt was ceremonially tap-
I ped with a small hammer���of course,
. without any injury to the markings���
and trom that moment the new seal
took Its official place.
Tbe reason why the seal has been
withdrawn from use and a duplicate
supplied is that It may be preserved
from further wear. It was discovered
a short time ago that tbe seal contains, as the lower part of its design,
the earliest known representation of
the City Arms ��� the Cross of St.
George with the Sword of St    Paul.
shall from time    to    time    be    deter- \ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
mined by the    Company    in    general l ������
meet ing. \
The names,    descriptions    and    ad-1 FORM  OF  APPLICATION.
dresses  of  the  directors cr proposed   EUREKA OIL WELLS. LIMITED,
dlienors are: j        (Non-Personal Liability),
Elijah  John   Fader.  New   Westmin- ' New Westminster. B.C.
ster.   B.C..   manager  of   B.  C.   Trans  | DEAR SIR.���
port Company. Limited. We hereby apply for 	
Joseph Rowan Grant. New Westmin-1 debentures at   par. and herewith
ster. B.C., barrister-et-law. ! close you 	
Qordon Edward Corbould, K.C.. New I being at  the  rate  of 160.00  for each
^^^^^^^^^^^^      juld, K.C. kew I being at   tl
Westminster.  B.C..  barrister-ar-law.       I debenture.
Tiie     minimum     subscription     on   f_86_)
Yours truly.
time the crew of the boat had landed : _.���,_���_	
several   packages.     When   they   saw I The discovery was recognized to be of
me coming  thev  hauled  out  into  the I Particular importance in view of the
i   , ,     ,'. ,        ,  ,     .    < fact that Sir William Walworth, may-
|stream so hastily that they left the\���\t London   ,n 1831#   ki���ed   Wat
packages on the dock.   1 found several i Tyler with a dagger In Smithflelds.
leases of whiskey, containing half pint!     Now there is still current a legend
of a n>
wireless aid to navlga-
itie    ^	
Through the genius nf Marconi, during the lasl few years the narrative
of a workaday world lias been given
daily to the passengers on most of
the steamships ploughing the si ven
seas. The Italian inventor nave the
air a tongue. Now, int Ik- new won
der the Marconi-Hellini-Tosi sys-
ti in has been added .literally, a wire
less eye. The new device is classified
as .1 "direction finder." Its duty is
to    -eek     out    all      I* ireiess   stations.
vhetber statlonarj or In motions or
in. other words, on coast line or hlgb
-���as, within a radius of fifty miles
and to indicate for the guidance of the
navigating officers the exact relation
Ol the ship to these in tent's of long-
Rule, Its sphere of usefulness, even
Iti the present experimental stage, is
lo assist the captain during "thick
weather" In maintaining a clear coursi
in the traveled ocean "lanes" in passing points and  In  making port.
Like    many     inventions  useful     to
mankind, this  wireless tinder  is  re-
SING SING prisoners;1
Ex-Warden  of
tiary   Tells
E g
American  Peniten
Ev I   Condition
Which   E-:st   There.
York,     July     18,    .lames     M.
warden  ol   Sin:;  Sing  prison
few weeks ago, charges that
the convicts actually control the prison because of their Influence with a
ik litical   ring   which   makes   possible
whlskej  and
(.a to ; .
until  a
tl e   smuggling   of  dill
contraband supplies.
"If there is ever a real investigation of conditions at Sins Sing there
will  be a scandal  thai  will shock the!
 ^ ^^^^^^ state."   said   Mr.   Clancy.     "Membe:s
tnarkable for its simplicity.   Although I of a political ring which supplies the
cue  of   Marconi's  engineers,   Slgnor prisoners with drugs and whiskey are
[.milio Ichlno, came out on the Royal making $25,000    a    year   out  of the'
Oeorge to make the tests, its opera- graft,
lion does not require an expert and "A few days before l left sing Sing
any of the bridge officers can obtain 11 appeared at the prison aboul 1:80
B hearing as easily as with a compass I o'clock In  the  morning  unexpectedly.
��*sos-usea.osLta ��.e . president.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager
Tru^l Funds Should Be Deposited
In a Savings Account In The Dominion Bank.    Such funds are
safely piotecled, and earn Interest at highe.t current rates.
Whfn payment-*, aie made, particulars of each ttansaction may
be noted oa lhe cheque Issued, which in turn becomes a receipt
Br voucher when cancelled by the bank.
| bottles for easy distribution among I
��� the prisoners and a large quantity of
cocaine, heroin, morphine and opium.;
"It has been impossible to prevent |
the smuggling of whiskey and drugs
and impossible lo establish proper
discipline or corrective measures be-
iiuse of the influence of the ring.
'mil there is an investigation and t'ae
members of the ling are disclosed
there can be no real reform in Sing
Sing. While I was In charge I found
several places fixed up as opium dens
and there was never a time that the
prisoners did not have a supply of
Very Little Hope.
"As things stand there is very-
little hope for the first term prisoner, the young man who goes up to
Slug Sing for the first time and who
might be reformed under proper
conditions. He is almost sure to leave
the prison a drug fiend and acquainted With all Of the vices to be found
there. Sing Sing costs the state a
I good deal more than the mere cash
it  takes  to  run   it."
Pencils, fountain pens, shoe heels,
embossed postal cauls, handkerchiefs and lettersw ere common ear-
��� rlers of drugs into the prison during
I his administration said the former
warden, Clancy was succeeded recently by T. .1. McCormick. He appeared before the board voluntarily,
in response to a request that he tell
ot  conditions.
It   wos  common   knowledge   in   the
prison, said  Mr. Clancy, that keepers
and others were paid twenty live and
fifty  cents for smuggling out  letters
In  which directions were given as to
the   method  of  delivering  drugs   into
the   prisoner's   hand.     Measures     to
prevent  smuggling did  not avail,    he
said.     Once   the   drugs   were   inside.
|Clancy  asserted,  prisoners never  be-
j fore addicted to the habit wive taught
to   become   dreg   users,   and   In   turn
! paid heavily.
Board   of   Control   Recommends   Purchase of Sites Outside the City
of  Mayor and  Aldermen.
Give Employment to 500.
Hamilton, Ont.. July IB.���An announcement which has stirred the
whole of Hamilton was made today
hy lhe officials of ���'' _^^^^^^^^^
Car company, one of Hamilton's latest
industries. II declares that it has
.orders   for 600 steam  railway  passen-
| get' cars and  that   these  will  necessitate the employment of add additional
I men at once i'or day and night shifts.
j At    present   there   are   several   thmis-
(and   people   walking   the   streets     cf
11lamtlton out of work.
that the "dagger" was added to tbe
City arms to commemorate this
event. However, the mayoral seal can
be proved to have been made certainly two months, probably six months
before the death of Wat Tyler.
But, besides the fact that lbe seal
disproves this legend, it was recognized that the earliert record of the
City arms ought to be preserved without fear of the further defacing due
to constant use. The inscription round
tbe seal ls already practically
obliterated, no full letters remain,
and if the seal were not withdrawn
from use the incisions would undoubtedly lose their clearness in
There are other very lntereting circumstances connected with the seal.
The preservation up to the present
date is in itself extraordinary for tbe
reason that *t bears the images of
St. Thomas a Becket and St. Paul,
and Henry VIII. ordered the destruction of St. Thomas a Meckel's images and pictures throughout the
whole realm.
When this order went forth, the
reverse of the common seal of the
City of London���which also bore the
Inscription: "Cease not, Thomas, to
guard me who brought thee forth,"
referring to St. Thomas' birth in the
city���was destroyed, llow, then, did
the mayoral seal escape? It firesum-
ably escaped destruction owing to an
error In the official records relating
In the seal, in which St. Thomas a
Recket was called throughout St.
Peter. ��
There Is little doubt that Heury
VIII.'s officers would have destroyed
this seal but for this lucky error. The
figure called St. Peter on the seal is
undoubtedly St. Thomas a Becket
since he wears the mitre.
The seal is a piece of very beautiful, deeply cut, Gothic work in silver, mounted on an iron boss, which
was attached to the sealing press
when documents were sealed.
The new seal is a precise duplicate
except that two small Tudor roses
have been put underneath the portion
containing the City Arms, to distinguish it from the disused seal. In
1HS1 the officials of the city reported
t  the old mayoral seal  was "too
Toronto, July 16.���In order to provide cheap homes for workingmeti,
not on the community plan, like the
apartments In the 'Bain and Sparkhill
avenue block of the Toronto Housing
company, but individual homes on _5-
foot lots, the board Of control has
recommended to the council that the
Toron'o Housing company, a public
organization, be permitted to acquire
land outside the city.
May oi Hocken outlined a scheme
whereby workingmen could set
houses for rentals ot $14 to $10 a
month, and whereby the city, after
paying off the interest and sinking
fund on the original cost of the un-
revenue   of
among   them   would   nave   their  own
house and garden.
"We should  buy 1,000 acres of land
outside  the city," said     .Mayor Hocken     "I'm  not  prepared  at  present  to
say  where  we  should  get   It.    But    I
think   we could  get  land  suitable  for
our purpose at $fi or $7 a foot. It could
be  leased  to  workingmen  at a  valuation   of   $8   a   foot.     Suppose fcivery
lot   has  a   frontage   of  26   feet,   that
makes the cost per lot   $_0(i.   Interest
and   sinking   fund   to   liquidate   that
cost at ti1/.  per cent, per annum.
"The Housing company or some
similar organization could put up
houses on that land that could be
rented for from $14 to $l*i a month.
The workingmen would get- cheap
houses, and the city, after the sinking
fund and the interest were all paid,
would draw an annual revenue of $1:5
from every house in perpetuity.
"As soon as was necessary we could
extend the civic car lines to give the
district where these houses would be
built transportation facilities. With
1,000 acres built up in that way we
could provide homes for 50,000 people. And every family would be In
its own house, with its little garden."
Tlie minister of lands will receive
tenders up to August 7 for the purchase   of  timber   license   1.7,,   which
dertaking, could draw  a
��1���  a   yeer  fiom  each  house   In   per-: *"~'*'       *,     cuUing o( 876,000 feet
entity.    He estimated that occommo- I -**.���*������������.-'.       __  ,.   ,    -j_i__.
(' tioii fer 7,0.000 people could he provided  bv  this plan, and every  family
of timber on Ueepwater bay, Valdez
island Three years are allowed for
the removal of the timber.
National Steel j g^aVand"rude and ancient, and unbecoming and derogatory from the
honor of the City," and recommended
that "the new seal ef honorable aspect and work of art which the mayor
has had made" should be substituted
for it The substitution was made,
nnd after 581 years the seal still
.i,...__ in admirable workuianshiD.
The Point of Contact.
The merchant who is alive to his opportunities
will keep in constant touch with his customers,
and with others whom he hopes will become tys
customers. He will keep them informed of the
arrivals of new goods, the prevailing tastes or
fashions, the latest improvements in things to eat
or to wear, or to make housework easier.
And the point, of contact is advertising. To advertise intelligently, is an evidence of progress-
iveness. It is safe to conclude that you will receive the best service and best value from the
merchant who seeks your patronage by modern
I____ ,__.feV;___L*u__..:���������*__-���(._ PAGE  FOUR
FRIDAY,'JULY 17, 1914.
Tango Tea
Tango Tea Girl was in town
yesterday and as a result two of
our customers were each made
the recipient of a five dollar
gold piece.
Slip announced that she would
be over again in a few days. Be
prepared for her by having a
pound of Tango Tea in the
per Ib. 50c
Model Grocery
Filling the  Crevices.
Employees of Ihe  Hassani company
I were busy yesterday  lilliiiK the cracks
| in tiie cement paveuu nt on Colombia
stree; with a solution of tar.
108 SlKth St. Phone 1001-2.
Esst   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Monarch   range; fine shape, cheap;
act quickly.    Mcl'loy, ;:*; Sixth street,
Annual Retreat.
The annual retreat of    the    Oblate
Fathers of the mainland is being held
in St. l.ouis college and  will continue
until next Wednesday.
-Alfred W. Mcl.eod.
Chief's Topsails.
Chief Hradshaw has succumbed to
tiie summer dress craze. The local
police chief appeared on the street
yesterday looking quite "chic" in
headgear somewhat after the pattern
of a commodore of a yacht club.
ing his acijuainlanees with newspaper
friendI at the mo local papers.
��     *     ��
Kx-Ree\o Hensoli. of the Helta, was
in the city yesterdiy. He is planning
a trip to Aiberta where be will spend
a short time with Iiis son.
���   .   t
Provincial Chiel Constable Stevenson and wile are spending a two
weeks' holiday on Vancouver island
where tbey are visiting friends in
Cumberland and Nanaimo. Constable
I). McMillan is iu charge of the local
office in the meantime, being assisted
by Constable Hibhen.
H.MIT- The funeral of the late
Ernie Hart, whose death occurred in
the city on Monday, was held greater-
terday afternoon, deceased's relatives
having arrived Irom Courtenay. B. C,
to take charge of the arrangements.
Interment was made in the Fraser
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than
coal. Barry Davis & Co., 'PhoneB
SSO and 4111* (3599)
Rebekahs  Hear Address.
Mrs.  Richardson, of Vancouver, addressed  the members of liiielah    lie
b< kab lodge. No. 5, I. 0.
lodge rooms last night,
hers of the Central  Park  lodge were
in attendance as guests.
.Notice of Removal W. F. Tate, refracting optician, has moved bVi
optieal parlor from the Dominion
Trust block to Filers' jewelry store,
opposite the B. C. K. R. depot.  1:1657)
There i.s a period in the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���but it may be
made under wrong influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persons���according to the
deceased's wish���would have
shared in the distribution of the
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty to no. louger
delay making your will?
The advice of the Dominion
Trust company in this matter
may he of value to you. All such
discussions are treated in strict
(Continued From Page One-)
_______      pulled  in  hardly a  resident    of    the
OF   in the I,ow"  kllt!W anything about  it. There
Several mem    'ia8 '"'en  no demonstration    of   any,
kind, friendly or otherwise, and none
is  anticipated,  as  the  temper of the
people appear to be apathetic.    It   is
well understood also that  the foreign
warships are prepared to render such
i service as is  necessary  to  make the
j departure of the ex-president, his re-
', latlves,   former  officials   aud   friends
_______^________^__________     'as  free  as  possible  tnun   unpleasant-
Co-Operative Methods. ne��*-    ,        ,,  . ,   ,    ,      ,
Market Commissioner Abbott of the ""' Des Moines and Paducah, ol
Fraser Galley Development league ������-���' American ik.,,t are |ying j,,Kt at
will address "tin- members of tin- ;l"' ""mll> of tlle rlver- maintaining
i board of trade this evening on hiB the s;""" P��Bitl0DB *ts wnen *l*p>' fll's'
work iii connection with co-operative established a temporary station here,
method, between tlle fanner and con- I wm Af,ord Asylum.
Captain Fanshaw of the Bristol (
_^^_^^^^_^_^_^^^^_^^__ i'-i.c* not know whether the honor of I
The Fraser Fertv Navigation com- ��� eon ve-ing ihe Huerta family out ofi
pany's ferry No. 1 is open for char- j Mexico is to be Ins. but it is generally
ter to excursions and picnics. For assumed that it will be. His instruc-|
further information apply to Kd, I <lc">s are to afford asylum in case of
Falch, telephone 164. (3600)   trouble and notwithstanding the fact j
  that   no  trouble has occurred  Senora j
On  Edmonds'  Needs. i Huerta.  Senora  Blanquet    and    Other
Members of the   Edmonds District  women decided to accept the proffer
Ratepayers' association  will listen to | of  his  hospitality.
an address to be given by Municipal
Engineer F. I... Macpherson in More-
ton hall tonighl on "The Municipal
flequiriements of the Edmonds District."
Buffet, solid oak, bargain.
auctioneer. 7,7 Sixth slreel
urday evenings.
Captain Erich Koler of the Dresden u'so has orders to place his boat
ai the disposal nf Huerta and lilan-
i|iiei. who are now an their way here.
bul lie professes to be ignorant of
I the service he will be called on to
MeCloy,' 1" rform.    As a matter of  fact,  this
Open Sat
Sockeye Run Monday
The regular sockeye run is not ex-
cepted to commence In real earnest
until Monday next, although fair
can lies are being made hy the river
fishermen.   The supply of springs ha
Will  depend  largely on  Huerta and  it j
is   believed   he   will   accept,   tlle   offer
in carry him aboard.
Few  Callers   Received.
The women  members nf tin- party
wen- reluctant to receive callers except Intimate friends and these of official or semi-official character. Gener
al   Jesus   Kincon.  commander  of the
fallen   off considerably    during    the | forces of this port, called on General I
past  few days, but this can  probably       "  ' ~" ' '*' " * '"
be accounted tor   by the   fact   that
many of the fishermen are changing
ever  their nets to sockeye.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
606   Columbia   Street.
C. 8. KEITH, Ma��-s_er.
Camarona and offered his services in
any   way.
Jorge and Victor Huerta and two
or three other men. who had come
by the special, were taken in charge
by personal friends for a trip around
the town, but the morning hours wen-
Want  Lower   Fare.
('; qtiitlam    and    Fiaser    Mills    are    ______________________________
joining hands in a movement to have I spent by the women In the stuffy ears \
the H. c. E. u. reduce the fare be-1 In which they sweltered in the tropl- i
tween   Fraser   Mills   and   New   West- '*""'     ""'  " """' "  '       "'
minster from ten cents lo five cents.
The claim Is advanced thai the company is carrying passengers on other
lines a greater distance than between
Millslde and the city for live cents. A
meeting of the joint councils to consider the matter will .shortly be arranged.
'cal heat. There was not a breath of
air and mosquitoes penetrated the
unguarded  crevices.
Social and Personal
Mrs. G. Del'.. Watson and family, of
Edmonds, are spending their vacation
at White flock.
��   *    ���
Mr, and  Mrs. A. (i. Williams, of this
city, are spending their vacation in
Victoria and are stopping at the
James Bay hotel.
*    *    *
1". J. MacGougau, commercial superintendent of the B. C, Telephone
company,   was  a   business  visitor  In
the city yesterday.
.   .   .
It. 17 Bennett, publicity agenl for
the B. ('. Telephone company, was a
visitor in  the city  yesterday,  renew
HATZIC      PRAIRIE     Oil.     DEBEN-
The nu-'t Interesting prospectus is
��� md  to (! de for an  oil  di velo) nt
Bch< me in Western Canada Is that : i
be found on page thn e i t this Issue
Henderson, Ky��� July 16. Two per- ;
sons were killed, several others In- !
jured and scores of buildings dam- j
aged when a cyclone struck the city I
lale today. It is estimated Ihe damage
will reach $160,000. The municipal i
electric light plant was partially de- j
stroyed and the city is in darkness |
tonight. Fires Btarted In two differ- j
ent sections after the tornado had ;
passed, but were quickly extinguish
Bribers Centenced.
Regina.  July   16.- ���('.  J,   Hogg,  convicted   some  time ago  Of an  attempt
to bribe Alderman  Wessel, chairman
lot the police commission of this city,
! was yesterday afternoon fined $200 or
'three  mouths'  Imprisonment   by Justice Elwood in lhe   supreme   court
ll-niik   Blrkenetock,  found  '.uilts. on
the  same charge, was  sentenced  to  a
fine ( f $50 or one month's Imprison
: ment. In passing sentence Justice El
wood explained thai though thi penalty for this offence under the criminal code was Imprlsonmeu    for two
years   and   a   half,   ill   view   of  the   previous good character ol bi th men. the
| sentenci a ^< re much lighter.
We are stocking a very fine line of
Yinegai   this  season.
Jones C'der Vinegar in quart bot
ties, 35c; halt gallons, 50c. and gal-
lone   85c
Jones' White Wine Vinegar In half
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Crosse & Blackwell's and Hoi-
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per 11). 45c Ycu get a geed article
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Choice Fresli 1'luins, Peaches, Apricots, Canti loupes. Raspberries, etc.
7-11  Sixth Street.
have started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New Westminster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reasonable.    Give  us a trial.
Phone  1254.
and Miss
1..R.A.M.   A It.CM.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
ag, Voice, Production, Theory (in
'.lasu or privately), Harmony. Counter
joint, Musical Form and  History.
Pupils prepared for the examtna-
lons of the Associated Hoard of the
toyal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
liplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc., apply 51 Dufferln
'truer     Phone 411 R.
Dean's Grocery
, Phcne 886.
tuer  Block ~>iur��hl_   Btrent.
- flie - News
Picnic and Camping
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Sale    I'riee    	
Linen   Illicit   Towels;      Side   Price,
Table Cloths;  r>lx7'.i  indies.
Sale    Price    	
73c FRIDAY, JULY  17,  1914.
American Sailor Strikes Unintentional
Blow   When   Frenchman   Was
Down���Fast Bout.
London, July Hi. -Georges Carpentier, toe you&l French champion, and
the only puigilist of premier rank that
Franca has ever contributed to the
liame, was awarded the decision to-
nlght over Qunboat Smith, the American fighter, on a foul In the sixth
round of tiie fastest heavyweight fight
Londoners  have  seen   iu  many  years.
The match between tlie two heavyweights   was   Fought  at   Olympla   and
lit.    A  right and lefl body
Smith's   offerings   in   the  that a close game is on the cards when
Smith's bi-jws were hard-1 t'le  two teams clash tomorrow afternoon.
Hoss Johnson, the former star custodian   of   the   coast   amateur   league' Spokane    .
before he made the jump to lhe  pro-;     Batteries
with the ri
blow   were
er  than  the  Frenchman's,  whose foot
work had  not yet been  in evidence.
Hound _���Carpentier took the aggressive but made no impression on
Smith. Kach again (lucked hard righthanders from the other. Smith landed on lhe kidneys with the right in a
clinch. Carpentier landed a left to
the Jaw. Carpentier sent a fast right
to the face. Carpentier was playing
for the body at short range when the
round ended His lightning quickness
was beginning to count.
Hound     ii. -The     referee     warned
Smith   for  fouling,     Carpentier  landed left on the face.   Smith got in two
Victoria   Will   Try   and   Slay   in   thej
Running for  Mann Cup���Turnbull
A determined effort is being made
by the Victoria lacrosse club to field
the strongest team of the season at
Queen's park when the Capitals will
make their final stand to remain in
the running for tlie championship of
the P. C A. Li. A. and greater still,
possession of tlie Mann cup. lluoyed
up by the defeat of the V. A. C. last
Saturday, Skinner Poulln, ihe peppery
star of the Victoria hockey team, has
been keeping the players on the hop
throughout the  week, with  the result
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
Won    Lost    Pct
Vancouyei     60     :;o     MO
626 I
II.   E.
Spokane   31     :!4
Seattle     59     :;?
Victoria   it     31
Portland    ;3      S.
Tacoma       :',4      '*:.'
Yesterday's Games.
At  Vancouver- j{
Victoria   ;���    4     l
Vancouver   9    x     5
Batteries:   Steele     and     Hoffman;
Hall   and  Cheek.
Second game��� R.    H.    1_
Vancouver      5    n      2
Victoria       ���>      5      2
Batteries:    Harstad    and    cheek;
Smith and Hoffman.
At Seattle It.    H.    E.
Seattle      ;;      ;{      1
 0     5      2
Kelly and ('adman;  Cov-
J.J.Jones  MANDIR.
fessional   class,   has   been     assisting j eleskio  and   Shea.
Poulin in coaching the boys during the!    At Tacoma a.    ||.    *.;.
week   and   will   probably   accompany j Portland     x    n;      :t
the team when they leave on the mid- j Tacorra     H    m      _
night boat tonight Jerry Clute will \ Hatteri--**: Kustie*., l-'iaiiihach and
probably be Included ln ihe Capital I Ha worth; Kaufman and Stevens,
lineup for the contest. Brottem.
wus  scheduled   to  go  20   rounds.    To I body   blows -at   close
Smith   and   his   supporters   the   finish   tier  barely   missed  s  left,  which   slid
was a tragedy,  because  the  blow   tor off his cheek.    This round was mostly
was disqualified   clinching
the  face.
which the American
was neither studied nor intentional
it was launched In lhe heat of the
whirlwind fighting when the Frenchman had slipped te bis knees and
the spectators saw Un- gaunt
reel and attempt to draw back almost
as his anu flew out
Nevertheless the ending of tonight's fight adds another to the un-
fortunati chaptt rs of international
sport, because it has kindled had feeling and is likely to be followed by
long drawn OU) arguments.
Fight by  Rounds.
Round I Smith g.it two rigbt jabs
t.i 'ie Frenchman's body, in the first
clinch, which followed soon, Carpentier gave Smith a hard short hand
dii\e on tbe cheek with the left. Both
dodged light banders. Smith gave
the Frenchman a hard one in the face
sailor again
Look Here, Boys!
4. Smith missed a left to
Carpentier reached Smith's
face with a left and repeated a sim-'
ilar operation a moment later. Smith
missed a body blow with his
right. S1nii.i1 was knocked down with j
a light on the kidneys. Smith took
six counts and was rising when the
Ijell tans.'. Carpentier's swiftness appeared to be giving him the best of
the tight.
Koumi 5 -Carpentier led with iiis
left and exchanged short right arm
jabs on the neck. Smith hooked the
rig.it and clinched. Carpentier gave
him two short vicious lefts on the
Chei k. They mixed it furiously, playing lor the face with rights. Smith
got a trifle the worst of it. Smith
landed with B right to the lace which
jarred the Frenchman. Honors about
Round  6.    Carpentier  slipped  when
The feelings of Alex. Turnbull are
unruffled by these preparations on
the part of the Invaders and the veteran coach of the younger Salmon
liellies is fully confident that another
step will be taken tomorrow afternoon
Carpen-1towards a goal second to none in
tie world, the amateur lacrosse championship.
Too much confidence tripped up '
the Royals on their last visit to Van- !
CCUVer and the boys, treating this as!
a lesson, will go into the game with \
the firm idea of securing an early 1
lead and  maintaining il.
Saturday's contest is the only sporting attraction in the city that day iu I
connection   with   lacrosse  or   baseball
an !   indications  point  to a good  turn \
out of the fans.
Brooklyn   4a,   Pittsbuig
Philadelphia ti, St. Louis
Boston-Cincinnati game
St.  Louis 4, New  York i't.
Chicago 6,  Philadelphia 10.
Detroit  3, Boston   -.
Cleveland 7', Washington 0.
Money to Loan.
Insurance in all its branches.
Modern Houses, Bungalows, Stores, Suites for Bent
at a big Reduction.
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent at $2.50 up.
Wills Drawn Free of Charge.
Deposits Accepted and Interest at Four Per Cent.
Allowed on daily balances.
Brooklyn  6��6,  Pittsburg 2-2.
Baltimore 8, Huffalo 1.
Indianapolis <i.  Kansas City  11.
SL   Louis-Chicago   postponed;   r
Kendall was straightforward tn his affidavit, but the same cannot be said
of the dilatory luetics of Vancouver
sport bodies.
Local Cricketers Will Attempt to Defeat Vancouver on Saturday.
The brilliant record maintained by
the New Westminster cricket club
during the past four weeks will be j ed
put lo ii hard test on the asylum
grounds tomorrow afternoon when the
Vancouver club, so far unbeaten by
any  mainland  league  team,  will   visit
Sport Comment
Civilian Rifle Shoot.
Members of the Civilian Rifle as-
| social ion will bold their annual shoot
on the Brownsville ranges on Satur-
liluy, firing commencing at 9 o'clock in
i Ihe morning and continuing througli-
I out the day.
Seven prizes have been donated by
.jthe merchants and banks of the city
.'which    promises     keen     competition.
court of Illinois came to Ike rescue
i f the federal baseball league today
aud entered an order relieving Geo.
Johnson, former pitcher for the Cin-
cinnatl National club from the legal
ban which prevented bis pimffieg, wilh
the   Kansas City  KederalsL
Kings   Hotel   Block.
Four   new   pocket     billiard     tables.
Clean   new   stock   of  confectionery,  to-
baccos, cigars, cigarettes, soft drinks
First Class Barber Shop in Connection
trying to land a hard right. Before this city. The Royals have been In-
the Frenchman arose Smith struck him dulgtng In special practice through-
Ion the lace. Smith was disqualified j out the week and with an even break
I ln this round. Carpentier held his
' head, apparently in great pain, al-
[ though it seemed Smith's blow hardly
| grazed him. The Frenchman's seconds
I took    him   to    his   corner,   while   the
in the bowling, should master for the
first time this season the present
league leaders.
Interest   In   the   English   and   Aus-
"Duteh" Kendall  has been suspend
by the B. C. A.  A.  D. and all  pa
pers   connected   with   the   case   have 1 Col-Sergt  .Simpson  of the  104th  regi-
been   forwarded   to   the   C.   A.   A.   U.!"��nt has been invited to act as range
headquarters for action.    Such a step! officer   for  the   day.    Lunch   will   be
taken   by  the  amateur   body   reflects! served at the hotel,
little   credit  on  the   members  of  the
organization   when   it   Is   noted   that
! six weeks have elapsed since Calgary
: made   Its   piotest   against   the   player
! crowd hooted loudly. Tin- referee decided Carpentier had won. Smith re-
j mailed  in the  ring,    lie and  his sec-
onds protested against the decision.
When   Smith   left   the   ring   after  a
few   seconds   the   crowd  Jeered   and
; bOOted  him
and the same time has been consumed since Kendall admitted his guilt, *
that of accepting 'hotel expenses in I
trallan pastime is increasing in the High River, Alta., when at the same
City, the attendance at last week's time be was playing amateur lacrosse.
contest being the largest In several lt has been a sore pill for the V. A. C.
seasons. Admittance to the beautiful and the Vancouver branch of the
grounds maintained under the super- union to Swallow. As for Kendall.
Intendency of Or. C. B. Doherty. is his case is little different to scores
free and lovers of the game are v*,*el- of ptbers i|nd a long suspension for
comed a*  all contests. ihis   actions   hardly   seems   consistent.
Vancouver   Yacht   Lost.
Seattle,     July     IG.���The   American il
yacht   Sir   Tom.  Captain   Ted   Geary |
of the Seattle Yacht club, late today
won   the   first   of   a   series   of   three
races     foi      the     trophy     cup     pre
sented  to  the  Seattle   Yacht  club  by
I Sir Thomas Lipton, defeating the Canadian entry, the Turenga of the Koyal
Vancouver Yacht club by 1- minutes
and   30  seconds.
Program  for  Friday aad
Victory for  Federals.
IlicagO,     July     16.   -The   appi
Trie 13th
Bjg July \ Inloading Sale
Still Continues, Started July  10th ends  July 25th
We are sacrificing our $30,000 stock of high-grade clothes and furnishings for
men. We must have the money, so what is our loss is your gain. Knowing our
policy of running a Clean-Sweep Sale at the end of each season, people come
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many to take advantage of the money-saving values we are offering the next
few days.
25 Men's Lonely Suits
Values to $22.00 for
75 Men's Society Brand Suits
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Regular Values to $25, for
Men's Straw Hats
Odd Hats, values to $2.50, for
200 Men's Society Brand and
Fashion Craft Suits
in black and white, browns, greys; regular
$30 and $;?5 values for
Men's Soft Shirts
Soft and Stiff Cuffs, values to $2.50 for
Some slightly soiled.   All sizes.
Men's Underwear
Regular $1.00 suits for  75c
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Wool underwear, also B. V. D.'s; our entire stock.
All Panamas. Half-Price
CopjfWll t513
OUR MOTTO: "Your Money's Worth or Your Money Back"
A. S. MILLS & CO. �����At!E SIX
FRIDAY,  JULY  17,  1914.
Classified Advertising
calved for The News at the follow
-kg Places: P. T. Hill's drug store.
42m Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Qaeeosborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
���L harden. Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alia Vista.
��� RATE*. ���
Classified���One rent per word per
Aey. 4c per word per week; 15c per
��_oat_; 6000 words, to be used as re-
..aired within one year from dale of
stract,. $25.00.
FOIl EXCHANGES���We liave a large
list of houses, vacant lots and
ranches to trade for vacant lots,
houses and ranches and invite you
to look over our list before you
nuke a deal. Kor the convenience
or clients anil patrons we are open
every evening from 7 to ft o'clock. |
Fa. t man & Co., 201 Westminster
Trusl   building.    I'hone 3V-.
Aerial Tramway Across Niagara to Be
Built   by   Spanish   Company-
Span of 1,850 Feet.
FOR SAI.K���Good saddle or pack
mare. Address .1. iiunlord, Tyne-
head.  B.C. (8655)
FDR EXCHANGE.���Well rented six-
room thoroughly modern house;
fine location. Vancouver City, mort-
f-afie only encumherance, for New
Westminster city property, vacant
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701, News office.
and saw table complete.    Apply at
BRIGHT   JAPANKSK    HOY    SEEKS      The News oifice
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wtd i��� everything.   Japanese mis   FOR EXCHANGE   Plve roomed mod-
sion, Sapperlon. B.C. *.8GS��.       orn  bungalow, almost    new,    large
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WA.NTKIV-Uit on or close to Kings-      only encumbrance. Trade for deeded
way in exchange for   live   roomed i    lot.   Apply Box 206 News office.
nn.tr> ,1ii>   bunsalow     Will pay e *sli
?�� "ny differ!nee    P. 0. Box IS.  FOR 8ALJD-fl,au down, U.0U PER
MONEY TO loan Large sail Bmain
airreunt.s at. current rates of interest. I
I*. O. H��x l-">4 city.
weekly! Why not you? Write Immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc.   Expert- \ 	
.nee unnecessary,   Enclose 10c. toi	
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week,    Cannda's    Pride    Malleable
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ket  siiuare. (3606)
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smaller properly. What have you ?
Hox 181  News office
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Large cleared lot,
iventie,   near   Queen's   l'ark.
Will   trade   as   parr     payment    on
house or for automobile.    Hox 681,
News office.
WANTED    At   once,   a   woman   to  (lo .
family washing; Mondsys preferred.  .
I'hone 270 or applj   515  Fifth  ave-  F0R
RKNT   Six    roomed    strictly
modern house, well local-.d; low
n-iit and lease if desired. KasMiii.n
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P.O. Box 2, Edmonton, Alberta, Can- for RENT. Three-roofed cottage,
uda. (3644) furnished, at 771 Seventh street;
  *.';    $17,  per  month. (3607)
TO RKNT. -Suites of nicely  furnished  housekeeping  rooms.  7,7   Agnes
WANTED���Furniture,    etc..    \\.    M. i    stnpt   Tel   0381.. (3594)
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ttoueers, WU conduct a successful Tf) piKNT-FURNISHED HOUSE-
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prompt  settlements,  over  7'0  years,
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Sixth street.
(3603) |
WANTED - HODWSHOLO   ���������*,��� ,he Matter of the "Creditors Trust
ture, or stocks In trade, in large or; _,,��_��
small quantities, highest price paid. ; Deeds Act.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN thai Nairn-
ft, public auction ������.ith guaranteed ;.,/-,;'<;'- u���g\���E "���* ZaT*
results, or no commission charged. N,.���. Westminster, Province ol British
See the expert on furniture before  Columbia,   undei   thi   name,    styli     and
_-�� V"ne T !%*% f,Zyh.aA���_rZ8 i ~-Va��' WT^^t^oW
Fred   Davis.   548   Columbia   street, j ,,r  Jn|v    v,,;  1914   ,,SKi(.ni.,i -,M  his real
Kew   Westminster. t:!C02)   ,,���rl personal property, credits and effects
  I which  may  be seized, or sold or uUuched
e^_^���g^"^^^^S^^____-.��� - j ,.���,!,,,   execution,  oi   the  "Execution  Act
or  attachment,   to  John   A.   Fraser,   Merchant,   of   the   City   and   Province   nfore-
> said,   f-ii   the  purpose ol  satisfying   rate-
PIGEONS pay dollars where chickens fcence T^rlirity?'!-!   his" Creditors!
p*v  cents*   btnall   capital     needed: j     And notice is hereby Riven that u meet-
email   space  required;   always  pen-   Ins ot the Creditors of the wild  Nicholas
, _,-i,_._,    _���_.i   m-Nl'iin     "ixon   wi     be   li--M  n    the  nlni---  ot
ned up; ready markets, send I"' , A,la���, Smilh Johnstnn, Merchants Hank
may issue of our Journal; fully ex- rtulldlng, Columbia street, New Westmin-
olained there;  price ten cents.    Re-  ster,   Province   (>(    British   Columbia,   on
ii_v_. a ���_���, Tnnrn.il Versailles Thursday, the 23rd day of July. A.O. 1914,
liable    Squab    Journal.    . ersaiiies,  R( th(] hcm|. Qf  , ipV]cirl. ,n l|H. .,,-,,.,.������������
Mn. (3B04J .     ,\nd notice is hereby further given that
_^___ _______________-_-_i^^��___n  all persons having claims against tie- said
 ��� Nicholas John  Dixon, are required  to .or-
Wood'     Wood'     Wood'. ward  particulars  of  the same  duly  certi
fied  by  statutory declaration  to  the said
Get  your wood now  i'or the  winter.  John A. Fraser, addressed lo htm care of
Slab wood   $2.50 per load;  factory or  Adam   Smith   Johnston,   Merchants   Hank
���   _,- '-...I    t->tn  ,.,.,���  inuH-   iiloelt ' Building, Columbia Btreet, Now  Westmln-
kindling  wood. $2.60 pen   load    blocic _��-,   on m  |)oforp ]h��� .,���Ih ,,iy n|-
wood, $3,00 per load; dry slab wood.
���jr-TiC* per load. I.. Williams. Office
phone 74;  house 'phone 124       (3616)
Toronto, July 16. -An aerial tramway to convey passengers in perfect
safety across the chasm at the bottom
of which roar lhe whirlpool rapids is
the latest engineering project for
Niagara Kails.
A Spanish company, incorporated at
Bilbao, Spain, with Canadian headquarters In Toronto, has obtained concessions from the Niagara Kails Power commission to construct and operate an aerial tramway acros the
whirlpool rapids on the Canadian side.
Negotiations have been under way
for some time and all plans and details have now been perfected. The
work of construction will begin at
once and it is said that next year the
Spanish aerial bridge will be one of
the  wonders at  tlie  falls.
Suspended on Cables.
The span across the gorge will be
1,860 feet, whicli is tiie longest in
the world used for passenger traffic.
The car will he suspended on six very
strong cables. The underlying principle of the invention is that the cables are fastened permanently at
one end. while at the other they are
suspended on great weights which
rise and fall as the car makes Its
aerial journey. By this means tIntension of the tramway cables does
not depend at all on the weight borne
hy the car.
In more technical language, if the
weight in tin- cat* is increased the car
i.s lowered, the weights will rise, while
the angles formed hy tiie sections of
the cables become more acute and In
consequence the vertical components
of the tension of the cables will be increased and it will balance the weight
of the car without the tension of the
cables, regulated always by the
stretchers undergoing alteration
Will Sag 80 Feet.
The height of the embankment al
the proposed points at the whirlpool
is about 200 feet, the sag of the cables
will amount to about SO feet, so that
passengers will get within ISO feet of
the rapids.
The president of the compauj is
Senor Torbena, a civil i ngineer, and
the director nf the harbor works at
Bilbao. The Inventor and patentee of
the design is the famous Spanish en-'
gin- er, Senor Torres-Quevedo, who
was the Inventor of the ABtra-Torres
dirigible, which as just been accept-
end an'', purchased by the British admiralty.
Operate One in Spain.
The company already operati s a
similar aerial tramway at San Sebastian, Spain, where for the lasl nine
years it has been transporting tourists
from t'ne restaurant on Mont Lilla to
the Pene del Augtla. In this period not
a single accident of any kind has
marred Its usefulness. No expense or
pains are being spaied to make tin-
proposed structure solid, substantial,
and attractive. The speed of this
aerial tramway is estimated at four
meters per second, and a trip will he
made every five minutes.
Senor Gonfalo Torres-Quevedo, the
son ol tiie inventor, and Senor Bal-
zola, the manager of the company, are
both in the city, completing their final arrangements and co-operating
with the architecture! engineers, who
are members of a  local firm.
The cables are being made in Germany, the car in Madrid after the designs of Senor Juan Costa and Senor
Torres-Quevedo. while the remainder
of the structural material is being
manufactured in Canada.
decided to move south across the hin-
teilaini of Italian East Africa and to
settle down in Jubaland, in Northern
Iiritish Kast Africa. They were
obliged to cross the Jnba river, near
Serenli. .'i00 miles from the coast,
as the district below that point was
already occupied by the Aiilihan
tribe,  with  whom  they  were at  feud.
It was not until they had been established for some time in their new
country to the north of Serenli that
the authorities discovered that they
possessed arms and am munition and
were gathering more from Abyssinia.
They were summoned to give up their
arms, but refused to do so unless
other tribes, including there enemies.
the Atilihau, were forced to do likewise. There is a good deal of intertribal fighting in this region. The
tribes trade cattle for rifles with the
Ahysslnians. and a.s there are only
two or three (British posts over a frontier line of about tiOn miles, the smuggling of the weapons presents little
The Marchan were told that a gen-
leral disarmament could not be effected at yet. This caused much dissatisfaction among them, and when reinforcements arrived from Ihe garrison at Serenli they not uunaturally
thought they were to be attacked, and
determined to be the first to take the
offensive, In this way they have so
far been successful, and there is small
doubt that they would submit and pay
a fin,- if they could be reasonably assured of Immunity from attack by
their enemies.
it was a mistake, that it should not
have been, that there was no reason
for It, except timidity. Now don't be
afraid. Don't believe in something
that is not so.' "
Toronto, July 1��. As a result of
a raid on the premises of a prominent
society woman on 1'alnierston boulevard by tiie police and officers of
the Toronto Humane society, eight
kittens and a dog iu tlie last stages
of starvation were found, lying iu the
midst of an unspeakable collection of
filth on tlle floor of a board enclosure, where no light and little air
could penetrate, in the cellar of the
It appears that the woman left town
two weeks ago to fulfill her social engagements, and relying on the Intelligence of her pets to make it last, left
what she considered was sufficient
food to keep them nourished and in
comfort till she returned. Her pets
greedily gobbled up all Ihe food, so
that for almost two weeks they have
heen suffering starvation and thirst
in  a dark and  filthy  hole
"It is the most shocking case of
cruelty and neglect thai has ever
come to our notice," said Secretary
Craven of the Humane society
Six of the kittens were so wasted
at t(. be little more than skin and
bones, and were unable to move. Two
others, wild with fear and hunger, fled
before   they   could   be   captured.   The
dog, which seems to be a jpecies of
Krench poodle, lay on the cellar floor
almost lifeless. In addition to a goitre
from whicli it has been suffering for
some time the unfortunate animal had
contracted a loathsome skin dlseuse,
as a direct result of the ill treatment
and neglect il had received both before and after it was shut up. Most of
the  hair  is  gone   from   its   body  and
I what few tufts  were left  were full of
] vermin.
Tlie seven  suffering creatures  were
hurried to tlie Humane society's hos-
! pital at I'M McCaul streel, where tbey
i r* ceived   expert    attention    from   the
veterinary surgeon.   The kittens' eyes,
which were In ��� terribly inflamed condition, were bathed, while food ln the
1 form  of  eggs  and   milk   was adminis-
j lered.  but it   was  found  necessary  to
I put  an   end   to  their  lives  yesterday.
The   dog   was   given   an   antiseptic
bath and otherwise treated medically.
The woman was summoned to appear before Magistrate Kingsford yes-
! terday   afternoon,   but   failed   to   present   herself,   and   I lie   trial   was   ad-
1 joiirned for a week.
Tin- medical health officer will alse
bring a charge against the woman for
i the filthy condition of her premises.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 18S.       Barn Phone 1$7.
Begble Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
The Slogan Adopted by San Francisco
and   What  It   Has  Done  to
Help   Business.
.Inly, Ale I'.'l I. ami thai all perSons Indebted ii- tin- Bald Nicholas John Dixon
are required t" pay iln- amount due by
them  ie  Un-  s;iid   Assignee  forthwith.
Ami notice is hereby further given that
nftei   the  3rd  day  ol   August,   A.I'.   11(14.
lie- sai-l Assignee will proceed '" distribute
| lie- assets "1   lhe estate among  ilins.   purlieu  win, nre  entitled  thereto,  having  re-
t*>THKIlS     RECEIVE     $1^>     '''"     $68   gard  only   in  the  claims -Inly  verified,  of
_i..i     wi,,   ,,,-,( vmil    Write lm-  w-hlcl   hi   shall  then have r Ived notice,
weekly!    Why  iiotyou.    wuti   im i        wI(|  [|o(   bp  1,,s)������,slhl���  ,,���.  ,,���. ilR.
Mttdlately  for  full  particulars, sam-    ,,, ,,,. Iiny  ,,.,,,  thereof s.i distributed to
nil    picture, literature, etc.    Kxperi-  ,uvj   person  or  persons of whose debt  .a
ence unnecessary.    Enclose 10c. toU'iiiinw i��- shall not  then have '..-.iy.-.i
> ri(      dim- __3_.il. _tu___.n    notice,  and  which  lias been  'Inl--   verified,
.over     cost.     ( lillord   (      Mitchell, UJAM SMITH JOHNSTON.
Alberta, Can- , Solicitor  fnr  the   Asslgnoi
���tth day nl July,  A    I'   1914
P.O. Hox
I lllll .1     I!
Re in undivided .n.- half of the South
i ���, ,r nu irter ������. Section 8, Township t
l'l. ���k. 2 West "- "th Meridian In the Dis-
Iran tt  N��w  Westminster.
\vtvr..,.s iir-.nf "1 tbe loss nf Certificate
���f Ttile Number I3820F. isiued in the
r,a:!..- ot Tinems Moreau has been filed In
iliis   office.
Motto* is hereby given that I shall, at
ill,*- expiration of nne month from the date
��r th.- tlrsl  public ition he f, In a dally
newspaper published In the City nl New
Went minster, Issue h duplicate ... the said
i ���.TTifi.-.n--. unless i". tbe meantime valla
aii lection be made to me In wrltlns.
Disiriet Registrar of Titles.
....���"I  Registry  Office,   New  Westminster,
B. C, *7nd Jnh.   1914. (7,8141
An Interesting account of the origin
of the trouble with the Marchan tribe
in Jubaland, British Kast Africa, is
given by the Kismayu correspondent
of the  Kast  African  Standard.
The Marchan were until recently
located in tlie hinterland of Northern
ISomaliland. The Mullah induced them
to join with him In an attack on the
friendlies, promising them a fair
share ol tho arms he hoped to capture. These arms had been supplied
to the friendlies by the British authorities in order thai they might de-
i-iid themselves against such native
enemies when the liriti.ii ture.-.-: were
withdrawn to the coast The Mullah,
however, took good care, as usual.
thai    the   .Marchan   got   little   of   the
I precious  loot,  though   thej   had  done
a  good deal of the fighting.
Ki aring   further  spoliation        they
i r< Minim d   in   iiis   vicinity,   the   tribe
"Prosperity   Is    here    now    realize
ii "   This is the slogan of the hour In
San Francisco, and a newspaper has
helped to make it so, or rather several ,
newspapers have helped to make It so,
by following up a cue given bj oni of
them, tin- San Francisco Call. Recently tii-* Call began publishing lines In
ii. various parts calling attention to
the fact that prosperity is an actual-
it) and needs only to be realized. Other papers took up the thought, and it
look such hold upon ti"- people thai It
culminated In the holding of a pros
peiit.. dinner, which was attended by
1,500 pi ople.
One of the telling ways which the
Cal! chose to encourage realization of
prosperity v-as to publish letters from
business men, showing that business
was good, money was coming In, orders piling up and prospects brighter
:thaii ever before, With such letters
as these spread out for them to read
how could the public failed to he re
assured?    "We  ar,.  in  the  tnidsi    of
gOOd   times   add   oil    the   eve   of   .meal
prosperity," declared one letter.   "We
are surely facing an era of great prosperity." was the essence of another,
which ran on, "If the voice of pessimism can In- stilled und capital encouraged to liberate its tied-up funds by
a little cheerful conversation, assurance �� il! be made doubly sun- "
Cash Value of a Smile.
With these many letters the Call
published an editorial which called
attention, for one thing, to a compilation on "The Cash Value of a Smile,"
which is credited to John II. Francis
\ and has been sent to thousands t��f
residents of California. The newspaper reprinted the compilation and
commented on it as follows: "You
can't smile a whole-souled, hearty
smile and at the same time be discouraged. Yon can't smile and at the
same time be a pessimist. Vou can't
smile and at the same time hold a
thought of sell-poverty. Vou can't
smile and al the same time think
some om- Is trying to do you an In
jury. Yon can't smile and worry and
fret and be downcast at the Bame
time. Vou may prove the truth of
these statements by  the  mental  pro-
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranchea Throughout the Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branchna Deposits of One Dolls.- end
upwards received and Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques t_ld, payable In all parte of the
CHAS. O.  PENNOCK, Ge.-eral  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager.
BOILERS   Riveted Sreel Pip<RS
 BURIN OIL     ~
P.   O    BOX   44?
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria   From   Vancouver.
- 30
a in.   . .
p.m.    .
.   Daily
. .Daily
am.   . .
p ni. dai
-, excepl
. ni....,
p iu
i inula y
a iu   ami  6
30 p.m.
Nanaimo. U
mon Bay.
("h'-ap fares for all return tickets to Eastern points, on sa:.
beginning June 1st Good to return  Up to Oft   7,1st.
For  particulars  apply  to
E. GOULET.  Local  Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie. G.P.A., Vancouver
It a m. Thursda) and Saturday
Vancouver, Union Bay. Powell
11 17, pin ... Kvery Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points,
ll :00p in   Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
7:00 a.m. Tuesdays for Victoria,
calling at  points in Gulf Isl.
To  Alaska   ...Kvery  Saturday
I    is,
NOTIC10 Is li-rcbj   given lhat  on behalf
.. ���>   (he.  .In.-i   Northern   Railway  Company
ii,,I  ih>-   Van- ver,   Victoria   and   Kastcrn
���tail-pray mid Nnvlsntlon Company I will
.-.mi b> public auction nl thp freight sheds
..1 il,.- Raid companies on Front Street In
the Citv ef New Weatmlnater, B. C, on
ihe -jsti] dav --I Aunrusi A D. 1914, al
��� li, lioio "i !U!0 -I'-li- l< in the forenoon.]
ri,,- following  iiiiolalnied good" In  lhe p-is-i
___n_fcm   nf   Ihi    said   Railway   Coin| leu,
ii;��e>- I--
I   ,-,.,--���   Motoi
I  _rn.t.   Pulley
1 mi, ,!  this  . ""li  eln>   nf .Inn- .   ini-t,
T   .1   TRAPP -v   ! ���- i    I.TIl
Pi i- T.  I��. Trnpp, Auctlniiei r
SC.W.KI ' 'I KNI'I'.KS .i.l.lr--.-���.--il 1" the
iindirnlg I.   .ni'l    lorm-d   "T er     i--i
; lirlll Hall. K imloopH, li. c .'��� will i��- feci Ived at  thl_ -.flic   until  i  I'M - on  I'rl-
j a.,-. July -' I.  H'l I. for the construction of
i the aforesaid building
plans,   specification   ami   form   ol   con-
I tract can be seen and forms <>r tender oh-
; tained at the office ol Mr Wm. Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, ll. O,
nn application lo the Caretaker of Public
Building,   Kamloops,   B.   c.   and   .o   (Iiis
I Department.
Persons tendering ar. notified thai under., will nol I"- considered unless made
on the printed forrffs supplied and signed
with their actual signatures, stating their
occupation and place of residence.    In the
i.-as,    of   firms.   Iln    actual   signature,   the
nature o( il upatlon, nnd pli of resl-
(leni f  each   member ..(  the  firm   must
; be   given.
Each tender musl he accompnnled by
an accepted cheque nn a chartered bank,
payable   in   the   order   of   the   Honorable,
| the   Minister   of   Public   \\'..rks.   eqgal   to
I ten  i_-r  '���   'I"  P.c.)   of  the amount  of
the tender, which will be forfeited If the
person tendering decline to enter Into ii
contract when called upon tn do su. or
f.-.i', to complete the work contracted for.
|i tin t'icier be not accepted Lhe cheque
v. ill In   returned.
Notice   re   Irrigation.
Th-   -. iiti,.,,   .a   tbe   i 'num il   has   heen
culled In tbe .net thai some parlies do
not compl> with the terms foi u.in.,
.vat.-:- I"- Irrigation .is staled In the irrigation Permits, the hour_ being .',::u tn
*. .::.' ii.m. toid fi :00 to s :fin p.m except
Snndnys,   when   nn   Irrigation   i-    iUnwed,
l-.t'siiiis nol  complying wirli  tb--se regulations  will   have  their  permits  cancelled.
XV    A.   I'IN''AN
(300(1) en-   Clerk,
fit-   I hill, July   17.  ll'l I
pi rliy   lfl   hen
terpretetl this
pn : perltj.   _ hfch
yourseif.    Von
recognizing i  h
not   want   you
that   is  not  so.
�����.0. Box m. Dally Newt Bld&
of all kinds.
Jrlo*a right.    tiallBtacliuu guarantees
*��   MrKaml.   *��
The  I lepnrtment   does  nol   bind   it  - If  ti
i .ii-.- pi  lbe Inwi si  hi  any tendei -
By   ..nl-i
: l- 1-,-t-ii- ni  of  Public  Work .
i c- ���. ...  June J7.   I'.'l t.
:.-- [papers will nol l-e paid for ndver-
I Ils.-in. in |f tbey Inserl it without author-
i -t .   fr   lbe   I li partment.   -OUT 12.   t 38] i i
Gymnasium Class. Thursday at 1.30. '
Swimming classes. Tuesdays and Fridays,  :t   tO  4,  at   Y.   M.  C.   A-     Youtu.
5 _.-.in���:.' Club. Kriday al  8 p.m.
Beardini; and room rates reasonable.
M^ale served to ladies and gentlemen
>_r particulars call phone 1324,
Full stock of latest Imported Suit
Ings for summer wear, perfect fll
and workmanship guaranteed. Price.
from $18.00 up.   7r'i Front street.
'       ^e%    '
D. D. V/ILSON, Manager.
i cess of reversing them. Suppose
try It and keep on right down
list   until   yon   ecen,.   t,,   tj,,.   point
.Call  wants to  drive  home, whlc]
You  can   smile.     Now.   since  you   can
smile,  and   since   tiiere   is   every   reason   in   the   world   why     ynu     should
, smile,   the  Call   asks   you   to   smile
to  smile   heartily.
"Tin- Call In common with the business men cf San Francisco who have
awakened to the extraordinarllj pros-
pi roufl conditions that surround this
cii.-., has adopted the slogan: 'Pros-
now     realize   it.'      In-
igan means: Make th,
here,   real     to
can   do  ii   simply   bj
truth.    'I he Call doe.
io   believe   something
What  tin- Call  mofll
earnestly desires  is thai  you  believe
those things which ;re and cease to
believe the things  which are nol  so.
Need to Combat Timidity.
"Now   it   is   true,   and   it   i.s   a   sad
thing thai  it Is true, thai  In the east
and somewhat in the west, tiiere lias
been a spirit of timidity.    Tiiere are
places when- ih-- people have nol yet
begun   to  smile.    We  are  very  glad
that San Francisco is not on" of those
places.    Ill  this connection  and as we
j havi-   borrowed   from   Professor   Fran
cis, we will borrow an illustration from
, <i  lecture delivered  In  London  by  E.
, \.    Kiii'-iall    ii.    1908, fololwing    the
; panic of 1907.    The Call thinks it just,
as worthy of additional circulation asi
the compilation of Prof. Francis. Here
���'   **:
"'Last fall the 85,000,000 people of
tho United Slates were possessed of
$10,000,000,000 worth of products of
the soil and billions of dollars' worth
of manufactured goods ready for sale
ai good prices. They had possessed
themselves of utilities great in extent
'ami value, sueii as railways, factories
and processes. The people wi-n- energetic, resourceful, thrifty und Ingenious, The government pos.essi d nearly $1,000,000,000 In actual money; the
banks were sound; the people were
employed; wages wen- good, and commercial prosporit) waa general. Sud-
doiilj something happened, The thing
that happened war this: Nearly ov-
erj man jumped up and said, "1 am
afraid."   Thi n followed tho panic   Af
'ter it  wa.  ever every one said  that
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial invitation is given the ladies of New Westminster to
visit the salesrooms of the It. C Kleetric, in the company's terminal
at Columbia  and   Eighth,  to  inspect  our complete line of    Electric
Cool,   in.K  and   Household   appliances.
These appliances greatly lessen the labor ol the housewife, pro
motlng both her comfort and convenience. They arc always read)
for Bervlce, operating on connection with anj household socket. Tbe
cost for current is only a few cents per hour ol continuous operation,
Kleetric Cooking Applances just meet your summer demands as
they can do all forms of linht cooking .lust as well as the kitchen
range Fully seventj five per cent ol your Bummer cooking can he
done in this manner
New   Westminster  Salesrooms.  B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth
Special Excursions
OBSERVATORY INLET (Anyox-.iranby Bay)
Five Days C)0 Glacial, Island
including vDJO Mountain and
Meals and Berth. Y^v Forest Scenery
s.s.    "Prince    Rupert"    sails ss    "I'rince   Oeorge"   sails
  _ Thursdays,   midnight,   July   16,
Monday, iiiiiini-,iit. .inly  no, it -j:;  gp.
Boats remain at I'rince Rupert one day, affording an opportunity
of seeing the new Grand Trunk Pacific city,
Parlor rooms separately or en suite, with or wlthoul private
bath, etc . al an additional cost. Stall rooms en suite without extra
ll, Q, smith. C.P  and T.A, c. k JBNNBY, O.A.P.D.,
i'hone Sey. 8134. 527 Granville st , Vancouvi r, B.C, FRIDAY, JULY 17, 1914.
Feeling  in  City  Against Transfer of
Minto Cup���Local Team to Stay
According to comment heard on the
street and among the players yesterday, the proposal of Con Jones to take
over the
than  what can  he obtained  for  playing professional lacrosse.
No meeting o! the players wan held j'
yfsterday, but one will probably be
called today or Saturday when the
following proposition will come up
for consideration: Let New Westminster retain its team this fall, and .securing the consent of Con Jones to
j withdraw   all   opposition   to   tne   pro-
,  , posed visit of the Nationals or Rose-
management of the Salmon | ��,._    .������   _,__���_   (,ould   dlvl(1(,   ^
Bellies and stage them iigainst a team i Kate receipts in the Minto cup series,
playing in Victoria, Is not likely to at-(In 1915 the local players could hitch
tain its end. Old time lollowers of UP <-"-(*e mor�� wlth tl,K Vancouver
Ihe game, who have to a certain ex- magnate, the Hoyals appointing a man-
lent lost track of tin- pastime since **�� wtu* wou,u bave complete say In
the B. C.  I.. A. commenced  to get  in!1'11 IntoMllA dealings with the league
jclub ou Lulu island last evening, the I
veteran   lacosse   player   breaking   23 i
|out   of   23   birds.      .'larence   Mel.can
I was second with 19. while Jack Kagles I
t was   third   with   17.     It   was   evident '
; from   the   way   he   shot   towards   the I
| end of his string that the War Kagle ;
Would   have   done   better   with   prac-|
' tlce,   but   he   has   not   been   shooting j
j lately      .McLean   anl   Turnbull   went j
| into the extra events, and there ("lar-
(ence made a straight 23, while Turn-
I bull  scored  --���    l**or the entire even-
I Ing they tied with 67 out of 75 birds
| shot at.   Jack Kagles showed the boys
i how   the   doubles   should   be   broken,
Uhe flighty boy smashing ten straight.
i Following are the scores for the eve-
I ning.  each   man   shooting  at   25   t_r-
-McLean 19. Turnbull
Ross 16, Trainer 15.
On Thursday next the shoot for the
C. A. Welsh trophy will begin, as the
clu IT has erected a new platform that
will permit of handicaps up to .2
_.., Kagles 17,
(By tbe Potter.I
a wobbly state two seasoiiH ago, perked up considerably following the reading of The News report and were not
slow In emphatically protesting
against any such a proposition as advanced  by the  Vancouver magnate.
Is the presence ot the Minto cup In
tlie city. Brought hack from the east
by a team wholly composed of New
Westminster citizens the battered old
trophy has found a resting place here
for so many years, with the exception of a brief migration to Vancouver iu 1911. that whatever may be the
status of professional lacrosse on the
coast the majority of the residents
throw up their hands In horror at the
thought of Con Jones defending the
trophy against easterners wlthoul first
havffig wrested it from the Carnegie
Library hy means of winning a series.
"The Minto cup will never go to
Vancouver in the way proposed," was tween
tie statement made to The News hy
ione of tiie most prominent fans In the
olden days. "Rather than see It
transferred to Vancouver in this way
we will see that it Is encased in a
Strong hox and registered with the
Dominion Kxpress company for safe
delivery   to  the   Nationals."
That tone is a fair sample of the
feeling in the city right now. Another point to be considered is tin-
fact that hitherto the players have
had little difficulty in obtaining leave
of absence to play games In Victoria,
hut fear is expressed by many of the
Salmon   Bellies  that  their Jobs  would
comprising     New     Westminster   and
Case of  Bluff.
Whether the  Vancouver sport  pro-
1 moter will consider such a proposition
remains   to   be   seen.     Ile   has   made
One can Just imagine the Krench
fans attending tiie big fight yesterday, j
adjourning to tlie cafes where they
would inhale large potions of absinthe arid make plans for Georges
to return to France like Napoleon
when he was champion oi Europe several  seasons  ago.
And   i
till  again  the  eagle  failed  to
A good one is told of a conversa-1
crux   of   the   present   situation | the threat to get hack iu the game In j tion  in a  local  business office yester-j
1915 and from past experiences Jones j day morning.    A  tennis crank ennui*
la not the man to go hack on his word Jul of a non-Ian Iiis opinion of the Car-j
Program for Friday
The Cherry
A etory of army life in India in
Two   Parte.
The Maid From
Western Drama.
Alice  Joyce   in
Nina cf the Theatre
The first of a b-g series.
when in- sets his mind to do a tiling.
He told the players thi- other night
thai he would he working with the
Ilig Four and thai the league would
iie composed of Vancouver and Victoria. New Westminster would be
left out in the cold. According to
many this is a case of bluff, for without tBe assistance of New Westminster players the coast league would
present a sorry showing especially
now that the N. I., C. is making great
inn ads into the III*; Four and promising   players   are   few   and   far   be-
pentier Smith hattie. (Believing the
r< mark was made In a tennis vein,
th-- anti-fight crank asked "Who are
the playing?
Whatever may he the result of the |
present   negotiations   New   Wes*minster is going to make one big holler at
the   proposal   to  transfer  tlie   world's
Championship  trophy  to  Vancouver.
Little     Ores     Have   Their   First   Big
Outing on the Water and Many
Mere  Are  to  Follow.
Veteran   Lacrosse   Player   Scores
Birds���McLean   Second���The
I their emaciated little bodies, it  was!
i not difficult to realize what the bene-1
I fit  of  such   fine  fresh   air   would   do |
for  them.    What  with  the  milk  thai
I will  be  supplied to those  needing  L.
j and  when the demonstrations on pro-
I pel can- of the baby will be given on
board  hy  one of  the  nurses, just  as
soon  as every thing  gets  Ul  running
order, why these puny little mites: will
be   transformed   into     rosy,    healthy
children.    It  is   the  intention   of  the
child   hygiene division  to have  these
excursions daily but Saturday through-1
out  the season, so that all  will have
an  oportunity to  breathe  in  some of
the   life-giving   breezes   of   Lake   On-
ln New York City, in the recent
baby week celebration, a statement
was issued by the association in
charge that the city would suffer an
r< onomlc loss of $9.u00,f.00 in the next
t nee months from the unnecessary
t--__.ri.ice of baby lives unless funds
were provided for the infant welfare
| work.
j    The  committee  based   its   estimate-
|on  the  findings of  the  National  Con-
not   he   worth   :\   candle   should   the)
hook  up with Con Jones and  he call-! 	
ed   upon   to  depart  on   Friday   night's i
boat for Vitcoria to play against a' Alex, Turnbull of the senior a ma-
team In the capital. A hteady pay-j teur. . v. as the .-tar (-hooter at the
Inb job  ri_;!:t  now   is  worth   far  more   traps   of   the   New   Westminster   'iun
Toronto,   July   ll!.--Babies     of     all
ages,  from  a  few   weeks old  to three
years, babies white, brown and black,
babies  with  their  mothers    or    their
grandmothers, or in some cases with
their  sisters,  the  "Little  Mothers"  of
i the   families,  accepted   the   Invitation j servation commission, which puts tne
of the citv  to he their guests on the i average value of the baby at $2,900, a
Island Queen yesterday and experi- "W" obtained by deducting the average cost ot rearing a child from the
average  earnings  of  an  adult  during
Summer Race
At Minoru Park
Races Every Day
Ladies Admitted Free, except on Saturday.
Splendid Tram Service.   Eburne Car Connects with
Car to and from the Course.
Admission, Including Grandstand, $1.00.
Queen   yesterday
i ence  the delights    of    an
cruise   on   the   hay.
'I he Illan ! Queen has been placed
i it t .'��� disposal of 'he Division of
j child Hygiene ol tin- department oi
! public health through the kindness of
I Lol Solman, ot the Toronto Ferry
i company. Ik-sides the liable, were a
! tew children whose white faces showed tin* need of bracing breezes and
i sunshine to bring tin- glow of health
; to   their   cheeks.
A.--   t.iere   was   a   strong   east   wind
the average lifetime
On this basis, it was pointed out,
New York city lost over 140.000,000
in 1913 and in ml-' approximately
Now Toronto's infantile death rate
is higher than New Vork. being 144
per thousand, while New Vork I-* 10*.
per thOUBand. Here in Toronto there
are 20.000 babies, with 11,000 under
i 1 year, so anyone with a head for fig-
I ures can find out what it would mean
blowing the boat Just went across me j to  ,;i(, c.jtv |n  ,.oI|ars  wer6 thl,  de,tn
hay   several   times   from   the   east   to!rj,��� to lje" cut ������ nalf. fcmethnii
the western gap, and back, from about j Biderahl,   over   sevl.���   f*j,ures
2 o'clock to 5:30. proving a delightful
I outing  for  the  grown-ups  as   well  as
the wee ones.
|     The babies a.s a whole behaved very-
well,   though     there     was   a   general
Chorus of cries at times, mingled here
and  tin-re  with  a   sharp  soprano solo
that resembled Chinese singing girls.
[Everything  that   would   be   conducive I
to  the  wee guests' comfort  had  been I
provided   by   the   doctor     and     kind i
nurses   in  charge.    On  the  fir_*  deck
were crates of milk in  ice. sterilized!
water and an electric plate, all ready '
to   modify   the   babies'   milk,   so  that
none  would  go  hungry.    Jars  of nippies in the sterilising -solution, differ-
( nt  brands of foods that mothers had
brought,   when   the  poor  mite  had   to I
ho   bottle   fed.   were  ail   in   readiness.
Then tiiere were cans of talcum powder,  jars of  vaseline, rolls of absorbent cotton, cheese cloth, in  fact quite
a   dispensary,   all   needed   before   the
attemoon  was over.    One young man
fell   and   bruised   his   eye   badly,   hut
nurse   had   soon   sponged   the   blood
away  and  rendered  first  aid.  so Master Qabe waa better off than if he had
been at home.
To Restore Vigor.
Looking around at tiie  wan.  pinched   facts  of  dozens of  the  babies,  ut
Now ;_ it not worth while to save
foi our country this great wealth?
For, after all. a nation's greates- asset is its children. It will be by just
such splendid efforts as those now being Inaugurated in the new division
of the department of public health
we may hope to see our high Infantile
mortality cul down to that of such
countries as Norway, Sweden and
New Zealand.
Splendidly Appointed Four Room Suites For Rent.
Two "minutes from C. P. R. ami B. C. Electric
Stations and all City Lines.
All modern conveniences to reduce work of housekeeping.
Rents moderate, $30 and up.    Inspection invited.
Or to the Manager,
at Hotel Russell, or the Janitor
The   Coolest   Spot   in   Town.
Today   and   Tomorrow
The Knockout
Two  Part
Keystone Comedy
Featuring "Fatty," a scream.
The Stilleto
Thrilling two part Reliance
Drama, Featuring Courtney
Delightful     B?
featuring     Mai
and  Hairy  Pol
Gocd    Majestic
a* finish.
Special    Mus
c   by
Second  Episode of the
Ottawa. July 16.���The strong box
j of the Dominion treasury has been
made Stronger still by the installation
of an extensive system of vaults and
safes inthe new wing of the eastern
block at Ottawa. The work has just
been completed, and the vaults were
used for t'.ie first time today. They
cost upwards of $100,000. The entrance
is through steel gates, which are tiled
night and day by armed Dominion policemen. When tbe door is opened
a bell rings automatically. The floors,
wall and ceilings are lined with steel
plates of varying hardness, while Inside the steel cases contain combination locks with a burglar alarm device in each  vault.
It is in these new quarters that the
Dominion treasury will hereafter la-
located, and the bullion, Dominion
notes, bonds and specie deposited. No
PXpenis las been spared hy the government to obtain a maximum of security and tlie repository is one of the
trongest in the world. To enter at
"any time requires a special permit.
Rochester, N. Y., July 16.���Figuring
that a bill of separation, which be obtained from his wife in 1906 would
not   prevent   another   matrimonial   al-
illance, John Hunter. 41, of Shaw
street, Toronto, married Miss Emma
Clarldge, 30, in that city on .lune 29th
Mast and tin- couple came to Rochester
to  lice.
Hut the news of the second marriage
'tillered to Montebella, Que., and Mrs.
Florence   Constance   Matilda     Hunter
i heard of it. Although she agreed, at
the time the bill was obtained, not
to bother 11 miter for costs for her
support  or for their  three children.
She would r.ot stand for the second
J marriage. So she went to Toronto.
..hen.- a Charge Of bigamy has been
laid. The local police were asked to
[arrest Hunter, and this afternoon Detective Cloonln took him into custody.
He la charged with being a fugitive
l':oin justice and will probably resist
extradition. His second wife was at
headquarters this afternoon. She said
she did not know that Hunter had
another wife. Hunter gave her money
and  she left I'or Toronto tonight.
By D. Maxwell Merry
Advertisers, at all times, must treat their advertising seriously and live up to their promises in
every respect if they wish to succeed. People will,
a good deal more easily, go into a store for one cheap
thing than be drawn by a general announcement
that the goods on sale are low priced.
A bargain offer, if rightly made, is a "GOOD
DRAW."   The right way to offer a bargain is to
give a reason for offering it.   People are apt to be
suspicious that a cut in prices means some fall in
value.   It must be made clear to them, when a bargain is offered, that the price is low, not because
there is anything the matter with the goods, but
because some circumstances have made the storekeeper anxious to dispose, at a sacrifice, of all that
he has on hand, or else that they must be taken into
his confidence and told how he has acquired the
cheap goods.
Bargain advertising   need   not necessarily be
confined to any particular period.   A good deal can
be done by an alert dealer in many lines of business
to clear out his superfluous stock by offering indi-
divual lines from week to week.
One plan is to establish a regular bargain day,
once a week, once a fortnight or once a month, and
on that day to set aside a department of the store
for goods sold at reduced prices.   If this bargain
day is frequent, say weekly, people will begin to
watch for the advertising and the store will get an
increase of business on that day because,  having-
picked up their bargain, shoppers will drift into
other departments.   Even the small store can run
a bargain offer weekly with success, and the practice has often developed small stores into big ones.
Bargain offers are sometimes made for a specific purpose apart from the direct purpose of selling an increased quantity of certain goods. In one
large store it was noticed that, while business was
brisk, there was hardly anything doing between 12
and 2. The proprietor therefore instituted a regular
bargain time during those hours daily. Thus he
relieved the pressure on the store during other hours
of the day and avoided having his assistants standing about doing little or nothing for two hours at
lunch time.
The same plan could be adopted where one particular day is a slack day. It is a slack day because
it does not happen to be convenient to people, but
they will make it convenient if they can buy cheaper
on that dav.
The News is the Morning-
Paper of New Westminster
and the Fraser Valley. See
that your business announcements appear in its columns.
FRIDAY, JULY  17,  1914.
"SAftlY fflBI"
ontI_oe<_ From Page One.)
The majority et tbe speeches of the
evening were __a_e in the spacious
rotunda or the hotel with President
W. T. ReUI of the Progressive association occupying the chair.
At 10 o'clock adjournment was
taken to tbe MhImk room where Manager J. V. fleadaraon had prepared an
excellent Inch aad where three members of the Vancouver "solid five" of
the provincial U-R-ialature were called
upon to address tbe audience as representing Via_wii.fr and the province.
The luncfaom. over the tables and
chairs were cleared to allow two hours
of dancias, the visitors staying to the
end. which caaic shortly after midnight.
Fear Reads in Surrey.
During the apeechmaking Surrey
municipality was brought to the fore
not only oa account of the proposed
park, hot also oa the alleged wretched road* maintained by the corporation other than those built and maintained by tbe provincial government.
Sf-veral of flu speakers deprecated
the spirit of pride of Surrey in having no .Debt when good roads needed
to be bailt, which brought a retort
from Itnere Botlivau after the opposition bad cast loose its broadside,
tbat Surrey was at present building
roads when other municipalities were
paying interest and sinking funds.
The "safety first" campaign was
outlined by vice-president Tulk of the
Vancouver Automobile club, who declared that 96 per cent of the accidents by autos were caused by care-
les-sncsN on tbe part of the driver or
Ihe pedestrian. Tiio joy rider received some hard raps especially from
Harry Watson, M.Ij.A. who defended
the police and commended them on
their work of eliminating those who
were bring hand in band with the1
liquor traffic.
Address of Welcome.
Al the gathering a large sprinkling
of ladies were present, all evincing
the keenest interest in the various
speeches, .Mayor Gray made the address of welcome on behalf of the
city, the following gentlemen being
on the program: A. H. Ii. Macgowan,
M.I.A.. H. Hi Watson, M.I,.A., ('. E.
Tisdall, M.KA.. V. .1. MacKenzie.
.\IjI..A, C. A. Itoss, president of the
Vancouver Automobile club, and
Messrs. T. J. Armstrong, Nels Nelson. J. W. t'nnuiiigham, (lale, White
and Tulk.
The following enrolled themselves
as menrbera of the newly organized
New Westminster Automobile club:
Mayor Cray. Neis Nelson, T. J. Armstrong, W. R. Gilley, .'. S. Keith, F.
Mande-lUe, Aid. T. H. Smith. T. 1).
Coldicutt. A. R. McDonald, S. V.
Trapp, -W. H. Wilson. S F. Mark. II.
Schaake. Ttrard. Abrams and VV It.
-Continued From Page One.)
riers were sold Tor $7.25. while the
offering of the vf*K_tables was not
large, the dematd according to the
number of pr-opto attending seemed
io be far below what it ought to be.
In conversation with a number of
the farmers it would seem that the
housewives prefer lo buy direct from
the Chinaman, who delivers his vegetables to the door, rather than carry
tlie fresh produce direct from the
farm themselves.
Few raspberries have been coming
into this market since July 2, Saturday. July 11, being the largest
amount received up to this date, when
seme 350 crates were sold readily at
$1.75 per 2-5 crate lor good stock,
while Puyallup berries in 2,-3 crate-
sold for $2.2S.
Some growers will receive a much
lower figure than $1.75 for Saturday's
berries owing to -tbe fact that they
shipped in on the Agassi/, local, which
landed them on the "row" about
11.47, o'clock, too Isle for the trade.
Growers are cautioned against this
habit as invariably tlie jobber will
sacrifice rather than carry ihem over
and more especially on a Saturday,
when the row closest at noon.
Iiaspbcrri��a have been retailing
here for ten cents per cup or $2.40
per crate for good stock, while .some
stores have been soiling during the
week for two for 25 cents. In some
cases where berries have become almost useless the price has been live
cents per cup a.nd three for 'J7. cents,
On July 13 ovrr 500 crates of rasp
berries were sold on Water street,
prices being from $1.50 to $1.75 for
- ."��� crates. Hurnaby was the largos'
contributor. Washington berries in
pints were offering for $1.65, but few
sold. The consumer apparently desires lo patronize home products when
the grade is found to In good, The
retailer is sellin;; herrfe, today for ten
cents per cup. The iTifl'en nee lev
l ween the farmer and the consumer
is from $1 to $1t:X per era re
Loganberries sold at $1.60 for local
".'-7, crates, Washington $7.no ia pints,
Sale limited
Few blackberries offering ut .1' per
irate. lil,.c_ currants, quantity limited, ready sale at $2.00 per 21-5 crate,
lied enrrants in 23 crates sold in
5-1.f>*. White currants have very slow-
sale, while gooseberries are about
over. New potatoes sold at from
$1.25 to $1.50 per sack The quantity
.('('ins to be far in excess of demand
and many hare become practically
unsaleable owing to the fact that too
large a quapiity of these are rushed
on to -the market at one time and
many have to be carried over from
week to week, and eventually dumped
Hotels May Los- Licenses.
Winnipeg. July 1(7 One Winnipeg
hotel, the Gould, wa:, ordered to close
its bar July __, by the license commissioner, at a meeting this morning
and a number of requests for license
renewals were temporarilj refused because the hotel    buildings    were    de
dared by thn commissioners in in. oul
of keeping with tbe rule-- governing
liquor selling  requirements.
Special Reductions in Flan-
elette Blankets, Pure Finish
Size   10-4;   regular  $1.65. 4*4   4C
July   Sale   Price    m\* ��� ��W*J
Size   11-4;   regular   $1.05. C<   CC
July   Sale   Price    *9 ��� ��W%*
Size  12-4;   regular  $2.25. ff 4   QC
July   Sale   Price    .7 * .WW
Keg. 12J_c fine Knglish l.ongcloth;  :'.�� in.       tA.
wide: pure finish; July Sale Price, yard...    IUC
Itegular l"'_c pure finish Nainsook; 7.(1 in:     1 9f_
wide.    July  Sale   Price,  yard        I __��W
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Sheets and Pillow Cases
Cotton     Pillow   Case.;
Rgular   "5c   pair   Bleached
4(i, 4*; and 44 Inches wide.
July Sale Price, per pair	
Regular 70c  a  pair  Irish  Huckaback  Kace
size lOxiiS; a splendid assorted lot.
July Sale  Price, per pair  	
Regular $7'.75  pair fine hemstitched Cotton Sheets;
made from superior grade of sheeting;
size  70x90.    July  Sale  Price,  per pair.
Regular  r.5c   Bleached   Cotton   Sheeting;   70   inches
wide;   heavy  quality.
July  Sale   Price   	
..._ Sheets;
70   inches
Bargains From Every Department for Market Day
Main Floor Specials for Today
p.. in lace and Chlffc
cream and colored;   usually sold at 50c. Sale Price, yard
Ml Ladies' Neck Ruchings. in lace and chiffon, plain white or   OC*��
All Ruchings; usualy sold tt 75c a yard.
Sale Price, per yard  	
Ladies' Long Silk Gloves; Regular $1.93; Sale Price 95c.
In   cream,   white   anil   black;   double   finger   tips;   wears   splendidly;
regula: tc $1.51). QCp
Sale  Price, per  pair      WWW
All Cloves, in silks, lisle, etc.; usually sold al $1.00. ______
Sale  Price, per pair      WWW
well; colors black, tan. white, pink and sky;  reg. 75c   values.    At*mf.
Sale  Price, per  pair      *#WW
All gloves usually sold at 50c any kind.
Sale  Price, per pair   	
Bargains in Wash
Goods for Market
('rum's Prints; in spot, stripe
nnd fancy figured effect; light
and dark colors; reg.    <fl|1
Per   yard    I C j C
White .'(-stings and Muslins;
in choice designs; suitable for
tailored waists, summer dresses
and children's wear; 11. Inches
wide. Reg. values to
P,5c.   Per yard   	
Ladies' Silk Boot Hose; Values to 75c; Sale Price, 45c Per Pair.
A   perfectly seamless  hose;   high  spliced  heels and   toes;   will   wear
well; colors back, tan, white, pink and sky;  reg. 7oc vaues
Salo  Piice, per pair   	
An  extra   fine  Quality
and ruf-weave Poplins;
finished  apeparance.
Per yard   	
Flack Silk Hose:  Regular 95c Values;  Sale Price 65c.
These are real good values and will soon sell. CKl-
I'er   pair      PUI*
eiack Silk Hose;   Regular $2.00 Values;   Sale Price $1.25 Pair.
A very fine quality and will wear well: are dandy value       fl��d   OC
a'  this very sperial price.    Per pair   *W I ���������3
Ladies' Light Weight Cashmere Hose, Special at Three Pairs for $1.00.
Comes  in  black only;   is  perfectly  seamless,  and   high   spliced  heels
of  plain
rich silk
and toes;  will give good wear;  worth 45c per pair
Very Special at three pairs for
Children's  Fine  Ribbed  Hose.
A quantity of odd lines in odd sizes;     black     and     tan;    regular   to
26c a pair.    Sale Price is 9f_f*
two pairs for      -WV
Ladier.'  Cotton   Hose.
Comes  in   black  and   tan:   and   all   sizes;   a   good   wearer;   a   regular
75c per pail  value.    Sale  Price,
I'er   Pair   	
Fancy Crepe; an ideal material
for ladies' kimonas: comes in
c floral design: pink. sky.
hello, fawn and gray: ::o inches
wide;   regular 25c. . 7 1 _��
a   yard.   I'er   vard ...      I  I  2 C
Wash  Goods    Department    Specials for July Sale.
Prints. Ginghams and Organdies; all colors, in stripe, dot
light blue figured effects; 80 in.
wide. Pei
Market Day Specials in the Ready-
to-Wear Department
The whole lot must be cleared to make accommodation for new
Fall and Winter goods. Read carefully over the following special
and be convinced of their genuineness. Kvery garment is a money-
saver  to the buyer.
Ladies' Gray Suits; Regular $16.50 Values; Sale Price $9.75.
These are in serges and tweeds; strictly man-tailored into the latest
model styles; coat is In cutaway effect and satin lined;  the skirt is
plain with high waist band. See these values; regular
selling price Is $16.50.    Sale Price 	
Two Dozen Short Crepe Kimonas; Usual Price $1.25; Sale Price Soc
Comes iu colors red, pink, sky, tan, cream and black; satin nlpcd
ami ribbon trimmed;  usualy sold at $1.25. fiCft
Sale   Price     05>W
Children's Colored Wash Dresses: Reg. Values to $2; Sale price $1.25
A swell assortment in stock; the styles are all good and all colors
are represented; the best fabrics have been used in the making of
these little dresses; the very thing for a child to wear at school or
around the house.    See these values.    Any size.
Regular to $2.00,    Sale Price	
Silk and Moire Underskirts; Reg. Values to $2.95; Sale Price $1.65.
In green and gray shot effects.    These nre extra good
value.     Salo   Price    	
livery Skirt was bought for this Summer's trade.
Ladies' Dress Skirts at "Gift" Prices. Offered in Three Good Value Lots
LOT 1���All checks and plaid skirts;  reg. values to $7.50.
Sale Price  	
LOT  _- -Colored  Skirts;   regular  values  to  $8.60.
Sale  Price  	
LOT 3    Navy and black Skirts:  reg.  values to $8.50.
Sale  Price  	
Twenty-two White Summer Dresses;   Regular Values to $15.00.    Sale
Price $3.95.
Comes  in   white  laws,  fancy  cottons  and  needlework;   all  are  beautifully embroidered and daintily trimmed: any one of these dresses is
worth from $10.00 to $15.00.
Sale Price  	
Twelve beautiful white fancy lawn and needlework dre.ses; regularly sold to $20.00.
Sale Price  	
Six splendid Summer and Evening Dresses; in white and colored.
regular values to $27.50.
Price $1.65.
I Value Lots
'.=ses;   regu-
Out   regular values to $2.76.
Sale  Price   	
Our regulai $1.50 values.
Sale   Price	
Prints in dark navy and white,
pink and white, figured lilac,
white grounds with black and
light blue figured efefcts; 80 lu.
Wide.      Per 1 9 1  f*
yard       IC.C
A big assortment to chose fiom.
Big Hardware Values
Victor  Flour Sifters.
Six-hole Patty Tins.
Six-Quart Tin Pails.
Combination (irater and  Shredder.
Tin Dippers.
Tin   Wash   Howls.
Two  dozen   Brass   .Molding   Hooks.
One dozen Coppered Coat  Hooks.
Mrs.   Potts' Sad  Iron   Handles.
Heavy  Wire   Potato   Masher.
Handled Kitchen  Porks.
Granibi Pie  Plates.
Craorte Mugs.
��� Iarden Trowels.
Spring   Rat   Traps.
Retlnned Skimmers.
Retined   Mixing  Spoons.
Large  Bowl Strainers.
Enamel   Sink   Strainers,
(las  Toasters.
White Knamel  Pie  Plates.
Loose   Handle   Rolling   Pins.
Cold   Handle  Stove   Lifters.
Tin   Coffee   I'ots.
Two   bottles   Ideal   Furniture   Polish.
Four   rolls   Fancy  Crepe   Paper.
Three   loc   Rolls  Toilet   Paper.
Japanned  Fire Shovels.
Wire Broilers,
Retlnned  Colanders
Enamel Coffee Pots
One-quart   Si/.,.   Enamel   Saucepans.
Eight-Inch   Enamel  Fry  l'ans.
Knamel  Wash   Bowls.
Ten-quarl  Tin   Dish   l'ans
Twelve-Inch Maple Chopping Bowls,
Spring Mop and Brush Holder
60c Bottles ideal Furniture Polish,
Fifty-foot Wire Clothes Line
pn- Corn  Brooms.
One-gallon  Coal Oil  Cans
Big Carpet Bargains
LOT 1 -Regular   value   to   $2.60.
Sale Price    	
LOT 2     Regulai     value    to    $:',.00.
Sale Price    	
lot 3���-Regular  value  to  $7 75
Sab- Price   	
LOT 4   -Regular   valuel   to  $4.00.
Sale Price    	
Tapestry  Carpet.  27   Inches   IV10
green;   regular 75c a yard
in   tan.   red   and
Dress Goods and Silks at Bargain
Prices Today
A lot of taffetas, .lap taffetas, novelty stripes, taiiiolines; a variety
oi colors; widths to 27 Inches; values to 86c, Cl__%
July   Sale    WWW
Blouse or Dress Silks in au assortment of shot and stripe effects,
pure soft silk, in useful shades:  regular to 77>c. 4Oft
Very Special, per yard      WWW
Oriental Satins. Pailettes, Pongees, Taffetas, .Messalines. Foulards,
Crepes, in plain shades and a nuinbei ol stripes, broches, plaids. In
good mixed colors;  some are 40 Inches wide; _1C__-
values  to  $1.2...     Your  choice      4wC
Regular values to $1.00. cream dress goods: in voile. Panama, serge,
cashmere, nun's veilings. Bedford cords; all double widths.        ACkt*
Vour choice,  per yard        Wl(
Regulai values to $1.95, in Coatings: all 64 inches wide, and in
good plain shades, and a number of fancies; a good .selection,     QQ.
and all new < I oth 8.    On sale at, per yard       Ovy
Regulai- 45( values in medium size check dress goods; lu inches
wide;, colors navy and white, gray and white, black and brown and
white; blue and brown and white, black and navy and while,      fitrnf.
etc.    Per yard at    Cww
Regular values to 66c a yard, checks: 50 indies wide: in three sizes;
black and white:  brown and white; navy and white. 9Q_%
Now. p-r yard      VWW
Regular to 95c values in two-tone cords; 64 Inches wide; In blue
and  white, gray  and  white,  tan and  white. _IQ#%
On sale at, per yard     15IC
Regular values to $1.50 in novelty suitings; wool and union; brown
anil white and brown, black and while checks; Bedford Cowls in tan
and iir.iy, with black stripe and a  number of various  suil        f?Qf_
lengths     A good choice at, per yard       WWW
Madras   Muslins;   In  both  dark  ami   light  colors:   in   thia  assortment
Draperies Greatly Reduced
an  values from 75c to -.1 15 a yard. OC/%
I'i i yard at  fcww
Cretonnes and Chintz; splendid washable cretonnes, In wide varletj
i i designs and colorings;  regular 36c ami 10c 9C_%
Per ���' ird at fcww
Reversible Cretonnes; yard w :11.-. large floral patterns, 111 fawn.
blue, i'd or green; regulai 25c. OC#��
At i-i'i yards for     CwC
Art Sateens; In green, red or blue designs ;regular 30c. 9_1__
Per yard at  fcww
Plain or Brocaded Cream Casement; 64 Inches Aide; reg. 76c.   A fjg.
Per yard at I WW
Bordered Barred Muslin; white or cream: blue, pink or green 4g_
borders; regular 36c.   Per yard at    ...            I ww
Market Day Bargains for
the Men
Shirts  Regular to $1.00 for 50c.
Men's   Negligee   Shi. is;   coat   style;   white   grounds.
with stripes of blue, tan, and biacs; sizes
14'-j  to  17.    July Sale, each   	
Coat Srurts,  Regular $1.00, for 75c.
Men's Shirts;  with stitt cutis and collar bands:  material   I.   a   tine  grade   print  In   excellent  range  of
striped   patterns;   light  and  dark   grounds;   sizes   14
to  !.'_.,   regular $1.00  values.
.Inly   Sale   P. ice   	
$1.75 Tooke Shirts at $1.25.
Tooke's high-grade Negligee Shirts; coat style;
light grounds, with plain and fancy stripes of biack,
bin..- and mauve; also in plain gray flannels and
plain white mercerized cloths; all shirts have soft
French cuffs and separate soft collars to match;
sizes,   14   to   17;   regular  $1.75   values.
Jul]   Sale   Price   	
Genuine   Panama   Hats   at   the   Price   of   Ordinary
Straw;   Regular  Values to  $6.50 at $3.95.
Fine   even   weave     Panamas,   in   negligee   and   telescope  shapes;   black   bands
July   Sale   Price   	
Regular $8.60  Panamas.
July   Sale   I'riee    	
Sailor Straws,  75c.
Men's Boater Straws, iu fine weave, with good serviceable black bands; sizes 6% to 7\.
regular $1.00 values.    July Sale  Price
$2.00  Hats at $1.26.
Men's    Fine   Sennet    Straws;    witli    medium    crown
and    brim;    black   silk   bands,   with   bow   at   back.
Cushioned   sweat   pads;   sizes   ii*-H   to   7-\;   r   egular
$2.00   values.     July   Sale
$3.50   Sailors,   Half   Price.
Men's   High   Grade  Split   Straws,    with    best   silk
trimmings, ventilated B*weat pads: sizes 6% to 7-"*��:
regular  values   to  $.750.
July   Sale   Price    	
Furniture Specials
Brussels Carpet with border to match; In all
the   best   colors  and   patterns;   regular       �� <f    ip
$1.50  a  yard     Sale   I'riee ��P I . 1 0
Axminster Carpet, with border to match, for dining
room   and   parlor;    regular   $2.25. ��j    mga
yard.     Sale   Price         ��pl.DU
Wilton carpet, with border to match; rich in
coloring and in al tllle latest designs: A* at **fm
regular $2.7,ii a ,\ aid.    Sale Price.   .   , $1.1 O
ani) shop at McAllisters.
Chiffonier;    three   extra   large   drawer,
or early  Knglish  finish;   regular $7.75.
Saie  Price   	
Bed. Spring and Mattress, complete, all
sizes   in   stock.     Saie   Price	
Bedroom   Chairs;    cane   seat;    golden    finish;    reg
(liar  $1.75. �� ��    m.���
Sale Price  $ I .CD
Sanitary  Couch,  complete  with  green   denim  covered  mattre.s;   regulai- $12.00. CO OC
Sale   Price    ��Pw.->0
Extension   Tallies:   6-fOOt   style;    round   top;   fumed
or golden;   pedestal  base:   reg.  $1_.
Sale   _��ri<>    	
At the 1 heatres >' - ���,
In   the  Colonel,   who  is  eon-
through his attentions to the
commander,   from   certain   death   bv j Flurry In  Hats," a delightfully pleas-   frets.    Mr.   Wood  is  a   composer or
Hlaylus an  .\i_liaii     Drough's hatred   lng comedy subject which you cannot  some note and he has many or   his
young  lad-.     Another prominent  per-1 gets  the  better of  his  feeling, how-  afford to miss.   The   climax    comes -works on the market,   t-fs is n natural
srn.-i_.i-   is   Major   Broiigh,   infatuated  ever for this deed.   One of the cap-  when the cook appears with the latest  musician and as a child was known as
with   the   fair  Nourmalle.    The  regi-  tured tribesmen Is taken into the con-   fad in hats.    "Cigar Butts" is a good   the boy    prodigy.    Needless    to   say
me.nl   goes   to   India   and   is  ordered   fidfitiee  of  [.rough   who   plans  to  do   Majestic, a Btory of the day with just  Professor Woods is a drawing card of
���The Cherry P.cker.;" an ��nqi sii Mil-   t() take the field again.-t the warring  away wilh Nai.are. The thrilling story  a little surprise al the finish featuring | greal value.
itary   Drama   Today   Only. Afghans -end.-,   with   an   upset   ol   the   fiendish   the   Majestic   favorites   and   last   but
One  ol   the  famous  old   regit ts       During the voyage Col Guesl yields I plot  bv  the Mr]  In  the case  who es-  not least. Ig special music by Darwin
oi ihe English army is the llih  llus    io  ai :innt   weakness   cards,  nnd capes with her lover, the  lieutenant.  Wood, who is past master al his art.
sars, known familiarly us the "Cherry   finds himself hpuvlly indebted to Ma- He plays a varied line of Instruments j City,  waB evacuated    today    by    the
Pickers.'   which   played   a   prominent   jor Brough.    Tiie major's proposition       Fine show al  Ihe Koyal  today and Ilo perfection, and he also works tin-   federals, according to    private    n- --*-
thut he give him Nounnalle's hand Is tomorrow, a great two pari Keystone "effects," thai is. he produce.; the .sages received here. Aguas CtilHomes
accepted. Before such an arrange- entitled "Th Knockout." featuring I different noises to accompany the was lirst evacuated shortly after
ment can be carried out a body of "Fatty," Is a scream. "The StMetto," pictures as tbey ere reeled off. Vlsl-1 Zacatecas fell Into Villa's hands. Two
Afghans attack the fort, In which!:' two pari Reliance, is a thrilling tors al the Royal have remarked at | weeks ago Huerta's troops reoccupled
fighl  I.(in   Nnzarc saves Brough, bis  drama, rcaturln; Couuney Foote.   "A  his Ingenuity in getting up these of-   the town.
1 1 i
Kl   Paso.    T< xas.    July     16.    Aguas
Calientes. 400  miles  north of  Mexico
part iu ihe Afghan campaign of 1876
Col. Guesl   is entertaining  the officers of bis regiment and is a    Isted by
his lovely daughter Nourmalle. Ainot:.
the   guests   Is   Ment.   John   Nazarre,


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