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The New Westminster News Jul 20, 1914

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Volume 9, Number 115
Price Five Cents.
Attempt of One Hundred and Fifty Uniformed Police and,
Immigration Officers Unable to Board the Vessel���; VALLEY HUMMING
Greeted by Volley of Missies Which Severely Injures
Many of the Officers���Midnight Effort of Authorities to Force the Foreigners to Depart From Burrard
Inlet Results in Failure.
I William   Givens,   Tacoma   Negro,   Arrested by Federal Authorities for
Selling   Contraband   Drug
; Prospects of Well Being Sunk on Hatzic  Prairie Arouse  Keen
Madnened Foreigners Threaten the Lives of Authorities Unless They Are
Permitted to Have Their Own Way, But Word Received From Ottawa
in Reply to Urgent Telegrams Place All the Resources of the Government at the Disposal of the Immigration Authorities���Expected That
tne Rainbow Will Be Called From Esquimau and the Militia Ordered
to Subdue the Mutineers in the Harbor���Intense Excitement in Vancouver  Over   Resistance   to   Authority.
(Special to The News.)
Vancouver, July 20, l a.m.���Everything is quiet along the waterfront
and aleo on board the Hindu ship, aa
far as can be seen at this time. The
evening passed without any further
excitement although hundreds of people were on the street anxiously
awaiting what developments that
might arise.
At midnight the immigration authorities announced that there would
be nothing further doing until about
ten o clock this morning At that
time It Is expected active steps will
be taken to remove the Komotatii
Maru from the harbor and start the
vessel on Its trip to the Orient.
The utmost precautions have been
taken  by  the immigration authorities
Mission. July 19.���Keen interest has
been   aroused   here   over   the   report
from  New   Westminster that the  Eu-
reka   Oil   Wells,  (Limited,   had   been
launched   iu   the  Koyal  City  to drill
for oil on Hatzic Prairie.   Confidence
is expressed, both  in the strong  financial   arrangements   made    by    the
company      iu   having   its   debentures
| guaranteed by the Westminster Trust
.company,   and   in   the   prospects   for
i striking oil at Hatzic.
Within the past few days oil has
become the principal topic of conversation in this portion of the Fraser
Valley and many reports of gas being
released while sinking water wells
, ,,. , . an*'   of  ��"   seepages   being  found   at
inspector Wllsher, hit on head and   different  points hereabouts are being
baIdl>' cul heard  on all sides.
Inspector     Scot'     knocked     uncon- j    Exceptionally strong seepages have
.cious by blow of brick. been  locate(I  frnm time to time near
Police Constable Call, two ribs bro-   the Jones place on Hatzic Prairie and
"���   ..... In one hole sunk there the traces of
Captain   Robertson, of the tug Sea   oil were so strong at a shallow depth
Mon. cut over the eye by flying glass j that the water was useless for drink-
:,���..,.,   tl,..   ...(..,   i...���>.....   ... i........   . . . .
from the pilot house windows
Detective  Tisdall.  cut  on  lip.
Detective Mcl.eod, hit. On arm.
Detective McArthur. fell overboard
Messrs. I,. H. Taylor and (J. U Min
ing   or   cooking   purposes.     This   oc
curred   on   ground   which   is  believed
to  be  held   in  the  string    of   Eureka
It  has  been  known   here   for  some
Tacoma, July 19.���William Cilvens,
a negro, accused by Uncle Sam of
dealing In opium near Sumner, engaged to Katherlne McCuIlough, white,
who is In custody of the county authorities on a charge of smoking
opium, and the proud possessor of 17
spick and span suits, found hanging
in a row at his opium Joint when the
orflcers raided it. remains in jail here
where he was placed following his
arrest yesterday. Givens has been
told by his lawyer to keep mum about
opium, but he moans constantly about
bis 17 suits and fears they will be
Givens was given a hearing before
D. S. Commissioner McMillan and his
bail  was  fixed at 11700.
The statement was made that more
opium i.s being brought into Tacoma
than enters through all the California
ports, Portland, Astoria and Seattle
put together. It seems fully established that the route was from ocean liners, the drug being dropped overboard
when they reached Tacoma, into launches, then to Chambers creek by
launch, then to Tacoma street cars,
and then back into this city. It is
asserted that practically trie whole
country was supplied from this
(livens, in addition to his seventeen
suits, evidencing his prosperity as a
result of being the country's champion opium dealer, has more than
50 silk shirts and upwards of 100
ties in his sumner home.
Call   Issued  for  81 x   Men   to  Remove
Piles  Brought to City   From
Mountains for Elks' Fun.
Denver, July 19.- 'Wanted: Six
men to shovel snow from in front of
the Post building; apply at 6 o'clock
and bring your own shovels."
This startling advertisement ap
peared in the Post last night and was
not a mere joke
Bulwarks  of   Vessel  Piled
High With Coal, Bricks,
Etc., to Repel Attack.
Arrangements   Made    by   Authorises
for Seizure of the Komogata by
Armed Force if Neceeaary.
Vancouver. July 19. Following tbe
battle of the earry morning the Hindus aboard- the Komogata. using baskets, replenished the supply of ammunition in the shape of coal and
brickbats, and have same piled along
the bulwarks of the ship in readiness
During the Elks' reunion, just clos-1 ,or another attempt on  the  part of
ed, the Denver newspapers brought in' the authorities  to  place  officers on
sever  trainloads  of  snow   from    the   hoard.
top of the Rocky mountains and piled
it in the downtown streets for the
use  of  visiting  Klks   in   snowballing
Early today Malcolm iteid and H.
H. Stevens, M. P., visited the hospital  and  inquired  after the    injured
nett   badly   Injured   about   the   head, ', time that oil experts have been going
Taylors condition being serlolus. I carefully  over this  section  and    now
Minor injuries were suffered iby | that a company has been launched
many police and detecitlves; Rlccfl 1 with the intention of commencing
and Scott were among those badly drilling at an early date the oil ques-
���*"***��; , j tion  has become a live    one.    Local,..
The main  facts connected with tho ' residents  have  been  assured  by  men  Pr0,P��rtty Coming to Farmer Through
���tOTV   begin  with  the  body  of  police I who  profess  to know  what they  are        out th- We- -nrf  MW-I. w.���
and    special    constables    embarking I talking   about  that  this  region offers1 * d      Mt We,t
shortly after midnight on the tug Sea I exceptionally strong indications of
to set that no firearms are smuggled I *"������-"��� I-"1""* away from the pier full the valuable fluid and several experts
aboard the Komogata during the P* confidence. Under Chief McLren- have expressed tlle opinion that the
ihglit The tug Sea Mon. and two ��� nan were W6 Cltjf policemen, and im- j real body will be tapped bv a well
other swift vessels the Wlnnltnac and 1 mlgratuM officers numbering 35. tin-]sunk on the Haoio Prairie
* ���Signs Point to Big Yield.
Tonight huge banks of snow still stood men-   Mr* Stevens himself was struck
repeatedly during the shower of missiles  to tbe  deck  of the  Sea  Mon.
Jammed  by the crowd in the angle
formed  by   the   pilot  house  and  the
main deck house.    Mr. Stevens    only
had  bis  good   right  arm  to  protect
himself   with,   and   many   lumps    of
coal  and  other heavy   things   struck
him on the arm and on his body, fortunately, however, he escaped disablement.
This nt'tenloon   the   ot.tlc&ls     in .
charge of the sitnation are making ar-
rangements for the seizure of the Komogata, and  although  this  may  not
be accomplished before tomorrow afternoon, guards are at hand and the
wharves and  piers of the t'.P.K. are
...... , being kept clear of the crowds of peo-
New    .ork.  July   19��� Loaded   with.  pie  who all day  have  been  arriving
passengers    bound    for    Boston    the  there to get a sight ot the Sea Uon
Eastern  Steamship company's Bteam-   an_ the scene of the excitement
ship  Massachusetts    caught    fire off | Guard* Held in Readiness
the Battery late today. The Massa-I The Komogata. which surged with
chusetts went into the East River I excited Hindus from the time the
and two Tire boats steamed to herlse* u_m, battered and besmirched
assistance I put hack with her Iniured passengers
The tlreboat New \orker succeed- Utter the melee, until long after the
ed ln extinguishing the blaze by thelfcreak ot dawn tater assumed an ap-
tlme the  Massachusetts  had reached! pearance   ot   comparative   quiet,  the
in  two places downtown.
Passengers    Have    Thrilling : Experience Just as They Leave  New
York for Boston.
tlie firiole, are patrolling the harbor
and no boat Is allowed to approach
the Komogata under any elrctimstan-
Thi   naval  authorities at  Esquimau
have   been  called  upon  for the  use of
the Rainbow to cany out the orders
of the immigration department It Is
expected that by morning tin* Rainbow   will be ln  the harbor here.    It i.s
Grim Old Mexican Warrior
Does   Not   Appear to
Regret Deportation
der Captain Warden     The latter were
armed   v. ith  Ron  rifles  while  the po-
j lice haj their service revolvers.
I     Followed   hy   an   attendant   tug.   the
I Winn!mac,* the   Sea   Lion   approached
I the  Japanese   steamer.     When   within
| hailing   distance   It    was     seen     that
i every inch of space alone the rail, on
tlie deck and on the bridge of the Ko-
| mogata Maru was occupied by a Hin
also understood thai it Is the Intention "���" !irt-UJd with a club or similar wea
or the authorities to order out the i'��'*- whos*' swarthy face was lit up
militia and place them on board the j b* the searchlight Crom the Sea Lion.
Rainbow, and  that  orders  w ill   be  is- j Hose   s Used.
sued to start  the Hindus on their re-      Amid   the.  Shouting   of   the  Hindus
turn voyage. with  their  threatening  weapons,    the
Should oppostion  he offered  to the  grappling hook was successfully plac-
boardlng of the militia and the  regit-1 ed on the steamer's tail.    Just at this
lar lorce of the Rainbow by the Orion-j juncture an officer of the police force j 	
tals. aggressive action  will  be  taken. - turned   a   hose   on   the   ranks  of  the |
The    authorities    are      thoroughly  Wrathful Hindus and they were beaten    Will Sail on ths German Vessel Dres-
nroused  and   in   response   to    orders i hark by the water.   Rallying, the Hin- j
from Ottawa force will be used if ne-  -Us dashed a shower of missiles at the ,
eessary to put down  any  further op-1occupants  of  the   tug,  who  were  ab-
position  to the  authorities or  to  the   schltely at their mercy.    The air was |
Komogata Maru starting on Its return   black with coal, wood and fire bricks,
trip. ! together   with   pieces  of    inm    from
 , ; what is to be believed to be tlie wreck
Vancouver, July 19.���All the resour-! age of the eiminerooin.
< e. of the government of Canada have i All that the police and special con-
been placed at tlle disposal of Super ! stables could do was to bend down
iiiiendent Malcolm R. J. Reid, of tlie ! with their laces away from the on-
immifirn_.it.il service and his advisers slaught and endure the punishment
here, to take immediate steps to re- without attempting reprisals.
stor, order at the Port of Vancouver! Unite a number of men fell stretch-
and   legal  control   aboard   th.
olympia. July 19.���A record crop of
wheat throughout the entire country
is promised and banks and large business houses are well equipped with
funds   and   In   solid   and    substantial
the   pier   at   East   Eighteenth   street
The   vessel  then  continued  its  journey.
The fire started when an engineer
went into the bilge room carrying a
lighted torch. Oil, dripping from tbe
engine room, had soaked the lim
bets and  they  became  Ignited.
Hindus evidently resting after their
exertions and getting ready for further acts of violence.
Treachery' and craft have been
prominent factors in the conduct of
Gurdtt Bt-gh and hto followers sine*-
the arrival here of the Komogata
Maru seven weeks ago, and this ha3
culminated in the receipt by Malcolm
K.  J.   Reid,  of  the  immigration   ser-
den   for   Jamaica���Expects   to
Settle   Down   in   Spain.
gats Maru.
Telegraphic Instructions to this ef-
feci were received at the office of
ihe immigration department shortly
.it'ier noon today, when H. II. Stevens.
M. P., It. !.. Reid. K, C W. H. I).
Ladner, Captain Vamamoto and the
chlet engineer of the Komogata were
in conference. The instructions were
thai Immediate steps must be taken
to restore order, dispatch the llindo
ship, but the most drastic treatment
is to be avoided "as far as possible"
in   carrying out   these  instructions.
The message from Ottawa declares
that the laws of the country must be
upheld in face of the mutiny of the
Komogata. Hindus, and expresses appreciation of the forbearance of the
police and Immigration officials In the
encounter of last night, when tliey refrained from using firearms in the
lace of the attack by the Hindus.
I'pon the receipt of this message
the local officials Immediately endeavored.to get into communication with
Admiral Kingsmill and the officers of
the Dominion Cruiser Rainbow, whose
services are likely to be required.
Mayor T, S. Baxter, for whom the officials sought all morning, could not
be located. He had not yet returned
from Seattle, where he had been visiting over the week-end.
It is probable that the next step
iu the work of reducing the Komo-
g:H:i Hindus to order will not be taken until Monday morning, as some
time must elapse before arrangements
can he made, and consultation will
lie necessary with Officers of the military forces.
Vancouver, July 10. The story of
tlie first attempt of the Vancouver
authorities to remove from the inlet
tlie 352 Hindu passengers on the Komogata Maru In the early hours of
Sunday is an exciting tale of nn af-
t'ray whicli resulted iti injuries to the
Chief McLennan, bruises.
Puerto. Mexico. July 19.��� If General Huerta has any regret at leaving
Mexico us an exile he did not show
it today when he received newspaper men.
After   a   conference   with   Captain
Koebler of the (ierman cruiser Dres-
��� den.   it   was   announced   that   Huerta
Komu- I ed out Irom blows on the head and in   and General Blanquet would sail from
I    There was no panic aboard the .Mas-
condition, according to State Bank Ex- jsachusetts.     One   woman     passenger
aminer   \V.   E    Hanson,   who  reached   became  hysterical,   but   she  was soon I vice,  of an  offer  from   Gurdit  Singh
his office  in  Olympia  today after at-1 nuleted. /that  he   will   persuade     the    Hindus
tending the convention of the Nation-/  '  'aboard the ship to permit its depart-
al   Association   of   Bank   Superintend-/       HANDSOME  SUMMER   HOME.       Jure provided  a   bribe  is  paid  to him-
ents in Atlantic City, July 6, 7 and 8.1  ��� /self.
"Throughout the  middle  west,  .Min-J     The new summer home of Mrs. J. R. I     The  otter,   of  course,   received  no
nesota.  Dakota and on  into Washing- j Gilley,    being   erected     at     Crescent I consideration,   but it  is important as
ton  1  found  wheat  looking as fine as  Beach,  is  rapidly  Hearing  completion,'serving  once  again   to  illustrate  the
I have ever seen if," said Mr. Hanson,   and   the   family  expect   to  be able   to/character of  this man   who  attempts
"Banks    and    business houses gen-   move into the building some time this'to pose as a pjitriot and friend of his
(���rally are in fine condition. The bank-1 week.    A  large bonfire  will  be light-1 fellow countrymen.
ers all seem pleased with the new re-1 ed  on   the   beach   on   the  evening  of Capt. Yamamoto Ashore.
serve     bank-currency   law    and   tiiere I the   housewarming   ceremonies.     The:     Captain  Vamamoto. ot the Komoga-
was not a dissenting vote among the
state examiners in convention to the
proposition that it will be a spleudid
thing for 'he banks and for industry
in   general.
"The bankers welcome the relief
that it will afford them from the fight
to keep their reserves in shape to
meet sudden and heavy drains so that
they can concentrate their attention
generally upon maintaining the quality  of their securities."
building is periiaps the most preten-jta, accompanied by the chief engi-
tious of the summer cottages built at ' neer. who also is one of the owners
that resort, the outer walls being of! of the vessel, arrived on shore at ten
specially selected logs brought from o'clock this morning and immediately
Langley Prairie. All the logs have went into oonferenc
been   trimmed  so  that  they   fit  snug i cials, Mr
with   the  offi
Stevens. M. P., and Messrs.
the  crowding  from   that   side  of  the this port on the Dresden.    Their des-
tug t inhere.t awa-   from the Japan- tlnatlon   will   be  Kingston,   Jamaica
ese steamer Detective McArthur was and t*ho ex-dictator Intimated he may
fi reed overboard.    A special constable later  visit  New Vork.
nam' I D. Coll'ns and one of the Hin- j     The   departure  or  Huerta   was   de-
clu   Interpreters leaned  over the  side laved  pending the arrival of another
of   th'    tug   and   dragged   the   officer train   hearing   friends  Of   the  old   In-
aboaul again. dian.    It  is nol  believed the Dresden
Al   one period  it   looked as though will  sail   before  tomorrow.
D   serious   catastrophe   was  about   to
overtake the Sea Lion and ber forces
for. naturally enough, everyone on the
vessel sought to get away from the
missiles and in doing so crowded to
the other side with the result that
the tug commenced to list In a very
pronounced manner, there being continual cries Of "keep to the left or
we shall sink" filling the air.
The deposed president received the
newspaper men in. his ear attached
to the train which brought his party
of refugees from the capital. Huerta
was in high spirits. He laughed and
joked, posed for n "movie" camera
and invited everybody present to dine
with him in New York.
Act  of Patriotism.
The grim old Indian who has been
These  shouts,   mingled     with     the; one of the chief international figures
smash  of  breaking  glass    and    torn   for a year and a half look great sat-
woodwork   caused   what   in   a   minor   isfaction  In explaining that his resig-
sense was nothing short of pandenion- ,
ium. (Continued on Page Eight.)
A.s   the   minutes  passed   and   there]
was no cessation in  the hurricane of
Interesting  Address  to  Be Given Tomorrow Evening at Trades and
Labor   Hall.
t'nder the auspices of the Trades
anil I-abor Council Vice-President
Bancroft, of the Trades and Labor
Congress of Canada will address a
public meeting in the Labor Temple
on Tuesday evening, the chair bein--
taken at 8 o'clock by President D. S
Mr. Bancroft  is regarded as one of
the  most   fluent  speakers  in   Eastern
Canada as far as labor is concerned
and  was  mainly  responsible  for    the
drafting  ami   passage  of tlle Ontario I
Workmen's   Compensation   Act.     Mr. i
Bancroft will choose compensation to I
workmen  as  Iiis topic.     The  meeting ]
will be open to the public, no admit-1
tance fee being charged.
together thus doing away with the
necessity of plastering. Much of the
work ls being done by Mrs. Gilley s
i���o sons, w'.io are spending their vacation from Toronto University at the
R. L Ueid and VV. H. i>. ladner. legal advisers to the department here.
Captain Yamamoto set at rest the
doubts that had been felt ashore about
tlie Komogata. a machinery. He reports that the engines are uninjured.
Many Schools in the Province Did Not Show a
Lingle Failure.
Educational  Department Well  Pleased
With  Result���Out of 2.195 Can-
didatec   1,733   Successful.
objects that came hurtling from the
decks of the Japanese steamer one
angry shout predominated over all the
rest. "Get her away from the ship
Why the li- doesn't the captain move
Returned to Shore.
Eventually  the grappling  iron  having   been   removed   by  some  venture-
President Cameron  Does Not Believe
Referendum  Will  Carry.
Local labor men, according to statements  made  to The  News  yesterday
are treating as a joke the proposal to
call   a  general  strike  throughout   the
province as a protest against the col-
some  police constable,  the Sea   Lion   liery  operators on  Vancouver  Island.
with   her  injured  and  angry    crowd,      "Ninety per cent, of the New West-j new channel today  In  order to make! being  the   home  of
slowly and  sullenly moved away  from   minster  union  men  will  vote against a   complete   inspection   of   the   work \ Thomas,     a     senior
Results  ol   the  June
of  the  high  schools  of
er, 706, Sing Q. l-ow ti9_, Hildegarde
L. Crux 692. Allon Peebles 681', Chas.
B, McAllister 686. Jatmette M. Car-
lyle 67J, Mary G. Matthewson 673,
Dorothy M. Lee 667. Charles S. Dawe
681, Leonard G. d'Easum 656. Kenneth
W. Fraser 651, Alphonse A. Swenceski 650, Agues B. Clem, ns 656, Jennie S. Bryson 647), Florence E. Scott
**:.y. Annie L. Macl.aehlan 638, Marguerite It. McAllister 633, Victor D.
Jones 626, Gladys '... Cale 6.3, Raymond 1.. Somers 623. Viola M. Kiteley
618, Mary E. Graham 609, Harriet A.
BonBer 6l>6, Howard J. Meredith 605,
Nina V. Munn 605, Eva M. Fitzpatrick
603, Jean  F.  Muir 594.  Henry    C.    S.
the  province, B1ijott 5S8 Eileen A- Jordan 588, Ruby
C.  N.
R. Will   Receive  Shipment   the
First of September.
From eastern officials of tbe Canadian Northern Railway word his been
received that the first steel ship for
Port Mann is due to arrive in the
river on the 3rd of September and
that she will draw 25 feet of water.
Her cargo will be landed at Patricia
Hay.   Two other ships will follow dur-j
announced on Saturday by the depart- Guy Finlay 575, Thomas McCuIlough
ment of education, show an unusually: 1- Grigor 586. John S. Mcintosh 579,
, .  , , ���,   ���.-,,i   nnnrfi   668, Jean   E.  Monteith  567,  John    A.
high   percentage  ol   successful   enndi- FltipaWck   ^      Kalhle<,n   ,.   Smith
dates. A number ot schools were un- 560i Hatold J. Greer 556, William R.
marked   by   a  single failure. ^JHJjjjry[\ Mawhinney 556.    Frank W. Sheppard
ing  the   month. j highest
The harbor commissioners and resi- i 1000.
dent Dominion engineer will visit thej     Chilliwack
Cross, a ptipil Ol the preliminary 55G Hoderick W. Allison 553, Caro-
course, junior grade. \ Ictona high llne Hjij 552, B_yg_e Phillips 552, Lily
school, led with a total of 860 marks B Duncan 551. Caroline D. Kennedv
out of a possible 1000. In the ad-|54;! Marv j Dean fi39_ Augusta B,
vanced course, junior grade, Clifford Peebles 535, Samuel E. Wlmon 530,
A. Woodsworth of Chilliwack won the Roy w  Ooranson 528, Stella T. Pel-
honors  securing   796  out    of
the  big  vessel's side  while a yell of the proposal when the time comes to  done by the two government dredges,]the   Magill   examinations
derisive and prolonged tom-tom play- take  a   poll  on  the  referendum,"  de-
ing, shouting  Hiul  laughter from   tho dared   President   D.   S.   Cameron,   of
triumphant   Hindus   followed   In   her the  Trades  nnd   Labor   Council.     "A
wake. general  strike will do us little or no
Slowly the Sea Lion made her way good,  especially  at   this  stage of  the
back   to   the  dock.     Doctors   Monroe game and  when  little is going on  in
and Kennedy attending to the wound- the   business  world   due   to
ed as she went and many men of the depression."
police force  showed  tbe  benefit    of I    Those unions thai have agreements!Sunday  lie-over,  has   completed  a
their knowledge of first aid as taught with their employers will not respect 11-2  foot cut   '"  No.  13  hi
in   the   St.  John   Ambulance  assoclo- the call  for a strike anyway as they the clayey material at thi
  are bound by an agreement with their that there is now a minimum if lSldates, 76;
International, [feet here at dead low  water. Cecil D
land   527.   Norman   B.   Forrester   520,
[Jean  K.   Whiteside  514, Charles    W,
has   the   honor   ot  (;or(|on   508_   Martna  c    Abrams   506,
Miss  Marguerite Charles F. c. Major 7.00,  Muriel   OB.
matriculant   In Oakley 500,
st.    Ann's    Academy,
(Continued on page eight.
.    .   ,  --���         preliminary
King Edward and Fruhling, and ascer- The list subjoined does not include,-01lrse> junior grade. Maximum
tain from the soundings and surveys the names of those required to write marks, 1000; number of candidates
If tlie Fruhling can be spared for the  only   on   the   paper   on   education   of 4; 'passed   4.
period   of  a  fortnight   to   permit  her the   senior  acadamlc   grade.    Of   thej    Genevieve  L.  Flynn  759    Laura   M
to fill in hack of the Front street dock  total     2197,    candidates       presenting Swencisky 692, Katberine"v   Oregon
below iRegbie street.    It  is  reported themselves 1733 passed.    The results 50^   Harriett  L.   Miller  547
financial j that   the   King   Edward,   which   with j or  the  New   Westminster centre are: j    st.     Louis      College,     preliminary
|the Fruhling has heen In port for the: New Westminster Centre. icourse, junior grade. 'Maximum marks
1000;   number of candidates, 5;   pas
y, through llminary course, junior grade   Maxl-U_ 1.    Francis D   MoCormack 549
point, and|mtim marks. 1000;  number of candj*-     Private  studv,  full   course   junior-
passed   56, '      ' ' '
I'aylor 718, Sarah K. Oliv-, (Continued on Page Eight.)      j PAGE TWO
MONDAY,   JULY  20,   1914.
An Independent mornlns paper devoted to ths Interests of New Weatmlnater and
*" **mmtr Vallev. Published every mornlns except Sunday by the National Printing
���od Publishing Company, Limited, at (1 McKensle Street. New Weatmlnater. British'
Columbia. _. ROBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
to Individual members of Um staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
parable to The National Printing and Publishing Company. Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager. .9. ; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
MMll, ttl.
\V.  D. l-ong. of  Eernie. W��o was in
the city jail here awaiting trial on a
charge    of wrTe. Seating,    made   his
escape from that institution.
A   mm*.
R. P. Tolmle, deputy minister ol
mines, is makiing a tour of the mining sections in the southern interior
of the province, with the idea of get-
eJE?f��B^��5?ift-?��._4 **' ^ M ,0r """ mmti* 4��C ^lous^^ps.'where SSASrfi
ADVERTISING RATES on application. \ ments are in progress.
���  ^ i ���    ���    *
Among the grants for Kootenay riding secured by R. K. Green, M.P., at
the recent session of parliament, was
one for $150,000 for dredging the Columbia river, particularly the narrow
channel between the upper and lower
By their lawless behavior the Hindus aboard   the[Arrow lakes.
Komagata Maru have placed themselves beyond all hope    what might ha (, ,���,���_, a w.vpn> ron
of consideration from the Dominion   authorities and or
the same time have prejudiced the cases of all their countrymen who have come to this province.
In taking things into their own hands and by their
resistance to the police the Hindus marooned on the ship
in Vancouver harbor have shown themselves ignorant of,
or wilfully blind to the first principle of British citizen
flagration was vaused by some children throwing ire crackers into the
bush behind T.enry Hawkins' ranch
near Armstrong. The fire burned for
two days, bi t was watched by the
fire warden, vho stayed at Mr. Hawkins' house -intil the danger was
For so ne short while past some
Ship���respect for and Submission  tO constituted author- i the larr.er farmers of   Enderby   an
ity.   From their viewpoint they may   have considered ft^^^
Considering the rapid growth of the,as they pointed out. the co.t of oper-
moviiiK picture theatre as a factor in "tion would be reduced to a minimum.
_...    ���     ,i,_. u_ni_i_.,. Tim_._   The estimated profits on the ordinary
amusement, say.  the Montetary Times, ���" , ,
_.���._.' . . | shares are  put  at  .'5  per cent.,  and
the investor has not been asked, >et,,thlg but,kl,_ _y __e past success of
to sub.cribe to the securities issued; the parent company, will, no doubt.
In connection with very manv of the!offer a pleasant bait to those specula-
companies Interested.    There are ap-'tor8 who lik��* to ��amble in unproduc
tive ventures which cater for fleeting
popular crazes. If the directors' hopes
are realized and big dividends are
paid, shareholders would be well advised to build up a capital reserve
with their profits against rainy days,
vested ta"_l_^rfly_rpIctuVflllO.|_1, P<""--***->'l 1" this case against fine
"Quo Vadis." it  is said, cost $280,000. :**>*    ���wl,n     en-P��>     cinematograph
Then it  was manifolded into 400 cop- j nouses.	
ies of 8,000 feet each and sold at " officials
cents a foot, or $800,000.    A  moving i ,MMIQBATI��*  ?;����*-",���
parent ly considerable profits in the
businexs, and, although competition
has become keen, large dividends
still appear to be paid. The cost of
obtaining attractive films is high.
Prom $7'50.000 to $300,000 may be in
picture is good without translation
in every language, and has Just as
good a market in South America and
Australia as in Prance and Germany.
Victoria, July 19.--Much satisfaction
is expressed by shipping men in  Vie-
To put the drama of 'Atlantis"  into, ,0,rla ln view of the fact that   he lm-
moving Pictures the makers Charter- iWtlpn..ojrflfltoL*Have t-kwH-.ttpon
ed a steamer of 12,000 tons and sent! themselves to relax, to a certain extent,   the   regulations  governing    the
it to Iceland with a crew and a com ,   ,
pany of 400 to produce the picture aticle��rance   ol  \passenger   vessel
a  cost   of  $225,000.    To  put   Forbes-1 '��*-"K "f�������   "��  P��_'*       ,        ,
Robertson as Hamlet on the film cost!     Allowing the berthing of a ship in
at least ten  times  what It ever cost!'1----' l>Mt- wilh possibly one or two ex-
anv   Hamlet  that  was   ever |��PUon��-  no   passenger   has   been   al
in-,   .jicji   maj     n��*��v.  ^"������"���"^^���"jof the iiecessity for a creamery in tne I"*   ^^^    *Tht, makPrs thereof Mjd lowed to oome aahore, or any aiaUa or
themselves  mUCh   abused  in  not being  permitted  tO  land I northern end of the valley   and with *    m  for  t|H,   uge  of .   cas,Ie  andjcargo permitted to be handled by the
.urts. the highest in the emoire.! t.his..obi.e_t'".,v���ie^ ^i.i^J? costumed about  400 people    thereinj.."^ "����-  the  word  "ail  clear;;
in Canada, but the law courts, the highest in the empire,,g0 ,n for catt)e on a mucn lar~er!
were at their disposal to work out their destiny.   TheyUwie. ^
chose to disregard this course and, true to   their   un- j   c A l!iggar of* ()*Uawa assistail,
civilized   natures,   preferred an appeal to brute force. I superintendent of the geodetic survey
VT ., , ., * .      .i  ,_.��_./._��� branch of the federal government,  is
Now they must abide by the consequences. .     ln Victoria.  Mr. Biggar  win  spend
While making such an ado about his rights to citi-lsome time m this vicinity doing tr<-
zenship under the Union Jack, the Hindu evidently yette%^wTfc^A^
has to learn what being a British subject means.   Theltronomer, on departmental matters.
XV.   A.   Newlon.  the  new
chances are he will receive considerable enlightenment
along that line in the very near future, particularly with j soli and .crop commissioner, wi
regard to that phase of the question which deals with S^rJ^S *t{Kt2H
resistance to the guardians of His Majesty's peace.
All things considered, the undesirables aboard   the1
vho will
in    the
province    this    month.    Mr.    Newton
graduated  at  the   Macdonald   college,
, in   the province  of Quebec,  and  has
Komagata Maru have received exceptionally fair treat-i been acting as a district represents.
ment since they arrived on this coast in a vain attempt!,ive in th;" er��vl����\
to force themselves on British Columbia.   In the first!
making the manufacturing cost $250,
! 000. but they sold .'1,(100.000 feet of
j that film for 25 cents a foot
Early this year were noticed the
(first signs of the process of interesting the investor lo a greater extent iu
I the moving picture industry. The As
[sociated Provincial Picture Houses
made ii public Issue in Kngland; the
Mutual Film corporation was financed
by members of the New York stock
exchange; an offering of
stock ��ith a bonus of common of tlit-
had   been   given   by   the  immigration
Under these conditions, especially
in tlie case of ships bringing unusuul-
l.v large lists of passengers, considerable time elapsed before the travelers
were enabled to file down the gangplank, and, consequently those
aboard ships making a comparatively
short stay were prevented from Invading the business section of the
preferred cit-' am* laki"Kr in the sights
'The   immigration     officers
in   the
Reliance company was sold privately;rase **���' t������<, Pacific Coast steamship
hy a Willi Streel house; and Canada ! ?��ve���or* whl(h arrlvt'<' ll���Jp.ol't -N*���*
followed   suit   with     an     offering   of
$800,000 7 pe: cent, cumulative preferred shares at par with a bonus of
100 per cent, in common stock of the
United Motion Picture Theatres. Limited. The object of tile Associated
Several parties are down the valley Provincial Houses, with capital ol"
ii i       ti _i     *     i       i t ! from   I_lko   --taking  for oil    on     both    ��500,000,   and   whicli   offered   to   the
place they were not wanted.   They, or their leaders, knew 252. ��� ae boiSdiS toe.  a Pa5 British   invest,,,*   400,000   ordinary
SUCh tO be the Case.     At any  rate, they learned  the tone .of Eureka business men have staked! "hares  mid     100,000    non-cumulative,
nf foolirio* oWrlv afroi- triPir nrrivfll at Vnnr*m_vpr  Whpn  a bl- stre,ch of co"ntr>'around Flag, non-participating  6  per cent   perfer-
oi ieenng snoitiy aitei men amvaiai Vancouver, wnen gtone   Cranbrook and   Eik0   pe0pie|ence shares ai par, was to acquire
they ran out of water and provisions these were supplied
_t present, the contest now standing a
'.ie, one game more to be played on
���he Penticton ground, on the 27th. The
| earns seem to be pretty evenly match.
ed, as each has a game wen hy only
e  run  to  its credit.    Mrs.  A. Town
people | Pn
have staked the Scott ranch at Roos-  properties in  Great  Ilritain.    and    to
vllle  and  the  Roosville  valley    from  creel   thereon   and   operate  cinema to-
the boundary line to FYultlands farm, graph theatres and cafes, and to pur-
*    *   * I chase  from   n   parent   company     one
\ sum of $25 is the prize for which ] freehold  property and options to  buy
PgntlctOI) and Peachland are striving   and  lease  eight   other properties,  for
to them.   Even when they undertook to resist the police,
they were safe from reprisals.   Though every officer on
the Sea Lion, which was made the target of a storm of
missiles from the immigrant ship the other night, had a
rifle with him, not a shot was fired, which fact says a
great deal for the forbearance of the constables and the
conception of law and order in Canada as compared with j -,n
what the Hindus prate so much about.   Had the police Lave the home team a present of
so chosen, they could have poured such a fusilade across   or "������"���������*s: *lK. la,st ;a"u'
the Komagata's decks that not a man could have lived i   Reports by wire to the fores; branch
under the fire, but they did not, and to this forbearance ^Velfe^^t^vwTX"��� o��t
under stress of circumstances the dishonorable crowd! country the weather is very hot and
aboard the Japanese ship owe their lives ��_2\L!*"8SK Smi���
Certainly,  the  Komagata  Maru  Hindus have Settled   fires are reported in the timber area   are mortgaged, and the'eompany v
the East Indian question for a good many years, at least iSp^p^SfS '". ils a,-"*'**1*>��* career with
��. _,   �� *   * une line of t.ie t-rand Trunk Pacific.      nothing  substantia] on  which  to  fall
SO far as Canada IS concerned. ���   ��   ��� tack for raising money, If need ar _es
Another pressage of early construe-j If the  Provincial  directors  wished  to
________________________ ' tion work on the Kamloops-Okanagan   expand their business, it la a pity they
.branch of the Canadian Northern rail-! did not increase their capital   Instead
An eighteen-inch vein is reported from a Sandon  JJ'V"the p^*5;:'"*? ����� Vernon of s.
mi    _        ��� ���   i a    j        i-i i ��� "���    s-vkes-   of    \ ancouver.    assistant
mine.   That vein might develope into a money-making chief engineer of the Canadian Nor
artei'V Vet. 'lnern  railway.    Mr. Hykes  is confer-
day afternoon with over _00 passengers aboard, adopted a new plan.
Whereby those passed were given a
Check and allowed to come ashore
without being detained at the head of
the gangway. Had the regulations
been strictly enforced this large number of passengers would have been
forced to stay on the vessel for au
hour, with the result that much business wouM have been lost to Victorians. The new system worked most
satisfactorily and will probably be
continued on passengers steamers arriving  at   Victoria   in   the  future
Accountant. Telephone K447. Rood
22   Hail   Block.
P. li. SMITH. Auditor and Accountant. Telephone 364. 211 Westminster Trust lluilding.
nnd third Tie-Nduv in .uch month at *.
p.m. In the I_SbOr Temple. A. J. ChriM-
mim. IU, (.((ui ��� David Boyle, Past Dictator; \V. J. droves*. Secretary, 211
Westminster Trum Bulldlnst.
B. P. O. E. of D. f... met-ui fir. t unit
third Friday at . p.m.. I.-ibor Temple.
Seventh and Royal nveiiue. A. W--ll_.
Oray. Exalted Ruler; P. H. Smith. Secretary.
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODOE NO. 27���THE
resrular meetlnK of Amity I__.ls. . 'No
2", I. O. O. !'.. ix held everv Monrinv
nlRht at 8 o'clock In Odd Fellow.' Hall
corner Carnarvon und Eighth Street*,'
Visit Ins brethren cordially Invited
11. W. Saunter, N.O.; J. L. Watson
V.O.; W. C. Coatham. R.Q.. recontini.
wcr.tnry;   J.   W.   McDonald,   financial
W. E. FALES * CO.. 612-618 AGNES
street, opposite Curneirle library. Most
up-to-date funeral parlors In the citv
Specialists In shipping. Lady assistant
in attendance. Always, open. Day Dhoti*
IT��,   iilsht   phone   SI. ^
t-r & Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral directors
an t embalmers, Parlor* 405 Columbia
street.   New   Westminster.     Phone  |S]
sor Hoard of Trade ti ts In the board
room, ( Ity lln.il. us follows: Tblni !>l-
(t.iy of each month, Annual meetings
on tha third Friday of February, c ||
Stuart   Wade,  secretary.
rlsters. Solicitors, etc. 40 Lome ��treet
New   ..CHimlnster.    (j. -.;.  ( .,rbou! 1.   K
<-���    J.   H.  Grant    A. K.  McColi
S_"*yjAW   Stolicltor,   etc.      Solicitor   fur
tne Bank of Vancouver, Offices: Mer*
enants Bank Building, Hev Westminster, B. iv Telephone No. 1070. Cable
r-.na.ess 'Johnston." Code Western
I. nlon.
Icltor, etc.,   Colllster Block, corner Col
iiiinhi.i   nmi   MeKensIn    streets      \*.��
Westminster, K C. P. 0. Box 285  fsla-
whlch the vendors also secured other]
options, mul intends to open at least!
26 theatres.   The Provincial company, I
which  in  three years paid  dividends
aggregating 50  per cent, on  its ordinary  shuns,   will  direct  and   manage j
tlu- new company, and in addition to j
its payment for administration, it will'
receive remuneration of 1" per cent. '
on the net profits after providing for
preference dividends:
Commenting on this issue, the Lon-
Ion Statist said: "Though the capital is aid to be safely Invested iu
real   estate,   many   of  the   properties
u^d ENO'S
slde���Barristers and Solicitors Westminster Trust Hik. Columbia street
.*.>�������� Westminster, it C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union, r o
Drawer   zoo.     Telephone   81.     w    j
WhUe.id''' '  "'  '"  tMmond".   O,
J- .*- ll.WKi.i. CLUTE, BARRISTtSR-
st-law, spile tor, etc. corner Ci I imbla
and McKensle streets. Hew Westminster, h. c.    p. O, Box 112.   Telephone
ring  with  a  special  committee of the
city    council    concerning    crossings.
of floating another company, it would
bave heen a surer guarantee of their
confidence In cinematographs if they
pursued   their  policy  of  forming
is an efficient
means of prevention   in fever
condition*.     It is
NOT a cure   for
FEVER,   but   by
keeping the liver
working,  li  prevent* lhe
accumulation ot pouon ia
the   blood   winch,   whan
allowed (o continue unchecked,
u_lit develop into Feret.
Order a   Lottie TO-DAY from
your dealer.
Prepared only by
J. C. ENO. Ud..   ���* Frail Sail"
Wark*. LONDON. Eaelaad.
A teat* for Canada >
Herald F. Hitch,. & Co . Limited
10 McCaul St.. TORONTO
a   single   large   organization   wherebl
Point Grey is going to use up three hundred barrels| Jffi68 and ,he rou'"throu!!h lhe clty
of fluid in oiling its roads, which should help to keep some:
of Point Grey's real estate at home.
The death took place at the Nicola i
v'alley  general   hospital  on   Saturday i
  i Of Nurse  Ksther  I.inner,    caused    bv '
T .       . ,     . ,    , .. .      ,  , hemorrhage of    the    stomach.    Miss j
Revelstoke    has    decided   to   license ltS bartenders.  Linner had been a nurse in the Nicola
When will some enterprising  town   set  an example byivValley '-'(-."evra! l?f8p!'1al���for ��T?rutW0
.. . .       , ���.   ,' ���& ' J , years and  had  Bhe lived  would  have
licensing ltS bOOZe fighters . j graduated next spring.   The deceased i
  i lady had been suffering for ry.me time '���
| with  the complaint which carried tier
The government experimental dry farm near Quil- ��ff ""d for which she was operated,
chena is said to be a great success.   It might be a good upon prevlous "'1,rr deaUl-
On  Friday last  Horace    Quince,   a j
lad employed at the Klk Lumber com- i
pany.  of   Fernie,   as   water   boy.   met '
with   an  accident   which   proved   fatal]
in   a   few  hours.    The  boy  was  play-
Ing during    an    Intermission    around \
some machinery    when   his coat    be-
came tangled  around  a shaft and  he
was  drawn  In  and    thrown    around, \
breaking  his  leg  nnd    inflicting    In- |
ternal   injuries   whicli   resulted   in   his I
place to send some chronic "wets."
Somebody has perfected an invention to send photo-
eraphs bv wire. Some of the ones that travel bv mail are
bad enough.
It is rumored that the Dominion M. P.'s are going
fo ask for a raise in their salaries. Some of them should
be thankful they have jobs at all in these times.
PHONES: 15 AND 16.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Cemenl,
Washed Gravel and the Uest Concrete Sand in B.C.
Lime, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and the hardest and
toughest crushed rock in the country. Rip-rap
Rock a specialty.
Btr_Srto5_ :,""* *���"���"->'��� Offices. Hart
.t.i-  i>*(*   ""rnK ���treat, New Westicitn.
M'-i.l'AK.UK. MARTIN & CA����XdT
Marrtstsrs and Bsllcltors. 605 ���,, ,.-,j
Westrnlnster Trust Block, u. E Martin,   W.   U.   Mcguuiiiu   urnl   Ocunto* 1.
( .IH..;I_V.
The opposition is blaming the government for the
financial stringency in Canada.   It doesn't matter what
Anyone inakiiv; the trip to Orovllle
sannot have failed to notice the wide
area of vacant and uncleared lands
throughout the valley traversey by
the railway.   There is a large acreage I
party's in opposition, it always tacks that charge on the I?11,11 waiting ror the hand of man to
, I,.,*..'   .      <'      ��� ,   .    -i bring   into  subjection  nnd  production.!
administration S coat tails. At Orovllle a broad expanse of land
  Is still In its primitive stale,  produc-
Up near Ashcroft there's a body of water called Kelly! orfhfi *X%ol*iX�� SSStSi \
lake which is getting a reputation for trout.   A fellow an<3 south of the boundary line are ira-
should be able to catch some good Irish stew in a pool jraen8e' ... '
with  that  name. j     Forest fires caufe an immense pro- I
  I perty loss in Canada every year, and
this loss is all too frequently accom-1
Following the organization of a brewing company I panied by loss of nre. The great ma-1
at Prince George, comes news of the formation of a water Kjg d��J_��tff in'SSr 'S "Wt I
company.   It seems to be a close race between the two preventable. They are due to foolish-!
m-PHt f-iflinn-* 1111 H-ioro ,le"K' or ;ls ll  ralght  '"'    stil1    more
gieat racuons up tneie. trulv eXp,.e89Qd, t0 criminal negiig.
ence.   They originate largely from the j
biiriviii*. over of cleared land  in  dry,
. , ���     1 , weather, from fires left unextlnguish-!
thev gain control of the country, reprisal and revenge j ea by campers Knd  from cigar and!
'.natclies   thrown
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd.
Manufacturers of
Modern   Saw  and  Shingle   Mill  .Machinery,  Canning  Machinery
line  and   Distillate   Engines.
Repair Work of All  Kinds Promptly Executed.
SYNOPSIS   OP   COAL   MINIM;   11!���;< *U-
COAL MINING rmln. of (in- Domhrtci.
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and AJbsrta,
the ViiKim Territory, tha Northwest Territories and in a portion of lbs Provlncs
nt Hritiwi Columbia, may be leased for ,1
term of twenty-one years nt an annual
rental ot tl an acre. Not more than _..'.n.
acr.-H will tn, leased to oik- applicant
Application ter a lease must bs mads
by 11,i- applicant In person to the Afceiil
��� ir Bub-Agent or tba district in winch tne
rights applied   for un- situated.
In surveyed  territory the lami must  ba
described  by  sections,  or  legal  sub-dlvl-
1. iuiii ui  sections and  in unsurveyed  ter-
j rltory the tracl applied for Nhall ur itaksrt
.   ui bj.   the applicant himself,
1:.nn application  huihi be accompanied
! by a fee t,t j_ which win be refund*! if
1 the rigius applied  for are not available,
but  not  otherwise,     A   royalty  shauTbs
paid  on  the  merchantable output  ot the
mine at the rate of five cents t��-r i_.r,
I   i*lio   pemon   operating   th.    min.    shall
rurnlsn   the   .\g"nt   with   iworn   returns
accounting  for  the  full quantity  of  merchantable  coal   mined  and  pay  the  royalty  thereon.     If  tie-  coal  mining  rim,!..
arc not li, nig operated such returns should
00 ru.nl_.ied al   lenst  01  s year
The  lease will  Include tl oal   mining
right*  only,   but   the   lessee   will   be  !������ r
in.ited   (,,   purchase   whatever   available
���" "������   'IflU   mas     mnsldered   tu .-. -���
-i.(   for the working of tl,.- mins si   the
rate ol   ! ,,i  an a, re
I'-,* [mi Information application .h.ui.i.
��� '"' man;  lo the  Secretary of the  Depart-
I ,;"1"  "r  ;i'"  tub rlor,  Ottawa, or to anv
, Agent  or Sub-Agent  ol   Dominion  Lands.
��� W   w. COR?
1'; luty Minister of the Interioi
!     f��.B     1 nnuthorlsed  publiontion  of  ti.i..
adv. rtlReroenl will not be paid for
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Rills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want it, in any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
The Mexican Constitutionalists promise that
��� _
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
will not he permitted.   And they expect the world to be- ^"j^
lieve that with Villa at the head of the army down there,
butts   and
The hoard of trade and other bodies interested will
have the support of every public-spirited citi/.en in the
movement to secure the granting of the timber tract in
Surrey for a park.
An Ottawa despatch says that Canada loses fifty
The people of Wo ids l.ake do not :
I think they are getti ig a square deal
regarding a new schjol hou.se. as the
government want to -,ut up anothei
Bhack alongside th_ present one. i
Why can't tiiey have is good a building aa Rutland, Ellls.n or Peachland?
[They have more pujdla than either oi
' the  two  latter,  and   .inly  three  fewer
than the former, ani as there   is no
.... ., ,    ��� . .        ,,m *    place iu the province with better soil
���millions a year through insect pests, there are some and climate, the population is sure to
other pests, not of the insect brand, who cost the country im-r(j*'K*1 '���>��� '^ps md hounds when
ouite a bit too.
the long-looked   frr C.  .\7   it.  branch
I from Vernon to Kelowna Is built,
Pres  aad 0*al
w. r. H. BUCKUN.
��� ___. an* Tims
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. .   and 17?
New Wellington
Office, 554  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Residence:  Room IIS McLeod Block
I'hone 489 L.
' MONDAY,  JULY  20,   1914.
i work of a moment to remove the ob-
jstruction and thus relieve the pres-
i sure.    I knew that relief would be in-
JM AJ_)E MAN OF* RRIITP sta",an*jm,H-am! ��� ***nui |n th('lea8t
I surprised to find the patient thorough-
, ly   normal   and   rational   the   moment
: he came from under the influence of
��..-,_. , | the anaesthetic.    1 might add that the
_.ran2e Case of Prisoner in New Jer  prived  of  his  liberty  for tlie    stated | incision was sewed up. and from that
I period. I moment   he   never   had   the   slightest
���oy    Prison���Once    a    Chattering
Maniac,   Now   Human   Again.
Fiction  has supplied  nothing stran
ger than the case of Jonas Sziluly, a
Prominent Merchant Thinks His lift
Was Saved By  "Fruit-a-thies".
I.kysdai.e, Ont., June 15th. 1913.
" I am n general storekeeper at the
alio ve address, and on account of the
Those  who testified    against    him I trouble."
could   only   say   that   they   saw   him j Another   strange   Case.
strike the fatal  blow, although  none      ,.,, ,       __   .    .���,, .        - ---���, -. -������
could or would tell what prompted Its'     "^ J��� "T" P^     '      Aed S.      ?��? I h*Ve ��Pe:,enced fronJ
SS? *% JSotauS, J��2�����   St   the   hospital   today   who great boon to me, I can tell you. for
... 'nn     Th��  mnrriort-r  m.H.,  ,,��  _iiUr.,���i   * '*���  similarly  affected.    Of  11   promi-,   aliout two years ago, I was laid up in
man  now   rounding  out a  thirty-year' �����____����� ���__*_^_���^___-'_*____?* __mt  familv  here, he  oroved  to  be a    bed with vomitine and a terriBc oain
term in the New Jersey state prison at
Tri num. Dual personalities there have
been a plenty, but his possesses none
of tlie fanciful characteristics   of   a
to escape, nor would he utter a single
I vet liable little demon.    1 decided that
word at his trial. He was a mute, sto-i ... . . .    v,_.in
lid   and   brutish   murderer   who    ha(1 j something was pressing on Mfbrto.
wreaked his vengeance, and apparent- >"   'f rfd-   ?u,re eTh*. ,  ^ r Lnv
, ,.-,        .  .    .1     . . i   a little piece of bone  which  I remov-
lv  was  iiidifrerent to the  rate await-      '    .,   y t��*i    .  11 ... .,,.,_���
1 ed.    He Is a norma   little fe low  now,
Jekyli and  Hyde.    Instead  the  nieta-ji"g him.    That he escaped the death ...
nmr-itiosiH  of   a  wild,   untamed    and ' ('hair was only due to the recommend-  ?.      **   *"", ���""*,fe   wl"  never  cause
I atlon   for   mercy   made   hy   the  jury,
which, while never in doubt as to his
guilt,   maintained   that   nothing   had j l,i* j��re_ntH ���**" very Promin*nt h"e
been presented  to prove the    motive
prompting the killing.
Surgeon  Shows Interest.
A lew months ago the'case of Jonas
appealed so strongly to Dr. Martin W
Dent  family  here, he proved  to  be a    bed with vomiting and a terrific pain
at the base of my skull. The pain
nearly drove me mad. Doctors feared
it would turn to Inflammation of the
Drain, but I took "Pruit-a-tives"
steadily until I was cured. I have
gained fifteen pounds since taking
"I'mit-a-tives", and I verily believe
they saved me from a disastrous ill-
"***"��� J. A. CORRIVEAC.
50c. a box, 6 for (-.50, trial size,
2,c.���or sent postpaid on receipt of
price by Pruit-a-tives Limited, Ottawa.
his   parents another  moment  of  anxiety.    No, I won't tell you who he is.
and he has been a source of mortification  to  them  for a  long  time,  but,
lie is all right now."
But Dr. Crane, the prison physician,
and Mr. Madden, the warden, had far1
more to say about the operation and
him.    A   woman   was  in   trouble,  be-
brutleh creature into a strikingly human alien whose sole purpose in life,
seemingly, is to lighten the burdens
of fellow unfortunates, has been
brought about by the surgeon's scalpel.
Picture a short, thickset but powerfully built man, one of a squad of convicts   tolling   cheerfully  at   the   task
before him as he
ol  a  weird  and
folk song. At his       ^^^^^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
mic md frail young man, utter hope-1 dan  is one of the  board of    visiting ! "*".,..        , .  , .. "Certainly   I   never   killed   anybody
lessness depicted    in    his    careworn   physicians at the state prison, and he        ^h,n Jonas was taken to the op*   before:  ��� was never ������ trouble in my
and  bloodless face. 1 luva-iuhly  looked  Jonas  over  in   the ' "attog room,   the physician said,  .he   lifej for j ,,ad a good mother and fa-
Al Intervals the cheery little man ! course of his official visits So deeply ' Clutched in his tremendous hand a ther and they raised me carefully. My
pauses in his work to lend a helping , interested did he become in the case|"ul�� book* We .C0UJd not tell what, Ht,. wltu my wife and boJ. wag Very
hand to the youth at his side, always ; that it was noticed that Dr Iteddan ' lt wils' for h'*s hand '8 so blg tha.t , happy, and I came to this country be-
ready with a word or encouragement I soon became a daily visitor at the!ca" COmpwtaly cover a baseball In ; Having better opportunities awaited
to Fpur his fellow convict on so that prison, and It was always Jonas fori"*8 clHnched rl8t- Klfteen minutes af-.me here and ti,at we might grow old
**************** m**m^*^ma ' ter he came from under the Influence  together  and   come   to  own   a   little
of the ether he looked up at us and home of our own. If I have to stay
smiled. Unclasping his hand, he re- j h,,le for twentv-seven years longer I
vealed   a   little  prayer  book.    Where | ��������������� try to ma*^ the best of it.   They
Brainy at   tne  utskiKeddan. one of  New  Jersey's  tore-liTT^.-.*' Ii_h_^_r___Va*!^*T___^___u^__wi ^S murdorod. perh��ps, and tbe vtolon
softly hums the airLjOSt brain specialists and surgeons.! , ���h told a sto v tl at substan- ��f W ""* *" a ��lmilar P**Kht rla8n**d
plaintive Hungarian that he determined to do what be LeTtte oMl�� Tthe minutest de- before me, and that is why i ran to
side works an anae-1 co���irt to solve the mystery.    Dr. Red- tail herald.
*\tr     mnn       111 t it r    Vi/-__���__!_._ '   .1 __        _._.____-__ m .... I      * ..,.--���.   1 ��� <    ��� 1 1
iie <an escape a reprimand at the I whom he asked when he called thus
bunds of the prison guard.   Tlie youth  unofficially.
softly thanks the Samaritan at his I)r Re_dan closely interrogated
side and for a while returns to bis 6ver, attendant and convict, who
wort with renewed vigor, but .oon he Lme  ������  dally  contact  with  the  pris
|:,r, ., 0   ami    u-ll��_     .,,.,1    o_-_l.,    ��� _,<,   l...l���
(Non-Personal   Liability i
502 Westminster Trust Block.
New Westminster, B.C
Incorporated under "Companies
Act" with Capital of $800,000 divided
into 800.000 shares of $1.00 each.
On and after 2:00 p.m. of Wednes-
I day, the 1'L'nd day of July, 1914, sub-
I scriptions will be received at the
! office of the Westminster Trust Com-
i pany, New Westminster, B.C., or the
off(Ce of the Company, 502 Westminster Trust building, New Westminster. B.C., for an issue of 7795 debentures of $50.00 each, not bearing interest.
These debentures are to be sold at
pur aud the payment Is guaranteed by
the Westminster Trust Company at
its office. New Westminster, on the
1st day of July, 1922, or at the option
of the purchaser these debentures
may be exchanged at any time before
maturity for shares at par in the
above Company.
To Surrender his debenture on or
before the ,1st day of July, 1922. aud
receive in exchange for the same 50
fully paid up shares of $1.00 each In
the capital of the Company. If he
does not choose to surrender hiB debenture by the above date, the Westminster Trust Company will on Its
maturity on the let day of July, 1922,
pay him $50.00 on the delivery of it to
the debenture.
The advantage to the Purchaser Is
tbat if the Company is successful In
ipsfes and wilts, and again the help- ��������� whom he |nv8riably found skulk
lng  hand is willingly lent. ,ng undPr a bed     If accompanied  by I ["
Plow of His Fist Kills. Dr,   crane   the   surgeon   noticed   that! infipm���r.
The Samaritan Is a thirty-year man tne conv*ot W0Uld crawl from his hid   "mrma �����
who killed  his victim  with a blow of ,���-   place   aI���,   approach   th<-
hi-   powerful  right arm.    Speedily  lie
ivaa  '.ried and     convicted    and    sentenced  to  what  miglit  he  interpreted
as :; life term, for few men who have
passed   life's   thirtieth   milestone
vive such a term behind prison bars.
Although a murderer nnd three years
of  the  thirty-year   term   behind   him,��� orougly  that Dr.  Keddan  saw  light
i Dr.   Crane   the   surgeon   noticed   that
lis hld-
physician, at times raising  his hands
; lo his head and vigorously waving or
'revolving them, as it to indicate there
was something tlie matter with that
portion of his anatomy, lt was in
the course of one of these visits when
[the prisoner was gesticulating so vig-
he got it I haven't the slightest idea,jhilve  been  very  kind  to  me and  the
unless  some  fellow  convict,  knowing  prisoners are just as good  to me a.s
that   he   was  going  to  the  operating; tlie warden. the doctors and the keep-
ble slipped it to him as he left the  ers     They an  Uke Joila!ii  and Jonai,
likes them."
"Opening the  book  Jonas  began  to      Here Jonas abrutly terminated  the
; read in broken Knglish passages from : interview to hurry to the side of his
the  Lord's Prayer.    Imagine our con-1 fellow convict, the boy, who was try.
���tarnation, for ln all the three years j ing to keep pace with his co-workers.
; thi*-* man Mad been under our care he i The  old   lasigor  was    assailing    him
, hud never been heard to utter a word   again.    Jonas'  quick  eye had  detect-
i that  anyone  in  the  prison  could   un-!ed the symptoms, and he was at his
I dorstand. side to spur him on and help him  if
Is Now a Model Prisoner. | necessary.
"Szikely is a very well educated
man," said Aleck, a Hungarian, who
is  doing a  "life  hit"  in  the  Trenton
which the directors may proceed U>
allotment of shares is $250.00, each
share of the minimum subscription to
be fully paid.
The number of shares which have
been issued or agreed to be issued ae
fully or partly paid up, otherwise than
iu cash, is $400,000, and the consideration for which tbe shares have been
or are proposed to be Issued is the
assignment (subject to the consent of
the Minister of the Interior and to the
provisions of the regulations) to the
Company of., four applications for
leases of the. Petroleum aud Natural
Gas Rights made under the provisions
of Section 3 of the Regulations approved by Order-ln-Council, dated the
19th day of January, 1914, in approximately 760 acres of land on the North
side of the Kraser River, New Westminster District, of which 73 acree
are Bast of Pitt River, and the balance in the vicinity of Hatzic Prairie,
and the names and addresses of the
Vendors of the said right*, are Mary
Ann Ashby, New Westminster, widow;
and Joseph Rowan Grant, New West-
minsaer, barrister, and each of these
parties is to receive 200,000 fully paid
up shares in the Company.
The Articles permit a commission
of 15 per cent, ou the sale of shares.
The estimated amount of preliminary' expenses Is $1,000.00.
The dates and parties to every material contract are: Mary Ann Ash-
by and Company, dated 13th July,
1914; Joseph Rowan Grant and Company, dated 13th July, 1914; Westminster Trust Company and Company,
dated 14th July, 1914; and these con
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ tracts may be inspected at the office
Its oil  operations  he  may  surrender |0f   tbe   Company,   502   Westminster
his debenture and obtain shares in
the Company and receive the benefit
of the increased price for shares
which should arise from the Company's operations, if successful, but if
the Company is not successful In   Its
Trust Block. New Westminster, B.C.,
at any time during office hours.
The auditor of the Company is
Sydney Sutherland Malcolmson. New
Westminster, B.C.
The Articles state that the shares
this  convict  can   tell   vou  nothing  of,      .        . ....,.,,,_ _    .,...,  ,
the crime he committed ,������ the dream-     The two PnyBldafi. returned to the;     I asked him now he felt    splen.
stances attending it.    For three years 1�������* of Mr- Maodon' wl*"r*' Dr Red-| did.    eame  the  ready  response     lhat
ii      iiind was a total blank, and, worse a*"-   �����������*   '���"J***   f",'. lhin!< , ' I T^ ?bi? 'J'Xtor __Td stoned tt_f��   P����� <��* *���ler.    "1 know him per-
still, he has been  bereft of every hu- call CUr8 Jonas Szikely Of hto malady.   ^^"^^K' "' tap��  better  than  any  other  prisoner
All 1 need Is your permission to oper-; -ul engine mat w_s aiwaj puftmg aud |__5 ,  _ ,u��� ,J,,  ���������,,��� ,_
ate on him." i snorting and grinding in  my head
man attribute, seemingly a chattering.
crawling vicious brute, who quailed In j
i and have seen the letters he sends to
the presence of his fellows and skulk-1     "What  is  the  nature  of  the  opera-
ed beneath the beds and into any audition'''' asked  the warden.
"Then be turned over and  went to
sleep and for hours he lay there tran-'.
his wife.    He writes a fine hand and
he   knows   books���Hungarian   books���
operations, he can hold his debenture, ] are under the control of the directors
and by the surrender of his debenture i and  the directors have  power  to  Ig.
on the 1st day of July. I!t22. receive   gUP debentures,
back the $50.00 paid. Each of the  directors  being    part
The Company has arranged with the 1 owners of the above described rights.
Westminster Trust Company for the | and who are also promoters of the
redemption at maturity of these de- j Company, are to receive from the
bentures so that the purchaser will be j allottment of 400,000 fully paid up
amply protected. I shares aforesaid. 100,000 fully paid up
The Company has   purchased   four | shares,
applications for leases lor Petroleum',    The Company reserves the right to
Oil and Natural Gas    Rights    in    ap-, -vilhdraw   tne   Bald   debentures   from
proximately   ibo acres    in    the    P"t j sa]e at any time.
Meadows and Hatzic Prairie portions      Dated 14th July   1914
Of New   Westminster District, and it       For further part-*cular8 write or a-_
is the intention of the Company    as   p,y    to   Eureka   on Wells.   Limited.
I soon us  funds are  available to bore ^Non-Personal    Liability),    502 West-
he came to us."
craw! at the  approach  of fellow   conlt'.e    man's  brain."    the    surgeon   re
vie*, or keeper. )p!U*d.    "I   purpose  lo  remove  it."
Kor three years prison keepers and;     "What  are  the  chances  or his sur- i .. . .. .   . ���       d-
fellow convicts were untiring in their j viving   the  operation?"     the     warden> <"���*�������� the case  of Jonas.  Hi   add
dii.l  and  still, the' first  peaceful  and 'j better than any maul know" ������-.-._���-)-_.     ���   *    -----
restful slumber he had enjoyed  since   . *!*����� ������� ��*- *��gg animal u. those 1 for oil to these WrtrlcU  commencing   m!nster Trust Block,    New  Westmin-
i days." Baid  Aleck. "He. was harmless, (in the Hatzic Prairie District.
Dr, Crane waxed enthusiastic as he |
"That  1  can't tell  until   I   make an
efforts to solve the mystery surrounding this little giant. In all that
time he was never heard to utter a
Word  Intelligible  tO any  ear.
In   this   prison   are   upward   of   1.400 , ..-.���.-.   -_..   .  _,    ���	
convicts, and aliens among tin 111 were' < hance and think, in the cause of I111 'lile
ed   that the  prisoner  is tlie  model  ot
the institution today, and that there is | ���t_r"Vl,:__
-------------------------------------- ___________________________   ._   1 ster, B.C.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I it  is  true, but  we  were  all  afraid  of       The qualification of a director is the       A c()py of lhig progpectU8 nas been
him,  tor  we  never  knew   what form , holding of one share in the Company, j pied wft|,    tjje    Registrar    of    Joint
his   nianl?   might   take.     He   waB   so laud the Company's  Articles    provide I Stock Companies, pursuant to Section
lat he could pick up two ordi- (that the remuneration of the directors I S9 0f tjje "Companies Act."
-    _.   ,m. r._.nn to .innht tint fie hnmri ��.f ;nary"ilzed men and swing them about | shall from time   to   time    be   deter
���?y'i. '���!.,t-i!iS.  "���M?.*2 K.'! ominend the release of the prisoner on!**��.w     _He, '"^J1���.������  *".?__�� _-*����* I """.V"!,
mi   willing   to   take
an,   anil   there   isn't   a   prisoner   In 1    The names,    descriptions    and    ad I
pressed into service with a  view of Insanity that it ought to be done at
,, "h_��� WW ,ii,?  *���", i". -JiuiS ,���; * this  penitentiary   who    doesn't     hope \ dresses of  the directors or proposed   ECREKA OIL WELLS. LIMITED.
.(-'> rtainlng what tongue this strange ! one .
-wild creature  ipoke,    All  gave it   up.;    The warden und tiie house physician
The warden of tbe prison, Thomas  agreed chat Szikely bad better be de.nl
V7    Madden,   as   well   as   Hr     .1      W.   than  in  his  preseni   condition, and
i;le for what he did when he killed his
man.     Uu.  that  portion  of  the  narrative is best told in Jonas' own words.
"jiy curiosity aroused to the highest
i,   pitch,    1   a.-ked    If   I    might   see   the
and  pray that Jonas will get his par-1 directors are.
tNon-Personal Liability),
New Westminster. B.C.
dun and be able to send for the wife I     Elijah  John  Kader, New  Westmin-!
he  writes to sc regularly." I ster.   B.C.,  manager  of  B. C.  Trans- j DEAR SIR.���
The -eport made to the board of par-1 P��''t Company. Limited. We hereby apply for 	
dons  by the Investigating committee!    Joseph Rowan Grant. New Weetmln-idebentures at  par. and herewith en-
\.     .Manieli,   .1,   wen   as   or.     .i       ��.:i.._.(.   ui   ..._   !,.,,_....   . .,  -..j.   .. creature   whose   case   had   so, ul*"s   "��    ""'   "'""��6ci"-    .n,,;,--.
Crane, the resident physician, had ex-  there   was  a   chance,   no   matter  how  J"���**8lt?,.^fl"y.T��,I^., "^    .hf,   ., U, ,ro,.T,^ l "ame.l to prob*- tV_p otrcnmi.tano��.�� Rur-\ ��ter. B.O.. UarriaVer-at-lav.. i close you 	
msted   every   iniiius   at   their   com-   remote,  Of  restoring  his   reason, thai   ".'"-     '���".'*   BL' "    '     ���,tt'u   ���'       l"u   rounding  Ssikely's case says in part*       Cordon Edward Corbould. K.C.. New   being at  the rate of $50.00  for each
mand to solve the baffling puzzle, so  chance fhould  be taken     Accordingly   v,��1"''   ,';,,', pn.'\<''',,    .���������...   ,.-     .  ,       "from" tiie representations made bv I Westminster. B.C.. barri ster-at-law.         debenture,
lonas Bzlkely was consigned to the In- he waa removed to another portion of; ,.,���./,../',,���.. kJ..,.,.,'  I,,,,,''  ,I''i;ie surgeon and bv tiie prison author-!    The     minimum     subscription     on    i .6641              Yours truly,
nn   try,   when-   it   was   hoped   some  tho  prison  nnd   mad,,  ready   foi   the   ���M'1'*1" -1 " nt.i.kid,   But instead of the ���        ,      j*,.      ,hi ,.   ,,	
���;,,.    null    wnulri    hit    nnH    i,-,.o���   nnorntlnn Chattering   wild   man   you   will     see  a   H"s    .'n"r   < ommuu e    tnil.h    ll    ��a..  _,          ���
lie   Dall    would   .... .    reason   operation, ���,....L.   .ir,,i   ������.,(���.,    h��h_,   ,��-.,,    ��h_��o   unite  pcrssthle  that   tliis   man   mav,  bv
'  ' ' ���*   "���������   _-^.   ...   !��_>   -���,_-..,i  111.,     nu..  (in. c     in     fhp    eommlimtv      and
u^oii   uperiitioii.	
What  followed   i?.
daj   the   pall   would  lift
wi \W	
Tbe warden was Intrusted with the  words of Dr.  Reddan
K" ping of a iiiiin who evidently bad      "1   made an      ^^^^^^^
ni _ome time or another enjoyed in- Bzikely's head.' 'the surgeon
best   told   in   the
inclslcn In the hack of
said,  "a
n  Inches    in I
meek   and   modest   little   man
sols bent in life seems to Le to alleviate the suffering;, ol  those about him.
He  can  do  two  men'.-   work any day.
.ind   he   never  tires  of  helping   those
eld   moments,  or  else   he  could   not crescent  perhaps fourteen  ,.,,.....
have   been   tried   and   convicted   |n   a   length.    1  practically  lifted the top of "bout him.    He is our model prisoner.
court of justice.     Little    or    nothing   the mans bead off, and then. I found,' ���'������*-��� >vlllU' II is DOt f'"  us t0 sa.v what
roultl   be   learned   of   his   earlier   his- t .iu--t   us   1   had   suspected,   a   pieci
torv.    He had killed a man, and judge   lune tlle size of half a dollar that was
must be de-lresting on the brain,   it was but the
and jury decreed that he
.,_ SM.UNO .. OSVC. . - e , e��S����NT. W. O  MATTHSWS, VM-MIUMt*
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
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.... hrin0h of The Dominion B_nk. Uke advantage of our
,r��? If la, M ni'By Mall. It will save you many trips to town
system 0 Banking �� ��� o( ,he advanllics of   s
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of! tbe board of pardons can or will do,
nevertheless we all hope something
ma) be done to restore this man to
bis wiii ami sou who only learned
within tiie last lew weeks that he i.-
liviiii. and well,"
As we eiiteto'l the section ol the
prison where Jonas was employed ever) prlsonei there with the exception
of Jones paused in his work ti) gaze
at the warden and his guests. Jonas
ivas busy and continued his task as
he hummer a native air. As Dr. Crane
called him hy name, lie turned and,
dropping his tools, ran to the physi-
e,mi's side and, seizing his hand, kissed it as lie said: "Ah. dear doctor,
you have taken all the bad noises
out of my head, and I am so happy 1
sing for joy."
Drawing Jonaas aside from the otli-
er prisoners, we sat down for a long
letiai, and this is the story he told me:
"Tlie good  people here in  this pris-1
on tell me that i am a murderer���that He
j i iniiM stay here t.iiriy  years and that
,i lune already been here three years.
I Maybe so   If I must stay I will try to
i he   good   and   happy,   for   the   doctor
there and Mr. Madden have been very
5 I kind to me and I no longer suffer. My
now   living   in
whose   'JUlte pirssible that  this  man  mav,  by*
the blow received at the time of the fnble feeling, and steps are to be taken (lie meetings In the community, and
.-: uggle commenced wherein a man j by *he chamber of commerce, in con-1 on both occasions the people present
was killed, have been at once trans- {Junction with the Barbados and De-1 unanimously protested against the
formed trom a conscious, responsible j merara, to represent to the Canadian/new order and notified the depart-
human being Into the irresponsible government direct "that the admission j ment of the interior of their decision
he has existed I0' non-participating colonies to pref-J but a.s Dr. Roche is away in the west,
erential treatment operates detriment-I no  immediate   reply   is   expected."
to   t.ie   colonies   parties   to   the j     .\lenwhire the schools are closed for
condition  under whicli
un  to the  time of tlie operation, and
while in that condition may have killed a man and  been tried and convict
agreement,   and   Is   contrary     to     its j the  holidavs.  and  do  not   reopen   un-
rims   probably   for  the   first J ti* September but. says Dr. Patton, the
ed without any one realizing his nieu-! sPirit - 	
B 80, of I ame -n O"** history of crown colonies, I teachers have been informed that
the principal commercial bodies, fail- tne!r services here an- no longer re
ing  the  relief  expected   from  official I quired
ml   irresponsibility.     If  this  is
course,   no   -murder   was   committed,
and   now  that the  man   has  been   restored  to himself, he should  receive
a  full  pardon.
"We recommend, therefore, that in-
qury be made Into the circumstances
of the trial and that uu expert examination be made into the man's mental
quarters, will be found acting quite
independently of either the local or
the home government, and negotiating
direct with a British dominion for the
amendment of an Important agreement seriously affecting their mutual
Refused   to   Take   Any   Hand   in
Their  Supposed   Grievance
Against Canada.
Trinidad, July 17.
Strongly  Opposed to  Quebec Government Forcing White Teachers
on Them.
Asked as to the precise grounds
upon which the community objected
to the introduction of the sister. Dr.
Patton said:
First, their schools were in a more
efficient state than they had�� ever
heen before.
Secondly, although the majority of
their people were Roman Catholics,
they did not want any orders iu the
Thirdly,   and   upon   this    ho    laid
gieat stress, the  Indians  were under
| :>.   system   of   compulsory. education.
j which   they   cheerfully   submitted   to
but only so long as they were able
to exercise control over it.
"We do not want the nuns," said
the doctor, "and if the government
forces them upon us we will resist
just as we did before when 1 locked
the door aeainst a teacher .lt*nt in op-
I position to our wishes and refused to
I open them until after he had left."
I'ort   of Spain   	
^         be-'re8erv*
tween   the   Dominion   of  Canada   and
, -u.i  and  his   wife  ure    _ 	
. ecnusylvanta.   I would like to be free In connection  with    thi
to   ....   live   with   them   after  1   make ,   concluded   last   Near
ugh motley  ir in)  deal- wife ^^^^^^^^^^���^���^^M
ii-i:m   Hungary,   that   she.   too,   might
sec the little grandson we have." cettain of th^ 	
���Do you remember anything about  amis und  British Guiana, a  curious
| the murder they say you committed?" Lltuatlon nas arisen.   The agreement
1 asked.
mmmm*    g. 1 stipulated not only that the contract-
Montreal, July 179,   The suggestion
that a convent s'.iail he built on their
Britisli West India isl-
^^^^^^^^^ teaching   purposes
meeting with some opposition on the I
pact   <*���:   the   Iroquois   Indians   on   the j
Caugbnawaga   reserve.     This   is   the
Ottawa, July  17.���The proposal    to
second time that an attempt has been [ appoim [0 tne 8ellate a representa-
made to introduce white teachers | tjVe of labor is receiving a very con-
among  the  Indians.    On  the first oc- j siderable amount of sport, judging by
P3j     Once Bitten���Twice Shy.
ivjs.jjfil Advertising may make a poor article sell for a
while, but the most persistent advertising would
not induce you to make a second purchase of a
thing that turned out to be fraudulent, and the
profit on the first sale would never pay for the
Do you not think the advertisers know this?
They fully realize that the very first essential of
success is to have something worthy, something
that people want and will keep on buying.
If you see a thing advertised regularly week
after-week, year after year, it is safe to conclude
that it possesses actual merit and is well worth
its cost.   *
.mu maybe it was,
oner.^VoZ ^can^ mu^e, ing  ei���o���iss I should  enjoy   preferen.,
but  i can't say."      tlal treatment but that Jamaica. Hon-
Helps  His  Prison   Mate. iduras,   Bahamas,   Bermuda  and   New
I The fragile and anaemic youth who foundland should enjoy the same con-
i had been Jonas' bench mate was i cessions for a period of three years.
I struggling to lift a bench hoard. Jo-1 lt n0\\ appears that in addition to
1 nas    seeing   the   strain   the   boy   was, ti1Pse   colonies,  Canada   is   extending,     To    a
enduring, arose  from  my side, and, equBj  preferential  treatment  to col-  morning ��� _- --- . .....       . . .    .
I SS bf to the bench, lifted toe board, | onies   elsewhere.    without^ reituiring | physician.  ^C^the^new  sug^s- * are ^g^^^^the
nection  with an aplpication  made  by i
the   Indians  for  additional  school  as-1
caslon   a Frenchman was sent down letters which have been received at
by the government but after an excit- Ottawa.    There   are   four   vacancies
ing wordy warfare between the Indig- from omario in the upper house and
mint Indians  and the undesired teach- It is understood that the minister of
er   the latter was withdrawn by  the labor is strongly  in  favor of select-
government   and  the  Incident closed, ing a htbor representative for one of
press    representative   this them, and that his nominee is  Har
Dr   A   C   I'atton, the local i vey  Hall, of Toronto.    Appointments
spoke a word or two in an undertone 1 the corresponding reciprocal terms or
to the hoy, ami returned to the eud, imposing   anv    conditions.    Fiji   and
of the tier where 1 .'.waited him.        ! Mauritius   are   specially   referred   to,
"This   work   is   too  heavy   ior   that   Tlu> principal inducement to the West
poor fellow.' 'he  said, and  then, seat-  India colonies to enter into the recip-
j lng himself at my side, he continued: ' rocal agreement, for which  a consid-
been  in  this  country  but  a|erable sacrifice of revenue was made.
In   their   total   population   ol   about
2.500    there  arc    125  boys  and
girls going to school, each department
two   teachers,   und   when
.: I For   Week   Ending   Sunday,   July   19.
1,0 '   "'  -- Sand Heuds.
High. Low-
Time. Ht. Time. Ht.
uiierce of Trinidad and To-j adapt   it  as  a  residence  for  the   sis-
. .   the  little  villag ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
when a tight stalled in a house near-   ber ol  com
bv    i heard the uproar und then fol- bago sent forward through the gover-jters
ilowed a woman's piercing shrieks ol nor a respectful representation to the
.,,������,���,' secretary   of  state   for  the  colonies.
,m,r"e .m,l   as   Which thev asked should he forwarded | for white people without first receiv
jovernment,"  continued    Dr.
should not build a  residence
IS: 10
17 o; *_>��. lu:20
16::'...  19:20
18 0:50 11:20
17:_0 20:00
Canadian government with the   ing our sanction, that is the law. andUg    i:o(fi2:00
9:18 8.9 4:18
21:48 12.7 14:55
10:40 8.7 5:08
22:17 12.5 15:32
12:18 8.7 5:68
22:47 12.1 16:12
14:01 *..:', 6:47
23:18 11.9 17:01 S.O
15:76 10.2 7:83 3.7
23:40 11.7 18:20 10.0
16:31 11.0 8:15 2.9
19:7.1 1 l "���
0:22  11.6    8:7,1    7 L
f, s
li l'l
7 9
aw.'tv.ei.'wwi ���? ���sm-rrsg-ft
itit*7-';--___-- ������
*l   plunged   Into  the  house.
I entered some oue hit me a t.-rrlilc  to the, R,?4e8ty's govern-1 we ure going to claim our rights. No;	
l0Ww 'nhmft   It    What happened ment    Mr. Harcourt declined to take white person has a right there with-j
!"''""" have no  ltnowledge   or     al- anj  action in the matter, or even to out s  permit, th.* whole ot our 2,500 j     In :\ Are In the early hours ot res-
rtear doctor took the send the representation forward with- people  will resent  this  new  Innova-   terday tnornlng the comparatively new
been out comment.                                        'tion,                                                      ! hcrtSse of U. Holmes, ai  Proctor, fas
This action has araused   oonajder.l   "Twice recently
*h('ii;.'ii since I'.\A	
noi.es  out   cf   my   herd   1   have
I told that I struck a  man and killed
i*e have held pub-: burned to the ground. PAGE  FOUR
MONDAY,   JULY   20,   1914.
Will be in today or Tuesday.
They will be in the best of con-
r.ition for preserving and we believe the price will be as low as
it will  be this season.
have a few* more crates of these
berries in to sell at, per
crate $1.90
Red  Gooseberries,  2  boxes,  15c
Black Currants, 2 lbs 25c
Red   and   White   Currants,   per
pound         10c
Ripe Tomatoes, per lb.   ...   15c
New Potatoes, 12 lbs ,25c
Cucumbers, each       10c
Model Grocery
ion Sixth St. Phone 1001 2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 11111..
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
SOS  Columbia  8treet.
C. S   KEITH, Ma-soer.
Local News
Won Gold Medal.
Miss Kdith M. Burden, who was tl e
leading contestant in the typewriting
contests held at ii business school
from January to June, won a gold
Creditors' Meeting.
A meeting of the creditors of Arthur Bradley, contractor of Hope Station, B.C., and who assigned to J. A.
Rennie. was held a few days ago in
the offices of the Westminster Trust
Briquettes, Brinuettes, cheaper than
coal. Barry Uavis & Co., 'Phones
8S0 and 4111.. (3599)
N. J. Dixon Assigns.
In the current number of the B. C.
(iazette. notice is given of the assignment of Nicholas John Dixon, carrying on business in the Strand cafe of
this city, to John A. Kraser, also a
merchant of this city. A meeting of
the creditors is set for July 23 in the
offices of Adam Smith Johnston at
4 p.m.
Notice of Removal-  XV. F. Tate, re- I
fracting    optician,    has    moved    h'*.* I
optical   parlor    from    the' Dominion I
Trust block to Kilers' Jewelry    store.
Opposite the B. C. K. R. depot. (3657) |
ing grounds on the upper reaches oris
tlie tivir and that the run of fish may
continue   in   future  years.     The   em- |
bargo  will  be  raised  in  time  for the i
lndiuns to secure their winter supply, j
Mortgages���Alfred H*. Mcl.eod.
(3598) ;
Port   Moody   Sells   Bonds.
Tiie I'ort Moody council at ��� recent
meeting accepted the offer of Terry |
Briggs &  Slayton of Toledo. Ohio, for (
tlie JSo.dOO waterworks bond issue at
92.   A Vancouver firm offered to take
$25,000 of the issue at S3 but this was
turned down.
The Kraser Kerry Navigation company's ferry No. 1 is open for charter to excursions and picnics. For
further information apply to Ed.
Falch,  telephone  164. (3600)
Inquiring Into Fish Trade.
K. T. James, a wholesale fish dealer of Toronto, is on the coast to inquire into the prospects of increasing
the Ontario trade in fish from this
province. He spent Saturday in visiting some of the canneries on the Kraser river. He will also go as far
north as I'rince Rupert.
Burnaby Lady Missing.
Mrs. A. Blackman of Burnaby has
been missing from her home since
Tuesday evening, and Mr. Blackman
has enlisted the aid of the police iu
an effort to find her. Mrs. Blackman boarded a Hastings street east
car on Tuesday evening and has not
been heard of since.    She is of stout
���c naizEB
9:30 p.m.
The   Best   Bargains   Ever
Offered Await You
At This Sale
The beginning of our First Sale Week will be crowded with interesting Specials. Be sure you visit this (Jreat Mid-summer Sale if you would save on every
purchase.   No reserve.    Everything   reduced.   Come Monday.
Tiiere is a period ln the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���but it may be
made under wrong influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persona���according to the
deceased's    wish���would    have
shared in the distribution of the
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
Tlie advice ot the Dominion
Trust company in this matter
may be of value to you. All such
discussions are treated in strict
Harbor Soundings.
Kngineers of the North Arm harbor, 0mm^m^m^mmmm^m^^^^^^^^^
commission  spent a dav last  week in 1 build. 47 years of age, and  when last,
^^^^^^ _i.--n   _���.._   dressed   iii   a   yreen   skirt I
rev  coat.!
seen   was
Rose Frances, eld-
taking soundings and making surveys.
of   the   aim   from   the   city   limits   to j and   hat  and   wore  a  long
the   I.uiu   Island    hridge    within    the
port of New Westminster, to find tlie
deptli   of   water  obtaining   there  and
the amount of dredging  which  would
he  necessary  to  make  a  channel  for |
deep   sea   shipping   for   Burnaby   ami ; JORDAN-
South  Vancouver by way of the main i     The marriage of
'est  daughter  of   Mr.  and   Mrs.   P.   .1.
mm^m^^m^m^m^m^mm^m^mm^m^mm^m^     Jordau,   Twelfth   avenue.   Kast    Burn-
A   Public  meeting to  be addressed I aby,  to  Kenneth   Russell   Mallen,  son
v  Vice-President Bancroft of Trades I of Mrs. Ellen Mallen, Morrishurg, On-1
nd  Labor Congress of Canada, will ; tario, took place on Saturday  at ten j
I he held under auspices of Trades and , o'clock.    The young couple left Tor a j
I Labor council, Tuesday evening, July j honeymoon  on   Vancouver'Island  and!
21,   at   8   o'clock,  in   the   lower  hall,   on   their   return   will   reside   in     this
Labor   Temple.    Admission   free.     D. I city.    The groom is employed   in  the
S. Cameron, president. (3673) I office  of  the   city   treasurer    and   is
  | well known as a member of the New-
Hours for  Irrigating. , Westmin. ter   ice   hockey   team.
An official notice, advising holders	
of   water   permits   for   irrigation   pur- _
poses,  that water must  only  be used ! C        '    1    n-,J     |Ja-_����__~_.*-i1
during the hours s-pedried  -   .U Social ana   rersonal
        on     the
:3(J to 8:30 a.m. and 6 to 8
p.m., has been issued from the city
hall. Disregard of these injunctions
will be followed by cancellation of,
permits, lt is urged by many householders that the hours specified are
unsuitable as during these hours the
,-un is shining brightly.
ociai ana   rersona
T.   Kirk   recently   returned
.Mrs.  H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
from Eastern Canada.
��    *   ���
E.  L.  Moseley, of Chemaintis,  B.C.,
is a  recent guest at tlie  Russell.
���    ���    ��
Mrs. Wm, Hughes is spending a few
  weeks'  vacation  at  White  Rock.
Debentures Guaranteed.
The most interesting prospectus is-1     Mt��8 Marjorie Rolph and Miss Nina
sued to  date for an  oil  development | Kf,1Ph  are  visiting  in   Bellingham.
scheme in Western Canada is that, to * *
be found on page three of this issue.
Tin .-e daintv new novelty Cotton downs should he
Of interest to I very woman wishing the newest and
coolest garment for immediate wear. Pretty crepe
stripes, fancy batistes, ratine, crepes, etc, in floral
and figured design..; sizes for misses or 4**9 ��JC
women.    Sale   Speeial           *w * �����*
72-incb Horrockses English Sheeting;  full bleached;
excellent grade;  regulai* 40c. 'iOr*
Sale    Price,   per   van!      OCC
Linen  I luck Towels;   good size;   hemmed  ends;   regulai   :.!5c values. 4 *)ty
Sale   Price,   each      ICC
Table   Clothes;     mercerized,   damask;     slse   51x78
in. lies; hemmed;  regular $1.7'.. 7Wtm
Sine   I'riee       IOC
Table   Clothes;    pure   bleac'.ied   damask;     2\2   1-2
yards:   ,-egular values $1.60, Cl   IO
Sale    Price       ��J> I . I O
^^^^^^^        ING   THIS   SALE.        ^^^^^^
NO matter bO�� new the style each and every oik-
Is marked al n discount. The latest arrivals In
new boob muslin, batiste, crepes and fancy weaves.
shown In the leading New Yolk styles. Sizes _!
to   42.
.,    ; tnls section and see whet values are offered.
We would ask you to Inspect these lines.
l  111! .!���!   s   SOX
A,,  colot _,  plain .nel  fancy  	
Women's and Children's  Hose;   black and  tan cotton : regulai to A A ���
Sale   Price          I "f C
Wi men's Cotton dnd Lisle Hose; black and tan and
u hlte;  regulai  to GOc.
Sal.-  Price,  pair  	
Miss Nora Jones left recently for j
Seattle, where she will spend a few |
weeks. i
Tug Hero Repaired.
Aft��r stripping her wheel the night
before,  the   harbor  tug   Hero  was  at
work   again   on   Saturday.     The   accident was caused by striking n log off
tlie Front streel dock.    Shortly after!
she  was  picked  up by  the tug  Pear-]
less and secured, the latter broke her I
propeller in  landing a barge of sand !
and floated down stream before being
picked up by the Senator Jansen and j
towed to her birth.    The two tugs after being put on the ways on Friday
were both  back In service next day.,
While   they   were   laid   up   two   tugs |
from ('apt. Joseph Mayer's lleet were
���George Wren and XV. Berchy, of
Bradner, were lately registered at the |
* *   *
Mrs. .1. W. Crelghton spent several
days last week at Crescent with Mrs.
('.('.  Worsfold.
* *    *
Mr.. I). l_7 MacKenzie and family
have moved to Crescent Beach where
they  will  spend  the vacation.
* *    *
���Miss Williams, who has recently arrived from England, is visiting Mr.
and   Mrs.   I.awford   Richardson.
���Mr. and Mrs. J. ('. Gwynn have returned from Cowichan Island, where
they spent a week with Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew  Haggart.
Serious Land Frauds.
.Charged with conspiring to defraud
K.  A.  Lee, painter and glacier, is  un        ^	
der arrest, and A. Q, ('loser Is being I "
looked   for  by   the  provincial   police.'    Mrs. R. W. Ferrler and Miss Grace
It is alleged "that  Lee and Closer,  by Jones,   Kenora,   Ont.,    are     spending
misrepresentation, induced a number some
of   people   of   Tessier,   Saskatchewan,  daughter
to go into the Chilcoten country, some
thirty-eight   quarter    sections    being
Read the List of Special Discounts
Every Article in Stock Reduced
Note These Discounts
20   Per   Cent.   Discounts.
Dress Goods
Wash Goods
Towels and Towelings
Sheets  and  Sheetings
Curtalni  and Curtain Goods
Art  Sateens  and  Cretonnes
Bathing  Suits
Hair Goods and
Stamped   Linen.
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Dress Skirts
Children'   Coats
Jewelry and
Dress Trimmings
10 to  35  per Cent   Discounts
Glovi.   .uid
Hosiery 1
Sixth street.
with    Mrs.    Fender's
Ray   R.   Knight,   628
sold. The people referred to say the
land is not as represented. They
claim to have suffered great hardships
in getting to the supposed land of
promise, and many of them with their
families are practically destitute as a
.esult of their Investment.
Prohibit Salmon Fishing.
Following the news received by
local fishery officers that the Indians,
with pack tiains, were making for
Hell's date, a point on the Fraser
river mar North Bend, and catching
fish   in   the   narrow   waters   tiiere,  an
lorder was issued on Saturday by the
department of Dominion fisheries,
prohibiting   f<     the   time   being.  _al-
1 men fishing between Hope and Lytton, imludiiig the Coquaballa river.
T. Is step has been taken m order
that the salmon may reach the rpawn-
Sergt.  P.  Bruce, of the  local  police j
force,   is   enjoying   his   vacation,   the
night force being at present in charge
of Sergt.  Pentland, who completed his
holidays last week.
.    ��    *
Mrs.   David   Walker,  226   Sixth   St..
accompanied   by   her  two   daughters,
Miss   Helen   Walker   and   Miss   Olive;
Walker, are  spending  several   months I
at     their    summer    home.  Crescent
*    *    _
A greater exodus than ever of local
residents took place on Saturday,
White. Rock, Crescent. Ocean Park I
ind Boundary Bay being the attractions. The evening trains lust night
were crowded with week-enders while
the early morning G. N. R. will have
We are stocking a very fine line i
Vinegai   llii8   season.
*. Jones C'dcr Vinegar in quart bo
ties, 35c*. half gallons, 50c. and ga
Ions  85c.
Jones'  White  Wine Vinegar in  ha
gallons  50c, and  gallons 85c.
�����Mi��Cavc-Bro wnc-Cave I
L.R.A.M,  A R.C.M.
Lessons lu Pianoforte, Viol iu. Slug
ng, Voice Production, Theory (in
:lass or privately), Harmony, Counter
.otnt, Musical Form and History,
^^^^^-^^^^^^_^_^__^^^^_^_B Pupils pre:-.Md for the pxamlna
have started an auto freight service j dons of tbe Associated Board of tbe
between Vancouver and New West-' Royal Academy of Music und Royal
minster and way points. A reliable I College of Music. Also Professional
service guaranteed. Charges reason- Diplomas, Teacher or Performer
able.    Give us a trial. ;    por  terms, etc..  apply  51  Dufferln
Phone  1254. I -.tree t.    Phone 411 R
a good quota of passengers   .-, bi n  It j post  office mink  not later than  that I
arrives at 6:30 this morning date
* *   " A board of three judges wil) deter-
After  a   short   visit  to   friends    at   mine which of the many solutions re
Ocean Park, Mrs. Rowe of Burnab) ceived Is the most acceptable Tbe
Lake  lias  returned  to her bome judgment  cf   ibis   board   will   be  ab-
* *   * si lute .md final,    Nothing of a liter-
A. __. Stevens, assistant  superlnten-  ary nature will be considered In the
dent of the western lines of the C decision, nor given any preference
1 .   ic.   and   C.   A.   Cotterell,   district   in the selection ot the winner ol  the
engineer of   Vancouver,  were  In   the   $10,1   prize.    The  tasi    two    reels
city on business the latter part of which will give the mosl acceptable
the week. solution  to  the mysterj   will  be  pre-
* *    * seined in the theatre having this tea-
Mr. and   Mrs.  li.  Brice and  (laugh-   ture as Boon as II  Is practical to pro-
ters, 'Misses Florence and Eunice, ar- duce same. The stor*, corresponding
rived yesterday from New Westmin- to these motion pictures will appi ir
.ter, B.C., to visit here for Mime time In the newspapen coincidental!) oi
svith relatives and friends. ;.a- . soon after the appearance ol the
crosse    Wis.)  Tribune. pictures as practical
  Solutions to the  mysterj   musl  nol
05ITUARY. be more than one hundred v   rdi  Ion?
   _ . Here an   some i-ucstioni   1 i  be kep
, ,     .,.,    ,. .    ,   ...     ,.    ,    >" mind Ini conni ctlon wit i the mys
I" '*���'���    rhe funeral ol   Evelyn Hurl,   lery ,,, ,  ,,, .,  BOlution
Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hurl, i No i U'hal becomes ol the mil-
116   St.   Patrick   street,   was   held   on   Honalre?
Friday  afternoon  from   Murchle's  un-      No. ������    what becon  of the $1000-
dertaklug parlors to the Frnser ceme-   rjrjo?
te v,   Rev.   M.  G   Melv 1   St.   Ste-      No. **    Whom does Florence marry?
phen's   (h;ii en   officiating. X,,    ���    vvllR|   becomes of  thi   Rus
sian  C'JIIIlti
MATTHIAS    Alts.   George   It    Mat-      Nobodj   connecte 'ectly or indl-
'���'���"���  for  the   pasl   t teen  years a .,,.,.���,. wlll] ..-.���,���. Mllljon |)(l||al. .,,
resident   ol   this   citv    'led   last   eve-1 ������  ...m  ___ ,_, j  _
Tbe Injuries ro Mr. McDougal!. who
waa hurt In the automobile runaway
mi Twelfth Btreet Friday morning,
have been found to be more serious
than first thought, and an operation
nu the base of the skull may b-. performed sinne time today should Dr
McQuarrie. the physician in at tend
ance, consider it necessary. Mr, Mc
Dougall is lying in the Royal Columbian  hospital
' terv" will 1,
Crocs*;     &     Blackwell's     and     Hoi- I 	
brook's .ti quart bottles, 25c. j__ms___.iT._s
Buy   Royal   City   Brand   of   Coffee, j
per  lb.  45c.     Yiui  get  a   good   article
.and help your bome town.
Choice   Fresh   Plums,   Peaches,   Ap-l
riooto, Cante'.oupes, Raspberries, etc.   j
���   Dean's Grocery
'���'���,. Phone 186.
(;�����-���}_���-* BlocW "ilumbla   Btreet.
Bead - le - News
Picnic and Camping
Baskets at Our Store
-LM-_-M-_-M_i-N_a_LM___n_aa_-_._n_a.M_a ���__hm_M-_-N-__-HW__-M   i��i   ���������������*���! i i�� _��� ���______������ _________ ���_��� ���
50c and 60c
New   Westminster.       Phone 69.
ning  at   ber  home, 77,7  Fourth  street.     	
 ���*���'��� is survived by  hei  husband I    Til��� .,.,.,.,���, epi8ode of ,,,;, w���,���,,.,
and three children, William and Mrs.  fU- M.n,.pi wll- ,���. ghown .,, ,,
considered as a conte ���
ie Royal
,     , .7,, ii.7,i, ,   ,, ' "'   stn-uim   episode  m   mis   vvonih ;     ���
and three children, William and Mrs. fU- ger*ea will be shown al the Royal  I
ueorge Milton, of this city, and  Mrs. today  .md tomorrow   along   with  the  1
I.. T. Smjri .it Vancouver; her mother, regular program I
Mrs.   (',.   lines,   and   six   brothers   and >���
Bathing Caps
25c to $1.75
Water Wings
iwo sister- in this city, and a sister
and brother of Vancouver. The remains are :i! Fales' undertaking parlors, and wil] be removed Lo tho
family resi lence Tuesday. Announcement ot the date and hour of the fun-
eral will be made later. Deceased was;
57 years of age, and was a native of
i i A.".SON    Word   was     received   in
the city of the sudden death of Jos. j
Dayson, of Mils city, at Merrick. Sask.,
���ti .Inly 7j.
At tlie Theatres
Condition    governing "The Million
Dollar Mystery" are as follows;
The  pri_.   of  $10,000   will   be  wen
_ by ihe man, woman or child who write
; tho must  acceptable solution  of  the
mystery, from  which    the   last   two j|
reels of mot!.in picture drama will be I
made and the last, two chapters of the j
stdiv   written   by    Harold    McQrath.
S< I nl ions  may   lie  sent,  to  the  Than- |
houeer   Film   Corporation,   either    at |
Chicago or New York, any time up 1"
midnight,   Dec    U.    They   must   boar I
Splendidly Appointed Four Room Suites For Rent.
Two minutes from C. P. R. and B. C. Electric
Stations and all City Lines.
All modern conveniences to reduce work of housekeeping.
Rents moderate, $30 and up.    Inspection  invited.
Or to the Manager,
at Hotel Russell, or the Janitor MONDAY,   JULY  20,   1914.
Victor a Makes Miserable Showing on
Saturday���Islanders Lose
12 to 2.
New  Westminster amateur lacrosse
players and prospective world's chain
pious  made  tlie  Victoria bunch  look
like a  bunch of bushers   at    Queens
park Saturday  afternoon, the  Koyals
romping away witli a 12 to 2 victory !
in one of the slowest and most unin- j
treeatlni games of the present season.
Never at uny period  was the citadel
guarded by lliu.li stoddart threatened i
to any  extended  period, the brace of
tallies scored by  the  visitors  iu    the !
last quarter coming as the result of
riotous displays by Skinner    Poulin's :
bunch   in   which   lour    players     were !
Saturday's name added another
nun to the record of the Koyals in
their fight for the Mann cup and
only one more win is needed to cinch
for   ihi.s   season   at   least   the   coveted
trophy which accompanies the title of
world's champions. j
Prom  the lirst drop of tho hat    it'
was simply a procession on  tlie  part
of    New  Westminster,    tlie   scoring
���-���lass   pointing   to   two   goals   in   the
llrst quarter, four In the second, five
in the third and dropping to three iu
the fourth, of which Victoria bagged
A glance al the penalty sheet would
seem to indicate   a    rough    contest
from start to finish, but with the ex-1
crfpt'on of a near riol  In  the fourth i
win ii Sergeant  Peatland    and    Con-
stable  Ed. JohnBton  were compelled j
to do the hundred in quick fashion.
there was nothing approaching former
rough    battles.     Eighteen   penalties'
were handed out, but  this record  was
probably due to the officials shooing .
off men  in the first stanza for trivial
offences which later cave them  little
to do but to continue the work.
Cyril   linker, of   Victoria,    was    tho j
Chief offender,  getting  three  trips to ;
the   bench   In   the   fourth   quarter  and
was looking for more trouble an    the
gong  sounded.
Manny W8s the star home man Of
the game, scoring three tallies himself while doing a
of work In the lidd
ed a Btellar game
the third when be
way to Allison and
bavin..; been dropped in the lirst due
to aJi injury sustained by a Victoria
The defence of the koyals could
not have been bettered and once it
waa discovered thai the visiting
home was weak the local defence
came to the assistance of their bome.
Gregory scored a long dlstanci   tally
while   so   disgusted   dill   Stoddart   get
as to tin- amount of work be was
called upon to perform that twice the
Royal custodian attempted to go
through and score himself,
Nexl S.iturd.iy the V. A. C. Journey
to Victoria 10 complete their portion
Of the capitals schedule, while the
follow in,', Saturday. August 1. will
lind New Westminster playing s
crucial game iii Vancouver,
The Lineup
Penalty timekeeper*���Dr. Tait. Victoria; W. Burr, Westminster,
Timekeepers    W.    Sangster.    Westminster; K. Sciagg. Victoria.
Goal Summary.
First quarter -Huff, Westminster,
.145;   Feeney, Westminster, ..4S.
Second quarter Huff, Westminster,
a.14; Gregory, Westminster. 8.33;
Storme. Westminster, 3.10; Storme,
Westminster, 2.58.
Third quarter- Murray, Westminster, 2.IS; Murray. Westminster, 4.31;
Hanson, Westminster, :',.:._.; BattSon,
Westminster, 7.08; Murray, Westminster, 2.26.
Fourth quarter���Pentland, Westminster, r..31\ Sweeney.-Victoria. 2.2.; C.
Baker, Victoria, 6.61.
Penalty Summary.
First quarter��� Battson, Westminster; Sweeney, Victoria!; Cotton. Victoria; McDonald, Westminster; Johnson, Victoria; McGregor, Victoria; 3
minutes each.
Second quarter Patchell. Westminster; McDonald, Victoria, and feeney,
Westminster, . minutes each.
Fourth quarter- C, Baker, Victoria;
McCregor. Victoria; C. Baker, Vic-
toria; I'utciieil and McDonald. Westminster; Mr-Inue;-, Victoria; Stoddart.
Westminster, C. Baker and McGregor,
Victoria, 5 minutes each.
Standing of Clubs.
Won. i.ost.
New Westminster    4 l
Vancouver    2        c
Victoria        1 I
Nexl game. August i. Vancouver at
Fraser    M'lls    Defeats    Crack    Team
from  Vancouver���Real  Battle
All the Way.
Eddie  Brandt, tbe youthful  barter
for Clricle F, got away with a pretty
game at Millside yesterday afternoon,
tin National liiscuit team of Vancouver taking the frayed end of a 4 to 1
Scoring a Bing.e :n tlie lirst Inning |
Circle F was held safe until tin. last
of the seventh, while the visitors
were lens better off by being shut out
until the ninth when two hits sen: In
their lone score.
Dispite their defeat the visitors put
up a scrappy brand of ball throughout
the whole of the nine innings and
made Circle F travel to win. Brandt's
record of allowing four hits speaks
for itself. The tall youngster had
everything on the ball and was given
almost perfect support by his team
Huhnke, Wlndblad und Papke did
the damage against Devlin, of the
N'abiscos, one run being scored in the
first, two iu the seventh and one in
the eighth. Papke's home run relieved the strike-out monotony,
Store: R.    n      ���;.
Nabiscos      l      \
Circle F    4      ��     2
Batteries:   Devlin   and   Grimmett;
Brandt and Pinch,
A. (lay.
Episode No. 2.
Hy   Harold   MacCrath.
Big Scenes.    Full   of   Sensations.    All-Star Cast.
In   Addition  to  Our   Regular
Including   Great
J.J.Jones. MANDIR.        J. A.Rennie. 5ECY-TRE5
Huhnke.    Umpire
Big Four Leaders Register Tenth V c-
tory���Toronto   Down   the
Vancouver Retains  Lead  'n   Mainland
League���Royals Make Poor Display with Willow.
Nevv Westminster was forced to
take tiie count before tlie Vancouver
cricket eleven on the asylum grounds
on Satin day. tbe visitors getting away
with a four wicket victory.
Hatting first tlie Koyals could only
compile 1_:J against the excellent
length maintained by Webb and
Crane, the latter securing five wickets
for 4:i, while Webb was also strong
with four wickets for 32 runs. The
locals were a little unfortunate in
having Cave on ihe injured list, while
Hose  was also an absentee.
Buns came slow for Vancouver and
it was not until after two hours play
before the Westminster total was
paused  with  six  wickets down
Program   for   Monday   and
Two-reel    Drama    with     Edwin
Money to Loan.
Insurance in all its branches.
Modern Houses, Bungalows, Stores, Suites for Rent
at a big Reduction.
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent at $2.50 up.
Wills Drawn Free of Charge.
Deposits Accepted and Interest at Four Per Cent.
Allowed on daily balances.
Written    and    played   bj
Comedy Drama.
Some  Corned v.
powerful   amount
Storme too play-
until    tlle    end    of
and  Battson  gave
Nelson, the  latter
Newsy I-ulonde's Montreal Nation
ais have yet to lose a game in the
Hig Four thi. .season. The prospective
challengers for the Minto cup continued their scoring proclivities Saturday on the National grounds by ran
ning up a score of 1, to '.( against
Jack Marshall's Irish Canadians. Tin
former Quebec team was never iu
the running, even Johnny Howard falling to stop Lhe __>-iug Frenchmen
when oftco tiny got started. Saturday's gami gives tin* Nationals an
average cf 17, goals der game for this
At the Scarboro Beach grounds the
Torontos doubled tlle score over Charlie  tjiunie's  Braves, the Tecumsehs
taking  the short end  of a '!  to 3 tally
Only one game was played in the
N. I.. I'.. Cornwall defeating the
Shamrocks 8 goals to . at the Factory
Town  grounds.
Big  Four.
day, but will be taken up at a meeting to be held at J. H. Vidal'o residence this evening.
Prize List.
The following  Is the list of prizes
and  those  v.ho donated  same*.
J.  Mayers, ton of coal;   M. .1. Phil-
Mips. 12.60-   I'. Burns & Co.. roast    of
Wells and Duncan gained the bat-1 beef; 9. T. Hill, hair brush; M. 3.
ting honors lor New Westminster, I Knight & c��t *���>'��� J B- ��ray, *2.5C>*.
adding  O'.i  between them.    Guild  was i Anderson    &    l.usby.    $2.50;    Sidney
If you had a publication and a man came to you and said "Advertising with you is ail right, my Ad. has paid for itself already," you
would think you had a pretty good medium? That's what an ad-
veitiser  _aid  about  the  telephone  directory  the other  day.
He has an article that very many people want. They might not
want it just at the moment they read his Ad., but they see the announcement so often that when they do want what he has to offer
they have no difficulty whatever in getting him on the telephone.
They know just where to find his number.
Coal  . . .
.   Point   ��� ��� ���
Defence Field
Huff        Centre
Home Field
. .. . White
. .   Clegg
. Sweeney
.. .Cotton
. . .. Okell
, Mclnnes
, Johnson
..I. Baker
c. Baker
. McCarter
Irish Canadians .
R(  -e.l.lle    	
Cornwall     -
Mont teal        1
Outside   ilnlln
Inside Home
Sandv Gray; judge of play,
Tin  Mahony,  Westminster.
Goal    umpires   J.    Huggard, West.
minster; C, Ford. Victoria.
Easeball  Meeting Tonight.
There will be a meeting ol the city
ba.eball league this evening In the
��� I',,,  of   .Malinger   Ryall,  at   S o'clock.
There nre a number of protests to
come up for consideration, and addition arrangemi nts  will  be  made  for
1 the teams Which are to play next Sat
top scorer for Vancouver with 47. The
only marring feature of the contest
was the protest lodged by Barrs at
Cmpire Bartlett s decision of I.. B. W.,
this, according to his fellow team
mates, being the third time this sea-
son th. t be has maintained an unsportsmanlike attitude.
New Westminster.
F. C   II. Cave. I.  Crane       :i
1.   Pel I, C Ulingworth, b Webb. ...    fc
J.  Brown, b Webb  	
V. 1.. C. Davies. c Hairs, b Webb
J    Scott,  li Crane   	
W   Wells, b Crane 	
G, living, b Crane  	
J. 1). Duncan, b Crane	
T.  V   Hebron, b Webb	
H. Whiteside, not out  	
W. H   Hamilton, run out 	
1 I
Bow ling Ajialysls-
B. M. Webb  	
J. Crane 	
C. Guild 	
F. G, Hurst, b Ilrown  	
It. S. Clayton, c Heel, b Hebron
C. Guild, c Hebron, b Davies
Iv  M.  N.  Woods, b Davies  	
F.  A.  Barrs, l.b.W., b Davies  . .
K. M. Webb. 0 Hose, b Duncan  .
.1.  Crane, not  out   	
Newington.    box    of    cigars;     Savoy
hotel. $25 challenge cup; T. .1. Trapp
&  Co..  safety   razor;   l^eslie   Hunter,
box of cigars;  H. Ryall, razor; J.  G.
(.anion, pipe;  Gilley  Bros.. $_������,   Royal
City hotel.  $8.50; John    Reid.    $2..r,0;
Sloan Ai-  Harrison. $2.50 (restricted t'i
tyros);  Kelly-Douglas & Co., five lbs.
coffee.; Belyea Co., load of mill wood;
Wilbur   Smith,   load   of    mill    wood;
Raymond Fraser. box of cigars;  F. .1.
Lynch,  box  of cigars;   Central  hotel.
$2.50;   Barclay    ��i     Adams,    pair    or
shoes;     C,   H,   Diamond,    $2.50;     Mc-
Menemy ti  Anderson. $2;  Keid & Mc-
,i   Donald,    hat;     Richardson    &    Hum-
,;4 j phries, $.'..5u;  C. A.  Welsh, tea  worth
51 $3.50;   Brown  &  Son.  heater:   T. Glf-
1   ford, goods   worth    $3;    Commercial
.,   hotel, ���*..'.; A. S. Mills. $3; D. S. Curtis, ,
7 ! safety   razor;   E.  G.   McBride,   $2.50; |
_  T.   Freeman.  $2.5";     W,   K.    Sinclair.
22 ' pair   of   slippers:    Johnston's   shoe
yH/ I house,  pair  of slippers;     The     News,
4 Ione  year's subscription:   British    Co-
51 lumblan,  one  years  subscription:   H.
0   T, Kirk. $2.50;  Bryson cv  Sons. $.'.50;
,,  w. Brown, box of chocolates;  W. H.
; Keary, picture of lirst rifle team    in
16  New  Westminster;   Strand hotel, $5;
aa I Premier  hotel.   $2;   Captain  T.  Cun-
That's what makes an Ad. count. An advertiser of a staple
article is looking into the future. He Is creating a demand by persistently suggesting the use of what he puts forward. He knows
t'ae time will come when people will want something of the kind.
and naturally they will turn to where they have read about it.
If the Ad. is In the telephone directory, it can* be' VelSeTred to in
a  moment.    The directory, being always kept  in  a  known  place,  Is
instantly  available  and the Ad.  is  located   without   delay.
The virtues cf an advertising medium are: a large circulation, to
bring the name prominently to the attention of many people; and
to be bandy so that when an article is wanted the prospective buyer
knows exactly  where  to locate Information  concerning  it.
The  telephone directory is just such  an  advertising  medium.
47! ningham.   ilshing   tod:   J.   A.   Fraser,
Big Special Feature Today Only
The Curse of
is ; box Of cigars; Oscar Swanson.   safety
r,   razor; Holbrook hotel. $2.5');  Richard-
l'.i   son  &  Colder.  $2  in  trade;   JOnathon
i   Bone, box of cigars; George Smedley. j
rii$5:   N,ls    Nelson.    $5;   West's    store,1
I pipe;  G. R, Speck. Ashing rod;  Van-
Total  for six  wickets   131  couver-Prlnce Rupert Meat Co., roast
Kaye. Roden, Ulingworth and Lloyd of .pork;  A.   Clauson,    goods   worth
$2.50;   l.esne    Haines,    $2.60;    Duns-
W,  mulr   hotel.    $2.50;    A. Perkins.   S6.
{ i Cash  prizes  were also donated  by (i.i
X  D. Brymner.    II.    It.  Davidson. J.  E.
Gracey, U M. Richardson and  H. C.
Adams, managers of various banks in
the city
did not bat
Howling Analysis
.1. Duncan   	
.1    Blown   	
|T. Hebron 	
V. I.. Davies 	
Marskmen   Subjected   to   Trying  Conditions  Saturday���Gloan   Makes
Possible on Long Distance.
Hearst-Selie Pictorial News, No. 35, 1914
].. E, Walker's capture ol the grand
aggregate prize and also the Savoy
hotel challenge cup: VV. J. Sloan's
possible on tin* thousand yards range
and Ceorge Burr's score of 95 made
lu the lirst event were tlle features
of the annual shoot held under the
auspices of the New Westminster
civilian Rifle association on the
Brownsville ranges on Saturday.
Dlsnite the fact that summer
weather prevailed, atmospheric conditions such as haze, heat and a
slight but tricky veering wind made
the various competitions exceptionally
difficult for the marksmen with the
result thai the average scores wen.
below those made at the weekly
I shoots.
I      With   a   better   light   prevailing   late
j In   tlie   af.enioon   W.   .1.   Sloan     came
nto his own on the lony. distance
range by notching the only possibly
Of the day. He v.as Closely followed
by II. O. Walker, who scored a i!4 on
' the same range.
The younger Walker's success on
tho grand aggregate came as a surprise to the veteran marksmen, although the score cards turned in by
the Edmonds hoy during previous
events this summer rank him as a
dangerous rifleman to bout.
Owing to several members of the
match committee leaving for the
beaches immediately following tlle
shooting, the winners of the various
events were not announced on Satur-
Onekama,    Mich..    July   17.���John
Langdon,    champion    fisherman     of
Portage  Lake,  met defeat  today    at;
the hands, or fins, of a    Eeventeen-
pound   pickerel   and   Its  ally,  a   nine-:
pounder, supposed to be its grandson.
Langdon lias become so well known
ti the Hah ss a skillful angler that
whenever he got into his boat tlie fish
moved to the opposite end of the lake.
Iiis success was imperilled and he
determined to outwit the fish, so in-
rigged up a dummy In his own fishing clothes, placed it in an anchored
boat, disguised himself as a city
angler and rowed to the other end
Of the lake expecting to surprise the
After fishing an hour without n
nibble, he became suspiclotlSOUS and
rowed back to his dummy. He found
that the two pickerel had pulled it
out Of tin boat and were tearing it to
pieces.       Langdon     vows   they     were
laughing at him.
K.  P's  in  Ball  Game.
Members of Granite nnd Royals K
I'. ledges in the city will engage in a
baseball  game    at    Moody    park    on
Tuesday nighl at 0:30 o'clock,   Con-
i siderable interest    is    being    evinced
among tlie members.   Dave Cameron
! will   captain   the   Granite   players,
! while Charlie Green will act as skip-
' per for the Koyals.
Summer Race
At Minoru Park
Races Every Day
Ladies Admitted Free, except on Saturday.
Splendid Tram Service.  Eburne Car Connects with
Car to and from the Course.
Admission, Including Grandstand, $1.60.
Battalion Order No 33, by Lt.-Col.
,i. D. Taylor, commanding, Headquarters,   New   Westminster,  B.C.    July
Officers'   Duties   To  he orderly  of
Ificer  for  the   week   ending  July   _ti
l.t.  M. J. Knight;  next for duty. l.t.
C.   l.ord.
Battalion Duties "A" Co. will furnish all battalion duties for the ensuing   week.
By   order,
1..  K  HAINES.
Captain and Adjutant.
104th   Uegt.  Westminster  Fusiliers.
Woman Educator Dies.
San Francisco, July 19.���Mrs. Mary
Kincaid, one of the best known educators In California, died today, aged
till  years.
Look Here, Boys!
Kings   Hotel   Block.
Four  new   pocket    billiard    tables,
clean new stock of confectionery, tobaccos, cigars, cigarettes, soft drinks.
First Class Barber Shop in Connection.
MONDAY,  JULY  20,   1914.
Classified Advertising
celved (or The News at the follow,
tag places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
MS Columbia street; A. Sprlce.
Queensborough, I.ulu Island; Mrs.
_L Larden. Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis. A1U Vista.
��� RATES. ���
��� �������������������*�����������������>���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4o per word per week; 15c per
month; 6000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract,, $26.00.
KOIt SALE lady's cycle. English.
first class order. $15. Weatherby,
418 Alberta street. (3672)
position at   family
enced in everything.
sion, Sapperton, B.C
work.    Export-
Japanese nils-
'���'.G_. 1
FOR EXCHANGE���W<? have a large
list of houses, vacant lots and
ranches to trade for vacant lots,
houses and ranches and invite you
to look over our list before you
make a deal. Kor the convenience
of clients and patrons we are open
every evening; from 7 to 9 o'clock.
Eastman * Co., 201 Westminster
Trust  building.    I'hone 312,
selves. Then followed a series of shows that when Orientals are per-
crimes, and the next move was that | initted to land in Canada, thej can-
two of the partisans of the Corraines, i not be kept out of the United States.
Onorato Suecu and Francesco Devad-| Similarly, the Orientals Doming to
dis.   took   to   the   wilds   and   became j this country slip across the border, if
brigands of the  most approved type
These  utilised  dynamite  to blow   up
; the house of the Cossus.
Family of Brigands.
De' When the police and Carabineers
pursued the brigands all their efforts
were stunned by the help and protection which, as Is always the case in
Italy, the outlaws received from the
_____ i surrounding population, ln 1913 Kran-
1 cesco   Devaddis,   one  of   the  original
Victoria, July 19.���Sunday shooting  brigands, surrounded    by    the    Cara
Reported   There   That   Game   Is
creasing���Roads  Said  to   Be
Unsafe for Travelers.
they desire.
From all accounts, the movements
of   the  dark-skinned   subjects  of   the
her son, James W. O'Mara. 2K years
old. had been missing for several
days. In the course of her search
she happened to pass under the viaduct at Fourth avenue and Yesler way
und noticed the public morgue sign
on the door.
It was the end of an all day search
king-emperor to Canada is both eco-1 for there, stretched out on a slab, she
nomic and political in its scope. The. found her boy. The mother, an elderly
politicians in Asia may not have en-. Englishwoman, crumpled under the
gineered tlie scheme���as somo angry I shock and restoratives had to be
souls are prone to declare- but it' given her hy the attendants to avert
seems that they are taking full ad-1 a collapse. O'Mara had committed
vantage of the circumstance. i suicide.
The  element in  India  which  seeks!
to undermine Iiritish control has been i   .-,..���_   _ . nDI,Dn
is now prohibited in the Saanlch mu-! bineers, died fighting like a lion. And. j using the exclusions of Hindus from ! ''WIRE   TAI rEjIViS
niripality.   The amended firearms by- ���I*?08 .' wa.s the !"\*iel of. U-e country-j British colonies as a means of furth '
law   passed   the  final   reading  at  the I
FOR SALK-fiood saddle or pack
mare. Address J. Hunford, Tyne-
head. B.C. (3655)
FOR EXCHANGE.-Well rented six-
room thoroughly modern house;
fine location. Vancouver City, mortgage only encumbcrance, for New
Westminster city property, vacant
or improved. What have you? Box
701, News office.
weekly! Why not you? Write immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C, Mitchell,
PO Box 2. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. ��3644)
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
WANTED���A general  servant.
I'lO Queens avenue.
weekly! Why not you? Write immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C, Mitchell,
PO Box 2. Edmonton, Alberta. Canada. ' C644)
FOR EXCHANGE���Five roomed modern bungalow, almost new, large
lot, close to Si.-th street; mortgage
only encumbrance. Trade for deeded
lot.   Apply Box 858 News office.
FOR BALD���91.0-0 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week. Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market  square. (3605)
EOR EXCHANGE���Six roomed thoroughly modem house, lot 66x132,
Fifth avenue, near park: mortgage
only encumbrance. Trade for
smaller property. What have you ?
Box 181  News office.
council meeting last night, and pro
hibits shooting at all from Gordon
Head across to the head of Portage
inlet and in the country to the south
of this line. A petition had been before the council to amend the by-law
so us to allow shooting on the peninsula cast of the old powder manufactory and Cadboro bay, but the former
prouibition will stand.
The amended by-law prohibits the
discharge of firearms in any part of
the municipality between sunset on
Saturday evenings and sunris.: on Monday morning, and also at any time
within sixty feet of a public highway.
Complaints have reached  the coun
cil from  well  informed  quarters  that
the quantity of game of all kinds had
been   steadily  decreasing   in   the  dis-1
trict.    The   resident    have    suffered I
great inconvenience and at times dan-
ger from the reckless use of shotgun
and rifle by boys and other people who |
flock out on  Sundays  from the city
and who are apt--to use one Saanlch I William Newman Passes Away After
man's expression���"to fire at anything
that moves." People who come out
motor cars have also been a nuisance,
actually firing from the car long the
roads, and either taking off their
numbers or obscuring them so that
they may not be identified by the
.Many   of   the   ranchers   have   their
! holdings  fenced  and  yet  have  to   be
constantly about on Sundays warning
members of tlie Cossu family, the en-1 course, does not realize that Canada. I 	
tire   family   of   the   Corraines   joined ) for instance, is autonomous and makes j     Montreal,   July   17.���The     ten   men
the brigands, vowing to live for noth-1 its own laws to suit its own needs.      arrested  last  nigh', in the  flat at  .ITS'
ing but the extermination of the Cos-j     With    significatn    unanimity,    tw.., |>orc!*iest(-r street, which it  is alleged
SUS and all their followers. |other great   British  possessions��� Aus j was equipped for the old wire-tapping
game,  were  re-arrested   this  morning
So far the band has been guilty ofitralia and South Africa -have moved !Kamp.  were re-arrested   this
at least twelve murders.    The author-j to exclude the Hindus.   Neither wants Ion a charge of conspiracy to defraud,
itles, as a last resource, just a year; them and both are as determined as|One more was added to the list. Wm
ago arrested en masse no fewer than
thirty of the well known friends aud
protectors of the brigands, but the
only result was that four of the followers of the Cossu family were mutilated and murdered in the most horrible  ma nner. .
Railway pioneer
dies at victoria
Long and  Eventful Career in
British Columbia.
Canada not to have them inside their, stormount.  one  of  the   best     known
territorial   lines. j looal  "bookies."    Bail   wa.s  placed  at
Canada is the latest to take Its stand  $5000 each  but  not  all of the  prison-
determinedly upon this matter and it ers could obtain the necessary bonds,
lines  up  solidly  with  the  other self
governing    colonies.      Theoretically,  *
the   Hindu   may  have  a   right   to  go
anywhere he desires iiiHide the British
empire, but practically he is an alien| T'*��_a_r%_.'_F_>__*   f _T__
lust so long as any of the self-govern-
ing colonies desires to keep him out.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phons 137.
Begble Street.
Sad Ending of Mrs. Smith for Her
Missing Son.
Seattle. July 17. When Mrs. Kath-
erlne Smith of i6l4'/_ Seventh avenue
returned home yesterday morning
from a two weeks visit with friends
at  Port  (iambic, she discovered  that
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of die City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Improved five or ten    acre    ranch;
must be rock bottom price.   Owners !
only.    Full  particulars  first    letter. I
P, O. Box 154 New  Westminster.
WANTED���Lot on or close to Kings-]
way in exchange tor    five    rnnmtd
up-to-date bungalow.    Will pay cash
for auy difference.    P.  0.   Box  1...
WANTED���Furniture,    etc.,    W.    NI,
MeCloy   &   Co.,   the   expert   auc- j
tioneers,  will  conduct a  successful
auction for you or buy outright if j
sale not desired.    Clean    business,
prompt  settlements,  over  'JO  years
FOR EXCHANGE���Large cleared lot.
Fifth avenue, near Queen's Park.
Will trade as part payment on
house or for automobile. Box 681,
News office.
strangers off their land, in spite
the fact that to enter fenced land
pursuit of game i.s a trespass,
I.OST  -In the (rain station on Friday
evening, one    green    silk umbrella. |
Finder please return to 326 Alberta
street. Sapperton. 13671)
FOR RENT -Six roomed strictly
modern bouse, well located.; low-
rent and lease if desired. Eastman
& Co.. Phone _1_.
FOR KENT.���Six room house furnished. Third street. Apply P. O.
Box 115. 17,6081
wide experience.
Sixth street.
Write or call 32
ture, or stocks in trade, in large or
email quantities, highest price paid. T<�� MKNT
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
hy public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis, 54S Columbia street.
Now  Westminster. 13607')
FOK KENT. Three-roomed cottage,
furnished, at --'4 Seventh street;
$15  per  month. (3607)
Suites of nicely furnished housekeeping rooms. 37 Agnes
Street. Tel. 6381.. (3594)
keeping rooms, $10 per month, at
224 Seventh  street. (3606)
MONEY TO LOAN Large a.n! .mall
amounts at current rates of nte-ost.
P. O. Box l.">4 city.
���iween John  McN'ivon,  the  Elder, of iln
City of New Westminster,  B.C., Plain
MONEY TO  LOAN���First  mortgages, I And   Holtra B.  Sand
improved property. W.  F. Edmonds. ,      ,���'",'' rjetendants?
S22 We_7 ....nster Trust  building.        In  Chambers   before
136701        Justice   Macdonuh
  _. j      June, A.D. I9lt
  J     LFpon   tin-   application   of   the   plaintiff
BUSINESS CHANCES. herein, and  upon  hearing   read   the  affi
davit <��r benjamin Gunn, and upon h
Hew   It   Commenced   and   the   Eitter
Manner  in Which  It Has Been
Kept Up Eight Year_
s,   Henry  T.
and Henry \V
no   Honori
the    -7th
���Ink. -
PIGEONS pay dollars where chickens
pay cents; small capital needed;
.mall space required; always penned up; ready markets: send for
may issue of our Journal; fully explained there; price ten cents. Reliable Squab Journal, Versailles,
Mo. (3601)
iiik     Mr.    Kennedy   nr   i*(
Writ of Summons In thi
tha Defendant, Holton E. .-
lisliiiu- this Order, togethei
tire indorsed hereon, onci
weeks   during   tho   ninnth   o
unsel   for   the
ervlce  of  the
action   upon
mils,   by  pub-
wlth  the  Ne-
every     two
July  in  Tin
Wood! Wood! Wood!
'let your wood now for the winter.
Slab wood. $2.50 per load; factory or
kindling wood. $2.50 per load; hlock
wood, $3.00 per load: dry slab wood.
$3.50 per load. I.. Williams. Office
'phone 74;  bouse 'phono CM       (3616;
li.-iily News newspaper, published al New
Westminster, B.C., and oy serving 17. II.
Sands with h copy ol ihis Order and a
' copy of tho Writ of Summons, be deemed
good ;(nd sufficient service upon (he l.e-
fendant, Holton E. Sands, nnd the Defendant to have thirty days from the day of
such   service   to   entei     .tn     appearance
I therein.
And it is further ordered tti.it sen-Ice
of a copy nf tliis Order and .i copy of the
Writ of summons herefn upon A. Bridg-
man, Solicitor of Vancouver, and also
upon tho Defendant Jakermin. shull be
deemed good nnd . uffldenl service of the
said Writ <>r Summons upon tin Defendant,  D. It.  Donley.
And  it   is  further ordered  thn!   the   Defendant    Donley   do   enter   fin   iippeuiimce
to the said Writ of Summons within  fifteen days of th,- suit! service, Inriu.lvi
$65 i the day of sen Ice
j...   ���     And ii  is furlhei  ordered that  the e
[or this application be costs In th
pin   Plaintiff
"XV   A    \i.\c: ���'iX.m.i
Entered   June   30,   fl I
A.  J.   BRINE,
D-'liutY   I lis. net   Registrar
Tin* Plaintiffs claim is ugulnsi  the Defendants   to   have   mi   account    '.len   of
what   is (lin-  io  him   toi   prlncfpnl,   interest   iiiul  costs  on  .nt  agreement   foi   purchase and sole dated the Rth day of April.
I min. and made by the Defendant.  Ilolton
1 1-7   Sands,   wilh   him,   the   said   Plaintiff,
undivided one half of the South!"1"1.""1'''   Uw  "Hid   Defendant.   Ilolton   E.
luartcr   of   Section   6,   Township   4  |*".d"- '{%F?A,t0 Purr-haBe from the Plain-
j West ���f ith Meridian in the bis-H'f'   Subdivisions   Iwo   i   i   and   thirteen
Westminster. '"',',..  ,'ot   "*'"    l0'-   h"1""'1""   Block
Home, July 19.���Brigandage, which
in the early days of the present regime was a permanent peril to the
lives ol the people in many parts of
Italy, has been very nearly stamped
out for some time on the continent,
chiefly through the untiring efforts of
the Carablnierr, that/fine body of
soldier-police whose cocked hats and
old-world uniforms are familiar to visitors  in   all   parts  of   the   peninsula.
Isolated cases, however, still occur.
especially in outlying districts, such
as Sicily and of Sardinia, and an encounter has just taken place In the
latter island between three Carab
peers and a band of armed miscreants
In which a young non commissioned
officer of the "well-deserving" body,
as the Carabineers are called, was
killed, and also two of the outlaws.
This is the last episode in a long series of murders and crimes spread
over eight years which have convulsed an entire district. As is often
the case among Italian peasants, this
vindictive, unrelenting feud bad its
origin in questions of interest between
Brother and Sister.
A brother and sister, called Antonio
Corraine and Giovanna Cossu, lived
in the southwest of Sardinia at a place
called Orgosolo, long famous for its
bands of brigands. These two people j activ(' capacity
had   an   old   uncle,   Diego   Moro.   the'
Victoria. July 10.���A pioneer railway official and one occupying a highly respected place among those who
came to Hritish Columbia when steel
first surmounted tlie Rockies, bringing
Bottlers to the verdant valleys of the
Pacific, was laid to rest Friday in the
person of William Newman, who has
been prominently connected with the
C. P. R. service since lSSti and has
been road master ot the B, & N. Rati-
I way company's system since 1905. Mi"i
j Newman, who was US years old, had
Ihis first experience of il! health about
I six months ago, when be was the
I victim, of an atack of pneunioiii:'..
This was the beginning of a steady
decline, which has terminated fatally He was acquainted personally
with all old-timers in the employ of
the company, whose sense of irreparable loss is sincere anil whose heartfelt sympathy goes out to the widow
and other members of the family in
t'.ieir  bereavement.
Coming to Canada in 1. M, or there-
i about., with experience In railway
work in t'ne old country at his back,
Mr. Newman immediately was given
employment on C. P. Et. construction,
his location being along the north
shore of Lake Superior. In ISmI lie I
was transferred to this province, and
foi eleven years his headquarters
weve at Donald, which then was a divisional point on the Dominion's first
transcontinental railway, and at
which were stationed It Marpole, now
vice-president of the E, A- X. Railway, and II. E. Ileasley. general BU-
perintendent of tbe company, In
,11897 he was moved to Revelstoke,
from which centre he exercised the
authority of roadmaster over a large
and important section of tiie C, P. It ,'t
main line. He continued to perform
these onerous duties for eight years,
when the C, P. li. took over the management of the Bsquimalt and Nanaimo Railway. This occurred in 1906,
and forthwith Mr. Newman was
brought to the island to supervise the
task of bringing the roadbed up to
Standard, For several years be held
the joint position of roadmaster and
bridge building master. When tbe
two were separated be continued as
roadmaster, During the last year be
acted   more   in   an   advisory   than   an
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits ot Oue Dolla." aad
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, Qeneral Manager.
Westminster  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Mantger
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURIN OIL     ���
P.   O    BOX   44?
weekly! Whj not you" Write
mediately for lull particulars, .ample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Unclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C, Mitchell,
P.O. Box 2. Edmonton Alberta, Canada. (3644)
trlct of New
Whereas primf of the less
of  Title   Number   IS820F,
name of Thomas Moreau hm
this office.
Notice Is herohy given thai I shall, at
the expiration of ono month from the date
of tho first publication hereof, in a dally
newspaper published In the City of New
Westminster, issue ;i duplicate of the saidi
i.i  City of Kew Westminster.  B.C..
i   .,    .i ,,|im'    the    sum   nf   two   thousand   dollars
n filed In   f*2000.00.   and  Intercut  as  In  Bald agreement mentioned.
That   the  said  ng-reemonl   may   be  enforced hy sale of said land, or foreclosure
and  for possession  Of the  said   lands and
Ami   the   Plaintiff  also  claims  ngtttnst
,-.,t��� ,-K.     mless ti   tin-  meantime  vaiidj!1"    Defendant,   XtoitW..   tor   principal  and
obtectlon lie made to me In writing. interim! under  ivennnl  for payment of
.1    c   GWTNN, "'" Purchase  monC3   as  ronts fneri  In  the
District   Registrar of Titles.  "**'Id   Indenture   nf   ngrwement   dated   the
Land  Registry  Office,   New   Westminster,  "th April.  1910. (3003)
"B.  C,   '.'nd  July,   1914. I.G14) , ___________������________��.-_..___mmmmmmm,
foundation of whose fortune was said
to have been laid as the result of a
successful  career of brigandage.
When Moro died it wa.s found that
he had left two-thirds of iiis wealth
to this niere, Qlovanna Cossu, and
only one-third to her brother, Antonio, who, together, with bis family,
considered that he had been unjustly usid. ���\ntonio consequently proposed that his sou. i ���aniline, should
wet) Olovanna's (laughter, "to keep
the monej In the family." His sister.
however, refused to entertain the idea
and a passion of hatred Bprang np
between the two families, and it was
'mt long before they passed trom
tin-eats  to  bloodshed.
Jn 1907 Carmine Corratnp, the rejected suitm-, quarreled with Egidlo
Poddu, a relative ol the Cossu family, and was found one day among his
flock with a bullet iii his beait poddu was arrested and tried, bul the
jury declared that he had killed in
legitimate defence, and he was liberated. The general opinion was that
tin verdict was due to the money a
Influence of the Cossu inmilv' ,,,.,
the Corraines. hopeless of receiving'
justice, determined  to avenage them
That continuous advancement is bo-
ng made In every part of the prov-
| inc- is shown hy the statement of de-
veli pment published monthly In Telephone Talk, the magazine issued by
the li. c. Telephone company. Thirty-
nine telephone exchanges are operated
.nd (tain.; are recorded In nearly j
every instance, with very perceptible
progress In tlie larger cities. Another
cuticle details (".tensions of outside
p,.in!s which are :n hand as well as
r*riditiona to equipment  In  Eeveral of
lie uffices.   Tin--���  nre all on account ;
of new  business,    Indicating   a    live
::;  I. tl;
(he of the feature articles in Tele-1
(.hone Talk this month is descriptive ;
Ci ('.and forks .md district. This,
city is fortunali I*, situated, having ;
.,nr prairie-lilie rami lands in ils im-
leeili.ite Vicinity, and  the  illustrations j
idion thai it Is iip-to-dato and progreB-
sl*. I
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria
10:30 a.m. .
2i00   p.m.
11:45   p.m.
Cheap fares for all return tickets to Eastern points, on sale
beginning June 1st. (loud to return up to Oct. t'.lst.
For particulars apply to
E. GOULET. Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
For Seattle
10:30 a.m Daily
11:00 p.m. daily exci pt Saturday
11:45 p.in Saturday
For  Nanaimo
10 a.m   and 6:30 p.m Ilaily
Nanaimo, Union Bay, Comox
8   a.m.   Thursda.    and   Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay,   Powell
11:45  p.m    Kvery  Saturday
Prince  Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
11:00p.m.   VVednesdaya
For Gulf Island  Points.
7:00 a.m. Tuesdays for Victoria,
calling  at  points  In  Oulf  Isl
To Alaska  ....Every Saturday
md |
H"or 'ho i.iitigling of the exhibition
buildings al Queens park.    Nallg and j
shingles supplied hv the cltly.   Tend-'
erers to supply their own staging, Any
Information    icquired    can    be    had
from the building Inspector    'renders |
to be delivered to City Clerk NJonday,
the 20th July.  1914. (3668) '
Full stock of latest Imported Suit
ings for summer wear. Perfect tit
and workmanship guaranteed,   Prices
from   $1N.(I0  up.    7"!   Front   street
_.. ..
ce   re
ill   of
ih.-  Coun
il   hits
tll.lt     SOITK
not    c
In-    term-
W.I li  1'
ns stated
in in,
;.i.11 ,;;
....    the
1 rs   bi
Ing   ;
1   (1 .un
to   S ;00
p.m., <
\. .
n    tin
Is   111
ylng with
ri a i
'. 11:1111
i 30.(1
ill  h
He     tl
.it  perml
A.    lif.M
S    e,,||,
��� It
1 'M '.
n. .1
llj   17.
IHI 1.
Seattle Paper Sees Danger for Whole
Pacific Coast In Asiatic Arrivals in  B. C.
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial invitation is given the ladies of New Westminster to
Visit the salesrooms of the II. ('. Kleetric, in the company's terminal
at Columbia and Kighth. to inspect our complete line of Electric
Cook  ing  and  Household  appliance?.
These appliances greatly lessen the labor of the housewife, pro
moling both her comfort and convenience, They are always ready
for service, operating on connection with any household socket The
cost ror current is only a few cents per hour of continuous operation,
Electric Cooking Applances Jusl meet your summer demands as
tbey   can   do  all   forms   ol   light   Cooking  just   as   well   a.    the   kitchen
range.    Fully seventy-five per cent of your summer cooking can be
done  in  this  manner.
New  Westminster Salesrooms,  B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth
.' Ill*,lir.ii Columbia's
Hindus the Seattle
P.O. Box ma Dally News Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices rl)?ht.   Satisfaction ftuaranteeS
69 McKcnxIs it.
Gymnasium Class, Thursday at 7.30
Swimming classes, Tuesdays and Fridays, :; to .. at Y. M. C. A. Young
Ladies' Club. Friday at  8  p nt.
Hoarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
Kor particulars call phone 1324.
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
tin the subject <
stand againsi   the
j Tin e.    says:
The persistent   tight  of the Hindus
at Vancouver to obi.tin admission   to
Canada appears to be vain.   Thus far,
thej  have lost everj   'unite, in  which
'��� thej   were engaged.
l-l 11; .hi effort to surprise the Immigration officials and spirit the Orientals on tbe Komagata Maru awaj by
stealth proved futile, The Canadian
j officials iv. ro "on the job" and
th ���   't( d the move,
Tills case is ot Interest (lol only to
the neighboring Dominion but to the
entire Pacific coast as well A Hindu
pro . .n in British Columbia would
have meant a Hindu problem In Washing ion and ndjai etil state.-.
Iteci nt   experience     w. ith     Chinese
Special Excursions
Five Days
Meals and Berth.
S.S.   "Prince   Rupert
Monday,  midnight, .Tulj
n a
Glacial, Island
Mountain and
Forest Scenery
'Prince   Oeorge"    sails
.8,    midnight,    July    77,
Boats  remain ni   I'rince  Rupert one day, affording an opportunity
ot Beelng the new Grand Trunlt Pacific city.
Parlor   rooms   separately   or en   suite,   with   or     without      private
bath, etc., iii an additional cost.    Staterooms en Bulte  without  extra
II. G. smith, cp, and TA. c. k  .ikwf.y   (-, \p|i
Phone   Sey.   8134. 527 Granville St., Vancouver. 1','c MONDAY,   JULY  20,   1914.
On "Summer
Summer months are considered dull in most retail lines of business.
That is a fact which we must face. But let us
go into the pros and cons of the subject and find
out why it is a dull season.
They say the buyers go out of town in the sum-
mer.  That is not so.
Some of the people do leave the city during the
summer���but do you realize what a small per cent-
age of the population is away at any one time?
Eight hundred to a thousand at most. And the 19,-
000 who are left have as many wants in the summer
as they have in the winter���and as much money with
which to satisfy them.
They say people won't buy goods in the summer.
That is the merchants' fault.
Do you remember when they wouldn't buy white
goods in the winter time?   Now they buy more white
goods in January than in any other month in the
. year.   Advertising   in the   newspapers   made this
A few years ago the quietest spot on the face of
the earth was a furniture store in February.   Newspaper advertising has made it the biggest month
with live merchants.    You can sell snowshoes 'in
August if you advertise them right.
Now let us get down to brass tacks.
The only reason why business is dull in summer
time is because merchants let it be so. They let habit blind them to the business that can be had. It
would not take many years to make the two weeks
before Christmas dull���if the merchants quit advertising and acted as though there was no business to
be had.
We know that the people of New Westminster are
not all out of town���that they have the money to
buy all they need���that they will buy goods out of
season if they are urged to do so.
Increase Your Summer
Advertising in The News
and Get Your Share of
the Business. PAGE EIGHT
MONDAY.   JULY  20,   1914.
R. A   Little Highly Honored at an
Enjoyable   Affair   Held   in
London Recently.
hig life is to meet Francisco Villa on
the  battlefield
Shows No Dissappolntment.
Kor a man about to quit his natiw
country un exile, in his declining
years, Huerta seems iiiiu��iia!ly buoyant, the alphabet of his face spells
no mighty disappointment and those
who expected him to stand dramatically like a lone antagonist of destiny have been proved mistaken. Physically he appears unaffected by the
.training events of Ihe past seventeen
months, his wcatherbealon countenance being aglow with health and
spirits and he has lost none of the
vigorous earnestness of manner.
It  was officially  reported  that  the
The following handed to The News,
and   taken   from   the   i-oudon   Advertiser, will be of interest to the friend . j entire colony   of   Huerta
and pupils of Or. It. A. Little in   this I will ultimately establish a permanent
citv 'colony in Spain, although Huerta him.
.',-,.,..,- ,.    self intends to travel a bit In Europe
Dr. R. A. Utile, former vice-presii-   before gettHn|? dowl, tnPre.
.lent of the l/mdon collegiate insti-j All morning long Huerta and <1p.ii-
tute, was tendered a dinner last night I eral Blanquet held a series of conferences in  the    private    car.      The
by his old pupils, in the Indian room
of the Tecumseh house. About "5 of
the alumni of the school to which Dr.
Little had been attached for many
years were present.
The dinner was a most successful
affair characterized by the good fellowship and feeling which was always so outstanding a characteristic
of Dr. Little himself.
During the evening numerous telegrams and letters were received by
Dr. Little from ex-pupils all over tlie
country, expressing their regrets for
their absence. One telegram wa.s re-
ceived from tbe Chicago branch of
Ihe old boys, expressing best wishes
for Dr.  Little.
Speaking upon the Hindu question
which is at present creating such interest in the west, Dr, Little said
lhat he voiced the opinion of most
westerners when he declared that the
Hindus would be better off by far in
their own country, and Canada would
be better off for their absence.
"They   are  3000  years   behind   our
western civilization," he said.    "They
come to this country to take all the
country offers  in    civilization,
without  becoming  Christianized
Dr. Uttle compared the west with
this part of the country. "The east,
and especially London, is a grand old
place. There ls no doubt about the
progress.veness of the west; they
have advanced ideas there and they
an- putting them into operation. The
west is the place for the young man
of ambition, but London still looks
very good to me,"
In Hritish Columbia, lie pointed out
that practically all the great Industrie;- were in the hands of or were
coming under the control of foreigners. The Japanese he said, were foremost in the salmon industry.    Hindus
blinds were drawn and lhe crowds
who gathered were unable-to obtain
a glimpse of the ex-dietator. But it is
known that the indigestion with which
Huerta was bothered upon his arrival was successfully knocked out by-
two stiff drinks of cognac.
Naval officers from the gunboat
Ilaragoza paid their respects during
the morning as did also Captain Koh-
ler of the German cruiser Dresden
and his staff officers.
(Continued From Page One.)
tion  by their dexterity in  binding up
the hurts of iheir fellows.
No  Shots  Fired.
Chief McLennan afterwards expressed  himself as very pleased that despite   the   provocation   no   shots  were
, fired  by his men or by the iinmigra-
uUt | tion   officials,   strict    orders    having
been   issued   prior   to   the   departure
from the dock that no firearms should
be  discharged  and   that   tbey  should
simply  be  used   lo overawe  the   Hindus.    Several shots were fired during
the   melee   but  they   came   trom   tha
deck of the Komogata  Maru. according to the statement of the police officers and the officials.
The determined attitude of tbe Komogata passengers was emphasized at
the very outset when Inspector Hopkinson, having preceded the Sea l.iori
by half an hour for the purpose of interviewing Qurdlt Singh, was very definitely informed that unless they received a written statement from the
are cutting a hold for themselves des- two local Hindus that the charterers
plte the opposition of the whites, In- bad given permission for the steamer
to the lumber Interests and much of t0 ,*,,parli tney woujd not a**ow tne
the extensive market gardening of I ship to go.
the whole province is done by Chin- '
Life  in   Danger.
Principal of the New Westminster
high school since he has been in the
v,ent. Dr. Little has become closely
acquainted with the educational system of the province.
The three fundamental principles
for a broad education.' ho sa*fd. were
instruction, inspiration and expression. Here, in the east, the young
people get. too much instruction, without enough of the other two things.
which count so much, he declared.
Dr, Little spoke highly of the system   of   education   and   especially   of
Furthermore a friendly Hindu on
the steamer told Mr. Hopkinson that
if he came on the ship he would be
in  danger of death.
Following the Sea Lion adventure
the strictest patrol was maintained
throughout the remainder of the night
in case any attempt should be made
by the Hindus to get ashore. It i.s
suspected, owing lo the nature of the
missiles hurled on the Sea Lion that
the Hindus have looted the engine
room of parts of the machinery and
this may have an important bearing
on the departure of the vessel as with
the collegiate educational  system  in j
Iiritish Columbia. Students' receive I porUons of tne engines and fittings
more practical and broader education, | ��-isB'"R " may be impossible to pro-
he said, because they have plenty of I Dt'* the steamer.
recreation. The New Westminster I Information to the immigration of-
Bchool is at present building a $12,000 ; flclaJB lat'' i'1 the evening was to the
gymnasium.    The time  tables of the f effec*   tha'   ���*"'   Preparations   Of   Ihe
high schools are regulated, the speaker said, so that the study hours of
the pupils are less than here, while
tbe work of instruction is much more
efficient. Pupils do more work and
better work. In a shorter time, he
(Continued From Page One.)
nation was entirely an act of patriot-
im!!. Ile dwelt upon his devotion to
Iiis country, which has run red with
blood since he assumed the dictator-
chip after the overthrow and assassl-
i  ': on  of  President  Madero.
General Huerta will be accompanied
or the lire.den by Qeneral Blanquet
(inly the families of the two former
leaders will be with them on the crui-
*"i Forty oilier members of the party will leave here tonight on the
steamship City of Mexico for Texas
Cit> They will sail by way of Vera
Cruz An unsuccessful effort was
" idi to charter the steamship but
the party, mostly women, will sail as
I'd n trj  pusseugers.
In an Intervlcv granted late to-
i -: '��� General Huerta, although refusing absolute!} to discuss politics, admitted   lhat  lhe  greatest   ambition  of
crew to get up steam In the boilers
would be interferred with by the Hindu... Threats were also made to the
stokers. Acting on this information
Superintendent Heid communicated
with Chief of Police McLennan who
made ready to visit the Maru.
Regina.   July   17.    Several   of     the
j most   prominent   among   the    Saskatchewan breeders of pure bred Clydes-
; dale horses have suffered  losses within the last few days by the death or
illness   of  their   famous   horses.
Among the most famous horses to
die are Regal Sensation and llaroti
Buchlevie, the grand champion stallion which cost his owner, Mr. Ditu-
lop,   $47,500.
See the 5c and 10c
Tables of China
and Glassware
FOR 5c.
Chins Mugs
Class   Fruit   Dishes
Pudding   Howls
Tea Plates
Table Tumblers
Salts and Peppers
Oatmeal  Saucers
Blue Hlack Writing Ink
FOR  10c.
White  and  Cold Cream  Jugs
Double Kgg f'ups
White and Cold  Sugar Howls
China Fruit Dishes
China Tea Plates
White and Cold Dinner I'lates
Class Top Salts and  Peppers
Class Measuring Cups
White and Cold Soup Plates
China  Pickle  Dishes
Three Big Silks Specials
Pure Silk Striped Blouse or Dress Silk for 39c.
come  in an assortment of shot and stripe effects, and are a
The. i
pun*, soft silk in useful shades
Very Special, per yard  	
$1.25 Values  Silk  at 49c.
Oriental   Satins.   Pailettes,   Pongees,   Taffetas,   MessnlineB,   Foul, ids,
Crepes, in plain shades and a number of stripes, broches, plaids;  in
good mixed colors;  some are 40 inches  wide;  values AQf.
to $1.26.    Your choice     -tSC
$1.65 Silk for 89c.
Alyl 36 or 40 indies in width;  In plain and shot messalines, pailettes
and striped Ju-p silks, and somo 40-lnch Oriental satins and silk crepes;
all new silk and splendid shade; a big variety on sale at, QQ#*
per yard    OWW
Drapery Department Specials
Reversible  Cretonne;   in  green,
blue,   red   or  fawn  patterns;    1
yard   wide;     reg.    price   25c   a
per yard 	
Bungalow     Nets;
cream  or  Arab;   40
widths;       regular
Per yard,
in white,
to 45 inch
35c    lines.
We Save You Money
on Kitchen Utensils
Japanned   Sink   Strainers   ..15c
Handled Cake Turners   10c
Wire   Soap   Savers    10c
Handled  Kitchen  Forks    10c
Coppered Coat Hooks, doz...10c
Doughnut Cutters, each ....5c
llras   Moulding   Hooks,   do?...5c
25 yards Picture Wire  5c
2-\n- Oil,  bottle    10c
Spring   Ilroom    Holders 5c
Long Handled   Dust  Pans      10c
Wire   Egg   Beaters    5c
Bed Castors, each    5c
Bras  Cuboard   Knobs,   each..5c
Pot Cover Knobs, .1 for    5c
Wire Potato Mashers, each.. 10c
Cobblers'   Sets,   each    95c
Mrs. Potts' Sad Irons, set..$1.25
Spring  Clothes   Pins,  doz 5e
(Mack's No-Rub l*aundry Tablets; 7 for  25c
10c Rolls Crepe Toilet Paper;
each    5C
Electrical Department
Now is vour opportunity to procure a brand new
Aluminum Kleetric Coffee Percolator. Ask those
who are using them and they will tell you that
this device will make the finest coffee obtainable.
Just bring in your old Coffee Pot and we will allow
vou X3c for it.
During this sale you can procure an Kleetric Iron
guaranteed for ten years for only $2.95. How can
you use this old style irons when you can iron in
comfort, even on the hottest day, with an Kleetric
If It is an Kleetric Fan you are requiring consult
Us; we have them in different sizes, styles and
prices. A few eight-inch blade fans left, .lust the
thing  for your  home or office flfO  i\t\
Only, each    ��*-_����� WW
One only 12-Inch blade fan and oscillator which
will keep the air circulating In a much greater area
than  with a  stationary  fan. C1Q  Kfl
Only,   complete H? ��� "iWU
Call   and   inspect   our   stock.     Vou   will   find   our
prices right.
These Are Splendid Linen
Reg.   17' .c   Strong   Irish    Crash     Roller     Toweling
for 12i 2c.
18  inches   wide;   In   plain  cream,  brown   and  cream
stripe.    These  are  exceptional   values. 1 9 ^ f*
Sale   Price,   per  yard       I C 2 G
Reg. 15c Colored Turkish Toweling for 12c a Yard.
Close weave: thoroughly absorbent quality. July
Stile Price, per 4 5#��
yard       I *"U
Values to 12' 2c a Yard Glass Towelings for 8'2c.
Check Class Toweling and Crash Holler Toweling;
good quality;  July Sale  Price, fllf*
per yard      Ojw
Regular  35c   Roller Towel   for 25c   Each,
tn  crash  und  Turkish   weaves;   16   inches   wide;   2*Va,
yards  long:   ready   for  use. OK#��
July    Sale   Price,   each        hWV
Regular   Value   $1.00   Lunch   Cloth   for   70c.
All   pure   linen:   excellent   quality;   in   fleur   de   lis
and dot design;  size 471x47,. 7t\im
July Sale Price, each      I UC
Regular $1.00 Creakfast Cloth for 75c.
Size 60x64;     fully    blenched:, useful  for camp    or
cottage.,  July  Sale 74%**
Price   ��� I VV
Reg.   $1.00   Each   Linen   Turkish   Bath   Towels,   for
75c Each.
Kxtra   heavy   quality   brown   linen;    size   L'.x7i4;    a
splendid towel for the bathroom. 7_5��*��
July Sale Price, each       I ww
Some Dress Goods
That Mean Big
Checked Ginghams, for aprons
and children's rompers; regular 15c. 1AA
Special       IUB
Calateas; in self colors and
stripe effects; for boys' suits
and blouses; reg. 26. Of)**
Special     fcUC
White Organdy for Waists,
Dresses and  Underwear;  27 In.
wide;  reg.  17 UC
Extra  Good Values  Are
Offered   in   Our   Ladies'
Ready-to-Wear   Dept. on
the First Floor
Coats,  Suits.  Dresses, Waists,  Underskirts, Corsets,
Whitewear  and   Children's   Wear  at   Prices
Which You Will Find Hard to Equal.
A  Line of   Misses' Serge  Dresses,   Special   at  $7.50.
A very dainty dress of good wearing quality serge;
a new model; finished with satin collar and lace
frilled around neck: comes In colors navy and
brown. These dresses are well worth $1050 each.
Our   Special   Price
Wash Goods
Specials for Today
A line of chocks that make useful dresses for present wear;
in shades of brown and white,
brown, black and white; ..4
inches   wide:    in   effective     de-
Ladies' Bedford Cord Dresses. Special at $12.75.
These arc In perfectly new model styles: of excellent qualify material; with waist made full and
skirt In new style drape effect, and trimmed with
fancy buttons; lace collar and fichu fronts; colors
tun und navy; and finished with fancy silk girdle;
worth $lS.5ll in the regular way.
Our Special   Price is  	
signs.    Special
\a Iue   	
A  Very  Pretty and  Fashionable Suit  Is a  Black and
White Check;   Reg. $25.00 Values, Special
at  $18.50.
There Is nothing in suits more fashionable at the
present time than a black and white check. We
have a nice selection in stock; small and medium
size checks: strictly man-tailored, and coat is lined
with Skinner's satin; the skirt is a plain model,
with a high waist band; regular
$25,00   values.     Special   for   	
Special lot of Bedford Cords,
Serge.-*. Venetians, Panamas, in
a number of weights; included
are some novelty broche
weaves, in tbe new blues, navy,
red, gray, green, black and
some new tartans; a big selection; all 54 inches wide; values
to $1.75. Your choice,
per yard  	
We  carry  a   full   range of  the  best  known   makes  in   Ladies'  and   Children's   Hosiery
and can  sell them at the lowest  possible prices, as we  buy  direct from the manufacturer:',
A Strong Wearing Silk and  Lisle Hose;   Rrgularly Sold at 75c a  Pair;   Special for 50c
Per   Pair.
This is a guaranteed good  wearing Silk  Hose;   has a  good  lisle  leg;   made full  fashioned;  is perfectly seamless:  high spliced heels and toes, and with  good garter top. ;
colors  black, tan.  white, pink  and  skv;  all sizes;  a regular 75c  value.
Very Special at. per pair  	
Ladies' Light Weight Cashmere Hose. Special at Three Pairs for $1.00.
Comes in black only:  is .perfectly .rainless, and high spliced heels and toes:   will give
good  wear;   worth  45c  per  pair.
Very Special at three pairs for  ',.
.ill give
Monday Furniture
Monday Furniture
Camp     ('(inches;      fi   feet   long
strongly  constructed;    a    great
bargain:    reg.
$6.60.   Cash   Price
Canvas Camp Stretchers,   Cash
���;rat$1:35 $1.65
Uphol8tered     Collapsible     Cot.s,
for the camp. C .J Mt
Cash   Price    WiUU
Couches,   with     roll     edge;     In
two-tone    velours    or    imitation
Spanish   leather.
Cash    Price   ....
anj) shop at McAllisters.
(Buffet;      solid
fumed  or  curb
regular $2 ..50.
Cash   Price   .....
Library    Table;
(-.ik:    fumed    or
regular  $13.50.
Cash   Price   ....
Sanitary Couch: extension
style; with good mattress;
with green denim cover; regu
lar $13.60.
Cash  Price
oak:     golden.
English  finish;
solid   quarter
golden finish;
(Continued  Krom  Page One.)
1000;   num-
-eil,   1.   I'ran-
Asthma Cure
never fails to cure the most obstinate cases of
Price  $2.00  Per  Bottle.
For sale  b>
New   Westminster.   B.   C.
Or scut direct charges prepaid.
D.   A.  CAMERON   &  Co.,
White   Front  Drug  Store.
Owen  Sound,  Ont.
grade.    Maximum  mark
ber of candidates 1;  pa
ces   It.   .Murphy   KX!I.
Private  Study,   third   class   nonpro-
! fessional.     Maximum     marks,     1100;
number  of  candidates.   1;   passed,   1,
Alexander  Turnbull   591.
New Westminster  High  School.
New  Westminster  high   school, ad-
! vanced   course,   junior   grade.     Maximum   marks.   1000;   number  of  candidates,  Hi.;   passed,  HO.
Ilarbara M. Kraser 693, Annlle M.
Archibald 661, Robert B. Douglas 64.,
Annie M. Fraser 62(1, Agnes M. Dock-
rill 624, Robert I. Kellie .14, Klsie A.
M. Matheson fil4. Victoria M. Fischer
(104, Ruth B. Agar 603, Violet K. Wiltshire COS, Marjorie F. Richards 599,
Henry W. Smith 596, Annie IC. Smith
592, Ivy B. Pond 575, Ellen 17. Bournes
576, Vernon M. .Murray 570, Kthel M.
Ilrown 5.-9, Margaret 11. Lougbeed
7,7,7'. Annie \\7 McAllister 651, Edith
cook 641, Lilly M. A, Johnson 619,
Krnest A. Jen son .ilN. Eunice I). Brlce
7>17. Julia Ij. Dougherty 7,17. Douglas
A. Casselman 508, .lane R. Shand ..ox,
Gordon   \V.   Rowley  ._.i>4.  Cordon    K.
Houghton   500,   Ruth   I).   Hughes   7,00,
Margaret A. Mack 500.
Full course, jnnioi mad
tiium marks, 1200; number i
dales,   12;   passed.  7.
Leslie Trethewej
Renshaw  (174,    Alice
Gladys K. Welsh 636
I'hee   630,     Thomas
Walter J.  Rennie 600.
Senior grade Maximum marks,
1100;  Dumber of candidates, 5;   pass-
774.    Katberine
M    Mercer  660,
Charles T    Melt.   Selkirk   607,
Ruili M. Greg
763, Susie Loree 693,
Marion O, Hanford 683, Margery
d'Easum 670, Beatrice M. Bournes
Private study, senior grade. Maxi-
iniiiii mark.-.. 1100; number cf candidates,  1;   passed.  0.
Columbian College, full course,
'jutiKM grade    Maximum marks, HOO;
, number   of   candidates.    1 ;    passed,   0.
Ladner   Centre.
Ladner     high     school,   preliminary
course,    j un loi      grade     Maximum
I marks.   1000;    number   Of   candidates,
8;   passed  x.
Roland -f   banning 710,Hazel Roger-
son fiX4, Margaret  A    Milne 649, Alice
M.   Lear j   640,  Arthui   Rogerson  022,
i Annie   c    Hown   619,   Wanda   McCallum  568,  Arthur  it.  Devereaux 530.
Advanced course, junior grade.
Maximum marks, ludO; number of
candidates,  fi;   passed.   4.
Ellen   Frew   618,   Ralph   K.   McDIar-
i mid   548,   Gladys   M.   Devereaux   515,
Myrtle  K.   Ilntcherson  504.
Entrance   Examinations.
Tlie results of the high  school entrance  examinations,  which   was  held,
; on June 22, 27, and 24, at seventy-one
different centres throughout the prov-j
ince,   have   jusl   been   announced   by]
tin    department   of   education.    The
total number Of candidates was :;.124,l
Out  of whicli  2,0(1:1 succeeded  In  pass-'
Mis^ Dorothj d'.'akey of ihe Henry]
Hudson school, Vancouver, who se-!
cured 930 marks out of a possible 1,-|
loo. has the honor of securing first!
place |
The   ten   bronze medals which are
donated annually by  His Royal High-;
nes... the Governor-General, and    distributed by tin  depart ment among the,
bead  pupils ot   the  ten  cities  having'
tlie greatest number of passes to their j
.credit,    were    won    by    the '���following i
candidates:     Ethel     A.   Davis.   Ann-,
istrong;  .lennie Thomson, Chilliwack; I
George   K   Fletcher,   Kelowna:   Olive
Id   Lawrence, Nanaimo; Ruth M   Carl-j
Fisher.    John
���nry       Hudson
Mary   R.  Car-
North     Van-
rrum,   Boys'
Bon,  Nelson;   Lucy  .1.
Rob* mi    schci !.      Ne A
Mm ei     a     Simmons,
Dorothy     Blakty,      if.
school,   Vancouver;   /..
nett,   Ridgewaj   school,
couver;      Dudiej     F    I
Central   schi ol,   Victoria.
It is int,-,-i sting *.u note, and will
be a in.(Her it special pride and gr.i-
tification i" ai' Interested in the Niv.
Westminster s< imois to note that the
high school ot tiir- city makes an exceptionally strong and commendable
Showing. Bolii tiie John Kobson and
F W Howay schools are in the very
f.-oni rank and it i. extremely doubtful il any other high school In the
province can make as equally strong
The averages of all the schools in
the province figures out about. .7 1-2
per cent, while the New Westminster
schools   show   an   average   of   X2    per
A further point of commendation is
the facl that one of the ten medal
winners Is a pupil of the John Kobson school, in the person of Lacey J.
Fi,-hcr, a son of Mrs, C. C. Fisher of
this city. It will be remembered that
two years ago a. winner of tiie medal
w::s   Miss   Naveleine   Fisher,   a   sisterj
of the preseni honor pupil. The result of the examination is certainly
most commendable to the city schools!
and a most favorable reflection upon
all who have the management of the
schools   in   their  charge.
Mew Westminster Centre.
Howay Number ol candidates, 77;
passed, 33: Marjorie Gilley 77(1, Gertrude Dixon 70X, Vera Bowell 682*,
Ruth Eddy 678, Margaret Johnstone
r,7c. Alma Embree 675, Alice Postlllj
666, Helen L.  Agar 669, Eileen Calla-
n 157,   Edith   d'Easum   047,  Stella'
Olanvlllfi   '147.   lloxena   Halladay   647,
Greta   Garretl   tills,     Louise   Maxwell
632,   Leila   Grlei   630,   Leona   Jackson I
BC0, Margaret Vert 628, Ida Chalk 623,
Daphna Doyle K17, Edythe Fader 616,
Muriel Whitaker 614, Agnes Turnbull
612, Jessie Chalk 611, Emily Kennedy
611, Patricia Fryer (id!., Kthel Long-;
heed (in.-*,, Alice Bradshaw 596, Sylvia
Fulton 696, (Lillian Marsh 596, Maude
Hughes 694, Beatrice Jackson 589, |
Jessie   Moore  7iSX,   Kleanor   Whiteside
sen   (il.,   Raymond   C.   Turnbull   616,
William   J.   Fales   fiOli,   Herbert   McO.
Allan   606,   Robert   Mosdell   601.   Florence   E.   Mercer 694,  William  .1.   Keid
.770.  John   Ramsay  564,   Hugh   A.   McDonald  652,  Leslie  Kearly  660.
Herbert   Spencer   Number  of   can-
idldates, 21;  passed, 17:    Vera  Hawn
576. 700,   Mary   Roy   696,     Emllj     Purkiss
Kill in. Division I Number of can-1670, Leslie McCabe 675, Eva Miles
Idldales, 27; passed 19: Kathleen B. 667, olive Saver 648, Irene Pope fi44.
Mclnto.-h 723. Margaret II. Hamilton Ballsy SchOfleld (14*4. Andrew Hunter
692, iLoIs M. J-umble 692, Vernon Car- 638, James Crandell 637, ('. Roberl
lyle 691, Eileen W. Gregory 687, ChaB. Murray 628, Ivy Glbbs ii*.'ii, Helen
\V. Furness 663, Laura K. Matthew Ross 610, Henry Oxenbury 697, Laura
646, Alfred J. Butcher 642, Alice P. Rutledge 596, Robert L. Saver 591,
McDougall   ��3fi,   Charles   E.   Seymour  Beatrice Wilkie ,.fi4
629, Kllsworth G. Ilcnner (123. Evelyn
M. Potter 617. Minnie E. Chapln 61H,
Clifford M Pearson sow, Emma M.
Moulton 578, Richard L, Watters "j72,
Jessamine Mai shall 660, Garfield E,
O'Connor ..60,  Nell  R. Craig 555.
Kelvin, Division 2���'Number Ot candidates, 4; passed, 4: Annie Taylor
742, An'. y B, Byrne 733, (ieorge K.
Adams .774, Mector Cant 663,
Richard McBride Number of candidates, 15; passed, 9: Stewart R.
MoDougall 741, Lyle A. Atkinson 77.7,
Alfred Archhould 647, Constance G.
Davy H40,  Leonard  Hayman 621, Wil-
Coquitlam  Municipality.
Blue   Mountain   'Number  of
dates. 4;   passed, 2:     Daisy A.
806, Orval  D.  Fltepatrlck  740.
Private  Schools.
Providence   Orphanage    Number
candidates,  3;   passed,  0.
St. Ann's Academy -iS'innber of
| candidates, fi; passed, 4: Evelyn D.
I L'Abbe 666, Pearl Roberts 640, Nellie
Reardon fiUfi, Anita McDonald 568,
St.   Louis 'College    Number  of  candidates, 7; passed. 6:    Gerald C. Mac-
ICallum 64!i, Austin O'onnell tiio, Geo.
.Pasco   696,       Kdward   Carmody   571,
' Lawrence       McMullen    668,     Charles
Ham  B.    Chambers    599,    Nathanle
House 598, Albert B,  Wrightman 693, j Hanks r,5X
Gilbert 0, Runacr.es 591. Private study   Number   of   candi-
John    RobSOU���Number    of    candi-; dates, 1;  passed. 0.
dates, 36;   passed, 33:    Lacey J.  Fish-1 Port   Coquitlam   Centre,
er 7K7, Cecil  A.  Lamb 773, Oeorge  B. I     Coquitlam    Number   of   candidates.
Gilchrist    7fi2.    .1.   A.   11 nnt ly  Cordon j c ���
74��. Thomas W.  Kennedy 73X.  Kverll-jC.
da Wilson 723, Alvera Swauson 722.
Patricia S. M. Ronnie (IXC, Howard
J. Brown (17X, Eric B. Lusby '177. Roland T, Hood 671, James A. Iloyd 660,
Joseph A. Wbitmore _()2, Ceorge D.
Fales (i.:',!t, Karl W. Johns 868, F.
James North fi7,:i, Frank 11. Gilley (1*17,
Harold  V.   Hudson 647, Samuel  Bruce
rc-sod.  "���
Allport 624.
Sarah   Lee   640,   Beryl
Coquitlam Last
dates. 2; passed
James  Park
.;   passed,   1 :
Port   Moody
7:   passed, 7:
fi">4. Agnes  R,
Number   of
I:      Mini,(
Number of  candidates
Daphne L. Koenlg 650.
Number of candidates
Frederick  It.  Thurston
Moisic 643, Florence  !,.
Keid G37, John R. Dawe fi.'i2, Jack H. j Citing fil9, Francis T. Appleyard 599,
Pentland nut. R. H. Gifford Edmondspulclc L. Moore 699, It Cecil Vattgh-
617, Edward I'. Shaw ��17, Otto M. Ol-lan 7,:::, John  I'. Gorman 567.


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