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The New Westminster News May 16, 1914

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��� 'i
i **���
''16-        ^
Vo'/ne 9, Number 62.
Price Five Cents,
Gusher Producing 200 Bar-
rels Worth $2000 per
Phenominal Advance In OH Shares-
Stock Companies Doing Rushing
Business���No Selling.
Naples, May 15.-Mount Vesuvlous
again Is active. Tonigln a high column of vapor and ttiHgues of flame-
are coming out of the crater.
Etna Also Quaking.
Catania May 16.���Earthquake shock
continue with alarming frequency.
Mount Etna la extremely active. A
number of the houses weakened hy
previous shocks have fallen. There
have been no fatalities as the populace of the city is camped in the open.
Ca'gary, May 16. If there Is a J:ih
llant town on the map or North America tonight that town Is Calgary.
The> strike of oil in the well of thee
Calgary Petroleum Products company
is believed to be one of the most
remarkable* ever occurring on the
continent. Over a signed statement. I
<>. t;. Devonian, president of the Cal-
fary Industrial bureau credits the
w< 11 with a product of from 150 to
200 barrels every twenty-four hours,
���of oil that analyzes sixty-two haume
gravity, the output being worth in
the neighborhood of $2000 per day.
in addition to the oil, the- gas output is estimated at two million feet.
The gas Ib wet and contains from one
to one and a half gallons of gasoline to the 1000 cubic feet and il has
been demonstrated lhat these gasoline values can be extracted from the
gas at a profit.
Cunningham Craig, ihe British oil
expert, whose opinion has weight
with the British admiralty, said to-
lllght in an Interview that he was of
the opinion that the strike' had proven beyond a doubt lhat there was **.
paying oil field in this part of Alberta, Mr. Craig added that lm was oi
the opinion that even better and more
valuable finds would be- made with
more development,
Calgary OH Mad.
7,'h? city is oil mad tonight. Half
, dozen companies were taking sub
scriplions to stock ut 11 o'clock. The
highway between the city and the Bite
(r the Dingman well was lined with
automobiles all day long, hundreds
visiting the well.
The well will probably develop Into i pumping proposition, although rumors of a gusher reached the city
ibis morning, when it waa reported
that the oil was shooting up into the
air. attaining a height of sixty feet.
This was caused by a rush of gas,
iioo rding to a message received from
the well tonight, and subsided a few
minutes aftiT the occurrence. Bui foi
probably ten minutes the fluid gush-
, &    forth,   and    those    who    witnessed
the occurrence were of the opinion
that a gusher had been brought In.
Big Advance in Stock.
The stork of the Calgary Petrol-
, urn Products company advanced during *he day from $12.60 to $200 and
there were sales of even a much
hi*.*lier figure.
In offices, iu street cars, shops and
the streets this morning nothing
he heard but gossip of oil-not
idle talk of the last few weeks,
but this time the repetition of cold,
hard facts regarding the strike of oil
I,, the Dingman well. Everybody,
whether Interested directly cr not in
oil, is talking ami thinking of nothing else, and lt proves a universal
subject which is Interesting everybody from the financier to the man
sweeping the streets.
The various oil companies ot the
city who have, to some extent, been
preaching to a doubting public for the
t month, this morning were doing
Must Explain Fate of Private Parks Who Was
Reported that He Was Executed and
Body  Buried���"Unfriendly  and
Hostile Act."
Agent Hid Valuable Sacks
and Escaped front the
Robbers Failed to Find Anything of
Value���Officials Organize Posse
and Pursue Bandits.
Washington, May 16.���The United
  j Stales demanded loday of the Huerta
government details of   the   fate   of
Interesting Talk by Mrs. Macauley, of j private Parks, the American Infantryman, who strayed Into Mexican lines
Vancouver���Officers Elected for
Ensuing Year.
near Vera Cruz, declaring lhat unless
information about him was given immediately the government would consider that an "unfriendly and hostile
,  ,  , act" had been committed in violation
ihe Women s Provincial Mucation- of (ll(, understanding for a cessation
al ciub conference held at Columbian of ^^ung, pending mediation.
college yesterday proved successful in     president   Wilson   and   Secretary
every respect. About a hundred ladies   g ,t wag |earned ,onlght, drafted
trom Vancouver, Victoria and this gtr communication after receiv-
city were present. At 11 O'clock in ���, word from tll), Uraz*i-ail minister
.lie forenoon tlie business session was (n Mejdco CJty tnat parka had been
nelel and the election of Officers took   gxecuted
place. At 1:311 p.m. the ladies of New lfQ menlkm was made in t|)e m)n.
Westminster club served a delightful ,,ter.s n of whether he was shot
luncheon on the college lawns 'ihis as g gpy afu,r C()m.t mart1a| or
was followed by a lecture delivered wl)t,lllPI. his body was burned as has
by Mrs. Macaulay. of Vancouver, who pel.rigtentjy ),een reported to Oeneral
was  unreduced    by    Miss    Margaret   j.-unslon
Strong, municipal school inspector oi Thfl All)erlcal, government cabled
New  Westminster. Lne Brazilian minister to inform   the
lu the course of her remarks. Mrs.   Huerta    government   of   the    strong
Macaulay gave an account of her trip   teeung of the United States, directing
along the Nile  river    in    Egypt,    in   llim lf) niak<> v|j;0ro,J8 representations
Arabia and India, and the customs of   eonmrniag u,e incident.
the  Inhabitants ol     those    countries, j     Thp n(jte ask(,d the minister to pro- I
She also told of the ancient pyramids, , wgt t��) (he Huertft government that If
their    size    and      construction      u,ld ! j*-arks  were alive  the  failure  to    ex- |
builders,   as   well   as  noted   men     Of     laln   ni(j   whereabouts   was   in   itself
those  ancienl   times,    it   was  her  re-  M Unfriendlv attitude and that If the
quest  that  the  Women s  Educational j 80ldlpr had been executed as has been
clubs  help in  every  way  possible  to j re0orted   sucll  execution    of    a man
...l,. .nr...     ,1'..     , ,11' ,��� i r i, ,n :, 1     1.. <��� I tl t 11--;    111   '       . .... ����� i
in ���
advance the educational facilities
those remote countries as well
The lecture was received with applause by the club and a vole of
thanks to Mrs. Macaulay was passed,
Other features of the program were
vocal solos by Miss Kva May and
Miss Mitchell, of Columbian college,
and several piano solos by young
ladies of that institution. The officers eli*cted for the following year
were: Honorary president, Mrs. XV.
T. lie id, of New Westminster; presl-
I dent, Mrs. Or. t'hiiwn, of Vancouver;
first vice-president, Mrs. .). s. Hetts.
ol Vancouver; second vice-president,
Mrs. Dr. Sanford. New Westminster;
third vice-president. Mrs. W. Spencer.
Vancouver; treasurer. Mrs. Dieuy-
shlro, Vancouver; recording secretary, Mrs. Bryson, New Westminister;
corresponding secretary, Mrs. T. K.
Reld, Vancouver; purchasing secretary, Mrs. C. Watson, New Westminster,
who came into the Ml -'lean lines in
full uniform was contrary to military procedure of civillztd nations
and an act of hostility.
No  mention     was    made in
e .in
ii roaring business, and tn many
cases It was necessary to have police
in front of the offices to keep the
waiting crowds in order.
In one office the flow or real money
so  fast   that   it   was   impossible
A waste pa
to keep it in any order
per basket was being used Into winch
bills and cheques were poured as fast
as they came.
Oil   stock   is   taking   leaps   by   the
minute, and the scarcity of stock In
.  luckv  company  is only exceeded
the extreme excitement which pre
In the    brokers    offices    this
was    very    slow.
Everybody wants
newer companies are
who  are   willing   to
Private owners Of mineral rl;bl
the  land  and
Action of McDonald Came as Surprise
to Membere���Vote Will Be Taken
en Monday.
American note of the course the
United States Intends to pursue In
the question, but an official close to
the president said tonight, it was one | 7-e'-s
of the iliings which would be held up
against the Huerta government when
the ilnal reckoning came over offences committed against the f%iu..-d
The llnee South American mediators had received no communication
from the United Stales about the
Parks incident, and persons in the
confidence Of the president, said ttv>
affalr probably would not Interfere
with the beginning Of the mediation
proceedings, although it was recalled
that the I'nited Slates accepted the
tender of good offices with the reservation that no hostile altacks toward
Americans would occur while the
negotiations were in progress.
The receipt of word by the British
embassy from Sir Lionel Carden
British minister In Mexico City, that
J. II. Silliman, missing American vice-
consul, wa3 on his way by rail from
Saltillo to Mexico City brought the
the first news about Silliman in sev-
Spokane, May 15.��� Postoffice inspectors and special agents of the Ureal
Northern railway are searching iu the
vicinity of Rondo, Mont., tonight for
two men who flagged the Great
Northern Oriental Limited early today, blew open the combination baggage and mall car, and escaped without obtaining mail ot value.
The bandits, believed to be foreigners, stopped the train soon after it left
Kexford, Mont. Conductor W. H.
Price was forced to uncouple the
car and Engineer Strut was compelled
to run his engine and the car almost
to Hondo where the robbers, falling
to open the doors, blew one of them
orf with dynamite, after having riddled
the car with pistol shots, thinking the
mall clerk was inside and refused to
open the door.
Once inside the bandits found nothing but newspaper mail. The registered pouches had been forwarded on
tht fast mall several hours before. B.
L. Stumpf, the mail clerk, as Boon as
he heard the robbers ordering the engineer to stop, locked the doors of the
car and with the baggage messenger
left the car.
This ,vas Stiimpf'B third experience
with bandits and piior to leaving the
car he secreted the important mail.
Stumpf'l description of the men was
given to the postoffice inspectors.
Each is described as about six feet
tall. Their faces were covered with
blue handkerchiefs and both spoke
broken English,
After the bandits left, the damaged
car the engine! r and fireman backed
the engine and car to the train anel
brought the train to Spokane. The
special agents and inspectors were
aided in their search hy posses of citi-
Seattle. May 15. -Prank 0. Bright,
alias Prank Berger, who has been miller guard in the city hospital since
the night of April ,'JO, when he was
shot while trying to escape arrest, for
attempting to pass a counterfeit Canadian 15 bill was indicted by the federal grand jury today on a charge of
counterfeiting. It ls alleged that
Bright was a member of the gang,
whose valuable counterfeiting plant
was seized in a store room near the
waterfront here this week and who are
believed to have passed $10,000 in.
counterfeit money in    the   last    six  Vancouver Again Endeavors to Evade
Important Announcement Is
Made at Board of Trade
Secret service operatives who have
been working on the case since the
first of the year learned today that
some of the valuable engraving equipment found in the counterfeiter's plant
was stolen last January from a large
enginving company  here
Terminal Elevator Slander, But
Evades Point at Issue.
Members of B. C. Horse Depart Sunday and Infantry Will Follow a
Week Later.
The annual exodus of militia units
begins tomorrow, Sunday, when    the
members of the 31st li. C. Horse comprising troops from    Burnaby,    Point
Grey, Eburne and Port Coquitlam entrain at Vancouver for Vernon, where
tlie cavalry will be under canvas for
the next two weeks. Burnaby is sending  a   large  detachment,   much    enthusiasm being shown by residents of
the municipality since the formation
of the cavalry    unit.    Some    twenty
members   will   make   the   trip.    Port
Coquitlam, on account of several of
the members being tied up with business  will only    send    about    twelve
Next week end the Infantry regiments of the mainland will go in'.o
the Vernon camp and will enjoy five
days training together with the
The site of the militia camp lies to
the south of Vernon, just outside the
city boundaries looking away over
the town to the Spallumcheen valley
and Sicamous Junction.
This is  the  third  annual  camp  ln
Extreme Penalty of the Law Inflicted
Murderers  of  Policeman
At 8 o'clock yesterday morning, as
foretold in The News, Prank Davis
and Herman Clark were executed for
the murder of Police Officer Archibald in Vancouver on May 2.S, 1913,
Both men met their fate stoically,
neither making a confession when on
the gallows.
There were a number of witnesses
present, Including several of the Van-
���        ..-������- ,i;���,.i������   ,i,o   present, uiuiuuiug m
cal days, considerably relieving the \��0���yet pollce rorce,
morning  business
There is no selling
to buy. and the
ihe  only  people
81 ii-
Ottawa. May 15. At S o'clock E. M.
McDonald, Pictcu, moved that the
C. N. K. government bond proposals
be considered six months hence. The
moving of the six months hoist came
as a surprise to a majority of lhe
members, as it was generally exposed that there would be no amendment moved before the second reading Btage of the discussion had been
reach'd. At 10:30 the debate was adjourned until Monday and the house
took up the consideration of the estimates of the postoffice department,
The vote on Mr. McDonald's molion
will he taken on Tuesday. It is said
there will he other amendments when
the bill is under consideration.
The chief contention of the Liberal
,    ,    .,,   sneakers   was   that  the  government
,;,���  ���,   stocks  are   BpcuKt  ^^ ^^ q( ^ ^^
zie and Mann railway enterprise at
least for a time. They maintained that
the securities secured are of no real
value. Conservatives asserted that
Mackenzie and Mann were entitled to
consideration and that the agreement
on which the government had entered
was both wise and provident. Mr.
Carrlok warmly praised the enterprise of the two railway knights and
criticized Mr. Bennett of Calgary for
his remarks of yesterday. He accused
Mr. Bennett of being disappointed because Alberta had no representative
in the cabinet with a portfolio.
Mr.    Smith    maintained    that    the
peeches of Sir Wilfrid Laurier when
cd  with   Mr.  McDonald's  mo-
anxiety felt by officials.
The British vice-consul at Saltillo
telegraphed the information to Sir
Lionel Carden.
The Parks and Silliman incidents
have been looked upon in many quarters as likely to embarrass the mediation negotiations, but those close to
the administration said both Incidents
probably would be cleared up by next
holding on for dear life, and have no
sufficiently recovered from the first
surprise \o figure   out   *���"�����-*��"?
should  ask   for  their  rights.    Everything relating to values is in ronfus-
""\Vild prices are being asked and
wilder bids for stock are being turn-
i d down flat.
White and Indian Fishermen Will Ask
Government to Oust Japs.
The lirst meeting of the Fraser
River Fishermen's Protective aasocla-
tir.n since organisation, will be held
iu tlie* Conservative club rooms at 3
o'clock this afternoon when white
and liidi'iu lisherineii from all sections of the' river will be present to
tak" united action in petitioning the
government for aid.
The city council has accepted the
Invitation to attend the gathering
Which is for the purpose of eliminating the Japanese from the salmon industry.
During lhe past two weeks an active canvass has been made of all
white and Indian fishermen on the
river with the -result that
majority  of them  are  now  members
The condemned men were brought
from their cells a few moments before the appointed hour, guards accompanying them to the gallows. They
walked erect and neither showed any
hesitancy, hut mounted the short
flight of'stairs without and perceptible
quiver of a muscle.
They were immediately bound by
Executioner Ellis and the black cap
adjusted. Theie was hardly a moment's delay before the lever was
pulled and the two unfortunates
dropped through the floor of the scaf^
fold. .��'
Death was declared to have Seen
Instantaneous in both cases.; Immediately that they had been, officially
declared dead the black flag was run
up on the flagstaff, announcing to the
crowd that had gathered outside the
penitentiary that the law had taken
its course and that the crime for
which tiiey had been sentenced had
been expiated.
The body of Davis was buried in
the prison cemetery, while that of
Clark was shipped yesterday to relatives in California.
succession held at Vernon, end each
.tar the number of units attending
has increased. The new units this
year are the Sixth field company of
engineers fiom North Vancouver, and
the infantry brigade from Vancouver.
Training Grounds.
The training will be carried out on
the ground lying between Vernon and
Okanagan Landing, c*. which stands
the rifle range, while just to the north
Of the camp is the site of Vernon's
new drill ball for the 30th regiment
of II. C. Horse, which is commanded
���by Lieut-Colonel J. C L. Bott. The
combined force of infantry anel,
cavalry will probably* spend the last
two days of the camp In manoeuvres
in the open field.
The camp was laid by Major A. H.
Carey. R. E.. and stores and munitions
arc already on the ground In charge
of a detail of the ordnance department, while another detail of the
engineers have been hard at work
this week installing a water supply.
The camp itself occupies a space
lying between the old road from Kamloops to the junction of the Okanagan
river with the Columbia and the Lons
lake and Kelowna road.
The headquarters staff are placed
on the east, with the engineers alongside them on the south, and the Sixth
regiment on the north, and west of
them stretch away the tents of the
11th, the "2nd. 102nd and 104th. The
cavalry regiments are placed south
Vf the engineers, anel west of them
lie the ordnance, the ambulance and
the army service corps.
A detachment of the permanent
forco from ihe barracks, consisting
of 2 '. men. 1 ft yesterday, the rest of
the hesdqrarters staff reaching the
camp today and Siniday.
Pleasing Affair  Held at Y.  M. C. A.
Rooms Last Evening.
"The spar buoys are placed from
the uiouth of the Eraser to mark the
new channel, and from today the new
channel is the official channel of the
Kraser river. Notice to mariners
will be given Immediately. As soon
as possible the larger buoys, after being repainted and put in shape, will
be put in position aud establish tbe
new channel."
This waB the important announcement of A. E. White, harbor commissioner, at the board of trade meeting
last night.
W. R. Gilley confirmed the report
that there was a 31 foot channel on
a 15 foot tide over the sandheads from
Steveston out to the lights. He had
every reason to believe that tenders
for the construction of the second
jetty would be called for very soon.
A. E.  White said they wanted the
second jetty,  not  to make the  present channel,  but to maintain  it.    lt
was a matter of vital importance.
Salt and Cure Salmon.
A lengthy letter    from    Mr.    Dau-
phinee  was  read asking the Bupport
of the  fishermen on  the  Eraser    to
salt and cure their surplus salmon in
a heavy run.
lt appeared that the canneries
could only purchase certain quantities
and the surplus fish were wasted.
The writer suggested that assistance
slu*ild be given to the fishermen for
the provision of tho requisites for
salting and curing, but a ditficulty
lay iu getting an authoritative stamp
classifying the different eiualities. A
government stamp would eettle that
obstacle and a ready market would be
established. i
Martin Monk pointed out that tlie
big runs only occurred once In tour
years. The ftshermen would then try
to dispose of their fish at once to the
cauueries and lt was only the surplus
lish refused that they would desire
to salt and cure. This was a pretty-
big proposition; the salting and curing to be profitable must be done in
a wholesale way. To have the government stamp the fish must be properly handled. Mr. Monk then described the danger of out of condition lish being cured by individual
After discussion It was resolved to
refer to lhe fisheries committee with
authority to take the subject up with
the fishermen at their meeting this
afternoon and see what could be done
to effect the object outlined by Mr.
Evidence Can Be Secured.
An intimation from the secretary of
the grain commission that the evidence given at the Winnipeg session
was available for $13 brought forth
from President W. G. McQuarrie that
he would pay for it personally.
The president's offer was gleefully
accepted and a vote of thanks accorded him for his generosity.
A lelter was read from the secretary of the Vancouver board of trade
in answer to the protest of the Fraser
valley delegates against the gross
misrepresentations of the former regarding the conditions of the Fraser
commission   at
Important Meeting to Be Held Friday
Next In This City.
Satisfactory responses are being received  from  the    various    municipal
councils and boards of trade In   the
Kraser valley district towards   the reorganization of the Fraser \ alley Devi Iopmenl  lea;;....  ������  ..
of   which   will   he  held   In   the board , we
this city, on  Friday | to
a   large
ue nib
of"the newly formed organization.
Was Entirely Within His Rights
When He -'Doused the Glim.
A little storm in a teapot was
threshed out at a meeting of the Burquitlam Agricultural society held last
evening when the question of thei Jam-
Jolly   Barn   Dance Tuesday  Night  in
Honor of Miss Hazel Bishop.
Among the many social affairs arranged in honor of Miss Hazel Bishop.
North avenue, Burquitlam, previous to
her departure for Sault Ste. Marie on I oia basketball medals
river to the grain
Winnipeg on the elevator question.
Slander Contained in Letters.
The secretary* explained that the
friction arose from letters appended
to the statement given to the conunis-
sion on behalf of Vancouver.
None ol the letters complained of
were outlined in the communication
to the grain commission, but appended In full, as extracts might have
aroused suspicion that something was
being suppressed. The Vancouver
board had sufficient confidence in the
| commissioners to know that they
About 77) boys were present at the Lvould not be unduly influenced by
V M C A banquet held In tho din- personal expressions of opinion, but
ing room of that institution lasl night, i would refer to records to corroborate
R.  A.   Little,  principal  cf the    high | the statements relating to the phyai-
school. occupied the chair and J. D.
Kennedy, chairman of the boys' work
committee, was also present. Judge
W, Norman Bole made the presentations of the J. D. Kennedy hockey
trophy, the inter-church basketball
shields, and the junior British Coluiii-
At   the    eon-
trade rooms
con 11,ri ste
tion made it apparent that there werei ='��""-�� "":;" .--*���_;;.    oUt ,h(, mus
���,���,���. _., ���*? i _t,,���. j-*-1��gag w-r- a*?
secretary of the boys' department.
Vancouver V. M. C. A., gave a talk on
summer camps illustrated by lantern
the  proposals. The  house   will   sit
vi nt 1-30 o'clock. Notices! on Saturday but will take up non-con-
chairman. I
I'll, moon ne
have been forwarded to
bodies by the temporary
I'-Jevc L K Marmont, of Cbqnltlam,
inviting the attendance of delegates.
The principal matter up for discus-
following the election of Offl-
will be the proposed appointor a market commissioner to
promote co-operative marketing among
the producers. The latter is along
the same: lines as a movement origln-
-i,d among the fruit growers of the
Okanagan valley which has been In
existence for the past two years nnd
la meotlng with every buccbps,
all   public ! tentious legislation and estimates.
i'n nun, tn, iti.t..--  rt,*i
to 1 in favor of standing by the otfl-
Iclal Iii charge of the building.
i    On  the evening in question an en-
| tertainment was held In the hall, the
���-tists afterwards starting an inform- I
May 14, the most enjoyable perhaps elusion of lhe banquet, F. J. Keller,
was the jolly barn dance held on
Tuesday evening last on the premises
oi Li, King, Blue Mountain re-ad. A
goodly number of young people from
New Westminster. Sapperton and Bur-
quitlani gathered there for an evening
of frolic and to the tuneful music supplied by Alex Henderson, tripped the
light fantastic until the small hours
of the morning. Refreshments were
served at midnight.
Miss Bishop is very popular in the
neighborhood  and  the announcement
of her approaching departure for the
t Is  received with general  regret.
Verdict  Returned  on Body  of  Indian ! al dance with the P��rmlBSion ol
-     Secretary.    This,  according    to
Girl���Police Not Satisfied.
the :
was i rules, was out of the question in
the  janitor, the    '������"i
\ verdict of "found drowned'
brought   In  by   the coroner's  jury  at   estimation   of   ....   ,-������-
the adjourned inquest held, over the haying been leased for a concert omy,
boelv of the Indian girl mimed Cedes-! and out went the llgins
' Saul, who was picked up out of j    At   last    night s
gathering    many j O
The provincial ! present expressed the opinion lhat   a'-7-
with the case misunderstanding hud   occurred    oe- v
and  the janitor,   ft
ithough the hitter was upheld. |��*
the  river last  week
police are not satisfied   ���	
and are working on several  theories | tween  the secretary
as to how the girl met her death
Lower Mainland and
Westminster: Light to
erate winds; generally
with  higher temperature.
iii od-
Military   Aviator  Killed.
Sibastepol.  Russia.    May  15. -The
military aviator Semlchkura tell from j to
an aeroplane today and was killed.
257  Miles  In  230  Minutes.
Stockholm,   May   IB.���The  Swedish
& I aviator Timlin, flew today from Mnl-
���::*|inoe to S-ockholm, 207 miles, descend-
-IS* =3* *') ling     fi ir hours and 7'o minutes.
cal conditions of the river.
ln conclusion, wrote the secretary,
the board desired a-;ain to give expression to what had been so often
stated that the Vancouver and Fraser
vallev interests were common.
The last paragraph created infinite
amusement and was looked upon as in
-.lie light of the old couplet:
"It Is all very well to dissemble your
But why did you kick me downstairs.
R Sutherland pointed out that the
Vancouver board neither assumed rev
gponslbllity for the misrepresentations nor repudiated them.
Several    members    expressed    the
opinion that the   matter   should    be
raalely  ca
letter should be forwarded lo
minister of trade antl commerce at
Ottawa, the grain commission, and
that the board of trade at Vancouver
be asked either to repudiate the
Statements in the obnoxious letters or
endorse them.
The  resolution  was  carried   by  10
:! votes.
II. Ryall reported on postal matters, a special item being the advantages of the parcel post to local merchants of live cents per pound within
a 20 mile radius. The Information
ordered to be communicated to all the
merchant members of the board.
Strikers  Indicted.
Boulder, Colo., May 13.���The grand
jury   returned  fourteen  true  bills  tonight   as  the  result  of Its  investigation of the shooting about the Hecla dropped,  but   a
mine. April 28. Three of the bills I inalelv carried that a copy ot th.
were directed against seven strikers
arrested April 29, charged with murder and assault to murder. The
names of those indicted upon eleven
b.lls  were not made public.
w.ia   ulti-
SATURDAY,   MAY   16,   1914.
An Independent morning paper (leveled to ths Interest! of New Westminster and
tbe Fraser Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by lhe National Printing
���nil 1-ulillslilng Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzie Street, New Westminster, British
Columbia. ROBB st'THKHLAND, Mannglng Director.
All communications should be addressed t" The New Westminster News, and not
to. Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
payable to The- National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEriKlNES���Buslne-ss Office and Manager, HiiU : Editorial Booms (all departments!. '.I'll.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, $4 per year, Jl for three months, 40c per
month. By mall, 11 per year, 25c per month. I
ADVERTISING   RATES  on  application.
The new gasoline    launch    Nelson,
which   waa constructed at  the C.P.R.
shipyards. Nelson, has been launched.
���    ���    *
The new bridge over the Innooak-
lin river at BdgeWOOd, has been much
visited during the past week hy many
anxious to witness the sights of the
logs coining over the falls, which are
looking their best at present.
Saanlch hill on Vancouver island,
has be; ii selected by the Dominion
government as its centre for astronomical research in Canada and there
will he erected a telescope with a disc
12 inches In diameter, which will cost
Ida, Green, charged with manslaughter, who killed her husband at Coal
Creek anil who was declared hy a e-or-
oner's jury to have acted in self-defence, was acquitted at Fernie. Chief
Justice Hunter charged strongly in
favor of the accused,
The Vancouver hoard of trade is
urging the appointment Of two Dominion commissioners to go to South
History probably will be able to tell us why the United,?:,0,,lut
States refused to face the Mexican issue directly, but at;
present the whole world appears to be in the dark regard-'
ing the motives   which prompt the attitude adopted at
The latest paradox is found in the United States accepting the offiecs of a mediation commission which Carranza refuses to recognize and at the same time looking to I
Carranza for relief at the actual centre of activities.
President Wilson's policy with regard to Mexico is as A;��"^. to0ft^��^*i^ffiS5
much unlike his method of dealing with other big ques- goods and the exchange of commodi-
tions as day is different from night and there must be a gjJJ'gJL11 the open,n�� of tM"
reason for it, though that reason is not yet apparent.  His; *��� ��� ���
line of action throughout the Mexican trouble has been a'   following are the successful can.ii-
i ��� j�� i       j-   i." t*\-....j.  L���  ..-A.   ���A  t.     ���������������.     elites at the semi-annual examination
long series of contradictions. First he revised to recog- 0, th��� CoUega uf Physicians and Bur-
nize Huerta and now he treats with the dictator through gems of British Columbia: s. Bagie-
the A B C mediators. By fits and starts he raised and re- ^J;,/'' I::'1 S "",:,M'l'::- v "
placed the embargo on arms. He passed up Britain, the
natural friend and ally of the United States, and appointed the Brazilian ambassador custodian of American interests in Mexico when the American embassy was closed
and within a few days he was asking British authorities
to protect American citizens and trace missing American
residents. He resorted to arms at Vera Cruz ostensibly
to prevent the landing of a German shipment of arms and
Eyes, Tiring Easily,
Prove Eyestrain
Do not wait till serious trouble develops. Have
the strain removed. Properly adjusted Glasses will
do it.
We are experts in relieving eye-strain and guarantee satisfaction.
Refracting and Manufacturing Opticians.
40 Sixth Street New Westminster.
H.   X   A.    HURNKTT,   AUI'ITOH   AM,
2-fc?iirrt"i:io,:KT,""p"one nui- *��
P. H. Smith xe   i   .,
��s ,v,!*'-p.*risnY,��-"����
Disappear.-*-i:e of Col.  Robt.  F.  Lind-
"""sell. C. B., Still Remains a
(1. M. Huiiierfelt, 1). J.
Millar. K. E, Ainley, Iv (i. Foster, N.
W. Kennedy and J. T. Gillies.
A Winnipeg wholeaali r, passing
through Kootenay tlie other week told
a  bunch of travellers that he knew
a dozen men who if they could fool the
people as easily in business us they
do in politics they would be millionaires. Doubtless the same wholesaler must also know many hundreds
more who if they were as dense and
The German ship has returned home, yet bone-headed in business as they are in
JOlltlcs, would be in the poor house.
South    Slocan    was    aroused    out
of its usual serenity on Tuesday after- \
noon   by   the.   arrival   of   a   trihe   of I
gypsies,   some   six   caravans   and   501
people,    with    droves of horses  and j
ponies.     While  the  gypsy  chief  was i
making  enquiries  about    a    suitable i
camping ground one> of the large vans i
with  six  horses attached,  was  over-'
thrown,  causing  a  stampede.    There
was only one child in the van, who
was thrown out and escaped with only
������light injuries.
faucets allowing  water to flow
American troops still occupy Vera Cruz without attempt
ing to go any farther.
Something is behind it all. President Wilson is above
everything else a conseiencious man and next a man of action. He has proved that point in everything he has done
since he took office, except in the Mexican instance and
for this one outstanding exception he must have some reason.
The situation cannot be placed to Bryan's credit,
though Bryan has shown conspicuous weakness as head
of the department of state. Wilson would go over Bryan's    ....       ,
,       j .      r    .      ,     .�� v     ,i i ,   ,i ��� ��� j. .i rhe  water  has  been  turned  on  at |
head in a minute if he thought the exigencies of the case the intake of the system installed by
demanded such action and the fact that the president has !!u> oddfellows to water their ceme-
,   , .,    , ��� . , ,,       ,ii.       iii     tery at Kaslo,   Streets and alleys are'
not done so proves that Bryan is not the stumbling block. laid out through the cemetery and
The friendship of the occupant of the White House for
Venustiano Carranza cannot be responsible, for Lind,
O'Shaughnessy and many other reliable men must have
impressed on him the uselessness of expecting a Mexican
to bring about permanent peace in Mexico.
There is one possible solution of the problem. Wilson
has been assured that Huerta's days are numbered and! , The Vernon city council has made a
i      1 i ,   ii.i     . ���, ��� i ���**,. -,. ,.,,    .,,        | donation   of   $250   to   the   fund   being
he has been told that it is only a question of time till either: raised by the citizens to provide en-
Villa or Zapata takes Mexico Citv.   Being well aware of I tortainment for the men of the b. c
ii.~ ���i ..   i. j! At. i. -L      j-i"  i ii ' militia regiments  who  will be  in  an-
tne character of these two bandits he may reasonably ex-: nuai encampment there from May 19
pect the Mexican capital to be sacked when one or the:'-'- May -��������� ll hiiS ���J1"?n decided to
other captures it and he may figure that in such an event; ��'ifs,���Inn oTth^eninlS"m3
sufficient cause will be found for actual and serious Am-!-** t() whicl? tne men of a" regiments
erican intervention and, since all Americans have been Sterwnffta1 prime horneTeS1!*!!
warned to leave that city, at the smallest possible risk ibal-at the country ciun on May 23.
to American lives. ' A ,,.pon fmin Vancouver Bays t!l���
Such a policy does not SOUnd Wilson-like, but for that ' Terminal Steam Navigation companj
matter, neither does the history of the whole American ?oan.PUnowaopdera��hng on',!'. ZTtl
attitude towards Mexico during the past twelve months. ;1;inc*s 'run-aiK* wiil immediately haul
*  ' *��� !,..��.    /,,,.     .. (     tU���     (11.11...     ..v.: _., _.
at a pressure of 80 pounds to the
square inch are placed in such a position that 50 feet of hose will reach
any  peiint  un  the  place-.    The  streets
i have been graded and the pints seeded
tn clover.   The whole bus a very neat
��� appearance.
Victoria, May 17. A dispatch from
Bella Cola  under yesterday's    date,
| stales that no trace has yet been dll
covered eif Colonel Hubert F. Lindsell,
('.   H.   of   BlggleBWorth,   Bedfordshire,
England, who mysteriously disappeared  while on a fishing excursion  ln
the  vicinity  on   April  g,    Kor  weeks
past  Indians have' been patrolling the
| river.     Kvery   nook   and  cranny   has
| been searched without avail.   The riv
er is  very  high  al   present, owing  to
spring   floods, 'and   tbe  only   points
where   there   is  a   possibility   that,   if
j Colonel    Lindsell   was   drowned,   his
body might have floated that  n mains .
I to be searched are two log jams now |
I covered   by   water.     Ills   death   bus .
j been   presumed,  and  an  obituary   no- '���
I tlce  insertt d   In   an   Knglish  publication.
Colonel Lindsell had purposed rimming to England in June, after having spent some mouths fishing in the
province. He had purchased a farm
for his sous at Hagenburg, In the
Bella Coola district, his Intention being to see them comfortably established in their new home before leaving th" province.
The visitor whose  mysterious dis-
| appearance   has   aroused   tragic   fore
was lieutenant-colonel of the I
i 2nd Qloucesti rshlre    regiment,    with
i which be saw much service, and dis
i tingiiished himself during the south
| African war.   At the battle of Paarde-
.'berg  he  was  severely   wounded.     He
! was present a!  Klip Drift, the occupa-
: tion of Bloemfontetn and at the opi r
ations  In  Cape  Colony,  Orange  River
Colony#and the Transval.    Frequent
ly  mentioned  in  dispatches,  he  was
decorated   with    th"   Queen's   medal
Hire,, clasps,    the King's medal,    two
clasps, and was made a Companion of
the Bath.    II*' retired fre.m active service in   1900,  when   he  received  his
wound at  Paardeberg.    At that  time
he was 44 years of age.
New,  Spare-time Profession for   Men
and Women���One Man Makes
$3500 in Six Months.
Owing to the large number of new
motion picture theatres which are be
ing opened throughout the country,
there  is offered    to    the    men    and
women of today, a new profession
namely, that of writing moving pic-
lure plays. Producers are paying
trom $25 lo $160 for each scenario ac
cepted, upon which they can build a
photo play.
$3500 in Six Months.
As It only requires a few hours'
time to construct a complete play,
you can readily see the Immense
possibilities in this work. One man
who gave the idea a tryout, writes
lhat be earned $8600 in six months.
I it is possible for an Intelligent per-
i son to meet with equal success.
One feature of the business which
should appeal to everyone, Is ihe the
work may be done at home In spare
time. No literary ability is required
and women have as great as oppor
tunity as men. Ideas for plots are
constantly turning up, and may be
put In se'eni ario form and sold feir n
good price.
Particulars Sent FREE.
Complete particulars of this mosl
Interesting and profitable profession
may be had FREE OF CHARGE by
sending a post card to
I.O.O.M..    NO    KT.i UL-roh., ~    *"
and thirdl TueHiuT^-2eh SS ,!'IHs'r
I- m      In     the     |/h, T-.11       '"', "  **
Boyle,   Dictator;   W j'���*    ,    <'*''M
tary. wvvat,  Mcr*-*
. ��� �����
night at I o'clock la oSl paj;_M.0?*����
corner   Curnarvon   anaI   iriLi !uW*   Hall-
Ina secretiirv; J. W   ul.nL ,'j r.-eoro-
elsl necreutr. M��oDonald, fin��D-
8.    BOWBLL   (sreei-iiu,,,, "^
! BOARD OH" TRADbZmtbw��^!! '
���ter tloard of Tr��d7mii.,. .Ul:s-Ml.\-
room. City H��i| MtoBSS! taJffi! ��'"'r��
day of Jch mon" f^uaV^it''^ ' J"
on tho third Frlda* ��1 vKS}* ni-*ln��
tary. ***"   ��11-*"   Wade.   ��crt
C.    J. K. lirant.    A. E. Mce.oll.
Photo-Play Association
BOX 1.18
Iowa Lumber &
limber Co., Ltd.
��TiLWKt.L cldtbi, BarrtoUr-at-law
JOlloltor.   etc.;   comer    Columhi"   ani
"   *-   p-  ��-  Box  IU.     Telephone   7IS.
' /��� "AMpT��N    BOI.B,    BAKRIHTEB,
h'i'iil"0,'. J1"1    NoUr-'*    otn^*    ����r��
block   21!  Lorn*   .treet.  New Weatmla
Pnrrictc-n and Pollcltora. ��ns ;0 fit
n minilneler Tnut Block. Q. K Martin.   T>.   Q.   yeejuarrle   and   Qeort��   L
her out at the  Wallace  shipyards at
  , N'orth  Vancouver to lit  her with  ui ��
. ( ; how and oil  burners and rip out hi r
iNew Westminster took on a B^stonian ting'e vester-;Ktate rooms so as to make a day vessel
of her. The report is somewhal pre
! mature, however, as Capt, J. VV.
! Troup, manager of the B C, Coast
I vice
day when the provincial educational club met here.
stati s that the deal has not
Villa, the Mexican rebel leader,
who put the salt in Saltillo.
is ��oing to find out
An interesting series of contests has
been arranged in i   i ni ction v. ith the
  I children's   drills   which   Mrs   T.   \V.
mi      c     i-it      u-  j:    c       v ��� -i ,. rarUndale has charge of for the Vie-
i tie beattle cruet or police is eoing to compile a lis. toria day celebration at Nanaimo The
of the auto speed fiends in the spirit town. Why doesn't I wT���l V^iZ^if !T TheJe
ne get a catalogue of the licenses in his burg and use that? is leS8 gymnastic work in tins kind
of drill but -nine beautiful effects are
  j obtain'il  from  the  groupings of  the
\X7T,��>,        t   m  fir i      ���        -ii-       . i   -, -.      fIags '""' l!l" m-ng'ing of the varied
\V neil an 1. VV. W. Says he IS Willing to Work it SOUnds : colored dresses of the children taking
like the Georgia undertaker who described himself as a pan' .  ,  .
"southern planter." , Gordon Joy of Vancouver, thi young
   iob list, who was arresti I on   i
chargi    r manslaughter In connection
b ashion dictators say women's clothes are to be modi-' wi;h "" "   h "f l>-iVi'1 Caln' a " '
fied this tall.   That look
The thrilling South Pole adventure at
tl' Opera House three nights, daily
matinees, commencing Monday, May
When you arc ready to re-
shingle your house call or
'phone us for Special Prices
on.XXXXX Shingles. These
are a little thicker than
XXX and will last longer.
e'eiAI. MININQ rl(hta of Ihe I'ontDl*-*
: m MHnltctia. K'i��l*-��tclie-wan and Alberta,
���be Yukon Territory, the Nortliweet Ter-
i-ltorles and In a portion of the ProT'.ntt
if firltleli Columbia, may be leaeeel for ���
'errn of twentr-one -reara at an annual
-etital nf II an acn-. Not more iIihd illl
ICT-..S will lie li naeil to one applloaoC
Application for a leaae iniint he mti
eiy the BpiilU-anl In p< neon to th.- A(inl
ir Pub-Ani-nt of tha dlntrlnt In which Ihe
Iglitn applied for are situated.
In aurveyf>d territory the land mu��t b��
Iworlbed hy aectlona, or le-ifal suh-dlrl-
���tons of sections, and In unaurveyed ter-
rltory the tract applied for efmll *>���
���naked out by the applicant hlmaelt
Kach application muat be accompanies
*iy a fee of IE which will be refunded ll
the rights applied for are not available.
BUt not otherwise. A royalty shall bs
I'liiil on the merchantable output of tbe
"nine at the rate of five cents pur ton.
The   person   operating   tbe   mine   snail
'urnleh    the   Agent   with   sworn   returns
ICOOUntlng  for  the  full  quantity  of  mer
ihantable  coal  mined and  pay  the  ruy-
ilty  thereon.   If the coal  mining   rights
, ne nut being operated such returns shoal*
'"  furnished at  least once a year.
The  lease  will  Include the coal  mlrln.
I   'Kins  only,   but  the  leasee  will  be  per-
nltieil   to   purchase   whatever   available
I eiirfaoc   rights   nay   be  considered   necee-
i'i ry  for the working of the mine at ths
ale of  |io an acre
,     For full  Information application shoul*
ie  made to the Secretary of the Depart
( iient  of  the  Interior, eittawa. or  to any
, tgent  or  Bub-Agent  of  Dominion   Lands.
W. W. coin.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of thi.
���dvertlaement  will  not  be uald  for
some of those styles.
.   , ���       I1'-   "   employee, was freed by the v-r
like a mighty easy sentence for I diet of an assize court jury which ..
Kenzie and Mann are "me
nett, M.P.  Whatever they are, they seem to have made a
very fair success of the busines
turned a  verdict of not guilty.    Mr.l
��� lustice Gregory in dismissing the accused said thai  while he had no dls-
,. ��� r.   t.   t>        ' P��Blt-on u> quarrel with the verdict of
HUCantS,    SayS K. li. Den- | '-he jury he hoped that the proceedings
would be a lesson to him and that ln
future Joy would exercise a great deal
of care in travelling about the streets.
_ The teamsters of Moose Jaw are going to form a
union to keep the to lively members from kicking over the
Montreal has had a new bunch of statuarv shipped
in from France and it is confidently expected that *ome
of the bronzes will be elected to sit on the next citv e
cil there.
Seattle Times: "Although Chicago grand opera lost
heavily on its western tour, it will try again, showing that
is no lack of harmony in the organization."   Wrong
brother, that only shows there is no lack of mazuma.
In an effort to beautify the city the council of Ferr^*.
is giving away ornamental trees and shrubs. Civic ideas
differ in different places, for instance: In Vancouver
they cut 'em down and in Fernie they plant 'em.
The city council at the suggestion of
Mayor Smitii of Vernon has started a
?lght for lower fire insurance rates,
the existing rates being considered
prohibitive. Statistics gathered indicate that on the four blocks of lhe
principal business streets the merchants pay e ut in excess of $27,000
a year in premiums and that the total
premium tax on the city each year
exceeds $6000. Never during any oni
year of the last four has the fire loss
exceeded f-UiOO per annum,
��    s    ���
At the first meeting of the newly
elected board of directors of the Vernon Jubilee hospital. G. A. Henderson
���   .   elected president, Peter Dickson.
1   president and J.  W. (Hover, sec-
I retary,    Tbe  hospital  has  received  a
 ' check  from  the provincial government and with the money has paid
I ��l> ail outstanding bills at the  local
' merchants,    some    of    them    many
j months overdue.   As soon as the $6000
debenture issue voted by the citizens'
Is  sold,  the  $2800   mortgage   will   be '
i paid off, the bank loan of $2000 cleared
up and the institution will be out of
1 deb:, |
10���Cut Out and Paste
Your Recloe Book.
Scald 1 i|t. milk (half water and
half milk if you prefer.) Add
2 teaspoons salt, 3 teaspoons
sugar, 2 tablespoons butter.
When hike warm add yeast dissolved in a little cold water. Add
2 quarts ROYAL STANDARD or
enough to make stiff. Let rlno
over night.   Bake 1 hour.
���Betty Brown.
Royal Standard is cheapest
because it goes farthest.
It's false ���economy to "shop round" for your flour.
That cheaper brand you buy does not save you money In
the long run because you get less loaves per sack. We
will say that you pay 85c more' for ROYAL STANDARD
than you do for the cheap brand. You can easily get seven
more loaves out of the Hack to say nothing of healthier,
more nourishing loaves.
Next time you buy flour don't think price, think
ROYAL STANDARD and in that way you will get most
iu quality and quantity  for your money.
Your grocer is ROYAL STANDARD wise.
New Wellington
Office, 854  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begble Street.
Uaggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Haulirgf
Residence: Room 118 McLeod Mock.
Phone 489 L.
' jgiiv �������� s-'iwKxa.wrMr-'
r ~
" Service"
;  -.JC---S-.
**"   ���i'.'Oi'*���    ��
The  McLaughlm-Buick
is Dominion-wide
THE "Service" you get with tlie car you select, b quite as important as
the car itself.
We make important claims for the 1914 ?>lcLaughlin-Buiek line, and
stand ready to substantiate them with any one of our seven models.
But these claims mean all the more when hacker] hy an organization
that extends from Halifax to Vancouver, and the aim of which is
" Complete Satisfaction to Every
McLaughlin-Buick Owner "
Certainty of "service" is everything to the motorist���there's real
comfort in the thought that the firm that made tlie car can and will lake
care of every car it makes.
���     You get that certainty when you get a MrLaughlin-Buick.    It's part
and parcel of every car we sell, no mailer what the model.
And you get added certainty of satisfaction because of lhe proof we
are ready to offer you to hack our claim of great power and low fuel consumption.     Ask us for this proof���we'll gladly furnish it.
Abbreviated Specifications, McLioghlin-Buick, 1914
n. 24.��� Two pawngrr Rna<VI*-r, 28 h.p.
Ij-tt hind drl��f. Ontrt rontrol. 108-lni-h
whwl b>H 11,150.00
U. flli rtri pSMITIf n Tour;n(C Oar. ?S h.n.
I.i-ft html dn����. Onto, control. 10S-Inch
��ll��l haw   ��1,4��0.00
3 ��� TlTf pif nyfT Toitrpir fir, HI h.n.
niclit h��n<l .'.rite Rirht hind control. 10S-
Inrh  wWI  Im    ll.BHO.OO
B. 8fl. Two riaaamffT Runabout, 85 h.p.
Left   hand   drive.     Ontro control.     112 inrh
wh��l bin    |1,��75.00
All Prices f.
n. 37.���Fivp-piRsenfrrr Tourinic Car, SS tip.
Left h��nd drive. Centre control. 112'nch
wheel bMe  11.775.00
"41"���Flve-piMencer Tmjrinf Cr, 40 h.p.
ItisM drive. Bliht h��nd control. 115-lnrh
���wheel dim  ��l,150.ei0
B. 55.--Sin C-rllnitiT Tourinir Car, 48 h.p.
Left   hind   drive.     Centre  control.     ISO-inih
wheel bt��e.     Scven-plflHctijrer 12,780.00
Flve-p��Men(fer    12.700.00
Three-puaeiurrr   llmdelir    (2,750.00
Model 4.���Truck, 4.cylinder 122-Inch wheel
hue.     EipreM bod*,   1,500  pound   capacity
b. Othawa.
Electric lighting and tlectric starter supplied as regular equipment
on all pleasure cars.    Send for catalogue.
McLaughlin Carriage   Co.,   Limited, Othawa
Twelve Branch** in Canada:
Bathurrt   and   Rich-      WINNIPEG���204-212 Princess St.
coroner's jury ordered the stomach
si ni  in Kegina tor analysis.
Rev. XV. \V. Andrews, of Regina,
defends the Orientals, especially the
Chinese, and goat to the length of say-
Inn that there is no blood belter suit-
e-d lo mix with white than theirs.
Tin- weirk (if running survey hues
over the portion of Cote Indian reserve near Kuinsack, recently surrendered, win commence in a few
(lays and it Is understood the sale of
10,000 acres surrendered will take
place about the middle of June.
Considerable rain has fallen in Alberta Un pnst few days and prospects
for a record crop are very bright.
The I.alee of the Woods Milling
company, Winnipeg, is negotiating fur
the purchase of the largest flour mill
in  Medicine Hat.
Oeorge H, Rawlins, for the past
three years manager of the ('. 1'. H.
Uanff Springs hotel, died suddenly
afti r an illness (if less than -I hours.
Kins believed to be of incenidary
origin, probably to cover theft, did
considerable damage at Kdmonton, and
endangered tin- liveB of four   persons, i
The directors of the Heel  Deer fair 1
from August is to 21, have already re.
ceived 4L' entries for the early closing
racing  events  under the  direction  of
the   West'-ni   Canada   Racing   circuit.'
Ex-Mayor    Sanford      Evans,    now .
secretary-treasurer of the stock yards
at Winnipeg, will be invited to Edmonton  to nive the council  advice on  the
lust site K.r the stockyards there.
mond Streets.
HAMILTON���36-40   Bay   St.  8.
TORONTO���Cor Church and Richmond
MONTREAL��� 260 Ontario St. W.
ST. JOHN���140-144 Union 8L
T. J. Trapp I Co
EDMONTON���548 Fourth St.
r.CGINA���Cor. 14th Avs. and Broad 6L
CALGARY���331-341 7th  Avs.  VV.
VANCOUVER���1219 Georgia St.
Montreal stock ex- j
service in lhe (Iranel '
\\.   K.   Smith
A   seat  on  the
change- sold for $
After 47i years'
Trim!*   railway   office	
has retired on pension.
K. Watson, brother of the English
poet, William Watson, who has been
seriously ill at his home in Montreal
i.-, better,
His grace Mgr. Begin, archbishop of
Quebec, left for New York, where he
will snil for Rome to be elevated to
the dignity of cardinal on  May 2~>.
Another Montreal police constable
was shot Monday wihle attempting an
arrest at St. Henri of a man believed
to be- one of the two missing bandits.
The officials of the justice and marine: departments have been appointed
to open an enquiry iu Quebec city
into charge against the marine depart
The first Persian Bahall wedding
ever celebrated on the American con
tlnent was solemnized at Montreal, a
Syrian girl. Zeenat Klianum, trom
Haifa, Palestine, being married tu Di
'/A.' Bagdad!, of Chicago.
Senator Di'Houcherville. who had 11
birthday this week. Is In remarkably
good health and mentality, The sen-
itor has been a member of the Que-
bec legislative council since 1M17, and
In the senate since 1879.
"Peaceful  Valley" of the popular    Mayers company at the Opera House.
The  union   journeymen    plumbers j
ceased  work  in  Halifax. N. S.,  pend-.
ing an understanding with the master
At the Halifax board ol trade rooms
Lieutenant-Governor McGregor presented to Captain Travis, of Cue Canadian government steamer Lady Laurier, a gold watch and chain on behalf
of the Royal Mail Steam Packet
company In recognition of his services
at the wreck of the steamer Cobequld,
;:  rry   Robinson,  ot  Toronto,   was      mm..  _. _
found (lead On the floor Ol his kitchen,   with burning the buiieliiig of Iiis neigh
A.  McPherson, pastor   ol   hor, A. I). Btoner, on March 17. plead
cii guilty to the charge, and was sen
church,   To-
Rev.    11
'I 'halmers  Presbyterian
ronto, is dead.
W    W.   Pearse.  a   Canadian   now   in
.\ev.   York, was appointed city archl
tect of Toronto.
Cyclones did much damage In Grey
township and In a small district
northeast of London.
Lightning destroyed Thomas Mc-
Meekin's barn, near Blenheim, killing fifty-three cattle, horses and hogs.
Mrs. Mary MerU, 68 years old, wife
of John Mertz, London carriage manufacturer, shot herself dead with a re-
volvi .'
Mrs. P. Griffiths, of London, Ont.,
who is totally blind, fell down the
cellar stairs al her homo and trac-
1 iri il her skuil.
Mr, McConuick of St. Thomas was
in  1 hatham  searching  for  Malcolm  .1.
Johnson,   his   business   panne.,   who
hnil disappeared.
The ratepayers of Waterloo, by 0
vote of 560 to 175, carried a by-law
to loan $50,000 to the Globe Furnltun
company, of that town.
Mis. Margaret Moore, aged 70, s
native and lor years a resident of Toronto, died at her home In Buffalo
following a brief illness.
Tin,mas Weatherston, retired Ever
ton farmer, 71 years of use, died in
his buggy  at the close of chiu'eh  sor
Conservatives, or a majority 0
th     Liberals.
Nine women from Edmonton pen.
tentiary arrived at Kingston having
been transferred to the Ontario pen-l
itentiary ;*t Portsmouth, owing to
th closing of the women's wing In
the Edmonton Institution. Several are
In for murder.
The  Ottawa   Presbytery   is   not   an I
p^  organization for the discussion of sin- '
I gle tax. think  some of the members
Henry Palmer, ofBayham, charged   0,  lllilt  ,)ody   whj]p  uther  membcrs |
������,���h.   ^j^  tl)at ("jjjj. ,1]u] sjmj-ar subjects 1
a:e proper for discuss:.in (luring business sessions of the Presbytery.
1 bi twei a thi
United states and Mex-
two years  In   King-
tenci il  to
Ai   a  well attended  meeting cf the
South   Huron   Ministerial  association,
Building   permits   in   Port
the opinion was generally expressed during April, 1914, were $137,930, com-
that the time has come for the govern- pam, witn $88,900 for the same month
ment to organize tbe Canadian bank-|iBg. yGar, The tota- ,������ permits for
���"������  system. [ the year to date is $465,148, as com-
With much good feeling and In an   pared with $105,670 a year ago.
atmosphere'  resplendent   with   loyalty'     Indians   trailing   the beach ln    the
and   French   hats,   the     14th     annual   vicinity     of     Michipicoten       --������������
We are in the business of paying losses, not that of writing policies
only. For undoubted protection place your business with
General Insurance Agents.
313-315 Westminster Tru6t Building ani 746 Columbia St.    Phone 85L.
The Ford���the Lightest, Surest,
Most Economical���the very es>
sence of automobiling���and all
Model T
Runabout      jj
f.o.b. Ford
(!'-:  Particulars rr'- -i
Fraser   Valley   Motcr   Co.,   Cor.   Lome
and   Cirnarvcn   Streets.
I meeting   of  tie    Imnerlal    Order    of
Daughters of the Empire opened the
business Of the day at Toronto.
The railway  commission overruled
; T< route's objections regarding the
union station plans and ordered  the
' work to be begun within thirty days,
or ninety If the contracts are let en
bloc,   .ice  . iling   to   the   draft   agreed
Mrs    Albert      Farrier,   of   London,
Went  tO  a  dark   cupboard   holding   a
vicinity    oi     ..,.,. ...p..,..       Mission
found  the body of a  seaman around
whose waist was a life preserver bearing the name of "Nottingham." It was |
i.K.u.giiL to be that oi Joseph Smith, I
who,  with  two others,  was  drowned
trom t' at steamer not long ago.
The social service    council    campaign   in   promotion   of   "Banish   the
Bar"   closed   at   Portage    la     Prairie
With   a   great     gathering     iu     Knox
lighted   match   In  her  hand,  and   in   church.
, . ,..,. i.���ir   mti'pVi       Dying  slowly  from  a  bullet  wound
some way sit tire to her hair, which
was completely   burned  off.   Her   face.
ln-ail and sh.m'.dcr were badly burned,
The first passenger trip from
Brantford lo Gait and return on the
i.ake Erie and Northern railway was
made Monday by the directors and a
few   citizens of  Brantford and  Paris
in the lungs. Sergeant Frank Morion ]
of the  Strathcona   Horse,  lies  In  the
general   hospital,   Winnipeg,  as  a   result of a deliberate attempt to commit
Prom the effects al the terrible
sti aiii of the past few months, Mrs
John II. Buxton, the common law wife
f|.\V      Cltl/.ellS      1'1       I""'"       --- ,   .11   1111    ll-    Il'l."""'    ������'     *. ,. Hairnl
j;;,,,,, genBral manager's private bal-L,  ,,,. Btar  witness in   the      agel
���r  s  at Ospringe,  near  Cl.elph. 'lasting  car.  In  three hours. Westlakye  case,  died  at   the   Me torn.
Mrs    Margaret    Murphy,   a   well             appointment of a successor toi hospital.  Wlnnip
known; resident of. Port    Dalhousle.l     ���    li _���.,������.,    .,_,. ���
Scott.oTed Tn VBuMafo hospital.
;*'������:   ;n,r hanBP0 o on   ieutenan   governor  ""  ��"1;r( use "statue    representing
���kHOwn   remaeu.   u.   ;;;,���,���,.������, and   Wr John Q ^on. Ueuten n \ ^ monument
:>; t       ied   in  a Buffalo  hospital.       | �� (��^���    ^ the government. The | by Q. W. Hill. A. R. C. A., Is nine leet
poinl ment as coin -U- term. .. M     r ,������������-. busier W nul-
-g. n^lenderson. a pioneer resident, b~as McUel^nd   of   Fergus
of Whltechurch, who died lnlMj ,;���  ,��� ���  swainp In Eramosa   own-
year, was born near Po rt H ope  an    oea   ^  ^ Quelph t0 attend  Ule
tor nearly 60 years was a resin lnqueBt,    -
pot  diunk   instead   and
'For a bigger, better, busier Wir.iii
peg," was the theme of the speakers
it the weekly luncheon of the Winnipeg Advertising club this week, tee
cne-sts  Including  members of  the  ln-
,,    nearly SO years was a r-m��� (               I!o      t dninft  msteao anu  �� ,hh�� ."��������-*��� ^ Canadian  Manu-
Btreet'  ^T��� till��So ,000 theatre c entral prison           pafg\, were fully exploited   by   aolc
lie- construction oi a ���,                                                      ������ '       , _.,
',' ...    ; ������lliitelv.                               .....                  trARTERN ONTARIO. i speaker.'.
In view of the indus
trial development ii
Greater Vancouver, ac-!
tual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have beer
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded foi
land, your careful attention is invited to the
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have foi
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing  sites,   all  cleai
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hum j
dred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for  employees   at   ex-
tremely low rates, with
excellent  school  facilities, city water, electric
light, etc.   Address enquiries to
invite the ladies of this city to   inspect  their  spring  stock  of  the
'atest fabrics  and  styles.    Special price for two weeks only J3S aud
$40.    We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
111 !
All Points in the Northwest to
there Immediately. ,   t
Thomas Wwjtaw- one ot tn
Kcccnt  statistics  showed   that   one
in every eight persons In Canada is a
Buffalo ���
Chicago ...
Hound Trie
......    72.50
���     60.00
New York 	
St.   Paul.  Minn.
Sioux City, Iowa
mtreai      ,. ...
Omaha, Council Bluffs, Kansas   City and St. Joseph
Round   Trin.
'    107.50
....    60.00
Granville Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Proportionately reduced fares to MANY OTHER POINTS In the Kast.
Return through California at slightly higher fares.
May rf>, IS, 19, and 20,1914, to Chicago. III., Only.
Liberal   stopover  privileges and choice; of different routes are offered.   For additional Information call on or address
H.  H.  STEVENSON, City  Passenger Agent.
SATURDAY.   MAY   16,   1914.
Strawberries,     fresh     dally,
2  baskets    25c
(looseberries, 2 baskets  ...25c
Cucumbers,  2   for    25c
Asparagus, 2 bundles   25c
Bananas,   dozen     30c
('���rein  Peas, per lb 15c.
Radlahes,  tireen   Onions.   Sphi-
ae-h. Lettuce, etc.
Tomatoes,  per  lb 30c
Florida, Grapefruit. 2 for ..25c
California Grapefruit, :i for 25c
Navel Orange's, sweet and Juicy.
All sizes.
Apple's,  per  lb 10c
Heinz Dill l-iekles, dozen ..10c
Heinz  Sweet  Mixed  Pickles,
per  eiuart 35c
Fresh l^-gs, per dozen   30c
Beat Creamery nutter. 2 lbs 75c
Swift's    Sugar   Cured    Hum,
sliced,  per lb 35c
Local News
tion   to  tin-   aggrieved   one-  and   that
the dog should be kept under control,
A  Sikii was fined $4 for allowing bis,
cows  to   stray   ut   large  on   the'   Pitt
River road.
C.  H.   Prentice   Elected. 	
c. H. Prentice. manaRer or McAllis-1 Take the round Hip of the ss
ters. Limited, was elected a memberITransfer this afternoon. Round trip
of the hoard of trade last night. r,(- cent*.    Boat leave* the B.-K. -rharl
  I at 2 o'clock. (3388)
Insure  ln   tbe    Royal,  the   world's | 	
largest fire  company.    Agent, Alfred ' A "Touchy" Cargo.
\V.  .McLeod,  the Insurance  Man. The  S.S.   Kastliolm  of  tin-   Lincoln
(3321)   steamship company, Vancouver, arriv-
  nl at  the (J real  Northern  wharf yes- i
Too   III  for  Duty. i terday  with 80 Ions of explosives for
A. .1.  Urine, deputy registrar of the ! '���"' Granby Mines, Phoenix.
supreme court, is off duty owing to
a severe attack of Indisposition.
Model Grocery
308 SUth St. Phone 1001 2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Blghl dollar shoes for $7.01). $7.00
shoes lor $,'.00, $C.OO shoes for $5.00,
at  Sinclair's today. (33(90)
Gave  a   Benefit   Social.
On Monday evening the Maillardville
hand gave An entertainment in the lo- j
cal   theatre   on   behalf   of   the   baud I
Purchased Fine Colts.
Mr.  Morrow of the B. C. Distillery,
purchased   yesterday   a   fine   pair  of
Clydesdale colts, weigthlng :iooo lbs., j
from  Mr. Blair of Langley.
Special prices in millinery for Friday ami Saturday. See our wlnidow.
Miss Davey, McLeod block.       (3384)
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than
coal. Barry Uavig i Co., Phones
SSO and 411 L. Cl3*.':i)
Building   Permit   Issued.
A  building permit was issued to C.
Brookland, lot  in. block s 10, Hole
street for  remodelling of a stable at
an estimated cost of $260,
Lai_   P.  O.  Corner  Stone.
The firm of Sloan and Harrison bad
men  laying Hip corner stone for the
post office addition yesterday. A start
un the roof will begin next week.
Do   not   fail   to  take  advantage  of
���he special price's being offered by P,
Patrol Boat Expected.
Flab protection  patrol  boat  Plana,
is   expected   in   port  in   a   few   days
from service in northern waters. She
will   perform   similar   service   in   the'
Fraser river anel gulf for some' time.
Assessment Reduced.
The Coquitlam council has reduced
the assessment on the Miiienkadha j
ranch, l!i71 acres, from $843,800 to
$260,860, a difference of $82,960. This
| was affected by a personal visit of
the revision  court  to the  ranch.
Place your order for strawberry
boxes with us and be sure of gelling
the best. We specialize in fruit pack-
i ages. British Columbia Manufacturing Co.,  Ne-w  Westminster. (812S)
Keep to the Road.
Persons, apparently lacking civic
i pride, are said to be damaging the
I recently graded portions of Tipper-
[a y park by taking a .short cut across
i city property instead of using the
! paths.
Mortgages���A'fred VV, Mcl.eod.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
McKcc   Rankin's  Masterpiece
PncC3, 10c. and 25c.
Evening 15c, 25c, 35c.
PHONE  961.
Sums & Co., to      '
Friday and Satin day.
Strikers Were Fired,
cash tr&aeon ,    Tbfl tningle WPavprs ,vh0 R,ruPk at
U-jM,'    tJ,0 n>rttger Mius because of the Intro-
"   " I sion of a Chinaman into their circle
Improving the Grounds. | Jav(.  bmi  a7gchargedi    oth(.,. wnilef)
The grounds round the church of  were found wlU) ,, ,(1 I10 oWectlon t0
Notre  Dame de  Lourdrea have been , wo..k alonggid,. t-llinka and th(> Kast
! cleared and the old haul ball remov- ] and the West naVP met
ed.   giving a  much  improved  appear-
There is a period in the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���but it may be
made  under wrong influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persons���according to the
deceased's wish���would have
shared in the distribution of the
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
The advice of the Dominion
Trust company In this matter
may be of value to yoiii -Vll such
discussions are treated in strict
mice to the church, ; R v 0 of N  Meeting.
_ . ,,       "     ~"    ,     _     ,  , The Kast Burnaby auxiliary of the
Eat at the Royal cafe, Dominion Roya] Victorian Order of Nurses will
Trust building. Good cooking; good ; llol(, itg regu,ar meetIng at tlu, nome
service, (38ZU)   of MrB   ,{   Clayi Cumberland    road.
,   .     ,,,       _. ! Kast Hurnaby on Monday afternoon at
Women's Auxiliary Election. 3  0-clock  wh(,n   Ut,v    D   Dunlop   w|11
Tbe Women's Auxiliary of the Royal  deliver   and   address.   Miss Lorimer
Columbian  hospital    will    hold their i will render a vocal solo.
regular    monthly    meeting    at    the) -
V. W. C. A. on Monday.   The election ] Wood.   Wood.   Wood,
of officers for the  ensuing year will ;     Good factory wood (dry) at Superior
take   place. j Sash & Door Factory.    Phone 603,
Five dollars for a stylish trimmed
hat. Special on Friday and Saturday
at  Mrs.  Agrel's,  59  Sixth  street.
is one of the chief reasons why young
pe'ople stay contentedly there Instead
of seeking their amusements else
Let us furnish the piano that will
make your home attractive. The
DOMINION PIANOS are here for your
521   Columbia  St.,  New Westminster.
Garden Correction.
In   the  list  of  competitors  in  The
News   children's   garden   department
published   yesterday.   Division   V   of
Kid;:  in a 'Scrap."
The story of the fight between Tom I
Brown and Slogger Williams at
Rugby, was recalled to memory by
street car passengers yesterday at J
noon on the Sixth street line by a I
.stirring scrap betwei ti two school boys j
who  were  going  at  it   hammer  and
Van Loo Cigar
John Kobson school was mentioned as '��� tongs in the presence of a large crowd
Miss Derbyshire's class.    This should j ot  boy students,
have been Miss Wolfenden's class.  .
Clear  Havana, Cuban  made.
agency for New Westminster.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
 ' Look well to your health for In that
One  elollar  off  any   $6.00,  $7.00  or  lies the  real  secret    of    youth    and  WESTMINSTER   CIGAR  &
$8.00 shoe today at Sinclair's.   13390)   happiness.   Wlnewelser Beer is an aid
  : to  health  because it is a food  and  a
Presided   Like  a  Solomon. j tonic -an aid to the digestive organs
Reeve Marmont silting ns police ma-! Ask your dealer for a case or 'phone
glstr.ite on   Wednesday,  at  Maillarel-   ���,*-������,_  Westminster  Brewery.      (3322)
viil dispensed justice like a Solomon. J 	
He  fined  Claire Crane  $2.60  because , r*jre visits Fire Chief.
his   dog  killed   five   domestic   fowls, I     Fire did about $300 damage at ten
belonging    to  Geo.   Battison,  ordered
one fowl to be restored ln comptnsa-
603 Columbia St.
New Westminster
80*   Columbia   Street,
C.  3. KEITH, Manager.
to-Operative Association
PHONE 458.
Swift's n.icon, sliced, lb 35c
Swift's Ham, whole, lb 28c
Conked 11am, per lb 40c
11. 1'. Sauce, bottle  25c
Worcester Sauce, 3 for 25:
Lemons, per dozen 25c
Local Fresh Eggs, dozen ... .S'Oc
Finest Ontario Cheese, lb. .. ,25c
Malkin's r> st Tea, lb 50c
Blue Ribbon Tea   per lb 40c
Our Special Tea. a lbs $1.00
Pure Coffee, per lb 40c
Bananas, per dozen 30c   I
Co-Operative Association
33  Eighth St.
Phone 458.
home of Assistant Kire Chief David
son, 128 Second street yesterday morning at li) o'clock. Tlie- blaze originated on the roof fre'in a Bpark dropping from the chimney and gave sta-.
tions two and three considerable work I guaranteed. I rices
br-fore being extinguished.   The house  Uil 1'lont street-
is owned by .1. Feeney.    The loss ���-i" ; 	
covered by insurance
Spring   Suitings  just  arrived.    See
hem.    Perfect lit    and  workmanship
from  $18.00 up
May Visit Pert Coquitlam.
If arrangements can be made a
change In the program for the enter
tainment of the delegates attending
the Pacific Coast Ad Men's conven-
tii n .'.ill be made to Include Port Co-
qultlam in the itinerary for Saturday,
.June 13. A meeting of the local committee will be held the- first of nexl
iveek to discuss the suggestion made
1 y the I'ort City.
Discovered   a   Hole.
A   hole  about   10   feet   long,   eight
fire ha'I yesterday by a crew of men
who are tearing up the old pavement
which is in a decayed condition. City
Engineer Blackmail taid the presence
of the hole was due to an old culvert
the top of which had fallen in,
On  Saturday,  May lfi, at 2.30 p.m.,
P. I!. Brown will Offer for sale by pub
lie auction at the municipal  hall, Ed-
mends, one Tudhope automobile I two
eats)   in   good   running  order;     has j
been In daily use and is a good use-]
ful  machine;   one  black  mare.   14'iiij
lbs.;   ono  single!  buggy and   set  bar
et  wide and four feet deep was dis-   riess; oue light wagon.   All the abov<
ni re.| under the Hassam paving and   ara the  property of  the  municipality
3.  C. E.  R,  tracks in  front of  No.   1   of Hurnaby and   will  be' sold  without j
____���______^^_^_____ reserve tor cash.    Particulars can be
ibtaiued   from   the   auctioneer.   P.   B.
Brown,  Bcgbie street. New  Westminster,    nr  A.   McPee,  Edmonds.    The j
irtlclea can be seen at the municipal
hall any time prior to sale.       (3371) I
Crystal Dairy Co.
Pickles lhat wm P BCAVfR lOTEfiURBAN.i
Please You
Stephen's   Fancy   Sweet   i'ie-kles,   pei
bottle       35;
Stephi n's Fancy Sweet Gherkins, per
bottle      35;
Llpton's Pickles, mixed and chow, pei   have
bottle    23;
Purnell's Mixed Pickles, In quart bottles, per bottle 25;
Bauds Chow, in ijuun bottles;, per
bottle     23;
Heinz Chill Sauce, per bottle ... 30;
Heinz India Relish, per bottle ... 30;
Heinz While Onions, per bottle.. 20;
Hot  Weather Breakfast  Foods ���
Kellogg's Corn Flakes, per package   10o
Kriqgle Corn  Flakes, 3 packages, 25;
Puffed Wheat, two packages .... 25;
Shredded Wheat, 2 packages ... 25;
Grape Nuis, per package.    15;
Roman Meal, per package  30c
Fresh Vegetables anel Oreen Siuff.
Strawberries   daily.
7-11 Sixth Street
arteil an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New Westminster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reasonable. Give us a trial. ���
Phone   1254.
During the summer months will deliver to any pari of the citv. Table
Cream al L'7,e- per pint, Whipping
Cream at 30c per pint Try it on
the- Strawberries. On and after the
16th Inst, above prices will be In
if ct. Ten quarts best Pasteurized
Milk  for $1.00.    All  deliveries  made
I ai   night in order to   guard    againsi
j sour milk.
The Crystal Dairy Co.
Successful Sale.
The girls' auxiliary of New Westminster report a very successful afternoon tea held yesterday In th British
Columbian bloe-le. Fully 160 persons
isite.l the rooms during the afti r-
noon and evening. Tea, cakes, candy,
etc., made by the young ladies of the
club were sold, beside the- home made
eoeik books, all of which proved satisfactory financially. The proceeds are
for tiie benefit of the new Royal Columbian hospital.
When Hungry Look for a White Place
to Eat.
land  P
White Cooks
���Nuf Said.
���   ������sans*
Dean's Grocery
Vurr Block
Phone 186.
"AlumUta  Btreet.
iu  stock
Read - fiie - News;
Half price this week only.    A  lull   line  of  Hot   Point  Appliances
New  Westminster.
Pbone 69.
Mrs. C. E. Annandale, 51 Royal avenuo, will receive on Tuesday and
thereafter on each third Tuesday of
the month during the season.
w        *        *
Ex-Mayor Thomas Ovens is back
from California after spending tout
months In the southern state and
Mexico, Mr. Ovens reports himself
much improved In health and looks
lale and hearty.
NORTH The death occurred ye-s
1 terday morning at Alta Vista, Burn-
iby of Vera M. North, aged ]"> months.;
j The funeral services will he helel from
Howell's undertaking parlors at B
o'clock this morning, Interment being
��� n the church of England cemetery.
Kev. Frank Plaskett will officiate.
Children's barefoot Sandals.
Per pair	
Child's Canvas Shoes, 7, 8, 8, in.
Per pair 	
Women's Xtw  Button Oxfords, gun  metal and  tan.
Per pai	
Men's Tan and Hlack Oxfords
Per pal;   	
45C AND 75c
641 Front Street
The Home of Low Prices. Open Tonight till 11 o'clock.
Special   Cash   Bargains for   Friday and Saturday:
Pot  Roasts    15c
Hriskets    121/, c
Shoulder Steak    18c
Hack   Bacon     18c
Picnic   Hams    14c
Shoulder Reiast  I'ork  15c
Corned Beef  12',ic
Telephones:   1200,  1201,  1202.
Our Aim:  The Best Meats and
the Best Service.
Bargains  You  Cannot Duplicate
Velotl:   Couch.
1 odd (Ireen  Velour Settee.
1 only Sanitary Couch and Pad, value for $<S1.I 0
1   Solid  heather Couch, Oak  Frame.
Regular $60.00, for	
Solid Leather Davenport, regular $C6..r'0.   A couch by
day, a bed by night, for	
Child's Iron  Crib and all Pelt Mattress.
Bed Spring and Mattress complete
(1 only 9x17' Brussels Rugs;  regular $25.00.
i-lxtrr. Special  	
2x3 vards, special    $1.7> :!x1   yards,   special   . ..$2 70
3x3 yards, special    $1.95 .lap Mats, each
30-lnch wide Cocoa Matting for verandas.
Special, per yard   	
We carry a complete line of Bamboo and Aero-lux Shades in all
sizes and three diffe-rent colors, or we make up awnings in any si7e
you want and all colors.
A  big shipment of Orioles and (lo-Haskets for the
Baby, from   	
Go-Carts and Buggies with heiods,
25 c
Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588
M'IMAH.MID The funeral of the
late Miss Mary Etta McDiarmid, who
died at the Royal Columbian hospital
on   Thursday,   will   be   held   from   S
this afternoon to the Olivet Baptist
church, where the services will be
held at .'I o'clock. Interment in the
Prase: cemetery, Rev. Dr. Crosby officiating-
"Peaceful Valley" was greeted
again by a fair sized house last night
and  was received even    better    than
Bowell's  undertaking  parlors at 2:30 I Thursday night, and judging from the
applause'  and    appreciation    of    the
audlonce the   Players    company    are
hero to stay.   There will be a mal.i	
this afternoon  for children.
hospital on May 14, to Mr. and Mrs.
Charles L. Clark, of Oifford, a son.
,   -  - ��� - SATURDAY.   MAY   16,   1914.
M4*V-':        limited ���*&*���<' ';?,.
?^ftlX6.0EfJC|v^EW WESWIN^ER,B.C.
V.  A. C
the  Visitors at Queens Park
���-Local  Line-up Looks Hard
to Beat.
The   lid   �� ill   be   pried   off   the   Pa
clflo coast amateur lacrosse league
this afternoon for the season of 1914
when New Westminster ami the
V. A. c, Mann cupholdars, come together 111 a series which has the
worlds amateur title at stake.
Fate has got to he , xeeptii.ually unkind today to atop what is predicted
to be- a record breaking crowd as far
as amateur games are concerned, The
followers of the gutted stiek artists
have been worked up in a point when ���
by the doings of New Westminster's
lacrosse youngsters are forming an in-
tereatlng topic and all signs point to
a large attendance when Mayor Cray
takes up his position In centre field
anil  makes Ihe  first face-Off.
The game will start at :i o'olock
sharp, all players being Instructed to
lie on deck al ?:80 so lhat a short
workout can be had.
Knd l.jncb and Sandy Gray will be
u fficlala. their names bavin,' been
submitted to the Vancouver club with
little-   prospect  of  dispute.
Onlj inn- change has been made in
the original iUOBnip by Manager Turn- ,
bull, Bert Johnston being relegated to
the  spa"  li>t.  Johnston   was  injured
mi  Monday  last during practice, sev-
i ral   clampe   being   put   in   a   wound .
above the eye and rather than take a
chance or further   injury    Manager;
Turnbull  decided   to  hold  him  as aj
A glance at the local lineup doe--,
nut reveal a weak spot from goal to
outside  borne  and  unless  Vancouver
.un is considerably strengthened, al
iVestmlnster victory  is ihe ultimate
. Delusion.
The   Lineup.
Westminster Vancouver
Stoddarl         Davis
     Mason !
Deft llie
   fl. Painter
Pacific Coasi League (opening gamaj New Westminster
vs, v. a. c, Queens park, 2
Soccer Football.
McBride shield Competition
Port  Coquitlam   vs.   Victoria
North Wards, at Victoria.
Vancouver and District
League New Westminster
"A" vs. Central Park, Asylum
grounds, 2:30 o'clock.
Rifle Shooting.
104th   regiment  and   the  New
Westminster civilian  association e n Brownsville ranges.
* i<f ���;:��� -::- 9 �����
tt ���:!��� ���>
# *
two bagger. Weingartner's sacrilice,
Malleus single and a triple by
Huhnke counting for two runs by (lay
and  Mallen,
In lhe second half of the opening
stanza Shea hit lor two bases, advancing to third on Nellson's sacrifice and
scored when Williams muffed an easy
fly from Wyard, who went to second.
Papke got on through Weingartner's
poor peg (o lirst which allowed Wyard
to trot across the plan-.
Prom   then  until    the    sixth    both
twlrlers settled    down    to    business,
Ni llson being tapped frequently,
was will supported, especially by
infield,    composed of Wyard,  Decker, I
Papke and Silver.
I.asl  night's encounter brought out i
a gooel sized    crowd,    frequent    coin- I
meat being beard on oil sides on the
greal Improvement of the 'wo teams:
as compared wilh last season.
The  work of    the    officials,    Fred 1
Lynch and C-. I. Sovereign, gave every
satisfaction, not a single decision be-:
ing disputed.    The score:
!!.    II.    E. !
Moose       7,      7      2
B. C. E. H   -     4      1
Batteries: Horn and Klli.it; .'-."til-
son and Whyte.
O M. Hamilton, US lt-ss 16, 108; Mrs
K. N, Sutherland, 119 less 16, 103;
Mrs. H. R. Davidson, 128 less 7'4, 104;
Miss Pe'tle, 113 less ��, 104; Mrs
F.ddy. lis less 10, 10S; Miss Corbould, |
IIS less 111, 108.
The following Is the team chosen
to represent the club in their match
againsi the Sbauglinessv Heights
Golf club ladies' team: Mrs, Ardagh.
Miss Bunco, Miss li. Bunce, Miss Cor-I
; bould. Mrs. Klkins, Mrs. Kddy, Mrs. '
Hamilton.   Mrs. Jenkins.    Mrs.    Mac- I
),,,(. I Kenzie, Miss Ogllvle, Miss Peele, Mrs. !
I)U. | Page,  Mrs,  Sutherland,    Mrs.    Twee,
dale,  Mrs.   youngling.    For the  six-i
tcenlb  place one    of    the    following
ladles will    be    chosen:    Mr3.   J.    F..
Allen. Mrs.    Swan    and  Mrs.    A.    C. i
About Making a
If you knew you were to die tomorrow you would make a will
immediately so that your estate might le managed in the way you
desire, for the best Interests of those dependant- upon you.
Common sense tells you that you should not leave the future welfare of your family to chance. It is as much your duty to protect
and provide for them after your  death  as it  Is during  your life.
Vour call  mav come tomorrow.    Vour duty to your family is to
We will advise with vuu and draw
Strictly  Confidential.
up your will free of charge-
Si.  Louis     IJ
New Vork  hi
lioston   9
Chicago     11
Cleveland     8
Gr< gory
Coopi r ..
Hansen   .
Yesterday's Games.
Washington li. Chicago 3.
Boston   3.  St.  Louis 9.
Philadelphia 6, Cleveland 8.
New   Vork 2,  Detroit 4.
Yesterday's Games.
Brooklyn 12, St. Louis 6.
Baltimore 2, Indianapolis 1.
Huffalo  0,  Chicago 7.
Pittsburg 0, Kansas City 1.
Standing of the Clubs
Won    l.
Vancouver   21
Seal lie-       20   .
Spokane   is
Tacoma    16
Portland    11     :
Victoria  II      :
!     At   Vancouver  -
I Vancouvi r	
II.   B,
2 I
With Harrop Back In Shape Coquitlam
Should   Defeat  Victoria  Thi3
A    growing    impression    prevails
among the soccer fans of the city lhat
Port  Coe-iiitlain   will   gain   a   victory-
over the North Wards at Victoria this
afternoon  In  the  final  game  for the
McBride   shield.    The   Ranchers  are j
one goal down and will be playing on:
a strange field but these two points |
ire answered by the fact that Vincent I
Harrop is back on the CoqU'tlam for-:
ward   line,   after  an   absence  of  two [
weeks caused by injuries and also to
1 to the playing ability of the Port City
I iggregatlon on^torelgn grounds as has
I been demonstrated in the Vancouver
j and   District   league  during   the   past
| wlnte,-.
Ilairop Is expected to make all the
I difference that Is needed In the at-
j tack, taking Thompson's place. With
i Hlack. Johnson and Harrop the Vlc-
i toria defence will be pui  to a great
' test.
I loiin
.Wis   i
Storme   .
Feeney  .
Johnati a
At Portia
Victoria     2
! Portland     3
Batteries: Steele and Came.
a.el  and   Murray.
It.    II.    E
6      1
R.   n
11.   Feedham
Allison       Doidgl
At  Seattle
Seattle   1
Tacoma   o
Iiatteries:   (lipe  and  Cadman
Qinnity and Hrottom.
i-:. i
6     1,
1       0
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost
Pittsburg    la      '���
New Vork    10        6
Philadelphia     lo      *s
Brooklrn     1"      8
St.   l.ouis       'I      1*'
Chicago  10     n
Yesterday's  Games.
St. Louis 6, Philadelphia :!.
Chicago 5, Brooklyn tt.
Cincinnati 4. Boston 2.
Three Team Intermediate League Will
Ee  Kept  Intact.
The t'Ouble existing in the Intermediate lacrosse league was thoroughly aired at a meeting held yesterday
afternoon by prominent supporters of
the game in tie City and everything
appears settled with no possible danger Of any team breaking away from
tho organization.
A in. eting of the league will probably be called next week for the pur-
m.'se of revising the constitution, as
it has been found lhat recent amend-
5fi7i i inenis clash with previous resolutions
to the exte nt that every player at pres-
e'lit with the senior amateurs would be
eligible to turn out with the Intermediate...
Siel Malcolmson occupied the chair
at the gathering which was attended
by Ri v. 0. M. Thompson for Sapperton
aud George McMurphr, representing
Moody     Defeats     Burquitlam���
Maillardville Wins.
I'ort Moody lacrosse team won
its second victory in the Dewdney
league last night by defeating Burquitlam on the hitler's grounds by a score
of 4-2. The Burquitlam defence was
too weak for the opposition home and
crumbled at the critical moment.
At Maillardville the French Canadians scalped Port Coquitlam 7-2.
Reeve   Scott   officiated.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
W.    L.    F.    A.
| Port   Moody    2     0    13     4
I Burquitlam    1     l     6     4
| Maillardville  1     1     9   11
i Port Coquitlam   o     2     2   lo
Wertminster vs. Central Park.
A shake-up in the local team is
planned for today's cricket match between the New Westminster "A"
eleven and Central Park, to be played
on the asylum grounds. F. C. B, Cave,
the heavy scorer of 1918 season will
be in harness while some gooel bowling is promised the parkites when
they enter upon the task of compiling
Won    Lost
Standing of the Clubs.
Detroit       1��        s
Philadelphia  U      8
Washington   1-     ll
Pct |
.703 1
.600 |
.7.21 I
Cameron's Astlima Cure
never falls to cure the most obstinate cases of
Asthma and
Price $2.00 per Bottle.
For Sale by
F. T. H I L L
New Westminster, B.C.,
Or sent direct, charges prepaid.
D. A. Cameron    &    Co., White
Front Drug Store, Owen Sound,
Pitchers Duel  Broken in Sixth���B. C.
E. R. Put Up Splendid
Elliot's two bagger in the first of
the sixth, scoring Windbladt. cinched
the first game for the Moose at
Queens park last night, tlie B. C. B.
It. taking the short end of a 3-2 score
after a pretty pitchers duel between
Jack  Horn and Oscar Neilson.
Through four straight innings the
two teams battled on an even basis,
snappy fielding cutting off possible
scores In the pinches and wilh darkness settling over the park it began
to look as If the llrst game of the season would go to a tie when Elliot connected with a bleacher hit. That
happened In the sixth. The next six
batters were retired In order, Mallen
making a sensational stab of a long
drive of Silver.
Opening Game.
The initial game was intended with
the usual ceremonies. Mayor Gray
sending over a perfect strike to Ed
Sterling, II. C. E. lt. superintendent,
after which the executive retired to
the grandstand.
The Moose batted first, Jack Gay's
Ladies' Competitions on Burnaby
Links Bring Out Many Members.
The- results of the third round of
the spring tournament are as follows:
Mrs. Jenkins beat Mrs. F. Page,
Mrs. Twctdale beat Miss  Peele, Mrs.
F. D. Elkins beat Miss Corbould, Mr3.
G. M. Hamilton beat Miss Skillicorn,
The competition for prizes presented by the captain, Mrs, A. Stewart
and the vice-captain, Mrs. J. It
Smith, were played for and resulted
as follows:
Winner of-captain's prize. Mrs. F
Page, 100 less 5, 85.
Winner of vice-captain's prize, Misi
Q. Uunce, 114 less 15, 99.
Other scores: Mrs. Ardagh, HI
less 11, 103: Miss Peele, 112 less 1.
100; Mrs. Tweedale. 117 less 18, 104;
Mrs. MacKenzie, 117 less 10, 107:
Mrs. Eddy, 116 less 10, 106; Mrs
Yeungling, 122 less 15, 107; Mrs. G.
M. Hamilton. 124 less UI, IHS; Mrs.
Jenkins, 114 less 5. 109; Mrs. McQuarrie, 137 less 2ii, ill; Miss Corbould,
125 less 13, 112.
The monthly medal was played on
Thursday and resulted In a win foi
Mrs. E. A, MacKenzie with 105 leas
10. 05, other scores being:
Mrs. W. G. McQuarrie, 122 less 26
116;  Mrs. Ardngh, 10!) less 11, HS; Mrs.
Swimming, Hikes, Mountain Climbing,
Paper Chases.
May 15 to Oct. 1, $2.00.
Royal Avenue. Phone 1000.
BigSevenDays Fit-Rite
Suit Special
Will buy any suit in the store, values
to $37.50.
Will buy any Suit, value to $25.00.
600 Fit-Rite suits, Spring
and Summer Styles, on
Sale for eight days only.
Every Suit has this Label in the
Which is a guarantee of Satisfaction.
Wear a Fit-Rite Suit on Victoria
Day and you will look well and feel
If there is anything new in Men's
Furnishings, we have it.
Richardson & Humphries
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Block
Mr. Burbank has taken the Golden California Popy and by selection has produced a crimson
poppy cf great beauty, which blooms throughout a long season.
Perhaps no other achievement of Mr. Burbank illustrates to a greater degree his marvellous power
of perception than the production of this flower.
This poppy is very easily cultivated und is very
This is only one of twelve varieties offered to
you  In the
for $1.25.
Plant these twelve varieties of Burbank's own
selection cf his own seeds and you will have a most
Interesting array of beautiful fiowers, something entirely new in form and coloring. Some cf the flowers are three and f our times larger than you are accustomed to see and some have colorings which are
new and  most unusual.
This store is the exclusive agent of The I.other
Burbank Company, sole distributor of the Burbank
This  Seal   Guarantt^s  an   Original   Burbank   Production.
Look for It���It is your protection.
Frederic T. Hill
Horticultural Productions, and has on sale all the
varieties originated by Mr. Burlunk and offered the
public both in seeels and nursery stock.
Call today and learn more about the wonderful
possibilities of  beautifying your garden,..
With every $1.25 purchase we gi^e you a copy
of "The Culture of Flowers. Fruits and Vegetables,"
written by Luther Burbank himself. ,
628 Columbia St.
New Westminster, B.C. PAGE  SIX
SATURDAY,   MAY   16,   1914.
Classified Advertising J
ceived for The News at the follow-,
ing places: F. T. Hill's drug store, j
6:8 Columbia street; A. Sprice. \
yueensborough, I.ulu Island; Mrs.:
E. harden. Highland Park; Mrs. V.
L*��is. Alta Vista.
FOR SALE suou acres, large and
small tracts, l'ittsburg county;
farming, pasture, nil and gas land.
$10 per acre. Write .loliu Cavanagli.
Theatregoers Can Accompany Capi
Scott and  His Crew on Their
Trip to the South  Pole.
Mi-.Mi'stiT. Oklahoma,
*������������������� �����������������������������
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; Ic per word per week; 15c per
mnoth; 5000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract,, $75.00.
FOR SALE! -$360 buys good agreement, $-110 due. bearing 7 per cent
Security, new house and large lot
well located.   Box '115 News office.
FOR sai.E- New Westminster business property ai a sacrifice, Revenue over 12 per cent, (net I. Price
$M>00. Good terms to responsible
party.    P. O.  Box 17.4." (128)
TEACHERS   WANTED - la)   Spe-cial-
i.-t     in   French    and    English.    H>) :
Specialist   in   commercial   depart-|
i.i, nt i with or wlthoul an specialist ,
standing   also).     Ic)   Teacher   of
household science.   Application re-
< dved up to   June   >i''i   by R. H.
Gray, aecretary School Board, New
Weatmlnaler, B. t'. (8392)
ion SALE at a sacrifice, no excellent
driving mare, pacer, very speedy,
perfectly safe for lady In drive, and
fine under the saddle. Will take $150
for horse, buggy and harm I 11
taken before the 18th. Box 8380
News office.
since thi. cinematograph   came
be. used to record historic < veins
exploration In the tar corners of
earth, the' photographer whose task is i
tei  be  the   servant of geography   and
history, has found himself   face   to I
face  with  adventure  In  more  ways i
than one.   Herbert   Q. Ponting,   the
camera   artist with the Ill-fated cap-,
lain Scott expedition, whose animated i
pictures are to be shown at the opera
house for three nights and matinee
commencing Monday,   for   the   lirst j
time, can   perhaps  bead   the  list    of
those  who   have-  braved   dang-i ra   in
the Interest of the' film.   He brought
back  wild   hi in over 25,000    feet    of
lilius   and   some   2000   photographio
house', new and situate close u>
Sixth streel; lol 60x160 to lane.
Price' $2000. $150 cash, balance $20
a  month.     Box  4uS  News  office,
(3880) I negatives in addition.
"Difficulties '."'   iaid   he
his advi ntnre shortly aft
Ill's country.     "(If course
twici.vk HUNDRED AND KllTV TRACTS of rive anil tin sores cadi to l��- Kraut,,i to prostMcUve settlers
iii throwing open Twenty Thousand Acres of Rich, Southern Georgia Land, which i�� admirably adapted to the grow.
im; nf celery, sweet and liisli pota.oea, cantaloupes, watermelons, oorn, mi s, cotton, hay���In fact nil staple crops
grown i�� this fertile section, as well as a large variety ol semi-tropical fruits, and tiie famous Immensely profitable
paper-shell pecans,
Providing you are eligible under the classifications prescribed by us. ynu are now offered an excellent opportunity in break away from the drudgery and toll of a small irace, nr working for the benefit of landlords, and go
back to tin' land of plenty, tn which, if granted, ynu will hold a warranty deed and abstract.
The best security on earth is the earth Itself, and laud Is the imsls i,r all wealth. Owners of productive lauds
are benefiting by the Increasing high e,,si ot living, while others are suffering from it.
An Opportunity to Secure Rich Productive Land Without Capital
11   lint
lie r
we s
11ii \
* ll
n al
��� ntii
ll  WI
���r reaching
there were
WANTED TO BUY���Five or six room
mode i':i bouse in gooel locality or
Hose to car. Please state full particulars and lowest cash price. Hox
613  News office. '���,:'1''
WANTED.���Good people Tor e��od
work at the l^ady Rarber Shop on
Lome   street, rear of Welsh's groc-
Front St.   Phone 213.   Cash paid for
all kinds of juuk. bottles, sacks, barrels, cast iron, old rags, old rubber
boots and shoes. I'I'll!* I
tare, or stocks in trade, in large or
tmall quantities, highest price paid, j
Or Frt-d Davis will sell your goods
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address i
Fred Davis, ni"-. Columbia street,
New Westminster. (3317)
COR SALE   A simp   Five passenger
four   door   McLaughlln-BuIck   car,
for only $300 if taken by the 18th.
|    Hox 3381 News office I 13811
FOR SAI.K CHEAP���Second hand
��� Flanders car in e-nod condition With
delivery body on back. Would make
first, class delivery for rancher oi*
storekeeper. Address Hox 8382
News office. (3382)
FOR SAI.K���Am l.avinig city and
want cash for deed, large cleared
lot worth $2000. Will sell at a bargain for few days only. Investigate
at once.   Box ti42 News office.
WILL SELL ai a big sacrifice large
cleared lot, situate In best residential district in the city. Address,
Owner, Hox 169 News office.    (789)
and saw table complete. Apply a'
The News office.
FOR    SALE-   elELL
erty throug.i au ad.
iu this column
keeping  rooms.   $10   pe-r  month,  al
224 Seventh sin et. (3313)
keeping   and   bedrooms, 47!'   St
George street. (33181
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN. $1.00 PKR
week, Canbla's Pride Malleable
Ranges; ever/ one guaranteed Market square. (3316)
to rent try an ad. ln this column
���On "day 2nd. heavy draught
Owner  can  have  same    by
expense's,      511%      Eighth
many of them. Compared with polar,
phi tography, everything ii easy, it
is not only the difficulty of the light, j
That is soon mastered, The temperature is where the real trouble comes
from, if you take off your glove and
pin your naked hand near the li ns.
instantly the i<-us is covered with a
Dim of Ice thai no mere rubbing will
. remove.
\   "Sometimes   moist-.ire,   condensing
Into tlie finosl   particle of ice will get
inside the lens    then you are through
IA grave danger ain'iit   the camera  Is
the brass knobs.    If by accident, you
touch with  your bare  band any  part
of the brass on the apparatus, it. will
; burn you just like a red hoi iron. On
one   occasion   1   was   focusing   under
i my cloth when 1 happened to moisten
| my lips.   The   point or my   tongue
came In contact with the metal and
Instantly froze- there; the Bhock wai
'so great  that   I  went  over backwards
, and when I recovered, I found that I
had lost the 'ip of my tongue, which
remaim 'I frozen to tlie camera.
i recall one Instance when I t! ouaht
' evi ry raomenl  was my  las:  on  this
'earth (or rather on Antarctic sea ie'e).
; Ncne of US  we're familiar    with    the
| Kill, r whales, and bo whi d we sighted
a large si boil of them after seals I
!   . mb irked and hastened   over   thi
' ice io Mm the thrilling Bcene, Imagine
my amazement  when   they  gave  up
their chase  afte r the  seals and    at
tacked in- .    Over a dozen    of   them
formed Into line and divine under the
Ice, heaved  their backs against    the
. ice, breaking  ii up for  tiundn da    of
! yards, and ir was all thai  1 could do
with the asBisl mee of my comrades
to regain the safety of firm Ice again
with a school of vicious whales exert-
il in leave your present surround-
of tliusi- tn winun w- grant tracts Is
-unfile to have planted, a crop nf one
ir the above-mentioned products within three years, after
which wi- will have it operated (harvested and replanted)
t',,,- grantees, In consideration of 28 pi-r oent of the net
profits derived from the sal'- nf the crops, thereby allowing
.T.-li time as tln-y determine Just what tbe yield uf tln-lr
acres amounts t".    Consider what  this may  mean as s
Houroe of ii mi', when statistics show that the yield of
one acre of celery amounted lo 11,268.45. and thai one ae-re
of wi ll-i-an il-fur paper shell pecans, in full bearing, should
not Its owner as high as 1500.00 per year. We are of the
opinion thai after it Is proven by actual results obtained in
operating the land thai they will need no further urging.
and waste no time in locating hi this land nf plenty, we
alsn require guarantees to occupy the land within ten
years, or ��oil it to some one whn will occupy it; otherwise
ii reverts hack to the grantor.
The land Included in this opening Is located dlrectlv mi
ami adjoining the Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic itall-
road, aboul twenty-rive miles weat of Brunswick, a thriving city of fifteen thousand, having direct steamship ser-
vlci i" New Vork and Boston, ami excellent railroad transportation facilities in all points. The average temperature for ?-l\ iiiinuhs nf the v.ir, from April to October, H
77 degree*: tbe climate is most healthful, delightful, and
Invigorating, and there Ik an ample rainfall nf t] Inches
pet year
As we an- extremely dealrous of having settlers locate mi
this proiH iiy, and assist In its development and thereby
greatly Increase the value "f surrounding and intervi ning
property, which we will hold, ami to Increase the traffic
along il"' Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad, ami
thus facilitate the service, we feel warranted in granting
these tracts to those whn register with us. We also have
in mind business and residence pints which we will offer
for sale aftir the opening, but which win not be Included
in It. We have "money-making afterward" considerations
in this liberal-minded opening,   slmtllar to   those   of   the
Northern Paoifls and o
their lamls. anil we ,-xt
the mi'-s whn will reoelv
We  have  alsn   planne
tliei- railroads
iiel    In   belli lit
e the tracts.
1    In   lley, lOp    VV'I
wlnn  they
thereby, as
well  as
i'i ILORADO 111*11.1 'INT!,
it    l��   fll-HlKTO-ll    lo
be the best-equipped, most up-to-date, scientific, commercial farm ami orchard in existence. It will consist of six
thousand acres, and will be Included in thin opening, .\n
who register ami receive tracts will net the benefit of the
experiments and scleftnlfio methods in vogue thereon. While
wo are arranging to prevent over-registration, we win
avoid tnauy ellsappulntnienlH, such as ocourfed iu other
lami openings conducted by the i'nited States Government
ami railroads, by granting those who register in excess of
the number of traota to !����� granted, an Interest In this commercial farm and orchard enterprise, In the hope that they
may later locate hi one Of our town slies.
Examination of tba land will cheerfully be permitted!
and the opening win be held at Browntown, Wayne County,
Georgia, one nf the stations of the A. B. & A. Railroad,
which is locate,] nn this property, and will occur as soon
alter the closing of registrations as arrangements can bo
Ths presence of those registered will nol be necessary
ai Browntown on the opening day, unless tbey wish to attend, for then- will he nn Favoritism shown anyone, it
vein be conducted by a committee selected fur the purpose,
ami thus, registered will be notified of what they have been
granted, as soon as possible,
Willi the ever-Increasing population of this country
there is no corresponding Increase In the una ot land, and
naturally as the population Increases and seeks the iaml in
pursuit of health, happiness ami Independence, u win continue to be harder to secure,
The prosperous and contented class of Europe today are
the descendants of those who secured land there when it
was pi, ntifiil. while tn,. descendants of those who obtained
no land are now the peasants and slaves you must realise
that this may be your last chance to secure land In tnu
country without a large outlay of capital, so it should not
be necessary to urge you to act al one- by forwarding me
the application for registration attached to Has announcement.
Southern Georgia Railroad-Land Development
Washington,  I).  C.
Registration Department:
1 hi reby make application to register
with tie  correct answers to tho following
SI ite  	
Age Marled or Single	
N itlnnnllty    I >o you  n<
if my application for registration is
matton and particulars, Including maps   o
Atlantic Railroad, its transportation facilities
Bun au,
for your I-
.   . . Sire, i  or
iW  own  over
icceptcd, pi
lie-   land.
and Agricultural Railroad-Land   Opening,   and   furnish   you
ll   P.  1).  No	
w.  Widower or Orphan  Occuptalon ���
ten   acres  of  land   In   the   United  States'/   	
is,- s. nd me, without obligation,  further and  completi
Bhowtng   Us   exact   lo ntlon  on  lie*  Atlanta,   Birmlni
ilgrlCUltUral,   fruit   and
Very  truly
you! -.
iwlng posilbllittes,  etc.
[ham und
furnish all battalii
Bulng v. i
Parades The battalion, staff and
both hands v. ill attend divine I - Ic
ai Holy Trinity cathedral on Sunday,
May 17. Parade in drill order (side
arms only) at 2:30 p.m. Staff parad ���
J- 20, i li adquai tors com] inles, - taff
and drums, will parade for batti I n
trainin ��� on Tuesday and Thursd ly,
the 19th and 21 st lu it., r< spectlvely,
a* 8 p tn. Staff parade 7:50. All
rank-, must an, nd these paradi i up
Re south half o
ler of section 22,
i i i trlcl   of  New
Whereas pn of
tiflcate of Title
sued   in  the nami
the southea ���* quar-
township 10, In the
Wi Btmlnster.
ei? the loss of Cer
numb r 16324F, is
of   Andrevy   John-
yon, has been filed In this office,
Notice is hereby given thai I shall
al the expiration ol one month from
the date of the first publication here
of, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate' of the said certificate, unless in the meantime valid objectioi
iio made to me in writing.
J. ('. GWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles.
hand Registry Office, New  Westmin
ster.   B.C.,   Mav   13,   lull.       (3378)
Ing their everj efforl  to gel  me into   :,,.s ��� ;, ���.-,_. 0j absence Is obtain* I
th    frigid waters. '    Inspection of Books -The command
"Of all the Bcenes clnematographed j *ng officer will Inspect all company
In tbe Antarctic, that of Mount En ������ ,-v, ;,:,.,. para(je on Thursday, thi
bus was ihe most difficult to secure i utn    :l ,laM     officers    commanding
it would have 1 n folly to drag th<    companins will see    tha!    same    an
FURNITURE, STORE STOCKS AND  heavj   apparatus    up    the    volcano's   written  ap to date,
farm   sales   conducted.      furniture   side,  but   by   a   stroke   of   good   luck' j;.,  eider.
bought lor cash.    P,  Ii.  Brown, 17  and through a special telescooic-lens j_   g  H.A.INES
Begble street, New Westminster,      | taken   especially   to   record   the-   vol- j Captain and Adjutant
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ap
ency. 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver. (3314)
cano. a
beautiful  cl
ar film
'Noiic. Is It reby given Ihlll pin'snam te
thi  "Cn ditorH Trusi I" i tin  \, '. I!em" mid
all   Am -ndlns   Acts,   Hugh   Tl ,     Uos.��
;in-' Gustuvui*  William  roe-.:-,    carrying
on business in partnership unel"!  th,   I
nam.'' aud  sly!" of  Eellps,   1 her  Company, at l.aidl.tw, In the Province ol  ti   '*
nnd the said lluu'i Thomas Rush end ' *,u-
MviiK   William  Pousett,   both  ol   l.eidl.iw,
in the Province of British t'olumbi i, lumbermen,   have   respectively  hy  deed   .dated
tin    7>tli   day   of   .May,   lull,   iissism  I   all
their respective assets,  real and pcn-nnul,
t-re-rtltfi  and  effects,  which   may   be  sei/,..,l
mil   sold   under  execution   I'm   the   hem II'
ii   i redltors.
A meeting of creditors will be held al
'' nffic nl Ihe Assign"!'. Arthur Young
Wilson, on Thursday, the J 1st day of Mav.
I -: I, al  Ih'   hour oi  'I o'clock  In the nf-
Lern i  al  Suite n i 2.  Holden  Building,  Ifi
Hastings  Street   Kist.  City Of  Vmicouver,
Province of   U Itish  Columbia,  to  receive
��� i   state-ne-nl   "I   affairs,   and   ror   general I
tn rl, -, ��� .'. ol ���  te, and you are hen - ,
'���    '   ' If! d to elthel   In  person  or
i ���    r< pn s. ntal lv ���
.vml   furtlu-i ��� ��� ��� ce  that   on   and
.   I'M l,  the said |
When Requiring
-ither male or female,  do not  forget
that the Municipal Labor Bureau is in
:i  position  to supply  you.
PHONE 852.
ChurcK Notices
CHURCH���Services 11 am. and 7:30
p.m. Evening Bubject, "Religion and
Morality." Sabbath school, 17:17:
Bible class. 2 p.m.; puiid Monday al
i p.m.   M. Gordon Melvln, minister,
Attesl itioni -No. 204, Pte.   <;.    D.
jDn ���    S. B. S., 7,-7, ll; No. 265, Pte. H.
Staughton, A, 5-5-14;  No. 286, Pte. A.
5 5 1 I;   267,   Pte.   l.ihou.  (1.
268,  Pte.  I).   McAulay, O,
7i7'. rte. a.  F. Naylor, <;.
!70, Pte. V. Smith, S. E. S.,
271,   Pte   David  Kipp,  S.
No  77:.'. Pte. C. T. Gray,
Branche* Throughout the  Province of  British Columbia.
Savl-ijjs Department a! all Branches Deposits of One Dolls.- ��n:I
upwards received and Interest at tbe l:i���li.;��t current r&te paid or
credited bait yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheejott eoiu, pa>��.hle lu all parte  of Qt*
CHA8   Q.  PENNCCK, General  Manager.
New   Weetmlnster   Branch: A.  W. BLACK,   Manager
',\  : I I      |'!
f    ||
Ies en1111ed 11   i   I o
i-lalnis  nf whii
Hi       . ��� ��� I i ���    ���     ���   ��� ���    .
aid   u part   i
p. rsivn  nr pi
no!   Imvi   ���    h
diuvi    meiitln     I    lnl<
I' ited   nt   Vn
ul   Mu       i    : ���    '
A    *i
II tribute   tii
-  -ie- part-
i-d   inly to
ed no-
��� e   the
i  any
ii , ���
Victoria Day
Tickets on sale May 23. 14 and 26;
good to return up to May 27.
Three transcontinental trains daily
I ivith throuuh tourist, standard and
! dining cars.
I Toronto Express  leaves  at  7:7,0 a.m.
, Imperial   Limited  leaves  at   S:10 p.m.
St. Paul Express leaves at  1:26 p.m.
Kor rates and reservations apply
Ir H  W  riKODIE. G. P. A., Vancouver
CHURCH    (Corner    Blackwood    and
Carnarvon Btreets)���Rev. v. \v. Kerr.
j minister.    Morning topic, "The Parables";  evening, "Tho Sin of Keeping
i Silent."    On Monday the St. Andrew's
: club arc holding a musical festival to
celebrate the Scottish Jacobites, their
adventures and   their   songs.    Everyone is cordially  Invitl d.
i pastor.   Rev.   human   llroks   Crosby
i D.D., will speak both    morning    and
evening.    Morning worship will be at
'11 o'clock and the subject of the sermon,  'The  Observant   Throng."  Patents may brim: their children at this
hour and they will be placed in tin
care  of  good  teachers  or a   traiue 1
; nurse.    The Sunday    school.    Barac ���
| class and   Fidelia class  will  meet  al
I 2:.'!0 p.m.    The topic of the- evenlni*
I sermon at  7:30 is "What Do You (i
Out of Life ""    Monday at  *��� p m. ih
Young    People's    Union    will    mee'
Wi-di i-' lav at s p m. Is the mid v* ������
hour ' i prayer for the church.
: Davie;
"7 II.
7 E 14;
S-5-1 I:
US .  1
v 17-:
12 5-14
G. 12-5
I 7 7, 1 I
17 7,1 I
17 7 11
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.   O.   BOX   442
: 7 1 I:
���11;   Ni
No.  2
No   :
14; No
!.  Monk
I,  Pte.  S.  McKean, li
;:.   Pte.   R.   McKnlghl
278, Pte. K. Walker. A
No.  777.   Pte.  W.   M.  D.iv.  (',
.  No. 278, I'te.  Hi ppenstall, G
.   No   279,   I'le.   A.   Robi rtson
���1 I;  No. 280, I'i". \V. II. Oliver.
-II;   No   281,
5-11;   No, 'J^2
.   Nn.  283,  I'
7,-11;   No.   28'
stair,  17 5 11
Promotions,    Appointments,    Etc
: No.   28i    I't-    K.   Wilson,  staff,  to   In
sergeant    Instructor     of     inuBketry
17 7i i. on organization.
Captain and Adjutant
5-1 I
.   I't".
te. s.
1.   Pti
Owen, II
.   Wilson.
\ c
cria, Maj
',.",.     i i<ivv   bPSl  to con
'. I
a  practc
il  manner theii  sym
.ith   I' .
.r  iu    the    struggle
Regular Price
Special Price
At Half Price
One Week Only
May 11-16
This cooking plate Is the latest and best electrical appliance for
light cooking, it is sevin inches in diameter and tha heat is given
from a series ol roils which distribute evenly to the entire heating
siirfai-o. On it you may do all form of linht cooking --preparing i>kkb.
Chops, etc., prepare toast, boll water iii fact do everything which
could  be  expected  from  a  cooking  plate.
The appliance connects with the- ordinary household seieket. Its
cost for continuous operation is only a few e-ents per hour. It is
guaranteed by the manufacturers for tlvo years.
N.R, -During this Special Sale- Week yon may purchase a II, ('.
Electric Iron or any Hotpoint Household Appliance in stock at tl.on
below regular price. No cord will be givem with the additional appliance but the cord given with tho heating plate' can be used  I'or both.
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth.
and Miss
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
ing, Voice Production, Theory (In
class or prlvatclyi, Harmony, Counter
point, Mualcal Form and History.
PupllB prepared for the examine
tlonB of tbe Associated Board of tbe
Royal Academy of Music and Roya,
College of Music. Also Professions'
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc.. apply 61 Duffer!I
Ptreel.    Phone 411 R
Battalion CKder No. 21 by Major
Doherty. Commandine*.
Offlci rs' Duties To be ordorlj
cer tor the week ending Mav
Ln ut. Knight; next tor duty, I
Battalion  Duties���A company
c. e:
lie  Southeast Quarter  of  Seetion  23,
Township  10,  in   the    District     of
New Westminster.
Whereas  proof of  the  loss of  Ter-
From Vancouver t0r victoria. I tincate of Title Number 2946F, Issui d
i 10:00 a.m Dally ] "i the name of Joel Stevens, has been
pm Dailv    Hied In ihis office.
5*-m Daily
From Vancouver tor Se��ttie
L0:0? am Dally
4G  p.m.
11:00 p.m.  .
Steamer  leaves  at   11
V    OF  BRimM COIUfBIA    J
Prom   Vancouver
In.on a.m. and 6:30
:00 a.m. .
Union  Day
. .Thursday
��� ncouver,  Union  Bay,  kowtll  River
11:4.7, p.m.    Saturdays
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11:00  p.m BveTy  Saturday
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
11.DO p.m Wednesday?
F*r Gulf Island Points.
7:00  a.m.   Tuesdays  and   Fridays   for
Victoria,  calling   at  points   in   the
Gulf  Islands.
I ED.  OOUI.ET,  At-ent.  N��w  Westminster.
& W. BROI'IJS. U   P. A.  Vancouver.
Notice is hereby Riven thai I shall,
it the expiration of one month from
be dale: of the first publication here
of, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue
i duplicate of the said Certificate, un
less in lhe meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
District  Registrar of Titles.
"d Registry Office,
New   Westminster, B.C., April 27,
1M I. C!7,lill
Gymnasium Class, Thursday at 7.30
Swlmmihs classes, Tui ,iavs and I-ri
days, 7, to 1, at V M, r*. A Young
Ladies* Club, Friday al  8 p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals serve,! to ladies and gentlemeu
For particulars call  phone,  1324
again; * the imperial government's pro
posed li ime rule measure Is e que
tii n v.I ..-li haa b< "ii bi fore the distrlcl
I. O. I. li <!.-," at Its receni meeting -
VVblli all tl it haa transpln d at these
mei tiiif. s haa nol been divulged, it Is
stated authoritatively that substantial
���'in in : i aid haB been forwarded to
Hi, : e. 7)i ;��� ti rs of the organizations
opposing Ui" government, at th" head
or" which Ib sir Edward Carson The
assistance from this part of Vancouver
Island, however, has not Btopped vviih
monetary contributions. Assurances
have been given those in authority
that there are many nun In this section of western Canada who are tin-
pared, in the event of the worst liap-
pening, to cast In their lot with the
Ulster volunteers.
"it, is not generally appreciated,"
remarked a prominent Orangeman
yesterday, "that those living here who
have personal knowledae of the conditions in Ireland, und particularly in
Ulster, feel just as strongly as tlios"
at home." In- added lhat the L O.
I,, order throughout British Columbia
after Riving the- matter careful eon
side-ration, had decided to support
those who held these views.    The eon
elusion bad le mi reached that the ri-
stermi n were justified in the determined stand being made against the
proposal of the authorities, A series
of resolutions embodying 111>��� sr- sentiments in-terms that eaiuld nol be mis-
undi 'stood had been passed and sent
to those directing tha movement, it
was thought that the know ledge lhat
their position was understood and
ihe,!- struggle admired In western
Canada would help to in rve them, If
guch a th ng ivi re ni ci paary, for any
trials  that might   be  ahead.
IMPROVED BPR1NQ Ki'lli:r<ri.i-:
Effective   April   1st.   1814.
S.S.      "Prince      Rupert,"    .S.S.
"Prince George." S.S. "Prince
Albert,"  S.S.  "Prince  John."
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To  I'rlt  Rupert    and    Granby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
To Vlrtorla and Seattle,
Every  Thursday,  12  midnight���
To Prince Rupert .'mil Stewart.
Every Friday, 12 midnight���
To Queen Charlotte Island points.
Every Saturday, 12 midnight���
To Victoria and Seattle.
S N   Prime Rupert and 8.8. Prince
George make rinse connection to
mill  from  points ensl  nr  Prince
Rupert   ei
Grand Trunk  Pacific
where scene is grandest and and
most   seen    in   least   time     17.M'
Miles through the Inside channels of thi- North Pacific coast,
Monday mignight to Saturday
afternoon, or Thursday midnight to Tuesday afternoon,
S S. "Prince Rupert" and S.S.
"Prince George."
We represent all Transatlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an Itinerary for your
C. E. Jenncy. G.A.P.D.
527   Granville   St..   Vancouver
H.  G   Smith, C P.  A T.A.
Phone   Sev.   81R4
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME  FERTILIZER   Which   Ib  highly  recommended.
Lime  is almost bh important for the succe-ssful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones IS and 11.
���02 Columbia Street VV SATURDAY,   MAY  16,  1914.
Suffered Tortures With His Kidneys
Untd He Tried Gin Pills
But tlIenwT-?M^ink ,hnt Mr' BaU
cure becaus.
ankle and
���but the
���re bis own words.
get relief from the pain���here
H.  MCI alia, of liluiiie
at the  Windsor.
in registered
Troulile from
"I have been  a  great
Atn.Tsvrr.tE, Ont.
suf.c-rer   from  KiUn?
an injury to my back caused by fiilling
from a hay loft about six years ai/o. Thi3
left n-.y kidneys weak, so that every cold I
pot would settle, in my kidneys aud cause
unease suffering, I was advised to try GIN
i J.L1..-. 1 found, to my surprise, after takinn
two boxes that t!:e pains were relieved aud I
St?a,V�� ,el,bcttcr* * am ��t-11 tal"OS GIN
FILl.b anj feel sure I will be eom-letely
cured I recommend GIN I'ILLS to all who
sutler lrom 8117 Kidney Trouble". C. BAKER.
You see, the fall had strained the
kidneys and they were affected by the
Slightest chill.    GIN TILLS immedi-
���tcly    strengthened    the    kidnevs���
ih. 1   1        foo-.heil any irritation and thus enabled
iue luaneys to ovcrcotne the effects of the fall
m��H, 1 V"" Qrc *,*iivi,:*SP;--n iii the back���or trouble
A BAD FALL ���*'   kUneys or bladder throueli accident or over-
They will help vcm-cr- ��� 7 '"&" Mr' ���J****** *&-*&�� GIS 1'II.T.S.
mx boxes it ZSttC r'- *Tri"3L^ V" ^T^ tCJ"",d 7��ur mon^* **
ttOthaptSsS^^^^n^^J^^ "'''"".you feel tfi.t Gin I'ills have
word fur it sisZiLrS/r c ,'',l yOUr m,��nCy We wm takp >'r'"r
Drug and Chelae" ��*\\ grJ^Jgf *��* 6CIlt *��� �� J��� **��� National
Constj^oittu  BiUousnui,, and Indigestion.
is the most eeonomlcal pen-session one
Can possibly have because it always
looks geiod and washes so beau11
full] does it. Indeed ?" 1 can bear
auiilber voiee say. "Then your laun
dry must In- quite different fro*n
ours" and it may be for I do all in.
blouses .it lioin.e and find it the
ea:-en matter possible. In washing
a silk bloufe ordinary soap isn't a bit
of ose. 0*6 a flaked white soap, with
a t.ii.. bit Of ainiiieinia. If the blouse
is new steep it first in warm water
tu lake out the dressing. Then put
it iliio the tepid soapy water and rub
gently uniil il is perfectly ole-an. al
lowing it to stand for a few miunents
before rinsing. Meanwhile the- rinsing
water ean be Rot ready and this is
��� wtieiv my special treattni'iit for slllt
com is In. Put a leaspi.onfull of while
sugur i:i a basin, pour over this suf
fie-ient but water to give the final
rinsing to your blouse which has
been previously rinsed two or three
times in warm water. Then roll It
lightly in a dry towel and leave- ll
for a few hours and then whilst it is
still damp iron lt with the electric
iron. 011 the right side. Your shirt
will emerge from tbe process b-anti
I fully white, and as new looking as
! whim bought.
Miss I). Bwencisky and V. I-'. Bwan- j Hut to return to the blouae proper,
Mr. Kraser. of Winnipeg, was the I cislcy returned noma for their vaca- If you make your smart blouses at
gii'st of Mr. and Mrs. Meredith, Kil'th limi .veste-rday inorning from Montreal 1 liomi' ynu can al le-ast save- two
avenue, this wee It.     ��� ! where  they  have  been  attending  Mc- ! thirds  of the   cost     simply    because
"    *    * '11 university.
vaiici-d across the chamber toward
the' Kansas senator. "Any senator
win says I am seeking to get soi.u-
jebs by this item speaks what is fas,.',
aad knows he is a falsifier."
The re,!! call em reconsideration cut
shoil the di bale. Ilcc*Jr.-*'deiaiioti
was d teated by .1 tie ve te cf 26 t�� 2H.
Mrs.  J.   II.  Gilley
again this season.
*    *
Mrs. McColl Is a
this week.
will   not   receive
visitor in Victoria
Mrs.  Holt, of  Haney, was  in  town
for a few days recently.
Miss  Alma I.eamy
week with friends in
is spending
Hansford has returned after a
visit  in   Victoria.
Mr .Frost and Mr. Alderdlce entertained a number of their friend! last
evening at their apartments, Arundel
* ���   ���
Mrs.   I).   Reibson   left  yesterday  for
a visit with her children in San i'ran-
Cisco.    Mrs. ltiibsun Is pastor's assist- '
ant at  the Queen's Avenue Methodist
* *    ���
K. 0. Knglish,   of    Mount    Vernon. ;
��� Wash., is a  visitOT In this city.    Mr. j
j English  represents one of the oldest ;
I limber   companies   of   Northwestern
The marriage uf Mr. John Peck, ol
I this city,  niiil   Miss  Mae  Davison,  0!
LOS Angeles, haH been announced.
���    ���    *
Mrs. James Kennedy, second street,
was the hijMti-ss at a delightful small
tea on Wednesday afternoon
rctrulate the bowel* snd cure
Jjc. a box tgs
*-<�����   ����,i UMi   Mp
���so ... Ti
Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177
Mr. and Mrs. Holts, of San I'ran
Cisco, were the guests of relatives in
town early iu tbe week.
��� ���   *
Mr. and Mrs. I'lechlti, of Ottawa,
are also  the  guests of Mr. and  Mrs.
McGlllvary this week.
��� *   ���
Mr anu Mrs, -L Ii. Duncan will
leave In June for the old country,
where   they   will  spend   the  slimmer.
J. Shannon and M. I.. Paterson, of
St.   Elmo,    are    registered    at    the
��    ���    ��
Miis Frances Hudson left yesterday
for her home In Ontario. Miss Hudson is a sister of Mrs. 1). Walker, 226
Sixth street.
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Rills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want it, In any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
I^ocal Sales Department, Phone 890.
A Inl Law Simulation I
A itnlfhttorwd VMicroQt
offer   from   tn   wUbslthad
(Inn      We   u*e  bjIt n* twir
Wht.-ht*   to   tbodMUidi    of
i* in tU   Qtat   tha
��orl4    tl     k      bnie
���Jve tleerannt      Now
li    vour    eha-nee    to
out&io one.     Writ*
now.    enclc-tinn   v.
&:������:    for one of   eur
(uiilunmbl*  Ltdlet'
Iv.iij     Ona-Mf,     or
Omiii'    A1 bert*.    tttit
ettrrlMie r*ld to wear
*'ll thej ��i��le'h. nbrb
will   be   Men    Free
uliote    wtulias    are
siart,nt*Mii ���>�� yean1.
thoHUl   ynu  uk��  ad-
-rantace of uur marrel-
.    to   telt    y ur    (ru nils
j>   and   dhow   them    the    bemutiluJ    ��atrh
link thi" offer tou s od  Co  I*   true,  hot ten-]
fta   ctnti   to-dar   ��nrt   tatn   a   F����   *'Mrb.     Voa
ain-LT.**   -W.I.I.laWS   k   UOV1),   \vt��*e-��la
ll>ei*t U. ��, Hi. Convwallit tU-a-t.   I*.n.iUi., N.,
lni'i   afltv.
at-'   :
Im " bu aim
J.--V    i.**�� tl>
��� ��������� mmtmm) m
Sir Richard  WcBrMfl wai ;i  visitor
in town early In the iraab whan   ha
pant a ihort Jma with his mother,
Mra, A. il. McBride.
* ���   ���
Among the gueati aJ tha Etuasell
jraatarday ware Oeorge Croil, of Chicago;   \v. 9. McCufalson,   of   Bher-
brook; B, n. Pette and wire, of Seafr
tie; a. s. striken, of Vancouver, and
ri. J. Wood, of Boston, Mass.
* *   ���
Mrs. Harry Brace, of Seattle, has
returned home after ipendlng several
days with Mrs. Harold Jones. Mrs.
Brace, with Mr. Brace and a party of
friends were guests at the Vancouver
hotel during horse show week,
* ���   *
Mins Bertha McOilllvray, who after
June 1 will be a member of the Royal
Columbian hospital staff, has arrived
from Kan Francisco and is enjoying a
short holiday with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. McG UI vary, Sixth avenue,
before commencing her new duties.
* ���    ���
Mrs. Charles Watson, who haa
spent the winter in the east, has re
turned home and has taken up residence In  Vancouver for the  present.
i Mrs.  Watson  was  the  guest of  Mrs.
I Walter   K.   Edmonds.   Linden   avenue.
i Edmonds, for a few days this week.
. . .
| Mrs. Crawford anil Miss CambK>
were the guests of their brother,
j David Catnble, and Mrs. Canibie on
' Monday. Mrs. Crawford, who has
! spent several monts wi'.h her mother.
IMra. Gamble, Vancouver, left on Wed
| nesday I'or her home in Sydney, Australia.
Mrs. D, H. Macgowan received yesterday afternoon in honor of her
niece, Miss i-ughe-i Jones, of New
I Zealand, who is her guest. AssistiiiK
Mrs. Macgowen ln the tea room were I with a small shoulder
Mrs. Yuenulin-J, Mrs. A. C. Eddy, Mrs. \ wKIch the "handkerchief
C. E. Seymour, Mrs. Gowan Macgowan, Mrs. Homer Adams and Mrs
there Ih bound to be a good dial if
hand work In a well made blouse, anil
the cost of the labeir noon mounts Up,
LiQOk lor Instance -U a Ninon blniiHi-.
Pint comes a foundation of ivory net,
with shadow lure and a band of satin
ribbon, mill over this a coatee eif
ninoii. Tii,- neck Is finished with a
slightly wind inedie-i collar and a
little Velvet bow with paste Blidi'.
Thr��'��* dollars will cover the cost,
while in the shop a blouse of this
kind will eost at least seven. Speak
ing of the medic) collar, how very
pretty the outstanding aspect at the
back of the collar Is, and how becoming to most fact's. The combination
of color this season is also most attractive. A chariiiiiig scheme noticed
lately was a combining of buff colored crepe and sapphire blue satin. Another telling combination is linen
color anil that lovely new tomatei
shade which is so popular just now. I
saw a particularly charming whole
frock in this shade the othe r day, the
revers. cuffs, pocket flaps and buttons
of while lawn. The neck was softi'n-
ed with a frill of white net in the
back, and ihe hat worn was a white
Panama trimmed with tomato red
ribbon and a rose In time, and if you
wished might be lined up with silk to
match the ribbon, but 1 prefer the
Panamas unllned.
By the bye, the very latest trimming for your Panama Ib a band of
natent leather. Can you imagine the
bliss of such a luxury after a dusty
motor drive.
Just one more blouse suggestion.
The pattern I have in mind is for a
handkerchief blouse and is so esspn
tially practical and pretty that 1 only
wish I could illustrates it for you.
However, we will consider the construction which is so delightfully
simple that the amateur In home
dressmaking could not fail to achieve
a success with it." The back is cut
yoke into
fronts are
mounted with Blight gathers, the long
discixded fr:;a a cog.
Natives of (ilnini, \��-�� Guinea, Claim
I lull  lii-.iiiigni-lii-d Lineage.
Remarkable stories of the curious
natives Inhabiting Papua and varlou*
parts of New Guinea are related by
Mr. XV. N. Heaver, resident magistrate in tbe western division of New
Guinea, who is now in England on
leave. Mr. lie-aver has been nine
years in New Guinea, and for the past
live years has been in charge of tbe
western district, 'comprising some
3d,nun square miles, and extending
to the boundary of Dutch New Guinea. He has been engage*! ln all the
important expeditions in that portion
of the territory. Just before leaving Port Moresby he met Mr. John
Henry Werner, who has been killed
and eaten by the natives. Mr. Werner, who was a middle-aged man, hail
jus', arrived from Australia, and told
Mr. Beaver that he was then going
on an expedition ln search of radium
In tbe Gulf division of Papua, part
of which Is very wild.
Two of ihe most Interesting expeditions In which Mr. Beaver took part
were to the (jlrara country, which,
for three parts of the year, Is almost
entirely submerged, The Inhabitants
are practically unknown, and In their
ceremonies and customs are quite distinct from other New Guinea natives.
The expedition was despatched to>
punish the people for a number of
murders committed tn an inter-trlbal
raid. In conversation with a Reurer'1
representative, Mr. Heaver gave eome
Interesting particulars of these people
who, he said, claim descent from a
dog. They possess live totems which
are drawn on all their houses. Their
villages are erected on hillocks so ae
to be clear of the water, and the
people of each village Inhabit one
large common house, sometimes aa
much as four 7o five hundred feet
long and sixty to eighty feet In
width. The cetilre of this huge building is a kind of common hall which is
only U3ed by the men while the walla
of the structure are divided into cubicles in three or four floors, access to
which is gained by means of lac'iers.
The women are not allowed to enter the building by th-' same door as
the men. These Glrara people, though
head hunters, ate not canniba.s. The
men have a curious habit of dressing;
their hair on their faces, so that It
appears like a length of rope. The*
Girara, who are the only people in
Tapua who cover their heads, wear
head-dress consisting of a fibre hat.
Mr. Beaver g'.p.'.os that a great deal'
of sorcery prevails in the wes'.era
division. In the wilder pans ol tbe
country tbe chief is himself a head
sorcerer. He claims to be able to-
separate his spirit from his body, anel
to send it on various missions. Including that of killing people. Quite-
recently a number of Boreerers went
l-y night to the house ot a native, on
As children, our first demand is for nourishment; our
second for facls.
All through life we go about
searching for information.
We make a new acquaintance;
but before we will accept him
as a friend or invite him to our
home we ask for facts about him.
We visit a foreign land; and from
the moment we step across its
border we are asking questions���
searching for fads.
We are asked to try a new food product; isn't it instinctive
with us to ask at once:
"Who makes this new article ?"
" How is it made ? what goes into it ?"
" Is it worth the price charged for it ?"
Facts���we are simply hungry for them.
Strange, isn't it, that we should so often have to search for
them ? Odd, that some manufacturers still withhold the facts
about their product. Not always because they are facts to be
ashamed of���for there are many worthy articles yet unadvertised.
But it will not be so much longer. The fact-hunger of the
human race is becoming keener and keener. The more facts
we get, the keener our relish for more of them.
Soon it will be impossible to sell a man or a woman anythin
until everything has been told about the goods that can be tol
through Advertising.
The public has discovered that Advertising tells much-needed facts���
that, in fact, Advertising satisfies fact-hunger.
If you are doing a local butinew talk over your adva-tuing problems with ihs
Advertising Department ol this newspaper.
If you are doing a provincial or national business it would be well for yon
lo have the counsel and assistance of a good advertising agency.   A list of these will be
furnished, without cost or obligation, by lhe Secretary of Canadian Piess Association,
.... Room 503, Lumsden Building, Toronto.
The Women's Educational club held
j very successful tea at  the home of
Mrs. ('. A. Welsh on Wednesday after-
���leinn. when a large number of guests'
were entertained.    Mrs.  Welsh, who
���s untiring In her efforts in behalf of
the society,  was re-elected  president
of the club at the annual meeting held
at the home of Mrs, W. W. Abbott on
Thursday evening.
���    ���    * j all the rage.    They give a most a la
Mrs. J. S. Clute gave a very pleas   modish  look to an old    black    satin
ant  tea em  Wednesday afternoon  for , frock.    Corals are not being worn at
her niece.    Mrs.   l.aiky.    of Toronto, j present,     hut   almost   every'     other
The guests    included    only    relatives | variety  of  beads  are.    The exquisite
jets of our great grandmother, the
lovely oriental beads, the tango beads
are all most up to date, and be sure
and have your long earings and your
beads   match,   and   if  possible  carry
whom they cast a spell by pointing;
, ends being arranged to cross over and' at him a human
tie in a bow at the back or side, according  to  fancy.    Almost any  soft
material can  be    used,    and    in ouei
variation, the sleeyes and hixh stand-
' Ing collar are in white muslin, con-
j trasting  with  the  rest of the blouse.
An unexpected    departure,    but    one
which  will    undoubtedly    find    favor
with      some.      And      now     just     a
word  about the  beads    you    should
wear   with   your   new   costumes.     At
the  iiiotni'nt  bright   yellow  amber  is
| .ind several college mates of Mrs.
j bailey who are living in New Westminster. Mrs. Clute was assisted dur-
t ing the afternoon by Mrs. J. Stilwell
I Clute, Mrs. Stephen Thompson, Mrs.
j Maimvariug-Johnston, Mrs. Hubert
i Mcliain. Mrs, Seymour and Miss Gertrude Ilrown.
��   ��    ���
Mrs. Arthur Matheson entertained
informally at the tea hour last week
in honor of Mrs. Verm Henderson, of
New Westminster, Mr. and Mrs.
Henderson, who have recently removed to New Westminster from
Sicamous, formerly lived In Ottawa.
Mrs. Henderson being a daughter of
Colonel and Mrs. Pennington Macpherson. and very prominent iu
social circles- -Vancouver Saturday
out the same tone in your tiny hand
kerchief and silk hose.
A very successful ten was given in
the Columbian block by the girls'
dtixi'iary of the Royal Columbian hospital yesterday afternoon, a pleasing I today"tt
Little   Innocent   Prairie   Dog   Causes
Dignified Senators to Slander
One Another.
bone. They afterwards murdered t lelr victim, and
after his burial dug up the grave,
e(U.'r>g pcrt'ons of the body for pur-
;,u..i'o of sore fry.
To the west of the Fly River there-
Is a general belief in a kind of clairvoyance.      Mr.   Beaver also recently
explored a large tract of couutry in
Dutch New Guinea where tbe majerr-
Ity  of  the  people  bad   never  r-e-'ore -
been visited.   These wore very primitive    folk,   armed   with    bows   an*
arrows.   They assume a fierce aspect
hy inserting kangaroo claws in their
nostrils and by wearing In their bair
artificial   tails    extending    to   their
*,   IsLs,     In one district, near Daru,.
I  is ihe custom   *> brand, by mer-.ns of
a mark on   the shoulder   or breast,
girl  children with  the  mark  of the
man they are subsequently to marry.
Notwithstanding the great care taken
b    the Government, cannibalism still
exists, and Mr, Reaver narrates that
on several occasions he has tome upon  the scene   of   a cannibal  feast, .
with the remains of human flesh ly- -
ins around.
A Disillusioned Politician.
Mr. A. B, W. Mason Is one of a,
number of disillusioned politicians
who have tasted the joys of life in the
British House of Commons and
found them very Uat. He discovered
that the House "increases one's
knowledge nnd narrows one's point of
view," and is, moreover, fatal to a
novelist's work.
It was Lord Morley who described
Washington.  May 15.���Prairie dogs | ibe life of an M.P. at St. Stephen's
stirred up more trouble in the senate-
feature of the occasiem was the sale
of a daintly arranged cook book, the
,-eceipts all being favorite ones of
yew Westminster home's. The girls
assisting during the afternoon were
Miss Rand, Miss Meredith, Miss
Uriggs, the Misses Curtis, Miss Cunningham, Miss Muriel Cunningham,
Miss Trapp, Miss Dockrill, Miss Gertrude Brown, Miss Pentland and Miss
Eleanor Martin.
inn tariff, currency, tolls    or
| woman suffrage had done In the en-
i tire  session.    Before the flurry  was
j over, one senator had denounced an-
j other as a "falsifier" and Democrats
| had   been  accused  of converting the
party's economy pledge into a satire.
It   all   came   about   by    Senator
ABhurst being absent from the senate
when it agrw'd to a 1125,000 item in
the agricultural appropriation bill for
Investigating noxious   farm   animals.
.    . ,.-i     i ...���,.���.���   .Today ho aske-d for a reconsideration
Mrs. Lawford IHchard on entemin- -^ fc�� ^^ *��
ed with elev-iti tables   of euchre   on fop ^ lnveg���    tlon of the meth
Wednesday f.fternoon, a   number   of
additional, .seats coming >��'��*�� which, he said, had upProoted whole
at    5    oclo.-k.    Masses    "L^ffwp townships in Arizona.
flowers were, arranged throughout the T      M       A.,_,M Th.  ���
T SB' Mart! i6 .nd*bl��� "cSK w��      ^ BrT^rSrwU an
u'   m,       \^ i���t,l,,^mlnuirdecoratedial,I,ropriation  for the    extermination
*^iato^%^i^��rii!^^s^w!s^nS of prairie dog* waB tne raost a8i*-**"-
w,th exqutfitie ye,io�� Wossoras   The   (hing ^ had eyer heard
iris asslsung Mrs.    mchardson    in    eyery farmer knew how       ���
i-luded  Mi'.s Nora    Armstrong,    ftiiss   t*lem
Mae UoKen ���������.Miss.Eleanor Martin       ..EyeTymng , (]o asin|np
Miss Rand, ���^*,^Xi*X��r the   *���  8P**ator  fro*��   K����s"s'"  S*���^
ttle    M'ss    Dodo    Richardson,    tne   A , rotnrten
dilniv small daughter of the hostess.       ,"""" retprtea.
j,iiiu> a ua.ii uau��' .     M I'or a  minute  the  Btorm  promised
lhe pre ity prizes^were-won by Mrs.   lo b���t   Sen8tor   Qronna
Worsfo'd. Mrs. Crflghton    and    Mrs.   g exceptions
v-uensl ng.   A   number   came   oyer �� .
from Vancouver for tl e event  lnclud-     , ^
ing   Mrs.  Geoffrey   Ward,  who  is al-    ,_"__  __.,  ._  ,     . ,_.
waya such a welcome visitor In town
Some one has said that in these
days of pretty cotton materials, silk
blouses are an extravagance, but
really if you consider the matter
carefully I am sure you will agree
with me that to wear with your good
tailor-made,     a     white     silk     shin
senators  tried  to  be  facetious about
Give Somebody a Job.
"I am not in favor of calling out
the army and navy to exterminate the
prairie dogs," Senator Brlstow replied. '"This thing looks to me like
a strained effort to get an appropriation to give somebody some jobs."
"No one would make that statement
whose brains were not al the base of
his tongue. Instead of in his head."
shouted  Senator Ashurst, aa he    ali
as "business without work aud idJe-
ness without rest," which admirably
sums  up  the^sltua.ion.   He himself
entirely disappeared from the ftause
when   writing   bis   famous   "Life  ot
Gladstone."   Lawyers are about the
only class who can combine success- ���
fully their daily tasks with their Par- ���
ttamentary duties.    Hence the number  who  sit  on   both  sides  of  tbe
House.   But there  Is not  a man  ins
Hie assembly who produces imaginative work ot tbe first rank, and our
foremost writers  steer clear of tha>-
sterile atmosphere of St. Stephen's..
She Helped Her Father.
"I help my father In his work a*
much as I can. I think It is the duty
of every girl to try to help her father," says Miss Olwen Lloyd George,
tlie eldest daughter of the Chancellor
of the Exchequer. Miss George, who
is a charming, happy-looking girl of
twenty-one, has taken over a sort or
press department of the new Land
Campaign. Her chief industry Is the
allocation and classification of all the
press cuttings concerning her father,
and when one considers the bun"
dreds, and perhaps thousands, of references to the Chancellor of the Exchequer which are made In newspapers and magazines every week, the
arduous nature of her task Is apparent. Miss George goes to the Treasury every morning to get tho newspapers, and she sorts them out and
keeps a record In press-cutting books.
Growing Turkish Tobacco.
Turkish tobacco has now become
the staple crop on eighty farms io
South Africa, all of which have beeei
successful In the production of thim
UDe of tobacco. PACE  EIGH-
SATURDAY,   MAY   16,   1914.
Saturday   at  McAllisters for  Economical Shopping
Saturday Shopping
at McAllisters
Rapidlv gaining the public favor for the convenient and profitable shopping centre, this store is doing a greatly increasing
businesi* each Saturday. We feature your week-end wants at
the lowest rock hdttom prlci b. Men's needs and women s neeus
ar> catered to alike, as well as everything for the home. Then
for the children and Utile tots on Saturday afte-rnoon and even-
in" v,ee Ice* Cream is provided in the basement. A word to the
wise- don't forget that Saturday Is the last day for Hot-Point
Wee* H von want an Kl Glo-stovo after Saturday the price will
be exactlv'douhle. Then our price for the Flower andI V-WUDle
Plants will save for you. McALLISTERS. LTD.
Is the last day of the HOTPOINT Week. Salc-
your last opportunity to buy an EL dLOMUV u
for half price.
Only $0 25
Vo l want Kl Clo^tovo, the new electric stove���
���ol  course you do.    Who wouldn't want a stove  that   will do
awr-.y with the unbearable drudgery ot  summer kitchen  work?
-El Glo-stovo does it��� r, ���.���
���does regular family cooking from a;.y lamp-socket 	
--elO'-!* not require -special wiring nor special dishes���
--una does the cooking with a third to a hair less current than
any other electric stove cosling three times as much.
���You can in:e .it in the kitchen, dining room, breakfast room,
hoiidoi.-,  den  or  pn   the  porch -anywhere  there  is  nn  electric
light socket to attach it.
���it   is  always  ready    just push   the  switch,  and  it  is  at   full
working heat In 15 seconds.
--Beautifully   designed   with   a   chafing   dish   body;    made   of
pressed stel, nickeled and brightly  polished.
���And fully guaranteed FIVE YEARS.
���Surely you  do want this splendid  new stove -you will  when
you see it.    And  today is the time to see it, because TODAY
is the last day ynu cm buy it for Half   Price���and if you don't
buy today, and should want one next month or later em during
the summer, it will o ost you the regular list price���just double
what you can buy it for today.
Great Saturday Bargains in the Basement
German   Oil   Stoves.
Heavy cast base and wide burner.    Olio-burner, $1.25;        CO  01%
two burnei. $1.75; three-burner  ^eWitmO
Euy Your Screen Doors Now <i,nd Keep the IJIier Out.
Oak Stained Doors;   strongly made.        ��4   ^C C1   Cft
Prices     > ���* ��� amnO  AND  iP I aWU
OaV. Grained and Yaru.is.ied liwrs;   with corner brackets and turned
spindles;   sizes  6-6,  8��8,  fi-10  and  3   feet,        *\  ��JC CO ftft
Prices      t\.CO  TO ��PW.UU
Adjustable   Window   Screens.
18 inches deep to 119 inches wide.
IS inches deep to 113  inches wide.
18 inches deep to lis Inches wide.
Price    ,	
Linoleo   Floor   Wax.
Will make your floor or furniture like new; large tins. OC#��
IS  inches deep to  12 Inches' wide.
Glossc  Metal   Polish.
The new liquid polish for all kinds of metal; large shaker
tins.    Ea
Swat the Flies.
Fly  Killers.
The Vrooman  Enamel  Sink  S^'iiiner:
two  sizes  at   	
The Androck Bread Toaster.
The most perfect gas it oil stove toaster on the marki t
The Androck Trouser Hanger.
Keeps them in perfect shape
The Am-rock Cake Turner.
A  handy  little  article.
Wire Hanging Baskets.
Wire  Soap  Dishes.
5c and 10c
1 OC   AND   4.0C
Wire   Bath   Soap   Hangers.
18-inch   Nickel  Towe!   Rods.
24-lnch Nickel Towel Rods
Tinned  Tumbler   I|i>Uli-rs.
Spring  Broom  Holders,
li-arni Towel Holders.
35c, 65c and 85c
Fibre Picnic Plates;
three dozen for 	
Covered Picnio    Baskets.
The  Eon-Ami   Blue  Flame  Smokeless On  Stove.
Costs  IViC per hour  to operate;   Bate,  clean  aud economical;   two-
burner, $10.50;   three-
burner    '.'	
Summer Lawns and Cottons at Snap Prices
12%e Kine Kcngcloth;  "fi Inches wide.
Sale Price, per yard   ,.	
HVfcc Fine White MadapolamB,
Sale Price, per yard	
20c Pure Finish Nainsook, fine even weave; 36 Inches wide       4 *\
Sale Price, per yard        IC.C
25c extra tine Nainsook; dose even thread'; 47 Inches wide.     4 a
Sale Price, per yard     "  ��W
nVfec   English  Cambric;   ���",��  inches   wide.
Sale  Price, per yard   	
25c  Sheer  Persian   l.awn. 1 T i I*
Sale Price, per yard           '  ���  2 ����
35c   White   Bridal  Cloth,
Sale Price, per yard	
12'/tn Fine Summer Weight White Flannelette;  28 Inches Q.
wide.    Sale  Price,  per .yard     *****W
17V��c fine Victoria Lawns; 38 inches wide.
Sale Price, per yard   	
How About Your
Summer Underwear
Don't vou iH'ed some?    We show a great  variety of the best value?.
A'. 25:  a Garment we have fine  Balbriggan;   in natural    color,    lung
sleeves and three-quarter length drawers.
At 50c, fine two-ply Balbriggan; natural color; 1 ng sleevee, and ankle
length drawers.
Porous  Knit  Dnderwear;   natural  color;     long    sleeves    and     ankle
drawers; at 50c per garment.
Also a'; 50c a garment;  fine  Nainsook  Underwear;   white, Sleeveless
and knee length.
Combinations at $1.00.
At 65c, B special double' thread    Balbriggan:    superior    grade;    beat
sateen facings; long sleeves and ankli drawers.
Alec a'  65c,  "Penangle," natural  Merino  Underwear;   just  right   for
summer wear, with long sleeves and inkle drawers.
At $1.25, fine light sunimiT weight Wool Underwear; ill natural, white
am!  pink.
stanfield's $2 50 summer Underwear, $1.45.
Stanfield's  (ireen   and   Black   Label,   fine   summer   weight,   silk   and
wool, slls and lined, and natural wool underwear;  regular $2.00 and
$2.50  values;   all   sizes.  Saturday  Spi cial.  $1.45  a  garment,
Saturday afternoon and evening we will give
FREE Ice Cream Cones to all the children accompanied by their parents who visit this store.
To prevent indiscriminate giving it will be necessary to show a purchase bill trom a department in the store.
McAllisters, Limited.
Fine English Pedal Straws; in Panama shape; black trimmings, and
good leather sweat pads; very comfortable and ,i Btyle that most
men like; every  size in stock.    Prices
$1SS1.25,$2      $2.50
Best English Boater Straws, in fine dressy styles; best black trimmings  and easy fit sweat pads.    Prices:
$1, $1.50, $2 x   $2.50
Our  Price-,  on  Panamas Cannot   Ee   Duplicated.
Befori   yen  select  yaui   Panama, come iu  and  examine our  values.
Kvery hat. is a genuine South American band-plaited product; all
sizes.    .McAllister's  Prices:
$4.50, $5, $6.50, $7 JO A*D $8.50
Special Purchase Sale. 25c Japanese
Crepes, for 15c Yd. (Today only)
rwenty-flve pieces Striped Japanese Crepe; makes up Into daintv
one-pieci dresses and waists foi ladies' wear. Also an ideal materia!
I'm men's negligee shirts; comes in Line and white, brown and whit.
white with red hair stripe;
regular  25c.     Sale   Price   	
/\ special line of I'rints and Ginghams to clear.
regular 20c.   Sale' Price  ;	
/ few odd pieces figured Organdy; suitable 'oi children's
wear;   regular  llllc.    Special   	
Special Snap Sale of Plants and Vegetables
Today���Read the Prices
Big,  Strong,   Healthy  Plants,  at
the East Values Ever
Special   sale-   of   mixed   Cactus
Dahlia Bulbs.    Per "7C*��
dozen at     I VV
Beddlng-out Plants, including
Asters, Stock, I'hlox, \ erbenas,
Candy Tuft. Carnations. Trailing 'Lobelia, Dwarf Lobelia, all
at two dozen A (��� _
for 45C
;rv,:,lozt,n $1.00
Each kind done up in a dozen
hunches,   packed   in     moss    to
keep fresh for several days.
Geraniums, Heliotrope, Kuchsia.
all in pots, per
Calcelarla,  Salvia,
Cabbage,   various   varlties.   per
ST. 10c
Cauliflower,   in   hunches   nf   1")
plants,   per   hunch 4 ft^
Tomatoes, in   bunches of fifteen
plants,   per
l.i'ttuco   I'laut!:   in   bunches   of
1"> plai
15 plan's. p> r 4 f\g^
Extra Specials in Silks for Saturday
Values to 95c on Sale for 49c Yard
This assortment contains some odd   shapes   In    Pallette,   Duchess
Satins, Men 8, Taffetas, Stripeel  Messalines, etc., etc., including all
shade's  in   plain,  and  a  number  Of  plaids.    Stripes    and  checks.     A
tew oi these specials are:
Shot Striped Messalines, suitable for dresses and waists; JA.
splendid wear; regular value 86c, Per yard    4DC
lien,in Blouse Silks; of extra weight; five different patterns; special
purchase;  plain Bhadec   in    Silk    Merves   of   excep.lonal    value
Duchess Satin, in a fine make; many shades,
Ail ;it,  per yard   	
Saturday Furniture Specials
above;      two
Kitchen  Cupboard;   three  shelves,  wilh    gloss  doors
drawers and large roomy cupboard iu lower sici.ini.
regular $12.00.    special   	
Kitchen Cabinet; top and base complete; has bins, cutlery drawers
nnd iiiitiii(_ hoards; three spice drawers and glass door cupboard;
with three shelves; regular $14.60. Clfl Hft
Sideboard; :��� very neat tlesigv beautiful golden r'nish; cutlery
drawers; linen drawer and double' door cupboard, and has a neat
bevel   plate   mirror;   re-gular   $25.00,
Sea Grass Chairs,
Roll edge Couch;  imitation Spanish leather;
regulai   $17.60.     Special   	
White Knamel Iron Bed; with hrass top rail; pencil weave spring;
we.|| braird and guaranteed all felt, mattress, com- CIO 7C
pleti ;    regular   $lfi.7.ri.     Special     *9 I Ska. I O
Boy Couches; covered in Green denim; ��il   nn
legular   $7.im.     Special         ��P"?aUU
Bras;-. Bed; continuous posts; 4.6 size;  regular $.'!0. CJ 1   CA
Special    a>�� I.OU
���-'"lid Oak  Morris Chair;  loose leather cushions; 4a 1 C  OK
regulai   $20.00,     Special    ^IQifaW
$3.50 ., $3.75
1.1 m j tec
and shop at McAllisters.
Main Floor Offericgs Are Fxtra Special
 Blouse J*ichus at a Gocd Reduction.
Fichus;  in'lawn^
The in west Btyle blouse Klclius;  in lawnT plain
guipure laces;  a good  variety to choose from
$1.50.    Very Special at,
i ach  	
mil shadow- nets and
reguljr values up to
Low Neck Lace Yokes, Very Special at 65c.
In white and cream fine, lace net;  with lancy frill collar and front el-
fii-t; various Btyles in Btock; regular to $1."""
Very Special,
Silk Crochet Knit Ties, Special at 45c.
A good plain crochet knit Sill: Tie, In self colors nf'"Baddy" g-een
white, black, re-d, saxe blue, navy, etc.. and finished with tassel at
each end; regularly Bold at 65c. M �����
Special  at    '.       _ 45C
Fancy Low Collars, Special at 50e.
A new style collar, which can be worn ln high or low effect- comes
in Marquisette, Crepe de Chine, in white, cream and other 'general
colors; with Mil over-collar of fine lace, which can be used as high
collar by the fixing of a collar support at each side; regular 'values
to $1.(10. \>ry Special at, .
Also Ladies' Collar Frills, Special at boc
In  plain  and  shadow  nets;   colors black,  white  and  white with  assorted colored bands of Bilk and velvet; regular t?A
values to $1.00.    Special at         PUC
Ladies'  Mercerized Lawn  Handkerchiefs, Special at 2 for 25e
of fine quality lawn; with hand embroidered work at corner* a good
washer and wearer; ri'gular 25c. ' ��%������
Special at two for   Z%#C
Ladies Patent Leather and Elastic Belts, Special at 50c. Each.
A choice assortment of Btyles and  widths to choose from; asBorte-d
colors and in ail sizes;  regular values to $1.00.                      ' a-a-f-a
Special at     OUC
Plain and  Fancy Silk  Ribbons;   Regular to 50c, Very Special at
Three Yards for 50c.
Splendid quality Silk Ribbons;  in widths varying from 2 to fi inches
Very usi fii 1 ns hat trimming or for fancy work. mg\
Very spe'cial at 3 yards for          OUC
Also a  quantity of  wide fancy Silk  Ribbons  which are usually  sold
at 75c. and $1,00. a-a-f-a
Special at, per yard           OUC
Values to $5.00 Ladies' Handbags, Special at $2.95.
A good variety of leathers in stock, comprising    gnat, seal, calf, etc.,
and ::11 are leather lined;  In plain and fancy shapes or newest styles;
fitted with  small change purse and some' with small  mirror;   regular
values to $6.00. SO OC
Special al, each    *Pb.*l9
Ladies' Vanity Purses for Less.
A nickel plated case, containing parts fe,r puff, coin, cards and a
small mirror; size .1 1-2 hy ,r> inches;  and chain handle;      4*4   *%������
worth $7'.50.    Special for, each  $ I .OO
Also Oxodized   Metal Cases,  with  similar fixings;  size about  2  l'2\4
inches and chain handle';  worth $1.26, TE��*a
Spi rial   lor,  each       | 00
A good variety of Ladles' Necklets; regular value to $1.26.
Special   at.  e ach   	
Beauty Pins.
In plain and fancy Styles;  regular value's to SBc. feu* Bel of
fl ur. Special at. pel set 	
Ear- Pine.
All styles:   values to $1.00,
Spi cial  at   	
Ladies' 3-4 Length Silk Cloves, Special at $1.25 Pair.
An excellent quality silk; conies with double' finger tips and will give
satisfactory wear: ceileir hlack and tan: ^��1   *JC
a regular $1.60 value.    Special at   91 aaCO
Chamois Suede Gloves, Special at 50c. Pair.
A splendid  washing quality;  in colors  white and  natural, and  in all
sizes;  regular 75c. per pair.
Special at, per pair 	
All Our Regular $1.25 pair Fine Kid Gloves, Special at 95c per Pair.
This is the well known 'i'errin" make of Kid Qlove;  is made e.f tine
Krench skins;  very pliable and perfect fitting and fastens with two
spring dointi cla-ps;  regularly Mild a'. $1.25,
Special at, pe-r pair	
Ladles' All Wcol Fine Cashmere Hose, Special at 50c.
A  perfectly   Seamless  Hose,  with  spliced  heels and toes:   full  iu  the
ier Pair.
��� e.!' tine
.ith  two
a regular 7,jc. value.
leg and with good garner tups;
Special at. per |i.i
Ladies' Silk Boot Hose, Special at 50c.
This is a line of Silk Root Hose that will give entire satisfaction to
thej wearer;  comes with spliced heel and toe and is perfectly seamless;  has fine lisle leg and tops;  colors black,  while,  pink, sky und
tan; a regular 75c. value. e%Ol%
Special at, per pair  wUw
Ladies' Silk Lisle Hose, Special at 45c. per Pair.
A  hose  suitable for cummer wear;   has double  soles and
fashioned legs and i* pi iced heels and toes; all sizes;
a regular C5c  value'.    Special  at.  pet   pair   	
Ladies' Fine Cotton and Wool Hose, Special 3 Pairs for $1.00.
This  value  cannot  be  beat;   guaranteed  to  give entire  satisfaction;
high spliced heels and te.es; full In the leg anel with gooel garter tops;
every pair is worth 45c;
Spi'dal at 3 pairs for 	
Children's Ribbe-.  Hose.
In  Ian  and  black, and  all  sizes;   a  very serviceable  hose fur school
wear, and is  worth 25c. per pair. P5C
Ver} Special at two pairs for fcsJW
tops;   full
Great Reductions on Every Lady's
Suit in the Store
Our .Regular  $25.00  Suits,   Special   for  $18.75.
Kvery one Ih a strictly man-tailoredsult and new Spring model styles;
in navy, black and gray serges, gray and black mixtures, and black anel
white checks, anel lined with "Skinner's" satin; last week s prico_w*u*
postively $25.00.    Our Special
Price is 	
Our Regular to $20.00 Suits, Very Special for $14.75.
These ,.���mo in a splendid quality navy and gray serge; also a few
Brocaded suits in brown, navy and Alice blue; new Spring models
The coat is made in cutaway or square fronts and lined with strong
wearing i'olonalse satin. The skirt is a plain model with Ugh
waist band.    A suit that is well worth $20.00. $14  75
Very Special for  *
Our Regular to $30.00 Suits, Very Special for $21.95.
It is Impossible to beat these values, as any one of these Suits would
lost vou Ir, the ordinary way $30,011. Navys, grays, blacks, b own
and black and white checks are offered in this lot. Every Wit to
tailor made and thoroughly up-to-date in every little detail, lined
with "Skinner's" satin, and in al Isizes. Oct that suit you are wanting now anel save money: regular to $30.00. 521   95
Very Special ror  X? V       ���
The  New  "Balmaccan" and  "Sport" Coats at a  Good  RMjMtto"  In
Prices.    Our Regular $12.90 Values, Very Special at $10 95.
This lol comprises all the now style Sport and new Halmac-can ( oats
usually sold at $12.60 to $15.00.   Many different styles in a goo, variety
of materials and e-olors to choose from.   Kvery coat was bought![or the
Spring trade and is certainly real good value at the fP4 Q QC
Very  Special   I'riee  of    **-' * w*,vw
Ladies' and  Misses'  Dress Skirts Also Reduced.
in   splendid   materials,   serges,   twe-eids,   mixtures,   and   many   Other
Cloths;   in  lhe- new-est color shades, navys. grays, brown, black and
white  checks,  plaids,  fancy  checks and  h'**ek;   nil    at    a    reduced
[�������   raD.glng.  aTW.aU  TO
h ick;   an    ai    ��     r-juuiiou
$4.50 to $7.95


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