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The New Westminster News Jul 16, 1914

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 Volume 9, Num'
c <
Price Five Cents.
Chamber of Deputies Receive Official Word of the Event
Last Evening���Cries of "Viva Huerta" from Spectators and Deputies.
Havoc Being Worked In Crops���Damage  Done Amount* to  Many
Villa n Interview Regrets that He Cannot Get Huerta n Hig Power���
Calls Him "Traitor"���Would Express no Opinion Regarding Resignation
or Future Course of the Constitutionalists.
Mexico City, July l.'>.��� At
7 20 o'clock this evening Fran
cisco Cabajal took the oath as
the provisional president of
Mexico before the assembled
deputies and ministers.
The new executive escorted
by the presidential guards,
went to tlie natii nal palace. He
v. as cheered by the people.
Woods-took. Ont., July 1!��. Farmers
of the east end of Oxford county In
Kast Oxford township and the west
end of Hrant county, in Budford township, are busy today fighting the approach of a force of army -worms,
which for two days now have been
am a soldier of my country and do worki��K havoc in the pastures, hay-
not care to express my opinion of the a"rt���corn cro���� The arm>' numbers in
traitor's resignation." I.,,       The   worms  aPPear  to  oe
A military band played martial airs  fo'lo��'i'-K  ��  creek   westward  and   for
ft tt
* ft ft ft
�� # ft �� �� ft �� # ��
July   1").    Victoriano
outside Villa's headquarters as the
news of Huerta's resignation was
spread around. Villa will remain on
the border two or three days, it was
said today at his headquarters here.
An informal request has been made
that he visit Kl 1'aso on the American
side of the International line, but
while neither army nor civil officials
have any objection,  the matter  was
Mexico     City,   July   16. -Victoriano j     Tn���     Hud<|ell|   Dut   not    unexpected
Huerta presented his resignation as j turn of affairs at the national capital.
president of the republic to the cham-fled to speculation regarding what
ber or* deputies this evening through tro��P'  "r 4|he  constitutionalist  army
| would  be the first to enter the capital.    Generals  Aguilar and  Obregon
the department of foreign relations.
The resignation was referred to a
committee, alter  it  had  been  read.
The deputies and spectators who
li- Id the galleries shouted "Viva
'I'le- committee will report hack to
the chamber and the question of
whether the resignation will be accepted, will then be decided.
Calls Huerta Traitor.
.1 larea, July 15. "i would much
prefer that Huerta had remained In
the chair or in Mexico City until we
could get our hands on him," Qeneral
Villa said today in Juarez when he
learned of Huerta's reported resignation.
are the neareRt to the goal of Car-
ranze's revolution, but Villa's officials express the belief tonight that
troops of all these divisions would be
represented in the triumphal entry.
Villa's army cannot be moved southward  for several  weeks.
Huerta to Leave.
Washington, July 16. -Rear Admiral
Badger reported to the navy department tonight that reports reaching
Vera Cruz said Qeneral Huerta and
General Blanquet would "leave
Mexico City by train under escort."
There was no mention of their destination, but officials here think the
retired   dictator   will   go     to     Puerto
a considerable distance on each side
the ground is black with them. The
damage done will amount to thousands of dollars. The worms are about
two inches long. Farmers are busy
digging trenches and spreading molasses and paris green.
Coast  to  Coast  Service   Expected to
be in Operation by the F'rst
of  Next Year.
Ottawa, July 16.���The linking up
of all sections of the Grand Trunk
Pacific railway is reported by Mr.
Ctllingwood Bchrelber, consulting engineer of the Dominion government,
who has just returned from an inspection  of the line.
Present Home Rule Measure Framed to Prevent
Attitude of Government to the Change
Introduced by Lord Lanadowne
Ic  Uncertain.
London, July 16."Despite the feeling of optimism which is said to prevail as the result of Lord Beau-
chump's declaration in favor of a conference on home rule on the lines of
l.ord Dunraven'a amendments, it is
difficult," says the Daily News writing on the situation up to last night,
"to see how a settlement can be arrived at in the present temper of the
The   amending   bill   is   disliked   by-
all  parties  and   is regarded  as a device solely to prevent bloodshed. The
attitude  of  the  government    to    the I
changes     introduced   by   Lord   Lans-j
downe and his colleagues with the ob-i
Ject of  safeguarding  peace  Is  uncer-
tain,    The time limit by general consent,   gone,   the   government   will   resist  the  deletion   of  the  referendum,
but might concede the grouping of the
six "plantation" counties as one area
to be decided by one poll, thus aban-1
doning    the    original   county   option.
The fiercest fight, if the amending bill
ever goes into committee, will  be on
the  referendum.
Conference Held.
The prime minister had ���_ long conference  with  the  Irish  leaders  today
<nd it is expected that the whole situ-j
atlon will be discussed at tomorrow's
cabinet meeting in the light of new de
Trust Deed With Government Ratified
and   Money for Work  Can  Be
Ottawa, July 16. The Canadian
Northern trust deed was ratified by
order in council at a meeting of tbe
cabinet this afternoon, Hon. XV. T.
White, minister of finance, having returned to the capital after a long
holiday, this morning. With the trust
deed executed, the company Is now
in a position to float the bond guaranteed by the government, according
to the agreement lasl session, and to
thereby raise money for the completion ot the transcontinental system.
The government will also come into
possession of $40,000,000 of tbe common stock of the company.
The National Trust company has
been appointed trustee in the transaction.
Ottawa, July la. - l.ord Mersey,
who presided over lhe Kmpress of
Ireland inquiry and who has been a
guest at Itideau hall for a couple of
days, left this afternoon for Montreal. He sails on the Calgarian tomorrow for home. The recommer-d-
ations "f the officials of tlie marine
department, based on the findings of
the Commission, have been forwarded
to the Br'Ush board of trade. It is
announced that the British government is paying the expanses of l._>rd
Mersey and his associates from the
other side of the Atlantic: the rest
of the expense being borne by
Dominion  government.
Depreciation   of   Canadian
Securities Caused Failure
of Chaplin Co.
Creditors Warned   that    Assets   Not
Likely to Realize Anything Like
Values Placed on Them.
���That  is  the  only  comment  I   care   Mexico to board a foreign man of war
to make on the subject." he added     "I. for  Kurope.
Diplom.tlt   Tension   Likely   to   Ensue   Eight   Hundred   Have   Delightful   Trip
Between   France  and   Germany
Over Correspondents.
I'aris.     July     16.    An   acrimonious I
to   Bellingham,   Wash..
Kht hundred excursionists from
controversy which is going on between | \,.u Westminster yesterday enjoyed
Paul and Guy Cassagnac, editors of-one ot- tne beBt outings ever organiz-
Tutorlte, and I. Fuchs. correspondent j ,.,* by the citizens' excursion commit-
ol the Berlin l.okal Anzeiger. and Carl tee, the ocean going trip being made
bahn, correspondent of the Uelpalc L. ,i(.|lint,hanii Wash., where seveni,
Tageblatt, appears  likely    to   cause
diplomatic tension between Franoe hours were spent, the Princess Sophia
and Germany. Guy Cassagnac recent-1arriving hack in the city at in o'clock
l\   challenged  Fuchs to a duel, whicli  laBt   "^������t- i
l,n seconds decided need not take! I'ulllng out from the city dock at
place, because Fuchs hud nothing to:7 0 clock In the morning, beautiful
do personally with an article which weather was encountered on the trip
was the original cause of the u,���. i<!-'��n the coast, many of the members
troveray, approving a sentence of one ot *���������*' Dartv seein8 fnr tne firPt '������������p
year Imprisonment imposed by tne:"1" beauties of the Gulf Of Georgia
l.eipsic court on the Alsatian car-land llle """"is approaching Helling
toon-tat, Hants. Paul Cassagnac chal-j
longed I.ahn because lie did not leave'0'
"1 travelled by rail right through i velopments in the house of lords. The
Irom Winnipeg to Prince Rupert." I vuit of the king's private secretary,
declared Mr. Schreiber today, "and i,0rd Stamfordhani. to the prime min-
everything is In fine shape. The igter _t lnP house of commons yeBter-
road will be ready to open in the fall. aay and sir Edward Carson's return
There is u one per cent, grade for lo i^ndon have set many reports go-
a distance of twenty  miles only.  On   lng   ^   lo   the   renewal   of  converse-.
the   rest   of  the  line   is  only   a  five- UionB.    The government, however, has1
tenths   grade.' | ma()e  no  approach   in  that  direction.
The  laying of steel over the moun-lTne interview of the king's secretary
tain   section,  together with  the  com-  wUn ,Mr.  Asquith  had  no  undue  sig-
pletion of the eastern division by the
government, means that a train may
now run   over   the   transcontinental
from   Halifax  to   Prince   Itupert   save
lor the gap at the Quebec bridge. The
car  ferry Leonard, to  be  used  (here.
will have ber official trial  trip on the
nificance, while Sir Kdward Carson's
journey to London was due to the
possibility of the government putting
down -the amending bill for discussion this week in the house of commons. The premier will announce to-1
.morrow   the   exact   date   of  the   Intro-1
80th of   his month and it satisfactory,   (Jllctlon and the second reading of the
will  be brought om  immediately.
American Soldiers Witness
Rebels Killed to the Last
Man at Paloneas.
I ham.    At the American city the visit-
were   'net  by   a  civic  committee
the country In 4* hours as had  bee.-. I headed  by  Mayor DeMattos.    Return-
demanded by Autoiite i|n- lroni  Victoria the night previous
It  is understood that  the German I M8yor Gray was enabled to make the
embassy in Paris is prepared to u,
iiold what it conceives to be the right
Ol   German  correspondents.
{trip along with several members ot
j the city council and the heads of the
I various public bodies.
Not an accident marred  the day oi
] pleasure.
Federal   Trial   at   Portland   Shows  up
New   Scheme  in   Oregon   Land
Fraud  Cases.
Ii i> fully expected here that the
Grand Trunk Pacific will exercise its
option, or rather carry out its con-
tracl of leasing the eastern section
and. by the new year, start the regular operation of the road from coast
to coast.
amending  bill
Officials at Washington See
Progress and Prosperity
for Republic
Franc sco Carbajal  to Be  Provisional
President  Until  Carranza  Arrives
at the Capital.
rtland, Ore., July 15 Kodak pictures of the famous segola, or big red*
Wood trees of California, were used!
.is pictures of Oregon timber hy \V,
i Logan of Tacoma, as one of his arguments in persuading California people to buy "locations" on timber lands
within the disputed Oregon and California railroad land grant in Oregon,
according to testimony given in the
United States district court today hy
.1. D. Stafford, a San Francisco chant-
ii'ur. who admitted that he had heen
an  accomplice of  Logan.
Stafford's testimony came in tiie
trial of Logan, W. F. Min ard of Port-
land and K. .1. Sellera of Tacoma. accused of fraudulent use of the mails
in selling "locations" ou the railroad
land grant, forfeited to the government, the case being  now   on  appeal I bu
Millions  on   Hand  of  Which   Only
Small Part Is Required for Contemplated  Improvements.
Intercession   of   His   Butler   Prevents
Suffragettes   Severely   Beating
Rt.   Hon. Thomas Wood.
Garrison   Annihilated  an-J   Rumor   Revives that  Counter  Revolutions
Are to Start in Mexico.
Columbus. New Mexico. July 15.���
The annihilation today of the constitutionalist garrison at Palomas,
Chihuahua, by federal regulars, broke
the peace of Northern Mexico, and revived reports of counter-revolutions In
the republic. Three hundred guerrillas
under General Rogue Gomez attacked
the little border town in view of
troops of the I'nited States army
patrol. Kvery man of the village garrison was killed, it is reported.
Thirty  m*n   under  Captain   Topete
London, July 15.���Only the inter- j
cession of his butler today saved the | fought desperately from adobe Jiouses
IU. Hon. Thomas McKinnon Wood, - in the town, but were overpowered
secretary of state for Scotland, from j within a few minutes. Seven men of
a horsewhipping at the hands of two i the garrison kept up a fire from one
suffragettes. I of the houses which was not subdued
Just as he was leaving his residence J by the federals until several hours
a woman rushed up, horsewhip In hand | later. It is believed that these seven
exclaiming: "Vou Scottish pig. if you survivors were captured and executed,
don't stop the forcible feeding of wo-1 Villa Sends Men.
men, we shall smash you." Gomez announced    today    that    he
The militant lashed him across the would leave during the night and it
chest but before she could deliver a! is believed he would make no attempt
second cut the butler seized her and ! to defend the town from the advanc
London, July 15.���At a meeting of
the creditors of the Chaplin, Milne,
Grenfell company today the official
receiver gave out a statement of the
affairs of the company as submitted
by the managing director. This showed a deficiency as regards the creditors of ��29,000. The official receiver
warned the creditors that in his opinion the assets are not likely to realize anything like tbe values placed
upon tbem by tbe directors. It was
not probable, he thought, that any
surplus would be available for the
After dealing very fully with the
history of the company and its transactions during the past few years, the
official receiver drew attention to the
fact that Chaplin. Milne & Co. had
been compelled to borrow since the
beginning of the year ��295.000
through default of the Canadian
agency to repay loans. The directors
stated that the immediate cause of
suspension was the failure of the
Canadian agency to repay their loan
to the company and the Chaplin company's failure to pay the run for payments of deposits made with them.
owing to the fact that other resources
of the company had been issued by
the ] the Canadian agency.
Deprecation of Securities.
At  the end of  December la***t, the
Bank  of  Kngland   dectlnied   to    discount the company's bills.   The insolvency of the company was attributed
by  the directors to the  depreciation
in value ot securities held for investment and on loan account, which reduced    its    borrowing    powers    and
practically made it impossible for the
company to realize on securities    at
anything like their ordinary value, or
raise further funds thereon
The time waa moot unfavorable Ior
realization as all the securities were
depreciated to an unprecedented extent. This applied more particularly
Jo securities taken over from the
Canadian agency.
Statement of  Liabilties.
The statement of affairs submitted
| by  th*>  managing    directors    showed
liabilities of    il917.442. and assets of
��887,525, the    deficiency    as regards
creditors  being   ��29.917.    In  view  of
the fact that many  undertakings    In
which Ihe company    was    interested
were  still   in   tbe course  of development aud many securities held by the
company had no official quotation, the
official  receiver thought  it right    to
warn the creditors that In his opinion
the assets were not likely In liquidation to realize anything like the values
placed upon them by the directors.
Sir William Plender. the special
manager, shared the view that the
assets were very considerably overestimated.
The meetinig unanimously approved
the appointment of Sir William Plender as liquidator.
Montreal, July 15. In order to set
al rest rumors about any issue of new-
stock and other disquieting stories
about Canadian Pacific railway affairs. Sir Thomas Shaughnessy today
issued the follow ing statement:
"Alter the payment of all fixed
charges and dividends, the company
i ntered upon a new llscal year, July 1,
with $36,000,000 In cash and $14,000,-
000 in equipment securities, utter having spent upwards of $30,000,000 ou
railway and steamship construction,
for which 4 per c-'iit. consolidated debenture stocks have been authorized,
noi offered on the market.
Washington. July 15. -News of Gen
eral Huerta's resignation as provisional president of Mexico was hailed by official Washington tonight as
the tirsi practical step toward a
quick solution of the Mexican prob-
Constitutionalists, diplomats and of-
facials of the I'nited Stales government did not conceal their satisfaction
over the fact that General Huerta at
last had voluntarily eliminated him-
eelf from the sitluatlon and pointed
the way lo an era of peace in his
Although the constitutionalists have
declared they would not recognize
Francisco Carbajal ns provisional
president any more than they did his
predecessor, and the I'nited States
government likewise will refuse to
recognize him, the understanding here
is that the new executive will hold
office for but a short time���only until satisfactory arrangements can be
made, lor the entry of General Carranza, the constitutionalist chief.
General Amnesty Desired
From diplomats In close touch with
the situation, it was learned that Mr.
of troops from Juarez or Casas Gran-
des. It was learned that 200 men
from the Pearson garrison, almost
directly to  the south, had  been  sent
threw her to the ground, leaving him
free to tackle the second woman who
was shouting:  "Let me at the Scotch
She made a rush with her wliip at   by   Qeneral   Villa with orders to
the   secretary   for  Scotland   and   was  take  tlie  town.
still struggling with the butler when- Itoque Gomez was second in com-
the police arrived and arrested the maud under General Ynez Salazar
women. On one of them was found a] when the federal commander of
decomposed egg, labelled   ���'refreshing   former anti-Madero rebels took  Palo-
The women gave their names as
Jeannette Wallace and Bertha U ilsou.
They were fined 20 shillings each, but
refused to pay and were sent to jail
for   14  days.
Extreme Action   May  Be Taken as a
Protest Against Colliery Conditions on Island.
mas in November, 1912, His men are
Chlhuahuaranchmen who have been in
arms since the Madero revolution of
1010.    Recently   they   have   been   ter- ]
Vancouver, July 15.���Although opposed by many of the prominent labor
men of the province, a resolution in
favor of a general strike of organized
labor in British Columbia as a protest
against existing conditions in the
Vancouver island colliery districts,
was passed at today's session of the
B. C. Federation of Labor    The voting
l was 48 ior and 36 against which very
amnesty be declared conserving
struction and improvement that were -lveg aud property of those whoa sup
in progress nnd only a comparatively j p0Itei- Huerta After this is obtain-
small portion ol the money in band Lj *-,P peaceful entry into the Mexi-
will be required for their completion. can capital of constitutionalist troops
"Now works of any niagnitiire were j wl���  ,���, neg0t'ated.
not  contemplated  at   present,  and  no
to  the   United   States   .supreme  court, j     "The end  has nearly  been  reached I Carbajal  desired  only  that  a  general
Good  Boost Pictures. | wltb all  the Important  works of con-|amneBtv b(1 dBclared conserving    tin
Logan took those redwood pictures
because they would In- good boost pictures." said Stafford. He estimated
that during the time lie was with Logan more than 100 "locations" were
taken at $150 each within a few hundred miles of San Francisco. Stafford
said that Logan claimed lo be representing different concerns, among
them the Oregon Realty company and
the Oregon Timber and Lund company.
After Identifying an advertisement,
Stafford said that so far as he knew
Logan had no such land for sale as
that described in the advertisement,
which, he said, was used as a means
of getting In touch witli prospects.       I
rori'-ing residents of Uie Casae Gran-  c-ea-iy 8-10WPU-  ,;,��� *ack Qf unanimity
das d.strict. among the delegates and presages the
^__���_.________i���.���p������ | defeat of the proposal when it is submitted to a referendum among the
various unions affiliated with the Federation.
TOf  I***"-***'  HAT no     r* A r_H.il k XT  TrOTirv!    At  tne  afternoon   session   the  pro-
LL 1    MKO.   CAKMAIN     1 L_3 1 Ir  I    P��*al   to  select  opposition  candidates
| In every constituency in time for the
next provincial election was laid over
until the next meeting of the federation.
A subscription of $300 was taken
up among the delegates within a few
minutes time, the sum to be used to
carry out the purposes of the federation throughout the province at which
tlie situation ou the island will be
Mineola. N.V.. July 15. When the
grand jury Investigating the murder
of Mrs. Louise Balky in Freeport
June JO, and the alleged complicity of
Mrs. Florence Conklin Carman, adjourned today, but three more witnesses remained to be heard.
Whether Mrs, Carman will be
'��� I brought  from  tlie Nassau  county jail
nei easily  exists  for  a  new   Issue    of
"It ls not unlikely, however, that
the directors will at the meeting In .
October, recommend to tho shareholders that ihe authorized ordinary
share capital l��- made to conform to
the amount for which the company j
has legal warrant, so as to provide
Cor tin- future capital requirements,
as and  when  they   arise." I
General    lluerta's    retirement came
just as the   constitutionalists   were
preparing their formal answer to the
South   American   mediators   rejecting
3S   Quiu'ge M. Levy,   and    her   husband
visited  her  In   the  jail  and  had   bet-
to tell her story is a problem the
grand jurors themselves will solve,
probably tomorrow morning.
District Attorney Smith stales positively that he would refuse the
physician's wife permission to testify,
even I hough she should sign a waiver
o'-   Immunity.      Then    her   attorney.
the invitation for formal conferene
wilh representatives of Huerta for the
discussion  of  internal   Mexican   questions.
While    the    constitutionalists    are
averse   to  holding  conferences   which
(Continued 0.1 Page Four.I
sign a petition addressed to the grand
jury, ill which she requested the privilege of appearing  before that    body,
and abandon all riuhts to Immunity,
New Witness Testifies.
The  mosi   inu.Hiri.int   witness  today-
was Frank .1. Farrell. whose story, as
he told it to District Attorney Smith.
was that on the night of June 30, being out of a job and hungry, he started for the hack door of the Carman
home lo ask for food, lie -..as rounding one of the rear corners of the
house, his story went, when he saw
a tall woman dressed either in a long
cloak or kimona come from the back
door, so directly to a wintdow in
what he now knows to be lhe doctor's
office and break the glass.
Farrell said he did not know
Whether the woman had a revolver or
not.     If she   did.   he  did   not  see  it.
Montreal, July 15. -Trouble is brewing between Acting Mayor Blumen
thai and Mayor Martin because the for
| mer is signing documents and making
Farrell continued that tie heard a shot appointments to the fire brigade dur-
and quickly  hurried  off. Ing the mayor's absence.    Mayor Mar-
His story    furnishes    corroboration   tin was at Woodstock, Ont., todav and
for Celia Coleman, a negro maid In
the Carman residence, whose amplified story told yesterday was to the
effect that her mistress, dressed in a
k liiiiia. rushed through the kHchfltl
directly after the shot was tired.
was notified there by wire of the :ic*
lng mayor's doings, His worship
weired the city officials as follows:
' "1 am the mayor; do not submit
any documents to V.\e acting mayor
for signature."
THURSDAY,  JULY   16,  1914.
An lnri��r_.____�� ���         _ ______        __    _ _.     ____   ___ -i     Work   will   be   started   immediately
*n independent morning paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and   .       .     i__.......;_...  .������_,���,���_���, ������    ._���
��. Fra__r Valle,.    PublUha. ever, mornln, except Sunday by th. National Printing j ft.,    "    ,��� t        I I       r___3
sod PublUbin. Comply. Limited. _, ��, McKenxle Street. New Westminster. BrltUh   f0ul'      ' "��J**���  .^'"      le fon
Columbia. llOBB SUTHERLAND. Mana_.n_ Director. and "'" be |,Ui,.he,J, to.��������*��
u, lnZl7ZZ"ut^tl��.t% 11���^ h�� The N"7 WP8tm,n,8ter ������rJ Tl     *!* **���  Harmsworth. a brother of
io maniauai members or the staff.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made   .       .  ., ..   ..,. ,, ...  .   ,,  , ,
psyabt, to The National Prlnt.ng and Publlahln. Company. Limited. j   ^  N^"*��  'S    '     r",Sh l *��
TE___PHONB__Bu_ln__. Office and Manager, m; Editorial Room, (all depart- | ^ '"  ",!,.,"'J,,U; '  *11",��*-* ->i--''at-0"�� ,
���enu)   Ml ��-. lOf a  syndicate of London    capitalists
SUBSCRIPTION RATB8���Br carrier. 14 per year, $1 for three months. 40c per! whi<"   -'Hemls  developing  tht.  radIum j
month. Br mail, 13 per year. 25c per month. ' springs near Windermere,
ADVERTISING  RATES on application. ���    *    ���
��^^^----^^^^��^gM_j?_^iBBg_________^___M^���,^������..^^,^,.J������^?.i^,,M.���������^���'     W.    J.    l-ong.    the    prisoner    who
_....__       .   _ | escaped from the Kernie jail early Kri-
THURSDAY   MORNING,  JULY   16,  1914. j day nl0rnlng, was apprehended about
��� ���  _ j *"��� o'clock T)n Saturday morning about
Some  Marry  Too  Young���Bad  Habits
Wreck Other Unions���"Blessed
Are  the   Debonnair."
marked !>., P. I)., and E. LV -doubtful,
position doubtful and existence doubtful- that the explorers have added two
and it half years to their piojected
voyage, which starts next December
In  the   Discovery.
Tin- seven seas have never been accurately   charted   because,   says     Mr.
I Stackiiouse,   being   everybody's   bus!-
| ness   it   was  nobody's   business  to  do
it.     Bratl   the  north   Atlantic  has   its
doubtful   islands   and   sunken   rocks,
-'our  different   mariners,   previous   to
the Titanic disaster,   reported  seeing
rocks  near the point  where the ship
went   down,  and   this   is  one  of  the
fir.t things to be investigated by the
Iscovery.     Polynesia,     Melanesia   and
Accountant. Telephone R447. Roots
IJ   Hurt   Block.
P. II. SMITH. Auditor and Account
ant. Telephone 304. I'll Westmin
sler Trust Building.
The recent action of the Social-Democrat party of
Berlin, Germany, in adopting a resolution favoring a general strike as a political weapon in Prussia is highly significant.
In the first place the Socialists are considerably
stronger in Germany than they are in this country and
in the second place the reason for their action is found in
! eight wiles west
! vincial Constable
| tured the prisoner
of   the   city
Marriage, said Kev. J.H. Warnicker,
a Victoria clergyman, in a recent sermon,   was  one  of  the  oldest   institutions   in   the   world,   and   would   last, canlc amJ cl)rul obstruct'ongi and th.
while the world lasted.    The purpose, ,,.lIlamtt t.aIla, wUj  open |lew    routtlii
of   marriage   was  a  high    one.    anil! throllKh th_se    ,-angerouB    sea.    Tlll,'
South American and African coasts
have their doubtful rocks. Mr. Stack-
house considers it just as important
tu  find out that  a  menace  does  not
marriage   was  a  high    one,    and   J
meant   the   enrichment   and   enlarge-  .
inenl of the character of each of the
parties to  it. j
The causes of failure were several. |
Too  often   people   married  while,  too ^M that it does,
young to shoulder the responsibilities I
Which   came   with   their   new   estate, j
There  was often on  both    sides
much tendency    to    idealization;  the I
Hart Munro,    Frank    Tillman    and
���Jarvis Armstrong on  Sunday secured  ,.,������,,, ,��� snouiuer me responsioiimes i    Tne charting exne.litlon Ik
two  black   bears,  a  yearling  and    a   wnk.���   caine   with   their   new   eatate. __ai*__L__fcv^*^^tMhn^nV  ft.
three-year-old  on   the    Jordan    trail. , There  was ofte��� on  both    sides    too     ne"n   ,.ff ce.s   a?,d   ______S__i   h�����
near Revelstoke, and in an hour with   nlm.n  tendency    to    idealization;   the 2^ th��K_rk���L ttf^__rt   ��
rod and line caught a basket full    of dreanl   mall   and   the   dream   woman'!.���    , I     rt       l      ,n    1  hi
|sPeckled trout In  I.a.f-Way creek.       j illusions  which   broke     Heason  *���� B^fi^TffJS
Ishould   have     play     aa     much   as     rO-|/l__i4__ tn mmnina .ha -I.I,. u.,,i .1,    ���.,.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Poultry and  poultry  products have ! mance     Bad -habits   drink   club  life ���   , !} ru'*n��-K th<* h'-'P ��"d the pay
the immense increase voted by the German diet for anna-|ir^
ments. ��� fanner, to the breeding of farm poul- nuinor ffM a cauM of serious mlsun- J.-^*  j 'L""P'"!^ ""%�����   iSilt
The action of the German party is only a forerunner L^er^a^^^^
of -other similar tactics which will be adopted in many ties for rapid improvement  by  tne the mi.eK�� ���,l8 -Bie8sed are the-ieu- !l      T ""V ki",,ls���"' s,,je--tlfl<'
countries if the present mad race in battleship building Zta_t.ir^ ~ -*W!__5K V"���'
and army upkeep continues.   Everv vear sees larger sums 11> underbred.   Almost every section
voted for sea fighters and field'equipment by all ^teSWffifB
great powers and there seems to be no possible end to the;and a better nock,
frenzy unless the exchequers of the nations give out or I   WeBtraln8ter Trust'company,  New
the peoples unite to Stop the game which is draining the Westminster, has been registered un-
resources of industry to swell the dividends of shipbuild-1 ^^SgarSc... ul, a*
l)evine Co. i.til.; London ami Vancouver Investment Co., Ltd., and Sterling
Security Co., Ltd.. which were   all do-1
ing a tru.t company business former- !
ly, have decided to eliminate that I'ea-
ture of their business hereafter.
ing plants and armament manufacturers.
Once again the Holstein cows at the Colony farm
near this city have come into the limelight, this time with    o.   t.   stone' and w. b.
a world's record for milk production and the point for J Kaslo8Tuesday. TwardeOriz-
British Columbians to be proud over is that thev werel-��ws'   Frau Karl Druschki, Mrs
  ������<   ..���__  ���.i_i__. -  j | McOres
aid    at
I as fol. |
f_      I  ����
  __________________________        H
i"        , ,"      j ., ,..    .. i ���   i    v.       ,j , i .-H-iin-sor;   Mrs.   Davis  exhibited   the '
reared and bred out at the institution which has done so Dest (luIJiav ���,- rosts  and   won   tne j
much already to advertise this province. ibcuks donated by the provincial gov- j
r.    ��� i      _i tt  i _  ��� _.���  i   i _ .u    i      .j     eminent;    (lertie    Nordqulst,    Oroha
Besides these Holsteins, which have swept the boards) Perry and Fninces caWweii won aret I
essary element In the  home. Too often the man and woman expected absolute    conformity    in    thought;   this
was impossible and should not be expected.    The sexes were different and
would always remain so.    The education  of  the  mind  and   body   were  almost equally considered in all modern
schemes Of education;  but the education of the heart was neglected. Bravery,   faith,   pity,   and   sympathy   were
all   needed   in   tiie   perfect   marriage,
J and   last,   but  not   least,   religion.     A
home without (lod was never an Ideally happy one.    Man had a soul as well
ijis a body, mind and heart. It was notable that  few  divorces  took  place iu
truly   religious   households.
In   concluding   Mr.   Warnicker   told
is congregation of Clara Hint's state-
Kxisting charts disclose facts which
,have a disturbing influence on traffic,
such as the presence of shallow surroundings In areas of deep water.
Such places will be carefully search-
.ed for submerged rocks. All corners
|Of the world will be visited and studied   by  the expedition.
The Discovery is a'wooden slip
with steam auxiliary, especially de-
Signed for work iu icy waters, aud
she will carry the latest sounding machinery. While the voyuge Is planned bo last six years, the officers and
crew are .-inned on for seven in event
i of delays.
um! ililril Tueflday In each month ai x
p.m. lu tlu- I__bor Temple. A. J. ('hrixt-
iiias. Dictator; David rtovle. Past Dictator; \V. J. Droves. Secretary, 'J 11
Westminster Trust   Huil<lin_r
it. P. O. I-:, of D. C. meets flmt and
thir*   Friday  at   ��   p m .   I_ibur Temple.
Seventh mul Royal avenue.    A. Walla
Oray. Kxulted Ruler;  V. II. Smith. See-
I. O. O.  I-'. AMITY LODGE NO. 27���TII**--
regular me<-tinK of Amitv i_m)k-   n���'
���i_���7 V_��. ?���'','. '"''��� "v,'rv Monday
nlKht nt S o'clock In Odd I-VIIowh' Mall
oorner Carnarvon aud Blghth Htreet-.:
\lnl   iib     brethren     cordially     invited
l-f- tv'",,?8V;r' .*>'��-; J* "��� Watson:
\ (...   W.  C.  Coritlmrn.  P.O..  recording
m\%m��Z''   J'   W'   Mct><>n"l<l   financial
x. uri liir*f.
W K KALES ft CO., 61_-��1�� AONEf*
���treat, opposlle Curnetfle library. Mont
up-to-date funeral parlors In the dtv.
Specia lists In hIiIpiiIiik. Lady aulstant
In attendance. Always open. Day phono
������*';    nlKlit   phone   SI.
wherever they have been exhibited, the Colony farm also I second
holds some enviable records in Clydesdale and hackney] ecoratl
ind  third  prizes  for
d doll's carriage.
lie   bos-
ment of the songs she was oftenest
asked to sing during her recent toui
round the world, "Annie Laurie" and
the "Lost Chord" being among the
special requests oftenest made. These
songs typified the simple elements of
horses, the superiors of which have yet to be located.
A Montana man has a chicken that sings like a bird.
It will earn him more money if it can lay like a hen.
That report of a placer strike on the upper Fraser
reminds old timers of the golden Cariboo days.
Still another life was added to the j
. .oil exacted in the bulldlnig Of a rail- j
��� way. especially such a one as the
I Kettle Valley, whicli abounds in diffi- !
; cult and dangerous work. A man '
i named Henry Mathleson, a Swede, i
| was precipitated last Sunday morning !
i from the top of a trestle bridge whicli j
j span:: the canyon near Kamloops and j
; Ins wangled remains were picked up ,
fiftj feet below,
life- religion
py marriage
where these
and   love    and   the
would   be    found
two    ingredients
One    Hundred    Fugitives    Arr ve    at
Avlona in Deplorable Condition
���Appeal to Powers.
t-i ,'i llaiina. Ltd.! ��� l-'uneral directors
nii.l enihalmerH. Parlors 4n7 ColUfbbla
Btreet,  New    Westminster.     Phone  (IS,
sler Board of Trade meets In the board
room, city Hall, aa follows: Third Friday of each month. Annual meetlnas
on the third Friday of February, c. ll.
Stuart  Wade,  secretary.
listers.   Solicitors,  ete, 411   Lome street.
New Weatmlnater.    O. B. Corbould, K.
c.     J.   It.   ilranl.     .\. M.   McColl.
ter-Bt-law, Solicitor, eta Solicitor for
the Hank of Vancouver. Offices: Merchant-' ii-iiil* Building, Ni w Westminster, v.. C. Telephone NO. 1070. Cable
address "Johnston." Code Western
-v   r
Rome, July 15. The mayor of
Avlona and the president of the Albanian' national committee have sent
a message to the Tribune reporting
that Greek regular*, disguised as
Eplrotee are passing over the frontier
in large numbers and have driven before thom 100,000 Albanians. Some
of these fugitives have arrived at
AlvOna  In a deplorable condition.
The message closes with an appeal
to the powtrs to intervene and end
an  intolerable situation.
Steamship companies report a falling-off in Chinese
immigration. It may be bad news for the steamship lines,
but it sounds good to B.C.
Stackhouse Has Plans Laid for Cruise
That Will Occupy At Least
Six   Years.
Fashion dictates that the latest gowns for women
shall button down the back. More fodder for the divorce
The other dav Spokane had more rain in one shower I
than usually falls there during the whole month of July Bi^rrh1Ue_drhads ^"SeWS
and there are some who opine that at the next election  -at* this season from ten trees at tin
.������l,n������ rtnW err, "riiM- " ranch of    Dill    I!ro.s.    at  Siioreacres.
Spokane will go   di}. near Nel80Di accord)ng t0 A .,  nm
  who returned    from    a    visit to    the
Somebody has written  a  pamphlet  defending  Dr. �������J- ..Th�� .*������� ����� ��**** ��*"_"
J ���  r      ,5 ,    ���   ,     ��  ,.   ,   ! years old and Mr. Dill brought to Nel-
Cook, the alleged    diSCOVerer    ot the North  Fole, Which son with him Beveral sample branches
goes to prove that the old saying still holds good: There's; Iwhit;h wer,(> la.de" w,th ?���" ^ (,,"��
���^ ' . jo o i l0I1  )las already  been  shipped  to  the
one born every minute.
The ranch Of ht, Q. Garner <-n the
Greely creek road, one and a ipiarter
miles from Revelstoke. is just now
well worth a visit. On the ranch are
!)5 cherry trees laden  with  fruit that   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
is a credit to the  Ilevelstoke  district '  ���
and a striking demonstration of   the
fertility of the country and of its ad ! London, July 15.���Six years at sea
vantages for fruit growing. Mr, (Jar .and a voyage of 210.000 miles to hunt
ner specializes in the Bin;; and Itoyal land chart islands, reefs and banks of
Anne varieties. lie expects to pick i di ubtful location is what the Hritish
over 100 crates of cherries this year. i Antarctic and Oceanographical expe-
���    ���    ��� jdition   now*   proposes   to   do   for   tin-
benefit of the world's merchant marine. Originally Sir Krnest Shackle-
ton and J. Foster Stackhouse intended
only to survey and chart the coast of
the Antarctic continent, looking for
such   menaces   to   shipping  a.s   might
Penticton is raising a roar because, while its hens
; two thousand eggs per day, it has to spend ten thou-
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm��     *Pue   mmmmmmm
prairies from the ranch. Itoyal Annes
are coining in. states Mr. Dill, who
believes that he will also have a rec-
crd y.t-id of this variety.
In Arkansas a jury's verdict has been set aside by
the court because the twelve good men and true consumedI
nine quarts of whiskey in reaching their decision.   The
wonder is that the jury didn't reach two verdicts after
that performance.
of Seattle,
in a
sand dollars every year to supply the local demand. Pen-|of1hedSncae:sesh%rortmVal_ven  ofS
ticton should be thankful it has the ten thou, to spend.      clties ot  the  surrounding district.
  They are residing during the week at
| the Presbyterian manse on Silic:'
street and are being chaperoned bj
I Mr.-. Jones. They are boarding at the
Strathcona hotel. The five young
ladie-j who will surround the queen of
the carnival. Miss Dora Jordan, on
her throne are Miss Clara I.einss of
Trail. Miss Clara Stanton of Rossland,
Miss Ellen Sloan of Grand Forks,
I Miss  Hene Nash  of  Fernie and  Miss
recent speech said i orummond of cranbrook.
The north end of Vancouver island
ha.s been the hunting ground lately oi
an unusual number cf cougars. They
are seen frequently on the toads and
trails and are besides responsible for
i lie death of a number of do_*s and
Bmall stock. Some few months ago
large member of the species was dis
covered by a startled visirior in a
dog kennel quite near to Mr. Siim;'-?-
  house  at   Shuthartie.     It.   F,   Warren.
miles on a gallon of gasoline as the agent says it will; SJffwltffi.1V!^S?��?,,Bt"
in the South Vancouver council; a (Iron in the hit_hiat'C01"*:,'d for about Beven "!
' feline monsters.
Muncie. Ind, July 15. .Miss Kthel
Snider, IK years old. today sued David .Matthews. 61, a wealthy farmer of
Hamilton township, alleging that on
.lune 27, 1H14, Matthews threw his
arms around her, hugged her and kissed her. made declarations of love,
and otherwise humiliated her. Miss
Snider asks for $5,000 damages. The
girl says she was working at the
home of a relative In Koyerton, ten
miles north of here, and was in the
kitchen when Matthews came in. Miss
Snider swore out an affidavit against
Matthews, charging him with assault
and battery, and the aged man ap-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ peared before Justice of the I'eace
lie on their voyage down and back. iSpence and entered a plea of guilty
But the charts disclose so many points-and was fined $1 and ocsts.
HANSFORD.    BArtltlHTER,    .-*< >-
lleltor, etc    Colllster Block, corner <'o-
liimble "ml McKenzie streets, N��-w
Westminster, B. C. P. (>. Box 286. Tele-
phono  844.
side���Barristers and Solicitors, Weatmlnater Trust Erik., Columbia street,
New Westminster, B, C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. O,
Drawer 300. Telephone ����. W. J.
Whiteside, K. Ci ll. I.. Edmonds, D,
o-law. solicitor,  etc., corner Celumbla
McKensle streets,    New Westmln-
XJ. c.    P. o. Box li_.   Telephone
7 I il.
Bolicltor and Notary. Offices, Hart
Block. 28 Lorne streel. New West.n'n-
sl.r. B. C
Barristers.and Solicitors, fior, to fii2
Westminster Trust Block. G. K. Al.u-
tin. \V. u. AlcQinirrfe. and OeOf-gfi I..
PHONES: 15 AND 16.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Cement,
Washed Gravel and the Best Concrete Sand in B.C.
Lime, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and the hardest and
toughest crushed rock in the country. Rip-rap
Rock a specialty.
Hi Gill, rnayo    	
"Tho people rule."   Hi ought to know.   It was the peopleI
who kicked him out of office and it was the people who|
yanked him back in again.   Verily, the people rule, but
they do it in a mighty queer way sometimes.
Things we will believe in when we see them for ourselves: That Huerta has resigned; that Roosevelt has retired from public life; that an automobile will run as many.
peace m tne Ninth \ ancouver council: a drop in the high
cost of living; home rule for Ireland; a husband who never
stays out at night to sit up with a sick friend; a royal
flush; ghosts.
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd.
Manufacturers of
and Shingle .Mill Machinery, Canning
line  ami   Distillate   Engines.
Machinery, G
Repair Work of All Kinds Promptly Executed.
(OAK MINING rights of tlw DoinJUcn
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami Aibt-rut.
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a. portion of the Province
of iiritish Columbia, may he leased fin ii
term oi twenty-one years at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than 8,500
acres win hi- leased to one applicant
Application Tor a lease must Uo. made
hv the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Atfent of the district in whioh Um
rftrhtS   applied   for   are   situated.
Iii surveyed territory the land must he
deburiued oy sections, or lego] sub-divisions ot sections and in unsurveyed territory '.hi* tract applied for shall hu slaked
out   by the  applicant   himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by  a  fee  of   $."j   which   will   be   refund*]   if
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise, A royalty shall be
paid on tie- ffierchantable output of* the
mine at   the   rate  of  five  cents  per ton.
Tha person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent *\viili sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay tht) royalty  thereon.    If  tht- coal  mining rignts
an- not being operated such returns should
be furnished at  least once a year,
Tho lease will Include the coal mining
rights only, bul the lessee will be iper-
nntt'd to purchase Whatever available
surface right may bo considered necessary for the working of the mine ��t the
rate of $io an acre,
for full  Information application should
1>" made to tlie Secretary of the Department  of   the   Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to  any
Agent or Sub-Agent of  Dominion  Lands.
\V, W. COBY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N li Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for,
Falling   Off   in   Oriental   l-nmir-rci'.i-n
Apparent cn   All   Inl-cunci
:i trip to the native heath, <>r the merchant or student class. What few return men arc making nr planlnng to
make return passages, appear to pre-
fer t H larg"i* Bteamships, and conse-
quentij the Canadian Pacific 1ms tin-
monopoly.    It Is expected that within
s. .1. Allen arrived at New Hazelton
in-1 week after an riKht hundred mile
trip thr_u_.li tlie Interior,    He  would
be on that trip yet had not BOmeone
stolen most of liU cutlit and lefl him
with but very little food and no means
cf securing  any.    lit'  had  to  beat  it
back  to civilization.    S.un  lias  been
prospecting  In  that  country   for  the
past fourteen years, and  he believes
I lie has secured something good a few
I in!le.. out from Decker lake.    Iii* ore
jc-nries big silver values and lie lia* a
another month al Ithe returning ('hi-: _trong vein which he lias traced bi������-
��� ;���   -,! have reached these shores,  eral thousand feet on the surface. He
Chinese passengers will then be a rar- la    awaiting    Instructions    trom    hi..
It) m: steamships calling at this port partner in Vancouver.
'���'/:) tl ����� far side of the Pacific. ,   ��    ,
According  to  various agents  there      T. A. Mclntyre,   of   Granj    Fofk��
-���;'   n      '��� '*-   Chinese aboard the va-  hardware merchant,   disappeared    a
,     . i :'' : ���'������..     now     eroute     rrom   10:30 Monday ni-.li! and has not beet
,. ... ''";:      I:     T ���"   Kmpress of  Russia, seen or heard of since.   Mr. Mclntvn
cil went into effect prohibiting I ie lm-| which ...1:1 I  from  Hongkong on July had just   recently   moved   his fami!
migration  or Chinese lor a period of v-      -"     on))   100  Chinamen  aboard   to bis ranch, Bome two miles east ol
nrainsl   S00  on   in     maiden   voyage,  the city. Hd started home about 10:30
The C. P. R. whin, liner EmpreBs of.but   failed  to reach  there.    His wife
Let Us Figure Your Lumber ���Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want it, in any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone* or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department. Phone 890.
Situ-o   tl
six months, a great falling off in Chinese   travel   Is   noticeable,     The   !,i.-i.,���,��� -,   , ,, ��� .   ��,     ��� ,
' Japan   lad thirty-five Orientals aboard
transportation lines are beginning to and the liner Mon-eagle hud but
feel the pinch of the m-w regulations, twelve Oriental! occupying the space
Many of the .steamship companies that was designed for hundreds Tin-
that have hitherto transported large lOsaka S'losen Kaisha liner Mexico
numbers of Chinamen are now using Maru and the Nippon Vusen Kaisha
this space fo- -he stowage* of freight.' steamship .okohama Main have no
The only cb lamen that are coming Chinese at all on thell
in at present are those returning Irom  manifests.
communicated with friends In the city
by telephone in the morning to ascer
tain If lie had remain* d In town over
night, the road being In poor condition
owing to tlie recent rains*. Largo num
hers of citizens have organized partie,
and searched the country for miles
respective I around, in* mi truce of the missing
. iu*;;i ha * been found.
Pr_i. aad 0__l
Ml-. .4 HI j HI, KB,
W. r. H. BUCKUN.
*�����   an. Trail
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phone* No. 7 and 177
New Wellington
Office,  654  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth 8treet.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Residence:   Room 118 McLeod Block.
Rhone 489 L.
may he taken
a* a healthful beverage with perfect
"eafety. It never cause, griping or weakneM, but gently
aaaute Nature without depressing the spirits or lowering the vitality.
Sold in Europe. Afis, Africs. Australia, the United Stales and in
all the principal towns and cities
of Canada.
Prepared only by
J. C. CNO, Lia., "Frail Silt"
Warkt, Uaasa, EaiUa.
Cs..U__tss. l��BcCssl��l..TOkOHTO
couple left, she believes, for Duluth
:-'iie first knew of tl.i narriage. __*r_
sny.-i. whan a friiiiil .1.ailed her a <!;p-
pi-i.A from ��� 11 u spapcr .bowing th -
licence  had  been   issued.
Sli-s cays H-iftiii.il ielt her at V*ti -
couver two and a ' ai. years a^o an.!
attempted at tiiat t DM to many ! .e
Mliolson girl, but wa* prevented by
Miss   Nici'lson's  '-.i tlier.
The llii.tit'Bii's :i::.iied in Minn -
ap.ilis   nine   years
the wife. Four years ago, she says,
they went, west Vera and a . a'7
years ago, while sh" was ill at Vn-
couver, her husband came to Minneapolis. That was ti e lirst she knew
of his Infatuation fOI Miss Nichols-o-.
She says he was pi eve.ited from ma:-
rying Miss NlcboUOfl at that time
when, tlie Vancouver police started .i
search for bin and located him in
Minne.ipoliH. Mrs. Hoffman at that
time was ill and destitute In Vancouver.
for thl_ extraordinary organization
��as resurrected from a mass of aged
decumeuts by Dr. Henry 1-effinan, a
well known chemist ami collector of
historical manuscripts of this city, lt
-:is he who suggested the formation
of tba society lu a jocular way to
llaar.nninfg of those whose names
appear in the list, ami the latter took
the matter up seriously.    News of the
.lied    in   Minn    | |W,ren-|ants   ftf   Revolution-   f"niin*   "f   the   ********   *******   "ke
���o.  according   t_ | UfflCimW-Ml  "*   ivevoiuuuii  |w,Mflre amo���K tit0^ WBO__ it affect-
ary Traitors Plan Organization.
Blacklist   Discovered���Document
Contains  Names of  Men Loyal
to  King George.
I ad and in a few days a score or more
I hail expressed their willingness to aid
! in   the  organization  of  the  society.
Committee at Work.
!    A   .-elf-appointed   committee  of  ten
| of these descendants is now engaged
in a canvass for other members and
; In the near future a meeting will be
'called   for   the   purpose   of   effecting
permanent    organization.    This    will
doubtleal  be accomplished  in  one of
the Quaker meeting houses, the congregations of which contain many descendant!  of  men   who are  admitted
Ontario   Farmer   Has   One   Thousand!
On  His Ranch at One
Tha.1 wild geese are shrewd enough
to know friend from foe, and that, if
you 'throw a handful of feed at them
instead of a thimbleful of shot," they
will lose their fear of man and make
their home within a stone's throw '
ol human habitations, has been clearly demonstrated by the experiments
of John T. Miner, of Kingsville, F.s.-cx
county, Ontario.
The history of the growth of the
flock on Mr. Miner's farm furnishes
an interesting example of what can
I.e done to tame wild birds. In 1904
Mr. Miner obtained seven wild geese,'
(lipped their wings and placed them
on Ills pond as decoys, but wild geese
were so scarce that it was four years
before any others joined them. In the
spring of 190S eleven came, the following year :',2. and iu 1910 as many
as H50. Since that time they have
been too numerous to give any exact
estimate, but probably about 1,000
may be found on the premises at a
time. Since 1911 no shooting whatever has been indulged in within the
reserve. By moving the feed by de-
grees the geese have been coaxed to
come right up to the house.
Wild ducks also frequent the pond,
and some of these have been identified by aluminum bands, bearing Mr.
Miner's address. By means of these he
baa established tlie fact that they return to his place, or if they fail to
return he h-'.s been abb- to learn what
h.i- happened to them. One was shot
v.- tar away as Pari.-*. Kentucky Those
t'.iat return nest In the neighborhood
and bring up their young before
again  migrating
Mr. Minor's experiments are a sti-ik-
Ing illustration of how easy it would
Lie to conserve the migrating bird
li;-- of this continent If only refuges
were provided, where the birds could
remain for a short time unmolested,
during thplr seasonal flights to their
breeding grounds and  back  again.
In   December,   i.l'l:    Mrs.lieiffmrn.      |lllilad.|pn)ai July ,5.    The only so
_?,e   wis     grint'-d   '' .reliminarv   La'-   ciet>' in  ���*���  w"r"1 of ���J��**cendanU ��fjto have Und��e4 the cause of Ameri
pert and alimony, she says. Hoffman fig"���1*"*? p'��Br(e"" "*f 'Tuhem" ''an ������*<l(*Pel-l-''n<-e "> �����* a���leg!a"CP
i"_ado_   with   her   to   come   back   to   '-���-���delphla.   the  Cradle   of   Wbe">t<, the Knglish king.   Just what influ-
m. She 'hi so rev lived[ toMth- l'���mi����� PMP'" <*f <-<J-on-al lineaRe' 6006 such an organization will have
er 'sb,'. save until lune when thev wl,ose anceBtor�� w*-re TorieB or *i-,'m' I in the community and nation is a mat-
returned to Minnesota When ev V******** *lth King Oeorge during the t(.r f con]ecture but ,10 fear of this
arrivedI InStPan* on June V llo.f evolutionary war. are being urged to det8ri the organizers from their plan,
man she mill' i__2__t_d thatihe Joln a" *->rK'"--*'*1-t*��--* as >et ���������d | Tll(,ir obJect> ,������>. declare ,g to pre.
v..It" her tZi, at Annaiidile     The   whlc"   wl"   hav"   ,or   "8  0bJeCt   ^\-��� tmOOTmi of these men. their an-
.arrive   m%Sm    With    t he ' Hortflcatto.     of     so-called   loyalists, \ ^ who w���_ mallgned uy the con.
NichoUon rirl  fo lowed   according    o   w"��    were    ac<*us,,<1  of ni,5h  treas0"  tinentals and whom many persons de-
_ir.   nn?rnf���n actora.n*, to a(!ain8t   th_   ,nfant   Amerlcan   repub-  spi,���   today    alld   to   perpetuate   the
1 'lie.    The   fact   that   their   ancestors I illlerPSt *n  common  formed  by their
mixed   ground   glass   with   flour   gold| ancestors    under    trying    conditions
By D. Maxwell Merry
Records at the court house show-
that Clyde H. Hoffman obtained a license to marry Alice B. Nicholson on
June 15.
Dominion  Government  System  There
to  Be  Extended  at a  Cost
of $53,000.
to Washington's army at (ierman- ] wn#��� tney believed they were doing
town or refused to send provisions; tll(,ir duty uy (iod and man in sup-
to his starving army at Valley Forge j p<mi,|K their sovereign, King George
does not detract from the enthusiasm of Kngland and opposing war and
evinced by the organizers, some of, bloodshed with all Its horrors. The
whom have inherited the spirit of,prPReilt generation of Americans, In
their forefathers and to this day dis-j tniH aR(, ()f pr0j-reBsiveness, CRey de-
believe in the principles of American I (.|ar.(1 are more apl t0 recognize the.
government. justice cf this.
���ri,    11 Di*fove,-;   B'"ek",t I The committe is now delving into
The  idea  for the  formation  of  the  g8Mftlogloal lo���. t() a8(,.rUin, ir poH.
society originated with the recent discovery of an ancient document known
u.-: tiie "Tory Hlacklist," published by
the attorney general of Pennsylvania
after the war. This list contains
the names of many prominent men
lu the affairs of Pennsylvania in those
at  the   Declaration   of   Independence.
A   movement   was   started   after   the
war   to   prosecute   them   for   treason
j but it never matured.    The list  made
Victoria,   July   16.    By   the   end   of
the year the Dominion telegraph  service on  Vancouver island should be
as nearly complete as residents of the
different districts, no matter how  remote   iheir   situations,   could   desire, j up by the attorney general, however. |
The  supplementary estimates,  which My011 extant ���*"'��� M]* (,f the,r da"'
received  the endorsement of the  Do-1ge'        Philadelphia   for   King.
minion   parliament   at   tlie   last   ses- '     Although   the  seat  of  the  patriotic
sion,  contain  a   vote, of  $75,000,  the |government,   Philadelphia   in   ievolu-
greatest   part  of   which   will   ba   ex
sible, just who the descendants of
these loyalists are. They also will
advertise in the historical societies
and magazines for persons eligible for
membership. There will be no attempt, however, to secure a great
number of members, as the society
will retain a certain exclusiveness in
order  to afford   proper  prestige  and
days    men   who  frowned    upon    the
continental congress, who entertained
the Hritish during their occupation of, ��� ^      hereditary  or-
I'niladelpliia and   who openly  scoffed; ,.....,.  v-_.    ,..    ������.���_ I
gani/.ations.     Not   much   is   expected
! to  be  accomplished  during  the  sum- i
I mer months.
pended in extensions and Improvements on the island. The running of
a wire almost to the northern extremity of the island will cost $60,-
000 alone, and there are numerous other works that will exhaust considerable sums.
Operations   in   connection   with   the
installation of the new wire will coni-
tlonary times was still tlie hotbed of
loyalism.     The   Quaker   element,   op-1 	
posed   to   war   or   violence,   passively
supported the British crown and re- Victoria, July 15.���Hon. I'riee El- I
fu.ed to aid the struggling continen- ' lis0I1 minister of finance and agrlcul-1
tals.   The fashionable element of what   . .   , ,       ,, ���.       ...������,,i-a
was then the leading city of the col- -*"'p* SIateli yesterday that a worlds
onies was Tory. No season was ever ' record In milk production had been
so brilliant as that of the winter of scored at the Colony Farm at Coquit-
1777-TK,   when   the   British   army   oc- ; lam    near   Mew   Westminster,   where
nience at an early date in order that j cupied   the   city   While   Washington^ Ho,stein  cows  are   yielding  over
the fullest  possible use may be made! tattered   Torces  froze  and   starved   at
Of tbe summer weather.    A start will 1 Valley Forge, a few miles away. Ki.m-    ����0 pounds of milk per day
be    made   from the present Campbell , Hies,   whose   descendants     are     still       "As far as  I  know, and  I  have- no
river   station.   From   tiiere   tie   wire  among  the  leaders  of  fashion  in  the   doubt on the point,' said Mr. Ellison,
| will    be   run   to    Hardy   bay,   thence | city   royally   entertained   the   redcoat , "ten   cows   yielding   over   lun   pounds
i across   the   island    to   (Juatsino.   and
ifrom there it will be taken to Holberg
aud   San  Josef  hay.
His   Befer   H.ilf   Accuser!   Mineapolis
Man of Bigamy���Sake of an
Old   Sweetheart.
Minneapolis. July 15 Declaring her
husband had sent her to visit her par-
en's at Annh.idale, Minn., and less
th>t:i n foftnleli! ia;--i had -lope. wii.
an old s we-th ait. Mi - Dc.sle Hull
innn, lU.'l Diiponi uveuue uorth, inlay asked the c- ti y attorney to p*.t"
ecute Clyde  M.   Hoffman  for bigamy.
.Vine nays alter they had arr: .*������ I
In St. I'uui from Cfll'oriia Mr.-. Hoi'
lii-n- says hei 1 u.band obtained >
murringe l!ci i se In Mlneapolis lo
learry Mrs   AllCp Mlcholson,
Five days later on June -il she says
tin ceremony was rerformed and t_e
The benefit ol furnishing communication to the outlying settlements of
the north of the island with all points
! served   with  telegraph  on   the  Ameri-
(���mi  continent, does  no.  need  to be
.dwell upon.    It will be a boon to those
[directly     affected,     removing   one   of
: the   strong  objections   to   the   life  ol
! island  settlers   by   putting    thorn     in
touch with the world-    U !; also ex-
; pected to be of marked assistance to
! tie   fisheries   department   in   its   patrol   of   Vancouver  island's  territoiial
.waters,  as   well  as   to  the  provincial
j government   in   its   fight  against   the
- destructive forest fires of tlie sum-
i mer ln  those localities.
Some other important, although com-
i paratlvely minor, extensions are m
| hand. One is the stringing of a wire
I from (iayequot to I'tmarignn, the lat-
! ter being a community situated on
| Hear river. This will serve the mines
I at I'ti.iarignn and Kalappa. ns w*( 11 as
1 the 'Mosquito Harbor Lumber company. Another branch to be installed
i is   trom   Ganges,   Salt   Spring   Island.
- by way of Fulford harbor, Isabella
I point and Pier island to Sidney, thus
j giving additional cutlet to the gulf ISI-
, and  system.    An  exchange OlSO is  to
be placed at Ganges for the accom-
: modation of a large number of subscribers In that grr\, ing centre. Some
Improvements ani repairs are to be
ri.dertaken in older that the telephone service between Victoria and
William lleiul may be made thoroughly
Invaders. lol milk per day Is a world's record.
Take It Seriously. -They are  superb animals, these  Hol-
li is among these social leaders that 'steins. They were reared and bred
the society is being rormed. They are | at the Colony Farm and have captur-
taking il seriously too. They see no ed all prizes wherever they have been
ink"  In   the  fact  that  their  organiza-  exhibited
tion will be based on a list of men
who were about to be prosecuted for
the highest crimes, Eligibility to mem-
1 bershlp in the society in fact will
be determined by the blacklist issued
by the attorney general. The mem-
ber?hlp of the organization will not
be confined to Philadelphia, but  will
"The Colony Farm has another
world's record In respect to horses���
Shires. Clydesdales and hackneys. We
have animals in these classes which
cannot be surpassed, if equalled, anywhere."
It may be added that very shor'ly
Ihe Colcny  Farm   will  pass  from  the
extend all over the country where province to the control and jurlsdlc-
the descendants of Tories ha've dril* j tion of the hoard of governors of the
ed, and the number of the latter has .provincial University, a fine asset with
leached surprising figures. which the staff of the agricultural col-
The   blacklist  which   is   responsible   lege  may  begin  its labors.
All but Hands and Face.
The self-made merchant said to his son. "Of
course clothes don't make the man, but they make
all of him except his hands and face during business hours." You may not think your advertising
a very important matter, but it is all strangers
see of your business and they will judge you by it.
If you use your advertising space judiciously,
these strangers will come to you to deal and become acquainted with you. Advertising is the
best means to enlarge your business acquaintance.
London. July 15.-It's a fairly good I
thing   to   have  all   the  confidence   in
the world, but it's much better to have I
a good punch.   And it's still better to
have the will to go in and deliver that I
punch���or go down trying. !
Frank Moran lasted twenty rounds!
with Johnson. There would have beeu j
more honor to himself if. instead ofi
merely losing the decision, he had gone
down to an early defeat while doing
his best to win. What kind of a show-1
ing will Carpentier and Gunboat Smith ]
make tonight? ,.
"Come back with your shlld ���or upon it." said the Spartan mother. That
Spartan   idea   doesn't   seem   to   make
much of a hit  with the modern title;
hunter.    He'll come back without his1
shield    If   necessary,   but   he   doesn't i
lose  sight  of  the  main   idea  that  he
wants to come back.
Can  you  Imagine  Hob  Kitzsimmons,;
in his fighting days, dwuddling through i
twenty   rounds   with   Johnson,   taking
a  constant  tapping  and  mauling  and
never once  tossing  victory  or defeat
Into the balance and going in to beat |
down his man or be beaten down himself?     Fitzsimomns   never   went   intO(
a   fight   without   taking   chances   and I
doing   his   level   best.     At   Carson,   a
middleweight  fighting a  heavyweight,
for the championship of#the  world- - i
and  the cleverest heavyweight in  tlie'
world at that    Freckled Bob fought an!
uphill   fight,  steadily,    doggedly    ag-1
gresslve,   until   his   unceasing   attack!
wore Corbett down and prepared him I
for the terrific solar plexus blow that:
gave  Fitz the title.    He took chances
a   hundred  of of  them.
Never  Steped  Back.
John   I..   Sullivan   always   went   in :
to fight   until  either  tie other  man
dropped   or  he  dropped   himself.   Jim
Jeffries   would   not   take  a   backward i
step  when  he  fought.    .Neither  would I
Tom  Sharkey,  who    fought    Jeffries.
Fltzslmmone, Corbett and all the rest I
oi   the  good  men  In  iiis  day  in  the!
samer nailing style, never for a soc-j
ond admitting to himself that he was;
up against, a man who could beat him, |
Real fighters, they went In to win or j
lose,  not to stay  the  iiniit.
Frank    Moran.   from   all   accounts,
waa outclased by the black champion.
His gymnasium-built strength was thej
first tc give out.   Clean living could
not offset Johnacn's   '..'.! and natural
physical power. Johnson's style of
fighting, always defensive, waiting
and countering while the other man's
attack leaves him open, made Moran
forget what he knew of boxing and
hard hitting. Puzzled, like many others, who have fought Johnson, he felt
lis own helplessness. Early in the
tight he realized that he was outclassed, and from that time on he just
"stuck it out." Moran deserves credi*
for his gameness under punishment.
But that sort of gameuess. without aggressive fighting courage, doesn't win
great fights.
Johnson can keep busy ih tlie neat-
future if he wants to He can fight
Jim Coffey in Dublin, or he can fight
Gunboat Smith in Paris.
Gunboat Smith, if lie wins tomorrow, has best right to a match. The
Gunner has fought his way to the top
of tlie class next to Johnson. He has
whipped l.angford��� -a thing no other
fighter has ever accomplished. He has
beaten Moran. Willard. Morris and
many others. He's a cool yet extremely aggressive fighter. If Johnson can
beat the Gunboat, providing the latter
beats Carpentier, no other fighter will
have much of a chance with him at
Willard A,nxicus Also.
.les Willard is anxious to fight Johnson. Jess fights somewhat In the
Johnson style, lie stands off and
waits, and if he's stung he hits one
astonishing wallop before he drops
back on the defensive again. Because
of his great size and strength. Willard
might have a chance.
Carpentier, the Frenchman, will go
after Johnson If he succeeds in beating Gunboat Smith. The winner of
this match will probably have the
next chance to fight for the world's
Rut that chance may not come for
some time, Johnson, broke before
the Moran fight, is now rolling in
wealth again, and may go back to
t!u- easy life until lie need.-, more
money. Johnson took nearly all the
gate money and all the picture money
in Saturday's fight. He practically
promoted  It himscl.'.
A funny angle of the affair was that
for the first time a Frenchman fought
for and held a world's championship.
.1- hnaon is now a naturalized citizen
of France.
Advertisers, at all times, must treat their advertising seriously and live up to their promises in
every respect if they wish to succeed. People will,
a good deal more easily, go into a store for one cheap
thing than be drawn by a general announcement
that the goods on sale are low priced.
A bargain offer, if rightly made, is a "GOOD
DRAW." The right way to offer a bargain is to
give a reason for offering it. People are apt to be
suspicious that a cut in prices means some fall in
value. It must be made clear to them, when a bargain is offered, that the price is low, not because
there is anything the matter with the goods, but
because some circumstances have made the storekeeper anxious to dispose, at a sacrifice, of all that
he has on hand, or else that they must be taken into
his confidence and told how he has acquired the
cheap goods.
Bargain advertising   need   not necessarily be
confined to any particular period.   A good deal can
be done by an alert dealer in many lines of business
to clear out his superfluous stock by offering indA-
divual lines from week to week.
"';'        One plan is to establish a regular bargain day,
i   once a week, once a fortnight or once a month, and
on that day to set aside a department of the store
for goods sold at reduced prices.   If this bargain
_��   day is frequent, say weekly, people will begin to
^   watch for the advertising and the store will get an
increase of business on that day because,  having
picked up their bargain, shoppers will drift into
other departments.   Even the small store can run
a bargain, offer weekly with success, and the practice has O^ten developed small stores into big ones.
Bargain offers are sometimes made for a specific purpose apart from the direct purpose of selling an increased quantity of certain goods. In one
large store it was noticed that, while business was
brisk, there was hardly anything doing between 12
;.nd 2. The proprietor therefore instituted a regular
bargain time during those hours daily. Thus he
relieved the pressure on the store during.other hours
of the day and avoided having his assistants standing about doing little or nothing for two hours at
lunch time. ..,<%,
The same plan could be adopted where one particular day is a slack day. It is a slack day because
it does not happen to be convenient to people, but
they will make it convenient if they can buy cheaper
on that dav.
The News is the Morning-
Paper of New Westminster
and the Fraser Valley. See
that your business announcements appear in its columns.
THURSDAY, JULY  16,   1914.
A Well Invested
The following items can be se-
ured for the small amount mentioned and in every case you get
good returns on your investment.
Peak Frean's Shortcake, 20c.
value,   2   pkgs 25c
Canned Salmon, 1-2   ib.    tin,
3 tins 25c
Kellog's   Toasted   Biscuits,  2
pkgs    25c
California ripe Olives, tin ..25c
Robertson's Marmalade, 2 lb.
tin    25c
Upton's     Pickles,    assorted,
per  bottle    25c
Queen    Olives,    good    value,
per bottle  25c
Van    Camp's    Catsup,    HOc.
value,   per   bottle    25c
I.lme Juice, quart bottle . .. 25c
Sweet Potatoes, all potatoes.
no waste, 3 lb .tin   25e
E.   D.   Smith's  Grape  Juice.
per  bottle    25c
Libby's  Asparagus Tips,  per
tin    25c
I.ibby's Corned  Beef, tin   ...25c
Model Grocery
108 Sixth St. Phone 1001 2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 111IL.
Local News!
Orphanage Removed.
The True Blue orphanage has been
removed from its location on Eighth
���tTCM t to the See House on Carnarvon
street. Some twenty children are
now being housed at the home.
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than
coal. Harry Davis & Co., 'Phones
8.0 and 411U (35119)
Immense Oil Tanks.
Yesterday morning two large oil
tanks, each weighing close to five
tons, were shipped by motor truck
from the Vulcan Iron works to Vancouver where they will be installed In
the new store of the Hudson's Hay
nor Bishop left yesterday morning for
Bowen Island where ihey will spend
two weeks with the parents of Miss
Bishop at their summer home.
.      *      m
Miss A. Sippri 11. Of the Hoyal Columbian hospital, left yesterday for
Si attic where she will spend a vaca
tion   with  her parents.
��� ��    ���
Miss Effle Morrison was able to
leave the hospital yesterday lor the
first time following a nine weeks' ill
ness as a result of bloodpoisoning.
��� ���    ���
Mrs. Joseph Dorgan left yesterday
on a four months' tour of Eastern
Canada planning to spend considerable time in Toronto and London,
City   Electrician   P.   Bowler   has   returned  from an ��xtended  visit  to his
old   home   in   Montreal.     Mr.   Bowler
found  the  weather  in  tlie east  nothing to be compared, with  lhat on the
coast, a continued  dampness  holding
Be cheerful, it's half the battle, pen-j back tbe crops.    The prairies looked
pie    who   occasionally    driuk    Win"-1prosperous   enough   but   IBrltish   Col-
welser Heer wear the smile that won't   umbia Is the one  best  bet according
75 I..
off.    Ask your dealer or phono
Indian Basket Work.
A strange sight was noticed yesterday in front of the postoffice,
where several Indian women were to
be found bartering wicker baskets.
The squaws are members of severa,]
to the guardian of New Westminster's
lighting  plant.
���    ��    *
Arrivals at the Hotel Russell yesterday were: F. Johnson. Bellingham;
Mr. and Mrs. Woods. Nanaimo; K.
Wright, Calgary; E, Bennett, Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. J. Quichpn, Mrs.
L, Quichon, Port Quichon,
Great Mid-Summer Sale
Opens Friday, 17th July
See Tomorrow's Issue for Full Announcement
We promise you the Greatest Bargains at this Big Mid-Summer Sale,
member Friday and come as early as possible.   But come!    -
tribes   on   their   way
salmon  canneries.
to  work   in   the
Mortgages���Alfred W.
At tlie Theatres
There Is a period In the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���but it may be
made under, wrong influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persons���according to the
deceased's wish���would have
shared in Ihe distribution of the
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
The advice of the Dominion
Trust company in this matter
may be of value to you. All such
discussions are treated in strict
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
fcOft  Columbia  Street.
C. 8. KEITH, Manager.
Sovenegn Will Attend.
The New West mini-tei* Y. M. C. A.
will be represented at a conference
of employed officers of Y. M. c. A's of
the northwest to be held at Dellano
Beach, Tacoma, Wash., from August
;: to 10 inclusive, c. I. Boveriegn,
physical instructor, Is making plans to j
The lirst episode of the 'Million
Dollar Mystery" Is all it promised to
be. namely, the beginning of the
most stupendous motion picture ever
conceived ! The acting left nothing
to be desired. For 'hose unable to
sec the lirst episode. "The Airship in
the Night," a synopsis of the preced-
For strawberry, raspberry, and all Ii"* ,ch??f��Ll8;,   "v"^*"'"*   J6���?*8"
fruit boxes try the British ColumbiaKea'a  '''"'" 'T *,"���' ?e,,B. '''V,*
I only child on the doorstep ol a girls
school.    He Is a traitlor member of
Manufacturing Co,
Will Pay British Orders.
Yesterday morning Postmaster McQuarrie, who resinned his duties following a vacation, received notice
from Ottawa to pay Iiritish postal
orders Irom now on. This order conies
as the result of the New Westminster
( ft.iv being niised to first class rank
on a pur with Vancouver and Victoria,
Notice of Removal -W. P. Tate, refracting optician, has moved li '�����.
optical parlor from the Dominion
Trusl block to EJIlers' Jewelry store,
opposite the 11. ('. B, It. depot.  (3657)
Burnaby School Meeting.
Some more fireworks are likely to
go off at West Burnaby tonight when
the regular school board meeting will
be held. The proposed transfer of
Principal l.owther and his assistant,
Professor Knox, from the Edmonds
street school to the Institution at
Kingsway west, will provide material
for discussion, a delegation from Kdmonds planning to attend and again
air their grievances.
Tiie Kraser Ferry Navigation company's ferry No. 1 is open for charter to excursions and picnics. For
further information apply to Ed,
Falch,  telephone   164, (3600)
Good Time at Camp.
The New Westminster boys attending the annual Y. M. C, A. camp at
Howe Sound are reporting a splendid
time with good weather. The majority of the members In camp hail
from Vancouver. On Tuesday several
from this city will pay a visit to Howe
Sound, the campers arranging a
special sports program during the
afternoon, ll. 11. Johnson, boys' secretary, ls assisting I-". .1. McKeller, of
Vancouver, in having charge of all
Many Licenses Issued.
Before the eockeye season commences in full earnest the government
officials are expecting to issue a record number of licenses, more than
2220 having been handed out at the
fisheries office up to yesterday. This
is only 27h shy of the figures of last
year when the big run was on. The
reason for this ls the lack of employment among citizens along their different lines and whn In turn are seeking a living by engaging In the salmon  Industry.
the "Black Hundred," a Russian secret  society.    He has become    a    mil-
1k nalre,    The band discovers him and
knowing  he  plans  to  disappear  with
1 his now eighteen year old daughter,
; Florence   and    a    million    dollars he
: has drawn nut of the banks.   The mll-
i lion dollars disappears    mysteriously.
Hargreave, with bis house surround-
��� ed, is forced    to    make    a desperate
escape In a balloon, which, later,   is
' found a wreck floating on the sea.
Episode No. 2, entitled "Tho    False
I Friend," will be at tin- Royal theatre
j this Monday and Tuesday. July 20 and
I 21, is as follows;    Florence arrives in
the  city  to  find  her  father gone,  no
one knows where.   Jones, his butler,
discloses a mysterious letter charging
her to trust him completely.   The con-
, simuters   turn    their    attention    to
-Florence,    llow    the    princess    wins
I Florence's   confidence,   secretly    admits members of the  band  Into the
I house to search for the $1, ,000, and
who falling in this, attempt to kidna-
; Florence,    only    to    b>-    miraculous!)
foiled  by   Not ton,   forms  one  of    the
; most exciting moving   pictures    evei
I filmed.
I Each wi-( k an episode of ihi *
; stupendous motion picture will be
I shown nt the Itoyal theatre, each epi-
(' sode an unfolding of thrills, new
j thrills, greater thrills than ever before attempted.
Ten thousand dollars In cash will
be awarded for the btst 100 word solution of tliig mystery. See the pictures
at the Itoyal. Follow the developments each week. Then send in your
solution. You have the chance to
win $10,000, Enquire at the box office for further particulars.
Senile,  July   15.    Captain    (Ieorge j
i w. Porter and twenty-nine members I
j of the crew of the whaling bark (lay-
i bead of Ban  Francisco, which    was
i wrecked   on   Cattle  Cape   reef.   Alaska, June 27. arrived here today from
I tiie iortll  ou  the  steamship Mariposa.
They  will  proceed  tO  'heir homes  in
1 San   Francisco.     The   (iayhead     left.
\ San   Francisco   October   4,  and   after
, cruising   during   the   winter     in     the
| SOUth   seas   was   bound   for     Iterhing
sea when she was caught In a fog and
struck the reef.    The vessel with ber
cargo  of  more   than   Iitioil   barrels   of
oil.  was a  total  loss  but  all  the men
reached shore.    After camping on the
beach two days they went to Chignik
where   they   were   picked   up   by   the
steamer Dirlgo  which  took  them to
Seward win re they boarded the Mariposa.    Tlle  loss on  tlie (iayhead   was
(Continued   From   I'age Onel
might recognize tin- legality of Car
bajal's position as provisional president, hopes were raised today among
South American diplomats, that never*
tbeless, negotiations might be begun
between representatives of Carranza
and Carbajal for the speedy transfer
Of power to Hie constitutionalisis.
It is practically eertuin tha: ESmillO
Itabasa, Aiignstin Rodriguez and I.uis
Kiguero. who represented Huerta at
the Niagara Falls mediation, will be
designated by Carbajal to look after ly,.
bis Interests In  this  country,    That'
nl of the American gov
- befoi xtendlng recognition
the mediators now  will  make another |(
effort   to   bring  th
St. Johns. Nfd., July 15. The Duke
of Connaught had a busy time today.
He landed ut ten o'clock this morning in full uniform, from the warship
Essex, which thundered a salute as
be left for the shot*,. Hhe was received by the governor, the premier,
the chief justice, cabinet ministers,
Anglican and Catholic bishops, other
church head.-,, municipal councillors
and  foreign consuls.
He then drove with the governor
through the city streets, which wen-
packed with cheering crowds. The
duke stopped at the King (Ieorge the
Fifth institute built last year through
Ur. Grenfell'S exertions tor the us--
of tho colonial lisbertolk. Ile open-
ed the newly built extension of the
home  for girls.
Strike  Crisis     Approaching     Between
Trainmen  and   Railroads.
Chicago,   July    15,���Relations    be-
I tween the englnemen of the railroads
west of Chicago and the gen-'ra! man-
! agi rs'   committee     approached     th"
; breaking point today when the men's
representatives prepared    to    present
an ultimatum on wages and working
The managers' committee declared
yesterday that the demands could nol
I be agreed to.
Several members of the engineers'
committee predicted todav that a general strike would be called unless th
managers modified their attitude.
Second  Day of Chahko Mika Carnival
Scores  Record  Breaking Attendance���Fine   Program.
Nelson.    July    17,.        Attended
crowds   which   broke  all   records
Nelson   the   second     day  of    Cha
Mika  carnival   was  marked     by
flight    of   a    hydro-aeroplane,
crowning of Queen     Dora Jordan
.  Mrs.
Social ana   Personal and Miss^
L.R.A.M.,  A.R.C.M
Mr. and Mrs, .1 li. Todd left
day on an automobile tour ol
Ington  state.
are now arriving in fine shape;   por
crate    $1.25
Per banket    35c
Hurl anl;  Plums   2 lbs  25c
Per basket < l  5  lbs 50c
Hlack  Currants,  2   lbs 25c
Ripe Tomatoes, 2 lbs 35c
Economy Tups,  Schram  Tops  and
Easy   Seal   Tops,  per  dozen 25c
Rubber rings,  per dozen      5c
Parowax for sealing your fruit jars
P'jr  pkl 15c
2   pkts   for      25c
Our rtorc will be closed cn
Wednesday to enable our Staff
to take in the Citizens' Picnic.
Open Tuesday evening.
Miss Jem  McPhall and  Ml
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
Blea-    ng,   Voice    Production,    Theory     in.
___     itt��n or privatelyi, Harmony, Countei
" | joint,  Musical Form and  History.
Pupils prepared   fur   the   ezamtna
.Ions of tlie Associated Hoard of    tin
loyal   Academy   of   Music  and   Royn
'nllege of Music.    Also    Professions
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For  terms, etc.,  apply   51   Dufferii
Jtrf._t      Phono 4 11 R,
I lion. Martin Ilurrell. minister of agriculture, the winning of the tyro rifle
| match  in  the  in'  rior of    British Co-
II umbia Rifle association's annual
me< : by I.. M. Cameron of Trail, of
the ladies' match by R. W, Hlnton
and Alexander Carrie of Nelson, who
both scored a  possible, and of Head-
I quarters' association  cup  by   F.  Hut-
I ton of Grand Forks.
Today I. Lehman, veteran slio* from
I Kamloops, will di lend the Daily News
��� cup won last year. Big street parades
i of Dkays from   all parts of the prov-
i ince and  fraternal orders.   Including
veteranb wire other features,    li   P.
Green,  Mi'.,  who    is attending    the
old-timers'  reunion,  accompanied    by
H.   B,  Thomson,   .Ml...V. of  Victoria,
,-ill crown the lies - Queen, Miss Edna
to  bring  the  two factions  into
conference Is considered very liktly.
Carranza's Chance.
General Carranza, in the opinion of
the mediators, would profit greatly by
entering into such  conferences,    By
doing so he nii^iit guarantee himself
Immediate recognition by the   United
States, Argentine, Brazil   and   chile.
Under the terms of the protocols sign
! ed  ut     Niagara     Falls,     the     I'nited
; States promised to recognize any government se-l up by agreement between
the    two    Mexican    factions    without
' waiting  for an  election     The agree
| ment between the  two  principal elements would be taken  us tantamount
I to an  expression  of  the   will of the
I Mexicans.
Should Carranza refuse to parley
with the Carbajal government and
insist on taking Mexico City by force.
setting up a military government,
recognition In all likelihood would be
deferred until an election was held.
Carranza's objections hitherto have
been that he could not agree to any
compromise provisional president, but
must Insist on the plan of Guadalupe.
It is believed in some quarters here | _)n._
that Carbajal may make an effort, to
have Huerta given Immunity from
arrest if he stays in Mexico City. The
Huerta delegates in New Vork have
tried to secure guarantees for him,
but even if given, friends of the dictator think he would be safest out of
the country. It Is not thought he will
depart lor several days at least, preferring to offer his services to Car
bajal iu the Held If a final rally of
federal troops is made against the
Huerta's resignation marks the culmination Of more than a year's active
effort on the part of the I'nited Slates
government to force his retirement.
John Lind was sent to Mexico last
summer In an effort to bring about
the withdrawal of Huerta. President
Wilson later went to congress and revealed the terms on which Huerta had
practically been asked to retire from
office. An embargo on arms was
placed  On   both   Mexican  factious  and
the Washington government then began its policy of cutting off financial
aid   for  the  Huerta   government,  not
only from the tinted Stale, but also
from   Europe.
With   Huerta's  retirement  the constitutionalists  feel   that   their  revolution   has   virtually   triumphed,    They j The
turned   against   him   the   moment   he  neai
1012, and  have waged their wa-  witli
unrelenting vigor ever since.
U. S. Will  Remain.
The American forces will nil be
withdrawn from Vera Cruz until a
stable government has been established in .Mexico (ity and recognition has
been accorded the new government
The feeling is general, however, that
il Carranze gives guarantees to poll
tlcal offenders as well as lhe people
generally recognition will prompt!) be
extended by tlie United States and
tiie nations of Central and South America.
Incidentally,     the     resignation     uf
Huerta now places Europe on an equal
footing with th(> I'nited States witli
respect to the authorities at Mexico
City. The powers of Europe had iee
ognlzed Huerta, but on account of tbe
pronounced attitude of the United
States,   they   are   expected   to   follow
-.'.iii  to
irbajal or his successor.
Ch cf   Griffiths,  Captain   Searing   and
Two  Motorcycle Men  See  Holdup
from   Headquarters  Windows
presi lent
Madero,  tl
Of    Mexico,
in     February,
Seattle, July 16. While Chiel of
Police Austin E. Griffiths, one of his
captains and two police officers look
ed on, two young men attempted one
of the boldest of recent holdup- last
night when tbey stopped a man direct
ly opposite the police headquarters
and after beating him up, took away
bis purse.
Chief Griffith*, Captain   ...   !���".   Sea-
and Motorcycle Patrolmen C. M.
BallaTd and I). M. Blaine chanced   to
j be looking out of the station at 10:30
! o'clock, when they saw two men hold
up  a   third  on   Yesler   Way,   betwei u
I Fourth and Fifth avenues. The victim,
I they said, was seized by the neci-: and
; dragged into an alley.
Instantly two windows wei.' up.
Chief Griffiths and Captain Searing
darted out of Captain Siaring's office,
while tlie motorcycle men, who were
in the police telephone operator's
room, rushed out. from there. '1 he
two holdup men. surprised, star.ed ,,.
Blaine captured one almost In trout
of the Vesler Way entrance to th ���
city jail, while Ballard followed tbe
oilier and, after firing a shot, ovei
took him al Third avenue and Yesler
Their proposed victim gav- Ins
name as Oliver St. Anthony, and ins
residence as tlie Gladstone bote!. 408
Terrace street. Ile was within f--tt>
f<et of his home when the men seized
him. He is 4* years old and foreman
mr a contracting firm.
The two prisoners gave the names
ol Joe Allen. 21 years old, teamster,
and Thomas Ryan, 27, Ironworker.
st   Anthony told the police the men
took  from him a  purse containing $-8.
purse   was   found  on   Yesler  Win
Fourth avenue.   The two prison-
ers are held on an open chargl
Ing  further investigation.
7-11  Sixth Street.
have started an auto freight service!
between   Vancouver   and   New*   Westminster  and   way  points.    A   reliable i
service  guaranteed.    Charges  reason- !
able.    Give us a trial.
Phone   1254.
When Hungry Look for a White Place
"The   Cream  of  the   Grain"-
Whlte Cooks
���Nuf  Said.
���See ns  for  Picnic supplies. Canned
and  Potted  Meats.
I'icnic size  Lime Juice, bottle   ..     10;
Dean's Grocery
Picnic and Camping
Baskets at Our Store
*<r lurr Block
Pr.one  $86.
���Oil>r.hli   .irm.t.
BOc and 60c
New  vVestminster.        Phone 69.
Hindus  Claim   Convert.;     Not
Sought to Teach  ced tion.
Vancouver, July 15, Eohan I
member Of the local Hindu colony, denies the truth of the story that volunteers were being invited by the Hindu
leaders ben- to go to India and spread
sedition in connection with the fall-1
ure of the Komagata Maru contlng- nt
to land in Canada. Mr. Lai declared
that such Information as this was
doubtless given to the Immigration
authorities by certain Hindus who told
their fellow countrymen one thing and
gave another to the officials, just for
their own particular ends. Mr. f_.il
said he knew nothing aboul the truth
or f.ils ty of the statements thai various Hindus had been attempting to
buy  revolvers iu  Victoria stores,
"All   Hindus  are  not     sciitiniiists."
if the Hritish
Canada  then
- to   India  and
chise rl_hts."
"We simply seek rights
and we think too tha!
will not let us gel Into
they should not come
iefuse  to  give  us   I'ran
Icebcrg3 Still Endanger.
Boston, Mass.. July IB. Icebergs
still endaii'.-er the trans-Atlantis liners, two incoming steamers reported today. The Holland liner
l.Soestdijk sighted eight large bergs
and a number of growlers 209 miles
off St. Johns, N'rid. The Allan liner
Nitmidian reported passing three
great bergs Friday.
The mills are grinding day and night
to supply the demand. Your sack awaits
you at your grocer's.
"It's always the same" THURSDAY,  JULY   16.   1914.
L������ i       ��� ' =
Yetterday's Games.
At Vancouver��� it.
Vancouver   7
Victoria   '.��
Batteries:     Clark,   Reuther
Cheek;   Narveson.   Stee'.e    and
F  man.
Kings   Hotel   Block.
I- I     Four  new   pocket     billiard     tables,'
11 Clean  new  stock of confectionery, to-1
'jbaccos. cigars, cigarettes, soft drinks
and i First Class Barber Shop in Connection
lion ���
Former Vancouver Magnate Makes an Offer to New
Westminster Players���Mainland vs. Island���Jones
Said to Hold Key to Proposed Minto Cup Series with
Big Four and N. L. U.
At Taooma n.   H
Portland w   ll     l
Tacoma        ti    11      3
Hate rie.-, Callahan and Murray;
Andiada. Jones, Ilaker and Stevens.
At Seattle |{.    H.    E.
Settle    0      7,      1
Spokane   2    10      0
Batteries: Gipe and (adman;
Noyes and Shea.
Con Jones ia back In lacrosse. The
same Con Jones who In years past has
led team after team against the Salmon Bailies, Tlle same old warrior
who Westminster believed had been
battened down in a solid oak chest
during the summer of 1918 and sarely
consigned to Davy Jones.    Mr. Conrad
Jones came back last nighl at a n I
ing held ai the Koyal Oak hotel, Burnaby, when be unfurled > plan to a
majority   of   tin-   New Westminster
players, Which while not accepted,
will probably be favorably acted upon
al  a  ii ting of tin- Salmon  Bellies
l-i  be held either today or  Friday.
Providing tbe new plan of action Is
accepted the iiritish Columbia    professional  lacrosse situation  will    re-1 of the locals 7 to 4
solve ItMll  Into a  Hghl for tbe Minto       seventeen hundred fan.
cup between teams representing   thai,,
lower mainland afld Vancouver Island,  *       nas  8ver  ^tended
Yesterday's  Games.
At Pittsburg                   it. ll.
Brooklyn       ii 10
Pittsburg   4 7
Local  All-Stars  Defeat  Meiji   University Team 7-4���Record Crowd at
Queens Park.
The Meiji university baseball nine
from Japan   received a seven-    drub-
Batteries: Reulbaob, Alien and Mccarty;  Cooper and (Jlbson.
At   Chicago - K.    H.    E.
New   Vork      4      7      1
I Chicago    5   ll     _
Iiatteries:      Tesi---;-u   and   Mi-:.can;
Smith and Bresnahan.
At Cincinnati���                  it II.    K
Philadelphia   4 h    2
Cincinnati     I 11     2
Batteries: RJxey, Oescbger, Matti-
SOn and .Mayer, Killifer. Horn; Douglass, Bchnelder, Ames ami Brwtn,
At  St.   Louis l(.    II.
Boston     :;    3
blng :������.  the bands of New Westmin-1gt.  Louis    "���   10
ster, the linui scon- ending In favor'    Batteries: Hess and Gowdy
Ford   Sterling,  world's  greatest
motion picture comedian in
A two reel comedy with a thou'
sand laughs and  lots of smiles.
Also   three   dramas   of   unusual
ami Snyder,
tin- largest
a   baseball
Yesterday's   Games.
At New Vork K.    II
Chicago   '���'���   10     i
New    York       2      S      2
Iiatteries:  Scott, Cicotte, Kaber and
Pich    and    Nuna-
I'orced   in   Canada   without   regard   to
the   fact  of   whether  tie   persons  excluded  are Englishmen  or Indians or I
K. | others     Replying,   the   Hindus  claim j
8 I tbat in their case exclusion is direct-j
111 d not against individuals, but against
Bailee tbe  race, thus amounting to a  brand j'
of racial Inferiority. ���
The   Times   says   that   the   answer i-
j lies   In   the   unbrldged   difference   between   Kast   and   West.     "These   differences   affect   the   whole   fabric   of
E. I civilization.    Things    the    European
J.J.Jones. MANDIR. J.A.Rennie. SECY-TRES
Money to Loan.
Insurance in all its branches.
Modern Houses, Bungalows, Stores, Suites for Rent
at a big Reduction.
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent at $2.50 up.
Wills Drawn Free of Charge.
Deposits Accepted and Interest at Four Per Cent.
Allowed on daily balances.
believes  to  be   important   the  Asiatic-
believes to be less than dust.
"In spheres where the European is
engaged   In   building  new   communities,   wbere  be  has  to ask  himself
day  by day whether  tlie  foundations
were  well  laid  and  the  growing fabric secure in each successive storey of
id | its  structure  he  is  compelled  to  ex-
I elude alien influences and the lnevit-
E. | ably   corrosive   action   of   social   ma-
0 terials that resist assimilation.
tin- mimes being played In Vancouver ��� '-''""<- played at Queens park, attended
und Victoria. , la.t night and  witnessed a    contest
Manager  Jones. ���,,���.,,  wag ,,,.,, ,-      ,��� ������,  f Btur,
( in Jones w.ii be manager or   the] ,   ,   . ,      ...    ,
mainland   team   which   will   be   com ' "'"' ""' JapB l,y "" meaJU
prised of the New Westminster play-  disgraced.    The    little    brown    men  Mayer;   Warhop,
ers with perhaps two additions. j played an uphill game from the third   maker,
ip tn Sunday last the professional i Inning, when  after spotting tbe visi-      Second game��� It
I auie looked to In- a-s dead a.s the pro- | tots one tally  in  (he  llrst.  the locals | Chicago        1      7
verbis]  door  null.    On   that   day   Con   pulled  out   in   the  lead    from     which   New   Vork    2      0
Jones g(|t into telephonic communJca-1 they were never headed. i    iiatteries:      Benz,     Cicotte
tion   with   tbe  sporting  editor of The !     Hurley and Huhnke. the New West-   Sclialk;   Cole  and   Sweeney.
������>��� iws asking bow matters stood with I minster battery, were the heroes of     At Washington��� It.   II.
the local team and that if tiie players; the struggle irom a New Westminster  Detroit     :',    i'i
-ere willing he would be quite agreo-  standpoint,   the   former   pitching   a , Washington     li     x
able, perhaps anxious to bold a  little , beady  name   when    his    Intield    was       iiatteries:   Coveleskie,    Dauss    and;FALLS THREE  FEET;
ci nfab, say at the Royal Oak hote] on   wobbly, while the star backstop Irom   Stanage*.   Hoehling,   EJngle   and   Wil- PICKED UP DEAD
ome evening of this week, Eraser Mils   was   heavy   with   the  Hams  and   Henry.    Game  called  to 	
Several of the  players  were  found   Stick, getting three hits at live times  permit Detroit to catch train. Victoria,  July   15.���A   fall  of  three
to  be away camping    and    therefore   to  bat, At   Boston H.    II.    E.I feet caused the death of Julius Uanl,
could   not   attend   last   night's gather-I     Both  teams were  very  liberal  with  Cleveland     0     7     11 a  painter who was  whitewashing the
Ing,  but  those  present   went  into  the j errors, the    varsity    allowing    eight,   lioston       4      7      11 roof of  the  city  market  stables.
���   details Of the scheme and as be-1 while the .-tars  were slightly  in    tiie '     Batteries:     Gregg,    Collamore   and!     According  to the account given  by
tore   stated,   failed   to   come   to     anyjrear With seven.    With the exception [CarlSCh;   Leonard   and   Carrlgan.
di finite   understanding. I Of DOwd and J. Cay, the Royals play- 1 	
Jones'   arguments   In   favor   of   his I ed splendid ball, (lay muffing a brace
��� .king  into the gam-- again  at  this : while Dowd was away above bis class
lage  can  be summed  up as  follows, I in   attempting     to    hold    down    the
bin own  words:   "The  Nationals of j initial sack.
Montreal will nol be out In quest of      Featuring    for   the    visitors    was
���  Minto cun this fall  unless  I  give   Yamamura,  the  centre  fielder,  whose
Bay so. ability   to   pull   down     difficult     fii"'-*
St.  l.ouis 2, Chicago 0.
Brooklyn  t. Pittsburg ..
Baltimore 0-0, Buffalo 7-0.
Indianapolis 5,  Kansas City
! the  deceased's  companions,  Dahl   ap-
| geared  at  work  in  his    usual    good
The agreement  entered  Into  with; twice won hirn tbe plaudits   of   th
���    It;),   four   last     year     -till     holds    crowd.
KOttd      The    eft-tern     magnates     have        The   full   nine   innings   was   played,
given  :n - their word that it   will  bold    Umpire    Fred     Lynch     hustling    the
good  until  1915.
"Len Turnbull. Johnny Howard.
Newsy Ijalonde, Doughy Spring and
Harry Hyland are still the property
of the British Columbia league, mean
ing myself and the New Westminster
��� v. hi ther I :��� I  back In the   game
tiiis year matters not,   I'll be back In
the game  In  1916  working   with  tlie
Lilg Four.    You can just bet your life j
- n   that. 1
"Vancouver is of sufficient size, but
Ni w   Westminster Is hot large enough |
to  support a  professional  team   when |
competing  against     Vancouver,     Run
the league as the island vs   the main  |
land and there will be enough Interest left and tu be worked up to make
the pastime a go."
Weekly  Salaries
teams Into position and thus providing the fans with the first  fully play-'
ed  evenlnlg  came of the season.
Score: R,     H.    E.
Japanese      4      4      8 I
All-Stars       7    lu      7 |
Batteries:      Hurley    and    Huhnke
Nakamura and  Yeblzuka.
Seven   Miners   Meet  Terrible   Fate   in
Michigan    Mine���Other.    Have
Narrow  Escape.
health, but about ten o'clock "nt. whs
heard to cry out and fall from the I
low platform on which he was Standing, dropping his bucket and brush
as he did so. His head came violently in contact with the stone flooring.
When his companions reached nini he
was dead, and a tiny sUeam ol bioo-a
from the right tar Showed that a
fracture at the base of the skull was
Hi-- cause. Dr. W. J3at-t * was called
and pronounced life ex net, Dahl was
siioji i t to (Its, and It is presumed
ih.it t was a sudden seizure which
took him as be worked and causeJ
the 1 :',, which resulted Pi his death,
which   was   apparently   instantaneous.
Summer Race
At Minoru Park
I Races Every Day
Great  Interest   Being  Shown  on   Gunboat   .mith-Carpentier  Scran���
Otitis Favor Frenchman.
Iron   River,   Mich,   July   15. - Seven
miners     were     killed   in   tlie   Balkan
mine at the Alpha location near here
today   when   sliding   sand   caused t a I
The miners were drilling into a roof.,
j Tlie drill  hit quick sand  and  with  a
I shout,   tiie   men
i For   Week   Ending   Sunday,   July   19.
Westm luster.
High.    Low*.
13 10:20    0:00
22:60 17:10
14 11:40    7:21)
23:16 17:20
15 18:20   8:10
_.:45  17:40
about  30   In   number] j.
began a rush for the mouth of the tun
Condensing tbe situation as it now
stands   the Salmon Bellies would play       London. July    IS.   -Boxing    japw w> , ne]      Seven  0f  them   were  overtaken
In    Vancouver    as representing    the  here show a remarkably even ^vision. aud   kilk.(1   by   tne  quicksand   which
lower   mainland      The  players   would ] of opinion as to the chances ol    .un-j,.|jed  tyery  crevict.  of  tlle  mine.
be  guaranteed   a   Weekly   salary   with    boat   Smith.    American    heavvwoigh . ,     .^  ^  Q.  U)e   meJ)   nm   for  th(,,r
, chance   but no definite promise, of I and  Georges Carpentier, the  '���.r*'IK;,lives, IHirsl,ed by the sand.   Two were i
receiving a bonus at the end of the   heavyweight   champion,   n  their    to oaugnt wWle tryln_ to reacJl a iaMer.
aason  ' If acceptable to the  Royals   round match to be (ought at uryrapia jQne Qf thege WM compell,,j  ,0 s-lpd |
ihe proposed new league would stage   tomorrow nlpht.
six games ending on Labor Day. after       lhe  betting  odds  today w.  -   ,. .   .    ...(|  ,,
which arrangements could b, made to   haps a shade In favOi of the I rench
. mill v opposition  trom  the east   man,  but   this   wa
,, the shape of the Nationals or Rose-: the enl-u������������> '-*  ' '
il lies  or   both.    Con  Jones  would
in magi r of tin- mainland team    ��� ,
would   have   the  absolute  say   in  all i In ro
i.i:-lt- rs.
.     .    . '    . '  ,   . > 1 .   i !  1   II ' -IM    I    I      111,.'      ___. --
while    th--:-     call
71.   15:00 9:16
0:20 10:30
l(i:35 19:20
18    0:50 11:30
17:30 20:50
IS)    1:20 12:00
Sand  Heads
High. Low.
Time. lit. Time. Ht
9:18   8.9   4:18    ��.4
21:48 12.7 14:5."    5.2
10:40   8.7   6:08    6.8
22:17 12.5 15:32    6.G
12:18   8.7   5:68
22:47 12.1 16:12
14:01    9.3    6:47
28:18 11.9 17:01
Ladies Admitted Free, except on Saturday.
Splendid Tram Service.   Eburne Car Connects with
Car to and from the Course.
Admission, Including Grandstand. $1.00.
15:36 10.2    7:3.
23:49 11.7 18:20 10.0 | the  Hill, and  the opening
16:31 11.0    8:15    2.9
19:51  10.5 j Is   changed
0:22 11.6    8:54
national president of the Housewives'
league, today answered the Chicago
repo.i that beef is soaring upward
in the face of bumper crops.
"There is no reason it seems to me
why meat should be going up now
that crops are so unusually large."
she declared.   "But if it does, we will
Hetntu'ii"   rrom last   night's  meeting one of the New Westminster play-
- ra came through with tin* dope thai
lhe il lya of split gates and co opera
live teams are o thing of the past.
That the system worked out In   the
- isi liming ihe pasl two years where
tho   hl| -I   Balaried   players   received   a
drop iii v-ii-, s i.i the $25. $30 or $35
n week limit has at las: reached the
coast ami if the players hope to get
anything mote OUl of Ihe game they
inichi bs well accept the situation as
it  now  stands.    The meeting to   be
hi Id   this   week   will   decide.
due probabl)   to
his   countrymen,
be   great numbers of whom have crossed
and I the English channel to support their
They   brought   with   them    a
meat  deal  of money  to    back    their
compatriot, whom they described as a
���lighting    boxer,"    while    they    call
Smith  a  "boxing  lighter."  and    they
contend thai Bcience is bound to defeat the trans-Atlantic punch.
Interesl In the contest Is enormous
and the attendance premise.- to create
a record for this country.
his clotb'rg. lie struggled naked
mne, The other lean lost
his boots which became eng.ilk'u and
which  be k'< ked off.
Trans-Atlantic      Airman      Has
Traged'es in  His Own Family���
One  Other Son  Left.
mark Hill it was a very pretty, quiet,
and secluded district, with fine old
houses In spacious grounds, occupied
6.61 by a wealthy and ik table people.
51 j Among his parishioners were John
79 I Ruskin and Sir Henry Bessemer, but
4 4 I with the advent of the tramcar and
ii 0 I the motor omnibus, the building of
3*7  the new  King's college hospital    on i '��� .
the  Hill, and  the opening of Ruskin | see  that  Argentine beef  is  used.    1
Manor as a public recreation park, all   sells tor 14 and 16 cents a pound.    I
Most   of  the   handsome \ ��se  it  in   my  home and  find  it emi-
"l I old "residences have been turned Into   nently satisfactory." 	
| boarding houses or been pulled down i 	
| to  make  room  for    more    cluttered I
< buildings,  and  only  the  memories of |
! the   old   neighborhood   remain.    The ;
i vicar   is  attached   to  the  spot.    Pre-
! quently he may be seen walking alone
i in   the   beautiful   garden   which    sur
j rounds  the  residence,  which  is on a
��� level with the   dome   of   St.   Paul's
j cathedral.    But   for  his  children  the
vicarage  ls a place cf sad  memories
Had '��� and the girls are seldom seen there.
London. July 15    Lieutenant P -'   .-,
father,  the Rev. John   Robert  Porie,
Prohibit Indian Laborers from Moving] has had  three sons sacrificed  lo ath
letie prowess, and naturally  he view;
" m     THEATRE
Tlie   Coolest   Spot   in   Town.
Keystone Comedy
Our Mutual Girl
Ninth ChaHter of this Famous
Three  part drama, featuring
Beautiful Maude Fealey
Second  Episode of the
to   Certain   Countries���Labor
Short  bi  India.
London,  July   15.    It   is  anticipated
with some apprehension the embark
lng of a fourth on the perils of the
unflown Atlantic. By a sad coincidence each one of the clergyman's
si ns who died has been carried away
a--   the  direct  result  of  a   fatal  chill
July 17���B.C.E.R. vs. Moose.
July 21���Columbus vs.  Moos-3.
July 24���Columbus vs. B.C.E.R.
July  27    B.C.E.R.  vs.  Moose.
July  31 ��� Moose  vs.   Columbus*
Aug.  4- Columbus  vs.  B.C.E.R.
of sport.    They  were all entering or
what promised to be brilliant caree/8
-one In the army, one iu the navy,
und one in the church.    All appeared
Eight   Remain   in   Tourney  at   End  of.
,-,   ���     ������FOt_!v ?rf���With  all  the tnat ""' llil"1" te8t case ln v'aneou-icontracted whlle'foilowlng some forni
Cincinnati,  July   16.   yv in au        '       ui!1 ,,,,.    tne lmli;lll government
mntchBfl   i���   the  fourth   roui      < ������ BOlutlon   for   the   problem. I
>'���'*���"  ';:l*v  ,,0",r   V"1"Z   ���aHfor i nr, Instead  of allowing  matters  to drift.
tourney completed, four CaMoralaas, k      obviously    well-informed   Indian1
one  Minnesota!! .���^.^eef0^^ authority says In the Yorkshire Post:   l0  have ODjoyed  robust  health  pr-
remaiv tonight to contest for   nam      .^.^  K0Vt,rmnt.ut  aml   ^presenta- L loU8iy
plonship '^""''V^   "in"    ilviifin   ofltives  of   the   Indian   people   will  con-1     pr/p0rte  has   aged   and   saddened
l-���   i-oitteii   anu   >  -.       ' 8uit their own dignity, if they prohibit j nmit*r these bereavements, coming as
San   l-i'ancisco.   .Nat   orowne  una   -u.-
Wayne   of   Los   Angeles;   J.   J.   Arm
strong of St, Paul audit   A. Holden the|voted
Jr., Clifford  Lockhorn and  H. 1-  l'-m*!,.,. , r ,���.,,������..,���..,,�����
arson nil of Cincinnati, won their way
emigration in certain cases, Instead they did close to the death of
of endeavoring to obtain concessions, wifBl to whom lie was extremely
wheh at best leave the status of tiie voted. Tiiere remain now only
Indian settler one of inferiority.''
Labor Short in  India.
into the fifth round here today.
1,1   "U'   ""'''T'l  ^'vn'M.lerlr.tiomiil"^ classes   of   India   are   obliged   to
Mary Browne of Los Angeles .national     * fo           meang   Qf   Slllli!iat(,���,(,
woman champion  and bei sister Mrs. (,          ohalrman of the Bom
K. ii. Williams of Chicago, won their., ,.,,, e t : ^	
way Into the fourth round as did also
|    Mrs.  Besanl  argues that the labor-
lieutenant, his  two  sisters,  and     lii-
18-year-old brother. Edgar, who is in
Brighton college.
Edgar is an unusually bright little
chap, Interested in almost everything,
and especially In aeronautics. He haa
hay iMlll Owners' association com- pleaded time and again to be taken
plains of deficiency in the supply of up by the lieutenant, but their
Ichor ill that city alone amounting j father forbids the lad's venturing Into
to   100,000  men.    The  inland   revenue j the air.
department   of   the    Bombay   govern- Lieutenant Porte's S'ster3.
ment   states  that   the  dominant  fea-1    Miss Monaca Porte, the older of tbe
ture of the year was the shortage of | girls, is engagod to Lieutenant   Hie
labor In country  districts,    Except  In   Of  the   Hritish   navy.     She  and   Miss
r, ml-  probihly  will  be out of the lone or two country districts of the Leonle Porte now spend most of i.h_lr
eral days because of an limited provinces of Madras the short- time,   when  not   travelling,    at   their
during    Monday'B age of labor throughout India is serl- father's  country   place   In   Hertford-
:-al   team.     In   the  ously affecting the industrial position  shire.    Dr,  Porte    continues    at    is
was    spiked    by \ of the country. | duties at Denmark  Hill, a Buburb of
lid  Into sec-1 Exclusion  Defended
Rates  Go   up   at   the   Chicago   Stockyards���Scarcity  of   Anmials  Is
Cause   of   Advance.
the  MIE8I s   Madelle and   Mary   I
of Louisville.
Johnny   Evers   Injured.
si    Louis,   July 15.   Second Baseman Johnny Bvers of the Boston Na-
game for B6V(
injury      received
game   with   the   loci
seventh   inning   he
Cruise when  the latter
Chicago, July 15. -Cattle prices are;
advancing rapidly at Chicago and all !
other      western      primary     shipping |
points,  and  Chicago  dealers  were  today forecasting $10 and even $12 beef
before  next winter.    At  Kansas City
yesterday cattle on the hoof reached j
the highest  point  in a year    The re- j
celpts     have     fallen   off   at   Chicago.
Kansas City, St. Louis and Omaha to
a degree unprecedented for this sea-1
Packers and  shippers    Bald    today
that   the   scarcity   of   cattle   and   the j
consequent Increase In prices are the
result  of Cue drought   last   fall   which!
compelled   the   raisers   to   nisi   their J
cattle  to  market  even  on   the  falling
Packers say that the consumer, as
usual, will pay the Increase.
Boycott  American   Beef.
New York, July 15,    "If beef prices
continue  to rise abnormally,  we  will
start an American beef boycott.   We
London  four miles  south  of Charing j will   preach   to  the   American  house
ond base. He played in Tuesday'
contest but today the wound was In- ports Canada's attitude. It says that
flammed and the'club trainer advised j edicts for the exclusion of unsiiited
a lay-off of several days. [immigrants are rightly mad. and en-
A   Times'   editorial     strongly     sup-   Cross, where lie has been vicar of Si.. I wife the use of more Argentine beef,
Matthew's     church     for    twenty live I more fish, more vegetables and more
years, ieggs."
When  Dr,  Porte  first went  to Den-'    With this threat, Mrs. Julian Heath,
Program for Today
Francis X. Bushman  in
Ashes of
Drama In two parts.
Vitagraph���Dorothy   Kelley  in
Dorothy Danebridge
Comedy Drama.
Edison   Photoplay
Marc  MacDermott  in
"The   Man Who Disappeared"
Drama. PAGE  SIX
THUASOAV, JULY  16,  1914.
Mived for The News at the follow
IBS places: P. T. Hill's drug store,
���tt Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
K. Larden, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lrwli, A1U Vista.
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One rem per word per
Amy; 4c per word per week; 15c per
snonth; 5000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
��oa tract,, $25.00.
FOR SALE���Hood saddle- or pack
mare. Address J. Hunford, Tyne-
head,  UC. (3655)
FOR EXCHANGE.- Well rented six-
room thoroughly modern house;
fine location, Vancouver City, mortgage only encumberance, for New
Westminster city property, vacant
or improved. What have you? Bog
701. News office.
and saw table complete.   Apply at
|    The News office.
FOR EXCHANGE- Five roomed modern bungalow, almost new, large
lot, close to Sixth street; mortgage
only encumbrance. Trade for deeded
lot.    Apply Box 258 News office.
POR SALE���11.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market  square. (36051
position at    family
<-nced in everything,
sion. Sapperton. B.C
work,    i.xp'vi-
Japanese nils
WANTED���Lot on or close to Kings-'
way ln exchange for fivi roomed j
up-to-date bungalow. Will pay cssh !
for any difference. P. (). Hox l'-i I
KOR EXCHANGE���Six roomed thoroughly modem house, lot 66x183,
Fifth avenue, near park; mortgage
only encumbrance. Trade for
smaller property. What have you ?
Hox  1X1 News office.
the high grass before they were upon
us. They charged toward us, came
half way and stopped. They had lost
the wind, but immediately caught it
again, and roaring and screaming
with redoubled energy, came into
view over a slight rise. It was a dis
concerting spectacle. Their gnat
ears full spread, trunks thrashing
wildly, a roaring screaming mass,
forty tons of frantic female elephant
vengeance. I remember that I fell
homesick. A rifle shot stopped the
leader, but encouraged by the others,
she came on, only to be knocked
down by the second shot. The others
crowded around her, sniffed and-
bolted. The old cow slowly regained
her feet and staggered away, while
we. in d.ep gratitude, returned to
Hay Fever Sufferers Begin Their Annual  Hunt for Cure���Many
Quack Remedies.
Philadelphia.  July   15.- The  annual
chase   of  that   sumer   will-'o-the-wisp,
'a cure  for -���._>��� fever,  is on.  Leading
was a reported average increase in
the cost of necessities amounting to
about I':: per cent. This may, perhaps, be somewhat exaggerated, but
It is safe to say that the average increase was well over 20 per cent.
Wheat and rye, the two bread-making cereals, increased by 15 and 45
per cent., respectively, iu :spite of
fairly good crops and there have been
proportionate Increases in the prices
of other food products.
Tho daily output of the municipal
bakery which has recently been enlarged, was increased from 2S.000 kil
combat the high rents by the construction of model houses and tenements
for workingmen, and during the three
years from 1911 tu 181?. a total or 1.-
."!�� lodgings werci completed. The
dearth of servants in Hudapest has
also caused the city council a certain
amount of trouble, and in order to
remedy this to some extent, the sum
of 765 crowns has been appropriated
for the construction of three municipal homes for servants, in connection
with which a servant employment bureau will be maintained.
It  is also considered  that the elec-
$80,000,000 EOR
What   Is  Being Spent in Chicago for
Railroad   Facilities���Will   Take
Three  eYars.
56,000 kilograms, is estimated to be al)le; thl> municipality has, therefore;
about 10 per cent, of the total con- d*'clfle(- t0 Pi",<-h��K<- the plant for the
sumption of Budapest sum of 20,067,000 orowns,    and    will
FOR EXCHANGE,���Large cleared lot.
Fifth avenue, near Queen's Park.
Will trade as part payment on
house or for automobile. Box 6RI,
News office.
MONEY TO LOAN -iJirge am! small
amounts at. current rates of intf-St. j
P, O. Box 154 city.
weekly! Why not you? Write immediately for roll particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
rover cost. Clifford ('. Mitchell,
V O Box 2. Edmonton. Alberta, Canada, . (3644) ;
FOR RENT.-Six room house furnished. Third street. Apply P. O.
Box*  115. (3608)
FOR RENT.���Three-roomed cottage,
furnished, at 224 Seventh street;
$15  per  month. (3607)
WANTED���At once, a woman to do
family washing; Mondays preferred,
Phone 270 or apph 516 Fifth avenue. (3662)
OTHERS    RECEIVE    $15     TO    $65'
weekly!    Why not you?   Write Immediately  for full particulars, sam- j
rile, picture, literature, etc.   Experi-j
ence  unnecessary.    Enclose 10c. to
cover    cost.    Clifford  C.   Mitchell,
P.O. Box 2, Edmonton, Alberta. Can- |
ada. (36441
WANTED���Furniture, etc., W. M.
MeCloy & Co., the expert auc-1
t.oncers, w'U conduct a successful
auction for you or buy outright if
sale not desired. Clean business,
prompt settlements, over 20 years j
wide experience. Write or call 32
Sixth street. (3603) j
-! TO  RENT.���Suites of nicely  furnish-
,'    ed   housekeeping  rooms,   37   Agnes
Street, Tel.  63SL. (3504)
keeping rooms, $10 per month, at
224   Seventh  street. (3606)
Form  First Aid  Brigade and  Do  Patrol   Duty as Well���African   Explorer  Relates  Experiences
Washington, July  15.���Carl   E.  Ak-
eley, African explorer, In a communication   to   the   National     Geographic
Society, at Washington, D   ('.. tells of
an elephant "first-aid  brigade,"  made
ture, or stocks in trade, in large or  up of the female elephants of a herd,
email quantities, highest price paid,   which not only attempted to give sue-
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods j cor to their wounded sultan, but went
t��r  public auction  with guaranteed ! on "patrol duty" in an effort to pun-
-esults, or no commission  charged.; ish  his assailant.
See the expert on furniture before j    While hunting elephants In Uganda,
you give your goods away.   Address!.Mr   Akeley  came  upon  a herd   in  a
Fred   Davis,   548   Columbia   street, j clearing,   rounded   up  in  close,  forma-
New  Westminster. (3602) | tion, conscious of the presence of an
__________ . | ���'"-""��   enemy.     "There   were   about
| twenty-five    elephants,    mostly cows.
and  just  as  I   was  on  the  point  of
1 backing off to a safer distance, think-
, in
PIGEONS pay dollars where chickens ,
pay cents;   small capital    needed;! lot,
small   space  reunited;   always  pen-j the
r,ed   up;   ready   markets;   send   for I of   bush*
v.dy issue of our Journal;  fully explained there;  price ten cents.    Re-
able    Squab    Journal,    Versailles.
Mo. (3604)
Wood! Wood! Wood!
Get your wood now for the winter.
Slab wood, $2.50 per load; factory or
kindling wood, $2.50 per load; block
word, $3.00 per load; dry slab wood.
���?7 50 per load. L. Williams. Office
phi ne 71; house 'phono 424      (3616;
���weekly! Why not you? Write immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
-over cost. Clifford C. Mitchell,
P.O. Box 2, Edmonton, Alberta. Can- | source
there weie no big bulls in the
a fine pair of tusks appeared on
near side," he says. "A clump
offered cover for a near
approach, and 1 went in quickly to
within twenty yards of him, and as
his front leg was thrust forward, offering a good opportunity for a heart
shot, I fired both barrels of the
double rifle in quick succession.
Went to Safe Distance.
"All was commotion as 1 seized my
second rifle, and seeing there was no
direct charge, retreated some fifty
yards to the top of au ant-hill, from
which 1 could see what was going on.
I then witnessed a scene such as I
had heard described and which 1 was
keen to verify. A number of cows
were clustered about the bull, for he
had fallen ahout thirty yards from
where he was shot, and with their
tusks and trunks were doing their
best to get him upon his feet; the
remainder of the cows were doing
patrol duty, rushing about in an in-
creasing circle, searching for the
of   the   trouble.     That   meant
tlfrChte I
In   the
1 In
(30441 j me   so    I    retired   to   a   safe   distance
______ I aud   waited   for  tlie   atmosphere    to
Cleat*.     This   hull   stood   eleven   feet
and four Inches high at the shoulders,
'and the tusks weighed 33 and  110 lbs
'   -:.V l'S'U;':V1,'rl!;'T.,wnsuu:''4i'^P-'<'tiveIy. while the circumference
��� w.ki nl 7th Meridian In the bis-  Of the front foot al  the sole  was 67>/_
,i New  Westminster. .    ._,     |Inches, the largest recorded I believe.
Bull Has a Reputation.
'It Is generally understood that
large bull elephant- are mure frequently to be found apart trom the
herds, but our experience does not
hear this out. Three bulls thai we
have shot, having tusks (-ach weighing over 100 pounds, have heen herd
bulls. One splendid old bull, well
known In Uganda, who has been seen
by many hunters, is so well protected
by a large herd of most aggressive
cow.-, who charge at the slightest i-
tlmation of danger, that he still sur-
I vivos.    These old  bulls  are  very  rare,
j lor when om   has developed tusks of
fifty   pounds   he   becomes  the   target
'for every hunter, native or white who
1 sets  eyes   upon   him;   thus   il   is  only
; the   more  crafty   or   timid   individuals
that,  seeking the  protection  of   large
herds  or clinging  to the  more  Inaccessible   regions,  such  as  dense   forests,  manage to survive to a   ripe old
i age   and    develop   a    full   grow' l   of
Forty  Tons  of   Vengeance.
"Ai another time I was watching a
r. ,;...
��� -1
Wil- !������ I      proof   Of   (lie   I":
<-f Title Nunibei 13S*.0F,
u.i lin- of Thomas Moreau I
this  offici
Notice  In hen by  _lvi n  thn.l   1   shall, at 1
c.i.- expiration of om- month from the dnte
or the firm  publication lu-i-eof, In -i dally
newspaper puhllshc-d  in  the City  of  New
Weatmlii-tPi', Issue h dupllcittt- of the said
Certificate,  unless  iu  tho  meantime  valid I
objection be made  to me In  writing.
J.   C.   OWYNN,
l 'i- trict  Registrar of Titles.
\... "l  Reglstn   Ofi   Nc-w  Westminster,!
B.  '*.  2nd  July,   1914, (3614)
Chicago, July 15. This year will
see some of the greatest developments
in railway terminals in the history of
More than $80,000,000 will be ex
ponded in this class of work. The figures include the cost of terminals
completed, those under construction
and  on   which   work  has  started
The bulk of this tremendous expenditure will be for the new West
Side, depot and terminal to take the
place of the old I'liion station. On
this improvement alone $65,000,000
will   be   expended.
On the extension of its terminal and
factory site Improvements t.he Chicago Belt railway will spend not less
than $10,00,000. Added to this must
be perhaps an equal amount which
will go into factories and wholesale
houses that are taking advantage Of
the Belt terminals In the outlying sections oi   the city.
Next in Importance Is the new Boo
line freight terminal at Twelfth and
Canal streets. This improvement has
cost the company, for site and buildings and trackage, in the neighborhood of $8,000,000.
Used by Four Roads.
Four great railway systems will use
the new West Side Terminal. They
are: The Chicago, Burlington A*
Qulncy, the Chicago, Milwaukee _;
St. Paul, tin- Chicago <_- Alton and the
Pennsylvania lines.
On the passenger terminal alone
$40,000,000 will be expended. The remaining $25,000,000 will be used In
the freight terminals of tin- four
road it.
The ordinances under which these
Improvements will be made were passed by the City council last March
and forecast the largest single development in Chicago and its vicinity
since the (J. s. Steel Corporation built
the town of Gary.
The new passenger station, which
is to form the centre of the terminal,
will be located In the block bounded
by Adams, Canal, Jackson and Clinton streets. A large subway, the full
length of the block, will connect the
passenger station with the train concourse east of Canal street, l-'rom this
ten tracks will run to the north and
sixteen   to  the  south.
The I'ennsylavnia freight house
wil lbe located immediately north of
Twelfth street and extend to Taylor
street   and   east  of   Canal   street.
The Burlington freight house will be
placed between Harrison and Taylor
streets and near Canal. The executive
offices of the Burlington already have
been located in the new building in
tho district.
Various  Improvements  Involved.
The magnitude of the improvements
to be made, which it is estimated
will employ 10,000 men for more than
three years, can he seen from the following summary of the ordinances
under which they will he carried out;
The straightening of the river. The
construction of a connection between
Canal street and Orleans street, connecting the north side and west side
of the city. The widening of Canal
street from 80 to 100 feet from Washington street to Twelfth street. The
grading of Canal street to as uniform
a level as practicable. The opening
of .Monroe street as a through street;
this includes a bridge and viaduot approaches. The present and future
widening Of all east and west viaducts
from Luke street to Twelfth street,
inclusive. The building of lhe Twelfth
street viaduct 113 feet wide. TUB provision for the viaduct on Congress
street across the tracks ��'i-'uever
the city opens that street from Franklin street to the river. The ..-eping
of the level of the river bridges. The
opening of Fourteenth Street a.* an
east and wr st street. Teh --jx-uing
of Sixteenth street as an east, and
west streei. Tin- widening uf the
viaduct on Eighteenth street. The
widening of the viaduct from forty to
eighty feet on Polk Btreet. The widening of the viaduct from forty to
eighty feet on Taylor streei. The
providing of space on lour sides ottlie headhouse for the loading and
unloading of passengers without encroaching   upon   the   present     street
ogram-s  in   1910,  to  56,000   kilograms Itri('  "*nt ��""Pany  has  been  making
in 1913. and lt Is expected that It will I *he PUD,,�� "a-v mo,H than  was n,*'''s-
, ,   ���.,,    , ,.���.���_,.*������  further  Increased   to  125,000  kllo-|Har>' for ,,K' current, and incidentally
lhe chase as usual is'the organisation   ��� .���". WIS-    The  present .output.]?*���** "W^jffll*�� TELfEit
of sufferers  known    as    the    United
States Hay Fever association, willing
as ever to try anything to get rid of
their sneezes and tears.
This year the members of this as-
.sociation are going about their campaign systematically. Blank forms
have been circulated among the members of the association and other
known sufferers from hay fever, rose
cold or asthma, through the annual
report of the association, asking for
personal experiences.
Hereafter the hundred and one suggested cures will be judged by answers lo one question, "Do they
cure?" Sufferers will fill in the blank
forms with the names of remedies
they have tried and the places they
have visited in search of relief. The
success obtained through these remedies will be filed with the secretary
of the association for reference.
Fifty five advertised cures were reported upon at the last annual
"sneeze test" of the association, held
ption of Hudapest
Further efforts have been made to
keep down the cost of living by the
formation of a municipaly controlled
company to import meat from Rumania and Servia under the most favorable conditions.
The municipal bakeries have gained an enviable reputation, and the
gratitude of the public. As these bakeries are fitted with modern machinery, they can produce large quantities of bread, while at the same time
employing a relatively small number
of hands, and as the bread can be
shipped daily to any remoto place in
Hungary, strikes of rakers are futile.
In 1913 there was such a strike in
Relgrade. and conditions soon became
very grave.    The city council, there-
operate it itself, to the advantage of
tho public.
As lt was thought that the taxes in
Hudapest would not be so high if the
asphalt sold to the city by the asphalt
trust were not so expensive, the municipality duly Investigated the matter. It was then found that the asphalt could be manufactured for nine
crowns per cubic meter, and as the
trust insisted on the municipality paying 12 crowns per cubic meter, a municipal asphalt factory is to be built
In the meantime the city council
bus decided that no more asphalt shall
be used on the streets until the city
can supply it from its own factory.
The general public is naturally very
grateful for the fatherly way- ln whicli
in   Bethlehem,   N.   H.,   last   summer
Tlie  secretary calls  the roll of these jot  short duration
so-called   cures  alphabeticaly.   Thirty-] Model   Houses  Built
four of these remedies  were  discarded as useless.
Col    M.   Richards   Muckle,   of   this
mavor'nf^-tMn. iSJXSS i"""  J"-  il l" <-ar<* '" **>* the municipality
mayor or that city immediately order-  	
Bd the municipal bakeries to send to!
Belgrade daily as much bread as wasj     Some of the members of the   Kam-
requlred.    As a result, the strike was | loops  Baseball  club  have  in  contemplation u scheme    both    cutm-prising
and interesting, and that is a tour in
The  municipality also continues  to I Japan.
city,  a   former president  of  the  asso- |
elation,  was  introduced as the "King
of Hay  Favorites."
"I must have spent $4,000 and have
tried      everything    cold    baths,    hot
baths,  sweat baths and quacks." said |
Col. Muckle, "and after all I have tak- ���
en   I  am   fortunate to be alive,  for  I I
am   88   years  old   and   have   had   bay
fever Bince I was is."
Hut   the   hay   fever   association   has:
stopped  experimenting. The members j
lune been holding conventions for 40!
���-ears.    At  first they met  to joke and |
sympathize with each other and compare   sneezes.     A   thirty-third   degree
sufferer  in  those days  was one who
used thirty or forty handkerchiefs    a
Now   tiie   association's  annual   convention discusses remedies and starts !
agitations in councils and legislatures
for   the   elimination   of  ragweed.   The !
members are on the track of the bay
fever  germ  and  expect   some  import-
ant    information   from   the   scientists
who are aiding them when they meet |
in   their  forty-first annual  convention
on September 3, at Bethlehem, X.  H.
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout ths Province of British Columbia.
Savings D-psrtment st all Branches Deposits of One Dollar sad
upwards received and Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable Id all parts of the
CHA8. Q. PENNOCK, Qenersl Manager.
New   We.tminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
BOILERS   Riveted S.eel Pipes
 BURN OIL     ���
Professor   Declares  No     Fundamental
Difference   Betweet   Winds of
Men and Dogs.
Chicago.    .Inly       17,.     Belief  in     the
| soul is disappearing and In its stead
arises a stronger belief in a kinship
between   man and  the  lower animals,
'according io the view expressed today by I'rof. Joseph Peterson, of the
University  of  Utah,  in   a   lecture  to
| University of Chicago students on
"Changing Conceptions of Mind and
"In our day." said the speaker, "a
few scientists of the first rank have
adhered to the older ideas, but this
has heen mostly for personal or eth:
cal views, rather than to meet the
iK-tual demands of science. They
seemed to have failed to convince
their scientific brethren of any real
function    performed    by   Bhe   soul   in
1 psychological  explanations.
I'rof. Peterson declared that there
is no fundamental difference between the mind of a dog and the
mind  of  a  man
"It   is   questioned   whether   an
I bia.-ed   student   of   comparative
Cm-logy   can    find     anv   experimental
(evidence for a view that the minds of
j men and animals are different. On
th. contrary, all mental differences
between animals and  men are becom-
. ing differences of degree, not of kind.
It   is   true   that   no  animal   ever   told
;any on-- of us in so many words that
It is conscious, as wr- are conscious,
that   it  has  an   inner  lite  (if  its  oirti.
| Bul it is no less tm.. mat all such
communications between persons is
ultimately based on Inference from
behavior, just as is um- knowledge of
Lie  animal   mind.''
E-udapr/.   Inverts   Million   Crowns   in
Municipal   Stores   to   Help
Reduce Expenses.
P.   O.   BOX   44?
Cheap fares for all return tickets to Kastem points, on sale
beginning June tat. Hood to return up to Oct rn��t.
I'or  particulars apply to
E. GOULET, Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie. G.P.A.. Vancouver
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria   From   Vancouver.
a.m Dally
p.m Daily
p.m Daily
For Seattle
a.m  . Dally
p.m. daily except Saturday
p.m Saturday
For  Nanaimo
am. ami e>::!0 p.m Daily
Nanaimo. Union Bay, Comox
K   a in.   Thursday  and   Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay,   Powell
11:46 p.m Kvery Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
11:00pm    Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
7;00 a.m   Tuesdays for Victorias
calling  at  points  in  (lulf  Isl.
To  Alaska   ...Kvery  Saturday
The     lime    tor    lhe    reception     of
tenders for Prince Rupert, B.C., Pud-
lie Building, Is    hereby    further   extended to Saturday, Angusl  1st. 1914.
lly ordi r.
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa, .lu!'   10, 1014, 3661 ���
YU/ f k   coLur
.Tf-V.rl.   N_yv
Gymnasium Class, Thursday at 7.30
Swimming classes. Tuesdays and
days, :! to 4, at  V. M, C. A
Ladies' Club. Friday at 8 p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
.Veals served to ladies and gentlemen
j-"_r particulars call phone 1324.
from an ant hill, when from the
cows tiiere was a  low ominous rumble  like  distant   thunder,  which   was
I plain    talk   and    meant   trouble.        A
j hasty    glance   around   convinced      ns
R-J.J.   thai   then-   was   lint   one   thing   to   do,
Young   to   stan I   and   meet   the   Charge   from
we   wi re,   and
levation   where
from where -we could
tried io escape to one
forest   we  could   ool   f
side  or  to
ee  them
Steps Being Taken to Prevent Collisions on St. Lawrence.
Montreal, .inly it. iu order to
minimize the dangers of collision on
the narrower reaches ot the St. Lawrence river, arrangements an- being
made now by tiie departmenl of
marine and fisheries to practically
double-track the channel rrom Point
Aux Trembles down to the entrance
of Lake st. iu ter. Alreadj part of
iliis* work is completed, and surveys
an- now being made to carr.- it on.
and by nexl season it is hoped it will
be completi d. Tlie work Is being done
in   the  wa;.   o!  dredgin?  two :
channels, all the way down
lake, oik- to In- used  by the
class   of   wKsrls   with   a    dre
less   than    1.7   feet,   while     tin
eio.in,, i  w 111 contlnlue to be i
the     Ul
of beav
mtic liners
f draught.
and othei
o the
ht of
ma in
sed bv
Budapest.  Hungary,   July  IB.   The
municipality   of   Budapest   has   probably done more lo relieve the distress
resulting   from   the   increase   in    the
cost   of   living   during   the   lust    few
! vears. than any other City  in  Europe,
i Much  wisdom and ingenuity has been
j .shm-.n   in  the  practical  way   in   which
it has undertaken to reduce this cost,
��� and especially to assist indirectly cer-
! tain classes of Its population,    more
particularly clerks and smalt government  employees,   who,  Oil  account  of
their   station  in   life,  cannot  be  the
[objects of dlreci charity,
The municipality has, during the
last two years, invested 1,000,000
; crowns In municipal shops, where certain meats, poultry, eggs and I,utter
are sold at reasonable prices. These
.-hops ere Intended 1" make a profit of
from 7, to <i per cent, in order not lo
compete unfairly with the retail
butchers and dairymen, anl  this lias
li. - n a sufficiently small profit to af-
fecl prici s .:i .. in ral, to a certain e\
h nt.
Ccst   of   Necessities   Increases.
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial invitation is given the ladies of New Westminster to
visit the salesrooms of the 11. ('. Electric, in the company's terminal
at Columbia and Eighth, to inspect our complete line of Electric
Cook  ilig and  Household  appliances.
These appliances greatly lessen the labor of the housewife, promoting- both ber comfort and convenience. They are always ready
for service, operating on connection with any household socket. Tin-
cost for current is only a few cents p^r hour of continuous operation.
Electric Cooking Applances just meet your summer demands as
they can do all forms of light cooking jusl. as well as the kitchen
range. Fully seventy-live per cent of your summer cooking can be
done in this manner.
New  Westminster  Salesrooms,  B.C. Electric Block, Columbia eV Eighth
1 HUH*
Special Excursions
Five Days ClO Glacial, Island
including \ )A Mountain and
Meals and Berth. yw Forest Scenery
S.S.    'I'rince    Rupert"    sails S.S.    "I'rince    (ieorge"    sails
Thursdays,   midnight,   July   \i>.
.Monday,   midnight,  duly   710.  77. 23, 30.
Boats remain at I'rince Kupert one day. affording an opportunity
of seeing the new Qrand Trunk Pacific city.
Parlor rooms separately or en suite, with or without, private
hath, etc., at an additional cost. Staterooms en suite without extra
II   C,   SMITH, l'.l'. and TA. C. I*. JENNEY, O.A.P.D.,
Phone Scy. S134. r-7'7 Oranvllle St., Vancouver, lie.
;rlheless, during that time there THURSDAY, JULY  16,  1914.
Biggest Drug Store in B.C. Any
Drug   Wholesale  or   Keta.l.
New Westminster.
Buy    your   Tennis   RaOQUjtt   and
Baseball Goods from
55  Sixth  Street.
We want your trade.   Your dollar is worth a dollar at
MacDenald's Grocery
633 8ixth Street.
New   Westminster,   B.C.
When   you   buy,   buy   the   best
and  get  It at   MacDonalds.
Phone  1075L.
B.gbie  Street.
choicest Wines an_ Liquors on
the market always In stock.
none Just as good, nor none better.   Insist on getting.
Make More Bread and Better
Milling Co., Ltd.
There's a whole lot of harm done in this old world,
just because people will not stop to think.
A man comes round the corner in his auto, forgetting
that there's anybody using the streets but himself, and
the next minute there's a call'for the ambulance.
All because he didn't think.
It's the same in many other things, particularly in
No citizen of New Westminster who has the welfare
of the city at heart would deliberately go and do some-
i worn i
Crockery and
It it's Shoes, try the
Old Country Boot Store
We are stocked up in the best
Canadian and Old Country Footwear, ln all kinds of -summer
shoes our stock ia complete.
Canvas Shoes from 55c. up;
Bathing- Shoes 20c. to 30c for
women.   Our prices are the lo*.
est pu*3ible a�� our terms
J. STEWART, Proprietor.
Try a "Society
Brand" Suit
Tt* ���       Q
thing which would hurt the town; but, nevertheless, there! Tailored for Young Men and  .Me,,
Corner Fourth aud Columbia Streets.
Choicest Goods. Lowest Prices.
P.O. Boa ma 0slly News Blda.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satlsfacuou fusrantaa*.
8.  McK.ml. at
We know that we can give you
the greatest value for your money, and we feel sure that our
service will suit you. Our customers are our best advertisers.
New customers come to us constantly who tell us that a friend
or neighbor has    recommended
them to deal at the Annandale
Supply Co. Others come to us
and tell us that they get fresher fruit and vegetables from us
than they get elsewhere. Other.
again, find that we keep tbe
best butter, and so on.
Annandale Supply Co.
This is the season when we have to change our headgear to a
more comfortable and lighter weight, such as Straw and Panamas. We
have them both.
Tlie Botha Shape in senate and fine straw  $1.50 to $5.00
Others   50c to $2.50
Panamas  $6.oo to $15.00
McMencmy A Anderson.
iare some who are good boosters for this place who are unconsciously doing it an injury almost every day.
*   *    *    *    *
They don't stop to think that when they buy something out of town, which they might just as well have
purchased here, they are sending money away which belongs to New Westminster and which will not come back.
They forget that money earned in New Westminster
is part of New Westminster, part of the capital of the city
on which it relies for its growth.
Every cent of that money which is sent away to buy
things which could be bought here is doing harm to New
', Westminster, not so much because it goes to help build up
'another town, but because it helps build up that other
Transfer Co-
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phons 1_7.
Begble Street
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
^ny Part of the City.
Who  Stay   Voung
$18 and More     ....    , ���       ���   ,.
A. S. Mills & Co.^*0*1^*******
Columbia  Street  at   Sixth | CITY OF NEW WE8TMINSTER. B.C.
Columbia Piano House
R. M. ROSS, JR., Manager.
Sewing Machines. Pianos.
Better machines for less money. Be,n- "eintzman and Co., Chick-
ii,,iiiin.,,cT.uni�����.,   " ering   Bros.,   Wormworth   and
A full line of STANDARDS from others.    We save    you    money.
$35.00 to $80.00.    Easy Terms. Organs   from   $25   up.   Pianos
, tuned.    Pianos to rent.
Royal City���'and ^TitMtHy
Manufacture  and   Bell   Paisley   Whole
Wheal   Meal,  Briton  Breakfast Meal
��� ... and   drain   Growers'     Private     Stock
Seme have meat loo tough to eat,       ,
While some have meat that's tender Flour. All from Marquis wheat grown j
High Class Wines. Spirits. Beers, Etc.
From  $25 to $45, made to order.
J. N. Aircu.
Merchant Tailor.    Westminster  Trust
We hell meat you'll find S treat.
If you let us be the sender.
Phone  192.
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in  Alberta.    It   is  pood  and   it  saves
you  money.
MERCHANT   TAILOR. O.f/l/ffv PrintaOYQ
Pull  stock  of  latest   Imported   Suit-        K^UUUiyT^niC^^
in---s     for  summer   wear.     Perfect   fit        S_____^^^^��*^^^^������"���""^���
and workmanship guaranteed.   Prices Market Square
from  tlN.i'u uy.    701  Kront street.       I
So stop to think the next time you are tempted to buy
outside New Westminster.
Phone Your Order to 1299.
Come and see our new store Corner
Columbia and Blackie Sts. I
Whale Oil Soap, Quassia Chips
Black Leaf Extract at
RYALL'S Drug Store
Phone 57 Hart  Block.
Sweeping Reductions.
Also, there are some people who talk about the great gJJ* W����J JJJJ, f��orr ���������������
Huts,  worth  $16.00, for  	
Phone 388 do not appear to realize that the greater the demand in
assortment from which they have to buy elsewhere. They
do not appear to realize that the greater the demam
their home stores the greater will be the assortment
Wear Our Good Furnishings
Nothing puts a man on such good terms with himself as good
fitting, good feeling underwear, socks, shirts, collars and neckties.
We've got them for you Vou get tin m from us, don't take anything
that is handed out to you. but come to the store that "has got the
goods"  when you want furnishings.    Of course our prices are right.
reid & Mcdonald
707 Columbia Street.
Carnarvon Street.
Commercial,  Catalogue  and   Poster
The best of fresh and home cured meats
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
I takes many things to make a town, but the greatest |
ingredients in city building and the most potent factor in
winning success for a community is loyalty.
*    *    *    *    *
Be loyal to your town and you will not lose by it.
Buy Your Shoes from
SINCLAIR, The Shoe Man
He Sells Nothing but the BEST.
Palace Market, Columbia St.
Kdmonds Market, Edmonds.
Sapperton Market, Sapperton.
Phone 1200
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Will You
Line Up
Read Your Home Paper First
The Morning Paper of New Westminster and
The Eraser Valley.
Up-to-the-minute in every Department.
ani) shop at McAllisters.
We Pack, Ship and Prepay Freight on all Purchases.
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much   satisfaction   and   wear  as   these   same   FIT-RITE   CLOTHES.
Better come in today and look them over.
C. A. WelshjJAMES &
City Store       193 and  44.
Sapperton  Branch     	
West Knd Branch     650 ] ���i^������^-��____
THREE  BIG  STORES OF  PLENTY, i Xf>w Westminster, General Orfice and
Store. Corner Front and Sixth SL.
Hardware, Plumbing and Heating.
to you or uny other sum- person that this store can and does sell Furniture and Home Furnishings for as little money as any other store
In British Columbia. OCR PRICES, backed by a reputation for square
dealing, have stood the tests of iwo years' unfair competition���Bankrupt Stock Sales and Bargain Sales under all sorts of names.
YOUR MONEY will go further and return sooner to your OWN
POCKET when yen keep it In your HOME CITY.
OUR STOCK Is new and up to date, marked to give you the hundred cents of honest value for every dollar of your good money you
hand us.
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
THURSDAY, JULY  16.  1914.
Officials Will  See  If
Spared  from  Sandheads
A visit to the Sandheads will he
made by Resident Engineer C C.
Worsfold, Harbor Engineer A. ().
Powell, the harbor commissioners and
Alderman Annandale, chairman of the
harbor committee of the city council,
tor the purpose of making an exhau.-
tive examination of the new channel
,n order to ascertain whether the government dredge Frtihling can be
���spared from its work there to assist
in the filling in of the new dockage
facilities on  Front streei.
The dredge Is expected to undergo
general overhaul wifain the next few
weeks and it is thought that unless
ii can be secured in the near future it
will be several months before filling
operations can be carried on at the
harbor improvement work on a huge
St. John, N.B.. July 15. At the inquiry into the crown land charges
made agalnat Premier Flemming of
New Brunswick, whicli was resumed
this morning before the royal commission, E. K. Teed told the commission that he had been asked by Premier Flemming to take charge of the
campaign fund. He had been asked to
receive, contributions. He understood
that the premier had been informed
that tlie lumbermen were raising a
fund for party purposes. Tlie premier
had refused to have anything lo do
with the fund, however, but had offered to nominate a man to take
charge of the fund and had accordingly selected the witness, .Mr. Teed,
for  the purpose.
Club to Be Organized at a Gathering
This  Evening.
Vancouver  and   New    Westminster
autoists will gather at the Russell hotel this evening for the purpose of reorganising the  local automobile clubi
and   also   formulate   a   plan   of   cam-1
pak-n  on  several  projects  of  interest j
to the automobile world of the lower I
-d at the hotel speeches
by sev
ss   and
1  men  will
be mi
ide  whi
le a re
crption  will  he
to  the
-   of   the   p
irly   1
j   M rs.
A.   W
and  assist
Eighteenth    Discharge    During
Month  Tame  Affair.
Redding, Cal., July IB.���Black
smoke belched a mile high from the
crater of (Lassen Beak early today
and then drifted southward before the
wind   in   a  banner  ten   miles   long.
The amount of falling ashes was
small compared with the great eruption of June 14, although the volume
of the cloud was fully as great and
the duration ot the disturbance longer.
'I he first violence, of the outbreak be-
gan to dwindle after two hours, although the mountain still emitted
The spectacle of Mount hassen in
eruption lias become so common that
it no lougpr excites the countryside.
Today's  is  the   18th   eruption   since
".May  30,
Large Empress Subscriptions.
Montreal, July 15.- One of the largest subscriptions ever raised under
lin- auspices of the .Montreal board of
trade Is being secured for the F.m-
prc?s of Ireland sufferers. Already
ih-- fund is $55,073. and subscriptions
nr-- still coming in at the rale of $100
:i day. No thought of closing the
fund lias as yet been entertained and
it is hoped that before it is closed
between $fiO,000 and $70,000 will be
Murderer Reprieved.
Itegina, July 15.--Austin Drewniek,
a prisoner In the jail at Prince Albert, convicted of murder and sen-
tenced to die was today granted a reprieve by Judge Brown in the district
court In this city. The execution was
to have taken place tomorrow, but
is postponed until Aug. 13.
jsome of the magic contents into the
-goblet      "He   inbreathes   the   fragant
Dredge Can Be  gases."  gays  Sterling   Hellig.   writing
(upon  the subject of the commemoration;   "sniffs  down   the   winged     per-
| fumes    aye,   to   the     depths     of     his
I lungs,   mingling   with   the   ox)gen   of
Ihis   life.     His   lips   are   not   wet.   yet
jl)om   Perignon   trembles    the    sensation   is  so  beautiful.     Now   he   takes
bis first gulp.    Tongue, mouth, palate,
dance  beneath   the  'pick' of the  first
swallow   of   sparkling   champagne   in
the  world, composed of grace, force,
gayety.     See.   he   fears   a   disillusion
What if the new  liquid, so agreeable
to  the   taste,  should   have  a   muddy,1
ugly   look.    No   natnreli  as  united  in I
the  miracle    all her seductions!   The
wine  is  light-colored,  clean-cut,  cicalas crystal!    And���astonishment upon
astonishment!    a   meteor   shower     of
laughing bubbles dance up continually.    'Stars!' exclaims  Horn   Perignon..
'I'm drinking stars!'
Thanked   Gor  for   Miracle.
"He   kneels   to  thank   God   for   thej
miracle.    It seems, indeed, a  miracle j
to the old monk  -the sparkling champagne   that   made  itself  by  accident.
Because, to the already rich perfume]
of  the  old,  flat  wine  of  kings  wcrej
added   utterly   new   exhilarations,   all
superb���which   no  man   in  the  world,
before   had   tasted   or   dreamed     of! j
Dom   Perignon   became a  great   man.
Why it popped and fizzed remained a '
mystery to him, a.s to all the others,
because  the  coneiiction  between  car--
bonic acid and  sugar was undreamed
of.    Simply, they followed his rule-of-i
thumb  formula,  and  he  repeated,  always  what  he had  done by accident,
in mixing, shifting, bottling at a certain moment  with  wooden corks, and
so on.    Thus they found a  wine that I
would hurst from its bottle and over-
flow the glass, twice as dainty and ex!
bllaratlng as if it had aged naturally"!
The   Perfect   Wine.
The   modern   wine   indsutry   owes
much to the old  monk.    Besides the
pop and  the wooden cork, he discovered that the best champagne i.s pro-1
duced by a judicious mixing of grape)
juice from two or three districts. Fori
Instance,   it   Is   said   lhat  the   perfect i
wine   is   marie   by   blending   in   oi-ual
proportions   juice   from   Avize,   noted
for lightness,  freshness and effervescence;   juice   from   Dizy-Magenta,   famous for vlnousness, mellowness and
roundness; juice from Ay for bouquet,
"go"  and   brilliancy;   and  juice   irom
Verzrnay,  for both  body and delicate
perfume.    In France there is only one
true   champagne   district,   and   many
may recall a condition that might have
led to civil war had the government
given the growers of Aube and Upper
Marne  permission  to call  their wine
champagne.    Tiie  grower of  the  true
champagne is  the   Marne district.  It
is true  that  the  Marne   imports  millions of gallons of juice from tlie Upper Marne and elsewhere to mix with |
Its own wines, and it is equally true. I
no doubt, that this is what most peo-
pie are drinking now when they order!
champagne     Just   as   there   Is   niore'j
Scotch whiskey drunk every year than
'could be distilled  if the whole population   of   Scotland    were   exclusively
! engaged   in   the  business,  so  there   is
more champagne drunk in a year than
I France could produce in ten.
Wine-drinking  Nations.
Experiments   following  the  monk's
first discovery led to the introduction
of   a   little   sugar   in   the   wine.      In
France  they  like their  wine doux  or!
sweet, with about 13 degre/i of sugar.;
In  Britain and  the  United States  thej
favorite  is sec   (dry)   with  from  four j
to two degrees of sugar.    The original;
wine   (brut I    has   no   sweetening,   or!
very little, and  there is  no great de-1
tnand for it anywhere,    it is rather
significant  that  there  is  less champagne  drunk  in   France  than  in  any
jollier wine-drinking country.    Russia,;
leads,  followed   by  the  I'nited  States.;
Belgium, Kngland, Oermany and South i
America.  The  champagne  industry  i.s ���
one   that   France   enjoys   a   monopaly
of, and although now she is exporting
more than she can produce, she hopes
to  further  increase  her exports  hy  a
great, celebration, when wine will flow
as   though   all   France     were   a   fountain.
France   Will   Hold  250th   Anniversary
of Accidental   Discovery  of
vis,  July   15  -"Preparations
now  going forward In France to
celebrate the 250th anniversary of tlie
i! scoverj of champagne. The exact
date of the momentous occasion is
uncertain, but so are other exact
dates that we commemorate, and the
people of the wlne-growlng district of
Krai.i e believe that nothing is better
worth celebration than the accidental
discovery of that old Benedictine
monk when he heard the first of the
world's "pops," saw a cork burst from
a bottle and the original champagne
tonm over the cellar floor, The monk j
was named Dom Perignon, and he was i
the cellar master of the Abbey of
Hautevlllers. Dom l'erignon was anj
experienced judge and guardian of
vine, and in the cellar under his care
were most of the known wines of the
age, among them the wine that we
now cal! champagne, excepted that it
was as flat a.s claret. Some time before the day on which bis epoch-
marking discovery was marie he hail
invented wooden corks for the bottles
instead of the flax dipped In oil which
had preceded them. Perhaps the j \Vedneisday
wooden  corks    had  something to rioj ,
with   manufacturing  the  first    offer-1
Vesceilt   wine      It    may   be     that     a
chance removal of casks  to a colder
temperature  transfoi nu d  acl I. e    [er
mentation into latent   fermentation.
The  First  Drink.
Al   any  rate,  the  monk   was  going
his rounds with his little -silver gobletlthe   sword
ai. ins girdle when he was astonished w*as caughl I-
by the popping of a cork. Then there  to  the  stand
the   neck,
Victoria, July 15. Among the passengers who disembarked from the
S. S. Governor at this port was Seaman H. William.-;, member of the crew
Of the British sloop of war H. M .S.
Algerine, which, together with 11. M.
S. Shearwater, is now doing patrol
duty off the Mexican seaboard. While
serving on the Algerine, Williams
was taken ill with feevr, and upon recovery was shipped hack to Esquimau
from San  Diego by the Oovernor
Williams says that the Algerine
sailed for San Diego on Sunday last
for Mazatlan and Salina Cruz, to relieve the Shearwater, which will now
return to San Diego, which is the
base of operations for ti ������ warships.
Ile say.- lhat the Algerine and Shearwater have been engaged In transporting refugees Irom points on tin-
Mexican coast tO San Diego. When
Williams left San Diego the officers
of the Algerine had not been advised
when the warship was likely to return
to Esquimalt, and the crews were resigned to a length) stay iu Mexlacn
Thursday Furniture
Camp   Couches;    6     feet long;
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Upholstered    Collapsible    Cots,
for  the camp.
Cash   Price   . ..
Conches    with      roll    edge;    in
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Spanish leather.
Cash   price   	
���hers.    Cash
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edge;     in
ir   imitation
The New Westminster
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oak; fumed or
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Toronto, July  14    Col.  Gaskin,    of
the   Salvation   army,   received   0    lues-
-age yesterday from Itiraouskl to
the effect that Major Jennings had
identified the body of Commissioner
Rees. Tin- identification was made
by a waterproof that the late Commissi,mer wore, and also by the initials on his pyjamas. The local officials of the army are making arrangements for a public funeral on
vlBdrid, July
off  tiie  honors
yesterday.  In th,
the   sword   of
,,-aa another and another explosion. He
saw that several bottles had burst
an I were foaming and frothing at the
mouth as though suddenly gone mad.
j|i  pick, ; up one of t'-iem and poured
1 I. Tin- bulls carried
in the lighting here
event for amateur:
one of the toreadors
(in- bull, and tossed hill struck a spectator
killing him. Later, a
Mexican swordsman, after killing the
first bull, ��as mortally gored by the
Becond The righting then Btopped
for the day.
Tokio, Japan.   July 15.   The   large
quantity  i i oil  which sudden!*-   burst
'.'nun the Kurokawa oil wells recently
i shows no signs of diminishing. While
; producing mi re than twice ihe volume
of all  the other  wells  In  the - mpfre
combined. II is remarkable In the bis-
lor) ol the   oil   Industrj    lhe   world
over,  as  the oil  simply    flows    in    a
stead)   sue,nn and  |g unattended  by
I the  pressure   which   has  always   been
expi rienced in similar cases, and lias
been   found  difficult   to control
K. Ito, superintendent of the Investigation department of the Nippon Oil
company, in his report on the subject,
\ says;
"Work was commenced on the new
I well during the first part of April, this
j year, with one of the company's up-to-
i date  rotary  boring     machines.    After
��� drilling  through  ordinary    earth    and
lock  to a  depth of some  llln  feet, a
'strata,   known   lo oil  experts   as   the
: shell.'   was encountered      At   midnight
Of  May   77-  th,-  drill   pierced  through
this shell, or cruet, at a depth of 1868
[eet, Into what is apparently the lead
bed Of an  extraordinary deposit
Old  Wells   Now   Flowing.
"Il is from ihis bed lhat the present
unusual   flow  continues.    That   which
is mosl extraordinary  is the fact that
the other five wells of the company In
(hat district,    wince    heretofoi ���    required suction pumps, have also begun
I'b wing o|  their own accord.    Imi  the
flow Is so steady, and being unattended  by an)    extraordinary    foi -,   is
easily controlled. Even the I >W of
the new well can be controlled il any
11,ne. a.- it flown In a steady - ream,
The new well was sunk with an eight-
Inch   casing,   which   has   been      ipped
witli a four-way head,    thereb:    con
. trolling  the  flow.
I    The output was, al first, somewhat
difficult to handle, as    no    provision
had   bi  made   ror Btioh   an unusual
quantity. The sump ul the top of the
hill which had been (-'instructed to
receive the flow was soon tilled, and
lhe overflow **as conducted down into lhe upper level paddy fields, where
man) hands erected a dyke around
the out-ule ol Beveral c-ho, thus forming a very large sump '
bill containing the same general provisions, framed by a governor's commission appointed to propose a reform
of the judicial system, including
plans for reform of judicial procedure
and court practice. Among the reforms proposed was the non-partisan
Fur  tlie   latter,  a   bill     passed     the
house,  but   was defeated  in  tlie senate
by the narrow margin of two votes
Thereafter the Shingle Weavers' union declared for an initiative bill, and
tin- plan was endorsed unaniinousi-, by
'������''���' *
'������ 4X*im?t
the state federation of women's clubs
j The  latter  indorsement   was  followed
| by  similar  action  on  the  part   of  the
bar a-social ion.  which  named  a  com-
: mittee to prepare the bill.
The bar association's proposal was
j for the bill :, go before the legislature.
but, distrustful of that body, as a result of the experience of 1913, the
committee has obtained signatures
and placed the bill on the ballot to in-
| passed upon by the voters In tbe
election  next   November.
Tin-    measure  has  the  backing  of
most of the press and  ils adoption   is
i freely predicted.
Measure to Ee Voted on in November
Endorsed by PreGS, Bar, Unions
and   Clubs.
Portland, Ore., July 15. As the out-
growth of agitation ior a non-partisan
judiciary that has been going on 111
this state for a number of years, a
bill now is pending the action of the j
voters of Oregon to provide the manner of nominating and electing judicial officers, to define the term judicial officer within the meaning of the
act, to prohibit the nomination at!
any primary election of any judicial
officer by any political party, association, person or persons, and to
provide a  penalty for Its violation,    j
The  measure is  In   13  sections.    It
is not tin- sequenee to specific alleged ;
abuses by the courts.   T'ne plan more;
nearly represents the desire, s" far as
possible, to perfect  the governmental
machinery   of   the   commonwealth,   a|
desire  manifest  iu   many   Innovations
that   have  beer,  adopted   by  the clti
���/.(���illy   witli   more   or   less   satisfactory
results i
Iii   1913  t'.:���   Icgb lature  defeated  a
7-ROOM   DWELLING,   MODERN   CONVENIENCES,     Lot  50x132,    in
Lawn and Garden.    TERMS ARRANGED.    PRICE $2200.
General Insurance Agents.
313-315 Westminster Trust Building and 746 Columbia St.   Phone 85L.
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57


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