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The New Westminster News May 23, 1914

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 Volume i/, Number 68.
Price Five Cents,
' ��� I
Four New Bridges Burned I p!ant "nd1,;"' vuri""!'
��� I store yards.
houses   und
A considerable quantity of dynamite Is kept stored m-ar the dam and
although this was in no danger of being i��et off, tbe company rushed tbe
men through the burning bush along
the pipe line road to have everything
iu readiness for either laklug the explosive on SOOWI to the centre of tbe
lake or sinking It beneath the surface.
Pacific Mills Not Burned.
Careful Investigation made by The
In Fraser Valley But aii Were Got News yesterday dissolves tlie report*
Under Control. of the burning of the Pacific mill at
ll'ori Coquitlam and the serious pllvht
  'of the Hawthorne ranch.   While theee
i plaoss were endanger* d for a time.
u::n showers promised.by tbe wetv-nbe names did not approach anything
thcr bureau  for tonight  tbe danger)near to the buildings and the short
which  has  existed   from   forest  fires i *"'"sh   ���������  t1"'  *tointty  which    caught
lire,   gave   little   trouble   to   the   fire
on North Pitt Meadows
Inquiry Shows That 8ix Residences
Have Been Destroyed and a Number of Barns���Numerous Fires Start
Attempted Murder and Sui- J One Vote of Jury Decided
cidc as Result of Jeal- Fate of Former Police
Vancouver's Social Circles Shocked at | Another Appeal Wilt Be Attempted in
the  Terrible Tragedy  Enacted Hopea of Saving  Instigator of
Yesterday. Rosenthal's  Murder.
Vancouver, May 12���Returning from '     New  Vork, May
-Charles Beck-
00 the lower mainland during the past
tew dayt) is thought to be about over.
lire rangers and fire fighters last
nisi.; bnathed a sigh of relief In several sections, although in others the
names renewed theft* activity with
vigor and while not doing any nppre-
< ibio amount of damage, threatened
lor a time the power lines of the Vancouver E'ower company and the Stave
Lake concern together with the telephone system,
Coquitlam and Port Corjuitlam have
bi   i,  the  real  fire centres and  when
damage is finally estimated It  Is almost   certain   that   this   district   will i him  district  the
lave, suffered the most from the fire | residences have
Yesterday morning no less than
tour new bridges on tbe North I'itt
Meadow road which weie to have
been inspected for final acceptance
by the government today, were di
��t royal.    One of tbe struct tires men
Yesterday morning a fire start'd in
the vicinity of Gilley Bros. Quarries
on Pitt lake, the plant being shut
down in order that the ni'-n employed
there mlgbt be used to prevent the
flames spreading. Little, if any. damage was done in th;:! section, the
low brush wood giving little food to
the flames, which caused little or no
damage although li travelled al a rapid pace for a lime.
According to a careful estimate
made by one who has travelled from
section to section in the Por: Coqult-
past two days, six
been destroyed, to-
g%.her with numerous barns and outbuildings, two camps have been wiped out and four bridges were burned.
Starting out from Port Coquitlam
today, a large gang of experienced
lumbermen will go over the different
nngi-H   to   discover   what   effect   the I
mired 125 feet In length and will take ' tire has had and to stamp out IndTp- iKu.*;Kt,; at the club gathering
a meeting <;! the Women's Canadian I er for the second time was held re-
ciub, where she had contributed to the | sponsible today by a jury for the Rob-
musical part of the program, Madame enthal murder which nearly two years
Kale Newton was shot by her husband ago awoke New Vork to a realiza-
at her home in South Kitsilano this | Hon of corruption In the police de-
evenlng, I partment and opened a new era of po-
���She Is lying at death's door at the | lice reform.
Oeneral hospital where she was rush-1    flecker, a former police lieutenant,
ed  by the ambulance a few  minutes ��� was   found  guilty   or  murder  in   the
after tiie tragedy. I first  degree.    Only  a  pardon  or  In-
J. K. Newton, husband of the vie- j terference again by the court of ap-
tiin. Is lying dead at a local undertak-j peals can save him from following
ing parior, having sent a bullet crash-1 to tho electric chair the four gunmen
lug through his brain after he thought j who shot Herman Rosenthal, the
that his wife whom he shot three times' gambler, early on th morning of July "."'V
before he turned the gun on blmseli', 10, 1912. The jury decided today that |
wan dead. | the gunmen were Becker's agents,
Jealousy Is alleged to have b-en the i One ballot decided Becker's fato. It
Impelling motive for the dreadful! was unanimous for conviction. The
crime which has shocked the city as j jury reached its verdict in four hours
the first tumor spread after tht oc- and four minutes. Tears Streamed
curreuce at 5 o'clock. down the foreman's face as be   an-
.Madame Newton, when ncaring her j ncunced the decision and tears stood
home, met one of her pupils, a young; in tho eyes of the other jurors,
man, with whom she chatted for sev-j     Becker's    counsel    announced    he
erai minutes.    Her husband was wat-1 would   appeal,  and   gained   a  week's
erlng the lawn at the time and irome- j stay for the preparation of his future
dlately  followed   hla  wife    Into    the i campaign.   The defendant was grant-
house, where harsh words are alleged ! ed a short meeting with his wife aud
to  have  been  followed  by the  shoot-! brothers and  then taken  back to his
lug.    Mrs. Newton was In the kitchen ' cell in the Tombs,
placing a pretty bouquet of red roses |     Decker and  his  wife  were  talking
In a vase at the time of the tragedy, j shortly before five o'clock In a room
i tne   flowers   being   a   gift   from   the   adjoining   the  aeriffs  office   when  a
A murder was narrowly averted at
Kbnrne late last night when a woman, who Is unknown and still missing, fired point blank at a Hindu who
goes under the name of Wilson.
The Hindu is at present in the Vancouver General hospital suffering
from a bullet wound ln the leg.
According to Information gleaned
by the police, lt appears that a strange
woman appeared at the Hindu camp of
the Kburne Lumber company at 11:15
and enquired for Wilson. When he
appeared on the scene, she lifted a
revolver, firing at his head. His hat
was shot through, while the next bullet
found Its way into one of his legs.
The woman, accompanied by three
men, is then said to have boarded a
waiting  auto   and   disappeared   from
Claim to Be British Citizens
and Right to Visit Any
Part of Empire.
Will Make Test Case and Carry It to
Highest Court���Canadian Authorities Are of Opinion That the Hindus Will Be Returned to the Orient
���Two Indian Women Aboard.
Victoria, May 22.���-Acting under instructions from Ottawa, Dr. H. R,
Nelson, medical superintendent at the
Wiliam Head quarantine station,
boarded the Komogata Mam at five
o'clock this afternoon, and after aat-
isfying himself that all on board
were In good health, granted the vessel practique.
By 8 o'clock  the Komogata  Maru
was under way for Vancouver where
the ultimate fate of Gurdit Singh and
his company  of 375  Hindus  will  be
decided.    She will not reach Vancou-
j ver before 4.20 tomorrow morning.
One of the provisions in the cabled
instructions was that each of the Hindus must bo vaccinated and thia op-
! eiation was carried out by the ship's
1 doctor during the passage of the ves-
Revised Constitution Adopt- ����> up the ��*uif.
When  the Komogata  Maru put  to
ed by Representatives
time and money to replace. i lent fires which threaten to break out
Throughout yesterday  iteeve Mai-1 afresh.   This party will be amply pro-
moot and a large gang of men In Co-  vlsioned  for  a  period  of four days,
quitlam municipality were engaged in j during whicli lime they expect to cov-
fighting   the   flames,   while   late   last Per   the   entire   arm   which   lias   been
n.ghf a gang was stationed in the vi-   flame  swept.
clnlty nf Crabbe'l lumber mill which ; Fires  in the Valley.
Is threatened, '    in the l-'.-ascr valley yesterday large
Men  Are on  Watch. ; gangs of men  were kep*  continually
A new fire started on Coleman Hill,  employed  fighting various fires.    Ai
west of Port    Coquitlam,    late    last   Murruyvlile the home of H. Hilton was
ii   ht, and altiio"gh travelling slowly,  destroyed while Ihe timber limits of
is aroused tbe fears, of the Western , i.aUn and Clark    were    swept   The
Caftada Power company officials who [Murray viHo   high   school   whs  for   a
have h large gang "ii the look-out in'time  in  the  path  ttf the   flames  but
order  that   the electrical system   hereon Vancouver and  the Sun,   Lake
������ wi rating station   v HI  nol   be  Inti r-
''(  ,.i.'!am   drwn,   r)ie   fire   centre   of
Thursday nigh:, waa reported quiet
last Dlght, tlie danger having pass-
i il. With the exception of two rumps
end a liir-.'e amount of shingle bolts,
ihe damage In tbe vicinity of the dam
lias In-eii confined to standing limber,
The B.C.B.R. hurried adltlonal forces
a -Hidden veering of the wind placed
. thai section out of the danger zone.
Al llurquitbini yesterday afternoon
a Kinall flro started whioh ter �� time
threatened the Bradford uud Taylor
lumber  mill.     According   lo   I nest  re
ports  the  different   gangs  had   thli
section under control.
Alta  Vista.    Hurnaby.    was   again
visited  last  nlghi   by a  fire.    Little
damage    is    reported    although    the
��� close proximity of the houses  to th"
I court attendant announced the jury
had reached a verdict. Mrs. Becker
was not permitted to accompany her
husband to the court room. Becker
kissed his wife as he left her
"It's all right," he told her, "Don't
worry, they'll  free  mo."
Decker walked briskly to 'he rail
facing Justice Scabury and gripped it
with both hands. His face was colorless. He glanced hopefully at the
' jury, but didn't catch the eye of a
single man.
j     Foreman   lilagden.   a   young   man. j
' brushed his eyes with a handkerchief
already  damp.     He  h'-sitated  a  mo-1
ment and said  In a  whisper:
"We   find   this   defendant   guilty   as
The detectives called to the scene
of the tragedy, found on Inquiry that
the only person in the house with Mr.
and Mrs. Newton at tho time cf the
tragedy was a young lad. Iris Schwart:*.
11 years old, a nephew of Mrs. Newton.    Tlie little fellow, who was very
Intelligent in his replies on being questioned, said that lie had lived for the
past  year  with   hia aunt  and  uncle,
that in that time quarrels had been
frequent and   In  his childish  opinion
he thought tiiai jealousy was <*u- underlying cause of the quarrels and the
motive which caused tiie shooting.
Three   Shots  Fired.
The  lad   stated   that   he   was   standing on  the back porch at  the (line of/clinrged  In  the  Indictment;  guilty of
tin-  thOOtLng*.     Three  HhotH   Here   fired J murder   ill   tbe   firat   degree.
trom a SS-oallbra revolver,    utile iris I     Meeker's face was gray as h
Schwartz  asserts  that  be  is  positive
the   revolver   was   not  in   the  Newton
Territory   Will   Include   the
North of Fiftieth Parrallel and
East  to   Lytton.
to the dam yesterday morning In or- : bush would have allowed a clean
ri-; ihttt no chances being taken of sweep of the residential section lind
the flames licking up the waterworks ' it once got out of control.
Mur-uer of Important Cases Pending, in : Plans   for   Improvements   Have   Been
'tee  Higher Court
for  Final
Accepted and  Tenderi for the
Work Will Be Called For.
nffi-ctii:*; the I
���,v Westminster
courts   an,;   no
decisions  are expected   til   the.
week in June and  perhaps not
Tbe various questions
li'n or licenses In New
are  still   before  the
i in:.
Tenders ar. ||k< ly to be called for
within the next iwo seeks for the addition to the *,rov ncial court house,
t'u- provisional plans prepared by
llarduer nnd Hercer, architects ol
this city, having been accepted by
tho V;ctorbi authorities.
Tha addition will practically double the Blzo of the present building.
Chief in importance is the construe-
,,., . tion Of a new supreme    court    room
e ClU.ens'league, the supreme court I    d ^ a ^^ ^.^ room wl)i.,h
11*111 not grant the order asked for till| wjl| bl, iocat,,(| ,.��� the Clarkson side
liter the appeal court has decided the. of the square and will thus eliminate
license     appeal, ' the complaint made by jurists during
home before  today.
Since the commission of the terrible crime physicians at the Qeneral
hospital have been making desperate
efforts to Bave the life of the unfortunate victim. Although two bullets entered her body she has never lost consciousness and  lie-j writhing in pain.
According to the statement of Or.
Malcolm H. MacEacnren, superintendent of the General hospital, one bullet entered her arm and plowed its
way into her side. The second bullet
passed through the right side and is
now thought to be lodged in tiie body.
An immediate operation will be necessary to save her life.
An X-ray examination was performed late this evening and it is thought
that the bullet can be extracted without great difficulty. The patient has
suffined greatly from loss of blood
and her condition is very weak. It Is
also feared that her internal organs
are seriously injured.
She refused to make any statement
to the physicians and has asked no
Becker's face was gray as he gripped the bar in front of him. The
big muscles in bis neck jumped out
in heavy rolls. The veins at his temples swelled. His great frame swayed and drooped; then, with quick
control, he became himself again.
Becker stood motionless as each
juror was asked If "guilty" was his
verdict  too.
Bea from Japan she cleared from Yokohama  to   Vancouver,    and    under
j these circumstances, it was conslder-
t ed   advisable   by   tbe   authorities   at
I Ottawa to allow  the vessel  to    pro-
i ceed to her port of destination.
District i     A  clean  bill  of health  was  secur-
j ed at Yokohama, which was the last
| port   touched   at  by   the    Komagata
i Maru before  E-etting out on  her bis-
' tory-making  voyage to  Canada.
  Singh Will Fight Case.
Following the arrival of the Koma-
Yesterday   afternoon   the  organiza- j gata Maru at Vancouver, Gurdit Singh
tion of the Associated Boards of Trade ���. the  leader  of  the  Invading  conting-
of Western British Columbia was com-! e��\.is determined to fight the cause
! of his compatriots to the bitter end.
pleted. i and before the matter is disposed of.
A revised constitution was adopted. | it   is  expected   that  a  lengthy  legal
It restricts the original aria proposed i battle will be waged In the Canadian
by cutting off Prince Kupert and fix-1����,^ arc  BrtUab   cUUena  ond   we
ItiK the northern boundary at the BOtli Icoas/_|er ��������� /_����-�� a right to rlaJt may
parallel  mid   (he eastern   boundary al ' ,,,,,-t or the HrltlBh empire," said Our-
Lytton.   It includis Squamlsh and the | dit  Singh  from  tbe main  deck when
The   first   convention | asked the reasons that prompted tne
Local Soldiers cf the King  Leave for
Annual   Encampment  This
until even later.
In the matte:- ol the llaynes bottle
license which was proceeded against
by W. F. Hansford nt the Instance of
T'.iis evening at 11 o'clock four
companies of the 104th regiment of
Canadian militia will leave for Vernon
where a five days' encampment will
be held. The Chilliwack companies
will entrain from the Vedder mountain
terminus for Abbotsford where connection will be made with  the troop
  I train leaving this city.
J. E. Wilson Extinguished Fire which i    About 130 men are expected to leav
if)well   river,
was  fixed I'or Jun
George Buchanan of Haney representing the Maple Kidge board of
trade, presided and the other representatives present were W. Q. McQuarrie, New Westminster; A. W. Ver-
cbere, Mission City: W. G. Jack.
Point Grey and Ilichmond; J. M. Dale.
Hammond; A. J. Perry, North Vancouver, and C. II. Stuart Wade, New
Westminster, acting secretary.
A communication was read from
the Delta board expressing the opinion I
,,. chartering of the Komagata Maru.
_'b at .New   west-.     ,.^Ve are determined  to  make  this
' a test case and if we are refused .entrance  into your country, the matter
will not end there.
"Other boats will be chartered and
my people will continue to cross the
Pacific until we secure what we consider to be our just rights."
pursue, Gurdit Singh remarked that
tho whole question would be fought
out iii the Canadian courts and he
app��ared to be sanguine as to the
On the other hand the immigration
.^L^.f^^L^i^^^if^f^lauthoriOes do not see where tlie East
Indians have a leg to stand on.    Dr.
all  that were  necessary for carrying
out its duties, and that it could not I
see   that  joining  the  association,  as | ^ ^   ,g rf ^ op|nUm ^ ^
head  of  the  immigration  ser-
suggested,  would  further Its objects. ������ . , .      , .    .
The  Delta  board  of  trade  would  be   Parl*v wl" bt' SP1,t bacK to the ��ml"
glad,  however,  to    act    with    other
Started from Electric Iron.
Having the presence of mind to
bring a garden hose into play on a
fire which had obtained a fine start,
J. II. Wilson, Sixth avenue, practically saved his handsome residence
from destruction at 1:30 this morning.
The blaze whicli originated in one of
the   downstairs  room,   is  thought   to
Themas    Freeman
which will be beard before that tribunal at Victoria 'luring the first week
In June.
Tho Freeman license case had reached that stag" whore nothing remained
to be done to quash the license save
the signing of the last order by the
honorable Justice Gregory, when
Whiteside,   Kdmotnis   ami   Whiteside,
ha\e   been   started   from   an   electric
the past two years aralnst the noise I iron, the current of which had been
created by tho street oars passing on left turned on.    Mr. Wilson at onceifantry,    During  tbe
Carnarvon street. | notified the fire department and then j 30th and ;;ist'n. C
New Westminster, Lieut-Col. J. D.
Taylor, M.P.. being in command.
The troop trains will leave In two
sections, one from Vancouver currying the 6th, 72nd and 11th regiments
while the other will carry the local
The camp at Vernon is the largest
over held in Hrltish Columbia, the location allowing plenty Of scope for
field work, both for cavalry and in-
past week tlie
Horse together
.--���licitors for Freeman, served uotice | desjred  bv
of 1in appeal.   This hangs up the Free-1
man matter until next month ami in Fatal   Hunting  Accident.
t'-e'meantime the llaynes license prob-      Seattle,  May    22.���Tho    steamship
bin will remain unsolved until after Humboldt from Southeastern Alaska
lhat date.
The provincial  police  offices  will got busy with the garden hose.   The 1 w*_h the Engineers have been ln camp
!>o  moved  to  the new  building  when I flames were extinguished by the time j .,Il(j wji| remain over throughout next
completed, thus allowing more   room  Chief Watson and the firemen from I week   in order to participate  In the
in   the  land   registry   building  where   two stations arrived on the ..scene.      movements of the 11th brigade,
il is at the present located. | _
The addition is expected to cost in
the neighborhood of $00,000, the original estimate- being cut $20,000, which
eliminated   the   ornamental   front   as i
There are  22  Kast  Indians aboard
boards for any object of common ln-|��*f  -<fmagata  Maru  claiming to  be
returning men and  if they can  suo-
their claim  by    means    of
identification  papers they  will be allowed to land.
Gurdit Singh hails from the Indian
province of 1-ahore. He is a man of
splendid physique and speaks the
Knglish language fluently.
Two Women Aboard.
He is accompanied by his wife and
seven year old son. Two East indUi
we men were aboard tho vessel, the
other being tlie wife of Dr. Raghunath
the medical officer who came out
with  tin-- Indian  contingent.
Of the 316 on board none of them
made the direct  passage  from  India.
They made the trip from Calcutta to
the Orient in small companies during
the present year. Practically every
class of Kast Indian is represented
In the odmplement aboard the Komagata Maru,
All   possess   tho   necessary   money
lerest, as occasion might arise
Mr.   Wade   intimated  that  E.   Hut-' ptantiate
cherson, from  the Delta  board,  was.
present as a visiter.
Area to Be Included.
M.\ Wade initiated a discussion on
the area embraced by the association.
He said the subject had been discussed by the New Westminster board ol
trade and its opinion was lhat tlie as-
sreiaiion should be a Fraser vallc-;*
The 1 aairman- -This meeting has
lower t" revise the name or tbe oon-
Mr, .ucQuarrle- It Is not a very
l.-ugp ending to discuss such an ini-
pi rtant question.
The chili Milan I am sorry the meeting is not more largely attended but
our duty is clearly specified and we
should go through with the business
that  devolves  upon US,
Mr. McQuarrie���-We feel that the
present plan of having the boards of
trade  associated   from     North
the city authorities.
brought news today of the death at
qualifications   and   each   presents     a
Bend I cheerful front as to the* possible out-
along  the  boundary  line,  northwards j come of their voyage of adventure.
as far as Prince Rupert will not work)
to the advantage of the Fraser valley
because  the interests of the  various
eections are    so    different    For in-
IN  THE  SUM  OF $292.40
London.  Mav
Unionist   papers 1 chief evening spokesman for the gov-
stjince, between Prince Rupert and
V&ucouver there will no doubt be ai
conflict. Bach of these places Is the
terminal of a ��� great railway system
anel you can hardly expect to find;
these two boards acting In unison In
matters of Importance to their districts..   So far as the Kraser Valley,
Judgment for SilOlMO. with costs,
was given for plaintiff in tho county-
court yesterday by his honor Judge-
Howay In the action by T. J. Owen.
Logger Mud Bay, against T. Constan-
tintau. Broker, New Westminster, defendant.
The  subject  in  dispute    was    the
appeal court.
When the police court decision went | passing through his abdomen
against the city  In the Strand  hotel 1 , .	
hearing. George K. Martin of Martin,	
���irQuarirc- and Cassady, city solicit- j. '���> ���>���
ors, considered It as placing the city j  -
in  an  exceedingly grave  position,* al-1
roost amounting to permission to run
New Westminster as an open town so
far as the retailing of liquor in cafes
ivaa concerned,   lie advised an appeal
SgiifiBt tho acting police magistrate's
decision and  this  will be
Victoria early In June.
heard   in
Lower Mainland and New
Westminster: Light to moderate winds; chiefly cloudy
and cooler v. 1th showers.
passing the home rule bill," says the
premier in effect, "and I will at some
future time amend those faults which
make it impossible that it should be
put Into practice."
Tho Pall Mall Gazette, In the same
strain declares that Premier Asquith'B
dodging and finessing has landed the
commons in chaos and may very easily finesse the country into armed
strife and bloodshed.
Bonar Law Condemned.
Tonight's Westminster Ga-sette, the
foi an attempt to break up the house
of commons because it cannot be subdued at the will of tbe Unionists.
The Star, .ibernl, says that the gov-
erument'- proposal.1* make the coercion
of Protestant I'lster Impossible. The
house oi' lords can. if they choose, cooperate with the government in malting those proposals n-.or" acceptable
and mote adaptable, If they oo-oper-1 workable basis. Now
ate. says the Star, they will he voting j merely   makes   this   as
for the coercion of their own Pretest-;   '        _________
I ant Ulster. 1 (Continued on Page Fiv
by an association of boards of trade I towing them to New Westminster the
the   Fraser   valley   better  results | tug  was caught    In a south    easier.
would be ohtalned.   'it has been said   three miles from  Steveston,  and  tho
that the interests of the whole peninsula are common, but in every day
practice we find it is not so, and. apparently cantiot be so. It seems to us
that the Kraser valley takes in a big
enough territory, large itier.gh for any
a  suggestion
ikipper was compelled to cast the-
piles loose. They were never recovered.
Defendant contended that legal delivery was to be made at New Westminster and that he was the agent
of the harbor commissioners and not
the principal.
J. P. Hampton Bole represented
pialntMf. PAGE TWO
SATURDAY.   MAY   23.   1914.
An Independent mornlns t��P"r devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and
th*-Fraser Valley.    Published uvery morning except Sunday by the National Printing,
���n<T Psblislilng Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzie Street. New Westminster, British j
Cokuabla. ItOBIl SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not 1
to Individual members of the stuff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made '
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company. Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager. _>-)<-; Editorial Rooms (all depart-'
mental. Ml.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, 14 per year, Jl for three months, 40c per
month. By mall. $S per year, 25c per month.
tQ>VERTISING  RATES on application.
The Croat Northern railway has laid I
off   William   Hoggarth,   section   fore-
man, and his crew of 14 men, all resi-
dent! of Kruitvale nnd replaced them i
with  Italians.
���    *    * i
Word   has   lately   been   received   in i
Smlthers from <!. ('. K.vley. land com-
mlssloner for the (J. T. P., statin--* that i
Smlthers would be a divisional point I
on tlie (J. T. P.
Trouble has been experienced with
the new bridge at Eagle Creek, near
Edgewood, the high water having undermined the abuttments. The road
crew has been effecting repairs,
Out of three applicants for the position of secretary to the Vernon boaid
of trade, John Dillon was selected by
ballot at a meeting held Friday afternoon.
*   *   ��� ���   i
The funeral of the late Mrs. Jennie |
Edwards, wife of T. 0. Edwards, of I
iok place in Victoria I
moon.    There  waa a )
That the women of the old country are nearer the
goal of their ambition, the ballot box, than they have been
for the past few years is a logical conclusion to draw from
dispatches from across the water stating that the militant suffragette movement is about dead.
The greatest factor in setting public men and public
opinion generally against the conferring of the right toIi'rince Rupert t<
vote upon. British women has been the senseless and crim-j iarge attendance*of friends ami many
inal campaign carried on by the militant wing of the suf-i beautiful riorai tributes
fragette body. To th(, toot-Ilfi   0t   whistles and
It may be true, and in all likelihood it is true, tnat the I cheering of the large crowd or visitors
English woman has too little recognition in English ^^^l^^S\eT^nZ
but certainly it is a mistake to suppose that infractions of
the criminal code will be taken by the legislators and the
general public as arguments in favor of alterations in
civil statutes affecting women.
Nothing could possibly help the sane movement for
votes for women more than a termination of militant tactics and, since it is reported that Mrs. Pankhurst and her
methods are on their last legs, it may be confidently as-.
sumed that the ballot is closer to the hand of England's,
mothers and daughters than it has been for some time.! on
sicamous  slid gracefully
water on  the afternoon  of
Into     the j
May 19.     !
Suffered Ten Years Until
"Fruif-a-ti.es" Cured Him
St. TnoMAS, Ont., May 22nd. 1913.
���'I was troubled for ten years with tht
most distressing Constipation aud Indigestion of tlie worst form.
No one could have been -worse with
these troubles than 1 was for this loug
The pain from Indigestion was sc
severe that many times, I have had t<-
stop work and lie down until tbe ocult
spasms passed away.
I took a lot of medicine-in fact, I
guess I took about everjthinj-; that win
advertised-and gave them all a fan
test���but got no relief. About a year
ago, however. I was advised to try
"I'nlit-a-tives'. I am mighty glad i
did so for they seem to be made exactly
for me.
They gave results in a very short tunc
and I am now free from these disease-
anil enjovini: perfect health. _
My wife also used "I'ruit-a-tives" and
we both think they are the best medicine
ever made."
50c a box, 6 for fa.50, trial ������e, 21c
At all dealers or sent on receipt of price
by rruit-a-tives Limited, Ottawa.
Eyes, Tiring Easily,
Prove Eyestrain
Do not wait till serious trouble develops. Have
the strain removed. Properly adjusted Glasses will
do it.
We are experts in relieving eye-strain and guarantee satisfaction.
Refracting and Manufacturing Opticians.
10 Sixth Street New Westminster.
Rib Roast Beef,
Tlie contract for the building of a
new school at Nnranuita has lieen let j
to II. ('. Tootnt r of Walhachin, and it'
is expected that the building will be
ready tor occupancy at the beginning
of the fall term. It in also understood
A. Il Richardson will be the principal. ���
Well, Toddy Roosevelt's back and his friends are tickled to death that he hasn't lost his toothy smile.
Archie Jardine, while working on a
swinging scaffold Sautrday at Kaslo
the new Bchool, fell a distance of
feet, breaking his leg above the
knee. Joseph Qulseppe, an Italian
workman, fell at the same lime and
Is now In the hospital from bruises
New   Head   of  Teutonic   Home   Office
Has the Newspapers All
a: His Back.
choice cut, per Ib.  .
Pot Roast Beef, choice cut. per lb
Roast  Pork,  per lb	
Pork Chops, per Ih	
Bmplre Bacon, half or whole, per lb
Empire  Hams,  whole  	
Picnic Hams, per lb	
Sausage, per lb 	
Hamburger, per Ib 	
Home-made Head Cheese, per ib.
Rabbits, each 	
- - - 15c
.  20o
.   .21c
��� 14c
��� 221, ,c
Phone Orders Carefully Fill., and Promptly Delivered
677 Columbia St.
New Westminster.
Vice Admiral C. E. IClngSmlll, R.C.N.
An Ontario Irishman who ended his life bv taking reached victoria Tuesday noon from
-n     ��� 1       i..���u i~ Ul��� ..1... +��� i-Ur. lnnt Ottawa on a tour of inspection.    Pol-
Pans green surely stuck to his colors to the last. ; lowlng nlB arrlval fl.c.m Vancouver he
  j left by motor car for Esqulmalt where
he was met anil conducted over the
Somebody has tried to blow up a Chinese laundry
in Toronto as though the price of washing wasn't high
enough already.
They say that Lipton's new challenger for the America's cup is a freak. She probably will have to be that
to land the mug,
naval  yard
I lute,  U.C.N'.
by    Commander  Walter
The Mine Owners' association of
New Hazelton has decided to ask the
Dominion department of mlne-rolog)
to request  R. 0. McConnell to visit
i ths Important mining properties and
prospects In this district while be la
1 In  tba  northern  Interior  during  the '
f c imlng summer,
If what they say about W. J. Burns, the private detective, is all true, he and Villa would make about the choicest pair at large today.
The   body   of   lhe   three   year  old
daughter of Mr. and    .Mrs.   Bernard
', Rosoman cf Qrinrod, was recovered
from   the   river  at   Mara  bridge  on
^^^_^ I Thursday   afternoon   last.     The  chilli
I , ,      .   j had been mis: ing since the previous
Prince William of Wied, the new king of Albania, is.Tuesday morning,
having about as pleasant a time as one Victoriano Huerta, \   Thp( Am).v ^ * beUer BtMked
but for different reasons. J With  fish  than  it has  been  for years
Is evidenced by the success attending
' sportsmen this month.    The action of
the government in compelling- the in
I3erl;n. Germany, .May 77    Horr von
L/oebell, the new minister of homo affairs,   who  took   up   bis  appointment 1
at the beginning of May. Is receiving j
the Bupport of the entire press.   The i
Liberals In  bpeaking of  bis  career, I
j which has been a very excellent one, I
lay stn-ss on his action as chief of |
] n.   Helchskanzler when i'rince line-1
I low,  whoso  right-hand  man  he  was,
was  Rclchskanzler.
At that time he was one of tlie most j
prominent  and  abUe-t   supporters  of
, the  "block"  In  which  the  Conserva-
; tires  and  Liberals    stood    together!
against the Center and Social Demo-
, crane parties.   When later on Prince
Buelow resigned office, owing to failure    :' the policy be had adopted, Herr
���    a  Loebell followed  his  friend and
ebif .
[    Th    Liberals  hope that  his  views
have not altered aud that he will sup-
1 port their cherished  plan for the re-
.nn of tbe electoral franchise, 1:
.���en said by Huh party that this
.nn   was the final  reason  whicli
"Unionist Wins Derby Seat," says an old country dis-...,, ,.,.������.,.,���. ���.-,���������.���..,.....        .   ,    ,
patch.   Looks as though the Liberal and Labor candf-' ���*���*">��<�� or burners at the sawmills ���w\��?,tT^i^lL^S? *? savp,
S���. -ii 1 ,        ,      '1 has had a most beneficial effect which I'Jjiwitz.  with   whom  he dif
dates Will have to Stand Up. can only be appreciated by those who  on 1"'"11' r,'muw''! trom ,*ffir*
duced the Relcbekanzler,   Hen-   von
Bethmann-Hollweg,  to propose  iii rr
I von .Loebell as minister for home affairs, and why he tried to have Her;-
The annual exodus to the beaches has commenced
and many families now are considering where they will
put on their yearly coat of tan.
As a result of the New Haven railroad enquirv it is
not likely any of the stockholders will deposit wreaths on
the grave of the late J. P. Morgan.
tried to catch lish here a year or two
��    *    *
After b ning been connected with
St. Peter's, Cowichan, for 7.s years,
, Canon Leakey is leaving on Thursday
j to take over the charge of Ladysmith
- Anglican church, On Friday last tha
; Canon and .Mrs. Leakey and "their little
' daughter was tendered �� reception by
the parishioners of St. Peter's aud
; their friends
The  real  estate business
During a recent celebration at Sarnia, Ont., pickpock- j qult�� hri^ at Oyama latei-
That's easier
ets cleaned up about two thousand bones
than selling mountain-top real estate.
has been
and several  fine   propertic s    have    changed
hands. One of tbe most recent sales
is that of J. Backleda's ranch fronting
on Wood lake, which C Becker of
Vernon, who has a profound belief In
the great future in store for this district, purchased at a pri. e which works
OUt at $845  per acre.
The fruit crop of the Okanagan is said to be a fortnight earlier than usual. This province has to do something to offset that oil boom in Alberta.
  The severity of Rossland's city by-
rr,    . 1 . r. ;aw' which charges a license fee of $60
i wins who were horn in eastern Canada have been to transient traders doing business in
named respectively Duke and Connaught.   That sounds\ZSe^VtiZtf5JKXST
like COUrting home rule trouble in the future. panies, and resull   I In a spirited die-
  I cussion ln the council    The bylaw wa*i,
ut-tn ,-, ,      ~ ,,      ,, ., . . ... '"''- ��K 't >���*-��� although  it was argued I
rt rien m Rome do as the Romans,   is easier said than
'lone.    A
down east lawyer was swindled out of twenty
dollars the other day in the Eternal City.
In;' Spokane robbers who locked the cashier in the
vault when they looted the bank evidently thought thev
should leave some kind of securitv for the cash thev took.
that it resulted In keeping many .- iii
men out , t the city and work< d
hardship In that way.
Has Past History.
On the other hand, the Conscrva-
ties, who have abandoned lbe politic.-,
uf the "block" period and are now
rathi r allied lo the Center party, prefer to remind their old political friend,
Herr von Loebell, of th. tin,., when,
g Conservative whip, he belonged to
tbe Reichstag, where be made some
.-ery sharp speeches against the So-
Of coursi the Conservatives, who!
are strongly opposed to any change of!
the class franchise now .n force, try j
to convince him of tbe hopelessness
I such an undertaking. Some hint
i as to his program may be found in thi
remarkable words with which Ii.-rr
von Loebell concludes the famous
book "Germany under VVUhelm ll."
There he says: "We cannot be proud
��� yet of what wo have accomplished,
[ because all is still developing, But
on the ground of what we iavi done
we may build with confident hope,
We have no other foundation than
th s, and even the man who desires
something bi Iter can practically do
nothing bin begin when, the recent
past left off."
"All parties are anxious to see what i
tl e future has In store while Hen- von i
.lebell  hlmgelf says tbat  he  enters
his ncv office with no definite plan
before him.
The World's Best
���     Nltfif    sr.i      '..-.f-r"      f-Uir.lv
I   I'Xgel   U MltlaM  T��n CtltU
Cook Book--
cKetCn from die ct-r-tninii.oru of t/vcr two ihou����nJ
iu_-r.nif.il UK-ts vi fivr Rows Flow throughout C��iad*
Ale-o LsrfiJ N .fn cmi the ���. ,r,...i�� t Uvi uf g-OOa 'hingf.
to ml, *J1 ol which Uve hr+t\ i Artfully ihr-AeJ �����4
11<hetkr-d by eocnpetf-nl Authority
MjjfSW your fawjgj H LAKE Of THt WOODS MjUJg CO. UHI11D, WlHHIPffi
If unable to secure  Five  Rose s F,our from ,
write the Lake of tne Woods M ||||ng Co., Ltd.. Win-
ical dealer
nipeg, Man.
It took two years to locate a man who had embezzled
twenty-five- thousand dollars at Nome. If he had stolen
one hundred thousand, would it have taken eight years
to find him?
Patriotic bunch, those Pittsburg steel men who sup-||h
plied inferior material to Uncle Sam for use in the Panama canal.   It recalls the embalmed beef stories of the
Spanish war.
Them; Btery i-urroundlng the murder
of James Berryman, a logger, last se.-n j,
alive mi April 30 in the company of 11
Thomas Chrlest en of Uimby, Arthur
Qulnn ol Enderby and Lurry Oreon,
Tom Sullivan and William King, loggers, haa nol so lar been cleared up.
The five nun named are bein^ held,
each on a separate charge of having
murdered  Berryman.
*        * V
M '.t   reports  from   the  dry   land
I farming Btatlons at Nicola and Mllooet
1 to the di partment of lands, show that
good progress 1b being made in nlacinR j
" est; upon a preliminary working j
! basis. Having had to prepare the soil
with a system of fnll plowing, diseinf-
and trenching, peculiar to trim dry
farming principles, those In charge of
the Station have a husy time pro paring
tor the trial seed and plant plots.
iowa Lumber &
Timber Co., Ltd.
'Following is the revised list of <:f-
fit-es within twenty miloB of New
Westminster, which have the advantage of having the cheapest rates in
the parcels post schedule from a New
Westminster  standppint:
Albion, Alta Vista, Ardley.
Barnet.  Barnston  Island.  Boundary
Hay,   Brltcola,   lluena   Vista,   Burn
Lake.  liiir'iultlam, Burrard Inlet.
Oapilano, Capitol Hill, Cedar Cottage, Central l'ark, Clayton, Clover
rtale. C'oKhlan, Collingwood Kabt, Col-
I lag Wood West. Crescent.
Dunbar  Heights.
Rarls Road, Bast Burnaby, Kd-
iiiondr, Elburne, Kburne Station
Kraser Arm, Fraser Mills.
Orimmett,   (lien   Valley,   (lien-wood.
Halls lVairie, Hollyburn, Hoping-
Janes Road, J
Lake Buntzen, Ladner, Langley Fort
Lpngley Prairie, i...<:hal
Island.  I.ynn  Creek.
.Maillardville.   Marine   Height
Kay,  Milner,  Murrayvllle,
Ncrth Arm, Newton Station. North
Ixmsdale,   North   Vancouver
I'itt   Miadows,   Pitt    River,     Point
Gfey, Port Coiiultlam,  Port Gulchon,
Jubilee Station:
'���"i'-lls, Lulu
by  Port Hammond,  Port    Haney,    Port
i IOHh, Port Mann.  Port  Moody.
Shaughnessy  Heights, South    Port
Mann. South  Vancouver. South Westminster. Sperling,    Steveston,    Straw-
I berry Hill, Sullivan    Station,    Surrey
! Centre.
j    Tynehead.
Vancouver,  Vancouver  Heights,   VI-
cosa. View  Hill.
Walnut    drove,    Westham    Island,
White Rock.
Another good week's work has been '.
done by the government road staff on |
the Kedleston and  H. X. roads. Qrad- i
ing, ditching, gravelling, etc., are be-1
Ing pushed ahead and the new  road i
south of the creek has been constructed  across*  Grey canal, over  which  a
new bridge baa been built .1 short dis-
tanee  higher up from   the one  that I
haa  been  in  use.    This  will  prove a |
-,riu   convenience   to   the   people   in
tbls port 0f tho district.
*   *    *
ureBton district haa been visited by
a number (;t people from the prairies 1
during the last week or two.   They all
enthuse   about tho  valley  and   many
Ol them go back to take up their resl-
' *������'"���'"��� At the present time the valley
presents a very beautiful appearance.
11 .- notted w-th orchards with most
cf the trees ,n blossom and tho air
is tented with the cherry and apple
blossoms   and   the  hills  are decked
I With  their apparil of green
We can now supply Oak
Flooring and Casing and
Base. We also have some
Yellow Cedar (Cypress)
which is just the thing for
making cabinets, dress boxes
Phone 904.
Riveted Sted Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.   BOX  443
TELEPHONE   124 m ma*
SATURDAY,   MAY 23.   1014
Mrs. W. Norman Hole is spending
���'   fortnight  with  friends  iu  Victoria!
��� ���    ���
Mr, William Allison, of Victoria Is
spending the weekend with his family here.
��� ��    ��
Mrs McLaughlin, of Californin. was
the guest, of Mrs. Malms, First, street
tola week.
��� ���    *
Mrs. W. II. Macgowan entertained
informally on Monday for her niece
Miss  Hughes Jones.
��� ���   ���
Mrs. Prank R. Pearson entertained
��: dinner last evening, when covers
*wi-ro laid for eight.
��� ���    ���
Mrs. i.uwford Richardson enter-
tained at. dinner on Tuesday even.ng
wnon covers were  laid  for six.
��� ���    ���
Mrs. P, V. Cunningham and M*"-��"r
Hredtriek were the guests of Mrs.
���lames Cunningham ou  i'nursday.
Mrs. II. C. Major was the hostess
i't a particularly smart dinner ���n
"lliursdiiy evening given for Mr. and
Mrs. I_ailey of Toronto.
��� ��    ��
Mr. Herbert Klrkland who has i a
������'  path in in st.  Mary1! hospital for
several <la>s. is now the gu-sts or
mends in town lor u short time before returning io htM home m Ladner
�� ��� ���
Mr. and Mrs. McCarihll and Miss
McOardell of Banff wero visitors iu
in-' city on Tuesday, leaving later for
a stay or some length Ir. Vancouver,
where they will he gueBta or Mr. Mc-!
Cnrdell'a moth'-r.
��� *   *
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Orr. of Fourth
��� enue, spenl lasl week end with Mr
HI   I   Mrs.   Km.-si   Saunders   at   White
llock,    others  v. ho were Mrs. 8aun���
d r .���  guests   recently   Included   Mm i
Winter,   Mis.;   Marshal!,   Miss     Aber-
' ���  inble and the Misses Loree
��� ��   *
Mr, \eii MaeQuarrie, vim recently
: Ills handsome home on Albert
Cresc m. is now occupying one oi
several bouses of which lie i.- owner'
at Point Grey, Mr. and Mrs. MaeQuarrie expert, however, to eventually make Nov, Westminster their
��� *   *
The formal opening or the cron.uet '
ci crts on Saturday afternoon ol last
v.i ei; was a pleasant event indeed,
,.tid was enjoyed hy u large number
of the members and Interested tri. nd.
Tea waa served by the president, Madame Oauvreau, who bad sevi ra! ot
��� he members assisting her. Among
���ir-se who enjoyed this particularly
pleasant afternoon were: Mrs. Char
Ira McDonald, Mrs. Vldal, Mrs. T. J.
Armstrong, Mrs, Macgowan, Mrs Al-
Lire, Mi.'s Craser, Mrs William Wol-
renden, Mrs. Charleston, Mrs. Charles
'Gordon, Mrs. Worsfold. Miss ltonter, '
Mr.-. 1'indwell, Mrs. .1. Alec Cunning-
i mi, Mrs, Crelghton, Mrs. Keith,
Mr.- Colllster, Mrs. Beatty, Mrs Jas
Hrymner, Mrs. Payne. Mrs Owynn,
Mr    Dickenson, .Mrs   Houghton, Mrs.
Dunlop, Mrs. It. EL Walker, Mrs. Hrid-
ges, Miss Armstrong, Miss Phillips
and Mrs.    HoBiner.
.     .     .
' Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Major, Mrs. J.
A. Lee and family, and Mr. and Mrs.
H. C. Major and family, motored to
lloundary Hay last evening where
they will remain until after the holiday.
tbe hospital staff at the first  of the | Mrs.  Lawford   Ittcharditon,  Mrs.   Wil-   low,  the slippers of blue and yellow
I month and in whose honor the event j Ham   Allison.   Mrs.  J.   Harold   Jones,   brocade  with topaz  buckles, and the
I was .'.ranged. | .Miss   McBride,   Miss   Marml   liriggs. 1 jewels  worn  might  be  of perrls and
*    '    ' i Mrs.   Meredith,  Miss   Meredith.     ..ir. I topaz
Mm.   beany   has   returned   after  a   Edwin Meredith, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I     Hut  to  return   to   the  simple  how-
Mrs.   McDOUgftll,   of   Van-   Dorgan, Mr. and Mrs. Uoulet. Mr. and
Mrs. Henley. Mr. and Mrs. Canfield. j
Mr. and Mrs. 17 0. Major. Mrs. C. K. i
Seymour. Mrs. F. W. Cunningham,
the Misses Klenor and Gertrude
Ilrown, Mr. and Mrs. Ilamsay, Mr.
and Mrs. XV. G. MaeQuarrie, Mr. and
Mrs.  llarbaree,  Mr.  and  Mrs. J.  Stil-
vltit   with
Mr. and Mrs. Shull, of Everett.
Wash,, arrived in the city on Saturday last for a slay of some length.
Mrs. Lionel Williams was tho guest '���
| of  Mrs.   H.   L.   Kdmonds    at     White I
Rock on Monday last.   Mrs. Kdmonds j
| is entertaining a house party for tho
holiday  week-end,  her guests  including   Mrs.   Humphries   Kdmonds   and
I Children und Mr. and Mrs. W   F. l.d-
I monds.
The marriage of Captain Clarence
I DeBeck, president of the Fernridge
' Lumber company, and Miss Marguer-
I He. LeUBCb, took place in Seattle recently. Captain nnd Mrs. DeBeck
| have returned home and are occupy-
I Ing their homo in  Sapperton.
Mrs.  Archie   Dean  and  three  children  have,   returned   from  Silverdale, j well Clute, Mr. and Mrs. J. Alec Cun-
I Where     they     were   guests   of   Mrs. j niiigl-.am and Mr. und Mrs. J. R, Dun-
I Dean's   brothers,   William   and   Mark i can.
! Clarke.  ���
���   ���   ��� | SUMMER   FROCKS.
Mrs.  Alec  McAllister  was the gen���       Summer is with us once more, and
ial hostess at a delightful dinner par-1 the question  of cool  summer gowns
bridesmaid was costumed in blue mes-
saline   silk   with   pink   chiffon   overdress,   carrying  a   bouquet  of    #luk
The  church   was   picturesquely  de-
mer frock, once more let  me advise I corated with streamers reaching from
you  to  try   making  the3C   little  gar-1 tho gallery over the arches of ferns
in. nis at home.   There are such ex- ] and snowballs ending in a large bow-
'iiiisite   mat. rials   iu   several   of   the   er  aud   wedding  bell erected  at  the
local shops selling for a mere song,
and if you purchase at the game time
a reliable pattern for a one or two
piece dress. I am sure you will find
I but little difficulty in turning out
i something most attractive and this
\ will be particularly true if you are
I young uud slim and just twenty or
j no but If you are a few years older,
: and possibly inclined to be plump,
| the   results   after   due   consideration.
ty on  Monday
wire   laid   for
party motored to Vancouver, where
they were the Km sts of Mr. Swift, of
Calgary, at a box parly at the Or
pheum. Mr. Swift is at present the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. Uulmer McAllister.
..., 'I'"-'"  "'ii       W.       ��.' ������ ��� i uilllll'   i        h" i. u.i -li ��� i .
venmg when coverslis 0I���. ,0 bt.   cashiered    seriously !,***k*" *��*uy be (Ptlta as plwsing. Do
fourteen.     Later   the  There  Is  nothing  which  looks cooler ! ."ot-   lf  >ou   wlBh   w  look   5��ui*   very-
altar. Mrs. J. Boothroyd. sister of
the bride, officiated at the organ.
The ceremony was performed by Rev.
W. S. A. Crux, H. A., pastor of the
church. In the presence of a large
audience of friends and guests. The
guests retired to the home of the
bride's father, 309 Eleventh street,
where a sumptuous repast was enjoyed   and  much   merriment  followed.
The young people left for Seattle
and oth�� r ctiies on the sound. On
their   return    they    will    commence
or neater in summer than white,
even   white  morning  dresses are
nnd j *J<st- U(l0l" "">' of the i xtri-nn- styles i housekeeping at 609 Eleventh street.
an extravagance - for they launder so
beautifully.    But notwithstanding tha
Mrs. J. IL Pi arson uud her house
guest Mrs. Lalley of Toronto, were
the giu-sts of Miss Lillian Bums and
the Jericho club on Thursday. Mr. I Vancouver
and Mrs. Lalley, who have been visitors ut  the coast during tlie past, two
The Russell  hotel, which is beconi- j
ing a most  popular rendezvous for
motor parties,  was a very  busy spot
indeed on  Sunday last, when a large ;
number  Of   guests   were   entertained.
Those noticed at dinner included Mr.
and   Mrs.   Illshop and  family,  Mr.  A.l
It. Fcbinbeln and party of eight from
Mr.  A.   K.   Wilson  and  a
or   three   \,ei Us,   have
their  home  In  Toronto.
now    Iff L   fnr
a unique en
been In pre
under the ill
"The  flower Queen,"
tertalnini nt   which   has
pa ration for some time
rection of Mrs, Cave-Browne-Cave and
the Mlsaea Cave-Browne-Cave, will be
produced   in   St.   Patrick's    hall     on
Thursday evenings of next week. The
proceeds of this entertainment
be  in  aid of the local  Y.W.C.A.
An event which la being anticipated
for nexl week la the ontertalnmenl
being arranged by the Native Sons
of the city tor Tuesday evening, iiis
lienor, Judge Howay, has consented
io deliver a bp< ci.il lecture, whi
will undoubtedly prove
ing. Invitations to tin
been sent to all old timers of the city
and district and arrangements are being made to motor the guests to and
from the entertainment.
! virtues  of   white   frocks,   plaids   and
i fancy stripes are Immensely  popular
��� this season,    though    running    them
very closely  is an  Improved  fadeless
casement cloth of soft supple quality
that is to be had In every imaginable
color.    Pique,  too,  will  be  worn,  together  witli   cotton   poplins  and  ere-
pons,    in fact, taking it ns a whole,
we never remember a season so rich
in good  things In  wasli  materials. A
hot  weather  gown   should  look   both
party of six, ii. li. Barnard of Van- cool and dainty, and If you choose
couver,  a. ('.  (ireen, of Vancouver, white a fine oote-de-cheval will prove
and  ii  i,mill,, r oi  oth.,,  ��i..���,  dni.-r-1 most suitable.    A    charming    design
carried out in tills material is made
with  the  simple blouse top cut  with
the fashionable baggy underarm, and
the still worn open neck.
The   skirt   ll   a  plain   narrow   one.
, with  an  exaggerated  pannier  in   the
back, raised slightly above the waist
, line���the colored sash being arranged
under this, brought around to the left
: side and   tied   in  a  bow     with    long
ends.    One  of   the  new  crepes  in   a
. deep  pink  tone  would  be lovely car-
ent points
Among those will) will spend the
summer at the seaside are Mr. and
Mrs. Agar and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Castleman, Mr. ami Mrs. Colllster, Mr
and Mrs. J. J. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs
Will Johnston, Mr. nnd Mrs. C. S.
Keith, Mr. and Mrs. .1. Stilwell Clute,
willi Mrs. Phillips and family, Mrs. Dock-
[erlll, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McQuarrie and party, Mrs. (i. E. Drew. Miss
I or colorings. Choose tones in light
j blue, grey und black, which Is always good, and very popular ihia season. A lovely costume worn by one
I of our younger matrons is of soft
black satin, with vest and their accessories In white. The silk hose are
also white, and the patent leather
pumps have charming silver buckles
to correspond. The hat, which completes this costume and is altogether
chic. Is sailor shape fashioned uftcV
an Imported design and carried mil
in white mileii straw fai-��d with
black, the crown simply trimmed
With a band of jet slightly raised on
the left side where it is finished with
a large jet tassel. With this costume
you may wear your old fashioned jet
ornaments with telling effect, or as
in the Instance I have referred to,
large white coral and
The presents were many and were
choice and beautiful, both from the
Sunday school class and choir as
well as from friends nearby and distant. It was one of the prettiest
church weddings and created a great
deal of Inttrest In the west end.
As to the summer footwear, pumps
are used almost, exclusively, and what
lovely things some of them are, and
how smilingly we endure having our
toes pinched, and enjoy every moment of it too, jtiBt from sheer joy in
Drew and Miss Kathleen and Mr and i ried out in this design, the sash and I |h*' "l'P��arilnce of ����r daintily shod
Mrs. T. ll. smith. touches of trimming throughout be- teet   Of course, even In pumps, we
.    .    . - |���g |n  black>    AMtheT  pretty design ; Cdn Purchase the purely sensible.
The board Of directors and officers  and one whicli would prove particular-!     Next, week  I  shall  try  to tell  you
of the Royal Columbian hospital have'ly becoming to a  short girl, is made I something of the summer wraps and
Church Notices
CHURCH���-Corner of Cameron and
Blackwood streets. On Sunday morning the pastor's topic will be: "Did
Jesus Perform Miracles?'' In the
evening at 7..10 there will bo a special patriotic celebration, opening with
Levulee's national hymn "() Canada"
black Jet beads 'ThH rhoir <itldt'r Mr- Maurice Taylor's
were   combined   and   were   most' be- i f!���*}0* wl" ren,  r a '"" Hervlce <*f
the finest  patriotic    anthems,
i    issued  invitations for the closing ex
most Interest- ercises of    the    second   graduating
function have I class or the training school rot- nur-
aeu to be held on tiie lawn or the hospital  on   Wednesday  afternoon.  May
7'7;h.    The  event,  which  -Tonuses  to
oi navy blue linen, with narrow white [ bags, and also will endeavor to find
raised stripe, the little waist coat
with the collar and cufK being of
fine white lawn. The skirt is plain
aud in complete accord with the design   of  the   bodice   which    has     tho'
out If it Is really true that the preb
ty silk mitts in black and while, are
being worn again���what, a charming
summer accessory they will be! And
now, just one last  suggestion regard-
)(��� one of particular interest, Includes  large armhole  and  long  close-fitting i ing your hot weather gowns.   In this
1 -������ ���-  �������--  -���������   -       'particular  part  ol"  your   wardrobe  at
the  presentation  of certificates    and j Sleeve.    At the waist a narrow  navy
The  marriage of Miss Hatby  Loch-    medals to members of tiie graduating i kid be!: is worn, littll
yer and Mr   Kletcher Burchette took   class.   On the evening or tbe 27t.h a tons closing the front
��� place on  Wednesday  evening at BL | dance will be given, also compllmen-1 with this costume is
Stephens manse. Rev, Mr. Melvln of- ��� tary io the graduating class. j Panama in the latest
Relating.    Mr.   Burchette,  who is one : ��    ���    * .shape,  the  crown   banded  with  navy
of the younger business men of the      -me  syndicate controlling the mo-1 Wd to match the belt
city,   has   purchased   a   pretty   real-(tion  pictures of the Bcott Antarctic     A lovely gown for   rormai   affairs
��� xpedltion and the management or: is fashioned of lemon-colored and hy-
the. opera house pooled their inter- j acintli blue nlnon. The skirt draper-
ests last Monday evening when they i ies are very cleverly contrived to
donated the total net proceeds Of the I fashion a looped pannier effect, on
opening night's performance to the lone side ar.d then gradually resolve
local Antl-tuberculosla BOClety as an I into a narrow train. The ninon tun-
apreclatlon Of the valuable work be- ' Ic balancing the pannier movement
Ing don., by the organization..There
waa a larg" audience in attendance
including Madame Oauvreau, Mrs.
Crelghton,   Mr.  and     Mrs.     Colllstt-r.
quartettes and solos, ending with the Recessional and the Imperial anthem.
The pastor, Itt-v. F. W. Kerr, will
give an address on "Imperial and
Canadian Patriotism." There will be
an attendance of public bodies including the city council, police, firemen and St. Andrews club.
CHURCH���Public worship 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Morning subject "The
Knight of Nazareth." Evening, "An
Impatient Church." Adults Bible
���lass 2 p.m. Sunday school 12.16 p.
m. Strangers welcome. M. Gordon
Melvln. minister.
CHURCH--Pastor W. W. Abott, BA.
H.D.    The pastor will preach at both
navy blue but-! least, do not aim to be in the height   services.    Morning  subject,  "lmpres-
The hat worn 1 of  fashion.     Study   the   best  designs   sions  of  Conference."     Evening  aub-
a  rather Email jcarefully  and adopt what you consid- \ ject, "Lessons from the 1-lfe of Queen
approved tailor I er what suits you best.   Always strlv-1 victoria."    Being Empire   Day,   the
ing for simplicity and to Inject some- 1 choir   will   render  appropriate  music
thing of your own    pe.rsolality    into \ at vhe evening service.    Special mus-
sverything  you  wear. (iC-  "o  Canada."   by   Lavalee*,   "Land
dence on t!th street, whore he and
Mrs. Burchette will make their home
after thrir return from Victoria where
the   hone) moon   is  being  spent.
At  two  o'clock   promptly    al
The tea giv| n al tbe heme of Mrs. ;
C. Balmer McAllister yesterday afternoon, under tbe auspices of tho Wo-!
man's Auxiliary of the Royal Colum- .
bi.'in hospital, "iis ii most delightful I
affair, and a very charming compli-
,ni li. Indeed to Miss Scott, the retiring Buperintendenl of the Koyal Columbian hospital, und Miss Orey, her
head nurse, who is also retiring from
in a  truly artistic manner.    This tunic Is slightly wired at the hem where
a close line of dlamarlte ls lntroduc-
! cd.  the same also  being us*"d to out-
Sixth avenue Methodist church yes-
terdav afternoon, the youngest daughter of Henry l-'airweather of this city
was wedded to Mr. Cecil Martin of
Vancouver. The groom was supor'ed
by Mr. Shawber of this city and the
bridesmaid  was  attended  by   Miss  B.
of Hope and Glory," by Elgar;	
OLIVET    BAPTIST���Rov."   Uuneau
i Brooks Crosby, D.D.. pastor. The sub-
Mrs.  Blrrell,  Mis-s  Laldlaw,  Mr. mid
Mrs. Homer Adams. Mrs. Swan, Mr.
and Mrs. K. R. Pearson, Mr. and Mrs.
II.  C.   Major.   Mr,   and   Mrs.   ('amine.
line the low neck and edge of the
short magyar sleeve. To carry out
the color scheme of this costume, tbe
fine silk  stockings should  be  in  yi-1-
ject of the Bermon for the morning,
worship at 11 o'clock will be, "The
Distinguishing Mark of the Christian
Religion." The Bible school will assemble at '-.710 p.m. Evening wor-
: ship is to be at 7.30 o'clock and the
| topic of tlie discourse "Three Pic-
| tures."     The   devotional   meeting  of
Fersant of Vancouver.   The bride was ', the   B.Y.P.U.   is   on   Monday  evening
dressed in cream messaline silk with I at eight o'clock aud the midweek ser-
bridal veil and orange blossoms, car-1 vice of prayer is on  Wednesday    at
I rying a bouquet of bridal roses.   The   the same hour.
With every purchase of $5.00 or over, we Rive a
High-grade Broom absolutely tree. Sweeping reductions throughout our immense, new, up-to-date
Tape,.,/  RuflS.
2V4X3 yards!   regular  ��6.iu, 30.uO
Clean Sweep Saie ��_,��% #��������
3x8 yards; regular 110.60. $8.25
clean Sweep Salo g% _^r.
3x3% yards: regular J12.00 $9.75
Clean  Swei p  Sale     "_s,T_i    -j��^
3x4 yards; regular $16.00. $11.75
Clean   Sweep  Sale      '2�� _���_*������_  �����_���
3V.X4 yards;  regular 117.60. $12. I 5
Clean Sweep  Sale       ��� w
Scotch Wool Rugs.
3x3V_ mds; regular $16.00. $10.75
3xieyard.';' reguiar 'HlM. $12.25
Brussels Rugs.
���Jtjx'l yard;'; regular $11.30. $9.75
3x30yards'i'regular $20.66.' " $1 3.50
fx3H'yard's';'rek��ler'$2i'6'o'.'' $14.75
3x4�� yards';"regular' $26.66.' " J-j $/[$
Salc   British Velvet Rutyo.
Might only;  3x4  yards;   regular $26.00.
Sal��  Iron 'Beds'.
White Enamel Iron Beds; regular $3.90,
Keen Enamel Iron Bed'; one only;' regular' $i'o'..6.
J.-U11 siieironBed'; regular $0.60.
Sale, each
Brass Beds.
,;;i Il.iiis iieds; square posts;  satin finish;  reg. $35 $23.50
Sale  I'riee        ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� _JJ     __*"___**
���to Hrass Bed; heavy round pillars;  regular $16.60. $13.00
4-6 Vaas Bed's';' satin 'fl'nlsb';  regular $18.00. $13.75
4-6 Bright Brass or Satin Finish; regular $30.00. $19.75
Sali- Price   ^
Dressers. __��_____���_-
F\: Dresser; Iiritish Hate Mirror, regular $11.00. ffO  yg
Oolden CJak br'ess'e'rV 3'large drawers;  with Hrltish        ffO OR
bi vel plate mirror; reg. $11.60.    Sale Price _��T^"^-_s-
Asli Di-tHser; ;i drawers; plate mirror; reg. $15.50. Jl?  25
Mahogany Dresser; large plate mirror; reg. $24.50. *^1fi 25
Sale   I'riee    XamaZ'amm.
Mahogany Dresser, same as above only larger; reg.     9Zy7 RQ
$36.76,   Sale Price     amaZmm\m\
liiidseye Map'..- Pressor; with large plate mirror;  reg     C9E  Qfj
$33.00.    Sale  I'riee   ��*��-_-�����_����� VV
Be3t Eritish Wilson  Rugs.
���I.i;x7.6   feet;   regular   $12.50. 6Q 7C
6,9x9 feet; regular $22.60. $16 75
9x9 feet';' regular $20.00. - - ��� '4)99  RQ
9x10.6 feet;  regular $33.60, $26 75
i��xl2 teet;   regular $45.00 $33 50
Tapestry   Hearth  Hugs;   regular  $1.00. ff4    IE
Velvet Hearth Rugs;  regular $2.76, CO   IC
Wilton Hearth Hugs: regular $8.75. CO OR
N-ilo         ������'�������
li.ic. Cocoa Poor  Mats Rf)r>
Sale     999
i:\t-a   Heavy  Hinted   Linoleum;   regular  50c. .10-*
Sale Pric. per square yard  *vvv
Scotch  Inlaid Linoleum;   regular $1.00. 75J*
Sale I'riee, per snunre yard      ��� *��V
Scotch  Inlaid  Linoleum;   regular $1.25. Q*-)C
Salo Trice, per square yard    ����W
NY &
20th Inst.
And continuing- for FIFTEEN DAYS. Watch this
space for further particulars.
Nottingham   Lace  Curtains at  Sale  Prices.
Itegular 73c a pair.
dale Pi ,ce, per pair 	
RegUliT $2.00 a pair.
Sale I rice, per pair 	
Regular $3.26 a pair,
Sale i'riee, per pair	
Iti-pular $3.00 a pair.
Sale Price, per pair 	
Fumed  Oak  Mirror;   Iiritish  Hate  Mirror;   regular CIO  Cfl
$17 60.    Sale  * ��� V.3U
Solid Quarter Cut Colder, Oak Dresser;   with large mirror in centre
and  t-\,> mirrors at side:  a beauty,   tegular $60.00.
Sale    ;   	
Oolden Oak Dresser;  large Iiritish plate mirror;  reg.      C 1 _1  Rft
$20.00.    Sale  9 ��� taWU
Golden Oak Dresser;  low base; princess style; fxtra     CIO 7*^
large mirror,  regular $-��._0.    Sale    ^ I V. I 9
Fir Chiffonier;   6  drawers;   plate  mirror;   reg.  $13.        CI 1   74%
Sale    *l  ������IV
White Enamel Chiffonier; regular $17.S3. C.1Q QR
While  Knamel  Chiffonier;   regular  $13.60, ^1 1   Of%
Mahogany Chiffonier;  regular $31.50. C9e% -HI
llirdseye Maple Chiffonier;  regular Jllo.OO. C.9R fifl
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon
Phone 588
imffaY< atrial *>JTB PAGE FOUR
SATURDAY.   MAY  23.  1914
Suggestions for
Saturday and
Holiday Shoppers
Dananas. don n    30c
Wood Oranges, dozen    35c
Lemons, dozen  25c
Navel Oranges, doz. . 25c to 50e
Grape    Fruit.    California,    3
.for  25c
Grape Fruit, Florida, 2 lor. .25c
Head  Lettuce, 3  for   25c
Asparagus,  2 bundles    25c
Strawberries.! boxes    25e
Bermuda Onions, 2 lbs 25c
Ripe Tomatoes,  lb 30c
Green  I'eas,  lb 15c
Apples, lb 10c
Lime Juice, bottle.. ,25c. to 75c
Dalton's Lemonade, bottle ..15c
Eiffel Tower Lemonade I'ow-
der    25c
Lemon Kali  25c
rive iu the
city early for the annual
88  Decrees  Yesterday.
Yesterday  the  warm  spell   grew  n
little  warmer and  the mercury  went
up to SS in the shade as tbe top much
for tin- twenty-four hours.
Insure in the lloyal, the world's
largest Are company. Agent. Alfred
XV. .Mcl.eod,  tbe Insurance  Man.
Mortgages���Alfred XV.
Carden Party.
Tho ladies of St. Stephen's church
are planning to hold a garden  party
at the residence of Mrs. J. A. Montgomery, Fourth avenue, on June 2.
Stores  will   close   Empire
May 25.
Model tary
108 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St ar.d Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Wood.   Wood.   Wood.
Good factory wood (dry) at Superior
Sash ii Door Factory.    I'lione 503.
Address by B. G. Walker.
Member* Of the Edmonds and Fast
Conservative association were treated
lo au address In Moreton ball last
night delivered by 11. 0, Walker on
the tariff.
Received His Degree.
Harry li. Dram y has received his
degrie as Doctor of Dental Medicine
at the North Pacific college. Fort-
land. He was formerly a student at
Columbian college iu this city.
Take the round trip
Transfer this afternoon.
50 cents. Hoat leaves tin
at 2 o'clock.
of the S.S.
Hound trip
li.-K. wharf
New Westminster, Burnaby
and  Richmond  in One
Church   Picnic.
The members or the  Bible class of
St. Andrews church, ami iheir friends |
1 will  picnic at   Fltt  l��*ike 00   Monday. ;
They leave the market wharf at B.30 I
I lu gasoline launches. I
: Hcusc Committee Will  Rcpcrt in the
Near Future as to Ridings in This
You  may  like  tea  and
they  may  not  like  you.
Premier bottle beer, ii is
and agrei able substitute,
or ask your dealer.
coffee, but
If not, try
a healthful
Phone i.T.'i
Cosmopolitan   Hctel
The Cosmopolitan hotel
ed hands,  Messrs.  Itiekm;
liett   selling   out    to   (ieorgi
ami  John  Fraser,    Joseph
Is acting as manager.
baa cliang-
n and  It'll-
Huntinfjdon Trains.
II. ('. electric train will leave
for Huntingdon and way points Vic
toria Day at 6 a.m. Instead of 7 a.m.
as previously announced, Returning,
will leave Huntingdon at 7.7,1) a.m.
lor Xi w Westminster and way  points.
Ho! tor Harrison. July i
Paystreak.    Watch tor particular*
17! .061
Church Tennis Grounds.
The tennis club of tin- Sixth liven-
ue Methodist church has completed
the work on the tennis courts adjoining the church. Tin- grounds are in
fine condition and will S00U be monopolised bv the young people of that
The Great Northern will run ;i special train to Crescent, Ocena Park
and White Iteck Monday, May 25th,
leaving (I. N. it. depot at 8.80 a.m. Returning, leaves White Unci; tit 7 p.m.
Hound trip fare, ('resent 80c, Ocean
Park BBC, White Rock $1.01).       18407)
Return  tickets to Crescent
Dark and White Hock will be sold by
j tbe Great Northern railway for Vic-
j toria   Hay.  commencing   May  2.'i.  ai
I one and en
Will Visit at Kamlooos.
Resident Engineer C. C. Worsfold,
ol   the  Dominion  department  of  public   works,   yesterday   received   word
from  Kamloops Of the serious illness
I of  his  brother-in-law,  XV.  B.  Charles.
Ocean | Ml.    Worsfold   will   leave   for  the   interior this afternoon.
-third ri gular price (2410
There Is a period in the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���but It may be
made under wrong influence.
Had the will heen made during good health, the most deserving persons���according to the
deceased's wish���would have
ehared in the distribution of lhe
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
The advice of the Dominion
Trust company in this matter
may he of value to you. All such
discussions are treated 'in strict
Empire Day Pervi.cs.
A special Empire Hay service will
be conducted in St. Andrew's Freshy-
t�� ri-i.il church; Tlie mayor, city council and officials, police, firemen, St.
Andrew's club and other societies
will be represented. Rev. Mr. Kerr
will pn ach on "The Claims of Empire."
at tiie Royal cafe. Dominion
building. Good cooking; good
i. (3820)
W. C. T. U, Annual Meeting.
Tho annual  meeting  of the  local
W. c. T. 17 will be held In St. Stephen's church at 3 o'clock on Wt dues-
Will Survey North Arm.
Robert Abernetby, chairman of the
j North Arm harbor commission, waa
'������ In tho city yesterdaj and stated that
| Davis and Leslie, the engineers, bad
been Instructed to conduct a com-
1 plete survey of the North Arm of the
! Fraser rlv< r. They will commence
j work  next   week.
"The   Flower  Queen,"
The floral  cantata.    "The    Flower
Queeif" being prepared by sixty young
| people   under   the   able   direction     of
, Mr.-.  Cave-Browne-Cave, will  be  given  in  St.  Patrick's hall on Thursday
I and Friday, May 28 and 29,   Tbe proceeds are to be In aid of the Young
j Women's  Christian   Association.  This
: cantata   is  a  charming  musical    and
day afternoon, May 27, when officers j spectacular production and has been
will be elected, reports for the nast
year rend and d legates appointed to
attend the annual provincial convention to bo hi Id In Vi' toria next
month. A full attendance is desired
at Wednesday's meeting.
iiriqurttcs, Briquettes, cheaper than
coal. Harry Davis & Co., Phones.
880 and 411 L. (3323)
iven In a number of the large cities
of England with great success.
Ottawa, .May 22    Although the re-
gtM���n-1 distribution committee Ik expected to
I report to the house soon, matters relating to British Columbia have not
been definitely decided upon. This is
because of a proposal which has heen
Bade hy the committee as u whole
that  instead of the city of  Vancouver
electing two members-at-large, as originally intended a line shall be drawn
through the city ilividinilg it Into two
separate constituencies of practically
equal population.
As Dominion redistribution plans
I for British Columbia now stand there
' will he two constituencies for Van-
oouver, hoing Vancouver Centre and
Burrard, one I'or Victoria, one for
Nanaimo and vicinity, running south
to within a lew miles of the provincial
capital and one for Albernl and the
north end of the island, also Including
Squamlsh on tin- mainland and the
settlements along Lie various Inlets
from Squamlsh as fur north as Rivers
New Westminster Cistrict. '
A Blxth constituency will be Vancouver south, comprising South Vancouver and Point Grey. A seventh will
be Ni .v Westminster city, Burnaby
and Richmond, with another for Delta,
Langley, Surrey, Chilliwack, Maple
Ridge ami other districts of the lower
Fraser valley.
Vale-Cariboo will be divided hy an
east and west line running south of
Kamloops and north of Vernon, Th -
will place Kamloops, Ashcroft, Lll-
loon, Clinton, Fort George and the
Cariboo and Peace River districts in
the, new federal riding ol Cariboo,
leaving the Nicola, Similkameen and
moist ci tin- Okanagan in Yah-, tins
censittuency also Including tin- district near Hope, Vale and Lytton.
K'.-otenay will li>- divided by a north
and south line into East and West
Kootenay, the'divlsion being probably-
near Kootenay lake, leaving such
points as Nelson, Kaslo and Revelstoke in West Kootenay ami C an-
brook, Fernie and Goldi n In Bast
Tiie redistribution, it wili bo remembered Is t" provide 1,1 seats for
British Columbia as against seven at
Ladies'  Canvas Oxfords,  tan and black.
I'er  pair   	
Men's White Canvi.s Shoes.
I'er pair 	
Children's Han foot Sandals.
I'er  pair   	
Child's Bathing Shoes
I'er  pair   	
Hoy's Running Shoes.
Her pair  	
35c and 75c
641 Front Street
A complete line ot" Manicure oliods to
...elect   from.     Sits  complete     if    you
wish, or separate Files, clips. Buffers, Scissors (nail and cuticlei.
Chamois skins. Creams, Powdera, an i
everything needed io keep tin- bands
in good condition.
Step in  for your supply
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
and tin- Bait sea breeze, Monday, May 25,   Special <i  N. It. train leaves
Now Westminster B:30 a.m ; leaves White Rock 7:00 p.m..
General  Insurance  Agents.
313-315 Westminster Trust Building an-. 746 Columbia St.    Phone 85L.
Tuesday next The preaonl bonded
Indebtedness of the cits was officially
announced   at   $250,500.      Mayor   Mac
kenzle and tin aldermen addressed
tin meeting representing tin- urgency
of passing the bylaw, Tbe mayor
st.-it..ii that $27,1 00 of the money, II
obtained, would l��- spent on street
Improvement. There i-: every reason
to anticipate tha- tii.- bylaw will pass.
Dominion Trust
Tlu* Perpetual Trustee.
Victoria Day Train.
On Monday tlie regular morning
B.C.B.R. train to Jardine which leaves
nr 7 o'clock, will depart from ffew
Westminster at ft o'clock and run
clear through to Huntingdon in or- lofliciuUvn
-fer to reach tbe Columbia atreet de-1 cemetery
pot  at.   8.30   o'clock.
ment Is made iti on!
dents of the valley
Thla     ii r range-
-r to allow resist  chance  to  ar-
BURROWS The death occiin-.il
yesterday morning of Miss Elenor
Burrows at tho family residence in
Bast Burnaby. Deceased had only
been a resident in tin- district for a
short time. She leaves to mourn her
loss a mother, two sisters and one
The funeral will be held from  Mur-
chle's undertaking parlors  this afternoon  at  2.30 o'clock. Canon  d'Easum
,   Jjiitennent   In   tlie  Kraser
Next  TuiEday   Ratenayers   Will   Vote
to  Borrow $100,003.
Port Coquitlam ratepayers mel in
the agricultural hall on Thuraday
evening to consider tho $100,000 bylaw   whfch   is  to  he  voted   upon   on
Was After the Cash.
Wainwright, Alta., Maj 77 An unknown man giving his name as Geo
Williams of Edmonton, was returned
for trial this morning on a charge of
attempting to enter the Merchants
Hank last night. S. E. James, manager of the batik wai aroused and detained Williams at ;).. point of a re
volver until tbe policeman arrived.
A   Rr_J   Lu��_r   Simulation
A   ��tr��,_rhtf')rw__rii tmrnwrn
��� Mm   n ".-i  >n Mtabii.!..
Hfl      H'�� ar- |Fj*taf **_-_���
����� *t- I ����� to i '.icaflii I
MapM *U i,v,r ������*
���roild tf % h ,,_,
���Jv��* tlscnirnt | -*
H MOI rftan" :���
o'.t��  i    M,      Write*
now.   '���:���:>, ��� ���
ffltit'   tn* 0M     '
lM)   MftMi  1,1'iui
if>j     Qtttnft,     ,i/
Omhi*    A t-tftt,   *#r.t
tATVH"  r-* 1 I" w**r
*   ���. I   * mtltb. Wrnith
��tfl   t-s t mm   i m
llhf-M     Wiff | |      M
f mi i - i o ��� ���* <u*<.
th-ttil   . ,i  (*M  ��i
���ViIMS of Mf r-m-J
��� "���'      W��   tipper   fr��a   to  Isfl   rmt  I    ��� U
-   ���-���:   160*   tlutm    tin    U-Hiti'u.    s__td.
��� .     k it .i a 'ei   t>HI f-Kl   U  1��_   l/j��   trt(   -
���.,.>    tin 4   fm  ��������������
'.1.1 \u* * 1 nr* i>   xeufmmm,
V. --._.�����.. ��   I    *.    1-l-L.lj ., v,  I
j 93    ��� -   .t��    l    ���!
1,  .
j   .    .   . ���   1
Per Cent on
New Wentm.ns.er
one  Columbia  Street
C S. KEITH, Ma-gger.
For That Holiday
Co-Operative Association
PHONE 458.
Prepare for the National Holiday, .May 25, by seiectinj:
Swift's    6    and  8 lb. picnic
Ham.  per lb    15.
McLaren's Cheese, pkg 10c
Mcl-aren's    Bulatic    CheeBe
per pkg ,ioc
C. and li. Meat Paste, glass 20c
Keeler's  I.'men Cheese   per
glass    35c
Christie's   assorted   Biscuits,
per t.n    35c
Rami-ay's   assorted   Biscuits
per tin    25c
Try i,ur 3 lbs. for $1.00
Sps.ial  Tea.
Co-operative Association
J 33 Eighth Gt.
I Phone 453.
The terry Helen m. Scanlon, operating between Woodward's Landing
nnd Ladner, has been altered In her
construction so as to carry on tier
main deck six team..; or autos besides
pasengers, The vessel has now ben
purchased by the government, An
hourly service lias heen inaugurated,
It takes nn ive minutes In ordinary
circumstances to make the trip. Formerly the vessel conveyed the live
stock and autos by tov.i::<r a huge
barge made fast, to her side, a clumsy arrange ment.
Although the traffic is hardly sufficient at present to justify an hour-
ly ��?rvlca tlie public works depart-
mi nt have Inatltuted it with an eve
to the  future  development  at trade
West India Lin - Juice, bottle
Stivers Limi Juice and Lime .!
Cordial, per bottle ��� x
Leaf" Brand'
Manufactured  by  the Crystal    Dairy-
Company it; absolutely pure and only ;
Sweet  Cream  is used,    i;  smaeka of!
the clover leaf, and is just as Bwoet
I ry  It  and  be convinced.
Manufacturers of Pure Crystal Ice
Phono    1150    and    Encourage    Loca
The Crystal Dairy Co.
The Only Reliable"
533 Sixth SI.
7-11 Sixth Street.
_Mon.*'-.:'7-I,,m? Jvi.ee, |..'r bt.tCe uJ havi started an anto frei/iht service
fttW'S Lime Jli��c*a aid Cordial, LyoalDa.tweou Vancouver and  New West-
Ul^p Jilic^ G-rape Juice etc. 'minster ami  v.-ay  points.    A  reliable
service guaranteed.    Charges reason-
Dalto'i'a f-euionad**-,  Hifi Wheel J.om-
catlde  l'owi'crs.  i.-tc.
llo.-e's picnic  sii.e  bottle of Lime
Juice, pir bottle 10..
FT>n   YOUR   SALADS,   We   have  the
choicest green stuff, kept fresh and
clean   under  runniui; water, green I
onions,  radish,  lettuce, cucumbers,
S-.Te��t Pickles In tins, just the thing
for the picnic basket, por tin 15;
and    250
Dean's Grocery
Phone 3B8.
%>irr Sicrl< -"(tlumbla   8��r������.
v�� us a trial.
Phon. 1254.
Vivien Hungry Lftbk for a White Plase
to Eat.
it' jo ycu will probably ne-ri
supply you with anything In thai
Whet I'-r -ycu  are going  ca ni
ear famous Palme? Hammocks ;
choose from.    Prices ranging f rr
ping or not you should have cne of
they an- .liferent. Many colors to
in   $-.50  to 5*,2.rQ,
Read - [he - News
New Westminster.       Phone 59.
This is the store where you can buy New Furniture and Rujfs cheaper than any advertised sales.
Everything in this store is new and bought direct
from the factory and not from Retail Stores in Vancouver, and no second hand goods are mixed in with
AU second hand goods are in a separate store.
Give me a call and when you are ready to buy "Save
Money by Buying from the Only Reliable."
H. J. RUSSELL, Prop. SATURDAY,   MAY 23,  1914.
Several New Faces on Both Teami
Royale   Will   Undergo  General
Switch  in  Positions.
a  new  alignment or the Salmon
llellies -will he made for the opening
name of the season, scheduled for
.Monday afternoon, Due to the departure of three of the players, Turnbull,
Spring and Howard, new blood liaa
been Injected into th.- world's champions, a deal being completed yester-
day win reby Mickey k-n of Vancouver
throws In his im with the cuphold-
era and will play against the Athletics.
With   tlie   positions     switched,    the
situation does nut call for any degree
uf confidence that tin- Salmon Bellies
t��0t bave a runaway match and the
critics who have followed tlie pastime
for the past in or 20 years are by no
means certain that a clctory which
generally accompanies New Westmin
ster in tin  annual Victoria djy game
will be forthcoming on .Monday.
The Hoyals will hold their lasl practice ut Queens park this ufti ruoon after which the players will rest up
until ii o'clock Monday.
Reports from Vancouver indicate
that the Athletics urn in good condition and ready for the fray. Hurry
Pickering, BOSS Johnson, Ernie Murray and George Matheson are well
known to the fans, as having played
with tlie aggregation under Con Jones
while the rest of tho team Includes
players who have made a mark in
amateur company with the V. A. ('.
until th" team as a whole made the
big jump to the professional class.
Monday's name will start promptly ut 2 o'clock, rain or shine.
Here Is the probable line-up of tho
Salmon Bellies: Coal, Bun Clark;
pclnt, Buck Marshall; cover, Mickey
Ion; lirst defence, Willis Patchell;
second defence, George Rennie; third
de!'.nee, Hugh Gifford; centre, Tom
Rennie; third home, W. Turnbull; second home, Punk Wintemute; first
i" tne, I'.-t Feeney; outside home, Jack
Gifford; Inside home, (iruuipy Spring.
New   Westminster    vs.    National  Biscuit Co., of Vancouver., Queens park at ���'��� p.m.
li. ('. Mainland league, Weft-
minster at i'ort Coquitlam.
Friendly���W�� stm.nster "A"
vs. Asylum, Asylum ground at
2.30 p.m.
Rifle Choctinc.
104tb Regiment and N.W.C,
It. a. at Brownsville ranges.
Captain   and   Vice-Captain's
match on the Burquitlam links
Westminster    All-stars    vs.
Circle  V at  Fraser .*,itlls at  3
World's championship,    professional-  Vancouver Athletics
\!-. Salmon    Bellies,    Queens
park  3  p.m.
Pacific Coast Amateur league���Westminster at Victoria,
4,;;o p.m.
.  Trap Shoot.
New   Westminster   VS.   Cloverdale at  Cloverdale.
Test   match -Mainland    vs.
Vancouver    Island,    Brockton
Point.  Vancouver,
Bud And: rson, Medford, Ore.
vs. Frank Barrleu, Vancouver,
at Steveston, <\3'j o'clock.
j.. .... .... .-. j>. j*.
������-   ',.-   ',r    -,-   ',*    'n
���"; -li* # X # # *��* fi
'I and judicious spirit If any local board
* ' did (Sot want to put a local question
* before them no other board would.
It waa important to Include the Pacific coast line within the scope of their
lul'lu ence.
���Mr. Wade suggested tlie question be
laid over until the first convention.
Mr. Vercbere thought they were approaching the suhject in a wrong spirit. They could not do without the
co-operation of Burrard inlet. It seemed to him tlie same old story, that always cropped up In Hrltish Columbia,
accusing one section of trying to put
It over the other. It appeared to him.
however, that they could safely bring
their northern boundary within a rea
sonalil'-  limit.
It was ultimately resolved to fix
the northern limit at the 50th paral
lei, including SquamlEli and Powell
river and the caste;n boundary at
It was resolved that three clear
days' notice, instead of two, should
be given of any emergency meeting
of the executive couucil, and that,
unless called by the president, It
should require tbe requisition of six
members to convene a meeting of tbe
Five members of tiie executive
council shall form a.quorum was an-
other rt solution.
It was further resolved that lhe
clause making 20 days' notice to the
different hoards of the association of
any resolution nt a convention should
not be operative for the first convention.
The present chairman and acting
secretary were authorized to convene
tin- first convention.
The other clauses In the constitution were passed without demur ami
the constitution was adopted as a
Votes of thanks to tho chairman
and acting secretary concluded the
procej dings,
Cheap Rents
New Westminster, B. C.
4-room Apartments, per month   $8.00
2-room Apartments, per month .     4.50
Within five minutes walk of B. C. Electric Railway company's depot, main retail section, theatres,
etc.   Building clean and comparatively new.
Secure one of these very centrally located apartments at once and thereby save car fares and other
Full particulars apply to
���>. ;J.;*-y1 if��� r ?&;#$ LIMITED
?. *>'��  '/."   "    *i��*_v-r.T*'"-    .-  ,*
���^^^^6}4E^.hAH-D\n. f r. J.A.Rennie. SECY-TRES
V. A. C. and Calgary Chinooks Clash
This    Afternoon���Fred     Lynch
Will   Referee.
Columbia*   Slip   One   Over   in   a   City
League Game���Score 4-2���Hood
as Twirler.
Port Cocui;!am   Geatc  Maillardville���!
Rurquitlnm  Licked.
I'ort Coquitlam and    Port    Moody j
, were victorious at lacrosse last night,
th" funnel- defeating .Maillardville 6-0 I
at the I'ort City, while Burquitlam re- j
ceived a  shut-out at  I'ort  IMoody.  H. |
Tidy Officiated nt I'ort Moody.
Standing of the Teams.
The :,;atin cup emblematic of the
world's amateur lacrosse championship, will he at stake in Vancouver
thi* afternoon when tiie V, A. ('. and
tho Chinooks of Calgary, clash in '.::'���
first game of tin- series. 'I'he Chinooks arrived in Vancouver yesterday
morning and appear to he a husky
bunch, Wtfll able to giV8 tiie present
holders of the trophy plenty of hard
The contest will start at 4:30 Immediately following the hnll game be-
tween  Vancouver and s<uttie.    Fred
Lynch has heen selected as referee
;i ud will have full control of tbe play.
Many New Westminster fails are planning l" make the trip in order to get
a line on tn.- visitors.
AM   Stars    Will    Tackle    Nabitcoo   of
Vancouve-���l.ccals Have Strorq
The baseball public will be treated
to a game nt Queens park this afternoon at 3 o'clock when the New West-
ruinator all Btara tackle the National
Biscuit nine of Vancouver. It will be
remembered that iho Nabisco bunch
pounded out a win ovei the loc.ls
some three weeks ago ln a heavy *-luj.*
ging inatch, so that the Royals will
have their work cut out for this afternoon's encounter,
Several players from Fraser Mills
showed their appreciation or the :>up-
i-ort accorded them from this city by
retasing to turn out with the locals
in today's contest, which has necessitated the selection of a new aggregation. Here it Is: Whyte, Nellson,
Hooker, Silver, Wyard, Huhnke, Weill-
gartner, Papke, Klncord and Shay.
a greatly strengthened line-up,
the Columbias spilled the beans at
Qui ens park last night In a City
league game, defeating the B.C.B.R,
by n sec of 4-2.
Nellson   and   Whyte  were  the   battery for the ntcklechasers but could
not stem the tide of hits pound' d out
by   the   bunch   under  Tommy   Walsh
Hood  who caught for  the Columbias
on  Tuesday  last  was on  the  mound, ,
With   Cox  as his  battery  mate.     Bill I grea
Sloan   officiated    in   the   absence   of! nigh
Fi-ed Ivynch.
W. I..
I'ort. .Moody     3 0
Burquitlam    1 2
Maillardville    l '2
Port Coquitlam   1 2
V.    A.
17       4
5     fl
9    17
a   io
At the Theatres
May 21, 22, 23.
The Players'Co.
Charles Klien's Powerful Drama
"Ihe Third Degree"
PRICES:  15c, 25c, 35c.
Phone 861.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost
Vancouver   -->     10
S pi i kail"
Yesterday's   Games.
Vancouver. .May 82, -Seattle
today's game from Vancouver, 4
ter a ten inning contest between l'ltch
ers Kelly and Hall. Kelly was in difficulties on several occasions, hut
carao through with flying colors, Raymond made two glaring errors.
'The Third Degree," ('has. Klein':; I
t play, will be repeated again to-!
t and it Is needless to Bay that
the Players company is giving a fine
performance. There will be one more i
performance tonight and "doing j
Some.'' Res Beach's funniest comedy, !
Will have its first performance on l
Dan l.e Monte's European dog and ]
monkey circus will be at the Royal
theatre starting Monday next, for
three days. Watch for "Pedro" Ihe
bicycle ridliiK monkey, on Columbia
street Monday. The little fellow will
be n parade all by himself for he sure
can ride. Tlie circus numbers 20
trained  animals.    There's    Jim,    the
Swimming, Hikes, Mountain Climbing,!.
Paper Chases.
May  15 to Oct. 1, $2.00.
Royal Avenue. Phone 1000
Van Loo Cigar
At Victoria��� R.
Spokane   li
Victoria      0
Iiatteries: McCorry and Shea
Chapman  and  Carney.
roller skating monkey; Sarah, the
tango dancing monkey; the golden
chariot racing dogs, driven by mon-
tookI keys, a scream; Betsy, the whirlwind
af-! elobe rolling monkey; musical monkey
Tony, playing silver chimes; the
drunken dog, Dan and monkey policeman O'Rourke.
See the patrol wagon driven by
"Snookyookums.'' Must he seen to be
appreciated. Honestly there's sixty
laughs a minute. Then there are five-
fine reels of late movies, so come and
enjoy a good show  with the crowd.
Clear  Havana,  Cuban   made,
a-tency for New Westminster.
603 Columbia St.
H. E.
7 0
���I      3
;  l'ope.
R.    11.    B.
At Portland���
Portland     2   ll     41
Iiatteries:   Boice and  Hrottom;  Sal- j
vnsou, Hret and Kaworth.
Standing  of the Clubs
Northwestern Team not Drawing the I
Crowds���Switch   Games.
Portland,   May   IT-.   Owner   VV.   W.
MoCreedie   of    tii"  Portland North-
western league team, made known today lhat the Spokane-Portland series i
of June 10 and the Seattle-Portland
series   of   June   2t,   scheduled   to   he ;
played here, have necu transferred to
Spokane nnd Seattle respectively. The j
change  was  decided   on  at a  recent
meeting In Victoria.
Tho local team, ns a result, will not
return   to   Portland   for   eight   weeks i
und Seattle will not be seen hero this
season.    Poor attendance here caused
the directors to take this action.
Pittsburg  .  ���
New  York  ..
Cincinnati   ,
Brooklyn   .,.
St.   l.ouis   . .
. 6
."kSU   ^^
.4S0 i rard
(Continued from Pane One.'
and there Is no intention to drop out
if It is nol adopted.
Prince Rupert too Distant.
The  chairman  said   I'rince  Rupert
was too far distant and he had air
  .ndy |
advocated   its  exclusion.    As to  Bur-:
Cameron's Asthma Cure
Is the only remedy ever discovered that Is u constitutional cure
for ost bin a
This wonderful remedy has a
certain specific uction on lbe
blood and nervous system which
action renders it Impossible for
tbe asthmatic attacks to continue when once the constitution
in brought under Its Influence,
its curative action begins at
once and the cure is steady and
rapid until thoroughly completed.
Price $2.00 per Bottle.
Kor Sale  by
New Westminster, B.C.,
Or sent direct, charges prepaid.
D. A. Cameron    &    Co., White
Front Drug Store, Owen Sound,
Yesterday's  Games,
lioston :;, Chicago o.
Philadelphia 7', Pittsburg ',>.
Brooklyn o, Cincinnati ti.
New  York 5, St. Houls 1.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won   Host
Washington   .	
St.  I/Ouls  	
New Vork	
Boston    13
Chicago   14
Cleveland    9
inlet,  however,  he thought  Vancouver  stood   more  chance  of  losing
than gaining by joining them.    They
would never, have a majority  in  any
convention   that   might   be  called,  or
pass a measure, against the views of
the  people  of the  Fraser valley,  because of the larger number of hoards
of trade in tbe valley.   He hoped none ,    .
of these difficulties would ever arise ! se-ecUon*
in  practice.    The good  sense of  the !
representatives of the different boards
would enable them to deal with questions   In   a   broad   minded,   impartial
is one of. the chief reasons why young
people stay contentedly there instead
of seeking their amusements elsewhere.
Let us furnish the piano that will
make your home attractive. The
DOMINION PIANOS are here for your
521  Columbia St., New Westminster.
Yesterday's Games.
CbicagoO,  Boston 1,
Cleveland 3. New York 2.
Detroit 6, Philadelphia 9.
St. Louis 5, Washington 4.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost
Baltimore   18
St.  Ix-uIh     16
Buffalo   13
Chicago  IB
Indianapolis   13
Ilrooklyn      10
Kansas city  in
Pittsburg     ��
Yesterday's Games.
Chicago 5, Baltimore 8.
Kansas City C, Brooklyn 2.
St.  Louis 3, Pittsburg 3.
Indianapolis-Buffalo;  rain.
r. r, K
Dog and Monkey
Twenty in  number.    A revel ation  in  Animal  Training.
Watch Mnnl/iv.f P.n/I.rt on Columbia
for the
He can sure ride.    Also see the   Baby   Monkey,  enly   21   days  old.
PRICES:   10.. and 20c.    CHILDREN   HALF   PRICE.
Keep a Cool
Head at Any
Cost From
$1.50 up to $5.00
Panamas: $5.00 and More [
Come in and see the new
high-crown Sennets. Also
the e���� - shaped crown
for the lonA-headed man.
'A     / 5roart Apparel
K^fjor the Younger Men 16 to 60. <
Westminster's Authoritative
Style Shop for Man PAGE  SIX
SATURDAY,   MAY 23,   1914.
Classified Advertising
cetred for The News at the following places: F. T. Hills drug store,
62$ Columbia street; A. Sprtce,
Queensborough. l.ulu Island; Mrs.
E. Lardeu, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alta Vista.
��� ���������������� ������������������������������
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day: 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; linon words, to be used as re-
qulred within one year from dale of
contract.. $7">.0n.
Would Have Paid B. C.
to Build Panama Canal
FOB SALE���Two lots, each 50x137 to j Such ������ Comment Made By New York-
lane: unobstructed view aud situate '
Edinburgh   street.     Price   $450   for I
lew  days  only.    201    Westminster'
Trust lildg. Phone 312.
er���Canada's Railroads and
Croat Waterway.
KOR BALS-A Snap, five room thor-' &    p.lnamil (.ana, ,���
oughy   modern   dwelling;   well   lo-;            ' .   ,������  f-ana,*ia���
rated;  large lot.    Price $1i00, $100 ! __ _,.. ..���.,  ,,,,.      ,.������.���,ish  ���_.������:,.
cash, balance $27)  per month.
103. News office.
house, new and situate close to
Sixth street; lol 5uxlii0 to lane.
Price $2000, $150 cash, balance $20
a month.    Box 46S News office.
..urtD- VISCELLANEf.ua
TOR SALE���Am 1 avinig city and
want cash for deed, large cleared
lot worth $2000. Will sell at a bargain for few days only. Investigate
at once. Box 642 News office. (123)
WANTED���Guitar teacher   at   once. jF0R gAJ_B���TWO CIRCULAR SAW8
Apply Box No. 3404 News office.      '    an(j saw taD\0 complete.    Apply at
 * ,_,_,,    Tho News office.
LADIES   WANTED    to   notice     that I	
the  only  slore   in    town    making
babies'   clothes   to* order  is  at  61
Sixth street.    Ladies' and children's
underwear dressmaking.
erty througn an ad. In this column
(3403) !FOR SAIE__slon DOWN. $100 PER
KRASER   VALLEY   JUNK    CO..  329'
Front St.   Phone 213.   Cash paid for
all kinds of junk, hottles, sacks, bar I          .. _	
i els, cast Iron, old rags, old rubber j mQR BALE���Barber Shop.    $300 buys
boo't3 and shoes. (3319) |    ()|1,fit thnt cosl ovcr y.-jno.    This in-
ture. or stocks in trade, in largo or
small quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
vou give your goods away. Address
Ffd Davis. r.4S Columbia street.
New Westminster. (3317)
LOST    one  pair     of   eyeglasses    on j
Tuesday evening between Fifth SL ���	
and Sixth street.   Finder please ro- MODERN HOUSE FOR    RENT���$15
....       ........      Ann    (-.      Hjumwi     ,,  ,..,!],        dr   uill   t.,,11        Will   tolrn
turn to Mrs. John.-
treet, city.
railroads and the Canadian peopli
with great hopes, says the Wall Street
journal's special commissioner in Canada. They feel grateful to the United
States for building the canal, for it
seems likely to do Canada more good
than the I'nited State.-'. About tin-
only advantage the United States will
have over Canada will be in the naval
feature. Commercially, it would have
paid the province of British Columbia
to have issued bonds to pay for the
canal, but instead of that it is not going to cost the province one cent,
The Panama canal is practical)- welcomed   hy   the   Canadian   Pacific   because   it   will   lessen  the   number  of
i mpty   freight   cars   hauled   over  the
prairies.   Canada's great crop is wheat
and   that   in  all  shipped  eastward   to
market.    The things that the  prairie
provinces   purchase  of   the   east  are
high priced   and   of   small    bulk,   so
that tbey fill but few of the returning
cars.     Miles of empty  cars go  thundering  westward for more wheat.
Working Cars Both Ways.
Hut that is only half the slory.   The
t prairie provinces are heavy purchasers
eludes  good  will  of  business,    big | of coal and lumber and other  bulky
stock  Of supples,   two  new  chairs, j forest  produrts   produced   by   British
mirrored  wall rase,, towels, razors,  Columbia.     The   prairies   have   noth-
complete, j ing to sell  to  British  Columbia,  and
empty freight cars must go from the
prairies into tlie mountains, to come
back   loaded   with   what  the   prairies
Wlun the Panama canal  is opened
! those empty cars will carry wheat for
I London. Enough wheat can be shipped
] profitably   through  the  canal  to  pay
' for  the   British   Columbian   products
needed on the prairies. Tlie economy
resulting     from   having  loaded   cars
both  ways will enable the Canadian
Pacific to pick up wheat at least ;;s far
,.. : ..  ..nti,.   Or will sel:    Will take) fa8t aB ?a-6ar>- for shipment through
the i anal.
it is fnr this reason that the ("ana-
week,    Cain-la's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges; ever.' one guaranteed. Mar
ket square. 133161
strops, and everything
rent only $15 |�� r month. This shop
fg situated In best location in city,
right on Columbia street. Investigate at once if you are looking for
a big bargain.   Box 101, News office
TO   LET���Two   small   houses.  $8, or
i    furnished   rooms  cheap.    230   Eleventh  street. io414l
FOUND���On May 2. heavy draught
horse. Owner can have same hy
paving expenses. If nol claimed bv
.Tune 3 will he sold. 511 1-2 Eighth
Btreet, New Westminster,      (3411)
good agreemi nt
pari   payment,
apply next housi
mortgage    aa
Cedar    street,
dian Pacific does not view with alarm
completion of tbe Grand Trunk Pa-
fleic this year, and th�� completion
next year of the Canadian Northern
to the Pacific coast. Immigrants that
will return on the wheat ships by way
of Panama will furnish labor so seriously needed in the far west, and development will be much more rapid
that it La believed the country will
grow up to the railroads as fast as
they can handle it. (.'anada is so big,
and the railroads are already competing at so many points, that investors in Canadian Pacific stock need
not worry over the dividend.
Will   Not   Hurt   Railroads.
The Panama canal is a big question,
and responsible men of the Dominion
do not pretend that they have figured
out the final effect of it. They do
feel certain, however, that it is not
going to hurt any ot* tile Canadian
railroads, and. in fact, is going to
prevent them from hurting one another. This Immigration win not affect
the labor situation in Canada, which
is about the same ad in the United
In view of the approaching opening
of the canal, the Canadian Pacific
is paying serious attention to ocean
pools. The matter of joining the new
North Atlantic conference is under
ci Dsideratlon, but no decision has as
yet been reached. The Canadian Pacific Is really as great as a steamship proposition as a railroad, for its
flag is on every sea. It owns more
ships than the Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, (Beat Northern and
Northern Pacific combined. The
(ireat l.ake.s are dominated by Canadian Pacific ships. They monopolize
the trade of Pugit Sound and Alaska.
When you land at St. John or Sydney
or Quebec or Montreal, you step on a
Canadian Pacific train. The company
takes care of you on Its trains, in its
hotels, Bells you newspapers, chewing
gum and picture postcards while ynu
are in Canada, and its ships take you
nwoy to the Orient if vou are going
around the world, it takes a generation to develop such a system, and
the mer" building of so many milt b of
track does not mean that serious competition has been produced.
Maru was steaming in latitude 42.59N..
and longltdue 156.XE., end no little interest was evinced in the new arrival
by the passengers who at once decided that the Jnpanese baby girl would
have to be christened Shldzuoka. As
the mother, Mrs. Mlkuya llarada,
made no objections, the baby was accordingly registered in the ship's log
as i-.hid7.uoka llarada.
Berlin, Germany, May 22. ���It is Interesting to see bow the entire press
expresses its satisfaction at the departure nf Herr von Dallwitz from
Berlin. The motives for this are, however, very different.
The Conservatives say    this   ener
getic Prussian is the right man lor
Alrase-Lorralne and hope be will be
able to make the office of statthaltPr,
which hitherto has been rather a
nominal position, one of real govern-
The Liberals and Social Ilnii-roerals
are glad to see him no longer minister for home affuirs, becuuse bia absolute conservatism could never meet
wilh their approval. On the oth�� r
hand, they think him hardly adapted
to fill the very difficult office of
Statthaler, which needs a certain
amount of delicacy.
Heir von Dallwitz Is said to be a
very excellent administrative officer,
so that the hope is expressed that to
those Alsatians who are longing for
French government he will pro\��> the
superiority of the. German system.
invito tho ladles of this city to   Inspect  their spring stock  of  the
latest  fabrics and   styles.    Special price for two weeks only $75 and
$40.    We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout the Province of British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dolls; and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited halt yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cnsques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, General Manager.
Mew   Weitmlnuter   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
farm   sales   conducted.     Furniture,
bought  for cash.     P.  15.  Urown.   17
Beghie streel, New Westminster.
j    kerning  rooms.  $10   per  month
221 Seventh street. (
,    to rent try an ad. In this column.
Italian romeo
gets one war.
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades nnd
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want it, In any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
When Requiring
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Council  Votes $12,CCC  With  ricre to   Child Wifc-to-Be Telia Judge Her Love
Come to Help Mother, Brino For  Prisoner  Is Not So Strong
Up Their liif-jnts. as it Wa3.
viper*.     No   collection,   no   charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
enoy, :C6 Ilastlugs street west, Vancouver, (7.7,14)
either male or female, do not  forget
~ | that the Municipal Labor Bureau is in
a  position   to  supply   you.
PHONE 852.
Montreal, Mr;;.* 22.- In
Montreal may develop n
live,  useful,    citizens  In
generation,  the  board  of
or I       that
raco ol
t'.u   com  .
control  has
When little Jo-
ge 13, approach-
Ur south half of the southeast quar
fer ot section 22. township 10, la the
Dlnirict   ot   New   Westminster.
W'herena proof ot the  logs  of Oer-
:i; rat,���  of  Title   number   1C712H*.  Issued   In   the   name   nf   Andrew   John-j
son, has been  filed In  this office.
Notice is hereby glvon that I ahall]
at ;,. expiration of one month Ironi .
the date nt the first publication hen- :
.. . in a daily newspaper published in j
the City of New Westminster, issue!
.. ii ipllcate of the said certificate, un-
li ii in the meantimi valid objection
be made to me in writing
,1. C, GWYNN,
District Ri gli trar of Titles.
Land  Registry Office, N'ew Westmln I
ster,   B.C.,  May   13,   1914.      (3378) ;
lie   Southeast Quarter of  Section  27.,
Township  1",  in  the    District    ol
Now Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 2946F, issued
in the name of Joel Stevens, has been
filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall.
.    the expiration of one month from
Hie date of the iirsi publication here-
t, in a daily newspaper published in
City of New  Westminster, issue
duplicate of the said Certificate, un
lesa  in the meantime valid objection
li ��� mad   to me In writing.
D       ������  Registrar of Titles
l.ar I ft- ; . :���. i ,��� rice,
7'      '.'." imin   if.   B.C.,  April  27.
1914. (3301)
From Vancouver for Vietorli.
10:00 a.m Dall}
2: no  p.m Dall}
li:4S   p.m Dall}
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:f-0 a.m Dall}
11:00 p.m. .    Dail>
SUamer leaves at  11:45 p.m. on
From   Vancouver  for   Nanaimo.
10 00 a.m.  and  6:00  p.m Daily
Nanaimo,  Union  Day and Comox.
8:00 a.m.      ..Thursday and Saturday
Vancouver,  Union  Bay,  Lowell  River
11:45 p.m Saturdays
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11 00 p.m Every Saturday
Prince  Rupert and Granby Bay.
11:U0 p.m Wednesday*!
F;r Gulf Island Point*.
7 00  a.m.   Tuesdays  and   Fridays   for
Victoria,  calling   at   points   in   the
Gulf  Islands.
ED.  OOULBT,  Agent.  New  Wi>itmln��toi
i <*    W    -RBOniPI.   I*     V>    A.    V-n<vmv-r
: pokane,  .May 21
phlpe Guadagu ill
i 1 the tall bench on which sat Judge
.1.  e;ih  Sessions yesterdaj   and  whls-
I voted   $12,000   to   provide   pure   ml|k,   ,,. .,,,..  .., m ]fv  , t,^ man ( n .��� Qnd
medicine and medical advice for ba-   thought  I  would  marry him,  bul  do
bles.    In addition to this, $3,000 ha     .   , want to marrv nlm "ailv more., tll���
been voted to coyer the cost of special  j,;1(:.,r   promptly   sentenced   Pasquale
literature regarding the can-  wblch   pencrazfo, the" Italian Romeo In the
should be given children and for iee-; rol Aace> to a year at tiie reformatory.
turea to be given in every part of the i ivicrazio. charged with abducting the
���  y'*&$    b,eJ'^   c?,Y'lci'   ",e<!t*"�� I littlo   daiiRiiterof   <i.   Oundaguado   of
an additional S6.000 will be askod for   Orchard avenue, asreed  to plead mill-
to be applied to French   millc station, I ty  tn ih" charge
.1  E. H. BUCKLJN,       N, BEARD8LBB,   W. T.  tl. BOCKLIN,
li.< uu '.j����i  u_rr, VIos-PratldaM. (tec. m-. t'reM
Pir, Cedar   and   Spruce
Pl-ionca No. / and til
Gymnasium Class. Thursday al 7.30.
Swimming classi     Tuesda} i and Fridays, 7, in 1, al   V. M   I'    \    Young
Ladies' Club, Friday al 8 p.m
Boarding and room rates reasonable.
Meals served to ladies nnd Rentlemen
For particulars call  phono 1S24.
Victoria Day
Tickets on sale May 23,  It and 77,;
Komi to return up to May 21.
Three transcontinental trains dally
with through tourist,    standard    and
I dining cars.
[Toronto Express leaves at  7:r>n a.m.
! Imperial  Limited leaves at  S:10 p.m.
St. Paul Express leaves at 1:25 p.m.
i'or rates and reservations apply
' Or H. W  BRODIE. O. P. A.. Vancouver
i total of $21,000 to be devoted
to child welfare by the city of Mon
treal  this year,
It has been found that. If a child
receives the proper rare and nourii foment during the first two years of its
exist, nee, its chances of becoming a
useful citizen are greatly helped.
The high rate of infant mortality
In Montreal has heen such aa to cause
the deepest concern to those interest- j
ed in the welfare of the race. The
reason win* so many Infants die have
been investigated, and methods to
previ nt a continuation of the alarm
Ing death rate taken up. This high
rate, or mortality has been claimed to
result from ignorance, and in some
cases thoughtlessness, on the part of
mothers. There comes under tin-
heading of ignorance such problems at
Btauttatlon, value of fresh air. and.
most important, the question of prop-
e i* fei dine;.
What Germany Does.
Germany  has  officially   recognized
the  necessity of protecting race and I
has demanded thai every mother shall
i nurse her own baby. Kxamination of
the soldiers In the German army ���!>;,
scientists has resulted  in  bringing to
; light  many int.Testing  facts, one  t,
.ing lhat those who were nursed by
their mothers when babies are gem r
: ally Immune from contagious disease-.
In  the case  of poor people,  many
I grave   ci:/f:i tilties     are    encountered i
I in    giving    a    child  the start in  life
I to   which   it   is   entitled.     Especially '
In   Industrial   centres,   tbe   mothers
themselves   are   often   scarcely   mine
I than mere girls of immature develop-j
menl  and  not fitted  to even  Impart
, to the iiir,'uit a strong constitution.
Even more noticeable, however, is the
discover}' I ml  many have little or no
'knowledge of  the  care   which   should
I be given lo a child.
Ii. puty County prosecutor B, n Hell
!.. ��� : 5 outlini.'. the di tails ol the ! ive
.:  ilr to  tourt.
'I he little g ' bei ame attached to
Pi ncrazio ivhilo he boarded al thi Ir
home They then arranged to run
a-.ay. Pi ncrazio wrote back an ! a k
i.i the father's consent To trap him
the father agreed lo give his consent
When they returned Pencrazlo found
himself a prisoner.
"She told us Rho did nol < are f ir
him and h<- did not care for her, although it does seem ridlculou .' .-.tid
Prosecutor Hell, as he asked the judge
to be lenient with the prisoner and
send him to the reform school.
"Little girl," do you sneak Knglish?" asked the judge, as tbe girl approached t'ae bench, never linking at
her former lover.
"I do. yes," responded
with her big black eyes
from the .spectators in
"How   ok!  are  you?"
"I   was   13   years  old
"Did you wish to marry this, boy?''
"I don't, any more." said the girl
in ,-t low voice, "i did love this man
en'', and th ughl I would marry him,
but do not want to marry him any
Several aff davits and the testimony
of witnesses were introduced to show
the custom in Italy. The witnesses
disagreed as to whether girls married
there at 1.1 The prisoner said l la
sister married al 13 years. He .-aid
he bad Baved more than fi'.onn working as a   laboror.
���",uad.i-'ua!ii was bitter and declared, as the judge passed sentence on
the boy, that he is *!0 instead of 26.
the wee girl,
turned away
the    court-
last  Si ptem-
Victoria   Day   Excursions
Special I   '���'���    t tbe rate of rare and a third for the round tr.p
,,    ' |.    pnri   ��� turday, Sunday   ind Monday, good to return on
Tuesda), May 2B
On the afternoon ol Victoria
dav a racing meet will be he!'
at' the exhibition grounds A
largo number of good purse
havi been offered and the races
will be keenly contested.
A Citizens' Committee lias ar
ranged for an all day celobratlon
concluding with a dance In the
evening. Sports and popular
amusements every bour of the
AT 9:30 AND 11:15 A.M., 2 AND 6 P.M., STOPPING AT ALL WAY
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth.
Many of the  mothers,  too.  are  un-   .     ,l    m    ���   ~~7,      a     ..       ..      ~.
. Fer the Week r.ndiny Sunday, May 24
_5-Mi..Cave-Browne-Cavei hee CHUNG
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M
Lessons lu Pianoforte, Violin, Stu��
Ing, Voice Production, Theory (in
class or privately), Harmony, Counter
point, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examine
tions ul sue Associated I'.-ard "f tie
'Royal Academy of Music and Roys'
'College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher nr  Performer
Kor terms, etc . apply 61 Dofferti
ptref-t    Phone Mil!
P O   Box V Dally New* BIO.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guarantee*
69 McKanila BL
Spring  Suitings just arrived
���.hem.    Perfect nt
guaranteed     i * r i <-��� (
7��1  Krnnt  Street.
and  workmanship
from  $18.00 up
B. C
able    to     nurse    their own   children
beoause they   must    earn their dally!
The problem of securing pare milk !
for babies has also in en the cause of |
some diffictulty amnnK the poor   Milk
as It comes from the cow is not always
suited to the infants' needs when the
mother  is  unable  tn  nurse  her  own
child,    ln connection  with  this, vari-
ous institutions have been established
in   .Montreal   for   tbe   purpose   of   in-!
structlug  mothers and   for supplying
both  pure and modified  milk  for the
How to  Do   It.
In literature prepared by the hoard |
of health  on  the care  which  should
lie given a baby, these rules an  urn-
l Give the baby pure air day and
7. (live it no food but mother's
''"ii.. milk from tho bottle, or food
directed by the physician.
���7   Whenever it cries or is fretful,
l''1   "' offer it food, but Rive it, water.
HiKh.    Ixjw
21 -50
17,: 45
Sand Heads.
High. I.ow
Time. Ht. Time.
1:46 11.9    9:11
38    H.6 20: ttl
I'i 11.7   9:38
::i 10.4 r:i:ll
::���> 11.6 10:04
wrnbvF.n hprino BCttRnvLB
Effective  April   1st,  1014.
SS "Prince Rupert, S.3-
-Prince George," S.S. "Prince
Albert,"  S.S. "Prince John."
r.very Monday at 12 Midnight���
.,,, prince Rupert    and   Oranby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
���]������ victoria nnd Seattle.    .
Every Thursday, 12 midnight���
To Prince Rupert and Btowart.
Every Friday, 12  midnight���
Tn Queen Charlotte Island points,
Every Saturday. 12 midnight���
To Victoria and Seattle.
SS   Prince Rupert 'i-irt S.S. Pntica
' oenrne makn close connection tn
���inil   from  points  ���st   'if   Prlncn
rtnm-rt on Orand  Trunk  Pacific
i ta 11 w ay.	
If  You   Are  Undecided
Where to Go on Your^
Summer Vacation
Let us suggest a tr,c days' cruise
through the inside channels of
the North Pacific Coast on the
SS. "I'rince Kupert" or "I'rince
('iHirpr." Palatial oil-burning
ships; all outside rooms, with
hot and cold water in each. Mac-
nificent, restful scenery. "You
will feel better when you ri
We represent all Trans A tlantic SteamBhlp lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyoi.d���Let us submit an itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. G. 8milh, C.P. A. T.A,
527   Granville   St..   Vancouver. Phone   Rev.  S1J4
���'���" Bure its gets enough  slee]
two !,;;.- ,',,;rjng the day at least.
"" ,"�� put much clothing on
I" It in a tub every day,
'I   handle:   let   it  alone.
Victoria, Maj 22.���With tho ntorh
hovering over her as she forged her
way ahead through the waters of the
��� Paciric, II was but fitting that the
Shlrsuokfl Mnrtl should experience
one of Hi-- finest voyages sin<v she
flrht, entered the transpacific Bervice
of the Nippon Vuseu Kalsha line, In
the person or little Miss Shldzuoka
llarada, the big Japanese liner arrived
here with nt least one passenger who
t.   did not figure on tha original list. Tha
! Interesting event happened al 8 p.
m. on  Mil   9, when    the   Shidzuoka
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER   which  is highly   recommended.
Lime is almost as important for the successful prowta of plants
as smith tne and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones 15 and 1*.
102 Columbia Street -V SATURDAY,   MAY  23,  1914.
Rev. Dr. Mackay of Westminster Hall
Points Out Dangers of Great
Asiatic  Influx.
Victoria lay 7':;. a contribution to
the vexed (i:,, utal <lU''_;tloii was given
by  lhe  Rev.  Joiin   .Mackay,  D,  Di of
Westminster  Hall,  Vancouver, at a
luncheon  given  by  the  W mien's Canadian   club  or  this  city.
The subject of bis address, Dr. .Mac- j nese bad :.o ivlsh
our enterprise and effort that the ������fellow peril,' us we term lt, is with ub
Threefold Danger.
This    dancer,    ho   continued,    was j
threefold    political, economic and social.   The Influx of cheap Oriental labor would gradually ri suit lu the country  being inhabited by    vast    coolie
classes,  with no voice In the government and no way or protecting their
own Interests.   Not only would this be
i conomically hard on the white men,
hut the conditions of life under which
the Orientals lived would not be conducive to their highest  welfare. The
existence or such a place as  Chinatown, said Dr. Mackay, constituted a
poiton in tin-    body    politic.    Large I
masn-s of pagan people living without I
the Christian-Zing and uplifting ini'lu-l
euce  of   womanhood   were a  distinct j
lb ice   o any community.   The cbl-
h:i a rule, to bring j
"Where  Kast  Meets!'"'1-" v'":  ��� ";i families: they come
for a fe-.v  years uud yo home again,
while the Japanese conic In limited
numbers.   If thu Hindus were allowed
i  . ..     ,.   -,    .        .    ,,      .   to come unrestricted,    tho   country
between   the  Occident    aud    Orient.   _-���,,, ,��� i���1_T��,��'j     , , J
would be lu the handj ol an (Ulan peo-
kay continued,
Weal," was the most important problem of tbe day lu western Canada.
Here wiis tbe point oi greatest impact I
Down throughout tbe ages two great
movements bad gone on. The white
races bad evolved lor themselves one
form of civilization, and bad come to
accept for guidance the Christian faith
with' its Infinite and limitless outlook,
which opened up such wide pin-slbll-
itios of progress, ono hair of the
world, therefore, had become peopled
Willi Lbi.se white races, with a certain Christian code and ideal, and
llvin-r on a scale of elaboration and
expenditure far beyond that of the
other section of the human race -a
scale, moreover, which they could not
easily reduce without bringing disas
Pull Off Coup on Norwegian Ship Chil-
dar Worthy of Best Efforts of
Captain Kidd.   -
Canton, China, May 22.- Ordinary
acts of piracy, which occur frequently In the riveru and canals In this section, were completely eclipsed recently when ihe Norwegian thtcanuhlp
Ciilldar was plundered on the high
It was bold enough to recall to the
Western world the days of Captain
Kidd, 120(7 years ago, and It was a rare
case even for these waters.
Tbe r.umbi r of foreign warships
constantly cruising up and down the
pie living under alien faiths. I ' hilli>- Wet and  the fact that  many
"Ufa here is too crude aud new," "f Uw merchant Ships carry rifles and
declared the speaker, "for us to bave ammunition generally deter the Chiliad time to form a high standuid of ( ��f*�� "om *,ucn "cUi <jf boldness, fur
communal   life.     Our   civilization   ls '"
still a bit loose on its hinges, and we
have a big enough problem to face, but
so long as our settlers are only men
and women of white races there Is
some chance of assimilation."
Would Retard Progress.
The influx of Oriental ideas of civilization   would   but  retard  our  prog-
they are ;;iven short shift whin caught
In the early days of the Hrltish settlement at Hongkong scores Of pirate
junks were captured and sunk. There
are records or 4u and .Mj being rent to
the bottom In a day.
The Chlldar was captured in a very
dimple way. About 00 pirates went
on bo-:rd the ship at Hongkong as ordinary steerage or "deck" passengers,
Recipe No. 11���Cut Out and Paste
in your Recipe Book.
2 c-.ip-i Royal Standard; 2 cups Royal Standard rolled oats;; 1 cup
brown sugar M cup lard; *V_ cup
sour milk; 1 teaspoonrul salt Vi
cup butter. 1 teaspoonrul baking
soda,   1   package  dates.     Melt  the
���hortening; add brown sugar, rolled oatl, riour and salt. I'ut teaspoonrul soda in the sour milk and
mix all together. Stone one. package of datis, add a little water and
then put on stove for ubout 15 minutes, udd about half cup sugar.
ItoH dough tbln and cut into rounds
with a glass. Hake for about 1*>
minutes,    l'lace date  in  centre.
���Betty Brown.
The proof of the pudding ls in the flour Just as much as
in the eating.
Vou can prove this to your entire ami-faction by making
these popular Date Cookies with just "flour" and then with
Kvery day housewives are learning that old recipes can
be made to taste like new ones by Just substituting KOYAL
STANDARD In place of otdlnary flour.
We say "money  back If not absolutely satisfactory''
In order  that you  may try UOVAI. STANDARD without
one cent of ri��k.
Your grocer knows.
AecnuntAnt.     Telephone   11147      Lo<ji��
ti   Hart   Block
ress,  while the throwing together of  hound for places up the coast. Then
such different religious systems would   being altogether 200 Chinese making
ter and   falling  from   their hlghly-or- j tower mir moral standards and result   the  journey  no notice  was  taken  of
ganlzed and complex system of civil- j In the ultimate downfall or our civili/.-  them.
i/ation.     The  other  great  stream   oi   ation The?   were   evidently   a   little   ner-
buman life bad developed upon entire* I That Anglo-Saxon women had begun vous over tiie enterprise, and soou
ly different lines. Th�� civilization of to study politics, said Dr. .Mackay, was ' roused the suspicions Of the bona fide
thauo yellow races had, as with the j one of the blessings of tho age. Their Chinese passengers by their restlcss-
wbite races, takeu on the type of their i viewpoint was needed as individuals nees and earnest conversations ln llt-
rellglon. land  as   wives and   mothers.    It  was   tie groups.   Seeing that they were be-
Kismet is Motto. I only CO wards who quaked in tbe face   jnK watched, they put their plans Into
The pantheistic faith placed no im-I of enormous problems, but the women execution sooner, evidently, than they
portance on the Individual, no.- upon of today were capable of facing bad intended, but with complete suc-
pnrsonal Btrlvlug and effort.    Kismet I calmly   and   without   bitterness,   sus-  cisb.
waa its keynote.   Confucianism, also. ! plcioti or bigotry a danger that threat- j Pirates Wore Bands.
turned the face of a-people controlled anted not only the state and the bus!- \ About 40 miles out of Hongkong
by It, not outward and onward, but in-; ni IBS community, but the home. they whipped out their revolvers and
ward and backward. These civiliza-j He was glad to see that the Domln- rushed the officers. There were six
tions had evolved great systems of ' ion government had under discussion white officers, and none of them were
government and held enormous poten-1 a naturalization law. requiring five armed or within the reach of weap-
tla-HUt-a, but they were not likely to years' residence and a knowledge of. mis. The second officer, who was on
a&Hliul_ate with the system of thought I the English language. ��� the bridge, tried to give the alarm to
and government of the white races. If the coming of the Oriental races   lhe others  below,  and  was  promptly
It was, however, directly due to the to these shores could force people out laid senseless with the butt of a p!r>-
SCtlVlty of the white races, pointed out Of the wasteful living they had drlft"d lol. Otherwise no bodily injury was
Dr.'Mackay, that tho Oriental peoples | into and show  them the desirability j done.
were now coming to this conn try injor a simpler lile, the outcome or high; On their arms, so that t'.iey should
search ot new fields Of endeavor. "WeI Character and modes of thought, if it know one another, the pirates wore
lent our mi n of science and our ''.mis-1 could bring about a greater solidarity   white bands similar lo those worn by
I*. I/. Kmltli. HT. J. (*ro>..-s.
Wnrk   umlertiiken   In     city     and   ouixld-
tMjintii.    8i]*is Westminster 'ri-unt bi.j*.
I'Iiimu   364.     I:  ll.   BOX  507.
and third Tuesday in each month
at 8 p.m. ln the Labor Temple. A. J.
Christmas, Dictator; VV. J. Groves,
uaau., no s�������MKara on fikst
and third Tuesday In each month .it S
p.m. in Ihe Lulior Temple. David
Hoy le. Dictator; W. J. U roves. Secretary.
I. U. ll. r. AMITY LODOO NO. il���THE
regular meeting uf Amity IahIsf. Mo.
-7. I. O. O, F., Is held every Monday
nlKhi ut a o'clock In Odd Fellows' Halt,
comer Carnarvon and Klsinh streets.
visiciiiK brethren cordially invited.
II. W. Banaster, NG.; J. I,. Watson.
V.tl.; w. f. Coatham, P.O., recording
���wit-fary ; J. \X. McDonald, flnanci.i I
W.   K.   FAI.KS   *   CO,   612-61S   AONB8
sin-ei. opposite Carnegie library. Mo��t
up-to-date funeral parlors In the citv.
Huei-ialistH In shipping. Lady assistant
In attendance. Always Open. Day phoiiQ
176.   niKbt   phone   si.
until the schip put into a little bay I release her vv.-is struck by the pilot,
known as Ilias Hay. There two Junks, | but not seriously Injured,
which had evidently been awaiting j Passengers ray that Engineer Long
the arrival of the Chlldar, received.theI did everything in his power to stop
collected money and valuables which the train, but tho momentum or the
had been taken trom the Bhiu, tbe of-1 fast-running limited was too great,
ficers and the passengers.    Even tho  The remains were brought hereon the
ler m Manna, Ltd. i ��� Funeral directors
and emualim-rx. Parlors 406 Columbia
���tract, New   Westminster.    Phone (S3,
ster Hoard of Trade meets In the board
room. City Hall, iih followi: Third Fri-
day of eaeli month. Annual meetlnj-x
an Hie third Friday of February. C. II.
-mart Wade, secretary.
uniforms Of the officers and the good   train, und the parents und other mem-1 COTUIUULD. ORANT & McCOLU BATi-
.      . ... _.  . . _      . . .. .    . r,,.*.._.��    h?..,>..:,......             An   i 	
clothes of the   Chinese    passengers I bers of the family were conveyed lat-
were taken, and almost all the. bras:-1 er by automobile.
fittings of the ship. In all, the ship
lost over $10,000 in cargo, valuables
and damages.
Buccaneers Enraged.
lt was said that the mohter was so
overcome by grief that she ran off
Into the woods shrieking and apparently lost her reason temporarily. Pes-
riulers. Solicitors, etc, 40 l.orne street,
New Westminster. (1. E. Corbould, K.
C.     J.   R.   tirunt.     A.   E.   McColl.
ler-at-law. Solicitor, etc. Solicitor tor
the Hank of Vancouver. Offices: Merchants' Hank Hu'.hling, New Westminster. B. C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
address "Johnston." Code Western
The pirates were no doubt much | sengers led ber to the camp, and
disappointed, for on two previous voy i she then refused to board the train
age-j the Chlldar had carried about and accompany the body.
$30,000 worth of treasures of one sort | The family was moving overland
ind another, valuables that were lie- ��� from Oranite FallB, Wash., to the Kit-
gotlable  ashore  wilhout serious dan-1 tltas valley.
ger of discovery.    The pirates seemed j	
to be angered by their failure to make      On account of the trial of the bank
the big haul they expected for, after   robbers  on Tuesday  the   Union  bank i WHITRSIDE.    EDMONDS -ft   WHITE
W. r. HANSFORD, BARRISTER. Solicitor, elc.. Colllster Block, corner Columbia and Melveuzie streets. New
Westminster, B. C. P. O. Eox 285. Tele-
littonu   344.
series of trade to exploit their coun- j of tho white, races and curb the mad the Chinese revolutionists two years | looting the ship and passengers, tbey I In New Hazelton was closed. The en-
Iriee," he ��aid. "We sent our troops to race for armaments, Its lessons would ' ago, the translation of which is said I went through the cabins und engine I tire staff was requested to attend the
impoBB upon them our type of civiliza-��� havi- been of infinite value. I to be, "Money comes easy.'' rooms   wilfully   destroying   doors,  fit- j hearing.
tion and  our  missionaries  to   teach      "There must be no unfairness of at-      Four of the ofricers were   tightly   tings and furniture. I '_
them our beliefs und aspirations, Just   titude,"  concluded  Dr.   Mackay,  "and   bound and   placed in    the    auxiliary i     ytut the exploit was not without its!'
au we sen'., at the point oi cannon, a   no question et hostile camps.    These   wheel house at the stern of the ship,j humorous side.    An English speaking!
oommerce tbey hated and tried to turn  Oriental races repreiient some of the  while the second end third engineers I buccaneer, for instance, sympathizing1,
out lly forcing the gates Of the Orleut   finest material in the world, and. each . were left free to work the engines uu-   w-.-.,   tn(.   thirsty   engineer   whom   he
,>D<ti to western civilization and roue-   in bis own land, we are destiued  to   der the direction of the pirates.  PI"-   was controlling with revolver In band,!
ing  e-.xlai-.ity   and   longing     in     the   become   a   great   brotherhood,   to   be ; ate navigators assumed control of the   ag^ed the engineer if he would like a
t  uughta  ol   these  people,  we taught   united in Borne far time, in a parlia-   bridge and gave the proper signals to I whiakey and soda; and. leaving a fel-
them  to  seek  the  wealth and oppor-   tnni'  of nations, a federation of the j the engine room. A very careful COUrie I )0W   pirate   in   charge  of   the   engine
tunltiea < f our land.    It is because of   world." i through dangerous shoals was steered j POom, went to the pantry and brought
                             _^-^_____����_������.^��-���___�������,_��_    ___���������_���^��������^������. ; bad: a whiskey bottle and one of beer.
Jogging Laziness
into Activity
The merchant whose business lags in the summer .-
has himself to thank.
To slacken the selling pace in the hot season���to ���
lessen Advertising activity���indicates a resignation
which has no place in modern business.
If we think we cannot keep our business booming in
summer time, we surely will not.
What a jolt it must have been to the fur trade, when
the first mid-summer fur advertisement was run in
a daily paper! Now many fur stores are following
the example of that progressive fur man who dared
to believe that fur sales need not go down as the
mercury goes up.
Energy, linked with Advertising, has turned the
month cf January into the biggest selling season
for while goods. Advertisements of a high stimulative power, combined with a disregard of "seasons,"
have opened up automobile selling two months
earlier titan was once thought possible. Advertising
has started Christmas shopping early in October
instead of the middle of December.
Advertising rises superior to seasons and thermometers. The right kind of Advertising strikes a
responsive e��rd in human nature���and human
jtature is th�� same iu August as in December.
(plaining that be could not find soda
Among the pirates were some who!
) understood the navigation of steam-,
ips and others who knew how to
run the engines. One, Indeed, told the
I engineers In English, that be know
I more about a marine engine than they
I did.
���lor 15 years���
Tbe Standard Skin Remedy
side���HiirrlsteTS and Slollcitnrs, Westminster TruRi BUc, Columbia utreet.
New Westminster, B. C. Cable adUre��M
"Whiteside." Western Union. P. O.
Drawer -.00. Telephone 69. W. I.
Whiteside, K. C *, H. L. Edmonds. Ij.
al-law, solicitor, etc., corner ColumW.t,
and UcKenzie street!, Mew Westminster. M. C. P. O. Box 118, Telephone.
Solicitor and Notary. Offices. Hart
Mlot-k. 2ft Lome street, New Westminster. B. C.
Barristers  and   Solicitors.     605   to   61-
Weatminuter Trust   Block.     O.   E.   Ma.
tin,   W.   ll.   McQuarrie   and   Georgu   i..
* *.--juv_dy.
Druogist,   New
...     r^r,���n���g mur sdvert'u'intf problem* is svsiUbte tliroughsnr
adisn 1'resJ A-a-ooauon,uuuui.���./ ����� ��� - - ��� .   ���- ,
Kesno obUgstioa on your part-so wnte, ,f interested.
aAsalw S^Uon.Boom 808 Cumtdea BuiWinft Toronto. Knquir,
Prcwincial  Superintendent  Back from
Calgary Conference���Tells of
Oil  Fever There.
Vi.toriu, May 22.���Colonel K. F.
Gunther, superintendent of insurance
for the provincial government, has
just returned from Calgary, where he
attended nn important conference relative to the question of securing uniformity of laws and regulations oa
Insurance matters for the four western
provinces. In attendance at the
meeting wero the superintendents of
insurance for Alberta, Manitoba and
Saskatchewan, A number of insurance agents were also present.
The  conference  was  initiated,  Colonel Gunther explained,  largely with j
the  view   of  seeing  how   closely   the
four provinces could work in regard to I
uniformity in legislation.    After a full j
discussion between the officials, who
were assisted hy agents of companies
as far east at Toronto, much progress ,
to the end desired was  made.    Life, j
fire and casualty Insurance laws were
all discussed and also the question of
deposits with governments  In so far
as they affect tbe provincial companies nnd their reserves.
Other points cousidered were ihe
licensing of agents and the basis on
which companies should be incorporated. It Is hoped to do away with the
diversity In legislation which is at
present troubling everyone.
Colonel liunther mentioned that he
happened to be in Calgary Just at the
time of the announcement of the strike
of oil at a point some thirty-five miles
southeast of the city. The whple. population seemed to Instantly go oil mad.
Nothing else was talked of. Ono firm
of brokers was reported to have taken in over $86,000 in one day in transactions In oil shares. Long queues of
people could be seen standing In the
front of offices anxious to make Investments.
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded for
land, your careful attention is invited to the
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, ete. Address enquiries to
COAL MINING rlKtiis of llic Poi.uu:. .-���
in Miiuiiubii. Saskatchewan und AWerta,
ihe Yukon Territory, the Northwest fei-
riloiies und In a portion of the Province
uf llritisli Columbia, may be leased tor ,i
term of twenty-one years nt un aniiu.n
rental ��f SI an acre. Not mere than ���,,��(ii>
acres will be leased t�� cue applicant
Application for ,i lease must be mad--
by the applicant in person to tbe Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which tbe
rig-tits  applied   tor   are   situated.
ln surveyed territory the land must be
described  by sections,  or  le^ul  suo-olyl- -
Hum* of sections and  in  unsurveyed  territory the tract applied for shall be staked
out by tbe applicant himself.
Kiu-h application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded If
(he rii-rlils applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royally shall bo
paid on the merchantable output ot the
mine nt the run- of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
uei-oiiutlng for ihe full quantity ol merchantable coal mined and pay the royally thereon. It the coal mining rights
are not being operated such returns slioula
be furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining-.
rislus only, but the less,,- will be permitted to purchase whatever avaikible
surface rUrlit inac be c insldered necessary for the working ot the mine ut the ���
rate of  $10 an acre.
For full Information application should
be made to the Secretary of lbe Department of the interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  iJinds.
W. w. conv.
Deputy .Minister of the lnSPTio'.-
N.B.- Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
Ellenaburg, May 22.���(Llewellyn
Hermann, af-eil 4. was mangled to
death under the wheels of Northern
Pacific passeiiRer train No. 4 at Dudley, Wash., this afternoon when her
foot became cnusht In the cattle guard
at the croBsitiR while she and a brother, aged 9, were crossing in front of
the train. The mother and father witnessed the death or the child as they
raced from where, the family was
camping sixty yardB from the tracks,
to the rescue. The brother remained
with his sister, and in his efforts to
Granville Street,
Vancouver. B.C.
New Wellington
Office, 554 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth 8treet
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begble Street
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Reaidence: Room 118 Mcl.eod Block.
Phone 489 L.
SATURDAY,   MAY   23,   1914.
Holiday Needs at Very Special Prices Today
at McAllisters Big Sale
Big Specials in Men's Straw Hats
for Saturday at $1.00
Menu fine Englit-h Pedal Straws; in Panama shapes; hlack hands.
and good sweat pads, Also fine English Straws, in salor shape,
medium crown and brim; very Stylish; all sizes from fi% to 7%.
Saturday, your choice
Men's Fine Light Felt Hats at $1.25.
Men's fine, light, summer weight, Soft Felt HatB; in Rood shadi .-
of green, brown, gray and blue; hows at back; all sizes;     J*4   OC
regular $2.00 values.    Saturday  ��P ��� sfcw
Men's Underwear at Special Prices
Men's Kinr- Balbrljggan Underwear; Khirts and drawers; men's size
���>nl>.    Special  for  Saturday, 25fi
rer g anient   b��wW
Fine NalniOOk Underwear; sleeveless and knee drawers; fine
Porous Knit ,-hirts and fjrawors and summer weight Balbriggan
with  hist  sateen   facings;   sizes   34  to  44.     All  at, fiHfi
per g arment      "*
Fine Nainsook Combinations; cool and light; sleeveless and knee
length; just like II. V. D���'s only cheaper; sizes 111 to II       tf 4   ftrt
Sperial for Saturday, the suit  ���' ���""
Stanfield's Fine Summer I'nderwear; in silk and linen, and Bilk
and wool; shirt* and drawers;  actual $2.00 nnd $2.50 tf 4   AC
values.    Saturday at, per garment   w ��� rV9
Fine Silk I.isle Socks; seamless; fast dyes; rolors hlack, Ian and
gray; sizes sv- to 11; regular ;',5c values. ?*%P
Saturday    �������
Fine new  showing (>f Negligee Shirts;  coat style;  good striped patterns  of   hlack,   blue,   pray,   lavender  and   purple;   some   have   soft
cuffs and lounge collars to match;  sizes 14 lo 17.
Special for Saturday, each  	
On Saturday Afternoon and Evening.
Saturday afternoon and evening wo will give FREE Ice Cream
Cones to all the children accompanied by their patents who
visit this store. To prevent indiscriminate giving it will he
necessary to show a pure chase bill from any department in the
Ice Cream  in the Basement.
McAllisters, limited.
Clearing Odd Electrical Fixtures
electrical department on the second floor.
We should like to call the attention of the public to our up-to-date
and varied display of Electrical Chandeliers. Our prices are within
tbe reach ol all. Here are a few specials, which we an- offering for
this week and which will appeal to tho.-.e thinking of Installing an
artistic  fixture  at  moderate cost.
One only 4-lighi, square design   in brushed brass finish;
regular $12.50, tor	
Ono only Slight,   sutinre  design,   brushed   brass   finish:
regular 012.50.  for  	
One only 4-ii-;'.it, square design, brushed brass finish;     CC Eft
regular J10.no, for  90.9U
Ono only ."-lisht,  round design;   brushed bias.- finish;      CC Cft
regular $10.00, for    4>D.9U>
One only 2-light .square design;  brushed brass finish;      CC ftft
regular $ti.50. for 3)3.UL'
One only 8-light, round design, oxidized copper finish;      CO Cfl
regular $6.50, for ��PQ.OU
One only 2-light, round design, oxidized copper finish;
regular  $5.00,   for   	
One only ij-lijz'.it, round design, in 'brushed brass, with      CO flfl
cut glass shade-,, only           $O.UU
Ono only 3-light, round design. In brushed brass. 4*4   |"#*
3-riced at  $ | .OU
Ono only .1-light. round design, in brushed brass.
Priced at  	
Come in and see them.    Each one
a bargain to the purchaser.
Morning Glory" Wash Frocks for
Women Folk
We are now selling agents for America's greatest line In pretty
wash frocks. Featured by all the leading stores in the States, and
the craze of Chicago today, are the Morning Glory Wash Frookfl for
women. Like their name, "Morning Glory," these dresses are the
������mhodiment of all that is dainty and fresh In wash fabrics, in just
the prettiest.of shadings. The strong factor in the great popularity
' ���' garments is the simplicity of the style, making them quite
easj to launder and ge-t up. There are dresses for the house, for
street near picnic and afternoon frocks, and all kinds of dainty-
voile and outing styles.
viH't ' ' ; '���������> ' llr-ady-to-W'cti:* Departmenf on Saturday and see the
V''.' beautiful range we an- showing of these pretty dresse?
Price, from,
$1.25 to $5.75
-. i	
)Se a]8/5 r',n>  thi   ramous "Utility" lions.. Dress   This is the    drtst
'''   '" '    '    '��� ���    -.-omen Will accept no substitute.   The "Utility'
,:."   ��� :'   "".���'   p     use dress, kimono or negligee.    It slips on
.      ''���'  '.'��������� '"������ i" ' rew seconds, as only two buttons do the
foSn        '" "      llowln8  of styles  and  prices,  ranging
owing   ei   styles   and   price..
$1.75 to $3.95
Prepare for Monday's Work in the
Garden���See Our Prices
Lawn   Mowers;   12'.-inch   wheel.  4 knife;    adjustable ����������  J"|%
hearings, 12-inch $6.60; 14-inch $7.00; 16-iueh *M ���***#
Three-ply Gardrn Hose, with brass spray nozzles and CE  Cfl
coupliiiKs.  complete;   7)0  feet    ��VivW
Malleable  Carden   Hakes,   IMooth.  35c;   14-tooth.  40c; Af\f*
16<tooth     WB
Carden or Field Hose. Cftm 71% ft
Kach     OUC AND   l9C
^Handle Carden Spades. $1 .00 AND $1 .25
Long Handled   Carden Spades. CI   flfl CI   OC
Kach   91 >UU AND 9 I .C%J
B^.^ $1.00anD$1.25
Long Handle Spading Forks; r��-tlne j��<   jfC
Kach    9 I ������*W
Long Handle  I'otato  Forks;   fi-tine
lu-inch Blade Hedge clippers.
Crass Shears. OC*% CAa
I'er  pair       OOC AND 9UC
Ham1 Weeders, Ort^
Kach     CUC
"r"fia"":"s"ri"kWH;25c5 45c, 75c, $1.00
screen doors.
Oak Grained Doors; sizes 2.8x6,8, I'.inx-j.io and  .7x7.       Ci   f%E
Bach  $ I .CO
Oak Grained   and   Varnished;   with   sight      corner   brackets;   all
sizes.   Priced at, C1   Cfl C��_ "jC
Kach   9 I .OU AND 5�� I .10
Kxtra Strong Hardwood  Finish Door- ;  with  fancy    panel and turned
splindlcs;   all   sizes. ��9   <(}��*�� /**-._>  ftft
Prices     $__..&3 and 3>3.UU
Screen   Duo;   Sets;   complete. OC
Per set   G.00
Adjustable Window Screens;  size 14x40. OC
Kach     OOG
Adjustable  Window Screen;   i.s-in.  deep and  2S'-_   to   i*.'i.   Inches
35c, 40c5 45c, 50c
Light Curtain
Materials for
Scrims, Voiles, Muslins, Marquisettes uud Casements, all ut
greatly reduced Special Prices
for  Saturday.
Ilordered Scrims, in white or
cream; wilh blue, pink or
brown borders; regular 850-
l'er yard
Vary Fine Scrims, with single
or double border; wide variety
of patterns and in colors to
match any room; regular fif|e
and 65c lines.   Per Efts*
yard  ut      OUC
Plain Scrims; cream or ecru;
strung well woven goods that
give endless wear and satisfaction; 16c and 40c values, Oflj.
Per vard at   OUC
Hemstitched and Bordered
Voiles; borders in green, red,
fawn, pink and blue; 85 and
40c values. 9E#��
I'er yard at   bOC
Casement Cloth: in ecru and
Arab; .74 inch width; large
floral boarder for side curtains
or light drapes;    regular   35c.
!ory:ml 25c
Single Fold Cotton Casements,
with double border; cream or
Arab; regular 20c lines. Special at, per
Special Bargains
for Week-End
White and Cray Flannelette
Blankets; 11-4 size; pure finish; regular $1.95. *������ AfZ
Saturday, per pair.   W ��� "*
|1.75      White      Grecian
spread;  size C6xH0.
:::>c pair White Cotton Pillow
Cases; size 40x42 inches; just
the thing for camp use.
Saturday, 2 pulrs for
Turkish   Towels  for    camp  use;
soft finished;   blaaebad or un
bleached  towels;    handy    size,
durable   quality.   Saturday,  per pair   	
Table   Cloth    for   camp use;
bleached damask table cloth;
size f>0xC4; neat floral design;
regular $l.oo.
each.   Saturday
Regular $1.00 All l.inen Dam
ask Lunch Cloths; siz��> 47, by
45; useful lor camp.
Priced at,
Adjustabli   Window
in. deep and  42'..  in.  wide,
Cream or Arab Bunaglow Nets;
10 to 46 Inches wide; In floral
or conventional designs; regu
lar price 35c and 40c. .Saturday, per yard
7177,   pair   strong     Bleached
Shoi ts; si.*.e 88x90; useful   for
i lie horns or camp.
Saturday, pair
Wash Goods
Holiday Specials
Blazier Outing Flannel. This
is an ideal material for picnic
or seaside coats, also makes up
well for tennis jackets, li
comes in a braid stripe effect,
and has a very stylish appear
ance;  reg.  25c. 1 T 1 _�����
Sp cial       I I  2W
Cotton Crepes; just the very
thins tor holiday wear; easily
laundered and looks well when
made   up.     This  comes     in   all
the  wanted  shades,     pale  blue.
gray,   fawn.   .Alice,   Jielio,    pink
and whitt :  reir. 20c,
Big Furniture Bargains on Saturday
ag and mat-
Iron Beds, whlti  enamel, with brass caps, all
sizes In stock;  regular $3.G0,
Die above bed complete, with Bprlns
tress;   any size;   reg.  $11.50.
Dresser;  golden oak;   three drawers;
plate mirror; regular $9.50. m*tn. -**_.__������
Sale    ���frt.C.O
Dresser;  princes.) style;  three drawers; laree
bevel plab   mirror; ret,. $18.50,
Bodioom  or  Parh
regular $2 50. _���> 4   *-_��.
Palo   $1.50
Dining  (hairs;   leather siats; & A   ftg
regular $3.50.    Sale   ��p | .5JO
Dining   Chairs;   solid   scat; s�� 4   �� m
regular $3,86.    Sale      ��P I ��� 1 9
Extension  Table;   round  top;   pedestal  base-
golden finish;  solid oak;  regular $18.00.   Sale
Buffet; Boll doak; fumed, early English or golden finish; regular $26.60,
Morris Chairs; loos., cui bions; solid oak frame;
fixmi d I ni-h ;  regular $14.00
Golden   Oak   Cane
regular $4.76
golden    finish;
Seat   l>droo.ii   Rockers;
Cane Beat Bedroom Chairs; reg
ular ?! 77,.   Sale	
Box ('ouch;  covered  In  good I'.ualit-.- ticking;
ZTT..^��: . .$3.00
Kitchen Cabinet, complete; bins, drawers and
baking beards; top section has glass doors.
complete;  regular $14.00. C4A AA
Sale 91U.UU
Oate-leg  Breakfast Table;  reg.'
$C.5o,     Sale    	
Prints nnd Ginghams���This is
a very special line; comes in
stripeSj/Bpots, checks and floral
designs; good wash inn and
wealing; reg. up to 26c. 4 A.
Special        I UC
Buy Flags for
Empire Day.
May 25th, at
Our stork of British and Canadian Flags is large and
A big collection of new
Wash and Picture Hats
for ladies, all on sale Today, specially priced
$1.25 to $3.75
each  .
supplied      on      sticks.
5c to 35c
Red.  white
ored  bunting
Per  yard
and     blue   s<-lf-eoi-
Buy    Now.
Be   Prepared.
A Saturday Snap
In large lirim Straw and
Sun Hats for ladies; regular
price $1.00 and $1.26 each.
100 only to be sold <IA.
at eacii <k#%JG
These Are Rea. Specials on Oar Main
Floor Offered to Saturday She ppers
A Silk Coct Hose, Special at 45c.
This is ;���  perfect seamless   lose, with  high spliced he. is and toe.-;
with good lisle tegs;  In colors black, tan, pink, sky and w:*ite, and
In all s;i*cs; a splendid wearing tulk hose; regular 76c value      _���'_���
Special for    "IOC
A Pure All Silk Hose, Special at $1.25.
Comes In colors tan, black, and white, with double soles, heels, toes
and  tops;   has a  very  silky  appearance,  amf Is  guaranteed  to' nive
entire satisfaction to the wearer, is well worth $1.75, ��4   #*������
Our Special  Price is, per pair   ��B | ���_��%)
<s> Children'! Fine Ribbed Hoee; Special at 25c a Pair.
we carry the celebrated "Little Daisy" and "Little l)arlin��" makes*
also the "Huster Brown's Sisters'' Stockings for children's w.-.ir; In
all sizes; ranging from 4 to 81-., and in all general color... These'are
good makes, with a good reputation for wear.
We carry a very big stock, all are correct styles, and our prices are
the lowest poss-ible.
A Dainty Collar at 95c.
A  very pretty collar of fine lace, with frilled effect:   Borne trimmed
with satin and large buttons; others in  Brussels nets,   colors white
and cream;  with double satin neck bunds. ftp
All  these Specially  Priced  at        wOC
Erocaded Watu-i Collars. Special at 50c.
Of fine crepe, ,in low effect. With  dainty net trills;   in floral designs,
and .* plain white; a real dainty style collar. Crts*
Very Spi cial at, each   wvC
Lace Net Neckyokes at 65c to $1.25
With dainty net ruffles and front piece finished with glass or satin
buttons,   specially Priced
65c to $1.25
$1,00.  $1.50  and  $1.75.
atin  how  and dome fas
$1.00, $1.50 and $1.75
Chiffon  and  Crepe   Neck   Ruffles.  Special   at  $1,00.  $1.50  and  $1.75.
All tho new shades In Stock;  finished  with satin  how and dome fastener.    Specially
Priced at	
iter and Vancouver, the two-
'' .   tystem  beins operated  for
7"  ; ;'-'"' portion of the day. On the
Jr"",a-'>'. '-Hke   nnd  Eburne   lines,  at
1 h0��rH .... the day double head-
1 n   win be bc
For the lacrosse
m  through.
match In th
The   B.C.E.R.  Prepared  to  Handle an
Immense   Crowd  011   All   cf   its
Lines  Next  Monday.
i- run
.,,... ��   circle   route
continuous  servlTbVV?6..1**   ''!
mntoi, h 1,f"ri'   and
noon additional c\i��� ,, ,
over the  belt *?����� ��rs wH1 b
after the match.
Heavy  iraffic   Is  .������,,.,..  .
Fraser Valley branch.' cel.'br.u",,
bpcclal    p"
made by the
an  Increased
para ons have been
1. C K. r; of It ials for
:.raln  service  over the
Cloverdale and
si-.*ns of rittraeti
f-lUlliwack    show
Immense  Possibilities of Dominion  in
Mining Line Offer Oppertuni-
ities to Pioneers.
holiday In order to accommodate the
usual large 1 rov d��� thai travi I to and
frcm the i.irmi.s centres, especially
�����!i��re celebrations  are  being  held. "
No increase in the w rvice is eon-
li-_nplated for today, but additional
cars are being held iu readiness to
���itlach to the usual Saturday trains
���should conditions warrant it.
On Monday, Victoria Day, 1 fifteen
kiilnute service will be Operated over
ihe   Central   Park  line  betw >-.���*,   New
crowds ,.i���i
scores ol   people  will  take  :,,h,,���.',""
ot the holiday to vlsli elthi 1 uu. .%
ley or the cities.
The B.C.B.R. has made the . .;i
���irran tements for nmnd trip rarea
from New Westminster to Chilliwack
and way points, these tickets being
good for return passage on Tuesday!
Costs  Halfpenny  to  Bathe.
Tokio has over Sim public baths. In
, which  300 000  persons    bathe    dally
I a    1 ens; of aboul a halfpenny each.
Mining operations In Canada today
have reached an important nnd inter-
'sting stage, says the .Montreal Star.
The incic of spectacular incidents
1 durng the past year or two may bave
i;,'/'1 pnbllo    attention    somewhat,
but il
"v,'l'UimentB have,   nevertheless,
w M<lf>r*iiit,(,[; have uncovered them-
'" B"bBtautlal  and significant.  No i
S   111
��� Sl'lvt
1 Ing; from _<
been more
Plte of widespread prospect-
' ,,ls' to coast there litis not
'ha'  C^tndN^X0Ul��aver
and must continue, to be one ol the
liveliest and most profitable of the
Dominion's basic industries.
In 1913, Canada's total mineral
output, Including coal, iron, asbestos,
gold, silver and every otter mineral,
amounted to $144,031<,047, or $18.50 per
head ot population, in 1886 the total
was a little over ten millions. Silver
mines last year yielded $18,984,012.
Gold mines produced a value of approximately $16,500,000, of which $.",-
83,r>,000 came from the Yukon placers,
H6.136.000 from British Columbia. $4.-
280,000 from Porcupine, and a small
amount from Quebec and Nova Scotia;
the latter two provinces showed a
The Peace River.
In   the   fence   river  country,  as   it
Is generally known, Is another set of |
rocks of B  later geological age, bear-|
injr Immensely rich deposits of coal-
coal   of  all   kinds,  tho   very   poor  as |
well   as  the   richest,    It   might    be
worth   while,   too.   to  look   for  other:
metals.    British Columbia has drawn
attention  recently because of the ttn-
covering of an extremi lv rich body;
of   copper   at    Hidden     Creek,     near,
Prince  Rupert,    which   the    Qranbyl
Smelter people of Phoenix, B. C, are
developing. Rossland has shown up
o ik w bouy of ore and activities have
been .stimulated to a fair degree, fiold
mining proceeds here and there
through Iiritish Columbia, in a small
way, and an enormous amount of prospecting is going on In the vicinity of
the Grand Trunk Pacific line. Sensational strikes have been reported
again and again, but later facts do
not appear to bear out the hope of
gold in large (inanities.
Newfoundland so far is an iron
country. Very little prospecting Iiiir
been carried on and the mining of
precious metals is still one of the
problematical industries. So wilh
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
Quebec's bi_: Item has thus fur been
the asbestos mines. Some copper
lias born uncovered, nnd prospecting
for Rold is in vigorous swing along
the new route of the Grand Trunk Pacific.
Up   to   Prospectors.
Taking Canada as a whole, the mining synldrate looking for wise purchases of properties, Is able to encounter an abundance of unproved
claims,  but exceedingly  i'i w    offers
that will stand Investigation and warrant actual operation, The only way
for us to know whether Canada contains any mure Cobalts and Porcupines U for prospectors to turu out
! and demonstrate It one way or another, Prospectors hold the key to
the future of mining in this country. If they cannot be stimulated to
perform tbe duty, no one else can be
expected to, Certainly the large mining syndicates cannot be wasting their
money hiring prospectors and send-
itiK them out, far It has been proved
tin imremunerative business. Initiative in prospecting for minerals is
such a personal matter it cannot bo
.supplied by some far away corpora
I tion,    Success rarely follows the man '
who searciies for metals nt so much
In day. A very good Illustration or
I the natural method <;f stimulating
I prospecting actlvtlty Is to be found at
I Porcupine,  where  hundreds  <>f men
having seen with their own eyes what
has already been uncovered have
spread northward nnd east and west
for r,n or 7r> miles. That Is the way
-and the only way by which this
country's mineral resources may be ascertained and turned to profit.


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