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The New Westminster News Jun 22, 1914

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0 Is      9
Volume 9, V
Price Five Cents,
Sad and Heartrending Scenes Held Sunday As Result of
the Terrible Disaster in the
Mining Camp.
Premier  Borden   Raised  to  Knight in
the Order of St. Michael and St.
ftoorei of  Widows and  Husbands of Fatherless   Children���Stories   of
vivors of Their Narrow Escape Underground   When   the   Terrible
plosion   Took   Place���General   Manager   Brown   Saved   Many   Lives
His  Presence  of  Mind.
Illllrrest, Alta.. June 21 Two days
after the occurrence which hi nt al-
moel 200 miners to eternity in it inoni-
< nt of time, and the white man's
camp, as Hlllcrett collieries is termed,
Is   beginning   to   breathe   more   freely
to fully reall_e
ie calamity tbat
and i.i the same time
the iwful extent of tl
I....- in fallen it.
Taking block ol the (hocking tragedy, the little town finds Itself with
several scores of windows and hum
dr- da of fatherless children, There
le scarcely a home that is not affected by the calamity, while the mining
camps in close proximity to Hillcrest
coun; among tne dead some of tluir
townsmen. a�� tbe base <>f tbe scene
oi the explosion Is reached its awful-
bi us grows in Intensity, the condition
of th" bodies now taken out are ul
mo--- Indescribable, Some ol them
are torn to pieces or decapitated while
there still remain;-, a score or morel
yol unrecovered,
The stories ol Hie survivor-', now
'hat the tensity of the situation is
relieved, are related more coherently.
Tin y have had time to collect the;-.
thoughts but still tlie seriousness of
ihe tragedy is not the least abated.
Few Were Saved.
Narrow escapes were made, even
though but few iii the danger zone of
the explosion were saved. That Die
fortunate forty four who were sa\ed
��� : p( nded almost entln ly on a moment
<���:  time and a whiff of fresh air.
In the wild rush lo lbe month of the
mill- aud in tne intensity of tbe e_-
e.tei..(nt prevailing  it  was unite to
 xpected that human beings would
''���:-' themselves and leave something undone upon which human lives
d< fiended, and but for the reversing
ol the fan which supplied fresh air to
i in lower levels, perhaps none of the
,. -.> our would have been saved.
Hero of the  Disaster.
in this Qeneral Manager Urown was
the hero of the hour. Realizing tlie
perilous position of the inmates of
iii.ie . il was his first thought
survivors would make their escape by
means of the slope to mine No. 2
Knowing    Ihe geography of the mine
in- immediately made a rush to the
mechanism controlling the interior fan
and quickly reversed It.   .
"When I felt that whiff of fresh air,
I knew 1 was saved." Is the statement i
ol survivors. Tbey were ready to fall 1
in their rush for saTety and but for!
mat one slight breeze of the life-glv |
lug  'resli  air,  the story  from  the  in ;
rior would never have been told, anil
the history of the greatest mining dis
aster   that   ever  occurred   in   lbe   Ho |
minion, and forty-four additional lives |
would have been added to the already
:.ir.*>   list.
There are still a score of hodic
lhe mine.
All   Hope   Abandoned.
Hope has been completely abandon
i'd tbat any spark of life remains,
while the interior fires have been
Lingulsbed, no human being could
i.-l for any length of time in the
Impregnated atmosphere.
one short street of the town there
thirteen widows as a result of
explosion. Some of these have
husbands ami  sons,  upon   whom
pillars in which lhe men had been
Rescuers Overcome.
Three   cf   the   rescue   s<piad     were
ovorcoma with gas and bad to be earned out.   Continuing   Mr,   Woollatt
said; '���When we readied the death
trap we saw bodies strewn in every
direction and lying In every conceiv
abll position, (in,- man was found in
a kneeling position with pick iu hand,
ready io strike and when we got him
out his arms were so rigid that we
hail io break them in order lo fold
th in. Many others were equally as
rigid and It was necessary lo break
iheir legs to get their bodies in presentable condition,
"We brought cut Jas. Atchison witli
i-viry appearance of being dead, Hit
limp form bore no evidence of life but
the  doctors and  miner.-,  worked  over
him for three hours,    Kor some time
tbuj   wire dubious ol  iheir work, but
finally  a slight   flush  appeared  under
the thick coal dust on bis cheeks and
the men redoubled their efforts. The
young   lad   fought   against  them   and
*n cnieil  in  his dazed state, determined to die, but after three hours hours
be  recovered  and   was  soon  able  to
u.sl-l in the rescue  work."
Passed Many Bodies,
.lack   Madison   was   iu  the  mine   at
the lime of the explosion.    His position was at. the north end of the mine
some 1500 feet trom the mouth of th*
Stope.    "I   heard   a   loud  report,"   he
!*..!_,   "and   llien   realizing tbat  something had occulted I made a rush for
the chuie thut  led  up the stope.    lt
was a long run and I felt very keenly
tlie i [feet of lbe gas     At the time 1
lelt  like  dying  but   1   fought off  the
Inclination and finally reached safety.
On my  way otil  I passed dead bodies
on either siil- of me. two ol these being  tlie bodies of  Uobt.  Wallace and
Billy   Neath,   two   tracklayers,     who
wire  blOOgUt  to  tbe  surface  shortly
alter   the   explosion.
London, Jane tl. Thp k ins's
birthday honors announced today include a number of prominent Canadians on the list.
Chief is the premier. lit. Hon. Robert l_aIr<J Borden, !'.<'., who becomes
lit. Hon. Sir Robert Laird Borden, (1
(.'. M. (1.. thus reaching the same rank
ln the Order of St. Michael and St.
Oeorge as Is held by Kt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid  Laurier, P.C., g.c.m.g.
Two other Canadians attained entrance into the Order of St. Michael
and St. Oeorge. Tbey were Hon. Geo.
Kui.is  Poster,  minister of trade in
Canada, and Waller lv Davidson, gov-
ernor uf  Newfoundland.
Among the knights batchelor named
i.s 'Douglas Mawsou,  the explorer.
The list intluden a large number of
barons and baronets, but there are
few notable names in It. Lord Kitchener, of Khartoum, his majesty's
agi nl and consul general In Egypt
is made on earl. Sir Herbert Cozens
Hardy, Sir Kdward Vincents Major
John l-'ielden Uroeklehtirst, and Sir
Leonard Lyeil. are raised to barons.
Among the baronets is Albert H.
staiib-y, manager of tbe London underground railways, who is English-
bom, but was raisul in the I'nited
Sates. Mr. Stanley came to London
from Detroit, and assumed bis British
citizenship last year. Kor a number
ot years he was connected with the
Detroit I'nited Railways and the public service railways of New  Jersey.
Other baronets named are Sir Joseph lb "chain, the manufacturer; (leo.
lienciiel, the composer, and Sir T
V.insitart Bowater, Lord Mayor
Constitutionalists  Reported
to Have Won Another
Several  Important Cases On f 4  Doc-       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ket���W. G. McQuarrie Will Act        lJarOlH'SS Von Sllttnei\ Win-
as Counsel for the Crown. ne_ of Nobe, prize   Djes
.1.  I.   Orth  and
Wedding of Miss Eleanor Brown and
Mr. Norman J. H. Brown Celebrated Saturday Evening.
C'vil Government and Municipal Officers Said to Have Been Established by Popular Election.
Saltillo,    Mex��� June  21.- fighting
has bei :i resumed at Zacatecas nude*, -lirect command of Oeneral Villa,
according to dispatches received here.
It was said that the positions held by
the lederals had been captured by
tlle constitutionalists, but their locations were not made clear. No report or the CaSUlties has been received. News Is expected at any
moment that General Obregon has attacked Guadalajara.
The entire i irthern pari of the
state of Vera Cruz and most of the
state of Puebla now are under control of the constitutionalists, according to announcement at General Car- i
ranza's headquarters today.
General Nicolas Floras reported by
telegraph thai lie bad taken the town 1
of Orl.atlan, in the state of Hidalgo!
and placed himself and four thousand
men at tlie orders of General Carranza. A report signed by more than a
thousand citizens of that town declared civil government and municipal officers had been established by
a popular election. Oeneral Plores
heretofore has not been able to communicate with headquarters.
It was reported also that municipal
officer:-, had been named by popular
vote in many towns in  Puebla.
Willi the establishment of telegraphic communication to that region.
General Carranza gave orders today
to General Cainamacho and other
officers of the central states.
Thirty thousand men have been concentrated near here in preparation for
a campaign toward the south and
trains are arriving daily from the
north with troops cf Oeiural Gonzales,
commanding the army of the northeast.
Governor Pastor Uouix. of Durango, and Generals Murgia, Elizonda,
and others arrived during the week
and conferred with General Carranza
regarding the southern campaign.
The spring assize court will open
before tlle Honorable Mr. Justice Mac
Donald this morning, the docket including several Important caBes. XX'.
G. McQuarrie will act as crown counsel, this being the first lime in two
or three years that a New Westmin
ster member of the bar has taken
charge of tlu- cases on behalf of the
prosecution, Bj a curious coincidence
this Is the third occasion that Mr. McQuarrie lias acted as crown counsel
in New Westminster where a supreme
court judge makes bis first appearance lu the city after receiving the
At Vienna.
Was  A  Noted Writer and   For Many
Years Had Been a Strong Advocate of Peace.
Last Obstacle to the Service Removed
and   Tenders   Are   Called   for
Delivery on   Routes.
Vienna, June 81, -Baroness Bertha
Von Suttner, the Austrian writer, who
had devoted most of her life to the
cause of peace, and to whom waa
awarded the Nobel prize in 1907), died
Baroness Von Suttner had been ill
three weeks. She was undergoing a
cure for obesity, wliiafc her constitu
tion proved unable to bear. She gave
Instructions that her body he cremat
ed al Gollia, without religious ceremony, speeches or flowers, her ashes
to  be    deposited    in    a columbarium
there. ^^���^^���^^^^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn
Bo; n iu 18X3, the daughter of Field-
Marshall Count Franz Von Kinsky,
the baroness became noted as the edl
tor of the Die Waffen Nieder (Lay
Down Your Arms), the magazine of the
international peace bureau in Berne.
which was named after a novel written by her in 1899, designed to spread
the Idea of peace throughout Germany
and Austria.
When a girl  Baroness  Von Suttner
was betrothed to Prince Adolph Witt
geustein. but he was killed lu a bat
tie.    ln 1876 she was married to Baton Von Suttner. spent six months in
the United States, where she deliver
ed   a   series   of   lectures   to   promote
tlie c.use of peace.
I    The Barpness was at one time sec-
i retary   to  Alfred   B.   Nobel,   who   established the  Nobel  Foundation,  and
I as a champion of tbe "Brotherhood of
I Nations,"   is   said   to  have   furnished
I the inspiration that prompted him to
I of fer his peace prize.   She was a mem-
| ber of the advisory council    of    the
(Continued oa Page Four.)
Rebel   Leader   Declares   He   Did   Not
Order   Execution  of Carranza's
gas ;
others    as
rlg|d as though  they  had  been |
they depend solely for existence. This
sireet, which is but a short one, contains   but  thirty six   houses  and
been  named   "Peaceful   Valley."
all  outward appearances the  nanu
Still appropriate, hut facts today b
thi' name.
Bodies Torn and  Dismembered.
The awfulness of the explosion was I a
brought home on Saturday afternoon l.u
when the point, was reached  by	
rescue gang  where  the explosion
most severe and where pieces
ies were picked up, burned to
some  torn   to pieces  and
had   been  entirely  decapitated,
others  had  their  clothes    i
lorn from them and still
frpzen and they had to    hav.
limbs broken 'po ns to allow thi"> cor
pses to be placed In the caskets.
��� ither bodies a.e still lying tenealli
piles of rock and coal and ma} nevei
bi    recovered.
in  the  meantime on   Lhe  outside,
while tlie men were organizing n sec*
' i ud rescue gang, relatives and friends
ul   the entombed    miners    gathered
about the mouth of the stope and it
was  with difficulty that organization
could  be  affected.     One    woman   on
he:,ting of her husband being a probable  victim  went   Into hysterics and
had   to   be  carried   away  a   physical
��reek.    About  a   half hour after the
explosion  the  second    rescue gang, >
which waB really the first organized I
reSCUO    party,   went   Into   the   mine,
unting   these   were   ('.   Woollott   and
mine   was  still
       with   gas,"  said
olatt,  "and  it   was   with  difficulty
worked its way to the
Torreon, Coahuila, June 21.    Rumor
that Qeneral Angeles hail been   proclaimed provisional president by Gen.
in I Villa and that Oeneral chao had been
I executed  were denied  today  by  Gen.
I Villa.    As soon as the reports reached
Ihis headquarters, Gen. \iila said that
for   ho bad heard nothing ( f Gen. Angeles'
dismissal from Carranza's cabinet, as
reported   from   Saltillo,     Chao     was
si. n  here two d-iys ago as he was
[ about  to entrain his troops to move
ag." list Zacatocas.    Angeles has been
iu .ir Zacatecas with the artillery brigade  lor the lasl four days.    The  re
��� port that Angeles had been made provisional    president    Wis    received    at
headquarters    here   with   frank  surprise.
"The story that I executed General
Chao  is  a   malicious  lie,-'    declared
General  Villa.    "General Chao Is with
tho dlvl-ston now near Zacatecas and
far from dead,    Two days ago he was
a guest  at   my  bouse, and  tlle  two ol
purled on the hesl  of terms.    The
the j story   is  a   fabrication.     I   must   say
was  the  same of  the  rumor  that   I   proof boil-j claimed   General   Angeles   provisional |
i crisp, I president of the Mexican republic,  I
others who j have done nothing of the sort, no matter who ��iys so. ami the matter is
far from my mind.   Of the story that
General Carranza has deposed Angeles
as secretary of war. I know nothing."
One of the smart June weddinfcs o;
the season was that solemnized on
Saturday evening at 8.30 o'clock at
the ri sidence of W'aiden J. C. Brown
when Miss Eleanore M., eldest daughter ct Mr. snd Mtb. J. C. Brown, became the bride of Mr. Norman J. H.
Brown, of Port Haney. B.C. The
groom is accountant at the Bank of
' Montreal of that place. Rev, B. G.
J Thompson performed the ceremony
in the presence of a large number ot
guests from this city and  Vancouver.
The maid of honor was Miss Gertrude Brown, the bridesmaid being
Miss Nora Armstrong. The groom
was supported by Frank Major, while
the flower bearers were Joy Major
and "Bobble" Tye, cousins of the
The wedding marches were played
by Ktnneth Shook, who also sang several selections during the course of
the evening
Following a wedding supper, the
bride and groom left on the midnight
train for Portland where they will
spend several days before taking up
their residence at Port Haney.
The only obstacle to the rural mail
delivery for Coquitlam having been
removed by the signing of tlie deed to
a portion of the Gatenebury road, by
11. Williamson, the postmaster-general
at Ottawa, has called for tenders for
the contract for the delivery. Offers
will be received up to July 81. The
distance is calculated at  17 miles.
The propostd departures and returns are as follows.
Leave New Westminster post office
daily,   except   Sundays,   at   8.30   a.m.
and   proceed  via  Columbia   street  to
North road, thence via North road to
Burquitlam   post office,    thence continue  via  North  road to  Lake Como
road;  thence via l.ake Como road to I -'amegle peace foundation.
Clarke, road;   thence via  Clarke road! "	
to Smith road; thence via Smith road |
to Blue  Mountain  road;     thence via I
Blue Mountain  road to    Lake Como
road; thence via !,ake Como road to]
Gatensbury  road;  thence  via Gatens- j
bury road to Austin road; thence via I
Auslln road to North road; thence via
North road to Rochester road*, thence
via Rochester road to Blue Mountain
road; thence via Blue Mountain road
to   Pitt   River  road;   thence   via   Pitt
River road  to Richard street;  thence
via   Richard   street  to   Alderson
nue*.   thence  via  Alaer_o_
North voad;    thence via
and  Columbia   street  to
Rock   and   Timber   Gangs   Vie   With
Oil   Drillers   in   Rushing   Work
These Days.
avenue to
North road
New   Westminster post office, arriving there not)
j laur than 1 p.m. the. same day.
Villa Seized One Million Pesos in Constitutional   Money   and   Is   Not
Inclined to Give It Up.
Prince    Rupert    Gathering Concludes
Session on  Friday���New Westminster Fares Well.
Vicars,    "The
avlly Impregnated
Unsettled, showery weather
will prevail Monday over the
northern districts of the Rocky
Mountains, lhe weather bureau predicted tonight, with
general fair weather following.
Modi rule temperatures will
prevail during most of the
week over the northern districts nf the Rocky Mountains,
the bulletin continued,
West of the Rocky Mountains
fair weather will prevail with
moderate temperatures, although somewhat higher by
Tuesday, over the northern
tilts gang
Prince  Rupert.  June  21,    The    following  Officers   were  elected  by     the
Masonic Grand Lodge at their closing
session   here   Friday,     The   I'rincess
Alice,   with   the   Masonic     party     on
board, is due    to arrive here al  3.00
o'clock this afternoon,
G.M   -James stark. Vancouver.
D, G, M.    W*. C, Dltmar, Vancouver.
s, g. w.   Wm. Astley. Vaucouver.
.1. G. W.   Hi. Corsan, Fernie.
G. T.    11. 11. Watson. Vancouver.
P. g. M.. c, s.   Dr DeWolfe Smith,
New Westminster,
I District Deputies���No. 1, S. M. Manuel, Victoria; No. 2, C. A. Welsh. New
Westminster; No. ::, Robt. Howson,
Kamloops; No. 4. M. Bailey, Nanaimo;
No. 6, J. W. Greer. New Denver; No
7. !���'. W. McLean. Greenwood; No, 8.
J. C. Pitts, Windermere; No. 9. D, W.
Sutherland, Kelowna; No. 1 it. .lee-
kyll. Dawson; No. 11, V. \\7 Howling
Prince Rupert; No. 12. M. .1. I'-arr
G, Historian, Rev. c. c. Hoyle, Uid-
ner; G. Chaplain, Rev, .1. Hlnchlifte,
Chilliwack; 8. G. Deacon. .1. W. Pre.-
cott, Vancouver; J. G, deacon, D, G,
Sutherland, Prince Rupert; G. director of ceremonies, Stephen Jones, Vic-
���toria; G, superintendent of works. .1.
Galloway, Kamloops: G, marshal, J,
X. Aitcliisou. New Westminster; G,
organist, E. 11. Russell. Victoria; G,
Stewards, D, C. Tuck, .1. C, McLean,
Prince Rupert; Kmii Johnson, Rossland; V. C. Burd, Vancouver; G. P., s.
C. svkes. Kerrisdnle; Q, tyler, T Mil
elu 11.
Pitt river and Pitt lake are busy-
spots these days and more traffic is
seen in that neighborhood now than
has been the case for some time.
L'p in the lake both the tl. C. Trans
port and Gilley Bros.' outfits are bard
at work. The latter are handling considerable rock at their quarry, while
the former have three big gangs on
the job. At the B. C. Transport
quarry rock is being turned out for
the city and farther up tbe lake the
company's dredge is going steadily
getting out the heavy stuff for the
harbor improvement fill. Close alongside the same firm has a timber crew
rushing piles and poles for the Marsh.
Button, Powers company, which has
the  North  Arm jetty contract.
At Pitt Meadows the talk and interest all centres in oil. Here the Pitt
Meadows Oil Wells, Limited, have
their new derrick working again and,
according to statements of their officials, they expect to strike the rich
fluid at any time now. Independent
experts, however, who have viewed
the field, while tbey believe the indications are of the best, are of the
opinion that the drill will have to go
down some distance yet btfore releasing the flow.
On Saturday ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
conducted and also many private parties  arrived   by   launches at   the  Pitt
F.l    Paso.    Tex.. June  21.���Efforts
wire made today by Carranza agents
to secure the return to Juarez of national     officials     ejected   by   Villas
{agents, from  their offices and tbe re
j turn to the national treasury office at
Juarez of 1,000,000 pesos in constitutional paper confiscated by the troops.
, Roberto   Peaquelra,    con-itltutionaJIsr
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    financial agent, and f.azaro de la-Oar*
 __ za,   Villa's agent, held . a long conference  this  afternoon.     at   whicli   this
of Education Now Declares Four I matter was discussed.
Tli.> Carranza element expressed the
Trustees to Be Elected in Coquit
iam_M_y Go To  Court.
Tlie volatile superintendent of education, Victoria, has given another
conundrum lo the already sufficiently distracted Coquitlam council to
guess at in connection with school af-
fails. Acting on instruction from the
education department the chairman of
the Coquitlam school trustees called
lor an election of two trustees to complete the school board. The chairman
duly advertised the election and the
time tor nominations for fixed for to-
da: . On Kriday evening Chairman
Ev,en Ma*.t'.n received a telegram from
I belief lhat only by the reinstatement
j of Scrapiu Aguirre, the national 'treks-
i urer, N*. Perez, publicity agent of the
I department of gobernacion, and other
of   Carranza's   appointees,  could   the
matter be adjusted  satisfactorily,  al
| though those arrested were supposed
to have been  given  their liberty    at
Alberto Pani. one of Carranza's officials at Juarez, who escaped arrest,
left today for Saltillo to confer with
tlie constitutionalist leader about the
situation in the north. Pesquera will
remain on the border
General Villa's agent here, De La
Gar.a. issued a statement from his
chief regarding the return of the
I Spanish colonists of the La Guna dis-
tl-��� department altering the uumberu---, in coahuila, who were sent m
ol trustets to be called for from iwo|ln. boruPr .,,_. the taking ()f To...
to four, and completely upsetting the' , vjlh| gaid ,,,.,, vvhiu, th_ a
irraugements of the returning officer. lgu culoMV ������ ^npral had been uetiv*
The dales of nominations and ballot ln ussis,i���K tnt. Huerta government,
are now  changed.    The new  nomiua- , ���-   wollld alUnv   Uu,   r,,Ulni   .,  lhos. ,
i number of sneclaUv  tl0n day is rix,'(1 tor Mom?.ft-'* Iun? 29   who had not  taken sides,
i minimi  oi spitially |Rnd the votlng  |( lwy   w-i- talce pmce|	
on Thursday, July 3,
���    .        . .... ,     .     . ,   , i   This decision oh  the part  i*:   the
Meadows drilling ground and watched \,epartment) be8lde-  stultifying their
with   Interest    he  operations  there.       pwkm<   ���,,,,,,���,   totally   ignores   the
Several  local   people  are  Interested   *,-���-,, ,���- i;.(,  m,mk.jpn,  solicitor.  W
in oil leases close to the derrick now , ,    Mfl0Quarrie,  lhat   TrmUee   Walker
at   work  and   il   needs  only     a   rich
strike in the bole now being driven to
start a number of other plants going.
lis a   legally  elected  member of  the
i school  hoard, ami  upholds  the opinion oi Councillor Baker and justifies
I the  perspicacity of  that    gentleman
is the final  act ln  thej Placed  on   Docket  for   Assize   Which
Opens   Today���Cross   Assault
Case  Also  Set for Trial.
Thousand   Sign   Petition
Murderer*s Neck���Sent to
Minister  of  Justice.
Winnipeg. June 21,���The petition
circulated in Winnipeg anil the adjoining country to the east and west for
the past three months ami containing
lu till about 20,000 names, praying for
the commutation .f sentence of hanging passed on John Krafchenko, has
be.-u sent io the minister of justice
al Ottawa by 3. J. Saffield, Ivra*;-
cheilku's counsel.
Mr.  Suffielil  will send  with  -a  petition an argument of 10,000 words.
provided  th
Trustee, or ex-trustee, Walker, how-'
ever, is not disposed tamely to submit to the arbitrary Interpretation of
statute by the department, and pro-
bnbly his honor Judge Howay will be
called upon to give his judicial opinion on the matter. The original dispute between the majority of the council and the school board���the school
estimates- is wholly obscured and has
developed into a faction tight, With
[our trustees to elect there is a fair
ssue before the ratepayers as to
which  body  is  worthy  of support.
The trial of Martin Powell for alleged complicity in the Bank of Montreal robbery will take place at the
Supreme court assizes which open today, unless a traverse is applied for
and granted.
The case was set duwn on the criminal list in the registrar's office on
Tlle case of Rex vs. Cross was also
set down. The charge is against a
young man  for criminally  assaulting
  j a  girl
Bolton, Eng,, June 21,    Sir Edward 	
[Carson, addressing an anti-home rule. Fell 100 Feet,
meeting here tonight said that if the l Stockholm, June 21 - Lieutenant G.
amending bill simply repeated the ] Do Porat. pilot, and M. Hygerth, a.
government's offer Of the optional ex- i passenger, were seriously injured to-
clusloil Of I'lster from home rule fori day when then* aeroplane fell 100 feet.
would have nothing tolThe accident was the first aviaticftL
I mishap iu Sweden.
with it
MONDAY.   JUNE   22.   1914.
An Independent mornlns paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and
lbe Fraser Valley. Published every mornlns except Sunday by the National Printing
���nd Publishing Company. Limited, ot 6X McKenxl. Btreet, New Westminster. British
Columbia. ROBB SUTI1KHLAND. Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
to Individual members of the stuff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders sbuuld be made
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, lt��9; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
���i-ntHi. 991.
SUBKC'IUPTION RATES���By carrier, 14 per year, tl  for three months, 40e peri
month   Bv mall. $3 per year, lie per month.
ADVERTISING   RATES on  application.
The action of the New Westminster board of trade in
determining to press on the Dominion government the
commericial value to the whole coast of a grain elevator
on the Fraser river stamps that body as having a true and
proper conception of the duty it owes, not only to this
city, but to the entire lower mainland of British Columbia.
The experimental elevator to be built by the federal
authorities will go to Vancouver���that has been decided
���and Vancouver is to be congratulated; but one elevator
is not enough and, as the Fraser river offers the only
fresh water harbor on the British Pacific seaboard, the
Ottawa authorities cannot, with fairn'ss, overlook the interests of the entire lower mainland in this regard.
The importance to Canada of the thorough establishing of the western grain route, both for Oriental and Panama canal trade is of such magnitude that the Dominion
government would have every argument in its favor of
expending ten millions instead of one in elevators on the
Pacific coast to spike down for good and all the business
of shipping grain from British Columbian ports.
With the western grain route established���and it will
be established without a doubt���the overwhelming importance of the Fraser river in that line of ocean carrying
is a feature against which there is not one valid objection.
The federal government has demonstrated its belief in
the future of the Fraser as a great port by the heavy
votes it has passed for channel improvement; the City of
New Westminster has proved its faith in its reason for
existence in the harbor work well under way; private
concerns have, for hard-headed business reasons, picked
on the Fraser as the most suitable location for their own
grain elevators.
The case is proved right up to the hilt: The government must build an elevator on the Fraser.
But all governments are more or less political bodies
and the one at present in power at Ottawa is no exception
to this rule. It must be told these things again; the Fraser river must be dinned into its ears in connection with
elevator sites until every time it sees a bag of grain it
will think of the immense waterway on which New Westminster is located; it must be shown that it has committed itself to an elevator policy on the Fraser by acknowledging this harbor's future in the appropriations now
being spent for channel improvement and, above all, it
must be brought to a realization of the fact that the people of New Westminster and all along the lower Fraser
have the most solid kind of faith in the ultimate destiny
of this port as a great shipping basin.
Villa has named a president of his own for Mexico.
It's easy to name presidents down there, but the thing
is to make the name stick.
Some way or another, folks across the border don't
seem ready to believe the recent announcement that
Roosevelt's throat will keep him from orating.
The artist who painted "September Morn" will soon
arrive at New York on a visit to America. He is not coming as a delegate to ay moral reform convention.
A London jeweler is making a string of pearls which
will cost a million and a half and he says he will have no
trouble in selling it. He's certainly an optimist in these
times of stringency.
The U. S. naval department has ordered thirty tons
of candy and salted peanuts for the fleet. Next they'll
be making the sailors' uniforms with flounces and trimming their hats with artificial roses.
The milk-shippers of the lower Fraser valley are going to get together. They can't see why the middleman
should get the cream of the business.
A London crowd ducked a male suffragette sympathiser in a lake when he tried to interrupt a political speech.
The chances are he was ducked, not because he spoilt the
speech, but because he was a nuisance generally.
The Japanese consul-general at Ottawa offers it as his
opinion that in the situation created by the Jap ship Komagata Maru and her cargo of Hindus the Dominion government has no cause for worry. Most Canadians do not
agree with Mr. Yada.
If it will strengthen the hands of the immigration officials any, all the cities and towns in the province should
follow Vancouver's example and call indignation meetings orotesting against the admission of the Hindu undesirables on the Komagata Maru.
Ilouj-las. Ariz., June L'l.-After the
dtparuiie today of Major E, I.. liolm-
dal'.l. of Francisco Villa's* personal
stair from aku.-i Prieta for Nogales
.ind Herrnosillo, the statement was
made by constitutionalist officials that
ho had been delegated by Villa to
equip and load an expedition to take
lower California for the Insurgents.
Such an attempt would require an
SO-inile march across the desert in
<H*der to capture Mexicali. and Tia-
juana. Three previous expeditions
have failed.
,   iMajor Holmdaiil served iu the Unit
ed States army in the Philippines and
later was an artillery Instructor in
the Chinese army. He also served In
the Uoer war under Oeneral Vlljoen.
He his been attached to Villa's staff
for over a  year.
Will Investigate Failure.
Chicago, June 21.- MacL-ay Heyne,
state's attorney, announced tonight he
would begin immediate investigation
of the affairs of the La Salle Street
Trust and Savings Bank, closed a
week ago by state bank examiners,
to determine if criminal charges
would be brought against its officers.
Seventy-two names wi iv struck off j
uud 22 new ones edd-d to the provincial  voters'  list  of tireeii\M.ini   riding
St tin- recent court of revision iii that i
.   .   -,
Within  the  course  of  the  nexl  few |
v eeks it  will  be possible for visitors !
Loin Vancouver t" make the journey
lo the oil borings at Sturgeon slough
by   automobde.
��� *    *
The  brickwork  in  the  construction
Of the new  branch of tlle  Merchants j
Hank,     lt  is  a   solid  brick   structure t
and when completed will he a credit- i
able  addition   10  Cliilliwuck's   several '
pi rmanent buildings.
* ���   *
Notice la given In the current issue   i
of lhe  Hrltish  Columbia Oazette that;!
municipal  courts Of revision  shall be   f
In h) as follows:    I'or Surrey, at Clov
erdale. on July 1"; at Armstrong, July
80; Bpallumcheen, July is.
��� 4        *
Alter less than three weeks of n
shut down caused b> tlle burning of
tbe mill, the Wilder River Shingle
Mill, owned by Robert Shields, is
ready again for operation. The mill.
which was burned less than three
weeki niio. is situated on the V'edder
river al  the end of the Sumas Trunk
��� ���    ���
May was one of the busiest months
ill" nursing staff and doctors have
bail   since   the  o|n ning  of  tlie  Chilli
uaek hospital, Beginning with the
first of the month, six patients were
under care nnd treatment During
the month thirteen were admitted,
making a total of nineteen for the
mohth. Eleven were discharged cur- |
ed. li aving eight still under the care '
of   the   Institution   at   the   beginning
Of June.
��� *    ���
"Telephone Talk" has a Vancouver j
number  this  month,    The  maga.lni
Is profusely illustrated  with  views of |
up-to-date  Vancouver,  with  two  large
reproductions of photos of the water I
front and of thp city looking over the
Inlet.    Some  contrast   pictures  of  20
vears ago and the present indicate the
Immense progress made in that time.
The number is quite a  souvenir, and
copies   were   distributed   among    the
visitors to the convention.
��� ��    *
The Chilliwack Fruit Cannery began operations for the season on the
5th inst. Four hundred cases of
strawberries were put up last week.
besides a number of cases of cherries.
While the market for canned goods
is not as good as could be desired,
y���t lor good goods, such as the Chilliwack plant has the reputation for
putting up, a steady market is always found. As the fruit crop of the
valley is promising a good one, a
splendid season's work is looked for.
��� ��   ���
Hon. W. It. Ross, minister cf lands,
is  in  receipt  of a  request   from   the
bureau of Industry and agriculture in
connection  with  the Chicago Record-
Herald, for an article dealing with the
resources of   Hritish  Columbia.    The
minister is preparing to accede to the
invitation, which, it is  felt,  will constitute  a   big   advertisement   for  the
J province,    The  premier.   Sir  Richard 1
Mcfiride. upon receipt of a similar re* ,
quest, has already forwarded an arti- i
cle to the Record-Herald, which is to
be published at an early date.
��    ���    *
Another gruesome find was that of
1 a  body   floating  in  the  river  just  a
I few hundred yards above the govern-1
ment wharf at Mission City. The body,
which had apparently been in the water for some months, was in a badly ,
decomposed condition  and  bore noth- '
ing by  which the unfortunate victim
may be identified but a  leather belt,
such as surveyors might wear, and a
Eock   bearing  an   indistinct   laundry
mark.    Rev. J. T. Conn read a burial
service   over  the  remains.   Interment
taking place in   Hatzic cemetery.
��� ���    *
Under the impression that valuables
would be seemed, thieves broke into
St. John's church at Victoria during
Wednesday evening. They secured
tlie heavy box containing the church
records, carried it out of the building to a nearby vacant lot, where the
lock was forced. The box. a heavy
iron-bound affair weighing over 200
1/eunds, contained books, records and
other material, but nothing of intrinsic value. The number Of thieves whn
perpetrated the theft is not certain.
but It took three men to carry the
box and Its contents hack Into the
vestry whence it was stolen.
��   *    ���
The usefulness of organization
amongst    ponltrymen as  well aa  In
ether lines has been fully demonstrated in the work of the Chilliwack
poultry association since its organization 8 couple of years ago. Through
organization the poultry industry of
the valley has Increased by leaps and
bounds. Valley poultrymen have won
prizi s und honors at home and abroad
.ii the poultry shows and through
Ihese shows have established markets
for tin ir products from the Pacific
to the Atlantic seas. Chilliwuck has
established a reputation for raising
strong vigorous birds, free from disease, and of having poultrymen who
deal  honestly,
��� ���    ���
Notice Is Riven in the current issue
of the Hritish Columbia Gazette that
certificates of incorporation have
i been granted to the following companies: The International Advertising Co., Limited, with head office at
Vancouver, capital. $50,000; the Dominion Shipbuilding, Engineering and
Drydock Co., Vancouver, $5,000,000;
N"'v Caledonia! Development company, Vancouver, $25,000; the West
em Wine and Liquor company, Vancouver, $50,000; Kelowna Grocery
company, Kelowna. $10,000; Peter Mc-
Quade & Son. Victoria. $100,000; Sch-
wartz Manufacturing Co., Vancouver,
$10,000; Pitt Meadow-- Petroleum Co.,
Vancouver. $10,000: Vancouver Organizers. $5,000; Standard Furniture Co.,
Vancouver, J7,0,('00; Pitt River, Oil
Co, Vancouver. $500,000; Amalgamated Drydock nnd Engineering Cnmoany
i f Brlt'sVi Columbia, Limited, Victoria,
$260,00.: Canadian Mervtlo, Vancouver, imn.ooo.
C. A. 130GERT, Genene.1 Manager.
Banking Business In Foreign Lands
Business Houses, Corporations. Grain. Stock and Provision
Dealers will lind lbe (acilities ol Tlie Dominion Bank adequate lor
all foreign financial dealings.
With a Branch In London, England, and correspondents in all
carts of the world, transactions are speedily effected on most
lavorable terms. Foreign Exchange bought and sold. Drafts and
Letters of Credit issued. Advances made on shipments, both
export aud import.    Collections promptly made and remitted for.
II    J.    A.    BURNETT.    AUDITOR   AND
Accountant     Telephone   iu*7.     it,, ,�����
.'.'   Mart   Block.
i- il Smith. w. J. Q-nma,
Ml'llults an*i> ACCOUNTANTS
Work   undertaken   In    city    and  "utniiW
pointa,     .111-1J   Westminster  Trust   1JM-.4.
Phono S��4.    P. O. Box -Ui.
L.O.O.M..   NO   884���MEETS   ON   FIRiJT
ami third Tueedav in each month Ht H
ii.in Iii He- Lubor Temple, A. .1. Christ-
mas. Dictator; David Boyle, Past Dictator: W. J. Qrovea, Secretary, tin
W't Ktmliister Truat Bulldlnc
Every Telephone, whether
in Your Office or in Your
Residence Is a Long Distance
Station Ready for Service
Day and Night.
By Long Distance Telephone Service you can talk
with your business associates miles away.
YOU can sell goods or buy goods.
YOU can give orders or receive them.        ���
YOU can talk with your family when away from
YOU can make the fastest kind of a "flying business trip."
YOU can utilize Long Distance Telephone Service
in hundreds of other ways���too many to enumerate.
li. p. O.  BL ut D. C, meeta first and
third   Friday  at   S   pan.,   I.ibor  Temple.
Seventh and Royal avenue. A. Walla
Oray, Exalted Ruler; P. li smith, **���_-
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd.
Manufacturers of
Modern Saw and Shingle Mill Machinery, Canning Machinery, fiaso*
line  and   Distillate   Engines.
Repair Work of All Kindt Promptly Executed.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
m.   O    BOX   44?
Kditor  Daily   News,
of  yesterday   Mr,   .1.
writes  that a comedy
myself   and   others    n
-In  your  issue
li    Robertson
was acted  by
t    the  council
Temperance  Act   Defeated.
Oravenhurst, Ont,   .Tune 21.   With
nine small polls to hear from the Canadian  Temperatiee net,  was defeated
yesterday in Mnskoka by 301J majority.
Portland, Ore., June 21. The pole
pyramid tepee of the vanishing aborigine is seen less and less in those
sections of the Columbia river and in-
, terior Oregon country where tlie tribes
! that once flourished have their habitat. Picturesque always to a degree,
I the shelter of the roving red man will.
ere loilK, be a thing of the past. Counterfeit likenesses <if the real tepee are
seen in the movies.
As the Indians turn more to auri-
cultiir.il pursuits the tepee is less in
evidence. There are a few ranchers
on the Warm Springs reservation
where may be seen the remnants of
old tepees reluctantly abandoned.
A tribal leader lias n residence on
the upper reaches of Tenlno creek,
Warm Springs reservation. The owner had put into cultivation near it a
field of Rraln. Like the white man
who follows Rrain farming, he mlgrat
ed after the season's crop was harvested.
To show that he is progressive, however, he applied to the station auent
of the Oregon Trunk railway at Mecca for experimental aflalfa seed to
plant on his little ranch.
The front door of the tepee made
of shreds and patches, was a flap ot
ancient grass mat, much stained by
the weather, and weighted down with
.   rusty dishpan.
The puzzle of the establishment was
s to where the odds and ends came
from that entered into its composition. 17 was supposed tbat on his
various excursions to the fall salmon
fisheries���a journey of 200 miles -
the owner had picked up the various
articles. There were parts of a mattress, a bedsprlng, pieces of discarded
furniture and blankets. Inside there
was  a still  more  motley collection.
| meeting in order to cause him huinilia-
i tion.     He   includes  in  his  inscription
the   words    "rancarous    "bitterness,"
j "ill conceal, d spite."    From the tenor
of   his    letter I am led to the conclu-
! slon   lhat   lie   eMou.Lh   these   feelings
' himself only  too  plainly  and  in  fact
: did so at the meeting referred to.    No
: humiliation    could   possibly   have   at-
' lached lo him had he treated this mat-
n r as  a   business one and  no:   interpreted it as a  personal n flection on
The  question   brought   up  was  one
'vitally  affecting  the  ratepayers  fiom
' a   financial   standpoint,  as,   If   every
councilman could consult the solicitor
at tho  public expense It might mean
I a very serious charge on the municipal
I funds.    Like  Mr.  Robertson  I   would
! say I am willing to endure much misrepresentation mid misconstruction of
my motives lor the sake of peace, but
the  limit  is  reached   when  I   see all
Mr.  Robertson's action  having a  ten-
j dency   to   belittle   those   who   do   not
j agree with him and when It  is plain
to see that he has ulterior designs In
'I hanking you for this opportunity to
reply through your columns, I am, sir,
H. 11. BAKER,
Councilman Coquitlam Municipality,
Burquitlam, June  20,  1!M4.
Aviators Killed.
St. Petersburg, June 21.���The military aviator Sopaklne,  was killed today In a fall at Galohina aerodrome.
Errors of Diet
un be quickly and wl'lf
corrected by the prompt
u��c of Kno'a "Fruit Silt,'*
the  natural   remedi-   for
preventing and relierlng
all functional diaordera of
| tlie ll-rrr.
j. C. MO. UJ. "Frill Sak"
Werki. LONDON. laiUal
Aen_ for Cana.:    .
H--.Ur.Hile-i._C... It-.
I ii it l--. AMIl'Y LODGE no 87���THB
regular meeting of Amity Lodge, No.
���J7. I. O. O. I*', is In-ill every Monday
night in I o'clock in ojii Fallows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon ami l'-|gt>t)i stri*��i��.
Vialtlng brethren cordially luvttod.
II W Songster, N.G.; .1. L. Watson,
V.O.i W, i' Coatham, P.O., rMordfauc
secretary; J. W. Meliuiiuld. financial
XV. !���: PALES A I'll., fil-'-MK AC'.NKH
street, opposite Carnegie library. m.<i
iip-tn-iiaie funeral parlors In the ritv.
Specialists In shipping. Lady aiHl.it.ant
In attendance. Always open. Day p>M-n*
I T'l   night  phons IT.
or .-. Manna. Ltd I l-'iiie-ral directors
ami embalmers. Parlors 406 Columbia
at met,  New   Westminster.    Phone NS,
st< r Heard of Trade meets in tho ndard
room, City Hall, as follows: Third i-'n-
day of eaeli month, Annual meethura
nu the third Friday of February C ft
Bluart   Wade,  Hccrctnry.
rlstera, Sollcltora, eii\ 40 Lorne atreet,
N,w Vvratminstor. O. B. Corbould, K.
C,    J   l:   Grant,    a.   B.   McColl.
ier-at-iiiw. Solicitor, etc Bolicltor -f<-��
tha Bank of Vancouver. Offfoee: ��it-
chants' Hoik HnllilliiK, New We.itmln-
Mer. li. O, Telephone No. 1070. Qule
address "Johnston," Cude Western
'.  1
I-*.  II
ter Uf
B, C
P. O.
Mux .S5.
si.ie Barrlatera mid Solicitors, xfpa-
mlnster Trust Hlk.. Culumbla aitT��-t.
New Westminster, n (.'. Cable ad<t��r-��f
"Whiteside." Western Union. P o.
l>raw,��_ _u'i Telephone <*(>. W J.
Whltcilde, K. Ci H. L. Edmonds. l>.
J.   STILWELL    CLUTE,     MAItl'.IS't'BH;-
at-law.   s'lllcltor,   etc.,   corner  I'oliimb1** *
and McKensle streets,    New Westffib-
���iier, B, C,    P. o. Hox 113,   Tetepmw
SiilUitor    and    Notary.    Offlc-ea.   Hart
Block, 7S Lome street, New Woatmfi*-
Hlir. H. C.
BarrlRteni and Solicitor-., eor, to ��,*t
Westminster Trust Hlock. (!. B. Martin.   \V    li.    M' quarrl,'   anj   (ieorge    L,
coai. mining tlKlits of lhe PoinhJca,
in .Manitoba, Saskatchewan unJ Albert-..
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest T,*i-
rltorii- and In a portion of the riovtje.#
of Jiritlub Columbia, may be leased ior a
term of iweniy-oim years at an _an_.il
rental of tl an acre. Not more tbiii) _.S-i*
acres will be leaned to one applicant.
Application for it lease mu.it be jgamA.
by tbe applicant in parson to the J^-i.i
or Sub-Agent of the illHtiiut in which Mm
rights applied  for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must i*r
described by sections, or b-mii sub-divisions of hc< lon.i and in unsurveyed l.-r-
riiory the tract applied for shall be .ituk ��
out by tin- applicant himself,
Bacn application must be accompaniedi
by a fee of ffi which will be refunded if
tbe rlfc-titH upplled for are not aitalluble.
Out mil otherwise. A royally shall '.�����-
paid ou tin* merchantable output of tiir
mine at the rule of live cents per lim-
The pernon operating the mine _l_ill
furnish the Aki-ih with sworn retumo
accounting for the full quantity of rm-i ���
chaiitable coal mined ami pay the rov-
aity thereon. If tbe coal mining rlAi-iw
are nol being operated Buoh returns slm-ilii
be furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal itim: i<
rights only, hut the lessee will be pei -
mltted to purchase whatever available
surface right may be considered ie-c-i*-
sary for the working of the mine ai ibi-
rat" of  tin  ae  aere.
For full  Information  application .shouti)
in- made lo tin- Secretary of th" l-opjirt-
iii'-nt  of  tin-  Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to ;.iiv
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  Lax-da.
w. w. ruiiv.
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.H ���Unauthorized  publication of thin
advertisement will not be paid for.
New Wellington
Office, 654  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 849. Phone 105
.    OF  HRIli'.H COIUMBIA    J
Room 118 McLeod Block.
Phone 489 L,
MONDAY.   JUNE   22.   1914.
1      ither, all tin- South Til OIK cun
; t,uncut, ami cheeked  and Stat off on
i     different   w;.\r.     We   went   by   |
. v. mil, stony road (it was not ��� pleas
ant an'i smiling spring morning)   to
Aliliaghtle.   which   lie.'   by   111"   villam-
���il   |la, Tt lv. ley, Which   lies al   the eml
I Of I'.ds .Speed.
Get   Breakfast.
Tin re  v.e Idiind a certain  Mr
| mul his wife and Iiis several chi'dren.
i ami governess, ami a squad of County
I Tyrone  farmers  ami     laborers.
Since Taking "Fruit-a-tives" And Feel
Like A New Person"
I'ell.ist. .1 ii in- .1      It  wah en a  nil-lit
hi tu- lasl of April that  1  val asked
tiy  a   man   who  must    In-    numelei-s
i ��c me imi mentioning names much]
in this business)  to see that my tire. I
were right, ami in bring a trustworthy
friend, ami food for twelve hours, lie
war; uncertain about the Job, but no
hoped thai  ll  would be gun-running.
I got .luck, ami at half pnsl five we
left the garage anil went up to the top
in the Horseshoe road, just at the back
Of   the   t'HVe   Hill
Away nt the tup of the hill 1 found
.-(bout u dozen cars, all Waiting in lhe
lam, which was coming down in OOld
misty showers. We waited, joined ut
intervals hy other cars, while I tried
In   nn nil   nne  ol   my   tires,   which   hud
burst coming up the iiin, envying th'"
nn D Iii front nl im-, who had not a
complete new set for tin- occasion,
*i in n we began to go off in sec
(inns of U for Muckamoro, near An
I run.     Sonic   tlH-ll   salil   we   would   fiml
n. '-.r lorries loaded with arms there,
Imi nobody teemed to know accurate-
I I went off in tin- third section
nnd along tlu- road we found men
in   the   uniform  Of  tin-  South   Antrim.
volunteers, hurrying to their rendez-,
Mn.*.   Those we mm- a lift to. kii��-w I
nothing, hut Ihey were to meet at the'
.-a h ������! house for an all-night job.
Cars   From   Everywhere.
v.- got to Muckaroore to find cars
nn. i ars ami c irs, from all pa. ts of
thi country, each clinging to a section1
leader, who knew just a little more
t'i.i-i themselve iliut there were no
��� ��� here, bul ; hcj wi e in go o\ er
ii   i.arne
'i acre came along autocratic voung
men wilh a train of country fellows,
each mail with no envelope containing
.i card with mysterious symbols. A
countryman   was   pui   into each   car.
We were told when we got a load, we
were to lake linn home by a route
which would in- given us, Our fate
was   "William."   from   Annaghue,    in
��� lose thai I hm; to crawl over my bonnet once to ��-et my starting handle, umi there we bung for uu hour
w hili 1 tried in vuin to Unlit my headlights, and bad at last to tali bai _ en
my oil sidelights, which barely made
durkm-si* -risible.
Then-   were   cars    there (rom nil;
over  Ulster,  each  jockeyed   forward'
to try and net first, for the news cann ;
mat  there  was a  ship lu the harbor
with 4o,i*'iu rifle.'   ami   ammunition*)
hoard,   and   thut   even   then   the   first
car;:  were being  loaded.
Presently up cjnic another set ol
autocrats, who put UR hack ami mar
Shalled us up, umi left u long lane III
the middle, and we matched a mouthful nf grub am! waited.
Bundles  the   Sire  of   Man.
Then up around the corner came
panting nnd tearing five big motor lor-
nes.   with   their headlights blazing,
and laden with long Hacks, nearly the i
111    of   a   man;   and   the   word   went I
round  that  these  were 's lor-:
ries, and the sacks contained the arms I
leach suck. I learned later had five rl-|
tea, wo rounds of ammunition, and,
live bayonets)
These lorries hud tn no furthest, so
I had to go first; then after them came
car after car. cur after cur, loaded
with Similar sucks, in un endless
stream, and so rapidly after BBCh
other  that   We   wondered   how   nulckly
they were loaded. 1 hen some one
came along shouting, "South Tyrone
can no." und two moved oil, meeting,
.in-t as we reached Lame street,   a
man Who lumped I'll the far, dies
tinned "South Tyrone?" and added,
"(lo quickly, (hurt waste lime, come
hack along this road," ami oft we
tore through I.arne streets into 's
grounds, past 'lis bouse; through his
gardens, and out. ol hit entrance gates
ami into I1.:'.: lie streets again, nnd
devil tn Ihe quay, where there was a
hi1; iioal  with two   cranes going ill the
glare oi   Unlit,  ladling out   big hand-
fills of sacks, and beside it two sinuli-
Tyrone, "away  beyanl    Dungannon 	
I'i-   was long  ami  thin  and  cold-look-  er   i.oats   with   their   cranes     going
Ing wiili a red nose.   We called blm I transshipping away from
���'William."  I'er  he  looked   like  a   William,   anil   he   had   to   net   "si\   pack-
came i
were .
ears   go.'
ti big, heavy
BK-S."    Then our section leader
u|i and told us we were to no to
gawley, Bouth  Tyrone, and  we
to follow such and such a car.
Repair Cars nnd Fuel.
!  found there were repair cars plant
��'d in among us, ami i found oni
(Imp who fixed up my hurst tire, and
who cheerfully ordered me to perdition when 1 asked him Ills charge.
And men came around with pertol
nu.-. filling us to overflowing and
paving us an extra tin lor luck
t'ne ot the young autocrats sorted
ou! North and South Tyrone, and An
trim and Armagh cars, and drew us
in a line, and WO lit our lamps, and
one hollered, "All South Tyrone
and off we went. 1 behinu
Itolls-Royoe, with a fiur-
ing red linht, which I hud reason fo
la-   thankful   lor,   because   we   Jiurdly
���.���one n mile when my headlights, with
new burners, especially cleaned and
tested fi * the occasion went hopeless-
'.*. Mil and I had to plunge on in the
-dark, in the cold, obscuring ruin, desperately sticking to the big red linht
in trout, throunh tha hum winding lane
wbich run.- through Ballyclare,
The red linht would blink  th
th'-   mist   and   then   disappear   art
a  corner, and   l   would  steer deeper-
a'elv   to   were   the   corner   nilni'-t    be,
until   I  saw   Its   welcome   face  again.
i-or the rain made my glasses hup
and I could not see
i e   were  all   noinn
at 30 miles
juts, and  I
By the grace of Qod  I
thmiRli after every corner 1
heave   a    Bigh    of relief,
hit  a pile ol  stones on  th
1   4j>OUght    we    were   over
-craped the ditch, but we got thorugh.i
Thruogh Cheering  Ballyclare.
Ballyclare   was   up  and   out,  cheer- ;
Ing along the streets, and volunteers
liegan to appear, lininn the roads and
clustering In  groups at  the corners.
Says William:
Wo were ordered tn keep 77> paces
behind, but who could do It? For we
were all thrusting to get there, lest
ive should miss our load; on we went
over the moors to I.arne, nnd came to
a halt in a Jumble of cars all along
the high road tltut drops down
We were pressed close together
Later  I   learned   lhat one
was  lir  Bangor and one for
(iee,   where  cut's   were  Waitill
and   that   in   these   places
Offices  were seized, tlie i
tlie police1 barracks ami
stations surrounded, lest
hig boat.
of these
for them
the   postures cul and
cc ast   I'i'ard
word  should
without them   and
"hell   fur   leather."
the   cor-
hin.   red
an hour, around
daren't  lose the
clung m "���
heard Jack
lluce   we
side, and
most   we
go t'l the authorities  in   Dublin umi
I conrpllc-tlons occur
Most  Disgraceful   Proceedin'.
Also, 1 learned that the customs officer got through ami protested against
this  violation  of  the  law.   which, asi
: oi  know,  prohibits at    present any]
j importation  of arms into  Ulster.    He
'-.a-  politely  escorted away  and  went I
to the head constable, who cordially
agreed  with  him  that  it  was a "most i
disgraceful   proceedin'."
When I reached the loading place i 1
j found  a  giant  of  n   man   with   sweat
I pouring from  him,  tossing  the  packages, each  as heavy  as a  heavy  man,
to  a  niin.ai r of  fellows   who looked
at   Williams  ticket,  ami   pitched  six'
sacks Into US.    Sonic one bawled, "Go
off quickly." ami off we went, tearing
through   I.arne   .treetH     by     another I
rente,   through   crowds of   cheering!
people, crowded behind lines of volunteers, who kept the way open;  back
Ito   the   high   nail,   and   there  one   of
ough I our side   lamps   came   out  uud scattered  along  Hie  lead,  and   we hud  to:
hid  our section  go on   while  we  went
back  te look for it
We   found   it   as    another     section j
came up, also South Tyrone, and join-'
eii mi tn them, behind a bin cur. with
blazing  headlights,  that  lit our
for us through  the rain  and  the
whicli hud now come on again  worse
than  eve:.
Groups Cheer Them.
Then along hy the shores of l.ough
Neagh to Crumlln on throunh Ballln-
derry.   to   Moira.  where  daylight   met
i"..   ior  our   way   was   punctured     by
slops,  owing  to the  sinnh-  tube  tires
i of   another   car   which     insisted     on
; bursting.    From   Moira  we went
-through   I'lirgan   and   I'ort-ulown
| the   road  lined   with  voluntei
the peop'e out of houses
couragement   al   us.  und ..     ������^^^__
'"sate journey."    Tin- groups cheered|the appearanc
��ved bach.    We felt we were
uliicii with our kind.
i  I'lster of a dif-
kept behind closed doors that n'.ght.
W- went through  Portadown,   out
by  Verner's  bridge,    to    Dungannon
stopped, about  ion of
 ^^^^^^     who
rheered and (hooted  and shook our
bands and looked on us us gieai
heroes, who had brought them tho
rifles that made them feci secure
Air. gave  us  breakfast, fotlr cars
Ol  ils in all.
li hud been allowed to leak ant thai
an attempt would he made to land i
heal  culled tlie l-'unny openly  in  Bel
fast, and that the    voluntei rs    would
h   called out to protect it; so. on that
night,  600  of  them   were  rushed  Bud
denly down to the quay and stood at
attention.    And   while  we   were  load-
Inn  at  I.arne  a   boat  came  Into  Hel
[fast,  hung    around    uncertainly    for
hours, with the police uud volunteers
looking on  at  it,  nnd  at  each  other,   	
both   mystified   and   hotli     expectant.    !
The customs officers  were held    off, I school
ami argued with, and  finally allowed]
on board       to   discover   an Innocent
cargo of coal.
The mouth of the l.ough, and the
whole const were watched by gunboats for the Fanny; but she bud
transshipped   her  cargo   ill   open   sea
0 another boat, whose captain, a bit
- ������' wil. reehrlsteiied her "The Mount
'Joy" (the name of tlie boat that broke
the     boom    al    the    siege  of  Derry),
which sailed into the Dough with tier!
. lights out, and  reached  I.arne safely
Secret Was Well  Kept.
No  one   kiu-w   the   night,   the   port,
or the methods, except a handful of
nn n, and. its I have tried to show you.
��e  went  quite  blindly,  to  find  everything thought out and arranged  for,
We   had   only   to   run   our   load,   and
| what struck me most was tbe willing
ness, the eager co-operation, and the
enthusiasm of everybody.   What i admired was tie- steady silence patience
el   tlie  men   who  lined   the  roads,  all
the damp  weary  night, to  protect   us
from   tlie   nationalists,    who    would
have paved the road with broken bottles,   or   stretched   wire   across   it   at
the  level  of your  head,  as  they  had
done before when they have suspected
there would he gun-running, or the attempt  of  the  police  to  hold   up the;
main body or the divided sections.
I   wus  struck,   too,  at   the  hopeless-
ii��- s of attempting to foist home rule
_n us, against this steady determination  not to have it, even  if by  force
' of tin- military and the navy, neither
1 of whom are keen for the job. They
could break down om- organization
and defeat our men. It would come
up nnain nnil unain, umi every one
would co-operate, Vou cannot go
n;.aiiist a whole united community,
and we ure united.
Drvsdai.k, Ont., June i.stli. I^IJ.
"I am a general storekt-rptr at the
a1x>ve address and, 011 account of the
great good I bave experienced from
iisinj; "lriiit-a-tives", I recommend
them strongly to my customers. They
were a great boon to me, I can tell you,
for about two years ago, I was laid up
in lied wilh vomiting and a most terrific
pain at the base of my skull. This pain
nearly drove me mad.    Doctors feared
it v.oulil turn to Inflammation of the
Brain, but I took-'Frait-s-tives"steadily
until 1 was cured. I have gained fifteen
pounds since taking "l-'ruit-a-tives" and
1 verily believe thev saved me from a
disastrous illness".
���joe a box, 6 for $2.."jo, trial size, 15c.
At all   dealers  or   from   Fruit-a-tives
Limited, Ottawa.
lie re-opened; that the board
was aware that certain small repair-
were  necessary  hut  had  no  idea  Ilia;
the building bad been practically
wrecked as reported by Inspector Mac
Iven/.ie;  that as this school in situated
it n considerable distance from the
travelled highways it is the opinion
of the board that ihe damage was
done by residents of the Lochia! district, and th it the board Is prepare i
to put the school house in a proper
state of repair when conditions war-
r nt such action, hut does not cun
sider it wise 10 do anything iu the
meantime, for the reason thut, while
ihe school is not in session, the par
ties responsible for the wrecking of
the building mav again be tempted te
commit  "acts  i f   . inilal: '.in"  on  it.
Department <'   education,    statins
that the hoard should divide the mn
��� nlcipallty into districts and insist that
h  chid   within  the  linits  of tie is
The News is the Morning
Paper of New Westminster
and the Fraser Valley. See
that your business announcements appear in its columns.
eacn   cli.Ill   IVllIlin   I IK-   nuns   01   1:
boundaries shall attend his or lur own ,
: particular school.
Department of education, re Tonne-1
ci matter,   it was resolved that any
j junior fourth  pupils of Otter  or any
School   in   like   condition   ill    this   district, wishing 10 take entrance das?
work  at  Belmont,  shall  he   required
lo attend at Belmont school on a dav
to  be  named  later,  whicli   date  shal!
be just  subsequent to the date or the
annual entrance examinations, to take
a special examination to qualify them
for admittance into the entrance class
ill successful candidates shall be allg-
Ible for admittance to Belmont at the
beginning of the autumn term;  that
Arrangements be made with Principal
Sheffield  for the  holding  of  said examinations, and lhat no pupils, other
than   those having  r.assed   ,-u. exam. 1
, Inatloh,  he allowed  to change  from
lone school to another unless owing to !
change of place of residence.
The   secretary   was   instructed    lo
1 forward copies of minutes re Tonueci
and of the resolution re  admittance
to Belmont to the department of edu-
I cation  and  copy  of  resolution  to A.
Tonueci and to Miss Itoss of Otter.
Superintendent of education, statin-;
  1 hit he had acquainted the P. W. de-
[partment of the unsatisfactory condi-
  ', tion of the plumbing at Belmont and
at Milner.
Loehiel Building Will Have-   ���' ���'��� i-ougan inviting the board to
visit   the  domestic  science   and  111 an-
to Be Repaired Before
School Opens.
Board   of   Education   Raises
for  Long  and   Faithful
w er ���
education   '.''ith
rs. and
welling en-
wishing   us
MIUltAVVll.l.i:.   B.C.,    .Iiine     17.
At. tiie last regulai' meeting of tin
Langley hoard of school trustees com
municatlons   us   follows
Superintendent      of
report of School Inspector MacKenzii
re i.ochiei. recommending  that
question    of    the    reopening
school he postponed until August
that,   under   no  circumstances
the   school   be   re-opened   until
placrd by
__________________   I   iP
the board in n proper state
01  repair, various acts of vandalism
having been comniitti il on it giving
and we
US or" people, i"
!!'  f ere  were  any
fen nt opinion, the
c of having been wreck
���d hy a  tornado,
The secretary was instructed
ply that ibis building was
pair  when   tin
Ilecpinber last
is not men*
Vprll  that the
sclioi 1   was  '
to re-
pood re-
ilosed  in
) Then
condition of the building v,
tinned to the hoard by tl"
asking   on   th
lull  of
An Interrupted Wooing
a   lover   courting   a
maid: it seeks to establish between two parties
n bond of complete and permanent relationship
t lire 1
what hi
lover would imperil his
he   to   suspend   his   wooing
months,  so  does  the
lose    perhaps forever
s gained at great
of lh
interrupts his
wooing of
much ot
ost when
the  favor
The manufacturer w
advertising for tht
months Is extragiuil in lhe extreme
suspends   his
hot     weather
A  siispeiiiion uf summer advertising
is   much   'he  same as  giving  a  sales
stuff  a  three   months'   vacation,  and
leaving their customers to write in for
what they may need, or to give their
orders   to  competitors  who  have   mil
relaxed their selling efforts.
Advertising   is   a   sales   agent   whose
work is real, positive and perceivable
though   its  Influence  and   results  iu
any given month may not be immediately  calculable,    Its  worth  is seen
when sales are summarized and compared.
You can obtain helpful advice on advertising free of
cost and without obligation
by consulting the business
Department of The New
Westminster News.
mil training centres connected With
the public schools in Vancouver, invitation accepted -villi thanks, secre-
I tary to arrange an appointment fur i
Thursday morning tha 11th Inst, in
Superintendent of education staling
;hat as soon as he received a copy of
the deed of the iirw Langley Prairie
school site he would ask the public
works department to proceed with the
erection of a two-room building. The
secretary reported receipt of plans
and rescript ion from the surveyor and
instructions were given to have de��d
prepared conveying this land to the
corporation. ^^_
Ralph Yates and others petitioning j
the board lo renew .Mrs. Mcl.ennaii's !
temporary certificates enabling her to i
continue In charce of West l.-uigiev ���
-cl'-'ol. Secretary to reply that the j
hoard has no power in the matter nnd !
to forward copy of petition to the de- 1
partment of education
The contract of clearing and r-rad- j
ing the West l.anglev school grounds 1
was let to Hobtit Yeomans for the I
sum of $00.
Resignations of teachers as follow?
were received: Aldergrove. South
Aldergrove, Belmont 7'nd and ilrd. and
Langley 1st, and owing to expiration
of temporary certificates Ilelmoiit 3rd, 1
Langley Prairie and West Langley.
^^^^ The report of School Inspector Mac-
that the mutter of the 1 Kenzie was then read.
Trustees     Howes   reported Tin-in. 1
found an attendance of  50 at Aid r j
grove  and   that   Miss   Stewart  might |
he inriueed  to  withdraw  her resignation  if  the   board   would    open    the
second room.
On the motion of Trustees Wark |
mil Harris it was resolved to make j
irranrciiients for the opening of the |
second rooms at Aldergrove nnd Mil- |
ner. Secretary to notify Miss Stewart j
Of this action and ask her to rocon-
slder her  resignation.
Trustees Towle and Howes moved:
that the board tender Miss Ebbett of .
Belmont '.nd an additional $5.00 per !
month in recognition of length of Ber- i
vice and that her resignation be not
ccepted.   Carried.
Trustee Harris moved that the re
Blgnattoii of Wm. Plaxton of Langley
ls't be accepted and that Miss Car
ter of the second division be appoint
ed to this position at a salary
with  an  additional   $7>   per  month
gnition of length of service. Trustee Howes seconded and the motion
was carried.
On the motion of Truster
nnd Towle the remaining resignations
were  accepted  and   the  secretary
(���Ivitcted to call for apnllcations
the chairman, Trustee Harris
I secretary were appointed 11 committee
to deal   with  the     applications    '
make  appointments   Biibjsct  to
confirmation by the board,
The chairman and Trustees Towle
and Harris were appointed 11 committee to look into the matter of the Installation of flush closets at Uinglt-v
Trustee Towle w;>s authorized to
bave linderbrushing done nl l.anglev
,-chool   grounds  to   tho   extent   of  $7,0.
Trust"!- ������*;''' -'���-'ortcd completion
of fencing at Milner. -
Trustee Howes was authorized to
have a fence erected nl Aldergrove
nnd to finish the work of grading and
Last week I discussed the opportunities that
every retailer possessed for extending his business
outside of the area of the town in which he lives.
The subject is so vast, however, that there are several points I propose to discuss now as pointers for
the better advertising of articles that retailers adopt
as proprietaries.
One thing should be kept in the foreground at all
times in advertising any article is that the use of
long words and superlatives is inadvisable.   It is
hardly too much to say that superlatives are always
liable to be wrong.   It is very easy for you to say
that your mustard, tea, soap or any other article is
the best, the finest or the purest in the world, but it
is just as easy to say so if it were actually the worst.
Mere statement goes for nothing.
There are plenty of prietary advertisers who
use such statements as these, but this fact does not
make the statement good matter to print. It may
be taken for granted that the products would not be
offered if the advertiser did not consider them to be
the best, and the case for purchasing is not advanced
one iota by stating the obvious.
and the
On the other hand truthful and credible reason
for preferring goods does advance the case. "This
mustard is ground from seed grown in a particular
part of the country where the soil is specially adapted for growing mustard. The seed is carefully examined and sifted to eliminate all alien grain and it
is then ground in a perfectly clean atmosphere with
great precautions against any dust or impurity getting in. The mustard flour, never touched by the
hand, is packed fresh so as to retain the whole of its
flavor." Here are logical arguments that should go
towards convincing the prospective customers for
In advertising tea one might say, "This is blended from a very fine grade of Ceylon Tea of the second year's growth, with   sufficient   proportion   of
Pekoe to give it a distinctive and delightful flavor.
The basis of it is a delicate yet potent leaf, and the
Pekoe which contains the dried flower of the tea
plant gives it a special fragrance that cannot be obtained in tea of any other kind.   As a whole, the tea
used in this blend is free from excessive tannin present in old and heavy tea.   It is therefore of a digestive character."
Similar arguments can be found for any product
used as a proprietary article and the advertiser
should always bear in mind the fact that in order
to convince people who are using competitive lines he
must put himself in the place of the prospect and put
into his advertisements just such arguments as
would induce him to change from one to another line
of goods. ..rii1,  ���*���"*'���     4_2li_..-j *-   PAGE FOUB
MONDAY.   JUNE   22,   1914.
\   fl R   friends  t'.iat  help     the
busy housewife to keep home
���pic and  span.
Sweeping Compound, per tin 40c
Liquid Veneer, per hot. 25c. 50c
Linoleo,  a  splendid   polish     for
floors and linoleum, tin  ..  25c
Sandringham      Antisepic    floor
Polish, per tin   25c
Lavender Furniture Cream,    per
jar 25c and 50c
Globe Silver Polish, bottle ..25c
Electric Bllican, per box . 15c
I'arn t Metal Polish, per tin 15c
Silicia Soap Paste, per tin.. 15c
Powdered Balhbrick, per tin..5c
Wellington Knife Polish, tin 20c
Safe and Handy Knife Polishers, each    20c
Boss Hand Cleaner, per tin. .10c
Black Knight Stove Polish.. 10c
None Such Stove Varnish, tin 25c
Model Grocery
ion sioth St. Phone 1001-2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch,  Gray  Blk.
Phone 1111L.
There is a period in tlie life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Scmetimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���but it may be
made under wrong Influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persona���according to the
deceased's wish���would have
shared in the distribution of the
Do you not realize that It is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
The advice of the Dominion
Trust company in this matter
may be of value to you. All such
discussions are treated in strict
Dominion Trust
The  Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
606  Columbia   Street.
C. 8. KEITH, Manager.
Local News
Salvation  Army   Picnic.
The annual   Salvation   Army  picnic
will be held at  Sasamat  beach. Point
tirey, on July  1.
notification was received yesterday
morning from Worshipful Master A.
limes, who Is attending the grand
bulge meetiuj  at  Prinde Kupert.
Mortgages���Alfred W. McLeod.
Small Lumber Fire.
The fire department  was called out
Saturday  morning  to    a small  tire
, which started in the lumber plant of
I the Superior Sash and Door company.
Kor strawberry, raspberry, and all
fruit boxes try the Hritish Columbia
Manufacturing Co.. New Westminster,
B.C. (8628)
HAIR WORK: Shampoo und plain
hair dress. 50c; manicuring, 36c,
'Phone 1329 for appointments Two
doors below Russell hotel on Begble
Btreet.   We will send [or your orders,
Debentures All Signed.
Mayor Oray and City Treasurer Gilchrist completed the signing of the
debentures In connection with the
Sapperton sewerage scheme (iii Saturday and later In the afternoon the
Certificates were shipped to London
by the Hank of Montreal, the city
bankers, The shipment is supposed to
be in the bunds of the London financial bouse by July 1.
R. V. O. N. to Meet.
Tiie East Hurnaby Auxiliary of the
Burnaby branch of the Koyal Victorian Order of Nurses will meet at 8
o'clock this afternoon at the home.
of Mrs.  Kelly, Tenth avenue.
Briquettes,   Briquettes, cheaper than i
coal.    Harry    Davis  &  Co.,    Phones
S80 and 411 I.. (34u6i
Now Parsonage Opened.
BllhOp DtiPencier and Archdeacon !
Heathcote took part on Saturday iu J
tiie opening of the new parsonage at-1
lac-hed to St. Catherine's Anglican ���
church. Port Coquitlam. The build- j
ing  was erected  by the congregation.
Your Ice box is not properly stocked ;
this warm weather unless it contain.-!
a supply of Premier bottled beer. Or- '
der a case from your dealer or 'phone |
Social and Personal
.1. P. Shaw. M.I.A. for Kamloops,
and Mrs. Shaw returned from Victoria
on Saturday.
��� ���    ��
Mayor Cray and Dr, I". P. Smith are
in Seattle attending a meeting of Nile
Temple, Nobles of the  Mystic Shrine.
��� ���    ���
Mrs. Halcrow. wife of Captain A.
Hulcrow. 129 Tenth street, is making
i good recovery from a recent operation for appendicitis,
��� ���   ���
Registered at the Russell hotel;
Walter A. Filers, Victoria; M. II. Arnold, Chicago; J, Forest. Victoria; A.
Harper. Toronto; E. K. Vigor. Vancouver;   L.  E,  Smith.   Montreal.
Remains  of John   Elliot, a  carpenter,
Found   in a  Shack   Near  Fraser
River Bridge  Last Night.
A gruesome discovery was made in
a shack near the Fraser River bridge
last night when the body of a man
supposed to be John Billot, was found
dead. The corpse, whicli was much
decomposed, was found seated in a
chair and hud evidently been there
some  littie time.
The Surrey municipal police were
notified of the find und Chief of Police Muttison immediately got fn touch
with the coroner. Elliot bus not been
si-i n in the city for some little time.
He was a carpenter by trade nnd had
been a resident in the district tor
lhe  past  fifteen years.
Hay, Grain, Flour
and Feed
Tlie fire is now over and we are all ready to fill your orders. Our
auto delivery is running again, which enables us to give you the best
of service.
Our office is just opposite the old  stand.
The Brackman-Ker
Milling Company, Ltd.
Phone vour orders to 96 or 97.
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Strawberry  Social.
A   strawberry   social   will   bi
in     the    city    recreation   hall
Moody, on Wednesday evening, by the j
ladies  of  St.   Andrew's   Presbyterian
church.     An   excellent   musical     program has been  prepared.
Court Accommodations.
The lack of proper accommodation
for the administration  of justice  In I
the   provincial   buildings   was   again :
manifest    on    Saturday.    His Honor
Judge Howay held possession of the i
county court room, and the Honorable ;
Justice MacDonald was compelled to
bold  supreme court   chamber  in    his
Now She's a  Bunkhouse.
The   dismantled   hull     and     upper- j
works  of  the  old   snagboat   Samson.
which   went   at   government   auction j
to  the   Marsh,   llutton,   Powers  com- j
pany, contractors for the North Ann j
jetty   work,  yesterday   was  towed   to
the   company's   scene   of     operations
down river to act as a  floating bunk j
and cookhouse.
Mr.  Bury, vice-president  of tbe C.
(3467) Ip.  ���-, and'Mr.  I-'.  W. Peters, siiperin-
I tendent of the Western division of the
I C.   P.   It.,  were   guests   of   Mr.   Allan
Purvis   Friday   afternoon.    The  party
Interviewed   Mayor     Cray     nnd   wus
shown the principal parts of the city.
Mr. P. B. Lewis, formerly owner of
the Commi rein! hotel, in this city, bus
formed a partnership with Mr. Cilli-
can, and purchased ihe Strand hotel
in New Westminster. Many of his old
Chilliwack friends are renewing their
acquaintance with Mr. Lewis when
they visit the Royal city. Chilliwack
Assessment Appeals.
Three appeals against alleged unfair
assessment will be heard by His Honor Judge Howay In county court this
morning, tlie plaintiff in each case
being ex-Councillor A, V. C, Macvher-
son of Burnaby. whose property adjoins Kingsway. Burnaby. The hearing will be held in the district court
room situated in the land registry
Charged with breaking and entering the store of George McKee, on
the North road, Burquitlam, Thomas
A. Bishop of Coquitlam was taken into custody hy the Burnaby police following the lacrosse game nt Sapperton park on Friday last, and was remanded at Saturday's Burnaby court
until  Wednesday next.
Three police officers were spectators at the game between Burquitlam
and Port Coquitlam, Sergt. Lyne of
the Burnaby force asking for tlie arrest of Bishop. Chief Pare of Coquitlam watching the case as Bishop resides in Coquitlam, nnd Acting Chief
Burrows, who made the arrest. A
quantity of hardware was stolen from
the store a few nights ago. the evidence pointing to Bishop having been
mixed up with  the affair.
Lodge  Secures  Charter.
Perfection   lodge,   the   recently   or- ;
ganlzed Masonic lodge of this citv, ha? I
been granted n charter by the Grand
Lodge  A    F.   A-   A.   M.   of   Hritish  Co- '
lumbta, the new  lodgi 'a number being  13.     A   telegram   conveying   this
Co-Operative Association
PHONE  458.
New  Potatoes, 4  lbs, 25c
Cucumbers, 2 for  .... 25c
Watermelons, per lb 6c
Gooseberries, per basket  , . . ,10c
Plums,  red.   per  lb 10c
Apricots,  pel   lb    15c
Peaches, 2 lbs     25c
Cherries,  per lb 10c
Hot House Tomatoes, per lb. 25c
Puffed Wheat, 2 for     25c
Puffed   Rice,  per  pkt 15c
Large   assortment   of   Jellies,   3
packages fur  25c
Co-Operative Association
33  Eighth  St.
Phons 158.
Armstrong, Morrison & Co.. the contractors for the in-w traffic bridge
across the Pitt river between Port
Coquitlam and Pitt Meadows, have
erected u large building on the west
side of the river. It extends 150 feet
out over the river and is partitioned
off into blacksmith's shop, cement
shed, engine house and warehouse.
All the bridge constructing machinery
li i*    nrriveH    from     Hone        Mr.    Craw-
niyself passed Morehouse und Outbro,
, the   lulter  struggling   with   his    boot
which had become tightly fastened in
| a rrog of the track.
"He   finally   succeeded   in   wresting
the hoot frpm his foot with the aid of
! his knife and came out of the mouth
! ol  the stope with but one shoo. Alex.
May, un engineer ut the mine engine
' licus( .  bad a uarrow  escape,    ll  was
j part   Of   his   duly   to   attend   the   fan
I at    tin     mouth    of    the    air     shaft
| on  the top of the hill.    He had completed   this duty and  scarcely  had  he
l left   the   fan   when   he   heard   the   ex-
I plosion whicli blew debris und smoke
! fifty feet Into the air about the mouth
of the air shaft at which he hud been
working.     It   was   then ,he   realized
that he hud but    narrowly    escaped
I death.     The   fact   that   the  explosion
occurred   some  one   hundred   feet   below   gives some idea uf its force.
Cause of Explosion Unknown.
The cause of the explosion may never be  decided as every  miner  within
any reasonable distance to the actual
j occurrence is probably dead.    An attempt will be made at the coming enquiry  but the finding must necessarily be largely a matter of surmise. The
survivors   advance    several     feasible
theories as to the cause.    A defective
lamp  may  have  ignited  the gas,  but
i within the history of the workmen in
I the   Hillcrest  mine,   there   has   never
yet been a defective lamp to any workman's   knowledge.     There   may   have
| heen   a cave-in,  some  suggest,  which
! throwing  up u cloud  of    gas    would
j cause an explosion.
A defective shot is another theory
j advanced and perhaps a pocket of gas
| was let loose by n workman's pick. It
I wus one of these agencies that caused
I the disaster, as old miners advance
! no other theories. The officials of
'the mine refuse to discuss the
, matter, and only the investigation
1 will serve to enlighten the public on
that point. The fact remains, however that for two days previous to
the explosion, the mine had been idle
owing to slackness of business, I lur-
i ing that time gas may have collected
in sufficient quantities to explode by
I contact with a spark caused by a
workman's pick striking against rock
lor metal. Against this theory is the
i fact that the fire boss made his morning round of the premises before the
men   went   to  work.
Importance, only routine business was I Pte.   L.  Carleton,  "l>"  Co.;   Pte,  T
transacted. Bennewlth, "ll"  Co.;   Pte.  Wadding
The secretary. Captain ColdlCUtt, ton, "B" Go; I'te. I. McMuIlen. "I)'
was Instructed to convey the thanks Co.; I'te. P. l.esher, "D" Co.; Pte. <!
of the association for Iheir courtesy ! Ford, "D" Co.; Pte. G. Dickie, "D
in granting the use of the hoard of I Co.; Pte. C. U. Sinners. "10" Co.; Pte
trade rooms lor its meetings. Men- j I. M. Itoss. "B" Co.; I'te. F.. Header
tion wus made of the offer of a room I son, "F," Co.; Pte. VV. Beaton, "17 Co
in nn hotel In the city but lhe Idea of |
holding meetings in un lintel was not
acceptable to the  members present.
ford, superintendent of the work,
Btates that the approaches nnd pier
c ustruction will proceed simultaneously.
BROWN BROWN. At the residence of the bride's parents, Columbia
siiv I. New Westminster, June 20,
1914, by the Rev, !���:. G. Thompson.
M.A., Kleanor M . eldest daughter ol
���I. Cunningham Ilrown. warden ll C
peniti ntiary, to Norman .1 H. Brow n
accountant Bank of Montn al. Port
Haney, B.C. (3546)
Can We Help Ycu?
With    Ycur    Housekeeping    Problems.
Cooked 11.i-i!, Bliced any thickness, per
pound    40c
Lunch   Ton.ic.   half  lb.  tins   ....   25c
One pound tins   50c
Ox'Tongue, One and a half pound tins
at   95c
Potted  Meats and  Pish Pastes, in 10c
and 20c jars.
Sweet Gherkins, in bulk, per do*'.. 10c
Pan Van  Pickli *    .i delicious, appetising  pickle,  per  bottle 25c
Cantaloupes, 2 for    25c
Choice   Local  Cherries.  _   lbs 25c
Peaches, Plums, Apricots, Watermelon
Fresh   Berries   D.ily.
Dean's Grocery
Phone SS8.
%urr Block "Mumbls   Street.
"Clover  Leaf" Brand
] Manufactured by the Crystal Dairy
Company is absolutely pure nnd only
Swcl Cream is used, I; smacks of
the clover leaf, and is .i'i-; as sweet
Try   ii   and   be   com iim i d
1   Manufacturers of Pure Crystal Ice
Phone     1150    and     Encourage     Local
The Crystal Dairy Co.
555 Sixth  St.
-card cf Works and Warden Brown
Wiil Consider Subject Today.
A meeting between the board of
���m rks of the city council und Warden
i C. Ilrown of the It. C penitentiary,
vill be held today to discuss certain
features In connection ���Aitii the ex-
tention of the Columbia Btreet paving
past the Dominion government proper-
A report on the proposed agreement and also the conference with
iVarden IBrown will probably be made
* I   light's council meeting.
Once the agreement is signed by
tlie city and the Ottawa authorities
paving work will be started, which
will mean the extension of the Has*
- m paving as far east as Cumberland .cad near the Brunette mills pro-
The government will contribute tho
:. ' :t and crushed  Btcne    for    the
W "I',.
7-11  Sixth Street.
have started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New West
minster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reasonable,    (live   US a  trial.
Phone   1254.
Tl     New Westminster Shipmasters'
��� i soc atlon no i in the board of trade
room  on   Saturday   evening.    Captain
J    Boyd   presid' d,     Owing   to   the
not   having   its
eral   matters   of
exei utiva   committee
: ��� poi'    ready   on   Be'
When Hungry Look for a White Place
;���: I i
w i f < .
White Cooke
'Nuf  Said.
co is hereby given that Albert
d   Kaston   will   no:   be   respon-
fi r any debts contracted by his
initio Harrison Easton.
Westminster, ll... June 21, 1914.
Read - Ffie - News1
New  Westminster.       Phone 69.
At  the  City Theatre Monday and
Everybody     Should     See     This
Special   Program
In   Three   Reels���A   Special
Drama   of   War   and   Adventure
I ira ma.
a   Corking  Kid   Comedj     Thai
.Win Tickle  Everybody,   Both.
Voung  and  Old.
Also J.  Pitner,  Baritone  Singer.
Decision of Judge Howay Will Be Subject of Consideration From Vari.
ous  Pulpits on  Sunday.
The legal pronouncement of His
Honor Judge Howay in the now celebrated Strand hotel case has caused
u flutter In the ministerial dovecotes
Of tiie city, and will lorm the text for
exhortation in various pulpits next
Sunday evening, His Honor's judgment will, presumably, not he unpinned, hut an amended law will be
culled  for.
The Port Coquitlam licensing commissioners, after Investigating tlie
charges of selling liquor during prohibited hours, brought against the
management of tbe Junction hotel, decided on Saturday to renew the license. The information In regard tu
the aliened irregularities was given
to   the   police   by   the   wife  id  one  of
the managers.
Rebels Withhold Attack.
On Hoard i'. s. y. California, June
2U.��� l Hy wireless via San Diego, June
21.)���Constitutionalist officers of the
force besieging Mazatlan. said today
that orders had been received to withhold an attack Indefinitely. The
troops now surrounding the city expect to be relieved and are tired of
fighting in this place. The constitutionalists have captured Las Penason
Danderas Hay, ahout "'io miles south
01   .Mazatlan.
Battalion Order No. 29, by l.t -Col. J.
I). Taylor, commanding.
Officers' Duties -To be orderly officer for the week ending June *-'s. Lt,
Trapp;   next   for duty,  l.t,  Sangster.
Battalion Duties "A" Co, will furnish all battalion duties lor the ensuing week.
Signalling- Men wishing to take up
signalling will give their names t i
the sergeant-major. It Is anticipated
that a class will be started Immediately.
Company Hook:;. Officers commanding companies will parade on
Tuesday, 7::ni Inst., al 8 p.m . with all
iheir company books.
Scouts���Officers commanding companies will s. led their company
scouts and render a nominal roll of
same  to  orderly   loom  not  later  than
Thursday, 7.7th  Inst,
By   order,
L.  E,   HAINES,
Captain und Adjutant,
104th  Ite.-.i.   Westminster  Fusiliers.
lie Attestations Sergt. Anderson,
stuff; Col.-Sergt, W. Carey, "D" Co.;
Col.-Sergt. T. Hepburn, "E" Co.; Sergl
W, Chettle, "D" Co.; Sergt. c Hepburn, ' li" Co.; Pte. W Reeves, "H"
Co.; Pte. c. Arnold, "li" Co.; Pte. h
.1. Bell, "D" Co.; Pte. I D, orr. "D"
Co.; Pte v. It. Webb. "D" Co ; Pte. .1.
Wright, "l>" Co.; Lance-Corp I..
Towns, "H" Co,
Attestations- Pto. A. MeCloy, "B"
Co.; I'te. J. l-linchllffe, "T>" Co.; Pte,
I.. Toi'ley. "Ii ' Co.; Pte. It. C Luii.h-
Iln, "D" Co.; Pte. W. E. Carey. "II"
Co.; I'te. If. C, Graeme, "E" Co : Pte.
W. Lawrence, "K" Co.; Pte, W. McDonald, "U" Co.; Pie, Frederick
Snow. "D" Co.; Pte. W K Neviird.
"D" Co.; Pte. G*. Denholm, "D" Co.;
Pto. S. Rnstln, "E" Co.; Pte, O, S.
Smith, "E" Co.; Pte. E. E. I/awrence
"E" Co.. I'd'. O. Boucher, "E" Co.;
Pte, VV. C. Ini'i'iim. "II" Co.; Pte li
McLennan "li" Co.; I'te. F. il New-
march, "ll" Co.: Pte. W. <;. Cuntelon.
"E" Co.; I'te, N'. Oeorge, "D" Co.;
Pie, M. MacLeod. "D" Co.; Pto O,
"It'ii. "li" Co.; I'te. G, K, Chlsholm,
"E" Co.; Pte. It. Elliott, "IV Co.; Pte,
li. Camnheli, "I-:" Co.; Pte. VV, H.
Daney ' D" Co.; Pte. K Burns, "E"
Co.; Pte F. J. Hun: Pie. O. Ander-
��i'". --H" Co.; Pte, li. P Hepburn,
"10" Co.; pie. VV. Edmondson "E"
rn, Pie, it. Whiter; Pte, P, C. T"'n*:
Pte, A. J. Allcock, "Tt" Co.; Pte. M. E
Laugbtln, "l>" Co.- Pte. R, Glanville;
Pte, Chas, Neviril. "l>" i'i>,; Pte N
Fetterley, "E" Co.; Pte. c Bond, "F."
Co.; Pie. A. Bond, "E" Co.; Pte, A.
Oermalne, "D" Co.; Pte. ,T. M Keith,
"E" Co.;  Pte. ll. VV. Lobb, "l>" Co.;
Pie.  II.  Williams. "I>" Co.;   Pte.  II.  A.
Hurn, "E" Co,;   Pte. Ceo. Kidson, "II"
Discharges��� I'te. P. Ford, "D" Co.;
Oil Stocks
Shares  In  Each  Company  $1.00.
Par  Value $1.00  Non-assessable.
Further particulars and all
tho latest information direct
trom   Calgary   cheerfully   given.
Call, phone :tl., or wiite al
once and make reservations.
I i nclose 5 I'I' me buj
for   in'-      shares  qI
.... stock  at closest
pp valtlna   market   prl( r  tbe
nearest amount that rny mom-)
will buy. Bend receipt and car
tlficate  as  soon   as   ready   to
Eastman & Co.
Phone. 312.
201  Westminster Trust Building.
a    CAN
|Thc Dye that colors ANY K\HO\
of Cloth Perfectly, with the
No Chance of Mlatake*.   Clean and Simple
I Aak your Druggtator Dealer. Send fur lUmlslet
Vrw* _ijbn-(>ii-Ki-hariNo.i(.u. Limit, tl. Montreal i
Bathing Caps
25c to $1.75
Water Wings
Full stock of latest Imported Suitings for summer wear. Perfect lit
und workmanship guaranteed, Prices
from  $18.00 up.    7"!   Front street
and Miss
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Blng-
nu, Voice Production, Theory (In
jlasa or privately). Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the exaiultin-
tlons of the Associated Hoard of the
lloyal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc. apply f��l Dufferln
���Itreet.   Phone 411 R.
' MONDAY.  JUNE  22,   1914.
PAoe rrva
Watching the Scoreboard
Athletics     Defeated      62���Homectc
Notch Two in First Quarter and
Then  Blanked.
New Westminster went back
the lead of the professional lac
serial on  Saturday   afternoon at
yals   Ercak
ar.d Quielty
Nine io
ore 17 tc
. 3.
locals  to
After holding down the
one run In the first tlire
couver. defeating the Athletics 8 goals ; ''"-""--ire of Arnold and Qulgley'i
to 2 after a fairly strenuous struggle.! ������'���-���-���. weakened In the fourth, fifth
Ikith teums were on an even tooting land sixth, which allowed New Welt-
at the close of the first quarter but nilBjter to pile up the colossal score
the superior stickhaii.iiing of the cup       ,^ ,   Ul(1 , Q
holders,   together   with   the   ability   of:
being  able  to take  advantage  of  the!!'*"-* Saturday afternoon.
smallest   loophole,  told    In  the    long
Victoria took the    fourth    straig.  i    At Spokane��� It.   II     i:
.nine   from   V .nn-ouve.   jresterdaj   _   Portland       7   ll     1
Scuttle, "it     it  was the fir.--1  -erletISpokane       ".   10     t
Vancouver has lost this season. 3atterles    Hanson,   Callahan     and
Ha worth;  Noyes and She,,
At Tacoma: it.   li    i:
Seattle   :i     I     0
Tacoma       2      0      u
Batteries   Kelly ami  .adman;   Au-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Brer, Junes, Kauffman and Urotteii.
Fourner,  who  succeeded  Chase at I 	
first  sack'with  the  White Sox, field-1 NATIONAL LEAGUE
ed in fine form and hit the tall hard
Hal  Chase,   former  American   lea- ���
.in- club .*-1;i..  played Brat  baaa fori
the Muffjiu Federate, bis two-base hlt|l
scoring the lone tally for the Hisons.
The Chlfeils won 2 to 1.
ile    .'. :is   rubbed   of   what   seemed   a
i ure home run drive by  llendricksoii
who  made a  great jump  against  the
right  field  fence.    The Sox  be.it  Mob- i
ton  3  to 2.
What have we here?    Walter John- j
SOU,   with   the   bases    full,     made    a
mighty   wallop   and   broke   up   Washington's   losing   streak,   the   Senators'
.1 winning from Detroit. 7 to 3.    This is '
innings,Ibearing out  Clark  -iiffith's  conten-|
Standing  of the Clubs
Ni n   York       :il
Cincinnati   :tl
Pittsburg 2i;
St. I/Otils  29
Chicago     28
Philadelphia   24
Ilrooklyn    21
Huston      22
Vancouver lost the opportunity of
I icing the score during the last i-uar-j
ter when Muck Marshall and Mill Turn
hull were decorating tha penalty bench
ut the same time, the remaining Royals crowding the nets In front of
Mun Clark so Out try as they would
the green shirts were unable to pene
trute the citadel
Vancouver was the tirsl to score
when McLaren accepted the pass from
Crookall, Turnbull evened up, but
b1_ minutes afterwards McLaren wenl
through again and  Wintemute ended
the   scoring   the   first   period,
The   Athletics   had   played   a   fairlj
strenuous game  In  the  first  quarter
but team work began to tell against, i
them, ti   Spring and    Mill    Turnbull
sending the Royals ahead In the second stanza.    The third was a quiet affair,   neither   team   scoring.     In    the
fourth  period  play  began  to  pick   up
,i   little,  Referee Cheyne being  called ;
upon  to chase    four    players    to tbe j
lence for infractions
ing  all   the  signs  of
until shooed f.om th 	
rest of the  period.
J. Oifford and Pat Feeney supplied
the scoring honors in the final, the
tally scored by Feeney being the feature of the contest.
The   Line-up.
Vancouver Westminster
Johnson       Clark
Painter,      Marshall
Donahue       Patchell
1'ic.ki ring        Patcheil
0, Matheson   O, Rennie
E, Matheson II. Oifford
tion  that  Walter    will    make a  fine
pinch hitter when his arm goes wrong.
Hill   Steen   of   the  Cleveland   Naps
got an early lend over the Highlanders mid kept it.    The Naps wun 7 to   Philadelphia
2. j Detroit   	
Joe McGlnnity picked   up   another Sl l-.uis   .
bloomer    yesterday.    Anilerer.    a   re-   Washington
crult, started on the mound but walked th"- first three men.    Ile was yank-
nl.     Tacoma   lost   to   Seattle.
No  games   scheduled  yesterday
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    l.o-j-
....  34        22
.. .    3U        27-
The final score, 17 to 7,, bard I) represents the play, although the doings of visitors would have been better
appreciated   had   Manager  Jones   been        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
able to bring his full aggregation along     Walt.   Noyes   signalized  his   re-ap-
with him. Miisiness prevented Mcl.eod 1 pennniro wilh Spokane alter being
.iinl Whyte from turning up whicli j tried cut by the majors, by losing to
forced Wyard lo play out of his posi- ! Portland yesterday. Magged fielding
tion back of the plate, and Puorpoire I assisted.
to go on the mound, although not fully ���������;,,. -oor oW Athletics got hump
recovered from an Injury received in;,,,, ftga|- yesterday, St. l.ouis turning
Blaine some weeks ago. tne trj,.., - tu ,,
Tie   spi ctators   were     treated     to _____
some heavy slugging and a series of
accidents.     Huhnke,   the   regular  cat
C'licago   .. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
. New    York         2li        33        .377
Cleveland       20      16 ,362
Yesterday's Games.
At Rt. Loula���                    It. H.    K
Philadelphia       0 '',     0
St.  l.ouis     3 !l      ���'.
Batteries-- Bush, Brown and Bchang;
I James and Agnew
McLaren show-
a born pugilist
contest  for the
K  Mum a>
Crookall .
Ilavi-i   .    .
Cher for Kraser Mills and tin* Moos-,
will be out of the gain" for the next
month on account of a broken rib. The
bone .'���.is injured al Sumas un Sunday
week and Saturday's game put the fin-
nl touch to snapping the injured member. Silver, after cracking out
triple ln the fifth, got a bad jolt on
the back of the head when running to
the third, the ball knocking him senseless.
Looked Dangerous Until���
The Vancouver aggregation scored
their three runs in the opening stanzas and looked to have the edge on
the locals until the swatfest started
in the fourth innings. Jack Horn traveled the whole distance for the locals allowing four lilts. Slaton was
held iu reserve, going to right field
when Huhnke got hurt which necessitated B general switch of positions.
Slaton made a brilliant fielding stunt
in the fifth when he picked off Wyard's
long  fly near the fence.
Stronger opposition is expected next
Saturday when the Sumas, Wash..
team pays a visit to New Westmin-
Score- It.
Arnold and Quigley 23
Westminster       17
j    Batteries���Pourpoire  and
Kennle | H0ni   and   Huhnke,   Steele.
. Fred   Lynch.
Turnbull! ���
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    I
incouver    44
'little       43
long I Spokane     39
Portland     20
Tacoma 26
Victoria       23
Yesterday's Games.
At   Seattle
MatterieB���Meuther. Hall and Cheek
Smith, Steele and Hoffman,
At Cleveland
i'1'veland      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
New   Voik       3      7      2
Matte i"s    Steen and O'Neill. Fisher
Warhop.  McHale and  Sweeney
At Detroit-*- 1(     II     E
Washington       7     (J      1
Detroit       3      7      2
Batteries    Johnson    and    Aiiismith.
Williams; iBoebler and SUnage.
At Chicago��� R.   H    E,
Hoston       3     4      1
Chicago      3      8      '.',
Iiatteries        Foster,    Coumbe     and
Thomas;  Faber, Schalk and Mayer.
Cr,    '---������''��� .--���'������"  LIMITED >
J.J.Jones. MAN-DIR. J.A.Rennie. 5��CY-TR��5
The Liquidator of The People's Trust Company,
Ltd. must obtain cash to continue the liquidation.
The following property must be sold immediately:
Lot 49 of Lot 440, Delta, Group 2.
80 Acres of South Half of S. E. \_\ Section 35,
Tvvp. 10, Langley.
Lots 100 and 101 of South half of East half of
D. L. 728, South Vancouver.
Lots 12 and 13 of Block 1, D. L. 658.
Lot 17, Block 28, D. L. 200.
Lots 9, 10, 11 of South half of N. W. ft of D. L.
Baltimore S, St. l.ouis 4.
Kansas City 3, I'lttsburg
Chicago  2,  Huffalo  1.
the runs when the Royals started out
on a rampage.
vs.   l.adner"  runs  the  dod*
announcing the sport pro-
New    Westminster    Defeats    Strong
Brockton Point Eleven���Royals
Strong  With  Willow.
H.    B.
4      a
\0      2
.  . Feeney i
J. Oiffi rd
.. . .   Spring
2 -Westminster
:; V.AC	
I West    	
First  Period.
McLaren   ... 1 7,7
Turnbull 7' 57
.   . .   McLaren   ...       .*. ts
Wintemute ,  ,     1.1-3
Second Period.
. .   .  ii   Spring 4.60
.. .. Turnbul) 1.42
Third Period.
No  seo. e
Fourth Period.
7    West J. Gifford 1 7.4
S     West . . .   Feeney , . 16.06
Penalty Summary.
Third period -Kennle, West ; Spring
West ,   Crookall,   V.A.C.     All   3   mins.
-Fourth period. Marshall, West ;
Turnbull, West.; Donahue, V.A.C ; 5
mins ,    McLaren,   VAC.   rest   ol   the
game from time of putting off
Ri fi ree   Bob Cheyne.
Goal umpires    V A.C ,
Wi st in ;n st ii. Grimmett.
Tim< ki epers   <Scragg
Nationals Swamp Quebec���Tecumsehs
Surprise Queen City Fans By Defeating Torontos in  Overtime.
ger  sheet
gram  at  l.adner next  Friday.    It's a I
safe bet that eight of the nine Ladnerj
players will hail from New  Westminster or Vancouver. !
 ^ Bill Graham talks about taking his
Moose team to Sumas on July  1, Do-
The  New   Westminster cricket eie-| minion Day.
ven came uacK into its own on Satur* I
dav by defeating the strong Brock- One of the local eye and throat doc-
ton I'ulnt team at Vancouver in a , *or-- could pick up a pile of practice
Mainland league fixture. i along the railing at Queens park dur-
Battlng first. Die Royals soon found -tig a ball game. Swabbing their
the bowling, no less than seven of the throats alter having panned the play-
batsmen hitting into double figures, on and an examination for blindness
Ilavies, of rughv football fame, was ��' a time the collection box is passed
top scorer with. 68, these being com-1 "round has been suggested,
piled iii Jessopian style. Caver. Peel
and   Wells   were   also   In   good   form.
"Etta of the footlights"
The  Montreal  Nationals strengthen-!
ed  their hold on  the Big  Four chain-'
plonship on   Saturday     by     defeating
Quebec at the Ancient City enclosure
b> a score of 16 to 7    This makes the
rifth ��tr.'.ight win for the Frenchmen,
their  scoring ability  during  this  period demonstrating that the team is by
no means a imky one gathering In the! F
points. L
The Tecumsehs furnished the real '
surprise of the D. I.. A. games by de- E
feating Torontos In an overtime game Hamilton, not out
10 goals  to 9.    Saturday's  win  gives]    Extras	
the Indians second place
The innings ended with 218.
With the ex -ption of Mens, few
of the Vancouvers could withstand the
bowling of Ilrown, Davies and Rose.
The innings ended with a victory for
New Westminster by 10 runs
New Westminster.
F\   C.  IB.   Cave,   b   Hodgson. . .        34
J. E  c   Brown, b Davy     0
I.   VV. Peel, c Hawkins, b Davy... 39!
0,   Irving,  b  Davy     6
W    A.   Wells,   b  Davy. .^^������j..   3. |
l'at Feeney, Grumpy Spring and Bill
Turnbull are tied for first place on
the goal scoring table cf the B.C.L.A.
I'eacock failed to garner a tally during  Satu:day's contest.
The struggles of a poor chorus
girl are rewarded with fame and
happiness. Vitagraph drama in
two parts featuring Maurice Costello, Mary Char'.eson and Helen
"Broncho Billy's Close Call"
Graveliu was not slow in winning
the fountain pen donated by Herb
Ryall to the first New Westminster
player scoring a run in Saturday's
game at Queens park. T.ie third sucker for the Columbus circled the sacks
in the opening stanza.
HEARST���SELIG   NEWS   PICTORIAL.   NO.   27,   1914.
"A Daring Getaway
b  Mens.
1.   G.  Davies. c Peel
A.   Rose,  li  Davy	
M, Spooner, l.h w Davy,
B. Duncan, l.b.w. Davy...
T. Dunford, )> Davy	
Penalty timekeepers
E.  C.   L.   A
West minster   ....
\ am Oliver	
I\> icock,   Van.   ..
i 'rookall, Van
(1   Spring,  West.
Feenej.   West.   . .
Turnbull, West   . ���
Murray,   Van
f!    Rennie,   West
.1  Gifford, West
McLaren,  Van.
I tai ih,    Van	
Brynjelfsoni Van
Wintemute,  West
Mat-hall,  West.   .
c. Matheson, Van.
l-'ierhell'-r and
L.    I-
That the rivalry between the two I
Ti'iMuto tonus has by no means ey-
plred was shewn al the Isl.inu grounds
when a crowd of 4600 gathered to wit
ness the struggle which was not decided until ten minutes of extra time
had  been  played,
Quer.ie's braves were regarded as
the weak units in the Big Four at the
beginning of tbe season hut the fact
that he could afford to place McCregor and McDougall on the bench at
GoalsUb.e start of Saturday's contest indi-;
,- "| cales his knack of gathering together
a bunch of classy stlckhandlers,
Next Saturday will show the real
strength of the Tecumsehs when the
Nationals Invade tho Hanlan's Point
Big  Four Standing.
.a! l
Total   .   ,
Erocktci   Point.
R.  D   Hodgson, b  Brown	
S.  L.  Davy, C  Irving, h  Brown
17   Wilder,  C   Irving,   h   Davies.
C   V,  p   Davy, c and b  Rose. .
J.  It. Caldwell, b Davies	
G.  C.   Peel,  c  Cave,  h   Brown.
A     Mali!..-,    b    Rose	
.1. F. Mens, b Duncan	
S.   W.   Hawkins,   b   Davies	
.1  .('.  Poole,  h  Duncan	
W. Alsi a, not out	
10 I
0 '���
20 '
Wrote Sox Will Restrain Star Player
From Performing With Federals.
Chiicago, June Zl.���-Steps will be
taken tomorrow to restrain Hal Chase,
former American league star, from
playing another game with tin- Buffalo Federals, according to au anticline, ment tonight by Charles A.
Comlskey, present of the Chicago
Americans, after he had been informed that Chase had played In today's
Federal jrame.
ilad he known of Chase's intention
today Immediately legal action would
have h,-en taken, said Comlskey,
Chase gave no hints of his plans at
the American league park and when
lie failed to appear for tlle game today. Fournler was sent in us a substitute.
he dure Insult another woman in the
presence o: tha: picture. Brutus
leads Etta away. A y t ac later she has
nuide great strides In her profession,
and is able to keep her mother In
comfort. Cecil, who is really in love
with her. writes Eua. begging forgive-
aess, and she. wiio has always loved i
him since the first day he protected
her, giadly forgives him and consents
to become his wife.
Featuring     Maurice    Costello    and
Mary Charleson.
The  "A
d.f. a-iiUy      ^^^^^
the Canadian Bank of
ven Of Vancouver, and
"  team   found
in    Rising aii (
even against
.is a result
At the Theatres
w as;
W      L
Quebec    ���
A.Idefeated by an tunings and 71 runs.;
34 The Visitors batting first compiled 172
47. all out while iii the first innings the
661 junior Koyals could only manage to
61 come through with 25 In
[attempt N4 runs were
t ii
Asthma Cure
never falls to cure the most obstinate cases of
Price $2.00  Per  Bottle.
For  sale   by
New  Westminster,   B.  C.
Or sent direct charges prepaid.
D.  A.  CAMERON   &  Co.,
White  Front  Drug Store.
Owen   Sound,  Ont.
Mann Cup Challengers Hold Work-Out
at Winnipeg.
Winnipeg. June 21.   Tbe Brampton |
lacrosse team, on their way to Vancouver to endeavor to wrest the Mamii
cup from the V.A.C. team, stopped In
Winnipeg  from    Friday    to   Saturday
night and  Saturday  morning had    a
light Work-out, Fifteen players are
in the party and they uncovered some
speedy play in their practice. Their
style of passing is much longer than
used in Winnipeg and is also faster
They are a light, hut speedy, bun
of hoys, all fairly good stlckhandlers,
hut the defence did not check haul
enough to judge of their calibre. They
|pfl on their private ear Saturday
Dewdney Lacrosse.
Burquitlam   and   Maillardville   met
defeat  in the weekly  lacrosse games
of t'ae West  Dewdney      ague, the former  being trounced  G 2  at  S.ippertoti
park  by  Port Coquitlam, while  Port
i Moody had an easy time at Maillanl-
i villi-,  the  final  score    being    |i  to   1
Port  -Moody   and   Port   Coquitlam  appear to be in the running for the P.
ll). Roe trophy, with Maillardville and
I Burquitlam  fighting it out tor third
I place.
(By  the Potter.I
Ty Cobb was arrested for fighting
In Detroit on Saturday, Mrs. Cobb
purchased n fish from a butcher and
because the quality was nut up to the
mark, the Georgia Peach ��as sent
along to settle the question about pay-
Tyrus is leading the American
- batting but will be out of the
for a week with a broken thumb! to iier
sustained in the scrap, | varices.
"EttS Of the Footlights," special
two parts. Etta Long, a chorus girl,
is the principal support of an invalid
nn tin r and her sister and brother -
not only working at the theatre, but
looking after tlulr smalj boarding |
house. Among their lodgers is Brutus
Bellamy, an old actor. He becomes
Interested in the girl, and offers to
teach her acting. She learns rapidly. I
She arrives at the theatre late aud '
is abused by the stage manager, Joseph Burton. Cecil Wentworth, one uf
the bickers of the theatre, takes her
part and becomes interested In her
Irene St. Maur, the leading lady,
throws up her part and leaves the
company In the lurch, Etta offers to
take her place. The management
t ikes a desperate chance and puts her
iu      She  makes  good.
Cecil   now   becomes   very   attentive
but   she   refuses  all   his  ad
One night, in a pouring rain.
he persuades her to let him drive her
heme  In  his  car.    She consents,  and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       he  secretly  bids  the chauffeur drive
member   Of   the   Fraser   Mills  hockey lout  to his  villa, outside (he city  lim-
team, provincial champions, and imi-  its.   Brutus, who is on his way to the
dentally   reeve of Fraser Mills, has a theatre, sees her In the machine, and.
strong liking for bull pups, but  when   suspecting   treachery.   Allows   them
said bull pups destroy valuable head-lin  a  taxi.    I'nder pretense, the auto I
    which   taps  the  lingerie  to   the  breaks down, and Cecil gets Etta to I
extent of  four  bucks  per  wallop,  thej enter  the   villa.    There  he   tells  her |
line Is drawn.    Doc Forded Into town i where she is and tries to caress her.
on Saturday looking for a new hat and  She repulses him.    lliutiis appears at I
a purchaser for the canine. j the  veranda  window.    Etta     admits
  | blm,   und,   stepping   forward,   Brutus
The scorer at Saturday's ball game; points   to   Cecil's    mother's   picture,
threw his arm out of Joint ringing up'hanging in the room, asking him how
lt is  very evident  from  the steadily
increasing patronage of the Citj  then-
! tre that the people of New  Westminster are  appreciating  tbe efforts  of
Messrs.  McMullen and  Pitner to give
I them  absolutely  the  best  procurable
I in the film world.    The fact also that
all  objectionable persons are  refused
' admission  to the City theatre makes
I it possible for ladies to attend at any
time and f el sure that they  will not
b    seated near anyone distasteful to
them.     Altogether   Messrs.   Mi-Mullen
: and   Pitner   have   made  of  the    Citv I
theatre    a   cosy   and   delightful   little,
theatre and deserve the success which I
;s  sure  to  follow   their efforts. '
Good All Round
aids to good health���and to the
strength, comfort and cheerfulness which depend on thecondi-
tion of health���are the famous.
time-tested, safe and speedy
Sold ��-���*crywSere.    Jr. boxes, 23 icntt.
Down on
the Farm
For Laughing  Purposes  Only
Like Father
Like Son
A Croat Flying A Feature In
Two Parts, Taken from Modern  Life
Special    Music   by     Prof.  D.
Woods���He's Great.
Transfer Co��
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begble Street.
rh | ment
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
XV i
Scott,   official    re
Dewdney    lacross
teree   of the
B     league,     a
HB__^B_^_^_^_L   M - - A. -\11>    I ai L   Ol    UIO   C  ll> .
HERWRIPPAL &Ca | light aed Heavy Hauling
ft   <^^%.    r
D. D. WILSON, Manaper.
Swimming, Hikes, Mountain Climbing,
Paper Chases.
May 15 to Oct. 1, $2.00.
Royal Avenue. Phone 10XXk- PAGE  SIX
MONDAY.   JUNE  22.   1914.
ditching, that the said ditching would
drain one side of the road .mil that he
would    like   the   engineer   tu   look   it
ceived for The News at the follow j FOR SALE���TWO OSCULAR SAWS
;ag pHces:    F. T. Hill's drug store.i    and saw table complete.    Apply ai
��2S   Columbia   street;    A.   Sprlce, I    The News office.	
(jueensborough, l.ulu   Island;    Mrs.' -
B. Larden, Highland  Park;  Mrs. V.  FOR    SALE    -SELL     YOUR     PROP
Lewis. Alta Vista. erty throng.i an ad. lu this column
Cost  of  Appeal   of     Von     Mackenson
Will    E:    Paid    By
contract,, 126.00.
Ward 4. Councillor Brydon reported
at  J.  Hunter had  now  finished  the
work on  the Binn  road, according to
agreement   and  that his  plans Of the
subdivision of the easl one half north-
east  quarter, section  7. should  now
|be passed In accordance with the arrangement    wilh    the    1911    council.
Councillor  Brydon  was  given  permis-
-iou io   expend by day work $~7> on
the Suiinysiile road and ISO on the Mc-
I Inner, road.
\t the lasl meeting of the Langley     Ward 6, Councillor Vannetta    was
Ha | given permission to do ditching ami
repair  bridge on  tlie  Town   Line  toad
hy day  work.
The  engineer   reported   having  em-
j   ,        i I ployed men to protect the new bridges
hoard of trade, during the buah Are Maj Slat to 24th,
inclusive;  thai  the \. \. and E.  Kail
a month buys three mom dwelling  Received.       ,,���_.���_    ���..-���...,..,      way company had. as requested by the
In   firs,  class  condition;   siiuate  ,��� :     Journal oM onim-m. Jgjg^. j __������,,, ,,��� ,,���, Uth o( Marcn lasl, cut
���*���#���������  �������������*.�������� FOR SALE���Jil.OU DOWN. $1.00 PER   municipal   council   communication
0                      RATES.                       ��� week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable  follows win- received:
����������������������*���������*������� Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar-1    !���,.,���,,,. v'alley  Development  l( ague
Classified���One cent per word    per       tot sdiiare. l:!<-!11
dm-*  4c ner word per week;  160 per
nicnth; -ono words, to be used as re-, FOR  SALE.  -*50.00 cash  and   $16.00 J     7        ������ ���
quired within one year from date    of
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout tlie Province of  ���rltlth Columbia.
Saving* Department at all Hrancb��a Deposits or One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest al the hlguest current rate paid or
credited naif yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques s.ld, payable lu all part* of th*
CHA8. Q. PENNOCK. Qensral Mxnafler.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, M*n*g*r.
west   end.     only   two   blocks   from
Twelfth      street.     Price,   $1,000   for j ter   from   the   S.,'.i:u n   Hive:    Lu,.:
few days,   Box 519, New* office.
down   the  hanks at    the     Livingstone
the  Vale  road;   lhat   the
, irK1���v  being a reply to toe requwt crossing oa we  .aie roaa;  .,.,u .,.,
[payment Of the 1918 road tax. following railroad crossing were not
���*,��� eoiipa.iv claimed that u cheque ta -> aatlafactory eondltton, being too
,��� paym.mt of same had heen mailed narrow am - approach* too. cep Mc-
several   weeks ago and  had   probably    "' ���?������*-. ( ->���- �����������   r '�����- ,'' '< Ui?It_
,���- i gone   astrav
POR   RENT.-* Room   and   Board,   527"
Manufacturing Co.
B.     C
t ilium i
Carnarvon street.
(i; in"   is   was   re.ideni. l.ivingstone road and  Mcllonalil
notified road ��'1 u"' v- v- a'1'1 *'"; *������������* ,ll(' "
solved  that  the  solicitors  he  ,,
' "'������-- I?-- -.-whatever proceedings are ,..'(-  C  E R. had not ye   removed its enws-
il,. I Ing on the t-rlifith  mud  to conform
WANTED   An energetic young  man,
Call al once, 201 Westminster Trust
(mum i
tickets ai the Citj theatre. Apply
nuiK diaii Ij
POR    RENT.     il.   room   house   fur,,- IjUM* to ^^{���-f^^to^ aid   ^  '"'  "������-    '  "'"''   "^  "   ���'""l"  "":i
ished. Third streit. Apply .' 0 Bo* ��^ JJ - Z^ln .Uver concern was preparing to J,.y a rail-
116. ,   ,.   ���,_���..���.. road cross the Griffiths road and were
 "     wil ,n h.-.ner   statins that P����ns  -�����--'  ""  "���"  '���',:"1  ���Uowmo*
KOR RENT Desirable flve-room fur- ^llaon aud Wbea aV'an ordlr can thai he had requested them to stop
nithed coitage on sea trout ai. Judge- ' ����� Derbvtown "*--'" ����eh time as they had be _ glv.
White Rock  B. r   Possess,,,,, i-rom:   '    ��� g����M* SSt'SSTiEU  Permission  by   the  council,   that
June 1, white, whiles fi Co, (3458)   ),.;,���  , ,'_ .^*j. j,  L  ���0 tn jagon the Pernrldge Lumber companj   was
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grailei* and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you waul it, iu any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department nnd get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
ro    RENT���FURNISHED HOU8E-4Allard,   the  owner of  the   adjoining operating aevei
iu    lu-.M    r i n.> -Mil,. i     . ;., ���.,,..,.   ., ,.,,.,,i ,,1,-ine np��a_- in mt Mret receiving permission and that thi
keeping   rooms,   $10  per month   at   p. 0..   ty. I inM            ng  access  to lot                              ��                     .ubdivislon
""i   <i'Vi"iii i   Ktn-ri 34521    Jit   u j^    llow    rBQUirru.                                                                 ,                                   ,    ,      .,
.    "' -"""" '���'"" -LL ,    B   C. B. R. company, statin, mat *isncd a elver, constructed   n the
�� to delivery at office. NBW    H0U8B    ,.-,m    rent.   Five they  were makings claim on John ���*-*Br��a?n to the subdivision road trom
rooms, bath and toilet, full concrete |b, carvolth, contractor, for payment!tn0 'ftle r >
4Q  conls Sink
-.ii cords Cordwood.
Particulars a
Offers received up to 26th Inat
noon.   R. H, Oray, secretary Board
i f   School  TrUStt es. I  '
basement, furnace, fire place, large!of the cost of making repairs to the
lot and garage; well located. Ixjw shelter ai Hunter station damaged
rent and lease if desired. Eastman Muring blasting operations. Councillor Brydon reported that this blasting |
j was done by mi I inployce of the rail-
Fire   Warden   Harris
in   was   in
&  Co,    'Phono  7,17
wanted for every town In B. C. to
represent  manufacturer,    Live pro-  roR RjJNT���IF YOU HAVE ROOMS I way company     Referred  to Council
to rent try an ad. In this column.      I |or Brvdon to make further lnvi stlga-l lm' 1';""v'1'  (''
  tion    ' crossing as n
"~~"""* Fraser River Fishermen
attendance, agreed to take care of
the account tor fin- fighting on the
Brown   road   and   the  clork   was   in
ducers only; exclusive territory and
good contract. This means money
to   vou.    Coquitlam  Brass Works,
I'rot i
Ltd,, Coquitlam, B.C
W .NTED���Furniture, etc., W, M.
MeCloy & Co., the expert auctioneers, will conduct a successful
auction for you or buy outrlghl ll
sale not desire.1. Cli an buslm as,
prompt settlements, our 20 years
wide experience.   Write or call
Sixth streel.
ture. or slocks In trade, in large or
.mall quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
vou give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis. fi48 Columbia street,
New Westminster.
association, enclosing a copy of resolution! re Asiatic fishermen, which
LOST Between Eighth avenue and j they wished the council to endorse
Queen's avenue Methodist church, Und forward to Ottawa. A resolution
hub's gold watch and fob. Finder to endorse was unanimously carried
will be rewarded on returning to Aldergrove Agricultural association
77.ii Fifth -ireet. ask ug for a grant i I .'���.��. Orant asked
foi   was allowed
Municipality of Surrey, re the  Von
BUSINESS CHANCES. Mackenson vs  Surrey case, asking    ���
���^-.,���-^-_-.^~ ,��� -w-wrf-^v-^ slstanc. In  defraying cost  of an  ap-
PIGEONS pay dollars where chickens peal to the privy council providing
pay cents- small capita! needed; such action was found necessary.
small space required; always pen- *"'"'''; Instructed to reply that the
ned up; reads markets; send for Langley municipal council fee* dismay issue of our Journal; fully ex-   posed to assist, imi before taking any
plained there; price ten cents. Reliable Squab Journal, Versailles
Mo, 13472)
I 747,11,    _
where.     No   collection,   no  charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
eucv. 33H Hastings street west. Vancouver, 13447)
definite action would like information
.is to the probable cost and would
like to hear what  other neighboring
I municipalities  are doing  In  the  mat*
; ti
SV   A   Simpson, enclosing  copy  of
deed conveying to the municipality a '
.portion of the southeast 16-11, a road,
original  deed  being deposited  in  the
L It. i'.   Referred to Councillor Hope.
Kirkland and Fraser, submitting tor
approval  plan  of  the  subdivision  of
When Requiring
either male nr female, do not forget I the northeast quarter, section 26, town-
Vancouver,  BC.  Rifle   Range.
that thp Municipal Labor Bureau is in
a position  to supply yon
PHONE 852.
Municipal School District
of Coquitlam
ship 7.    Referred to the engineer to
examine and  report
Charles E. Pallot waited on the
council regarding th" grading ot the
Holmstead road, under the local improvement  system.     Laid  over.
P.  McBroom  and others wrote asking that a road be constructed In the
Smith   subdivision,   under   the    local
improvement  system.     Laid  over.
structed  to forward  same to him.
The clerk  was instructed  to write
the railway companies re condition of
g as reported bj the i ngim er,
and to write tin- logging and saw mill
leompnnii .  responsible for lhe trespass
on  the  highways  requesting the Immediate  removal of all  obstructions,
' l he  matti ;* on  the   request   Cor  tlie
I construction of a culvert n as referred
back   to   til"   engineer   with   power   to
Mi d'.'.ii ll. alth Officer Dr, Man- appeared before the council, reporting
i" arding the unsanitary conditions
[existing at the rear of tbe Seth Wit-
ten company and Murrayville Livery
premises, claiming that If the ditches
on the Town Line and Y.ile roads
were cleaned tho nuisance would be
ibated Dr, Mar.- also reported thai
the ditches In front of the II agar ty
property were In an unsanitary condition, The matter was referred to
(   nn ' llor Brydon to act.
Tin- revee reported having inter-
vli "d the solicitors re tbe convey-
anci Farmer to the corporation, that
Mr Farmer had conveyed to the C.
v   P   railway a portion of the high-
...iy  and  at  a   later date  made  a   eon-
vcyance i > the corporation of a pieci
of land In the description of which the
said portion of highway was included.
The matter was left to the solicitors
to make sonic satisfactory arrangement whereby the railway company
would not have prior rights over the
The hoard of works reported as follows: That Councillor Hope be au-
ihr.'i/.ed to have a suitable fence constructed round the Mackie gravel pit;
that contracts as follows bo awarded:
No. I, ward 1, Hen Muench, $148; No,
lr���� aaa u��ai   U��r.
W. r. H. BOCKUN,
������o. aaa Traae.
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
P'ion^�� No. / ��nd I/I-
Canadian    {Canadian
V iV\ *11 fi I
Cheap fares for all return tickets to Eastern points, on sale
beginning June l:,t. Good to return up to Oct, 7,1st.
For partli ulara app'.*. to
E. GOULET. Local A.ent. or to
H. W. Erodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria   From   Vancouver.
I i 30 a.in Daily
2:00  p.m Daily
11.45  p.m Dally
For Seattle
10:30 a.m Dally
II 00 a.m. Dally except Saturday
n 45 p.m Saturday
For Nanaimo
in a.m  and 6:30 p.m Dall?
Nanaimo. Union Bay, Comox
fi a.m.  Thursdaj   and  Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay.   Powell
11:46 p.m    K*- ery Saturday
Prinze  Rupert, Granby  Bay and
Skcena River Points.
11 00p m Wednesdays
For Gult Island  Points.
7:00 a.m. Tuesdays ior victoria,
calling   at   points   in   Gulf  Isl.
To  Alaska   .     .Every   Saturday
Notice to Contractors.
.- i; \ l.KI i TKX1 'l-:i'.-' mark! il on i
tion of the McAdam road, $30
v. ,,in-   -'Tender   for   Kxtenslon     to     Rifle   Mrt|_n,v       it imp
Fi   ngi     Vancouver,   II.  I'.." and addressed   MONDAY,    JUNL
thi-'pircctoi- or Contracts, Mllltlu  Head- O'CLOCK  NOON.
li . rtcrs,   Ottawa,   "ill   he  n ��� ��� Ived   hi ill ,      ���       ,
,   ,  ;  of  the   17th  ol   July,   proximo,   for   for the  purpose  or electing  lour  per
instruction of iwo, cighl  i irsi I  Rtfi
ll. ngi   .ii   Vani ouvi r,  British < 'oliiinblu
!    illo    Notice    la hereby given  to th
ill    the   School   Di-tl'ICt   "f  (*ili|llil
lai     Unit  I   require  tbe  preseni f   tin ,     ,,.        ,,
suld   Electors   ul   the     Municipal   Offices.       Ward   2.   Councillor   Hope   reported
Miilll.iiilviUe, no | that h'' was in doubt as to the proper
29.    1914.   AT   12   road line on trunk road  between .lar-
dine and the Fort, as be intended die
������    , ,   ,, ,,      ,, ,,, ��� ,   ���> in ward 1, to C. Cowley at $9.86 per
Ward 1, Councillor Matthias report-   ,���,_���_.  v���   ,.        ,, ,   .   *_.      V.   ,;
, ,      .      ,  , . . i ii'iiain.  .No. 6, wan   1. to Tom N    Mar-
:;..,i::;,,.vR. * :;'���? ���pnvi^a por-!":>- w-. ^. -t, wan,:. to w,���. 21
rison, $4.50 per chain: No. ii, ward 2,
Richard Ooddard, $58; No. 4, ward 3,
to Peter Spence, $lo per chain: No.
5, ward 3, .lames Harris. $150; No, 6,
, ,      | ward   :',.   to   Duncan   McKenzie,   $.*iii'r
.., , ���      in- some work on the road near Jar-  No   ,    vv;ml   .,     T "
��� ,-   u, ,, -v.. on the Hoard of School   fine he would like to have (ne matter MOg.B0. No- 4  ward 5 t0 ���  witcomhe
looked   into.     Referred   to   a   commit !
,:*!^,!:":, ,,in;;:.",;;,',!::,':rn;/''1'1,r':::.,,'Tr,isteeS of Cocuitlam to complete the   ��-    (   -.;   ro m iu ,��� Hop   a di^''I:   J?��- ;:��� war(l -  �����  Wltoombe,
I fin infnrm'ition (ihtiilmd ut the office   board;   the   lour   persons   elected   top*'  ��   * ���'   reeve, .ouncuioi   nop.  .iii(i,j]lin.   No   -    war(,  -^  Joh_   Fors]lln(|
���l    hi   Offic.-r Commanding,  Military  Dis-   hold   office   until   January,   1915. I     ,'������'''  ,   -V    ,'��� m        ,        . *fl"'":    N'��    "���   ward   5,     Rod     Mcl.eod,
i ������      No.   il.   Victoria,   U.   ('.;   the  City      ., ,      , .,,,.,,1...,,,,,,,  ,-,,  uandldates       ^''ml   "���   Councillor   Armstrong   re- ., -.,   .. . \i*i,-���,���u���
���   "  .  Vancouvei,   i:   C    a.,(l  tin-  n.rec       1 '�����';' ,.-,-'- ^'';! .^^l.i'Xn   ported that 1'eter McMillan wished the *?,   ,!  ^       ' '   ?:    a, '
..   Genera   ol   bn_lni-ci- services,  H"'-'- be nomlnatcd )n writing, the writing shall  tuitument   of   agreement   of   1S94   re h "' ���*6'���i ?'        I        Milburn,
'"-��� Ottawa, ,���. BUb��crlhed by two votera o�� the schoul I    ' h 1200;  general repair contract, .", miles
''V1'.1''",.""'"!', ."'i'm'. ',',"" ,'nV    lni,' o'n"i'li'*"'i'''   M   Proposer  mid   Seconder,   hik!| = ���=    ���       ���    ���V ^^^ Brown    road.    1     year,    $75, and 3%
'   '   ���������': ��� �� H^Sr��n    ccepS : --', ^nX.^ KW^ LAND   REGISTRY   ACT. miles IBalfour  road. ,50, to .ioseph  ��
,.   ,    on   .i   Canadhui   Chartered   Bunk,   notlco  anA   .   o'clock  p.m.  on   the  dav  of  ��� | Kidd.    The report was adopted
!:',r,".',  V;,\?h?.' i.Vl'h,''^,!,    .I'lh""/^!'.'.!"''''^''-'^"'1- ���""i In th? event ol a poll be-       Tl���   ,������   _3  of   _.t  21,  Suburban   Hlock       Councillor Hope moved that  the en
shall be delivered to tho Returning Officer ui any  time between the dine of  ihi*
. , notice mid  2  o'clock  p.m.  on  the day  of
In    ���.,-  per cent.  (10 p.c.)  of the amount ,u|       .,���, in ,h��� cvnnt ���,  ., I1(,n i
ihercof,  payable to the ordei  ol  the Hon-   (      necessary such pell shull be opened on
nriibli  ii,-   Minister nf Militia and llcfi-nre,"*"���"���.'*      ,,,.'      ,    ....     '       . -n
h    mounl will I- forfeited If lhe par-j THURSDAY,   JULY   2,   1914,   AT   9.00
'"" '".  "       A.M. AND CLOSED AT 7.00 P.M.
-.-.nil   londerei   fulls   lo  complete
I |l rill I    ill   IIC! -in!.me"   With   the   liil-
The Depiirtmi nl il""- nol  bind  Itsi If to
>pl   thi-  !i",v>'si   or any  tender,
i;ri*,i:NI*.  l-TSKT, Coloni I,
lleputy   MInistel
Ottawa, June G,  10i I.
N I: ���Newspapers   will   nui   be  paid   i:
Uuy Insert  this advertisement wlthoul  uu-
thn'ritv   from  the   Depurtmenl
11 .j. No. 1S-U-14.    6*1870. I :.'.771
Tic  Lot  .'J  of  Lot  21,  Suburban  Block
IP,   in the City of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate
if Title  Number  I3S91F,  issued    In    the
name of Catherine  Bllgh,  has  been  filed
,t i in  this office.
al Notice is hereby given  that   I shall, at
MUNICIPAL   OFFICES.   MAILLARD-   ltM. -.xpiration or one month from tho date
VILL|-; I ,r the first  publication hereof, in a dally
BURQUITLAM    AGRICULTURAL I -V-^"" r  P*-!'''.-"."'". !.V.J,,.���:..,'I!.J;   "
I Tend-rs addict n d  I" I
. -,, u*    nnd   i nilor ������ il   "Ti ndi i
; I, u-ntion   l)i lldh       l'l
���     ��� ,     .-.  ||  be  n i ��� Ived ;,'   lid    nfl
i nn p.m., on WedivBduy, Ji I.i
,.   .  .   iimclloi   ol   ii   I'd nl ("In      I '��� '��� lion   Hulldli s.   i" Inc.    K ii�� i'    !'���''
Plui       .���; I lot ��� i   ol   (' m-
. ���   , ,���    ;..    .... n   iii 'i   forms  ol   ti ndei
.     . ,|     ���   Hi     i)ffl(>c   ol    Mi     "i'i III.   II' ''
.-.,,,���    resid nl   un hlti i '.   Vti lol In,   B.C.,
.   d  .i   this   Dentin nenl
['      in del ii(-   i"   ii"' fled " d   tcn-
,;VJTlj     ROAD.
___���^__-       Ol   which   all   persons   nre   hereby   re-
"iriulred   t"   '.ik"   notice   and   'invi'rti   them-
- i  ���     i Ilngly.
\.',>.   p, i son being it  Hrltish suliji el, and '
ictunlly   residing  ivlthln  the  distrlcl,  ;<u.\ t
������   hi ��� n   for   lhe   three   months   ivx* i
pi,.   dh ii   i   ���   das   of  hi*  nomination   tin
j, ,       . ,���    li   ed   "V. i" i.   in   tin     I.,mil    Registry
',.,'   ii" .       nl   I ind   "i   real   property   * tunti
'" |illDI .,    �� iii-iii   Hi"   m in elpnlll>   of   the   nss *  ed
,,,,| I value, nn lhe lusl  munlclpiil rn- proi Inel il
,   fo,   :������ ������.. ssin-'iu  roll, of iwo hundred nnd  liltv
ilollurs or  mn i   ovei   und  above any  reg-
Isti red   jiiriguii nl   "i   elmrgi .   or   U Ing   .i
hone so nl- i.   lessi      fron    Ihi    ' 'i on ll     oi
|.i.  , mpioi     wliii   has   i��� Hided   within   !li"
:     riielpalll     foi   the Rpuce ot   one yi-.n- or
more   iniinedlalely   preceding   iln    duy   of
nomlnitllnii,  und  Is usMesscd  inr five  hundred  dollars "i- more on  the  !.!>���   municipal or provincial roll over nnd above any
l* New
Westminster, Issue a duplicate of the said
Certificate, unless In the meantime valid
objection ii" made to me In writing
J   C,  OWYNN,
District Registrar of Tltli
Land  Registry Office,
Ni w wi stmlnsli i. H. ''.., 2nd ,1
. l o I l
is:: i
'<*"   will  not bi     i.      le ��� hi W ���,',,  ,ud-mcn, ,, ,.h!irKe, ,������ hp|ng n
'   "������   printed forms   nipplleil   und  - Igru d , , ,,      - ,���.
'    '-ctuiil   ilgni.tures   ���t,i ing  the!      ,:,,.,,���..   wh���   ���������   ,.,.sM,.fl   wilhi���   ������,
'������ ������"���;    ""t  l''"->.;'    '������:'���'::    }"  mimlelpulity tor n period of one year Im-
im  caseof firms  the   cluil signature  th(    .,,.,,,.,���,,   preceding  the    nomination  and
,,���,. ni th   ,,,, inatliinniri pine   o   resI t|J���, V.-malnder of the year has been
,j . uch nv ruber of the firm must I"
compnnied by an
IV THE MATTKR I <F tin   K*' Hi    il   Wil
IIhiii   Stott,   lio    of   New   Westminster, I _.,...   ,.���,,,..
In   ih"   1-n.vlnce   of   British   Columbia.      ' ���'    '
Water Works Superlnteivti nt, di ci n �� d
MU l'*l*. IS I-IRRBIIV OtVKN thut all
.,-,,1 mrs und nthm-s having i-lnliii*' igulnsl
the I'lstale nf tin- suld Willi.ie. Slotl who
li, ,| ,,., or nboul the Isl day ol November,
I'll,; nre n quired on nr before i ie 13th
lav ol July, IflH. i" -1""'1 h P"��t prepaid or deliver to the undersigned  Hollel-
   tor  ' -.i 11" vim    Kl' tt   Stolt.   i:.""iiirlx
,f the said dieviiRed, their names and ad-
dresscH. Un- full particulars of ileit clnlms,
the Ktutemcnl of their accounts und the
nature of the securities, If any, held by
And   further     take   nolle ���     Ih it   nfter
���mil  lust   mentioned  date  thi   said  ruth-j
���i-ini- l-'I'tt  Htntl  will proceed  to rilstrlbut"'
Ilrown    road.    1    year.    $75, and 3%
miles  Halfiiur  road. $60, to Joseph  C
i Kidd.    The report was adopted
Councillor Hope moved t'.iat the en
Kineer prepare specifications and ar-
range for tenders for the fencing of
the Murrayville hall grounds. Carried
Appropriations to roads as follows
were made: .McAdam road, ward 1,
$300; Duffy road, ward 1, $400; Hope
read, ward 1, $60, ward 7. $75; Balfour
road, $7.1; vard 4, Town Line, $300;
Otter road and Town Line In ward 6
<li o eac ���
The cU ;��� w?s Instructed to again
refim 11 the v X and E, railway company to open a road giving access
trom tin -oiith to Llncol station audi
unlets i-equesl Is compiled with the
matter to be taki n  up  with  tlie rail-
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial Invitation is given the '.id.is of Kew Westminster to
visit the salesrooms oi the B, C. Electric, In thi company's terminal
.it Columbia and Eighth, to Inspect our complete line ol Electric
Cook ins and Household appliances
These appliances greatly l.esen the labor of the housewife, promoting both her comfi t and convenience They are always ready
to- service, bpi rating ' :> connection with anj household socket The
cost' for current is only a few  cents per hour Ol continuous operation.
Electric Cooking Applances just meet  your summer demands ss
they  can  do all  forms of light  cooking just as  well  as  the  kitchen
range     Fully seventy-five pi r cent of your summer cooking can in-
done in this  mannc .
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia A. Eighth.
Councillor Hope moved thai the
councillors .-ml engineer make arrangements ior the cutting of Canads
ihi. lies in conformity With the amended Noxious Weeds bj law, on all roads
and public places and thai the councillors, engineer, constables and deputy constables, whenevei they see
Canada thistles uncut on any privately owned land Rfter June 20th shall at
cue" make arrangements for having
same cut, reporting cosl to clerk as
soon as the work is completed. Coun-
the  ii\wi"t   "f  .-mid  liiinl nl   which  he  wus
formerly  ii   homesteader,  lessee  from   the|*,n|v to the claims of wh
ssed for  hlU:
the   assets   "i    Ihe   deceased   among   thejclllor   Vannetta,  seconded   it.  and  the
'''""'   '   ' '    "      ll:'li"'^,,uThen!moli01'  ra:I'iMl
The clerk  was  instructed  to  notify
Special Excursions
Glacial, Island
Mountain and
Forest Scenery
S s "Prince ueorgi ' sal
1 htirsdays mldnfght, June 2
July 7'. 9, iu. 7'::. 30,
Five Days
Meals and Berth.
S.S. "I'rince Rupert" -ails
Mondays midnight), June H9,
lulv fl   13, 20, 27,
Boa'ts   remain   at   I'rince   Rupert one day, affording an opportunity
of seeing the new Grand Trunk Pacific city,
Parlor  rooms   separately   or en  suite,  with or    without    private
hath,'etc. at an additional cost.    Staterooms  en  suite   wlthoul   extra
11   Q, SMITH, CP. and TA C  13, JENNEV, 0 A I'll
Phone Sey.  8134. 527 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C
ii,,. tender he not ai
lin  returned.
The  Department   does nm   hind   i��
accept  ih" low-i si  nr any  o i di -
By  i.'.'l"i
it i*. 1 ik 'it' i' 'incus,
H r "tui
11   r.ill-Hi l'.l    Of    Pllb I"    W  11
Ottawa, Jun I'.'l I
���Wwspet.fis   v i'i   IVU   be   puid   I'm-   Ihis
advertisement  ll   the>   iiwri 	
authority from tin   1" pa ���
(3D17) I
, distrlcl
cilveii   under  inj   hand  ul   Malllardvlll
Ihi     1 lib day  nl  ,Iuni.   T'l 1
ANUHKW  II \l.im*H'riiN.
' 1 S31!i' Returning   Officer.
���solicitors  f"
stott,   Bxccutr
New Westminster, |!.f".
u   said   Catherlni    Kletl
I.VT.v.n. -'ew
nvnmasium Class. Thursday at 7.30
Swimming classes. Tuesdays and It*.
days, .'! to 4, at Y. M. C. A, Youug
Ladies' Club, Kriday at 8 p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable.
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen
'  for particulars call phone 13.4.
r>   pun     11   \   -..,,,''' ,   Kusterl'    half ol
itn   *    rll    !'    I nl   l.nl   '' rn   il nun 1, I-.
District   ���     Nev    \Vi>Bl   liiiKter,
V\*   ��� ���' 1- 1 1 ���   -   Ins.- nl 1'. i-l i:ie ite
( ,1   Tltli    N'eiii" 1     'ilS7i \.     Is nu d   hi   Hi"
i,mi   1 i Thomas Robert  .\h Inniii ItaH been
riled   ill   tills   oflfee,
Notic" is hi reby -riven tlmt I shall, at
the cxpi rn tion of nr.,- mon lb from the date
uf il,, ins' publication hi reof, in a dally
. .  ' ipnpei    publlHhi il   in   Ihi   i'it v  "I"   New
���Vi itrnlnatei-, Issue ,1 duplli m    ,| the snld I Westminster, ii'om  Iticlinian and  Ben-
1 '��� ��� ��� |f|c iti    unless  in   Hi"  meant line   \.ili,l
olijeetlull   1"    ni.nl"   l"   me   In   writ \WA
.1.   i'.  OWYNN,
Distrlcl  ReglKtrar nf Titles
I/11,.: i:-1.. 'i imi",. New Westminster
B.   C���   _:4Ll    April,   I'.'l I, (.3493)
TAKI-'. NOTICE that ni tin- meet-
111 r of the board ot license commissioners of the City of New Westminster on .Juno 10, w" Intend to apply
for a transfer of the liquor license
now held by Richman and Bennett in
respect to the premises known us the
Cosmopolitan Hotel situate upon l<<>t
1, City Hlock 17. corner of Columbln
and   lilackie   Slretts.    City    of     New
, in tt, to
May 77. 11)14.
(3427)   approval by-law
the manager of the Fraser Valley line
of the 11. C. IS. R��� petitioning I'or a
further reduction In fates on market
day, tl'e free transportation of small
packages can-it d by tlie passengers,
.���nd, nn a suggestion from the reeve,
lhe removal of the time llmll from the'
Bettlers' licinis, councillor Vannet-
ti' j-econded and the motion was car-
lied,  the  committee  to consist   of the
reeve and  Councillors  Hope and  De-
vine, wilh power !:) add to their number from the Ratepayers' association.!
tin- Farmers' Institutes, the hoard of
I trade, etc.
Councillor   Devlnc   gave   notice   of
I motion to Introduce al  next meeting!
in   h;> lav,   lo amend  the  liquor  license]
by-law, a by-law to amend the trades |
I ilrf-jnSO  In -In w.   and   iu;i|
\Ve have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER  which   is highly  recommended.
Ume is almost as important fur the "successful growth of plants
a�� sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones 15 and 11. *02 Columbia Strait W
Summer Advertising
The most valuable asset in advertising is age. It is something which cannot be rushed or bunched. It has no
overnight competition. The new advertiser can't date
Advertising cannot take a vacation without a loss.
The cumulated values of previous months or years immediately begin to shrink or evaporate. It will invariably
cost more to make good the shrinkage than to omit the
Good advertising is a continuous performance before
the same audience. No better definition was ever invented.   It admits of no exceptions or variations.
Buyers are not so firmly attached to buying traditions during the Summer months as at other seasons.
They go about more, enjoy more freedom, are interested more in variety. The new advertiser finds it
easier to break in; the old advertiser finds it necessary
to be more persistent and watchful. The province of
advertising is to attract new customers, as well as to
hold old ones, and the vacation season, more than any
other, is the season of changes; the season, more than
any other, when the advertiser can least afford to
permit his goods and his service to be forgotten. The
trifling purchase of July or August is often the forerunner of a much larger purchase in October or
Use the New Westminster News during
the Summer Months and Keep
Your Trade Lively.
MONDAY,   JUNE   22.   1914.
Forrr-er   Idea   That    Extensive   Trips
A'e Expensive Luxury  Is Being
Boston, .lime 21.���Touring may ba
retarded as the ultimate end and do-
sin ol every motor car owner who
take* a proper and personal Internal
in his our. To take a car upon llio
\ !rinup trails laid out in the surround
ing statea where Improved highways
.in- open to tin- motoring public, says
Mitchell May, secretary of state for
N.w York, ill the Now York Tribune.
is i,i put the machine, in the opinion
nf tin majority of motorists, to its
i: {best use, for pleasure ami profit
were never so happily combined as in
a motor tour which takes the owner
.���mil his family away from their inline-
diate environment
F. r years there has existed an or-
ronebus idea that automobile touring
ii. ., greal extenl i.-. an expensive lux-
ury, nut this Idea is slowly paasing as
the motor car becomes commoner and
motoring facilities increase. Obvi-
ously, no more extensive trip than an
occasional weekend run of u few hundred miles is within tiie means of
those who muai ]"��� careful of expenditures
Short  Tours  Are   Pleasing.
To such person! a lour of several
hundred miles is still devoutly desir
ed, tut for the rapidly swelling number of motor cur owners, whose circumstances have hitherto allowed
them only a holiday at a summer resort there could scarcely exist a better
Investment for their time and money
Ihan a sensibly planned motor tour.
S' insibly planned Buch a tour must
i.' a compartlvely long journey can
he undi rtakeu at small expense, but.
unless the trip is carefully planned
such a journey will prove expensive.
There are many things to he consld-
( !'. ll
Toe i'..r Itself musl he of a suitable
kind  for  lhe   purpose;   car"   must  he
exercised in the choice of routes; the
fullest Information from   a   reliable
sfiirce   must  he  obtained   upon   hotel
accommodations nnd pries, and the
motorists themselves must he prepared for anything and everything in the
way o( unforse.cn discomforts.
Must Have Proper Car.
rrom tin- point of view of economy,
the choice of a proper car is of greatest   importance,     The   most    suitable
type   must  include  space    I'or    extra
clothing  and  other  necessary; equipments,  with  sufficient  room  to carryall baggage needed for the entire trio,
and in this way avoiding irritable difficulties   in   forwarding   baggage     by
One Hundred Miles a Day.
In planing a month's tour, which
.should not prove extravagant, one of
the first conditions must Include a
reasonable limitation upon the mile-
Bge, for apart from the limiting of expense far more enjoyment comes from
short stages than from  long ones.
If a maximum average of, say, about
1iX> miles a day is decided upon, the
pleasure will be much less expensive
and more lasting than tlie speeding
over long level stretches of tlie road,
when questions of mileage seem to bei
regarded as much  more  important.     j
some years of experience in touring
have convinced many motorists that a
$7, allowance, with an acUdtlonal $r> |
lm each tourist, may lie accepted as
a fair average of the daily cost Involved iii touring, and this sum should
lie made to include all expenditures,
with the exception of tires and un-
forseen  incidentals.
So far as the particular tour is con*
'cerned, it would he impossible to point
out the most attractive routes which
could he undertaken in a month's
time, out there are many such tours
within the bounds of this and every
other state.
Isla'-d Chiefs Object to Action Putting
an  End  to  Potlatch
Victoria, June 71.   A protest signed
hy the chiefs oi the various tribes of
Indians which recently held a potlatch
at  Duncan, against  the action uf the]
Dominion   Indian   department   in   enforcing   legislation     prohibiting     the i
holding of these  Indian  celebrations,
will he forward-ed to Ottawa,   on the,
In.-- day of the potlatch. Indian Agent j
\V   It   Robertson announced to the assembled chiefs and Indians that hereafter  no  further celebrations  of  the
kind would in- permitted, Mr. Robertson quoted  l "in the  regulations    to j
-ie *,   i ait   iii'-   the   holding    .if     pot-
latches was now  iii-gal. anil lo- warn-
, ii iii" Indians that tin- one just com-
pleti il would be lie lust. |
Following ihe completion of the celebration, tin- chiefs gathered, and. af-!
ter a  lengthy  discussion, determined
to  protest   to Ottawa.    They  claimed!
tiuit tiii'ii' was nothing in tin- nature
of  the  potlatch.  a.-  held,  to  warrant
prohibitory action mi the pari or the
government.    There was no unseemly
behavior by the Indians, the occasion!
was    properly   celebrated   and   they
profess to see an reason why the Indians musl In- compelled In dispense:
with their annual celebration, any
more than that Iii" whites must give
up their Christmas, N< �� Year or oth-1
t'.r festivities. The protest points out
that the Indians who participated in
the potlatch at Duncan were well oil
and well equipped with lands ami
houses, us well as stock ami other
property. The government ,the.v say,
has put a stop to their catching fish
or hunting game on their lands, ami
they desire to know what will he the|
next step taken by the government to
limit their liberties. '���
Many Chiefs Sign.
The  protest  was  signed  by  the  following  chiefs:     Chiefs  Seaholtun  and
Big   Mill-   <'f   tl"'   Qiianiiiehaii     tribe;:
Chiefs (ieorge Thin. Louis Underwood
and Peter Joe, of tiie Tbinalltch tribe;
Very Special Staple Values
English   Cambric;   close   weave;   M     inches     wide;
fi' (  from filling. 1 Cm _)_l-*~>
l'<:   yard       I 5)C  AND CUU
Extra fine quality of tladtpolam; 86 Inches wide;
i -pec.aiy suited for ladies' anl children's summer
under,iear; light, hut durable, and pure _?-.**
finish.     Per  yard  at      fcUC
Strong White Indian Head Suiting: ",0 inches wide;
i.i    middy blouses, children's dresses and    Of***
rompers.     I'er   yard       C.5JV
Excellent Values in Towels
Strong   Bleached   Irish   Crash   Holler    Towels;     Is
inches wide, 2-fc   yards long;   ready ^flf*
for   use.     Kach     WWW
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Lace Curtains
We have a number of odd lines
of l.ace Curtain! to clear out at
these remarkably low prices;
Pine   White   Huckaback   Roller   Towels:    18   inches
wide;   ZVi  yaids  long;   made    from  superior    quality huckaback;   ready for use.
Fancy Unen Huckaback Pace Towels; a nice, soft
finish   huckaback;    fringed   ends;    scalloped    edges
and  plain hemmed. With damask borders;
size 19 by 38,    Per pair	
Itegular   $8.60,
Regular  S-.47,.
Regular $1.75,
Regular -.i BO,
Regular $1.00,
Also  sonic  slightly   soiled  Swiss
Curtains;    regula:*   values   from
$8 up.    Per paii-
Heavy  Weave  White or Colored  Tiukish   Hath  Ton
els; thoroughly absorbenl quality; CHf-a
7'7' by 47.    Per pair     5JUU
Ilrown   Linen   Turkish   Towels;    splendid   for   bathroom   use:   ext*a   Btronfi   Turkish   weave;   will   last
years:   size  28x64.
Campers' Blanket! are now In
great demand; Inexpensive
Oray Blankets are perhaps the
most used. We are showing
these in all sizes and weights
Single bed size at
$2.50,  $2.75 and. .
Close   Weave   White  and   Colored   Terry   Towclings;
is inches wide 4 f>
Per   yard         I VV
Extra Strong Irish Crash Toweling; ;-,i white, with
red border: also cream and brown striped; a splendid wearing orash for kitchen towels, etc.; is
inclu B wide.    I'er 1 9 J ft
yard       I C 2 C
Pull double bed size,
at $3.25, $4.50 and..
In the better grade colored
Blankl .. we have a full range
of colors in Hudson Hay Point;
any weight. 64b. to 10-lb.
Per pound
Carpet Department
Monday Specials
A splendid opportunity to secure a good rug at a great saving. They are excellent quality,
will wear well and look good to
the end:
Size 4-8x6  ft.,  reg. A***,   ��\g*
15.26, for    93.��9
Size li-ilx'.l ft., reg. *g  g*g\
$7.86, for    93.9U
Size 7-tix9  ft.;   reg. A*** mfg.
$8.76, for     99. ��� 9
Size   ilxil   ft.;   reg. *��  TfC
$8t60,  for     90. I 9
Size  flxlO-fi   ft.;   reg A***f   0\g*
*U>.5(l   foi      9 I .CO
Size  9x17'   ft.;     reg A*g%   4\g.
$11.76,  for     99.CO
Hize       10-8x18       feet;     regular
r��: $12.00
Size     10-6x18-6     teat;     regular
��* $13.50
Hearth    Rugs,      Regular    $1.50
for 95c.
A good weiring rug for the bedroom or kitchen; size 21 by 64
Velvet   Hearth   Rugs.
A must reliable rug; gunran
teed   to   give   satisfaction;    size
Furniture   Cash   Discount
Buffet;  solid oak;  golden or tunic.! w early  Knglis'.i
finish; regular $-''..7<n C01   HO
Cash   I'riee    4>-_ I .UU
Buffet; solid quarter cut oak; Famed finish, n-gu-
iilar $32.00, COT  OC
Cash   Price    ��PC ��� .__D
Hilling   Chairs;    solid   quarter   oak;    leather   seats;
fumed or golden; set uf six; regular COC Cfl
fill.imi.     Cash   I'riee    9C0.9U
Library Tablea; solid quarter oak; fumed or golden
tlnlnah; late designs; reg. $18.60 Ci. TIC
Cash   Price    9M*l9
Library Table; quarter cut oak; massive design.
fumed fininsh; regular $22.60. CIO Cfl.
Casli   Price    9I0.9U
Sanitary Couch; extension sty!,.; good mattress;
covered with green denim; reg $18.60. A* A A g\t\
Cash  Price    91  I -UU
Canvas  Camp Stretcher;   reg.  $8X0. ��-I   tnm
Cash   Price     91 .09
Phone the Furniture Department for
Picture Framing
Furniture Repairs
Loose Cover Cutting
Estimates  Furnished.    Workmanship
Wash Goods Dept. Today
Whit'- Vesting:I; we have a choice selection in various designs; tree from dressing, and specially suited for tailored  waists. Oft#�� OC__
Per  yard    CUC AND COC
Cotton Ratine;  this cornea in sky, old rose, king's
blue;   suitable  for  separate  skirts  or  one.       QCj%
piece dresses,    Per yard     %99C
Cotton  Crepes;   this  is  good   washing  and  wearing;
suitable for seaside or holiday  wear.
Pei   yard  	
Main Floor Depts. Offer Very Attractive Values for Mont1 ay Shoppers
We have a very choice selection in stock, ami it is marked at
prices within the roach o,' every 1,oily. We have the correct styles, al!
of which are shown in the ca.-is on our main floor,
A Very Special Line of Lace Collars. Extra Good Value for 25c Each.
A nice assortment In stock: white ami cream, in guipure and shadow
laces;  regular 50c value*..    Special for. _)f*f*.
each        fcWW
Ladies'   Chemisette    Yokes  Very  Special  at 25c  Each
These are very special value.*: ionic in a good lace net: in black. White
anil  cream;   tape  at.  waist:   worth  60c  each 9*%f*
Very   Special   fo:*       fcwV
New Lace Neck Frillings, Special at 15c and 25c Per Yard.
A   splendid  assortment   ol   styles  and   widths;   in   white,   cream   ami
colors:  regular sold at 36c a yard. ��| C^ 9Cf%
Special   at      I 9C   AND C3v
Elack and Tan Llama Hose, Special at 50c Per Pair.
A  special,  soft  make,  very  elastic  and  full   fashioned,   spliced   heels
and toes, and In all sizes from (-. to 10 inch. Kn#��
Special  at.   per  pair    ._.   wvll
Black and Colored All Silk Hose at 95c Per Pair,
comes with double heels and toes, and  good  girter tops;   a  pure al!
silk hose,  and  will  give  entire  satisfaction  to  the   wearer;   a   regulai'
$1.77*   value.     Special   for. QRfk
pet'   pair      99V
All-Over Laces: a Dandy Assortment to Choose From.
In colors black, cream, white and dainty color effects; some iu plain
and lace net. others beautifully emfiroid'-ed; also in Guipure, Maltese and Torchon laces. See this very choice stock at our Neckwear
Section on the main floor The prices are the very lowest possible,
and you cannot get better values anywhere in >���,,-.���
New Shadow Laces, in a Good Variety of Wujti-s.
Colors white, cream and hlack:  dainty  shadow   laces    very suitable
lor  corset  coverings, and   with   beading  to   match "7C_%
Specially priced at, per yard. 35c, 50c and.     .                  I wC
Beading at 20c  Per  Yard.
Heading al. per OOi*
yard    .     fcUC
Men's Summer
Underwear at
Popular Prices
At 25c a Garment.
Fire light weight Balbriggan
Underwear; shirts and drapers : long sleeves and 3-4
length drawers; mens Bizes
At 50c a Garment.
Fine Porous Knit an.I two-
thread Balbriggan; with sateen
facings, shirts and drawers:
long sleeves and ankle length;
siz��s 34 to 4ti.
Pine Nainsook I'nderwear;
BleevesleBS shirts ami knee
length drawers; light and cool;
si/es :;t to tl.
Combinations at $1.00.
At 65c. or $1.25 the Suit.
"Penangle" fine tin turn 1 Merino Underwear; a very desirable garment; shirts and
drawers; long sleeves and
ankle length;  sizes :S4  to 44
At 95c a Garment.
Fine light summer weight,
pure wool underwear; iii natural, pink and white. This
garment i.s a regular $1.7'.".
line; sizes, in shirts. :;! io -IS.
drawers, 7,4 to 40.
Combinations at $1.25.
"Penangle" Fine French Balbriggan; with new closed
crotch;   long sleeves and  ankle
drawers;   size 34  to 47
Combinations   at   $1.75.
"Penangle" medium weight,
worsted, ribbed underwear;
just right for men who do not
like real light underwear;
closed   crotch:   sizes  34   to  44.
Our "Ready-to-Wear" Department
Values Should Not be Overlooked
Very  Stylish   Models  in   English   Serge  Suits,  Very  Special  at  $14.75.
A straietly tailor-made suit: superbly cut and well put together; exquisite quality of gray and navy serge, coat in squa-re front or cut
away style ami lined with strong wearing Polonaise satin, and skirt
a plain tailored with side drape and high waist band; a
suit  well   worth  $20.00,    Our Special   Price  is	
Classy  Suit,  in  Black  and  White  Checks,  Specially  Priced  at $18.50.
$22.50   and   $25.0C.
We have-a nice selection in stock; all perfectly new in style.-, and of
excellent quality all wool materials; in Btnall and medium size
checks; a stricty man-tailored suit, and lined with "Skinner's"
:-atin. Why not see them now. We will be pleiced to show them to
you.     Specially
i rlced at	
$18.50 $22.50 and$25.00
"Balmaccan" and "Sport" Coats at $10.95.
These are the coats which an- at present in great demand The
"Balmaccan'1 is a very useful coal, made lu smart light weight
tweeds and homespuns, and cut in distinct mannish styles, with
wide raglan shoulders and sleeves, and full skirt. An Ideal coat
lor traveling or motoring. T'ae "Sport" coats are iu a good variety
of styles ami colors, in sizes to fit ail. and the price- are
values to $15,00. Special for,
Silk and  Satin  Dres3es  Now  Priced  at $25.00.  to   Be  Sold for $15.00.
A dainty stock for you to choose from. Kvery dress we guarantee to
he absolutely new and up-to-the-minute in style; colors black, tan,
navy, brown and Alice blue; all sizes; some come in niessiiline silk,
ethers in chiffon taffeta. Buy your silk dre-s now and save, regular
$25.00 values. Ver) Special
for    '	
One  Dozen White Summer Dresses. Values to $15.00, Very Special at
$4.95  Each.
In   white   lawns,   fancy   cottons  and  needlework;   ail   are   beautifully
embroidered and daintily trimmed;  any one of these dresses is worth
from $ln.hfi to $16.00, and would cost you that prlre in the
regular  way.    Sperial for  	
Electrical Department
When down  town call and ask to see our "Whole
Ih,use"   Electrical   Fixture     Sets.     You   will   be  surprised   what   a   small   amount    will   give   you   all   ai
Extra Low Prices on
Mens White Duel-
Coats and Trousers
.Men's  White Coats;    made    ot
splemiiii quality   duck;  medium
weight;   wed!     finished;     three
tistlc   fitting   for  every   room   in   the   house.     Here        pockets;   all   sizes.
A  1" a   price oi   ..
i.-  a  very   reasonably priced  set, and  will  give you        Men',  White    Duck    Trousers;
made   v. a .   2-Inch   mil    on     the
the following bottom;   : ��� it.   loops;   five   pock
Rts;    well    finished    in    ever-.
way ; .iii  d/.es.    At
Men*�� Pyjamas.
Fine       Mercerised       Pyjamas:
light  and   cool;   in   plain   colors
of   white,   tan.   blue   and   gray:
best   frog   fasteners   and     pear!
buttons;   sb.es 34  to    4J     Are
$1.75 and $2.50
Men's Nightshirts.
M'-u's Fine White Cot ten
Nightshirts; mad'- large and
roomy. with or without soft
in ii collars; sizes li1. to
17V4     Priced at
Dress   Gocds   at  Special
Prices Today
Six-inch   It    I    Ball  and   Band   foi   the price..     ��PI._CO $l.-_0     anc     9..0U
one Light  pendant  for the hall; one 3-Hghi  Shower
Fixture for the dining room; one 4-light Showei
Fixture for ihe living room; one 1 light Pendant foi
the kitchen: two Might Wall Brackets for Lhe bed
room; 1 l-llght Wall Bracket for the bathroom. This
whole  set  will  only  cost   you  $25.00  installed
Clack Dress Goods.
You can choose from about twenty pieces of up-
-to-date weaves, in many weights; all good blacks
and fast colors; 4r> to ."4 inches wide, the values are
usually up to $1.60.    Your choice
at,  per  yard   	
Ratines. Suitable for Dresses or Coats.
This   includes   some   Broches,   others   mixed,   and   a
number  of  plain   weaves;   the   widths   are   up  to  7,4
Inches; the colors are white, gray, brown, Nell
rose, taupe, gray and white, etc.; values up to
$1.75,    Youi  choice, mils. (t>4   4 g.
per  yard          91.10
A Clearing   Lot   of Silks
on Sale Today
Theae are odd shades left in better grade silks, as
Crepes, Messalines. Paillettes, oriental Satins, Pour
lards and novelty trimming silks; in Roman stripes,
plaids, florals, etc, something suitable for making
the whole dress or trimmings for it; values nsuallv
to $2.fin. Clearing Price.
per yard   	
conviction would serve as notice to
Chiefs Tom Seymulr and Jimmy Quy-
abtick, of Cliemuinus Bay; Chiefs
Charley Joe and Norrls Tallgh. el
Valde**. Island; Chief Charley, of Koh-
silali. Chief Charley Tsulpemult, of
Kenapson: Chief Charley, of Somenos; 1 "ii'-'' Billy Yngthum and Elle
Teiinholt. of Nanaimo; Chiefs Kdward
ami Charley Sekulotttt, of Kitper Isl-
nnd. Chli f Dav id. of Saanich, and
I'hief Cooper and William Roberts, of
the Songhees, Esquimau.
l.a-,i year tin- Indian department
took steps to bring Into effect tin- regulation prohibiting the holdinR of pot
latch 1 Two Indians of the Kwawke-
with agency were prosecuted [or participating 1:1 a potlatch lo-iii at that
point. They wore convicted but allowed to go under suspended sentence,
as the department did not then wish
to   go   further,  ami   tHotlghl   thai   the
the   resi   of   tiie tribes thai  the old
practice must cease
XV. I-i. Ditehburn, Inspector ol the
department, of Indian affairs, tatod
yesterday that the regulation prohibit-
ing potlatches had heen In force for a
number of years. The department had
been endeavoring to end tin- custom
by moral suasion, In ti*.e hope thai the
Indians would be gradually ... 1 aned
''nun the practice ns they became more
civilized. No attempt had been made
to force the Indians into a 1 impliance
i with the regnl itions If per . 1 on
would answer the purpose, but the fact
was that of late years, the practice uid
been increasing among some I . .-j,
There had been a tremendous wh le of
money which the Indians should have
saved  and  used   ju   developing   their
[holdings. Tho physical and moral effect   of   Bitch   celebrations   hud   heen
, shown beyond a doubt lo be pernicious.
��� The practice had had a degrading influence, which, among some tribes,
had proved a serious matter. Statistics showed that In the past twenty
yeas, among those tribes in whicli
t'ae practice of holding potlatches had
been most prevalent, the Indian population   had   serious   declined.     While
I this might not be wholly due to the
practice it was certain that it was. to
a g pal exii nt, the outci me of the custom.
Real   Estate   Agent     Promised     Quick '
Sale  and   Deal  Quashed.
Another real estate transaction was 1
nullified  by his  honor Judge  Howay, j
in  tu- counly court on  Saturday, ap
parently   cn   the   flamboyant   predlc
lion of plaintiff agenl. Messrs. Gag-
on and Macklnnon, real estate agents.
Vancouver, sued Hugh U. Clarke, San-
drick, Vancouver Island, for $365.45,
instalments and interest, due on an
ogreemenl of sale of a lot in Westminster district for $1200.
The defense was that there was a
verbal agreement to be read in con
junction wilh tin- written one. It was
111 it II A. Thom is. the agent who
sold Hi.- property, had agreed, for his
firm, t'.iat  the defendant  would not be
called upon to pay anything, hut that,
before the first payment was due.
plaintiffs would sell the land again at
an advance. Accordingly the defendant delivered the agreement of sale
in escrow, subject to the verbal agree
ment. Plaintiffs did BOt fulfill the
promise and the transaction was
Oarsmen Putting on Finishing Touches
for Coming  Races.
Poughkeepsle,  N.Y., .lime  71.   The
six score of oarsmen  in  training  for
the     Intercollegiate     championships
spent a quiet Sunday along the west
shore of the Hudson. In th,- morning
many of ihem attendi d church..
This afternoon the crews of Cornell.
Columbia and Washington were the
gliosis of Mr and Mr:-. Harry S.
V'ancleef, an attorney. Mr. Vanclenf
is a Cornell graduate. ���
Bui thi-e-. davs more of hard work
Will lie given the men, During those
three davs. beginning tomorrow, it i:A
expected there will be a number of
Iiine   trials.     Bui   little   work   will   bo
done  Thursday,   tin   day   before  the
. .    .


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