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The New Westminster News Jun 29, 1914

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is 9K
Vol'.     9, Number 98.
Price Five Cents,
Francis, Heir to Austria's Throne, and His Wife, Shot
the Streets of Serajevo Sunday Afternoon.
On Hoard U. S. California, La Pas, I
Lower California, June 27. -By wire- ,
16s�� to San Diego, Cal., June -S. A
detachment of federal troops sent
from (Juaymas to Santa Rosalia, U>w-
I er California, has repulsed an attack
[by constitutionalists of the town, according to information received at
headquarters here today.
Without encountering opposition
the steamer Herrerlas, operated under charter by the federal forces, has
landed provisions, troops, und artillery at Mazatlan. advices from that
point state.
Murderers Are Captured and Prove :o Be But 18 and 21 Years of Age���
Proud of Their Deed���Archduke Shot in the Face and the Princess in
the  Abdomen  and  Throat���Both   Died in a  Short Time.
*��     '        .
Itegina, June 28.���Complicity in a
series of burglaries which have baffled the Itegina police for two months
was confessed today by four boys, all
under sixteen years of age. It is understood tbat the boys have admitted
that tbey were implicated in the rob-
: bery of the Ideal Bakery, the armory
of the 26th battery, the Hex grocery.
I and Jackson's fruit store.    They  ad-
j tnltted that they have entered the ar-
' mory on several occasions.
The boys  will  be arraigned  before
i Magistrate   Trant  on   Monday   mom-
I ing.
Vi-nna, June 28.- -Archduke Francis
I", rdlnand. heir apparent to the
ihrone of Austria, and his wife were
assassinated today while driving in
the ureet at Serajevo.
face. The princess was wounded in
the abdomen and another bullet
struck her in the throat, severing an
artery. She fell unconscious across
the knee of her husband. At the same
eet at Serajevo. I mc -v..v,~ ���	
royal couple had been attending '��� moment   the     archduke  sank   to  the
a reception at the town ball and bad , Hoor o  the cat
^  IP/UP        ��',        L,,V      .....
Started from there ufter attending al The assassins were interrogated by'
reception. As they were passing , the police and both seemed to glory-
through a crowded portion of the city i in their exploit. Prinzlp said he had j
a man sprang out Irom the crowd and i studied at Belgrade, He declared he I
thr.-.-. a bomb at the carriage. Arch* I had long Intended to till some 1'iiiln- i
duke Francis saw ii hurtling through lent person from nationalist motives, j
lbe air and warded it off wilh his He was awaiting the archduke at a
The   bomb   fell   in     the   road,   point  where he km w the autoraobili
into I
Lively Time Promised in Electing Coquitlam School
Result of  Contest Virtually  Amounts
to Vote of Confidence in Present
Council or the Reverse.
Conservatives Concede Liberal Gains As Result of Careful Canvass���Many Wild Guesses Made by Both.
Thought That Dr. Reaume Will Be D efeated as Result of Three-Cornered
Fight���Liberals Claim 46 Seats. Bu: Are Given 30 By Conservatives-
Much  Excitement Prevails Throu ghout the Province.
arm.     Tne   oomn   ien   in      un-   ..,����,   ,	
whi re it  exploded.    Several  aides 111 | would   slacken    speed
Hi,- following auto were injured, and I Franz Joseph strasse.   The presence;
also  a  number  of  people   In  the  lm-1 Of the princess In the car caused him
mediate  vicinity. , to  hesitate   but  only  for  it   moment. |
\  few  moments  later, as the auto-   Then bis nerve returned and be emp-
mobile containing  the  heir  apparent I tied  his  pistol at  the  imp* rial  pair,
and   his  wife  were  turning  a corner, j He   denied   that   hi
another man  stepped out and let  fly | pltces
Storstad   Counsel   Severely
Arraigns Empress Captain For Tragedy.
Government   Representative,   in   Closing   Address, Considered   Both
Captains to Blame.
had  any   accom-
a   fuailade  of   bullets   from   an   auto- I
matlc pistol. '
Died  in  a   Few   Minutes
Both   the   archduke   and   his   wife I
were hurried to the palace where they
died  a  few   minutes  after  being carried into their apartments
Immediately upon the tragedy being enacted the assassins endeavored
io e-cape but were captured by spec-
tators and police. They were hurried
*(p prison where they gave the names
,)t Prinzlp and Nedi ljo Gabrittovlcs,
On leaving the hall the archduke
and his wife announced their Intention of visiting the wounded members
of their suite at the hospital on their
way nack to the palace. They were
actually   bound  on   their  mission    of
Both   Mere   Boys.
Prinzlp  is  18  years old;     Nede Jo
Oabrlnovics is 21.   He told the polio
he bad obtained the bomb from anar-
chlsts at  Belgrade, whose names be
did   not   know,     lie  denied   also  that |    	
be  had  accomplices   and   treated   -i-'* I oxtoby,  Ceorge  Alderson   of  Burquit
tragedy with indifference. !-an,, aI1,i Alderman    R.    Hawthorne.
After his unsuccessful attempt to coquitlam.    councillor Percy is also
i mentioned as a probable starter.
|     As   the   election   has   aiisen   solely
I out of the controversy over the schoo'
Quebec, June 28.���The Kmpress
Inland wreck enquiry was yesterday
afternoon adjourned sine die to allow
of the commission considering its
finding, The last day was marked by
an able address to the commission by
''   i-i. Haight, who has conducted the
blow up the Imperial visitors Oabrlnovics sprang into the river Miljat-h'sa
in an effort to escape, but witnesses
of bis crime plunged after him and
seized him.
A   lew   yards  from   the scene of the
shooting un   unaxploded  bomb    was
found,   whicli   ii     is   suspected,   was
Today the nominations Tor the four
declared vacancies on the school board
of Coquitlam will be received by A.
llaliburton. municipal clerk, at the
municipal offices, Maillardville. between 12 noon and 2 p.m. Should there
be   more   than   four  nominations   the
election   will  take  place on Thursday        	
I of this week. case  from   the  point  of   view  of   the
I     The names of thOBe who are under-1 owners of the  Storstad,    the    collier
1 stood definitely to have consented toi which  rammed  the Kmpress, a reply
nomination  are Councillors  Robinson,  by  Butler Aspinwall,  K. ('., who was
" "   acted for the C. P. K., and a genera:
review of the evidence by Edmund L.
Newcombe, K. C, who has represented the Dominion government.
Captain Kendall  Blamed.
Mr. Haight sought to lay the blame
Toronto, June 28.���Election eve.
campaign in both camps in the Ontario political arena, creditable to the
extent that all Buch predictions are
creditable, is highly Interesting this
year in that it indicates sentiment
that has not found general expression
during the campaign. Both sides are
making surprising concessions aud no
less surprising claims. The most generous of the conservatives concede the
apposition ten more seits in the legislature while less hopeful conservatives are taking odds tonight that tlie
iiberals will have thirty to thirty five
seats in the next legislature. On the
Other hand the wildest guesses of the l
most hopeful liberals claim for their
party from forty to forty-five seats.
Less credulous liberals, however,
when specifying the seats they claim
they will gain, can name not more
than,   fifteen.
Concede Liberal Gains.
An official high up in the council
of the conservative party und who has
stumped the province thoroughly during the campaign concedes after careful study ten seats to the liberals and
that is ten more than they held in
mercy' when a
t thr corner of* Wn-dntf4at��nrni -
estimates between tbe municipal council and the acting school trustees, the
councillors, who challenged the status  of  the  trustees  and  their  actions i mai auer uns nau uu-jytjuou aim ca-j-i������ '"**;.' ,h���t
found    which   ..     is   ��uS-'c.,e.,.   ���-on   the   board,   cannot   with     a   good   tain Kendall had been forced to stop I not even hoW that
r'own awav  by  an  accomplice after- grace shirk the issue now before the   his   ship   he   lost  his   head   when   he > Or. Reaum.
ha had no.ed the success of Prlnsip's ratepayers    whether  they  approve of   found he had done so    right    m the
he nan nowu Martin's  aduilnU*ti,<-..ton  or   path of the Storstad.   Mr. Ha
didate. In Prince Kdward the fact
that there are two tories in the field
has discouraged the government and
they think that seat will go by the
board, the opponent to the government
candidate being a temperance candidate. The government also concedes
the new Lincoln constituency which
is really the rural half of the old Lincoln.
The Conservatives, however, claim
they will capture three seats from the
liberals, South Bruce, East Lambton,
and Prescott, Gustave Evanturel's for-
mei   seat.
The liberals tonight claim they will
gain the following seats at least:
West Peterboro, two Ottawa seats,
one Grey, one Huron, West Lambton,
Lennox, Nipissing, North York, North
Ontario, West Wellington, one Went-
worth, Windsor and Prince Edward.
In two or three cases lt will be noted
that gains claims by the Liberals are
conceded by the conservatives.
The political composition of the last
legislature was*, conservatives 85; liberals 19 and labor 1. One vacant seat.
Prescott through the resignation of
Gustav  Evanturel.
Guess at Results.
There  will  111  seats    in  the    new-
Jo epb    strasse,
strasse  and   Fran/.    ^^^^^^^^^
Prinitip opened fire.
Assassins Aim True.
A  bullet struck the archduke In lhe
A Man of Character.
       iCIcsing   Exercises   Enjoyed   by   Trus
Practical Talk on Curtailing     tsc. and FH.nd. of the puPii.
chairman   .Martins  aduilnu*ti,.*-.ton  or I path of the Storstad.   Mr. Haight said
the   attitude  of  the   majority  of   the   it was not to be expected that Captain
, ,.t-0 'council     it is not anticipated that the   Kendall   would   acknowledge   this   in
Tims  another great  tragedy  ni.nks , ^^||Wu ^ haV(, fought Mr   Mar.   the face of the world.    Mr. Haight al-
 .continued on  Page Four) tin   on   the   estimates   will   refuse   to   so emphasized the fact that the pre-
it ontiniKd ou      b take up the gauntlet and a very mter-
estina contest is expected, as the
election will only, nominally, be or.
the estimates and really involves a
vote of confidence, or the reverse, in
the  council  sb  presently  constituted.
At anv  rate, that ts the way a num
ber of the ratepayeis Vegard It.
I    councillors Robertson and    Oxtoby
and   Mr.   Alderson   are   avowedly     in
favor cf Mr  Martin's policy. Alderman
1 Hawthorne has not  declared  himselt
and   Councillor   Percy   is  one  of   the
council majority who forced the issue.
K se^ KSe,-FOtai"g   ^ | housTVhe' most ^peful" liberals di-
Center CoeTcCne, North Essex,  vide the house as ^"^Li***
TOimW    I'rince  Edward.   West  Wel-I fives  64;   liberals  4G.   labor  1.    Lsti
lYnston    North  Bratlr    South    Went-  mates of the government would make
for the tragedy at the door of the Bm-.lworth, '���Lincoln and South Perth    *>?vXsnn^ 1
press of Ireland, Claiming that the ves- j Center S.mcoe   here, was on* asmall %VQf ^M has the province been
sel's  stealing   gear   broke   down   and  major ty   fo.   the  government  m  lM    ' ��        �� ��� a Mgh  pitch of
that after this had happened and Cap- last election   and they fear thej  can   wrougni   up m   tft)k   ,g   ever>,
   ""  -- '-"���  -"��� ��� Ut ^^"^me i��� Dancer. where and'betting greatly livelier to*
Sale of Intoxicants
by Rev. Kerr.
���Good   Work   Done.
sent heading of the hull of the vesse
is northeast, whereas Captain Kendall
said the Kmpress sank pointing southeast, whereas the Storstad officers
��� ;d  all  along  given  the  directum  of
the liner as her hull had been found.
Evidence for ills contention that the
steering  gear had broken  down,    he
, claimed, was to be found in the testi-1 "''���<���'.
mony  of  Galway,  the  quartermaster.! Vessels Forced Aground ana* Damaged
' who had withstood the unsparing use
of the lash very well, and the stories
of the crew of the Alden, who contended   the   ship   had     swerved,    the
Pastor Received Threatening Le ter���
Strand   Hotel   Case   Furnishes
Bas s   for   Sermon.
Rev.  F. xx. Kerr, preaching lu s;. I
Andrews church   last  evening on  the
temperance question In favor of local I
option      and   referred,   specially,   to
Judge lloway's decision on the Strand j
The trustees have had a busy three
days'  inspection*, going the  round  of]
I the fifteen schools in this large municipality: Wednesday Second street.
Armstrong  avenue,    Hamilton    road,
I Duthie and Harnet being visited by
Trustee Mrs. Doling, who distributed
tin- rolls of honor. Trustee M. Lum-
ley   and  Trustee   F   .1.   RUSSelt.
Thursday Inman avenue. Schou
street, Howard avenue, liilnioiir avenue and Douglas road were visited by
Trustees Mrs. Doling. Messrs. I.umley
 ^^^^^ ami    Husscll.   Secretary    Harham.   ex-
cine   In which his honor upheld Dis- TruBlee ���**,. c. Patterson and Mr. Bruce
trict     Magistrate    Clute's  Judgment,   Patterson.    Mrs. Doling and Mr. Rus-
���" '"' "     ell distributed  the rolls of honor.
Fri.lav-   Kingsway    Kast,    Kdmonds
On   the   Rocks Off Tory   Island   With
Two   Holes   in   Her   Bow-Fog
Cause of Accident.
thai an hotel keeper could supply li-1
quor to guests with every bona fide]
meal, within whal were known us I
prohibited hour.*-.
\lr. Kerr said he wanted to make]
ii perfectly clear thai the ministerial
association had no fault to find with
.ludge lloway's decision. He bad done
his duty in giving an unbiased Interpretation  of the  law' as  he  found   il
mi the statute book,    ll was .....  ......  ,,,,    	
In the Judge's province to saj whether-    The   parents   were  out    in    large
it   was a  good  thing  or  a  bad   thing   numbers,  and   the  special   visitors  In
for   this   city,  that   people   could   go! eluded   Mrs.   Fraser.  Mrs.    and     *"
Into   an   hotel   restaurant   and   order   Deckert,   Councillors   Allan   and
lood. sufficient to satisfy hunger, and!ray ^^^^^^^       "���*���
strett, Rlverway Kast, Nelson avenue,
snd Ktngswaj WeBt were visited by
Trust-es Mis. Doling. M. Luniley. F.
.1 1,1 ell, e, Trustees D. C. Patterson and O. 1' Deckert, Secretary Harham. architect Bowman, Mr. Bruce
Patterson and Mr. A. I.omas. l.un
Icheon was served by Mrs. 0. F. Deck
It was not with-iert  at  her house on  Rlverway
C,   Clarke,  and   Kev.
T    II.
get what liquor they might desire. Hi
was glad the city council had at first
appealed and wt re now following the
matter up to the legislature. Men wtio
were not satistied with sixteen hours
n day of traffic In liquor could show-
Chief   Hradshaw     and   his  men  that
they could turn this city into a wide I    i n-tiiuiau - _      ^^^^^^
-   ���        ...a ...    ii(. was I ness,  was unavoidably  absent during
the visit of inspection, was present
... Kingsway West, and received a
hearty  welcome  from  the large num-
Uev       ^^^^^^^^^^^^
The newly elected trustees were unanimous In their aprectatlon of the
-rood work done by the scholars, tin-
Mer the able direction of the teachers,
Who   were   warmly   thanked   by     the
'"chairman Coulter, who through busl-
Uondon, June 28.- The Anchor line
Bteamer California is on the rocks^oW
Torv bland and calling for **h�� * "ict^
Gunboats have left !^^^ c
a98l8t the steamer,   The ��* dent Js
attributed   to  fog.     ---'     \        ,     ���
hows  ure badly  ��� lamU ;<*    ��*-  ��� ,'
taking in water througt t*ohotat^
1,   is  reported that tne P
destined for points u ' l ��
Uave been trauBferred from th^vesse
and   are   expected   to   reatu
deny al noon tomorrow.
Tne Allchor line steamer California
sailed from New York on June ^��
f0r Movilb- and Glasgow. On uouru
the   vessel   were   121   cam
800   second  class  ^"^"orthweit-
Torv  Island lies off tne nun.
^JTi mfmmt.Timmm.
'iiiartermastei swearing the helm h3d
jammed on lhe night of the disaster.
iic contended the Empress witnesses
had told a story that was false.
Storstad at Fault.
Mr. Aspinwall said that he could not
understand why Mr. Haight had indicted Captain Kendall, when, If it
was true that the steering gear had
broken down, he could not have been
blamed for the collision and could
have absolutely no reason to commit
perjury. He invited the court to find
for  one  or  the  other  boat,   and   not
tContinued on Page Eight.)
Cost of Odd Shaped  Lots in Maillardville  Will  Be  Spread  Over Entire Municipality.
But  None  Lost���Two Men
Fatally   Injured.
Results of June Examinations in Public Schools of
New Westminster.
Duluth. .Minn., June 28.���A north
west gale which has blowing at the
rate of between forty and sixty miles I
an hour since early yesterday, so far
has resulted in a barge going aground
and being damaged, two other steam-
era badly damaged und two men fatal- ]
ly injured, according to present avail-
able returns. ., ,.,
The  barge Ceo. H.  Hartnell left at       *V"���\1'***">*��>* ��'"". "~  ~Y
anchor  outside   tiie   Duluth  entry   by      "e    the annual   1st of promotions
the steam-r Samuel  Kerby.  was car-:"'   ��terMt to the pupils but more so
ried bard aground a few blocks trom  * *��� Parents'    ��;    s       a ,
entry and  is laving broadside to ] schools   **ot   reporting   promotions  it
Reports    Received    From   Many City
and    District   Teachers    Show
Efficient.Work   Done.
With the closing of the city schools
prow  badly crush-
v, ith  the  steamer
th.  -.^^
the sea,  with  liei
ed  In   a  collision
Harvey Brown.
The steami r Mataafa is trying to
make Superior entry yesterday morning about in o'clock struck the pier
disabling her steering apparatus and
throwing out her rudder and shoe. She
wa- badly damaged but succeeded In
mt .'ing tl- ��� harbor with her anchor
d-.igg'tig, after some excellent work
by the tt:$*3 America and (ioulder.
Th.' steamer Harvey Browaleft the
afternoon In an a'.-
116       1IOL       ��t p... ....c
is impossible to give the standings in
each grade. Valuable aid from the
teachers was forthcoming in preparing the reports.
The lists in tlle entrance examinations will not be received from Victoria until some time In July, but
the grade examinations were passed
by the teachers themselves.
Promotion Lists���John Robson School
Division XI. - Miss Winter, teacher.
Promoted from S I. Primer to II. Primer Alice l.afrenier. Thomas Fentou.
Margaret I're, Robert Kirkland, Francis  Walker.  Ada    Harrison.     Mildred
Sttlfat^ bar*. ""HSrti^RW-^ Kurness  Mary Vert.
!   who  wis calling  for help-  A��*-'r   guile Mercer, Frances Matheson, Mar-
open town If they wanted to
glad   that  they  had  this  straight  interpretation  of  the act.    They  knew I at
how*   Hritish    Columbia    stood.    The
premier and  others  of   the   ministry I bet  present
the   act   was   for  J*A*A*^^^^A44^^^^m
shorter hours and the abolition Of the Q   N    DEAD QN TRACKS,
bar   trade.    Still,   with   an   hour  cut
off In the evening and another In the B6d     f Unkncwn M,n on the g. n.
morning,  British, Columbia provided i      Raiiway-inquest t0 Be Held.
greater privileges for the liquor trat-      An m   ' ,  w"|��� ,���. hl,ui ,,,ia (,V(M1.
lie than any other part of Canada.      I lng a, 7 30 ���-(,,0(.k on the body Of an
Take Lesson From Scotland. unidentified man who was found dead
Mr. Kerr alluded with warm ap- ������ tm, tra(,ks of tm. Great Northern
proval to the new law ln Scotland, i rai-wav Pariv Saturday morning by P
where  people "on  the  morning aftct-   c,   Henr>   Milne.    The  man  had  evi-       .,
Ihe night before were not allowed an   Gently been stealing a ride on the mid- ser  River' Fishermen's' Protective  as
unt.l    li   (.clock        SOOt-jnignt   owl   train   to  Seattle   and   had | soclatlon  together with  the report'of
Washington. June SB. --Bombard,
ment of the rebel city of Puerta 1 lata by President Hordas of Santo 1)0-
mingo. was silenced late Friday by
lire from the main battery of the I
American gunboat Machias. Only a
few shots were required for the task.
Further Action to Ee Taken to Eliminate Japs.
Future plans on the part of the Pra
ttle Maillardville water scheme as i
ment   was  ordered   to   be   readjusted
in   accordance    with    the    solicitor's
ln the plan submitted by Mr. Long-
ley, the engineer, the reduced assessment on irregularly shaped lots had
been spread over the area embraced
! In the water scheme. In the solid- ,
tor's opinion this was contrary to the
Local Improvement Act, which specifically laid down that the assessments on irregularly shaped and corner lots should be extended over the
whole municipality. At the last fortnightly meeting of the council he recommended a consultation between
the engineer and himself ta consider
'.he question. The result was that the
solicitor confirmed his opinion that
I the reduction in the assessments, re-
I ferred to must be borne by the entire
prow of the Hartnell and badly crush- |
ing   her   bow      ami   the   how   of   the  l:l';\.  ft*t\\*M    ,v-     ,,-    -s^b----------^^^^
Brown.   Both the Mataafa and Hart- . D^iston    IX,   Miss    Abercrombi-
nell  were upbouud light  for here.        teacher.     Promoted   to   11.   Primer-
No   boats   are     long     overdue
thought to be In danger.
leaciu-p.       ��� . .....-.-.-
Catherine  Kills.  Maurice  Young,  William Stone, Isabel Douglas, Raymond
(Continued on Page Three).
j Ottawa. June 2S.���-That Canada
I could export to Great Britain a large
| amount of brewery and distillery pro-
eye opener
while   the
the special committee which recently
interviewed  the  canners.  will   he  dis-
,     , rn��id teach them" something yet j probably   missed  his grip
;'.m hTwa   "f   protection  of   wives  ?ra,n  was cross n* the br jge.                                 general meeting of the o,
children from the enelfiy of tho]    Two hospital ticnets .������,    , ���aA fr avt qBtlirdav al
and ciippui-.,,   	
home and family. Some people were
of the opinion that if they did nol
paint the traffic so black and were
not so uncharitable in Iheir denuncia-
the business would become
table    belter  men   would
coat  from   a   track   camp  of
i  ((.  cusseu <i( (v -J-3UOI--.1 ,.,,..���������-* ���
the  ganlsation railed for next Saturday at
imns, ^^^^
more respect
���Continued on Page Right) j
Welch Construction compan.
were made out in the name of C. Emerson and A, Faust, respectively. The
construction company and Oreat Northern officials have been notified by
��� | the police by instructions from Coroner  A,   i..   McQuarrie.
mint be re
President  Maiden  has  sent  out  no-junoi.  m.-  ,��..^.^_  ._ ������,���_
tices   of  the   meeting   to   the   various the opinion of the  solicitor,  and  the
Eections on the river and a  large in- motion   was  carried   without   dissent.
I vision is expected in the endeavor to The assessment a-, revised will re
.eliminate the Asiatics from the Indus- lieve    Maillardville   ratepayers  u.o   a
! tr. Blight extent,
* *h. Question! ducts Ib a statement made in the re
Thorough   Discussion of the Question     u     ^  ^  ^^   ^ commercP  department bv J. E. Roy. Canadian trade
commissioner  at     Birmingham,    this
Mi.  Roy  also states  that  there are
  in.iicticallv unlimited opportunities for
"and though, that the a��"jjM|X^^ hall,
the engineer was the pro per one an��   n���|, al      Ul��� l>nt*orcemen. of the reg-
that the extra assessment JwW be  to dtacu su >UmUi Ux.
confined to the lots benefitted bj the ( ����������    r.lua(la    Tlu, oaU has been
water Installation, | ,   ,   he ta8tigatlon of the trades
Coun.   Oxtoby      moved        ���     ^;   J���6?^' r01lnc���.   aud   other   public
Robertson seconded, thaMh^asse^ | "J^^^ bodie.
municipality. _ .
Reeve   Marmont   and   Coun.   Baker
were opposed  to  the  solicitors view
Will Take Place In St. Patrick's
,tll((      IT|PUll*      bwu.v      ,	
improvement tn the manner in which
the  product has been  packed.
Valuable Vestments Stolen.
:    Kegina.  June  28.���Gold   cloth   vest-
^^^^^^^^^^^^ ments   valued  at  $4000,  the  property
presentative bodies. , of  Uishol* Mathew,  who is now on a
Col, .1   H. Taylor. Ml'., is expected j visit to Home, were stolen on Satur-
to  be  present  and  to speak ' day from Holy Rosary cathedral. The
ln consequence of this meeting the I vestments were gifts from friends of
city   council   will   meei   at   ",   p.m.   In- ! the bishop  in  Quebec  anil  were  very
stead of tho usual hour, 8 r/p'-ock       Ihlghlj  prized. PAGE TWO
MONDAY,  JUNE  29.   1914.
*sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss--. ...      ��.   .   . ��� Hall's Prairie has a new justice of'
An Independent morning paper devoted to the Interest* of New Westminster and     .
Cbe Fraser Valley.    Published every mornlns except Sunday by the National Printing: ,lu'  Peace  '���'   the  person     of  Ceorge
and -Publishing Company, Limited, at S3 McKenzie Street. New Westminster, British! Kerr   McC'onkey,   whose   appointment
Columbia ROBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director. i was  guzettid   last   week.
All communications should be addressed to The Kew Westminster News, mod not | .    .    .
to Individual members of the staff.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made ,      ,.   j0hnst0n, of Halcyon, has accept
I ed  the  position of  Canadian   Pacific
railway  telegraph operator at  Kelow-
payable (o The National Printing and Publishing Company. Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, ��HS; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
pjelll-p).   I'VI.
SL'HSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier. $4 per year, tl for three months, JOe per
month. Hv mall, IS per year, 25c per month.
Al-VEKTISINO  RATES on application.
nu,  where  the company
open an office.
is   aboil,    to
Political interest centres today in   Ontario,
Hecause he refused to answer two I
summons charging hi in with a breach
of   the   dog   muzzling   order.   Mr.   A.
Tideiington, of Cowichan   Lake,  was j
fined $.10 and $16 costs in the provin- |
cial court, Duncan.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       Where      Construction work on the Canadian
Premier Sir James Whitnev goes to the country opposed! ��0,,*her" railway branch line from
.   ,.   . '|   .�� j      -   j   i       ,i       t -u   ! Kamloops to the Okanagan valley will
by a straight temperance platform adopted by the Lib-jbe begun next month and win be
e-ials under N. W. Rowell. ^^^^
The opposition has raised the cry, "Abolish the Bar,"
leaving the matter of liquor stores to local option and on
this policy the Ontario party stands or falls today.
Those familiar with existing Ontario sentiment frankly state that the Rowell policy, if submitted to a plebiscite, undoubtedly would sweep the country, but it will
take today's polling to decide whether the temperance
cry raised by the Liberals will be sufficiently attractive
to'temperance Conservatives to make them change sides.
A vote, untrammelled by party politics, would carry eas- K('*t-t' rlver. ��-*���-��-- ---��� ���������||1 examine
ily against the bar in Ontario; the question is, has Whit-'J^TX KiufcuSTStmffi
nev's policv of reducing the licenses gradually more favor j which is looking into the question of
with the people than a platform which calls for the im- SSwgTSt camp1" KetUe VaUey
mediate closing of all places where liquor is sold except! ���  *  *
���    fi.ioeO i     Castlegar ranchers have been  busy
111   DOttlcS . ^ the past lew days picking and crating
Whichever way the polling goes todav will have   a I berries tor the market. Captain wii-
wide influence on the future activity and'success of the|l^0'0^w^igITitiSl!
. berries  to  Moose  Jaw.    Regina    and
Other  prairie  cities  and   reports  that
the berries are arriving at their destination ln excellent condition.
The Natural Way to Health
EXPERIENCE proves that Health by Coaxing is Utter
than Health by Forcing.   A Mild Remedy is always
superior to a Hazardous Force.
Eno's "Fruit Salt" prevents and relieves by Natural Mean.
all functional derangements of the Liver. Temporary Congestion arising from the uie of alcoholic beverages.   Errors in Diet, Biliousnets, Sick
Headache, etc.    it acts according to the
quantity  taken,  either   as   a   relieving
agent or as a  cooling and refreshing
beverage, and gently stimulates without
any weakening after-effects.
Prtpartd only by
J. C. EHO, Ltd., "Frait Ssk" Watts, Leas*.,
Sold iaall the principal town* snd cities of Canada
At mt, I m Csssssi HsnU 1. IiUsm A
Ca., Liattsi. IS IkCssI St.. TOtONTO
Acciiiiiiiaiii. Telephone U447. Ruora
22   Hart   Hlock.
lv ii. Smith, w. J. Qrovea.
Work   undertaken   In     city     und   outside
IHilniH.     111-11   Westminster  Trust   Hide
Phons tlG4.    p. o. Hex .'.07.
nsbed toward completion with every
resource at the company's command.
��� ���    ���
A K. Haigh, chief fire warden; H.
S Nelson, New Denver, and Jack
ttegen, Bandon, returned from the
scene of the fire at Oalena Buy to
Halcyon, on Monday. They report
about 250* acres of old slashing burned
over, but no damage to growing timber.
��� ���    ���
A. 0, Larson of Vancouver, mining
engineer, left last week for the Franklin   camp  up   the   north   fork  of  the
temperance party in Canada.
Over in England Lord Curzon stated on Friday that
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund and Undivided Profits
You Can Start a Savings Account
with $IaX). lt is not necessary for you to wait until you have a
large sum of money in order lo start a Savings Account with this
Bank. An account can be opened with $1 00 and more on which
interest is compounded twice a year.
  Enderby  ('rowers'  association
the militant suffragette movement was weaker than it I------- written to the city council, dis
j. ,i _      .v ,    . ,i     .   ,p it     puting the liability of the association
was a few months ago, the reason being that the public ,,���. payment of trade license.   The
is becoming disgusted and impatient with militant tac- council considered the. matter and de-
,. elded    to   give the  association  until j
tlCS. Uhe end  of June to  pay  the amount.]
In Washington, D. C, on the same day, Champ Clark, ��< ���������-- expiration of which period ie-1
i c  il      a       ��� i p " ,   a- ��� j   gal proceedings  will  be taken, if set*
speaker of the American house of representatives, said tiemeni has not been made,
that woman's suffrage was "inevitable as the rising of j ...
<-  i-n,~,��.v/-,t,.'c- c.ir, "        ' '" a *'*'w (Ia-v-< ������"' second crop of
tomori 0\V s sun. alfalfa will  be ready tor harvesting
In and between these two   opinions   lies   food   for j around   summerland.    Tins   fodder
thought for those who have at heart the best interests;Z\Z���nlZ\vXXn, IfSriSg
Of  the  "Votes for  Women"  Cause. j assuming    considerable    proportions)
Each of the public men referred to spoke the truth,; ^J^^ ^"fn-^-tailo^'l,^ hayl^nc:
but Clark's utterance was the more complete. i The first crop, gathered in May, from
That women ultimately will get the vote, no man who j,ast year'B Bee(iillfv T" a ,i00d one'
has carefully followed the trend of events during the past'   ai Goodbout ami son, of Albas, are
few years can deny.   How generally they will avail themselves of the privilege is another matter.
That militant tactics in ihe old country have hurt
rather than helped the suffrage cause there is just as
patent a fact. No matter what may be the conditions under which women labor in England, they have not the
right to transgress the laws of the land. Medieval tactics are not the proper means with which to bring   re-
up on Humamlll lake, where they are
preparing their cabin for the winter.
They are also clearing some land foi
garden. Al Goodbout's cabin will be
one of the most modern of log cabin:
In the district, inside measurements
14x16 feet and a sourdough front H.\
16 feet. It is quite a fad to build a
sourdough addition  in that district
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd.
Manufacturers of
.Modern Saw  and Shingle  Mill Machinery, Canning Machinery, Gasoline  and   Distillate   Knglnes.
Repair Work of All Kinds Promptly Executed.
LOOM..   NO   (64���MBBTS   ON   KIKST
ami tiiip.t Tuesday in sash month st *
p.m. in tba Labor Temple. A. J. Christ-
iiia-.. Dictator; David Boyls, Past Dictator; w. j. Qrovss. Secretary. SH
Westminster Trust Building.
H. P. o. K. of I), d, meets first sand
tblnl Priday at I pan. 1-ibor Tempi*",
Seventh and Royal avenue. A. Weils
Gray, Exalted Ruler; P. ll. Smith, s.-c-
n lury.
I k. O. !���' AMITY LODOB NO. J7���THB
ri'Kiilnr meting of Amity Lodge, Nn.
'.'". I. i> O, l-'.. lx held every Monday
night ni s o'clock in o.ui fallows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Blshth Streets,
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
It \V Bangs ter, NO.. J. L. WaiH.iip.
V.Q.; \v. ���', Coatham, P.O., recording
Beer, tut*. ; J. W. McDiiniild, fliinupiil
VV F. FAI.rcs & CO.. 61^-618 AONB8
street, opposite ("arm-gin library. Mont
up-to-date funeral purlorH In the citv,
Rpeclallsts in shipping.   Lady assistant
in attendance, Always open.  Day phone
176, night phons si.
i-r A Hanna, Ltd.)���-Funeral directors
im i embalmers, Parlors 4or> Columbia
street,  New   Westminster.    Phone 99a
sot Board ppf 'trade meets in ths board
room, City Hull, ns follows:    Third I-'i-l-
day ef each month. Annual meetings
on ths third Priday ppf February, C, ll.
si unit Wade, secretary,
listers, Solicitors, etc 4n Lorne .-.n.-.-t,
New Westminster, d. !���;. Corbould, k.
C.    J.   R.   Grant,     A.   E.   McColl.
ter-nt-law, Solicitor, etc. Solicitor f.ir
the Bank of Vancouver, Offices: Merchants' Hank Building, New Westminster, ii ('. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
address "Johnston'." Code Western
|W P HANSFORD, BARRISTBR, Solicitor, etc., Colllster Block, corner Columbia and McKensle Btreets, n,-w
Westmtnater, It. C. P. 0, liux 28S, Tele-
phono  344.
The   Hritish   freighter   Robert   Dol
lar, Capt. Morton, completed the load-
forms and when women ultimately are allowed to go to i i"K ,ot herr?**80 ��l 5-,-0,,,'00i��1 (fl>et ��-��
- - .'--*-  ��,*��v��->����  *-" ft��  ��� I lumber at Genoa Hay early this week
'and sailed for New York on Wednesday. She is expected to reach
the Atlantic by way of the Panama
canal. If she does so, uhe will be the
first boat through the canal with a
cargo from Hritish Columbia for the
Atlantic coast.
the polls in the old country it will be as the result of
educated public opinion and not by reason of outraged
m our slums
I sight, crowding, and the rapid growth
of population for which no adequate
provision  lias  been  made.    We  have
I now  arrived  at  the  period  at  which
any  large or growing city has not
j a proper system of transportation, it
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   [has only itself to blame;  the remedy
  lies at hand, and as to other difficul-
I ties,   the   experience   which   has   now
Sif.on Tells Toronto Conference Thatbeen acquired is sufficient, if proper-
The Bank of Vancouver
��� ranches Throughout ths Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department st all Brancnes Deposits of One Dolla.- and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rats paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques suld. parable In all parts of the
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, Qenaral Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Mansger.
sldi -Barristers .-md Solicitors, Westminster Trust Bile, Columbia street,
New Westminster, H. C, Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. O.
Drawer 7U0. Telephone 69. W. .1.
Whiteside, K. ('.; li. 1,. Edmonds, I).
Qt-law, solicitor, etc, corner Columbls
end McKensle streets,    N.-w Wesrmfn-
P.   O.   Hex   11*1.     Telephone
liter,  B. C.
Solicitor .iinl Notary. Offices, h.pii
Iflipck.  28   Lorne street, New  Wp-anrn-
Bter, ll. i-
Barristers and Solicitors. 606 (.' 612
Westminster Trust Block. (I K. Martin,   W.  (J.  McQuarrie and Qcortfa  U
Legiclative   Foundation
a   Necessity.
Following is mi extract from the
speech delivered by Hon. Clifford Sii-
t.on at the International City - .annlng
conference, whicli was held recently In
"One hundred years ago Macaulay
said tbat the time would come when
one-half cf the population of the Unit-
ly  applied,  to  eradicate  most  of  the
"We have invited you here to help
us to bt��in the attach on broad, com
prehenslve principle--', and the purpose
that we have in view i.s to secure the
basic legislation which will enable the
whole eiiestion of town planning and
housing to be carried on in Canada In
a scientific, systematic, and orderly
fashion. What is the best legislative
foundation for this purpose will be for
your consideration and discussion and
I have no doubt thai the result will be
of the greatest value.
"What   I   desire   to  say  to  you   in
ed  states, after getting  their break- closing Is that the question you are en
fust in  the morning would  not know  gagi il  upon  Is the greatest    material
where the next meal was coming from.  Question ln the world today, It is more
That Is a condition which will (dine ii  Important  than   flying   machines
matters are left to themselves to pro-i wireless    telegraphy,    battleships
ceed as they have proceeded at other
times and In othi r ages, and In other
countries. History will repeat Itsell
unless something is done to prevent
it, and I put it to yon that the problem th it is up to the intellect of this
twentieth century is whether we have
' The White Pine Lumber company j
of Spokane will build a large sawmill i
near Westbrldge, about 30 miles from j
Greenwood. The mill ��ill have a
capacity of 200,000 feet, of lumbei '
every 24 hours. The company owns
its own townsite and will begin this i
summer to erect houses for its em- :
ployees. It is thought that the town i
will have a population of 1000, as ihe j
company will employ upwards of 300
*   ��   p-
His honor, the mayor of Chilliwac*- ���
��� v 111 be taken on his first flight In an
aeroplane when he arrives in Sumas.
.'niv   4.   where   he   will   inn! .-   an   a 1
dress at 1:30 In the afternoon. M
is iiunier, the youthful aviator, who
will make three flights In Iiis Curtis
biplane; In Sumas. July 3 and 1, will
extend a personal Invitation to the
Canadian official to accompany him
Whether the mayor will accept is nut
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want it, in any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
rniies.  It bus to do  with  the
! and
' zen,
iu ss
The   Pi iitirtmi    Dehydrating Co. :
going ahead with Its enterprise which
Is    to    utilize    a  new   process   fo.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        tlie      |.|'i.serv.i:io!l   of   frili'.      liall'   lie-
happiness   of    lbe    average   clti  :  lapltal  BtOCk  Of $10,000  has  been sub
with the abolition  of  wretched- scribed  and  a   suitable  building  has
and unhappiness. The solution of; been leased,   it is hoped that the lip-
it will bring health and happiness to  hydratlng Co. will be able to pay 1 1 7
Increasing   thousands   of   our   fellow   cents per pound for peaches, and thai
men." I with  this  price a   new  era  of  pros
Pres  .at li-ktu   Mp
w. r.
s.l-'J     11 SMS.
I 7
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. / and S77
brains   and   capacity   enough   to   free
ourselves from the prejudices and the I
shibboleths with which our minds are
encumbered, and  grapple  with  these
present problems so that society shall
control   its   own   destinies,   and   avoid;
the evils which have dogged the foot- j
tteps of progress in  the  past.
"Yen, perhaps, are not called on to
dcRl directly with the question of economic policy, but you niin.t necessarily!
Btudy   the  economic  condition   under
which your work is to be done.    You ,
cjii give us whal we want on the technical, tho local and the municipal side.
You can give us tlie frame work Into
which  the ideal conditions,  when dis-'
covered, aro to be fitted.    As to the
answer to the question  which  1  have
propounded, there is in my own mind:
no doubt that it Is impossible to give
any single answer to the question. No
one theory explains tlie fact.    It Is a
composite problem; it requires a composite answer.    So far as the physic il
questions involved are concerned, it is
beyond a dcubt that until lately the
growth of congested districts followed
For   the   Week Ending   July
Westminster, Sand Heads.
Time. High. how.
High.    Low.     Time. Ht. Time. Ht
2D    9:56    5; 46      8:66    9.6    4:14
23:20 18:05 22:20 12.li 15:17
30   11:30    7:00 10:28    9.2    5:12
2.':.Mi IS:27, 22:7.2 12 9 16:10
1 13:10   8:40 12:10   9.3   0:12
18:40 211:26 12.0 17:10
2 0:26   9:55 13:68 10.0   7: US
15:00 19:36 18:18
3 1:05  11:15 0:0.*! 12.9    1:30
16:25 20:40 15:27 11.1 19:31
4 1:46  12:lu ' 0:43 12.S    X:47
17:35 21:50 16:36 12.1 20*:52 10.6 | knowledge
7    2:25 13:05 ' 1:27 12.7    9:32    0.2
1!>:30 23:06 17:29 13.0 22:06 10.8
I perlty will open for the growers
RIVER. '     "     *
A four year old boy fell off the gov-
1914 11 eminent wharf at Summerland and
' I was saved from certain drowning ',���>
the pluck of William Snow, a bov
scout, who dived twice in order to
rescue the child. Steps nre being
taken among the officers of that local i
troop of Hoy Scouts to secure recog-
6.1 | nltlon of the gallantry of Scout Snow
by award of the silver medal for life
caving by the provincial parent scouts
irganlzation. Scout Snow was first
taught to swim at the annual camp
of lhe troop twpi or three years at'-i
another instance of the splendid wor-
accomplished by lhe scon; movemen
in   the   training   of     boys     In   usefu
,'.break   Feared  as   Result of Butte
Miners' War���Rioters Are to Be
Vigorously Prosecuted.
statement  was  made  that  an active
campaign against lawlessness iu Illinois to be niude. The finding In the
pockets of a man arrested for lighting, of a bottle of nitric acid and
glycerine was given as the reason for'
the police activity. The man was
turned over to the county for prosecution.
Enrolling More Men.
The city was quiet today. The officers of the nffw independent union
of the miners continued enrolling men
who have revolted from tlie Butte
local  of the  Western   Kederation
^^_^^^^^^_^^_^^^^^_^^_^^_^_-^_^_^_^^_        of
1 Millers.    Altogether  1666  names    are
l-'i-tr*. Mont., June 28.���Soon   after]on tlie list of tho new    union.    Men
1 word   was   received   here   today   lhat , loyal   to  the  old  union  failed  to   follow President Charles II. Meyer's ini-
structions   to   reopen   offices   of   lhe
union here.    I'eter Breen, prominent
Accounts of the gaud lodge meeting of tbe Free Masons of British Coin.' hi: held at i'rince Rupert on the
18lh and 19th Inst., Indicate that the
function   was   of   a   highly   successful
by die growth of slums and the habits j character,    The majority of the visi-
1-fon. Thomas Taylor, minister of
public works and member for Revel-
��toke, has lost no time In acceding to
th. reuueht made to him when In
Reversroke thai he induce the provin
cial government to .end an expert
to report on the gas field of the
Revelstoke and Arrow lakes district
On Monday. Newton W Emmons,
mining engineer of Vancouver, arrived in  the city  and  left on  the south
if living, which have resulted by rea-ltOWI from the coast and the interior
son of people for generations living in ' made tbe journey from Vancouver on
undesirable   circumstances,   has   been I tho S.S.  I'rince Alice.    After a  pleas-
In lhe main due to the lack of trans-i ant voyage along the beautiful coastl train on Tuesday morning for Arrow-
portation facilities which would en- of this province, unexcelled for scenic head, where he will make a thorough
able the residential area to be extend-j effects, the party lauded at the Q. T. examination of the geological forma-
ed. oilier obvious reasons are the i P, wharf at Prince Rupert, The visi- tion of the district and will report to
lack of systematic oversight and fore- tors were warmly welcomed. i the government.
President   Wilson      was    considering 1
(lovernor Stewart's request for federal i
iroops In Montana so as to  bo pro-'
pared   for  an   outbreak   here,   County
Attorney  .los.  McCaffery  announced
thai   be will  begin a  vigorous prose- I
ctttlon of the men who caused the riot,
here   Tuesday   night,   when   one   man
was  killed, others  wounded,  and  the |
building of lhe miners' union destroy-;
> d.    The  county    attorney    declared
th.-.'   bis  Investigation  has convinced
him   that  alter  tlle  inquest   into  the
killing  Of  Kdward  Noy  tomorrow  Ile
will be able io make au arrest on the
charge of murder. ���
The city authorities called into service all men ou the waiting list of the
police   force.    At  the   city   hall   the
In organizing the vigilantes, offered
the old union the use of his law office
until other quarters can be found.
Ai ihe Inquest tomorrow each man
who enters the court room which the
coroner has provided for the Inquest,
Is to be searched for arms, according
to the county attorney, who announced that a witness will testify that
Noy was killed by a bullet fired by
a man In the street and not by a bullet  from  the miners' hall.
Despite his previous announcement
that be would speak iu Anaconda tonight, President Meyer remained at
Helena. The mayor of Anaconda bad
advised Mr. Meyer rot to visit Anaconda at this time,
COAL .MIM.N'p. rights of lhe Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Aiu.-iu,
tiie Viiknii Territory, tin- Northwest Territories and hi a portion of itm Province
of British Columbia, may be leased for il
term of twenty-out. years at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not more tlmn j..*,.pii
acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by in., applicant In person to the Ai-'-nt
or Sub-Agent of lbe district in Whicli Um
rights  applied   lor  ure  situated.
In surveyed territory the hind mum be
described by sections, or legal sub-dlvl-
hIpuih (pf sections and In unstirveyed territory the tract applied tor shall !��e staked
out l.y the applicant himself.
Bach application must be accompanied
by a fee of |5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied tor are not available,
but not otherwise. A j-oynlty sh.ill bs
puhl ou the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of tive cents per ton
Tho person operating the mine sh.pil
furnish the Agent wltb sworn reBjQrnS
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable (-(.ul mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not hpiipg operated such returns siiouiil
be furnished at least onp.-e a year.
Tho tense will Include the cpppiI rolnlsg
rights only, but the lessee will b- permitted t'P purchase whatever available
sin i.e-.- right may be considered necessary for the working of lbe mine at Hipp
rate oi' Sin un acre,
Por full Information application should
be  maple  Ipp  Iln- S.-civiiiry of  the  Department  of   the   Intel lor.  Ottawa,  or  to  any
,\g. nt or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N It Unauthorized publication of tills
advi rtisement will nut bo paid for.
New Wellington
Office, 554 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 845. Phone 105
OF   ������.Rill-,���( r..!l)MB.A   J
Room 118 McLeod Block.
Phono 489 L.
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BowcH, Walter Hiddell. Sheridan
W-timsley. Elsie Abrams. Ceorge
Jones, Kditii Abrams, Mary Abbott,
Kathleen Robertson, Clarence Anderson, Isabel Sutherland, Isabel Hamilton, Ivan Macdonald, Duncan Macken-
bic. Askley Bolton, Roberts Dunn,
Stanley Crysler.
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Annie Stiles, Oliver Hindal. Prancls
t'amerson, Esther Paulson, Ethel sio-
i.e;,, Elizabeth Mercer, Lawrence
'linker, Edith Iteid, Allison Peele,
Donald Oalbralth, Lorne Watson, El-
n..: .iryson, Viola Coatham, Gladys
Hood, David Ollphant, Lloyd Speck,
Kathryn  Kennedy,  Helen  Paiker.
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Cave, teacher,   Promoted from Junior
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nes Sinclair, Beverley Smith, Clara
I'.-onioted from Senior I. Reader to
Second Reader, loia Peeney, Law
rence Miller, Tremalne inn. Walter
Cosman, Ethel Cosman, Mavis North,
i.yd..-. Eistman, John Fenton, Ruth
Brown, Anna Oifford, Husscll Swunn.
Hm Dougherty, Beulah Qaudln, William Pope, May Trewartha, William
Walker, Mabel Davis, Bertha Woods,
Ni lion  McArtnur,
Division    XII.,   Oriental   Classes.
M. M. Clarke, teacher. Promoted from
II.   ''rimer  to   I.   Header    Hirojl   Son-
ad '. Poo Lee, Bl on  Law.
Promoted from i   Readei to Second I wi.-cn
Head r Pang Suey, Lu! Low, Kahel
N chlgUChl, MiyatarO llyodo, Mon Kai
Promoted from Second Reader to
Third Reader Denskau Kondo, Wong
.-.' .... Daniel Wong, Po Tuck Wong,
l.um Young, ciiaii's Wong, Hlng
Division VI.   Miss Qalblck, teacher,, -,-     , ,
,. .   j . ,,   ,,      , ,,,   ,.      ,    .M it (' (>ra\
I'rt.inoti-d from II. Header to III. Head-!
Promoted   from   Division    11.   to   Entrance   Clu.-s    Marguerite   E.   Abbott,
I'crtrndi- V   Hlickburn. William  Cameron, Winifred  E. Cameron.  Kathleen
Drew, Annie ('. Duncan. Wallace For-
tester.   Claudia   Furness,     Mary     C.
Qamon, Qraee OUley,  Hilda Hunter,
ILillian   Jagger,   Dora     Kiik,     Myrtle
! Knowdell, Clara Knudson, Evelyn Lo-
j gan. Isabel
j Katberine
James McLellan. Jean  McPhall. Kath-
i leen   Payne, Geoffrey   Pearson,  Helen
1 B. Heiod, Stanley H. Heid. Leola Robertson,     Oerdon    Rodger,    Marjorte
i Rolpli, Roberta L .Smith, Percy R.
I Smith, ('.race Turnbull. Irene M. Wil
I son
Hulls   of     Honor    Deportment.     XV.
Wallace  Forrester.    Punctuality and
j regularity, Helen B. Held. Proficiency,
I Mary   Maiins.
Division III. -Promoted from Junior IV. to Senior IV. Violet Abraham-i Laid
sen, Ceorge Urine. Carson Bryson,|
Kiank 'Huckland, Marion lltickland,
Millicent Chan, Hernlce Embree, Ger-
tnide Falk, Stephen Fryer. Lorne
Orlmstone, Gwendoline Kellington,
Mart!) t Klsiiber, Merle Lewis, Clara
Maiins, Oeorge    McAllister,    Marion
Mercer. Ethel Peck. Susie Phipps, Het-
Pottlnger, Willie Rogers, Maxwell
| Sillies, Dorothy Sinclair,  Evelyn Walker, Rachel Welsh, Constance Voung.
Hulls  of   Honor    Proficiency,    Con-!
j stance  Voting.    Deportment,    Hettle
' Pottlnger.    Punctuality und    regular-
lit)-, Marion Mercer, Ethel Peck, Lome
Orlmstone, Carson Bryson.
Intermediate (irade, Division IV.
' Promoted from Junior I, to Junior II.
Andrew Beifo.-t Abrahamson, Mellen Louise Bradshaw, Edward Faweett
[Chapman. Mary .Murray Campbell,
Florence Cummlngs, Minnie Marlon
j Ferguson, Raymond Philip Eraser,
Constance Maud Oifford, Marlon
I Grace Godson, Helen Marion Grim-
I stone,   Eva   Maud     Constant!
Laura  Maud   Imlah.     Albeit    Sinclair
I Lane, Kaye William Lamb, Amy Mar-
jgaret Mackenzie, Beatrice Sarah Math-
| arson,      Donna     Elizabeth       Mackay.
('baric- Joseph .Mark*. Margaret Emma
Gertrude Emma Norris, Man
.Vesbitt.     Teacher.   H.
p Mabel Erlandson, Ylly Knudson,
Howland McDonald, Cameron Mack
kenzie, William Riddle, Douglas Kelly,
William Tucker, Primrose Eagles,
Leon St. Jean, Allen Fulton, Cameron
i.e Roy, (indriin Olsen. Jessie Suther-
i nd.
Division X -Miss Derbyshire, teacher. Promoted from Low Junior III. to
lllf ; Junior III Muriel Hanna, Fred
Hunter, Rachel Eddy. Grant Kllpat-
rick, Amy G Ian villa, Rorberta Dean,
John   Hiddell,   Lester     Embree,     Jack
Whiteside, Barbara Walker. Kenneth
Siiiit i, Clyde Smith. Harold Cameron,
Hazel Gilley, Florence Hood, Norma
Dougherty, Mary Wale. Charles Hood,
iii :-.ill Ager, Nelson Oraiit, Ethel Trewartha, Edward Qilllgan, Elizabeth
McArthur, Marjory Qlanvllle, Helen
Gregg, Katherlne (Irani, Thomas
Division V. Miss Wolfenden. teach-j b'U
( . Promoted from Junior III. to Sen-
lur III. .Inhn Douglas, Frances Bow-
��� ...*. Douglas Eraser, Tom Vou. Tom
Sun, Francis Butler, Frank Furness,
Law Yung, Eunice Archibald. Robert
i. Sbjng, Velda Butcher, litith Johnson, Margaret Stoddart, William Kennedy, Andrew Lee. Frank Hunter, \i
fred Fenton, Charles Gilley, Clinton
Mackenzie, Archibald Godson, Innea
Aii.mis, Cedrtc Butler, William Collin'
son,   Melvln   Elckhoff.
Division IV. .Miss Gladwell, teacher. Wouglass Whilller, Elmer Bow-
las,   Ella   Bergland,    Gordon    Lewis,
Fred Edmonds, Margaret Hudson,
John Abbott, Floyd Atlee, Mungo Duncan Isabel McAstrll, Louis Pomphrey,
Stanley Knudson. Harry Eastman,
Douglas Turnbull. Prank McQuarrie,
Coloni Adams. Myrtle Hudson. Alice
Robinson, Violet Stead, Charl
mo-., Oeorge   Went/.,  Harold  Gregg.
Division III Miss McMurray
teacber, Promoted to Senior IV. from
Junior IV. Norman Kelly, Lindsay
Galbralth, Henry Gilchrist, Harold
Whitemore, Sydney Wrigglesworth,
('hong Vou, Erland Erlandson, Drtnsby
Lee. Curtis Timleck. Grace Eddy. David Wong, Hnbert Rennie, Walter
Ilrown, Maitie Mack, Margaret Hiddell, Leo Yuen, Vidal Kearly, Lena
Witt. Lizzie Fenton, Dorothy Jackson,
Marshal  Rension.
Fromoted from Senior IV. to Division II.���Charles Hillsdon, Lyle Munn,
Frank Gaudln, Muriel Hearn, Tom
Kew, James Allenhaugh. Arthur Cos-
man, Beatrice OUley, Elliott Cunningham, Gordon H irdman.
Division 11.   Promoted from Junior
Entrance to Senior Entrance Joyce
Polngdestro, Albert Imlah, William
Rlddell,   Blythe   Eagles,   Doris   Webb,
Melvln Abbott. May Burkitt, Roy
Donkeraley, Miklso Nichlguchl, Olen
Lewis,   Earl  Oray,  John   Ellis,   I
monds, Ida Loulsi
grid     Goranson,
(ireaine,     Bessie
Hutchinson, Mary
Johnston,    Alice
Knowdell,  Harry
work,   Eveleen
Ashbui in
Division X. to Division IX. Senior
I. Primer to Junior II. Primer���Leslie Atlee, Louise Itowins, Nellie Campbell, James Duncan, Margaret Oifford,
Emily Giggins, Rosa Grimmer, Malcolm Gilroy, Belle Hudson. Mary Hug-
gan,   Carlisle  Jackson,   Richard   Net-
Macquarrle,  Mary  Maiins, I h\n,     Campbell     Robertson.     Robert
Mayers.    Marjorie  Mayes,|Tyrie,  Henry  Wong.
Rolls of Honor Deportment, Robert
Tyrie. Punctuality and regularity.
Henry Wong. Proficiency, Richard
Division X.    Senior    I.    Primer    to I
Senior  I.   Primer    Marion  Agar,  Martha   A-tar,  Edna  Allenagh,   Hazel  Ar-1
kle,    Howard   Chalk.     Jessie     Davis,
Leonard  Cray,   Raltli   lioltum,   Dorris
Mann,  (iarcia  Millet   Vl ri   Matheson,!
Leonard   Stoddart,   Madge  Theckston,
Harold  Williams, Arthur Way, Archi-
Lord  Kelvin  School.
Division  II. -Teacher.  Mr. 0,  Sum- j
niers.     Promoted   from  Junior  IV.  to;
Entrance    James Earl, Robert Hamilton,   Constance   llamm,   Paul   Meyers,,
Miriam   Peck,  Melville  Eddy.    Frank!
Davis,   Francis    McKenzie,    Leonard
doane.  Cordon   Little, Cordon     Ryan,
Alice  Dunn, Myrtle Gregory.  William
Laird,  Thelma Cropley,  Stanley  Matthews,   Milton   LeRoy.   Pansy   WInte-
| mute,      Wlnnifred    chapin,      lledley
Dlvisioin III Mr. ('. Willis, teacher.
Promoted from Junior IV. to Senior
IV. Fred Alberts, Robert Carlyle,
Margaret Deans, Laurv Ford, Stanley
Falrwcatber, SeSBle Hargreaves, Mabel Hnrgreaves, Alex Vldal, Ida Oraham. Thomas Taylor, Hector Purvis.
Rolis   of   Honor    Proficiency,     Ida!
Oraham.    Regularity and  punctuality,
Lillian  Hulton,  Margaret  Deans.    Deportment   -Alex   Jamleson.
Division    IV.- Mr.     M.     McKenzie,
<��� ray.1 teacher.    Promoted from Senior III. to
Junior   IV.   Thelma   Bingham,  James
| Basset t,  Archie  Connon,    Orra    Can-
, field, Kenneth Estabrooka, Viola Gregory,   Margaret   Howe.  Gladys  Jigger,
j Percy   Lever,  C,   McCullOUgh,   Robert
McGregor, Marshall Whitney, Eva Pel-
| land.     Gertrude     Parmiter,     Warren
Richardson,  Percy  Smith.  Katherlne
j Wilkie,    Thomas     Whitelaw     Wesley
I Wintemute, Joe Oddy.
,     Rolls     of     Honor���Kenneth     Esta-
| brooks      Regularity   and   punctuality.
jGliilys   Jaggers.    Deportment,     Joe
Division V. -Miss Ross, teacher, ln-
'l(i mediate Grade to Senior Grade.-���
! Clifford Jenkins, Margaret Smith,
' Ruby McLeod. Robert Bartlett, James
Malcolm. Joyce Fennel, Irene Abrams,
{Jennie Earle. Willie Hampton, Alexander Bodley, Loralne Geddis, Gladys1
First    Year intermediate  to  Second
Yon     Willie   Taylor.     Nellie     Irwin,
Dorothy  Smith. Oeorge iSrooks, Clif-
: ford Toane, May Thomas.
Rolls   of   Honor     Proficiency,     Clifford  Jenkins.    Punctuality and  regularity.  Willie  Hampton.    Deportment.
. Marjorli   Malcolm.
Division VI. -Miss M. Mack, teach-
er.     First   Year  Inlet mediate  to  See-
iond   Year  -Nora  Barnard,  Violet Bar-
j ran,   Helen   Erickson,   Mabel     Finley,
i Evelyn Carrick, Jean Hamilton, Fran-
: cis  McCutchln, Robert  Mackie, Albert
McLennan, Doris    Passmore,    Marion
t Rowan,   John   Rumble,   Jack     Smyth,
i Wesley Thorn, Gertie Trethway, Marlon  Wilkie.
P.olls   of Honor    Proficiency, Doris
; Passmore.     Regularity   and   punctuality,   Violet Barren.    Deportment. Ger-
1 trmii Trethway.
Division VII.    Miss B. Bowell, teach-
I er.    P.omoted  from Senior II. to Jun-
.Qamelia Adams, Zelda Burns.
See Our Windows for Values. Entire Stock Will Be Sold at Half-
Price.    A Few of the Prices Are:
14 K Pearl Brooch, diamond sPt, 182.60, now $31.25
14 K Pearl Sunburst, diamond set. $40,'uow $20.00
14 K J'earl and Peridot Bar Pin, 119.50, now $9.75
lu K  Pearl Sunburst, $10.00, now   $5.00
10 K  Pearl Ciescent, *.r>.50, now    $2.75
10 K  Pearl Crescent, $3.50, now    $1.75
Solid Gold  Locket,  $9.75, now    $4.85
Solid  Gold   Locket.,  $8.50,  now    $4.25
Ladies' Gold  Watch  Chain,  $18.00  now    $8.00
Ladies' Gold Watch Chain, $12.75, now . . . $6.35
It K Pearl aud Peridot Bracelet. $40, now $20.00
Pearl Rings in single, three and five stones, ranging from $8.00 to $40.00. Now $4.00 1�� $20.00
Babies' Signet King, $1.00, now       50c
Half dosen St�� rling Dessert Spoons. $14, now $7.00
Half doz. Sterling Coffee Spoons, $4.*i5, now $2.15
7-inch Sterling Photo Frame, $6.00, now   $3.00
7-incb Sterling Vase, $5.00. now   $2.50
Sterling Tea Strainer, $3.50, now   $1.75
Cut Glass Powder, Sterling top, $10.50, now $5.25
Mantle Clock. $1*.'.00, now   	
Mantle Clock, $9.00, now  	
Carriage  Clock. $8.00,  now   	
Alarm  Clocks
salo from ..
ranging  from  $1.00 to $3.00,
now on
50* to $1.50
739 Columbia Street Opposite Windsor Hotel
Mun roe Heid. Edna Mildred Stoddart.
George Thorberg, Clara Honey Wale,
Howard Webb, Percy Wincott. Teacher, M. s. Homer.
Rolls of Honor -Deportment, Edward F. Cbampan. Proficiency. Kaye
William Lamb. Punctuality and regularity, Margaret  Emma  Nelson. Eva
Division v., Intermediate Oradi
I v Christopherson, teacher, Promoted
1 rrom Senior III. It. Class to Senior III.
j A Class Evelyn Vivian Brown, Ron-
I aid John Brydgea, ciayton Chester
I C-halk, Mary label] Chapman. Grace
| Lsvlna Cole, George Thomas ("order,
Key Livingstone Currie, Helen Dons-
las, Robert    d'Easum,    Beatrice    Ed-
uality,   Dorothy  Quissy.    Deportment,
Robert  Deans.
Division XI. to Division X. -Miss C.
Hall, teacher. Promoted from II. I
Primer to Junior I. Reader-Elizabeth
Copeland, Morton Ferguson, Hilna
Draney, Kathleen Kilby, Alice Adams,
Mary Mcintosh, Tedi Magnone, Elizabeth Thrift, John Donald, Gordon
Brooks, Lillian Prouse, Margaret Deacon,' Fred Hale, Harry Folka, Darcy
Bartlett, Jackie Flowers, Henry Dodd,
Cellna Peters, Margaret Taylor, Katberine Kennedy, Stanley Deans, Gordon Brooks, John Donald. Tom Donald,
Theo Butterfleld, Philip Jamleson, Arthur O'Connor, Albert lnnis, Claire
Estabrooks,    Ashbrook    Blackburn.
Rolls of Honor- Proficiency, Elizabeth copeland. Regularity and punctuality, James Gracey. Deportment,
Kathleen Kilby.
Division XII. B. Evans, teacher.
Promoted from II. Primer to I. Header Dorothy Adams, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Theresa Gosse, Robert Jameson.  Com  Kipp.  Lilias   Main, George
Embree, Hazel In-
Kdward       Arthur
Henderson,    Grace
Hughes.    Frances
Knudsen,    Queenie
Angus   Linn,   Lindsay Mann. Jean McAskill. Susan Mercer, Clara Mercer, Marshall  Waddell,
John Alfred Whlttaker, Joseph Wise,
Vbytle  Williams,   Violet   Wlncolt.
Honor Rolls    Mary [shell Chapman.
Deportment,   Catherine   Jean    MacAs-
kill.    Punctuality and  regularity. Eve-
vivi.n  Brown,    clara    Margaret
Mercer,  Ybytte  Frank  Williams.
Division   VI.   Margaret   M.   Wilson,
teacher.   Promoted from Senior II. to
Junior III. Chester lieall, Margaret
Coulthard. Melville Hutchinson, Allison Maxwell, Joseph Mayers, Florence
Pope, Geare Ross. Constance Sluw,
Clarence Stead, Helen Whiteside.
Promoted  fiam Junior II.  to
Primer to
,   Gertrude
II.    Margery   Bennett.   Walter
land. William  Brown,    Mabel    Dowd, I
.lack d'Easum, Hoy    Dun brash,    Earl
Dunbrash,   Eileen   Feeney,    Clarence
Hanna,   lsibel   Kirkland,   Esther   Lar-.
son,   Milton   Levin,   Arthur     Munroe,
Karl Mackenzie. Jaen Mackenzie. Margaret   Mackenzie,   Audrey   McMurphy.j
Emma Nelson,    Isabel Boss,   Emma
Sing Kee, Madge Smith. Emma Whitaker, Georgie Walker, Hairy  Voung.
Hulls  of   Honor    Proficiency,  Helen
Syne ! Whiteside.     Punctuality   and   regular-.
j ity, Melville Hutchinson. Deportment,
��� Emma Slnt Kee.
Division S'll to Division VI Senior
I, t.i JuntOl II. Clarence Burns. William Cole, Allen Chalk. Willie Dupre,'
Mollis Davison, Clarence Furness,
! William Fulton, Verna Gilley. Eunice
Halladay, Edith Hamilton, Gordon i
Johnston, Minnie Levin, Maggie Mackie, Viola Routley, Amy Sheppard,
i.Mnltii    Wale.
Holl   of   Honor    Deportment.   Elsie]
Marj Davison.   Proficiency, Catherine
Verna   Muriel Gilley,    Collna    Stuart
Heid.   Thelma   Evelyn   Knudsen.
Junior I. to I enlcr I. Russell Bell,
Blanche Bell, Marvin Beagle. Willie
Fraser Lillian Fiaser. Catherine Fer-
jusoi . Marjor'e Gilford. Janette Gan-
lie-. Eunice Graham, Neil McQuarrie,
Jessie McGeachie, Alexander Mc-
Geachie, Douglas Nelson. Collnn Heid,
Annie  Shlng,   Helen  Thoiherg.
Roll of Honor   Deportment,    Elsie
Marj    Davison.     Proficiency,   father
t'arruthers Ferguson.    Regularity.
��� ���she j in
Hudson, Thomas Sing Kee. Lulu Qlan- Verna
Mile,  William  Linn.  Edward     Phillip, I Reid, Thelma
Archie   tnnes,   William   Bowden,   11 n
old Maun, Earl Timleck, Basil Ronald,
Harold Stoddart, .lack Walker
F. W. Howay School.
Division  11.   ll.  M. Gray,    teacher.
is the only remedy ever discovered that is a constitutional cure
for asthma.
This wonderful remedy has a
certain specific action on the
nlood and nervous system which
action millers it impossible for
the asthmatic attacks to continue when once the constitution
is brought under its influence.
Its curative action begins at
once and the cure is steady and
rapid until thoroughly completed.
Muriel   Giliey,   Colina   Stewart
Evelyn  Knudsen.
Division   VIII.   to   Division   VII,    M.
Godson, teacher.    Second  Primer to I,
Readei Burton Archibald. George
Andrews, Herbert Butler, Stanley
Boyle, Percy Diamond. John Duncan.
James Duncan, Dorothy Eagles, Roy
iiilhert Hay. Alice Innes. Wlnnifred
Ada Lout, George Munroe, Eva Miller,
Dorothy MacGeachie, Dolllna Munn.
Wlnnifred Marshall. William E, Nelson. Katberine Heid. Helen Ronald,
Lvle Streight, Jenny Theckston, May
Ure,  Donald  Walker,  Chong  Wong.
Rolls   of   Honor    Proficiency,   May
Pre,     Helen     Hon lid.       Deportment,
George C.  Munroe.    Regularity
lnnes, Percy Diamond, William
Division  IX.  to  Division
Price $2.00
sale bv
Per Bottle.
New Westminster, B.C.,
Or sent direct, charges prepaid.
D. A. Cameron    4    Co., White
Front Drug Store, Owen Sound,
Senlorl ���'"' m
Berg-1 Chester  Butterfleld,  Andrew    Caden-
head, Grace Carter. John Chlddlc, Erin st  Matthew, Frank .Mil!-;, Janet Mcintosh.  Rachel  Mc.Murphy.  Annie  McLean,  Luci'.e  Reichenbach,  Fred  Robinson,   Krnest     St.     Lawrence,     Fred
Smith. Robert Smith, Frances Smyth, i
May Summers, Thomas Godfrey, Eve-1
lyn Peck. Isabell Sperlll, Walter Mar-
Gladys Basset, Gordon Jagger, Nellie Matthew, Ronald Miller, Lillian
Press. Phyllis Saunders, Eva Tokely,
Ale?   Irwin.
Division       VIII.    Miss     c.     Smith.
I teacher,     Promoted    from   Junior   II. I
to   Senior  II.    Robert   Adams.  George ,
'��� Albert,   Jock    Brown,      Lizzie      Peck,
Edith    Baxter,   Clara   Connolly.   Rob-
J ert  Cross,  Bernice Clay,  Robert  Dra- '
; ney.   Funny   Dawe,   Robert     Flowers. |
1 Alex,   (iibson,   Edwin    Granson,   Ed-
! mund Hudson, Karen Hudson, Edward
j Hutton,  Harold   Lever,  James     McEl,
; roy.   Dorothy     MacCullough,     Haiold
| MaeOregor,  Helen   MacLeod,  Beatrice i
| M icB.ootn.  Cora     Pasmore.    Frances-
I Patterson,  Marion  Pound,  Bella Ross, !
I Fred  Sterling,  Victoria  St.  Lawrence, ,
��� Enis     Snit'.i,     Anna     Weller,     Kthel i
! Walsh     Keith    Young.
Promoted  from  Senior I.  to Junior
II.���Phyllis  Cox,  Alfred  Krison, Olive
Greenaway,   Anges   Mahler,   Margaret.
Rolls cf  Honor    Regularity,  Robert
Adams.    Proficiency.   Cora    Pasmore.
: Deportment,  Edmund  Hudson.
Division    IX.    Miss    G,    Robinson.1
teacher.    Promoted  from  Senior I.  to j
Junior   II.    Helen   Adams.   John   Barren,   Mary   Bassett.   Dorthy     Butcher,
j Frank Cameron,    Laura    Erie,    Lily
i Finch.  Isabel Qarrlck, eBatrlce Graham, Thomas Gregory, Joseph  Howe.
Violet   Lockie-llrown,   Elsie     Mahler,;
Margarets   Marshall,   Vera   McDonald.
I Jean   McMurphy,   Irene   Pelle*-*..   Mar-
i guret  Robertson, May Robertson. Fra-
Ber   Rowan,  Winifred  Thomas,    Jane;
Thrift,   Margaret    Tniwt'ord.    Walter;
Wilkie. Joe Wintemute.
Promoted from Junior 1. to Senior
I. Katie Austin. Eileen Bannan,
George Folk,!, George Ford, Louise
Fry, Harley Gilchrist, Juanita Jagger.
Gordon McDonald, Jack Shortreed.
Rolls  of   Honor-   Proficiency,   Irene
Pell'ew.     Regularity   and   punctuality.
VIU _sp,,.| Maigaret   Robertson.  .Itininta   Jagger,
McComb,      Wesley     McLeod
Oddy,  Lillian  Pugh, Richard
Tom  Robertson,    Norman    Saunders,
Klleen Thrift, Alice Toane.
Promoted from Senior 1. Primer to
II. Primer���John Calhoun, Homer
Clay, Maud Dawe, Willie Ellison, Edith
Haldlnger, Edgar Hamm, Dottie Hale,
Joseph Jagger, Dale Jenkins, Lizzie
Lockie-Brown, Folia Mackie, Robert
Mitthew. Helen Mcintosh, Norma
Reichenbach. Dorris Summer, Marion
Rolls of Honor Proficiency. Tom
Robensan. Regularity and punctuality, Charlie 'Brookland. Deportment,
Maude  Dawe.
Division    XIII. ��� Miss J.
teacher.    Promoted from 1.
II.     Primer   Jean     Adams
Black.   Wesley   Butterfleld
Carter.   Elsie  Cross,     Rod
Willie   Duncan,   Robert   Elliot,   Benjamin French, .lick Gray. Irene Garrick,
Henry   Hnttoii,   Isora   Kennedy,   Fulton McLean, Albert Montgomery, Norma Murray, Neil Leash, Lyle Pelland.
���lames Paul, Robert Sidney, Nathaniel
Rogers,  Willie Trenholme.
Beginners' Class    to Junior I. Primer.     Miss   M.   Lord,   teacher.-��� Burns,
��� Dudley,    Catherine     Bethune,     Mary
Barran,   Mytrle    Butterfleld,    Gladys
Curnew,    Gladys     Chlddic.    Isabella
Cowie,   Margaret  Donald,  Eguene  El-1
lison, Beth Ennis, Bessie Geddis, Marti!?    Greenaway.    Florence    Graham.
Catherine     Howe,     Lilian     Haworth.
James   McAllister.   Alice     McLennan.
Harold    McComb,    lrvin    McMurphy,
Grace  Moffat.  Doris    Nellson, Gordon '
Prouse.  Robert   Pound. James Savage,
Elizabeth  Smith, James White
Rolls   of   Honor ��� Proficiency,
McLennan.     Deportment.   Grace
fat.    Regularity and  punctuality,
sel Gibson.
Kie, Mabel Vicer and Orval Fitzpat-
On the pools of honor the following
were awarded prizes: First division
-Proficiency, Daisy McKie; deportment, Orval Fltzpatrick; regularity
and punctuality, Susan Hamilton. Second division - Proficiency. Lyle
Stibbs; deportment, Nellie Hamilton;
regularity and punctuality. Jeannle
Brodie; shield for highest per centage
during the year was awarded to Archie  Martin.
June promotions: Dlvlslonl���From
junior third to Beniord third: Calvert
Atkins, Roy Stibbs, George Birch,
Edqthe Whiting, Nellie Hamilton.
From senior thrid to junior fourth;
Susan Hamilton. Isabelle Percy, James
Hamilton, Archie Martin. From junior fourth to senior fourth; Gwendoline Bunting, Mary Atkins.
Division  II..  Blue   Mountain  school.
June promotions: To Senior second
reader���Jeannle Brodie, Edward
Smith. To junior second reader--
Lyle Stibbs.    To first reader-Thomas
Gymnasium Class, Thursday at 7.30.
Swimming classes. Tuesdays and Fridays, 3 to 4, at Y. M. C. A. Young
Ladies' Club, Friday at 8 p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable.
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen.
For particulars call pbone 1324.
Mabel l Stibbs.   To first primer    Walter Whit-
Quissy,  ing.  Barbara  Brodie,  Martha  Sawyer,
Robert Birch.
O. D. WILSON. Manager.
The usual school closing exercises
were held at Kingsway West school
on Friday afternoon, when there was
a hig muster of the children, their
parents and friends. The school was
visited by Trustees Mrs. Doling, and
Messrs. Coulter (chairman I, Lumley I from $18.00 up
and Russell, accompanied by ex-Trus-i^^^^������^���,,,
tees Patterson and Deckert.	
The rolls of honor were distributed'
to the various classes by Mrs. Dol-!
ing. The fortunate winners were as
Division 1.���Deportment, M. Bux;
ton; regularity, Edith Martin, Edith
Price, Grace Martin.
Division   2.���Proficiency,    Kathleen
Clarke; deportment, Helen Eellsmith:
regularity, Willie Smith. Dolly Smith.
Division    3. ��� Proficiency,      Alice
Walsh;   deportment.  Hugh  Silver;   re-
[ gu'arity,  Emily  Smith.
|     Division   4.        Proficiency.       Frank 	
'Clarke;  deportment,  Lillian Cain;   re-1 ""~~~
gularity. Xnnte Mills, Evelyn RumWe.\CITV OP NEW WISTMINSTER. ��.C.
Division 5.   -Proficiency Ronald An-i .������-���^���������. ,
gus;   deportment,    Dorotny    William-1
son;  regularity, Marlon Kinee, Annie i (^-^
Division 0.���Proficiency, Henry Pur-
nell; deportment, Grace Ryan: regularity. Jack Bellsmith, Ralph Kinee.
Division 7. ���Proficiency, Mildred
Townley; deportment. Willie Alway;
regularity, Leonard Humble.
The most noteworthy of the exercises were a flower game, by the girls
of Miss Clarke's class, and a re-citation  by  Doris  Kelly. _..������_���....���	
In addressing the parents and chll-' ciona of tbe Associated Board of   the
dren  tiie  trustees  expressed   themsel-1 Royal   Academy   of   Music
ves as  being   pleased   with   the  work j college of Music.    Also    Professional
of the school;, and congratulated
Full stock of latest imported  Suit-
I iugs    for summer  wear.    Perfect fit
| and workmanship guaranteed.    Prices
701 Front street.
Transfer Co.
' Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 1ST.
1 Begble Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
L.R.A.M.. A.R.C.M.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing-
og.   Voice    Production.    Theory     (in
-lass or privately), Harmony. Counterpoint. Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared   for   the   examine-
'ions of tbe Associated Board of   tbe
nd  Royal
Thee losing exercises at the Blue,
Mountain school. Coquitlam, were held j
on Friday last in the presence of ]
Chairman Martin of the school board |
and B large number of parents of the'
The list of those taking the examinations  is as follows:
Entrance  examination    Miss     foul*
ion's class:    Annie Martin, Daisy .Mc-
principal and teachers on the
work which had been done, esp'
on  the singing of the children.
At the close of a  very  pleasant afternoon,  ice-cream  was served  to the
i parents and children through the gen-
"*'it\  of Mr. Kennedy, of Jubilee, to
in  the  children  are all  extremely
Diplomas, Tescher or Performer.
For  terms, etc..  apply  61   Dufferln
���street.    Phone 411 R
snd to whom a hearty vote
was extended.
Read The News
She Bought a Piano on a Train
N being asked her reason for   selecting   a
certain    "make"    of
piano, a woman   explained
that while she
till December,
on  a  train in
not get htr piano
really "bought" it
ior  I.  Primer to Junioi   11.  Primer
Norma   Beagle,   Boyd   Brown,   Muriel
Brown,  Fred Cairns,  Marie  Daniaske,
Osborne     Dean,     Stanley     Dunhrack,
Prlscllla Eastman, John Fraser, Elsie
Oifford,  .li m  OiHey,  Ruth  Glanvflle,
Alleen   ('od.-on.   Denveis C.racey,   LU-
lci'i't Green, Helen Grimmer, Delbert
| Halladay,  Watson  Jones, Joseph  Wei-
lington,'Mellna-Laf renier, Edwin Liar-
son,  John   McQuarrie,    Stanley    Ma-
, bony,   Edna  Nelson,   F.veleen  Nesbltt,
1 Kathleen   Norris.   Fred   Olsen,     Mary
Pumphrey, Kdward Boss, Notma Ross,,
'l.illie Routley, Dorothy Sheppard, Nellie Wale, Isabel  Watson, Mary White-)
Of  Honor    Proficiency,    Jean
Regularity    and    punctuality,
Wale.    Deportment,   Kathleen
Prize for guoil conduct and,
Stanley Barnard.    Deportment, Louise;
Division   X.    Miss   Rennie,   teacher.!
Promoted  from  Junior 1.  to Senior 1.1
Ion i   Adams,   Agues   Blake,   Evelyn
Cameron, Edna carter. Robert Deans,
Lionel Doane, Wilfred French. Robert I
(Iibson.  Ethel  Godfrey,  John  Gracey,)
Etta Gray, Eliza Gregory, Mary Hani-;
iltou, Kthel  Hampton. Bertha Haiden-
ger, Helen TTaliiday. Everette Harper,
Edna Jenkins, Nile Jenkins, Berhugh
Levar, Margaret  Mackie, Norman McDonald.   William   McKlroy,  John   MC-
Qregor, Norman Mllbury, Idell Montgomery,  Marjory    Menten,    Frederic
Peck.   Krnest   Peters.   Kathleen   Pike,
Dorothy Quissy, Vivian  Savage, Alvin
Sharpe, Doris Thomas.
Bolls  of   Honor    Proficiency,   Everette D. Harper.   Regularity and punct-
���'It was like this,
not thought much
I was about to be
ish  a house  of  my
said she "1 had
about pianos until
married and furn-
own. Last summer, scon after 1 became engaged, I
had to make a train journey. The
daily paper I bought contained a striking advertisement of the Blank Piano.
It ended by saying, "investigate thoroughly before deciding." 1 did investigate and became convinced that the
Blank    Piano
could  get   I'or
was  the
best  piano
This woman was right in Stating that
although she did not actually own
her piano until winter-time, she really
"bought" it in July. She bought it on
a train she selected it that day she
read the advertisement which so foivi-
blj   impressed  her,
\m! vet some firms imagine they can
afford to withdraw their advertising
in  the summer months.
Pianos are not the only things people think about long before they have
them  sent home.
Kvery Important purchase is considered long before the article is ordered.
And we are just as likely to be convinced by an advertisement we read
In the summer as at any time.
You can obtain helpful advice on advertising free of
cost and without obligation
by consulting the business
Department of The New
Westminster News. r    f��Aoe four
be in large
this week.
Leave your orders
early and ensure getting
the freshest of fruit.
Model Grocery
108 Sixth St.   .        Phone 1001-2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth  Ave.
Edmonds  Branch,  Gray  Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Local News
Will  Meet  Friday.
The   Coquitlam   municipal     council
will meet on Friday afternoon at LM
Instead of on Wednesday, the regular
council  day.
ley. Mr. Hulme. K. Lawrence, J. Cold-
smith, A. Robinson, Mrs. Mct'liaddcn,
Miss V. Wlncott, and II. .lobes. The
large crowd of guests greatly enjoyed
tlle evening's program, the social
proving a great  success.
Mortgages���Alfred W,
Marre t Recaptured.
John   Marritt,   who  made  a   breakaway   from   the   provincial    jail    on
Thurc lay last, was recaptured in Van-J
couver on  Saturday. '
Thi'   annual   Scottish   picnic.   Dom-lals*
lulon  Day, agricultural grounds.  Fort | to��
Coquitlam.    Trains  leave  New   Westminster  ut  8:18  a.m.  and   9:50  a.m.
Return  fare  On  cents.    Admission  to
grounds free. 18579)
fitted with springs and mattress;
two single iron and bra. s bedsteads
and bedding; inlaid linoleum. -Malleable range, white enamelled refrigerator, portieres, lace curtains, crock
ery and kitchen utensils, garden
hose, lawn mower and garden tools;
twenty-eight good Leghorn
On view morning of sale.
land P
of   45   mills   being   struck   oq   unimproved  property   by   the  council   la-it
week.  .Improved land will be assessed
For  strawberry,  raspberry, and alii-"-11 -I-i--8. while money for school pur-
the  Hrltish  Columbiaj posesj will be secured from a  rate of
New Westminster, > ���> mills.
(3528) | 	
__ Shipments   of   clothing   and   provi-
Welcome a Daughter. j si-*'-*-   'or  sufferers   from   the   recent
There  are   rejoicings   in   the   bouse I mine disaster at  Hillcrest. Alta.. will
of Mr   and   Mrs   lt.   l'roulx.  of   Mail- I be carried  free by  tlle  Dominion  Ex-
lardvllle   over the birth of a daughter I OTeam company when addressed to the
Matsqui Assessment.
Wild land is an expensive luxury in |     M,s   Clifford   Lord,  wife of the i.s-
Malsqui municipality following a rate | Blatant   postmaster,   and   family,   left
fruit  boxes  try
Manufacturing Co..
on Saturday.
i r. lief committee.
Mr. O-eorge Whyte wishes to thank
friends  for  sympathy  shown   in    bis I
recent bereavement caused by the Km-
press  of   Ireland  disaster. (8680)
Electric  Fire Alarm.
The   electric   fire  alarm   apparatus
is  now   installed  in   the   Maillardville
municipal  offices,  internally   and  externally     Once set in motion tlu
rings   continuously   Until   stopped
Chinaman Battered Up.
A Chinaman named Wong Non got
entangled with a li. C. K. li. car
late yesterday, which necessitated a
trip to the Itoyal Columbian hospital
in the police ambulwca Dr, McQuar
lie was called in and found lhe man
pretty badly battered up in the shape
of bruises, besides having to draw
Beveral   stitches  in  one  of  bis  arms.
Saturday for    Banff    und   Calgary,
where   they   will   spend   the   summer
* ���   ���
Miss Dorothy I'ostiil, who recently
graduated from Moulton college, Toronto, arrived home lust week to
spend lhe summer vacation.
��� ���    ��
City Treasurer Stanley Gilchrist is '
a patient at the Koyal Columbian hospital where he underwent an operation for appendicitis on Friday eve-
ning last. He is reported to be making excellent progress.
��    ���    ���
Registered at the Russell hotel: Mr
H. ,i. MI sow, Blaine; Mr. w. Oranton,
Port Moody; Mr. Ed. St ele. Victoria;
Mr. Kdward Ootchy, Blaine; Mrs. J.
Boiloway, Mission City; Mrs. Q, F.
Osborne, Mission City; Mr, 11. Howell.
Mission City.
Hay, Grain, Flour
and Feed
The fire is now over and we are all ready to fill your orders. Our
auto delivery is running again, which enables us to give you tbe bast
of service.
Our office is just opposite the old  stand.
The Brackman-Ker
Milling Company, Ltd.
Phone vour orders to 96 or 97.
St. John    he Baptist.
Uriquett."*    Briquettes, cheaper than I    The  village of  Malllardvilli
coal.    Harry    Davis tc Co.,    Phones) profusely decorated   yesterday
;tIUl 4ii|, (3466) Iflags iii boner of the 'eta day
__^. John   the  Baptist.    Approprlati
was :
with |
of si.;
Tliero is a period In the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���hut it may be
made  under wrong influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persons���according to tlie
deceased's wish���would have
shared in the distribution of the
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
The advice of the Dominion
Trust company in this matter
may be of value to you. All such
discussions are treated In Btrict
Dominion Trust
May Fly  High.
New Westminster's chief executive
will take B big chance at Siiinii.* nexl
Saturday should he BCOt pi the in
Vitation  Of   II.   K.   Hunter,  all   aviator.
to take a flight at the Sumas cell bra-
j lion.
1IAIH  WORK:    Shampoo and plain
hair dress.    50c;    manicuring,  35c.
'Phone 1:429 for appointments.    Twc
! doors below Russell hotel on  Begble
street.   We will sand for your orders.
S S. Marmion Arrives.
The S.S. Marmion came up river
on Saturday and unloaded a par; car
go of oement at Gilley Bros., before
proceeding up river to the I'itt river
bridge with 4000 sacks of cement for
Armstrong and Morrison, the successful contractors on  the  structure.
The Fraser Perry Navigation company's ferry No. 1 is open for charter to excursions and picnics, For
further information apply to Ed.
Kalch, telephone 104. i 7,7,771
Miss Pare Improving.
Miss Antoinette Pare, daughter of
Chid' of Police Pare, of Coquitlam,
has returned to her home at Maillardville alter a serious operation successfully carried through In the Koyal
Columbian hospital at New Westminster. Mi.-s Pare is recovering wonderfully.
Pleasant Church Social.
A strawberry and ice cream social
under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid
and Guild of St. Paul's church was
held Friday night at the residence
of Mr, and Mrs. S. 1-7 Marks. 707 Agnes street. The tables were beautifully arranged with flowers, etc.. and
presided over by the member.-; of the
Ladies* Aid and young ladies of the
Guild. Musicai numbers were rendered by Miss Vera and Miss Kileen Gil-
| vices were celebrated In honor of the
saint, who is recognized as the patron
! saint of the French-Canadians. During the day the Maillardville brass
baud pa railed playing through the
principal streets of the village.
Better Service Wanted.
Baseball fans in attendance at yesterday's game at Millslde encored a
complaint against the service maintained by the II. C, B. K. during the
afternoon when a two-car train at ::
o'clock ..as used to accommodate nigh
two hundred passengers. No
i tional cars were added for the return
trip al 5 o'clock which left some l7'r>
at the mills until 6 o'clock when they
were  crowded   in  a   single  car.
icontinued trom page one)
Delegates Given Auto Ride.
At the conclusion of tlie conference
of Women's Institutes of tlle lower
mainland the visiting delegates were
entertained by the city by being
t'nsported to Fraser Mills and the
Colony Farm by autos. tbe big lumber
plant and the government stock farm
being Inspected. In the evening the
delegates were entertained at Central Park by ihe institutes of Burquitlam and Central  Park.
Co-Operative Association
The Perpetual Trustee.
PHONE  458.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
New  Potatoes, 7 lbs for  ....25c
Watermelon, per Ib 6c
Strawberries, local, 2  boxes  L'fic
Tomatoes,  per  Ib 20c
Lettuce, 7' heads for   6c
Cucumbers, each       10c
Rhubarb, 7 pounds   25c
Finest Tabic Apples, 3 lbs., ,25c
Malicious Damage.
Police Chief Part's attention was
called yesterday to mischievous dam-
am. done to Mr. Wilson's house near
Port Coquitlam. Hurrying to the
scene from Maillardville the chief
found the windows of the house had
been smashed. Ile arrested two
young cyclists from Vancouver as the
authors of the mischief, took their
names and addresses as preliminary
to a prosecution and let them go tern-
Fred Davis will sill by public auction I absolutely without reserve I
the phandjsome and well -appointed
household furniture and effects of
Mr. Jamleson, on the premises at
L'09 Queen's avenue, on Tuesday.
June 30, at 1:80 p.m. sharp. This
sale is of unusual importance, and
will be appreciated by lovers of high
class house furnishings. Sale will
include In part: Fine pianoforte by
Christie   In   handsome   carved   case;
j three oil landscape paintings by
Charles Kingsley; one oil landscape,
by Gracey;  three very heavy  Wilton
I and Axminster carpets; three-piece
mahogany frame parlor suite, upholstered In velvet; a complete dining
room suite in solid quarter sawed
golden oak, comprising buffet. 10-fool
pi'd.'stal  extensloln  table, set of  six
[dining chairs, and china cabinet, this
I suite cost $200 am: :.- learly new;
oak Morris chairs and leather tiphol-
.'tend rockers; oak library table,
drop-iip-ail Singer sewing nachlne;
large rocking horse; three very
handsome oak dressers and chiffoniers; i wo vi r\ h avy bra s bedstead -
: tlie closing days of the Emperor Fran-
' cis Joseph, who is now S4 years of
iuge. The murdered archduke, after
j the suicide of his own son. Rudolph,
, in  1880,  became  the  hope of the   Em-
' pi ror. .md throughout European dlp-
[lomacv Francis Ferdinand was recognized   as  a   mun  of  gnat   force   and
character,  singularly   free from    the
hereditary  taint    of    the    liapsburg
addi- | family, and a quantity to be reckoned
with.     More than any other one man
it was  Francis  Ferdinand  who committed   Austria-Hungary   to   tbe   tor-
ward   policy   of   the   last   few   years,
marked by the seizure of Bosnia and
Herzogovina,    A   bold and  ambitious
i man. an ardent Germanophlle, and op-
��� posed   io   Russia,   and   therefore    to
I Franc,   and tireat Britain, it lias long
! been   understood   in   the   continental
i embassies that bis accession to    tbe
| throne    whicli   apparentl)   could   not
I long be delayed���might    be   fraught
j with grave issues.
Ferdinand  I,  emperor    of  Austria!
from  1793 to 1876, lefl  no issue and
] predeceased   by   his     only     brother, |
: Francis Charles.   The latter, however,
' left   four   sons.   Francis  Joseph,     the
present emperor;  Maximilian, the em-
I peror of Mexico who fell victim to the
tortUOUB   policy   of   the   emperor     of
the French and was executed In 1867;
Charles  l.ouis.  who died in  1896, and
l.ouis  Victor,  the youngest,  still   living.
Death of Rudolph Recalled.
Rudolph, only son oi the present
emperor, took his life in 1889, under
���mysterious circumstances, Maximilian had left no direct heir and the
apparent was therefore Francis Ferd-
inand. eldest son of (.'buries l.ouis.
ile, however, in 1900, contracted a
inorganic marriage with Sophia. Countess of Chotek, renouncing for bla
', sons the succession to the monarchy.
Thus, even hud he come to the throne
the heir apparent would not have been
his own son but the elder son of his
brother Otto, who died in tragic clr-
cumstat-pees in 190��. Otto lefl two
sons, Charles Francis Joseph, born in
1887, and Maximilian Eugene, born in
1896.     Thus   a   young   man  of   77.   who
has to make Ins mark, devolved In a.
j moment the tremendous responsibility
of tii ��� throne of Austria-Hungary   But
a few weeks ago the life of the (unpen, r. Francis Joseph, was all but
Idlspaired ol und It was only the wonderful constitution of this weary old
man that brought blm through.
Francis Inherited Wealth.
!     lu 1S77. the Archduke Francis Ford-
1 inand.   who   wus   born     in     lsr,.",,   in-
Iherlted the wealth of the Bete family
and   look   the   title   Of  archduke     of
Auslrin-Kste.     With   the  exception   of
Charles   V,   iln    Hapsburga   have   pro-
I duced no statesmen of great ability.
! while severa) numbers of tlie family
' have displayed marked traces of insanity. Nevertheless thi y secured,
\iuid lor over .'am years they kept the
lust place among the potentates of
Europe, a dignity in origin ami theorj
t lective, bee.miiiig in practice hereditary in their house. This position
tbey owe to some extent to the tenacity wltb which tin; have clung to
the \ar,mis land., and dignities thai
bave passed  nil.i their possession, but
tiny owe i; much more to a Beries
of fortunate marriages and opportune
The union of .Maximilian and Mary
j of Burgundy, of Phillip the bandsome
and Juanna of Spain, of Ferdinand
and Anna of Austria and Bohemia,
lhe death of Ottakar oi Bohemia, of
John, tiie only son of Ferdinand and
Isabella of Spain, of l.ouis of Hung
ary iaoi Bohemia these ar" the cornerstones on whicli the Hapsburg
monarchy has been bail:. Today the
crown represents tin- solveni between
the   warring   factious   of  Austria   and
BBS     -    -
of Hungary, but in no sense Ihe iiiihi-
lireliy us a popular Institution, L' is
Often said, though, that it is only the
gnat personal popularity ami experienced temporising of Francis Joseph
that   keep  the  dual   monarchy  an   em
pin .
Public Meeting.
At tiie request of a number of lbe
rati payers 1 hereby call a Public
Meeting in the St. Patrick's Hall, on
Monday, the 29th Inst., at H p.m , n>
consider the exclusion of tbe Hlndm
now    on    board    I be   ship      Kotn.i    ll i
Maru at Vancouver.
A. VV. lill.Vi
Mayor's Office, May. r
June 7'ii.  mi I. I',.",;.;,
Monday and  Tuesday.
An   out   uf   the  ordinary   play,
featuring    Grace    Cunard    ami
Frances  Ford, creators of "Lu-
Cllll    Love."
One of those inimitable sterl
Ing comedies, with Ford Sterling, the funniest comedian of
them all,
This picture show I the man
oeuvri s of the Italian cavalry
which for sheer recklessness
have never been equalled.
Our Pictures and Music are
in   perfect   harmony.
Bathing Caps
25c to $1.75
Water Wings
c Dye that colors ANY KIND(
of Cloth Perfectly, with the
an.   Clran ind Slmplr
| Ask your I Hi'*-*.-.: nr I>f��l*r. S<-   .
Tht Johii.mi.Ku h..r(f��c��n Co. Limited, Mootrtnl .
furniture Store
C.  8
606   Columbia   Street.
KEITH. Manager.
Co-tkrative Association
33   Eighth  St.
Phcne 4J3.
Seasonable   Fruits
Fresh   Supplies   Daily
"Clover  Leaf" Brand
Manufactured  by  th*   Crystal    Dairy
Con pany is absolutely pure a:.'! only
; S-.v<. t Cream  is used,    li  smacks of
I the (lover leaf, and is just  ns sweet.
! Try   it   and  be  convinced.
|   Manufacturers ef Pure Crystal Ice.
Phone     1150    and     E.-courn-je     Local
The Crystal Dairy Co.!
Special Low Prices on Furniture
Carpets and Curtains
555 Sixth  Et.
lxical  Raspberries, 3 boxi s    25c
Cholci   Peaches, 2 lbs 25c
Apricots, 2 lbs 25c
I'er' basket       50c
('nine   I'lums, 2  lbs 26c
I'e,   basket    56c
Large Red Plums, 2 lbs.  25c
I'er  basket        60c
Cantaloupes, - foi       7*pc i
Gooseberries,   per  basket    10c |
Local Cherries, 3 lbs   25c
I.ibbey's   Meat  an:!   Fish   Pastes,   per
jai  20c. 2 fur     35c
fanned   Pineapple.  2   for    25c
I!   ('.   / ilk, per tin         lee
' .  Potatoes, 7 lb.- 25c
G "i'  Peas, 4 lbs 25c
I ��� ttuce, Cucumbers, Radishes, Gn ":i
Oni . ,-tc, kept clean and nice undi nfe  water.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 188.
fJijrr  Sloci< Kirobls   ��ir����t.
7-11  Sixth Street.
have Started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New West-
minster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reasonable.    Give  us a trial.
Phone  1254.
When Hungry Look fer a White Place
to Eat.
White  Cooks
'Nuf  Said.
Iron Bed, complete with Spring an.; Mattress; full
/(���:   value ip i   $11.00 tt*��*   AA
peclal        ��?0.%fU
ri.iss  Bed;   regular .;I7 7.", A jn  TC
peclal     ...    4) 1*3. | ��
Brass Bed;  regular $24.50. CIO Cfl
Hrass   Bed;   regular  {30.00 C 1 Q  CA
Speoial    $ Itf.OU
Six   Foot  Extension Table. CC Art
Specia]      ��PO.UU
Six Fool  Extension Table;  oak  finish;   ffQ CA
regulai   111.75,    Specia!           $��?.DU
Ux Foot Dak Table; golden or earlj     C 1 ft CA
English finish.    Special     ^ I U.OU
One of the  Best Rug Values Ever Offered
i!ar $20.00.
Read - fire - News
New   w'eatmlnster.        Phone 69.
*:!>  Brussels  Rug;
HxlO.fl   Brussels  Km.'
'l\17'    Bl'is
Kng;   regular .*7'7,.iiii.
Gale of Sample Pairs of Lace Curtains.
and  we an- going to clear
I'r un pine to [our pilr, and  *������.(- are
them  out at  less  Mini  I'u.-t   Price.     Below
(,!  the prices:
l.ace Curtains;   regular $1 77.  per  pair.
Special,   per  pair   	
l.ace  Curtains;   regular  i'213  per  pair.
.Special,   per  pair   	
I.iici' Curtains;  regular $3.25 per  pair.
Special, per pair  	
l.ace Curtains;   regular  $4.77.   per  pair.
Special,  per pair  	
Lace  Curtains;   regular  $5.50  per  pair.
Special,  tier pair  	
Lace  curtains;   regular  $7.50  per  pair.
Special, per pair 	
are a   f-w
We Pack, Ship and Prepay Freight cn All Goods
Camp    Furnishings
| Supplied at Lowest
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
We do All Kinds of
Upholstering   and
Cabinet Making
Estimates  Free
Phone 588 MONDAY,  JUNE  29,  1914.
Big   Negro  Jeered  for   His Burlesque
Show    Against    Moran���White
Hope Loses Decision
Washington     Team     Break   Even   on
Trip���Hurley   whole   Show   on
Shutting om New Westminster u to
0, and losing lo l'l user Mills 15 to 5,
was the record of the Sumas, Wash.,
team during their visit over tin- week
On Saturday it was all llurhy The
star twirler, who two weeks ago lost
.   i ci game to Blston al Sumas, came
back   in    rare    style    allowing      three
measly hits in tin- seventh Inning
 I noi a semblance of a score. Slaton   was  on   the   uiniiiiil   for  the locals
and n't (inly wa:- oft color hut was
given poor support hy his team mates,
who booted no less than seven times,
Sumas did their scoring in tin- first,
sp cond, sixth ami ninth,
The   I'l-ii    Westminster   man   tn   !'P't
, u -ir.-t was Silver in ih.- fifth tbrougb
an error.
in in., seventh, after Gravlln bad
��� in k i.ui, Welugartner singled but
.... i ui |. adlng "it Bllvi r singled
ami  waa  advanced  to  second    bj   a
singll     lii.in    Moir      Steele's     out     to
short ended anj chance of scoring.
Scon It.   H     E.
Sum,::-1      0      0      2
Westminster 0     il     7
il.it*. i ii-s Hurl. J and Tripleti;
Slaton ami Whyte, Huhnke
SwMfes   at  Millside.
Al  Fraser Mills a comedy of errors
assisted by brilliant work of the
Circle K int.eld was responsible for
tbe heavy di-itat of the Sumas nine,
the final score reading 10 to 5.
The Washington nine stnrted out by
hammering Jack Horn for four safe
bits which netted three runs, a homer
by D. Elotree bringing in two runners.
The lumbermen came back with
four tallica on a Berles of errors, not
a single bit oeiii;; made in the stanza,
Intermittent scoring by Eraser Mills
continued until the sixth when more
i-i rots coupled with timely lilts accounted lor seven more tallies.
Hurley  Again.
Iladley. the l.yndeii. Wash, regular
l wilier, who started cut for Sniinis.
was yanked in the seventh lu place
of Hurley, who lei Kraser Mills bave
cue hit and one run during t!i>' ii1.'.I
I-.'.ip  stanzas.
The absence of Rogers, who played
a stellar game during Saturday's con
test, u;,s responsible for the collapse ui the auppoit to liadhy, thi
substitute breaking up tbe combination.
Gravlln was thi .-mi man of the afternoon, fielding his position at short
with a precision well worthy of thi
applause which vas banded out iron,
time in Ume. Several of his play:,
were of the sensational brand. Steele
Wi Ingartner and .lack Gay also back-
p I up Horn in greal Btyle.
Score I!.    H     E,
Sumas        3     9    17
Circle P  16     '.)     -t
Batteries; Horn and Huhnke; il.id
ley, Hurley and Trlplett,
(By   William  Phillip Siinnis.)
I'aris,    June      28,    .lack      Johnson,
| heavyweight champion pugilist, retained his title here last night in a 20-
rouiid bout with Erank Moran and
gathered another "champion bunco
artist of tlie world."
Tht- cunning negro stalled through
|twenty rounds of the worst lighting
ever seen iu a championship contest
against a man v. ho showed neither
skill nor punch. When the hippodrome
was over, he was richer by probably
$100,001 anil had not even answered
the question the sporting world has
aBked for months -whether or not he
is "all iu."
Utterly disguestcd. tbe enormous
ciowd of fight fans who packed the
blppodrome to iee the alleged mill
veined their displeasure throughout
the contest with volleys of "boo" and
.ailed on the men to fight,
Even the nobility oi Prance and
their ladle*, who, resplendent In diamonds and ball gowns thronged the
big ball, ih luanded action nr their
money   back.
It was not a fight. It was lint even
a near-flgbt, Moran showed ah.-.olute-
I;. untiling. Johnson was never extended, and whether In- still can fighl
a  leal   man   is as  miuli  ol  a  niystei;,
as ever.    The champion either ddib-
erately allowed Moran to stay tlie
limit by refusing in punish him or lie
'has nothing."
Charitable experts who saw the
fight were unanimous i't it.-, close that
.inlins.ni is gone thai he will be easy
[or any r al fighter others and
among them manj who know the
negro's  cunning mind   spoke openly
Of   the   fighl   being   fixed,   at   lea-:   so
far as Johnson was concerned.
They believed i> was of little moment whether Moran agreed to bave
ihe affair go twenty rounds. He had
noi a chance from the first blow and
Johnson, it is believed, knew it well
before he ever got  into tlie ring.
Royal City Team Rounding Into Form
���Port   Coquitlam   Victims   on
The Itoyal City cricketers continued
their   victorious   streak   on   Saturday
I by  defeating   I'ort   Coquitlam  (in   the
I Asylum   grounds   by   a   score   of   145
!to  69.
F. A. Rosa came back Into his own
i In the bowling line, securing no loss
i than nine wickets at small cost. This
is the best performance of uny bowler in the mainland league so far this
Four New Westminster batsmen
went into double figures, I'eel with
37 leading all. Hamilton sprung a
surprise by hitting up ii*. before being retired.
The scores:
Port  Coquitlam.
Asylur-1 Nine Lose Out to Colony Farm
Eunch���Gotchy   vs   Leeper
���   A  Gocd  Game.
Nationals   Still     Undefeated���Tecum-
ceh; Lose���Quebec Beats Toronto
and   Wins  First  Game.
With  Gotchy of the Blaine Wblti
Sox pitching his usual game, the Ea-
sondale team defeated the mental hospital nine on the asylutn grounds Sat-.
urday afternoon by a scon- of B to .'.
Much  Interest was shown    in    the]
struggle,  a  large  crowd   being  :n  at-.
tendanc ���  on   tbe    splendid    grounds
maintained by the Btaff under Dr   C.
i: Doherty.   Leeper waB on the mound
for the local, nine bul failed to stop
ihe onslaught In the second and fifth
Innings when five tallies were sent
across, hr. Frieze, assistant superln-
tendanl at Bssondale, captained the
visitors and also caughl a heady game.
The followin . was the line-up:
Asylum Slaton. McCabe, Moir,
Riley, Leeper, Walsh, Stanley, Brown
. :. i Hcnsi n.
i I ile   Gravelin,   Ames,   Camp
bell,   .-':��� tie,   Gotchy,   Merrill,   ETreize,
n j In and  Ei nle Johnson,
Umpire     Fred   J.   Lynch.
Interest In the Big Four lacrosse
league will soon be waning unless
the Toronto aud Quebec clubs can
take the measure of the Nationals of
Montreal. The flying Frenchmen
scored their sixth straight victory at
Toronto on Saturday, defeating Charlie Querrie'** Tecumsehs by a score
of IG to 1". Querrie played a whale
��� il a game for his hand, hut l.alondc
and company had Ihe edge every time.
A;  Quebec the  team  under Johnny
Howafd   spilled   the    beans    when    it'
downed  tiie  fast-gOlng Torontos  by  a
score  of   11   to  tv     This   is  Quebec's i
lirst  Victory  of the season.    It  would!
nol he surprising to many to hear of:
i changes on the Toronto team.   Rumors
of distention  are coming to the  fore.
Big   Four  Standing.
Won. Lost. For. Agt. I
Nationals    0       0       97        44
Tecumsehs       3       3       4il       59
Toronto      .   2        -I        i!4        77
Quebec  1       3      47      tit��
Sergt. Wilson Showed Young 'Uns He
Still There With Eyesight.
The younger marksmen of the 104th
Regiment   were   forced   to   give   way
to an  old  timer on   Saturday  at   the
, Brownsville range, st uf Sergt. Ralph
1 Wilton   coining  through  with   a   card
j of '.IS and  also a  possible on  the  five
I hundred   range     Sloan,   Knight   and
Cunningham,    the  regularity  trio,  so
far  as   high   scores     are    concerned,
wen-   unable  to  make  much  headway
in the glaring sunlight, while 80 was
ill   that   Tim   Mahony   could   muster.
i'he  scores  follow:     ;
!0O r>0U 000 Ttl
Austin,  c   Irving,   b   Rose
Smith,  b  Rose   	
J. Ruffell, c Peel, b Rose
Iteid, b Rose   	
I'. Balnbridge, b Rose ...
. 1). F Godwin,    c Waltham. h
. 0, Ingram, c Davies, b it
use. .
li. Ruddock, c Duncan, b
New Westminster.
iv, E, H. Bartlett, c Reid, b
. A. Wp lis, b Rice 	
II. V.'al:ham. c Huddock. b
i. G. Davies, b Rice
')'. Duuford.  b Rice 	
A. Rose, b Smith  	
C, B. Cave, not out   	
That i.s what you require from an Executor.
What Kind of Service Do You Require ?
The cost is just the same.
This company offers an expert service, it offers Use acrsiee of
a staff especially trained in the handling of Kstates, thn Mr*ice of
a management who are experienced iu tiie man .geineat af all kinds
of affairs and the service of a Board of Directors who have Bade a
success of their own affairs iu nearly every class of limiiissa km British Columbia.
Is it not reasonable to suppose that they can give a better eer-
vice than can an individual and that their concensus of aaastisa will
be more accurate thau the opinion of an  individual*
Consult us and ullow  us to advise with you.
���   '��/""���   . LIMITED
,'<*���'    ;*��� �����    -       *���-,.,
,    J;J.Jones. MAN^DIR.      , J.A.Rennie. SECf-TRES
S.-Sgt,  R   Wilson  32 35 31 98
Col.-Sgt.  W. .1. Sloan. . Ml 32 2\ 04
l.t. M. J. Knight  .... 32 33 20 04
capt. Cunningham ... 31 31 31 03
Pte,  N,  Morrison     iiu 31 30 91
'l.t   \V. J. Droves  .... 30 30 ilo 00
Q.M.-Sgt. Mahony    30 29 21 Su
l.t.  '17   1).  Trapp   ...   . 30 2K 21 79
Pte, J. spi neer  2':', 19 24 oo
Pte, .1. Owen     27) 20 16 iii
Pte. S. A   Solomon... 22 19 19 ti"
Pte. n. McAulay   - 80 28 68
-   Did not shoot.
Rosedale Drew 2000 Fans and  Won���
Cornwall  Faded in Last Quarter
and   Lest.
Toronto, June 28. ���Rosedale doubled
the score on the Shamrocks yesterday
iu a game that was full of exciting incidents and brilliant lacrosse. Although the Hosedales led throughout
they had to fight every inch of the
way. Nearly 2000 people witnessed
the game, which ended with the scor;*,
Rosedale 10, Shamrocks 5.
Cornwall Swamped.
Montreal, June 28. ���Montreal defeated Cornwall in a spectacular finish in the N. 1.. C. game played at
the Westmount grounds yesterday afternoon by 8 to 2. The home team
was outplayed two-thirds of the time,
but they came back strong towards
the end and put a crimp iu the hopes
of Cornwall.
Special Feature.
It contains a mystery. Two girls are one and the
same. He falls in love with both, marries one^olves
the secret and is doubly happy.   In two parts.
"Hearst-Selig News Pictorial No. 29,1914.
Including the "Empress of Ireland Disaster"
(By the Potter.i
Castem     Challengers   Show   Splendid
Finish���Score 5-4���Kendall Not
Allowed to  Play.
Beat! n   by  a  belter team  was
consensus of opinion  amonj*
Westminster  contingent     In    attendance although they were praying that
the  V.  a   C,   would   pull  out  in  the I
lead   in  order  thai   Alex.   Turnbull's i
sen.or amateurs  might   gel  a  chance !
on   copping   the   silverware   foi
firs;  time.
Gotchy, the star twirler for tbe
i,l,line. Wash., team, will be on the
mound for the Columbus aggregation
on  Tuesday  niKht   with  the  Moose  as
tlle opposition.
The   crowds  at   .Saturday's   baseball
games are exceeding  those  in  attend- j
nne   al   professional   lacrosse   games  i
Hitter   weather  could   nc;   have  been j
procured than that which prevailed at
QuQOtis  Park on  Saturday.
Standing of the Clu
p Vancouver     4:<
Seattle       48
��� Spokane       4S
i Portland       2!i
! Victoria       27
] Tacoma       27
visitors arrived In the rear ofl
consensus   in   opinion   union--',     the  la-j*press   notices     which     featured     the
crosse  fans  ol   Vancouver on  Satur-  strength of the p. A. I.. A. champions
.   , i and   tins   publicity   in   no   wise  over-
doyafte on when the V. a. c. Mann   ,,, ,,,���.,, lh��� ���,,,.,. wnen ,������.,. tl](, 0n.
cupholders lost oui In the first game   tarlo    hoys    got    going.    Vancouver
nf the si'iies with  Brampton, Ont., 5 | would have won Saturday's game had;
goals t.p -i     with tl in- goal lead   Kendall  hen   playing al   centre,    it
The one goal lead obtain! d by
Brampton in tbe Mann cup series, Is
h> no means secure. Next Saturday's
game should he a hummer trom slart
to finish.
1 btalned  by   thi
lhe   avowed
.   ,, ,.,.-,  ,..,   ,......,..   .mention  of the  v.
"���'" challengers.   A  (.   ,., ,,.,��� (mt lh(. sI.|r bu, fl w,rJ
nexl Saturday's game should furnish received by Referee Lester Patrick
the frills, total goals counting for i from Joe Lallj put a quietus on such
possession of the world's champion- a ln0ve ���-������������>' ���"���"-'' " Plalu ,h*"
ship silverware Kendall was under tlie ban in Allnr-j
Dazed  In the'first  quarter by the   <-B  all(l  "'���������  '���������'  Jurisdiction  of  the I
attack   Of   Vancouver,   the   Brampton l('    A   A    '     extending over the  whole
players gradually gained confidence I��r ������"��� Dominion, he issued positive
until the fourt] rlod when they ran   instructions  that  another  man   must
wild   tbrougb   the  Terminal   City's  de   I I"' In  the llnel-up in  place of Kendall.
fence, three goals to one. Davis sen*- Bernte Feedham, of East Burnaby,
ing the deciding tally with om- min- ��Peued tbe scoring tor Vancouver, at-
���t(, )(l  pja) l ter  seventeen   minutes'  of  play.
That   the   cup   Will   travel   eastwaril'      '"   ���������"  s*'*,"ml  'I'tarter.  Wright  sent
 ....   the  v. A. C. further ahead     Stevens,
after a sojourn of three Rummers on I *���������'    '�������� ���-     - -���
the coast  is the opinion of the New  a studeut at Columbian college, notch-
         ed the tirst  for Brampton;  Qllmour,
?���^g���~ -������ ���- ^sssl y  a. ('., finishing the quarter with u
j third  tally.
Brampton held the play in the third
quarter, Davis scoring the only goal
, during the twenty minutes.   The fire-
| -works started In the last period when
J .-Ir.iiiipli.n.  apparently  with  plenty  of
! stamina    left,  opened  up an  attack
which   was  only   broken   once.    That
was whin GilmOUr scored his secon 1
;oal for Vancouver.   The easterners
cat  through three goals In  the final
;t.p>i,:a.   tense   interest    being   shown
when Davis scored the deciding tally.
Five  penalties  were  handed  out   by
Lester   Patrick,   who   officiated   alone
in  lhe absence  Of  Joe Conn:'.!!
A   crowd   of   3000     w.tnesseil     the
" m     THEATRE   ""
"CoclcFt   Sr>ot   in  Town."
Great Keystone, featuring
Mal-lc Nor-riandt and "Mack"
"The    Mysterious    Shot."
Thrilling    two-part    Reliance
."���OTHER   FINE   REELS���3
Hear our new organist, Darwin  Wood     He's a wondc
Swimming, Hikes. Mountain Climbing,
Paper Chases.
May  15 to  Oct. 1, $2.00.
| Royal Avenue. Phone 1000.
There is no surmising th.  fact that '���
Josephus  Lally is In  wrong  with the
Vancouver  lacrosse croud.    Joe  i.s  in
wrong   and   there   is   no   saying   just '
what    would   happen   him   should   he
put iii aii appearance al   Burrard In-
let.    The  suspension  Of  Kendall  from
the V. A. C. line-up by Lally on Satur-;
day   has   started   no   end   of   trouble, ;
unnecessary to the greater extent   for
the evidence brought against the play-
er was enough to convict him of vip-
latlng the amateur rules. Instead of
the vixenish attitude maintained    by
Vancouver against the Mann cup trustee, tlu- powers that be should take
step*, and fire the entire hunch of
II.  C,  A.   A    l'.  officials,  whose  gross
contempt   of  th-  amateur rules and
the Alberta iinio.i, is beyond all question.
Curbing the Chamo::.
Boxing promoters are tabling ahout i
getting   together     and     checking   the
rapacity of the boxers by a firm and
united refusal to pay high prices for
big bouts.    This sounds  as  familiar !
ns ihe old dinner horn on  tho farm, i
1!  Has been suggested before,    ll  has j
been   tried   before.    The   promoters
have gathered,    taken  solemn oaths
and made compacts not  to go crass}
on bidding for bouts and then parted
I with the idea that they had put the
Dutch  hex on the bov, rs.    It  was always line and dandy until some gocd
locking  bout  ciiiu- along,  when  the
fun started.   Some promoter sneaked
over to the hack room of the Green
Owl  and offered a private bonus of
-ay  $.-|lM)  to  the  manager of Swatter
McQue  to sign  with  his club,  and  a
like sum to the manager of Knockem-
still Larson to likewise sign  with Iiis
club.   Someone always tipped the play
and   within   Iweiity-lour     hours     lhe
solemn    covenanters    were   chewing
each others ears, figuratively, and going money  crazy   in   bidding  for the
fray that appealed to their fancy.    It
w;i.( always thus and will ever lie so.
Yesterday's Games.
At Spokane - lt.    II.    B.
Victoria       2      4       1
Spokane    3      7      0
Batteries    MeHenry  and   Hoffman;
Coveleskl and  Shea.
Second Game It.    H.    17
Victoria     7     9     2
Spokane   5   in     4
Batteries    Driscol!   and     Hoffman;
Arli'tt.   Hughes   and   Shea.
At Seattle R.    H     '*-��� '
Seattle       ���">     "     '
Portland       4     "     1
Baterles   Gipe and Cadman;   Leon
ard  and   Williams.
Second Game
Seattle       *�� *���      M
Portland       ���"'    '"     -
iiatteries    Konai.     Pullerton     and
t adman,   Hanson  and   Williams.
At  Tacoma: H_   H.    E.
Tacoma       ���>      '���'      -'
Vancouver **     ��     ���'
Baterles    Baker.   Brottem  and  Stephens; Hunt. Harstad and Qrlndell.
Second Game 1
Tacoma    "     ,!     -
Vancouver      '      '���'      " '
iiatteries   Kauffman and   Brottem;
Dot! nnd Cheek.
Standing of the Cl
New   York      36
Cincinnati     33
Chicago     31
Pittsburg     39
Philadelphia   28
Ilrooklyn       2ti
Boston        27,
Every  Telephone,  whether
in Your Office cr  in Your
Residence Is a Long Distance
Station  Ready  for Service
Day and Night.
By Long Distance Telephone Service you can talk
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Yesterday's  Gaines.
Pittsburg ti. Cincinnati 7.
Second gaine Pittsburg 0. Cincinnati 1.
St.  l.ouis 6,  Chicago 0,
Second game St. l.ouis ���".. Chicago
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    l.os' Tct
Philadelphia     38      2-1 ,613
I Detroit       38       30 .569
St. l.ouis   lit;       31 .537
Washington 33        30 .7.24
i lioston       33       :U .616
Chicago       33       :12 ,507
New  York       22        lit! .379
Cleveland      22      40 .354
Yesterday's Games.
Cleveland 4. Detroit u
St.  Louis  1-2, Chicago 2-3.
������Terminal  Facilities of  North  Pacific'
The   Terminal   Facilities   of   North
Pacific Ports is the title of a volume|
which has ust been issued by the Terminal Publishing company, Seattle, lt
covers  the   principal   ports   from   San
iliego 011   the South  to  Nome on  the
north,  with  an   extended   reference  to
New   Westminster.     The   regulations
governing  these   ports   are   given     in
full, and all charges tbat are assessed
against  either  the  ship  or  the  cargo
are   Included.     The     names   and   addresses  of  government  officials,    foreign consuls and others In each port,
whose   names   and   addresses   are   of
lvalue   to  masters  and   shippers,    are
; given.    One section  Is devoted to the
j depth of water in all the hays and in-
: lets on   the   United   States  coast.  The
.customs, marine Insurance, Immigra
tion  regulations and  matters of that
sort are set forth in detail.
There are scores or tables in the
work. The money or all roreign countries is reduced to its Canadian and
I'nited States equivalent and foreign
weights are reduced to avoirdupois
pounds. One remarkably useful table
which is Included and which is here
published for the first time gives at
a glance the amount of freight due on
any shipment tiiat is paid by its cubic
measurement. With this book at his
elbow a transportation man need
waste no time in figuring out rates.
To find the cost of 17 cubic feet at
$23.00 per ton entails no more labor
than running a pencil along a lino
and  copying down the figures.
"The Terrain*] Facilities of North
Pacific Ports" retails for $2.00 per
volume and will be published ;in-
MONDAY,  JUNE  29,   1914.
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sons to serve on   he Board of School FURNISHED    HOUSI
Trustees of Coquitlam to complete the $1()                lh
board;  the  lour  persons  elected   to 2|4pSeventh street                 (7,452
hold office until January, 1915. 	
:s e-
The  modi   of nomination of i-aniH-.lnK s 1 a*************:��� =
ial! U" us follows:    The candidates shall .,_..  .c ���,.-,��; uuce-rummc-rep   pr
h   nominated In writing, the writing shall CITY OF NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
i..  subscribed by two voters ������!' thu school  ���
ilKtrict   ns   Proposer  ami   Seconder,  and tenders for Sapperton Sewer No. 2
shall be delivered to the Returning Offlc- ����������������">��             rr
��� i  ,u anv time between the <i;ii��� ��� of this ���
��� -.. iiiipI 2  (.'clock p.m.  on  the day of The Corporation invites Tenders for
nomination, and In the cyeni of a poll be- tlir, con8truction nt about  7 3-4 miles
^o^!!r'in,'vf;      I'It'oM   Of combined     sewers  for  Districts A
THURSDAY.   JULY  2,   1314.   AT   9.00 I     fl   ,,   ^  mUM   ^  ^  Sappc,.ton
A.M. AND CLOSED AT 7.00 P.M.       sewer System No. 2.    Laying reinforc-
at ; cd concrete pipe, -0 inches to 48 in-
MUNICIPAL   OFFICES,   MAILLARD-; dies in diameter, providing and laying j
VILLE, vitrified   pipes   from   4   inches   to   IS
BURQUITLAM   AGRICULTURAL inches   In   diameter,  and   construction
HALL,  AUSTIN   ROAD,  BURQUIT-   of syphon anil  outfall.
lam. Further  Information,  specifications
glen   SCHOOL,     PORT     MOODY  and plans may be obtained from J. W.
p.OAD. B. Blackman, M. Can. Soc. C. E��� City
-pf   which   all   persons   are   hereby   re-   Engineer,
.. 1  to  lake  notice and  govern  them-      Tenders to be delivered to the un-
'   vnv SSrson'bflnk a  British    t. and  ^signed, accompanied hy a marked
ct lally r.'slrtlni; within  the district, and  cheque ot 6  per cent, on  the amount
having  h.'P'ii   for  the  three  months   next   ��� ,���  ii)(,  tender,  on  or  before  12  a.m..
preceding the ilny of his nomination  ihi    ....   .���,h    inu      -pi,,,  inwp-n  or  anv
registered  owner,   in   the   Und   Registry Hu*>   *"ln-   1-*"*     * "'*   lowest, or  any
Office,  .pf  land  or  real  property  situate  tender  not   necessarily  accepted.
within   tin   municipality  of  the   ossessed      Plans and specifications can he oh-
^^r^KrtriiSi^KllS tained by depositing $25.00 with the
plollars ppi- nippi-p. over and abovi   any reg-  City Treasurer, which will be return-
istered Judgmcnl   or .liars.     ...   being  a   ed upon the receipt of plans and spe-
Krc^^wuTna/'^.n-^ wi'tl.Tn" th��e ciftcatlons and a bona fide tender.
tuniclpallty for the space "i  one year or W.  A.  1)1 Nl AN,
ore   Immediately   preceding   the  day   of  City Hull. City Clerk.
ii  mlnation, and Is assessed for Rve linn-1        i,,���,   o-*i,   i.,ii r'.**,7li
dred .I..liars or more on  ti..   lasl   munic-        .nine ...in. i.nt. i...-n>
il or provincial  ral! over and above any ' mmm^mmmmm�����������������������gigggi���������
registered judgment  oi  charge, or being a ; '  "       * * .-.
omesteadei-, lessee from the Crown or
!-��� emptor who has resided within the
municipality for i period <.f one year Immediately preceding Un nomination and
....iiiik the rein il'i.l- r of lhe >-��-;it- lias bcei
��� ,.   owner of said  land of which  he was      Sealed Tenders addressed  to th Icr-
l irmerly a  hotnest'-ader,  lessee from   the signed,   and   endorsed   "Tender   for  Third
("rown, "i   t     .-   and  is assessed  for  class   Detention   Iluilding.   Prince   Rupert,
.   hundred dollars oi  more on the last  B.C.," will be n ived ai ihis ,��� f11, >- until
unlcipal   .a-   provl .- il   asscssmeni   roll   1.00 p.m., on Wcdnesdny, July B, 1014, for
��� and  iibov-p registered  Judg nl   '1... construction  of a Third Class  Deton-
charge   und  being  otherwise  qualified  tion   Building.   I'Hnc'i   Rupert,   B.C
��� Ihls A.' i , i ile   ,- ..ppi electl f school       Plans.   sp(clficatlon   and   form   "!   '  '"-
mees In the suld district, shall be elig-   tract   can   I)'    seen   and   forms   of   tender
���   lo n.' elected oi  to servi   iu  ii    ���    iol  obtained at  ihe p.ffi. f  Mr.  Wm   Hen-
...   hi such distrlcl  numlcipallty       iooI  derson,   resident   urchltect,   Victoria,   B.C.,
- ��� il<-t. ,ii,i ai   this  Department
y   ham!  al   Maillardville|     Persons tendering are notified thai
The Norwegian people boast that
they have one of tbe most democratic
forms of government in the world
The storthing is in close touch with
everyday aflairs, and there can be
no strong expression of public sentiment that is not at once reflected
there. All men and women over 2a
years of age who have been at least
five years in the county, says the
London Times, provided they sire nut
paupers, bankrupts or ex-convicts, are
allowed to vote and women as well
as men are eligible for tbe starthing
When an election takes place the
Norwegian electors must choose, in
addition to tho direct member, a vice-
deputy   member     to   take   his   place
should the representative be at any
time unavoidably absent from the
storthing. Por each seat contested
each party may put forward one can
didate and one vice-deputy candidate
The voting both for member and
deputy member, takes place on th-
same day, and, although It seliloi;;
happens, it is possible for a oonierva
tlve deputy to be returned with a
liberal member and vici; versa.
Members of the storthing are paid
at the rate of 8000 kroner <$S<14) pel
year tor ordinary sittings but if called
upon to attend for any extra period
an additional payment is made of 17
kroner a day. In addition to the cash
payment there are also special privil
eges, such as free doctor nnd nurse
in case of Illness nnd free traveling
on thr state railways. The demands
made upon a storthingsmanil are
heavy Each member must attend sit
tings regularly and vote upon every
question, He Is not allowed to ah
Edit himself unless he can give nn
adequate reason, or unless he hii^
first obtained the permission of the
storthing, if be is unavoidably ah
���sent, then his deputy must be present
The deputy has no direct pay mem
tor iiis services, but receives a share
of the member's salary at the end of
the year, the amount depending Up
on the number of Bitthigs he has at
At tho opening of parliament aft; i
an election has taken place the housp.
resolves Itself Into two parties, the
lagthing and tho odelsthlng, corres
ponding to an upper anil lower chain
her. There Is no actual upper house
The lagthing consists of one-fourth ol
ihe members nominated and el.eted In
full storthing. There is no rule gc\
ernlng the number each party ma;
elect, but generally there is an equal
percentage elected from all parties.
When the lagthing has betn elected.
the remaining three-fourths form the
All bills are first presented to, tlie
odelsthlng for discussion. A bar,
majority only is needed to pass ordinary measures, but measures seeking
to dial with the constitution must
have a two-thirds majority, and no
measure can pass the odelsthlng unless two-thirds of the members aro
present and vote upon it. After being passed by the odelsthlng measures are sent up to the lagsthlng, and.
if passed there, they then become law
after having been sanctioned by the
kin:-. If rejected hy the lagsthing
they tire returned to the odelsthing.
again discussed, and either shelved
or returned���amended or In their original form. If tho lagthing rejects a
measure a second time it conies bsford
the full storthing and is then accepted as law if passed by a two-thirds
majority. The king has the power to
veto any measure, hut if three suc-
cive storthings are against him his
vote is automatically removed.
Local   government      in   Norwaj    is
largely administered by town councils
and rural district councils, but, In
addition . a rural district usually con-
1 sists of several parishes, each of
: which has ils own parish council, aud
i the districts iu each county form a
j unit of their own, the county corporation, 'i'he municipalities have not
quite local autonomy, but they have
veiy large powers aud only in certain cases bave they to apply to the
prefect or to tho government concern- i
ing measures which in order to be- i
come \aiid require the approval of
either of those authorities. Tho out-
j standing feature of Norwegian local
government is the fact thai it is simplified as much as possible, and that
each department has its own clearly
defined and separate duties. There j
is very little overlapping; the educational, the poor law, the health and
the other local administrative bodies
do not come in conflict with each
other as they do in some countries.
Wo cannot say that local government
is perfect, but it is fairly efficient.
This is doubtless duo lo the fact that
the different departments have   not
to deal  wilh  vast  numbers of people.
The poor law officers generally know
personally almost every individual
who applies for relief, anil they have
generally a personal know ledge of the
history of each case with which they
are called upon  lo deal.
Kach commune has a subcommittee
appointed from its governing council
called    the    ������viiergeraud' '   (literally.
shielding  council),   which    performs
the function of preventing cruelty to
'children, as well as seeing to ihe care
land welfare of all people.    In the case
I of destitutes tho children are handed
over to the poor law  authorities, hut
'where it is purely a question of neglect, the vaergeraad places them   in
schools or homes und llio parents are
forced to pay for their maintenance.
At   tiie  present   moment   the   prevailing  sentiment   in   both   national   and
1 local affair.-   is   in    favor    of    wide
schemes of social reform.
knows. One of them died somo time
ago, but If. Camille Is said to be worth
between $50,000,000 and 176,000,000.
Nor is tho money all that ho enjoys.
for one of his daughters was married
by I'rince Roland Bonaparte, and ono
of his granddaughters is married U)
Prince Oeorge of Greece, who is a
cousin of the king of England. The
career of tho Hlancs began in 1X42,
when they arrived in llombiirg, then
an obscure w itoring place. Tbey were
accompanied hy a croupier from I'ras-
catti's in I'aris, whore roulette had
been abolished1. They began operations in one of the rooms of a hotel,
but the following year secured a permit which gave them tho exclusive
right to carry on games of chance
in the town. I'or this they undertook
to pay ��3,200 a year, and to build
a Kuraaal and a public promenade.
Then the papers of Europe began to
mention the wonderful waters of
llomliurg, and it was not long before
il became the most famous watering
place in the world.
Roulette's Last Citadel.
If llomburg made    the    Ulancs. the
Blues   made   llombur**,   and   this   is
true  also of   Monaco     There  are  uu
taxes in  Monaco.    Everything  is paid
| from the gambling tables. The I'lince
of  Monaco draws an annuity  of $250.-
000 fiom the Sea Baths company, and
1 has   received   also   $5,000,000   in   the
' course of the  past   fifteen   years.  The
.laying  of  the   roads  and   every  other
public work, Including t'ne administra-
j Hon of justice and  the equipment of
the army, which musters tlie strength
! of   tbe   avenge   city   fire   station,   is
I paid   for   by   the     benevolent     baths.
! Moreover,  a   fine  cathedral   has  been
, built,  and   the  native   who  would ob-
i ject to  tho Casino would   be in  danger of lynching.    As a matter of tact,
j the natives are few     Then- are fewer
than 1.500 Monagasi|iies in a  total resident population oi almost 80,000. The
l managers of the place seek to convey
the   impression   that   the   18,000   odd
! foreign citizens make their living out
I of the roulette tables     They  may. On
'the other band, the profits or tin- tables last year  were not   tar  short  of
I $4,000,0011.
Los Angeles, June 28, -Reatba Wat ��� -Miss Watson and I agree perfection, motion picture queen, recently I) that Ihis case should not he prose
declined by a l<os Angeles judge to ' euted," said Mrs Converse No, I.
bo "loo beautiful to remain in a 'Are we friendly Ye-es, st least unci ty unattended," came into the lime-, til thu> case is over, i bear bar no
light   again   a   short   time   ago   when   ill-Ill,"
she   married   Lawrence   1-7   Converse, ;     Miss   Watson   had  complained   that
alias   Max   Lawrence  and   was  taken   She was being constantly annoyed bv
from the train at Fresno, Cal., in company with converse and returned to
her  parents In   Los  Angeles.
Converse is already married, and
charges brought against him In the
Los Angeles courts by Iiis first wire
are now being resisted by both his
mashers, and it was v. Inn she had
haled one of the more persistent ad
min r-. into police court that tin-
ludge look official cognizance of h> r
attractiveness, Later she returned lo
Los Vngeles, bringing lip-r parent!
With le I, and became involved inullv
. menially   with  Converse,
Roulette Wheels at Monaco Pay Enor-
Dividcns���What  the   Sea
Bath-,  Company   Is.
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER   which   is highly  recommended.
Lime Is almost aa Important for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones 15 and 1(.
���02 Columbia Street W.
in c u s
Pari . .June 28. Pessimists, who deplore tho scarcity of money, ought to
study a little report Issued by the
"Soclete di 3 'Bains de Mer de .Monaco," which shows that in the year
1913 this company tin- Monaco Sea
company- -made a profit of $3,-
any   company    could
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
 BURIN OIL     -
P.   O    BOX   44?
TKNDKRS will l'.- received hy the un-
derslgncd up to r. p.m. of Monday il.> 29th
Inst, for building ;i now Fir- Hall at Sapperton
I-'Ipiiik   and
al  No.   1   r-*ir.
,  The lowest
lly accepted.
pr any
XV. .\
may   I.'
not nccessar-
City ricrU
City Hull. June '-"-.  19H.
-   13th  dm   ..'   June,   I'.' I I
ID) Returning   'en
Vancouver.  BC.  Rifle   Range.
(774,550, Thai
I lake so much money by means of
cert.in bathing privileges would seem
almots Incredible, and perhaps it
oiiKht to be explained that tho .Sea
Maths company tuns a profitable little
husine.-i In roulette on the side. In
fact, the Sea Datlis company is tho
company that control.- Monte Carlo.
Come good times or hail, wars, famines, pestilence or my other calamities, the gaming tables at Monaco
continue to yield enormous dividends.
It is calculated that throughout the
year, and tho year before that, about
$100,000 was risked every day on tho
.nrein boards. Stories come ahout
tho man who luoke the bank at Monte
Carlo, ind the other man who had
S system that must win. The fact
remains tbat your alter year tiie professional gamblers make fortunes out
of the amateurs,' who come from all
parts oi tho earth to "buck the ti-
scp'ii I K*',-.
After the  Baths.
The  baths  which   undoubtedly  exist
at Monaco may make a few plollars a
year, but nobody goes to Monaco for
, tho   purpose  of   taking   them,   and   if
: any of the natives desired to take an
i occasion!  hath  they  would  be provid-
| ed wltb free admission cards.    Nevertheless it  is through the annual statements of the baths alone that   iny in-
.m-d.  formation is to be gathered ahout this
|! a" j famous  gambling   resort.    As  a  mat-
who  **er nl   ,act'  ''"'���''���  was a timP  when
nber.  the  baths  were  more  important  than
13thJ the tables, or, al any rite, preceded
The  original     hath     directors
Cheap fares for all return tickets to Eastern points, on salo
beginning .lune l��t Good to return up to Oct. i'.lst.
For particulars apply to
E. GOULET, Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria   From   Vancouver.
10 7,(i am Daily
2:00  p.m  Dally
11 \3   p in Daily
For Seattle
10:30  a.m Dally
ll 00 a.m. Daily except Saturday
li:4j p.m Saturday
For  Nanaimo
lu a.m. and 6 30 pin.   , . ,   Daily
Nanaimo. Union Bay, Comox
S   a.m.   Thursday   and   Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay.   Powell
11:45 p ni   Kvery Saturday
Prince  Rupert, Granby  Bay and
Skeena River Points.
11 imp.m    Wednesdays
For Gulf Island  Points.
7 ou a.m. Tuesdays tor Victoria,
calling at  points  in  Cult  Ial.
To  Alaska   ...Kvery   Saturday
Notice to Contractors.
-i'.Al.lll. ykni-kus ivmrki
; .j...   "'I'.'ii.i. i   for   i> .. ii-
i ile- ������II-
.,     Rifle
Cingc,  Vancouver,   U. ''.." and iiddrcM-ed
I , the l'ir,..'.ii ..I ' '���.:"... ��� i, Mllltlu I l.-ml-
., i.ir-.i-.. Ottawa, will I,.- received until
tioon of iii.- 13th "i .Inly, proximo, for
��� ,.��� ��� pipsii-iip ti.pii nl two, eight LifK-'i Rifle
I: nge al Vancouvei British ��*��, 1.111,1��i.i.
I'i.ins and  specifications   may   !><���  seen |authority from '1
.lors  will  nol   I nnsldnrod  unless  made
���i thi printed forms supplied, und sium-d
with their actunl signatures, slating their
 patlons  piiipI   places   of   resldenco.     In
in. ..is, ,,i firms, tin- iip-iunl signature, the
nature of th.- occupation and place <>t* rcsl-
den il each member nf the linn must be
K.irh tender must !"��� accompanied by nu
accepted ehouue on a chartered bunk, payable in in-   order of the  Honourable the
Mlnlsti i'  ..I   Public   Works,  equal   t"  ten ,
[���n  ,-.(!(.   ild p.c.)  ot  tin' amount  .pf tie-
tender, which will be forfeited tr the per- [
s.pii tendering decline tc enter iiur. u contract   when   called   upon   to  do  spp.   or   tint j
to complete the  work contracted  for.    If
thp. tp-npl.-r be imi accepted in.- cheque will]
ip.-  returned.
Tho Department decs n"t bind its'ii  to
necent Hi'' lowest or any tender.
By  order,
Si.p-rp-t.ii ( .
licpartmenl   of  Public  Works,
i utawu, June ii.  mi -i
Newspapers  will   not   be  pnid   for  this
advcrtlsemenl   If  th' v  Insert     it   -vllhnul '
Department,    B2U7R.
parties   entitled   then lo      hai Ing
��� ��� ii.1
pmi'.v in the ' lipitn-- ..1  p. ��� Ii ll she
h.ivp-   notice  ;irii!   that   the   mild   i
p in*.
|.-|.t'  Stott  will il.t   be  llnble fnr ll
assets  'pi-  .pip.'  I'i" i   then nl   to .<���
' sntl
nr   persons  >pt   whose   ,;.pn,is   notlp-.
1 ill
not have U en ni 1 bj   1.. r at  il
i im..
pi* such  distribution
Dated   Un*   tilth  <\t\   of .lune,   A |i
in 14.
ci pltl'.dl'l.l'. riRANT ��  M  ' '
11    l...:.|.
N, v     vVcStlllltlHti '
Knllcllnrs   I'np.   ilir   wild   ' 'athi 1 ���
Stott.  Executrix
: .'��� 2 :t i
(:', r, 17 i
- | full Information oblahnd al Hi'' office
ol  the Officer (-nmmiimling.  Military  131s-1
trie!    Nn.    11,   Victoria,    I!    <'.*,   tlie   City   ��� "BL
p Hi rk,   Vnncuu-i ���       U    '* .   and   lhe   1 dree- |
tor  General  of   Engineer  Servle
I     ���    -v   II".. _-_	
TciipIp'i's must be made on the torm supplied by  the  IX'pai-tmi-m,  and  .ppp-n  on-1     TAKK   NOTICE  that   at   the   moot-
der musl  I unpanled by an  accepted .. ���  ���.���  ,nf,  hoard  of  license  conimis-
cheaue   en   n   Canadian   Couriered   Hank. '6                         ,,,         ,  v        vA'oaimln
for ten per ceni    (10 p.c.i  nl  Ihe amount I sloners of  the City  of  New   Weslm.n
thereof, puyabii   m the order ol  ihe lion-   jtcr on  Juno  10,   """'   "���  """''
ora-ble the Mlnislei nt  Mllltln and l-efenc ,,���.   .,   tran8fer   nf
which umoun   will be forfeited II  the I''" ,    ,,  ,      ,,:  ,
u-  t.-ndermw ih (-lines  rn enter  Into or  it now  noin ny   kk ni
'                             . ..,      .     .     ,       r..tlu     , ii ,,.1. , . .-..,   i.. ... .     , .-.    lllfl    ,.r���
the  suec'-HHlul   'ii.l.'iP'i   rails  t
Iiis  contract  in      ' ordain ������  Willi  tl
' Tbe Department  d"es nol  bind  ii
my  lender.
: pt lh0 ��8Kb
r.r. coioiiii.
I ip.j.nly   Milpisli i.
Ottawa. Jim'   IS,  CM
X.n. Newspapers  will   i
Piter on Juno 10, we intend to rtppl
the liquor license
man and Bennett in
pleti I respect to the premises known as the
'"'''Cosmopolitan Hotel situate upon I.ot
it .,, 1, City Block 12, corner of Columbia
land   Blackle  Streets.   City    of    New
thev inserl this advertlsenn ���
,',,-,'riiv  from  the Departtneu
41 y. No. 18-11-14.���62878,
v, itli.iiil  unci."
Westminster, from Richman and Bennett, to
May 77   1914, 13427)
IN* THB MATTER OE the Estate ol  William   Stott,   late   of   New   Westminster,
in   ih<-   Province   of   British   Columbia.!
Water  Works Superintendent,  il"'
creditors nnd others hnving claims p
pIip*  Estate nf the said  William Sim
died on er ni."nt the 1st day of Nov.
1913, are  required  on  or  before  tin
lav of July,   1014,  i.p  s, nd  by  post   pre-ituem
nnid er dellvei  lo th" undersigned   'oltcl- .     ,,  ..
tors for Catherine  Fleti   Sinn.  K\     itrix   came   to   the  conclusion   tnat   alter  a,
of Hi.- suld deceased, their names and   ppi-   person   had   Indulged   In  a   bath  there
dresses, the full particulars of their c is.   wag   ijk,.iv   ,,,   0CCUr   a   physical   reao-
ihc  statement   of  their   areounts   nnd   ih"     . .     , . e
nature of  the securities,  if any,  h.-ld  by   non,  and   thai   some   torm  of  amuse-
them. ment  would  be  very    desirable,    So
And   further     take   notice     tha       rter   ,,,,-,,,..  ,oi.    ui,,;   Becured      from      the
rucI]   lasl   !niiiii'ni"fl   pl.pi"   the   said   i   ith-   '   . .   ..       ,. .���
Brine Flett Stott will proceed to ill        ute  reigning  sovereign  Ol   the  little  pnn-
thc   nssei*   nr   in.    deceased   anv the j cipaltl}     Prince   I hallos   111, -for   tho
erei tloii of n house of recreation, in
which n number of games miHht be
installed, among them the game of
The Coming of M. Blanc,
thai was tlfty years ago, Then
Monaco was a very different place to
wim it has since become. True, it
had tin. magnificent climate and the
Flett | beautiful ocean view, hut there were
no roadways, no flue buildings, no
gardens, IIO palm trees. The chief
inhabitants were Fleaa, and lbe few
human beings who dwelt In tbe tumble-down cottages were so poor that
they had to pay i tax on their bread.
There were no railroads. Communication was by steamboat or by an
old-fashioned coach once a day from
Nice. Hut once lhe Kursaal privilege
had been granted, there appeared M,
Dime, and waved his manic wand.
lie was then at Romberg and controlled the gambling at this fashionable resort. But he saw lhat the game
was doomed in Germany, and had the
foresight to see that the time was ap-
proaching when he would have to sot
up Iiis . heels somewhere else. He
chose Monaco, lie spent millions of
dollars on the place, and transformed
It into one of the beauty spots of the
earth, a veritable paradise., and there
he transferred his greal gaming plant.
Koon loss was heard about the wonderful properties of the Hombur-r waters, whicli had boomed throtlfe.i tne
publicity department of Blanc, and
more ahout the natural charms of
Monaco, and incidentally the liberty
which was iccorded visitors in tho
matter of amusing themselves,
The Making of Homburg.
Ilo.v much Blanc brothers have
made  out  of  .Monte    carlo    nobody
Ra   l.ni   '.".'  or   l.nt   :l    SiiIhiiIp
13, In the City ni   Mew Wcsimh
Whereas proof of tlie loss nf Cerl iip-nt"
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial invitation is given the ladies of Now Westminster to
visit tho salesrooms of the B. C. Electric, in the company's terminal
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Cool; ins an(i Household appliances.
Those appliances greatly lessen the labor of the housewife, promoting both her conil'o.t and convenience, They are always ready
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Electric Conking Applniices just meet your summer demands at
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range. Fully seventy-five per cent of your Bummer cooking can be
done in this manner.
tir .niter Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth.
I '.lock |
::,'.! C
nf 'I'iile Number 1
name of Catherine
ni this office.
Nnti"" is hereby
lhe expiration .pf 'n
.f the find publication lid
newspaper published in th
Westminster, issue .-( (lupli��
Certificate, unless in Hip- i
objection lie made lo m
has   hep
given llial
- in,>i11li ii.
N. '
,' Wei
try Offli
le nl ���
In wrh n;
J   c   ewv-
!:��� glstrai nf 'I
.11. nt
���  date
dally |
if    NcW
ie said
lull   hair
.; ���oup l. n
-i mlnsti r.
.1   Ci rliflcnlp.
... .1   in   the
has been
it.. I- ppi ���" A.--. - ..i ���' ��� i:
tin North Part ol l...i II
lbe   111 Uriel   ol   Ni ��   w ���
When 11 - proof ol thi   '
..;'  Tltli    Numlii 1     r, 1Rr, A,
1..111," ..f Thomai   llnbi 11  M. 1
filed h, this ..1	
Notice 11 hereby kIvp-ii thai I ..ball, al
tho expiration ppf one month from the date
of in.- first publication hen ..i ,1. a daily
p.."a  p ii�� r, publish! .1  in  the cn    of New
Wemi  luster, is^ lupllcatc nl  the said
1 '"i nn. .H"   nnli ss   in   lin-   1111 (ll ' 1 ,!������   valid
"l'l.' ' '.'I   1 .l'l"   I".   pi 1   up;' in^
.1.   '���   OWYNN,
01 ; n.-' 11.    11 . ..r Tines.
1      ' e.:. ���   (11     \, ���,.,  v,,   (minster
li   C   Hi!    April,   ll'll. i:;i:i;',i
fA Special Excursions
Five Days (MO Glacial, Island
including J JO Mountain and
Meals and Berth. ^
Forest Scenery
.--      .fpince     llup.-rt ���     sails 8.S.     "I'rince    Oeorge"    sails
Mondays    ':��t'' ?une  29' wTl, IB???'"' ���""'"     '
JUlBoats18ren-iain at Prince Rupert one day. affording an irtunlty
���f seeing the new Grand Trunk Pacific city
Parlor   rooms   separately   or er,  suite,   with   or    wlthoul    private
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H.8Q. SMITH, C.P. and T.A, ,   C. E JBNNBY 0^ A.P.D
'   Phone Sey.  8184. r,77 Granville St., Vancouver, l'.i
I MONDAY,  JUNE  29,   1914.
Summer Advertising
The most valuable asset in advertising is age. It is something which cannot be rushed or bunched. It has no
overnight competition. The new advertiser can't date
Advertising cannot take a vacation without a loss.
The cumulated values of previous months or years immediately begin to shrink or evaporate. It will invariably
cost more to make good the shrinkage than to omit the
Good advertising is a continuous performance before
the same audience. No better definition was ever invented.   It admits of no exceptions or variations.
Buyers are not so firmly attached to buying traditions during the Summer months as at other seasons.
They go about more, enjoy more freedom, are interested more in variety. The new advertiser finds it
easier to break in; the old advertiser finds it necessary
to be more persistent and watchful. The province of
advertising is to attract new customers, as well as to
hold old ones, and the vacation season, more than any
other, is the season of changes; the season, more than
any other, when the advertiser can least afford to
permit his goods and his service to be forgotten. The
trifling purchase of July or August is often the forerunner of a much larger purchase in October or
Use the New Westminster News during
the Summer Months and Keep
Your Trade Lively.
MONDAY,  JUNE   29.  1914.
American Woman Calls
Mexicans Likeable Folk
After    Thirteen    Years'    Experience
With Thesn She Says They Are
Quick ta Lear* and Like Work.
cation that is being given tho boys
and girls in the United States could
be put into every school in Mexico.
There is now ;i large middle class
growing up in 'Mexico who want
everything at once without understanding what it is.
"They do not know the real meaning
nf political liberty. They must be
taught   to  know   what  it  moanis;   the
the common people. All that a large
nart of the- people have known for 300
years is force.
'What they need now ls guidance,
direction in all they do. They need
American teachers. But they do not
need any more Americans of the type
of some who come Into the country
as tourists or business men and run
roughshod over all that is dearest to
the Mexican heart. They have had
too much of that already."
(Continued from page nne)
I'.slon.   Mais,  June   28.-"1     have.
never met brtu-r dressed or more cultured    People   than    I  havi.    met  in .imi|
Mexico.    '  *""  "^'          mon  b     the schools.    Hut  it seems as  if  vou
:K?Z7^^������"^ ;TlalnC hav",0 ,iml Kih
'.  is what Mii�� Alice (lleason Mid  J"   ''    fplant'   8��  remote  is   political
,.   a   press"representative   who   had  M���* *r��-*�� anythingIn their knowl- |
,     u . ��u��� _^.���i�� ��f \iovho -vara edge :II1(- experience. They are a loya
���kad *h*t1*,,!^PMi��   reason bis  PeoPle- ***-t *-*-*��-* *��- ��ol yet fitted for
(I ������     rtir 13 Tears H1SI ulOftBOu  ������    , ���    _ _,, .   ,
!,';,,, te^hU in Mcxic, as principal  f���������*'     Tbey   must  have  educa-
..   the institute Corona in Ouadala-       L,'    * A   . .fc_ .
lara?   This  institution   is   a   mission        1 ho need of_ thehour is for a man
������ rdina srW tor   girls  established j more or   ess like Diaz, a leader who
,,?,  aJS5�� board of commission-! ������1'1 JJJ* * -���> the turmoil for what
rs tor fo��� ig- ��i��sions about 7,0 years! h'' ������ ��J ��ut ��,f,il- ����* ��ho ��(1��*<
1        * really love to Bee the advancement of
Yes. there ia much that Americans
i.in learn fross the Mexicans," Miss
Gleaaoa ent-ttsrB-e-d. "The trouble is
thai Amnricana come into the country
and make no attempt to conform to
Mexican customs and Ideas, and yet
we ��� xpert that aliens who come into
the I'nited Slates to live will adapt
themselves to American customs und
Polite end Considerate.
Mexicans axe naturally polite, ln
their homes they are very considerate
,,: oue another. No business man
would ever think of passing a day
without going to see his parents and
grandparents. The mothers are the
moat devoted mothers I have ever
Been and the fathers love their chil-
dren dearly, too. Children have great
i. spect for their parents and for all
I,, -sons older Una themselves. Iieing
courteous la the natural way of living .'imonB thr natives. And yet I have engage in it. Iinl it was only where
. i-i and again teen Americans who j Persistent agitation on temperance
v..ihi not lake the trouble to say j llnes had been kept up, and after de-
���i7,(l morning- to a Mexican. And nunclatlon, thai hotel men had arriv-1
v, .nl have asked such persons to be j ed at a better standard of husines
more courteous to my native teachers,; " was only in places where they had i
servant* and friends, they have an- pegan to fear the opposition of tern-
swered, -But why should we be so po- perance people thai thej had begun
lite?    Thev  are only   Mexicans.' t0 reform.    There were places where
"As for myself. I would rather ; hotel keepers themselves had asked
teach 7,00 Mexicans than 200 Ameri-,fo.' shorter hours, because they knew
. m children. No Mexican pupil would late hours were dangerous hours.
think of answering a teacher without ; These were the hours when the bas-
1...sinning his answer with tlie word est passions were roused. It was
���Senor' or Senorita ' They are re- only In places where temperance peo-
spectful always. They would rather Pie were least efficiently organized
tell vou something that is not true, j and the liiiuor traffic forces best or*,
although knowing that you will find ganlzed and a mighty political force-
it ..ut 17. minutes later, than to Bay that tu'ey had such a spectacle as
,i thing that would possibly hurt your, where men could .say, "We are going
feelings." |t0 w��rk our right to the limit of the
���What kind of students do Mexi-���'aw and show the public that we can
cans make?" Miss (lleason was asked,   free ourselves  in  regard  to  prohibit
'���letter than most people Imagine, ed hours and liquor selling."
The saying that it is impossible to "e wanted to be moderate and not
teach a Mexican anything is absurd , alienate a single man in the congre-
I will admit that thev are slow about I gatlon, but he wanted the congrega-
learnlng nome things, but that is be- Hon to be united In a reasonable tern-
cause they have never been taught to perance policy for their prpvi'ltpp. Uot
apply themielvcs. Thev don't like to them not go away and treat the niat-
work hard, hut that is not strange, ter in a light, sarcastic manner. Let
considering their past history. Yet them stand shoulder to shoulder and
they can memoriM- anything and they form a strong temperance opinion in
love to do it j this  province.    It was a question  of
History and  Literature   Liked.       I life and  death   to  men.    He  realized
-The  subjects  Uiey  don'i   like   arei the cost   In  a  question  of  this  kind,
arithmetic and algebra and  whatever) Received Threatening Letter.
He had recelvled one of those anon- i
ymous letters, daring him to open his j
mouth   on   thia   question  and   that   if
I to learn pieces    The)  will Bpend] he did there waa a movement on foot;
hours and hours rehearsing i>'..i\s and  to pui  blm out of business,    ile had !
ilrllU   when   they   are   getting   ready   counted the coat and if he could not I
for some fiesta.   Iia>  after day they  carry  his  people     with  him  he  was I
���will keep it up.   I never .,a-,\ such per-   willing to bi   ; .it down and out.
.-������..���ranee.     Many  a  time   they   havi"     Mr.   Kerr       erred   in   appreciative I
tried to keep tlie rehearsals a secret  terms   to   the     reat   strides   in   local
so  they  could  surprise  me  with   tin    option   the   people   of     the     United I
i -'���.���ram when it was finished, States had  made aud discounted the I
idea that blue ruin attended dry cities !
or districts.    He related how in Nova i
Scotia and Ontario similar effects hail
been   gained   and   were   coming   into
op* ration.
In  Quebec a  system  of gradual ex-
All their sew-| tirpation of the har traffic and eqult-
Is  excellent    I   able compensation was In operation.
Iu this way liars would be abolished
I and  hotel  keeping  would  be  restored ���
to its original usefulness.    He did not
wiBh  them  to think  that  he  blamed
the government;  no government  was ���
better or worse than the people who I
elected them    They, the elector-, had <
been weakened In their opposition to !
the tremendous   organization    ol   the
liquor Interests,
As an illustration of the absurdity
of the preseni licensing system he
mentioned thut our city In British
Columbia had an hotelkeeper as
mayor, who was also chairman of the
licensing board and chairman of the
; police commissioners. Two aldermen
were hotelkeepers and another ran a
-.*. iln1 and bi sr shop.
Mi Kerr Intimated thai he was prepared to take his part in the municipal elections and aid In carrying on
a sustained and systematic campaign
in exposing the evils connected with
the lii|in r traffic
There was a large congregation
requires steady, concentrated thinking. They are very fond ot history,
and   tbey   love  to  write   compositions
"But   what   Mexicans   seem   to   be
beat  adapted  to  is  Industrial   work
They   can   do  anything   with     their
hands.    Last year  are put dressmaking  into our school course  and   you
never saw anything like the way the
-ills love that work
Ins   'ind  drawn   ��nrk
believe   that   if  mission   schools
Mexico had be-;un by giving domestic
science lessons and courses in manual
training, instead of having the curri-!
.ilium cnnsidl of nearly  ail  academic'
subjects,   their   progress   would   ha\.
been greater.
"The   government    Ig   beginning   to
|.:it   manual   training   into   the     boys'
- hools now, and I think it is a splendid idea, inoinristu science courses
would fit the Rirls to he wonderful
servants. Under the present system
p actically the onJ> course open to a
Mexican girl after she leaves  school
to teach or get married.
Kind   of   Pupils   Improved.
I/atcly some of them have become
kkeepers and stenographers.    We
havi   a   commercial   course    in     our
- ioo! that gives the necessary  prep
itlon, but I do noi approve of the
i'ba   in   general   of   girls   going   into
usiueas in Mexico as office helpers.
���  country la not yet ri ady tor such
Has   the   type   ni   pupils    in    your
��� ol  <han>i  in  the    last,    dozen
, .  , -s->��
"Oh,  yes, derid
���only  children  fn>m  tii
families.    Kach
i ���-  been  cumin
Hies, and this ji-ar we bad
'Ir- n from Kor��5 families t   an
The  peopli
children   with
���i  a  great gain
Idodlj fanatical,
a city  is Quadala
h is built
At   tirst   we   got
ry   poorest
cn    the    children
[rom better fam-
tnore chil-
��� .er before. Hie people were aftaid of us
al first, but -oiiii -.;,,.-,��� have Inst that.
reeling to a largo extent. Thev are
willing to trust their
ns, and this we conaidi
lipr the place j
What kind
:i mile ahore v-a le\e! and is sur
rounded by mountains. The name applied to it la the fear! ol the West.
It has a population nf 100,000 and is
in the midst ot nn agricultural country- The tpmiv-ratirre never goes
above 90 and h-��rrt!> ever gets to
freezing. We bai<- oranges, limes, ba-
lianas, strawben, ���,. beans, lettuce,
radishes, onions and squash tin
City   Found   Pleasant.
���"The city ia lighted by electricitj
Ton will find electric lights
the  poorest -house.    The  houses    an
built of abode and then cemented and
painted.   The electric cars are good.
The drainage ayatem ���� one of the lin
tut I know aaythimg ahout."
"What ia the greatest present need
jif  the  Meaicaa people?"
"Education.   I wish the kind of f du-
(Continued from page one)
thought the Stor-
blame both, and h
'( stud   a as  at   fault,
Not  Intentionally  Lied.
Mr.   Newcombe   Bald   that   probably
| neither the officers of the .Storstad
nor the Empress had Intentionally
lied,    il,- thought, however, that they
\ were both lo blame, the Storstad for
haviim ported her In im in a fog, and
tin- Knipress for stopping when the
navigation regulations only called for
her to rIow up ile suggested thai the
rapid foundering of the Empress was
due t.p the watertight doors not being
i losed. in a large measure'* and
.'���''ar thought if it u as found tha
hoii a had enabled water
Interior of the ulilp nuvet
it he possible for thai to in
in almost I tributary cause to a disaster. They
shoulil lip. liosp.'l by a si;-nal from the
bridge tin. moment a fog appeared
The same upplled to the watertight
After thanking counsel    for    their
close application to their several tasks
Lord   Mersey   adjourned   the      tting
of the commission,
the port-
to reiicti the
again should
a  con-
This  is  a   rug  which   will     sull
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Splendid value in .13 inches wide; striped
flannelette; perfectly pure .inish; various
colors.   Per 1 Cm,
yard        I WW
White Pique; we have a good assortment
of these, In  small  medium and  wide cords.
8 S      20c, 25c, 40c
While Ituek; this conies in a nice, fine
weave; suitable for ladies' and children's
wear;   L'7  inches wide.
,-; read)
etlng;    ��*
;      regular
Per   yard   	
Every Need in Bedding
Can Be Filled Here
our prices on all lines of Comforters,
Hlaukels and Pillows are very low. Look
through the following list:
Cotton filled Comforters, In large size; t.i,
by 77'; tilling of pure white cotton; cover
nigs either sateen or Bllkoline of fine quality, ami nice range of color 4***t Cft
Priced  at, each    ^PW.WW
Down   Filled  Comforters;   si/.n   t;tjx72;    In
pink ,.*     blue. S5.95
Kach at   ����r*#.WW
Down Filled Comforters; size 60x72; in
all colors; well made, light weight, warm
comforters.    Each CC CQ
Whin- Blankets; size 60x80; with blue or
pink  horde.,   medium   weight.      4*A   pg
Snine quality; heavier weight; size fi-txSt;
ii  good  serviceable blanket. 4* A   QC
Cray  Army  Blankets;  64x82;  a soft warm
blanket,  in  medium    gray;     suitable    for
camp or home use. tfg EQ
I'riced  at, per  pair    ^w��ww
Red, Navy, Fawn. Gray or White Point
Blankets; all sizes; B-lb. to        *4   (IA
10-ih.   Per lb, at ��9 ��� sVw
Pillows, in all sizes, from 18x26 to 22x28;
in chicken  feathers or down.      <����* 7**\
Each, 65c to  *9**. * W
Tapestry  Covers and   Portierres.
Tabic Covers in green, rod, and hrown combinations; size 8-4 at QC rtrt
$1.50,  $2.50,  $3.00  and     *WiUU  ,
Beautiful Angora Covers; in greed, red or
fawn:  self color:
Size 4-1, at    $4.53
Size  6-6,  at    $8.00
Size 8-8, at   $15.00
Portieres; in green, red or hrown. Per pair
at   $2.95.   $4.50,   $5.50 $1fl   flfl
Portieres, of 'ill sizes and kinds, made up
from any of tbe tapestries we have in
stock. I.et ns give you prices on any special work in velour or tapestry hangings.


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