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The New Westminster News Jul 24, 1914

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 Volume 9.    Num.   ^'
Disquieting Rumors Regarding Actions   of    Rebel
Generals Are Rife.
Villa '_.   Breach     with     Carranza     But_
Temporarily Healed���Fear Zapata     ! Manager Lewis Would Connect With
W II Capture Mexico City Outfall  of the  Glen   Brook
Washington,    July    *.:!.   Raglnaldol 	
Cepeda, i-enator from the state of An alternative scheme for the out
Coabolla and intimate friend of Oen-1fall of the Sapperton sewer wus sub
rr.i Carranza, has been selected bj
Provisional President Curbaja. lo
negotiate the transfer of ihe government at Mexico City to the const, it u-
Mr.  Cepeda,   who   was    hiding    in
Mexico City during the Huerta dicta-
lorship, 1* ft    Vera    (.'ru/.    today    for
Tampico to meet Qeneral Carranza.
Armistice W II Be Signed.
As  soon  as  Dr.  Cepeda  is received leugineei in;:   tirm
by Qeneral Carranza, hu armistice
will be formally signed as the first
step in the negotiations. Qeneral
Carranza has Indicated to the American government bis willingness to declare a truce during the negotiations,
and the Carbajal government Ih anxi-
large mains along Columbia street
j and connect with the outfall of the
Glen Hrook sewer, which will cater
I to tbe upper section of the city and
several  hundred  acres of  Kast   Burn-
mitted to the board of works yesler-
duy by I. A. Lewis, manager of the |
Brunette Saw Mills company, us a
solution to the difficulty in securing
an outlet for the sewer. No decision
wa.s made ln the matter and will not
be until the city solicitor has reported on the plan, after which the city
engineer will report as to the cost
and feasibility of the new scheme.
Mr. iLewll had Mr. Cameron, of the
of Cleveland and
Cameron, with him yesterday when
lie met the civic committee. Mr. Lewis'
objection to the proposed plan of the
city Ib that considerable inconvenience will result to the lumber mill by
the installation of the outfall and also
us  to the discharge of the  sewerage
Price Five Cents.
Sensational Murder Trial in
Paris Full of Emotional
i Past and Present Wives of Ex-Premier
Caillaux,   One on the Witness
Stand, Other in  Dock.
.0 do likewise.    The Carbajal en-ine!,r UlH ���n*1*'8 booming grounds,
has   been   instructed   to  ask   fori.   Th'' alternative plan  is to take
but two tilings a complete amnesty
for political offenders and guarantees
Of protection to the lives and property
of 'le. Mexican people generally.
While local agents of Carranza
have said he was disinclined to grant
amnesty,' the speech today of the
constitutionalist chief at Victoria,
Mexico, and other reliable advices
show ihat he will declare an amnesty,
though tbe constitutionalist government will reserve tbe right to punish
those who were responsible for the
assassination of Madero and Suares.
.Most of those implicated, however,
have left  Mexico City.
Villa Will Make Demands
Scene   in   front  of  the  Westminster TruHt  Iluilding.  Columbia  Street,   on   Wednesday afternoon,  when  Kureka
Oil  Wells, Limited, debentures were opened  for sale by  the Trust Company, the' Eureka's fiscal agent.
aby and Edmonds.   The scheme as ad-1
vanced   by   Mi.   Cameron   being    new
several  days  must  elapse  before  the
city   solicitor  and  city   engineer   will
be able to report.
Yesterday the city council met the
officials of the Columbia Bitiilithic
Paving company in connection with
the paving of Queen's avenue, Fifth
street and Sixth street, and made
plans for the transfer of the bonds
for which the company Is offering 90
net  to the city.       With  this transfer
Rothschilds   Buy     100,000
Acres From Huerta Who
Receives $500,000.
Stupenduous    Land     Fraud     Said
Have  Been  Worked���Carranza
Starts Investigation.
Huerta   Will   Assist   His   Friends
Escape   Before   Villa   and   His
Army Make Them Captives.
Official Inauguration of the
Big Ditch Will Be in
March, 1915.
No   Ceremonies   Will   Mark   the   Passage of First Vessel���War Steamer Cristobel First Through.
Mexicans here  who do not take an   complet-d   the   work   ls   expected   to
optimistic view of Villa's position and ; Proceed   before     another     month   is
those who have been  kept advised of istarted.
his  antipathy  towards  Carranza,   say]
ihe  breach  has been  but  temporarily
healed.    Villa will make vigorous de-
mandi for a share in the government
tor promotions for his friends.
As to Zapata, many disquieting report! ure reaching Washington diplo
mats. One of Um South American
ministers had a brief telegram from
bis consul general In Mexico City
sayinR merely; "The situation here
looks  very dark."
Zapatistas are   reported   decidedly
active and liable to take advantage ol
the unsettled situation at Mexico
City to force an entry there before
the constitutionalist troops arrive.
Los Angeles, .July 23.- -That the
Rothschilds of Paris and London, under the name of the bower California
Industrial Development company, purchased 100,000 acres of Lower California lands from the Huerta government a month ago for one cent an
acre and that Victorlano Huerta received $500,000 for allowing the sale
is charged by General Carranza in a
Puerto    Mexico,   July   23.���General
Washington, July 211. ���Opening of
the Panama canal to the world's commerce on August la next was announc-
Paris, July 23.���Mme. Bertha Guey-
dan. Jos. Caillaux's first wi.e, a slender woman with black eyes and wasted cheeks, went today Into the court
room, faced her former husband, the
former premier of France, and put
upon the rack the woman who had
won him from her. ..'enriette Caillaux,
now on trial for the murder of Gaston
Mme. Gueydan was to tell of her
part in the publication in the Kigar
of the now celebrated "Thy Joe" letter, but she declared she knew noth-.
ing about it and affirmed that she
had   told   Calmette  nothing.
Hand Over Private Letters.
The emotional climax of the trial
was reached when other private letters were handed over by Mme. Gueydan to Fernan Labori, counsel for
Mme. Caillaux. Those who packed
the court room witnessed one of the
most dramatic incidents in the annals of French courts.
"Here ts the packet of letters 1 took
at Mamers," said Mme. Gueydan, giving them to an attendant, who passed
them to M. Labor!.
"1 will consider with Maitre Chenu
what shall be done," said M. Labori,
"but whatever we decide the jury may
rest assured that they will be apprised of their contents as is their right
and duty to expect."
"Among them,' added Mme Gueydan, "are the two letters referred to
as private letters.'
Huerta sent a wireless message today  ��" ton,"ht    1w    Secretary   Garrison Remarket,!. Paraonallty.
from the German cruiser Dresden, oal^^2D\.J%J?^2____?   to    m_._��      Mme*  Guey����---n  then   left  the  box.
board  which  he  is    proceeding      to ihrZRh   the   areat  water-lav   .11? he Her rem"toWe personality had ��,ui-
Mexican  refugees who fled  with him 1
now at Colon.
ure.    For three hours she spoke and
There wil, be no formalities in th.ff^^J^^.J'SE
epoch-making    event,    all ceremonies
being left for the official opening when
Kansas  City  Cattlemen  Looking
Location   to   Raise   Pure   Bred
Cattle  in   Thia  Prcvince.
i Winnipeg. July 2
i Canadian   government
sas (it... urrived In
i morning  accompanied
Kansas   City   cattlemen
C. A. Cook,
agent at Kan-
Winnipeg this
by  a  party of
who   are   en-
route to Hritish Columbia for the
purpose of selecting a territory In
British Columbia for the raising of
pure  bred  stock.
Closing   Incident  Connected  with   the (SUPPOSED   VICTIM
Visit of 350 Hindus Took Place IS SAFE AT HOME
Yesterday Morning. ',.,,.. ���   ..   ,       ,  ,    ...
' Charlottetown, P. B. I.,   July 23.���
  {Joseph Klnslow, formerly of this city.
who was previously reported to have
gone down in the Kmpress of Ireland,
is safe at his home in Liverpool, Kngland. with his wife and family. Ili3
mother lias received a letter to this
effect. Klnslow was a fireman on the
Kmpress and was in the watch below
when the disaster occurred. He was
one of those asleep in their bunks
when   the  collision  came,    Awakened
Vancouver, July 23, This morning
at ten minutes after 6 o'clock the
Komagata Maru left her moorings in
Burrard inlet which she has occupied
for the past eight weeks, and headed
tor the Straights of Georgia. The
farewell of the unwelcome visitors
was witnessed by comparatively few
from  the  City  of   Mexico  and  whom
he had left behind here were not able
to charter a boat to take them away
he would send one to them from King-IK^jyE^SimSTe^"*pawTttroJ_S
sl0}\.    ,.,,,,. i .       I the canal in .March, 1915.    Mr. Garri-
��� _ cmiig..., oy uenerai ��� armuza m ai    A'' ,'"orIS loontam a vessel pere gan>, announcement was made iu this
=r to nu wn.��� ,��-��, ���"col��y K^ ���
Adoifo .arrillo, local agent for the  Bristol   already   is   showing  signs  of      ..����� SKSSaSbfS*.
constitutionalists,     said     today     tha, 1Jto^^BWMJOl '** SXS  COramerCe t0 ���*S*�� "0t "^ ���rP
Vsidro   Fabela, a  member  of  Carran-  FPU   pds.sage   today   as    ordinary i th       w  f
_a'_   provisional   government,   notified 11 Passengers by  way of \ era Cruz. A(lgust  J3   mi
him the alleged sale was registered in
Mexico  City  under  the  name  of Joa
quin D. Casasus, Paris attorney representing Ihe Rothschilds interest.-.
Fabela declared the sum placed iu the
Mexican treasury for the 100.000 acres
was  only  $1000.
To   Import  50.000  Chinese.
In addition Huerta is charged Willi
having Imposed upon the Lower California Industrial Development company the one condition that it import no less than 50,000 Chinese laborers to be employed on this land at
cotton  raising.
General Carran.a already has appointed Ygnacin Bon 11 las, a member
of his cabinet, to investigate the
Lower California  land  situation.
The vessel was accompanied out to j ">' tl"1 e'rash he sor ited a lifebelt
-ei by the Canadian cruiser Rainbow and with this he jumped overboard
n,Kl the chartered lug Sea Lion Of the ' and wa.s floating about for some
immigration department. ! '*���"*' before ^hwng picked up.
There was no unpleasant incident ;
or any further protests from Gurdit j
Singh  as to  remaining. I
Tlie vessel arrived here on May 23,
and  from  that  time has been  closely
guarded   by   immigration   officers   to
see that none of her passengers land- I
ed.    The   stirring  cv.nts    connected |
with  the efforts  to land the  Hindus,
and  the defiance and threatening at- ,
1 itnde assumed by the swarthy easterners,   has   kept  the  entire  country   at
high tension  for weeks.
In view of the complete success
v Inch has crowned the efforts of the
govt rnment to keep this class of for-
< igners out of the province, it is not
considered probable that another attempt will soon be made to land any
more, at least iu Hritish Columbia.
New  Westminster  Politicians  Invited
to Accompany Vancouverites to
Ganges  Harvor Saturday.
Parsimony  of  Burnaby's Council   Results  in  Suspension  of Survey
n that District.
She more than held her own against
the great advocates Labori and
Chenu, and the Judge gave up trying
to direct her deposition.
In that time she laid bare manv
st Uw MtMi ��l _m iile -with M.
Caillaux. She told of his UasBOn and
of his throwing himself at her knees
to ask her pardon. She described her
methods of defense of what she termed tJ^i Machiavoltian manoeuvres of
an unfaithful huBband. She testified
that he even threatened  her life.
Then she left him, hoping he would
follow   her.   but  he  did   not.  and   she
Duke and Duchess of Connaught and
Princess Patricia Leave Ottawa
for the   West.
may do so. The others who will be
present on the boat will lie determined between now and the time mentioned.
"Lindley   M.  Garrison."
Epoch Making Event.
When the Cristobel steams from its
slip  to  the  Atlantic  entrance  of  the
canal, it will mark the conclusion  by
street station to .ne them "offand "the I American   enterprise  of  the   greatest
duke acknowledged the interest shown | engineering task ever undertaken and
j     'The official opening of  the canal,
i as   heretofore  announced,   will   be   in
the month of March, 1915.    An appropriate  announcement   will     be     made,
I when  a  greater depth  of water  than added with a" flash" of* her "eyes and a
i 30   feet  has   been   secured. tightening   of   her   lips,   "Vou     know
"On the 15th of August Col. Goethals I why "
will   inaugurate   the   commercial   ser- Had Sympathy of Spectators.
vice by sending a government boat She gained the sympathy of those in
through the canal. There will be no the court room with telling phrases
ceremonies incident to the occasion, and shafts that seemed to sink deep,
but American newspapers who may d-el There were murmurs of applause desire  to have  representatives  present, j spjte the admonitory rappings of the
Ottawa. July 713.���Their royal highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Connaught and Princess Patricia left on
their western tour today. A considerable crowd had gathered at the Broad
in their departure by gently waving
an au revoir, as the special train
drew out. The duchess appeared well
and Princess Patricia was in good
spirits. They were both presented
with handsome bouquets by officials
of the C. P. R
the culmination of ten years of the
hardest kind of work against physical obstacles whicli have severely taxed the abilities of the army engineers
under Col. Goethals.
Some things  remain  to be done to
perfect  the   waterway.    The   channel
Enquiry Held as to the Origin of Mysterious Fire in Minthorne House.
No incriminating evidence was unearthed at a judicial enquiry held in
the police court yesterday as to the
nature of a mysterious fire which destroyed a house owned by Mrs. M. W.
Minthorne, S08 Thirteenth street, on
the night of June 26.
Colonel Gunther. ot the insurance
department of Victoria, was in charge
of the proceedings, several witnesses
being heard. Many of those testified
that the fire was preceded by an ex-
plosion which appeared to wreck the
roof of the building.
During the examination of several
members of the Minthorne family it
was brought out in evidence that no
less than six fires had broken out in
houses owned by the family during the
past few years, three ol which had
taken place during the past six
im nths.
An invitation has been extended to
the  Conservatives  of  New   Westmin-
I ster  to join  In   the  aniiu.     picnic of
I the Conservative association of Vancouver.    The  picnic   will  be  ii'ld  at
Ganges Harbor and the excursion will
leave Vancouver on the S.S.   Patricia
i at �� o'clock on Saturday mornh**
It is expected  tHat  this picnic will
be the event of Ihe season all ong the
ranks of the Conservatives,    I ,.e occasion will be enhanced by the presence of Sir Richard Mcllride. Attorney
General Bower and H. II. Stevens, ti.
P.    XV.  F.  Hansford, secretary of the
New Westminster Conservative association,   will   furnish    particulars    to
those desiring to attend  from    this
Tlie delay of Hurnaby municipality
In passing the north arm of the
Fraser aid bylaw may possibly bring
about complications as to taking
soundings of P.urnabys portion of
the north bank of the river, the harbor commissioners yesterday ordering
the engineers to stop work and con-
line their efforts to South Vancouver
and Point Grey territory, where the
appropriation for such work has already been granted.
At Monday's council meeting at Kdmonds. Councillor MacDonald'* objection to passing the aid bylaw meant
its relegation back to the committee
stage. The harbor commissioners
now retaliate by withdrawing its engineers until the bylaw is passed.
At next Monday's council session in
Hurnaby the matter is likely to come
up for discussion as several mills,
operating or building, desire river
transportation via New Westminster,
liam. Winnipeg will be passed ln the
night and the visit made there on
the way back. Besides visiting all
the important centres in the west
their royal highnesses will al.o spend
a fortnight at Banff.
The other members of the party include Colonel Karquhur. military secretary;    Captain    Iloscawen,   Captain
in I '.ngle file. Much excavation must
be 'Ion0 ir both approaches and many
of the buildings which will house the
offices, the mechanical departments
and the supply divisions remain to be
While witli 60 feet of water in the
canal some of the great dreadnoughts
might   pick   their  way  through   alter
judges and threats to clear the court.
When she returned to her place, many-
crowded around her with outstretched
hands and  cries of "bravo."
M. Caillaux. returning to the bar,
"M. Labori was right in thanking
Mme. Gueydan for the letters. The
calumny does not come from us but
from persons who used methods
against us, never used against others.
But that is a diversion. 1 return to
that poor woman there," pointing
with dramatic gesture to the dock
where Mme. Caillaux sat shaking with
emotion. "With all my strength 1
will defend her. I ought to be beside
her:   nothing  shall  separate  us."
As her husband was speaking the
prisoner's convulsive sobbing could
be heard at the farthest end of the
room. She sat crouching, her face
buried in her handkerchief. si. Caillaux went on with wild gestures to
depict the years which had preceded
bis   marriage  to  her.
Butler. Captain Graham. a'de8:Slr August "16, vet Secretary Daniels said
Kdward Worthlngton. medical officer , tonl_h, ,���, wou](1 llot bt, |lkely t() or.
to their royal highnesses; Captain der any gucn movement except in an
Bulkley, Mrs. Bulkley. Miss >ork and emergency. He will wait until there
Hon. Catharine Villlers. The b:irtj ! is more ^atl,r in the great ditch
will return to Ottawa on September I. , . ,���
'     President   Wesleyan  Conference.
ROOSEVELT SUED London. July 23.���Dr. Waddy Boss.
KUU.M_.VE-L'l   a%jKjmJ i professor of theology in Didsbury Col-
FOR $50,000  LIBEL, lege  and   a    colleague    of   Professor
v     ' I Jackson of Pernley lecture fame, was
 __ j eiected president of the Wesleyan con-
The ob-: fere nee for  1910.
and   de-1	
New Westminster and lower
mainland: Light to moderate
winds, generally fair with stationary or higher temperature,
Paso. Texas. July J:',.--General
has not been invited to take
in the triumphant entry into
Mexico City it was ascertained by
persons arriving here today who have
seen the northern leader within the
last two days. They declared, however, that Villa would participate in
the  ceremony.
Arrivals tpday from Torreon and
Chihuahua declared that Villa's officials had redoubled their efforts to
secure recruits for tlie army of lhe
Oyster Bay, N.Y., July 23.
ligation to appear in court
fend himself against a J60.000 libel
suit begun by Wm. Barnes, Jr., chairman of the republican state committee was imposed on Col. Roosevelt tonight with the serving on him of the
papers in the case.
A copy of the complaint was handed to the former president by James
S. V. Kins, of the law firm which is
acting for Mr. Barnes. According to
Mi. ivins. it rests with Col. Roosevelt whether tlie suit shall be tried
before election or delayed, perhaps
two  years.
Manager       MacKenzie      Enthusiastic
Over Prospects for the Big Show
Next  November.
Those in charge of the Provincial
Exhibition to be held in New Westminster from September 29 to October
3, are  busy  mailing the  prize list to
Sand   Will   Fly   Monday   When   Work IUle man-v -'xhibiters.    A large number
Ir. Resumed.
It is expected that the big electrically operated pump, which i.s being installed on the Front street dock for
the   purpose   of   supplying   water   for
were placed in the post office yesterday, and others will follow as the
mail list is gradually covered. The
exhibition hanger, one of the handsomest designs on the continent, and
Will   Have   Joint   Exhibit.
San   Francisco.  July   28.- New  Zealand  and   Australia  jointly   took  title
today to the site on which the Austru-
sluicing sand into the basin, will be j exceedingly appropriate to the proval work on Monday. Pipes and moni-' ince, is being distributed to the vari-
I tors arrived today and yesterday. r*u. cities and districts throughout
j The pump is operated by a 200 horse-'; British Columbia as an advertisement
j power motor and  the current will be i ot the fair.
I taken from the dock transmission line, j In conversation with Manager Mac-
It will operate two monitors, which i Keiute, who is very enthusiastic over
j wiVa the necessary r/.pes, will be�� i the prospects of the provinicial ev
j used to fill the basin to the Close j hlbition this year. The News learned
; piling at  Begbie street. that every indication pointed to a bi_-
The   filling   in   above   Sixth   street j ger and better fair than ever before
laaian  commonwealth   **lil    raise    a I was begun today by No. 2 derrick and I    Repairs and improvements are bi
common * i'.lc*. next year at the Pa-1 the pile driving is proceeding rapidly I ing made to the exhibition buildings
namn-Pacil'ic  International'Exposition'enough   to  allow   this  derrick   to   go ��-hich gives Queen's Park a busv ap-
here. I ahead with the work above that point, jpearance at present.
FRIDAY, JULY 24,  1914.
:3Hefcrjg.   | nubs of news
^^^ _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^_^_^_^_ The water in the west arm is Btand-
An Independent morning paper devoted to the interests of New Westminster and . |nR 1 j  (eet jj   inches above  the low
cae Fraser Valley.   Published every mornlns except Sunday by the National Printing
sod Publishing Company. Limited, at *! McKenzie Street. New Westminster, British
Columbia. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
water maiK at Nelson.
Accountant. Telephone K447. Room
.2   Hart  Block.
Mrs.  Mary    McNeill,    formerly    of
_________________________________________________ , Phoenix,    is being sought by the pro-
co Individual members of the staff,   deques, drafts, and money orders should be made, vjnc'ai  police.  She is wanted to take
��.__!_    ...   1*t._.    ___.�����___._���    ___��_._. __    ���    .....     _   ���. ��� ������...�� '���������������������^������������������"
England $7,500,000,000 Richer Than the Fatherland-
Interesting Statistics of Eminent London Economist.
I charge of the estate of her late hus-
l__.vat.le to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited. t t>tamt      ���.  _,  ,_._... ��� _-- -
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, . . * : Editorial Rooms (all depart-, band   who was recently klilled in
���eras). 991. '
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, 14 per year, tl for three months, 40c per
soonth. By mall. IS per yew, 26c per month.
ADVERTISING RATES on application.
From this faraway point of view it looks as though
Carranza had jockeyed Villa out of the latter's popularity
and domination as the winning fighter of the Mexican
constitutionalists and that, with the rising of the Carranza star, a couple of other twinklers also had come up, these
being labelled Obregon and Gonzales.
Villa, brigand and murderer as he undoubtedly is,
nevertheless has shown more brains and ability than all
mine accident.
I *   ���   ���
In spite of the utmost precautions
' taken   by   the  provincial   department,
| and  the  Are rangers    and  police,    a
I number of bush fires    are    reported
from various directions in the Nanaimo district.
*   ���   ���
lu an attempt to rediscover a ledge
of gold-bearing quartz, located _U
years ago, John Lovett and Mr. McNeil, of Point Grey, have started for
the Deas Lake district, in the extreme
northwest of British Columbia.
London, July 22.���England    is    *7,-
[500,000,000   wealthier   than   Germany.
At lead Ibis was the statement made
at the meeting of the Royal Statistical
'society  by  Edgar    CTammond,    who
i read a paper on
William N. Allen, son of James S.
Allen, of Nelson,    was    drowned   ut
j Oakland,   Ont.,   while   attempting   to
rescue otherB, was the report received
^  | a few days ago.   The young man had
the rest of the figures in the Mexican chili con carne put i^^^^J0^^6^,"
together.   The only time Carranza had a chance to ex- ...
hibit his diplomacy���when the Americans occupied Vera    An official notice has been issued
Cruz-he started and ended by making an ass of himself &B%rSl ��S&u&STS.
and Villa was the man who pulled him out of the hole.' sciences,   282   weatmlnater   Bridge
Now it is altogether likely that Carranza's   bombastic &��n^
utterances on that occasion are likely to boomerang to his i to  be  treated  as  illegal   mutter.
benefit and, likewise,. to Villa's detriment. ' j M"n^' "^ ����� "��* 'u be m*** w-
,..,,     ,   '      , i,   ,1 i i     ,     ,   _-. ...   able to the institute above mentioned.
Vnla has done all the real work, but Carranza will i *  ���  ���
enter Mexico as the actual head and not the figurehead!   �������� ;'��� %a!Sb?'  for  lhe   pa9t.  }&
��� ., ,   ,. ,      ...   , . .,, ^,, i  /-. months district  passenger    agent    In
of the revolution and with him will go Obregon and bon-;NeiSon for the Canadian pacific raii-
j/ales I way.   has   received   word   of   his  ap-
T'T ., , , .     , ir-i. '' potntment to  the position of general
However, no sympathy need be wasted on Villa, or on; paaaenger agent  ior  the   company
any of his precious compatriots at the head of affairs down headquarters in Portland, ore. in his
_._. rrcii  _.i _. ___.__���_. _..���__.��� 'new  capacity  Mr.  Murphy  will    have
there.   Till they have proved their honorable intentions, charge of an the company's passenger
the world will believe that they are in the game for the traffic in the atataoi^ Oregon,
money, which has been the record of Mexican leaders since1   Worh Mas sllirt<(] on tht. erection of
Cortez set the fashion some seasons back. the exhibition association new buiid-
  i ins on  Acropolis hill. Prince  Rupert.
" ; This year the first wing of tlie build-
: With the Komagata Maru out of the wav, what will ing, s^ing 10,000 feet or floor space
the Vancouver immigration officers do for excitement? COn>��e^
������������������ ' governments  have given   substantial
Wonder what "private" business a public body like | ril,i>t,ort .  ,  ,
A  forest  fire  at   the  west end  of
I Paul lake on Sunday morning cause 1
___________________________    'private  _______________
the school board could have to discuss
, . . i Pire Hanger Park to hurry into Kam
Help!   Help!   Help!   Chase is to have long distance j loops for men and tire fighting appii
'phones, as if we didn't hear enough from that little burg
as it is.
that old and   decrepit yet
ances.    Report  from   the  department
| office says that rain will  be a great
I help and  that there  is  no  reason  to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      ________ ___________________________ suppose that the fire  will  cover any
_.. .... i     ���   i ,. . ' great area, though  Paul    lake    as    _.
Victoria is doing a rush job on a police pension ar- pleasure resort win lose some of its
Didn't know the Capital City cops were quite! naUira) bea,uv J" consequence.
The  directors  of  the  Grand   Porks
^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  I Agricultural  association   will   proceed
Tl   . . , ... ! immediately  with  the erection  of an
It has come; meat prices, say stockmen, will go up isooo fair bunding on the association
another five per cent, this week.   If we cut out roasts fori R��n��*�� s,��1"" ��. _thP. citv Thl" ���
,. ' ...     ..  . , .     .      , . ... ing  will   be   in   the   form   of  a   cross
a month or a�� well ail oe able to buy automobiles. centre .0x40 feet, with tour   wings
  * -111x4(1    feet   each.     This   will    give   a
, , , . ,        i total floor space of Hunu square feet.
North Vancouver s mavor doesn t seem to be popular,! The building win be rushed to com-
at least, not among the canines.   Last week the city hall j i'!pti��n f�� " *�� have it ready tor the
���   i.i       _     i       n   ��� t      . _u      t_-  e ���   .      .       fan' tu ,Je held September 29 and .1".
caretaker s dog took a flying grab at the chief magistrate.! ���  ���  ���
  J,  W. Howell,    for    the    past    tour
.. ..   . ... , , ,   ,,       ...        , years   assistant   physical   director   of
Now listen to this:   A rancher ot the interior has the Spokane y. m. c. a., haa accepted
been fined for hitting a preacher in an argument over a|^e, mvitauon of the directors of the
, i      i       /-\ tt j-j  _.i -j i a.   ���   a.      Nelson  \.  M. C, A. to assume charge
horse deal. Query: How did the said preacher geL into[oi the physical work of the local association, succeeding James Thompson, who has become physical director
of the Lethbridge V. M. C. A. Mr.
Howell i.s expected to reach the city
about the middle of August to assume
the horse deal?
With the premier and the leader of the opposition I
coming   west  this  summer, there should be something charge of the worh
else to talk about than the financial stringency and   the!
'The Economic Relations of the British and German Empires " After dealing in detail with
the development of both countries
sine*' the accesion of the kaiser In
188S, Mr. Crammond said that though
the ratio of 'increase of German
weulth is now aprpoaching that of the
United Kingdom, Britain's national
wealth may be estimated to exceed
that of Germany by at least $7,500,-
000,000. The average wealth per head
in the United Kingdom Is much
greater than that of Germany, and
during the past 18 years, notwithstanding the wonderful advance that
Germany has made, England's Increase
has been very much larger than (Jer-
Moreover, if the comparison of aggregate national  wealth and  national
income   be   made   upon   the   busls  of
the  whole British  empire,  it  will  be
found that the national income of the
; British empire exceeds $17,500,000,000,
and   tlie  national  wealth  amounts  to
approximately       $125,000,000,000,    or
I$60,000,000,000  more  than  the   wealth
I of the Oerman empire.   Attention was
directed to the fact that whereas ln
! the case nf the i'nited Kingdom $19,-
000,000,000,   or  27,   per   cent.,   of   the
national wealth consists of capital Investments in the overseas dominions
I and  possessions and  in  foreign coun-
| tries,   only   $5,1100,0(10,000,   or   6.6   per
cent,  of the (Ierman  national  wealth
is invested outside the limits of that
Tbe outflow ow  British capital was
of vital Importance to the  world in
general and to Germany In particular.
The granting of credits in  London to
undeveloped countries such as Argentina. Brazil, Chile, China, Japan, Australia. India, South Africa, Canada and
[the Straits Settlements, and the west
Coast  of  Africa  augmented   to  a  cor-
j responding extent the purchasing pow-
i er of these countries in the manufacturing centres of Europe an das the
United  Kingdom could not itself sup-
I ply all the manufactures and commodities  needed  by  these countries,  (ier-
many had benefited to an extent little
inferior to that of Great Britain,
If   anything     should    happen   as
I through some calamity, such us war.
'Great   Britain  should  cease  to   invest
capital    abroad,   Germany's    exports
\ throughout   the   world   would   fall  off
; enormously, and  in  order to keep up
her  foreign  trade Oermany  would be
'compelled to invest capital abroad on
J a   \ery  much   larger  scale   than   she
(found it practicable to do at present.
| This   would   react   unfavorably   upon
her'Industrial   progress,   as   it   would
mean the locking up in foreign coun
i tries   of   a   large   amount   of   capital
Which It urgently required for the do-
. velopment of Germany's home Indus-
: tries. So far as the existing economic
relations   of   tlie   two   countries   with
; each other were concerned, one might
.look   to   the   immediate   future   with
Confidence,     At   the   present   time   it
might     be    affirmed   that   their   true
economic   interests     were     reciprocal
rather than antagonistic.
But If one looked, say. 35 years
j ahead, the prospect was not quite so
I assured.   Germany's population would
then number about 100,000,000, while
Britain's would be In the neighborhood of 58,000,000. Suppose, for example, Great Britain found that the
burden of taxation was falling with
too heavy an incidence upon tbe
sources of direct taxation, and that
au order to re-establish an equilibrium
it was necessary to resort to a tariff
for revenue purposes, it was difficult
to avoid the conclusion that some
friction might arise with Oermany.
Moreover, it was likely that the competition between Great Britain, the
United States and Germany for the
food supplies and raw materials of
the world would become acute, unless
fresh areas of supply were opened up
in the meantime, and it was in this direction that co-operation between
British capital and enterprise aud
German Industry would appear to offer a  most frightful  field.
Agriculturists   of    Washington    State
File Protest Against Proposed
Piece of Legislation.
Olympia, July  28.���Officers of the
farmers' union of Walla Walla, Columbia and   Garfield "counties todaj  filed
with the secretary of state, on behalf
of that organization, an argument of
one page opposing the eight-hour Initiative bill. The argument is the first
either for or against any but the prohibition iiiii to be submitted in the
regular way to the secretary of
Two more days remain for opposing
arguments on this bill and three for
arguments against the "seven sisters."
The argument submitted today says
that "it would be hard to imagine any
legislation more hostile to the best
interests of the farmer than the proposed measure." and adds that "the
enactment of this measure means ruin
to  agricultural   operations."
The farmer is at th" merry of the
elements, the argument sets forth, and
evi u now has difficulty in getting men
enough to harvest iiis crops at the
right  time.
The prospect that foes of statewide
prohibition would bring suit to test
tbe sufficiency of tbe dry petition vanished when the five days allowed by
law after tbe announcement of the
court for instituting action for court
review elapsed.
Representatives of th" brewers' association were in Olympia gathering
additional information In ri gard to the
signature- on the petitions. What use
will be made of the ir formation has
not been disclosed.
P, II. SMITH. Auditor and Accountant. Telephone 364. 211 Westminster Trust Building.
ami third Tuesday In each month et 8
urn. In Hi" r_.bor Temple. A. J. Christina.. Dictator j David Boyle. Past _��ic-
tntor; XV. J. Qrovea, Secretary, 111
\\v. tinhi. i.-r Trust  IliilldlnK.
It. P. O. K. of 1>. C meets first mnil
ihli'l .'rUlnv nt . p.m., I_ihnr Ti-ntpl..
Seventh mul Royitl avenue. A. W��|j_
(Srav. Exalted Ruler; I'. H. Smith. Secretary.
I. O. O. P. AMITY I.ODC1E NO. 27���THE
rt'Kiiliir meeting of Amity I.o<1k>-. Jin.
27. I. O. O. P.. Is hold every Morftav
nlg.it ut H o'clock In O(M Fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon . n<! Eighth BtNeta,
���Vlsltlm? brethren cordially Invited.
H. W. Banjrster, N.G.; J. L. Wauwn,
V.O.: XV. C. Coatham, P.Q.. record In ic
.ccri'tnrv; J. W. McDonald, financial
XV. K. FALES 4 CO., 612-618 AGNES
street, opposite Cnrneelo library. Mont
up-to-date funeral parlora In the dtv.
Bpeelaltata in shipping, ijidy _w__taut
In attendanoe. Always open. Day phone
ITS,   nlKht   phone   SI.
s     lidWEI.I, (BUCCHBBOR    TO    <_\N-
ter A; Hanna, Ltd.)���'Funeral dlraotora
an.l   ��� inlialmerH,     Parlors 405 Columbia
street New   Westminster,    Phone ttl
���ter Board of Trade moots In the board
room. City Hull, as follows: Third Friday of each month. Annual m""tlni?��
On the third Friday of February. O. It.
Stuart  Wade,  secretary.
rlaO'i'H.  Solicitors, ele. 40  Lome Street,
New Westminster,    <:. K. Corbould, K.
('.     J.   It.   (Jratit.     A. E.   McColl.
ter-at-law, Bolicltor. etc. Solicitor for
ih" Hank of Vancouver. Offices- Merchants' Hank Building, New Westminster, H C. Telephone No. 1070 Cable
address "Johnston." Code Western
l nion.
li. ii..-. etc., Colllster Block, corner Columbia and McKensle streets New
Westminster, R C, P. o. uux tag fete.
phona  344.
Hi.lc- Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Bile, Columbia street.
New Westminster, u. c. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P O.
Drawer HOO. Telephone .9. XV .1.
Whiteside, K. Ci H. L. Edmonds. D,
at-law, solicitor, etc. comer Coil ml-a
and McKenzie streets. Srw Westminster,  li.  c.    p. o. Hox  113.    Tcl-phuue
Solicitor and Notary. Offices. Hart
Block. _S lyorno streel, New W..'_i'n-
. t.r.  H. C,
M.'.jr.WtHI.*. MARTIN Z CASS.fl'V.
I', irristeri and Solicitors. CI5 fo BIK
Westminster 'Trust lllnek. (J. K Martin. W, (>. McQuarrls and (.i<.,.��c U
About  four and a half    miles of the
. road up Mount FteveUtoki have been
constructed, and mother nine and a
I half miles have to be completed. The
| mountain ih 6050 feet above sea level,
i and the outlook from the summit is
I regarded as one of the most magnlfl-
cent In iiriti.ii Columbia.
Quesnel is talking of putting up a water tower.   In   _   _ _	
the old Cariboo davs the last thought of Quesnel was for I facturers* association of British co.
.     -_-_-_���   -_-_--���          ���  ic
In order to ask that a preference
be Riven to goods manufactured in
this province in the liuildin*. of the
new University of Hritish Columbia
buildings,  a  deputation  of the Manu-
inti rview
Hon.   W,   .1- |
water.   Other liquids came first then, but times have; Z^er.^vicu^ ������ Tuesday .The
manufacturers hope to lie able to secure   tlie   hulk  of  the  contracts  for
supplying  material    for    Iiritish    Columbia.
changed, times have changed.
The old cattle rustlers down on the Rio Grande didn't
have anything on the gang which pulled across the border
the other dav with a hundred Alberta horses. And they
say the wild and wooly west is no more.
Welcome   "Caesar"   to   "Athens"   and
Conclude by Trying to Sacrifice
a "Briton."
London. July 77. One of the best
"raf*_." ever carried out by undergraduates bas Just taken plac.' at
Durham. To the great amusement of
huge crowds that lined the streets.
Durham university undergrads have
fittingly celebrated the end of the university term.
The "rag" tool, the form of a welcome to "imperii',.')!��� Caesar" and the
subsequent presentation to him of the
"Freedom of the city of Athens." The
event had been well advertised by
handbill:-: and by the procession
thrcugli the town of half a do.en
students, disguised a. most disreputable looking tramps, carrying sandwich
boards. There was in consequence a
great number of people on the racecourse at the time fixed for "Ca< Bar"
to arrive. A procession of boats up
the river brought "his majesty," attended by a number of student:;, cleverly got up as Roman soldiers, with
helmets u_.d shields. At the steps of
St. Cuthbert's boat landing tbe party
was met by other students attired aa
ancient llritons,  Druids, etc.
"His majesty," who wore a medal,
shield and other regalia, was mounted
upon a four-wheeled cart, and surrounded by attendants. ".Music, plaintive and otherwise." accompanied him.
The antics of the party, in their per-
funbulatiou cf the streets to the p..ck-:
ed market place was most ludicrous,
and everywhere the procession *_as|
greeted with laughing faces, and a
good deal of approval. The "soldiers"
und their "band" walked around the
market place, and then took up poBi-
tii ns in front of the Londonderry
statue, from tiie steps of which a stu-
dent, wearing an academic costume
-.nd a three-ocrnered hat, "pad a long
document in dog-Lntln, and th handed to the "emperor" a large car.i ioard
kev, symbolic of the "freedom of the
city of Athens."
Afterwards the procession  proceeded through Saddler street  to the Palace Green, In the middle of which a
Druid's  altar  had  been  erected.  Here
a "sacrifice" was made. The "Druids."
. each  carrying branches    of    a    tree.
; walked   round   and   round   the   green
i with   many   gesticulations  and     genu-
. flexions and  then  something  was  set
i alight to the "altar." and    volumes of
smoke ascended.
One of the "Britons" was theyeupon
seized   by   two  Roman   "soldiers.'  and
i amid much trepidation w*\s forced fir-
ward   towards tlie "altar,"  but  at the
(critical moment he succeeded in making good his eBCape.    This ended the
sacrifice, and a "march  past" of thi
| "imperial"  and  "other troops"  followed, after which the procession  passed
into  the  castle  quadrangle  and   the
proceedings came to an end.
It was agreed on all hands that the
affair had been excellently conceived
aiu1 executed.
When sailing n. ar Horseshoe bay
on Monday three young men. two
brothers named Allan and one named
Mills, had a narrow escape from
drowning when their skiff upset, a
heavy .-ea was running and as the
irdinary light boats in tbe vicinity
wen not steady enough to be i f ser-
< 7-e the men clung to their craft half
an hour before taken off b> .Mr.
Fordham. of Vancouver, In a dinghy.
... y were none the worst for then
h .morsion.
PHONES: 15 ANI) 16.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Cement,
Washed Gravel and the Best Concrete Sand in B.C.
Lime, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and the hardest and
toughest crushed rock in the country. Rip-rap
Rock a specialty.
For the purpi - of making a
pleasure trip through Canada, sir
Hartmatm VV, Just, K.C.M.G., assistant under secretary of state for the
: colonies and secretary of the Imperial
conference, arrived In Vancouver this
week mi the !>'. M 8, Niagara. He
l'li; jusi completed a pleasure tour
through the Antipodes and is returning to London via the Dominion. Sir
llartinaiin stated that be wa; not on
any official  mission.
*    ���    I.
D. C. Reynolds, of Okanagan Land
ing. lost by lire his big four storey
hotel building which, with contents,
was completely destroyed, as was the
Reynolds home adjoining. The build
ings, which was of frame, and 40x80,
was built last year. The origin of thi
i.ie is a mystery, there having been
no lires in the stoves for three hours
before the flames were discovered. A
tall for aid was phoned to Vernon,
���*:t '"!,i n !'.*.��' brigade arrived the
flan,et  were beyond control.
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd.
Manufacturers of
Modem Saw and Shingle Mill Machinery, running Machinery, Gasoline   and   Distillate   Knglnes.
Repair Work of All Kinds Promptly Executed.
i UAL MINING  rights Of the Pomh.Ivn
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
tin- Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and In u ixjrtlon uf the Pro*luce
��� it British Columbia, may _����� leased for a
term ot twrntv-oiiu years ut an annual
rental ol $1 an acre. Not mora than-MM
acres wilt lx- leased tu one applicant
Application for a lease must be mads
by tho applicant In '--i-sun tu the Ak��-iii
or Sui.-.-.Hint of the district In which Uio
rlghta applied  for are situated.
in surveyed territory tha land must bs
described by sections, or legal subdivisions uf sections nnd In uimurveyel t����-
rii. iy the iraet applied tor shall l>e staked
uut   hy the applicant  himself.
I__.cn application must be accompanied
l.v a fee ot *_ widen will I.e r.'fuiid-��l if
the rights applied for are not available,
hut not otherwise. A royally shall !�����
paid on the merchantable output otjjtlie
mine nt the rate of Ave cents per ajn
person   operating   the   mine   shall
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Rills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want ft, in any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Tiie disappearance of Thomas A
Mclntyre. the hard-'are merchant of
Grand Forks. Is still a mystery and
search for him bas been for the present abandoned. The hard straw hat
found has not been positively identified as his. There seemr. to be no
clue ixisting that would lead to
cause for his absence. Many riimo.:;
and surmises are in circulation, bu*
nothing definite can be gathered,
On the nighl i ' his arrival In Is ol
son K. I". Qrei u. M. P., found in his
room at the Strathcona hotel several
beautiful branches of cherries, whicli
had bei ;i provided by some kind
friend. Speakllng of the gift Mr.
Greon expressed his appreciation of
the a< t of the unknown do:,or to
whom  be    desired   to    express    bis
111 inks.    He sa.d til" brunches showed
j wonderful production, while the fruit
was delicious In the extreme and w's
another evidence of Kootenay's wonderful adaptability for fruit growing,
which was further emphasized by the
i \hib!t   of   small   fruits   at   the   rose
i si'.;v.*.
_.    M    BUCKUN, N    Bl���:.*R!.8I_B__I        W. F. H. BUCKUN,
Pres  aad Goel   Mgr. Vice-President. Mao   .i�� Dm.
fuml.h ihe Agent Willi sworn retfcrua
are..uuiiug for III" full quantity of mer-
elianlal.l. coal mined and pay tho royally thereon, If tii" coal mining rtehts
aro not being operated such returns should
be furnished at least once a year.
Tho lease will Include the coal mlnlnK
rights only, i.ui the lessee will l��' permitted t" purchase whatever available
surface light may be considered nec'"*-
naiv lor Iln working t.i Ule mine at the
rate ..f $m an acre.
For foil Information application should
bo made lo the Secretary of the Department  of  the Interior, Ottawa, or to anv
Ag.'iit  or Sub-Agent of  Dominion  i.uuls.
W*.  W. CORY,
Deputy Minister of the tnterl u
N.B.���Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not lie paid for.
New Wellington
Office, 654 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth 8treet.
P. O. Box 34S. Phone 105.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 177
Residence:  Hoom 118 McLeod Block.
Phone 489 L.
to be living on the east coast of Hud- j was   hurt  and   humiliated,     but    his | took a little car ride. De .Booe thought _~*fl I \ m_ A t_\*T*_?_?T\     _r\tt        HCDCWTI TDI7Q
sun   Hay,   _42   names   were   obulned. j pride forbade  him  to ask her to re-, It waa a n*ce nlsnt for a rjue  too The |VSvl_r%lvAW 1 _U!__Lr     VrlLi      J__/___tI_P__-IN I U_t\JCs-^
Tlie names are slated to be thorough- turn.    He got a  divorce  as  soon aa, night  became  rather  warm  for  him, I
ly reliable, but the ages would be pure' possible and   never  saw   her  again.      tiiough,   when   the  brotheiin-law   and; ______��__________
guess  work. I Receives   Baby's   Picture. ; Detective Kauglilin did a little jostling i
Pagans Only in Name. About a  year  later there  came  to en their own account.    It wasn't half i
"In   calling   most   of   them   pagans  him anonymously through the mail a such  gentle Jostling us had  been  in-
    \ lit must be remembered that they are  photograph   of  a   lovely   baby  a   few Ldnlged in by De llooe, either, and  it j
'so  iu   name  only,  since  all   of  them [months old.    On  the  back of  it  was  landed him in the police station rath-1
Board of Trade, Broke, Church Closed, i haVH ,heir religious  books, and prac-1 written, "Mildred Athene Keith." The ei  mussed up and. disheveled.
tirally evervone of the age of ten can  astonishid bov father lost no time in      Today,  however,  Eduardo  De  Booe! 	
j read them.    Heathen  practices are a I trying to trace the sender of the pic- "ad regained his poise. His gray mus-j    Incorporated      under     "Companies
I thing oi  the  past.    The'majority  of, ture   but failure met his efforts. The taches were upturned at an exquisite. Act' with Capital of $800,000 divided
I the   people   live  in   the   most   squalid | only news that ever came to him was angle.     Kduardo   De   Booe   exhibited I '"to 800.000 shares of 81.00 each
I conditions, and are destitute of prop-; of the death of the little daughter he *__�� much l-*"?****-***' ��� 'w,Et fi,*el>' ta**
ler clothing through the failure of the had  never seen.    Then a second and <����*  K���y  suit,  which  matched  to  a
o Tournament Off,  But Assessments  Are   Reduced.
(Non Personal   Liability)
502 Westminster Trust Block.
New Westminster, B.C
..-That  OM deefi whlch l0UK ago wer(, numerous  vet a  third  tune  this  news  came to "R"l-V   h*B  popper and  salt   hair and
is practically; aiOI1g ,he east coast ot Hudson Bay."; "him, but events proved it to be unau-  ���""Caches.    \\ ith just a bit of a for-
The     report    of     Mr.     Courtlandt! thentlc. ,eign  accent  he  denied  the  charge,
jstarne.. commissioner of customs at]    Eighteen   years    nfter    his    wife's Claiirn He Is a Family Man.
Fort Churchill, and local superintend-1flight  lie  married   again,  but  in   less
jent of the Koyal  Northwest  Mounted; than   a   year   death   again   made   his
tion  for a  grant of  $40 a   month  to , *,0|i(,(.   COVPre,i  the western shore or I homo desolate und he retreated to one
Hudson   Bay   from   Fort  Churchill  to I of his farms.
the   northern    extremity of    Melville!    j��� th(. meantime i'earl Carter Keitli
Peninsula.     Mr.   Starnes   divided   the! had   lived   with   her  father,   wherever
Mat '.('.ni,   Alta..  July
Macleod board of trad
(lejii  was disclosed at a recent meet-
in.: Of the town council when Dr. Bruce
attended   b( fore   the  council   to   peti-
carry on the work.
in   making his application  the doc
work into three parts, and appointed  his   field   might   be.     Little
to  ���'.plained   that   the  $40  asked   tor
would   be  used   iu   defraying   the  ex-
penseaof V  \V  I)  Oeorge, the present I an enumerator for each,   home of tbeI grew  up in  the quiet    atmosphere of
..".tarv. and incidental expenses; but I ��ork was done on trails covered heav-1 a    country    minister's    home.
without   this   help   from   the   council i ">' witl) snow, and with the tempera- [mother was something of a musician
the board could not be kept alive, as  ture  never above  40  degrees
re of
Application Turned Down. N�� 'd��a of Aae.
De.-pite the appeal, however, the coun- Sergeant Hayter reported that the
(il were one and all against the grant, D*>ple ��> '���'�� district had no idea
DOt   I  single  member speaking  in  fa-. whatever of their ages, and they knew
and she began teaching the child
when she was 7. At 14 little Mildred
began teaching music herself.
"Honors!" said Kduardo De. Booe. "I
an a Brazilian gentleman. 1 am the
representative of an influential South
American business house. I have au
invalid wife, a married son, a married
daughtei. I have just returned from
a trip to Kurope. 1 return soon to
South America. The young lady is
mistaken. I did not attempt to hold
her uand."
Magistrate Steele, however, regarded tin sleek Brazilian gentleman
"You   are   old    enough   to   be   thi.
a   liatura
The   girl   knew   absolutely   nothing g.rl's   grandfather,"   he   said.     "It   ls
of her father.    She never had seen a your r uty to protect young girl.-., and
...  ,.........,,  ...  ... photograph of him.    Aside  from the j not insult them.   I am going to make
vor of "the application, while Council-] nothing of our divisions of time. They  natural   hidden   longing,   she  did   not an   example  of  you.    I  am   going  to
lor   Dickson   remarked':   "lt   is   better 'are.    sometimes    polygamlsts.    some-: allow   herself  to  think  of    him���life! send  you  to the   work  house  for  30
al death 1tinH'8 potyandrists. They are fond of! had become too strenuous for mere! days -and there will be no option
Children, but change them about, dreaming. Bread and butter and cloth-Sol paying a fine."
adopting some or giving their own ; ing were the very practical measures! The Brazilian bad exhibited a bank
away, according to convenience, so, of life. now. She tried many things, [ roll sufficient to pay the fine, and
that it was hard to reckon families. yet a world did not prove an easy i have enough left over to return him to
M. Kabien Vanasse, historiograph- ��� place for a young, clear-eyed girl. Sol his Invalid wife in Brazil, but on hearer of the Canadian government steam-1 far flrom easy did her way prove ing that he would have to serve time
ship   Arctic,   under   Captain   Hernier. j that  Mildred  Keith  sought an almost1"' the work house his confidence fad-
for  'he  board  to die
Ili,iii  a violent one."
Since Publicity Commissioner \V.
C. V Moffatt resigned the position of
secretary to the board no money has
been voted towards the secretary's
salary, although two applications
bave  been  made  to the  council,  and
On aud after 2:00 p.m. of Wednesday, the 22nd day of July, 1914. subscriptions will be received at the
office of the Westminster Trust Company, New Westminster, B.C., or the
office of the Company. 5u2 Westminster Trust Building. New Westminster. B.C., for an issue of 7795 debentures of $00.00 each, not bearing Interest.
These debentures are to be sold at
par aud the payment is guaranteed by
tbe Westminster Trust Company at
its office, New Westminster, on the
1st day of July. 1922, or at the option
of the    purchaser    these    debentures
which tbe directors may proceed to
allotment of shares is $250.00. each
share of the minimum subscription to
be fully paid.
The number of shares which have
been issued or agreed to be issued as
fully or partly paid up. otherwise (kan
In cash, is I400.UOO, and the conaidera-
tion for which the shares have been
or are proposed to be issued is the
assignment (subject to the consent of
the Minister of the Interior and to the
provisions of the regulations) to the
Company of four applications for
leases of the Petroleum and Natural
(las Kights made under the provisions
ot Section,. I of the Regulations approved by Order-in-Council, dated the
19th day of January, 1914, In approximately 760 acres of land on the North
side of the Kraser Itiver, New Westminster District, of which 73 aeres
aie East of Pitt River, and the balance in the vicinity of Hatzic Prairie,
the chances of anv grant being made *** aPPf'lllt(',i  t(- Uike lhf! census of j unbelievable plac,. of refuge.    The In-1*-'1 and he assumed an air of drooping
this   year  seem   very   remote. ! Baffin Island, and took in addition the .ane  asylum  at  Anna,  111.,  not  as  ajdejectlon.
i   ��� enthusiasm among the trade* |een*u* "*   ivilkenek.    or    Port  Bur-j patient, but as an attendant, is where.
men of the town is also at a very low
ebb, and unit ss something of an um
usual nature happens the board of
trade, aa a working factor, seems
Church   Closed.
Although   the   Kev.
' : i>    ago   to  take   up
well, on the south side of Hudson I she eventually obtained employment j
Straits. His reports contains the fol-: for her sellf-supoprt. Mildred does |
lowing interesting remarks as to con- not like to dwell on this phase of her'
ditiotiK amongst the Kskimos: life, yet out of It grew her discovery
Eskimo  Yearly Cheated. of her father, and of all that life now
"The yearly  value of the  hunt tor holds foi her.
Hall   lett   soni
his    duties    at
B each Eskimo hunter is placed at $xuu
or $1.1)00 on tbe premises.  If this for-i
Missing   Father   Sought.
In   the   friendly   intimacies   of   the
may be exchanged at any time before and the names and addresses of   the
Vendors of the said rights are Mary
Ann Ashby, New Westminster, widow;
and Joseph Rowan Grant, New West
minster, barrister, and each of these
parties is to receive 200,000 fully paid
up shares in the Company.
The Articles   permit   a commission
of 15 per cent, on the sale of shares.
The estimated amount of preliminary expenses Is $1,000.00.
The dateg and parties to every oia
maturity   for   shares   at   par   In
above Company.
To Surrender his debenture on or
before the 1st day of July, 1922, and
receive in exchange for the same 50
fully paid up shares of $1.00 each in
the capital of the Company. If he
does not choose to surrender his debenture by the above date, the West- j terial contract are:    Mary Ann Aeii
minster Trust Company will on its
maturity on the 1st day of July, 1922,
pay him $50.00 on the delivery of it to
the debenture.
The advantage to the Purchaser ts
that if the Company is successful in
its oil operations he may surrender
his debenture and obtain shares in
the Company and receive the benefit
of the increased price To. shares
which should arise    from    t'ne    Com-
by and Company, dated 13th July,
1914; Joseph Rowan Grant and Com
pany. dated 13th July. 1914; Westmin
ster Trust Company and Company,
dated 14th July, 1914; and these con
tracts may be inspected at the office
of the Company, 502 Westminster
Trust Block. New Westminster, B.C.,
at any time during office hours.
The    auditor   of the   Company    is
Sydney Sutherland Malcolmson,   New
Strathmore, no one lias been appoint-
.Isaken one of civilization were living attendants the knowledge of Miss
,,.,.,.,.,��� ,.,,,, :| Macleod, andM" ������'���' Proxlrnlty ��f our competitive Keith's Ignorance concerning her fa-
tiie Bnlish church is now closed. The* markets, if ho knew the value of the Ither became known. In an "off duty"
church is unquestionably In financialIproducts of the hunt, if he was more|discussion one da�� a systematized at-
Under    Fierce    Competition    Product
Sells as Low at Nine Cents
Per Gallon.
difficulties   hut  it certainly seems a concerned about the future, he might j tempt to  locate  the  missing  parent
���u.i.it   regrettable fact  tbat a  town  of Ilive In modest comfort, In spite of ulI j was  decided   on.     Mildred   knew   she
the  size of  Macleod cannot afford  to't'"'   inconvenience   he   has   to   suffer! was   born   at  Grandon,   Mo.,  she  had 	
keep the church continuously open for f,<)m *������"' Inhospitable climate where heard of Doniphan and    of    Poplar,
public worship. <;'"'   ,la*s   Placed   him.     But,   unfortu-, Bluff; how, or in what connection, she'     Monopoly   lights   witli   a   two-edged
Minister Resigns. nately, the Eskimo lias no idea of the i did not know, but letters were written  swords, says the Spokane Spokesman-
The  Hev.  Edwin  Smith,' pastor of economic values he holds in his hands to officials at those places explaining Review.  The  high-price  edge  is  for
i '   Macleod Presbyterian church, has after his slaughter of ten or twenty her identity and asking for any pos
Information   regarding   her  fa
the consumer, the ruinously low price
edge   is   for   rivals  that  il   would   de-
handed in his resignation, to take ef- P��-ftr  *'*'ur,i'  1)is  capture of  25  or 80 j Bible
reel .it the end of this month.    Mr. and sometimes 100 foxes, of eight to the..
Smith,  who has  been  In   Macleod  for ! ten  wolves, of  hundreds  of  large sal-      The note of longing and  loneliness,! stroy or drive  from the field of com-
the last vear, is a powerful and fluent', "ion,  each   weighting  ten.   twenty  or as well as the love for her unknown ��� petition.    In   the   end    the   public   is
preacher, and his departure from the thirty pounds, and which he throws to  father, enlisted the interest of B.  H. j m-due t0 teel tne cuUjng force of both |
town  will  be  sincerely  regretted.   He  Hi" dogs.   Besides this, he is obviously ] Wilcox,   city   clerk   at   Poplar   Bluf f, j edges,
is   alto  a   most   businesslike   and   en- Cheated   each   year   by   the   skimmers 1 Mo.     Mr.   Wilcox  set  himself  with  a      fn   the   past   repressive   legislation I
ergetlc  man,  and  during  his term  of,"f  the  sea,  who  visit  him   to collect will   to   do   what   was   possible.     He  against the  trusts  has  been  directed
effiee  here   has  succeeded  lu  consid-j hlK  furs.    At- the  trading  centres heltound a  man  who occasionally heard I against  the  evil  of  excessive  prices,
erably   reducing  the outstanding debt exchangee for a few pound* ot biscuits 1 from the missing parent.    When  lastibut  the   trades   commission   bill   now I
Of the church. |or tobacco, a few quarts of molasses, i written to the address had been Car-.before the senate opens with this dec-1
No future arrangements have    been   P'pes.   matches   and   some   yards   of I thage.  Mo.    So a telegram  promising! laration:
made by   Mr.  Smith, although  lie haalehC-wy cotton  poods, his  silky furs Of I "good   news"   for   James     10.     Keith,!     "That   unfair  competition   in     com-
received  calls  from   several   very   lm-  the  greatest economic  value.    Gener-i could  the  gentleman  be  located,  was]merce   is   hereby   declared   unlawful.
bo '-.nt towns ally  speaking, the Eskimo does notIsent to tbe chief of police at Carthage.{The commission is hereby empower-
Assessment Reduced. j attain   a   very   advanced   age.    Some I That   official   immediately   called   up led   and  directed   to  prevent  corpora-.       .
have been met, however ,aged from 60 | Mrs. I.ulu Keith Crowder, the wife of; tions   from   using   unfair   methods  of'
I to 66  years.    The  average  length  of'the    prosecuting    attorney���and    the competition.   In   commerce."
Ker some time past the ratepayers
ol Macleod have maintained tiiat the
assessment of property in Macleod is
away too high, and several ratepayers  have  appealed successfully to the
assessment    committee  for a  reduc-
Hi ���.    ihis year, however, the appeals
were  carried  to a  higher court,  and
tonor  Judge  Jackson,  of    I_eth-
'._���'���. was appointed to bear tbe appeal, end attended Macleod some ten
,l:<v a   ago   tor  thai   purpose.
The assessment values were then
fully gone Into and judgment was reserved.
\ lung written judgment Is now-
however, to hand, and in every ease
Judge Jackson upholds th. contention
nt the ratepayers that the assessment
Is  too high.
Much   Disapopinted.
The residents of Macleod were
keenly disappointed when it became
known that tlie polo tournament, under the auspices of the Western Canada Polo association, will not take
plaoe, owing to several teams having
�� ithdrawn at the last  moment.
pany't operations, if successful, but if  Westminster, B.C.
the Company  is not successful Irr   iu      The Articles state that the shares
operations, he can hold his debenture, j are under the control of the directors
and by the surrender of his debenture : and  the  directors bave  power to  Is-
on the 1st day of July. 1.22, receive j sue debentures.
back the $50,00 paid. Kach of the  directors being    part
Tlie Company has arranged with the : owners of the above described rights.
Westminster Trust Company for the land who are also promoters of the
redemption at maturity of these de-1 Company, are to receive from the
bentures so that the purchaser will be t allottment of 400,000 fully paid up
amply protected. j shares aforesaid. 100,000 fully paid up
Tlie Company bas   purchased   four j shares,
applications for leases for Petroleum ;    Tne Company reserves the right to
Oil and Natural Gas    Bights   in    ap-  withdraw   the   said   debentures   from
proximately  7��" acre:-:    in    the    Pitt j sa|e at any (jme
Meadows and Hatzic  Prairie portions!    rjat<,,j i4tn tyu\y   i^n
of New  Westminster District, and it |    For further'particulars write or apis  the intention of the Company    as j ,,,v    t0    EurflKa   oil Wells,   Limited
soon  us  fund;'  are  available  to  bore [ , Non.personal    Liability),    502 West-
for oil in these Districts, commencing Imimter Trust Block,    New Westmin-
In the Hatzic Prairie District. ster, B.C
|    The qualification of a director i3 the j    a."copy of this prospectus has been
| holding of one share In the Company. | flled: witn    the    Registrar    of    Joint
and the Company's  Articles    provide j s,ock companies, pursuant to Section
I that the remuneration of the directors | s9 ot a,e "Companies Act."
I shall from time   to   time   be   deter-
j mined by the    Company    in    general I ��� ������
meeting. '
The names,    descriptions    and    ad: FORM  OF  APPLICATION.
dresses of the directors or proposed I EUREKA OIL WELLS, LIMITED.
directors are: I tNon-Personal Liability).
Elijah  John  Fader. New   Westmin-1 New Westminster. B.C.
B.C.,  manager  of  B,  C.  Trans- , DEAR SIR.���
port Company, Limited. We hereby apply for
life   of   thlS
4u years."
little   people  is   Irom
family of Mildred Athene Keith  wasj    This provision has been objected to
found. as vague and confusing, and as  leav-
Love  and   Money  Flashed. ilnR to th<> commission  too  w\<\e  die-
Telegrams   and    night    letters flew cretion,    It  fails  to  define  the   term
thick cud  fast and  conveyed to Mr. "unfair   competition,"   and   the   point
Keith the joyous news that his daugh- ** m-u> that wllat onl' man miS*u hon\
tei   had   been   found.     Money   llashe)   estly   regard   as   fair   another   might;
Joseph Rowan Oram. New Westmin- debentures at par. and herewith en-
i ster. B.C., barristerat-Iaw. ' close you 	
Uordou Edward Corbould, K.C.. New [being at the rate of 150.00 for each
I Westminster. B.C., barrlster-at-la \_.      (debenture.
The     minimum     subscription     on'(J664) Yours truly.
long the wires to Mildred with an in-.
consider unfair.    How, it is asked, can \ "'
Mildred   Keith   "Comes   Home"���Long
Search   Ends   at  Carthage,
ices.    Progress is seen in the alter-  that  more Christians have been  mur-
, .        . ,    ,   mu tone Of public sentiment.    The peo-  dered and  simply kicked out of their
sistent prayer to "come at once." Then;n  corpora Ion  know  m  advance   what, ��&       . f q, ,    con-   Ileuses und small fields, and the local
loving   messages   began     literally     to \ interpretation ��i!l be placed upon this, ', the   fac,   that   excessively I authorities  are  dote,    nothing  to dis-
|provlsion   by   the   commission,   or   by | �����   '        " ](?        ��� , .. ��� t:,e      m     and lh��� be(.fause thH
pour in  upon  her.    Through them all
the courts if appeal is taken from the
., * .    .    , , ,    ' lilt'   lui     a   it   .li. ..*._.,   i..    lan- i
rung  the note ol   rejoicing and  a  wel-  d    , , ^ commiBBioa
come that was all impatience for her
Competition Driven  Out.
coming.    Thus is was that this week.j    Thp     ubft.   hag   seen   competition
on the eve ol  her twentieth birthday, gfranghMJ over and over again  by the
.Miss Mildred  Keith stepped  from the i familiar old  method  of  cutting  rates
train at Carthage. Mo., into the arms
or   prices     in     competitive     territory
Carthage,    Mo.,   July    22.- Mildred
Athene Keith came home this week.
In lhat short sentence there is a life
story stranger than most  fiction.
When a girl has grown to the age
of 7'0 without having enjoyed the privilege Of a home and parents, and
when a father has a daughter of that j
ige whom he has never seen, meeting
means much more to the principals I
than the family reunion as usually
This has been thi     experience   of
James  E.  Keith,  mem! er of a promi-
l nent family in southwestern Missouri,
j and his daughter, Mildred.    The story
With | began  twenty-one  years  ago in  the
qnie'  little Missouri  village of Doniphan.    Pari  Cart' r,  a   Baptist  minister's  daughter,   ivas  "sweet  1G," and
the  village  belle,  "Voung"  Jim  Keitli
  j waa only 19. but he was the best liked.
* (tlie   most   industrious  of   the   village
Ottawa, July 22.���'According to a "boys." Their wedding was a��gay af-
census bulletin giving some details of fair. A newspaper clipping of the
Canada's farthest north population, event says: "Everything necessary
tilert are some six hundred Eskimos for going to housekeeping, except the
in Ungava. On the east cost of Hud- food, was included in the wedding
son Hay. and on the west coast and presents."
iii the Churchill district tbe total pop- Soon after bis daughter's marriage
ulation is given as 1,588 of whom the Rev. Mr. Carter moved to another
1,360 are Eskimos, 180 Indians, 361 town and the young people were left
bait breeds and 'J.   whites. I to create their home.    Unfortunately,
3ome Interesting Information Is Pearl had been taught nothing ot
given as to the character and habits home making or housekeeping respon-
Of life of the Dominions population in slbilil es. She only knew, as time
the northern wilds. Speaking oi the went ont, that marriage was not what
Eskimos on the east cost of Hudson1 she had expected It
Canadian Census Bulletin Deals
Dominion's  Farthest  North
of a father who had hungered for her|wnite thev are held up In non-competi
her for twenty long years. In less Wive fields, and when the troublesome
than two weeks from the time she | r)vai was driven to the wall, of prices
sen', out her first search letter she I anootlng up again to tlie old range or
had ceased to be alone In the world, j even higher levels.
M'ss Keith will live with her father I Repeatedly in early days on the
in what henceforth will be her own j Columbia the old Oregon Steam Navi-
home, at his country place near Alba, j nation company and its successor, the
.Mo. lo. R. & N���   ran of fthe river with this
���  j bludgeon independent lines of steam
ers called into service by public outcry against the high rates and autocratic bearing of the monopoly. The
new line would begin with a moderate
reduction in charges, made imperative for it to justify Its appearance.
The old line would promptly cut under the cut rates, and thus the war
would wage furiously until, in some
instances the two lines would be carrying passengers free,
ln   the   end   the   public   invariably
weak rivals and clear the field for j-government is the cause of this state.
I Ion.-* periods of complete control Of The weather is splendid for the fu-
I the market, are to be regarded as an!(llre crops, but there is a great doubt
[evil and not a blessing. Hence the 'if they w.||* be collected if this state
demand for laws that will deal with 'continues, and even if they are col-
both ends of the market thermome-, jPPted the damages cannot be caleu-
ter j lated now. *
"~   * ;    Every day the Christians from  the
in rounding villages and  the  interior
ot Asia Minor are coming down Into
I the town and kept at the expense of
the   international    people,  and   it   Is
' heartbreaking to see these poor peo-
pie, and there are many who were
quite   rich   people,   with   five,   ten   or
1 eien fifteen thousand pounds, and to-
j day  they are simply penniless.
Tried   to   Hold   Stenographer's   Hand
in Street Car and Is Sent to
the   Cooler.
Murder and   Pillage   in  Asia   Minor���
Porte Seems to Make No Effort
to Stop Outrages.
New   Vork.   July   23.
Eduardo   De
aged   49,   most  beautiful    Bra-
won't   jostle  any   more  pretty
American    stenographers    in
cars for 30 days.    Neither will
Eduardo De IJooe try to clasp within
'lis brilliantly manicured hands the
fingers of any charming little brunette tpists. No, carramba, armadillo and matadora, Kduardo will lan-
guiah on Blackwell'B island, where
there are no street cars, no charming
stenographers, no lily-white fingers.
It Is very sad.    Eduardo Is desolated.
July   28.   Conditions   here
ure going from bad to worse, because son  of  a  settler  nortii
in the beginning it was only the refu-
"feil"   for   the   superior   resources   o'flgoes   who   did   all   the   murders   and
the monopoly. Sometimes a conscious-   plunders, but later on it became gen-
ness of public welfare led many pat-   ^   ,    Because of the refugees the na-| child   was
ti.e Turks  and soldiers have united,
...ul  plunder    whole    villages,    insult
rons to give their busines to the new
company, but in the end that faded
away and the men who put their
money into tlie venture cursed the
public as fickle, treacherous and short
Lively Gasoline War.
The Standard Oil company and a
number of independent competitors
are at war at present. Tlie fiercest
Competition ls reported In Hudson
County, N. .)., where gasoline can be
bought as low as nine cents a gallon,
and in parts of Texas where it is being sold In some instances to dealers
as low as S cents.    In  Missouri  it  la
Ki field, Wis.. July 23.���Kept alive
lot two days by association with two
bear cubs. Baby Ball, the 2-year-old
of here, was
found alseep in the underbrush and.
though starving, was not Buffering
from exposure. The searchers found
the sign of bears near where the
found and old woodsmen
declare that the babe was kept alive
by sleeping with the cubs and their
Sir!,   and    burn     uowui    A��� Uult thp (,vliul can gay is:  ���B-g
' 'iri?'lft���* A6.6.-8mZ^m31 dogs1" Play:   ����b.v hungry-"
The  child  wandeied away  and for
, f   two days the entire country joined in
women   and
houses.  The
dreadful   things,   leave   their   homes.
vines,    fields  and  sheep  in  order  to |
save   t'.ieir   lives   and   the   honor
i.���_-_.,_,..   am.   eon-ia search for the youngster.    The first
.tnllvlll & ?prC"y SSfl SS> ��"�� ��' ** *���**�� V"^ ��f ""
th. hands    ot    their    assassins,  the I torn rompers found clinging to a rasp-
not only
berry bush miles from his home. The
place was all trampled with bear
prints, and the child's father became
frantic,   thinking   the   youngster   had
to   be.    So   the 1    The   beautiful   Brazilian   gentleman j sold at low as 11 cents.
Rev. R.J. Itenison, archdeacon of I young husband cam., home to dinner  came before Magistrate Steele of the      In California some dealers are giy-
Moosonee     who    took    the    census, lone  day   and   found   his   young   wife Butler  street   police  court.   Brooklyn,  lng   away   a   quart  of  lubricating   oil
gayg.        * I gone  and  the   home  dismantled.   She | today on  a  charge  of annoying  Miss   with five gallons of gasoline, bringing
"Of   six   hundred   Kskimos   thought  had "gone home to her mother."    He I France de Caro, a  chic, petite, dark
' haired,    18-year-old,    and      *' ' 	
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital Paid up . . ,
Re.erve Fund and Undivided Froii's
A Savings Department
Is conducted at every Branch cf the Bank where deposits o( $1.00
end  upwards are  received and interest at current rates added.
ll is a safe and convenient depository lor your money.
fascinating stenographer. According
to Miss de Caro, she took the Smlth
street car for a little tide out to lTos-
the price below 10 cents a gallon, as
agains the Standard Oil price Of 12 Mj
Ordinarly      this      product      sells
throughout     tho     I'nited     States   at
pert Park circle.
Next to her sat the I "parity" that is, the price in each
.beautiful Brazilian gentleman, Pretty community approximates a certain
I soon, testified Miss de Caro, she was standard, plus the cost of getting the
| conscious of jostles from the niftily crude oil to the factory, the cost of
| tailored slioalder anil arm of Eduardo refining and the cost of transporting
\ de Booe. which couldn't, by the wild-1 tiie refined product to the consumer
*](>���( stretch of her imagination, be at
trlbutPd to the rocking of the car.
Tried   to   Hold   Her  Hand.
Moreover, Bhe claims, that De Booe
tried  to hold her hand, though    he
hadn't ever been introduced to her.
The next night, wanting some more
! fresh air, arid taking it tor granted
that the fresh gentleman had gone
upon his way. she took the Smith
street car again. Came 1'f Booe
side her and jostled her again
But in the pending war parity lias been
wiped out in many competitive dis-
trlcsts. In New York city, for example, gasoline was ;ellin,�� up to last
week as high as 25 cents a sallon,
and in some garages Is now selling at
28 cents, while a short distance away
in New Jersey cutting has lowered
the price to 9 cents, i; is admitted
that the biggest reductions in prices
sat | are recorded where most competition
is  offered.
The spite of the Turks i
against   the   Creeks,   but   against   all
the Christians in genera!.  Many prop-   .,.,,. ,
ei.tie.   of   EngliBh,   Krench,   G��_rmans. been killed by au angry she-bear.
Italians    and     Russians   have     been .    Instead, when at 9 a. m., the hunt-
plundered  and   ruined. jers stirerd the bears in the brush they
Provisional estimates calculate that, found the baby alone and unharmed,
the damage done until now exceeds, The crashing of the underbrush indi-
�� 15,000,000.
Commerce Suffers.
The  commerce  imported  from   Ku-  northern   Wisconsin   nights   are   cold
rope  to  these  parts  lias  greatly  suf- and  the child  would  have  been  near
fered.      The    customs    house    ware-[death from exposure had not he been
houses  are   full    of    goods  exported i mothered by the old bear,
from   Europe,   which   the   merchants j	
' cated that the bear and cubs left just
| uetore  tne    searchers    arrived.    The
This time Miss de Caro became In- Twenty years age almopl no one
dlgnant, Bhe went home and told her would havt proposed legislation for
brother-in-law, and the brother-in- price wars of this description. The
law told the police, and the police as- consuming public would have experl-
signed Detective Laughllh to run the enced n feeling of glee and joyfully
jostling one down. Then Miss de Caro, h 'red the comparatively trifling roller
her  brother-in-law   and   Laughlln  all afford it by the brief period of low-
here   decline   to   accept,   as   no   one |
knows  what  may  happen, and every-
ine would  rather have a few  pounds I
in  his   pocket   in   case  of  need   than -
have   the   goods   he   ordered   months  Remarkable  Operation  Removes Part
ago, when tilings were quiet, csnecial-
ly because he does not know  if they        -f ��*-fl*��" With Apparent Success,
will not be plundered the next day.;    Bpokane, July 22.���The apparent re-
Fancy   that  the  Turkish   government j covery  of  Kief Thormadsgard,  the  S-
has  given   notice   Baying   that   it   as-J year-old son of the Rev. Halver Thor
BUmes no responsibility for the goods , madagard, whose brain was penetrated
leposited   In   the   customs   houses   in | by a .22 calibre rifle bullet,    has pre-
?ase of plunder or lire.    Kvery com-: sented   one  of  the   most   remarkable
���ne:'ial  movement has quite  stopped, I and Interesting cases to Spokane phy-
uid no one things of work, fearing
'lie circumstances. The murders and
plunders are happening now ln tlie
���tear .-urrnuiidnings of the town and
leople are getting frlgthtened here
m-v. .".ring there might be troubles
here also.
Murders Every  Day.
Kvery day the people are informed
The lad was injured a month ago
by the accidental discharge of a rite'
and has survived two delicate opera
tions, necessitating a removal of a
portion of the brain. He is now apparently on the road to recovery.
The operating  surgeons  considered
it Impossible to remove the bullet.
_ ������ PAGE  FOUR
FRIDAY,  JULY 24,  1914.
liquid Rennet
Housekeepers will find in
Liquid Rennet a valuable ac-
quisllion, especially during summer season. It is no trouble- to
use aud being economical, convenient and healthful, a single
trial is a certain recommendation.
As a food Milk is highly nutritious and when coagulated with
Rennet forms a light diet easily
C. A B. Liquid Rennet, per
bottle       25c
Rennet Tablets, 2 packages 25c
Is another article that should
suggest itself to housekeepers
during summer. Can be used
in the form of Arrowroot Jelly,
Arrowroot Blanc Mange. Arrowroot Pudding, Arrowroot Biscuits
and Drops, etc.
Per Pound Package, 20c.
Model Grocery
108 Sixth St. Phone 10012.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
There is a period in the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him- Then he
makes a will���but It may be
made under wrong influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persons���according to the
deceased's wish���would have
shared in the distribution of tbe
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
The advice of the ��� Dominion
Trust company ln this matter
may be of value to you. All such
discussions are treated in striot
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
_.,���*.  Columbia  Street.
C. 8. KEITH, Mmr-.Qmr.
Local News
Land  Revenue  Receipts.
Dominion land revenues arising
from the sale in the New Westminster
district, of homesteads, as shown on
this week's report, amounts* to $7u;
milling land. $:',...__.
Mortgages���Alfred W. Mcl.eod.
Kor hard times 140 pairs ladies'
box kip dress boots, $l.!i5. l'opular
Shoe  Stoie,  041   Kront   street.    3689)
Inspector Cunningham is making his
annual tour of the coast and Inspector Cowie is looking Into and comparing lhe possibilities of the herring fishing on the Pacific with that
on  the Atlantic coast.
Indian. Fined.
Donald Miller, the Katsey Indian, of
Port Hammond, who was, It is alleged,
severely beaten in a drunken row recently because he would not consent to
hand out any more liquor, wa.s fined
$25 by Magistrate Laity for supplying
liquor to the Indians. His assailants
were also fined.
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than
coal. Harry Davis & Co., 'Phones
8S0 and 411L. (3599)
Notice of Removal���W. F. Tate, refracting optician, has moved hi.
optical parlor from the Dominion
Trust block to Fillers' Jewelry store,
opposite the H. C. I-. R. depot. 171657)
Biggar���-The death of Mary liiggar.
aged four months, occurred yesterday
at the Royal Columbian hospital. The
fattier of the deceased is at present
in Spokane, Wash., while her mother
predeceased her a few weeks ago.
Bowell's have charge of the funeral
arrangements, whicli have not yet
been completed.
SMALL -The funeral of the late
Percy W. Small, whose death occurred
on Wednesday afternoon, will be held,
from the home of his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. George Small, 619 Third avenue*
on Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Deceased came here from Ithaca, N.Y.,
eight years ago and for the past two
years had been studying for a medical degree at the University of California. His father is president of the
Royal Columbian hospital board of directors and is a member of the lumber firm of Small and Hucklln. Deceased leaves besides his parents, one
sister and one brother. Murchie &
Soub have charge of the funeral arrangements.
Vour thirst; has it increased with
the return of warn weather '.' That
is the call of the body for that whicli
is lost in perspiration. Increased
tiliist In summer is natural and it Is
highly important that it be satisfied.
There are two kinds of thirst quenchers, those ihat are beneficial to the
health and those tiiat are injurious.
The most wholesome drink on the
market is Winewelser Beer, it is a
food in itself. Ask your dealer or
plume 7.7 I.,  Westminster Brewery.
Repairing Ferry Doat.
Tiie government ferry, which runs
between Woodward's Landing and
Ladner, Is al the dock iu this city,
getting a new smoke stack and having ber boiler washed out. The tug
Isaac, together with a .cow, is taking
her place until Saturday afternoon,
v.Ik;-, she v. ill he at her duties and
lake charge of the largo week-end
At the Theatres
A big all-star program of plays and
players will be seen at the Itoyal
theatre today and tomorrow. The
feature picture is provided by the
well known Reliance company .tarring
the popular Arthur M.iokley and
Robert llerron. assisted by a strong
cist_in "The Sheriff." which is claim-j
ed t.i be highly sensational and dramatic. Courtney Foote and Lillian
(lish will be seen In u powerful Majestic drama, "Quicksands." "Polite-
nes*i Pays" is a pleasing comedy
drama of the Princess make with a
strong moral. The comedy part of the
bill will be taken care of hy the king
of nil funmakers, Fred Mace, In a
farce burlesque "Fred Becomes a
"Ih mi seeker." Mabel Norrnand and
Ford Sterling will be seen in a great
Keystone comedy, "Mabel's Dramatic
The  Popular Shoe Store, 641   Front I
street. Is showing extraordinary values
in footwear for tbe week-end. (3i;syi ;
Voting Blanks Received.
As a result of the decision at Lie
recent convention held in Vancouver,
to take a referendum vote on tbe
advisability of calling a general strike
el organized labor as a protest again, t
thp alleged unfair treatment accorded tiie striking miners on Vancouver
Island, local labor organizations arc
Those who attended the City thea i
ii" on   Wednesday or Thursday  had I
the pleasure of s< eing a most beaut.  |
fill picture. "Ilie Powers of Destiny." j
In this photoplay Miss Lawrence had
the opportunity of showing her ability
us tlie foremost emotional actress    of
the silent  drama,  and  she  urose    to
the occasion In a superb manner. The i
,'ecelpt  of  blank  forms  from    the I d,ePtn   of   *'  "cmiin's  love  nnd   devo-1
d  office of the  li.  c  Federation'"0" were depicted by Miss Lawrence |
Labor, asking the men  :,i register
ll   vote  on   the   question.
The Fraser Ferry Navigation company's ferry No. 1 is open for charter to excursions and picnics. For
further   information   apply     to     Ed.
| with a fidelity to life which was truly
ri markable. This picture is but one
of the many of this kind shown at the
! City, and deserve fully the patronage
i they are receiving.
Raich,   telephone   lt>4.
it. 6.0)
Fi-(d Davis Will sell by public, auc-I Tiie proposal ot the Port Moody
tion in the market square on Friday, council to issue debentures up to the
July Ll. nt 11 o'clock, a high wheel, amount of $80,000 for the purpose of
International Harvester company's'bringing a water supply for the city,
automobile with solid rubber tires; a from Noon's creek, received the unsuitable and useful machinie for de- anlmous approval of the ratepayers of
liveries. (7,07711 the city.    The by-law authorizing the
 I bonowing of this amount will be fin-
liy  passed  by  the  city  council  at a
��� ocia
land P
A. St. Lawrence, of Otter, B.C., was
in  the city this week on  business.
*    *    +
W. !.. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson,
of Port Moody, were at the Russell
special session today. The price ot I
92 have been received for the bonds
from the Terry, Briggs & Slayton Co. I
of Toledo, Ohio. After the passage of |
the measure, work will begin on the j
construction  of  the   12-inch   main.
it. and Mrs. .1. K. Butler, of Vic- j    London, July 23.��� At the conference
Ln -a, were
recent guests at the  Itus-
('. P. Hickman, of Victoria, connected  with  the department of fisheries,
of postmasters shortly to be held in
Madrid   it  Is  stated   that  the  govern- I
ments   of   all   the   British     Overseas I
Dominions have signified  their intention   of   sending   delegates   who   Will
has been in the city tlie past few days. | support a proposal for universal penny
postage rather than favor the rate of
J. Qeltas, of Ladnei
hern, of Spe,ling,  we;
istered nt the Windsoi
and J. McEac-
yesterday reg-
1   1-2   pence  recently   suggested   hen
Elliott I'uriltiull. an employee in the
district court registrar's office, is inking his vacation, part of which he will
spend   In  Victoria.
+   +    *
George A. Odium, former editor of
the Western Call but now connected
with the business staff of the News-
Advertiser, and Mrs, Odium, have
been spending a day In the city.
*    *' *
c lef Inspector Cunningham of the
fisheries department, and John Cowie,
| of the  Dominion fisht ries at Ottawa,
spent the week end In Prince Rupert,
The public are respectfully Informed that tbe private roadway through
the church yard of the Cathedral of
th Holy Trinity will be closed i ;.
Friday evening, July 24. till Saturday
.���I in.ng. July 25, in order to maintain
the exclusive right.-: of the parish oi
the Holy Trinity to the said private
By order of IhG
13688)     Rector and Church Wardens
We a:e getting daily shipments of
nice Raspberries at, per crate..$1.00
Preserving Apricots, per crate..$1.00
Fresh picked Blueberries, 3 lbs., 25c
Fruit Jars of all kinds in pints, quarts
and  half  gallons.
Parawax for keeping your jars perfectly   air-tight,   2   packages 25c
Krlngle Corn   Flukes, 3  packages. 25c
Puffed   Wheat,   2   packages 25c
Canadian     Wheat    Flakes,    3    packages       $1.00
Robin     Hood     Porridge    Oats,     p"r
package       25c
Clothes Pins, five dozen  10c
7-11  Sixth Street.
have started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New Westminster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reasonable.    Give us a trial.
Phone  1254.
1..R.A.M..   A.R.tJ.M.
Lessons  In   Pianoforte,  Violin,  Sing  I
tm.   Voice    Production,    Theory     (Id
liana or privately), Harmony, Counter ���
point, Musicul Form and  History.
Pupils prepared    for   the   examlna
tions of the Associated  Hoard of    thi
. Koyal   Academy  of   Music  and   Royal i
! College of Music.    Also    Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For   terms,  etc..   apply   Bl   Dutferln I
.treet.     Phone 411 R.
Dean's Grocery
Prione 889.
_���,,.<���   vj| .-. "ilumbla   *.-�����_���*!.
Read - Flie - News
Picnic and Camping
Baskets at Our Store
50c and 60c     ||
New  WreBtminster.       Phone 59.
Friday  Bargain   List
In our Mid-Summer Sale. Never were better bargains
offered. We ask your careful consideration of the
following list, which is only a partial one of the many
specials this big sale offers.
Everything Reduced
Odd  Garments
A big Showing of odd garments have been gathered
together for rush selling, including waists in sailor,
middy, fancy and plain shirt styles; white muslin
and colored crepe underskirts; these were priced
from $1.00 to |2.00,   Priday Bargain, KQ|��
Waists, $1.23
Another odd lot of Coats, Dresses, etc., for children,
misses and women; these are marked to sell Friday. The price In no way indicates what good
garments these are; many are quite good 4\4 QQ
styles.    Friday Bargain     ��P I .vO
Come Today
Our Staple Sections Can
Save   You  Much  Today
68-Inch    full bleached Knglish Sheeting.       1Q*��
Friday Bargain    I ww
70-lnoh Horrockses' Plain or Twilled Sheeting; full
bleached; excellent wearing quality, 9.2 r*
Friday Bargain   OCC
Pillow Cottons; 40 and 42 Inches wide; cireul.tr
lube;  pine bleached. Of\im
Friday Bargain   CUC
Linen (Ilass and iluck Towelings; 111 to IS Inches
wide;   check  mul   border. Q*��
Friday  Bargain       OC
Sheets, of fine English Cotton; 2x3i4 yards; full
bleached, 79tm
Friday   Bargain,  eacb     I wC
Damask Table Cloths; 2x2)6 yards; hemmed; full
bleached; neat designs; reg. values $1.5.1.��4   <i A
Friday  Bargain   91.10
Mercerized Unmask Table Cloths, 54x79 inches,
bleached; all hemmed ready for immediate 'J*^*.
use;   regular  (1.26.   Friday   Bargain fOC
Dresses for  Girls, $1.18
Regular   Values   to   $2.50. J
There are many styles represented here; middy,
Balkan, sailer, shirt and fancy waists. In- 4*4 09.
eluding the new crepes.    Friday Bargain. fW m .few      D^J      C��*���_>���__������/_���>
Veu   wouldn't take  this  amount   for  making   alone;      tlCU       mjfjl CUtiO;
the   fabrics  are  in   fast   washing   ginghams,   ducks,	
Keg',  values to "$2.60��   Prlday'lJargain  ..$1.18     20^/Q DlSCOUnt
Now Is the time to put In a supply of Bedspread.
our entire stock Is subject to a discount of 20c, on
Women's   Waists, $2.85 t^ZL^,TT. thftt.our. T.,ar. $1.20
Our  regular $2.27, Spread fl_1    Oft
Regular   Values  to   $5.50. sells at   *9 t .OU
, ������.H_    Our regular $3,60 Spread __\ A|_
Many  good styles are amongst this range of pretty  $C.OU
waists, in plain and   ancy silks, batistes andllawn^ ^  gQ on
white and colored; sizes _4 to 40. CO  OC
Friday   Bargain    ��*������������ ww
Buy Corsets Today, $1.39
Any average figure will find a suitable model in
this lot. They are in the H. & A. and Koyal Worcester makes; priced in the usual way to $2.50:
many styles arc included, though none in t "| OQ
the complete sizes.    Friday  Bargain *w m iVW
Wash Goods, 10c
Hundreds of palt'-rns in ginghams, cliamlirays, prim-,
ducks and galateas, every color you would think .1!
is shown; they nre fast washing shades. 4 A.
Reg.   15c  and  -lie  values.    Friday   Bargain..  IUC
Silks are Excellent  Bar-
Silk Petticoats, $3.75       gains Today, 98c
For those desiring something really good at a low
figure this lot abould be of interest; many are the
shades and styles represented; priced iu fl��^ "7K
tbe  usual  way to $7.50.    Friday  Bargain 9*��a ��� w
Dress Skirts, $2.45
About two dozen cloth skirts fur women; in serges.
"ouiamas and tweeds; values to $8.50. (tO At\
Friday  Bargain       $���������43
Women can Furnish Their
One of the best offerings of tlrs sale; 36 inch Siik i
in plain and fancy colors that were priced QA.
to $2.25.    Friday bargain    wOC
Wool Dress Fabrics, 38c
Regular  Values  to  $1.00.
In this lot.are some wonderful values; BUitable for
Dresses, Skirts or children's garments; good range
of rolors; widths 40 to 60 Inches. Qf_#"_
Friday Bargain       OOC
Neckwear,    Gloves    and  _      . ��,   .
 ; ;��� Buy Notions Today,
Hosiery at Great Savings
5 for 13c
Hundreds of pretty collars, .(abuts, stocks, etc., that
we:e priced from 35c to 50c. 1 Q_*
Friday   Bargain   155
Neckwear,  in almost   everj   conceivable  style;   Colin;  . yokes, Jabots, etc., thai were priced      97fm
to fl ou.    Frldaj   Bargain    WlC
Women's   Fine   Lisle   Gloves;    In   .iii   shades;   two
dome fasteners; sizes 7.u to '*������.: Otmim
regular  36c.   Friday   Bargain    CvU
Women's and Children's  Hose, Sox and  Stockings;
in black and fancy colors; re;;, values to 25c. 4 A Am
Friday   Bargain   IHC
Women's Fine L-talo and Cotton Hose; in black, tan,
red and white; all Blzes;  values reg. to 60c. _)Qa
Friday  Bargain   CwC
Children's  Short Sox;   plain  and  fancy lift
colors;   all sizes.   Friday   Bargain     I lw
Women's Underwear
'Lisle Vests and Balbriggan Drawers for women;
vests wlthoul sleeves; drawers in the dlrectolre
Styles;      pink,   sky   and      white;      regular     values
Villi   can   supply   these   little   needs  lit   1688   than   half
price   Friday.   Pins,   Hooks   and   K>c.-���   Fasteners
Tapes, 'Hall Nets, etc.; regular 6c. 1 -Sr*,
Friday, five for    IOC
Laces, 3c
Dozens   Of   pieces  of   linen   and   cotton   Torchon   aid
Cerman   Val   Laces,  from one-half  to three  Inches
wide;   regular 6c  tO Tc. Oam
Friday Bargain        *****
Veilings, lie
Friday   Bargain
Them  nre   many   shades  end   patterns   in   this   lot;
priced regular from 25c to 35c. IS.
Friday Bargain     I  IC
Buy Curtain Goods
Now, \7c
Camp Blankets
Curtain Nets, Madrasses and Scrims in a good selee
DarH   Brown   Blanket,   seven   pounds   weight;   good      tion ol   pa terns;  , -earn   ������ 'hlte and ecru,   assorted
';���,; j,,.- the blanket for rou��b use.      Q*4   QO     widths; values regulai 26c. to 36c. jy-
Fridav Bargain  .pair    ^1 .OO     ��*ldiv  Barmln     ��� ��� *
Friday Bargain
Tszc? I
9:30 p.m. FRIDAY, JULY  24,  1914.
LACROSSE                  GOLF                     BOXING
iUSEBALL                                        CRICKET
Toronto N. L.  U. Team   Issues Challenge for Minto Cup���No Word
from Nationals.
New Westminster sporting fans
will get a glimpse of some more professional lacrosse games this season
according to plana made known yesterday when it was learned that W.
K. Oeorge had received the N. L. U.
challenge for the famous silverware.
That tlie Toronto Itoscdales fully intend to make an effort to wrest the
trophy from New Westminster was
givm out at the beginning of the lacrosse season when Hilly and Tom
Fitzgerald with a galaxy of Toronto
Hig Four stars made the Jump to tlie
X. I.. I.'. Fitz, according to Queen
City newspapers, bas been playing to
his old time form and has been a factor in placing the Itosedab ��� at the
top  Of   tile  uid   league.
The N. L. I', season closes on
Augusi 29, whicli will thus allow the
challengers lo arrive on the coast
about the middle of September.
So   far  no   word   bus  b(en   received
from tbe Montreal Nationals, which
team, by winning ten gam's straight,
b.is captured the Big Four champion-
Ship. Whether President Caron will
bring his team of French-Canadians
to New Westminster remains to be
seen, this probably being left to
Newsy Lalonde, who. from his slay on
the coast, can determine whether his
aggregation stands any chance of lifting  tbe cup.
New   Westminster    Marksmen    Doing
Well at R chmond���Capt. Cun-
ningham  Scores 103.
Vancouver,     July    23.���Pat -.'.-
Connolly retained his title    to ���',':���
the world's heavyweight wrest- ���',':���
ling title here tonight when he #
gaiusd two falls over Dr. Ilol- ..
ler, the Seat lie aspirant's one.
Hob Sutherland,   of   Kelowna,
refereed the match which was ���'.':���
attended by a big crowd.
.. ft**********.*.**
Heavyweights Battle Tonight at Brighouse���Odds  Favor Nanaimo
Tom Cowler. of Nanaimo, and Chet
Mclntyre, or Vancouver, win mix in a
llfteen round bout nt Brighouse this
evening, the promoters claiming tbe
Canadian heavyweight title to b, at
Among   the   fan;,   a   feeling   exists
thai a knockout will be administered
to one of the heavies with Cowler regarded as the one who will perform
tbe trick.
Fred J. Lynch, of this city, bus been
si leeted us referee.
the score lor the evening, but was
the leader of the local team.
Kelly, the Collossus of Cloverdale.
was second on that team with 21. and
all the  New  Westminster boys made
:_(iod score*.   Following are the -scores !
of the team shoot:
New Weatmlnater   0, McLean, 22;
A. Turnbull. 22; O. Green, 22; .1. P.
Prici, 20; VV. B. Maiden. 23; total,
Cloverdale���J. Hoothroyd. IH;    Dr. j
Sinclair. 24; J. Shannon. 16; J. Kelly,
21; T. Shannon, IG;  total, 98.
Oilier scores  for the evening were
as follows, each man shooting at    25 j
bifids:    .1. Hoothroyd. 21: Dr. Sinclair,
19;  J.  Shannon. 16;  .1.  Kelly, 21;  T.
Shannon, 1W; U. Umax. 17; 1). Mathe ;
sen, 18;  L. Collishaw, 14;  S.  Hunter,!
20;  C.  lvord, 19;  C. Shannon. 18;  W. ,
Garrett,  17;   A.  Turnbull.  23;   T.   l). j
Trapp. 19;  C,  McLean, 24;   W. Turn-
bull, 18; Q. Green, 2;:: J. Kagles. 18; j
D. .loss. 19; F. Trapp, 16; J. 1*. Price, I
It is likely that efforts will be made |
to obtuin a cup to be shot for by the
Cloverdale and New Westminster
teams two or three times a year In
each city, as the marksmen of the
two cities are on friendly terms and
their rivialry ls on the purest sporU-
111:111 grounds.
Indianapolis 3,  Pittsburg
St. lxjuis 4, Baltimore 1.
Chicago 3. Ilrooklyn  1.
Kansas City-liuffalo; rain
J.J.Jones. MAN-DIR. J.A.Renn'ic. SEC/-TRES
Columbus Meet Electrics���Larkin Will
Oppose  Dutch  Slaton  in  City
League Game.
Currents and   Raspberries  Are  Going
Out and Their Place Being Taken
by Other Fruits.
Although the haying season is not
sufficiently over to justify all the
farmers attending the market this
morning, others who are through will
attend and a good market is anticipated. Some of tbe smaller fruits such
aa currants and raspberries, are going out of season. Others, such as
plums and tame blackberries, loganberries and also tbe early apples, are
arriving in good condition. The usual
supply of poultry and e��gs will be
otfered without any notice of Change
of price from  last  week.
The warm weather will be the
means of curtailinK tlie supply of
meat, although the supply Of beef und
veal will no doubt be up to the aver-
In Ihe lish department almost all
varieties will be offered Including the
first of the sockeye.
Tlie supply of new potatoes Is
gradually Increasing and the price.
accordingly, decreasing, bavin*, reached   to  $18  and     $2"    per  toa.    Other
varieties of vegetables are all on tbe
market by the retail vendors. Includ
Ing some from the Chinese gardi ns.
Money to Loan.
Insurance in all its branches.
Modern Houses, Bungalows, Stores, Suites for Rent
at a big Reduction.
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent at $2.50 up.
Wills Drawn Free of Charge.
Deposits Accepted and Interest at Four Per Cent
Allowed on daily balances. (
New Westminister riflemen came
into their own yesterduy at the provincial shoot being held on the fticii-
niond ranges, Capt. Tom Cunningham
capturing Ufe Victoria corporation
cup and $lu with a score of SB at 600
yards, lie also won a 11. C. It. A. sll-
v-r medal tor beinx the lii(*b man in
the lirst stpge of the lieutenant gover-
nor's match. The luitii marksman
compiled B score of 103 out of a possible 105, making a possible at 8b0
yards, :;4 at 600 yards and 34 at 200
yards This In the highest score ever
made nl .i  ll   ('. It. A. prize meeting,
Lieut M .1 Knight was a close second to Iiis senior officer . coring 107'.
while Private i> Qeddes, also of tbe
104tb, made 99.
Color Sergt Sloan was also well up
in tlie running and will shoot In the
Becond stage.
Q. M. s Tim Mahony for the first
Line in man. years Is enjoying himself watching the itoyal City marksmen hold their own against the best
iu Vancouver and Victoria, besides
eompetitiug in many of the matches
With yesti rday's showing there appears every chance of New Westminster having two and perhaps three
representatives on the Ottawa team.
Victoria Tennis Stars Outclassed
Australians   in   Singles���Davis
Cup Elimination Match.
Chicago, July
Australasia scored 1
Hutch Slaton uud Eddie Larkin will
hook up in ;i pitchers' battle nt the |
ball yard this evening when the B, C.
B, R. will attempt to lie tbe standing \
of Circle F by defeating the Columbus
aggregation. The event promises to
be a snappy ..ne from start to finish,
Manager Walsh of the Columbus having unearthed several new players to
(ill in the weak spots glaringly discernible in Tuesday night's game.
Slaton lias been taking things easy
| during tlie past few games, too easy
; in the estimation of many of the fans.
j and he is likely to be culled upon to
I extend himself when he faces a twir-
| ler of the calibre of l^irkin.
Good  weather  is promised  for    to-
,    . , night's encounter,  which will be call-
a one-sided victory over (anada in the j ed ut tf:4- oc.lock
llrst   clash  of   Davis  cup  elimination I 	
matches here today.    In straight sets I
Anthony 1'. Wilding, of New* Zealand.
defeated is. F\ Powell, or Hritish Columbia,  G-l.  C-.,    G-_.    and    Norman I
Hrookes won  from  B, P. Schweugers J
6-1,   8-2,  0-L'. |
Outclassed practically iu every de-j
partment, the Canadians played de.- j
perately for every point.
Tin   result gives the Australasians j
a   big   advantage,   since   to   win   tin
series  now   the Canadians  must take
the   doubles   tomorrow   and   both   the |
single   matches  on   Saturday.     After
the play today critics were unwilling '
to concede the latter anything but an
outside choice.
While    the   Catch   is   Light   Here   at
Present, to the South Good Hauls
Are   Being   Made.
H.    K,
6      2
8     1
(By the Potter.��
Fourteenth   Installment.
Ore   cf   those    funny     Sterling
And   others   Just   as   Good.
Bm     THEATRE   Wm
A   Sensational    Western    Reliance  Feature
The Sheriff
With    Arthur    Mackley   and
Kobt.   llerron.
Princess. Comedy   Drama
A  Powerful   Majestic  Drama.
Apollo   Comedy  with   Fred
The funniest Keystone produced, with Mabel Norrnand
nnd   Ford   Sterling.
Third Episode of
Bob Brown's Heavers will pay the
Royal City a visit on August 5, accord-
in-, to plans made by the local baseball league management. The Vancouver team will play a regular league
name at Athletic park that afternoon,
i afterwards coming over    for    a    twi-
i liKin game.
| Al Noyes is sure living up to bis
name as a pitcher with the Spokane
Indians. Including yesterday's name,
the coming leaguer has only allowed
! four runs in tha la. t !i4 Innings. On
Sunday he won a 20 inning contest
pitching against  Ea. Kelly of Seattle.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Lost
Vancottv. r  tit;
Seattle      62
Spokane  59
Victoria      4u
Tacoma     41
Ballard  37
Yesterday's   Games.
At  Vancouver��� K.
Vancouver    1
Spokane      3
iiatteries:    Hum and Cheek
and Shea.
Second game Ft.     11.    E,
Vancouver       4      C      i)
Spokane      0      4      1
Batteries:    Ilarstud and Check; Mc
: Carry and Altnuiii.
At Seattle R.    H.    E.
j Ballard   1     C     _
I Victoria!    3     6     -
Batteries: Tietze, Leonard and Murray;  Narveson and Hoffman.
At Tacoma R.    II     B.
j Seattle       7      7     0
I Tacoma      7'     (3     7
Iiatteries:     Fiillerton and Cadman:
Andreda, Boatman, Baker and Stevens.
The Salmon Bellies can be expected
to rem w training now that the Rosedales of Toronto have challenged for
tlie Mint^ cup.
II.   E,
���I     i
With Billy Pitzgerald and the
cream of the Toronto Big Four te.im
playing on the team the champions ot
the N. L. r. Should be able to make
some show ���ni' al Queens park.
So far not a word bus been received
us regards the intention, of tl".
Nationals. Maybe it would not suit
Newsy Lalonde to be counted on the
wm ids lacrosse champion team.
New Westminster Trap Shots Defeat
Cloverdale���Dr. Sinclair and Bill
Ma'den >n Form
Standing of the Clu
N< w  York      60
Chicago  50
St. Louis   4'i
Boston   '4'l
Cincinnati   7.H
Philadelphia  37
Pittsburg 30
Ilrooklyn 35
Yesterday's   Games.
At Pittsburg- - it
lioston   1
Pittsburg   0     6
Batteries:      Tyler    and    Whalin
Cooper and Coleman.
At   Chicago-- R.
Philadelphia   8
Chicago   16
Batteries: itixcy. Mattlson,
gardner and Dooin, Burns; t
Zabel, Hageman and Hargrave
At Cincinnati��� it.
New York    13
Cincinnati   4
Batteries:    Tesreau   Demaree
Mi vers.   McLean;    Tingling,
and Erwiti, Vonkelnit/..
At St.  Louis��� R
Brooklyn   2
St.  Louis     4
Batteries:    Schmutz, Reulbacb and
Fischer;  Perrltt and Wlngo
According to the reports from the
various canneries on the river there
appears little prospect of a large quantity of sockeye. being picked up this
week and the fishermen are laying
back until Sunday night at 6 o'clock
when it is expected that the school.
reported in the gulf yesterday, will
be coining up river in greater num-
An average of eight fish to a boat
were picked up yesterday which hardly pays for fuel to run the launches.
Down a Bellingham and Anaoortes
��� tiie traps made good hauls, 26,000 being caught off Bellingham and 7.300
at Anaoortes.
The report issued by the B. ('. Salmon banners' association Is as follows:
Bellingham got 26,000 from all
sources;  500  from  seiners.
Anacortes got 7300 from all sources,
700 from  seiners.
Terra Nova averaged about 10 to the
Acme averaged about 11 to the boat.
(Ireat  Northern  averaged  about   13,
St.   Mungo   averaged   about   4.
Kwen's averaged ahout 4.
Brunswick averaged about 6.
Burrard   averaged  about   10,
Dea's  Island  averaged  aboul  7.
Lighthouse  averaged  about  10.
Vancouver  averaged   about   9,
Great  West  averaged  about ii.
Scottish-Canadian averaged about 17'.
Imperial   averaged   about   X.
Phoenix  averaged  about  10.
Currie's averaged about 10.
Richmond  averaged about 10.
Gulf of Georgia averaged  about  10,
Summer Race
At Minoru Park
Races Every Day
Ladies Admitted Free, except on Saturday.
Admission, Including Grandstand, $1.00.
Specia! Train Leaves New Westminster for the
Course at 1:30 Every Day.
Camps and  Cottages Were  in  Danger'
But a  Change  of  Wind   Left
Them   in  Safety.
ed the new half million dollar traffic
tiridge, which is being built over the
I'itt river. Mi*. Griffith expressed
satisfaction at the progress of the
work and said, after looking over the
district, that tiie bridge would fill an
urgent need.
The caisson for the first pier has
been sunk and is being sealed. Number 2 caisson is ready for launching.
T'.ie plant has all been delivered and
the pile drivers are at work at the
western end of the bridge. The frame
work at the approach from Port Coquitlam lius been erected. When the
high water has subsided a start will
be made on the eastern approach at
Pitt Meadows. About 60 men are employed at present and the place presents a scene of activity.
u m-
New Westminster put forward   one
Of her best trap shooting teams   last
evening when   the courteous Clover-
j dale boys invaded the Royal City, and
I when the last shot bad been fired the
visitors had  the    short    end    of    the
I .core,  but   had  the honor of having
i the  high  man for the evening.    New
; Westminster's team of five men made
| the creditable score of 109 out of   a
possible 126,    while    tbe    Cloverdale
boys scored 95.
in*. Sinclair, of Cloverdale, wus high
man with -I out of 77, birds, and he
made ii run of 70 birds straight aftei
j missing his fifth bird. For a time it
j looked us though New Westminster
would lake even Ihis honor away
from the visitors, for Bill Maiden
made the high straight run of tlie
evening with 2\ birds without a mis_
and ilien he missed the _:_iiil bird and
the 24th bird also, though both of
them were easy. The strain of too
much work without sleep told on the
Royal City captain, and he was forced
to  bo  content   with  second   place on
Standing of the Clubs.
Won Lost Pct
Philadelphia   63 ir.' .67.
Hosti n     4S 40 .645
Washington   46 40 ,634
Detroit      47 47' .628
j St.  Loirs      44 47' .612
Chicago  44 4:1 ,605
Now York   ::.'��� 4!> .417
Cleveland   29 58 .7,77
Games  Yesterday.
At New   York li.    H.    E3.
Detroit     1      8     u
New   York        1       .       -
Iiatteries:       Duubb    and    Stallage;
Keating  nnd   Sweeney.     Called     last
I half of ninth, rain.
At Washington��� R,   ll.   E.
' Chicago     3      9      1
! Washington  6     h     2
Batteries:    Scott   Ben;', Cicotte and
Kulin, Sell a lit; Boehllng and Williams,
At Philadelphia��� R,   ll.   B,
Cleveland    .    17'      2
Philadelphia   9   13     l
Batteries:     Bowman  and    Carisch;
Bender, Wyckoff and Schang.
At   Boston St.   Louis-Boston   game
postponed: rain.
Cottages and camps al Ocean Park
have been threatened with distinction by the large forest fire which
yesterday was raging just above the
place- and the campers themselves
were ordered out us tlie fire ranger,
who had charge of tlie fighting, feared their lives were in danger when
the fire began to travel south. As
everythlng is so dry there was danger of the fire spreading rapidly
though there was i crew of thirty
men working.
The fire started Monday morning
from a spark from one of the donkey
engines of the Campbell River l.uni-
1 ber company. U travelled in a northeasterly direction, but early yesterday it changed its course and headed
Latest accounts from residents near
the district say the fire is practically
under control and that no property of
any  account   has  been   destroyed   as
the   I'itt   has   been   burning  over  tbe
south   half   of   section   61,   which   is
Dominion lands und nothing lint brush.
Because of the   large   number   of
fires  occurlng   in   tlie   district   which
I have started from camp fir.s and    on
I account of tlie people flocking to tlie
! beach on Sunday and leaving (ires be-
! h'nd them Pire Warden Campbell, in
. charge of  tlie district  at  White  Ruck.
! Crescent and Ocean  Park, has issued
orders   to   campers   that   thev   cannot
go  to  bed  and leave fires of any  description   burn'ng.    Sunday  lires  are
a!together prohibited.
is:x foot rattler stabs ;
j Loveland, Cal., .Inly 7':'..���A six-foot
[rattlesnake defied one of the largest
autos of the stage line operating be-
j tween here and Kstes park to puss
1 it in the Big Thompson canyon and
' kept up an  uneven  fight until it was
! killed.
i "Had" Osborn, oldest driver in t'.ie
canyon, encountered the reptile i s he
turned a Sharp curve twelve miles
: west of here. The snake lifted its
head, took the centre of the road and
expressed its defiance by coiling to
strike und shaking its eleven rattles
I vigorously.
Osborn stopped to give it an opportunity to move on, but the reptile re-!
jmaiiied in its position for several
I minutes and then started toward the
I machine. Women passengers scream-'
ed and several men left the auto for
, The snake, when within five feet of
!the machine, coiled and sprang twice
Iat the  hood,  sinking  Its  fangs  in   a
tire on Lie second leap. Osborn left
his seat. Efforts to scare the reptile'
failed   and   Osborn   fired   two   bullet.-.
in*o its body, killing it with the second  siiot.
Look Here, Boys!
Kings  Hotel  Block. "i
Four new pocket billiard tablets,
! Clean new stock of confectionery, lo-
i baccoa, cigurs, cigarettes, soft drinks.
j First Class Barber Shop in Connectior
Officials Well Pleased With Construction   Progress.
J, G, Griffith, deputy minister of
public works of the province, in company with W. II. Armstrong, visited
I'ort Coquitlam this week and inspect-
Bathing Caps
25c to $1.75
Water Wings
Program for Today
Bicgraph   Drama  In Two  Parts.
Norma  Talmadge  and   Leo
Delaney ln
A   Romance  of  the   Foothills.
A heart interest dramatic Hasan ay attraction In three parts.
;'eaturing Richard   C.    Travers
77"* =__�����__ PAGE SIX
FRIDAY,  JULY 24,  1914.
Classified Advertising |
eeived for The News at the follow
_ng places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
���28 Columbia street; A. Sprtce,
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
B. Larden. Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alta Vista.
Classified���One rem per word per
day; 4�� per word per week; 15c per
month; 6000 words, to be used as required within one year from date ot
contract,. 825.00.
FOR SAI.K -Cheap, one express outfit $100. and one light dray $100.
and two express wagons. Humphrey
& Arbutus. Edmonds. B. C, Phone
1338 R 2. '3673>
Collision   Brings   About   Marriage   of
Couple Engaged Thirty-five
Years Ago.
Kul,lar. Col.. .Inly 28.���A   horse ran
wav out on a country road four miles
l a
I from bare,
but reunited sweet-
weekly! Why not you? Write immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C. Mitchell.
P.O. Box ., Edmonton, Alberta. Canada. <"6">
FOR EXCHANGE���We have a  large
list    of    houses,    vacant    lots and
ranches to trade for    vacant    lots.
houses and ranches and invite you
to look over our list    before    you wagon and buggy,
make a deal.    Kor the convenience hearts  of   thirty-five   years   ago,  and
of clients and patrons we are open  paved the way for a marriage.
every evening  from  7  to 9 o'clock. j    Joseph   Sheen   ls  a   rancher    living
Kastman  _.  Co..    201    Westminster | several  miles  from  Kublar     He
Trusl  building.    Phone 312.
All of them gave fictitious names,
and were leased when they furnished
easii bond.    They summoned a squadron of taxis and  pushing    their way I
through a crowd of peering "all night-1
ers,"   of   the   levee   district,   hurried
sway.    The police predicted that not i
one of the slunimers would appear for
Tlie raid was engineered by Major
Funkhouser, morals censor. With a
force of deputies he watched the entrance to Jordan's from midnight until nearly 2 a. in. and saw motor cars
laden with North Shore society folk
rid themselves of their hilarious
freight at the front door.
.Minneapolis. July 23. ��� Battling for
their lives with a pack of timber
timber wolves, five young Minneapolis
and St. Paul men barely escaped
death when attacked in then ight near
Qntnd   Hapids,   Minn.    The   members
of the partv are Thomas J. Kennedy,
Promptly at 1:48 two pfltcewomen, I ,.aill j. Kenned, __ ,,. ���. Konn(,(i'v,
demolished  a  new  spring appropriately   gowned   .pr     such     a
room thoroughly modern house;
fine location. Vancouver City, mortgage only encumberance, for New
Westminster city property, vacant
or improved. What have you? Box!
701, News office.
driven  to town and  was on  his  way
..home, ihling In his new wagon.   Corn-
ling  into   Kubiar  in   a   carriage   Miss
Well   rented  six-1 ���0(]d   ()|- ___-_, Kan
party, entered the door of Jordan's,
leaning on the arm of two detectives.
The orchestra was pounding out "The
High Cost of I.ovin'," glassware was
tinkling and women were laughing
when the bell of a church in the rear
struck two.
1-7(5 Kestnn avenue, St. Paul; John P
Marine, 1987 Selby avenue. St. Paul, I
and Paul E. Daggett, 1422 West Lake I
street, Minneapolis. Word was received late yesterday from the party!
by fierald E. Kennedy, brother ot T.I
J.  Kennedy '
ncdy stumbled, but was pulled into a
tree by one of his companions just
as a wolf lunged  at  him.
The young men were no sooner up
the trees than six great, gaunt animals
apepared in the clearing under them.
When they discovered the men in th��
trees they sprang up the trunks repeatedly in an effor to reach them.
Provisions Devoured.
Tlie wolves remained at the foot of
the trees for half an hour, but deserted their posts when oue of the pack
tore the canvas covering from the
voyagers' provisions. The store of food
was soon devoured and the beasts resumed vigilance at the trees.
Daggett set fire to his coat, which
ihe threw into the pack.    The rest of
the  party  followed   suit  and  the  animals fled.    After  waiting for half an
'hour  to see  If the  animals  would  return, the young men packed their tent
and embarked for a night trip, in order  to  reach   Palisades  in  the   sliort-
,est   possible   time.     The   reached   the
The  five  youths  started   in  canoes I,,....,.  ,,. ,,.,. forannftn of the next dav
-,.,,1���'.   and   gentlemen,  this  place  from Grand   Rapid.  Monday  to make JS^pSeStd^SvtaSm    They exPe?t
b2g.a!1-._a_.<.etfCt_.V_8,itheL*��.0'��Ue triP *�� MlM.��P0li��.TOey| to he in  Minneapolis early this week.
under  arrest
A girl piano player promptly leaped j were between Grand  Hapids and Pal
out the  second    story    window,    descending upon the shoulders of a policeman and  nearly smooth.'ring him
with  her   skirts.    Society    shimmers
and saw table complete. Apply at
Tbe News office.
FOR EXCHANGE Five roomed modern bungalow, almost new, largo
lot. close to Sixtli street*, mortgage
OTHERS    RECEIVE    |16    TO    $65
weekly! Why not you? Write immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose 10c. to
cover cost. Clifford C. Mitchell,
P.O Box 2. Edmonton. Alberta, Canada. 13644.
AGENTS WANTED Private Christmas cards. Ladles or gents. Samples free. Large profits. Chlpchase,
"Cardex," Darlingtoh, England.
'.ANTED Dressmaking; prices rea-
sonable, Now is the time lo put
your orders in before Hie fall rush.
Mrs. c. Cunningham, suite 10 Bradley apartments, (8681)
WANTED- -Household furniture and
stocks of merchandise In large or
small quantities for spot cash or
will sell your goods bv public auction and give a guaranteed value, or
no commission charged. Before disposing of your goods elsewhere
call in Fred Davis and get his
values, then see the others, afterwards Davis will sell for you or buy.
Call at White l.unch. 548 Columbia
street.    Phone 215. 17,6(12)
carl rage
wagon whirled
ed   the  curve,
nage, overturning
Mrs. Qreenma
A short distance further Sheen man-
,  aged to stop his team,    lie  hastened
only'encumbrance Trade for deeded j hack to Inquire what damage he had
lot     Apply Hox 258 News office.        done.    Ile assisted the women to their
   ��� | feet, helped them repair the carriage,
FOR BALE���11.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER J and then introduced himself.
week.   Canada's    Pride    Malleable      "Do you mean to say you are Joe
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar- Sheen,   who   used   to   live    in    Blue
ket  square. (3606)   Mound, Kan., a long time ago?" Miss
1'"���'''  asked.
KOR  EXCHANGE���Six  roomed tho.-      Sheen stared.    Then:     "Yes, and  I
"uglily modern house     "-��    ��-������������ l*now  vou  now.  Amy.    I   searched  20
Eifth avenue, near park;   mortgage
only     encumbrance.     Trade     for Id'-ad
smaller property.    What have you ?
Box ISI New, office. jsas tmvM     Then Mi88 Dodd,. parentg
��� ~    ~    " ,       ...   moved away and took her with them.
FOR EXCHANGE. Large cleared lot, Before tbey wenti however, the cou-
Kifth avenue, near Queens P��lk-| p|(. li;ul become engaged. Miss Dodd s
Will trade as parr payment on ��arent* d)ed ami 8ne Went to New
house or for automobile. Hox 681, york Krnm there she went to Europe
News office. L-  ,i1(,  companion   of  an  aunt.    She
��� ���" ������I -S-]_vrnie several letters to Sheen, but he
ol left  for the west.
.Miss   Dodd   came   back   to   Kansas
was chat
^i_Smi hwith��whom sheB'haa'been lo"* to*3 second story window, de- isades when they stopped to pitch!
visit n"' Sheens horses shied at some sending upon the shoulders of a po- camp for the night. Between these |
nanerln the road and bolted. Around  itceman and  nearly  smoothering him   two points there are 150 miles of wild-i
curve thev raced madly. i with  her   skirts.    Society    shimmers  erness.   The wolves are plentiful.
" at  the  curve  was  the ' (ireenman gathered Up their skirts nnd tried the Attacked on Share.
and  the  rear  wheel of the! fire    escapes.    Their    male    escorts      Tbe 1',,-ee canoes carrying the party
when the horses turn- swore and struggled with a dozen po-, were   pulled   on   shore,   and   prepara-
rasbtng Into the oar- llcemen, who blocked the exits, andjtlons made for the evening meal. The!
it    and    throwing  a crowd of 1,000 levee denizens gath-  animals   were  evidently   attracted   by
n and  Miss Dodd to the  ered to watch the fun. the smell  of food, for the   men  were,
I    Jordan  was charged  with operating |
a   disorderly   resort,  the  police  alleging that  lie continued  to sell  drinks
after boms,  despite  warnings.
roomed thor-      Sheen stared,
lot    66x13" I know  you  now'  Amy.
years for you, and believed you were
The)   had  gone to school  together
thirty-five years ago in the little Kan-
soon surrounded    by    half    famished !
timber wolves.   Thomas Kennedy was
the   first  to  discover  them.
The men sprang for their rifles, but j
found  that   they had  eeen  left in the I
canoes.     The   wolves   were   becoming
bolder, and two huge gray beasts came i
out  of  the   underbrush.    The   canoeists rushed for the nearest trees and
climbed into the branches     Paul Ken- l
Positive Relief
from the suffering caused by disordered conditions of the orRans
of digestion and elimination���
from indigestion and biliousness���
always secured by the safe,
certain     and     gentle    action     of
Sold i
. ry*. hr re.
! . I.,
TO  -leNf
Wakes  Up  With  the   Idea   That   She
Will  Go  to  Africa���Others
Stretched on Cots.
Spokane, July 23, With a shout
of "Hallelujah! Yes. 0 Lord, I'll go."
the daughter of the Kev. E. A. Medley, a Church of the Nazarene preach
er of Posi Falls. Idaho, came out of a I
at the Nazarene camp meeting j
ing a school at Bndora.   Sheen never|near Audubon park at 1 yesterday af-
I after she returned  from  Europe, tak-'tram.,
KOK   RENT   Three   and   live   room
suites, furnished  and  unfurnished, t retumed,    but    wrote    many    letters j tornoon after lying in a state ot coma
bath, hot   and   cold   water,   steam   searching for his fiancee. He believed  *n the straw on the floor of the taber-
heat,    gas,     electric    lights     and | _er (*r.iu| ���ntil the collision nea.* Kub- Lacle since 11:30 Saturday night. She
laundry, |S
Sixth avenue
to   $1��
Mandeville i ���
street    and
ll(l |    Tbey were married last Sunday.
KOR RENT Six roomed strictly
modern house, well located; low
rent and lease if desired. Easlmun
& Co.. Phone :H*_.
improved live or ten acre ranch;
must be rock bottom price. Owners
only. Eull particulars first letter.
P, b. Box 154 New Westminster.
WANTED���Lot on or close to Kings-
way in exebang" for live roomed
up-to-date bungalow. Will pay cash
for any difference. P. O. Box i;,i
KOR KENT Six room house furnished. Third street. Apply P. O
Hox lir>. (3608)
KOIt   KENT. -Three-roomed  cottage,
furnished,  at   724   Seventh    street;
$l.r>  per month. (3607)
keeping rooms, $10 per month, at
224  Seventh  street. (3606)
Wants   to   Leave   Footprint   in   Sands
of Time in Shape of Fulfillment
of   This   Idea.
WANTED���Furniture, etc.. W. M
MeCloy & Co.. the expert auc- j
tion cers, w'll conduct a successful I
auctiou for you or buy outright if j
sale not desired. Clean business, |
prompt settlements, over 20 years |
wide experience. Write or call 32
Sixth street. ("603)
MONEY TO LOAN Large aad ���-'mall
amounts at current rates of nte-ast.
P. O. Box 17,4 city.
MONEY TO LOAN FirBt mortgages,
improved property. W. K. Edmonds.
522 West..,.nster Trust building.
Re mi undlvldori on. half of th
Eftsl quarter ;.i Section 6, Township t
Range _ West ,,f 7th Meridian In the District of Now Westrnlnstor.
Whereas proof ol' ih" loss of Certificate
of Titln Number t.i.-'. E. Issued in the
mime of Thomas Moreau has been filed in
this office.
Notice is hereby given thut I shall, at
tlie expiration of one month from the dale
of the first publication hereof, In a daily
newspaper published  in the City of New
Westminster, ins i duplicate of the said
Certificate, unless  In  the  meantime  valid
objection be made to me In writing.
.1.   C.   GWYNN,
District  Registrar of Titles.
Land  itogisirv Office,  New Westminster,
B. C, 2nd Julv.  1914, (3614)
London,  July   23.    A   very   interesting  suggestion   Is  again  being  revised
for the establishment of an Imperial] floor
South I law school at tlie  Inns of Court.
announced  that the Lord had summoned her to Africa to spread the gospel
among the heathen of the dark continent.     Her    awakening   exclamation
! was her means of accepting the com-
j mand, and. her father having consent-
J ed. she  will  begin  at   once  preparing
herself  for her  mission.
Miss Medley, aged 16, with five oth-
[er young people, three of them men,
dropped to the straw-covered floor of
tlie tent during the height of the revival service Saturday night. .The
Hev. C. V. A. Fontaine, local pastor
of the denomination, says lie was working with her at tlie time, She had
fought against his pleadings, he said,
and when he laid hands upon Ik r In
an attempt to drag her to her knees
in supplication she pushed him away
with a show of anger, then suddenly
collapsed and fell In a heap to the
A blanket was thrown over
r and she was suffered to remain
she fell, to all outward appear-
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dolla. aad
upwards received and Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques told, payable In all parts cf ths
CHAO. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
BOILERS   Riveted Sreel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.   BOX   44?
PIGEONS pay dollars where chickens
pay cents; small capital needed;
small space required; always penned up; ready markets; send for
may issue of our Journal; fully ex
plained ther
*;:tble Squab Journal
Mo. (3604)
Wood! Wood! Wood!
(let your wood now for the winter.
Slab wood. $2.50 per loud; factory or
I kindling wood, $2.50 per load; block
; wood, $'..00 per load; dry slab wood.
I %3S,n per load. L. Williams. Office
j'phone 74; house 'phono 424      l_.61G"
11 j1' .
was mentioned  again at the  Mansion]*^ ,.������,,,.,���.,.
House dinner to tlie judges, but  that . Others Laid on Cots.
reference only  reflected  a good  deal I    others    similarly    affected      were
of   taik   that    has    been     going   on stretched   beside her and some were j
amongst leading barristers.    It is felt dragged  to  cots and  covered  for  the,
that   the   opportunity   for   .projecting Light.     Thev   awoke   at   different   In-
the scheme on a handsome scale UeB tervals vesterdav morning, Miss Med-1
with   an   inspiration   from   Lord   Hal-
ley being the lust to regain conscious -
dune, who, as lord chancellor, Of I ne88 She participated in the services
coins,, carries very great weight In -aBt ntgnt] anri said she was the hap-!
all his appeals. Lord Haldane's visit 1 piest person ai the meeting. Her I
to  Montreal  last year to address the  father says he  will  help her  prepare!
In     the
price ten cents.   Re- Um
Versailles, | mcipaiuj,
NOTICE Is hereby given thai on behalf
nf the Ureal   Northern  Railway Company
���,.��� the Vancouver, Victoria and  Eastern
Railway  and   Navigation   Company
. || -,.,  public auction nl H
���  th,   s:inl companies on
.   i ;ity  of  New  Wetttinln .t< r,   B.  < -���  >������
. -i     ,:.. .   ..i   August.    \    11    I. H,     H
.   hour ,,,  0.80 o'clock  In  the  fori noon
ihi.  following unclaimed goods m the pos
.   ,| ,,    0(   the   wild   It illWBj    t'ompanies
lunv Is
I  crate  Motm
I   crate Pulley,
"l.ati 'I  this  '-'.nl.  da!   "'   -Inn",   lull
T   .1    '11! -PI1  'V   CO
1 ���, ��� T   I). Trupp,  Auc
r  1610 .
mail' t
I .union.
It]     ih
lumbla,  Farmer
of  the   Estate
tat-   of   Ulllffl'
Province  of
if   Na-
y   Mu-
liriti .h
weekly! Why not you? Write immediately for full particulars, sample, picture, literature, etc. Experience unnecessary. Enclose loc. to
cover cos'. Clifford (.'. Mitchell,
P.O Hox 2. Kdmonton. Alberta. Canada. (3644)
Notice  is  hereby  given   that   nil   creditors an<l others having claims tiguinsi  the
who  died  on   or   about   the   10th   day   of
Estate of  th_  said     S'athanlcal   Ijirmon,
June,   1914, are required "n "i   before  the
.2nd day of August,  1014, to Bend by post
prepaid  or  deliver   m    the    undi rslgned
Solicitors  for  Samuel   Lnrmon   and   John
l.mnon.   executors  of   tbe  said   deceased,
I  will I their n.-invs and  addresses,  the  ful   par-
rreight shedsItleulars of ilnir claims, the statement  of
Front  Btreel  In j their  account-  and     the    nature  of   the
securities,  if any. held by them.
And further bike notlci   that after such
IttHl   mentioned   date   the   said   Executors
will   proceed   to  distribute   tin-  assets  <e
the   (liei-asfd   anion,;   the   parties   entitled
thereto, having regard only to the claims
of which thej   shall  iliiri  have noi in-  and
that  tho said |_xecuto.s will not  be  liable
for   the  said  assets   or  any   purl   thereof
jto any person or persons of whose claims
notice   sliall   nol   have   l>"i n   received   l>> i
! them at the time of such distribution.
I     Dated (his _lst day of July, A.I.,   lull
CORBOUIjD,  ORANT  ti   M. I'ut.l..
(0   !.om" Street,
N'.-v.   Westminster.   B.C.
-Solicitors   for   the   said   Hatnuel    t.nrnion
and John Laitnon, Executors.      i:'..mi
American Har association lias given
him a strong desire to do something
tangihle during his lord chancellorship to bring together more than has
been possible at present the lawyers
in the empire and to strengthen
the bonds of empire by making an
imperial tribunal that shall combine
the functions of the privy council
j and the supreme court of the house
of lords. There are many difficulties
I in the way, but it is believed that Lord
. llaldane has hope that he may if a
1 little time is given him to formulate a
scheme. Probably that could not be
done within the life of the present
parliament, but it would be one of
iiis first acts if the present government came back to power and he
were again 111 office. Moreover, this
is not a party question, and supposing the Unionists came into office, he
might' present his ideas to his successor.
! for her African call, upon which she
| will leave at the earliest possible
I date.
Tlie   camp   meetings,   which     have
.been going on for ten days near Audu- I
i lien   park   under  th"   auspices   ol   the
Nazarene  Camp   Meeting  association i
of eastern  Washington, were  to have
ended with the evening service yi ster- ]
ray, bin  at a  late hour last night the
exhortations and shouts of praise were
Still   in   progress.     The   Hev.   Mr.   La j
Fontaine  said  that  the  meetings  almost nightly have continued past, mid-!
night and that  the final session prob-j
ably  would not  terminate before 1  or
2   this   morning.   The   service   was   to
conclude,   he   said,   with   a  triumphal j
procession and a grand march, led by j
Evangelist .1. P.. McBride through the
iromid  the grounds and I
alter in the main  lab- j
Cheap fares for all return tickets to Eastern poi:*.'.... on sale
beginning June 1st Good to return up to Oct. 31 St.
For particulars apply to
E. GOULET, Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie. G.P.A., Vancouver
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria   From   Vancouver.
10:30 a.m Dally
2:00   p.m I>aily
11:45   p.m Daily
For Seattle
]0:'(0 a.m Daily
11:00 p.m. daily except Saturday
11:-��> p.m Saturday
For  Nanaimo
10 B m   and 'I 30 p.m Daily
Nanaimo. Union Bay, Comox
8  a.m.   Thursday  and  Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay.   Powell
11:45 p.m    Kvery Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
ll:00p.m    Wednesdays
For Gulf  Island  Points.
7:00 a.m. Tuesdays for Victoria,
calling  at  points in  Gulf  Isl.
To  Alaska   ....Every  Saturday
city of tents
endln'.  at  l
.  nacle.
Gymnasium Class. Thursday al 7.30
Swimming classes, Tuesdays and Pri
days, 3 to 4, at Y. M, C, A Young
Ladies' Club. Kriday at 8 p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
For particulars call  phone 1324.
Three   Parties  Are   Arrested  in  Chica-
cayc���Charged   With   Being   in
Disorderly   Houses.
Chicago, July 2.. Twenty fashionably gowned women with their escorts,
members of 'hree slumming parties,
were am vd In a spectacular raid
on Jordan's cafe In the old red light
district early today, bundled into patrol wagons despite hysterical pro-
tei-ts. and hooked at tlie South Clark
street police station, charged with being  "inmates  of  a   disorderly   resort "
Province   of   UWl  ���     ''
of    ... Htmli .1        To   wil
I'nder and b. virtue ol ������ warrant nn-1
cji r - linttel ova; ..' .������ i.i i i, din clnd and
delivered awiltisl the goods and chattels
fit Jan ' s A. Biillll* , nt Ul, II ol Merrl-
tie v.- A- li.o".-v. I liavi .. i/'-.l and will
Kell at the I'.nlilie residence near Munlrf-
nil Hall, Cloverdiile, on Mondn; ih" Urn
day of Julv. tm i . i i" tn "'��� :���������: in th"
forenoon, ll"- followim?. m safflcleni
thereof to BMl. (y  "'���'   .ind'.'i i
,-oBts herein:    <>"'��� h:l> "
weight  about   1��""   l'"i"*
double   wagon ;   oi
,������.  combination  sn��
power gasoline engln
wank'1'. .       ~    ,
���Conns of  BS �����Cash.
1 ' ���*������ T.  J.  ARMSTI:'
Westniinsl' r.
July  71st,   19H-
si I
in ,   i
I'S   nil!
i    r..ni-
ii. &
|i    Mil
D. D. WILSON, Manager,
Whereas  n !   of  the
-.- iKic ii"   No.   il.   Lot   8   Block   '���("'   rt-
subdivision   Block    l"   Distrlcl    Lol    171,
also  tits   sale  certificate  No,  ���"���������.   [���__!
Blnck   "i'."   n subdivision   Block   "A"
trie!   Lot   2S, also  tax  s.ile certirienl
���ic    |,ot    I.    Block     "C"     rcBubdivlslon
Block   "A"   District   Loi   28,  Issued   In  th��|
name  of   Walter  S.   Rose,   litis  been   filed       ���['',,. dead bud
in  th.   office oi  the Municipal Clerk. ,,  ,.���.,,,. ,..  .,.,
Notice is hereby given  that   I  shall, al   p|"  ' " * '    7  Ml
��� he expiration  of thirty   (30)  days  from   found   0.    POtd
the  1l.1t"  of   Oi"   first   publication   hereof  u,-,,   warden,   in
in   :���   dully   newspaper   published   in   the  paoin  c_bin    U
i itv  ni   New  Westminster, Issue lax  sol"| ,. ' . ,
i|.. ils   in   Walter   S.    Hose   if   the   lands
aforesaid   unless   In   the   meantime   valid
objection   li"  made  to   me  In  writing
i .in .I this _nth day of June, l!U4.
tl,   BOLTON,
t,3C7UJ Colli elm.  Quruuby.
Denver,  July  '--     "Spooning   Is   no |
crime,    it should be encouraged. The
city Bhould provide long shady lanes
and benches for loverB.   John J, Alexander ot   Chicago doesn't   know   what I
he  Is talking about "
Thus valiantly does Dr run! S.
Hunter ol the stale hoard of health
ci me to the defense of tiie love .-mitten. He denies every allegation that
Alxonder made when he addressed 600
young women recently at an interna-
Lionett Sunday school conference and
said spooning is degrading. He said
girls should not allow It, Dr. Hunter
proves his contention by quoting
"The bard of Avon says that all the
world loves u lover and It is equally
true that iill the world ioove.s a spoon-
,'. especially worm n. Spooning Is
a natural roorcatlon.
"Spooning   Is   the   hand     maid     ofi
matrimony.    Love making and spoon-]
'r.g are  the  themes  upon  which   the \
greatest poets revelled.    Had Shakespeare written only the balcony scenes
in Romeo and Juliet, it would have
made him immortal.   I have just com-
pleted a study of thai  play, the great-
lest spooning drama ever written by
' i-i'iin  mid  acknowledged  by critics  to
No'lbe one  of  his  finest "productions."
Electric Household Appliances
A cordial invitation is given the ladies of New Westminster lo
visit the salesrooms of the B, C. Kleetric. in the company's terminal
at Columbia and Eighth, to inspect our complete line of Electric
cook ing and Household appliances,
These appliances greatly lessen the labor of the housewife, promoting both her comfort and convenience. They are always ready
for service, operating 011 connection with any household socket The
cost for current is only a few cents per hour of continuous operation,
Kleetric Cooking Applanres just meet your summer demands as
they can do all forms of light cooking just as well as the kitchen
range. Fully seventy-five per cent of your summer cooking can he
done in this manner.
New  Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia & Eighth
of .lack Congdon, nn
Albernl district, was
Johnstone, provincial
front of the Golden
i illes from Albernl.
fiom which th, hi ad
was torn   alnw t    completely   away,
V as :*. rifle Hid there was every evi-
di ncs thai ill ��� case was one of suicide.
He. ide the body,
Special Excursions
Five Days
Meals and Berth.
s.s.   "Prlnoe   Rupert"
Glacial, Island
Mountain and
Forest Scenery
'I'rince    Ceorge"    sails
midnight,   .inly   23,
s s
Monday,  midnight, July  20,  77. 30,
Iioais remain at Prince Rupert one day, affording an opportunity
of seeing  the  new  Qrand Trunk l'aeific city.
Parlor   rooms   separately   or en  suite,  with  or    without     private
bath, etc., tit an additional cost.    Staterooms en suite without extra
H. C. SMITH. C.P. and T.A. C. K JENNEY, O.A.P.D.,
Phone Soy,  8134, 527 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C. FRIDAY, JULY 24,  1914.
On "Summer
Summer months are considered dull in most retail lines of business.
That is a fact which we must face. But let us
go into the pros and cons of the subject and find
out why it is a dull season.
They say the buyers go out of town in the summer.  That is not so.
Some of the people do leave the city during the
summer���but do you realize what a small per cent-
age of the population is away at any one time?
Eight hundred to a thousand at most. And the 19,-
000 who are left have as many wants in the summer
as they have in the winter���and as much money with
which to satisfy them.
They say people won't buy goods in the summer.
That is the merchants' fault.
Do you remember when they wouldn't buy white
goods in the winter time? Now they buy more white
goods in January than in any other month in the
year. Advertising in the newspapers made this
A few years ago the quietest spot on the face of
the earth was a furniture store in February. Newspaper advertising has made it the biggest month
with live merchants. You can sell snowshoes in
August if you advertise them right.
Now let us get down to brass tacks.
The only reason why business is dull in summer
time is because merchants let it be so. They let habit blind them to the business that can be had. It
would not take many years to make the two weeks
before Christmas dull���if the merchants quit advertising and acted as though there was no business to
be had.
We know that the people of New Westminster are
not all out of town���that they have the money to
buy all they need���that they will buy goods out of
season if they are urged to do so.
Increase Your Summer
Advertising in The News
and Get Your Share of
the Business.
FRIDAY, JULY 24, 1914.
Mew Far Can a  Minister or  Evangelist Go?���Case Now On Trial
in Pennsylvania.
Id mo. t democratic countries mem-
in rs of parliament enjoy complete immunity   from   prosecution   under   tbe
iiws of libel, says the Toronto Mall
i_ndl   Umpire.     In   the   bouse  ol  commons a member may name some one
..nd  accuse  him of  murder,  and   yet
_h�� accused    person  has  no  redreti
through   the  law.     A   newspaper also
"ia*  aertain   privileges  not  accorded
to   _kc  citizen.    If  it   can  show   that
its aspersion of the character of anyone- is in  the public interest  the law
holds   that   it  ls   not   to   be   held   re-
sponsible.    Since   ministers   have  act-aired thp habit cf mix-inn in politics
and   making charges  from  tbe  pulpit
there,  has  been  considerable    doubt
an to the latitude that  they are to be
i-M-Tcn.    As far as the state ol  Pennsylvania is concerned, this question is
likely to be settled by n .nit for lihel
-.ipainst Kev. Henry VV. Btough, one of
Aa  most noted    evangelists    in    the
I'nited States.    Since the case will be
rtniirtW ii rrtrrllnrf to tbe principles of
..iiv that are common to all the states
����. tlie Union and to Canada and all
other portions of the  British empire,
ils result will be awaited With a Rood
deal of interest.
Converted 5,000 People.
If the decision  i.s in  favor of  Hev.
Mr   Stough our clergymen may be ex-
f/rted to be very specific in their denunciation   of  evil.     If  it   is   against
.um they  will probably adhere to the
practice" of Rev.  Mr. Sunday, who de-
Bbnnces   evil   in   very   general   terms,
_r.fi never mentions the name of any
l-artlcular sinne.,   The suit is one of
the  by-products  of  a  Besatipnal   revival  campaign  tiiat   Mr.  Stougli   recently   held  In  the  slate of   Pennsyl-
i...:a.     Another  byproduct   was   the
.-conversion of    some    5,000 people iii
the city of Hazelton alone. It was in
Hazelton that the evangelist, who is
primarily  an  opponent  of  the  liquor
traffic, made charges against four persons.     His   speech   was   reported   in
the  newspapers,  and   Mr.  Stougli  admits that be Bald what he is accused
of saying, and asserts  that    be    can
provci It.
Against Liquor Men.
. to said that a manager of a brewing company wa.s the man whn ran
th,' city. The commissioner of public
*a!ety was another boss. A deposed
v-ity magistrate and local politician
_,nd a wholesale liquor dealer were
accused of being in politics in the interest of the liquor traffic. Hev. Mr.
���Slough asserted that if it were not for
Hi*s��. four men there would not be a
disorderly house Open in the city. If
it n*rr.' not for them tiiere would not
_.����� a saloon open after midnight nor
on Sunday. There would not he a
t tot macliine or a gambling den It it
wp..e not for the Influence of these
mem. Tliis sermon made a profound
-sensation, and one of the results was
thai the inmates of disorderly houses
moved out of town. While this was a
cribnte to the power of the evangelist
it may he an embarrassment to the
defendant, for it deprives him of the
witnesses who might prov,., his case.
However, he says that he can prov.
it without these witnesses.
Public Sides  With  Stough.
The evangelist i.s not altogether a
sUriiiiger to the  law.     He  hu   been  a
defendant before now, and scored one'
���of  ,_,��: most notable successes  in  hisj
career   when   arrested   and   haled   to!
court    This was in Elmlra, N. V.   As1
fee   and   his   party   were   leaving   tffe I
���-���-ity  they  were are rs ted  on  trumped- |
ap charges at the instance of certain!
politicians whom    tin.,   had ofi'enued.!
They  fought  tlie  casts  in  court, and j
srane successful.    Not i niv did 11 iy
beat their assailants, but at the next |
������lection  the people of Elmlra  turned i
che  mavnr and  council out of office,|
.nut   returned   to   the   legislature   the j
ittorney who had represented Stough. j
While not BO well known in the United (
Slatts ns Billy Sunday, Stough is his I
i-O'ial   in   personality   at u   eloquence,
aad   almotl    his    p e" It. the use of
.-Jang     ile is quite as sensational as j
'cc  ���-x-,.ail  player,  and  not  long  ago!
stocked a number of people in Hazel-j
tos when he had a crowd on the street!
Klve  three  cheers  for  him  and   alter-;
wards three cheers for Christ.
How  Evangelists Work.
Stough   and    Sunday    work   on    the
same lines, and  each  ol   them  could
_:!������' the Apostle Paul and John Wes-
lej man.', useful pointers on the work-
!���:*   up ol a revival.  The circus organisation  i-  hla  model     Weeks  before
��� ���' v.-.i    a town, his advance agents
;ir,-   there   working    up   enthusiasm.
training  a   great   chorus  of  children,'
Jtmi  organizing   the   churches   lor  his
ij.iKj__rar.ef     The)   secure  lor   ,iim  �����
__as of  information  about the political,   racial   and   religious   life   of   the
community  and so he comes well ior-
.ifivii to tackle the crowd by display-1
i-.ga   knowledge of local  affairs,    He
(____ a t;ie;.i tabernacle built, and de-
trrurn,   to  hold  meetings  in  a  church.
There   Is   the   well   known   "sawdust;
.trail," and all stage settings  lhat are
familiar   to   those who    have    heard
.Sunday.   He remains in one place for!
.vevrral weeks at a time, and it is not
umnsual for him to be paid $1,000 per
��.�������__; for his work.   Whatever maj be
_s__i_J of the performance of the  work'
rfone by men like Stough and Sunday,:
they have undoubtedly a profound temporary   influence   upon   the   cities   in
which they labor, and if thev  are to
be classified among the actors rather]
.han among the saints, their place
;.   high  one indeed
Fifty men are now at work on the
completion of the automobile roads
to the summit In the Ftevelstoku
national park. The work i�� starting
.ii the upper end 0* the completed
po-tinn of the road and ten rallies
..ill  be  completed  this  Minimei* at   all
eatiiftated cost of J27&00
Are  Practically   Indestructible.
lapped  Saucepans,  each 25c, 40c, 60c  and  75c
Straight Covered Saucepans...  50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25
Double Hoilers. each  $1.75, $2.25 and $3.00
Seamless Tea Kettles, each... .$1.50, $2.00 and $2.75
Nine-inch Pry l'ans, each  60c
Nickeled   Copper   Tea   Kettles;   eeamless   bottoms.
Kach   $1.15, $1.35, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00
No.  9  Kxtra   Heavy.  Side  I,id, Copper Tea  Kettles.
Bach   $2.-5
Nickelled  copper Tea or Coffee   Pols;   three-pint,
$1.15: four-pint. $1.36; five-pint $2.25
Kxtra   Heavy   ('.lobe   Shape   Copper   Tea   or     Coffee
Pots;   -pint. $2.50;   "pint, $2.75;   4-pint $3.00
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Tapestry Carpet.
21 inches  wide;  in tan, red, and green;
yard.    Sale  I'riee,
per   yard   	
Brussels Carpet. ^L__________
With  border   to   match;    in all   the best colors and
patterns;   regular $1.50  a  yard.
... j/__^^__________
reg. 75c a
Axminster Carpet.
Willi border to match;  for dining room
regular t'2.23 a yard.
Sale   Trice   	
Wilton  Carpet.
Witli  border to match;   rich  in colorinf
the latest designs; regular $2.7,0 a yard.
... 9_^H_-^--H-^__l-^_-i
and parlor;
and  in all
IMain White Porcelain Cups
and Saucers; Kermis or
straight   shapes:   regular   12%C
;r,:..TW0 15c
Thin China Cups and Saucers;
in white and gold; assorted
styles;    reg.      25c
Majolica .larilinier.-; in green,
blue, red, etc. 4C.
Kach. 25c, 35c and ���tWW
Jelly Classes;  covered;
per   do/en    	
Oood class 'i uniliiei's; regular
$1.00 a doza ti.
Fish   Globes.    Kach
50c,   $1.00    	
Rogers'     A.     A.     Silver    Plate
Will Give Years of Wear.
Ten Spoons.
Two   for    	
Table or Dessert Spoons or
Hawthorne Table _IC_*
Knives    Two for  COC
���    Plate
ioons or
Friday Is Remnant Day
A very busy day is assured in the Staple,
l.inen and Wasli Goods Section, as there are
hundreds of Remnants of fine white cottons,
nainsooks, lawns, flannelettes, cotton shirl-
ings, ginghams prints, table linens, towelings, apron ginghams, etc. These will be on
the Remnant Tables marked at Specially Low
1'rlccs to clear. Ile on hand early and secure
your share ot these Remnant Bargains.
Friday, Market Day, Will Be a
Bargain Day in the Men's Wear
A   Clean-up  Table   of  Oil   Cloth
Ends  From    34    to  1'j
Lengths at Nearly
Half Price.
Mrs.  I'otts' Sad
Irons,     ts f t   ...J	
Reliable   food   Choppers;   regular $2.0U.
10-quart Tin Dish OELtm
Cans.     Kach     bWV
Knamel Sink Strainers.
Japanned  Coal     Hods;     regular
ride,    v  nine.
Long Handled Dust 4 A-^
l'ans.     Kach        IUC
BOc Com Brooms. QC#%
Kach     OwC
10c Rolls Toilet Paper,       Cf��
Each         5/C
5c    Cake.       No-Ku'i     l.alundry
Six for 	
Vacuum        Washers;        regular
$1.26   value.
Galvanized  Wash  Tubs.    I'riced
nt, each  75c, 90c,
$1.15 and   	
Friday Staple Bargains
Reg. l.c.c Plain White and Fancy Color Striped
Flannelettes; 7'S inches wide; pure finish.    1 ftp
Friday Special, per yard    IUC
Reg. 20c Colored Stripe Flannelettes: 36 inches wide;
close  weave;   splendid  range of colors. 4 Cm^
Friday Special, per yard    I Wv
Reg. $2.76 Hemstitched Cotton Sheets; si/.e 70x90;
a splendid quality of cotton; free from ^4 QC
tilling.    Friday, per pair   9'i*9
Reg. $1.96 White Grecian Bedspreads; size 70x90;
excellent  finality.
. . . - ^^H^H-_H-^_H
1;   sizes
ere   I'll-
���hts   for
pers;   regu-
Reg. 40c a pail Hemstitched Cotton Pillow Cases;
Sizes   40.   42,   44. 3fll**
Friday,  per  pair   OUC
Reg. ti.-C S pair White and Colored Turkish Hath
Towels;   thoroughly  absorbent  quality; Cfl*��
size   22x47,.     Friday,   per   pair    UUG
Reg. .��,7,c a yard Strong Weave Cotton Sheeting;
bleached and unbleached weaves; 70 in. 07 AI*
wide.    Friday, per yard    ���__ I  2*
Reg. 45c Pleached Sheeting; 80 Inches wide; a very
superior  quality   sheeting. QQ#*
Friday, per yard   OOC
Made rrom specially selected cotton; absolutely
pure finish: will not shrink; useful for summer
camp or cottage;
10-4   size;   reguiar  $1.67,.
Per pair  	
11-4 size;  regular Sl.._
Per  pair   	
12-4   size;    regulai-   $2.26,
Per pair  	
50c Underwear, 35c a Garment.
Men's   Fine   I'nderwear;   ligiit   and  cool;   sleeveless
and knee length; size _4 to 44.
Friday Harguin, per garment	
65c Underwear, 45c a Garment.
Men's  Superior  Grade   Balbriggan;   splendid   finish;
two   thread;   lung   sleeves   and   ankle   length;   sizes
71 to 42.    Friday Harguin,
per garment 	
$2.00 Underwear, 95c a Garment.
Men's fine silk and wool:  also tine cashmere Underwear;   in   white   and   pink;     light     weights   for
summer wear;  all sizes.
Friday Bargain, per garment	
Men's 75c Outing Shirts, 90c.
Plain   White  Outing  Shirts;   also  in    cream,    with
lancv   stripes;    low    turn  down    collars    attached;
sizes 14 to 17 ..<_.   Friday Hargain, CHa
each    OUC
Special on Work Shirts, 75e.
Men's  Work Shirts;   in  plain  black, with    wide or
narrow     stripes;   shirts   well     made    with    double
Stitches  throughout;   breast  pocket;   sizes   141,.    to
17.    Friday Bargain,
50c Suspenders, 25c.
Men's  Duplex  Suspenders;     fine    medium
splendid elastic.    Friday Hargain,
per pair  	
Auto or Buggy  Dusters at 75c.
Linen   Auto   or   Buggy   Dusters;   all   good   patterns:
large  size;   values  up to  $1.76  at  less    than    half
price.    Friday   Hargain, 7m*\tm
each      I 3C
$2.00   White   Duck   Trousers.
Men's   White   Trousers;    made   of   8-oz.   duck;    two-
inch   roll;   belt loops;   just   right   for tennis  or outing wear: all sizes; regular $2.00 values.   fl��4   OC
Friday Hargain   m\f I .tm*J
$1.50  Straw  Hats, 95c.
Men's   Boater   Sailor   Straws;    with     black   bands;
medium   h'-h   crowns:      fine     sennet     braids;     all
sizes.     Friday,,  your QCf_
choice OOC
Wash Goods Specials
Fancy Crepes for kimonas. in gray, fawn. sky.
pink   and helio; with floral design; 31
inches wide.   Per yard 	
Checked Ginghams, for children's rompers, in
gre,'n and white: helio and white, brown and
white, red and white, pink and white;    2'
inches   wide.     Per  yard   	
Cotton   Crepes,   for   seaside   and   holiday   wear;    in
plain  and  floral  effects;   27  inches  wide.
$67.50    Dining  Room  Suite,
Mission design: suite; golden
throughout; six-foot extension
table; a very neat buffet and
.-ix chairs with leather seats,
reg. $67.60,
White Knamel Bedroom Suite,
consisting of heavy continuous
or straight post steel bed, four-
drawer dresser and chiffionier
to match; both have heavy
bevel plate mirrors; regular
Library Table; solid quarter
oak; in golden or fumed finish;   reg.  $13JO,
ers,    in
���n     and
ear;    in
Specials for Friday and  Saturday   in   the   Electrical
Department on the
Second Floor.
Hylo  Economical   Lamps.   12
candlepower     to     8-candle-
power, or  1  c.  p.  to  16 c   p.;
regular 76c.    On  these    two
:Sal,at: 50c
.lust pull the . tring and
have the light either high or
low. With these lamps it
is possible to have Just a
glimmer of light all night
at scarcely any expense.
Buy while these last, as we
cannot afford to sell our
next  shipment  at   this   price.
Big Friday Bargains in Our
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Dept. First Floor
Ladies'   Gray   Suits;    Regular   16.50   Values'.    Very
Special  at $9.75.
These are ih serges and tweeds; strictly man-
tailored into the best model styles; coat is in cutaway effect and satin lined: the skirt is plain, with
high waist band. See these values; regular selling
price $10...o, **"* ���*   ��� ���
Special at 	
Special Bargains on Our Main Floor
for Friday Shoppers
Ladies'   Neckwear,   Gloves,   Ribbons,   Handbags,   Handkerchiefs,   Etc.,
Etc., at Prices Which are Unequalled for Value. ....
Regular Values to 75c.    Special Price 25c.
All  kinds of  Neckwear are  represented  in  this lot;   come       in  and
look them over; all the very newest styles,  shapes and  color effects;
regular values to 75c. Otsgm
Special    C5JC
Regular to $2.00 Values  in  Collar  Frills,   Special  for  95c   Each.
In nets, chiffons, and laces; every trill is perfect!) new and in the best
Remarkable Friday Offerings in Beddings
Single lied Comforters; in all colors. 9m\\tm
Kach   at           ******
Cray    Campers'    Blankets;     good   weight  and   fair
size.    Per    pair, $2.45
. . ,m_M  	
White   Blankets;   tine   Wool;   size
110x80.     I'er pair at   	
styles;'regular  to  *2.oo   valuee
See them.    Special at, each  .
Navy  Serge   Suits;   Regular $16.50  Values;   Special
for $10.95.
Ladies' "Medici" Collars, Special at $1.00.
These  are   madi    up  Into  new  style   models  of   fine
navy  serge;   coat  Is cut  in  cutaway    and    square
front  style,  ana   satin   lined;   wonderful   values   are
these;   tegular  $16.60  values.
Special for	
These are a good style collar; very pretty and effective comes in a
line white mull, crepe and crepe de chine, with doule trill fichu
effect; very suitable for either suit or rlre..s: tegular $1.7,0 to $2.7,0
valus.    Special at, ���...-__.-_
A   Number  of Cloth   Skirts  in  Check  Designs to   Be
Sold at the Very Special Price of $2.95.
in colors of black and white; also broken checks
and plaids; cm in the newest styles and in all
sizes:   regular   values  to  $7 60. *_\0 QC
Special to clear at. each     9faiWW
Two Very  Special  Values in   Ladies'  House  Dresses.
The   "Utility"   House   Dresses  Cannot   Be
Equalled for Value.
These are undoubtedly the best house dresses on
Cn market. They are the ideal of perfection. The
"I'tility" .lips on and off like a coat, as two buttons only do tlie trick. There is at the present
time a liig demand for the "Utility" House Dress.
Conies in a very Interesting range of styles and
 j $1.00
Odd   Lot of Children's Cotton   Ribbed  Hose;   Regular Values  to  30c,
Special at Two  P airs for 25c.
Heavy  Oray   Army   Blankets;   si/.e  64x82;   weight
7  pounds;   legnlar $6.00. PmEL OK
I'er   pair  at        ��Pw��.#W
Full   Bed  Size  Comforters;   any  color;   strong:   well
made; regular $1.60, J_��|   4C
Each at   #1-151
feather   and   Cotton     Mixed     Pillows;     serviceable
blue tick     Kach Kflr*
Real Feather Pillows.
Mac!) at	
75c and 85c
Om  regular $1.95 values,
Our regular $2.95 values,
Ladies'   Silk   Moire   Underskirts;    Regular   to    $2.95
Values:   Special for $1.65.
Comes  in  green   and   giay  shot  effects  and   pleated
flounces;   all   are   In   good   style.     These   are   extra
good   valui   at   this  very  special
p; ice   	
Comes iu tine and heavj   ribbed  makes;   In tan, black and    a    few
whites; in odd sl_.es only; regular to 30c a pair values.
Verj  Specia] at two pahs ior	
A Silk and Lisle Hese Special for 50c a Pair.
This line of silk hoot hose is perfectly seamless;  has high spliced
heels and  toes;   pure silk  feet,  with   fine  lisle  legs, and  good  garter
tops;   will   give   every   satisfaction   in   wear,   colors,   tan.   white,   sky.
pink and blue!,:  all sizes;  regular 7.7c a  pair. COa
Special  at,  per  pair    3Ull
A Black Silk Hose;   Special at 75c.
This is a splendid quality silk hose, with heavier and thicker finish;
spliced   heels  and   lees,   mid   is   guaranteed   a   strong   wearer,     Kver\
pair   is  worth   $1.27,. <7K._P��
Special  at,  per  pair       I VV
Ladies' All  Wool  Fine Cashmere Hose;  a  Regular 75c Value;   Spec,_i
at 50c Per Pair.
A nice fine hose, and la not too heavy for summer wear;  is perfectly
seamless;   with spliced heels and toes;   full fashioned  legs and good
garter tops; a regular 75c. values. "*
Special at,  per pair  	
Ladies'  Umbrellas at $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50.
.Made with a  fine steel  frame;   covers of splendid  quality gloria, and
finished with plain and fancy wood handles; a strong umbrella, made
to stand hard usage.    Specially Priced al ����    mWt\
$1.00, $1.25 and   ��P ��� ivU
Also in  better grades 4_4   QC _* A   A��
 * I .m30 TO #4.90
Our assortment Of Nets. Scrims, Voiles and Muslins; all shades represented; some wilh borders;
others ill splendid designs all through the piei
values ".">(', 40c and ._(*.
I'l'id.'iv. per yard   	
Colored Madras; in c ream, green, red. blue and
brown; widths from 44 Inches to 7,4 Inches; all
neat patterns, suitable for bedroom, den or living
room; values here from 7..c to $1.00
All  at,  per  vard   	
Tapestry, 7,0 inches wide, in brown, green, red or
blue; heavy weights for upholstering or loose
couch covers: lighter weights for side drapes or
portieres:  values to $1.7,(1. 7C*��
Kriday.  per  yard    *    I WW
Girls'   Middy   Elouscs;   Regular   $1.95   Values:   Very
Special for 95:.
A very choice stock to choose from;  all size- from
ii to  11  year,  and  many  different styles are  represented;    white    linens,   ves'ing-   and      duck-       See
these valuef:  regular f.\ 95
Special  at,  each   	
shop at McAllisters.
Big Remnant Bargains
for Friday
After Stocktaking the ends have
heen measured up and marked at
prices that make this the hest opportunity to huy ends you have
had. The choice for early shoppers is large, as we have a lot to
clear; practicaly all colors are included, and lengths from 1 to 5
yards. There are Silks, Dress
C_oods and Linings, all marked to


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