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The New Westminster News Jun 25, 1914

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Volume 9, Number 95.
 \ ���.
Price Five Cento,      T
Renresentati*.fc , jf Canners' Association and Eraser River
Fishermen Hold Conference���Elimination of Japanese From Fraser River Strongly Uurged.
Two Days' Trial of Promoters of Na-! Expected That Legal Action Will  Be
ticnal  Stores,  Ltd.,  Results of
Clearing Both Men of Charge.
A   'inference  took  place yesterday I the price was reduced tn K, cents be-
in Vancouver between the B, <'. Bal- pMMt-i they found they could not af-
inor, Canners' association and representatives of the Fraser River KiHh
ermen'a Protective association.
Mr. Barker of the IJ. ('. Packers' a(T*
soclatlon, presided, while Col. ,i. I)
Taylor, M.H., and F. II. Cunningham,
Dominion inspector of fisheries, were
in attendance.
The conference and discussion ventilated the whole subject which nar
rowed Itself down to the ultimate
elimination or the Jap fishermen and
the ��� ncourngement of the white fishermen, and the restriction of fishing
licenses on the river,
According to the chairman the elimination of the .lap appeared to he
working silently or Itself, There were
lev.. r ou the river now than for three
or I ur years hack. In regard to the
substitution of
the Chinaman,
cannery  nun  voiced  their sentiments I
of   the  association,   lhat   good   white1
fisiii i men would he gladly welcomed
and aided, as thai class was undoiiht- i
i dl) superior to the Jap at the husl-
ness,    The  difficulty   was lo get   the
proper men  and  not "hum-," and  in-j
(   p riles.
ford lo pay more.   Then tlle I. \V. W.s,
who were not Japs, appear) d al Steveston and advocated the closing of lhe
canneries entirely,   Of, course the I.
W.  W.s did not belong to the flsln i
men's   association,   hut.     they     made
trouble und sums of their white fish
el men   left   their  employnn lit.     They
never go)  a  I'ish from them after tlle I
price dropped to LS cents, and his a.s- I
soclatlon last a lot of money advanoed I
io white fishermen. i
The ii. c, Banners did not fix the
price of the (lab. They hud to compete in tlie markets of tbe world with .
the Puget Sound traps and canneries
and also Alaska. The ft. ('. men with
a little over u million CBSes were pitt-
ed against eight millions, and Ihe hig
ger number fixed the price.   The it.
white  fishermen   for' -'��� canners paid the be.-t possible price,
several   well     known j     Mr. Maiden    You musl not blame us
for the activities of tbe I  \V, W They
are a curse to the community and do i
as much harm to us us they do to you. ]
You  won't  wain  io affiliate with that
Tin- Chairman   Oh, we understand
that.    I said so.
Mr.  Maiden    Our main object  is tn
Vancouver, June 24.- XV. ]. Kerr
and C. II. Bailey, were honorably acquitted of obtaining money hy false
pretenses in the assize court today
before the honorable Mr. Justice Murphy, after a trial extending two days.
The accused were charged with being the promoters of the National
Stores, Ltd., and with having sold
Stock In the concern through methods
aileged to huve heen fraudulent.
Messrs, S. S. Taylor, K.(\, and Alexander Henderson, K. ('., appeared
for the defence of Kerr, and BS, M. N.
Woods for Mr. Bailey, C. M. O'Brien
prosecuted  for the  crown.
Taken By the Government in At.
tempt to Disbar Hindus.
Spirited Discussion At Trades and Labor Council on
Landing of Asiatics���Mass Meeting of New Westminster Residents Favored to Voice Protest.
Vancouver,    June     .4.    Apparently |
the government intends soon to go to I    ity an overwhelming vote the trades
Hit- mat on the legal end of the Hin-1*���*-���** -**0** c01-ncil last night endorsed
du controversy and have the matter
Restricting Licenses,
question of restricting licenses !
vidently  not regarded  with the ]
amount Of favor and the expert-
come to an amicable arrangement
with you and to furnish yon with a
settled number of boats provided it
is not inconsistent wilh the number
ment In the northern rivers last year i employed in the past
was,  in   the   words  of  tin-  chairman, Fewer Jap Fishermen,
disastrous uud this year results will ��� xne Chairman The Jap fishermen
he watched and considered carefully, 'are getting gradually fewer trom year
Finally the resolutions of the fish-1 to year. There w. re more white fish-
ei in. n's association were promised I ermen last vein than for a number of
due   and  careful   consideration I years past
Mr. Cunningham, Interposing, gave
W.K. Maiden, president of the Fishermen's Protective association, ex
plained that the secretary had been
called away suddenly to the north,
but he would read to them the resolu-1
lions and the names of the different j
municipalities and public bodies which
had   endorsed  them.
Briefly, the objects embodied In
ih. in were the preservation of tho
flailing rights in the Kraser to white
snd Indian fishermen and the ultimate elimination of the Japanese fi.-h-
.in.. :i from the river, and also that
ii. licenses shall he granted meantime
to J.ips to fish above New Westminster bridge, and that licenses below
ihe hridg, shall he granted preferably
m whites one month before they were
(j ti to Japanese, and that the li-
cen-ses shall be restricted by arrange-
nier.i between the canners and fish- I
ermen'a associations on an equitable
i.i conclusion Mr. Maiden said thai
there were more than 3000 men. WO-
nn n and children in the Fraser val-
lej waiting a message from them,and
tbey hoped a message of good choir, j
li meant their livelihood and that mes-I
sagi   lay  with them.
The Chairman���Is ii lhe idea thai un |
Japanese fisherman should In- em- ,
ployed by the canneries?
Mr. Maiden Thai is the ultimate
object hut we don't expect you to fire
ihem off the river at. once.
Tii" chairman said that last year
was i big year, and when the limit
Ol 2 10 fish per boat was on the Japs
got more than double what the white
fishermen got. He spoke for the
eight canneries owned by his com-
pany. The Japs averaged more than
4000 and the whites less than 2000.
White Fishermen Preferred.
There was not a cannery man there
l Hal did not infinitely prefer a decent industrious white fisherman to a
.lap. lie only wished there were mor..
of them. Some of these white fishermen caught more than the Japs. At
ihe orK-niug of the season the canners
paid 25 cents a fish, ten cents more
than on the American side.    Latterly
ihe number of licenses Issued as
whites. 1071) Japs. 1081 and Indians,
108.    Total, 2560.
Mr. Maiden You mu-: remember
last year was a hard one. driving
many people to the fishing who would
noi have been there except for hard
times. You must also remember the
money earned by the Japs was sent
out of the country,
The Chairman- it is a cold blooded
proposition with us. It means packing at a profit or going out of business. We don't make the price, it Is
made by others.
iu answer to the question as to
whether the association was composed
entirely of fishermen, Col, J D. Taylor, M.P.. replied tiie executive were
nil fishermen with rue exception of
Mr. Maiden, who was chosen to hold
the balance even between the fishermen of the tipper and lower Fraser.
Mr. Maiden Although nol a fisher
min myself my boat was on she lower drift   last   year.
Mr. Cunningham ex plained that diir-
ini- the sockeye run only bona fide
residents were allowed to fish between Westminster bridge and Mission at other seasons lhe fishing was
not so confined.
Strike  Oue to  Japs.
Mr   n. McPherson referring to the
strike  last   year attributed  it  entirely
I to  the   Japs.     It      was   a   mistake  to
: imagine  the  white  fishermen  would
| Strike   for  bigger   prices   if  tlie  Japs
were eliminated    Tin- canneries must
| have  had  a  pour  grade  of  whites  if
I the Japs caught  more fish  than they
I did.    Was the chairman up north?
I    The Chairman���1  go north    every
: year.    We have Hire" or four dinner-
les   where   we   don't   employ   Japs   at
all,    Ai Bella Coola, for Instance, we
| have a good class of whit
i and 1  wish we had  more
] At Warren's cannery tht
more fish than the Japs
Divers  Will  Endeavor  To
Bring Victims of Empress to Surface.
Expert States Water Rushed Into Vessel at Rate of 200 Tons a Second
��� Kendall  Again on Stand.
fully  threshed  out   In   the  courts.
This morning there was another
formal announcement in court of an
adjournment of the mandamus proceedings brought by counsel for the
Hindus to compel tlle immigration officials to give decisions on examination of immigrants in order that theBc
decisions might then be in Hue for
appeal to the court. l']i to the present
there has been no right of appeal on
habeas corpus because no decisions
were given.
A dispatch from Ottawa slates that
the Dominion government will do
everything possible to prevent the
landing of the 37 l Hindus now In the
harbor, and to i revent the further
arrival of additional.
The story published this evening
lhat the Hindus are to be allowed to
land is denied by Ottawa authorities.
like them.
whites citch
I have been
the cannery  buslne���������  all my life
and my sympathies arc with the white
ii'r.ntiiiiu il on
Page Eight.i
Mexican Federals Again Defeated by Successful
Many   Prisoners   and   Large   Quantity 1
of Arms and Ammunition Captured���Rebel  Generals  Hurt.
1  i'uso, Tex.. June 24,   Zacatecas
Important city ol Central Mexico,
11    Into   the   hands   ol   the   constitu
���n.ilists at sundown yesterday. This
was announced loday by General villa's officials here. Two of Villa's ecu
err1'   were wounded.
The attack could not have been
made before yesterday morning, according to local representatives. Villa's previous victories in Ihe north
had been accomplished in general on
ly after days of fighting. It was he
lleved here' that Villa's lack of effective artillery -.11111111111111011 had made
i!  necessary  lo rush the federal  posi
tions with Infantry, taking the position by a sudden attack, which, necor-
ling to the official reports, resulted
in the Capture of a large portion of
the  garrison  and  its  munitions.
I'p to a lute hour only one official
ind no press messages had arrived
from lhe front,
Victory   Celebrated.
The border city 01 Juarez al once
plunged itself into celebration. The
municipal band played in the plaza;
troops paraded in the streets
The telegram telling the news was]
received by Colonel Orenelas, the:
Juarez commander, and by Lame de
La Garza, Villa's agent here, it was;
signed bj General Orestes Pereyera,
commander at Torreon, who did not j
give the source of bis information.!
The   message   follows:
"I have the honor lo communicate] ���
tn you that yesterday at six p.m. the 1 "*
important citj ol Zacatecas was cap-j Co
tuved by the forces of the division of I**
the north We took many prisonersM"
and captured a large quantity of am- *"'
munition and arms. There were large I'i
losEes on our  side. [
"General Trinidad Rodrlguei* was ft
seriously wounded and General Mac-lft
lovlo llorrcra was slightly  wounded."|tt
Quebec, June 24. The explanation
Of all the suggestions that have been
made during the Inquiry into the
wreck of the Empress of Ireland
about the vessel's steering gear came
out this afternoon when Percy Hill*
bouse, of the Fairfield Shipbuilding
company, which constructed her. continued his evidence before the Dominion commission. Answering questions pui to him by ('. S. Haight. of
counsel for the owners of the collier
Storstad. Mr. HiU'.iouse explained how,
after an accident to it in 1908, one
foot was added to tbe Kmpress' rodder area to improve the steering
Why Vessel Capsized.
Mr. Hillbouae gave tiie first adequate explanation of the actual injuries to the Empress and telling of
the water rushing through a wound of
7,'js Equare feet In dimension at the
rate of ^60 tons a second, gave a
clear cut impression Of how it came
about tha; the liner listed over and |
shortly afterwards capsized
Another noteworthy feature of thi
commission's hearing today was the
evidence of Gunner Wilfred White
head, the diver from H.M.S. Kssex,
wlio, In addition to inspecting the
hull of the Empress, risked his life
iu an effort to save that of Kdward
Cossboom, the American diver, who
died   from   injuries     received   at   the
A   Modest   Hero.
The announcement yesterday that
Whitehead was to appear brought
hundreds of ladies to the court, sev
eral from the entourage Of the Duchess of Connaught and the Princess
Patricia, one of whom sketched blm.
Whitehead was very modest and beyond mentioning that he had "gone
down to the wreck on Sunday In an
emergency" made no reference to his
courageous, if unsuccessful effort to
raise Cos-boom before ii was too late,
Whitehead and other divers of the
Essex were ordered from the court to
the scene of the wreck today after a
conference between Captain Walsh,
marine superintendent of the C. P. it.
and Captain Watson of the cruiser, at
which it was decided to once more try
to get the 800 bodies entombed in the
Kmpress despite the fact that this
work had been abandoned following
,1 report indicating its difficulties and
dangers after au Investigation ot
Kendall  on  Stand.
Captain Kendall appeared in the
box again this afternoon to iinswe
questions relating to the time bis ship
travelled on the two courses taken
alter leaving Father Point and before
the accident in connection with the
attempt being made to get reliable
data upon which to guage tlie exact
position  of  the   liner  when   she   was 1
Settlement Between America and Mexico Finally
the propostion or the mayor to call
a mass meeting or the citizens protesting againsi the entry or the Hindus
now on board the Komogata Maru,
and efforts will be directed today towards leasing the opera house for the
purpose of airing the views of New-
Westminster residents with the utll-
mate Intention of drafting a resolution to be forwarded to Ottawa
if not, all want to know why. The
speaker advocated mass meetings,
many of them ir necessary, to tell the
people of Ottawa and eastern provinces that we stand against these Hindus.
Would Assist Immigration Officers.
Delegate Maiden ln support of tlie
motion, Btated that a mass meeting
would assist the hand of the immigration ofricers.    "We  want to make
holler," he said.    "We don't  want
Opposition was voiced against thej these men who send three fourths or
proposal by a small section or thej their wages back to India to the de-
delegates who attempted to draw the ! tri ment of the province."
Inference that the Asiatic Question Delegate Stoney expressed surprise
was merely a political dodge, but the I at some opposition raised hy a few
plea for a white man's Hritish Colum-iof the delegates. The labor men had
bia prevailed among the majority af-: been fighting against Asiatic labor
ter telling speeches had been made for years. He advocated strong ac
in   favor  of  the  government   passing! tion  in the present crisis.    Referring
a Natal act as applied to South Africa.
The situation in the province today
about some remarks passed about the
labor  men getting  into trouble  Dele-
was likened unto that existing in Ul- gate Stoney believed the working men
of New Westminster had more sense.
Delegate Glbb was just as strong
in his remarks, referring to the troubles that broke out in Washington
and Oregon years ago. He mentioned
that he was present at the action taken in Bellingham against the Chinese.
"Vou can't find a Hindu or Chinaman
ster where the residents were mak
ing it so warm for the British government as to make things unbearable
to :i certain extent.
Situation Considered.
The heavy artillery towards the exclusion   or the   Hindus  was   fired  by
alderman Dodd and Delegates Stoney
Cameron,    Maiden    and  dibb.    First 1 in  Whatcom county  today,"  declared
brought  up a  motion  by  Harry (Iibb,   Delegate Glbb.
and seconded by XV. K. Maiden, the
firing commenced from every corner
of the room, the whole situation gone
over from the time the Japanese first
President Cameron completed the
speechmaklng by coming out strongly
against the Hindus, whom he declared were made British subjects by the
Not   Expected   That   Opposition   Will
Be Made By Constitutionalists���
Meadiation a Success.
[entered British Columbia to the pre- taking over of the Indian empire by-
sent predicament, and the question | British troops. That was no concern
finally resolved Itself as to whether!of Canada's he thought.
the merchants and workers of this j Complaint against private employ-
province were to be ousted from their j ment agencies was voiced by a dele-
trade and employment by a race that gate who had just returned from a
has been placed in the scales and j job at Cowichan Kake. He had paid
found wanting. [an agency $1 for the privilege of get-
Delegate Dodd stated the citizens'ting work, $3.80 for car and boat fare
of New Westminster and British Col-1 to a certain point, $1.50 more on an-
umbia were against Asiatic labor and , other boat. He was then compelled
especially against the Hindus on board to pay $1 a day board and $1 hospital
the Japanese ship In Burrard Inlet, j fees. After five days many of the
The workers of the province have felt  men   were  either  fired  or  the   work
Niagara Falls, Out.. June 24.���
Terms tor composing all international differences between the I'nited
States and Mexico have been concluded. The conditions under which
diplomatic relations will be resumed
were tonight embodied in a protocol
which was signed by the ambassador
from Brazil, the ministers of Chile and
Argentine and the American and Huerta delegates.
The character of the settlement ii
not expected to arouse opposition
fiom the constitutionalists, who will
participate in, and to a large degree,
will mould, the adjustment of all internal disputes,
When a new provisional govern-
I ment is established to succeed thut
I beaded by General Huerta the result
of mediation���-recognized as a triumph for Pan-An -rican diplomacy
will  become effective.
Selection of President.
Coincidentally with the action taken
this evening, it was announced that
the actual selection of a provisional
president, and the organization of the
new government, which is considered
a purely internal problem, will be left
to an informal conference of representatives  of  the  constitutionalists
Luis Cabrera, Rafael Zubaran and
.l(.-r V'asconcelos, and the delegates
sent by Hen. Huerta to the mediation
No formal adjustment of the mediation will taken, but there will be no
sessions while the representatives of
the two warring factions in Mexico
endeavor to arrive at an agreement on
the personnel of the new government,
the agrarian and other questions.
At the close of today's conference,
Ambassador Da C.ama gave out a
statement embracing tho protocols
which were signed tonight. He announced that three articles ot the
peace plan had been protocolized and
that these related only to the inter
mil side of the Mexican problem.
"We deemed it advisable." he said.
the pluc.h, they have been driven out
in fishing, domestic help, laundry
work and market gardening and now
come these Hindus.
The matter is now being brought
into court. The people make the law
and  the  purpose of the  judges Is  to
placed so arduous that they were compelled to give up.
Dele. Dodd spoke strongly against
private agencies and in favor ot a
municipal bureau. He mentioned the
proximity of Port Mann to New West-
] minster where considerable work was
interpret the laws, lt is not the big)going on but where New Westmin-
fellows with wigs on their heads, set-.ster labor had little chance. The al-
tllng something about Richard the | derman suggested graft between corn-
Third.    This is a Canadian  idea and I panies and employment agencies.
MM. COrMlt.      \-ffiN NtRSM TO.H.
(Continued ou Page Four.)
Morning���Assize Expected to Fin- Were  Written 2500 Year* B.C..
ish   Saturday   Nipht. or 400  Before  Abraham.
"festerday afternoon the Jurj re- Philadelphia, June 24.���Reports
turned a verdict of common assault J cabled from London describing a new
against Thomas Atkins, charged with
criminally assaulting a young  woman
in Hurnaby.
The   trial   of   A.   Dznbaefr   Tor   the,
murder of a fellow Russian, will commence this  morning.    There  is a dis-;
tinct peculiarity in the case inasmuch
BS not a trace of the alleged murdered man's body has been  found.    The1
evidence  of  the  deat.i  depends  upon I
the oath of an eye-witness who asserts-
that he saw the remains in the bush I
at  Burnaby.
The duration  of the trial  promises j
to   be   lengthy   as  the  testimony   will
have  to  be  jjveii  through   two interpret.ts and liiree languages, a Cauca-I
3I011   dialect   into   Russian   and   from'
Ru. sian  it to Knglish.
I'espite the anticipated length of
the trial, Justice MacDonald has In*
tlmated his intention to finish the assizes this week in order to let the agricultural   element  of  the   jury   to  get
to the farm and attend  to iheir
The captain's tiltne for dropping his | While Fishing in Dorte�� They Were
pilot did not agree with that of
Captain Belanger, of the Bureka, who
picked up Pilot Bernier
Offer of Quarter  Million   Dollars  Refused for Formula.
Pittsburg, June '74. TAI'tcr four
years of work upon a new cheap nitro-
generous fertilizer, made from byproducts now wasted, that it is said,
will revolutionize agriculture.  Karl S.
version of the flood and the fall of
man deciphered from 1111 ancient Su-
merlan tablet by Dr. Stephen Lang
don. professor of asayriology in Jesus
college, Oxford, were confirmed today
by officials of the university of Pennsylvania museum. The tablet Is part
of the collection unearthed by the
university's expedition to Nippur,
and the inscription on it was copied
by Dr. Langdon when he visited this
{city lasl fall.
On comparing the tablet, which
I Dr. Langdon has just translated, with
I a similar fragment translated by
I Dr. Prix bei. the university authorities
found thai the two tablets evidently
had been written by the same person
about li,">00 B.C. or 400 years before
the time of Abraham, ii is believed
���the fragments are part of two separate tablets which, with others form
' ed a treatise or hymn of praise containing an account of the beginning
1 of tlie world. Dr, Proebel estimated
1 that there were I in tablets in the
, complete work.
Tells of the Flood.
The fragment translated by Dr.
' Langdon tells of the flood min list
! lhe Suiiiurian equivalent lor Niihu. or
I Noah, as the man who saved man
(from destruction, lt differs from the
(biblical account of creation iu reciting
Swept   Away   By   a   Ga'e   and
Could Not Be Found.
Bishop, an  investigator nt the Mellen ' that it wus Noah who sinned    by eat
Institute   of   Industrial   Research,   on j ing   of   the   tree  of   knowledge     and
Italian Anarchist at Large.
Geneva, Switzerland. June 24.���Enrico   Mulatest,   the   Italian   anarchist.
who ordered the plot to establish re-
nubllcan rule, has escaped despite the
e fo   s of   he government   to capture < Dutard are told of ... a letter received
him    Disguised as a workman, btalat- here today from Captain Join. Grotle
est  made his way to the Swiss Iron-I of the  schooner John A.
tier, crossing tlle  boundary at Chins
so.     He   remained     in   biding
time and is now believed 10 be
way  to Loudon.
Seattle. June 24.���Four sailors lost
in dories In an arctic gale from the
Seattle   codflshing   schooner     Fanny
Saturday  refused au olfer of $250,000
for his formula and process.
The offer was made by a Pittsburg
capitalist.    Bishop  has  been  at    the
Mellen  institute conducting  research
i since January 1. 1913,
thus brought his fall. From this time
on, according to this account, Noah
had no work nnd man's days were
shortened to their present length. Instead of a serpent it was Kuki. the
water god,  who tempted him.
-::��� #
Lower Mainland���Light to
moderate winds; mostly cloudv
with showers; not much
change In temperature,
The  Dutard  was  fishing  off  Slime
for   a i Banks in Behring sea, on May IS. thn
on his   letter  states,  when  a  northwest  gale
swept down on the vessel.   Three ol
the  dories   were  unable  to  return  to
the ship.    Kach had two men aboard.
Of  the  three, one  was  picked up by
tlie gas boat Kenniore in False Pass.
Behring     sea.     The    two  men   in   it
were   weak   from   exposure  and  lack
of food.    The  rate  of the  four men
In the two missing dories is unknown.
Captain   Orotic   raid   Behring   sen
'.-   has been swept recently by the worst
������i j gales he has seen in an experience ol
** I years.
Excitement at Retina of Oil broi*Klu Int0 ,he cl--v *oniKl-*of a tlis-
1 covery of oil in Southern Saskatche-
Near  Surface���Rush  To wan, in the Din mils, about eleven
' miles from the town of Lang and 47>
File    Claims    Throughout  miles from Regina.   It is claimed that
,,       ....   ... I black sand wag found thirty-five feet
-tie  LllSt-ICt. (Unvn anu -j- goon at*UM.    Much excite*
  j ment   prevails   in   filing    claims    all
Regina,    June    71.    A    report   was 1 round the section. t PAGE TWO
THURSDAY. JUNE .5, 191-1
An Inilepontont morning paper devoted to tin- Ini.r.ms of New W-'stmlnster and
tht Frast-r Valley. Published every mornlns except Sunday by tlie Xullonal Printing
���nd PabUahlnf Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzie Slreel, New Westminster. British
Coiuml.ln ROBB St,"l*IIi:ilI.ANl). M.-inaglns Pirector.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
to Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, aud money orders should be mad.
payable ta The National Printing and Publishing Company.  Limited.
TKI.KI'HONKS���Business office und Manager. 89!); Editorial Kooms (all depart-
��� ��1M. S>S1.
flUBSCRIPTIOM RATES���By carrier, It per year, II for three months, 40c per
month. B> mall, i-*1 per year, 2_c per month.
AD\ KH'l'ISINO   RATES  on  appllcutlon.
li   is   expect, il   that  word   v. ill   be
received  from  the Minister of militia '
I SOtborisilUf the proposed alt. ration in
; the foundations of the new armor) at.
i Men-Hit
���   ��   ���
i    M   11. Boyd,   of Sobcaygeon, (int.,
president of the Cowlchan Lumber Co.
i and one of tin- mosi prominent lum-!
barmen in the Domini, n, died on June
i in Philadelphia.
. ���.   .
Must   of  the ranches  are  iii One '
shape  this  year  and  the  berry  crop
especially promises to be a bumper
one.    Shipping will commence a week I
an   lhe average.
A Montrealer, who has spent considerable time in the '"'.,, r",,":,
. i    ��� i 1 A      1 ��� l i '������.���lUfl      I 11 _i I
Orient, says that, while the Atlantic coast has a new
slogan, "Get Ready for the Panama Canal," a cry which
also has been adopted on the Pacific, the real watchword
of the western seaboard should be, "Get Readv for the
China Trade."
From close observation he believes that great developments in Chinese trade are not far away. It may
come with a rush any year and there are many things to
arrange internally and externally before full advantage
can be taken of it.
Last year the Dominion minister of trade and commerce pointed out the extent and nature of the trade
possibilities of the Far East. China and Japan have
done wonders in the intensive cultivation of their half-
acre farms and, for this very reason, with their ever-,
growing industrial populations, they will not be able to
do much more to supply their own increasing demand
for foodstuffs.
Therein, says the minister, lies Canada's opportunity; *  ���  *
and it might further be added that what is Canada's op- Ltt'^^trS'S
portunity for trade with the Orient, is business of para- vegetables have been placed in et-
mount importance to British Columbia, the closest ship- Sfy.*7t?" """:' '
pin:  seaboard to that market.
Among the victims of the Ilillcre.t
| mine disaster was ll. O. Thomas, a
! driver boss, who formerly held a sim-
\ ilar position at the Nanaimo No. 1
j mine about four years ago.
.    .    .
one oi the oldest and most respected of the old timers of the Nicola vai-
ley passed away last Thursday afternoon in the Nicola Valley Oeneral hospital in tlle person of Mr. (Ieorge Bent,
.    .    .
Some  unrest   exists  among  tlle   In- |
dian tribes of Vancouver Island and I
elsewhere in lhe proline, because :he
federal government is enforciiu; legislation preventing tbe holding of potlatches.
*    *    *
Rumors have been circulated at
Fernie that the C P, li. had abandoned operations at Hoimer, These
rumors arose from the company clos-
Ing don n a couple of levels and laying off loo men,
d    in
Express corn-
special  rates  will  be  In
Before buying any of the
wheat offered, we apply to
it the supreme test. We
bake bread with it in our
laboratory. If the bread is
creamy, velvety and delicious, we say "This wheat
is worthy of ROYAL STANDARD/' And so we buy it.
This test is continuous and
safeguards for ever the uniformity of ROYAL STANDARD.
JfektWy flf ATTt)*l*M��S
'uniform f ilUUA Tested
it   .i. a.  BUBNarrr, auditoh an:-
Accountant     Telephone   IU47.     Itooi.
22   Hart   lil..ek.
1'   It   --mini W. .1. dr..v.-*
Work*   undertaken   m    city    and  outside
I'l.intH.    211-13  Wesimiie-i.���!��� Trust  Bids
I'll,,ii.. SC4.    r. (i.  Bos r..i7.
until November
.   .   ���
Rev,  ll.  Grant,  formerly
Baron de Rothschild, famous as a dramatist, was shot church, Fernie, who has occupied
��� , e rn u     i      4. ,,  ���,:    ��� , i.-  ,  i. I'tilpn ol a Vancouver church tor
after a theatre performance.   Talk about poetic justice ! pttSt V1 ar, )ms accepted
What ?
call from
the Presbyterian church In Prince Rupert, nt a salary of $-_4<hi a year.
That Delta farmer's crop of spuds at six hundred
dollars per acre is a pretty good argument for the back-
to-the-land movement.
The Boundary country is to have a weed inspector.
The Boundary isn't the only part of the province that
needs that kind of an official.
Revelstoke is talking of putting an electric
its nearby mountains. Sounds like painting
across the chest of the Venus de Milo.
sign on
a  label
It   is   reported   thai  the    Canadian
l'ucific    railway    Is losiiiK  $76,000 ;i
1 month In  District No, 3, with Nelson
as headquarters,    i-ast ynu* it  was
i reported   that   the  Canadian   Pacific
railway   was  losing a  million   dollars
a year in Iiritish Columbia.
���   ���   ���
R, \V. Wood sold BOO shares of Monarch oil the other day to Thos. Cra-
han of Kernie for $10,000. Mr. Cra-
; han brought In an oil expert from
i California and had him look the whole
proposiUon over, and upon his advice
he took a flyer in Monarch. At present prices he has more than doubted
his money. '
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd.
Manufacturers of
Modern  Saw and  Shingle  Mill Machinery, Canning Machinery, Gasoline  and  Distillate   Engines.
Repair Work of All Kinds Promptly Executed.
There's an old saying that the man who acts
own lawyer has a fool for a client, but one prisoner
the assize court this week broke the hoodoo.
���ujj.1     Yolney   I).   Williamson,
-iiii'd   him   for  a  divorce
whose,  wife?
..   .    in   Spokaiu
tiefore i last week, kept a cigar store in Kaslo
i twenty-two years aso along with Evan
! Jones.    Ile made his Hart towards a
  I fortune bv grub-staking a prospector
Now you can telephone from New York to Chicago- ^Ue^^^de^a^^TmonS
at eighteen dollars per minute.   There will not be much' in RoBsiand.
gossip swapped over that line at that figure. ;   QoldeI) xvas ;Bi;eo*by bur-lar8 f,n
  i Saturday last  who robbed  the    posi
The bears around  Halcyon  are  stealing  vegetables -J0���,^Ur"haui w__Y-m_if one;
from the kitchen gardens there; and yet some people only hos being secured at the latter
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
I.tiiim. NO sr.l -J__M_T_ ON FIRST
on.I tlilnl Tuesday in each month ut -
i> in. In Hi,- Labor Temple. A, J. Christ-
mii��. Dictator; Mnvl.l Boyle. Past Die-
tutor; xv. j. Droves,
Westminster Trust  Building
i-tary.   mi
li.  P. O.  K. of D. c. meets first and
third   l-'rlilny nt   s  p.m.,  Labor Tempi'
Seventh  nnd  Royal  nv.-n.i-.    A.   Wells
ciny. Exalted Ruler; P. ll. Smith, h. .
i-i tary,
1 l). u. I-'. AMITY I.UIMIi; NO. 27���THIO
regular meeting nr Amity Lodge, No
87, I. O. O. P., iH held every Mondav
night nt 8 o clock hi Odd Fellows' Hull
comer Carnarvon and Rlghta Btreet*'
visiting brethren cordially Invited
If W. Bangsty, N.Q.: J. L. Wm*,:,
\.(..; \\. C, Coatham, P.O.. recording
secretary; J. XV. McDonald, financial
W. B, PALES & CO., Cl2 (lis AGNES)
street, opposite Carnegie library, Most
iip-to-rtnto funeral parlors In the city
Specialists iu shipping, Lady assistant
in attendance. Always open. Pay phone
i".i. night pbona si.
ter A Hanna, Ltd I Funeral dlrectoia
and embalmers, Parlors (05 Columbia
street  New   Westminster,    Phone 68:1
ster Board nf Trade meets In the board
room, City Hall, as follows: Third Friday ..i . ...-li month, Annual meetings
on th.' third Friday .if February, C n
Stuart Wade, secretary.
list.is. Si.Il.li,ns. etc. in I,,,in,, sir.,'
New Westminster. Q, B. Corbould, ii.
' ���    J    R.   Grant.    A.   B.   McColt.
ter-at-lnw, Solicitor, etc Solicitor foi
the Bank of Vancouver. Offices: Mel
chants' Bank Building, New Westmin
1-i-r. B. ('. Telephone No, 1070. Cabli
address "Johnston." Code Weal
W     F.   II ANSI
oitn.    BARRISTER   SO-
llcltor, etc.,
Colltater Block, corner Co-
lumbla   nnd
McKenzIn     Ktreets,     New
\\ eatmtnster,
It ('. P. O, Box 286, Tele-
phone  nil.
side���Barristers nnd Solicitors, \y.-.-i
minster Trust ink., Columbia street
New Westminster, B. C, Cable addr
���Whiteside," Western Union, P,
Drawer 200, Telephone 60. W .1
wiiii..si,i,���, ic c.; ii. i��� Edmonds, D,
at-law, solfoltor, etc., (
nnd  McKenzie  Btreets,
so r.  ll.  C.    I'.  (J.  llux
orner Colum i a
New   W. slm ii-
117.    Telephone
s.'llciinr nnd Notary. Offices, Hart
Block*, -rs Lorne street, New Wustm n-
Bter, H. C.
will persist in saying we're not civilized out here in the {[jj?0
I of
whilst  nt  thp
obtained $5.00
little valui".
post office  they
md souk.- letters
Somebody must have set  fire  to  a   politic:
���, ..... .       , ,. , , The question  of securing    govern-
lhe provincial minister OI public works Says he Saw ment aasistance for orchardlsts, whose
natural gas burning a foot high on his recent trip to the|"Jf^^0 iSf^XttiS
by  the   I'enticton   hoard  of  trade,  la
being   taken  up  with   the    provincial
authorities, and something definite ln
  ; -his regard is expected to be announc-
Kamloops is tickled all the way up its back with the|ed* ,  ,  ,
way the new city market there has taken hold.   Got to    The opening of the   Nakusp-Ka'-h
it Kamloops, this town knows what a good market meanskflh,ay on Dominion nay win be fit-
j.          i i tingly   celebrated   by  the citizens  .1
IO a place. the   terminals   on   the   Arrow   and
  i Kootenay lakes.   Al NaktiBp the town
r-, .        .        .,,        ��   ���             ,, ���     ���       ,             ���           ,,      will hold its annual sports on its splcn
fromier Asquith  of  Great  Britain   has  given   the did recreation grounds and its mai
militant suffragettes some good advice recently, but evi- niricent   waterfront,   ot a land and
j.���n��� ,i ii. e      i ���       j   ���      _i aquatic nature.
dentlj tne women don t care any more for his advice than, *  ���  *
the\ do for his politics. ������������' a mai��r--y ��t se votes the by-
' i law by whicli it i.i proposed to raise
1 " " _���_��������� (j.jnii'i for school purposes was ratified
d   made  her,  and   Bhe  did  not   iu. by the electorate of Duncan on Tues-
t"-'.I i   '���  he should forget it, either.;'I'>'.     rhe vote was rather small, oni)
Hazel  lives    with    her mother  on 106 ->-u-?ts bsl,18 caat, but the resull
Lundy's   Lane,  and   Stanley  and   his w*--- BUcl1 *IH to 1<Jav" "" Q0UDt aa '
short    distance  away  lll�� viewa of the PubUc in respecl I
They   frequentl-y     go  ----- I1('|,;l (:f school^development.
in  the  same  buggy  iii   whidi
IIhzi     ii.,ii   to   ride,  and  are   drawn      Packages -sealed with stickers over
by  the  Bame  trotter that    so    often  lapping the paper with which they a
Marks ca    id   laze! over the highways and I wrapped will be carried
::.' .   the   by-ways    around    Niagara
i a        Hazel watched tor them many
i . and list Wednesday evening
I e ' ;.;.< ;: unity presi nted Itself.
lie   ci ii���)'.<*   drove ' up   to   a   store
near Hazel's home.   As the man. whn
fi ,d  promised to  make  her his   wife,
ti pp d fr< ni, the riu he felt something
V-ROOM   DWELLING,   MODERN   CONVENIENCES,     Lot  50x132,     in
Lawn and Carden.    TERMS ARRANGED.    PRICE $2200.
General Insurance Agents.
313-315 Westminster Trust Building and 746 Columbia St.
Phone 85L.
BRANDED Willi ACID ?��__-.
Cul   Waits   Her   Ch.-.nnc.   and
Him  While   He   Is   Driving
With  H.    Elide.
in.. ti
carried a1 the letter
rale only and not at parcels pus'
rates. The mails nre constantly post
Ing sealed packages with only sufficient postage to cover the parcel posi
rate. All packages should be open
for Inspection by the post office auth
. Ont., June    24.    By
fi li (I with car-
lir.l';,- ac tl    -'       Hazel  Sa* ri     Infl '''" ' ;' ''���" ������*u'k ot his neck and then An order for 160,000 ties has    been
...                         ' .;'    ,   "    ,. it began to burn and sting.                    i placed with the Dominion Creosotlng
'"                     ;7 ���'   Stanley   Wil-                Voice Told Him All. Co., Ltd., Vancouver, by the Bengal &
''"' :i   ������' ih  fu   lever, and as a     "Take    that,     you      beast!      you Northwestern Railway company of In
ii-'7           gii    was  charged   ln   the wretch'.''  screamed   Hazel,    and  she dla.   These are to be of the best qual
police c nt        ���   -esterday  with   is '''''���' ''" k l"   ier home.   Williams only Ity   Douglas fir, treated with  twelvi
Bft11itinp 1,1-n    - ,' .(  r   '.'i ,    ,V needed   to   near   the   voice   to   know pounds of creosote per   cubic    foot,
saultina him.    rhe sairj  told to the ,vho ���  ,ls   __a h() .  fe,v days ,.-.._ Hitherto the Indian railways have fill-
magistrate was  il  desertion and sought a warrant for lo-r arrest.    He ed  their  large demands  for  rallwaj
attempted revenge. ,.   :Ked her with assaulting him with tie.  trom  Australia, but the increas
eighteen   months      o  I  e  romance carbolic acid.   The young woman   iaii i ���m: scarcity of timber there has led
began.   At thai I mi           .-          ,,..,., ,    ,,    ,, .,,,,,,      ' to a great increase In tlie price, and
just past  17 years ol          I  Williams     The ca.e came   p before Magistrate "" companies are  now  looking    to
was but a few  yean ;.    ...          ,;:l,    p--ice    C0U!.-.     M-Bt ���, ��� -.--i <   this     province   tor  a   supply,
Thev were loverB and    the    young Sayres' mother was In court, too  She which should mean a big trade In ihi
H";,:;,:'   i,:i"''                   ���'���  'luarantlne h Id a little two-months-old blue-eyed c iir-i   of time,
���  caused bahj     girl    Hazel's     and     Stanley's *    *    *
f'-straini  by cl   fl,    thn    young    womBii said     So ���''<���?  having Inspected  sections ot
laager    ol the   mauistrate  aski :   her  to   sign   a the route of the transcontinental line
,;   '���'���'���   wasI bond   nol   to  molest    her    unfaithful of tho C, N. H. railway. T.  il.  White
3-n?ational  Invasion cf High  Finance
by  Country   Lad   Ends  When
Bank   Fails.
Chicago, III.. Pune 74. Climax oi
the career of C, B, Munday, one time
looi   messenger   boy,  and  now   high
iiiaiicier iu tbe highest:
A million doll ns of public runda of
fie city of Chicago, caught In tho Bon-
atlonal crash of a Btrlng of "political"
anlrs;   small  depositors'  savings    to
ie extent ot $3,000,1 00 more t'.i d up;
loliticians running to cover;  rumors
if scandal Involving hiuli Illinoli  off!
lals,  revelations    of    Illicit    "dope"
raffle  by  the  biggest  distributor of
ncaine   In   the   middle   west    .1   Mini-
ay enterprise; and exposure of very
ubious    detlinf-s  in  a  dozen    other
lunday  concerns
C. B. iMunday'fl get-rlch-qulck career, which ended in an almost hysterical collapse when the state banh c\-
miner entered his I.a Salle street
Mink in Chicago and demanded a million dollars or closure of the bank,
aus begun ns a country town telegraph messenger.
Munday, wizard of politico-financial one   day   to   tho   .Munday
banking,  was  horn  in   Litchfield,  111. I looked Into Us vaults,    Ih
ars be had begun hi;-'
tIB,   MARTIN    a
ts  and  Solicitors,
606   to  �����-"
ister Trust  Block.
(i   i).  Mar-
till.    VV.
(!.   McQuarrie  am
(i.'OI'KO    L..
OF   COAT,   .MIMNll
to no driving with him
the two t'i be placed In
the authorities imill all
either contracting    I  a
... :
Pas... j lover furthi r, and
Then they dropped out ot the sight ge.
and   mind   Of   the   authorities    until]      	
yesterday.    But they had nol  forgotten   each   ot.'ier,   not     according     to Canal Traffic,
events   which   have  happened   .vilhin     Ottawa, June 24.    For the fin it ti' ,���
tlie past few months.                              in  many   years the  aggregate  traffic
Met His "Soul-mate."                on Canadian canals ihis year Bhows a
Jt  appears  that some  few   months decrease.    Statistics   rrom   the  open-
ago    Williams    met    a    "soul-mate," Ing of navigation to the first of the on continuing his Investigations over
and  lie decided  to cast  Hazel  aside, current   month   Bhow   a   total   traffic  the section on whicli track Iris been
His marriage to the soul-mate occur- of 5,8G1,728 tons as against 8,136,860  laid   north  of  Kamloops to   Mile  91,
red early In  the spring.    But   H.zellin the corresponding period last year, the u.i of sled, and the grading be-
Jiad  not   forgotten   the   promise    he!a decrease of ::,*_'T4.12*. teas. iyond lhat point.
chief engineer for the company, S
II. S'. Ires, assistant engineer, and !���'. (7
i',.' ible, chief engineer of the provincial department cf railways, have returned The engineers first looked
ever the completed section east of
Port Mann as far as Hell's Hate, and
later the grade between Lytton and
Kamloops.    Mr. Gamble went furl Iter
111 a very few ye
dramatic rise to riches. First he became a messenger boy, and hunt.'
iround  the railway station.
His first upward step was to the
position of telegraph operator, Al the
Key and sounder be was In close
touch with the world of finance, Hi
hear, the big men talking over the
wires about deals in sto< ks, bonds
Mul grain,
Thus was the field of iiis future revealed to him, lie entered the grain
business, buying in a small way cn
the exchange and Belling at i small
profit, Then he entered a grain elevator concern, and soon owned it himself, as well as elevators in a dozen
other towns.
lie added a bank to his possessions,
and in time he had established banks
iu nine other small towns in southern
It  just chanced  that  William   Lori
mer of Chicago was planning al the
Bame time to break Into the realms of
higher finance In the United States
Munday, with power among the
Bouthern Illinois Democrats, whipped
them Into line for Lorimer. Republican. And their votes elected Lorimer.
A year later William l.oriiner's I.a
Salle street bink was formed and
Mundaj called up to Chicago to be Its
The hank had hardly opened I te
doors before William Lorimer |wa,j
forced out of the senate, charged with
playing high rinancc too well, in en-
i terlng it.
C. It   Munday, meanwhile was gradually edging Lorimer out of his own i
hunk,   lie bought a controlling Interest iu it.   md began to establish out-
lying  hunks,  which  served as "feed-!
ers" for his main institution.
The Loriiiier-Muiiilay banks Indulged lu their operation.-; unmolested,
I Wherever    there    was a  corporation
tqying  to  get   rich   quick   without   a
very substantial foundation, the Mun-!
day   hanks   purchased    its    securities.
'when other Institutions wouldn't,
Uu*   Munday himself    ���.*. is    riding
about   In  a   beautiful   limousine,  and
enjoying  the   wealth   and   distinction
that   comes   from   being  the  head   of
fully twenty firms engaged in various
kinds of business.
Then the state hank examiner came
bank, and
found Ih it
all   the   cash   that   should   have   heen
there had heen removed, to make way
for about $1,200,000 "worth" of worthless  paper.
COAI, MINIM, iinhis ���r iln- Ii.inil!.. ii
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan mid Albert .,
tho Yukon Territory, the Northwest i r-
rltorles and in n portion ot tho Provlnc*
of British Columbia, may be leased Cor ..
t. nn ol twenty-one years (it an annual
rental of il an acre. Not more tlum *i,j,*.i
acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease musl be mads
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in whicli the
rights  a;.plied   for  are  situated.
In surveyed territory the hind must be
described by sections, or legal sui.-.li. ���
sinus of sections and in unsurveyed territory tlu- tract applied for snail be siak ,|
..in  by the applicant himself.
Bach application must be accompanied
by a r.e of 66 which win be refunded if
the rights applied tor are not available,
but not oili.-rwi.se. a royalty shall be
paid .ni the merchantable output ot tie-
(nine at the rate of five cents per ton
'in.i person operating the mine shall
furuiHli the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ..f merchantable coal mined and pay tho royalty thereon. If the coal mining rlghta
are not being operated such returns should
be furnished ai  hast ..nee a year.
The leas,, will Include the coal mining
rlKliis only. Urn the lessee will be permitted tu purchase whatever available
surface   right   may   be  considered   u.-e.--
p-ary for the working of the mine at  	
rutd ei  $10 an acre,
for full Information application sh..:!.i
he mad,   i,, the Secretary of the  Uepai i-
nn rn  "i' ih"  Interior, ' ittawa, or to nnv
Agent  e;   Sub-Agent of  Dominion  Lai  .
\\*.  vV, CORY,
I ��� 1'iiiy Minister of tho Int. inn
TV.B.���Unauthorized publication  ol   this
idvei tisi in. nl  will not he paid for.
New Wellington
Office,  554   Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone iu'j
and Miss^
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.
I.esHons in Pianoforte, Violin, !_inK
iOg, Voice Production, Theory lie
���dang or privately), Harmony, Counter-
point, Musical Form uud History.
Pupils prepared for the examtna
lions of tho Associated Uoard of the
Royal Academy of Music and Itoyal
College of Music. Also Professional
Olplomas, Te&cher or  Performer.
For terms, etc., apply 61 Duflerii
Street,   Phone 411 It.
Residence:   Room 118 McLeod Hlock.
Phone 489 h.
V'idow    of    On-re    Wealthy    Mexican
Give. Huirta Sascing���Hurls Hot
V/or-is Into Asracsin'_ Fact.
f.'ountain.er       Caught    Tnem,     Shot
Them, and  Had Many  Exciting
On Cru_, Mexico. June -4 Mrs.
ry Reyes li ime'; again under the
ericas fiat-, after having given
���    tain 'Mexican named   Huerta   tie
(Sing"  of bis  life.    With  her are
four  pretty  daughters,  about   whom
iii.   young  lieutenants of  the  army
ai  I  navy  are flocking  like  birds.
Ira,  K.'ye-'  '.vent lo Mexico 25 years'
and   is   the   American   widow   ot
;.   Mexican   who  waa once  wealthy,
Her four daughters   have   delightful i aome sloes
lit   e    lisps,    calculated    U)    drive    a  |, ro
to-suited    young    navymtn    half ef,   -rhe
mad.    When  President   Madero  waa around a ateep mountain path    i/i.-i
assassinated Mrs. tteyes agreed with)the brother found his way down into
President tvilson that Huerta, the aa-
: sin, ought not to be recognized, it
���. a. un easy matter   for    President
Wilson not to recognize Huerta, bul
or Mrs.  Reyes it  wai an iff air ol
il difficulty, owing to the tact thai
thi   Reyes and Huerta families were
in tin- same social set in the capital.
Mrs, ltey.-s began to speak her mind
lerever she went.
Thinks  as  She   Pleases.
"I'm   going  to talk  and  think  as  1
;, ." -aid  Mr*.. Reyes, in American
i. Tin- Carranziataa In the eapi-
ia. began to depend noire and more
on tiie American woman and her
daughters ror aid In accomplishing
-��� ��� ret nnd difficult tusks. Por Instance ii la Mr.-. Reyes' own secret
how slie did it hut it is known lhat
irteen deputlea who had heen marked for de ith b] Huerta were spirited
away     from     h> r   home,   at    various
i" ..     to  safety.    And  every  time .i
deputy   went   In   safety   the   wardrobe
one ol t'ne girls was minus a gown
or a i ire I dress. If you could just
.   Reyes family to tell the details   cf   some  of  these   thiims   you'd
��� a play or u book, that would
i i   ll tho world,    Maybe they'll tell,
. orai tl  they b iy but   the Carran
7. taa an n'l In power yet.
Takes Her Life in Her Hands.
Tin- (rials for the Reyes family
i ne February 77. not because that is
W Bhlngton's birthday, but because
ii Is the anniversary of the assassination   Of   Francisco   Madero.   who     w IS
almost nn Idol with the Reyes girls
an | their mother On that Sunday afternoon Mrs. Reyes, taking her liberty and it might have been her life
into hor hands, went to the French
.-. .. ti ry, where Madero lies buried,
aad, carrying n great bouquel of roses,
i he Btalked her way through the lines
o1 Mexican soldiers and rurales
in Mie door ol the Madero family tomb
and. pla'ced the roses there, Carmen,
her daughter, who was standing be
��� ide her. suddenly fell the touch of
ii hand on her shoulder. The girl
and found herself facing
lliu rta,  the   son   of   Madero's
an   .nlerestlii-   i ketch   of   c.iliee   and
ii   cultivation.
ii. tii'..- iccount it is stated tiiat coffee derives its name from the city of
i-i.eia iii Abyssinia, in which country
II ..- believed that the cuff e tree originated. Its botanical name is cotfea
Arabica, because ii was Brat cultlv��t-l
led iu Ajibia. and exploited in its presents iy .i.e
A natural oottee plant grows Into
|a tree  14  to  IS  feet Ugh,  having a
long and slender trunk without limbs
ii the lower part. The plant has mini
. rous thin roots growing deep into the
.earth, and one central or tap root go-
i ilig Straight down and almost as loin;
i ^s the tree is high.   When cultivated,
k however, the  plant i.s  generally  not
allowed   to  grow   beyond   sin   feet   in
poor and eight feet in rich soil, in or-
Hejdei   io   facilitate   its  cultivation   and
' tbe gathering of the crop.
Healthy coffee trees produce in the
axilla of each leaf from 12 to IU buds,
which in flowering have an exquisite
perfume.   These flowers become dark
.mil wither nnd fall off in two or three
on Iiis ranch on the I'or* j days, leaving groups or seeds on the
'.eco, iu company with his broth- Small stems.    These in turn grow into
two separated, Ramon going | the  coffee  berries,   which  closely   re-
Semble dark red cherries. Bach berry
contains two seeds, growing face toi
Wants   Them    to    Familiarize  Themselves With Faces of Criminals
in   Collection.
Ventura. Cal.. .Inn,   _|      Ramon Or
tgd. a ploni ir and oik- of the greatest
i   In ar killers the state ever knew, was
killed on his mountain ranch in
n. rn. astern pari of the county,
was found rn iln- fool of a ii.cllvity
lying beside his dead horse.    He was
��� ttill   alive,   lint  had   sun. red   u   fractured  skull and  a  broken  leg.
Ortega had been nut to round up
Si attic,
Austin  B.
tiie "eagle
iiis patrolmi n
are   on   duty
.lune   71.    Chief    of   Police
Griffiths is brushing up oa
eye" hiiiII and believes thai
particularly those who
at     railway     stations.
a canyon and noticed
Stream of water th��-rc,
this up came upon the
Eighty-six  and a
blood  in    the
and following
wharves, the post oifice aud other
places where crowds of people gather,
should do likewise. The result is u
general order to tin- department this
morning advising the patrolmen stationed at the above-mentioned places
to put in their spare time "lamping"
the rogues gallery.
There is a hlatory back of the general   order.     The   tale   hinges     upon
some things the chief discovered one
day last week in tlie course of a little
nil these are the coffee beans of  **r-J- ���-��� inspection
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department st all Brancbea Deposits of One Dollar aad
upwards received and Interest at tbe hlgbeat current rate paid or
credited balf yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques avid, payable la all part* of tbe
CHA9. G   PENNOCK, Qeneral Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK,
Ortega  waa Ml  years of age,  bu
glanl in stature, hale and robust, lie]
hud always lived in the open,    lie;
v.as known as. a gnat killer of bears.I
During his career In- took no less than I
I .'on   bears   with   the  lasso alone,  and
beside in later days killed many with
tlie rifle and poison. Ile was for many
yi ari in his early life niiijordroino on
the Se.*|ie ranch lur T. Wallace More, '
uud  hud a  record  while there of kill-I
ing In hears In 77, day*.    He killed 70
bears in tin- five year:, he was on the
Bespe,    ihs greatest   record for one
day   was   the   catching   of    I".   bear:*..
This  wus ul   I'ortcro Seen.     In  n  ride'
along   the  foothills     Ik l,i. en     Santa
Paula and ihe Bespe lie counted 150 >
hear.*. I
Had Narrow Escape.
I le had a  narrow escape lu  I  18,
when   he   captured a bin grizzly at
whal is now Santa Paula, Tin- animal
which weigh.d 1900 pounds, '.'.us tak-
(11 with lhe laBSO.    it  wus loaded alive
ei, a carreta, or wooden wheeled cart,
land hauled to ihe mission here, where
.i was turned ovi r to the managers ol
i bull ring und   was   used   to flghi
hills. The bear (ill I ,'o li'H.-e- and a
hull to pieces in Ins first entry into
the ring and stampeded tha people.
The plant flourishes best in well
watered regions in a subtropical climate at nn elvition of 1,5011 to 6,000
feet, and in a rich soil. All these elements nre found to perfection in Bra-
zll, especially in the four states of
Sao I'aulo, llio de Janeiro, EsplritO
Santo and .Minus Qeraea, whose combined areas cover nhout one-eighth of
tlie ints domain of the republic. This
section produces ahout four-fifths of
the   world's   supply   of   colec.
Kor several weeks or perhaps
months, it seems, chief Griffiths bus j
been unostentatiously giving the I
rogues' gallery the "once over" when-
ever chance offered. The result is |
the classic countenances of "icicle'
Isaac," "Petroleum Pete," "Deadeye
Dick," and other famous citizens are i
fixid in Chief Griffiths' mind's i
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want it. In any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Can't Fool the Clerks..   Wise Men B:
bind  Desk Spot Newlyweds
at   First  Glance.
Amount Imported in 1913 Sufficient to
Make 2.5j7.5C0,000 Gallons of
l :: ie-.I
(,��������� rge
��� year
; 852.1
An Insolent Inquiry.
"Whal nre you doing here''" lie
asked, Insolently He's a loafing young
11. od of the capital an.I perhaps
some of bis father's cognac made him
pirtlcularl) overbearing in his de-
tneanor. "Are ynu .*��� relative of the
Madero's?" be cont med "What nr"
you crying around bare for?" 1 was
in tic cemetery myself, lhat Sunday,
and I know   what  a sinister crowd of
..'.die's  ami   secret   service   men   i' 77,1 cubic Inches, or, putting it a little
aus that surrounded Madero's grave, differently, would fill a cylindrical cof-
It   would have taken  n  brave  mun  to i.e   pol   7   inches   in  diameter and  (i
Btand at that graveside and speak his inches high.    The coffee Imported in
mind,   and   he   probably   would   have 1913 would therefore fill a cylinder 7
paid   fin    iiis   words    witli his life Inches in diameter nnd 242,188 miles
��� vVo're  here to mourn  for the  good high.
'i.iii   you;'  father   murdered." Could  SUCh u cylinder he erected  i:
Words  Came   Like   Shots. would  lie  necessary  to  lake care not
Tlie    words    came    like    so    many to   build   it   in   the   direction   of   the
Shots;   S|>okcll   right   into   the   face   of mi oil's   orhit     auuiid     the  earth,   for
the assassin's son; delivered in the tint satellite's average distance from
presence of grim soldiers; heard by jour p! ut being hut L':'.s,s.".n miles, it
i ires or bystanders who were secret- might knock the top of the extend-
Ij mourning; thrilling me. as they did ed coffee pot some 3,338 miles. Were
every other bystander, until it hurt ihe cylinder flexible and the base
us not to in' able to cheer. Mrs. ..veil enchored, however, it might top-
Reyes told George Huerta some more pie over ami wrap itself nearly ten
: :ms. too; she told him tluil lie was , tones around the earth at the equa-
us had a mini as his drunken father. , tor. All of which is mentioned mere-
She prophesied: she said tin- day ly m show lhat Uncle Sum drinks
would conic when his father who had BOme coffee,
seized   the   presidency      hy      iiuiriler. Brazil  Created  Producer.
ivould he an outcast. She said -ho Ovor two-thirds of the coffee con-
hoped the day wasn't far away, either, .-limed in tlie United Suites comes
uud then she wound up by Baying; from Brazil. The Imports from thut
"Now go home ami tell your father country in 1913 amounted to some.
what nn American woman, who isn't thlntn over 626,000,cU0 pounds, having
afraid to talk, thinks ahout him." She a ' ilue al th" ports of entry of J"'!,-
1 her daughter turned away, Btalk- (150,480, lt is no doubt owing to this
through tlie lines of soldiers and fact ''mt tiie , an-American Union,
left the wondering und astonished BOnI Wa iiinmon. I>.
of the dictator to think thinus out.       ' latest  descrlptici
Toronto, .lune lm.   If you  want 'to
learn in Bpot newly married couples
i go   I.i'.!;   to   t.iose   wise   old   OWl-8���the
j desk-clerks cf the down town hotels.
They should know, for since the ad-
' vent ol  this  memorable month, they
have dealt with over 3,500 such.   This
i morning in  just    twelve    down-town
I hotels  between  200  and   -7'u    honey-
: mooners are stay Ing,
'     in  the Queens registi r alone 31
bridegrooms did the Mr, and Mrs. slg-
nature    yesterday,      At  the  Walker
: House.at tl o'clock list night 23 had
', signed since morning,   These are just
| examples.   The other homes too had
theii   quota of .lune  brides  and  the
person    that   Invariably    goes    with
And the rush came with June 1.
"Before that we had only one, two
or three u day, but on Wednesday of
the first week of June they came like
that," said the clerk, snapping his fingers. "Since then they have been
coming right iilong, hut soon the rush
be over."
How do these ministers to the bodily
weal of traveling folk spot the newly-
shlngton,  June   74.   During  the
1913 the United States imported
,629,498 pounds of coffee, having
entry value of nearly (105,000,000. : will
To the average render this may bot
appear very startling, but a little calculation will bring to mind the signlf-1 weds? "We can tell them every time."
Icance of these figures. One pound said one "Often they try to pull a
of finely-ground coffee will make no I don't-give-a-hoot, every day occur-
less than three gallons of a reasonably unci, bluff, and then it's so easy we
strong beverage, The 1913 Imports,! never let on. We do all we can for
therefore, made at lea.-.i 2,657,600,00(1, "
gallons.    A  standard  gallon  contains
ej o.
One diiy.Inst week the chief took a
little trip and paused hy the side of a
patrolman'on duty In a certain public
place, The chief B tar ted an Innocent
little conversation about things in
gen eral.
Chief "Wants to  Know."
"Who is that -i-.n." the chief snd-
di nly demanded of the unsuspecting
offteer, pointing Lo an Individual who
furtlvi ly approached.
"I don't know," answered the
tered cop, feeling as (hough In
being given  the  third degree.
"HOW   often   have   you     geen
around here'.'" lhe chief came buck.
"O, lie has been dropping in now
and then for the past few weeks," re-
pill d the officer.
"Well, what does he come here for,
what does he do for u living, who was
his grandmother, what size collar does
in wear, where does he go when' he
gies away from here'.'", the chief Inquired, and hearing no response he
turned to behold the bewildered cop
looking like someone hud stolen his
Picture in Gallery.
Later it transpired thai the luckless
Individual who strayed in while tbe
chief was quizzing the officer was a
character well known to the police,
whose likeness 1011*08 one of tlie j
ch< Icest  units of the rogues' gallery. I
Convinced from this experience thai 1
some of the men in  his charge need |
to politdi up their optics a little, Chief
Griffiths directs lhat the rogues' gallery hereafter be made the subject of
cartful study.
A second general order sent out this
morning calls attention to complaints
made to the chief that officers ure using their official position to settle
personal quarrels, chief Griffiths declares that this condition must not
exist in the department and warns
the officers thai criminal prosecution
may follow Instances of such a nature,
Pres aad (>-��al  Ut*. vtra-praaideai-. lac. ... Treae
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonta No. 7 sod t77
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER  which is highly recommended.
Lime is almost as importaut for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phonaa 15 and 1*.
���02 Columbia Btraat VV.
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURN OIL     ���
P.   O.   BOX  44?
tiiein, for in after years they remember our house. We pretend we're not
wise, liive them tables for two in tht-
dinlng loom, and so forth, Sometimes
���ut not oft. u, the man in the case
eoin.'s to us and 'fesses up."
Employes of an hotel neai the
Union st.ition nre today smiling over
what happened there yesterday. A
man from a tiny town :iu miles from
Toronto came In. His clothes were
new und unaccustomed, and iiis hoots
squeaked. "Say." lie Bald, to the
desk man, "1 never n slsterod In nn
hotel before. How do you do il?"
After lie confided "there's two of us.''
and upon questioning lie told his se-
cut yes, und he had Iiis wife, too."
"Write ' and wife,' " instructed the
clerk, and the m in drew ii up above :
his own name, sprawling up towards
the corner of the page. The climax
came when he ah led at the elevator.
He felt his way halt into the case'
With his feet, seemed unstable and |
he jumped back. The operate
eventually to lead him in.
At another hotel s young Scotchman "and wife" registered. One hour
afterward a taxi-driver ambled up
United States and Carranza and Villa
to  Come  Through   With   Statement on the Subject.
El 1'aso. .lune 24. New demands
made upon General Carranza for Information concerning the fate of Gus-
tav Bauch, an American, have reopened a case involving the disappearance and probable murder of an
American citizen in Juarez on Kebru
arj   is.
Friends of llauch In this city were
advised  today  that  American  consuls
As a direct result of the efforts of, augment the total of the taxes which
Hon. \V. K. lloss. who is directing the; Kurdistan must pay to Turkey.
forest branch in a campaign for trade j The privileges referred to by the
extension in foreign markets, this or-, Sheik include the establishment of a
der for 160,0-0 creosoted tteB has been local Kurd army for the purpose of
placi il with a n. c. firm. ; protecting tlie Turco-Russtan frontier.
Tin specifications call for best qua]-1 the organization of an autonomous
ity. well seasoned Douglas fir lo be I Kurd administration, the creation of
treated with twelve pounds of creosote'a system cf schools In which Insttuc-
per cubic foot under specified temper-'tion shall he given exclusively in the
ature and pressure conditions. i Kurd language and a repatriation to
Arrangements have been  made    to. Kurdistan of all the officers of Kurd
have   the   forest   branch   inspect   the  origin  in  the Turkish  army,
ties both before and after treatment.:     While in certain political circles in
so as  to insure  of tlie  specifications  Constantinople, notably in those which
being strictly carried out. are  under ihe  influence of the  coin-
After the excellent qualities ofimittee of Union and I'rogress. there
Douglas fir have been tried out in In- is a disposition to consider the de-
did, there will doubtless be further mauds of the Kurds as ridiculous,
large orders coming to British Colum- other Turkish statesmen of various
bia and the creosotlllg industry, be .parties consider that the internal af-
given a decided  impetus
had I iu rebel territory have been instructed;
.n I
the desk Inquiring for tbe couple.
The excited bridegroom had told him
to wait; then went inside and forgot
to  discharge  tlie  cab.  while  the  taxi
to press the enquiry ami insist upon
a definite reply from Carranza.    The
American   government,   it   is   shown.
to  looks to Carranza to clear up al once
17.   publishes   in   its
pamphlet on Brazil j meter ran merrily ou
Keep Cool!
KEEPING cool is not a
matter   of   keeping-
still. The people who
get the most enjoyment and
the least discomfort out of
Eiimmer days are t'aoso who go right
along about their regular business nnd
igno:e the wi-a'ihcr.
We can all take a lessen from tiie up-
to-tlato ami progressive merchants of
our town. Tiny never admit it is too
bet to do business. Every working
day in tho year their stores are open
I,,   receive   us.     Every   day   t'ne  news-
paper brings us their Invitations in the
form oi Advertising.
Why  should  we  not  respond  to those
Invitations as readily on  warm days
us on  cool
They  set   ns  n  good     example    when
tiny say; "Come, people we are
ready to serve you even if it is bot."
The "ente: prise of the store that advertises I'or our patronage throughout
tlie summer, as well as the rest of the
year, indicates a store worth trading
i.i i us read the advertisements rather
than tlie weather report- und let us
patronize the merchants who similarly
disi'c.-.-rd the weather and who show
thai proper spirit ef disregard by advertising continually.
Vou can obtain helpful advice on advertising free of
cost and without obligation
hy consulting the business
Department of The New-
Westminster News.
.the mystery of Bauch's disappearance
and to tell explicitly if he has been
: killed, and why he was put to death
and where his body may be found.
I     lhat llauch was murdered by rebel I
officials in Juarez following the ki'.l-i
'ing of  William  Benton, the    Hritish!
subject,   by   rebels,   is   regarded     as
practically  certain.    General  Carranza's delay in replying to state depart',
ment enquiries and  the    persistence
���with which rebel publicity agents have!
attempted to make it    appear    that
i Bauch was released by order of Villa ,
I anil probably lost his lite in the desert.
j below Juarez, have caused tlie friend.-I
Of Hunch to make urgent appeals  for!
; action hy  the American   government 1
! Advices received by them today Indicate  that  further  delay   in   supplying:
���the Information asked will not he tolerated and that responsibility for the
j supposed death  of  Bauch    w ill    rest j
upon Carranza and    I'ancho Villa uu-
i less  they  prove  that   Bauch   is  alive!
jud produce him,
Since Bauch  disappeared  in  Juarez
on February ih, where he was held',
^as a  spy. no trace  of him  bus been
1 found.
��� fail's of the Turkish government  are
\ in   such   a   precarious   condition     ut
present that tlle demand of the Kurds
cannot be ignored altogether, and that
every attempt should be made to pa-
; city tin ni.
Tlie  situation  becomes more grave
! every  day, and a  grout delay  in  glv-
1 ing  consideration to the demands of
ihe   Kurds   may   have  the  effect   of
' producing a serious crisis.   Tlie offi-
[ cers of F.rzindjiain have revolted and
j have  -sent  an  ultimatum  to  the  gov-
; eminent, while at nislis, Hlzan and
Karpout, quarrels between Turks and
: Kurds are of almost daily occurrence.
i The Lazes are especially dissatisfied.
j and demand  the suppression of    the
committee of Union and Progress.
Victoria, June 74.    Hon. William It.
Ross,  minister  of land.-,  has  received;
a letter from a Vancouver firm, which;
haa received an order for 160,000 cre-|
osoted railway sleepers from the Bengal & Northwestern Railway company
of   India,   expressing   thanks   to   tlie!
forest    branch   of the department   of
lands, for their efforts in Interesting
the  Indian  Railway  company  in  British Columbia lumber.
The Indian railways are annually,
using very large quantities of railway sleep. -,, in.! __e habit of Hie past
has been lo secure a large portion of
this timber from Australia, hut :.s the
timber there is becoming scarcer the.
price is slowly advancing.
Albania's    Autonomy    Sets    Different
Parts of Turkish   Empire  By
the   Ears.
Constantinople, .Iuih- 2i. Tlie ex-
aiuple of independence s.-t by Albania
��� as not only given new hopes to the
���Arabs iu Asia Minor, but is possibly
responsible for the movement of unrest in Kurdistan, which began shortly afur the end of tlie recent Balkan
wars and whicli has increased in intensity until the preseni time.
lt is also apparent that the    news 	
in regard to lhe agitation among the Vancouver, June 74, -(.old has been
Kurds in the inter, st ui an autonom-j discovered on tlu- hanks of the Wll-
ous Kurdistan was suppressed to a low River townsite, thirty miles east
certain extent hy tlie Turkish govern- of i'ort Oeorge. according to a pri-
inent. iii order io enhance Turkey's I vote telegram received here today
position iu the eyi., of Prance and Ly E. H, Heaps, and there is great
other countries nt n time when liego- i excitement in Kort Oeorge over the
tlatlons were being carried on rela-| discovery. Many Kort Oeorge resi-
tlve to the loan to Turkey hy French | dints are staking claims, both quartz
bankers  of   5160,000.000, and  placer, according  to  Mr.   Heaps'
Memorial Submitted. i message.
The news, however, of a memorial ��� Willow River townsite. as its name
submitted to the Porte by the bu-j implies, is on the banks of the Willow
preme Sheik ot Kurdistan, whicli was ; river. The townsite is also on the
known until recently only in a very |Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and is
small political circle in Constant!- I .aid to be owned by a syndicate, large-
ttople, has not been guarded so close-lly controlled by local capitalists. Ow-
ly since ii became known that the ling to its proximity to Kort Oeorge
Krench loan had been granted and the and the existence of a newly opened
final protocol in this connection sign- ; railway line the village was soon
ed by the representatives ot Turkey I reached by scores of gold hunters a.*
and by the representatives of the , soon as news of the discovery leaked
group  of  Kreni-li   bankers  interested,   out.
In this memorial the Sheik called | The stveam on which the claims are
the attention of the Porte to the fact I being staked rises in the Cariboo
thai former sultans in Turkey's gold-j country not far from BarkervUle, the
en age had in numerous herats accord-1 scene of many rich gold finds of
ed to Kurdistan an automomous ad-1 earlier days. This fact lends support
ministration. The Sheik described at i to the belief that valuable claims will
length the conditions in Kurdistan, I be found at Willow River townsite.
lie  dissatisfaction  among  the  Kurds, the precious metal having come down
and advantages whicli an autonomous
administration would guarantee to
Kurdistan and Indirectly to the ottoman empire. At tlie same time, in return for the renewal of those privileges which wire formerly accorded
to Kurdistan, ho would undertake to
from the Cariboo.
Mr. Heaps said today that although
he was interested there he had not
been aware that any prospecting wa��
being done ill the vicinity of the
townsite nnd the announcscment fit
the find wa.s eiitire'.y uev.^ to him.
/ fir f-AQB FOUfl   ���^Tr*p^*��Tr~T
THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 1914.
is the juice of the grape -pure
and iin.l.'filed, without chemicals
_*���-*���>���:-���; W*^mUZ*im4mm12
It is made from carefully selected Concord grapes', thoroughly sterilized, fresh, sweet and
lt posesses strengthening and
tonic (|iuilities, i.s harmless and
easily digested, and makes
therefore an admirable drink
fur invalids.
Its rare flavor makes it a
most palatable summer beverage, to be taken either in full
strength or diluted with plain or
with cracked ice, and perhaps
a  dash of lemon.
PER  BOTTLE, 35c and 65c
Special price in quantities.
Model Grocery
* th sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmond3  Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 11111���
Dominion Trust
Ihe Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
R06   Columbia   Street.
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Local News
Eastern Business Trip.
B. Stanley Iloss, of the firm of
Denny and Ross, is on a three weeks'
eastern tour, during which time he
will visit prominent eastern furniture
to be completed by August 15, at
which time the ballasting at I'ort Mann
is expected to be finished.
chairs, beds, springs, and mattresses, |
bedding,    washing     machine,  kitchen;
Ulelisils, etc.    Good! on view morning
of sab. (8559)
Sumas,   Wash.,
Stars at Queens
will  play-
Park  on
local All-
Paid Their Respects.
On their way from Vancouver to
Victoria, the two Japanese warships
stopped off at Steveston on Tuesday
where u delegation of Japanese fishermen went on board to pay their respects  to  the  Japanese  commanders.
A social will be held at the home
of .Mrs. S. F. Mark. TUT Agnes street,
on Friday evening under the auspices
of the Ladies' Aid of St. Pauls He-
formed Episcopal church. A musical
program  has been  prepared.      (3664)
Delegates to Report.
The six delegates that artpiidul the
\V. ('. T. l\ convention held in Victoria last week will give their reports
to the local association on Thmsday
evening at the home of Mrs. John
Forrester, 517 St. (Ieorge street. Kach
delegate will  report one session.
Bounty on Sea Lion..
Salmon cannery men of British Columbia are hiiving a difficult time to
eliminate tlie sea lions whicli are said
to be playing havoc with the salmon.
Tlie recent action of the government
iii placing a bounty on hair seals has
no connection with sea lions and in
order to protect themselves, the canners bave raised the sum of $l(i,r.O from
an  assessment  of  $1.50  pet*  boat,  in
'order to  pay a  bounty   of $7' a  scalp
I for every sea lion caught.
Internatioinal baseball at Queen's
Park. Saturday afternoon, Westminster  vs.   Somas. C1562)
Mortgages���Alfred XV.
Boom Sticks at Large.
Yesterday the sternwheeler Senator
Jansen of the Circle F fleet had a
merry time opposite the city picking
up floating boom sticks, which during
the pabt two days had been lodged
against  tlle   Fraser  river  bridge.
Second Operation Necessary.
i Sidney Malcolmson, who had the
i misfortune to break his leg in an automobile accident at Armstrong some
weeks ago, was forced to undergo
another operation yesterday, the injured member not showing signs of
knitting together in perfect shape.
Last night he was reported to have
stood tho operation  well.
For strawberry, raspberry, and all
fruit boxes try the British Columbia
Manufacturing Co., New Westminster,
B.C. (7.7.28)
Court of Revision,
court  of revision  for the a.*sess-
I Social and Personal
Registered at the Russell hotel: Dr.
R. II. Fort. Clayburn;  Mr. N. S. Fraser.  city;   Mr.   W.  A.   1-ang,   Victoria;
! Mr.  W.  B,  Dltchburn,  Victoria.
s   .   .
Mrs. Wm. Carruthcrs. Wetaskewin,
Alberta, is at present on a month's
visit lo her son Captain Carruthers of
the Salvation Army here.
*    ���    ��
T .1 Trapp returned from Chicago
yesterday morning much benefitted in
henlth. Mr. Trapp reports an optlin
Istic tone aiming the financial men of
the middle west, all tlie farmers look
ing for bumper crops.
There is a period in the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come until sickness overtakes him. Then ho
makes a will���but it may be
made under wrong Influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persona���according to the
deceased's wish���-would have
shared in the distribution of the
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making your will?
The advice of the Dominion
Trust company in this matter
may be of value to you. All such
discussions are treated in strict
Bank Robbers Escape.
Although search was made for tiie
yeggmen who attempted u> loot the
Mission branch of the Bank of Nova
Scotia, no results were obtained by
tlle provincial police up to lute lust
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than
coal. Barry Davis & Co., I'liones
SSO and 411 I,. (347,6)
HAIR WORK: Shampoo and plain
I liair dress. 50c; manicuring, 35c,
1 'Phone  1829  for appointments.    Two
j doors le low Husscll hotel on  Begble
Uti.it.    We wiil send for your orders.!
(3531) i
mint  roll  for the  Fifth  street p.iving
scheme   will   he   held   in   the   council
chamber on July ���*..    it  is proposed
to   pave   the   street   with     Hit li uli til in j 400  HINDUS  COMING
pavement between Third avenue and
Sixth   avenue,  two  roadways,   IS   feet
wide  with a  boulevard  in  Lie centre.
The cost is estimated at about $61,000.
Hay, Grain, Flour
and Feed
,    ,. ,���,i ma   ire ail ready to fill your orders. Our
Tie fire is now over an,  WI   .       -��� ��� lhe b
auto delivery is running again, wwen
of service.
Our office is just opposite the  old  stand.
The Brackman-Ker
Milling Company, Ltd.
Phone  vour orders to 96 or 97.
ANNUAL PICNIC, Queen's Avenue
Methodist Sunday school to DERBY
lis miles up river) next Saturday.
June 7". per S.S. Paystreak, leaving
('. I'. R. wharf ai '.'::iii u.tn. sharp,
Everybody invited. Adults 50c cents,
children under u mot members of
school) 25 cents. Tickets at Heid A;
McDonald's and  Curtis'  drug  store.
IK d Davis will sell by public auction  (absolutely  without reserve)  the
i furniture and effects of the well appointed residence of Mr. Jamieson on
the premises at 209 Queens avenue on
Tuesday, .lune 30, at 1:30 p.m.    fhis
I sale is of unusual importance to lovers of line furniture und pictures. Fori
j fuller particulars of sale see later an- I
; nouncements,
Important Meeting.
A special meeting of the Sapperton
ratepayers 1ms been culled for Fri-j
day nighl in the basement of the
Methodist church. Keary street. The
meeting has been convened al ihe request cf I.. A. Lewis, manager of the
Brunette sawmills, who haa several
important questions to lay before tlie
ratepayers and an Interesting discussion is expected.
Sheriff's sale of first-class household effects ai 630 Tenth street on
Saturday, tlie _7th Inst., ut ten o'clock
n.in. (3567)
New Entrance in Use.
Visitors to tlie Royal Columbian hospital will use the new entrance to tlie
building this week. The contractors
on the west wing have notiified the
board that it will be dangerous to
pedestrians to use the old entrance
from now on. A sidewalk will be
laid leading io the main entrance.
Your ice box is not properly stocked
this warm weather unless it contains
a EUpply of Premier bottled beer. Order a case from your dealer or 'phone
77.1.. CI4571
Ladies Swimming Class.
On Friday afternoon ai 3.30 o'clock
ut the, -i7,M.c.A. the ladies swimming
class of the V.W.l'.A. will give an ex
hlbition of swimming. This is the first
lime since the local tank was opened
that such a program iias been arranged, and will be open free of charge
ti   all  ladles of the city.
C. N. R. Work Resumed.
Work on ballasting the tracks of
the Canadian Northern Pacific railway between Port Mann and Cisco
will be resumed today, orders having
been given out by the engineers to
the various track foremen. Division
Engineer Swan and Superintendent of
Construction Mercer will leave for
t'iseo today on an inspection trip. The
bridge ut Cisco, crossing tiie Thompson river and the i*. 1'. H. is expected
Fred  Davis has  been  instructed   le
tbe  executors of the   lute    Malcolm
i Nicholson   to  sell   by   public   auction
the household furniture and effects on
' the   premises   at   233    Sixtli     avenue
ion Thursday, June 26 at 2 p.m. sharp.
Sale will include In part of brussell's
i carpets, 6-piece   walnut   frame  parlor
suite, centre tables, pictures, linoleum,
couch,  cupboard,  extension  table and
chairs,   beds, springs and  mattresses,]
bureaus   and   commodes,  sewing   ma- |
chine, cook stove, heater, dishes, cook-'
ing   utensils,   etc.     Everything   must j
no regardless of price offered to close
Up   the  estate. 17,7,711
Co-Operative Association
PHONE 458.
Make a clean sweep by using our
i.h om   al . .   40c,  50.  and   60c
Also Dustbane, al  per tin..40*"
Royal Crown Soup. White Swan
Soap In 25c carton.-.
ll usi told Ammonia, quart size
bottli s, each    20c
ii trgi a\' b  Dolly Cream  tins, 5c
pai    ��� Unsurpassed    for
Curta i: ��� i nd light  fabrics.
Also   i   new   stoi k  ot   WASH
Too Reckless to Ride.
Ceorge (ieldart was given some ]
friendly advice by Magistrate Edmonds in police court yesterday morn- I
ing when sentenced for exceeding j
the speed limit on Twelfth street late I
Friday nighl last while riding a motor- ;
cycle. Geldart was advised to get ;
rid of the speeder which wrecked a |
buggy in which three men were i*id��� i
Calcutta,  Juno  24,    With   400   llin
tins;.mi passengers on board, the Norwegian steamer Christian  Michelson,
i bus left   here     for    Vancouver,  via
Shanghai,   Her passengers were cure
I fully selected for physical Fitness nnd
I each   man   is  free   from  disease    and
] provided with the requisite amount of
money.   The steamer Is uud r charter
to a Calcutta  woman  of wealth,  bul
ii   is understood  thai  a  Parsee merchant of  Bombay,  named Janvsetjee,
is  Interested  In  a  Canadian  emigration Bcbeme on a  huge scale,
Thomas   Bishop  O.-irged   With   Burg-
larizing   Geo.   McKee's   Store.
Charged with entering nnd looting
the store of Geo. McKee, North road,
Burquitlam, Thomas Bishop of Coquitlam was yesterday committed for
trial ie'. Magistrate Beatty In Burnaby police court Bishop was arrested
on ti" Sapperton lacrosse grounds
lasl Friday by Acting Chief Burrows
of the city police, for Chief Parkinson
of the Burnaby force, In the pn sence
of Chief Pare of Coquitlam municipality. Evidence was brought out at
yesterday's hearing which showed
thai ,i. (-used had disposed of some of
the sioh :i articles to u Vancouver
junk deali r.
John Olson was remanded until Friday, being charged with attempting
to commiti Bulclde on the C, P ll
trail;*   North Burnaby, on May 28.
Fine   Landing   Place     for    the     Ferry
From   Here   to  Victoria.
In  oi.ier    to  accommddate  the In- '
Creasing   traffic   between   .New   West
minster nnd Victoria via the Great ,
Northern car ferry, the Victoria undi
Sidney railway is spending $10,000 on
a   new   wharf   at   Sidney,   permission
having been obtained trom the Dom-1
inion  government  to build the wharf
and lauding    The wharf -wil be larg-
. r und more modern than the preseni I
.-tin.���!ure,   being   designed   to   handle
the freight barges which are used In]
transferring   goods     In    carload   lots
from New Westminster to Vancouver
ence of Women's Institutes of tbe low
er mainland which will be held in Co
in in bin li hall today and Friday.
Problems of direct Interest to rural
life, and women in particular, will be
discussed. Tberi will he tine., sessions today and two on Friday On
Friday evening the visiting delegates
will be the guests of ihe Central Park
and Burquitlam institutes at nn OUl
ing io be held iii Stanlej Park, Van
Former    Vancouver    Chief    Entertains
Visiting Chiefs of Police m Convention   at   Winnipeg.
Winnipeg,   .li    71     The   dell gutes
attending the convention of chiefs of
police were entertained to luncheon
this afternoon by R. 0 Chamberlain,
chief of tin- Investigation department
of the c I' I;., ut the express wisn
of tlie president nf the company, Sir
Thomas Shaughnessy.
Mr Chamberlain told the chiefs that
both tin- president of tlie compan;
and tlie vice-president of the western
lines fully appreciated tbe help the
local police forces are to the company,
ami stated that in all the years none
by these officials had learned thut
police officers nre aiming the most
conscientious of any publli officials
wilh large interests thut the company
have to deal  with.
Chief Chamberlain will he remi in
bered by British Columbians when
chief of t ������ Vancoui i r foroe until
two years ago He resigned lhat position to attach himself to Un- c r K
secret sen ice.
Ninety-nine Degrees in  St.  Louis.
SI. Louis, June L'4 This wus lhe
hottest day S: l.ouis bus experienced
this summer, the temperature reaclv
ing 99 degrees .it the weather station
on top of a 22-storey building Th"
government thermomi ter al si reel
b v.'l  registered   107 degi i es
Annual   Cotnferencc    Opens    in   This
City Today.
Delegates   began   to  arrive   in   the
city yesterday for tlie annual confer-
Greece Calls  Her  Reserves.
Malta, .lune 24.   The Greek consul
lure today  issued ;i   notification    to
Cieek  naval  resenli ts,  rei-ddi nl
employed   in   Malta,   thai   the   tin   :���
government hud ordered five classes
Of   the   reserves   in   ret i! u   to   Ci eeee
by  Saturday.
(Continued from page t.n. )
��� tu invite the constitutionalist  p i ���
tn s.n.I delegates to discuss wil i I   -
Mexican  delegates  the  Internal
pi ei. oi the problems."
The   Proctocols.
The proctocols signed are as follows;
Ari|i ie   i   The   proiIslonal   got
ment   i ��� ferred  to In    the    proi toi ol
Number  three,   shall   be  constltuti i
by agreement of tbe delegates n
Renting   tin    parties     In t ween      *
tiie   int.in.il   struggle   in    Mexil
��� ,. iig  place,
Article j iai Upon the constll m
of the provisional government m ��� ������
city of Mexico, the government o
lu.ti il si.lies of America w ill :,
i,./e tii" new government ami diplomatic relations between the two coun
tries  v. i'i   he  restored
i B' T ie government ol the r . ��� i
st iti b ol Vmerlca will not In any ���'��� i
v. ut.-ii>",cr claim an Indemnlt) or
other  International  satisfaction.
ici Tho    provision.il      goven
will proclaim an absolute amnesl
all fori Ignei t tor any political i
. ��� *  committed  during  the  peri..
civil  war in   Mexico
.in The    prov Islonal    govern mi   i
will  negotiatlate for the constitul in
of  International  commissions foi   I
i  ttlemeul ol .hums of foreign* r
..  . i  ml   ol  .1.linages  sustained  d
the   period   of  civil   war  ns  a  ,   ���
... :n e of military acts or act* o
tii nal   author;!.. .-
Ani.;.- :;   The    mediating    .
ments  agree on  their part  to ��� i
ii;..-   tbe   provisional   government  or-
��� ;.'.- |    a-    pro', Ided    Ly    Bl .'tint,
i    -ns proctocol
' Proctoi o1   niimiii r  3."  refern I  I >
in  the above,  wag signed tw.> weeks
ago and Bet  forth merely that .. p
i ,i lonal got eminent, to in- constll ite I
as later provided shall be recognl ed
on a certain date, to be agreed up in,
aubsi quently, and from thai tine  '
w ard    ��� hall    i xerctse    goven.;:.    I
powers until the Inauguration   oi   h
ci nstitul lonal  president
Y. VV. C. A.
A' the   See House" corner of Fourth
ind i -.'iii     Orchestra  in   itti a
Auspices  cf   Y.W.C.A.  and  Y.M.C.A.
i'n d Davis will sell by public auc
tion (absolutely without reserve) the
household furniture nnd effects of Mill. Balfour on Un- premises at 77 1
Tenth Btreet, on Kriday. .lune 26, at!
L' p.m. sharp. Sale will Include in
pun ,t very fin.- Willard pianoforte
in mahogany case and cost $460; a
nearly new drop head sewing machine, . ,1 pets, ma'.le hie range, chinn
c ;li :. c     i xtension    table,      dlnlne
Can We Help You?
With Ycur Hcurekceping Prtbiems.
Cooked Ham, Bliced any thickness, per
pound    40c
Lunch  Tongue,   half  lie  tins   ....   25c
Cine pound t.ns   50c
Ox ���'! oi gue, One and a half pound tins
at   95c
Potted Meats and Fish Pastes, in 10c
und 20c jars.
Sweit Gherkins, in bulk, per doz. 10c
Pan Vuii I'ickli       i delicious, appetising plckli. per bottle 25c
Co-Operative Association
33   E-thlh   St.
Ph^nc 45S.
"Clover  Leaf" Brand
|       ICE CREAM
Manufactured  by  tho  < Irystal    '.<
Company is absolutely pure and mil
Sweet   ('renin   is   used.     Il   smucks   ol
:!;e clover 1. uf, nnd Is Just as Bvveel
Try   if  and  be  convinci d.
Manufacturers ol  Pure Crystal Ice
Phcne    1150    and    Encourage    Local
The Crystal Dairy Co.
555 Six-h Qt.
Special Low Prices on Furniture
Carpets ar&ci Certain:
7-11  Sixth Street.
have started an auto freight service,
between   Vancouver  and   New   West-
minBter nnd  way points.    A  reliable
service guaranteed,    i'barges reason-!
able.    Give  us  a trial.
Phone  1254.
When Hungry Look fer a White Place
White  Cooks
'Nuf  Said.
������   i mum 11  ii in limn mm  n n    n mi
Cantaloupes, 2 for     _j-
Choice   Local   Cherries.  2   lbs 25c
Peaches, Plums, Apricots, Watermelon
Fresh   Berries   Daily.
Dean's Grocery
Pnone 336.
torr Block "otumfcla  a��r����t.
Read - Ik - News
New   vVestminster.        Phone 69.
ron  Bed, < implete with  Spring  and   Mat tress;   full
���,;i ;   value  lo;   $11.00, C_C   Q(%
pecial     $O.C_PU
Irass ll- -1;  i' gulai  f 17 75 CIO 7C
pecinl         *9 I W�� I <3
: ^ $18.50
;iu,1:'',;.r:j,u!:i,:.;:!':.!' $19.50
lIT.E&^m.rm: $6.00
���; Cm; Extension Table; oas finish; CJQ CO
regulai   $11.75.    Special       9-9.-3U
v Foot Oak Table; golden or early Clfl CO
i^nglisll  finish.    Special          9 I ViwU
One cf the Best Rug Values Ever Offered
:i Brussels Rug;  regular $20.00. C1K 7C
Special     ��5 I "J1. I O
I   10.6 Brussels Rug;  regular $22.50.
'.'���I.-   ���:
11    ���
Kill ir  $25 '"i
Cale of Sample Pair!, cf Lnce Curtains.
I'ri in on    lo   "���.]��� pil . nnd we are going to cleai
them out at !������*���  thai ;  Price.    Below are a few
ol  the prices;
I.me   I 'ill'!.lin-      . ������: illur   J I 77,    per   pair,
Spe, Ial, per pair 	
!_aee Curtains;  regular $2.75  per pair
Spec Ial, per pair     	
Lace Curtains;  regular $3.25 per pair,
Special, per pair 	
Lace curtains;   regular $4.25  per pair,
Special, per pair 	
Lace Curtains;   regular $5.50  per pair,
Special, pi ;' pair 	
I.ae,. Curtains;   regular $7.50 per  pair.
Spei Ial, per pair 	
We Pack, Ship and Prepa}' Freight cn All Goods
'amp     Furnishings
[jj Supplied at Lowest
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
We do AU Kinds of
Upholstering   a n d|
Cabinet Making
Estimates   Free
Phone 588 THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 1914.
PAGE rivt
regarding Johnson's alleged  lack of;
condition   should   be   taken   with     a
grain    of    salt.    There  is too  much
money at stake in tha heavyweight
champlonahip to loae tin- title, it
look;, a.s if Moran will have to suffer
for all tin- insults piled up againsi
the bit* smoke   since   the   Chicago
white  sluve  trial.
Dop.sters   Are   Working    Overtime���   Star  Slnbsman of  Washington   Makes
Moose  and  Electrics  Ready for the  Plunge���Honeymoon  Delay-
Fray���Graham Grabs Indian.
ed Un.il Fall.
with tha league leadership in
doubt, Friday's game between the
Moose and 11. ('. IS. lt. Is exciting no
lttle intercut among the fans und
providing good weather prevails, the
mr wiii assuredly fly when slaton
and Horn -mix in a pitchers' battle,     i
This   i.s   tlie  first  season   In    three
Hint Mill Oraham lias not hud his own 1
u.i;, regarding tlie winning of games,1
and, following ihe Moose defeat   of.
last Kriday by tbe Columbus   team,
the herd's manager has heen scouting
for players.    Huhnke will hardly be]
in   shape  to  play  on  account  of    htSI
Injun d rib   so   that means   a new
c.iieii..     Man i n, lhe Indian pei I inn
Ing '-iti Arnold   and    Quigley,   has
j. ,'ieil forei s with the Moo. B nnd
Should In- Of valuable aid both wltb
ti"  : tick  and   in  the  Outfield,
For the B, C, K Ft., Moir la t.ie
latest acquisition. Moir, a former
member of the Victoria St. Frmcls
team, has filled the Becond base station iu the last two games, Captain
Silver switching Docker to third and
blm.i If to the outfield, This has nol
only strengthened the Infield, bul also
thi     butting.
Should i e ElectrlcB win on I'ri-
day it will be the first time ln three
BeasoUB thai tbe Mouse hive been
dislodged from tho leadership of the
citj   organization.
Scuth   African   M.C.C.  Team   Lcter  to
Picked Team.
London, June 24    The M.C.C, team,
Which   recently   toured   South   Africa,;
played against a team of picked men
from  the  n-st of  England   at   Lord*
today ind was badly beaten by a com-
pleti   Innings and 1N9 run:.
Hampshire beat Sussex by two ��vlc
Let'       '
The match between Yorkshire and
le lei   ti .  ended In a draw.
Wor ' ��� ter beat Gloucesti r by 160
Crack   Rowing  Crews  Finish  Training
fo>   'Klpiy  Classic.
Pougbkeepsie,  Ny..   .lune    24.    Tlu
fifteen   crews,  representing    Cornell,!
Syracuse,    Columbia,      Pennsylvania, 1
Washington and Wisconsin, bun. completed   their   hard   work   and   are   yir-
luall)   ready   foi   the  contest  on  the
Hudson Friday afternoon.
All    the   creWB   were   (in    the    water
this afternoon and evening, but their!
work was conllned to easy rowing and
a tew practices at starts, It was
thought the best test the oarsmen have
expi rii need and even short rows uu 1
ens.', paddling made the work Btren-
nous because of the excessive humid
British   Yachting   Men   Trying   to   Improve Speed of Challenger.
Southampton, Eng.,    .lune    24     Sir
Thomas Upton's Shramrock IV., ch il
li nio r fi r the America's cup, is being
sloop-rigged   again,   but   retains    the
longer bowsprit and  will have a blg-
i ��� r Blnule head sail than before. Wbe
ther  this change  will  be  permanent
depends   upon   the   result   of   further]
t.sts ol the challenger with the older
Shramroi k
Before  i a  re rigging    was    begun i
Slir mrock l\   bad another trial with
the . Id     .' iramrock In a Btrong wind |
;.ml .��� llvelj  . ea.    The race, however,
���>...    . nidi tied aftei twelve mile.* had
been ' overi d, iu ordei to a\ old risk i
of accident  to the challenger's gi ai  \
Shramn ck IV, was leading al lhe time
and In      eai had   itood tho test i\ ell
Ctanclinrj of the Clubs.
Won    l.o-t Pel
Vane _������( -17.       24 ,652
Seattle . .     .   45        26 .''.17
Spokane 40       29 579
I'ortlai (1 .    .  77       41 .403
, i torii .   26       43 397
I'acoma .  26       16 387
No .'. ines ;.este;daj    ruin.
Washington, June 34, Walter John-
sou, famous pitcher of the Washington American league baseball team
and Miss Hazel Lee itoberti*, daughter of Representative B. E. Roberts,
of Nevada, were married here tonight
at the home of the bride's parents.
(July members of tbe Roberts family witnessed tho ceremony, which
was performed by Rev, Dr, Prettlman,
chaplIn of the senate.
The pitcher and tils bride will not
have their honeymoon until after the
end   Ol   the   baseball   season.
in-. C. K. Doherty la acting the part1
of a Federal league scout. The head
of tin- mental hospital is bent on providing some classy ball on tiie asylum
grounds and has secured several city
leaguers who will perforin from time
to time against the best In tiie district.
It might look a good deal better
if the lans would quit tin- umpire baiting. No person can satisfy all the
fans, but the work of Fred Lynch ap-
j pears to be un Improvement on any-
lone yet tried at Queens pirk. There
is no money attached to tlie job either.
Trainmaster Al. Marsh is having
some difficulty In finding crews to
man tiie cars on Friday afternoon and
evening. The B.C.B.R. are pulling
strong for their team und Slaton can
order practically anything he wants
should be win his game from the
Requires   More   Qualities   From   Men
in  tho  Game  Than   Any   Other
-ranch  of   Sport.
Might be Just ns well that the payers' benches are reserved for players
only and not for rabid supporters of
either club who take mi room and ge!
ou the nerves of the regular tans, on
Tuesday one playei could not find a
eeai on the B.C.E.R. bench, the rest
:. big taken up by outi Idi ra who e is
lly could have found accommodation
d th ��� grandstand.
Polo in Hot Weather.
Kansas City, .lune 24. With the
thi rotameter way above the 90 degree
mark and a glaring sun dancing over
the field, the Blues of the Kansas
City Country club defeated tho Denver Country dub four In the Becond
match ol the tournament of the Western circuit of the National Polo ah-
icclalion hero today, 10 3-4 to 5 i'.'l
Ingenious Trainer Has   Tun.In Tht-m
To I'lay  For Movie*.
What do you say to a pantomime
I acted  entirely   by  insects?      Such a1
performance would be impossible, cf
Course, on an ordinary stage;  but It
lis being done, _nd beautifully done, j
too, on the elnema screen.
The actors an' actreBses, principal
"boy," principal "Klrl," and all, are
Just beetles���Prof. Lozshki's trained
beetles-���and the little creatures display almost human Intelligence.
There Is, for instance, a skating
Bcene, in which they cul better figures than the average man. Santa
ClauB, a huge stag beetle, is a quaint
; figure, who climbs down a big Chrlat-
i mas tree and raises smaller trees in
'the wilds, which be loads up wltb
wonderful presents.
The  beetles all receive gifts, and
(there is no grumbling or trouble except when the pantomime demon at-
I tempts to steal a Christmas cra:ker
| which a little mamma beetle is endeavoring to carry home to her baby
beetles. Then follows a terrific struggle, the bonbon explodes, und the two
are blown to pieces.
These performing beetles, It should
be explained, are specially trained for
cinema work by Prof. Lozsbki, a Hus-
tiun, who has Bpent the greater part
of bis life in studying tbe inseels.
He clalma that be hus found them
! to possess not only great Intelligence
but considerable histrionic ability,
and, Strange though the usserlion
may Bound, few people will be Inclined
to contradict It. one- they have seen
one of his wonderful insect dramas
performed upon the BCrei n.
In om- of these, entitled,   A Drama
l of the  Middle Ag.-s," whole armies
of beetles, clothed ln quaint old uni-
; forms und carrying various mediaeval
i weapons, inarch und counter-march
1 In  the  most natural  manner.    They
erect sealing ladders, storm a castle,
and flglii fiercely on the battlements
for the mastery.   On the screen the
That is what you require from an Executor.
What Kind of Service Do You Require ?
The cost is just the same.
This company offers an e\pcrt service. It offers tlie service of
.". stall especially trained in the handling of Katates, the service of
a management who are experienced in the management of all kinds
oi affairs and the service ot a Hoard of Directors who have made a
success oi thei*. own affairs in nearly every class of business in Hrltish  Columbia ���
Is it not reasonable to suppose that they can give a better service than cm an Individual arid that their concensus of opinion will
be more accurate than the opinion of an  individual?
Consult us and allow us to advise with you.
���;-;.Y-'       'LIMITED
Sow   thai  Willie  mtchle Is on the
,...,��� .:,;,. ol the pond Ad VV'olgasI
.,.-,.. oul the following: "Say do
you wnnl to know the light.iei.'.> ;*
'who cun beat this Ritchie . Viell.,
. .., ..,,..-,���., me and then Jimmy
Duffy, Charley White, Joe Rivers,
Jack Brltton, Freddy Welsh und, l
think  Johnny Dundee can lick   im
V- iii nearly .,11 International championships a very widely spread Interest is iiiken in the result, though, unfortunately, but very few people realize .'.hat the game of polo is, or how-
it Is played, says a writer in "Heck's
Weekly," commenting on the championship series between England and
America.    The  game   la    essentially
;7e pastime Of wealth men, even more
so than racing. Many comparatively
poor  men   have   been   able   to  achieve
some success on the    turf,    Serious
1 polo, ou the other hand, is only  possible    to    men  or  very  considerable!
means and even more considerable lei-'
sure.       Cniler    these     circumstances
then,  it   is  pi rliaps  not   remarkable
that the  plain, everyday citizen  lias
but a   seJnt   knowledge   of   the    sport.
Hockey on horseback probably describes the game as aptly as any very
lengthy description. The game Ib
playi il by four n side, each player being allowed changes of ponies during
the game. The playing field is of trui,
beautifully level, and as carefull)
groomed ae a tennis court. The implements of play are the mallet, a
specie.; ol elongated und very Bupple
croquet mallet, and a ball of about
tho size und weight of a cricket bail or
baseball, Goals, made of tubes of pa-i
pier niacin' material, In order to min-1
iinis-e the risk of accident In event of
a collision, ure set up at each end ol
the playing field.   The garni, briefly,
is to propel l!;e ball between tlle
goals, the side that makes most goals
winning the game.
To become an expert at polo requires tar more qualities from a player than perhaps any sport in the
world. Not only must a player be an
expert rider possessed of abundant
nerve, but he must be perpetually
in tlie pink of condition, in addition
he must bave acquired skill In the actual playing of the game -the greatest difficulty of all. To run along on
one's own feet and hit a ball hither
and thither with a mallet requires a
i ertaln amount of skill, when the ball
ia small nnd the mallet still smaller.
It   requit'eB   vastly   more   of  the   same
Bo:t of skill when mounted on a swift-
\\ galloping pony.
As in nil '���anies where tile getting
.;; ,",.nl;. is. Hi" final object, piny nut-
urallj resolves itself into a system ot
attack und defence. In fact tlie lour
players of a polo team are assigned lo
offi uslve nnd defensive positions just
is in hockej or lacrosse, The natural
oulc e.i:e is, of course, whal we - m
erally cull team pla> the fining in of
i ie component part-- of tin- team lo
make a perfi ���: mai hine. ln the case
i ; polo there la one other factor
i I..1 8 mighty big one, viz., ponies.
Bi me   polo   playi ra  declai o  that  the
; '   tiy trained  polo pony knows aa
much a.-, umi Bometlmea more, than
his rider about the game which mav
ir may net be so. One thing Is cer
tain, however, al. ml polo ponies, and
that is thut there are all grades ol
Ihem Some are all speed with little
s.ii.-i    others   ure   all   understanding
Willi   little   speed.     The   peifect    puny
Ib mie which combines the two quail
;.. s iu the highest degree, mul he i.-.
us nre us idui kbo.ties in January,
win n found in' Is worth his weigh! in
gi .i. umi generally Bpoakuig, his
welghl   in  gold   wouldn't   buy   him.
At the Theatres
Runs   Away   From   Home.
That  is     whal   "Our  Mutual  Girl"
dies today at the Royal theatre.   Re
belllon le the substance of the sixth
chapter In tbe career   of Margaret
"Our .Mutual Girl."   Her proclivity for
bn aklng ci nventlcns and shocking thr
staid  and  autocratic  dignity  of    her
aunt furnishes many thrills to an Interested audience.   The Keystone fea
j luring "Patty" Buckley is very funny
and the two-part western drama call-
led  "Tlie  Fires    of Ambition"  is very
| powerful.    The lovely  new organ     is'
! played daily  by one who knows how.
1 li   is sate  to suy   Prof,  Wood  has no
equal   ns   an   organist   in   British   Columbia,
Insects are magnified to the size of
real soldiers, und the effect is slurtl-
lng und almost uncanny.
In yet another of the Lozsbki photo plays dragon-flics und daddy-longlegs lake part; but these, the professor explains, ure mere "supers." lie
relies upon his beetles lor all tbe
principal parts.
They are, however, not ordinary
beetles. On the contrary, they bave
been trained from stock carefull;
chosen and cultivated. Lozsbki start
ed as a "beetle fancier" away back
ln the year 1881, and the presen*
generation of beetles that he is now
experimenting with is the 4G5th in
direct descent from the original par
ent Btock.
For the life of a beetle, it must bi
remembered, is short.
Too Many Trombones.
The following anecdote concerning
Donizetti and the score of  flossini't
"The   Coolest   Spct   in  Town."
^^^_^^^B        TODAY   ONLY.
Si>.th Chapter of This famous Series.
Creat   KEYSTONE,   Featuring   "FATTY"   BRICKLEY.
���^LJ_   ,-A_--��� "An  AMATEUR  ANIMAL
Reliance   Drama Drama.
Special Music by Prof. David Wood.-The Big "I."
Promnt   Settlement  of   Loss  Through
Office cf Alfred W. McLeod,
The Insurance Man.
Tlie   following   letter  speaks  for  it-
-���elf   und   is   yet   another   instance   ol
the prompt pavment of fin- claims
through the ( If ice of Alfred W, .Mc
Lei d, the Insurance man.
New Wi Btmlnster, B.C.,
June 23rd, 1914.
Alfred   \v.  McLeod,
The   Insurance   Man,  City.
Dear Sir ���
lt is with pleasure that 1 acknowledge receipt of check received from
you today in full of settlement for
loss under Policy No. 465575 of the
Niagara Insurance company and musl
stuie that 1 appreciate your prompt
payment, it being received the day
following  adjustment.
Wish ing  you  success,  I  am,
Yours sincerely.
(Signed)    I.  HUDSON.
Difference of Opinion Regarding Medical  Attendant at the  R. C.
(Hy the Potter.)
il vrry effective in the treatment of Coldi. By helping
the organs oi excretion to
eliminate the noxious oub-
siaiu ea from the blood, Eno a
"Fruit Salt" aatiiiti Nature to
bring about a speedy cure.
It in mrint refreshing ns a cooling nevernye nnd is unsurpassed for quenching thirst.
O.der ��� heldc TO DAY
bum youi dealer.
Prepared en/v bv
J. C. ENO. Ltd., "Fruit
Ssll" Works,
London, EagltaJ
Aitati for Ctoads!
Tom Ci-wier, heralded ns thej
heavyweight champion of Canada, Is
going to foist himself upon Tacoma i
light fans having been matched with
���('iisy" .limes, a blacksmith, it's u
poor lookout for the fight game when
���i man like Cowler is Introduced as
"champoen" of this fair Dominion.
Whii's  seen  tlie  Crimson  Cow    on
the lower drift?
Competitors ut the Olympic games
| of  1910  will  he  forced    to BWoar    an
jculh on their country's Mug that they
are amateurs.    Thia net waa not observed during Jim Thorpe's time,
The English poloists added gall to
i ;e defeat of the Americans by selling seventeen of their best ponies before boarding ship. Evidently lhe
Englishmen know where plentj more
:,'.( eils  can   he  obtained.
Tlie dope calls for .lack Johnson
ii,i knock the living tar out of Prank
I Moran   on   Satin day.    These   reports
Tlie question of appointing un Interne al ihe Itoyal Columbian hospi
ml waa asain discussed by the board
of directors ai an adjourned meeting
vestei'ii i> afternoon, no definite ac
tion being taken until the board meets
an advisory committee from the Fra.-
er Valley Medical socletj in the
mayor's office at ,: o'clock today,
A letter from the society was read
to the effi it thai it was not deemed
advisable to appoint an interne al tin
pii'M'ii; time.
a previous communication was re
called   which  stated  that  nn  Interne
WOUld   tie   Of  little   US'   to   the   lllBtitU
tion until u laboratory had been fitted
ip,    The Girls'  Auxlliarj     ha.-  now
come io ihe assistance of the board
li with the necessary finances lor ��� quipping a laboratory, which bus rembv-
I' ed one objection made by the doctors, i
Mr, Montgomery, a member of the
board, stated that he had been in conversation with the head doctor of the
Victoria hospil il, who appeared greatly  surprised at  the fac)  that  no Interne  wan stationed here, much less
i a house doctor,
Decided Today.
Ii is expected that the matter will
be finally decided at ibis afternoon's
inei ting,
Tenders were opened for redecorating the nurses' home, these being li ii
ii ihe li 'mis of the house (ommlttee
���.villi  power  to ne;.    Linoleum   will  he
laid in ihe bedrooms of the home,
Plana were discussed to have the
nurses' home und maternity cottage
ne.mil from the main plant in the
new building, Uu- engineer reporting
that sufficient steam could be generated to supply all three buildings,
! thus in.iking ii considerable saving.
Tne matter was left over for further
considi rill ion.
Following a discussion regarding additional telephones, President Smith
and Alderman Smith were appointed
n committee to interview tiie telephone company in the matter of rates.
Olello" Is worth repeating.
Donizetti   had   asked   Sigismondi,
tbe director of the-Naples conservatory, to look over the score with him,
and tbe two sat down at a table with
the work in front of them.   Presently Sigismondi began to rave about itc
"monstrous  orchestration."   Terrible
was  bis indignation  when  he found
tbat clarinets,   bassoons   and  trombones had been employed in one place
to swell a crescendo,  but  when  the
fortissimo was reached he uttered a
cry of despair, struck the score violently  with his list,  upset the table
I and rushed from the room, exclaim-
I ing:   "lx hundred   and   twenty-three
��� trombones!    A  hundred and  twenty
i three trombones!"   Donizetti in vain
tried io call him back, shouting aftef
him,  "Not   123  trombone--,  but  firs:  I
second  und third  trombones!"   Sir; !
lamondi  would   not  lisle -   and   whi i j
last seen was still repeating, "A him- '
dred and Iwenty-three trombones!"
Shadow Huff.
The game of shadow buff furnlshei
lots of amusement for a party ol
young folks. Here is tlie way to plaj
it. A large white sheet is hung se
curely on one Hide of the room, an.' '
on a table some distance behind :
Very bright lamp must be placed, oth
er lights bein.; extinguished. One o'
the pany takes a sent on a low Btool
between the lamp und tin*- sheet, bul
... a!���������:��� the latter than tho former
One after anothi r the company pun
behind him, their shadows tell on tin
shoe-, as they puss, nd the persoi
sitting down tries to guess who eai 1
one is. The players are allow, d tt
disguise themselves to u slight ex
tent, and gesturos of any kind mav
be practice'..
By order of liquidators of the VANCOUVER .li'NK CO., to satisfy
creditors.    To be sold without reserve the $100,000 stock of machinery and supplies of  ail descriptions in good* order, tor lumber mills,
planing mills, shingle mills, contractors, mining and machinery dealers   also  laundr>   machinery;   particularly   a large  quantity  of  new
wood split pulleys, baiata belting, large quantity of new babbitt, also
large quantity ol  brass  and  copper,  Urge  quantity  of  wrought iron
scrap and cast Iron scrap and other articles too numerous to mention.
This lot of goods will be sold regardless of cost or value.    Everything must go In two days. .MONDAY, JUNE 29th, TUESDAY, JUNK
30th,   1 f< 14.     Salt s  start   at   10.80   a.m.   sharp.
Cor. Dunlevy and Railway Avenue
VANCOUVER. P. C. A. KRUGMAN, Auctioneer.
How to Make Economical Jelly.
One pint of cranborries, imir largi
apples, one cupful of boiling water
two CUpfUlS of sugar,  one-third  CUD
ful of   cold   water,   two-thirds Incl
pieces   of   stick   cinnamon,   twelvi
cloves,  four   allspice   berries and  a
grain of Bait   Bllce and cor" apples.
* .id to crranberrlPH with boiling wni i
and let boil until berries are Boft. Rut
through a sieve, add  romnlnlng  ingredients, except salt, and  bring tc
boiling point and simmer fifteen minutes.    Add salt, turn into mold am
How in I'.ut Onions With Impunity.
Many people who are fond of onions in one form or another are di
(erred from eating them because o:
their "residuary perfume." Self deny
ing onion lovers may now lndulgi
Iheir appelite with perfect Impun.fj
If they observe the following precaution: After eati'.'g onions take a gen
eroua teaspoonful of granulated su
gar. A few minutes after taking thi
sugar the breath will cease to in
Would  Have to  Whistle Tlietn.
Father and mother were In th'-
nubit of spelling out news not intended for little Klsie's comprehension. One evening, shortly after the
child had entered kindergarten, Bhe
Interrupted conversation of this sort.
"I'm learning bow to spell at
Bchool, now; you'll have to whlatil
vour secrets "
Last  of   Hillcrest   Victims  Will   Soon
Be Recovered.
Lethbridge. Alta., .lune 24.���The two
remaining   bodies   in   the    Hillcrest
mine out of its total  of 196 victims.
have been located but owing to the
del . ':��� and a cave-in. It will be two
or three days before they are brought
to the sunae.
The mayor of Lethbridge is ai the
scene of the disaster and on behalf i f
the (i;-.. a  luge order of grocer   i
ami a carload  i f Hour have been di:*-
patched for relieving the Immediate
needs of the sufferers. The relli f
i ommlttee lias open, d an account for
the relief fund at the Union Bank,
Belle ue,
Su[fragct*.r.s Still Active.
London, .lune 71. The activities of
the militant suffragettes wi re resumed today in tiie Bhape of attacks on
the City letter boxes and an organized raid on many West Knd theatres,
The militants also created disturbance-! ;.t n Bocial function at the
Itoyal Academy of Arts.
' Flight   Postponed.
Independence, Cal,, Jim<   24,   Sllai
Chrlstofferson today postponed Iiis
proposed flight over Mount Whitney
until tomorrow as the Wind was too
strong today, lt the aviator should
fly over Whitney he will set a new
American altitude record, us the
mountain is nearly  13,000 feet high.
The Great   Serial  Story
"The   Adventuna   of   Kathlyn
Ne   IC."
Kathlyn, like another Joan c
Arc, rallies the scattered forces
and   routes   Omballa   from   hla
palace.    In  two parts.
Edison   Photoplay,
A Fugitive from
A drama with  Bliss  Xtllford.
CITY THEATRE || .o_y__Tra-ie.
������   iHc bit-V-H  LOVING CUP."
A two part Imp drama featuring Leah Baird, one of the
most beautiful and winsome actresses appearing on the screen.
A dramatic photo play, hinging on the    theft   of a  manuscript.
A   scream,   a   riot,   one   long
laugh    also  the  ever  popular
^^^^^     Urania.
Now We Are Alone
Y. ML C. A.
at the "Sea House", corner of Fourth
! nnd  Carnarvon,     Orchestra  in   atten-
I dance.
|   Auspices of Y.W.C.A. and Y.M.C.A. PAGE   SIX
THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 1914.
ceived for The News at the folloir
bU places; V. T. Hill's drug store
12$ Columbia street; A. Sprk-e
Qaeetisboiough. Lulu Island; Mrs. j
E. l.arden, Highland Park; Mrs. W.\
L*��is. Aita Vista.
l'li:: RENT. Three-roomed cottage,
furnished, at '..'4 Bev.nth Btreet;
$16 per month,
I chase   will   increase  the   sugar  in   its
blood  threefold.
Worry   and   distress,   rage   an   ex-
|clte_.ent-  fear and  anger also  cause
tbe   muscles   of   the  .-.toniacii   and   the
n st of the alimentary channels to stop
action.    Theae emotions also step the
I juices  of digestion  from  flowing.
Or.  Cannon finds that epllnepbrln
does exactly this,    it drives the blood
.     fn.ni  tlie  digestive  tUsues and sends
Harvard Professor Invest!- <i heiter-akoiter through ihe heart,
lunga, legs ..ml brain.
POR BALE. -1500 for well located lot
wt itli $2000.   Semi for further par-
_ I   Uculara, Box 329  News office.
and saw table complete. Apply at
Tlu- News office.
.. (i (.���*() * ����������������������������*
| KATK8. ��� |
Cliss-fied���One cent per word    j>er;	
day; -to per word per week; 15c perl KOR SAI.K SELL YOUR PROI
���_*..n*-h; 6000 words, to be lined as r<-��� erty througu an ad. In this colutui
j  ;-ed within one year from date   of , ���
gates Effects of Rage,
I'ain and Fear.
..msec   CerLain   Siom.ch   Discrders-
Hemark.-.ble Tests Haa E-.cn Carried Gut With Cat. and Dorjs.
Pen   Picture   of   Charming   Widow   of
Kin.  Humbert by Delegate to
Women'.  Council.
A  pleasing  picture of  Margherita
dowager queen of Italy, is given Inlwomanlj mannei
a letter by .Mrs. Ida Husted Harper to
contract,, %'.
.Manufacturing Co,
n.   C.
WANTED.���-Room and board by gen
���Lilian.    Hon  3560,  News office.
,. WILD.    House    and    lot   Ui  ex
change tor clear deed to ��_om ln|	
double   corner,   well   located.    Will (KOR   S
give cash  for any differences.  Apply Box 130, News office.
week, Cant,.-la's Pride. Malleable
Uauges^ever/ one guaranteed Market square. (3449)
"Oil SAI.K.    First
bearing '.' per cent, interest: security;  new;  rented house;  large lot,
well located in city.    Further particulars, Hox 1":?, .News office
FOR SAI.K.    A  bargain lor f.-w  days
only,  five room  thoroughly   mi 1   n
,    bouse, almost new. and lot 60-140
('e:*;.i r to lane,    Bltuate t lose    to
j   Queens Park.    Price 11800.   Invos-
tigute.   P.O. Box 164, City.
PUTthermore,    it    is   evident      from
these reaearches tbat the blood will
clot from five to ten times as rapidly
in angry persona as in cool and collected, placid persons.
All   of   these  discoveries   show   how
marveloualy  nature  protects  the  hu t;u.  New  Vork  Evening  Post  report/,
man  race from extinction.  N<  of ,,,K (ij,, international Women's Coun-
i iese wonderful effects is due to you;' r,|   ., Bome,   she says:
wishes   or   Is   under   your   voluntary      "Would the queen make her appear
control.   The Instant you fight or run ance?  was the question    on    every
away, show auger or fear, your onto- tongue, and the Joy may be imagined;
lions stir up the adrenal  fluids, and when  not  only did  she come  to  the
Prof.   W.   B.   Cannon,  of   Harvard Bugar begins to flow from your liver garden, but signified her intention of j
university, und bis students and col- Into the blood.   Thia gives food and shaking hands with every one of the 	
eagm     of  the  Harvard  physiological  ^   "\ >''**|;   hnsy   muscles    removes -eve-al   hundred   visitors:   They   went
���    .    ���w.i.���i   i    .,.,     ���������*������  *--re--   feeling," shoots the blood forward  by  delegations,  each   beaded  -*-��--���    on    Foot
mortgage   |1600. jlaboratories have just concluded   an mt0 V(U||. h.,.in .Ulll Um^ _,���,._��� -, ���_ ��� ��� ^        ^^ ���,,.  _rnited
elaborate investigation   of   the   emo- needed, and stops the    bleeding    ofjatatea going  first, only one or two
tions of rage, pain and fear and their wounds, [kissing the delicate   band sparkling
effects upon the human tissues.   This     T'"lls il is proved, for the first time L-uh jewels, the others bowing over
re-creh   heieni   after   the dlaeoverv that *,ail1' '"'""r and IV:u'' liU'' 1""''1'' ���'���  and afterward they stood  at  one
research  began   anei   me a_sco\er>    ;m. the|. vlctorlM ,,��� leag thau oom.    ���     w&im     ���,��� ������.���,.������.*������.,��� queen
that  some animals and some human phicency nnd war.  Many a man who  U(, over reigned    She is poaalbly a|
volunteers   suffered certain stomach bied  to death because hi   was calm -������ inchea over five feet, straight and
diaorders alter  painful  irritation. ., ,;   ,,,,,1   couia   |, ��� Vl-   no   diiiiht   been
The little lumps of tissue just nbafi ,.,..,,i n he bad but summoned up tho
the kidneys called adrenals pom-   a rage ,,r iX caesar or the Indignation
Bteadj    flow   ol    iheir   juice, called ,������ a f_n, addle-pated Hotspur.
 ���-ladrenin  or epinephrln or  adrenalin,
850.00  cash  and  115.00   Into the blood.
it'l exactly <> o'clock when, accompanied by her gentlemen and ladiea-
[in-walting, who hud been mingling
with the visitors, she walked throug i
I the garden  bowing gracefully  to tl*,.'
! right and left, and entered the palace.
As are passed down tue bro.id itepi
leading to tlu- street, to our surprise
;'..(' appeared at a window and bowed
and nailed again.
"Wo/fli are quite inefficient to de-
charm of what wus tin- most enjoyable social affair in tin- long history
of tlle council.    T'.ie proceeding after
noon, Queen Margherita   had   entertained ai tin its   official   members,
about   10,   in   ihe  same   gracious  ami
to    Rearrange    the
House of Commons  Chamber���
May  Build a  New  One.
Islender, 63 years old, and, uotwltb
i lauding tlie great tragedy of ber
life, without a wrinkle on her fair
"Her abundant   waving hair, snow
4ii cords slab.
20 cords Cordwood.
Particulars as to delivery at office.
Offers received up to *-_th iiist. ai J
���icon.    K. 11. <iray, secretary Hoard
of School Trustees. (��-M)|FOR   REN
a month buya three room dwelling
in first class condition; situate in
west did. only two blocks from
Twelfth street. Price, $1000 for
few days.    Box 519, News office.
Tiie stuff bombards the tissues just
as electric shocks do lhe nerves, ll is
in.i altogether,a Figure of Bpeech to
c-.il it liquid nerves. If the adrenals
are removed f mu sheep and calvea
and thi;-. substance is drunk or Injected into the veins the pupils of tin-j
eyes  dilate,  the  hairs begin  to  stand
Si:, room  lion
��� i    islied.    Third stre. i.    Appl
SPECIAL/.. SALESMEN]    Hex 115.
P, O.
wanted i'or .very town in B. O. I1-'!;���������������
oprescnt manufacturer.   UTe pro- j > ��� >    ���'���>���"���<
tlucers only; exclusive territory and,
good contract.    This mean, money
Brass Works, I
keeping rooms.   Apply
von street.
and   house-
*jn.*i Carnar-
to   you.    Coquitl un
Ltd., Coquitlam, B.C
WANTED���-Furniture, e.'.e.. XV. M.
MeCloy & t o��� the expert auctioneers, will conduct a successful
auction for you or buy outright it
sale not desired. Clean business.
prompt settlements, over 20 years
wide experience, Write or call 7.7
Sixth street. 13423)
up aa they do upon the back cl the
fretful porcupine and other strange
things happen.
in a word, this material does exactly
what you have always bc"n taughl
the sympathetic nerv.B do, Whal you
expect always rrom the nervi a may
now he brought about by the Jukes ol
i bei " ductli ss glands,
TO RENT.    Suite of nic- ly furnished Experiments   With   Cat-5,
housekeeping  rooms,  37   Agues St.      A   fragmed  of muscle    from    the
Tel. 6381.,, (3549)   boweli of an animal was taken b;   Dr.
���������   Cannon  as a  ngi   thermometer.    So
FOR  RENT    Desirable five-room fur- j sensitive is thi3 strip ot intestine that
;i drop uf n mixture of 20,000,000 iln pa
;' , ater in which tn re w ib a di ip ol
adn nalin v.iii Bhow by shrink
Dr, Canncn was thus able to i e
t'.iat every time u dog barks at ii eat
nd the cat humps hei backs an I p i
pure.-; in to: ror f a* v ar an i xtra
amount of adrenal Juice has been
poured Into the blood,
Similarly, wlnn the cat Jumps upi n
i dug thia sar.;e thing   in ted in the
Athenaeum,  Most Distinguished  Place
cf  Its  Kind,   Departs  From
Ancient Custom,
nsshed  cottai
White Rock, li.
June 1, White,
ou sea front at
i , Possession from
Shih * & Co.  (3453)
keeping   rooms,   .<lu  per   mouth,  at
224 Sev. nth sin.ei (3452)
'i hat he Athenni um has di cldi d 11
: to iii" nn ih rn npiril and a Imlt
vi. iter.- will astonish those who know
anj; ling ab al this tamous London
c'ub, probably tho most famoiu club
in the v.o i.i While there may be a
greal   deal   ol   truth   in   the    remark
WANTED ��� HOUSEHOLD   IrTJRNl- j-___���__���
ture, or stocks ln trade, in large or
sinail quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
by public auction with guaranteed I PIGEONS t\cy dollars where chickens I dog's blood
results, or no commission charsed.
See the oxpert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis. ,r>18 Columbia street.
New Westminster. (34601
FOUND.   In connection with the inn-
i lieon   tendered   the   Pacific  Coast
Vdvortising   Men's   association     at
the Armories on Saturday, June 13,
he   following   articles   remain   nn-
ciaimed and may  be had on application at  the residence of W.    L
Darling. 7122 First street: Two gran-
te coffee pots. 1 large granite boiler, 1 medium granite boiler. 1 gran
te dlshpan, 1 granite fish boiler. 1
glass flower vase. 3 granite pans. !
salt sh a lt�� r. 1 table napkin, I fancv
apron,  1   clothes  basket.  2 enamel
lugs, 1 salad bowl. 10 plates. 1 saucer. 1 table fork. 7 tablespoons, 1 um
brella (gold mounted handle)
pay cents; small capital needed;
small space required; always penned up; ready markets; send for
may issue of our Journal; fully explained there; price ti u cents. Reliable Squab Journal. Versailles,
Mo. (3472)
Ottawa, June 23,    Plans for extan
.-ive alterations  iu  the   House of ('run
mulls chamber are to be worked out
by tbe Department of Public Works
during the preseni recess, :\m\ tui
mined next lession. Various suggestions bave been made from time to
��� hito, was exqulsital) dressed, veryjtlme with s view to Improving the
bigh, ami sh" wore a black j.-t toque chamber, umi the view baa been ad
with a crown of small white roses and vanced recently that the preseni
two black ostrich tips. Her -hurt chamber might be abandoned to other
Ureal wus of black satin with sur- uses and a now one elected to the
plice front filled In with fine lace ami "est A ven- or so ago the wails o
cuffs of lace; around her throat were tho chamber wire padded, with thi
two strings of large pearls and ber objeel of improving the acoustics and
, arrings wi re pearl solltalrea. it was the old desks were given an overhaul-
her wrap, however, that called forth ing. one of tbe proposals made al
exclamations, a long clrculai mantle Intervals is thai these de ks should
lot black net embroidered In silver be removed altogether and tbe chairs
falling over u border of pule gsey replaced by benches, a* in the British
panne velvet about eight Inches wlde,|House, thus increasing the accomoda-
i.arrowing up in front and Into ar llffitlon,
ui the back of the neck.    Her hands     When   the  new   parliament    meets
were lure and Bhe held a closed para-
���.-il   with   n   mother-of-pearl   and   tur-
qui li .��� ': i-niie, and her costume was I
tlnlshi tl   ���*��� ll ii  dainty  patent    leathi r
COll tlial   sh: es   with  CUl   Btei I   buckles.
"There!   Every   suffragist     present
��� 111 i. stlfy that this IB a correct de-
following the redistribution, room
.. nt i i.e found for thli t> en additional
mi n.'mr.*. and this will neci iBltate a
reai rangerm nl of the seating If 11 ia
decided to pui up a new chamber, the
Beating plan may be altogether new,
n ssiblj following the Washington
iriptlon, and that Margherita is the :''; : ��� ol an anjphltheatre
Eweetest, most gTaclous and lovable The department :s undertaking
:;. di by Lord A.'ten to the effect that worn,in it has ever been her tapplni ss minor Improvomnts Immi illatel)
;��� ,. ,   ,i arlstccrata of clubland In mis  to meet    After she hud shaken bands The  old  g.ivnnlzed   roofing    of    the
und -ii.ii.il  .t everybody, a procession  chamber has withstood tho wear nnd
of half a dozen  stalwart  footmen  Inlteai of the element    so long that It Is
rich liver) of black and silver appear- giving way    it is to be replaced b> a
l   bearing    shallow    baskets    tilled copper loof.   The historic green car
with bouquets ot thn r four large  pet is also to go.   It has ben patched
red  roses,  which  the queen   took  up
one by one and presented  to all the
. : ratii -i are those w bo stay away,
the Athenaeum can probably bo_st a
an . distinguished lis! ol membi ;-
i han ; nj other club In the world. 11
has le on distinguished and exclusive
i ,er s in< ��� it was founded. Of the
,,. tgter roll of Athenaeum members
in --'| years, ae Is noted by J, P. Co
guests,  who    came  In  groups  to  re-
Moreover, whenever   pain was    In-   m SO years, us is note.! by J, 17 Col-  (.���ivi. thera     Th, ���  ���,��� ,,,,  aown  un.
fiicted  upon auimals, as  in  catching   lins, in   the   lioston   Transcript,   no  ,.,...  ,-,,,   treea   an(|   conversed   In   an
beavers  and  fur-bearing    animals  In    ewer  than  70  bave  been   buried  in an|mated manner with Lady Aberdeen
traps, seizing chickens by the th oat,  Westminster Abbey, and about three  ana- tjje wife of  VmbaBsador Pi ���
catching bi ars, birds or
wbere. No collection, uo charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
lung biurs. birds or shootln    ml   dozen In St, Paul's, a record that no
I, an excess of epinephrln wai dis-1 other club in  England can  boasl  or
plainly  in the blood. ' la  evi r  llkelj   to equal,    ll    waa    a
"���        ver fear, rage or pain occur-j matter ol  extreme difficulty to gain
admittance io the Athenaeum, and
scholarship was supposed to be the
. ������ recommendation to a new member. Bul undi r one of its rules a distinguished person  may bo Invited  t
and added to froi i time to time, bul
in the in;.in It Ib still the old green
carpi; over ��hi. h have trod* and
Bcrapi il the eel ol de id nnd gone
Parliaments, This carpel is to be
i Ippi 1 up and an i xperlment made
with linoleum.
red these different emotions caused
an Increased bombardment ol the
blood with this animal drug
If adrenln is injected into the blood
it causes the liver to loosen up its
storehouse of sugar,   This sugar is set I become a member,    Kipling waa ad
ency, 33* Hastings street west. Van- I free In the blood and the victim may mitted under this rule, but lhackeray,
couver. (3447)   be  mistakenly said  to  have  diabetes,   Who was also a member, used to rath-
. ! _j        I    ���     ������ I the sugar disease. I Gr boast that he had  not Bought  this
Epinebhrin   is  also  an   antidote  to  'see..mi stony'' method of gaming ad-
fatigue, Muscular fatigue does nol oc-  mittance, but had taken ins chances
cur or la removed when the adrenal  bj  thi   ballot,
bodies act  overtime or it  i.s Injected Hard to Get In.
artificially. i    How dangerous these chances were
It also makes the blood clot sooner! in the old tunes, when Crokor, Rogers
than it would otherwise do.    Dr. Can- or Greville had a voice in the matter,
.-.,'��� | non   found   that   great   emotional   ex-  ia   indicated   by   a   story   they   tell   Of
citement  and   pain  cause    just    the'lRogers.    One  day   when   he  was   .it-
Municipal School District
of Coquitlam
,     Public
i Electors
lam   thin
said   E
No! iee       j.
I' the School  Olstrl
I   requiie   the   presi f   ibe
loi'S  ut   iln-     Municipal   Offici
JUNE    29,
things   which   adrenalin   bring   about. I tending    the    election    committee    a
1914.   AT   121 ?u.-��ar aPPears in the blood and in the young   peer   was   proposed   who   had
for the  purpose of electing  four
kidney fluids and muscular fatigue Is everything  to  recommend   htm- goo
't'fl-"-"TCltt(!t* I    1 _.__��. 1��< !__.-. J _.l .. ._ 1 _ _.__._
looks,  wealth,  brains and  popularity
' BXDRRS  will  I
f    -iigupd in- ... .*. p.m
' ������   for building
p. ''mi.
���'     V ll.el    Spi :    'lUt'i.lls
Ve,   1   Fire   Hall.
Th(* lowei-i  ei* any  i,'iuti-r
llj   .,,',���, pti d.
\V   A
e.-ivei!  by  the un-
,r Monday Un  :iith
ii, w Pire II.ill ni Bap-
may   Ik*   seri!
i it it ncc-ssar-
City  rieil:
l", :,.*,*:>
Result of Excitement. i Rogers Bquirmed under the catalogue
Bona to serve on the Board of School A caged cat made angry or made to of virtues, but at last exclaimed;
Trustees of Coquitlam to complete the fear a barking dog. and university "Thank Ood! he's got bad' teeth"
hoard; the four persons elected to students after a hard-fought football Whereupon he dropped in the black
hold oifice until January.  1915. battle   or   a   stiff  examination   alike ball, and the candidature of the
The mode oi  nomination of candidates, b!u)W   ,-,,.   presence  Of  RUgar   in     the
Khali b'  us follows;    l lie candidates shall . . . .' , , "
be nominated in writing, the wilting shall  blood,  an   Increai-e  ol   blood   pressure
be subscribed by two voters of the school | and a decrease of muscular weariness.
Vancouver.  EC  Rifle   Range.
Notice to Contractors.
;\l..;i> Tl'.Ni 'Kl'.s ni.irk.'.l en il	
.;���    "T M,|, i   |oi    i;- ������ union     i,.     Hid.
i,r...   Vain  luvei,   It   t'���"  and uddi-cnw-d
i,,-  ,;,,!��� ,,i . '.niv.i, is. Miliu.i Head-
Oitawn    -.> i'i   he   reci lvnd   until
���    isth   ol   July,   proximo,   for
I district   us   Proposer   and   Seconder,   and
I shall in- delivered to the Returning Offic
[er .ii any time  between the dale of  this
nnti.-e and  '-  ..'clock  p.m.  on  the day  of
nomination, and In the event ol ,. poll being neci ssul -,   such poll Bhnll l pi-ned on
THURSDAY,   JULY   2,   191-1.  AT  9.00 '
GLEN     SCHOOL.       PORT       MOODY
The mere  handling of a hen pvepara
lory to putting it on a nest, tl
of a guinea pig or any iinlii;
Tenders     for    tin      gradii
Gatensbury road will be rei
i lhe undersigned  up to noon <>u Tuesday. June 30, 1014,   Specifications can
', be seen ai tiie Municipal Offices, Maillardville,   B.C.    The   lowest   or    :>ny
! tender nol  nei esaarily accepted.
a. HALlBUn I'ON,
was brought to an end.   It was under
a   portrait   of   Rogers    that    Sydney
Smith,  another   Athenaeum   member,
wrote  "Painted  during  his  lifetime,"
seizing! thus   indicating   the   ghastly,   death's
of the head appearance of the pod. one ol
i ; whose chief delights wus to black-ball
intrepid   persons   who   offetcd   themselves as members in the famoua club.
.    , Made   Famous  by   Hook.
. ' ,  , Among the chief original members
i veil by
Cheap fates for all return ticket., to Eastern points, on sum
beginning June 1st. Oood to return up to Oct. 7!st.
I'or  particulars apply  to
E. GOULET, Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
B. C. Coast SS. Service
For   Victoria   From   Vancouver.
10:30 a in Daily
^;D0   p.m	
11   15   p in	
For  Seattle
1"; 30  a.in    	
11 00 a.in. Dally except
11; la p.m	
For  Nanaimo
in a .-I  and C    0 n m
Nanaimo, Union Bav, Comox
:< a.m   Thursday and Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay,   Powell
11 '4n p.m   Every Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and
Skeena River Points.
11: imp.m   Wednesdays
For Gulf Island  Points.
7. (in a.m. Tuesdays tor Victoria,
calling at  points  in  Gulf Isl.
To  Alaska    Kvery  Saturday
. >i   .v I -"   nil   persons   are   lien by   re-
.,,   in  ��� ,i ,   noli.     and  gov rn   them- ,
1,-Ki        i co! (llnBl:
Ai     i" r-.ie In Ing   i   "���' ei ih mibj ei. and
ictiiiillv   ri   Idlna   tvl    li    lhe  dls-u-let,   mid
i    loi    the   l'li.-.-   i lontlis   ik .1
pn ���   dlim   Uu   dn ������   ,.|   i,i*   nomination   the
.  I   uw ie'i.    in    the    Lund    I:  Klsl I (
i >��� I'.-     o|   land   "i    i "nl   propi i ty   nltunte
witlifn   th*    inunli  pnlltv   ���>!   i'i-    .,-.*.- -I
: .lull"
i.;:,i,i i
lie !'.
-������,.,"1,111 of two, eight  tan-ret  Rifle   valm    nn lbe 1    :   municipal ni   provincial
It- -'   Vancouvi   .   IIrlllsh Columbia        IU1W,,   .,,, ,,   ���,\i ���r* Iwo hundred and fltty
und   *i"        Hon.   may   l>.-  sneu I riolt-iirs in  mon   nvi-i  nnd nbovi   any  reg-
Infoi-i      hu   ,.!e .i.e-.l ui Uu-oiiic" ;,,,.,. ,i   (Mrlgmtiii   oi   .ii.ii...   oi   I
' ���'      Conni   ndlng,  Mltlbiry  t>ls-  hoinosleader,   U-HSe,.   from   ihe  Crown,
'������   N"-    H.   Victoria,   !:.   c.   the   Clty|pi   .,.,,;.,.,,-.   wno   i, ,-    resided   within   the
' ��� :k-   \nni-oiiv.      II    c     and   tli��-   Dlrec-;munli-lpnlltt,   ful   tbe space ot  one year ur
���     '���"���'���        Ol    I',    lined    S.-rviei-s.   Ilei.il     .,,.,,,     .,,...., ,-|,.,, ;       ,,, |n8    the   ilnv    ..f
"' "'   Oti iv ;, ,, .,.,.,,.,,���,.  ���,,,,!  is ., .-., ss,,|  for rivi   l.iin-
I'eiK n   ���'  I'  on tiie form ����p-|,|rP,] ii.ui.n . ,,;���  moie un tin   lasl   munic-
''   ,,x   ���'���'    l" e ,   ,. ��� i. ,   .in.l   ..ach   ten- I )pa| 0v provlnelnl roll over and above any ,,   ,
isl bi   nei imi ��� iled hj   an  aw-epted   regtntered   ludgment or charge, or being a   ohjc
���  icrjue   .rn   .���   i.anudiiiii   Oliarti-rnd   lt.iiik.   hmnrsteiid'-r      legsiee   from   the  Crown  or
foi  len  pel  cent    110 p.c.l  of lb.- amount I pre-emptor   who   bus   resided   within   thel
'���"',- pnyiibln to lhe ordei  nl ll..- Hon-|mimlclpnlitv for n  period of one year lm-       U
nrabb   lhe Minister ol Militia and Defence. | mediately   preceding  tho     nomination  and   R.   i
 nn "im \>ill he forfeited il tin- |��r-   durhiu the reinnlnder of Ihe v-ear bus been \ mm-
ty  tondorlng  dicllnes   lo enter in!., or (lie,,, owner of said land of which he was   ~~
In   ��ucee*slii1   tenderer   lulls  to complete   rormorlj   h   homesteader,  lessen from    the
: '-'  contracl   In  uccordanee w-uh the  n-n  I Crown, or pre-emptor nnd  is asseHBed fori
d' ' I five hundt'ed dollars or more on  the  lust
The  I-.--i.-i... i.t ijo.-s in.i bun) u-.-ii  tn   minlelpnl   or   provincial   um-easment   roll
*""'"   "'" ;'".v'. ,*.'.',".  ;'V.',.'-,''!",."',      , ",:   :""'   above  any   registered   Judgment
i.i',I.M.  l'i.-.l.u. ( oinn<-i. ..,,���  -hnrgc,  ond   U.iiik  otherwise  nuallfled
deputy  Mlnlatei    i,.      [s Act to vote at ,-in election ot school
Ottawn   June B,  1911. trusted   li   tin   -ml district, shull be elta
N.n  ��� ��� \. WSMII..-I-,   will   mu   lie   nuid   IfjIWe  In  l*e . |. , ,. ,| or to serve ns n   schoo
ihi-y Insert this ndverttsemenl wltlHnil au-  tnistee lu sucl   distrlcl munleipall
horlty   from   il"'   DepartmenL dlsii'lei
H.Q. No. 1S-11-H     s-isTK. (.-..,-,,      oiv.-ii   imd'-r  mv  hand  ut   Maillardville I
___-___-____-_-._-____-____--_-_-_-_-_-_   ' ":   -lune.   191*1.
* .',N|.l:;-:*.v HALIHCrtTON.
' 7.1? . FU-turnlnR   Offici r.
.(I  Acres ef th
, .   \',. -     Purl ol Lol  I'll,.���  I ustrlct of Ni w  w. m
Whereas proof of tin   loss ol
r.f   Title   Niinil" i      '���! *'..\       Is*
ning   a   name of Thomas Roborl  Mclnn
-    riled  In  this  oflfei
Nolle  is  liereby  given   ibul
of the Athenaeum were John Wilson
Croker, tho Quarterly Reviewer, who1
appears  in  I'oniiigsby    us    "Rlgsby,"
and once defeated .Macaulay in debate;
Sir Walter Scotl, sir Humphry    Day,
I-'.ir; iday. sir Thomaa Lawrence, the
painter;   Tom   Moore  nnd    Theodore
HooU.    It  Is  remarkable  Indeed  lhat
It *hnu'.(l    uve I e. ti b it to n rake and
practical juke,  like Hook to give the
Athenaeum   Its   flrnl   great   reputation!
u- ;; homn of men of wit and wisdom.
Vet  n   waa  Hook, nnd   i  few  CrlendB
���' "'   w'm g,it;eii"l  round  him  at  a  table
'^,'.   ' "ikniwn ironically n^ "Tempeiance Cor-
.rtiflciite ner," who produced the epigrams and
i in tii"  wttticlsmB  that   spie.ul  through   l.on-!
"'"  don and established the reputation of
siuiii. at I the At i ii.ieiiin    it la said that when
In th'.- ni-.i-'line Minn, tjl):1 aH ��� hard-drinking club, despite
Its old  debt  to Hook and other bon
Kast i
the expiration of one month rro    the date   Hook departed, the club's cotl'ee house
���^^aee���%^K '-'���^ '-'"���'��� oy  Bi  >��ar. Thut
Westmfnster, Issue n duplicate of the said  t ie Athenaeum did nol seek ii reputa-
Oernflent" unless In   the  meninlnv* valid   �����-,,  aH u  hard-drinking  club,  despite
���''  ' l'l'��" b�� Tc! OWVXN. i(    ";i1   ������eb,   '"   Hook   and   other   bon
District rtoflrlstrni nf Titles IvlvantE, i.s Indicated by a story to the
* *a��Blslr>- Office, New Westminster  -.ffect   that  on  one  occasion  a   mem-
-4'1,   M""' '''"' '"''''   ber  demanded   gin,  and   finding  that
there was none In the club, did not
abate his demands, So a bottle was
procured, and plaeed upon the sideboard duly labeled "Col. l-"s Bottle of
Electric Household Appliances
\   cordial   invitation   is  given   the  indies  of  New    Westminster  In
visit the salesrooms of the B, C, Electric, in the company s terminal
at Columbia and Kighth. to Inspect our complete line ol Wectiii
Cook  ing  and  Household appliances.
These appliances greatly lessen the labor ol the housewife, pro
moling both her comfort and convenience They are nlwu>s ready
,������ service, operating on connection wltb anj household socket.   The
cost for current is only a few cents pet hour ol continuous c ration.
Electric Cooking Applances just meet your summer demands as
can do all forms of light cooking just aa w.eM as the kitchen
Fully -evi nt\ five per ("in ol your summer cooking can be
in this manner.
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia A Eighth.
IN THB MATTKK OP the Ksiiite nf VVI1-
llnm Stott. lute of New Westminster,
In the t'l-ovlnei >u Iiritish Columbia,
Water Works Superintendent. deceu:|-*d.
NOTT'-K I< IIBKF-BY (HVKX thill nil
,��� I creditors and others having clnlms ngalnsl
hool   '.'
TAKK NOTICE thai al the ..."-"
ing ol the board of I,cense commissioners of the City of New Woatmln
ster on June 10, we intend to apply
for n transfer of the liquor lic-us.*.
now held by Richman and Bennett in
R    L'"'i nl   Loi    ".  -��� iliurbnii   Block
i tin   '' "   -..   Wi nlminstei
��� ��� ���   prool  of ll..   less i.i  i', i   ::i,inti
of Title   Nunibei   i;:;.'.', r.   issued    in     the
n:inv  ,,''  I 'athi . i  .    [.;|| ;| ,   \..,.   i��� , ,,   f||( ,|
���        11,1   .     Ml |'i
respect to the premises known as the.     Notice  i*-  herrh-i   given  thai   I  shall,  at
cosmopolitan Ho���'i situate upon �� []?s^TV^ZCir.-;.i,'";;,'!;",;!;;!;:
t       .
l   City Block 1-'. coiner of Columbia ,,, .,,.,,���,  ,,.,,,,   ,,| ,,, ,,., ,-,,, (il  N-,.,v
u'nd   Blackle   Streets    City    Of    New  Wi iti  luster, Issue u duplicate (it the ...oil
.__(      r,.,.,.,    l!iel,,,,..,,    -,!,,!    !',���,',    I
!,.Ki*; i
nett, to
Kutate of lhe sni.l Willi.n., Stult who
idled on or about tin Isl day ol November,
im;:. -ire i-i-iruh-f-d on or heforo tho 13lh
,1m-. of July, It'll, to send hy post pre-
pnhl or dellvei lo the undersigned Solicitors for Catherine I'ni: Stott', njxrnutrlx
,f the . ,i.l di censed, their names und ad-
Irrsscs, 'li" full I' mn "il.ns ..I Heir claims.
the sl:it( nn nl nf their nccouiits und the
���m'.tiri. of the seei.i iti..-. ir any, held by
And   further     Inke   noiii ���     Hint   after
jeeli   ', i   nil Hied   ri it,     :   ie    -.;>i. 1   i '.Hie
erbv i 'li i' Stoti will pro i to distribute
th.. nsscts of the dec-used ninonit the
pnitli . in:; led tin n to. he Ing regard
onlv tn in.- eliihns .u w hleh sin shall then
havi notice nnd Hi.it the snld Catherine
ri, ii St. ii  will nol be llnhli   for il-.e soil
Salariss cf   Policewomen  in   Denmark
Cause   ot   Trouble.
The Dunish policemen are threatening to strike because the new women
police nre started olll at a greater salary than male novices, writes a ci r-
respondi nt  in Copenhagen.
The women police have been appointed to deal with delinquent and
deli dive women and children, nnd
the new appoint! es are to receive
.-e'en  more n  year thau   regular  men
, -.. .i ,.,-,..   .,.,,!   ,-,.-,  [Ceriiflcnle,   unless   lu   the  o e n nt In m
Westminster, from Richman and Ben-L^.-,,,,,, ; ,,   ,,, ,,���. ,,, v,,lti���K
.1    '���   OWYNN',
JOHN   FIUBBR j ;.,....'   rtetti-   ,��� Titles.
r-Bv-inr-ta rnKICMiN       l��nnd Heslstr;   orflce,
GBOUQB 1'It I', r. MAS x, u  vvestiiihislcr, i;  c, 2nd June, nut
11114, (S427) : (.3483)      i
assets or any part  thereof  to any per*..... , ,���(._���   p.,,.,.   ii,...|   nntor  the  supr.
or  persons of whose claims notice shull   police when the}  llrst ontai  tin   set
not  Inn .   I..-. >i !������ .������ i .*( d by In r .il the time   vice.
oi such distribution. |,  t|,,, striKe should occur,  the po-
Dated  this  1'Jib dav nf June, A.D.,  1911.;,, ... ., ,
courioirLii. orant & Mcf'Of.L,    ���]]rl' ''"���l|  probablj  will use the new
ii Lorne Street,      women   police   as   strike-brenkera   by
N'.w Westminster, H.c   ,.|    t'eiu   i-i   the   boats    of    the
* .'     mi     '.,.   tl -     mid   Catherine   Kh II
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THURSDAY, JUNE _5, 1914.
I Continued from page one)
fi-hertnen  all the  time.    Tlie  while; |
were better qualified.
Mr  MiTherton    lliv,  them a chance |
The Chairman   we do.   At tl
venal cannery we employed sixty-two.
There is no white man. who is a de-
��.-.t man, turned away from our
plat ea. We advanced 1700 to one
white man without security. He was
��� good man and paid it back. I'.ut
ib, re is another class. Go down to
Sk veston and Bee lhe clans there;
heal the I. tv". Wj preaching sedition
i . re. We don't look at a man's color
when a boat load of fish cooks in. 1
..;,-.���  been a fisherman myself.
Mr. UcPberaon I admit you are
correct to some extent There are
white bums who come wanting a boat
in the fishing time, but give good
in. ti a chance. There are hundreds,
ihousands who would like to fish, but
i��ho do nol see their way to buy boats
��md nets.
The Chairman    'We do Rive them a
chance, We would like them to catch
lis!-     It is a cold blooded proposition.
Oni  liiisines-, is simply lo pack  fish
when it is profitable.    Wa will wei-
f-ouie  tbe  i, bite   nun.     They  are  as-
B-Ftl 1�� us; but lei bim prove himself.
It  is up l" him.    We don't  have .laps
in the north,   a white man comes to
lis and sins, "i bave not a license; I
want   to  fish,   I   want   a  bout,  and   I
want  a sweater  and  underclothing."
He runs up a bill  fnr $50 and Is not
-i   fisherman  at   nil.     A   fisherman   Is,
not made in a day.    It is a trade, He j
does  not  succeed,   and   goes,   leavin.it l
us  witli  tbe  $70    to    pay.     He  says
(here   is  your   damn   boat   and   your
damn nels.   That was done time after
-i,:,,. |asl \(ai    tlie boat left tied to a |
buoy   and  tin   nets   left.    We  don't i
I !,.    iiiai  kii.il  ol   fisherman.
Good  Men  Driven Off.
Mi.   Mcl'lierson  -The  right  kind of]
ri.-'hermin   have   been   driven   Off  the i
river,   l was up on the Skeena In 18921
when the canneries were all supplied
Joy the whites and Indians.
'.Mr. Todd   Tin   changed condition;-;]
have much to do with it.   Mr. Gosse
_nowB It, when he was in business on j
the Fraser years ago,    We never had
_h tt, i- men in our employment.    But
thej   found they  could  do  better at
something   else   and   abandoned   fish- '
Mr Mcpherson opined lhat the li-
(���.uses on the i'raser should be limit-
���d similarly to the northern rivers.
The Chairman -If we don't do better than lust year it will be disastrous. There wire only about three
or four hundred thousand put up in
the north last year. The fishermen
and canneries are in tlie same boat !
when one makes money the other
Col,  Taylor    About   the elimination
of the Japanese.   That was the origin
ol   tlie request  tor a conference  with
ln< canners. that we might learn what
\nu have to say as to that proposition.
Mr.    Browse    The   suggestion   was
i ha: If the government would not do
anything for us we should call a meeting of the it. C. canners to see if we
could  nol   conn   i.o  some  agreement
about the elimination of their licenses.
.Mr.   Broderlck-   I  have been  on  the
river  7'7> years  before  the .Japs  were
here al all and we managed to fish j
for the canneries to their satisfaction.
Thi   .laps  made  double  catches and
kept (.n their station, day and night,
Mr.   Broderlck   was   understood   to
say   thai   the  Japs   also  fished   with
longer  drifts   than   tlie   white   tisher
men   and   kept   00   fishing    day    and
night.     He   condemned   in   strenuous
terms the I, W. W. and other bad men
��nd excused the inefficient fishermen
tiy pointing out lliey did the beet they*
'could  for a  livelihood  in  hard  times
and tiKy must all    commence some
rime,    he sketched the arrival of the
���laps and said the canneries seemed
to  favor them more  than the whites.
The  price was  started  too  high  lasl
year because they got more fish than
they   expected.     Twenty   cents   would
have   hern   a   reasonable   price.     Tlie
laps were the kickers lasl year, when
the  price came down.    He advocated
restriction In the issue of licenses for
.economical reasons.    Ii might be going  too  far  lo  exclude  all  Japs  from
th'   fishing, bul  the white fishermen
..sl'icuid  be  preferred.
Limiting   Fishermen.
'Col, Taylor���What i.s the canneries'
opinion  on limiting  the  number    of
Tne   Chairman    We are waiting to
.*,(<���   bow   it  will   work   in   the   north.
.Just at present the Dominion government  nas imposed  a   regulation  upon
ns ..nd we don't know how It is go-1
ing  lo conic out.    Last   year we lost
very heavily,    it it  lias no better re-
suits  tins  year  a  large  number    of ,
annerles wil] have to close.   A.1 pres- ]
. it a number of white fishermen gave j
them satisfaction bul the greater bul.
i-i d   nol    perhaps     three-fourths    of
���;������.':,.'   That pulled down the average
oi  tie   respectable deceul  men.    The
othere wen   nol  fishermen.
>'.'l. Taylor We have large colonies on the Fraser of the very best
fitiwais who make their living by
lulling Scandinavians of whom Mr
Brcderick is, a fair specimen, There
-.������i.s another colony of Greeks on Deas
Island. You don't look with sympathy
mi  iii" proposal  to limit the number
Of   I.Censes.
A discussion ensued how the number could be apportioned and the
former restriction, and the reason for
'aking it  off.
Mr. Maiden s.iid the number was
proposed to be left to the canner. in-
terested,  so  many  to  each  cannery.
The chairman feared results if the
fishermen took i- Into their heads to
stop fishing unless thev were assur
< d of $5 or si", a day, and they would
be left wlthoul fish with an expen
eive plan! and whin and oilier help
io pay.
Mr. Maiden In answer to an < nqtiiry
said the fishermen's association had
.��7 members ai present, all unsollclt
j'hc chalrmai Baid they would give
the whole sulijici every consideration. He hoped the stati meuts madi
hy the president and others would bo
studied very carefullj by Mr. Cunningham and the M. P. for Westminster before the government Issued any
more regulations.
Mr. Bell-Irving advocated cioEer
communication between flshertnenand
riumeis    early    in   the year.    Prelpt
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two packages  	
Metal  Mesh Purses. Special for
25c   Each.
Comes  with  long  chain  attached:    in   large   and     small   ring
mesh:   plain and fancy  mounts;
regularly   sold  at  50c.
Special for, each 	
Ladies'   Nickel     Plated     Vanity
Cases:  Reg. $2.50, Special
for $1.95 Each.
These  are  a  special   value;   fitted    with    coin, puff and    card
parts   and   small   mirror;     size
IH.x.i   inches;     regular       $��.i
values, special for
A  Quantity of    Odd     Lines    in
Children's Hose;   Reg. to
30c. Special at 2 for 25c.
In  colors tans, black and a  few
In white;  in cotton,    ribbed and
plain;   also  some  in   part  wool,
and  a   few  of all  wool;   regular
value:;   to   30c,     Special at 2 pairs for .. .
Ladies'   iFne Cotton  Hose, Special at 25c.
A   fine   light   weight     hose
summer    wear;    In    tan
black,   with   spliced   heels
toes;   a  good    wearer;     re;
35c value.    Special for,
per   pair   	
Ladies'    Cashmere    Hose,    Very
Special at 3 Pairs for $1.00
This is a fine make, and will
give satisfaction to wearer; is
seamless and has high spliced
heels and toes; and is full In
the leg; worth 45c a pair
Very  special at
pairs for  	
Extra  Strong Silk  Boot Hose, a
Reg. 75c Value. Very Special  at 50c  Per  Pair.
This line in    si'.k   Boot    Hose
cannot be equalled  In  the city
at the price; is perfectly seam*
less; has high spliced heels
and toes; a good i|auity lisle
leg. and good garter tops;
colors black, tan, pink, sky and
white: regular 76c value.
Special for
per   pall    	
Coatings in the Newest Cloths
We  are  offering Thursday   some   remarkable     value.
Wool  Coatings  suitable  for    the new coats.    There i
that have just one coat length left,  and   the  reguiar
up  to $7.60,    Vou can  choose today
for    '	
s a bi
; lot
There are plaid;-,, browns, ri-ds. blues, grays, and a variety Of
checks and mixtures. Come and buy a coat lengnth at Half
Price today, $1.25 Per Yard.
You Can Save Money by Buying Your
Hammock Here
and     heavy
in attractive
I'riee.  each.
get in
Strong   Wove   Hammocks,   with
deep  side  valanci
malleable fittings
color combinations.
$2.50,  $3.50
Don't   wail  till  the flies
but   put  on   your  Screen
and Windows now.
Oak    finished    Screen    Doors;
sizes  2-8x6-S  to 3x1  feet.   I'riced
at. $1.50. $2.25
Window     Screens;
.ide;   open   to   'JSi   to
c and   ...
70c  to	
is  Wash
e    time
IS inches
44 inches.
35c, 40c, 4
Wire; all
Per yard
Nickel Al
dial; dotib
nl hi* $2.50,
each at 75c.
$1.15  and
���  ul.
i nn     bells
Wash   Tuba
���>  28  to
i i.s;   heavy
Globe  Wash  Boards,
Hrass Wash Hoards.
Heavy  Corrugated    I'iass  Wash
Vacuum   Washers     sa
and   tabor      Specia!
each   .   .    	
Galvanized Garbage Cans;
with rain-proof cover and
wood legs.
Liuoleo    Floor Wax, for
Ing   floors   or  linoleum.
I.acquerette Varnish
lull Imperial measure
light     or    dark     oak.
tins,   iu
-ia n >
iJu .it. i' pints
Half  pints
Quarts   .
moss   green:
Hearth Rugs
New   patti nn  in   Hearth   Kng-:
Wilton;  st table for any room I
Tapestry Hearth  Rug..
Size 23x4i Inches;  regular $1.10.
Size   27x
Special   .
Tapestry, llriissels, Axminster and
till    house
i4    niche.
Tapestry Hearth Rugs.
regular   $2.00.
Velvet  Hearth  Rugs.
regular   $2.00.
and    knee
r;   si.es  lit
Specials in Seasonable
Furnishings for Men
Men's Combinations, $1.25 Suit,
"IViiaiigie   Brand"   high   grade   Halbriggan   Combinations;   long  sleeves  and  ankle  length;   new  closed
crotch;   perfect  fitting;   sizes 7.4   to
4..    Special  today   	
Men's Nainsook Combinations, $1.00.
Nainsook      Combinations;       sleeveless    and     knee
length;   just   right   for  this  hot   weather;   sizes  l!4
to 44.    Special,  per
Single garment
See Our Negligee Shirts for Men.
Men's Fine Negligee Shirts; coat style; light and
dark grounds; in good striped patterns; laundered cuffs; all shirts well made in fine washing
materials:  sizes 11 to 16Vfc.
Men's and  Boys' Soft Collars. 2 for 25c.
"Arrow   ��rand"   Soft   Negligee   Collars;    in      plain
white, tan, blue and pique;  sizes  12 to 16U.
Men's Straw  Boater  Hats.
In   fine   braids:   medium    block:     silk    bands;     in
godo  range of sty'u s. 7mWtm CO   Cfl.
extra   good   values  IvU TO )hiVW
Boys' Underwear, 25c a Garment.
Hoys'    Kine    Halbriggan    I'nderwear;    short     sleeve
shirts  and   ankle  or   knee   length     drawers;     sizes
7'n to 32.    special at
per garment  	
Men's   Work   Shirts.   75c.
Men's   Blue     Chambray     and     Hlack
Striped    Drill   Shirts;    double   stitched
breast pocket;  sizes 14'i; to 17
Special,  Thursday,   each   	
Blankets and Comforters
Our prici s on warm bedding are in many cases
much less than usual. Our stock is very large in
both White and gray, and whether you need only
a Bingle pair or enough to outfit a whole camp it
will pay you to gel our prices.
"Skeldon" pure white Scotch wool: In large size.
68x88; Vt 'nipped singly. This is one of the best,
blankets   obtainable.     Our   I'riee.
per   pair   	
White "Kumfy"  Blankets;  with pink   or   blue border     This   brand   Is  one  of  the   most  serviceable
we   have;   all   weights   and   sizes   at
$4.25,  $4.95.   $0.50,  $7.50  and	
Heavy  Qray   Arm)   Blankets;   size  64x82;   regular
price $6.50,
Hudson Hay Point Blankets. These need no remark about wearing qualities. We have them In
all colors, red. blue, brown, fawn, eray or white
weights 7,ib.  in  10-lb
Per lb. ut	
Single  ib-d  Si/.e Qray   Blankets;    for
Priced   at  $2.50.  $2.75
and    White
r    blue bor
B2;    regular
ramp     use.
These   are    tint
i;   regular $5.90,
In   blue,   pink
Dow u
66x72.      These   are    line   light
Cotton   Killed   Comforters:   all   double   bed
fancy  art sateen or sllkollne covers    At
each  $3.50,  $2.25,  $2.00  and	
Single   Bed   Comforters.
Kach  at   	
-d   size;   in
Specials Values in High Grade
Table Damask
)dil   and
i  border
7,e  each.
Nine ends, comprising about 75c yards, of Pure
Linen Table Damask; satin finish; in various
elegant floral designs; width 7u and 77' laches, and
the regular values are $1,50 and $1.66 a yard. These
Damasks are very superior quality of Irish manufacture. They are short ends, therefore we must
clear them:   regular to $1.60 yard.
Thnr.-day.  per yard   	
Special value in Bleached Union Table Damask;
58 inches wide: a pure finished damask; mercerised
fminsh in design of chrysanthemum, daffodil and
leaf;   regular   value  75c.
Special   Thursday   	
Special In dainty finest Towels Saturday; beautiful
fine Huckaback Quest Towel.-., with damask border
and scalloped edge; made from extra fine quality
Of linen Huckaback; size 16x26; regular 47>e each.
Special   Thursday,
per pair   	
Marked value in Crash Towelings for Thursday.
We have chosen from our stock of Crash, nine
different Towelings in cream and fawn, white,
brown crash, cream crash, plain and bordered: ln
all linen and union qualities; values to 17'-ic per
vard. I-'or Thursday seeling this lot is marked at
the low price of, 4 *% 1 _
per vard      I fc ? C
We can show you Waists at prices which we kuhi-
antee are unequalled in this city. Waists that are
now most wanted, namely: "Sailors," "Middys,''
Lawns, Marquisettes and Vestings. These are dis
played on separate Bargain Tables al the following
special   prices:
Table No. 1���Values to $2.00. Special for 95c Each.
A choice stock Of White Vestings, Lawns. Hlack
Sateen, flannelette:- .'ind Sailor Waists; In white
and various colors: all are very pretty waists mul
good style patterns, and in all sizes; regular values
to $2,00, Verj Special at,
Table   No.
to   $3.50,   Special   at
2.���Regular   Values
In better quality Muslins. White Vestings, F.inry
Linens. Sailors and Hlack Sateens; all the Linens,
Muslins and Vestings are daintily trimmed with
lace, and some are nicely embroidered; regulai
values to $3.60. Very
Special  al   	
Table   No.   3.���Regular   Values   to  $4.50,   Special   at
A choice lot of Satin Striped Delaines, New Balkan
Waists In various colors; Striped Wool Delaines,
with colored Silk Tie; Striped "Vlyella" Waists in
navy, red, gray, white, and ftnlnshed with pink tie;
alsn a good number of .Middy Waists lu this lol ;
various styles and sizes; regular values to $4.1Till.
Very Special Pm't   QC
ence world, he was sine, be given to
while rishermen ii thej knew their
bin ie s* not men from the woods oi
li n ;. horenien.
Mi    Anderson  said In   did  not
plo>  anv but whlti   men.
ter wlthoul Jnp -
Cl I      Taylor said    "So
concerned, I think, seriously, it
be  worth  chile  to   bonus the
of wlme labor."
The  chairman   said   till   .laps   had   a
consldi ruble amount of capital Invested In  boatB and < quipmont  and  would
I year  bul   I
slderal Ion,
' year.    Per
i  plvo ample   iiine
looking  forward
���onally  he ol fered.
for con-
to next
and   he
i I am
have lo be given consideration as
British subjects. The Japs defrauded
his company also bill nol In the same
proportion as the mean  whites. was sur- the government  would give
Col. Taylor said he knew that there | ry   assistance   iu   the   furtherance
was never a inure sincere or more of n satiefactorj agreemenl As to
respectably conducted movemeni than limitation, it had been bis experience
ibis one b> the fishermen. Il had not during ih lasl Iwo or three seasons
been Initiated nor ever In the hands to rec ve editions asking for the
of agitators. It was serious business removal of these limitations, He knew
and a genuine attempt to gel togeth- however very little of the conditions
(���!��� with the canners. He called at-1obtaining In lhe north and thai mads
tention to the facl that there was no h!m cautious to accepl the conditions
Intention to alter the conditions thia 1 cf the north, when he knew they wer.
not identical with the I'ra.-er The
first lime li" camp lo Westminster the
control of the canni rles and the limitation of licenses caused trouble. It
might be that now* they could take a
broader and more Intelligent view of
the matter than 20 or 30 years ago.
Alter some further discussion votes | to earn
of l hanks were passed to Col. Taylor, M.P., and Mr. Cunningham for
iheir in tendance and an exchange of
courtesies between the fishermen and
canners' representatives concluded
the conference,
Montreal, June "4. "The industrial
conditions all over Canada are In a
deplorable condition, many are starving because they cannot get a chance
even the bare necessities to
sustain life and never iu the history
of Canada did things look so bad for
the  workers."
Such was the statement tniide today
by J, C. Waters, president of tho
trade:,  congress of Canada.


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