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The New Westminster News May 9, 1914

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 Volume 9, >
VJ''*' "'""X
Price Five Cents,
<������      t      a
National   Guard
Called Upon for Border
General Carranxe Declares Friendship
for U. S. and no Longer Resent*
Occupation of Vera Cruz.
Washington, May I. High tension
marked thi' Mexican situation today.
initli on the military and tlie diploma
i H- nldes. Secretary Garrison said no
orders for additional troops had been
Si nt but It became known that the
sending of additional troops to Vera
t'rui probably  would  be carried out.
MaV     He' uo*"'d   "������*   presidential    yacht    May-
1 flower and  will Join the funeral ship
Montana  off  the   Virginia   Capes  tomorrow, arriving in New York Sunday
Secretary Daniels will coijfer on
Sunday with Capt. Albert Cleaves, the
commandant of the Ilrooklyn navy
yard, on the details. The president
will ride in a carriage with the parade
from the Battery lo the Ilrooklyn
navy yard. He will return to Washington Immediately after the memorial services and his address at the
navy yard.
Carranza Changes Front.
Secretary Hryan made public today
a formal communication from Ra-
pheal Ziibaran, In behalf of Qeneral
Curraii/.a. as first chief of the constitutionalist army, declaring the friend
ly attitude of the constitutionalists
toward the United States. The document was significant In reversing the
Washington, May 8. Navy department officials said tonight thai tlie
warships of the I'nited States would
make no effort to prevent tbe landing of arms and ammunition for the
Huerta government at Puerto Mexico.
Hear Admiral Badger had reported
that the German steamship Kron
I'l-lnzesislii Cecilie, believed to have
on board a part cargo of munitions of
war, wus due to arrive at Puerto,
Mexico, early today, and that another
vessel was understood to be on the
way. Tlie United States bus no ships
at Puerto, Mexico, und It is said that
none will he sent  there.
Later Admiral Badger cabled that
tin' second ship bringing arms, the
Herman  steamer    Bavaria,    probably
would not arrive for two weeks. The
Havana sailed from Hamburg. April
22, and Is expected to touch al one
or two South American ports befor.'
going to Moxico.
It became known tonight lhat the
state department had known for some
time through consular reports that
the Kron Priuzessln Cecilie and lhe
Havana were carrying shipments of
arms to Mexico and tbe navy depart
ment was asked merely to keep the
government advised as to the movements of the vessels.
Fraser    Valley    Development League
Would Bring Grower and Consumer in Closer Relations.
The necessity of appointing a market commissioner for the Kraser Val
A cablegram  from Admiral  Badger I18*    wno    wil1    have headquarters in
late tonight announced thai the
Kron Priti7.ossin Cecilie arrived at
Puerto, Mexico, during the day.
Whether the vessel had discharged
her cargo was not stated.
This step would not be Intend, d In any ilt|on  annolinced   ,)y  carraiua  Im
way  as  an   aggressive   measure,   but'
as a reasonable precaution to support the force already there in case
of any untoward event.
Of equally serious portent to the
troop preparations was the report
late today that two Cerman ships were
about to arrive In Puerto Mexico with
large supplies of arms and ammunition for Huerta. It was realized that
this. If true, would present an inch
(Mil   similar   to   the   arrival   of   the
mediately after the occupation of Vera
Cruz that be resented the occupation
as a violation of the Mexican sovereignty. He now regards the American movement as directed against
Huerta, and not against the Mexican
people as a whole, whom, he says,
are on friendly terms with the I'nited
States. Also the document was significant as being the first official communication announced by tlie state
department as having been  received
Ypiranga at Vera Cruz with her cargoi fr.0'in an Offiolal of the Carranza ad-
of  munitions, which  led  to the Am- ministration..
erican occupation of that port. |       Will  Push  Tampico Campaign.
Word came today through constitu
Huerta's   protest   to  the   mediators
Hiat the United States hail broken the I Uonai'ist Teud^uarter8'hTre'\hat''t;ar
armistice by landing additional troops
at Vera (j'ruz was considered by the
cabinet and later Secretary Hryan announced that the reply of this government stated that no aggressive
steps had been taken by the United
States forces and that nothing had
been done in violation of the suspen
��� ion of hostilities.
Armistice  Not  Violated.
Tho  American  reply  was delivered
to  Lhe  mediators  today.    The  media
Indianapolis. Ind,, May 8, The I through a meeting between the rep-
International executive board of the j ree-entatives ��f the coal companies
,,.������, w,.     ,..������,. ,4 j    and the representatives of the striking
United  Mine Workers of America ad-1"      .      '  \,
Journed today subject to��tho call of I Th..*report stated that hundreds of
President John P. White, after nav- ! requests had been received urging Ihe
ing been in session since Monday, dis- calling of a general strike In the coal
eusslng tbe conditions of miners in | mines of the country, but it was be
Colorado, Ohio and West Virginia. j Moved to be unwise to do so now,
Tbe board issued a statement ad- and adding that if conditions in Colo-
rising against a general strike "at | rado became worse the policy of the
tills particular time," but affirming' board could be changed,
in strong terms Its support for the j An appeal for aid was authorized
striking miners of Colorado. Tbe re- j by the board, when it was informed
port also condemned John I). Rocke-I that a large number of individuals
feller. Jr., who, it was asserted, could : and organizations had asked permls-
have averted the loss of life and dam-! slon of the international officers tc
age to property in Colorado by say- ! contribute to the fund for the upkeep
iug "one word," favoring a settlement ! of  the  strikers  In  Colorado. ���*>
various  centres  on   the  lower  mainland and who will keep in touch with
the    producers    in    an  endeavor to
bring the grower and consumer closer
together for the benefit of both, was
I the theme advanced at a meeting of
��� the  Kraser  Valley   Development  Lea-
! gue held in the board of trade rooms
I yesterday.
With K. O. Buchanan, of Maple
Kidge, In the chair, the different dele-
I gates of tiie special committee appointed several weeks ago to provide
means for the continued support of
the league, each spoke hopefully of
placing the organization on a sound
footing. With this end in view a communication will be forwarded to every
municipal council, board of trade and
co-operative association in the Lower
Kraser Valley outlining tile objects of
the association under a new constitution and inviting two delegates
from each to attend a meeting to be
held in the board of trade rooms on
Kriday, May 2D, at 1.30 o'clock, when
the matter can be more fully discussed. This communication will bear
out the statement that a majority of
the organizations in the Kraser Valley are back of the movement to support such a league, which has for its
ultimate    object    the    betterment of
Huerta's Officers Carefully
Guard Safety of AU
Outlaw Zapata Reported to Be Within
Forty    Miles   of    Mexico
Vera Cruz, May 8.���Reports of rebel
victories continue to reach Vera Cruz
both from refugees and In unofficial
advices, the only sources of Information through which the city learns
what is going on elaewhere in Mexico.
It was reported today that I'millano
Zapata had taken Cuernavaea. capital
of the state of Morelos, which is within 40 miles of Mexico City, Americans
travelling between the capital and
Vera Cruz are impressed most by the
solicitude of Huerta's officers for the
safety of all foreigners, especially
Americans. Those Americans having
homes in Mexico City are allowed to
pass the lines, but others are refused
permi-ssion to pass on the ground that
they will merely add to the burdens
Of the Huerta government In protecting them. The recent arrest of two
Englishmen who subsequently were
released, called forth a reprimand of
the federal officers from President
The military officers ln Vera Cruz
are agreed that some extension ot tbe
, .... ..     ,. ., .   ������A i American  lines  is desirable  for  the
farming conditions m the \ a ley and   protectton of the food ^.j water 8up.
also outline and perfect a better ays- i ]lly of Vera CnjI
���       ���     , .  ..     .      , , ., ...... item   of   transporting  the   produce  to       Reports from Mexico City say that
Washington.   May   8,���Late   tonight | In view of a precautionary attitude, to   the  centres   for   the  benefit  of both I ^j'^ are moring freely from the
nediators    were ', have  them  there.    It  is  not contem- | the_ producer and consumer .^ 1 capital  toward  Puerto  Mexico.    The
tors also look the view that the ques- j it ig ���miprst���oa- ������w that the constitu
tion raised by Huerta over the obser- | uonalists   as   well   as   federal   forces
vanee of the armistice could be cleared
sind that Huerta could be convinced
that the United States had not violated, In spirit at least, the armistice.
which had been agreed upon.
The cabinet meeting brought out a
���.:' n>'rai discussion of the Mexican
sltuetton. It was said after the meeting that the subject ol troop move
iiientH had previously l��')>n left with
the war department and there was
little doubt as to the sanding of additional forces, wholly for t-recnullonary
purpose*. It also became known that
Inquiries hud been Made of governors
nt Mates to ascertain the condition ot
National Ouarda and how soon they
could be prepared for active service
If conditions required. This again 's a
precautionary measure, yet to be finally executed by the military authorities.
Indications are that if National
r.uards are called upon they would
not be sent out of tbe country but
would be used on the Tex.is border,
ri lieving the regulars there who would
thus be available for reinforcing the
troops ni  Vera Crnz
The discussion of reinforcing Oeneral Funston at Vera Cruz has developed a marked difference of opin-
Ion In the cabinet. Some of the mene
liers take the view that the mediation
negotiations might be embarrassed by
such an act, while others believed It
��as a necessarp precaution against a
ranza had ordered the campaign
against Tampico and Mazatlan should
he pressed to quick conclusions and
that reinforcements were on the way
to both places.
Heports   or   hostilities   at   Tamplco.  .
sZ ^T^^Ta^x] noUfK��d  hy ^ Ze^ ^entm.nt lgg*fi -�� �� ����&���** ��g 1 ot?aV^^'^^ufvo1dloTO. K^^^J^Jft
Mayo for information concerning the j that    the    Mexican    delegates would   situation so far as hostilities are con-  sent and until th- ������ -���*��� ~~���i--1 aD*y wul ��*"��=�� the facilities of the
reports that all ships had been ordered   ifenvt. Mexico City tomorrow  for Nla    cerned.   This is not prompted by any   ation  is affected, .j   -.��. v.uuuiuKui��u, i tnp ....p..... .���, B,M1��itinB' ���-,��." m�����=
.-   ,������.._   ...-   .......     Am,;ricln  ships SK.,ra   ,,���,,���  vla  Veta Cruz  and    Key   imminent   situation   or   by     any   dis-   of this city, is acting as secretary. Mr. lme���t ���, ,"JiS���� to��"^ .h�� ���.."
West.    This  statement  was made to-; patches   or   information   having   any I Cunningham   and  Heeve  Marmont of
nighl  by Secretary Garrison: such  character." I Coquitlam   were   appointed     auditors
"With lespect lo Inquiries made , The secretary said that he had ar- 1 and will make a report on the finan'
about the chartering of transports, '��� ranged to charter six additional trans- I cial standing of the organization at
tlie  facts are  that 1 am endeavoring I ports.    With   these    he     said    there 1 the meeting two weeks hence
to   gather   at   Galveston   Some   ships I would  be  nine  transports     available \ ��� -
which could be used to transfer the I for use. of the army ln transferring
balance of the second division to j its forces from Galveston at Vera
Vera Cruz in case it is thought  wise, I Cruz.
to  leave  the   river    ^^^^^^^^^^^
I were withdrawn several days ago but
will not permit any ships to land supplies or persons.
Argument     Heard     in     the     Supreme
Court at  Ottawa   But Judgment
Is  Reserved.
Ottawa. May K���Judgment was reserved by the supreme court today in
the case of the criminal appeal from
Vancouver of Davis vs. the King.
Davis and a companion named Clark,
who was indicted With him, were engaged in committing burglary and
highway robbery. A burglary had
been committed and thej were caught
by a policeman. There was a struggle and tlie officer was fatally shot.
At the trial Davis was convicted of
murder, largely on the evidence of
Clark.    .lust before the date fixed tor
.���., ..  , . carrying  out  the  death   sentence  im-
SUdden attack on the American forces : posed, a temporary reprieve was
^treched along the railroad to the wa- granted in order that a case might be
terworks. i taken to the supreme court     A case
Funston Wants 18,000 Men. I reserved by the trial judge, the que*
Qeneral Funiton Is understood to I tion Coir decision being '���wus Davis
have told the war department that entitled to a BSparate trial; and did
he will need at least 16.000 to 18,000 hhe judge properly direct the jury, es-
men to hold Vera Cruz as well as the peclally In failing to caution them tc
outlying districts which he now has De careful In considering the evidence
garrisoned.    He now has 7000 under   of an accomplice?"
his command.   The decision as to the . _	
number of troops to be given General j
Funston   has   been   left,   it   is
Madrid, May 6.���A figure of ��->eeoli
iisi d today by Francisco J. Ugarte,
minister of public works., was the
cause of a violent scene In the chamber Of deputies, The ministry of public works has been adversely criticized
by several deputies for its connection
with the construction of a new railroad.
In replying, Senor Ugarte, who in
l!IU(t was procurator general and reported on the unsuccessful appeal of
| peiitrncp  of death   Imposed   upon   h/m
in Harcelona for causing a revolutionary outbreak, said: "My critics havt
been holding an autopsy on a corpse
which does  not exist.'1
Senor Castravido. a republican deputy and editor of Kl I'ais. leaped to
his feet and shouted. "The only
corpse here is that of Ferrer and it
still  Is  palpitating."
Pandemonium then broke out, republican deputies shouting that I'g
arte  was an  assassin   while  the gov
May Omy Committee Able to Meet All
Bills���J.    J..  Cambridge.   Elected
Master of Ceremonies for 1915.
Francisco Ferrer, founder of the Mod-1 eminent  supporters  retorted  by  call
ern  school,  for a  reprieve  from    the  ing the republicans blackguards.
J. J,  Cambridge as master of ceremonies for May Day, 1915.    This will
be  the order    of    things following  a
meeting   of   the   general      committee
held  last  night  in the board of trade   attendance
rooms  when   reports  were  handed  in I
on the 1914 celebration, financial matters  cleared   up  and  plans   for    next j
year  discussed.
As  each   chairman  banded  in    his j
report the strength and the hold that
. May   Day   has  obtained  on   this  city
. and   district   became   apparently,   the
'recent  'event   being  the  greatest  in
the movement started !
A   Mexican   near Tejera to try to get information
authority   for  the : concerning  Parks.    He said    he had | post.
report, said  he  was told  by  one    of; heard the same story as that told by
Maas'  soldiers  with  whom  he had a I the railroad man.
regarded   as   conclusive,
railroad   man.   the
.-tood, to the judgment of the
Secretary Garrison said that no orders had been issued for any movement, but it became authoritatively
known that contracts had been closed
for the ohartering of several merchant
steamers und that within a dav or two
formal orders would be issued I the B. C.  B,  It. Sapperton  line being
It  Is  understood  that  some of  the ! ma,-p towards Burquitlam,    was held
been chartered ;in  tm,  (,ily  na���  yesterday   afternoon
hut that | representatives   of   Hurnaby.   Coqulb
Dominion Railway Commission Will be
Asked to Decide Matter.
Another conference on the proposed
crossing over the Great Northern
tracks on the North road nnd the construction of a bridge over the Brunette  river   to  allow  tlie  extension  of
transports which have
are  not  available  at  once
within the next two weeks at least
nine transports will have been secur
cd by the war department.
Secretary Harrison declined to dis'
< uss the chartering of the steamers.
"There is no contemplated movement
art this time," was the only statement
In- would make.
A Biimber of officials admitted that
the administration was confronted by
the problem  of deciding  whether   I
���would limit its military* activities to
Protecting the forces already at \ era
���ruz from attack or whether a sultl-          ^^^
lent number of men would be placed j thp movements or the Great Northern
n  readiness at Vera  Cruz  I'or a  fly- ; Railway  is  concerned.
"    pveedition to Mexico City in case      Th(1 engineers of the  three munlc-
lam and New Westminster attending
0. R. 0. Conway, chief engineer of the
B, 0. K. It., was also present In the
Interests Of the electric road.
After considerable discussion Solicitor McQuarrie was empowered to
draw up a statement of conditions in
connection with the new road, which
will be presented to tho Dominion
railway commission when that bodv
meets in Vancouver this month. It
is expected that the commissioners
will hand down a ruling which will
make  the  case clearer in  so  fur as
Vera Crus Mav S Private Parks, .talk in the vicinity of the alleged exe
orderly for Lleut.-Col. Elmore Tag- cution, that Parks had been killed,
grrt   who disappeared inside of Mexi-   He  said   also   that   the   Mexican  sol-
o-in  lines  vcsVrduv  with  two of Col.   dier told  him  that  two nights before,  -���. ������ja,i������a fn the
Taggarts horeesTwas put to death b5   another man, dressed like an Amerl- made several J���*���**���^
t^pr recX/hTe' SS" VSSJTwlZVWU SfiK WJgA Fas
l��TIUs KKKt .not   as  far, as  the  break  In tt. railroad |l^J^^^^^
a hearty vote of thanks being
passed to him und also to the teachers in the schoeils who materially assisted in tbe work.
A   suggestion   made   by   Mr.   1 am-
bridge,   which   is  likely   to   be  con-
suinnled if assistance is rendered by
the civic a  thorltiea, is to hold  the
nu ial   May  Day dance In  the arena
bui ding.     The  attendance    at    tint
ye'r's even plainly show, d the committee that   the agricultural hall was
totally inadequate for the needs   ol
the occasion and the suggestion    ot
Mr   Cambridge that a sectional flooi
be  constructed  for the arena  In  the ,
horse   show   building   is   to  be   taken
up bv  a  special committee,    It was
pointed out tha- every accommodation
could   be   provided   Mr   thousands   o
people  In  the  arena  with  no  lack of
seating space for the adults who take
pleasure in witnessing the merriment
of others.
Once such a floor is constructed the
a position  to lease
Member* of Methodist Church Hold
Interesting Gathering.
Members of the Methodist churches
held their annual district meeting on
Thursday last in the Sixth Avenue
church. The following members were
present:     Ret-e.   W.   W. Abbott, J.   P.
Boweil.  XV. a.  A.  Crux.  W.   C.   Frmak,
T.  H.   Wright   (ill.trlct mecretMry).     c.
IV.    U-lilttaksr.    Henry    yvilman.    O.    B.
Kidland,   A.   K.   Roberts   (chairman).
I Wm.   Aiugley,  A.   B.  Redman,   Dr.  J.
I H.   Whito   (ruperintendeni    of    mis-
'sion3).   Dr.  A.   M.   Sanford   (principal
of Columbian College), and F. Hardy.
The: iadies of the church prepared a
,. j delightful supper which was served in
the  basement.    Speeches  were given
following  the report.
Tlie following laymen were* also lit
T. A. llarnard. .?. C.
Lorac, Alexander Garret, If. C.
Moiiiiec. B. A. Irwin. H. H. Cairns, ft.
A. Braden, R. J. Cantelon, C. S. Pearson, .1. A. Iloothroyd, H. T. Thrift. J.
C. Smith and D. S. Curtis.
Rev, Dr. White spoke optimistically on the amount of work being done
end that he expected to see a religious revival soon.
Rev. Dr. Sanford said there were
splendid    indications   of spiritual de-
Bl   Paso,   May   S.    The   demand   of I General   Villa. General Carranza. and
General  Rodrigo Quevedo  that   three i w- J-   Bryan,  American  secretary  of
i state,    it  is estimated  that    if    the
large American cattle companies give ; win(Imills are destroyed a roH,,0Il m
him  sums  aggregating  $10,000  under  lara    worth    of  cattle  would  die  of
threat   that   he   would    destroy    the   thirst within a week.
windmills on their land, has not been      Quevedo formerly  was a brigadit r-
compiled  with. ' geueral in the Mexican regular army
Instead, the three companies made   and still is said to maintain a nominal
pressing  appeals    for    protection   to j allegiance to Huerta.
the  history of 	
forty-four   years  ago. i-��--     ���- - . __
Mis--   Margaret   Strong,   city  super- I velopments.   Rev. A. E. Roberts spoke
visor of schools, in a communication i��n the value of Sunday school work.
 1���.,.,���..,��� ,i,��� i Alexander  Garrett    maintained    that
the world waa getting worse, hence
the need of old time evangelism. Rev.
W. W. Abbott said that the members
of the churches should, as well as the
preachers, get busy in personal work.
T. A. Harnard talked on carrving religion  into the business world.
ing expedition -_ .
tbe Huerta regime collapsed and Irresponsible bands threatened the lives
i" Americans and other foreigners in
the Mexican capital
May Come to Vancouver.
.Reports that the Mexican delegates
would come by way of Salina Cruz
and Vancouver, 'B.C., and thence across
Canada to Niagara Falls, gave some
concern as likely to cause delay. The
Huerta delegation planned to avoid
passing through the i'nited States
but telegraphic inquiries are under
way by which these plans may be modified so :is to bring the di legates by
the Atlantic route to New York or
Boston and thence to Niagara Falls.
This would permit the conference to
proceed on May IS with the Mexican
delegates present.
Secretary Daniels
ipallties Interested will go ahead and
prepare plans for a new bridge over
the Brunette river of sufficient
strength to cany electric, cars, and
also determine the approximate cost
of the structure.
Ottawa   May ��.-   An order-in-ctiuncil ' it}'  of  Mount   Revelstoke.
has  been   passed  setting   aside  as  J^teg^ujj^ ^ ^ ,         _
national park an area of 95 square MclUewaet river. It possesses strik- I All bills against the committee
miles located within the railway belt mg natural beauty, including glaciers. J have not yet been presented hut Sec
of British Columbia and  in the vicin ; great mountain peaks and waterfalls. | ,-etiiry  MacKenzie  was  tu  a position
Rioting at Guadalajara Results in the
Death   and   Injury   of   Foreign
San Diego. Cal.. May 8.���Two Americana were killed and two seriously
wounded while defending the Cinco
Minus stamp mill near Guadalajara
;"rom an attacking force of federals,
accoreHng to a telegram received by
H.  E,  Crawford  from  British  Consul
Commencing on Monday morning
two additional passcngir trains will
be operated on the Fraser Valley line
of the B. C. K. R., interurban. Manag-
���^^^b       i city   would   be  in       .^^^^^^^^^^^
The park j the hor*-e show building for all kinds     	
a-   of   conventions   and   public   and   prl- j Percy  Holmes today.    Crawford   was
11- I vate affairs,    m I driven from the homo of a friend  in
Guadalajara  during  the   recent  anti-
American demonstrations and arrived
..i......     _ here a few days ago on the Cerman
  . to state last night that the f;nancial ^^^m
| aspi-ct  was  satisfactory  and tha'  all
Japan  Will  Participate. | obligations could be met.
Washington, May 8. -The Japanese!     A standing committee was appoint
government todav Informed the state : ,Hl consisting of the following:    J   .1
department that  it had appropriated ^��!'n3ton'   AfJA*1*,   ''   J'  C&m"
$363,362  for  participation   by the Ja������bridse' R'  Sutlierland. .J
panese warships in the  internationa'
naval review to be he-Id at  Hampton
er  Purvis yesterday  announcing that -ftoAds early in  1915,. and in the trip
a passenger coach would be attached i through   the   Panama  canal    to    the
steamer Marie, in company with many-
other refugees.
No  names  were  mentioned  in  the
dispatch   which  state-d   that  15  other
Americans engaged    in    mining pursuits near Guadalajara have embarked
Bc, .v.  ���- _   H. Watson. ! (or San Diego on the steamer Cetri-
W. R.  Ma'de'ii,  D, K   MacK'-nzie. W. I ana at Nanziinillo.
H. Maxwell, H. II. Johnson and V, R            "-     **--
A nil rew
The weal her forecast for
today In New Westminster
and the Lower Mainland Is as
follows: Light to moderate
winds, generally fair, stationary to higher temperature,
illed tonight on it? ��
lo milk trains 500 nnd 501.
This is a new departure in the matter Of summer service on the Chllli-
w.iclc brunch and is In the nature
of an experiment, the service being
continued  if business  warrants it.
Train   No.   500   leaves   New   West-
���mlnsier at 11.15 o'clock each morn-
���'.':��� I ing arriving at Chilliwack at 2.25 p.m.
���::- I Train   501   will   leave   Chilliwack   al
w j 5.:',r, p.m.. arriving at New Weatmln-
:'1: *l i eti r at 6.45 p.m.
Panama   Pacific   exposition   at    San
Scoutmaster Chapman was appointed chairman of the Hoy Scouts committee.
American Aviator Killed.
Chartered for Transports.
 I Boston.   May S.l The  steamer City
L'tlca, NY.. May S. -- Percival Van I of Memphis of the Savannah line was
.\��ss of'this city, an aviator, was kill-, chartered by the government today
ed today when his new binlane turn- and ordered to proceed to New tori*,
id turtle,    '."in Noes and his brother, l It  is  supposed   that  sh*
! Jesse, had just completed the new j for transport service The City oi
machine, Their mother witnessed the , Macon of the same line is iftld to b��
tragedy. ' Included In  the charter.
When the first rioting occurred
there many Americans refused to
leave. It is inferred from the meagre
dispatch that an overwhelming force
of federals attacked the mine and
captured it after killing and wounding four of the defenders.
Cardinal Farley at Rome.
Rome. May 8.���Cardinal Farley arrived In Rome today on a visit li>
Pope Pius. When his holinest* learned that the American prelate hud
reach, d lieime he expressed a defire
to se,   him  toon.
SATURDAY, MAY 9, 1914.
'eHgftrg        NUBS OF NEWS
An Independent mornlns paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and
the Fraaer Valley. Published every mornlns except Sunday by the National Printing
���nd Publishing Company. Limited, at 63 McKenzie Street, New Westminster, British
Columbia.    '��� ~���"~
Port Coquitlam  wants    to
$100,000   for  road   purposes.
Vernon ratepayers have voted flOV
IBOBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director. Vernon   ratepayers  nun*   .vw-u  *��v,
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not] 000 bonds for road improvements and ,
to Individual members ot the staff.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made   $5000  for  waterworks extension.
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited. ��    ���    ���
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, 999; Editorial Booms (all depart-1     The valley around Frultvale Is look-
������*   '"������ ing  very   well, as  the  fruit  trees  are j
BMBUI.  991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, $4 per year, $1 for three months, 40c per] showing a larger ai
month. By mall, fl per year, 25c per month. It   is   expected   the
ADVERTISING  RATES on application ^^
mount of bloom and
re  will   be  a  very
much larger crop of upples and cherries than  last year.
.Magistrate John   M.   Scott died  at
Kamloops.    He was a prominent real-1
dent of that city and only 43 years of
age.   The remains were taken east for
The   twenty-seventh   annual   report
of the Vancouver board of trade has
It Is a valuable com pen-
Reeve Sullivan of Surrey municipality, headed a deputation from that
district who yesterday waited on lion.
XV. J. Bowser, attorney general on the
| matter of a  special  survey    of    the
I Johnson  roud.
��� ��     i
! Pierre Dlonne was found dead in
\ his shuck at Hossland on Friday by
; Cyril Knell.    He found deceased lying
on the floor.   Dlonne was a prospector
about lit) years of age and had lived
' in the city for a number of years.
��� ���    ���
Crilse, the fish which furnish fine
sport to enthusiastic trollers are reported to be running freely at Saanich
! inlet. The trout also are said to be
responding   to   the   wiles   of  the   fly
! fishermen  at Cowichan  lake.
��� ���    ���
M.   \V.   Thompson   of   Dixon   road,
Kliiirne, shot this week a bear weigh-   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
\ ing 400 pounds.   The animal had been j ing to reports received yesterday from
robbing Mr. Thompson's hennery and ^^^^^^
when killed was escaping into the
, hush, dragging a trap which had been
set for it.
Eyes, Tiring Easily,
Prove Eyestrain
Do not wait till serious trouble develops. Have
the strain removed. Properly adjusted Glasses will
do it.
We are experts in relieving eye-strain and guarantee satisfaction.
Refracting and Manufacturing Opticians.
40 Sixth Street New Westminster.
It is significant at a time when the American govern
ment ostensibly is looking to the South American media
tors for a settlement of the Mexican problem that a reso-1 ��,,,,��� iBSUed
lution should be introduced in the United States senate ��� <iium of business facts ami commer-
authorizing the president to increase the standing army!cial st3ti8tlcal in*�����atl��**
above the statutory limitation of one hundred thousand
men on the ground that at any moment the country may
need the "fullest and most effective use of the regular
army of the United States."
Such a move can have only one meaning���that the
American government places but the smallest confidence
in the ability of the A B C mediators to accomplish anything.
Were Uncle Sam dealing with a civilized country, the
situation would be different, but should Huerta see inevitable ruin in sight there is no telling to what length
his savage instincts might carry him in retaliating on
Americans in Mexico for the refusal of the American government to recognize his authority as president of the republic. Washington knows that Huerta cannot be trusted.
While the dictator outwardly agrees to mediation he would
not hesitate a moment to renew hostilities if he thought
there was anything to be gained thereby and therein lies
the necessity to have large forces ready at a moment's notice to invade Mexico and rescue foreigners in the event;   ....   ,.        ., .,.    ,  ., ,,   _
,  ,, , . || ,, ,.       r��       -j      a. I     Tlie \ernon city council has decided   ed to various markets, the chief one
of the worst coming, as well as the reason for President j to make*) grant of $750 to the vemon! being on toe prariea.
Wilson's evident doubts of the ability of the South Ameri-' h',ari of ^S.'0' ��}L8 *v,ear a"d. a i   Exceptional   activity   prevails
1.   , , i-  1      ,v   * ���/������      .- ��    ,1     i donation   of  S200  to  the   fund   being: throughout   the   Cowichan   Lake   dis-
can   mediators   to   accomplish   the   pacification   of   the  raised by the Vernon fire brigade for tStot   The Empire Ltj^r companyi
troubled republic across the Rio Grande. ithelr ani,ual celebration on June 3. j which, in conjunction with the cam-
  eron   Lumber company, has the con-
A   G,   T.   P.   passenger   train   was J tract to supply the Dominion govern-
TI .   ,     .    ���   , ,.,.,      .      , .      ���      .      ,      .       ; ditched seven miles west of Rose I>ake 1 ment   with   an   immense  quantity   of
Huerta S bUll-dOg  abllltV tO  hang On  IS  fast placing   on  Thursday.    C.  C.  Van   Arsdol.  di-  timber for the Toronto harbor works
him in the same class as the famous "sick man of Turkev."' c.lli���l'^bo7egtol,renal!,^eeT!ve,T,e!,;��', Is ,>xp'oltinK lts !'m't8 to a *"**�� ��:
I collar Done Bremen ana  receivea cuts   tent   than   ever   before.     Cars   carry
Accountant. Telephuiiu 11-117. Root*
11   Hurt   Hlock.
P. H. Smith. W. J. Oi,._���
Work   undertaken    II    city    and    outaMU
Slnta.   Jll-12   Weatialnater  Trust   Bids,
ion* 114.    P. O.  Iios  1ST.
R. P. O. BL ���f li, (j.. meet the first -and
llilril Friday ut 8 p.m.. I.al'or Temple,
Seventh ami Knvnl uvinue. A. Well*
Cray. Exulted Ruler; 1'. II. Smith Secretary.
and third Tuesday In each month at S
p.m. In thu Ijubnr Temple. Iluvld
Hoyle', Dictator; XV. J. Hi oven. Secretary^	
regular meeting of Amity lodge Ne.
17. I. O. O. P.. Is held every floods*
nlfht st I o'clock lo Odd Fellows* HaJL
corner Carnarvon and Eta-nth st recta.
Visiting brefhern nordlally Invite**.
II. W. Sangster, NO.; J. L. Watson.
T. O.; W. C. Coetham, p. u.. r
Ing secretary: J. W. aUcDonald.
cial secretary.
Distinct Revival in Trade Reported-
Much Logging in Some
���  Districts.
8.���There   Is   a   dis-
the    lumber    trade
throughout Vancouver Island, accord-
Victoria,   May
tinct  revival of
the different centres. Not for many
months have the mills been go busy ns
they are at present. The majority are
operating to their full capacity and
regular shipments are being forward-
haul, preparatory to being placed In
the halibut fishing Industry. It will
be remembered that the Active, which
was formerly under the American flag.
I wae seized by one of the Dominion
fishery patrol steamers when CSUSjbt
fishing within the three-mile area off
the west coast of Vancouver Island.
Her case was brought before the
admiralty court, ami the vessel, aud
all her gear, was ordered to be confiscated. About a month ago the Active was sold here by auction, the
successful bidder being Captain Dan
Woodward, of Victoria.
The Active is a trim schooner, pro- I
polled by gusollne engine, and is of ;
between forty and fifty tons register. '
Captain Woodward lias made appli-
cation to Ottawa to change tlie name
of the vessel, but by what name she :
will  be known has yet  to be decided
While she is on the Turpel ways the I
Active will have repairs made to her |
keel and other alterations will also be i
carried out.
It is expected that she will leave on
her initial fishing   trip   during   the
next few W) eks.
Bargains in
Building Supplies
W     E.    l'*Al.ES   *   CO.,   611-111    AONKS
street, opposite Carnagta library.  Mo��t
up-in-dote funeral imrlom In the oltv.
Specialists In hIi||i|,|i,c. '.mly louus-ani
in attendance, aiwuvh open, Day phone
I7(,   nlKlu   plume  81.
ter A Hanna. Ltd.)���Funeral director*
and embalmera. Parlors 401 Columbia
street.   New  Westminster.    Phone til.
ster Board ot Trade meets In ths boare
room, City Hall, aa follows: Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting
on the third Friday of February, liar.
�����������-��� -������ "tvember at 1 p.m. Am-
on ths third Friday mt
H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
August and  November at
ouul  meetings on 	
February.   C.   H.  Stuart
rlMi-re, Solicitors, etc.   It Lome Stress.
 -a- -   ��   corbould. K.
, D. MeColL
iirmi-iD,   CTi.llUllorS,   e
New  Westminster.
C.   J. R Urant   I
It's six hundred and ninety-nine years since King I ert
John signed the Magna Charta.   My, how time does fly.
on the head. Mrs. Marion Pateruon of
Vancouver, was slightly injured and
is now in the hospital at Prince Kup-
A Seattle burglar trying to escape jumped fifteen feet  McGregor,
through a window���and landed in jail. " LatblBJ
Next Sunday is to be "mothers' day" in Washington
state. When thing's come right down to brass tacks,
pretty nearly everyuay is mother's day.
The mayor and aldermanic hoard
of Kaslo formally took over the Koote.
nay Electric Light company's plant
on Thursday of last week, Mayor
Aldermen .f. Strachan, E |
m and O. 8trathearn, City
Clerk W. B. Hodder, 11. \V. Power and
A. McQueen went to the power plant
and Chief Electrician Cody set the
machineiy in  motion.
Fairbanks, Alaska, wants to hold a million dollar
fair. Say, why can't the doctors find a serum to cure this
From now on women in Russia will be allowed to hold
property. Up to the present about all they've been permitted to hold was their tongues.
Marconi, the wireless wizard, is to be created an
Italian senator. Evidently wire-pulling doesn't enter into
senatorial appointments down there.
| William King. Arthur Finn, Tom
Sullivan and Larry CJreen, loggers, and
Thomas Christian owner of a livery
ham at Lumby, have been arrested at
Vernon and lodged in jail on suspicion
of heing implicated in the murder of
James Heryman, a logger, aged 40,
whose dead body wan found on Sunday
31 miles from Vernon, on Lhe Cherry
creek road.
*    ���    ��
Ex-councillor Edward Gold of South
Vancouver opened his campaign for
the reeveship at a meeting in Kalen-
berg hall Thursday night. His speech,
which lasted for two hours and was
frequently interrupted by applause
was featured by the announcement
that henceforth, out of deference to
the working man, he would not light
| the Main street paving contract.
Arrangements were made at a meet-1
ing  of  the  citizens  of  Htirton   for   a '
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mmW^m^mWmwmm���mwmm^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m\ May 24 celebration.   Committees were :
' chosen and alreadv funds are coming
The Dominion government is talking an increase m in freely. The Ladies' aid win he re-
judges' salaries.   Why not give the jurymen a little con- gj-jg* ��' JSSJ��* STMK
sideration at the Same time? | grounds.     It  is  hoped   to   arrange   a
ing logs are being dispatched from
the lake to Crofton every day. It is
expected that some announcement
concerning the construction of a large
mill at the latter point will he made
in th" near future. The island Lumber
company, which has tracts of timber
at Cowichan, is also logging and keeping its mill at Duncan engaged.
The Newcastle Lumber company,
which controls large tracts of timber
in the Coombs district, is another con-
| cern w'aioh Is working full blast. A
large staff i f artisans and workmen
is engaged in the lumber and shingle
I mill at N':noose. This concern is
controlled by he Merchants' Trust and
Trading company, the headquarters
of which are situated in Victoria. With
the lumber Industry and the encouragement also that Is being offered to
settlers, this section of the Island
is one of th" most active and prosperous of the entire west at present.
At Albernl alBo the lumber business is flourishing. The mill located
there is dispatching between six and
tight cars a day to different eastern
markets. Altogether the lumber is
moving freely off the island and the
prospect is brighter than it has been
, for weeks.
From manufacturer to consumer direct. You effect an enormous saving
on Windows, Doors, Mouldings, Porch
Columns, etc., Uullding Paper anel
Builders' Hardware by buying direct
by mall. Note these prices:
G-cross Panel Doors for light stain
or   oil    $170
5-cross Panel Doors for dark stain
or   paint    $1.50
Window   Frames    $1.30
Door  Frames    $1.35
Everything in  stock for  Immediate
shipment.    We sell to anyone.    Ship
Write for New  Illustrated Catalogue.
A.B. Cashing Lumber Co.,
804 Powell St. Vancouver, B.C.
ai-iaw. Solicitor, etc. Solicitor for tbe
Uunk of V ancouver. Offices: Merchants Bank Building, New Wests-duster, B.C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
address "Johnston." Code Westers
W. P. HANSF-ORD, BARRISTER. Solicitor, etc., Colllster Block, corner Columbia anu McKensle streets, New Wesrt-
mlnste-r. B.C. I'. O. Box 285. Telephone 344.
slde ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk., Columbia street.
NeV Westminster, B. C. Cable address
"Whiteside." Western Union. P. a
Drawer 100. Telephone ����. W. J.
Whiteside, st 0.1 H. U Edmonds. D.
J. STII.WELL CLOTB. Barrlster-M-law.
solicitor, etc.; corner Columbia) IM
McKensle streets. New Westn-dnstef,
B. C.   P. O. Bos 111.     Telephone   71*.
I-   P,   HAMPTON    BOLE,
Solicitor    and    Notary.
            ,.    Offloes     Hart
Mock.  SS  Lome   street. New  Weauats-
ster. B. C.
Barristers and Solicitors. SSI ie SIC
Weetmlnster Trust Block. Q. E. Martin. W. O. MoQuarrte and George V.
The Wilson wedding at the White House on Thursday
laracterized as a "quiet affair."   There were "only"
baseball frame with Nakusp on that
date and tennis will also be provided.
A dance will be held in th- town hall
in the evening.
Confiscated Active, Aucticn��d in This
City, Will Sail Out of Victoria
to Halibut Banks.
one hundred guests.
Hurnaby has a new problem on her hands^: Some of
her school trustees want to resign and can't
naby is without a problem it will be a chilly day.
Recently   Un'   provincial   executive
had  before  it the  matter  of the  application of Courtenay, the promising
town on the line of the E. and N
way In the Coinox district for li tters
When  Bur- I of incorporation.   Tiie government has
j decided to appoint Herbert E. Robert-
I sin, barrister, of Vancouver a  royal
I commissioner  under  the  Public   Bn-
| qulrles   ict to make a  full  investiga
Captain Dan Woodward, of Victoria,
who purchased tho power fishing
schooner Active for approximately $4,-
000, when the confiscated vessel was
rail-! placed under the .hammer in this city,
proposes to operate the little craft in
the   fishing  business   out  Of   Victoria.
The Active was recently taken over
to Vlotorla f run New Westminster,
and she is now lying alongside Tur-
pel's  ways at the capital,  where bhe
One Wardner man is suing another for twenty-seven
thousand dollars' dafiiages for libel. Didn't know they
even thought about such big sums up in Wardner.
The U. S. congress wants to adjourn.   No wonder;
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ nibition and
frage, to say nothing of the Mexican proposition.
tion of the.situation and report to the' will be hauled out this week for over-
government. Quite a num'iier of ������"���-���'��� : _ ������
lents are opposed to the application.
Ii It. McMillan, chief of the forestry branch of the provincial government   has   announced   that,   at   a
COAL MININO rlsbta of the ^JMZ^L_
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan ana Alberta,
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a portion of the Province
of British Columbia, mar be leased for a
term of twenty-one years at an annual
rental uf II an acre. Not more than 2(11
teres will he leesed to one applicant.
Application for a lease must he
' by the applicant lo person to the Agvne
��r Sub-Agent of the district tn which tax
rlKhts applied for are situated.
In nurveyed territory the land must ss
lescrlbed   by   sections,   or   legal   sub-JI-rt-
slons of sections, and In um-urveyed ter-
. rltory   the   tract   applied    for    shall    se
i itnkeil out by the applicant himself.
Eiuh application must be accompanied
by a fee of IS which will he refunded II
the rlghta applied for are not available,
Tn   view  nf  thp  inflllR. ' Dul  not  otherwise.    A  royalty  shall   be
in  View OI   Lfie  illUUS     p^,, on  the merch,nU,(le output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine ahall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
iccnuntlng for the full quantity of
,.i     ..... .   _.    .  an(j   p       ttsSl
bbSbbbI     <���      .-   ,,    -,    ,        .i '"���'   ""���������""���   ir   me   ceu)   mining    lights
tn   thP   fact   that   in   tn?    ��enot being operated such returns shouM
Past  many manUtaCtlir-       mi lease will Include the coal  mlolo.
* ���1    _4~     U.,,.,->     |,nnn ' *lshts  only,   but  the   leasee  will   be  poring     plantS     nave     Deen   mltted   to    purchase    whatever    avaHSbk
loft to the community Sg^lBn^^'Waa .TS
owing to the exorbitant; ^*^Zr��L> epp.io.ue. �����.��
f��viVp�� fiPITianded IOr ! "e nma? ',? lhe 8ecn*'��rr of the Depart
iriteS ULIllctuucu iv/i ���,���,,, of |ne InteT|or Ottawa, or to any
and      VOUr    Careful    at-    4��",t or Bub-Agent of  Dominion  lAads.
s a ��� h       J    1 stsUrf*  I W.   W.   CORT,
tention  IS inVlted  tO  tne i Deputy Minister of the Interior.
* u        :_���. M. B.���Unauthorised publication of tbm
lOlIOWing.                                       | tdvertlsement will not be oald for.
trial    development    in
Greater Vancouver, ae-
... , j ��� ��,->.,",,in us   mr  uie  run  quantity   or  mer
ttial and in prOSpeCt, and ! "tePfWa   coal   mined   and   imy   the   roy-
.       7, ��       '     ,    **,    -.    ,i   .    iHy   thereon,   if  the  coal   mining   rights
���b^bIsbbbbbsbbI bbbbbbbbbbbTI   * , asTafaTI e "r  ""'  forest   board,  the  jm-
look what its up against, prohibition and woman s SUI- p0rtant decision was reached to ex-
Mount Vesuvius and Mount Aetna have become ac-'���*��������- h;**'-*-��� t"'*lke ��*�� ^T^
,,,,., i r ,,     T     ,. .  i forr;   st.irting  fires.     This   nppln s
tive again, probably at the order of the Italian government
on account of the approach of the tourist season.
If the British Liberal party thinks it can shut up Joe
Martin by repudiating him, it's got another guess coming.
The only way to keep Fighting Joe quiet is to dynamite
him and burn the fragments.
empt the  greater part of the  Fraser
I valley     from    the  operations  of  the
system which compels farmers and all
the whole section along the Kraser
west of Yalo. The; only areas in thia
section of the province where the permit is to remain in force are those
with>n a mile of Dominion timber
Iowa Lumber &
limber Co., Ltd.
A new cabinet has been formed in Egypt. Wonder
if the common run of people there are any happier under
modern politics than they were when the crook of a pha-
raoh's finger was law.
The Dominion government is_ to make good the losses
of depositors in a defunct ban! "        "   ^^^^^
would adopt that attitude towards the easy marks who
drop their good coin in mining propositions there'd be no
food left for debate on a government surplus.
Is there any connection between the two recent announcements from China that a tobacco monopoly is
to be established there and that piracy, after years of
guiesence, is showing signs of life again.
K. O. S. Sohofield. provincial archivist, announces that he has been so
fortunate as to secure from England a
most valuable collection of rare photographs of scenes in British Columbia
n the early days. One large volume
contains the collection of an officer of
the f-imous flying souadron which
made a tour of the world In 1862. This
series contains a large number of almost priceless views of Victoria and
Esqu'malt and mining scenes In the
 ''n-il.'oo   district.     A   second   volume,
Tf the federal authorities  Just  r,,(:'eiv,<-  from ���an��<-!'er source.
li me leutidi duuiuriiie.-,  conlaln8 ., Himi|ar maBniflcent series
of viiws and scenes along the coast
and in the interior of the province. A
t'lird collection contains n large num-
ber of photographs taken in the sixties
by Dr. Dalley, one of the pioneer pho-1
toj;r;ipliers of Victoria.
Read The News
When you are ready to re-
shingle your house call or
I 'phone us for Special Prices
| on XXXXX Shingles. These
| are a little thicker than
'��� XXX and will last longer.
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
New Wellington
Offles, 654 Front Street,
Feet of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 10*.
Granville Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begble Street.
Oaggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Boa ���� Dally News Blda
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guarantee*.
SI McKerttle St.
1 -*���*���
���H"*****-** ^fmlAmAmm
��� urn
hi --   m
SATURDAY,   MAY 9,  1914.
Mr. and Mrs, Claud Hill, who have
] lately  sold  their  house  iu   Hurnaby,
jhave taken  apartments In  Vancouver
I for  thp  present,  but  will  spend   the
summer months en Vancouver Island
Mrs. ('overdale Watson is spending
the  week  in  Chilliwack.
' receiving a  warm  welcome  from  his
| many   friend!  throughout   the    prov-
Mlss Jones, of Charlottetown, P, ES.
I., is lhe guest of Mr. and Mrs. I). H.
MaeGowan.  Second  street.
By D. Maxwell Merry
Advertising educates the readers of advertisements by directing their attention to the merchandise they refer to. The fact that the manufacturer has expended and is expending considerable
sums on the publication of advertisements on his
goods, gives him a strong interest in maintaining
their quality. He has a stake in the public appreciation of their merits, and he cannot afford to let the
quality deteriorate. The great standby of the adver- jSJ^f tmf J
User of proprietary articles���goods that are known
by a trade mark and can be recognized anywhere���    *]**��� T "��� p��F"n a"d "? " '/
" ����� I Major WOTS tea hostesses of tho week
is  the   fact   lhat   purchasers   know   that   theser?!?th"?���M��*��r*��lne,i***���������� I-*1'"*
* loll oronto.
advertised goods will be the same wherever and
whenever they are bought.
Or. Jdtnes Ellard, of New  York, ban
returned to the coast on a visit after
Miss  Homer  is  spending  tbe  week i a.1'������f.bis.'?"? "f���_yt'V<:���,1_year8; a"d. IH
| with friends in  Victoria.
��    ���    *
Mrs. K. Crake and the Misses Crake! ��    .    ���
will  not  receive  on  Wednesday     nor.     Krm,,. ���  ,.������,������,,���   80n of Mr  ���������
again this season. ^    ^ j Mra    M    ���   CotBWOrUli    of    Seventh
Street, won the second position In the
���Mrs. J.  H.  Foster,  Hamilton  street, j second   year's   examinations   lu   agri
wil   Ireceive  Thursday   the   14th   and   culture     at   the   (iuelph   Agricultural
not again  this  season. j college. Ontario, where he is to con-
���   ���    * I tinue for the third and fourth years.
Mrs.   A.   BL   White    has     returned | ���    ���    ���
home after a visit of several month,;   .,-������,  lntormaJ  lemil8 dan(.,. Kivi.���
with ber parents In London, Ont.       ||ut evening in St. George's ball was
one of the most delightful events of
tile week aud was enjoyed by a large
number of guests. The courts on
Third street  will  be  formally opened
,,      ,,,,���*.".', .     , ! f'jr  the  s* ason  this  afternoon,  when
Mrs. RobO Sutherland received yes- , ,,,., wl��� b    R(TV(l(J b    lh(1 w    m(.m
terday   afternoon   for   the   first   time : u,,ri of t|1(,  -n,-
since moving Into her new* home, 624 ��� ' *    ���
Sixth avenue.
���    *    ���
Mrs.   Winterbourne  of   Seattle   will
homo   tomorrow   after
,eek  with  her mother.
Mrs,   .1.   W.   Harvey,   "The  fllen."
Thi' opera house which has been
Closed this week, will reopen o,i Monday evening next when "The Players'
Co." will pui on "The Chorus Latdy,"
anil later in the week McKee rankln'a
"Peaceful Valler." On Monday. May
im. and two following nights, with
daily matinees, the Scott .pictures
will be the attraction and promise to
be particularly Interesting in every
���   f   ���
About seventy members and interested   friends   of   the   (iirl'B   Athletic
Very slight alteration in the quality of the goods
will do incalculable damage to an advertiser because
of the large interests he has at stake.   I know of a
case in which the distributor of a trade marked article  imported  from   the   II. S. found that something had gone wrong with the goods, and as there
was a brisk demand so that he could not afford to
���stop the sale while he wired for better stock from
the other side of the line, he went to work to try to
bring the article up to standard by mixing into it an
ingredient of a vastly superior quality.  He produced
by this means a really better article than he had
been selling.   The flavor of it happened to be a little
different, and although a comparatively small quantity of it was put on the market in its altered state,
it cost him many thousands of dollars to recover
the loss of trade he experienced through the temporary change and had to call in, as far as he wasj
able, everything he had issued during the period of
There are many article of staple consumption-���
articles which every drygoods house, chemist and
provision dealer handles���in which the competition
of producers has led to conisderable deterioration of
quality. But in nearly all of these lines there have
been one or two manufacturers who have declined
to be the purveyors of deteriorated goods, sold in
competition to domestic and foreign produce, and
have instead preferred to register a trade mark for
their own goods and to advertise them by that trade
Their advertising ahs educated the public to demand good quality in the commodity.
I have previously pointed out in these articles
that it is not good to advertise a store unless it is a
good one.   The owner would much better spend a
little money on making it good before beginning to
advertise.   When he has done that���when he hp<=
made his store as good as it can be made-he can
advertise it fearlessly and the business he gets will
pay back his expense.   Neither is it alone in the way
he keeps his store but the act of advertising educates
and stimulates the store-keeper.   It also gives him a
more active interest in his business.   He is not content with sitting still with the door open to wait for
people to come for just what they may happen to
need.   If he advertises at all ably he tries to bring
people to the store wanting a specific thing.   He
lets the people of the town know what he has to sell
by offering something fresh every week, taking care
(because he must take care, and he knows he must
take care) to have the best that the market can offer.
His advertising improves his store and improves
the things that he sells in it.   No doubt he attributes
thee improvements to his own energy and resourcefulness and quite right, too.   But the force which
stimulates his energy and resourcefulness is the ad-
The News is the Morning
Paper of New Westminster
and the Fraser Valley. See
that your business announcements appear in its columns.
Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Lolley, of Toronto, are spending a month at the
coast and while in New Westminster
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. ft. I Orub of Vancouver motored to New
Pearson. i Westminster last evening and   spent
* ���    �� | an  hour  at   the  Y.  W.  C.  A.,  where
Mrs. 0.  A.  Welsh will  give an "at  delicious   refreshments   were   served
home" on Wednesday afternoon, May before the pany returned to Vancou-
18, from 8 to 6 p.m. iu aid of the ! ver. Friends of the club loaned their
Women's Educational club. All are ; motors for the occasion, a Btnall fe>e
invited. i being charged  for tlie  ride over,  the
* ���    ��� I result  netting  a    most    satisfactory
Mrs. Q.  H.  MacGowan  will receive'sum for the club tre'asury,
on eWdnesday, 18th, for her   neloe i
Misa Hughes Jones, who lias arrived A merry party motored to Haney
from Auckland, N.Z., to spend the on Tuesday evening where they were
summer, I the  guests  of  Mr.  and   Mrs.   Ilriina-
* ���   �� combe.   Among those   who   enjoyed
Mrs. iioweii. Third avenue, enter-j this festivity were Mr. and Mrs. (i.
tainod st a most enjoyable tea last Bruce Corbould. Mr. and Mrs. Swan,
week in honor of her daughter, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ardagh, Mr. and Mrs.
Young, who has since left for her XV. (!. MaeQuarrie. Mr. and Mrs. Kd-
home  in  Montana. dy,   Mrs.   Yuengllng,   Miss   Corbould.
Miss McKenzie, Miss Eleanor Ilrown.
and Mr. Hrycc Brown.
.    *    .
A number of croquet enthusiasts
enjoyed a game at the Second street
courts yi st> .day afternoon when tea
was lerved by Mrs. Heatty and Mrs.
Hill. Others present were Mrs. Win.
Wolfenden, Mrs. Shadwell. Mrs. J.
Alec Cunningham. Mrs. ('barb-son.
Mrs. (iwynn, Madame (lauvreau, and
Mrs. Colllster. The formal opening
of the courts for the summer will
take place on Saturday, May 16, when
a very pleasant afternoon Is anticipated.
���    *    ��
Mrs. Ilonald S. Itashleigh was the
hostess at a inosi enjoyable tea on
Wednesday afternoon when her pretty
rooms were thronged with guests
from ?, until 6 o'clock. Receiving
with Ihe hosti'ss was Mrs. J. H.
Foster, in whose honor tlie event whs
arranged. Those assisting Mrs. Itashleigh ln looking after her guests were
her mother, Mrs. J. W. Harvey, and
her sister. Mrs. Winterbourne of Seattle. Master Arthur ttoy opened the
door for the visitors. In the tea room
the table wbb most attractive, centered with a brass candelabra with pink
candles and surrounded by small
vases tilled with pink carnations. Mr..
J. Cunningham Ilrown and Mr . l, j
S. Curtis poured tea and coffe" during
the firtt hour and later their places
were taken by Mrs. Yuengliug and
Mrs. 0. K. Seymour. The Ice cream
tables on the cool verandah were in
charge of Mrs. llalloch and Mrs. (Dr.i
Wilson. The girls assisting were:
Miss Warwick, Miss Curtis, Miss Florence Curtis, Miss Gertrude Brown
and Miss Nora Armstrong. Among
the guests noticed were Mrs. Charle-
son, Mrs. T. 11. PearBon, MrH, (Jrey,
Mrs. A. M. Herring, Mrs. Dickenson.
Mrs. F. M. Knglish, Mrs. Diamond,
Mrs J. H. Grant, Mrs. Oaynor. Mrs
Crake, the Misses Crake, Mrs. J.
Stilwell CJUte, Mib. Ellion, Mrs. Sive-
wrtght, Miss Hansford, the Misses
Henderson, Mrs. Colllster, Miss de-
Wolfe Smith. Mrs. Corrigan, Miss
Corrigan, Mrs. MacGowan. Miss
.lones, Mrs. Harry Ramsay, Mrs. XV.
G. MaeQuarrie. Mrs. Burnett. Mrs.
eat into the profits. These obstacle*
to trade Will be overcome by the opea-
lng of thp Panama canal.
Mr Hagermeister speaks of the situation in Kurope as settling down aud
of a more friendly spirit being evident
betwei n the great powers. He believes
no fear need be entertained of war.
unless among tbe turbulent little Balkan states.
Kor many years Mr. Hagermeister
has lived in South Africa and has an
intimate acquaintance with both tlie
Germany and English possessions
there. Since 1912, ie gays, there has
been a decided forward movement
both in the Transvaal and also in
Rhodesia, It is not a country for a
man without, say, ��2,000 capital, ait
farming Is on a large scale, and If on
undeveloped land, some years must
elapse before returns begin to come
in. He believes that ultimately Portugal and Kngland must come to some
terms by which the eastern ports may
become'British. The Portuguese can
do nothing with their possseslons.
and they would be the natural outlets
for the exports of the country.
This is Mr. Ilagermeister's first visit to the American continent and he
expressed himself as astonished at
the large markets for goods which
have already sprung up on this Pacific seaboard.
A   Few   Timely   Suggestions  for   the I
Correst Wearing of Veils.
Whether we like it or not we can I
get away  from  the fact that fashion
Is one of the topics tha'   average hu-
man  beings  discuss  more  often, and
St greater length than any other. Not
women   only���men  are   interested  in
dress, too. and a pood many of them
sum  up  and  crlt.lc.ise   feminine   faBh- I
ions  with a penetration  which sug-
gents they have devoted a good deal i
of  time   to  observing  and   ponderlm; ]
over   them;   and   as   for   their     own
I clothes! they may say what they like,
bm   it is  a  fact  that     iu    a    rather
I ��ham< faced, hole  in the  corner sort
of  a   way  they   discuss  trousers  and |
waistcoats, socks and spats, every bit
as  earnestly  aB  women  do  hats and
frocks.    As following  tlie fashions is
', mostly a question of dollars and cents
it behooves those of us who belong to
j the     great     family   ol   "Hardups"  to
study   carefully   the   details   of   dress.
which   arter nil  determine   tbe  smart-
ni'ss  ot our appearance.     Take a   veil
for   instance.      Klr��t      discover
part fouler
I.loydmlnster, Alta., May 7.���Guests
to the number of 80 Including the representatives of both the Saskatchewan
and Alberta governments, railway
magnates and lesser dignitaries, met
at a banquet tonight to honor J. C
Hill and sons, three times winners
and now absolute owners of the Colorado trophy for the world's best oats
and Charles H. Barrett, who performed the same feat in regard to the provincial championship trophy of Alberta
and the Brackman-Ker trophy for
milling oats.
A. J. -\\ynard, president of the
board of trade, acted as toast master.
In responding to the toast of the evening to the trophy winners, J. C Hill
told how he and his sons 1 d striven
to gain the quality of oats which had
proved much superior when measured.
against these from all the American
���tor 15 years-
Tile Standard Skin 2 jmedy
Frederic    T.
Hill, Druggist. New
New, Spare-time Profession for   Men
and Women���One Man Makes
$3500 in Six  Months.
the    men    and
a  new   profession.
Owing  to   the l.rge number ol nevr
"')')'  / motion  picture  tbenrrcm  which  are bt*~
,-lls  are   In   fashion ��� ��not- ilng opeaf,^     throughout     the country.
lv or  lacy, plain or wehhy.  whether  thePe is offered
black or white or the same color as   wolnt,���   ot   today.
the   hat   are   h.'ing   worn���and   lilt n | namely,   that   ol   writing   moving  picket oiD   that suits you In whatever '*= | ture    plays.    Producers    are    paying
the style.    Next put on your hat aj | rrom j36 lo $150 for eachscenario ao-
the  fashionat
on   your   veil   ir
e  angle  and   then   put Joepted, upon  which they can  build a
in  the   latest   way,   for   naolo p\ay_
" $3500 in Six Months.
As it only requires a few hours'
time to construct a complete play,
you can readily see the Immense
possibilities in this work.
One man.
Miss Tana Vaughn, leading lady with "The Players Co." who will be
seen in Rose Stahl's rreatest crejtion. "The Chorus Lady," at the Opera
House, commencing  Monday.  May  11.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches  Throughout  ths  Province  of   British  Columbia.
Savings Oeii��<-tment at all Branches Deposits of One Dolls.- end
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited halt yearly
Drafts snd Travellers' Cheques sold, payable tn all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK. General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK. Manag��r
there is even a fashion In putting on
a veil.    Jttft now the correct tiling is
to draw the veil together at the back
and  pin it to one's hair at  the neck.
Do  all   this   and   behold   the     result.
Here   is  another  idea   which   I   know 1 wn0  Rave   t(le  i(|ea  a  tryout,   writes
von  will  consider    most    attractive: : t-iat ne e;i.ned  $3500 in  six months.
Put a flower on the handle of   your   ^ -3 possible  for an intelligent per-
Bunshade,  a  single   bloom  to  match   Jon Ul meet witn equa- glICcess.
the ones in your hat. Que feature    of the business which
And now just a word about the new . ,',<,���',| appeal to everyone, is the the
stoles and ruches which are taking | work may be done at home In spare
the place of furs at this time cf the > t|me Nf) literary ability is required
year. What are known as ���composed | Bnd women 'iaTe as Breat as oppor-
Stoles" are essentially new. and are | tunity as men. Ideas for plots are
beinn worn mor.' than anything, fol- l
lowed vers closely, however, by a flat j
ruche fashioned either of tulle or
(���hot tiffeta. The stole we are speak-1
Ing of is of mole grey uinoo trimmed
with ostrich feathers, in tone, the
ends finished with satin ribbon and a]
handsome chenille tassel. These are |
made In any soft material and may
either match the gown or be In a-
contrasting color.
Next we k 1 shall tell of a pretty ,
n- w design for   one    of   the latest 1
*������ rotoa 1 id will also tell you some-
thins ab ut beads, which, by the byn
',11 the rage at the present time.;
Plnall ���   Just one last word of ad |
Do  nol   nigh, el   trying   these 1
Itteas until they become general,
all   It   is   the  new   touches
which  make the costume, but, above j
all th-ngs. do not adopl a new fashion (���imply because it is the fashion,
hut   first  study  carefully  your  own
particular type and then choose the
Style   which  suit.*   I-.
constantly turning up, and may be
put In sceneario form and sold for a
ncod price.
Particulars Sent FREE.
Complete   particulars  of  this  most
Interesting and profitable    profession
may be had  FREE OK CHARGE by
sending a post card to
Photo-Play Association
in v.
fi r  at'ti-i
invite the ladies of this city to  inspect  their  spring stock of  the
'atest  fabrics and  styles.    Special price for two weeks only $3.r> and
$40.    We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Rills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery.   We deliver where you want it, In any quantity, large
or small. ,      . .
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department. Phone 890.
Teutcnic   Shipping   Firm   Anticipates
Great Expansion of Trade on
Opening of Canal.
Victoria, .May 8.���Carl Hagermeister, who represents a large firm of |
shippers in Germany, many with offices at Herlin and Vancouver, is paying the coast a visit this week looking over conditions here. Ills firm is
convinced that, with the opening of
the Panama canal t'.'.ere must tome a
field for German goods here by the
shorter mid cheaper transportation afforded. At present an importer in
British Columbia lias always some
three consignments en the road between the two countries whether they
come by the Suez canal or the trans-
Panama route, ami if a transcontinental railway handles the goods the rates
It will be occupied daily by the
of the
Western Supply
Spring Suitings Just arrived. See
them. Terfect ht and workmanship
guaranteed. Prices from $18.00 up.
701 Front Street.
SATURDAY,  MAY 9.  1914.
Fresh Fruits and
Goosebei r:e s, box  15c
Strawberries,  2  boxes    35c
New Zealand Pears, 3 for ..25c
Hanaims.   dui.en    30c
Onuses,  sweet  and  juicy. 2
dozen        25c
And  ranging in size up to.  60c
California Grape Kruit, large,
ll for     25c
Florida   Russet Grape  Kruit,
large, 2 for 25c
Fancy  Lemons, dozen    25c
Asparagus, per lb 15c
Cucumbers,  large, each   ...  15c
Head  Lettuce,  3 for    25c
Leaf  Lettuce, each      5c
Radishes, 2  hunches      5c
Green  Onions,  2  bunches   . .  5c
Rhubarb, 7 lbs 25c
Coooanuts, each  15c
.Spinach.  Ib     5c
Model Grocery
108 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 11111���
Local News
i alter running aground on Monday op-
I posite l.ougheed and Abernethy's mill.
Horses Sold at Auction.
At the city market yesterday morn-
Progressive  Meeting. ''"K several heavy teams were sold at
The   Progressive      association   will j auction, prices being as high as |890
in.it  nexl   Monday  night for the pur-; ll,r   a   team.     Light   horses   sold   for
prices as low as $81
Millinery special Friday and Satin
day. Smart triniiuul hats for $.7.
great values. Mrs. Agivt, 59 SiMh
Will Climb Mt. Grouse.
A party of boys and girls from the
Y. M. C. A. and the Ixird Kelvin
school bave made arrangements for
Climbing Grouse mountain today,
starting this morning at 8 o'clock
They intend to return late iu the
pose  of discussing  plans  for the annual  meeting to be held next month.
Insure in the Koyal, the world's
largest tire company. Agent, Alfred
\V.  McLeod,  tbe Insurance  Man.
Naturalization Dates.
On Tuesday, May 12, Judge Howay
will  hold  his  regular sittings for the
purpose  of  dating  trials and applications for naturalization,
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than
coal. Harry Davis ft Co., Phones
880 and 411 L. 13838)
New Masonic Home.
('. ntral Park Masons are lilting up
a Masonic hall at lhe corner of lloun-
dary road and Kingsway in the building formerly known as the Pioneer
Drunks Forfeit Bail.
For house cleaning help phone 588. in the police court yesterday morn
Our electric vacuum cleaner gives ing two drunks forfeited bail and a
entire satisfaction.    Denny &  Hops.     I negro  who   was  found  In  a  rooming
(3348) I house   with  a  lliyeur-nld  white  girl.
  | was   given   two  months  hard    labor.
The girl  was given an hour to leave
can before that date In the evidence
it was made out by the ptoseontion
that no less than 1607 persons sub-
scribe'd to the scheme, many of whom
paid in $25 alter which the collectors
��� Called to call The two men came up
| before his honor .lodge Howay In
county court two weeks ago, both
el< cting for trial  by jury.
Hospital Opening Delayed.
Active Steps are being taken by the
Soya! Columbian hospital Ljuni to
(3388) i open the new building by the first of
next month. More delay in the arrival of necessary furniture is being
experienced but this is expected within a week's time. Onoe the old build
ing is vacated it will be torn down hy
the contractors in order to make way
for the west  wing yet to be built.
Look well to your health for in that
lies the real secret of youth ami
happiness. Winowoisor Beer is an aid
to health because it is a food and u
tonic���an aid to the digestive organs
Ask your dealer for a case or 'phone
L75,   Westminster   Brewery.       13322)
Another River Industry.
Another industry is being promoted
for the Fraser river in the shape of
the Fraser River Salt and B*resh Fish
Packing Co. An endeavor '-.ill be
made to procure a site at Port Mann.
Eat at the Royal cafe, Dominion
Trust building. Good cooking; good
service. (3320)
St. Barnabas' Club Concert.
Bodies May Not Be Found.
.1. W. Mcintosh, of this city, in a
i lake about four miles from whose'
ranch above Port Hammond John
Thompson and Charles Auvache were
! drowned last Saturday, says he be-
| lieves that if the men lost their liven
i in the deep portion of the lake their
I bodies are unlikely to be recovered,
1 Mr. Mcintosh says the lake Is more
: than one hundred feet in depth In
I some  places and  the  water  ice cold.
Makes Generous Offer.
Charles B.  llanford,  the    eminent
Shakespearian  actor,   who   tells    the
j "undying tale'- of Capt. Scott's heroic
South   Pole  dash   during  the   filming
of the expedition   pictures    at    the
For Thought and Pocketbook
Ladies' Kid Oxfords <���> 4  AA
!'"���  pair   $1.80
Ladles'  Patent  Pumps. m+t%  ��-%���*%
Her pair  $2.90
Boys Strong  School   Bouts. g, *   ��m
I'er pair   51 .TS
Mens Dress Oxfords. fl>��%   A s��
I'er pair        4>0.40
Mens Durable Work  Hoots. m> 4    m.mm
'���"'���p**1*- $1.95
641  Front Street.
Open Saturday Night Till 11 O'clock.
Will be held in St. Barnabas' Parish   opera house on  the evenings of May
i hall. Fifth avenue and Tenth street
jon Monday, May 11, at S p.m. First
class program. Admission 25 cents.
Songs by Mrs. Godfrey. Mr. A. (i. Williams, Mr. Coombes and other local
artists. (3350)
IS. 10 and 2(1, has offered half the
Monday evening receipts to the
local Anti-tuberculosis Society as an
appreciation of tlie work being done
by  that  organization.
Have You
Made Your
do you intend to leave your affairs in such a manner that
when you are gone your heirs
and representatives will divide
your estate after an expensive
Come in and let us,discuss this
matter with you and suggest a
more equitable and less costly
way of disposing of your estate.
Removing Obstructions.
Chief inspector K. ll. Cunningham
stated last evening that work on removing obstructions from the river
between Yale and North Bend is progressing    very    favorably,    He ah
Erecting  New  Entrance.
The  B. C.  E.  R.    has    commenced
operations   at  Central   park   erecting
I an  ornamental  arch  at  the entrance
,|io   the   park.    The  company   is   held
I gressing     very     favorably.     He   also
said  that a crew Of 160 men are busy j
on the slide at the eastern end of |
Hell's Gate.
Mortgages���Alfred \V. McLeod
by an agreement with the park commissioners to beautify the park entrance  in  return   for a  strip  of land
to he used as a siding.
Improvements Cause Demand.
The new school at South Westminster, the establishment of a pure
water system and a better car service
has made a wonderful advance in applications for building lota In that
prettily situated suburb of New
Place your order for strawberry
boxes with us and be sure of getting
the best. We specialize in fruit packages. British Columbia Manufacturing Co., New Westminster,       i:;325i
Want  to   Orpani-��e.
'.     An  agitation  has  been   started    in
| Abbotsford  towards  the formation  ot
a  municipality  taking  in  Abbotsford
Sumas and  Matsqui.    At the present
J time  it  is  unorganized  territory  under the control of the provincial government.    The matter will be discuss-
I ed  at the  next  meeting of the  Ab-
i botsford board of trade*.
Swimming classes for young women
h"ld Tuesdays and Fridays from 3 tc
4 o'clock at the Y. M. C, A. Capable
instructor. Class lessons per month
$1.50; two months. $2.60; three
months. $3.00. For information and
membership apply General Secretary
Y.  W. C. A. 17,348)
Anti-tuberculosis Meeting,
A   meeting of the Anti-tuberculosis
I Society  will  be held  in  the city  hall ; 	
on  Monday afternoon at 2.30    o'clock1 Former  Resident Killed,
at which Dr, Thompson, of Vancou- Word was received here yesterday
ver, will deliver an address. All in-; of the death of W. 11. Howe, who was
terested in the society's work are In-1 accidentally   killed   at   Manassa,   111..
vlted to att< ml.
Wood.    Wood.   Wood.
Good factory wood (dry) at Superior
Sash & Door Factory.    Phone 503.
The  Iris  Safely  Floated.
The  tug Iris of the Brunette Mlll.-
was raised from  the scene of Its immersion   opposite   Eburne,  on  Thursday morning by the usual procedure
of hoisting  by  means of scows.    II
was  towed  up the river and safel*!   j0h���
berth) d at  the  Brunette  wharf later   Mapie
in   the  day.    The  Iris  heeled    over
on March 4 last. While putting r
signal in place deceased was struck
by a train that was rounding j curve
and died an hour later. The Lite Mr.
Howe w-as well known in i s city
as a B. C. E, R. signal engiin r, and
was a popular member member of
the B. C. E. R. baseball team.
Will Give Popular Dances.
Manager  J.   V.   Henderson   of   the
Russell hotel has made arrangements
i for a large number of guests that he
expects to be present at the dausanl
j to be held there this afternoon.    Be-
! side tlie dansant. the tango and other
popular dances will be shown by Mrs
M. Lester and  C.  Ralnsford. Guests
will be allowed Io dance between the
special  numbers.    The tables are being attractively arranged in the dining room of the hotel.
Surrey Desires a New Survey.
Headed by Reeve Sullivan, a deputation representing Surrey municipality visited Victoria on Thursday
where they interviewed the attorney-
general in respect to the straightening of the Johnston road. The municipality desires to improve the highway but several of the fanners have
made objections against what they
claim would be a loss of land caused
by the straightening operations. A j
re-survey is asked by the municipality, Sum- ��� to bear the expense and
assess the settlers aff'oted for the
amount. The government has promt* I
ed to send an engineer to look over
the ground before taking definite
tion.     \V.  (1.   McQuarrie.  solicitor
the   municipality,   accompanies
Carnarvon   and   Blackwood:   Rev.    F.
w. Kerr, minister. At both services
the pastor will preach. In the evening a special sermon will be preached to the visiting Masonic lodges The
following music win also be rendered
by the choir: Solo. "The Lord is My
Light." Mr. Cullen; duet, "Come Holy
spirit.'' the Misses Crake; duet, "Tha
eves of all wait upon Thee,"' Miss
Wilson and Mr. Graham: anthem,
"Ho, Everyone." solo by Mr. Alder
dice, quartette by Miss Wilson, Mrs.
Caydzlen, Messrs. Graham ami Ahle-r-
CHURCH���Public worship 11 am.
and 7.3(1 p.m. Evening subject
"Riches and Poverty." Sunday school
al 12.15 p.m. Bible class. 2 p.m.
Guild meets Monday at g p.m. Strang
ers welcome. M. Gordon Melvln, B.A.,
Lumen Brooks Crosby, I).I)., minister,
Mothers' Day will be observed Morning service at 11 o'clock; subject of
sormon, "The Music of the Heart."
Parents an. cordially Invited to attend the morning service and to bring
their children and they win be cared,
for by the teachers of the klndergar-
ti n department of the Sunday school.
which meets at this hour.   Children
too young for this department win bo
cared   for  by  a   trained   nurse.    The
j Bible school, llaraca (lass and Fidelia
.class will meet at 2.3u p.m.    Evening
worship    will    begin    al     7.30.    The
I topic   of   the   sermon    is   to   be "A
Mother's  Due."    The  11.  Y.  P.   U,  devotional  service Is held  Monday eve
. ning at  8 o'clock.    On  Wednesday  at
iS p.m.  the    prayer    service    of    tha
church  is held,
CHURCH Services 11 am. and 7:.'H>
pm. Pastor. W. W. Abbott, B.A., B.D.
Thi- pastor will preach at both services. At thi' evening service Mi*.
Hicks will render a solo and Miss
Bennett and Mr. Hicks will also sing
a duet- Young Peoples meeting Monday at 8 p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 8 p.m.
Van Loo Cigar
Clear   Havana,  Cuban   made.    Solo
agency for New  Westminster.
603 Columbia St.
Wedding Bells
Provincial Apoointments.
In thi- current  Issue of thi*    1'.. C
Gazette. John  B.  Miller nf Clayburn
is gazetted as a justice of th" p. are
Laity,    police    magistrate    of
Ridge, ami John McKee, police
magistrate of th"  Delia municipality
The  marriage  of  Miss  Ada    Emily1
Pairweather   to   F.   XV.   B.   Press,   a
| local letter carrier,  took  place at St.
! Andrew's     Presbyterian    iiians<-    on
I Thursday  night,  tin- ceremony  being
[performed hy Rev,  1-7 W. Kerr.  Both
! of the contracting parties ar,   ol' this
city and will take up their residence
here. *
We are in the business nf paying losses, not that of writing policies
only, For undoubted protection place your business with
General  Insurance Agents.
313-315 Westminster Trust Building and 746 Columbia St.    Phone 85L.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
to b>' obtained at the
Co-Operative Association
have been given power tu bave juris
,. diction under the Small  Debts Cour*.
Sunday Schcol Organi'ed.
A Sunday school will be started un
I the si cond floor of the whit ��� Groi ery,
corner   Second   am!   Durham   Btre ts
Sunday.  May  lu. at  2.30 o'c-lo<:k.    All
in  that neighborhood  are  invited,
land P
33  Eighth  St.
in   Tomato
C. S
606  Columbia   Street.
KEITH, Ma-aa".
lime's  Herring
Sauce, 3 for ...
Pardines, K.O., 2 [or
Clark's   l'ork  and
Raw Hani, sliced, per   '>
Picnic  Hams,  per lb.   .
Bacon, swift's, sliced, lb
Bacon,  Wilson's Royal, i
Salt  Pork,  p.-r lb	
Acadia Codfish, '.' lb. box
Bananas,   dozen   	
Strawberries. 2 boxes .
Local fri Bh eggs, dozen
TbOB, ft. Walker, of Bellingham, Is
registered at the Russell.
I..    D.    Stewart,  of
stay-ins; at  the  Russell.
Vancouver,  is
Phone 458.
Flower Mission Day.
The educational committee ol the
VV. ('. T. D. will ni' ei in St. Stephen's
church on Tuesday afternoon at 3
o'clock. As ii is flower mission day.
each member Is requested *.o bring
flowers or plants to be taken to the
hospital. Mrs. Evans will have charge
of the program.
Steamer Service to Ladner.
J. c .luhiis. captain of the tug B B.,
announces that lu will run his b tl
between New Westminster and Lad-
ner, leaving New Westminster at -I
p.m.  and   Ladner  at  7 17  a.m.    The
' firs'  run  will be made nexl   Moi I ij
The council and harbor commitl      ol
.this city have been invited to make
i:. trip with Capl   lohns.
Mr. and Mrs. John  Kellogg of Bel
liiifham, are guests at the  Russell.
��    *    *
Geo. iii "'an. a well known hotel-
man of Abbotsford, was In the    city
*    *   ���
(lco. L. Trapp, of this city, who
has been attending McOill college In
Montreal, returned home for the summer holidays.
Will   be   held  at
ON   SATURDAY,   MAY   9,   1914.
from   3:30   to   5:30,   at   which
will dunce     t
Fresh Vegetab es
and Gieenstuff
Our vegetable! are displayed inside
our store and are kept cool and fresh
under running water. They are not
exposed to the heat and dust, therefore are much more appetizing. Phone
us for anything you require In Lettuce,
tlreen Onions, Radishes, Celery, Cabbage, etc.
Fresh Strawberries, per box  20c
2  for    35c
<Jrape  Fruit,  3  for      25.
Choice   Lemons,  dozen    25*.
.loneH Cider Vinegar, qt. jars...35c
Jonas' Cider Vinegar, M> gal. jar..50c
.lorn s' White Wine Vinegar, qt...35c
Jones White Wine Vinegar, % gal  50c
Dean's Grocery
Phone 188.
��urr Block **��tunribl��  Street.
7-11 Sixth Street.
have started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New West
minster and way points. A reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reason
able.    Give  Us a  trial.
Phone   1254.
Found Guilty.
Krltzsbal   and    \.  <'������   re]
tin  i wo furniture compai >  pi om ������
��������� li" have a charge of ob aining n ��� i   y
by false prtences hanging over thi m
in Ihls city and will come up foi  trial
at  the next assize court, were found
It)   if  conspiracy    in    the   coui   -
courl   ai   Vancouver,  Judire   Meim i
serving sentence until May 16 and
nt the same time advising the twi
niiii  to make all the restitution they
KBJMMBRUG.���Peter Kemmerlig, j
whose home was in Cowlchan, B.C. |
died at the Royal Columbian bospi-1
ial late Thursday evening. Tlie re {
mains were, taken to Murchle's undertaking parlors. Funeral arrange
nunts await word from relatives al |
( LAUKi-:.    A   fini'l  tribute   to    Hie j
memory of a pioneer of this section |
of  the   province   was  paid   yesterday |
afternoon at  the funeral  of Captain
I   A   Clarke of Moody, scores of old
timers attending the   last   obsequies,
The funeral services were held in the
Miglicau church. Port Moody. Rev. F.
I v   Venables    officiating.      Interment
was  held  In   the   Masonic   cemetery,
When Hungry Look for a White Place |
to Eat.
White  Cooks
'Nuf  Said.
Too Late to Classify
duce you to prospective client!*. Will
K\ye gdoo) bontroel to
ne wbo can pre
ilu'cVi^'ili)*.    Ask for B. <i. Brush.
Read - The - News
New   Arrivals  in   Thermos Bottles
Thermos Lunch Kits complete, v. th roomy lunch boxes and Thermos
Bottle, Compact mid easily carried. Prices at $2.25, $2.50, $3.50, $4.50
up  to  $7.50.
Thermos Bottles in corrugated and pain nickelled; dark red and
pr.ien pebbled finish; also white enamel.    Prices at $1.25 up to $4.00.
Food Jars,  priced at   $1.25 up to $4.00
Thermos  Decanter,  priced  at    $7.50
Tie new Carafe. In different designs ...     $7.00 to $9-50
Metal Lunch Hexes in two sizes. Prices . 35c, 50c, $1.00 and $1.50.
Automobile outfits, consisting of Plates. Knives, Forks. Simons, Lunch
Boxes, Thermos Dottles, using tops of botile for cups Prices at from
$7.50 to $33.00.
New Westminster.
Phone 69.
to c'ot>e In double oorner nl Cedar )\>t-
l ik<-    fer   bungalow   er   1 Be,    5   or   0
rooms.    What  have you  to offer?
Ikiusi' new and Bltuate close to 8th SI
Lot 60x160 to lane. Price $2000! ��l.",u
oiisb. balance $20 �� month Inoludlng interest.
room thoroughly modern house; lot
6)1x140 cor. to inn" and lane at rear,
Bltuato lifi Durham street? This i.ro-
berty Is worth $;r,'ji>.
ami lot, 52x148, nil fenced ami In nar-
,j,-n. situate 6th st. nt Tin Ave Price
11800.    N':i-n>- your own tortns.
to lane ;u rear; unobstructed view nnd
situate Nanaimo and 18th st Prto*
fi'' r..r a few days only.
Eastman and Co.
Phone   812.
201   Westminster  Trust   Building.
What's the Use ?
Second Hand Furniture or Carpets when you can buy new goods for
practically the sar.ie. if not a little less money.   See the Point!   wi
offer great big values,   Note the few here given:
oriole Co IKiskets.    The handiest, neatest little carriage     C7  CQ
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A.oriux. Patented, No-Whip Porch Shades;   guaranteed.    Wtej
cost a little mote, worth a great ileal more. mtm-m  am
A Davenport Couch, sanitary, steel construction, J-J g^QQ
Here's a*good ;un.'' Vron Beds, *BraBS Vases on corner post, well ruled,
making a good bed, und it's a J*| ^Q
HiK Bargain at ��� ���    ��� ��� * * * ��� ��� ���* ' ' '   2,^ m.mi
Tin'  above  bed with   Double   Wov.n   Wire  Spring Cg QQ
anil Mattress complete foi  only   ,"","'���;',: ��-*?*�������
Kxtennion Table, hardwood, quartered oak finish. 57 50
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Talk of value, hear this speak  illmZmmt.
Hutfett, 4 drawer, double Cupboard, bevel plate mirrors,   CIO  CQ
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Diners, set of six to match $7.50 table and Sid 50
$19.00 buffet, for only   *r ��� ^���'*'v
The Set Complete for Only FORTY DOLLARS
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Room Size Rugs at ridiculously  low  prices,    bee  them and you
wil1  bo  convinced. _
Remnants of Inlaid Linoleum. 50C
T<   clear ajENTS'AWN|N(jS   AND   CAMP   FURNITURE.
Odd Window Shades. 35C
Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588 SATURDAY,  MAY 9, 1914.
Port Coquitlam   Meets Victoria Tean
This Afternoon���Strenuous Game
The soccer battle of the season will
b>' staged at Port Coquitlam this afternoon when the North Wards of Victoria clash with Coquitlam iu the first
of home and home games for posses-
sion of tbe Mcllride shield and the
���ocoer title of the province. Everything points to a bumper crowd and a
close contest with the chances slightly favoring the visitors.
Recent games indulged Iu by Coquitlam have plainly shown a stateness
which might be overcome and which
might be Offset by tin- fact that the
Capitals bave not been playing for the
past two weeks.
Reports Indicate the Wards having
a brilliant forward line, hut a weak
defence. This should be counterbalanced by the splendid defence trio
wearing the orange anil black. Messrs.
Worrall, Marshall and Miller, while
the forward line of the railway men
is not to in' despised. Harrop, however, will In' missing, tin- injuries he
received last Saturday not permitting
him to resume playing until nexl season.
The second game of the series will
be played in Victoria on Saturday
next, total goals in both games deciding tin'  winner
The Coquitlam line-up will be as
follows: Worrall. Marshall, Miller,
Millard. Thorpe, MoLellan, Klhln,
Thompson, Muck. Johnson and McKenzie,
prospects merely shrugging his shoulders when asked for an opinion on
the outlook.
Milton Oppenheiiner's eleventh hour |
wail  painting  a  gloomy    picture    of l
what's really doing ln thi' profession il j
game, was to be expected.   The would-1
be Vancouver promoter, who appears |
to lack every essential in the way of
organization, informed thi' Westminster players some four weeks ago that
lacrosse was ln for a banner year and
that good salaries would be obtained
by  the playerB.    The  Royals  fell  for
thi" stuff, turning a deaf ear to a proposition from the former leader of the
green shirts.
Perhaps it might now be a good
idea for the Vancouver Athletics to
go into liquidation, wind up all affairs
und let somebody take a hand who
knows bow.
Standing of the Clu
Rpokaas    17
Seattle       1��
Portland       8
W. M. Chapman. ���'<!" Co., to be corporal.
Discharges.   No    17,:!,     Stretcher-
bearer Sergt Cheeseman, stair;    No.
16H,  Pte.  .1    Doak,  "IJ"  Co.,   Nu.   17:1.
Pte. T. Carter, "H" Co.
Amendment   Battalion    Order No.
1*>. PL 2-2 lor No. lil'j, Dr. A. 11. Shaw.
read No. 190, Pte. R, w. Shaw; Battalion Order No. IS. Pt. 2-1, for No.
27,11. Pte. McKibbon, "Q" Co., read No.
359,  Pt.'.  McKibbon, "A" Co.
Order   No.   20.
Battalion    Parade.    The    headquarters Companies, staff and  drums will
parade in service drei*'* on Thursday,
141 h   Inst.,  at  8   p.m.   prompt.    Staff
parade  at 7.50  p.m.  prompt.
Church Parade.    There    will    be   a
.    _ ,. ..church     parade on  Sunday   Ihe  17th
__        ,    , ���**-��**-���  -",��������� T ne,d I Inst.     Pull  details   will
with a single, went to third on bunts;
by Killllav  and  Raymond and scored
Victoria  Lost Again.
Seattle,    May    8.    Seattle   defeated
Victoria  4-:',   today,  when     with     the
score  tied   in   tbe
! Two weeks ago the Royals were re-
i ported all shot to pieces, some critics
even going so far as to scrutinize the
freight rates to the east for such ar-
| tides as world's championship lacrosse
trophies. Another suggested the ten
man game now that Cliff Spring anil
Len Tiirbnull are missing. These
places have been filled by Jack Oifford and Nick Carter and the Royals
look stronger than ever, while only
eight men can be persuaded to turn
out lor practice In Vancouver.
Hilly Fitzgerald's demand for two
thousand bones and transportation
gave the Athletics a worse shock than
Harold Hardrada received In ancient
history when asking for a portion of
British Boil.
Micky Ions appears to havi- made
enough sharpening skates at the arena
to allow him to loaf awhile before
signing a contract. Harry Pickering
is also a hold-out.
on  James'   safe   hit.
Score ll.    H.    K.
Seattle      4    10      1
Victoria     3    6    o
Batteries: Dell and Huhn; McHenry
and  Cunningham.
Another Honus.
Tacoma, May 8.- Running wild on
bases and 'lining both Tacoma pitchers iiard Spokane won this afternoon
by a score of 0-H. Wagner starred
with four hits out of five times at
bat, u double aud a home run among
Score��� It.    11.    D.
Spokane      ti    11      1
Tacoma     .1     8     :'
Batteries: MoCorry and Shea; Kraft,
(lirot  and   Brottem.
Vancouver at Portland postponed;
be   published
In next week's    ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Hy order,
L. E. HAINES. Capt. and Adjt*.
Ki4th   P.egl.   Westminster   Fusiliers.
Promotions,    Appointments,   Kec���
Pte. H. Hush, "0" Co., to be corporal,
Standing of the Clu
Pittsburg    15
Philadelphia        8
New York     7
Brooklyn        8
Cincinnati     B
St. Louis         7
Chicago        (i
Boston        ;i
All   Stars   of   Vancouver   Will   Clash
With Local Nine This Afternoon
at Queen's Park.
Eddie McCarthy, the ex-Royal, has
been urged to turn out with Vancouver, but he figures that he will lose
money paying 8 man to look after a
prosperous cigar stand during the
time he is training.
Yesterday's Games.
At St. Louis��� R.
Cincinnati   ;'.
St.   Louis      0
Batteries: Amis and Clark;
Doak and Snyder.
All other National league
postponed on  account of rain.
At the Theatres
"The Chorus Lady."
One of the most successful plays of
I the age will be the offering of Tbe
j Play< ra' Company at the opera house
��� commencing Monday. The play deals
With the 3tage behind the scenes.
Molly, the daughter of a simple Irish
lamily, is a chorus lady leading an
honobl hard-working life. Her sister
ulso aspires to the stage and Molly-
takes her with her to get her away
from the Influence of a wealthy
friend of bad repute. The friend fol
lows und succeeds In getting the
younger sister compromised. Molly's
heroic fight for her sister's honor.
Liking her Bister's place in the friend's
apartment and ultimately defeating
him and saving the family is all very
prettily told in "The Chorus Lady.''
Miss Zana Vaughn in the title is ut
her best as Molly.
,'; i       , LIMITED "V, ������;*���������
JJ.XJones:MAN-D1R.  .     J.A.Rennie.5ECY-TRES
Your Executor
Almost us important as the gathering together of sufficient assets
to provide for your family or other beneficiaries after your death, la
the selection of an Kxecutor to look after those assets so that your
Instructions as set out in your will, may be carried out in the way
you Intend.
This company brings to the management of Estates a strong financial tespoiislbility, the experience and knowledge of a strong board
of directors and train staff, and a businesslike unbiased service.
Our fees for acting as H::ecutors are never more and are often
less than those of an individual Kxecutor.
Will you not talk this matter over with one of our officers. It
will be treated as strictly confidential.
Standing of the Clubs.
With  the Queen's  park  diamond  In !
fine shape and the players ln trim for
the battle, the visit of an all-star base- ,
ball  team   from   Vancouver this after-
noon promises something tor the fans !
to  digest.
Manager Tommy Walsh of ihe locals had everything lined np yesterday ami with a promise of good
weather by tho forecaster s good sized
crowd will undoubtedly be on deck
wjien I'n il Lynch opens up at 8 o'clock
with    Play BalL''
.lack  Horn   will start un  the  mound I
having     as     his   battery    male   Jack J
llnhiike. also of  Kraser Mills,    Oscar |
Neilson will likewise be In tbe game
together with Nell Sliver so that no
dearth of pitchers will exist should j
the Terminals commence bitting with
any frequency.
Vic VVindbladt, Silver,    Shay    and
Welngartner will form the Infield and
.Wilson.  Mallen and Wright will luck;
after the outer garden.
On paper today's line-up looks about i
the strongest selected this season and ''
should !))��� able to hold its own against
anything  sent   oyer from   Vancouver.
Port   Moody    Defeats    Maillar-ville���
Burquitlam  Scalps Port Coquit.
lam���Opening Games.
Detroit      15
New York     9
St.  Louis      11
Philadelphia        8
Washington       9
Chicago        9
Boston        6
Cleveland         6
.554 |
(Hy  the Potter.)
The West Dewtfney lacrosse league
opened up last night with games at
Purl i <hiuitlam and Port Moody. Burquitlam gaining the decision In the
first gam)', while Maillardville was
furred to take the count at Port
The latter game was a rlpsnorter
from the first face-off, both teams mixing   it   ia   great   style   until   the   last
quarter when a llitle brutality cri pt
Into tbe play. in one mix-up w.
Booth w.is forced to vacate his position
Snd   seek   the   services   of   Doc   Scott
who placed six stitches In the boy's I
forehead. The score was 9-2 In favor |
cf Port Moody.
At Port Coquttlam the visitors
caught the railroaders napping as far
bs training is concerned, obtaining a |
lead in the first quarter from which
they were never headed, The contest ended 3-0 In favor of Burquitlam
Both games were well attended.
Standing  of the  Teams.
Yesterday's Games.
At   Chicago��� H.    H.    E
D"trcit    10    18      i
i hicago  8     I     4
Batteries: Dubuo and Stanagc
Bens, Scott.  Wolfgang    and   Schalk,
K u b n.
is one of the chief reasons why young
people stay contentedly there instead |
of   seeking   their   amusements    elsewhere.
Let us furnish the piano that will
make your home attractive. Th*
DOMINION PIANOS are here for your
521   Columbia   St.,   New   Westminster.
At  Washington R,    H.    K
Philadelphia    9   15     6
Washington      9      8      4
Iiatteries: Plank, I'ennock. Hush and
Lapp: Ayres. Johnson. Kngel, Shaw
and Henry, Called at end of 10th inning on  account  of darkness.
At Boston-
New   York  	
Batteries:   Keating
Leonard anil Carrlgan,
li. II
3 7
o ::
Skinner Poulln, the gingery little
French Canadian member of the Victoria champion hockey team, has
taken up the managerial duties of the
Vieto'j i amateur lacrosse team Lester Patrick found himself unable to
get away from his business long
enough to coach the boys with the
gutted stick.
Port Moody   l
Burquitlam      1
Maillardville        0
Port Coquitlam   0
F.    A.
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
Won    Lost
Baltimore     10      4
Chicago       10
St.   Loulfl   	
JJ i Buffalo
Kansas City
Pittsburg   ..
No yachting
ton   iiip   rail's
sional   lacroBSi
baseball   team
challenge tor the Lip-
at Seattle,  no profes-
���   team   and    with   the
nearly  on   the  rocks.
things are going pretty hard with Vic. I
toria this  summer.    About  the  only j
championship they can grab before the
profos'i'on'il hockey season rolls along !
is the cricket title,
('on .limes will be ^^^^^^^^^^
crosse game In 1916, The Vancouver
promoter Informed the writer yesterday that he was making plans to break
into the game once more with Vancouver fighting New Westminster
Con  refused  to comment on  prestnt
New Westminster an.  V.  A. C
Exhibition  Game  Today.
The Vancouver and New  Westminster lacrosse teams will clash for the
first  time  this  season  at  Vancouver
this afternoon, the occasion  being a
charity  game  in  aid of  the  Sailors'
lloiin  of the Terminal City.    .Manager
Turnbull   Is  taking  along  his  regular
players  with   perhaps  two  exceptions
and should have in easy time defeating the V.  A. C. considering the training reports  from  each  camp.
.    The following is the team selected:
] Stoddart,  Gregory,  Atkinson.   Cooper,
back in the la-  Battson, Allison. Nelson.   Huff, Johnston,    Feeney,    Pentland,    Murray;
spares SwanBon und Sclater.
The players will leave on the 1
o'clock Central Park car and will be
met by automobiles at Carrol street
when a procession will be started
through Vancouver heads
Yesterday's   Games.
At   Kansas   City��� It.    II.    E.
Buffalo      8      7      1
Kansas City     5      9      7,
Batteries: Hauser and Hlair, Allen,
llenning, Stone and  Easterly.
At St.  Louis  - It.
Pittsburg       ri
St.   Louis      7
Batteries: Dickson and Berry
dall and Simon.
9      1
18     0
; ('ran-
3       NIGHTS      3
Starting Monday, May 11.
The Players'Co.
offer Rose Stahl's late success
"The Chorus Lady"
May 14. 15 and 16
McKee  Rankin's   Masterpiece
"Peaceful Vallley"
Matinee  Saturday  at  2:30  p.m.
Evening 15c, 25c, 35c.
Matinee, 10c and 25c
PHONE   961.
No.  8���Cut out and paste  in
Recipe  Book.
7' cups  ROYAL STANDARD;  2"
teaspoon1 ful  Raking Powder;   1
teaspoon ful salt;   -  tablespoons
lard;   1  dip milk.    Roll out and
dot   with   bu'ter.  sprinkle   with
cinnamon.    Hull out and cut in
slices.    Pake  in  quick oven,
Betty  Brown.
ROYAL.  Standardise
vour kitchen at our risk!
Ho this: Buy a sack of ROVA.L STANDARD and bake
some of those delicious cinnamon uiscuits. If you have
the slightest regret a> changing vunr pt t brand of flour--
if you don't really believe 'way down in your heart that
no other brand but ROYAL STANDARD could have made
biscuits as light and golden VOl'R MONEY WILL BE
Hake once  with   ROYAL  STANDARD and   you  will   substitute ROYAL STANDARD for "flour" In your recipe book
fur  ever  after.
Year grocer is  ROYAl.  STANDARD  wise���ask  him.
Brooklyn-Chicago and  Indianapolis-
Baltimore games postponed; rain.
Bright Cheery Rooms for Young Men
by    the
Asthma Agonies Cured
No more sleepless nights and
dreaded bpeels of coughing. Cure
always   follows  the   use of
Asthma Cure
It slops attacks permanently.
completely  restores  health.
You will sleep well at nights.
No return symptoms after
treatment ceases.
New   Westminster,   B. C.
Or sent direct oharges prepaid
D. A. CAMERON  & Co.,
White  Front Drug Store.
Owen Sound,  Ont.        ,
Mainland League Opens���Westminster
vs.   Public   Schools.
The   Mainland  cricket   league  will
! get under way on the asylum grounds
I this  afternoon   when  New   Westtuins-
] ler will entertain the Public Schools.
Brltlhs Isles, eleven In the first en-
i counter of the season.
i A glance at the local line-up would
������ Indicate a weakness in the bowling
| staff, although the new material may
| show up ns a surprise.   The game will
start ut 2:110. stumps being drawn at
7 o'clock.    The line-up:
W.  A   Wells, C.  Biggs.  R.   II.  Mof
fatt, H. S. Whiteside, Canon d'Easum,
V.  L. (',.  Davies.  Rev.  E.  R.  Bartlett
F. A. Rose. J. Scott, E T Dunfoid. W
R.  Hamilton
New Polo Team.
London. May 9. The contest committee of the Hurllngham polo club
today appointed a special sub-commit
tee consisting of Mnjor General H. H.
Wilson, Major General Sir Henry S.
Rawllnson, Major F. E. Gorton Green
and (Lieutenant General Sir Douglas
Halg to form a new challenging team.
j Battalion    Order    No.    19   by  Major!     ilot   and   cold   showers     on     each
C. E. Doherty, Commandinn. I floor.    Reasonable prices.    Strangers
General Orders.    Extract from gen-   always welcome.
I eral  orders,  datid  March  17. 24 and   Royal Avenue. Phone 1000.
| HI: Appointments, promotions, retire-|     	
ments, etc., 104th Regt. Westminster [ ~
' Fusiliers of Canada: Lieut. II. C, ���^���������������^���^^���^.mmm^m^
! Airth is transferred to the corp reserve, 17th March. 1914; to be quar
I term aster with the rank of lieutenant
Granby Farrant, gentleman, March 9.
1914. Confirmation of Rank: The undermentioned officers having qualified
for their appointments, are confirmed
in their rank from the dates set opposite their respective names, Lt.-Col
J. D. Taylor. MP.. 104lh Regt.. April
10,   1913.
Training Camp (Vernon, B.C.).���-In
accordance with genera] orders dated
15-4-14. the following corp will perforin their annual training in cainn
at Vernon. B.C. from Mav 24 to 28,
1914: 104th Regt. Westminster Pusl-
j liers.
Officers' Duties.-To be orderly of-
j fleet* for the week ending May 17. l.t.
; Diamond:   next   for  dutv.  Lt.  Knight
Battalion  Duties.    "H" Co.  will furnish all battalion duties for the ensu-
j ing week.
Bv  order.
L. E. HAINES. Capt and Adit.
I       104th Rest. Westminster Fusllers.
���     Attestations.    No.   203,   Pte.   J.     R.
| Scott. "It" Co.
Promotions, Appointments. Etc. -
No. 2G1. Pte. W. W. Sayer, "O" Co.,
to be pioneer sergeant;  No. 195. Pie.
Luther Burbank Has Produced Hundreds of Varieties
of Plant Life Absolutely New to Mankind
.fust suppose you are able to have a garden  which   is   entirely   different   from   your  neighbors'   aud
something  which  you or your friends never saw  before.    You can have just such a garden and not have
but what ls new, novel and original, provided you grow Luther Burbank seeds.
twelve varieties���Luther Burbank's own selectiou.
This will give you a most unusual garden. With
i very S1.26 purchase we will give you fr< e a copy at
the "Culture of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables,"
written by Luther Burbank himself.
lt contain anything ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
JUBt think a minute one single petal of the Burbank Gigantic Evening Primrose is as large as the
entire flower of other varieties���the yellow California Poppy has been changed to a rich crimson under
theliands of  Luther Burbank.
This gives yen just a conception of the possibilities of beautifying your garden with many other varieties originated by Luther Burbank. The cost of
Burbank Seeds is moderate.    For $1.25 you can get
This seal guarantees an original   Burbank  Production.
Look for it���it is your protection.
See Our Window Display of Burbank Specialties Today.
628 Columbia St. New Westminster, B C.
SATURDAY.  MAY  9,  1914.
[Classified Advertising
celved for Tbe News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
<28 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Qneeusborough. Lulu Island; Mrs.
B. Larden, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alia Vista.
for   sale.   Second-hand
stove.     Good     condition.
Holme.   Huniuitlam.
cooking '
(3359) ,
���9 ��� ��� ��� ������ ���   ���>��������������������������
m RATES. ���
����������������� ������������ ��������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
day* 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5000 words, to be used as re-
FOR SALE --Cheap, new strictly mod-i
em 5-room house; panelled Uvissj
room and dining room; full base-
men) Price, J2.500; pay down what
you can and $25 a month, with in- j
teres) at 6 per cent Bee this at
once Call evenings after t> o clock i
M. Wolfseii, Fifteenth Ave
Sixth St. '
Celebrate-.   His   Birthday   Friday   and
Was Recipient of Many Con-
gratultory  Messages.
Victoria, May S. Cable messages
went forward yesterday from a number of his intimate friends conveying
to the Hon. .1. H. Turner. agent-Ren-
of  British
quired within one year from date
contract,, $25.00.
FDR SALE.���Leather folding go cart
good   as
for  gentle-
FOR  SALE.���Two second
at   a   snap- one   40-h.p.
will  known  make;  one
passenger tourins car.
:i;i.12,  News.
hand cars
E.  M. F. 5-
Apply  Pox
WANTED. Housekeeper .
men Widow with young daugnter
not objected to. Give re^ences;
wages required and particulars to
I'D.  Hox  521,  City.
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
erty througi
an ad
in mis
room   resi-
Steady ten-
Address, A.
WANTED. -Six or seven
deuce, close in. modern,
ant. Reasonable rent.
M.  II., care The News,
WANTED.���Small modern house or
ihree or four unfurnished rooms, at
strictly moderate rent; close in preferred.    Hox 3331, News Office.
FOR SALB-Sl.no DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Can*-la's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed  Mar | throughout  thi
Front St. Phone 213. Cash paid for
ail kinds of junk, bottles, sacks.bar*
rcls, cast iron, old ra^s.
ttoots and shoi.s.
LOST. -Thursday,  small   silvi
purse  with   initials.   K.   H.
return to St. Ann's academy
TWELVE flUNDIUBD AMD FIFTY TRACTS of five and tea   i. i     ,-n.���).
in throwing open Twenty Thousand Acres of Rieli. Southern (I
mu of celery, sweet and Irisb pom oea, cantaloupe*,  vaiermel
grown in this fertile section, aa well as a large variety
paper-shell pecans.
Providing yon are eligible under the classification!
���nriria Land, wiv
him.   1'iirii,   oat h,
nf senil-troplciii fruits,
to  be granted  to  prospective  settlers
i'li Ib admirably adapted to the    STOW-
coiion,   lmy--in   fact,  all   staple  crops
ami tin' famous Immensely    profitable
... prescribed by us. you an
nniliv lo break away from tlie drudgery aid loil of n small wage, or working f'
bark i" the land of plenty, to which, if granted, you will bold a warranty deed
The best security on earth Ih the earth lisiir, and land is the basis ��,t
are benefiting by tin' Increasing high cost of living, while others
now offered
r tbe benefit
and abstract.
ill   wealth.    Owners
suffering from it.
an excellent
���>r landlords,
and n��
of   productive   lands
ture  or stocks In trade, in large or,
small quantities, highest price paid, j
Or End Davis will sell your goods
by public auction with guaranteed -
-���'-suits  or no commission charged. |
See the expert on furniture  before
v���u give vour goods away.    Address
Fred  Davis.   648  Columbia  street,
m��W Wi stminster. (33111
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. 11. Brown, 17
Begbie street, New Westminster,
a here. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
prcr 388 Hastings utreet west. Van
couver. 13314)
��� ...;    RENT.    1'ivi -roomi d housi   t
iester  n ad,    twi nty    minutes'
.   |]   [ron     i r lini     Apply.   H. B.
Bun       am (33
r, Burqu tlai '33
; M RENT    A sulti oi nlctl
, <| housekei ping rooms.  :
: , :.    Ti 1' phon i 6   i..
��� i ir RENT    Five root u d I
.-.. rythi i r  modi 'i ;   $15
Cedar streel Vp] il)  A
, .',! no
7    \-ii-J
b mgalow.
a  month.
v.7 Jolly,
TOR RENT. Six room d furni-hed
I, ,:,,., 320 rhlrd street. Apply S.
H   Coughlan,  P.O. Box 115. < ity.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
j 10:00 a.m Dailj
!  2:00   p.m Daily
'11:46   p.m Dall}
From Vancouver for Seattle.
lfl:00 am Daily
111:00 p.m Daib
leaves  at  11
45   p.m.  on
keeping rooms, $10 per month, at
���..'���I Si venth stre< t 13313)
From  Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
no a.m. and 6:::o p.m Daily
IR    REM     P
)���.. eplng    and
'',i orge Btrei I
;00 a.m.
to rent try au ad. In ihis column.
When Requiring
> ii  er male or female, do not forget
fiat the Municipal Labor Bureau is In
a  position  to  supply  you.
Union Bay and Comox.
...Thursday and Saturday
Vancouver, Union  Bay, Powell  River
11:45  p.m.    Saturdays-
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
00 p.m Every Saturday
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
UO p.m Wednesday*
For Gulf Island Points.
00 a.m.  Tuesdays  and   Fridays  foi
VictoriaSJtealling  at  points In  the
Gulf  Islands.
UOU1.ET.   Asent.
w    BRODTB   (1    P
New   Westminster
A..   Vancouver.
,Cavc-Browne-Cavc|^lr RAILWAY CO.
Victoria Day
and Miss
L.H.A.M.,  A.R.C.M.
Lessons in Pianoforte, Violin, Sing j     Tickets on sale May  23, 11 and
.ng,  Voice    Production,    Theory     <\h i uood  to return  up to  May  L'7
class or privately), Harmony, Cuunter
point, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared fur the examtna
tions of the Associated Board of tbe
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc.. apuly 51 Dufferln
Btreet.    Phone 4\\ It.
Three transcontinental trains daily
with through tourist, standard and
dining cars.
Toronto Express leaves at 7:50 a.m.
Imperial Limited leaves at X:10 p.m.
St. Paul Express leaves at  1 *jr> p.m
For rates and reservations apply
Or H  VV  BRODIE. Q. P. A., Vancouver
ol  Seel i
He Southeast Quarter
Township  10, in tlv
New Westminster.
Whereas  prool  ol   tin   los    of Cer
lilicate of Title Number H946F, Issued
in the name of .inel Stevi ns, has bi i
filed in this office.
Notice Is hereby given thai  I   shall
at  the expiration of <   month from
(he date of the first publication hen
of, In a daily newspaper published In
the City  of  New   Westminster.  iBSue
a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in  the meantime valid objection j
be made to me in writing*,
,1. ('. GWYNN.
District Registrar of Titles
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C.. April 27,
1914. (3301)
:"*'* ! eral  of  British  Columbia   in  London,
1 messages of congratulation on his hav-
! ing  attained   his  eightieth    birthday.
| Horn  on  May 7.  1H.14,   Mr. Turner in
passing  the four-score   milestone  on
j life's journey full of honors, is enjoy-
i ing  the   esteem   and   affection   of  all
those with whom he came in contact
during a  long period of residence in
this province.   Pioneer merchant, leg-
; Islator,  ex-premier, and  agent-general
'. in  London.  Mr. Turner has played  a
\ foremost part in guiding the destinies
; of this great province;  and the hope
will be universal that he may be long
spared  to enjoy the  fruits of a  well-
spent life in the service or his adopt
ed country
Sir Richard Mcllride expressed (he
sentiments of the people of British
Columbia yesterday when he said: "1
am sure 1 hut voice the feeling
whole province when
I join in extending felicitations to Mr.
Turner on his having attainrd his
eigthiet'ii birthday. The record of
the agent-general, both as a private
citizen and a public man. for the many
years of his residence in the country,
stamps him as one of the strong men
of the far west.
lt   would   be  superfluous  for  me  to
make  any  extended   reference  to his ;
career  from  the early  60��s  down   to j
the present time, as it is well known !
to all Hrltish Columbians.   It may be
in  order,  though,   to  note  with   what j
gratification   all    his   friends   have
watched   his  splendid   success  as  our
representative In the world's metropolis in the capacity of agent-general.
Many he long be blessed with health
and strength to continue to serve bis
Life cf  Actovitv.
Mr.   Turner  was   born  ai   Playden,
near Ipswich, Suffolk, in 1834, II)' was '
educated al  YVhitstable, near Canterbury,  and   left   England   In   lso'>   tor
Halifax. N. S.    After residing at Hi!; .
fax  for  two  years    he  removed   tc!
Charlottetown,  Prince  Edward Island,
and was in busini .-.- there.   While liv-
Ing In Charlottetown he took a leading
pari in organizing the first active volunteer rifle corps in the province, of
which  he continued   to be an  active
member until he left  for British Co
lumbl i in lsi'.7.
in July of that year Mr Turner arrived in Victoria by the steamei Ore
con In company with a large number
of goldseekers, many of whom disappointed and discouraged, left the
country within a month of their landing. A few, however, with more of
the Indomitable energy and presever-
ance so necessary to the citizens of 0
VOUPg   state,   settled   in   Victoria,   Mr.
Turner   wenl   into   business   hero   in
1865.    As   in  Charlottetown,  he   was
one   of   the   original    promoters   and
members  of  the   first   volunteer   rifle
corps started here for the defence of
the island during  the  Fenian  excitement  and  threatened  raid    In    1965
The corps wore the oelebratnl uniform
with   which   blanket   coat  and   black*
facings.     Mr.  Turner  served   through
the  ranks  from   private to sergeant
ind then passed Into the comml
ed   ranks   and
grades, finally
militia   with   t
. colonel   In   1861
Servant of the Public.
Id' was '!��� rted member of th.��� city
council of Victoria In 1876 and In ls7Hi
he was elected mayor by acclamation,*
, and   served   the  city   three  years Jn
that   position.    He   was chairman  uf
th):  British Columbia  Benevolent*-Society and also of the Royal hospital
' from  1 X7f)  to 1882,  and  chairman  of
the  British Columbia Agricultural  so- ]
, ciety for 1881-1882,
In the general election of 1866 Mr.
, Turner was elected  to n present the
city of Victoria In the provincial legislature,   and   joined   the   government
i of the  late  Hon    A.   E.  B,   Davie  in
, 1SS7, being  re-elected in    August    of
thai  year.    He accepted the portfolio,
j of the late Hon. John Robson. In 1S04 '
; of finance minister in the government
we was once again elected by his constituents, and In the cabinet of which
the Hon Theodore Davie was premier,
hi   continued   to  administer  the   finances of the province.
fin Saturday, March 2, 1895, lhe late
'Ru Theodore Davie resigned the
premiership, and Mr. Turner was called upon to form a cabinet. He .- >��� ved
the province as premier and mlt ister
-���' nance from that time until August,
1898, win n his government was dismissed from office by Lieutenant-Oov
ernor Mcinnes. and for tbe in-xi two
years he led the upposltlon. In 1900
Hon. James Dunsmuir assumed the
premiership, and Mr. Turner was one
of the li' st inviti il to enter the new
cab net He accepted his old portfolio of Finance minister, and remained
In office until September 3, 1901, when
In- retired to accept the important position as attorney general of British
Columbian   in   London.
An Opportunity to Secure Rich Productive Land Without Capital
.m will nol be required to leave your present surround-      Northern  Pacific ud other rnilro.-uls when they era
presenl surround*
All or. nsk nf those t.> whom we grant tracts is
plant, or arranca to have planted, a crop of one
���vi'���mentioned product! within tin  rears, after
will have it operated (harvested and replanted)
consideration of 2'. p.-r cent, nf the net
if the crops, thereby allowing
just  whal  ihe yield ��f tb.lr
Inffs nnv.
that the-.
of the id
which wi
for -rrantees, In
profits derived from the sat,
such time as they determln
and was!
a In
s amounts to,    Consider what  this may  mean us a
rca of Income, when statistics shew that the yield of
acre "f celery amounted to IL268.4S, and thai one acre
t-ell-cared-for paper shell pecans, in full bearing, should
in i   ns owner as blgh as }5J)0.00 per year. We are nf the
opinion thai after It Is proven by actual results obtained In
operating the land lhat they win need no further urging,
i time in locating In tbis land of plenty,    we
require guarantees  te  occupy  the land  within  ten
. nr sell li in some nne whn will occupy il ; otherwise
erls back to the grantor.
e land Included in ibis opening Is located dlrectlv on
and adjoining the Atlanta. BlrnUngnam and Atlantic liaii-
, -five miles west of Brunswick, a thriv-
.. thousand, having direct steamship ser-
New York ami Boston, and excellent railroad trans-
po ' itlon faculties to nil points. *i*b,. average temperature for six months of tha year, from April to October, Is
77 degrees; tho climate is most healthful, delightful, and
in- Ifcorfltlng, .md there Is an ample rainfall of ,*.i Inches
per year.
\- we are extremely desirous of having settlers locate "n
this  properly,  and assist  in   Its development,  and   thereby
��r. itly Increase the \alne of surrounding and Intervening
property, which we will bold, and to increase the traffic
ng the Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Rallroadi and
feel  warranted  in  granting
egister with us, We also have
plots which we will offer
hi- included
onsidsra tions
.   the
thus facilitate the servio.
these tracts i" those who rt_
in mind hiislm ss and resldenc
foi   ^.111' after   Ihe  opening,   but   which   Will   ne
In it    We have "money-making afterward"
ibis liberal-minded opening,   ilmlllar to   those   of   the
Northern Pacific and other railroads when they granted
their lands, ami we expect to benefit thereby, as well as
the ones who will receive the tracts.
We have also planned to develop what li designed to
in- the beat-equipped, most up-to-date, scientific, commercial farm and orchard in existence. It will oonslst of six
thousand acres, and will be Included In this opening. All
whn register ami receive tracts will get the benefit of the
experiments and scientific methods In vogue thereon. While
we are arranging to prevent over-reglstration, we will
avoid many disappointments, such as occurred hi other
land openings conducted by the United stales Oovernmant
and rallriiads. by granting those who register in excess of
the number of tracts to be granted, an Interest in this commercial farm and orchard enterprise, In the hope thai tiny
mav later locate In one of our town sites.
Examination of the land win cheerfully be permitted,
and the opening will be held at Urowntown. Wayne County,
Ocorgia. one of the stations nf the A. B. & A. Rallroadi
which Is located on this property, anil will occur as soon
after tha closing nf registrations as arrangements can bs
rh.. presence of those registered will not be necessary
ai Browntown on the opening day. unless ilny wish to ai-
t"nd. for there will ba no favoritism shown anyone. It
will be oonducted by a committee selected for tha purpose,
am) those registered will be notified of what the) have been
granted, ns soon ns possible.
With the ever.increasing iMipnlation of this country
there is no corresponding increase in the aria of land, ana*
naturally as tbe population Increases and seeks the land In
pursuit of health, happiness ami Independence, it will con-
linne to be harder to secure.
The prosper'nis and contented class of Ejurope today are
the descendants nf (hose whn secured land there when it
was plentiful, While the descendants of those who obtained
no land are now the peasants ami slaves.  Von must realise
that this may be your last ehanoe to secure land in this
country wlthoul a large outlay of capital, sn it should not
be necessary t" urge you to act at onoe by forwarding u*-
the application for registration attached to ihls announcement
Southern Georgia Railroad-Land Development Bureau,
Washington,   1 >    C.
Ri glstratlon I lepartmenl i
I hereby make application to register f..r your Frail
with the correct answers to the following questions:
v imo    Citv  ,.,
Si ite   Btreel or It
Age Marled or Single Widow.
ami Agricultural Railroad-Land   Opening,   and   furnish   you
r   l>  Ni
Widow, i
ir   ) )rph an	
nnllty       Do you  now own over ten acres o(  land  In   the Unit
If my application for registration is accepted, please send me, wlthoul obligation,
lion and particulars, Including mips   .,r   the   land,   showing   lis   exacl   lo
mtic  Rallroadi  Its iratisportatlon facilities, agricultural, fruit and me-gr
v. ry truly  j our -.
i iccuptaion
on  the   Ail.
ind  complete  Informant i.   Birmingham  and
\\\\> a proposals of the cabinet ire ni g-
;.'7.ed, I esides making almost Imp >i
���, ��� e 'li" free ccnsiili ration Of pro
pos tie which have not receh i 1 the
cabl ��� ��� hall mark, Is Inim < al to the
good government of the country; that
n Ith a i li �� to the ultimate bn ak up
of the system the Parliamentary Labor
parly bi asked to take no account ot
any sorb considerations, and to vote
all Is sues only In ac< ordani e �� II i
principles   for  n hlch   the    partj
On sn Exchange for an
Electric Coffee Percolator
through the various
retiring to the reserve
he   rank of  lieutenant
Ice  Cream   Vendors.
On and after the Ipth day of May
all  ice  cream  vendors,   pi ddlitu'  ice j
cream within the City of New West
minster, will be required to lake out.;
a lici'iif.)' in conformity with the lfH 1
Milk  lly law.
A. ,1. BOWBLL,
��:;351) License inspector.
Gymnasium Class. Thursday at 7.30
Swimming classes. Tuesdays and Fri
days, 7, to 4. at v M, c. a young
Ladli b' Club, Friday at 8 p.m.
Boarding nnd room rates reasonable
McalB served to ladies and gentlemen
For  particulars  call   phone   IH24.
���Th- n -"in
pendent  l.a
Kcsidence:  ftoom 11R Mcl.eod Block
Phone 489 L.
Secret Marriage Denied.
Winnipeg, May 7. "Of coursi
not true," said Commander Evans,
smilingly, when, on his arrival In
Winnipeg today he was shown a dispatch from London to the effect that
it was rumon <1 that he had been seo-
retly married to Lady Bcott. Us contents nt once amuBed and amazed him
und be asked for a copy ol the dispatch
as a  momento.
Bradford, Eng., May 8.
tions  earrien  hv  the Ind'
hor party al  its conference  In
ford, after secret deliberations,
ol a nature not only to influence
v thi development of the labor
mem  i-i Great  Britain but also
_    i't * .   parllamentaty system
co ml i;.
Mr   Leach,    of    Bradford's,  i
is   providing   tor  the  freedom  of
No Hostility Expressed.
In speaking to his motion Mr. Leach |
Bald   that it  was  not  put  forward  In |
.my spirit of hostility.   They had confidence In the integrity of their own
members of parliament.    They  were
glad   that   Ramsay     .McDonald     ����s
chairman of the labor party, and they
were   convinced   that   there   were   no,
traitors being harbored Inside the Ln-1
hot*  party  group.   But   it  was   to  th.it !
party that they must look tor the de- j
struction of the present obsolete machinery, and the freeing of parliam nt i
for the private member.
Another strong speech on the reso-
on-j lutlon was delivered by Mr. Jowett,
M, r . who Bald that though no i m j
could In* more loyal to home rule 17 ...
be was, yet he did not mean that, his
loyalty to hom ��� rule should be blackmailed. Tin- question would be handled in such a way as to give labor
in- mbers the right to vote Irrespec '
tive of the convenience of govern
With regard to the agreements arrived at by the Independent i abor
party In conference with the Br tlsh
Socialist party and tbe Fabian so-1
ciety thai a proposal should be put j
forward at the labor conference of
1917) permitting any candidate to de-
scribe   himself  as  a     Labor    .Socialist j
candidate,  the     Bradford    conference !
withheld Its approval and merely con-
tented   itself  with   passing  a   resolu
tion in favor of Socialist unity.
Armaments Protested.
On the subject of armaments a res
olutlon    was    submitted    protesting
against the ever-increasing burden of
armaments and preparations for war;
welcoming the  growing  International
Bolidaritj   of the  worker as a  potent
fon >��� for peace; expressing its opinion
thai   nath nal ���'  vice of   a    military
eh'-aracti r cann�� I   be of any   good  to
the people and .vill ultimata ly lead to
compulsory   military   service;   calling
! ntti ntii.ii in the fact  that  cosmopolitan groups of financiers are engaged
In    unscrupulous   efforts    to   create
alarm,  antagonism   and  occasions ol
dispute,   and    that   their    Immense
wealth  gives them a  political  power
whii'i  no government  bus yet dared
to   reu'.st;   and   requesting   the   labor
party to press the government to take
immediate steps toward setting up an
International arbitration hoard for the
settlement of all disputes between nations   and  iih')'  to  press  for the abolition of the "right" of seizing private
property In naval war.
This resolution was passed with
Ciree dissentients after the following
amendment had been added: That
in view of the fact that the armaments rlm< is N-iiiR strengthened by
the Increased proportion of contracts
granted hv tbe iL-lberal government
to private firms, this conference further urges the Labor memhors Of parliament to use their inmost   influence to
secure the transference of shipbuilding for the navy rrom private firms
to the government dockyards."
A  further resolution  passed  without
discussion strongly condemned all attempts to subvert the army for poltl-
oal purposes making It a means of influencing legislation and a grave men-
I nre   to   Civil   liberty.     It   went   on   to
ntinnl protest against the grosa legal lnequal-
',,���.; ity which sent trade unionists to pris-
on for counseling soldiers not to shoot
Tii's applianci connects with an ordinary household socke
Is ready for service day or nlght.^and btarts percolating as so
the current Is turned on, the coffee being ready In about ten
Coffee  made  by  the  pi rcolatlon  method  la far
other as the water does nol boll with the "grounds," giving a hitter
taste.   Tbe coffee   is   also   perfectly cleai and doeB nol ba
ion  as
superior  to  any
to  he
Folders outlining this offer in detail  may be secured af the Company's sales rooms where the old coffee pots will be exchanged.
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia A Eighth,
Riveter! Steel Pipes
P.   O.   BOX   442
Effective   April   1st   1614.
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June 1 to Sept. 30
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C. E. Jenncy, G.A.P.D.
527   Granville   St..   Vancouver
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member, from cabinet control In Par- ������� -��� ~--^j-- permitting    certain
llamenl   was  passed  by  2M  votes to 1    '"* .      ""*     ,    '  .  .,,���    ,.,.���,.,    .,,,,|
78.   The r solution reads as follows:    prominent heads of the    army    and
"Tha. cabinet  rule, which  Involve*   members of ��������"�����*,��*^^,��{Jr
the suppression oi  the rights ol  the   "���'��"����,??|,��� "    '' eidy o ppos tion
privnte member to any adequate voice  and InflnalU urgei  i ��   '>    '
In the policy ol h.s party, and which   to militarism as being mimical to u
Impllei   the resignation of the minis- (highest  ;  : ���>
try and the dissolution of parliament  state.
lr��i  aad Oaal
Vie* i'mkltll.
��� ��>   an4 Traas
of freedom  Inside
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and i^T SATURDAY,  MAY 9.  1914.
Those who have
tested their power
know that they do
the work.
Down Town Office: Hill's Drug Store
Huerta a Strong Man,
Is Fyfe's Opinion
Says    Mexican    Dictator   Could    Not
Have Held Out So Long Had He
Eeen a Weakling.
l.'nder   the   caption.   "'The   Man
Hlood,"   II.   Hamilton  Fyfe   writes
follows of  President  Huerta of  .Mexico in  the  New   York  Kvening  Post: . ., , ,
Whether Huerta be a bloody-handed | w"ul<J "J* have retired so quietly Into
l.urini's again, and was on the point
of becoming a partner in same in irbUf
iiuar.ies when the failure of other
leadern to defeat Orozco's rebellion iu
the north forced Madero to call upon
him  for aid.
I have laid stress upon his busing*
enterprises. In cause they show that
Huerta was not, as his enemies declare, u man consumed by ambition
for power.    Had  he  been    that,    he
tyrant or a patriotic soldier may be
left to the future historian. The fact
remains that the Indian ruler whose
personality provoked the president ol
the United States to abandon watchful waiting for force is a strong man;
otherwise he would have been assassinated like Madero, executed like
Maxmllian, or banished like lturbide
or Diaz. What manner of man Is he?
The answer is altogether a matter of
environment. A hero, a statesman,
say the Mexican newspaper subject
to bis censorship; too brusque for a
diplomat, too honest for a politician,
and tender hearted, save In war. An
assassin,   say   the  American   newspa-
private life. What he sought was
money, rather than power. It Ib avarice, many think, rather than ambition,
which has made him cling to office
with so desperate a grasp.
Before he agreed to take command'
against Orozco he made certain demands for war materials. These were
at first refused, but he persisted, said
Madero's government gave way. His
campaign was a triumphant bucchkh.
There, was not much fighting, but
t'apt. llurnslde, the United States military attache, who accompanied the
federal forces, caine back with a high
opinion of lluerta's organising capacity.     Vet   a   third   time   .Madero  dis-
. , ,, . ...���__��� ^n., nhan    pensed with bis r.ervics, until, as the
ners: a red-handed usurper wlio a nan    r .    ���
'.        5.    .1  , ..iiiiui..., ,,f  ki.  end Of hi* disastrous  presidency ap
dona  the high  responsibilities of  his , oomnelled  to  relv
stolen   office  to  indulge   in   drunken   Proacii u.  ht  was  compelled  to  rely
B-.UIBU   uim-c   iv.   ,..uu n upon Huerta once more.
During the fighting in the capital he
commanded the ftderal troops, but he
saw from the first how hopeless Madero's position was. lt has been
charged against him that his conduct
orgies, and who has provoked armed
conflct that he may escape from an
impossible situation to spend the public treasure he has plundered In Ku-1
rope. Somewhere between these estimates lies the truth. It is certain
that Madero was slain while in power
and H. Hamilton Fyfe, whose estimate
of Huerta follows, ls content, after
careful Investigation, to return the
Scotch verdict, "not proven."
Through the crowded chamber of
deputies on the afternoon of November 20, 1913, the date of the opening of
the new Mexican congress, there stepped lightly, with hand upraised to
acknowledge the cheers which greeted I
him, a tall, thickly built soldier, whose '
briskness  belied  hl3  GS��  years.
He wore evening dress, as did all
the members of parliament. The only
distinction which set him apart from
the reBt was a broad sash of the Mex-
was "disloyal" to one who had trusted
him and loaded him with benefits. As
the foregoing relation proves, Madero
only used him when lt was necessary,
and twice flung him aside when he
had geeompllshed his task. Had the
issue of events been different, he
would no doubt have been cold-shouldered again. Huerta Baw that tbe
people of Mexico City were now as
wildly enthusiastic for Gen. Felix
Diaz as they had once been for Madero. Another wave of sentiment bad
engulfed them. He saw that Madero
had become Impossible. He was appealed  to by  senators, deputies, for
eign residents,    and,    with    especial
me rem  v> *ia u  umau aeon v.  n��vi  ..��.-.��  , ' - ^
lean national colors  (;ed. green  and'"���, as he himself has told me. by
white) across his shirt front. His dome   Henry Lane Wilson the American am-
like   skull   gleamed  bald   under    the   bassador, tci end the carnage In the
light.   Closely cropped gray hair cov-  ���treeta   13.000 had  been killed).    He
ered back and sides.   His complexion  met ��en. Felix Diaz at the American
was dark, but it was only when one I embassy;   a few  hours later Madero,
noticed  the  hand  against  the  white P**" **** ����� prisoner, and forced to
shirt cuff that one realized he was not  res gn    Huerta, being minister ot war
of European blood. and  u*'e strongest  man ln sight. be-
Clearly his sight was very weak; he came provisional president, in accord-
added to the spectacles be wore aa- ance wlth the terms of the Mexican
other pair before he began to read his constitution. Oen. Felix Diaz acqui-
message to the new congress. Yet, esc.ed in this arangement upon the uu-
unlike those of most short-sighted peo- derstandlng that he should be elected
pie, his eyes were unusualy bright. President In six months time.
Thev roved .hither and thither like the Consulted  H. L. Wilson
eyes' of a bird, saving a square and      Huerta s greatest dirt culty at this
dogged   face   (to   winch   photographs  craia was to know what he could do-
seldom do Justice) from tile reproach I with  Msdero.      He  congulted Henry
1 of heaviness 1Lane %N *lson* and at flrBt lt waa *r"
' Such, in outward appearance. Is ranged that he should be allowed tea-
President Victoriano Huerta. the man leave the country. The difficulty in
whose doings have riveted the atten- ^way of this was that the governor
tion of the world for a year past. If of lae state of \e.-a truz and the fed-
you share American official opinion. eraI general commanding that district
he  is  a  criminal,  a   dissolute  adven-/��ere   both   Maderistas.  and  declared
turer; in Mexican phrases a "sin ver-
guenza." a man without shame. By
his own account he is a patriot who
only clings to office because no other
Mexican is strong enough to crush the
revolution. Up to November, 1913,
a great many Mexicans, with nearly-
all the foreigners in Mexico, endorsed
that, if the latp president were tent
there to take silp. he would be received with presidential honors. It
was. therefore, decided to transfer
Madero, with his vicepresident. Pine*
Suarez. from the palace to the penitentiary, there to await trial on charges
of treason to the republic. On the
that view. After that the tide'lTegan j way both prisoners were killed. Some-
to turn against him. ! ��* that they attempted to escape and
Huerta's View of Roosevelt.        , were shit und^r  the -ley fuga," the law
He is, In private, a jovial companion. His humor is not exactly delicate, but in a jolly, bluff old soldier it
'toes not seen) out of place. He enjoys
chaff, and sometimes carries it to extremes)-;    At a  British  gathering  he
which permits flying prisoners to be
shot. Others say that they were murdered hy "Felixstas" or by the frienda
of a t'ol. Ruiz, who had been assassinated in the palace before Madero'*
fall.     Hy  the government and  people*-
urged Uie marriage of a maiden lady, of ihe I tilted States, the guilt is lu,d
ofierina ier anv insurrecto leader she at Gen. Huerta s door, although not *
n iajh fancy. At a dinner attended by | particle of evidence in support of that
many foreign diplomatists he extrava \ accusation has been produced He
SS y eulogized the British race; de-1 may have known that the attack was
Stored that Shakespeare. WelHngt>�� to be made; he may nave arrange*
and Nelson were the greatest men] it; but if he did so, he acted in direc-t
tha world had produced, and called | opposition to his own interests. To.
M? Roosevelt "the Zapata of the Unit- j assume off-hand that he planned the
��i sttates" Zanata being a rebel lead-! assassination is certainly unfair. I-rona
er whose namS has become a byword ' that moment, however, he had to face
for brigandage and savagery.     ' I the determined hostility of the United
Ho his ii kind heart; witness his! States.
visU to the" ou^y club of the capital.; Now he is obsessed by-ft. belief
when he gave a number of children ; that he is indispensable. He cooked
ri s in his motor car and handed dc-1- the elections" so that he might be re-
lars round among them before he left, turned as president, although he had
But fo a u?er tlo qualities are de- not offered himself. This was mere-
mit ru^ he  .g iacking_di���.|,v   a   ruse,  however.    His  plan   vas
uianded in which he is lacKing-u.g-, ., a ruse, however,
n tv and tact A Frenchman who has that the new congress, consisting, for
verv large interests in Mexico went to the most part, of his relatives and
him about some proposed harbor supporters, should declare his clec-
Scaroely   letting   his   visitor, tion void, hut ask him to remain in
'office until the country was sufficient-
oice to  be
ould be-
see turn acoiu uuuio  ^i","'^"  -���-������   -���..- ��� ...
works Search* letting his visitor, tion void, but ask him to ret
sneak' the president delivered a long,! office until the ccuntry was su
'rambling lecture about the part of thej ly pacified for a fresh cholci
eonntrv ni which the harbor lies. "En made I am assured that he c
effet" this Frenchman said   to   me. to a friend that no election w
"e'est un nail."    (In a word, he is a
stupid man.
President Huerta Is a rough and
ready old fighter, who has no respect
for form. He much prefers living in
a small suburban bungalow to wandering through the vast hulls and saloons of his official residence. He
would rathter Bit with a few friends
In a cafe than entertain high society
at formal dinner parties. When he
comes across a knot he cuts it. To
untie it would take too long. When
a few plain words are sufficient to
express his meaning he finds circumlocution tedious. A Btory Is told of
his giving Instructions for the reply
that was to be made to Mr, Kind's
first note. "What shall 1 tell him,"
asked a perplexed foreign ministei!
"Tell bim to go to the devil." the I
President ls said to have answered;
"but put lt in diplomatic language,' he
added soothingly, when he saw the
look of dismay on the unfortunate
minister's face. The tale may not be
literally true, but it Is typical of the
man. The methods of the barrack-
room in the council chamber���to that
incongruity are attributable both his
weakness and his strength.
Under Diaz and Madero
The virulence of the Zapata rebellion in Morelos. where the land grievances of the Indians were especially
acute, caused his recall to active ser
vice. He was quickly smecessful In
dealing with the Zapatista bandits,
and would have annihilated them but
for Madero's mysterious intervention.
Why they were spared *."> carry on
their infamous brigandage���they are
still the terror of liyelos today���
has never been expl. hied. At all
events, Huerta was recalled and once
more placed on half pay.   Ho took up
possible for a long time, and that lie
then counted upon being elected president himself. As a rule, he ooSHetf
in nobody. Even his ministers are
kept in ignorance of what his neit
move is to be. He summons then:
sudd nly. sometimes iu the early hourv
of the morning, and tells them what
they are to do. If they argue, tbey
are dismissed. Senor Garza Aldaptt
advised him to resign, and pointed out.
that tbe meeting of congress would be
Illegal. He was not only deprived oT
his office, but packed off at less thau
twelve hours' notice to France.
San Francisco, May 7.���The relatives and friends of Arthur Payae.
y^uug society man and son of a
wealthy Menlo Park family, have become alarmed at a report that he
was captured by Mexicans on the
west coast.
A Iml Um ���imalmUen
A ttrmlghtforw-ud mwisnsjj
off-Mr irum nn wtitlWifcsil
firm. We tn trlrine mtv
WttchM to thooitnda rt
i*>pi�� tii otm taw
world ������ a hosBij
���avoitiiennnt. Nov
I* your rhejjj-H to
obtain una. Writ*
now. Micloain* %\
astiti for dim of our
luhlonftbla Lad tat'
Lone Qaarda, ar
Genu* Alberta, mot
cirriar* paid to ����a��
with tha aateh. Wat-**
��� ni ba *.��*o Fran
(that* wttobn ar*
tuarantaad n>�� y-sa-nsk,
       iaanU ?oo tafca
vantara of our ami
Wt t*p��rt fM to toll roar rr*��a��
���iboiit ui and itum tham tht beaotitiil watrh.
pi-n t think this oflor too rood to 1* true, but ���***
35 c��mtt to-dar *u<l "���'" �� ^"', WBWh. \om
w 1< V arnartx4 -Wtl.UAHH * M.OYD, Who'^aaa
Jewtf'la** ��in-vt t-i- ), Kj, ConiwalUi liuad, Uin,imi. tL.
lone   offer.
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Dainty Brocaded Suits at a Special Price. $16.93.
This is something new in plain tailored suits.   The coat is cut with
a square front and skirt Is a plain model, draped a little at each side;
in colors brown and  navy;  a suit that    would  be considered cheap
at 1*0.00.  Our special CI C Cft
Inspect Our New Sport Coats, Special at $12.50 to $20.00.
All the very newest styles and colors are represented In this slock.
In materials ol Serges. Tweeds, Mixtures. Diagonals and other
clothes You cannot get better values than we offer. See them tor
yourself.    Specially priced$1 2.50   TO $20.00
Ladies' White Cotton Knit Vests.
A nice soft cotton vest, and will wear well; comes lace trimmed and
in all sizes.   Prices, Sleeveless, 20c; Oft**
With short sleeves    CUC
Ladles' Cotton  Drawers, Special at 35c.
A splendid quality cotton, and lace trimmed; will give every 9Cm
satisfaction.    Special at     WWW
Ladies' White Cotton Combinations, Special at 75e.
This is a splendid line of combinations for summer wear; fcomes in
good v ariety of styles and sizes, anil is daintily trimmed with fine
lace;   worth 95c.    Special **7E^
;.t roc
Gingham All-over Apron.
In checks and prints; will wash and wear well; n regular 7C#*
$1.00  value.    Spi-cial at     I wC
Children's White Cotton  Night Gowns.
Madeo f a fine white cotton of good wearing quality, ami is beautifully embroidered; a regular $l.nn value. CC***
Special  nt  WWW
We Carry the Best
House Dresses That
Money Can Buy
We are the sole agents for thi* famous
���'Utility*' House Dreys. This is thi' make
of dress which Is in groat demand all over
the American continent. A garment that
can be put on In a few seconds, just like a
coal Mo.-t women know and demand the
"I'tility" House Dress, and will accept no
���other.    Vmi will do the same after seeing
our   full   rangi'   of   styles   ami   fabrics.     Al
vi ry   moderate
prices,   from. ...*��?��� al U to
$1.75 TO $3.95
Free Ice Cream Cones for the Children on Saturday
Afternoon and Evening
Saturday afternoon and evening we will give FREE [ce Cream Coins to all the children accompanied
hy their parents who visit this store. To prevent indiscriminate giving it will be necessary to show a
pui chase bill from any department in the store.
McAllisters, limited.
Men's   Shirt   Special   for
Saturday at 65c
A splendid offering of fine Negligee Shirts; with
laundered cuffs and collar bands; neat striped pat-
l"ns; every shirt well cut and finished in first-
class styli -.,,. B \.v.. ,,, 17 Actual $1.00
Shirts.   Saturday
New Neckwear, 75c
���','" /''���' ''""''     *   shipment  ol   Men'i
Hand   Neckwear;   in   wldi     tlowinp    end
&aille  and   p   lain   Qengallne  Silk
signs   and   colore      Saturday
choice  at   	
Men, Get Your Coll
In   newest de-
ars at
We carr)  a complete line of "Arrow" and "Tooke"
inings and cushioned sweat  pads;  sIzbb 6% to 7V,
well known brand; in al isizi s and shapes,   ap
Kach at 15c, two lor   fcwC
Straw Hats for Saturday
Men, how about that new Straw Hat? We run certainly please and fit every one. We Import all our
hats direct from Ihe old country, thus saving the
middleman's profit. Hence we can s'-i! hats at
prices that cannot be duplicated anywhere In New
Westminster See our hats before purchasing.
Kim- Knglish Straws; in boater shape; black trimmings imil cushioned sweat purls: Bhlzes ti1;. to 7',.,
Specially priced at $1.00, $1.50, $200        6*0 Crt
and        wh-wU
FTne Knglish Pedal Straws; In Panama shape; besl
<*f trimmings; sizes 6% to 7%.     Spe      ��4   ap
cial  at  $1.00 and         w I >faW
Genuine South American Hand Platted Panamas, In
regular and telescope stives; hest hlack trimmings
���and cushioned sweat pads.   McAllisters' prices $4.50.
$5.00, $6.50, $7.50
These Values in Table
Damasks at McAllisters
Superior    Irish    Table    Damask;    fully    bleached;
close  even   weave;   in   pretty   floral  designs;   tine
mercerised finish:  58 Inches  wide.
Saturday  Special,  per yard   	
Heavy   Weave   Irish   On Ion     Damask;     unbleached
quality;   in  check  designs;   good  for everyday   use;
SS   Inches   wide,    Saturday   Special.
per yard  	
Very Strong Weave    Unbleached    Table    Damask:
warranted all linen;   1" inches wide;  sold  regularly
at $1.00 a yard;   will  give endless wear.
Saturday Special,  each   	
Pull   Bleached   Irish   Damask  Table Cloth;   mercerised   finish;   in   neat  floral   design;   size   1%   yards
square;  hemmed, ready for use.
Saturday   Special, each   	
Fancy   Colored   Table   Damask;     in     fast    Turkey
dyes;   the kind  that  washes  well and  wears years;
54   inches Wide.    Saturday  Special,
per  yard   	
av  use;
4   yards
3  years;
u"'i'>   Quilted   Silence   Cloth;   for   table
���)o Hi'li's wide;   regular price $1.25,
Saturday, ,���.,- yiird 	
60 Inches wu],
per yard
regular $1.50 a yard.
Suit Case
Values That
Are Hard to
Juvenile Suitcase; mafic of dark brown fibre; .steel
f.-irne and valance; leather corners; leather filled
handles; brass lock and catches; fancy checked
lining. Prices at, 11-inch, $1.50, IH inch.
$1.75;   18-lnch   	
Suitcase, made of fibre matting; strong frame:
heavy leather corners; good sti'i'i lock and catches;
strong handle and f ancy checked lining flJO Of*
Pric's. 24-inoh, $2.00; "Hi inch  ^bibJ
Suitcase, made  of good  grained  kratol;  Japanned
corners; steel frame and valance;  good brass locks
and catches;  good  leather handle;   Inside straps. 241-nch, $2.25;  26-lnch ���
Suitcase made Of heavy light or dark brown fibre:
deep styli ; scalloped leather corners; swing
handle; good brass lock and heavy catches; fancy
cloth lining; pneket In lid; two 2Vi-lnch straps all
lonnd; patent frame for strength; durability and
neatness. Prices, 24-lnch $5.00;
Suit case; sleeted solid leather; steel frame; and
valance; good brass lock anil catches; figured
doth lining; inside straps; good leather handle
leather straps all round: 24-lnch $7.00;
Club Hag; smooth grained cowhide; out Beam;
leather covered frame; brass lock and catches;
cloth lined; inside pocket; heavy leather corners
well rlvitted. 14-inch, $7.00; 16-inch
$7.50;   18-inch   	
Your Opportunity
For Saturday
Furniture Snaps
Dining   Room   Chairs;   set
finish;   regular  $16.00.
if  six;   in
early   Knglish
Three-drawer Chiffonier
finish.   Special  	
golden oak
golden   finish
style;     fitted
Black and   White   Check
Dress Goods
Three-drawer  Dresser
Hrass Bed Special; satin finish.
hrass   Bed  Special;   sutin   finish
continuous   post   	
Solid  Oak   Kxtenslon   Table:   six foot  styli
with patent equaliser; golden finish;
round pedestal.    Special 	
Morris Chair;  solid oak frome;  loose
velour cushions. Special at 	
Colored Pongee
Silks at 49c
Solid Oak flocking Chairs, with roll si -its.
The demand for these goods is great, but. we can
still supply a good variety of qualities. We have
the correct weight for dress, skirt or suit; widths
36 inches to ���',() inches; In all sized plain and broken
checks. Price, per
yard  fc-JV  TO
and shop at McAllisters.
Today we show a good selection
of new shades in Pongee. Our quality Is a fine and even weave, giving
splendid wear. The shades are sky,
navy, tuiqiiolse. reseda, moss, cream,
white, hello, hlack, tan, pink, tan,
brown, com; good value; regular 65c.
Our price, per
We carry a large and well assorted
stock < f Blankets for every purpose.
Our prices compare favorably with
prices anywhere.
Kor ordinary household use our line
of "Kunify" brand blankets is hard
to heat. Comes in all sizes and
weight; Biz.c 60x80
u t.   	
���Size (14xS4,


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