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The New Westminster News Jun 18, 1914

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Vol .*' . 9, Number 89.
Price Fwse^Cents,
' P0/.7 MANN W77H
/.-4/LS FO_? C. /V. R.
Foresight of (ierman Cap- j Asiatics in Fishing Industry
Construction work on the Canadian | tlnental along tba main
Northern Pacific railway will ba resumed Immediately, according lo word
received at local headquarters jester-
daj rrom tbe eaBt. The passage ot
Canadian Northern uid bill through
line  In  this
tain Probably Prevented
Another Wreck.
Force White Storekeepers Out of Business.
parliament at Ottawa has impelled
the company to proceed with the
���verb in baud, although none of the
money from the government guarantee!]  bonds is as yet available
Sufficient steel tor the completion
of  tbe various links in the Iran-con-
province, also for 120 miles of track |
on Vancouver Island, lias been pur- |
chased, more than 16*000 tons of rails !
being   prepared,  for  shipment    from]   	
Cape Breton this rammer.   One large i
liner  cleared   from  the  Atlantic  port I When Kaiser Wilhelm 11. Was Rammed ' Canners and Net Men to Meet M. P.
yesterday for Port Mann, a portion ol
the cargo of i alls being for use c
Patricia line near Victoria.
Steel has to be laid on 260 miles of L
t'-i- main line of tlie company In this,
province   to  connect  with  the  Alberta
By   Cram   Ship  Her  Bulkhead,
Already  Had  Been  Shut.
and   Inspector   Before   Sockeye
Season Opens.
Conflicting Testimony At Inquiry Leads to Conclusion
That Disaster Arose Out of Both Ships Working at
Cross-Purposes���Evidence Taken at
Yesterday's Session.
( testimony
���c.-.ive of Arsociation  Recommend'. Doctors   Will   Confer   With   Hospital
to  City   Council���Autos Board���More      Accommodation
and Ads. to Join. Necessary For Nurses.
Sei -tary W. I,. Darling, of the Pro*,
gi'esslve association, reported to the
executive last night that the advertising men Of tbe city and the automo-
bilist*. were organizing and would affiliate with tin- association later on.
The .-inniiiil meeting would take place
on the 26tb, when the various committees would submit full reports. In
addition to the ?.1dii a month and of-
1 flee room granted by the city, tba
association would require 1100,0 to
curry  It through next year.
The report was adopted.
The suggestion to invite Mr. Bper-
llng of the B. C, B, It. to luncheon before he left for London lo take up his
director's duties  there  was approved.
It was resolved io send a hearty
vote i [ thanks to the ladles who IihiI
carried through tbe luncheon to the
Pacific coast advertising men last
Saturday, with such eclat as to leave
an Indel bl��������� ImpTMSll n upon ihe.-e Ken-
llem< ;i Votes of thanks were also
ordered to be conveyed to Mr. Itogers
of thi Eraser Mills. I)-. Doherty. Dr.
Mackay and the officers of-the col
ony I-'.irm for Un ir courtesy and en-
teri [lament,
Endorse Baby Bonds.
T ��� Issuing of "baby" bonds by th
city council to small Investors \s as
brought before the meeting b) Mr
Cllbb ami after discussion the idea
. -irtily endorsed bj the executive a committee, consisting of
I'.. ..-nt Allan Purvis and Vice-
Pn * di :.t W T Iteid. wa.- appointed
lo Jo ll the committees of the Trades
and ! ahor council and the Local Coun
ell , ' women In waiting upon the < ity
council and urging tbe adoption of
the ; Ian.
Mr.  Oibb, representing the Trades
- - ii cl   I.ahor council,  asked  the  help  of
the association In bringing the advantages of tbe municipal employment
bureau before the public. The proposition was warmly endorsed and a
committee will he appointed b) the
president to draw up a report before
the next meeting of the executive.
Suggested nominations  for  the  officers of the association  were discus- j '"'".      . .
sed  .md the  names  of those  recom- t!'
mended will he submitted to the cun-J
sideration of the annual  meeting.
A motion will be submitted at the
annual meeting to amend clause 13 of.
the constitution to admit the addition
ol t.'i" following committees: Transportation, trades and labor, automobile and advertising, the two latter to;
be formed from the advertising and
Automobile sections of the Progressive association now in process of
The question of the appointment of
in Interne again cropped up at the
hospital board meeting held yesterday afternoon, action being deferred
until next week when a committee
from the Fraser Valley Medical fraternity will be present to discuss the
According to what was brought out
at yesterday's meeting, tbe doctors
an- adverse to an interne, claiming
that, without a laboratory, such a
position   WOUld   be   Of   little   use   to   a
young college graduate.
The   proposed   appointee   would   be
a regularly qualified doctor graduating from college this year and according to the board it would he a
stepping stone towards the position ot
house  doctor.
It was pointed out that Miss Colvin.
lad) superintendent, would be ex*
ceeding ber duties were she to presenile for a patient before a doctor
arrived on the scene and such an Instance was eiied that same afternoon
when a mun was brought In, suffer-
Jinx from a deep cut In bis hand,
8 but who was toned to wait for attention until the arrival of a doctor
from tin business section of the city.
In   this   case,   the   man's   injury   was |
not eerious, bin happenings might
occur at any time where an interne
arrival of a tegular doctor.
could alleviate the pain until the
Iii regard io the laboratory mention-
m<1   by   the   doctors,   il   was   BUggeSted
ithal the medical fraternity furnish the
| room   alter  the  plans  of  various  pub-
I lie  bodies  in  connection   with  private
Another change will be made lo the
hospital nt iff, Mies Margaret Turnbull,
after a l��i'g term of service as head
of the maternity cottage, resigning
lur position. Efforts were made to
retain her services, bin without success, and the resignation was accepted with regret lt is possible that
MlSS Turnbull will later become Idem
tlie staff when the new
hospital is fully completed.
Alderman T. H, Smith and T. A.
Lane were appointed directors on the
board by the provincial government,
a communication to this effect being
received from ihe provincial secretary.
Another Private Ward.
Still another private ward is to he
fitted up. the Women's Auxiliary of
the Royal Columbian hospital report-
mi: that  the $150 turned over to tna>
Southampton, Kng, June 17. The
.'.nil (ierman Lloyd steamer Kaiser
j Wilhelm II. which left Southampton
! shortly al'K r noon today bound for
I New "iurk with a thousand passen-
j gers, lies at anchor tonight off Nett
i ley, three miles to the southward,
j with a big hole in her side amidships.
I caused by a collision with the Liver-
; pool main Bteamer Incemore, bound
| from a Hlack Sea port for Antwerp
Tbe Inceinore, a much smaller boat
Ithan the (ierman steamer, of soon
| tens, is in dock here with her bow.
i badly smashed.
The collision occurred  in  lbe  Eng-
; lish channel, ,">:; miles south or the
! Nab   lightship,  in  a  dens-   fog,
No Time to Avoid It.
The  Inceinore.   it  is  said   by  those
aboard, had virtually come to a  stop
because of the  danger of continuing
under way in such a thick fog, when
suddenly there loomed up just ahead
cf her the Kaiser Wilhelm.
Iloth captains did their best to avoid
a collision, but the short distance separating lbe two vessels rendered their
efforts  Ineffectual   and   the   Incemore
struck the liner on tlle starboard side
amidships.    The  force of the Impact
crumpled up her own  bows, and tore
a big  nai��  in   ihe  Kaiser  WilbeTm's
side,   it was the. Impression of those
aboard   the   lucemore   that   the   hole i
was   entirely   above   the   water   line. 1
The two steamers stood by each other
until  ii   was ascertained  that neither j
needed    Immediate    assistance,  then
A meeting of the execuilvi
i'raser River Fishermen's Protective
association, the various owners of can-
nerie, on the river, Col. .1. I). Taylor.
M. P., and F. ll. Cunningham, Domin-
| ion inspector of fisheries, will be held
j before the end of the month for the
purpose of discussing the situation in
regard to the Asiatic fishermen on
the river.
At a   lengthy  conference  held  with
I Col. To lor and Mi. Cunningham on
, Tuesday   afternoon,   the  executive  of
I Lie   fishermen's   association   attempt'
led to gain  a    promise    of assistance
! from   the   government   and   after     a
! two hours' discussion. President Mai-
! den of the association was requetsed
j to write to Secretary \V. I). Brodie of
the B. C. Canneries' association, asking that owners of all  plants on  the
| river  meet  in   this  city     before     the
sockeye season opens.
These cannery owners Will  be asked to eliminate the Asiatics as much
as possible from th
To  do away   with  Asiatic  help  en
.June 17���Out of a welter of
that threw  very little fresh
of  thel'-Kht On  the disaster of the Kmpress
i of   Ireland,   which   sank   off   Father
Point after a collision  with  the collier Storstad on  May 29, the   Dominion  commission  Inquiring  into  it  today   managed   to  extract  a  few  new
points, which, however, only serve to
the fog came on.   Then he went from
full speed ahead to full speed astern
and   gave   three   short   blasts.     The
others   vessel   answered     with     her
whistle.    The     Empress  again  gave
threo short blasts and later two long
blasts, which means that the ship was
stopped.   The captain looked over the
Bide of the ship and later went onto
make the confusion worse confounded  the upper bridge.    He saw only  the
and to Indicate that  the evidence of I masthead lights of  the Storstad  and
the   Empress   and   Storstad   officers, i not the green lights.    When the col-
conflicting  as  il   is, suggests that a  Her collided  with them the Empress
similar  slate of cross  purposes  may was stopped.   The Stor>tad must have
be found to be the final explanation I been under way.
of tbe wreck. The  following questions  were then
At   the  morning session  Butler As-1 put to and answered by the witness:
pinwall,   K.C..   acting   for   the   Cana* \     "You got from Captain Kendall the
dian   Pacific   railway,   extracted    an j order to put your engines full speed
opinion   from  Chief Ofricer  Tuftness astern?    How   far off do  you   think
of the collier, that, according to a dla-1 the  Storstad was then?"
gram he had drawn of the respective '    "Three  or  four  miles   away.    She
positions of the ships when they saw ; was two points to the starboard."
one another just  before the collision \     'When you have a vessel three or
in the fog. be thought  tlie  Empress, j four miles away bearing two or three
which was travelling fast, should have  point* to your starboard and you can
cleared  the Storstad.    Mr.  Aspinwall i still  see a light, is lt not rather an
tried  to  prove by  this the C.  P.  H. | unusual  manoeuvre  to  put  your en-
claim that the liner was standing still, I gine.   full  speed   astern'.'"
otherwise   she      would   have   passed      "No;  It is to take the way off the
across   the   Storstad's   bow.   but   the   ship,    i did not see any other vessel
witness  clung  fast  to his contention ! near."
"'ants this sea-  that the Empress was moving.  Later ;    "Have you ever before In your ex-
Mr. Aspinwall sought to show* that be*' perience put your engines full speed
cause  the    collier    rammed    herself | astern  under  such  conditions?"
"1 have never before been in that
Ixird Mersey���"You were four miles
apart and this vessel was ou your
starboard. Can you tell me why it
was that you reversed your engines?"
The Witness-"The fog was coming
on .'.nd we wanted to take the way
off the ship so ag to comply with the
rules.    Rule  13."
lxml Mersey (after reading the
rule)���"That rule does not require you
to  stop."
straight, into the iiner for twelve feet,
Alfa..*s  of   Republic     Badly     Tangled
Beth  at  Home   and  at  Conference  of  Mediators.
Li redo, Tex.. June 17 Men who
arrived here today from Saltillo. Mex..
reported that desperate efforts were
being made when they started tor the
border yesterday io patch up differ-
i iicos between Ceiierals Carranza and
Villa, Men of Iniluence were hurried
to the camps of both factions in an
effort to re-establish harmony but
there w-as a tenseness in the atmosphere which showtd plainly how grave
nil  e:insidered  the  situation.
Oen. Natera. it is said, was extremely anxious to take Zacatecas before
Villa arrived to share the glory of the
Trouble  at Niagara.
Niagara Kalis, out., Juue 17.  -The
Huerta  delegatipn  to  the  mediation t
conference issued a Statement tonight
charging that tho insistence by lhe
United States on a constitutionalist
for the provisional presidency as opposed io a "neutral" was "tantamount
lo abetting nnd even exacting Irani! j
nnd   violence   al   the   elections.'
The publication  of    this statement i
vie unexpected by the American delegates,    When  thej   learned ol  il  Iheir j
attitude  was thai   the  Huerta dele-
cates were acting entirely within Iheir i
rights when they criticised  the American  plan   tor  establishment   or  n
provisional government in a commutu
,. ition  addressed    to    th
themselves, but they wore greatlj
,,. ,.,- i,y the action of giving ll oul
I society by the New Westminster Oper-
I at c BOCiety as pa. I proceeds from the
-Yeoman   cf   tho   Guard"   would  be
', used  in   furnlthlng a  ward.
!    7,ore accommodation for the nurses
I has become necessary on account of
the change from the old to the new
building, several ot* the nurses having
1 bei n located on the third floor of the
old Institution now being lorn down.
Thi   nurses' homo will he redecorated
laud cleaned from top to bottom and
perhaps more windows added to eliminate the possibility of overcrowding
The  Qt'OOkS Woodworking company.
! Kast   Burnaby,   was  awarded  the  eon
tract for manufacturing screen doors
windows  and  transoms  for  the    new
The rip.ut of Miss Scott, late super-
mleiident. lor the month of May. was
received, an adjournment being taken
until Wednesday afternoon, June 24.
when officers will be elected tor the
coming year. At thh* meeting certain
minor changes by the doctors will be
tirely   would   be   impossible   to   many
of the canneries owing to scores of j the Slorstad must have been going at
the Orientals being indebted to the a high rate of speed, while the Em-
owners of the plants in order to pur- press was stationary, because if the
chase boats and netting. collier was going slow  the only other
Last of the Whites I wa>' thls could have been accomplish-
Dan   Macpherson.   vice-president   of I ed  W0Ul.d. ta�� bf*en b>' the En-Press
both started slowly for Southampton, j the  association,   informed    Tuesday's
The Ion-peak of tbe Inceinore rapid- j gathering  that  the  last cf  the  white
Ij    filled   with   water,   hut   the   stout (storekeepers  at  Steveston  was  going!
bulkheads  confined   it   thel     and   al- I to the wall solely on account of the I
tin ugh   so  much  down   by  the   bows , Asiatic  invasion,  the Orientals  show-
that the propeller was half out of thej Ing a  preference  for traders of their
water, she managed lo crawl into port. | own   nationality.
There It was found that the damage tn , Kive years ago. stated Mr. Macpher-
the bows extended for a length of 12 son, the storekeepers In the little set-
feet and a width of 10 feet. jtlement at the mouth ot the river were
Company's Statement. fe . " i-rateful -when Sunday came along in
Lindon June IT.-���The London and'ordet that they might rest. Now-
North (ierman Lloyd company made every day is a Sunday as far as husi-
th"  following    statement  tonight   re*  ness is concerned.
gardlng the collision i     The committee to meet the cannery
Tbe Kais.r Wilhelm 11  was run in-   men. Col,  Taylor and  Inspector I'un*
to at  '..;I0 this afternoon by the steam- inlngh.m, was appointed as follows:
er Incemore In a dense fog ten miles       Messis.  Macpherson, Browse, Peter-
southeast   of   East   Catherines   Point  ! son.  Broderick and Maiden.
Those pre-ent at Tuesday's meeting
were: President W. B, Maiden. J,
Reichenbach, .1 Insley. New Westminster: (ieorge Browse, Port Haney:
Len Petersen, Annlevllle; J. X. Broderick. Hammond: J, Plester. South
Arm: Dan Macpherson, Steveston, and
J.  Haggman,  Annacis  Island.
; approaching  her  like   a   crab,  some-
I thing that  was, of course, ridiculous.
The Ireland's Mate.
Edward  Jones,  first  officer  of the
Empress   of   Ireland,   was   examined
by Mr. Aspinwell and testified that he
was on  duty on the bridge and that I    The Witness -"No.'
after they dropped the pilot at Father j    Lord Mersey���-"When you reversed
Point, he saw the masthead lights of I your engine, did  you want to  mod-
the Storstad, about six miles off on   erate your speed?"
the   starboard   bow.    The   course  of      Mr.  Jon-ea  said  the Empress  wa.
the    Empress    was    changed shortly j .        ������    ���*���"'
afterwards  and   a   little   while   later ' (Continued oa Page Four.)
The Incemore rammed the Kaiser Wil
in lm at right angles and scraped
along for some distance, but the bulk
beads kept back the water, which
leaked into one compartment Directly the foil came on Captain  Dnhl ha)
(Continued on  Page Four.)
School   Trustee   Situation   Out   There
About  as  Clear  as   Fraser
River Water.
Goes After the B. C. E. R. for Better
Service���Short  Business  Meeting Last Evening.
Komagata Is  Trouble  Craft
The Burnaby board Of trade held a
Vancouver, June IT. The climax of
the tight by the Hindus who came on
the Komagata Maru to enter Canada
s promised for Friday. It may be delayed a duy or two after that, but
that was the date set for the departure of the vessel when C. Gardner
Johnson,  agent for the     vessel, went
The citizens exclusion com-
miitee met last nighl and di -
elded by a large majority to
\isit   Bellingham  this year on
July   15,   in   preference   to   Vic
toria or Nanaimo.
A sum of $100 was voted to
the Retail Merchants' association to aid in ilo- reduction of
I lie di flclt on last year's picnic. The trip will be made by
sea on the I'rincess Mary or
Princess Sophia and no difficulty is anticipated with tin*
customs or Immigration officials.
aboard Tuesday afternoon and
firred with Ourdlt Singh
that oriental leader In
spirits. The Komagata Main Is seething with an Insurrection, tor the Hindus are not only full of fight against
the Immigration officials, but they
are making Gurdit smith's life one
grand  procession  of  trouble.
Early Tuesday th*- first serious outbreak occulted when Captain Vamamoto sougbl to comply with an order
of the harbor master to move eastward to a point off the llentley avenue wharf. The port officials wished
to give the berth now occupied by the
Komagata Muni to the two Japanese
warship, which are expected here at
the end of the week. The ship could
not move without steam and the Hindus would not allow the Japanese
stokers to get into action to get steam
'up. The Hindus feared that the ship
would he sent away on her return
journey to Japan.
Against the crew of thirty the Hindus   easilv    won
Ottawa. June IT.���The Hindu problem on the Pacific coast is giving the
immigration officials no small amount
of anxiety and there will be relief
when the Komagata Maru sets sail
from Vancouver with its load of trouble. It has been made abundantly
clear that the government has no Intention   whatever  of  admitting   them
The  dispute   bei ween     the
trustees of Coquitlam and the mimic-1 b,.iel- aes8ion last inght at the municl-
ipal council  was. originally, over the       ,_,,,., , ,   > ,, .,
school estimates, which were consid- | Pal hal1' Unionds' an(l' ���<-**���iuS the
ered by the latter too vague and, appointment of a committee to ap-
where clear, extravagant. It develop-; proach the B. C. E. It. for better trans
ed later into whether the school trus-' portation facilities at Edmonds, ad-
tees were legally elected or not. Dr. j d u] {fl mi Wpdnesda m
Robinson, superintendent ot the edu-.
cation department, in a letter to the ; August.
council declared that Ewen Martin, j Vice-president A. I.obley and B. C.
the chairman, was the only legally , Walker, were appointed to interview
elected  trustees,  leaving  it  to  be In*
Interurban Manager Purvis of the II.
('. ES. ft., support being asked from the
municipal council of Hurnaby, and the
New* Westminster city council and the
boaid of trade to back up their contention that the residents of East
Burnaby, Edmonds and Twelfth street
wete not being treated fairly  by  tlie
C,1U" i and the problem now is
He found ' ij_c._
very  had
i     �� ���  	
Its apprehension  lest the  Hindus
to gel
The news from Vancouver that there
i commandeer the ship and go where
they please is confirmed hy official
advices, and there may he something
in the report that the Maru may he
escorted across the Pacific hy a .la
panose cruiser now arriving al Vancouver.
it was rumored today that anotherIWalker
shipload  was coming from  India  and | rjUltloni
this  was received  with  alarm at  the
department,   hut   there   is   really   no
foundation  for tho report.
While  the  situation  gives  concern,
it   is   believed   here   that   there   is   a
ferred that Mr. Walker and Mrs. Mackay were not, although he had authorized Mr. Martin and Trustee Walker, the actinig trustees, to appoint
Mrs. Mackay. a member of the hoard,
and subsequently confirmed her ap-
po '-ilment.
_ub .'(in. ntly   he  advised   the  "pro-,
per authorities" to call an election of co���_*__-_
f .ir  trustees to complete  the  school
VV,   0,   McQuarrie,   the   municipal, , ,
,   ..                 ,                 ,   . .          ;,,��� i cation tor a scrap iron works was lett
sol citor, was   hen appealed to on the   .       .      .      .       ���* , ���..
,   "        ..     .   in the hand.-, of the secretary.    The
quest i n   as   to  who   were   the   properi . ...       .,���,.,,'.��� ,
, ' '        ... ,   , ,,.     ,,',.,;',,   numbers did  not  tee   at al enthused
; authorities and  he gave  his  distinct
opinion that  Mr   Walker, having been
elected   in   1913   tor  two  years,  the
amending nci of this year did not ap* j
ply to blm, and he was It gaily
tee until the expiry of his term.   Mr.
The application by a Vancouver concern for a seven acre tract ou the
North  Arm  of the  Eraser for  the  lo-
over   the  application,   the  belief    existing  tWiit  the concern  wis Juggling
I with the cities and municipalities on
j the lower mainland tor free sites, tax-
,;l'**ation and water.
The suggestion of Andrew Nelson
Cemeron of Vancouver, who. In a voluminous epistle, advocated tlle elimi
nation of party and creed towards the
formation of a citizens' protective association throughout Canada against
| the Asiatics and Southern Europeans,
also  went  the  short  route,  being   re-
the    dav.    Captain
I Yamamoto  came  ashore   very     much I II.   II.   Steven
tipsel   hy  the episode and spent     the | Vancouver, with stating that tin
is a  property  owner  in Co-
but   resides   over   the   biiun-
llne in Hurnaby.
Comes Armed.
Yesterday   at   the   council   meeting
Councillor Baker, armed with the statute  book and  Dr.  Robinson's circu*
strong element of bluff tn the threats j lar, appeared as councillor and 0Oun*|"ceive^ aml fi|tH|
of Gurdit  Singh and his  followers.    Isellor.    He  triumphantly  refuted the! _______
The upshot of the difficulty is like- j opinion of a mere lawyer like Mr. Mc- !
ly to result in some kind of diplomatic  Quarrie   and   proved   conclusively   to
arrangement to  keep  the  Hindus  at njs own satisfaction that Mr. Walker
home. | was not  a  trnstee
London  Takes it Up. ! ���    ���
London, June 17.   A message from (Continued on Page Four.)
Victoria,  11.  ('..  last evening  credited ,
federal   member
True.   Councillor
noon   hour  conferring     with   Major
Sore at Gurdit Singh.
In   the  afternoon   tho  latter   went
| aboard and found things in grettl tur-
motl.   it was proposed thai tugs be al-
\ lowed  lo     low  the  vessel to her new
i mooring place, but the Hindus declared through iheir Interpreters
that they would allow no one to move
Iheir vessel, acling from Inside or out.
Thev insisted thai they would fight
before being moved and Interspersed
their statements with a good deal of
.criticism     of    Curdit    Sln.h.  and  the
(Continued ou Page Four )
for ; ���'
Brit-1 =
ish   government   was  being  consulted !
on the subject of Hindu Immigration. I:
Inquiries go to snow that tne whole'1
question  of  Asiatic    immigration     to:
Canada is being thoroughly gone Into.h
Negotiations  are   proceeding  between!'
the heme departments and the Cana- :
dian, Indian and Chinese governments
with a view of arriving at some settle-i
ment under   which    tha same    condi
tions of admission to the Dominion
will  be  made  applicable  to  Asiatics1
of all nationalities.
It is understood lhat the Indian and
Chinese authorities are agreeable to
an arrangement ou the lines cf the
Anglo-Japanese treaty of 1911,
London, June 17. Col. Then-
Roosevelt is suffering from an
ntf ctlon of the larynx as a direct result of ih. hardships he
endured in his recent Brazilian
trip, which will effectually prevent him from taking part as
an orator In the political campaign iu the United States this
fall, and compel him to exercise the greatest cue for some
mouths to come.
The harbor committee yesterday
discussed the question of leasing a
portion of its waterfront to the Brackman-Ker company. The present lease
has but little time to run, und negotiating are pending to lease a certain portion conforming with the new
harbor line, further out than the premises recently distroyed by fire.
lt was agreed to offer Edward C.ou-
dy, farmer, $L- as compensation lor
the loss of some tons of damaged oilcake he had purchased from the
Brackman-Ker company after the recent tire on their premises. This was
the sum paid for the stuff by Mr.
C.oudy. who claimed ?2uu on the
ground that his purchase had been
washed into the river by th" employees of the city when "erectiiu- a
nirii'LT cn the waterfront, ������** PAGE TWO
THURSDAY, JUNE  18,  1914.
An Independent morning paper devoted to the Inrertsts of New Westminster and
the Fraser Valley.    Published every roornlnK except Sunday by the National Printing .
���nd Publishing Company, Limited, at 63  McKenzie Street, New Westminster. British   cxnibiticn a* Antwerp Was Organized
Columbia. ROBB SUTHKKLAND. Managing Director.
All communication! should be addressed to The New Westminster News, ajid not ____���_,   ��;,���   c-nm  fiouern-
to Individual members of the staff.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
l��y��ble to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager. 9U9; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
���eoU). 991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier. $4 per year, 11 for three months. 40c per
month. By mail. S3 per year. 2*>c per month.
ADVERTISING  RATES on application.
Without Aid  From Government or Town.
('bent. Belgium, JunelT. Some two
years ago two ladies of Antwerp, Mrs.
Otto Kranck and Miss Margarita Maes,
conceived the idea ol organizing what j
is designated as an "oeuvre de la
temme conteroporalne," an organization, having for its object the ameli-
'1_1__ i.y rj > ii_._*_.__ -i_.-_r_T.__   oratloti of the status of the women of
Those who know Mexico have beenVophesying for SSbTiti^fo%Tat-nKu^!S_-
years that she never will have peace till the United States j poaai of the products <n women's gem-
exercises over her affairs a strong controlling hand, and ^-{.,"? l_"Ifu."-oh-ed by these two
lately these same men have been offering the opinion that;'---!.-'* gradually assumed definite pro-
the Niagara mediation congress would come to nothing {Kmu_^^
simply because the Mexicans themselves would refuse to I nibition which recently opened us
be bound by the decisions of the self-appointed mediators, j SS �� ffiw��5   in '"" ''alais deB
The developments of the past couple of days have pro-    one of the features or tins under
ved both contentions to be correct.
Carranza, regarded as the best sample obtainable of
a responsible, law-abiding Mexican, has turned the mediators down flat and, unable to reach any conclusions
worth while, the A. B. C. conference is about to break up
without having accomplished anything. ^^^^
Villa, the bandit-soldier, has proved the other half oi "^extremely interesting exhibit is
the case and bv his break with his acknowledged chief,; that of model home, for working Peo-
Carranza, he lias demonstrated that, with their leaders gSjftJ,8 a^artWe��� ��hibta8in��nSe
placing personal gain and personal glory above the coun- shape of a telephone station, with two
try's weal, Mexico cannot expect peace until a stronger
guiding hand than her own assumes control.
Should Villa persist in widening the breach between
himself and the head of the Constitutionalist party the
United States may find itself in the position of the man ���sc*--i--*--"*^
who was between the evil one and the rolling deep.
President Wilson has persistently refused to recognize HDMiNlfAN RFPIIRIIf
Huerta as president of Mexico, while the American sec-|wwll,,,,,WM1 "U UUUL
retary of state, Bryan, with, it is believed, the moral sup-; ir _iu  a  I.DADI
port of President Wilson, has pinned his faith to Carran- j
za.  The main factor in hastening the setting of Huerta's
star and brining about the rise of Carranza, has been I President Bordas Not very solid
Villa, the man who has developed into the best field lead-'      His seat���united states Has
er Mexico has known for decades.   Now Villa has broken''���
with Carranza and he has done it in such a way that it!
may be taken for granted he does not intend to retreat
from the centre of the stage.
"" ���       ' ��� ���ill _u
Are You Billiou* ?  I	
WHEN subject to biliousn.M, the liver ia
rmploved in petting rid of excessive
quantities ol ceitain ingredient!, and when
unable to do so, nick headache is produced by
the retention of bile in the blood. Eno ��� "Fruit
Salt" exercises a simple but definite action on
the liver, by which the secretion of bile is
regulated. It rids the body of lhe excess bile
end carries off all the impurities, cleansing and
purifying the system. Eno's may be safely taken
at any time by young or old.
Order a bottle TO-DAY from your dealer,
(���j Prepared only by
J. C. ENO, LM., "Fritt Sail" Works, LsiaV E_fl_aJ
II.   J.   A.   BDBMVrr,   AUDITOR   ANI>
Aooountant    Telephone   1U47.    Koonr
22   Halt   lllm-k.
If. II. .-'mini \V. J. Qrovea.
Wink   undertaken   In    city    ami  oie Ids
polntN.    SE11-12  Westmlusu-j Trust Bldg.
Phone ism.    P. 0. Bos BOT.
7. / y. ������"���
-.-J fl,
and tliiril TiiimmIiiv in each month ai I
Pin. In tho Labor Temple. A. .1. Christ-
mm. Dictator; l>:ivl.l Bayle, Pa��t Dictator; \v. 3. Qroves, Secretary, -ii
Vreatmiliater Trust  llullilliiv.
li. P. O. I-., of D. <". meeta first and
third Friday at B p.m.. Labor Temple,
Heveiitn ana Royal avenue. A. Wells
Oray, Exalted Ruler; P. ll. Smith. Secretary.
-.1111-     IM      HI.       .-_...
taking was the fact that it was organ-1
Izec without tin* ulil of financial as-1
.-istaucc cither on the part of the gov-!
eminent, province, oi municipality,
but in response to, the. initiative of:
Mesdames Pranck ami Maes commercial   men   from   every   section   of   the
country contributed exhibits in every!
line which c-inild  prove of  interest  to |
IIUI'U    an    au.u,,...
hape of a telephone station, with two
experts from the telephone department
who explain to visitors the mysteries
the  telephone.
The decorative effects of this exhibition are largely made up of the
works of talented women painters and
Charge ot Customs.
iin -me -������.,,..-.. ... Puerto Plata. Dominican  Republic,
Jin tile (..iiLie ui mc ouuc, ^___________^_ i ,        ,-    ���       , .. i-i
t-tr-L-   i      _    i -"���"-*    ."->~* , ��� June   17.    Speculation  is  rife here as
Which ot the three will the American nation support? to how long President Hordas can
The United States cannot very well take back all they ^tKVom ZnT^SnJ't
have said about Huertu .--nd recognize him at this   late;opposition to the present regime, has
Jofp j split    up    into    several    revolutions.
i Puerto   Plata   has   proved   to   be   the
The pick of the prairie
wheat crop, milled in the
most modern way known to
science. These are the two
giant forces back of ROYAL
STANDARD flour. Given
the finest ingredients, the
finest machinery and the
finest brains for making
flour, there can be only one
result. The result we arrive
at we call "ROYAL STANDARD."
1. O. ���� I-' AMITY LOOSE No. 27���THB
regular meeting of Amity Lodge, No,
21. I. i). o. *���'., Is In-ill every Monday
nlKlit nt B o'olock In Odd Fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Kigbth Streets,
Visiting brethren oordlallv Invited.
II W. Sangster, N.U.; J. L. Watson,
V.Q.; W. C. Cu.itliiun. P.C!.. re-nnUm-:
secretan . J* VV. Mcliotiuhl, flmunl.il
W. B. I-'AI.ks & CO., <il.-(lis AON.I-S
etreei, opposite Qarnegla lil-rurv. Mom
up-to-date funeral parlors in the citv
Specialist* In HlilpplnK. I July ussli-iani
In attendance. Always open. Day phone
170,  night  phone si.
lioWKi.l. (8UCCE880R    TO    ct'N
ter 4  Manna.  Ltd.)    Funeral directors
and .mi.aim. is    parlors 406 Columbia
street,  New   Westminster,    Phone 9(3
���tor Board ot Trade meets in the board
room. City Hall, us follows: Third Friday <>f each month, Annual meetings
on tha third Friday of February, C ll.
Stuart Wade, secretary.
i COUHOL'I.I).  GRANT & McCOLL,   li \1t-
risters. Solicitors, etc -in Lome street,
New Wratmlnater.    G. 1-'. Corbould,  K.
C.     J.   R.   liiani.     A. K.   McColl.
t. r-at-law, Solicitor, ate. Solicitor ;.ir
the Bank of Vancouver. Offices: Mer-
cliauts' Bank Building, New Westminster, r.. C. Telephone No 1070. Cnbla
address "Johnston." i-uih- Western
llcltor, etc., Colllster Block, corner Columbia and McKensle streets, New
Westminster, I',. C, P. O liux ni-J. T< I���
{.li    344.
Sam | cruiser South Carolina, Captain Russell in command, has acted as a bar to
Captain  Russell's activity  in  trying
to bring the opposing faction.-; together met at first with, considerable success,  yet  it is difficult to know  just |
what the effect will be fri-m the sev-
eral meetings held between the ISordas
following and  the opponents.
Uncle's Watchful Eye.
I'nder present conditions,  with the j
; United   States   acting  custom   officer
i^or  the   Dominican   republic,  and   at-
tending   to   the   payment   of   certain
udic. ^ Puerto  fiaw  na�� iJi-.w,  ... ..
They can hardly endorse Villa in opposition to Carran-: focal point for the gathering of the
za even though the former is undoubtedly the stronger S^SSTSSJS-fS&wmb'u&
man, because in thus countenancing Villa Uncle   Sam | cruiser south Carolina, captain itus-
would be swallowing the wholesale atrocities of the bandit chief after having strained at the Huertista program
of blood.
American backing against the other two cannot be
given to Carranza unless it comes prepared to fight, for,
as popular opinion now stands in Mexico, Villa would be
able to wipe Carranza from the map in a very brief campaign.
If the United States have been waiting a favorable op- lemilIls LO ���11C ������,������	
portunity to intervene in Mexico, the present crisis seems' debts b> using revenues
to offer "that chance. Of the three men in the limelight, fa SSW^rfpS^raoS
Carranza is the only one whose record is not stained with j tinue to look after the affairs of the
blood, the only one whose culture and education are above |lsV���* Bnutration at Washington
those of an Indian, the onlv one who could be expected to undertook a considerable task when
possess the necessary ideals. But even then Cawanza li��^^1S!mff!!t\^h(S^
-would reqvire the might of the United States armv at his!when tho Mexic-n situation bring.
"-���-ir-l*  4f. m nnr-ii.-i  ���*���** -,i  tn ',ii�� cm! " milny utlu'r Prob-em*- ,0 ti,(' surface,
.acK to maintain ...m in ms seal. it is ot particular interest to follow
Huerta, weighed in the American balances and found event:; that preceded the nine years
wanting, can be eliminated from the calculations, since ��;olprosperlty "m"r  Araerican   cou1
Washington hardly is expected to go back on its stronglv-" The Dominican republic, with   its
worded opinions in his case.   Villa, as a president, is im- pt.fth.ViandTs^
possible, for, despite his military ability, Villa is   a mon-1 on. largest or the Greater Antilles.
Mile���Barrlatei- and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk., Columbia Btreet,
New Westminster, B. C, <'ai.l>- address
"Whiteside," Western Union, I- 0.
Drawer 200. Telephone 89. W 1,
Whiteside, K. C. , II. I.. Edmonds, D,
at-law.  solicitor,  etc., i
_mer  Columbia
and MoKenzle streets,
New  Westmin-
ster, II. C    P. 0. Box
7 1".
118.    Telephong
Solicitor    and    Notary
Offices,   If.,it
Block,' :'*<  Lome str.-.i,
Now  Westnvri-
st.r.  lt. C,
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
Barristers and Solicitors, BOB to��6 :
Weatmlnater Trust Block. O. I-: Mai-
iiii. W. ii. MoQuarrle and Georgo L.
i laaoody.
318   OP  COAL   Mil
    I Discovered  hy   ColumbuB,   Santo   Do-
*��� , i niinuo was lhe earliest centre of Span-
There remains Carranza, certainly the most acceptable ;.���*. colonization, and millions in gold i
ol the three, but as to ability and strength, still an un- ann1dne8silwv0errke7^y g���*** :r;,m K"
known  quantity. Most   of   this   treasure   was   taken j
���^���^���^���������^���������������--^-^-^-^--B ____________________________________   I���'  Spain.    Iinl the
'' Mexico followed, interest In Santo ll"
as t'::e board ot agriculture and the mingo subsided. Many of the colonists
chamber of agriculture would give, iflocked to the Spanish main. Thi
A.ked if the proposed system would French later seized the tvesti rn coasts
not cause delups, the chairman said uf the Island. The rise ol the negro
that under the present system the republic, Haytl, broughl new compll-
farmors sometimes did not get the cations. For a time Haytl occupied
man they wanted, because they had to the neighboring land, but finally ln
take the assurance of the man that he 1843, when Haytlen rule became intol-
could do the work, while the worker I erable, tie Dominicans expelled their
Iiiul no Idea what sort of master was   oppressors   and   legained   their   Inde
Victim  cf Spokane   Killing  Had  Been | Ancthcr   Anti-Semitic    Demonstration
Released From Custody Only There���Cannot Hold Any of
a Few Hcurs Before. the Higher Offices.
Scotch    Farmers    Want   to    Abandon
"Fair"   System���Gathering
Discusses Question.
I eiinnsiiii; him,    Under thi
change,  records  would  in
i references examined.
pendenci .     	
Annexation   Favored.
As early as 1849 a movement  grew
iij) In Santo Domingo favoring annex-
it ion to the I'nited States.    After the
civil wa-  this movement increased in
Importance,    In IM)!)  President Grant
^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      sent nu investigator to the island and
......        ... ��� I General 0, E. Hancock reported so fa-
Victoria, June 17.-A conaplcuon. | _oraW_ that he waa inBt,.U{rtt,(1 lo ne.
honor has just been bestowed upon; gotlate. an annexation treaty with the
British Columbia by the selection, for Dominican government, The treaty
the first   time  In  the  history of  the was  promptly  ratified bythe  Domini-
1 can legialatun
Olasgow, Scotland. June 17. A representative gathering Of farmers and
farm servants w.is ehld In the Glasgow labor exchange chambers to consider a proposal to abolish the present system of hiring fairs nnd to en-lthe first   time  in  the  history oi  tne:-��� ���	
gage "servants  through  the  labor ex-1organization, of a representative from j^*?,'18^ J^mpeSt* ^enti-
change instead. this province foi   a post upon the dl-  ment  was  particularly  strong  at  the
James McCutcheon of the agrlctil- rectorate of the Mine Inspectors' in-.time. The senate's opposition was in-
tural college, explained the shortcom- s'.itute of the United States of Ameri- flexiblo and the matter was finally
ings of the present syBtem, and saldica, Thomas Graham, chief Inspector dropped,
that if a new scheme could be form- of mine.-, was appointed to the posl- T'ae revolutionary troubles, of the
utated witli the help of the board of tion of third vice-president at the con- republic since then fill the pagi s of
trade, a great boon would be con-1 vention whicli as just closed at Pitts- current history, With European inter-
ferred  on  the  tanning  Industry, bun;, vention threatening, a protocol of an
Farmers had great difficulty In get-j Word to this effect reached R. F. agreement was drawn up by tinting adequate service, yet he was con- Tolmle, deputy minister of mines, yes- American and Dominican governments
vinci-il that In spite of recent emigra* terday, .Mr. Tolmle, though greatly providing that the I'nited stati s
tion, there were plenty of good work- elated that Iiritish Columbia should Uhould administer the Dominican debt
ers to he haii, if they could only get have received this high recognition, and administer the customs for the
������"""i -_*- -i-v,.,. 13_i_ that he had anticipated, for some benefit of creditors. The receivership
| time, that the great ability of Mr. Gra- of the customs, however, was not rati-
ham  would win for him this well-de-  tied until two years inter.
served honor. ���	
The complete list of officers elect- Calloting Tcnight.
ed nt the convention was: President, Bute, Mom., June 17. -Balloting by
John [limit-!) Illinois; first vice-presi- the Secessionists of Cue Butte ljcal,
dent, .1. H. Mcllermott, Montana; Bee-Western Federation of Miners, on the
ond vice-president, Ceorge E, Sylve- question oi showing union cards be-
Ber,   Tennessee;   third   vice-president,  fore  entering  the copper  mines, con-
_ _    _ _ Thomas Graham, VlCOtrla, B, ('.;   sec-   tinned   here  tonight.     The   polls   will
invaluable new movement. To do this retary, James W. Paul!, Pennyslvanla; close at midnight The sub-committee
.-ill must lie active, and meetings j treasurer, Joseph Knapper, Pennsyl- In charge of referendum announced
should be held all over the country,I vania; editor in chief, James T. Beard, that 3,800 ballots had been cast up to
while they  should accept such  helpjNew York. !- -���'���'"������i*
Spokane, June 17.    Out of    jail  Iinl       Berlin, Germany, June 17.   The dif
i   few   hours,   l.eiu   l.iniisey,   a   negro flctllt   position   still   occupied   hy   the | Hghti
barber  age 31, was shot and killed at JewB In  the (Ierman empire is lllus*
First avenue and  Hllliard Btreet last tratt"' h>; ""' news which cornea from
, tie small town of /.einpollnirg m  wes
night,   The murderer is Btlll at large ,(.n| Pru8Slai wlli(1) hi,,. recently heen
ind unknown.   No resident of tii" lo- the scene of a violent outbreak of anti-
. lity admltti d knowledge of the tr. v, Semltlam.
.lv   when  confronted   by  the  police      '���'**" C_U8_ of the outbreak was a
rumor  winch   .-.ad  gol   abroad  that   a
and none Interviewed up to a late hour ���-,-.,..,���, murder" had been discovered
beard a shot. in the town.   In spite of all assurances
A report of the death was given to by those. In a  position to know thai
the police at 10:36 o'clock  by  Perry thls, wa*.   "V   '""  '?'\,U'!'  f"'liM>;
*   against the Jews gradually Increased
Nlch-olla,  the  manager  of  t.i.-  negro untl|  jt  wa8 difficult for any of the
club,  on   Second   avenue,  half  a   mile   community   to  move   about   the   town
from  where  the  body   was  found,  lie   without running the risk of attack.
.-..id he had he.-n informed by Carrie      'Ma"_ra ,���'-'������'������'''�� u���ol'mi'x ,""' "*'*-������-
,      , , ,   when the doors ol all the houses oocu-
Hreckhouso,   who   heard   a   shot   and   pled by JeW8 ,��� ttlP t()wn WHr(1 (|;uib(J(1
saw two negroes run. I with red paint, and notices threaten
l.indsey was sentenced by Justice : ing the Jewish community posted upon
Stocker, December 3, to serve *ix the walls. By this time matters had
I months In the. county jail for assault become _o serious that the local au-
with a deadly weapon. It was alleged thorltlec intervened, and ordered a
that he shot Lee Chambers through isearching examination into the whole
the shouldei and Warren Tyler matter, The result was that the Jews
I through the, leg in a negro club at were completely exonerated.
1711)5 Sprague avenue, October 17, In spite of this, however, feeling still
Lindaey was employed as a barber at continues to run high and the position
VV8 Sprague avenue. | of the Jewish  population of Zerapel
The body was found'on an open lot i burg is uncertain     " '    **
COAL MINtNG HkIus of lhe Pouili.ltn
lin Munltoba, Saskatchowan an.I Alberui,
the ViiUnn Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the Provinei
ut British Columbia, may bo leased for ������
-term of twenty-one years nt an annual
rental of si nn acre, Not more than -'. > ">
I acre, will be leased i" one applicant.
I Application for n lease must bo ro.ii-
by the applicant in person to the Ag. nt
or Sub-An. el ol the dUtrlct m which the
rights applied lur are sltuati d.
| In surveyed territory the land musl be
dvBcrlbed by .ecllons, or legal uiib-dlvl-
sions ot sections and In unsurveyed territory the tract applied for shull In- st-kc-i)
out hy tin- applicant lilmsi li
Bach application must be accompanletl
by ii fee >,{ $;, which will be refunded If
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shal(J be
paid ..ii tho merchantable output of tin-
mini, nt the rate of five reins per ton
'in., person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity .if roer-
uhantablc coal mined and pay the roy*
ally thereon. If thi coal mining rights
ire not being operated such returns sh.. lid
be  furnished at   least  unci- a  year.
Tho  lens.,  will   inclu.I"  tho  cdttl   mining
i   only.   I.ul   lhe   lessee   will   be   pi i -
mitted   to   purchase   whatever
surface   il.:hi   in.iy   h
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^___.j|islili-ri.i|    ie..:������-
san   for  lhe  working ei lhe  mine at  lhe
rate of ii" nn acre
For full Information application should
he  mnde  tn  the  s. cn Wry of th    '
ment  of  the  Interl
Agenl   in   Sub-A
N I'     I
ilvi 111*. II
'ii'nwn,  or tn pny
B  1 i.iniiiil'iii   I..O..I-.
IV   W   ft ik v.
puty Minister of the tnterloi
nnuthorl.rd  publication  i��f  this
i nt will n..i bo paid for.
New Wellington
Office, 654 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105
them interested in the work. What
was required was a plan by which
they could demonstrate to the servants
that they could get as good a home
In  tliii*. country 8.  abroad.
Mr. Paterson, of the hoard of trade,
said that farm servants were among
the. .least organized groups of workers In the country. If they could
carry this reform through, they would
Bome day be regarded as pioneers of
1 III.;   ......     .. ....	
i erupted hy a house of which Carrie i
Hanks, a negro, ls tenant.    The worn-1
an  was not at home.  Within  were SBV-
t ral   empty   beer  bottles.
steward I. W, Hare of the emergency hospital found a bullet wound
in the left temple and another in the
back of the head, where the missile
probably passed out, Near by, Joe
Scott, emergency policeman, found
I vo empty shells from n revolver. The
position of the body suggested that
Lindaey had fallen backward as he
.'-.i.**. about to climb Leh steps. He had
in en dead an hour.
Coroner  Seaberg   was   notified   and
__   Jews in Germany
labor   under  serious  disabilities,
beng debarred, amongst other thugs,
from the higher ranks of the army and
glvernment offices.
six o'clock.
and Miss ^^^^^^^^^^^^
I-.M.A.M., A.R.C.M,
Lessons In  Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
ng,  Voice    Production,    Theory    (ir,
i'orcner Seaberg was uouu.u mm , *lass or prlvatelyl, Harmony, Counter
an investigation of the case assigned j point, Musical form and History,
to Cecil Thompson, Roy Pordyce, W. Pupils prepared for the exainlna
(I McCUiskcy. Clarence Harris, det.ee- tiona of the Associated Hoard of the
tives; Sergeant aMcdonald and Patrol-1 (loyal Academy of Music and Royal
nun Alderson  and  Mullins. i College of Music.    Also    Professional
While in jail Mndsey is said to have | Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
Bhown�� clergyman a letter than con  |    For  terms, etc,  apply  61   Hufferln
tamed a threat on his life. I-Street.   Phone 411 It.
Residence:  Room IIS Mcl.eod Block-
Phone 489 L.
fa6�� fKr.se
good authority that Mrs. hockrldge I
wis with my husband while 1 was out!
of  town   last  "'iinime;.  and   when   we j
 t last night In front of the theatre!
the sight of her ni too much for me
she  declared.
_ci.pl-   of   Spokane's   "Gentler"   Sex
Put Up Lively Scrap Which Will
���' Be Aired in Court.
Kriedrlchhafen.   on   l.ako    Com-tance, |
From Frtedricnshafcn the airship Hew
to Mu-de, and tlu-nce to Frankfort and'
After leaving Met/, the U was seen !
over lliiigen, trom which place it Hew j
northwards to Bremen, lt was report-:
ed by wireless from the airship that!
a distance of D3 miles was covered in
Vi.it of Eritish Fleet to the
Adriatic Sea.
One States. However, That The Classic Costumes Were No More im-
modest Than Worn by Delegates.
Spokane, June IT. The crowd leaving the ilex theatre the other night I
saw a lively encounter about 10:801
O'clock between Mrs. .1 I) liinkerd. j
1.1108 Garland avenue, and Mrs. Stella |
l.ookrldge of the Reliance hotel, in
which the latter received a bloody'
ni a and Mrs. Binkerd was only re-j
strained by the timely arrival of a l
policeman. Edward O, Parrell, father!
of Mrs. I.ockrldge, proprietor of the I
Kellance hotel, was arrested last night
on 4 warrant sworn out by Mrs. Bin-
kerd charging disorderly conduct.
Mrs, Binkerd alleges that Farrell
Struck ber upon the head and arm
with his cane in the fight.
"Sure, I struck her," said Mr. Kar-
rell last night. "I did it simply to pro-
teet my daughter, who is cashier at
th>- Ilex, and who had been threatened by tills woman a night or two pre
vlous. That was why I was down
there to walk borne with her.   After
this  Woman   made a  couple  of  passe.-.:
a'   her 1  saw  something  flash  In  her
hand and just poked hei with my cane;
to keep her away."
Thinks Jealousy the Cause.
'lhe  trouble  Is  supposed    to    have]
started nearly a year ago when  Mrs.,
'Binkerd declares that Mrs.  I.ockrldge j
��� i ii, cd with ii.i-r husband, a barber.
"In the last year Mrs.  Binkerd has
.. ��� .-. up to on.  house eight tini's try-;
,ng to stir up trouble over absolutely '
nothing,"  sain   Mrs.     I.ockrldge    last
night.    "She   has  made   trips   to   the
prosecutor's office, and on one of her'
visits   I   volunteered   to   go   with   her
anywhere and straighten out the matter,   i must do something to protect
myself, lor 1 am afraid of her. I have
lost my place is a re.-.uit of this occurrence and 1 don't propose to stand
men longer,   l am ashamed of the
trouble Wednesday night, toi I would,
not  have   had   11   happen   for   world's.;
She   t'.imply   attacked   me;   1   knew   It
-.. ���   coming and that Is tin- reason  I
my father to   go home with me.
Tells  of the  Attack, |
"As we left the theatre I noticed her
standing at the west entrance ami'
ta- '-r and I Btattedi east on Riverside
- ��� get away from her. She followed .
rter ns and struck me twice in the
The first lime she hit me in the
nose, and the next time between the
eyes, lt was then that father bit her
over the head-lo ward her ofl. There
w.is a crowd of about 200 or 800 about
Then she chased me down to lhe eor-
m r by the Granite block and there
again tried in strike me. At this
.. we were successful in getting
;. ��� ly, because a policeman held her
until we  rounded the corner."
Mrs. Binkerd, wearing a light brown
tailored suit and a hat with a willow
plume appeared at the police station
,-esteriSaj   afternoon.    "I   have  it  on
In  Africa,  Says  High Church  Authority, the Crescent Is Outdistancing the Cross.
Political   Import  Seen   in  the   Recent  an  hour daring the  flight to  Bingen,
| the airship having its motors working
I at their full capacity during the run
1 and being aided by the wind. Three
| hours and a half were occupied in the
  j journey   from   Bingen   to   Bremen,   .
distance of U.'iO miles.
Vienna, Austria, June 17.    The visit'     Krom  Bingen  the  I.I!  next traveled
[of a Squadron of the  British  fleet to! to   Heligoland,   and   then   by   way   of I Daphne,"  a (ireek  pageant,  in   whicli
j the Adriatic was an immense success j Hamburg to'Berlin, four and one-half | figured many ba-v-llmbed.    airily-clad
��� from every  point of  view.    It
1 foregone  conclusion   that  the   festivl
I    Chicago,  June  17.    "The  Revels of
j Daphne," a
siicees-ii***-"*1-*"--* lo'Berlin, Tour and one-half figured manv-
was  a toUM being occupied in the journey of, . gim
252  miles  irom  Heligoland  to Berlin.'.
London,  June  17     Speaking at  Un
ties in connection with the visit would
he magnificent, for the character of
the Austrian,, still  more of the Huu-
annual  gathering of  Queen's  college. I *��*������� [��   Hospitality, i.s well-known
B I throughout the  world.
London,  recently, the  Bishop of  l.on-,     Tllt, r,.p0lt8 wWcll  reac]H;d  Vienna
don raised the question as to whether , show   that  the   program   was  carried
people   of   the   present   day   were   or I out without a hitch of any kind.    All1
Crew ie Still Safe.
Seward, Alaska, June 17. -Korty-
w.-;,. i���,i looking for the. miraculous I this has but little significance from i five men of the crew of the cannery
to happen In the world. Though he i a political point of view, for between j ship I'armita, which was wrecked May-
was supposed, the bishop said, to he I two nations, both favorably disposed 11:. m |,(JKt Harbor, arrived hereon the
an   Inveterate optimist,  be  could  not the one toward the other, an exchange'
help feeling uneasy because he could ! of courtesies may mean much or absol-; tU a" ' J  " ,ra  todd> uall('   ��efl   tranb
not   see   today   the   existence   among | "etly  nothing, accoidlng    to    clrciim*  ferr''-- -<- ������������- steamship Northwestern j delegate-at lar
them  of  the, great  intellectual,  moral  atancei. which is taking them to Seattle.    The
and   spiritual   leaders  that   they   had i    Various Indications, however, proved   I'armita, which was carrying ITU men. I
been familiar with in the past. Ithat the meeting of British and  Aus-  and   supplies   and   machinery   to   thej
At  the   present  time  one  could   al-Hrian notabilities on terms of intimacy ! plant of tin; Bristol Hay Packing corn-
ways see miracles on the verge of hap- j ������'*����� not merely a question of exchange; nany, was caught In a gale off Bioka
pen Ing which did  not happen. There 1 Ot courtesy, pure and simple    Among, island  near  I'matika   I'ass and  went
had been the opening, for instance, ot these  was  the  fact  that  Sir   Maurice , on t.ie rocks.
China   and   Japan      There     wus    the  de   Biinsen.   the   British   ambassador,  m9m
splendid   work   which  had  been  done returned   to  Trieste   from   London   to       '    ~ ~  -       ������	
by the Bishops of Uganda and Zan/.i- WMiSt at the festivities. Thi- was not
har, each from his. own point of view, 11- pa't Of the original plan, and poin-
and he did not believe that their posi- j ������'���- ��tiH  more plainly to the political
turns  were  Irreconclllable,    Vet  the importance of the meeting.
crescent was outdistancing the cross i Finally It was announced that the
in Africa. Austro-llungarian  navy  would  return
Settlements were started In great j**-1*- ���''������'*��� a -u'|uadron of the new* ships
Cities,'and they expected to see great! going to Malta. Austria-Hungary will
changes  and  the construction    of    a  -'--iil'th ss   be  pleased   to  send   a  div-
After cruising over the suburbs of Ber-j'l*,r Classic freedom of garb, was a
Uu the airship went off towards the!much discussed topic among members
can. A landing at .lohannist'ial was 10f the General Federation of Women's
safely made.  Clul)i   Th(1 pggamt wag K-VPn ut tllH
Arts Institute. Aside from the at-
i tendants and the male dancers, no
I men   witnessed  the  production.
While virtually the club women
agree as to the artistic beauty of the
spectacle, there was variance of opinions upon the propriety of lack of
drapery of the dancers.
Mrs. J. II. Gordon, of i'ueblo, Colo.,
voiced the disapproving opinions.
"It was wrong. It should not have
been allowed,'' -he declared. "Women
who want reform in dress and morals
should   not  permit such  things."
The dancers' classic costumes, Mrs.
Cordon   said,   however,   were   modest
I compared   with some of the extreme
fashionable effects worn by delegates
] to the federation who were among the
i spectators.
Other guests gave unqualified praise
i tn the pageant.
No Stockings Worn, .
j Ms. Herman Hall, one of the dance
; committee, said that after a dress re-
jhearsal, tt was suggested that the
1 dancers wear more drapery and that
all but the youngest girls wear stock-
1 ings. These -suggestions were not put
into effect, she said.
The dauce represented the pursuit
of Daphne by Apollo.
Three thousand women cheered the
American men as "the greatest blessing to womankind,' 'as yesterday's
meeting of'the federation.
The tribute to the nation's breadwinners that aroused the applause from
the delegates was delivered by Mrs.
Percy V. I'ennybacker. president of
the federation.
"My friends," Mrs. I'ennybacker
said, "think what a splendid thing it
is for us that we have the club husband. Think or the sympathy they
have given us in our work. What a
wonderful blessing to us is the American man."
Mrs. Penny-backer announced today
that the question of woman suffrage
would receive the fullest consideration She Btated that the subject would
probably come up this afternoon at
the educational conference, that resolutions presented at that time may be
presented to the resolutions committee and that a report to the convention
on them would be made Saturday.
bridge between the rich and poor and
betwei n capital and labor. Vet when
a strike came the feeling was aH hitter today as it had been when he first
became acquainted with the Kast
End. What was It, Dr. Ingram asked,
that was stopping miracles today'.'
Faith was gradually being weakened
in the -miracles of the past, hence
there was no expectation of miracles
In the present. There was no atmosphere of earnest fervent service toward others, and consequently the atmosphere in which miracles could happen  had  gone
ision   of   dreadnoughts,   and   although
only   three   are    complete,   they   will i
make  a  fair show,  for the Austrians
and   Hungarians  take  great  pride   in
their  new  warships.
The fact that the British fleet is not:
visiting any Italian ports, at any rate',
not'  in   connection   with   the   present,
cruise,   must   also   be   considered,   al-j
though it has long been an open se-|
cret  that   Britain   and   Italy  have  arrived at some kind of unofficial understanding on naval matters.
1     All this points to two separate agree-\
ments  with regard to the Me.lterran
A Leaf From a Woman's Diary
Proceeding  the  Irisohp    said     they jean, the line between Italy and Great
must have a  passionate    longing    to   Britain and the other, on similar lines,
make the world better.    People threw
stones at women who were trying to
get   the   suffrage   by   violent   means,
am* many had been surprised when he
had  in ide a speech  in  favor of  women's suffrage in the house of lords. He
between   (Ireat   Britain  and     Austria-',
Hungary.    It is unlikely that the rap-(
proaohment,  which  Is of  merely  in-
formal  nature,  is  of such  importance
as essentially  to  alter the course of
politics,  hut  it,  may   rather  be  taken'
admired the courage and self-sacrifice a*
indication   of  t'nat  detente  all
which has lately been witness-
. of these  women, even  If he might  re
gret the misapplication of the most edi affecting also the relations be-
beautiful quality in human nature. tween  Great   Britain  and  Germany.
They were actuated by a longing to 	
make things better, and if he had had  GERMAN   NAVAL  AIRSHIP
B million  women workers behind him MAKES 93 MILES PER HOUR
he would not have had to wait 26 years 	
ror the passage of his criniitiai law i Berlin, Germany, June 17.���<The new
; amendment appeal, nor would his (Ierman naval airship L3 recently
1 Sunday closing bill have been shelved ' went on a trial trip of 30 hours, start-
'in a  select committee. ling   from  thme  Zeppelin    woiks    at
Tuesday. June 9th. -A very warm day.
mil a pleasant one for ma, Scarcely stirred from  ilii   cool shady iporch  ;ill day.
Was  to  have  k   shopping���principally
to get Maiie :i new dress fur her school
t-lo_in_. Happened to see an advertlsemenl
in tie   newspapel  ..t  the Smlib store with
a picturi  ei iln  dearest  little frock wlilch
Just looked like Marie,   s... Instead of joins il.iwu to  Brown's as t  had Intended,
l Just phoned Smith's ami had them Bend
up one of ih.isc dresses on approval.   And.
while i had tli'-ni on the phone, I thought
nl   liair   Ad.   aboul    Winsi.m's   ��'hurclillfs
���-l'h,   Inside ..i  The run."    Bo  I  had  n
senl  up tun ami spent  the whole day enjoying   It���cool,   tun.   thanks   to   tlie   new
porch   shail. s  ami   ihe  electric   fan  John
broughl home last week.   The dress came
in the afternoon and I tried it on Marie
In the evening.    She looks sweet in ll. and
said,  "Mummy  won't   you  please get  all
my cloves iii Bmlf's."    And 1 think I will.
These hot days it is so convenient in tei I
that  vou can pick out   ihe very  tldiiK you
want from im advertisement and fust have
ii  sent   up  witli  no  more    trouble   than
.lust a few days previous. Brown had
said to his business manager of his
local   paper:     "You   can't   get   people
to pay attention to ads. in such hot
weather - no more advertising for me
until  it gets  cooler."
About the same time Smith  was arranging a splendid new series of ads.
I'or that  very  paper, designed to appeal specially to the women who find
it too hot to shop in the ordinary way,
but who WILL phone their orders.
Brown doesn't know yet that he has
lost  a  customer.    Smith   knows  he's
gained one���for the lady on the cool.
shady porch has some mention of a
purchase at Smith's store  in  her little book almost every  week now.
Hoes it pay to advertise in the warm
weather.    Ask Smith.
You can obtain helpful advice on advertising free of
cost and without obligation
by consulting the business
Department of The New
Westminster News.
Near New Westminster
Right at your very door is an Oil Well, now drilled to a depth of 1,785 feet where
Oil   should   be struck  any   day.    You  should give this your personal
attention for it may mean your fortune.   You must act quickly or you
will be too late ���
The Men
Al Enterprise, the National Oil & Gas Co., have an
oil well. Drilled in the very best location in the entire
Northwest. Over $40,000 have been spent in the development of ihis property. According to the reports of the
most eminent geologists and oil experts, oil should exist
here in large commercial quantities. This well is just
33 miles from New Westminster on the Groat Northern
The equipment is of the very best. No better is being
used in the entire Northwest.
At this well you will find a double shift of men working day and night; working to strike oil just as soon as
possible. The drill is now working in the shale that invariably forms the capping of a large oil deposit.
The men behind this company are men of the highest
standing and business integrity. Men who so firmly believe in this well that they have placed $40,000.00 of their
money into it. These men will stand the very closest investigation.
Visit the     ^s we^ *s so c*ose t0 *���*ou t^lat y��u can v*s*t ^ *n
person. You will find the above statements true. You
���will also find indications sufficient to convince anyone
familiar v ith OIL that OIL should be struck any day. You
will find lhe well is now down nearly 1800 feet. You will
hear ihe rumbling of the swish, swish of the gas from
hear the rumbling or the swish, swish of the gas from
hours, not a matter of months or weeks when oil should
be struck in this well.
ShaffS- If the cost of equipment and drilling had been anywhere near the original estimate, not a share would have
been offered for sale. You would not have the opportunity to secure these shares on the open market. This stock
is now being sold simply to meet the current expense of
drilling. Just as soon as oil is struck they will be withdrawn from the market. Oil may be struck any day.
Think what this means. Are you going to throw away
the opportunity of a lifetime? These shares are now selling for 50 cents; in a very few days they will raise to
75 cents or be withdrawn entirely.
You must act now���Such an opportunity comes only once in a lifetime
Telephone or telegraph your reservations at once-to be followed with your remittance
C. A. Stahl & Co., Brokers
06 Hastings Street West
C. A. Stahl & Company. Brokers,
106 Hastings St., West, Vancouver, B.C.
I enclose herewith $ - - ���-for. shares
of stock of the National Oil & Gas Company (par
value $1.00 non-assessable) at 50 cents each.
(We reserve the right to return any money should
the price advance.)
u mge pouh
THURSDAY,  JUNE   18.  191-1
IM these few items suggest
others needed to supply your
larder: and also consider them
an invitation to share the econ
omies the ".Model" offers iu
good things to eat.
Canned  Salmon  in  halt .pound
tins, 2 ior 25c value: on sale
3 tins for    25c
King  Oscar  Sardines:   sardines
and toast for a dainty  lunch.
2 tins for  25c
Krench   Sardines  In   pure  Olive
Oil. per tin   25c
I.ibby's Potted Ham, per tin 20c
Shrimps,  dry or  wet  pack,  No.
1 size, - tins for   35c
No. 7' size tin 30c
Canned l'ineapple, 2 tins for 25c
Veribert   Canned   Chicken,     per
tin    40c
California Dill Pickles, large tin
for 20c
Clnrk's Chicken Soup, large tin
for   15c
Canned Crah. Der tin    25c
liOOal Crown Head lettuce.. 5c
Salad   Dressing���Our   stock     is
well assorted.
Model Grocery
I0H Sixth St. Phons  1001 2.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds Branch, Gray Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
806  Columbia   Street.
I, 8. KEITH, Msxager.
Local News
Queensboro branch will be equipped crill cn Wednesday, June 10. He*
with the new signs, this line to be leased was a firmer resident of this
known as No. 4. city, having been employed at ihe
                            New Westminster creamery.   He wai
Still   At
Grading mta
recommenced,  the  section
flag  pole  being  filled  in
The directors of the True Blue Orphanage  wish to state that the garden  party  tO be held  on  Friday  next
rkon lipperary l'ark has | jg mn ^      (.011,ilK.t,.u nml,.r lh(. all8.
near    the,
a member of Royal City lodge. No. S,
i  t). o. f.   since leaving th. city be
hud  been engaged ill  the coin,ai   in
Mortgages���Alfred W.  Mcl.eod.
True E-loe Meeting.
Tiie Tiae Hlue Orphanage Guild will !
meet at the home of .Mrs. Teskey, "i*S9
Simpson   street,   Thursday   afternoon I
fro 3 to 4. '
coal. Barry
880 and -ill I
Briquettes, cheaper than
Davis  &  Co.,    Phones-
Sidewalk for Agnes Street.
Lumber for a new sidewalk on the
north side of Agnes    street    between
Sixth   and   Seventh   street   is  ou  the
pices of their institution.
An F. R. C. I.
A plea-ant surprise was sprung upon  Judge  Hole yesterday  morning on
the  receipt  of official  notification  ol|wttO
his election as a  fellow of the  Koyal
Colonial  Institute, of  London.  Kng.
Burnaby School Board.
A meeting of the    Burnaby    school
board will be held In the West Buina- |
by offices tonight at 1 o'clock.    Husi
ness connected with the closing of the I <���*���'���*
schools and  the  appointment
teachers  will come up for discussion
Mayor Baxter's Thanks. ,
i). E. MacKenzie, secretary of the |
May Day committee, yesterday recei-1
red a communication from Mayor
Baxter, of Vancouver, thanking the
[citizens iu general and the .May Day
committee and  May queens  for their
IlKl.i.. The death occurred yesterday morning ot Mrs. Charlotte Beat the home of her son-in-law, Oeorge
Adams.     77.7     Kingsway.     Deceased,
is in her 74th year, had  been
il! for a considerable time.    Her husband   prideceasid     Ber     tome   seven
years  ago.    Mrs.  Bell  came  to  New
Weatmlnater six years ago  from   Ar-
kell. Ont, where she had lived all her
life.    During her stay in the city she
a   wide   circle   of  friends   and
il-o  well  known   In   Arkell  and
ofnew ! Guelph. Ont.   The funeral will be held
Priday   afternoon   at   2  o'clock   from
the residence of Mr. Adams. Kev. XV.
S.  A. Crux reading the services.    Interment   iu   the   Odd   Fellows'  ceme-
tei *..    No flow ers.
111 -id i
Your ice box is not properly stocked
this warm weather unless it contains i
a supply of Premier bottled beer   Or- ! jn tm, VaI1(.0UVer pageant
der a case from your dealer or  phone ]   ���
76L. (8467)
There is a period in the life
of every man when he thinks
about the future welfare of those
dependent upon him. Sometimes
this does not come Until sickness overtakes him. Then he
makes a will���but it may he
made under wrong Influence.
Had the will been made during good health, the most deserving persons���according to the
deceased's wish���would have
shared in the distribution of the
Do you not realize that it is
your sacred duty to no longer
delay making yowtvill?*    1
The advice of the Dominion
Trust company in this matter
may be of value tq_yp;*,. .All *u_h
discussions are 'tr%_te. Wftrfct
The Right Kind.
Contractors in the city appear to be
falling Into line regarding the employ
ment of English speaking employees.
A glance at the gangs employed on
the two new buildings being erected
on Columbia street fail.- to discover
any men woh hsow the Southern Kur
opean  type.
I'or strawberry, raspberry, and all
fruit boxes try the British Columbia
Manufacturing Co.. New Wostmlnst* r,
B.C. (3628)
Acting in Chief's Absence.
At :i meeting of the police commissioners held yesterday Detective Burrows was appointed acting-chief of
police during the absence of Chief
Bradshaw. who leaves today lor Winnipeg where he will attend the convention of police chiefs.    Chief Rrad-
HAIK WORK: Shampoo and plain
hair dress. 50c; nianieuYlng, 3.1c.
Phone 1329 for appointments. Two
doors below Russell bote) on Begble
Street    We will send lor your orders.
Wedding Belle
Hay, Grain, Flour
and Feed
The fire i.s now over and we are all ready to fill your orders. Our
nu to delivery Is running again, which enables us to give you the best
of service.
Our office is just opposite the old  stand.
The Brackman-Ker
Milling Company, Ltd.
Phone vour orders to 96 or 97.
shaw   will  be accompanied  by  Chief tions of the law will he the paramount
McLennan of Vancouver and Chief T.  question to discuss.
B, Thomas, of i'<>:t Coquitlam. 	
On   the  ltllli   UlSt  at  the home  of
Mr. and Mrs. II. Cameron. Dublin St.,
a very pretty wedding took place when
Miss C. A. Mcl.eod was united In marriage to n. McMillan, contractor, Van-
! coiner    Rev, Dr   Dunn performed the
; ceremony  in  the presence of a  small
Decision  on   Friday. company  of  friends.    The  bride  WM
The charges against tlie proprietors ] attended by Miss B. Grant, Vancouver,
of tbe Junction hotel were investigat-1 while Mr. I). McLeod supported the
ed by the Hon Coquitlam licensingIgroom, After partaking of a dainty
board yesterday, and a decision Willi repast the happy couple motored to
be announced on Friday. The charges Vancouver where steamer was taken
me that one of the hotel keeping for Victoria, On their return from
firm   sold  liquor  In   prohibited  hours. I their   honeymoon   Mr.  and   Mrs.   Mc-
  Milliin  will make their home in  Van-
Autoists to  Confab. I couver. x
New   Westminster  autolsts   will   ga-1
the;- with members of the Vancouver
earner  for th
important business. It is presumed that .
the   action   of   the   police   authorities
cn the lower mainland and the subsequent penalties handed out for infrae-
two minutes from her full speed, be-  A non-resident is not qualified to sit
cause  it   had  been  done  many  times  on  that  board.
when the pilot was being dropped or Councillor Whiting���It is very misleading to the public. Calling for an
election of two trusiees while lie  I Dr.
Robinson)   writes In another    letter
taken on  board.
'Did you ever put a watch on her?"
lu    III.-
"No,   but   I   have   a   clocl
wheel  bOUM," he  replied.
Court  then  adjourned  for  the  da>
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iiemoeis  ot   me   Vancouver
toebpurpose "0" "discussing I lAUdt Ul   tMl KtO0
I Broke Neck While Diving.
The  Ladles'  Aid  of Olivet   Baptist;    The bodj. of Mar, AngM    Sprees,
church are holding a birthday tea on   ,vliich was found at the bottom of Nlc-
afternoon   from
the lawn
Hill, 47.S  Fourth  street.
to  0  on
1 emeu slough on Monday morning, was
it   the  home of  Mrs.  A.  J,   buried   in   the   Roman  Catholic  ceme-
tery at Mission on Tuesday.    A  post.
mortem examination revealed that the
Music Exams. deceased had his skull fractured and
The practical examinations, 1 f> 14. of neck broken.    It  is Burmised  his In-
the  Koyai  Academy  and  College of juries were received by diving on to a
Music,   London,   England,   throughout  snag  while  bathing.
Canada, aro taking place in June. The | ���	
candidates of New Westminster loca
centre, are being examined in pianoforte, violin and singing today by
Dr. A. I'. Alderson, who ls examiner
of the western division. After his
duties here he will continue his tour
to Victoria, then Immediately on to
Australia  and  New  Zealand.
G. D. Brymner Promoted.
D. Brymner, local manager of the
Bank of Montreal for the past 26 years,! another.
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dead in the water about five minute*
before be saw the Storstad coming
out of the fog.
About the Whistles.
Mr.  Haight then  tried to get soma,
information   from   lhe   witness   about
the    whistles.     He    asked    blm   what
rule authorized the use of three whistles as a signal in a fog and the wit-1
ness   said   rule  16.     Mr.   Haight  contended  that  rule  16  did  not refer  to
signals.     Utile  1"j   was   headed   sound
signals  in   fog and  number  2S  gave
sound  signals  for  vessels in sight of
Lord Mersey asked Mr. Haight if hi
has been appointed assistant superintendent of British Columbia branches j was niakin-;. a complaint about it,
under Superintendent Campbell Sween--and Mr. Haight said that it seemed to
ey of Vancouver. Mr. Brymner still j him that a signal of three whistles
retains  his  title as  manager  of the  indicated   going   astern,   and   by   the
  .New Westminster branch, although thej rules  they   w, re  blown   when   vessels
The Kewpies are giving a garden brunt of the work will fall upon W. H. were in sight of one another. Lord
party to buy the orphans a Vlctrola, IG. Phipps, accountant, who has been i Mersey asked him to suppose that
at Mr. Rand's. 3dl Queen's avenue,]appointed assistant manager, J. Coul-1they were blown when the vessels had
on Friday. Juno in, from 7 to 9.30 thard assumes Mr. Phipps' position as be.n In sight of one another, but af-
p.m.   All welcome. (3522)    accountant,    Mr. Brymner will retain \ ter inev  had been obliterated by the
 ��� ihis residence in the city, although hlsjf-g
No More Eye Straining. ! duties will take much of his time trav-       *\ir   Haight  argued  that  as long as
A new system of car signs denoting' elling through various portions of the a vessel was under way she should
the   various  city   car  lines  went  Intd.lprovince. ! have  blown  a   running  whistle.
effect  on  the  B.C.E.R.  yesterday,  the 	
signs being of such a size as to obvia-!
te  the Confusion   made  possible  prev*|C__"    1    n-.J    D _,*._.,-,,, 0 1
lously  on   the  Sixth   street  and   Belt | [zjUzZ^^ friTT CiSOnai
line routes.    Sapperton and  Edmonds | ' ~
cars  are   marked   No.   1;   Sixth   street I     John  Heid, of the Westminster Iron
No.  2 and  the Queens park  belt line! Works,  was in  Victoria this  week on |
as No. 3.   Eventually the Fraser Mills- ' business.
Loid Mersey then asktd how the
ves-iel was to Indicate that she waa
going astern but by three short blasts.
John Carroll, the man in the crows
nest of the Kmpress. said that he saw
( ne  white light of the Storstad after
Dominion Trust
Tlie Perpetual Trustee.
i| Co-OperativeAssociation \ ^STa^n.^i&^^\xB
I ' I returned yesterday from a four weeks  "*----*���--'
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.;
Harold W. Strang. I'ort Coquitlam, on)
June 17'. Mother and son are doing!
they    lelt    Father   Point.      He   never
i saw  a   colored   one.     He   heard     tho
Empress give three long blasts.
Lord Mersey���"Three what.'"
The witness corrected  himself and
said three short blasts.    He continued
by  saying  he did  not hear one  long
rom the Kmpress, but heard ono
Storstad.    He heard no other
Hindu physician aboard the ship,
whom they do not regard in a friend
ly manner, Winn Mr. Johnson's party
Came ashore it was decided that It
was hardly worth while forclnlg
issue that might result in a fight and
the Hindu ship will be left where she
is. Other berths will accordingly be
found for the Japanese ��ar vessels,
How to force the departure of the
Hindus is a question that is causing
tremendous worry to the   officials, as
well  as  to Captain   Ynmaiuoto.    Tin-
latter  is awaiting the  arrival  of the
Japanese cruisers, ill the hope that on
Friday  night  or  Saturday  they    will
lend  him  a hundred armed  men    to
keep the   Hindus  in  subjection  while
going across the Pacific, but some un- I
pleasant   International   complications I
may attend a move of this kind There
is  said  lo  be    reason   to   fear  that.
rather than leave, the Hindus will set
lire to the ship and leap overboard, to I
be rescued by their shore compatriots, I
who    aro    quite    often    cruising    in I
launches In the vicinity of the Komagata  Maru.
It is now proposed to provision
the ship immediately for the return trip. The owners have si nt
several peremptory cables that the
vessel must go. Undoubtedly Ottawa
Is urging the same course, but hov)
to start her in the face of the deter*
mined opposition on board is a ques
tion. The little vessel is terribly
overcrowded as it is. To guard the
party day and lllghl would take a
hundred men. and there Is no possible
chance of putting half that number of
i white guards aboard. The Japanese
marines might possibly handle the I
; situation. To place them aboard, or!
indeed to put white guards aboard,
may mean trouble. A fight between;
I Hindus and Japanese In a Canadian
port might cause some diplomatic ;
that   four  should   be elt cted.
Councillor Oxtoby opined it was
rather a curious position. An election
was called early in the year ai.d 110
person was apparently sufflclentl) Interested to assume the responsibility
Of the school trusteeship and the
board apparently went to the department and got their consent to Mis.
Mackay's being placed there, 11. did
not know anything about Mr. Wall,, r's
position now.
Councillor Baker So far as I understand it. Mr. Martin was notified to
get another member added to Ins
board, and if my memory Berves ma
he waited for two months bei'. re he
!'n 1 did anything at all.
fieevo Marmont -The thing is badly
mixed tip. it appears the department
do not interpret the Act; their will is
supreme. In connection with Burnaby apparently they did not tak any
notice of the Act.
Councillor Whiting What is tin-
use of getting out an act.
Reeve Marmont No use so far as
their action  is  concerned.
councillor Percy- if anybody Auts a
kick put it iii at the school election,
againal   Mr.   Walker  if  they  want   to.
Councillor Robertson it wont af-
'eet it.
Reeve Marmontlt won't validate Mr.
Walker's seat if they don't kick ilo,,
would a legal action, if one was to
arise, turn out? They would haw to
go  by  the  Act  then.
Councillor Baker It wub not advisable any action of a board shoo d l"��
called  in question.
The discussion then dropped aid Dr.
Robinson's letter was filed.
(Continued from page one)
PHONE 458.
Apricot?, per lb 15:
Peaches,  per lb 15c
Watermelons,   per   lb 6'->c
Apples,  Australian.  2  lbs.   ..25c
Bananas, per doz 30c
Crcakfaft Foods: ���
Krinkle Corn Flakes, ;; for 25c
Malta  Vita, 7 for 25c
Post Toasties. each    10c
Cream of Wheat, each  ...20c
Co-Operative Association
33  Eighth  St.
Phone 458.
���tay at Boundary Bay
*    *    ��
The following are registered
llll        I'MI'IVWllf,     ui t:     I I3jl,l.-liri m      c*t
RU-H-ll hotel: Mr. W. "Buch, Van
Jvfir; Mr. H. Reld, Vancouver: Mr
i Porshaw, Vancouver: Mr. Prank W
at the
r. G.
Toronto; Mr. W. Gilbert, Hamilton:
Mr. !���'. Evans, Calgary; Mr. W. Jamie-
son, Regina;  Mr. G. Filly, Vancouver.
AVRRILL. Accord'n? to word received in the city yesterday the death
occurred In  Eureka, Ca)., of (lus Av-
Can We Help You?
With   Ycur   Houeekceping   Problems.
Ccoked Ham, sliced any thickness, per
pound    40c
Lmi' 1 Tongue, half lb. tins   ...  25;
One pound tins  ��� ��� ���,  . .    50:
Ox Tongue, One and a half pound tins
at   95c
Potted   Meats and  Fish  Pastes, In  10c
and 20c jars.
Sweet Gherkins, in bulk, per doz, 10c
Pan Van Pickles 11 delicious, appetising pickle,  per  bottle       25c
Cantaloupes,  2  for       25c
Choice local  Cherries.  2  lbs 25c
Peaches, Plums, Apricots. Watermelon
Fresh   Berries   Daily.
Dean's Grocery
���"���none IB6.
.iirr  Blnr.k * *lu��*<hl��   S��"-��M.
"Clover Leaf" Brand!
Manufactured by the Crystal Dairy
C-ompanj Is absolutely pur.' and only
Sweet Cream is used, ll smacks of
the clover leaf, aud is just as Bweet,
Try ii and be convinced,
Manufacturers of Pure <'r\st;ii ice
Phone 1150 and Encourag. Local
The Crystal Dairy Co.
555 Sixth St.
7-11  Sixth Street.
When Hungry Look for a White Place
have started  an auto  freight service] to Eat.
between   Vancouver   and   New   West-1 .
minster  and  way  points.    A  reliable |  TUC     STRAND     CAFE
service guaranteed,    Charges reason
able.    Give  us a trial.
Phone  1254.
Nuf  Said.
Empress Was Stopped.
John   Murphy,  the    quartermaster,
who was on the bridge when the ac
1 ciclent occurred, was called. He swore
that the Empress was stopped at. the
time of the collision and that b<- bad
looked ever the side and sav, that
the way was off her. He repeated
the evidence that had been given be-
fori about the different blasts from
tii.. Empress and the Storstad, adding
thai   the only  time  lie saw   lb.-  latter
Uhip was when she cann oui of the
:��� . niv GU feet away, just before
they came together. Evi n then he
did  not see the sidelights.    The cap-
[tain  told him to sound tin   siren, but
.',,:������  lie  was throu*.*h  the crew  was
pouring up from below  to take their
places ai the bi .'is     He ran to gel
his boat ' ut. 'ou;  it was on th.- pori
s:;.- and  SO could  not  be lowered,    S 1
he ive ;i hand with one of the other
bi ats <n the other stdi. il" was
1 hn *. 11 Into the wati r.
"llow were you picked up?" asked
Mr   Haight.
"I was not picked up, I picked my-
.- II  up" ".as ilo- replj.
.-*. . ial times during Iiis examination I:-- denied that he bad been saved
j by  anyone but  himself.
He got on top "I .No. 1 boat which
was adrift and then Into No, 17.    He
; aided    11   tilling  the  boat   with   survivors   md  took  them  10 the  Storstad
! Tin 11  in-  went   buck to tin- Bcene of
jthe wreck and filled the boai  again
These  people   were   landed    on   the
10iii. ,. .. The next time be WI nt back
.to tie place where the Empress went
j d. wn only dend were in sight, These
lbe claimed had lifebelts on. He knew
'��� 'hat the Kmpress could be stopped in
(Continued from cane one)
Read - f he - News
\ serviceable, practical machine, made in four sizes, for the
household, hotel, repair shop or garage. Km ry machine mechanically right, each equipped with a Carborundum Grinding Wheel���the
fastest cutting and most durable wheel known.
.'.ir. Carpenter, we have anything you want in the line of Carborundum Stones.
New   w'eBtmlnster.       Phone 69.
Attraction    Extraordinary.
FantomW Tragedy
at the Masked Ball
Si quel to the "Mysterious Finger
print," the kind of a picture lhat
makes thee hills go up ami down
you-   backbone.
Also a Roaring Comedy and the
Best   Music  in  Town.
Oxtoby    ventured    faintly    to    protest
[against  the worth)   councillor pitting
1 bis opinion againist thai of a trained
'lawyer of repute, but was Immediately  crushed b>   tlie li anted councillor's
retort   lhat   Mr.   McQuarrie   was   not
posted iis to Mr. Walker's position or
In- would not have given the opinion
be  did.
Th.. discussion arose from tin- road-
ing of another epistolary    gem  from
1):.   lieb 11 son   in   which   be   totally   it
lined lie- pending school trustee election nnd merely stated that ho bad instructed lin1 Bchool Inspector to fully
repori tie- school situation In Coquitlam.
lie,.ye Marmoni There is no real
Infoi mul ion then . bin we have the
outcome cf it now, although it his
never 1.1 en communicated to us. It,
do. s not come very clearly from the
In-ill authority, Hr. Itcbinson stated
in a former 1. iter thai they were to
.--.ill   lor   an   election   Ol    lour   trustees
now 11 is two as Mrs. Mackay nnd
Mi. Walker were nol  legally elected.
Councillor Baker quoted section 17';;
of tin- School Ait of 1913, which declared in effect thai if .1 trustee, during iiis trusteeship, ceased to be a
bona tui.. resident in the school district he forfeited his sea: upon the
board. Proceeding, Councillor linker
quoted the case of Mr. Ilnyward, a
trust c on the Victoria school hoard
wlio had to vacate bis seat because
he was n non-resident. When Mr.
11.1\ ward was elected he was a resi-
dent, Imi lu- moved mu of tin- city and'
consequently bad to resign his sent.
A newspaper article wus also quoted
by the councillor and Rr, Robinson's
lint, svhlch was isoi, ii to clear up any
misapprehensions and pointing out
that proceedings effected by nn un*
quallfii d board wi re liable to in- Invalidated.
Clear a. Mud.
"I don't think." said the councillor learned iu tin- law. "there is anything clearer than lhat, A circular
was Bent out  by Hr. Robinson 10 all
the school boards hist summer. I
don't think there is lhe sllghti st doubt
as 1.0 Mr. Walker's position. There is
no question aboul  it.    11.��� Is nol en
'titled  to sit  on   tlie  board  and   never
1 should have been there,
Councillor Oxtoby Vou know Mr.
McQuarrle's opinion.
Councillor linker He was not ac-
qualnted with the facts, lie is not
posted as to Mi*. Walker's position or
I lie would nol have glvetl that opinion.
closed   bis-   watertight   doors   t.'    be
ready for any contingency,
The Kaiser Wilhelm has a bole below the walerline nearly amidships,
but the extent of the damage has not
as yet been ascertained. \ft. r
waiting on the spot for half an hour,
'the   Kaiser     Wilhelm     returned     to
' Southampton,
I No one on board was injured Tha
boats were got ready for BWlnglng out,
nut were not used. Th< re was no
excitement  on     the vessel.   Captain
, Dahl decided to come into dock <���>
nn 1 -lamination by divers. The mn
rlnc  superintendent   of the  company
'. nnd other technical officials are on
their   way   tn   Southampton.    The   In-
1 tention  Is  to  have  the  necessary  re-
j pairs  done  nt   Southampton,  so  that
I the   Kaiser   Wilhelm   can   return    to
The Kaiser   Wilhelm  11  carried   1.12
I lirst class passengers, isx in tin- se-
I ond cabin and 700 in tin- third, with
a crew ol  ti40.
Ottawa, June 17 Hon. '17 W Cn th-
.ts.   ministi r   of   labor,   will   nol    be
i able 10 take part in the Ontario provincial   campaign.     His   medical   ad-
i vlser has ordered him to take a
im nth's   rest.
The Countess
Veschfs Jewels
Vita-graph Drama in Two Parts,
Edison Photoplay
Kou-.tli of the "Man Who Disappeared" series. Produced in bob
liberation with tho Popular
Farce Comedy.
Comedy. THURSDAY, JUNE  18, 1914.
������     p>Ate pivt
Watching the Scoreboard
Sapperton   and   West   Ends    Mix     at   Ban   John-ion   Issue,   a   Warning   to
Queens Park���Intense Rivalry
Tlu- real brand of lacrosse where
the two teams bit top speed from
start to finish is liable to be display-
id at noons Park this evening,
when Sapperton and West Knds, the
n ill contenders for the Intermediate
lacrosse title, mix in the Koeond encounter of the season.
The fins who attended tbe last
game these two teams play-d were
mated to a stellar display by the
youngsters and. with the good weather of the past week, condition is altogether likely to be belli r than ever.
'lbe defeat oi Sapperton by the
West Knds lasl summer in not forgot'
ten by the east enders, who pride
themselves on the silverware display
.I which Howard Welsh is the CUS-
Both clubs will bave their lull line-
ill., tin- ball being faced nt 6.80 p.m.
Sappi i tun  ii up;    w. Coutts.  it,
Chambers, w. Follls, .1. McDonald,
N   Coulson, A.  Brown,  H. Slater, j.
Slater.   .1.   Chambers.   F.    Cameron.   A.
Cameron, a. Pollis, n. Huff, Referees:
C   Cameron and Leo Oregory,
Would be  Jumpers���Barred
For  Life.
Chicago, June VT.���Ben Johnson,
president of the American Ilaseball
i league, issued a defl today to the
I Federal league, and a warning to base
!ball players who are thinking of transferring their allegiance to the new
"I will see to it." he said, "that no
| player who Jumps, no matter how big
a star be is.  will ever play in organised baseball again."
A Statement by James A. Ciilmore,
president of the Federal league, that
he could wreck the two bit; leagues
In  thirty   days  if  he   Higned   all     the
| players who bad offered to desert organized  baseball,  was  responsible tor
i in- Johnson warning.
I �����������_.���
j Trouble   in  Chicago.
j Manchester, N.H., Jnne 17. When
informed today that five members of
ihe Chicago American league liase-
ball team were contemplating joining
the Federal league, Harry Lord, Tor-
no r captain of the club, said that if
they look BUCb action he would go
with 'in m.
Philadelphia    2'.
Chicago    28
Ilrooklyn        2\
lioston     2D
Yesterday's   Games.
At lioston 1 First Qame) it.   11.
Chicago    2    s
Hoston        S      :i
Batteries Zabel, Humphries
Bresnahan, Hart-roves; Tvlc-r
At lioston
Chicago ...
Urban Faber broke   into the ranks
of phenoms yesterday when lie allowed the Athletics one Ions hit, the
White Sux winning 6-0.   Blackburn's
error of judgment was what cost Faber the honor of a no-hit game.
Washington got bumpi d again by
Cleveland,  the  Naps  making  a  clean
.weep of the series.
Wrangling marred a pitcher's battle at ilrooklyn. the Supertoaa taking
"he game from Cincinnati 2 to 1.
lioston tapped the Chicago Cubs
twice in the tame spot, both games
belnig won by a wide margin,
The Highlanders won their first
game from Detroit yesterday afttr
losing three straight to the Tigers.
They d'd it even without P. L. Chance.
Rankin Johnson, the recruit twirler
With Hoston. got mixed up in an elevator accidi nt at St. l.ouis. Aftir It was
all over he went In aga'nst the Americans, losing out 4 to 0. Hamilton,
who jumped to the Federal, and
then flopped back, was ln rare form. I $\..   Alexander
Who  said   Mathewson   was going l-KlUifer .Burns
back?    The old  warborae kalsomied I    ^t Brooklyn -
the Pirates 3 to 0, this being the sec- Cincinnati
ond shut-out iu succession    by    the IBrooklyn
I     Iiatteries    Douglass
igue Iflonsales, Pfeffer and
,488 '
and J
and '
J.J.Jones. MANDIR.
nd game)-   it.   11.
3      1      ll
Hoston        7    11      Cfl
Batteries���Pierce, Smith  and  Bres- I
nalian;   James aud  Whaling.
At  New  York It.    II.    E.
Pittsburg        p .   5     2
New York     5     it     1 1
Batteries    McQuillan  and    (iibson;
Mathewson and Meyers.
At Philadelphia-- It.    II.    E. |
St. Ixiuis     4     B     1
Philadelphia        5    10      2
Batteries���Doak,   Griner   and   Sny-
Bressler,  Mayer and
It.    II.    R,
Q hints,
Breaking away from tho big li
stuff,   let   it   be known   that   Harvard
defeated Vale yesterday " to 3,   ::ah;
Hah;  Hah!
The three leaders In the Northwestern got away with victories. Reuther for Vancouver was wild, but tbe
Bees could not hit him.
B>g   Supply of Birds Arrive���Promise
ol  Large Attendance at Queensboro Traps.
Glorified Rounders.
London, Ont., June 17. A scheme Is
being worked out 10 make a tour of
I England with the Ixmdon and Ottawa
Canadian baseball league teams after
1 In- neaaon Is over. For some time
the matter has been under advisement
end unless difficulties now unforeseen arise, it. is <-uite probable that
tiie trip will be made.
This evening the New Westminster
Hun Club will hold Its regular weekly shoot at the traps on the l.uhi It-
land grounds, aa the requisite number
< I clay pigeons has been secured and
1 here will be no lack of birds. One
consolation to the shooters will be
tbe fad that the new birds will not
bleak  mi easily  in   the  traps, but   will
���hatter just as easily in the air when
There probably will be a record attendance this evening after the interval of a week nnd there should also
b.- some good BCOreS, BS Price, McLean and Alec. Turnbull will le- on
deck, besides Hr. UacSwean and the
speedy McGill.
Eastern  Pneit Comes Out Strong for
Games at Hull.
Ottawa. June 17. it'-*. Father Quer-
t 11. pariah pi lesi ot Notre Dame
church, Hull, lias declared himself
emphatically  in favor of Sunday ball.
��� s.i long as my parishioners attend
.1 -.ne service on tin- Sabbath. I can
.-.I- 1,0 barm in their attending a ball
game in t''<- afternoon. I would soon
. r have them go to a game in the
1.pen air Sunday afternoon than to
ban. around poolrooms or frequent
t',<. mo' 10   picture theatres."
This was Iiis replj to s. veral rep-
1. -< ntatlves or the Lord's Day aim
Hnce who watted on him and solicit
ed his i.id towards the suppression ��r
Sunday ball.
Had Speed to Burn.
I    Kellogg, Idaho. June 17. -Mike Bot-
tiui Hi    pitcher   for   the   Electricians,
starred   in   a   baseball   game   yesterday  with  th.- "Prune  Pedlars,"  when
'be hit .lake Alexander witli a pitched
ball on tlu- chest.    Alexander started
I to first, when a cloud of smoke arose,
the bi.ll having hit a bunch cf matches
' In   Ills   shirt   pocket.     Bottinelli   waB
; Riven credit for speed enough to set
ia man on fire.   The "Prune Pedlera"
jwon tlie game by a 7 to 6 score.
,840 1
H. E.
li      0
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    1
Vancouver    44
Seattle         41
Spokane         *(K
Portland       2:',
Tacoma        24
Victoria     1:1
Yesterday's Garnet.
At   Victoria
Victoria        U      2      3
Batteries -Reutber     and      Cheek:
I'ope. Driscoli and Cunningham.
At Tacoma ll.    H.    E
Seattle     r,     0     ;;
Tacoma     4      fi      1
Batteries���Gipe,  Dell  and ('adman;
llines, Andrada snd Harris, Bottom.
At Spokane- II.    H,    E.
Portland      1    f>    0
Spokane        2    13      1
Batteries    Leonard and     Haworth;
Coveleskie and  Shea.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Dos*
Philadelphia    86
Detroit        :;;',
Washington    7'ii
Boston      .s
St.  Louis      20
Chicago      27,
Ni n  York     l'.i
Cleveland     l'.l      :'..-,
Yesterday's Games.
At   Chicago- 11.    II.
Philadelphia         0      1
Chicago     5     ii
Batteries- Drown.       Dressier
Lapp;   Faber and Sclialk.
At Detroit��� It.    II.
New   York      4       K
Detroit        3    12
Batteries    Mitchell,    Caldwell
Nunamaker;  Cavel,  Hall,  Main,
hue and Stallage.
At Cleveland- fl.    II
Washington        2      0      1
Cleveland       7    12     0
Batteries���Shaw and Ainsmith; Col-
', lamore and O'Neill.
!     At St. Ix-uls-- R.    H.    E
I Boston        0     4     0
! St.  Louis     4    10     1
j     Batteries���Johnson and Cady; Ham-
I ilton and Agnew.
Pct I
.678 I
.    K.
The Liquidator of The People's Trust Company,
Ltd. must obtain cash to continue the liquidation.
The following property must be sold immediately:
Lot 49 of Lot 440, Delta, Group 2.
80 Acres of South Half of S. E. 1/, Section 35,
Iwp. 10, Langley.
Lots 100 and 101 of South half of East half of
D. L. 728, South Vancouver.
Lots 12 and 18 of Block 1, D. L. 658.
Lot 17, Block 28, D. L. 200.
Lots 9, 10, 11 of South half of N. W. \>\ of D. L.
Heaps Engineering Company, Ltd.
Manufacturer* of
Modern Saw and Shingle Mill Machinery, Canning Machinery, Gasoline  and  Distillate  Engines.
Repair Work of All Kinds Promptly Executed.
Standing of the Clubt.
Won   l>ost
New York     29     IS
Cincinnati    80    23
at. UOUiB      28      27
.609 !
Pittsburg 1, Chicago 3.
Baltimore 2. Kansas City 1.
Brooklyn 3, St. lxmis 1.
Huffalo H, Indianapolis 11,
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipe*
       BURN OIL     ���
�����    O.   BOX   44?
(By the Potter.t
"8ayS licrw _jii_i> chukkers lare
'there to a tame of polo? This query
' floated into Tin- News office Tuesday
afternoon from the local manager of
the Weetern 1'nion. it appears that
'Oscar   Nellson   broke   in   on   the   wire
during tin polo match and picked up
the results ol five chukker. but, with
thoughts of nipper and the city league game, he began to m-t anxious hh
to how many more periods constituted .1 game
1.1 ti Cbapul  appears to be general
Utility man fur the three teams in the
city  league.    On Tuesday lie  donned
la unitorrn   for  the   Moose,  although
' being a signed player with the Columbus.
supporters to the American game in
this city. They outnumbered those ill
tbe bleachers two to one at Tuesday's
gauic and yet came through with a
measly $7 as collection. And these
are the people who would raise the
first bowl if any of tlle team, backed
ou'  lor lack  of  support.
One fellow thought a nickel was
ample to take himself and his girl
into the bleacher stand. On being Informed it cost thirty centimes to view
the contest from a raised dais, the
same individual had the nerve to se!
eet his nickel out of the cash box
and meandered to the railings where
be could view a good game and at the
same time duck the idea of contributing to the support of the pastime In
this city.
fituNG mm
See us for Houses for Sale.
1 Proposes     to     Acknowledge     French
Work on Panama Canal by Neat
and Appropriate Gift.
Small bouse on Dublin street. I-arge lot and barn 20x14.    Price
only $1400.   Terms to suit purchaser.
General Insurance Agents.
313-315 Westminster Trust Building and 746 Columbia St.    Phone 85L.
Those ba-Eceball fans atom, the side
lines, who would sooner nee a city
league game than eat, are sun- some
More than one Englishman drank a
half-an-half as a toast to the British
polo team whin tbey captured t'ae
Westchester trophy from the Vanlc.
The Vancouver scribes will not let
the Jimmy Gifford story down. There
is little possibility of the former defence star again donning a suit.
Washington, .lune  17.���A  little  bill j
introduced   recently   by   Senator  Root |
is characteristic of tin   efforts  being
put fo:th from day to day  by certain
statesmen   tn   the  Interest   of  world 1
peace.    The bill, whicli is but a dozen |
In the statutes, and arrived at the
part of the cost to be borne by the
He suggested that he be permitted
to consult the engineer and that an
amended report be made, or otherwise
aa might be,determined after the consultation. The engineer did not evidently take  the corner lots into con-
lines in length, proposes to present to   Difficulty Over Assessments Arises to slderation at all.
Lowey Nelson is
In   lacrosse.     I .as:
Charley   Stein   Has a  Few Things to
Say   on   Salmon   Bellies���
Feeney and Training.
"It  Con  Jones  had  re-entered  tlie
,. -st ucn ksc arena. Cliff Spring. L-en
" m     THEATRE   _
The   Coolest   Spot   In   Town
Tunibull ami Johnny Howard would
have never deserted the famous Sal-
monbelly team and accepted berths
In the east," v.rites Charles Stein in
the Winnipeg Tribune. "This rnfor*
matlon comes from one who is
oloai touch with conditions i.i
Royal City, and his veracity is
,ond  doubt
Hm  i!   was vlii told  how
tried   I"  B cure  control  of
Westminster  team
tho  way,  had  its
Con Jones
the     New
.  which  stor*..  by
rlrsl   outlet   In   the
the hard luck boy
year he was kept
lout of th egame one month on account of an injury sustained at White
Rock. At pro.enl ho is lying In the
Koyal Columbian hospital suffering
trom blood poisoning sustained at Sat*
: urday's game in Vancouver.
.lack Moult and Oscar Gordon have
bei 11 approached by the V. A. C. of
Vancouver to Join the track team of
the v Inged V orgaaisjation. It Is
laltogother possible thai Hoult will
make the jump as In- will have a better chance to shine and would receive
better  training  and   coaching.
the   Krench   government    the   steam
launch  Louise, a  little craft that has j
been in service in building the Panama I
canal on both the French and United
States   projects.
On the surface this measure may
appear to be merely the embodiment
of a pasain gthought as an appropriate
thing to do. but when it is
that tin- introduction of this bill is the
result of an extended correspondence
Delay   it   Tempcr.rily���Gatens-
bury   Road   Finished.
The Salmonbellies and
un et al Bob Brown's 1
ve:. 111 Saturdaj.
the Athletics
ark,  Vancou-
hundred   mile
Tribune,  fifteen
the scene.
Con Wanted a Team.
Moreover, In direct contrast to the
statements  emanating  from   Vancouver that Jones ��as nol anxious to get
back inn* lacrosse, he states that Con-
I rail tried  his hardest  right up to
Opening "f the season to sdiiari
lets and place n
���And. speaking
son." he goes on,
I     it   should  be  some
from 1 ���|,,.H   Sapperton   clash
I Ends in an Intermedial
' test.
game this p.m..
With West
lacrosse con-
Groat   Keystone
When Reuben
Fooled the Bandit
Two   1':"'1   Thanhou.er
An Orphan's Romance
A heart .tory from real life.
Two  Other  Fine  Movies
Hear our* new organist, 1 rot
I)   Wood- He's great
coining Friday In Two1 Parts
������SHORTY'S      STRATEGY.'
team  In  Vancouver.
of lacrosse this sea-
"the New Westmin-
��� ti r team isn't quite as good as It was
| lasl   war.  but  Is   better  than  people
1 lung-no.    The departure of   spring,
Turnbull  and   Howard    has    made a
'hole, of course, but not  to the extent
generally credited.
"Willis Patchell is more than filling
Howard's  shoes  and   Mickey   Ion   it [
i winking nicely on the defence.   This
I has resulted In Tommy Rennie movm - |
litre  and he  is as  good
every man on the
In that
team In
Arnold A Quigley at Queens park
Saturday. The visitors are undoubtedly
the fastest semi-pro. nine operating
in Vancouver,
A Calgary baseball writer got mixed
in a nal pipe dream on Tuesdai p.m.,
when he accepted some dope from
Manager Hurley Of the Saskatoon
team that Hurley and five players of
the Western Canada league were liable to jump to the Federals this
week. Out conception of tho prairie
league Is that it is slightly above the
average performed at Queens park
semi-weekly. A fine chance would any
Ol these athletes have of making the
to   <
pi sltlon a
their  respective  positions.
Feeney Starring on Home.
������New Westminster is only one man
short on the lionie and Jac'i Oifford
|. filling iii Pretty well. Thin, again.
the home is strengthened by the fine
playing of lJ.��t Feoney, who formerly
held down tho centre position. Pat
has  come  Into  his own   again.
������The Vancouver Athletics, a.- a
team ere considerably stronger this
year than last, it is quite reasonable
to suppose that their games againsi
���be  Minto cup holders have      helped
them not n little. So fnr this season
the B, C. leui;ue games have heen
Ottawa, June 17. Whether the pn V-
ince of Alberta has a right to bring
under provincial control end impose
conditions on railways Incorporated
by federal authority Is a question to
be brought before the privy council
this  summer.
Swimming, Hikes, Mountain Climbing,
Paper Chases.
May 15 to Oct. 1. $2.00.
Royal Avenue. Phone 1000.
between the New Vork senator and
various officials of this government
and French government and the Panama canal officials, it assumes a more
Important aspect.
Though the presentation of this boat
to France is in itself a small matter
its proposal hints the importance attached by public men who have to do
With international matters to such
little courtesies and expression Of good j
feeling between nations, lt is a truth j
thai statesmen accustomed to dealing!
With other governments appraise t\ I
most potent promoters and guardians
of International amity just such apparently trilling tokens of friendship
as Senator Knot proposes. They are
thought to have an effect upon a nation such as is produced by the occasional kindly word passed from one
individual to another, tending to foster
cordiality and cement friendship.
Senator Lodge's Idea.
The first mention of this proposition
was made by Senator Lodge when he
delivered his speech in the Senate on
the Panama tolls exemption repeal bill
���the opening speech on this important debate, The Massachusetts senator concluded his remarks by expressing the hope that the Louisa
might be given the place of honor in
the, procession of ships going through
the canal at the time of its formal
dedication, and that it might then be
presented to the French government.
The Paris newspaper Figaro proposed
a public subscription to buy the boat.
Senator Hoot's bill proposes "that as
a mark of appreciation of the sacrifices and services of the French people in the-construction of the Panama
canal the steam launch Louise, built
in France in 1SS."> and employed in
the construction of the canal successively by the French Panama Canal
company and by the I'nited States, be
put in good condition and presented to
the  French  government,  anil that lu
Mr.   Martin's  suggestion  was adopted and .. special meeting of the council will be called when the report is
received, as a revised assessment may
be necessary.
The Rochester and Austin roads wa-
At   the   meeting   of   the   Coquitlam I ter system will be affected in a sim-
counci 1    yesterday    at    Maillardville j i-ar  manner,   but   meantime   that   by-
Reeve Marmont reported that the Ua-,-3W  was finally  passed.
tensbury  road  was now an assurred     Engineer F. I.. Macpherson, Burna-
known I fact,   as   the  deed   of   gift  had   been I hy, sent in an estimate or the cost in
'signed by Mr. Williamson. | which   $lti   was  only  charged  against
The reeve alio reported that he had j t':e corporation.     ihe  total  cost  wa_>,
seen the official heads of the Western ! J3700 for ���* wood pipe Installation. __h
substitution     of     steel     pipes     only
( brought it up to $4130 or three-fourths
contract by putting up individual lighLsj
In   Maillardville   and   qn   tho  Clarke
road   leading   into   Port   Moody.     He
was assurred they  would be installed
in  the  fall,  probably   in  September.
Plans  Being  Prepared.
The appearance of the joint    committees before tlie railway commission
In  tegard to tlie Q.  N.  R.  proposals
as to the  North  road bridge and  its
conection with the Sapperton tram ex-
Canada Power company In Vancouver]
in   respect   to  their  completing   their
of a cent per front foot more than 7ai
the wooden pipes. The difference
was so small that steel pipes will b-i
It was felt that the estimated >���> <t
against the coporatiou, $16, was not
big enough In view, of the solicitor's
opinion in the Maillardville estimates.
It was resolved to hold the scheme
over, meantime, until after the iou-
Bultation referred to.
tension   was   alio   dealt   With   by   the Stealing  Gravel.
reeve. New Westminster and Burna- a claim by Mr, Innis, for grave! al-
by engineers were now going ahead leged to have been taken from Ins
preparing plans for the road grades, property, on Clarke rpad, by the cor-
Whlch the B. C, E. R. would accept poratlon, was rent In hv a Vancouver
to proceed with the extension, and ap-1 solicitor, who offered i'o swap It for
plication for the level crossing over, the tHXPS (lm> 0I1 thf, pr0pertv up tithe 0. N. It. tracks necessary for tho December 81, 1-14. The taxes will
tne, would  be made.    All    that    was   amount   to   $300   according   to   C'.ark.
necessary in the grading was to raise
the Columbia street end two and one
half feet from Its present level. Thill. X. R. would have to support the
North road with a retaining wall.
Councillor Robertson reported that
the Golf Links people had consented
to grant the right of way across the
links to accommodate Mr. Robinson.
dates  would  be  placed on  the  road.
That the oiling of the Pitt river road
had been finished from Port Coquitlam to Cape Horn and the remainder
to the Brunette bridge would be completed as soon ae the oiler could be
secured, was another report Of the
Maillardville  Water.
The Maillardville water scheme was
brought to a temporary standstill by
11 difficulty about the special assessment under the local improvement act.
Q, E, Martin, solicitor, was in attendance aud discussed the matter with
the councillors. It appeared there was
a doubt whetiu r the engineer was
right in spreading the extra assessment of irregularly -shaped lots over
the whole area of the lots benefitted
Reeve Marmont and other councillors claimed the government and Port
Moody were the real purloluers of the
gravel, and the council repudiated liability.
lt was resolved without demur to
grant $15(1 10 the Burquitlam Agricultural society in aid of Its prize fund.
the first formal or ceremonial open-1 by the installation of the water sys-
ing or passage of the canal, the place tern. Mr. Martin inclined to the opin-
of honor be accorded to said steam ion that thai special assessment
launch, healing the flag of the French should be borne by the municipality
republic." A sum of $6,000 is appro- as a whole. The question depended
printed to put the launch in good con-1 upon how the engineer construed "a
dition. fair and equitable basis" as set down
Glasgow, Scotland, June 17. -Sir
Ceorge MeCtae, the chairman of the
Scottish local government hoard.
! speaking at a town-planning conference at Glasgow, lately, said that the
condition of housing in Scotland was
a standing disgrace to any nation.
II. had visited most parts of Scotland, and he felt a sense of shame for
his own country. Kven in the smaller
towns there was a lamentable state?
of congestion. In the Shetland Isles,
In Lerwick, which-ought to be a veri--
table paradise, he found people huddled together in the most unsatisfactory manner. Hitherto the housing acta
in Scotland had been a failure. Thc
local authorities had been a little/ lax
but during the last five years they
had tackled the problem vigorously,
and with fairly satisfactory results.
They were on the eve of a great development.
(l t��AGE SIX
THURSDAY, JUNE   18,  1914.
Classified Advertising
eeived for The News at the folio-*-   FOR BALE    Al PIANO FOR SALE,
teg places:    F. T. Hill's drug store, |    Cheap.    224 Tenth street.    (3M9)
��28   Columbia   streei;    A.   Sprlce,
Qneensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
E. Larden, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alta Vista.
Joseph   Scanlon   was  brutally   beaten and  robbed  in Toronto.    His con-
and saw table complete.    Apply atlditlon is serious.
The News office. An   immense  gas  gusher  has   been
struck at Oil  Springs just below  the
MONEY TO LOAN, LARGE AND 2,000-foot level.
small amounts at S per cent. It. G. Thirty thousand dollars' damage
Brush, I'm Westminster Trust was doiie hy fire at Hagersvllle to a
Hlock. 167)11   mill and bakery.
  ' '    There has been no arrest yet In con-
_��-;  4c per word per week;  15c per  FOR     EXCHANGE.- Will   give  cash Lection  with the shooting of a negro
"���tooth*  5000 words, to be used as re-,    and  clear deed to close in  double L- Monday night at Napanee
��� ������������������������������-�����������"���
��� RATES, ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word    per
_ and  clear deed  to  close  in  doubt
fjntred within one year from date   of,    comer.    What  have  you  lo offer? i   "|.;��art   K.   Foster,  chemist,  was  fa
��v_tract��� J25.00. P- 0.  Hox 1.4, city. Lgjjy   injured   in  an   explosion   which
���~���_ . , ,.    .. ; rS__ partially   wrecked   a   building  at   the
TOR    SAI.K    Owner    must    sacrifice  ^s  wi;r       T-ro-to<
modern   six-room  bungalow.    $19,;..,    Wh,]e   dr,vl|tf   hume   rrom   church
very easy  terms.    Apply  Hox 8618. j- KordwUH. Mrs. William McCabe. of
The News. tS51fiM Knrt/.ville.  was thrown  out    of    her
buggy  and   fatally hurt.
Two bigamists, John II. Knapp and
Mack   Peace, were each  sentenced  at
FOR    SALE-   dELL     YOUR     PROP
erty througu an ad. lu this column
young daughter wen- killed at Montreal when a car descending a itej��p
[hill  collided   with  an  auto   in   which
Ithev   were  seated.
The Henry  Morgan Company, Dm*
I ited. will erect a million dollar ten-
Story factory building, to occupy a
hlock, in the rear of its store on St.
Catherines street, Montreal.
True bills on the charge of murder
] were round by the grand jury in the
court of king's bench in Montreal
against  Arthur  Fouchault and James
i lieauchamp.   bandits  accused   of  kill-
, ing a policeman last spring.
Ilrigadier-General Charles Macpherson Dobell, recently appointed Inspector-general of the West African frontier force. Is a son of  the  late  Hon.
i R, It. Dobell, well known throughout
(anada as one of the original members of the Laurier cabinet.
tickets at ths City theatre. Apply
Immediately. C!.r>ili
WANTED.   Cook
cafe    or hotel.
News office.
wants      position:
Apply   box   :>7."J4.
wanted for every town in B. C. to
represent manufacturer, lave producers only; exclusive territory and
KCKid contract. This means nioiun
to you. Coquitlam Brass Works.
Ltd., Coquitlam, B.C. (8601)   !
for BALE.���6-room modern dwelling.
large lot, well located; J1SII0. $ll'0
cash, balance J^n a month, including Interest, Investigate this at
once.     Hox   886   News  office    (*!36)
FOR 8AI.E���J1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week.    Can_ la's    Pride    Malleable
K^ienTVul^r^aTS' lo let    t-.-d.,-,, r-���' w bouse
���Sixth street.
Sarnia by Magistrate Flack to three
years   In   Kingston   penitentiary.
Henrj v. Hubbard, assistant professor of landscape architecture in Harvard university, discussed playgrounds
St the city planning conventlt n, Toronto.
Lieutenant  Vcre  Howland,  younger
- . .*  m... i son  of  the  late  W.   H.   Howland,  of
Ranges; every one guaranteed Mu-U,,^   b��� ,,���.,, ot ,-������������ ������ 81erra
,;'1*"' 'Leone, where he was serving with the
West   Africa  regiment.
The   Evangelical   Lutheran [ Seminary   of   Canada   graduated   its   first
student   at   th"   commencement   exercises In Waterloo, when Student N. W.
Willison received his diploma.
The  death    occurred    In    Alma of
of    the    best
known and most respected citizens of
the district.    He was a general  merchant   aud   postmaster   for   twenty
rooms;   7M   Fourth   street;   Phone I years.
1156 R, 13514)      Dr,   Norman   II.   Beale,   of   London,
���   i   - I Out., has been elected a fellow of the
TO  ��_NT
FOR   RENT.-Room   and   Hoard.   627
Carnarvon stroeL (3632)
WANTED���Furniture,   eta,   W.   M
ItcCloy   ��fc   Co..    the   expert   auc- ���***������**��� 	
sale not desired.    Clean    business
house   turn*
*���",-._,., ,n-��� in iargp or FOR RENT- Desirable five-room fur- American college ot  pnysioians, am
tUre!i �����r.,������f iti U h l_ffit_rtMWW ������������^���i *-��"a6e   o" ���*�����-    -*-��-������    at will receive his degree at the anpua
T tS ii, law dl  ll\\ your goods White Rock, B. C.   Possession from convocation to be held  In  Philadel
ov  _ _ Ml. a notion with guaranteed June l. White. Shlles & Co. (3453) , phis on the 22nd Inst.
oy public auction wttn guaraiue   .  .    Tw()  iOTportant appointments  wen
results, or no commission charged
See the expert on furniture before
rou give your poods away. Address
V"red Davis. alS Columbia street,
Sew* Westminster, (3460) ' xEW
where.     No   collectlou.   no  charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
eecy, 33�� Hastings street west. Ven
couver. (3447)
portant appo
TO    RENT -FURNISHED    HOUSE-jmade by the Chatham board of eduqa-
keeping  rooms,  $10  per  month, at; tion al  Its meeting which engaged R,
'771 Seventh street (3452)   tlartry, of Toronto, as teacher of man*
 ual   training, and   Mis  sHayward,  of
HOUSE   for    RKNT.   Five cmelph, as domestic science teacher.
rooms, hath and toilet, full concrete      Police Magistrate Morton committed
basement, furnace, fire place, large i ror  trial at  the fall  assizes  in  Code-
let and garage;  well located.    Low  -](,���,  ]-,.n  Wiley,  a  Wingham  .voting
man, on a charge! of assaulting an
11-year-old  Turnberry   township  girl,
���~~��������������������������������������������� i    .^ni> 0( (|u, i,igg(.-i theatrical deals
fOR RENT���IF YOU HAVE ROOMS  m  Toronto in  recent  years  was con-
to rent try an ad. in this column.       summated  when solicitor;- obtained a
��� ���       -    . .       j Dominion    charter   for   the   Griffin
BUSINESS CHANCES. I Amusement      Corporation,      Limited,
with  an authorized capital of $6,000,-
tent and lease if desired.   Eastman
��.- Co.    'Phcne 312,
SOUND. A sum of money.     owner i PIGEONS pay dollars where chickens
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advertisement and giving satisfac- ! small space required; always pen-
lory description. Chief Constable, j tied up; ready markets; send for
Police Office,  Edmonds.          (7,530) ; may issue of our Journal;  fully ex-
______________________ plained there;  price ten cents.    He-
��� 'j =8 | liable    Squab    Journal.    Versailles,
11.   Mnwson,   who  prepared   Cal-'
Igary's city  plan,  will supervise  the
Winnipeg city plan, the preparation of
.which will occupy about three or four
jcars .-ml cost about |6,000 a year.
As a  lesult of eating tainted  food,
coupled with the Intense hot weather,;
Rev. C.   W.  Gordon   was taken  ill  at :
Huntington, w. v., when he went to
invite Rev. Billy Sunday to Winnipeg.
Mrs. Edward Roberts -McDonald,
sister of the poet, Charles Q. D.
Roberts, and cousin of Bliss Carman,
and herself a writer, has left Ross-'
land, IB, C, and will live -;n Winnipeg
'in future.
1    Thomas B. Scalllon, one ol the first
; settlers of Virdeti district, who is dead,
was   born   In   Ireland,   ����71   years   ago.
|The  family  came  to Canada over 60
years ago and settled in Thorold, Ont.
i    Major Schurman returning to Win-
,::ipeg  from  Togo,  Sask.,  and  after  a
long trip through the west,  gives an
excellent report    of   the   conditions.
The crops never looked  more promising,  and  the  settlors  have  apparently  everything  in  their  favor this
yt ar.
Demonstrative of the work the
Winnipeg Industrial exposition is do-
Ing, two letters have been received
by W, l> Cameron, publicity agent
for the association. One i.s from Vienna, Austria, and Ihe other from Maga*
disco, Somallland, Fast  Africa.
.Miss lna Strang, business manager
for the Canadian Railway Bonds corporation. Winnipeg, was fined (200
and costs, with tho alternative of two
months in jail, for conducting, or attempting to conduct, the sale of shares
in an unlicensed joint stock company,
"T ndi vs will bo reci Ived by the un 1- r
*.,--.n<a up to nu ip "l 'I"- '"ii>. 23rd Inst..
���for lhe erection ana completion of more
hn. -n-orkshnp buildings, Rltunted nt corner
.,( KlsliU' nnd Victoria streets, city, for
X~s���.  T.  ,T. Tr:ip|i &  ft...   Ltd.
Plan**,  specifications und  conditions  of |
.-i.njniri can I"  seen at tlie offli i  the i
n ii:.,-;.'.
. I' ."*., Archtli vis.
The work of extending tlie wires
which will carry Hydro-Electric
power to Windsor is progressing
steadily, and already the copper cables have rem'.led the village cf Hay-
crot, about twenty miles east.
When Requiring
either  male or  female, do not forget
that the Municipal Labor Bureau is in
a position  to supply  you.
PHONE 852.
Munfcipal School District
of Coquitlam
IN THIS MATTER OF the Estate uf Wi!- :
Bam   Stott,   tii'-  nf  New  Weatmlnater,
���i   ihe   Province   nf   Iiritish   Columbia,
Water Works Superintendent, dPeea.l>.-d,
���*r��*_ltorn ami others having claims againsi
:i-,v Estate of the suet William Stott  who |
.-iin* on or about the 1st d:i\ of November,
I91S, are required on or before the  tr.ih;
,-l.,i   of  July    1914,  to send  by  post  pre-|
paid ov deliver to the undersigned Solid-      Public    Xotlce    is hereby Kh
,-.r  tar Catherine Flett  Stott.  Bxrcutrlx Electors of the School District of Coqult-
..t the said .1 Bed, their names and nd- lam   that   I   require   the  prison
..,,..,s, the lull particulars nf tln-ir claims,, said   Electors at   thi
- ..   statement  of their  accounts and  the Mnlllarilvltle, on
nature ol the securities,  If any.  held  by  MONDAY, JUNE 22ND., 1914, AT 12
��l*-*n , ,,   ,     ,,     I O'CLOCK  NOON.
v,,,i   further    take  notice    that   afte f eIeclln_ two ,v.,,TOIlS t0
-.wi   \.\^:   r.ii-niioni'd  d:iti-  tin-  Bald  ' atn-1 ' . .
��� v,nr Klett St'iit will proceed to fltstrlbute
h.    :��,;���,  nt   the   deceased   arnons   the
naj-tlf.  entitled  thereto,    having
111 i t-
nf   Ihe
Municipal  Offices,
-.tth to the claims of which sb
have  notice and  that  the  said  Catherine
l-i.'ii  Stott will  imi  be liable for the said
��� *. t. or any pari  thereof to any  person I."
wi   persons nf whose claims  notice  shall'
i>-., have heen received by her at tho time
��� ���I  Kuch distrlhutiun.
l-.-.-l this  12th day of June,  A.D.,  1 f> 14.
41  l.iMin- Street,
New Westminster, B.C.
- p.cltors for the said Catherine  Plelt
.--.:.   Executrix, (8S20)
rve nii the Hoard of School TntRtees m
Coquitlam to complete the Hoard; tho twe
'*.,! i persons elected lo hold office until Jan-
shall then
! According to Charles E. Vanschalk,
a Bmoke expert employed by tin-
New    Vork   Central   lines,   before   the
railway commission, the smoke nus-
| ance is as old a.s crime and sin.
Kenora'B experiment   with  daylight
saving by moving the clocks forward
I has nol been a success and merchants
< want   a   return   to  the  old   system   at
i once.
Owing to the faiiue of the milita department at Ottawa to assist the
Fort Frances regiment, the 98th, to
build an armory and increase the establishment as promised, the officers
tendered   their   resignations.
By decree of the court. Mrs. Helen
A. McVlcker, n"e Miss Hick, of Toronto, who fell heir under the will of
her husband, the I'ort Arthur millionaire, Ceorge A, McVlcker, who died in
Europe in 1913, may now claim tlie
whole three-quarters of a million dollars.
The mode nf nomination of candidates
shall be ;ik follows:    The candidates ahull
bo nominated In writing, the writing shall
ubscrtbed by two voters of the school
I distrlcl   as   Proposer  and   Seconder,  and
shall be delivered tn the Returning Offlc
er at any time between  the date t>{ this
��� notice  and   2   o'clock  p.m.   tin   the  day   ol
nomination, and in th" event of a poll be-
! ing tii-ri'ssarv such poll snail be opened on
SATURDAY,  JUNE   27TH.,   1914,  ATI
Bmllie     Itobillard
and    her
Warned    Experienced   teacher     lor,     HALL   AUST-N  ROAD, BURQUIT
first division  of  the  Millside  school,      lam.
[' :: liver road; salary $70 per month \ GLEN ' ScHOOL,      PORT      MOODY I
Two   teachers;     experienced;     for!     road.
Vie nine Mountain school, North road, j    , ������   KyU:u.h   nU   ,���.,���.���,,   . ,-..   hereby   re-
l-'irst   division;   %~0   per   month;   BOC-  quired  t"  take  notlui   and  govern  them-
Hd division. $67, per month.        _ |*--*>����� j;;;;:;^;;:;. a BrUIih IIIbM .���,���
Aboul 4,800 acres of land, within a
radius of twenty miles of Moose .law
have been selected hy the government
for an antelope park.
Two hoboes, tuspec.ted of being concerned in the murder of .1. B. Chlvas,
| J. P., at Amisk, Snsk., and the robbery
of the C. P, B, section house at Rosvth
. were arrestei
'    Saskatchewan   crops   are    looking
! well and not Buffering from  the lack
j of moisture    Wheat  i.s now about six
inches above the ground and showing
i an even growth.
j     Tlie   council   of   the   Regina   board
of  trade  endorsed  a  resolution  sub-
i mii.t'd   by   the   Winnipeg   board   expressing  gratification  at  the   recent
revision   In   western  freight   rates  but
.declaring that nothing short of equal-
I Ization  of  rates as  between  eastern
land  western  Canada, can  remove the
i injustice to western shippers.
To urge the provincial government
to bring in legislation making the
jsale of oil stock in Saskatchewan il-
I legal, a committee of the board of
trade will wait on the cabinet. The
council took a strong stand In the
matter, it was stated that $100,000
ln cash had been sent out Of Regina
since the oil boom began. :'iir invest-
ment in oil stock.
For  the  first  time  In   the  history
Of the Orange order in  British Amur- j
lea, a westerner has been appointed
grand    master   of   tii"    grand lodge,
Loyal   Orange   Association   of   British \
America.    He  is  Dr,   D.   I).   Ellis, of ������
Fleming,  Sask.. deputy grand  master,
and  ho    succeeds    l.ieut.-Col.    3,    II. I
Vancouver.  BC,  Rifle   Range.
Uppllcants  must  have  B. C. cenni-1 nctun'ily  residing within  the district, and
���i'i--; of the first or second class and Ihaving  boon   for   the   three   monthH  next
n Prepared to begin duty at toe open-  preceAnj; 'heyday of las nominal^
B_  Ol the fall  term.    Apply to ortli-,   nf  land  or  real   properly   situate
EWEN  MARTIN. within   the   municipality  of  the  nssessod
Cost Office, B.C.        3615) | value. ^%^f municipal, or. p^-l,
md abov
. . last municipal or provincial
sessmenl roll, of two hundred and fifty
dollars or more over and nbove any n-g-
Istered ludgmenl or charge; nr being u
in,in steader, leasee from tho Crown, or
pre-emptor, who bus resided within the
municipality for the space of one year nr
more Immediately preceding the day of
nomination, and is assessed fnr five hundred dollars or mon- on the last municipal or provincial roll over and above any
registered ludgment or charge, or bPing n
hi.     lessee   from   the  Crown
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED TENDERS marked nn '
voln.pl "Tender for Exlenslqii m
Rn nifi . \ ,ii,eiiu\, i. !',. i'.." .mil inldii ed
i,, !.,,. |j|n etor ol Contracts, Mllltlu I! iuI-
,11-..-��rters, Ottaws, wbl lie rcc '���.,i 'I until
noon of the lilth ol July proximo rnr
in, constructlun of iwo, elghl target Rifle
lUnlgl   nl   Viincouvei,   Hrltish  Columbia.
I -..in ^ nnd specll ical inns ma \ l���- i-n
and mil Information obtained lit the ottici
ni the Offic r Commanding, .Military Ills-
Iri.l No. II. Victoria, It i*. . tin i'lt.\
Clerk, Viincouvei, B. i'., and it hi I itr- e-
toi General ot Ennlnei i Hervlei.-. He ul-
quurterK, Ottawa,
Temlers net:*: ne made nn the form nip-
piled   bj   the   I ii partment,   and   each   n n-
 __��� pre-empior,   wno   uas   remucu   mumi   in*-   piie,,   ii,    me   i��i
 .  ..   ,     .   .,      ���,������,    municipality for tlie space nf one year nr del   must be accompanied by an accepted
TAKE NOTICE that at the meet- ,,������.,. fmmCdlately preceding the day of chegue mi .. Canadian Chartered llanli
ut of the board of license commis- nomination, aad is assessed for five him- i,,i ten pet cent, il" p.e.) of the amount
' i .i.��� i-u,. nt Vow WoKtmin- ili'il dollars or mon- on the last, mimic- thereof, payable m the ordei m the llon-
Ekmers of the CltS Ot New westmin ����� j ^ ' ,nc|a) ,.flll ovor .,���,, above nny omble ,,���. M-nU.,���r of Mllltlu and Defem-i,
ster cm June 10, we intend to applv | ,.,.K|S1, ,.,.,, |UdBmenl or charge, or bPlng a which amount ��;ll be forfeited If the parlor a transfer of the liquor license homesteader, lessee from the Crown or ty tendering declines to enter Into or If
< i- i i>:, i,,.,..,, onit Ronnott In pre-emptor who has rosldcd within Un- tin successlnl tmrterei falls to complete
mow held by Richman and Bennett in 1 munlclpj-llty tor ii period of one year im- his contracl In accordance with the ten-
respect to the premises known as tne I mediately preceding the    nomination and   ,], ���
CosmODOlltan  Hotel  situate  upon  Lot during the remainder of the. year has been      The Department dues not hind Its'-lf to
.    , .. vV,      ,    ,.,   ���-,.���..r  ,,r rolnmhiii   il"'  owner of said land  o   which he was   -iceopl   Ihi    owest  or any  lender.
I. City   Block   12,  coiner of COlumDia   ronm.,.,}   ���  ,���������,..���,,���,,.,,  |0SI,CC  [rom   the BUOISNE  flSKT, Colonel
.nut   Blackle   Streets,    City     ol     New   ^rown. or pre-emptor and  Is assessed Tor Deputy  Minister,
W��BtminSter   trom Richman and  Ben-  five hundred dollars or more rn. tin- last OttiiW-n, June a,  lit)4
munlclpnl   or   provincial   assessment   roll       .si:,  -Newspapers  will   nol   be  phUI   if
tiett, to over nnd  above any   registered   ludgment  the.)  Insert this advertisement wlthoul nu-
JOHN  ERASER nr  charge,  and being otherwise ntutllflndl thorlty  rrom  the   Departmeni
(IteOItC!" FREEMAN       by this Act to vote ul an election of school   pro   No. 18-11-14.���U2S7W. '..,.,i
'trustees In the   said district, shall be ellg-  I
(ble to be rtected or i>i      rve a.*   i M-i.nnl i a_5SS5_5_5H__2___S '."���J _5 ^.-Jl'
trust"!' hi such district municipality school __.���_-..,   .--.
district. LAND   REGISTRY   ACT.
Oh ��� i    undi r  my  band  e.t   Mnlllnrdvlile |
this   13th .la.   ��� ���  .Ti    I'.'l I. '
ANDREW  iIAI.lilt'RTO I     ];,.   |,0|   22  of   Lol   21,  Suburban   Uloek
(",r.1!)i Ii'ii.i dug   Orfle i       I i::   m  the City '������,'  New   Weslmlnstei
'     Whereas proof '���:' the loss ol Certificate
 SH          ~- I ���;��� -|'i(i.. Number  I.SB1P,  Issued    In    Ihe
lame  nf   i * 11 ii. i-lni!   Ellgh,   has  bei u   rili d
n thls office.
Nolle ��� is her. hi   givi n  that   I  shall,  at
WESTMINSTER i ih" expiration of one month rrom the date
of  the first  publication hereof,  In n dally
Gymnasium ('lass, Thursday at 7.30.  newspaper published in the city nf ,v v
Swimming classes. Tuesdays and  ^1-   ^stmlnster. Issue ;, ^'^J^^ i
days, 7,  to 4. at  Y.  M, ( .  A.    lining   objection bu miidi  to mo In willing.
Ladies' Club,  Kriday at S  p.m. J.  ''���  CWVNN,
Hoarding and room rates reasonable : '*
May 27, 11)14.
Iti- l'i"i
,. ���... nl  the  Easterly  half of
r.i��� ������ ,,'  1, t  "7". iIroup 1. n
the  nisi re-   "'   Nei-'  Westmlnste*-.
WViemis proof nl  -h" loss nt Certificate
..1   Tltli-   Numbei     M-.'.A.     Issued   In  the
rinT-ie r,f Thomas Robert Mclnnls lias 1 n
i-il.d i-i  this Oflfl '
Notice is hereby given Hint I shall, at
ilv." esniraiinn nf one month from the date
.,{ the first publication hi reof. In a daily
rw-WBPnoer, published  in [he City of New
���Wert-ilnster, Issue a dlipllti I the m d
rvrtlflcate   unless   In   the   meantime  valid
.,,,/.,.,.���, be  made tn ni- in v.. iii
.1.   <
Y W f A C0LU
l.lt.V.n.  new
.1.   i.   i,>ii-*-.>, ,..,.,, -���--.-���..���_ *������� �����-��������� ���      ��� 1 ,;iu.i   llegistry  nine..
District Registrar ol    Hies Meals served to ladies and gentlemen !     \, w West ninstei   ii C, 2
I  ,:���, Registry Office  New \nstin.n-i. i particulars call  phone 1324.      I
24th  April,  1914. *"���'"' ���
ml June. ''
The Imperial Oil company, the Canadian branch of the Standard Oil
company,   h:is   two   representatives   at
Calgary making dally reports on the
sit nation.
iu v. li. \V. McLachlan, of Westmin-;
iter church, Edmonton, has received a
call to go back to King Memorial:
Presbyterian  church,  at   Winnipeg,
The oil boom has reached Orouard.
I oral  business men are tiling on  the
land,   Oil was struck al a depth of 90 |
feet in one well    Experts claim Orou
ard has the main flow
Although some of the smaller clips
were shorn seme -��� neks ago the bulk ,
of the 1,600,000 pound Bouthetn Alberta Wool clip was started June 2
al Conrad on the LethbrIdge*Wey-
burn  line.
London, June 1". The subjects of,
sweating, the truck act, and the minimum wage were dismissed at a sitting ]
of the National Women''.* Liberal asso- j
elation reci inly. 1 ady Mond called !
ittentlt :. tothe conditions of work in j
many factories, and said she wished
that some employers could realize the !
rcciK my of employing work people i
under good conditions,
A. .1. Mailnn, of the Antl-Sweatlng
League, said that the blue books Issue, by the Board Of Trade showed
that in every great industry in Which
women weie employed, underpayment
was BO rife that it was found that the
great majority worked for less than
|0g, a week, and BOITIC received as
little  BS  7,s.  a   week.
The trades act board had worked
even more efficiently lhan Its promoters had hoped. At present a minimum
wage of I.".-., a week for women was
being advocated and it was hoped that
tins principle would be established In
the shirt making trade, since it was;
being proposed that the economic
rate for women shirt makers should
be :;'..d. an hour, which worked oul
to rather more thut 16e, a week.
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranch** Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dolta:- aad
upwards received and interest at the highest current rata paid or
credited halt yearly.
Draft* and Traveller*' Cheque* *old, payable In all part* of tha
CHA8. O. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Weatmlnater   Branch: A. W. BLACK,
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want it, In any quantity, large
or small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Fret, aad -_���__.
W. r. U. BUCKUN.
������o. aad Tree*.
Rr, Cedar  and  Spruce
P'nonee No. 7 ��nd ��77
For   Victoria   From
Clie.ip fares for all return ticket.* to Eastern points, on sale
beginning June 1st. t'ood to return up to Oct. ;;i_t.
For particulars apply to
E. GOULET, Local Agent, or to
H. W. Brodle, G.P.A., Vancouver
TIME   CARD ��� Passenger   Service
Trains   Leave   New  Westminster Terminal, Columbia and  ElQhth Stt.
Fraser Valley Line���For Chilliwack at B'.30 ami 11:15 a.m.
and 7 and fi p.m.. Local for .lar-
dine at 7 am., except Frld iys
ivh* n local leaves at 6 a.m. tor
Mt, Lehman.
For Vancouver via Burnaby
Lake���At 5:30 a.ra��� and hourly
11:30 p.m. Specials on
days at S a.m. and 5 p.m.
Kit si
car   on
���Sundays   at   V. 7,0
minute.', to !��� a.m.; overj 7'-i minutes to 4 ii m ; every 16 minutes
to 8:30 p m e\ cry 30 minutes
tn 11 p.m., with last car at midnight. Saturday afternoon sor-
vice every 15 minutes to 11 p.m..
with last car at midnight Oh
Sunday at ti, 7, 7:7,u anil S a.m..
and .u minute service to H:4fl
p.m., week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver, via North Arm
of Fraaer���Connects with Steveston eervice at Bburne; " a.m.
and hourly until 11 p.m. Kirst
car on  Sundays  at 8 a.m.
For Vancouver, via Central
Park���.** and 5:47i a.m.. every la
New Westminster Salesrooms, B.C. Electric Block, Columbia A. Eighth.    |
Fra3cr MillsQucensboro���For
Fraser Mills at 5:20, K:_(i and
7:4.1 a.m. and every hour to
11:45 pm Leave Fraser Mills
at 0. 1, S:_."< am. and every hour
until midnight, last car to Columbia St. only.
S.S. "Prince Rupert," S.S.
"Prince George," S.S. "Prince
Albert," S.S. "Prince  John."
Every Monday at 12 Midnight���
To Prince itur"-**t    and   Oranby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
Tn Victoria and Beattle,
Every Thursday,  12 midnight���
To Prince Rupert and Btewart
Every Friday, 12 midnight���
To  I'rince Kupert and Queen
Charlotte   Islands   points.
Every Saturday. 12 midnight���
To Victoria and Seattle,
passenger trains leave Prince Rupert for points Fast. Mondays,
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1"
a.m. Close connections made with
Grand Trunk Bteamcrs from Vancouver,
Passenger tram., leave Edmonton
dally at 10:45 p.m tor Mcllride.
Ask aboul service between Mc
Bride and Prince George
Spec.il low rate roun. trip tickets
to all points Eeast on sale June 1st
to September 30th with return limit
October 31st. Excellent service,
Liberal stopovers. Go one way and
return  another.
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let ut submit an Itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith, C.P. & T.A.
527  Granville  8t���  Vancouver. Phone  Sev.  *13��.
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER  which  is h'chly  recommended.
Lime is almost as important I'or the successful growth of plants
as sunshine ami  water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rales in Carload Lots.
���02 Columbia Street W
Phone* 15 and II,
B. C. Coast SS. Service
10:30 a.m	
2:00  p.m.    Daily
11:46  p.m Dally
For Seattle
10:30 a.m Dally
11.00 a.ru- Daily excepl Saturday
11:47, p.m. Saturday
For Nanaimo
10 a.m. and 6:7.U p.m Daily
Nanaimo. Union Bay, Cop-ox
s a.m. Thursday and Saturday
Vancouver,   Union   Bay.   Powell
11:45 p.m. .  .. Kvery Saturday
Prince Rup:rt, Granby Bay and
Skecna River Points.
ll:00p.m    Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
7:111 a.m. Tuesdays I'or Victoria,
calling   at   points   iu   Oulf   Isl.
To Alaska  ,  ..Kvery Saturday
Biggest Drug Store in uc. Any
Drug   Wholesale   or   Retail.
New Westminster.
Buy   your   Tennis   Racquets   and t
liaseball Qoods from
M. J. Knight & Co. Ltd.
SS  Sixth  Street.
Buying at Home Is Lending
Your Money Back I
to Yourself
Crockery and
tCE CREAM IS GUARANTEED ^y ****** * store.
When you walk down town and make a purchase from
a local merchant, don't run away with the idea that youj
are conferring a favor on the man who sells you the goods
If it's Shoes, try the
Old Country Bo t Store
We ure stocked up in the best
Canadian and old Country Foot*
wear. In all kinds of summer
shoes our '-took la compl.tu.
Canvas Shoes from 55c. up;
Bathing Shoes BOc. to 30c Tor
women. Our prices are the lowest possible us our terms
J. STEWART, Proprietor.
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New   Weotmlnster,   B.C.
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und  get it at   MacDonaids.
Phone   1075L.
Mc.RID.'S retail
Eighth  St.
Choloest wines and Liquors on
the mat ket always iu stock.
B. & K. ROlltD OATS
none Just aa good, nor none bet.
ter.    Insist on getting.
Make More Bread and Better
Mil.ing Co., Ltd.
You're not, by any means. You're simply doing your
duty by the city which is giving you your bread and butter. You're following out the old rule of, "Live and Let
f.O. Box *<- Dally Newt
H.   j.   RUSSELL of M Wnd|.
Corner Fourth and Columbia Streets. > Prices right   Satisfaction foeraa
Choicest Goods.
Lowest Prices.
U McKensle St
*      **���      *
This is the season when  wa have to change our headgear to a
more comfortable and lighter weight, such as Straw and Panamas. We
have them both
The Botha Shape in senate nnd fine straw  $1.50 to $5.00
Others   50c to $2.50
Panamas  $6.00 to $15.00
Pacific   !
McMenemy & Anderson.
Some have meat  too totlgb to eat,
While some have ment that's tender
We sell meal you'll find a treat,
If you let US he the sender.
There never was a truer word spoken than the dictum,
"No Man Liveth Unto Himself."
You couldn't live alone in this world or in this town
any longer than it would take you to starve to death or| =
go crazy.
You've got to depend on others and others must do-
pend on you.
>;-.      ���'-      ���:*
Could you get out and pave your own street?
Of course you couldn't.
I *   *   *
Then who pays for the paving of that street? You
put up some of the cost, but your neighbors foot the biggest part of the bill.
���:;. * ��
Who are your neighbors?
���:<.       ^       -:;-
One of them's a grocer, another sells   furniture,   a
third makes his living by exchanging drygoods for mon
ey.  If you don't buy from-there, how do you suppose they
are going to get coin to pay for laying pavement in front!
of vour house ?
��� *    *
Does the man who keeps a store somewhere else pay
a red cent towards supplying you with water, light, sidewalks, good roads, sewerage, parks, etc.?
* ���    *
Not much, he doesn't!
Linden and Victoria Herries in full 1 lb. boxes; arriving early OCf*
this morning; 2 baskets  g��3C
Prom now on we will get dally shipments of Linden Berries until,
the local Berriee are ripe.
We have arranged foi large shipments of Berries this season and
cun Insure you the choicest fruit for preserving at lowest prices.
Annandale Supply Co.
Try a "Society Westminater
Brand" Suit     Transfer Co
This Summer
Office Phone 185.        Barn Phone 137.
Begble Street
Tailored  for  Ycung   Men    and   .Men
Who st.iv Young
Baggage Delivered Promptly t��
Any Part of tbe City.
$18 and More     ....    JU      ���   ,.
A. S. Mills & Co. *-*8***-*����fc��TH��-__r
Columbia  Street  at  Sixth
Columbia Piano House
R. M. ROSS, JR., Manager.
Sewing Machines.
Better machines for less money.
A full line of STANDARDS from
$35.00 to $80.30.   Easy Terms.
Bell, Heintzman and Co., Chick
ering   Bros.,    Wormworth   and
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tuned.   Pianos to rent.
Royal City[m and <*nii-MENS'
\\t-     r       SUITS
: Manufacture  and  wil   Paisley   Whole !
Phone  192.
735 Columbia Street. I
He can't afford to.   He has to pay his share of those
,    . ,, thinks in another town.   He helps to foot the bill for side-
Whcat   .Meal.   Hnton   Breakfast   Meal] b
and Oram Growers'   Private   sto,k';walks on which you never have walked; for roads over
.lour, ah from Marquis winat grown ;which you never have driven; for light you seldom, if ever,
in Alberta.    It is good and it i
you mones.
High Class Wines. Spirits. Beers, Etc.
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). N. fUSOH
.Merchant Tailor.    Westminster Trust
'use; for water you rarely drink.
Phone Your Order to 1299.
ICome and see our new  store Corner
Columbia and Blackie Sts.
Whale Oil Soap, Quassia Chips
Black Leaf Extract at
RY ALL'S Drug Store
Phone 57 Hart  Block.
,������ mT^mm^mmmi J   Quality Printer s
togs    lor summer wear,   Perfect fit      ^"^^^^^^^^^^^��^^^^^ a
and workmanship guaranteed.   Prices | Market Square:     Phone 388
from  $18.00 Up.    701   Front street.
You can't get away from it, no matter now you try.; PATTERN   HATS PACIFIC CANADIAN:
���   *   ���                                        ; r_TT_: PRINTING COMPANY
i     . i _��� A   ..  ! S-'U.uu   io   *1S.i.mj   valui s       4*C  t\f\
Your hand goes into your pocket several times a daj. j -.ear.ng at   90.UU Carnarvon street.
S*m.tin  to   $18.00   vi'.Iir
"'       "' -rw-w-- |   Commercial,   Catalogue  and   Poster
Every time it comes out with New Westminster money< mrs. agret, 59 sixth street. Printing,
in it.   True, you earned it, but you couldn't have earned
it in New Westminster if there had not been a town here,
Wear Our Good Furnishings
Nothing puts a man on such good terms with himself as good
fitting good feeling underwear, socks, shirts, collars and neckties.
We've got them for you. ion get them from us. d-m't take anything
that Is banded out to you, but come to the store that "has got the
goods" when you want furnishings,   of course our prices are right
reid & Mcdonald
707 Columbia Street.
therefore you owe something to the town for providing
you with the means of earning a living.   The stores in a
town are part of it, therefore you owe something to thej*
f. "S ���!:
At least, look at the goods in New Westminster stores
before you go elsewhere to buy.
Buy Your Shoes from
SINCLAIR, The Shoe Man
He Sell. Nothing but the BEST.
The best of fresh and home cured meats
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia St.
Kdmonds Market, Edmonds.
Sapperton Market, Sapperton.
Phone 1200
Phone 1203
Phone 1204
Will You   J
Line Up    ���
thing and Furnishings.
Inclusive Dealers    in    Men's
High-Class Go-
Now ready In Spring anJ Summer Styles.   There lias never been;
a line of men's clothing that has pleased so many men and given so
much   satisfaction   and   wear   as   these   same   FIT-RITE   CLOTHES.
Better come In todav and look them over.
Read Your Home Paper First
The Morning Paper of New Westminster and
The Fraser Valley.
Up-to-the-minute in every Department.
^___.      ___?    _a
C. A. WelshjJAMES &
'Phones: I 	
Cit>'  S,ore       193  and  443      Hardware. Plumbing and Heatin��.
Sapperton Branch     37. | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
West Knd Branch   630 j
THREE  BIG  STORES  OF PLENTY.   New Westminster, Oeneral Office and
1    Store, Corner Front and Sixth Si-
We Pack, Ship and Prepay Freight on all Purchases.
to you or any other sane person that this store can and does sell Furniture and Home Furnishings for as little money as any other store
in iiritish Columbia, OUR PRICES, backed by a reputation for square
dealing, have stood the tests of two years' unfair competition���Bankrupt Stock Sales and Bargain Sales under all sorts of names.
YOVK MONEY will go further and return sooner to your OWN
POCKET when you keep it in your HOME CITY.
OUlt STOCK la mew and up to date, marked to give you the hundred cents of honest value for every dollar of your good money you
hand us.
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone S8S
I. I
���>*GE  EIGhT
THURSDAY, JUNE   13,  19i4.
Electrical Department���Keep Cool!
Fans! Fans! Fans!
Wo have thi m all sizes and style*, in our Electrical Department on
the Second Floor. This list will _t���� >-'U an idea of the varied assortment we have iu stock:
.-.inch blade  Oaristoa Kan JJ5S
S-inch  blade  'Westinghouse"    J12.00
12-lncb bl.uie "C. and W."  J15.CO
i " inch blade *Westinghouse' *i_.so
12-lnch blade '���Westlnghouae,'' OscHlatlni Type  $25.00
lilim'i   hiatle  "Westinghouse"    $26.50
16-Inch  blade "Westinghouse" Oscillating    $32.00
16-lnOh blade **C. and XV" Kxhausl Kan $22.50
See OUI   Exhaust  Kalis for the  kitchen;   placed  iu  ���   window   will
-rlthdraw the heat and smell
Special Prices on  Summer Dress
Cream Dresa Goods and Suitings.
44-inr'a Serge;  all wool; regular 03c
Special   Price,  per  yard   	
40-lncn Bedford Cord; regular t>5c
Special  Price,  per yard   	
12-Inch Voile: fine weave; n-gul'ir 30c
Special  Price, per yard   	
54-lnch Serge;  Priestley's; regular 7!'c.
Special   Plire.  per  yard   	
44-incli Cashmere; all wool;  regular 95c,
Special  I'riee,  per  yard   	
M-ineh Panama: i-vrn weave: regular $1 77��.
Special  Price,  pei   yard   	
.".4-inch Serge;  -with Ulack stripe;   regular $1.25.
Special  Price,  per  yard   	
."���4-inch Broadcloth; chiffon finish: regular $2.00,
Special   price,   per  yard   	
.'���4-lnch Broadcloth; superior make; regluar $2.50.
Special  price,  per  yard   	
This shewing of creams is worth attention to anyone requiring a
Dress or Suit for present wear.
Summer Dress Goods That Are Serviceable.
7.4-inch Two-tone Cords;   regular STn-  values;   In  tan and   white, gray
and white add blue and white. RQf*
.Per  yard for1    Wv
���44-ln_h Rice Cloth;  regular 09c values;  in gray and white, navy and
white, fawn and white; excellent washing materials. _IQf*>
Per yard  for. .    twC
Ratines, New So Fashionable.
A lot showing today, all at one price. Including Broche, Fancy, and a
number of plain  shades;   in colors of gray, brown, Nell rose,  white,
gray and white.:pale blue, etc.*. widths up to 7)4 inches: J��*i    4 |?
values to $1.50. Your choice, per yard   # I ��� I O
A Big Three Day's Sale of Needlework, Embroideries, Flouncings
and Insertions at About One-Half
the Regular Prices Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Our   Big   Stock   of   Embroideries   Must   Be   Greatly   Reduced.
Splendid Values Are Offered. See tlie Bargain Tables.
All out stock or Embroideries, Flouncings and Insertions of
about 7,000 yards was bought at a price much lielow the maker's reguiar cost price, thereby enabling us to offer at about
one-half the ordinary prices; all kinds, widths and patterns
���ire repie.ented; narrow or wide Insertions, Edgings, Flouncings,
and in widths very suitable for Corset Covers and Children's
Dresses. Wo im- sure to have just what you want. Be In time
on Thursday and secure first choice, as there is sure to be a
good demand at these Very Special Prices.
Remember, for Three Days Only, Thursday. Friday and Saturday.
'flic whole BtOck is divided in Five Big hots to facilitate selling, and every yard of Needlework In this sale positively half
and less than half regular price.**; width from 1 in. to a yard:
LOT NO. 1    Offered at the Special Price ot.
per yard   	
LOT N'O. 2 -Offered at tiie Special Price of, -in.
per yard       I Vw
LOT NO. 3    Ottered at tho Special Price of, 1 T ^ i*
per yard      I I 2 G
LOT NO. 4- Offered at the Special Price of, OKa**
per yard ' faww
LOT NO. 5--Offered at the Special Price of, OQ*��
per yard    WVV
Euy All  Your  Embroidery "Wantr." At This Special  Sale and
Save.    Plenty of Bargains for Everyone.    Get Your
Share, Then Tell  Your  Friends.
���Main Floor.
Furniture Department
Save $16.25 on This $65.00 Eight-Piece  Dining  Room Suite.
.Mission  style suite;   all  solid oak;   in  fumed  or  golden  finish;six-
foot extension table, very neat buffet und six chairs with leather seats;
tegular price for the eight pieces $05.00. 9mAtt 71*
Special 9"-rO- I 5)
A Saving of J8..D on This $43.50 White Enamel Bedroom Suite.
One ol our host bargains; a full size bed, with heavy continuous two-
inch   pillars,  dresser  and  chiffonier  to  match,   with   bevelled  edge.
British plate mirror: regular price for thi.-. three-piece     COC (\{\
suite, $47,711.    Special   ^Ow��UU
We Can Save You Just $3.00 if You Want to Buy an $11.00 Extension
A  well finished  six-foot  Extension Tabic;  In selected seasoned elm;
golden finish;  regular price $11.00.
Our   Special   	
Let  us  prove  to  you  lhat  we can  save  you   more  cash   on   kitchen
furniture than anyone in the business:
Kltohen Table; _'.'x47, with drawer; regular $2.76,
Kitchen  Queen,  tiie  most   complete, and   best  finished  article  ever
sold in IL O. at the price we offer for; -CC  3K
regular $0.13.    Our Special    *3i-��W
Kitchen Cabinet, complete; well finished in every detail; a place [or
everything in this cabinet;  regular $14.00. d*4 4    OC
A Big Saving on a Small Article;  Always Useful.
Kitchen  -Meat  Safe;   regulai   $'!.7"i
Our   Special    	
on  kitchen
And let us send an expert to give you an estimate on your
furnitjre repair., upholstering or loose cover cutting. Samples
of  materials  submitted.     First-class workmanship only.
Garden Seats at Half Price.
Folding ('.allien Seats: regular $2.60,
Lawn Swings; double two Beaters; regular $11,00
Ladies' Nickel Plated Vanity Cases
These an good values; come fitted with coin, puff and card parts;
also a email mirror; a good variety of styles and sizes to <C_) OC
choose from,   special price at 75c, 95c and     y-iL?
^^ SB   -p *l united.
Get better acquainted with our Basement. Many cents can be saved each week by economical buying for little household wants. Numerous
tablec of uceful articles in Hardware, Crockery. Fixings, etc., are always on display. This list shows you many little bargains; there are
hundreds more. Ten minutes spent in our bargain basement each week would considerably lower the cost of living for you, same as it is
doing for many others.
Folding Ironing
One Burnei German Oil
Pour-leaf Universal Bread
Vacuum   Washers
34-lnch Canvas Trunks, with
covered tray 	
Carden Spray Nozzles,
The Velox Water Motor
Washing .Machine   	
Hardwood Rlngera, solid
rubber  rolls   	
Bteel Range, asbestos lined, sectional top,
Duplex grate, high closet, Ill-inch oven, drop
doors, with cast base and COC Ill-
legs.    Special    939.UU
Hardwood oak  i-'iuish Refrigerator;    well
Insulated;   lined galvanized      &-|ft  Citron.   Special  9IU.3U
Wire Meal  Safes, 1Sx24.
Hrass Piscture Hooks
twelve toi  	
l'ot Knobs,
lour tor ..,
BOO-fiheet Toilet
Taper   HLollB   ��� ��� ���
Large Bottles Blue j"^
Hlack  Ink    WW
Hrass Chair Nails
fifty  for   	
Spring Mouse
Nail Brushes, two
Combs  . .
Ply Swatters   	
Can Openers  at   ..,
Cutters  .
'I ca Spoons, two
.'", Yards I'ictun
Bed Castors  for   . .
Mucilage or I'hoto
Now Is the
Time tc Put on
Your Screen
Oak finished Screen Doors;
strongly made and well finished;    sizes 6-ti. 6-8    aud    6-10 In
Oak      Grain      Screen      Doors;
well    finished    with eight   corner   brackets;   all
sizes.   Each 	
Oak Grained and Varnished
Screen Doors: with double top
rail and turned spindles, and
solid bottom panel: a very
handsome door.    Each,
$3.00 and $3.25
Hardwood     Adjustable   Window
14x4b Inches.
lSxlK',;.   inches.
18x32%  incites.
ISx36V6 Inches
18x42%  Inclu s
24x42%  Inches,
Two Specials
in Refrigerators
Hardwood Refrigerator, 40x37,
with top lid; lined throughout
with heavj galvanized Iron:
large Ice chi st. with removable
fittings and thoroughly well in
sulated;   reg. IT 1 fl Cfl
$12.50,  tor   ,....    9 IU.DU
No. 2, same size as above, with
provision       chamber       white
The liana Ice Cream freezer
will make ice Cream In three
1 qtiarl size
I'riee     ....
7 t|u irt  size
.i-quart s:
I'riee   ...
ii quart  size
Hrass  Drawer
Shell Oil Cloth,
per  yard   	
Knamel  Pie
I'lates   ....
lias Toasters
Toilet Paper
Holders  ....
China Egg Cups.
three tor  	
imported  Cups and
Large Mixing
Crepe Table Napkins,
luu for  	
Coat and  Hat  Hooks,
twelve  I'or   	
Strap or "T"  Hinges,
with  .-.crews,  pair. . . .
Wire Potato
Handled   Cake
Hammers   .
Enamel Sink
atralnera   ...
ll.ith Soap
Dishes ...
Fibre   Plcnil  Plates,
21  for   	
Victor Flour
Tea Pots	
China Cake
(las Toasters
Class Vinegut
Loose   Handle
(lolling Pins .
Ideal furniture
Wire Carpet
Heatem    . . .
Spring  Mop
Handles    ...
Fine  China  Cups
and Saucers   ....
China Sugar and
t reams, pan   ...
Hemmed  i o;
\\ in     Kogeis     I'idted _IC��%
'lea Spoons, 7 for   ..   ..   bSv
Hawthorne Plated Knives  and  Forks,  pair....
Tlnn Table Tumblers,
four  foi    	
Spring   clothes   Plus
tour dozen for  	
Mack's Mo-Rub baun-     OC_��
dry Tablets.  7   for .   COC
Ebony Hack Hair
Nickel Bathroom
Towel    Rods    	
Catved   Maple   Putter     OC*.
plates,  with glass dish    _��<3G
G quart Tin Di.-h
Aluminum   Tea   Spoons
6 foi   	
50   feet   Wire   Clothe,
Good Corn
Broome ,.
Ideal   Furniture   Polish
.".He   bottles   	
You Can Buy a
Good Hammock
Here at These
Special Prices
78-Inch Hammock; with end
Stretchers, pillow and side valance.
TSx'.i'i Inch Hammock; close
rib weave: spreaders at each
end-; tufted pillow; In fancy
80x41 inch Hammock in heavy
lacquered weave; end spreaders; galvanized end castings;
tufted pillow and deep fringed
valance;   two  weights.     Each
$4.50 and $5.00
The NowFamous
"Morning Glory"
Wash Dresses
Are In Great
We   are   now   the   sole      selling
agents In this city for America's
greatest line in pretty Wash
Frocks, featured by all the leading stores in the States. These
(ins.-fs are the embodiment oi
all tb.it is dainty and fresh In
wash fai bi- s, '1 lie strong Cactor
ol Lie great popularity of these
garments Is the simplicity of the
styles, making them quite easj
f; r the house, Btreet wear, picnic
to laundei. These are dresyes
or afternoon frocks- See our
verj interesting tange of styles
ant! prici s, ranging from
.25 tc $5.75
��� Firs'.   Floor.
These arc an excellent protec
tion from lhe heat of the sun
while permitting the air lo pass
Blankets, Comforters, Pillows
With warm weather conns the
usual camping out season. Nights
as a rule are cool enough to re
quire watm bedding Our
stock of warm blankets is priced most moderately am! comprises every kind, from the union blanket at $2.r>u up to the
pure fine wool at $lb a pair. Oilier lines in gray at $2.75. $2.95.
$2.25 and $4.50.
White   Wool     Blankets;     64x84,
at     $4.95
Size  60x80;   In    same    quality,
at     $4.25
Red, navy, brown, white or
fawn, ilud-on Hay Point Blankets,   from   0  to   10  pounds,  at,
per pound  .    $1.00
Campers'     Comforters;       Single
bed  size, at  each _0c
Double size. 60x72; at, each
SL25. $1.50, $1.75, and $2.00
Light weigh; Down Comforters,
iu all  colors at, each...,.    $4.50
Our Pillow Prices are very attractive,
Chicken Feather Pillows in
good heavy quality art tick ai.
65c, 75c, 85c, $1.00 and $1.25
blue of pink art ticking. Price
Down   Pillows;   size   22x28;     iu
each    $3.75
A .-.ning and Tent Duck, striped
Awning Duck in blue, green or
red,  woven;  yard 25c
Painted green and white, heavy
8-ounce  Duck,  pet   yard..32/2c
White Duck, Bounce 20c
Seven-ounce 22'/^
Right-ounce    25c
Ten-ounce, yard  30c
Double fold white Duck; 'J yards
wide,   light   weight,   per  yd    50c
Ciecn   or  White,  30   inches,   lour
���yards  for    25c
Green oi white, 10 inches, three
J aids  for   25c
Wash Goods Dept.
Cotton Crepe; cream, with
eross-bar effect; Shantung,
witli raised stripe, makes very
dainty waists and afternoon
gowns; an ideal material for
draping and lias a nice, soft appearance. Pet-
Special in Men's
Splendid    Bargains   in   Wearing
Apparel  Which  You  Need
Right  Now.
Men's $1.25 Combination.. 95c.
Alius Summer Combination, of
fine iiiidiity balbriggan, nainsook
or meSb knits; long oi short
sleeves; knee or ankle length
drawers ;siz.es 34 to 4'.'; regular
$1.25. Thursday   	
75: Cu'.iilQ Shirts. 50c.
Ml a'a Outing Shirts, with soft
tujn-down collars, attached m
plain white and cream; sizes
ll'_ to l"V-i'. regular ",'ic shirts
Thursday, your
Work   Shirts.   75c.
Men's Work Shirts, in plain
blue chambray or black and
white striped drill; shirts
double stitched throughout; one
pocket; sizes 14'. to 17Vi; regular $1,26 values. Thurs- jkg_
day, each     33C
Men's Nainsook  Underwear.
Light and cool, sleeveless and
knee length; just rigjht for
these   hot  days;   sizes  34   to   11
Thursday Special at.
per garment   .   .
in combinations,        914.   AA
Men's Costless Brace.
���al aliiel
I'nur   points,   lur     hot
ui ar,   Special, per
Special in Mens
Panama Hats
Size    l\S    ft.,   brown
and   green    	
Size ��>\*s it., brown
and   green   	
Size 8x8 ft., brown
and  green   	
Size 10x8 ft., brown
and   green   	
White Duck; this conies in two
qualities and makes up well
for ladles 'and children's wear;
28 Inches wide.    Per yard
25c and 30c
Genuine   Pauama    Hals;     fine
quality   and   even   Heave;      well
finished with black bands;
seizes 694 to "*.���; regular $.*i.iin
values.   Thursday
.Men's Straw Boater Hats; in
specially good qaullty Imported
Sennet braids; iu line, medium
or coarse plait.-; medium high
crowns; fine black silk I.nels;
with easy lilting cushion leather
sweat-bands; extra good values
at $1.00, $1.25, $2.00 ��A ��_A
mul   ��?__.DU
These Shades arc beautifully
flnishi d ami are designed for
those wishing extra good Shadi i
for Verandahs or Sleeping
Porches. '1 hei do not \\ arp
ont of :-h-i|i" like cheap bamboo
screen, Tin y really keep out
the sun, and nl the same time
admit tlo maximum amounl ol
alt- and lisliL
We Have a Dandy Range of Ladies'
Sunshades now in Stock
livery conceivable shape, style and color effect Is represented
brand new stock.   Tin' same styles and shapes are iii greal dero
all the leading cities of the world.   Come in cottoua, silks, llnei.
satins;  In pi ain.-*, stripe, floral designs, and In  white needle
mounted on good stcl frames, and hand!
length, in plain and fancy wood. Every bu
est. We do not Intend to carry a single on
in and look this lot 6ver, We can obllg
yon     Prices ranging from 	
- ot medium and
��� Mile priced tii ilo
over the season.
;n our
mil iu
I and
���a mil ;
��� low-


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