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The New Westminster News Dec 16, 1913

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 News Classified Ads
Have  proven their  worth  by  the
resells   they    produce.     They   fill
large    ur    small    wants    at    small
'��-.-"���  Hrk��
I     New
Westminster and
Imainlhud:   Light to moderate
1 cloudy
and   mild
1 rain.
List of Eighty Men Is Ex"!rijy*yftat   |\f il
hausted but Finally Case    Hll ANII AL   UlAL
American Territory
Council  Refers  Matter  to Hugh M. Fraser Will Op- Dominion Council of Agri-
Asscssmi'iit   Commissioner.
culture to Meet Premier
Borden Today.
Charges Against Ten South
Wellington  Miners���Five
Separate Counts.
Representative   of   Toledo
Firm to Meet Burnaby
Council Friday.
The unusual scene of an entire petit
Jury composed of about 80 men being
exhausted before a panel was secured
occurred In the assize court yesterday morning when the trial ot the ten
South Wellington miners arraigned on
five separate counts, open d. The unusual happening was the result of ex*
tensive challenging of the petit Jurors
li>  counsel for the defence.
Former Jury Excused.
The first step that led to the deple->quartPr  million  dollars, as a first  in-
tion or th- petit jury wmi tdmn when   Wl      ,      ���      ,,���       d rter
notice was Issued by his lordship that   ._���,,.   ,_ ,   ,_���__���.���   f.ertlftcat,.B
Has Power to Complete Negotiations
for   Purchase   of   Treasury
Grand   Trunk   Pacific   Arranging   to
Enter Minneapolis Over Burlington-Great  Northern.
Harbor    Accounts    Totalling    $10,00;  W. S.
Pa&icd for Payment���Leaae in
Water Lot.
Rose to Oppose D. C. Patterson . Farmers Also Seek to Have Agricul-
Ward Two���Coldicutt Seeks
Weeks of effort were rewarded last
tural  Implements Enter Free���
Position   Strengthened.
ment Makers Arrested
After Fight.
I_.  Darling,  industrial  commissioner,
  [had   .00 or so names and  needed  'iit
(or .0 more before night, since yester-
Although there was no signs of Ihe   day  was the    last    day  the    petition
could be presented. With a motor car
the commissioner scoured   the   olty,
. ,.    ,        When   council   sat   he  had   those   'i'i
tbs II Jurymen who sat on the Udy-lf^f, ",8"" ,"f  *��*���?   cert lea es.
smith trial need not respond to their  �� slgbi   at the llurnaby council meet, sti)| Ret.lnedi
names, This left a deficit of 1. in ta, <>'' ney* and council are still in Du(, _ g nilsmiderHUlldillg lt wa,
the petit Jury list. Of the first draft high hopes of completing the treUSac- *_laUd (lm ^ 8ervic(.s of tiH. pub.
made one Juror to try the accused was Hon  before the  week iB out    Friday   u commissioner  were  to  be   dls-
sworn,  he  after  the  thirteenth   dial-  morning nexl  at 10:80 o clock is the ^ wU,    bm _a ^^ [g (hat _.
tengB   by   the   defence.     The   second .spec! led   time   whenII  special  meet   ^    wj|,  ^ , ( *   _    |h(
Juryman was selected nfter the 29th lng will be held to discuss the details
challenge After lhat Jurors wcre with a member of the financial house
���worn fairly regularly until there was of Spitzer, ltorlck & Co., of Toledo,
only on    yncant chair In the Jury box.  Ohio, who Is now on his way  to the
The  remaining  petit    Jurors    were coast.
Challenged In rapid order by the de-. Power to Close Deal,
fence,  ihe petit jurors  who had  been',    H   j_on(,   a    representative    of the
The  Burnaby  political  situation as
night when the petition for re-submls 1 iumed another phase    last    evening'lng questions are to be discussed in !
sion of the gas bvlaw  was presented   wh,'n  *���}   a  mating  held  at   McKay, tomorrow's interview of the Dominion:
to   the  cltv   council   and   referred   ,0'''nd" lh�� auspices of the Ward Pour |CoUUcil  of  agriculture.    One   ll  free!
'   "       "������   """"'    '   '"""���'   "Ratepayersassocia* ion.    Hugh     M.  wheat, another the increase to 50 peri
I-raser definitely decided to enter the |Cl.���t   ���-  _.   Uritl8h   pnrferenoe,   and   ... ���.������.-,
I thc  third, the question of Tree agrl-!
cultural  Implements.    In addition
the  assessment commissioner fur   in
spection. Early yesterday morning \V
race for  the reeveship.
As stated  in  The News last  week
the slate was prepared for Mr. I'raser
Minneapolis.   Dec.   15.���The   Grand
.Trunk I'acific passenger trains direct
without change from Kegina, will be
j running into the new Great Northern
.station   in   Minneapolis   and   through
BRITISH PREFERENCE Seventy-five Striking Gar-ito (lll.a���� ,arl> "' the B')rln�� lf a
j proposition now pending between the
Burlington-Great Northern system interests and the Montreal general offices of the Grand Trunk system is
adopted, lt became known today al-
thought the Great Northern refused
to discuss the  matter In  detail.
The service from Regina to Chicago
will be on operating lines, similar
to the through Chlcago-to-the-coast
trains of the Great Northern which
now come up over the Burlington and
to that of the Northern Pacific which
covers the Chicago-Minneapolis mileage over the Northwestern rails aod
the Milwaukee, which operates over
Its own mileage throughout. The run
as proposed will be over the Burling-
Otluwa,  Dec.  15.- Three    outstand-
Mothers with  Babes    in    Arms Take
Place in Front Ranks of the
St.   Louis
Dec.   15��� Seventy-
makers,    i'i    of
were arrested  tonight
as  a
with   three   other   candidates   In   d^ ^.u.i.ber of other matterH win come up; result of a  riot  which  grew  out  ot | ^V5L��^toF.?^n�� c'rlS
ferent wards to make a fight to galn|���_l?nTf__!_       _.   .__ ... ' demonstration in front of a suit | Northern cut-off to Minot, thence to
incidentally. .their demonstration in front of a suit j Northern cut-off to Minot,
of   the   council,   leaving   thel    The ,fir8t    part   of   the delegation and cloak factory in the heart of the"18 Grand Trunk proper.
reeve,    D.C.  McGregor, to carne J��� morning and    the    others. The three comer.     Lack of equipment i�� given today as
fight  It  out  against  Councillor   .\|ac. jcaine^ tonight.    About a dozen all told  _\~��^_____^ __��__"_\������_^\*x>*   reason   why   the   new   operating
instructed   to   stand   aside   by   A.
Taylor.  K.C
called upon
crown prosecutor, were
Toledo   liouse.
attended   last   night's
meeting   of   the  council,  stating  thai I
gain to select a man lo  K6 company's    solicitors    had  foun<_
everything satisfactory wllh the    by-
Complete the panel
There were about Umof theae. I>t _^       ,      ,       ,      ,  ���.������__.  aU,,nd
Finally Chosen. ,the gentleman now on hi. way lo the
The crown extmusled ils rour Chal- ��*��< *���**'��� *'���'** *-v,,n f��" "owir t0
lines on the firsl four of the stand :dose the negotiations.
a��idcs to come up and the defence, Keeve McGregor, in the course o!
exercised lta prerogative by challeng- the discussion, while expressing re
lug the remainder until Mr. (.rant gret at the delay, stated that he was
stepped forwnrd. As the crown had firmly of the opinion that everything
no further chall'ngee to make and waa In ahape and that he had un-
thc defence refrained from challeng- bounded faith ln the financial stand
ing. Mr. Grant was selected to com- lng and Integrity of the American
plete the Jury. and. oecnpylng the seat' |jrm
usually taken by the foreman, was se-1 streets Oon't Conform.
business  district.    The  three  corner-
l.i,. **.,.,��  for  lie*  reeveship I will be here. ed battle between strikers, police and I plan of the Grand Trunk, which  was
Upset Calculations. '    in regard to wheat the delegation strikebreakers, which has become   a  arranged with the date Jan. 4 tenta-
������"rank  M.  Brltton,  selected  as one  will ask that it be placed on the free  nightly   event  at   the   quitting   hour, I tlvely in mind,  will become effective
of   Mr.   Fraser's   partners   from   Bd-;list  iu  order  that  the countervailing  was   witnessed   by   Beveral   thousand;in  the  spring  Instead,
monds. now makes the announcement'duty now    imposed   by   the    United shoppers. I    Important   beyond   any  recent  do-
that owing to him not having the pro-i States may be removed   and    entry     At the central police station all ex-1 velopment in passenger train operation
perty  qualifications  he  would  be  tin-j secured  lo that market.    The  Under- cePt  five of the arrested strikers re-.in the northwest is that in the pending
aide  to  enter  the  fight.    This  upset   wood  larift  opens  the  L'nited  States  fused to permit bondsmen to arrange .Plan,  the  C.   P.   R.  long  maintaining
present  council  is  no more.    Also  It jail  calculations. market to wheat from such countries  f��r their release. iclosest  operating  arrangements   with
was fixed that be receive $5 per day j    After considering the Bituation dtir-ias admits its wheat and wheat prod-      The TO strikers will be tried tomor-   the So�� "ne. enters aggresshely into
for bis work next  vear. the Ume of i ins  the  week-end,  Mr.  Fraser made | uctB  {.um     ]t  will  be necessary for row  for disturbing the peace. competition for traffic originating in
his employment being left to the IM-t  Jh�� decision yesterday and wlll open Canada to make American wheat and'    Mothers with babes in their arms,  Minneapolis.
council. ihl�� -**---* ���*��� North Bumaby on Wed-jflou, frp   b(,fore that ccunlrv will re-i numbering about 100. took their place1    The other   Canadian    systems   re-
Repair Boundary Road. inesday evening along with the other | Ulc dut    ���, w CTnl9 a b,,shel  ln the front ranks of the crowd, which J***���? have been reported as hav-
Mavor Grav reported regarding th,   tw0   candidates    Councillor   Macpher-:     ._ a 0B ,h    0anadian wheat   blocked   the  exits   from   the   factory.  lr��    ��-*-"*    relative    to    Minneapolis
Richmond   boundary   road   that    U��l*��SD��f! \l*l\Zt-lvtmtmTl,. v ,._J Free Trade. ! Behind  them   stood   several  hundred cn,,r>'   The Canadian Northern oper-
council of that municipality had
agreed to share half the cost of It?
���repair if new maps to be prepared
showed the road to be In Richmond.
! In reply lo the city solicitor's request to the provincial minister tl
railways that before the C. N. It. plan.
for entrance Into this city be approved, the local authorities be grant
ed an audience, the minister wroi>
saying this was always done.
j    Secretary  Darling,  of the  Progres   C. I'atterson.    It Is possible'that the      , ,���.   ���ei t.g-iuou   win   go  on   n-v,-.,-,  ������- - -    --      ���    .---,..... .   . _      .
slve association, with a delegation oi , matter of endorsing one of the two against bonuses to railways and gen- trough the city and arrested 70 of I j����_W ��)J*f *_."" _____T_\?.
that body appeared asking council for .men in the-flelA will V taken up at tiaiiy   agalnBt  publlc  assistance    to the most active demonstnrtors.    The "f^T 5_.m ���.w. .umi, .rtmm ..
jthe remaining    f500    or   the    |10o(, .District Ratepayers' assoclalloii-to be Pri\ale  enterprises.    They  will  deal ,wr.iuen followed the prisoners to the!    TBat '\     ,?fc���a '.fh    ,h_T rJ��t
pluct-Kl in the 1013 estimates for the held in Moreton hall on Friday even- \ *  police staUon and the strikebreakers :rangements either    with    the   Urea*
.Continued oa Page Four.) then were escorted to street cars.       Northern or Northern   Pacific   fro-n
When interviewed at Ids home last
���evening by a representative of The
I News Mr. Kraser stated tliat he was
ters Duluth and competes vigorously
for the traffic of    the   head   cf the
The   ultimate  object   of   increasing ! girls still in their 'teens, and behind:!,11?* ��J'C^ i!a subsidiary, Uie Duluth,
the British    preference    is to    bring ;them stood tbe men. n��">y  Like  and  Winnipeg  road,  en-
in  the  fight,  that  he  wouid  stick  inborn  free  trade  between Great   Brl-'    The police were powerless to    use
the fight until the last vote was polled  tam   and   Canada.     Free  agricultural  tnelr  clubs     The  officers  attempted ,-*,���*���Uan   Pacific    in
Ud8 'Ca^idste. f^ Council. now ITU per cent.    1, Is represented j?0  feet away,  but were forced  hack.  ������    Cauad.an    ��ttw��r   ��g^g
Walter  S.  Rose,  mentioned  as be-'that the   Canadian    implement   men      The police abandoned  the attempt n*���* !��f?5_��! ___. 'KSJaXeiih*T
!ng a possible candidate in ward two. | are able to stand  what is asked and j to force a passage through the crowd      *W "������,���,���,?it -.tl line or hv a
Edmonds, yesterday decided definitely ,��� that it vill lead to a greater develop-1 for the strikebreakers  who returned IJ* W fJS^SSS with  the Omaha
(o make the run in opposition to D. ment 1'o the factory.    After reinforcements tra"lc a^ g ���! L,*"    ' ,f. ^S!r?
The delegation  will  go on  record had    arrived    tbe    poUce    scattered .~3d:_mi��b._ent!r.LMln���n!a_p?1^_.,0JJ0W:
agalnst bonuses to railways and gen- through the city and arrested 70
erally   against   public   assistance     to | tl'-^ most active demonstnrtors.
They   will
__ :��'.rp..i, -ttmsff.....Lssss,.'���Jjapui .z-'*-^^����F t��2sa!^i'!_SS&SS__!
Grant, S. G. Gordon, A. Gtassile, Wm.
George and J. Gibbons.
There are five charges against the
ten accused. They are: Riotous de-
alruition of bunkhuuse of the I'acific
EdmOOdl school on the Douglas
This   wub   placed   on   the   market
various   firms  under  the  "metes
bounds" act and the   fact    that ���
streets  marked  out did  not  conform
r,i;ei   mine;   riotous   destruction   ot  with   the  roads  owned  by  the  muni
the hopic of James Cromps;  riot: un- Clpality,   has  held   up  the  possibility
lawful assembly;  and assault and  In- of having   water, light and  telephone
timidatltur against one Hugh Kemp.      conveniences  Installed  on  the    prop-
The accused are John Cartwrlght. j erty.
John Copeland, Waller Itead, Lam- Councillor Coldicutt, who was ap-
bert Columbia, lxiuis Nmnihal, Harry pointed Bome time ago to straighten
O'Donnell, Michael Prendargast, Cl:a��. out the tangle, submitted a propose
Rice, II. rbert Robertson and John D. tlon whereby the necessary eost of
ll<���--���' 'complying  wltn the municipal  bylaw
,1. _., Bird Is representing the first and uu,\_Um the streets conform with
counts amounting  tn    about    $10,000
the municipality during
b    ��,��,, .im...""*  ."    """"-    -"-"'the past year and he felt It his duty
aIld  and also recommended the   easing ol LQ / tn a���ow hig ,0        befor^
th" f. w,aUr '�� . _**i '''P ,l'ul-.uK ,?,?n1d'the people tx* a candidate. He is a
bridge to Webb & Gilford. The lot is!8trong advocate of the retrenchment
75 by 15 feet, and the scale of rental jdea Councillor Coldicutt will be op-
is $450 a year for the first five years, j posed by Charles Alien, a contractor
$600 for the next, $750 for the next. |0f East. Burnaby.
and $900 for the next five years. i    John Murray of McKay, who was a
The milk regulation bylaw was read ;substitute candidate for ward Bix in
and passed, but will need some slight ithe event of Mr. Fraser entering the
alterations by thP Bolicitor before be reeveship race, was endorsed by Ward
Ing perfected, it contains 64 clauses Six Ratepayers' association at eir
and took a half hour to read. I meeting   held   last evening.   Council-
i    Fifty-eight applications for the posl- lor Mayne will oppose Mr. Murray,
tlon  of  librarian  were  received  and
��� Duluth both Hill companies and both
having traffic alliances with the
Grand Trunk or could arrange with
the Soo line with its Canadian Pacifia
connections,  if it is unlikely that it
MESSAGES TO SANTA CLAUSgb^up wtth the 0maha'is a
four mentioned. J- WTOeB. Karris  the \ .���.���,.��� on adj'iulng subdivisions, wculd ��re |�� be oe��U *!lh jhl�� morn,nS b*
three following and  Arthur l.eighlon i fa���       *_   propfrty owners under
the hist Ihree.
The offences with which the accused are charged are alleged to have
tak>n place on the evening of Aug.
12 last and on tho morning of Aug.
13.    Some  graphic  accounts  of  the
troubles were told in court by crown  the hands of the solicitors to
First Witness.
the library committee.
Had  Bad  Pall.
Vancouver, Dec. 15.���Falling
local improvement plan
The cost ls estimated at $7000, more
Uian  half of  which  ts necessary  to
purchase an acre of land from    tillf'tfc, a__rd flro~��^U.eWirc. T����.
school board.   The matter was left ln phonc company's building on Seymour
adjust, gtreet here this    afternoon    a    man
D.   O.   Patterson,   school   trustee, n8met| Frank Smith was knocked un
made a request that $200 be appro   conscious, but later recovered    little
Superintendent J.  It.  Iloaf, of tho.prialed for the holding of Christmas the   worse   for   his   escapade.    Hc
Tactile    coast   coal mine*-,  was    tha  exercises In the  various schools be- 'alighted head first   on    the   ground
first witness for the crown.   Previous fore the holidays.    The council    re-  bei0Wi
to  telling about  tiio  l.appenlngs    onduced   this   request  to  $150.    Reeve ���
August 12 nnd 13, tho date cf the McGregor, In donating a cheque for 11��������"^WWWgtt������I���>
troubles, he gave some preliminary $r,o from himself, explained that some i vista and Broadview were added to
Information as to the strike time ago he had promised assistance the list of polling stations, while that
He stated the walk out had occur in Ihe shape of a contribution and ho of Dnndonald In South Burnaby was
red In May, some 350 men being In-J would also attend several of the | taken off, this district being served
volved.   A number of men were kept'gatherings. I from Alta Vista,
working up to a certain time to keepj Election Preparations. The council accepted the Invitation
the water out of the  workings, but |    A. O. Mooro, municipal clerk,  was ito attend a special meeting of   tbe
ultimately   the  closing  down  of tho appointed    returning   officer   at the {Ward Four Ratepayers' association to
mine entirely  was caused.    Previous coming elections,  being given power be held at the Capital Hill school on
to August 12 Mr. Roaf had seen some,to appoint his   own   deputies.   Alta Wednesday evening,
-of the accused around the mine.    Ile
-warned them to keep   off   the   company's property and they replied that
they weren't keeping off the property
because It was not the company's."
About 9 o'clock on the evening of
August 12 two crowds of strikers coming from opposite directions gathered
arcund the bunkhouae where a number of men engaged In or about the
mine were living.
Mr. Roaf, who v.bb in his office seeing the crowds rushed down to the
bunkhouae, which was tn the mine
yard, to Investigate. When about 2d
yards away he noticed the crowds
"bombarding the bimkhouso and saw
���a scufflo Intldc. There were lights
burning both inside and outside the
"I did not recognise any of the accused," said the superintendent.
"Somebody said 'there's the manager.'
and they started to throw stones in
my direction. I retreated to my houae,
nbout 700 fert away. Mv father
and mother and wife were there and.
��xpec<lng trouble, I told them to set
my gun and revolvers out,"
When witness left the mine yard
he hrard tho noise of the trouble still
ming on and aaw aome tente along-
��'.de the bunkhouae being torn down.
Continuing Mr. Roaf aUted that ho
rent Hugh Kemp over to guard hls
house, while he went out to search
tor the men chased out of tne bunk
house.   Bome   of    the    men   were
(Continued on Page Sight.)
Macpherson Withdraws
Remarks About Fraser
Gives The    Newe   Cony   of Written
Apology for Statements He Made
at Meeting.
A sequel to Saturday night's meeting held in the Burnaby publlc hall
In the Interests of Hugh M. Fraser,
came to light last evening when Councillor Macpherson handed The News
the following communication dealing
with some of his remarks mado on
the olatform that same evening.
The letter which Councillor Macpherson desired to have published,
explains Itself:
"In fairness to Mr. Hugh Fraaer, ���
possible candldato for the reeveship
of Burnaby I deelre to make thl* brief
atatement In reference im m remark
made by me at a meeting held In Bdmonda on the ISth last. That remark,
made In criticising the methods of a
few of Mr. France's supporters, both
In the conduct of the meeting and la
getting aupport tor their candidate.
was to the effect that I had been told
by some ot mr friends that they bad
been solicited to sign a petition for Mr.
Fraser by assurances that they would
get work If they did so.
"I wish here to absolutely withdraw that statement and express to
Mr. Fraser my sincere regret for having made It. I do thla for two reasons: First, evidently tbe remark at
tue meeting was construed, aad lt
might hereafter be construed, oa a reflection by me on Mr. Fraser or hla
methods personally. Seoond, I have
questioned the partlea making the
statements to me aad am satisfied
that, even If there Is any truth whatsoever tn the statements, the actions
complained ot had no more to do with
Mr. Fraser than Mr. Fraser had to do
with the said acta, Inaamuch aa I understand that Mr. Fraaer had not beea
aaked to accept any nomination c. the
time and waa not In the fkM.
"Furthermore thla statcmeat Ic aot
Inspired either by any demand ft by
any request hv Mr. **m-*tt tjat the
remark be withdrawn, but solely by
iwaaon of the (act that I feel It la my
doty to hta to pqttkty Vkhdrew K
Houses Shaken and People
Alarmed���No Casualties
Tol.io, Dec. 13.���Thc strongest
earthquake in several years occurred
here today and was felt over an extensive area. Houses In Toklo and
Yokohama were violently rocked and
the people were greatly alarmed.
So far as can be learned there
were uo casualties and the damage
was confined to windows and bric-a-
Tbe yearly earthquake record for
Tokio is IX, according to the result of
tbe observatlona extending over It
During the laat 60 years only two
severe shocks have besn experienced,
one in 1884 and the other ten yeara
iater. In other parte of Japan, however, heavy earthquakes are common.
In June, 189��, iu the Senecu district
4 North Japan) 27,004 peraona were
killed'. In Formosa In February, 1>M,
1228, and In aa earthquake which occurred Auguat 14, 1*09, at Mlno Oml.
destroyed nearly ten thousand houae*
aud killed 60 people.
Can the firemen find Santa Claus?,water gun, allca bru-h and coam, and
The pest office people cant ��d �� ^^^^^7^^
yeaterday    three    rather    crumpled, j ���JjBbL. e���
mussy, scrawly little notes addressed j "Grandma a Chare."
to that big man were handed by j The next letter, like the others.
Postmaster McDonald to Fire Chief bore no postage stamp. The address
Watson with the hope that the fire-;wae "Mr. Santa class. New Wes.min-
men by means of their Christmas fund ; ster, B.C."   The note .aside said:
Md apollflte to hla tor havtog aald
may be able to locate him. "Well,
that's no easy Job, but we'll tackle
It," said the chief as he read the
"Santa Claus, north pole, was the
address 6f tlie tlrst letter.    It read;
"From Freda to SantycliuS
me and papy did doo this wrltin.
I want a big doll huge and thend me
a 1'Hle back wlith -cande and brig mly
sister the aam."
Another One.
The next one was ln a tiny envelope with' a two-cent lump drawn
In the corner and addressed. "Santa
Claws. North.   From Bessie." it read:
"Santa Claws from Bessie. Bessie
lives on 6st Will you bring Bessie
a doll and a candy dog and a trunk
and a baot and ball, beeads, play
pussy cat, and bring my mother a
brush and choam, luking glass, Bill a
"Dear Santa
"I am glad you are
bring a rattle for baby u d
Workers in Alberta and Saskatchewan
Seek to Abolish Bar.
Regina. Dec. 15.���The temperance
forces of the province met today and
decided to register strong objections
to the conditions of the plebiscite on
the abolition of the bar, a bill on which
Bubjeet was Introduced in the legislature today. They object to the condl-
-_.���iv.~ ni��M tion making a total vote of 50,000 ne-
��cr m"|cegsar>'    on    the    tfehtacite, ��*} th-e
ground that at the   last   provincial
mme, *��  ._,--       ���  .     croUUU    lUal-   ml   in*?      in*"      .'��'""""
ion, a train tor Elmer a doll for At-(| h      t uule larger thMl
ethec a teddle bear for frd �� P��ir! fJr^
ethec a teddle ucar svr  x ���*.-�� ������ ��"���" i{ha-
,oi gloTea for Daddle something &.��
"    _ ti.ni'   ****** m��i    Ann
I for mama and a football for me. And
1 candles and nuts and oranges to fill
lo Calgary Too.
Calgary. Dec. 15.���The Calgarv
all our storings   We will haas them ^^ _^0_t_ii_
door open for you
Along with this went a Christmas
greittOJf card, done cn a bit ot ruled
paper in crayon.
The Christmas fun., wat cofi��i_.3r-
abolitton of the bar tn the three prairie provinces. A committee on correspondence waa appointed to endeavor
to secure the cooperation of the tem-
ine vnrisimas  ibu.i   was ��n��n_"    ������_,.,. -,���.w_,��� -# m..i..v. .���_, a-.
ableaugmented yesterday. JJ, . ��- ESS^Tft^.JSafta'Ja
fat chMk from the ooal Bartender* 5!Jf 2_S?*a iLveSttai iiu be called
union, presented to Ch'c Wataon by. ^��^!B^T*fB���.S��,^��cfi2
W.   Archibald,  thi,  secretary  of J*]*^* SSSSL? CrT,UU,,m�� tn*
union.   For this cuntributlo
men are duly thankful
the fire-
Scores Minister And
Orders Jury Locked Up
Court Condemns Reported Utterances
of Dr. Fraaer���Attempted Intimidation and Tampering Alleged.
Declaring that he felt impelled to
make a atatement solely by sense ot
duty to the public. Hon. Mr. Justice
Morrison In the aaaUe court yesterday, criticised without reserve Dr.
Fraaer 'of the Flr.t Preabyteriaa
church. Vancouver, for hla utterances
from hia pulpit oa 8unday In releteaee
to the situation among the ooal oners ot Vancouver talaad.
Hla lordship feared that tha atate-
menu, evea though made ttmm tha
pulpit of a minister of hla own daaa-
mlaatloa were a violation ot oae et the
fundamental rahe ot fair play alii
they oould alao be eoneldared
Found Oead In Hoom���Drank Carbolic
Vancouver, Dec. 16.���John Stewart,
a member ot the Vancouver police
force, waa round dead ia hla room ta
the Thistle apartaeaats oa Haatlata
street here thlt afternoon with aa
empty bottle which had contained oar-
hollo acid lying by hia aide.
Stewart,   whoaa   aumber  ob   tif
force waa ISO, left   a note   to
brother Uriag la Adhcroft and
other to an aacle realdlag la
Vanoouver.   A phyaleian   whi
tailed eeatanod ����� trst tbwry taatps aukiag thlt appNeatUm Mr. T^
death warcaueed trough the drink- hor stated that ha had cood rtaaoa
lac ot tht add. >to belUre that tht lad Jury had heta
.**��� * -   ���.���. .a��� ���' %a>tAI_i     *���
TaMWnag wna ������wry.
Tha roSSt oi the: coir*. **m*
brought about by aa aaaHtatka from
A. Doahar Taylor, ICC. tor aa ot*j$
dlrectlag that the tary la tha oaaa at
the tealawh WtMagtoa striken mm*
ta trtol he Mated ut uato the trid
tampered with. He begged tne court to
consider the etatementa made by a
man named Gotland at a Vancouver
meeting, threatening tho Uvea of high
public officials unless the mtaera now
in prison were releaaed.
thecal Sympathy.
He touched upou the local altaa-
tlon. There wore carda ia thop window* notifying dl aad sundry that
the proprtatore ot the atom ao adver
ttttng thtmdvea, wtt* la ampathy
wtth the altera aad thoae now serving what were termed *ua]utt" sentences.
what efttet the atawaphere ta gea-
made ta ttftreneo to tha ttrihe vreaM
haveea the Jury mat%a waMdared.
���eag oat
tag hid
Tay��r ah�� remarked that
' dMh
Oreat Destruction Reported in  No*
Caledonia ���Villagee Destroyed-      .
Melbourne, Australia, Dec. 16.���
Dispatches from Noumea, capital of
the French colony ot New Caledonia,
report that great destruction eat teea
wrought hy a voJceale erupOea to
Ambrin talaad ot the Ha*- Mthridaa
group. SU aew craters wet* formed
oa the west coaat Dae. ��. Tho tollow-
tag day Mount Mianie ooUaaatd aai
maay vlllagea were overwhelmed ay
ttrtamt at mdtea lava. The _ta]tr>
Ity of tho tohahttaata aouglrt reftaa
In boats and caaoea, aad a
reaeued M0 ot Uem.
Wo ittaaltlea am reported
foadaOoa. whote numhtn
Imt It la fa
are aawB. but It le feared that
aativao to Ue latorier gwtthtd
���land taahoatW    "
and    Is "
tftndy* lahaMteC , '
���-���������'*��� ��� ��� ft ��� ��� ft ft.ft ��� ft ft '
t     CHRHTWAft SI WMSRS-.      #
-A ,.   '.,;     ���:.:������, -��_-___. '.;..
ft     CWttoMt ahaaatra wtU
Ctotaft___________i MxW\ee
******** tn iff
**��� -x*rj
any i
i- iiiii .ifi11 alitjftiBwirr.j'mff* pti-^t-iwm *
(Cea^laeod ea ��tga fHft) ��AGE  TWO
An Independent moral*" paper denoted to the inter sts of New ltY.tmliisf.r -and
*h* Frater Vallev. I*vt>ll*hrd every morning except Sunday by the National JVInflHfl
ami Pablishmn Company, Limited, al 63 UcKemie BITSSt, New Westminster, British
Ool��mM��. ROBB   BVTUKRl.ASn,  ilasatjinf)   .lirflCtor.
All communications should tn addressed to Thr New Wsatmlnlter NtW*. nnd nnt
lo tadividH-sl membert :,t the staff. Cheaues. drafts, und moss* orders ahould SS made
mat/able to The National Printing ond Publishing Company, Limited,
TBLKPUON'BB���IwlMH OfTice and Manager, 9'..; /.rf.rorial Rooms ("II dfjwrt-
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American Railroads
Net Immense Profits
i  mmleslon will probably bositats before it grants the carriers permlaslon
i.i dip deeper Into ths ilils and purees
.' the shippers and consumers,
In Spite cf Their Repeated  Poverty Pier.;;,  Transportation  Companies Show
103   Per  Cent.   Velvet   Since  1900���LeScons to  Be
Learned  Ey   Brit ish Columbian::.
TUESDAY   MORNING.    DECEMBER   16.   1913.
John A. Cooper, editor of the Canadian Courier, and
one of the principal figures in the newly-formed Canadian League, gives, through the columns of his weekly,
the objects of the league.   These are, briefly:
1, Tu explain to the newcomers who are pouring Into Canada
the nature of our governmenl umi our traditions and to Inspire In them
nn Intelligent devoUon to the country and Its Institutions.
2. To bring the people ol eaatern and western Canada into a
closer understanding of each other so thai they may ttiiiti' In a common
:i. To unite all citizens in non-partisan Bupport of national undertakings particularly those p rtalnlng to national defence.
i. To maintain Canada as a self-governing nation within thr
If the leaguers are sincere lhey have ready waiting
for them in the Hindu immigration problem a field of operations in which there is plenty of scope for patriotic
activity. The entire oriental immigration question, embracing the Chinese and Japanese phases as well, would
give tlie league a still wider fling, but, as the Hindu proposition is the most pressing of the three, it might be better for them to try their teeth on that bone first and leave
the other two for later mastication. For the benefit of
the members of the Canadian league it might be well to
point out just why the Hindu is an undesirable and to do
this clearly the man from India should be measured by objects of tlie organization as set forth above by one of its
prime supporters.
In the first place the league aims to inspire in newcomers to this country an intelligent devotion to Canada
and its institutions. This would seem impossible in the
case of the Hindu, who has proven himself in his own land
disloyal to the empire. Proof of this may be had by any
one who takes the trouble to read the daily reports of unrest and sedition in the Indian peninsula.
Secondly, the league would unite the people of the
Dominion in a common Canadianism. How many men in
British Columbia, who have been brought into close touch
with the filthy bodies and filthier minds of the Hindus on
these shores, would wish to associate with them on a common basis and accept them as fellow-citizens?
In the third place, the league undertakes to unite Canadians in non-partizan support of national undertakings,
particularly those pertaining to national defence, ln this
connection it would be hard to imagine a Hindu, the product of generations of despotic government, taking anything like a Canadian view of matters pertaining to the
gafety of tho Dominion.
Lastly, the league stands for maintaining Canada as
a self-governing nation within the empire. Resides thi?
high ideal there is placed in contrast the figure of the man
who is descended from the butchers of Cawnpore and
Calcutta and who today is busy spreading sedition in India.
If the Canadian League considers the Hindu problem
at all, it will be wise not to do so from an eastern viewpoint.
There are no Hindus in the east, except a stray mealv-
mottthed demagogue or two. who visits the cities and tells
gaping audiences of the indignities to which his countrymen are subjected out here. This sleek agitator always
dwells loudly and long on the brave Sikhs who have fought
for Britain,' but he never mentions the men who rocked
the world with horror by their doings at the black hole
of Calcutta and at Lucknow, or those who are playing the
Nihilist part in the Indian empire today.
The place to study the Hindus in their relationship
to Canada is in this province, where they are squatting in
���p-r.-.'." >������<���. fi)*,'5 '.-'-'���<���<' thev hav*.-' worn out their welcome by
theii filth, depravity and egotism.    ���
Apropos of the poverty plea of soon'
of the railway captainb a recent article in Moody's Magazine, published
tor ami circulating among bankers, In-
reators and bond buyers, warns the
publlo agalnsl too ready acceptance
of their Jeremiads and nnv be of In-
terest In a province where s,i much
railroad construction is in progress
and projected. The article is an \in- r
ican view, but, nevertheless, It is Instructive to Canadians,
Bouio cf the big railway managers
Egypt's public debt now is over four hundred millions.
Wouldn't that make Pharaoh's mummy mum.
One of the signs of the times is that newspaper headline which always appears with more or less frequency at
this season of the year, "Stormy Meeting in Burnaby."
Eggs have dropped five cents per dozen on the local
market. The hen fruit does not seem to have been damaged by the fall.
The pertoleum industry of the United States has more
than trebled in five years, which is another way of saying
that John I). is richer than ever.
Huerta says he could raise an army of a million if he
felt he needed it. Well, he needs it whether he feels it
or not.
A winner of a knife duel in Chicago who shot himself
after he had laid out his antagonist evidently thought he
had more coming to him than the other fellow was able to
hand out.
Scene in modern school during the ancient history les-
Fon: Teacher,���"Flossie, what was a chaperon?" Flossie,
���"A prehistoric monster, which has become extinct owing
to its inability to fulfill the purpose for which it was
A week ago the suffragette "general" in London
swore that never again would the police be allowed to arrest Mrs. Pankhurst. On Sunday Emrneline was caughl
once more and her followers fell like advising the valiant
champion who guaranteed her protection to quit swearing.
are adepts at scaring the countrj
their way of thinking, u is recalled
that James J. Mill, e number "f years
alio, cried out thai the country vvas
being ruined by government regulation and congress would ba called together '"' extra B6Bston insiib' of 6 I
days to repeal Ihe Interstate com
mere ��� law,
Another rallwav bead protested the
other day lhat ths railroads were on
the high road to bankruptcy and government ownership, and  President II.
F. Bush of the Missouri Pacific. In a
recent address at St. Louis, Bald thai
is  "something   Is   not   done   for   the
railroads by granting them an advance
in rates   .       .   thla nation will wit-:
ness in sume big crop year a tie-up of,
everything that will cost the farmers.
manufacturers ami the people a thou-.
sandfold more than the Blight rate advance  sought,  and  this  rats  advance
would cost the consumer nothing."
Ask  for  an   Increase.
The railroads have asked the interstate commerce commission to ���-:!������.
prove a schedule of advanced rates
that will enable them, as they calculate, to increase thi Ir aggregate earnings about $40,000,0000 a year; bul a
fear Is expressed by some writers
that the advance would art lines nearer $100,000,1 00. l'n 9l lenl Bush ar
(.���lies that the proposed increase wouid
he so thoroughly distributed that tii *
mercantile Interests would have to absorb It; ihe charge would be so Blight
on any Klven article, he contends, that
the merchant could not pass it along
to tho consumer.
The newspapers are unable tol
accept that line of economic reasoning. If the railroads are allowed to
pass the increase along to the ship-
pers, lhe shippers. In self-protection
will find a way to pass it along to the '
consumers, and Justly, too, just as
they would proper;.*.- pass along a like
advance In prices cn manufactured
Should   Shippers  Contribute.
For the point of argumi nt, howi ver,
'<���: ua assume that Pr eldent Bush Is
...ricit  ia  tills  theory and  the  mercantile Interests of the l'nited SI
would be made to beer the inc.- -ased
annual burden of Jl 0,000, J50.0I I,
000 or what* ver ths aggri gate n o ml
would be. Are they better able tka'..
the railroads to i ase the pack on lhe
���*: uld' rs of the common .* in ��� :*.-* *
add It t> the burdens they al*< .������!���
b ii .' Havo tho prevailing timi -
I'.eali ���.'. it'i them and the public m .**
leasilv than with the railroad companies.1
The writers cf the article in i:���������
tlon think not, and they fortify their
iplnion  \ Ith  an  array  of Impn ��� It i
, tacts,  Wh< a  the  reade    has  ���* achi **l '
the '-I    �� this s-rii..." they p     : t.
"he  wtll   find   that   what   h is   n
been  demonstrated   is  that  the   railroads'  position,  present and  prospec
live, is better than ever before."
Frnm the official reporta Ihese writers  hive compiled   two  tables  giving
tbe dividends paid and the dividends
earned i-inc.  January 1, 1900 by 15 of
the  greal   railway   Byst-ams    of    the
l'i,;���-!   Stat: i,    Thi Be   ������*.-, -'. ..'���   cu :
the * ountry In all Its ei  t! in i like a ,
blanket, and are fairly representative
of the  total  mileage.    Tho  list com-j
prises the Atchison, Topeka  fi Santa
i l'e.    Atlantic Coast   Line,  Balltimore
ft   o*V i.   Chicago,   Milwaukee   fi   st '
Paul. Chicago i-  Northwestern, Great I
Norfhe-ra, Illinois Central, Lehigh Val
ley, Lousvllle & Nashville, Ntw  yosk
Central, Northern    Pacific,    Pennsylvania,  Reading, Southern Pacific am!
Union Pacific.
Thei - are thc railroads Cut would
absi rb all but a few millions cr the
proposed Inoreaae  Thn-of thesesys-l
; mi    tho    l'i nngylvnnta,    ti."    .'.��� w
Vork Central and the l!   &  O. would j
taki   about 60 pi .- ci nt, ...  th * bi n
It is reasoned  that if somo of the
ither r   ids bave not fared as well as ;
these, the fault la presumptively their
' wn, and Is II ul ible I i bad man- i
igemi nt, Btock lobbing and in Bomi
cases downright wrecking, ss In the
'���' *��� . ���' the Melh a Mcrg in New Eng
land liner.
Divitlfnd.  Earned  Arc Nct R'.al Test
While  tbe  table   if dividends  paid '
naki    I,   itr mg .��������� I n uurlng show
ing   the  trtn   test of  prosperity  lii s
In the i ible of dh Idi nds earned, f r
the n i.'i": 'ii ii  II h i.i i een tho v. li *
*"* i**t.' i* ' vi r thi   pai' il ie f ir rail- .
wa .   ' i "-evi, nts  to  withhold  from
dlstrll utli 'i a : -��� pari of ih.'ir profits fur expondltu o on  Improvi mi ni :
iml i v.i nsli ;i*
"I; Is fi ur*.!.' Bays tho artii lo ' ��� ��������� ���
qui ti A, "thi ���   i f the < ommoti error?, or, mer' properly Bpenklng, one
of the common  equivocations  i I  >'*
**.i" ���' ��� ��� * of higher frelghl  rules 1ms
bei n i-i pick cul ��������� cerl tin fal  mi nth ���
or year and compare it with a Bubse-
qui nl   i". i   period   thorcby   undertak
Ing to :''**.*   thai e irnlnga are going
backward    '1 he al .- urdl y cr i nch i
tlstli ii !*' i..' Inpi Is at once evidi nl  In
this, us  In  : l  loth *:��� e imparl ..m :  < ���'
progri ss the i    *������: itlon * ��������� usi i > (lis
n gardi d a d Ih    trend com ulted oi *
a  reasonably  long    period     '"-
properl .* i .*-. ��� ... d do nol III. I ul II
fif ure;   ���������;..  I y r eking and i h n * Iti.t
. ir   I of   (   mparlBi ii,     ive       :������-,
'prove' an; thli *
"In  i ���:   '���  to  ol ������'���;;������  th' ���*   In ul *���
Hi"  I iblei   which   will  he  offi rr !   I
these nr':**'.       ": I i "lu with iM    *
continue to dad   cr Rg m ar tn di *
an d pi ��� ' ���. '������ ���'-,* ��� ���."." , i talnal It);  It:
in far ent ui h In ihe pai i to covi r n
i :* * nal li    . ���    . pet t,    BetWi ��� ��   IS ;:
and lO'io there was a greal  recovery
In   I -1 ��� -��� i 11 -    earnings   ard    e curlty
prlci B, ir we took IW, nr 1897 for ��� nr
"tnrl **" i. ��� "... progri ss of the f,ir
limes of the rallro.irta would I e Fri
astonishingly great that we might our1
selves suffer from the acousatton cf
picking the li anesl if not the (attest
pi r'i ,i. in was In 1900 thai tha Inti instate commerce commission really i��
gan to show activity, The law regulating railroads had been passed In
isst. but was niiii. Bt a dead letter until 1900, when large powers were dele-
���-��� iti 'i to that bi dy."
These tables tell a graphic and Itn-
presslvo story of advancing railway
ii osperlty. tn LB00, three uf the 16
systems earned nothing on their cum
ii.iu .* ii "U. liy 1906 all of them sh'ow-
ed earnings
In 190 ' the average dividend earn
1 igB for iiie le was 6 8 per cent    li
,*..!.-  1" l!i In 1909,  11 i I  in   1910, 9 73
In 1911, 8 83 in 1919 and 10.6 in 1918.
Present  Year One  of  E;tt.
li is thus Been thai while there was
a Blight railing off In i rofits in 1911
and 1912, the ri .*��� rd : r 1913 to dale
Ib one of the bet I thai thi se roads
have made Bin ���   1	
Earnings this year of the transcontinental roads made a gratifying Bhowlng gratifying to the pul lie as well
as the owners, for there is no disposition anywhi re In the ivesl to wit i-
h. Id fn in the i illn ada a fair and
iv.n generous return. The Atchison
has earned this year i > date s.ilT per
cent.; the Chicago, Milwaukee a* Bl
Paul 9.26; the Oreat Northern, 11.62,
the Northern P iclflc 8.14, th i s mth
ern I'acilic 9.62, and the Union l'a I-
fie  16.08.
In i'u- light of these records, based
cn the railroads' ov -i reports to the
Interstate commerce commission, the
Plans for Tt.rmlii.il Elevator.
Ottawa,   Dec.   16.    Plana   are   being
prepared by the government for a new
elevator at Calgary and tendera will
be inv it,,] early in the year.   Tho ca
paclty   will   lie  -'.."inc.Ceil  bui belli.
A  Provisional  Scheel.
Ottawa,    lb c.    16,   A    provisional
ehool of Instruction tor cavalry will
be oatabllah d at yorkton, Alta . for u
portion of six weeks, oommenclng on
Jan, 12,
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Tablet. He is hardly prcp-ired for the
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Week day schedule -Trains bave New Westminster at r>. 5 is, 1.
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until 4 p.m.. Krom 4 p in to S:30 p.m. a If, minute Bervlce win |,���
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Through   tralna  for  Chllllwack  leave  New  Wesiminster daily at
i. 80 a.m and 1:10, 8:36 and 8:46 p.m..   Trains leave Chllllwack daily
for return trl|i al 6 10 a.m, and aim   a m.   and   1:10   and   f>*4!)   put.
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BOILtKS   Riveted Steel Pipes
 BURN OIL     ���
P    O.   BOX  41?
MHS,   l.l.l.\
I'll.II lie.
'   IIAItliY. TEACHER nl
-111   Keiiry  Ml..   N.w   '.",'* it
Medical   Authori-";-!   Dollvero   After   Long   Legal   Battle   Estate   of
11. J f.
mil.   I'I.   It.   )���_i.   it i  _,  1 la,
P. H. Bmlth, w. j arovsi
Wolfe   hi,il Mink ii    lu    city    ,mi    ouuld
ixiiiiu.   Ill-ll   Westminster   Trust   Bldi
phDi.B iat,   i'. o. iiti* t,ii7.
Intcreiting  Address cn This
Subject in Toronto.
411. OCO Will at Latt Be
���|' *���' 'I.ii i.f il., month, il McLaughlin
pi, ��ldi ni W (' .Saumli'iH, Hienlaiy
I'   ii   Bo* Sl'H.
NKW   W )'., 11 - .-��� 11 r iint hi.   UilMiK   No   I
'1 * I-. 11 uf [filkn of lb.- Ii. uf q., nine
���'  ��� III ,1  iiii,I tlilril 'l'n ii I mini  hi 8 li. in
Ol   P.   Hall,   IClKblti   Mr,-, l     .'.   \V,.||
spector al   the faculty ol i duoi
mi:rn miunai. btbam .wn i.i'kk   ii,    lecturer .peaking upon  thi   gen
mIIIH    I '.;,iii' i I rt,    l.oe;i I    :,l.',    in- , i.   I:
i   ,.!.,*��� _'I',-iii|,Ii.   every   llrKl      .,,,,1     lull,     '   ,il   tuple   01   the   Htlll"'i-   in.I;,   I i   lie
iii Introducing tba subject, in.
I Strutters called attention to the Km
mil development ol the idea ol the
state's responsibility to the Child an
shown, fii-Ht, in the teaching of the
��� h meiiiiiry   subjacta,   beginning   with
   "the three ii'h," down to the general
MEBTB o> cultural education ol Lhe presenl day
as ������-"���'ii in the publlo schools, Thli
wai followed by ibe vocational educa
I '.n if reci in years, wbere ibe at
lempl in made by Che state to teach
lln trade or vocation, whieh former-
leailed i v iii- youth as mi ap-
I   ' ' nee.     'I he   third   Iin-  of develop
Toronto, !"���'��� IS. The wort of Montreal, Dae it.' The last aet ot
medical Inspection In the schools waa a vary much entangled I xal drama
described in mi Interesting lecture by ������ill be enacted when a local lawyer
Ur.  W.  !���:. Btrutbera, chief medical In-   goes lo New  York, In a  lew day*,, in
al e in,,--, ision of tiie estate nf a
French Canadian rained al $100,000
ii    ��:ih Oneslme RobltalUa,  bm  he
iiniy, Dsalted Ruler;
t'.  II. Smith, Hei
1-      'I      i)      M���     NO.     Hilt.
Brat, seoond, third etirt fourth Wednes
n���y In eaoh month nt H p. rn
In ll���- .Mi, .���*.- Hon,.', II J, t..;, ,,.,-
ib.in.i*. \V. J Qrovea, ,��� eri-tiir',
lli-Hdnuarten of lixlij.. In Bee Mourn
conn r of Fourth nn.l Carnarvon streeti
1 0. O. F. AMITY LODOB NO. I7���T1
r.K.ii* lie-ling of Amliy lodge N,
11    I    O,  U.   I-".,   la  h.-bl   iv.ry   M��i,.t
i,i>'iii ni I ocloak l.i Oil.) Fellows' ll.il
oorner Carnarvon and Eighth slroeti
V|-iilna brillein cordially linlu-C
Il A m. rnih.w. NO.. II. \v, Bongite'
v. 'i . w. CX Coatham, P u, record
lng eecretary: 1. W. MacDonald, final
rial .. rr.tary.
W. D I'-.M.KS--t'loneor Kiini rnl DlreoU
in.'I KnhiilmiT. 112(18 Ague* mn*
oppoatu Carnagte Library.
8.    BOW_.T_I_    (SUCCESSOR   TO   CK*.
ter * llnnna,  Ltd.)���Funeral dlreeior
nml  i inluilm, rn,     1'nrl ,i:i   tor,   .'nlumbb
Street,   N"w  Wi-simlnntnr.    Pbons til
was known   In   New   Ynrk   under the
mi  ol "J, <��. Roberts."   In 1906 be
went insane, and waa aent to the An
ilenne Loretta, ni nr Quebec, to i re
,,i'i n nephew, BUear RoWtaille, who
bad been app i, -j bis curator.
He d" ii Hn re in 1909, leaving II	
wills thai bail been made before be
bi came Insan . Th_' flrsl will, dated
iX'jK, was In favor of lib, brothen and
���lateral the seoond one, made In 190-1,
*������������ in favoi of hli 11 phewa and
nieces; and a will prepared In 1906
confirmed the legacies made in the
1904 will The l rothers"*hnd sl ti ,
lived for the moat part In N'ew fork
and were Inti re ted In bavlng Ute flral
|mcni waa In health education and wl11 dcclarad valid, while the nephews
' I . ii." mosl Importani of all, with "'"'��� "'"<���'s wanted the following onei
��� hi wltlch hundreds of children cami    ;|'-   ������*���
to a premature death annually, with '"' memorable legal scramble ensued
all the labor of their education made ''"'' i,l"li;'"' '"' the first and Becond
Ineffectual, only recently has comi to ' *���*��� *u Mkefl "' *���** Bama yme ln
recognized In Its true relation In   "ew Yorl1  Unhappily for tbe nephews
the state's duty to the child.
The Justlflcatii n ol tbo first precautionary measures for medical In
spection In tbe si hoi : wa ��� shown by
''r. Btrutbi r i ��� lb* In the problem of
[contagli m .-., ise, where the state In
making education compulsory bad too
often made die see compulsory with It,
bo   many   parents   neglecting  to   taki
Superintendent   of   the   Experimental Provincial  Government
rarm at Indian Head Hank., Moved
Into the Went Before the Three Pro- Act'0n ��V;in9 to Lack of
vlnceB Were Joined and Has Been Appropriation,
on tbe Farm Ever Since- Popular li
the Weat.
The testing of dairy herds to deter
i see from my house by tbo side oi mine the presence ot tuberculosis will
ilu-rond��� be halted for tii"  presenl   owing to
By the side of tbe highway of Ufa,     the want or neoeesary appropriation,
men who press with tbo urdor ol bui the work will be continued along
nope, the  line*  followed  oul  during    tbe
llie im ii who nro feint will, H'rife.      Hummer lie, soon aa the necessarj itraui
But I turn nut nwny from their imilai ban  been  made,   wae  the announce-
not their tears��� menl   made  in   a  latter  from   Hon
Both an; part* of on infinite |,lnn;        Price ElIIiOD, minister of agriculture
Let mo live iii the house by the Bide ol to the Dairy aaaoclation of Chllllwack!
tb"' road With regard to the Increase In com-
Ami be a friend to man.'' p*naatlonj  whieh  wa*  suggeetsd    al
,    .    ...      . thai ting of dairymen beld recently
m the west the nnme of Angus Mac  at New Westminster, the minister of
say i�� n household nprectson, beeeuM agriculture announced that be would
lur   twenty sn   yi'nrs   is   line   mrnnt recommend  Buch  an  Increase  un  to
friendship und counsel to tho farmer of $]5n   for   grade   cattle   ami   1260   for
tin* plains tayi Norman Lambert in To- pure bred stock in accordance with
ronto iib.be.   Mr. Mackay is the super tbe recommendations mnde   by   the
intendenl of tbe Dominion Bxperimen- Hairy  association  of  Helta,  although
n.l iiirm at  Indian Head, nnd ho is tbe he eouid not Fay what course the lag-
only superintendent thai institution hai lalature would take in the matter
������r had.    More than that, he is tlu     Livestock Commissioner William  v
meer,  the father, of agriculture  in McDonald. Iuib recently forwarded a
.\estorn Canada.   Saskatchewan is bin report on the tuberculosis test, which
Province now, and Saskatchewan people ba�� proved  so  successful during the
claim .���im ns tlnur Qrand Old Mun, but last   six montha, In which be combats
v.   Hackay'a Held of Influence known the statement made recently by  the
no Provincial boundaries. He -ume iutc farmers of Delta that the test had to
tl ,* Wesl long before tho three 1'rairU prove its eflicacv, and he als i disputes I
Provim ea wore formed, und be is known the argument that the transmission of I
aad remembered best, perhaps, fur hu bovine tuberculosis to human beings!
work during the long, hard yenrs prior lias not  yet  been  accepted    without!
lo 1905. Early in July it was announced question by  the  scientists    of    the
nephews  and   nieces,   i ut   it  was  a
hologr iph   -.-. iii.   i ntin ':���   writii n   by
the testator and signed  by him witli
BOARD Of TRADB��� NKW  WlisTMIN   i frnm school during ihe period if rtai
im i Board <>f Trade meet* in the Loan
t.'ity Hail, n* follows: Third Pri
precautions In   cases of Illnesses   of "^ any wltneaaea.   Under the lawa of
i contagloue nature where their own '''" M:"" "r N"w VorK mc*- wli!3 ;'-r!'
children   ara  involved,  and  even   re '"" ne��8*-ii*m, but they are legal In
i ntlng tbe exclualon of their children .'""'""'    ''b   '''1,*��r;'i'ii will was pro*
dny  of
i-ii'h month, quarterly me.<lni
on tho third Friday  of Kfbrunry.  Hia
>*nd Novembi
t 8 pin. An
nual i,.i..tuiirn on the third V'rldny o
February.   O.   II.   Btuart   Wade,   a-w-rr
bated   in re  ai d   recognized   In   Ni ��
A  partieulmlv bnd Instance  was   V,,rk as far afi tha movable property
recalled ln one of the Toronto Bchoola ""''  "l,:n">K   ���-���'r"    concerned,    and
some years ago where ninety cases of V'"'".   * r*' 1""-   un'Ur ���*eal ln New
diphtheria w re traced to one <ihi Id,      .',"    ,   .
utd the parent of that child alone vrsa .  "''.   *�����������  Beaudin, of Montreal,
and nieces, the second wlll, which
had been made belore witnesses,
could not be probati d, as tb igna
:uns of tin-  wHnesBBfl could m>i beil0 lvuo* ^arty in ��)uiy lt was announced j question  by  the  scientists    of
proved satisfactorily, There remained   ''*'' An-'"s Mackay wos being retired world.
the tirini  will,  also  in  favor  ol   the   !*>���>' t��* Oovenunent from thefarm at In-     After iiuoting a long list or the lead-
I dian Head to take a better position, and ing medical and physiological author-
from Manitoba to Alberta, from the Itlosin the world today, Mr McDonald
, boundary Une to tbe northerly limits of states emphatically that not a single'
( the agricultural belt, this general word recognized authority today supports
was spoken: "There is nothing too the non-transmission theory formerly'
enod.n this world th.t tbey oun do for held by Professor Koch. After reca-
li:���-" , pilulatlng the Bcientific aspect of the
Ajupis Mackay co��ne to the great test, the livestock commissioner re-
horthwest in 1889. Hc was amongst capitulates the work that has been
the lirst contingent of tattlers whieh ,]���,,,- by the branch during the pus:
i came West from Ontario upon the year, aud expresses a firm conviction
opening of tho C. P. R. to Manitoba, that the adoption of this test has been
Iiie majority of the old Ontario im- 0f inestimable value to the Industry
that   time   were   mking [_ t;,,. province.
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rl��i rs, Boilcitora. ete. 40 lorne nitwit
N.w Weatmlnater, il K CoraouM, K
C.    J    It. llranl.    A.   E   MeColl.
ni law. Sollolior, .-tc Hoil.-imr for tht
Bank of Vancouver. Offloea: M.-r-
.liii-ii. H.nik ttuil.tlng, New \V.--Htmlne-
t.*r. in'. TelopbonS No. 1070. Osbli
ml'ln-,., "J,illusion." Code Wtntern
���: THE :-
Popular Shoe Store
(Just below the Northern Crown Bank)
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
vas declared to be that ol k op
inn children well In order that thoy
muy have every opportunity to urow
I up useful citizens ol tbe state, nnd th-
Iresponsibility cf this was shown to be
.divide.I between the parent) and the
Btate, the possibility of Uie child b��
."inine ii burden upon the Btate being
the Justification for Insisting that the
'child Khali hav.. the right opportuni-
���    ties  for healthy development.  W'hiri'.
barrister,  so [under the claim of rinhiF of peraona]
liberty,   parents     absolutely     nt-glect
popularity since the death of Mr.
Morgan, lt is felt that a supporting
pillar has been removed with this emi
nent man, whose mantle has still to ''
gun's   Death,   Labor   Troubles,
Etc., Are the Cause.
W    !'    HANSFORD,
lleltor, .io.. Colllster Block, <-��rn��r Col
uintiiii nnn UoKenate etrp.'tK. New Weal    ,k��i.     <   * ���
mlnater    lie.    p.   o.   Boa   MJ.    Tttafthe,r_���__.t,rt?' *9 'KqnenU*  in ii
pli,'in* .*144. "' "
N-lotiBlni! to the .state in the prov-' ���"'"���"'-���' ���?enlul" ,or locating good soil,
Ince of Quebec will also take place'""" "?''-_ I*''"'*"''1, Manitoba by and
very soon proceeded   to   lnnns    eitunted   on    the
The nephews and    nle��s Will be en-   '"""'r:i   threshold    of    the    Northwest
UUed to the movable property and the Territori*1   ia   not kn0Kn'    But sub'
money In the state of N w  York ami   ���"^"'",    (,v<-n'��   w0��1(i   --*���������--    K��   to
also to the whole of that part of the : FUI''"r_    ,he   1"!t<'1',  **-*>7*m  ')-   _��n.v
eat U    that Ib located In the province  f""'' ,hP' ."'' ,n. -h\'Rn n- ""' fi"T
of Quebec    The brothers and sl��ters!���-K  ,r*   ,", ,"n,!"r0   fn'mers   to   the change writes concerning  Kngiish  fi
wll lahare exclusively in the New York i ""��� "n''��� '   ' ,!"'ir Col,lc furrf8,ll<>1'9 nanclal conditions as follows:
estate,   which   tls   worth   about   forty '"      ,- 1'nmitne   and   pioneer sur-.     "Business on the London stock ex
thousand  ilollars.    All  told  there are I_I       ngf    ln,   ���blls,?rn    ��<>���"���������    ]n   change has almost lapsed inlo mem
find  shoulders.     Moreover,  the    new
Demc)cratlc  legislation  is  not  under- j
is adverse
genius  for   locating    good   soil,  Busineae   Is   Sicklv     Ho    Savr Mnr.11"r"'^""'1'   "**���*******���"   **  '
���    -- * *   D,Jsme����   '��   ��'cKiy,    ne    bays���"or-|Slood here_ b(iyond that it is adverse In    p   m_k��T ^Q   ^FRVIPIT
to financial Interests, and some cog-   "��������   -V��w/Ul   03. OLIVVI^b
side - Barristers and Bolloltora, \s>��;
mlnater Truat Bla., Columbia ��trc��
New Westminster. B. C. Cable R.ldrpe
"Whiteside," Western UTilon. P. C
Drawer 140, Telephone <�� w.
itlmsM,,, IC C.; It. U Bdmonila, r
J STILWKLl. CLOTH!. Burrlatrr-at-lat
solicitor, etc ; corner Columbia ao
McKi'iiile etrmiia New Weetml-nnt.
B. C.   P. O. Boa  lit.    Telephone   7ti
Hollcltor anil Notarr. Offlc���� Hur
block, 2�� Ixjrne atreet. New Weetmln
ner, B. c
hm ilm, is nnd Solicitors. 106 to IK
Westminster Trust Block, fl. B. Mai
tin. V.'. il. McQuarrte and Ueor(e I
COAI. MININO rlahU of tbe nomlote
tn Miiiiltobu. Baahatehewan and Alhero
the �� itioii Territory, tlu Northwest Tei
rlt-r-li" nnd in o nortlnn of the Proflnc
���of British Columbia, may be leased fnr ���
-term of twenty-one yeara at an annue
rental of 11 an acre. Not more than 2(t
acrea will tie leased to one applicant.
Aptilicatlon for a lease muat be mad
by the applloant ta peraon to llie Aaei
���or Suh-Aaent nf the district In which It
ilitbts applied for are annate*-*
In surveyed territory the land muat b
descrlNHl by eectlgna, or local sub-diet
alona of neotlnna, and In unanrveyed tei
rltorv u,o tract applb J for ehall b
atakc out ly the applloant himself.
Kn.ii B- ilcsilon moat be accompanta.
��y a fe< of |i wM.-h wilt be refunded t
the rle'.ia eepllod for are not avallahl-)
-but mil otherwise. A royalty shall b
paid on tbe norchantabb) output of th
mine nt the rata of five centa per ton.
The peraon operating the mine eha
furnish the Aaent with sworn return
accounting fnr the full quantity of mat
chantahln coal mined and pay the ro)
alty thereon, tt the ooal mining right
nre not being operated aueh returns shout
te furnished at leaat onoe a year.
Thn louse will Include the eoal mlnln
rliihm only, but the leasee wlll ba pe*
mltted  to   purchase   whatever   avallabl
permitting Ihem lo grow blind or deaf
I rather than have the defects attended
to, It was point'd out the stale's duty
iis plain. Dr. BtruthorB placed the
matter clearly when |1(. declared that
a whim of the parent may make a
burden for the state, and when It Is a
|question of the p;rsonal liberty of
the parents ns opposed to care of the
Child, the parent should not be enn-
-���ii'iid, the state's first duty being
:,* the coming generation, for they represent the future of the nation.
about 39 heirs.
the    eurlv    ilni-s,   thev    hnve    labored
ine Crest  LHO  't.
one,^a terrible scamp serving In South Anena   Mackay  In   ��e ghty-two  were parl ���, the public ls. however. more'*" "T,
Mrlca, u.iiler Col   namlltan-Browoc WilWon,   MiIUt  and  Boon.    They or le83 apparent iH M En8Ush finan-^'? ' e v
'in discharge lie aaked for a charac- nil hailed  from Ontario County.   On- cial centreg.    ,n  i_ondon,'this inert-jshar   '
ier, and was men one by the colonel torio  la the vicinity of Pickering. Mr. neg3 ig partiy attributable to the con-'
I noscenti fear that the States are on i        From Vancouver for Victoria.
the  threshold  of a  socialistic  policy , io:00 a.m Dally
| mere drastic  thin  even    Britain    is.  2:Q0  pjn.   _,,.!...,. Daily
  I threatened   with.     So   that,     though . u'45   pm Dally
A member of the I_ondon stock .,.  Throgmorton Btreet always dances to', Fnm Vancouver for Baa ttie.
... 2 ^!Lt.m. ������_t_?_? ��f .Sfi ���*. iWal1 slreel music the latter now have   i0.00 a m Dan-.
to be verv pronounced to attract Lon-; \ygg am Daily
ll0^eerfromc.al   sca,e    of    minimum ; ..*"��."V������" ^ �����-��*
stock exchange    commissions  set  in:    Nanalmo, Union Bay'.nd'Comox.
regarded by many brokers as tending ,   ��;���00 am' ��� ���' Wednesday and Friday
to  restrict business.    On    American ' ,V'n"H ��� U"l,����!2,,���.w,i.?,S!R
railway  shares   the   scale   tor  gman ."����� a.m.......Every other Saturday
,     operations is 1-8 per cent, up to $25,;,,  *��r Prln" R"Pef* ��"d A1����k��-
II  on   thei^g cent   lln ^0 ,50. 14 ��pr mt.,11:00 p.m Every other Saturday
hard nml well 'and hnve set un stand. .22'     A   T""   recovpr-v J"     rubber | force  the  beginning of this  year,   is
n.iru ami  wm. anu  na\c ser up stano- fc;iarp8 and   an   engineered   movement1
[nrds  of   thoroughness  which  are   just in   gUndrv   little   oil   shares   were   re-
Tha  l���-u,.���   1    ���,,i,i������ ;r ������.   i���    r'"K   ''^'""""B   ta   PWail  throughout corded   a8   ,h0   only   features   of   the
The Irishman ll  nothing if not In-  the entire plains country. r.��s, rPW- ,,-eeks
(tnioua.    Here is a good story told ol      The three nun who came West -with M .'The   disincilnation  to   sell  on   tha I SH".""40���" "* M VVT.\.Z", ,"*' lo ".' 1100 otn
1. a terrible scamp, serving in BouUi I Anmui   Maekav   in   'einhtv two   were ..J.5 ?k��� ���.,"?_!.,.  \?������LonJ��� i*-6 per cent, up to JoO, 14 per cent. iViIlA���.
$100. and I-I
per cent, up to $200 ,Prlnce R��P��rt. Granby Bay and Skeena
-c Dl,,..   D_l_*.
. Wednesdays
River Polnta.
Mackay,   who,   wns   born   in   that   lo-  dltion  of  Kngiish   trade,   which,  dur-
culity  in   IMI. was also   educated   at   jng   the   year   or   s0   past  has   1)een
bad as should ordinarily have bar-
r.jil hlm from employment tor ever
S.-nc   time   Inter   thc   colonel   met jthe   old   Whitby   Grammar   Bohool.   ln.good  enough  to  keep  shoemakers at
���um,   a   most    prosperous    man.   and|lsii'i  he    was   Lieutenant   in  the  34th   their lasts.
about to embark [or the .Mother Coun-1 Beglmont  of Fort Erie,  ami  was  cn-      "There are. however  other reasons
gaged  in   active  service   at   the   time   ,hat  make   for  local   slackness.    The
of the Femnn Raid. So, nlthough being avalanche of new issues, foreign, co-
known   now  principally  for his   work ioniai and industrial, has overwhelm-1 ��� ���
Of   the   pnst   thirty  years  In   Western ed underwriters and Others who form    -���
Canada  Mr,  Mackiy  spent   the   fi"''
Abbe    Casgrain Trying to Hold  Russian Catholics to Their Old
surface rlfhta nay be consl.l.'red neeee
���ary for lhe worklni     '   "
rate of (10 an am*
���ary for tlie workln* of the mine at tb
For full Information applloatlon ahoul
lie made to the Becretary of the Vmpar
imnt nf the Interior. Ottawa, or to an
AK��nt or Bub-Agent of Dominion I*ndi
Deputy Minister of tha Intertoi
N. n - Unauthorised publication of thl
advertisement will aot Be paid for.
��>.0. Box U Dally News Bldg
or all kinds.
frloes right.   Satisfaction guaraotaa-1
U McKensle BL
(or a very good rcasofl, as not one ol
them could read a word of English.
It was the lion aiij the UDicorS fijSt"
lng for the crown on the lofl of the
official paper that did ttie trick, ami
that's what I wanted when 1 troubled
you for a character. So long, colonel;
there's the 'all tor tlie shore' bell ring
j ing.    Good  luck,   and  many  thanks.
Montreal. Dec. 16.-The holding of gLiVt %TO��b 5"��� rm in for a l,iBh
the   thousands of   lioman   Catholics j .     ���*""**  i   .
who annually come to Canada within' 8oundi M.���, by E.rthqulk,fc
the Catholic church la the work or. Kartliqtiake SOUdda nre deocritied s.-
the ���fnth.lic association, according to rarliitions of heavy rumbling so low
Abbe P, II. n. Cnsgraln, one of the I lu pilch ns nlmost to be more felt than
directoi-B of that body. | heard (In many cases Inaudible to per
I*    SiSfi ,('aRKraln   was   formerly   In    sons who are deaf to very low lonesi
He�� rose t BSSWSttW Kl fi TT* 1�� 5T " tf**.- *
regiment,  and  then   retiring   siudied ,ollow'n* i"'t'-  The passing of wag-
for the priesthood.   He Ib a brother or ow- tbuuder. wind, tbe fall of a load of
Senator  Casgrain.  of  this city,   with i ��t��ines. the fall of a heavy body, an en
iv li nm he is staying. plosion or some other miscellaneous
The ahbe nays that    the    leakages sound,     lu   strong   earthquakes   the
amongHt Catholics arc due to mem- suoud area occupies a central region
berB of the church who arc Isolated (on an average two tblrdsl of thc dls
'��� 1 y.
''Hut." said tli" colonel, "how wm
,1 that people reading such a character as I gave you should have been
so taken in." Canada Mr. Mackiy spent   the   n-\ part of _^ norma, iuppon 0f mar.
Head it,  sir.-    the scamp replied   xorty-one ycafs   of   aie   Mn   )n    thc  j^,,,
���Kcwr a  one ol  them  read   it,  ami  Kast.     When  the  group  of   the  four |    "since the fiasco of the ��11,000,000
Ontario County farmers left for the Brazilian loan Issued by the firm of
Western frontier the C. P. B. wbb -Rothschilds and now standing at a
running only ns war west as Oak digCOunt, underwriters have been per-
l.nkc, at that time a point 105 miles gistently saddled with the great bulk
beyond Winnipeg. After Oak Lake, a o{-new lssuei| no matter how progres-
b.ncly boundless eipanse of prairie Blvely auurlng these were shaped. The
was the only view, and on toward .Chinese reorganisation loan was an
the western skyline journeyed the exception, but now too stands at a dls-
four setlers wtth their wagons and coUnt. Apart? hoWever. from this con-
cumbersome ox-teams, for a distance ; gegtion general conditions as applying
of 150 railes, when they came to the , t0 the Btock markets have been
fertile district now surrounding In- ,gloomy and Btin are precarious. Money
a,      "--���    *-   - **-- ���----���< -i	
11:00 p.m.
'��� 1 For Gulf Island Points.
17:00 a.i>. Tuesdays for Victoria.   Call
in; at points in the Qulf Islands.
BD. OOULET. Agent. New Weatmlnatar.
4. *V. UftOniK. tl. P. A_ Vanoounr.
L.R.A.M., A.n.C.M
and I
Lessons Id Pianoforte, Violin, Singing, Voice Production, Theory (In
clasa or privately), Harmony, Coueter-
point, Musical Farm and History.
Pupils prepared for tha examinations of the Aaaoolated Board ot tha
Koyal Academy of Muato and Royal
College of Muslo. Alto Professional
Diplomas, Teacbor mt Performer.
���Tmt terma, ate., apply 11 Dulferln
etreet.   Phone 411 B.
from lis Influence drifting away. Then
comes Ihe mixed marriage, und the
���nan or woman who was born Catholic becomes either a ProteBlaiu or. as
Is too cflcn the case, neglects all ro-
'iRloua duties and cares nothing for ro-
llflous bellefSB. lt Is to prevent this
that tho association is working. Efforts are made to form communities
or Catholics, or lf there aro not
enough In a parly tor this, the new
irrtvals be sent to reinforce some
colony that Is weak.
The greatest difficulty Is to be
found with the Slav people, according to Kather Caagrnln, who talks
Russian fluently, and knows the people very well. They arc good farm laborers and should lie kept on the
farms, where they wlll accomplish far
more and become better citizens than
11 herded together In the cities. It Is
absolutely necessary, ho says, to
keep these simple people tn touch with
Ihn Catholic church. They are nearly all of that faith, and should they
drift away from It. almost' invariably
thfcy become Socialist*.'
KalheT Caagftln pointed out the
splendid work being done by the Y.
M. C. A. In ednoatlng theae foreigners
and expressed the hope that before
long tho young Catholics would awaken to their responsibilities In this
turbed region; In moderate enrth
quakes the two areas are approximate
ly of the same magnitude, while li,
tunny slight earthquakes tbe Bound
nren is larger tlmn tbe disturbed area
As �� rule, the beginning of tbe eound
precedes the shock, and the end uf tin*
suuud follows tbe end of tbe shock.
dian Head, rueii they selected their jhas becn unusualy dear throughout
humejtendi, in a block, formed r. the year, ;h>-n- in consequence o'
���oppany with th.rn.eiv--** ��b the only arMament requirameBts. the tiaikan
_ha.raiders, sui decided, *��..��,I" war, and the unstrained defflMld by
way, to wo* on a eo-operative b^��l��, Uuperactlve municipalities and _t_*��l
1 wo of those old homesteads hav^ I from ''Chin* to Peru." Our bank rate
since changed hnnd* They belonged j ie infilatively i per cent., but the va-
o Miller and W ilhamson who lived r;cug tT(*l,afj#* ���. c]os'e,y gca^ned
long enmijh to see the wheat belt move ag u lH comnt*�� knowledge that the
Bank of England authorities are ready
to raise the official rate defensively
on any sign ot coming danger, v.
Influence sf Labor.
Besides the absorbing doubt about
Judgment Reserved.
���" Calgary, Deo. ll.���The arguments
hi the appeal eaae of the Northern
Crown bank against the Great Weat
Lumber company ware concluded today and judgment waa reserved. Tho
case Involve* $-100,000.
Doublesom* Cucumbers.
A vaudeville coutortkinlst wa* "llm
berlni! up" Ib his dressing room, when
s lauudrymun, who happened to open
lhe dour by mistake, stepped across
the threshold iii.il stood spellbound
watching the performer, who waa ap
(inreutly tied in a knot on top ot bis
Noticing tbe look of consternation ou
llie face of tbe unintentional Intruder
and resolving to have some fun at III*
expense, the contortionist assumed a
look of��deepest agony and groaned
"Ily gravy' that'a th* laat tine I'll
��rer   eat   cucumber*  for   *upp��*r-
judg*. ;
Th* baby w*�� slow about talking
and hla aunt waa deploring tbat fact.
Kour-y*ar-old Elisabeth lt*t*a*d anxl-
"Oh, mother,'' ah* v��a(or*d at length
"do yoa think he'll grow np Enr
ilahl W* couldn't any ot ��a under
���land blm If h* toraad wt te Iw
in jumns from the western boundary of
Manitoba to the fertile plains of the
l\nce Rlvor Valley.
Por Ave yenrs these four men worked  together,  end  then,   in  1887,   the
Ilominion K overni..ent undertook to I gold, l,bor trouble. *l^iflci_i,"try prom-
establish a�� experimental farm iu |���ent |��� ��n countrle" are specially
Western Canada.    In 1888 a  farm of acute ln the United Kingdom and re-
main a constant factor againat a re-
-Iiiii acres wns purchased from a land
company which owned sixty thousand
acres in the Qu'Apielle Valley country,
which extends north from Indian Head
us far us the Qu'Appelle River. Angus
Mnckny, who assisted the Oovernment
in locating tho site for the flrst experimental farm, was appointed the first
superintendent, and there on the outskirts of the town of Indian Head he
established what might very aptly be
railed an agricultural mission, to which
Dion have gone in increasing numbers
during the past twenty-five years, to
learn tho gospel of sensible 'farming,
snd from which thousands of letters
have been sent to thos* . who could
not come, conveying lato ihe wilderness some word ef that same gospel.
As th* Provinces of Saskatehewsa
aod Alberta were formed, and the rapid
influx of immigration in recent year*
haa given -them thousands of farmer*,
other experimental stations havo been
established by th* Dominion at
Southern and Scott, and at Lethbridge
sad Lacombe. The** younger institution*, headed by youag aad capable
awn, ar* carrying on with vigor and
efficieaey the work whieh wa* atarted
hy the old muter at Indian Head, but
it- is from him still that much advice
I* nought and math Information ia M-
��� May Vl*lt Panama.
London, Deo. IS.���It la stated mum
thnt then i* a possibility thnt -th*
Unke and DnchtW af Connaught wUl
vlatt Panama In tli* spring, but no uf-
fIclal confirmation ia obtainable.
covery In our railway and Industrial
"British railways, favored by the
trade boom, have done, and, tn a lesser
degree are still doing, very well. Traffic returns show steady and big increases and point to good dividends.
Nevertheless, investors view this prosperity with apathy, being aware that
strikes are Imminent and may at any
moment spoil th* pleasing prospect
Quotation* In this section are In con-
aequence at low ebb. It is suggested
by some that thla particular market
Is oversold, bnt It I* mora likely that
a stale "bull" account exists, a veiled one, aa nowaday* railway stock I*
mostly pawned at banks Instead ot being, aa formerly, contangoes with Jobbers, which method had obvlona disadvantages.
"American railway* hav* loat   In
nMrt��MWII��4l_k> ��M<M
m*aa**J^mm~a. SAtaatt*
stmyu Umiiata*.
Ah Dc-jvlcri
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
1>rices dema&ted for
and, your careful attention is invited to tne
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfrontage at from twelve hundred and fifty dollara
per acre, also hofne sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
Granville Stmt,
Vancouver, K&
When you take your
Eastern Trip
yoa  may aa well travel ln comfort
and nt minimum cost.
Ticket* will be on sale December 20
to January 1 at single fare and one-
third for the round trip.   Good to return January 5.
n\ QOVIJBT, Agent     ,
it w. eaopia. o. ^7v-2S3S
Itaaldane* T. W. C. A.      Phon* 1114.
Transfer Co.
3��te* PIMM tm*
Baggna* MUraMt rnfttftp t��
������� mhti mt Um ��Hr.
Light ��d Heavy Hasfag
iron woaia
r��t*ph*n��t ottiim tit*********
   MmMWI -
*" **'��� .,-'ip -v*-'-..r.*
Wm^_|______,' * .* __t.'_.____t_____bV'--_________llf'-',
���������MML EMNHH MM,
'^_^_*   __m_\
��� '������' _.
���'.' ��1
., J,
�� r     PAGE TOUR
Another fine lol of Christmas
Crackers, Novelties, Stockings,
ami Candy, which w* wlll lune
tm view today. Pick oul tlir
one* you wanl NOW ami we will
Bave them tor you until re-
Smoked  Halibut, lb   ���17!'_c.
Smoked Salmon,  lb 12'_c.
Kippers, Hi   10c
Finnan Haddle, Ib   121 _.c.
Suit Herring,    extra    larse,
(ach   5c'
Eastern Dry Cod, Ib 15c.
I'ork Sausage, Ib, 20c. and 25c.
I'ork   Pies,  each    25c.
Head  Cheese,  lb 15c.
Doughnuts, dozen   20c.
Model Grocery
308 Sixtli St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby  Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particulars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Local News
Spurious Bank Notes.
Chief Bradshaw Btates Hun thor* Is]
in circulation In Vancouver a number
of bogus Hunk of Montreal  bills ofj
tiie denomination of i'ii) and he issues -
a  warning   to  citizens of  this  city
againat then.   The nines, state* the
chief in*.* a very Rood Imitation.
Willi every $- purchase you Ret a
Chance on Uie $160 diamond riiiK. T.
Olfford, the jeweler. (2579)
Tonight al St. Andrew's church
Chora] society concert, main selection
Wagner's Tannhauser; soloists Mlns
M, Wilson, Mrs. Godfrey and Mr. Allien! Ice. i'horns of ti5 member* ami
orchestra 80 pleos*. (_6_:i)
Jardine Will Run.
Aldi rman Jardine mnv says he will
run lor re-election, This leavea only
Aldermen Lynch and White as the
men who will uot run for the 1!U4
council. The former reaffirms hls
declarations to thiB end and Alderman While being a harbor commissioner cannot run.
Oet  your skates  sharpened  at  Oeo.
Specks, ti-G Columbia street.     (25251
Shop today and save 60 per cent.
Everything guaranteed, s. E. Edwards,   tha   jeweler,   521   Columbia
street. (2G'_0>
Last Sunday. In addition to the discontinuance of running the c   P,  it. I
Agassis local on  Sundays, lhe follow-j
ing changes were made:     Firs:  train'
leaves at 7:60, connecting with train
No,   1.  Imperial    Limited,    from    Ihe
'east.    Passengers kouir east must ko
put   on   this   train,   while   passen.cer.-i
'for   the  Mission   branch  aad   Seattle
ileave at 9:05,    Passengers for    Port
Moody and Barnet wlll leave in 16:In
Instead  of  17:lfi  as  previously.    All , ua
Other trains remain as they were.
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193 and 443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
We have some very nice Sardines to retail at Sc. per tin.
Packing dirl Sardines, 10c. per
tin, ? lor 25c.
KiiiK Oscar Sardines, 15c. per
tin, 2 foi   25c.
Fine Christmas cake In Ma-
iiiira. Sultana, Hark Fruit,
Peel, dinger, Seed and cherry st
per lb. 35c.
Christie's Fruit Cake, in 1 and
_��� Ih. tins at  35c. and 65c. each.
Christie's l'lum Pudding In I
and - Ib. tins at 35c. and 65c.
St. ivel plum Pudding in
Bowls at 35c. and 65c. each.
A new lot or Sausag *. Il"ad-
cheese and Smoked Fish just
has been much strengthened, and we
(eel juMiiied in��calliiiK on the government to take u decided stand on
this point. We shall speak plainly,
and we hope to be mc! In tlie same
spirit as that lu which we shall pre
gent our case. We expect lo be ill
s, ssion for the remainder of the
weik after waiting upon the govern-
nu ut aud will (hen have a Statement
to make.
The deputation will meal Premier
Borden and bis ministers In the
pri milt's office at ll am. Tuesday
ami the conference Is expected to last
um il 1:30.
Our Dairy Company.
.Nine quarts of fresh  bottled  milk
for $1.(10, delivered dally.    Phone 166.
The Best Christmas Gift.
The very beat Christmas gift you
can make yourself, your wife and all
the members  of  your    family    is    a
year's subscribtlon to that great'store this week where we will carry a
paper The Family Herald and Weekly full line of roses, carnations, violets,
Star of Montreal, It costs only one, chrysanthemums, etc., as well as a
dollar and its visit each week will (full line of fancy baskets for Christ
make your household    happier    than ' mas  a.id  flowering  plants,   holly  and
main selection being Wagner's Tannhauser. Special attention lias been
paid to the work of the Boclety during
the past few we. lis, lhe final rehearsal bi ing held last nl_i:t Mrs, (iod-
Irey, Mins ill. Wilson and Mr. Alder-
dice will be the Bololsts. Mr. Mack-
ness is conductor.
We are opening up    a    new    floral
ever  before.    No  home    in     Canada  mistletoe.
Bhould   be   without  that   great   paper,of opening,
during 1014���Every Issue Is worth the  184.
Money  to  loan  on  first  mortgages,
Watch   cur   ad,   for   dale
Tidy,  the  Florist,  phone
i_o'l_ I
Industrial  Map Complete.
The   much   needed
Villa Worried by Renewed Activity ol
Opposing Forces���Trocp3 Are
.inure/. Moxlco, Dec. l.V -While
rebel headquarters In Juarai was
sending urgent messages today to
Oeneral Francisco Villa, tbs rebel
oommandor ai Chihuahua, telling hlm
lie was incurring ths displeasure ol
foreign countries In his actions towards Spaniard, and other foreigners
and asking hlm to modify his attitude.
Oeneral Villa was said to be seriously
concerned  over  renewed   fed, ral    nc
liVllil :-,
Reports were thai federals wire ad
van.inn toward Chihuahua from Torreon, about 200 miles south, Villa
has had lo scatter his forces by send
ing troops to surround tho federal
at Ojinaga, on tbe border, while gar-
risoiiing .luarez and Chihuahua. This
was said to oiler lhe fedi rals an op-
ii periunity to strike at Chihuahua,
, whicli was evacuated by them when
Villa had ali his torci B togsthl r
Fedoral troopa also ware reported on
their ",i.> from Monterey with a view
nf strengthening the position of tbe
lluerta government In tin   Interior,
An attack on Chihuahua which It
not regarded as Imminent would cut
thi ih off from any base i n the
The plan which the ri bei forces
tnink the federals possibly are trying
to work out, la to draw us man; as
possible of the rebels toward OJinaga
while federals from the south rea -li
Chihuahua, Others believe that Ihe
federal activity southward may h**-
oniy a preparation to check Villa's
projected march oil Torreon. The
federal, who re-took Torreon, ace .''
lng to refugees, now also occupy Par
ras, and have cllUfgC "f all the   Indus
as lhe disease Is un one Hide of the
line as much aa uu tlle other.
There is a heller Hint th* agitation
for an embargo arises mainly from
interests desirous nf cornering th*
Four   Charged   With   Auaulting   and
Robbing Two Countrymen���Case
Procetds Today.
I.adner, U.C.. Dec. 15. After the
teitliminy of u number of witnesses
for the prosecution had been beard today the preliminary hearing of Hun
nnl, Jewel. Iludon Slugh and Twld
died Singh, accused of assaulting and
| robbing two or lh ir countrymen, was
Three   or   four   witnesses   for   tlle
prosecution have yel to be beard. Ths
I principal witness today was Padagan,
Who was assaulted and robin d by thi'
other four Hindus. Ha was brought
down from the Koyal Columbian hospital, New Wsstmlnstsr, where lie hlU
I u lying since llie assault was committed,     lie   lold   :i   very  direct   story
or the affray Implicating all four ur-
cuaed   In   bt*  story.    Sundar  Singh.
I the  other   Hindu   who   was  assaulted
also testified.
II ill slated thai there Is B warrant
,out against Jewel, one of ths accused,
Tor an assault In Vancouver,
; Qeorge i. Cassady has been retained by Padagan and Sundar Sin-.li I..
J. Ladner is defending thi prisoni re
The trial Is being conducted In Magistrate .lohn  McKee's court.
Edmonton,  Dee.  LS.   Osoar fcnder
sou,   aged   'ii,   was   brought   Into   tin
lolly for treatment from Tofield Buffer
, lug   frum   terrible   burns   aboul      tin'
body.    Ills  laee and bands i'd arms
j m re literal!)   cooked,   So   frightful
[are  bis   Injuries  thai  II   is   very    ine
probable  thai   ha  will  i over.    He
was using gasoline In llghl  lhe lire in
the Htuvc of his father's house at
Annsk Creek, livu miles east of To-
lii Id.
Tu  I ri al (lie mini ll  will  be necc.
.airy   lo  havo  uo  less  Ihan     IT,     men
Isubmit themselves for akin grafting.
All.lrli.ill   Is  well   llll'lttll   ill   thu 1Kb
i letlc world, having records lur flvo
miles and ctinr distances,
Face  Bankruptcy.
Chicago,   Dec.   15.   Statistics  pur>
lierting to show Hint the Chicago, l-iur-
lngton and Qulnoy railroad would
face bankruptcy ir it granted the wage
demands of Hh conductor-, and trainmen, was submitted today lo Ihe arbitrators who wiii decide tbe oontro
versy.     Figures   wer'   also   Biibmitti'il:
'o controvert th* assertion that conductors and trainman or nil employees
li;i\ s received Ihe S-DftllSSl proportional Increases lu pay In ths last ten
liars ThlB wuh the railroad's flrsl
testimony. ��� *%\{\\\
Ottawa. Iiec 15, Georga P. O'Hal-
ion a. deputy minister ol agriculture
and Dr. Oussow, Dominion botanist,
have gone to Washington to attend
the conference bj ths United stat,*..
government with regard to the Bug1-
g stid embargo against Canadian potatoes, because ol the "powdery scab."
They will pti'si hi the case for the
government and urg.- thai no necessity exists for an embargo Inaamucb
'Get The Habit"
improved  city   and   farm   property.  \)\Westminster, showing what properties tries owned by the Madero family in
per cent.    Alfred W, Mcl.eod.    (2624)
Weekly Meeting.
The regular weekly meeting of the
executive or the Progressive association will Iie held on Tuesday. December lii. at 4,:;ii p.m., In the associa-
, 'ion's office,
owned   by  the  city   may   he  used   fjr, the slute of Coahuila
! industrial   purposes,   will  bo on   view
Jat the meeting or the Progressive aBBOciatlon this afternoon.    W.  L.  Darling, Industrial commissioner, saya he
has 'i'i outside firms Inking for Bites|
lure and   these  have  been   forced   to
;await the completion of this map.
Tor plumbing, healing and sheet I The Royal Cafe, Dominion Trusl
metal work consult Merrlthew (��� Ram [blook, has re-opened. Best of meals
say. Eighth    and    Carnarvon atreets. fat -reasonable prices. (25341
Phone 588, (252C)
Yeu Bhould worry !
the jeweler, has it.
(262 n
Dominion Trust
llie Perpetual Trustee.
I n.l   I'p Capital   and
Surplus �� 2,800,000
Assets  4,973,888.96
T i ii s teesblps Under
Admlutstratiun over   6,000,0011
I flSffP        for        lllil'il*
c. S. Keith. Managtr.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, l'hig ;  Antwerp, Helgiiim
New Westminster
Bin iuil.
606  Columbia   Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings   from
7  to  9.
Refused Licens:.
.1. Wise's application for a Ih-uor
license was yesterday refused by the
board ol license commissioners be-
eau e the applicant had no bote] and
thi ; he intended building oil" and
"nln only Bubmll the plans. Mayor
Gruy asked him if he would leave
these in be passed on to next year's
��� ' i: -imi. bul Mr. Wise withdrew
Uiem. A permit was given Mr. John-
sen to si'll liquor at the Strand, formerly Hie liepot hotel, until the regular
license Is grunted at  the first of nexl
Women's Auxiliary Has Nr,vel Scheme
to Procure Gift*.���.-".ace Eac'i<ct3
in Stcrc3.
Expensive   Fun.
Playing pranks on Hallowe'en night
cosi Fred Hurling, of South Westmin
Ster,    and    Thomas    Vaughn, of    Edmonds,   considerable   cash   when   thej       '"   order   *��  *'r",i:,t   ''������'   ,,,ii*   '""
were hauled up In front of Magistrate l!l"  U';I!I,'"'H  auxiliary   pi   the   Royal
Beatty  in  the  Kdmonds  police courl  Columbian   hospital   wll! ���*   i- ������
on Saturday, charged with placing
obstructions on Kingsway and with
throwing rocks through the glass or
Dr. J, .1. McKay's car.    Both the   ac
cuBed are young men of about 13 permteslon to place a spacious contrl-
yeara cl age. i le y were let out on butlon basket In each sure during
Buspeuded Bentonce on tlieir promls- Christmas shopping weeks. In this
lng to settle the damage done to Dr'hamper ChrlBtmas shopp rs will be
McKay's auto and also the costs or invited to drop anything that win bi
tin* cuse. It was stated in tha evi- useful ln brightening the lives of those
dence thai tbe youths placed aboul.[who through mis tor lune occupy the
_ij feet of fence across the mud which  public  wards  during thti  festive  sea-
Common every day hor_e sense
should teach us to rise to   the   oc   i
!s'on. Here we have the pick or this
year's   crop of Christmas presents all |
Inaily for your pick.    Remember the
I best will go first.
Special Tcday���Ycur choice from
t'ie window $1.00 each.
meth,id of procuring gifts  for distri
butlon atnoiiL- the sick and i ufferlng at
tha  hospital  thia  Christm 11,
���    Tin- ladles bave decided to approach
ail the leading Btores in town and ask
The Fair
For all  building  supplies  and   fuel "''������ crashed into  by  Dr.  McKay and
'..! apply to the H. C, Transport Co.. ,,;ai   *"'   '���'''-'"   rn"'i;'    were    thrown
Ltd., 506 Westminster Trust building, through the windshield,
Office phone 820,  wharf phone SSI). 	
Social and  Personal
20 000 Letters a Day.
Three hundred a icks - f mall are
being handled by the local post offlc ���
inch day dow, and this number, because of thi Christmas rush, is B0
radks greater than II i culd be ai
olher times. During the yea: 4,600,000
b tier i In:'.,' I ii Btamp d, 2,000,00 I
of t'e ra bj hand ' i.i* li an avi ra������
i f 20,000 lotti rs each day, and in y,ig
ncwunapera ur parcels are :.ut in
cludi ii.
'in  .', il irday     ��� i *       . 20, a  s*il"
f lei:*,   ���   ' .*:      :. aid of the Y. W.
'���   A. will  b    beld al  Ri Id ft   McDon-
a'd's eld    ���  ���      corner i.r Sixth  and
'V.Iii'      i   treet.
Y* ������  . i      i  '   ,: .   [ i   that  dli ��� nc-
, i ve 8 I   at i Iti   cost    s. E  Edward3
Mrs, A. E. Ktherington. 30] Fif h
avenue, wlll not receive again until
the third Tuesday in February.
Brigadier General Lessard, who beI
charge of t'ie judging at the borse
show held In the city during oxhibl
tlon leek, is understood to he in line
ier the appointment of Inspector g n
eral of Canadian forces . succeeding
Oeneral Cotton, of Toronlo.
son. A committee composed ,f .Mrs.
Houghton, Mrs. Klson and Mrs. H.
Sutherland has been deputed to make
arrangementa ���>-. ith storekeepers.
At yesterday's meeting of the auxiliary Mrs, .1. R tlrant and Miss S. V.
Armstrong were appointed the visiting committi '* ior the month.
We have got a nice line of Christmas stockings,  something especially
nice to please Ihe kiddles. Prices Irom
10c. up to $1.00.
Chocolates in Taney boxes from
1-0c. to $1.50.
Populai lines at popular prices.
Christmas     Candles,     Chocolates,
lliillsiyes, Curl Candy, etc., at 25c.
per Ib.
Dean's Special Mixed Candy, 2 Ibs.
for 25c.
A useful Xmas 'lift -2 lb. tin of
delicious tea, We have some nice
fancy tins full or tea at $1.25.
Juat received, direct from the Old
[Country, a shipment or i'eck Proan's
delicious biscuits. Including their spc-
[clal line of Short Cake in packets at
15c.  each.
T. Gifford's
We aro particularly proud of our DIAMOND
Stock, which is composed of steel blue white clean
stones. Each Diamond is carefully chosen for perfection of cuttin;;, color and freedom from flaws, and
if you want the best, call on us. If you arc not ready
to buy now, make a small deposit and we will be very
pleased to reserve anything for you.
LADIES' DINNER KING, regular$100, now... .$75
B85. now ...
$75, now $50
$125, now $100
LADIES' THREE STONE DIAMOND KING, regular $35, now $25
$35, now $25
FuSi Line of Diamond Solitaire Rings Cut in
Ladies' Diamond Set Watch, regular $85, now. .$65
Ladies' Diamond Set Watch, regular $75, now .. $55
Gents' Diamond Tie Tin, very Special at $10
Gents' Diamond Tie Pin, regular $18.50, now .. $15
Gents' Diamond Tie Pin, regular $25, now $20
Cuff Links, regular ��15, now $10
Cuff Links, regular $25, now $20
Cuff Links, regular $40, now %'\2M
All goods are marked in plain figures and a liberal discount will be made on all goods until Christmas.
Chances   for   ibis   beautiful $l,"'l Diamond King given with every
$��.00 purchase.
Dcrhn  Or-gli  Arrested  on  Char-]-:
Forgery���Floured     in     A__.*ui!t
Case Last August.
i w_m_ini tssj.wjiwcr   i       . w, l.-r.
Only for a few days j
521 Columbia .treet
(Continued (torn page onei
d Beans
Can? ol corn
10c. per can.
���itic Jars o( finest jam 23*..
Robson Grocery
Corner Git, St. and .th Ave.
Phane 40-1.
Builds  Ice   ra-.tcry.
A  building i oi mil  ha -i bi cn Is   n d
l '  VV,   l'i* li otl    i"  i, did an   lco  factory ' n Vlcti i  i streel   33 by 64 1   it,
iii a c al of $100,
Ni I 1 Imr *''*������ al _' p m. I', li. Brown
j will bi 11 al Mi ���*��� ti 'i I1 ill, Edmond:!
' (i-",i,i hi! for it nvcnii n< e cf Bal ��� I ;
quantity (f furulti re and household
��� tr��cl i including two ratiffi r dining
;and b droorn furniture and carpets
i Ml In g ����� -I 11 nd'l nn ai d will be Bold
' wftliotil rpsorvo, Pull pari Ic i"r" at
i H I'.' .1* '* .-:���.'��������� .   phom 334,     (26111
trfut.-.. i. _krv_____?______r__ir..
All I;ind3 of groce.-its fer
Chri-fmvi*. use in stoc_. sl t!ie
alore of
Go tc Vlcterla Tomorrow.
Ti mi rrpw  I hi    li h *��� itlon of Cie loll ' nurd of tr ide i nd men fro n other
inrtH   along  'the      ite 'fronl   goes   tn
V! ���'������;, ��� le i's|: thai t'i" new proviti ilal
OVI **    t'ie     Pltl     live,'    I"      I HlU
.    ' i or t< a I't' higher than tho pres
*   I   pl-iTn   provide   fer,  to  avol !   p
* 11 l.i t hipping accidents.
Santa handed ;��� nice ChrlEtmas pao
kage to Dai  m Singh yesterday, a.-i he
allegi s !: rh i  gol bis claws working
_ the  ���'.:*'*:     ..i,  and forged a wrong
'with the f|ii<>-.tii>u cr weatern freight name ':i :- '���'���'��� f'r h0,"c livl   Santa
lln thla It'in in a countryman or
i Harbin bla ether cognoman also l:e-
| lng Sin*.!! Iiiulini was aire: led In
| Vancouver yeatorday at the Instance
ef S'lnta and will appear Iti the New
Westminster police court thla morning chargi it n I h forgery.
It Is n * * ncld in,* that Darhm was
tho victim In an a: .null case, as a
rcKiilt ti which two ether llin.Ins
were last Augusl -1 iiteiei'd to ten
yearn In  the p -.i_ir nliary.
The assaull leek placo near tho
Small i.- Bucklln mi'ls and [Cited
considerable Interest among the
Hindu colony In lh" dlatrlct
Another case to be called In thi police court tins morning will bo ths
i iin; " or then by conversion against
0. T.  Tci.'a, a  native of Japan.
Dean's Grocery
Ohone 3B6.
^urr 3'oc!�� "ilumhJi   atreat.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout  the  Province of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department nl all Branches Depoalta of One IMInr anil
upward.'! received und Intereat ut tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheque* sold, payuble In ull  paria of tha
CHAS. G. PENNOCK. Gertral  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Managtr.
I ire  wll!.'   Alfred W,  Mcl.eod.  the
'.-.'. ,*i*e     man      All   kinds     written.
1   nf millions In pav losses
rad s a:,d < ador n the pn senl i r ���
��������� e-l'i:-.- before lhe railway committee di sired to si cure a n ductlon on
them. 1 h ��� i atabllalimi ut i f grain
sample mar eta will le anu d and In
".'.' ntally the elovatoT question and
grain Inspection will be discussed.
United Action.
'.'Wc represent the Dominion council i ! '.!���:;���.' 'ii iie whli h Innludi s the
Dcmlnlcn grange, the United Canners
of Alberta, the grain growers' associa
tlons if ,'.!.mi lohn and Saskatchewan
and other farmers' organizations, We
are In perfrcl harmony ss to wbal
wo wanl and the means which It will
talco to gel it." said one cf the di le
gates lodiv
"We aro nev.- sclenting our speak
'i and preparing the case "" ''V'ti-'
to sulmill to i'u premier, So far n<
dl,i���������������iiv of i olnlon hs i i ceurred In
ur ranks, We I ave united opinion
h hind us and a case which we fool
to h Irre V'!,'" .* ft, r the Inierv'a'n I
whi i' i ��� :��� may be the r ��� lult. wn i-i"ili
'in' a statement t i g've cut fer the
nuh! c. v.'* menu ;..* ,.. ���.. in,, govern I
mi ni i '."ry ei: in,,., to do whal we be
Lawyer Arrcst'd.
I.e.ml, n. Dec, 16, T. II. Luscombe,
a well known lawyer wsa placed under ar e:.t today charg d with ih,-
theft cf si it.' in i a client Domed
Whitehall, wbo Inya the clrarjje
Whitehall claln b th i! he appropriated
the money given him In chatti I mort
-..i*.nur lo Ayling ii  S.v,i.n i
mil  Cof_i,._,.��   St. Phone 8H
1'eilB I" be Ihe rlghl thino;,   Our ease j0 Ere-t New Mill
we think to he overwhelming and we     Qui I.e-, Dee. ir,   The Dominion Tex-
I will,- not antlclputn  any other course tile company will oreel  i new mill and
r'vr.tl  Ki-Lii-'v  Cinocrt. Ihan   compliance   ivlth   our  very   reajmake largo extenelons  to  Its  present
The  v-"  *""'������   "it r Choral  and s��n��M-   r;"i"0Fls. _mill    at    Montmoreooj   tails.    Work
Jo*-. I,    ' ������'  ',*,-,   ,   *,.  ||   ���.',*.���   ;���     f r-*t Cn'e Much S'rennthen-d. Will be started next si     i    ���' and  will'
Lr ncert rf the rearnn In St Andrew's      " >s a Wit rf what haa hnope-ied coat about three-quarter* of a mill ton '.
rn ..l.yt.* ::,:i: rh_. vli this evening, the in tlio west In recent years, our caso dollar.:.
Sleepy Hollow Arm Chairs, solid oak,
No. 1 leather. Regular $10.25.
Xmas Special  $13.25
Mahogany I'arlor Chair, leather seat.
Regular $9.50. Xmas Special $7.50.
Rocker to match. Regular $10.00.
Xmas Special  $8.00
Oak Rocker, high back, roll seat.
Reg. $5.75.  Xmas Special .. $1J>0
Ladies' Desk in neat design. Regular
$9.25.   Xmas Special  $6.50
Three Leaders���Imported Rattan
Tables.covered with genuine Spanish leather for the best room in
your house. Regular $18.00. Xmas
Special $l,3.50j regular $12.00.
Special  $8.50
Music Cabinet in polished mahogany,
well finished. Regular $9. Xmas
Special   $7.25
The Big Furniture Store
Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. TUESDAY,  DECEMBER  16,  1913.
_. . pace mm
Btavers Clash   with     Frauer    Mills���
Mer.tr Tackle Sapperton���Prom-
n,-i to Be a Thriller.
gregsts <,r 077. or an avaraga or MSIrlok, Pltre; ooverpolnt, tj rl ff in: rover,
for the  Ihree games.    SK  doiihleeen-1 Taylor;   centre,   Nichols;   wIiirh,   llur-
tury     marks     were   recorded   ,m   the  rli and Nighbor.
Royal scora card, none of ths visitors I   victoria   Ooal,     Lindsay;     point,
getting put the 193 mink.
During 'in- pan rour series or 1;
games, the Royal bowlers have compiled au average or 2786 a series, an
average Of RM per name and an hull
vidua! average of i*"> per man.   Boms
un scoring,   1.usi night's scon:, vera
a 1   rpltowi:
ooverpolnt,     Srnuill;     ion
Poulin; centre,   Dunderdhle;    arlni
Kerr and Howe.
The amateur hockey league stand
im; should show a umt' rial change
after   ihis   avenloi    following   tin-
weekly  diiiibli header gain 81,
lhe thrlUl 1110 likely lo be hIhiwii
11, tin* sect,nd encounter when the
Circle   f   septelte   tackles   Ihe   chain
pmn Beavera tor the first time   ihls
Beason,     Neither   team   lias   been   de-
1,,iou tliis season and Impartial
i,.I,. , have simmered tbe race down
tu either Fraaer Mills or the Beavors
winning the MoRaa trophj whloh oar
riea "ith it the right to challenge the
Vancouver   Rowing  club   for  the  Sav
age shield.
Tbla i�� the one nighl when Fraaer
.Mills will  be descried  by a large por
1 un of lta 1,1 pulatlon ror the hock-ay
game haa caught mi at the gtanl lum
berlng planl ami unusual inieretit Is
, ��� hon 11 :,-i 10 ih,. linings of the
circle !���'   contingent    The    Beaverf
vull iml tako seoond place In lhe way
: drawing a OTOWd and then- will be
1, * empty  mats    In    lie'    front    rows
when "ie two teama lake tin- ice.
In   1I1-    Opening    (tame    Sapperton
at 1   Mi ise   sbould  dlspla)   an  even
��� both teama having met defeat
!,.   .,!,nii!   tin-  same  number ol  goals  ^
��� ��� ,.   pn *. IOUS   oerasloliS.
( Inn He Tl bin, Ken  Mallen nr Krule
Johnson   will   be  selected  hs  Die offi-
���    '     for   tonight's  scrap.  Ihe   first
���  ,   ,,1,* i: ng  at  8 o'clock  sharp.
Burnett   .   ...
ii'i'i muir  ...   .
. t'H_
111" ���
(89 893 91.7
Ellsworth  ���
Oraul  167 166 182
Booth  iso it:; isi
Catderh ad     166 171 168
Hunter 146 Vin 154
Ellsworth  ... i��:i its in:;
Carpentier Fought Unknown���Englith
Colf���Swedish   Team���Australian  Rowing.
s:;o   827   sus   2626
Ariitocrats   from   Victoria   Meet
Terminals for  First Time���
Hugh Lehman Referee.
Oi' I**.*'*'! Carpentier, the preaent
,, igll : ������ idol (r France, IS w t abovi
II iclpllne at the land., of the French
b ling Ii dl ra'ioa. He was n contlj
nm 1 (100 and bla manager mulcted
rur a similar sum nr bis bout with
"Jim Lancaster" at Geneva. Lab
caster, it developed upon Investlga
Uon, v.as really Max Abbott and Car
pentler was charged with boxing Ab
bin. knowing thai he v.as not Lan-
It i'i*. The oth, r principals fared
[worse. Abbott was sui ,��� .eh d foi
tour months and the referee ror nine.
New    Westminster   Ten    Pin   Artists
Well in  Running for Championship.
wuh both teams In tha best ol
siuiiii, tbere should bo a great strug
in Vanoouver thla evening when
the Millionaires umi the Capitals
from Vlctorlu clash fur the first time
tliis season on VaOOOUVer Ice. After
Ihelr victory on Friday evening over
tha itu.valH, tiie Victorias will take
tha ne determined to equal New
Westminster's record or two wins and
om- defeat On tbe other hand Frank
Patrick's aggregation has yet to win
a game
This  will  be llie initial appearance
of the French-Canadian on ibe coasi
and   no   llttlo   Interest   Is   being     "x
pressed   by   the   fans   wbo   have   read
and  heard a lot of the "Bullet,"  hut
wbo have yet to see hlm In action.
Hugh    Lehman   has   been    selected
I!(,:h Hay and Vardi 11  ttl re besieged
upon their return to Kngland for   ex-
presalons of their 1 pinion regarding
golf and golfers In America. A syno?
lit <.r their replies    would    indicate-
that   the  ruinous  English   professional.! believe J. ,1   McDermott tba best
professional   in   this   country,   with
1 Chick Evans holding a similar posl
limi  among  the amateurs.    The best
ic-.ur..os  ihey  said  were located   ai
:t",i viand  and  lletrcit.    It  war,  theii
(pinion ihat  American  golfers  mr,
'too prone  10  ute  irons ofl  the tecs
I due in part to the absence of    real
[bunkers  mid     rough    going    on     the
\mi rican courses,    Accoi'ng to Ray
there Ig a strong probability that    a
team or English   professionals   win
tour the  world  in   K'14,  playing    In
America,  Australia and  Atrica.
and   will    probably    take {pentathlon  at  the Olympic games in
Splashing thn wood In sll dlroc
!,-. !.*., Westminster bowling quintette added more laurels to Its record
isi evening on the local drives when
ll took thr, >��� straight Irom the Kiln-
worth  teum  i.r  Vanoouver and  lnd-
a tall)  climbed  within one game of
larsh   Hodge's   team,  tho  cream  of
(}   Mtr.ii!  was tho real star or the
 he   pivot   raan   notching   a
1,   ���     1 in* of Iff] together with an ag-
as referee
���vi-r   Eddie  Oatman   lo  act  as  Judge
of play
The New  Westminster team  Is tak
lng    things   easy    until    Wednesday
afternoon,    resting    up    after    three
strenuous    games    and     wilh     seven
days   separating   last   Friday's   game
i wilh  that  scheduled  here-  for  Friday
I t.f this .week, another victory  should
j be  registered.
Vanoouver- -Goal, Parr; point, Pit-
Swiden    Is    preparing    to
trong  team  entry  for    the
send    a
Berlin In 1916. A special traiiiii
school haB been opened iu Stockholm
and _l young men are under tin*
supervision of professional trainers.
Bome excellent results have been attained, but the actual figures ar-
kept secret. The crown prince Is tak
ing greal Interest In the work Of lhi
school where the examinations are
held under bis personal charge, lt
will be recalled that Swiden won first.
aecond and third In this competition
lal the Stockholm games.
the llrst game agalnsl t'ape I'rovince,
played at t'ape Town. liarnes secured
seven wickets for 25 runs and bad a
Balder been In usual form, he would
have allowed the trundle.) to do the
"bat trick."
Should Be Some Mill.
.ngeles, 1 al., Dec, 16
Cross, of New York, and Hud And'r-
.uii, of Medford, Ore., lightweights,
signed articles of agreement    today
tor a twenty round bout 011 New-
rear's day at tba Vernon arena. Tho
fighters, according to the agreement,
are tu make 136 pounds two houis
bi fi re the contest,
Wed., Dec. 17
Clarence   Benn'.tt   &   Co.
Presents   direct   from   Hudson
Theatre, N.v.. America's
In   an   intensely  human   drama
The Price
Author  of  "Bought  and
For." "Man of the Hour."
Original      Scenic
Seat sale opens at Dox Offlr *
on Monday. I'hone i��'\ for reservations.
Price**: 50c. 75c, $1.00 and $1.50
Honors Even in Scrap.
Canton, O., Dec. 15.���Johnny Dun-
dec, or New- Vork, and Johnny Orif-
Itb, Akron lightweight, fought li
rounds lo a draw tonight Tbe bout
was a baid ruught one, each lighter
landing hard and often.
Some Baseball Deal���Eh ?
Cincinnati, O., Dec. 15.- Two players, a pitcher and an outfielder, to-
gether with (16,000 In cash are now
a.ked from the Hrooklyn club by the
Cincinnati club in exchange for lht
services ot Shortshop Joe Tinker Instead ot the straight sale of tha
player to the Hrooklyn club for $25.-
000 as bad been arranged by I'resl-
dents Herrmann and Ebbetls.
Twin City Man Won.
Winnipeg. Dec. 16.���-Out-weighing
ills opponent by fully 1- pounds, Waller .Miller, of Si. Paul, attain proved
Ins superiority over Eugene Tremblay,
Of Montreal, lightweight champion of
the world, in two straight falls bers
tonight alter some of the greatest
greatest wrestling ever seen in this
Action of U. S. Navy Department
Purchasing in Argentine Has
Affect on American Packers.
25% OFF
On Diamonds
ere's the
that you can secure the best gift for the least money
Saturday was a banner day at the Big Discount
Sale for the people of New Westminster realize that
I am offering high grade, distinctive goods at small
prices. I wish to reduce my large stock and sooner
than carry anything over into tbe New Year I will
sacrifice everything in the stone at a very small
margin of profit
Come and See for Yourself
My prices will convince the mast skeptical You
can secure a charming, distinctive gift at a surprising) Iv small cost. ���   ,      ,    _
No Trouble to Show Goods���Though always
busy, we are never too busy to extend every courtesy
to shoppers.
Child's Lockets and Chains; reg. ���*����, cut to *-���**
HUM'S ItiiiRs;  reg. (1.25, cut to ._-���> ,''?
Ladles' cameo Rings; reg. $6.00, **_���*_ ��������������� -  ,��
ladles' Herman Silver Bags; tt**. %**>*. cut to ���������"-v,n'���','.,. ?'S
Ladles' Gold Filled Watches, guaranteed 26 yea��: ��* ������ �����* t0 7-~
Jewel Cases. Assyrian Silver; ref. ��_6, cut to   '���'��
ilJng Silver Photo Frames; reg. JB.T5, cot to   '���'��
!)K Twirl Stick Pins; reg. $1.7i cut to ������"������������*���������* ,�����
Watch Chains gwranteed 20 ft***: �������� *so�� ew to ... 3.00
Smoking Seta; re* $8-00 cut to   *���'��
Hall aad Lgvery Bleeb (Next City Hal!.)
PHONE 116.
521 Columbia St.
25% OFF
On Diamond!
On Diamonds
I    A  splendid   example  ff  sportsman-
] sliip was Rlvon In    the    recent    Aus
jtralian   Henley,   rowrd   cn  the  Varra
I river at Melbourne.    In the final heat
nf the senior sculls for the Australian
[championship,   E. J.  Kirby,   cf   the
ICivil Service ItowInR club, v.-ns twice
I fouled by Alma Cox, of the Balman
Rowing club, due to the latter's poor'placed for American beef at all ports
s'eering. Cos was disqualified twice, except the two mentioned, these
but each time Kirby refused to accent  awards going to Argentina.
Washington, Dec. 15.���The recent
action of the navy department in buying beef from ArgeuLine haa forced
down ibe price of American packers.
This is shown, the navy department
announced today, by bids just opened
at various pay office, from competitors for donitalie contracts for the
montha of January, February and
At every port excepting Norfolk and
Hampton Roads, price, for American
beef, was based on Argentine quotations, resulting in a saving of several
thousand    dollars.    Award.*,    will    be
the victory' in that manner and demanded the l-erotting cf the race. The
third trial Cox won by a half length,
but the major portion of the applause went to Kirby.
(Ily the Potter.I
'Under the old high tariff law,"
said Secretary Daniels, "this saving
could not be effected, but the recent
Democratic bill allows the importation of foreign meats free of duty.
On first mortgages, $500.00
and up on city or farm property must   be   improved.
-     -X.
Safe Deposit Boxes to rent.
From $2.50 per year and up.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Beavers v. Fraser Mills Moose v. Sapperton
Money to Loan
At current rates in sums of $500 to 12000.    Only first class improved security considered.    Let ua have your application.
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
Manicure Sets
Brush Sets
Frys\  Cadbury's   l.oney's.   Rown-
tree's, Webb's, etc.
701 Columbia Street    (Draggist and Optici. n) Phone 57
709 Columbia St. Westminster Truet BUfe.
Someone will be pinching Jawu
McGraw under the Child Labor act
pretty soon. The famous New Tork
i,mni has picked up a youngster,
Kmello Palmer, only IT years old.
Palmer was Uie sensation ia Cuba
against American teams tbis Call and
all the big league teams sent scout j
after hlm. Hc will report at Marlin,
Texas, In the spring.
J. D. Pratt, father of amateur
hockey in Winnipeg, would like to
see a national hockey union formed,
so Ub could be kept cn a lot of these
si) called amateurs who flit from one
part of the country to the ether.
Jos Asevedo, the Mexican, will
tackle Owen Murau, the Hritish light-
j weight, in a ten round go at Oakland
this evening. Here's hoping Moran
wlll make a better showing than did
Bombardier Wells againat Carpentier
In l/oudon laat week.
The Ontario Hockey association appears lo have made a good move In
renaming the defence position. Instead of coverpolut and point It will
bo "right defence" and 'left defence."
Owlag to the Ice not being formed
early enough the Winnipeg amateur
league wilt be compelled to play two
games eaoh week, the season starting
the llrst week lu January.
About time we heard of Newsy Lalonde signing with the Canadiens at
thc largest salary ever paid a hockey
player. It's dollars to doughnuts,
however, that tbe sum will not be
James McNaughton, a big mining
man ot Calumet, Mich., has donated
a handsome silver cup to the American Hookey association to represent
the championship of the United
States. It cost $1000. which ia a lot
more than the whole league la worth.
Sidney Barnes, tho Staffordshire
bowler, whom Lancashire has ��*t*t re-
Knitted parting wtth In llrst olass
county cricket la Knglapd, Is doing
considerable damage wltk the It. C.
A. team now touring South Africa. Ib
(Continued trom page onei
the reverend gentleman's information j
ls correct, the situation is indeed still
a very serious one.
Also Illegal.
"I tear that tho_e statements even j
though made from the pulpit of a min-
{lster of my own denomination ts a vio- 1
| lation of one of the fundamental rules j
of fair play, viz., commencing on the \
last trial haa been tampered with. He - merits of the events of a trial during
did  not oppose    the    application dl-U"��  pendency of their consideration
rectly. | In a court of law, which comments If
Scores Dr. Fraser. ! made are considered not only a breach
The court's remarke relative to Dr. jof fair play, bat also Illegal. If lt
Frauer's sermon follow: were allowable for one side to be pre-
"1 was shown this morning a copy | sented, then tho other would claim a
of one of our most reputable. newspa-|llke privilege, and following that we
pers which throughout this assize has .should have the trial of cases by pub-
been publishing reports of our sittings, j He discourses.
I read therein wtth profound regret, "The court and jury proceed to the
a report of a sermon by the Rev. Mr. [determination of the facta upon sworn
Fraser of the First Presbyterian [evidence ln open court It seems to
church of Vancouver, In the course t me with deference that the spokesman
of which he passed most severe strlc-of the church wltb Its tremendous ln-
tures apropos of matters considered ��� fluence with the public, both thinking
and to be considered by this court 'and unthinking, should require no less
upon after all ts said and done Is con-1 an evedentlary standard before deal-
stituted authority and government of j Ing deliberately and even at a proper
tho day. \ juncture with such a grave aituatlon,
"Not only that but he animadverted |tn which a more Important element
strongly on osnr mllltla authorities. If than even organized labor, vli., the
Friday Evening, December Id
Seat Sale Wednesday Morning at Hill's Drug Stone.
i; 50c and $1.00.
great public is Interested.
"I cannot conceive ef a
ous act than for responsible
to  encourage any act or
which tends to make lurymea or
who are eligible for jary duty, tas Ioi*
get tbelr solemn duty.
"I feel impelled to make tbose remarks on this occasion solely by a
senee of my duty to the poblie. I
trust Mr. Fraser will take tham ta
that sense and appreciate my
accordingly. Were tt not tliat I
|lka great   end   be am
wsrkers are doing amongst oar
body of working men, and tkat
viawa are a genuine, although Isi
opinion nevertheless, an unfortaa
esaisaslon of his desire to help ta a��-
nntag MrtNUr test ftii tuuiata a____sketw
of tka community, I certaWty shooM
aot hav�� referred to tha tacMaac."
Mr. Taylor, alao aaked that tlw Mm
sweated be kopt In custody until l
trlflP waa *ver.
vary atranaeaaty opMaad mm X
xd Vd finally ***** gfuSd by ft.
��� f*4r*        (2)
KALEM'*  FIVE-ABEL  $30,OCO PRODUCTION Malta ia tha Holy Und, there
tlm Cvaato
From The Manger To The
Portraying the Life of Christ front Hla arrival an earth ta Hla de-partura���the molt eaaeaaN*
MAIN FLOOR ISc; BOX SEATS, R��.erv��d in Ad*anc%  20c> GALLERY Swam^
Vtummt-md, 10c.
Special Music Evenings.   : :    Song
FinU Evening Shew Starts at 7 O'clock
v-vy,-   - ������)f_itl*f
**. -.-
ll ri.cs ata
TUESDAY,  DECEMBER   l_,  19ll.
,'. i w_. ,c..-<jK*r3*mWta<ai.,iA*-*ji'X
.-.*-_. i."__.vi>_ i _____s_____i-fi.-c___-x.__3L
P__t_!L.n ILU     UU    WILL    BS    Iti'.
���asiv��-J f* i   i ne Newa at tbe follow
las plac I    T   Hill's di-u�� iture.
��2s   col .   street;    A.   Sprice.
Qaeeael  ;h,   Lulo Was*;   Mm.
tt. Larden,     -bland Park; Mrs. V.
L**ia, Aim  Vi_ta.
Dearth of Happy Marriages
Causes Suffrage Talk
I-im PEU Cl ai , OFF ALL BED
.urn:, ii.i,. . , .1 Chi i ti is i. Genu lie
money raising reductions In "11
other llm a V, ��� stern Hi me Furn
III   i: .  (03 Columbia street.    (2594)
Dr.  Bernard  Hollander Wants to  Know   Abcut   Drudgery     Und_r    Which
Men   Labor���Snys  Marriage  is   Privileged   Stat_a   for    the
Women���View3  From a   New  Angle.
******     m*    ��'    *    ���
.Arcs. ���
�����������*��*>   X   *   is   <-   * * *
b����iC'i-      ll ��� ��� rent   per   aaid   P'T
4c pel    'Ord  per weeV;   l&c per
:li; 1.00'i .'.nili. t<> be mimi as rn
*)**������   *
,.,1 v ll      one j boj from
���aet, <     n
���Sn.:-- ��l
^'UNIONf-jUl-AOi^   -
FOR    3ALE       A    PAIR    OF    BAY
hon *  .    rising    B"   n    and    elghl
���    *  .   v ��� Ighi    28 "    Ih i,    Wlll  li
11 id un tho market on Dec, 19th, .1.
R, Dat Is, Tyni hi -nl. B, C,      (2568 *
tor  s.ur~7iTu.   votm   prop
i nv through un ml. iii tli irt column   of thel
      *    _  1 bu.IIbI
FOIt 3AI.K--Jl.no DOWN, |1.00 PHIIl
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Itanpps; every one guaranteed  Msr
ki*t squiii''. (2519)
duingC  tui-  ,i   lunn    in    the  Kraser
Valley In go .1 location. Apply A.
<; Marshall, Smith Westminster.
VHone  1246 Rt ��2tilJ!M
Contracts wanted. It. K. l'ark. Car-
ter -Cotton  l'ills., Vancouver.   I'.':.'.!!!)
BAIL'S      WORK      WANTED    -MRS.
Allen,    General    Delivery. Westminster.  ��M
bnagalow; hot waler heatms and
soodern in i ."ry other roupoet;
niusl be well finisheil and in Rixxl
condition, centrally located; Kami
Knd of tlie Olty preferred; lease
for one year, by small family; no
children. What offers? Apply, fiiv*
ins full particulars, to ISox 2SD5
New.ii office! <���:->
daily $5.00 extra by growing mushrooms for us I rce booklet how
���Srow mushrooms in cellars, barns,
sheds ami boxes. International
Mushroom Company, 10�� Bmplre
buflding, Vancouver, Il.C.       (2813)
SEALED TENDERS addressed to thc un-
,|.r-;-1 -I     nnd    ' n iors. I  '* i' n '       I '
iPublle n.iiiiliii.i. Porl Ml., ml, Il.C," will
be i*"* Ivi 'I nl  i. .*   "!' n.m   ' '"' I' m.
'an Wedm sil.iv, 81st !������ ��������� ���������ni" i'i 1913, for
the i* in :���'���'** m nl n Public Building nt
Port   Alb ml,   B.C.
i Plans, ii" clftcatlona and form "i c in-
tracl can b neen and forms of i. nder
obtain d .:* the offli c of iii ��� unilcrsltrni rt,
Postmasters nl Port Albernl and ol Na-
r ,,;   .  ., *,i Mr. A   .1. Chlsholm, Can uiki r
llMiii,'  liiiibilni;.  Vancouver.
persons tendering are notified Ihni ten-
dors will ti il i" considered unless mad' on
the forms supplied, nnd BUrned with Hnlr
actual slsniatures, stating their occupation,
and place of n sldenee. In the cas ��� "i
rii n, ������. till   ...-tii.il i-i "mature, the nature o!
the occupation, and pli I   resldene    ol
each  in* mbi i   nf the firm mn :   be .. t * *
i Each '* nui i must l��* accompanb -) by
.,., accepted cheque ..n a chartered bank,
payable to in.* order Df the Honourable
the Mlnistei of Public Works, equal to
ten per ��������� ni   i 1"  p.c. i  of  the amount  ol
Ithe tender, wblch will l��* forfeited it the
person tendering decline ti entei Into a
contract w lu n c illed upon to 'in so, "i fail
to complete the work  contracted for.    lf
'the tender bi not uccepted the cheque will
be  returned.
i Tin* 11 pai tmenl does nol bind ii-=' li I"
accept tho loweBl  .n* any  lendi r.
Resi li in   An I lb el
I Departmi nl ������! Publlo Works Ofl ���������*.
Victoria,  B.C. Deer. 9th,   IS1B.
' Newspapers will nol In paid for " I-���
advertlsi ment If they InBcrl ii will >ui
authority frnm the Deparlm nl.       (26	
TO  T-tuNT
-%i MONTH,
house (in Rochester road; twenty
ininutcu from car. P. Baker, liur-
<iuitlam P. 0. (WM)
to reut try an ad. in this column.
keeping rooms. $10 and $13 per
���mouth at iii Seventh street. (2522)
terricr; answers to the name of
IK'tinis; no collar; Bhort tail.
Kinder notify Kdward Haasail. Burqultlam,   B.C.,   Golf   club. (2610)
birr*.. Wack marks on head, three
n.niitiM nit). Anyone harboring same
sill    be    prosecuted.    819    Kourth
lVl'jaue. i'ifl'il)
(1ST ON 6:30 P.M. CAR KROM
l.ulu island, 15th inst., lady's purse
containing money and car t-CkOtB.
Kinder please return to Tbe Ni-ws
office.    Reward. Ott-3)
Notice la hereby given that the
time for tin' reception uf tenders tor
the construction of wharves al Vic
toria .Harbor, B.C., Is exti uded to
Thursday, January 8, i:��� 1(
By order.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, December 9, 1913.    (2619)
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J. M. GAWA, Mgr.
Exclusive agent for H. Ohaslil &
Co., New York, manufacturers ot
Typewriter Backing Sheets. Carboi,
Papers. Ribbons, etc. Mail address
Drawer   110   New   Westminster.
F. L. MacPnerson, Salesbury Ave.,
EJjDonds, will be open to receive
gifts of food, clothing and toys to
make up for Christmas hampers foi
the n-redy.
farm eabs conducted. Furniture
boogbl Ior cash. P. II. Brown. IT
Begbie street, New Weatatoater.
"vhere. No mllection, do tiis-r^c:.
ia.n3er;ean-\'aiiciiuver iAfinsi:'.'.���.'��� Ag
���ency, S36 Hastings street w��Bt. Vancouver, C_r��lS)
I'i.inK'i ilii-iks nn Il.C snd Ciitiforoi* toy
l *isax*ev. Canadian Camp Lire, iml itli-
,.,n : Amous tho Peoples of B. t;.; fn iJse
���_*��iihl.'>i.s Wi .*-! . Nan, nr l'lon��*r Wo-ie-ii
-tnd fc_-ia_ Iin ��. is of flv. fur U 'Ml st
���'.c. [w-r oopy 'ill Jan. lllh. \rtitr.*.-*. r.
*-*.    Iterrtnt.,     Ill"     I I iinilli.n       Ht-,       N.-w
Weatmiiuter,   Hi',   er   any   ol   the   -u.*-^c
-alarms.    Dtacounl Lo ths trail.*.
Ue Blocks 4, 6, T, S, 9,  1�� and  12    ol
part of S. \V. '4, Section lii. Town-
ship 8.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
Ota atK)\e property will be tssmed to
V.-.brl Louisa I'lajfalr ou Ihe ..LM day
��.<�� December, 1913, unleaa in the oaean-
rime a valid objection be made t/> me
���si viriting by a person c.r peraona
ctiiinium itn <f;ai�� or interest ttwreln,
��r in Siiy part thereof.
Histrict Registrar of Titles
i.Aiid llegistry filTice,
New  Westminster, Il.C,  November
_��5tli,  1.1-i.
The person or persons having in
(heir custody or possession the follow
j_tn_ Title Deeds relating to the aaid
property are > ijuestad to deii\-er the
��_><. in the undersigned.
17th January, 1S7H. Crown grant tn
iJJordou Parmer Dafoe or S. W. -v.,
tvecticn 18, Township 8.
17th January, 1879. Cordon Psros.-.r
.���7)��f<w lo George Marshall, conve-yaT.-^e
.si f, e ef lb*' S.W, 1'l acres of S.W. Vi
.Section l'i'. Township 8.
31*1 Dooember, 1908. Gordon farmer
Dafoe ki Jack Miller, convcyatwe in
���Sue* of 8, part of S.W. 14, 8ectP.ni Iti.
V-Mtiriktp n.
24ttt .Sepli'inl.er, I'JO-t. Cordon far-
~,nr Oafne to lael: Miller, convey��nee
tn fee part of S. W. %, Sectkm IS,
"_i.wT.fihij> R.
Ilth Kebruary, 1905. Jack Millur tn
Vt-avid Wright, mnveyance In fee of
tha soutti imrlion of 8. W. Vi oT See-
Cbm 18, Township 8, except M acres.
J. C. fiWVNN,
4HIII       Dhiliict Registrar at TUlrj)
and  In  thc  Matter of  a   Mechanics'  Lien
rm-   liiin is   Claimed   by   John   Reid,
Carrying on Business aa "Westmlnstel
Iron  Works,"
I    Pursuant  to Section  HT of Bald  recited
Statute I. John Reid, "t thc City of New
Westminster.   Province of   British  Columbia,   Mechanic,   Proprietor   .if   tho   West-
itnlnster   Iron   Works,   hereby   give   notice
tiui   in imp* ch  as  the  sum  of  1178 ""   Is
���imw  due  and  unpaid   me   fnr  ,,v, r  three
l-f.l) months aftei  the Bame ought to havs
,iii., n paid ni". to wit, on tho llih day "f
August, umi. for the repair, alteration and
���improvement of a certain chattel to wit:���
I    One fore and afi eon pound marine slide
valvs  iiigim*  0V4xiax8   Inch  stroke,   with
lillrwt  connected  air circulating and  fei ���:
ipunir'.". -driven   from   low   pressure   cross-
head,  niMi Intermediate shafl  *'"'*l  thrust
collars (English built >    This engine Is In
rood  working condition  with  new  crank
slinft   and   bearings  and  link  motion   rft-
newed mid developes about 1"  h.p.
t    Tu respect of and upon uhi.*h s.ii.l chnt-
i, I i 1.1*.,   i 111 n for money, skill and mn-
tei i.i*.   i" stowed   by  me  upon  ������ lid  chntti I
In Its alteration, repair nnd Improvement,
Hi. ri by Increasl  g 'in* \ ilue of s.n.1 ch il
lei,  whli h  Bald  i hatti I   wuh Ii fi   with   n
l.v Wi i'.-i   i   Ollley, of Now Westminster
B.C., <   nl i i   or; cl ilinlnij to be tlie ov i   I
ghereof, ..*. ��� mt H"   first dni of Aprll,
I, foi      *     *      ���"��� i  .-   ind I nprove.
Inn ni        I Hint 1  .Mil   ii  il Kplratlon "f
from '"������ fit I  i uhlle ill m
emeiit to w It, "*i Satunl iv
i   ,.    otl    dal 1' ���** mbi i    1013    y II   by
';.......* ' . *   In'   foi the nn
'i.r s.ii.i  Imli bti dm -   due m*   tl   ���** on nn i
i        . ��� ihls   ,:.���.':��� i ii nl and c isl ���
nf  said
The -   *       nd place of snld miction snb
,.    i  i���   nt t]     i  , ir .,f 2..10 o'eloi <  In  tl ���
nfli ri n   on   Saturday,   thi   20th   dnv  .,1
lii mbi t*. 1 'ill. ui mi bu - ni * ol nee
v*. ���.-. ti -. Iron Works, No. ';*'.. H'Hi
iiu*.,i. Now Westminster, B.C., of whloh
up -j      ���     . .,... i    d are ri quired to bike
!.  litre i   . I *.       * *   t *i. in- I- ��� - . ecordlnglv
.     n u   t|   -    ith   .! IJ   'if   I'"-** mln r,   A.D.
JOHN- rtuiD
By lu-   Solicitor, .1    P.  Hamnton  tl"'".  28
i.. ne Ptreil, N'ew Westminster, I! i"-.
T *       il   ������'.'   '��� ���   A    Oilli **.   Il;**'i.   and   In
.    -  mm   i 'one 'rn
pub      Hon  uf   this  notice,  CHi   De-
; ., ' (2Sr,-i
Montreal, Dec 14. James Uorth
llaume, 22 years old, fell Into the armti
ioi  Morpheus   In   lall   1 isl   nlgbt   and
never left his sheltering embrace ex
! cept [or inti rval dm Ina hit hearing
I on a elm ii* ol th  tl  In i nqui te courl
before  Judgi    l.eel   ti daj     In  i tin
; witiIh. Hi rthlaun i       ���   nl *. itig from
'a prolongi '1 attai '���*. * * i nnul, a id while
��� bis cttse v.* is i'i in* i * ii i li *
yawned and slept In the ri
A more perfect picture ��� ���   lumbi r
tup Indifference hun seldom be. n Been
in tin* lively enqtiel court
"James Berthlaume," shouted Courl
Clerk Paquette,
The iloor op nml  .'mil  the prisoner,
running his bands shlowly through h'n
tousi'lieii  hair,  entered  yawning.   He
lesaSe on fhe ral] of the deck. Btretob-
el,grunted and fell asleep. The pros-
.ir.ijtioii then proceeded wllh tlie case.
I. Ion, Di c. 15,   "lf lot ��� vi re uni-
il i.i marFlagt i, wa i bould hi ar
:,, thing * f this ivy for Indepi n li nee;
i ui ���  *i riage being whal I   Is, s ��� i fl
* i i .ii ,ui failure, n Is onlj natural
thai Hi- women Ivho nn* unhappll]
mated thould desire to be Independent
of thi lr liusbandB,   if sl itlstlc * wure
allable of uia number ot children
born to women members of suffragist bcc'.i ties and women who ore in-
ditfesenl to the suffrage, the lesult
would ni" amazing,
"Woman governs by affection, and
Is herself Influenced by affection, If
t iiiiini'i r nf women do need some
other weapon to protect their Interests ilu n ii is ;i confession of the decadence of tbelr natural qualities, bul
the i i-i- ��������� maj irl .��� of wo ni n still prefer i.i maki their own bargains ivlth
a pn tlculai * '.ni. to i"' wives and
hei b, li i ��� ������ p iltlcs to their hus-.
bands, knowing thai 'happiness' can-
nol be confi rred by legislation."
These are the opening words on o
remarkable Indictment of the English
women's suffrage movement, and especially rn' Its militant phases, by Dr,
Beam Hi llander, founder and pris-
iili-tit of tLe Ethnological Society and
me of the greatest experts on dlsi ases
of the brain.
He hm just laid bis views bi I ire
the members of the Ethnological society, and. coming as they do, bo
soon afur tiie now famous book by I
si:- Almroth Wright on the same subject, have created much Indignation
among tbe followers of Mrs. Pankhurst,
"There is a --.mit deal of talk of the
drudgery of women," ho continued,
"bul what about male drudgery and
tlie Baorifices nuuie by men to keep
'lie home together and shield the ivifi
fr;. i eareB an.l sorrows? Mow many
men have to do work which is sheer
Blavei y and hand thi lr bard earni d
wages in lh lr wives?
"1 hive heard ladies Whoso chief
amusei n nts nre motoring nnd bridge
playing, complain that domesticity
ii hm's women no time for ilfjlier culture, as if women bad nol more time
than men for reading.
"Thn position of women bis improved much more than man. His labors
are. If anything, harder than ever,
fur the Btruggle <:' existence b.is become fiercer. We see this every day
by the ever-increasing number of the
defeat id, broken down iii body and
mind, the nervous patients, ahd the
: uicldi I.
Men  Very  Patient.
"Marriage b' fore the law at all
events���Is a privileged status for the
woman and a penalized one for the
man. and while marriage remains B
contract with all the privileges on
one side, every attempi to add to the
privileges of tlie married woman can
only result in a further decline of the
marriage rate. Indeed, up till now.
men bine been very patient with their
women folk, and remarkably silent
concerning the discomforts they them-
Bel "es are subjected to. If men, ns
suffragists declare, are really brutes
ii Is equally certain thai not all woni-
en are angels, and the conduit of
some, not to speak of their volubility
of language, is enough to drive im n
"Ity all means let women demand
equal treatment of the sexes in divorce affairs, only let them remem-
bi r also thai the sex charm of a woman's life Ib short and that, therefore,
Increased facilities for divorce will be
to the advantage of man wore than
"Although women's brains are on
an average, smaller than men's there
is a lar-."- number of women who pos-
: i"s a development of brain which
for Intellectual capacity equals and
sometimes surpasses that of the
males. By the training and education
thai bus been given to women In recent years, the number of gifted wom-
��� ���n is steadily Increasing, and -'uch
women, although Independent, till
feel  the restrictions of their s��x.
"Dissatisfaction, too, has Bpread
among married women who, cun if
j happily mated, have not the duties
'and responsibilities thai th-ir moth-
i rs and grandmothers had. and, therefore, ii ss outlet for their surplus energies; while those who are unhapply
married rosenl living In subjection to
���Ver li;ii-bands, depending upon them
for the Iheresl necessities, tlieir food.
thing,  and   pocket   money.    These
women   ni-'   dissatisfied    With   the   life
us ii has hlthei to bi en m ipped oul for
them by the needs of society and the
of : i turn, un I aro possesi ed by
the ambition to do something of a
mo *������ ai i b ni'! i !��� i atlng kind than
don '  : :  dutii B
"Tbe p.e   nl  . ul fragn c unpalgn  Is
alj one ot the outward ��� Igns of the
II '���* nlentmenl of women, and mill*
tancy is merely a by-product which
ihas helped to focus public attention
upon it, so thai tha question of votes
for women has become a 'burning
one' in more senses than one. it would
seem thai tho number of dlsconti nt
ed wom< n must i a still Insignificant-
I., Bmall when 'fireworks' an* necessary tn draw attention to their needs.
"An a matter of fact, tho motherls
o nt n, i.. despised by the modern
feminist nnd Buffraglst, the type ol
woman who di aires to marry and have
children, and who longs for nothing
more than to love and he loved and
!���,] .<��� the esti ��� in and adoration of
those nearesl  and dean si  to Iter, 1"
ilil In tha majority, Is still sought
aftei by the male box, and Is tbo type
Scraggy Necks Avoided if Little
Trouble Is Taken.
on   which   tlie foundation  of  i icletj
rests niul the state is dependent  tor
itn very existence.    Trus, 'advanced'
women consider this type inferloc, bul
their  argument   that   thli   Inferiority j
is due  to long centuries of enslave-
ri mt,  ��hich  hns killed  female abilities, is based on the false assumption
thai such deterioration In the mother
would  be transmitted  only    to    the
daughtera, whereas both parents eon
tribute to th * mental make up of the j
child;   indeed,  boys  often  take morel
after the mother and girls sfter the
fat he.'.
Vote Not for Exceptional Women.
"No doubt many men f al it an Injustice that Intelletcually gifted worn
in. loving wives and mothers, capable
managers of their households, inter.;
..i'd iii Uv welfare of tbe community, should not have the voto, There
aro many spinsterSi too, wh i h ive i *-���
���i'ii* of the graceful, womanly ways
Bnd are doing useful work either In
their own family or tor tho publli
goi d who \ ould be quite i ap ible ol
i \. :, Islng the vote In the right **.aj
But ti a are nol aski d to give exci p-
tlonal women the vote. Suffraglsi i
v.in i the vote on equal terms w Ith
men, thai Is to Bay, to Include working women, nnd Bome aim even al
adult suffrage.
The cry 'No taxation without repre-
si ntatlon' is uni asonable, for while
it may be unfair to withhold the vote
from a large numbi r of women wh >
have Inherited property, where will
these women be when they have a
vote, nnd the wife ol their gardener,
tii" wife of their coachman, and thi
wlvea of tin ir other bi rvants have
.      ���   tec"
"The majority of women are in!
ilffi rent to tlte vote, and tho o w ho
It * It can give no othi r n a ion
thnn that they hop ��� to obtain therel y
tli<. ri form laws that press bardlj on
womi n.
"That the vote Is unnecessary to
remove such grievances is proved bj
the history of the last fifty y ars. and
it tin' present time the Influence ot
women is fnr stronger than ever be
fi re owing to the Improvement In
education nnd organization.
"���Qualified women arc consulted by
legislators; tbey sit. on royal commissions  am!  their  views  are heard   on
platforms and throughout the press.
I They  h.dp  to form   public opinion   In
accordance with which all legislation
| is  framed.     Moreover,  there  Is  noth-1
ing to prevent women  trom  forming
n-i  assembly of  their own.    framing
bills for the welfare of their own sex, I
and geiiing them taken up by pari a
ment.    Such   laws   proposed   by   the
representative  women  of Qreal   llrit-'
ain would be bounll to receive earnest
If Women  Get  Vote.
"it is not the question whether we
I should simply allow a few well-conducted, well-educated, Belf-respecting
gentlewomen to quietly record tbelr
predilection for Liberalism or Consor
vatlsm bul whether we Bhoulld let In
tho wider flood of uneducated, unre-
I nined, Irrational and emotional
womanhood to swoop the polls.
"Wbat   politics   may   become   when
women  take an  active part  in  it, is!
shown bj tho conduct of militant suf-1
fragettes,    Are we to have attacks on j
[private   property,   personal     assaults,
hunger strikes, etc., whenever a sec ;
Iticn of women disagree with men on
questions of stat. ?    If women get the
vote, tie well-condUCted women wuuld
lhave io retire or be pushed aside by
the  wild   women,  who have already!
Iglven   fo  much   trouble,    and    have
'shown by their utterances In lhe press
'and on the platform that they hold pe
culiar views of women's natural  func
.tions, qualities, and    place In suulety,
which an- antagonistic to family llfi
"The granting of the franchise *.. II
not change the tactics of then- worn-'
"Suffragists quote  the example of
��� iher countries, In  which  women are
already enfranchised, but not  In one
of   these   ooiitnricB   would   the   comic*!
quenct a be so serious.
"Tlie glory of the Hritish empire d1'-
pends on the fighting capacity of its
finance,  trade,  mining, transport and!
oilier Industries have been made and |
are conducted by  men;  the greatest |
inventions, the  morn  wonderful    discoveries, for wlilch (iritain gained re- ;
nown, are all due to male t ilent;  l>\ \
the ambitions if oun bas the British
in:' i   I    ':������*. real   und I*;, the i ������������-'-
' i  ni"- ce i    rsrltlsh men are mUll ins
u: pei ���,'������ ki ; *   ubjocl
" \re Hi i :,,' ,i going i-i abdicate
In [aver i I Pa ik',-.ur..i nnd in i
follovi : '' ", y must wake up from
their  Indlffi i    ce  to    tha    suffrage
 Ion   I' fore   it   is  loo  late,   and
i-it.iier political party, anxious merely to gain or to keep power, baa gl\
en way lo tin tactics and pressure exercised i ���  a min   it>* of women who
ha\e nothing lo lose."
Lovo of the Picturotque Makes Medici
Collars Both Popular and Scarco In
tlio Shops���They Are Easy to Fashion at Home.
Denr Elsa���Ever since every woman
bus been displaying Iter Ibl'ont mrnu
like und otherwise, 1 have been swiilh-
ed lu high collars unfashionable nml
tiiu'iiuifoiiiibie, particularly during the
hot wentber. 1 couldn't tempt tho
funny  man who loves to illscnnt pie-
torlally upon feminine "suit cellars" tu
llino one mora Insane Joko at my expense���bonot my martyrdom in tin
Just ami good cause of appearances,
Well, my dear, I'm happy now and
throat   free.     Now  don't   iiilsjiitcrprt't
this remark ns Dick did, mul look for
my bead on tbo Couch, but bo sensible
nnd listen to what I've got to Buy on
the subject.
To  start  out  in   renl,  advertising
fashion. "Nobody need have a scraggy
neck If they will take tlie trouble."
Wbnt I suy Is, that 1 leave subdued
tny snlt cellars and my scraggy neck
Is ii thing of tbe near past. Vou know
that 1 um nothing, but "a mg anil n
bone and n bank of hair," and nevet
could wenr a decollete frock with nny
degree of becoinlnguess.
Now nil my friends In sight envy my
full, in in throat; I've no loose skin
under tny chin nml not n single sign
of n salt cellar.
And the remedies I used were so
An acquaintance who tins studied
physical culture In Sweden taught mo
throe heiiil uud neck exercises wblch
have bud such goul results tbnt I feel
It would be the height oi Bcldsbnasi
not to share wltll you who arts of the
lean kind too.
Wben doing tlle exercises tbe neck
should lie quite Imre. The best place
Is to do tbem In one's kimono, nlgbt
uud morning, nnd to undo one's blouse
tit the throat during the day
Now for the exercises:
rirst, stand erect, look straight it
front of you, then, keeping the body
quite still, let the chin sink Blowly till
lt reiti'bes the chest. Raise the chit
anil move llie bend backward ns fill
us It wlll go without strain. Repeat
these movements from the to ten
times. The great thing to lemouihci
Is that nil bead and neck exert ises
must In? done slowly nml evenly
Quick, Jerky movements nre uselesi
uiul dungerous.
Second, raise tlie chin, bold your henil
rather In the position of B hen drink
lng nnd then turu tbe head, lirst to
thu right as far as It will go, tlieu la
tbe left   Do this tlve or ten times.
Third, hold the bend quite straight
and tnke a series of short, quick
breaths, pulling out the base of the
throat with encb breath. In addition
to these exercises you can If you tiki
massage Uie nock thoroughly with
beiizonnted bird every night; It make,
the sklu smooth and white, I bnve
While I'm prating of myself I know
I-lsn, honey, Unit you are ju--t dylnj
tu learn why I huve not sent vlu par
eel post llie Medici collars yon wanted
Well, here's tlle reason: they're Iff
uioudoUBly hard m Snd, for you nmsi
know that these picturesque nei h ud
ilenibi are having ii wonderful pupil
larlty this season uud it's n'lme-t lm
possible to get n Medici nl it re i mbii
price at tills lute dny Tlle lire small
ers are therefore reaping n lull-vent
for a well shaped Medici collar of li lie
lace or embroidered batiste bus Income tlie stomp of au exclusive co*
tnine turned out by a private dress
Yef tliey are so easy to mnke thai
you. ICIsu. could turu one out In ;u
hour or so. All tliey require Is skilful
Wiring, for the effect must be soft and
tbe flnro Just right.
Plaited frills and shaped lingerie materials can bc bought ns cheaply ns 2D
(cuts a yard Tbey tire to be busted
Inside a coal collar or n dressy blouse
waist. Buch a linlsh Is dainty nud Incoming particularly on u coat, na it
keeps llie unbecoming collar from
close contact with the skin.
Until you henr from yonr very negll
pent friend use one of tbese frilly ux
pedlunta and bless cours devotedly.
'i! Ii n special, creamy, amber brew, prepared tor the Christmas trade, We have made special efforts to get something which
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Wesiminster Brewery
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Grand Trunk Pacific Steamships
Prince Rupert and Prince
M,-ii.!.i\*s .nnl Tl  In) : al  midnight   rm*   1'rli    Rupert.
Tuesdays   nml   Katurdays   nl    flim Inlghl   for   Vli mn.i   nnd   Bi all
Tliii!'H'i,i\s   iii   12   midnight   i* ���
Qranby  li.i*.
Friday,    Di i*    ISth,   m    I '   mi.l-
nl *   t fol '.' i i-'i.u i    I I ind ���
M lay,   I. .'.   l ith.    .���   i     mi i
ni ilil   lm*  t-jtcwiirt  .in.I   M   isel
trains eonnsot at Prlnos Hupert
with Miiiiii.iv nnii Thursday steamers   from   Vanoouver   Pt   *i*i 11 *.���������*.
II. Ill It,m.    KiiiIiIhih;    iiilx.il    liuuei
i.i Rose Lake (mils 100 i
trains oonni el al Chicago with all
lm. .*< fi .mi tin- West
Tick.-ii t.i nml  from
any "t- nmshlp line vmi v. hu   **f*
li .,- tin in nil.
W.    will   bi   glail   la   submit
ii In, it ry  for \i.ur ui.|.i
W.  E..  Duperow, G.A.P.D.     H. G. Smith, C.P. & T.A.
527  Granville  St.,  Vancouver. Phone   Scy. 8134.
B. li.   III.'.'oLIN, N   BK A RUBLE*, W, T. II. BUI KLIN
Prss  tnd i.anl   Mar. vi"�� i'tasldsnt. Pe-   ***tl TrsM
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No   7 snd 877.
In   Un-   nnul. r   ..f  ths   est i"*   "f  Joseph
I   '.,*,! I   t,   J   ,   .1.   '   ,1
KOTTCE  i ���  In " l.v i!i*.*.*n  lhat  all  per
in    having  claims asuti   I   *   i   estate ot
i ... i *,   Dunn,   lute  of   tbe   cltj   of   Ni ��
'*���*.'��� ��� *"  *:*���*  .  iii  Hi,*   Provln t   British
Colu   nts   -i .   .-���<!. li.���- i-  of admlntsti.,
on ol   *   * iii*l effects ut the said
' *      . '   ���     Ins been irranli .1 l.v tin   .  .
'   nl   British   olumbln   un   ths
Ilth dat  i.i Non ml., i. 1913, lo John lunui
ft!     cil    of V  -.i-iii*. . r   laborer, the u.l-
ilor nn     il  then In.  thnt  they  unit, lo  i       red '.. s'lul In nil pnrtlculara
il  thel    *        ,    lo ilu- nald Jnhn I 'min n.
Hn.  oin���-���   ol   in*-   Dollcl     Matheson   ��
'it'.;     . .;   Mnstlnsa  snui.   \Y.-<i.   Van
er     I*.     ' ��� .    u*   !������ I'ur.*   Ill"   J"'III   .1 |V
of I" ��� ��� ��� ibi i*.   1011
Ond  notice  Is hereby  siv.u   that   after
Hint  d ������ ���  ".������   tdmlnlstratnr  ��ili  ei* .1
��� ���  dl tribute   in.*  assets  of   the   said   df
��� ! .,.i"im the i>artt��"* entitled thereto,
mvtnn i i.-.i:,| only t,> the claims of which
lie*   suld   Administrator   sii.iil   tlnn   have
i. ul notlo .   n"i i.   will nol  is   II tbls for
the assets  or any  pari   thereof  so <li-ni
hul ,1  t.i  nny  i�� rson  nl  nhose i*i,*t*ii   h
shall  nol   Hun  bave hnd  notli
Dated this ISth day of .'*.'..*.*. mtn r   101
JOHN   in \ -
Administrator "f thc   t.-im-    uf
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailer.
401   Columbia   St.
i ij'.i
Flr.E  ALARM   B0XE3
In ull tho numerous ailments caused
ly defective or Irregular action of
tlm organs of digestion nml elimination���certain t'i prevent cufiVritiK
: nd to improve tho (rcneral health--
SaM ...rymlnrr.   Ia bosci, 25 cants.
The following Is a complete list to
date rn in. , osltlona of (lie alarm
boxea m this city:
4    Fourth avonue uiul Blxth,
0 As) lum,
>; - Royal i Ity Mills.
7    Sixth avi nue and Sixth.
8���Hoyal avenue und Eighth,
II-1 li'li  avi nue anil  Twelfth,
IJ   Agne i Btn el ttnd Mi rrlvale.
lii   Cumberland streel und Harvey,
il���Columbia end Dnfterin,
lii���Rrunette MilK Sappertoti,
Id���itny.il ( olumblan Hospital,
IT   Hospital and Richmond,
HI    Queen's avenue nnd Third.
i'i   Iloyal avenue and Second,
23���Queen's avenue nntl Sixth,
24���ThlM avenue nn-l Kecond,
Fifth avi tn e .'md Fourth.
2fl���Fifth avonue nnd Eighth,
27���Third avenue und Tenth,
29    Sixth avenue, and  First,
"1 -Carnarvon Btrset and Begbie,
"���;���Agnes and Sixth,
31  -Front street and  Merrlvale.
3fi���Columhln nnl   McKenzie.
118���C   P. It. Station.
42���-Small nml Bucklln Mills.
12��� H. ('. IC. fl. Hallway Car Shops.
ir,���Sixth avenue nnd Tenth,
ti'.- I'li'hth avenue and Twelfth.
IT   .Sixth avenue nnd Fourteenth,
For Those Who Entortain.
What tins been served nt tfnuipnny
luiuiieiin*. nnd dinner* in so soon for-
gotten by tlte hostess thnl she may uu
c-ohHi'toUsly repent lier bill of fare for
-.ume of lbe minie guests Tu nvniil tin-
lug Mils n young nintrnn in n fust grow
lng suburb, where the young married
folk entertain one nnothor n guml deal,
keeps n book which is proving "f great
value to tier
In  II   she records the  niitnea of  tlle
guests invited to n luncheon, ten nr
dinner, und on the same page tbe bill
nf fare for tlie meal. With a nieiiuirun
dutii   about   the decorations   for  thn
tal.ie tier book ii"l only prevents lier
from repenting the name bill "'f Inru
for thu suuie peii-'ias, but also offers
her many Bttggpsiloos nf seasonable
New Recipas.
A   cooling  dessert  Is  T.nlln   Itimhll,
Which Is nothing more Hum u sherbet
(tines lllled wltll tiny Isltul "f wnter iie
tlmt linn n Inrge spoonful sooniied from
the center,  whieh In filled Just  lief.ire
serving wltli ereme de nientb irillul.
lirund.v or rum Pineapple ur nmnge
Ice l�� espeelnlly good with tills Wlll
Tenders addressed to the under
signed, al Ottawa, and endorsed on
tbe envelope "Tender fur Steamer,'
wtll be received up to noon of the
for the construction of a Steel Twin
Screw Icebreaklng Steamer of tbe following leading dimensions:
Length It. P 'iin fret n Inches
Itri'iiiiiii extreme  ... r��7   "   6
Draft Menu      ID    "    0     "
Indicated Horse Power.8,0(10
to be delivered al tlie King's Wharf In
111.' City  Of QUI bee.
Plans, tender forms and Bpeolflca
tlons of this steamer oan be mnn al
the office of the Purchasing Agenl ol
the Marine and Fisheries Department,
Ottawa, ai the offices of the Collsc
ton of Customs, Toronto. Colllngwood
and Pnrt Arthur, and at the Agencies
or the Department of Marine and
Fisheries al Montreal, Quebec, st
John, Halifax and Viotorla, B.C,
All tendi rs musl be made with the
distinct understanding tbut tin*
steamer must be built In Canada.
Plans, tender f-irniK and speclfica
tlons chu be procured upon applies
nnn iroin the Purchasing and ('in
truet Agent, Ottawa,
The tender form Is embodied In the
Kach   tender  must  bn ucrnmpnnleil
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
Bank equal to 10 per cent, of the
whole amount of the tenili r, which
Cheque will be forfeited If ibe successful tenderer declines to enter Into the
contract prepared by tbe Department
nr falls (ii complete the Hliamer In
accordance with the contract.
Cheques accompanying unsuccessful
tenders will be returned.
The Department does, not bind It-
self to accept tbe lowest or any
Newspapers copying this Advertisement without authority from the Department will not bn paid.
Deputy Minister A'*rine nnd FIshcrloR.
Department Murine and  Fisheries.
- '50306,     Ottawa, October 23, 101.1.
New Wellington
Office,  554   Front   Street.
Foot of  Sixth   Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
\.'hat with  the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Railway  Extension.
Bucharest, Dec.   IB. ���The chamber
of deputies unanimously voted todsy
to a credit nt $Hn,.i)0,000 for aa *.<t��n-
slve scheme of railway extension. The
work will OVtaB.il ever a petted of
seven yenrs.
Made   to   measure,   guaranteed   one
vear.    I'lioim (J7S for appointment.
MRS. TWISS, City  Manager.
i-ix..) 237 Sixth Street.
IN     THE     SUPREME     COURT    OF
In Probate.
m tbe Matter uf ths Ratals et Thomas
JllllllW.il.   I.il.* uf  Hi.- Cltv ..f  N.W   Wl'Ml-
mlnsler, li.-eiu-ni.
NOTICE   IS   HI-'tKllV   iMVr.N   Hint   Iltl
ereititius ttnd other persons having miv
claims or ttetnfuiils against tne estate nt
Mi- above nnmerl 'I'iihihiih Johnson, uxv*
nl lha t'lty ut New Wnstrmnster, in ttm
County uf New WnstnUnstor, In tlw Province "f lliltlsli Columbia, deceased, wtn>
��� Hul mi Hi" second day of September, l��IJ.
nud whuMi' wlll \v:m proved in Uu1 Supreme
Court nf UriilHii Ci.tuiiililn mi the thirtieth
ilnv nf October, IS18, anil to whose renl
and personal estate tetters of ndmtnlstn^.
tlnn wllh ilu* wlll iiiuu'xiil were granted to
Julius Johnson nf tni City nf now wostmlnster aforesaid, lire hereby reuulred i">
H.iul tun IIi'iiIuih In wrltlnn nf their clalnci
or demands in ths undersigned, D** mt-
rnlnlstrntor wiih the will annexed, on nr
before the ilth day of January, ist-t. at ths
undermentioned oodress, attar wnlen date
ttie   nulit  iiittiilnh-tlmtiir   Willi   Ilu-   will   un-
next'ii nili proooed lo distribute too assets
of tho uuiil Thomas Johnson, deoeneetl
amonget tin* parties ontltlod thereto, hnv-
tnn regard only lo tho olalms nnd detnnndii
of vrhich h" Khnll then have hnd notloe nml
the snld nilmtnlstruliir with the wilt an-
nsttad will not i*. liable for ite' naeets of
VV" sniil 'I'Imwhbs Johnson, deceased, or nny
���fart thereof so distributed t�� nny person
#r nersons af Whoso olalms nr ,i. innniiu ho
'shall  nol Hun  havi-  had  notloe,
Dated this llib day of December, A.l��.
Administrator with ths win Annenod, ill
iciKhth street, New Westminster, B.C,
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Div-jrced Broker and  Prcrp'.ctlvc Sec
and Wife Find Trouble Gel-
ting  Tied   Up
Ni v, York. Di c. i"i "I i ate i iy
bul and to Mlsi Du: jrea, I did n it
���ell Wm '
���iin* did Mr.*. Eta11 '��� i pbell Bald
win iii ny thai ih" "had been proi i'1* d
tor" bj the family ot Mia Lillian Du
;. ar, daughter i ( the starch in lib *.
aire, who la to marry Mr i: Id.*.In'i
divorced bui band w II itn I ie c ..i ai
Mi-H. Baldwin baa eollapaed undor
the ordeal followin ���- I n i ubllcltj (f
the affair. A woman I lend establish
i*il in rself aa a a medium of communication between the little, dark-eyed
woman and callers at the Baldwin
b tut '��� in Nyack yeeti rd *:���
A friend of the Duryea falmly declared   in   Nyack   tbat   Wilbur   Bald-
. 'ii   : te man in thla un omm in a:
fair   and   lllaa  Duryi a  wi aid  marry
. bin two ��i eka H added that
should they fall to Indue; a clergyman
i * perform tbe ceremony as ims been
the eaae thua tar���a justice of the
;*��� ace - 111 1 e sought
"1 -.vi aid not marry thi m," decli red
the i v Dr. Franklin Babbitt, n ctor
i ;' Grace Episcopal church at Nyack,
"The Duryea family are attendants In
my church. Mr. Baldwin came to me
in October and aaked me to officiate
1 told h'm I would not inirry a man
kncwlng be already iiad a wife llv-
li ���
"Knowing tbla case us I do, there la
ncthlt :��� tbat wi uld Induce me to of-
flclate," said the Rev. Dr. It. .1.
'.'������ Imi i, pastor of the Nyack Baptlet
church, of whicb Mra, Baldwin antl
her lirst and are membera.
"I have aot been asked, bul I have
made the matter very plain, and I
have no doubt but that they figured
It useless to approach me
".Mm. Baldwin's father was my predecessor in this pulpit and for h.r.
as a woman, 1 have the utmost re-
spect and admiration. She is a heroic
model for all womankind.
' I ���    aid not think of officiating at
th .rriaije of her husband and Miss
Duryea.   Nor ean I Imagine any other
clergyman performing th'- ceremony."
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and the council was at first afraid to
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$700,000 a year more. He Is complaining neTcrtheless ot th? difficulty of
making ent?3 meet.
Thet Increase In the olvll list Is
largely offset by the Increased cost cf
living of both the court and army of
employees at the forty-five castles,
palaces, hunting lodges, opera houses
and'theatres. It is estimated that
1,500 persons are employed at the royal tbreatres and opera houses and the
difference between the box office receipts and the heavy expenses Is met
by the kaiser himself. The income
from the kaiser's private holdings ls
said to have largely decreased this
y.ar on account of the industrial depression.
May Sell Bijou Castle.
The Vosslche Zeltung says the kaiser may sell Mon Bijou castle, a valuable site near the centre of Berlin. It
waa Frederick tbe Oreat'* gift to. his
wife and Is now the Hohenzollern museum.
People are -wondering whether or
not the kaiser lost money In the
"Princes Trurt," formed by Prince
Maxmllllan Egon ron Fnerstenburg,
who his his closest friend. The prince's
Industrial enterprlsea and hla financial ventures have been unsuccessful.
He mortgaged recently property to the
value of more than $6,000,000.
The kaiser uses less than half his
castles or hunting lodges. It Is said
-that hs wlll sell eeveral lodge*.
The rlechstag and -the diet will take
np the problem presented by the rap-
Idly growing army of unemployed.
Many mass meetings have been held
In Berlin to discuss ways aad means
to relieve the serious condition. A
commission of Investigation reported
that there were more (han 26.00 or
ganlied workmen without employ-
n_en,t. Thua with the Immense number of unorganised worker* there are
altogether about (0,090 to 100,000 men
without work and thla army wtll be
increased after Christmas.
Statistics **ote�� nt on* of the meeting* showed that many law-abiding
working men and women are driven
by despair to mrimm nnd mn sinking to
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jf  i-i,,ri. b >��� anj   criticisms of tbe
hartior impr  >*,.>iks h Ini! made |
the  hartHir committee of the council
wants to Ki  il i  pi) io tham. ��
rnr no apei I tull ii is been heard
ami any complaint haa beep nothing
ntora than general "grouching." I
This in capsule form waa what At
d, rroan  Whli .  harbor couiinlsBtonor,'
aiiiil to The News yesterday when dis*
enacting harbor Improvement  matters l
nml  he. followed  it  up by asserting,
that any specific criticism  if told tol
the liarln-r commlttci   would be deult 21
with nt once.
-It has com ��� in US," he said, "that
adverse comment iiiii- keen made of
work no* beta done, tut i have not
ni located one man who will name a
apnrlfln fault. We want to gtre in
rnrmation t.ii! people si'i'm not to want
to get it or if thej do tliey pet it
from      unreliable      mul      unofficial
-Have   yon   heard   any   complaints
���OBiaetfT" Alderman White asked thej
reporter.   "II   you    have    what    are Much Fuss Over the Kitchen
������Well the Btorm centre seems to
be ihe tug  Hero, '  v.as the reply.
"Tlie Hero i.s doing the work in rine
shape. I'll venture to say she is the
beat pulling llttlt tug for ber size on
rhe/ river."
Scrapings  Receptacle���Case   Adjourned
fer Two Days.
For  Par.;fic Coast
His name is Graft���Adolph Craft-
and because of the fact that he was
his ulTiee nt the mine to lind out what i
they    wanted.    Nuenthal,   O'Connell, '
Columbia, all accused, and Robertson
were in the crowd.
i   Nuenthal,     who   wan     apparently
spokesman, asked for Hugh Kemp and
: witness understood the other of tlif
refugees in  his  house.    There were
shouts ut "bring tbem out."
Fearing that tliere would be trouble
Roaf retired to    bid    bome   and   the I
Bpeclal   police   nnd   some   other   men,1
refugees, with the exception of Kemp
gave themselves up to the crowd,
Kemp iiinde bis escape Into the woods
while the crowd escorted the other
men to the station and kept guard
ever them until they were placed on |
the train.
By special arrangi ment tbe superin- j
tendent had the EC, & N. train stop at
the mine crossing tbe same day and!
placed his fattier   and   motbi r,   wit'
and children on board.
More Threats.
Mr.   Tompkins,   president   of   tbt
I'acilic Coast Coal company, dropped j
ulf the train    at    the mine   and   proceeded   with  Mr.   Iloaf  to  the olllce, I
Hardly   had   tbey  got  there  when    a I
crowd    Including    Nuenthal,    Waltet i
head and Copeland, three of    the nc
cused, gathered about tbe office.   Mr.
Tompkins  went  out  to  talk  to tbem
and   the  crowd   attempted   to   wrestle j
with him.   On striker said:  "You hail i
better be careful what  you are Baying.    If  you  are  not  careful  we  Will |
give >ou what We gave the other men
last   night."    The crowd  Anally    de
Mines Closed.
t Following the trouble tbe mines
were closed down completely foi
nearly a month. Coder cross-examination Mr. Itoaf stated that 25 men
| had been brought In by the company
jailer the strike started.
John II. Tompkins gave evidence In
corroboration ot the superintendent's
Dan Gold, a carpenter, who resided
In  the bunkhouse, gave a graphic ac
count of the attack upon that building
and a tue mile walk lie had made l
Nanalmo that same night  with a pair
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Ottawa, Dec.    16     The Galileo, the'found in Possession of a garbage can of light slippers only on his fei t.    Mis
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use on the Pacific coast, will leave similar appearance, to be more
llelfast dockyard Jan, 1 The Males- ��� -, t wh t , d|gnlfled wIth
t>eno    has    just    arrived  at  Victoria. ���" *.,,..
lloth  Teasels are  to be used to pro- name of the civic lock-up.
hilii-  poaching. |    Craft claims  that he came  by
cf forearm was broken during the atta
,N.  on the bunkhouse. One man bad said.
"We won't kill him; he's got enough.'
"they told me    to    go to Nanalmo
and  warned me nol  to come back.    1
Btarted out with a  pair cf thin slip
Find   Vessel   Eottom-up.
not through  the  exercise of any  pro-
veaad  floating botl -up off Sehler^P-rnsitiei; which  might  be    BUggested
tnnnnik Cog.   an   Island   In  the  North  by ills name.
Fred   Davis   lias   other   claims.     In
three dollar garbage can honestly and  pers on  my feet.    These 1 lost  when
1  was about a mile away from Nana!
mo, which I  reached about 12 o'clock i
Sea, is believed to l"j the Oerman
'.iiiamiT Narvik from l.uheck. The
parser'* body has bi en found but there
is mi trace of the crew The Narvik's
owners are Possehl and company. She
is of :-*.f>6. iii'.is and her home port is
1 .ulieck.
fact Fn-il alleges thai the receptacle
for left-over puddings and porridge
plate scrapings is his properly.
Adolph, who weara speCB and otherwise shows symptoms of German ex-
|trnrlkin,   wasn'l   ready   to   go   ahead
Expect  F~ish "shortage. I "*J *"" T" '" ?", P��"C    ' '"V " .
Umdon, Dec, IB The fish markets l'*,_,a-v; R" '"' *����� K'V" l��o ,I,,v; I ,
.if western Ontario, at least those sup ��** lawyer. Meanwhile he Is allow.
pthd from Lake Huron ports, are due '*- bls liberty, provided he can raise
for a big Bhortage thia winter. Word *-'r,l) *>���-'������ ">'<-<��� <--'' charge ot having
5.as reached this city from practically stolen a garbage can. a three .1 liar
every point between I'oint Kdward cmuiiu.n, iiiiif-'iisive, elTluiiiiin unan
���and Ooderlch and Colllngwood that at.atlng garbage can.
reset  70  per  cent   of  ihe   nets   were J Five Cough Drops.
either diiitrove,i by iiie recent great! An iarly bird in the Christmas
n!<>rin, or so badly damaged as to be cheer flock failed to come to court
inn-Ires. It. will be months before 'and his bail of live cough drops was
tbey can be repined and consequent-  ordered  oonflscated by  Acting  Magls-
ly the catch   will  be greatly reduced.
trate Whiteside, who adorned tin-
bench in the absence ot Magistrate
f'-rrporal  for "Naval  Holiday" Would
Bs  Welcomed  by  Peace
llerlin. Dee. 15.���The large majority
by whicb the naval holiday rvsolution
paused the American house of repre-
-saotattres has attracted favorable
���comment from peace lovers in Germany. The attitude of the United
States on the proposal that interna
tjo.i.il naval construction be discontinued for one year is regarded as one
���of  possibly   far-reaching   influence.
The qneBtlon just now is at a stand
atili mi lur ns Great  Britain and Cer-
(Continued from page one)
found.    One,   'olw.   Joseph,  emerged
from the bush   near   the   bunkhoua
with liis head bleeding badly.
loiter the superintendent met several  special  police   who  bad  just  arrived   from   Nanaimo  and   wiih   noun
others  went   over to  ('romp's  houae.
Thry   round   tlie   house   in   a   horrlbll
state.    Tha  windows were shattered
rurnitnre upset and crockery Bmashed
Mainta,nfd Guard.
ItiB'de,     t-tidbrook,     Mr.    Cromp'a
boarder,   was   staggering   around     on
'the floor with a baby In hia arms. Hla
i head
many  are concerned    and    American I "na"   wns
initiative   at this juncture would have ! w,'r'*   PIWUcbJ-J
bleeding  and   bis   clothes
rn   off   bis   back
��-sj��-cial   iijlliieni
the  opinion  of! Meantime
md Mra.
certain German naval officers. Unlike !had Wl borne previous
��� he proposals to thla end put forward
tiy Great llritain. the suggestion from
ii  neutral nation  to discontinue build
ins; battiest! I pa  for  12  months would
tie opeu tn no suspicion of hostile In-
���fe.nl. -
to   ilm
break,   bad   taketfrefuge   witli   mam I
others in  Mr.  ltoaf'H bouse     A guard
was kept up all night.
In lhe morning of August 13 an
angry crowd approached In the dlrec
tion t-f  (he mine.    He wenl  down  to
midnight    Next  the union  men  got j
afur mo and I  was  forced to    go    to
Vancouver.    I   spent   six  weeks  undel
the doctor's care."
Shots Were Fired.
Under Cross-examination Dan Gold
stated lhat while the attack on the
bunkhouse was on, two shots were
lired from outside the door. The
BhotS passed over his lead, he said.
This was the tirsl time be gave this
evidence. He thought the strikers
wcre just trying to throw out a
John McGregor, a master mechanic
,ii tin* nunc, declared that tbe Btrlkera
threatened io blew* up bis house unless he left town and for the safety
of hla family and himself he left, Ile
went by automobile and found the
roads blockaded with stones and
bottles. Some of the larger stones he
had to remove. It was Copeland who
threatened to blow  up his houae.
Bamuel Copeland. another ot the
men who occupied the bunkhouse.
testified as io the attack made on that
building. He described ih" --truggle
Inside the bunkhouse and stated that
be escaped with three cms on the
head and bruises on mini' runs other
pat ii  ot his i;i dy.
Hard  Headed  ccotchman.
"I rant say bow I go' away except that my head was too thick to
brink." said the witness, wbo is a big
husky Scotchman,
' A hard headed .Scotchman," remarked Mr. Taylor.
Copeland was escorted to the station with some other men next day.
In addition to the strikers, women
and children formed the escorl. Nuenthal and liinl. two of the accused,
were  In  the crowd
"Do you know if Head was seeing
anybody off?" asked Mr. Bird, while
cross examining  the  witness.
"They were all seeing them off."
interjected his lordship with a smile.
J. Arbuthiiol Identified some of the
licensed. Ile was a hoisting engineer
it the mine and was compelled to
ll ave by  the" strikers.
V. K. Proctor, a drafts'maii for ihe
Pacific Coast Coal company, bird he
saw a crowd of about 150 people at
the station on August 13. As he
passed there were cries of scab and
"knock his block off." The majority
5 of tlle men were armed with sticks.
���       Itobinsnn.   one  of   the   accused,   an
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***���* write Flre. Life, Accident. Employers'   LlahJiH*  An��e*o��lle   and
Marina Ioi
proached and Bald: "You are one i
iiie men who draws pictures for lhl
capitalists. Vou are a capitalist too."
Lambert Columbia, one of the ac
cusi d, commenced to brandish a club
a in ni ins head, bul "Dig" i.ouis Nuenthal signalled to him to quit,
Witness had heard Columbia and
Ci pi land ordi r young Arbuthnot nol
i" i-t, mar the mine again. As for
himself Nuenthal gave hint 24 hours
io leave inwn and be complied by not
going back until tlte troops arrived,
Iti in rt l.udbrook told of the attack
made upon hlmsell and Crop's houae
by the strikebreakers. "Mr. and Mr?
Croinp had gone out having me ta
charge of the house and their four
children." said the witness, "Thr.
voungist child was 1- months old
while the others were three, five and
eleven years respectively. Late In
the evening a man came to the back
doi r and told me there wero 600 men
ta the vicinity nnd they were going to
pul ua all oul and ihen he told me I
had to stay and Ink" my dope. Other
nun eame to the deer and I started
to light ihem    1 did not   remember
much after thai as I became semiconscious."
l.udbrook declared thai Pettdergast
ene i I the BCCUBed, was spokesman
for the crowd.
.t -  Cromp. owner of the houst
whicli "in damaged, ptated that b<
"������>. ni lioaf'- house W1''i his wife
vie i tha outbreak occurred. Mr, Itoaf
would not hi thern return. They went
to Victoria wiih their children and
returned in ten days, When they got
back  they  visited    their    house    and
fi nml everything   tbat   was   useful
taken away and what was not useful
had been destroyed.
.la iti i s Crnmii was the last witness
of the day. The case for the crown
wlll be continued this morning.
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We are showing fresh, neat
nnd carefully selected styles,
shinies, shapes and designs in
Neckwear, at priceB to suit th"
ladles. Ask to see these new
creations See the fresh showing tn our windows and showcase.'.
Ha int.v perfumed Hunches.
Sprays, Roses and Hows. In
all shades, for ov-ning wear
and fur decorations. Prlcea
from. each..BOe t0 $3.50
.New Kisehu and Frill Dress and
Coat Collar effcts. in tbe lat-
i st     shades.       I'rlces.     trom.
each  75e to $2.50
N'ew Hulgarian Collars, in Dutch,
low and high effects, with
and without the shadow and
not Jabots. These are in lace,
' silk, brocade designs, crepe
de chine and muslin. In all
shades.   Prices  from.
each  50e   to $2.50
Heavy Oordedaand Moire Silk
Collars, with dainty button
trimmings. All shades of
brocaded s!lk and si'in novelties: e,*u*!i. $1.00toS3t.no
Dainty Vests for Tailored Suits
All shades and shapes, with
Bulgarian and rhlneetone button trimmings. The very latest novelties for the smartly
dreseed lady of todav. I'riee:..
i, $1.00 to $2.50
Pancy stock Collars; an excellent selection In dainty shadow
and heavy lace effects of white
and cream, with touches of all
the latest soft shades: all
styles, shapes and sizes Prices
each   SOc to $3.00
Ni w Coat Knelling, white and
cream. In dainty shadow lace
and net edslgna. I'rice. per
yard    2*r-
New Neck Hitching, white and
cream In fine nets, silk tind
chiffon; per yd..25* '���> 35*
llox Huching. fi dainty neck
lengths of niching; assorted
shades, in fold and ruffle
style:   p r box 35*
Hand painted Hows, all shades.
Th" latest novelty. Prices,
each    50t   and   fSt
Xmas .election of Leather Handbags, in goat, calf and seal
-kin leathers; assorted shapes
and styles. Come and sre our
i took In this choice eollcctlen
that have just    arrived    for
Xmas      glftB.      Prices    rrom.
each .     St.CO 'o RUS.On
Vr     ��� ���   '      ���,]!    a ��� 't'e    BUJ   Ply    '*'
'!;* ; * . Ci ;i"n."* Ii"llv and mis-
1 toe i ("'�� Anj ladv or gen
t'et'iiin making a purchase mav
h ive om ��� f ilu k for each article required This" are given if
they ari only ask for thei i In
any department of McAllisters
Seasonable Gift Goods in
the Basement a! Very
Special Prices
12-Inch Itall Plates, decorated
with hunting scenes, land
scapes,    etc.    Special.      each.
Decorated China Ssaving Mugs
Decorated China Trinket  Boxes
a*  SOC and 75C
���'-*<������'    25c
Decorated China Teapot Stands,
iinii     25c, 35c and 50C
Good   Tabic  Tumbles;   regular
76c de.en  f. r   ... .fi for 25C
Brown Hetty Teapots; regular
t'5c;  enc'ii   ISC
Nickel Plated Shaving Stands,
complete with brush, $1 00,
$1.50 and   $?. 50
Decorated china Cuspidors;
each ,.75e, $1.00 and SLSO
Soli  llracs C.iispiorg;
each.$1.90, $2 50 and $3.��0
Buy   that   Dinner   Set   now   at
these Special  Prices:
97-piece Porcelain Dinner Set,
with neat floral decoration, In
apple green, light blue or dark
blue; three patterns: regular
$12.60 for.  per set.. $H.9$
97-plece Semi Porcelain Decorated In old Worcester pattern.
A very handsome set. Spe-
dal    $19.00
Suitable  Suggestions   for   Holiday
Gifts in Our Ladies' Ready-tc-Wear
A dainty hand embroidered waist   in  sheer  batiste;   lace  trimmed.
a good assortment trom  S3.50 to $7.50
A   new   Silk   Waist   in   taffeta  or   messaline,   nil   shades.     Some   two-
toned  effects;   from    $4.50  t0  $6.00
Fancy  Tea Aprons,  In  dottid  Swiss and  plain  lawn  line,  trammed.
Krom each   25C t0 $1.00
A  beautiful  set of finest quality  natural  Mink  Kurs;   regular  selling
price $826.00.   Special v alue at $245.00
Handsome  set   of  Natural   Mink,  fancy   stole  and   large pillow   muff;
our regular price $375.00.    Now   $210.00
Long   Handsome  Seal   Siiarf.   best  quality;   r,gular  $'_o.no.     Speeial
at $16.85
Hudson Seal Muff to match, pillow style   $16.50
Kor the little folks, some fluffy white Thibet  Sets, also  white  bare
and imitation Ermine Sets. Prices from per set.  $3.95 ,0 $7.50
Satin  Petticoats, flnlshid  wilh  niching on  fool;   regular $3.0-5,    Special  at    $1.95
Satin   PetticoatB,   in   all   the   newest   shades,   finished   with   accordion
pleatlngn.    Special    $2.50
Queen  quality Taffeta  Silk  Underskirts,   With  deep accordion   flounce
in green, cerise, apricot, Nell itose. gray and b lack. Special. $5.75
A nice warm Velvet Coat for moth r;  regular fl,l). Special  . $34.00
Kegular $85.00.   Special   $24.75
A good Tweed Coal for a miss; regular $ir>.ilij values; each at.  $7.50
Misses' and Small Women's Kvening Dresses, in ninons. In    pale blue
and   pink;   regular  $80,000,    Special    $14.50
A nice warm Serge Dress, iu navy, brown. Copenhagen and  black,  ill
a  good   range of si/, s.  for ladies or  misses.    Special $7.50
Toyland is Busy these
Fresh Bargain Tables T"ach Morning and Afternoon
Nursery    Tales,    Kairy      Tales,
Drawing   Hooks,   linen   Hooks,
in   soft ol stiff covers;
each   10c ^ $1.00
Toy Diner Sets in China or
Aluminum     25c  !" $1.50
Toy Toilet Sets; each  	
each  . .. .$1.00 and $1.50
A wonderful array of Toys that
are worth double
for   IOC ��"d 15-6
Little Hed (lo-Carts; each 50c.
65c and    75C
Little Ued  Whe I barrows;
each  . 75c, $1X0 and $1.25
���O.ik stained Too! Hov. containing saw. hammer, square, mallet, mitre box, rule, pin 'ers
and  nails, ,75c, $1.25, >J OO
Parlor Skiltlts, painted and var
nishril   .   50c, 65c and Sl.SO
new. Cood large trees   on '.vo'd
base for  SOt
Dnliv red at any time.
ilil I III 1.1.
V,u will need extra Table Linen during the Chrlstmastlde.
We haw a special line In pun"
line bleached damask tabling:
strong weave and beautiful In
design; thin i�� TO Inches wide:
regular $i:i5. Today for.WW
A hemstitched Daroa*k Set
makes ao Ideal Christmas
gift     A  beautiful hems!:'     ��� ,
Damask Tab'"' Clot i; t i ������
satin finish; Bize 66x86, witb *
one dozen tabl i pklnt to
match; i .������ 20x20; in crysan-
tnemii", nr IrlB designs; regular tl-.-"" a set. Today, upe-
Quilted Silence Cloth for Tables.
Hil"nce Cloth; 60 inches wide,
regular 51 26 per yard. Today  $1.1$
Silence I'le'li, 60 inches wide;
regular $1.60 per yard. Today  $1.35
There never was such a display of Mechanical Toys au we are showing and a speeial demonstration in llle basement al Ithls *c��'k. Hrlng
the children to see th.m 15C. 25C.  5CC. $1.00 UP
Our Big Christmas Sale of Furs
Study these fur economies car. fully and decide to purchase now.
What lady would not appreciate a nice fur sei for a Christmas gUt?
Ai the reductions we are offering at this early date you will Immediately recognize that these are exceptional values,
A  20 per. cent, deposit  will be accepted on all fur purchases and
the furs kept here for customers until Christmas Eve.
Handaome large  Natural  Alaska  Mink  Stole.    Fancy  style  with  natural     hi ads    and    tails     Tor    trimming;     regular    $176.00.     Sale
price    $128.00
Large Pillow Muff, beautifully lined and having trimming of heads
and tails lo match stole; regular $1511.11(1.    Now $110.00
Persian Lamb Set, with fanfcj stole and shaped muff to match.
Itegular  $40.00;   now    $34.50
Natural  Raccoon Set,  large shawl stole, bolster muff;   regular $37.60.
Hudson     Seal     Boarf,   Ml   lnche;.   long,   t,atin   lined,
���Sale  priee   	
Hudson Seal Muff, to match scarf; regular $110.00, Sale price.	
Mink   Marmot  Boarf,  satin   lined,  Ti   Inches  long,   finished   In   front
with   h-jads;   regular  $8.60.    Sale  price Sfi'S^
Mink  Marmot Muff, to match scarf.    Special sale price $7.50
Persian   Lamb     Set,   fancy   collar,   with   muff   to   match.     Itegular
$40.00.     Sale   price    $34.00
Kancy Bear Cloth Seta, In while, satin lined, long ncarf, with fancy
rug  muff.    Special  per set    $15.00
Black  Opossum  Stoles,  plain shawl  style stole vv I tli tails trim ming
front;    regular   $10.00,     Sale   price $7.50
Near Seal  Set,  finished   with   Imitation  Chinchilla  trimming  at edge
of stole and muff;  regular $20,00,    Sail   price 515.00
Misses' White Thlbi t Sets, large fancy stole, wilh long lab ends and
extra  large pillow  muff  with  ehlrrod satin  lining at. opening;   reg-
ular $20.00.    Now    $17.00
Hlack  lliiglan   Hare Scarf, HO  Inches  ta  length, satin  lined;   regular
���$0.00,    Sale price  $6.75
Muff to ui'itrh scarf. In pillow style; regular $6.00, Now... -$3.78
Krench  Coney Sets, extra  large ihawl collar and  large rug muff to
match;   regular  price,  $26i00,    Hale  price $10.80
Children's Kur Sets, In a good assortment; Agnora White Imitation Chinchilla. White Hare, all Thibet, Imitation Krinlne, at remarkably low prices for the Christmas trade,
Girls' Imitation Ermine Set, fancy collar with pillow muff, trimmed
wllh  fancy braid  ornament and  tassels.    Hpeclal  price $5.98
regular  Kti.on.
**%flL X______ .J�������* limbec
We are showing a line of embroidered QOOdS and Novelties
Where you can make a nice selection for Christmas gifts.
Come In and see these lines, as
they are going fast,
Kmbroldered   Cushions.    Scarfs,
squarB. Hags   and   Centres;
some on gray linen, and oth-
���ers repp, embroidered In colors. Excellent values. Let us
show you theae. Prices ranging from .. 75e to $2.00
In Novelties we havn a very
handsome line of Pin Cushion*,
ln pink and pale blue satin,
ribbon and laco trimmed;
would make a nice gift for a
ladv.  Prlcea,  35c, 50c. 65c
and   78<
lllg bargains ln Hide Combe,
flack Combs and Seta eon-
siting of side combB, back
comb and barrelte They are
in plain ami fancy styles. All
our combs, regular 2fic to 65c,
at   25 c
Only  a  few   of  these  mohair
Caps left, In red and green    To
clear at   15*
Three Patterns to Select From.
Tea   or    Coffee    Spoons;    four
for    50-t
Dessert   or   Table   Spoons   and
KorkH;   two for    SOt
Kriiit Spoons;  each    75-6
Sugar Tongs;   each    78*
Cold   Meat   Korks;   each      75<
Sugar Spoons, each 35*
Child's Knife, Eork nnd Spoon;
per set  $1.28
In Neckwear for today we are
offering fifty down hlghc'nss
Neckwear; regular SOO and
75o values. They come In
plain silk and silk knit. All
beautiful patterns. Special for
today  only    35*
Just received, our Christmas
bhipment of 75c N.ckwear. A
splendid assortment of patterns iu open style ends. Her
by and reversible The best to
be obtained anywhere at Unpopular  price  of 78*
Any  tie  packed   in  a  fancy
box  If requested.
Linen Initial HandkerchiefB;
���%-lnch hem, nicely boxed In
half do?.etis. Specials for today,  per  box $1.00
Pure Linen Initial Handkerchiefs
at  ,...28*. 38* and 50*
Gift Suspenders, suitably boxed
at     50*. 78* ��"d $1.25
Combination SetB of Oood Webbing, nicely boxed
nt 78*. $1.00 and $1.28
Silk Arm Bands, ta Christmas
boxes at 38* and 75*
There Ib nothing more suitable
as a gift for a man than a pair
of gloves. We have all sizes
In Mocha. Cnp-e and Kid. with
or without silk lining. Nicely
boxed. Today special $1,50
SWEATER    COATS    AT    $1.95
Men'B Wool Sweater CoatB; reg.
$2.50 and $:t.00 values, in gray,
navy, tan, hrown. khaki, and
red, trimmed with contrasting
colors. Special today..$1,98
SWEATER    COATS    AT $2.95.
All-wool Sweater CoatB ta gray,
red, navy, fawn, antl slate, and
combinations of colors; regular valtjBB to $.1.75. Today,
special   $2.98
SWEATER   COAT8   AT   $3.95.
Theso arc our regular $5.00 values, ln all-wool fine knit, medium weight coats. In good
plain colors, or contrasting
shadeB; all alzea from 30 to
42.    Today, apeclal.. $3.98
Shaker Knit Sweater Coata,
with roll collars, In colors of
navy, brown, Havana, Bmokc
and gray; regular $6.75 and
$7.60  values.  Today. $8.98
Electrical Dept.
We have the latest thing
In ChrlRtmas Tree Decorating Outfits from H00 up.
These Include plain colored
lamps or flower lamps.
These outfits eliminate the
danger from candles catching
flre to the tree.
l'aronts, come, see, purchase and  save  worry.
Paper shadeB tn different
colors, suitable for decorating purpoF.es alwayB In Hlock.


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