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The New Westminster News Oct 15, 1913

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Newe Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
resulta   they   produce.     They   Ilil
large   or   small   wants   at   small
Ths Weat.'.r.
New Westminster and the lower
mainland: Light to moderate winds.
Partly cloudy and cool, with occasional rain.
JURY fAll TO m
Foreman Announces That Six Were for Acquittal and the
Balance for Conviction���Counsel for Defence Scores
Witness and Detective Agency���Summing up���Martin
Powell Will Be Tried Today.
The jury returned last night   nt    8
o'clock and reported an Irreconcilable
disagreement In the trial of Charles
Dean lor tbo robbery of the Hank of
Montreal.    Inadvertently the foreman
of the Jury blurted out the gratuitous I
Information that the Jury was squally
divided,  Bix  being for acquittal    and j
six for conviction.   He alao stated tbat
there was no chance of tbelr agreeing j
cm a verdict.   They   were   then   din ,
charged and tha accused remanded.
When the foreman gave out the
numbers Justice Clement smilingly de-1
predated   the  Jury's  disclosing  the]
nmiit-rlcal result of their division.]
The> muat tint tell tbem that, he aald.
The  Jury   retired   to consider  their'
verdict  at 8:80 and at G o'clock   ad-
journi il   for   dinner,   the   court   re-
assembling at 7:S0.   At 8 o'clock the'
Jury  returned   wllh  the  result above
Asked for Bail.
Sir tliarlcs Tupper, on behalf cf accused, npplied  for ball,  pointing out!
that h<  hud been In custody for a very ,
lung period.
The court Bald the proper time ror j
the application  was  when the crown
Intimated the course they intended to
pursue.   Sir Charles might apply later
Martin Powell.
Thc court then adjourned until to
ilt-ft nt io-.,-!-*. whon the trial of Martin
Powi II nn Iho aame charge of robbing
Hi" Bank of Montreal la scheduled to
Extraordinary Internet was manifested on the closing day of the trial.
tin twelfth, The court was crowded
and  tin- speeches of Sir Charles Tup
par, K.c.. for the defence, and E. P.
Davis, K.O., tor the i-nmn, and Ihe
charge of Justice Clement were listen-
<it t-i with rapt attention.
Sir i'harles' oration wan greeted
wtth applause nt its close, nn outburst
of feeling iui-��:t-,iiiiu'l>- siijaiAlnd It
was :��� marki-d that.-during Justice
Clement's charge the attention of the
HCCiiMHl-ws-s rigidly tixed upon the
' J (fry and when they returned b�� soatt-
ned lhelr faces anxiously until they
announced the rcDiilt of thetr deliberation.
For the Defence.
Sir diaries spoke eloquently on behalf of accused foe cn hour and a half,
lie reviewed thc cTTTrf points of the
evidence pointing out that none of the
Stolen money bad been found within
thousands of miles of the place whir*
Dean wns arrested. Tlie crown had
endeavored to overwhelm the accused
with suspicion and the jury had not
< lily to try Dean, btlt this extraordinary trial had developed Into soiu< thine;
like live trials.
Denounced Witness.
Ho ridiculed the man Ferguson'-,
evidence in Macnamara's cane as
wholly untrustworthy and the result
of the Pinkerton sleuth hounds manipulation. No one hm he bad seen
the motor at the hour he mentioned
und he described its windows and
other furnishings better than the
But the bright shining tur of the
crown witnesses upon whose oa'h depended Cue guilt of acc-seU and rowell
was fireer-.vood, whom Sir Charles
jicst'iingly denounced as n recklesj
perjurer and self confessed liar and
the only real r-iinlnal In the case,
proved up to the hilt from his own
mouth. They could not hang a dog on
Ills evidence.
Kven admitting sll Creenwood said
It was merely suspicion, and If thoy
were dealing wltll suspicion there
were much strong suspicious circumstances against Turner, the bank
clerk, nnd the Chinese janlttor.
He expatiated nt length upon the
absurd improbability of the Janitor's
story and that expert burglars, capable of such a coup aa this would
leave their "get away" to the laat
moment, on the chance of burgling an
-automobile which they coulu .iot drive
and exposing themselves to passers
by at 6:30 In tbe morning.
Venal Evidence.
The evidence of Burton wss characterised as venal and unreliable and
those of the Bosnians, who stated, they
met Dean In the Rslnler bsr, Vancouver, shortly after th�� robbery, where
he flashed a rocket book of cold In
view of the elder wan was dismissed
-r.ontemptitousW ns the testimonies of
bar room Icafers.
Armltagc's evidence was based nt
the best on nn Impression, even on
the osrumniion that he wss to he
believed and he commented on the
fact that his original swern statement
to the bank was not forthcoming, Hn
bad repudlsted the Identification of
Denn by photograph nnd trusted to
hls memory of two yeara ago.
Contrary Statements.
f-ttr Charles reverted to Oreenwood's
-evidence, quoting copiously from hi*
different and contradictory accounts of
the reoontre with the taiotorlsts on the
morning of the robbery and hli statements that he could not remember
within 20 yeara ot the date of his first
marriage and othert connected with
Ills divorce and conviction for assault.
Sir Charles concluded by appealing
eloquently for an acquittal.
Justified Pinkertons.
BS, IJ. Davis. K.C, for the crown,
after Justifying the employment of
the Pinkerton detectives In the case,
explained llreinwood's extraordinary
answers to Sir Charlea 111 cross-examination ns the result of b"lng rattled
after a duy and a half's cross-examination.
The Jury might assume that every
clue was hunted down to Its legitimate
conclusion, the Chinese janitor and
Others, The Chinaman had returned
frcm China and was buck In his old
Powell's case was then partially reviewed. Powell had been proved by
Qreenwood, be said, to have becn in
Deans company and in Powell's possession In Detroit a portion of the
stolen motley was found, $_siki altogether, In Bank of Montreal notes.
Prisoners Not Called.
He laid stress upon thu fact that
neither Powell nor Macnamara' had
been calied as witnesses and tnld the
jury tliey were entitled to draw their
own Inference from that, on thc basis
cf tlieir knowledge of human nature
and human procedure. Macnamara
was convicted of stealing Trapp's auto
and the only crime ll could be used
for on that morning was the bank
He contended that they found themselves overweighted with thc loot they
had burgled and concealed It on their
way to Trapp's garage, where they
mlgbt aubstMiuently re.ourrect It. The
car might be Intended to reach another car, their own. ouss'.de the city.
Tho house In MMwej with IU
varnished t^-a-dows filed Yale and
other keys were duly er.iphaslied. The
bull dogs were useful to keep Inquisitive .strangers awny.    Those Incidents
AMONG MISSING! mm mm    mm mm
No  Trace  of  Man  Who   Dlsappesred
Following Fatal B. C. E. R. Wreck
���Injured Men Recovering.
Although tracers have been sent out
no sign has been found of Conductor
Nicolet, who was In charge of B.C.E.H.
train 1)7. which crashed Into a freight
near Abbotsford on Sept. 7, In which
Motorman Plows lost his life and In all
probability Utile can be done to secure his atendance at the forthcoming enquiry by the coronpr which was
adjourned from Sept. 24 to Wednesday. Nov. 6.
Nicolet Is understood to have gone
back to the United States from whence
he came and according to Information
from official quarters little can be
done as to bringing him to New Westminster unit ss a charge Is laid against
Of th-/ crew who were injured in
the .wreck, all but two have recovered
sufficiently to be allowed out of fhe
hospital. Oeorge McMillan Is the latest one to be brought down from Su-
inas and although lt will be some time
before he will be able to get back to
work, the doctor Is optimistic of a
speedy  recovery.
Of the two remaining In the Sumas
hospital, Joe I-eckle and Fred McMillan, both are well on the road to recovery and from advices obtained yesterday It will onlv he a matter of s
few days before they will be brought
back to New  Westminster.
Greatest  Disaster in History of South Wales
Discuss   Proposal   to   Buy
Gas Plant and Endorse
Believed   400   Men   Have   Ptrlshed���  Alderman    Bryson   Raises   Objection
Twenty Found Alive at the
Bottom of Pit
Three Bylaws Explained at Length���
Another Meeting Probable on
Cardiff. Wales, Oct. 14��� A disaster,
possibly the greatest in the history of
the South Wales coalfields, whose annals arc bristling with terrible catastrophes,   occurred   yesterday  through
and Votes "Nay"���Coe>1tlam Dam
and Interest Conversion.
At the public meetings held last
night to discuss the three bylaws to
be voted upon by the ratepayers on
Saturday, cily authorities who spoke
either sold delinitely what stand they
an explosion in the Universal1 colliery | had ^.n or from thelr reniarkg led
near here.   Shortly after the day shift | thelr hearerg t0  bellevc  they  would
of -31 men entered the. mine an ex
plosion shattered the work. Today
and early tonight about S00 miners
were brought to the -surface alive.
Arter midnight the rescuing parties
began to get the flre' under control
and at 2-.nl) a.m. 20 more miners were
found alive at the bottom of the pit.
This gave belief that there are still
more alive but there Is a probability
that nearly 400 men perished.
Including the bodies rescued and
those killed at the pithead the known
death roll numbers 16. Doctors with
oxygen and medicants descended the
shaft at an early hour this morning.
I, crowd of 40,000 distracted persons
surrounded the pithead all night and
another \(*)<i awaited news at the
,it,'ardlff station.
themselves vote as here glveai-
Interest Coqultlam
Conversion. Gas.     Dam.
Aid. Bryson  Yes
Mayor Gray ..   .Yes
Aid. White   Yes
Aid. Lynch  Yes
Aid. Kelll_.g_oi_ .Yes
Aid. Dodd 	
Where there are blanks the speakers did not discuss the subject, but
left It over until the next meeting,
-called in the city hall tomorrow nlgbt.
By this table it can be seen that the
only opposition to any of the propositions wae made by Alderman Bryson,
who Intimated tbat another "no"
would appear opposite his name when
the Coqultlam dam bylaw was brought
up tomorrow night.
Two meetings were held last nlgbt,
one ln the city hall and the other in
St. Mary's hall, Sapperton.
Citizens Intereeted.
The council chamber was well filled
**       (Continued on   Pa_F*"F0Br)-.
Rifled Registered Mail on
Southern Pacific���Makes
Clear Get-away.
Lone Handed Forces Clerks   to    Put
Heads in Ba? and Crawl Under
,    Table. I
San Krancisco, Oct. 14���A masked
bandit entered the mail car of Southern Pacific train No. 3 at Burltngame
this arternoon and at the polnl of a
gun compelled two mall clerka to
crawl under a table. The registered
mail was thus rifled. The train made
no stop between Burllngame and San
Francisco and tho robber made his
escape, according to postal officials,
when the train slowed down In the
San Francisco yards.     '
An examination of the rifled pouches
hy local postal Inspectors showed that
the loss will not be great The robber's time to make a thorough search
of all tho registered mall was limited
because of the fast schedule maintained by the train between Burllngame
and San Francisco.
When the train stopped at,. Burllngame to tnke on passengers and dispatch mall, the robber, with his .face
cocealed by a blue bandana handkerchief, climbed aboard the mall car
from the side opposite the depot.
Heads In Sacks.
He commanded Clerk George A.
Scott and his assistant, Mortimer M.
Prentiss, to throw up their handa and
face the wall of the car. Aa aoon as
the train got under way he compelled
them to plaoe their herds ln mall
sacks and crawl under the distributing table.
The ordinary mall matter was
ripped open and scattered abort the
enr but nothing of value, so far as
can be learned, was taken trom the
letters. Thn robber had some difficult v iu finding the location of the
registered mall and Prentiss was ordered to reveal Its hiding place. This
done the clerk was sent back under
thn table, and 11) pieces of registered
matter was opened. Little, if any,
n-tonrv wns found, although It la be-
l'"Td thnt. several articles of jevrelry
and papers were stolen.
The clerks did not hear the bandit leave the ear. When -the train
stopped at the Ban Francisco terminal
they rose to their feet, hut the robber bad disappeared. An alarm waa
Immediately given and a score of police and detectives began a search
nt the railroad yards. Only a meagre
deserlntlnn ��f the msn was obtained,
as both clerks were badly scared.
The train operates between Ban
Luis Obispo and thla olty.
An audience of between 20 and 30
gathered ln St. Mary's hall last night.j
membei-s of the Sapperton Ratepay-1
era' association. Following a short
discussion as to whether Sapperton
ought to be visited by the mayor and
council in order -that the bylrws pro
and con could be heard, it was decided lhat a committee wait upon
Mayor Cray and request thst Friday
evening be designated as the meeting nlgbt in St. Mary's hall.
I Alderman White was the only
opeakrr for the city council and In a
lucid manner explained the different
onlnts connected with the three by-
Inns to bc voted upon Baturday and
also thc proposed agreement between
the city, the Vancouver Power com-
miny ond the Dominion government.
In all four Items Alderman White
placed his stamp of approval and
ureed the support of tbe electorate.
The Conversion bylaw was first
('niched upon, the alderman stating
that owing to the present condition ot
the financial market It waa n cessary
to raise the rate of Interest from 4 1-2
to 5 per cent, if the ctty was to got a
proper price fnr her bonds.
A year laBt June, New Westminster
4 1-2 per cent bonds sold at (5 net.
At tbe present time he doubted If the
city could get 85 net. which meant a
difference of SIB on the hundred. The
speaker declared that there was lots
of monev on the market but Investors
were holding for larger rates of Interest snd the move tn raise same was
eitlrelv advisable from every point
of view.
6��i r-vlew.
Turning tn the New Westminster
Gas bylaw the alderman explained that
he neople had ratified a bond issue
of S225.000 for the erection and installation of a new gaa plant, the
bonds of which had been sold end the
money lying in tbe bank. An eminent
engineer had been engaged tn lay out
sll plans In connection with the plant,
the plans now being in <he hands ot
the city council. The aame euglneer
that drew up the plans for the new
plant hss gone over tbe system of the
present company and has reported favorably towards purchasing same.
Last year the profHa of the company were |��100 which represented
i 10 per cent on an outlay of 191.000.
"���'ith all competition out of the way
the city would be able to extend the
nresent mains throughout the city
where business was to be found. Sap-
(Continued on Page Four.)
Apron as Weapon.
Duluth, Minn., Oct. 14 ���That a kitchen apron, when propt-.ly used, is a
better weapon against a bear than a
gun was proven yesterday by Mlaa
Clara Mellura, aged 18 years, who
lives on a (arm near Grand Lake. She
while walking through the woods,
found   Albert   Peterson  of  Duluth.   a
hunter, perched in a tree with a halt i _.,���_,_,_, ,.���_ ,._������_���... ������,_���. ���������-,*i_..i
grown bear expectantly waiting be-1 ******** Gl�� company . plant occupied
neath   him.     Miss   Mellum   "shooed"
her aprc
lowed  Peterson to  make his escape.
Gunners'   Mate   Washed   Overboard
from Torpedo Boat During Naval
Newport, R. I., Oct. 14���In a daring
war game played by the Atlantic torpedo flotilla under bad weather conditions last night, Gunners' Mate H. A.
Garrity, of the Paulding, lost his life.
The destroyer csme into port today
with all hands exhausted. Oarrlty waa
washed overboard. It Is thought he hit
his head accidentally as he was carried over the stern, where he had
been trying to Becure some tackle and
that he was unconscious wben he
struck the water. He was married
only a week ago.
Manoeuvres Successful.
Captain William S. Sims, commander of the flotilla, said tonight
that the manoeuvres were successful
in bringing over the real conditions of actual warfare. The problem, which was to locate a hostile
fleet ln the dark and destroy it wa.-.
worked out successfully in a forty
mile gale with tbe seas sweeping the
decks as high as the bridge and washing over the tops of the high forecastles. Through these seaa the 20
destroyers were driven at 20 knots
with lights extinguished. Life lines
were stretched across the decks and
officers and men went about their
duties with lite preservers strapped
about them.
The flagship Dixie, with the destroyers Casein and Walke, represented the enemy. The scene of action
was between Point Judith and Gay
Line by Line Gives Horrors
of Disaster���Terrible
and at Intervals citizens asked questions of the speakers.   On one or two MAYOR P. O. ROE WILL
occasions only waa heckling attempt-! RETIRE FROM POLITICS
ed.   The bylaw to purchase the West-
Lifeboats   Smashed   When   Lowered
into Sea���Series of Exploaione
Wrecked Hospital.
New York, Oct. 14.���Captain Francis
Inch, whose steamer, the Volturno.
was burned at sea with the loss of
138 lives, told his story of the disaster
tonight, lt is a plain seaman's tale,
but ln It line by line the horrors cf
the disaster aud the terrible ordeal
through which passengers and crew
passed are brought out all the more
clearly, perhaps of the marked directness and simplicity with which the
story Is told. s*
Hia narrative runs without apparent
omission of any salient fact, but one.
Captain Inch does not say what caused '
the fire, reporting simply that the
chief officer advised him at ten mlnutea before 7 o'clock on the moral n-;
of October 9 of its starting below, and
, that Ave minutes later the flames had
burst through the forward hatches ana
were spreading rapidly.
Although all possible measures were
taken at once to subdue the fire, the
captain's story is that it waa even
then too late to aave the watch below. The mea were trapped ln the
forecastle and burned to death there.
Call for Help.
Tberf eame explosions, which wreck-
He I* in the Poorheuee.
Altcona, Pa.. Oct. 14.���A man who| Bapperton and limited his address
gave John D. Rockefeller a bed when
he had none, loaned him S20 when
the gates of prison yawned for him for
defaulting in the payment of a board
bill. Is now an Inmate of Blair county
almshouse. He ls Daniel J. Clarke,
once a prosperous oll prospector.
Port Moody. Oct 14-The preeent !*__��* of J*e ******\^* *-\*l*B*m ����� th8
.'. I most time Vt*** *���� ���** ����?<* ** �� Roe'e laat lnlfi��MJ��a  V^. c*n,,w he,p by ^
SJffiras�� sates i"smM^aZ" aris
Idrese to sail* from New York on January 10      ,1 iSS^Jrvtr ?." ._.
a few minutes' Ume. U��r England.   Mayor Roi'expect.   toULfif^S1��*.*%? ��� ��
Alderman Fred Lynch assured his ��Pond nearly a year in the old coun- t^j'Sfv!?!?^0 ���e J*��� ���**"";
hearers that the raising of the bond try. The trip wjH-be combined with ^"���d*$. *J J"*�� V** �����^��
issue from 4* to 5 per cent was pleasure and Wlfcness Asked it thla &y ^f ^^"^'Jf.���1"!?
necessary because of the condition of meant his retirement from civic poll- ^^ "J ��*����������* bo,u ��">-
the money   market.   The   CojSLn ��_&��** ��"*-* -***����'*.ftM^aS^ik.
aa   acreement . wBh*   the Vancouv
Power  company,  a  matter  tkat
Police in Large Numbers Succeed In
Taking Her to Holloway
London, Oct. 14.���Sylvia Pankhurst, who was the central figure of
a fierce struggle last night between
the police and the militant suffragettes In the east end of London, was
arrested- tonight when about to enter
the Poplar town hall- to address another meeting. The militants attempted to rescue her, but the police, who
were in large numbers, succeeded In
placing her into a taxi-cab and she
was driven to Holloway jail.
The meeting was abandoned tn order to hold a protest demonstration
outside the jail.
Oieeuss Steamboat Regulations.
Ottawa. Oct. 14.���Hon. J. D. Has en
will meet the representatives of the
Dominion Marine association bere on
Friday t-. dlscurs with them needs of
?tP"mlr"'t reg"'nUnits and the suggested chr-.gei in the rules for navigation cn the Oreat Lakes. The Canadian '"'er \m**r conform with thoae of
the United Btatea.
who Is to be put ont Vrtal t*)th*, charged   with   robbing   tka  Bank  at
Thla la Suggestion Whea Contraet la
Awarded far Battleship E��ulp-
Washington, Oct H.-*lew bUa fnr
armor tor nettleeWt No. It, were opened at tha navy department -today with
the result that the Mldvale Bted Co.
was given the contract at a total earing to the government of ��lll,874 wider ithe flgwroa of bids tor the. eame
material submitted recently hf **���
Mldvale, Carnegie aad BetMehem
ateel companlee.
In announcing Um award, Secretary
faa-ala aaamncad hla IntentlM at
continuing to org* tha erection at a
government artnor plant He aaM ha
waa far Mn aatlafled wltb 4he ta-
auction wwntwi by n Jetting the original bids, bat had accepted tba tovmt
of the new flgwaa In order to present
delay In tha gng^tetton ot tha tMttto*
asMgstUlvo bidding m
tin tw*) battle**  to
���JN-rtag :'*Wt**sm ���> to
"-'   oatrwlt for let-rao-
���ngtoM.   " --���'   ***#"* *****
been in dispute for years,   fn Its elec
trio  lighting plant, the  eity  had    a
source of excellent lighting and alao
of revenue.   He realized that the gas
mains were not ln -the best possible
condition, but better days were ahead
If the bylaw carried.    In his opinion
its  endorsation  would   mean   gas  at
fl.00 instead of *i.50 per 1000.
What City Gets.
Mayor   Gray,   who   was chairman,
said It would be short-sightedness   to
not endorse   the agreement   between
the corporation   and   the Vancouver
Power company.   It meant the end of
a  longstanding  difference  on   water
supply.   "By this agreement," he said,
"the city is made a partner with the
Dominion government and the Vancou-
scribe, the first result of the flrat at-
teatpt to lauaeh the life craft Two
teate aader Chief Officer MJMr aad
Fourth Officer Langsel! Anally got
away. Captain Inch knew nothing of
the fate of theae boats, and so far aa
ia' known no one else doe*.
The Volturno's master covers (n ���
few words the progress of the    '.in
through the night and how, when tha
rescue steamer* came up and had fill-
Prince Arthur of Conn.i��li��|ft t-SrViS^SK. SSm��
wiu ff siNPte
(Continued on Page Four.)
Port Coquitlam, Oct. 14.���The information committee of the board of
trade will ascertain the Information
and statistics requested by C. H. S.
Wade, ot Nevf- Westminster, on matters affecting. tfhneportatlon roads,
markets and agriculture In the dlatrlct. which Mr. Wade requires to submit to the royal commission on agriculture. This was arranged at the
regular meeting of the board last
evening. ''���
On the suggestion of B. C. Welch It
London, Oct. 14.���Remarkable simplicity for a royal ceremonial will
characterise the wedding of Prince Arthur of Connaught and. the Duchees of
Fife In (he flbapel Royal at St- Jfunea'
palace tomorrow. With such a seating
of ornate decorations and richly paint'
ed ceiling, aa the quaint old room presents wtth the uniforms of coort officials, and Jewels worn by tha ladlee.
the ceremony Itself must have a tinge
ot the spectacular. Bnt compared wtth
the recent wedding ot the daughter ot
Emperor WUItam, and devotd ot all
was decided to take np with tbe power ��a simple aa adherence to traditions
and light corporations the matter of
having street poles in future placed
down aide lanes, as ln many parts ot
the city theae were daageroua aa now
placed and ware unsightly.
Toronto, Oot. 14.���Chairman D-my-
ton. of (be Dominion railway oommts-
slon, re-eelv^l a telegram kg* afeht
using  the track* to the gnv4��_a��nt
elevatara then.   '  ���, ;MM ���" ��� '��*_���
Asked regarding ttaMN* *��� D.
Hanan. third vtcepraa��M: st- ***.
Canadian Northern,**********%+?*���
the flrat lntbMtte tta.fpfirtn ha���>
quarters et tha road bad jrMstred -at
il Tbac. R RTrart* *������***. lay
between tbonn at As* C *. R�� s*s
elevators, hot as to th* i*l
venting the other
ting to the elentme, -e
and Duchess of Fife Wed
Both   Averse to  Display���King
Give Away Bride���Latter's
military display, the
will permit.
Partly becauae of tha mourning ot
the recant tragic death of-the Dnke of
Fife, wboto tntal WneM
by the hardshlpa
abont    .
being ahlpwrecbad i
arena to
hav*   ton
There *** be
aitlee trom other
" "      ' i-btoga
passengers   jumped   overboard   and
were   picked   up by   the   attending
craft. Wind and sea having moderated,
the transfer of the remaining pas.err-
gers to the steamers hovering abont
the biasing  Volturno was begun at
early dawn and accomplished In leaa
than three hours without mishap.
.  Captain's Statement.
Captain Inch, of the Volturno   sent
his story of the disaster by wireless
tonight from the Kroonlnnd, on whieh
he ia being brought to this port,   to
the officers of the Uranium Une here.
Captain Inch's narrative reads:
At <:S0 a.m.. October >. 1913, latitude 49.12 north, longitude S4.S1, when
the flre waa reported In bote No. 1. br
the chief offloer. At *:!�� ajn. flames
���were burning through No. 1 hatches,
setting hro to the forecastle and nit
deck atttngs. 1 slowed tha ship down
and kept her before the wind to enable na to~pnt the steam estlngnlshers
In operation- also three fra hoae frona
deck oonneetlona. Tha flames -tara
gaining rapidly, ranching tho height
ot th* foreoaaat UgMhad Imprisoning
tho which betow. wh*y>ere b-ntnsd to
A setts* of upiaatoM^tow coenr-
red. wreaking tb* saloon Mtl hospital
��d atncrlng
I gn** orders to ���
Mt SOO*   gg tl*
^M Ihs Sa M
"ii iiiMgtr i-fca tmiuMitii to
ws* toiJKltm boats tntpro-
****^^^^^^^^***^**W ,-ff^-^**    _���""^W ^^*���**r    ****^a*
���Mto.   ****** No. tt and IS
is*, g wwasower***
,   *   HMM    ..-�����:i^^-W-V*��wWSW'**w��, MOB TWO
Aa -fadependt nt morning paper devoted to the Inter -sts of New lf.elm-ineter and
*** Frater Valley. Published every murnlni; except Sunday by the National Printing
***t PabUtMng Company, Limited, at S3 JScKen-ie Street, New irc��imin��t.r. Briltsh
'   "Ivmbia. ROBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.
An -otnmunt.ntlone should be addressed lo The Next Westminster News, and not
*>, -fed-to-idi-Ml members of the *taff. Cheaue*. draft*, and money ordert ahould be made
.ttyabt* lo The National Printing and Putllthing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Hutinett office and Manager, HDD; Editorial Rooms lall depart-
nt*), lil.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, 14 per year, $1 /or three months, 40c per
���mimxth.    By mail, ts per year, 26c per month,
ADVSRTlBimi RATBB on application.
Effects of Titanic Disaster Had Worn
Off and Trippers to Europe
Were Numerous.
London, Oct. 14.���Within the next
Canadian Pacific coast, thc Spaniard
ls the best. I make this statement
from long experience ot laboring men
for among thc Latin races he stands
preeminent as a worker. I know that
there ls a prevalent notion that the
Spaniard, through Ihe climate in
which he Is reared is un effete specimen of humanity interested in nothing hut his siesta imd the afternoon
bull fight. But in Mexico we huve always found him faithful und hardworking, contented and clean. He Is by
fur the most desirable Immigrant fur
ihe Pacific const. In Cuba nearly all
the work is done by Spaniards, and
they get on well because they do not
One of the most serious setbacks the salmon industry
of the Fraser river has yet experienced is recorded this
year, when thousands of the fish were prevented by ob-
s. Inactions in the stream from going to the headwaters to
spawn. The results will not be felt this year, nor for the
next three years, but in 1917, four years from now, the
seriousness of the damage done will be realized.
In a statement issued at Victoria, Hon. W. J. Bowser,
Y,ho is the provincial head of fisheries affairs, says that,
from reports which he has received from officials who
have investigated the matter, he fears that the effects on
the industry four years hence will be serious indeed.
The facts of the case are that nearly two months ago
the department discovered that some of the swift and
narrow waters up the river had been blocked so much as
to prevent the salmon from ascending to the spawning
grounds and, while every aid was given to the fish to get
up, it is believed that thousands have been prevented from
reaching their destination at the headwaters of the
The full statement of Hon. Mr. Bowser, which ap
pears in another column of this issue, proves the gravity of
the situation.
Somebody is responsible for blocking the stream and
it is pretty safe to guess that that somebody is the railway
builder. Certainly we want railways, but we do not want
1 hem at the expense of ruining the salmon industry. Evidently serious damage has been done to the catch of the
\ ear 1917. which, in the usual course of events, would have
been a "big year," being the fourth from this year.
The course the government adopts to place the blame
for the deplorable condition cannot be too thorough and
the penalty exacted cannot be too severe. The salmon
industry of the Fraser river has been in the past and still
is one of the greatest assets of the province and it cannot
be too carefully guarded. With the development of the
province there is danger of this same thing occurring
sprain and drastic measures to prevent a repetition of the
"lishap are necessary to teach others a lesson for the
Meanwhile, the first thing to be done is to see that
the river is cleared forthwith.
few duys practically the whole or thei��<'<>m to have so many petty
American visitors to London of J^^WSJw-
present season, who havn boen more , thBlr r(,siapnrp t0 a marked degree."
numerous than In any previous year,] in spiking of conditions ns they at
will have eiiiluirktd for their native I present nre in Mjaxlco, Mr. lllucklsten
shores.    So grent has been the .rush I'"''I:
for accommodation on bonrd the great I    "T,1('V a,'<> 1"",">r ""i'i  lllP>' w''r''-
tin... I-..I it i.n   i... .,  ,���,   ���ii....i,.  nr   hut still the forces nre now evenly ill-
liners that   t tins been exceedingly dlf- ,...   .   ,  . _ ,,       ,      .   .     .,,,,_
* ' vlded,  federals und  rebels,  nnd  it  Is
Boult to satisfy the demand, and some extremely difficult to forecast which
will  be compelled  to remain  in  Eng-  aids  will   win.    The  greatest   trouble
(and  for another week ��n|l menace of nil nre ihe bandits who
The  managers  Ot  the  Inrge  hotels  Infest the country under the guise or
state thut the number of visitors has I revolutionarii s,    Tliey  are really  not
The Mulberry Bush.
Joining  blinds und  funning a ring,
tbo players diiuro round, singing:
Here ws so round the mutbery bush, the
mulberry bush, the mulberry bush;
Hem we k" ilium] the inulbory bush
On a llne nnd frosty moriiins.
Then letting gn ot bunds, tbey sine:
Tills Is ttie wsy wn wssh our clolbes, wustl
nur clothes, wash our clothes,
This is tns wny ws wash our clothes
Dn u tin,* ami frosty morning.
As tliey sing tbey Itnltute the nctlon I
of the bunds In wnslilng.   The chums
nml iiuiico round is repeated after eucb
verse.    Tbe other verses nre:
C) This ls the wny we Iron our dollies.
(9) This is the wny we wash our fur-*-.
Hi This is thu way we comb our hnlr.
(ii) Tlits Is Ihu way we so to school
tt!) This Is t^e wuy we leurn to rviid.
(T) Tills Is tlie wuy we li'ilrn 10 sew.
(S) This Is the wuy ws cumo from bchool.
'lhe  actions of  Ironing,   washing,
combing,   walking,  rending  niul  .sowing must accompany each versa in tbo
light order.
A Little Sympathy.
The nrtlst l'eter of Cottons wss en-
been greater'than usual"ti'ii7year. sb !??,n???lea_wl,h '_".' i'",1!"..!1! '"...I5',?."?.' wge<l <���" a picture fur the royal palace
many   more  families  have  made   theia" they are out   tor Is thc  loot  they
European  journey  this  year  than   |n ! car get.
rormer years.    Last yenr many lam-1    "Until some outside power steps ln,"
Hies had booked ror the Journey, hut 1 continued   Mr.  Blacklaton, "nnd  takes
almost nt the last moment cancelled matters Into its own bands there is
their arrangements because or the Ti-1 little chance or a settlement In Mcxl-
tanic   disaster.     This   year,   however, I-00,    The  country  is out  ur  Its    own
the effects of that  catastrophe havejcnn:rol altogether.    Nevertheless the
worn oh'. j opportunities   there   ror   development   ntlirnintlvc
During the past few years a grad- and tnnle nre unrivalled, und the pres-
nal change has taken pluce in the 1 snt unrest ls doing real good for msny
plans ot the American  tourist.    Kor-Iof Mie Investors there, ns labor Is very
tnerlv he came direct to Kngland. and low Indeed, nnd n glut on the market,
returning to this country ror a brief, while rates nre high. Th" Mexican
then crossed over to the continent, wnnts labor to keep blm alive, nnd it
Btnv before his departure to the Unit- ie possible M the present time to get
ed States. The practice has sprung up I labor ior n few cents a day���as low
of going direct  to  the continent nnd j as IS  cents."
finishing the holiday  in  1-ondon.    On | 	
jthe whole this year year there has
i been less Inclination to move rrom
London, although there have been the
usual numlier or pilgrimages to Strat-
ford-on-Aven, which most Pnlted
States visitors tu England regard in
the light or a religious duty.
Pentember is supposed to end the
holiday season In America, hence every berth on the Olympic. Atlria'ic and
Camnonle was taken. Notwithstanding this, however, the mannger of the
Hotel Cecil, told a press representative yesterday that on Tueseday evening. September .tl). there were more
American guests in the hotel than on
any September evening in any previous year.
The Ghent exhibition formed a cen
of I'etti. and Ferdinand ll. greatly ml
mired bis representation of a weeping
"llus your majesty," snld tlie pnlnt-
cr. "it iiiiuii tu see bow eusy It ts to
muke this child uf mine Inugb'r"
Ills majesty sliunk tils head In the
then the nrtlst merely
touched tlie coiners of tho lips niul tbo
Inner extremities of the eyebrows,
When the little urchin on the ciinvns
seemed lu danger of bursting tils sides
with laughter where the moment before lie seemed breaking bis heart witn
"Toil accomplished tbut with a
touch;" cried the king.
"Vou cun do the sume with yonr subjects.' retorted the srtlst- "Wltb a
little sympathy yuu cnll do us I did
with tny brush."
Lease Extremely Moderate.   For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
Assent  By  Cigns  Held   Ey Court  Not
Sufficient Proof of
Helen'i Descent.
"Helen." snid n certain mother to her
little girl, wtin lind noisily entered tlio
room where she wus entertaining cullers. "1 am surprised nt you. Von eame
downstairs so beuvlly tbat yon could
lie beard nil over the bouse. Now, go
bsck and cume (lown again like u tittia
After tbe lapse of n few slleut moments Helen reappeared.
)ld you  heir me cume downstairs
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In I) C, vis.: the
the celebrated "VANl'OlH KK" llruud, guaranteed to pass Standard
BpecJflcatluna of Aineric.it and Canadian  Engineers' Association.
Wo would also call attention to our Vitrified Bewer i'lpe from
4-ln. to 24-lti. In diameter. This is also made tn tbls Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a Btock of Crushed Hock, Washed (travel, Band,
Lime, l'lsster. etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phonee IS snd 16.
902 Columbls Street W.
BUS.NESS DIRECTORY   I fc-j.   rf   y*^^*
pianoforte, harmony und .stiiiting Pupils Bucceeafuly prepared for '���xmiiuiu
llun In It. A M. mn) It. C M For niiiin
apply 601 Third avenue.
Pianoforte; ^ci Henry BU, New West-
Montreal, Oct  11     Justice    Archer
lad to give u ruling upon I fine point    ^^^^^^^^^^
tre of attraction for a certain propor-j0f law relating to the making of wills   tlmt tiitie, mother?"
Hon of American touristsi this yew, ,   th . A]fr(,(1 Larocque, who     "No. dear; yoo did beantifnlly.  Now.
^Z-ill^ioTTllir-i'rnlZ ! -Ugh. to have ths Will of his rnther.' Iti the future nlwnys  ne downstairs
in order to set to London us quickly as! the  late   Antolne   Larocque,  annulled ��� tltnt   way.     Tell  the  Indies   how  jou
possible.   The fact that many or the because or the alleged lack of essen-  *��nagsd **- ��"no down so quietly."
London    tticatres    are closed  during i...   f0rman-HeH "Oh." wus tbe nonchalant though re-
.Tuiii,  August  and  part of  September!    ���, '        "       ,    ,      ,  ,      ,
does not trouhle the American much. Tlle testator was deaf and dumb and
as he has no difficulty in fillini; in his (had to be removed to an institution,
���inv with shunning and sightseeing. | According to the special law enacted
"As  to  shopping."  said   a   represents
ih.- i.iii- Professor Allan Macbeth.
Principal "f tin* abutgow College or
Music, and Professor Qroasland Hirst, of
lhi- ill.i.-K'uv ..fli'-mi, um. li��*KS to lult-
tii.id* Hint slit* will scoept n few puplll
In  filming and voico production.    Kx-
t.-n-l ,- rt 1-,-Hi.if* if llisli el.ins xoukh
Kor terms, i-.ill or writ" to 1 toti II.null
ton itreet.
.CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$16,000.000 00
RESERVE    616,000,000.09
branches   throughout  Canada    audi
I Newfoundland, aud  In  London,  Kng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
* D.B.A , and   Mexico  City.    A  genera*
bunking business transacted,    l.i tiers
lot Credit  Issued,  available  wltli  cor
respondent! lu all parts of the world.
Barings Hunk Department-���Deposit*
received In sums of tl nnl upward
and Intereal allowed at 3 per cent, par
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over 1186,060,000.00.
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
*l>octftil answer, '"the last time I slid
duwu tbe banister rait."
AceountanL Tel. It. 116. Room -'. Hun
P. II. Htnllh. W. .1. droves
Work undertaken In city an-1 nutnldi
[points. =11-12 Weetmlnater Trust Bids
I Phone  3��4.    P, O.  Boi  607.
Who said harbor commission?    Certainly it wasn't
mentioned at the council meeting on Monday evening. ,
Young man, look out for the young lady when she
starts calling you by your first name; she's after your last.
Who named the tug the Hero?   There are some who
call that craft the villain in the piece.
According to agriculturists, the onion is to be superceded by the tylenchus devastatrix. Imagine asking for
beefsteak smothered with that kind of a thing.
A truck has been invented for handling baggage in
hotels without damaging the carpets. How about a truck
for handling baggage without damaging the baggage?
There seems to be some doubt as to the exact time the
Dominion house will assemble again. The only certainty
is that when it does assemble seventy-five per cent of the
oratory turned loose will be excess baggage.
The only bright ray in the darkness of the sky of high
living is the forecast of that government expert who says
that British Columbia will develop into a great beef raising country.   Let her develop fast.
It's a hard proposition these days to stretch a dollar
bill very far, but, for all that money must be elastic. First
"ou hear of it tightening, then somebody says it's loosening.
With the Westminster exhibition and the world's
series safely tucked away in the archives of 1913, this little
nlanet now has a chance to turn its thought towards
Nelson, Oct. li,���Purchase by the
city of the Nelson street railway company, stockholders to be bought out
ai a rate of 50 cents on the dollar of
" share issue, payable ln 20-year dentures, bearing Inetrest of 5 per
��� * nt. per unnum, was the plan forum-
l ited by the Joint committee appoim
ul to ileal with the tramway question,
wl uli met at the city hall last night.
Lengthy discussion of street rail-
way affairs resulted In the unanimous
passage of a resolution declaring as
* broad general principle that the com-
mlttss favored municipal ownership
and operation of the system.
This  was  followed   by  a  ballot  on
���the amount to be paid to stockhold
ers 50 cents on the dollar of the share
issues being Ihe decision.
To   the   city   counoil   was   left   the
working but of the details of the project
Directors of the street railway who,
i with representative citizens nnd members of the city council, formed the
j loint committee Appointed at the public meeting of property owners on
Tu&Sday last were present and supplied 'Information regarding the affairs of the company, but did not take
. a11v stand * during the discussion or
ite on the resolutions.
' for the preparation of the wills of such
afflicted   persons,   they   must  observe!
American   is   very   fond   of   Enarllsh I certain  rules  In order to have their'
cnorta. and always lays in a good stock  wills prepared by notaries.   Those of-
tlve of Messrs. Thomas Cook  &   Son I
yesterday, "he does plenty of thnt. Thej
on his annual visit."
How Man  From South Views Results
of Opening of Panama Canal���
Talks of  Mexico.
Dainty Dishes For the Summer Luncheon or Brtakfaet.
Break three eggs In u bowl, ndd n
little white pepper and salt, bent slight
ly. add two tsblespooutuls of cream,
pour Into u frylug pan containing ��
tnblaspoonful of melted butter. With
u broad  lilnded knife lift the cooked
ficials can't make out the wills unless
they have been read by the testators,
who musl tell the notaries what they
want inserted by writing, If by no other means. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
It seems none of those formalities I WB "'"m ��" ',ur,s of ***e !��""��� M**-"*
- nt .v... 'be Uncooked egg mu down to be
A-�� soon ns nil Is set the omelet is
ready to fold. Hnve a few spoonfuls of
tbe  tender tops of cooked asparagus
were followed In preparation of the
will. The notary before whom the
will was made did not, it was declared,
receive any instructions from the testator   before   or  at   the   time   of   the
drawing up of the will,   Moreover, evi-
"ence went  to show that the testator
I h'-iilcil in n small sntlcepuu with il sen-
I soiling   of   suit,   |iep|ier   nntl   butter
could nut understand the contents ofj S|ir<-'"d these over the omelet, fold ll
Vlctorlu, Oct. 14.���"The blowing up
of the last obstruction ai the Oatnboa
dike last week will mark the completion of the greatest undertaking in the
world and the symbol of the greatest
era of development ihls coast has ever
experienced," said Arthur Hlackiston,
of Mazatlan, the third seaport of Mexico on the I'acilic coast. Mr. Hlackiston Is president of the Southwest Development company of California, and
is also interested in the liritish Columbia-Mexican company
its offices in this city.
"Four years ugo," he said. "I was
down among the canal workings ut
the Culebra cut. At that time they
hud l'i feet deeper to go throubh the
Culebra and it looked to me at that
time aa If it would be absolutely Impossible to do it. It certainly has heen
a marvelous undertaking."
Mr. Hlackiston Is of ihe opinion that
the effect of the Panama canal opening on the I'acific will be greater than
the greatest optimists have ever look
ed for Trade will be stimulated, In
his opinion, to an amount undreamed
of. and one great effeC will be the
opening of steamship lines from Cen
tral America to Canada. "In two or
three years' lime," he snid. "vessels
wlll be coming to the Sound ports
from Central American ports. And not
only that, the steamers bound from
l'-urope to the west coast of the States
tiie will, which was read to him and |
to which he gave a pretended assent*
by means of signs.
The will, under the circumstances, j
snid his lordship, was not in conform-]
Ity with the law and was .therefore declared null and void.
The amount Involved was )5,000,
will to a granddaughter. The plaintiff was a son of the testator and another foil Telesphore Laroctpie. was
tin? defi iiilant. because by the will a
fiduciary legatee and executor.
I.a Societe des Artisans C'anadians-
Kranca Is     and   ri'nlon   Saint-Pierre
were called Into the ease as the money
which   has*'0" W8B '" their possession, being the
Iprocoeds of two Insurance policies.
[    Walla, Walla, Wash.,  Octo. 14 -Pos-
j Ing us a long horn Texas steer, while
the boys sought to "bulldog" hlm, Ro-I
| land Thurber, 8-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. I). B. Thurber, suffered a
compound fracture of his left thigh1
hone Just above the knee in the base-
ment of the Green l'ark school today.
This accident and other rough play
witnessed by the teachers caused Su-i
I perintendent \V. li. Kern today to Instruct prlii'-lpals to stop H.
The Ian Id especially against 'bull-i
dogging.' At the frontier days' cele-1
bratloil the bull-dogging feats made   ttl
.  ,,        ,    , ,   , ,      ...deep   lii.pri-Hslon   otl   th e   youngsters,
and Canada by way or the cana   will      d _,���_'���  .,       u,(.      ,     ,' ���        h.m.
call at ( entral America ports to bring * -,��������� trT,      It. Tin* head of the "Steer"
lemons,  oranges   nnd   tropical     fruit, |��� ,,.,_,, ���,���  ,���,  rr,,|s oy , ���n ,���_
over uiul serve immediately very hot
Apple Omelet���Muke tin omelet us tu
tlie preceding recipe and when It ll
set apreiid over It n Inyer of apple
sauce, fold It. turu It out on n hot dish
untl servo well sprinkled wltll powder
ed sugar.
Cheese Omelet.���Best three eggs, add
three tublespounfuls of milk, a pinch
of suit und one of pepper. Turn into a
frying pun ln whicb n tablespoonful of
butter has been melted. Wbeu the
omelet Is set sprinkle It thickly wltb
gritted cheese, fold lt in half, turn it
on to a hot dish, sprinkle lt wtth chopped parsley and grated cheese and
place In a hot oven for the cheese to
melt before serving.
A mushroom omelet mny lie made
by frying a few thinly sliced mushrooms lu butter and spreading them,
butter und nil, over a plain omelet
made as in tbe flrst recipe. Any vegetables���pens, celery, etc.���mny be used
as au omelet fllllug In the sume wav.
which grow In those regions In luxurious abandon."
There is a great opening for large
tropical fruit ventures, be believes, on
the Pacific coast. The people of the
northwest eat a great deal of tropical
fruit, but at the present time they
have to pay fairly high prices for It.
Mr. Hlackiston believes that when
lines are running between Central
America nnd these porls. with cheap
transportation and cheap labor, fruits
will he Infinitely cheaper nnd the Industry much greater than It Is nt pres-
lent. He believes that largely Increased trade between Latin America and
the north cannot but redound with
good to both parties.
The question of immigration In
l.ntln   America   Is  an  even   more
is  twh-tid ^^^^^^^^^^^
hack nnd ihls twisting Is dangerous,
the school authorities say, when a hoy
Is the supposed steer,    r.
Threw Hlm Overboard.
Wiirton,  Ont.,  Oct:  18,   Emerson
Darragb of Owen Sound, is under ar
jrest here charged with having thrown
Chas. Jones overboard from a launch
111 Oolpoys bay Monday while flBhing.
This Woman Knows
D. D. D. Cures
Skin Trouble!
portant. one thnn It Is here In this
country.    Mr. Hlackiston believes that
the Importation of thousands of men
from southern Kurope will do much to
settle tlie unrest which prevails there
at the present time, ile believes thai
extensive Immigration will fuv the
foundation of n permanent, population
which will give n more stable aspect
ui nl Ithe economic and social question
whloh are causing the present disturbances.
Spaniard the Best.
"And of all the people who should
hn encouraged most to come both to
l.ntln America and right hero to the
(This letter iH Just received:)
"I am the umth, r of twelve children,
im-11 took a bad  leg at    the birth of my
I only got D, I). II. to take tho terrible
Itch away, llut by degrees I saw the
big sore getting smaller. I have u
���thankful heurt today.
"Mrs. Stitt, _0_ N, Weston Road,
"Wesi Toronto.'
liiHt child.    1 wus laid up five weeks
with n doctor attending ine who does
nothing bm  treat  tliis kind or   ���kit. t    fhe cures of I). I). I), are part be
disease.   Blx weeks ago   I heard   oflllf!f    All druggists have this soothing
I). I). I)    As 1 iisul to tear my log a*   oooling wash and also the efficient D
night  until  it wuh a bleudlng mass  1 j jj   p   g^irj goat|
applied u   bottli   of  li.  I).  D,    I  cun I
tell you tha ease il gave mo.   1 never
used tO s!"'*p with the pain.    Mnny u i     .      ..   . ,.    ,,,   .      .,,.,.
time 1 nearly fell with Slyness fiL C^^l^ ^ " ��""'
want  o   sleep.    .Now  my leg Ib com |      ' '
pletely.healed up, thanks to the bless-1    Frederic T.    lllll,    Druggist,   Newed I). Ti. I).    I never expected a cure, i Westminster.
D. D D. Prescription--for 15 Y(ir.--ll)c SlarJard Skin Remedy
Come   to  us  und   ws
the first full size bottle
will   sell   you
on  the giiur
ntiiiK Enslnters, Loo-d r,,3. met ts In
Labor Tempts svtry iir��i nml iiiint
Thursday nt tin- in..nth 11 McLaughlin,
oresldrnt W. C Baunders. sicretniy,
P. O. Box 5_i.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
B. * P. O of Elks of the D. of C, mill
the first ami third Thurstluy at 8 p. m.
K. of P, Mall, Eighth stri-et. A Wslll
Oray, Ksulu-d Itider; P. H. limlttl. Sit
L. O. O. M., NO. IVi���M15RTS Of^
first, nfconfl. third ��ml fourth \W<Iii��*h
day In ��� itch month ut 8 p. in.
In tbe MOOM Home. H. J. l^*timy
dlctutur; !���'. E. Jon^c Hcret&ry
HendfiuarttTfl nf lodftg In Bm 1Iouh<?
oorner of Fourth and Carnarvon _<tT>etr
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODOB) NO.  17���Th
ffff-ilur meeting of Amity lodtt* Nt
27. I. O O. F, U held every Mondu
nlfcht at ft o'clock In Odd Fellowa' Hal'
cornt'r Carnarvon and Khthth utr^eti
Vli-.lt Int* brothorn cordially Inv! tei"
il. A. Menithtfw, N.n.: U. W, Bant*t��r,
V. o.; VV. C. <*oH��ham. P. O , r**cor*
Itik wcrotary. J. W. MacDonald. financial necn-lary.
; When trnrtilllng for bimiin ,    i-
.siirti, you may s�� well bsve coi     irl
land travol by our llne.    Yon will find
j It to your advantage   " consult us for
tutor, ami reservations
E. OOULET, Agent
Now tVoHtmlnster
ill. W, BROD1B, (l   P. A. Vsnconver
W E. FALK8���Pioneer Funeral Dlrncto
and Bmb-alnwr. W2-S1S Agiim etree*
opposite Carnegie Library.
ter A Hanna. Ltd.)���Funeral dtrTt-r-
and embalmern. I'urlore 405 Oolutnhl*
���treet.   New  Weatmlnater.    Phone  811
ater Hoard of Trade m-wta In the twarr
room. City Hall, aa follows: Third Fr!
day of each month; nuartefly mssttni
on ttie third Krlday of February, Maj
Aufruat and November et 8 pin An
nual meeting! on Uie third Friday o
February. 0, K. Btuart Wade, wer-j
���jPEcnricATiqNS, aorkicmicntm oi
Sale, Deeds, Rufllnej-iH Letters. Bte ; rtr
eular work speclullHt. All work Hlrlrtli
confidential. II. Harry, room 418 w.-nt
minuter Trurt Mlk.   Phone 702
riHtera. Bnllojtnrs, ele.. 40 Lorne ntn-"i
Neir Weetintniiter. o. IO. Corbould, K
C.    J.  a Grant.    A.  K.  MoOoll,
tewit-law, Hoilcltor, etc. Telephoni
lit. I. Oatjln addreHH "Johliat m.'
Code. "Weitern Union." Offloea, Bill
Block, EB2 Columbia alreet, Ni<w IVnl
initiator, B. C.
���Ida ��� Barrlaten and Solicitors, Worn
mlnetor Truat Hlk.. t.'oliiiiii'ln strssl
NeW WoatmlnHtiT, II. O. Cable atldriw
"Whiteside," western Union. P. 0
Drawer 200. Telnphnnn mi w. .'
Whlteelde, K. C.; H. 1.. Edmonds, I
COAI. MININU rlKlim "f lln* Iiumiiiloa
in Manitoba, Saaltatohewan and Alberts^
llie Vt_k.ni Territory, Hn- Northwirft (Ter-
rltotiM and In n |��irtlMii of Uie I'ru.'lnos
nf Hiitiih Columbia, may b�� leaied for a
ti-rm t.f twenty-ono yarn at  an   annua)
rt-nlal of il   all aero.   N',t   inur'- than   'f*$*
aoraa win be ieaaed to ona applicant.
AnpUoaUon tor a iaaw mnii he mads
t>)- Uk' .ii i-...liin In peraon to tin' Agenl
rn Sub Agent uf tin- dlatrlol in whicli tka
righta applied fur aro litualed.
In surveyed territory tin* land muet be
described By aaotloua, ur legal Huh-dlni-
hIoiih uf HtM-tluna, am] In unaurvoyad territory ll.., tract applied fur nliall be
Kiitittii ,-ui by tho applicant blmaelt,
Kni-ti ),.;..!' i* I ^ii unlit ho nrruitipanleA
by a fta uf $:> whliti will be refund-ad ��
tli" rlgi.in applied fur iii" not ai.illabi*
but  not  olharwlao,    A   royalty  ihall   M
piild   <u>   Die   tivri'lintiliihl itput   of   th*
initio i.t tho rate uf five oenta per ton.
Tbe peraon ui-oruiliia tho mine SbA*
furnish Hi" nil. nt with uvurn return*
aocouhtlng fur tin- full quantity of tt**f*
'.liiilitahli* ooal nifnetl mul \,ny the
.iliy thereon If tlio coal mining
are nal l��-lns operated auoti roturnei
bo fuitiiHli'it at   hum  onoa a year.
Tho leaae wlll Include ttie eaixl
ili{lila  only,   but  the  Inawe  wlll   be  per-
mltted   tu   [nirohiu-ie   whaiover   avallaDie
Htirfaoo   ilKhtN   tnny   tie  -conrtdered  DM
���nny fur the wurking of tbe mine nt
rato of tin an acre.
Kor full Infi,rintitlnn application *h**W
be made to tho Secretary of tha D*p��Rr
menl uf the Interior, Ottawa, or to itf
Aaont or Huh-Agem of Dominion IjSjyM)
W. W. CORtT^
t   u*mr*
Doputy Mlnleter of the Interior.
N   B.���lliiiiiithnrlaed nubltcatlon of tht*
advortiHoinotii will nol be paid for.
j. 8TILWBLI. CLUTE Barrlster-at-law
eollcttor, etc.; corner Columbia ain
McKenzie   etroeta,    Now    WestmklBtei
B.  C.    P.  O.   1)01   112.      Telephone    711
Solicitor and Nolnry. Officii liar
block. -S Luriiii Hlri-ot, Now WoattnlD
ster, B. (.'.
linrrlHtorH anil Suili-rtors. fi'iTi to IP
Weetmlneter Trust Block. Q. 10. Mnr
tin,   W.  (I.   Miijiiiinl"    and   i ieorge  1
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Balkan Developments Make Dual Monarchy Uneaay and Increaee
Will Be Aeked.
Known   Tacoma    Official     Sue-
pended While Inquiry la
London,  Oct.   14. -Tlio  gOVSmmonl
of Austria-Hungary Intends to lay a
bin thu autumn before tin- parliaments
of both fiiuiiirioH, demanding un in-
crease or ths military forcM. Tbla bill
plana ,an additional anlistmant ol -to,-
-Htm rei-rulta to tba common uriny of
tb*   tWO   IniiilH.     Two  yoars   UK"   the
number ol mon forming a oompany
wan added to, no tbut with thn present
proposed Increas* of recruits tba In-
funtry Companies will have approxt
mutely the Haiiio peace Strength an In
Iho Herman army.
As Is well known, tba Austrian-Hun-
garlan govsrnment invariably meets
wltb decided opposition whenever a
new  bill Is laid before parliament for | investigate
wnn ragfird i declares in
tba Increas* of tba army,
to the Austrian parliament, these difficulties arise rli lef ly  fnim tlie exist-
inu antagonism between tba different
nationalities, wblcb always sole* tbe
opportunity to promote tin-ir own saltish ends. Kiirtberinore, slnro a re-
tnrni of tba franchlee baa 'aken place,
tbt Sot-iai Demoorata form a strong
Tacoma, Oct. 14. Pending the out- j
rome of an Inn*stl-.--.iitInn of bis ad-
uilnliilrutlon,  II.  II.  JoliiiHiin. superin-
tendant of tbe Cushman Indian Trade*
Scliool   nnd   Indian   aKcnt   for   south- j
westoni  Washington,  bus been  bus-
pended by  IC. II.   I.ltiin'ii, special  rip j
ri'iientallvoi  of   the     Interior    depart  *
ment.     The   suspension   was   decided!
on   last   Krlday   eviniliiK,   but   It   was
Withheld from the public until today.
Nn charges have been   preferred,  but |
l.lniicu admit!! that  the -suspension  la
tba  result tif the   recent   visit  of  the
digressions) committee appointed to
Indian    affairs      Johnson
Tbs Magna Charta Was Rescued Fron
a Tailor's Bbsars.
Hidden    away    iu    nutional miiNeunil
and   libraries,   und   eealously   gtiurded, I
are a number of priceless luuiiusiripilj
aud   books  which,  but  for  a  fortunate,
shen���i   might   have   been  lost   to   tbej
world.       The     chief     treaeure    of     a
luuaeuui  nt  ht  i'eterburj;   is  the oldest
known Greek  uiunuscript   of   the   New
Testament whicb was about to be burnt!
by  tlie  m-fiuks of u  Hyriun  monastery,'
when   by  a  lucky   chance,  oue  of  thi!
priests,  struck  with   the   autiquity   ofl
the   manuscript,  interfered   iu   time  t<
save what had beeu thought to be value
The incident reminds oue thut the
Magna (.'hurta which ia carefully!
giiurded in u glass case in the Hritish;
Museum, wns saved from destruction *
by Hir Hobert Cotton, who, so the story j
goes, one dny hud euteretl his tailor '%\
��� hop precisely at the inouicut when the,
knight of the scissors w-as about to ent]
up fur patterns the ancient looking
document with its many imposing scab
attached. Although Hir Hubert did not!
et lirst recognize the value of the
document, he judged it wus something:
of historic interest, and purchased it {
from   the   tailor   for   u   few   shillings.;
party In the Austrian parliament, and  comes as a result of the congressional
-consider It  their duty  to oppose    all
military bills.
In   Austria   tho  constantly   exlstlii^
friction between Germans, Czechs ami
Pol** renders their unity Impossible
Wltb regard to tbe Hungarian parliament,   the   MuKy.-irs  always  seize   the
opportunity of a new army bill to dem-
tnstrate In favor of rendering Huti-
gary still more Independent of the central government litrt aa the government has already mude every possible
concession In this direction to the
Hungarians, It cannot admit any further weakening of the central power;
In nthi r words. It ran offer no further
bribe to the Inordinate ambition of
tbe Magyars.
Why They Are More United.
It !s, however, to be anticipated that
committee's Investigation.  I nitist refuse  to  divulge  at   the   present   time
Jn��t whut the committee learned, or
tba SXaot reason for my action In ordering the temporary suspension.    No
charges, however, bnve heen filed."
Tacoma Surprised.
While here  tlle  conKr>-.��slonal  committee Investigated   complaints   that
Ii hnson had not properly safeguarded
the Interests of the Quinnlt Indians In
the leasing of their oil lands.   The evidence taken   at    tb*    public   hearings
showed little cause frr complaint. The
Oommlttee,  however,   held   several  secre:   sessions at   which  Johnson    and
a number nf witnesses were examined.
It la understood that ttie secret session dealt with Johnson's administration of the school.    Johnson'B suapen-
this new army bill wlll encounter leas ! slon  dumbfounded  Tacoma.    He took
opposition   than   usual   In   parliament I charge of the school   five years  ago.
* reason of thla Is lhat the Incidents . when It was not of mucb Importance.
Is  confident   the  ���USpen-l After  passing   through    the   hands   ol
various generations of his family it ut'
laal   found   n   resting   place   in   thr,
Hritish Museum.
Aa interesting story, too, is attached,
to a valuable (ireek manuscript which
cams to the Bishop of I'ganto in a>
startling way. It wus wrapped round
a fish nnd brought in to the Bishop's!
presence. By tbe merest chance he'
examined it, and found it to be part of
a treaties thought tor many eenturie-i
to be lost. The worthy Bishop hasten
ed to thc stall of the sulesmnn  in the
slnn   will   prove only   temporary
l.iniu-n placed Supervisor C. IS. Mc*
Cbesney of tbe Indian office at Washington, I). ('.. In charge of the school
and the Indian agency. "The suspension Is general, covering Johnson both
ns school superintendent and agent,"
said   Million    this    afternoon,      'and
Superintendent of tb* Experiments)
Farm at Indian Head Bask., Moved
Into the West Before the Three Pro
vlnces Were Joined and Has Bees
on the Farm Ever Blnce���Popular ls
tbe West.
"I aee from my houae by the aide oi
the roud���
By tbe side of the highway of life,
The men  who press with tno urdor ol
The men who nre faint with strife.
But I turn not nwny from their snnloi
not  their tears���
Both aro parts of an Infinite plan;
Let uie live in tha house by the side ol
the road
And be a friend to man."
In the West the name of Angus Mar
kny is a household eipresison, because I
for twenty six years is has meant
friendship and counsel to the farmer oil
the plains says Norman Lambert in To* j
rontO (ilobe. Mr. Mackuy is the super
latendent Of the J)ominion Kxpcriraen���]
tni Farm at Indian Head, and he is the;
only superintendent thut institution haai
ever hud. More thnn that, he ia the'
pioneer, the futher, of ngriculture ial
Western Canada. Saskatchewan is hie
I'm-, ince now, and Saskatchewan people)
claim him us their Grand Old Man, but
Mr. Mackay's field of influenee knowl
no Provincial boundaries. He came intc
the West b.n,j befors tbe three Prairie
Provinces were formed, and he is known
and remembered beat, perhaps, for hii
work during the long, Sard years prioi
manuscripts   of   recent   times,   that
"In   Memoriani,"  was rescued  just
time from a cupboard in a house where;
Tennyson hud lived for some time ns a!
bachelor.   As matter of fact  it  was tc
the poet himself that tlie recovery wus;
for he remembered that the book i
ein hc had
draft had becn hastily thrown into thej
Cupboard where he had been accustom
*d to keep pi'-klee and jams.   When the;
friends sent by the poet to recover the ;
manuscript  arrived  on   the   scene   the]
contents of the cupboard had been removed  by  the  landlady,  who  was just'
nf last   yenr hava  only    ttm    clearly  arid built It'iip IntoIan "taat-ffiwTttiS L*^*111*"8*8*?   in_  her   ,a,k_".f _t"'!m i
Shown the necessity for an Increase oil ba* n'tracted the attention of educa | eleaalng, and  who tartly advised   bet
visitors  that   they   had  come  none  tool
soon,   in eo much  as   sbe   would   that
day have burnt all the "trash she had]
Among   other   valuable   manuscripts i
discovered    by    chance   might  lie men
the Austrian army, Tho llapsburg
monarchy Is very materially oonoern*
������il In the latest developments that
have taken place In the Balkan states
The entire rhnnge that hns arisen In
these countries la decidedly a prejudicial one to Austrlnn Interests. In the
tlrst place, the poeltlon of Servia and
Montenegro, which, as the result
lhelr successful campaign against
Tm Uev. hnve gained a eonaiderabie
Increase of territory, has become -considerably strengthened. Bul these
Iwo States bave for tlecades paat been
the openly declared enemies of the
Austria Hungary empire. Secondly.
the friendly relations previously existing between Austriii-Hungury and
lloiimanla have suffered a relapse, owing to the fart that Austrian dipt.on
any saw fit to espauae the cauae of
Bulgaria Just at that mom critical
moment It Is true that thla policy
hus not directed against Itoumanla.
but against. Servia. againat which
country Bulgaria waa to be played off;
hut as at that time uo understanding
existed between Itonmitnla and Bulgaria, but on the contrary, the relations between the two countries were
ns had as they could be. Austria's at
tltude created III feeling In Roumanla.
and. although a reconciliation has
since taken rrtnee, a certain amount
ol bosltlllty still remains In Roumanin.
The result of all tbls is thai Austria-
Hungary has many enemies In the Balkan peninsula at tb* presenl moment,
but no single reliable friend.
ors all over the country.
The success of Ita trade department
has been phenomenal. The cimpua
contains thirty-two buildings, with accommodations for 370 pupils.. As lt ia
the onlv Indian  tradea  school
market where the fish hnd been bought
just   In   time   to   save tbe   remaining. ;'oT��05."i.irlyln July it waa'announcedj
page, of this literary treasure ,_..,   A Ma(.kBy  was being retired!
ni.-     -I      the      most     highly prized   ,,,. the Government from the farm at In
. dlan Head to take a better position, and
"I from Manitoba to Alberta, from the1
boundary line to the northerly limits of,
the agricultural belt, this general word
was spoken: "There is nothing too
good in this world that they can do for
i .     i    . ,i liiin.
rein he had transcribed the original;     Angus   Mnckay    ca-ie   to   the  great'
Northwest in 1HS2. He was amongst!
the first contingent of se;uers which i
came West from Ontario upon the
opening of the 0. P. R. to Manitoba.
The majority of the old Ontario immigrants at that time were taking
land in the southern part of Manitoba, and in that district today, excepting the Mcnnonitee, the sons and
daughters of the pioneers in Bruce,
Huron and Orey counties still com
prise a large percentage of the population. Whether or not it waa because Mr. Mackay and the three
friends    who    accompanied    him    were
1   nroner '    .       .   ,    ���   '  ,'��"  .'", ****** \ Inends    wno    accompanied    mm    nr,*
In tho rnlted States. It draws students ', tmned the famous journal of hi. italinu | not    de,cendant.   of   Huron,   Orey   or
from   all  over the   countrv.  Including S V"T'.     ""'    .2   #*&'._*_��_.    !""". -       -    -
-o .,���..   ,_.���,.  ,.���_,,    ,���,        ". ,.       _ Sf I looked  upon bs one of the greatest of
of | Alaska. New  .ork state, and the south- j v_���n-h    V ..^^       ,���������-*���.      whiu
The Indian agency covers southweet-
ern Washington, and the Olympic peninsula.
Bruce,   or because   tbey nad   a   mora
cannv   genius  for   locating    good  soil,
...... , ���    ,        , , that'they    passed    Manitoba   by
Milton s   Commonplace   Hook    wherein i p,.,,,.,,,.,!^   to  lands    situated    on    the
Walla Walla, Wash . Oct. 14���Sheep
men who graze their flocks In the We- i
naha  reserve aro concerned over  re-
porta that Toll Uate.  where the snow
Is now over three feet deep and fall- I
lng dally     All attempts to bring out !
the flocks hnve resulted in failure.
One of the owners, In an attempt
to reach Toll (late thi* week, was un- I
able to get nearer thsn six miles.
Thousands of sheep are llgely to per- I
Ish. The snow Is falling much earlier
In the mountains than usual, and ex-
tends nearly to tbe foothills ln aome '
Ordinnrlly sheep men are able to j
get their flocks out without trouble up
to 'he end of the grilling seaaon, Octoher 10 There is little forage to be
had In the vicinity of Toll Gate, nnd
that little Is being covered with the
��� now, ao the owner* are in quandary.
accomplish their purpose
with maximum efficiency
and minimum discomfort.
Increasing   doses   are Dot
25c.   a  box  at  your
DruRKisl'8- im
. m*0*atl Sre* ****** ***a\
t_t*.��ICaa**i.lh*im._ '
First Car of Apples.
Nelson, Oct. 14.���A car of fall apples "ill he shlnped from Mirror lake
and KaBlo on Thursday, according to
tho manager of the Kootenay rruit
rtrowo-s' union, who has returned
fron, Kaslo. This will bc the first car
to he assembled at these points. The
fru't will be brought In by the Kuska-
���nook to be loaded Into a car on the
Canadian Pacltc railway wharf, and
nbe same day the Moyle wlll bring ln
i the anpleo for the car bound for Eng-
; land, in which will be Included tnd'vlrt-
1 nal boxes for friends In Oreat Brit-
i aln.
were entered the rough notes snd plans | J.M���rn threshold of the
uf his poems, which for over two ban-[ljmttorlas is not known. But sub
dred yenrs was lost, finally turned up; uent event, would rather go to
in the garret of a neglected house in _u , thc, ),tte- tneory. At any
London. irate, they were in the van of the first
 big  trek  of Ontairo   fsrmera   to   th*
Humors of Insurance Act. j West, am), like their Celtic forefathers
The volume recently issued as the amid the primitive and pioneer eur-
,.rst report on the administration of the j roundings in Kastern Provinces in
National Iusuranco Act contains some; the early days, they have labored
interesting rending. Among the inci hard and well, aad hav* sot up stand
dents mentioned is that of a father who1 ards of thoroughness which are juat
was so grateful for the maternity bene j now beginning to prevail throughout
fits thnt he asked the inspector's per I the entire plaias country.
mission to call tho baby by that offi The three men who came West wit*
, ial. nun.*. Angus    Mackay    in    'eighty two   were
An amusing stor* is told of a certain! Williamson, Miller and Boon. TSey
employer who dismissed all his domes i ell hailed from Ontario County, On
tic servant*. He told thero, however,! torio, in th* vicinity -of Pickering Mr
that if thev would consent to remain in j Mackay, who, was born id that 10
bis house as his guests be would bc glad Icality in 1841, VU also educated at
if they would do so, but that they were ithe old Whitby t.-ammar School. In
not hi's servants and were not bound to IW' he wns Lieutenant in the <Htn
Obey his orders. It was admitted thu;' Regiment of Fort lm, and was *n-
froiu time to time he made them pre I gaged in active service at the time
sents, and thut thev kindly consented lot tho Fenian Raid. So, although being
to assist in the household work; but, a.-; known now principally for his w-ora
proof thnt he hnd no power of control, iof the past thirty years in Western
evidence wus given thBt upon occasion*-'Canada Mr. Mackay spent the flrst
this quondam employer bad to rise early j forty-one years of hia life in tne
nnd light the lire "in his own kitchen Kast. When the group of the four
range 111 the morning.    8nch persons us! Ontario County farmers left   for   the
vest    aa    Oak
The Fit-Reform
Store Policy
SERVICE���real personal service���courteous
and unhurried���by men who know
good clothes and careful tailoring.
LATEST STYLES���all that is new and
exclusive���in Suits and Overcoats���is
shown first in this city���at the home
of Fit-Reform.
SENSIBLE PRICES-the featuring of new
and attractive styles at reasonable
prices���is the keynote of our policy.
Suits and Overcoat* from $15. to $35.
"paying guests" were already a well
recognized element ia the community,
but it remained for the Insurance Act
to call into exiatenco "paid guests."
The magistrates, however, held him re
sponsible for the insurance of his
"guests." On appeal to Quarter Ses
alOus their decision waa coniirmed.
Indian Massacre Plot.
The Barital conspiracy case, received
a hearing in thc Calcutta courts, a fen
duys ago. A native lawyer, Mr. Oupta,
in opening the case for the Crown, in
which charges of plotting to aeduce native troops and brinji about a wholesale
massacre were brought against the 44
defendants, asked for a free pardon for the two approvers who were
giving direct evideaee regarding the
working of the Barital and Dacca sections of th* conspiracy. Oupta gave a
long list of murders and outrages whieh
th* pollce have connected with the society. He produced documents slowing
how the conspirator* divided the country into district* in which organized
sedition was reached, chiefly by means
of religious services, students and un
married youths being their special con
Western frontier the
running only as war
l.uke, at that time a point 165 milea
beyond Winnipeg. After Oak Lake, a
lonely, boundleaa expanse of prairie
wus "the only view, and on toward
the western skyline journeyed the
four setters with tbelr wagons snd
cumbersome ox-teams, for a distance
of 150 miles, when they eame to tho
fertile district now surrounding Indian Head. Then tbey selected their
homesteads, in a block, formed a
companv with themselves ss the only
shareholders, and decided, in this
way, to work on a -so-operative baals.
Two of those old homesteads have
since changed hands. They belonged
to Miller and Willismson, who lived
long enough to *ce the wheat belt move
in jumps from the western boundary of
Manitoba to the fertile plaias of the
I'eace Hiver Valley.
For live yeara thee* four men worked together, and tben, ia 1887, the
Dominion 0-.ivernn.ent undertook to
establish an experimental farm in
Western Canada. Ia 1888 a farm of
6'JO acres waa purchased from a land
company whieh owaad sixty thousand
acres in the Qu'Appelle Valley country,
-which extends north from Indian Head
as far as tb* Qu'Appelle River. Aagns
Mackay, who ssslsted tk* Oovernment
in locating tbe site for tbe flrst *xp*ri-
mental farm, was appointed the flrst
superintendent, aad there en the outskirts of th* town of Indian H**d he
���stabllsked what might v*ty aptly b*
called aa* agricultural mission, to whieh
men hav* gon* ia increasing nussber*
during tk* put tw*mtr����* mi*, to
leara th* goapel of sensible fanalag-
aad from wklch tkouaanda of letter*
have b*ea **nt  to  tkose  wko  oould
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager.
Villager* is Battle.
A village fight took place near Cairo,
Egypt, recently. Some peasants of the
village of Charmonda allowed their cattle to stray into the cultivated fields of
a peaasnt in the neighboring village of
Zankslon. Tke bitter vigorously protested, and a quarrel arose, which soon
involved the inhabitants of botk villages. Arming themselves with sticks
snd all sorts of mis-sties, tk* villag��rs
arrayed themselves for battle aad at- ���._	
tacked each other. A strong force of Uot com*, eoaveying into tk* wudet-
police despatched from Zagasig sup- i ness soss* word of that same toepel,
pressed the fighting and arr*st*d thaJAs   tk*  Provinces   of   Saskatchewan
ringleaders.   Forty-five injured person
were taken to a hospital at Xagaaig
Oam*l *o*t
Relays of camels carry tk* post lath* Oordonla district of tka Cap* Province of Bouth Africa. Tk* camels
iouraey across tk* Kalahari Deeart.
Three heifers hav* beea bora during
tbe year, making fifte*n camels owned
by the Post Departmmt. Tk* accuracy
witb which tbe animals travel to scheduled time table under normal w*atk*r
conditions Is remarkable.
and Alberta wer* formed, aad tb* rapid
Influx *t Ussslgratlon la r*e*��t jmat*
kas glv*n tk**s thousands of farsww,
other experlmentsl statloaa kav* b**a
^rt��a��d,8Utt!,,w4 au!3��brttji
aad Utomb*. ***** 1****** *******
tion*, b��adM_by yonag  udu����bk>
at-Mlaa H*a4, bat
FaM to A��r��*.
Washington. C-*. 1*.���Senator
hurst, unsuccessfully attempted
todsy to got th* senate to agree on
a time for definite action en the proposed constitutional amendment far
woman suffrage.
tarth-quak* at Panama.   -
���a. Oct 14.������art-Mruek* ������***���'
mor* ooatlnue.  Thlity-ene hvt* been
HAVE you looked over the advertisements in today's NEWS
and noticed what the best shops
are offering you for refurnishing
your home and making it more
comfortable for winter?
If you have not done so, don't
lose any time about it.
Do you need new blankets, new
curtains, new rugs, new articles
of furniture?
Perhaps you need a number of
things, but cannot afford to buy
them all at once.
If so, make a list of what you
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You can sodh see what shops are
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Progressive  merchants and
manufacturers are teUing^
they'have to ojfer through our
advertising columns.   You owe it
to yourself to read what they ham-
'���; ^ ���.���.-'ii-'.--i5.'-i'..--'ii-i ���'���.���������-������:ii,i':. i1
i-niwiwa s|
:    '. fr-.f   ���-     .���;,��
��� ��� *iitr*' PAGE FOUR
Fresh ^iVater and Salt
shoal and her crew took their jelly
boat, which tbey made fast to the
schooner's stern,  Tbe Monomby Point
life stivers launched tlieir power bout
Uud started to tbe assistance of   the
Imperilled crew.
Kour miles to tlie   eastward,    near
pollock Hip lightship, another thrs
facta was that the man waa guilty. If
the crown fell short of that, and there
waa any doubt upon tin- matter, the
Jury should acquit. So much depended
upon the question of identity. They
might think that the witness was telling a" honest story, yet they might be
a little doubtful us to his judgment,
as to whether he had sufficient
-.rounds to go upon to swear to the
Identity of these parties, but lf the
facts to whloh he swore were capable
of being easily controverted, and no
attempt was made to controlort thom,
then uny lingering doubt In their
mlndl might bo dissipated.   That was
kept knowledge of thla from the pas-[good will  and  ��_?��"" ��f
���eengcra. who  were  quiet throughout |company worth *WW0 i
tin-   gas
New England Coast Swept by Northeast Winds���Barges and  Ships
In Trouble.
SiSTwu discovered with her .ail. "|*^��^"~5vll2,2J^
Vineyard Raven, Mass., Oct. 14.���
Tho barge Bummer It. Meade, which
lilt Ilere for Iloston yesterday with
tlu- barge Oakland ln tow- of the tug
I'ui'll, sprang a teak otl Well Fleet
night and after her
t...,.:ll  oil  by    the
crew  had   been ]
tug.    was thrown I
on the    outside
where sbe lies a
ashore early    today
boach of Cape Cod   ^^^^^^^^
total wreck.
lhe two men on board the Oakland
blown to ribbons, flying distress signals. A third schooner wus dragging
her anchors southwest of Monomby
and another vessel was reported by
wireless In distress southeast of Sam-
kaly light, Nantucket.
More Black Foxes.
Vancouver, Oct. 14.���The shipment
of black foxes from the north to the
now famous fox ranch on I'rlnce Edward Island, continues to form part
of lhe business bundled by the Canadian I'acific northern steamer, and
the Princess May, Capt. Mcl.eod,
which arrived thiB morning from
Skagway and ports, brought another
shipment of the foxes.   The May also
���managed   to   anchor   their _cra-ft*_��* jhad'.almorrfrom Alert Bay and a large
liiftlllund light und. despite a terrific
in , i.heaat gale, refused to be taken off
by the Paoli.
list of passengers.   She went to Victoria this afternoon.
(Continued from Page One )
"ancouver, Oct. 14.- Carrying
an 1 wheat valued at *7ti,6:U, the Brit-
i*1' steamer Kupert City. Capt. Dob-
sen. has sailed from Tacoma for the
Or!ent. Tho Hupert City was recent-
ly hought by Dodwell & Co.. and was
V-'led for the orient, whore she will!and the others in the
le delivered to new owners, a Japan-  be   of   little   account  standing   alone
rm firm whicli recently purchased the  but taken in the aggregate thev were
cr-ift from Dodwell & Co.
The  Rupert  City  has  taken   75,002
bt'��bels of wheat  valued  at  $01,752.
evidence might
���I* S
3500  barrels  of  flour  valued  at
'in the Japanese steamer Awa Maru **"������*���" ���� >���'��-���" """�� ��������� *
fhlcb reached the Sound last week]"- would have beeP BUBPt
 _i._.   __i���.    ,un  ���_,���.   Tonanoo., lhad not varied a little ill
fr-im the orient, the new Japanese
r���**a ot the Rupert City came as pas-
No End of Trouble.
Panama, Oct. 14.���Tho Cucaracho
;"'e ia giving the engineers no end
rf trouble to work a cutting through it
t-i let lhe water from the filled see-
t'-n of Culebra cut into the unwatored
section south of Pedro Miguel locks.
Ifter 4S  hours of unremitting effort
I -i excavate a trench through the barrel-, no appreciable headway has been
���"ide, as liquid mud flows into the
'"(ch about as fast as it is removed.
A change of plan has been decided
vion whereby pumps will be installed
II excavate a channel by hydraulic
pressure through the. slide.
Thc chartered Dominion fisheries
protection cruiser William Joliffe,
t apt. Thompson, arrived in Vancouver yesterday morning with a parly
<������ government wireless officials who
have been Inspecting the various British -Columbia stations. The party eo.n-l'iot
s i?ted of Superintendent C. P. Edwards, in charge of Dominion wireless stations; E. J. Hatighton, district
iiiperlntendent, and other members of
t'ie service.
Bad weather was encountered during tho cruise, but landings were effected at all stations. The points visited were Pachena. Estevan. Trl-
rngle Island, Dead tree point, Dlgby Is-
l>nd, Alert bay, Cape Lazo and Point
Croy. The apparatus was overhauled
rt each station and data taken as to
the  results  obtained.
absolutely inconsistent with accused's
Defends Greenwood.
Greenwood  had  given  his evidence
seven or eight times in this affair and I
icious   if   he
his iicoount-i
of  what he  had  seen.    Griffiths  had .
corroborated the statement    that    be
bad   mentioned  the  motor  meeting  a
day or two after    the    robbery.    Mr '
Davis also dwelt upon the fact of Dean ,
passing under an assumed name and |
his living with a woman not his wife, j
whilst be delated also upon the fierce I
light he had put up against    extradition.
He urged the jury to consider the
evidence as a whole and return a
verdict uf guilty.
Judge Charges Jury.
Justice  Clement, after  referring  to
[the   notoriety   of   the   great   robbory,
I said  they  were now  trying  the  man
Iin the dock, in a court of justice to
; find  upon his guilt or innocence.    It
I was necessary, therefore, for them, as !
a Canadian jury, to act *.8 if they had
never heard of the case before they ;
went into the jury hox. Disabuse their1
minds of  all  preconceived  notions ofj
the man.
When a crime was committed it devolved upon Society to try, and If
guilty, punish thc culprit. The crown
and the crown's officers represented
society. It was the duty of the crown
to persecute, but to prosecute. If
there was nny evidence to show the
Innocence of accused it was the duty
of the crown to see it was laid before
the jury. At the same time the crown
was bound to bring out the facts as
thry understood ii from witnesses
and Impress these facts, to their legitimate conclusion, upon the jury.
The duty of the judge was to pay
attention to the evidence, and get a
grasp of the facts so as to be able to
point out to the jury the crucial points
of the case and also to see that none
but.   proper  evidence  ls   given
legitimate i possibility
Dean was i dared on
fll burner and will join the fleet of
' "rge towing tugs owntd by the company.
r the Week E
ndinci Sunday. Oct
Rand Heads.
High.             Low.
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time.
5:20    0:45
4:21 10.4 10:12
17:15 12:25
16:1-! 11.7 22:56
0:10    1:25
6:08 ll.n 10:50
17:40 12:35
16:38 11.8  -3:20
6:50   2:05
6:63 11.6 11:27
17:55 12:50
16:.",7 11.6 23:46
7:35   2:88
6:37 11.8 12:03
IS: 16 13:36
17:16 11.4
8:20   3:20
7:22 12.0    0:17
18:36 14:"0
17:34 11.6 12:40
9:10    3:55
8:10 12.1    0:49
18:55 14:30
17:53 11.5 13:19
10:05   4:30
9:03 12.1    1:26
19:16 15:05
1x:l3 11.5 10:04
Northeast Storm.
Chatham, Mass., Oct. 14.���An unheralded northeast storm .want Cane
Cod and caught all the coastwise fleet.
Four BChooners on Nantucket shoals
signalled  frantically for help.
A lumber laden three-masted
ichooner, evidently bound for the
westward, began to (ill al her anchorage   near    the    dreaded Steele Head
The Willaim Joliffe proceeded later | 't was not testimony to show a man
1 tho day to Victoria. She is to beiF"''^' of another crime unconnected
���keti over by the C. P. R. in the near | with thp crime In the present, inquiry.
iture.    She" will  be equipped  ns  an j    A��   incident  had   occurred     during
��� ihe trial, when Mr. Davis, counsel for
i tlie crown, referred to the evidence
j taken at l.os Angeles by the commissioner, as showing that accused waa
|convicted at one time in tho states
of robbery.
After u discussion by counsel In
the absence of tha jurv Mr. Davis
'was absolved from a charge of im-
] proper reference lo tho matter. It
; arose out of a misunderstanding between counsel. Subsequent proceed-
; ings rendered it. unnecessary for blm
ito dwell noon It at any length, as it
had turned out. that the crime of
which accused wub said to have been
I convicted, was afterwards proved not
ito be guilty of and pardoned by the
proper authorities on the other side.
Wbether that evidence had been given
| or not he should have charged them
to leave out of consideration any such
question  as tbat.
Dean stood before them that day a
normal law abiding citizen.
Duty of the Jury.
The duty of the Jury was to decide
Ithe question of fact and thev were
supposed to apply their Intelligence
and experience in the formation of a
Judgment upon the question of farts.
They had heard the witnesses in thc
box and they must Judge', not only
from thc words that fell from iho lips,
hut also from their demeanor, how
they comported themselves, whether
they gave their evidence In a straight-
forward way, or in an evasive way,
whether the witnesses w-pre telling
the truth and the whole truth,
whether parts of their storieB were
true or parts falsehoods, whether they
were honest or mistaken witnesses.
The accused was charged with having broken into the Bank of ?IVintreal
and stolen a large quantity of money,
$271,000. The exact amount did not
matter, that was only Incidental. The
burden of proof was on the crown. To
use a modern slang expression, accredited to the man from Missouri. "It
is for the crown to show you." They
must show a reasonable conviction of
lhe man's guilt. If not the jury must
give him the benefit of Hie doubt and
acquit him. That was lhelr duty.
Circumrtantial Evidence.
His lordship then entered upon the
question nf the relative merltB of direct and circumstantial evidence. He
said no witness in ihls case hud come
fiit-ward who pretended to say he hud
seen Dean commit this robbery. But
the crown Said thev had woven round
accused a web of facts, that the only
Inference the Jury could draw was
thnt the man was guilty.
The rule wns more particular where
tho evidence was of a circumstantial
elm meter, that facts musl lend tbem
to th
considered If the facts of the evidence
brought tbem to a fairly reasoned conviction of the mini's guilt.
Reference had been made to the
fact that Maciiamaru and I'owell, who
were both In court, had not been put
Into the witness box to sny where
they wcre at a certain time, lt waa
not a matter which should be dwelt
unon unduly. They luul to bear In
mind that Powell hail to take hls trial |
r.nd .Macnainnra had been tried for
another crime. Mr. Davis suld they
were both in court and they might
have gone. Mito the box and given explanations where they were that night
nnd In that way have shattered the
cane for .-thai'crown. That had not
heen done, but he could only warn
them that the matter must not be unduly nreBScd aB against the accused
who had been entirely unconnected
with  Macnamara.
Strongest Evidence.
The strongest chain against the ac-
ctiEed here was the chain which Included I'owell, Macnamara and himself. They were not trying Powell,
but assuming for the moment that
Powell was guilty of the theft, that
did not convict Dean. All the evidence consisted of driving home
Powell's guilt or at all events that he
was in receipt of the proceeds of the
That did not touch Dean. There
was no evidence up to that point to
connect Dean and  Powell  together.
What evidence there wa3 connecting them together���the onlv evidence
���was that of Greenwood. The others
did not. attempt, to identify Powell.
It was Tor them, the jury, to decide
upon the credibility of the witness.
If they gave credence to Greenwood's
testimony that he saw Powell, Mao-
namara and Dean together on the
highway, and if they thought Powell
was guilty, it was perfectly
to draw the inference that
a participant In the robbery.
Discuss this witness pro and eon.
Sir Charles had impressed upon them
various reasons to disregard the evidence of Greenwood and Mr. Davis
reasons to believe some of his tost!-
i mony.
If they eliminated Greenwood and
[discredited his testimony then tliere
jwas a much weaker chain, at any rate
The evidence of Powell's Identity lay
'solely wi;h Greenwood and Armitage.
Armitage did not attempt to Identify
Powell. Identity was a difficult matter and when a witness came and said
ho was not sure, his evidence should
be disregnided. They might, take it
that he did not identify Powell. They
must connect Dean with I'owell to
connect him with the robbery.
Macnamara  was accused  of having
been  seen   trying   to  crank  an   automobile on a street in  the vicinity of
tho bank.   That depended upon Pergu-
(son's testimony,   lt had been said, although   no   legal   testimony   had   heen
.given, that Macnamara had been convicted of the theft of the automobile.
The  finding  of  tha-   jury   was  not
binding  upon   thetn.    They  were  not
; being asked to reverse it cr io try him
iover   again.     They   could   not   know
I what, evidence  was  adduced     in     the
i Macnamara case.    It might have been
stronger or not so  strong.    To  some
extent the evidence had been repeat-
I ed here.    It was for them to sav here,
on  Ferguson's testimony, whether in
i their own judgment Macnamara was
ithe man he said he saw cranking the
j motor.     If    they     disregarded   Ferguson then he would have to charge them
tliere was no case against  Dean.
All the other circumstances would
not lead an Intelligent jury to Dean's
guilt. If they found .Macnamara was
��� here, then thev connected him with
Dean. II" and Dean occupied a house
together, They had also the evidence
of Dean's being seen on the sidewalk
of the Hank of Montreal on the evening before the robbery. It was entirely for them to accept. Armitage's
Btatement or not
Then Dean nnd Macnamara disappeared and Dean was found in Dos
Ani-i'les under an assumed nam". He
would nol be justified ln saying if
they found all these facts proved, that
Dean was not guilty of this robbery.
His lordship concluded by giving his
customary clear definition of what
was a reasonable doubt.
the real of thc night.
"The chief engineer,  the    Marconi
meu and seamen and myself spent tbe
night  making small rafts In case the
flre burned  through  the deck before,
"At 5:15 a.m. the llrst boat arrived..
Weather and sea having moderated,
the boats were enabled to come alongside ship, which enabled passengers
to embark quickly. All the steamers
around the ship sent boats. Now we ]
were enabled to loud three boat, with
passengers at unci' The passengers
left in a very orderly way uud there
waa no panic, women breaking duwn
and crying when help wa. alongside,
and all were oft the ship by S a.in.,
about 400 passengers. 1 searched the
ship myself and found no one else on
board, so decided to abandon her us
No. J hutch was well alight by now. so
with the remainder of tha crew embarked on the Kroonland,
"Nothing at nil has been heard of
the two missing boats. Passing vessels were usked to keep a lookout for
"I wish to express my heartiest
thanks and gratitude to the captains
Mayor Gray in concluding the liii-ot-
ing said Aldermun Ilryson had hlin
self voted to pay Engineer I'apst as
be had been paid, The most of hla
work was over now. The B. C. E. 11.
had wanted to buy the gas plant and
would have offered, or did Offer, between $150.00(1 and $160,110(1 for it.
Was it not worth 1160,000 to the city,
especially when most of that wus lu
city bonds.
The meeting adjourned, after sum"
discussion  by cltUens, to meet  again
tomorrow night.
oust lo be iu time to meet the premier
In Otta.-a, and to a press representative Mr. Howser stated that be bad not
yet been able to decide upon his eourao
of action. He realized the Importance
of Ills going uust to meet the premier,
but nt tlle same time be was not sure
whether the affairs of hii: department
would suffer him to be absent at this
Ottawa, Oct. 14. The Dominion or
Canada ranks seventh in Importance
among the countries of the world ns
ill  buyer of   British   goods.     This   was
Ifound in u report issued on tbe
| Jeet by the department ol trade
I commerce.
It shows, among ether things,
'as a customer of the mother country,
| Canada docs not stand us high In the
Hit of other dominions as either Aus-
I trallu or South Afrlcu, both of which
Bar Actociation Will Investigate Stor
les That are Common Abiut
Court  House.
of the ships wlio stood liy. also to the lhave .mailer populations.    As u mat
officers  and crew   who  came to    our I ter of fact   Australia,  with  a  popula
tlon of only four nnd a half millions
assistance, for their bravery and endurance In their endeavor to come
alongside the ship, also to the passenger, of the Kroonland for their kindness to the rescued passengers, engineers and crew and myself In fitting
us out and doing everything for us."
buys more goods In the British market than any other country In the
world, save British India and Germany, which rank first and second
respectively. The United States
ranks next to Anstraliu.
Montreal, Oct   it    Publicity    has
been   given   during   the  past   week   t"
the fact  that  Individuals reprei
themselves as  member, of tb
proteaalon have been "touting'
Meetings   Have   Been   Held   With   the
Railway  Officials  but General
Vote Will  Ee Taken.
Can't Find Aviitor.
New Vork, Oct. 14. Efforts toduy to
lind some truce of Albert J. Jewell,
the aviator who disappeared while
making a flight In a monoplane to the
.-','ate Island aerodrome yesterday
morning, were fruitless. Those who
have endeavored to trace hla course
believe that he lost Ills wuy, flew out
over the Atlantic ocean and perished
by drowning. An attempt will be made
tomorrow to lind some trace Of hlm
by sending an aeroplane over his   in-
teniiid course.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    i-iiiiiui
the precincts of the pollce courts and
collecting advance retainers nn
"cases." When the cases were called,
tlle "attorneys" failed  to appear, and
their victims, generally those wbo
could least afford their losses, were
left In the lurch. It has ulso been
stated that certain actual members ol
tho Montreal bar have Indulged In
somewhat similar shady proceedings
and a visit was paid this morning tn
.1. Dl. Martin. K. c, president nf tin*
bar of Montreal, to ascertain tin- at
titude of the bar to Buch proceed
Mr. Martin.
fore hlm, admitted that he had rend
tho newspaper acopuQl-f- In question,
and while he made no allus'loua to tbe
truth of the assertions, he stated that
tho council wua endowed with actual
legal powers, a right exercised by no
similar association in tho United
"I have rend tlle accounts you refer
in," mid Mr. Murtin, "and I Intend in
bring  Hu'  matter to the attention  of
the nexl semi-monthly meeting of th��
bar. 'I'he council by law la vested
v. Hh authority to deal with the case of
anyone usurping the functions of the
profession nr acting iii such a manner
as  tn  lend   to  the  belief  thut     he    In
authorised to fulfil the ofllce nf. or
.Ol  ai. an  a Ivneate.    The penalty  for
i ueii un offence is . fine of nol less
than 160 and not more than lino, and.
lm default of payment, three months'
I    "The council bus power also in dis
��� clplliie lis   nwn    members   and    deal
with   acts  derogatory   to   the  dignity
in- honor of tbe profession oommlttsd
Iby ItB members. Tha counoil may
ntlng censurs or reprimand such offending
members, or in tbe case of a grave offence suspend Ihem frnm practice for
a slated lline, or even deprive Ihem
forever of the right to practice their
"There is no doubt," oontinued Mr.
Martin, "aboul tbo council having tbe
full power to deal wiih abuse, wneth
er continued by Its own member's or
by iiihers attempting lo usurp the
functions of the profession, but I may
Bay thai while then- are black sheep
In everv   i-ailirig, the bur of  Montreal
Ib legal author!!
ipares favorably with the bar. of
the other provinces und Of the Culled
StateB, so much sn lhal tbe disciplinary powers of the council nre required to be ��� serclsed only occasion-illy."
Winnipeg. Oct. 14. Unless the more
conservative members of the railroad
brakemen can govern the next unci
ing comprised of men in the Canadian
Northern railway's employ, there is a
that a strike will be de-
that  system.
During the last two months the | ",K
C. N, ft. brakemen and baggagemen
have been holding meetings with the
officials of the company and it is
learned on good authority that the
railroad officials have conceded many
points but have refused to concede
several of the points aBked, among
which is an increase In wages, whieh
is said to be over and above the wages
iald to anv brakemen or baggagemen
on other Canadian roads.
It is learned that it has now been
decided by the employees to put the
| mutter to a general vote, which may
| result In a strike being called. The
entire system of the C. N. R. east and
west, will be affected by any develop-
| ment that mny arise.
Severe Earthquake Shock.
Portland, Ore., Oct,  14, -A  special
to the Oregonlan  from  Baker, ore..
says a severe earthquake shock of
more than a minute duration, was fell
this afternoon in the Seven Devils
Country along the Snake rivet, Oil the
Idaho-Oregon line, The towns affected are Homestaad, ore., Mallard Land-
Ore ami Cuprum, Idaho. Telephone lines were put out of commls
I sion and reports are meagre.
| nnd  dishes
[    Stoves
Backed out of place,
windows broken and some houses out
of plumb. A similar shock was fel:
four years ago bul it was nol so se-
vi re.
(Continued from pane one)
ver Po
ply   at
return foi
renden d.
the mayo
I Continued from page one)
perton liy reason of the new hospital, which has been piped for gan,
would probably be among the first to
take advantage of tho deal.
Accept Bonds,
lu closing about the gas plant. Alderman White explained that In the
financial arrangements with Mr. Cunningham, the la'ter was to take $20,-
Olio iii cash and 1130.000 In city bonds,
the money from the bonds being avail-
able for other denartments.
In connection with the proposed Co-
quitlam dam agreement the speaker
referred to thc fact lhat the city had
enticed a suit against the power com
nanv end nlso the Dominion govern
ment but that same had as vet not
come up for hearing. Since the cltv
���took up the fight the power companv
had   been   forced   to   spend   an   additional million dollars in Improvements
lat tiie dam which they had never expected to nay. In return for this agree-
I ment which would place the watershed
lln the hands of th" Dominion goverm
j ment. 1; would give the city free action
Iin  laying any  complaints to tbe provincial minister of lamia and ulso at
The Vancouver Power company had
agreed   to  pay  all  expenses   Incurred
up to date, amounting to 119.000 and
as much out of the gas plant bvlnlso *1000 annually to pay the salary
latins Cunning-10' 'l s:inltHr.v Inspeolor to he encaged
innd employed by the city.    New  Westminster hy the agreement will get all
the water It can use with an addition-
er company in the water sup-
Coquitlain    lake."   The   city
Bt    hack    ull  out    of pocket
_lso got $10.1100 by way of
whatever rights It had stir-
"And   wc   get,"   concluded
, "$1000 per year to pay the
in officer at the lake to Bl e
(Continued from page one)
rt Foster Clarke's soups and custards
which we got from their display at
the exhibition.
Coups in all flavors, small tlna, 2 tor
25c;  large tins, each 25c.
fustard Powders in 10c. and 25c. tins.
!: 'CO.   4   IbS   ...
"��� nptoca, 4 lbs.
White Beans, 4 ^^^^^^
'.< mili-:. .1 lbs	
'.'���cal Cranberries,  3 lbs.
ipe Cod Cranberries, per
okttiK apples, 5 Ibs	
Rweet Potatoes, G lbs	
A  few   .���������uios of Preserving
left i.t  [ier crate $1.00.
.25c. |
I to be in flames, It being unable tc
stop the flre on account of gases, the
water light doors were, closed ami
water poured down the No. 1 batch on.
to the fife, but the flre was gaining
all the time,
"At.   11   a.m.   the Carmania   arrived
and   lowered  a  boat,   but   could   not *
reach   the  ship  on  account  of    high
seas,   Asked Carmania to look for No. i
2  boat.    The steamship  Seydlitz    arrived and lowered boatB  which could
not reach us.    About 3 p.m. the Car-1
mania   returned   and   tried   to   reach'
the ship with life rafts, but all drifted ,
past our boat, too far away.
"Several steamers hud   arrived   by
dusk,   The Kroonland put away boats'
which   made   four  attempts  to   come
alongside, bul were .wept away each
Pumps Stopped. '
At 11:30  p.m.  the sul'oon and  chart !plant
house were  flaming.    The deck    and | that
���TViice Eastorn Ilutter, 3 Ihs.
Pastern Fresh Eggs, 2 dor..
. ,78c.
The Store for Quality and Service.
Dean's Grocery
there Is no Interference to either supply or purity of tlle  water."
Interest and Gas.
"We who favor the debentures   interest conversion bylaw," slated Alderman Kellington, 'believe if we get fiat 5 per cent, for our bonds we Will be
doing   the  best   possible.     I  am   convinced it is better to let the people 30 j
years hence pay $,.00 a year than go i
directly   into  onr   own   pockets     for
much more than  this amount."    The I
alderman    believed    the    eity    would ;
mak   ^^^^^^^^^
belling gus at $1...0 a   ^^^^^^^^^
ham did at $2.60.
Mayor tlray then spoke ngaln. tbl.
time on the purchase of the gas planl
"Wc are asking authority to uae $150,
inn of the $225.1100 previously voted
for a gas plant, to buy the Westminster (las company nut and to use part
of the remainder for extension, of the
present system." The mayor mude It
very clear that Knglneer Papst's re
porl '-us absolutely independent and
was not influenced lu any wuy. James
Cunningham', franchise was as good
us llie 11. C, Telephone company's or
the li. c. Eleotrlc's, and he imped tbe
lay was not far off when he would be
ble to put before the Citizen, similar
propositions for the   taking
Ihese  systems  In   the  city.
strong on    municipal   ownership,   be
said.    If another gas plant were built
cheap gas could nol be expected until
It could be Installed In the business
district, where the demand was greatest.
"Dear at Any Price."
Alderman Bryson took a running
long jump right into the heart of his
subject und announced "it waa not
good business to buy what James Cunningham (Mills a 'gas plant.' It might
be put In the same, class as the tug
Hero and have 'dear at any price'
marked on it." Mr. Cunningham waa
very anxious to get rid of Ilia plant.
Did his hearers ever know of a business man giving an option on a big
property at $10 tor two months ? Mr.
Cunningham wanted to get rid of that
burden. Electricity was taking the
pluce of gas and Mr. Cunningham was,
he had been told, willing to let go ills
for $75,000. Ha was Informed
company called the Royal ('ity
jal 1000 miner's Inches, the lntter
jing  sufficient   for  150,000   people.
Aakr Questions.
Kx alderman Garrett raised the first
breeze when after attempting to go
Into minor details of bond Issues, mentioned the fact thai the reason New-
Westminster was unable to sell the
4 1-2 per cent bonds was that the elty
was taxed to the limit, Speaking ot
the dam agreement Mr. (Jarrett stated
that as far as continuing the suit
against the Vancouver Power company was concerned, he 'hought many-
la lawyer would take up the ease on
over of principle, without any mention of
He   wbb I Ices.    (I-aughter.)
Following n vote of thanks passed
to Alderman White, Archie Hog).' snid
that he was emphatically -hi favor of
the gas bylaw. The City had lost ou<
In several suits and he thought the
franchise alone was worth nearly the
pr'ee to be nald for the whole plant.
He was alBo In favor of the conversion bylaws but had yet to study the
dam question.
Chairman Q. McGill also stated he
favored the entire Issue lit stake. Ife
hoped to see the ratepayers endorse
the action of the city council jn malting Buch  tentative arrangements.
Ciirr Block
Phone 336.
Columbia  Street
bridge, all before the funnel wore
blazing fiercely. Pumps and dynomos
stopped for want of Bteani. Marconi
operators worked until 11 p.m.. when
the magazine on the bridge blew up,
carrying tbe aerial away.
"Several bonis by tills time wore
lying off the ship and induced passengers to jump and they were rescued
by boats. At 12 midnight, the weather
was overcast und squally. Operations
were suspended, It. being too dark for
        boats to see. The flre meanwhile work-
... ...    conviction that the only ration-led  through   the  women',  steerage  to
z\ ccncluBlcii thoy could find on the  tho  after  end  of  the  ship,   but  we
Victoria, Oct. 14.���Sir Richard Mc-
Bride will leave Southampton tomorrow, October 15, and will arrive In
New York on or before the 21st day
of the inonth. He Ib booking a passage on board the Olympic, the levin
... ��� , ., ,,��� ,     ,,.��� .than of the White Star line.   After ur
Gas  company  at  one  time had    two    )vi      ,    ���      y       he    ,u
American experts here nnd they offer.|otu*a tQ aU(m(, ,he conferem.0 ���f ,,,���
provincial premiers on Octoher 2
ed $25,000 lor the Cunningham plant,
but suid that was more than it was
worth. Knglneer I'apst had already
been paid $7402.51; for services.
Alderman Dodd said Alderman Bry
eon should havn a job juggling figures
In a big bank, following the latter's
exposition of how the $225,000 voted
formerly for a gaa plant, would be
more than spent by the proposed bylaw. The city's electric plant was
worth $300,000. It could be sold
any duy  for $500,000.    Was not    the
Word as to tho InteBt Intentions of
!the premier has been received by Hon,
! w. j. Rower, attorney-general, from
I London. It appears that Sir Richard
has returned from tho continent,
where ho proposed spending a few
days, and Is again moving among the
financial men of the Dulled King
Thero was no further word In tbe
cable received by tho attorney-general as to thc desirability of hls going
Place your order early
and  get the  best.
day Monday.
Market  will b.
Phone 300.
641 Front Street    Out of the High  Rtr.t District.
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Now Selling Stock of M. E. Price & Co. of Vancouver.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager,
vici-cnii lct.
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund and Undivided Profit*-.
���     I
.!*���    ������
You Can Start a Savings Account
with $1 .iX>.    It Is not nece-sary lor you to wa.i until yon have a
lar��e sum of money In order to start a Savl   .    A .1 w th ,;  i
Bank.    An account can be opened with $1 Oo and mora on which
Interest Is compounded twice a year.
Let us make your reservations early and secure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
We are agents for all ocean lines and can give you
your choice of raij lines to the seaboard.
II. 0. SMITH, ('. P. & T. A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W. B. DUFEROW, O. A. P. D.
lbone Private Eichange 8134
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
CSTIMATCS and DESIGNS fURNISHED *���        m __ ���   ���
..   .  PAGE FIVE
News9 Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Cleveland Americans Detest Pittsburg
Hlratcs in Deciding Gsme of
Interdty  Cerles.
Pltttburg, Oot  14.    The    Cleveland
Ainct leans won today the aeventh and
Hunting   Ssaaon  Opened  This   Morning' for   Pheasant,   Grouse
and Quail.
At   dawn   today   the   huuikI   of   the
Shotgun   was   heard   throughout     the
deciding (iiiine of the. Intercity aeries, I districts especially the Kraser valley,
di'leatini', tke Pittsburg Nationals 4 to!lh<' OP*B season for pheasant, grouse
I.    The olllclal atlendniice  waa M98, Ia"'1  (I"B" "'kill* effect  this morning.
und  receipts  fililrnl)
Admin,   wan  batted  for six bits
Throughout yesterday arternoon and
evening automobiles and rn-s were passing over lhe  Praser  river  lirldni- on
three Innings, but Mcquillan, who re-j the way to the hunting grounds and
of au  invincible   lliK-vup this  autumn
Mffghovlch, the  great  little    quarter-  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
back, has returned from hls vacation, I ���������
and among otbera who have reported       Kcrnlu. Oet.  14.- f.ermalne Augusta  ., .    _,���,,..        ,      . ,
for duty are Wulkoverskl. star centre,  COitM, a French miner residing at the '."?%��*,''.',,?�� publlc tt-gt"','t "' ,na
Murdervleli, the sterling halfbuck. and   north end of the city, was struck  by "" '    ' a',rlbu-
lowed to depart to the city In the foot-
Charles Indiana waa slated, like
those who went before him. as having
been drunk on a publlc street.
"Are you guilty or not guilty?"
ijiierled  the court.
"Noa da guilt," came back the accused, whose name may be Indiana,
but who sounds aa though he came
from the land where they measure
macaroni by the mile.
"Noa da guilt," said (fitter Indiana.
thut sturdy tackle,  Killemofl.
Arrange  Winter Schedule This
New   Westminster  Is  due for a  re-
I ir_.ni  was going ai llie
placed hlm   did not allow a lilt. Three j "lany a hunter spent the night in thcivlval in bowling this winter according I tw|1,lty<lx   ,������],,���   an   h���
him rava IMltsbum ils onlv run in the '��� "p"", alr Mcon8<Ml ln ���>���*��� sleeping bag   ,��� ul| indications. Now that the nights i waa on the right side of
!".i V.���,i !���k"urK ,u omy ru" "' lnt | waiting for the cold gray dawn which I.....   .,    ...   ���....   ....   _....__   ...,,i,., n...  ..... .u 	
Becond inning. . I heralded  the opening of the shooting
(���levcand   scored  twice  In  the llrst ; ���,._���������  ���,,   ������.'|0W(.r  ,���.,-������_.���,,
inning.     I \u*y  made another run    In ^    n-))ls year is
the fourth, when Wilson inutTed Chap
���nan a fly and be scored on singles by
Lajoie and Johnston.
Local Ruggers Wlll Hsve Busy Week
End���Both  Vatchee at Queen's
Th"  local   rugby  club   will  be com
Kpacted  to be a big
reason fur pheasant and grouse shooting, reports from the valley having
been received to the effect that the
birds were never so mimi roim as they
are this year.
New Westminster srlll send her
usunl i|untn ti the Heidi, parties having been formed during the past few-
weeks, districts having been looked
over, farmers Interviewed ns to per-
mission bning granted to shoot over
their hinds while provisions have been
stocked in ordi r to take care of the
Inner mnn.
A hunter without provisions Is on
a plane with a boat without oars. TV
tramp over the fields and roads Is tbe
direct offset in the  weary drudge of
jthe locomotive of the 0, N. passenger
train   southbound   on   Saturday     lust
shortly utt-r noon    and was Instantly
killed. Ile was carrying a gun and was
I sitting on a bent of the bridge when
j first seen by the engine crew and when
[he   heard   the   train   he   got   up   and
started to run to this end of the strut:
i _. >,    ,   -��!.._, ..j u/iii I ture.    He was elo��e to the end of th"
House Lesous Elects Off esrs and will ,.   ,, .       . ,  ,
n������� _.<ai,ii -i.vi. v    .... bridge   when   he   swerved   In   to    the
I track, either to avoid a water barrel
i that stands ou the end of the timbers,
;or to dodge his little dog, when the
i engine struck him. Chas. Hart, thc
'engineer, saw hlm get up und run
j toward the end of the bridge. The
train was going at th" rate of about
our.    As   Hart
  the engine he
are drawing in and the sharp fall : did not see the man struck, but the
weather Is being f-tlt, the alley craze j fireman saw him swing Into the track
Is beginning to show up In a better lust as he was at the embankment,
light and from now on there will be ; The engine crew were accustomed to
plenty doing on the local boards. | people  UBlng the  bridge and did   not
At a meeting of the House league \ think the man was In danger,
held In the Club reading room Monday ! He was hurled aeveral rods by the
evening six well known bowlers lndi- i locomotive and when picked up by
���ated their Intention of heading teams ! the train crew hc was dead. Ills spine
In the organisation and will announce | wa�� evidently Bhattered, although
their line ups before another week has I thi re were no marks on the body,
passi d.
The officers of the league are as
follows: President, Q. MoOlll; secretary-treasurer. W. Burnett; executive,
I) A. Marshall. H. Walsh. II. Hike and
W. .1. Sloan. Another meeting will be
held towards tho end of Ihe week
when the schedule will be drawn up.
Seeing that the gentleman objected
SO strenuously to the Charge against j
|hlm,  the court adjourned  the case a I
day when the officer who arrested hlm ;
will he brought to the box to testify.
Kour other  members of  the amber
schooner pilot board  failed  to attend
the meeting and forfeited dm    to the'
(Continued from -pace one)
The   local   riigbv   clnli   will   lie  com uireci  onset,  in  tlie  weary  drudge ofl I1.IIA _���*������ fTP ITI
pelled   to  step  so luring   Ihn   next '''*>' "['' "'���'' ���������*���<��� ���'"* most confirmed Willi 111 IS II '
.       ,        ��� ���       i.        ,    _     ��� ���., .i���.i- dlspeptlc has lo fall to when the cul! i If IIV VLI J II.
few daya If they h< to keep up their for llln,.h ,, )l(,ar(|
sucr, ^s gained On Saturday last. This       Yesterday's  trnlns  on
doming   weekend   Ihey   ar"   scheduled : valley   line  of   iho   fl.   C.
Deposits with   .ecretary of B. C.
L. A.?���Ticklish Position.
t'i"    l-'raaer ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^muultttttttM
.omV't tw-oofl'lie crack TcamToV'Van'-'crow'ded   with   Winters'nt."^^'^ j Wi,��- ,6 ,0 Be Done About T,"�� $50C j
couver  McOffl college on Saturday af-  Modi  of  costumes,   tin*   Englishman
ternoon  and  tin-  Vancouver  RowingIperhaps Jin-.' over, eoulpped with the
olub on  Thanksgiving  day.  Monday, (wtesi paraphsrnalln.in breeches, leg-
Both games wlll be singed al Queen's   gln*��i "out. belt, etc.. being in con trait
pu.[; with the hardy veteran of years o?l  ���
In   Mclilll   the   loenla     shnnld     Just ' shooting over the district, one wh" c-in j . ,     Hellish
about nose out ,. win. as the collegians  tell ii notion lust where the birds lie 1   �����<���* lar> *���"*��� ���������'��������������������� �� UP IJrl"f
while a sptedy lot. will be lacking the . nnt! where the best BpOl Is located for (Columbia   Lacrosse   association,   Is   In
^^^^^^^^^^ , S|l""llllf- out.
The   ferry   bent   Kort   I.nngley   was
chartered yenterdav afternoon to take
;a party of H5 to Kort Langley  where
tliey were met bv thp secretary of the
! hustling board of trade.
An announcement which is pleasing
|t0 the nlnirods Is (hat of the B.C.E.tt
welcht of th" green shirts who will be
Strengthened for the wc-ek-cnd wltb
th" Inclusion of Clsrk and Stacey. to
gether with another possibility. Hart.
nf this city, who formerly was on the
I'nlvcrsliy srhool team of Victoria.
I The latter player made hls first ap-
pearanoa with  the team  last  evening
ministers  of  foreign   powerB.   will   be
marshaled to their seats by high state :
officials In  their regalia.
Prince Arthur will wear his uniform i
as a captain of the Royal Scots flrevs.
The uniform of the I'rlnce of Wales I
will bc that of a lieutenant of the navy !
while the Duke of Saxe-Coburg will
Wear the kills and tartan of the Sea- j
forth Highlanders, of which he isi
Three Processions.
There will be three semi-state pro- j
cessions from St. James' palace to the
chapel, by way of the state apartments and the grand stairway Into
color court. These orocesslons will
Ibe composed of ihe clergy, the bridegroom with hiB suite and thp bride
with her supporters, bridesmaids and
pages. When the three princes have
taken their stand before the altar the
young duchess will enter, sunported
by the King and Queen of Norway,
followed by five bridesmaids and a
bevy of pages     The bridesmaids will
  lbe   PrincesB   Mary,   daughter   of   the
Iking and Queen: I'rincesB Maud, onlv
That very mysterious man. John Doe (sister of 'he bride;   Princes:*. Victoria
who has refused  to give hls name to!and Princess Helena of Teck. danch-
,._     , , .,  ters of the Duke and Duchess of Teck. j
police, lawyers or anyone else, won't J��� Prin-,,8S Nlarv   th(1 Unle d!n,���hter
be such a source of mystery for the of the Prince and Princess of Teck.
next   two   yearB.     Yesterday   In   the      After    the    reception    the    young
. count v court before his honor Judge couple  will  be escor'ed   to their car
a ticklish position these days, tl.e out- , Blirk      of Nanalmo, he w��� 8entenC(,d ,Hste   *.**J&*��   ,����"5L^.
ccme of which will  probably not    bei to tw���  ..,������  ln   lhe  penttentlary  on ��*��   ^th^T regiment      wiii %-
a, tiled for aome time to come.    Yee-|each  of  three charges,  all of   which  ���nce   ^^J^���1^ ^,, _..,���(.
Declaration of
Dividend No. 19
NOTICE ls hereby given that a dividend at tka rate of 10 per
cent per annum upon the paid up Capital Stock of this company
has been declared fur the six months ending the Mth of September.
191.. and that the same will be payable at the Head Office of the
Compauy on Columbia Street, in this city, on and after the 15th October, 1913, to shareholders of record at the dose of business on the
30th September, 1913.   By order or the Board,
J. A. RENNIE. Secretary Treasurer.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begbie Streets.
J. J. JONES, Managing  Director.
Columbia Street. New Weatmlnster, B.C.
Aai'ins for Ii. V.. Brown, Hope & Miiciuilay, I.ld-. Oe-ner
SK-am lilp Agents,  of Vancouver. II. C.
Railway  and
iVysterlous Jewelry Collector Still Refuses to Disclose Identity���Chicken Thieves Plead Guilty.
run concurrently.
The now-convlct, who since his arrest at Cloverdale aome weeks ago has
escort    the    carriage    to    Pottam!"i I
ver  are   after   hls   services,   lt   Ib   ex  j"" the cars during the hunting season
terday   a  meeting of the  il. C.  L.  A.
was held In the Weatmlnster club, but
only three attended. President Kelling-| rebuff<.d  all  advance�� toward  diacov
ton. Secretary   I.ynch and W. G.  Mc-
'P0.���*?!!10"^.  'Li^^l *?��L__L_^!lw�� motor from town and their desti
The Bank of Vancouver
Branchea Throughout the Province of Britiah Columbia..
Savings Department at all Branches Depoelta of One Dollar and
upwards received and intereat It the highest corrent -mte p-aM aw
credited halt yearly. ********
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ta all parts ot the
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK. Oeneral Manager.
New   Westminster  Branch: A. **,. BLACK, Manaaor.
Snnar��.    That will be the only milt-1
tary display connected with the wed-1*
ding.    The counle lenve  later in the j
ami while the Rowing club of Vancou-'i |o the effect that dogs will be allowed |Quart^BO'Uuataia b*tt_g done.' ' ~  I^^Jj^n'pT^ieT^rj'rtwp^n^ttin'*n*mom   on   tbelr   honeymoon,   but
T1>e   trouble  haa   cropped   up   from ��� making.    Not enough ti) put Tlftanya
peeled  tr."��Y'iie"w-|li~b��'penroaded "to'*l>en controlled by leash     Addtttonal ju^ daCMlttod  gamea  with  Vancouver iol^^busVn^rbuT'sUU airthV'go^ds'na,lon ta * f'ecret-
���^���^���^���^���^���^-^^^^^^^^^ cars will be attached to all trains leav-1-- ��� ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i
Ithls paat season, the rulings of the B. ,j,e TOUld  pack about his person?   He
"'s.ac%' ��Tcj��rtt  both   g^AaBjrtAW ^S^&S__T3___h___^L__��_S!l^^ I0-  U  A- ��"  ,he "flernMn  *hp�� (on ' ��at yesterday In the temporary county
Ti-nV: I",',, SSmSI^cuS  "��"" Il0nm  madP hi" dran'al'C ��lt'bel^icourt  nK,m}  in    St.    Patricks  hall
while out  for practice last evening
One feature that the local club are
f'irtiinate In, la tbe lack or grounds In
Vancouver, which allows the green
���Kh'rts to play practically the whole of
tbelr rnirie-A on the Queen's Park -oval
end also awards the supporters of lhe
came In ihe city the opportunity of
Witnessing  the  game every  Saturday
Th�� Thanksgiving day game wlll In
a lough one for the locals and on past
performances, a draw will be a lucky-
event for Westminster. Another work-
���hub !�� scheduled for Thursday even
lng when every member of the club ls
expected to bo on deck	
Rucsia Is Taking Up Tocrt���C-ar Becomes Fanovltch���What the
Poort Writers Osy.
to the effect that on account of Van-1 dressed all in black, his arms folded
couver defaulting a game, the $"�����.'. land his head sunk upon his breast, a
depoall by Manager Jones be forfeited ,1a Napoleon, still as unknown a quan-
to the Westminster club.   Tbe former !tlty as ever.    However two years is a
Bride's Treussesu.
Tbe trou��eean of the bride wli' be
liritish materials as far as possible.
The glftB include some verv valuable
and rare Irish lace, some of It fnnilv
heirlooms. Much fine embroidery
has been done In Scotlnnd and some
709 Columbia St Westminster Trust Bldg.
more than 12 per cent interest
Sue Royal Bank.
refusing   to   play   unless  UriSith   and I Stole Chickens.
jlon Here dropped rrom the green John Moore, arrested and charged
| shirt. What la Secretary I.ynch go-1 "ome daya ago wltb_ stealing chickens
{ing to do ?
I from the Brownsville Indian  reserve.
Mills, of Fapperton, Dropped for Two
More  Gsmse���Points  Awardsd
Burnaby and Burqultlam.
Darkest" l.ussia la going In for I ,a,���Y.. ,)ia, a tew Bui, ���.,��� be mt.d
ttthletlos. Czar Nicholas has Issued a'against him by the solicitors repre
ukase, which Is a proclamation, not a jsentlng Con Jones. When seen yester.
fruit, appolnlng a   ���mlnlstrv of sport"  dav- following the meeting. Becrrtarv
If he  hands over the $1000 to the I ��W fowl  be'B* Buff Orpingtons and
Westminster club, it is slmoat a eer-   *���*��� property of George Roberts, wae
honorably  acquitted  yesterday.    Wil-
ff\ mtimrte *L6
to encourage alhlti ���_ li. the empire. |
General VoycholT Is the fust minister
of aport, Voyekoft taking the Job to
build up the health if the nation, not
to jcl rid of his cough. Tlie following -sport page" Items are what newspaper readers in St Petersburg may
expect shortly:
The Moscow Hoxicoffs put it all over
tllltttttttwi*****ttttttttmtttttta^^^^^^^^^ the  St.  Petersburg  Giantiskis  yester
,. .   _,  ,.,_ ,-,i,���  o��_._ir!day in a wild-eyed tussle, with a score
A   realignment of  the City  Soccer,y., - ^    ^ g-j^ ^^ g
league standing took place folio* lng w(loIo ^^ 0t rung )n jhe seventh inthe meeting of tbe league last even-!ning, when Vexahgzbiiwujski, the
ing when two games were ordered I great Moscow slugger, poled a homer
changed from the drawn to the *">|��f^J^'l ���">* '����� ���*��� ��"�� *******
column, llurnaby and Burqultlam be- Young Chqkcbklhtt|itoft. the grent
ing the gainers while Sapperton and Glantiski twirler, went wild, and Man-
tiie Moose still retain their positions ager Tealynskl IUymondovltch was
at the foot of the table. forced to replace htm with GipeofTskl.
The   Sapperton-Burnaby   game,   aslMoofskl, an umpire, choked to death
previously reported, resulted In a tie. announcing the batteries.
8-1 but on account of Bapperton play-1    Fielder  Booskl  waa sentenced    to
lng Mills  wbo was at the time under Siberia for calling Umpire PreddlkofT
spenslo'n for rough work In a prevl- a BJyqplkscmlktqg hatqkbealy   oshqt-
-..-_.-   ���-_._._._.__.      (ha   nyrwlCt.
^^^^^^   Tennis.
A distinguished assembly gathered
'Lynch Informed The News that unles.
ou.7-��V M.ln.ru.e ********   the lWrrwJcL
two points were awarded to Burnaby
nud Mills dropped from the playing
list for another two games.
In the other Instance Burqultlam
was awarded the polnta owing to the
non-appearance ot the Moose eleven at
the suburban grounds.
Humors were afoot that the Moose
were on the point of dropping out of
Die organization owing to tbe great
difficulty experienced by their manager In raising a team, but assurance
was given laat evening their beet team
would take the Held againat the Ctty
next Saturday, after whloh tt would
be decided whether to itay tn or drop
Lord, the full back of the Moose
club, wu given hla release and haa
algned with the Rover*.
Three games will be played on
Saturday afternoon, two at Moody
park and one at Bapperton. The flrat
at Moody park will be staged at 1:15
o'clock whon Burnaby and the B. C.
K. R. oppose eaoh other for the flrat
time. Tha Moos* and City foUow at
4 o'clock.
At Sapperton park Burqultlam wtU
make their second appearance In the
olty when they meet the Bapperton
eleven at 3 o'cloc*-.
Laat night'* rretlnt va* well attended, every cl h In th* organisation
being represents. The -kjagtw standing, herewith nnpenld, ls "ooslder-
ably changed f���i that formerly ran
.- ���-_.��___.���>, *.,        ^^^*^^^^^
he received a guarantee of protection
from the local cluh he did not feci Inclined to assume tho onus If there is
Tliere the matter ends, with the Vic
torla delegates to be heard from.
Ban��.r*  ��'j'��   ���   ���   *   *
Row*   2   *
Bumaby  ;  f
B. C. K. R Qt*
Sapperton^.i3��**^   **
0 JT   4
0 4   1
1 4 %
0 I T
0 lit
0 1 t
at th* Nevsktl Prospekt yesterday
afternoon to witness the racquet finals
between Perclkolf and Kegglvlch, the
champions. However, the game was
postponed, as a Nihilist had substituted dynamite torpedoes for the
regular tennis spheres, and the first
pop over the net caused a terrific ex-
Casualties! Grand dukes, 68:
princes, 447. Altogether the damage
waa alight.
Tbe member* or the duma held their
annual amateur golf tournament at the
St Peteraburg Country club thl* after,
noon. Riotous scenes occurred when
polio* attempted to break up the
tournament because member* of the
duma voted without the csar'* perm lesion. Th*y had voted the affair a
success. '
Kid    Slugglnski     battered   Young
Peterovtch to a finish In a whirlwind
heavyweight shindy at  the   Imperial
Sporting club laat night.
Peterovleh lasted eeven round* before Mccumblng to a well-timed punch
on the sjkyhgtsbvekghskt. The slugging wa* faat and furious through the
flrat four *tansa*.
rrom that tlm* on It wa* a olncb
that Slugglnski would Uk* Peterovleh
Ilk* the Jape took Port Arthur, a
purs* of 4000 ruble* waa the divvy
of th* beef truat.
In tbe prelim* Cossack Lools pounded Patsy O'Raflerty Ilk* a braaa samovar and made him look like SO kopeck*. Patsy's moniker didn't get him
anvwhere. In private life he la Nlcho-
lolf PJkgvxktqwklh*kl.
Coach Btaggoff, of the Imperial Unt.
veralty of 8t. Petersburg, is confident
Visiting  Lady Golfers from  CnHand.
Ireland and Canada Cuccessful
In U. S. Meet.
Wilmington, Del., Oct. 14��� Playing
consistent golf the visiting English,
Irish and Canadian champions all
survived the opening round of match
play ln the nineteenth annual women's
national golf championship tournament today on the link* of the Wilmington Country club.
The visitor* all won In eomparatlve-
ly easy fashion, Mlaa Ravenacroft. the
former English champion, defeating
Miss France* C. tlrtscom, of Philadelphia, a former American champion,
aix up and five tb play, Mlaa Mabel
Harrison, Irish champion, winning
from Mra. Hlrach, Philadelphia, and
Miss Dodd, English and Canadian
champion, taking her match from Mias
Nobllt, of Wilmington.
Ml** Violet Pootey, of Britiah Columbia, won from Mlaa Lillian Hyde,
a former metropolitan champion, of
New Vork, tour up and three to play.
Mias Florence 1.. Harvey, ot Hamilton,
Canada, deteated her fellow country
woman. Miss France* Scott, alao ot
Hamilton, flv* up and three to play.,.
The beat golf of the day waa ahown
by Miss Gladys Ravenscroft, ot England, ln her match with Mlsa Frances
Qrlacom, ot Philadelphia. She made
the flrst nine hole* In 41 strokes in
spite of the high wind.
Hence, recently ImiIU for the Earl of
item Wand Harold Stark who plead-l"j"��S��, ��� .BM��"n,-. J^flh.'VJl,
ed guilty pf the same offense affirm -Imost ">��hlonahle quarter of tne Weet
ed that Moore waa not wittr-them and
h��fh��n?h��, f��rnwTPd���m.etn Sftfi over the bank's refusal to honor his
f��r!nvT.��^in^7_^���!mA^nl,,he cheque drawn by him op a trust ac-
.IT Lfi de     me    ery Tal"" count   he  had   With   thi  bank.     Mr.
sv.J t\\mtr i^nnna M.M_--_ ,m Brundage claims that the bank's ae-
m*?*ne.���nin S....7 E JD,l��-* in marking hla cheque "account
royal couple have leased a large rtel:lch>i6d..    hag    BeriougIy damaged his
credit and exposed  him  to a charge
of criminal breach of trust from tbe
J. R. Grant, crown solicitor, asked that
the charge against Moore be withdrawn. The other two men were sentenced to one month ln the common
He Put up a Game Fight but Couldn't
Make It Stick���Beveral Fell from
the Wagon.
End. The prince and his bride wlll
no* take up their residence there until
December  snd   'n   the  meantime the
client whose money he was acting as
trustee for.   .
Wrote Many Cheques.
P. .T. Wilson, alias Roles, whose sen-
Vardon and Ray In Form.
St. Louie, Oct. 14.���Harry Vardon
ind Edward Ray, British golf champions, set a new record for the Glen
Echo golf link* hero today, defeating
Stuart Stockney and Christian Kenney, the pick of the local golfer*.
Ray went around the 18 hole cour**
ln TO stroke**, eight below Bogey and
two better than any aoore ever made
on the links. At the end ot the morning play, the English pair were nine'
up tn the match with tha St. Lout*
This afternoon 1600 spectator* followed the foursome around the course.
The score* for the afternoon row*
were: Varden 7J, Ray 70; Btocknay
74, Kenney 77. I
Wa* he tore? Well some. Was he
Indignant? Again yes, dear reader.
Hla name was Dlneer. In the
course ot a year be'a been pinched
only five times as drank. He'e strong
on th* boose whenever he's loose, but
he'* certainly there with the spunk.
Constable Bruce is a painstaking
policeman. Sometimes he taken mor��
than pain* aad on Monday evenlnt
he took William Dlneer to thy lockup.
In court yesterday the officer related
briefly how William had been diacov-
ered on Columbia street wltn a decided llat to starboard aad tho Idea
firmly Imbedded tn hi* upper stop*
that his mission In Uf* was to keep
the echoes ringing. Conanquenlly.
William waa gently, but nevertheles..
firmly removed to the place wber-e
thev put ban across th* window* to
���piit the sunbeam* and moonlight.
Dlneer gated at the policeman from
hi* apot In th* dock wtth mingled eon-
torn* snd eompaaaloa In hi* ay*.
"I hate to hear a t-Mn commit perjury Nto that," aaM William. "I was
on my way home to Eburne, when 1
realde." pursued Mister Dlneer. "whrn
thla man and another one nrevented
me. Bare R'k a ttne rewrtatksa yoa'ra
givin' me ��* a Jallbttd."
"If* my .9M*U*..* remarked Md*-
trate EdamO* "th��t m htv*pM,
coneldereM* aid to tt��. cr��MiJi
*hMi  ..... a-a_ES?______i_ia��     TTT
th* OftL	
a* you areiw#.
a look at the hand of
However, William i
(ran the tart that it
peargnce within a year
and.ooato. or il day*, -
deefclon ta Mi eaae,
house will be wholly refitted and furl    ���.-������-��� -
nlshed. | sational  arrest  at Tacoma  ten  days
________________ ago cn a charge of obtaining an auto-
m^^^^^^^^**^*.****m^ mobile  by  false pretences,  was  com
mitted for trial by Magistrate Shaw
yesterday after the evidence of the
automobile salesman and the chauffeur who drove the car to Tacoma had
been taken. One of the principal exhibits in the case is a cheque for
4382,000 made out to "Roles" and
signed by Oeorge Robertson. It 1*
drawn on a Winnipeg hank.
Must Uae Team*.
The C. P. R has abolished the practice of using its empty freight cat*
for the transportation ot freight Of
any description from one local warehouse to another. Formerly the railway company allowed wholesale firm*'
to transport heavy shipments ot merchandise from one warehouse to another, even when these warehouse*
were within a tew block* ot eaetf
other. Thla practice wa* realty the
work ot teama The oompany will
continue to allow it* empty' freight
car* to be und In transporting heavy
shipments from the docks to the ware-
houae*. however.  ���*^*""^*^-^-^-^^*
Debenture Holder* May Only be Secured fer 1100,100���War on
tean Shark*.
Vancouver, Oct. 14.���The question
ot whether the debenture holders of
the Ocean Falla company are secured
by their trust deed* for th* full
amount of tbe debenture Issue ot |S,<
(00,000, or only for the nominal sum
ot $100,100, la to oome before the *u-
prone court tor decision next week.
The legal fight which will be made on
a motion to confirm an order-for the
ml* ot th* oompany** land* will really
rage around the trast deed*, whloh are
filed wtth the registrar ot Joint itock
compan le* at Victoria. On the face
the deed* era security for beat* ot
tt,000.000 and tl.MO.000. re*p*ctlv*ly.
In flUng the**. k^%ffj{ \****i
tary for the applicant to atata how1
much la to h* apporttoand upon tho
and how much n��oa tha peraonal
property ot the company.
Form Prevlntiat Otvl*t*n.
Th* deofjJo* to tona a traftaMal
dhrtatn* of th* Canadian. Soefety of
Ctflt ���iImhii waa antrad at hy to*
looal bra-neb of .th* -body, ti
Capilano Itlver In Flood.       _���_______��� _
Owing to tb* recent b*avy rata*.Iff**? ***
Capilano river ba* beea tn flood aa*'"""""
the civic wator department had lo
wag* a three-day fight to protect tha-l
���yatom from extensive damage *******
Ue huge log* aad otber dsbri* ou..���r   _.
dowa by the torreat  Abov* tha sat-i !���***
ond canyon the water wae eight taetWtotot.in
above lta normal lev*, flosae tt*MStt*\**-*:**.ta>4
waa don* to tm* wator pip* ah*rt"- "~" -*
t*v*a mttee abov* th* tint Namwa,
aad th* amiUMt orth wotk wtt.
th* ttottth ��t th* atnaai wa* carrtod!
away,  la 1     ral PM*** IM-mMMv'
now. cbM.-awthh*. with
ant* with a toothp'lck Mm hM
^Hi,- ���-..._���'*.. _J __,______.�����_.____.:��__,_*.*.;__��
>t alt
mimtm. W tt��M' iartlt '1
tbaa pi*adjpUV. tort ha
er to th* *AHt that 1
th* law easlttled htai
plattag a trip to-Ca-garr,
the prapwty. owiwr*
to tk* wan and he aald
-asst where ft par teat
Mr **��� loan at* mttu*.
eaat waa paid by p*oal*
��� _ instance. |ft.
that WO-per c**t
nsadsber for Vaaoottrer
___'___ .'kl__     At****** . '*___. < _���__.     a*.*** ��� .to
aatrtlaCl    '
arr. Maew*aa_-|whWhw*aMaMh��-ta��fl
' ri,',
Classified Advertising
ADS   Wttli   B3   HB-
Tae News at tke follow-
��n�� ���toe���: F. T. Hill's drug store,
ttt* O-tuntiia street; A. Sprlce,
Qanessaborough, Lulu Island.	
*y HATES. ���
��**> t* ** t*> th ********* *
rusii-flif   '��� eeut   per word   per
that-  ee _mr word per week;  16c per
<atk: -M*�� ****!**< *�� *>�� ""ed_, V re;
imd wttMn one year from   date of
��-ANTKI>   *12���� f,in8T MORTQAQH1,
������*    Jn    residential    property
worth g|800 for i�� months or
sears,   wm pay 10 per cent.
334 Na*  WosliniiiHl' r. 11
rsa lupnii'Mi tarm, an uua-ar duiuvft-
tt-a wiih ******** and an outbuild-
;���r,9 s-mltxftl at IW.000. �� ill Pay 10
per crot. Ht". 3B4 New
llrst class mortgages; $1300 on close |
in residential property worth $8200,
und $411(111 on farm all under cultlva-1
lion worth 110,000. These mortgages      ,���,   .... ,       , .,���, . .,��� ���,
have is month* to run and bear S Wh,lt ls ,he eolor ot >our oyt,8? .
per cent. Intereet. Will accept any! That the majority of the citizens of
reasonable offer as money is needed New Westminster, probably llfty-elght
to protect other property, llox 3114 j p(>r cent., possess grey eyes Is a fact
New Westmlnstel-. t��246j |nn)  ��������*>..��  known     Next  to gray
of This Shade, Wtiile More
Common, Are Said to be Stronger
thy   white
  not generally
COAT ' e-'l'B' ���>*������" bead the
list. These two col-
"toJthU tal^"te,Ka  inches' iors predominate. While there aro vary-
*    ii'-n-   w   1   s-icrIflot      su   ablft U>�� ��hadet at gray, the light gray eye
JoTanTutomoh ,"*   aSSw 'l9 ,h" '""st ('0",",<'"'  0thM 0olM' w
Strand avenue, Sapperton.       (1.230)
jthe orange  gr.iy eye, the hazel
the greenish tinted gray
SAW    TABLE    AND ��W ***>
saws, foot power mortising machine, > , '",110   t'J'ci''   t00'   '"
grindstone    Hox M2J News office,     isha<le8'     are    I""0    common.
prising that Miss Westminster or her
sturdy brother should have gray or
blir' eyes.
While   much   has   been   said  of  the
ability of some people io determine a
man's character by the shape or ex-
presaion   of   his  eyes,   this   theory   la
not held as I reliable one to follow by
men who are In a position where they
are constantly noting people's eyes.
Some    of    the    roughest,    toughest
and iho clnar .looking men with the unprepossessing
B,mlnt    '    r)eyes   aro   good,   honest,   hardworking
their   varvlne  ��tl��*n��,  while  there  are otherB  who
,",.'..,���    ,.;i.ii��� i bear a distinguished air, and a frank,
rising, not "ky |
Koit BAUD���PAIR ok ArroMoiui.K:
skates attached to No. 7 shoos. Set
Is  in  good   condition.    What  offer? j
P. O. Hox 239. (2224) |
brown  eyes and other darker shades
aro rare.   According to ooculisU, there I j""',j ','
are not two peoplo in forty who pos- j-Bj(,mia
sess a real brown eye. There are
many shades of brown, but most eyes
which nppcar at flrst glance to be
hrown, have a bluish tint, while other
eyes   which   appear  to  he  brown    at
open face together with n straightforward look ln their eyes who would not
to commit any crime on the
_. ! night  prove  to be of a much  lighter
**'' "hade In the dny.   Kyes that are of a
feonsew-.rk Write T. Ilaruke. P.O.
Ww 414.
man, iiM jobs, anything, Apply Hox
--24ft News off ice.
house near in. Communicate with
418 first sl-ii I.   i'hone 227L.
uirictly home cooking, can accommodate about eight gentlemen with
mum aod board. Terms $6.50 per
ue-'fc-    HM, Columbia street.   (2227)
gyratory crushers, steam or air
'Iritis, boilers and portable air com-
pressors. Warren Construction Co.,
717 Dominion Tins; building, Vancouver. UC. (2221)
FOK      SALIC ���   HOUSE      PARTLY |
finished, and large cleared lot
monds. clear deed." Cheap for | nr)ncicscrlpt color through thc day ap-
casb. Apply owner, Oeorge W arne. pear to take on a definite color at
Eighteenth avi nue, Kdmonds. (2140) Inlght. artificial light being responsible
 ; for   many   changes   In   the     different
miles out, less than IIO minutes' rd * | Gray Eyes Are Best.
on   B, C. Electric  fronl  New  West-1    Although   the   moat   common,   gray
eyes are reputed to be of thn best. Ex-
^__^^___^_________________ New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
$150 an acre and remainder just
back of frontage lots $100 and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance. This is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
ggents, Curtis & Dorgan. New Westminster.   Phone 466.   No trades.
parts declare tbat those who have
gray eyes are less subject to diseasess
of the eye and eye trouhle generally
than those who have been blessed
with prettier shades.
Army officers In recruiting men take
particular pains to inspect the recruit's eyes, as It Is a well known
fact thnt the man with the gray eyes
Is a better shop and develops into a
better soldier than the one with the
brown or black eyes.
There are opticians who declare tha
FOR SAI.K���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week,   Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar- _________________________^__���
ket square. (2160)   there is no such thing as a real black
eyes. Eyes which apnear to be black,
they say, prove on close examination
to be a deep blue or often a violet-
tinted shade. The colored races have
maroon-coloretl eves, which appear
black in certain liehts. hut which, under inspection in daylight, show their
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought lor cash. P. H. Hrown, 17
Uegble street, N'ew Westminster.
era' sua-plies. Oriental Contracting '
Com-pa-ay, 413 Westminster Trust
Province of Britiah Columbia, County
of Westminster.
 ~~ _.__-M-_iE-urv n    Fl'RNI-1    Under and by virtue of warrants ol
WANTS* - HOUSE;,��';"'Le;70,r1 execution, etc.. etc., to nie directed
ture ta�� large or emnll quunimea ior
spot cash. Will give full value or
will eell your household goods aud
effect, by auction. Will guarantee
to realise value or no commission
charged- H- J- Russell, Westminster
A��*too House. King s hotel block
Columbia atreet. <'164��
rea1  shade
Anglo-Saxon Characteristics.
Tho Anglo-Saxon race Is noted for
Its blue eyes, fair hair, and fairness
of skin. Canadians, being descendants
of the Anglo-Saron. have inherited
I rome of these characteristics from
; their forefathers, hence it is not sur-
You   cannot   Judge   a  man   by
eyes or the expression  therein.
The Teet of the Sands.
During Lord Wolsely's campaign In
Kevin  his officers learned  lhat many
of the men were Buffering from    diseases of the eye, contracted us    the
I result   of the reflection of the    sun's
rays   on   'he   sands.     It   was   noticed
! particularly  that  while almost every
mnn   in   one   regiment   was   FiifTerlnc
j from   eye  diseases,   another   regiment
i hid only one or two men so nffected.
This peculiar circumstance resulted In
Ian Investigation beging mnde nnd   tt
, was learned that nearly every man In
| the regiment which had been stricken
had  brown or hlue eyes, while those
I who wero not nffected   possessed gray
i eye ���
That  the voung  man or the young
[ woman who finds It necessary to wear
, glasses   tn    assist   the   sight  has     in
' the majority of cases brown, bine, -or
Indefinite  colored   eves   Is   the  Btate-
jn'ont mi"!" bv several Westminster nc-
��� "lists.    While there are  no statistics
to   he   obtnineil   in   recnril   to  this   lt
'would appear that the hrown and blue
i eyes are most subject to s'raln. more
IriiRily weakened than the sturdier gray
Crrmnns   are   noted   for   their   fair
| hair nnd  blue eves.    It  is a national
j clinracioriptle. while England is ered-
I lted   with having more citizens    with
I erav eyes than any other color.    The
Fr��-ni��h. Spanish and Italian races are
: "redlted   with   having   darker     eves.
However   the  climate  in   which   they
'live,   environment,   and   manv     other
: thitiirs   have   much   to  do    with     th"
strength  or  weakness  of  the  visual
'organ, regardless of shape or color.
Takee   Job   In   Department   Store   to
Show She Is Some Good In
the World.
St.  I.ouis, Mo., Oct.  14      I'aul Hake
well,  patent   attorney,  cotiHenleil  that
his   daughter,   Miss   Mario   Rakewell, j
step  from  th''  ranks  of  the socially
elite Into a  position as Haleswiiiunii 111
the Scruggs-Vandevoort-Baruey department store, because she convinced
hlm  she  would  be happier there.
At his residence, No. :',��U7 Wesl Pine
boulevard, the father revealed reluctantly how wealth and social prestige
had failed to give the contentment hls
daughter went to seek as a shopgirl
last Krlday.
Miss llnkewell Is n slater of I'nul
Hakewell, Jr.. who married Miss Mary
Fullerton, once reput��d the wealthiest
"bachelor maid" in St.  I.ouis.
She  Is a graduate of the Maryvllle
I Sacred   Heart   convent,   and   also  has
studied   abroad.    She   was   maid   of
I honor at one of the recent Veiled Pro-
, phot balls.
Waa Opposed.
"1  was at  firrt  stronglv opposed  to
| my daughter accepting  the position,"
Mr. Hakewell said, "hut after thinking
lit ever I gave my consent.
"She Is of an artistic, nervous tcm-
���nerament. She told me social func
| tlons had become tlmesonie und she
I longed for something to do, something
; of particular Interest with which to
I occupy her time.
"I concluded since she was of nge
land had a rich! to choose for herself
In ench matters, that i should not
1 stand In the way If she would be any
j happier at worlf. After obtaining mv
IConsent she applied 111 the usual way
land wns given a position In the drap-
|crv and art decorative department.
"Thnt Iii all there Is tn the affair."
he concluded, "and I ennnot under-
s'ind how It posslblv can be of public
llntP'SSt er of concern to any newspa-
,pe- "
i     M'ss Hakewell wns not present during the Interview, but she had told re-
i porters   previously   that   she   "slmplv
[wanted to show society that a society
girl can he of benefit 'o the wor'd."
From  this standpoint   her action  In
(Hy  Robert   lti-iilge-O
iher, <i splendid
sail* crowding,
i.euuiiitf   asross
urgent Wont,
That  fen rent   uur  sea
Whither a��uy, fair rover, anil what
tliy qucil 1
Alii  soon,  whi'a  Wiutir  Intu all   uur
vales uppreiit,
When   skies   are   cold   end   misty,   und
liml ii hurling,
Wilt  thou  glido uu the blur Ptolftc,
ur reat
In a summer bavea asleep, thy wblte
bu.!h furling.
1 tliere before thee, in the oountry tint
irsll t'mu knuwest,
Alrsady arrlvsd am IuLrIiuk tb<- odoi
uua nil;
1   watch   thee  enter  unerringly  where
t il I* U   glll'Hl,
Aud anchor queen of the mni.c ship-
ping there,
Thy  luila  fur   awnings   Iptssd,  thy
uiBBta bats j
Nor ia aught from the foandag reel lo
the BtuiH capped r"' ���'������'*'
I'cuk, thut is over the feathery palms
more fuir
Thau thou, tn upright, au stately, snd
still thou staadeat.
he   bosom   "'   the , MAN SEES LESS OOLD.
and delivered against the goods and
chattels of A. Gabriel nt the suit of
McMeneny & Anderson. Kelly Douglas & Co. and others, I have seized
and will sell at the .Melbourne hotrl
Twelfth street. New Westminster. B.
C, on Thursday,    the    16th    day    of
 .  jOctober, 191.1, at 10   o'clock    in    the
naa*  REWARD TO  THB   PERSON I forenoon,  'he   following,  or sufficient
���a-oplyiag Information    leading    to.'thereof to satisfy the judgment debt
that eaasvJetloa or the pcrtiea    wh i  and costs herein:
jtho��  ray  pigeons,  In   the  neighbor- j    Three show cases,    soda    fountain
hood of 2  p.  m.  Saturday,  at  470 , two cash registers, two pair scales,
Hr.-Jd stroet. opposite distillery.    C.
&  tin-Hand (2234)
CO   �����NT
-K-epin* rooms, 410 Af < street.
aicv.tk.is avenue, Burqultlam, $1"
monthly, seven minutes walk from
->app�� i-n_n c:ir terminus, sidewalk all
Wky.   Apply Alderson, North road
Wet-pinK rooms, $10 and fir, per
-month at 224 Seventh street.  (21631
' where.     No   collection,   no   charge
Americaa-Vlaccouver Mercantile Ag
��� -���u'ry, 336 Hastings street west, Van
c-.-juver. HX.. (21621
ttm l"_-ts IS and M. Illeck  1,  Suh-illvlslnr,
or l..ii IBS. Croup I. Port ll.iiu y, in tin
i ijrtriet nt New Westminster,
VVh^refla. proof of the less of CertlflCStl
ol Vit.Hr. Number 9"_as K, issued iii tbe nami
ttt Atlr*- 5#.-_y Ihirtwxii lia-s been filed In
lilts offlc**.
Notict'  1-. he-r��-*��y  giveri tliat   t   shall,  Bt
, uplruiewi of one month from  (lie dnte
���t tt*. tlrst |Miiitk-��-ion hereof, iii s dally
-.��*pa.p��-r  ���,*.'��i.-��.-l   in   the  City  of   New
\v.^,irotn��T. r ii-cum- a duplicate of the snid
r,*-TlifU--i!^.   tuite-BS   tn   the   lii'imltlll"   valid
"iti_��cTi-in  In-  made to me  In   writing,
���i   <"   r-,\VYNN,
liistrlei  Registrar of Tltl'-s
��--n<t Riwintiv iirrici-. Now Westminster,
ft��-.  nth Brpfamber,  1913. (JfiiS)
of groceries, office deck and chair, lot
nf tables and chairs In ice cream parlor, one cooking range, lot dishes,
cooking utensils, dining room furniture, crockery, glassware, cutlery, etc..
bedsteads, bedding and furniture, etc.,
in 26 rooms.
Tlie above  will  be sold  in  lots    to
suit purchasers.
Terms of sale cash.
T. J. ARMSTRONO. Sheriff
New Westminster, Oct, 10, 1913.
eiutiis:'i:iii:iiiiii!ilii:'.i||inii',i:;:i:i:,!n!iini:iiiiiiiii'i��:>iuiiiiuinmniuipiinii^ I CnCM-TII   DC -IC IIITC
B "HereistheAnswerfin I iRtNlH PtASAWS
WEBSTEtiS       I
New International j
Every day In your talk ard rending, ��* H ��� ���     u   ���#
borne* on tlio fttroot car, in t: 19 office, ft hop g , ,n "aiT
and atitool jou hkiiy <jui>.i"n t..e on .111-
inr of some net** word.   A friend a**nt
H'liat makes mortar li.trdcn?"   Vou ��.ck
ttie location"f It*hKc trxi.trnr Ihr*promtn^
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429
JOHN  RRID. Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    Odsollnc
ESngtne8.   Marine   Engines   and   Auta
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth 8t.
P.O. Box 474.    Now Westminster. B.C
s cialion of jujut bu, Wliat la uuitettrntf H
% Thia New Creation air-wers all kind* of ��
1 questions in I..ii:pii,iet\iii'.!��iry.l_H^T;iphy, U
I Fii-tion, Pbrelfft) Word*. Tnrlcs, ArU aud s
���: Sciences, trith finalau-ihorUy.
f    4OO.O00 Words.
6000 i:"u��tra*.!ons.
Coot $4CO.OOO.
2700 Pac��*.
j The only dictionary with
. the new dividedpttpt).**-*char
\ icterlnd aa "A Stroke of
j Genius*"
I InC-a r.-par Edition:
'��� On  tit In, opaque, strong*
I Imlii paper. What n BiiLia-
I flic Uon to own r ojfsrrtom
. Webster tn a form so light
I and so convenient to use)
; One half the thlrknen and!
I weiffUt of Regular Edition.
1 Regnlar Ed:f!on:
1 On strong hook paper* Wt,
��� 14 4 Hm*  Slse it.-trxV't%
I ft inches.
I Writ* for ipMlmiii pftgai,
I tlHi��trfct..o:.��, *W
-.: Ii* ntlon tbla
I public* tlua
- ftrd tn r.r*
:      rilEK<iMb
I    Of pf-t--.il
:-.   coi>*.
i   c. a c.
j I       CO,
II Springfield. Man?
Century Agricultural  Labor
Has   Fallen   Off   Forty
Per  Cent.
tn.lfSlTAVr in Section 50, Sub-swrtlon
I. of iii' ttrnitii Columbln  Railway  Act,
,1-jii.  i*oTi'-*-   irt hereby   slven   ih.it   there
h:*-�� *ee�� *pn_dt-?d with the Registrar nt
���ww WeatmiriHi'-r. a plnn    nhowlng  pro-
mill c-U-umftwi nt )!������' i-  Hpur from Road
|S-t l-�� -kt fjin.ii  Fini'l,   Mi;, ii.*.   ;;H  A.  to
M*-.im*st** *** A.  l.ulu  Isl.nnl   Branch,  nnd
imter �����! **t*n*e*  Kivin   lo   ll   li     Minnie
n-   l*t*rtt**ram   Noniii-rn   I'nclflc   Railway
-.v,-ui-uir ***** taki-.  and   If   incjiiny   , x-
n ni,',*** *h*X*x\*** sequin -' f��i iin riRiit-
tat-a ,..���
V. 1*.    WHITE
/- ,j>i} OliJ-r Rnslneer.
B.C.Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m., 2 p. m. and
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m. and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 10 a. m. and 6:30 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for
Prince Rupert and Northern
Points 10 p. m. Wednesday?
and Saturdays at 11 p. m.
Agent,   Ni.w   Wt-atlMiuttet
Corporutlun "f tin- <"liy of New Vt'ml-
mlnater haa deposited with th ��� Minister
���if Publlc Works and In the office nf t'i.-
Registrar "f Deeds fur the Dlstrlcl nf
Ni*w Westminster, British Columbia, plans
and descriptions of centre lltv of proposed Bapperton Bewer outfall crossing Brunette   Itlvi-r   In   snld   district
that the Corporation "f the City <��f N��*w
Westminster win after ons month from
the firKt publication 'if tiii�� notice npplv
to the Oovernor Oeneral in Counoil f"r
approval of such works.
DATED nl New WmtmlnKti-r, H. <'., thin
27th day "f September, 1813.
McQuarrie, martin a cassidy,
Sniirit'irH  fnr  the  Corporation  of  tin-
citv nt Nnv Westminster,
Paris,   Oc*o.   14.���GovernniPnt    statistics show that at present 2,820,000
persons aro employed   In  agricultural
pursuits In the whole nf France, when
in 1892 their number was a little over
-r- 13,000,1100;  In  1X82, 8,600,00}, and 1862.
��   4,000,000,    Thus in half a century agricultural labor has diminished 40 per
I cent, and tiy reaRon of tho steady increase of agricultural  production  the
|employment   of  foreign   labor has  be-'
,come    a    necessity.     Every    summer !
troops   "f   foreign   workmen   may   be!
;seen  passing through  France offering]
'TiTeir   valuable   help   to   the    farmers, I
who o iild not gather in their harvests j
This Btate of things has been
'broughl about by the peasants and
country people forsaking their farms
and flocking to the large cities. The in-
qutries of the minister of agriculture
show that the same motives everywhere Induce the peasants to leave
the soil A great numlier cannot make
a Bufilclenl Income out of the produce
of the'r day's work on their farms. I
Irregular work, long periods of enforced Idleness, poverty resulting from !
tiad harvests, frequent recurrence ofj
certain calamities- hall, blight, mildew, etc. Indue,. them to abandon
the soil ii ud look elsewhere for better-
pah' wnr!
In  "*--ji*u  mountainous regions es-
peclally   ths  small  farmers nre  idle
finr-1'-    hi.   long   winter   moiithn,   and
the'r earnings aro not sufficient to cov-
���r thn evnensBS of the whole year. In
wile-r-c.v ng districts the continual
decrease In the nuriher of small-land
owners i-- explained by the oft-recurring cryptogamlc diseases, the had
seapons, nnd cometlm-��s the lack of
f"nds necessary fn replant or keen up
the vineyards. Other reasons, such as
had speculation, lack of economy, and
sobriety, debts, etc., are also given.
defying  convention   with   a  step  that
! few youne wooi��n similarly environed
I hnve dired to take rumoured commeud-
nhlc, the fither admitted In response
to a question.
Is   Enthusiastic
Miss  T.akowcll  ws enthnslasHQ  Im
'her nrnlBe of shonrlrl life and Its ad-
I vantages vtver n never-ending series of
[d6T,o��s, teas nnd recentlons.
"Time  Is  tiresome"  said  the extra
**rdinarv salesgirl    "One gets tired of
idr'nij ttie same things over and over
���".'nit' teas, reception, dances and all
'he things that are adjuncts of so-
"H results In ennui. That Is what 1
nouldn'l stand, ro I came here to work.
I do not expect to desert Boclety al-
together, but I do exopect to do something with   my  time."
Miss Hakewell Is 26 years old. and
i d*butanate of three years ago. News
of her slap at cnnven'lons and society's alleeed ar'lflelalltles has created
a sensation In local society circles.
Concerning her plans for the future,
"iss H'lkewoll said she might establish some S"rt of sn art bnslnss of her
own after she had had sufficient experience at her present vocation (or avocation I.
And yet, () splendid ship, unhallsd snd
I know   not   if,   aiming h fancy, I
rightly divine
That thou bust n purposs joyful, u cour
age blajnelsss,
Thy pnrt  assured  in  a bsppler  land
titan mine,
Hut for nil 1 bave given thee, beauty
enough is thine,
As thou,  aslant  with  trim taeklo mi!
From   the   proud   nustul  mr. r  ���i   *.t
prow 'ti line
In the oiling scattorest  futiiii. tliv wlntfl
sails srowdlng,
Plnsro  and   Jones   Represent thc OM
Bchool of Britain Now.
If thu theatra "f  Plnsro mni Jones
did  not  "ropressnt   life," unit  if   M.-
Bsrnard Shaw was too prime tu "srgue
aboul it," the path that S'. .Iniin Han
kin   opened   up   has   been   followod   l��.-*
other writer-* very clearly.     Mr. i.nu.
ville Murker,  in  "The   Mmlrn.i UotlSS,"
SSpssiaily. has pushed  further slung  lt
thnn lliiitkin sven saw; while Mr. lial-
worthy  han kept  very  SUStsrsly to tbe
path nf life as he sees it lived in  the
Well known Official Has Retired After
Fifty Years Has Occupied a Cele
braud Position ��� His Predecessor
Reputed to Have Retired With ���
Fortune of 1100,000, But Retiring
Officer Says Money ls Scarcer Nov.
A sbanga Iiiih just taken place in onu
of   tlie   most   nought after   position!   in
ilm   lintimii  House   of Commons- -tin*
cloak rniiiii siiperintendenry. Mr. Hen-
lsy, who lias held the pout for nearly
I tifty yi'nrs, hns retired to muke room
for n younger man, It may not ul llrit
I bvlous w-hy MU'h s position slioulil
be sovstsd, but wben it i�� learnl tlmt
Mr Henley's p-rsdeaeisor by sommon
repute retired with a fortune of over
ll'.'r ,   it   will  i*iiii-kly  lie  seen   whnt
grouadl tliere nre f"r tin' ntntemeut.
Mi Henley run SOngTatuUttS hiinnrlf
ou being I'oiufiirtiilily nlf, und us a pre
sentatlon has bssn mads tn hun, subscribed to by evry member in the
-* Kouso," and by every member of the
gilded rtiiiiiili'-i wbo was originally in
tm* Commons, he nm look forward to a
ni'Kt egg of   jt 1,000   lupplemi   ting his
Dominion  Government    Expert    See��
Reasons   Why   It   Should
Flourish Greatly.
rlil oottida   tho   thoatft-
i work of thrse tWO mrn i�� no well
j known, however, thnt  wfl nmy lum  ut
oner to tlio joungrr workorn. Bines
| Mins Kli/uliPth I'-akrr htm failed Up to
1 the prcHent to follow up hor admirable
nnd fjmpstbetic piny of clerk life.
("Ohtine, Miris (iithn Bowefby umi
I Mr. Stnnlry HoUgbtOQ miiHt \>v regard'
1 od tin tho two fflOtt promidinn of rectnt
! rooruitu to iho theatre. Mim Bowerbjf
' aleo hoi only one play to h**r DtUUfl thut
in'i'.i be loriouely eoneidered, l"it there
I \%  plenty   of  time   for   hor  to  follow   it
with others.    'Hutherford uri'l BOD"  i*
tho study of a nlddle*oliuu houeebold
Atld   of   its   doininnnei'    hv   the   father,
given with Konothins of tbien's ipafe*
OOie nnd oeoiu>my. Mr. Houghton i�� *
typieal product of the Engueh reper
tory theatre*. llin npprentien work for
Mlsa Hornitnnn'd th*intre nt Uoochce
tor��� which Included the nn.-i.oni; com
edy for parontd, "Tho Younger Genera
tion" ��� prepared ono for hin ndmtr-
able achievement in "Hindla Wakee."
Here \n a piny that i�� nt once exoit-
ing, an a gOOQ play should he, nnd nl
most perfectly faithful in ils adhor
ence to real life. One mny think
that the mill pirl who refuses her om
pioyer'e Bon in nutr r imyr i��| not. in
her onneludiiiR outbreak, quite innocent of th'* surtpinon of having studied
Mr. Bernard Shaw; but for three
fourths of bU   piny   Mr. Houghton  li
master both of hin story and of tlm
beat way tO tell it in the thontre; then
can be no two opinions about that. 1
would group with Mr. Bough ton, Mr
Charles McKvoy, Mr. Harold Brighouse,
and Mr. (.1. .1. Hamlon, each of whom
has  come  to   the   London  theatre   oftOl
a period of service with the repertory
tb oat roe In the country,--1'. I'. Howe,
in the North American Review.
Where KIhk'h D��ath Warrant Waa
The cloak room in a long corridor
forming h ^ luare, which ih entered from
Paloee Vara, li le situated in one of
the most ancient parti of tho Palace of
Weeti nstcr, the roof being b beautiful
ox n in pi" of fair tracery, comparable
with thai in the \bbey. A little room
branching off It li where, aecordlng to
tradition, the death warranl of King
Charles was signed. Etiquette praserlbes
tl a nbers   shall    leave  their   coats
i ��� i i.-i\.   only by thi* eiit, al
though, of course, there nrt- plenty <��f
ii* her eiite.
At the ton "f the staircase that loads
from tin- cloak-room i* the ki embers'
Lobby, ni the enti am e to which fit on
separate benches the different Whips.
Thn.'* thoy are able to keep count of
how mat j   iupj ortere are present, und
in the case nf  th rnmeni   Whip-*
tu knou it' Ministerial supporters ara
in attendance iti suffleleni eumbert to
command s majoritj
There are some members who do not
favor iin-* custom, innl it is their prae
tice to -. p in and oul ot the House by
other entrances and exita, so hs t.�� be
unobserved i hey will bang their coats
probably in the smoking room, defying
the Bnc tradition which makee tbe cloak
room tho rightful repoeitory Tbese
true ilent mem) ers, m I a are s great
source oi aoiiel ������ and ai nn\ anri to tbe
Whip1*, iir.' known as "slopen ' and,
needless to sa;, are abominati d 1 thq
cloak r....,ii      , iperintendi nl kvi ry
Imembor bas I  i own  peg in the cloak'
room, ihoiio hoing      ��� tti I   n alpl .';	
cai order \ pii c�� f red tapt ral ber
appropriate lymbol bangs from each
peg, anil in thi loop which I forms
members cai iit their        ���      usu
ally   small   pure] ise��      hich <���
made during I be da)
Silver Now Instead of Gobi
Before Mi Henley's time members
were v*��ry free with thetr guineas.
dividually, tun, t hey were richer,
th'��y thought nothing ��-f bestuwi
; piece of gold on l he nbllglag
; room snperintei leni now silver i
currency of gratitude. Btiil il Is pos
[���ible to amass quite n nice sum ��� 'ery
'yonr fmm th*1 - rem shower, mora
especially ih Christmas I n ������ ilwaye
I tin<ls mom hern von generous to t   ������   iffl
;cial with  whon;  thej     so    onstantly
[In contact.    He is ; i ked ���       n��
n useful man  to coltivate,     Uo  ii gei
orally safe to consult in tho n-  n f
divisions,   and   v.hn,   is   con in
Parliament   he  has  at his
With   a   shrewd   judgment    npi
long    years     of    experience     in    the
ng  a
i (osk
i the
tl.  W.  BltODIB.
O. P. A.. Vanoouver.
Ra  1-ot .c��. of ttlocka 148 and  149, ot
lot ��, Vstww 1, Map 1757, In the
Dfetrtcl i>t New W'eatminster.
Wfcervu proof of the losa of Certifier t* TWo Number 2188E3, issued in
Khc una <*  Marry (.'lliie,    haa    beon
s\\\*ii m this ofTice.
Nbttea is hereby Riven tbat I shall,
���m.x tin- exptimtlon of one month from
Che t\*ii> ol the first publication hereof,
in a daily Dovspaper published in tbo
* f:y of New Westminster, !����"�� *
<mtffte|si ��>r th*; Kaid Certificate, un-
Ir-ie rn th** m*��antirn*' valid objection
li" m:id��: to rne in writing,
District Registrar of Titles.
-Land n#*K��tr> Office,
New VTatraiASter, B.C, October 9,
taia (2828)
Spokane, Oct. 13.- While witnesses
for tbe Spokane, Portland Ar  Seattle
Hail way company testified In the
court rd Judge Bruce Blake that the
railroad in not responsible for the ions
of a foot and three toes sustained by
|B, A. Kennedy, who Heeks $30,000i
damages, Mr. Kennedy, who weighs
840 pounds, testified that he Ir losing
hit*, feet and tneB as the result of the
The physician for the company attempted to prove that Mr. Kennedy Is'
In poor health and that the diabase of;
the feet which made tt neceaaary to
remove a foot and three toen ran not !
be traced to an injury re< elved in 1909 |
at Cliff, when he stepped on a pile of
scrap Iron. Kennedy declares that he
has enjoyed good health.
Dr. H. P. Marshall declared that he
dkl not believe Mr. Kennedy lost his
toes and foot because of the accident.
Me aald Kennedy has poor blood vessels and aald that it would he proper
to say "that when the Lord made hlm
he put In poor piping."
Make The Teapot Test
Put "SALADA" TEA in a warm teapot���pour
on freshly boUed water ���let stand for five
minutes���and you will have the most delicious
cup of tea you ever tasted.
that makes Ceylon Tea the beverage of delight
In sealed lead packages ONLY.
That the reduction In Ihs I'nltod
States tariff on meat and cattla sbould
I.e conducive to auRiHtlnj; In the better
establishment of the breeding Industry
on tho coaBt In the firm opinion of Mr.
IF, Torrance,  health   Inspector of anl-
I mais for the Dominion agricultural department Mr. Torrance Ih making tun
i anmial tour of the country.
While the exact effect of the change
lln the tariff cannot yet he gauged, lie
I is or the opinion ihat iirit.isii Columbia I
should certainly benefit   Ile believes
that it will result In the securing of
belter prices for the breeders mi IhiH
sl'le of the line, sml that fact, lie con-
ililcrs. out to go a Ions way toward
Induoing men io take up the business
nn a much larger scale than has been
'lnne. He deplores tbe fact that the.
cattle raititiK on the prairies has been
practically given up. and ha is iiesir-
nus of Reeiim it rehabilitated on th"
coast Th�� conditions on tho bench
lands of Hritish Columbia are In hls
'ipiiion iiieai for the Industry, and he
is looking forwnrd to helm; able, liy
the Klvlne of advice and otherwise, to
do flimethlne that will tend to bring
ahciit a better state of things.
"in this country of yours," he said,
"yru have nil the natural conditions
fnr the develnnmnnt of a irreat cattle-
troeillnsr Industry, and while It may be
argued tbat the competition nf the
United Btates has been heavy In this
respect, I believe that the time haa
now come when you will be given a
better showing, and lt la up to you to
���-ke advantage of It The cattle-breeding lndustrv Is a very considerable na-
I'onnl asset, and if It conld be fairlv
started In British Columbia 1 nm sure
not onlv that It could be made a tremendous success but also that other
provinces would take up the work and
'' beln to plve to Canada an Industry
thn' 's hers by all the laws of nature."
Mr. Torrnnco Is g-eatly Interested
in the work of Ihe provincial agricultural department In bringing high-
class cattle to the coast for breeding
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P. O. BOX 44?
New Postmaster Named.
Washington, Oct. 14.��� Chas. W. Pay
has becn selected by President Wilson
for postmaster at Snn Krancisco nnd
his nomination in expected to go to
thc senate in a few days.
Killed on the Rand.
Waylaid und battered to dentli, an
KngliMinuin, named M".-"-!'-y. a nativi
uf liinninghata, met with n trngia fm--
nn the Hand, nenr Johannesburg, Soul)
Africa, not lunx since. The brutal mur
dur was committed on the hi^h road,
about nnn und a Hult' nuu'R from i'i!
urini 's Kent on tiie Habli' Rosd. Moss
ii-y, who had a Knttir store on thu same
roiiil, cams into town tu transact busl
aoss nnd to ohtniu his mail, which nr
rivsd ut about seven o'olock m th-
bvsning und wus sorted by ei^ht. When n
within sight of his store hu wu wuy [Pr""y *"ll rsprossnt thu truth
laid, knooxod down, and murdorod. Tne Friendship  With Ulsds _uo
DOdy was then throwu into tuunc busiiei I     A rich store "f aneedotsci
ttdjuining the road,  whoro it wns dis   eonvsrsation s delight t,, Uni
snvored on the following morning by n  h. i* Inclined to be \,-m   ,i,.,
passeriby, who reported the matter t��� < resurved except with lorae of I
,1..'   loeal   police   klossloy   was   won|friends,   Mr. Henley, for Insti
Known ou tj,e Knii'l, when- he hml ti
iiu'H.    lie  hnd  only-  been  there u   t
yeurs, nml carried ou u reinunornti
" ll'ume'' lie 'mh  put member-* -ight
to tho pros, snd eona   of aa} lo
topic, und to tho no* icon
gold mine nf informatiot     I thnt
rome to him. ho*w over, t i In
for personal  judgment-,  hut  1
titudc of ner-. ices,    Bo reci els
end  telegrams   for  Tin it:i ���
rntively despatches tl.   ��������������� I ies,
too, tiie  medium   of   exchangi   -  ���    :i
multitude Of messages,
Oeneraily speaking, he ;.�� tho mem-
hers' handyman,   Tho hours, *,
nre very long, bul h" is provld
a little room in which he maj bI
nssistnnts holding tin- fnrt l|.
old fiishioned lsathorn armchnir
whieh to rest, und in the pr---,.-:.t r
Mr. Henley has snt so long that It b
thn impress of iiis form. Nobody e
size up members better than tho do
room superintendent. He knows exs
lv their I'upnrities. nnd if hn is ton
times lenient to tin-ir failings brcai
of  their  gsneroslty,   yet   his  upinh
��� 1   mill
ip, two
ir, tin
I, s
��� utly
Castle ls Sold.
The mile by suction of the estate und
castle of liiuinloehy, Kincardineshire.
EJootland, Including -tllenfnrqtihur, will
Hike place in OotODCr nent. About the
yenr tiiiu Kenneth III. hud his pulm-e
of Kincardine in the neighborhood, tlie
Old dyke enclosing the king's deer purk
being still visible. The chapel uoli-
eated to the patron saint of the pnnsh,
tit. I'lilliidius, still exists, nml wus of
considerable importanco in thu tenth
century, when it contained u silver
shrine to which tho pilgrimages were
mnde. The estate boloug to Mr. Sidney
J. Qammoll,
Left Note for Vicar.
A disappointed burglar, who broke
into the I'nrish Church at Hiinnybrow,
a Durham mining village, and found ho
was nimble to force open tho safe, left
a message for the vicar to the effect
thnt next time he paid nn enrly morning call ho hoped he would find the safe
open. An entrance had been effected
by breaking a window. A torn surplice
,vns found stained with blood, suggest
ing thut tho visitor had been aa clumsy
in getting through the window us Us
wss in his attempt to rite the sat*.
Male Triplets,
l-os Angeles, Oct. 14.���The IlrHt male
triplets born In the United States
since INHti are members today of the
family of llobert Albert l.ovell, a soda
fountain clerk. Tbnlr father gets only
?14 a week and has one other child.
The triplets weigh five pounds.
the moot interesting recollect
i ��l;i'lst"fo* und Ihsruuli, and |t|
the (I. O, M. eitended to hm
gennllty. Home day Mi. II, I
Be Induced to write his momorl
ono   dares   venture   to   say   thai
wero sufTlrlfutly open no nu
book    of   recollections   could    I,
Ined. On the magic question of ths per
quisites tbat full to hia department wu
guarantee, however, that i
ii.*, nntl
ii   if  hs
be silent.    It would bs Unfair ,
to hia auecessor,
V ���Mill!
i is inn
Nursery on Bands.
Vt Mouth;,"it the Mayoress, Miss Wll
lett, has put into prui-ticii an ex,*
idea for the .shore. Hhe has
what is described us a "l.uft l.ugasee
Office for Babies." This is u kind i.f
nursery on the sands, in which children
run be Lift with responsible people In
order that thoir mothers msj onjoy
few hiiura' ��������>l���� ..��~ ...
thcis maj
rwipito from their .
OM FoBtsrs Bat.
A eat mothering a rut wan an unusual
Bight witnessed at Dunedln, N'ew z.u
load, recently, when tbe stoamor Mono
wain arrived at the place. A young
rat was discovered in a litter of kit
Waa 0�� board the steamer. The cat
am-MMd considerably more attention ti>
the rodent than it did to her own ofl.
Drown from Canoe.
Arthur, Oct 14. While canoo-
lng on tbe Nlplgon river with n half
breed, Walter io. Burn, deputy chief
lire ranger for Nlplgon dlatrlct, and
Mr. Cooper, fire ranger, won* drowned
In tlm -vicinity of Camp Alexander. WEDNEADAY, OCTOBER  15, 1913.
City of New Westminster'
"New Westminster Debenture Interest
Conversion Bylaw 11)13."
III*.US Itt, lfi ANH Ut,
wiikukas  ii,e  municipal  oounoll
tix. oorporatlon ol Ue- city or New  Wesl
minster ,11,1 -.villi lie* aaaent ot tlie el
on  tin-  ti,,i.i  day  ,,r  July,   im.,  finally
puss Bylaw No. HI, being a liyli     "     ~
Die  vole of  tbe  luunlclpulity  will  I"'  taken
lbe    IBU,    Uliv    of    Oi'loher.    lUt,    been   the   tioiirs  of   tl   OOlOCk  S,   III.   BJld   7
lock p. in. nt ttie following plaoes, viz.:
rh,- eouncll chamber, olty hall.
No. I Ur,. hall, Siipl"i ton.
No    f,   flre   hull.   Thirteenth   silent,   and
ut   QlleeiiHboluiiKli. <
W   .V DUNCAN, City clerk
City hull, New Westmlnsttr, October 7.
IIU, ';l'_.i
City of New Westminster
able (lie municipal oounoll of the corpora-
lion   of  tie*  city   or   N'W   Westminster  to
i os,* i.v iiiii,i    tlu,   hi ,r   eaventy-flva
ti, iioiuiiit dollars (t*Tfi,000) fm* tin- pur-
li,ise or ,* instil.rtink ii n.w* reesrvolr und
enlarging  il xisiliut  reservoir uud  *%.
tending iin* waterworks system in the city
or N'w Wi slmlnstsr, ib.- s:o,i bylaw being
known .. i "Waterworka Bxtenafon Deben
lure It* Iuw.  I'H*;. No. -J,"
anii wiikukas ine oorporatlon bv ttie
���iiiii bylaw authorised tie- isst r debentures i" He- amount or seventy-flve thousand doll.ns il7ri.iiniii to be payable on
Hi" flrsl dnv of July, !���-.,*, snd i" bear
Intereat ut tba mi" of four unit one-half
il l-'.'i ts-r centum per nniunii payable
half-yearly on the first day ��� ���' January
umt il,.* fust .litv of July In eaoh y*ar
AM) wiikukas ibe municipal e  I
ol    lhe    eul'l",I,Uiul,    of    til"   elty    ot       New
Weatmlnater did with ib" assent of tin
ei'i-tois nn ib" imi.I day of July. ivi-.
finally pass bviuw Wo IM, belni a bylaw
to enable the municipal oounoll of lbe city
or New Weatmlnater lo ralae by loun tie-
wnn or .,.]> hundred thousand dollara
i Umi.i.e.. i for tin- purpose of granting thi
a.ute- to tb" Royal Co'. bl.ui host,iml  in
nilillil'.n   i '   ''.'    sum   nt   thlrlv   th h-h nnl
dollnra   i ' 00 I   granted  under "ib.si i
im [>tvnti,r_ Bylaw, 1101," tb" suld bylaw b.t mown un "Hospital Debenture
Bylaw  It	
a Nti WHBRHAR Uie corporation by the
saM bylaw authorised He- Issue or deben-
' tures lo tie- amount "f on" liundri'd thou-
sand dollara (tlOO.OOOJ to bo payable on
ii.,, first dav "( .lull. Hll, and i" bear Interest nt tie- int" of four nml one-hill!
ii i-.'i per oentum per annum, pavabb
half-yeariv on tti.- first dny of January
and lh. flral dav of July in eaoh yaar,
ANI) W HERB AH the municipal eouncll
id- Uu
tllllUH.lllll    lllll"
of   III"   e.
W,stlii  :
tors .ii i *
finally ns
t,, .-in.1,1.
Hon   of   Hi"
r  with   lie-  ii"""
���  .   third .I.iv
bylaw N..  ir.i
tl.-   municipal
f       N.W
,i of tii- eleo
,,r julv. 1919
being s bylaw
ouncil   of   tie
KT t"
five 111
tor"  tl'
olty "i
.. the   city   of   New   Westmln-
, .is., bv loan ii��" sum nt twenty
 .1   dollara   ftlt.000)   r,,r  ti,.
.,-* ImprovltM the cltv fmrks   l,"lnB
i,i  '-Po-us   improvement    Debim-
'    1111."
WHEREAB ilu- corporation "ttie
N*i -i Westminster authorised He
m-.,^ ^.f debenturea t.< tie amounl ol
twenlv-flve thouaand itolinrs (ttt.0001 i"
I... pavahll   oe  Hi" flrsl  day  of July.  Itt]
nnd  i" i  Intereal  at  Hi" rate of f.,.ii
niul one-halt M 1--I |s-r oentum t**r :im-
ii.on p.. I., '.il' yearly on tin- first dnv
.*' January tnd tbe first day of July In
eaoh i'.*i-
ani> wni-.!iK\s ii,e debentures su-
th iriz-'l i*. ne anid bylaws, Noa lil, tr.:
nud If,,'! have not been "old. und owInK I"
an advance In ttu- rate of Interval fot
money atnee tti" piissitiu of tl,.' Kuld by-
the eald debentures thereby suth"
; 'i-i 11
.In. ,..       \-m	
! Ill:i wi:i ���;
i i.l.vtl n;i . ii. I'liiiift. i  called the "Power
i '"n.|..iny"
of tti" first parti
j uud
OP nkw WKsrMlssii.ii. honlnatter
. 111 ��� -. i -ii..  i lorporatlon"
ol tie leoond part;
win tins,  ib"  poorer  oompany  on   th,*
lOth d.iv of April, Mill.,, i,M lined under
in. provisions of the Wal-ai Clauses Con-
��.,II,Int..ii   net   I Chap    ItO   It    s    ll.   c.
|t.'J7 l    a   K'UI,t    Ml    l'i,'"''J   lllll" s   .,f   water
"iu of i'o,j.,itiuiii ink.   subject i" certain
conditions i udi,i Ned on tie* rooord or sueli |
And Whereat, theso eondltiono provided,
onions other  iidiisa. us follows,  nonMly;
"That in addition to tlu water which
du city "i N'��- Weatmlnater is rnttlled
to ink,   from Coqultlam Ink" for iih wa-
rwo ... system, tie. oompany Bhall with-
..i.t    COOt    soil. I   ii,    I-.   tlie   ellv    of      N.w
Wcatmlnstei   1000 Inel r water. I' nml
whrn, required, or such leas number i.r
Inchea from time to time >i�� nmy le- re.
lulred, Lm  '." ii ,i n.. whole number of
 surrendered   simti   not   exceed
I0C0 Inehi ���
"'ri"- < impani atiall pay He- annual fa*a
fi si .1 1000 inchea, both befon nud after surrender, and stmil enter Into a bind-
n: ht' i re iit wuh He Bald 'i'v t" sur-
- tei.* aald l""u in"1"'- ". wa-.-! t ��� tie-
. hv without ""st to lie* '* tv umi io pny
ii.- annual  f<<*s in  respect  ihereof."
,1 ml    Wht ...iv   the   '* ill-.'ill m   tins   .*,
:,,.-..! thi power company to aurrender
���. th' corporation n." sunt toon Inchea ,.f
Now ti I* agreed bv und between tlu
parties tu n to un followa
't'lie power eompoiu  for itself, its sue-
��� ��� ssn- .'",' .'.-I.',** hereby surrenders to
it     corporation   1000 Inchea "f water out
*  i  .   aald gi ml  -���(  10,000 Inehi i   which
   e '������,,     I    i i I"   l'i addition  io suoh
���i    i- '-i atlon '"uv I,,- ��� uliiii -it
��� . i ii, (,."��� Coqultlam lake for its era-
terwork i  ttyi ti tn
*ri���* power '* moony r.,-* Itself, it" *n<*
aaor* nn.l ooslsna asreea lo pay tie- annual   fere   nayabb   from  Um" tn  I'm-  I"
 * "i -f tl ���  Innd Inches so Surrendered
.. i hereby wo-rnnta thnt i'e  ""'"..tl t,-"t
���ft    ,    ,'    ,.'   lb"   snld    1000   lh, l|,"    ','.   '
"     ��� r ,.r thla :i.:M"i!i,iii havo been duly
���*.,!' lo M.< .* moony,
tt    leitttS*.    uherenf   th,"   norttoe   li'-'-t
'.a* e "ued tb"��" prea<a____to le* executed
tflfll. * .
Flsh   Could   Not   Get   Up
Spawn and Government Removeii
Obstaclei���Damage Done.
Fraser   to ! inenced  to two Important portions of
'tho    watershed    ubove    the    canyon.
lowa i'o* "i
lnd oanm I '
n'   a   dlsr-'i'ii
duetlon i*> i
vlded f
to ttiw
a-Irt   iti
of fh"   _________________________
under   tie*   BOld   I'Vliiw   N"
Honii'illv   b��  apeetal  rut- ll
hundred     and     sttty-ons
.ti.llnrs   ftltl tJl   I" form n
for   (be   �����:,*.
oold nnd disposed of except
Involving s substnntlad r---
amount required to Im- pro-
mi   It   Is  m-c-ssntv   I"  puss  tills
��� 'ir.'nK tin* debenturea to tlte
ts to tsuir interest nt tin* mis
"er centum i"-r unnum.
t���. meessury
iiii to raise
��� -Sinn of six
nnd Cfi.tuo
^^^^^mBBBM^^ NlnktnK fund
el   or   the   i-rlnelpul   nnd   Ite-
thousand aeven liutulred umt
*. -jA. i - i
��� i
of tt
T*.'tv dollara  111760 1  tor Inter.
together b total amount unnuatl.
thouaand four hundred nml eleven nnd SS
inn dollara   ��� ��� a��11 ���'.:���.   for tl,.'    term    ,,
f ,-tv-nli.'.    till   venm   for   tile   r.oiiv 111"!'!
,,f tde sii,l l'.n't und Ini.-resi thereon
t""*,-inn't,.r meatloned. ttu1 umount    of ��
I iimi-.-i   ,-,i  slxtv-foar nnd  mino  d.
1,-s (tstl.tst unvinc bean raised for the
fir��t  ' ���  ���������- -",kl"< fond
AND WHKRBA8 it win !"��� neceaaary
ond'- i'o- aald bvlaw No   Itt it rnt��� ���'--
nuattv   i-v  apectol  rnte  the ���-"���
hundn ,t      id      -Imj "laid
il.dlnrn   (|��r.�� HO)   to  form
f .r  ll'-a^^*-���~^
aum of ft
Oil   r- -I     m.lkt
n,i',o..llv   "f
an''       ��l<tv
i ���-...-1 an i f
T. )���,   ,,,,',.   il ,t    i  referendum  nt    to
Whether ll   I-  *'*1\ is .!.'.���  f.r t'*" '-"t-TMi'-'llotl
��� enter Into " bovi   Bsreemeni will Is*
���.���Inn."  "'  (���   tl"-   vol.   ',' tie*  olrctora  on
��� I..    . oo ,.,.-.:li   ,t-.-    nf  o le*'    or-  thou-
s.,,,i   tilm*   hundred   "tu'   (I'lil '    l"-l"*"''i
tt,,  houra M t n'clt*** B   m  and 7 o'clock
ti. m  nt tii" following plaeea, via, I
T*... ,-".in, it chamber, elty ball
V" 4 fir.- hull. Snots rtoii.
N., I tlrr halt Tlilrtes-iiih atreel
Q i... ii'.ts.r'ioah.
W     A    IifNCAN.  City   Clerk
I.nil.   New   Weatmlnater.   October
id  ui
Victoria, Oct. 14, "Obstaclea seriously tiffectiiiK the upward migration
of Koclu-ye milinon lo the spawning
badl of the Frailer river, were developed during ihe past two month!). ThSSS
Obltaclet were detected by the pnivln-
cbil fllberltS department, and aft< r B
conference with the Dominion officials
aotlva HtepH were taken which, I am
happy to ruy, have renulted In relieving the nilil,itlon While, owing lo the
suite of the wuter, nothing could he
done prior to a week ugo, ih" situation
hue been under cotiBtant observation
nlnce the beginning of tbs run. The
extdit to which tho run four vearn
hi'tic,. will I,,, affected, l am not prepared to say; I am advlssd that It bus
been ki rlously Injured."
The above Hlatement was made by
Hon   w. J. Bowser, oonunUiloA-w of
ri-shi rli .< and  tictlng premier.
Mr. Bowssr stated that J P. Ilabcock, flehery assistant, and I). M. Mclntyre, the deputy commissioner, have
itisi rsturned from their annual Inspection of the i iir.vniiu- beds of tbe Kra-
ser and hud filed tlieir interim report.
After calling attention to the vast
numbers of sockeye which ran to the
-Prater this year nnd enabled the canners of the Fraser and Puget Sound
to pad; upwards of 2,100,000 chbcs of
locheye, tbo report states that the
number which escaped capture and
palled above the fishing limits this
yiars nppears to have equalled lhat of
*>nv previous hlg year run. After a
detailed insosotiou of all the big lakes,
including Chlloo. Quesnel, Bhuswap,
[Seton and And'rson. Lillooet and
[Harrison, the report st-ues that up to
Ootobsr 1. the number of flsh which
In-ehed the flrst named lakes, all of
! which ere beyond tbe canyon jnst
above Yale, was far less than In anv
''���rieor big year, and did not greatly
������set .il thnt which reached the spawning beds last year.
P'ockade In Fraser.
"Tb" unusual condition of nbalrs
was first noticed about Aueitst 1 by
Mt BSbOOCK," continued Hon Mr.
Bowser. "Mr. Ilabcock fur the past
tblr'eio years has made a study of
conditions on the Fraser river. After
'���hserviui-j condition ln the straits on
Puget found and the estuary of
������'veil th" followed the fish upward
He found  the sockeve massed In un
It.  i.f-
I City of New Westminster
Tbi so were at -yuesnel dam, where
i ach year a watchman Is employed to
count tbo run proceeding lo tliis got'-,
tlon, estimated at aboul one quarter
of the total spawning area of the FraBer, and Cbilco. ti'" next most con-
nidi rable chain of lakes which feed
ilia- rive,-.
Numbers Much Lescened.
"Somewhat   relieved,   Mr     Habenck
ami the deputy commissioner left t,.r
these points on ihelr annual survey of,
lln- i-paw iiiii). beds. Despite tbe huh
miratic' . of tlie telegraphed reports,
and afti r a final survey of the conditions in Dn- canyon nnd along the
Thompson  river, they wrote me from
Ashcroft under date of Beptember 8,1
again expressing the fear that a block
hnd   recurred.     They   visited   Quesnel
l.-iic. Inspecting tine streams tributary
to  It, and   made  all   speed   back  and !
across   of  Chllco   lak'*.     When   eondl-j
tlont at loth  these poln's clearly Indicated   that   the   flsh   were   reaching j
ther- In bin a fraction of their numbers for the fourth year preceding, and |
In little greater numbers than the preceding off year ln the cycle, all speed j
was made back to the canyon.
"Or. their return they found that the;
water nud fallen some twelve feet. Af-1
���'"��� n day spent at Scuzzy rapids, Mr.
Babcock, on September 20, actually |
detected th" point beyond which the i
salmon could not pass, and recalled |
and demonstrated this to Mr. Mcln-
typra,   w ho  was  examining  the  river |
farther down. ^^^^^^^~
I     "On  his reporting this to me, I at;
'once took up the matter with the Hon !
; Mr.   Hazen.   minister  of   marine   and;
: fisheries,   and   his   chief  inspector   in!
this province,    V. H. Cunningham, of ]
New* Westminster.    Mr. Hazen at once,
replied, stating that he had  directed!
Mr. Cunningham tn ac*. promptly ln the
matter and to avail himself of the services of  Mr. Wilhee, the marine and
fisheries engineer of this cltv.    Finally, on September 27, 1 left Vancouver
, with  Mr   Napier, of our public works
engineering   atafT,    Mr.    Cunningham 1
and   Mr   Wlltbee.    Meeting  Mr.  Bab!
,cock at North Rend, the two engineers i
���with Mr  Cunningham were shown the
block and the most practicable means)
i of rat-airing it were debated. Men and |
| powder were kindly lent by the C. P.
II. divisional superintendent, Mr. Cot-1
.roll,  and   after   two  days'   active  efforts, aided by thc falling water, a tern-
,^e j porary passage wav ar.und the blockaded  point  was effected. Mr. Wlltbee | |
superintending the work.
AilllKKMI-NT   mud.
day "(
f   eliriit ' 'I"    v,nr   '''   "uf   '-*'rd
���'��;! v"':;; ./���';;.;'v' ll"r,"*'n
alnkhu.   rund   OETirtBN
1 lhe principal   umt the
thou-euid dollar* (Hyioni for
,*ether n totul amount
 Jinueond  ��l��h'   htrndre,
Irht     nnd     on-ins     doll;"-
th,. term of forty-nine .n��
In   dlpll.it-    Itil-
ii," thooaand niii"
r. fu
of    III"
yeara f-.r
lent   lot"-'
t A.   ".
<..,.,.,n      I-
aitiklmr fi*
ANI>   -0
under  sold  bylaw
Dually   bv   eiM-ctnt
hundred   and
lire   (?;|7-.ii I   to
t'n, pnvm" "..-
of    twelve    t.itndrcd'
(into)   '"- Inter*-'
totul    11
four but	
dollars (It
nl't" (4I>> ���
Mid I'""" I
after nvnt1
A���/I nnd '
((""i im '
ve-l-'l   sf'"'"-  iim.i.       -_B_BBBBBB_______________
INI) WHSntBAS tlie net value nf    th.
wtiole   rateable  bind  In tbe  miinlctpnlli
accor,ii,,�� to tt,"   lust    nssessment
���",.,lie's   t '   seventeen   mltltotlH,   one   bon
dri-si  n-t-t  ri'tv-aeven ttiouannd.  nln�� "*��������
  rtollnni  <tl7.tS7.9IO-)
���st   tb
-   mlaed
No. ^^^^^^^
rnte  the  sum  of
etiti-s-n   nnd   ?(*-too
.   ... torm il stnkln��� fund fol
nf (tie prtnclnat and tb" ��,in
and    nrtv    dollar)
  mnklns   touetl
nnniiHllv   of   on,-   tin-
- nnd sixty 'Seven nnd
ST.tO)   for Itie term of f'..,
���trs for the reiMiytiient i.f (be
���v!  bnerest  tlu-reon ns be-e|n-
,""d. the amount of two hun-
 itv.one   nnd   M-t<w   ,|,,it,r.
" In* ts^-n raised for (be flral
'nnd   ^^^*^^^^**^***\
Interior of
"tti.*   Crown."
���   duly    lm-'l-
-���th"    Com-
Tin-: cm
I Cltv   Munl-
of ilittliU) (^luin-
.-in deoenbed
vn duly ftb-il
suld  |�� llll.'ii.
ii rvi-d a reply.
o.lon have hlthir-
III-   MAJF.STT Till-: KINil,  rnpn-atr ���
! lo  Uie II.mumble William Jame. |tr,-:i
Ua   \'.,i. ... ,   Mlolatei   or lh        '    '
1 I Cn-i��.ti��.    let.luarter   call. ���I
s j )))ol
lj     VANCOt'VER      POWER
nil Ivitki .  ii   bod)   . irporot
, ... ...retunrt'-r men-   poml   1.    hereinafter    called
of ��� w-t hundred ond I pany,"
&S-l0n   dollars   iisait :.'��� i   ,i,���:
for   the   flrat   year'*      yiii:  CORPORATION  ol
wilt   be  noeassery Iclpolltr In Lba Prnvlne
153   to   rnlse   On-jbla.   henlnntter culled
Whsraas, l>> intllluli o( rlgnl dated tl.
third day .., .Man*,,, lain, nieu in me
ixn.i-iii. r court ol t.'unada und dul*.
Served, tin o��ty und on, Maitnew- MurMluill
eotiltht mt, r all,) certain iiropi-lit.it y rtKiils
In th.  liii.il.-. and premises th. '    ---'���������
end tie   company and th" Cr
and  B'-r\. ,1   a  dlfSnO*  to  tin
umt tin   cilv filed und duly
unit tlle  InMle-  In suld
ii. been standing for trial! ,
And IVhereus, on the '-'Ith day of March.
A.11. )'.).. un aglwsment was executed between the crown and the company with
respect to Uie company'* upplieatlon fur
pertnlaaton to hullil a dam nt Co.pittlani
lak and to execute certulii other works
for the purpoae uf developing water pow-
i*.'illi'i*tliill    wltli    the    sahl    (hull,    s
_... of whicli agreement is hereunto annexed :
I ml Wksrsas, the construction ot the
Bald work lr contlnubiK under th" terms
f thi' agreement lust  referred to;
And  1-Fggroas. tt'e object  of the city  In
litbrntlon first above referred to waa
secure   both  the  uuantlly  and   pnrtty
of  wuter  required for ttie *uppty  of llie
cltv  of   New  Weatmlnater;
And Whereas, tbe company hns by
agreement of even date herewith surrendered to tin oily 10(10 Inchea of water om
of tlie grain of 10.000 Inchea of waler out
of Coqultlam lake granted to tlw- company on the SOlh dny of Aprll. 1��0J, under tin- provisions of the Water Clauses
Con-��oll.tntlon nct. 1����7 (Chap. ISO 11. R.
B. 0. 1S97I which 11100 lnche* I* lo be In
addition lo aueh water ns the city may bs
entitled to take from Coqultlam lake for
Its wuterworka ayatem.
And WScreo*. the parties to the nbove
litigation subject to the npproval of Hla
Rxcellencv the Governor-l-cnem! in council did ngrc-i to wttl* all mailer* In dir-
fertnc between them by entering Into
th" ngr-eeraent herein eontnlned
"snal numbers In the canyon of the
Eraser between Nortel Bend and Yale.
Ks***" "ddv contained hundred* of the ;
"<-h behaving In �� manner unusual to
them. A short dlstnnce below Hell'*
Cate the tlsh were massed the most
closely, and were found ln unbellev-
abt" Quantities ln the Spuzzum.
"Considerable numbers, however,
passed through Hell's (late, which. It
������lil he remembered. Is the narrowest
. basin in the Fraser river, and after
tiroceeding through comparatively
unlet water, were ln evidence In vast
number* In the laat gorge at the head
of the canyon
Rock Slides Responsible. i
| "At the point mentioned on the east
bank of lhe river, rock slide* Incidental to the construction of the Canadian
Northern railway have occurred. The
Fraser is but 225 feet wide at Hell's
(late, and does not exceed 350 feet
wid)' at the Scuzzy rapids. Tbe line
of the c N. It runs along tha rock
clIfT Immediately above Hell's (late
and Scuzzy rapids, necessitating a
very heavy out. In addition to this, at
Hell's Cate an enormous rock elide I
brought -down thousands of tons of
great elabs of rock, which filled the
bay o- eddy that formerly afforded the
salmon   a   resting  place.     The   major
"Above thla point no fish were seen, i -��� ^^_
After soendlng considerable time here [Portion of this rock work was done In
Mr. Babcock sent for Dr. C H. HUhon.! the summer nnd fall of 1912. and ap-
who. as usual, ha* been attached toj Parent[y dldno^Jnterfere ��Jth t^erun
���he deportment this season.    He Is the
   nnd  fl't        	
dl-ed  "n'\,'r-rvlCtPAI." OOl'NCI''  of
Mt eV .he city of New Wclmln
il��    follow*
flrat dav of July. laie. e.,-. -.
nhall be payable half-yearly on the first
day nt Jnnnnrv nnd the flrat dny of .Tillv
In ench yea- during the aurrenov thereof
and Ihe said dcl-e-ntorea aball hnve 'attached thereto coupon* for th" nnvnu'iit
of the anid Int'-rest which shall ti"nr tlie
alanat/e" of the mavor and clerk, and
*vch -ei-mi'ti"-" may be   either   written,
stamped or lithographed
pel  or  tiuio*!>.,.>���-,..
There aball be mined nnd levied tin-
v diirimt ttu- currency of ttie suid
���       .    ....    ...I.I    |1V|1IW     *}���.
debentures authorised by said bylaw  No.
by spiotnl rule sufficient therefor upon
 v.._ .._j  --,11 SiIxi  the  limits of
Ju   nddltlon   to   ttie
head of he zoological deoartment of
Stanford university, and the chief au-
'hori'v up th" Pacific coast salmon.
Dr. Gllbet i .sited tiie scene, aud also
was surprised at the manner In which
the flsh were massed together. Together these two experts went over
the entire situation, and concluded
that, while the flsh which were In
evidence on the surface were apparently not passing through lhe canyon,
vet large numbers were getting up. It
Is recognized, of course, that the waters of the Kraser are so discolored that
the movements of fish other than
those which disclose themselves above
the surface In the eddies along the
b.tnk cannot be discerned..Further an-
parent confirmation followed when. In
tho third week In August, telegrams
were received that the run had corn-
all the rateable lnml
ttie snid  municipality -..   ���
onniiul  simii' required by the snld tivln*
Nu. IM  In the sum of three hundred and
Ocventv-rivc dollars ( SS7r,) to pay th* ad-
dftlonul Interest authorised by thla bylaw.
Ibe same to be In addition to nil MN to
b- levied und created in tlm said municipality.
*l. Thero shall lm raised and levied annually during the currency of the sold
debenturea uuthortccd by said bylow No.
1 r,2 bv apeclal mto aufflelent therefor
upon all the rateable land within the limit* of tlie said municipality In nddltlon to
the utiiiiuil sums required by the oold by-
No. ir,; tb" sum of two hundred and
loilnrs (1260) to pay u._
authorised by thla bylaw, t^oome
Interest i������. _ ,. .,.   .	
to be In nddltlon to all rates to be 1.
and created In the oold municipality.
���.    There ahall be rained and levied anii. ein��  th* currency of tha aald
the additional
- e aiunt
. levied
_. salmon through the canyon that
year. During the high water of June
and Julv. however, the highest in 14
years, all the smaller rock and rubble
were washed away, and those rocks
tco heavy for the water to remove entirely were shoved along the bank,
leaving what resembled a solid wall
of masonry, whieh afTorded no eddies
*'s resting places for the advancing
flsh, except during very high water.
From the number of fish which entered Quesnel lake in Auguat and early
In September, estimated at BtiO.OOO.
and the run at that time to Chllco. It
Is evident that n considerable number
of sockeyes passed successfully
through the canyon at high water.
When, by th�� first of August, the water commenced to fall, the blockade ensued."
Hon. Mr. Bowser stated ln conclusion thnt Messrs. Napier and Wlltbee
were still engaged ln exam'ng the situation and collecting data ln order to
prepare a report upon what can be
done to make the canyon paasable by
the salmon at all stages of the water
In yearB to come.
Now tht* agreement wi-tlneaaefS and It ia
hereby agreed thnt the ngreement of
March 'it. 1S10, hereinbefore referred to
���hall, subject to the nnpmva! above men-
tinned, be amended and altered to the following ejcti nt, that I* to say I
(a) Tho elty shall be considered th*
pnrtv of tho third part to the aald agreement, ond the sold agreement ahall be
read  accordingly.
(��) The following words ahall be odd-
Clouie 1 of tha aald agreement, vis.,
word 'City' ahall mean and Include
finally  'li"-1n��._the.furr*ney
during  tn*  c"r���,,,ii1."K.Yi�� "Ma.
debentures authorised by^oold ******
l.M  bv special rate
linen nil the rateable !���_<,.�� *. _ .
It* of thn mild municipality In addition to
tho annual sums required by the oold bylaw No. ISI. the sum of one hundrod and
twenlv-flve dollars (tUS) to pay the additional Intereat authorised by thla bylow.
tho same tn he In addition to all rates to
1>e levied and created tn th* aald munlclpalltv.
6. Thl* bylaw oholl com* Into effect on
It* receiving the nasent of the lieutenant-
governor In eouncll.
S.    This bylaw r-iv be cited for_ all
purposes     as   "NF V     WEBTM1NH
llEBBNTtlRB      r'T^RBST    CON1
BION BYLAW, if*.'*
"the worn  vm   ���.,.��. ��... 	
the Corporation of the City of New West
(c) The following shall be added after Clause lt of the sold agreement: "lta.
Thn company oholl keep pure and maintain the purity ot the water supply tor
the city at and above the Intake pipe for
tho city."
(4) In caso ot any dispute between
the company and the city or between the
 .   ._.���. -a...'*  enurlneer   touching
elusive. auWrcf. however, to an appeal to
the lleuti'tia'tt-governor In council of the
province  of  British Columbia.
11) The compuny agrees to pay all tbe
oul-of-pocket exiK'tuwa of tlie city incurred
by reason oi the litigation tut aforesaid,
log. tlu r with the proper coats and charges
of solicitor* nnd counsel fees Incurred by
lhe elty. the whole not to exceed the aum
ui len thousand dollars illu.OoO). such
1-uvim tit to tie made on or before the first
day of December. 1913. and tbe compuny
shall on or before the first day of December. lt>13. pay to the city the further sum
of eleven thousund dollars (tll.000) and
shall also pay to tbe city the further sum
of one thousand dollars ($1000) a year
hen-after on the first day ot January In
each and every year during the construction ond operation or maintenance of the
sold dam. the first of such payments to
tn. mode on the first day of January, ISI 4.
(f)    Foy the better protection and eon-'
servatton .of the supply of water to the
city nnd for the company, the Coqultlam
reserve,  cuiipi l��lm;  an  area of  fifty-six
thousand (St.000) ncres more or lea and
constituted by order in eouncll doted
the  fourth  day  of  March,  one  thousand
nine hundred und ten. shall be continued
and the minlBter shall make and enforce
all necessary rules and regulations governing the said lands so reserved so that
the same may be preserved for the protection and conservation of the supply of
wnter to the city, nnd for the company, and
so that'the purity of tbe water supply of
the city may tie maintained. ^9	
Ig)    Tho city shall have the right nt!""""" "-7      "__. . _ _. "2CvjU____.4_.
any time to apply to the parliament of I smoker Who goat down to hi* favorite
Canada or to the legislative asoemblv of   *   - ' - * ���--���������   *���  -   **��������__-.
tho province of British Columbia or both
to confirm thlB agreement or to empower
It to carry out any of the terms thereof
or to enforce this agreement, or to do and
would nap HERE
������������ ,
U. 8. Tariff Bill Protect* Cigar Smokers From Fake Weeds���Mew
It Works.
Seattle, Oet 14.���When the provisions of the oew Berrlman bill, incorporated In the tariff Mt signed by
President Woodrow Wilson ten daya
ago, have existed long enough on th*
statute books to become workable, the
_h_TfSih. "oixth *i* of Ooolmr. 1������,
^cbivbd*" ;-*�� ��$��?t
... ,).,.. if n-tober. '�� i.
RDCONBir-twn   and   "T^'JET'
��i,_r^ *iv of October, IMt.
lha i Mayor.
City Clerk.
RHCBrED the assent of the lleut-we
-    overonr In ***
itobcr. 191'
in* conmuuy _...��. *n* *._, ���   "' ������	
company and the olty's engineer touching OetTorm nny matter or thing therein con-
any matter provided for by theae pres- talned. frotdded. that the company shall
ents In respect ot the requirements on thc be at llbcrtv to take such objections to
port of the city for the preservation or such npnllentlon or legislation as It may
securing ot the purity ana suffIclency. of deem advisable. T
the water supply for tho city, suoh dls- '���> nii.r.s ,
puts shall be decided by the minister of
lands or acting minister ot lands ot the
province of British Columbia for thc time
being or by ouch person or persona as may
be appointed by him to hear and decide
aueh dispute or In case of tbe Inability or
unwillingness of such minister of lands
or acting minister ot lands of the prov-
Ince of British Columbia for the time be-
 ._._ __._.. ~..i,_,��� -__e__.r
1 aoimi wn.~._. ���
lng to aet or to appoint some other peraon
or  persons jxs  aforesaid   'a,  ���-��������   ��w.m
or   peraon*   n.   m.v.***,.-,   ...   ....
himself or hi* deputy signifying ouch
r unwillingness being conclusive
  . treof) sucn dispute shall be decided by the minister of the Interior or by
such other person br persons aa may be
appointed by the minister of the Interior
to hear ana decide sueh dispute, and the
decision of the minister of lands or acting minister ot lands of th* province of
���nnt-goveronr _n_council the
IOK     nillliniv.     v.     -_. _
British Columbia or th* person or persons appointed by him as aforesaid or the
minister of th* interior or the person or
fo w-ifaes* uikf-i-eof, His Malestv the
King ho* caused his seal to be affixed bv
th- Honorable William James Roche, ond
thn comoanv and thc cltv have hereunto
affl'ed thi-lr corporate seals under the
bonis of their prop) r offle��rs.
l-lti*rd tealeti a��d delivered
tn tbe presence of:
Tolte ttot'ce thnt a reefrendum oo to
whether It Is advisable for the corporntlon
to enter Into the above agreement wlll b*
submitted to the vote nf the elector* on
the elgMeenth dav of OctnboV, on* thousand nine hundred nnd thirteen, between
tho hour* of * o'clock n. m. and 7 o'clock
p. m. at the following places, vis.:
Tho councll chamber, city hall.
No. 4 tire hall, Bapperton.
No. E flre holl. Thirteenth stroet, and at
__���        W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City holl, New Weatmlnster. October 11,
tobacconist and uk* for * Havana
cigar will be able to decide for himself whetwr he is getting the reg)
Cuban tobacco, I* being worked by a
neat appearing wrapper and Porto Hi-
can tiller, a half domestic and rert
Cuban goods, or merely being worked
for a domestic ctgar because he doe*
not took.Uk* a oonnmer who Would
know the difference.
In the fatur* th* genuine Havana
cigar will f�� certified to *y the federal gnvemtneht and coatumett wlll
not hav* to worry about thatr PW-
Tho new hlU, says Robert W. Boyee,
editor ��f a Northwestern tobaooo Journal, wlll revotationtie tlw tobaooo
Discussing the effect of tko Mw MD,
Bovoe said yeaterday:
"It is admitted the talaad of Cub*
grow* tobaoMv tlte Ilk* of wblch cannot be rtpWitod In aay fotttyy ta
,th* world, dee no doubt to aaU aid,	
Statea. have by the planting of the
Cuban seed endeavored to reproduce
the Cuban tobacco. Tbey succeed only
so far as growing a tobacco that somewhat resembles in appearance the Cuban product, but It cannot be successfully used as a whole and sold In competition with the cigar made of Imported Havana tobacco. It muat be
mixed with Havana tobacco to become
a marketable article. The Cuban government realizing thl* great governmental asset naturally took step* to
protect it and placed a duty of IS per
pound on tobaccos coming from any
foreign country to the Island of Cuba.
Thia, of course. Is prohibitory and fully
protects the Cuban tobacco. To protect the cigars made from thi* protected tobacco, tbe Cuban government
enacted a law on July 16,1910, making
it necessary for the manufacturers of
cigar* in Cuba to place on all ot their
boxes a governmental stamp guaranteeing the quality of the cigar. This
guarantee stamp haa been extensively
advertised through trade Journals In
tha United Statea and foreign countrle*. When the Cuban-made cigar I*
released from United State* custom*.
It bear* our governmental Import
���tamp. Therefore the Cuban product
goe* before the American consumer
wtth a double governmental stamp
placed thereon.
"Beforo the United Statea government took possession of Porto Rico,
the duty on Porto Rico tobaooo to tha
United State* wa* the same a* th*
duty on Cuban tobacco, line* taking
iw��****toB Porto Rlean tobacco baa
beea entered treo. and a��rlt clearly
resemble* In appearance the Havana
tobaooo msny manufactarers. to ord*r
to leoaen the coat of production, used
Porto Rtaaa wrapper* aad fino** to
mix wtth geaulae Imported Havana
tobaooo*. T-he-te wbea mad* tato cigar*
won taarked and aold aa geaulae Havana nam It la aaM that there wer*
M0.MMM of aueh Imitation cigar*
���old aa Hanava la tit* Unttgd States
ta mt, Therefor* th* piodtwt of the
American auura'actaror of the g*a*��*
Havana cigar* found ItoaM ta ootoao-
tittan wtth the Cuban lead* bearing
a doable governmental stemo oa the
ona Imd and to* Intttath-m Havana et-
gar made In the Uaitod State* on tho
other band. Thu* th* government by
the** ImtUt-ca Havana clgare waa toting a large amouat *t dutv. ooaaamere
war* betng deottved. ant Ut* maaufao-
turer of th* genuta* Havaaa cigar was
aaarotootod. Tb* olty ot Tampa. Ita.,
_________    ____________    _�����_.���-,��    _�����    ___**_>
Traveling   Englishman     See*   More
Trouble in That Direction Thao-
From Ulster.
which prwJacM without doubt mor*
Hampn alpni Jtaw any ctty ta the
moat ta da-
The greatest problem that faces
England today ls the outcome ot the
industrial rather than the political
situation, in the opinion of W. M.
Fowler, of London, who has arrived
at the coaat on a trip whieh haa embraced many of the largest cities of
thia continent
"I believe I voice the opinion of the
majority of sane business men when
I aay that there fat little tear of etvll
Strife.In Ulster," aald Mr. Fowler, "bat
.the growltjg unrest among the labor
Ing cuun la developing a complex situation that wiU tax tho ablest dlplomat-
tata la th* country to arriv* at a sat-
ISfstcory solution.
"The leader* who ar* fomenting
this spirit of aareet are either too
blind to appreciate tbat higher wagaa
moat mean an to-crease ta tha coat of
living, aad that the natural corollary
ot atrikea to a falling eft of trade
thtwwh the activity ef comment*! ri-!
vale, or else they aro wilfully
tag tha workman and by enootoM ar-
gamrato Hading thota aloag tfi* path
that anda In tb* abyaa of commercial
Hr. Fowler, who la tatomated ta ta-
duatriai Investments, lnd many que*-
ttoan to aak aa to th* devetopawnt of
toe resouroM of tola provtao*.
"I bear -mor* talk ef the (trtagency
t*t the money market and 1��*a vltibto
���tan* ot it to toto ptosrlnee than to any
Oth*r section throuvh whtc*i .1 have
travelled." nald llr. Fowler. "Th*��* to
a good deal of ta��k about too Wi
-mi ot living, b��t ta comparlsoa wB1|
Oa wtftiaa nntd.  ��tofe. ww'	
recta* better off ta Rritish
than bin brother tn IBnntonil.
thet rent here for abont *a**.p,
esn ne *ecured ta toe
b<n **��* gbettt halt that
the Brit-*har haa to i '
oent to hto rental i
��omrlaln nf tha t
.wt ta��*" "'
made to the Pacific
be has paid two
ada, travelling last
bead of tbe great takes.
T was anxious to ac
provinces of which I
in England."' said the ********,
great as were my*
realization exceeded agy
agings. Tt seemed to me
a lack ot economy
grain in Ita natural
should have thought She eataMUsi
of large flour mills la the assrtnsi
production would haw asm*.
growera thousands of ttaStan ton
coat of transportation-. h__t.ti��u
pose a* an expert '
and I ntppose that
mine will soras day aofva
of grsln haulage and toe
freight blnnkaSas In torn
tious way." -________-S��JM
Montreal. Oct H-WaK tort
the ctty of Montreal to i
���biding place aad I
the critolaa of
mltted by torataanm
���ont of
the conrt of
These remaraa *.
honor after
gamy ot ���"���
ed a* **��*��� -sti-..,,. -_���.���.,_._,_
to to* trxtr. wa* tontonwrwrHto-i
natrtato. That
ed. "��a*��
beaten waa
'     . ���;       ..      ,.- ��� FACE EIQHT-
Sold wltk tke guarantee that, if
at any time, -under any circumstances, you buy a CONKKY
KKMEDY and are not satisfied
with the treatment, you are entitled to have your money back,
without question or quibble, on
your plain statement that results did not satisfy yon.
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l.lce Liquid, quart tin   50c.
JJce  Liquid,  half  gal.  tin..75c.
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<A fllslnfectant and germ dent royer.)
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wlll    givo    you    CONKKY'8
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Greater Westmmster
| All notices of meetings, entertain-
invents, sales of work, etc., In this
column are charged for at the rate
'of 10 cents per line. Plesse do not
ask members of the staff to bresk this
rule, as their inatructions are positive.
We also handle a full line of
Poultry Food Corn, Wheat,
Scratch Food, etc., Ilonc, Shell,
Meat Scraps, etc.
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Firo  at  Aldergrove.
Klre which broke out in the Feath-
erstone  home at   Aldergrove, on  Sunday did  considerable damage, to the
farnlturo hefore being extinguished.
', Coal.   Coal.   Coal.
Westminster Coal Co., Ltd.
mono 880, llox 158. Cheapest and hest.
Burnaby Council.
On  account  of  Monday  nexl   being
Thanksgiving day, the Hurnaby council Will convene on Tuesday evening,
dot. 21.
Money lo loan on first mortgages.
���Improved city and farm property.
9 per cent. Alfred \V. Mcl.eod.   (2159)
Hospital Auxiliary.
Owing to Monday next being
Thanksgiving day, the regular monthly meeting of the Women's Auxiliary
of the Uoyal Columbian hospital will
bo held on Tuesday afternoon at 3
o'clock in the Y. Vi. C A. rooms.
C, H, Diamond's barber shop In now
ocated at 741 Columbin street. In the
store formerly occupied by S. K. Mark,
having been moved from 36 Begble
struct. (2219)
Court cf Revision.
A  court  cf  revision  on  the  voters'
lists for  New  Westminster.  Dewdney
and Delta Will bc held on November
17 next, In the county court room.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Leaders Dine.
Dinner was served to the lenders'
corps of the Y. M. C. A. yesterday
evening after a workout on the gymnasium floor.
Eight New Citizens.
Eight new citizen*, were received
into ihe liritish Columbian population
yesterday. Klve wcre Norwegians,
the others a (Ireek, a Swede and n
Japanese. Their names were Ole Has-
kel, carpenter. New Westminster!
Ixiuis 8. Andersen, carpenter, New
Wostmlnster; Sigurd Hagen, farmer,
New Westminster; John Krlaudsen;
rancher, Whcnnock; l'eter Ksk, logger; Nick Vootias, Sakhura lletidrlk-
si-ti, atld .liujiro Kltauiura.
For plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & llam-
sav, Klghth mwl Carnarvon streets,
riione 586. (2148)
Dominion Trust
Company Meets
A Real Need
The need was for an
executor and trustee
who should not .die, be
absolutely honest, know
how to handle estates,
be always accessible, be
always able to give clear
concise accounts of the
No individual -eKeCu-
tor can meet these requirements.
We would be pleased
to see you at any time
and tell you more. It will
interest you, too.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
i'aid Up Capital and
Surplus $ 2.800.000
Assets 4,973,983.95
Trusteeships  Under
Administration over   6.000.-000
Trustee for Bondholders over  25,000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, 'Victo-fta,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, Eng.;  Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
60S Columbia Street
Open   Saturday   Evenings   from
7 to 9.
Winter storage
apple-s. We have
warehouse.    H. P
for    potatoes   and
the best frost proof
Vldal .. Co., Ltd.
Will Be Represented.
Burnaby municipality wtll be represented by counsel when the railway
commissioners mcpt ln Vancouver on
Oct. 27 to tnke up the matter of the
G. N. R. courtruction work going on
near the North road. Coquitlam municipality will also be represented. It
is probable that the commissioners
will visit the scene of operations and
make a decision so that work can be
resumed  by thc railway company.
Re und trip fare S-9.60 New, Weat-
miustcr to San Krancisco, Cal.. via
���Great Northern railway account Pcr-
ftola celebration. October 22-25th, on
salo October 18th to 20th, return limit
good November mil. (2187)
. Coal.   Ccal.   Coal.
Westminster Coal Co., Ltd.
Phone 880. Box 7_8. Cheapest and best.
Fred Davis will sell by public auction the furniture and efforts cf Mrs.
L. Miller on the premises at 120 Sixth
avenue, on Thursday, October 16. at
2* p.m. sharp. Kvery article must be
disposed of and will be sold absolutely
without reserve as Mrs. Miller is leaving lor the old country. (22381
Harvest Festival Cervices.
Thc Venerable F. C. C. llcathcoto,
lhe recently appointed archdeacon of
Columbia, will preach at the Harvest
Festival services at 8 p.m. tonight ln
St. Marys church, Sapperton. The
choir are repeating the special Harvest Festival music, including the
Hallelujah chorus and the ladits of
the congregation are giving a Thanksgiving sttppei in the parish room from
r> to 7; 30.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B, C. Transport Co..
Ltd.. 50f> Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 880.
Among the lodges of the I. O. 0. F.
represented were P.oynl City No. 3
and Amity No. 27. of lhis city, and No.
15, of Cloverdale.
Those   who  sent  flowers  included:
Sprays���Mr.  and     Mrs. C. T.  Cum-
eron, Mr. and  Mrs. John Ankers, Mr. j
and   Mrs. J. Tesky,   Mr. and   Mrs.  S.
Potter, Mr. and  Mrs. Carney, Miss J.
Cameron,   Miss  Almu   McKay,  Oeorge
Monday and family,  Miss Madge Pot-1
ter, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Whiteley (Van-
oouver), Mr. anil Mrs. James Monday, I
Mr. and Mrs. HulT, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. |
May, Mr. and Mrs. lloyeytte. Mr. anil;
Mrs. E. Johnston and family. Mr. and
Mrs. Howard Welsh, Mr. and  Mrs. .1.1
K. Armstrong.  Mr.    and    Mrs.  W. O. I
Howe, Mr. und Mrs. J. A. Pledger,
Sheaf���Mr. and Mrs. Qeorge Gilbert,
Cross���Mlsa .1. Lockie-llrown.
Wreaths- Mr. nnd Mrs. II. Walms
Icy, C. W. MoCallum, Mr, and Mrs. W.
C.  Bourne, Mr. and  Mrs. Jas.   Hest.
Cloverdale lodge. No. 15, I, O, 0. P.,
three links and wreath.
Harp and cluster from family.
NICHOLSON - Another link with j
the past history of New Weatmlnster j
was broken yesterday when Malcolm
Nicholson passed away In his Kiith
yegr. Mr. Nicholson came to Canada:
in the early llfties nnd arrived in !
Now Westminster in 1S61, when the j
present site of the city was practically j
an unbroken forest.
For the past  twenty year.) he bad
resided at 233 Sixth avenue, and was :
very   active   until   about   three   years
ago, when, following the death ol his I
wife, lie commenced to fall.
Deceased  wus  born  in  the   Isle  of.
Skye, Scotland, nnd    came    to Wood j
stock in the -early fifties.    He follow*
ed   railroading   for   a   time,   but   left j
there in I860 for California, travelling
by way of Cape Horn,    lie worked for
a time in what is now Stockton, Call- I
fornla, but left the following year for
British    Columbia,    landing    in    New
Westminster ln 1861.   He took part in
the clearing of what is now the business portion of the city.
He had married Miss Priscilla
Welch while in Woodstock and in
1862 his wife uud two children joined
He then moved with his family to
Deer Lake where he took up farming.
and later followed the same occupation in Matsiui.
About twenty years ago, however,
he moved back to New Westminster,
building a home on Sixth avenue,
which he has occupied over s:.ncc
He  leaves  to   mourn  his  loss    two
McAllisters Limited
All wool blankets; In full double hed size, 04x54; six pounds to the  pair;
This Is a grand value ut, per pair ��5.50.
A special sale of Comforters, In vnrious new chintz; different colorings.
clal for this week, each at 75t.
A full double bed size comforter; In new design chintx;  well made and filled.
Feather Pillows: full size, In art ticks; guaranteed purified feathers.    Special  values at 75*.���  ttt.
and S1.2S.
White Grecian  Bedspreads, in a good heavy weight;  full bed size.   Very special value at $1.25
cither blue or  pink border.
These are well filled.    Spe-
A great value at each
A very extensive range of Tapestry Carpets is now being shown on our carpet floor, both In piece
carpets and all sizes In squares; Imported direct from England. We can give you thc very best values
and the newest designs and colorings for this year.
Tapestry  Carpets  In  a big  range of designs and colorings; 27 Inches     wide.        Specially      priced       per
yard at    65��.   78*. ��nd 85c.
Tapestry Hearth Hugs;  in ull kinds of pretty colorings and designs; size 24x45, each at   $1.25
Size 27x54 Inches, each at  51.95
Tapestry Carpet Squares in a wide variety of shadings and  large and  small  designs.    These  carpets will
give almost endless wear aud satisfaction and are very moderate  ln price:
Size !l ft. by B ft..    Specially priced   nt    58.75
Size 9 ft. by 10 ft. 6 in.     Specially   priced   at    510.50
Size 9 ft. by 12 ft    Specially priced at  512.50
Seamless Tapestry Carpets, in all shades, and very large selection to choose from; sizes to fit any room.
Size 9  ft.  by 9 ft.    Spoclally priced at    515.50
Sire 9 ft. by 10 ft. li in.    Specially  priced  at 516.75
Size 9 tt. by 12 ft.    Specially priced   519.75
Pert Moody Conservatives.
The annual    meeting   of the    Port
Mocdy  Conservative  association  was ,.,,,,_,,,. _,.     ,,... _ ..
Vice-President i s��lls iin(1 thret   daughters.    HIS SOB
vu,     i. mu UMftre  c    M    NlchoUoili   N(,w   Westmin
held on Monday night
W. T. Johnston in the chair. The following delegates vera appointed to
tlie annual convention of thc Conservatives of Dewdney riding at Port Coqultlam: Vice-President W. T. Johnston, J. H. Maclean. Fred Clarke. T.
Davis and W. H. Walmsley. The following office bearers were re-elected:
Captain Clarke, president; W, T. Johnston, vice-president; J. Cormick. sec-
I retary, and T. Davis, treasurer.
ster, and H. L. Nicholson, of Quesnel.
His daughters are Mrs. I. II. Johnston.
of Chilliwack; Mrs. A. Wilkie. of New
Westminster, and Mrs. 11. H. Kcene. of
Fairview, Vancouver.
The runeral will lake place from
the family residence on Thursday
afternoon'at 2:80 o'clock. The body
is al present in Mumble's undertaking
land P
1      Spiritualism, what    il  teaches.    An j
laddn-ss will be given this evening at;..',.. ���nN
S. o'clock by Mrs. Clarke, room 5, 6��W���0_!��2N.
With a view cf studying the various
methods carried out In eastern prison
farms, W, C. McMynn. warden of the
Hurnaby prison farm at Royal Oak, is
now in the east visiting Guelph and
Whitby. He is accompanied by Mrs.
Mrs. H. C. F. Airth will receive, for
the fln-it time sinew her marriage, at
her home on Sixth avenue this afternoon   between   the   hours  of  3:30   to
30 o'clock.
Mrs. H. J. Mackin, 614 Bent street,
will receive this afternoon and every
third Wednesday in the month.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave, 51 Dufferin
street, will receive tomorrow afternoon, assisted by lier mother and
W. <;. Swan, divisional engineer for
the C. N. It., and Mrs. Swan are
spending a month's vacation at their
old home In Ontario. During his absence K. 11. Chestnut, formerly resident engineer at Port Mann, and Mr.
Swan's chief assistant, will be in
charge of the division' engineering
A musical entertainment under the
auspices of the Mission Circle of the
Quoins Avenue Methodist church will
bo given in tiie church pallors on
Friday evening.
Mrs.' Ralph Smith, of Vancouver,
j will address the members of the Edu-
national club of the Queens Avenue
Methodist church at the home of. Mrs.
J. A. Cunniiishani, 307 Fifth Bttpet,
on Thursday evehlufe at 8 o'clock. Mrw.
Smith will speak on "Better laws fur
Women and children  in  11. C."
Mrs. O. A. Allen, Second street, will
not receive tcday.
Columbia slreet.
Fancy und Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Illock.
New Imported Fall SultingB now on
display.    See  them.    Perfect   fit  und
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
j llS.tin tip.    701  Front Slreet.
Pay Their Share.
Afier a long delay Vancouver bas
agreed to pay its sham of road construction on the Boundary road, the
intersecting line between Burnaby and
Vancouver. At the council meeting
at Edmonds Monday evening, a letter
was received from the terminal City
council stating that it Hurnaby was
agreeable. Vancouver would spend
J2.r>00 with an additional sum from
Hurnuby but tbat Engineer Fellowes
of Vancouver would supervise the
work. Burnaby will do their s'tare of
the work when the necessary finances
aro available.
The Ladies' Aid cf tlr�� Sixth Avenue
Methodist church will hold a Thanksgiving, dinner in the church on
Thanksgiving Day from 8 to 8 p.m.,
followed  by an interesting debate.
High S-*hcd Opening.
At the Y. M, C. A yesterday afternoon the opening of the winter's work
among the high school members was
marked by a special program of
Riutits In the gym. A goodly number
of boys turned out
.33  Sixth  avenue, October  14.  Malcolm Nicholson, agi il    84    years
months. (2243)
Dr. Shield's Underwear for Men
We are making a special demonstration of Dr. Shield's famous underwear. This is considered the best make shown In
Canada today; made from the
finest pure wool; natural color;
a good fall weight. The vests
are made double breasted anil
good roomy garments that fit
comfortably and easy; nil sites
In stock in both vests and punts.
Priced,   per   garment  52.50.
Coat buying time Is right on
us now and this store hus a
very large assortment ready for
yon to chooso from; hundreds
of coats for women and children,
smart ami useful coats In new
tweeds nntl coatings: leather
ettc and corded velour motor
coats; rich coats In silk, velvet
and plush, nnd dainty coats for
evening and semi-evening wear,
.ind for the misses and children.
We give you a broad assortment. In every size and many
pretty styles to select from;
popular cash store prices on
every gartiient      It  vvill  well re-
nay you/ to visit this selection
before- purchasing.
Mr3. C, C Cameron and family extend their thanks to the Odd Fellows
and many friends for their kindness
and svmpathy in their recent bereave-
umt, ami  for the many  floral  otfT-
Men's and Boys'
Oilskin Garments
The time to buy your Oilskins
Is at hand again. This store is
fully stocked with all sl7.es. In
the most reliable makes In both
yellow and black. Thn lowest
cash store prices for thc best
Men's  costs  and   pants,  priced
*- 52.75 ��> 54.25.
Boys'  coats:   all    sizes,    priced
at S2.50 to 53.00.
i '
irigs sent.
McAllisters Limited
Cocktail  Fatal.
Bremerton.   Wash.,   Oct.   14.- From
drinking what is popularly known as t:
"Sutherland   Sister"   cocktail,   a   concoction of which hair tunic is lhe principal   ingredient   and   which   he   had
I mixed   on   board   ship,   Oscar   Mel Ier.
138 years old, a seaman on the I'tiited
I States steamer Raleigh, died yesterday morning at th-S naval hospital, after suffering great agony.    Meller had
I heen  in  the  navy  nearly  four years,
.his enlistment expiring today.
ARE YOU    j
Fred Davis will sell by public auction the furniture and effects of Mr.
Lindekugel, at the residence, 230
Mowat street, on Friday. October 17.
at 2 p.m. sharp. Kvery article will be
scld absolutely without reserve, Particulars of sale can be had fcom 11. J.
Russell, Westminster Auction, House
Columbia street. (2246)
o recognl7.e and seize the opportunities when they come to you?
Loyal Order of Moose to Give Cored I SELF   T0   vou   N0W
Concert in Aid of Hosoital. ! to  fit yourself  to  take  advantage  of
A  grand  sacred concert under    the | many   ruture  opportunities���it  Is  the
auspices of the L. O  O. M- has been I opportunity to gain a practical knowl-
arranged for and will he given in the
Kdison theatre on Sunday, October 1!��,
at 8:30 p.m.
The proceeds of the concert will be
devoted to the Uoyal Columbian hospital and a high class progiam haa
heen arranged. Most of the leading
artists of the city have kindly volunteered U'.'-'r services, and the Hev.
Melvin will give ��� short srldros-t. The
Moose orchesnra, under the baton of
Mr. H. Mots, will 1'ir.k afier th. instrumental   wer';   tf   the  c neert.   niul     a
successful evening Is anticipated.
The doors Wlll lie opened at 8:13
and the owning overture will be given
at S:30, thus giving amrle time to attend tha concert after Divine sorvloe,
The officers  nf the  L.  O.  O.   M.   nsk
the  co-operation  or  the  citizens    In
be training of J>hild"|maWn8 lhis   venture   ��� s.icce
motherhood, the i!u-;1""k forward to their belp in sucii
I edge.
business school
Phone 853.
L. BOL'CK. Principal.
610 Columbia St.
U, 11   HI CK1JN, N. HKAKH8LK1,        W. V. H. BOCKLIN.
Pre* and Goal  Mgr.      vice-Prealdent Bee. aad Trees.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Educational Club Mcetc.
A very Interesting meeting of the
Educational club was held yesterday
afternoon at Hip home of Mrs. W.
McAdam, Seven ii avenue, 'here being a large number of ladies present
to henr Mrs. T, H. Wright of Jubilee
speuk on "Child Culture." There ��*. r��
a   number  of   Indies   present   who   al
though noi members of the club were
mads welcome,    Mrs. Wright ga
splendid talk on
ren, the glory o
Residence Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1324.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia Street, New -Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    8mall   Musical Qoods ef all Kinds. PHONE
���**������      . _____-__^____^__��_���--_______-_--___-i
���������:��� ,',s
Mus. Bac.
Singing,  Piano, Theory.
For Terms and Hours Apply at
'Studio, 1011   Hamilton Street.    Phone
1319 R. (1077)
.. f or..
Finn codling apples, 5 Ibs 25c.
Choice eating apples, 3 ihs 25c.
Kancy Tokay flrapes, basket   ...50c.
(Jood Creamery Butter, 3 lbs $1.00
Our Own Kattch Kggs, dozen   ...55c.
Fresh Eastern eggs, doz..40c. to 50c.
Steelhead salmon, per Ib 15c.
Kresh  cod and  halibut. 2 lbs   ...25c.
Also   smoked   salmon,   kippers,   fin-
an haddie, etc.
(Successor to Ayling 6\ Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
were very
mother's      A limited number of tickets for re-
Sit" a'so served seats at 60 cents each are on
sale at the Kdison theatre,  H, Rvill'i
Idrug   store,   and   from   tho   members
and  officer:-!  of  the   Loyal   Ordi r    of
Coal.   Conl.   Coal. Moose, Fourth ami Carnarvon streets,
Westminster Coal Co., Ltd. A  silver    collection     will  be taken
Phone 880. Box 768. Cheapest and best jfrom  the   unreserved   portion of  the
and  the real sacrifice In
life as well as the real  |ov
gnve two recitations which
much   appreciated.
and Miss
I.R.A.M., A.H.C.M.
I_e8auii. in Pianoforte, Violin, Singing, Voice Production, Theory (In
class or privately). Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form aud History.
Pupils prepared for the examinations of the Associated Hoard of the
Iloyal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For terms, etc.. apply 61 DulTerin
Street.   Phone 411 R. (2157)
TAPLEY���The death occurred early
yesterday morning of Mrs. Katie Tap
lev at her home on Thirteenth avenue
Kast Burnaby, following a short 111
ness. Deceased was 42 years old. The
funeral will take place at 2 o'clock
this afternoon from the Murchie undertaking  parlors  to   the  I.  O.  O.   F.
Don't for-tet Sunday,
8:30 p.m. sharp.
October 1fl. nt
..'hat with the harbor Improvements, tho further
the fisheries ind
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Lsdlea and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Our Interior Finish i.s manufactured from timber specially select-
ed for Plat Orain.
We are also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better In construction, more, beautiful and no more expensive than the old solid raised panel doors.
Oet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
CAMERON���The funeral of the late
Charles Christie Cameron was held
yesterday afternoon from the family
home "ti Sherbrooke street, to the I.
O, O. P. cemetery The services were
iii charge of the Odd Fellows lodge,
Iloyal City No. ". the undertaking arrangements being in charge of S.
At the house Hev. Mr. Hardy, of
Sapperton Methodist, and Hev. Mr.
Thompson, of Bapperton, Presbyterian
Churches, led in the service. At the
graveside Hev. Mr. Hraden. of Vancouver, and Hev. Mr. Hardy officiated.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1B91.
We write Flre. Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marine Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia SL
For Vancouver via Cen-      sm Md 480 pm
tral Park.
WEEKDAYS -5 and 6.45 a.m.
snd every IS minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. wltb late car at midnight
8ATUHDAYS���IB minute ser
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS�����, 7, 7.80 8 and
8.30 and every 16 minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
tn., with  Into car at 11.30.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and hourly
until 10 p.m. with late car at
For Vancouver via
WKKKDAYS��� 7 a.tn. ant every
hour until 11 p.m.
HUNDAY8-* am.   and   every
hum until 11 p.m.
Connection Is made at   Eh-
hour until 11 p.m.
aad other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line .
STATIONS���9.16 a.m., 1.10 and
f. Ti p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.


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