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The New Westminster News Jun 10, 1913

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 .    .. fc   ���    ��� -   ,,. . .
���--���'���''* * .  ���
-     -   ���!���������   ���
������ **tf    m.^��.
News Claoslfled Ads.
��� proven their worth by tlie
they    produce.     They    fill
or   small   wants   at   small
The Weather.
New    Westminster    and     I.ow.-.i
Mainland.- lifght to moderate wl.-ul.*,
genorr.Uy  fair  i. tli , tmkmar*.   or
higher temperaiiijlS-r". r, , '-ji .
Of TRIP LAST      ��6H���
Mayor Gray Makes Full Report at Last Night's Regular Meeting.
Harbor,   Waterfront,   Drill   Hall,   Gas
Plant Site and Other Matters���
That Big Steamship Company.
Mrs. Van Arsdal, Wife of G. t. P. Construction   Engineer,   Arralcnid
on Serious Charge.
(Tirkston, Wash., June 9.���Mrs. C,
C. Van Arsdal, one fif the prominent
women of this city and the Wife of the
Snow Falls in Montreal and
New York Shivers in
Cold Wave.
hope exploded;   BEEN VERY WISE!    STATION IN HAWAII     /i THE BASES
P. Davis,  K.C, Seej, no Chance fo-
Saloons iii This City���January
15, 1911, Looks Like Limit.
The   last    hope   of   the   licensed
victuallers who have been looking toi
loop hole to   escape   the    drastic
constructing   engineer   of   the   Cana- i And the End    Is    Not    Ye*���Reports! clauses of the municipal act has bee i
At the regular meeting of the city |
council   lasr   night   Msyor  Oray,   who
dlan Grand Trunk railway waa arraigned before United states commissioner II. L. Post at Asotin today,
cbargd wltll white slavery. C, M. Kvans and B, H. Wliidus furnished $11500
bonds to insure her appearance today
for a preliminary bearing.
District   Attorney   Oscar   Cain   will
Forecast Another Touch of
Transplanted Winter.
Montreal, June 19.
returned  on   Saturday   morning' from'arrive today from Spokane and  Mrs.the*   U
Ottawa,  gave the aldermen  a full  �����  Van  Arsdal has retained  Attorney I .   from a
Ottawa, ga
port of IiIh interviews and msultB ob
talned In the federal capital. Tlies,*
ran the full gamut from the matter ,
of city ownership of Columbia Btreel
opposite the penitentiary to the jetty
building at the mouth oi the river, aB
reported in The News of yesterday
morning and met with the general up
proval of the council.
The mayor, reporting on his visit to
Ottawa, said that thu substance of
the results of his visit already had ,
been published In The News. As a
rule he never gave tbe press any In- '
formation before he gave it to the |
11. Baldwin in her defence. Mr, Van
Arsdal is on his way to this city from
Canada, but has not been apprised of
IiIb wife's arrest.
Prominent People.
Mrs. Van Arsdal wiih arrested by
Deputy United States Marshal Max
Andersen of Spokane, and It is alleged that she contributed to tbe delinquency of Nellie Hall, 19 years old
short time in the streets today, while
the'   temperature    recorded    reached
minimum of nn degrees to r>r.
ore-casts from several districts Indicate there is another cold wave
shattered by the opinion of El. P.
Davis, K.C., Vancouver, who baa con
fumed W. G. McQuarrie, the city
solicitor's interpretation of the law.
1 bat the act applies to New Westmin
slot and repeals exemptions made ii
Snow fell for a  f'av0r of thc city is Mr.  Davis' opin
British M. P.'s Opinion of
Financial Moves of the
Prairie Province.
C. Mines Should Profit From British Preparations for Trade via.      ! NeW     Civic     BylaW     SCOBS
lon.   The only liquor   that   may    b
legally   Bold,   after January   15,   1914
Honolulu, Juno 9.���Steps havo already been taken by Great Britain for
a coaling station ln the Hawaalan islands and the establishment of a large
plant by which vessels may be supplied coining and going to the Panama
The British freighter Genartney has
sailed from Cardiff with coal for
Honolulu and a number of other
Bound to Ensure Supply
of Pure Milk.
Stringent Regulations to Govern Business���Minute   Instructions   Issued
to Dairymen.
Says the West Has Borrowed Money
Too Fast, But AdmlU Everything
Will Come Out All Richt.
Montreal, Juno 9.--Sir Max Aiken, i Honolulu and a number of other ves-1 The milk regulation bylaw submft-
British M.P., just arrived hero from I rels are to follow. Whether New South i ltd to the city council la3t night con-
Kugland, Is as optimistic as ever re- | Wales or British Columbia will be the, ferg powers In 68 clauses which  are
Gotham Too.
New Yerk, June *. All records for
summer cold weather in this section
and also in New England wcre broken
laHt night. A few iniuutea after midnight   until   11  am.,   tho  temperature
A  number of  witnesses  bave  been
summoned to appear.
The  charge has  grown out  of  an-
. accusation  that  Mrs.  Van Arsdal bud
I used   the  girl  for  immoral  purposes,
Dredging Proposition. bringing  her to  Lewiston  and  taking
The lirst proposition be had takenlnrr earnings
up  was  the dredging of  the    Kraser I     Recently  Mrs   K. Chase of Dayton,
river,  which  Mr. Taylor and he  took  -Wash., Visited  here and  at Lewiston
up with Hon. Robert Rogers, minister I mnktiig  Investigations of a  general
The arrest here late Thursday night stayed around 47 degrees, while at 9
has caused a sensation. .o'clock It dropped down to 40. In the
afternoon   it  rose  to  61)    but    at    6
o'clock it again began to lower.
of public works.
"I made n request to him," said the
mayor, "following up the communication from this city, asking thai a
double shift be put on by the Fruhllng
and also that the King Kdward bo set
to cut  the channel    through    there
character as to while slavery. She ;
exhibited her credentials to county |
and city officers on both sides of the
river, indicating her connection with
the feileral authorities. At Lewiston
she visited the disorderly distiiet and
lodging bouses and other points in
This, so far as the King Edward waa  curing evidence and it Is reported hud
conci!ued, Mr. Rogers agreed to.    AB,Bev��ral  rasi-s  under Investigation,
iigardii   the   Kruhllng's   doublo   Bhlfi
he authorized Mr. Taylor to have this
carried out, us it met with his ap
Jetty Work.
"As n gard!) the Jetty work, we are
assured by the public works depart
ment tha: If this work is no!
sufficient the original plan draf;ed b]
Mr. Le Baron, showing the otber
jetty, if necessary to keep tba channel clear, win be undertakes by the
Senatcrc.  Fully Armed and Equipped,
Depart for Wctt Virginia Coal
Dominion government,    in this con . ...
section,    Mr.  Rogers    will    visit    the   freiniently brought the girl to Lewis
The warrant  was issued on May 29
out of the office of l'nited States Dis-       V. ashlngton,   June  9.    Armed   with
trict  Attornev  Cain  of Spokane.  The | the authority of the legislative branch
offence is alleged to have been com-  Of the federal government to inquire
mltted about Mav 18, 1912, at a time j and report, the senate sub-committee
when tin- Hall girl is said to have appointed to probe conditions in theI Wednesday afternoons, the majority
been under the age of lh. The girl West \irgima coal strike, left Wash- L^ Btrongj, iu favor of Saturday,
was reared In the Troy section and lngton for the strike district tonight., A meet|ng 0j tlle N-���w Westminster
was the daughter of Mrs. Harris. Her Senators, Swanson, chairman, Martin, j BuslneM -,;tn-8 association will be
father Is dead. She has a slater in SMelds. H">rah and K-tnyou and a ne)(j in th��� Conservative committee
Lewiston, the wire of Frank 0. Brown, corps of clerks, stenographers, depaty j ro������1B thi8 evening when the matter
Kor a time In mil the girl lived with I sergeants- ut-arrn^ and a squad of|wI��� ll(! discussed.
MrB. Van Arsdal and it Is alleged she '"' '    "
prospects.  Sir  Max  said
I has been going too fast."
"Have you  Alberta ln  mind?
I tbo  next  quiEtion.
"Yes that is where the shoe pineheE.
1 Alberta's  financial  moves bave  been
I anything but wise.   The western mu-
i nicipalitieB have also gone too rapidly.
! Canada has been borrowing too rapid-
' ly.    There Ib no question about that.
Tne provinces and municipalities have
been   getting   altogether    too    much
money and tbey will have to wait until the erfects of this have worn off."
"Do  yeu  refer to Quebec and  Ontario with regard to over-borrowing?"
Sir Max was aBked.
"No, I do  not refer to old Canada
lat all.   The whole Domiulon is a won-
A  general  movement    is    on    f00t I derful  country  and  thlB  development
among the reltallers aud the clerks ofl*"1 work out all right in the end.
the lower  mainland to create  Satur- |
day afternoon and evening a holiday,
ln other words to clore up tight at 1
o'clock on Saturday and remain closed
until Monday inoraing.   It is also suggested that the storeB remain optin on
Friday evenings.
ln order to make the movement a
success, however, It is pointed out the
change would have to be unanimous
among the merchants and, while some
of  them   Incline  towards  closing   on
eight cr nine hotels in the city.
Week-End   Half  Holiday   Favored   by'
Many   Merchants���Dome  Prefer
"The west | depot will be a great help to freight
and pas&engtr carriers by way of
Apprentice   In  Winnipeg   Boiler  Factory  Loses  Life aa Victim of
Foolish  Prank.
multifarious in detail, striking at
everything In uncleanly and ln.-v.ui-
tary premises, from the feeding and
watering of the cows to their houses
and surroundings and to the personal
conditions and health cf the milkers.
Tbe utensils must be scrupulously
pure; the vehicles and containers lu
which the milk is carried from Use
I time the cows are milked until It ,s
delivered Into the hands of the co-t
jaumer are to be under the most Qaro-
! f'il supervision. The inspectors ars
',empowered to enter any premises, BQ
; matter where situated, for the pur-
���pose of inspecting, taking samples for
examination, tests and analysis anil
i publishing, lf ao desired.    No presc-
  ; vative shall be put Into milk intendn*!
I for    human consumption.    Before   a
Winnipeg, June 9���Arthur Vale died i1!cfuctJ lo a'milk producer or a ven
this afternoon, a victim ot a practical ,'lor '*> granted the premises must L-e
Joke.     A.   Cook.   19   vears   old.   after | inspected   by   the  health   officer  and
making a statement to the police, was.the law lays down regulations for th:
allowed to go to hiB home. ! situation cf ihe barn, Its drainage, the*
Both were apprentices in the boiler j material cf which it is to be bull-.,
factory of the C. V. R. As Cook was Ijrentllatlon, light, space and feeding
dusting off his coat with a high pres- arrangement�����. Smoking or che-wins*.
sure air pipe, which iB used to blew   tobacco is prohibited in a dairy.   The
  I off  steel  shavings  from  boiler  plate,   milk may be grided Into three qiiaii-
ibe thought it would bo a good joke  ties and each quality must be written
Port Coquitlam Board of Trade Kicks;to turn  it on  Vale, who was leaning!or printed legibly on some lah^l    at-
over a bench.   He carried out the idea ; taclie-d  to  the   bottles  or   other  coe-
and, smothered  by the air pressure,, tainers.
About Train  Service and
Time Table.
Vale   toppled   over   dead.
I ton   for   the   purpose   of   making
proper engagements.
I in-
Servia  and  Bulgaria About as  Peace
able as Two Bull Pupa with
One  Bone.
coast either Some time this month oi
in the mouth of August, as In July hi
has to take up matters In other parLi
of the Dominion. I gave him an in*
vKatiou to visit New WeBtmliiBter,
which be gladly accepted, as he was
desirous of going over the dredge and
harbor work as woil.
The Crown Grant.
"The next matter was the crown
giant for our harbor work in lhe city.
This has Lien received by the eiiy
clerk and now the city haa the full
title to the waterfrout from Tenth
street to the Drunette, except the C.
I' R. and Dominion government pro-
p rties. This will enable us to widen
Kront Btreet to 192 feet and all our
flock scheme can uow go ahead, as an
order In council' was passed approving of the harbor line, as put before
them by Mr. Powell, lhe harbor engineer. At the same time our application was placid before the depart- has created no Utile comment
ment tor approval of the government : Bulgaria's reply to Servia's not.
before the commencement of this : will be to the effect that Bulgaria i:
work. Tin 21) days advertisement will not in a position to concur wiih Ser-
be up on June 11(1. In two or three via iu her demands, as she feels sh'
cays we will havo the approval of theli8 |n the right and that Servia's
government to the commencement of j claims are unfounded.
our iarbor work.
"The harbor bill haB received tht
royal assent and It will new be necessary to appoint a harbor eoinmissionei
for Westminster. The commission Is
composed of three commissioners, two
appointed by the. Dominion govern
mint and one by the city council, lt
is compulsury on us to appoint ont
representative within 30 days of the
appointments by the Dominion go>
ernment if the council do
be on hand at Charleston tomorrow
to open the proceedings. Tho alleged
existence of peonage anion," the mlne
workers in this section will be tho flrsl
subject taken up by the investigators
with Senator Borah in charge of that
branch of the Inquiry. Among other
things the investigators are anxious to
learn of the exact state of tlie Indictments returned against agents of the
United Mine Workers charging conspiracy under the Sherman antitrust
Owing to the possibility of granting
immunity to possible offenders by ex
aminiug them ns witnesses, the com-
  1 mlttee wll lawalt the further proceedings of the department of justice he-
London,  June  9.���A   Sella  dispatch Itore  taking up this  conspiracy angle
lo the  Daily  Mail  states thut the do-  Of the probe.
parture  of  the  Servian   minister   for | 	
Belgrade, accompanied  by  his fatally
newspaper   men   filled   n-special ,^r [ " rVomiuent'mVrcbants in Vancouver1
bound for Charleston, which left late  ,|a%(? pxpreBSpd  tbdr opinion on  the
tonight matter   and   state  that   it   is   only   a
About 100 witnesses am expected tc;qU(lgtlon   rf  ed��M*to��  lUo  pubiic  t0
not exor ! George   Blakely   Pioneers   on    Young
Highway Between This City and
White Roc...
rise tlmt power the government have
Cue right to appoint the three com
missloners themselves, Mr. Taylor
Will return about Wednesday of this
week and he Will meet tlle council m
regard ;o the appointment of a commissioner.     1   don't   believe   we    Wlll
Bave many applications for the com-
mlsslonershlp. The commissioners wlll
bave  to serve  for some considerable
time Without any  salary, bo 1 gin-sB
the number ot applications will   be ncw
hmited     Until Btich time as the 00m-  lng��' <'     ' \, -  -     ,
missloners have reporie.i to the gov-i   The journey was made on Saturday
e     '   t, showing what is necessary evening, although tbe road Is bardlj
and    appro, nations     required,     they   H'    In condition for permanent use.
wll receive no recompense' whatever.!    'Ibis   road   means   that  automobile
''"' httV(,  ,,���,powered   ��"d   "'her     vehicular    traffic   will   be
able  lo travel over the  Yale road  to
Methodist Mission Craft Covers 7000
Milea Per Season���Pleasant
Methodists and others Interested in
j const   missions     aro     inspecting   tbe
Thomas Crosby, tho new boat ubimI tn
1 this wcrk. which is ttl present paying
her   first   visit   to   New   Westminster
The ThomaB Crosby waa completed
! about a year ago at a cost of $25,000
lis ST feet long and has an 18-foot
i beam.    Sho Is comfortably  fitted out
and has ii room) chapel below deck.
Yestl relay  evening  a  short service
was held in the chap;-!, after which 80
! members of the Kpworth league of
I Queen's Avenue Methodist church en-
evening or Saiurday morning. Tbe
merchants from the Terminal City,
who indeed tbe windows in the Buy
Heme Products campaign, were not
backw ard in endorsing the project and
auote ar an instance May 24. which
fell on Saturday. No one was Inconvenienced by the holiday on that occasion and there is no reason, they
iay, when the Saturday holiday becomes general, that it should not
prove practicable.
Port  Coquitlam.    June 9.���Dissatisfaction   was expressed at tlle  regular
meeting of  the  Coiiuiilam   board    of 1
rade  tunlght  over  tbe  train  service
wbi-cb  the  residents have  to  put up I
with,  following tbe change In  the C.
p. it., which reoently went into effect. | 	
It  was expected  that a  special  com- i
mlttee appointed at the last meeting | Portland Gives Itself up to Enjoyment
to  interview  the officials of the  rail*
"The government  have empo
Iho  executive  council  to  pass appro-
pi ial ions for tho   harbor   upon    the
recommendations    of    the   commis
Get 8treet Title.
"ln   regard  to Columbia street    In.      .,,,,,,        ,     , .
fr, nt of the penitentiary grounds,    1  and Will he ballasted with gravel
ilnuk  lt  was  last  year when  Mayor
Qeorge Blakely, of this city, has the
dlsl lne tlon of driving the first rig
over ihe newly finished Johnston road
in  Sin rev  municipality, which    now
brings White Koek wi.hli, 16 miles ol ,j    ���        rX(.llraioll tol, Bdll���. th�� trip
u' ���<���������"������������"������ ���>"���*��� :**���"" '' ''    ������' Itaklng about two hours.  The proceeds
will go toward maintaining the b��at
This afti moon another short eicur
slon will be made and in tbo evening
sailors will bo invited to a brief service.
No other miBBlon boat on the Pacific coast covtrs the distance Included
in the territory of the Methodist craft
In fact, tlle trips of Dr. (Irenfell's famous steamer along tho I*abrador
coat;t aro much shorter than those of
the Thomas Crosby, which In one season goes 7000 miles.    Kev. Dr. White
a distance of bIx miles from the
Fr&ser river bridge and thence direct
south over the Johnston road to El
gin, thence to White Itock and Blaine.
The  new  rond  is 114  feet  In  width
contour of ths land being such ub to I who Is in ohar-ge of Methodist mission-
uJTwas ln"btta��a "he discovered the ensure permanency,   one J.
city had no title to the Btreet op- road means an additional
pi site thine groundB. It waa owned
by the Dominion government. At that
time be took the matter up with the
government nnd while they recognised the city had rights it was too
Lite to rectify it and nothing was
done in that respect.
"Captain Powell and myself made
application and an order In council
was drafted giving the title to Columbia Btreet in front of tho penitentiary
to the city of New WeBtmliiBter.    At
the same time flo aBked the govern- j Load of Wood Fell on Him.
ment to give us ��he property at the , Centralis, June 9. -Frank King, n
penitentiary wharf as aoon as it wns . reB|dent of this section for many years
required by tho city. The city wlll past, died In is Centralia hospital Sun-
be enabled to go out Into the river ,iay f,om Injuries received by being
117 feet in conformity with the hur-jbnried under an overturned load of
bor line An order wsb drafted and 1 wood. The deceased man, who was "7
nut before tho oxecullve couacll when [years of age. owned a big aple or-
(Contmucd oh Page Four.) | chard ono mile Boiith of Centralia.
g in the
road means an additional mile t*.
travel, but, according to !���'. .1, Mac
Kinzie, M. L. A. tor the li'-l'a. thii
section wlll be started next summer,
which will bring White Itock wlthll
la miles of New WeBtmlnster and
will do more to open up this popula.
Pacific resort,
Seen by The News yesterday, Mr
MacKenzie said the road gang wen
still walling for thy cigars from Mr.
ary affairs for the province, accompanied the boat here, but ln a few
weeks tlle newly- appointed missionary, Uev. Mr Liinib, a graduate of Victoria college, Toroato, will be In
The-  vessel has Jusl  returned  from
lip lhe coast, whore 71 meetings were
Health   Not   Beauty  Should  Count  In
Future  Say  Members cf  Local
Council   of  Women.
1 here once was a maid who said
���h-.t her face was her fortune, but if
that young lady were to come to Brit-
��h Columbia a few years from now,
be would find that the market for ap-
pearances had slumped and that she
had been left a pauper. After she had
tone to the poorhouse she would look
eaek and blame the local council of
.vomen for her loss, for tbis was the
body which yesterday advised that in
utiire the baby shows of the H. A. &
society he elevated trim mere
beauty contests to exhibitions of
healthy, all-round developed children.
In striving to improve the baby
show department, the directors of the
iinuial exhibition asked tbe advice of
he New* Westminster women. These
houghl that II letter prizes were of-
ered and greater attention paid to
he physical qualifications of the iu-
intB, more ontrles would result, and
his Is the advice that will be for-
���vanleil to the society.
At the meeting yesterday afternoon
Mrs. W. H. Griffin, of Vancouver, who
���epresented Ne-w Westminster at the
national council held last month in
Montreal, gnio an interesting account
,f the work done at the annual gath-
���rlng. Mre. Criffln was delegate for
the coast cities and was especially
honored on thnt account.
Otriko r--eakcrs Fall.
Nanalmo, June 9. The attemnt to
���pen the Jingle Pot mine by the Van-
couvrr-Nnnnlmo Coal company this
morning wltli non-union men proved
:i complete failure, l'i I more then six
of the entire working force rf 260 ane-
werlng tbe etUl. Three hundred mem-
er-i of  the  union  were  on  hand   to
way company would be in a position
to roport, but this was not so and a
special meeting will be called, probably next week, to hear what the
members have to tell of their visit to
One Name Enough.
cf Seventh Annual Festival
Three Grades.
There are three grades. First grajf;
lis granted to milk proeluced  In cetx.
' fi-d sanitary premises from cava thai
have    undergone   successfully    tub-nr
culin tests every six months.    Second
I grade, to cows tested only once a yea.
and    housed.  In    sanitary    prenifje.-t
Third grade,  to cows tested once   a
vear  in  premises  not  in    coufcrmi-y
with the sanitary conditions set tor-.!-
in the bylaw.
Another regulation says that po
person Bhall transfer milk or c.rea. 1
from a receptacle in a vehicle to a
bottle except in a dairy.
Ice Cream Too.
Ice cream vendors are subject it*
similarly strict conditions. PenaltiM
for Infringing the regulations n.ay o.-.
inflic-ed from JI to $50.
Portland.  Ore.,  June  9.���-Portland's
seventh annual rose festival and car-
.  | nival of flowers was ushered ln today
Another matter In connection with under auspicious surroundings. Short-
ihe C.  P. R. also discuss, d was the ,v ^t0Te noon aex Oregonus, aboard
present practice of the railway In hav   ^v rpya] barge, w-as met by a flotilla
ing both Coquitlam and  Westminster U^ raoged from thS.OCean-C?lciT Pas-
Juuctiou    mentioned    on    ihe    time  -jenger steamer Tic^o.  Cily   down  i
tables.    It was felt that either one or Wjny gasoline  launcheB,  all decorated I
the other ought to be eliminated nndi^.-^,   greena  which  were   Interwoven
the  special  committee on  the    train j wit|, myriads of roses,
schedule will also take    the    naming I    ^8 the squadron passed up and bad',
problem up with the   company,    sug-jdown the main portion of the harbor
,-tBting that the nami  of the station ; |t w-aB welcomed by a continuous blast I
be Port Coquitlam. |0f steam  whistles,  interspersed  With
The question as to where the   new i detonating   of   cannon     and     bombs,
post office building, lhe appropriation | that was deafening to the thousands
for  which  was  passed  by  the  house i congregated  on  bridges  aud  wharves i
iu Ottawa a few  weeks past, was    to tto wittieL-3 the spectacle,
be erected came next.    After several I    At noon the king made his landing
members had  been heard it  was felt I and    was    escorted  to  the  city  hall
that this was no matter tor the board j where Mayor Rushlight tendered him' .,,���,.���
to deal with. tbe keys of the city.    Af.. r that the  tne finance board a   the PrMbyUrwu
The old trouble between the West*  king  issued  his  proclamation  calling  ��t',u'r3>  assembly,  it  was   men^oue-J-
for all muiincr of pleasure during that Rev. Dr. A. P. Grant general
tbe attack to come and prohibiting all superintendent of borne missions, had.
attention to all vocations. j resigned    and    that    the    comiaiCOas--
The   cavalcade  then   progressed   to | recommended his appointment, as the-
the county armory and formally open-  bead of the tinance board.    It, wasjite
ed  the  annual  rose show.    The kingicided  to refer thi3 to a  epreSkl cKW*-
The annual meeting" Will be held in j held high court at the rose show to-   ulitlee.
Julv   when  reports  from  the  various I night after which he visited jthe Press j     lhe  mass meeting in the  interests
committees  will  be    re-ad    and    new  dUB   rooms   where   a   band  of  Black  of   the    workinginen    was held this
Officers (lected for the vear     A ban I Foot Indians from Glacier Park, Mo:i-jnoo;i and was attended by thousands-
I Presbyterian Superintendent, Rev. Or.
A. F. Grant, Retiree from  Im-
pcrtant Office.
Toronto, June 9.���In the report of
minster Junction residents and thoBe
on the other side of tbe river cropped
up when a motion was made to rescind a former ruling as to where the
board's meetings were to bv held. The
Junction people won out
;lu> t will
be held at the close of the
Fisherman Loses Action Against Saw
mill Company.
Judge Howay baa dismissed the ac
lion   With   costs,   in   Wblcb  James   F
Murtingly,   llsliennun,   Kburne,  claim
tana, who are the guists of the City I Among the speakers were Dr. .Mac-
Idurlng the festival week, held a pow-1 Gillivray. of Toronto; Rov. J. I*.
I wow With the whites and gave a num-1 Robertson, President  Murray, of    tho
University ot Saskatchewan, and Rev.*
A. F. Grant.
eer of their tribi.l dances.
The roses this year, owing to the
weathir renditions which have prevailed recently, excel In number, Blr.e
and coloring, those of previous eea-
sons and are creating more than ordinary comment among the city's visitors. Among those who arrived toed $317 from the Canadian Western day were li.rge delegatiuis from Oak-
Lumber company for retrieving W 1"' a'"' Pasadena,��*X, and Spokane
logs adrift in a boom on it.,. Eraser pele��atlMsJromB eattls. Tfcomaand
river  last   November.    Marti.igly    a) I <Uher northwcBtern cities are expected
laged that he had an agreement wltb|nwe tomorrow snd Wednesday,
the   Fraser   milli   by   which   he   was
entitled to tl for every log containing
GOU feel of lumber be found adrift lu |
the river, and  HO cents for    logs    of
lesser quantity.   On November s las;
Hold-ups Identified.
Vancouver.  June  9.���George  Hoppe
jand   V.   Halden    wero    identified   In
court this morning by William I.ym
land Joseph  Morrow, as the two mer
held   and   189  homee    visited.    Over I watch opi r:ilions, but no disorder oc
2P00 persons ntr ndid services during
tho trip.
To Rebuild at Everett.
Everett, WaMt., June 9. That the
Sumner Iron Works will bt> rebuilt
In F.verett within a short time Is assured now that J91.G01) of the promised
flOO.CoO has been raised. Preferred
stock to that amomtt, bearing Interest at 7 per cent, and to be paid oft
In ten years, was Issued by the company. It Ib believed th $9400 can
easily be raised by small subscriptions.
The half dozen    who
to   work  returned    to
bones later In the day. II is Stated
that the companv will keep the mine
open for oeveral dnys In the hope
that more men will put in an appearance.
plaintiff stated that be found a boom
if HU7 logs floating down the river
and  secured    them    near    Richmond
cannery, The claim was made up Of i,jq Tt]p niPn wrrt. uU.h,,,i llp l0 {Ml,
167 at ��1 each. 40 logs at oil cents $20 | oltv Blui nM U|���;1 ,h(�� ������,u,rnulu Hrd
and 40 chains JIO. conductor    cor'.l     be   present.     Thev
Tbe defeuce was a general denial ol wer0 laU,r -|iamlrn- ov,.r to tbe South
iho allegations and that any agree-\Vancouver- iSthorltles in wnich tcrri-
ment between the panii.1 referred to | tory the offense took place.
the   recovery  of  singl"   logs   dropped i	
from   a   boom   during   towing   opera      , fatal   Auto   8marh.
were'tions and no; to a whole boom.    An*      Victoria. June 9. --V. V. Murphy, the
tbelr I other   plea  rolled   upon   was   that  as I w-ell  known  Cowichan  cricketer,  wir
Macaroni  After Joe.
Saskatoon, Juno 9���Charles Lucca,
the  Ilallun   lightweight,  left  for  the
tlu bourn wns in charge of a third
party while lhe towing was being ef
footed and defendants wcre not liable
lo plaintiff.
Colin Is Better.
Winnipeg, June 9.��� Word was   received In the city today from Clifton
const this evening where he will en-1 Springs, N. Y., to the effect that the
deavor to secure a match with  Joe | condition of Hon, Colin 11. Campbell,
Ilayloy, of Victoria, for the Canadian l attorney   general,  continues   to    lm-
'llghtwolght championship. 'prove.
They Will  Protect Women  end Ke**-**
Down Rowdyism.
Alderman Jardine in the efty conn-,
Ml  last  night  gave  a  deplorable ac-
���cunt of the actions of the youth of ther
ity  In    regard    to  public   property.
Yielding to a request for some hencbes
ml feats iu Moody Square, they wem
���rovided.    On  Friday  nlgbt  he -irent
iver the park and found  tables and
enches  upset, turned up side down
nd one table broken.    He could not
ind out. of course, who had done this.
who held un a B. C. K.  R. rtreet c-ir | hut Inter he saw some youths dancing
In   South   Vancouver   on   Wednesday I , jt,. upon the table.    He counselled
night _and   robbed   the  conductor  of j he employment of watchmen and psu--
Mculnrly   recommended   a   policemaa
r Queen's Park.
On Friday a lady was insulted by
ome one calling himself, he supposed,
'. man. It was not the first time thht
mil happened. An attempt was made
1 eutiii the offender but it failed. A
letermined effort Bhould be made by
the police to make an example of
hero pcoundrels. He moved a special
policeman be employed In tbe park.
Alderman Henley seconded and th-e
notion was carried.
killed, nnd Captain Cliffon, wbo owns
a ranch at Westholm, was probably
fatally injured this morning when the
auto driven by Cliffon crashed into an
W, & N. train at MoKlonoc Junction.
Murphy was InBtantly    killed,   while I More Acreage Still.
Cliffon IB lying at tho point of death I Winnipeg, June ll,���The acreags a
in the Duucan hoapital. Murphy was crops ln the province of Manitoba I
one of the most popular, as well as larger this year than laBt. except fi
tbe most skillful cricketers on the Is-[the case of oats and flax, which
land, and recently played tn two of a slight decrease. Other grains
the three games against the visiting j Increases, the largest being tbat
Australians. I barley.
������ >AGfc   TWO
TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1913.
���JSTtlR?      ittattt**,
4. md..,.. -,.*-��t nuiniliill paper <i< i ������!'.'  '" ""��� """ *���'���'���- "'   *���''���'  WestmfMter '""'
IS*- Mw ratify.   Pubtbhed e-uery  "���'"���' * ���"/'' Smid"!/ V< d" -Vollono! Prtnflnp
mf ���*mhlleki-*ie Oompany, Limttid, nt ��:i JIciC����l< Slreet, .'.'���- ��'��� utnliiwtflr, British
���JS-a-hwHlH*!.. BOOB  BVTBBRLAHn, Uanootne  riirecter.
All aomnwnioatlont shouM l>e addressed to Tht Xi u* 1-Pufminater Notes, lind nol
o�� in.ttculM.,1  >ihci*�� uf (Ae sdiiT.   Cheguet, droits, and moun orders thould I-i) mode
���m iif    t.i  I',.   Sntionul rrmtoij or i  PubUthin" Companil, limited
rixl.H'liuXKS���Business Office and Manager, '.I'.'H; Editorial Rooms loll depart-
ml, wi
tWHKitnrrioN RJiTBB���B\t porrler, ?' per i/cor, }l for three months, me per
/*,��� moll, $3 per year, 2'<c per montlx
tOVERTISlUa RATES on opplfcuMon
jii-.kitlcally driven the Turk from Eu-
n pc.
But Germany, with lis splendid
;n" y has followed the paths of peace.
It has seen an Industrial advanci men!
unrivaled for the length of tCme save
by thai of the United States. And yet,
singularly enough during the entire
period the original f i-i l dings and the
original Idea that Emperor William
has war ;if* his -.;'.'.ltn iti object have
nevi i- been i ntirely dissipa i d, 8oal
���li- Post-Intelligenci r.
Four Suspects Rcrraiided Till Thursday���Bowser In V.mccuvsr���Baptist Superintendent's Son Killed
Ontar'o's   Machinery   for   Immigrants
Works   -Cmoothly���25.000   Pi3S
Thrcucli  Toronto  Office
Montreal hns been the scene of
many rl< te due tp rellgicus differences
ni" of which occurred sixty yx-.u-.-- ag'
today, June IOi 1863, following an anti-papal lecture by Alossandro Oa-
vii:*.-,*.i, nn li ii.n.i i s-prii st. a number
if i��villi- were killed end injured before 'In authorities succeeded In re-
itiring order.
Qavazzi's attacks on the church of
P.ome wero bitterly resented by the
French Canadians, and on several occasions in liU tour of Canada he nnr-
���owly escaped being mobbed. Gavaz-
i was n nativo of Bolcgna, and be-
Hawaiian islands which is to be converted into a coaling ;t'"j',;
station in view of the opening of the Panama canal. nown as the im r the Hermit of th
It is quite possible that the dispatch of colliers from ISJ^^^^.S'-, ��*
th�� New Zealand, WhlCh On the fall of the short-lived
Gavazzl  escaped to
At various times within the past two years there have
been rumors regarding the establishment of a British coaling station in one or other of the islands of the North Pa-
tiif'c, bui thc latest announcement upon this subject is that
.-hips arc sailing from the Welsh ports for a point, in the
monk 11 the Barnabite Order
age 11  cixteon,    He    became
battle cruiser is due in these waters next month and will K!;;.;,;;,,";)"biU''
Wales to replenish tho bunkers of tl
uiser is due in these watei
proceed home via the Horn, has been misinterpreted tol
ihe view taken above.  But, at the same time, it is cerl ain
that with the general development in the countries bonier-1
ing upon the Pacific, a development which '
ii uni i ���! the l'i,in.in Cathnlk
ihurch and  was thereafter Hs bitter
popn nl and critic.    Ills tour of tlu*
Ui  oi   :���*:,.- and Canada in 1853 w;'.:-
IS Unparalleled I !lt*  v"'*/   successful,   and,   while���  h.
. ,   ���   i  ���   j ii     i i *   " "���''���' supporters ameng the I'ro-
tn history, neither British commercial interests nor the * tints, he was denounced by the
British admiralty will be found lagging in preparing those ;���*;-/;��� ���li;..;;j'V.:" ��*���, :;;!*!.,:;;,����
coaling stations that are essential to the proper support of n*. \m.
a-mt-xar- ij-dd ���ind nrparicrp nnnn thp Pacific Ulh"' '''��� Slous clasbi a In Montreal
UnUSB traae ana prestige upon tne rauxiL. ,.,,..   have  Included   the  Qulbard   neis  of
But what concerns this province more nearly is that i.;:,. ,*.,,,: ;, number ot orange riots,
wherever ihe coaling stations are located in the North  ���'���������������'>' -'-'-'-' p* 3877.
Pacific, there should be an excellent market for British    -.-,.-,,,.   .i,,.���,s    Marqucto,   r-,
Columbia coal.   The output from the Australian New- I''';|'1 i?iwi��narj who had como to
t.uiuiii'iia vuoi.     ixi*.  ""m -��      i    , ���, *   j*        j-j;        i -t     ������,. i ;i:."'* i m labor among the Indians,
castle is of an excellent quality but it is far oil and it will   ., ;>**, ,.;ii��� in 1673   started .1 *.-.������:.
be found that the coal resources of this province are as yet ^e^"^8,�� ;!':/,:7.';.;;;  '
practically untouched and that its quality is also excellent ;|    ,very oi the Mississippi.
for the needs of mercantile shipping.
With the completion of the Panama canal both merchantmen and ships of war will need a coaling depot in the
North Pacific and it is of interest to note that the announcement from Honolulu synchronises with the visit of
a prominent Welsh coal owner who is at present upon the
coast. For, while the British admiralty uses Welsh coal
only, Welsh colliery interests are not confined to that
country and there i's money in supplying vessels of com-km be
* I unit-, 01
roerce also
Vnncouver, ll. (.'., June 9.���Contrary
to tin- expectations of some*the capi-
tal charge was not preferred this
morning against the four men held in
connection with the death of Constable Archibald. The only charge made
uus that of vagrancy under which the
in- ii  have  been  held  since their ar-
��� rest,
Hamiltion did hoi appear In th:'
dock this mornini with the other
three, Beymour, Davis and Clarke, lie
] Is the man, who, it  Is claimed, may
gt\     king's eviili nee.
The men are to coi ie up iiKuin on
I Thursday morning, tin case beiiiR adjourned this morning until later In
Lh   Keek.
Attorney  General   Home.
lie"..   V.  .1.   Bowser   arrived   from
Victoria  today and  will  be in town
| until the middle of the wi ek.
He 1.-; reeling wi 11  satisfied at the
amendment  to thi   federal water act,
passed In  ' week   which pives admin- i
strath n of -,*. iti rways In the railway
Toronto, .lune 11.
The e-.'l lof the
Bull in his
Rei ' *i :. .lune 9. -George II. Green
ha Just returned from Green City
and E : s that thi automobile road between l osslind md Green City Is being pul in Bpli ndid condition. There
i, i number of men working on th''
i*. d 11 twi en Trail and Sayward, cutting an ' asy cur e on a sandhill, which
an Improvement tor the run-
Thi re are a dozen
In trade circles all over the world attention is centred teams working between
i the Pacific, there are signs in our midst that this is 'Tn,'T'd^Ti .Vi-i-i"''
so, and in the expansion that must follow the opening of
the canal it is good to know that Westminster is prepared
to play no secondary part.
valued at   $60,000,0 '
4.1,000  aens.
Tho  movement to find  a  genuine     The  German  ciiies    bought
rented;   tor poverty is kiUijIiik a mo- when  ll  was cheap, and held
B( llm   owned
mc-nium throughout the world. The
rnoHt gigantic step in this direction
is thai contemplated in the United
Kta-gdoni where the As'init'n party,
'���Mi-Knl bj tlie labor party and i"
Evein- !*������ "nt by Nationalists, has re-
tettalij Introduced a statutory miiii-
mni i ii** li.ll which ad a. minimum
vt:.,-- for ��� or i i.i in thi British l.-l is
With tin- in-i-saure of parliamentary
bsBtneas U is hardly possible that the
'.i-V. ".'ti be fully consldi red or lhat
��� i will become law during the pre-
���sent feirtision, but the Important facl
is thai tlie first really consequential
���niti-irr towards outlawing poverty li .s
t��e*��-n taki n.
Massachusetts, in the United States
h�� Already passed a minimum wage
sri HppljiiiK to women employed In
crrtiiiii trades. The same stale has
now under consideration a plan to
pc-nskni   Indigent  and   widowed    mo-
. tht-rn.
These instances show the trend of
QtmrKht and action.   The problem of
wipins nut poverty is a tremendous
one, yet to a very large extent ii is
cul hopeless, (It-cat Britain i-i lhis
y-rar spending fifty million pounds on
��-dii��.-��:i*)r,, old aKV pensions, work-
pt��ti'�� Insurance and similar social
3t-r*vtet--K.  all  designed  to outlaw   pov-
.<~rty.   -Calgary Herald.
Rev, ���! O. Miller, of Si ('ail,, r ne i,
Kavi* ihe Municipal tmprovi m nt As
Mcciiition a most Interesting account
���nl tin- resull of !ih observations, i lien
���atirc-s-fi. mi municipal ; vi n
Wha3 Impressed him in t, bi h n
t-lij.-iai-'t and Germany, was the per
liwuce (hit dlstlngtlishc] 11 ri 1;
i-friB]   in in   United  States  and  Cana
ifinu   mi Hinds.
���in Germany the mayor of a cil) v
iippoin:-d  for life,  and  the
ti-atvs.   as   ihey   an-  called,   lhe   per
rosuii nl   h mis of d parln     ��� ei . ���
*Bh (:-��'d behavior, get good aalarl *s
.���.��� -s retire on pensions, Both m.ivnra
.���ami "ir.amii'.i-ales" are aopolni d '������
the i* it ci uuiil n *d t'"* leg'sl ��� '���
umi administrative functlona Ihus
hv*Bi Bftparate.
T^iia   is the  ssslein  the   World   I*
h��"ii    advocating    for    some    vears,
tnmiRh the tenn "commissioners" waa
tnurl   n stead of German "magistrate"
Vta cttj Councils lire elected for
six ;eiirs. one third retiring every
two years, in llerlin Burnt- members
txixd been on the couneil fer -thirty
3*-**rj., and BO of the ISO which com-
���prme it. had been memlirrs over ten
Thp result of this permanency of
IIWSIIIIII III is that pollcleB are laid
tUisia t'i cover man) years l i,i y
tifLix- I- no '��� a n r-i rd ai i lhi * ar ���
���onl i"' rt .-"l ������ '���!'��� i : ' 1. * i irth
���lA-w-nr   liii.t   i ndeavors.    M uilcl :
Mr.   Miller.  *��� as  a   ei* -,   dat.'no
tn 11-     Bl
,.[.,.-,-,!,,i, ]\
���and r.-.oiit of tin- Oerman cltli bad
htftiti rebuilt bIhcc the Kranco-Prus
uian   war.
Aaother feature was that many or
th-riai- cit'ii-H had linr.oine aitOnlahlngly
���wealthy. Frankfort adopted the poi
n-y i>r acquiring large blocks of land
whii-.h had grown Into enorinoiiH val-
wn, nml that city now owned (il per
vv-nT- <>r th-S land Inside the corpora-
fjoB   limita,  and  -100ft acres  outside,
it for
the citizens. One effect was nol to
stop land speculation, bul to cheek
it. if an outsider bids against the
city on property which the city wanted, a Herman official told Mr. Miller
he miKlit as well dig his crave in lt.
The city would refuse to permit street
to opened up in ii. er sewers to be
laid In it. or homes io be built on
it. The Interest of the community
came before that of the Individual,
Hi v make a prof i out ef public
i ��� :.' :i In o n. any. In Munich
every house lias :i wa '- meter which
is read once a  year,    if Ihe I Bump
is In excess of a ci rtaln 'i lantttv
charges are made on the exoess over
the regular rate. In 1600 towns In
(ii rmany, there are no taxes, and in
600 thev nctuallv pay dividends to
the residents. They are very care-
ful, Mr. Miller remarked, whom they
accepl as citizens.
Iu Kngland they had the fact, if
not tbe form, of permanent govern-
nn nt. officials get Immense salaries The Liverpool city clerk, in addition to his salary, got a special fee
of ClllftO for revising llle voters' list.
Mr. Miller was strongly of tho opinion that evervthlnq that tended to
weaken the authority of the city c un-
cil, tended to lower the finality of
the men who would present themselves for i h ction.
A loncer term rf office, h !������ I bv
��� d would raise the i tandard, Bnd hi
v.as etIdently In favor or th- Germai
un- h ul ��� i ��� e| aratinn thc leglsl itlvi
from il' ��� n Iminii tratlve functions ol
govcrnii i ne   Tor nto   World
and there are also
lng on the rend between Erie and
Or. en ('Uy. In a few days this road
will be in splendid condition to travel
from Rcssland to Green City by buggy
wagon or automobile.
Harrison  Mills,  June    0.���A
gang  of   men  have  commenced
June IS wiii l ������ the twi nty Hfth an
nlversar} of i ic acci sslon i ' Kmpi i-or
\'  II nn  to iii"  i iri I..*  of Oi
Th * red -i1 i . thi tw ��� nt;   five yei
' ��� emp :������ inn' r his ruli
II) dil emit    ���       Uu    ���   .. i   ��� . .
peel num'. ol m '   i n would i.  ;,.t nr*
tin * ol hli   ai  '
; It nol ;������ ii-- i. * ond th" truth ii
that I      ..i ���   .  ion    ol     thp    yo'in
���    r twcr.t) five years ai i ��� i
��� ' ��� us -v.  In ���* ilon   In  ev rj   chan
'* llcrj In Europe,   lh* v as looked up
��� n ai a headstrong young man, Illb d
with military spirit end IntenBel)  de-
��� Ir u ��� of e\i. ndlng the power of Oor
many hy means of the sph ndid an I)
of which in* had Inherited ill" supreni
comn and.
All through tha i arllcr y< .rs 11 hli
reign the satin* forebodings were ' II
and almost everv public utterance of
the emperor proved that there wai
sound re.-i.'uiii for the forehod *.:��������� He
reji Icod In the title of "war lord,"
,n d never falh I lilmai if to use ll n
deBCrlptl' ���* of the place �� lueli he hi Id
in the (Si rman i mpin
Vet thi German i inplre lias ni vi ������
iin d a i hot lu .ii i" 'i ivarfare dm I ..
In." entire reign     I'ussia  h u   nui ������u
��� 'I in ' '"* gri a; wi ���. ��'hi< h cosi ii t> i*
'"'"��� > ' WB�� ���'"" '���'   i-il.'v in pr Ftlge, In I tb and I        *���
1 ' ���       nre    Ri **    ���* ' i   i ei *, oo i
��� hi*'   In ll    ' omiuest of Hi" hom
spam   in Its brlel �� ar ��(th the Unit
: eii st:u,. lost the last of Us colonial
possessions; Italj lias grhppled I
the Turk and acquln d n i lalm o(
title to Tripoli, umi is still using ui
army i" enforce Its i uthority upi n thi
Inhabitants of lhat Aine.ni province,
who refuse to rcoiigni/c ii Tin ; '
kan   stales   have   fought   i ��� p
work ]
on a triple-track  steel  bridge on the
C. P. H. line at Harrison Mills.    The1
bridge   will   span   the   Harrison   river!
ai   that  point and  will  be  sixty  feet
in height.
Thirty-five feet will be under water,
the piers heing of reinforced con-
crete. a gang of a hundred m n will
be employed on the structure at first
and in a month or six weeks will be
Increased to a hundred and fifty. It
is expected to take this numbi r ten
months to complete the work.
Wlll Give Publicity to City at Pert
land   Rose   Festival
Victoria, June 9.- With Instructions
to Becure fer Victoria's forthcoming
carnival 'is much publicity ns possible. Mr. F. M. Kelly, of the Boyal Victoria Yacht Club, left for Portland,
Ore., yesterday. It is liis intentions
to make arrangements for the entry
of a float In the form of a dainty rigged sailing craft in the Hose Carnival parade which takes placo at that
cltv  next   Monday.
Immediately on his arrival be will
busy himself with tills matter, there
being Utile time io make prepara-
fens for an adequate representation
of this city's festival In the spectacle
of Portland's holiday week,
Mr. Kelly lias been selertcd be
caus ���  ��� f  his  Intimate  knowledge  of
the yach' lng gin ���*.    He lr-s bei n 	
nectcd In *������ 11< bc ��� ay w Ith the local
���lih for manv yeara There Is no
local ir.an I ett< r qualified to super
a' nd He* ci :: ��� i ii ii nf a float of
kind th ' l i - bei n decldi d upon
belt  to Hi" provincial  government
Mann Cuming Out.
Mr.  Gerald  Ruel,    chief    assistant
��� ���������i* *. i  of  Hi-*    Canadian    Northern
Railway company, with headquarters
at Toronto, 1" In the city on bui Inei a
connected  with  the  entrance of the
company Intu Vancouver,   lie will be
. , |  In .:  [i ��  daj s by sir Donald
Mann, and th *n the * inference, us I"
thi   : rms  upon  which  tlie  proposed
:. ���  ip i'iv   : Hill   be   formed
and i pi ri tod  will bi  held.
Tag  D.:y  Results.
Vancouver  on  Saturday celebrated
i ..��� day for the gem ral hospital.   Heal
*   rd wi rk   n th * pari of the ladles of
.' ,i ���   un li i-  the direction ot
Mre.   A.  n    Wallbrldge, president of
��� i e j.  result! d  In  the collection
if $4,328.43.    This amount  falls short
i ��� last year's total by almost $500.
Street Ca.- Victim.
Without    regaining    consciousness
since Hn- time of his being struck by
a  Btreet  car on  Denman and Nelson
Btreets   Friday  night,   Robert    Esta-
n ' Is, the 15-year-old  son of 11. Q,
Kstabrook,   local    superintendent    of
".-   i'"i-. di<d at the general hospital
vi iterday  afternoon.    His  death  was
primarily caused by concussion which
ri vi d  much  more
surgeons at first re
Miner?  and
The lulk  of ihe
wcre brought nut by
lierii s  from   Durham,  Kngland,  have
good drainage, j i,,-, t),r 0}ty for work which has been
eral men work * | obtained tor them, though two or three
f  ih"  leaders are  still  here.    When
���old that Mr. J. li. I.oekhart. manager
if thi  Canadian Collerlcs, had stated
they bad been misled by the officials
of the U. M. V.'.. and had becn led to
believe that if they went to Cumber-
laud  they would  he  placid In stock-
ades   and   guarded   by   soldiers,   they
"aid  that they had  no such belief at
fn in. rs for [arip lu''P is bean!
throughout the land In loud and Insistent appeal, iiaeh year brings back
the labor problem in all Its disagree
able asp c's for ih" employer of men
and yet no succeeding year shows the
qui .**,':iiii  In brighter  colors than  did
is pred ser. One often wonders if
all tlie farmers In Ontario are aware
of the facilities afofi-ded them iu the
si arch for men. And If Ihey are aware
i f the facilities afforded them in the
i it advantage of them
There are in Toronto two Immlgrs
tlon offices, one maintained by the
Dominion, and one by the provincial
authorities, Through these offices
I ass practically all of the men coming
Into Un* province with the intention
��� f doing work of nnv kind. Inspec
tor Birmingham, al the Dominion Immigration   ofrice,   said   lhat   through
hie itr. in ;:i  twi nty five thou nnd
Immigrants had pas3i d since the firs
of January 1 ist,    : ive tin usa id arriv
d in Toronto one day, b< Ing I rought
up from Quebec in nine Bpeclal trains
Ten Thousand io Farmers
"Surely," ; i u say, "those twent)
five thousand mi n would hi In ml
���iie situation rn a large number of
Ontario farms?" Ves. if they went
in the farms; bul do ihey? Toronto
���I'.'in i in be 'In objective point ol
.ill ihe British born, s i-calli d, and in
'l'i ronto thousand i of tl i ra remain, of
ten without any hope i ! Immedial
i mplcyment. Mali) i f these men are
mechanics; hundreds of them are tac |!
lory hands, and Inspector Birmingham estimates lhat, of the twenty-
five thousand handled since the new
year, probably t> n thousand t und
their way almost Immediately to On
-.ni'io farms.
"Thi Niagara peninsula. Itseft tak -
a gnat many men," he said. "You
know- there are Bome men who look
for work which is nct too strenuous,
and to such as these the comparative
ly light agrieulluial work of this fruit
growing district makes a strong and
successful appeal, The Niagara pen
iiisuia  will   reci Ive   and   keep   about
when you can get am good, or belter, manufactured ln B. (1., v
lhe celebrated "VANCOtlVKU" Brand, guaranteed to pasB S
Specifications of American and Canadian Elnglneei-B' -Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Hewer Pipe froi
Iin. to IM-ln. ill diameter, ThiB Ib also made in this Province and w
���onsider superior to any Imported article.
we.    ,.|....    ....����.,    ..    �����....!.   n,   f'....���!....!    1, I.      U-....I. ...I    ".....I     an...
Iz.:    the
I  li'l      1>'    ��li,��       I ��� II |r> ���)  nu     UIIIVIT,
We also curry a Block of Crushed  Rock,  Washed  Gravel, Band.
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Cur Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890,
3 mr -c- :*tmi*rnsrTsx*arK*o-jrrx
men and  some
Frultvale and
endow   portion
serious  than  the
U. M. W.
eeal   miners   who
ih ��� Canadian Col-
Busy ncfining Gold.
Tlio Vancouver n^say office, since
the new regulations went in force re-
Inclng the charge, has nevertheless
been going on doing a steadily increasing 1 iiainess from British Columbia
generally with a few ounces occasion-
illy (rom other places, lt is expected
that the office will he working at
!'-,:ii r pressure in a short time ow-
ng in the fact that the Yukon river
is open and norlhern shipmenta may
lie pxpected. In two days of last week
���t.Ofifl ounces of gold In dust and nuggets came from the Kootenays, The
mnm r of the assay office is not per
.e'llr.fl    In    give    Ihe       exact      locations
where thiB precious metal wan wen
fn in the rock or river hed. Seattle
interests do not view this with great
Least 250  More  Animals Will  Be
Added  to  Herd  by  Fall-
Present for Dublin.
Wainwright, .lune 9.���The animals
in the nark ai-" Increasing at a remarkable rate thi.  month, and reports
"��� ni i- '��� i- "������ i u*"it McTaggart go to
���I"**' tl" this w'll continue until late
i., (i,,, ,,.,..,..,, r ,, '.,.., *,,, expects to see
*ii  ',* **  i:   "*-, ,; ard fifty  mere
Hi     ' *   nfldenl lhal he will be able  animals In the reserve than are now
 ire   * ii ��� thing  (hat   will   be  n
:n*il   tha'   will   d*
ii ucli   i 'l'  advi: lielng   the  local
w nti r carnival among the thousand!
who will assemble in Por land for the
ie.     I,*,
���i r
bloodiest wars of modi rn Umi      iml pal   ���
r   Morlty   S-ibmits   S-heme     Fc
C i:n.*n'f r:rn   to   (> d-vtini-.-'-'r
Whole   Area
*. rla   Jui **  '.'    A   'iir' ater   Vic
11' '.ehe,," i et  nnd  Impr-avi mo
Ci mmisston"   is    he  proposal
Mayor Morley  will  in ing before lh
city council providing for dealing wllh
ill   m itli r��  of  lolnt   lu'en"H   t-i  the
.   ::; il Mi.* In tig  mun'c'i alltles.
Ills i ���','*'* il v. ill ii" st-hmltt.ed ������-
lbs ' vi nng's  mi    ng cf th    c >'''.--:"
But,   as   it   inv lve.    m nn   i el'eil   i|
:*.it tures   In  i n i nt   municipal    m**-
Ihod i  It   Is -* rtaln  Ih it  li n'*:*
m ill rest conti nl lo loai ��� th    ma! *��� r
In  the l::m<!.-< ol  tlir  Bid 'rmi u  for n
i" n* d  in  order  lhal  thi   lat er  i in
**. late ' lie ������ am   mggi iti in i mud
The   mayor's   BChi me   Is   ihat   the
city arr in *���   ( i   a   Vlcti rn   Revel ���
mi ni      id   Improvenv nt   commission
and thai  the '* '���   ci ii c l  use ll i In-
���     through  the prosenl    Inti r-
i uinlcli ii  committee,  organised    on
lhi  suggi   * ii of Alderman Cuthbert,
for thi   constitution of similar commissi  In iin- adjoining munlcpnll
tli    of I lak  Bay, Baai Icti and Rsqul
mall  the combned    comp Issloi
lhe  Greater   Victorln   li velon
i nd   i'.'i'i*������������ * n.i'iii  i* imml isloi
11    ������,;,.'.���  i    | f f |     '   ��� ���
Interest    ol  Ihe i*n: mi   	
Blxty-four bufi 1 > dives have vein
the Hi ' ' i 'l iy In " the beglnn'ns
of April  Bnd more than two hundred
eillves will he droiuii d  lefi re the tea
son expir s, I.at i -.ear the Increase
In the iirni ' r Ol bison was over 'we
hundred, "i"l during the same tlmi
eight buffaloes were either victims "f
young bulls or died from old age n
will then l<- :*'���''i at what a rale the
herd Is lncreai lng
Two of the bi . t -itiimals In the
whole herd will bc 'hipped to Dl'hlln
i arly In June as i promtred gift rrom
. ithe Dominion government They will
he shipped Ihe whole distance by express.
Victoria, June  9.���Suggesting that
Hi" illy might well set an example
to   other     employers,     I,leiil. Colonel
Hull, in command of the fusiliers, haa
written to the city council culling al
tenlion to the facl thnl tha annual
camp of ilu* mllltla will be held here,
'*    *l   *'  "I "'IU*.     Jllll
I   days
5 and continuing
��� i
i    ,
As the number of i
tbei ��� animal drill pxercl����a will dn
pend grea'ly upon lhe willingness of
tie Ir i mployors to permit them to
absent themselves from tbelr business!
duties, Lieut-Col Mali suggests that
the city set, ilu-. example by permit-1
ting thi is Employees who belong to
the various corps to attend the camp
without any deduction in pay.
Aid'iiiiuii   Porter  slrongly  supported 'li" suggestion of i.leui..(-ni. nun.
and  ilu* council ch ilded to grant thc
i wh rever i  sBlble.
' two   thousand   farm     hands
course of lhe season."
���Are  the  majority  of    the    10,000
reaching   the   farms   natives    of    thl
liritish   Isles'.'"   was  asked,
"(ih.  yes;   very   largely.     Some   of
' them have bl en  at   farm wcrk before
I coming out. and others are only start-
1 ing. Tliere are a few foreigners now
and then, We have brought out somi
.- isirians. and we find lhat unite a
numb* r of Swedes aad Danes are will
ing io work on the farms. Thin wi
get a consignment of German farm
hands, or would-be farm bands. Wi
try to place tin m as far as possible
n Waterloo county, where ihey will
find people of tlieir own nationality
nu win re they can use their own
language. We trv. as far as lies in oui
power, to put tlie immigrants In sec
j tions of the province where they will
| be most  at  home."
Government Anent?
The averagl fanner, living some
hundred or more miles rrom Toronto, will no doubt complain thai he Is
nol in a position to ava'l himself ol
the services of the officials and system of Ihe Dominion Immigration office. In a sense thla may be the case
but any farm' r In any pari of the
province ean pul himself in direct
tench with the office through Its re
There are,  approximately, one hun
dred  immigration    ncenis    scattered
throughout  the province -one located
at Borne central point for each farm-1
ing community.    A farmer requiring I
jlipln is aid to leave his application
with these agents, who forward the
same to the immigration office. Here
Ithe applications are filed and then
filled on the arrival of immigrant
trains in onkr of receipt, Moreover,
nny farmer who is desirous of personally picking his man can com" u
Toronto   and   .through   the   Immlgra
'lion officials, he is allowed to meel
lh" Tain on Its arival and be is then
free to pick out his prospective help
Tho  records  ef  manv  Immigration
offiei b   show  that   manv   farmers   ar"
I realizing the value of the system, n**-
there are at present on file applies
lions from 1200 farmers awaiting ful
fillment, When we remember tin-
Hi" authorities  expect  about    thirty
thousand immigrants to arriv in Mi
we enn understand that s largi  num
ber of Uie fanners registered will le*
supplied wllh men.
The Ontario Office
Besides thla, (hi re Is the i fftei
operating undi r tli" auspices nl ihi
iii i;irio gnvernmi nt. lb "* ������ o, ���*d
plication forms are provided for "" j
use of fnrurrs desiring men, The
officer in charge estimates that 'his!
office has placed al least one thou
sand men on Ontario farms during
the month of April. Five hundred
farmers are yet registered as wanting
help, nnd these will be supplied on
the arrival of the next steamboat
bringing Immigrants.
Mr.  Hugh  Huff, the dlstrtcl   repre :
sentaiive of the department of agrl
culture In Crey county, went  to Scot
land   with   money   advanced   by   the |
fanners   of Grey   to   personally   pick j
one hundred farm hands.   On his way i
to Toronto with bis charges the train
was boarded at nearly every  staiimi
by fanners who made tempting offers
to the men to leave the train and Mr
Only two were enticed to go, tin
rest standing by their ngrecmen
This merely goes to show how rer
lous Hi" Bituation is In KaBtern On
tarlo. Tho government agents throng'
oui tin- country have this yen- been
able to put a greal number of I'-i'-nic
In contact v Ith men si ��� king work
who miriii otherwise have gone un
aided aboul their spring work.
We havc one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for Itidge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented^
II. 4 !'. O "f Elks of tin- D. of C, mef
the first ami ilnr'l Thursday at Rum
K. of P. Hall, Eighth street A Well:
Oray, Exalted Ruler; P, H. Smith, See
L, O. O. M.. NO. 861.���MEETS ON
flrdt. second, third Slid fmirtli '-.V"die's- i
day In each nienih in S p, m.
In the Moosfl Hom-p. II -I Leamy,
dictator; F. E. JonoB, secretary '
Headquarters of lodge In Sen) llnuiv,
oornsr "f Fourth and Carnarvon streets
I. O. O. F.  AMITY  LODGE NO.   17���Th
regular   meeting  of  Amity  IoiIk*-   Ni
21. I. O. O tt.. Is lii-lil -verv Monrtn
nlKht dl > O'olock In Odd Fellows' Vel
comer Carnarvon snd Eighth stroef
Visiting brethern cordially lnvi'��
n i. Merrlthew, N. '!.: .1 FtobfirUoi
V. (1.; W. C. Ciiiiiiniin. P. '!.. recor*
Inn secretaiy; ll. W. Ssntfter, tinfti
cliil Becretary.
rlnters, Solicitors, cte. 4fi Lorne Btreet
New Westminster. <l. k Cortould, K.
C.    J. R. Grunt.    A. E. MoColl.
ter-iit-law. sollcKor, etc Tolephone
1070, CaMe ftddrese "Johnston.
Code. "Western Union." Offices, Kills
Blnek. 6S2 Columbia Btreet. Now Went-
mlnntvr. I). C.
side ��� BarrleterH and Solicitors, West-
rnlneler Trust Rlk., Columbia utrent.
New Westminster. II. I*. Cable addrSM
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. O.
Drawer 200. -12-elephone up. w. J.
Whiteside. K. O,; ll L. Edmonds, D,
I. STIl.WEI.L CLUTE. Barrister nt-l��w,
sotlfiltor. et-p.; corner Columbia ei\*
McKonnQ fltrectB, New IVeHImlnBter,
B. C.   V. O. Box 112.    Telephone   710.
Solicitor   and   Notary,   nrne.n    Ban
oew.  28  l>or
��� n. C.
Urnfl   slrevt,  Ni
Wesl mln-
i. r * Hanna. Ll i I -Puneral dtr-et,-,-
nnd embi-ilmerB Pai-lorB 40.', Columbl
street,   N--w  Westminster.   Phone ��9
Barrlstern and Solt-altora fios in sit
Westminster Trust Illnek. n B. Mi(r-
iin. w. a. MKjuiurie and Oebrga L
���    HI rei
W K. FA LES���Pioneer Funeral
and Bmbalrner, 613 fiif Ann.
opposite Carnegie Library
Hale Deeds, ti'isiiess Letters, etc ; oil
e.il.ir work epeelnllal     All work strlotli
"������ill; I, 'il|:il,      II     III.riv.   rOOm   li*   Weill
iiiiniii r -rriist ink.   Phone -n-i.
H. .1. A BttRNBTI
Arcountant. Tni.
Hart  block,
,    AUDITOR    AN
II  liis.    Ilnoin  2
P. II  Smith w  J. Qrovet
Wnrk  undertak n   In   city   nnd   outslil
I'lilnts.   :ii-i2   Westmluster Trust   Hid*
I'll ill"   IK,4      I'   o.   Hox   r.07.
ster liniird nt Trndn nieeii In tie be&i
room, City Hull, n- followni Third Fr
day nf each month; ijnartorly meexhi
��� ���ii He* il,lid Friday "' February, Ma;
AiiKnel an,I November "I �� tun An
nual niei'iliiKs en ill" ildi-.l Friday o
February. C. H. Btuart Wade, seere
V^clfe's Home Purchased.
London, June  B.   ' Quebec   l-loueo,"
nt. Westerham, Kent, the former linmo
nf  (ii in ral   Wolfe,   is  nndiTi-i i   in
havc I*'-ii privately purchased iu Hie
Intaresl of the Canadian govci-nmenl
The house will be used ns a residence
f.r ihe Cnnadlaa arcblvibt.
P.O. Box 34 Daily Nnwa Bldg
of nil kinds,
''rices right.   Satisfaction Ruurantood
59 McKcntic i,t.
COAL MININi) rights of IU- Dominion
In Maiill'ilii), Saskatchewan anil AJlierta,
ihe Yukon Territory, the Nnrlhwuat Ter-
rllorles and In o portion of (In- Province
nf British Columbia, may be leaned for a
term of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of fl an acre. Not more than 2btt
acres wlll lie U-iiaei! to one appjldfljlt.
Application for a' leaae must be made
hy the apnllatnt In person to the Agent
or Huli-Agent of the district In which the
rlKhts Hpplled for are situated.
In soirveyed territory the. land must be
described V -sections, or legal mih-dlvt*
slims of sections, and In inisnrveyed ter-
rtlnry the tract applied for Mha.ll lie
slaked out hy the applicant himself.
Eac.h application m mt im acoompAnlod
by a fee of tn which wil be refunded if
Hie  rights applied  for are nut  available,
iml not otherwise,    a royalty shall   be
paid  on  the  merchantable output  of  lhe
mine at th" rate of five tenia per ton.
The person oiicratlng the mlno ahall
furnish i'i" A-aeni with sworn naurim
iconunllug for the fi,u ouiiiitliy of mer-
"linir.iiii* ooal 'mined and pnv the roy-
uliv tin ii nn. if ih,. ooal iiilui-'ii rlgliia
are uoi i,"iim .,|,"i',i,ii sueh returns Should
Is- furnished  nl   imsi  once a  year.
'lhe   linfie   nili   luuluile   lhe   eu.il   mlnln��
'   ������    II,"    I*-,!,.,.    will    |,���   JSP
I l^lll
r   ll...
whatever   avuiiahle
in  eoiisiii'T'd neces*
kbit; of iin   mine at the
SUI fill*.
".irv fi
il I    illl   'Hi   ll
For fill Information application shr��Id
be iinii" io ilu, Secretary or the Donah.
"������ ui uf ti'*- Ini* 'ier. Ottawa, or in nnv
Agenl   or  Hllh-Agent  of   Dominion   l.nwlii.
w. \v. roitv,
Del     v   \llnlsler of  ll���,   Inlerlnr..
���'  H" rlsed publication ur this
paid for.
V   it
advciUsoiu-jnt ,vill nut t TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1913.
Research   System   Has   Had   Splendid
Results  in   New  York���Movement
for Municipal Betterment.
Toronto, June 9. Widespread In-
terest has already been aroused and
approval evoked by the proposal of
prominent public-spirited citizens lo
have a survey made at their own i x
ponse cf Toronto's administrative me
tliods, with a view lo securing intro
duetion of seleinific and Improved nd
iiiinisliation of the various depart
ments of civic actlvil-J-.
Ehcperts Wlll bs brought from Uo*
New Vork bureau Oi municipal research, the cost of -the survey to the
amount of $4ni)0, having already bees
subscribed,   it is considered not lm
proi. ible  thai   as  a   resull   of  lhe  In
vestigiiiiion. an Independent bureau
may be established in Toronto to keep
the e'ty's administration under con
tlnuous review.
Such bureaus are organizations
inalnla'iu d by public subscription
controlled by a board of trustees, with
one, two, or three directors as managers. They employ expert accountants, engineers, etc., to report on
muiiicip,i| conditions and executive
New York Model
The N'ew York bureau, wblch is the
model for nil, has the following objects.
1. To promote official and economical government.
2. To promote the adoption of soles
tlfic methods of accounting and of
reporting the details of municipal
business, with a vii*w to facilitating
the " otii of public officials.
3. To secure constructive publlcltv
of mal era pertaining to municipal
probl ms.
4. To collect
5. To classify,
c To analyse.
7. To correlate.
8. To Interpret
ll. To   publish   tacts   as   to   -he   tid
ministration of municipal government
Efficiency and Economy
In 1900 the bureau spent $12.'ion
contributed by one man. Five years
liter more than $80,000 subscribed
by   77   Individuals,   waa  expended   fori
departmental studies, analysis, description, criticism, construction, suggestion and publicity. Some of the
ri suits In   New  York city  bave been: |
Reorganization of the department
of finance wltb notable improvements
in Its methods of inspection, audit,
payment, collection, reports, etc.
Accoun Ing revision for all city de-
parUm nts.
lludg"! reform, budget exhibits, bud I
get   publicity,   budget   conferences   of
social   workers,   clergymen   and   tax-'
Conversion of the comniissloner.i of
accounts   office   from   a   handicap   to
civic progress Into iCpotf-nt agent for'
efficiency and honesty.
An Increase of 12,000,000 s year in '
revenues due to the reorganisation of,
water collection  methods.
Recovery   of   $728,000   from   street
railway companies for paving done at |
public expense between the company'!' ,
rails,  and  surts pending  for $1100,000. \
Correction of abuses in connection
with  street   assessments.
Projection of official Inquiries into
teachers' salaries, standardization of
supplies, standardization of salaries
and grades, school eficlency, health
i ffie'enev,   etc.
Questions nnd facts were presented
regarding the city debt which were
usi-d by all sides of tlie city debt controversy and led to permanent settlement of forty-three doubtful questions.
Permanent   Benefits
The resulta, it should be noted, nre
not i.emporary only, but pi rmsnent
and cumulative. Since 11106 more
Uian $100,000 baa been spent upon
work done directly for and In the
city comptroller's office, in invest!-
gaiion of the way In which 0,000,000
people have spent $2,000,000,000, ihe
manor In which tliey have done their
eduetit onal. charitable, street cleaning and other work and in a search
for Improved methods.        ��
The various expenditure accounts
of the departments were reconstructed to harmonize with those of the finance department, unexpended balance
of appropriations, formerly neglected
being discovered, aggregating boiiic
$9,635,000, which waa applied to reduction of taxation. Reforms and
economy were effected in the method
ff purchasing real estate for the city.
A standardization commission has
done valuable and lasting work In
connection with supplies, salaries and
work done by the city.
For six years the bureau has been
represented  ��l  nlmost  every meeting
of the board of estimate ami apportionment studied Its calendar In advance, co-operated with tbe secretary
and members of the hoard and  their
representatives in obtaining necessary
information, secured the postponement
and improvement or modification of
otherwise hasty action.
No better evidence of the appreciation of tho higher claBS of civic officials could be asked than after four
years of co-operation wltli the New-
York bureau, Mr. Herman A.M. Met,
comptroller Tor New York city, himself donated $10,000 annually for three
years to encourage and promote the
adoption by American cities of scientific and modern improved methods of
accounting and reporting.
Extension of Movement.
KlrBt taking practical form In New
York city the movement for the application of the best business ineth ���
fids, cost accounting, attaining of
maximum efficiency, co-ordination of
department! and In general Improvement of civic administration by sdop-
tion of Hcientlllc methods tO municipal
activity in Its various phases has
snrend to a large number of cities of
thn United States, and has Influenced
morn or less Indirectly. Canadian
oltloB as well. In Philadelphia, the
New oYrk bureau was engaged to
make   B   preliminary   survey    of   the
cltv government's business methods.
���Before the Burvey was completed a
fimd of $12,000 was raised for an Independent bureau of municipal re-
snarch. manned by workers from the
Now York bureau, lt Is now spending
$20,000 a year. 	
In Chicago n fund of $150,000 for
three years' work was raised for a
burenu of public efficiency, whose dl-
ri**.'  i-  and  i.e   i atlng  i spi rl    ** ere
from the New  Vork bureau.    Official
municipal  n Bean b  ��� imtnltti 11   havc
liin- bei n appointed In manj cities
Atlanta,  Baltimore,  Boston, tit.  Paal
Ccunty  Bureaus.
Wayne county, Indiana, and   '������ *.'
Chester county, New Vork   have volunteer bureaus of municipal i b
the beginning of county citizen agencies that are bound to extend, especially  near  large  cities,     Por  Iloston.
Buffalo, liobokin, Moncloir, Pittsburg,
Rochester, St. Louie and Yonkera, municipal research studies, called surveys, have been made at local expense by the staff of the New Vork
In 1M0!) the St. i.ouls Municipal Voters' League talced $3,'BO0 by subscription for a Survey by lhe New York
i,urciii of the business methods of the
St. Louis city government. To carry
oui the constructive suggestions or
this sur��i y with ri spect to accounting
and auditing, then- wub obtained an
appropriation of $25,000 from tbe olty
the expenditure of which was placid
In the hands of Mr. Peter White, who
supervised the hun-au's field survey,
but v.-ns loaned to St I.ouis from t'.ie
Chicago Hun au of Public Efficiency
WORK Fill SflifTS
Animals  Always  Foucd  Way  to  Stop
Leakage in  Dam���Contractors
Lost $5,000.
..cthbrlil^e Locks for Increa-.cd Prosperity Alsc���New Tariff Dill
Will Alter Situation.
Ltthbrldgc, June 9. - That the n-.lneB
of tiie company in southern Alberta
and the Crow's Nest Pass will shortly resume working full shifts was the
welcmo announcement made this
morning by P. I.. Nalsmltb, manager
of the department of natural rest urcel
of the ('. P, I'... who is in the city for
a couple of days.
The aii'u uncemeiii has been hailed
wiih delight hy the merchants who
havi- beard It, for It will mean thai
Uie fortnightly pay roll will ba considerably augmented during tbs summer months, at a time whon a pay
roll locks good to every I uslness t.ian
if the city, Between half and three
"iiarters of a million dollars will be
di: bursed every month for the reBt of
i in* year,
Coal on the free list, that clause "I
the mw* tariff bill now before the c.
8, gov rnment, will be the cause 'if
ti change in the aspect of the coal
tnarkot for the southern Alberta coal
Holds. Mr, Nflismltb Is of tho opinion
thai it will greatly increase tbe de-
niii'iil   and   therefore   the   mines,   the
 "tb, and bUSln-SSS men of tbis part
o( the province will welcome it.
A few years-, ago the mines here did
. thriving coal trade with Montana.
Hi wever, the Montana mines are now
' ling developed, hut Idaho. Washington and Oregon still present a valu-
ible intirki t which will draw
from Canada on the passing
new bill.
of  the
Edmonton,    Juno    9    The    Qrand
Trunk railway recently rati a line
across a swamp In a gam-' pn si rve
In the Alberta Rockies, and in doing
so found that there w.is a line beaver
dam holding the water back to Hood
tin i warap.
The gome warden ordered tho en-
;.-in ers to disturb ii"- beavers .is little as possible. '1 h ���> could have
blown out the d.itn with dynamite and
killed most of the little animals, bul
that would havc been cruel, So they
cut  an  opining  In   the dam.
The mud of th- dam was almost ai . ���,.,.,  .,
hard as concrete, and it took'tin* men3Unl<��ue CamP,n9 Place for Red  Men
three days to get ti e water run out
properly. Then they started work on
the railroad through the swamp. Soon
the water began to rise and tbe work
was stopped In a few hours. Tin- engineers went down to the- heaver dam
and found the animal! had repaired
the cut and made it tight A new cut
was made, but when the nun wers
gone the heavers were busy and the
damage repaired.
Work on the railroad was stopped in
a few hours. Then a hole was made
in the earth deep under the dam
That puzzled the beavers. They had
never seen water go down into
ground and come up far away
they Btuiiied the problem and work or
the railroad was poon stopped by water and half Ihe tools covered. Then
followed a contest of cunning between
the men and the beavers
Bul every time the men opened a
way for the water the beavers found
out how to stop it. The road was
finally built by working a few hours at
a time, and the Iobb to lhe contractors was about $6,000, The beavers
lost their time.
During  Spokane  Pow-Wow���
Three   Bears  Story.
Larss    Number of  Application    For
Newly Opened Territory���Majority   Norse  ond   Swede3
Knderby,   11.   ('���   June  9.- For  the I
past month  there  haa  been  a  small
and   quietly   wor'illig   army   cf  home-j
seekers  in  the  bills  and  valleys  In I
lhis vicinity, lot king over the vacant
government land in  the railway belt
prepartory to the official opening of
bis land for settlement.
On some of the quarter sections
situated close to town, whloh have
beea passed oier for the past eight
���r ten years by'sei lera looking tor
homesteads further away, there aro
as many as thirty applications. The
f ral man in line when the opening
day comes, whose application Ib In,
will be the lucky one.
It will hii seen, therefore, tba; many
ire. slated tu be disappointed. Near
Iv all. however, bsve second choice
Hi'lnctlons to file upeu.
The type of settlers seeking home
| steads that a general clearing policy
j will be adopted on the Kinds taken
;up. The settlers aie largely of Nor-
! wi glan or Swedish extraction and
i are men who have had experience In
1 pioneer work, and will set system
'initially to wcrk to bring their larui
1 under cultivation.
There ls a great dual of very good
land wlihln the timber belt, now open
to settlement, suitable fur ag'ricul
tural purposes. This has been closed
for eight or t.n years and is now be*
lng re-opened. Squatters have insisted on going upon the land, and many
have held valuable for two, three and
four years, building thereon comfortable homes and pushing forward their
line of clearing.
Thoae have nearly all been recogni-
'.ed by Ihe government and have been
permitted to get their entries. Others
who within the past year or 'wo have
3-i!:�� upon timber lanil-i within the
timber berths of the Okanagan Saw
Mills, Limited, have been ordered off
l.y the department. It is understood
hat prosecutions will take place of
any squatter within the timber berths j
after today.
Commission  Is  Informed by Old
That  Subsidies Are  Granted
Yellow   Competitors.
Spokane. June 'J.���In the huee steel
superstructure of the thtrteen-storey
1> in nport hotel a delegation of Black-
feet Indians fron Glacier National
-inrk will pitch their teepees during
the week of the Pow Wow In Spokane,
lum  16 to 21.
While the big structure mounts sky-
ward the red men,wil! hold open hom-.e
the j on  a specially  built  platform  on  tbe
Hut  -'ecend floor, cooking Iheir meals and
���zlving  their  prihal  dances  and  song
before the public.
I.. M. Davenport wlll be host to the
Indians during their Pow Wow visit
and the aborigines wlll be the first
rueita to be entertained In the *2,-
000.0-00 hostelry now being built by
Mr. Davenport and Ills Spokane associates.
The Itlackfeet will leave Clacier National park Sunday. June IB, and will
travel In a special car over the (Ireat
Northern, headed by James A. Shoemaker, special representative of Louis
W Hill. During the Pow Wow they
will participate in many of the parades
and ceremonies.
One   of   their  chiefs,  Three   Rears,
Will make his second viBit to Spokane
at   that   time.    111b  first  trip  to  the
falls of the Spokane was 65 years ago.
lhe Informs Mr. Shoemaker, when thr
I buffalo-eating   IndlanB    of    Montane
Men | came to the present sit of Spokane* for
i  pow  wow   with the  fish-eating  In -
Idians of this section.    He  was then
about 15 ye-ars old.
The Rlackfeet Indians, while tin y
seldom intermarry with other tribes.
are perhaps the best known red mer.
;-i America. They were taken to New
vork recently, where they pitched
heir teepees on the roof of the  25-
of the llerlin Madcaps in a see ne from Eddie Koy's greatest musical bucccsj,
opera house Wednesday evening.
"Over  the  River."   at    Use
Served  62  Yeara  Without a   Break-
Father Was With Wellington-
Son Ic in Winnipeg.
Victoria, June 9.���The' Indian lands
commission    returned    from its  first
sectional itinerary on Saturday, h
ing visited a number of reserves in lhe' Ftorey McAIpiue hotel, the l.irgeBt hes-
vicinity of Duncan, Cowichan. Nanal-jtelry
mo, and Alberni.   They expect to start      In
out  again early this week for nn ln-
Spectlon of the reserves in the Sooke j
and Saanlch districts of the ifllar.d
It   Ib  stated   that   while  Indians   do
not  appear to  ba.ve particular elaiim J
to  advance  on  this    island,  they  all |
have their parochial grievances, somi
of them In regard to land allotments
others in regard to hunting rights.
At this stage the commissioners do
not feel like making any definite statements as to the evidence, but In replj
lo a question, one of them referred to
an Interesting situation that has arisen In the fishing efforts of the Indians
oi more than one of the reserves located on the west coast of the Island
Tbe Indians claimed that their Industry, thai or fishing, had been taken
away from them by ihe Japanese, "nd
on being questioned further as to thin
aspect of the situation, thej Btated
that  'hey    understood  the Japanesi
ilsberini ll to be subsidized, which, of
Bourse, made it Impossible for tin*
Indians to enter into competition with
ther.' unaldi d.
Considerable evidence wns given
before the ooiiimlSBh tiers on this score
and it Ib likely to engage the serious
attention of the body while In the enp
Ital, as it Is their Intention to hold
SOBStons every day for the purpose
of considering the evidence submitted
nnd of making what arrangements
-nay be considered advisable or possible to meet the aame.
in the world
N'ew- York there were the bane
if the police department owing to the
fact that tliey caused t-affic to be
completely blocked every time they
sallied forth Into the streets. These
Indians nlso have attended land phows
n the middle west, and Dawn Mist, a
prtnceBs of the tribe, marched in the
���-uffr-ige parade in Washington last
Toronto.   June     le���The    Canad'nn
Nor'hem railway bus fled with Ihs
city solicitor n revised man of thf
proposed I'nniilion route to the north
west "( the city from Dovorcottrt
lleail through the city nnd townshi-
o the Humber river. The map COY
or*( about four miles or territory.
The most detail of the map Is the
tunnel shown to he 2 360 feet long
niniinlng Under St. Clarens avenue,
1 invention road, l.andsdowne avenue
through the Royce property and un-
der tbe northern division of the Grand
Trunk, emerging Juat east fif Talbot
The entrance will be near the Canada Foundry Company's plant. The
proposed tunnel will bo 35 feet wide,
nnd will accommodate two tracks.
I The right-of-way Is 100 feet wide. Half
a million dollars Ib the estimated cost
of the tunnel,
Students Ordained for Mission
Field In New Northwest.
Toronto, June 0. Yesterday morning an ordination Bervlce was held In
Rosedal Presbyterian church, when
Mr Robert Thompson, B. D.. nnd Mr
Peter Pilkey, B. D , were designated
by the Toronto Presbytery. The service was particularly well attended,
and. owing to the fact that Mr. Thompson lum for many years been a member of the KoBifialc congn gaiion, the
occasion was ol special Interest to
thos-   present
Mr. Thompson Is a graduate or thi
University of Toronto and also of
Knots college, while Mr. Pilkey Is
from Queen's University. The former
baa been assigned to mission work In
the Peace river district, and throughout that stretch of land be will establish missions and open up the way for
the Presbyterian chureh. The latter
will go to the Kraser lake district
where similar work will be carried
on by him.
Strange Disease Appears to Be Spreading in England and France.
London, June 9. Physicians In
ninny parts of England and France
are puzzled by the spread of n mysterious throat complaint, the chief
symptom of which is a flimsy exudation from the tonsils or ut the back of
the throat, varying from a Blight rash
to what Boenia the most acute form
Of diphtheria. Frequently also there
Is a severe swelling of the glands of
the neck, lt has caused several
The complications Include erysipelas, high temperature and weakness
of the heart action. Itacterlologlcal
examinations have failed tp discover
thc germ of diphtheria. Some physicians are Incllnded to believe that It Is
Winnipeg. June 9.���The death of I
John Francis Costello, a pionee>r tele- I
grapblst. Is reported from Dover, Eng- j
land, at the ripe age of 81 years. He
�����as probably the last survivor of the
earliest pioneers of telegraphy, having begun his services wtlh the Southeastern Railway company In 1M7. lie
retired from active work in 1909. having completed 62 years of continuous
service in one employ, and, what
makes the record more remarkable,
without sick leave or annual leave the
whole time.
During hiB long experience he participated In events that are now historical. His were the hands that telegraphed the flrst press dlBpatch of
which tliere Ib any record, and, like
all innovations, was the result of an
During the late 50'a the large Lon- |
don dailleB kept agents at Dover. 1
Their principal duties were to receive
dispatches from the continent, aud it |
the news waa or sufficient importance i
to "pool" interests, hire a special en- |
gine, and rush the news to London, i
One morning the agent of one of the I
newgpaperB overslept, and after the j
jpecial engine had departed wltb IiIb,
rival's news, his quandary w;-.s di-Bpcr-
In his distress he appealed to Mr
Costello, who inquired the number of
words he wanted to send. The information was given, arrangements made
with tho London office, and the lirst
telegraphic press re-port was ilash<-d.
The result was that the paper getting
tho telegraphed news was on the
streets of London hours before those
papers trusting to the special engine.
Arrangements were then instituted
by the ncwBpaper editors for a limited, a very limited, telegraphic service that has grown to the present
proportions. He also assisted In the
introduction of the "cable," and was
an active assist-int of the late C. V.
��� Walker, F.R.S., with bis telegraphic
I experiments between a boat with telegraphic apparatus off Folkestone, with
miles of "cable" round a drum, and
the other terminal, first at Polkstone,
and later at London.
Amongst Mr. Costello'S treasures
wcre four medals which were highly
���irl7fd by him as the bequests of his
father,, who was a sergeant In the old
96th Regiment for years the flrst battalion of the. Rifle Brigade, and who
had a distinguished record of service.
One awarded for the "Peninsular" had
no less tluiB eleven clasps for actions
dating from 1810 to 1814.
Onu  of  these    clasps,   "Pyrenees," I
represented  the  five general  engage- j
ments of Maya. Rocenvalles, BuensaJ
-L-uirvrrn. and  Dona Maria.    Another
medal  was  tho   rare  dual    "Forlorn
Hope," for the two assaults of Ouldad
llodrlgo  and   Badstos,  The  Waterloo
medal; and the Hr'll'h Legion medal
of  Spain, dated   1836-1886,  in  which
campaign  he  held  a  commission  ns
Mr. Costello leaves t" mourn his de-
"ilse two sons, one of whom is In Winnipeg, one daughter and s"venteen
grandchildren, and one great-grand-
Ohlld, Master Qeorge A. Cox, nged 2,
of Winnipeg.
that he had discovered the secret of
her trick.
1 he womau disregarded the inter-
ruputlon, and continued her trick, but
the interrepter repeated his remarks
and Signoriua Coldoui tell like a log
to the floor.
The audience believed this to be a
part cr the trick and five minutes
e-lapBi-d betore their impatient remarks drew the attention or the attendants, who created a sensation by
immediately carrying the woman off
tho stage.
She was, however, dead Tbe oppressive heat of the afternoon performance and continual anxiety over
the idea that sbe was losing her skill
contributed to weaken the heart, and
the sudden interruption of the critic
in the audience was more than Bhe
could stand.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bids.
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.   New   Westminster.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small  Musical Goods of all Kinds.  PHONE ��*P*l.
'The Last Magic
Egg Swallower Drops Dead at German
Carabet Entertainment.
Berlin, June 1. A largo assembly of
ploaBure-seekers was horrified the
othor evening at seeing a conjuring
turn In a well known enrabot here end
In a sudden tragedy. Slgnorlna Gol-
doni was swallowing eggB with n fa
cility that soemed to Justify hor claim
a non-typical form of scarlet fover orjto the title of "Kuropean champion,"
menBles. 'when suddenly  an  onlooker shouted
I Sing the Song cf the Ad.���the Honest Ad. I am,
Myself, an Honest Ad. I pay my way wherever I go. I am
courted by Men whose frown sets their Fellows a-tremble.
Without me they could not Frown.
I am the Engine which turns their Presses'
wheels. I am the High Chamberlain of Cleanliness; the
Arch Enemy of Disease. I am the Destroyer of Hovels;.
thc Light of Dark Places. I Kiss the Hue of Health into
the Cheeks of Babes. I smooth the Path of Old Age. I
fire the Homing Instinct into the Breasts of Men. I turn
their Thoughts to Love. I make Women desire Homes. I
am the Builder of Homes���the Garber of their Inhabitants. I make Gutter Gazers look up at the Stars. I am
the Torch of Emulation. I am the Reporter of All Progress. I am the Spur of Genius; the Bread of its Dreams.
I am the Sign of Success. I am Success. I speak in the
Tongues of all Christendom. I am Universal. I move
Mountains. I make Deserts burgecn in Vines and Golden
Wheat, in Towns, in Great Cities. I plume Sea Skies. I
fret Rivers���1 harry Deep Waters with Traffic. I am thc
Spirit of Commerce���the Touchstone of Industry. I shall
pass with man's Final Thought. I am the World's Last
l rACE  f OUR
TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1913.
(Continued trom page one)
every city in (he nut 13 in the same i
pcsiiion.   The position of New West-1
lii-.s er is Just us good as any other ,
ity or municipality in Canada."
The  mayor  then  congratulated  thc j
city on passing the bylaws in his   ub
..     ..       ���       ,11 .. (-,.,������.��� �����a ��to|Sence and said be appreciated the at- *
Mr. Powell and 1 left Ottawa and ��<':til,ide of (he ^^
were assured by the minister of pub j     ��A.  t|u, saI11(.  ,ime,  the citizens of |
only a matter  New   Westminster  mutt  bear  up  for'
seme  time,"    pursued    Ins    worship. ;
."Until we sell these bonds the work
necessary plans. _ ^ , must g0 plisy  Th(, ,lgpnU are maU|n���
the samo tlniie we   must not   think, lorder In couneil In   connection   with If erred to their respective committees
New  Westminster wns the only city | the harbor work arrives, this will b- * for report.
unable to sell Iheir bonds.    I  Inhere I commenced and an  endeavor will  bei Liquor  LlcensM
aie works that II  was
at title and Mr. Powell to furnish the I
made to transfer to another depart
nienl cur employees so that they will
not bo made to suffer any hardship.
The next malter was the permanent improvement In front of the pent-
tentiary grounds. Last yebr and this
y��ar thc council asked the Dominion
���government for an appropriation suf-
licicnt to pave Columbia street op-
poBii-e this property. I found, on tak-
in-g the matter up at Ottawa that the
.Rovi-rnmi'iit had made an appropriation of this kind in other partB of the
Dominion. The inspector will be here
within llie next two weeks and will
report to I be government oil the mat
tar and decide Whether be Will recom-
mend Ij.iI the federal authorities pave
thr portion lhal the- city have asked
DrUill Halt.
"In connection wllh the drill hall,
i discuss, d iliis with Mr. Taylor and
the minister of militia, Colonel Sam
Hughes. The latter is expected to
-visit British Columbia lhis year. He
assured lne lbat, with the new additions to the regiment, New Westminster will require a drill hall much
larger than the present and he would
.consider my suggestion to remove ibe
hall to another site in some other
portion cf llie city. He said ho would
lako tbe mailer up with Mr. Taylor
���end the counc.I when he arrived here
later On. Ho told uie lhat the new
ball would be built next year in New
Cos Plant Site,
"in regard to the gas works aile on
the Indian reBerve, 1 think people understand that the Indian coinnns j
sioni'r3 have (alien the matter up.
They an* on Vancouver island a I
present nnd as booh aa they havo
���dcall with matters there tbey will
come over to this part of the country*.
Wo were advised to pass a bylaw stating wha; the property was required
for, so that the commissioners when
they came here could see that the
���ceuncil had definitely stated their purpose and they could recommend thai
thin portion of the land could bo
Kranted to the city, without delay. 1
have bun notified that the coinmls
sion��:rs will be here within Iwo weeks.
This Looks Good.
"When I was negotiating In  these
roc. that a very large steamship com-
vsxny operating, at preBent, on tlie Atlantic, out from Montreal, wished to
���More (i location on the west coast
on completion of the Panama canal.
The harbor plans were placed beforo
tho representatives of the company
ami tbey seemed delighted with them.
The only  thing  tliey were  frighhned
the best arrangements to sell ihem
However, K wlll take some Utile time
and it is probable that applications
coming in for improvements will have
to bo laid over. Certainly we are not
going to spend a very large amount
until we have made sure of the proper sale of the bonds.
"1 just wish to say In conclusion no
person can quite understand what It
nioant to have Mr. Powell In Ottawa.
For Instance, there were uiapB, plans,
documents that bad lo be se-en to, a
f; w corrections had to be made and
I am positive tbat had Mr. Powell not
been with us we would not at this
time have received oc.r foreshore
"1  can assure the council thru    It pa���"a
was no holiday 1 had either.   Out cf
the.- three weeks I  waa away  I  spent I
l'i  nights on the train.    However,    I j
appreciate  tlie honor the  council  did
me In sending me to Ottawa as tbe'r
representative and I trust that    the*
work   we have accomplished  Justified
the   council's   action.     Thank   you,
Mr.  Eryscn  Queries.
Alderman    Bryson���Your    worship,
the council appreciates very much the
work you  have dune.    Yeu    were'    a
| very busy man while you were away.
i No doubt you had very good promises
i and I only hope v/e wont have lo send
'you back noxt year to see why ihey
i have  not  bien  fulfilled.    The  reason
1  rise is iliia.    As    I  understand    it
there was a very important matter u
be att nded to   by    Mr. Powell   and
yourself  and  you  a.iked   the  counoil
not to say anything about it in case
Borne  one  got the  inside  track  and
frustated your plans,    lt was a    very
Important    matter    you    were    going
nl'ter and the   other    things   seemed
side issues.    I would Ilk
this important thing���
Alderman Kellington ��� Alderman
Bryson can very well go into your
Office and get the information from
you privately. 1 have no desire personally to know until sucn time ;i
the issue is setlled.    I prefer not   to
The subject of the liquor license bylaw was discussed.
Alderman Kellington said the council bad no ortion ij'.ii to pas3 the bylaw. Mr. McQiK'.rrio's opinion had
been confirmed l.y eminent counsel In
Vancouver. The hotel people would
huve to submit.
A special meeting of Ihe
will be held on Thursday next
when the liquor bylaw will
cussed. The meeting of the
commissioners was posl poned until
the subsequent Wednesday on account
of thia special meeting.
Bt 2:.'ID
be dls-
Lacrosse Players and Their Privileges
Discussed  by Council���Various       |
*********      JIMMY WILL TRY
At the meeting of the cily council
held last night, five bylaws were sub
mltted.   One of them, a proposal    to I
ralBe the rate of interest on tho local j  ;
improvement bylaw rrom 4% to 6 per;
cent.,  was  declared  illegal  and  with-   Mister  Hewitt to  Referee the  Welsh-
Two others, the Nanaimo street bylaw and the gaa situ expropriation
were read three    times    and    finally
Tbe Fraser cemetery and milk by- I
laws were rend a llrst time.
Parks and Athletes.
A  letter  from   li.  W.  Sangster,
bahalf of lhe    Senior   Amateur
crease  club,   requesting  lhe    use
Qutcns  park ova!    for    mutches
.nine 14, July
Campbell Pink Tea at S-.eves'.on
on Thursday.
_ iu^   know  so  tbat if  it  gets out. on    the
nother matt'er"was put up to  8,reet "fhody can say I let it out.
mayor Uray���-Mr, Taylor and Mr.
Powell wlll be back on Wednesday
and 1 want to arrange- a meeting between them and the councll when this
whole question will be gone into.
Alderman Lynch���1 move we pre*
coed to business.
Alderman Bryson 1 wanl to explain matters.    If the mayor had said
of was that the channel at the mouth
��� of the river would not be completed
io time for them to avail themselves
of a sine on the l-'rascr river. How-
ever, tbey wero assured that the government had given us Ibe assurance
that tho work would bo pushed ou as
rapidly as possible.
"They will came bore and go Into
tbe proposition in September with Mr.
Powell and lhe council. Tliey are-
not looking for bonuses or concessions, th:*>' are looking for a silo. It
wc can locale that steamship company Hon- ' *'"" ' car
it will certainly be one if the bent til -' o'clock In th
rjhir;j;s we ever did. It Is one of the
best companies doing business in
EaE'.^rr!  Growth.
The mayor then described thc great
���-advancement and development ot
Montreal harbor since he had visited
thai city last. He had spent a considerable time at the docks. There
wen- lii piers and a ship at eaeb one
��� of Uiem witli four or live- others waiting to come ih.    They  wire going to
>di/uble the capacity of Montreal bar
bor. aome of their elevators were the
finest  on tbe American continent
Must Co   Easy.
As to the matter cf bonds, b mi
persons thought be wen: east to sell
"That waa not my Intention,"
'th'   mayor.   "When I was east I called i n the parties who Bold o ir b in '.
las! year and talked over mill'rs. At
I am ncl in a position io let you know,
I would not have got oil my seal. An
we going to send two gentlemen
there for something special and then
hear nothing about ii ? if the time
is not ready 1 don'l want to know
anything about it.
Alderman Henley���We have a rlghl
to speak. Turning to Alderman
I.ynch. who made some interuptlon,
the worthy alderman exclaimed wrath-
fully, "Don't Interfere with me the
same aa you did with Alderman Ilry-
if we stay here un-
^^^^^^^^^^ morning.'' (To the
mayor) You ar.- perfectly rlghl not
to answer a question to the detriment
of the city. We have somotlmes to
keep our counsel to ourselves. Then
are times whrn it is not business to
make things public.
Alderman White moved a vole ol
thanks to the mayor for his compli te
and full report of his trip to Ottawa.
Alderman l>rdd seconded and it
was carried unanimously.
Mayor Cray acknowledged the com
ii. ferring again to the financial
stale of affairs, he said It was abso-
lul' ly Impossible ;o make any largi
��� xpendlture until they sold their
bunds. "I can assure the ratepayers
i i .New WeBtmlnster," said thc mayor
"that   the  council  of  this  year    are
: ��� niy gi ing to have an uphill fight.
i may be necessary to Hint down
b m ��� of our work, but as sunn aa the
on '
14, July !,, July 20, and August 9
with power to make a charge of ",.
cai s, led to a great commotion.
Alderman IKdrt attacked this mode
of dealing with the parks. They might
as well baud over the differenl parka
io the various athletic organizations
AliU rman Bryson was Inexpressibly
Bhocked when he heard from tin
mayor that a resolution had been
passed last year, whereby the council
could grant the use of the park with
permission to make a charge. Not
one In ten of the citizens knew of
this resolution
Alderman i.ynch���Just about the
proportion who would refuse to pay
to 6ee.
Alderman Jardine said a change
to know If ought lo be mad... Last week tne
windows were broken in the industrial buildings and articles smashed
in such a way as to ba a disgrace to
a civ.lined country.
After a lot of Indignation had been I
turned loose on the part of Alderman!
Bryson and  Dodd and a mild protest |
oh Alderman Henley's part   and    as
warm a justification from tlie mayor,
who pointed out that the oval was bo-'
ing kepi  by lhe lacrosse people, that i
they were a great advertisement   for
tbo city, nnd that ihey could make- a
great denl mcre money by playing in
Victoria and Vancouver, and also from
Aldermen Jardine. I.ynch and Kelling
ton. the permission was granted.
Mills Condemned.
A communication from the fire chief
and   building   Inspector   condemning
the Koyal City mills as a fire trap ana
a harbor of nocturnal refuge for undo- ,
sirablos  led  to    a  discussion    as    to
whom   the   property   belonged   to.    Il
was stated it was really owned by the
C.   N.   Ii.   company   and   it   was   ultl- '���
mati ly decided to take the matter up
with the company's representatives,
Mr. Wootton  Resigns.
A. S. Wootti n, waterworks superintendent,  resignid  his  position  on  receiving an appointment as a construe-;
tion  engineer.     Hi   asked   for a  fort- |
Jimmy Hewitt, a Vancouver spe
writer, was yesterday selected to
the tlnrd man In the ring at Stevesti
on Thursday eveulng when Ray Camp
bell, the Frisco lightweight, will
battle 15 rounds with Kreddie Welsh,
the- English champion. Welsh ls training bind in Vancouver and took on
three men at the V. A. C. last evening
in n fast workout.
Campbell, who iB staying over in
North Vancouver, is preparing for tin
approaching bout as if his existence
depended upon his defeating Welsh,
and a line scrap should ensue when
the two gi t together.
Although \\iish is the favorite fer
the approaching battle. Campbell has
many supporters, who point with
pride to bis victory over Fighting
Dick llyland at the Steveston arena
a short time ago when he had
Hyland licked in the opening rounds.
.Manager Hilly Haddock, who Is
handling the affair, had the finishing
touches made to the an na yesterday,
paying special attention to the light-
ing apparatus, A special B. C. 1-1. It.
train will leave Vancouver on Tliiirs
day evening, while it is expected that
enough fans will leave this city to
ensure ths chartering of a special ear.
Mostly Britishers.
Winnipeg, June 9.���During the first
five months cf this year ending May
ill, no less    than    ll.uSG homesteads
have  been  taken  np on  th"  prairies. !
which bliov.s a large    Increase    over
any   corresponding   time    in    recent
years.     Contrary   to  general  opinion,
75 per cent, of these homesteads have
been taken up in the piairie provinces :
by  Kngiish speaking    people,    Cana-
tlians lead the way by a small    majority,  but  they  are closely followed i
by liritish and Americana.
Prince on U. S. Soil.
Niagara Falls, N.Y., June 9.���Prince '
Albert  Frederick George, second son
of King (Ieorge of England, was upon !
American   soil   Saturday.     He  and  80
fellow   cadets   of  his   majesty's  rhip '
Cumberland, now  at  Qui bee, arrived [
here from Toronto shortly alter noon, I
Tke Water  Front
Rich Black Silks for All    Shot Taffeta Silks,  36
Occasions.  Regular Jncfh ggc  Yard
We have more new arrivals in 30-Inch shot taf-
fi'ii .-ilk*- This Mason's newest tones, tan and
green, black and red, rose and sky and plain
Shades.    Special  price, per yard.........  8B-C
Colored Pongee Silks.
night's holiday to be    taken    elf    his
month's notice.
Ki.-ferre-J to tlio water committee
With power to act.
A pro esl from the Tradi s and
Labor council against granting any
money lo the Progressive association
for advertising purposes wns referred
to llle finance committee to report.
The nnt.ver and Alderman Dcdd explained lbat a sum of $1000 had li en
set down in the estimates for advertising purposes, but that was now
altered and the money was t i b
diverted into tbe procuring nf Industries in the shape of paying an Indus
trial commissioner.
Alderman Dodd asserted that this
was beyond the council's power and
lhe subject wns left to the finance
committee  to  unravel.
A number of applications dealing
with public works and water were re*
The Kingsway unloaded 160,000
pounds of halibut at tho Columbia
Cold Storage company's wharf yoBter-
day. sin- docked at 7,a.m. and leaves
today to return down thc river,
Work on Hie new government Inspection boat Flspa Is nearing completion ui the Westminster Marine
Railway company's ways on Lulu Is-
lland, and she will be given a speed
trial shortly. Afier this the details oi'
construct ion will he finished and it is
expected to have the n< w boat In com-
rnif-sloii within a  few  weeks.
Six carloads of freight left the
Great Northern freight deppt here yesterday afternoon on car ferry No. 2
for Sydney whence tbey will go by
rail in Victoria. The cargo consisted
of groceries, cement and structural
The tug Gleeful docked yesterday
afternoon at Fraser 11 ilia after being
engaged down the river for some time.
Values to $1.75 for
88c. Per Yard
Silks for tailored suits, silks for reception gowns
and evening wear, soft black Louieenne, I'eau-
de-Soie, Countess. This is an exceptional showing, an evf-ry quality and weave shown is guaranteed for wear, being dyed nnd finished by the-
bort European makers. The unprecedented demand for black silk makes this offer a most seasonable one; width 20 to 2.1 inches; regular
values to $1/75.   To clear, per yard 88e
Hypitea Silks,   Regular
$1.50 and $1.75 Yard,
For $1.38
This is an exceptional showing, all newest shades
or  tan,   brown,  gray,   pink,  sky,   canary,  etc.;
heavy quality; with a very beautiful, rieli rinisli;
3G to 40 inrhes wide; regular to $1.60 and $1,76.
Price per yard         S1.3B
48c  Yard
Ten pieces or colored Pongee Silks; 2fi inches
wide; this season's best shades, sky, tan, brown,
gray, black, navy, etc., Included are a number
ot pieces of natural pongee. 112 inches wide;
good heavy quality; regular to fiOc yard. Price
per  yard    48c
Bulgarian Silks Just
We have just placed in stock two pieces of rich
Hulgarian silk; bright colorings 40 inchefl wide.
Hie these at one- as they are iii great demand
for present wear.  I'rice, yard....'������.., $1.75
Messaline and Fancy
Foulard  Silks
At $1.16 we an- offering at lenst a dozen pieces
of shut Messaline and fancy Poulard silks; In
a range of choice colorings; 3-8 to 44 Inches
wide; regular values up to $2.25 yard. Price,
Pi r yard   $1.15
She recently torrefl a boom of logs
from Vancouver lo Anacortes,
To repair damage dime by the recent high water, new foundation piles
are being placed about the bulldlnga
if lhe Anglo-Ani-i-ric n cannery, Canoe Pass, Delta. A protective, mattress of brush and ruck ia being laid
down. The boom pilus of the McLel-
lan Lumber company were also affected by the flood and now 90-foot
piling is being driven at th-- booming
"round between I.ndncr and Port
The tug Vancouver, ol Vancouver,
parted up thn river late yesterday.
701  Columbia Street
Phone 57
eature Show At
E Toda
IM L'lll MHIWW "
A MB������B��� ��� U U
A Feature (VBotton Picture
Two thousand feet of spectactular Civil War History.
See this remarkable picture now.    You may never
have the opportunity again.
The Master Cracksman
The most astounding Detective story ever conveyed to
film. Pronounced by the Press to be the greatest sensation of the present season.
Selig's Wartime Masterpiece In Two P
[3 ���**���- ���^-���ft"^
Show this
%e bany!
an 0 /mx      ���
/rt '** ff-ii -rt^l Zl ff      fcl    M ^ ik '���'' f4
imr .".vaarrr a" Jirmv. TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1913.
page mm
For Sport Readers
philadelphia americans
Mack  Men  Are   Hitting Great  Pace���
What the Major Leagues
Are Doing.
One of the axioms of tho spnrtliiK
world Ih that cliuinplonu, once defeat
<-d. never Coma back. Heretofore tra
dition uud history have barked up
thin truism manfully. An exception
will  have  to  be made in the case of
baseball and Connie Mack's Athletlos,
unless thu  Other  seven  clubs  In    llie
American league combination fall on
I In- Mark men en niaHHi-.    Al the rule
the Philadelphia team of the American leaKiu> Is traveling at present the
linn Johnson pennant for 1918 win be
won some time about August 1, and
I ,i> nml inn- half iiiiiuths li
Allilellc-s to prepare for lhe world's
.mth a.
Some  Record This.
When   tlie   basi ball   week  ended   cn
Saturday night the Athletics had just'
scored their   thirteenth   consecutive
\ clory and    wero   "cantering   under j
ivraps," tn use a turf expression.   At!
I IiIb stage of the race, the Athletic
appear to have everything tbat goes
i > make a winning team.   SToungBlersI
and veterans alike, are playing in per-|
feet form and tbe fighting spirit    li
���in in rallies that wres-l victories
in ui apparent defeat,
pitch and
lartzell nnd Morton, a wll:.
���rrors hy Ixird and Chase.
Chicago ...
Htm  York
llatteries:  dcotte, White, Lang and
Hchiilk;   Ford and Sweeney.
Falkenberg Breaks Even.
It.    H.    K.
.17      2
took the opening game nf the series
agiiiiidt I'ortland here today, BchmutZ
pitching classy  ball  throughout.
Score: R.   H,   B.
Vanoouver  S   10    3
I'ortland           2      4      3
Batteries:    Bchniutz and  Kinnick;
EJasteloy and  Murray.
Montreal 5, Toronto 0.
Providence 0, Jersey City 2,
Baltimore 1, Newark 2.
Buffalo 9, Rochester 4.
(By the Polter.)
Gue88 the odd man trick on Saturday was all to the good. It looked like
old limes to see George or Tom Iten-
nle heating their man In on the attack.
Bveryhody thought It wns about time
for Cliff Spring to ptart something.
Pour goals is pretty fair for out- afternoon's work.
hut the elongated twlrler had
soma consolation���a dispatch from
Washington announced the arrival of
:-. nm.
Score: R,    11.    IC
Cleveland         1     8     l
Boi ton     4     7     :i
Batteries; falkenberg and Carlsohi
given the   Bedient and  Carrlgan.
And Where Was Woodrow?
Washington,    June    ll     Detroit  ex-
"elled   iii   every  department  and   won
ltn game from Washington today 6-4,
The visitora, aided by errors and by
l-fughes' mildness, took ihe lead In the
first Inning and were never headed,
Wlllett had the locals at bin mercy
until the r.lvth when lie became wild
and filled the baisoH on balls and was
his for a single. Dubuc relieved him
and held the game Bate. Cobb unci
Wlllett hit home runs.
Score; It.   II.   K.
Di irnit      ij    10     n
Clubs Buying Players. Washington          4      7      4
The other blubs apparently realize     Batteries:   Wlllett, Dubuc and  Motor Mi y are   making   desperate  Kee;  Hughes, Gallia and Henry.
Vnnccuver  has only one  man,  I.n-
j lon-Je,  amongst  the  first   six  players
Eye or  Mind  on  the  Boll;   Which  Is'at the head of the scoring list.
Best  Principle ? | 	
An  argument   has    been    launched j    Grumpy Spring looks like repealing
over    the    golfing    principle    as    to   his  record  of  the  past  two  seasons,
Whether one should keep one's eye or   lhat of heading the Eastern and  the
Boston, June 9.���Kalkenberg's string one's mind on the ball ln making the I Western  leagues In goal scoring.
if ten consecutive vIctorh-B was ended stroke. 	
by the lted Sox today, Cleveland be-1 on the other hand there are still ' Pat Keeney Is one of the sensational
ing beaten 4-1. Tho score was 2-1 two or Ihree duffers left who would-"come-backs" of the coast league,
when Kalkenherg was taken out In ,-,,��� well content to merely keep their Everyone thought the veteran had
the seventh to allow I.ajole to bat for club-head on the ball and let the rest   hung up his stick for keeps after last
��� orts in itrengthen lhelr weak spots, I
During  the   lust   week   Detroit    pur-
i  Pitcher Grimes and Flrtbase-
man Burns frum the Ottawa club of
ihe Co tral association; St. i.ouis pa d
00 for Shortstop Flanagan, of iliej
.-in Diego team, nnd Manager chain-
ped  Pitchers Clarke and  Klepfer
lo make room for olher players lu- is:
trying to procure.   Scouts from every
��� ib In   the  I. ague are  running duwn
��� ii   phenomenas   In   the   minor'
Nev/ York Coming Along.
Meanwhile llie    Athletics    are    well i
oul   in   the   It-ad  with   Cleveland   fol-1
wing.    The   Browns  turned  on   the!
Naps early   In   the  week  and   broke
���vim,ing atroak and while Cleve-I
**l   Btarted   afresh   with   four   wins
from the New Vorks all these games
wi re  close    and    showed    the    New
Vorkers fighting  hurdir    than    ever,
pn   eii.e of Xelder und Bnrten in
' "   lineup undoubtedly has strength-
ened lhe Chance    nun    und    I'eekin
h 1  rei im,   iii  form  has helped    i
close the gup at shortstop.    The vie-
��� of Saturday agalnsl the    White
Sox,  the  lir.it   by  New  York,  at    tbe
��� grounds this season, showed the
1   nine   combination   In   hitter   form
than  in  any   home game for several
��� "lis.
Hal  Chase with  Sox.
The addition of  Hal chase to the
inks of the White Sox cannot full to
Ip Hie chances of Comlskey's club.
'   gives  the  Chicagoans a splendid
I 'ing infield both on offensive and
di fence.    Detroit had the misfortune
be Bchoduled against the Athletics
* .i   lime  when   the     Mack     machine
running  without a hitch  or jar.
��� bb was In the lineup against   the
*  I' iii's after Ins absence during the
' lilcago series, but his return could
in ' turn the tide of defeat. St. lxiuis
tried a sbakeup in batting order, hut
II fa,led   to   accomplish   Bnythlng  in
ii  way of permanent improvemi nl
Gianle Arc Dangcrou3.
In   the   N.rii iial'li ague     llle     New
Vi 11, i;iantk playing a*  a steady  .7,vi
clip  paused   Brooklyn  und   went  Into
nd plac*. McGraw evidently feels
il  the trading of  Vinos, Groh    and
Dure left him rather weak In sub
stituto Inflelders for   he   purchased
"Harvard   Eddie" iIrani  fmm Cincinnati    where   Iie  had   heen  acting    as
in i' y man.   The Ri dr, pul the throe
former Giants  to  work  at once  an.l
II performed exoellently,    Devore I
flsnder  Still  There.
Philadelphia, June 9���Berider pitched a great game today and Philadelphia defeated Bt I.ouis 5-0, The vis-
Itors secured only two hits, both of
the icratch variety, and never hud a
ch'con  to si-ore.
Score: R.    11.    Iv
St.   I.ouis       (I      2      U
l hiiadelDhia  ���    ">   11     -'
Hamilton and Agney; Mc Ales ter;
Bender and Sctnng.
Standing of the Clubs.
.. .28
.. . 24
. ..23
lead-off man in the Cincinnati battln
��� and has heen hitting hard. Groh's
play  in   ne, ml   base  helped   his  now
li n;i  during   the    \scek.    and    . mes
pitched a    three hi:,    rn    run    game
i ini Brooklyn Tuesday,
lhe  i billies at  il-.e  week end  still
i "i I i. h ,-d of mere Ihan 100 points
over iiie (riant.-.   Tho P fatoB, *������ Ith
llabi '  ' lam - "ii 11 e mound, broughl
��� '*"* ii   ihelr '.niy di f at.    Brooklyn's
' nlj i ictoi    came with Rucker In tlio
ii ai' di  i  nc inatl on Thursday.
1 he le  i.i filed lo give their twlrlers
��� 'I suppi rl  In other games, oonse-
icntly  llieli   drop  to  third  plac.'  la
nol   a   h:\hIi I'V.
Cubs  P'tcher'a Weak.
1 ii' in found Boston a hard pre
��� "ii  and   lhe    Ik si    EverB    men
ill    lo   Waa   tO  gl t   Ull  even   l,n .ill   ill
i ur gamon, Fein of th" Cub veti rati
i' lehers an* wi rklng well. The Pitta
l" ui just hold lhelr own mul but for
two wins from BoBton early th" week
��� '.hi huve shown poorly us the result
of Hn- upai    against the Phillies.
And They Pounded Matty.
St. Louis won i's only Kame of the
week on Wednesday when the Cardln-
nis  drove   Christy   Mathewaon   from
Hi"  box   with  a series of slams  that
sMi-thd   both the "fadeaway"  artist
������'iid his team mates.
New Vork .
Hrooklyn  ..
Chicago ...
Pittsburg   22
���-'1   Louis  . , . ������ 21
Boston    1"    '-'r'
Cincinnati '... .17    30
Vi Bterday's Games.
Red  Ames Pounded  Hard.
Cincinnati,   June   9. -Brennan   held;
Cincinnati  at  hir,  mercy    today    und
Philadelphia woa  io l    Brennan al-:
[owed  four lilts and kept Cincinnati
rimless   until   the   ninth      Cincinnati
used three pitchers, all of them being:
hit hard and often.    Becker and Cra-
vuth   carried  off  the  batting  honors^
Becker   made   two   home   runs   while;
Cravath  obtained   two  three-baggers, I
a double and a bane on bRlls.
Score: H     II.    1-1.
Philadelphia  10   13     2
Cincinnati    1     ��
Batteries:   Brennan    and    Killifer; |
Ames. Harter,  Nelson and  Clarke.
"Most Wretched" Is Good.
Pittsburg, .lune 9. Brooklyn scored :
Blx runs off Adams in the ninth thlf
afternoon and won the most wretched
game seen on Forties Field in many a
day, Hl-7. Brooklyn had six mlsplays
one double steal and other wild throws
Hoffman mis.iudgi.-d Cati
fly lu the ninth and it
Batteries;   Ragon, Curtis,
Ier, Edwin, W. Fisher; Robinson, Alans, and Simon;
Jim Thorpe in the G?me.
Chicago, June 9. -New York batted
Chicago's pilchers all over the field
todav and evened up the series by
winning the second game 11-3. Ma-
Ihewson, who wns on the mpund for
the CtantS, wn�� In fine form and although touched for seven hits he pull
cd hi-e elf out of the pinches
Mil hew son oiiit the game to allow
Jim Thorpe, the Indian athlete, to
I it fer him In the ninth. Thome
plngled and In Chicago's half of the
uii ill wi nl to centre field
V.'W  York   	
Chicago  ��������������� h
IVttcrios-Wl'tse  nnd   Myers,
ley;   I lefleld,  Overall    Ultchle
r,Twentv-two Hits in This Game.
Louis. June 0    W'lth Hanser Ir
of It drift.
This Isn't as simple as it seems.
An elderly golfer of some yearB' experience walked Into hiB club house a
few  dayB  ago   with   hla  soul  shining
through his eyes.
"What waa your score?" queried a
club mate.
"One hundred und twenty-lwo and
only 11 whiffs." he answered. "My
former record was 120 and 1G whiffs."
Anyone who ever heard a cluhhead
pound the air about three Inches
above ihe ball needs no Introduction
to the meaning of "whiff."
Golf  Club  Championship.
The qualifying round for the Brook-
cup, the winning of which carries
with it tlie championship of the club,
was played on Saturday when a large
number of members look part. The
scoring was unusually high, but might
be accounted for by the hard eondl
tion of the course caused by the recent spill of dry  weather.
The    hading    scores were
A. McAlister 	
H. T. Gardner 	
A. C. Stewart 	
W.   Hone   	
J. A. Yellowlees 	
C. E. Jefferson 	
A.  Stewart   	
J. T. Milne  	
The draw for the lirst round is
A. McAlister vs. I'. II. Hepburn.
T. Gardner vs. .1. E. Jenkins.
C, Stewart vs. W, Greenlees.
Bone vs. J. A   Motherwell.
A. yellowlees vs. T. D. Sherrlff.
Ei. Jefferson vs. W. Clark.
Stewart vs, W. II. Flelt,
T.  Milne  vs.  O.  M.  Hamilton cr
Two weeks on the road for the Salmon Bellies, next Saturday ln Vancouver and the following week In Victoria. Quite a delegation are making
plans to support the hoys in Victoria.
Wonder If Jim  Kavanaugh and his
Irish-Canadians win be out after the1
Minto cup this fall.    So far they have
won three straight games.    "Keep af- :
ter 'em byes," will seem natural from
Jim's melodious voice.
The   Balmorals   wlll   make  another
attempt   to  lower  the colors  of the |
Moose outfit  this evening.    Manager ;
Mallen believes it about time that the |
horse-shoe stuff which has been dung-
ling around  the neck of Bill Graham
should take a rest.
Frede West
and  her staff of electricians
offers his own Inimitable violin imitations.
Singer   of   Illustrated   Songs.
A full Reel Keystone, featuring Ford Sterling, the world's
funniest    photo-play    come*
10c. and 20c.
At tke Tkeatres
Jack Smith, the receiver for
Bals, has answered the lure of
Kort George district.
a3 ful
Forty thousand people witnessed
tlie annual football league match be-
tween New South Wales and .New-
Zealand at Sydney last week. The
Australians  won  17-15.
A frv.- more over-time games such
as the Toronto-Tccumsih fixture of
Saturday and the old pastime will
t ke Its former position in eastern
for   :
.  �����
.  7
B.   11!
11.    E
11     :
1(1     n
il   Mi'
j. it.
The first named is the challenger
and has to give his opponent the
choice of two dates, one of which must
be a Saturday. The first round must
be completed by June 2H.
Senior Amateur Lacrosse on Saturday  Should   Be  Fast.
Let everybody get together and pull
for the amateur game at Queen's park
on Saturday afternoon.
The local hoys are giving tlieir time
ind are even buying their sttrks and
gloves Just to keep the name of Westminster In the I'acific Coast Amateur
Had Turnbull has the hoys out at
���he pnrk every evi ning drilling th"ni
'nto seme plays which he believes
will be a BurnrlEe to Sam Lorlmer's
bunch from Victoria.
S: i| e fright lost the Royals tlr-ir
last game in Vlcti rm. There wlll be
none of this next Saturday afternoon
Bill 1'iitehell Ins returned to the
fold after a heart-to-heart talk with
Manager Turnbull Bill has the edge
"ii any defence man in the league
when he only makes up his mind.
With Stoddard, Patchell, Cotton anil
Atkinson on the defence the team
should hold the score down to the
vanishing  point.
And a few more rough games like
Saturday's at Queen'B Park will not
improve  matters any.
Frank Chance and his Highlanders
1 handed a rude jolt to the White Sox
Seems hard luck for the Australian
tennis players to come all the way j
from the land of the Southern Cross*
' only to get licked by the Americans
in the preliminaries. The Yanks will
fight it out with the Germans in tbe
i The French Canadian youth of
Maillardville, inspired with the ambi-
l tion   to   become  as  prominent   in   la*
'crosse circles as their celebrated rom-
1; patriot     Lalonde.    are    getting    busy
i organizing a lacrosse club In the village.    Games will probably bo staged
; with some of the junior learns of New-
Westminster thiB season.
(By "Gravy.")
That even the poor peons of the dia-
I mond  may  hope  to throw    off    the
hackles of their slavery and  rise to
greater  heights  is  demonstrated  by
' the careers of sueh men as Spalding.
Governor Tenner,   Mllly   Sunday and
lames I.'. Mc.AJeer.
The latter, once a slave, ground be-
ncath the heel of tbe heartless base-
liall octopus���or rather heels, since the
octopus is i ight-fcotid���is now him-
ilf a magnate and a slave-driver,
living in luxury off the dreary toil of
h" champion Red Sox. who often
work as long as two hours a day. six
months a year, for a mere annual pit-
innce of A few thousand dollars 1!
makes one's heart bit ed to think thai
men call bo so cruel to their follow -
11.    1*1
12      l
ft    6
the game at Bhort St. Louis defeated
Boston i'-'-'"' In :��� fr��� hitting contest,
Three Visiting pitchers were driven
fr, .��� ���-,,. i eeud Sall'-e wis hit hard
but tightened when the bases were
Sc !'���
l'i i-loll
:���     1 - 'I
Expect Trouble From the
With three victories safely stoweil
away so far this season, the Moosi i
nine nre expecting troublo when they i mp.,
meet tiie Balmorals' this evening on | jameB McAloer, the Simon I.agree
he Queen's Park diamond and will ��the Boston Americans, was born In
������.ii! one of their strongest teams. R'1 j yOUngstown, O.. 45 years ago today,
far thiB Bummer the local pill artist, , p_.ul -|.,,gan playing ball at the age of
have been putting up rome ���- * ���
hibitiens and  that  this  is
Pauline    Ciishiuuti,    probably    the
most unique  figure  in  Civil  war history, is the heroine of the picture at
the   Kdison   theatre     today.     Pauline
Cushman was born in the south. Later i
she went north and took up a theatrl- i
cal careir.
The action of "Pauline    Cushman"
starts In one of the dressing rooms of
the Wood's theatre in Louisville.   Her
maid brings her a note from Colonel
; .Martin, a paroled Confederate officer.
Martin requests an audience with hei
that afternoon.   She Immediately ac-
icepis the invitation.    Keeping her ap-
* pointment, she meets a group of gal-
j lant   southern   officers,     ln   response
j to their requests she consents to lead
a Confederate  demonstration  at    the
theatre  that  evening.    That  evening
at the theatre. Miss Cushman, during
the banquet scene in "Camlle," steps
forward and    proposes a toast:    "To
Jeff Davis and    the    Southern    Confederacy. May the South always maintain  her honor and  her  rights 1"    A
riot   ensued.     Escaping   from   Louisville, she hurries south. With her eyes
and ears ever open,  she successful!;-,
operates   in   this   field   until   she     i.
caught  in  the  act of giving  Holmes
the secret  service agent,  valuable information regarding movements of the
Southern army.    Holmes manages    ti
scape, but Miss Cushman is arrested
and sentenced to be hanged as a spy. !
She Is placed  in    General    Forrest's j
tent  at  headquarters  under  a  stronn j
guard, but, with her woman's wit and
Instinct, ls enabled to escape, garbed j
:is a Confederate drummer boy.   After
i perilous r'de she reaches the Feder
al lines and is escorted  to the head-
qinrt'-rs of Gi neru!  Rosccrans.
Pauline Cushman returns to a new-
zone of danger, notwithstanding the
fact that a price has been pul upon
her Bhapely luad. In her boldness
ind :' --i''ss'vi ness she becomes ever
more harmful to the South than she
was formerly, Then follows tht
thrilling ba'tle of Lewiston Gap, In
which cavalry charges and the artil
lery cannonading of the eight pound
irs olay such an Important part. The
Confederates nre repulsed bv the
Fedrral infantry. Pauline Cushman
takes an active hand in this battlc
and after it is over is awarded -i
medal and is given the rank and tit!"
of major for her gallantry In action
and distinguished services.
Another r. el at the Kdison is Tigris
an elaborate and powerful Italian
criminal drama.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase   and   Sale   of   Real   Estate     1
Corner Edmonds Road and Twelfth Street. Consisting of a seven roomed house, modern in every
way, including a greenhouse. Heated with hot water. Three roomed gardener's cottage. Chicken
house, Lawn, nicely graded and set in shrubs. All
in splendid shape. Would make a good family hotel
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Weetmlneter   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing some very pretty designs In Brass Beds, 4 ft and -4 ft 6 ln.
Exceptional bargains at from   $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Beds from  $3.95 to $18.50
Genuine Oak Dresser ���    $18.25 to $27.50
Other DresserB in Golden Oak, Royal Oak and Mahogany finish.
Dining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feet,
5 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with B. B. plate mirror. This suite
is an exceptional bargain at $48.00 complete.
Our Dry Goods section is attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
nreciated is borne out by the fact of
the ever Increasing attendance at tin*
8inc getting no-fed out of a lead
against the Moose last week, the Half
have been paying more attention to
fielding and promise support to their
star hurler. Mr. I'eck, when Alf Turner calls the turn at fi:45 this p.m.
Home and Gentry will be the battery
for the Moose with Peck and Smith
starting   things   for  the  Bals.
great ex- I M,vplli ' n was just a quarter of a cen-
being  ap    ,l|ry ago that Jimmy made his profes-
Strnnd m
Peril He.
H.   M
10 1
19 t
mil   Mc
Haseball Results.
K-andmo  of the  Clubs,
\V.    I,.
 80    10
....111    11
1 hi.-ami   	
I''I roll	
'   I.i ills	
Ni w Viii'lt  	
Yesterday'.! ���'������'"
Highlanders win
.    * ,     ll        'Cl,,,
Standing  of the  Clubs
Beattle  -JJ
Vancouver    Ji
I'ortland -��
Viotorla   j]
Tacoma  ���';*
Spokane    i *u
3 Hits, 2 Errors, 1   Run.
Spokane, .lune 3. Spokane won the
opening game of the series hi re today from Tacoma. 1-0. Cadreau received good support although he was
hit mor" times than Bolce. Spokane's
run was th" result of n hit and two
Defeat Australians in Preliminary and
Will   Meet  Germans  In  London.
New  York,    June    II.-The    United
States  tennis  team   won  its right    to
j t-iiiv Oermany in the second round ot
ihe Davis International cup hv defeating the,. Australian   oomblnatloi
I here this   afternoon   In the   fourth
1 match of the si rles,
Mcl.oiighlin. by beating Stanley
Doust in the third nf the single
matches In three straight sets, clinch
ed the victory in tho game of Friday
Score 6-4. 6-4, G-2. This gave America
the three out of four fingle matche.i
and  Australia thc  one double match
.  1
\morloan league team, still eniinisi
,,.  oivr  lhelr  victory of Hnlurday.
it ,i���   di-f.i'ted   Chicago   loday.      Iho
,!���   was -il* The Highlanders won
' ,   bunohing hits off CIcdtte U
, ,,.|,ih, when they scored
ni singles i-y MoKetchie
V",   -..'���"������  l0J-J
'������������   Tnconiu ,
21     *''-'(l     Batteries;   Cadroou    and    Allmnn;
'4      ���l''li   Bolce,  lleirord and Orindol.
.'ll      .302 j Seattle  Beats  Bees.
84     ,870      Seattle,    June    !l*    Kantlehner was
"I      ���-������   touched UP l"day for II clean lilts inn!
s. Seattle won from Viotorla 7-3.
pitched   a  itood  game nnd   kept
hits well scattered
Score:   ���
Seattle   ��
' victoria . ��� ���  -
,*on     Batteries; Bell and Cadman
..   the  Ichnii' and Shea,
mr runs Vancouver Defeats Portland
I,1    vi uvcr,  June  B.   Thc   Beavers
null.   1-1.
11      2
(1    1
1904���Jop Walcott, tiie "Blaok Demon
of Barbadoesi" was knocked out
l.y Young Peter Jackson In tlm
fourth round i.i Baltimore. The
former welterweight champion
who had earned the title of
"Giant Killer" l:y knocking out
.!������" Choynski, a good heavyweight, put an end to hia ring
"arier by accidentally Bhootlng
himself through tha hand, while
showing off his cannon al n
darky dam-". After that he fell
an easy victim lo Young Peter
Jackson und other second rut -
1S57���llnrrv l.n-iirui' defeated "Dreadnought" p '���-���: *.i in ot rounds
nt  Point   Abino. Canada.
1012���Jack  Dillon knocked out Eddie
Stanton  In the fourth round at
New   York.
mil debut in the Southern lea
That circuit fell upon hard times
and disbanded, and McAleer finished
the 1S?S seaBon wllh Milwaukee, I"
tho Western Association. II" playi d
l brilliant game in the Heer City garden, and the following year was gi.er
a chance with the Cleveland Nationals.
lie r mi-'-n ���' ** *'!i the Clevt land National: until 1899, except for a brlcl
"xpn- i:c. with the Cleveland Players'
league team Dur1".: the decade of his
ll-irond activity he was the star outfielder i !' th * Null.-ual league.
When thi American league was flrsl
launched McAleer became manager of
the Cleveland club.   .   The next year
|When the Milwaukee team was transferred to St. Louis Jimmy assumed
the management of the Browns.   H<
built Up a team that came near winning a pennant, but suddenly and uii-
leiouiilnhly it Wl nt to pieces, and
McAleer null  In disgust.
His next managerial berth was with
Washington, long the Joke of the
league, although managed by sueh
eood men ns Jake Slahl, and Joe Can
tlllon. During the two years that Mc
Aleer was ninnnger of the Senators
they accomplished nothing wonderful
although they managed to escape
from the cellar they had occupied for
BeverM centuries, more or less.
At the close of the lllll season Me
Aleer left the Senators to become the
nnndrln of Ihe Red Sox. II was n
fortunate move, for Jimmy not In on
the ground floor of the world's champion olub. with consequent profil te
himself. In building up the Washington teattt, however, McAleer nursed
a eernent to his breast, and ii has
turned and stung him.
First New Westminster Troop Boy
Scouts orders. Mr. It. Day. scoir
master commanding.
1. Parade on Wednesday. Ilth,   as
usual.     Dress  drill  order.
2. Scouts are   reminded   to brlns
lu ir bandages for ambulance classes,
Hv order,
K. J. STBVKN-, S \1.
'��� ��� Acting Adjutanl
Tv- big plays will be staged at t
���pera house this week and theatregoers will he treat ~d to the best oro
I'ictions of the season. On Wednesday evening Eddie Foy will play the
leading role in thai splashing American comedy, "Over the Hiver." Tlie
following evening Blanche Hates will
-tppear in "The Witness for the De
fence." There has been a very s'Ui.--
factory advance sale of seats for botl
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
Advertise in the Daily News)
Next Wednesday Evening
Next Thursday
Charles  Frohman  Presents
In Her Now Play the Great St.
Jameo Theatre, London, Success
"The Witness
for the Defence"
(By A. E. VV.
Mail   orders   now.
sale .Monday.
Prices $2.00 to 50c.
Mason, M.P.)
Seats  on
Mall oi-de-.i now.    Seats
Florist's, l"'.cno L 184.
Saturday morning at Tidy.
PRICES: f2.00 to 50:;. PAUB   SIX
TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1013.
Classified Advertising
"U.i~flll* 1 '1' "-*-' ���""-I*"-'"'*'' z
* RATES. *
Classified���One cent per word per
���lay; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6.000 words, to be used as rehired within oue year from date of
contract.  125.00.
delivery, either all BOO, or a single
cord.     How   many  for  ynu ?    Very
reasonable,    Box 1489 News office.
L<OOmed linns'* below Sixth avenue,
and hei ween First and Sixth
streets. Must he a bargain on easy
terms.   Send full particulars to Hox
1607 The News. (1B0T)
h.rl wants position'by the day In
family, hotel and office. Apply .1.
Finchida. P. O. Hox 487. 11497)
housework, 012 Carnarvon Btreet or
plume 484.  "���"'"">
male.    Answer Hox 15ut> The News.
beds and pillows. Address Hox
1136 News office. (158H)
liouse on Agnes street. Enquire 129
Agnes street. (1498)
keeping rooms.    Apply    828    Royal
avenue. (1505)
fiinished housekeeping rooms, first
floor, at 224 Seventh stroet.    (15031
Apply 703 Agnes street. (1488)
ed rooms for young married couples.
Apply 703 Agnes street. (148!*)
nlshed, modern, convenient, central.
Y. M. C. A., Royal avenue.    (1468)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
Agnes street.    Telephone L638.
or vacant lots for rent, sale or exchange; splendid position on h-aach
front.    Winch, White Rock.    (1323)
wants work, by the day. Hox 1491
News office. 0491)
and costumer, 411 Eighth Btreet.
Phone L793. (1460)
FurnlBbed   three   room   suite,   with
bath.    Hot and  cold  water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Tpnders    will he received  by    the
undersigned up    to 6 o'clock p.m. on
���Saturday, Jun�� 14, for the supply of
linen for the new Royal Columbian
hospilal.    All particulars can bo obtained  from
U43J) 90 sixth Street.
Land Clearinq.
To clear and grade Subdivisions 54
and 56, 11. L, 30, m-ar BdmondB, fronting    Westminster    Road,    containing
2.24   acres;   nlso   to   clear   and   grade
l<ots 11, 12, 13 and 14, Subdivision E..
D.  L.  29.  Wise  Road,  Edmonds,  con-
tailing four acres.
Tendtrs close 1st July. 1913.
4is Abbott Street,
(1493) Vancouver. 11 ('
Wanted teachers for the city
schools, Including high school
teachers, commercial teachers (with
academic teacher's certificate), public
school principals, viceprlnelpaia and
assistants, manual training and
domestic science Instructors, Application forms may be obtained at the
offices   of   the Westminster   News.
Hritish   Columbian,   Vancouver   Province and Victoria Colonist
(1376)      New Weetmlnster, B.C.
lie  Lot thirty-four    |34I.    SoiilhweBt
quarter of District  Lot eight hundred and  sixty-seven  (807i, Municipality  of  North  Vancouver,  Map
Whereas    proof    of Iohh of Certificate of  Title   No.   59942 F..    covering
the above mentioned property, iBBued
in the name of Sham Singh, has been
filed In this office.    Notice Is herehy
given  that  I  shall at tho expiration
of one month from date of first publication   hereof,  Isatie a  duplicate  of
said Certificate of Tltlo. unless In tbo
meantime valid objection be made to
me In writing.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Vancouver, B.C., this 12th day ot
May, A.D. 1913. |
41316) District Registrar.    I
household goods: kitchen cabinet,
lounge. Iron hed. dishes, etc., camp
cook's outfit of elghl hole gas stove.
Iwo gas plates, gasoline tanks und
burners, knives and forks, dishes,
etc.; also oue strength testing
machine. All in good order and on
Bah* ai vidai's warehouse, Markel
square, Friday! June 13. Herbert
P. Vidal & Co,', Ltd. (1504)
E. &.   N.  Road     Has    B'anch     About   R.;yal  Society  cf  Canada  Makes  Pica
Ready���Will Open Up Vact Tim- for    Purity    in    Language--
ber Area���Tourists Denefited. Faults of Youth".
Now Finds II a Pleasure to Enjoy Uaals
tage, modem, newly decorated, near
Fourth street and Sixth avenue:
bargain at 12500, Small payment
down and balance as rent. Apply
evenings about 7 o'clock, 331 Pine
streel. (14951
blocks 13 and 14, D. L. 172, cheap.
Apply I). D. Ilourke, 1316 Cariboo
street. (1435)
pen of highly bred utility Rhode
Island  Reds.    In   prime    condition.
liens $3.00. rooBter,
Pine street.
8.50.    Apply 309
FOR SALE ���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Mnlleable
RangoB; every one guaranteed. Mar
ket square. (1451)
Columbia street, New Westminster,
wlll collect your slow and bad ac
counts for a mere trifle. No mem
bershlp fee required und cominis
slon charged only on the amounl
collected. Statements rendered
monthly. Collections made everywhere. (13G5)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency. 336 Hastings street weBt. Van
couver,  B.C. (1449)
Victoria, .lune 8.���Within u week
or ten days the Covvichan Lake branch
of the E. &. N. Railway Company will
be open for passenger traffic, Such
waa the effect of an announcement
made hy M. II. E. Ileasley. general BU-
periiitciideiti of tin- road, yesterday
The hoard of railway commissioners, whose engineers inspected the
new line on tiie occasion of the recent
Island tour of Mr. Marpole. western
executive of the ('. 1'. II.. has given the
necessary formal sanction for the Inauguration of a passenger service.
While Mr. Beaslcy is nnt yet in a
position to make a definite statement
as to the character of Ihe Initial
schedule, he believes that a start will
he made with a tri-wcekly service.!
Whether trains will go straight:
through from Victoria lo the lake resorts and other favorite places en
route, or whether a transfer will he
necessary at Duncan, is in doubt The
'lest arrangement possible, frum the
public's standpoint will he mule, and
word mav I.e expected any day us to
��� in- details ot tli" transportation fa-
illltlos to be provided.
Sii  the completion of the Cowichan Lak( branch, preparations have
been made 'nr the extensive exploitation of lie- district's timber resources.
Mr. I-: .1. Palmer, manager of the Victoria Lumber Co., has just established
a big camp on his company's limirS
at the lake, from which a large number Of  logs   will  be  shipped  to  Che-
nininiis daily,
Mr, ii. A. Balnhrldge, divisional en-
���ii" et- of the l'.. fi N., recently visited
Cowichan lake and laid out the boom-
imr ground to be used in connection
with the operations of the lumbering
concern at  that  point.
It is expected that In the course of
a month, there will be enough logs to
keep from thirty to forty cars moving
.���very day, In preparation for this
largo development of entirely new
traffic, the railway company's management is arranging to have the required number of new cars ready for
tho service.
And You May Eat Your Own Honey-
All  About Ecct. and  Bee-
Notice Is herehy given that at the
next Bitting of tho Board of License
Commissioners for the City of New
WeBtmlnster application will be made
for a transfer of the license to Bell
liquor by retail la the Central Hotel
premises situate on Irfit One (1).
Illock "(I," MerohanlB' Square. City of
Now WeBtmlnster, from Jos. I. Free
man to Henry Freeman.
Dated at New Westminster, B.C..
this 6th day of May, A.D. 1913.
Holder of License.
(1331) Applicant for Transfer.
Ottawa, June 9. -Tlie Royal Society,
at a recent session in Ottawa, adopted a motion calling tbe attention of
the presa and educational societies to
the general use of defective Bngllsh,
One of tiie speakers said tliere was u
great danger of good English being
swamped under the influx of Immigrants, and unoilier deplored the pe
CUtllar words and phrases employed ilt
times hy newspaper writers, especial
ly in the sporting columns.
Tlie fault ir. common to the whole of
America, nnd to England in a lesser
degree, lt is to be remembered,
though, that plang has always existed. Readers of old English looks
come across some tine specimens, und,
what is more, the swearing of some
of the characters In them is enough
to make a modern reformer faint
A Squire Western giving vent to
his feelings would shock a member
of a morals committee into a iii of
apoplexy if his neck wns thick enough.
Rapid   Spread  of  Slang.
Probably today slum: is more gen
orally used than ever before, hut it Is
mostly  hy  young people who wish  to
give   emphasis   to   ihelr   expressed
thoughts.     They   think   il   is   u   lne
thing to show iheir knowledge of tii"
latest  smart   work    or collection    of
words. They are impelled hy the fee!
ing that causes the-college girl to say
tiiat a maie student who plays toot
ball and looks like a side of 1 ivf or
tin- beam of a derrick is Bimply scrum-
tions. thai u dress is awfully pretty,
and that the ice cream is beai-tli'ully
ii, licioin.
From such ejaculations it is an et'sy
descent to the "Oh, you kid." or "Oh.
jou ki id"" of Hie girl win. lu . ie I
spent too much time in tlie scV
-ooin, and who learns at the vaudeville show or from the pictured joke-
in the newspapers anil periodicals.
lul i: i- t.ie rough and infer' ���" sex
that offends (he mosl with respect to
slang Aid among the offenders are
iiiep. in Mgii position
N ii long ago an ex-cabinet mlnlw-ir,
when   told   of  a   foreign    peril     thill
Ignorant    Foreigners    Conceal    Rabid
Case cf Smallpox���Calgary's
Central School Affected.
Wild   Finds  Big  Tract and   Names
-Queen   Mary's  Land���Lived on
Glacier for Year.
For Sale���Only $800: a bargain;
cleared, lot 50x132 feet to lane, on
Edinburgh street, near Tenth.
For Rent���No. 314 Eighth street, nine
room, fully modern houBe, new and
extra clean. Cheap rent and lease
to right party.
For Sale���$1800. four room new bungalow, large lot, in good location
and close to city car. $100 cash,
balance $2�� a inonth.
London. Juno 8.- The first account
haB reached England of the experiences of Frank Wild und his Beven
companions, who, forming the Becond base of Mawson's Australian Antarctic expedition, lived on a glacier for
ia year and discovered a great tract of
land within three hundred and fifty
miles of the coast line. This land
probably extends to the poi" itself,
and haa been named Queen Mary's
Speaking to the newspaper representatives. Wild said: "We prepared
for the winter in our glacier home.
We dug a tunnel with caves to hold
our stores, entered by means of a
trap door on the top.
"We had a regular routine of meals
and work. We amused ourselves with
hockey,   football   and   ski-ing
threatened the Hrit sb empire, an i
that was calculated lo make every patriot's lace blanch and his hair stand
on "nd if he was only given Insklo in
;i i maiioii, laughed, and said lie way
"from Missouri." An a matter ui fact
be was not from tl.:u doubting stat.
all all, but fiom Ont.- *o.
Nevertheless everybody In Canada
knew what he meant lt is not to be
wondered at, therefore, that common
fellows who have never seen parliament, only only know that it sits in
Ottawa during the greater part of the
year, should speak more picturesquely than correctly when In a joyful
mood. Their fluency in its way is
Keeping  Up to the Minute.
These deflers of rulea talk of old
geezer?, queer blokes, tough guys, bad
actor-?, near drinkers (men who hate
strong liquors, but who take a little
white wine in Fii/.ter at meals) and
so on. They intersperse their remarks
with "believe mes," "1 should worry's,"
and such like clever sayings, Thl y
keep right up to date, and are only a
few weeks behind the slang champions of New  York.
If they are abo-. e Americanisms
they resort to the London article and
refer to a chap they do net like as a
"bally ass" or a "nut." This employment of slang, indeed, iB universal. It
ia confined to the young mostly, and
Two colonies of bees will, in a good
Beason, yield from 50 to nid pounds of
comb  honey,  quite  enough   to  supply
the average family.   A colony of bees
costs   ubout   $li>,   and   often   will   pay i
for   itself   the   first   summer.   Neither
poultry nor squabs, uo, nor cows, will
give   as   large   returns   on   Hie     B.ltne
amount  of money as bees.    This up- ;
piles  only   in  a  small  way,  however. I
Natural  conditions,     such   us   limited';
pasturage, makes it Impossible in most
Bectlons to keep enough hces lo muke |
Hie business satisfactorily   profitable
from a commercial point of view.
Two or Ihree hives of bees In a corner of Ihe garden will not require live
hours' work In tlle whole season. When
lhe  Insects are purchased  they come;
in Ihe hives which they are to occupy,1
as a rule, though this may not  lie tiie
ease if thoy an- Bhlpped from a dis- j
tanco.. They are providi d with a queen
and are ready  for business in  ( nee.
They need only lo be given a sheltered spot facing tlie south, with ihe hive
raised a few Inches from the ground
���in blocks or a cracker I *>x.
A   modern   hive   is   simple  yet   very;
Interesting.    A box wltb movable tup
and bottom is filled with long frames
containing honey comb.   Some hives
Ihave ton frames and some eight; the
novice is advised  to order th" ono-
frame size.   Each frame may be handled alone, and one or all may he tak-
| en from the hive when covered with
bees    This makes it an easy matter
io locate the queen, which is . aslly
' ntlflcd by her long niiin body, quite
ilifiiivnt   in   apeparanee   from   either
��� li" drones or the worker bees.
Without a queen a colony of bees
dwindles away, for worker bees live
only seven or eight weeks in tin- summer, and unless new bees are constantly nppearlni tie- population of
sixty or seveny thousand can not long
in- maintained As a queen In comes
leSB prolific afier Iwo or three yens,
she should then lie replaced, Tli" colony will rear a new queen in spring
or summer undi r favorable conditions,
hut amateurs often Hml It an advantage to buy good queen from reliable
It is not uncommon for a queen to
I lay Imr own weight of eggs a day.
i passing with great rapidity from one
! cell to another. It thus comes aboul
'that much of tha comb is soon filled
| with eggs, brood and hutching bees.
I the rest being used for storing honey.
The bee keeper does nol feel he is
j entitled to any honey until the bees
I have provided for their needs by (111-
I Ing these combs, When lhat has heen
I accomplished he. Bets another box
iierms  a   "super"   In   the  hive.
Calgary, Juno I). -Disgraceful conditions wero revealed this morning
when the city health department ills
covered a case of Riuiillp'ix concealed
in the home of ii family named Bulshln
at 108a Fourth Btreet east. A 18-
year-old  girl  with  one of the  worst
Cases of tlle disease ever seen 111 thiB
city was discovered hidden uw*ay in
a room where she bail been kepi from
sight four or live days, her body fairly covered with tlie pustules,
WorBt of all, Bulshln conducts a
lish store and a small drygoods slore
In connection with it In the same
building where the smallpox case was
concealed. Attention of the health
department was called to the matter
by a roomer nl the pluce who noticed
the disappearance of   the   girl   nnd
when he  Inquired  after her.  was not
given nny satisfactory answer.
When  Dr.  Stanley  Mahood,  medical
health offi -, accompanied by luspec
lor Dunn went lo the place, to superintend the removal of the girl to
the isolation hospital, Ihey hud a dif-
llciilt   task   to   convince   the   parents.
Ignorant of English, that the girl
would be taken care of, The mother
fought to prevent her removal nud
the health officers bad n warm time
of  It,
Tin- place has been quarantined and
will be thoroughly disinfected,
Another serious phase of the matter is that Hi- afflicted girl attended
tha   Central   School   and     came   daily j
Into contact with many other pupils. |
Hers is the third case reported this
week among children attending the
Central school, and Mr Mnhood believes lie is ni last on the rlghl trail
to disc, ver the source of these eases
which has heen puzzling llle depart -
mnl  foi  some iiiii".
The medical health officer Ins wrii
ten Dr. Scott, superintendent of
BChools, Informing hlm of conditions
ami stating that all pupils who have
mu been vaccinated musl he vaccinated at once or else refused permission to attend school for the remainder
of the term before vacation, Otherwise, steps probably will have to he
taken  to close the school.
Here is a case Which seemed n.i bad
end M hopeless ns yours can possibly bc;
Thi Is the experience ol Mr. II. J. Brown,
38.1 Outburst St., Toronto, in his own
"Gentlemen���-1 have much pleasure in
mentioning to you the hem fj'B received
ft0111 yeurN.-i-Dru-Cu Dvpi pslaTablets
and cajtcheeriully recommend them. I
simply aiulooniinticd dyspepsia wltll all
its wretched symptoms, ami tried about
all the iuIt-m tu<*l cures with no success.
You huve iu Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablet;, thp best curative agent 1 could
find. It ia nnw sucii a pleasure to mjoy
meals with tlieir consequent nourishment that I want to mention this for the
benefit of ot-l-irrs."
The fact tlmt a lot of prescriptions or
so-called "cute*" have failed to help you
is no sign thut you have got to ro on
MiScrtng. Try Ka-Dru-Ce Dyspej sia
Tabletsandsee how quickly this sterling
remedy will give you relief and start your
stomach working properly, lf it doesn't
help yea, you *****. yenr money buck. 50c
a box at year druggist's. Compounded
by the Nntien.il iVnig and Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Montreal. 141
' """��� ���**~
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Upi    $16,000,000.00
RESERVE   $16,000,000.00
��� tranches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London England, New York, Chicago and Spokatio
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted, Letters
if Credit issued, available with cor-
-espondenlH In all parts of the world.
Savings Dank Department��� Deposits
received in Bums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent per
iiiniim (present rate).
Total Assets over 1186,000,000.00.
(!.  II.  BRYMNER,  Manager.
Transfer Co..
Office  Phone   185.       Bsrn   Phone   13?
BsgbU Strctt.
baggage Delivered  Promptly to
any part of the city.
For    Exchange���Close
site, corner lot  6(1x131
Owner  has deed and
producing property and
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Bullldlng.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
At Edmonds,    a    lot   66x113.6,    fully!
cleared  and  levelled, close  to car. |
A  snap at $30');    one-half    lot   for
(SOO,    TermB.    No. 66.
and ski-inn in fine Is gradually abandoned by Its users an
weather and chess, draughts and cards years and cares increase. In time they
.when unable to venture out. In Au- | drop it altogether and speak soberly
in apartment .,,���.,, Wl. agaln nia(|(, preparations for Md seldom. Then they are mossbacks,
. Price $4600. sledging, one party of three going in th" eyes of the new generation that
will trade for eastward,, another to the west. The speaks smart wordB at times that
as- hatter surveyed all the coast line to make them snort and blow clouds of
the point reached by the German ex- smoke from Iheir well-seasoned pipes.
pedition in 1902. On one trip we did It is a process that hi - been going
f.ll) miles at an altitude of from 2,000 r-" *���'>"'' ">" confusion at the Tower
to 3 Ol'ii feet I0'   Babel.     Within   limits   it   doeH   no
"This partv discovered the largest permanent harm to a language that is
emperor penguin rookery ever record- In no need ot the assistance of the
ed. lt was on the islam! stxty-fiva words of which the Hoyal society de-
miles west of our glacier but, and Plores. Slang Is unnecessary, nnd
here were congregated some 7,000 "Dim of 11 Is fOOliBh, I nt if it pref-
loung emperor birds in addition to erable to swearing, for which there is
the innumerable ordinary penguins. no excuse at all.
Falling down  creva6Ses  was more or |
lesn common
\S'e   all   got   grazed
At Edmonds, short block from ear.
l.ot cleared and in garden. 33x121.
Small house newly built; $650.
Terms,   No. 83.
In the city. 75x300. facing two streets,
$1600;   $15"
ThlH  Ib a
No. 55.
cash,  balance  to  suit
lne  building   proposition.
Lot on Firet street. 44x141, between
Seventh and Eighth avenue, partly
cleared, runa to lane, $800. Terms.
No.  66.
This Is one of the biggest snaps we
have to offer. Eight room house,
well finished and well laid out ln
the heart nf the city, near car linn;
fruit trws and poultry house, $3900;
on very easy terms.   No. 72.
and  bruised,
while once   Mr.  Watson  was down  a
crevasse   for   twenty   iiiiiiul's   before
be was hauled out    Our worst experience wis in October, when the west-
Iern  party  was  laid  up  for seventeen
I days in a bllzazrd, the longest on record.  I  rover  before experienced  one
of more than nine days.    It is difficult
j to imagine what it  meant for three
I men to be Imprisoned In a tent six
f.et across which got gradualv small
or with the piled up snow outside,
Ther" was not  room to be '-'might
nothing to read, sixteen hours out or
the twenty four we spent in sleep  ,\i
I llie end of the bll7.7iird we were as
weak ns kittens, but it is extraordinary how  soon one picks up.    1 have
j known cases where a man would gain
five '"��� six pounda in weight after one
B.   C.   E.   R.   EXTENSION.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Public
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Sudbury, June 9.- 0. L. Sheedy, an
employment agent of North Bay, wai
convicted, but released on suspended
sentence Saturday for an Infraction of
tho recent order-ln-council relating
to tbe protection of Immigrants. This
is - al I to be the lirst cai e under thi
nev.   nr,.
1 in May 21 Sheedy gol n ti lephono
moi a written 1 order fr un Fob j Bros
md the Northern Construction company, Sinn i:ry. to bring in a gang ot
Bome thirty Italians Out of a gain*,
���if twenty eight seven or eight were
hoys between seventeen and twenty
years, sons of fathers In the gang
At   Sudbury  Foley  llros.    ami     the
Northern Construction   company re-
lected Hi" minor:!, but were willing to I
hire  tli"  adults.    The gang,  however.
refused to split, and tbe deal was off. ���
When the gang applied to Sheedy for
their   baggage   checks.   In*   refused   to !
give  them   up  unless  be  was    reim- 1
bursed for the fares of the party from I
North    Bay    to    Sudbury.    The    men
wero stranded.
box iB filled with the square sections
I seen ill the stores holding tlie honey
in the comb.    If the nectar Is plenti-
I ful the bees at once swarm up Into the
"super" and fill these sections. Iu a
good season it may he necessary to
pile one section on another to provide
. for the honey How.
Removing the honey is a very simple
I matter. A hoard with a bee escape
In the middle Ib slipped betweui the
hlvo body and the "super." One hy
"lie llie bees go down but  are unable
'. lo   return.     Within   a   few   hours   the
"super" i�� empty of tb- buzzing Insects, and may he taken to the house
with its load of sweets. Hut it must
n"t. le placed in a, room with an open
! window, or the bees may come in and
'carry the honey all hack to Uie hive.
When a hive is crowded tin- queen
I and moBt of th" old bees vacate It and
: seek a new home, leaving the bees
which remain to rear a new queen.
This swarming may often h�� prevented by putting on tin- "super" early and
j In other ways bee keepers learn about.
I Swarming is nothing lo get excited
about, and there Is no reason for hanir
! lng on tin pans and throwing dirt into
1 th*   ai.'.
Tile hces seem  10 consider iiwarm-
'ng a lark end  Ihey seldom sling at
j that time. Usually they alight on a
tree  close   by.  and   if an   empty  hive
lis placed under them, with a sheet
spread  in  front, of the entrance, they
] will quietly lake up their abode in the
���hive after lielng shaken from the tree
! onto the sheet.
People  are  afraid  of  been  because
! they sting. Tiie Italian bees now in
common usi* are much gentler than
the old time black lues, and if a veil
��� nd r'oves are worn tlie amateur need
have little fear. In fact, he will come
to enjoy  working  With  the  bees.
In Case of Panic One Man Can Re-
, lease Whole Prlsonfull.
Victoria, June 9. -The contract for
installing a patent lock svstem ln
the new provincial jail, which la now
under construction on the Wilkinson
ri-d has iust been awarded by the
government to the Elevators Supply
and Equipment Co.. whose tender estimated the cost of tlle Installation at
The system to be Installed by this
concern in the new jail Is known as
the Pauley automatic locking device.
mil hy means of it the lailer Ib always
In a position to open all the cell doors
with a single movement from his station In tin- corridor, so that in case of
fir" In Ihe building, or other cause of
panic the prisoners would be given a
��� i.-nee  for  their  lives
Under th" same system il is also
possible t" onen any sinrle door, or
anv Individual number of them. Ii Is
claimed  tlmt  til's  natent  lock  is enw
lining Installed in all iails. both in Europe ->nd America, and that no institution for the incarceration of lawbreak-
pr-fl is cone-meted -vlthout t'lls h"mane
j is well as interesting equipment.
light and Heavy Hauling
Telephones:   Office 53,   Retidence 429.
JOHN  ItEin,  Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Pros.'    Gasoline*
Engines.   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Weitmineter. B.C.
Honor frr Kina8+on Mm Who Was
Postman for 2P Years.
Kingston, June 9.���-James Stewart.
OOStmaster, has received an Imperial
Service medal from the postofflce department for presentation to Win
Nelll. Brock stn*'. who served ns a
leiter carrier in Kingston for 26' years
The postmaster notified Mr, Nlell
of the arrival of the medal, and will
- resent Ii to h'm befrre the members
1 f lhe post office staff, Mr. Neill was
retired a year ago. The department
bas been awarding these medals in
recognition of 2,'i years' service.
New Saanich Line to Be Opened Thiol
Day   Week.
Victoria.  June 9.    Tomorrow  week.
the 17th Instant, 'he Saanlch --iiburhan
line of the  B,  C,  Electric    Railway
I company,   connecting   this   city   with
Ithe northern end of Ihe peninsula 111
1 Deep Bay, wlll he formally opened.
Appropriate ceremonies  will    mark
the   event,   which   will   celebrate   the
completion of an undertaking of an
.Victoria and the neighboring districts. I
I The new line forges a most Important
link in Ihls portion of the island which !
'will inevitably follow from the settlement of the district and the extension!
of the company's tramway system.
It   was hoped by  the local officials
that   the   opening  of  the   line   would,
have   taken   place  ere   this,   but   the
desire   to   have   everything   in     first- 1
' class order before the regular service
Is inaugurated has resulted In some
On the 17th liiBtant, however, every
thing will be In readiness to start the .months,
.first   train   from   the   company's   city \    In  the arrest, of Ely
terminal  station  at  Pandora  avenue|Ueve ihey have round
land Douglas street.
Saskatoon Thinks Its Solitary Bad
Man is Under Lock and Key
Saskatoon, Sask.. June 9.���Passing
himself off as Detective It-teves to 11
number of workmen In a shack early
yesterday morning, Frederick Felix
Ely slealllilly Ht ok- Into Ihe room of
Henry Carter and relieved his pock-
els of  $2'.i.
Late last night he wns into custody
by lieiei'ii'.,, Alderson, of the city
detective department, and this morning was arraigned before Magistrate
Brown and a charge of stealing money preferred. He pleaded guilty of
stealing $22 of the money. He waB
subsequently sentenced to jail for six
the police bell up the only
genuine crook in the city,
Albcr'an   Govtrrncn'     to     B-vjin
Western  Irrigation  Block.
Calgary, June H Tbo reclassifies
Con of the western portion ef the C P
H.  Irrigated  lands  east  of Calgary  Is
to be put In hand by the gov imeni
���n a few week's time and foi this pur
pose  the  sum   of   $40,000   bas     bei 11
placed In the estimates by parliun-.eiil
The work wlll comi ence on July 1
���md will be prosecuted until the undertaking is satisfactorily ocmploted
For this purpose there will be eon
slderable augmentation of tho surveying staff in Calgary and it Ih ex
peeled that, some additional help will
also hn sent from Ottawa.
The task ifl a somewhat difficult
and laborious one to undertake and
therefore It Is not known yet Just
when the work will he finished, Tin*
government, however, has got Into lotion very quickly ns a result of representations made 10 Ihem early thi"
vear and no delay will he allowed to
bold up tho purpose for whi-h thi
money haB been  voti d.
Will   Ee  Situated   West  of  Snskatoon
Under Direction of C. P. R.
Saskatoon, Safik., June il.    The es
tabllshmbent Of  a Swedish  colony  BO
miles straight west of Saskatoon, centrally   located   between   Iiiii   c    p.   II.
and ihe O. T  P. is being undertaken
by the Canadian Paclflo railway.
II Ib estimated that within a very
short time there will be al least (10
Swedes located at that placo and arrangements aro In progress to build
up tho colony, eBtabllsh a rhiirch, and
make It a flrst-claBS farming community.
Outing Shoes
Notice Ih hereby given lhat the Ull
derslgned wlll apply to the Board of
License Commissioners at ItB next
regular sitting for an Hotel Llcnn��e
i for the premises known as the "Hotel
Dominion," situate upon Lot 11, Block
5, corner of Sixth and Columbia
StrnetB, City of New Westminster,
Hated this 9th    day    of May,    A.II
To Port Mann and  Port Coquitlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday.
Aa Per Fallowing Schedule:
Leaves  Now  Weatmlnsler for  Port
Mann S:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port   Mann   for  New   West-
j minster 9:00 a.m.
Leaves  New  WeBtmlnster for  Port
; Mann aud  Port (,'oqultlam  loot) a.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   Port
Majin and New Westminster 1:00 pm.
Leaves New   Westminster  for   Port
. Mann U:'i& p.m.
l.eaveB  Port  Mann   for  New  Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves New  WeBtmlnster for Port
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4: ill) p.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   Port
Mann and New Weatmlnsler 6:110 p.m.
Schedule aubject tu change without
For further  information  inquire:
\ Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
6plendid arrangement made this
year for cheap round trip tickets to
nil  points east,  commencing   May  28.
Woek End  ticketB on Bale to  local
pnlnta at Single Kare for Bound Trip
lon   Fridays,  Saturdays  and   Sundajs.
For rates and reservation apply   to
New Westminster
Or H. W.  Hrodta. O.P.A. Vancouver
Special j    Treatment  nf the  hchIi
I iiy  Vlbro-Massage and Glover's i-'am
mis  Stimulating  Tonics.
DAVID BOYI.E. 35 Elflhth St
New  Spring  and   Summer  Suitings
now on  display.    See them.    Perfect
lit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Kront Btreet
B.C. Coasl Service
!>fWP�� Vaneouv��T for Vlctorlu lo a. m.
��� p. 111. nrirl  11 :4f��,
Loavos Vanoouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
ind 11 p. in.
Loavea  Vancouver  for  Nanalmo    ft
a.m. nnd G::i0 p.m.
Leaves Vanoouver   for  Prince   Rupert
inti Northern Polnta   10 p. m.   Wednee-
la yn.
Chilliwack Service
Loavss Phllllwuek   7   a.   m.   Tue��da��.
Thursday und Saturday.
Irfsvi-B  Westminster I  a. m.   MnnOnr
Wi-dneixliiy nnd ��Yld��y.
BD. OOIII.KT.   Aa-wit, New Wenrtmln��tin.
II. W. iiUDHiK. o. P. A.. Vancouver. TUESDAY, JUNE
Army   Council   Said   to   Have   Issued
Ultimatum  Regarding Changing
It Ib in two sections, jollied by a
tube. (Hi" Is the size of an ordinary
hen's egg, bas a soft shell, and contains only the white of an ckk. A soft-
lled tube abO.Ut an Inob and a half
Qg( and about  the size of a pencil,
oonnoets this section to a smaller egg,
also sott-shelled, about the size of u
pigeon egg, which contains the yolk.
Neat  Trick   cn   P."-t   of   Krupps-
1 ta ly to  Get  Badly  Needed
London, .lune 9,���lt is reported Hint
tba army council has made Important
proposals to the National Rifle association in regard-to future competitions ai ihidi-y, suggestions wlilth, ll
ihey become effective, will revolution
I/.,, rifle shooting and practice through
mil the British empire, with the ob
peel 11 bringing them more closely
Into iiu''  with actual  war conditions.
The army couneil. among other
things, proposes that the King's prln
hall i" competed for In the year
1914, and thereafter, wherever
throughout tin- British di minions
��� rai th ���* shooting Ib at present carded
mi in qualify for lhe great Blsley an
nual ' vi nt.
Thai in [act, it Hhall be shot fol
ii , I, ii ii calltv on u standard test,
being open to the army, the navy, the
territorials, and in faot to all members of Hi�� Majesty's services, and
thai ih' contests shall be carried dn
i*..ii ugl out the empire more or I* is
. ; ill mi' ugly without w course to
U |< . n elf as at pre* nt. Three
. nferrncea on the -subject havo h* en
held between the army council and
the ci unci! of the National RIfli I ���
Ini li ihn laii' i* being an unofficial body which controls the Blsley
uu etlng.
[I   is   Btnted   thai   thi'  army  council
havi  Issued whal is practically an ul-
i i,,.i-iiiii on  ihe subject,
1'iirlH, June 9. Franco is convinced
thut ahe has the heal field artillery
In the world, and oven when nn officer  devlaod  an  Improved  carriage  it
was not considered necessary to adopt
it.   a French company then aoqnlred
the patent aud Obtained a contract
wiib an Italian firm to Hiipply the Italian government.
The idea that a French firm in
thus aiding iiie artillery of a member
of the Triple Alliance Ih emitting con-
slderable discussion throughout the
domain of France, especially as Hm
i-'ii in h company has employed govern
ment factories io make certain parts
or the carriages which li is unable
to male' iisi If. The Italian company
in receiving the carl rages could not
equip them and obtained a year's de
lay for the delivery of 100 batterie
due nexl month,
The Matin learns thai tbs Italian
company Is merely a figurehead L r
the Kriipps, who havs thus obtained
specimens' of the French product,
which they, unlike the Italian firm
ar. quite able to coin] lete and al
ready havo turned out excellent field
ainiii rv of Krupp guns (n French
carrlagi h.
i/estern   Canadian   Farmers  Get  Jolt
From  Dr.   Parkin.
Those who are anxious for the "el-
fare ol tho surplus ol educated worn
in   Britain   Hlill   have   their   eye   ( n
The Bishop of London reeent'y il--
elai'i'il thut [here Would bl a nation
ot a hundred  million On one  side ol
Heartening   Reports,   Especially   From
linmburt),  Show  Rapidly  Dimin.
iehing   Death   Rate
Hock i
ii iiil:i
Girls' Sch
two housi
which I
an offer was made (���
.1 settlement in Londi
at  Edmonton,  Alia
r  pupils
Miss Hi
i it
might establish
Ige, principal of
ney   Residents  Protest   Against  Or
i male Buying or  Leasing  B. C.
Sldni v. ii c. June 9 Echoes of
ni* ui California legislation wero visile- at the board of trade meeting
here lasl week, a resolution being finally passed that this hoard views with
tbe Increasing ownership lof
land by Asiatics and that lhe Victoria
board ol trade be requested to give
lhe matter i's attention at the earliest
pi ible time with a view- to institute
legislation to correct the evil."
Captain Byers bad first moved a
resctutlon io approach the provincial
government through lhe Victoria
board of trade to urge a vigorous pro-
ii ii against the selling or leasing of
land in liritish Columbia to Orientals,
bul UiIb was toned down as above,
In seoohdlng the motion. llr GOr-
don Cummlng pointed out that owing
to the vast extent of unoccupied land
In thlB province the question of for-
olgn   owners  of  tell   Boll   was   not  a
��� i.-n owners of the soil waB not a
[' rence between European and Asiatic foreigners, as tin- former might be
raid to assimilate closely with us ln
thi i*  general  ideas    of    what    was
int by civilization, but In tha case
' f As atlcs tbelr Ideas wire fiinila*
i    nlallv  dlffi rent.
ii.* alluded to the ramonse dlfflcut-
i ilia surrounded this question ard
whicb in our case are lareir than In
the case of the citizens of lh Unit
cd States, as we are members of an
empire whose ramifications ure so
many and ielricate and from which
we cannot disassociate ourselves. The
term Asiatics Includes not only Japan
��� s" and Chinese but Hindi, who nre
our own fellow Britishers,
Will   S.r--r:   Olf   Present   Limits   By
Taking   in   1J00   A-.rcs
Toronto, June 9. Tbe annexation
oi ii.i ares of about 1500 acres, is being * i! lusly i" nsidi red l .* tin* mayor
and 'ii n loll* rs of the board of control. As ii iH now, the proposition
is not .ii vi ry di finite shape, but ii
is propi ��� d to take thai section ol
the township ni nli of the old city '
in ills from the wtstern limit of North
Toronto over to Jane street, and pro-'
bably over to Scarlett road, and down
the west side oi the Hi	
The northern limit of the area pro
posed to be annexed will    be   just
above   lhe  old  belt  line,  HO  that  Unbelt line will  he taken in.
Apart   from  the fact  that   it   will
help to Square off the city, the mayor
and controllers are Influenced by the
fact that manufacturers are finding
a scarcity of sites for tlieir industries
within the present city limits. Along
the track i f the old belt line are
many   desirable  sites  for  factories.
Berlin, June B. From Prussia come
Statistics to gladden the hearts of the
forces engaged in world-wide battle
with tuberculosis.   Not only has the
onward   march   of   the   White   plague
S     It  wai for the women.  bcen  cuecked  ,     (���|s        t,
the world i   Idealists,   to
new nation the kingdom ul empire, hut Its ravages havi even been
lessened. The death rats in 1911 was
16.12 per 10,000; in 1911! it was 14.49.
Where 81,219 persons died in lull,
59,609 died In 1'jlJ and this not with
standing ths normal increase in pop
Even more encouraging is the re
port from Hamburg to the Central
Anti-Tuberculosis Committee, of Oi r
many. The dentil rale tliere dropped
Irom   1 1.19  per  10,000  in   1SB8  to 8.64
in 1912. Significant was tbe repori
that deaths In hospitals and Instltu
tlona rose from 40 per cent, of the
whole Iif1886 to nearlj 56 per cenl i'i
1912. Germany is beginning to rid
itself of iiB ancient horror of hospl-
��� ils.
ii. '��� li������; tho -,��� ar ending January l
last, the report of the Central Com
mlttee recites, there were ii? sanitariums and bospllals throughout the
empire for the treatment for adults
suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis, and 27 sueli Institutions where
ch Idn ii were treati d Within tl"-n
walls wi re 16,778 b ds for tuberculos
is i .:.' i.i-. in addition tl ere wi r
many other Institutions where othei
forms of  the  d si :���'. '*   were  healed.
tli- settlement, told the Canadian Associated Press that tliere seemed misapprehension among western Canadians concerning the object "( those
willui!-'.to I*.uiul a settlement There
waa absolutely no spirit pi condescension, but ol real service. They realix-
ej that the church In Canada was
unable to aflord paid worker-. Settlement workers wuuld be willing t"
serve iii any wav tiny dc-iccd. However, the Edl ton settlement scheme
had been abandoned and it wn- now
proposed to make an attempt furthi i
Di. Parkin, formerly "I Dpper Can-
ads College, Toronto, speaking to tbe
press on the emigration ol educate I
women, but Without any reference '������
the loregoing, di precated the idea
which he believed was rather preva
lent here, that women might very we'll
get  married Boon alter tlieir arrival.
'lii lu ated  woman would li*. i  I
-'-, le -I the man ni the i ralrie totallj
unsuitable. He de] recaied al- i - n ���
o! the pictures pi prairie farms sh iwn
bere as b ling typical ol western life
"You might .*. ��� well take the v iew
i. the suburban back yards here and Journeying
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurentic   15,000 tons  New S.S. IVfegantic
First Class, $92.50; Second, $53,75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.. .582 feet long       Steamers       514 feet long..
Only ONE CLASS CABIN  (II.) $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent CM. 4 St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia 8t.,
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Depot, New Wettmlnster.
Westminster Trust, Ltd.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
"The American -/enus" al the   Royal
theatre today In an electrical novel  ,*.
Into   Grande   Prairie   Is
London, June 9.���The Duke of Coti-
���iiii'li' Inspected the Canadian I'aci-
fie i shlblt specially organized for ex-
service men at the naval military tx
a b lu n  at   Kail's Court, and express-
d himself particularly delighted with
the electric model showing Canadian
Pacific trains crossing Immense fields
of wheal, with a long row- of reapers
cutting down ihe golden grain.
The scene was a novel one to English  eyes,   and   called   forth   expressions of high  appreciation.    The  exhibit was under the charge of Mr. K.
O.  Scammell,   P.R.G.B.,  who  is    the
f* under and  Becretary of the league
tor tli   formation of a service department, which is Interesting itself gen-
rally  in  the  emigration  cf  ex-navy
and army men to Canada, and lias already  sent  out a  party of ex-soldiers.
[between fifty and sixty strong, to set-
| tie in the Dominion.
From Those Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.  It helps us.
say it r.*; re ��� ..'��� i  England," he said.
..ral   standards   In
-on."i.t during  th ���
Cdn-cn'.on  Street Railwaymen Ask for
Freer  Hand for  Him
Kdmonton, .lune 9. - Edmonton
street railway employees believe that
there is a plot on foot SI the city
hall to force the resignation of Super
Intendcnl Woodroofe and nt a meet-
* * of the un!on last night they passed a resolution declaring 'heir faith
ni tho executive ability of th-ir chief
The Kdmonton street railway sys-
������ :n ini been running up n h'g deficit ami many explanations for the leak-
ago hav    heen advanc 1.
In "-ile rf v recent dispute between
iiie niioi- and Superintendent wood-
i' te, In which the latter was accused
end avrrlng to shift the blame for
the deficit from hla own shoulders
in   questioning  the  honesty  of  the
c< nductors, llie union now expresses
the onlnlon tlmt the remedy for the
it nble does not lie in the removing
of tin* head of the department bin in
living him more scope and liberty
i ir putting his executive ability Into
force     The  resolution has been  for-
��� ir i. il io tin* city council.
London, .lnne 8,���After a period of
comparative calm the English Industrial world 1�� disturbed by a scries of
extensive Inhor disputes which have
broken out In the Midlands. The unrest takes the form generally for a
demand for a minimum wage by the
unskilled workers. Nearly every case
ol siriko wns begun without giving
notice lo the employers.
11 is estimated 4000 nroon strike
or locked out, The carters' strike nl
Bradford Ud to several exciting con-
riicts willi ihe police. The movement In the Black oountry has assum-
��� d large pn perl ions, spreadlngto other
Industries, The labor leaders say it
Is tlle Intension to make the strike a
national one.
School    Boy   Goes   One   Better   Than
Hoary   Old   Euclid.
Philadelphia, .lune v. -What is declared by prominent authorities on
higher mathematics to be the greatest
invention of its kind Is being demonstrated by its inventor, Sydney A.
Cross, a 16-year eld student of tlle
Central high school of this city.
The device is an angle sector, that
mathematicians who have examined
the Instrument say Is capable of dividing an angle not a right angle, and
���which they say haa proved erroreous
the prevailing theory since Euclid's
time 'hat there was no practical method of tri-secling BUCh angles.
Dr. Itoer, of tbe William  I'enn high
srhool, in coiiini' ntlug i n the Inven
lion, said: "Since lsu HC, the only
known method of trisecting an angle
has been by higher curves. Hut this
makes practical the tristction of an
other    mathematicians    expressed
Similar views, and declared that il
Will be of Inestimable value to architects and mechanical draftsmen;
Crosses From Liverpool to New York
Liked His Fellow Passengers
New York. June 9, -A high church
dignitary was a steerage passenger on
lhe Bteamer Coronla, which arrived
here Sunday from Liverpool. He was
the Rt. Itev. Hrcnt, episcopal bishop
in the Highlands. He said he en
joyed ihe trip Immensely,
"1 e.inie Iii the steerage." the his
hop said, "because I believe the place
for a clergyman is With the common
people. There I rubbed Bhouldei (
with the immigrants who aome day
will make citizens and if these are
a sample of all lhat come, then America has reason to be proud of her
adopted  children.
"ThoBe on hoard the Caronia were
most ly from Great Britain and Scan
danavia and tin y were a clean and
wholesome lot. Btrong and vigorous.
I ate the same food and lived with
them, and feel better for it."
His Own Hobby.
Among thoso who are taking a keen
interest   In  the   projected  voyage  i.i
Vllhslmar Stefansson to the far north,
is Lenl Btrathcona, who in the course
| ol  un   interview tho  oilier  day,   ex-
1 i retsi 'I great pleasure tlmt the expedition has been undertaken.   He point-
,.,l out that his own activities halve
been particularly Identified with northern lands, and that he said, accounted  fnr  the  great interest  he  hud   always  taken  and the support he  has
gladly given the Arctic and Antarctio
���T wish Stefansson ami l'arty �� sulV
ccsshll journey and sale return," con-
eluded Ins lordship, in reiterating the
belief that the expedition will undoubtedly be fruitful in Important discoveries,
Albert I
Albert a    - '    -
agricultural  di i -I
year 1 ti 1J. say- The Toronto Globe.
in the matter ol grain-growing Mr.
Holmes ol Rayim nd, in southern Alberta, won the world's championship
for the best bushel "f hard wheat at
the international Dry forming Con
gress. The prize was won against
very keen competition from both west
ern provinces and western States, and
places   Alberta   in   the   forefront   in
gram   production,   a.-   the   winning   ol
championships Ior oati is b liahit th
province acquired some years ago ami
lias kept up very diligently,
In live stock Alberta has three notable victories to her credit for  1913 1
'llie.-.    wins  are   all   tiie  more  sigmli-
eant  owing  to  the  fact that  everj
animal  in   these   achievements   wa-
bred in the province and was consequently an Albertan product.   George
L-ano i.f Calgary topped the Chicagi
market   for   grass-ted   steers   with   s
bunch   from   the   Alberta   range   pur
chased from Ed. Mounsell of Macleod
Julian Sharman ol Red Deer lire.I am
rai.-"d n Jersey cow, Rosalind of Ola
Basing,   that   made   1,031  pounds  ol
butter in mie year, and in three year-
produced -.MM pound*, and now led I-
the butter record in the British  Km
surely as
who  journey
else in Canada
A Ceremonial Key.
A beautiful  -ilvcr key was present
e,|   to Chairman  .1    I..  Englehart  i
thc T. K S. i). Railway on the oeca
sum oi driving the  last spike  in th
Elk   Lake  brunch  of the  railway,  a
Klk Lake, on Feb. -I.   The presentatio.
was mnde liy the citizens of Klk l.ak.
j ami  vicinity.    The silver (rom  whici
I tlie key wn- made came (rom the Beav
or Auxiliary mine.    The key, as coin
1 pleted,  is  eighteen  inches  in   lengtl
! ami weighs 62 ounces ol pure silver
The  inscription  on  the  reverse  sei
��� reads, "Presented to J. L. Englehart
, Esq.,  chairman  of  the T.   t\   N.  0
! Railway Commission, on the comple
tion of the Klk Lake branch.  Feb. 4
i 1913."    It  is  one  of  the  linest  speci
I mens  ol   the  silversmith's  nrt   evei
1 s.'cii  in  Canada,    ami   the  Citizens
I Committee st Klk Lake wure delightc
with the work,    lt  is understood  Mi
1 Lti-lcliart contemplates placing it oi
! exhibition in the Government museun
i in Toronto, so that the general publu
S mav   have  the  opportunity  o(  soeiiu
lit. '
To  Co-operate   On
o-operntive action  i
on the part o
the Governments ol Ontario im
Manitoba will be taken during th
coining summer to survey and deliuiii
the interprovincial boundary as al
tend  by the  acquisition  of  territory
by   the   federal
In tne supplemi
ser.ted l" the Le
{20,lH n is prov id
'i he organization (
taking Is only In the
���t | r.sei.t, and little
beyond  an  agreement
ttlemcnt last je.il
.tary estimate- pn
islalure, the sum i
ii to cover Ontario'
this   undai
tentative stag,
has been doili
being   reach"!
by tho Governments ol llie two pro
vinces to work together.   In this waj
the work will be i ipleted With great
er facility, and the Government wil:
lie better able to determine where fei
select the live-mile strip whicb Is to
provide a right ol way lor tlie Temis
[taming & Northern Ontario Railway;
if it is decided to take advantage oi
Friends Have Home
Victoria, June 9.���Victoria has the
��� I ��� Llnctlon of having the first Quaker iiior'liig-house ever btillt in Brit
ish Columbia. This has heen eroded
toy Iho Society of Friends, on Fern |
Btreot, off Fori, and Ib now complete
In every detail. The building resembles more a private residence than a
religious edifice. The aUdltorturfl
nccontmodates ISO people and tha
building contains hotel apartments for
visiting Frl'-'iidB.
B. C. University Grows.
Denominational college buildings tn
be erected at Point Grey In connection with tho B. C. Provincial University will entail an expenditure ot
$600,000, and ii the Intentions of the
committee in charge are, carried
tli rough, the archltets, who drew tin
plans for the provincial buildings will
iffer of access to a poll on Hud
asked t" make a
prepare plans lor
-itart ut once and
these   additional
Toronto, .lune !). Sergeant. Child!
hns the uueerest hen's egg in hla possesion that the police force ever saw.
Canada's Nickle O.itput.
The mines near Sudbury have supplied for some time now, 70 per cent.
of the world's nickel. So unobtrusive is this great Canadian Industry
that not one Canadian in a thousand
realizes the Importance ol it. Probably about one-hall of the world's
nickel goes into nickel steel, and
about one-half of the nickel steel is
used in armor-plating lor modern
dreadnoughts. When Bellona clamors
for her sea armor ninny ol the ten
links of it will he (urged in the furnaces of Copper Cliff. The navies of
the world would be defenceless against
the mighty projectiles that would In-
hurled against tbem in sea battle if
tlie mineral thnt has been digged
trom Canadian mines did not shield
them, Until the wars ol the world are
fought in tlle air, Sudbury will levy
tribute oh every man-of-war that
ramies the Seven Seas,
A3 surely as times change and old
tilings  give  way  to  new,  tliere  is  a
present-day   phase  of  western  Canadian hie that a few years from now
will  have ceased  to be,  says Aubrey
Fullerton in The Saturday Globe.    It
is   a   picturesque   thing���the   winter
trek  to  Grande  Prairie���and   full   ot
human  interest.    When the railroads
* get up north it will be seen no more
as seen to-day ; and they are already
heading northward.    But as yet the
j trail is the only way, the long, hard
i way,  ol  the  men  who  seek  northern
! homes, and over it has been going, for
the past three years, a movement that
is more significant, with less of mystery   and   tragedy,   than   that   ol   tlle
Klondike trail of fifteen years ago.
This moving "f the settlers over
tin* northern trails, with families ami
Btock, and miscellaneous possessions,
is one ol the most realistic phases of
Canadian immigration. It has a look
oi the domestic, combined with the
adventurous. It suggests both tedious-
ness and good fun. It i- distinctive
of the country, and very creditable to
the spirit of the folk who j
llm.- There's nothing
quite like it.
From Edson, which is the new railway town west of Edmonton, to
Grande Prairie City, is a journey ol
from ten to fifteen days. H iw much
longer or shorter a time ui ������ is on
the road .1 ���; ends upon win re his
ui stead i- located. But two week.-,
il such traveling will necessitate a
.* illingnesa t ��� conform to circumstances and the kind of spirit that
Sam Wel.* i had. Otherwise It won't
be happy going at ull. lt Is sleigh
n ling und' picnicking ol a protracted
Kind, combined with a narrowness oi
space that almost equals thnt of a
Pullman  Bleeping-car.
The cabooses, or little houses on
sleds, in which the settlers move their
lamilies over the trail are cosy, notwithstanding their narrow limits
When the weather is not too cold it
:s possible to have really good time-
in a caboose. In Edmonton ore frequently s.es a pnrty preparing to set
.mt. and through the open Haps ol
the house-on-sleds one catches cheer
ful glimpses of a traveling family
and its domestic arrangements Even
null of space is utilized to good ei
feet, and in this little liouse walled
sometimes with hoards, sometime
with canvas, and heated with a sinal
stove, several persons eat and shv,
ami travel for two week.-, or longer.
The loads oi sup-plies go  ilu
or follow behind. These tire soni,
times ol almost as much human in
terest r.< tli ��� make-up of the parties
Hottseli iid effects, groceries to la-'
for m nths, in!m. ���: impli mei U, an
-nii.li v boxes and bundles give a sup
ly team s varied and altogether uni
que appearance. Market will be n
long ��*ay ofi when these pi ople -' it I
their northern homes, and th ��� shop
ping li-t winch thi ir sqpplj teams re
present was made up with great cai
and many alterations. By the sum
token, It will be ii long I it thnl wll
afterward be mnking nil through tli.
year, In rea. I mess for the annual tri|
to market wh��-n snow come- again.
Last year there was an early breakup on the trail, and some ol the m
going settlers were caught hy it. with
sundry unhappy experiences en route.
The lesson was heeded, and this yenr
the supply teams came out several
weeks earlier and made record time
in getting uwuy. The trek will go on.
however, well into the spring. Hap-
p.lv, the north freezes its rivers and
mudholes hard and solid, and even
when they become sticky atop there ie
lirm enough a bottom t" get safely
over, if une docs not wait, ton inao
Germany Begins Today Celebration of
Twenty-five Year Jubilee of
Kaiser Wilhelm.
Berlin, June 9���After a week's rest
following the wedding of tbe Kaiser's
daughter, Berlin began to array itself in celebration of the twenty-fifth
anniversary of the Kaiser's elevation
po the throne and today is one blaze
>f multi-colored decoration. The wedding decorations were meagre and informal, consisting simply of flags, but
for the jubilee $200,000 has been spent
in decking out the leading streets.
Cnter den I.indem, Friedrichstrasse,
-'. n?ie^-<-t.-ipse. Parlser Plats, I'ots-
damer  I'latz  and   tho  Brandenburger
... have all been decorated under
the direction of Germany's most fa-
tnous artists, such as Professors
Schulte, Bruno, Paul and Peter Beh-
The wedding was largely a family
iffair and the Jubilee will be more a
people's show." The week begins
formally or June 8 with the dod'ci-
'ion of the Olympic stadium. Thirty
'housaiid German athletes will take
part in the opening contests In the
presence of the Kaiser with his en
tire court  and  cabinet  ministers.
The climax of the festivities will
he reached on June 16, when the kings
of Saxony and Wurtemburg, the regent of Bavaria and the rulers of
the twenty-two other German states
vil] congratulate the kaiser and be
his guests at a banquet, after which
the kaiser, surrounded by the twenty-five German rulers, will attend a
gala performance at the opera of the
third act of "Die Walkure."
The Kaiser will mark his jubilee
with a veritable rain of decorations
and It is expected that he will en-
lohle many persons. Many endowments of educational, charitable and
other institutions are looked for in
accordance with the kaiser's special
request that no personal gifts be made
to him and the expression of his feelings that he will appreciate much i
more endowments for the benefit of i
iiie oeoole.
The municipal government has decided that Berlin's jubilee gift will be i
the    re-arrangement and  partial  re-
building of tlm university quarter on
the hanks cf the Spree directly opposite the palace, including a new memorial bridge, at a total cost of $1,500,-
i 000.   Numerous endowments to tuber-1
ouiosls hospitals, sanitariums and chll-1
dren's homes are announced. ;
World's Remedy
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Pills, which havc stood the
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I Cochrane, Out., June 9.���Indian mall
'; carriers from .lames Bay post brlnf.
j word of the narrow escape of Surveyor
,J. fl. McMillan and parly, who ar.
tryliiE to locate a harbor for T. & N.
lo.' railway,
Through   unprecedented  floods  for
I three days they floated about the
bay on a cake of Ice, unable to reach
land 'or an ice jam. Fortunately they
had some food, but suffered terribly
j from exposure before the Indians rescued them.
An old hunter and trapper and his
Idailghter-ln-law were drowned in the
treacherous currents and hiKh waters
I while crossing the Moose rlvor In a
I canoe.
Bitulithic Paving
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TUE8DAY, JUNE 10, 1913.
j    "PAY
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week Miss fox will demonstrate
this delightful beverage. Come
in and try it; \'z Ib. 25c. '���* Ib.
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values demand.
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L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIUG9
City News In Brief
The regular meeting of the school No rise tn the river has been record-
board ivill be held Thursday night In ed during the laat several days at the
the board offices, Sixth stroet. j Fraser   rivu-   bridge.     In     fact     the
I water seems to have gene down a few
Carnarvon street    bridge,    between jn(.hl,a 8inCl, Sunduy. and the quantity
Church street and Fourth street, '��[if driftwood has lessened.
receiving a complete new plank floor
Mrs,  J,   It.  Agar
again until fall.
a. Bnrns, of Spi kane,
at  (he   Russell.
will   not   recolvi
s rcgisti
Oet  It at the Iloyal  Pharmacy,    41
Sixth street.    Tel. 1253.
1 George Leaf appeared In the Burnaby police court yesterday morning and
was remanded until Baturday, llr.
Leaf is charged with causing Injuries
to Mr. Watt,*of Llurnaby, by alleged
reckless driving of an automobile.
See lhe double show at the Ediso i
theatre this afternoon. (150S) I
Secretary Darling of the Progressive i
association     yesterday     malle-d     the,
prizes to the winners ln the window
competition of the  Buy  Home  Prod- j
'     ,, ,,      ,      ,, ��� j    New   Westminster  Elks  are  work-
The   Northern   Construction  own-1j     ln con]unctl0I1 wlth tht. hcrd ,n
pany, contractors   or the Lulu Island   Vancouver and victoria for the hold-
lln?_0.f ~1" Vo"a.o.a"   ~m"    ���l.   ?hJ'"K of "��� "Pec'*' Blk I>ay on June 24.
 "They will also be well represented at
I the carnival to be held ln Victoria In
the near future.
for   the
!; Therefore, do it now,
while both body and
mind are healthly and
We can furnish the
experience, p r u d e n ce
and business judgment
your estate will need.
Discuss your plans
with us���we can help
you in many ways, because acting as executor and trustees is our
business and it is not a
business that can be
learned in a day or a
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid up Capital and  Surplus
Assets       4,973,161.05
Trusts und-.-r Administration
Trusteeships for Bondholders
Open Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Hcgina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Loudon, Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgium.
commenced    driving    piles
trestle work at No. 3 rond.
Floridora for the Hair, fragrant
and effective. Price 35c and 60c.
Frank Jeal, Tel. 339, City. 11442)
The snagboat Samson will soon be
taken off the river and tenders awarded for the construction of a new hull
and deck house. It Is probable that
tho contract will go to local yards.
For everything electrical see W.
Pay. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1443) j
A party of business men travelling |
under tlie auspices of the Oakland
commercial club wlll visit British Columbia during the week of June 17. H
is possible that they will Include New
Westminster  in  their trip.
Special offer up lo June 10. Screen
door at $1.50 to $3.00, and hung free.
Lees Limited. (1481)
'lhere will be a meeting thiB afternoon at 5 o'clock of the new executive
of the Progressive aBBOciatlon. PreBi- I
dent Purvis will occupy the chair fori
the first time since ills election to office.
Y. M. C, A. athletes commence
training today for the Held sports in
competition for the \V. J. Kerr trophy.
The event takes pluce in two weeks
and touight the harriers will hold
Iheir  first  workout.
Don't forget the garden party on
Columbian college grounds Thursday
afternoon and evening. A good time
promised. Come and bring your
| friends. (1602)
The b'tulithic contractors are completing the unfinished portion of the
First street paving at the corner of
First street and Third avenue, and
also al tho lower entrance to Queens
Delicious hot and cold lunches
served at the Nutshell during the
summer. Room 3 Dominion Trust
building. (1434)
Building permits were issued yesterday lo the following applicants: J.
EC. (Ieorge, Sixth street, three roomed
cottage, $180(1: J. C. Henderson, Kelly
street, six roomed cottage, $1500; R.
W. ijine, Rousseau street, four roomed cottage,  $1000.
Insure with Alfred \V. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Uev. W. S. A. Crux aad Mrs. Crux
left yesterday for Victoria, where
they will join Mr. and Mrs. Ilangen
and  motor to Duncans and  Nanaimo.
Twenty Y. M. C. A. members spent
Friday night on flrouse mountain, the
party leaving hero In the afternoon
under the direction of Mr. Sovereign
and reluming late Saturday. The
peaks of Crouse, Dam and Coat moun.
tains were sealed during the trip.
At present there is no likelihood
of New Westminster being represented at the sixth annual convention of
the natlonnl association of real estate
exchanges to be held In Winnipeg on
July 28, 29 and 30. Local real estate
men are making no preparation for
the event.
Three   feature   photo-plays
Edison  this afternoon.
Instructor Sovereign of the Y.M.C.A.
is organizing a business men's mountain climbing party to negotiate
0rouse Peak in the near future. Any
who would care to make the trip,
whether members of the V. M. C. A.
or not, are Invited to see him and
make  arrangements.
During tho past few days tl F.
Beck and a party from Seattle have
been working In this vicinity preparing data for inclusion ln the Washington Automobile Blue Book which iur-
nlshes Information such as maps of
roads, notes and sketches of assistance   to  automobllistB.
Big double show at the Edison thi"
afternoon. Don't miss It by being
late. 11508'
P.   Hideout,   of   Saskatoon,   was
the city yesterday.
W.   (i.   Dunseltb, of Toronto,  is
the city  for a lew days.
Ed. Rounafell and    Dr.    Pul ten,
(1463) Chllllwack, ure registered at the Hussell.
B. S. Whiter and Robert Wiscarsou,
of Chilliwack, were in the city yesterday.
J. J. Jones will return tn a few daya
from an extended trip to the Okanagan country.
Mrs. McNamara and Mrs. R. 11.
Cheyne will nol receive today nir
again this Beason.
Fred Eden, Holt slreet, Sapperton,
left Friday night fur a three months'
holiday ln England.
MIsb Martha L. Agar, of Allegan.
Michigan, Is Visiting her brother, J.
R. Agar, for the summer.
Mr. and MrB. W. Mitchell. Vancouver, are on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. E.
(J. Chesterfield, North road.
MIbs Cnve Browne-Cave has as her
guest Mrs. Thornton, of Liverpool,
who is  visiting  New  Wes-minster.
Miss Alvlda Llndseth has returned
to her home In Ladner after spending
a three weeks' visit with Mrs. Santo
Arthur Whitaker   has    successfully
passed   his   first   year  dentistry     examinations at the University of CaH-1
Mrs. James Altchison and  Mrs.    A.
StevenB, of North  Bay.  Ont., are    In
the city and are    registered    at    the j
Dr. A. J. Holmes, of New Wefltniin-;
ster, received word yesterday that
his son. A. Holmes, had -secured his ;
B.A. degree at Toronto university. ;
The Misses Mable and Bnby '
Fletcher left on Sunday for Portland !
where they will visit their aunt, Mrs. I
Norman Fletcher, during rose carnival
week. '
H. H. Hambling, general manager
of the London und Southwestern hank, i
London, England, was a visitor at thej
Fraser Mills on Saturday in company ,
with F. E. Burke, assistant to Col. |
McRae. This was his first visit to
tho Canadian west.
at    Lie
kli..'i<l.'i. ���'.'.���wir.vX'J
The final hearing in tlie order for
the extradition of Martin Powell, al
leged to be Implicated In the robbery
of the Bank of Montreal in this city,
will probably come up in the United
States Bupreme court at Detroit today.
The outcome of the hearing will be
awaited with interest in this city.
Our Spring Suits
Down go the prices for a speedy
Selling of our entire stock. Every
Suit in the house at a marked down
price. This is an opportunity
worth grasping. $5,000 worth of
the newest, classiest Suits made at
about factory cost.
$45.00 Suits marked down to S32.50
$40.00 Suits marked down to     $29.00
$35.00 Suits marked down to $26.50
S30.00 Suits marked down to $21.50
$25.00 Suits marked down to. $18.50
Make Your Selections Early in Order
to Get Proper Fittings
A quiet wedding was celebrated yesterday morning at the residence of
the brlde'B parents, 530 Ninth street.
The city belt line cars now have nlwhen Katheryn Bt. only daughter of
clear run around the old park route.
the cross over at Leopold place having  been  finished  to  Buch  an  extent
Mr.   und   .Mrs.   H.   B,   Benner.   became
the wife of Edward A. Burkett. of the
real estate firm of Cray & GilchriBt
Kev. Mr. Crux, West End Methodist
there while an additional switch at
the corner of Fourth avenue and Sixth
street has eliminated the necessity of
backing up.
The W. C. T U. will meet this
afternoou at 3 o'clock in the Olivet
Baptist church to complete arrangements for Ihe convention to be held
bere on June 17, IS and 19. Every
member is asked to be on hund, as
there will be some important discussions.
W.  T.  S.  House, who has been  In
the employ of the provincial govern
Mr. Crux will attend the convention I ment for about 30 years as gardner at
as  to  permit the cars being operated     h      h       rfonm',(1 ,,���. oeremony afier
t lin-wi    u hi  ,i    on    -i i ,   11 111n -i      Bwlf-nn       o * r .       .    _.
which the young couple left on a j
honeymoon trip among the Sound |
cltieB. The presents were numerous,
elegant and useful. The bridegroom's
present to the bride was a gold brooch
of Roman d< sign, encrusted with diamonds and  sapphires.
Only the relatives and  a few near
friends were present, a goodly number
of whom accompanied them to the de-1
pot and gave them a hearty send-off. '
Take a Callorlo Flreless
Cooker to camp with you and
your eating troubles are more
than  half  solved.
e sell all
s of e
labor   Bav-
os, etc.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
of the  llrltiBh  Columbia grand lodge
1. O. 0. F��� at the Coal City.
A Ilardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Kighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. 114461
Another deller of tho motor law,
Samuel MacKenzie, pilot of an Ice
cream auto, was lined $1:0 and costs
yesterday morning in the police court
for passing a stationary tram car
while passengers were alighting and
others laklng their seats.
Money to loan on first mortgages.
improved eity and farm property.
Terms easonablc.    Alfred W. MeLeod.
Sheriff Armstrong, Registrar .1. J.
Cambridge and Government Agent S.
A. Fletcher were busy all day yesterday drawing up the Jury list for the
assizes on June 10, Monday next.
Tliere arc* 26 criminal cases and 11
civil cases on the lists so far.
Building material,   cement,   lime, j
hard  plaster, gravel,    sand,    crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply  the   B,  C.  Transport  Co.,  Ltd.
Phono 826,    Wharf phone 880,    114451
Mr Harris, of Vancouver, has sold
a block of land, 4*94 acres in extent,
lying between Cameron and Kent
Btreets, branching off thi' North road,
fur $4000, The purchasers are old
country settlers who Intend building
upon the land and clearing and cultivating it forthwith,
Developing and  printing
done on the premises.
Agents for the
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
J 11. Cilibou will otter ror sale by
public   auction   on   Tuesday,   June   10,
at 2 p.m., the contents of Mrs. j, 0.
I McRao's    house,    HE    Fifth    avenue.
. Drawing room, dining room,    kitchen
j and   bedroom   furniture   w ill   be  sold
I Without   reserve.     Theae   effects   an* j
In good condition and offer an exceptional  opportunity  to    acquire    some J
realty good furniture.    Note the time, j
-  p.m. Tuesday. (1494)
The new tariff on shingles and
lumber between  Abbotsford and  New
Westminster via the B. c. K. it. will
tako effect on Thursday, Juno 12. A
reduction in the present rates was
arranged some two weeks ago between the II. C. E. II., C. P. H. and
G, N. It.
The B. C, Transport Company takes
nver     the     agency     for   the   Kilgard
pressed brick fur N'ew Westminster,
This Is the best brick on the market,
Samples can be seen at the company's
office. This company is also handling
the Pender island common brick;
-.large shipments are now being made
to the company's wharf here. Call
and see us for prices. (1425)
New WeBtmlnster will probably be
visited by a puny of Seattle business
men, members of the Sound city chamber of commerce, who will leave Seattle on Saturday, June 21.   They will
the asylum, has been rewarded for
his faithful services by being superannuated. The officers and the asylum
staff presented him last Friday with
a gold watch and locket as a token of
the esteem in which they held hlm.
John A. Lee, president of the Provincial Conservative association, and
J. B. Williamson of Vancouver, secretary, will visit Victoria on Wednesday,
where they will he joined by Leonard
Talt, vice-president of the association.
This committee will confer on the
matter of appointing a travelling secretary for tho Conservative aBBOciatlon.
Q. L. Cassady. of this city, appeared
In an appeal case in the county court
in Vancouver yesterday. The appeal
was on behalf of Charles Volltzel, better known as "Dutch Charlie," who
was sentenced in Newport to six
months' Imprisonment for having in
his possession an unlawful stock of
liquor, in other words oue barrel of
beer and several bottles of whiskey.
Mr. Cassady made the appeal before
Judge  Mclnnes.    It  was dismissed,
The high school exams will be held
tho second week in July, when the
following pupils will Bit In the various
departments: Preliminary, or first
year course, 5S; advanced junior grade
second year course, 38; full Junior
grade, second year course, 7; advanced
Junior grade. Bclence option, 2; St
Anne's convent, preliminary students
4; McGill matriculation, third yeai
students, 82; McQill science matriculation students, 3; senior grade, foul
year course, 5; Columbian college nil
trlculatton students, :i.
Uev. Dr. Pldgeon, ot Vancouvoi
will lecture here during the W. C,   I
III. convention, which will be held
Olivet  Baptist   chureh  June  1G  to  1"
Dr.  Pldgeon will    speak    In    Queer.
I Avenue Methodist church on the ever,
ing of Tuesday. June  17. his subjec
Uev. Mr. Dunn officiated at a quiet
wedding on Saturday, when Miss Eva
Morrell was united in marriage to
Henry Moore. Both the contracting
parties reside in Vancouver and they
will make their home In that city after
i short tour.
During their engagement here on
June is, the management of the Sells
Floto circus will present the greatest
hand of Highland pipers in the world
known to fame as the Koyal Scotch
KiliieB of Toronto, Canada.
These men will appear both in the
; parade and al regular performances in
on ! the kilts and tartans cf their clans,
lard will bring wiih them the memor
ies of the gallant battles, wherein the
Queensborough   Ratepayers   Wait
A deputation from l.ulu island, head-
d by A. Sprlce, waited upon the council yesterday evening and presented a
petition from n large number of property owners in Queensborough, asking that steps be taken to protect and
���strengthen the dyke.    The committee;
ippointed by the ratepayers had as-
certalned  that the dyke    had    been;
damaged in many places and only partially repaired.    The deputation urged ,
the  council to thoroughly  strengthen j
the  dyke  so as  to  avoid  damage  by i
floods.     The   appointment   of   one   or!
two resident property owners as dyke      .,     . , ,,,    ,
watchmen was also advocated. ���   Members of New Westminster Aerie
Mr. aprlce, in support of the petl- No. 2.0 are requested to assemble   at,
���ion, said lhat -ince the petition had    >'' "" h���� OT1 Sunday afternoon, June i
been presented some repairs had been I ' '��� ���'" 2:00 o'clock, for the purpose of j
���xecutcd     Every year the    question ! "art cipallng In    the    Memorial    Day n
was discussed whether thev would be service, VlBllIng brothers are cordially
flooded or nol  nnd  if ii  were thor-1 invited    to   attend.     Donations     of I
Highlander has contributed to history ,
Blnce  time began.
At   the  regular  performances,     the |
Uoyal Kiltlea will appear, giving eon- '
certs with the pipes and drums, folk
loro songs and the various dances so
dear to the heart of every Scotchman.
There will be no extra charge for
this; tlieir number being part of the
regular performance, Let it not be
forgotten that the Sells -Floto people
still adhere to lhelr cut-rate policy
In price lhe admission lo the whole
entertainment being 25 cents.
N'ew  Laid  Eggs, per dozen   35c
New   Laid   Eggs,  per  dozen    35c,    or
three dozen fur 91.00
Fresh   Butter    8   lbs.  for $1.15
Cooking Butter 3 lbs. for $1.00
fresh Strawberries, per dox  25c
Bananas, per dozen   30c
Ued Spring Salmon  ....2 lbs. for 35c
Smoked Halibut 2 lbs. for 35c
(Successor to Ayling A Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
oughly strengthened these fears would
be allayed and il could be done more
eci nomlcally now than when more in-
dustrles ihan at preeent came to he
locati d on tli Island ll ��������� >b difficult
enough al present with the u C Lum
her i ������'! 'un)* and Schaake's works stationed  tliere
The mayor said it wns absolutely
Impossible t'i do anyrepalrs tins yenr
Since the dyke had stood it, the high
wuter this year wns heiier evidence
Ihan any engineer's report. Five thousand dollars had been spent tliere thiB
year which they had not krovlded for
But we saw the necesslt\"of it and it
was repaired before the high water si t
Finally nfter further discussion, il
was  agreed   to  meet a committee  of
flowers received.
llv order.
W, President.
115011 Secrotan.
"Back East" Excursions.
Low round trip fares to eastern
points on sale dally to September
30th. IS days going limit, tlnal return
limit October 81. Good on Oriental
Limited. Liberal stop-overs allowed
both going and returning. Phone 26H
or call at Bridge Station for ratea,
routes and particulars. 114211
sldooce V. W. C. A.        Phono 1324.
P. Burns & Co.,Ltd.
Maple Beach Park, being a subdivision of the historic old Whalen
entata at Point Roberts, Wash, is at
last on the market In 50x100 feel lots
fronting broad streels and with perpetual beach privileges, This has
been the camp ground for scores of
loon! people for yeara. The lots ar"
sc-lling   fast,  many   people   procuring
oved S
From 46 Lorne St.
to 401 Columbia St.
Watch for announcement.
High   Class
hone your order In early
ut not before 6 a.m. or
will  not find   us there.
always    glad    to    hear
from you and
ever sorry to see you.
o   phone   us   up   whenever you are hungry
we    wlll   e ndeavor    to
satisfy yeu  and  your
Ladles  and
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St., Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204,
Eighth   St.  Market,  Phono  1205.
Edmonds Market,  Phone  L883.
thn  locations  Ihey   had   occupied    as
ll   the  Queensborough   ratepayers  today   tenants   for  years.     Prices  $1130   and
being. "A Canadian's  Impressions
the    Old    Land."    There    will    be    Mat 10 am. on Lulu Island bridge nnd   tipwardB, easy terms.    Hole agents,
musical    program      In    which      loci,   thereafter     Inspect     the     particular CURTIS* DORGAN
artists will lake    part,    assisted    I-.,  places  complained  of. 700 Columbia Street, City.
artists from  Vancouver nnd  Victoria ���������	
who  are  coming  especially    for    ih
To provide an opportunity for   thi
discussion of interesting problems
the dormitory men of the Y. M. C. A
and their friends have organized b
Sunday morning club and have select
ed as their leader II. (I, Canll'-ld. Tin
class will probably adopt ihe plan of
a brief iiddri.ss by oue of the uiciu
hers, followed hy a general discus
sion. Nexl Sunday morning the subject will be "Compensation." Mr
Langley will Introduce the topic. A
new and pleasing feature in the asso
elation is the .Sunday morning break
fast which is held at 9:15 n.m. Any
members ur their friends will be wi i
coined to these gatherings.
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;
New Westminster,
Res. 72.
B. C.
Building Trestle.
The pile driving crew of the Cana-
I arrive fn Vancouver on the following  dlan Northern railway are working on
I day.    Alaska is Included ln the ltln- ��� tbo trestle at the No. 3 road crossing
erary. |On Lulu Island near Steveston.
We have a five room, fully modi rn bungalow listed below value
for immediate sale. This place ha-i s good view, on a lot 3:1x13:! to
a i!:l foot lane. In a good local ion below Fourth avi nnc. and Is practically new. Tlie price is only $2S00, $000 cash, balanco to suit���
monthly if desired.
Let ua show you this place   if you want to buy a home.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployers*   Liability,   Automobile  and
Marine  Insurance,
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS-5 and 5.46 n.m.
and every 15 minutes until It
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car ut midnight.
SATURDAYS���IB minute ser
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS -fi, 7, 7.30 8 and
8 30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6 45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,  with   late car at 11.30.
n.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with  latu  car at
For Vancouver via
and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS- 8 a.m.    nnd    every
Iii*i-.> until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  made at    Eb-
liour until 11 p.m.
und other polnta on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 a.m., 1.10 and
B.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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